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G A B 

GAASBEECK {tAxn.. a) Positioncs ex «lifersft nfiedtclDft 
desumtfle. 4<» Lug. Bai. 1674. 
'G ABALIS. Le Comte de Gabalis, ou entretiens siir hs sdenees 

secretes. 8° Par. 1670. 

« 12« Col. 168*. 

GABBEM A (simon abbbs) Friesche Last Gaarde. 4« Leew. 169f. 
GABELCHOVERUS (wolfg.) Curationes et obs ervatio nei 

raedic», 6 Ccnt. ^ Tubing. 1611. 
GABELKHOUR (oswald) Arzneybuch. 4» Tuhir^. 1596. 

Engl. by A. M. foL Dordr. 1599. 

GABELLA (philippus a.) Secretioris philosophias coBsidenlio 

brevis. 4^ Casaei. 1615. 
GABELLES. Bail des Gabenes de France. 8^ Par. 1681. 
GABIANI (viNCBVzo) 1 Gdon : Comedia. W Ven. 1566. 
GABIANUS (jOANNEs dominicus) Dissertatio apologetica, de 

Sinensium ritibus politicis* 8* L^, 1700. 
GABILLON (fred. aug. de) Apologia contra calimiBias Jae* 

Bemardi. 4» 1707. 


GABRIAS, V. «sopus. 

GAKRIEL (petr.) De Deo. 4^ U^. Bai. 1696. 

GABRIEL (r. b.) Facts relating to the Rev. Dr. White^s Bamp- 

ton lectures. 8» Lond. 1790. 
GABRIEL (steph.) Uima Stadera da pasar quala serg k ?enr 

Xardienscha. W Ba*. 1688. 
GABHIELIUS (e. j.) Orationes et Epistote. 4^ Ven. 1569; 
GABRIELLI (gabriello) L^lnnooenti; Fanciulhi. l^ - Rbi, 

GABRIELLI (giulio) Oratione Funebre. 4» Vineg. 1566. 
CrABRIELLI (pirro maria) L^HeUometro Fisico-chtico, oftr^ 

la Meridiana Sanese. fol. Sien. 1705. 
GABBIELUUS (aristides) De Natura ct gradibus ejns. 4^ 

Senii 1594. \ 



G A D 

6ABBIIS (lucas D£) Respomio ad epUtx>lam Cyriaci Thjrasy- 

machi. 4M656. 
GAFRINI (nic.) V. cerceau. 
GABUCINIUS (HiERON.) De Lumbricis. 12« Ven. 1547. 

. i 18« Lugd. 1549, 

■■ De comitiali morbo. 4® Ven. apud Ald. 1561. 

De Podagra. 4« Ven. 1569. 

GABUTIUS (JOH. ANT.) De vita et rebus gesUs Pii V. fol. JRoiir. 

GABY (j. B.) Relation de la Nigritie. 12« Par. 1689. 
GACI (cosiMo) Dialogo dell' exceUpnza della poesia, e dell* 

^-obelisco di Sisto V. 4« l2om.. 1586. 
GADBURY (john) v. partridge. wharton. 
■ Animal cornutum, or the hbrned beast. 12« Lorid. 


The doctrine of Nativities, with the doctrine of horary 

questions. fol. Lond. 1658. 

The Nativity of the late King Charles astrologically 

and faithfully i^rformed. 8« Lond. 1659. 

The Nativity of Frederick III. King of Denraark. 13^ 


■ ■ ■ Nalura prodigiorum. 8« Lond. 1660. 
12« Lond. 1665. 

Ephemeris for 1660. 8« Lond. 

Astrological Legate. 12« Lond. 1660. 

Britain's Royal Star, or England^s future fclicity. 4* 

Lond. 166K 

Examinatioa of Forgeries, published by H. Jessey. 4* 

Lond, 1661 

A CoUection of Nativities in 150 genitures. fol. Lond. 


Dies novissimus : or Doomsday not so near as dreaded. 

4« Lond. 1664. 

- De CometiSy or a discourse on the nature and efFects of 

Comcts. 4« Lond. 1665. 

London's deliverance predicted. 4« Lond. 1665. 

Ephemeris for 1666. 13« Lond. 

Ephemeris for 1667. 12« Lond. 

An astn>logtcal discourse of the Eclipse of the Sun^ 

Jime 22. 1666. 4« JLowrf. 1667. 

Ephemeris for 1669. 12« Lofid. 

■ — ^ Jamaica almanack for 1673. 12« Lond. 1672. 

Astrological treasury of physick. 4« Lond. 1674. 

• A reasonable service performed for Scorpio in 20 

genitureSf. against Lilly. 12« Lond. 1675. 

Answer lo the reasonable service^ by Bentivolio PhUo- 

Huff-Lash. 12« Land. 1675. 

Some further remarks on Gadbury's defence of Scorpio« 

by the Man in the Moon. 12« Lond. 1676. 

The NativUy of Sir Matth. Hales. 4« Lond. 1677. 

Ephemeris for 1681, 12« Lond. 1681. 



-GADBURY (john) Ephemeris for 1684. 19« Lond. 1684. > 

Cardines Coeli. 4<> Lond. 1684. 

* ■ Mene Tek«l> 'being an astrological judgment on 1688, 


Thc astrological Seaman^ with a diary of the weathcr 

for 21 years. 8» Lond. 1691 

The cofclestial Ambassador. 4® 

Life, by J. Partridge. 4« Lmd. 1693. 

-GADBURY (job) Ephemeris for 1723. 12« Lond. 1722. 

GADBURY (mary) v. ellis. 

GADBURY (TiM.) The young Seaman*s guide. 8« Lond. 1659. 

• Mariner^s almanack. 12« Lond. 1661. 

GADDIUS (JAC.) Allocutiones et Elogia. 4« Flor. 16S6. 

Elogia historica. 4« Flor. 1637. 

<»ADDIUS (joH.) De Scriptoribus non Ecclesiasticis, Graecis, 
• Latinis Italicis. 2 tom. fol. Flor. 1648, 9. 
GADESBUCH (joh. and.) De Exoticomania. 4« Giyph. 1733. 
GADESBUCHIUS (jacobus) Aurea discendi triga. 4« Magd. 

GADESBY (richahd) A new and easy introduction to Geo^ 

graphy. 8« Lond. 1776. 

GADESDEN (joannes de) Rosa Anriica. fol. Ven. 1502, 

2 tom. 4*» Aus, Vind. 1595. 

GADROYS (c.) Lettre d M. rAbbe Bourdelot, pour servir df 

reponse au Sr. Lamy, sur la transfusion du sang. 4« Pah 

<5AEDE (frid. wilkkl.) Succincta pathologise ex principio 

medicinse deductio. 4** Hal. Mag. 1715. 
CSDICCUS (PETRUs) De necessario et contingente, 4® JVitieb^ 

■' Disputatio quarta ccptiiriffi secqndae qusestionum 

illustrium philosophicarum in Academii Wittebergensi. ^ 

Wttieh. 1607. -- 

GAELfjoH.) De suflfccatione uterinl. 4« Lug. Bat. 1655. 
G^LSTRUP (pETRus liic.) De Conjugio et Polygamia, 4* 

Hafn. 1610. 
GiERTNER (joseph) De thermis Ferinis et Zellensibus. 4* 

Tub. 1729. 
GAERTNER (jos.) Defructibus et seminibus Plantarum. ?tom, 

4^ Lips. 18Q1. 
Gw^TNKR (PHiL. hartm.) De Fontiupi salutarium usu et 

abusu. 4<> Hal. Mag. 1713. 
GAETANUS, v. gajetanus^ 
GAETKE (jOAc. petr.) De Yena Portce Porta malorum. 4* 

Hal. Mag. 17—. 
GAFFARELLUS (jac.) AWita Divinae Cabalae mysteria, contra 

Sophistarum logpmachiam, defensa. 4^ Par. 1625. 
" ■■ Curiositez inouves sur la Sculpture Talismanique fle| 

Persan?, &c. 8« 1637. * ^ 

-rr : 8» 1650. 

■. ■ » Eng. by Edm. Chilmead^ S^ Lond. 1650. 


GAFFABPLUJS (jac.) CuriQBiu^te» iiunditie. Lat. €um noii^ 

Gregorii Michaelis. 8» Hamh. 167«6. 
mr., ■ per Greg. Micbaeleniy ciun Pr|pf, ioM Alh. 

Fabricii. 8^ Hamb. 1706. 

'^Co^icuiD CabaliJitioorttm M8S. quibii» esf, u^us Jahaor 

nesPicus Comes Mirandulanus, ind^x. 12? P^r. 16U. 
GAFFORIUS, V. gafurius. 

GAFURIUS (fr. laud.) Pjrf^ctka Mufti(ca». fbl. Brix. ]5()@. 
■■ De Hfurmoni^ mus^qorum insti*umentorum. fol. Medio^ 


- 4T^gelicum ^ divinuin opus musice^ fbl. Taur. \660. 

GAGE (Geiieral}^^. ABiEiufA. 

GAGE iSir hikNey) Life of, epitomized by £• Wabinghflui^. 4t 

GAGE (M.) On Crypjtograpby, or secret writipg. 8« Vorw. ISOflt 
GAGE (tuo.) A ncw furvey qf the West Indies. fbl. Land. 


His case. fol. 

GifU. par O NciL 3 tom. 8» Par. 1677. 

QAG£ (taqmas) Recantatioiisennon. 4® Lond. 164i. 

-— ^— A duel between a Jesuite and a DominlGan^ begun at 

Pari9> foughi at Madrid, and ended at London. 4^ 1651. 
GAGEK (dr.) The overthrow of stage Plays, by way of contro- 

versy between Dr. Gager and Dr. Rainolcks. 4® Lond. 1599. 
GAGGIUS (angeujs) De Origine Collegii Bononiensis. 4^ 

B(wo». 1716. 
GAGLIARDI (paol) Antico stato de' Cenomani. 8«^ Pad. 1724». 
GAGLIARDUS (domiw.) Anatomes Ossium, Pars 1. 8^ Rom. 

'■ L^-lnfermo instruito. Part 2. 8* Rom. 1720. 

•— r Consigli per il Tenjpp di Contagio. 8® Rofn. 1720. 

GAGLIARDUS (ubebtus) J)p Victus quantita|:ie in febri^us 

pestiferis. 4« Gen. 1628. 
GAGNA (PETR. MicjH.) De Peate,Z.<i^ & ItqL 8* Taur. 1715. 
CAQN2EUS (JOH.) Epitome paraphrastica in epi^tolaziQt ad 

Romanos. 8'' Par. apud Vascos, 1533. 
r — t: — De sacro Chnsti corpore in £ucharisti?, Caicmen. 8^ 

Par. 1545. 
GAGNIER (jOHAN.) V. abul-pheda. josephus. 

— : Vie de M^omet. 2 tom. 8" Amst. 1732. 

GAGNIERIUS (jac.) Vindiciae Kirckerian». 8? Oxon. 1718. 
GAGNON (d.) Recherche de la verite dans la Medicine. 8® 

Pflr. 1607. 

8^ Par. 1698. 

GAGUINUS (rob.) v. cjesar. 

■ — Ars versificatoria. 4P 

.. Disceptatio R. Gaguin et J. Phinephielingi suj)er raptu 

Ducisse Britannice. 4<* 1492. 
GAGUINUSChroniquedeFrance, foL 1516. 


G A I 

eACUINUS Le8 Gesles RoTnains. fol. Par. Verard. 
GAHAN (wM.) The Chrislian*» Guide to Heaven, or a c<mipte(e 

manual of Catholic piety ; with the Supplement. \2*Bubl. 1804. 
GAHRLIEP (gust. cas.) Dissertatio medica viri ex lapsu lent^ 

deiicientis casum tractaiis. 4<^ Lug. Bat. 1662. 
GAIGNAT (tf. iouis jkan) Catalogue dc ses livres. 3 tom. S* 

Par. 1769. 
GAJETANUS, de Tlumia, Comment in physica Aristotelis. foL 

V<n. 1496. 

Comment. in Aristoteh^s Meteorologica. foL Ven. 1592, 

GAILHARD (j.) La Plainte ; suite de la 4 partie> du 4 jour, d« 

la 2 semaine de du Bartas, 4® 1659^. 

— The right of the Church asserted. 4* Lond. 1660. 

The controversy between £pisc<n>acy and Bresbytery 

suted. 4« 1660. 
■ Apologie de» Puritains d*Angleterre. 8* Gcn. 166S. 

The present gtate of Uie Princes aod the Republicka of 

Italy. 1?« Ixmd. 1668. 

The present state of the Republick of Venice. 12^ 

Lond. 1669. 

m The compleat Gentleman ; or directions for the edu- 

catioii of ycuth, as to their brecding at home and travelling 

abroad. S^ Lond. 1678. 
Two discoursesy one concerning a private settlement at 

home afler travel^ and tbe other conccrning the Statesman. 8^ 

Lond. 1682. 

An apolo^ to him for the Parliament. 4* Lond. 1697» 

• Socinian heresie confuted. 8° Lond. 1697. 

GAILHARDUS (joh.) De VencB sectioue. 12« Hqfn. 1699. 
GAILLARD (agidius de) Le tableau de Frederic-Henry Princc 

d*Orange. 4» Gtn. 1641. 
GAILLARD (p. d.) Recueil de rhistoire univergelle. 8* Par. 

GAILLARD (joan.) An tepidse potus Febrium rigorem solvat f 

4» Par. 1695. 

An Amor Ingenium mutat? 4® Par. 1695. 

An Alimenti labes in ventriculo, a toto corpore ? 4* 

Par. 1696. 
GAILLARD (m.) Eloge de Ren^ Descartea. 8« Par. 1765. 
• Hist. de ]a rivahte de la France et de l'Angleterre< 

11 tom. 8« Par. 1771. 

' Histoire de Charlemagne. 4 tom. 12* Par. 1782. 

GAJ^LARDUS (jac.) De natura et dignitate SS. Theologiae. 4^ 

Lug. Bat. 1668. 

• De gloria Ministerii Verbi setemi. 4* Lug. Bat. 1686. 

GAINSBOROUGH (Earlqf) v. noel. 

GAINSFORDE (thomas) History of Perkin Warbeck. 4« 

Lond. 1618. 

— History of the Earl of Tirone. 4» Lond. 1619. 

-i The glory and Prerogativeg of England. 4® Lmd. 1619, 

GAIRDEN (ceo.) Funeral Sermon od Rev. H. ScougoL 16» 

G A L 

GAIRE (5ir john) The ded^atirn of Sir J. Gaire, and other* 

impriiK>oed by the autlioritieg of the parliaincnt and army. 

4« 1647. 
GAIUS, V. cAius. 
GAIUS (bartholomaus) Series chrcnologica Patriarchanim, 

Ducum, Jndicura, Regum, Pontificum, po^trcmorumque Re- 
. gum populi Hebraici> ab Adam usque ad Agrippam Juniorem. 

4« Rom. 1724. 
GAIUS (joHANNEs) Dissertatio Bacchaiialiorum usum damnans. 

S" Franqf. 1623. 
GAKELIUS (siM.) Panegyricus Bemhardo Saxonifl&, Vinariee, 

&c. Duci. 4P Lugd. Bat, apud Elzev. 1639. 
'pAKENHOLZ (a. c.) Oratio de hcito otio, honestaque voluptate 

studiosohim. A'^ Heltnst. 1711. 
GALANDIUS (franc.) Almauach journalier perpctuel. 8* 

Rouen, 1608. 
GALANTERIE-ARTZT. 12« Dmrf. 1702. 
GALANUS (clem.) Grammaticee ct Logics institutiohes lin- 

gU8B literalis Armenicae, addito Vocabulario Armeno-Latino 

omnium scholasticarum dictionum. 4° Rom, 1645. 
■ ■ ConciUatio Ecclesise Armenite cum Romana. fol. 

Rom. 1550. 

2 tom. fol. Rom. 1658—61. 

Historia Armena S» Col 1686. 

GAIARDI Sieur de. \a Tyrannie heureuse, ou, Cromuel 

politique. 12^ Leyd. 1671. 
GALATEO, V. casa. 
GAI-ATEUS (ant.) De situ Elementorum. Argonautica. Dc 

Mari et Aquis. De Fluviorum generibus. 12* Bai. 1558. 
• De situ Japygiae. Descriptio urbis Callipolis ad Sum- 

montium. De villa Laurentis Vallee, et Alphonsi Regis cpi- 

taphium. l^*» Bas. 1558. 

De situ Japygi». 8<» ^eap. 1624. 

GALATHEAU Sieur de. Lettre sur la mort du Marq. de Rabat. 

Bourd. 1672. 

■ Disscrtation sur la Digestion de FEstomacb touchant 

rHumeur acide. 8<> Par. 1675. 
GALATINUS (pet.) De arcanis Catholic» veritatis. fol, 

Frcinc. 1603. 


GALE (john) r. bi/KRoughs. kinch. 

•* De Lapide solis. 4° Lug. Bat. 1699. 

Theinsufficiency ofextemal obsefvances, withourpnrity 

of heart: a Sermon. H^ Lond. 1717. 

Univer^al charity the bond of Christian unity : a 

Sermon. 8° Lond. 1718. 

Some Account of his Life. %^ Lond. 1726. 

GALE (uoger) Registrum Honoris de Richmond. fol. Lond. 

GALE (R. & s.) ReliquiaB Galeanaj. (Being No. IL of the Bibl. 

Top.Brit.) 4» Lo«c/. 1781. 


Q Ah 

CALE (sAM.) V. srDB* 

■ HUiory and aritiqiuties of thc catbedrd Churdi .of 

Winchester. 8* Lond. 1715. 

Es^y on the natiire and principles of public Oredit. 8^ 

Lond. 1784. 
GAL£ (theoph.) The Court of the Gentiles, or a discourse on 

the origin and use of human leaming. 2 vol. 4^ 1669 — 77. 
— — - Idea theologis, tam contemplativs, quam tLCtlra, 

delineata. H^ Lond. 1673. 

Life of John Rowe. 8* Lond. 1673. 

GALE(THo.)CertdineWorkesof Chirurgerie. 8« Lomf. 1563. 


Opiiscula Mythologica» Elhica, et Physica^ GrMLai. 

8« Gwito*. 1671. 

-8<» Amst. 1688. 

Hifttoriae poetic» scriptores antiqui. Gr, & Lat, 8^ 

Par, 1675. 

Rhetores selecti. Gr. & Lc/. 8« Oxon. 1676. 

Rerum Anglicarum scriptores veteres. 3 tom. fol. 

Oxon. 1684—7. 
GALEA (PETR. PAUL.) De pulsibus. 4^ Perua. 1597. 
GALEACiUS (vicEcoMEs) Epistola ad Bononienses» et re- 

spomio. 8® Rom. 1754. 
GALEANO (gius.) Delia lepra unita col mal Francese. 8* 

PaUrm. 1656. 
GALEANUS (jos.) De epidemica febre. 4*» Panorm. 1648. 
GALEATIUS de Sancta Sopkia. De febribus. 4» Lugd. 

Opus medicins practicae saluberrimum in nonum 

tractatum libri Rhasis de curatione morborum particularium. 

fol. Hag. 1533. 
GALEAZZO (tlor.) Ragionamento sopra Tethica d'Ari$totile. 

4» Ven. 1567. 
GALEN (cHR. bern. van.) Eveque de Munster. Sa Vie; par 

M. G. U« Leyd. 1679. 

' Corrig6,par Mr. Le Lorrain. 12** Rouen. 1679, 

GALEN(conradvan) De Cogitatione. 4» UUr. 1680. 

De Fontibus. 4« UUr. 168L 

De Angulo. 4« UUr. 1683. 

GALEN (ubn. van.) De nominibus Eloah et Elohim. 4* UUr. 

GALENISTA Confuso. 8* Ven. 1697. 
GALENUS (cLAuoius) v» acampo. alexandrinus. altomari.- 





' Opera omnia. Gr. 5 tom. fol. Vm, 1525. 
— 5 tom. fol. Bas. 1588. 

Hippoeralis et Galeni Opera, Chr. ,ft LtU. a Renato 

Charteario..tom. i, % S, 4, 5, 6/--8^ — 13. M Lui. Pof. MS9. 
13 tom. fol. Lut. Par. 1079. 

Opera omnia. Lat. ab. Aag. Ricco. 8 tom. 8^ Vgn. 


eum Conr. Gesiieri prol^gom. 4 tom. fol. 

Bas. Froben. 1563. 

• £x octava JnnC^rum edit cmn indice Bite* 

savoli. 8 tom. fol. Ven. ap. JiuU. 1609. 

£x nona Juntanira. edit. 8 tom. fol. Wen. 1695. 


Libri aliquot. Gr. per J. Caium. 4^ Bar. 1544. 
Opuscula varia. 6rr. 8c Lat. a T. Gouktono. 4^ Lond. 

■ OpnscuU varia de optima corporis nostri conbtitattotie, 

&c. Lat. per J. Lalaroaatiam. 8^ 

Aiiquot iibelli. Lat. per Guinterium. 4^ Bob. 1529. 

Aliquot opera. Lat. Mic Leonicetio hvteirprete. 4^ 

Par. 1540 

• Aliquot opera. Lat^ a Leonbardo Fochsio. fol. Par, 


£pilome operumomnium. Lai. per A. Laeunam. 12* 

Li^. 1553. 

fol. Bas. 1571 

Index in libros omnes^ a B. Sylvanio. fol. Ven. 1549. 

■ » Operum omnium Latin^ propediem edendorum sped* 
men, per J. Lalamantium. 8* Gen. 1579. 

De septimestri partu. Brevis designatio dogmatum 

Hippocratis. De ptissana. De ossibus. Gr. ^ Bas. 

De Theriaca. Lat. a J. Camerdrio. 4* Narimb. 

a J. Juvene. 12® Ant. 1575. 

Paraphrasis in Menodoti exhortationom ad artes. Gr. 8c 

Lat. cum JuL Alexandrini annot. 4^ Lut. 1583. 
4« Ubt. 1637. 

■ Lae. Desid. £rasmo interprete. 8® Par. 1526. 
cum Fred. Jamdii annot. 4® Lat. 1583. 
Libri Tegni. Lat. cum expositione Ugonis Senensis et 

qusBstionibus Joh. SermonetSB. fol. Ven. 1498. 

ab. H. Thrivero. 12«^ Lyg. Bat. 1547. 

■ De differentiis Febrium. Lat. Interprete Laur. Lau- 
rentiano. 4» Par. 1500. 

Laur. Laurentiano et Mic. Leoniceno interp^ 

foi. Par. 1519. 

fol. Par. 1595. 
r Sim. Thomam recogn. 8« Par. 1589. 
8» Lug. Bat. 1648. 



G A L 

GALENUS. De difierentiis Febrium. LiU. eum H. Gibdti Com* 
ment. 12^ Uig. 1562. 

18« Lt^. Bfl*. 1570. 

Speculum Medicins. 12® hug. 1512. 

■ De difierentiis Morborum. LaJt, Nic. Leoniceno in« 

terp. 4« Par, 1514. 

8» Par. 1528. 

De inasquali Intemperatura. Lat. Nic. Leoniceno inter- 

prete. 4» Par, 1514. 

■ ■ ■ cum Comment. J. Aj^ricols. 12« Bo*. 1539. 
Ant. Busennii. 12« ^^n/r. 1553« 

* • Dc Crisibus. LaU Nic. Leoniceno interpretc. 4* Far* 

De Arte curativa. Lat, Nic. Leoniceno interprete. 4* 

Par. 1514. 

8» Anfo. 1548. 

De Sectis Medicorum. Lat. Geo. Valla interprete. 4* 

PoT. 1518. 

Metbodus medendi. hat. a T. Linacro. fol. Par. 1519. 

fol. Par. 1519. 

8« Par. 1526. 

8« Pflr. 1538. 

cum Coniment. aCasp. Hoflmanno. 4^ FranCm 


An^. by T. Gale. 4* Umd. 1586. 

Quos oporteat purgare Medicamentis et quando. haU 

4» hand. ap. I^nson. 1522. 

a Seb. Coquillato. 12« Lug. 1553. 

12« Lug. 1557. 

De naturalibus Facultatibu^. Lat. T. Liuacro inter- 

prete. 4« Lond. ap. Pynson. 1523. 

4« Par. 1528. 

J. Guinterio interp. 8« Par. ap. Colin. 1528. 

De Symptomatum diflerentiiset causis. Lat. T. Linacro 

interprete. 4« Lond. ap. Pynson. 1524. 

4« Par. ap. Coiin. 1528. 

Passionarius, seu de Morbis humani Corporis ; cum 

Febrium tractatu. 4« Lugd. 1526. 

Iniroductio» seu Medicus, et de Sectis. Gr. Lat. 8^ Bas. 

Lat. J. Guinterio interprete. 8^ Par. cjK 

Colin. 1528. 
De motu Musculorum, cum libello de Purgatione. Lai. 

N. Leoniceno interprete. 8« Par. ap. CoUn. 1528. 
- 12« Lug. Bat. 1549. 

Dtfinitiones inedice. Lat. J. PLilulogo inlerprcte. 8^ 

Par. cp. Colin. 1528. 

De u<:u Parlium Corporisbumani. Lat. per N. Regium. 

4« Par. 1528. 

12« Lugd. 1550. 

Gall. par A.E.B.D.CJ. *> Par. 1659. 


t^A!L^NU8. Q)e Fleriitudine. Xa^. J. Giinltario inierprde. fol* 

Par. 1528. 
. De Pubuuro utu. Lai. T. Linscn> inlerpMle« ^ Air. 


-^ !«• iMg. 154^. 

12» Lttg. 155Q. 

4^ Lon3. ap. Pjffoon* 

De Elementis, ex Hippoeratw ctntentia. Lai^ J.XUiin- 

terio interp. 8» Par. 1528. 

La<. V. Trincavello interp. 43^ i«f . 1548- 

12» Ltt^. 1558. 

■ De atra-Bile. LtU. J. Guinterio interprete. fl^ Pmr.^ 

Colin. 1529. 

THsflectionis Vemirum Arterianinique Cofnmentarium.; 

et de Nervis compendium. Lai. Ant. Fortolo interprele. 18» 
Ba$, 1529. 

De Tumonbus prs^ter naturam. Lai. J. •Gninterio ioi* 

tcrprete. 8» Par. ap. Colin. 1529. 

De Mmplicium MedicamenlonMn facultatibua. LaL 

T. GerardoGaudanointerprete. fol. Par. 1530. 

12» Lm^. 1561. 

Quinque priores libri de simplicium Medica^ 

mentorum facu\utibus in XVI. diBputationes resoluti, per M. 

Sebizium. 8» Argeni. 1651. 

De Euchymia et Cacochyniia. Lai. Joh. Guinterio in^ 

terp. 8» P«r. 1530. 

De constilutione Artii» medics. Lai. lano Autoniaco 

interp. 8» Par. 1531. 

Lai. V. Trincavello inlerp. 12» Lkg. 1552. 

■ ■■ — .cum Tabulis el Commentariis per Theod. 

Zuings^rum. fol. Bas. 1561. 

• cum Comment a F. Valleriola. 8» Lug. 1577. 

■ Historiales Campi. Lai. cum Symphoriaqi Campe^ii 

Comroent. fol. Bas. 1532. 

DcPulsibus. Lai. H. Cruscrio interp. fol. Par. 1532. 

cura Comment per .F. Menam. 4» Complui. 


cum interp. C. Gesneri. 12» Tig. 1555. 

> De Respiratione. LiU. J. Va»seo interp. fol. Par. 1532. 
J. Comario interp. fol. Bas. 1536. 

■ ■ De Antidotit. Lai. J. Guuiterio interp. fol. Par. 1533. 

De paratu facilibus. Lai. Job. Guinterio interp. fol. 

Par. 1533. 

Hub. Barlando interp. 8» Antv. 1533. 

a Jacobo HouUerio repurgat. 12» 1543. 

a Sebast. Scrofa. 8» Par. 1548. 

12» Lug. 1560. 

De Renum afiectus agnitione. 8^ Par. 1535. 

De compositione Medicamentorum sccundvuip locos. 

Lai. per J. Guinterium. fol. Par. Id85« 

■ ! ■■ L.. ■ 12» iMg. 1558. 


G Als 

GALENUSL Ik c^mpotitkme Medicameiaonm8ecui)diu&-lacD$^ 
Lat. cum Comment. Jani Comani. fol. Bas. 1537. 

^ \Sf Lug, 1561. 

— — De Semine. Lai. J. Cornario interp, fol. Bas, 1536^ 

De Uteri dissectione. Lai. J. Comario interp. fol. Bias. 


• De Foetusformatione. Lai. J. Cornario interp. fol. Bas. 


• De Pulsibus, libellus, passim ex Galeno collectus. 4^ 

Par. 1587. 

Isagoge et definitiones medjcair. Gr. Lai. Sebaat. Sing- 

keleri. 8» Bas. 1537 

De SaniUte tuenda. Gr. 12^ Bas. 1538. 

aJ.Caio. 8» 1549. 

■ Lat. T. Linacro interprete. fol. Par. 1517 

4f Ven. 1523 

-£ 8» CoL 1526. 

8^ Par. 1538. 

. — M — Qwvfk L. Fuchsii annot. 8® Tuhing. 1541. 
. 120 £„g. 1549. 

a Casp. Hofiman. cuf d, S. Scheflferi. 4« Friin- 

cq^, 1680. 

De curandi ratione per Sanguinis missionem. Lai. T. 

Gaudjano i^terpfete. 8^ Par. 1539. 
— — fol. Par. 1549 

cum Comment. a L. Fuchsio. 8* Lug. 1546. 

8» Par. 1549. 

12» Lug. 1550. 

Marl. Acackia interp. ^ Ven. 1547. 

12* U^. 1547. 

- 1?» Li^. ^551. 


. cum J. B. MQntaini Explanationibus. 10* Ltig. 
12* C^pft^. 1558. 

pan. 1579. 

• cum Comment. J. Nicolai ^ogerii. 4* Gii»- 

- cum Comment. H. Nunii Ramircz. 4* Olisp. 

' curo Comment. F. Mense. 8* Aug. TVwr. 

De Revulsione, CucurbituU et Scarificatione. Lai. 


Gaudano interp. 8* Par. 1539c 

Dc Locisaflectis. Gr. 8* Bas. 1540. 

La/. Gul. Copo interp. foL Par. 1513 

1 12» Par. 1539. 

8* Lttf. 1562. 

. 8* Ven. 1567 

■ cum CommenU a Joanne Agricola Ammonio. 

4« Norimb. 1537. 

cum Con^ment. Joh. Fn Duratii. 8* Ven. 

rr^ 12» Ven. 1557, GALENUS. 

O A L 

GALENUS. Utrum Conceptus in Utero sit Animal? -M. T. 

Melanello inlerp. 4® AntVs 1540. 
' ■ De Victus ratione in Morbis BOitiB. Lat. J. Vasseo in- 

terprcte. 8® Par. 1542. 

12« Lug. 1563. 

De Insomnil& Gr, Lat, Justo Velsio interp. 4* Bas^ 


Lat, J. Velsio interp. 8^ Antv. 1541. 

a J. Guinterio. 12* Lug. 1549. 

• Ars parva. iLa/. M. Acackia interp. 8* F^n. 1544. 

— 12» Lug. 1548. 

■ . — cum Explan. J. B. Montani. 8* Vai. 1554. 

12« L«^d. 1556. 

Ars parva, in disputationesXXX. resoluta, et in Argen- 

toratensium Academia proposita. & Argcnt. 1663. 

Recettario di Galeno. Itai trad. per Giov. Saracino. 

12? Ven. 1545. 

12« Ven. 1640. 

De bono et malo Succo. Lai. a Seb. Scrofa. 8* Par. 


12« Lug. 1547 

De Morbonim et Symptomatum diflerentiis et causis. 

Lat. Gul. Copo interp. 12« Lug. 1547. 

cum Comment. Franc. Valleriol». 8^ Ven. 


'■ fol. Par. 1549. 

cum Comment. J. F. Rosselli. fol. Barcin. 


Ars medicinalis. Gr. 4« Par. 1548. 

Gr. Lat. Nic. Leoniceno et Joh. Manardo 

interp. cum Comment. per Joh. Agricolam. 8« Bas. 1541. 

Lat. Nic. Leoniceno interp. 12« Par. ap. 

Colin. 1524. 
,---; per Jo. Manardum versa Commentariolisque 

illiistrata. 4« Rom. 1525. 

ex recog. Fr. Rabel^si. 12« Lug. 1532. 

'• 12« Par. 1539. 

13« LMg. 1543. 

cum Jacobi Foroliviensis Expositione et Quses* 

tionibus. M. Ven. 1547. 

cum Julii Delphini f xplanatione. 4« Ven. 


cumComment^ Nic Biesii. 8« Antv. 1560. 

J. Pii. Ingrassia interp. fol. Ven. 1574. 

cum Comment. Fr. Vallesii. 8« Ven. 1591. 

cum Corament. Salvi Sclani. 4« Ven. 1597. 

Nic. l.eonict'no interp. 12« Patav. 1622. 

12« Patav. 1642. 

DeJudiciis. Lat. fol. Par. 1549. 

Introductio in Pulsus. Lat, M. Gregorio interp. 12« 

Lug, 1549. 


G A L 

6ALENUS. Introductio in Pukus. M. Gregorio interp. 19* 

Lug. 1550. 
■ Therapcutica. Gr. fol. Bas. 1550. 

— — De Hippocratis et Platonis DogmatibuB. Lat. J. Coma- 

rio interp. \^ Lugd. 1550. 

Prognostica de Decnbitu Infirmonim. Jos. Struthio in« 

terp. cum Paraphrasi Claudii Fabii. 8® Lug. 1550. 

• De anatomicis Administrationibus. Lat. Joh. Guinterio 

interp. 18« Lug. 1551. 

- De Diebus decretoriis. Lai. Jo. Guiuterio interp. 12^ 

Lug. 1553. 

cum Comment. Joh. Lalamantii. 4** Ln^.* 


GalL par J. B. Damascene. 4* Par. 


Des Bandes. par G. Roviile. 8*^ Lj^o». 1555. 

8» Par. 16.J4. 

De Temperamentis. Gr. 4» Par. 1556. 
■ cum Hier. Thriveri Comment. 18® Lug. 1547. 

cum Comment. G. Lopez. fol. Complut. 1565. 

De Temperamentis et de ina^quali Intemperie. Lo/. 

T. Linacro interp. 4» Oint. 1521. 

24» Lond. 1527. 

cum A. Piccolhomini Comment. 8** Par. 


De Alimentorum facultatibus. Gr. 8*» Par. 1557. 

Lat. Joh. Martinio interp. 4» Par. 1530. 

Mart. Gregorio interp. 18» Lug. 1570. 

24« Lugd 1633. 

De Humoribus. Gr. Lat. a Bemardo Bertrando Rhegino. 

8^ Argent. 1558. 

— Lat. cum Comment. Arch. Piccolhomini. 12* 

Par. 1556. 

De Urinis. Gr. Lat. a D. Salomone Alberto. S? Viterh. 


Lat. cum Comment. Ferd. 4 Mena. 4^ 

CoMpiut. 1553. 

Dc Clysteribus et Colica. Lai. 8« Lug. Bat. 1591. 

Historise Medicinales.' a Joh. Bapt. Sdvatico enarrate. 

fol. Hanov. 1605. 

Commentarius insecundum librum Epidemioruro Htp» 

pocralis. 12<» IVw. 1017. 

Method of Physick, translated by Peter EngHsh. 24* 

Edinb. 1G5G. 

De Ossibus. Gr. Lat. accedunt Vesalil et aliorum exer- 

citationes^ ex Bibliothcca Joh. van. Home. 12** Ijug. Bat. 1665. 
-«-*• Lat. Ferdinando Balamio interprete. 18^ 

Lug. 1549. 

y, 18« Lug. 1551. 

8» Rost. 16(56. 


G A L 

€^LENUS. De Ottubus. Gr. Lai. «cc^diuaft Vesalii et a&onm 

exercitationes, ex Bibliotheca Jdi. van. Horne. cuoi Jac. Svkvii Joh. RiolanU Esplanal. Apoioget. 8® Far, 1613. 
rAAEOMTQMAXlA, TrafCGodia. Gr. edente Aristobido Apoatolio. 

Sine Anno, Loco, aut Typographo. (circa) 149&. 
QALEOTTI (BABTot. ni) Trattato de gU Huomiiii iUusLri di 

Boloena. 4« Farar. UBd 
6ALE0TTI (p. N^) Imagincs PraepoMtorum geoeralinm Socie-. 

tatis Jtsu. Lat. Ttal. fol. Ram. 1748. 
CLALESIJNI (PET.) H perfetto Dittionano. Laf. liaL 8» Teit. 


— .-,^ '. 8« Vcn. 1684. 

GALESINIUS (PET.) S. Didaci Compiutensis Canoniz^itiQ. 4» 

Rom. 1588. 
GALESIUS (barth.) Tractatus de Podagra, &c. item, de Plml- 

lclo Motua Terrse» et Microcosmi. 4<» Momm. 1633. 
■■ Epist responsiva ad AkQTi^iufP» soper Morbo, hisce 

temporibusy grassante. 4* Bfmmi,. 1630^ 

• Varia physica et medica At^«r/4»ra». 4? Bomm. 1633. 

GALESKIUS (thos.) De his qui feudum dare possunt. 4<» HqfiL 

GALFREDUS, Monumetenm. De Qrigine^et Gestis Regum 

Britannorum. 4<^ Par. 1508. 

-^ r^. 4* Par. 1517. 

■' translated by Aaron Tliompson. 8* Lond. 

GALFRIDUS, r. oarlandia. 
GALHANO (manobi. gqmb^) CoBietfi^phia Meteorologica. 4<^ 

Ush. 1666. 
GAU (francisco) Luctuoios endechasA y reniim dolondas a las 

benemeritas xnizas de D. Juan Richardi; recoigidas. 4* Barc. 

GALIANI (ferd.) Dclla MoneU Lib. cinque. 4« Nqp. 178!Ow 
GALIBEBTI (oiov. bat.) II CavaUo del Maneggto. foL Viau 

Aust. 1650. 
GALIEN (CL.) Des Eaux de Chasteau Thierry. S^ Par. 1630. 
GALIKO (r. ELisxus) Pirosh Shir Hashirm, i. e« Eicplicatio 

Cantici Canticorum. 4® Ven. 
GAULEI (galilbo) v. canfanella. bocco. savi. 
— — Opere. 2 tom. 4» Bonon. 1655. 
WL ■ I -j Le Operazione del CoHipasso geometrico» e militare. 

fol. Pad. 1606. 

Difesa contra Baldatsar Capra. 4« Fc». 1607. 

■■ Sidereus Nuncius. 4* Ven. 1610. 

— ^ r- 8« Franc. 16la 

8» F;atic.l611. 

^ De Proportionum Instnimento a se iniento, ez luU. in 

Lat. per Math. Bemeggenim. 4« Argent. 1613. 

• Discorso delle Cose che stauno soU' Acqua^ 4^ Fir. 




•GALlLEt (cALiLBo) Confiiderasioni Mpra il Diacorso 4dle Coic 

che 8tanno»oU' Acqua. 4^ Pita, 1613. 
■ Dialoghi topra i due mas^imi SiftemiUel Mondo, Tole- 

maico e Copemioano. 4* Fir. 1638. 

■ Medianiqiiea» trad. par L. P. M. Mersenne. 13® Piu\ 

QuestionsPhmco-malhematiques, W Par. 16S5. 

Diiooni, e JDemottrazioni mathematiche. 4* Lq^d. 

Elzev. 1638. 
— ^— - EpistoU tle quadam Propositione Gahkei. a F. R 4* 

Pat. 1661.. 
GALILEI (viNc.) Dialogodella Musica anticae moderaa. foU 

rtr. 15d3. 

foL Pir 1603. 

«GAUSSARDUS (petruh) Encomium Pulicit. 8» Lngd. 155a 
GALLA (juL. CASAR la) Disputatio de Phenomenif in Orbe 

Luns novi Tekscopii Usu i Galileo siiacitatis. 4^ Ven. 1613. 
GALUEUS (^AcoBus) Oratio in laudem DavidiA stementia Goliar 

thum. 4« Uarl. 1677. 
GALLiEUS (puil.) Acta Apostolopum iconibus iUustrata. 4® 

Venationes. foi. 

— ~ Equile ; in quo omnes generes equorum sunt delineati. 4* 
Ruinarum varii prospectua» ruriumquealiquotdelinea* 

tionet. fol. 
Florilegium, ab Hadriano Collaert ccelatum. 4* 

■ Virorum doctorum Effigies XLIV. fol. Antv. 1573. 
— — — Virorum doctorum Efhgies L. fol. Aniv. 1578. 

■ MediciaB familie gesU* 4®. 1578. 

-! Theatri orbis terrarum Enchiridion. 4* Antv. 1585. 

' loHruction et fondements de bien pourtraire. foL Ai^ 

t€rs. 1589. 

'- Italorum, Doctrin& Uluatrium, Imagines. 4*^ Ani^. 

Divinarum Nuptiprum Conventa et Acta, sneis for» 

mulis incisR» et ab Amoldo Fritachio descripta. 4® Antv. ajmd 

Ptmi. 1608. 
GALUEUS (theod.) Panopliaj seu armamentarium ac omamenta 

artium ac opificiomm. foL i 

Icones Biblic». foL 

— Danidis Historia. 4* 

Sancti Josepbi Vita» Icooibus iUustrata. 8® Aniv. 

■ XII. Cardinalium Pietate, Doctrina^ &c. iUut^ium, 

Imagines et Elogia. fol. Amv. 1598. 

Hlustrium GaUie Belgice Scriptonun^ et Pictoram, 

Iconeaet Elogia. fol. Antv. 1608. 
GALL£US (tuos.) v. faber. 
GALLAGHER (rsux o') Essay on the investigalion of the first 

principles of Nature. 4^^ Lond. 1784. 
•i^ALiLAMD (ant.) v. bauoslot. 
■ Les Paroles remarquables, lcs bons Mots & lcs Maxiyies 

des Qrientaux. l^ Hayc, 1694. 



OALLAND (aot.) Lettre touchant rUistoirc des 4 Gordiem 

prouvee par les Medailles. 129 Par. 1696. 
■'■ Lettre touchant quatre Medailles antiques nouvellement 

publiees par de R. P. Chamillard. J. 129 Caen, 1697. 

Lettre touchant ia Nouvelle explication d'un Medaille 

d'Or du Cahinct du Roy. ^ Caen, 1698. 

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Les Mille & une Nuit, Contes Arabes. 6 tom. 12* 

Par. 1745. 

7—11 tora. \2^ Gen. 1785. 

• Arabian Nights Entertainments, transi. fnom tlie Fi ench 

of M. Galland. 4 vol. 8» Lond. 1785. 

4 vol. 8<» Lond, 1792. 

.4vol. 12« Lmd. 1798. 

' Rits & Certmonies du Pelerinage de la Mecque. 8^ 

AjMt. 1754. 
GALLANDIUS (pet.) v. urbicus. 
* Oratio in Funere Francisci Regis. Lmm. apud Vascos. 

49 1547. 

Oratio contra novam Academiam Petri Rami. 4" Luiet. 

apud Vascos. 1551. 

De Agrorum Conditionibus, et Constitutionibos Limi' 

tum, Auctores varii. 4« Par. 1554. 

Vita Petri Castellani, cum Notis Steph. Baluzii. 8» 

Par. t674. 
GALLANTRY. E^say on modcm Gallantry. 4» Lond. 1728. 

Ecclesiastical Gallantry ; a Poem. 4® Lond. 1778. 

GALLARATUS (jos.) Systema renovatum Physiologise Medic». 

8» Lugd. 
Oratio in Scholis Canobianis Novaris. ¥ Novar: 1604. 


GALLASIUS (Nic.) In Exodum Commentarii. fol. Gen. 1560. 

GALLE (h.) r. daniel. 

GALLE (joH.) Puteorum varise fonnfle. 4* 

' 24 plates of Flowers. 49 

GALLEGO (bened. matamoros vasquez) Selectae Medicinse dis- 

pittaHones. fol. Urs. 1622. 
GALLEGO (jo.) de la ISehia. Opera Physica, Medicn, et Ethica. 

fol. Lugd. 1634. 

Dc naturali Animarum Origine. 4* Brux. 1640. 

GALLEGOS (ma!ioel de) Gigantomachia. 4® LUb. 1628. 

GALLENSIS (johannes) v. johannes. 

GALLEITI (pETR. ALOYs) Inscriptiones Venetfle inGmi My\ Romae 

cxtantes. 49 Rofn. 1757. 
InscripUones Bononienses infimi ^vi Roma? extantes. 

4» Rom. 1759. 

Inscriptiones Romanse infimi ^vi Romae extantes. 

3 tom. 4® Rom. 1760. 

Inscripiioncs Piccna? infimi JEvi Romae extantes. 4^ 

Rom. 1761. 


G A L 

CALLETTI (pETi. ALOT8.) Inscriptiones Piedemontaiis iDfimi 

Mn Rom» extantet. 4« Rom. 1766. 
GALLEUS (samubl) Ontio de Necessitate et Dlgnitate Gram« 

matice et Lingu» Latinie. 4^ Harkm. 1681. 
GALU (ANTiMo) Rime. W Land. 1609. 
GALLI (Nic.) Discoreo sopra Tlnondatione del Tevere. 4® Rom.. 

GALLI (p. MARCo) MisceHaneo matematico. 4^ Parm. 1694. 


Feri» Forenaes Gallie. 8^ Par, 1619. 

■■ De Jure Armorum ab Orthodoxis in Gallia, Duce Prin- 

cipe Condico, sunlptonini. 4* 1621. \ 

Respublica, sive, Status Regni Gallis diversorum Au- 

torum. 2i^ iMgd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1626. 

- Scnptorutn Gallise Maledicentia}^ et Adulationes impi». 

ex variis Auctoribus excerpts. 4^ 1635. 

Vindicis Gailics adversus Alexandrum Patricium 

Armachanum. 12» Par. 1638. 
GALLIA (lancillottus) Comment. in Contuetudinem Alexan- 

drinam, prohibentem Maritum, ultra certum modum, Uxori 

relin€{uere. 4» Alexand. 1579. 
■ Patrocinium pro Republ. Alexandrina, contra Univcr- 

8om Mediolanensem otatum. 4? Alexand. 1579. 
GALLICANUS (vulc; v. dion cassius. 
GALLIMARD (edme) Traite physiognomique. 12^ Par. 1626. 
GALLINA (fran.) De i Bagni de Viiuuloj e Valdieri in Piemonte. 

4P Tarin. 1613. , 
GALLISSONNIERE, Af. Le Comu de. Discoure prononc^ a 

Touverture de T AMcmblee Generalc de trois etats de la Province 

d'Anjou. 8« Angers. 1789. 
GALLITZIN (le prince dimitri de) Recueil des Noms par 

Ordre alphabetique appropries en Mineralogie aux Terret et 

Pierres, &c. 4» Brumw. 1801. 
GALLIUM. Gratulatio CoUegii Gallii Lazaro Carafino. 4* 

GALLO (agostino) Le dieci giomate della vera Agricoltura. 8® 

Ven. 1566. 
- Secrets d'Agriculture, trad. en Franc. par Fr. dcBeUe- 

forest 4* Tar. 1572. 

Le vinti Giomate delF Agricoltura^ e de' Piaceri della 

Vifla. 4* Turin. 1579. 

4» TlcWfi. 1580. 

GALLO(Gioy. pran.) Interpretatione delle Lettere nell' Antichl»» 
sime Basi nella Citta d^Osimo. 8^ Ancan. 1615. 

GALLOIS (mr. le) Conversations Academiques tir^et de PAca- 
demie de M. l'/Abb^ Bourddot. 3 tom. 12« Par, 1674-5. 

2tom. 12» 1684. 

- Traite dea plus belles Bibliotheques dc TEurope. 12* 

Par. 1680. 


VdL. m. C GALLON. 


GAXLON. Tlie fci^ of theoppressed by reasoo of fafee Mcasare»; 

or a Discovery of the true Standard^GalUm of £ny;ltind. 4^ 

Londi 1658. 

4« Lmd. 1659. 

GALLONIO (ant.) Historia deile Sante Vergbi Romane, &c. 4^ 

Rom. 159L 
De gli Instrnmenti di Martirio usate da' Gentili contro 

Christiani. 4* RotH, 159L 

Vita B. Philippi Nerii. 8* Mogunt. 1603. 

De Sanctot;um Martymm Ouciatibuii. fol Par, 1660. 

GAliLONYE (m.) tiistoire d'ati Esclav^ qui a este miatre annees 
dand les Prisons de Salle ^n Afrique. \9f^ Pnr. 1679. 

CALLOPER. The Galloper, or Needs must when the De^H 
drives. 4« Lond. 1710. 

C^ALLOWAY. Encouraeement for Underfakers in tbe Pkmta- 
tion of New Galloway. 4° EdiHb. 1025. 

>' A reUtion of the taktng GaHowdy. fol. 1691. 

GALLOWAY (john) De Naturfe Satiguinis. 4* Lug. Bat. 1675. 


4 Theatrum Mundi ^et TerapcNris. 4* Ven. 1588. 

-. 4» Ven. 1603. 

s i— — Hinpan. per M. Perez. fol. Gran. 1606. 

. De Fabrica et Usu nwi Horolo-^ii. 4* Vm. 1593. 

— Speculum Uranicum. fol. Vcn. 1598. 

■■..t "De Hemispherio UranicOj et de Horariis. fol. Vai. 


Della Fabrica & Uso de diversi Stromenti di Astronomia 

■ & CosmogTfiita. 4* Ven. 1597. 
GALLUCIUS (t.) V. oalluxii. 

GALLUS (andr.) De Peste. fol. Brix. 1565. " 

^ — De Ligno sahcto non permiscendo. 8* Par» 1540. 

•-*— ' Homo afflictus et jacens. 8* Frane. 1608. 

GALLUS (car.) De Febribuspertilenlibusct malignis. 4® Ferrar. 

GALLUS (cHRis.)DeMorboHypochondriaco. 4° Wiu. lOhO. 
■ - ■ " » I)e Polltncturaj vulgo dicta Balsan»tione« 4^ Lip9, 

OALlUS (cK. corn.) Fragmcnte. 10» 1560. 

I 16** Lugd. ap. Giyph. 1573. 

I 16^ Amst. ap. Eiz. 1651. 

12« Lugd. Bai. 1743. 

GALLUS (coNR.) De Somiio. 4« M«rp. 1591. 
4»ALLUS(EVALDus)Puerile8Coiifabulatiunctile. 19^ Oxon. 1673. 

■ Graco-Loiina. a W. Jackson. 8» Oxott. 1666. 

GALLUS (g. dom.) v. cALVtNus. 

GALLUS (itfeNRY) Declaratio Instromeilti Astronomici novi. 8^ 
Erph. 1574. 


Notationes in Thuani Historiam. 4* Ingolsi. 1614. 

GALLUS (pascbal) Bibliotheca medica« 8^ Bm. 1590. 



GALLUS (pXsciiAk).Bibliotheca iBedica^ c(mti)iuata a Job. GieO* ' 

Scbenckia ^ Franc. 1609. 
GALLUS (sT.) Co^cuor Sf Abhaa. Idea Sacra Copgregationi» 

Hehcetico-fieDedictinflB anhoiUius Jubilseo Seculari expressa» a 

Musis Sanct-Gallensibus. fol. 1709. 
GALLUZZl (RiQuccio) Istoria del Gcau Ducatodi Toicana sotto- 

il Govemo rlelkt Casa Medici. 5 tom. 4® Fir, 1781. 
GALLUZZI (TARaucNio) Carmina. 12^ Ingalu. 1610. 
-! — rr~ QratioDe^. li» CoL 1618. 

Oratio in Funere Cacdinalis Bellarmini, 19* 1631. 

■^ " — Comment. i& Moralia Ari^totelis, 2 tom. fol. Pau 

1639, 45. 
0ALLY (mb.) Answer to bis Easay conceming Accent and Quaor. 

tity^ in a second Dissertation against pronouncing the Greek 

Language according to Accents* 8^ Lond. 1763i. 
GALPINE (joun) A Synoptical Compend. of British Botai^ IS^ 

Salub. 1806. 
GALT£RO f PBDRo gb&on.) Conveniencia&del Usodel Nadar. 4* 

GALTEBUS (fran.) pe Vi^ginis PurificatioDe» Senno. 8^ Par. 

GALTH£RUS(pual.) Alexandreidos Lib. 10. ^^" Lngi. 1558. 
GALT1£R (louis db) Encbiridion Therapeutique de la Maladi& 

du Poarpre. 8* Far. 1645. 
GALTRUCHiUS (petr.) PhilcNsopbke et Mathematicffl totiua In^ 

atitutio. W Cadom. 1656« ) 

19« Vim. 1661. 

Institutio Physics particuhris. 19* Cadom, 1665. 
Poetical Histories. 8» Land. 1671. 

GALVAM (ANT.) Arte da CavaUaria. fbl. Lvb. 1678. 
GALVANI (dom.) DeUe Fontanelle. 4» Pad. 1690. 
GALVANO (ant.) Account of the Discoverys of tbe World, (rauk 

their (irst Origin to the Year 1555 ; translated and publisbedby 

R. Hackluyt. 4« Lond. 1601. 
GALWAY (earl op) v. rouviont. 

GALWAY Vucount, p. moncbton. * 

GALYEN Rhetore, Roman. fol. Par. Verard. 1500. 
GAMACHES (m. de) Astronomie phyiuque» ou, Principea geoe^ 

raux de la Nature. 4^ Par. 1740. 
GAMARE (M.>DitooursderOngiQede]aChas8e. 8« Par. 1681. 
GAMAR£ (PETR.) An Biljs pra:cipua vis in amarore? 4® Par. 

GAMBARA (laurentivs) Liber Rerum sacrarum. 4^ Aru^atntd 


Opera Poetica^ 3 tom. 8^ Itom. 1581. 

De Navigatione Christ^ Columbi. 4<^ Rom. 1683. 

GAMBART (a.) Le Missionnaire ParoissiaL \9f^ Par. 1680. 
GAMBARUTI (tiberio) Discorsi et Osservaxioni politiche. 9^ 

Rom. 1619^ 
GAMBELLO^A (anoelvs) Corament super lastitutionibus 

Justinianis. fol, 1539» 


G A N 

GAMBELLONA (angelus) De Maleficits^ cum Addit Aag« 
Bonfrancisci & Hier. Cachalon, &c. A^ Col. Ag. 1599. 

GAMBIER (captain) Proceedings on the Trial of Capt. Gambier 
for Crim. Con. wilh Adm. Knowles^g Lady. 8« Lond, 1757. 

GAMBINI (andreas) v, turci. 

*« Della origine de Turchi et Imperio dell Casa Ottomana. 


12» Vineg. ap. Ald. 1541. 

GAMBLING CLUBS. Hints for a Reform, particularly in the 
. Gambling Clubs. 8» Lond. 1784. 
GAMBOA (PEDRo SARMIENTO de) Viago al Estrechoda Magallanea. 

4» Madr. 1768. 
GAMBOLD (john) The Martyrdom of Ignatius, a Tragedy. 8* 

Lond. 1773. 
GAME. Concise table of the Game Laws. fol. 

-, An order for the preservation of Game. fol. Lond. 1646. 

The Game is up ; or xxxi QuoBfies and orders fitted for 

the present state of afi&irs. 4c^ Lond. 165a 

> Game; or a collection of Laws and Statutes for preser« 

vation of the Game. 8^ Lond. 1705. 

Dialogue on the Game Laws. 8° Lond. 1771. 

GAMES (edward) His petition and compiaint. foL 
GAMES ?R0B.) A treatise on Baptism. 4° 1645. 
GAMESTER. The compleat Gamester. I9f^ Lond. 1709. 
GAMEZ (and. de) Luz de la Medicina. 4^ Madr. 1683. 
GAMING. Tbe Gaming Humour considered and reproved. 12® 

Lond. 1684. 
■■ The art of Gamiii|r detected. 4» Lond. 1726. 

■ Modest defence of Gaming. 8® Lmid. 1754. 

GAMMA (ant. de) Centuriee ly. Decisionum Supremi Senatua 

Lusitanite. fol. Ant. 1683. 
■. De Sacramentis prsstandb ultimo Supplicio Damnatis^ 

ac de Testamentis. fol. Ant. IG83. 
GAMON (cHRisTOPH.) LaSemaine,ouCreationdu Monde^contre 

celle du Sr. du Bartas. 12^ 1609. 
GAMON (hannib.) Funerall Sermon on the Ladie Frances Ro^ 

berts. 4» Lond. 1637. 
6AMPE (gottob. ehrknb) De Empyiemate. 4^ Wiit. 1702. 
GAMUCCI (bernardo) Libri quattro deli* Antichita della Citta 

di Roma raccolte da diversi antichi e moderoi Scrittori. 8^ Ve^ 


. 8« Ven. 1580. 

. : 8* Ven. 1588. 

GAMURRINI (giuseppe) Delie Guerre di Flandra di Pompco 

Giustiniano^ con le Figure ddle Cose piu notabiU. 4^ Anv. 1609. 
GANCHEMA (jo. hen ) De Febribus Intermittentibus in genere, 

4» Lug. Bat. 1724. 
GAND, 17. chesne, 
GAND (ludov. de) Baro de Brachey et Romecour. Parallelum 

Olivee^ nec non Oliverii Cromwelli Protectoris. fol. Lond. 1656. 
m . Leltre a son Altesse. 4° Lond, 1656. 


A R 

GAND (LVDoy. ds) Ris Petition to Parliament. fol. 
GANDAVIUM, Gwimas. Societ, Jes. GratulijLio Phil. Eraid. 

Vaoder Noot. 4tp. Gand. 1717. ^ 

GANDELUNI (oio. oori) Notizia istoriche de gl' Intagliatori. 

3 vol. 8» Sien. 1771. 
GANDEH (josbph) Vindication of a national Fisbery. 8* Lond, 

Queen Anne^s absolute Sovereignty of the Sea asserted. 

4« Lond. 1703. 
GANDINO (alb. de) De Maleficiis. 8« Lugd. 1555. 
GANDINO (m. a.) V. plutarchus. 
GANDOLFUS (ant.) Dissertatio historica de ducentis Augus*^ 

tiniania Scriptoribus. 4^ Rom. 1704. 
GANGE» Madam la Marquise de, Sa Mort deplorable. 13* Xor. 

GANGLOFF (jac. hen.) De Sy ropathia. 4» Jen. 1669. 
GANGLOFF (phil. jac.) Decontroversiisquibu^amnotabiliori- 

bus exmateria succesBionis ab intestato. 4^^ Hal Mag. 1719. 
GANIVETUS (joH.) Araicus Medicorum. 4« Lugd. 1496. 

12« Lugd. 1550. 

GANS (jOH.) Arboretum Genealogicum Imperii Principuro, et 

Europie Regum, a Rudolpho I. Imp. desccndent. loL Coi^ 

GANSER (jou. PRAN. paul) Hygieine. 8* Lips. 1731. 
GANSIUS (joH. LUDov.) De Purgatione. 4» Argent. 1621. 

• Coralliorum Historia. 12" Franc. 1630. 

12» Pranc. 1669. 

GANTESVILERUS (joh. jac.) De perfecto Theologo. 4« DiiiV 

burgi. 1678. 
GAOJUBR. The Committee's Memorial; being the Gaoler^a 

bloody Calender. ^ 

-r Thc doty of a Gaoler. fol. 

Reasons for the act rdating to the discharge of Prisoa- 

era and the regulation of Gaolers and Gaols. fol. 
GAONA (hieron.) Oratio ad Comitem deTendilla, Regis Hispan; 

Oratorero. 4* 
GARABlUS(ANT.)Mi8cellaneaPoemata. 4^ Cadom. 1663. 
GARAM9ERIUS (jo. guiot de) Naturse Artisque Triurophus. 

9 Bas. 1653. 
GARANNE (mich. lud. reneaumb de la) Anfugiendussomnui 
• paulisper a cibo? 4» Par. 1699. 
GARASSE (franc.) Jugement & Censure "de son Livre dc la 

Doctrine curieuse. 8* Par. 1623. 
: — La Doctrine curieuse des bcauxEsprits de ceTerops» 

combattue & renvers^e. 4« Par. 1623. 
4<» Par. 1624. 

Lettre i Monsieur Ogier, avec sa Response. 12® Par. 


Nouvcau Jugement de ce qoi a este dict & escrit pour 

Sc contre la Doctrine curieuse du Pere Garasse. 12® Par. 1625. 


GARAU (PRAHC.) El Sabio instruido de la Naturaleza, S lom. 4* 

Barcel. 1702. w 

M- 4« Zarag. 1704. 

OARBE (JOH. MicH.) An vitandus somnus iitatim a cibo? 4^ Par, 

OARBITIUS (matth.) r». aschtlus. 
OARBO (dinus de) Expositio super 3, 4, Part 5, Fen. i, Canonis 

Avicennse. foL Ven. 1499. 

: fol. r«i. 1544. 

' Expositio super 4 Fen. h Avicennae ; necnon in Canones 

generales. foi. Ven. 1522. 

£xpo8itio super Avicennam de Ponderibus et Mensurts ; 

de Emplastris & Uneuentis. fol. Ven, 1499. 
- Chirurgia. fol. Ven. 1544. 

GARBO (tho. de) Summa medicinalis. Tractatus de Restauratione 
Humidi radicaliSj de Reductione Medicinanua ad Actum. foh 
Ven. 1506. 

fol. Ven. 1531. 

De Gcneratione Embrionis. fol. Ven. 1520^ 

■ in Libros Galeni de Dif&rentiis Febriunu Commentum. 

foL Vcn. 1521. 

-r-^^ Coosiglio amiro alla l^este. 8^ Fir. GiufU. 1523. 

fol. Lugd. 1529. 

De Reductione Medicinarum ad Actum. 8f iMg^ 

GARBRECHT Cfrid.) De Anima vegetante. 4« Grj(ph. 1611. 
GARBUTT (RicH.)Demon8tration of the Rosurrection of Chri&t, 

^y Laiid. 1657. 
GARCJEUS (joH.) DeTempore. 8« Witeb. 1563. 

^. Meteorologi^. 8^ Witeb. 1568. 

8^ Witeb. 1584. 

De erigendis Figuris Codi. 8<» Wfteb. 1573. 

GARCIA (cARLos) La Oposicion y Conjuucion de lo& grandea 

Luminares de la Tierra. Uitp. et Gall. 12P Cambr. 1622. 
GARCIA (francesco) Vida y Martyriade Diego Luis3anyitores. 

4^ Madr. 1683: 
•--— Epitome de las excellencias de S. Jgnacio de Loyola* 

13* Nap. 1706. 
GARCIA (grec.) Origen de los Indios de el nuevo Mundo^ e 

{jMdiaB Occidenta^. S^" JTa/enc 1607. 
GARCIA (PET.) Carrero. Disputationes Medic^ ' super libros 

Galeni de locis a%ctis« et de adiis morlNs. fol. CwnpL 1605. 
Disputat. in 1 Fen. 1 Libri Avicennas. foL Complut^ 


in 1 Fep. 4 Libri Avicennae. fol. Burdig, 


Qa/ramuel ridiculus Cara^udi con^iGto. 12® Lond. 


GARCIA (FET.) Viday Milagpos diS.Fian.Xavier.4o Bonre/. 1683. 
OAKCU^ (ieiERa£) Le grand Routier de la Mer. 4« Rouai^ 1584, 
li , I 4« Rouen, 1601. 


G A R 

,OAKCIE (pibkhe) Le grahdRoutier de la M^. 4« Rouen, I(KJf7. 

. 4» Rouen, 1622. 


GARCILASSO, v. vega. 

GARD (tho. du) Fnneral Sermon on Lady A. Lucie. 4^ Lond, 

GARDANNE (m.) v. physick. 
GARDE (MAftTiN DE la) Modest Defence of a Sermon preacfaai 

at St. George'ii Southwark. IS^* L(md. 1749. 
OARDELLE (theod.) His Life and Murder of Mr». King. &* 

Land, 176L 
' fc* '> TJie Garden Companion. 8* Lond, 

The Country Housewife'» Garden. 4« Lond. 1638. 

4» Lond. 1626. j 

■^ Certaine ezcellent KnoU and Mazes for Flots for Gar^ 

dens. 4* Lond. 1623. 

The Flower Garden displayed. 4^ Lond. 1734. 

Adam's Luxury and £ve's Cookery ; or the Kitchen 

Garden dbpUiyed. 12* Lond. 1745. 
GARDENER. The Gardener's Lahyrinth. 4» Lond. 1652. 

The French Gardiner. 12» Lond. 1658. 

The Gardener^s Universal Calendar. 8« Lond. 1726. 

The fruit Gardener. 8* Lond. 1708. 

The Gardener'8 Pocket Cafcndar. 12« Lond. 1779. 

The English Pocket Gardener. 8« Lond, 1794. 

GARDENER (tho.) The pathway to Peace ; a Sermon. 4« Lond. 

GARDENING. Adam armed : an Eesay on the advantages Cbe 

Khigdom may receive hy a Charter for incorporaling the Pro* 

fesnors of the art of Garaening. fol. 
GARDENSTONE (lord) Travelling Memorandums. 8* Edin. 

GARDEROBA. liber quotidianus Contrarotnlatoris garderobc 

Ann. 28 Edw. I. 4* Lond. 1787. 
GARDl (JOB. MAT. de) Consilia. fol. Ven. 152L 
GARDIE (mag!iu8 gabr. dela) Regum Principumque Jnstitutio, 

&ar. & Lai. cum Notis Jo. Sche^ri. fol. Helmu. 1669. 
GARDIN (lud. du) v. cardinius. 
GARDINKR, v. sherwin. 
GARDINER ( ) News from Sossex ; or the barbarous Robber 

stransely convided: being a fuU and true relation of one 

Gtfdmer that was hanged upon the testimony of his own 

Daughter. ^ Lond. 1676. 
GARDINER (capt.) Accountof the Expedition to the W. Indiiw 

againsl Martinico, with the reduction of Guadaloupe and other 

the Uwafd kknds, 1759. 4« Birm, 1762. 
GARDINER (edm.) The Trial of Tobacco. 4« Lond. 1610. 
GARDINER (hbn.) Sermonon his Death. 8* Ipnoieh, 1771. 
GARDINER (col. jasies) Poem on his Death. fol. Lond. 1746. 
• " Sermon on his heroick Death, bv Doddridge. 8^ Land. 



G A R 

GARDINER(JAjj|)ThcyoungLadie8' Eng.Grammar. S^ York, 

1799. 'M^ 

GARdInER (j»i) Answer to Dr. Brown. 4^ Lond. 1702. 
GARDINER (m.) Tables portatives des Logarithmes publiees i 

Londrcs par Gardiner, & augmentees, &c. par M. Callet. 8' 

Par. 1783. 
GARDINER (ralph) England^s Grievance discovered in Relation 

to the Coal Trade, wiih the Heads of several Kings who encou- 

iraged it, and an account of tbe tyrannical oppressions of the 

Magistrates of Newcastlc. 4° Lond. 1655. 
GARDINER (aic.) Specimen Oratorium. 8» Oxm. 1668. 
GARDINER (rich.) Sermon on the King's Inauguration. 4* 

Lmd. 1643. 

—7 Sermons. 8« Lond. 1659. 

GARDINER (ric^.) Memoirs of his Life and Writings. 8* 

Lond. 1792. 
GARDINER (samuel) A Dialogue'about the Rites and Ceremo- 

nies of thc Church of England. 4<» Lond. 1605. 
Catholic«Fidei, circaTrinitatem, Delineatio et Respons, 

ad Christ Sandium. 8® Lond. 1677. 
GARDINER (sam.) De efficacia gratis convertentis. 4^ Cantab. 

GARDINER (s.j.) Definition of Minuet Dancing : Rules for beha- 

viour in Company, &c. 12® Madelty. 
GARDINER (steph.) Epucoptu Winton. v. cranmbr. 
■ ■ Conquestio ad Bucerum de impudenti ejusdem Pseudo- 

logia. 4° Lov. 1544. 
■■■ ■ Altera Epbtola ad Martin. Bucerum. 4® Lovan. 1 546. 

- Exetasis Testimoniorumquas M. Bucerusminus genuine 

e S. Patribus non sancte edidit de Codibatus Dono. 4° Lovan. 

GARDINER (sir tho.) Articles of impeachment against him, 

and 4i]so votes against Gen. Skippen. 4® Lond. 1643. 
GARDINER (william) Tables of Logarithms. 4« Lond. 1749. 
GARDINIUS (lud. du) Institutiones Medicins. 8° Duac. 1636. 
Anima rationalis restituta in integrum, sive, altera 

Refutatio Opinionb, quae sibi persuadet, Animam rationalem, 

ante omnem Organizationem, infundi in Semen. 8® Duac, 


— De Medicamentis purgantibus. 12^ Duac, 1631. 

Institutiones Medicse. 4® Duae. 1634. 

GARDNER (james) Remarks on the Rev. Dr. Handcock'8 Febri- 

fugium magnum. 8® Lond. 1723. 
GARDNER (tho.) Historical Account of Dunwich. 4<» Lond. 

GARDYNER (geo.) Description of America. 12« Lond. 1651. 
GARDYNER (jac.) Concio ad Clerum. 4'» Oxon. 1713. 
GARDYNER (aica.) Concioad Clerum. 4^ Oxon. 1631. 
GARENCIERES, v. conclaye. 
GARENCIERES (theoph. de) Aoglice flagellum seu Tabes 

Anglica. 12» Lond. 1647. 


G A R 

OARENCIERES (thiopr. dz) Discdurse GOgte natui^e of the 

Plague. 4<» Lond. 1665. « 

— — 4* Lond. 1666. 

■ Tincture of Coral, its wonderful effects in Physick. 8» 

Lond. 1676. 
GARENCIERES (thboph.) General InArncttons, diyrne, morah 

and historicail, shewing the Progress, and tending to confirni 

the Truth, of Christianity. 8* York, 172S. 
GARENGEOT (jaquis kepie' caoissANt de) Operations de Cht* 

rurgie. 2 tom. 8» Par. 1720. 
3tom. 12« Par. 1731. 

■ Des Instraments de Chirurgie. 2 tom. l^ Par. \m, 

■ Myotomie Canine & Homaine. ^ Par, 1724. 

L'Anatomie des Visceres, ^ Par. 1728. 

L'Opcratioli de la Taille* 12» Par. 1730. 

GARETIUS (HfiN.) Variorum Cotisilia de Arthritide. d» Frane. 

GARG ANTUAS. La Vie du fameux Gargantuas, le plus terrible 

Oeant. B^ Troyes. 1715. 
GARGILL (ann) ^\ waming to all the world. 4« Lond. 1656. 

A discovery of the Popish Religion. 4« Lond. 1656: 

GARGON (matth.) Oratio expiicans Soholifif Platontcs inscrip- 

tionem, sive> quid artes Mathcmatic» prosint ad reliqnas disci« 

plinas ac facultates perdiscendas. 4^ HarUwt. 1678^ 
GARGON (Nic.) De Paripeumonia terar 4<^ JLcfj^. £a/. 1715. 
GARGUILLE (gaultier) Les Chansons. 8" 
GARIBAY (tsTtVAN db) Historia dPEspagtta. 4 vof. fol. Anii. 

Piani. 1571. 
GARIBUS (JOAVNBs) De Phsmottienis osten^ ab Anno I64I ad 

1650. 4<> Ven, apudJunt. 1651. 
GARIDEL (iosEPM) UisCoire deb Plantes des Environs d'Anr. 

fol. Aix. 1715. 
GARIEL (pieree) Series PirsMulum Magalonenslum & Monspe^ 

Uensium. 2 tora. fol. Tolos. 1665. 
GARIMBERTO (hierom.) Vescovo di Galleae. Problcmi Natu- 

ndi e Morali. 8* Ven. 1549. 
8» Ven. 1550. 

Concetti. 8^ Ven. 1552. 

8» Ven. 1579. 

> 9^ Ven. 1585. 

n Capitano Generale* 8* Ven. 1567. 

■ Vite di ateuni Papi, & di tatti i Cardinali passat^ 
Parte 1. 4» Ven. 1567. 

Tbeatro de varios y maranillosos acaecimfetos de 14 

mudable Fortuna, trad. por J. Mend. de Avikt. 12^ Sd/hm. 

GARIOPONTUS. Praxk Medica. 4« Bas. 1581. 
GARISSOLIUS (ant.) v. daubuz. 
••~- Expli^alie el defensio Decreti Synodiei Carentonicmi», 

de Imputatione primi Peccati Adae, cum Epistola Caroli Dau* 

biur mi eundem. 8» Montalb. 1648. 


G A R 

OARLAND (£j|[|ard) An Answer to a printed Book falsely ii»- 

tituled, A Blmtit the Serpent. 4? Umd. 1657. 
GARLANDIA (JOH. de) Synonoma, cum £xpo«. Galfridi An- 

glici. 4« Antv. 1493. 

4» Lond. Wynk. de Worde, 1500. 

4° Ixmd. R. Pynson, 1509. 

■ ' Multorum vocabulorum equivocorum Interpretatio. 4*^ 

Lond. Wynk. de Worde, 1499. 

. 4° Lond. R. Pynson, 1514. 


Distigium. 4" Par. 

GARLICK (thomas) A Mechanical Account of the Cause and 
I Cure of a virulent Gonorrhaea. B^ Lond. 1719. 
8« Lond. 1737. 

An Essay on the Gout. 8^ Land. 1799. 

GARMANN (benj. gottl.) Cicero Medicus. 4<^ WUi. 1713. 
GARMANN (isaac bott. lob.) De sapientia ^yptiortun. 4® 

Vttemb. 1710. 
GARMANN (l. cur. frid.) De Miraculis Mortuorum. 4^ i^tpc. 

— ^ 4« Dresd 1719. 

De Oo humano. 4P Ckem. 1673. 
' Oologia curiosa. 4® C^gn. 1691. 
Epistolarum Centuria. 8<^ Rost. 1714. 

GARMANN (sev.) De vera limitatione medics Seientiee. 4' 

Hqfn. 1709. 
GARMENT (joshua) Tbe Hebrews deliverance at hand. 4^ 

Lond. 1651. 
GARMERUS (johannes) Qusstiones de Veritate Uteri proci* 

dentise. 4® 
■■ ' ' Judicium viri docti de controverua intcr Joh. Gar- 

merum et Dav. vander Becken. 4^ 
■> " Dc VenjBsectione. 4® Helm. 1651.. 
4« Helm. 1672. 

Dissertatio de Theriaca. 4* Hamb. 1678. 
Auctarium ad suas Qusestiones Physicomedicas. 

GARMSTON (siiadrac) Dissertation on the pubhc Oathsof Al- 

Ignance, Supremacy» and Abjuration. 8^ Northampt. 1724. 
GARNEFELT (georg.) Vita Nicolai Albergati Carthusiaiii, 

Episcopi Bononiensif. 4^ Col. Ag. 1618. 
GARNER (GEORGius) Epitome de Peste. 8P Bruntr. 1610. 
GARNESAI (m. db) v. filtz-moritz. 
GARNET (henrt) Rektion of Proceedinga against him and his 

Confederates. 4"» Lond. 1606. 

. Lat. a G. Camdeno. 4<> Lond. 1607. 

GARNETT (joh.) Bp. ofFems. Sernioa before the Univertity of 

Cambridge. 4<^ Cantab. 1745. 
. £itroductory Discourse on the Sonk of Job. 4^ Lond. 



G A R 

GARNETr (JOB.) Bp. qf Fems. Sermon hefoft the Lord Lietit. 
of Ireland. 5 Novr. 1753. 4» Dub. 1754. % 

■ ■ Semion before Ihe Dublin Society for promoting Ph)- 
tesu nt Sch oob m Irdand. 4^ Dub. 1756. 
GARNETT (thomas) A Treatise on the Mineral Waters of Har^ 

rog^te. 8* Land. 1792. 
■ Lecture on the preservation of Health. 8* IdverpooL 

17»7. . 

Popular Lectures on Zoonomia, or the Laws of Animal 

Life. 4» Land, 1804. 
GARNETUS (henr.) p. eudamon-johannes. 
GARNIER (guido andreas) Est-ne transpiralio hyemalis per^ 
. fectior ? 4» Par. 1736. 

An Melancholicis Musica? 4® Par. 1737. 

An Rabiies ab acido ? 4» Par. 1738. 

> An Tumoris cancrosi radicitus ablati regeneratio runua 

. Chirurgiae tradenda ? 4^ Par. 1738. 
GARNIER (juLiANus) v. basilius magnus. 
GARNIER (N.) L'Homme de Lettres. 8<» Par. 1764. 
GARNIER (pterre) Dissertation Physique sur la Baguette de 

Jaques Aymar. 8^ Ly<m. 1699. 

De la Verole. 12» I^an. 1699. 

GARNIER (robsrt) Tragedies. 13« Toul. 1588. 

-; Corndia, trans. by T. Kidd. 4« Lond. 1595: 

GARNIER (sEBAST.) Les premiers Livres de la Loyssee, ou Voy* 

age dc St Loys Roy de France. 4<> Bloy$. 1593. 
GAROFALO (biagio) Considerazioni intomo alla Poesia degli 

Ebrei & de i Greci. 4» Rom. 1707. 
Difesa delle ConMderationi sopra il Libro della Maniera 

di ben pensare. 4* Rom. 1768. 
GARRAKD (william) Description of the Antimeter. 8^ Land. 
' Longitude made ea!^ firom thc Moon'8 Altittitle only. 

8* Lond. 1787. 

8* Chels. 1791. 

Copious Trigonometrical Tables. S^ Land. 1789. 
Tables for r^ucing Lunar Observations and obriating 

the difficulties in finding the Longitude. 4* Land. 1799. 
Seaman's Preceptor. 2 ParU. 8^ Land. 1803. 

GARRATON. Appearance of blood in a pool at Garraton in 

Leice^tershire. 4* Lond. 
GARRATUS (mart.) Epiatola Parsnetica. 8^ Col. 16Q6. 
GARRAULT (franvois) Advis donnez sur rEtablisseinent du 

Compte par Escuz, & Suppression de celuy par Solz & Livres . 

8» Par. 1578. 

Paradoxe sur le faict des Monnoyes. 89 Par. 1578. 

Let rechercbes des Monnoyes, Poix, et maniere de 

nombrer, dea premieres & plus renommees oations du monde* 

8» Paris, 1576. 
CARREAU (antoine) Description du Gouvemement de Bour- 

gogne. 8» Dijon. 1734. 


GAR^I^CK (david} V. DAVi«r. 

^ Prologpe for the Benefit of Mrs. Elizabeth Foster. fol. 

' — The Farmer^g Hetuni from London. 4^ Lond. 1763. 

m- j_ n Tbe Clandestine Marriage. S^" Lond. 1766. 

Ode upon dedicatiug a Building to Sbakespear at 

StratforduponAvon. 4<» Ixmd. 1769. 

Bon Ton, or High Life above Stairs, a Comcdy. 8* 

Lond. 177d. 

Elegy on his Death. 4P Lond. 1779. 

- Verses to bis Memory. 4P Lond. 1779. 

i^ARBICK {Mrs.) The Court spy, orMemiHrs of St. James^ 

including anecdotcs of Mrs. Garrick. 8** Lond\ 1744. 
GARRISONS. An ordinance of both Houses for the pay of 

Garrisons. 4P Lond. 1645. 
t i» »■■' ■ ■ An ordinaqce of holh Housea for demolishing of several 

Garrisons. 4° Lom^. 1646. 
Instruction^ for tbe settUpg of Ireknd. 4* 

Lond. 1646. 
>■ M 'fhe pfiy of the Garrisons io Ireland and Gibraltarj 

Minorca, the Piantations, &c. fol. Lond. 1740. 
CARROWAY Alderman. His Speech. 4<» Oxon. 1642. . 
■ Answer to bis Speccfc. 4® Lond. 1643. 

QARSEI^IUS (jo.) De Pontificum muteta Confirmatione. Ora- 

lio de Poulificia Eiecti Rom. Imperatoris Coronaticme. 12^ 

pARTH (sAM.) Oratip laudatoria in eedibus CoU. Med. Lond. 

habita. 4» Lond, 1697. 
'^'n ■ ■ > Dispcnsary. 8° lond. 1699. 

^^ 8» Lond. 1700. 

1 8» Lond. 1703. 

--^ : . 8« Lond. 1706. 

8« Lond. 1709. 

8« Lond. 1714, 

T^ Completc key to the 7th edit. of the Dis- 

pensary,. 8» Lond. 1714* 

8» Und. I7a9. 
. 8° Lond. 1T44. 

GAJITNER (ANoa.) Pr^vorbialia XHcteria. 8» 1570. 
GARTON (jAMEs) The Practical Gardener. 12*» Lond. 1769. 
GARTZ (oiUANus) Dc Epilepsia. 4» J<i». 1642. 
GAHT2WEILER (joh. tii-) De Huxu Menstruo. 4'' Lug. Bat. 

GARUFFI (gioseppe malatesta) L^Italia Accademicaa Partc 1. 

8« Rim. 1688. 
'■' Lucerna LapidarU. 4^ Arim. 1691. 

GARWAY (tho.) DescripticHi of tbe growth, quality and vir- 

tues of Tea. fol. 
GARZON (joj De Rebus Saxonicis. 4* Ba9. 1518. 

12» Bas. 154L 

#" '■ De BeUis Frederici Magni. fol. Franc. 1580. 


G A S 

GARZONI (bartolombo) La Stelk de' Magi. 4^ Ven. 1604. 
GARZONI (MABiNo) DeUe QualiU, &c. de Cavalli. 4<» Ven. 

. 4* Ven. 1718. 

GARZONI (PiETBo) Istoria della Republica di Venezia^ in 
Tempo della sacra Lega contro Maometto IV. e tre suoi Soc- 
ceasori. 2 tom. 4« Ven. 1720. 
GARZONI (TOMABo) Opere. 4* Ven. 1617. 

UHospitale de' P&zzi incurabili. 8* Perrar. 1586. 

■ L'Uomo astratto. 4° Ven. 1604. 
Serragiio de gli Stupori dd Mondo. 4« Ven. 1613. 

■ La Piazza universale di tutti le Professioni del Mondo. 

4« Vai. 1651. 

Germ. fol. Franc. 1626. 

GASCOIGNE (gborge) v. eubipidbs. 

■ The Glasa of Govemment, a Tragi-Comedy. 4^ 

Land. 1575. 

Poeras. 4« Lond. 1575. 

. 4» Lmd. 1587. 

Plays and Poems. 4^ Lond. 

GASCOIGNE (john) Answer to a Pamphlct, 4. \titled, Admiral 

Maitheu)4'$ Remarks on the Evidence given, and the Proceeding» 

had, at his Tryal. 8<» Lond. 1746. 
GASCONIANA. 12^ Anut. 1708. 
GASCOYNE {Sir crisp.) Address to the Livery, on his Conduct 

in theCaseofCanningandSqiiires. M. Lond. 1754. 

Refutation of nis Address. fol. Lond. 1754. 

GASKARTH (joh.) Funeral Sermon on John Duke of Lauder* 

dale. 4» Land. 1683. 
GASNIER (thos. benatus) An a Sucoo nerveo totius fere Cor^ 

poris Ntttritio ? 4« Par. 1721. 

An Pestis remedium Ijfnis. 4^ Par. 1721. 

GASPAR de la Annunciacion. Vida del Bienaventurado Fr. Juan 

de la Cruz. 8« Brux. 1678. 
GASPAR (m.) ABiomata Christiana. 4^ Conimh. 1550. 
GASPARD (chables) De Toustain-Richebourg. Essai sur THis- 

toire de Neustrie. 3 tom. 13* Par. 1789. 
GASPARI (siG.) r. campi. 
GASPARINI (babtrol.) Epigraromata in fratrem Panluro Ve- 

net. Pseudo-theologum. 4® Bon. 1607. 
GASPARIS (stbph. m) De Theriaca conficienda. 12* Rom. 

GASSARUS (achil. p.) Historiarum et Chronicorum Miindi 

Epitome. 12« 1533. 

8<» Ven. 1540. 

' Pn^^nostica Astrologica ad Annos 1544, 1546. 4<* iVb- 


-DeRegibus Hierosolymitanis. 12* Ba*. 1555. 

GASSEN (piebre) de Plantin. Discour» de la Vertu des Eaux 
d^Encauase. 12» Tolos. 1611. 


G A S 

GAS8ENDI (piEaRE) 9. bern^er. diogenes laertius. schick* 

ARD. . 

— — Opera omnia, Gtom. fol. Lugd, 1658. 

Parhelia. 4° Par. 1680. 

I Vita Nic. Claudii Fabricii de Peiresc. 4P Par. 1641. 

-* 120 Hag. Com. 1651. 

4« Hag. 1655. 

Ang. by W. Rand. 8« Lond. 1657. 

■ Oratio Inauo^uralis. 4** Par, 1645. ' 
Querela ad Gassendum de parum Christianis Provinci- 

alhim suorjam RiUbus^ miuimumque sanis eorum Moribus. 8^ 

■ Institutio Astronomica. 4® Par, 1647. 
8« Land. 1675. 

De Vita et Moribus Epicuri. 4? Lu^d. 1647. 
40 Hag. Com. 1656. 


Vitae Tychonis Brahei« N. Copernici, &c. 4^ Par. 

Recueil de Lettres, sur son Apologie touchant la Ques- 

tion, " de Motu impresso.^' 4® Par. 1650. 

Epita-Jjjum. fol. Lut. 1655. 

Thc Vaiiity of Judiciary Astrology. 8<^ Lond, 165». 

Sa Vie. 8« Par. 1737. 

GASSION (jean de) Marechal. Lettreaux Estats Generaux de^ 

France & HoUande. fol. 1647. 
Hiajtoire d» Marecbal de Gassioo. 4 tom. 12* Amsf. 

GASTT (john) Vindication of the working Shipwrighls during 

their late disputes with their employers. 12^ Dcptford. 
GAST (john) History of Greece. 4» Lwid 1782. 
GASTALDI (girolam.) Tractatus» de avertenda et profliganda 

Peste, Politico-legalis. fd. Bwum. 1684. 
GASTALPY (jean raptiste) Institutiones Medicine. 8* Aven. 


GASTELIiJS (joH. OEORG.) Rectoris Academi» Lipsiensis Exora* 

tio. 40 LijM. 1679. 
GASTIUS (j.) Commentarii in Biblia^ ex Augustini Operibus 

collecti. tol. Bas. 1542. 
GASTQ (abr.) De Salivatione critica in Morbis acutis et cbro- 

nicis. 40 Hal. Mag. 1702. 

De Spina ventosa. 4° Hal. Mag. 1705. 

GASTO (FLAMiNius) Tractatus de Peste. 12« Gorl. 1660. 
GASTO (spBAST. FRjD.) De CaUido innato. 4P Wiu. 1629. 
GASTONI(Luici)e-Bflra/otta. L'Elvagio, Poema. 4« Palcrm. 

GASTRELL (francis) Bishop of Chcster. Fast Sermon before 

the Coramons. 4° Lmd. 1704. 
His Case, with Relation to the Wardenship of Man- 

cbester College. fol. Oxf. 1721. 

Considerations relalive to hi» Case. fol. Lond. 1721. 


G A T 

CASTRELL (prancis) Bishop (tf Chesttr. EpistolA ad ComiteA 

Nottingham. 4« Lond, 1721. 
Moral Proof of the CerUinty of a future State. 8» 

Lond. 1725. 

Poem to hisMemory. 4® L<md. 1728. 

GASTROVIUS (CHRisT.) De Peritonseo. 4« Hamb. 1617. 
GATAKER (ch.) The Way toTruth and Peace. 4« Lond. 1670. 
GATAKER (dorothy) Sermon at her Funeral. fol. 
GATAKER (tho.) v, antonincs. ward. 

OperaCritica. 2 tom. fol. Traj. ad Wicn. 1699. 

The Nature and Use of Lots. 4» Lond. 1619. 

•; Funeral Serraon on Reb. Crispe. 4^ Lond. 1620. 

Visitation Sermon. 4® Lond. 1620. 
— — Defence of a Treatise on the Nature and Use of Loti^ 

against the Exceptions of J. B. 4^ Lond. 1623. 
FuneralSermononW.Winter. 4» Lond. 1624. 

Sermon on the Anniversary of Engtand^s deiivery frona 

the Spanish Invasion. 4® Lond. 1626. 

Funeral Sermon on Rev. R. Stock. 4« Lond. 1627. 

on Crispe. 4« Lond. 1627. 

Sermons. fol. Lond. I6S7. 
Antithesis de Sorte Thesibus reposita. Lond. 16SS. 
• Funeral Sermon on Mrs. Joice Featly. 4* Lond. 16SS, 
. on J. Parker. 4^ Lond. 1640. 

> God'« £ye on his Israel : or a passa^ oF Balaam out of 

Numb. 23. 21. expounded. 4« Lond. 1645. 

A Mistake removed : & free Grace as it is heid fortii 

intheWordofGod. 4» Lorid. 1646. 

-J%adows ivithbut substance, in reply to J. Saltmar^ 

Lond. 1646. 

De Diphthongis. 12^ Lon^f. 1646. 

De Novi Instrumenti StyFo, et de Lingue Graecas Nofj 

Testamenti Puritate. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

• Cinnus^ sivey Adversaria misceUanea. 4^ Lond. 1651. 
■fol. Lowrf. 1659. 

^ Antinomianism discovered and confuted. 4* Lond. 


• Discourse concerning Lilie's lies for 1654. 4' LomiL 


Vindication of his Annotations, from the Aspersions 6t 

Will. Ulhe and others. 4« Lond. 1653. 

- A Funeral Sermon on T. Gataker ; with an account ol 

his Life and Death. 4<> Lond. 1655. 
An Antidote against Error concerning JustiBcation. 4^ 

Lond. 1670. 
GATAKER (tuomas) On the intemal Use of Nightshade. .8* 

.Lond. 1757. 

Essays on Medical Subjects. 8« Lond. 1764. 

GATES {Mr.) v. praed. 

GATESHEAD. The taking of Gateshead and blocking up New- 

ea^tle. 4« Lond. 1644. 



GATFORD (liomsll) An exhortation to Peace ; a Sermon* 4P 

Land. 1643. 
■ Hyperphysicall Dtreclions in Time of the Plaguer 4* 

Oxf. 1644. 
> England'8 Complaint. 4« Land. 1648. 

Petition for the vindication of the use of the Common 

Prayer. 4« Land. 1655. 

Narrative of the Death of Mr. W. Tyrrel and Pream»- 

tion of Sir John Rous. 4^ Lond. 1661. 
GATOV (PETB.) De Convulsione. 4» Lug. Bat. 1634. 
GATSDEN, r. gadesden. 
GATTA (cosTAN.) II Trionfo della Medicina^ Apdogia contro 

Plinio. 4« Nap. 1716. 
CATTERER (joh. christ.) Elementa ArtL^ Diplomatica} Uni- 

versalis. 4» Gotting. 1765. 

Practishe Diplomatik. 8» Gotting. 1799. 

GATTI (ALEssANDRO^La-Caccia^Poema Heroico. 8^ Lond. 1619. 
GATTI (anton.) Tractatus de Cometis. 4° Rom. 1587. 
GATTI (anton.) Gymnasii Tidnensis Historia & Vindicia?. 4® 

MfdioL 1704. 

^ 8» Medioi. 1704. 

GATTI (g.) Alcwie delle Avertenze di fatto circa lo Scritto^ da 

MM. Awocati Geo^ Gaetano Gatti, e Pietro Agottino Solari. 

fol. Gen. 
GATTINARIA (marc.) De Curis particularium .ffigritudinuin. 

4« Lugd. 1506. 

8° Vm. 1581. 

8« Par, 1540. 

> De medendis humani Corporis Malis. 8® Vcfi, 1560^ 
8» Franc. 1604. 

• Epitaphia Uustrium in ejus Funere. 4fi Ant^ 1531. 

'GATTON (bbnjaMin) Letters concerning the Tenna of Confor- 

mity required by Law. 8^ Lond. 1705. 

• Seonon on November 5, 1710. 4^ Lond. 1711. 

GATTUS, V. gatti. 

GAVAS8ETIUS (Mictt.) Exercitatio Methodi Anatomicae, et de 

Natura Cauterii. 4<» Patav. 1584. 
— — — De Bebua prster Naturam, ct dc Indicationibus cura- 

tivi». 4» Ven. 1586. 
GAUBERTIN (sr. db) Histoire de Franee, depuis la Mort de 

Henry le Grand. l^ Rouen.lQlS. 
GAUBU« (antoivb) Histoire de Genghiscan & de toute I» Di- 

nastie des Mongous ses Suooesseura Conqucrans de k Chine. 

4^ Pw. 1739. 
GAUBIUS (h. d.) De solidis-humani Corporis Partibus. 4^ Lutr. 

— Oratio Inauguralis, qdl ostenditur, Chemiam Artibus 

Academicis Jure esse inserendaln. >4^ Lugd^ Bat. 1731. 

■ Oratio de vana, Vitae long», a Cliemicis promissfi», 

ExpecUUone. 4<» Leid. 1734. 

' De Formulis Medicamentonim* 8* Lugd. Bat. 1739. 


G A U 

<;AUCHET (claude) Le Plaisir desChamps. 4* Par. 1583. 
GAUDE (ST.) Eoeque d^Evrcux. Sa Vie & Miracles. %^ Const. 

GAUDEN (joqn) Bishop of Worcester. v. bolde. firmin. 


- The love of truth and peace, a Sermon. 4* Lond. 


> Three Sermons on several public occasions; 4® Lond. 


The Religious and Loyal protestation of S. Gauden 

against the proceeidings of the Army. 4^ Lond. 1648, 
. Lat. 4» Lond. 1649. 

■ The Case of Ministers Maintenance by Tithes. 4* 

Lond. 1653. 

HieraspisteSj or a Defence, by Way of Apology, for 

the Ministry and Ministers of the Church of Endand. 4^ 
Lond. 1653. 

- IffMTfXrrrts TmfUKfi. Christ at the Wedding. 49 Lond. 


— Funeralls made Cordialls, in a Sermon at the Funcral 

of the Rt. Hbte Robt. Rich. 4^ Lond. 1658. 

The Anatomy of his nonsense 8c blaspbemy in his 

AnalysisoftheCovenant. 4^ Lond. 1660. 

ViAlliOrVTlO\,9%ve Medicaslri : a Thanksgiving^ Sermon 

for restoring the seciuded members to the House of Commonsr. 
4« Lond. 1660. 

MEFAAEIA ©EOT. Fast Sermon before the Commons. 

4« Lond. 1660. 

ANAAY1I2. The loosing of St. Peter^s bands. 4^ 

Land. 1660. 

-Antisacrilegus, against a paper which tempts the king 

to confirm tbe iliegal sale of Church Lands. 4^ Lond. 1660. 

The solemn League and Covenant discharged. 4^ 

Lond. 1660. 

Sermon at the Funerai of Ralph Brounrig, Bishop of 

Exeter, with his lafe. S"" Lond. 1660. 

Consideralions touching the Liturgy. 4° Lond. 1661. 

■ The liturgical Considerations considered ; or, a brief 

View of Dr. Gauden's Considerations touching ttie Liturgy of 
the Church of England. 4'> Lond. 1661. 

Vindication of liis Analysis. 4* Lond. 1661 , 

- Counsel g^ven to 44 Presbyters & Deacons ordained by 

him> Jan. 13, 1660. Lat. Eng. fol. Lond. 1661. 

• A Discourse of artificial Beauty, witli some Satyricai 

Censures on the vulgar Errors of the Times. 8^ Lond. 1662. 
GAUDENSIS (fr. jacobus) iErarium Aureum Poetarum. 4^ 

Col. 1502. 
GAUDENTIO di Lucca. Memoirs. 8» Lond. 1787. 
GAUDENTIUS (paganinus) Chartie paiantes, de Oratoria, ac 

Pohtica. 4« Fior. 1638. 
De Prodigiorum Significatione. 4« Flor. 1638. 


<J A U 

GAIDENTIUS (paganinus) Obstctrix Literaria, sive, de com- 
ponendis et evulgandis Libris, Dissertationes, et Epigrammata. 
4« Flor. 1638, 

12^ Jen. ITO*. 

De Comparatione Dogmatum Origenis cum Platone. 

Salebrs Tettulliane», et de Vita Christiana ante Constantinum. 
4» Flor. 1639. - . 

• De evulgatis Romani Imperii Arcanis. 4® Flw^. 1640. 

De Pythagorsea Animarum Transmigratione. 4* 

Pmm. 1641. 

-De Philosophiae apud Romanos Initio, et Progressu 

4» Puis, 1643. 

- Delia Peregrinazione Filosofica, coa un' Aggiunta Geo- 

grafica. 4*> Pisa, 1643. 

De Errore Sectariorum hujus Temporis Labirintheo : 

Conatus in Genesin Divinam novus : et de Philosophicis Opi 
nionibus veterum EcclesisB Patnim. 4® Pisis. 1644. 

I Fatti d^Alessandro il Grande spiegati, e suppUti con 

non pochi Awenimenti de' nostri Tempi, massime, queUi delle 
Alemanniche Guerre. fol. Pisa, 1645. 

De.Candore Politico, in Tacitum Diatrib» XIX. 4^ 

Pisis. 1646. 

De Justiniansei Seculi Moribus, cum Dissertativie de 

Successione Foeminarum. 8® Ai-g. 1654. 

variorum Scciptorum Collectionis Fascicu- 

lus 3. 8« Hal Mag. 1717. 
GAUDENTIUS (aoBEKT) MisceUanea lUlica erudita. 4 tom. 

4» PafTn. 1692. 
GAUDEREAU (l^abbe'] Relation des diierentes Especes de 

Pestc, que reconnoisseut les Orientaux. 12® Par. 1721. 
GAUDI (p.) Instructions for Officers of Infantry, translated fron^ 

the French, by C. Malorti de Martemont. 8<^ Lorid. 1804. 
GAVELIUS (nicolaus n.) De Modo in Judiciis per Svioniam 

procedendi ex usu potissimum veterum. 8® Holm. 1689. 
GAVETUS (JAC.) NovaFebris Idea. 12« Genev. 1700. 
GAVIUS (cHRisT. pius) De Passione Hysterica. 4» Erf. 1685. 
GAUFRIDI (louis) Arrest contre lui. 8» Par. 1611. 

Sa Confession. 8« Aix. 1611. 

GAUGER (m.) La Mechanique du Feu, ou, Trait^ de nouvelles 

Chemin6es. 8« AmsL 1714. 

— Angl. 4« Lond. 1716. 

GAUGERICUS Hispanus. Infirmarium, sive; Instructio ad Par- 

ochos de Cura Infirmorum. 8® Duac. 1627. 
GAVIN (antonio) Conversion de las tres Potencias del Alma, 

Sermon. 8« Lond. 1716. 

-: A Master Key to Popery. 3 vol. B^ Lond. 1725-6. 

GAUKES (yvo) De Epilepsia. 4» Francl^. 1695. 
■ Praxis Medico-chirurgico-rationalis. 4® Groning. 1700. 

— — Dissertatio de Medicina ad Certitudiiiem Mathema- 

ticam evehenda. 8° Amst. 1712. 


G A U 

GAUKES (yvo) Introductio in Prazin Medicine et Cbirurgi» 

univmaleni. 8^ Groning. 1727. 
GAULARD (sieur) r. accoros. 

Contes facecieux. W Par. 1608. 

12« Par. 1614. 

GAULCKEN (christ.) De Morbo Caduco. 4« Erf. 1693, 

GAULE (amadis DE)|p. amadis. 

GAULE (john) Distractions, or, the Holy Madness inraged 

against evil Men. 12*^ Land. 1629. 
■ Cases of Conscience touching Witches and Witchcraft. 

12« Lond. 1646. 
— — Assize Sermonat Huntingdon. 4® Lond. 1649. 

- Tbe Ma^-astro-mancer, or the Magical Astrological 

DiTiner posed and puzzled. 4<^ Lond. 1652. 

Adroonition to Moderation. 8^ Lond. 1660. 

GAULIAC (gvt de) v. ranchin. 
GAULIACO (guido de) v. cauliaco. 
GAULMINUS (gilb.) o. eustathius. moses. psellus. 
GAULOIS. La Religion ancienne des Gaulois. 4^ Par. 

GAULTHEROT (denis) L^Anastase de Lengres/ tiree du Tom- 

beaude son Antiquit^. 4® Lengres, 1649. 
GAULTIER (abbe:') v. pinard. 
Cours de Lectures Graduees pour les Enfans. 10* Lond. 


• Method of making Abridgements^ or easy rules for ana- 

lysing Authors, Part IL A^ Lond. ISOl. 
GAULTIER (jACQUEs) Table Chronographique de TEstat du 
Chnstianisme. foL L^. 1609. 

fol. L^on. 1613. 

" Les Rodomontades Espagnolles & Castillianes. 12^ 

'AngLfyFr. 8^1672. 

GAULTIER (monsr.) Lettre a Mr. Gaultier pour la defense de 

quelques Propositions de la Predestination, &c. 4^ 1612. 
GAULTIER (rene) Invention nouvelle de Perspective, fol. 

Fiecht, 1648. 
GAUM (JOAN. FRiD.) Pinacotheca Fuggerorum S.R.I. Comitum 

ac Baronum in Kierchperg et Weissenhorn. fol. 1754. 
GAUNT (bliz.) r. cornish. 
GAUPPIUS (JAC. AUD.) De Providentia divina ex Rationis lumine 

cognita. 4^ Hal. Mag. 1719. 
GAURICUS (lucas} v. campanus. 
«— — — Opera Astrolosica et Astronomica. 2 tom. fol. Bas. 

1575. ^ ^ 

Ephemerides a 1532 ad 1576. 4^» Ven, 1533. 

Prognosticon. a 1503 ad 1535. 4<> 1535. 

De Eclipsi Solis miraculosa in Passione Domini obser- 

▼ala; iptm, de Anno> Mense» Die^ et Hora Conceptionis, Na- 
tivitatis^ atque Resurrectiouis. 4® Rom. 1539. 


G A V 

6AURICUS (lucas) De Eclipsi Solis Miraculosa in Passidti^ 
Domini observala; item, de Anno, Mense, Die, et Hora 
Conceptionis, Nativitatis, atque Resurrectiouis, 4° Par, 

■ Pra^dictiones Eclypsiuro, &c. 4^ Rom, 1539. 

^ TracUtus de Nativitatibus. 4® Norimb, 1540. 

Judicium in Annum 1544. 4** Horimb, 

De Diebus Criticis, &c. fo!. Rom, 1546. 

- Schemata Astrologica Civitatum et illustrium Virorum. 

4^ Ven. 1552. 

Tractatus Astrologicus, in quo agitur de praeteriti* 

multorum bominum accideHtibus ad proprias eorum Genituras 
examinatis. 4" Ven. 1^52. 

Super Tabulis Directionum Joh. Monteregiensis quod- 

dam Supplementum. 4^ Rom, 1560. 

Tractatus judicandi lievolutiones Nativitatum. 4* 

jRom. 1560. 


GAURICUS (poMPONius) r. eclog*. 

GAUSLINUS (behn.) Synopsis Vitae Alberti Magni. & Ven. 

GAUSSEN (st£ph.) Quatuor Dissertationes Theologic». 8* 

Salm. 1670. 

19« UUraj. 1678. 

GAUTERON (ant.) QuaestionesMedico-Chymico-practicaBXIL 

4» Monsp. 1697. 
GAUTIER (h.) L'Art de laver, ou, nT)uvelle maniere de peindre 

sur le Papier. 12» Lyon. 1687. 
GAUTIER (h.) Traicte des Chemins, 8c des Ponts & Chaussees. 

8» Par. 1716. 

^ Par. 1 721 . 

Dissertation sur les Culces, Voussoirs et Piles des Ponts. 

8« Par. 1717. 

8» Par. 1728. 

L^Histoire de ia Ville de Nisrocs et de ses Antiquitez. 

8^ Par. 1720. 

8^ Par. 1724. 

Nouvdles Conjectures sur le Globe de la Terre. 8* 

Par. 1721. 

Bibliotheque des Philosophes & des Sgavans. 3 tom. 8^ 

Par. 1723—1734. 
GAUTIER (j.) De la Maladie Venerienne. 12*> Tolos, 1616. 
GAUTIER (rene') v. ribadeneira. 
GAUTIER (salomon) Viies & Monumei^s anciens des 7 Pro- 

vinces Unies. 4® Amst. 1725. 
GAUTRAN (fran.) Question Plistorique touchant les Nerviens 

& la Ville de Toumay. 8^ Tour. 1658. 
GAUTUCHE. L^Hisioire Poetique. 8» Par. 1683. 
GAVY (ago^tino de) de Mendonga. Historia do faiQoso Cerco 

de Mazagam. 4^ Lisb. 1607. 


G A Y 

6AWLER (joH. B.) Trial for Chm. Con. with the Rt. Hon. Lady 

Valentia. 8« 
•— n» Acconnt of hisbeing tumed out of ihe Army, by him- 

8€lf. 8» Lond, 1793. 
GAWLER (william) Harmonia Sacra. 4« Lmd. 1781. 
GAWSELL (john) Sermon on his death. S^ Lond. 1768. 


■ An Argumcnt proving tbat the Mohocks and Hawk- 

abites are the Gog and Ma^og mentioned in the Revdations. 
fol. 1712. 

' Rural SporU, a Poem. fol. hond. 1713. 

The Fan, a Poem. fol. Land. 1714. 

God's revenge against punning. fol. 1716. 

Tliree Hours after Marriage, a Comedy. 8^ Lond^ 



A Letter to him concerning his late Farce. 8^ Lond. 

Epistle to the Dutchess of Marlborough. fol. Lond. 

Fables. 4« Loti^. 1727. 

2 vol. 8« Lond. 1733, 38. 

illustratedwithnotesbyW.Coxe. 12" Salub.^ 

Lat, 8® Lond. 

Poily, an Opera. 4» Lond. 1729. 

Achilles, an Opera. 8» Lond. 1733. 

Poems, 2 vol. 12» Lond. 1727. 

• • Trivia, or the Art of walking the Streets of London, &c. 

a Poera. 8® Lond. 
His Life, with the Epitaph intended by himself for his 

roonument. 8® Lond. 1733. 
GAY (josbph) A compleat Key to the Non-Juror. 8* Lond. 

GAY (william) Sermons with the Catechisme. 8» Lond. 1655. 

Sermon on his death. 8® Lond. 1704. 

GAY (cuL.) De Chylosi laesa. 4» Traj. ad Rhen. 1699. 
GAYA (LouYs de) Traitfe des Armes. 12^ Par. 1678. 

L'Art de Guerre. 12« Par. 1689. 

Ang. 8» Lond. 1678. 

GAYA (lb sieur db) Geremonies Nuptiales de toutes les NatioQs. 

12» Par. 1681. 

Angi. 12<> Lond. 1685. 

GAYANT (lud.) An puerpera; febri correptaB, purgamentis de- 

fect», caedcnds cubiti venae. 4® Par. 1669. 

£st-ne Lotium ;ct;Xt;cri»? excrementum ? 4® Par. 1669. 

■ Est-ne foetus animi pathematis fcEtae obnoxius? 4* 

Pur. 1669. 
GAYER [Sir john) Letter to the Lieutcnant of the Tower. fol. 

Lond. 1648. 

Petition to the Lords. fol. Lond. 1648. 

• Funeral Sermon on. 4* Lond, 1654. 

G E B 

GAYET (p.) Duci Britanm» Genetbliacum. 4P .1707. 
GAYLARD (jos.) De Convnlsione. 4« Lug. Bat. 1688. 
GAYOT (FRANcois) de Pitaval. Saillie» d^Esprit. 2 tomei. 8» 

Par. 173^5. 

Causes celebres. 13 toroes. 8® Haye. 1735. 

GAYTON (EDM.) Hymnus de Febribus. 4P 

Pleasant notes upon Don Quixote. fol. Lond. 1654. 

Charity Triumphant ; or the Virgin Shew on Lord 

Mayors day. 4® Lond. 1655. 

- Will Ba^ars Ghost ; or the merry Devil of Gadmun- 

ton. 4» Lond. 1655. 
The Religion of a Physician; or Divine Meditations on 

the ^and and lesser FestivaU. 4^ Lond. 1663. 
GAYTON (edw.) The Art of Longevity. 4* Lond. 1659. 
GAZA (theod.) V, ALEXANDER Apkrodistensis. aristoteles. 


De Linguae GraBcae Institutione, liber secundus, D. 

Erasmo interpr. 4^ Lov. 1518. 
GAZ^US (aneas) r. aneas. barthius. 
GAZ^US (ANGELiN.) Pia Hilaria. 8« Aniv. apud Plant. 1639. 
GAZET (gutl.) L'Ordre, &c. des Evesque» de Cambray. 4* 

Arras. 1597. 
■ L'Hi8toire de la Sacree Manne, et de la Saincte Chan- 

delle d'Arras. 8° Arras, 1599. 

2 tom. S^ Rouen, 1610. 

Histoire Ecclesiastique du Pays Bas. 4® Fa/.1614. 

GAZETA. Nov. Dez. 1641. 4« Lisb. 1641. 

■ ' Jan. Feb. Mar. Abr. -May. Jun. Jul. Outb. Nov. Dez. 

4» Lisb. 1642. 
GAZETTES. De L'An 1631. Pat. 1632. 
— — London Gazettes from 1665 to 1732. from 1739 to 

1741. from 1743 to 1745. from 1747 to 1750. from 1766 to 

1759.— 1761— from 1773 to 1785. from 1787 to 1802. from 

1804 to 1807. 

■ Volume of various Gazettes & Newspapers & Letters 
of News in Mss. sent to Mr. And. Ellb at the Post office from 
1677 to 1690. 4» 

GAZIUS (ant.) Corona florida Medicine, sive» de Conversatione 

Sanitatis. fol. Ven. 1491. 

»> Lugd. 1534. 

-flSrarium Sanitatis. 8® Patav, 1549. 

GAZOLA (gius.) 11 Mondo inffannato da falsi Medici. 8* Prag. 

1716. ^ * ^ 

. . Fr. 8« Leid. 1735. 

GEARING (ELiz.) Funeral Serroon on. 12» Lond. 1691. 
6EARING (henrt) Account of his life and Death, with the 

Tryal and Character of a real Christian. 12® Lond. 1694. 

r- 12» Lond. 1699. 

GEARING (w.) The Arraignment of Pride. 8« Lond. 1660. 
GEBAUERUS (srnest. frid.) De Morbis cum colore Cutis de- 

pravato. 4« Hal. Mag. 1714. 


G E D 

GEBAUERUS (gbo. christ.) De aqua Calda occasione legis et 

gemms. 4« Altdor/, 1714. 

•^ De Caldae et Caldi apud veteres Potu. 8® Lips, 1721. 

GEBAVEKUS (g. s.) Corpus Juris Civilis ; cura G. A. Spangen^ 

berg. 4« Gott. 1776. 
GERAVERUS(LEONHARDi]s)DesituTelIuri8. 4<> Gedan. 1702. 
GEBELIN (couRT de) Le Monde primitif compar^ avec ]e 

Monde moderne. 9 tom. 4» Par. 1776—1782. 


GEBER Arabs. De Alchemia. fol. Argent. 1531. 

4» Norimb. 1541. 

. 4» 1545. 

12« Lugd. 1548. 

8« 1598. 

12® Groning. 1649. 

per G. Homium. 12* Lugd. Bat. 1668. 

8« Gedan. 1682. 

Germ. 8® Strasb. 1581. 

8* Strasb, 1625. 

B" Franc, 1710. 

Espositione, per Giov. Bracesco. 8" Ven. 1544. 

Geomantia, e Chiromanlica Fisionomia, trad. da M. 

Gnosio. 8« Ven 1552. 
GEBHARDUS (dranden benricus) In Apocalypseoi^ Cap. XII. 

4« Gryph. 1708. 

Joelis Cap. ii. 28. vindicatio. 4° GrypL 1726. 

GEBHARDUS (christ. aug.) De Hepatis inflamatione. 4<> Hal. 

Mag. 1721. 
GEBHARDUS (jac. hen.) De Animi defectione. 4<^ Helm, 

1728. • ^ 

GEBHARDUS (janus) v. catullus. dousa. propertius. 

— ^ De Victoria de Tillio ad Sehusium. 4" Groning. 1632. 

GEBHARDUS (job. christ.) De Ira. 4* Eif. 1705. 
GEBHARDUS (joh.) De Homine. 4« IVitt. 
GEBHARDUS Truchsessii Archiep. v. dietrich. 
GEBHARDUS (vitus chris.) De Principiis Actionum humana* 

nim. 40 Helm. 1666. 
GEBHARDUS (uries) Positiones MetaphysicaB. 4« Gies. Hass. 

GEBHART (michael) De Grsecia verace. 4« Witteb. 1662. 
GEBLER (JOH. wiLH.) DeGeneralione. 4» Altd. 1650. 
GEBRAUCH (nak. and.) De Spiritu. 4« Hal. Mag. 1719. 
GEBWILER (jo.) Parvuli Artis Logices Compilatio. 4<> Baj. 

GEBWILERIUS (hieron;) Epitoma Ortus Austriacae Domus. 

4» 1527. 
■ Pancgfyris Carolina. 4® Argent. 1641. 

GEDANUM. Catalog. Lectionum et operarum publicanim in 

Athenseo Gedanensi. 4^ Dantisc. 1692. 

4« Ged. 1705. 


G E E 

GEDDE (john) Method of Bee Houses and Colonies. 8® Lond. 


, 8« Lond. 1722. 

Thfe English Apiary, or compleat Bee-Master. 8^ 

Lond. 1721. 
GEDDE (walter) Book of Draughts for Glaziers, &c. with the 

Manner how to anneil Glass. 4® Lond, 1615. 
GEDDES (alex.) v,- biblia. 
Prospectu^ of a New Translation of the Bible. 4<* Glat, 

Proposals for printin^ by subscription a New Transla- 

tion of the Bible. 4° Lond. 1788. 

Address to the public on the pubhcation of the Ist 

vol. of the N. Translaaion. 4« Lond. 1793. 
GEDDES (jAMEs) Essay op the Composition and Manner 

of writing of the Antients, particularly Plato. 8*^ Glasg. 

GEDDES (mich.) Church History of Malabar. 8» Lond. 


of ^iopia. 8* Lond. 1696. 

Miscdlaneous Tracte, 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1702—5. 

8*> Lond. 1709. 

S vol. 8« Lond. 1714. 

3 vol. 8» Lond. 1730. 

Several Tracts against Popery. 8** Lond. 1715. 
• The Council of Trent plainly discovered not to havc 

been a free assembly. 8*^ Lond. 1697. 
8« Lond. 1714. 

GEDER Hailashon, i. e. Definitio Lin^se. liiber Gramma- 

ticus. 4° 
GEDICCUS (simon) Defensio Sexus Muliebris. 4<> Lips. 1595. 

8° Hag. 1638. 

. 12« Hag. Com. 1644. 

GEDOYN (l'abbe') v. quintilianus. 


— A Treatise on Prayer. 8« Lond. 1653. 

The Divine Right and Original of Civil Magistrates. 

8° Lond. 1658. 

■ Jesuits Memoriai for the intended Reformation of 

England under their first Popish Prince, published from thc 
Copy presented to James II. 8° Lond. 1690. 

Of the Improvement of Time ; a Sermon. 4° Loni. 


GEE (john) The Footout of the Snare, orDetection of Practises 
and Imposturesof Priests and Jesuits. 4® Lond. 1624. 

. New Shreds of the old Snare. 4» Lond. 1624. 

GEE (joshua) The Trade and Navigation of Great Britain con- 
sidered. 8« Lond. 1729. 

8^ Lond. 1731. - 

12« Lond. 1738. 



GEEL (JOH. VAN.) De Animo sua sorte contento. 4^ Rot. 1659. 

GEELVINCK (joh.) De Furtis. 4« Lug. Bai. 1719. 

GEER (cflARLEs db) Memoires pour servir a THistoire des In- 

sectes. 6 tom. 4» Siockh. 1752. 
GEERDINXIUS (jos.) De Apoplexi. 4» Lug. Bat. 1623. 
GEESTERANUS (pbtr.) De Passione colica. 4« Lug. Bai. 

GEFFE (nicholas) v. serres. 
GEHEMA (jo. ABR. a) v. bontbrob. 

De Plica Polonica. 8« Hag. 1683. 

— — Thee Betrancke curiret die Wasscraucht. 8® BerL 


Officiner Feld Apotcke. 8« Berl. 1688. 

Observationesmedicffi, Dec. 1. 12" Cassel.1668. , 

Erortenmg der Fra^e, &c. 4» Ulm. 1703. 

— — Ge8und|beit8 Reffulen. 4« Stetin. 1691. 

GEHLERUS (frid. wil.) De Paradoxis medicis praecipuis. 4® 

Hal. Mag. 1710. 
GEHLERUS (mich.) De Plica. 4* Bas. 1620. 
GEHREN (cEo. eshr. van.) v. dethardino. 
■ ' De Morbis a Spectrorum apparitione oriundis. 4" Rost. 

GEIBELIUS (henr. laur.) Quadriga Disput. physicanim contra 

animam Ovi sensitivam. 4® Marp. 1640. 


GEIDELEN (sam.) De Opthalmia. 4° Argent. 1662. 
GEIER (joh. christ.) Dissertde Poetis. 4» Jen. 1677. 
GEIER (JOH. dan.) DetripliciLacteVir^inis. 4<> Ifeiiiff/. 1678. 

De Ambustis. 4» Heidelh. 1681 . 

GEIERUS (martin.) De Ebrseorum Luctu, Lugentiumque Riti* 

bus. 12« Li>«.1656. 
GEIGER (malachias) Diescriptio Herniarum. 8* M<mach. 1631. 

Margaritologia. 8« Monach. 1637. 

Microcosmus Hypochondriacus. 4« Monath. 1652. 

GEIGERUS (joh. lud.) De Ictero. 4« Altd. 1710. 
GEIGERUS (martin) De Morbis Infantum. 4» Hal. Mag. 1715. 
GEILER (jo.) Navicula, sive, Speculum FaUiorum. 4« Argeni, 

GEILFUSIUS (BERN. wilh.) De Cbylificatione. 4« M. Catt. 


Disputatio Medica. 4« M. Catt. 1675. 

De Moxa. 4» M. Catt. 1676. » 

GEILFUSIUS (j.) Physicaemendata. 8» Tulnng.\65S. 

8« Tubing. 1663. 

Institutiones Medicse. 12® ilug. Kj«; 

Unterricht vom Sawerund Brodel-Brunnen zu Langen- 

Schwalbach. 12<» FrarKf. 1667. 

vom Wissbad. 12» Franc. 1668. 

GEIUNG (PETR.) De Purgatione. 4» Witt. 1632. 
De Gangreno et Spbacelo. 4« fF»//. 1632. 

GEIN (J.DE) Z?. CAROLUS. cheyn. 



GEINITZ (JOH.) De P«onia. 4» Jb». 1670. 

' De Medicina prosthetica. 4* Jfe». 1677. 

GEINIZ (joH. LEONH.) De ASris teinperie multonim morboruoi 

causa. 4* Hal. Mag. 1715. 
GEINIZ (woLFPG. 6ie.) De compendioia et clinica prazi Dolo* 

nim. 4<> HaL Mag. 1706. 
GEISELBRUNNERUS (blias) De PurgaUone. 4« Argmi. 

GEISIUS (denharous) DeCausts. 4® Matf. 1593. 
GEISIUS (gottschalccs) De Auditu. 4t^ Marp. 1593. 
GEISLERUS (FftiD.) De Nomini»m mutatione et anonymia Scrip- 

toribus. 4* Ups. 1669. 
GEISLERUS (JOH. tobus) De Sepultura meditamenta. 4* Upi. 

GEISSER (stat. frid.) De OlotraXytit. 4<^ Lug. Bai. 1675. 
GEIST (cHRisT. andr.) De Dysenteria. 4^ Erf. 1664. 
GEISTERANUS (coRN.) De Causis extrinsecis. 4« Lkg.Bai. 

GEISZLER (AUG.) De Secrietione. 4<^ Lips. 1685. 
GEISZLER (FRiDERicus) Excellentis nostri viridis Panacaea 

Leonis. \2^ Norimb. 1678. 
GEISZLER (m. elias) De Amphibiis. 4^ Ups. 1676. 
GEISZLERR (christoph.) De Cberubim Propitiatorii. 4« Wiu. 

GEITZINGERUS (frid.) De Languore Lyraphatico AMuntfuu 

4« wut.m^. 

GELAIS (ocTAViEN DE 8T.) Lc Vcrgier d*Honncur. fbl. Par. 
GELAIS (du bois db st.) Description des Tableaux du Palais 

Royal, avec la Vie des Peintres. 8^ Par. 1727. 
GELASl US, G^icemif. Commentarius Actorum Nicselni Con- 

cilii. Gr. Uu. inlerpr. R. Balforeo. ^ Lutet. 1599. 
GELATI. Prosede* Signori Accademici Gelati. 4» Bol. 1671. 
Mcmorie» Impresse, e Ritratti de' Signori Accademici 

Gelati. 4» Bol. 1672. 

LeggidelV Accademiade' Gelati. 4^ Bol. 1683. 

GELDENHAURIUS (ger.) Historia Batavica. 4» Argent. 1530, 

■ n 8^ Bas. 1541. 

4» Marp. 1533. 

' Germaniee ioferioris Historia. 8® Franc. 1532. 
GELDER (bernh. van) Dissertatio, in qua demonstratuf omni- 

moda rerum omnium dependentia a Deo, tum in esse^ tum ia 

operari. 4PFranc. 1712. 
GELDER (JOH. bng. van.) Dissertatio de Jure accrescendi inter 

verbis conjunctos. 4P Traj, 1689. 
GELEE (t.) V. laurens. 
GELENIUS (agid.) Colonia Supplex» «ive, Ss. Corporum Pit>- 

cessio 8» CoLAg. 16S9. 

■ De Gok>ni« Agrippinensis Magnitudine. 4^ CoL Ag. 

Thaumaturgi Physici Prodromus. f^ CoL 1649. 



GELENIUS (sTGisM.) 9. AJiNOBius. DioNTsius HaUcanuMeuM, 


- Lexicon Symphoniiiii. Gr, Lat. Gtfnn. Selav, 4* Bas. 

GELHUD (ludov. gun.) De modo propagandi Relig^onem per 

Carmina. 4« Helm. 1710. 
GELIOT (louvan.) Indice Armorial. fol. Par. 1635. 
GELL (Si> johm) Relation of his proceedings in Derbyshire. 4® 

■ Tbe several accounU of Sir John & Thos. Gell, pub- 

lished to clear their innocency. 4*^ Lond. 1644^ 

Case of Slr J. Gell impnsoned in the Tower. 4<^ 1650. 

> ConftiUtion of his case. 4* Land. 1650. 

GELL (robt.) Stella Nova: a Sermon preached before the So- 

ciety of Astrologers. 4^ Lond. 1649. 
• ArrEAOKPATlA eBOT. Or a Sermon touehing God's 

Govemment of the World by Aneels. Preached before the So- 

cietyof Astrologers. 4<^ Lond. 1650. 

> Noah^B flood retuming : a Sermon. 4^ Lmd. 1655. 

GELL (w.) The Topography of Troy and its Vicinity. 49 Lmd. 

• Tlie Geography and Antiquities of Ithaca. A^ Lond. 


- The Itinerary of Greece, with a Commentary on Pau- 

sanias and Strabo, and an account of the Monuments of AnU- 
quity existing in Uiat Country. 4*. Lond. 1810. 

GEILLENTIN (jac) De Excemiculis capitis. 4« Hal. Mas. 1718. 

GELLI (cLAUDio) Risposta al Flagello di Bovio. ^ Fen. 1696. 

ly Pad, 1636. 

6ELLI (giov. batt.) v. giambullari. jovius. portius. 

Capricci del Bottaio. 4« Fir. 1546. 

. 8» Fir. 1549. 

8» Ven. 1550. 

80 Fir. 1551. 

80 Ven. 1605. 

^ 8^ 1619. 

Angl. by W. Barker. W Lond. 1599. 

Gall. 8» Lyon. 1566. 

La Circe. 8« Fir. 1549. 

8« Fir. 1550. 

13* Ven. 1595. 

8» Ven. 1609. 

La SporU, Comedia. 19» Fir. 1548. 
13* Fir. 1593. 

Lezione sopradue Sonetti del Petrarca. 9* Fir. 1549. 
- Prima Leziime sopra il Dante. 8® Fir. 1549. 
Lettioni, nella Accademia Fiorentina. 8^ Fir. 155L 
La Viu di Alfonso Esle, Duca di Toecano, trad. dall' 

Paolo Giovio. 8« Vin. 1557. 

■ Lo Errore, Comedia. 13^ Fir. 1608. 


G E M 

GELLI (cioir. BATT.) EftpoftttMne d'iin Sooetto Platooico sopra 
il primo Effirtto d^Amort, di Pomp. da Pescia, letto nel Con- 
tofato di G. B. Gdlio. 8P 

GELLIBRAND (hen.} Trigoiioiiietm Bntaimica. fol. Goud. 

■■ Discoune of tbe Variatioo of tbe Magnetick Needle. 4* 

■ An InftitiitioD Trigonometrka]. I^ Loiu/. 1652. 

'- An Epitomeof Navigation. 8* Loii^ 1698. 

GELLINCHUVSEN (johak. a) Oratio demonstrans Ciceronem 

solam imitaodnm ease eloquentis 8tiidio6ia. 4* Hari. 1678. . 
GELLIUS (acli:s) v. aeeiavus. lambecics. mosellaxls. 

■ Noctes Attiae ex Recognitione Jo. Aod. Eptsc. Akri- 
ensis. foL Ramit in Domo Petri dt MajiwttM, 1469. edit. pr. 

• fol. V€n.ajnuiJauon, 1472. 

8^ ap. Ald. 1515. 

■ foL Par. 1519. 

fol. Ba$. 1519. 

. cum Pet. Mosellani Annotat. 8* Col. 15^3. 

-— 8* lMgd.afntdScb. GrypL 1555. 

16* Ln^. apud Amt. Gryph. 1566. 

. cnm AnnoL ^.Stephani. 8* Par. 1585. 

' cum H. Stephani Noctibos Puisianis. 12* 

Franeqf. 1603. 

16^ Aur.AUoh. 1609. 

8* Frane. 1624. 

cnm Emendationibus Doctomm Virorum. 

12* Amit. ap. Eiztv. 1651. 

1. 12* Amsi. ap. Elzet. 1665. 

com Notis et Emendationibus J. F. Gronovii. 

8» Lugd. Boi. 1687. 

cum Notis Jo. F. et Jac. Gronovii, &c. 

Lug. Bai. 1706. 

Angi. by W. Bdoe. S vok. 8* Lond. 1795. 

GELLIUS (joh.) Epithalamium in Nnptias Friderici V. & Elisa- 

betha;. 4* Heideib. 1613. 
■■ Acclamatio ad Jacobom I. in Scotiam redeuntem. 4^ 

Edinb. 1617. 

• De intemis Oculorum afiectibiK. 4* Bas. 1631. 

GELLY (JOAN.) An Iscburis Emeticum? 4« Par. 1694. 

■ An febre maligna laborantibus, Juscula Viperarum car- 

nibus medicata? 4^ Par. 1694. 
GELSTERANUS (hannics) De presenti rtatu Bdgico et vin- 

dicta divina in improbos. 4* Alemar. 1673. 
GELSTHORPE (petb.) De Variolis. 4* Uiir. 1687. 
GELTNERUS (geobg.) De Natura, de Causi»^ etde Necessitate 

inphysica. 4« Wiii. 1609. 
G£M£INHARiyT(JO. casp.) JEger podendagra cbntracturali la- 

borans. 4* Jen. 1716. 


G E M 

GEMELU (gio. fr.) Giro dd Mondo. 5 tom. B^ Nap. 1G99, 

GalHce. 8» Par. 1719. 

Viag;ri per Europa. 2 tom. 8® iVflp. 1708. 
Aggiunta de Viaggi. S^ F«i. 1719. 

GEMINIANO, r. sancto-geminiano. 

GEMINUS, Rhodius. Elementa Ajgtronomiffi. Gr. Lat. interp. 

Edone Hilderico. 8° Lugd. 1603. 
GEMINUS (tho.) AnatomiaB Delineatio. fol. Lond. 1545. 

fol. Land. 1553. 

fol. Lond. 1559. 

GEMISTIUS (oEORGius) v. pletho. 

GEMITUS. Gemitus de Carcere nantes; or Prison sighs & 

supports. 4® Lond. 1684. 
GEMMA (aurelius) Natur und Kunstmassiger Unterric;ht von 

Edelgesteinen. S^ Hanov. 1719. 
GEMMA (coKN.) De Radio Astronomico et Geomcftrico. 4^Ant9. 


■ Arithmetica practica. 8° Antv. 1552. 

. 8« Lugd. 1556. 

cum Peletarii Annotat. 8° Par. 1578. 

8« Col. 1592. 

8« Witeb. 1604. 

De Astrolabio Catliolico. 9* Antv. 1556. 
4« Aniv. 1583. 

■ Ephemerides Meteorologicae. 8* Antv. 1561. 

.De Arte Cyclognomica. 4<* Antv. apud Plant. 1569. 

De peregrina Stella Ann. 1572, et Guil. Postelk Judi- 

cium de eadem. 4® 

— s De Naturae Divinis Characterismis. 8® Antv. 1575. 

De Orbis divisione et InsuUs. 8® Douac. 1576. 

De prodigiosa Specie, Naturaque Comets Anni 1577. 

&^ Antv. 1578. 

Les Principes d' Astronomie & Cosmographie, trad. par 

M. Cl. Boissiere. 8« Par. 1582. 
6EMMA (cristofano) De gV Imperatori Romani, da C.Giulio 

Cesare sino i Ferdinando II. con le ioro effigie. 4^ Rom. 

1621. • 
4» Rom. 1637. 

> Cronologia de' Sommi Pontefici. 4^ Rom. 1641. 

GEMMA (JOH. bapt.) De Bubone & Carbunculo pestilentiali. 4^ 

^ Dant. 1599. 

4« Vcn. 1602. 

GEMMJE, 9. cavendish. orleans. spencer. stosch. 

€kms, selected from the Antique with illustrations. 4^ 

Lond. 1804. 

GEMPERTINGA (christeman) Newes out of Germany. A 
moBt wonderfuU & tnie discourse of a cruell murderer named 
C. Gempertinga, who had kylled in his hfe tvme, nine hundred 
three score & odde persons, translated from the Dutch by G. P. 
13« /jfww. 1584. ^ 



GEMUSiEUS (hiir«) p. plutarchus. 

GENASPE (RUD.) De Faetore prajtematurali. 4« Jen. 1096. 

— De Abortu. 4« Jen. 1697. 

GENATHIUS (joh. j ac.) Disputationes Medicorum selectSi 4* 

Bas, 1618. 
GENBERG (car. jonas) De Medalpadia. 4« Stock. 1734. 
GENDRSUS (PET.) Cantias, sive, Sanctomm Martyrum Cantii 

Vita, Poema. 8» Lut.Par. 1613. 
GENDRE (ant. lb) De Febre Epidemica, in Monti» Albani Ob- 
^ sidione, grassata. 8® Lug(f. 16%. 
GENDRE (f. le) La Maniere de cultiver les Arbre^ FruiUere. 

12« Par. 1676. 

Germ. trad. par J. Comelin. l^ Amtt. 1687. 

Aritlimetique. 4° Par. 1687. 

GENDRE (gilb. cha. le) Trait^ de TOpinion, ou, Memoires- 

pour servir a THistoire de rEsprit humain. 2tom. .4* Ven. 

GENDRE (louis le) Essai de rHistoire du Regne de LonisXIV. 

80 Par. 1698. 
— — Mceurs & Coustumes des Fran^ois. 8" Par. 1719. 

Vie du Cardinal d'Amboise. 2 tom. 8<» Rotten, 1724. 

GENDRE (piERRE le) Vie de Pierre du Bosc. 8« Rotterd. 

GENDRON (m. deshaies) Recherches sur les Cancers. 12^ Par. 

GENDRY (julien) Trait^ des Arqudiusades. ^ Angers, 1593. 
GENDRY (rene) Traicte de Pesle. 8« Angers, 1631. 
GENEBRARDUS (g.) v. biblia. bavid. jehaia. 
■ Chronographia. fol. Par. 1567. 

12» Lovan. 1572. 

fol. iMgd. 1609. 

^ Chronolog:ia Hebreeorum major, qu» Seder dam in- 

scribitur. Lat. 8^ Par. 1578. 

Heh. Lat. 8« Bas. 1580. 

Isagoge Rabbinica. 4* Par. 1587. 
Traictc de la Liturgie. 8« Par. 1602. 

GENEBRIER (claude) Dissertation sur Nigrinianus. 8^ Par. 

■ Dissertation sur Magnia Urbica. 8* Par. 1704. 

■' — Histoire de Carausius, prouvie par les Medailks. 4^ 

Par. 1740. 
GENER (M.) Translations of M. Gener : by J. Muckersy. S^ 

Lond, 1808. 
GENERAL. The true Character of a noble Generall; seen and 

ailowed by the Earle of Essex. 4<> Lond. 1644v 
■■ General or no General over the present Army. 4* 

1659. ^ . 

■ General cashiered. 4« Lond. 1712. ^ 
-— — A counter address to the public on the late dismi^ion 

of aGeneral Officer. 4<» Lond. 1764. 

■ A vindication of the Address* 8* Lond. 1764. 


G E K 

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fol. 1644. 
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GENEROSITY. Discourse conceming Generosity. l^ Londi 

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GENESIS (joH.) De ritu NupUarum et dispensatione. 4® Lond-. 

GENESIS (jos.) De Rebus Constantinopblitanis. Gr. Lait a 

Leone Armenio. fol. Ven. 1733. 


^ Meditation on the 22d Chdpter of Genesis, by H. Wi 

4« Lomd. 1631. 

Conjectui-es sur la Genese de Moyse. 8° Brux. 


Considerations on the book of Genesis. 8^ Lond. 

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GENETTE (ant. gasp. de la) De Mania exquisita. 4^ Lug, Bat. 

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multes advenuz a Geneve, avec la disputation faicte par Monsr* 

Huy Farbiti. W Gcnev. 1534. 

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■ Ordonnances de rEglise de Geneve. Item l'ordre def 

EscolesdeladiteCite. %^ G<m. 1562. 

8» Gen. 1577. 

40 Gen. 1578. 

Addition aux ordonnances faitea en Geneve en 1558* 

8« Gm.l564. 

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Paillardise et Adulteres. 4<» Gen, 1589. 

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a la ViUe de Geneve 12 Dec. 1602. 12» 

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L^Embrasement du Ponl du Rhone 4 Geneve, arrive le 

18 de Janvier 1670, et decrit par V. M. G. 12« Gen. 

Present State of Geneva, with a description of that 

City. 12» i:^?id.l681. 

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Repreaentationb des Citoyens & Bourgeois au premier 

Sindic avec les reponses du Conseil. 8» 1763, 
GENEVA Societe des Medecins de. Reflexions sur la maladie 

qui a commence a attaquer le gros Betail. 12* Genev. 1716. 
Des Medicinischen Colledi Bedencken. uber die gras- 

sirende Seucbe unter dom Rind Vich. 4^ Leipz. 1716. 


G E N 

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of Navigation. 8» Lond. 1769. 
GENGA (BBRN.) Anatomia Chirurgica. lial. 8« Rom. 1672. 

Anatomia per Uso de* Disegnatori. fol. Rom. 1691. 

i In Hippocratis Aphorismos, ad Cbirurgiam spectantes^ 

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GENGHISKAN, v. croix. 

■■ ' ' Nouvelle Histoirede Genghiskan. 8" Par. 1716. 
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»> Lond. 1780. 
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The Knights of the Swan. 8* Lond. 1796. 

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GENNEP (JOH. bernard) De Legatis. 4« Lug. Bat. 1704. 

GENNES (m. de) v, froger. 

GENOA. The present Siate of Genoa, with an Account of iti 

Bombardment. 8^ Lond. 1687. 

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GENS DES LETTRES, v. litteratura. 

GENSLERUS (frid.) De Antidoto novo adversus Viperarum 

GENT (THO.) History of York. 8« York, 1730. 
. 8» Lond. 1730. 

— Ancient and modem History of the Loyal Town of 

Rippon, and Accounts of some otber Places in Yorkshire. 8* 
York, 1733. 

History of Kingston upon Hull. 8^ York, 1735. 

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■ Disputatio latrocbymica. 4^ M.Cait.\^\^. 
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Amsi. 1728. 
Voyage dans les Mers de Tlnde, a TOccasion du Pas- 

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I Sospetti, Favola Boschcreccia. \^ Ven. 1603. 

Concerto delleMuse. 12» Veti. 1608. 

GENTILERICCIO (pier. girolamo) Della Filosofia di Amore, 

8« Ven. 1618. 
GENTILI (s.) V. tasso. 
GENTILINI (eugen.) Instruttione de* Bombardieri. 4° Ven. 


Instruttione di Artiglieri. 4" Ven.\59S. 


G E N 

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8« Hanav. 1607. 

De Actoribus et Spectatoribus Fabularum non notandis. 

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GENTILIS (maria joa.) v. paganino. 

GENTILIS (R.) ». MALVEZZl. sarpi. 

GENTILIS (scipio) v. tasso. 

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Lond. 1581. 
Annotationi sopra la Gierusalemme liberata di Tasso. 

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Epos ad Cbristopborum Pflugium Altorfio disceden- 

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De Donationibus inter Virum et Uxorem. 4® Hanov, 


In Apuleii Apologiam Commentarius. 8*^ Hanov* 

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4» Gen. 1567. 

GENTIUS (geo.) V. sadi. 

Historia Vitae ejus. 8» Dresd. 1733. 

GENTLEMAN'8 Cairing. 89 Lond. 1660. 
8« Lond.\6S2. 

Gentleman'8 Joumai, for March I69|. 4" Lond. 


Remarkable Passages in the Life of a private Gentle- 

man. 89 Lond. 1708. 

89 Lond. 1711. 

The Gentleman'8 Companion, or Tradesman^s Delight. 

8« Lond. 1735. 

Gentleman and Lady instructed in Politeness, Pru- 

dence, and Virtue. 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1747. 
GENTLEMAN (tobias) The best Way to make England the 

most wealthy Kingdom of Europe, by advancing the Fishing 

Trade. fol. Lond. 
— — England's Way to win Wealth, and to employ Ships 

and Mariners. 4<» Lond. 1614. 
GENTLEWOMAN. The Gentlewoman's Cabinet unlocked. 

IV Lond. 1673. 
VoL. m. G GENTLE. 


GENTLEWOMAN. An Essay to revive the ancient education 

of Gentlewomen. 4° Lond, 1673. 
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De Catalepsi. 4« Ultr. 1668. 

De Visione. 4° Lug. Bat. 1669. 

De Verraibus. 4° l7//r. 1669. 

GENTRY. Degrees of Gentry, with the Antiquity and Useful- 

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Gratiae et Naturae. Gertn. 8® Damut. 1611. 
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rum S. Francisci Capucinorum. fol. Gen. 1691. 
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S^ Monte-Reg. 15^. 
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sixieme fils de Melusine Princede Lusignan. 12° Par. 1700. 
GEOFFROY (ant.) An Epidermatis instar Intestinorum mu- 

CU8 ? 4» Par. 1709. 
GEOFFROY (f.anth.) Description de laCourtdu Gran Turc. 

4« Par. 1543. 

4<» Par. 1546^ 

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Aix, 1721. 
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GEOFFROY (steph. fra-nc.) An Medicus, Philosophus, Me- 

chanico-Chymicus ? 4® Par. 1703, 
An receus nato, lac receiis enixae matris? 4® Pat\ 


An oranis morbus a Coagulatione ? 4® Par. 1703. 

De Materia Medica. 3 tom. 8^ Par. 1741. 

Ang. per G. Douglas. S^ Lond. 1736. 

Suite de la Matiere medicale par M. * * *. 3 tom. 8* 

Par. 1750. 

An pro diversis a conceptu temporibus, varia nutri- 

tionis Foetus via ? ^^ Par. 1746. 
GEOGRAPHIA. De Geographia Universali. Arab. 4« Rojfut. 


Brief Description of the whole World. 8° Lond. 1599: 

— , , Geographica Marciani Heracleotae, Sylacis Caryan- 

densis, Artemidori Ephesii, Dicaearchi Messenii, Isidori Chara> 

ceni, a D. Hoeschelio edita, Gr. 12^ Aug. Vind. 1600. 
Geographicall & AnthologicaU Description of the 

World. 4« Lond. 1634. 
— Traite de Geographie contenant la maniere de con- 

struire les Cartes Gec^;raphiques et Hydrographiques. 12*» 

MarseilUs. 1686. 


G E O 

OEOGRAPHIA. Orbis in Ntice. Germ. 8« Franc. 1687. 

Nouvelle Methode de Geoeraphie Historique. fol. Par. 

' — - Geojorraphica Antiqua. Chr. & Lat. ciim notis Vossii, 

Palraerii, et Tennulii, edit. a J. Gronovio. 4® Lug. Bat. 1697. 
■' — Geo^phiae veteris Scriptores Grseci Minores. Gr. Lat. 

4 vpls. 8« Oxon. 1698—1712. 
— — — Atlas Geographicus, or a compleat System of Geo- 

grapby. 5 vols. 4® Lond. 1711—17. 

A short way to know the World ; or Rudiments of 

Geography, by T. H. 12» Lond. I7l2. 

Geography epitomized, or London Gazetteer. 8® Lmd. 

Description Abregee des principales Regions de la 

Terre. 8« Par. 1728. 
Geographia Classica. The Geography of the Ancienti 

described in XXIX Maps. 4» Lond. 1736. 

A new Geographical Dictionary : translated from the 

French. 8» Lond. 1737. 

Elemens de Geographie. 8® 1740. 

— ^— — Nouveau Catalogue de Cartes Geographiques et Topo- 

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A New and concise system of Geography. 8® Edinh. 


Geography and History, by E.R. 12» Lond. 1790. 

8» Southampton, 1794. 

8» Lond. 1797. 

Political Geography, or an Introduction to the Statisti- 

cal Tables of the Principal States in Europe. 4» Lond. 1789. 

Geography for Children. 8» Lond. 1791. 

Memoires Historiques et Geographiques sur les Pays 

situes entre la mer Noire et la Mer Caspienne. 4» Par, 

Geographiscen Fragens. 8» 

Mf thode Geographique par Demandes et Responses, 

8« Par. 
GEOMANGY. Het groote Planet Boeck met de Geomanci, 

Phisiognomi ende Chyromanci, alles uyt Platone, Ptolomeo, 

&c. 12<> Amst. 1684. 
GE;0METRA (joh.) Paradisus. Lat. interp. Fed. Morello. 8« 

Lutetim. Ap. Fed. Morellum. 1593. 
GEOMETRIA. Prima Elementa Geometrise in Usum Schote 

Eradanae. »> Emd. 1635. 
— — Institutio Geometrica. pars Ima. impressa sed noa 

edita. & 1709. 
— — Geometry no Friend to Infidelity, by Philalethes Cari- 

labrigiensis. S^ Lond. 1734. 
■ Supplement to an Essay on some new geometrical 

Problems, by G. K. 4« 

Ad Anonymum Geometricum Responsum. 8^ Vien. 



G E O 

GEOPHILUS (jos.) Novissima, de Causis et Prognosticis Pul- 

suura, Methodus. 12<* Fen. 1625. 


GEORGE (sT.) St. George and the Dragon. fol. 1659. 
— — — The second part of St. George for England. fol. 

The Hislory of St. George, the Institution of the noble 

Order of the Garter, and a Catalogue of all the Knights until 

1661. 40 Lond, 1661. 
GEORGE-HILL. An appeal to EngUshmen with respect to the 

digging George-hill in Surrey. fol. Lond. 1649. 
GEORGE (wM.) Sermon before the Commons. 29. May. 4« 

Land. 1732. 
■■ Sermon before the Society for the Propagation of the 

Gospel. 40 Lond. 1749. 


GEORGES General. Proces instruit contre Georges, Pichegru 

et autres. 8 tom. 8« Par. 1804. 
— — Accusation de Georges, Pichegru, Moreau et autres. 

8« Par, 1S04. 
' Procedure contrc Georges, Pichegru, &c. 8° 

^EORGESON (p.) The Defencc of the Pariiament of England 

in the Case of James II. written in Latin, translated by S. 

Rand. 4° L(md. 1692. 
GEORGI (ANDR.CASP.) De Febre Hungaric4. 4» Erf. 1687. 
GEORGI (joH.) De Intellectu humano. 4« Jen. 1674. 
GEORGI (theoph.) Allgmeines Europaisches Beucher-Lexicon 

5 Theil. mit 3 Supplement. fol. Leipt. 1742—58. 
GEORGL^ AUGUSTA ACADEML\, v. gottingen. 
GEORGIA. Some Account of the design of the Trustees for 

Georgia. fol. Lond. 1732. 
■ Impartial Enquiry into the State and Utility of the 

Province of Georgia. 8° Lond^ 1741. 
• De Praestantia Coloniae Georgico-AngHcanse, prae Co- 

loniis aliis. 4<* Aug. Vind. 1747. 
GEORGIEVITS (barth.) Presagium Mehemetanorum. 8« 

Antv. 1545. 

DeTurcarum Moribus. 4» Helmst. 1761. 

GEORGINA : <Jr Memoirs of the Bellmour Family. 4 vol. 12« 

Lmd. 1787. 
GEORGIRENES (jos.) Archbishop qf Samos. Relation of the 

strange finding out of Moses his Tomb near Mount Nebo. 12« 

Lond. 1657. 
— Present State of Samos, Nicaria, Patmos, and Mount 

Athos, translated into English. 12« Lond. 1678. 
GEORGIUS I. Magna Britannia Rex. v. bradbury. broome. 


— Specimen tabuiarum progonologican^m ejus. fol. 




GEORGIUS I. Magntt Britarmia Rex, Lettcr to the King. fol. 

Preamble to his patent of Peerage, with Remarl^ onit 

4* Lond. 1713. 

A Cereroonial for the reception of the King. fol,^ 


. The Earl Marshars order for the King'» entry mto 

London. fol. 1714. 

Britannise Istantis Exultatio ob felicem ejus Adventum. 

foL 1714. 

Poenfs on his arrival. 4® Lond. 1714. 

40 Lond. 1715. 

His Speech to both Houscb of Parliament^ Jany. 9. 

fol. Lond. 1715. 

Gratulatio S. S. G. de recens nato Principe. 4® Hamh. 


Annals of King George I. 6 vols. 8« Lond. 1716—21. 

Memorial presented to him by the Czar^s resident^ with 

His Majesty's Answers. 8^ Lond. 1720. 

Verses occasioned by his late danger and distress at seaJ 

foL Westm. 1726. 

Memoires du Regne de George I. 5 tom. ^ Haye, 


In ejns Obitum Carmen Pastorale. foL S. Sh, 

GEORGIUS II. MagncB Britannia: Rex. v. belisario. britan- 


— — Remarks on the House of Commons representation to 
iheKingt and on his Majesly's Answer. 8^ Lond. 1728. 

■ — His hereditary Right proved, in answer to the Non 

Juror. 8» Lond, 1729. 

New declaration by the King. fd. Lond. 1731. 

Letters between His Majesty and thc Queen, the Prince 

and the Princess of Wales. 8° Lond. 1737. 

Convention of the King of Spain. 4» Lond. 1739. 

Short account of his Joumey to Gottingen and of the 

' State of the Univcrsity. S^ 1748. 

The Kings Speech to both Houses of Parhament. 

June25. foL Lond. 1751. 

The tears of Britannia on his death. 4^ Lond. 1760. 

GEORGIUS III. Magn^ Britannia: Rex. v. belsham. canta- 


Letter from Britannia to the King. 8® Lond. 1781. 

Reports from the Committee appointed to examine the 

Physicians who have attcndcd His Majesty during his Illness. 

foL 1788. 

foL 1789. 

History of the late important Period, from the begin- 

rting of His Majesty'8 illness to. the settlement of the Exe* 
cutive Gevemment in tfae appointment of a Regent. 8^^ Lond, 


G E O 

GEORGIUS III. Diary of the Royal Tour in 1789. 8» Lond. 


^ Sketch of the Rei^ of George III. from 1780 to the 

-. close of the year 1790. 8« Lond. 
GEORGIUS. ^Vallia; Princeps. Letter to the Prince of Wakson 

an application to Parlianrtent to discharge Debts wantonly con- 

tracted since May 1787. 8^ Lond. 

His Tour with the Duke of Yx)rk to York in 1789. 8« 

■ — Two words of Counsel and one of Comfort addressed to 

the Prince of Wales. S^ Lond. 1795. 
A congratulatory address to the Prince i)n his Mar- 

riage. 4« Lond. 1795. 

Letter to the Ilouse of Peers on the Bill in Parliament 

relative to his Debts. 8« Lond. 1795. 
GEORGIUS (a. a.) V, johannes. 
GEORGIUS. Anhah, Princeps. v. camerarius. 
Conciones et Scripta complectentia Summam vewe doc- 

trinje, quae traditur in Ecclesiis repurgatis. fol. Wit. 1570. 
GEORGIUS. Dania Princeps. v. boehm. davy. dent. frib- 


GE0RGIU8 (alb.) Questiones Philosophicae et Medicae. 4* 

Hqfn. 1623. 
GEORGIUS (and. casp.) De Nuce Vomica. 4<» Witt. 1683. 

De Dyspnoea. 4« Witt. 1684. 

GEORGIUS (david) Verklaringhe der Scheppenissen. fol. 

Tractact off onderwys, van Godes Gheest, Leifde unde 

Stemme, mit die verlcorene Mensch. fol. 1553. 

Alle Vaten sicht men wtgheven vat sy inhehben> &c. 

fbl. 1556. 

Een leerlyck vii Christlyck ghespreck tusschen 

Godtgheleert, Bibelschgheleerdt vnde Sopbist-geleert, &c. fol. 
Davidis Georgii Hollandi Haeresiarchae Vita et Doc- 

trina, quamdiu^asileae fuit : tum quod post ejus mortem cum 
cadavere, hbris, ac reiiqua ejus famiha actum sit. 4^ 1559. 

12° Ant. 1560. 

Galt. 4« 1560. 

— — — Davidis Georgii et ejus Asseclarum llistoria ad 1701. 

40 Lips. 1701. 
GEORGIUS (domin.) De Antiquis Italiae Metropohbus. 4^ Rom. 

GEORGIUS (FRANc.) Venetvs. Harmonia Mundi. fol. Ven. 

In Scriptiiram Sacram, ct Philosophiam, ProWemata. 

4« Luict. 1622. 
GEORGIUS (f. aug. anton.) Vj testamentum novum. 
■ De Inscriptionibus Palmyrenis, quse in Museo Capi- 

tolino adservantur, interpretandis. 8® Roma. 1782. 
GEORGIUS (JOH.) De Metcoris. 4° Altd. 1654. 
GEORGIUS (joH. casimir) Bellum Csesaris et Ariovisti Germa- 

norum Regis, 4° Giss. Hass. 1683. 


G £ R 

GEORGIUS (JOH. FRiD.) Discursus Juris publici de Foro compe* 

tente Imperatoris, &c. 4^ Jen, 1664. 
GEORGIUS Land. Hessia, Kurzer Medicinischer Raht wegen 

der jetzo grassieremden Schwachect. 4^ Marjn, 1641. 
GEORGIUS, Logoth, AcropolUa, Chronicon Constantinopoli- 

tanum. Gr. Lat. cum notis a Tb. Dousa. 8° Lugd, Bat. 

____— Gr^ Lat. cum notis Leonis Allatii. fol. P/ir. 


Annales. Gr, Lat. fol. Par. 1685. 

GEORGIUS (MATTH.) Phlehotomia hberata. 4" Gen. 1697- 

De Homine. ^'^ Gen. 1713. 

GEORGIUS Monachus. Tarsii Patriarchus. Chronographia. 

cura P. S. Goar. fol. Par. 1652. 
VitaB recentiorum Imperatorum. Gr. Lat. cura R. 

P. F. Combefisii. fol. Par. 1685. 
GEORGIUS Nassavia Comes. v. piscator. 
GEORGIUS Sanctus. v. samper. 
GEORGIUS (thos.) De partibus Sanguificationem perficientibus. 

4^" Franc. 1648. 

De Natura Medicinse. 4® Franc. 1648. 

De Brachiis. 4® Franc. 1649. 

De Naso. 4» Franc. 1649. 

De Meningibus et Cerebro. 4^ Franc. 1649. 

GEORGIUS WILHELMUS. Dux Brunsvic et Luneb. v. bohmbr. 


— — Prograrama in Funera ejus. fol. Helmst. 1705. 
GEPHYRANDER (thos.) De Quadralura Circuh. 4« 1608. 
Consideratio nova in opusculum Archimedis de CircuU 

dimensione. 4® Tremon. 1609. 
GEQUIER (petr.) De Venaesectione. 4° Lug. Bat. 1669. 
GERALD (joseph) A Fragment of his life. 8« Lond. 
GERALDINUS (alex.) Itinerarium ad Regiones sub .^uinoc- 

tiali Pla^ constitutas. 8^ Rom. 1631. 
GERALDlNUS.(joH.) De Metcoris. 8« Lut. Par. 1613. 
GERANUS (joH. MARc.) De Causa Pbysica et Morali Genera^ 

tionis humans. 4^ Jen. 1649. 
GERARD (alex.) The Influence of the Pastoral Office on the 

Character, examined; with a view, especially, to Mr. Humc'fi 

representation of the spirit of that oflice : a Stnnon. 8^ ALerd. 


Essay on Genius. 8° Lond. 17G7. 

8» Lond. 1774. 

Sermons. S"" J^nd. 1780. 

The Pastoral Care. 8« Lond. 1799. 

GERARD (cHAs. Lord) Narrative of proceeding-s in scvcral suits 
of Law between Charles Lord Gerard of Braiuion and Alexau- 
der Fitton, Esqr. 4^ Hague, 1663. 

GERARD (G.) La Naissancc du Duc d'Anjou. 9" Par. 1608. 

GERARD (40HX} Catala^ Arborum, &c. in illius Horto. 4* 
Lond. 1596. 


G E R 

GERARD (john) The Herball. fol. Lond. 1597. 

enlarged by Thos. Johnson. fol. Lond. 16S3. 

GERARD (john) De hostibua Virtutis. 4» Lug. B. 1665. 

De Tristitia. 4<» Lug. B. 1665. 

GKRARD (LUDov.) Flora Gallo-Provincialis. 8« Par. 1761. 

GERARD (MAac. ant. de) v. st. amand. 

GERARD (sT.) V. thyard. widric. 

GERARDO (piETRo) Vlta & Gesti d'Ezzelino da Romano terzo 

Tiranno di Padova. 8» Ven. 1552. 
GERARDO. Poema Tragico. 4<> Mddr. 1623. 
GERARDUS, Cremonensis, v. alhazen. avicenna. gebsr. 
GERARDUS, Noviomagus, v. gbldenhaurius. 
GERARDUS (marcius) Magnificentia Politias Civitatis Brugeosis. 

4« 1563. 
GERARDUS (petrus) v. eucherius. 
GERAUDLY (sr.) L'Art de Conserver des Dents. 8® Par. 

GERBELIUS (nic.) Phorcensis. De Situ et Regionibus GrcciaB. 

fol. Bas. 1545. 
■ Pro Declaratione Picturae sive Descf iptionis Greeciae 

Sophiani. fol. Bas. 1550. 
GERBERTUS. EpistolfB, &c. 4» Par. 1611. 
GERBERUS (christ. prid.) De Vertigine. ^\ Jen. 1682. 
iTa^oTiJ»* Physiologic^ et Pathologice consideratse. 4* 

Jen. 1683. 

De Doloribus post Partum. 4*» Jenct. 1683. 

GERBERUS (christian gottlob.) De **XoTOMa Eruditorum. 

4° Lips, 1705. 
GERBERUS (gottorf.) Pe Conditura Mortuorum. 4° Franc 

GERBERUS (jac. frid.) De Cauteria. 4» Jen. 1708. 
GERBEZIUS (marcus) Intiicatum Extricatum Medicum, seu 

de Morbis complicatis. 8® Labac. 1692. 

■ Chronofogiae Medicae, Ann. 1, 2, & 3. 4® Lahac. 


4« Franc. 1713. 

GERBIER {Sir balth.) A wicked and inhuman plot against him. 

40 Lond. 1642. 
■ Letters to his 3 daughters in a Nunnery at Paris. 4* 


To all men that love Truth. 4<> 

' ' The Interpreter of the Academy for Forrain Languagcs 

and all noble Sciences and Exercises. Eng. & French. Part 1 

and 2. 40 Lond. 1648. 

To all Fathers of noble families and lovers of Vertue, 

fol. Lond. 1648. 

fol. Lond. 1649. 

First public Lecture pn Fortification. 4® Lond. 


First Lecture of Military Architecture. 4^* Lond. 



G E R 

GERBIER (StV baltr.) First Lecture of an Introduction to Cos» 
inc^pbie. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

Second Lecture of Cosmography. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

■ First I^ture on Navigation. 4® Lond, 1649. 

" First Lecture of GcographieC 4® Lond, 1649. 
A Lecture on the Languages, Arts, Sciences, and noUe 

Exercises taught in his Academy. 4^ Lond. 1650. 

> The Academical Lecture concerning Justice. 4* Lond,- 


The art of well speaking. 4<* London^ 1650. 

Some considerations on the two grand staple-commo- 

ditiesofEngland. 4° Lond. 1651 

A new years result in favour of the Poore. 4^ Lond* 


' ■ A discovery of certain Stumbling^-blocks, which the 

Devill, the Pope and the Malignants have raised to put Nationa 
at variance. 4*» Lond, 1652. 

A Sommary Description, manifesting that greater 

profits are to bee done in the hott than in the cold parts ofT 
America : also Advertisement for Men inclined to plantations 
in America. (With an Account of his ill usage^ and the death 
of his Daughter by tl^ Violence of the Dutch in Surinam). 4* 
Rottcrd. 1660. 

Brief Discourse eoncerning the tbree chief Principles 

of Magnificent Buildings. 12® Lond. 1662. 

Counsel and advice to all Builders. 12® Lond. 1663. 

Assj^tance to aTravelier. 12® Osf. 1665. 

' The plan and rulcs of his Academy at Bethnal Green. 


Most humble remonstrance to ParUament. 4® 

Humble expression of his Integrity and Zeale to Eng- 

land. 4® 
GERBIER (cHARLEs) Ek>gium Heroinum, or the Praiseof worthy 

Women. 16® Lond. 1651. 
6ERBRANS (abigail) Testament, ou Confessipn de Foy. l^ 

j^. 1632. 
GERCKE (frid.) De Hydrope Ascite. 4® Erf. 1707. 
GERCKE (JOH.) De Passione Hysterica. 4® Erf. 167?. 

De Sterihtate Mulierum. 4® Erf. 1674. 

GERCKEN (joH. frid. christ.) De Arce Podagra armis chi- 

micis expugnabili. 4® Witt. 1724. 
GERCKEN (PHIL. OTTo) Disquisitio AcademLca de Privilegiis. 

4» Hdm. 1678. 
0ERDE8 (daniel) Fk>rilegium bistorico-criticum Libronim ra- 

riorum. 8® Groning. 1740. 
GERDES (dav.) De liberiori Terminorum quorundam Philoso- 

phlcorum in Theologi^e usu. 4® Lips. 1598. 
GfiRDES (franc. joh.) De Columnis ^eis Templi Salomonii/ 

Jachin et Boaz. 4® yitefnb. 1695. 
OJERDES (HENNiNGit-s) De Enthusiasmo. 4® Witt, 1708. 

VoL.111. H GERDES 


G E R 

GERDES (JOH.) De Peste morborum principe. 4® Witt. 1080. 
' De morbis ab Imaginatione. 4° Wiil, 1681. 

GEREE (john) r. penrose. 
GEREE (john) The downfall of Anticbrist : or thc power of 

preacbing to pull down Popery. 4° Lond. 1641. 
■ Judah^s Joy at the Oath : a Sermon on 2 Chron. 15. 

15. 4^LondA64\. 

Vindiciae Voti ; or a Vindication of the National Core- 

nant. 4" Lo«e/. 1641. 
— — Vindicise Ecclcsia; Anghcanfle. 4*^ Lond. 1644. 

Character of the old English Puritan & Non-confonnist 

4« Lond. 1646. 

A caFe of Conscience (whether tlie King may conseni 

to the abrogation of Episcopacy) resolved. 4*^ Lond. 1646. 

Astrologo-Mastix: ihe Vanity of Judicial Astrology. 

4» Lond. 1616. 

Vindiciae Paedo-Baptismi : or a Vindication of Infant 

Baptism. 4» Lond. 1646. 

Vindicia; Vindiciarnm : or a Vindication of his Vindi- 

cation of Iiifant Baptisro. 4^ Lond. 1647. 

®ElO<l>APMAKON. A divine Potion to preserve Spiri- 

tual Heahh by the cure of unnaturall Health-drinking. 4** Lond, 

innos HTPOr. The Red Horse, or the bloodiness of 

War; aSermon. 4P Lond. l6iS. 

KATAATNAXTHZ. Might overcoming right in answer 

to John Goodmn*B Might Sf Right well met. 4^ Lond. 1649. 
GEREE (stephen) The doctrine of tlie Antinomians confuted. 

4« Lond.ieU. 
The golden Mean. 12« Lond. 1656. 


GERHARD (john) v. gerrard. 

GERHARD (joh. greg.) Von der zu Kosen an der Saale ent- 

deckten MincraHschen Gesund-Brunnen. 8^ Ndumb. 1726. 
GERHARDT (dan.) De difficuitatis Veritatem asscquendi origine* 

40 1684. 
QERHARDT (sam.) De Sudore. 4« Etf. 1722. 
GERHARDUS (balth.) De CunabuUs Christi. 4« 1675. 
GERHARDUS (frid. wilh.) De fermentorum morbiiicorum 

ejectione Medicina. 4® HaL Mag. 1697. 
GERHARDUS (gasp.) De Nutritiofte. 4« Lug.Bat, 1658. 
GERHARDUS (geo.) Cantus Cygnorum. ^^» Li>*. 1660. 
GERHARDUS(HERM.)DeSomniis. 4<» 1658. 
GERHARDUS (joh. and.) De Parharaentis Galli©. 4« Jemt, 


De Arteriotomia. AP Tub, 1670. 

GERHARDUS (johannes cunradus) Exercitationes in Gebri 

Libros 2, Sumtna Perfectionis, cum annexa Analysi Partis 

PracticaB R. LuUii in Testamento. &* TuVing, 
Extractum chTroicarufn Qusestionuto. 8^ Argent. 



G E R 

GERHARDUS (johannes cunradus) Dc Chymialria. 4<> 1631. 
p Panaceas HermeticaB Assertio ac Defensio, 8° Vlm. 

■ Comment. in Apertorium Raim. lAillii de Lapide Phi- 

losophorum, ciim Interpretatione Testamenti novissimi. 8^ 

Tubing, 1641. 
Decas Quaestionum Physico-chymicarum. 8° Tuhing. 

— — Anatomia Corporis humani. S^ Tuhing. 1652. 

P^trologia, sive, de primitivs Eccle&iae Doctorum Vita. 

8» Jm 1668. 
GERHOLD (nath.) De Fermentatione, eaque in sanguine ora- 

nino existente. 4^ FraTic. 1698. 
GERICKE (cHRisT.) De Communicabili et Incommunicabili. 4** 

Wiit. 1626. 
GERIKE (PETR.) FundamenU Chymise rationalis. 8^ Lips. 1740. 
GERING (jACOB.) Schediasmade Pliilosophia Newtoniana. 4^ 


De Theocriti Stylo. 4<> Lips, 1710. 

GERITS (max.) De duphci vegetativa in animantibus. 4° Lips. 

De Pbrenetide. 4<» Lips. 1572. 

GERLAC (herm. aug.) De Cura Cancri in M amma. 4^ Ilamb, 
GERLACH (NATH.) De Elephantiasi. 4*» Franc. ad Od. 1694. 
GERLACHIUS (benj. gottlieb) Patridomania Eruditorum. 

4« ViUmbA72S. 
GERLACHIUS (jacob) De defmitione, divisione, ordine et me« 

thodo Physics. 4^ Lips. 16.£6. 
GERLACHIUS (joh. godolp.) De Dysenteria. 4« Jen. 1667. 
GERLACHIUS (melch^or) De Sole et Luna, orationes dua?. 12^ 

Wittberg. 1591. 
GERLAG (gerardus) De rerum divisione. 4® Lug, Bat. 1716. 
GERUNG (geruard) De Viribus. i^ Erf. 1675. 

De Febribiis. 4« Lug. Bat. 1677. 

GERLINGIUS (joh.) De Elemeutis in genere. 4» Giess. Ilass. 

GERLINGS (coRN.) De operis povi Nunciatione. 4° Lug. Bat. 

GERUNGS (herm.) In Vituperium Mendacii. i^ Ilarl. 1684. 
GERUNGS (petr.) De Testamentis. 4^ Lug. Bat. 1714. 
GERLINUS (laur. cualt.) De Modo, Exercitatio philosophica 

in qua prseipuas ejus significationes eicpHcantur. 4*^ Witt. 


De Monstris. 4« Witt. 1624. 

OERLOFF (geo.) De transmutatione morborum. 4<* Hal. Mat». 

GERMAIN {Lard george) Letter to Lord Gcorge Germjiin. 8<» . 

Lond. 1776. 
GERMAIN (cHA. DE ST.) L'Eschole melhoclique et parfaite dea 

Sages Femmesou L^artde UAccouchement. 8® Par. 1650. 
— — Trait6 des fausses Couches. b° Par. 1G55. 


6 E R 

GERMAIN (cttA. DE ST.) Le Medeciti Royal & CharitaWe. 8» 

Par. 1668. 
GERMAIN (CLAUD.) Orthodoxe, ou, de TAbus de rAntimoine. 

4° Par. 1652. 
*<■ Icon Philosophise occultae. l^ Rottetd. 1678. 

GERMAIN (jean) v. germano. 

-— — Quintessence de la Chirurgie. 8° Par. 1630. 

^ 8« Par. 1640. 

ItaL 8« i?om. 1674. 

GERMAIN (mich.) v. mabillon. 

GERMAIN {Mr.) Le^ons Anatomiques & Chirurgicales, recueil* 

lies par Est. JBmet fol. Par. 1612. 
GERMAIN (m. de s.) Pourtrait d'Isabelle-Claire-Eugene Infante 

d'Espagne. 4° Par. 1650. 
GERMAIN (s.) Eveque dc Paris. Sa Vie. 4<> Par. Verard. 

GERMAIN (st.) A VieW of the Court of St. Germain, from 

1690 to 1695, vfiih an account qf the Entertainmcnt Protestants 

meet with there. 4° Lond. 1696. 
GERMAN (cHRisT. st.) v. law, 
GERMAN (georg.) Computus Ecclesiasticus. 4° Brunsv. 1601. 

^^ Franc. 

GERMAN HOTEL, a Comedy. 8^ Lond. 1790. 

GERMAN (t.) Great Brit. Triumphant by strengthening the 

Navy. 8» Lond. 1793. 
GERMANIA, v. freherus. pistorius. reuberus. urstitius. 
— — Diecci Circoli dell* Imperio. 4^* Ven. 1558. 
• Germanicarum Rerum Chronographi. foL Franc. 


lUustrium aliquot GermanOrum Carinina, de Christian- 

orum Laniena, aGalliae Tyrannis. 4^ Vilna:. 1575. 

The Estate of the German Empire, with the descrip- 

tion of Germany. 4® Lond. 1595. 

Concordata Nationb Germanicee cum S. Sede Aposto- 

lic&. 4« Col. Ag. 1597. 

Senatus Deorum de prscsentibus Germanise miseriis. 

4« 1627. 
Dcscriptio et Historia Germaniee. 16** Lz^. Bat. ap, 

Eh. 1634. 

Historia Teutscher Handel von 1617 bis 1643. 129 

News from Gcrmany. Octr. 23. i'^ 1642. 

The present state and condition of Germany between 

the Imperialisis, Swedes, and others. 4** Lond. 1642. 

Germanorum populi votum pro pace. 4® 1643. 

CoUegium Rehquorum Imperii Deputatorum 

CoUegium Electorale de prsesenti statu Imperii, Imperatore eli- 
gendo, eligendo scribenda iege, annexis aliis. i^ 1657. 

Collegium Electorale de cligendo Romanorum Impera- 

tore. 4P 1657. 

Repetita amica in Colleg. Elect. de eligendo Rom. 

Imp. censura. 4^ 1657, 


G E R 

GERMANI A. Response d'un Gentilhomme Alleraand a un neA 
Amy Parisien sur deux Lettres tguchant l'£lection d'un 
nouveau Empereur. 4^ 1657. 

i^ Fr. Lat. 4«* 1658. 

Leltre d'un Gentilhomme Romain a ud de ses Amys 

« Franckfort sur le sujet de TElection d'un nouveau Em- 
pereur. 4» 1658. 

Lat. 40 1658. 

A discourse of the Empire and of the election of thc 

KinsroftheRomans. 8» Lotid. 1658. 

• Censura Censurae in Collegium Electorale amicae. 


Repetita amica in Colleginm Electorale de eligendo 

Romanorum Imperatore Censura, cui additum est responsum 
in Censuram Censurae extemporaneum. 4® 

Suite de i'Europe vivante, ou voyage en Allemagne. 4* 

Gm. 1671. 

Reis Befert, odet Wegweiser durch ober et nieder 

Teutschland. l^ Nurnb. 1686. 
Resolutions of the Electors and Princes of the Empire, 

Feb. 11, 1689y containing the resolution of their declaring war 

against France. 4** Lond. 1689. 

— Present state of Germany. 8° Lond. 1690. 

Gruendlecher Unterricht vom Ursprung derer 7 Chnr 

Feursten met Vorstellung der Motiven und Ursachen warum 
1648 deren Anzahl durch Einfuhrung des Achten Electorats 
uberschritten. 4« Hamb. 1693. 

Acta depositionis Wenceslai et Electoris Ruperti. 4* 

Ang. 1697. 

Deux Lettres touchant le Neuvieme Electorat. 49 Rott» 


Nova hteraria Germaniae. 1703, 4, 5, 6. 9. 5 tom. 4» 


Collection of Treaties between the Emperor of Germany 

and the Princesof Uungary,&c. 4® Lond. 1705. 

Right of succession to the Empire of Germany. 8* 

jLoTwf. 1711. 

State of the Empire on the death of the late Emperor 

Joseph. 89 Lond. 1711. 

De Jure Electoris Comitis Palat. Rhen. circa Dominium 

Imperii competente in Districtu Vicariali ipsius Jurisdictionis 
assignato. 4*' 1711. 

■ The right of Succession to the Empire of Germany he- 

reditary and elective. 8** Lond. 1711. 

Europe a Slave when the Empire is in Chains. 8* 

Lond. 1713. 

The Groansof Germany. 8*» Lond. 1741. 

Memoires Instructifs sur la vacance du Trone Imperial 

par le Baron de D. 8° Amst. 1741. 

Acta Germanica, or thc iiterary Memoirs of Germany. 

2 tom. 4« 1742. 


6 E R 

GERMANIA. Impartial Revicw of the prcsent Trouhles ili 
Germany, the hattle of Dettingen^ and the present plan of Po« 
litics,&c. Qf^ Xcwd. 1743. 

— Abrege chronologique de THistoire d'Allemagne. 8^ 


' Anecdotes relating to our af&irs in Germany. 8^ LimiL 


De origine Germanorum. 4* 

Wappenbuchlein, sive Libellus Scutorum Regnorum ae 

Statuum Sacri Romani Imperii, per Virgilium Solis. 4** 

• Wappenbuch des Heiligen Romischen Reichs, und 

allgemeiner Christenheit in Europa. fol. 
GERMANICUS CiESAR, t?. aratus. astrouomi veteres. bbau» 


GERMANICUS (constant.) r, oldenburger. 

GERMANO, V. germanus. 

GERMANO (adauctus voict a st.) Beschreibung der bisher 

bekannten Bohmischen Munzen. 3 tom. 4® Prag. 1771. 
GERMANO (gio.) Trattato intomo aUe Figure Anatomiche. 

fol. Nap. 1625. 
GERMANO (giov.) Vita, Gesti, e Predittioni del glorioso Padre 

S. Malachia. 4» Nap. 1670. 
■ Additione Apologetico-Istorica alle Predittione dej 

Padre S. Malachia. 4« Nap. 1675. 
GERMANUS (did.) Epistola novi pra^servativi Universalis natur 

ralis. 13« 1681. 
GERMANUS (dominicus) de Sihna. Fabrica Linguse Arabic», 

cum interp. Lat. & Ital. fol. Rom. 1639. 
Fabrica overo Dittionario della Lingua volgare. Arab, 

& Ital. 40 Rom. 1636. 
GERMANUS (paulus) De recta Pasch» Observatione et de Die 

Passionis Christi. fol. Forosemp. 1513. 
GERMAR (FRED. HENR.) Dc Partu difficili. 4« Jen. 173Q, 
GERMBERGERUS (h.) v. buxtorfius. 
GERMBERGIUS (herman.) Proverbia, Somnia, et EpistolaB. Gr. 

Lat. 8° Bas. 1583. 
GERMON (barth.) v, fontanini. 
— — De veteribus Regum Francorum Diplomatibus, et Artc 

sebernendi antiqua Diplomata vera a falsis. 8* Par. 1703. 

De Veleribus Haereticiis Ecclesiasticomm Codicun^ 

Corruptoribus. 8*» P«r. 1713. 
GERMON (r. p. b.) v. constaijt. 
GERMONIUS (anast.) Pomeridianse Sessiones, sive, de Linguae 

Latinae Dignitate. 4*^ Jug. Taur. 1580.' 
GERNER (henr.) Catalogus Biblioihec» GernerianaB. 8** Havn. 

GERNERUS (adam) Disp. ex lib. 10 Gafeni de methodo 

medendi : continens prteservationem, ne diaria^ in hecticas 

transcant: et ipsarum hecticarum curationem. 4° Argent. 


G E R 

GERNERUS (and.) DUp. ex lib. ^Galeni de metliodo medendi: 

continens iiivestigationem numeri morbonim. 4° Argent. 1634. 
GERNLER (lucas) Chri^Uiche Lehr und Wahrnung-Predigt. 4» 

Oratio secularis de Academise Basiliensis Ortu et Pro- 

jrressu. 4P Bas. 1660. 
GERNLERUS (llcas) r. fiuxxoRFius. 
GEROLD (JOH.JAC.) Socrates. 4« Argent. 1658. 
GERONIMO (FR.) de la Conception. Cadiz ilustrada. fol. Amst. 

GEROSA (fkancbsco) La Magia transformatrice dell' Huomo a 

mijfhor stato. 4<> Berg. 1608. 
GEIIRALD (joseph) A convention^ the only means of saving us 

from ruin. 8* Lond. 1794. 
Tryal of J. Gerrald for High Trcason, before the High 

Courtof Justiciary at Edinburgh. S^ Edinb. 1794. 
GERRANS (B.) r. benjamin. 
OERRARD (john) Tryall of Col. John Gerrard, Mr. Peter 

Vowell, and Mr. Somerset Fox. 4® Lond. 1654. 
* Speeches of Gcrrard and Vowell. 4® Lond. 1654. 
Relation of the dcath of Mr. John Gerrard, who was 

beheaded. 4« Land. 1654. 
GERRARD (johannes) Siglariutn Romanum. 4^ Lond. 1792. 
GERRESHELMIUS (adolph. frid.) Disputatio medica exhibens 

egrum Quartanarium. 4° Franc. ad Od. 16S0. 

De Delirio ex Ventriculo. 4« Franc. ad Od. 1682. 

GERRISH (martha) Discourse on her death by N. Appleton* 

12« 1736. 
GERROND (john) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 12* 

Glasg. 1802. 
GERSAINT (e. f.) Catalogue raisonne de Coquilles, Insectes, 

Plantes, &c. 8^ Par. 1737. 

■ Catalogue raisonne du Cabinet de Mr. Quentin de 
Lorangere. 8^ Par. 1744. 

■ Catalogue and Description of the Etchings of Rem- 
brandt-Van-Rhyn with some Account of his Life, translated 
from the French^ with additions by Messrs. Helle and Glomy. 
8* Lond. 1752. 

GERSDORP (hans van) Das Feldt Buch. &c. 4» Franc. 1556. 

4» Amst. 1593. 

4« Amst. 1605. 

40 Harl. 1622. 

GERSEHNERUS(joH.oREG.)DeIgne. 4« Witteb. 

GERSON (r. ben schelomo) Schaar Haschamaim, i. e. Porta 

Coeli. Liber Philosophicus. 4*^ Ven. 
GERSON (r. hazzaren) Takkanoth, i. e. Constitutioiies. Liber 

Legalis. 4° Ven. 1519. 
GERSONIUS (joh.) Opera. 4Partes. fol. Par. 1521. 

4 Partes. fol. Par. 1606. 

— Par. 3, 4, fol. Basil. 1517—18. 


G E R 

GERSONIUS (JOH.) Des dix Commandemens de la Loy. 4« 

Par. 1495. 
De Imitatione Christi et Contemptu Mundi. 13® Par. 


12« Par. 1517. 

Modus vivendi omnium Christi Fidelium. 4® Col^ 


DeVita Spirituali. 12» Par. 1513. 

Geschict und 'fhaten des Landtgraf&n inn Diiringen. 

4« Numb. 1546. 

Harangue au Nom de rUniversite de Paris devant le 

Roi Charles VI. 8P Par. 1561. 

Summa Theologica et Canonica. 4« Ven. 1587. 

Dc discemcndis veris Visionibus a fakis, et de Proba- 

tione Spirituum. 8® Helmst. 1692. 

Dialogus de Perfectione Cordis. 8®^ Rheim, 

Opusculum Tripartitum de precepUs decalogi^ de con- 

fessione et de arte moriendi. 4^ 
GERSTEN (cHKisT. ludov.) Tentamina Systematis novi ad Mu- 

tationes Barometri ex natura Elateris aerei demonstrandas. 8^ 

Franc. 1732. 
GERSTENBERGIUS (jacobus) De abstrusissima et difficillima 

qu8Bstione : Qui fiat quod imlti ahhorrent ab esu casei f 4^ 

Barmst. 1607. / 

4« Jen(t. 1613. 

GERSTMANN (bart. flor.) De Peste, 4« Lug. Bat. 

GERSTMANN (flor.) De Cholera. 4« Witt. 1620. 

De Passione Colica. 4« Witt. 1623. 

De Peripneumonia. 4^ Witt. 1622. 

De sputo Sanguinis. 4° Witt. 1622. 

De Ictero flavo. 4<> Gies. Has. 1659. 

GERTHIUS (john) De ascensione Christi in co&lum : ct sessione 

ad dcxtram Patris omnipotentis. 4® Gies. Has. 1606. 
GERTRUYDENBURG. Secret History of the Gertruydenberg 

Negociation, done out of French. 8^ Lond. 1712. 


GERVAIS (m. de st.) Memoires bistoriques qui concernent le 

gouvernment de Tunis. 8^ Par. 1736. 
GERVAISE (arm. fran.) Histoire de Suger Abbe de St. Dennis. 

3 tomes. 12« Par. 1721. 
GERVASIUS Sanctus, v. saxius. 
GERVASIUS (nic.) Succedanea. 4° Panorm. 1670. 
■■ Bizarrie Botaniche d^aluni semplicisti di Sicilia. 4* 

Nap. 1673. 
Histoire naturelle & politique du Royaume de Siain* 

4° Par. 1688. 
■■ Description historique du Royaume de Macacar. S* 


• . . 8» Ratisb. 1700. 


G E S 

GERVASIUS. Tornacensis. Divina quatuor Energumenorttm 

liberatio, facta apud Suessiones 1582. l"^ Par, 1583. 
GERVATIUS (cAsp.) v. rubens. 
GERUNDENSIUS Episcopus. Paralipomena Hispanie. M, 

Grufiaia. 1545. 
GERWEN (siMON van) De Poenis. 4» Lugd. Bat, 1719. 
GERY (THOMAs) The Fort Royal of Christianity defended. 12* 

Lond, 1657. 
The decision of some controversies in Religion. 12* 

Lond. 1657. 

' Holy meditations upon God. 12® Lond, 1658. 

A mirrour for Anabaptists. 12® Lond. 1660. 

GERY (wM.) Proposals for reformation of abuses and subtleties 

in practice against the Law. 49 Lond, 1659. 
OESCHEN (J. c.) V. cRuciFix. 

GESENIUS (geo.) De suffbcatione Uterina. 4® Lug. Bat. 1654. 
GESENIUSj(JOACH.) ConcUifeionesPhvsicaB. 4® Lejng. 1593. 
GESENiUS (jusTLs ) De Isrne Purgatorio. 4° Hclm. 1643. 

■ 4» Hclm. 1650. 

GESLING (richard) Artificiat firc or coal for the rich and poor. 

fol. Lond. 1644. 
GESNER (CONRAD.) V. jeu.ksvs. cassiodorus. chirurgia. con- 


^ — De difierentiis Urinarum ex Actuarii Zacharia; libris.. 

De compositione Pharmacorum secundum locos affectos, ex 
Galeno. Sylvula Galeni Experimentorum. 8* Tigur. 

De lacte^ et operibus lactariis^ cum epistola de montium 

admiratione. B® Tigur. 

De sanitate tuenda. 8P Tigur. 

Historiaet vires plantarum ex Dioscoride, Paulo iE!^- 

ncta, Theophrasto, Plinio et recentioribus Grsecis. 12* Par, 

'■ 199 Bas. 1541. 

12« Ven. 1541. 

Catalogus Plantarum. Xa/. Gr. Germ. Gall. 4* Tigur, 

1542. / 

Moralis interpretatio errorum Ulyssis Homerici. 12* 

Tigitr. 1542. 

Apparatus et delectus simplicium medicamentorum. 

cum, De com^itione medicamentorum. 8* Lug. 1542. 

Bibliotheca universalisj sive Cataloeus omnium Scrip- 

torum in tribus iinguis, Lat. Gr. et Hebr. fol. Tigur, 1545. 
— — — Appendix BibliothecsB. fol. Tigur, 1545. 
cum addit. J. Simleri. fol. Tigur. 1574. 

- Lcxicon Grseco-Latinum. fol. Bas. 1545. 
Pandectarum sive Partitionum universaiium lib. XXI. 

fol. Tigur, 1548. 

Historia Animalium. 5 vol. fol. 1551 — 8. 

3 lom, fol. Franc. 1602. 

Icones animaUum aquatilium, quadrupedum et avium. 

fol. Heidel. 1606. 

Voi. ni. I o^m^ 

G E S 

GESNER (coNRAD.) Icones Auimalium quadrupedum» vivipa- 
rorum et oviparorum cum Domenclaturis. Lat. ItaL GalL ei 
Germ. fol. Tigur. 1553. 

Thier buch. fol.x 1563. 

De quadrupedibus oviparis. fol. Franc. 1586. , 

Vogelbuch. fol. Zur. 1557. 

Icones avium. foL Tigur. 1560. 

■ De avium natura. fol. Franc. 1585. 

^— fol. Franc. 1617. 

Icones animalium aquatilium, cum nomenclaturis variis. 

fol. Tigur. 1560. 

Fischer buch. fol. Zur. 1563. 

- De piscibus et aquatilibus omnibus. Lat. Gtrm. 8^ 


Thesaurus Euonymi PhiUatri de remediis secretis. 8* 

Tigur. 1554. 

Tignr. ^569. 

. \& Lug. 1555. 

per C. Wolphium. 8« Tigur, 1569. 
cum rcspons. de Editione Viatici novi. 8* 


12<> Lug. 1620. 
Enchiridion rei medicae. 12^ Tigur. 1555. 
Mithridates, seu de diflferentiis Linguarum. 12^ Tigur» 

l^ Tigur. 1610. 

Delunariis herbis, &c. 4^ Tigur. 1555. 
8« Hr{fn. 1669. 

De rerum Fossilium, Lapidum, et Gemmarum Bguris et 

simihtudinibus. 12« Tigur. 1565. 

Vita ejus ab J, Simlero. 4« Tig. 1566. 

Epistolse medicinales. 4« Tigur. 1577. 

De quadrupcdibus oviparis. fol. Franc. 1586. 

PhysicsB meditationes, cum Annot. per C. Wolphium» 

fol. Tigur.\586. 
GESNER (FRiD.) De Adfectu Pectoris. 4« Hal. Mag. 1710. 
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GESNER (JOH. ALB.) Historia Cadmise Fc^is metallicae, sive 

Cobalti pars prior. 4° Berolini. 1744. 
GESNER (joH. JAc.) V. gessnerus. 


— — Institutiones Rei Scholastics, cum praef. J. F. Buddei. 
ef> Jen. 1715. 

Philopatris, Dialo^ Lucianeus. Gr. Lat. cum Notis ei 

Disput. de illius ^tete et Auctore. &^ Jen, 1715. 

Chrestomathia Piiniana. 8° Jen. 1723. 

Novus linguse et eruditionis Romanas Thesauras. 

tom. fol. Lipa. 1749. 
GESNER (PAULus)Disp. septimaQuaestionum illustrium philoso- 

phicarum. 4« Witt. 1607. 
QESNER (salomon) p. oram. 


G E V 

GESNER (salomon) De personis sive larvis^heliuatione item, nec« 

nondiurna nocturnaque divagatione, inverecundis jocis, aleaque 

Bachantium. 4» Wiii. 16G0. 
GESNERUS (CAR. phil.) J. M. filius. De causa grayitatift 

Redekeriana. 4« Goitin. 1738. 
GESNERUS (FRiD.) De adfectu pectoris. 4« Hal. Mag. 1710. 
GESSELER (ern. wilh.) De Interpretatione Legum. 4P Harde- 

rav. 1698. 
GESSELIN (jean) Les Anciens et renommes Autheurs de la 

Medecine et Chirur^ie. 8*^ Par. 16S4. 
GESSELIUS (hen.) De Pestis piognosi et curatione. 4» UUr. 

GESSELIUS (timannus) De Scorbuto. 4^ Lug. Bat. 1612. 
GESSEN (jo.) De Imitatione Christi. l^ Par. 1616. 
GESS1.ER (joANNEs) PrflBstantiora contra Pesiem Remediaex 

antiquissimis Medicis excerpta. 12^ Ingolst, 1544. 
GESSNER (SAL.) The Death of Abel, transL by Mary CoUyer. 

12» Lond. 1761. 
GESSNER(JS (joh. jac.) v. aloysius. rhell. 
Numismata Regum et Populorum Grscorum : Impe* 

ratorum et Familiarum Romanorum tabulis eneis representata 

et notb var. illustrata. 3 tom. fol. Tigur. 1738. 
GESTA Romanorum. foL 

' fol. [ed.alt.1 

— 12« Rothm. 1521. 

————— GalL par Gaguin. fol. Par. 

Gesta Dei per Francos. 2 tom. fol. Hanav. 1611. 

GE5UALDO (filip.) Plutosophia. 4» Pad. 1592. 

49 Vicen. 1600. 

GESUALDO (g. a.) v. petrabcha. 

6ESVRES, Marguis de. Procez du Marquis de Gesvres et 

Mademoiselle dh Mascranny son Epouse. 2 tom. 12® Rottcrd. 


2 tom. 12« Rotterd. 1714. 

— — 2 vol. Ang. 8» Lond. 1715. 

GETHIN (grace) Lady. Reliquice Gethinianae. 4» Land. 1700. 

Her Funeral Sermon by Dr. P. Birch. 4» Land. 1700. 

GEVAERTS (joan.) De Emphyteusi. 4» Lug. Bat. 1717. 
GEVARTIUS (j. CASPAR.) v. ferdinanpps Austriacus. statius. 

Electa. 4» Lutet. Par. 1619. 

GEUDERUS (JAC.) De Imperio Ottomanico evertendo, et Bello, 

contra Turcas, prospere irerendo. Lat. ex Jtai* 8" Fra$ig. 

GEUDERUS (melch. frid.) v. tawry. 
— ; Diatriba de Fermentis, cum Dissertatione de Ortu Ani- 

nialium. &^ Amst. 1689. 
GEVERS (witten) De fidelitate amicorum in adversis. 4** Rot. 



G H E 

GEUFFROY (ant.) Briefue Dcscription de la Cour du Grant 
Turc. 4« Par, 1543. 

Lat. per W. Godelevaeuro. 8^ Bas. 1573. 

Dialocrue de la Teste et du Bonnet, trad. de Vltalien dc 

Pandolpho CoUcnuccio. 4° Par, 1543. 
GEVIGLAND (nat. mar. de) An Musculorum intercostalium 

et Diaphragmatis actio partim voluntaria^ partim spontanea ? 4^ 

Par. 1740. 

— An siccusAer humidosahibrior.^ 4^ Par, 1741. 

GEULINCX (ARN.) De Febribus. 4° Lug. Bat. 1658. 

Ethica. 12» Lug. Bat. 1675. 

199 Amst. 1709. 

Physica vera. 8» Lugd. Bat. 1688. 

Conpendium Physicae, illustratum a Casparo Langen- 

hert. 8« Franek. 1688. 

Annotata majora in Prlncipia Philosophiae Renati des 

Cartes, et opuscula philosophica. 4** Dordr. 1691. 
GEUSIUS (JAC.) De Victimis humanis. 12'» Groning. 1675. 

12» Amst. 1691. 

GEUSUVIUS (sAM.) An semen utrumque patris et matris, an 

vero solum matemum, materiale principiumsit generationis par- 

tium inanimalibus? 4» Hqfn. 1611. 
GEWOLDUS (cHRisTOPH.) Chronicon Monasterii Reichersper- 

gensis in Baioaria ; cui accesserunt varia Diplomata Romano- 

nun Pontificum, ex MS. Codice pervetusto. 4^ Mowich. 1611. 
GEYER (joH. ALB.) De Foetu mortuo. 4» Hal. Mag. 1729. 
GEYER (jo. DAN.) Triga niedica, de Cantharidibus, dc Montibut 

conchiferis Alzeiensibus, et de Dictamno. 4® Franc. 1687. 
GEYERN (iMMAN. gottlieb) Polyhistor Barbaricus, cum Man- 

tissa ex transcendentibus CatuUianis. 4° Lips. 1712. 
GEYN (jAcoBus de) Waffen Handlung von den Roren, Mus« 

quetten, und Spiessen. fol.' Amst. 1608. 

Gall Belg. Ang. 4" Zutf. 1619. 

GEYTER (cHRisT. de) De Scorbuto. 4» Lug. Bat. 1711. 

GEZELIUS (jAc.) De Cruce Veterum. 8« Upsal. 1692. 

GHALIGAIO, V. lionardo. 


GHERARDI (evariste) Le Theatre Italien. 3 tom. 129 Par. 


■ tom. 3. 12« Amst. 1721. 

GHERINX (piiilippe) Description des Fontaines acides de Spa, 
■ €t de la fontaine de fer de Tungre. 8° Liege. 1583. 

Lat. a Tho. Ryetio. S"* Leod. 1593. 

GHERLI (fulv.) I Medicamenti posti alla Pietra del Paragone. 

8» Ven. 1722. 
Osservazioni di Medicina, e Cirusia. 3 tom. 8*^ Ven. 

GHERUS (ranutius) DelitiaeCC. Italorum Poetarum. Partes. 1. 

2. 12« 1608. 
Dthtise Poetarum Belgicorum. Partes. 1.2. l^'* Franc. 



G H O 

GHESQUIERUS (josephus) Acta Sanctonim Belgii selecta. 5 

tom. 4« Brur, 1783—89. 
GHETALDUS (makinus) Promolus Arcliimedis, seu de variis 

corporum ^eneribus gravitate et magnitudlne comparatis. 4<* 

Roma, 1G03. 

De Parabola. 4^ Rom. 1G03. 

feHEZZI (giuseppe) Le Ponipe dell' Academia del Discgno, dal 

1702 al 1713. 4« Rom. 1702—13. 
GHEZZI (maria busini) Conchi>ioni intorno a i momenti de 

GravLsopra i piani declivi. 12° Fir. 1687. 
GHEZZI (MARiANo) De i Bagni di San Casciano. 4° Boncig, 

GHEZZI (nic.) Origine delle Fontane, e dell' addolcimento dell' 

acqua marina. 8° Nap. 1742. 
GHIBBESIUS (jAc. alb.) Pro nova Bibliotheca Romans sapieh« 

tis oratio. 4* 
Astraea rejjnans sub Auspiciis Alexandri VIII. Pont. 

Max. 4« Ront. 1665. 

. Novum Sidus, seu, Francisci de Sales in Coelo Trium- 

phus. 4« Rom. 1656. 

• Trismegistus Mediceus, sive, Leonis Pont. Max. Lau- 

datio. 8« Rom.l66l. 

Carminum pars Lyrica. 12® Roma. 1668. 

Carmina in Promotionc Pbil. ThomsE: Howardi ad 

sacram Puq)uram. 4® Rom. 1676. 
GHIESSEN (nic. phil. vander) Disputatio ad Legcm Juliam 

Majestatis. 4« Lvg. Bat. 1716. 
GHILINI (girol.) Teatro d^Huomini letterati. 4« Ven. 1647. 

8° MHan. 

GHINIUS (coNSTANT.) Sanctonim Canoniconim Natales. 4** 

Ven. 1621, 
GHIRARDACCI (cherub.) Historia di Bologna. fol. Bol. 1596. ' 
GHIRARDELLI (cornelio) Cefalogia Fisonomica. 4° Bol. 

GHIRARDELLI (cio. battista piltppo) II Constantino, Tra- 

gedia, colla Difesa della medesima. 12° Rom. 1660. 
GHIRARDI (boneto) La Leonida Comedia. 8« Ven. 1585. 
GHIRARDINI (cio.) Relation du Voyage d la Chiiie fait en 

1698. 8» Par. 1700. 
GHISi (piLip.) Giuditio di Paride. 4« Ven., 1594. 
GHISI (innoc.) Pompa Funebre. 4« Fenn. 1597. 
■ Cinque Dialoghi della MagniBcenza dell' Essequie 

antiche e moderne. 4^ Vin. 1601. 

Consiglio a Consiglieri. 4« Mil. 1602. 

GHISLERUS (jos.') Oratio de Medicinae Laudibus. 4» Rom. 

GHISTELE (joos. van) Voyage. 4« Ghent. 1575. 
GHOST, or, the Woman wcars the Breeches^ a Comcdy. 4* 

J^nd. 1653. 

The fcmale Ghost ^*» Lond. 1705. 


. G I A 

6H0ST. Seasonable present to the renowned Society of Ghost« 

mongers. \2^ Lond. 1762. 
. Thefriendly Monitor, or Dialogues for youth against the 

fear of Ghosts and other irrational apprehensions. 8^ Lond, 



GHYLES (tho.) A description of the Joint Sickness, or Gout. 

12« Lond. 1684. 
GHYS (MAR.) De Variohs. 4P Lug. Bat. 1676. 
GHYSEN (JOH.) De Physiologia Medica. 4« Lug. Bat. 1665. 

De HaBUioptoe. 4P Lug. Bat. 1667. 

GIABER Arnbs. v. geber. 

GIACHETTl (JOANN.) Iconologia Salvatoris et Karilogia PraD- 

cursoris, sive De Imagine Salvatoris ad Regem Abgarum 

missa, et de Capite S. Joannis Baptistac. 12« Rom. 1628. 
GIACHINI (leon.) Advcrsus Mesuem et vulgares medicas 

omnes. 8« Lugd. 1534. 
GIACINTO (fran.) dall* Ascentione. II VeUo d'Oro arrichito 

d'Arte Chirurgica. 12« Messin. 1693. 
GIACOMELLI (filip.) Compendio delle Medaglie Antiche di 

F. Giacomelli. 8« Massa. 1717. 
GIACOMO (FR.) II muto, che parla, Dialogo. 12« Venet. 1606. 
GIAMBELLI (cipriano) II Trattato deU' Anima. 4« Trcv. 

GIAMBULLARI (p. fran.) De'l Sito, Forma, e Misure, dello 

Inferno di Dante. 8« Fir. 1544. 
■ ' Origine deUa Lingua Florentina. 12« Fir. 1549. 

Lezzioni. 8« Fir. 1551. 

De la linfifua che si parla et scrive in Firenze con uno 

Dialogo de G. B. Gelli. 8<» Fir. 1551. 

Historia deU' Europa. 4« Ven. 1566. 

GIANELLA (carlo) Saggio di Medicina Teorico-pratica. 8* 

Ven. 17.32. ' 
GIANGOLINO (carlo) da Fano. Anatomia deU' Imperio Ot- 

tomano. 12« Paknn. 1648. 
■ Hedengrafia, ouero Descrittione del Paradiso terrcstre. 

fol. Messin. 1649. 
GIANNINIUS (tmo.) De Providcntia, ad sententiam Platonis, et 

Platonicorum. 4« Ferrar. 1587. 
De Mentis humanse Statu post Obitum. 4« Patav. 

— — De Lumine et Speciebus spiritalibus. De Mente cflfec- • 

trice et Speciebus intdhgibiUbus. De Daemonibus, et Mentibug 

a Materia separatis. 4« Ferrar. 1615. 
. Disputationes AristotelicsB de Substantia Coeli. 4« Ven. 

GIANNETTASIUS, v. parthenius. 
GIANNONE (piETRo) Istoria civile del Regno di Napoli. 4 tom. 

4« JSap. 1723. 

4 tom. 4« Palm. 1762. 


G I B 

CIANNONE (piETRo) Anecdotes Ecclesiastiques^ contenant fet 
Intrigues de la Cour de Rome & leurs U^urpations sur le Tem- 
porel des Souverains, tir^es de PHistoire du Royaume de 
Naples de Gianuone. 8^ Afnst, 1738. 

- Opere Postume. 4® Palm, 1760. 

GIANNOTri (DONATo) Della Republica di Vinetia. 12* Ram. 

12« Vm. 1G30. 


■Della Republica Fiorentina. 8^ Ven, 1729. 

GIANT. A coliection of curious advertisements relative to 

Giants, &c. 4® 
The wonder of our times : being the relation of the 

body of a Giant digM up at Brockford Bridge near Ipswich. 

4^ Lond, 1651. 
■ ■ ■ — Account of the Giants lately discovered. 12* Lmd. 

GIANLmO«(HORATio) Maniera di giuocar' d Scacchi. 4<^ Turin. 

GIAKDA (p. CHRisTOPH.) Bibliothecae Alexandrinae Icones Sym- 

boHcce, Elogiis illustrdtap. 4® MedioL 1628. 
GIARDINA (cAjETANus) De recta Mcthodo citandi Authores ct 

Authoritates. 12<> Panorm, 1718. 


GIAVARA (don antonio) Aviso de' Favoriti, e Dottrina dc 

Cortegiani, tradotta dal Spagn, 8* Ven, 1562. 
GIB (adam) SacredContempiations. ^ Edin, 1786. 
GIBBES (cHARLEs) Sermons. 4° Lond. 1677- 


GIBBON (e.) Inventory of his propeity. M. Lond, 1721. 
GIBBON (edward) v. davis. hayley. whitaker. 

Essai sur TEtude de la Litterature. 12® Londr, 


The flistory of the Decline and Fall of the Rom&n Em- 

pire. 4" Lond, 1771. 

'• 6 vol. 4« Lond, 1776. 

Abridged. 2 vol. 8® Lond. 1789. 

Rcmarks on the two last Chapters of the Hi«itory of 

the Declinc and Fall of the Roman Empire. 8® Tjond. 1776. 

A few Remarks on the History of the Dechne and Fall 

of thc Roman Empire. 8® Lond, 1778. 

• A Vindication of some Passages in the 15th and 16th 

Chaptcrs oi the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman 
Empire. S^ Lond, 1779. 

• A short Appea] to the Public, by the Gentleman who 

is particularly addresscd in Uie Postscript of the Vindication of 
some Passages in the I5th and 16th Chapters of the History of 
the Declineand Fall of the Roman Empire. 8« Land. 1779. 

Miscellaneous Works, with notes by John, Lord Shef- 

field. 2 vol. 4» Lend, 1796. 


G I B 

GIBBON (lloyd) On the use of anatomical Stays. 12* Breni' 

ford, 1809. 
GIBBON (Mr.) Speech which he had intended to have spoken 

on the scaffold. 4<> 1651. 
GIBBON (dr. n.) TheTender for the reconciliation of diflerences 

in the Christian Church. fbl. 
GIBBONS-(j.) Poem on the death of the Revd. M. Andrews. 8* 

Lond, 1750. 

Sermon on his death. 8^ Lond. 1764. 

^ Sermon on his death, by G.Craner, towhich areadded 

bis confession of faith, and a Sermon on the nature of the Gos« 

pel. 8« Lond. 1766. 
GIBBONS (Mr.) v. love. 

GIBBONS (NATH.) Sermon on his death. 8<* Lond. 1764. 
GIBBONS (robt.) Articles of Impeachment agajnst Col. R. 

Gibbons and Capt. Richd. Yeardley. 4*» Lond. 1659. 
GIBBONS (thos.) v. bryan. parsons. 

Elegy on W. Beldam. 8° Lond. 1746. 

■" The Mourners complaint considered and apphed, a 

Funeral Sermon on Wm. Beldam. 8° Lond. 1746. 

Elegy on the Revd. P. Goodwin. ^ Lond. 1748. 

Poem to the Memory of Master J. Pitts. 8^. Lond, 


Elegiac Ode on M. Andrews. 8" Lond. 1750. 

— — Divine conduct vindicated^ or the operations of God 

shewn to be the operations of Wisdom : being two Funerai 

Sermons on Revd. S. Davies. 8° Lond. 1761. 

■ The divine glories displayed in babes and sncklings ; a 

ermon on the death of N. Gibbons. 8° Lond. 1764. 

-Verscii to the Memory of the Rev. G. WhitHeld. 8* 

Lmd. 1771. 

The character and blessedness of the righteous repre- 

sented in a Sermon on the death of \^. Cromwell, Esqr. with 
memoira of the Cromwell family. ^ Lond. 1773. 

The remembrance of our Creator in the days of our 

youth opened and enforced in a Sermon on the death of T 
Wilton. 8» Lond. 1780. 

Sermon on his death. 8® Lond. 1785. 

Poem on his death by R. Piercy. 8« Lond. 1785, 

GIBBONS (tho.) Rhetoric. 8» Lond. 1767. 

' Memoirs of pious Women. 3 vol. 8^ Lond, 1777. 

^ Memoirs of the Rev. Isaac Watts D. D. 8° Lond. 

GIBBONS (wM.) The blessedness of dying in the Lord con- 

sidered in a Funeral Sermon on W. Langford. 8^ Lond. 

1775. ^ 

GIBBONUS (joH.) Introductio ad Latinam Blasoniam. An 

Essay to a more correct Blason in Latine. 8° Lond. 

GIBBS (ann) Her Funeral Sermon. 12° Lond. 1705, 


G I B 

GIBBS (d«.) Ob^nrations of various eminetit Ciires of the King'i 

Evil. 8» Lofid. 1712. * 
filBBS (j.) Funeral sermon for W. Hartley. ^ Land. 1698. 
GIBBS (jAMBs) Rules for drawing^ the several Parts of Arcbitec* 

ture. fol. Lond, 1739. 

. fol. Lond. 1738. 

■ Bibliotheca Radcliviana, of a short Descriptioii of the 

: Raadifib Librafy at Oxford. fol. Lond. 1747, 
iS^IBBS (PHiL.) Fuiieral sermon on. ,12* Lond. 1705. 
GIBBS (PHiLip) Baeay towards a farther Improvement of Short 

Hand. 89 
■* An historical Account of compendious and swift Writ- 

ing. 8<^ Ldnd. 1736. 

A Letter to the Corigregation of Protestant Dissentera 

at Hackney. .8« Lond. 1737. 

- Explications and Defences of his Letter to the Congre- 

• gationof ProtestantDissentersatHackney. 8® Lond. 1740. 
GIBBS (wM.) Funeral Sermon on Revd. £dwd. Reynolds. 4<» 

GIBONAIS (artur de La) Maximes pour conserver l^Union 

dans les Compagnies. ^ Nant. 1714. 
GlBERT (bAlt^asar gibert) Response a la Lettre d'un Juriste. 
. 12* Par. 1703. 
GIBERT (b. j.) Jugemensdes Savans sur Auteurs, qui ont traite 

de b Rnetorique. Suite des Jugemens des Savans de Bailiet. 

Svol. 8» Par. 1713— 19. 
GIBERT (M. E.) Observations sur les Ecrits dc M. de Voltaire, 

principalement sur la Rcligioii. dtomes. 12^ Lond. 1788. 
GIBRALTAR, v. garrison. navy. 
■ Considerations upon the approaching Peace, and thc 

Importance of Gibraltar to the British Empire. 8^^ Lond. 1720. 
Leiter to the Independent Whig on the Considerations 

uponthe approaching Peace, &c. 8^ Lond. 1790. 

Gibraltar, a Poem. 4® Lond. 1727. 

• Some Queries on the Minutes of the Council of War 

held at Gibrallar. S^ Lond. 1757. 

A Poem on the grand Attack on Gibraltar, Septr. 13, 


4» Lond. 1787. 


GIBSON (edmund) Bp. qf London. v. cambdi^n. chandlsr. 


■ Chronicon Saxonicum. 4® Oxon. 1692. 

— — ^— Librorum Mss. in Bibliothecis Tenesoniana et Dugda- 

• liaiia Catalogus. 4* Oxon. 1692. 

Against speakmg evil of Princes, and those in authority 

under them : an Amze Sermon. 4^ Lond. 1706. 

Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani. 2 vol. fol. Lond, 


An Apology for Dr. Codex. 8« Lond. 1734. 



GIBSON (edmcnd) Letter to Dr. Codex, on the ISubjccl 6f K^ 
modest Instruction to the Crown. 8® Lond. 1734. 

■ Authentick Memoirs of thc Life and Conduct of Ifct 

Codex from his infancy to the present Tiine. 8® Lond. 1734. • 
- Examination of the Scheme of Church Power laid douii 

in the Codex Juris Anglicani. 8® Lond. 173^. 
8« Lond. 1736. 

' Answer to the Examinatiolv of the Scheme of Church 

Power laid down in the Codex Juris Anglicani. 8^ Lxmd. 17301 
Religion the best security to Church and State: aii 

Assize Sermon. 4*^ Lond. 1715. 
The peculiar excellency and reward of supporting 

schools of Charity, a Sermon. 8® Lond, 1716. 

— Charge at his primary Visitation. 4** 1717. 

The causcs of the discontents in relation to the Plag^ue. 

4» iw.mi. 

Directions to the Clergy of his Diocese in the ycar 

1724. 40 Lond. 

8« Lond. 1738, 

— Letler from a Parishioner of St. Clcroents Dbnes to Ed^ 

mund Lord B. of London, occasioned by his Lordship's caustng 
the picture over the Altar to be taken down. 8* Lmid. 1735. - 
Two Lett^rs to the Masters and Mistresses of Familie& 

in the English Families abroad. 4^ Lo»d. 1727. 

Pastoral Letter, occasioned by some Writings in Favour 

of Infidelity. 8^ Lond. 1728. 

• Addresi^ to the Inhabitants of London and Westminster 

in relation to a Pastoral Letter by the Bishop of London. 8^ 
Lond. 1729. 

8« Lond. 1730. 

I/jtter to the Bishop of London, occasioned by the 

Abuse of a Passage in his Pastoral Letter. 8^ Lond. 1730. 

Second Vindication of his Pastoral Letier. 8^ Lond. 


-^ Plea fbr humen Reason. 4<» Lond. 1730. 

Second Pastoral Letter, occasioned by the Plea. 8*^ 

Lond. 1730. 

- Vindication of a Passage in the second Pastoral. 8^ 

Lond. 1734. 

A Letter to the Bishop of London from an InbabitanC 

ofthe LeewardCaribbee Islands. ^ I«ofi(f. 1730. 

> A Question proposed by the Author of the Address^ 

considered. 8^ Lond. 1730. 

Third Pasioral Letter. 8» Lond. 1731. 

Calumny no Conviction, being a Vindicatioa of the 

Plea fbr human Reason. 8^ Lond. 1731. 

■ The great Work of Redemption by Christ, as rcpre- 

sented under the- sixth head of tbe Bp» of London^s aeeend 
Pastoral Letterr 8^ Lond. 1735. 


G I E 

(BIBSON (bdmund) Pastoml Letter agaiiut Lukewarnmess and 

J^thusiascQ. S^ Isond. 1789. 

Charge. 4« Lond. 1712. 
i ' An eari^est dissuasive from Intexnperance in Meats and 

. Drioki: a Sermon. 8*» Lond. 1743. 

« Pastoral Lettcr fyv Rcformation of Life. 8* Lond. 1745. 

" Some account of Dr. Gibson, Bibhop of London, by 

Bp. SmaUbrooke. 4' Loud. 1749. 
CrlnSON (eliz.) Funeral Sermon on Eliz. Gibson^ with an ac- 
, countofherlife. 4« Lond. 1692. 

CIBSON (FRANcis) Streanshall Abbey, a Play. 8« Whitbj/, 1800. 
GIB90N (iAMBs) His case, by himself. 8° Lond. 1698. 
GIBSON (jAMEs) Joumal of the Siege of Cape Breton. 8® Lcnd. 

OIBSON (jorn) On the Credibility and Importance of Scnpture 

History. 8» Edinb. 1762. 
4GIBSON (john) The History of Glasgow, its Manufactures and 

Commerce. 8« Glasg. 1777. 
GIBSON (jorn) ^ treatise OQ Bilious Diseases and Ind2|;estion. 

8« Land. 1799. 
4GIBS0N (matth.) Ancicnt and present State of the Parish 
, Chur^hes of Door^ Homdacy, and Hempsted^ with memoirB of 

the Scudamore Family. 4° Lond. 1727. 
dBSON (RoaaRT) Treatise of practical Surveying. 8® Lond. 

fclBSON (sAM.) The ruine of the Authors and Fomenters of 

Civill Warres. A Fast Sermon before the Commons. 4** Lond. 

4IBSON (tho.) Anatomy of humane Bodies epitomized. 8^ 

Lond. 1703. 
GIBSON (william) v. quakers. 

The Farrier'8 New Guide. 8» Lond. 1720. 

i 8« Lond. 1725. 

8» Lond. 1727. 

The Farrier's Dispensatory. 8^ Lond. 1721. 
S^ Lond. 1720. 

Methpd of dieting Ilorses. 8° Land. 1721. 

<ylDDING Litik. The Arminian Nunnery ; or a brief descrip- 

tion of the late erccted monasticall place, called the Arminian 

Nunnery at LitUe Gidding. 4" 1641. 
GIDDY (davies) A plain statement of the BuUion question. 8^ 

GI£GH£R (mattia) Tre Trattati : Nel primo si monstra il roodo 

di piegnare ogni sorte di panni lini, cioe, saluitte, e touaglie. 

Nei secondo intitolato lo Scalco. Nel terzo, detta il Trinciante. 

8* Pad. 1639. 
GIELFUSiUS (j. c.) Institutioncs Medicffi. 12« Aug. Vind. 1658. 
GIERSCH (godefr.) Tentaminis Geograpliise gen^ralis Speci- 

men. 8» Ups. 1735. 
G|£S£L£R (joH. frid.) De principiis generationis atque nativi- 

tfitia faumane. 4^ Jm, 1072. 



GIESELER (JOH. frid.) De calculo Vesicae. 4« Lug. Bat. W^ 
GIESELER (jou. hen.) De repellentium usu damnoso. 4<^ Jen^ 

■ Historia morborum hyemis prseterit^. 4° Jbi. 1729- 
GIESELER (laur.) Discureus Philosophico-medious vom O&tenH 

dischen Braundier. 4^ Goslar. 1647« 
GIESSA. Carmina Votiva. 4^ 

■ Triumphus Academicus Scholae Giessene. 4^ Gieu, 

< ■ Joh. Georgii Heredis Norvegi», &c. Regimen Aca-t 

demicum in illustri Heasarum Giessena. 4^ GUs, 1610. 
GIESWIEN (JOH. PHiL.) De Febre maligna. 4« Giess. 1665. 

r De suilbcatione uterina. 4® GiesM. 1665. 

-; Hodegus Medicus sive Systema Materi» Medicse. 8* 

Franc. 1676. 
— — Manuale Medicin» practic». 8® Franc, 1687. 
GIESWEIN (PHiu ANO.) De segro Melancliolia laborante. 4^ 

Giess. 1684. 
GIEVROT (Giov.) Reggimento perla Peste. 4» SHen, 1576. 
GIFFARD (bonaventure) Sermon of the Nativity of our Lord* 

4» Lonrf. 1688. 
GIFFARD (geo.) Dialogue conceming Witches, and Witcbcrafts. 

4» Land, 1603. 
GIFFARD (john) Letter conceming the Lord Shandois coming 

to Cisseter to execute the commission of Array. 4^ Lond. 

GIFFARD (john) Family Religion a prinoipal support of the 

Church of England. 12* Land. 1713. 
GIFFARD (wiLL.) Cases in Midwifry revTsed by E. Hoby. 4* 

Lond. 1734. 
GIFFENIUS (hermannus) De primariis controversiiis inter Be- 

formatos et Lutheraiios. 4** Lug. Bai. 1670. 
GIFFORD (andrew) Sermon on his death by J. Rippon, with 

an address at his interment by J. Ryland. 8^ Lond. 1784. 
GIFFORD (CAPT.) ». londqn. 
GIFFORD (JOAN.) Dissertatio de Ratione alendi Ministros Ev-an- 

gelicos in statu ecclesie^ pacato et stabilito, qua dispiitatur eqs 

neque ex eleemosynis oportere, neque e% stipendiis vivere, sed 

Decimii. S^ Hamb. 1619. 
GIFFORD (john) Address to the Commpn sense of the people 

of England, containing an abstract of Pain^ Life and writingB. 

8» Lond. 1792. 
Life of the Right Honble. Wm. Pitt. 3 vol. 4P Land. 

GIFFORD (john) v. aubrt. 

GIFFORD (rich.) De Arthritide. 4« Lug. Bat. 1796. 
<5IFFORD (tho.) De Venenis. 4» Lug. Bat. 1636. 
GIFFORD (thos.) Historical Description of the Zetland Islands 

[being No. XXXVIl, of the Bibl. Top. BritL] 4« Lond. 1786. 
GIFFORD (wm.) V. juvbnalis. 


G I L 

GIFF09DE (gso.) A DiscouTBe of the Countrie Divinitie. I^ 

Ixmd. 1583. 
GIFFTHEYL (lod. pbbd.)Two letters on ihepresent cabmities, 

and commotions of warre. 4** Lond, 1649. 
GIGANTI (N1C.) Scholadi ferire di Spada. 4<> Ven. 1606. 
Theatre d'Armes. Allem. k Fr. par Jaques de Zeter. 

4» Franc, 1619. 
GIG ANTOLOGIE. Histoire dcs grandeurs des Geants. &^ Pof^ 

nrANTOMAXIA, a Poem. 4« Lond. 1683, 
GIGAS (CASP.) Dt Scabie. ^"^ Jen. 1662. 
— — — De palpitatione Cordis. 4® Jenct. 1669. 
GIGAS (GODOFR.) De Terra sigillata. 4» Jen. 1664. 
— — De methodo cognoscendi et curandi obstructiones. 4/^ 

J«i. 1665. 

De Lipothymia. 49 Lug. Bat. 1668. 

GIGGEIUS (ANT.)Thesauru8 Linguae Arabicse. 4 toI. fol. Medioh 

GIGLI (girolamo) v. corneille. 
■ ■ n don Pilone, overo il Bacchetone fidso Commedia. 

12» Luc. 1711. 

Nuova seconda Selva di varia Lettione che segue P. 

Mewia. 4<> Ven. 1565. 

8» Ven. 1578. 

GIGNOUX (john) Epistolary Correspondence made easy and 

pleasant, with French traQslatioqs by P. Bellie. 12^ Lond. 

GIGOT ( ) Marquisse de Villars.^LcttT€s, W Amst. 1762. 
GIIS (dan. and.) De Alteratione et Augmentatione. 4^ Lug, Bai. 

QIL (alexand.) Logonomia Anglica qua Gentis sermo facilius 

addiscitur. 4» Lond. 1619. 

nAPEPrA sive Poetici Conatus. 19® Lond. 1632. 

GIL (jatme) Declaration de los Provechos Grandes, que dans las 

Cohnenas bien administradas : y Alaban^as de ias Abejas. 12* 

Zarag. 1621. 
GILASPEY (geo.) Anj assertion of the Govemment of the Ch. 

of Scotland. 4» Edin. 1641. 
GILBANfC (w.) The Day of Pentecost, or Man restored, a Poem. 

8« Lond. 1789. 
OILBERT (benj.) Narrative of his captivity and 8u£ferings among 

the Indiahs. 8» Lond. 1785. 
GILpERT (cLAUDius)'The Libertine schooled, or a Vindication 

o^ the Magistrates power in relio-ious matters. 4® Lond. 


— : : — Pleasant Walk to Heaven. 4« Lond. 1658. 

■■ The bkssed Peace-maker and Christian Reconciler.,4* 

Land. 1658. 
' Sovereign Antidote against sinful Errors. 4* f^ond. 


G I L 

6ILBERT (eleazar) Newes from Poland ; of the cruell Practice 

of thePopish Clergie against the Protest^nts. Lond. 1641. 
w Tbe Prelatical Cavalier catechized and Protestant Sol« 

dier incouraged. 4° Lond, 1645. 
GILBERT (siu humfrey) Discourse of a Discovery for a ncw 

Passage to Cataia. 4" Lond. 1576. 
GILBERT (humpu.) v. budjeus. 

GILBERT [Sir jeffeuy) Treatise of Tenurcs. 8» Savoy, 1757. 
i Treatise on the Court of Exchequer. 8° Lond. 1758. 

GILBERT (john) Serraon on 30th Jan. 1699. 
GILBERT (john) Bp. of Lmdaff, A Charity Sermon before. 

the Lord Mayor. 4« Lond. 1743. 
>■■ Sermon before Society for propag^ating the GospeL 4* 

Lond, 1744. 
GILBERT (samuel) Fons Sanitatis : or the healing Spring at 

Willowbridge in Staflbrdshire. 12« Lond, 1676. 

w The Florist'* Vade mecum. 12« T/)nd, 1683. 

GILBERT (THo.) Vindicia Dei Dominii. 12« iKmd. 1655. 
GIL6ERT (tho.) Observations upon the Ordcrs of tlie House of 

Ck>mmons with respect to the Poor, &c. 8*^ Lond. 1775. 
■■ Plan for the better rehef and employmcnt of the Poor, 

Vagrants, and Houses of Correction. 8® Lond. 1781. 
* Heads of a Bill for the better reUef of the Poor. 8« 

Lond. 1787. 

Considerations on tlie Biils for the better rdief of the 

Poor. 8° Lond. 1787. 
IGILBERT (THo.) Voyage from New S. Wales to Canton. 1788. 

4° Lond. 1789. 
GILBERT (\v.) Architectonice Consolationis : orthe artof build-r 

ing Comfort ; a Sermon ou the death of Janc Gilbert. 4* 

Lond. 1640. 
GILBERT (w.) Gilberfs Law Directory for 1775. 8« Lond. 

GILBERTUS, AngUcus. Compendium Medicine. 4<> Lugd. 1510. 
4G1LBERTUS (AUG. christ.) De anima hominis. 4° Witt. 1712. 
GiLBERTUS (gul.) De Magnete. fol. Lond. 1600. 
■■ r-auct. et figur. illusta Wolf. Loch- 

mano. 4° Sedin. 1628. 

40 Sedin. 1633. 

GILCHRIST (joHN B.) Enghsh and Hindoostancc Dictionary. 

2 Parts. 49 CalciUta, 1767. 
r— ^ Grdmmar of the Hindoostance Language. 4P Calc, 

V The Oriental Linguist, or an introduction to the Pc^u- 

lar Language of Hindoostan^ vulgarly called the Moors. 4^ 

Calc. 1798. 

The Anti- Jargonist, or a short introduction to the Hin* 

doostannee Language. 8® Calc, 1800. 

The Strangers East India Guide to the Hindoostanee. 

12«^ Calc. 1802. 

■ 8« Lond. 1808. 



GILCHRIST (JOHN B.) British Inclian Monitor; or tBe Ant^-« 
Jargonist, Strangers Guide, Oriental Linguist, and othcr work« 
on the Hindoostannee Language compressed. 2 vol, S* Edinb* 

GILDAS Sapiens, v. gale. 

De Excidio Britannire. 12® Bas, 1541. 

— — 8« Lond. 1525. 

• 130 Lond, 1568. 

a Carolo Bertram. S^ Ilavn. 1757. 

Angl. W Lond. 1652. 

GILDEN (g.) A Proonostication for 1624. 12« Lond. 

: for 1630. 12« Lond. 

fdr 1631. 12° Lond. 

CILDON (cHARLEs) Miscellaneous Letters and Essays. 8* Lond, 

— The Roman Bride's Revenge, a Tragedy. 4« Londm 


Phafiton, or the Fatal Divorce, a Tragedy. 4*^ Lond. 


The Dei6t's Manual. S*» Lond. 1705 

,GIL£S (j.) Tryal of J. Giles for an attempt to murder J. Arnold, 

Rqr. fbl Lond. 1681. 
GILES (sT.) Cripplegate. Anorder of the Churchwardens touch- 

inff Lodgers. fol. 1677. 
GILES (sT.).//j thcfields. Reasons for a Bill to rebuild the 

Church at the Public charge. fol. 

Orders of a yestry. fol. 1712. 

fol. 1726. 

• Rules and orders for St. Giles's Workhouse. 8" 

• Workhouse cruelty at St. Giles's in the Fields. foL 
► A method of suppressing Beggars in St. Giles^s. fol. 

GILGIUS (geo. w.) De memoriaj laisione ex niniio Veneris usu. 

4» AUd. 1691. 
GILINUS (JOH. jac.) Hospitalis Mediolani Historia. 4» MedioK 

1508. - 
GILKENIUS (PETR.) Comment. in Aristotelis Ethica. 4P Franci 

GILL (abraham) The Experiment : or the shortest way with the 

Disscnter: being the Case of Mr. Abraham Gill, a Dissenting 

Minister in the Isle of Ely, who was sent for a Soldier. 4* 

Lond. 17t)5. 
GILD (eliz.) Sermon on her Death; to which is added some of 

herchoiceExperiences. 8*^ Lond. 1738. 
GILL (han.) Two sermons on her death. 1784. 8® York. 
GILL (JER.) Minutes of his life by T. Whitakcr. S^» 
GILL (JOH.) Funeral Sermon oii Mary Fall. 8" Lond. 
■ Job'» creed, or confession of faith. A Funeral Sermon 

on Revd. E. Wallin. 8« Lond. 1733. 
■ Funcral Sermon on Eliz. Gill 8^ Land. 1738. 


G I L 

GILL (JOH.) Sennon ou the death of Ann Brine. 8* Lcmd, 1745. 
■ Sermononthedeaihof £. Ludlow. %^ Lond. 1749. 

«— Sermon on the death of Revd. S. Wilson. 9* Lond. 


Sermon on the death of B. Seward, £sqr. 8^ Lond. 


- Christ the ransom found. A Sermon on the death of 

J. Davcnport. 8« Lond. 1754. 

- The mutual gain of Clirist and Christians in their life 

and death. A Sermon on the death of Re^. J. Stennett. 8^ 
Lond, 1758. 

• The superior happiness of the righteous Dead, to that 

of living Saints. A Fuueral Sermon on Rev, J. Fali. 8*^ Lond^ 

• The glory of God^s grace displayed, in its aboondiil^ 

over the aboundings of sin. A Sermon on the deatb of J. Smith^ 
8<» Lond. 1764. 

• The faithful minister of Christ crowned. A Sermonon 

the death of Rev. J. Anderson. S^ Lond. 1767. 

• A grain of gratitude. A Sermon on his deatb by G< 

Craner. 8» Lond.llll. 

' The victorious Christian receiving the Crowli* A Ser- 

mon on his death by S. Stennett, with the address at hbinier* 
ment by B. Wallin. 8" Lond. 1771. 
GILL(sARAii) Sermon on herdeath. 8® Boston, 1771. 


GILL (wM. M'.) Practical Essay on the death of Christ. 8* Edin^ 

GILLE (p. PARis) Polyxena, Tragoedia. 4« Salisk 1678. 
■■ Gratulationes diversae, qiias, ma^nis Principibus acci* 

nuit Universitas Salisburgensis. M. Salisb. 1681. 
GILLENIUS (joH.w.) De Variolis. 4» M. Catt. 1680. 

De Calculo Renum. 4<> M. Cait. 1680. 

GILLERDON (mich.) De Pleuritide. 4<> Lug. Bat. 1719. 
GILLE8 (arnaud) La Fleur des Remedes contre le Mal des 

Dents. »> Par. 1621. 
GILLES (nicolle) Les Croniques & Annales de France. i<A. Par. 

■ continue par Denis Sauvage. 2 tom. foL Par. 


- par F. de Belleforest. fol. Par. 1573. 

GILLES (pierre) Histoire des Eglises Reform^&s de Piedmont. 

4« Gcn. 1644. 
GILLESPIE (geo.) FastSermon before the Commons. 4® Lond. 

■ Fast Sermon before the Lords. 4® Lond. 1645. 
Nihil respondes : or a Discovery of the unsatisfactori- 

ness of Coleman*s Brotherly examinaiion re-examined. 4® Lond. 


Mal^ audis in answer to Mr. Coleman'9 Mali dicis. 4* 

Lond. 1646. GILLESPIE 


tvILLESPIE (geo.) Aaron'8 Rod bloaBoming: or the divine on- 
dinance of Church govemment vindicated. 4^ Lond. 1646. 

Nil probas ; or a Discovery of the unsatisfactoriness of 

Aaron'8 rod buddin^. 4® Lond, 1646. 

An usefull Case of Conscience discussed and resolved 

conceming associations with Idolaters,Hereticks,&c. 4^ Edinb. 

Qnestions on Cases of Conscience. 4® Edinb. 1649. 

-GILLET (lawr.) Recueii des toiites les Pieces conceroant le 

Proces des Avocats et des Medecins de la Ville de Lion. 4* 

Uan. 1700. 
CiILLET (sBftVATiiTs) Galenus moralis ac mysticus, firsescribens 

Alexipharmaca et Amuleta ad utriusque Hominis Sanitatem 

preservandam. 9P Lovan. 1661. 
CILLIES (john) Devotional Exerciscs on the New TestamenL 

B^ Lond. 1769. 
Lifeof George Whitefield. ^ Lond. 1772. 


- A view of the Reign of Frederick II. of Prussia, witb 
a paraUel between that Prince and Philip II. of Macedon. 8^ 
Lond. 1789. 

OILUNG tisAAc) Life of the Revd. G. Trosse. 8« Lond. 1715. 
CJILLINGWATER (edm.) Historical Accountof St.Edmund*« 

Bury. 13» Edmund's B. 1804. 
GILLIUS (psTAUs) V. JELiANus. DEMETRius Consiantinopoliumut» 


"OILLON (abr. COENEL18 le) De activa Testamenti factione. 4* 

Trq;. ad Rhen. 1785. 
GILLON (ouL.) De Ven» Seetione. 4<^ iMg. Bai. 1628. 
GILLOT D£ SAINCTONGE {Mad.) v. antonius I. PoriugalH^ 

-CILLOTIUS (j.) V. BAnuus Magnus. 


•GILPIN (bern.) Sermon before King Edwd. VI. 1559. 4« Lond. 

-T ViU, a Geo. Carleton. 4» Lond. 1628. 

. : Jng. 12« Lond. 1636. 

Life by W. Gilpin. 8« Lond. 1753. 

GILPIN (g.) V. MARNIX. rabbotenu. 

GILPIN (john) The Quakers shaken. 4<> Netvc. 1653. 

— Answer to the Book published in his Name^ and sub- 
scribed by the Priest of Kendal. 49 Lond. 1655. 

GILPIN iMrs.) Her retum from Edmouton. 8» Lond. 
GILPIN (r.) The comforts of divine love, a Serraon on the death 

of Revd. T. Manlove. 12« Lond. 1700. 
<5ILPIN (Rtc.) De hysterica Passione. 4» Lug. Bat. 1676. 
GILPIN (wiluam) Lifeof Bem.Gilpin. 8» Lond. 1753. 
Life of Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester. 8° Lond. 


%^ Lond. 17S0. 

V^^i. III. l. OWSYSV 

G I O 

GILPIN (william) Life of John Widiff and tbe most emfnenC ef 

hifi disciples. 8' Lond. 1765. 
•— — An Exposition of the N* Testament. 4<> Lond. 1790. . 

■ Funeral Sermon and life of W. Baker. 12" Lond, 


Moral Contrasts: or ihe powerofReligion exemplified. 

8» Lym: 1798. 

Explanation of the duties of Religion for tlie use of 

Boldre School. l^ %m. 1798. 

Sermons to a Coimtry Congregation. 3 vols. 8® Load. 



GIIJSON (DAV.) Sermons. 8» Land. 1788. 
GILSON (THos.) Funeral Sermon on. 4» Lond. 1680. 
GIMMA (giacinto) Elogi Accademici deila Societa degli Spen* 

sierati di Rossano. 2 vol. 4<^ Nap. 1703. 
' Idca della Storia deir Italia Letterata. 3 tom. 4® Nap. 

GIMONT (PALL de) Advis sur TAppel interject^ par Emond 
«Richerde la censure de son livre De ecclcsiastica ct poliiica 

potestaie. 8« 1612. 
GINAMMI (marco) v. casas. 
GINAMMI (tinc.) v. fiammarblli. 

GINANJ^l (fran.) Istoria Civile e Naturale delle Pineti Raven- 
, nati. 4» Rotn. 1774. 

GINCKLE ( ) Lieut.-General. A relation of a Victory ia 
" Ireland under the command of Li6ut.-General Ginckle. fol. 

GINGUCUTT (john) An account of his Treatise on the scold- 

ii^ of the Ancients. ^ Lond. 1731. 
GINKLE (godart) Earl qf Athlone. A meinorial in hebalf of 

Godart Earl of Athlone^ and the Protestant purchasers under 

him. fo). 
GINN (BLiz.) FuneralSermoo. 8» Lond. 1738. 
GINNOR (sarah) The Woman^s Almanack. 12« Lond. 

GIOBERTI (lorenzo) La prima Parte de gli Errori popolari, 

trad. dal France^c da Alberto Luchi. 4® Fir. 1592. 
GIOERIDA (siTTi MAANi) della Valkt r.ROccHi. 


GIOLO (prince) Account of him. 4» Lond. 1692. 
GiONANNINI (girolamo) r. franco. 


GIORGI (fed.) Del Modo di conoscere i buoni Falconi>.Aatori« 

e Sparavieri. 8<> Ven. 1558. 

l^ Miian. 1645. 

GIORGI (gaston giuseppe) Giunta di varie Lettere dissertato- 

rie^ &c. relative alla Lezione Accitdemica di Antonio Vallisneri, 

intomorOriginedelleFontane. 4» Ven.l726. 
GIORGIUS (matt.) Elementa ScientisB naturdis. 4« Luat, 



6 I a 

010R6IUS («ATT.) TklV Arte piccola di medicare. I2f^ Qau 

GIORNALE. Giomale Veneto de Letterali per 1' Aniio 1670 au 

1690. 4« Vcn. 
— — Giomale de Letterati di Pamia per T Aono 1666, 7, 8, 

9, 90, 96. 9 tom. 4f^ Parm. 

• Gioraali di Ferrara overo Atti eruditi de Letterati. 4' 

Ferrar. 1689. 

'■ Giornale de' Letterati del 1693. 4» Mod. 

Giornale de Letterati d'Iulia. 36 tom. W Ven. 1710 


■■■ Suppleroenti al Giornale de Letterati d'Italia. 2 tom.. 

12» 1722. 
—— — Osservazioni letterarie, chc possopo servir di Continu** 

azione al Giomal de Letterati d'Italia. 6 tom. 8^ Veron. 1737 

— ' Giomale de* Letterati pubblicato in Firenze. 2tom. 

12» Fir. 1742-3. 
■ Giomale de' Letjterati publicato col Titolo di NoTelle 

letterarie Oltromontane. 12 tom. 4<» J?aifi. 1742 — 55. 
GIOT (JOH. FR.) An vita Magnetigmus? 4« Par. 1713. 
GIOVANNI D'AUSTRIA (d.) v. cm^^ccaouo. 
GIOVANNI (Giov. Di) L^Ebraismo della Sicilia. 4* PaUrmo, 

GIOVANNI (JER.) Fiormino, II Pecorone. 8» Fni.l55B- 
GIOVE. Sentenza di Giove tra TAquila et il Leone. 4<* 
GIOVENNAZZI, v. uvius. 
GlOyiO^ V, Jov;iJS. cELLi. 
GIOVIO (PAOLo) Commentarii delle cose de Turchi,di P. Giovio» 

e^ Andn» Gambini» ^n gli fatti, et la vita |di ^canderbeg. 12*. 

Vin.ap.Ald. 1541, 
GIOVITA (ST.) V. aossf . 


' Commentarii in Aristotelis Politica. 8® Franc. 1608i. ' 

4 Commentarii iii Aristotelis Etbica. 8^ Franc. 1608. 

GIPPS (geo.) A Sermon preached before God and from hin» to 

the House of Commons at a Fast 4^ Lond. 1645. 
GIPS (gisb.) De Polypo cordis. 4» Lug. Bat. 1735. 
GIRAC (sB. de) ^esponse a la Defense des Oeijvres dc M. d^ 

Voifure, fait^par M. Costar. 4» Par. 1655. 

8* Leyd. 1660. 

GIRAFFI (ales.) Le Rivolutioni di Napoli. \lf 1647. 

r— rililg/. byJamenHowel). 12* Lond. 1650, 

8« Lond. 1664. 

CIRALDI (GiOYJtv. battista) Cinihio. Discorsi intpmo al com^ 

Srrede i Romanzi, delleComedie, e delJe Tragedie, e di ahre 
miere di Poesie. 4P Vin. 1554. 

Hcrcole. 4» Mod. 1557. 

Heccatommilhi. IL part. 8** Mo/?/e /?^. 1565. 

-, '- — ■ 8* Ven. 1566. 

i& I R 

GIRALDI (giovan. *attista) Heccatommithi. II. Part. 4^ Vhu 


Orbecche, Tra^edia. 12* 1583. 

Commentario Delle Cose di Ferrara, et de Principi da 

Este, trad. di Lai. da L. Domenichi. \9f* Ven. 
GIRALDI (guliano) Esequie d'Arrigo Quarto Re di Francia. 

fol. Firenze, \6l6. 
GIRALDINI (piER. FRANC.) Discorso sopra la Pietra Belzuar 

Minerale. 4» Fir, 1626. 
6IRALDUS Cambrenns. v. anglia. 
■ Itinerarium Cambrise. 13** Lond. 1585. 
^ — »-— Ang. by Sir Richd. Colt Hoare, Bart. 3 ?o!. 

4« Lond. 1806. 
GIRAM (JOANNES Roiz) Historia Japonnensis anni 1624. 4* 

Mog. 1628. 
GIRARD (alb.) Invention nouvelle en Algebre. 4" Amsi, 

GIRARD (antoine) Tableau des Mysteres de rHeliotrope, Tir6 

8Ur le dessein du P. H. Drexelius et mis en son Jour. par A Gi* 

rard. 12« Par. 1640. 
GIRARD (bern. de) Seigncur du Haillon. p. cadiere. probus. 
Dc la Fortune & Vertu de la France. 12* Par. 


De Petat et succez des affiures de France. 4^ Par., 


80 Par. 1609. 

8<> Par. 1613. 

Histoire sommaire des Comtes et Ducs d^Aniou. ^** 

Par. 1572. 

Recueil d'Advis et Conseils sar les Afikires d^Estat^ 

tirfe des Vies de Plutarque. 4« Par. 1578. 

L'Hi8toire de France. 2 tom. ^ 158a 

Histoire de la Vie du Duc d^Espernon. 4 tom. 12^ 

Par. 1730. 
GIRARD (franc.) Vivunt ne longius ac felicius qui juniores 

ineant c<mnubium ? 4* P<ir. 1675. 
Est ne »ger ad Xi^olo/uua» babieo praeparandus ? 4*^ 

Par. 1675. 

An magnis lienibus ferrum ? 4* Par. 1675. 

GIRARD ( JACQ. FRANC.) Traite des Armes, orne de Figures. 4^ 

Par. 1736. i 


— ^ Des choses merveiUeuses en Nature, traduit en Fran^ois. 

12° Lyon. 1557. 
GIRARD (JOH.) Enchiridion philosophicum' ad mentem D. 

Thom». 8« Pictav. 1670. 
Enchiridion physicum ad mentem D. Thomae. 8® Pic' 

toD. 1674. 
GIRARD (j. B.) Recueil des Pieces de srai Procez avec Demoi- 

aelle Cath. Cadiere. 5 tom. 8<> Aix, 173L 


G I S 

GIRARD (piULiPPEs) Quelque chose. 8^ Par, 1587. 
GIRARDI (ant.) Discorso intorno alle Cose dclla Guerra, con 

iina Oratione della Pace. 4*^ Fen. 1568. 
GIRARDI (PELicE p.) Diario delle Cose piu iUustri scguite ne| 

Mondo. 4^ Nap. 1653. 
GIRARDON (PR.) Gravures de ses Oeuvres & de 8on Cabinet & 

Galerie, par Charpentier, &c. fol. Par. 
GIRAVA (HiERON.) Cosmonrraphia. 4P Mil 1556. 
GIRBERTUS (elisaus) De incendio sylvatico prope Schmide^ 

ber^m. 4^ Witteh. 1659. 
GIRDLER (j. s.) Ob8er\'ations on forestaHing^ regrating and In* 

rissing^ with a list of the statutes relating to those offences^ 
Lond. 1800. 
GIRELLUS (hieron.) Adversus Quffistionem M. A. Zimar» de 

Speciebus inteUigibilibus. 4^ Ven, 1561. 
GIRNT (JER.) De hypochondriaca Afiectione. 4^ Witt. 1088. 
GIROLAMI (pl.) Nuova Minera d'Oro. 4» Ven, 1590. 
GIROLAMO (s.) Epistole tradotte di Latino, di Gio. Fr. Zeffi. 

4» Vcn, 1562. 
GIRON (diego soria) Fabnca de la Esperiencia. 4^ Nap. 

GIRON (j. pelix) Origen^ y primeras Poblaciones de Espaiiai 

&c. 4« CordAG^. 
GIRSCHNERUS (joac sigism.) De erroribus circa Venena vul- 

garibus. 4« Hal. Mag. 1718. 
4« Hal. Mag, 1719. 


GISBERTI (DOMENico) Le Gare dell' Isero e della Dora. 4« 

3Ion. 1666. 
La Casa d'Acquario, Festa inaugiirale, &c. 4® Mon. 


I Colori geniali. Tomiamento di Luce. 4^ Mon. 1669. 

GISBICE (PAULLus \) Schediasmata. & LttgdJBat, 1598. 
GISBORNE (john) The vales of Wever, a Poem. 4» Lond. 

GISBORNE (thos.) An cnquiry into the duties of Men. 3 vols. 

8* 1795. 

Walks in a Forest. 8« Lond. 1796. 

12« Lond. 1797. 

An enquiry into the duties of the Female Sex. 8* 

Land. 1797. 

Pitcms. Sacred and Moral. 12® Lond. 1798. 

A Familiar Survey of the Christian Religion, and of 

History as connected with Christianity. 8^ Lond, 1799. 
Sermons. 2 vol. 8» Lond. 1802. 

GISCAFERIUS -(gul.) De Febrium Natura et Curatione. 8^ 

Par. 1581. 
GISELERUS (laur.) Observationes medicc de Peste Brunsvi- 

censi anui 1657. 4<^ Brunsv. 1663. 



G L A 

GISLO (jACOBus) Chronologia. 4» 1593. 

GIUDELLI (LuiGi) Vita del Dottore Boerhaave, tradotU dall' 

Idioma Inglese. ^^ Nap. 1762. 
GIUDICCIOLO (LEVANT.) Antidoto della Gelosia. 8« F«u 

GIUDICI (giovan.) Le Vite delli piu celebri et antichi primi 

Poeti Provenzali, che fiorii-no nel Tempo delli Re di Napcdi, c 

Conti di Provenza: 12° Lion. 1575. 
GIUDOTIUS (tho.) V. theophilus. 
GIUFFI (jo. ant.) Tractatus de Eclipsibus. 4<> Ncap. 1623. 
GIUFFREDI, p. MAxiMus trojanus. 
GIUNTI (jAcopo) Comedia intitolata Sine Nomine. 8® Fior. 

GIUNTINI (girolamo) Lettera scientifica, intorno alla cagionc 

de' Terremoti. 4° Fir. 1729. 
GIVRJ^ (p. le) (^'anatpmie des Eaux miperales de Prov^n^. 8^ 

JPflr. 1654. 

,41 . — - &^ Par. 1659, 

w Le secret des Eaux minerales acides. 2 tom. 12^ Par. 

GIVRIUS (petr.) Arcanum Acidularum, in quo comrounis opi- 

fio de aquarum mineralium acidi^ate copvellitur. 12** Amsif 
GIUSTI (bern.) Difesa della Liberta Eccl^iastica. 4^ Romr 

GyJSTI (ahcenzo) Fortunio, Comedia. W Ven. 1597. 


GLACAN (nellanus) Tractatusde Peste. 12° Tohs, 1629. 

: Carmina, pro Oratoribus Hybernicis, ad Innocentem 

X. missa. A^ Bonon. 1648. 

Cursi medici. Partes 1. 2. 4" Bonon. 1655. 

GLACE. La Glace Fidele, rcmise auteint, ou Lettre d'un 

Gentilhomrae Breton a TAuteur dcs' Lettres d'un Ami du 

Vrai. 8° 
GLADBACII (chr. fr.) De Fistula in Ano. 8« Hanac. 1721. " 
GLADBACH (corn.) pissertatioinedica, sistenn instrumenta in 

quovis partu difTiciH non ni§i §umma necessitate esse in auxi- 

liiun vocanda. 4*^ Lngd. 17S9. 
GLADBACH (joii. adolph.) De"Ebrietatc assidua, Iljtlropis 

tausi. 4« E^, 1701, 
De Ilernia incarcerala suppurata Facpe npn letbal\. 4** 

Jtft'///i. 1738. 
GLADBACH (joji. bern.) Abhanckhmg vpn dem Scbwalbacher 

Sauerbrunnen. 4*^ Franc. 1609^ 

Praxeos Medicsc Idea povissima. 8** Herh. 1(>94. 

GLADBACH (JOH. pet.) De Icterp flavo. 4.^ Lutrd, 1669. 
GLADIATORS, an Heroic Epistle, addressed to the Eravpes of 

administration. fol. Lond. 1780. 
GLADO (joH. BENj.) De Anorexia. 4" X^ips. I69Q. 

Dc Vitalitate corporis. i^ Lips. 1697. 


. G L A 

CLADO (joH. B£NJ.) De humotiboi serosis, qui ad canalem a!U 

mentoruin depouuntur. 4^ Lips, 1697. 
■'■» De Sensibus ejLtemis^ in specie de Tactu. 4* Li&f « 

GLADWIN (francis) v, akber. 
■ The Persian Moonshee. 4« Calc. 1801. 

GLAFLEY (ad. fr.) De jure pnecedentise foemiuarum. 4^ Hat. 

Mag. 1719. 
GLAGAU (agio.) De Senectute ipsa morbo. 4^ Lug. Bai* 

GLAMBECIUS (hen.) De causa Justificationis. 4^ Witt. 

GLAMORGANSHIRE. A trne and faithful relation of a famoui 

«nd remarkable Victor^ obtained by tbe Inhabitants of Gi&- 

morganshire over the Marquesse of Hertford. 4** Land. 


■ A declaration of the proceedings of diyers in Glamor* 
ganshire who declare for the King. 4® Lond. 1647. 

The grievances of the County. 4® 1647. 

GLANDORPIUSI^joanO GenealogiaGentisAntoni». Sf^ Lipi. 

■ Juliae Gentis Descriptio et Origo. 8* Bas. 1576. 
— »— Onomasticon HistorisR Romanas. fol. Franc. 1589. 

■ Notitia Familia; Caii Juhi Caesaris Dictatoris, ct Caii 
Caesaris Octaviani. 4® Par. 1604. 

GLANDORPIUS (matth.) Opera omnia. 4« Lond. 1729, 

■ Speculum Chirur^rum. 8® Brem. 1619. 

" Methodus medendx paronychiae. 12** Brm. 1623. 

De Polypo Narium. 4^ Brem. 1628. 

Gazophylacium PolyplusiumFonticulorum et Setonum. 

4« Brcnt. 1632. x 

GLANIUS (Mr.) New Voyage to the East-Indies. 12* Land. 

GLANTVILLA (sARTHOLOMiEus db) De prbprietatibus rerum. 

fol, a>/.148L 

foL Argent. 1491. 

fd. Nurenb. 1492. 

fol. Jrg. 1505, 

fol. Nurenb. 1519. 

^ 8« Fran. 1601. 

^ Jng. by John Trevisa. fol. Lo)id. 1535. 

by Steph. Batman. fol. Lond. 1582. 

— Gall. par Jehan Corbichon. fol. ' Par. 1539. 

fol. Par. 1556. 

1 Romance por Fr. Vincente de Burgos. fol. 

Tdled. 1529. 
GLANTZBY ( ) Les Voya^es dans les Mers Oricntales de la 

Tartarie. 12« Amst. 1730. 
GLANVILL (john) v. pleydell. 

Speech in Parliament, May 22, 1628. 4» 


G L A 

(firLANVlLL (joseph) The Vaniiy of dogmatizbg: or coufidence 

in opinions. 12^ Lond. 166L 
i^ with a Reply to the Exceptions of Tho. Al* 

bius. 40 LondA665, ♦ 

Plus ultra ; or the progress and advancement oT know* 

ledge sirtce the days of Aristotle. 8* Lond, 1668. 
■ The Way lo Happiness. 12» Lefnd. 16T0. 

Defence of Reason in Afiairs of Religion. 8® L(nuL 


Philosophia pia, or a Discourse of the Rdigiou» Tem*- 

per and Tendencies of the experimental PhiloBophy profeased 
by theRoyal Society. 8® Lond, 1671. 

^ Prefatory Answer to HenryStubbew 8« Lond. 1671. 

Seasonable Reflections and Discourses in order to the 

Conviction and Cure of the Scoffingand Infidelity of a deg^e* 
rateAge. 12« Lond. 1676. 

Essays on several sul^ecls iu Philosophy and Rdigibn. 

4« Lond. 1676. 

Essay concerning preaching. 12« Lmid. 1678. 

- Two choice and useful treatises : the one Lux oricntalis^ 

or an enquiry into theopinion of the Eastem Sages conceming^ 
the prae-existence of Souls 1 the other a discouree of Tmth by 
Dr.Rust. With anuotations on tliemboth. S^ Lond. 1682. , 
Sadducismus triumphatus, or a full and plain Evidenoe 

conceming Witches and Apparitions. 8® Lond. 1726. 
QLANVILL (sERj.) His Speech for Peace and Unity. 4<» Lond. 

GLANVILLA (ranulph. de) De Legibus et Consuetudinibiut 

Angliffi. 12« Land. 1604. 
• ed. a J. WiUnot [sub nomine Joh. Rayner.] 

12« Lond.l7&). 
CILAPTHORNE (geoO Proceedings against hira* 4« 1654. 
GLAPTHORNE (henry) Argalus and Parthenia. 4« Land. 


Albertus Wallenstein, a Tragedy. 4« Land. 1640. 

' The Hollander, a Comedy. 4« Land. 1640. 

■ Wit in a Constable, a Comedy. 4* Lond, 1640. 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ The Ladies Priviledge, a Comedy. 4« Lond. 1640. 

Whitehall, a Poera, with Elegies on the Earls of Bed- 

ford and Manchester. 4« 1643. 
'GLAREANO (scip.) La Grillaia curiosita erudite. 12* JV«p. • 

OLAREANUS (henricus) r. cjesar. dionysius Halicarnasseus^ 


— Geographia. 4° Bas. 1527, 

4« Frib. 1533. 

i 4» Frib. 1539. 

Chronologia in omnem Rom^nam Historiam. 8® iMgd. 

In Sallustiam Annotationes. 8® Bas. 1538. 



6 L A 

GLAREANUS (HENwajs) Helreti» Deseriptio com HU. Helue- 
tiorum pagis ac XIII. urbium PlEme^ynco^ et Osnakii Molitorifl 
Lqcerini Uommentario. Item ad Max. .Smilianam Imp. Car-' 
men. &* Bas. 1554. 

De sex Arithmeticje practic» SpeciebiiSw 8* Par. 1558. 

GLARGES (PHiL. D£) De Palpitatione Cordis. 4<» Lugd. Bat. 

GLARGES (pHiLippus de) De eiceptionibns, pnncriptioniboa 
& prejndiciis. 4* Lugd. 1710. 


GLAS (geo.) Hidtory ofthe Canary Islands. 4^ Lmd. 1764. 
GLASCHKE (joh. mich.) De Animarum transmigratione. 4* 

Hal. Mag. 1699. 
— — De Novitatibus medicis in genere. 4^ Hal. Mag. 1704. 
GLASCOCK (chr.) Funeral Serraon on. 4* Lond. 1690. 
GLASCOCK (fr.) Scrmon on his death. 4* Lond. 1706. 
GLASER (cHRisTOPH.)TraitedeKiChymie. 12* Brux. 1676. 

Germ. 12» 1684. 

GLASER (cHR. jAc.) De Poetis Christianis Sacris GrsDci» et La» 

Unis. 4» Altdorf. 1685. 
GLASER (jon. coxr.) De Campana Urinatoria. 4« Lip9. 1677. 

• De Spiritu Hominis vitali. 4* Lip9. 1681. 

De Chlorosi. 4« Etf. 1683. 

GLASER (joH. phil.) De revellentibus ac derivantibua VeCemm, 

eorumque rationali exphcatione. 4* Hal. Mag. 1709. 

De morbis conscquentibus. 4* Hai. Mag. 1710. 

GLASERUS (joH. hen.) De Cerebro, ed. a J. J. SteeheHno. 8* 

Bas. 1680. 
GLASERUS (N.) V, leo. 

■ Apocrypha, Paraenetica, Philokgica. 8* Hamb. 1614. 

GLASERUS (Nic. joh.) De cruce Christi. 4» Vttt. 1686. 


GLASS. 'fhc manner howe to Anneile, or paint in Gha : the 

true receptes of the cuUors, &c. 49 1616. 
The true state of the business of Glass of all kindes. fol. 


A glasse for the Times, by T. C. 4» Lond. 1648. 

GLASS (cHRisT. PHiL.) De Circuitu Sanguinis medicins^ ration* 

aKs funJamento. 4° Hal. Mag. 1736. 
GLASS (h.) The Servant'» Directory or Housekeeper*» Com«< 

panion. 8® Loiid. 1760. 
GLAS8 (tho.) De Atrophia et Pthisi pulmonali morbisque pre- 

cipuis qui in eam tenaunt. 4<* Lug. Bat. 1731. 
GLASSE (sAML.) A course of Lecturcs on the Holy Feativals. 8® 

Lond. 1797. 
GLASSIUS (joh. ern.) De Peste. 4» Jcn. 1655. 
GLASSIUS (sAL.) XPlSTOAOriAS Mosaica Disfiertationum 

nENTAS. 4<> Jen. 1649. 
GLASTONBURY. The History and Antiquities of Glaston- 

bury, edited by T. Hearne. 8» Oxford, 1722. 


Q L A 

GLASTONIENSIS (johannb») Chronica de Bdn» GhMoni^ 

8ibus« edit Th. Heame. & Oxon. 1726. 
GLAUBER (JOH. budolpb.) His Work» traodated by C. Packe. 

fol. Lond.\eB9. 
■ De Auri tinctura, sive Auro potabili vero. 12* Amst., 


^ Germ. 12« Amsi. 1646. 

121» Jmst. 1662. 

Novdm Lumen Chymicuni. 12^ Amsi. 1653. 
Germ. I9f^ Amst. 1664. 

Pharmacopceis Spagyric» Partes V. 12^ Am$t. 


Oaw. 12* Num, 1654—68. 

• Apdogia contra mendaces Chr. Famneri. 19* Amif. 


Germ. 12» Gerdruchi. 1655. 

12<» Ftane. 1655. 

• Descriptio qua ratione ex Vini fecibus Tartarun^ sit ex- 

trahendum. l^*' Amst. 1655. 

8* Amst. 1656. 

> Glaubems redivivus. Germ. l^ Franckf. 1656. 
12» iliii^. 1656. 

— — Prosperitatis Germanise Partes IV. cum Appendice. 
18" Amst. 1656—60. 

■ Consolatio Navigantium. I2f^ Amst. 1657. 

' Testimonium veritatis. Germ. 12<^ Amst. 1657. 

. Miraculum Mundi» sive Mercurius Phikeopbomm. 

I^^" Amst. 1658. , 

Germ. 12» Amsi. 165S— 60. 

Explicatio tractatuli qui Miraculum mundi inscribitur. 

l^^" Amst. 1656. 

Germ. 12» Amst. 1656. 

> Miraculi Mundi continuatio, cum Annotationibus. 

12» Amst. 1658, 9. 

Germ. 12» Amst. 1657—59. 

•De Medicina universali, sive Auro potabili vero. 12» 

Amst. 1658. 

Germ. 12» Amst. 1657. 

Fumi Philosophici V. Partes. 12» Amst. 1658—61. 

Ang. by J. F. 4» Lond, 1651, 2. 
Germ. V. TheU. 12» Amst. 1648. 

12» Amst. 1661. 

cum Annotationibus in Apendicem. 12» 

Amst. 1658. 

Germ. 12» Amt. 1661 

• De signatura Salium, Metallorum et Planetamm. 12^ 

Amst. 1659. 

Germ. 12» Amsi. 1658. 

De natura Salium. 12» Amst. 1659. 

Onft. 12» Amst. 1658. f 



GLAUBER (joR. rudolf^.) Operit miiienlis III. V%itt», 1» 
Amtt. 1659. 

Germ. IH. Theil. 12* Amti. 1651,3. 

— — Arca thesaurb ^mulentia. Cum appendiee. 18* Amtt. 

Glauberus refutatus. Germ. W Amti. Aniiglmtb, 


— — Libellus Dialogorum, sive CoHoquia nonnuUoram Her* 
metice Mcdicine studiosorum. W Amu. 1663. 
Gtrm. 12^ Amst. 1668. 

— — Explicatio Oder AuMehing iiber die Wohrten Salomo- 
nis : in herbis, verbis, et lapidibu8> magna est virtua. 12* 
Amst. 1663. 

— DbeDus Ignium. Germ. 12^ Amu. 1668. 

— — De tribus principiis MetiSlorum. 12* Amst. 1667. 
Gcrm. 1666. 

■■ Proserpina. Germ. 12* Amu. 1667. 

■ De tribus hpidibus Ignium secretorum. Germ. 12* 
Amst. 1668. 

I>e Elia Artista. Germ, 12^ AmU. 1668. 

— ^— Glauberus concentratu8> aiye Laboratorium Glauberia* 
num. 12^ Amst. 1668. 

■ De Purgatorio Philofiophorum. 12* Amst. 1668. 
GLAUNNE (frischtan nero db) Lettre a un Miniitre d^Etat 

^ur rimmortalite de l^Am^. 12* Col. 1682. 
GLAVVERUS (caspar) ThemaU phygica de Tita et morte. 4* 

WUt. 1609. 
GLAY (jAcoBus) Introductionis philotophicas ad Carteni philo- 

sophiam pars tertia. 4* Ultr. 1683. 
GLAZEMAKER, v. moreau. 
GLEDE (PETRus) De Interdictis. 4* Helm. 1598. 
GLEDITSCH (joh. gottl.) Catalogus Plantarum Domihi de 

Zieten. 8* Ups. 1737. 

■ Consideratio Epicriseos Sieffetbeckiann in Linnsi 
Systema Plantarum sexuale et methodum botanicam huic sut 
peretructam. 8*'' IkroL 1740. 

Methodus Fungorum. 8* Btrol. 1753. 

GLEGG (j uliana) Uer case, with that of others against W. Glegg 

and Grace Glegg. fol. 
GLEICH (jo. ANDR.) Historia Numismatum succincta imprimis 

de quibusdam Nummis ob victorias (juaadam navaki. 4* Ups», 

GLEICHEN (guil. fr. baron de) Dit Russworm. Obscrvaticmi 

microecopiques sur les Parties secretes de la GeneratioD dai 

Flantes renfermees dans leiirs fleurs, et sur lei insectes, oui 8'y 

trotivent, traduit de rAHemand par J. F. Isenfiamm. foL JVv. 

renb. 1770. 
GLEIM (joh. lud,} Pe Mprum et morborum consensu. 4^ Hal. 

Mag. 1722. 
GLEISBERGIUS (mart.) Qusestiones aliquot medtcs. 4^ Witt. 


3 6LEN 


GLEN (k.) AMizeSermoii. 4« Lond. 1707. 

GLEN (JN. BAPT.) Histoire orient dcs anciens Chretiens de St. 

Thoraas^&aatreftSchismatiques, trad. de 1'E^gnol du P...Mar 

ooz, & du Parttigais du P. Govea. Remonstraiice sur la Me^ 

de8Chretien8deSt.Thomas. 8» Jnv. 1609. 
6LENC0. Gallieniis Kedivivus^ or Murthcr will out, &c. beioj; 

an account of the De-witting^ of Glencoe, Gaffhey» £c& 4^ 

EdM. 1695. 

The MaBsacre of Glencoe. 4» Lond. 1703. 

GLENHAM {Sir thos.) The declaration of Sir T. Glenham, M. 

Langdale and Sii* P. Mu^rave, concerning the Counties of 

Essex and Kent. 4<> Xcmd. 1648. 
GLENIE (jAMEs) History of Gunnery. 8» Edinb. 1776. 
GLEUCK (JER.) De Meteoris in genere. 4« fViteberg. 1606. 
GLIMMERUS (corn.) De motu liquorum per tubum retortum^ 

40 7V. ad Rhen. 1653. 
GLISENTI (ant.) U sammario delle cause che dispogno i cor|)i 

degli huomini a patire la corrotione pestiientc del prcscnte anno 


■■ Risposta air Apok>j;ia di Anib. Raimondo. 4^ H576. 

■p Trattato del Regimcnto del vivere, et delle altre cosc 

che devcno usare gli huomini per pei*servarsi sani nelU tempi 

pestilenti. 49 
GUSSENTI (fabio) UAndrio, Favola morale. 12<» Ven. 1607. 

II diligente Fawla morale, 12* Ven. 1608. 

m» Athanatophilia, overo ^Discorsi morali contra il Dispia^ 

cer del Morire. 4« Ven. 1609. 

De Lapide Philosophorum, Lai. donat a Laurenl^ 

Straussio. S^ Gissa, 1671. 

II Bacio della Giustizia e della Pace^ Favola moraie^ 

12« Ven. 1629. 
GLISSON (wiLL.) A Survey of the Law by W. Ghsson and A. 

Gulston. S^ Lond. 1659. 

8« Lond. 1661. 

. The Common Law epitomized by W. Glisson and A. 

Gulston. 8» Lond. 1679. 
GLISSONIUS (FRAN.) De Rachitide. 8« Lond. 1650. 
12« Laud. 1660. 

Anatomia Hepatis. 8« Lond. 1654. 

■ De Natura Substantia; energetica, seu de Vita Nature, 
4^ Lond. 1672. 

■ Tract. de Ventriculo et Intestinis ; item, de Partibug 

continentibus in Genere, et in Specie de iis Abdominis. 12^ 
Atnm. 1677. 

4« Lond. 1677. 

12* Lugd. Bai. 1691. 

GLOBES. The antiquity and cxcellency of Globes. 4* Lond. 

GLOBICZ (jOANNEs daniel) Tripus Medicins^i Oracula Hippo- 

mtica divulgans. W Norib. 1681. 


G L O 

GLOCK (ESii. PH1L.) ExercitftUopolitica de Majeetatis civilis au- 

toritate €;t officio circa Leges. 4® Helm. 1664. 
6LOCKENGIESSER (gbo.) De Ciirationibus Castrensibus. 4<> 

Hai. Mag. 1711. 
GLOREZ (andbeas) Hause-und-Land Bibliothec. fol. RatUh. 

GLORIOSUS (joH. cAMiLLus) ResponBum ad Theorema geome- 

Iricum. 4<> VcH. 1613. 
De Cometis. 4» Vcn. 1634. 

' R^sponsio ad Controversias, de Comctis^ Peripateticas. 

4« Vem. 1636. 
■ ■ Exercitationes Mathematicae. 4** Neap. 1697. / 

Responsio ad Vindicias Barth. Soveri et ad Scholium 

iFortunii liceti. 4<> Neap. 1630. 
GLOS (g. de) L'£pitome de Navigation pratique. 8* Hor^f. 

GLOSEMEYER C^oh.) De existentia et motu spirituum anima- 

littin in nervis. 4« Witt, 1687. 

De Apoplexia. 4° Jen. 1689. 

GLOUCESTER (henry) Duke of. Narrative of the attempU 

mtde upon him. 4* hond. 1655. 
■i. Tears dropt o*er his Herse. fol. 1660. 

" An Elesry on. fol. 1660. 

4» 1660. 

GLOUCESTER (william) Duke of. v. bubridge. fleetwood. 


■ Panepryrical Essay to his Memory. 8® Lond. 1701. 
GLOUCKCTER'(william henry) Duke qf. Proofs of the Mar- 

riages of their Royal Highncsses the Dukes of Glouccster and 
Cumberland. 8« 1773. 
GLOUCESTER. Case of the City of Gloucester against the Bill 
for disuniting the Hundreds of Pudston and Kings Barton from 
the said City. fol. 

■ Petition of the County, with the Protestation aqnexed. 
4» Lmd. 1641. 

Good news from all quarters, particularly from Clou- 

cester. 4<^ Lmid. 1643. 
A Irue relation of the late expedition of Robert Earl of 

Essex for the relief of Gloucester ; with a description of the 

fight at Newbury. 4^ Lond. 1643. 
LfU. 4« Lmd. 1643. 

An order by the Committee for the Militia of London 

for the relief of Gloucester. fol. 1643. 

A Letter from an Officer to a Genticman in Glou- 

cestershire upon occasion of some Queries scattered in that 
County. 4® 1643. 

Relation of the plot against Gloucester discovered by 

Capt Backhouse. 4<> Lond. 1644. 

An ordinance of both Houses for raising Horse and 

Foot for the Garrison at Gloucestef. 4" 1644. 

Verses on the siege of Gloucester and Col. Massey. 4* 


G L U 

GLOUCESTER. Three ordinances of both Hooses coDcenuug^ 
Glouccster. 4^ Lcmd. 1645. 

■ History of the Military Govemmcnt of Glouceiter. 4> 
Lond. 1647. 

■ An ordinance of both Houses for uniting cettaUi 
Churches and for maintenance of Ministers in the City of 
Gloucester. 4» Land. 1647. 

" Ord^r of tlie Common Council of Glouoester touching 

the Cathedral. fol. J^nd. 1655. 

Gloucestershire Remonstrances. foL Land. 1659. 

Gloucestershire address to the King. fol. Lond. 1660. 

Table of Money received of Dissenters in Gloucester* 

shire and not accounted for. fol. Lond, 1695. 

- Topographical description of Gloucestershire. 8^ Lond, 


Gloucester Guide. 8P Lcmd. 1792. 

ResolutioHs, Rules and Orders of the Court of g«Deral 

Quarler Sessions of <he Peace for the County of Gloucester. 8* 
Gloc, 1802. 
GLOVER {Mr.) An Account of the Apphcation to Parliaineiit;» 
made by the Merchants of London upon the Neglect of Tr«de^ 
8» L(md. 1742. 

■ Substance of the Evidence delivered to a Com« 
mittee of the House of Commons by the Merchants Traders of 
London. concemed in the Trade of Germany and HoUand. 8* 
Lond. 1774. 
— — — Speech Introductory to the Proposals laid before the 
Annuitants of Messrs. Dougla<s Heron and Co. 8? Lond. 1774. 
: Evidence delivered on the Petition presented by the 

West India Pianters and Merchants to the House of Com- 

mons as it was introduced and summM up by Mr. Glover. 8* 

CLOVER (ladv anne) v. forde. 
GLOVER (joH\) Memoirsof, witha Funeral Sermon by J. Car- 

ter. 8» Lond. 1774. 
GLOVER (pHiLLTPs) Royal and Royalty Theatres. Letterto P. 

Glover, Esqr. in dedication lo the Burletta of Hero and Leander. 

8<> Lond. 1787. 
GLOVER (r.) Leonidas, a Poem. 4« Lond. 1737. 

12« Lond. 1738. 

2 vol. 12» Lond. 1770. 

London, a Poem. 4® Lond. 1739. 

Medea, aTragedy. 4« Lond. 1761. 

The Athenaid. 3 vol. l^f" Ij>nd. 1787. 

Jason, a Tragedy. 8» Lond. 1799. 

GLOVES. Reasons against a duty upon gloves. fol. 
GLOXIN (MArrn.) DeDysenleria Castrensi. 4° Arg. 1708. 
GLUCK (fuid. GOTH.) De Mania. 4*^ Lips. 1685. 

Flumen Dysentericmn. 4° Witt. 1690. 

GLUCKRADIUS^cHR.) De Cohca. ^^» M. Cait. 1616. 
■ De Angina exquisitissima. 4** M. Catt. 1618. 

' De prfficipuis et gravissimis aflfectionibus mulieribus. . 

4^ M. Catt. 1618. GLUMER * 

G O A 

GLUMEB (osR.) Gratulatio Jo. Giul. Engebrecht fol. Iffeld. 

GLUSING (JOH.) Tabulse Anatomicae. fol. 

— De Dyscnteria. 4» Tr. ad Rhen, 1692. 

GLYCAS (mich.) Annales a Mundi Ezcidio ad Obitum Alescii 

Commeni. Gr. 8t Lat, fol. Par. 1660. 
— — — — Lat. per Jo. Leunclavium. 8* Bas. 1572. 
GLYK (joa. geo.) De Lumbricis. 4^ Jcn. 1685. 
GLYN (MR.) Reply to thc Earl of Straflbrd'8 Defence^ 4<» Lmid. 

■ Report on the case of the Vintners. fol. 1641. 

■ ■ Specch on the breach of Priviledges. 4<* Lond. 

Speeeh on the accusation of Mr. Herbert the King'f 

Attomey. 4^^ Lond. 1643. 
GLYTZ (joH. GEo.) De morbo convulsivo a viso Spectro. 4® Jen. 

GMELIN (g. pr.) De GonorrhGDa virulenta utroque in sexu vulgo 

- Driipper'' et la Chaudepisse. 4» Tuh. 1700. 
CMEUN (j. g.) Flora Sibirica. 2 tom. 4» Petrop. 1747. 
■ Sermo Academicus de novorum vegetabilium postcrea- 

tioncm divinam exortu. 8® Tub. 1749. 
GMELIN (PHiL. pa.) De Hypopyo. 4« Tuh. 1742. 
GNAPHEUS (gul.) ComGBdis et Tragoedise aliquot ex Novo et 

Vetere Te«taniento desumptae. 8^ Bas. 1542. 
GNESELIUS (dernu.) De Quantitate seu Continuo. 4<» Lips. 

GNODALIUS (pet.) Sedilio repentina Vulgi pracipue Rus- 

ticorum tnno M.D.XXV. per Germaniani exorta. 8" Bas. 



" Gnome Monastichoi ex diversis Poetis secundum ordi- 

nem Alphabeticum : et Poeniatiuni Musasi. Gr. 4^ Litteris 
Majusculis. Edit. Princeps [sine anno, loco, et Typogrqphi 
nomine, sed PioreHtia impr. circ. An. MCCCCXCVI.] 

' ■ Scriptores aliquot Giiomici. Gr. 4^ Basil. ap. Joan.. 

Froben. 1521. 

Gnomicorum Vetustissiinorum Poetarum opera. Gr. 

4« Par. 1553. 

Virtutum Encomia: sive Gnomse de Virtutibus, cx 

Poetis et Philosophis utriusque Liuguae. Gr. Lut. cum inter- 
pretatione H. Stephani. 24" ap. H, Stcphanum. 1373. 

• Sententia; Vet. Poetarum a Georgio Majore collectas 

34« Ant. ap. C. Plant. 1574. 

Goomici Poeta^ Grsci. Ad optimorum exemplarium 

fidem emendavit R. F. P. Brunck. Gr. Lat. 8" Argent. 
COAD'(chr.) Refreshing; drops and scorchingr Vials. 4<^ Lond. 


G O C 

GOAD (JOH.) Astro-roeteorologica, or AphoriBms and Di8C«iir8es 

of the Bodies Coileslial, their Natures and Influencei. foL 

Lond. 1686. 
■ ■ Astro-Meteoroloj^a sana, sivc, Principia pbysico- 

mathematica. 4^ Lond, 1690. 
GOAD (thomas) Stimuliis orthodoxus, sive Goados rediviYUs. A 

Disputation conceming the Necessity and Contingency of EvcBta 

in tne World, in Respect of God^s Etemal Draree. 4^ LondL 

GOBART (laur.) De Barometro. 8« AmiU 1703. 
GOBBI (agostino alunno) Scelta di Sonetti e Canzoni de' piii 

eccdlenti Rimatori d'ogni Secolow 3 Part. ^ Bol. 1709 — 

11. ^ 

GOBEL (j. M.) De Lacte ^usque vitiis. 4<» fug. Bai. 1684. 
GOBERT (m.) Traite pour la Pratique des Forces mouvantes qui 

fait connoistre 1'impossibiHte du mouvi ment perpetuel. £t uae 

supputation de la pesanteur du Globe de Lbi Terre. 4^ Par. 

GOBIEN (ch. le) Histoire de TEdit de rEmpereur de h Chine 

en Faveur de la Religion Chrestienne. 12^ Par. 1698. 

. Ital. dal P. Carlo Giacinto Ferraro. 8*> Torin. 


Histoire des Isles Marianes. 12<> Par. 1700. 

GOBILLON (m.) Vie de Mademoiselle le Gras, Fondatrice de» 

Filles de la Charite servantes des pauvres malades. 12® Par» 

GOBINET (c.) In Obitum cl. viri Car. Gobinet e Societate Sor- 

bonica doctoris Epicedium. 4^ 
GOBRAT (jANus) Palkdis chymicas Arcana detecU. 12<> Gcn. 

GOCH (matt. van) De Aeido, ejusque usu et noxa in corpore 

humano. 4» Lug. Bat. 1723. 
GOCKEUUS (CHR. LUD.) De Convulsione. 4» Jcn. 1683. 

. De Hydrope. 4^ Jen. 1685. 

De Incubo. 4« Jen. 1708. 

De serpentaria Virfiriniana. 4® Jen. 1710. 

GOCKELIUS (eberhard) De Peste, et de Venenis. 8« Avg. 

Vind. 1669. 

Consilia et Observat. med. 8« Aug. Vind. 1683. 

■ Gallicinium Medico-praclicura sive Consiliorum et cu- 

- radonum medicinalium CenturiaB duae. 4" Ulm. 1600. 
GOCLENIUS (j. c.) Phiiobibhon Sacrum. Get^i. & Lips. 

GOCLENIUS (LUD.) DeFcbribus. 4° Lug. Bai. 1661. 

W Afnst. 1670. 

GOCLENIUS (rodolph.) trxOAOriA: hoc est De Hommis 

Perfectione, &c. 8« Marp. 1594. 

8° Marp. 1597. 

-^ Theses Philosophic©» 4» Marp. 1587. 

'■ Aphorismi Chiromantici, 8^ Licha. 1597. 


G O C 

^OCLENIUS (rodolpb.) R. Goclenii Analyses in exercitatioB<9 
s&Miot J. C, Scaligeii de Subtilitate, edit. ab Joh. Schrodero. 
12* Marp. 1599. 
"■■■ Obeenrationes Lingufie Latins. 12* Franc. 1601. 

^— — Problemata Grammatica. 12** Franc. 1601. 
■ Disputationes Physicsp. 12^ Marp, 1602. 

Cosraographise^seu sphers mundi descriptionis^ hoc est 

Aitronomis et Geographis Rudimenta. 8^ Lemg. 1603. 

•Adyersaria ad Exotericas aliquot Jul. Caes. Scaligeri 

Ezerdtationea. ^f^ Marp. 1606. 

■ De Luxu Conviviali, Oratio. 8* Marp. 1607. 

Tractatus de Pestis Febrisque pestilentis causis. 12* 

Marp. 1607. 

Miscellanea Theologica et Philosophica. Partes 1,2*3. 

12*ilfafj^l607— 9. 

Physiologia Crepitus Ventris, et Risus. 8^ Franc. 


Oratio apologetica in promotione XX Candidatorum 

PhikMophici Magisterii. 4*^ Marp. 1608. 

De ViU proroganda. 89 Mogunt. 1608. 

Oratio de Vukiere curando peculiari unguento. 12* 

MoTp. 1608. 

Uranoscopis, Chiroscopiae^ Metoposcopiae, et Ophthal- 

BKMCopifle Contemplatio. 16* Franc. 1608. 
8* Franc. 1618. 

ConciUator Philosophicus. 4* Cassel. 1609. 

• Astrologia generalis. 4* Marp. 1611. 

• Apdogeticus pro Astromantia, Discursus. 4* Marp. 

1611. ^ 

Wea Philosophis Platonicae : Specillum naturalis Ra* 

diaturaf, i. e. Opticae : Motus Solis : Cometirum natura : Toni- 
tniorum et Fulminum memorabilia. 12^ Marp. 1612. 

■ De magnetica Curatione Vulnerum et de luxuriosis con* 

viviis no«tri seculL 8* Franc. 161^ 
8* Franc. 1621. 

■ Loimographia. 8* Franc. 1613. 

Urania, cum geminis Filiabus. 8* Franc. 1615. 

•»— Synarthrosis Magnetica, opposita infausUe anatomie J. 
Roberti. 8* Marp. 1617. 
- Acroteleution Astrologicum. 4* Marp. 1618. 

Morosophia Joh. Rol^rti in refutauone SynanhroKOt 

Gocleniane, in qua mendaciorum convincitur. 12* Frmmcqf. 

• Physiognomica et Chiromantica specialia. h 8^ Marp. 


8* Hul. 1652. 

— — Mirabilium naturae liber. Adjectaest defensio magoeticfle 
curatioms vulnerum. 14* Franc. 1625. 

Memorabiha Experimenta, et Observationes Chiro« 

manticfle. 12* Hamb. 1651. 
COCLRNIUS (TOsoD, CHB.) De Reo. 4* M. Catt. 1682. 

VojLlUL ' N GOD. 


OOD. God'8 goodness and mans ingratitude. 4^ LofuL 1611« 
■ Treatise of the judgment of God. Trandated fnn ti» 

German for a waming to this Nation. 4* Land. 1649i 

• Th^ folnesse of God's love manifested by L. S. 19 

Lond. 1643. 
The great mysterie of God: or the ViidoD of theEfOH^ 

ing and the Moming opened. 4^ L<md, 1645. 

God and Mammon a Poem, by S. S. 4* Lmd, IML 

A philosophical Essay on the Being and Attfibtitca 6f 

God. The immortality of the Soul. Tbe tnith of SGhplnNW 
byS.W. 12« Ojcf. 1652. 

12« Ojf. 1655. 

The innocency of the righteous seed of God ctettred. 

4» 1655. 

Means to prevent perishing. Or the usefukieHiaf Ihe 

savingknowledgeofGod, by W.S. 4« Lond. 1658. 

Remairks on T, D.^s Discourse of God's Prescieiice. 9 

Lmd. 1678. 

Discourse of God's Foreknowledge and Man'» fret 

Agency. 8° Lond. 1687. 

Discoui-se of the love of God. 12« Lond. 1696. 

• Two Discourses, one of the Power of God^ the othcr of 

aFulure State. 4« Lond, 1699. 

Love of God towards Mankind in the work of Redemp- 

tion. By G. G, 8» Lond. 1712. 

A distinction between the Presence of God ts our 

Maker and Preserver, and His Presence as our Redeemer ani} 
Sanctifier. 8« Land. 1718. 

The Argument « prioH of God's Existence, and its 

importance to v irtue and Rehgion stated and coDsidered. 8^ 
Lond. 1737. 

— Thoughts conceming the Argument, a priori, occa» 

sioned by Mr. Knowles^s Discourse entitled *^ llie Ezttteiice 
and Atthbutes of God not demonstrable a priori." 8^ LoiuL 

Demonstration of the will of God by the ligfat of Na* 

ture. 8* Lond. 1748. 

The true knowledge of God and Man of the great Sab* 

bath, and of the Restoration of all things. 8^ Lond* 1797. 
GODALL (cAR.) De Hsemorrhagiis Scorbuticis. 4^ Litg. Bmi. 


— — — Of Insects, translated by Dr. Lister. 4<» York, 168S. 
60DARTIUS (p.) Lexicon philosophicum. 4« Por. 1675. 

■ ■■ Manud Astronomic. 4* Rouen, 1678. 

GODDAM (adam) SuperlV. Libm Sententiarum. fo\.Par. 1519. 
GODDARD (bzbchiel) Petition in Bdialf of the WooUen Maira- 
faetory. 4« Dubl. 1700. 

■ » PlropoMh toParliament touching Newcastle. fbl. 
eODDARD (JAC.) De Animi perturbationibua» 4* Lug. Bai. 

1785. . . 


6 O D 

GODOtABD (joiiathan) A Ditcoane on the uiihtppy Condiiio«i 

of tbe Piractice of Physick in London, and ofiering of Meant tp 

pat it in a better. 4<^ Lond. 1670. 
GODDARD (m.) Vo proof in Scripture of an intermediate statt 

off bappinest or misery between Death and the Resurrection»* 

In aaswer to Mr. Goddard's Sennon. 8^ Land. 1766. 
eODDARD (B.) Funeral Sermon on. 4^ Lond. 1659. 
CODDARD (T.) Th^ mercy of God to this Church and Nation 

cxemphfied in several instances from the Reformation to the 

prescnt time. A ThankHgiving Sermon. ^ Lond. 1710. 
— ^— The Guilt, Mi^cmef and Aggravations of Censurej a 

SermoD. 4* Lmd. 1710. 
GODDARD (wiLL.) A satyrical Dialogue betnreen Alexander and 

Diogenes. 4® 
60DDICH (cHRisT.) De natura et constitutione tempori». ¥ 

GODDIN (N1C.) La Chirurgie militaire. W Gand. 1553. 
— — — 129 Anv. 1558. 
OODEAU (ANT.) Eoeque de Grasse. De b Tonsure ClericaleL 

19» Por. 1651. 
■ La Vie de St. Augustin Eveque d^Hyppone. 4® Par. 

La Vie de St. Charles Borrom^. 8* Par. 1693. 


GODEFROY (de buillon) v. passages. 

GODEFROY (denys) Histoire de Charles VIU. Roy de Franc^ 

par Guillaume de Gahghy> Andre de la Vigne et autres Histo- 

mns et enrichie de plusieurs Memoires par D. Godefroy. fbl» 

Am-. 1684. 
GODEFROY (d.) Advis present^ 4 la Royne> pour reduire les 

Moonoies a leur juste Prix & Valeur. 8® Par. 1611. 
■ Response a TAdvis de Godefroy tendant d empescfaer 

le anrtiaulsemeOtde prix de nottre £scu & le reduire i sa justa 

▼aleor. ^ Par. 1613. 
GODEFROY rTHEon.) Discours sur rOrigine des Roys de Por- 

logaL y»us oe la Maison de France. 4^ Par. 1613. 
■ ■ ' ■ Monoires concemant la Pres^ance des Royt de France 

Mirlet Roys d'£spagne. 4* Par. 1613. 

Entreveues de l'£mpereur Charles IV. du Roy Charlca 

V. de Louis XIL & de Ferdinand d^Arragon. 4« Par. 1613. 
Histoire du Chevalier Bejrard et de plusieurs choaet me- 

morables advenus en France^ ItaUe> Espagne et es Pays<bat. 4^ 
P^. 161«. 
■ Le Ceremonial de France. 4« Par. 1619. 

Histoire d^Artus IIL Duc de Bretagne. 4* Par. 1633. 

«ODELMANNUS (j. gsor.) De Magis, Veneficis, et Lamiis, 
deque his recte cognoscendis et puniendis. 4® Frmne. 1591. 

4» Franc. 1601. 

60DENIUS (JOH.) De s^tema Filu Dei generatione. 4f Jok 


GODERIS (coRN.) De Syncope. 4^ Lug. Ba$. 1678. 



GODEWIJCK (p. van) Remedie voor de Pest 4P Dmxir, 

GODFREY (amb. & john) A curious Research iuto the Element 
• of Water. 4» Lond. 1747. 
GODFREY (boyle) Miscellanea vere oiilia: or mJBcelbuieous 

Experiments and observations. 8^ Lond. 
8» Lond. 1737. 

■ New Method of extinguishing Fires by explosioa and 
suflbcation. 8» Lond. 1724. 

GODFREY {Sir edmondberry) v. danby. lloyd. prancb. 
* Narrative of the Murder of. 49 1678. 

■ Memoirs of his life and death. 12® Lond. 1683. 

- ■ The Observator proved a Trimnier,or Truth and Justice 

vindicated in his Murder. fol. Lisb. 1685. 
GODFREY (cap. john) Philosophical debate between B. and L. 

inscribed to Capt. J. Godfrey. 8® Lond. 1742. 
GODFREY (rob.) Various Injuries and Abuses in Chymical ahd 

Galenical Physick detected. 12« Lond. 1674. 
GODFRIDUS. The Knowle^e of Thynges unknown. Being 

the d&cts of the Planets and other Astronomicid Conslella^iiB. 

'■ The Husbandman's Practice, and the Shepherd^s Prog- 

nostication. 12« Lond. 1688. 
GODFRIEDUS (jac.) Confessionis Augustanse Historia de Ceena 

Domini. 4« Lips. 1585. 
GODIGNUS (nic.) De Abassinorum Rebus, deque iEthi<^ifle Pa- 

triarchis J. N. Barretoet A. Oviedov^8« Lugd. 1615. 
— — Vita Patris GonzaU Sylveri» in Monomotapa marty- 

rium passi. 12« Col.Ag. 1616. 
GODIN (joh.) Repetitioleg. fin. C, de Legit Tutd. 4^ VUr. 

GODIN (LUD.) De Radice Possibilitatis. 4« Vlir. 1656. 
GODINHO (manoel) Viagem di India por Terra para Portngal. 

4« Lisb. 1665. 
■'« Vida, Virtudes, e Morte de Fr. Ant. das Cbagas. 4P 

Usb. 1687. 
GODLY Man's Delight or the Family Guide to Piety. 12^ Lond. 

GODOLPHIN (john) The holy Limbeck. 12« Lond. 1650. 

Admiralty Jurisdiction^ with the Laws of Okron. 8« LoimI. 
j Repertojium Canonicum, or an Abridgettiertt of thc 

Ecdesiastical Laws of this Realm consistent with theTemporaL 

4* Lond. 1678. 

• The Orphan^s Legacy or a Testamentary abridgiBenk. 

4* Lond. 1685. 

GODOLPHIN (sidney) Earl cf. v. arlus & odolphus. ' 

GODOLPHIN (Sar will.) An Act for confirming the Ad- 

ministration of the Goods and Chattels of Sir W. Godolphin. 




GODOY (jo. cuTiBtBz db) DisputatiiMies plulosophicttet 
dicap, '"£5^ Aristotelem de Memoria. 4® Madr, 1629. 

«^— — Tres Discunos para provar aue estan obligadas a criar 
ms Hijos a sus Pechos^ todas las Maores^ quando tienen buena 
aalud, fuer^asy y buen temperamento, buena leche^ y sufficiente 
para alimentareos. 4® Jaen. 1629. 

GODSKALL (james) The King's Medicine for thispresentYear 
1604w 8» Lond. 

GODSON (rob.) Astrologia reformata, or a Reformation of tht 
prognostical part of Astronomy vulgarly termed Astrology. 8^ 

GODTKE (dan.) Anatomica observata selectiora. 4® Amti. 

<— — — De structura Medullse spinalis et inde provenientium 

Nenrorum, 4® Amst. 1666. 


GODWIN (pran.) BUhop qf Hereford. Catalogue of Englisb 

Bishops. 40 Lond. 1601. 

4» Lond. 1615. 

Lat. 4» Lond. 1616. 

— cum annotationibus et continuatiooeGuL 

Richaitlson. fol. Cant. 1743. 

Rerum Anglicarum Henrico VIII. Edwardo VI. et 

Maria regnantibus Annales. fol. Lond. 1616. 

12» Hag. 1653. 

• Angl. by Morgan Godwin. fol. Lond. 16S0. 

GODWIN (maet wollstomcraft) Posthumous Works. 4 vola. 

IS» Lond. I79a 
60DWIN (sTBraEii) Description and use of a newceleslial Pla- 

nisphere. 12* SouthwelL 
GODWIN (wv.) An Enquiry conceming political Justice. 2 vol^ 

4* Lond. 1793. 
GODWYN (morgan) The Negro^s and Indian's Advocate, suing 

for their Admissioninto the Church. 8^ Lond. 1680. 

■ Supplement to the Neero Indians Advocate. 4** Lond. 

CrODWYN (TBO.) Mosesand Aaron, or Civil and Eccl^iasticd 
Rites used by the ancient Hebrewes. 4® Lond. 1628* 

4* Lond. 1655. 

I 40 Lond. 1667. 
: 4» Lond. 1685. 

■ Lat. cum Not. Reizii et HottiDgen et H. 
Witsii dissertationibus de Theocratia Israetitarum et de Rhecab. 
3 tom. 8^" Lugd. Bat. 1723, 1724. 

Romanse Historiie Anthologia. An English exposition 

oTdie Roman Antiquities. 4^ Ojf. 162a 

4« Oxon, 1633, 

4« Lond. 1658, 



GODWYN (tbo.) Roman» Histori» Anthologift. An XBg^idi 

exposition of the Roman Antiquities. 4* Lona. 1668^ 

— 4» Lond. 1685. 

GOEBEL (wiLH. AD.) De tempore Pasch» Xti. 4<> Giea. HtUB. 

GOEBELIUS, V, mahomet. 
GOEBELILS (johan.) AIATPAOH Thermalium Aqaamm m 

Mi^nia apud Hermunduros. 8® Lips. 1576. 
GOEBELIUS (JOHANNES wilhelmus) Orationes tres. foLlfefaiM*. 

GOEBELIUS (sEB.) De pactis et fcEdehbusDei cum bominiln». 

4» Jena. 1676. 
GOEBELIUS (sEVERiNus) Historia Alcis. 4« Ven. 1595. 
GOEDARDUS (joh.) Metamorphosis ^atundis. li^ Mediob. 

Angl. by Mart. Lister. 4^ Yark, 1688. 

■ Lat. cum Appendice M. Listeri ad Hiatoriini 

Animahum AnglisB. 8^ Lond. 1685. 
GOEDDiEUS (coNR.) Laus Ululae. 24« Qlaucop. 
GOEDDiEUS (liERM.) De natura difi^rentiis usuque pariinai ui 

genere. 4*» M. Catu 1618. 
GOEDE (cAR. FR.) Demonstrationea philoeophicae de Enatcntit 

Corporum Anp^elicorum. 8® Hal. Mag. 1744. 
GOEDESBERGH (thomas a) Carmen de Senectutu Sohdit fai 

Juventutc comparandis. 4® Amst. 1678. 
GOEDTHALS (fran.) Les Proverbes anciens Flamengs&Frwi» 

cois, correspondants les uns aux autrcB. 12« Anv. PlmU. 1568ii 
GOELICKE (and. ottom.) Epist. de damnia purgantium ID di». 

thesi hectico-pthysico-hydropica. 4« Upz. 1708. 

Oratio qua Hippocrates ab Atheitroo abaohrHsr* 4f 

Hal. Mag. 1713. 

Historia Anatomi» nova sBque ac antiqua. 8^ HaL 

Mag. 1713 
— — Historia Chirurgia; antiqua. 8* Hal. Mag. 1718. 

Historie Medicins universalis Period. 1, % 3, 4, & 

4tom. 8« Fronc. 1717— 20. 

Medicina Forensis. 4® Franc. ad Viad. 1733. 

■ ' Spiritus Animalis, ex Foro Medico relegatua. 4* JFWaic; 

ad Viad. 1725. 

Spiritus animalis merens exul. 4* Fragie. I7SL 

Institutiones medicBe, secundum Principia Mccfaanieo> 

organica reformatffi. 4® Franc, ad Viad. 1735. 

Introductio in Historiam litterariam Anatomei. 4* 

Franc. ad Viad. 1738. 
GOENS (ric. mic. van) v. porpbtrius Tyrms. 
■■ Oratio dc preestantia Literarum. 4® Sckied. 1688. 

GOEPHAKDI fcEo.) De naturaiibus facultatibua in genere el 

in specie de aJtrice et anctrice. 4^ Hclms. 1597. 
GOES (damianus a) vidc martyb. 
■ Commentarii Rerum in India gestarum citra €rangem 

a Lusitanis anno 1538. 4<^ Iiovo». 1539» 


G O E 

GOES (damianus a) Hispania. 4<^ Lovan, 1543. 
I Opuscula diquot. 4® Lovan. 1544. 
■ 8» Colon. 1574. 

Urbis Lovaniensis Obaidio. 4^ Olisip. 1546. 
ChronicadelRey DomEmanuel. fol. Lisb. 1619.' 

GOES (JOH.) OpuBCula varia de Westphalia ejusque doctis aliquot 
viria edita et notis illustrata a Joh. Goes. 4^ Helms. 1568. 

GOES (matth. yandbb) Oratio valedictoria. 4® Harlem. 1685. 

GOES (wiLL.) Rei agrarie auctores le^esque varis cum N. Ri« 
galtii notis, et Glossario. 4® Amst. 1674. 

Pilatus Judex. 4» Hag. Com. 1677. 

■■' Stricturae Theologi in Pilatum Judicem^ cum Wil. 

Goesii Animadversionibus. 4® 

Bibliotbeca Goesiana^ sive Catalogus Librorura et Nii« 

miamatum, &c. in Musso ejus. Partes 111. 12® Lug. Bai, 

GOETEERIS (anth.) Joumael der Legatie d'Heeren Van Bre- 

derode,&c. naer Sweden &: Moscovien. 4® Hag. 1619. 
GOETHALS (gbo. uli.) De Dolore colico. 4<» Lug. Bat. 

GOETTUNG (jo. hen.) De apodixi Spiritus Sancti. 4<> HaL 

M^. 1719. 
GOETZE (cHR.) Medicus sui ipsius. 4» Hal. Mag. 1707. 
GOETZE (ooDOF. chr.) De confiscanda Hereditate ob inultam 

mortem. 4<» Lips. 1699. 
GOETZIUS (FRiD. LEBR.) De Pistrinis Veterum ad illustranda 

varia Scripturs Sacras et Profanorum Autorum loca. 8* Cjfgn, 

GOETZIUS (c. H.) DeclarisScbmidiis. 4« Lips. 1699. 
■ Elogia Germanorum Tbeologorura. 8^ Lubcc. 1708. 

8» Lubec. 1709. 

Elogia Philologorum quorundam Hebreorum. 8^ Lubec. 

GOETZIUS (gottlib. christ.) De Bibliotheca Lipsiensi. 4^ 

Hai. 1711. 
GOBZ (JOB. CHR.) De Glycyrrbiza. 4P AU. 

. De Masticatione. 4<> AU. 1711. 

CrOEZE (JOH. Auo. BP.) Entomologische Bytrage zu des ritter 

Limi£ zwolften Ausgave des Natursystems. 4 tom. Leip. 

■ Eingeweide wiirmer von S. G. H. Zeder. 4^ Leiptig. 

GOEZE (geo. hen.) De ritu lectionum sacrarum. 4^ WiiU 

GOEZE (m. zach.) DiasertationeB varie de Numis. 4* (knab. 

169S— 1709. 

■ 8» VUemb. 1716. 

.^^ DiflserL 2. de Gramatica et Bhetorica. 4» Osn. 


De Poetica. 4« aiii.1699. 



GOEZE (M. ZACH.) be Muaca. 4« Osn. 1700. 

i De Arithraetica. 4P Osn. 1702. 

—— — De Geometria et A«tronomia. 4® Om, 1703. 

— De Unione, Redunione et Syncretbmo. 4^ Oat, 


Museum eruditi variis memorabilibus conspicuum. 4f ■ 

Lub. 1712. 

De Ignominiosis Appellationibus. 4® Osn. 171S. 

De Bibliis. 4« Owi. 1714. 

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der heiligen Schrift von. M. Luther. 4« Hamb. 1777—79. 

GOFF (DR.) 17. DIGBY. 

GOFFE (genl.) Petition of the Sentinels of his Regiment foL 

iKmd. 1659. 
■■ Remonstrances of his Regiment to Genl. Fleetwood. 4* 

GOFFE (thomas) The R^ing Turke, or, Bajazet II. a Tragedie. 

4^ Loik^. 1631. 

8» L(mrf.l656. 

The couragious Turke, or^ Amurath I. a Tragedie. 4^ 

Lcmd. 1632. 

8^ Lcmd. 1656. 

Orestes, a Tragedy. 4® Lond. 1633. 
8^ Lond. 1656. 

■ f Selimus Emperor of the Turks, aTragedy. 4P . Lond. 


- The careles Shepherdess^ a Tragi-comedy. 4^ Lomd. 


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mones a J. Sirmondo. 8^ Par. 1610. 
GOG. Conjectura de Gog et Magog, ad Ezechielis 38 & S9. 

8*» 1645. 
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Speculo Ustorio. 4® Lovan. 1548. 
GOGAVINUS (ant.) v. abistoxenus. 
GOGUET (ant. ives) De TOrigine des Loix, des Arts eC des 

Sciences et de leurs progres chez les anciens peuples. 3 feOBi. 

4« Par. 1758. 
■ Ans' 3 voL '8» Edinb. 1761. 


G O L 

GOHIER (ii.) Memoire pour le Tiers-Etat de Bretafim/ 8^ 

1789. , 
Obfiervations sur la Relation des Evenements, oui ae 

■ont pns»^ en Bretagne, publiee au nom des Deputes du Clerge 

& de la Noblesse. S^» 1789. 
GOHLIUS (joH. DAN.) De Regimine Febrium Acutarum. 4* 

H. Mag. 1708. 
■ De morborum setatum fundamentis pathologico-tbera« 

peuUcis. 4» HaLMag, 1719. 

De Hsemorrboidum intemarum motu et Heo HsBmatite 

Hippocratis. 4» H Mag, 1722. 

; r Epist. de Spina ventosa. 4** Hal, Mag. 1727. 

Medicina practica, clinica et forensis. edit. a Sam. 

Schaarschmidio. 4® Lips. 1785. 
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Mecbiocan. 8® 1572. 
GOHORIUS (JAC.) De Usu et Mysterib Notarum. 8« Par. 



GOIFFON. Relations sur la Peste du Gevaudan. 8^ Luan. 

GOIGNET (mich.) Instruction nouvelle de TArt de naviger. 4^ 

Anv. 1581. 
GOIZET (cHARLEs) La Nature, en Vers. 4« Par. 1664. 
GOKE (geo. uen.) Historia Principum Anhaltinorum. 4^ Jena, 

GOLBERRY (silv. meinrad xaviee) Fragmens d'un Voyage 

en Afrique, fait en 1785-7 dans les Contres occidentales de ce 

Continent. 2 tom. 8» Par. 1802. 
GOLBOURN (WM.) BUhop of Kildare. His case. fol. 
GOLCONDE. La Reine de Golconde, NouveUe. l^^" Gok. 

GOLD. Some of the mischiefe arising from the exportation of 

Gold and Silver. fol. 

Plain truth : or arguments against the exportation of 

GM. and Silver. fol 
Gold tried in the fire, or bumt pelitions revived. 4* 

New touchstone for Gold and Silver Wares by W. B. 

with Mr. J. Reynolds Tables. 8<^ Lond. 1679. 

The lack of Gold, or an enquiry into the state of the 

Paper Currency of Englaod under the operation of lord Stan- 

hope^s act. 8<> Lond. 1812. 
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mediis. 4« Jcn. 1698. 
GOLDBACH (Ai4DK.)De Pietateex lumine Natur» cognoscibilf. 

4» Idps. 1660. 
GOLDASTUS (meixu. h.) v. dosithcu^. valeeianus. 
* Parsenetici veteres, cum Notis. Adjects sunt C. Rit- 

terhuiai conjecturae. 4® Insula, 1604. ^ 



GOLDASTUS (mclch. h.) Suevicarum Rermn Scriptoresafiqixit 

veteres. 4® Franc. 1605. 
" Alamannicarum Berum Scriptores aliquot vetusti. S 

tom. fol. Franc. 1606. 

Sybilla Francica, seu, Dissertationes Co^eTomm Scrip- 

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1607, 9, 10. 

• Centuria Epistolarum philologicamm. Lksnper R. de 

Buri Piiilobiblion et Ba&ssarionis Epistda ad SenatCim Venetom. 
8» Franc. 1610. 

. 80 F^anc. 1614. 

■■ Replicatio pro Csesarea et Regia Francorom Migestate, 

contraGretserum. 4® Jfan. 1611. 

> Principium Apolodse pro Henrico IV. adversiis 

Gregorii VII. Papas. et afiorum criminationes. 4^ Hanov. 

• Monarchia S. Romani Imperii, sive, de utraqut Jtnris* 

dictione, Imperiali et Pontificia, Autores varii. S voL foi. Han. 
ct Franc. 1611—14, 

— Politica Imperialia. fol. Franc. 1614. 

• Digesta Regia, de Sacro-Sancta Eucharistia. 4^ Franc. 


Catfaolicon Rei Monetarie^ sive, Leges Monarchics 

fenerales^ de Rebus Nummariis et Pecuniariis. 4* Fram:. 

De Bohemise Regni, incorporatarumque Provinciarum 

Juribus et Privilegiis : necnon de hsBreditaria Regi» Bobemo- 
rum familiro successione, Commentarii. cum Appendice. 4^ 
Franc. 1627. 

Consultatio de officio Elcctorb Bohemiie. 4® Franc. 


' Epistols Virorum celeberrimorum> et doctorum, ad 

M. H. Goldastum. 4^ Franc. 1688. 


GOLDEN FLEECE, or the Trade of Great Britain considered. 

8« Lond. 1789. 
GOLDEN GROVE, or a raanual of Prayers and Letanies fitted 

to the dayes of the week. 12® Lond. 1655. 
GOLDEN (WM.) Distressed Village, a Poehi. 4* Chelm^d, 

GOLDHAGEN (p. h.) v. testamentum. 
GOLDING, V. oviDius. 
GOLDING (arthur) v. mornay. 
■ ■■ Discourse of the Earthquakethathappenedin England 

and other places in 1580. 12® iA>nd. 
GOLDIONI (leon) Le Cose notabili di Vcnetia. 12® Ven. 

1624. . 

GOLDMANNUS (pbtr.) De Melancholia. 4® Lug. Bai. 1610. 


G O ^- 

<K)LDNERUS (geo. lud.) Buda Historico-Mathcmatic^ dcline* 

ata. 4» Ups. 1687. 
GOLDSCHMIDIUS (pbt.) Nova Demonstratio transitus populi 

Israelitici perMare Rubruni. 4* 1711. 
60LDSMITH. Reporto paned the Committee at Goldsmith^s 

Hall. 4*LofNf.l649. 
— — — Several votes aud orders respecting the Committee at 

GoUbmith'» Hall. fol. Lond. 1649. 

His Majesties Patent for payment of their Debt. fi>L 

Ltmd. 1677. 

News from the Goldsmiths, or a Tryal of Gold and 

Silfer. 4« Land. 1678. 
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GOLDSMITH (john) Aknanack for the Year 1735. 16^ Lond. 
GOLDSMITH (oliver) Essays. 8^ Lond. 1765. 

LifeofTho.PameU. 8» Lond. 1770. 

The deserted Village. 4» Lond. 1770. 

— — She stoMit tio conquer, or, the Mistakes of the Night 

9* Limd. 1773. 

. Abridgment of the History of Englaud. 8^ Lmd. 


12* Lond. 1793. 

continued by J. Bigland. 2 voL 8* Lond. 


History of the Earth and animated Nature. 8 vol. 8^ 

Lond. 1774. 

His Natural History Abridged. 12^ Lond. 1807. 

*— * Betaliation, a Poem. 4^ Lond. 1774. 

9Xid other pieces with his Life. 4® Lond. 


The Haunch of Venison> a poetical Epistle to Lord 

Clare. 4« Lond. 1776. 

- Survey of experimental Philosophy, tionsidered iii itt 

present State of Improvement. 2 vol. 8® Lond. 1776. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. 2 vol. 8« Lond. 1781. 

FroKh, by J. Bisset 12^ Lond. 1796. 

■ Poems by Goldsmith and Pamell. 4<» Lond. 1795. 

>■. Roman History, abridged, with Exercises by R. Simp- 

80n. 8* Edinb. 1809. 
GOLDSON {Mr.) v. ring. 
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^uidem Rationis? 4^ Jcii.1653. 
GOLDWIN (w.) Description of Bri«tol a Poem, with additiotts 

by J. Smart &^ Lond. 1751. 
GOLiNELLI (domemico) Memorie istoriche di Budrio, Tenra 

oel Contado di Bologna. 4<» Bol. 1720. 


■■ Lei^icon Arabico-Latinum. fol. Lng. Bai. 1653. 

GOLIUS (Tuaora.) Epitome Elhiconim Ariitotelis. IV ProMc. 


G O M 

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praternaturali. 4« Alt. 1673. 
GOLLERUS (cHR. lud.) De Paralysi. 4« Jen. 1707. 
GOLLES (adr.) Abreg^derCEconomiedu grand & petit Monde. 

120 jjott^i, 1670. 
GOLLETI (ant.) Les Oeuvres medicinales de rHerboriste d'At. 

tigna. 3 tom. 12<^ Lyon. 1695. 
GOLNER (JER.) De causis symptomatum qualitatis mutat» ac 

retentorum atque excretorum praeter naturam. 4® Wiii. 

GOLNITZIUS (abb.) Ulyss^s Belgico-Gallicu*. 12^ Lugd. Bat. 


12« Lugd. Bat. 1655. 

12« ^»1«^ 1655. 

Compendium geographicuro. 12* Amst. opudEkev. 

GOLS (ger. de) Consolations under the fear of Death. A Ser- 
mon to R. Partridge, under condemnation for murder. 8^ 
Lmd. 1711. 

GOLTZ (jo. GEo.) Positionum Physico-Medicarum Centuria. 4^ 
Lug. Bat. 1689. 


GOLTZIUS (hubert) De Re nummaria antiqua^ Opera. 5 tom. 
fol. 1708. 

■ ■ Imperatorum Imagines a Julio Csesare usque ad Caro- 
lujn V. fol. Ant. 1557. 

■ C. Julius Ceesar^ sive, Historiae Imperatorum Romano« 

rum^ ex antiquis Numismatibus restitutce, Lib. I. Accessit C. 
J. Csesaris Vita. fol. Brug. 1563. ^ 

Csesar Augustus, sivc Histori» Imperatorum Cssamm' 

que Romanorura ex antiquis Numismatibus restitutsb. Liber II. 
Accessit Ceesaris Augusti Vita. fol. Brug. 1574. 

Fasti Magistratuum et Triumphorum Romanorum, ab 

Urbe condita ad Augusti Obitum« ex antiquis Monumentis rea- 
tituti. fbl. Brug. 1566. 

SicilisB et magnse Grfficise Historia ex antiquis Numia- 

matibus restituta. fol. Bmg. 1576. 

Siciliae Historia posterior^ sive, eorum que posi ]>acem 

sub Augusto terra roarique partam usque ad hoc ssculum geifta 
sunt, compendiosa narratio. 

Graecioe^ ejus Insularum et Asise Minoris Nomismata 

ab. H. Goltzio quondam sculpta^ Lodov. Nonnii Commentario 
illustraU. fol. Ant, 1644. . 

■ ■ ' Thesaurus Rci antiquarise. 4* Ant. apud Plant. 1579. 
fol Ant. 1618. 

GOLTZIUS(MARC.)DeLacti8generatione. 4^ Lug.Bat.l67S, 


GOMARI (fran.) Oratio funebhs Francisci Junii. 4** Lug. Bat. 




GOMARUS (franc.) Investigatio Sententise et Originis Sabbati'. 

4^ Groning. 1638. 

12» Groning. 1631. 

GOMARUS (FR. PETR.) De Natura humana. 4<» Lug. Bai. 

GOMBAULD (m. de) UEndimion. 8« Par. 1624. 

Lettres. 8« Par. 1637. 

■ Traitez & Lettres touchant la Religion. 8® Amsi. 


Discourse on Christianity, shewinp: the Abuscft of 

it. Translated from the French by P. Lorrain. 12^ Lond* 

GOMBERVILLE, r. acuna. 

GOMBERVILLE (sr. de) La Carithee. 8» Par. 1621. 
' Les Memoires de Monsr. Le Duc de Nevers. 2 ParL 

f<d. Par. 1665. 
GOMECIUS (geo.) De Ratione minuendi Sanguinem in Morbo 

laterali, &c. 4» Tolet. 1539. 
GOMERSALL (ROBT.) Poems. 12<> LondA63S. 

The Levites Revenge. 12« Lond. 1633. 

GOMES (vicente) Goviemo de Principes, y de sus Conscjoe, 

para el bien de la Republica. 4® Vaknc, 1626. 
GOMESIUS (EMAN.) De Pestilenti» Curatione. 4<» Ant. 1603. 

■ De que el Aforismo primero de Hippocrates Vita bre- 
▼b, Ars longa, Occasio prseceps, Experimentum periculosum, 
Jodieium difficile, sirve a la Milicia, como a la Medicina, &c. 
4* Am. 1643. 

GOMETIUS (alphon.) P6lyanthea Medicis speciosa, Chirurgia 
mirifica, Myrepsicis utihs, &c. 4^ Matrit. 1625. 

GOMEZ (ant. hen.) E1 Siglo Pitagorico, y Vida de D. Gregorio 
Guadanna. 4<» Rohan. 1682. 

■ ■ Academias Morales de las Musas. 4" Mad. 1690. 
GOMEZ (duarte) Discursos sobre los Comercios de las dos In- 

dias. 4« 1622. 
OOMEZ (madam de) La Belle Assembl^e, or the Adventures of 

twdvc Days. 2 vol. 12» Lond. 1728. 
GOMEZ (manuel) v. gomesius. 
GOMMEK (p. de et f. de) De rAutourserie et de ce qui ap* 

partientau vol des oyseaux. 12® Par. 1605. 
GOMORY (dav.) De Syllog^smo. 4» Jen. 1732. 
GON9ALEZ (alonzo) Del arte para conseruar 1a salud, y dilatar 

naenra vida, y buen usodel beuer frio con Nieue. 4® Groii. 

CONCALEZ (dom) v. aduabte. 
GON9ALEZ (ca.) d'Avila. Historia de las Antiguedades de 

Salamanca. 4^ Salam. 1606. 
— — Teatro de las Grandezas de Madrid. fol. Madr. 

GON9ALEZ (juan) de la Torre. Dialo^ llamado Nupcio Le« 

gato Mortalj en Metros CasteUanos. 12** Anv. 1555. 


G ON . 

GONCALEZ (j van) de Mmdoga. Historia de las Cms mttbki 

de la China. S^ Rom, 1585. 

. trad. da Fr. Avanzo. 8^ Ven. 1586. 

12« Fcti. 1587. 

— Gall par Luc de la Porte. 8* Par. 1589. 

Lat. per J. Bnilium. 4« Ani. 1655. 

GONCALEZ (jos. ant.) de SaloB. De duplici Viventiiiin Terrap 

Disserta^io paradoxica. 4<^ Lt^d. Bai, apud EiMev. 1650. 
GONDAMOR (count) r. cotton. 
GONDELA (siMON henr.) Martyrum PugnsB et Victoriie. 4^ 

Brem. 1683. 


GONDI, Maison de, v. corbinelli. 

■ Histoire & Preuves GenealogiqueB de la Mm6a dt 

Gondi. fol. Par. 
GONDRIN (comteoe) La Maniere de faire des Lettres. 8^ 

Lond. 1731. 
GONDRIN (l. h. de) Lettre de Momeigneur rArcfaeTesque de 

Sens a Monsieur le Recteur de rUniversite de Paris. 4^ 1659. 
GONDY, r. retz. 
GONGORA (garcia de) Hit toria Apologetica y DeacripciiMi dd 

Reyno de Navarra. fol. Pampion. 1638. 
GONI^US (joH.)DeFebremaligna Petechiali. 4<> Bati. 1604. 
GONINUS (jacob.) DeVisione. 4^ Iteni. 1717. 
GONNELLA. Bufibnerie. 8® Fir. Giuni. 1568. 

12» Ven. 1606. 

GONORRHCEA. A mechanical Account of its Cause and Cure. 

8* Lond. 1719. 
GONSALES (domin.) The Man in the Moone» or a discourse of 

a Voya^e thither. &^ Lond. 1638. 
GONSALVUS, V. consalvus. 
GONSON [Sir john) Three Charges to Grand Juries. 8® Lond. 

»«— Chai^e to the Grand Jury of Westminster, April 24, - 

1738. S^ Lond. 1738. 

July 11, 1738. 8« Lond. 1738. 

. July 16, 1738. «• Lond. 1738. 

Oct. 9, 1738. 8» Lond. 1738. 

. July 3, 1739. S9 Lond. 1739. 

GONTERI (j.) Le vraye Procedure pour terminer le Diflferait 

en Matiere de Religion. Sf^ Caen. 1607. 
m X Response a un Gentil-homme, de la Religion pre* 

tendue reformee touchant TUsage des Iroages. 13^ Par. 1608. 
Responce d'un Gentilhomme a sa seconde Lettre. 8* 

Mildelb. 1608. 


i»- Exercitationes Hygiasticse. De sanitate tuenda et vita 

producenda. 4^ Lug. 1668. 
GONZAGA (al.) v. sacchini. 


G O O 

60NZA6A (cjUAmB) v. castiglionb. 
GONZAGA (cAELo) Duea di Mantoa, v. capocoda. 
GONZAGA (cuBTics) 11 6do Aroanie Poema £foioo. 4* Mani. 


GONZAGA (PBANc) De Ori^ne SeraphicsB Rdigionis Francis- 

can» «juaque progresBibiu. fol. Rom. 1587. 
GONZAGA (tbsp.) v. sabbioneta. 
GONZAGIA (elizabbtha) p. bembo. 
GONZAGUE (louis db) Duc de Ntven. Discoan de la Le- 

gation de Monsr. le Duc de Neyers envoyi vers le Pape Cle- 

mentVin. W Por. 1594. 
GON2^ALES (pbdbo) de Saicedo. Examen de h Verit^, ou, 

Response aux Traittez des Droits de la Reyne d^Espagne, trad. 

de VE^agnol, par P. M. A D. S. C. D. B. fol. Brux, 1673. 
GONZAL^ (PR.) de S. Pierre. Relation de la nouvelle Perse- 

cotion de la Chine jusqu^d la Mort du Card. de Tournon. 8^ 

GONZALEZ (p. anth.) Hierusalemsche Reyse. 4« Aniv. 

GONZALEZ (thyrsis) Manuductio ad Conversionem Mahume- 

tanoram. '4* DUing. 1689. 
GOOCH (ben.) Cases and practical Remarks in Surgery. 8* 

Lond. 1758. 
GOOCH {Mrs.) Appeal to the pubbc, on the conduct of Mrs. 

Gooch. 40 Lond. 1788. 

Herlife. 3 vols. 8^ Lond. 1792. 

GOOCH (thos.) Sermon before the Commons on Jany. 30. 8* 

Lond. 1712. 
' Funeral Sermon op Henx. Compton^ Bp. of ' London. 

8<» Lond. 1713. 
GOOD (b.) The true Interest of the Hanover Treaty considered. 

a» Lond. 1727. 
GOOD (john) The art of Shadows, or Universal Dialling. 12* 

GOOD (wm.) A new Catechisme. l^ Lond. 1645. 
GOOD (wiLL.) The Measurer and Tradesman^s Assistant. 8* 

Edinb. 1775. 
GOODACRE (BOBT.) Arithmetic. 12^ Lond. 1803. 
GOODALL (chablbs) The Coliedge of Physicians vindicated, and 

the true State of Physick in this Nation faithfuily represented. 

a* Lofu/. 1676. 
— ^— — The Roval Cdledge of Physicians in London^ founded 

aiid established by Law. 4® Lond. 1684. 

Historical account of the CoUege^s proceedings against 

Empiricks and unhcensed PracUtioners. 4<^ Lond. 1684. 
GOODALL (db.) v. boulton. 
GOODACL (hbn.) The duties attending a proper discfaarge of 

the Ministry. A Visitation Sermon. 4^ Cantab. 1748. 
GOOBALL (thos.) Hiscase. fol. 


G O O 

GOODALL (walter) Examination of tbe Letten of Mary Qoee» 
of Scots to the Eari of Bothwell. 3 vol. 8» Edinb. 1754. 

- — Introduction to the History and Antiquitiei of Scot- 

land. & Lond. 1769. 


GOODE (w.) r. ash. 

■ The discoverie of a publique Spirit. A Fast Sermon 
before the Commons. 4^ Lond. 1645. » 

GOODE (wM.) Faith triumphant in death ; a Funeral Sermon OQ 
W.Romaine. 8« Lmd. 1795. 

■ Gospel Treasures in vessels of Clay ; a Funeral Sermon 
on theRevd. P. Cadogan. 8» Lond. 1797. 

• Thanksgiving Sermon. 8* Lond. 1797. 

GOODENOUGH fMATT^.) French liberty andequality weighed 

in the balance of British policy and found wanting. Or rUun 

thoughts on the state of the Nalion. 8* Lond. 1793. 
GOODERE (Sir john dineley) r. foote. 
GOODERE (sAM.) V. foote. 
*— Genuine Dying specches of Captn. Saml. Goodere, 

Matthew'Mahony and Charies White. 8® Bristol, 1741. 
GOODLUCK (w. u.) Guide to the capital Prizes. 8" Lond. 

GOODMAN (cHR.) How superior Powers ought tobe obeyedof 

thcir subjccts. I2f^ Gen. 1558. 
GOODMAN (godfrey) Bishop of Glocester. Les Devoirs dea 

Creatures sL Dieu, par Geoffroy Bonhomme, trad. en Fr. par 

V. F. 12« Par. 1644. 
" — The ineflable Trinity, and wonderfull Incarnation ex- 

plicated. 4° Lond.^65S. 

His Petition to the Protector. fol. Lond. 1655. 

GOODMAN (john) Seven Sermons. 8» Lond. 1697. 

WinlerEveningConference. 8® Lond, 1705. 

GOODMAN (r. t.) An address to the Committee of the London 

Society for promoting Christianity among Uie Jews. 8^ Lond. 

GOODSCHALK (didericus) De Transpiratione. 4» Lug. Bai. 

Prodromus de Ossium, tum Generatione> tum Cormp- 

tione interna. 12® Lugd. Bat. 1691. 


GOODWIN (jACOBus) Catalogus Medicinarum. 8® Lond. 

GOODWIN (jAMts) His Case. fol Lond. 1727. 

GOODWIN (joiiN) Hymn by J. Goodwin andothers. 12® LcMi. 

GOODWIN (john) V. resburie. ricraft. salter. 
GOODWIN (john) Of Justification. 4» Lond. 1642. 

- ■ ■ The Bntcher's Blessin^, or the bioody intention of thc 
Romish Cavaliers against London. 4° Lond. 1642. 

— Anti-Cavalierisme, or Truth pleading as well theneces-» 
sity, as^the lawfulness of this present war for the suppressing 
that brood of Cavaliering incendiaries who are now hammering 
fipghuid to make an Irelaud of it. 4P Lond. 1642. GOOD- 

G O O 

GOODWIN (john) Os Oasis et Oris or Bemarkable passages in 

abook intitied Os Ossorianum. 4® 1643. 
— — M. S. to A. S. with a plea for liberty of Conscience. 4* 

Land. 1644. 

> e£OMAXl A : or tbe imprudence of men runninfif the 

hazard of figUting against God: in two Sermons. 4<^ Lond. 

Faces about Or a recrimination against him* With 

animadversions upon his book calied 0£OMAXIA. 4*^ Lond. 

Innocency and Truth triumphing together, in answer 

to W. Prynne. 4» Lond. 1645. 

> Calumny arraigned and cast, in answer to W. Prynne. 

4« Lond. 1645. 

Vindication of Free-Grace. 4® Lond. 1645. 

Cretensis : or an Answer to Thos, Edwards's Gangrttna. 

4« Lond. 1646. 

Twelve considerable cautions about a Reformation. 4* 

Lond. 1646. 

Anapologesiates Antapologias. Or the inexcusablenesa 

of that grand acciisation of the Brethren, called Antapologia. 
4!" Lond. 1646. 

A Candle to see the Sun. 4» 1646. 

Hagiomastix, or the Scourge of the Saints. 4^ Lond, 


■ Postscript to Hagio-mastix. 4P Lond. 1647. 
— An apologetical account of some Bretbren of theCharch 
whereof he is Pastor. 4® Lond. 1647. 

- The divine authority of Scripture asserted. 4® Lond. 


Sion Colledg visited. 4® Lond. 1648. 

Right and Might well met. Or an enquiry into the 
5 of the army under Lord Fairfax. 4** Lond. 1648. 
he Unrighteous Judge, in answer to Sir F. Nethersole. 

4'' Lond. 1619. 

• T/Sfi5To^xa». The Obstructours of Justice, or a defence 

of the sentence upou the King. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

The remedie of unreasonablenesse. Or the substance 

of a Speech intended at a Confcreucc on the Grace of God. 4^ 
Land. 1650. 

• Truth*s conflict with Error. Or Universal Redemption 

cootruverted. 4^ Lond, 1650. 

Confidence dismounted. Or a Letter to Richd. Res- 

burie. 4^ Lond. 1651. 
EIPHNOMAXIA. The agrcement and distance of 

Brethren. 4<> Lond. 1653. 
Thirty Queries ; whether the Civil Magistrate standi 

bound by way of duty to interpose fais power or authority ia* 

matters of Religion, or worship of God. 4® Lond. 1653. 

• Master John Goodwin's Queries questioned. 4® LoiMt. 


<J oo 

GOODWIN (xohn) An apologie for Mr. J. Goodwin. 4^ Loni. 

" ■ The Apologpst condemned, or a Vindication of the 

Thirty Queries. ^^ Lond. 1653- 

Water dipping no firm footing for Church Communioo, 

4P Lond. 1658. 

— — Exposition of the 9th Chap. of St. Paul to the Romanv 
4^ Lond. 1653. 

zrrKPHTlSMOS. Or Dissatisfaction satisfied. 4<» Lond. 

■'■ ■ P^ce protected and discontent disarmed* 4* Land, 

— ^ A firesh Discovery of the High-Presbyterian Spirit Of' 

the Qnenching of the second Beacon fired. 4* Lond. 1654. 

Vindication of the six booksellers subscribers of Tke 

second Beacon fired itom the aspersions of J. €k>odwin. 4* 
Lond. 1655. 
- ■ Cata-Baptism or ncw Baptism waxing old. 4® Lond. 

■ Funeral Sermon on D. Taylor, Esqr. 4* Lond. 1655. 
BAIANIITAI. Or the Triers or Tormentors tried and 

cast. 4« Lond. 1657. 
GOODWIN (john) Reasons for a duty on Raw Hides and Raw 
Skins. fol. 

■ ■' Proposals how to raisefour Millions in five years with- 
out receiving one penny in Money on the subject. fol. 


' ■ Sermon on the death of S. Bruce. 8* Lond. 1737. 

■* ' The duties of Pastors to their fiocks, a Sermon. 8* 

Lond. 1740. 
GOODWIN (PHiL.) Dies dominicas redivivus* The Lords day 

enlivened. 12^ Lond. 1654. 

t Religio domcstica rediviva : Or Family Religion re- 

vived. 8« Lond. 1655. 
*■ The Mystery of Dreams historically discoursed. 8* 

Lond. 1658. 
GOODWIN (tho.) His case. fol. 
GOODWIN (thomas) Discourseson Heaven and Hell. 8® Lond, 

— — Sermon on the death of Revd. S. Lobb. 8* Lond, 

GOODWIN (thomas) The History of the Reign of Henry V. 

fol. Lond. 1704. 
GOODWIN (thos.) V. bownd. drury. 

■ Zerubbabel^s encouragement to finish the temple. A 
Fast Sermon. 4<> Lond. 1642. 

■■ Christ set forth. 4« Lond. 1642. 

■ ' A Child of hght walking in darkness. 4* Lond. 

~— — The retum of Prayers. 4* Lond. 1648. 

■ Aggravation of sin and sinning. 4® Lond. 1643. 



G O R 

GOODWIN (THOs.) The Vanity of tlumghtg discoverec 

Lond. 1643. 
Tryall of a Christian^g growth. 4« Lond. 1643. 

■ Encouragements to faith. 4* Lond. 1645. 

■ The great interests of States and Kingdoms. A 
Sermon. 4« Lond, 1646. 

■ Christ the Universal peace-maker. 4® Lond. 165 

— — Sermon of ihefifth Monarchy. 4« Lond, 1654. 
• Two Lectures on the world to come« 4^ 


■ A flftate of Glory for spirits of jusl men upon diMo' 

demoQstrated. A Sermon before the Lord Mayor. 4* . 

' A fair proepect shewing the difierence between t 
seen and not secn. A Sermon at the Funeral of Lady J 
Barrin^n. \9f* Lond, 1658. 

Two discourses. I. Of the punishment of Sin in 

U. Proving a state of Glory for Just men. 8® Lond. 1693 

<*OODWIN (tuos.) An Apolo^etical narration of both H 

by Goodarin» Nye, Simpson, Burrough^ and Bridge. 4® . 

■ A copy of the remonstrance to the Assembly on Cl 
Govemment by Goodwin and others. 4^ Lond. 1645. 

Principles of Faith presented by Goodwin, Nye, 

8on, and others. 4*^ Lond, 1654. 
<JO0DWIN (wessel) Relation of the strange practicesof V 

Goodwin, Mehetabell Joncs, Elizabeth Pigcon and otlien 

- Method by which he was cheated of a fair estaU 

«OODWYN (edm.) The connexion of life with Bespiratioi 

GOODWYN (TiM.) De Diarrhoea. 4<> Lug. Bat. 1693. 
GOOGE (barnary) r. palingenius. 
^— — The whole Art and Trade of Husbandry. 4® 

GOOKIN (tincent) The Author and Case of transplantin 

Iriih into Connau|rht, vindicated from the late Aspersi^ 

Col. Richard Laurence. 4» Lond. 1655. 
COOLE (joHv) The case of Mr. Goole and Miss Hudso: 

himself. 8« 1733. 
GOOS (abrah.) Nieuw NederlandUch Caertboeck. 4<» 


8« AmM. 1625. 

'— ^— Tabulae Geographicae Belgncse. 4® Atntt. 1619. 
GOOSE. The Dream of the Solan Goose. S^ Lond. 1709. 
GOOSECAPPE. Sir Gyles Goosecappe, a Comedy. 4<» . 

4« Lond. 1636w 



G O R 

GORCUM (gysb. byeel van.) De Nephritide. 4« 7V. ad Bhen. 

GORDO (joAQurM jose ferreira) Fontes proximas da Conapi- 

la^ao Fillippina. 4« Ush. 1792. 
GORDON, r. carve. 
GORDON {Sir adam) Discourses ; being ihe substance of some 

seleet Homilies of the Ch. of England. 2 vol. 8» Lond. 

GORDON (alex.) Tyrocinium Lingu» Ijatinae. Or the lAtine 

Apprentice made Free-man. 12^ Lmd. 1664. 
GORlX)N (alex.) Itinerarium Septentrionale/ or a Joumey 

through most of the Counties of Scotland and those North of 

Engiand. fol. Lcmd. 1726. 
■■- Life of Pope Alex. VI. and his Son Caesar Borgia. fbl. 

Lond. 1729. 

An Essay towards explaining the Hieron^lyphical Bgures 

on the Coffin of the ancient Mummy belonging to Capt W. 
Lethieullier. fol. Lond. 1737. 

An Essay towards explaining the ancient hieroglyphical 

fioures on thc Egyptian Mummy in the Museum of Dr. Mead. 

fol. Land 1737. 
GORDON (alexander) History of Peter the Great, Emperor of 

Russia. 2 vol. 8« Aberd, 1755. 
GORDON. Comes Einzia. Epithalamium ejus. 4^ Edinb. 1607. 
GORDON (ant.) Treatise on the Science of defence. 4* Lond. 

GORDON (georce) Remarks on the Newtonian Philosophv. 12* 

Lond. 1719. 
Compleat Discovery of a Method for observing thc 

Longitude at Sea, 8® Lond, 1724. 
■- Introduction to Geography, Astronomy, and Dialling. 

8« Lond. 1726. 

De Natura Rerum, Quaestiones Philosophicae. 8® Glaag. 

GORDON (geo.) Lord Byron. Hours of Idleness.' . A Series of 

Poems. 8" Newark, 1807. 
GORDON (geo.) Marqum rf Huntley. His declaration. foL 

Lond. 1650. 
GORDON {Lori george) v. watson. vincent. 

His Trial for High Treason. fol. Lond. 1781. 

'. 8« Lond. 1781. 

His Trial for a Libel. 8« Lond. 1787. 

GORDON (geo.) De Spasmo hysterico. 4<» Lug. Bai. 1734. 
GORDON (geo.) History of our national debts and Uxes frona 

1688 to 1751. 4 Parts. 8« Lond. 1753, 

Annals of Europe. 6 vols. 8« Lond. 1739—43. 

GORDON (jAMEs) Terraquea, or a New Systemof Geography 

and Modern History. Vol. I. 8« Lond. 1790. 
GORDON {Sir john) His case, on the election for Sutherland. 



G O R 

GORDON (john) Memoirs of John Gordon of Glencat. S* Lond. 

GORDON (john) Pocm». 12* Edinb. 1807. 
GORDON (jo.) £cho, Dialogus de Institutione Principis. 4* 

Par. 1603. 
— — — Psuieary rique pour la Concorde de la Grande Bretagne. 

8* Roch. 1603. 

Angl. 4» Lond. 1603. 

ENftTlKON. Or a Sermon of the Union of Gr. Brit- 

tannie. A"* Lond. 1604. 

Elizabcths Reginae Manes de Religione et Regno. 4* 


Anti-Torto-Bellarrainus sive refutatio calumniarum et 

imposturarum Cardinali:^ Bellarmini. 4^^ Lond. 1610. 

Anli Bellarmino-Tortor. 4» Lond. 1610. 

Papa-Cacus. 4» Lond. 1610. 

Orthodoxo-Jacobus, et Papapostaticus. Sive Thescf 

confirmatn? testimoniis Graecorum et Latinorum Patrum ; qui- 

bus probatur Regem Magnx Britanniae esse Catholicas fidei ve* 

nim Defensorem. 4® Lond. 1611. 
GORDON (fatrick) Neptunus Britannicus, de Obitu Hennci 

Principis. 4<» Lond.lGlS. 
GORDON (patrick) Geographical Grammar. 8* Lond. 1699. 

8« Lond. 1716. 

GORDON (rob.) V. biscoe. 

GORDON (t.) V. TAciTus. 

GORDON (thos.) Philosophical Essays. 2 vol. 4« Lond. 

GORDON (w.) Viscounl Kenmure, v. ratcijffe. 
GORDON (w.) De Animalinm generatione et de Melancholia 

Hypochondriaca. 4P Pat. 1621. 
GORDON (wM.) Funerai Serinon on the Hon. Chr. Codrington. 

A^ Lond. 1710. 


GORDON (wiLL.) The universal Accountant, and compleat Mer- 

chanL 2 vol. 8» Edinh. 1763, 17G5. 
■ General Counting-liouse and Man of Business. 8* Edin* 

GORDON (wM.) History of the Rise, Prog^ress and Ei^tablishment 

of the Independence of the United States of America. 4 voL 

8» Lond. 1788. 
GORDONIO (bern. de) Practica, dicta Lilinm medicine, de 

acutis Egrituidinibus, de Pronosticis, et de Urinis. fol. Vem. 



«E 8» Lugd. 1574. 

' Rcvisa per B. Uffenbachinm. 8* Frane^ 


• De Conservatione Vitae humanse. edit. a D. J. Baudisia 

8«> Ups. 1570. 


G O R 

GORE (cHAELEs) Experiments to ascertain tbe respective veUcity 

of floatingf iKxlies, varying in form. 4* Lond, 1799. 
GORE (john) Inventory of hislands, &c. foL Lond. 1721. 
GORE (i.) Liverpool Directory. S\ Liverp. 1805. 
GORE (thomas) Nomenclator geographicus. Lai. AngL & AngL 

Liu. 12° OxoH, 1667. 
■ Series alphabetica Nominum Gentilitioram, sive Cpg- 

norainum plurimarum Familianim quaB multoe per annos in 

AngUa floruere. Lat, Angl. 12° Oxon. 1667. 

Catalogus Authorum qui de re heraldica scripserant. 

4» Oxon. 1674. 

GORECIUS (leonh.) Descriptio Belli Ivoniae, Voivodae Valachiae, 
quod^ Anno M.D.LXXIII, cum Selymo II. Turcarum Impe* 
ratore, gessit. Huic accessit S. Lasicii historia de ingressu Po- 
knorum in Valachiam cum Bogdano. 8® Franc. 1578. 

GORGEI (PAUL. p ) De Vaporibus et modo quoex iis nubes, plu- 
visB, &c. generantur. 4* Tr. ad Rh. 1655. 


— A true Transcript of his Majestie's Letters Pktent, for 

an OiBce, to be called the Publicke Rcgister for generatt Com- 

inerce. 4» Lond. 1611. 
GORGES (Sir ferd.) A Narratiori of the originaU uhdertakings 

of the advancement of Plantations into the parts of America. 

Especially that of New England. 4« Lond. 1658. 

— America painted to the Life. 4® Lond. 1659. 

GORGEU (mich.) Remarques sur les PontifTes Romains, qui ont 

tenu le saint siege depuis Celestin II. avec leurs Armes blason« 

nees. 4® Abbev. 1659. 
GORGIAS. Orationes Graec» cura J. J. Reiskii. 8« Lips. 1773. 
GORGIERI (lauro) Trattato de la Guerra, del Soldato, del Caa- 

tellano, e del Generaldi esercito. 4* Pesar. 1555. 


GORICHEMIUS (h.) v. lombardus. 

GORING (geo.) Lord. v. colchester. essex. portsmouth. 

' Declaration concerning the late conspiracies. 4® 1641. 

^ His Declaration to the counties of Devon and Sooier- 

set. fol. Lond. 1645. . 
■ Declaration of both Houses concerning him. 4* Lond. 

— — His Message to the Lord Generall conceming the sur- 

rendcr of Colchester. 4° Lond. 1648. 

Letter to Uie Lord Mayor. 4<> Lond. 1648. 

GORIS (caspar john) Oratio de triplici expetendarum renim 

genere, quod ab bumanitatis studia colentibus pcrcipi possit. 

4^ Dord. 1720. 
GORIS (ger.) De Diarrhcea. 4« Lug. Bat. 1685. 
GORiS (gerard) Medicina contenipta, propter AOrOMAXIAM 

vel Ignorantiam Medicorum. 4® Lugd. Bat, 1700. 
■ ' : — Chyniia ab inutili verborum pondere, ostentatione €t 

compedibus Sopbittarum et Sciolarum liberata. 12° Lugd. Bai. 

1701. GORIS 

G O R 

GORIS (oerakd) Beknopte VerhandelingTan de verschrikkelyke 

PesUiekte. 12* Amsi. 1711. 
OORITZ (JOH. adam) Nachrichten von dem Boehmiflche Bitter- 

Wasfier. 8» Dre$d, 1727. 
GORIUS (ant. rRAN.) P. assemanus. averanus. ballarinus. 


■ Inscnptiones antiquae in Etruriaj Urbibug exstantes. 4* 

Fior. 1736. 

Monumentum sive Columbarium Libertorum et Servo- 

nim Livie Augustie et Csesarum^ Romse detectum in Via Ap* 
pk. fol. i^or. 1727. 

Museum Florentinum. 3 tom. fo!. Fior. 1731 — 34. 

Museum Etruscum exhibens Veterum Etruscorum Mo- 

numenta «neis tabulis CC edita et illustrata observationibus. 
2 tom. fol. Fiar. 1737. 

-^ Storia antiquaria Etrusca. 8* Fir. 1740. 

Musei Guarnaccii antiqua Monumenta Etrusca. e Vo« 

laterranis Hypogaeis. fol. Flor. 1744. 

• Symbol» btterariie opuscula varia philologica scientifica 

antiquaria signa lapides numismata gemmas et monumeuta 
medii «ri compleclentes. llvol. 8® Flar. 1748 — 54. 

- Dactyliotheca Ant. M. Zanetti Notb illustrata. Lat, 

Itai. fol. Ven. 1750. 

• Thesanrus Gemmarum Astriferarnm antiquarum ; cum 

Athnte Famesiano. 3 tom. fol. Fior. 1750. 

. Thesaurus Veterum Diptychorum Consularium et Ec- 

clesiasticorum tum A. F. Gorii cum aliorum lucubrationibus 
iUustratus. Adceasere J. B. Passerii Prsefationes. 3 tom. foL 
Pior. 1759. 

Cata]ogus Numismaticus Musei Lefroyani. 4*^ Libum, 


Dactyliotheca Smithiana. 2 tom. fol. Ven. 1767. 

GORJY (M.) Sentimental taWets, translated by P. S. Diipuy. 12^ 

Lond. 1795. 
GORL (mich. thymer) De Epilepsia. 4» Jen. 1630. 
GORLiEUS (abr.) Thesaurus Numismatum Romanorum. foL 

Amst. 160a 
■ Dactyliotheca sive Tractatus de Annulorum Ori^ne 

variis eorum generibus et usu apud Priscos. 12^ Lugd. HaL 


cum Additionibus et Explanationibus Jacobi 

Gronovii. 2 Pftrtes. 4» Lugd. Bat. 1695. 
* GORUEUS (dav.) Idea Physicae, ct Epistola Anonymi, de Terr» 
Ikfolu. 12^ Uiiraj. 1651. 


GORLITZER (joran. sigismund.) Unterricht, und Regimetit, 

zur Zeil der Pestikntz. 4« Wittemb. 1540. 
GORMANDIERE (j. bede' de la) L'Unite Catholique. 8» Saum. 

GORN (cbrist. ad.) De Scabie. 4* Hai. Mag. 1718. 


G O S 


■ Dtfinitiones Medicse. fol. Franc, ad M,. 1578. [cum 

notis Mm.I 

• fol. Franc. ICOI. 

fol. Par. 1623. 

Dc Plcuritide infera; descendente vd faypochoodriaca. 

40 Par. 1656. 

Opuscula medica quatuor. 4* Par. 1660. 

Animadversio in libellum Joh. Lansei quo Hippocratis 

Aphorismos in norum ordinem digessit 4^ Par. 1660. 
GORRiEUS (PETR.) Formulse Remediorum. W Lugd. 1562. 
8« Lugd. 1584. 


GORRAN (Nic. D£) Commentaria in quatuor Evangelia. fol. CoL 

GORRY (pierre) deBourges. Discours des Remedes^Bingulienr 

desquels les Medecins usent en toutes maladies. trad. par J. 

Riviere. 16» Par. 1581. 
GORSAS (A. j.) Le CourrierdesLXXXIII Departmcns. No.XX. 

S^ Par. 1791. 
GORSCIUS (jAc.) Commentarii Artb Dialecticae. 8® Ups. in 

qfficina Voegeliana. 
GORTER, V. hippocrates. 

GORTER (david de) Materies medica. 4» Avist. 1740. 
Fiora Ingrica, ex Schedis Steph, Krasciieninnikow. 8^ 

Petrop. 1761. 

Flora Belgica. 8^ Tr. ad Rh.l767. 

GORTER (joH. de) De ObstruCtione. 4« Lug. 1712. 
' De Perspiratione insensibiii Sanctoriana-Batava Tracta* 

tus. 4^» Lugd. Bat. 1725. 

De dirigendo studio in Medicin» praxi, sive de Ta- 

bulis pro disciphna medica concinnandis. 4^ Hard. 1726. 

De Secretione Humorum e Sanguine. 4* Lugd. Bai» 


■ MedicinsB Compendium. 2 Partes. ^^Lugd. BaiA7Sl,7. 

Morbi Epidemii Descriptio et Curatio per Diaphoresin. 

4^ Harderv. 1733. 

Belg. 4« Amst. 1733. 

Medicina dogmatica de Delirio^ Vertigine, et Tussi. 4^ 

Hard. 1741. 

Oratio pro Medico dogmatico. 4° Hard. 1741. 

Chirurgia repurgata. 49 Lugd. Bat. 1742. 


" Saltmarsh returned from the Dead in amico Philalethe. 

Orthe resurreclion of James the Apostle. 4° Lond. 1655. 
GORUS (CAMiLLUs) Disceptatio unica de Chalcantho ejusque 

oleo^ an ullum babeat locum in febribus putridis. 4® Rom* 


De Fractura Brachii. 4® Rom. 1617. 

GOSELLINl (oiuLiAMo) Narratione delle Cose passate nei Paest 

Bassi, dopo la GiunU di D. Giov. d^Austria. 4^ MHan. 1578. 


G O S 

GOSELLINI (giuliano) ViU del S. Ferrando Gonzaga Principe 

di Molfetta. 4* Ven. 1579. 

Amore della Patria. 12* Vai. 1604. 

GOSFRIGHT (capt.) r. kiffer, 

GOSIUS (jo. viNC.) Tabulae Anatomics. 4<» Aug. Taur. 1606. 

GOSKY (cHRisT. FRiD.) Dc cognoscenda Corporis humani Natura, 

ex EfTectu Remediorum. 4^ Hal. Mag. 1732. 
GOSKY (LBOP.) De Catarrhacta. 4« Franc. 1695. 
GOSKY (martin) Arbustum, vel Arborctum Poeticum, de Vita 

Augusti Ducis Brunsvic. et Luneb. fol. tVolfenb. 1650. 
GOSKY (mart.) De Lue Venerea cognoscenda et curanda. 4* 

FroMc. 1610. 
— — — De Apoplexia et Epilepsia cognoscendis et curandis. 4* 

F^nc. 1610. 
GOSLING (wM.) Seasonable advice for preventing the mischief 

of Firc. fol. Land. 1642. 
GOSPEL, 17. sociETY. 
— — Gospel Grounds ; or Christ declared to be the only trea- 

auryof all good. 12» Lond.\6U. 

Motives to abstain from one meals meat in a week, and 

to give the value thereof unto the Trustees for propagating thc 
Gospel. 4» 1646. 

Some Gospel truths catachistically laid downe, explained 

and vindicated. \2^ Lond. 1647 

Severall queries published and propounded to be con- 

sidered of all, especially of those which assume a power of pro- 
pagating the Gospel, and settling the Ministers and Ministry 
thereof in this Nation. 4« Lond. 1652. 

Proposals for the furtherance of the Gospel in this Na- 

tion. 4« Lond. 1653. 

The testimony of the everlasting Gospel witncssed thrtf 

suffenngs. 4« 1654. 

The true faith of the Gospel of Peace. Of an answer 

to J. Bunyan^s book called Sonte Gospel tiiUhs opened, &c. by 
E. B. 4^ Lond, 1656. 

• The eternal Gospel once more testified unto and vindi- 

cated. Against the ignorance of the Bishops and Teachers of 
thc now Church of England. 12« Lond. 1681. 

GOSSE (kichd.) Sermon on his decease. 8* Newport, 1770. 

GOSSELIN (g.) r. tartaclia. 


GOSSEUNUS(ant.) HistoriaGallorumveterum. 8» Cadom. 

GOSSELINUS (guliel.) De Arte nfagna, seu de occulta parte 

numerorum, quffi et Algebra, et Almucabala vuleo dicitur. 8* 

GOSSELUN (p. F. j.) V. strabo. 

■ Recherches sur la Geographie des Anciens. 2 tom. 4* 

Par. 1798. 



GOSSELLIN (p. F- j.) G^ographie des Grec» Analvsde; oa fct 

Syst^mes D'£ratosthenes, De Strabon et de Ptolemee compare» 

entre eux et avec nos connoissances modemes. 4^ Par. 1790« 

GOSSIPS Feast, or morall tales taking a view of things pasit, dis* 

^ coursin^ of things present, and conjeqturing of things to come. 

4» L(md, 1647. 
»■■ Gossips Braule or Women wear the Breechest a mock 

Comedy. 4» Lond. 1655. 
GOSTELO (walteb) Letter to the Lord Protector. fol. Lmd. 


•^ Charles Stuart and Oliver Cromwell united. 8® 1655, 

■■ The coming of God in Mercy, & Vengeance. 8^ Ltmd, 

GOSTORFF (gerl. 'a) Leichpredight bey der Begrebnuss Joh. 

Claybei^ii. 4<> Ihm. 1665. 
GOSTWICKE (roger) r. polanus. 
GOTEKE (joh.) ConsUntinus honeste ex legitimo matrimonio 

natus. Rostoch, 1702. 
GOTFRIDUS, Vkerhicnsis, v. gottofridus. 
GOTFRIDUS (joh. jac.) De Arthritide vaga scorbutica. 4* 

Uelm. 1668. 
GOTHAM. The Fools complaint to Gotham CoUedge. 4» Land. 


■ Libellus, or a brief sketch of the king^dom of Gotham. 
To whicb is added an admirable Essay upon Titles. 12^ Lond. 

GOTHFREDUS, v. libanius. 

GOTHICiE RES. Gothicarum et Langobardicarum rerum Scnp- 

tores aliquot veteres. 8® Lif^. Bat, 1618. 
GOTHOFRIDUS (dion.) v. alexander. latinitas. 
■ ■■ Deratione Ordinis a Juris consultoin Pandectis,Codice, 

ct Institutionibus servati. 8** Ge/i. 1580. 

■ Historia antiqua, ex XXVII Auctoribus contexta. 2 vol. 
12° Argent. 1604. 

De Tutelis Electoralibus Testamentariis Legitimas ex- 

cludentibus. 4^ 1611. 
GOTHOFRIDUS (jacob) De Stotu Paganorum, sub Christianis 

Imperatoribus : seu Commentarins ad Titulum X de Paganis 

hbri XVI Codicis Theodosiani. 4«^ 1616. 
Vetus Orbis descriptio Graeci Scriptoris sub Constan- 

tino et Constante Impp. cum dupUci versione et notis. Gr. Lat. 

40 Gen. 1628. 

De Imperio Maris, deque Jure Naufragii colligendi. 

vffoyn/x», ex Jure Romano ad Legem Aitvo-K^seu Legem Depre- 
catio IX Digestis de L. Rhodia de Jactu. 4^ 1637. 

History of Achaia, translated from the Lat. by Hen. 

Stubbe. 40 Lond. 1673. 
GOTHRIDGE. The strong Casde/ or Gothridge taken by Col. 

Birch. 4« Lond. 1646. 
GOTHUS (g. I. o') De Bello ejusque Jure, ex verbis Ciceronis : 

Officior. Lib. I. Cap.XI.35. 4» Upsal. 1652. 



GOTINGIUS (pHtL.) Oratioin Calumniam. 4^ Delp. 1679. 
OOTSCH (GOTtL.) De Mictu cniento. 4» Hal.Mag. 1719. 
GOTSIUS (ZACH. Nic.) De Salivatione. 4<> Jen. 1656. 

De Sjpina ventosa. 4^^ Jen. 1658. 

GOTT (sAM.) On the true happiness of Man. 129- Lond. 1650* 
GOTTER (JOH. anhard) De Scabie. 4» Erf, 1680. 
GOTTER (JOH. CHR18T.) De Scorbuto. 4» Eif. 1681. 
GOTTER (JOH.JAC.) DeSpihtibussylvestnbusflatulentis. 4® Je». 


DeSufTocatione uterina. 4» Erf^ 1679. 

GOTTER (M. FRiD. GOTTH.) Elogia clarorum Virorum Altenbur- 

gensium cum Epistolis variorum. 8^ Jen. 1713. 
GOTTFREED (jo. lud.) Historia Antipodum sive Novi OrlNft 

qui vul^o Americfle et Indiae Occidentalis nomine usurpatur. 

Pars. 9. fol. Franc. 1633. 
— — Newe Weit und Americanische Historien. fol. Franc. 

Voyagien na Oost en West Indien. 4 vol. fol. Leid* 

GOTTHILFF (sam.) De iEtatibus Zedoariae. 12« Dresd. 1691. 
GOTTI Cant. dom.) De Hydrope, ejusque Causis. 4® Flcr. 

GOTTIGNIES (iSGmius fran. db) Logistica univcrsalis. fol. 

Neap. 1687. 
GOTTINGA, r. georgius u. 
— — Prodromus Monumentorum qiiorundam Gottingensium 

complectentium succinctiorem Historiam Sacrorum, imprimis 

virorum quos Gottinga tulit aluitque. 4« Gott. 1702. 

Parerga Gottingensia, sive acccssiones ad omnis generi* 

eruditionem. tom. 1. 8® Gotting. 1736. 

> Epifitola pnesentcm Academis Gottingensis statum ex« 

hibens. ab. J. D. S. 4» 1735. 

Catalogus Lectionum publice et privatim in Academia 

GeorgiaAugustaMDCCXXXVIhabendarum. 4<> 1736. 

Cataiogus PraRlectionum pubhce et privatim in Acade- 

mia Georgia AugusU MDCCXXXVH habendarum. 4« 1738. 
- Snort account of His Majesty^s Joumey to Gottingen^ 

andoftbestateoftheUniversity. S^ 1748. 

Commentarii Societatis Regise Scientiarum Gotting. 

4 tom. 4« Gott. 1752—55. 
13 tom. 4« Gott. 1779—99. 

Relationes de Libris novis. 13 Fasc. 8® 1752 — 55. 

-^ Gottingische Anzeigen von gelefarten Sachen unter der 

aufficht der Konigl. Geaellscball der Wissenschaften. 8^ Gott. 

De Academise solennibus Semi-ssecularibus. Sep. 17. 

1787. celebratis brevis descriptio. fol. Gotting. 
GOTTLIEB (JOH. gotof.) Nen eroffiiete Apotheker Schule. 4* 

Franc. 1700. 
GOTTLOB (cHRisT.) Calendarium medii sevi pra^cipue Germa- 

nicum. 8^ Lip. 1729. 


G O V 

GOTTLOB (cHR. FRiD.) Disputatio de errore pseudophikMopho- 
rum qubd anima hominis sit iQaterialis et mortalis. 4** 1720. 

GOTTOFRIDI (luig.) v. ovidius. 

GOTTRUPIUS (joH. CHR.) De Chamaeleonte. 4» Ham. 1707. 

GOTTSCHALCK (jac.) Catalogus Piantamm Horti Academici 
Lup^duno-Batavi. Lat. & Genn. 12" Plom. 1697. ' 

GOTTSCHED (joh.) Flora Prussica. 4« Rcgiom. 1703. 

GOTTSCHLING (gott.) De Libris Hodqeporicis. 4<> Um. 

GOTTWALD (christ.) Tabulae vari» Anat^micae, foL 

■ ■ Thesaurus Testaceorum. fol. 

Dc Melancholia hypochondnaca. 4» U^. Bat. 1662» 

■ De Vasis lympbaticis et Lympha. 16** Amst. 1670. 

■ Museum Gottwaldianum sive Catalogus Rerum rario- 

riim. 8» 1714. 
GQTWICUM. Chronicon Gotwicense seu Annales Monasterii 

Gotwiceusis inferioris Austria. 2 tom. fol. Monast. Tegem. 

GOTZE (PETR.) De Renum et Vesicae Calculo. 4° Rost. 1646. 
GOUAN (anton.) Flora Monspeliaca. 8« Lug. 1765. 
GOUANDOUR (ch. de) Sa Vie, p^r M. Vinc. Robin de S.Ger* 

main. 12° 1G9L 
GOUDA. Explication de ce qui est represent^ dans le magnifi- 

que Vitrage de l'EgHse de St. Jean a Gouda. 12^ Gouda.'^ 

Belg. 12° Goud/i. 

GOUDA (cuiL. de) Tractatus de Expositione Misse. 4° Davam, 

GOUDELIN (Sr) p. PoET«. 
GOUDELIN (pierre) Obros. Augmentados de le Diccionari 

8ur ia Lengo Moundino. 8® Amst. 1700. 

■ ■■ Le Ramelet Moundi, Poeme Gasconne. 8** Toul. 

GOVARTS (m.) V. eesbeke. 

GOVE (richd.) The Saints Iloneycomb. 12« Lond. 1652. 
. Pious Thoughts vented in pithy Ejaculations. 12* 

Lond. 1658, 


GOVEANUS (tho.) Ars sciendi sive Logica. 8® Lond. 
1682. ^ 

' Logica Elenctica sive Sumraa Controversiarum quiR 
circa materiam, et praecepta Logicae agitari solent. 8« Lhibi. 
GOVEL (franc.) Ansensibus vinum parcius? 4° Par. 1657. 
'■ An ex insomniis temperamenti cognitio ? 4P Par, 

— ^— — An in quavis Hsemorrhagia admovenda naribus astrin- 

gentia? 4P Par. 1685. 
GOVERNESS, or the Boarding School dissected. A dramatic 
original. 8® Lond. 1785. 


G O V 

GOVERNMENT, v. gouveknement. / 

■ A discourse upon the meanes of well governing^ akinf^- 

^dome. Against Machiavel, translated by S. Patericke. fol. 
Land. 1608. 

Tyrannical Goyemment anatoroized : being the Life 

and Deathof John the Baptist. 4« Lond, 1642. 

. Answer to the enquiry how inconsistent Presbyterial 

Governmentis with Monarchy. 4® 1644. 

A parallel of Governments. 4° Lonrf. 1647. 

Discourse on Civil Govemment. 4*^ Lond, 1648. 

Politique and Military observations upon the civill and 

militarie Govemments, by D. F. 4® Land, 1648. 

Brief Discourse of the Nature» Rise, and End, of Civil 

Government. 4<> Lond. 1648, 

• The lawfulness of obeyinff the present Govemment 

Proposed by one that lovesall Presbyterian lovers of Truth and 
Peace. 4» Lond. 1649. 

40 1650. 

An Enquiry after further satisfaction concemins: obey- 

ing a chans^e of Govemment beleeved to be unlawful. Tendered 
to the Presbyterian proposer in answer to bis book intituled ; 
The lawfullncss of ohtying the present Govemment. 4® Lond, 

A Combate between two Seconds. One for obcyinf 

the present Govemment. Thc other the second part of a De- 
murrer undeservedly called Religious. 4® Lond, 1649. 

■ A dissection of all Govemments. Or an answer to a 

Pamphletentitledj The Privileges qf the People. ByW.J. 4* 
Land. 1649. 

Discourse between Monarchical and Aristocratical Go- 

Terament 4® Lmd. 1649. 
The tme primitive state of Civil and Ecclesiastica! Go- 

vemment dii^cussed andcleared. 4" Lond. 1649. 
— — Govemment of the people of England precedent and 

present the same. 4® 1650. 

- Observations upon Aristotle^s Politiques, touching^ 

Forms of Govemment. Together with directions for obedience 
to Govemors in dangerous and doubtful Times. 4^ Lond. 

Observations conceming the Original of Goverament, 

4« Lond. 1652. 

' Persuasive to a mutual compliance under the present 

Govemment. Together with a plea for a Free btatc compared 

with a Monarchy. 4® Oxf. 1652. 
The grand Catastrophe, or the chaniye of Governmentt 

being a word about the last turn of these Times. 4° Lond^ 

An honest discourse between three Neighbours touch- 

ing tbe present Goverament. 4*^ Lond. 165&. 


G O V 

GOVERNMENT. Proclamation of His Higbness and thc Ptar- 
liament fbr tbe Peace and Security of the Government. foL 
Lond, 1656. 

• Letter to an Officer of the Army concerning onr pre- 

sent Govemment and Governors. 4^ Lond, 1656. 

Vindicis Magistratuum. Or a sober plea for sulgec- 

tion to tbe present Govemment. 12® Lond. 1658. 

Model of a Democraticall Govenunent. 4® Lond» 


- A brief admonition of some of the inconveniencies of 

tbe three most famous Govemments in the world. 4® Lond, 

• A short discourse upon the desires of a Friend : where- 

in> upon Observation of tbe late Governments and Revolutions, 
it b made evident wbat alone can be the perfect settlement of 
tbis Nation and tbe composure of all differences. 4^ Lond* 

Letter on tbe two differentforms of Monarcby and po- 

pular Government, by N. D. 4° Lond. 1660. 

Answer to ibe Letter on tbe two difierent forms of Mo- 

narcby and popular Government. 4® Lond. 1660. 

Speecb by a Member of tbe House of Commons tend- 

ing to tbe establisbment of Kingly Govemment, 4® Lond. 
1660. . 

■ Dialogue at Oxford, between a Tutor and his Pupil, 

concerning Government. 4* Lond. 1681. 

Plain discourse conceming Govemment. Wherein is 

debated wbetber Monarcby or a Commonwealth be best for thc 
People. 4» 1688. 

State Tracts ; being a CoUection of Treatises rdating to 

tbe Govemment, privately printed in the Reign of K. Chuks 
IL fol. Lond..l6S9. 

2d part fol. Lond. 1693, 

Discourse of wbat is lawful during the confusi^xis uid 

revolutions of Government. 4® Lond. 1689. 

Tbe plain case of subjection to the present Govemment. 

4« Lond. 1690. 

Political Apborisms,ortbetme Maxims of Govemment 

displayed. 4<> Lond. 1691. 

8» Lond. 1694 

Two Treatises of Govemment. In the former the fake 

principlcs of Sir R. Filmer are detected. Tbe latter is an Essay 
conceniing tlie original and extent of Civil Govemment. B* 
Lond. 1G94. 

lilsiiay discovering tbe-Affinity or Resemblance of the 

ancient and modem Govemments, in Respect to our English 
ParliamenU. 8« Lond. 1706. 

Essay on Civil Government. 8® Lond. 1728. 

• An Essay on Civil Government, in two parts. 8* Land. 



G O U 

GOVERNM£NT. The happy Government or the Constitutioii 

ofGreatBritain. 4« Lond, 17S4. 
■ Refleetions upon the Administration of Govemment. 

8^ Land. 1740. 

Discourse on Govemment and Religion, calculated for 

theMeridian of the SOth Jan. & Bost, 1750. 

The fatal consequences of the want of System in the 

coDduct of public affiiirs. 8^ Lond, 1757. 

Free thoughts on despotic and free Govemments. 

Lottd. 1781. 
■ An appeal to Man but particularly addressed to the 

British Govemment, with an Institute of Govemment 8* 

Lond. 1799. 
OOVERRI (oRATio Di) Secreti mirabili per diverse infirmitaspe- 

rimentali. 12^ 
GOUEY (louis legbr de) La vcntable Chirurgie etablie sar 

rEzperience et la raison. 8^ Rouen, 1716. 


— — — The faith of dying Jacob. A Sermon on the death of 
^ J. Hubbard. 12« Lond. 16SS. 
GOUGE (thos.) A recovery from Appstacy, a Sermon. 4® Lond. 

— — The Principles of the Christian Religion explained. 8* 

Lond. 1679. 
GOUGE (wm.) r. jenkyn. 
— — The Saints support. A Fast Sermon before the Com- 

mons. 4<^ Lond. 1642. 
— — Mercies Memoriall. A Sermon on the Anniversary of 

Q. £lizabeth's accession. 4^ Lond. 1G45. 

i The Progrcss of Divine Providence. A Fast Sermon 

before the Peers. 4® Lond. 1645. 

• Sermon at the funeral of Margt. Ducke. 4** Lomt. 


■ The right way : or a direction for oblaining good suc- 

cease in a weighty enterprise. A Fast Sermon before the Lords. 
4« Lmd. 1648. 
GOUGES.CARTOU (m.) Projet de Declaration de Droits. 8* 

Venailles, 1789. 
GOUGH (j.) The strange Discovery, a Tragi-Comedy. ^^ Lond. 

GOUGH (jOH.) Ecclesise Anglicanse GPHNHAIA. In qua per- 
turbatissimus Regni el Ecclesia; statussub Anabaptistica tyrati- 
nide, lugetur. 12« Lond, 1661. 
G0[J6H (bichard) v. camboen. 

■■ - Anecdotes of British Topography, or an historical Ac- 

couat of what has been done, for illustrating the Topographical 
4ntiquities of Great Britain and Ireland. 4^ Lond. 17G8. 

--.^^ 2 vol. 4P Lond, 1780. 

•Ks- History and Antiquities of Croyland Abbey. 4^ Lond. 

IrB^* [Bemg No.XI of the Bibl. Topog. Britt.] 



60UGH (richard) Mr. Essex^s observations oii Crc^and Abbey 
and Brid^ and other Additions to the HiftcTV of Croyland. 4? 
, Lond. 1784. [Being No. XXH of the Bibl. Topog. BritL] 
————— 2W Appendix, with plates of tne Legeodery 
History of St.Guthlac. 4« Lond, 1797. 

Short Genealoprical Account of the family of O. Crom- 

well. 4<> Lond. 1785. [Being No. XXXI of the BiW. Topog. 

Sepulchral Monuments in Gt Britain. 3 voL fol. Ldmd. 


An Account of a rich illuminated Miasal, executed for 

JohnDukeofBedford. 4« Lo/id. 1794. 

History and Antiquitiesof Pleshv. 4® Lonif. 1803. 

Coins of the Seleucidae Kings of Syria; from tbe estab- 

lishment of their reign ro the determination of it : with histori* 
cal Memoirs of each Reigfn. A^ Lund. 1803. 

Catalogue of his Library sold by Auction [with prices.] 

8" Lond. 1810. 

Museum Goughianum. 8® Lond. 1810. 

GOUGH (strickland) Sennon on the accession of George I. 8^ 
Lond. 1714. 

■ Sermon before the Lord Mayor on Novr. 5. 4* Lond. 

Critical Dissertation on 1 Cor. xi. 10. 8» Lond. 1742. 

The wickedness of a factious disposition. A SermoD. 

8« Lond. 1745. 
A Pi otestant Catechism. 8« Lond. 1746. 

■ Discussion of four popular Questions between Papists 
and Protestants, viz. The Preferableness and Antiquity oi thc 
Churches. The state of Salvability in each. Solemnity of 
Worship. Charity and Severity of Life. 8» Lond. 1747. 

Scmions. ^ Lond. 1751. 

GOUGH (wiLL.) Londinum triumphans, or an Historical Accoani 

of the grand Influence the Actions of the City of London bave 

liad, upon the Afiairs of the Nation, for many Ages past. 8^ 

GOUGHE (alexander) The Queen, or, the Excellency of her 

Sex. 4» Lond. 1653. 
GOUJET (abbe) Bibliotheque Francoise, ou Histoire 4e Litera- 

ture Franpoise. 18 tom. 12® Par. 1741—56. 
GOUJON (le sb.) Hieroglyphe Royal de Henry le Grand. 8* 

Lyon. 1610. 
GOUJON (jAQUEs) Histoire & Voyage de la Terre Sainte. 4* 

Lyon. 1671. 
GOUJONNE (mr. de la) v. roustin. 
GOULART (simon) Histoiresadmirables&memorablesdenostre 

Temps. 8« Gcn. 1620. ' 

* tom. 3 & 4. 8« Gcn. 1614. 

GOIILARTIUS (s.) v. cyprianus. 


GOULD (lady) Funcral Sermon on. 4« Lond. 1713. 



SOULD (JOBm) 9. LAM». 

- A call and waminff to all Priests, Professora and People» 

. whofaave and do profewtbe Scriptures. 4® Lond. 1657. 
GOULD (iSAAc) Heavcnly treasure in earthen vessels. A Scr^ 

mon on thedeatb of the Revd. J. Nottage. 8^ Lond. 1776. 
GOULD (ralph) r. morris. 
GOULD (robeet) The Rival Sisters, or the Violence of Love, a 

Tragedy. A^ 

■ The corruption of the Times by Money, a Satyr. 4* 
Lond. 1693. 


€K)ULD (wfLL.) An Account of English Ants. 12» Lond. 1747. 
GOULDMAN (francis) Dictionary. Lat. Engl. 4« Lond. 1664. 
GOULDSBOROUGH (j.) Repoil^, with Notes by W. S. 4« 

Lond. 1658. 
GOULSTON (theoo.) v. arktoteles. galbnus. 
GOUPYLUS (JAC ) V. actuarius. rhases. trallianus. 
GOURCY (abbb' db) Quel fut TEtat des Persoones en France 

0om la premiere & la seconde Race de nos Rois? b» Paris, 

GOURMELEN (bstien.) Oeuvres chirurgicales. S^ 1647. 

■ Synopsis Chirurgiae. 8® Par, 1566. 
— De Arte Chirurgica. 8» Par. 1580. 

■ ' ■ Advertissement et conseil a Messieurs de Paris, tant 
pour se preserver de la pe»te, comme aussi pour nettoyer la 
vtUe et Itt maisons qui y ont est^ infectee^. l^ Par, 1581. 

GOURMONT (hier.) v. apollonius Akiandrinus. 

GOURNAY. R^chantillons de Virgile. »> Par. 1620. 

G0URRAI6NE (huo.) Specimende Febribus juxU Circulationis 

Leges. 4« Mon^. 1725. 
' 12» Monsp. L730. 

— — - Dc morbis inflammatoriis in genere. 8® Araus. 1727, 

De Respiratione. 4» Monsp. 1729. 

m ' ' Reeponse aux objections contre la Dissert de la Respi- 

ratiim. 4« ilfoii. 1730. 

■ '■ De Tomoribus simplicibiiB. 4® Mon. 1731. 
• Diflsertationes Medico Chirurgiese juxta Circuhtionis 

Leges. 8« Man. 1731. 

• Qosestiones Medic» XIL 4'» Mon. 1732. 

GOURREAU (PHiL.) ViUet Martyrium Magistri Thom» Priorit 

Reg. Ab. St. Victoris Parisiens. 8<> Par. 1665. 
GOURRY (p.) Discours des Reitoedes singuliers, desqueix les 

Medecins usent en toutes maladies. &c. 12* Par. 1581. 
GOURVILLE (le sibur) Les Drapeaiix r^is. S^ 
GOURVILLE (mb. db) Memoires concemant les afiaires aax-< 

?iieUef il a M employ^ par la Coor, depuis 1642 jusqu^en 
69a 2 tom. 8» Par. 1724. 

atomes. 12*ilfMmcA<.l782. 

«}OUSSANCOURT. (matth. de) Martyrologie des Cfaevalierade 

Sl Jean de Hienualem diU de Maltc. foL Par. 1643. 

G O W 

GOUSSAULT (l^abbe') Poesies et Pensied ChfetTefiinet. 1S* 

GOUT. Giitta Podagrica. Or a treatisc of the Gout, by P. H, 
. 4« Lond. 1GS3. 

' Dissertation sur la Goutte, par M. P. d. L. O. 8* Pw. 

The HonouT of the Gout. W Ltmd. 1699. 

■ Reponse a la dissertation sur la Goutte. 8** Par, 1690. 

— Trait^ de la Goutte. 8« Amst. 1713. 

Laugh and lie down, or a pleasant but sore Reinedy 

for the Gout, a Poem. 8® Lond. 1739. 
GOUTTARD (m.) Traite Des Eaux Minerales d'Abbecoiirt. 8^ 

Par. 1718. 
GOVVEA (ant. de) Jomada do Arcebispo de Goa Frey Akizo- 

de Menezes, Primaz da India Oriental. fol. Coimb. 1606. 
■ Histoire Orientale des Progris de TBglise CathoU. 

Apoet. et Rom. en la reduction des anciens Chrestiens, dits de' 

St Thomas, de plusieurs autres Schismatiques et Heretiques W 

Funion de la vraye Eglise, par les bons Devoirs d'Alezis de Me- 

neses^ trad. par J. B. Glen. 8® Anv. 1609. 

Vida y Muerte del B. Joan. de Dios. 4^ Madr. 


Rekcam das Embaixadas da Persia, das Guenras do Xs 

Abbas^ & da Transmigra^aon dos Armenios. 4* Lisb. 161 !• 
GOUVERNEMENS. Des Gouvememcns. 8* 1789. 
■■ Essai de Theorie sur le Gouvemement Monarcbique. 

8<» Lond. 1789. 
GOUVEST (m. MALBEtiT de) Memoires militaires sur les Ancient*' 

Ou Idee prccise de tout ce que les Anciens ont ecrit relative» 

ment a TArt Mililaire. 2 tom. Utrecht. 1762. 
GOUYE (pere) Observations des Jesuitcs d Siam, pour servir it 

THistoire naturelle, & i la Perfection de l'Astronomie, & de la 

Geographie avcc les notes. 8^ Par. 1688. 
«— ' Obfe>ervations physiqu^ & mathematiques, envoydes des. 

Indes, avec les Notes. 4» Par. 1692. 
GOW (jobn) Account of the Proceedings of Jobn Gow, aliat 

Smith, captain of the late Pirates executed for Murther and 

Piracy. 8» Lond. 1725. 
■ Troe and genuine Account of the last Confession and 

dving words of the same. 8^ Lond. 1725. 
GOWER (john) Confessio Amantis. fol. Westm. Caxton, 1499. 

[Sic pro 1488.] 
. fol Lond. Berthelette. 1532. 

— fol. Lond. Berthelette, 1554. * 

GOWER {Ckipt. john) A irue relation out of Ireland of idTthe 

overthrowes given to the Rebels from June to July 10. 1643».. 

4» Lond. 1642. 

. The Cow-ragious Castle Combat. 4« Lond. 1645, 

GOWER (humf.) Two Sermons on tbe Death of Dr. Gunnfaffij 

Bp.of£Iy. 4« 00911.1685. 


G R A 


GOW£R (rich. hall) Treatise on the theory and practice of Sra* 

mao^hip. 8^ Lond. 1796. 
GOWER (stanley) Thinj^ nowadoing: or the Church^s tra- 

vaile of tfae Child of Reformation now a bearing. A Fa»t Ser* 

mon l)efore the Conmions. 4® Lond. 1644. 
GOWERT (godfrey) v. lilibnthall. 

GOWLAND (john) On thc power and efieets of his Lotion. 13« 
. Lond.m3. 

■ ■ ■ Easay on Cutaneons diseases. S^ Lond. 1793. 
GOWRIE {Earl of) v. praybr. ruthyen. 
GOYER (Nicu. oe) Versio Hebraica Cap. VI. Chaldaici £sdr«« 
. 4« Uiir. 1684. 
— — De di«pensatione foederis Gratie sub Patriarchia. 4« 

Uitr. 1686. 

■ De testiinonio Sp. Sancti in obsignand^ S. Scriptune 
Divinitate. 4« 7>. ad Rh. 1687. 

GOYN^US (JOH. BAP.) Medici Enchiridion, De Situ Jstris, 
kc. l^ 


GOZIUS (andrbas) Diiiputatio VII. Centuri» quinta^ Questio* 
oum illust, Philosophicanim. 4<» Hiteb. 1608. 

-• r- De hjumani Corporia Fabrica. i^ Witeh. 1609, 

GOZZADINI (cius. ulipe) Cardinalis, v. cattani. 
QOZZS. (CAUOES db') La Discolpa d'£picuro. 4^ Ram. 1640. 

■ Iscriitione dclia Base della Colonna Rostrata gia i^el 
Romano Foro supplita» ed illustrata. 4^ Ro7n. 1635. 

GOZ2E (^ic^ viTo) Dialo^o della BeUezza 4^tto antoa, secoiido. 

la mente di Platone. 4« Ven. 1581. 
* ■ " ■ — : — Comm. in Averrois librum, de Substantia Qrbis, et 14 

Propositiones de Causis. 4* Ven. 158Q. 

■ I>i:»C9r$i sopra le j^letjeor^ d'Aristotile^ 4* Vtn, 
1585. ^ 

> Dello Stato delle Republiche, secondo la raente di Aris- 

iotde;, con CCXXII Avertimenti civiU. Et nel fine una Apo- 

lof^ia deir Honor civile. 4« Ven. Ald. 1591. 
GOZZIUS (cLAUD. HBRMoDORus) Oratio in mortem J. Carpen» 

Urii. 4» Por. 1574. 
GRAAF (abraham de) De geheele Mathesis of Wiskonst 4^ 

4mm. 1694. 
6RAAF (gbr. vandbr) Oratio Hebrsa-Lat de encomio Ling. 

Sanct», oecnon utiiiiate Lectionis Rabbinorpm. 4* Uitr^ 

GRAAF (nic. Bic. db) De Sctis inoatarum Idearum Mysteriis. 

4* Tr. ad Rik. )691. 
6SAAF (rbgnerus ob) Opera omnia. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1677. 
GBAAFF (van nic. db) Reisen. 4» Hoom, 1701. 
*■•■ Voyages aux Indes Orientales. 8^ Amst. 1719, 

(yRAAN (pbt. stbcks.) De Urbe Pitovia et adjacentibus Paro^iis. 

4» IJpwt 1781, 


G R A 

GRAAS f JOH. GEO.) De Plcuritide. 4« Brf* 170* 

ORAAT (b.) f>, BossviT. 

■ £AA<l>orPA<i>lA sive Cervi Descriptio Pbysieo^Medie»- 

Chymica. 8» Jen 1668. 
GRABA (JOH. AND.) De A£fectu hypocbondritco. 4^ Gu». Hm^ 



Epistola ad Dn. J. Mitlium, qua ostendUur, libri Jodi* 

cum genumam LXX. Interpretum Versionem eam ease^ qaain 
Ms. Cod. Alexandrinus exhibet ; Romanam autem editioDcmi 
quod ad dictum librum, ab illa prorsus diversam, atque eaadeni 
cum Hesychiana esse. Subnexa sunt Tria Novaft tim p editioB» 
Specimina. 4" Ox. 1705. 

Dissert. de variis vitiis 70 Interpretum Versioni ante 
B. Origenis sevum illatis, et remediis ab ipso in Hexaplori ejiu* 
dem Versionis editione adhibitis, deque hiyus editioiits Rdi« 
quiis tam manu scriptis quam pr»lo exeusis* 4^ Oxm. 

Essay upon two Arabick Manuscripts of the BodkynQ 

Library, and tbat ancient Book called tbe Doclrine of tlM 
AposUes. 8» 0^.1711. 

Spicilegium S. S. Patrum, ut et Hasreticorum^ Seonli 

post natum CbMstum I^ II, IIL Gx. iM. 3 voL , 8* Oxm^ 

GRABE (joH. GOTT.) De modo existendi accidentium rekto acl 

figmentum trassubstantiationis PontificiflB d^truendum. ^ 

Lemg 1679. 
GkABE (mart. 81LV.) De Calculo Renum. 4« Lmg. Jfai«' 

GRABENIN Suin. Totto db) SchefnatismuB Anatomie hodt*^ 

em» Romanic EcciesisB. 4^ Col. 1731. 
GRAB£R (caspar.) De Succino. 4<» WUt^. 1668. , 
GRABERG (joh. ern.) Problema, an dentur Medicamenta qits 

calculum in Vesica comminuant. 4^ HqL Mag. 17S4. 
GRAB£RG (joh. NIC.) Ilfp» r«v wtfiKa&affAmrw »tu wtfi^ftMttn 

seu de Hominibus piacularibus. 4^ Lips. 1686. 
GRABU (lewis) V, drydbn. 

Albion and Albania, an Opera. fol. Land, 1687. 

GRACCHES. Les Gracches Franfais. 8» 1788. » 

GRACCHUS (sempronius) Medicus hujus Seculi, sive Herma. 

9^ Dresd. 169$. > 

GRACK The fountaine of free Grace opened by Queationa a&d 

Answers. 12^ Lond. 1645. 
■ Grace imprisoned «nd Virtae despised, by C. R. fbL' 

£ssays about general and special Grace, by J. H. 4^ 

Lond. 1650. 
GRACE (edw.) Funeral Sermon on Mary Crisp. 6^ JLoinL- 


«- Funeral Sermon on S. Crisp. 12<» Land. 1703. 


G R A 

«RACE (ren.) Hit History. 8« 

GRACIA (fran. de) Relacioa del Valle de Aran. 4* Hneie. 

GRACIAN (balth.) v. gracian (loren^o.) 


GRACIAN (fr. geron.) Summario de Excellencias de S. Joseph. 

4^ Brut. ie09. 
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-46RADI (JOH. MATH. de) ex Feirariis. Prima et «ecuuda pars 

practice una cum textu noni ad Almansorez domini Rasis nu* 

per emendate. fok Pap. 1497. 

- cum A. Gradii tractatu de Febribus. fol« 

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4^ Rom. 1688. 

^R^BNERUS (DAv.) ». grebner. 

^GRffiClA. Apolopreticum pro veteri linguae Graecse pronuntia- 

tione. 8» Par. 1579. 
■ ' ■ Tbc Grecian Story, being an Historical Poem, witb thc 

Grove by J. H. 4» Lcmd. 1684. 
■ ' Abreg^de I^Histoire Grecque. 8*» Par. 1764. 

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— — — Voyage pittoresque de la Grece. 2 tom. fol. Par, 

^RARF (abr. de) Beschryvinge van de niewe neynschaeL 4^ 
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— De Seven Boecken Van de Groote Zeevaert. fol. Amst. 

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^RiEFER (john) Descriptive Catalogue of Herbaceous or perr 
Haijtl plauts. 8« Lond» 1789. [With additionsiu Ms. by Srr 
- W, Mw^grape.] 


G E M 

GBAEM, Comts Montis^rasarum* Pietas in Patrem e Vita deM» 

deniem. 4^ Edinb. 1609. 
GRiEME (w.) An Essay on the Method of acquiring Knoivledge 

in Pbysicii. 8» /^. 1729. 
m Historia Morbi quo nuper niortuus est Tho. Hurdmaik 

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- EngL by Isaac Massey. 8* Ixnui. 1730. 

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Oratio in obitum Ht n, Moreei8ii. 4« Uiiraj. 1666. 

Oratio in obitum Regoeri Mansvekiii. 4* VUrt^* 


Oratio in excquiis Isb. Diemerbroekii. 4* UUf^ 

^ Oratio in obitum Joan. de Bruyn. 4® Amst, 1675. 

De Palladio Trajectinorum. 4» UUr, 1675. 

Oratio in Obituro Fran. Burmaniii. 4<> UUr. 1679. 

Oratio in Obitum Henrici Regii. 4® Ultr. 1679. 

■ Oratio de Cometis, contra vulgi opinionem Cometat 

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8' Hamh,m%. 

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> Thesaurus Antiquitatum &~Historiarum Sicilie, Sar- 

dinise et Corsic» : ut et nonnuUarum adjacentium inaulanun. 
15 tom. fol. Ijtgd. Bat. 172S. 


6 R A 

ORiEVinS (iOH. 6EO.) ThesauruB Antiquitatmn et Historiarum 
Italias, NeapoliSf Sicilifle, Corsics, Melit», atque acljacentium 
' terrarum» Insularumque. 9 toro. fol. La^d. Bai. 1725. 

■ Cataloffus Libroruro qui in Thesauris Romano^ Gr«co, 
Italico, et Siculo continentur. 8* Ijeid. 17^. 

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GRAFE (steph.) I>i6sertatio visus et oculorum Thaumato^ra- 
I^am recensens. 4^ Kil 1711. 

■ De aSre, slvc Pneumatica. 4<> Kil. 1712. 

■ Dissertatio auditus et aurium Thaumatographiam com* 
memorans. 4« Kil. 1712. 

GRAFFAR (nic.) De Arteriotomia. 4» Jen. 1705. 

GRAFFIUS (oEo. wilh.) ^ Plantis media sestate effloroscerttibut 

et luualibus pkrisque. 4^ Marh. 
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GRAFIUS (joh. conr.) Dissertatio de iElgra purpura miKari 

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GRAFTON {Duke of) v. pitzroy. 
GRAFTON (rich.) A Manuell of the Chronicles of Englande 

from the creacion of the worlde to this yere of our Lorde 1505. 

Abridged & coUected by Ricbard Gradon. 24® Lond. J. Kn^ 

GHAFTON-HOUSE. Relation of the takingr Grafton-Housc by 

the Parliament Forces by Seijeant Major Skipton. 4« 1643. 
GRAGUA (c.) Pockei Dictionary of the Engli^h and Italian 

Lanziiages^ corrected by A. Moutucci andJ. Sivrac. 12® Lond. 

GRAOLIA (G. A.) The Castle of Eridan. 12® Lond. 1800. 
GRAGLIA (j. A.) Plan for a periodical abolition of Taxes. 8® 

GRAHAM {Marquis ofMontrose.) v, gramb. 
GRAHAM (cATHARiNE macaulay) A Treatisc on the Immnta- 

bihty of Moral Truth. 8® Lond. 1788. 

■ Letters on Education, with observations on religfous 
•od metaphysical subjects. 8® Lond. 1790. 

'GRAHAM (j. A.) Descriptive Sketch of Vermont, one of the 

United States of America. 8® Lar^d. 1797. 
GRAHAM (jAMEs) Private Medical Advice to Marri^ Gentle- 

men and Lidies. fol. 

' ■ Lecture on Generation. 4® Lond, 1784. 

■ The new Celestial Curtain. 8® Lond. 1786. 
GRAHAM (jorm) Viscount Dundee. Memoirs of him, and of 

tlie Massacreof Glenco. 8® Lond. 1714. 
GRAHAM (john) Memoirs of J. Graham and his wife convicted 

offor|2;ery. 8®Loiu/. 
GRAHAM (robbrt) Letter to Mr. Pitt, on the reform of the in- 
tmud Govenwient of the Royal Boroughs of Scotland. 8^ 
land, 1788. 



G R A 

CRAHAME (jAMEs) Marqtds qfMotUro», Instnicticas g^vM 
by the L. Montrose and the L. Nappier. 4* Lond, 1641. 

Questions exhibited by the ParUament now in Scotkoid 

assembled conceming the £^rl of Montroisse his pk>t. 4^ 1641» 
Relation of the late ^reat Victorie in Scotland obtaioed 

over Montrosse. 4® Lond, 1645. 

Letten» from Scotland sent to the Committionert fai 

£no;land conceming the defeat given to the Rebela under Ihe 
command of James Grahame, late Earl of Montrose. 4® LomL 

Montrose routed at Tiviotdale. 4* Lond. 1645. 

The King^s proclamation against him. fd. Sdittm 


De rebus Anno MDCXLIV et duobus sequentibiit 

pneclare ab eo in Scotia gestis commentarius. 8^ 1647. 

12« Amst. 1648. 

Jng, 4» Lond. 1648. 

12» Lond. 1660, 

— *— His declaration to settle Chas. IL in his dominioni. 4* 
Lond. 1649. 

• Deckration of the Committee of Estates of the Parlia- 

ment of Scotland, in vindication of their proceedings from tfie 
aspersions of a Pamphlet undcr the title of A D^laration of 
James Marquess of Montross concerning him. 4® Lond. 1650. 
Rdation of a Victory pbtained agamst James Marqoiae 

of Montro^se in Scotland. 4» Lond. 1650. 

An EngUsh translation of the Scottish dedanLtiov 

against James Graham. 

Relation of his execution. 4« Lond. 1650. 

Montrose redivivus. Or the portraicture of Jtmes bte 

Marquess of-Montrose. 12» Lofui 1652. 
GRAHAME (james) Siege of Copeuhagen^ a Poem. 4^ Lamd, 

GRAHAME (simion) Tbe Anatomy of Humors. 4» EdM^ 

GRAIA (eiovAWNA) tid. florio. 
GRAILE (john) r. cbambers. 
GRAILE (john) Vindication of the Doctrine of Conditions in tbtf 

covenant of Grace. With n preface by C. Jessop. 4» Lond. 

GRAIN. Orders appointed by his Majestie to be stndtiy ob- 

served for the preventing and remedying of tiie dearth of graiiM- 

and Victualls. 4P Lond. 1630. 
GRAINDORGE (and.) In fictilem Figuli exerciUtionem d^ prkk^ 

cipiis fcetus animkdversiones, seu £ Phncipio maierialt Gcne- 

ratioais Foetu^. 8^ Narh. 1658. 
- De Natura Ignis, Lucis, & Colorum. 4* Cadom. 1664. 

De rOrigine des Macreuses. 12* Caen, 1680. 

6RA1NGER (dr.) Letter to Tobias Smollett, M. D. occaoiQiied 

by his Chticism upon a late Translation of HbuHua. 8^ JLtmd. 
• 175»; 


G R A 

GRAMAN (JOH. HARTM.) J)e PhthiBi. ^^» Jen. 1667. 

GRAAf ANN (mich.) De QuarUna intermittenti. 4^ Jen. 1667^ 

GRAMANNUS (joh.) De Pharmaco purgantis. 4^^ Erf. 1593. 

■ Apolo^tica refutatio ad calumniam quorundam Galc 

Dicorum. 4? Erf. 1593. 

Resporwio ail Progprammata quorundam Antichymii 

tarum, io qua imperfectio artiii Galenicffi ostenditur. 4^ £c 

• Warhaflige wisachen wanimbauff Theriac. Mithrida 

4« Erf. 1596. 

GRAMANUS (geo. chr.) Thematum Medicorum decas. 4 
Jeu. 1634. 

Hf^ TH? MiXay;coX»«f. 4® Jcn. 1636. 

GKAMAN US (MELCH.) Carmina Gratulaloria. 4® 3/afj». 1616. 

De Apoplexia. 4« M. Gi//. 1618. 

qBAMAYE (joas. bapt.) Asia, sive Historia universalis Asiat: 
<:arum Genlium et rerum domi forisque gestanim. 4® An 

^— Bruxella cum suo comitatu. 4® Brux, 1606. 

-i Ancotum Ducatus cum suis Baronatibus. 4^ Bru. 


— ITtens et Brabantie ultra Velpem, quae oiim Hashanii 

im. 4<» Brux. 1606. 

Gallo-Brabantia. 4« Brux. 1606, 

Gallo-Brabantia ad limitem Namurcaeum. 4* Bru 


Gallo-Brabantia ad limitem Hannonicum. 4* Bnt, 
Gallo-Brabantia ad limitem Eburonicum. 4^^ Bru 

• Antverpis Antiquitates. 4^ Brux. 1610. 

/. ff "- Antiquitates Ducatus Brabantiae. 4** Brux. 1610. 

■ — 3^ Antiquitates Belgicae Emendatiores at aucts Antiquit 

K f tabua Bredanis. Accedunt Nicolai de Guyse Mons Hanaonii 

H^saidis Lindani Tcnera^monda. fol. Lovan. 1708. 

Taxandria. 4» Brux. 1610. 

■ Antiquitates Gandenses. 4** Ant. 1611. 

■ Africa illustrata. 4« Tom. 1622. 

^- — Diarium Rerum Argelse gcstarum, a M.DC.XIX. 1 

<ia^. 1623. 

Reapublica Namurcensis. 24^ Amst. 1634. 
Specimen Litterarum et Liuguarum uuivtrsi Orbis. 

J^^^AMBS (joh.) De natritione Fcetus in Utero. 4® Giess. 171 

^^^AMBSIUS ( Propobitiones historicae. ^^ Giess. 1682 

^-^*^AME (jAMEs) His Tryal before the Provincial Syiiodat Fy 

^\#r havmg advanced and maintaincd two of thc ;;;rcal Truths 

Ue Christian Rdi^ion, viz. I. That Christ died for all thc 

^liat profoM» thc Gospel. II. That he hath purcha.sed pard< 

and salvatiou for them upon condition that they bchevein Hi 

ancl repent of their jrins. 8'' Lond. 1719. 



GRAMIGNA (vinc^ OpuBColi varii. 4« Pir. 1621. 

GRAMM (cAso.) De CoiyledonibuB seu Acetabulis Uteri. 4^ 

Bas. 1660. 
fa' Chiloniutn novus Holsati» Parnassus. 4^ SckUgw. 1665* 

GRAMMATICA, v. thesaurus. 
^ ■ ■ ' JEtkiop. Grammatica ^hiopica. 4^ 
«' Angl. et Belg. Tbe English Scbole-Master : or certainc! 

nilcs Tvbereby the Natives of the Netberlands may be in a short 

time taugbt to understand the Englisb tongue. 

Ang. et Lat. Grammatical miscellanies wberein the 

trntliNof many rules both in Englisb Rudiments and Latine 
Grammar is examined. By T. M. 12« Osjf. 1660. 

Ajig. Grammalre Angloise pour facilement et prompte- 

ment apprendre la Langue Angloise. 8° Par. 1625. 

A Graromar of tiie Englisb Tongue with notes 

giving the grounds and reason of Grammar in general. 12^ 

' A short introduction to Englisb Grammar, with 

critical notes. & Lond. 1762. 

Copt. Rudimenta Linguce Copt» sive JEgypti^cte, ad 

usum Collegii Urbani de propaganda Bde. 4« Rom. 1778. 

Gall. et Ang. The Grammarians Vade mecum, or 

Pocket Companion : containing the general terms of Grammar 
in the French and Englisb Lauguages. 12^^ Lond. 1774. 

Gall. Here is a good boke to lerne to speke French. 4^ 

JR. jPyiwon. 

Grammaire generale et raisnnnee contenant les 

fondemens de l'Art de parler. 12« Par. 1664." 

Elements of French Grammar as taught at Vcmoti 

Hall. 12« Liverp. 1807. 

Germ. Brevis Grammatic» ImperiaUs Linguse Genna- 

nicse delineatio. 49 

Grammaire de la Langue AHemande. 12* NU' 

remb, 1665. 

Supplement to the Grammar for the use of tbe Stu* 

dents in the German Language, by P. A. R. 12® Lond. 1808. 
— Gra:c. Auctores varii Grammatici Gneci. 12° Fen. 

Conjugationes verborum GraecsB, Davatrie noviter 

extremo labore collectae et impress». 4® Davent. [litt. Goth.'} 
Tbesaurus ComucopisB et Horti Adonidis. Gr. seu 

collectio veterum Grammaticorum Graecorum, digesta per ordi- 
nem hteramm per Guarinam Camertem et Carolum Anteno- 
reum, cum auxilio et consilio Angeh Politiani; ex recognitione 
Aldi Romani, qui multa addidit, plura immutavit adjuvante Ur- 
bano Bolzano. fol. Ven. Ald. 1496. [ED. PR.] 

- Educatio pueribs Linguae Grseca?. 12® Argent. 


— 1- Apologeticum pro veteri ac germana Lingus 

Graecae pronunciatione ex bodierna Cacophonia in priscam 
^uphoniam fiicile viiidicanda. 8^ Par. 1579. 


G R A 

GRAMMATICA. Grac. Abreg^ de \fL nouvellc methode pour 
apprendre facilement les Principcs de la Lan^ie Grecque. 8^ 
Par. 1655. 

^ 8» Par. 1656. 

— — — Linguse Grxcae Institutiones Grammatic». 8® 
Edinb. 1731. 

Introductio GraecaB Grammatices compendiaria. 

in usum regiae scholae Westmonasterii. ab. J. W. l^ Lond. 

'• 12« Lond. 1795. 

A compendious Grammar of the Greek Language. 

8*» Lond, 17gD. 

-Gra^se Grammatice Compendium.* 8° Lo^d. 


Grammatica Busbeiana auctior ct emendatior. 8° 

Lond. 1789. 

Heb. Hebrew Grammar. foi. Lond, 1648. 

Hebraics Grammatices Rudimenta: in usum. 

achols Westmonasteriensis. 8^ Lond. 1778. 

Tbe Hebrew Grammar particularly adapted ta 

Bythner^s Lyra Prophetica. S^ Lond. 1792. 

Hisp. Nouvelle methode pour apprendre facilement la. 

langue Espagnolle. 12<> Par, 1665. 

Indosi. Grammatica Indostana a mais vulgar que 

practica no imperio do gram Mogol. 8® Rom. 1778. 

Itai. Nouvelle methode pour apprendre facilement la. 

Langue Italiennc. 12« Par. 1664. 

Nuovo Metodo per acquistarc brieuemente la 

Lingua Toscana. di P. de S. 24« Rom. 1677. 

Lai. & Ang. Constructio rudimenti Grammaticte La-» 

tinae Metrici in usum Scholae Westmonasterii. 8« Lond. 

Lttt. &c Gr. Harmonia Grammaticalis. Or a view of 

the agreement between the Latin and Greek tongues, as to Che 
declining of words by E. W. 8« Lond. 1611. 
Lat.- - 

Declinationes Nominum, Pronominum, et Verbo- 
rum, prossertim re^arium, in figuras apertissime redacte, cum 
vemacula et familiari verborum interpretatione. 4« Utt. Gotk 
apud Michaekm HiUenium. 

Prscepta elegantiarum de Latinis oronibus omate 

Umateque coroponendis. 4« Litt^ Goth. sijne loci, aui anni, ata 
typ(^aphi indicatione, 

Elegantiarum viginti Precepta. 4« Daveni. Jacoi 

de Breda 

4« 1496 

Grammaticse Latinse Auctores antiqui, opera et studio 

H. Putschii. 4« Han, 1605. 

Exact rules of Grammar, composed for the instruction 

of all in the rudiments of the Latine Tongue tha£ intend the at« 
taining tbereof. 12« Lond. 1656. lcum notis Mss.] 


G R A 

GRAMMATICA. Grammatica excmplaris, sive Grammatica 

exemplo deducta exemplis et prsceptis ad imitationem aperiens 

viam. 12» Lond. 1661. 
— — — Demonstration how the Latin Tonguc may be 

leamt with far greater ease and speed than commonly it is. 4* 

Lond 1669. 

Rudiments of the Latine Grammar by A. B. 8* 

Lond. 1768. 

■ An English introduction to the liatin Tongne, for 

the use of the lower forms in Westminsler School. 8^ Lond, 

• A short introduction of Grammar to be used by 

thoRc tbat intend to attain the Latin Tongue. 8^ Ojf. 1692. 

— An Entrance to the Latin Tongue. 12* Lond. 


> Grammaticse Latinae Compendium. Auctore S. P, 

12* Lmd, 1723. 

A new Introduction to the Latin Tongue by S. P. 

4» 1775. 

- Rudiments of the Latin Tongue. 8* Edinb, 


— Appendix to the Eton Latin Grammar. 8^ Ldnd, 

■ ■ Marast, Grammatica Marastta a mais vulgar que se 

practica nos Rtinos do Nizamaxd e Idalaxd. 8® Rom. 1778. 
' Rtm. Grammatica Russica. 8® 

: 4« 

Wamc. Welsh Grammar. 12» 1567. 

GKAMMATICUS, v. saxo. 

GRAMMIUS (JOH.) Miles gloriosus seu de illustn veterum Mi« 

Utia. 4« Hafn. 1704. 
GRAMMLICHIUS (joh. andr.) Examen philosophicum disser- 

tationis cujusdam Hallensis de Concubinatu. 4® Tubingtt, 

■ Defensio Dissertationis su» de illicito Concubinatu. 4* 

Hal. Mag. 1714. 

De Moralitate Concubinatus. 4<> Franqf. 1716. 

GRAMMONT {Conue de) v. hamilton. 

GRAMMOMD (gabbibl barthelemi de) Hist. Prostratse a Lud. 

XIH. Sectariorum in Galha Rebellionis. 4^ Tolos. 1623. 
GRAMONT (antoine) Duc de. Mcmoires. 2 lom. 12^ Par. 

GRAMONT (scip. de) De 1a Nature des Qualitez et Prerogatives 

du Poinct. 8° tar. 1619. 
— Le Dtnier Royal. Traite curieux de Tor et de Far- 

gent. 12« Par. 1620. 
GRANADA> vid. perez. 
■ La^ tres celfbrable, digrie de Memoire, et victorieuse 

Prise de la Cite de Granade. i^ Gran. 1492. 
GRANADA (luts db) v. clamacius. diaous. 


G R A 

GRANADA (luys i>e) Libro de la Oracion y Meditacion. 12« 

Sai. 1573. 
■■ Gall, par F. de Belle-forest et reveu par J. 

Chabanel. l^ Par. 1602. 

HaL per M. Vin. Buondi. 13* Vin. 1561. 

Dux Peccatorum. Lai, per M. Isselt. 12« CoL 1587. 
ItaL da Tunoteo da Bagno. 12« Vcn, 1576. 

Le vray Chemin pour acquerir la Grace de Dieu, irad. 

par L. de Belleforest. 8« Par. 1579. 

Introduction del Symbolo de la Fe. fol. Sar. 1583. 

■ Di.lla Confessione e Communione. 12« Ven. 1597. 
Flores ex omnibus ejus Opusculis excerpti, a Mich. ab 

Isselt. 12« CoL 1598. 
AHjnnctum ad Memoriale Vit« Christianse. Lat. per 

Mich. ab Isselt. 12« Coi 1598. 

Prattica del Viver Christiano. 12« Ven. 1599. 

Contemptus Mundi, 6 Menosprecio del Mundo. 16« 

Mad. 1599. 
Sermoni sopra TOratione, Digiuno & Elemosina. 4* 

BoL 1600. 

Le Pamdis des Prierea : reueilly en Latin des OBUvres 

spirituelles du R. P. F. Louysde Grenade, etd^autres Authcurs 
par Mich. Isselt, et trad. par F. Fran. Bourdon. 12« Par, 1602. 
Memorial de la Vie Chrestienne, avec les additions. 

4 vol. 12* Par. 1602. 

• Tractatus duo. I. De mysterio Incamationis Filii Dei. 

II. De scrupulis conscientite. 16* CoL Ag. 1614. 

Dotrina Christiana. adid. par F. Juan de Marieta. fol. 

Vallad. 1615. 
GRANADO (alonso) Dudas a la Aniquilacion, y Defensa delas 

Sanfirrias del Tovillo. 4« SeviL 1653. 
GRANATA (francesco) StoriaCiviledi Capua. 3 Libri. 4* Nap. 

6RANC0UR (de la) Jacobi Stuarti & Mariae Beatricis EstL» 

Ebonici & Albani» Dncum Epithalamium. 4« Lond. 1673. 
GRAND (ant. le) v. rohault. 

■ L^Home sans Passions, selon les sentimens de Seneque. 

12« Haye, 1662. 

Scydromedia, seu, Sermo quem Alphonsus de la Vida 

babuit, coram Comite de Falmouth, de Monarchia. 16« 1669. 
Phirosophia Veterum^ e Mente Renati Des Cartes more 

scholastico breviter digesta. 12« Lond. 1671. 

12« Lond. 1672. 

. 4« Lond. 16«0. 

Apol<^ia Rcnuti des Cartes ccmtra Sam. Parkerum. 12* 

Xond, 1679. 

Historia Natur«e variis Experimentb elucidata. 8« Lond. 

— »> Norimb. 1678. 

4» Lond. 1680. 


G R A 

GRAND (ant. le) Compendium Renim jucundariiiil, et menio-: 

rabilium Naturas. 8° Norimb, 1681. 
Dissertatio de Carentia Sensuset Cognitiooi» in Biiitift» 

8« Lugd. Bat. 1675. 

L^Epicure Spirituel, ou rempire de la Volupte sar k» 

Vertus. 8« Par. 
GRAND (JEAN FRAN. LF.) Discours Oratoires & DissertatioD» Crw 

tiques. 4'' Par, 1657. 

. Dissertationes philosophicae et criticae. 4* Par. 1658. 

GRAND (40ACHIM le) Hifttoiredu Divorcc de Henry VIIL&de 

Catherine d^Arragon : avec la Defense de Sanderlis, la Refuta* 

tion dcs deux preiniers Livres de THistoire de la ReformatioD 

de Burnet, & les Preuves. 3 tom. 12° Par. 1688. 

•. Leltres i Mr. Buriiet. 8*^ Par. 169L 

GRAND (marc antoine le) Le Triomphe du Tems, Divertisse* 

ment Comique. 12° Hag. 1729. 

■' Le Fleuve d'Oubly. Comedie. 12° Haye. 1729. 

GRAND (m. le) V. burnet. lobo. 

GRANDA (thom. de) Historia, y Milagros de la Imagen de 

nuestra Senora de Begona. 4° Bilb, 1700. 
GRANDAMY (jacuues) NovaDemonstratioImmobilitaUsTerri»» 

petita ex Virtute Magnetica. 4° Flex. 1645. 
Le Cours de la Comete des Annees 1664 et 1665. 4« 

Par. 1665. 
— Le Parallele des deux Cometes des Annees 1664 & 

1665. 4° Par. 1665. 
GRAND ACCOUNT, also Vox populi of the Cry of the Com- 

mons against the Committee men. 4° Ojf. 1647. 
GRAND-CHAMP. Remonstrauce et Arr^te de la Paroisse de 

Grand-Champ. 8° 1788. 
GRAND CHEAT cryed up under-hand by many in the factious 

and giddy part of the Army ; and greedily swallowed by many 

that do not discern the poyson thereof. fol. Lond. 1659. 
GRANDE (adrianus de) Disputatio Juridiea de Jurejurando^. 

4° Lug. Bat. 1703, 
GRANDE (mr. le) Fabliaux et Contesdes Poetes des XH, XIII, 

XIV, XVSiecles. 3tom. 12° Paris, 1756. 
. Fabliaux ou Contesdu XH et XIII Siecle, traduits ou 

extracts d'apres divers manuscrits du temps; avecdes notes hta* 

toriqucs et critiques. 4 tom. 12** Par. 1779 — 81. 
5tom. 12° Par. 1781. 

Fabliaux or Tales, abridged from French Manuscripts 

of the Xllth and Xlllth Centuries by M. Le Grand, selected 
and translaled inlo English Verse [by G. L. Way.] 2 vol. 
8° Lond. 1796—1800. 

GRANDl (giac.) Orazione neH' aprirsi il nuovo Teatro di Anato- 
mia in Venezia. 4° Ven. 1671. 

De Veritate Diluvii universalis. 4° Ven. 1676. 

GRANDI (lazaro) Alfabetto di Secreti Medicinah. 8P Milm. 

8° Bol. 1667. 

8° Ven. 1679. 


G R A 

GRAND-JEAN (m.) Plad de Jastice, Police et Finance. 8* 

GRAND-JEAN (nicolas) Piaisant Conlract de Mariage entre 

Nic. Grand-Jeao & Guilleraette Ventrug. l^ Par. 
GRANDIER, v, loudun. 
GRANDIS (bb.) Systematis physici disputatio vigesima quinta. 

4» Bem. I714w 
GRANDIS (jOHAN de) Oratio in Funere Francisci Robortelli. 4^ 

Pai, \&&I. 
GRANDISON {Lord Viscount) v, chrysostomus. rupert. 
GRAND-JUNCTION, v. navigation. 
GRANDIUS, V. grandi. 

GRANDIUS (JAC) De Laudibug Sanctorii. 4* Ven. 1671. 
GRANDMOTTET(l'abbe) Grammar of the French Language. 

8* Lond. 1806. 


GRANDORGE (john) V. bix)mer. 

GRAND-PIBRRE (oralse' db) Relation dedivers Voyagcii. 12* 

l\w. 1718. 
GRAND-PRE' (cjesar de) Ballet du Grand Demogorgon. 12* 

Par. 1633. 
GRANDUS (guido) Geometrica Demonstratio Theorematum 

Hugenianorum circa logisticam, seu logarithmicam lineam. 4* 

Flor. 1701. 
■ Quadratnra Circuli, et Hyperbolae per infinitas Hyper* 

bolaset Parabolas Geometrice exhibiti. 12^ Pisis, 1703. 

De infiiiitis Infinitorum, et infinitc Parvorum Ocdini- 

bi», Dii^uisitio Geometrica. 4° Pisis, 1710. 

De Momento Graviuin in Pl.mis incliiiatis; deque di- 

rectione Fulcri in Mechanicis attendcnda. ed. a M. de CtBniga. 

4* Luc. I71I. 
— Risposta Apologetica alle Opposizioni del Dottore A.M. 

4» Lac. 1712. 
GRANDVAL (marc) Dc unica Magdalena, Apologia. 4* in 

^dibus Joh. hadii 1518. 
GRANELLI (p. f, t.) Lettcra Vonuta da Gcnova sopra gP avve- 
" nimenii del P. Fra'. Toinaso Granelh. foi. 
GRANG^US (isAAc) In Aur. Prudentii Libr. duos, adv. Sym- 

machum, pro Ara Victoria?, Commentarii. 12® Par, IG14. 

GRANGE (lady) Epistle to Edwd. D , Esq. Written 

• durtng her confinement iii the Island of St. Kilda. 4° Lond. 

GRANGE (r. p. de la) Action de Graces, pour la Naissanceda 
. PrincedeGalles, Filsde Jaques II. 13® Par. 16H9. 
GRANGER (guil.) Paradoxe, que les Metaux ont Vie. 8® Par. 

GRANGER (james) Biographical Ilistory of England (with Sir 

Wm. Musgrave^s MS. notes.) 4 vols. 4<>* Lond. 1769. 
-■ buppkment. 4P Lond. 1774. 

4 vol». 8« Lond. 1775. 


G R A 

GRANGER (joseph) General View of the Agriculture rf Daf* 

ham. 4» Lond. 1794. 
GRANGERIUS (bonav.) v, caspius. theophrastus. 
— • De Cautionibus, in Sanguinis Mifisione, adhibendis. 13* 

Par. 1578. 

Animaclversio in Caspii Defcnsionem libelii Leon. Bo* 

talli. De curandi ratione per sanguinis missianem. 12^ Par» 

GRANGIERIUS (joh.) Oratio de Jnsti RegisPietate in optimam 

Matrem Augustam. ^ Pav. 1624. 
De compresea Pestiientia> et felici Rec|itu Justi Regit 

in Urbem. 8^ Par. 1634. 

Oratio Funebris in Laudem L. Servini. 4^ 1626. 

Oratio Funebris in Laudem N. Verdiini. 4® 1627« 

■ Etat du College de Btauvais. 4» Par. 1628. 

GRANHOLM (jonas) De Paupertate. 13« Upsal, 1704. 
GRANITUS (coNSTANT.) Epistolse et Consultationes Medicinales. 

tom. l. 4« Neap. 1650. 
GRANO (joH. a) Perspectivae Stereograpbic©, Pars specialis. 4* 

Par. 1619. 
GRANOUL Ratomacbio, Pouemo Burlesco a l'imitation del Grec 

d'Homero per B. G. T. 12« Toul. 1664. 
GRANT (a.) Tbe public Monitor ; a Plan for the more apeedj 

recovery of small debts. 4" Lond. 1789. 
GRANT (alexander) Observations on the Useof Opium in Di»* supposed to be owing to morbid Irritability. 4^ Lond. 

GRANT (Sir archibald) Inventory of his lands^ &c. 4® Lond, 


His case. fol. 

GRANT (cHARLEs) Introduction to four new Maps of the four 

Quarters of the World. S^ 
GRANT (cHARLEs) Vicomte de Vaux, Recucil d^Essais^ ou prooes 

de ses opinions et de ses Memoires. 8" Lond. 1793. 
■ Le Dauphin enleve^ ou i'art de se diriger dans lea airs» 

8» Lond. 1793. 

Addresse a toutes les puissances de 1'Europe sur FEtat 

fresent et futur de la Noblesse et du Clerge Fran^ois. 8® Lond^ 

Memoires de la Maison de Grant. 8® Lond. 1796. 

Eptertaining demonstrations, or Lessons in Astronomy, 

Geograpby, &c. 8'» Lond. 1809. 
GRANT (ed.) Spicilegium Linguae Grascae. 4" Lond. 1575. 
GRANT (jAMEs) Essays on the Origin of Society, Language, 

Property, Government; Jurisdiction, Contracts and Marriage. 

4« Lond. 1785. 
GRANT (jAMHs) Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery to New 

South Wales. 4« Lond. 1803. 
GRANT (j.) God's deliverance of man by Prayer. 4» Lond. 




G R A 

GRANT (j.) A troe refarmation and perfect restitutioo. Armed 
by Siivanus and Hymeneus; wherein the true church of Cnrist 
is briefly discovered. 4^ Lcmd. 1643. 

The Shepheard'8 farewell to bis beloved flock. 4« 

1645. , 

■ Trutib'» victory against heresy. 4* Land. 1645. * 

- A defence of Chnstian Liberty to the Lord'8 Table. 4<» 

Loim;. 1646. 
— A holy Lamp of Ligfat : Or a defence against Mr. 

R6yk'8 reply. 4« 1649. 
■ A jight nise made of the disputations between Mr. 

Goodwin and Mr. Symson. 4^^ 1649. 

' Tnitbs deiender and errors reprover: Or a briefe dis- 

coverie of feined Presbyterie. 4® Lond. 165L 

The Shipwrack of all false Churches. 4<> Land. 


GRANT (ilfrt.) Poems on various subjects. 8^ Edinb. 1803. 
GRANT (rocer) Cure of a Man bomblind. 8» Lond. 1709. 
GRANT (simon) v. ward. 
GRANT (thos.) Institutes of the Latin Grammar. 8^ Lond. 



GRANT (wM.) r. ross. 

GRANT (wM.) Vindicatioo of the Vicarof IsUeworth. 49 1641^ 

GRANT (william) Essay on the Ballance of Europe. 8* Lond. 

GRANTHAM (t.) v. finch. 
■ A Marriage Sermon. A Sermon called a wife mistaken, 

or a wife and no wife : or Leah instead of Rachel. 4* LinuL 

■'■ A motion agahist Imprisonment for debt 4* Lo9uU 

• MNHMO^eOPOnAIKTHX. The Brainbreakers-Breaker.: 

or the Apologie for his Method in Teaching. 4^ Lond. 1644. 
> A Discoursein Derisionof the Teaching in Free Schoob 

and ocfaer commou Schools. 4<^ 1644. 
■ The Three penny Cooks fat in the fire, or the doune» 

ftll of As-in-presentie ; Or the schoolmaster under the black* 
rod. Or the brainbreakers breaker newly broke out agam. 4® 
1650. jr s 

— — Complaintconceminggectingof Ministers. 24* Lond» 

• Tbe fourth Principk of Christ^s Doctrine vindicated. 

4» Lomd. 1674. 
■■ The Successors of the Apostles, or a Discourse of the 

Office of the Measengars of Christ and his Church. 4^ Lond. 

GRANTZIUS (GusT. adl.) De Scirrfio. 4» Jen. 1731. 
GRANUCCI (Nic) V. BoccAcio. 
La piacevol Notte, & lieto Giomo. 13* Ven. 1574. 


GRANVELLE {Ct^dinel du) v. pannonius. pikr^not. 
GRANVILLE ( ) Earl qf Batk. Arguments of the Lor 

Keeper, the two L^rd Chief Justices and Mr. Baron Poirel 

when they gave judgmenl for the Earl of Bath. fbl. \G9S. 
GRANVILLE (geo.) Vucount Landsdowne. Works. 3 voL IS 

■ The British Enchanters : Or no Maeick like Lofe. C 

1710. ^ 

Poems. 12» Lond. 17ia 

Letter to the Author of Jteflections Historical and Politi 

cal, occasioned by a Treatise in Vindication of General Mod 
and Sir Richard Granville. 4^ Lond. 1733. 

Remarks upon Lord Lansdowne^s Letter. 4^ Loni 

GRANVILLE {Sir rich.) Joumals of the Expeditions to Oadii 

and to the Isle of Rhee. »> Lond. 1724. 
6RANZIN (CHR.) De Vomica Pulmonis. 4» Jen. 1708. 
— — De Transpiratione insensibiU. 4» Jen, 1708. 
GRANZIN (pAULus) Disputatio an species specialissim», Peript 

teticis ita dict«e, sint individua ? 4P Witteb. 1607. 
— *— Disputatio an in enunciatione dari possint verba infinita 

4» Wuteh. 1607. 
GRANZIUS (tobias) Defensio Inquisitorum ex genuinis Jori 

prudentiae principiis. 4^ Franc. 1702. 
GRAPALDUS (fr. marius) De Partibus ^ium, Diction^H 

longe lepidissimus nec minus fructuosus. 4® Argent. 1508. 

4« Bas. 1533. 

GRAPHEUS (coRN.) Carmina in Damianum Goem. 12^ Ntniml 


• Senatus Antverpiensis. 4^ Antv. 1541. 

GRAPIUS (joH. SAM.) De Tumoribus Schirrosis. 4^ jRottf 



GRAS (m. lb) Les vies de plusieurs hommes illustres Sc grand 

Capitaines de France. 2 tom. 8^ Par. 1726. 
GRAS (n. le) Discours d'un Logement de Gens d^armes en h 

Ville de Ham. En vers Picards. 8» 1654. 
GRAS (rich. le) Le Tombeau. Les Besognes» et ks Joon 

d^Hesiode. 12» Par. 1586. 
GRASCHIUS (jo.) De Phlebotome. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1722. 
GRASECK (georgius) Fabrica Humani Corporis. 8^ Argeni 


Fons Salutis Scatebra Petrina. Germ. 8^ Stra$b. 1624. 

GRASS (sAM.) De morbis noctumis, et noctuma morborum exa< 

cerbatione. 4® Jen. 1709« 
GRASSERUS (joh. jac.) v. lasicius. michalo. 
— — De Antiquitatibus Nemausensibus Dissertatio. 19^ 

Lugd. 1619. 

^ Ilinerarium. 8^ Bas. 1624. 


ur 11 A 

G&ASSETTI (oiACOMo) Viu della BeaU Caterina di Bologni 

aggiuntovi le Armi necessarie alla Battaglia Spirituale, com 

jpoitedadetUBeata. 4« BoL 1639. 
GRASS£TTI (cio. bat.) Metodo facile per conoscer la vera^daUi 

ftlsa Astrologia. 99 1697. 
GRASHUYS (jo.) De Scirrho et Carcinomate» in qua etiam 

Fiinn et Sarcomata pertractantun 8® Amu. 1741. 
GBASSI (giacomo di) Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme« 

4» Feii.1570. 
GRASSI (paolo) da Corregio. Ragionamenti Domestid intomo 

allaNatura de' Sogni. 4^ Carp. 1613. 
GRASSIS (phil. de) Somnus VigU oratio. 4? Ronut. 1636. 


GRASSIUS (siGisM.) De Variolis et Morbillis. 4<» Witteb. 1649. 
<GRASSO (hbnr. hier.) De dentitione difficili, variolis et rubeolii. 

4« Erf. 1630. 
GRASSO (Nic.) Eutichia, Comedia. l^ Ven. 1554.. 
GRASWINCKEL (theod.) Maris Uberi Vindicise, adversus P. 

Bap. Burgum Ligurem. 4® Hag. 1652. 

adversus Guil. Welwodum. 4« Hag. 1653, 

— — — De Laudibus And. Canteri. 4« Groning. 1657. 

'GRASZ (SAM.) De Paralysi. 4» Jcn. 1677. 

<}RATACOLL£ (wm.) Treatise of the names of the Philosophert 

stone. 4<» Lond. 1652. 
<^RATAROL (PET. ANT.) Narrazione Apologetica. 4® Stock. 

GRATAROLO (bongianni) Historia della Riviera di Salo. 4* 

BrtK. 1599. 

Altea, Tragedia. 12« Ven. 1556. 

GRATAROLUS (qv.) v. abano. 

*■ Petrus de Abano de venenis eorumque remelliis. Item 

coQsiliuro de preeservatione a Venenis D. G. Grataroli. Item 

Hermanni AnvenarsB Comitis vcp* tov lipow^nov, Item curatio 

ludoris Anglici in Germania experta. Item Joachimi Schilleri 

de peste Britannica. Omnia aucta et illustrata oper& D. G. 

Gratardi. 12« 
■ De Regimine Iter Agentium. 129 Bas. 1561. 

12« 1591. 

— — Prsfationes duse de Re Rustica, et alia Opuscula. W 
Jbrgaa. 1563. 
— — Theses de Peste. 199 Bas. 1564. 

De Vini Natura. Huic addita qufledam Opusculi. 99 

Jlrgeni. 1565. 

De Literatorum et eorum qui Magistratum gerunt 

contervanda Valetudine. 199 Franc. 1604 

■ De Menioria conservanda. 12« Fraanc. 1604. 

— Ar^l. by W. Fulwood. 12- Land. 1573. 

■ Ligoum vite^Dialogus secundus ex Italico in Latinum 
Mmii. 12* 1673. 

tATIA (pbanc. de) Chronicon Monasterii S. Salvatorift Vene- 
ittnim. il^ Ven. 1766. 


G R A 

6RATIA (viNC.) De Rerum naturalium Principiis. fol. Fkr, 

GRATIANI (girol.) II Conquisto di Granata. Poema HenHCO. 

4» Mod. 1650. 

i II Cromvele. Tragoedia. 12» Mod. 1671. 

GRATIANI (ant.maria) De BelloCyprio. fol. Rom. 1624. 

12» Rom. 1624. 

VitaJoh.Fr.CommendoniCardinalis. 4» Par. 1669. 

■ Gall. trad. du Lat. par Flechier, Ev. de 

Nismes. 2 tom. %^ Par. 1702. 

De Casibus Virorum illustrium. edit. a D. Flecherio. 

4° Par. 1680. 
GRATIANUS (joh.) Gesta Francisci Mauroceni Pelbponnesiaci 

Venetiarum Principis. 4» Patav. 1698. . 
— — — Thermarum Patavinarum Examen ; cui accessit Disser^ 

tatiodeFonte Lslio acido Recobarii. 8" Patav. 1701. 

Historiae Venet». 2 vol. 4« Patav. 1728. 

■ Specimen Historis Venetae castigatum. 8» Patav. 

GRATIANUS (tho.) Anastasis Augustiniana, seu, de Scriptori- 

bus Ordinis S. Augustini. 12^ Antv. 1613. 


GRATIOLIUS (PETRus) De praeclaris Mediolani ^ificiia, qw« 

^nobarbi Cladem j^ntecesserunt. 4® Mediol. 1735, 
GRATIOLO (and.) v. avicenna. 

Discorso di Peste. 4« Ven. 1576. 

GRATIUS, Faliscua. De Venatione. 12« Ven. apudAld. 1534. 

I 12« JLugd. apud Gryph. 1537. 

cumNotisTh. Johnson. 8» Lond. 1699. 

Ang. by Christ. Wase. 12« Lond. 1654. 

GRATIUS (m. orthuinus) Fasciculus Rerum expetundarum et 

fugiendarum, cum Appendice, &c. edit. ab EdMrardo Brown. 

Stom. fol. Lond. 1690. 
GRATTAROLO, v. gratarolo. 

GRATTE (h.) Nouvelle Grammaire Francois. 12» Lond. 1791. 
Companion to the Spherical and Horizontal Clock, con- 

tainingan Introduction to (Tcography. 12« Lond. 1801. 
GRAV (geo.) Panacea vegetabilis calida. 12« Jen. 1688. 
GRAVE (jQH. CHR.) De incontinentia Urin». 4« Jen. 1707. 
GRAVE (LAUR.) De Appetitu prostrato. 4« Lug.Bat. 1731. 
GRAVEL. A Treatise of the Gravel and Stone. 8« Lond. 1788. 
GRAVEL (JOH. AND. BERN.) De Viola Martia purpurea. 4« Jen, 

GRAVEL (joH. PHiL.) De -ffigro hypochondriaco. 4« Jen. 167S. 

De Hsmoptysi. 4« Jen. 1714. 

GRAVELIUS (CHR.) De Apoplexia. 4« Witt. 1676. 
GRAVELL (robert. bs) Anmerckungen iiber Robertusde Gra- 

vell^s, Frantzosischen Plenipotentiarii, Schnfft auffdem Reich- 

stag zu Regenspurg, ausdem Lateiniscben iibersetzt* 4« 1674L 

G R A 

GRAVEN (JOH. de) Defestis Lectionibus Mu* 

sica figiirali et Organis. 4<> WUleb. 1620. 
GRAyENER (mary) r. williams. 
GRAVENOR (b.) Dying in Faith. A Funeral Sennon on P. 

Huson. 8« Land. 1713. 
■ Tlie dissolution of tbe earthly house of this tabemacle. 

* A Funeral Sermon on Mary Franklin. 8® Lond. 1713. 
GRAVER (JOH. HERB.) De Phthisi pulmonali. 4^ Lug. Bai. 

GRAVERE (juLius de) Thesaurus Remediorum. A Treasury of 

choice Medicines. 4® Lond. 1662. 
GRAVES (edward) Morbus Epidemius Anni 1643. Or a new 

disease with the Signs and Causes. 4^ Oxon. 1643. 


GRAVES (john) De Amethodia Natur». 4» Hal. Mag. 

GRAVES (r.) The whole art of Tachygraphy, or Short Hand 

Writing made plain and easy. By Graves and Ashton. 12* 

York, 1775. 
GRAVES (richd.) Essay^on the Character of the Apostles and 

EvangelisU. S^ Lond. 1798. 
GRAVES (robert) Conspectus of the London and Edinburgh 

Pfaarmacopceias. l^ Sherb. 1796. 
GRAVESANDE (cul. jac.^s) Essai de Perspective. & Hayc, 

— — — * Physices Eiementa Mathematica, experimentis confir* 

mata. Sive Introductio ad Phiksophiam Newtonianam. 3 tom. 

4<^ Lugd. Bai. 1720. 

Af^L by J. T. Desaguhers. 8» Lond. 1720. 

2 vob. 4» Lond. 1747. 

Essai d'une nouveUe Theorie du Choc des Corps. 12* 

Haye, 1722. 

Orationestres. I. De Matheseos usu. II. De Evidentia. 

111. De Philosophia. 4« Lug. Bat. 1734. 

Lettre a Mr. Gravesande, sur son Introduction d la Phi- 

losophie. 12<^ Amst. 1736. 
GRAVESANDE (isaac. \) De Angina. 4» Lug. Bat. 1691. 
GRAVESON (iGNAT. hyacinth. amat.^de) Dte.Vita, Mysleriis, 

et Annis Christi. 2 tom. 4<> Rom. 1724. 
GRAVIDITAS. Collectanea de diuturna Graviditate. 12^ Amst. 

GRAVILLE (le chevalier de l^etoille de) Memoire present^ 
a Measieurs ies Chefs, Conseils, & Communes des trob Ligues 
Giiaes. 4» Jum. 1703. 

GRAVINA (JOH. viNc) Opuscula. 129 Rom. 1696. 

■ Origines Juris Civilis. 4« Lips. 1708. 

— Orationes et Opuscula. 12^ Traj. 1712. 

Tragedie cinque. 8« Nap. 1717. _ 

' Della Region Poetica, e della Tragoedia. 4« Vtn. 17»! . 


G R A 

GBAVIUS (abb.) Specimina Philosoptiifle veieris, in que, nova 
qusdam ostenduntur. 8* Franck. 167d. 


6RAVIUS (coRN.) De Apopkzia. 4<» Lnf. Bai. 1685. 
GRAVIUS (ELiAs) De Hemicrania PeriodUca. 4* Erf. 17SS. 


GRAVIUS (JOH.) De Communione sub una specie. 4* iMg. Bai. 


^RAVIUS (JOH. JusT.) De salubritate Hassis. 4<» Hai. Mag. 

GRAVIUS (jusTus) De Igne, Aere, Aqua, Terra simplicibus ac 

mistis. 4<> Ein. 1619. 
GRAUMAN (m.) Lettre concernant les Monnoyes d^Allemagne. 

W Berl. 1752. 
GRAUMANNS (joh. phil.) Gesammlete Briefe, &c. 4« BcrUn, 

GRAUNT (john) Natural and political Observations on the Bifls 

of Moi[tality. 4« Lond. 1662. ^ 
8» Lond. 1676. 

Reflections on the Bills of Mortality> relative to the 

Plague. ^^» Lond. 1665. 

Scelera Aquarum, or a Supplement to Graunt, &c. by 

J. H. 4« Lcmd. 1701. 


GRAWBR (albert.) Dissertationes theolc^cfle de SatbfactioDe 
Christi, contra Ostorodium, et Socinum. 4^ Jen. 1613. 

GRAY (andrew) The Mystery of Faith opened, or 8ome Ser- 
mons on Faith. W Lond. 1660. 

— — Eleven C<»nmunion Sermons. 12® Edinb. 1716. 

GRAY (ann) Elegy on herdeath. fol. 1656. 

GRAY (ellis) The fidelity of Ministers to themselves, and to the 

. flock of God, considered and enforced. An Ordination Sermon. 
8« Boston, 1742. 

GRAY (jAMEs) A concise Spdlin^ Book. 12« Edinb. 1783. « 
. 120 Edin. 1794. 

Introduction to Arithmetic. 12® Edin. 1797. 

GRAY (john) «u packe. 

— — A further Answer, being a true Representation of Mr,* 
Worger^s Case, in Confutation of Dr. Pftcke^s written Papei^ 
4« Canterb. 1726. 

GRAY (john) A Treatise of Gunnery. 8« Lond. 1731. 

GRAY (john) The Art of Land-measuring. 8« Giasg. 1757. 

GRAY {Lady) Vindicated. Being an answer to a Popish 
Pamphlet» entituled» A trve •'eiation qf a $trange appaniim 
that appeared to the Lady Gray, commanditig har io dcHver a 
Message to his Grace the Duke of Monmouih. fol. Lond. 

OSAY (Lady janb) v. banks. plorio. 


G R £ 

GRAY (aobeat) A Key to the OM Testametit and Apocryplia. 

8* LoiMf. 1790. 
— — — Discourses. 8^ Lond. 1793. 
■ Tour thro' Gennany, Switzerland and Italy, in 1701-2. 

8* Lond. 1794. 
GRAY (thos.) Petition of the Inhabitanto of Pont-Island against 

ttieir Vicar. 4« Land. 1641. 
GRAY (thomas) Earl qfSian{f&rd. Speech atthe General Quar- 

ter Sessions for the County of Leioester, 1691. 4^ Land. 

GRAY (thomas) Poems, with Designs by R. Bentley. fol. Land. 

— — Poems, with notes by G. Wakefield. 8* Lond. 1786. 
-■ with Memoirs of his Life and Writings, by 

Mason. 4« Yark, 1775. 

Big. & Fr. by Mr. D. B. 12* Lond. 1797. 

Elegia scritta in un Cimetero campestre, tradotta 

in versi Italiani di Giuseppe ToreUi. Ang. liol. 8* Verona, 

Lat. interp. S. Weston. 4» Lond. 1794. 

— — Supplement to the tour thro' Gt; Britain. 12* Lond. 

6RAYS-INN. Certain derises and shews presented to her 

Majestie by the Gentlemen of that Society. ^ Lond. 

GRAZIER. The Complete Grazier. 9^ Lond. 1805. 
6RAZZINI (amt. franc.) U Lasca. Triomfi, Carri, Mascheaat^ 

i Canti Camascialeschi andati, per Firenze. 8* Fir. 1559. 

La Spiritate, Comedia. 12« Ven. 1582. 

I Parentadi, Comedia. 19^ Ven. 1582. 

La Gelosia, Comedia. 12» Ven. 1582. 

U SibiUa, Comedia. 12<» Vtn. 1582. 

LaStrega. 12» r«i. 1582. 

■ La Pinzochera, Comedia. 12* Ven. 1582. 

■ La prima la seconda e terza Cena Novelle. 8^ Londra. 
GREATARAK (valentini) v. stubbe. 

■ Account of his strange Cures. 4* Lond. 1666. 
— — — 4^ Dub. 1668. 

- Wonders no Miracks^or an Examination of Greatraks^t 

Cures. 4« Lond. 1666. 
GREATED (timothy) Essay on Friendship. 8* Lond. 1726. 
GREATHEED (bertie) The Regent, a Tragedy. 8« Lond. 

GREATHEED (sam.) A practical improvement of the divin# 

eoonsel and conduct attempted in a Sermon od the death of 

Wm. Cowper, Esqr. S^ Newport Pagnel, 1800. 
6KBAVES (EDY.) Oratio Medica Harvdana. 4« Lond. 1667. ' 


G R E 

GREAVES (jOHii) V. abul-pheda. 

Miscellaneous Worka, with an account of his life wai 

Writings, by John Birch. 2 vol. &* Lmd. 1787. 

Pyramidographia : Or a Description of the Pyramids 

of Egypt. S^ Lond. 1646. 

Elementa Linguse Persicae. Item Anonymus Pem 

de Siglis Arabum et Persarum Astronomicis. 4^ Lond, 

A Description of the Grand Signour's Seraglio, or 

Court. 12« Lcmd. 1650. 
— — Astronomica qusdam ex traditione Shah Ch<^lii Penm: 
una cum Hypothesibus Planetarum. 4° Lond, 1652. 

Binse Tabnlse Geographicss, una Nassir Eddini PerBse, 

altera Vlug Beigi Tatari. 4® Lond. 1652. 

The Ongin and Antiquity of our. English Weights and 

Measures discovered. 8* Lond. 1706 
12» Lond. 1745. 

GREAVES (john) De Alimentorum in Sanguinem Transmuta- 

tione. 4» Lug. Bat. 1675. 
GREAVES (thom.) De Linguse Arabicse Utilitate, et Prasstantia. 

4° Oxon. 1639. 
GREAVES (THos.) The frailty and instability of human Kfc A 

Funeral Sermon on Mr. H. Sowden. 8<* Rotterd. 1763. 
GREBAN (arnoul et simon) Le triumphant Mystere dea Actes 

des Apotres. 2vol. fol. 1536. 

fol. Par. 1541. 

GREBENADP (egid.) Monotheletarum Haeresis. 4<^ WtU. 

GREBNER (david) Medicina vetus restituta. 4° Lips. 1695. 
Tractatus septem ; item, Mantissa tripartita et Apolo* 

getica. 2 tom. 4® Lips. 1714. 
— Ephemerides Meteorologicae Vratslavienses ab Amio 

1692 ad 1722. 4« Lips. 1723. 
GREBNER (ezek.) Visions and Prophecies conceming Engknd» 

Scotland and Ireland. l^ Lond. 1661. 
GREBNERUS (paul) Hisprophecy concerning the Times. fol. 

Lond. 1648. 
GRECO (rtdolfo) Libro delle Finte Sorti. 4« Ven. 1617. 


GREEN (CHR.) An vulnera tendinum sint lethalia ? 4° 1712. 
GREEN (edward) The Spirit of the Bankrupt Laws. 12« Lond. 

— with Additionsby alate Commissioner. 12* 

Lond. 1776. 

• ef^Lond. 1780. 

GREEN (j.) A Chart of North and South America, including tbe 

Atlantic. fol. Lond. 1753. 
' Remarks, in Support of the new Chart of North and 

South America. 4« Lond. 1753. 
GREEN (j.) Grammatical SpeUing Book. 12^ Lond. 1771. 


G R E 

OBEEN (john) Bp. qf Lincoln, A, Sfermon on 1 Jobn IV. 21 • 
preftched before ihe Univcrsily of Cambriclre. 4* Cant. 1749. 

■ ^ A Consecration Sermon. 4" CanL 1752. 

' A Fast Sermon before the Common"*. 4® 1759, 

Sermon on 31 Jan'. 4<» Lond. 1763. 

— Charity Sermon for the SmaU Pox HospitaL 4' Lond. 

GR£EN (MATTHEw) The Spleen. 8« Lond, 1737. 
anfi other Poems, with a prefatory address by 

^. Aikin. 12» Lond. 1796. 
-fiREEN (richd.) A conscientious Obedience to Govemors re- 

commended. A Sermon before th^ Uuiversity of OxforJ. 4* 

Lond. 1756. 
GREEN (rob.) A Demonstration of the Truth and Divinity of the 

Christian Relisrion. 8® Camb. 1711. 
. r- Principles of Natural Philosophy. 8» Cimb.1712. 

■ Geometria Solidornm, sive Materis. 8® Camb. 1712. 

" The Principles of the Phi]o3ophy of tiie expan-ive and 

contractive Forces. Or an enquiry into the Principles of the 

modem Philosophy. fol. Camb. 1727. 
GREEN (tho.) Dissertation on Eiithusiasm. 8«* Lond. 1755. 
6REEN (CAPT. thomas) His Ca^e. 4» Lond. 1705. 
The Tryal of Capt. T. Green an J his Crew for Piracy.. 

Edinb. 4« Lofid. 1705. 
GREEN (tho.) The absolutc necessity of a preparation for death. 

A Fui\eral Sermon on S. Htirris. 8° Banbury, 1790. 
GREEN (valbntine) History and Aniiquilies of the City and 

Suburbs of Worcester. 2 vol. 4« Lond. 1796. 

■ Account of the di-coverv of the body of King John in 
the Cathedral Church of Worceiter. 4<» Lond, 1797. . 

GREENiEUS, r. prestoxus. 

GREENALL (john) r. bultynck. 

GREENE (alexander) The Poliliciau cheated, a Comedy. 4" 

Land. 1663. 
GREENE (anne) The Wonder of Wonders. Bein^ a faithful 

relation of one Anne Green, Servant to Sir T. Reed, being 

brought to life afler execution for murder. 4^ 1651. 

Newes from the dead. 4® 

GREENE (geo. a.) The Pinner of Wakefield, a Comedie. 4« 

Lond. 1599. 
• — The History of Geor|re A Greene, Pindar of the Town 

of Wakefield, by N. W. 12^ Lond. 1706. 
GREENE (joh.) The first man, or a discourse of Adam*8 state. 

4« Lond. 1643. 
s ^ Tlie Churches duty for received Mercies. A Fast Scr- 

inon. 4® Lond. 1644. 
" Nehemiah's tears and prayers for Judah's affliction and 

the mines and repaire of Jerusalem. A FastSermon. 4^ Lond, 

CREENE (john) Priviledges of the Lord jMayor and Aldermen of 

the City. 8« Lond. 1708. 

VoL. Ul. ¥ GREENE 

G R E 

GREENE (john) A New Years Gift to Youtb. A Sermon* 8^ 

Lond. 1713. 
— ^— — Sicknesse comfortable and a dying bed easy. A Sermon 

at the Funeral of Mrs. Lobb. 8° Lond. l7S3. 
GREENE (robert) f. harvey. 
GREENE (robert) The Myrrour of Modestie. 19» Lond. 1584. 

Perimedes the Blacke Sniith. 4» Lond. 1588. 

The Spani>h Masquerado. 4® Lond, 1589. 

^ — — A notable discovery of Coo!?nage. Now daily praciised 

by sundry lewd Persons, called Conie Catcher», and CroBs- 

biters. With a di^coursc of the Coosnage of Colliers. 4* Lond* 


The llonorable llistory of Friar Bacon and Friar Bon- 

gay. 40 Lond. 1594. 

r- 4« Lond. 1630. 

4° Lond. 1655. 

A Looking-GIasis for I^ndon and En^Iand, a Tragi- 

Comcdy by T. I^l^e and R. Greene. 4« Lond. 1598. 

4'' Lond, 1602. 

4<> Lond. 1617. 

Greenes Ghos-t hunting Cony-catchers. 4*^ Lond. 1696« 

' Theeves falling out, true men come by their goods. 4* 

Lond. 1637. 
GREENE (tho.) An alarm to false shepheixls. 4« Lond. 1660. 
GREENE (thomas) The woorlhy and valiaunt exploytes of Sir 

Francis Drake. 4<> Lonff. 1587. 
GREENIi (tho.) His Vindication rclative to the Sunday After- 

noon Lectnrc in St. 01ave*s, Old Jury. 8<» Lond. 1710-11. 
GREEN ROOM. The sccret liistory of ihe Green Rooms. vol. 1. 

12« Lomi. 1790. 
GREENFIELD, r. cetfr. CROEsnvELT. 
GREENHILL (tho.) NEKPOKH^EIA; or the Art of Embalming^ 

after the Ejyyptian niethod. 4° Lond, 1705. 
GREENHILL (wm.) The Axc at the Root, a Fast Sermon. 4* 

Lond. 1643. 
Exposition of tlie five first Chapters of Ezekiel. 4" Lond^ 


Exposition of the VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, Xll, and 

XIII Chapters of Ezokicl. 4" Lond. 1649. 

Exposition of the XX^XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, 

XXV, XXVI, XXVIl, XX\ III, and XXIX Chapu-rs of Eze- 
kiel. 4« Lond. 1658. 
GREENLAND. v. groenland. 


GREENWEY (k.) v. tacitus. 

GREENWICH. Exj>lanation of ihe Painting in Greenwich Hos- 

pital by Sir James Thornhill. Engl. & Fr. 8« 

Case for rebuildin^ij thcir Church. fol. 

: — Names of the Lords and other Commissioners of Green- 

wich Hospilal. fol. 

Ca^^e of the Royal llospital. 4» 1778. 

State of facts relative to Greenwich Hospital. 4* 1779, 


G R E 

OREENWOOD (barth.) His Trial. 8« Lond. 1740. 
GREENWOOD (henry) Of thc Day of Judgement. l^ Lond. 

. Sermon bn ihe Birth of Christ. 12^ Lond, 1634. 

Chrislelyke I^op-Bane, ofte Spoedigen Wegh na den 

Hemel, vertaelt dbor Jacob van Oort. 12^ Uirecht, 1670. 
GREENWOOD (james) An Essay lowards ^ pmctical English 
Grammar. 12« Lojid. 1711. 

12^ Lond, 1729. 

iGREENWOOD (john) p. uAnRowE. 

CREENWOOD (joiin cox) Remarks on the wild Orations of thc 
Irreverend Mr. Langley and Mr. Well» in memory of W. Austin. 
^ Lond, 1776. 
^tREENWOOD (joseph) v, hartley. 
42REENW00D (nic.) Astronomia Anghcana. Containing au 

absolute and entire piece of Astronomy. fol. Lond, 1689. 
C^JREENWOOD (october) A Collection of all the PoUtical Let- 

tcrs in the Weekly Journal. 8« Lond. 1723. 
C5KEENWOOD (wm.) BOTAETTHPJON. Or a demonstration of 
County Judicaturjes and the Authority of Sheritts. 8® Lond. 
] «59. 
G REENYARD. Act of Common Council relating to tbe Green- 

yard. 8« Lond. 1731.. 
O R-EGENTIUiS, Archiepisc. Tephrcnsis. Disputatio cum Her- 

l3^no Judseo. Gr. Lai. interpr. N. Gulonio. 8'* Lutet. 1580. 
G JE^£GG (wiLL.) Lettertothe Lordsof the Committee appointed 

^o examine him. 8* Lond. 1711. 
— ^— — Kemarks^n the Letter to the Lords of the Committee. 

& Lqnd. 1711. 
■ Secret Transactions, whilst he lay under Sentence of 

Death, 8« Lond. 1711. 
GREGOIRE (M.) Nouvelle Lettre a M.M. les Cures Deputes aux 
Stat^ Generaux. S^ 1/89. 

' : Motion a la Seance du 14 Juillet. 8^ 1789. 

GREGORl (CED.) De Aurg. fulminante. 4« Reg. 1704. 
GREGORIE (g.) A Bakers dozen of Queries ptopounded to 
all that m>ect beneHt from this present power. 4^ Lond» 
GXtEGORIE (JOH ) His life by J. Gurganie. 4» Lond. 1650. 
OREGORIUS» Corinthus. De Pialectis Gr. cum emend. et notis 
Gi&berti Koen. Accedunt Grammatici Leidensis et Meerman- 
xmiani de Dialectis opuscula. 8^ Lug: Bat. 1766. 
CR3EGORIUS, Cyprius. Encomiuin Maris. Qr. ed. a B. VuU 
oanio. 12* Lugd. Bat. 1591. 

:- ed. a ¥. Morello. 12« Lutct. 1597- 

Gr, & Lat. per Joh. Scotanum. 12® Franek^ 


Lat. interp. F. Morello. 13° Lutet. 1597, 

CRBGORIUS (david) r. euclides. 


G R E 

GREGORIUS (diyius) v. ciaconius. 

GREGORIUS (frid. quirinus) De Romuli cognomento clarisque 

Quirinis. 4° Lips, 1709. 
GREGORIUS (sANCTUs georcius) Episc. Turonensis, Opera 

pia/per Joan. Balesdeiis. 2 tom. 12** Par. 1640. 

Historia Francorum, cum Appendice. 8* Ba». 1568. 

8« Par. 1610. 

GREGORIUS (henning) De Cancro Mammarum. 4* Franc. 

1661. - , 

GREGORIUS (j.) V. testamentum. 
GREGORIUS, Nazianzenus. Opera. Gr. fol. Ba«. 1550. 

Lat. a Pet. Mosellano. 12^ Lips. 1522. 

. Interp. J. Billio. Ibl. Par. 1569. 

a J. Leunclavio. fol. Bas. 1571. 

Carmina. Gr. Lat. 4° Ven.ap.Ald.l5Qi. 

Christus patiens. Tragoedia. Gr. 8° Roma. 1542^ 

Libelli X Divi Gregorii Nazianzeni; Apologeticus. Dif 

Epiphaniis sive natali Domini. De Luminibus, quod est de se^ 
cundis Epiphanii8. De Fide. De Nicaena Fide ; de Penthc- 
costo et Spiritu Sancto. De Scmeiipso ex agro reverso. De 
Dictis Hierimie presente Imperatore. De ReconciUatione et 
Unitate Monachorum. De Grandinis Vastatione. De Arrianii 
quod non liceat semper et publice de Deo contendere. Lat. 
Interp. RuGno : ed. a J. A. Mulingo. 4° Argent. J. Knoblouck^ 

Orationes lectissimae XVI. Gr. 12® Vcn. ap. Aldy 


Parabolae & Miracula^ quae ab Evangelistis narrantur. 

4« Bas. 1529. 
De Theologia. Lat. Interp. Pet. Moscllano. fol. Bas 

Orationes. XXX. Lat. Interpretc B. Pirckheimero 

fol. Bas. 1531. 

Opuscula qusedam Poetica. Gr. & Lat. cum Comm. 

Cyri Dadybrensis Episcopi. Iiiterprtte J. Billio. 8" Par. 1575., 
Adversus Mulieres anibitibsius se adornantes» carmeQ 

satyricum. Lat. ex intcrp. F. Mordli. 4° Lutet. 1600. 

InvectivfiB dnsQ in Julianum. Gr'. ed. a R. Montagu. 4^ 

Eton. 1610. [cnm nolis MStis J. Casauhoni.'] 
GREGORIUS, Neocasariensis. Metaphrasis in Eccltsiabten» Lai, 

interp. J. OScolampadio. 12° JB^i^. 1536. 
De Anima, Gerardo Vossio interprete. 8** Qgn, 

GREGORIUS, Ni/ssenus. Opera. Gr. & Lat. Claud. MorelL 3 

tom. fol. Par. 1638. 
■ Lat. per L. Sifanum et J. Lcunclavium. fol 

Bas. 1571. 

fol. Par. 1573. 

cum Not. Fr. Ducaei. fol. Par. 1605. 

Opu8 admirandum de Hominis Opificio. Gr. Lat. in- 

terpr. Joh. LQwenklaio. 8° Bas. 1567. 


G R E 

GREGORIUS. Nyssenus. De euntibus Jcrosolyma, Epistola: 
cum cgusdem tractatu de Peregrinationibus^ et altero de Alta<» 
ribus et Sacrificiis Chri&tianorum. Gr. Lat. a P. Molineo. 8^ 
Hanav. 1607. 

" Ad Eustathiam, Ambrosiam et Basilissam. Gr. Lat. ab 

J. Casaubono. 8« Hanov. 1607. 

Gr. Lat. per Molinseum et Casaubonum. 8^ 

Hanov. 1607. 

Epistolae VII. Gr. Lat. a J. B. Caracciolo. fol. Fhr. 


De Perecrrinatione Hiero?olymitana. Gr. Lat. 8® 

GREGORIUS I. Papa. Opera. fol. Par. 1518, 

: fol. Par. 1533. 

fol. Par. 1542. 

6tom. fol. Par. 1605. 

Omelie quadrajjjinta, de diversi.^ £van2felii lcctionibus. 

4" Par.per Michaelem Udalricmi et Martinum. 1475, 

Explanatio in septem Psalmos Penittntialcs. 4:^ Par* 


The Dialogues of St. Grcgorie, translated by P. W. 12® 

Par. 1608. 

De Cura Pastorali : ed. a loanne Slephano. 12® Lond. 


— — — — per Barth. Campagnolam. 8® Veron. 1739. 

■ An English Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St, 

Gregory: anciently used in the English Saxon Church. 
Giving an account of the conver.^ion of the Englisb from 
Paganism. With an appendix containing several lctters of St« 
Gregory. Translated by Eliz. EJstob, with the Anglo-Saxoo 
Original. 8« Lond. 1709. 

«REGORIUS IX. Papa, Decretales. 4« Par. 1512. 

^REGORIUS XIII. Papa. v. canobbils. ciappi. fabbicius* 


^— — Acta Consistorii publice exhibiti A. S. D. N. Gregorio 

Pi^pa XIII. Regum Japoniorum Legatia. 4^ Lutet. 1585. 
<iREGORIUS XV. Papa. v. alphabetum. conclavb. 

•■ Lctter to Charles Prince of Wales. Lat. Hisp. An^, 

With a Jesuits Oration to the Prince. Lat. Ang. 4' Lokdp 

Constitutioncs & Dvcreta. fol. Rom. 1623, 

GREGORIUS (mabt.) Defonlibus, mari^tt utrumavesproducU;^ 

sint ex aquis, nec ne ? 4*^ IVitt.lG^l. 
GREGORIUS Tbaumaturgus. De Sancla TriuiUte Doctrina* 

Gr. Lai. interp. N. Glasero. 12^ Hamb. 1614. 
6REG0RIUS (pETBUs) Tholosanus. SynUxis Artis Mirabilis. 

Tom.2. W Lugd.loSl. 

'. De Republica. 2tom. fol. Luird. 16Q9. 

Miracula S. Crucis Stockholmtse. 4* Upsai. 1725. 

GREGORIUS (bosabius) Renim Arabicarum quae ad historiaixi 

Siculam speclant ampla collectio. fol. Panorm. 1790. 
OREGORIUS (ST.) V. cayton. jambs. 


G R E 

GHEGORy {Dr,) r. hume. 

GREGORY (david) v, euclioes. • 

■ Exercitatio de Dimensionc Fi^uranim. 4** Edinb. 1684. 

-i Astronomiae, Physica» & Gtometrise Elementa. fol, 

Oxon, 1703. 

Elements of Catoptrics & Dioptrics, edited by W, 

Browne. 8» Lond. 1715 

A Treatise of Practical Geoipetry. 8^ Edinb. 1745, 

Essay on his life. 8» Lond. 1769. 

GREGORY (edm.) An historical Anatomy of Christian Melan- 

choly. 12« Lond, 1646. 
GREGORY (FRANC.) Etymologicum parvum. 8" Lond. 1654. 
' Votivum Carolo, or a wclcome to his sacred Majesty 

Charles II. from Woodstock School. 4» Lond. 1660. 

A modefct Plea for the due Regulation of the Press. 4* 

Lond. 1698. 
GREGORY (GEO.) History of ihe Christian Church. 2 vol. 8* 

Lond. 1795. 
• Economy of Nature cxplained and illugtrated. 3 vols. 

8« Lofid. 1796. 
GREGORY (jAMEs) Optica Promota. 4« Lond. 1663. 
Geometriae Pars universalis, inservicns Qu«intitatum 

Curvarum Transmutationi & MensursB. 4« Patav. 1668. 

• Exerritationes Gcometrica?. 4^ Lond. 1678. 

Vera Circuli & Hyperbolaj Quadratura. 4® Patav* 

GREGORY (john) Works. 4« Lond. 1650. 
. 4» Lond. 1671. 

Notes and Observations upon some Passages of Scrip- 

turc. 4^ Oj^. 1646. 

Posthuma, or certain Learned Tracts. 4** Lond. 1649. 

4« Lond. 1650. 

GREGORY (john) r. hume. smellte. 

■■ A comparalive yiew of the state and faculties of mzxif 

with those of the animal world. li^ Lond. 1766. 

^ '- A Father's Legacy to his Daughters. 8» Lond. 1788. 

GalL et Ital. da Giov. Sivrac. 12« jLomf. 

■ ■ Philosophical and literary Essays. 2 vol. 8° Edink, 


His Life, by W. Smellie. 8» Edinh. 180Q. 

GREGORY (john mack) Account of the Sepulchres of the An* 

cients. 8« Lond. 1712. 
GREGORY (matth.) De Febri ardente. 4« Lug. Bat. 1714. 
GREGORY (olintBus) Treatise of Mechanics. 2 vols. 8» Lond. 

GREGORY (thos.) v. carter. 
" Mt9' H^«» ©foj. Or the Doctrin? of a God and Provi- 

dcnce vindicated and asserted. 8" Lond. 1694. 
Discourses. 8<> Lond. 1696. 

GREGORY*(william) A visible display of Divine Providencej 
or the Joornal of a captured Missionary. 8« Lond. 1800. 


G R E 

GREGSON f MOSEs) Christian Mourners relieved by the Hope of 

the Go<ipei. A Scrmon on tbe death of Revd. B. Boyce. B** 

Lond. 1770. 
GREIBE (conrad) Hiscase. fol. 
GREIFF (fridericus) Decas Qobilissiraonin» Medicamentoruio 

Galeno-Chyinico modo compositorum. 4" Tuhing, \M\. 
GREIFF (PETR.) Palasstn( Ludibrii sive Dehrium Mundi intellec* 

tuahs Vanitasque Vanitatum. 4** 1655. 
GREIFFENBORG (jos. teuag. von) De Sale. 4» Hard. 1752r 
GREjFFENHAGlUS (andr. mull.) p. abdalla. 
GREIG (john) Young Ladies guide to Arithmetic. l^' Londj 


'- 12^ Lond. 1803. 

GREIMIUS (martin) Dc sorte Eruditorum inter se conspicua. 4* 

Lips. 1714. 
GREISEL (j. g.) De Cura, Lactis in Arthritide. 12» Budist. 

GRELOT ( ) Vovag^e de Constantinople. 12« Par. 1681. 

4« Par. 1689. 

-GREMBS (fr^n. oswaldus) Arbor integra et ruinosa Hominis. 

4* Franc. 1657. 
GilEMBS (cEO.) De Melancholia. 4» Monach. 1602. 
<JREMPLER (jou. gottl.) De Transpiratione. 4» Erf. 

CRENADIER. Le Grenadier Patriote ou le despotisme d^truit 

enFrance. 8» 1789. 
<yR£NAILLE (francois) Le Mcrcure Portui^ais. 12* Par. 

CRENAILLE (franc. de) Bedencken von dem hohen Geist^ und 

Verstand dcs Menschen. 12^ Franc. 1674. 
CRENAN (benign) Gallise ad Hispaniam Epistola^ in recentem 

Obitum Serenissimse Delphina^. 4^ 

Ode in Philippi V. Hispan. Reg. Electionem. 4" 

GRENE (giles) Declaration in vindication of the honour of Par- 

iiament and of the Committee of the Navy and Cuj»toms against 

all Tmducers. 4« Lond. 1647. 
^RENIER (Nic.) V. cAussE. 

Le Bouclierdela Foy. 16® Anv. 1549. 

L'R*pecde la Foy. 8* Par. 1551. 

R^ENOBLE, V. pau. 

Tres respectucuses supplications que presentent au Roi 

lc» Notables Citoyens de la Viilede Grenobie. 8^ 

Response des Negocians de la Ville de Grenoble a 

fiA. M. les Juges Consuls de Montauban, &c. 8® 

Trcs humbk remonstrances du Parlement de Grenoble. 


rE^U (pet. lud.) Systematis Physici Disputatio quarta. 4<> 
:Benx(it. 1708. 

R£NVILL (S/r bevill) Verses by the University of Oxford on 
Ixtf Death. 8« Loik/. 1684. 


G R E 

GHEGORy {Dr.) r. hume. 

GREGORY (david) p. euclides. • 

■ Exercitatio de Dimensionc Fip^ranim. 4® Edinb. 1684. 

-i Astronomiae, Physicae & Gtometrise Elementa. fol, 

Oxon. 1703. 

Eiements of Catoptrics & Dioptrics, edited by W, 

Browne. 8« Lond. 1715. 

1 A Treatise of Practical Geoipetry. 8^ Edinh. 1745, 

Essay on his life. 8** Lond. 1769. 

GREGORY (edm.) Au historical Anatomy of Christian Melian- 

choly. 12° Lond. 1646. 
GREGORY (FRANC.) Etymologicum parvum. 8" Lond, 1654. 
■ Votivum Carolo, or a welcome to his sacred Majesty 

Charles II. from Wood«^tock School. 4» Lond, 1660. 

A modeiit Plea for the due Regulation of the Press. 4* 

Lond. 1698. 
GREGORY (GEO.) History of tbe Christian Church. 2 vol. 8^ 

Lond. 1795. 
^ Economy of Nature explained and illustrated. 3 vob. 

8« Lond. 1796. 
GREGORY (jAMEs) Optica Promota. 4« Lond. 1663. 
Geometriae Pars universalis, inserviens Qunntltatum 

Curvarum IVansmutatioiii & Mensurse. 4° Patuv. 1668. 

• Exerritationes GeomctricaB. 4° Lond. 1678. 

Vera Circuli & Hyperbolse Quadratura. 4® Patav* 

GREGORY (john) Works. 4« Lond. 1650. 
. . 4*> Lond. 1671. 

Notes and Observations upon some Passages of Scrip- 

ture. 4^ Ojf. 1646. 

Posthuma, or certain Learned Tracts. 4° Lond. 1649, 

4» Lond. 1650. 

GREGORY (john) r. hume. smellte. 

■'' A comparalive yiew of the state and faculties of manir 

with those of the animal wprld. l^ Lond. 1766. 

i ■ A Father'8 Legacy to his Daughters. 8« Lond. 1788. 

m GalL et Itai. da Giov. Sivrac. 12® Lond. 


■ ■ Philosophical and literary Essays. 3 vol. 8° Edink, 

His Life, by W. Smellie. 8» Edinh. 1800. 

GREGORY (JOHN mack) Account of the Sepulchres of the An- 

cients. 8° Lond. 1712. 
GREGORY (matth.) De Febri ardente. 4« Lug. Bat. 1714. 
GREGORY (oLiNTRus) Treatise of Mechaniics. 2 vols. 8» Lond^ 

GREGORY (thos.) v. carter. 
" MtO* H^w» ©ro?. Or the Doctrin^ of a God and Provi- 

dence vindicated and asserted. 8^ Lond. 1694. 
Discourses. 8^ Lond. 1696. 

GREGORY*(vvilliam) A visible display of Divine Providencej. 
or the Joornal of a captured Missionary. 8® Lond. 1800. 


G R E 

OREGSON f MosEs) Christian Mourncrs relieved by the Hope of 

the Gospel. A Scrmon on tbe death of Revd. B. Boyce. B** 

Land. 1770. 
GREIBE (conrad) Hiscase. fol. ' 
GREIFF (fridericus) Decas nobilissiraonim Medicamentoruni 

Galcno-Chymico modo compositorum. 4<* Tubing,lMl. 
GREIFF (pErR.) Paltestrif Ludibrii >\ve Dehrium Mundi intellec* 

tuahs Vanitasque Vanitatum. 4® 1655. 
GRFJFFENBORG (jos. teuag. von) De Sale. 4» Hard. 1752^ 
GRE/FFENHAGIUS (andr. mull.) p. abdalla. 
GREK; (john) Young Ladies guide to Arithmetic. l^' Londj 


'- 12^ Lond. 1803. 

GREIMIUS (martin) Dc sorte Eruditorum inter se conspicua. 4* 

Lips. 1714. 
GREI8EL (J. g.) De Cura. LacUs in Arthritide. 12« Budu». 

GRELOT ( ) Vovage de Constantinople. 12« Par. 1681. 

4« Par. 1689. 

GREMBS (fran. oswaldus) Arbor integra et ruinosa Homlnis. 

4* Franc. 1657. 
GilEMBS (cEO.) De Melancholia. 4« Monach. 1602. 
GREMPLER (jon. gottl.) De Transpiratione. 4» Erf. 

CIRENADIER. Le Grenadier Patriote ou le despotisme d^truit 

enFrance. 8« 1789. 
<yRENAILLE (francois) Le Mcrcure Portugais. 12« Par. 

CRENAILLE (franc. de) Bedencken von dem hohen Geist^und 

Verstand des Menschen. 12^ Franc. 1674. 
CRENAN (benign) Gallise ad Hispaniam Epistola^ in recentem 

Obitum Serenisdims Delphina\ 4® 

— Ode in Philippi V. Hispan. Reg. Electionem. 4" 

GRENE (giles) Declaration in vindication of the honour of Par- 

iiament and of the Committee of the Navy and Cudtoms against 

all Trnducers. 4« Lond. 1617. 
^RENIER (Nic.) r. cau<»se. 

Le Bouclierdela Foy. 16® Anv. 1549. 

UEspecde la Foy. 8* Par. 1551. 


Tres respectucuses supplications que presentent au Roi 

1.CS Notables Citoyens de la Viilede Grenoble. 8^ 

Response des Ntgocians de la Ville de Grenoble a 

IM. M. les Juges Consuls de Montauban, &c. 8® 

Tres humbk remonstrances du Parlement de Grenoble. 

» 1788. 
E^ENU (PET. lud.) Systematis Physici Disputatio quarta. 4^ 

-»TM«. 1708. 
E^EN VILL (Sir bevill) Versea by thc University of Oxford on 

:iiiiDeath. S^ Lond. }684. 

G R E 

€RENVILLE (denis) The compleat Confonnist, or advioe coo- 

cerninj? strict Confoimity ; a Sermon. 4® Ixmd, 1684. 
GRENVILLE (ceo.) Speech on the motion for eacpeUing Mr. 

Wilkes. 8« Lond. 1769. 
GREN VILU: {Sir richard) A Report of the Trulh of the Fight, 

about the Ii^les of A^oresj betwixt Sir Richard Grenville, in the 

Revengs^ and an Armada of tlie King of Spaine. 4* LomL 

■ — Letter concerning the afFairs of the West. 4* Lond. 

GRENVILLE (w. w.) Speech in the Committee on thc statc of 

thenalion. 8" Lond. }7S9. 
GRENUS (GAB.) Tiiescs Phvsicro de Sono. 4» Gcn. 1690. 
GRES (GABRiEL Du) Thc Life of Cardinal Richdieu. l^ Lond. 

GRESEMUNDUS (theod.) Jucundissimus Dialofi^us in Defen- 

sionem septem Artium Liberalium. 4^ Davent. 1497. 
GRESHAM (EDw.) Almanacke for 1607. 
Strange ncws from Carlsladt. Translated from tbc 

High Dutch. 4*» Lond. 
GRESHAM (jAMEs) Tlie Picture of Incest, or, the Story oT 

Cinyras and Myrrha. l*^'* Lond. 1626. 
GRESHAM (Sir thos.) His Ghost. 4« 1647. 
Account of the Rise, Projrress, and Foundation of 

Gresham College, with the Life of Sir Thomas Grebham. 4^ 

Lond. 1707. 

His Will. 4« Lond. 1707. 

GRESLON (aduien) Histoirede laChine sous laDomination dea 

Tartare^. 8® Par. 1671. 
GRESSET (M.) Oeuvres. 2tom. 12° Lond. 1748. 
GRESWOLD (anne) r. wiiiGHT. 

GUETRY (M.) Memoires ou Esi^ai sur la M u«ique. 8° Par. 1789. 
GRETSER (JAC.) v. an.\stasius. cantacuzenus. codinus. pau-- 


' Commentariolus de Munificcntia Principum in Scdem 

Apostolicam. 4° Ingoht. 1600. 
• De Jureet More prohibendi Libros Haereticos. 4*^ In- 

golst. 1603. 

Opuscula qufledam. 12** Ingolst. 1606. 

De sacris reiegrinationibus, de Processionibus, ct dc 

Disciplinarum U>u. 4® Ingolst. 1606. 

Defensio Controversiarum Bellarmini. 2 tom. fo). /«• 

golst. 1607, 9. 

BociTuxoy Atf^ou Sive Commcntarius exeg^eticus in Sere^ 

nissimi Magnae Britannise Regi^ Jacobi Prsfationeui Monito* 
riam; et in Apologiam pro Juramento fidelilatis. 4** in^olsr. 

Hortus S. Crucis. 4° Ingolst. 1610. 

Vindicium Bellarminianse et Muricum Prfledicantico-" 

ruma Criminationibns Lutheranicujusdam Magistelli Zephyrii, 
una cum Ltttherani Eidei Spccillo. 4° Ingolst. 1607. 

G R E 

GRETSER (jAc) Erasmi Judicium de novo Evangelio. Ac^- 
oessit diud similis argumenti ex libro G. Wicelii^ qui retectio 
Lutherismi inscribitur. A^ Ingolst. 1611. 

De Henrico IV. & V. & Grefijorio VII. ex Gerhoho . 

Reichersperg. excerpta. 4® Ingolst. 16ll. 

Disputationes Matrimoniales. 4® Ingolst. 1611. 
■ De Funere Christiano. 4® Ingolst, 1611. 

Summula Casuum Conscienlis de Sacramentis. 4^ tn* 


! Gratiffi Dan. Cramero persoluts^ pro Paralipomenis ad 

librosde funere Christiano transmissis. 4® Ingolst. 1612. 

Gemina adversus Guldinastum Defensio. 4^. Ingoist. 


Philippi Ecclesi» Eystettensis XXXIX Episcopi Da 

ejusdem Ecclesia? Divis Tutelaribus, Commentarius : una cum 
observationum libris et Catalogo Historico omnium Episcopo* 
rum Eystettensium. 4° Ingold. 1617. 

Fons Olei Walpurgini explicatus atque defensus. 4* 

Ingolst. 1620. 

Rudimenta Linguse Grsecse. 12^^ Ven. 1675. 

GRETTON (pHiLip) RemarJss upon two Pamphlcts written by 
A. C. Esq. concerning Human Liberty and Necessity. 8® Lond. 
GREVE (alb.) De Gangrasna et sphacelo. 4<> Lug. Bat. 1677. 
GREVE (pHiLippus de) Sennones in Psalterium. Pars2. 12** Par. 

GREVE (wiLHEL.) De Conscientia variisque ejus Casibus. 4* 

Helmsi. 1652. 
GREVEN (egbertus) De Infirmatione Testamentorum. 4<* Lug. 

Bat. 1705. 
GREVEN (joh.) De Usufructu. 4<> 7V. adRh. 1685. 
GREVENSTEIN (antonius) Eclipsium omnium ab anno 1593 

ib?que ad annum 1620 Supputatio. 4® BTcm. 1592. 
GREVIL (alg.) V. HOPKiNs. 
6REVILE (anne Ladtf) v. burnet. 
GREVILE (fulke) Lord Brooke. Works. fol. Lond. 1633. 

The five years of King James, or the condition of Ae 

state of England^ and the relation it had to other Provinces. 
4« Lond. 1643. 

Life of Sir Philip Sidney. 12« Lond. 1652. 

Remains : being Poems of Monarchy and Religion. 8* 

Lomd. 1670. 
CS^REVILE (rob.) Lord Brooke. A Discourse opening the 
Nature of ttiat Episcopacy which is exercised in England. 4* 

' Hislast weeks proceedings. 4** Lond. 1642. 

His Victory over the Earl of Northampton. 4* Lond. 


GBCVILE (bob.) Lord Brooke, Passaofes beCw^n tbe LoM( 
Brook and tbe Earl of Nortbaonptdn near Banbory. fol. Lo$ui, 

— — The success of tbe Lord Brooke^s forces in parsuing- 
tbe Cavaliers from Corentry. fol. Lond, 1642. 

Speech at tbe election of bis Captains and Co mman dera 

at Warwick Castle. 4<> Lond. 1643. 
— — An Ele^ie upon tbe deatb of tbat Mirrour of Mag;mt* 

nimity, Lord Brooke. fol. Lond. 1642. 
— En^lands losse and lamentation^ occasioned by tbe 

deatb of Lord Brooke. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

An Eregie on bis death. fol. 1643, 

GREVILE (CEO.) Earl qf IVarwick. A letter to bim upon the 
Bubjert of Opposition. 8* Lond, 1798. 


GREVILLE (Miss julia) Hcr History. S vol. 12* Lond. 1787, 
GREVILLE (robt.) Earlqf Warwick. v. calamy. farreb. 


L'01impe et autres Evvres Poetiques. 8^ Par. R, Rfii* 

ennt, 1560. 

Anatomes totius, sere insculpta delinealio, cui addita 

est Epitome quam de corporis bumani fabrica conscripait And. 
Vesahus. fol. Lut'. Par. 1565. 

— ^— Le Second Disconrs sur rAntimoine. 8^ Par, 1567. 
Gall. fol. Par. 1569. 

. Des Venins. 4<> Ant. 1568. 

Lai. ab H. Martio. 4^ AtU. ap. Plant. 1571« 

GREVIUS (frid.) Qusestionum pbilosopbicarum Decas qnartus* 

4^ Witteh. 1608. 
GREVIUS (JOH.) Oratio inauguralis pro ScboUs. 4* Gron, 

' Orationes duce de rationc pronuntiandi. 4* Grom, 

■ Oratio de Eloquentia. 4° Grron. 1701. 

GREULICH (jo. GEo.) Curandi Hydropis vera methodns^ ly 

Franc. 1681. 
— XOAHAOriA sive Themata PiBiradoxa de Bilc. 12*- 

Franc. 1682. ^ 
GREULINCK (joh. hen.) De generatione Salium. 4« Hid. Mag. 


■• 4*> Godan. 1701. 

GREVVINKELIUS (mart.) De statu anim« a corpore separatas*- 

4« Witteb. 1623. 


■■ De Liquore nervoso. 4** Lui^. Bat. 1671. 

— — An idea of a phytolo^cal history propounded. To^ 
gcther with a continuation of the Anatomy of Vegetables ptr- 
ticularly prosecuted upon Roots. S^ Lond. 1673. 

" Tbe comparative Anatomy of Trunks. 8* Land^ 



G R £ 

GREW (NfiH.) The Anatomy of Plants, with an idca of tbe 
philosoptiical History of Plants. fol. Lond. 1682. 

GalL par Le Vasseur. 12* Par. 1675. 

12* Leid. 1685, 

12« I^d. 1691. 

' Catalogue and Description of the Rarities belonj^ing to 

the Royal Sociely, and preserved at Gresham College. Whert- 
unto is added the Comparative Anatomy of Stomachs and Guts. 
fo). Lond. 1681. 

New Experiments CQDceming Sea-Water made fresh. 

12» Lond. 1684. 

Gfl//.4» Lond. 1684. 

12» Lond. 

Recaeil d'Exporiences curieuses sur le comliat qui pro- 

cede du melange des Corps. 12» Par, 1698. 

- Be Salis Cathartici amari in aquis Ebeshamensibus Na* 

tura et Usu. 12» Lond. 1695^ 
— — Cosmologia Sacra : or a dit^ourse of the Universe as k 

is the creature and kingdom of God. fol. Lond. 1701. 

GREY (anton. de) Earl of Harold. v. parnb. 
GREY (arthur) Lord dt Wilion. v. sparke. 
GREY ( ) Lord Grey. v. fox. 
GKEY (colonel) His Portmanteau opened, and his sealed, miar 

directed, and returned Letter discovered. 4» Lond. 16^0. 
GREY (emoch) Vox Codi containing Maxims of pious policy. 4» 

Lond. 1649. 
^REY (ford) Lord Grey of Wcrk. Trial of Lord Grey of Werk 
for enticing away Lady Henrietta Berkeley. 8» Lond. 1716. 

The secret History of the Rye-House Piot. 8» Limd. 

GKEY (h.) Eari qf Statnford. Joyful news from the Earl of 
Stamford^ the Lord Kimboiton, and the Lord Wharton, wherein 
is manifested their happy proceedings against the Cavaleers» . 
dedaring al^o their onsets and skirmibhes^ which they have had 
neere Hereford. 4» Lond. 1642 

Hia victory against the Marquiss of Haitford. 4» Londm 


■ Besolutions conceming the Leicestershirc JVlilitia. 4» 

Lond. 1642. 

Declaration of both Houses conceruing him. July 23. 

foL 1642. 

^Relationof hisVictory atPlymouth. 4» 1643. 

<3 3REY (n ary) V. fuller. 

C^^EY (richard) Answer to Barbeyrac's Spirit of the Eoolesi- 

asdcs of all Sccts aod Ages, as to the Doclrines of Morality. 

8» Lond. 1723. 
— A System of English Ecclesiastical Law. 8» Lond. 


Memoria Technica. Or a new metbod of Artificial 

Memory. 12» Lond. 1732. 

G R I 

GREY (tho. de) The compleat Horseman and cxpcrt Ferrier. 

4« Lond. 1670. 
GREY (tho.) vid. powell. 
GREY (zachary) v. butler. 
— — Examination of Neale*s Hist. of the Puritans. 8* Lcmd, 


Review of Neal*8 History of the Puritans. 8* Lond. 

GREYDANUS (johan.) Institutiones Physic». 12* Ltow. 


8* Brem. 1671. 

GRIBALDUS (mat. mofha) De Homicidio. 8» Spir. 1582. 
GRIBELIN (s.) A Book of Omaments. 4* 1682. 
GlilBIUS (JOH.) De Natura Febrium. 4» Lug. Bat. 1663. 
GRIEBNERUS (john sigism.) Pneumatosis. 4« Ldps. 1709. 
GRIEF A LA MODE. A city Drama on the death of LdrdL 

Mayor^s day. 12® 
GRIENBERGER (p. christoph.) Prospectiva Coelestis. 12« Ai^. 

Vind. 1679. 
GRIENDEL (joh. fran.) Micrographia nova. 4* Narimb. 

GRIENIUS (joH. HENR.) Logicse inutilis Helmontianae Tripes. 

4^ Bas. 1686. 
GRIER {Mr.) A Counterfeit detected and justly exposed ; in aih- 

swer to the Remarks upon Dr. Hancock^s Fehrifitgium Ma^ 

num. Being some hints ior the use of one Mr. Grier, whocalk 

himself James Gardiner. 8* Lond. 1723. 
GRIERSON (james) Delineations of St. Andrews. 8* Edink. 

GRIESBACH (joh. jac.) r. testamkntum. 
Symbolse critics ad supplendas et corrigendas Taria* 

rum N. T. Lectionum coHectione». 2 tom. 8^ Hala. 1785— 93. 
GRIESER (joh. chr.) De OccultaUonc Poetica. 4» VUemb. 

GRIEVANCES. Letter to the Lower House touching grievaocef 

and inconveniences of the State. 4^ L(md. 1641. • 

■ ■ A decade of Grievances against the Hierarchy : Or 

Sions pleaagainst Prelacy. 4" 1641. 
A Committee appointed by the Commons assembled jn 

Parliament to consider of such grievances as have been pro* 

mised to the People to be rcdressed. 4® Lond. 1647. 
Act for redress of grievances of the pcople. fol. Lond. 

' Public grie^^ances of the Nation adjudged necessary to 

beredressed. fol. I<»i^. 1689. 
GRIEVE (jAMEs) The History of Kamtschatka, and the Kurilski 

Islands, translated from the Russian. 4^ Glocest. \7&L 
GREEFFE. Le premier Coup de Grifie aux Renaids noin. 8P 

Par. 1789. 
GRIFFIN (antboht) An Astroloeical Jddgement «ConchiBr 

Theft. 12« Lond. 1665. 


G R I 

GRIFFIN (prince) A Letter of a sad Traffedy by Prince Griifin 

at Sayton, neere Chester : and his severaJl attempts against the 

Lady Caufely. 4» Land. 1648. 
GRIFFIN (robert) Interest Tables« on an improved Plan. 8^ 

Lond, 1775. 
GRIFFIN (WM.) On the culture of the Pine Apple. 8« Newark, 

GRIFFITH (euzabeth) A series of g^enuine Letters between 

Henry and Frances. 2 vol. 8® Lotid, 1757. 

. The School for Rakes, a Comedy. 8« Ijond. 1769. 

The Morality of ShaJcespear's IMma illustrated. 8* 

Lond. 1775. 

. The Barberof SeviUe, a Comedy. 8« Lond, 1776. 

<5RIFFITH (george) Dr. A bold challenge of an itinerant 

Preacher roodestly answered. 4** 1652. 
— — Relation of a disputation with V. Powell. 4* Lond, 


A Welsh narrative corrected and taught to speak true 

Eng^ish and some Latine. Or Animadversions on his disputa* 

tion with Vavasor Powell. 4*^ Lond, 1653. 
^RIFFITH (john) The Unlawfulnesse of Mixt Marriages. Or 

an answer to a book entitled Mixt Marriages vindicated in a 

Diahgue between A, and B. 4<^ Lond, 1681. 
^ORIFFITH (john) A brand plucked out of the firc: exem- 

flified in the Religious Experience of J. Griffith. 12^ Lond. 


A vindication or justification of S. Griffith, £sqr. 4* 


' This is a true copy of a Letter that Prince Griffith latd j 

writ to the Lord Windsor ; wherein the passages that happened 
betwixt them in Flaunders are truly relaled. Passages between 
him and Lord Windsor in Flanders. 4® 1649. 

Vindication of Lord Windsor^s proceedings with Mr. 

J. Griffith. 4« 1649. 

— — Treatise touching falling from Grace. 4" Lond, 1653. 
A Voice from the word of the Lord to those grand Im- 

postors called Quakers. 12® Lond, 1654. 
«RIFFITH (john) Funend Sermon on thelate Duke of Devon- 
- diire. 8» Lond, 1707. 
<^RIFFITH (john) Remarks upon sundry subjects, addressed to 

the Quakers. 8® Lond, 1764. 
<JRIFFITH (matthevv) A patheticall perswasion to pray for pub- 

hck Peace. A Sermon. AP Lond, 1642. 
■ Fear God and the King. A Sermon. 12" Lond. 


Christian concord : or, St. PauFs Parallel between the 

body naturalaud my^tical. A Semion. 4" Lond. 1661. 


G R I 

GRIFFITH (ricr.) Alamode Phlebotomy no good Fashion : Or 

a oopy of a Letter to Dr. Hungerfond. 8^ Lond. 1681. 
GRIFFJTH (robt.) The necessity of parochial Communioii : or 

the way to true and Mvin^ edification. A Sermon before ihe 

Lord Mayor. 4« Lond. 1711. 
GRIFFITH (thos.) De Affectu Hypochondriaco. 4*> Lug. Bmi. 

GRIFFITHS (j.) Travels in Europe, Asia Minorand Arabia. 4f 

Lond. 1805. 
GRIFFITHS (wiLLiAM) A practical Treatise on Farriery. 4« 

Wrexh. 1784. 
GRIFFTHEYL {Lord fred.) Two Letters to the mighty oneB of 

England, Scotland and Ireland, but especially to the King» con- 

ceming theee preseut oalamities and commotions of warrc. 4fi 

Lond. 1643. 
GRIFFYTH (john) A Scrmon on 1. Thess.iv.ll. 4« Lond. 

GRIFFYTH (w.) Villare Hibemicum : being an account of the 

most considerable piaces which have becn reduced by His Ma« 

jesty^s arms since his first landing in Ireland. 4^ 1690. 
GRIFOLUS. M. T. Ciceronis Defensionef*, contra C. Calcar. 

nini Disquisitiones in ejus Officia. 8^ Lugd. ajmd Grypn. 

GRIFONI (G10. ANT.) Specchio della Lingua Latina. 19^ Ven. 


12<> Ven. 1565. 

GRIFONI (teofilo) Os^ervazioni intiHno alPacque del Bagob 

di Vignone. 13° Sien. 1705. 
GRIGG (thos) r. patrick. 
GRIGGE (wM.) The Quakers Jesus. Or the unswaddling of that 

Child James Nailor, which a wicked toleration had midwived 

into the world. Discovering ihe principles of the Quakeic in 

feneraU 4° Lond. 1658. 
IGGS {Messrs.) General view of ihe Agriculiure of the County 

of Essex. 4P Lond. 1794. 
GRIGMAN (stephrn) On ihe reverence due to God^s Sanctu- 

ary. A Sermon. 4« Lond. 1728. 
GRIGSBY (Mr.) Inventory of his EsUte and efiecta. fol. Lond. 

GRILL (JOH. H£N.) Stalica dirigens quietem corporis humani in 

«iando et scdendo. 4<^ Ros. 1726. 
GRILLANDARI (gio. bat. de) Repudio della Reina Maria 

d'lnghilterra, trad. di Franzese. 4» Bol. 1558. 
GRILLANDUS (paulus) De Maleficiis, 4« Lug. 1555. 
GRILLANDUS (paulus) De Sortilegiis. 8» Franc. 1599. 
GRILLANDUS (petrus) De Haereticis et Sortilegiis. De Penis 

omnifariam Coitus. De Ques^ionibus et Tortura. De Rehxa- 

tione Carceratorum. 12* Lu^d. 1536. 
GRILLET (m,) Curiosites Matbematiques. 49 Pan 1673. 




niLIX) (angblo) Rime. Pant 1. 9. 4« Berg. 1589. 

' — Lettere. Racolte da P. Petracci. 9 vol. 4^ Vm. 1619. 

rBILLUS (jo. RAPHAEL.) VotuQi redditum IllustriMitnis D. D. 

Ph>tect0nbu8 Coniperarum S. 6eor|rii. foL Qtnu^. 1709. 
rRILLUS (tro.) Disputatio de PhantaBtismo ejusque speciebus. 

4* Narg. 1594. 
(RILLUS (m. gio. raffaele) Confronto del voto reso dal M.G.^ 

R. Grilto col voto reso dal M. Agostino Drago nella causa ver* 

tcnte Protcttori di S. Oiorgio. foL Gai, 1719. 
— Brcvi observationi sopra il voto presentato dal M. Gio. 

Ago^tino Drago e Scrittura impugnatrice del voto del M. Gio. 

Rafibele Grillo. foL Oen. 1713. 
rRIM, the Collier of Croydon, a Comedy^ or the Devil and his 

Dame, by J. T. W Lond. 1662. 
rRIM (iiiRtf. Nic.) Compendium Medico-chymicam. 19* Batav. 

«RIMALDI (costantimo) Discussioni Istoricfae» Teologiche, e 

Filosofiche. 3 toro. 4<» Lirc. 1725. 
vRIMALDI (DOMENico) Orazione per rincoronazione di Gio. 

Bat. Lercaro, Doge di Genova. foL Gen, 1644. 
vRIMALDI (fran. mar.) Pbysico-Mathesis de Lnmine, Cobri- 

boa, et Iride. 4<^ Banon. 1665. 
[^RIMALDI (GiAciNTo) Dell' Alchimia. 4» Palerm. 1645. 
^RIMALD[ (gio. francbsco) Paesi originali Del Museo di D. 

ViQcenzo Vittoria Canonico di Xativa. fo). Roma. 170L 


GRIMAREST (sieur de) La Vie de Moliere. 12* Par. 1705. 
■■■ Sur la Maniere d'ecrire de» Lettres,'& sur le Ceremo- 

nial. \29 Par. 1709. 
QRIMAUDET (franc.) Paraphrase du Droict de Retraictlig- 

nager. 4* Par. 1567. 
■ De la prcscription contre Mineurs et Ignorans cn ma- 

tiere de Retraict lignager. Livre Xme de la Paraphrase da 

droict de Retraict lignager. 19^ Par. 1579. 

Traite des Monnoyes, aogment et dimination du pris 

d^icelles. 8» Par. 1576. 

& Par. 1586, 

Opuscules Pohtiques. &^ Par. 1580. 

JRIMBERGH (nic.) Observationes Medicae. 19^ Am$t. 1689. 
rRIMES (etrog.) England and Scotland united, disjoined. 4^ 

lAmd. 1648. 
IrRIMESTON (edw.) v. matthieu. mayernb. Ostende. mexia. 


-=• History of tlie Netherlands. fol. Lond. 1608. 

-i continued from 1608 to 1697 by William 

CroMe. fol. Lond. 1697. 
■ The Low-Country Commoowealth. Translated from 

the French. 4« 1609. 

The Couosellor of EstaU. Tranal. from the Prench. 4* 

Lmd. 1634. 



GRIMESTON (edw.) The History of the Serrail and af th^ 

Court of the Grand Seigneur. Translated from the Frtnch. 4* 

Lond. 16a5. 
GRIMM (jou. CASP.) De torminibus colicis. 4® Lips, 1689. 
GRIMMIUS (siMON.) Augusta Vindelicorum ; illiusque prfleci- 

pua Templa, Portse, .^Edincia et Cistern» sculpturb adumbrata. 

fol. Augustb. 
GRIMSHAW (w.) V. VE^. 
GRIMSTON (Sir harbottle) His Speech in Parliament upon 

the Accusation and Impeachment of Archbishop Laud. 4* 


Speech in Parliament. 4® Ijond, 1641. 

Speech concerning troubles abroad and grievanccs at 

home. 4« Lond. 1641. 

— Speech on the Essex Petition. 4® Lond, 1641. 

His Argument conceming Bishops : with Mr. Selden's 

answer. Also several orders newly made in Parliament cx)n- - 
ceming Church govemment. 4® 1641. 

• — Speech on the breach of Priviledges of Pariiament ; by 

breaking open the chambers, studies and trunks of the Lora 
Kimbolton and the rest of the Members of the House of Com- 
mons^ accused by His Majesty of High Treason. 4® Loitdf. 

Speech in Parliament conceming the distempers be- 

tweenc the King and both Houses of Parliaraent. 4** Lond, 

■4« Lond. 1643. 

Strena Christiana, sive Hortatiunculffi ad praecipuos vir- 

tutum actus exteriores. 24^ Lond, 1644. 
AngL 24« Camb, 1644. 

Speech at the Banqueting House May 29. 4« Lond^ 



GRINDAL (edm.) Archbishop of Canterburi/, Concio in Obitunw 

Ferdinandi Caesaris. Lat. reddita per Joh. Foxum. 4« Lond^ 

Memorials of the tme causes of his suspension and di»- 

grace, with his Letter to Queen Ehzabetli, in vindication of pro— ^ 

phesying. 8® Lond, 1710. 
GRINGALET (s am.) Reflexions & Essais Philosophiques et Theo-i- 

logiques. 8® Haye, 1714. 
GRINGOIRE (pierre) Les Menus Propos. 8« Par. 1528. 
GRINUS (THOMAs) Dithyrambus. 4f* 
GRISCHOW (augustin) Assertiones succinctae de Philosophii» 

Revelationis divinse indice. 4® Gedan. 1707. 
GRISCHOW (a. nath.) Sermo Academicus de Parallaxi Cc^ — - 

tium Corporum. 4* Petrpp. 1755. - - 

GRISE (b. b. de la) V. antoninus. 
QRISELIDIS. La Patience de Griselidis jadi» femme du Mai^ 

quisdeSaluces. W Trov. 



GRISLLY (gabr.) Desenganos para a Medicina. 12" Coimb, 

■■ yiridarium Lusitanum, in quo arborum fruticum et 

herbarum diflerentiae onomasti insertse, quas ager Vlyssipo» 

nensis ultri citrdque Tagum ad trigesimum U!>que lapid^m 

profert. 12» 
GRISONE (federico) GW Ordinidi Cavalcare. 4*> Nap, 1550. 

—. 4» Pcsar. 1556. 

^ ' 12» Ven. 1582. 

Hisp. trad. pbr Ant. Florez de iknavides. 4* 

GRISONI (siGNORi) Del Battesimo et de Fiumi che na scono ne , 

paesi de Signori Grisoni. 12^ » 

GRISONS. Tiie Proceedings of the Grisons in the Yeere 1618. 

4« Lond. 1619. 


GRIVAUD (c. M.) Antiquites Gauloises et Romaines dans leg 
Jardiusdu Palaisdu Senat [cidevant Luxembourg] avec^igures. 
4» Par. 1807. ^ ^ 

CRIVE (JBAN DE la) Plan de Paris Sc ses Environs. fol. Par. 

GRLZELIUS (and.) De Privilegiis Creditorum. 8» Upsal, 1710. 
CvHOBEN (oTTo FR1ED. voN d£r) Orientaiische Rcise Btschrci- 

bung. 4® Marienw, 1624. 
GROBERT.(j.) Description dcs Pyramides de Ghize et de la ville 

<lu KLaire et de ses environs. 4* Par. An. IX. 
GKOBIANUS, V. dedekindus. 

G ROBIUS (JOH. huld.) De origine formarum e semiuis viftute 
^ f)lasUca instruclo. 4** M. Catt. 1014. 

■ De morbis ventriculi in jjenere. 4* M. Catt. 1615. 

De Tussi. 4» M. Catt. 1615. 

= De Arthritide. 4« M. Catt. 1618. 

G ROCERS. Hosanna : Or a song of Thadksgiving by the Chil- 

«Lrenof Sion at Grocers Hall. 4" 1649. 
Account of the Conipany of Grocers. 4P Lond. 1689. 


G JRODECK (ABRAH.) De Sacrificiis et Victimis. 4« Gtd, 1699. 
CvX^OEN (j. vander) De Ncderlandste Hovcnier. 4^ Atnti. 

CSItOEN (j. vander) Le Jardinier du Pavs Bas. 8» Bmx. 1672. 
Ci«OEN (JAC.) De Apoplexia. 4« Lugd^^M^i}. 
G ROEN (theod.) Que^tiones philoiophicse. 4^* Vlir. 1676. 

De omni-sulhcientia Dei. 4** IJltr. 1677. 

CiHOENEFELD (jou. casp.) PrdCtica IMedica. 8» Franc. 

.Ci »OENENDYCK (conN. \) De Sterilitate in utroque sexu. 

^* Lusr. Bat. 1668. 
€»RO£N£NDYCK (corn. van) Oratio de dicto Maronis, NuHa 

^ghu Bcllo. 4« Chude. 1676. 

VouUL Y O^O^^- 

G E O 

GROENENDIJCK (joh. van) Carmcn pro ComecvaticDe Ac«^ 

demiffi Lugduno-Batavse. A^ Lugd. Bai, 1683. 
Elegia, Passioni Je«u Christi sacra. 49 Lvgd. 'Bau 

GROENER {Mr.) Histoire Nalarelkdes Glacieres de Suisse. 4»^ 

Par. 1770. 
GROENESCHEI (ulh. \] De Febribus putridi» earumqae diffe- 

rentiis et curandi ratione. 4*' Lug. Bai. 1619. 
GROENEVELT (ant.) De Ileo. 4« Lug. Eat. 171^. 
GROENEVELT (cobn. van) De Febribus iBtermitteatiUu», 4^ 

Lug. Bat. Um. 
GROENEVELT (JOAN.) Dis?ertatio Lithologiea variis obienratio» 

tiibus et figuris illustrata. 12^ Lond. 1664. 

— : 8« Lond. 1687. 

Arthritdogy. Or a discoarse of the Goot. I2f^ LondL 



Tutus Cantharidum U^us internns. 12* Lond: 1708. 

An;ri, by J. Marten. 8? Lond. 1706. 

• A compleat Treatise of the Stone aod Gravel. 8^ Lond. 

The Grounds of Physic. 8® Lond. 17l5i 
Lat. 8* Land. 1715. 

GROENEVELT (joh. van.) Dc salabritate aeris urbis Lagdani 

Batavorum. 4* Lugd. 1713. 
GROENEVELT (wilh.) DeEpilepsra Puerorum. 4« UUr.l&f(k 
GROENHOUT (arnold) OraUo de Ekquentia. 4^ Rotttrd, 

GROENHOUT (jac.) De Scoibuto. 4<> Lug. Bat. 167& 
GROENHOUT (theod.) De Ignavia. 4« Kotterd. 1695. 
GROH (joh. cijr.) De Vertigine- 4* 1639. 
GROENLAND. Die Voyagien gedaennaGroenlandt 4^ Amst. 
Inventory of Stores and Tackle for a Greenland Ship. 

Dutch and English. fcl. 
— Beschrijvinghc van de seven Persooneci die gbebleve» 

sijn iii Groenlandt. 4<> Leyd. 1634. 

The Petition to Parliament of the Adventurera to 

Greenland. fol. 1650. 

fol. 1654. 

A View of the Greenland Trade and Wliale Fishery. 8»> 

Lond. 17^. 
GROITZCHIUS (gregor.) Sala; FUvii Descriptio eidem<|oe ad- 

jacentium oppidorum. 12° Lips. 1584. 
GROLIER (cesak) Historia cxpugnat» et direpts Urbis Roow» 

ab Exercitu Caroh V. 4« Par. 1637. 
GROLIJlAU (le 3b.) Job^ ou la Patience a£9ig^> paraphraaeft' 

saintes. W Par. 1669. 
GROLLIER DE SERVIERE (sieur) Recueil d'0uvrages ca. 

ricuxyou Description de sonCabinet. 4® l^on. 1719. 
GROLLMAN (joh. dan.) De Motu animali. 4<» JJpt. 1685. 
GROMEJN (andr.) De Lapsu phmihomiiua. 4^ IVitteb. 16ia 


G R O 

^ROlVrME (maorit.) De characteribudbeatitudinisaCIinstode- 

gignatis. 4^ Lug, 1684. . 
CROMMEE (abr.) Oratio in Joveoi Paganoruro. 4<» Dclph. 


— Praxi» Morbomm soporosorum. 4* Lug. 1684. 

GRONENBERGIUS (prtr.) De Preservatione. 4<» Rost. 1614. 
CRONENBERGIUS (sim.) Oratiode studiis physicis eorumque 

usu in doctrina Ecclesiae. 12* Wiitcb. 1588. 
<yRONINGA. . Scrinium Antiquarium sive Miscellanea Gronin- 

gana nova ad Historiam Reformationis ecclesiasticam spectan- 

tia. tom.l. II. 4« 6Vo/i. 1749. 
ORONINGEN. £ffip:ies et vits Professoram Academiae Gro- 

nif^ et Omlandis. fol. Gron, 1654. 
GRONINGIUS (JOH.) Navi^atio libera, seu de Jure quod pacatis 

ad belltgera^tium commercia competit. 12^ Rastoch, 1694. 
— Bibliotheca unlversalis, seu, Codex Operum variorum. 

» Hamb. 1701. 

Das geofnete Mcintz Cabinet. Historie der modem 

Medaillen. Der geofnete Reitstall. Das geofneteJagerHausz. 

8« Hamb. 1702. 

Bibliotheea Juris Geittium Europsea. 8<* Hamb, 1703. 

Bibliotheca Juris Gentium Exotica. 8* Hamb. 

BibliQlheca universalii Libronim Juridicorum. 8* 


Historia Cycloeidis. 8^ 

G HONOVIUS (abrah.) «;.;elianu8. 

.; Vaha Xjeographica. 8» Lugd. Bat. 1739. 


> Carmen Carplo Crucio quum minorem Filium sepeliret. 




Oratio d^ Ratione Studiorum Biiorum. 8* Lugd, Bat. 

De Origine Romuli. 8^ Lugd. Bai. 1684. 

Respcjusio ad cayillationes R. Fabrctti. 8^ Lugd. Bat, 

— — Epistola ad Graivium de Pallacopa, ubi descriptio ejnt 
ab Arriano facta liberatur ab Is. Vossii frustrationibus. 12^ 
Lugd. Bat. 1686. 

Laudatio Funebris post Obitum Christophori Witticliii. 

4« lAigd. Bat. 1687. 

• ^istola ad J. Geo. Graevium qua respondetur Areruti- 

olis; quibus in appendice observationum ad Pomponium Me- 
km utitur Isaac. VoAsius. 12» Lug, Bat. 1687. 

- De Icuncula Smetiana^ quam Harpocraten iqdigetarunt. 

4^ Ltigd. Bat. 1693. 

Danielis Cossonii Vita^ et nova ^cUtio Monumenti An- 

cynniy 4^ X«W. Bat. 1695. 

G R O 

GRONOVIUS (JAC.) Oratio de primis Incrcmcntis OrWs La 
duni et Apptllatione ejusdem. 4^ Lugd, Bat, 1696. 

' Thesaurus Antiquitatum Grfficarum. 12 tom. fi 

Lugd. Bat. 1697—1702. 

- De Nece Judse tou lIPOAOTOr et Cadaveris Ignomini 

4« Lugd. Bat. 1702. 

Notitia et Hlustratio Dissertationls de Morte Judte 

verbo AnArXEieAI. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1703. 

Catalogiis Librorum qui in utroque thesauro Antiqait 

tum Romanarum et Graecarum Graevii et Gronovii reperiimti] 
.8» Lu{r. Bat. 1703. 

Ad Baronem de Wasscnaar Allocutio, de duobiit 

Buyvenvoordense Praetorium receptis Lapidibus. 4^ Li^d, Bc 

• Oratio de Gcogfaphiae Origine, Progressu, ac Dulo 

dine. 8» Lugd.Bat. 1703. 

Oratio in qua conatur certius desiprnare tempus Bat 

vorum immigrationis in hanc Insulam. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1704. 

■• Felicilas Ramelensis. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1707. 

Burcheri de Voldcr Laudatio. 4<> Lug. Bat. 1709. 

Infamia Emendationum in Menandri Reliquias. Il 

iMg. B. 1710. 

- Decreta Romana et Asiatica, pro Judapis, ad cultai 

divinum per Asise minorls urbes secure obeundum, a Joseph 
colkcta. Accedunt Suidae aliquot loca in llteris ABFA ab viti 
pnrgata. 8« Lugd. Bat. 1712. 


Oratio. 4« Davcnt. 1648. 

• Observatorum in Scriptoribus Ecclesiasticis Monobil 

los. 12» Davent.l^bl. 

De Sestertiis. 8<> Amst. 1656. 

> Accesserunt L. Volusius Maecianus et Balbu 

Mensor de Asse. Pascasii Grosippi Tabulse Nummariae. Man 
tissa et tres ANTESHFHZEli: de Foenore Unciario et Centesimi 
Usuris, item de Hyperpyro. Salmasii Epistola, et ad ean 
Responsio. AOrAPIKH IIAAAIA KAI NEA. Gr. tat. 4P Lugc 
Bat. 1691. 

Oratio de Grascse Ilistorise Linguaeque et omni Litera 

rum studio. 4° Lug. B. 1658. 

Notse ad L &M. Annaeos Scnecas. 12*^ AMst.l6&8. 

- DeCentesiroisUsuri.s etFaenoreUnciario ANTEEHTHZU 

cum Mantissa PecunisB vetcris. 12^ Lugd. Bat. 1661. 

Ol>servationum Libri tres. 12<> Lifgd. Bati 1662. 

AHocutio ad Co^mum Principem Etruris, cum Acade 

miam visitaret. fol. LgL Bat. apud Elzev. 1668. 

Laudatio FuncLris in Exequias Jacobi Golii. 4° Lugd 

Bat. 1668. 

GRONOVIUS (jor. prid.) Disputatio eamphorss histopam lex- 
hibens. 4« Lug. B. 171J>. 


G R O 

ISRONOVIUS (jon. fkid.) Flora Virarinica exhibens Flantu qu» 

J. Clayton collegit. ^.Lut^d, Bai.PAri. 1,2. 1739—43. 
^ De Gothorum setle ori^inaria. 8^ Lut^, 1739. 

Index Supellectilis Lapidefe. 8« Lugd. Bai. 1740. 

GRONOVIUS (lal-r. theod.) Marmorea Basis Colo^i Tiberio 

Ca^sari erecti, ciijus Colossi Fides a Jo. Meursio oppugnata de* 

feiulilur. 8» Lugd. Bat, 1720. 
GRONOVJUS (lauh. theoo.) Zoophylacii Gronoviani Fascic. 9. 

foL Lugd. Bat. 1764. 
GROOME (john) The Dignity and Uonour of the Clergy. 8» 

Lottd. 1710. 
GROOT (christianus) Faber sus fortuns ex occasione verbo» 

rum Appii apud SaUustium leviter adumbratus. S^ UpsaL 

GROOT (joHANNEs) De Solutionibus. 4* £«?. Bat. 1703. 
GROOT (soRDEN) Voyage to Guiana. Duich. 4» AtMi, 

CROOT (thbod. de) De Arthritide. 4« Lug. Bat. 1671. 
GROPP (ignat.) Hisloria Monasterii Amorbacansis. fol. Franc. 

GROPPER (JOH.) De Eucharistid, e Germ. Lai. reddit per F. 

Laurent, Surium. 4<^ CoL 1560. 
GROPRET (rob.) Reeimen Sanitatis, et de Peste. 4<» Par., 

-, . — 16« Par. 1540. 

— — De Urinis. Ejusdem Aphorisroi. 16® Par. 1540. 
GROS (simon) De Anima Brutomm. 4<> Wiii. 1680. 
GROSBERG (carolink de) see Potter. 
CvROSCH (SAM.) De lectione Nominis tetrag;rammati nirr. 4* 

Wiiteb. 1725. 
GROSCHEDEL (jon.) ab Aicha. Proteus Mercurialis Gcminus» 

exhibens naturam Metallorum. 8« Hamb. 1606. 
12P Franc. 1629. 

Trifolium Hermeticum. (rerm. 8« Franc. 1629. 

GBOSCHUPFF (geo. dav.) De HsmorHioidorum diflerentia ab 
aliis cruentis alvi fluxibus. 4<^ HaL Mag. 1727. 

GROSE (francis) The Antiquities of Eng^Iand and Wales (in- 
cluding the supplement) 6 vols. i^ Lond. 1773 — 87. 

The Antiquities of Scotland. 2 vols. 4<> Lond. 1789 



The Grumbler. 12® Lond. 1791. 
• A Ckssical Dictionary pf the Vulgar Tongue. 8® Lond* 

-: Military Antiquiiies. 2 vol. 4<^ Lond. 1801. 

GROSHERMANNIUS (herman) De controversb disputandi le- 

gibus. MS. 4P 
GUOSHQLTZ (jon. nic.) De medico naturse ministro. 12^ Ar^ 

(^ROSIAHN (sio.) De pnsstantia vini veteris pr» novo. 4^ HeL 

Mag. 1719. 


G R O 

<irROSIUS (hen.) Historia de Spectris^ et variis praestigiis Dtenior 
^um. 12° Isleb, 1597. 

■ Tragica, gcu tristium historiarum Libri 11. 4* Itleh. 

GROSIUS (JOH. wiL.) De Coroni^. 4» Witteb. 1693. 
GROSLEY (piERRE JEAW) Vie de Pierre Pithou. 2 tom. 8® Par. 

■ De rinfluence des Loix sur les McEurs. 4* Nancjf, 

Observations sur ritalie & sur les Italiens. 4 tomes. 8* 

Lond, 1770. 

GROSS (gul.) De causis morborum in genere. 4® Hehn. 1597. 
• De PrcDsagiis, continens doctrinam de modo et lempore 

salutis et mortis in SBgris. 4*^ Helm. 1598. 
GROSS (simon) Uva magna Cananiea. 4® Jena. 1679. 
GROSSA (cio. della) La Historia di Corsica, con la Continuao 

tione di A. P.Filippini. 4° Turn. 1594. 
GROSSE (abr. henr.) An Atheismu^ necessario ducat ad corrupr 
. tionem morum. 4" Rost. 1697. 
GROSSE (alex.) Sweet and Soul-persuading Inducements leid* 

ing to Christ. 4<> Lond. 1632. 
j— — — Death^s deliverance and Elijah's iiery Charet, or thc 

holy man^s triiimph after death. Two Funcral Sermons on 

T. Sherwill. 12° Lond. 1640. 

Christ the Christian'^ choloe. A Funeral Sermon on 

Jobn Caws. 4° Lond. 1645. 
r The Buddings and Blossomings of old Truths. 8^ Lond. 

GROSSE (andr. carol.) Tractatio Philosophico-mcdica qua si»- 

titur verum miiveri-s medicinae Principium in structura Cor- 

poris humani mechanica reperiundum. 4* Hul. 1732. 
GROSSE (cAsp. GOD.) De Phthisi. 4« £r/. 1694. 
GROSSE (robert) Royaltyand Loyalty. 4» 1647. 
GROSSE (robertus le) Iter Australe. 4<> Lond. 1667. 
GROSSEHAYN (geo.) De modo et ratione videndi. 4« Jen, 

GROSSER (joH. coT.) De Pleuritide vera. 4« Hai. 1718. 
GROSSER (MATTH.) De Piuvia. 4» Wiu. 1626. 
GROSSER (sAS.) Geographia qpadripartita. fol. Franc. & Lips. 


Philosophia Instrumentalis. 8® Lip9. 1732. 

GROSSIS (j. BAPT. de) Catanense Decachordum sive novissimi. 

Sacras Catan. Ecclesiae notitia, fol. Ckitan. 1642. 
• Agatha Catanensis, sive, de Natali Patria D. Agath». 

foL Caian. 165a 
GROSSIUS (CASP.) De Consequentia in genei-e. 4» Witi. 1643. 
GROSSIUS (jOH. geo.) Compendium Fhilosophis, Medicina^, 

Jurisprudentiae, et Theologiae. 12° Bas. 1620. 
f ■ " ■ ' Memoriale Scientiarum ct Artium. 12^ Bas. 1629. 

GROSSIUS (m. joh.) Epitaphia, et Inscriptiones Urbis BaMlcsc. 

8« Ba$. 1622. 


G R O 

GROSSIUS (THO.) Tractatus de Non-naturalibus. 4^ Fen. IGlt. 

De Febribus. 4« Ven. 1627. 

— De Morbis CapilU, et Thoraci?. 4« Ferrar. 1628. 

Quffi^tio unica. An morbi, qui in Italia, et pr«sertim 

in Gallia Cysalpina, hoc anno e?agaiitur, sub nomine Pestis, an 

vcro inter Febrcs Pestiieutiales couuumcrari debeant 4* Ven. 

GROTESTE (claude) ^e la Moihe. Relation dc la Societ6 

poiir la Propagution de rEvangile,uvec trois Sermons. 12* Rot^ 

terd. 1708. 
Caractere des nonvclles Propbecics, en quatre Sermonc 

I9» Savoye. 170S. 

Plainte & Censure contre ses Accuiations. 8^ Lond. 


Sermons sur di?ers texte» de l'Ecritiire Sainte. 8^ 

Amst. 1715. 

Sa vie. 8* 

GROSTHEAD (rob.) Episc. Uncoln. Opuscuia Pbilosophica, 
foi. Ven. 1514. 

Commcnt. in Aristotelis Libros posteriores. fol. Vea^ 


fol. Ven. 1497. 

■ De Cessatione Legalium. 8» Lond. 1658. 

■ Summa super Ahstotelis Physica. fol. Ven. [Ut.Goth.) 
GROSVENOR (benj.) v. BABKEa. 

Health, an Essay. 8<» Lond. 1716. 

Sermon on the death of Mrs. Rud|^. 8^ Lond. 1716. 

— Some Account of the late Inclinations to Po|M:ry. S*" 

Lond. 1717. 

■ ■ ■ Coronation Sermon. 8® Lond. 1720. 
Funcral Sermon on Jas. Deacle, E<qr. ^ Lond. 


An Essay on the Cbristian Name. 8^ Lond. 1728. 

Persecution and Cruelty in the principles, practices and- 

•pirit of the Romish Church. 8» Lond. 1735. 

' God^s Eternity the Mmirner'» comfort A FuncnA* 

Sermon on Dr. W. Harris. 8« Lowd. 1740. 
GROSVENOR (richd.) Lord. Copies of the Depositions of the; 

Witnesses examincd in the cause of Divorce between the Right 

Hon. Richd. Lord Grosvenor and the Rt. Hon. Lady Hcnrietta- 

Groivenor his wife. 8** Lond. 1771. 
GROSZ (jQii. HARLM.) Positiones Metaphysicse. 4^ Gieas. Hats. 

GROSZE (cAsiM. FBiD.) De cultura Ingenii. 4* HaL Mag. 

GROSZER (GAB.) Homo Aerometnim. 4« Li/w.l694. 
GROSZMANN (JOH. haubold.) De Mania. 4» Franc. 170L 
GROSZSCHEDEL, v. croschedf.l. 

GROT (joH. JOACH.) De Providentia Dei circa minima. 4» Lips. 
. 1710. 


G R O 

GROTHEN (cnnisTiANus) Gratulatorise Acclaniationes in cju» 

Honores Inaugurales. 4° Blarp, 1616. 
GROTIUS (dan. meno. matth.) De formatione ct nutritione 
. Foetus in utero. 4» Hafn. 1687. 
GROTIUS (uuGo) V, aratus. asterius. bubignt. cafella» 



*' Optra omnia tiieolojrica. 3 tom. fol. Amst. 1679. 

■■■ Portuum investigandorum Ratio. 4® Lugd. Bat, apud 

Plant. 1599. 
- Syntagraa Arateorum. 4° Luird. Bat, 1600. 

De Antiquitate Reipublicae Batavicac. 4^ Lugd, Bat» 


240 i^^fi^ p^^^. 1630. 

■ — Ordinum HoUandiaj ac Westfrisiae Pietas, a Calumniii- 

Sibrandi Lubberti vindicata. 4° Lvgd^BfU. 16] S, 
4° Lugd. Bat. 1613. [«//.erf/V.] 

Oratio de sincera D. D. Ordinum mente in conservanda 

vera Christiana reformata Rcli^ione. Tuot. vers, ex Belg, 4® 1616. 

Poemata. S^ Lugd. But. 1617. 

ed. a R. H. 8« Lu;rd, Bai. 1639. 

Mare liberum^ sive de jure <]Uod Batavis competit ad 

Indicana commercia. 8*^ Lugd. Bat. apud Elztv. 1618. 
16" Lugd. hat. apud Eizev. 1633. 

-; Apoloj^eticus eorum qui Hollandiae praefuerunt ante mu- 

tationem quce evenit anno MDCXVIII. 8° Par, 1622. 
8« Hcidel. 1629. 

; : lilxcerpta ex Comoediis et Tragoediis Graecis,^ Gr. Lat, 

4« Par. 1626. 

Sensus cjus Librorum 6. pro Veritate Christianae Reli- 

gionis. 12« Par. 1627. 

Traj;a>dia Sophompaneas. Acce?serunt Tragoedia 

Christus Patiens et sacri argumenti alia. 16» Amst, 1635, 

Sophompaneas ; with annotatious by F. Goldsmith. 8* 


De omni Genere Studiorum recte instituendo. 12» 

Lugd,Bat. 1637. 

Inleydinghe tot de Hollandschc Recbts gheleerdheydt 

4» Harl. 1639. 

Epistola de Studiis Politici». 24° Lugd. Bat. 1642. 

Animadversiones in Animadvers. Andr. Riveti. 8** ifei- 

delb, 1642. 

pisscrtatio altera de Origine Gentium Americanarum, 

adversus Obtrectatorem. 8** Vittemb. 1643. 

Dissertationes Grotii et Variorum de Studiis instituen- 

di». 12« Amst, apud Elzcv. 1645. 

-r Baptizatorum Pucroi-um Institutio. Cui accessit Grseoa 

ejusdem metaphrasis a Chr. Wase : et Anglica versio a F, 
Goldimith, 12° Lmd, 1617. 

Baptizatoruni Puerorum institutio: et Eucharistia: 

una cuoi ejusdem annotationibui» ad Decalogum et ad Sermonem 
Chriiiti in monte habitum. 8° Oxon. 1706. GROTICS 

G R O 

OROTIUS (huco) Bewijs van de ware Gots-Dienst, 8lc. $• Amst, 

Uyt-legginge des Al^emeynen Sendt-briefs van den 

Apostel Johannes. &* Amst, 1648. 

Epistolae ad GaUos. 12<» Lugd, Bai. apud Elzev. 1648. 

12« Lus;d. Bat. apud Elzev. 1650. 

The Antiquity of the Commonwealth of the Batavers, 

vhich is now the Hollanders, translated from the Laten by T. 
Wood5. 12« Lond. 1649. 

The Authority of the Highest Powers about sacred 

Things. Translaled by C. B. 8« Lond. 1651. 

• De Jure Belli et Pacis. Accesserunt annotata in Epis- 

tolam PauH ad PUilemonem. 8° Jt/ist. 1651. 

cum notis J. F. Gronovii. S^ Amsi. 1689. 

■ 8» Amst. 1712. 

Angl. with memorials of the Author'8 life and 

death. Bv C. B. 8« Lond. 1654. 

' 8« Lond. 1655. 

by S. iMorrice. 3vol. S^ Lond. 1715. 

with th(f Notes of J. Barbevrac. fol. 

Lond. 1738. 
Paris, 16S7. 

Gali. traduit par M. de Courtiii. 2 tom. 4* 
traduil par J. Barbeyrac. 2 tom. ' 49 

Ainst. 1724. 

Politick Maxims and Observations. Translited by 

H. C. 12« Lo/i(/. 1654. 
' His^toria Gothorum, Vandalorum et Longibardorum. 

8« Elz. 1655. 

■ Annalcs et Historiis de Rcbus Belgicis. fol. Amst.>lG57. 

: 12« Amsi. 1657. 

8" Atnst. 1658. 

Ati-l. l)y T. Manley. 8« Lond. 1665. 

Gull. fd. Amst. 1662. 

Dc veritate Religionis CbristianjB. fol. Par. 1650. 

cumAunot. 12° Amst. 1669. 

12° Amst. apudElzev. 1674. 

12« Oxoti. 1675 

- Angl. by John Clarke with a sevcnth Book> 

concerning^ what Church we ought to join ourselves to. 8^^ 


transl. by Spencer Madan. 8« Lond. 1782. 

Arab. 12« 

Epistola consolatoria ad Benj. Aub. Mauberium. 4« 

KiL 1674. 

Letter to the States Embassador, on the Rites of the 

antient Church. Conciliation of Grace and Free will. Cer- 
tainty and AssQrance of Salvation. Goveniment of the Highest 
Powers in Church aiiairs. Transl. by Cl. Barksdale. 12^ Lond. 

Annotationes selecta: in Novum» Teslamentum. 12*. 

Oxon. 1675. 

\0L. III. Z o^cyiYC^ 

G R O 

GROTIUS (nooo) De Cocns Adminifitratiohe, ubi P^stbiret ndBT- 
sunt, cum Diversorum Respousionibus. 8* Lond, 1685. 

-r— Epibtote. fol. Amst. 1687. 

Defence of the Catbolick Faith, concernitig the 8alls— 

fection-of Christ, transl. by W. H. 8« Ltmd, 1694. 

Institutiones ^uris Natur» et Gentium, ex ejus Llbris d^ 

Jure Belli ac Pacis excerpta;. 12® Cantah, 17 OS, 

His Consolatory oration to his Father. Translaled* hy- 

F. G. 8" Lond. 

Pontifex Romanus, Rex Galliarum, R^x HispRDianim^ 

Albertus Cardinalis, Re^a AngliaB, Ordines Foederati. 4* 
GROTQ (LuiGi) II Pentimento ambroso, Favola Pastorale. 13^ 

Ven. 1576. 

La Emilia, Comedia. 12« Vat. 1579. 

12« Ven. 1586. 

' Lal.SiFr. 12« Par. 1609. 

LaAlteria,Comedia. 12« ren. 1587. 
11 Thesoro, Comedia. 12« Ven. 1586. 
Orationi. 4« Ven. 1598. 

4« Ven. 1603. 

4« Vcn. 1604. 

LaCalisto. 12« FeTf. 1599. 
Lettere famigiiari. 4« Ven. 1601. 
Rime. 12« Ven. 1605. 

GROUCIIIUS (nic. de) v. aristoteles. castanheda. orucbi. 


GROVE. The Grove, a Collection of Poems. 8« Lond. 1721. 

The Grove of Fancy, a Poem. 4« Lond. 1789. 

The Grove. A Satire. 4« Lond. 

GROVE "(coL.) The tryal of Col. Grove, Lieut. Col Boules, Capt. 

Mason, and Capt. Crofts for High Treason. 4« Lond. 1654. 
GROVE (henry) A Ptrsiiasive to Communlon with ihe Churcb 

of England. 4« Lond. 1683. 
GROVE (henry) r. strong. 
] An Ess;iy towards a Demonstration of the Sours Im- 

materiality. 8« Lond. 1718. 

Dying in Faith. A Sermon on the death of Revd. 

S.James. 8« Lond. 1725. 

Death abohshed by Jesus Christ. A Funeral SermoD 

on S. Muliitis. 8« Lond. 1727. 

The fear of death, as a natural passion, considered. A 

Funeral Sermon on Eliz. Welman. 8« Lond. 1728. 

Thouo^hts on the Proof of a Future State. 8« Lond. 

Ordination Sermon, with a Charge by JobnMilner. 8^ 

Lond. 1731. 
Charge at the Ordination of Revd. Famham HadcolL 

8« Lond. 1734. 

■ Concerning the nature of Christ's kingdom. A SennoB. 

8^ Lond. 1735. 


G R U 

CROVE (hskrt) The usefuinesFof goodexample attended to. A 
Funeral Scrmon on Revd. R. Darch. 8« Lond. 1787. 

* Misoellanies in Prose and Veme. 8" Lond. 1739. 

^ Wisdom, the first Spring of Action in the Deity. 8* 

iMd. 17«; 

A System of Moral Philosophy. 2 vol. 8* Lond. 1749. 

GROVE (hugh) r. penruddock. 

-— — Speech at his execulion. 4® Lond. 1655. 

€ROVE (j.) The history of the Life and Times pf Cardinal Wolr 

8cy. 4 vols. 8° Lond. 1744. 
GRQVE (huttoft.) His Case. fol. 
GROVE (joH.) De Methodis demonstrandi declinationem Magr 

netis. 4« IViu. 1718. 


' Responsio ad Libellum, quT inscribitur, Ccleusma, sen 

clamorad Theolojo^os Hierarcbae Anglicanae. 4* Lond. 1680. 

- Carmen-de Sanffuinis Circuitu. 4* Lond. 1685. 

• Sermon before Uie King and Queen on 1 Joh. ii. 15. 

4« Land. 1690. 
GROVE (t.) The Saint at Rest. A Sermon on the death of 

Mary Lane. 8* Coventry, 1774. 
GROULART (steph. harp. de) J)e Jqre Asylorum. i^ 

GROUSSET (piERRE de) La Vertu de la Fontaine Medicinale de 

S. EIoy,au village de Forges. & Par. 1607. 
GRSEPSiUS (sTANisi,.) De^uhiplici Siclo, et Talen|o Hebraico; 

item, de Mensuris Hebraicis. 12* Af^- ^p^d Plani. 1568. 
GRUAU (louys) Nouvelle Invention de Chasse c^es Loups. 8® 

Par. 1613. 
GRUBB (andr. pet.) Positiones Mctaphygics. 4® Gies. Hass^ 

GRUBB (sarah) Some account of her life and religious Labours. 

8^ Lond. 1794. 
GRUBE (chr. fred.) Commentatip Philosophica de commercio 

Mentis et Corporis per influxum physicum. 4® Hegiom. 1735.* 
GRUBE (herm.) De Gonorrhcea. 4^ t^g. Bat. 1665. 
■ De Arcanis Medicorym. Cui praefixa T. Bartholini 

de transplantatione morborum Epistola. 18® Hqfn. 167^. 

-. Analysis Mali Citrei. 13« H(tfn. 1668. 

De Medicamentis simphcibiis cog;noscendis. 12« Hqfn. 


■ . De Transplantationc Morborum. 13« Hamb. 1674. 

De Ictu Tarantul». 8« Franc. 1679. 

C3RUBE (joh. GE^.) De legitimo usu repellentium. 4" Hqfn. 

1705. ^ 

GRUttELING (PRiD. HENR.) De Catheterismo. 4« Helm. 1699. 

De Eruditorum valetudine. 4« Helm. 1701. 

ORUBELIUS (joH. cEo.) De strangulatione Uteri. 4« Jen. 1672. 

r-r De Frigidis. 4« Jen. 1674. 

GRUBER (abr.) De Febribus continuis acutis. 4« VUr. 1682. 
15RUBER (cHR. FRiD.) De Stranguria. 4P Argeni. 1674. 


G R U 

GRUBER (gregor.) Lebrsystem eincr allgemeinen Diplomatll. 

89 Wien, 1783. 
GRUBINIUS (opoRiNus) Araphotides Scioppianae. Hoc est: 

Responiiio ad Satyram !Menippaiam Josephi Burdonis Pseudo 

Scaligeri pro vita et moribus Gasp. Scioppii. 12® Par, 1611. 
• Mantissa Amphotidum Scioppianarum. 4® IngoUt, 


■ Lcgatus Latro : omnium calamitatum tribnlationum et 
anxietatum, quae super omnes status stirpcs et nationes christi- 
anaj reipublicflp, praesertim quae cancro et septimo cHmati sub- 
jecte sunt, proximis temporibus venturae sunt. 12® Ingolu, 

GRUB-STREET. Memoirs of the Society of Grub-Street. 2 vol. 

12® Lond. 1737. 
GRUCHIUS (Nic.) De Comitiis Romanorum. fol. Lut. 1555. 
GRUDIUS, r. lucianus. 
GRUE (pHiLippus la) De variis humanae vitsB calamitatibus. 4* 

Amst. 1677. 


GRUEBER (j.) Voyage a la Chine. fol. 

luiL fol. 

GRUEBERUS (eman.) De depositione cataractaB. 4® Bas. 1707, 
GRUELINGIUS, r. gruling. 

GRUENPECK (josephus) Prognosticum ab Anno 32 ad Annum 
40 Imperatoris Caroli V. 4° 

■ ■ Speculum Naturalis Coelestis & Propheticag Visioni» ; 
hoc est: definitio Legati Calviniani, ex qua Catholici Reges ac 
Principes, quantum Calvinianis Le^atis fidei habere dcbeant, 
conjicere possunt. fol. Nuremb. 1508. 

GRUGET (c.) V. MExiA. 

GRUHLMANN (joh. godof.) Deluxationum synthesi in specie. 

4« Hal. Mag. 1704. 
-r De novo, contra Oculorum Caliginem, Remedio. 4" 

Jen. 1706. 
GRULING (pniL.) Curationes Dogmatico-hermeticae. 12** Ups. 

Florilegium Hippocrateo-Galcno-Chymicum novum. 4" 

Lips. 1645. 

Observationes et Curationes' IVJedicinales dogmatico-? 

Hermeticae. 4® Lips. 16(58. 

Medicina Practica. 4^ Lips. 1668. 

4» Lips. 1712. 

De triplici in Medicina universalis Evacuationis Genere. 

40 Lips. 1671. 

Traclatusvon Weibcr Kranckheiten. 4" Franc. 1680. 

GRULINGIUS (joH. GER.) l)e Cinnabari Anlimoriii. 4" Jrti.' 

GRUMBLING HIVE, or Knaves turn'd Honcst. 4<> 1705. 
GRUMSEL (gerrard) Res memorabiles, Anno 1660. gestae. 4* 

GRUN-^US, V. grynjeus. 


G R Y 

GRUNBERG (nath.) De Montibiw. 4» Rost. 1684. 
^GRUND (JOH. AND.) De Hydrocephalo. 4« Lu^. But. 1715. 
GRUNDE (abr. sares de) De Arthritide. 4« Lug. 1664. 
GRUNDEL (GEo.) De Syncope. 4» Jen. 1683. 

•— De Oedemate. 4« Jen. 1683. 

GRUNDMANN (christianus) De Ileburgi origine. 4" Lips^ 

■ — Ossa et Cineres, quorundam in Republica Orbis Eurot* 

paei, Anno 1716, defunctorum. 8® Franc. 1717. 
G^UNDTWIG (iSAAc) De Hiimilitalis et Majestatis ChristiexiT 

naniti temperamento. 4** Ilam. 1719. * . 

jGRUNENBERGM (chr ) r. fuhrman. 
GRUNPECK (jos.) De MorboGallico. 4<» 
GRUNPECKH, v. guuenpeck. 
ORUNWALDUS (christ. gottl.) De incolatus montani salubrL? 

tate. 4° Lips. 1721. 
<xRUPE (lud.) De Anima in genere. 4* Ilelm. 1654. 
^JRUPENS (cHRisT. ULRic.) Tractatio dft Uxore Romana. 8** 
Ilariov. 1727. 

Origines et Antiquitatcs Ilanoverenses. 4° Gotting. 

<JRUTER (jANus) r. cicero. florus. oherus. livius. plinius. 


— ^-^T Pericula, id e^t, Poemata varia. 8® Heidelb. 1587. 

^ ', Suspiciones. 8° Witeb. 1591. 

" Inscriptiones antiquse totius Orbis Romani, in corpun 

redactse cura J. Gruteri, auspiciis J. Scaligm ac M. Velseri. 

Cum Appendice. fol. ex officina Commelin. 1602, 3. 

fol. In Bib. Comm. 1616. 

— t a G. Gncvio. 2 tom. fol. Amst. 1707. 

T . Lampas, vel, Fax Artium Liberalium. 7 vol. 8*^ Franc, 

1G02— .34. 

: — Discnrstis varii in Tacitum. 4® Ileidelb. 1604. 

Delitiae Italorum Poetaruvn. 2 tom. 16^.1608. 

Delitias Poetarum Belgicorum. 2 tom. 16** 1614. 

Rorilegii Magni seu Polyantheae tom. 2. fol. Arg. 


Bibliotbeca Exulpm : eeu Enchiridion divincehumansque 

Prudenti». 12* Franc. 1625. 

• Ad Martialem notae. 12® 

GRUTER (JOH.) De Teira; rotnnditate. 4* Lug. Bat. 1668. 
GRUTER (pet.) Epistolarum Centuria secunda. 1^2^ Amst. 1629. 
GRUTER (vviLL. de) De Toga. 4" Uitraj. 1638. 
GRUTIN1US(andreas)SoIus Philo>ophus, sive, novae Medicinae 

etChemiae Refulatio. 4<> Patav. 1591. 
GRUVIUS (joh. frid.) De Ecclipsi Microcosmica. 4* Erf. 

GRYLLUS (laur.) De Sapore dulci et amaro, edit per Ad. Lan- 

davum. 4P Prag. 1566. 
GRYMES (tho.) The honest and plain dealing Farrier. 129 

Lond. 1636. 


G U A 

GRYMESTON (eliz.) Miscellanea. Meditations. Memorativet. 

4» Lond, 1604. 
GRYMESTONE, v. grimeston. 
GRYMS TON, v. grimston. 
GRYN-^US (joH. FRiD.) De morborum transplantatione et curm 

gympathetica. 4» Hafn. 1708. 
GRYNyEUS (joH. JAC.) v, er\stus. orthodoxia. 
» Synopsis Historise Hominis, scu de prima HominiS' 

origine, ejusdem corruptione, reconciliatione cum Deo etster- 

na salute ; accesserunt Theses Analyticae SymboU Apostoltci. 

W Bas. 1579. 

Oratio de vita et mortc F. Widebrami. 4? Heidelb. 


GRYNiEUS (simon) v. aristoteles. euclides. pollux. 
— ^ Novus Orbis Regionum Veteribus incognitarum, 

variis descriptus. fol. Bas. 15«32. 

fol. Par. 1532. 

fol. Bas. 1555. 

^Belg. fol. Antv.UeS. 
- Germ. fol. Strasb. 1534. 

Commentarii de ignitis Meteoris, et de Cometarum 

Causis. 4«> Bas. 1579. 

■^ Dissertatio de Cometis. 4» Bas. 1580. 

Basiliensium Monumentorum Antigrapha. 8^ Lign, 


GRYPHESWALDENSIS Academia. v. daehnert, 
GRYPHIANDER (joann.) De Insulis. Tractatus ex Jurisconr 

sultis, Polilicis^ Historicis et Philologis collectus. 4^ Franc 

! De Weichbildis Saxonicis, sive, Colossis Rulandinis Ur- 

hium quanmdam Saxonicarum, Commentarius Hi^torico-jurir 

dicus. 4° Franc. 1625. 

Euthanasia, sive, de Facultate bene beateque rooriendi. 

4<> Brem. 1644. 
GRYPHIUS (anur.) v. baker. 

MumiiB Wratislavienses. 12° WratisL IGG2. 

GRYPHIUS (christian) Apparatus sive Disscrtatio Isagogicade 

Scriptoribus Historiam SecuU XVII illustrantibus. 8® Lips, 

GRYPHIUS (paulus) De infelicitate prsesentis saeculi. 4« Wii4. 

GRYPSKERCKEN (anna de) r. eickius. 
GRYS ( DeFebreardente. 4» Lug. Bat. 1732. 
GUACCIUS (fr. maria) Comj^endium Maieficarum. 4® Mediol. 

GUADAGNOLI (fillippo) Apologia pro Religione Christiana. 

4» Rom. 1631. 

Arab. 4« Rom. 1637. 

*■' Breves Arabicae Lingus Institutioncs. fol. Rom» 




GUADALAJARA (marcos de) y Xavier. Prodicion' y I>e8ti- 

erro de los Moriscos de Castilla, con Presa en Berbeha de la 

fuer^a de Aiarache. 4® Pavipl. 1614. 
GUADALUPE (andry de) Histohade la Santa Provincia de W 

Angeles. fol-^fadr. 1662. 
GUADANA (d. c.) r. gomez. 
SUAGUIN, V. GAcuiNus. 
[rUAGNINI (aleh.) Sarraatia; Europes Descriptio. foL S^irar, 


Res PolonicaB. 3 lom. 8« Franc. 1584. 

GUAINERIUS (anton.) Practica, et Opera omnia. fol. Ven^ 


fol. Ven. 1517. < 

GUAINERIUS (tueod.) Delle Fontane di Ritorbio. 8^ jLtVm. 

GVALANDI (gio. bern.) v. plutakchu». 
GUALDI Abbate. Vita di Donna Olimpia Maldacbini. 19^ Ragus. 

^ Avg. 8« Lond. 1666. 

12* Lond. 1667. 

aUALDO (galeazzo) Historia delle Gucrre di Ferdinando II. c 
Ferdinando III. Imperalori e del Re Filippo IV. di Spa^a 
contro Gostavo Adolfo Re di Suetia e Luigi XIII. Re di Fran- 
cia. 3 Part. 4« Ven. 1643 — 48. 

Hibtoria cPAlberto Valstain Duca di Fridand. 4^ I^ofi«. 


Lat. per Josuam Amdium. 19^ Rost. 1668. 

Scena degli Huomini illustri d^Italia. 4* Aug. 1658. 
4° Ven. 1659. 


Relatione delle Citta di Fiorenza e Bologna. 12® Col. 

Relatione della Signoria di Luca c suo Dominio. 12* 

Col. 16GS. 

Relatione dtlla Citta di Genova e suo Dominio. 12^ Cb/. 


• Relapone delle Citta Imperiali di Norimberg, Augusta, 

Ulm, c Francfort. 12« Col. 1668. 

Relatione delle Citta Imperiali et Ansiiitiche di Colonia^ 

Lubecca, Bremen et Hamburg. 12® Leyd. 1668. 

Relationedelle Corti e Stati delli serenissimi Laiidgravii 

d'Hassia in Casst:! e Darmstat. 12® Leyd. 1668. 

Historia di Leopoldo Cesare. 2 tom. fol. Vien. AuU. 


Relatione delle Cittd di Bologna, Fiorenza, Genovaj 

Lucca. 12® Bol 1675. 
SUALDUS (gabriel) Baptisma Infantium in Uteris existentium, 
tertio assertum, Disputatio Medico-theologica. Acceduut dis- 
ptttationes de metu Infemi, aa expellat voluntatem pieccandi ; 
de Absolutione Peccatoris statim facienda post Confessionem ; 
deaactoritateD. Augustini ; de Veritate naturali ; de Probabili- 

late ; 

G U A 

talc ; de Pcena Peccati orfginalis. Postremo subditur defensie 

Disputationis de Baptismo Infantium et Tractatus Probabilitatis. 

8« Fe/i. 1723. 
GUALDUS (PAULus) v. batesius. 

GUALFREDUCCIUS (ban ) Varia Carmina. 16« Rom. 1622. 
GUALLA (JAC.) Historia Sanctuarii Papiae. 4<^ Pap. 1587. 
GUALPERIUS (j£GiD. coNRAD.) De univcrsali Electione. 4* 

mtteb. 1614.' 
GUALTER (r.) Ten queries conceming the power of Church 

Discipline, pleaded by some of the Clergy to be in them Jure 

divino. 4" Lond, 1640. 
GUALTERIUS (jon.) Chronicon Chronicorutb. Ecclesiastico- 

PoHticum. 2 tom. 8° Franc, 1614. 
> ■ Chronicon Chronicorum Politicum. 2 tora. & Franc. 

GUALTEROTTI (rafael) Nozze di Ferdinando IIL GranDuca. 

di Toscana, eChrislinadi Lorena. fol. Fir. 1589. 

L'America. 12« Fir. 1611. 

Leltera sopra ilGiuoco fatto dal Gran Duca, intitolato, 

Cuerrad*Amore. foL Pisa, 1615. 
GUALTERSI1USINUS(JLST. gu.) De Dysenteria. 4« Franc, ad 

GUALTERUS (fr.) Vita Sancti Caroli Comitis Flandriffi, Mar- 

tyris, edit. a S. Cramoisy. 8** Lait. 1615. 
GUALTERUS (joh.) Medicatio mulieris ex Hemiplegia Paraly— 

ticas. 4<^ Tr. ad Rh. 1645. 
GUALTERtJS (petr.) Papers proper to be read before the R — I. 

Society. 8° Lond. 1743. 
GUALTERL^S (rod.) De Syllabarum tt Carminum Ratione. 12«* 

Lond. 1578. 
GUALTERUZZI (carlo) Librodi Novelle, e di bel parlar Gen- 

tile. 4^ Fir,<iiunt. 1572. 
GUALTHERIUS (c.) v. hegesippus. 
GUALTHERUS(balth.) Lutherus natus, denatus a Papicolarunrm 

calumniis strictim vindicatus. 12^ Jen. 1618. 
GUALTHERUS (georg.) Siciliaj antiqusE Tabulae. 4° Mcasan.^ 

GUALTHERUS (joh.) DeMania. 4' M. Cait. 1615. 

De niorbis Oculorum. 4® M. Catt. 1615. 

G UALTHERUS (lud. frid.) De Iiiflammationis vera Patholc^i^. 

4<^ Ual. Mag. 1715. 
GUALTHERUS (marcus) Dialogfi Je Scholis et Preceptorihus. 

Adjecta in fine conjectanea ({uasdam philologa. 4° Franc» 161S. 
GUALTHERUS (rodolph.) t;. pollux. 

'■ Homilise in Johannis Epistolas. 8® Tig. 1553. 
GUALTHERUS (rod.) De Syllabarum et Carminum ratione. \2^ 

Lond. 1573. 
GUALTIERI, Duca d' Athene, v. razzi. 
GUALTIERI (flavis) v. paniciroli. 
GUALTIERI (guido) Viaggio de Ambasciatori Giaponesi. 8* 

Rom. 1586, 


G U A 

GUALTIERI (nicolo) Riflessioni sopra rOrigine delle Fontane^ 

«• Imc. 1725. 
GUALTIERI (nicolo) Index Testarum ConchyUoriim qu» ad- 

servantur in ejus Museo. fol. Flar, 1742. 
GUALTPERIUS (agidius conr.) De Coelo. 4^ Roatoch. 1611. 
■' De Liberi Arbttrii natura, et de viribus ejusdem circa 

civiles actiones. 4® Witt. 1618. 
t;UALTPERIUS (CEO.) De Natura. 4» Marp. 1593. 
GUALTPERITJS (otho) Syllo^e Vocum Exoticarum. H. E. 

Hebrsarum, Syro-Chaldaicarum, Persicarum, et Latinarum 

qae habentur in ContexUi Graeco Testamenti Novi. 8* Witeb, 

GUARDIAN. The Giiardian^s Instruction, or the Gentleman'9 

Romance. 19^ Lond. 1688. 

: — New Instructions to the Guardian. 8* Limd. 1694. 

The Guardian. 2 vol. 8« Lond. 1760. 

GUARDS. Double your Guards ; in answer to a Pamphlet ei)- 

titkd An Alarm to thc Artnies of Engiand, Scotland and hcland. 

A^ LoHd. 1660. 

Rules and articles for the better govemment of the 

Horse and Foot-Guards. ^ Lond. 1722. 
— The Queen's Dra^roon Guards Riding School, Horse 

mA Foot drills, Review Exercise» Manoeuvres, &c. 8*^ Lond. 

^^UARGUANTI (horatio) DeTheriaca, de Mechiocani Radice 

A de Ovo Gallinaruro. H^ Vcn. 1595. 

Della Theriaca. 4» Ven. 1596. 

... — — ^ Reiponsa varia ad varias iEgntudines. 4® Ven. 1613. 

d^ CJARINI (amorea) Origine di tutte le Religioni, e Militie di 

C^vaHieri con le croci, e seeni usati da quelle. 4' Vic. 


Q IJARINI (battista) v. HEaEniA. pola. 

Le Opere. 4 tom. 4« Ver. 17 J7, 8. 

^ H Pastor fido. 12» Gen. 


4« Ven. 1590. 

con Annotationi per G. Ciolti. 4® Ven. 

1 6Q2. 
• 24* Amu. Elt. 1640. 

12» Ltyd. 1659. 

24« AmM. 1678. 

Itai. et Ang. 8* Lond. 1734. 

2 Part. 8P Par. 1782. [In Carta pecora.] 

Ital. & Franc. 12* Roucn. 1625. 

trad. en Castel. por Cristoval Suarez dc Figue- 

12* Vaienc 1609. 

Angi. 4» Lond. 1602. 

by Sir Richard FmOiaw. 4» Lond. 1617. 

12* Lond. 1782. 

12* Edinb. 1809. 

Vou m, A a GLARIM 

G U A 

GUARINI (battista) Riitic. 12^ Rotn. 

Lettere. 4° Ven. 1594. 

S9 Vcn. I60& 

8^ Ven. I6I5. 

' Compendio della Poesia Tragi-comica, tratto dai dxso 

Verati. 4^^ Ven. 1603. 
GUARINI (guarin.) Placita Philosophica. fol. Par. 1665. 
■■ Eiiclides adauctus et methodicus, Mathematicaque nni- 

versaUs. fol. Jug. Taur. 1671. 

Coelestis Mathematica. 2 Part. fol. Medioi. 1683. 

GUARINI (jAc.} Idea universs Theologiae Dieretica. 8^ Marf, 

GUARINONIUS (christ.) Comm. in primuro Lib. Aristolelia de 

Historia Animalium. 4® Franc. 1601. 
- Sententiamm Aristotehs de Anima sen mente humana 

interpretatio. 4° Franc. 1601. 
■ De Natura Humana, Sermones IV. 4* Franc. 1601. 

««— — Consilia Medicinalia. fol. Ven. 1610. 

GUARINONIUS (hippolitus) Pestilentz Guardien. 8» IngoUt. 

■ ■ Chylosophiae Academics tom. 1. fol. Oenip. 1648. 


GUARNA (andr.) Saiemitanus. Bellum Grammaticale. 8* JRsr^. 

GUARNACCI (MARfus) Vit« et res gestae Pontiiicum Romano- 

rum et Cardinalium a Clemente X. usque ad Clementem XIL 

2 tom. fol. Rom. 1751. 
GUARNERI (Gio. bat.) Le ZoUe Historiche Catance. 4* Caian. 

GUASCHIS (lud. de) v. alexander Grammaticvs. 
GUASCO (annib.) Lettere. 4» Triv. 1603. 
GUASCO (francesco eugento) Dissertazione Tusculana sopr» 

un' antica Iscrizione Sepolcrale appartenente ad una Omatrice. 

8« Rom. 1771. 
GUASTAVINI (giulio) r. roLTETA. tasso. 

Istoria di Uberto Foghetta. AP Gen. 1598. 

■ Commentarii in X priores Sectiones Problematum 

Aristotelis. fol. Lugd. 1608. 

Locorum de Medicina sekctorum Liber. 4* Lmgd. 


Locorum de Medicina selectorum liber alter. 4* F7or, 

■ Luoghi osservati, i quali, il Tasso, nella sua Giemsa- 

lerarae, ha presi e imitati, da Poeti e altri Scrittori antichi. 12* 

Ven. 1624. 
GUATTINI (michael angelo) Viaggio nel Regno del CongOb 

12« Bo/. 1674. 

. 12^ Ven. 1679. 

GUAY (g. le) AUiancea du Roy avec le Turc & autres, justifite» 

8<^ Par. 1625. 

8« Par. 1626, 


G U D 

GUAYNER (ant.) PraxiB MedicinsB. 4* Lugd. 1525. 
QUAZZO (MA.RCO) Historie di tutte le cose degne di memoria 

quai del anno M.D.XXIIII. sino questo presente sono occorse 

nella Italia et altri luoghi. 4® Ven. 1540. 

12« Ven. 1544. 

12» Ven. 1545. 

Historie di tutte le cose degne di memoria nel mondo 

qual haniio principio Tanno M.D.IX. 12^ Ven. 1548. 

Historie deUe guerre di Mahometto. 12" Ven. 1545. 

Historia della venuta e partita, di Carlo Ottavo^ Re di 

Francia, in Regno di Napoli. 1*29 Ven, 1547, 

Astolfo BorioBO. 4» Ven. 1549. 

Cronica. fol. Ven. 1553. 

GUAZZO (sTEPHANo) La civil Conversatione. 8" Ven. 1575. 

4» Ven.l579. 

8« Ven. 1580. 

8« Ven.l62l. 

- Dialoghi piacevoli. 12« Piacenz. 1587. 
-12« Ven. 1604. 

La Ghirlanda della contessa Angela Bianca Beccaria. 

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. 1695. 

GUDE (cHRfST.) De electione et successione regia. 4« Brenue, 

GUDE (coTTLOB. FRiD.) Dc Ecclcsis Epbesinaa Statu, imprimia 
ffivo Apostolico Commentatio cum Vita S. Pauli Apost per 
Georg. Msyorem. 8« Lips. 1732. 
GUDEN (joH. mauritius) Historia Erfurtensis. 8« Dudersu 

G UDEN (vAL. FERD. de) Syllog^ variorum Diplomatariorum» Mo- 
numentorumque veterum Res Germanicas illustrantium. 8^ 
I^ranc. 1728. 
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terio Osterodano babendas indiciL 4« Claust. 
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GrUDERUS (pHiL. LUD.) De origine illustrium Germanorum, 4« 

Jaeidelb. 1674. 
G^UDHEMIUS (PETR.) Historices compendiosse prima pars, 
sive de historiae scribendfle fundamentis dissertatio. 4« Goth. 
OTJDIEL (geron.) Compendio de algunas historias de Espafia: 
y especialmente de ia Familia die los Girones. fol. Alcal. 


G U E 


^ Epistols ejus et doctoiniin Virorum ad eum. Curante 

P. Burmanno. 4* Ultraj. 1697. 

Inscriptiones Antiquae a M. Gudio collects, niiper & 

. J. Koolio digestee; nunc a Fr. Hesselio editss. f6L Leaum 

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Vitis Historica. 12« Hal. Sax. 1648. 

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4<» Amsi. 1640. 
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Scheidio, cum indicibus cura J. H. Jungii. 5 tom. fol. Hanov. 

GUENAULT (ant. nic.) Quaebtio medica. An optati cibi digestio 

felicior? 4« Par. 1729. 
■■ Confertne ventriculi motus ad elaborationem chyli ^ 4* 

Par. 1729. 

Qusestio medica. Utrum ab injectionibus directa Go- 

norrhoese curatio ? 4* Par. 1730. 

- Quaestio medica. An inveteratis alvi fluxibus Semirouba ? 

4« Par. 1730. 
GUENAULT (pet.) Qusstio medica. An Pesti sola matufesta? 

4« Par. 1647. 
GUENEBAULT (jean) Le Reveil de rantique tombcau de 

Chyndonax Prince des Vacies, Druides, Celtiques, Dijonnoia, 

avec les ceremonies des anciennes Sepultures. 4" Dijon, 1623. 
GUENELLON (pierre) Epistolica dissertatio de genuina Medi* 

cinam instituendi Ratione. 12^ Amst. 1680. 
GUENOyS (pierre) La Conference des Ordonnanc^ Royaux, 

augment6e & enrichie d' Annotations par L. Charondas le Caron. 

fol. Par. 1607. 
GUERANDE. Arr^te des Dames et Demoiselles de 1a ville de 

Guerande en Bretagne. 8** 
GUERDON (aaron) v. cromwell. 

GUERDUN. St. Guerdun's VVell, a Poem. 8» Dun{fr. 1796. 
GUERICKE (oTTo de) Experimenta nova Magdeburgica dc 

vacuo Spatio. fol. Amst, 1672. 
GUERIN, V. Livius. 
GUERIN ( ) Sur la Chymie. 4» 
GUERIN (ant.) du Crest. v. boccacio. 
GUERIN (CLAUD.) Le Prince retably. 4« Par, 1647. 
■ Qusestio medica. Sunt ne minus certa Virginitatis quam 

Conceptus signa ? 4P Par. 1666. 

Quaestio medica. An vita nullis medicinse legibus ad- 

stricta brevior ? 4« Par. 1667. 

Methodc d'elever les Enfans, Regime de vivre des Viel- 

lards, & un Traite de la Goutte. 8<^ Par. 1675. 

Lettres touchant les mineraux dans les Eaux de St. 

Reine, & des Forges. 8<* Par. 1702. 


G U E 

CUERIN (fr.) In Ortum recentem Britanni® Ducis, Ode. 4* 
■ Ad Regem Catholicum, in 8ua Regna iter facientcm* 

Carmen. 4* 

Ad Philippum V. Hisp. Regem, Odc. 4» 1701. 

• Academise Parisiensi cum e4 presente C. Coffin, de 

Litterarum Periculis et Utilitatibus, Orationem haberet, Odc. 
4« 1705. 

Ad Musam Ilistoriae Priesidem, Ode. 4® 1710. 

GUERINIERE (m. de la) Ecole de Cavalerie. fol. Par. 1733. 
GUERNERIUS ( ) Enucleamenta Bibliie compilata ex Gre- 

^rianis codicibus. 4* Par. 1518. 
GUERNERIUS (joh. fran.) Dclineatio Montis qui olim Winia^ 

Gtsten, nunc autem Carolinus audit. fbl. CasseL 1706. 
GUERNSEY, v, isle of wight. 
■ An epitome of Tyranny in Guemzey Island. 4* 

1659. X 

Orders for Ecclesiastical discipline in Guernsey, Gmy^ 

Spark and Alderney. 4«» Lond. 1642. 

Dedicace des Eglises de Tlsle de Guemsey. 12® Guerm* 


GUEROADUS, ». macer. 
GUEROULT (guillaume) Second Livre de la Dcscription dei 

Animaux. 8® Lyon. 1550. 
GUERRARO (feen.) Relation usual des Jesuites en la lodi» 

OrienUl. en 1600, 1601. 4» Evora. 1603. 

4« VaUad. 1604. 

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livres de Polybe, Frontin, V^ece, &c. foK Par. 1549. 
■ Histoire poetique de la Guenre entre les Ancicns & 1» 

Moderaes. 12» Par. 1688. 
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8« Sev. 1694. 

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sica. 8* Fir. 1710. 
GUERRICUS, Ahbas Igniacensis. Sermones. 8« Lut. Par. 

ivUERRINO // Meschino. Nel quale si tratta come trouo suo 

Padre, et sua Madre, in la Citta di Durazzo in prigione. 12* 

Ven. 1597. 

\^ Ven. 1647. 

GUERSENT (j.) Complainte sur la mort d'Adrian Turaebe. 4« 

Par. 1565. 
GUESCLIN (bertrand du) p. chastelet. 
— ^— - Les Faiz de Bertrand du Guesclin. fol. {^Char. Goih.l 

■ ■ ■ Histoire de Bertrand du Guesclin,. par Cl. Men?rd. ¥ 
Par. 1618. 

GUESLE (jACQUEs) Remonstrances faictes a Mantes en Tatt 
M.D.XCIV. en la presence de ddiunct Henry IIII. Roy <ie 
France. 4* Par. 1610. 

■ ■ Les Remonstrances. 4* Par. 1611. 


G U G 

GUEST (T. R.) A new Pocket Sketch Book. 8^ Salisb. 1807. 
GUET (abbe' du) Pensees sur les Spectacles. 12^ 
GUE.TROUIN (M. Du) Memoires. 12» Lond. 1730. 
GUETTARD (joan. steph.) Quaestio medica. An senibus vinum 
^ aqu4 largiori diluendum? 4* Par. 1741. 
Qusestio medica. An ex vasorum figurd et origine feci- 

lior aptiorque fluidorum dispensatio ? 4® Par. 1741. 
GUETTARD (m.) ObservaUons sur les Rantes, 2 tom. 8» JPor. 

GUETTE (citri de la) Histoire des deux Triumrirats, aug- 

mentee de THistoire d'Auflruste de Larrey. 2 tom. 8^ Amst. 

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GUEVARA (ant. de) Obras. fol. Vallad. 1539. 

■ ■ Horloge Relox de Principes. fol. 

■ Angl. translatea by Sir Francis Bryant, and 
edited by T. Tymme. 12» Lond. 1575. 

.:— : Fr. 8« Par. 1550. 

- trad. par N. de Herberay. 8^ Anv. 1592. 

lial. 4» Vcn. 1562. 

40 Vcn. 1584. 

Lat. a Joh. Wanckello. fol. Torg. 1601. 

Epistolas familiares. 8^ Anv. 1578. 

4<> Madr. 1595. 

Fr. 8« Lyon. 1588. 

Itai. 3 vol 8^ Ven. 1545—59. 

Aviso de' Favoriti, trad. dal Spagnolo nell Idioma Ita» 

liano. 12« Ven. 1562. 
12« Ven. 1581. 

— — — II Dispreggio della Corte, e Lode della Villa, trad. da 

Cofimo Baroncelfi. 12« Brcsc. 1602. 
GUEVARA (joH. de) De interiori Scnsu, Libri 3. 49 Rom. 


• Comm. in Aristotelis Mechanicas. 4** Rom. 1627. 

GUEUDEVILLE, v. erasmus. menapius. 

6UEULETTE (m.) Chinese Tales translated by the Revd- Mr. 

. SUckhouse. S^ Lond. 1781. 

■ Tartarian Tales translated by Thos. Flloyd. 8* Lond. 

GUFER (JOH.) Kleine Hauss Apothect. 12* Augsp. 1701. 
GUGGERUS (JOH. jac.) Theses medico chemicae. 4» M. Catt. 

GUGLIELMINI (domin.) Bononiensis. Della natura de Fiumi. 

40 Bologna, 1697. 
■y Collatio LavreaE; doctoralis More nobilium illust. et ge- 

neross. D. D. Georgio Russi, &c. Lat. Gr. 4® Ven, 1705. 
t Riflessioni Filosofiche dedotte dalle figure de Sali. 4^ 

Pad. 1706. 
6UHL1NGIUS (JOH. FRiD.) De Autographis Veterum. 4» Ft- 

tanb. 1723. 


G U I 

CUIANA. Beschry vinge van de Wanschepsels van Menscben ia 
bet Coninckrijk Guian». 4" Amst,, 

' Beschryvinge van Cuiana. 4* Graven. 

■ A Publicationof Guiana'splantation newly undertaken 

by tbe Earl of Barkshire and Company for that most famom 
River of the Amazones in America. 4^ Lond, 1632. 

Pertinente Beschrijvingc van Guiana. 4® Amst, 167& 

OUIBA (rob.) Oratio ad Innocentium VIII P. M. 4« 

CJUIBAUDET (franc.) r. clement. 

CUIBELET (jourdain) Trois Discours pbilosophiques. I. De la 

Comparaison de l'Homme avec le Monde. II. Du Principe de 

la Generation de rHomme. 111« De THumeur melanchohque* 

8* Etrreux, 1603. 
■ £%amen de TExamen des Esprits. 8* Par. 1631. 

^UIBERT (jean) Sentence. 8* 
<JUIBERT (PH.) Le Medecin charitable. Enseignant la maniere 

de prepareren la maison les remedes propres a toutes maiadies, 

W Rouen, 1630. 

Angl. by J. W. 4* Lmd. 1639. 

Medici Officiosi Opera. 8« Par, 1649. 

OUIBERTUS (Nic.) Assertio de Murrhinis. 8« Franc. 1597. 

De Alchymia. 8« Argent, 1603. 

- De Balsami ejusque lachrymse, quod Opobalsamum 

dicituo natura. 4* Argent, 1603. 

De Interitu Alchymi» metallorum transmutatoriae 

Tractatus. Adjuncta est Apologia in Sophistam Libavium. 8* 
Tull. 1614. 
<JCICCIARDI (giovan. maria) II Sogno^ Favola Boschereccia. 

12« Fm-or. 1611. 
^UICCIARDINI (fran.) v, cartani. remigio. sansovino. 

Historia d^ItaUa. 8» Fir, 1561. 

con la Vita del Autore dal P. M. RenugiO. 

4» Vin, 1568. 

4* Fiii.1569. 
. 4* Parm. 1572. 
. da T. Porcacchi. 4« Vcn, 1590. 

• Per Fr. Sansovino. 2 vol. 49 Gen. 1636. 
. per G. Pasquah. 2 vol. fol. Ven. 1738. 

' Angl, by Gef&ay Fenton. fol. Land, 1599. 

• Gaii, par H. Chomedey. fol. Par. 1577. 
- Lai. a C, S. Curione. fol. Bas. 1566. 

tom. 2. 8« Lyon. 1577. 

Gli ultimi quattro Libri deDr Historia d^Italia. Ristamp 

etcorretti di M. P. Picedi. 4« Parm. 1572. 

Epitome deir Ilistoria d^Itaha. 12« Ven, 1580. ^ ^ 

Loci duo, cui^ ex ipsius historianim hbris IH et IIII 

dolo malo detracti, in cxeinplaribus hactenus imprest»is non le- 
guntur. Nunc tandem ab interitu viudicati et Lat. Itai. Gai- 
liceque editi. S^ Bas, 1569. 


G U I 

GUlCCIARDINI (fras.) Consigli e Avvertjmenti in Materia di 
Republica, e di privata, con le Annotazioni di Jacopo Corbi- 
ncUi. 4» Par. 1576. 

— — — ^ Awertimenti civili. 4® Ven. 1583. 

Precetti e Sententie in Materia di Stato. 4* Ant. Pkmi, 


Lat. l^ Argenf. 1599. 
12^ Argent.1600. 

■ Choice Proverbs and Dialogues also Stories and Apo- 

tbegms taken out of famous Guicciardine. Ital. & Eng. 12^ 
Lond. 16G0. 
— — — Paralipomena. 12® Amst. 1663. 

II Sacco di Roma. 12« Par. 1664. 

GUCCIARDINI (lodovico) Commentarii delle Cose memora- 
bili seguite nei Paesi Bassi^ dalla Pace di Cambrai 1529» insino 
a tuttoTAnno 1560. 4<> Anv. 1565. 

— 4« Vin. 1566. 

— — Lat. interpr. P. Kerchhovio. 12« Avt. 1566. 

Detti e Fatti piacevoli e gravi di diversi Principi Filo- 

sofi et Cortigiani. W Vcn. 1565. 

— 12« Ven. 1581. 

12« Ven. 1583. 

12" Ven. 1596. 

Descrittione de' Paesi Bassi. fol. Anv. 1567. 

fol. Anv. 1581. 

fol. Anv. Plant. 1588. 

Gali. fol. Anv. 1568. 

fol. Amst. 1609. 

Lat. 12« Amst. 1635. 

Horedi Recreatione. 12<* Anv. 1583. 
I2f> Vcn. 1655. 

Hollandis Sclandiseque descriptio'. 24« Lug. Bat. 


Descriptio Comitatus Hanoverise. 24« Amst. 1634. 

GUICHARD (clauoe) Funerailles^ & diverses Manieres d'eiise- 

velir des Romains, Grecs, & autres Nations tant anciennes que 

roodernes. 4« Lyon. 1581. 
GUICHARDO (martin de) Noctes Granzovianae, seu Discursus 

panegyricus de antiquis Triumphis. l^ Afnst.l66\, 
GUICHE (anne de la) v. schomberg. 
GUICHE (coMTfi de) Memoires concemant les Provinces-Unies 

des Pais-bas, et servant de Snpplement et de Confirmation a 

ceux d' Auberry De Maurier et du Comte lyEstrades. & Lond, 

GUICHENON (s.) Bibliotbeca Sebusiana. 4« Lugd. 1660. 
GUIDE des Enfants. Ang. et aall. 12« Lond. 1732. 
GUIDE (p.) Observatiotis anutomiques failes sur plusieun Ani- 

maux au sortir de la Machine Pneumatique. 12® Par. 

■■ De la nature du Mal Venerien. 8^* Par, 1676. 


G U I 

l (p.) Vertus du Vin rouffe pour guerir la retentioa 
ine» & du Chiinquina dans les fievres intermlttenles. 12* 

-^ Emy conceming Nntrition in Animab, proving it aiui- 

al to that of Plants. 8« Lond. 1699. 

IIAA (l.) Ode in Applauso della Gran Brettagna. 8* 

— Vita di Herm. Boerhave. 4* Nt^. 1762. 
(alessandro) Sei Omelie di Papa Clemente XI. esposte 

ern. fol. Rom. 1712. 

!CCIOLO (levantio da) Antidota ddla gdoria. 12^ 


CCIONI (lelio) Racconto deOa Trasportatione del Corpo 

ipa Paoio V. con rOratione nelle sue EBsequie. foL jRofn. 

fuS (jo.) De Mineralibus. 4^ Ven. 1625. 

4» Franc. 1627. 

> de coiumpnat v. lydgate. 

— HyBtoria destructionis Troie. fol. [LtV. Goth. sine 
7, aut Loco, aut nomine Tjfpogn^hi.} " 

^ Com. Flandrict. v. burchius. 


(joH.) De Temporis, Astrorum, Annique Partium Ani- 

versione. 4» Par. 1543. 

0, Magno de Monte. Thesaurus Chymiatricus. Germ. per 

nannum Condeisyanum. 12* Hal, 1623. 

VILLA (marchese) v. berni. 


— Observations lately made at Bath. 4* Lond. 1674. 

— — A Century of Observations containing further dis- 
riet of the nature of the hot waters at Bath. 8* Lond* 

— A true account of Sadlers Wells: or the Mineral 
lers lately found at Islinfi^ton. 4<> Lond. 1684. 

— Gideons Fleece^ or the Sieur de Frisk^ an heroick Poem. 

— De Thermis Britannicis. 4<^ Lond. 1691. 

— The Register of Bath, or two hundred obflervations con- 
ing an account of Cures performed by the use of the hot 
*r8 of Bath. 12<> Land. 1694. 

— An Apology for the Balh. 89 Lond. 1705. 
•UCQI (mario) Discorso delle Comete. 4* Ftr. 1619. 


NNF. Extrait des Registres de la Cour S^n^hale et Pre- 
ile de Guiennf du 30 Mai. 1788. 8* 


FARDIERE (ch. db) Cours ElemenUire d^Histoire Anci- 

e. 2 tom. 8» Windsor, 1798. 

FART (p.) Discours du Vuide. 8« Rouen, 1648. 

De Cordis Qfficio. 4* Roth. 1652. 

u UI. B b Q\3\G^1S& 

^i^- HUtoire geDjeraie dee Hucui, dea Tttrcs, 4e» H^fpJk, k 

des autres Tartares occidentaux ; avant & depuis Jesua Cbiist 
jusques & present 4 toin. ^<^ ^^. 1756-r& 

Voyages a Pekin^r, Mai^ille, et Vl^ de Srance fiutaen 

1784--1801. 3 tom. 8« Par. 1808. 
GUIGONIUS (isoARDus) Autopjiioaiaia» ^ifm ^usde^^ Ociik Ae- ytilitatibus. 4® Tatir. 161SL 
GUiGU£S (marcus antonius) La Sfere; geQgK^fi^QtColeaU. 4* 
i^om. 1790, 

Deiparg Patrocinium. Carmen Elegiacuou 4P Jbm* 
G.Ul^KpiN.US (MRLCH.) Theon, aive, Apologia adir. P, 4^ MsU 
diSBolum. 4° JPai. 1558. 

— Papyrusi. Hoc eat.Conftmentarifif in Qm, Pliniii CapUa. 
de Papyro. 4» Ven. 1572. 

recensente H. Salmuth. 8P ^M^- l^tt* 

GyiLB£KT (i«'abbe') Descriptign de Foniain^eau, 2 to». 

GUILD (wm.) r. ^lfricus. bbrteamus. MAuauSy 
GUILD (wiLL.) Tbe bumble Addrebse both of Chmt^and Boor^ 
to tb^ Kmg fpc a redreiis oC tbe unitingofi Churchea & tbe 
ruine of Hospitals. 4^ Aberd. 163% 
— — Tb^ sealed book opened, or an, J^xiiSiQf^tip^ oCtbe Beva» 
iations. 8"» Lond. V^. 

Motses unveiled or tbp«e figurea ppi^ting oul the M^ 

siah briefly explained. 12^* Xjond. 1658* 

HHrn^ony of all tbe PropheU. l^ JUmd^ ]<6^ 

I/ovQ^8,£ntreQ9urabetween tbe Laqob ^pd hia. Bnde» 

Qhijist and his Cburcb : or an £xp)icajt^ ^n4 AppUoatioii of 
tfie Song of Solomon. 8» Lond. 1658. 
}.. Tbe throne of David» or aii £s.positipn. of tb^ 2d.BogL 

of Samuel. 4* C^j/. 1659. 
GUILDFORD» Description of Trinity Hofgit^, Guildford and 

of Albury House. [Being N« XLVI of the QUiL TRi». Britl 

4<» Land. 1787. 

— Hiatory.ofGuiJdford. 8« Cia«. 1801, 

■ i State pf the Proceedinga at the ]^ectioa oi tw^ Bor» 

ffesses iu 1790. 8» 1790. 
GuILDHALL, v. lon|)o?i. 
■ A rdation of theriptousb^bajiriour of div|^ Citi9ott«t 

Guildhall. 4<> Lond. 1642. 

— A summons tQ appear at Gujidb^ll. M&, 4® 1/640, 

News from GuildhaU. Or a p^^^opivioii tp tbe CitiMnt 

of London. 4° 1650. 
— A diaipgup b^w,een twQ Gigntf ^ GuJil^ifjU Crid^raod. 

and Brandemore. 4® Lond. 16G1. 
— — Act pf Compiou Council fpir tb^ l|ft|ergreguhitiQ9 oCl 

tbe CourU of Uw in Q^ldb^ ffrf- Wfi^ 


(3tt 1 

GUtLDHALL. ACs^dtMit of the proceedinl;» dl GtiiMbiall Juile ^. 

16S3. fol. 1680. 
Report of die Guildhalt stibscriptffin fbr the sotdiers 

employed in suppressing the Rebellioii. fol. Lond, 1T47. 

Bfief fnemoirs uf the Judges, whdse portraits are ih 

Guililhalt. 8» Loiirf. 1791. 
[7UILF()RD (Lady) v. horhecx. rnIgrt. 
BUILELMUS, r. gulielmus. 
GUILLATIERE (m. de la) Accoont of atate Voyage to Athehs: 

with the present »tate of the Turlush Empire. 8® Loitd . 1676. 
&UILLAUME (M.) r. coquerel. 
■*— Suitte des Rencuntres de M. Guiltaume eii raiitre 

monde. 8* Par. 
'■ La Re^ponse au Sotdat Fran^ois. 12** 1605. 

Le Lunaticque. 12* 1605. 

(yUILLAtJME. Et^qtie dc Totamay. Lt Thoison d'Or. foL 

Troya, 1530. 
&UILLAUMET (t.) Trait6 de ki maladie noovellemeht zyipdti 

Christaline. 12* Lym. 1611. 

— Lirre Xenodocat. 12* I^m. 1611. 

w Traite des Ouvertures trous et Ulceres spontanes. l2* 

J^n. 1611. 
SUILLE (jacob) Theses Theologicse de tersionibas Scriiltiir» 

TU^^aribus et vernaculis. 4* Sedani. 1673. 
5UILLEMEAU (char.) Histoire des Muscles dt( &St^ hiimdii. 

8^ Par. 1612. 
' Ostomyolojgrie. 8* Par. 1618. 
De la Grossesse^ flt Accouchenient dB FemmOf. 8^ 

Par. 1620. 

8« Par. 1621. 

Re^ponsio ad Curtum. 4^ iMt. Par. 16S4. 

WILLEMEAU (jaq.) Des Maladies de FOeil. 8^ tdf. IS83. 

Belg. 12* Amst. IffTS. 

Germ. 8^* Dre^. 171CK 

Tables Anatomiques. fbl. Pfl^. 15^. 
• La Chirunpe Ffan^oise. fol. Par. 1594. 
Oeuvres de Chinirgle. fol. Pat. 161S. 


GUILLEMINOT (joan) De Principiis Rerum corpon^ffi; et 

deCognitione Brutorum. 12^ Par. 1679. 
GUILLERAGUES (mr. oe) Rehtion veritiMe de eij qtrt i^est 

pOBBe^ a Constantmople, avec Mr. d(i tiuilleragaes, Ambattadcfitf 

de France. 12* aio. 1682. 
■ " ■ ■ Snbstance d^un Lcttre ecrite par un Officer du GUfiA 

Vizfer d un Pacha^ touchant rExpedition de Motis. dn Quetoe 

a Chio, et la negotiation de B^otisr. de Gmltertgu^i ftvec ta 

Porte. 12^ VilleFranehe. 1689. 
CUILLERM£r (paul) De DiarrhoBa. 4* Lt^. Bat. 1699. 
OOIIXERMUS^ AUimodoremis. Expositioiies sacroruiii Evm- 

geliorum ac Epistolarum de Tempore, IMebus Dominicur et 



Sanctis: etiam super Commune Apostolorum, Martirum, Con* 
fessorum^ Virg^inum : et pro defunctis. Postilla super Evan- 
ffelia dominicdia et de Sanctis. fol. [Lit. Goth. Sinc Anno, 
I4OC0, aui fiomine Typographi,] 

Summa aurea in 4 libros Sententiarum. fol. Par* 


Postillasuper Evangelia. 49 Par. 1580. 

GUILLERMUS, Tyrim Metropoliianus. Historia Bdli Sacri. 

edit a Philiberto Poyssenoto. fol. Bas. 1549. * 

— cum Henr. Pttntaleonis preefatione et ipeius 

vita authoris. fol. Bas, 1564. 

- Trad. en Fran^ois par Gab. Du Praev. 

fol. Par. 1573. 
GUILLET (m . j.) Lettres ecrites sui* une Dissertation d'un Voyage 

de Grece publie par M. Spon. W Par. 1679. 
Hist du kegne de Mahomet U. Emp. des Turcs. 8* 

Par. 1681. 
GUiLLETIERE (sr. de la) Athenes ancienne et nouveUe et 

Testat present de PEmpire des Turcs. 12® Par. 1675. 
— — Lacedemone ancienne & nouvelle. 2 Part 12* Par* 

GUILLIET (scipion) Le Renouvellement des Alliances de France 

& de Savoye. 4« Par. 1619. 
GUILLIM (john) A Display of Heraldry. fol. Lond. 1610. 

— fol. Lond. 1682. j 

— ^n with a treatise of Honour Mihtary and Civil 

by J. Logan. fol. Lond. 1679. 

foL Lond. 1724. 

GUILLIMANNUS (fr.) v. torre. 

De Rebus Helvetiorum, Libri 5. 4« Frib. 1598. 

r—49Amit. 1623. 

— — Habsburgiaca, sive, de antiqua et vera Origine Domus 

Austriae. 4» Ratisb. 1696. 
GUILLONIUS (renat.) Gnomon : seu de Syllabarum Grseca- 

rum quantitate. 4* Par. 1556. 
GUILLOT (lud.) Qusstio medica. An Dysenteria;, potissimum 

pituitosse, statim initio, Emetica ? 4^ Par, 1703. 
— — Qusest. medica. An partus humanus ut plurimum la« 

boriosus? 4° Par. 1703. 
GUIMERAN (felipe de) Breve Historiade la Orden de neustra 

Senora de la Merced. 4^ Valenc. 1591. 
GUINEA. Description et Recit historial du riche royaume d'Or 

de Guin^a. fol. Amst. 1605. 
» ^ Beschryvinge van Goudt-Kust Guinea door P. D. M. 

4« Amst. 1617. 

i^Afnst. 1650. 

The Golden Coast or a description of Guiney. 49 Lond. 


- Some considerations relating to the Trade to Guiny. 


Considerations against granting the sole Trade to 

Guiny, from Cape Blanco to CaTC 1/>tczA^^^^^V^1» ^^ 

GUINEA. Reasons shewing that the Trade to Guinea cannot be 
preserved without Forts and Castles, and the best and surest 
way to maintain them is by a Jomt Stock, and not by a r^U- 
lated Company. (81. 

GUINEAS. A Letter to a Member of Parliament o£fering some 
reasons for the advaucing of Silver and settling Guineas. 

« A plain and easy way to reduce Guineas aud settle thc 

silver Coin. fol. 

. Considerations about the currency of Guineas. fol. 

A Letter to a Member of Parliament about the prescnt 

rate of Guineas. fol. 

Reasons for reducing Guineas to their true value. fol. 


GUINELLIUS (PETR.) Lemmata» Gnorismata tanquam Canones 

humanae Vitag, sine contentionibus in animi tranquillitate tnu- 

ducendae. 12^ Lugd. Bat, 1584. 
GUINETUS (fran.) Justinianus Magnus. 8" Par, 1628. 
GUINISIUS (viNc.) Allocutiones GymnasticcB. 24* Ant. 163S. 
GUINTERIUS (joH.) v. jegineta. galenus. poltbius. rhases. 


Anatomicae Institutiones. 4* Bas. 1539. 

De Victus et Medicinae Ratione Commentarius. 8^ 

Arg. 1542. 
— — De Pestilentia Commentarius. 8® Argent. 1565. 

^ Commentarius de Balneis et aquis medicatis. 8® Ar» 
gent. 1565. 

De Medicina, veteri et nova, Commentarii duo. fol. 

Bas. 1571. 

Gj^fficiorum Commentarius. 12** Argent. 1606. 

CrUION (mad. j. m. b. de la mothe) Opuscules Spirituels. 12* 

CoL 1704. 
— — Poems, translated by W. Cowper, with somc of his 

own. 12° Ntwport Pagnel, 1801. 
CrUIRANUS (gaillardus) Explicatio duorum vetustorum Nu- 

mismatum Nemausensium ex 'sere. 4P Araus. 1657. 
OUIRAUD (f.) p. sandivogius. 
<3rUIS (joseph) Description des Arenes ou de rAmphitheatre 

d^Arles. 4« Arles, 1665. 
CUISARD (mr.) Art de guerir les Playes. S^ Atnst, 1742. 
— — — Dissertation Sur les Maux Veneriens. 8" Par. 1743. 
<}UISCARD (ant.) Marq. de. Memoires. 12« Delft,l705. 

Angl. 8« Lond, 1705. 

— Narrative of his examination and of his stabbing Mr. 

Harley. 8» Land. 1711. 
irUISCHARDUS (nic ) Cogitata de siniplici apprehensione. 4® 

Bas. 1693. 
€UISCHET (PET.) Ars ratiocinandi lepida. 4« Salm. 1650. 


— Reflections upon the pretended parallel in the play 

calied the Duke of Gui«e. 4« Lond. 1683. 


GUISE, e. •iivtc. 

GUIS£, Duede. Duoours <k ranaisioat de k Bbc de Guue. 1» 

^ - Les paroles que le roy d^Espa^etint, quand il reoeut 

nouveUes de la mort de le Duc de Guyse. 8^ Par, 1589. 

Les memoires du Duc de Guise. 3 Part* W Col. 


^ 2 tom. 12^ Cb/. 1669. 

^» Par, 1681. 

Jng. 8» Ltmd. 1669. 

GUISE (Genera/) A Catalogue of his Collectioii of Picturea at 
Chjrist Church Oxford. To which is added a Catalogue of the 
Portraits in Ch. Ch. Hall. 8° 

GUISE (jAQUEs de) Chronique & Annales de HaVnnau. 3 tom* 
fol. Par. 1531 2. [Char.Goih.] 


GUISE (SAM.) Catalogne of Oriental Mss. S^ 1793. 
GUISMlER (cosM.) Sanctio Pragmatica, cum Gkfisis. 4^ ' Par. 

GUISSIUS (JOH.) Symbola Heroica Porticus Cardinalis de Riclie* 

lieu. 4« Par. 1638. 
GUISSONIUS (PETRus) Epifitolica Disaertatio de anonymo Li- 

bello^ circa abbreviatum verae Medicinse Geuus. 8® Fraiic. 

GUISY (j.) Method entirdy new of leaming French. S^ Lond. 

GUITTON (marcus) Carmen Heroicum, de falso Deoram Genti- 

bum, et de vcri Dei cultu. 4® Hom. 1706. 
Dissertationes Theologicae De Lege et Evangelio ad 

elucidationem loci EvangeUi Joh. i. 17. 4^ 1710. 
GUIVY (NicoLAus) Semita Rectitudinis, cujus Ductu Philoche* 

micus se ab Errorum Labyrinthis explicare poterit. d^ OrO' 

tianop. 1641. 
GUUCH (FRANc.) De Empyemate. 4» Lug. 1667. 
GULICH (jusT. ARN.) De Furore Hemorrhoidum intemarum. 

^^ Lugd. Bat. 1731. 

« 8° Lygd. B. 1733. 

GUUELMI (M.) £v<^}p« vota Carolo Principi. 4® Loti^. 1631. 
GULIELMINLS (oomin.) Opera omnia. 2 tom. 4^ tien. 


De Salibus. 8« Ven, 1705. 

^ . — 8« Li^d. Bat. 1707. 

— — De Cometarum Natura et Ortu epistolica disaertatio^ 

fol. Bonon. 1681. 

Exercitatio de Sanguinis Natara et Constitutione. 8^ 

Ven. 1701 

12» Ultraj. 1704 

GUUELMINUS (domin.) De Idearum. Vitiit, Correetione, et 
Usu, ad statuendam et inquirendam Morborum Naturam. V 
Paun* 1707. 

l» Lugd. Sat 170». 



OULtELMUS I. Rac Jnglkt, v. ahgli a. BENftniMif. 

^ AfgumeQtiim Aoli-NorraaDBiciiai, prevhig thsA Wil- 

liam Duke of Normaiidy made no absolute Conqueat of Eiifflaiid 
b¥ tbe Swoid; in the seDse of our Modeni Wrtten. 8^ Leni. 

8"» LomL 1689. 

GULIELMUS in. Anglia Rex. v. bentlet. cjbsar. olakkb. 


*■ Observations upon the Prince of Oraoge and the fftalfi 

of HoUaad. 4« 

> A Letter [conceming the coming over of the Prinoe o( 

Ofange]by W.H.P.O. fol. 

Poem GQ his accessioD to the Crown of England. fql. 

— ^— Lettre galante sur le voyage du Prince d^Orange" ten 
Anglcterrc en l'an 1677. 12» CoL IWa 
4* Lug. Bai. 1695. 

— — — A true account of the Conspiracy against the King and 
tbe GovemmenL 8^ Savcy, 1686. v 

> An account of the reason» of the Nobiiitv and Gentry^s 

Invitation of the Priuce of Orange. fol. Lond. 1688. 

Declaration, stating his r^asons fisr invading Enghod. 

4* Hag, 1688. 

Dutch. r Hag. 1688. 

Germ. 4« 1688. 

— ^— Review of the Reflections on the Pr. of OrangeV deda* 
ration. fol. Lond. 1688. 

• Catalogiie of the Nobility and Gentry (said to bej in 

arms with the Pr. of Orange. fol. Lcmd. 168H. 

The King^s Letter to the great Councii of Peers. fbl. 


Hit third declaration. 4<» Lond. 1688. 

An order of the Pr. of Orange^s for Members of Par- 

fiament in the time of Cbas. 2d. to meet at St. James's Decr. 
SA. Lond. 1688. 

Letter of the Pr. of Orange for summoning a conven- 

tion. Decr. 29. fol. Lond. 1688. 

- Declaration of the Pr. of Orange authorising Sherifis 

and other Offioers to act in their several places. Decr. 31, foL 


-^, His character. fol. Lond. 1688. 

Charader of the Pr. of Orange. fol. Lond. 1689. 

' Declaration of the Pr. of Orange for collecting tbe Re- 

^enue. Jan. 2. fol. Lond. I68f . 

Declaration for better quartering of the Forces. Jan. 8* 

Cu\. Lond. 168§. 
- Declaration respecting Seamen's Wages. fol. 168|, 

Letter to the Lords. Jan. 22. foL Lond. 168|. 

• The address of the Lords and Commons to the King^i 

Adsttesiy with his M^jesty^s gracious ap^er. fol. Lond. 168|. 



GULIELMUS IIL AngUo! Rex. The declaratimt of the Lords 
and Commons to the King and Queen by the MarquesB of 
Halifax : wilh his Majesty^s answer. fol. Land, 1689. 

m Proclamation of King WiUiam and Queen Mary. Fd). 

foL Lond. 168f . 

Declaration of the Lords and Commons to the Pr. of 

Orange. Feb. 13. fol. Land. 168f. 
— An order of Council for the praying for King Wm.. 

and Queen Mary. Feb. 16. fol. Lond, 168|. 

The King'B Speech. Feb. 18. fol. Lmd. 168|. 

The King's Spcech; Mar. 16. fol. Lond. 168|. 

Mar. 21. fd. Lond. 1689. 

' — > Proclamation at Edinburgh. Aur. 11. declanng Wil- 

liam and Mary to be King and Queen ot Scotland. foL Land. 

King Williams Toleration : being an Explanation of 

that Liberty of Religion which may be expected from His Ma- 
jesty^s declaration. 4® Lond. 1689. 

K. William or K. Lewis. Wherein is set forth tbe ne- 

cessity these Nations lye under of submitting wholly to One or 
Other of These Kings ; and that the matter in controverstie is 
not now between K. William and K. James^ but betweoi K. 
William and K. Lewis of France, for the Govemment of these 
Nations. 4^ Lond. 1689. 

Address of the Commons to the King. Apr. 25. foL 

Lond. 1689. 

Their Majesties declaration against the French King. 

May 7. fol. Lond. 1689. 

Declaration of the King and Queen to the people of 

Ireland. July 7. fol. Lond. 1689. 

Entretiens touchant son Entreprise sur rAngleterre: 

ou Fon prouve que cette action fait porter aux Protestans les 
caracteres d'Anti-christianisme, que M. Jurieu a reprochez a 
FEglise Romaine. l^ Par. 1689. 

Congratulatory Poem on hb coming into England. By 

T. S. foL Lmd, 1689. 

Historical account of his memorable actions. 12^ Lond. 


A Memorial for the Pr. of Orange in relation to tfae. 

Af&irs of Scotland. 4« Lmd. 1689. 

A justiikation of the whole proceedings of King Wil- 

liam and Queen Mary> of Prince George and Princess Ann, of 
die Convention, Army and others in this great RevolutioD. 4* 
Lmd. 1689. 

A brief justification of the Prince of Orange'8 deacent 

into England. 

Account of the late Coospiracy to depose him and 

Queen Mary. 4<» Lond. 1691 

fol. Lond. 1692. 

De Konincklycke Triumphe vertoonende aUe de Eeer- — 

poorten. 12<> Hag. 1691. 

fi U L 

GUUELMUS UL RexAnglut. Komste in HoUand. fai. 1%^. 

Fr, fol. i%<;. 1692. 

TTie Triumph-Royal : containing an account of the 

BaUks, Siegei, &c. of the Princes of the House of Nassau de* 
scribed in triumphal arches erected in Honour of Wm^ III. 
transbted by J. Bed^. 12« L^md. 1692. 

History of the Conspiracy ag^ainst him, with ati account 

(rf^the Lancashire Plot. 8^ Lond. 1696. 
■■ A true relation of the horrid Ck)nspiracy affainst the life 

of the. Kitif;, with a list of the Prisoners committed to Prison on 
account of the Plot. 4» Lond. 1696. 

- An impartial account of the horrid Conspiracy to as- 

linate His Majesty, raise a RebeUion and to encourage an 

Invasion from France. 4° Lond. 1696. * 
' ■ — Plots and Conspjracies againU him. 12° Lond. 1697. 
Articles of Peace with Louis XIV. concluded at Rys- 

wicke. foL. Land. 1697. 
A Letter to K. William, on the English Monarcby. 4* 

Lamd. 1699. 
A translation of the States general Letter to His Ma* 

jesty. foL Lond. 1701. 

His Majesty^s Speech to ihe States of Holland. JuL 6. 

1701. fol. Lond. 1701. 

Relation of his sickness and death. foL Lond, 1702. 

Rcport of the Physicians and Surgeons comnianded to 

asast at the Dissection of His Majesty. 4° Lond. 1702. 
His exorbitant Grants examined and questioned by B. 

B. 4^ Lond, 1703. 
A Satyr upon him ; being the sccret History of bis Life 

mnd Beign. 8<> Lond. 1703. 

His aflfection to the Ch. of England examined. 4® 
Jxmd. 1703. 
' ■ Lettcrs to Cbas. II. &c. published by R. Sanderson. 

^ng. et Gall. 8° Lond. 1704. 

His life. 8P Lond. 1705. 

The coyal Diary, pai^tJy witten by himself, and found 

aunong his papcrs, since hi% death. To which is preiixt the 
«hancter of Qoeen Mary II. W Lond. 1705. 

— A oollection of ail his Speeches, Messages, &c. to which 

is added the English Declaration of Rights. 8° Lond. 1712. 
XJLIELMUS Apulimsis. Res in Italia ac Regno Neapohtana 

Korraannicae. 4° Rothom. 1582. 
r XJLIELMUS, Pr. Auriac, Supplication to the King of Spayne 
made by the Pnnce of Orange, the states of Holland and 2elatui 
'Svidi all other his faithful snbjects of the Low Countreys, pre- 
sently suppressed by the tyranny of the Duke of Alba and 
Spaniards. Translated by T. VV. 12^ Lonrf. 1573. 

A justification of the Prince of Orendge agaynst the 

faulse Sclaunders wherwith \m ilwiUecs go abgiU to charge him 
-wroogfuny. J2® Lond. J. Day, 1576. 

yoL. IIL C c G\3U^\^ 


GtJLlELMUS, Pr. Auriac. Apologie, ou Defence contre le Sail 
& Edict publie par 1e Roy d'£spaine. 4^ Lejfd. 1581 . 

Angl 4<> Delft. • 

-^ ^ «- Lat. 8» Leyd. 1581. 

GUUELMOS L Pr. Auriac. Two Essays of Panegyrick en hif 
last Words. 8« Land. 1731. 

■* More Essays of Paneffyricks on his last Wofdt« 8* 


Het Leven van Willem de L 3 Deel. 8» Lofden, 1732* 

- The Patriot^ being a dramatic History <Sf the Life and 

Death of William L Prince of Orange. 4«^ Lond. 1736. 
GULIELMUS 11. Pr. Aur. v. morus. 
GULIELMUS, Cumherlandia Dux. v. philips. 
GULIELMUS, Eborac. Dux. Panegyricai Essay to his BfeinofT. 

8« Lond, 1701. 
GULIELMUS (cEORGtus) Bmnsvic. Dux. Anderweite Veroid* • 

nung bey der Pest-Gefahr. 4^ 1680. 

^- 4<» Luneb. 1681. 

GULIELMUS Gimiticensis. v. anglia. 

GULIELMUS, Glocestria Dux. r. carpenter. cantabeioia. 


GULIELMUS, Dux Glocesiria. Letter on the death and Mck« 

ness of the Duke of Gloucester. fol. Lond. 1700. 
GUUEI^MUS GONZAGA III. Duca di Mantava. v. fol- 


GULIELMUS HENRICUS, Pr. Auriac. v. ryckius. 
GULIELMUS Hirsaueiensis. Philosophicae et Astronomictt Iii« 

stitutiones. 4® Bas. 1531. 
GUUELMUS (jANus) Verisimilia. l^ Ant. apud C. Pkmt. 

Plautinarum ' Quaestionum Commentarius. 8^ Liti. 

* — AdVersus Sigonium ^ssertio; non esse aut M. TQllii^ 

aut satis dignum M. Tullio, eam qu» illius nomine venditetur. 

Consolationem. 12° Par. 1584. 
GUUELMUS LODOVICUS, Nassovia: Comes. v. bmmius. 
GULIELMUS (M.) V. lhuyd. 
GULIELMUS Mabnesburiensis. » cale. 
— De Gestis Regum Anglorum. Historis Novellie. De 

Gestis Pontificum Anglorum. edente Henr. Savile. foL Limi. 

GULIELMUS Nassovix Comes. v. benedictus. 
GULIELMUS Neubrigensis. De Rebus Anglicis, cum Notis J, ^ 

Picardi. 8« Par. 1610. 

edit. Th. Hearne. 3 tom. 8« Oxon. 1719. 

GULIELMUS II. Sicilia Rex. De Vita et Rebus gestis. libri IVL "^ 

Lat. Ital. foL Monreg, 1769. 
GULIELMUS Tyrius Metropolitanus. v. cuillbrmus. 
GULLIVER (lem.) v. saint-andre'. 
GULUVERIANA. 8« Lond. 1728. ^ 



GULLMANN (bbked.) De Dolore Capitis. 4« Lips. 1697. 
De Partu et Vite Foetus. 4« Lip8. 1697. 


GULSTON (anthony) p. glisson. 

■ A Siirvcy of the Law. 8» Lond. 1659. 

■ The Common Law epitomized. S9 Lond. 1661. 

GUMBLE (thos.) The Life of Genl. Monck. 8» Lond. 1671. 

Ga//. par G. Miege. 12« Lond. 1673. 

GUMBLEDON (john) Two Sermons. 4* Lond. 1657. 

— — Christ tempted : the Divel conquered ; or a short expo> 

sition on a part of St. Math. IV. 4» Lond. 1657. 
GUMILLA (josFPu) £1 Orinoco illustrado y defendido. 3 tom. 

4« Madr. 1745. 
6UMP£LZHAliVlER (geor.) Gymnasma de Exercitiis Acade- 

micorum. cum Not. Joh. Mich. Moscherosch. 129 Argcni. 


■ Dissertatio de Politico. Auct. a J. M. Moscherosch. 

13» jltvent. 1652. 
GUMP£kTZ (anton. sal.) Dc Temperamentis. 4« Franc. ad 

Od. 1751. 
GUMPR£CHT (geo. gottl.) De Consensu Partium, preecipuo 

Pitbologi» et Praxeos Medicee Fundamento. 4* Hal. Mag, 

GUMPR£CHT (joh. paul.) De Polytecbnia £ruditorum, seu 

copiosa Literatorum Sobole. 4<* Lips. Vtll. 
eUNDELFING£R (joh. conr.) De Mundi Dommio. 4» AUdorf. 

6UND£LSH£IM£R (mich.) De Ostentis insolentibus aeriis. 4* 

WUt. 1664. 
6UNDLINGIUS (nic hieron.) v. casa. doujbt. malquyitius. 
— — Historia Philosophias Moralis. 4° Hal. Mag. 1706. 
■ Henricus Auceps^ FrancisB Orientaiis Rex. 4* Hah 

Mag. 1711. 

* De £fficiencia Metus tum in promissionibus liberarum 

Gentium, tum etiam hominum privatorum, auxihisque contra 
Metiim. 4» Hal Mag. 171 L 

De Jure Feudali atque Publico de Feudis Vexilli vulgo 

JPaknLehn. 4» Hal. Mag. 1715. 
■ Laudatio funebris M. L. Baronis de Prinzen. 4® 1726« 

• De £mptione Uxorum^ Dote, et Morgengaba ex jure 

<9erroanico. 4* Lips. 1731. 

Historia Germaniae Literaria. Cum continuatione 5 

tom. Germ. 4« Franc. 1734 — 46. 

Exercitationes AcademiceB cum Jo. Gottl. Heineccii 

Tnefatione de Usu et Praestantia Numismatum in Jurispruden* 
tia. 6 tora. 4<» Hal. 1736. 

Vita et scripta ejus. Germ. 49 Francf. 1736. 

GtUNDTLING (wollfangus) De iEmulatione. 4"^ 4lid. 1661. 
GUN.MAKER'S Case. fol. 


GUNNERY, Niewe Consl van BoeeenscVieten, &lc. 4? Aiwt. 
3G0L G\31^m^O^ 

G U T 

GURTLERUS (nicolas) De vili contemptoque &tatu Jesu ChriBti 

post ipsius introitum in gloriam. 4^ 1707. 
GURTON. Gammar Gurton's Needle. AP Lond, 1661. 
GURYE (gasp. de) Sieur de MontpoUy. Lettre a TAbbe Bour- 

delet sur la transfusion du san^. A^ Par. 1667. 
GUSTAVO-CAROLINA ACADEMIA. Actus idauguralis Aca- 

demiffi Gustavo-CarolinaB Auspiciis Caroli XII. Suecorum Re- 

gis. 4<> 
GUSTAVUS Adolphus, Rex Suecia, v. bisaccioni. harte. hove* 


■■ The Reasons for which Gustaxms Adolphus, Kiog ct 

Sweden, was forced to march into Germany. 4" 1630. 

The new Star of the North shining upon Gustavi» 

Adolpbus. ^ Lond, 1632. 

Gustavus Magnus, sive Panepryricae orationes dc vitaet 

obitu Gustavi Suecorum Regis. 12« Lugd, Bat. 1637. 

Histoire de Gustave Adolphe Roi de Suede por M. de 

Maurillon. 4» AmsL 1764 

Elegy on his death. fol 

GUSTAVUS II. Rex Suecia, v, salim. 

GUSTAVUS III. Rex Suecice. CEuvres politiques, Itteraires cj^ 

dramatiques. 2 tom. 8« Far, 1805. 
■■ Account of his death. 8« Lond. 1799. 

GUTBERLETH (hen.) Pathologia; boc est doctrina de humurift 

AfFectibus. 12« Herb. Nass. 1615. 

— Physicje Institutio. 8« Herb. Nass. 1628. 

Chronologia. 8« Amst. 1656. 

GUTBERLETHUS (tobias) De Mysteriis Deorum Cabironiin, 

4« Franeq. 1695. 

12« Franeq, 1703. 

— — De Salii:=, Martis Sacerdotibus apud Romanos. 8* jFra- 

nek. 1704. 
— Animadv. in Iiiscriptionem Smym» repertam. 8* 

Franck. 1704. 
' Conjectanea in Monumenta, HerisB Thisbes Mono* 

diarioB, et Titi Claudii Glaphyri ChoraulsB. 8« Franek. 1704. 
GUTCH (john) V, wooD. 
Collectanea Curiosa ; or miscellaneous Anticraities re- 

lating to the History and Antiquities of England and Ireland. 

2vols. 8« Ojf. 1781. 
GUTEMBERGER (mart.) De Febri Quartana. 4« Franc. ad Od. 

GUTERMANN (geo. frid.) De Maromis et Lacte. 4« 3W. 


GUTH (JOH. ERN.) De Urinae incontinentia. 4* Jen. 1688. 
GUTH (joH. SEB.) De consensu et dissensu Corporum naturt- 

lium. 4« WUt. 1682. 
GUt* HERE (de la) Du bon usage des Eaux de Baigneres. 4* 

Tolos. 1659. 


G U Y 

Ot)t*H£RIUS (JAC.) De Jure Manium, seu de Ritu, More et L^- 

?'bu8 pridci Funeris cum Tractatu de orbitate toleranda. l^ 
ar. 1613. 

. 4» Par. 1615. 

— — 8» JJps. 1671- 

* Choartius inajor> seu de orbitate toleranda. 12® Par. 

■ Tiresias, seu de Caecitatis et Sapientiae Cognatione. 8* 

Par. 1616. 
— Specula ad Jac. Lcchassarii observationem de Ecclesii» 

Soburbicariis. &^ Par. 1618. 
GUTHLAC (sT.) V. gough. 
GUTHREY (jAs.) The true speech of Mr. Jas. Guthrey, late mi^ 

nister of Steriing, deliverea by himself immediately btfore hit 

execution. 4® Edinb. 1661. 
CUTHRIE (w.) V. cicERo. 
GUTHRIE (wiLLM.) A General History of ScoUand. 10 voL 8* 

Lond. 1767—8. 
■' Geographical^ historical^ and Commercial Grammar. 

8« Lond. 1771. 

8« Land. 1794. 

. Chronological Table. fol. Lond.^1774. 

GUTHRY (HEN.) Bishap of Dunkd. Memoirs. 8» Lond. 1701. 
8« Glas^. 1747. 


GUTIERRE, Marques de Careaga. Por el Estado Ecclesiastico, 

y Monarchia Espaiioia. 4* Granad. 1620. 
GUTIERREZ (joh. lazarus) De Fascino. 4» Ijigd. 1653. 
- FebriologiaB Lectiones Pincianas. fol. Lugd. 1668. 

GUTLER (balth.) De Pieuritide. 4« Lips. 1571. 
GUTLER (giles) The Archbishops Crueltie made known in a 

true story of Edwd. Rood Minister at Abing^don. 4' 1641. 
GUTTA, V. couT. 
GUTTMAN (godof.) De Fceminis fortitudine sagata claris. 4* 

Zm. 1695. 
GUTTNERUS (esaias) De generatione et corruptione rerum na- 

turalium. 4<> Wiu. 1644. 
, GUTTORFF (ern. eman.) De Vomitu cruento. 4<> Hal. Mag. 
' 1729. 

GUTZMER (joh. alb.) De jure manus dextre. 4« Jena. 1700. 
GUY, Earl of IVarwick, v. pegge. 

GUY, Earl of Warwick, a Romance.^4« Lond. W. Copland. 
' "■ The t ragical History of Guy Earl of Warwick. by B. J. 

4« Lond. 1661. 
GUY (j.) Songs. 8» Lond. 1797. 

GUY (tho.) His last Will and Testament 8* Lond. 1725. 
GUYARD (bernard) La Vie de St. Vincent Ferrier. 8« Par. 

GUYARD (MR.) De V\]s^ de la freqtiente Saign^e dani les Fie- 

Tre». ^ Par. 1702. 

6 U Y 

GUYART (PCTR. paul) An iracundiores foeminss diffidlius ptrtxk> 

riunt ? 4« Par. 1676. 
■' ■ Esttie corporis exercitudo omnium salubernma -a gau- 

dio? 4» Par. 1678. 

An in morbis acutis airwrClM. lethalis ? 4® Pttr, 1078. 

GUYBERT (philbebt) Les OeuvTes du Medecin charitaye. 8^ 

Par 1644. 

^ Rouen, 1645. 

GUYBON (francis) Essay conceming the Growth of Empiri'- 

cism. 8» Land.n 12. 
GUYENNE. Deliberation de la NoWesse de Guyenne, du 9 Jan- 

vier. 8« 17S9. 
GUYETUS (fran.) v. suetonius. ' ' 

GUYON, r. GuioN. 
GU\'ON (l'abbe') Histoire des Amazones. 2 Part. 12» Par. 

1740. > 

-^ S^ Brux. 1741. 

GUYON (loys) Diverses Lefons. S^ Lyon. 1604. 

• 8» Lyort.. 1610. 

Le Mirdir dc la BeautG & Sante corporelle. 2 tom. 8* 

Lyon. 1643. 
GUYOT (babt.) t)e Fluxionibus ingenere et de Rheumatismo in 

spcoie. 4^ Ltt^. 1730. 
GUYOT (EL.) De Empyemate. 4» Lugd. 1688. 
GUYOT (hen.) An a functionum integritate, Mentis Sanitas? 4^ 

Par. 1733. 

An alms siccior ad quemlibet morbum proclivior ? 4* 

Par. 1733. 

An inter apostemata^ pauca ferro sunt aperienda ? 4* 

Par. 1734. 

An in pari venJPfaectionis et purgationis indicationci ve-* 

naesectio prsBfereiida ? 4° Par. 1734. 

Manuale Medicorum, ctUi. a D. H. Blcaissio. 19** Lut} 

Par. 1739. 


GUYSE (CLAUDE de) V. boullay. 

— Legcnde de Domp Ciaudede Guyse. 8** 1581. 


The reasonableness of believcrs dying, and the greater 

advantage they will have by Jesus Christ, as the resurreotion' 
and the hfe, than if they vvere not todie; with the importance' 
of believing this. A Sermon on the death of Revd. J. Asty. 8^ 
Lond. 1730. 

Youth's Monitor in Six Annual Sermons to Toung 

men. 12^ Lond. 1736. ' 

Sermon on the death of the Rev. J. Hubbard. 8* Lond.- 

1743. ^ 

The unchangeable duration of God's kindness amd 

Covenant 4> Funeral Sermon on Mordecai Audrew^. ^^ 
Imd. 1750. 



(jraii) The Practical Expositor : or an Ezpoeition of the 

itainent. 6 vol. 89 Edinb. 1797. 

lCA, Summa Legationis Guysianicse ad Pontif. Max. 13* 

lN (d. dr) Vida y Muertedi Margareta Austriaca Beyna 
Mina. 4« Madr. 1617. 

lN (luys de) Historia de las Missiones que han hecliokMi 
MM» de la Compania de Jesus, para predicar el Sancto 
elio en los Reynos de Japon. 2 tom. fol. AlcaL 1601. 
lN (pedro de) Bienes de el honesto Trabsyoj y Danoa de 
sidad. 40 Madr. 1614. 

)TSCHNEID£R (joh. joach.) DissertatiodeFoBderibiis. 
d. 1671. 

joun) Articles ministered by His Majestiea CommisBion* 
Causes ecclesiastical against him. 4® Lond. 1641, 
THos.) His Will and Testament. 8® Lond. 
TT (amb.) His life, strange voyages and uncommon ad- 
es. 8^ Lond. 


EL.) Memotrs of her life. 8* Lond. 1759. 
(matth.) Nero, Tragoedia. 4» Lond. 1603. 
12° Lond. 1639. 

- Orationes du» Londini habit» in JEdibua Greshamibj 
1598. 12» Land. 1605. 

- Vertumnus. 4* Lond. 1607. 

- In Assertorem Chymicae, sed vere Medicins Deserto- 
ra. Anthonium, Matthei Gwynn, Adversaria. 4® Lond* 

ETT (r.) V. thomas. 

^ (joun) London and Westrainster improved. 4* Lond. 

iT. de) Description et usage de la Mappemonde pro* 

ur 1'horizon de Paris. 8* Par. 1774. 

Nic.) The £ng1i9h Phlebotomy. I9f^ Lond. 1592. 

ID (o.) Discourse of the subUe practices of DeviUes by 

es. 4« Lond. 1587. 

ID (r.) Lyric Poems on the Attributes of the Deity. S^ 

[JS (eman.) De Loco et Spatio. 4<» Bem.'l6S9. 
(ANTk.) Of £lection and Reprobation. 129 Lond, D. 

(john) De Catarrho. 4« IV. ad Rh. 1699. 
(mascall) Defence of a treatise against superBtitioua 
^orship. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

(wiLL.) A Dcfence of Dr. Sherlock's Preservativc against 
', in Reply to a Jesuit's Answer. 4* Lond. 1688. 
*4B0RG (Count) Letters between him and others, relat- 
the Intention of raising a Rebellion in Engtand, to bt 
ted hy Sweden. fol. Lond. 1717. 

8» Lond.m^. 

a Dd G^U£KBK5BA 

G Y S 

6YLLENB0RG (Caunt) Letter from a Gentkmtn io tbe Conv* 
tiy on the Seizure of the Swedish M inister'^ Pkiperii 8^ IdmeL 

GYLLIUS (PET.) Historia Animalium ex ^iano^ PorphyriOy 

. Hdiodoro et Oppiano. Et^usdem Gyllii Liber unus de-Latinia 
et Gallicis Nominibus Piscium. 4* Lugd. apud Gryph. 1538. 

4» Lugd. 1535. 

.- De Bosporo Thracio Lib. IIL 4<» Lugd. 1561. 

4» Lugd. 1562. 

l&^ jMgd. Bat, apud Ehev. 1632. 

De Topographia Constantinopoleos, et de iUins Anti« 

quitatibus. 4« Lugd. 1562. 

Ar^l. by J. Ball. 8« Land. 1729. 

GYMMINIGH (joh. fr.) Victoria sacra quam Christos Salvator 
noster nobis alioquin perditis deporUvit. 4® Dui^. ad Rh. 

GYMNASIAD, or Boxing Match; a Poem. 4^ Lond. 1744. 

GYNAECIA, V, mulieres. 

GYONGYOSI (LADis.) Dedivisione Entis. 4» Ulir. 1656. 

GYRALDI (giovan. batt. cinthso) Gli Hecatammithi. 9 totn* 
8^ Mont. Reg. 1565. 

GYRALDUS, v. giraldi. 

GYRALDUS (lil. oaEc.) Opera. 2 tom. fol. Bas. 1580. 

ab Joh. Jensio. fol. Lugd. Bai. 16M. 

■ Poematia. 4® Lugd. apud Gryph. 1536. . 

■ De Re Nautica. 8» Bas. 1540. 

— — — De Annis et Mensibus. 4« Bas. 1542. 

JEnigmata, et Pythagor» Symbola explicata. 8^ Bas» 


Dialogbmi XXX ad Card. Salviatum. 8* Vcn. 1553. ' 

GYRON (petrds) Ossunoi Dux. Ossuniana Coi^juratid. 4^ 

GYSBERTSZ (laur.) v. paracelsus. 
GYSEN (coRN. van) De Purgantibus. 4<» Li^d. 17ia 


H A B 

BAACRE (CAR.) De Scorbuto summo moiborum et causantm' 

morbificarum Genere. 4^ Erf. 1739. 
HAAGH (laoil) De Fulcro Terr». 4» Gryph. 169». 
HAAK (levinus) Oratio de Eloquentise Laudibus. 4* Gmnkk. 

HAAN (ant.) Oratio funebris in obitum Maris Stuart^ Britto- 

rum quondam Reginse. 4® Hag. €km. 1695. 
HAAN (joh.) Spiritus vini atque aceti examoi. 4' Argent. 1708. 

De Hsemorrhagia Narium. 4* Argent. 1711. 
HAAN (laurentius) Consultatio Pestis. 8^ ifan. 1611. 
HAARUCH Hakazur, i. e. Lexicon minus. Compendium Lezici 

Migoris R. Naran Ben Jechiel, quod vocatur Haarvch. 4^ 

HAAS (jANUs) Oratio de literarum studiis. 4® Dordraci. 1710. 
HAASSIUS (geo. zach.) De Danubii et Rheni conjunctione. 4* * 

HAAZE (theod. van) Naspeuring van den Leviathen beschre* 

ven in Jobs Boek, e van den Visch die Jonas verslond. 12^ Utr., 


HABAKKUK, v. biblia. psalmi. 

■■■ A paraphrastical exphcation of the prophecie of Habafc- 

kuk. 4^ Osf. 1646. 
HABBE (geo. bud.) Dissertatio de Oraculis Zoroastris. 4® Tt^ 

tcmh. 1708. 
HABDARRAHMANUS Anutensis JEgyptius. De Proprietati- 

bus, ac Virtutibus medicis Animalium, Plantarum, ac Gemma- 

rum ex Arab. Lat, redd. ab Abrafaamo EccheUensi. 8* Pof • 

HABEAS CORPUS. The Arguments upon t)ie Writ of Habea»! 
- CortNu conceminff Loans. 4<* Land. 1649. 

H A C 

HABEL (jOB. ANDK.) De Seductoribussab exlrema SecoK Mai&^ 

dum seducentibus, ad dictum Matth. XXIV. 45. 4<^ JRocr. 

HABERDASHER^ COMPANY. An original onkn of King 

Charles I. to the Haberdashers Company. 4® MS. 
HABERDORF (matth. alb.) De Theologia scholastica yeteri. 4« 

Hnfh. 1717. 
HABERKORN (henr. petr.) De Religione Jureconsultonim. 4* 

Lips. 1677. 
HABERKORN (jut. pbtr.) De excellenti balneorum ez aqua 

dulci usu in ai&ctibiis intemis. 4® HaL Mag. 1731. 
HABERKORN (petrus) De Motu. 4« Marp. Cau. 1636w 
HABERLANDT (eman.) De Anima rationali. 4<» Witt. 1658. 
HABERLANDUS (silvestbr) De Tempore. 4P Witt. 1610. 
HABERMAK (geo. chr.) De Rachitide. 4« Lipg. 1687. 
HABERMANNUS (wilh. dav.) p. schaper. 
■ De signis imminentium morborum ad prsecautionem 

necessariis. 4^ Rost, 1705. 
HABERMAS (geo. chr.) De Abortu. 4» Erf. 1690. 
HABERSACK (franciscus adolphus) Medicina Austro-Vien* 

nensis versice exposita. 8° Vien, Aust, 1731. 
HABERSTRO (jac.) De Scorbuto. 4» Jm. 1644. 
HABERT (franc.) r. ovidius. 
HABERT (obrmain) La Vie du Cardinal de BeruDe. 4* Par. 

HABERT (p.) Les Vertus et Proprietez des Eaux d'Autocil. 8* 

Par. 1638. 
HABICOT (nicolas) ProWemes sur la Nalure, Preservatioo, &; 

Cure de hi Maladie pestilentielle. 8» Par. 1607. 
■ Semaine, ou Practique Anatomique. 8* Par. ISIO. 

— — Paradoxe Myologisie, i>ar lequel est demonstre» que 1e 

Diaphragme, n^est un seul Muscle. 8^ Par. 1610. 

•i Gygantosteologie. 8» Par, 16ia. 

Antifirigantologie. 8» Par, 1618. 

ProbTemes Medecinaux, et Chirurgicaux. 8* Par, 


Question chirurgicale, sur TOperation de la Broncfaoto^ 

mie. 8» Par. 1620. 
HABIN, 9. estrange. 
HABINGTON (william) The Historie of Edward IV. of Bng-^ 

land. fol. Lond, 1640. 
" The Queen of Arragon, a Trigi-comedy.- foL LtmtL 

HABRECHTUS (isaac) Janua sex Linguarum. Lat. Germ. Gatt. 

Ital, Hispan. Angl, 8» Argent, 1639. 
■ "' Planiglobium coeleste et terrestre, a Joh. Chr. SturmiO 

editum. 4» Norimb. 1666. 
HABRICHIUS (ELiAs) Exercitatio medica. 4^ Argent, 16a0. 

De Syncope. 4» Franc, ad Oder. 1643. 

HACABORNIUS (joh. david) De Aquis. 4« Bmm. 1689. 


H A D 

HACHENBER6IUS (paulus) Germaiiia media, in qua res me* 

diorum seculorum explicantur. 4® Jen. 1686. 
HACHTINGIUS (nich.) De Bulimo. 4» Frtmc. 1657. 
HACKE (Gim/. will.) CoUection of mginal Vojaget. 8^ Lcmd. 

HACKER {CoL fr.) v. axtsll. harrison. nbedham. 
HACKER (CoL) The two grand Traitors Lamentation: or 

stranffe news from the Tower of London^ being the Speechet 

of Cd. Hacker and Col. John Barkstead. 4P Lond. 1660. 

The Tryall of. 4» Lond. 1660. 

HACKET (jobn) Bishop qfLichJkld and Coventry. Sermon be- 

fore the King. Acts XV, 39. 4« Lond. 1660. 
■ ' ■ Scrinia reserata. The Life of Archbishop WiUiams* 

fol. Lond. 1693. 

> abridged, by W. Stephens. 8^ Lond. 1715. 

HACKET (john) De Dysenteria. 4» Li^. Bat. 1731. 

HACKII Fraires, v. nepos. 

HACKLUIT (r.) V. hakluyt. wuitb. 

HACKLUYT (joun) An Alarm for London; A Fast Sermon. 

4"» Lond. 1647. 
HACKMAN (JAS.) His Life, Tryal and dyin^ Woids. 8» Lond. 

His Case and Memoirs. 12^ Lond. 1779. 

HACKNEY Coach Companion. ^ Lond. 1780. 

HACKNEY (iscariot) An Author to be let. Being a proposal 

addressed to the Knights and other Members of the Society ai 

theBathos. 8^ 
HACKSPAN (THEon.) v. lipmannus. 

■ Tract. de Usu Librmiim Rabbinicorum. 4* Abrift. 1644. 

4 Fides et Leges Mohammedisy ex Alcorano. 4* Akdotf. 

HACKUS (jo. PR.) Regia Via ad Veritatem Christian^ Fidei 

perscrutandam et amplectendam manu ducens. 4® Qtdan. 

HACKZELL (nic.) De Urbe Lula ejusque adjacentibus Paroe« 

ciis. 4<> Up. 1731. 
HACCIUET ( ) Neuste physikalisch-politische Reisen. 4 vol. 

^ Numb. 1790—96. 
HACdUINIERE. Les miraculeux Efiects de TEau de la Fon- 
. laine de la Hacquiniere. 12* Par. 1620. 
HADDINGTON, Earl of. v, hamilton. 
HADDON (walter) v. dalmada. 

— " ' — Cantabrigiense8> sive, Exhortatio ad Literas. 12^ Lond. 

^ " Lucubrationes, a T. Hatchero collecta. 4* Lcmd. 1567. 

- PoemaU, a T. Hatchero collecta. 4* Lond. 1567. 
12» Lond. 1576. 

KADEWIG (j. H.) Gluckwunschendes Denkmal zu Ehren det 
Bischofs von Osnabruik £mst Augustus. 4« Rintein. 1662. 

BADFIELD (thos.) v, chandlbr. 

-»— — — Dying in Faith, opened and improved. A Sermon oa 
die death q[ Mary Coope. 8« Lond. 1733. 

H ^ R.. 

HADLEY (GBo.) The Hisiory of Kingston upon HuD. 4? EimC 

HADLEY (bbnO De BalBamo Peruviano. 4<^ iMg/Bai. ITia 
HADLEY (joHi^ Description of a new instrument for takiiig tfie 

Latitude or other Altitudes at Sea. ^ Lond, 1734. 
HADOUSIUS (JACOB.) Epitomes Geographicse Veterea et Not» 

Partes III— X. 4» li^aj, ad Rh. 1685. 

-T De Anima rationali. 4P Traj. ad Rh. 1686. 

HADRAVA (k* sig.) Raffguagli di varii Scavi e Scoverte di An- 

tichiU fatte neir Isola di Capri. 4« Dresda. 1794. 
HADRIANID£S (mich.) v. petronius. 
HADRIANUS (augustus) Imperator. v. epictetus; 
HADRIANUS Cardinalis. De vera Philosophia^ ex quatuo» 

Doctoribus Ecclesias. 4^ Bonon. 1507. 

. De Sermone Latino, et de Modis Latine loquendi. 4^ 

Par. 1517. 
■ etejusdem Venatio. 4® Bas. 1518. 

12« Col. 1523. 

HADRIANUS VL v, bubmannus. 

RffilBERLIN (balth.) ExerciUtio Medica. 4« Argent. 1693. 

H/RRKRLINUS (georg. henr.) Dissertatio Theoloo^ica^ de Gene^ 

ratione Plantarum et Animalium. 12* T\ibing. 1693. 
HAEDO (diego de) Topographia e Histoha d'Argel. fol. FaU' 

lad. 1612. 
HiBDUS (pBTRus) Portunanm. Dialogi de Amoria. Generibos. 

4« Tarv. 1492. 
■■ De Miseria humana. 4« Ven. 1558. 

HJSDUUS (joH. auiNT.) 9. auiNTiNus. 
HAEGEN (joH. vandbr) De Mundo finito an infiniio. 4^ Tr. ad- 

Rh. 1692. 
HAEGH (HBRM. vander) De Dysente^a. 4<^ Lug. Bat. 1672. 
H£MRQDIUS (cormblius) Batavis, omniumque int^ Helium 

et Flevum> Urbium, Descriptio. 8® Hardrov. 
HAEN (barth.) De Ecclesia languescente sub Neronei et resti* 

tuU sub Trajano. 4® Fran. 1694. 
HAEN (gal. db) De Apoplexia. 4» Lug. Bat. 1645. 
HAENDELIUS (christop. chris.) DeArteGermanorumPoetica* 

HAENDLERUS (joh. G0D.).De Sanitate conservanda ad Senec* 

tutem. 4« Witt. 1723. 
■■ De cura Gravidarum et Puerperarum. 4^ Wiu* 1793;« 

HJENSIUS (gott.) Dissertatio de . Constantino Maximo ez r^ 

tionibus politicis Chrisiiano. 4^ Lips. 1714. 
HA£R'(flor^ vander) De IniGis Tumultuum Belgicorum. 8^ 

HiSBRESIS. De quatuor Heresiarchis Ordinis Praedicatoruiiide 
:■ Observantk. Nuncupatorum apud Suitenses, in Civitate P^ 

neasi, combuttis. Anno M.D.IX. 4^ 

— 4® [Litt. Goth. nne hco^aui l^pog. nomkteJf 

; ■■ Histoire des viet, des quatret principaux lieretimc» 

a scavoir. M. Lutbei^-*A« CarWad^P; Martyr^. CaMn. 
'l^Ddpay,im, HiEKESIS. 

H A E 

HJEBESIS. Bepome d'on Gentilfaomme Fran^ois a rAdveitiMe- 
ment dei Canioliqaes Angloii, en laqaefle il Iraite la question« 
si pour chasser Tberesie il faut tuer les Heretitques. li" 1587. 

— De juita Reipublicse Cbristiane in Reges Impies ei 

Hmreticos, authoritate, per 6. G. R. A. 8» Par. 1590. 

■ I Theatrum crudelitatum Hsereticorum. 4® Ani, 16M* 

Trad. en Fr. 4« Ant. 1607. 


> Grouwekn der Voornsemster Hooft-ketteren. 19* Lsyi. 
' Greuwel der Vomahmsten Haupt-ketzeren. 13* Lgf; 

Hsresiarcharum insignium Apocalypsis. 12* iMg, 
Bai. 1608. 

Iconica et historica descriptio prsecipuorum Hteresiar* 

charum qui ab Ecclesia Catholica excommunicati. Per C. U. S. 
fol. Am. 1609. 

• A demurre to the bill for preventing the g^rowth of He^ 

resie. 4* 1646. 

■ A relation of XX several Heresies. 4* Lond. 1646. 

An ordinance of both Houses concemmg the growth of 

Heresies. 4* Lond. 1646. 

Some modest Queries concerning a Printed Paper, In^ 

tituled An Ordinancc prcsentcd to the Hotue qf Commons, ifc. 
for the preventing of Hercsies, (fc. 4® Lond. 1646. 

Vindicationof a Printed Paper, Intituled An Ordinance 

presented to the House of Commons for the preventing qf Hat' 
«tes. 4* Lond. 1646. 

> Ordinance of both Houses for punishing nasphenries 

and Heresies. 4« Lond. 1648. 

Ecbircissement de cette question morale et ecdesias* 

tique, si un Docteur ou un Bacheiier peut en suret^ de con- 
saence souscrire une censure» qui condamne comme Heretique 
& Impie une propositionqu^ils^ailestreTeritable et catholique. 
4* 1656. 

Sure and honest means for the conversion of aU Here- 

licks. 4* Lond. 1688. 

Abrese de THistoire de plus femeux Heresiarques de- 

puis Tann^ 1040. 12* Col. 1699. 

Lettre d'un Docteur de Sorbonne a un homme de 

qualite louchant les Heresies du 17 Siecle. 8* Par. 1712. 

Adiscourse conceming the Laws Ecclesiastical and 

Civil made against Hereticks. 8* Lond. 1723. 
lUBRESIS, V. iNauismo. 

HAERINGH (hibr.) De Vertigine. 4* Li^. Bat. 1672. 
HAERSOLTE (rutgbb van) Antilogia ende Kort-Grocididi 

Bericht. 4* ZwolL 1654. 
HiERTEL (hbrm.) De aualogia inter primam et uldmam fletatem 

in statu sano, roorboso et dietetico secundum illud : Senez bk 

PtterciL 4* fiif' 1720. 
HA£S (laurent db) Oratio^ De excellenUahmininattiiti^Xtava^ 

^ Jm0. 1679. 

8 HKSS&feSS^ 

H A G 

BAESBAERT (joh. wilh.) De Fame leesa. 4* JLi^. Bat, 1668. 
HAESBAERT (mart. joh.) De Hydrope. 4<» Marp. CatL 

1679. ^ 

HA£S£BRO£CK (joa.) Disputatio, an dentur actionea mlYtsa iii 

rem et personam, et qusenam illae sint. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1716. 
HA£ST£NS (henr.) La Nouvelle Troye, ou rHistoire du Sieg« 

d'0«tende. 4« Ltyd.Elzep. 1615. 
HAEX (dav.) Dictionarium Hfalaico-Latinum, et Latino-Malai* 

cum, 4^ Rom. 1631. 
HAF£NR£FF£R (matthias) Templum Ezechidis, sive, in IX 

postrema Prophetae Capita Commentarius. fol. Tubing. 1613. 

Loci Theologici. 8<> Witcb. 1622. 

HAF£NR£FF£R (sam.) Raphael Artem medicam expLanans^ 

cum Vela Temporis, et Anchora Precum. 12® Fronc. 1639. 

: 8« XJlm. 1642. 

■ De Cutis Affectibus. 8» Tubing. 1630. 

Physico-astrologicium Instrumentum UoTa/xf^of. fol. 


- Monochordon Symbolico-Biomanticum : Sive De Pul- 

sibus. 12» Vlm. 1640. 

OflScinjiIatrica. 12® Ulm. 1653. 

HAFIZ. Persian Lyrics, or scattered Poems from The Duvan- 

J-Hafiz : with paraphrases in Verse and Prose, by J. H. Hind- 

ley. 4® Lond. 1800. 
HAFNIA. Relation, wie es mit der Bestiirmung von Copenhagen 

1659 der 10-11 Febr. zugegangen. 4® Copeh. 1659. 
HAGDORN (cHRisT. w.) JEyquan oder der Grosse Mogol, das 

isty Chineische und Indische Stahts, Kriegs, und Lieb^ge»- 

chichte. 8® Amst. 1670. 
HAG£CIUS AB HAYCK (thad.) Dialexis de nova Stdla. 4* 

Franc. M. 1574. 
■ ■ Responsio ad Scriptum maledicum Hannibalis Ray« 

roundi, de SteUa Anni 1572 et 1573. 4» Prag. 1576. 

Descriptio Comet8B> qui apparuit Anno 1577. 4^ Pt^» 


■ Aphorismi Metoposcopici. 12® Franc. 1584. 
De Cervisia. 8» Franc. 1585. 

■ Actio medica adversus Philippum Fanchelium. 8* 
Amb. 159rf. 

HAGFDOORN (henr.) De Usufructu. 4« Hard. 1671. 
HAG£DORN (chr.) De Febrifugorum natura agendi et appii- 

candi modo. 4<^ Jen. 1694. 
HAG£L (JAN.) Compagne. F. de Witt. excudit 12<> 
HAGFLGANS (joh. geo.) Orbis literatus Germanico-£uropcui 

inSynopsi representatus. fo). 1737. 
HAGEMANN (gertrand) De omnigena Hominis NobiUtate. 4* 

CW.itfj. 1696. •/ 

HAG£MANN (joh. chr.) De Arthritide. 4« Lug. Bat. 171L 

■ Tractatuji phyaicua dc Motu Mercurii in Baromet^ 
.4! A^m. 1724. 


H A G 

HAGEN (cHEisTOPBOBus vofl) Ev^fiiM Amicorum in ejus Nup- 

tias. 4^ Gryphisw. 1598.' 
HAGEN (coBNBLius vander) Oratio de Adversitatum Toleran- 

tia. 4<» jimsi. 1689. % 

HAGEN (PRiD. CASP.) De sancti Imperii Romano-Germanici di- 

visione in decem Circulos. 4* Vitemh, 1699. 
Memorise Philosophonim, Oratorum, Poetarum, His- 

toHcorum et Philolc^orum nostr8& iEtatis clarissimorum. S^ 

Franc. 1710. 
HAGEN (PRiD. von) Doro. Christ. Juho Bokelmanno Carmen> 

&c. 4° 1701. 
HAGEN (joH.) De perfectione et exercitiis Sacri Cartusiensis 

Onlinis. W Lugd. 1643. 
HAGEN (joH. AB.) De nova Artuum decurtandorum methoda 4* 

Ltt^. Ba^l711. 

lAGEN (jo 

HAGEN (JORN coN.) De Malo Hypochondriaco. 4^ Regiam. 


De Memoria. 4^ Regiam. 1709. 

HAGE (JOH. PABiAN.) De concursu Dei generali. 49 Jenit. 

HAGEN (michael) De Mari. 4« Wiu. 1663. 
HAGENBRUCH (joh. thbo.) Adparatus Chorographicus. 4« 

Gissa. 1709. 
HAGENBUCHIUS (joh. casp.) De Grscis Thesauri novi Mura- 

toriani Marmorihus. 8® Tig. 1744. 

Epistols EpigraphicsB. 4® Tig. 1747. 

HAGENDORNIUS (ehrenp.) De Macie Puerorum ex Faacino. 

4« Jen. 1667. 
— — — De Catechu, sive, Terra Japonica. 8® Jen. 1679. 

Cynosbatologia. 8° Jen. 1681. 

Histori» medico-physics. 8® Rudolph. 1690. 

8« Franc. 1698. 

HAGER (ac.) De Fehribus in genere. 4^ Lug. Bat. 1661. 
HAGER (cHR. achatius) Bochhalten, uber proper CommiasioD 

tmd Compagnia handlungen. foK Hamb. 1624. 
HAGER (JOH. JOACH.) De Sanguine. 4<> Jen. 1666. 

De Salivatione. 4« Jei^ 1670. 

HAGER (joseph) Explanation of the Elementary Characters of 

tbe Chinese ; with an Analysis of their ancient Sytnbols and 

Hieroglyphics. fol. Lond. 1801. 
■■ Description des Medailles Chinois du Cabinet Imp. de 

France ; Pr^ced^e d'un Essai de Numismatique Chinoise, avec 

des eclaiTcissemens sur le commerce des Grecs avec la Ollin^ 

et sur les Vases precieux qu'on y trouve encore. 4® For. 
HAGERUP (cHR.) De primario Respirationis Usu. 4« Hefii. 

HAGERUP (JOH.) Dc Mcmstratione per Digitum. 4« Hitfa. 

nA€^ERUS(joB.)I>eIfchiade. 4» ^tVr.1721. ' 

VoL. m. E c HAGGABL 

H A H 

HA6GAR (henrt) The foundatioQ of the FoiK dhecmmSU # 

Lemd. 1653. 
■ The order of Cauie». Of God^s Foreknowledge, Elecw 

tion, Prededtination and of Man^s Salvatioa and Damnalioii. 4* 

Lond. 165^ 

: 4* Lond. 1655. 

40 Land. 1659. 

Considerations conceming the Quakera* 4^ Land. 

HAGG ER ( hen.) v. baptism. 
HAGGITT (geo.) Sermons to Country Congregations. 3vqL 8^ 

Lond. 1797. 
HAGEN (coRN. vAND.) De Melancholia Hypochondriacft. 4P 

JLi^. Bat 1715. 


■ ' I — Lusthofder Medecynen. fol Dardr. 1616. 
HAGMAIERUS (phil.) De distinctis Gradibus Ministronim et 

Usu Templonim. 4» Wiit 1689. 
HAGNAVER (geo. balth.) De motu SaDgttinis circulari. 4^ 

HAGOORT (ger.) Oratio de laudibus Cyg^l 4<» Gorin. 1717. 
HAGTHORP (j^ohn) Engfend'§ Bxchequev^or a Discourse of tba 

Seaand Navigation. 4' Land. 1625. 
HAGUE. TheCongreia at tte Hi«ue, by C. W. S" Imd. \m. 
HAGUELONUS (pet.) Sermooes de Sanitate tuenda. W F». * 

HAHN (adam) TABAXOAOTlA^ske De Tabaco. 4^ Jbt. IWf. 

• De Haemorrhagia Narium. 4*^ Jen. 1668. , 

HA AN (ant. db) Examen proverbii, McdMna twmU div*ipHntL 

4« Lug. Bai. 1735. 
HAHN (o. E. db) Tabk of Exehanges of Eurc^. &>l. 
HAHN (joh. car.) De AnatxNBes subtilioria utilitatf?. 4<^ Htlau 

UAHN (joh. god.) De Piurtibus llumtfii Corpons extemia» 4^ 

Lips. 1715. 
Febtium continttarutt mue amio MDCCXXES Vrati** 

kvis populariter grassataattntRecensio. 4^ VratM. 1791. 
— -— - Varioiarum Antiquitates nunc primum e Qmdn wimk 

40 JBh^.mS. \ 

- Carbo pestilens a Carbunculia sive Variolis Vetcmm 

distinctus. Accedunt binfl& IX W. Trilleri de eodem argumcnta 

:&>istokB. 4« Vratiil 1736. 
HAHN (JOH. siGisM.) De aquis raedicatis Pyrmontania. 4® Udm. 

HAHN (siGisM.) De Mehmcholia Hypochondriaca. 4<^ Lug. Btn. 

HAHNIUS (pBN.) Diatagmata Judeorum. 4« Uelm. 1661. 
HAHNIUS (joH. GBQ.) Fredericus UL Sapiens SaxoniA EkoM. 

4« Wkt. 1683. 
HAHNIUS (siM. ifaip.) Dqtloma fundationi» Beimnsia Bd Albni 

ContfibU^ 4« 1710. 


H A I 

HAHNItlS (tni. mi>0 Diffiertatlo de jmlis Bargundici noTi ftl 
ArebtcBgts Risgni liinitibiu. 4* HaL 171G. 

Dt geniiino et Salioo Conradi IL Imp. ortn. 4* Heim. 


De raedii ^vi Geographia per Germanos uberii» exoo- 

lenda. 4* Helm. 1717. 

Collectio MoQuinentonim vetenim, et recentium. 

ditonim, de Rebus Germanicis. 2 tom. 8° Mnmso. 1734—96. 
ConspectuB Bibliothecse Regise Hanoveranse. foL 

Hmav. 1737. 
HAEDELBERG. v. heioelberg. 
HAIDEN (jo.) Oratiode Gk>ria. 4« Jen. 1597. 
HAIGH (jai/bs) The Dyer^s Awistant. 89 Lteds, 177a 
HAJENUS (DAV.) De Natura Corporis. 4^ Fran. 1713. 
HAILBRUN. Les Artides propose^ dana l^Assembl^ de HailbruB» 

8* Par. 163S. 
HAILES {Dr.) v. eeid. 
HAILLAN (m. du) Conditions sous lesquelles les Fran^ois se 

s(mt donn^ un Roi ; ou l'origine de la Monarchie Fran^oise. 8^ 

Par. t7&9. 


HAIMINSFELDIUS, «. goldastus. 

HAIN (cHfttsTOPH.) Idea Juris Civilis et Canonici. 12* Jen. 


HAINE (THOs.) On Chrisfs descent to Hades. 4« Lond. 1649. 
HAINECCIUS (MART.) Fructus Terentiani. 12* Ly». 1643. 
HAINES (henr.) Treachery, Baseness and Cruelty display^d t# 

tiiefull; in the hardshipsand suflerings of H. Haines. 8* Lond» 

HAINES (richard) The Preventionof Poverty, or aDiscourse of 

the Causes of the Decay of Trade, &c. with Ezpedients for re» 

medying the same. 4^ L&nd. 1674. 
■ " A Breviat of some Proposals for the speedy restoring 

the WooUen Manufactorv. 4^ Lond. 1679. 

- Proposals for buiraing in every County a working Man^ 

hoiise or Hospital to perfect the Manuiactory of linnen Cloth. 
4« Land. 1677. 

Bread for the Poor, or Observations on the above PTo* 

posak. 4^ Land. 1678. 

A Method of Govemment for public working Alms- 

bouses. 4^ Lond. 1678. 

A Moddi of Government fbr the Good of the Poor. 4* 

Lofii^. 1678. 

>England's Weal or Prosperity proposed : or Reasons 

fer erecting public Workhouses in every County. 4* Land* 
KAINLINUS (joh. jac.) Sol Temporum, sive^ Chronologiamys* 
tica trium Mundi Sieculorum distributorum in Heb&madhi* 
Item EleDchns ChronologicuB Sacr» Scriptura. &11. TVM^« 

H A K 

HAINOCZY (dak.) De Pharisseis et ScTrilHS in Cathedra Motk 

sedentibus audiendis. 4<^ HaL Mag, 1719. 
liAINS (jos.) The Reasons of Mr. J. Hains the Player^g Coo- 

version and Re-Convereion. 4® Lond, 1690. 


HAIR POWDER. Letter to Mr. Pitt on thc use of Hair Powder. 

8<» Lond. 1795. 
HAITHONUS Armenus. Liber Historiarum partium Orientis, 

sive Passagium Terrse Sancts. 4® Hagan. 1529. 
Historia Orientalis, Curd Rein. Reinecci. 4® Helmtt. 


4« Col. Brand. 1671. 

Beig, 4« Amst. 1664. 

Gall. 4» Par. 

HAKE (cRRisTiANus ALBERTus) Europa revalescens. 4^ Brem- 

HAKE (dan.) De Sypbilidis natura et cura. 4» IVitt. 1690. 

De Phthisi seu Tabe. 4» Witt. 1690. 

HAKE (robt.) De Mesenterio, Pancreate, Jecore et Liene. 4P 

Helm. 1688. 

— Dc Corde et Pulmonibus. 4« Helm. 1688. 

HAKEWILL (george) The Vanitieof the Eie. 12* Osf. 1608. 
12« O^. 1615. 

Scutum Regium contra Regicidas. 8^ Lond. 161SL 
12» Lonrf. 1613. 

: The auncient Ecclesiasticall Practice of Coniirmation. 

4<> Lond, 1613. 

An Answere to Dr. Carrier's Letter to his Majestie» 

conceming his embracing the Church of Rome. 4® Lottd. 

A Comparison between the Days of Purim and that 

of the Powder Trcason. 4» Ojf. 1636. 

An Apology or declaration of the Power and Proyi- 

dence of God in the Govemment of the World. foL Lond* 

foL Lond. 1635. 

Funeral Sermon on the Rev. J. Downe. 4* Ojf. 1633. 

Discourse of the Institution, Dignity, and End of thc 

Lord*s Day. 4« Lond. 1641. 

A dissertation with Dr. Heylin touching the pretended 

Sacrifice in the Eucharist. 4» Lond. 1641 . 
HAKEWILL (wiLL.) The Liberty of the Subject against the pre- 

tended Power of Irappsitions. 4*^ Lond. 1641. 
The Manner how Statutes are enacted in Parliament by 

passingof Bilk 12» Lond. 1641. 
Modus tenendi Parliamentum : or the Old Manner of 

holding ParUaments in England. 12^ Lond. 1659. 
HAKLVYT, V. galvano. martyr. • • 

HAKLUYT (rich.) The principal Navigations, Voyages and 

Discoveries made by the English Nation. foL Lond. 1589« 
3 voL foL Lond. 159^1600. 


kAKLUYT (rich.) Tbe worthye and famouft Hktory of tbeSis^ 

covery and Conquest of Terra Floridat accomplubed by Don 

Ferdiaando de Soto. 4® Lond. 1611. 
History of the West Indies. Translated by M. Lok. 4» 

HALA. Ordnung^ in dem Waysen Hause zu Glaucha an Halle, 

&c. 4« Hfl/. 1699. 

' CoUegii Sanitatis heilsame Vorschlage wie der graaaie- 

renden Seuche unter dem Horn-vech vorzubauen. 4® Halle. 

HALBACH (cHRis.) De Dolore Capitis. 4» Ahd. 1657. 
HALBACHIUS (dan.) Disputatio quinta Qutestionum illustrium 

philosophicarum. 4<^ Witt. 1607. 
HALBERSTADT. £in Lied auf Heinricb Julium, Biscboffvon 

HalbersUdt. 4M607. 
HALBMAYER (joh. geo.) Exercitatio medica. 4® Arg. 1623. . 

■ De Sanitate ejusque Subjecto. 4® Arg. 1626. 

De Potentia obedientali. 4» IVitteb. 1664. 

HALBRITTER (joh.) Oratio de Pnvilegiis Doctorum. &^ 1604. 
HALDANUS Rex Norveg. v. ericils. 

HALDE (j. b. du) Description geograpbique Historique et Phy- 
sique de rEmpire de la Chine> et de la Tartare Chinoise. 
4 iom. fol. Par. 1735. 

4 tom, 4» Haye, 1736. 

Engl. by R. Brookes. 4 vol. 8« Lond. 1736. 

■ ' An irregular Dissertation, occasioned by readinff Fatber 
Du Halde's Description of China. Which may be read at any. 
time except in 1740. »> Lond. 1740. 

- Druidffi Camotensis de Serenissimo Principe Camotea^ 

sium Duce Vaticinium. Ode. 4* 

In Cunas Sereniss. Principis Camutum Ducis. Odc 

dithyrambica. 4" 


HALE {Sir matthew) v. baxter. burnbtt. 

His Works, Moral and Religious. To wbicb arc pre- 

fixed his Life by Bp. Burnet and an Appendix to his Life, by 

Tbos. Thirlwall. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1805. 
— DifBciles Nujrae, or Observations toucbing the Torricd*^ 

lian Experiment. 8° Lond. 1675. 

Observations touching the Principles of natural Mo-- 

tioto', &c. 8« Lmd. 1677. 

The primitive Origination of Mankind, according t/y 

tbe Light of Nature. fol. Lond. 1677. 

Funeral Sermon on Sir M. Hale by £. G. 4^ Lond» 


> Discourse toucbing Proviaion for the Poor. 8^ Lond. 

12« Lond. 1695. 


A short Treatise touching Sheriffi Accompts. 8* Limd. 


HALE (&> HATTBiw) Tracto. 8^ Idmd. 1684. 
. BP Ltmd. 1716. 

Tbe judgnient of the late Sir M. Hale of tlie Natim of 

tnie Religi<ni. Edited by R. Baxter. 4^ Land. 1684. 

Discourse of the KnoWledge of God and ounelfiea. 8* 

-Lond. 1688. 

■ Dbcourse conceming the great Mercy of God, in pre- 
•erving «s from tbe Power and Mdice of Bvil Angeb. 4* Limd. 

Magnetismus Magnus : Or Metaphysical and divine 

Contemplations on the Magnet or Loadstone. 8^ Lond. 1695. 
Use of registering Conveyances of Land. 4* Lomd. 


■ Hisloria Piacitorum Coronse. The History of tbe Pleai 

of the Crown, published by S. Emlyn. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1736. 
8« Lond. 1694. 

■ History of the Common Law, with Notes and Life of 
the Author by Charks Runnington. 8^ Land. 1779. 

HALENIUS (PET. JOB.) Legatus leviter libaius. 8^ Maim. 

HALES (cHARLEs) The Bank Mirror, or guide to the Funds. 8* 

Lond. 1796. ' 

Correct detail of the Finances of this Country; to 

which is added the History of the Bank of Engbnd. 8* idmd. 

HALES {Sir edwd.) Speech on the Kings Letter. 4^ 1641. 
— — — Speech in Parliament 4^ 1641. 
HALES (john) Works. 3 vol. 8» C^. 1765. 

■ ■ Sermon on the abuses of diffioilt phces of Scriptore. 4P 
Oj(f. 1617. 

' Tract conceming Schisme and Schismaticks. 4^ Ltmd. 


Of the Blasphemie against the Holy Ghost. 4® Lomd. 

GoMen Remains. 8* Lond. 1659. 
4« L(md. 1688. 

•Sermons. 49 1673. 
. Tracts. »> Lond. 1677. 
l^ Lon<f. 1791. 

■■■■ Account of his Life and Writing», [by M. des Maize* 

aux] 8« Lond. 1719. 

> On the Dignities and Corruptions of Man's Nature 

since the Fall. S9 Lond. 1720. 
BALES (stephbn) Vegetable Staticks. 2 vol. 8^ Lond. 1727, 38. 
■ ■ Sermon before the Trustees for establishing the Cc^ony 

of Georgio. 4» jLofMi._1734. 

Pbilosophical Experiments: shewing how SeaoWater 

may be made fresh: how Biscuit, &c. may be preaerml 
from Insects, and nesfa preaerved in hot Climates. ^ Landr 



HALES (stsfhbk) A DMcriptioQ of Ventilttors. 8^ Limd. 1749, 
> Experimcntt uid Obeerystiont on Tur Water. ^Land. 


8" Limd. 1747. 

--— -— SomeConsideratioQson theCtutesofEartkqiiakef. 9 
Land. 1750. 

- The Wiadom of God in the formation of Man. 4* LatuL 

HATiES (t.) New Inrentions and Improvementi propoaed kt m 

Letter to the Earl of Mariborough. \2f^ Lond. 1691. 
The new Invention of milled Lead ft>r sheathing Shipt* 

W Lond. 1691. 


HALES (wM.) ObsenratioQs on Tithes. To which k added tht 
9d edit. of the Moderate Reformer. 8^ Limd. 1794. 

A New Antlysis of Chronology. Vol. 1, 2. 4^ Limd* 


HALEWIIN (coBN.) De triplici melancholico Bdirio. 4^ Lar. 
Bai. 1624. 

HALEWYN (siMON yan) The Sentence of the Court of Hol- 
lan^* Zealand and Friesland against him and Robertde Pilfe du 
Plessisy containing a full Account of the whole Intrigne foriSae 
carrying on a Peace with France, transL finom tiie Dutch. 4* 

HALFORD (hanibl) o. sewsll. 

HALFPENNY (william) The Art rf sonnd bnilding, demon» 
strated in geometrical Problems. foL Lond. 1735. 

HALHEAD rHBNHY) Inclosure thrown open : tr Dcpop ula t i ott 
depopulated. 4^ Lond. 1650. 

HALHEAD (milbs) The Woundt of an Enemie in tbe Hoose of 
a Friend being a Relation of the hard Measure sustained by 
Um, and Thomas Sahhouse, in Devonshire. 4« Lond. 1656. 

HALHED (NATHANiEL bbassey) A Codc of Gentoo Laws» or Or* 
dimtiant of the Pundets, from a Persian Transkition' madefronr 
the Original of the Shanscrit Language. 4<* Lond. 1776. 

— — — A Grammar of the Bengal Langaaffe. 4* Hoogfy, 1778. 

■■ Testimony of the Authenticity of the Prophecies of 

R. Brothers, and of his mission to recall the Jews. 8® Lond. 

• Galcuhtion on the commencement of the MiHeniamv 

8» Lond. 1795. 

i A complete CoHection of all Mr. Halhed^s writingt in 
dcfisnceof R.Brolhert. 8<» Loiui^. 1795. 


HALIDAY (samuel) Letter io Mr. Gilbert Keanedy. 8» Beffiat, 

17tf . 
HALIFAX, Earl qf. v. montacub. savtllb. 
HAUFAX (tAML.) Bp. qf OUmcnter. Sermon befcre the Society 

fi» Hm propagttion of the Gotpd. 4* Lond. 1789. 




HALL (CHARLEs) The Gospel credibility defended against the ob- 

. jections of its decrease by kngth of time. 4® (hf. 1756. 

■■ National humiliation peculiariy seasonable in times of 

National success. A Fast Sermon. 4^ Lond. 1760. 
11A(JL (gbo.) God's appearance for the Tribe of Levi. A Ser- 

mon. 4« Lond. 1655. ^ 
HALL (henbt) Fast Sermon. 4» Lond. 1644. 


. ■ Memoirs of John Hall the notorious Robber. 8* Lond, 


8« Lond. 1714. 


HALL (john) Horse vacivffi. 13® Lond, 1646. 

HALL (jobn) Select Observations on English Bodies : or cures 

. in den>erate diseases. Englishcd by James Cooke. 12® Lond. 

r— -: — : — : with Directions for drinking Bath Water,and 

An cosmetica, by H. Stubbs. 8® Lond. 1679. 
. 8® Lond. 1683. 

HALL (joseph) Bp. cfNorwich. v. dominis. whitefootb. 

Works. f<^. Lond. 1648. 

— The sbaking of the OUve Tree; The remaining Works. 

4« Lond. 1660. 

Virgidemiarum sixe Bookes. 12° Lom;^. 1597. 

13« Lcmd. 1602. 

Epistles. 3 vol 8« L(md. 1608—11. 

' The Peace of Rome. To which is prefixed a diasua- 

sive from Popery. 4« Lond, 1609. 

A common Apologie of the Church of Englgpd: 

against the Brownists. 4® Lond. 1610. 

• A Recollection of such Treatises as have been publish' 

ed, corrected and augmented. fol. Lond. 1617. 

■ QuoVadis? A just Censure of Travell. &^ Lond.lW!. 

> The Honor of the married Ciergie main&yned agiunst 

C.K 8« Lonc^. 1620. 

Sermon at the Earle of Exeter's on Hag. H. 9. 9» 

Loud. 1624. 

The true Peace-Maker. A Sermon. 8° Lond. 1624. 

— \ — — Thanksgiving Sermon for the mitigation of the late 

mortalitie. 8« Lond. 1626. 

■" The Reconciler. 8° Lond. 1629. 

Answer to Pope Urban^s Inurbanity, translated by R S. 

4« Lond. 1629. 

. The old Religion. 8» Lond. 1630. 

Certaine irrdTragable Propositions worthy of seridus 

Consideration. 4<^ Lond. 1639. 

: Episcopacie bydivine right asserted. 4*^ Lond. 1640. 

'' An humble Remonstrance to the High Court of P^a* 

ment. 4« Lond. 1640. 


H A L 

HALL (JosEPH^ Bp, qf Narwich. A short Answer to the tedioiil 

vindication of Smectymnus. 4^ LondAM. 
■ Defence of the Humbk Remonstrance against Smectym- 

nus. 4» Lond, 1641. 

Sermon beforc the King. Psal. CVII. 34. 12* Land. 



Lctter on slanderous reports against the Bi^hops. 4^ . 
Lelter from the Tower to a private Friend. 4* Lond. 

Mundus alter et idem. Sive Terra Australis antebac 

semper incognita. £d. a Gul. Knight. 12^ UUrq;, 1643. 
l^ Franc. 1648. 

The devout Soul, and the free Prisoner. 12* Lond* 


A modest offer of some meet considerations tendere^ 

to the Assembly of Divines concemin&: Cburch Govemment. 4P 

4^ Lond. 1660. 

Remedy of Discontent. 12® Lond. 1645. 

The Peace-maker. 12» Lond. 1645. 

Pax Terris. W Lond. 1648. 

Century of Sclect thoughts. Also the Bi-eatbings of a 

devout SouL 12« Lond. 1648. 
— ^— Xtt^iina. Or the Apostolique Institution of Imposi- 

tion of Hands, for Confirmation, revived. 12» Lond. 1649. 

Resolutions and Decisions of divers Cases of Conscience. 

12» Lond. 1649. 

The great Mystery of Godliness. Also the invisible 

Worid. 12» Lond. 1652. 

An apologetical Letter to a Person of Quality. 4» Lond, 


► Divers Trealises. foL Lond. 1662, 


IIALL (r.) r. W1NTER. 

MALL (richd.) Oratio anniversaria Harveiana. 4» Lond. 1725. 


— The Saints conflict and contest Funeral Sermon on 

Ann Evans. 8® Coventry, 1775. 

The Friend of Jcsus. A Funeral oration on Revd. H. 

Crabb. 8^ I^d. 1795. 
HALL-STEVENSON (john) His Works. 3 vok 8» Lond. 

MALL (thos.) r. moore. 
The Pulpit guarded with XVII. Arguments. 4<> Lond. 


Tlie CoUiec in his Colours. 4« Lond. 1652. 



HALL (thos.) The Font guarded with XX Argumentf. 4f 
Lond. 1652. 

r- The Beauty of Holiness. 19» Land. 1653. 

■ The Loathsomeness of long Hair. 12** Lond. 1654. 

m w^ ' ■■ Vindicise Literarum, cir die Schools guarded. Cen- 
turia sacra^ or Rnles for expounding Scripture. Rhetorica 
Bacra, or a Synopeis of the Tropes and Figures in the Holy 
Scriptures. Histrio-mastix» or a Whip for Webster the quon- 
dam Playcr. 8» Lmd. 1755. 

Phaeton'^ folly, or the downfall of Pride, a transktion 

of B. 2. of Ovid's Metamorphoses. 12* Lond. 1655. 

Chilio-mastix redivivus, sive Homesus enervatus. A 

Confutation of the Millenarian opinion. 12® Lond. 1657. 

FunebriaFlorse^theDownfallof May-Games. 4« Lond. 



Sermon on the dcath of Revd. T. Cole. »• Lond. 


Sermon on the death of Revd. R. Wright. 8^ Lond. 

■ The Believer's Wish. A Sermon on the death of Revd« 

J. Hill. 8« Lond. 1746. 

Sermon on the death of Revd. Z. Marryatt 8* Lond. 


"> Funeral Sermon on T. Bradbury. 8* Lond. 1759. 

HALL (tho.) The Queen's Royal Cookeiy. 12° Lond. 171S. 
HALL (tim.) Bp. qf Oxford. Funeral Sermon on R. Hunting- 

ton, Esqr. 4« Lmd. 1684. 
m Sermon on Lev. XIX. 17. 4« Lond. 1689. 

HALL (william) A new and trew Method to find the Longitude 

and Latitude. 8* Lond. 1714. 
HALL (wm.) Sermon on King Charles's Inauguration. 4*^ Lond. 

HALLAYS (franc.) An secretionem omniiun materies lympha ? 

4<> Par. 1714. 
■ An optima quae perspirationi aptissima sunt alimenta } 

4« Par. 1715. 
HALLE (edwd.) Chronicle of the union of the two noble and 

illustre tamelies of Lancastre & Yorke, &c. 2 vols. fol. Lond. 

Grafton, 1548. 

fol. Lond. Grqfton. 1550. 

HALLE (john) V. lanfrancus. 

HALLEMHORST (frid. anton.) Dissertatio de eo quod justum 

est circa Venationes in genere, et in specie circa Venationea 

precarias. AP Eff. 1713. 
HALLER (alb.) v. boerhave. henky. 
- ■ Experimenta circa ductum salivalem novum Coschwizl- 

anum. 4« Lug. Bat. 1727. 
■■■ De methodico studio Botanices absque Preceptore. 4* 

Goti. 1736. 


H A L 

HALLER (alb-) De Respiratione. 4^ Gotting. 1736. 

■— De Cadavere Puellffi et de Valvula Eustachii. 4® Gott, 


De Vasis Cordis propriis. 4« Gott. 1737. 

De Veronicis quibus^am Alpinis. 4® Gott. 1737. 

Invitatio Medica ad demonstrandum quod humana 

Corpora secuerit Hippocrates. 4" Gott. 1737. 

De Diapbragmatis Musculis. 4^ Lug. 1738. 

Descriptio Foetus bicipitis ad Pectora connati, ubi in 

Causas Monstrorum, ex Principiis Anatomicis, inquiritur. 4^ 
Hanov. 1739. 

Iter Helveticum^ et Iter Hercynicum. 4® Gotting. 


Enumeratio methodica Stirpium Helvetiae indigenarum. 

2 tom. fol. Gotting. 1742. 
■ Historia Stirpium indigenarum Helvetiae. 2 tom. fol. 

Bcm. 1768. 

• De Fcetu humano septUnestri sine cerebro edito. 4^. 

Gotu 1745. 


Disputationes Anatomics selectfle. 6 tom. 4*^ Gouing. 

— Elementa physiologis Corporis humani. 8 tom. 4* 

Laus. 1757—78. 

Sur la formation du Coeur, dans le Poulet; sur rOeil, 

sur la striicture du Jaune, &c. Avec un Memoire sur la Respi- 
ration. 8» Lausanne, 1758. 

Schriflen der physsich und okonomischen gesellschaft 

in Bem. 5 tom. 8<> Bem. 1760.* 

De Allii Genere naturali. 4® Gotting. 

HALLER (g. e. von) Scweizerisches Muenz und Medaillen Ka- 

binet. 2 tom. 8» Bem. 1780—81. 
Bibliothekder Schweizergeschichte. 6 thiel. 8® Bem. 

HALLER (joH. JAC.) De Insignibus Ordinis equestris vet. Roma- 

norum. 4® -4//. 1715. 
HALLERVORDIUS (joh.) De Historicis Latinis, Spicilegium. 

8« Jen. 1672. 
' Bibhotheca Curiosa antiquorum Scriptorum. 4® Reg* 

HALLET (jos.) Funeral Sermon and hfe of Revd. G. Trosse. 8* 

The Belief of the Subordination of the Son 4>f 

God to his Father^ no characteristick of an Arian. S^ Oxon. 


Sermon on the death of Revd. J. Pierce, 8® Lond* 


Collection of Notes on Texts of Scripture, with various 

Discourses and Observatiooj». S vol. 8^ Lond. 1729 — 36. 


H A L 

HALLET (jos.) The consistent Christian, being a Confutation of 

the Errors of Mr. Chubb. S^ Lond. 1738. 
HALLET (jos.) Index MS Graecorum, et Versionum antiqua- 

rum Novi Testamenti quos MiUius et Kusterus cum tertia edi- 

tione Stephanica contulerunt. 8® Lond, 1728. 
HALLETT (gul.) De viribus Argenti vivi. 4« Lug.Bai. 

HALLEY (edmund) r. apollonius Pergaks. dodson. dodwell. 
Catalogus Stellarum Australium sive Supplementum 

CatalogiTychonici. 4*» Lond, 1679. 
Gall. 12« Par. 1679. 

Declaration of the Heavens, . and of the earthly Flat- 

Form. 49 Lond. 
A Synopsis of the Astronomy of Comets. 8® Lond. 

Letter to Robert Nelson, Esq. with an Abstract of Mr. 

DodweU^s Book de Cydis. 8« Lond. 1715. 

Tabulae Nauticae, Variationes Magneticas denotantes. 

with an Account of the Improvements made therein by W. 

Mountaine. fol. Lond, 1758. 

. Explication of the Tides. 4* 

HALLIDAY (hannah) liCtter to J.Maddox. 8» Lond. 

HALLIDAY (j.) v. amory. 

HALLIER (franc.) Defensio Ecclesiasticae Hierarchis, seu, Vin- 

diciae Censura; Facultatis Theologise Parisiensis adversus H. 

Loemelli Sportgiam. 4<> Par. 1632. 
— Defence de sa Doctrine coutre les calomnies de Bobac. 

8« 1644. 
HALLIFAX, Earl of. r. montague. 

UALLIFAX {sAyiuEL) Bp. qf St. Asaph. Sermons on the Pro- 
/ phecies concerning the Christian Church, and in particular, 

conceniing the Church of Papal Rome. S^ Lond. 1776. 

Analysis of the Roman Civil Law. S'* Camb. I795. 

HALLING (cLAUD.) Hercules. S^ Ipsal. 1691. 


HALLUIN (duc d') v. schomberg. 

HALLYWELL (h.) v. penn. rust. 

' Melampronoea, or a Discourse of the Polity and King- 

dom of Darkness. With a solution of the objections broug^t 
against the Being of Witches. 12^ Lond, 1681. 

The Exceliency of Moral Virtue, with a Discourse on 

Sinccrity. 12« Lond. 1692. 
A defence of Revealed Religion in six Sermons. 8* 

Und. 1694. 
HALMALE (j. fred. van) Merkurius verheerlykt. 8" Amst. 

HALPAP (lucas) Fragmentum Msti. Runici cum interpreta- 

tione. 8<» Upsal. 1690. 
HAL8EY (jAMEs) The Vanity of Honour, Wealth, and Pleasure. 

Ig'^ L(md. 1678. 


H A M 

HALSEY*(jos.) De Attributis Dei viventis. Tr.adRh. 1686. 

. De Lympha. 4« Tr. ad Rh. 169L 

HALSEWELL. A circumstantial Narrative of the Loss of the 

Halsewell East-Indiaman. 8« Lond. 1806. 
HALTAUSIUS (christ. gottlob.) Calendarium Medii iEvi, 

prsDcipue Germanicum, in Usum Historiae ac Rei Diplomatic». 

^ Ups. 1729, 
Glossarium Germanicum Medii Mvi. Edit. ab J. G, 

Bohemia 3 tom. fol. Lips. 1758. 
HALTER (andr.) Questionutn Academicarum Pentas I. 4*^ Re^ 
- giom. 1698. 
HALTERMANN (christ.) Historia Literaria delineata et iflu». 

trata. 4» Rost. 1696. 
HALY ABBAS. Regalis Dispositio, ex Arah. Lat. redd. a Ste«- 

phano. fol. Ven. 1492. 

4« Lugd. 1523. 

HALY (albohazen) Filius Aben-Ragel. J)e Judiciis Astrorum. 

Per Bart, de Alten de Nusia. fol. Ven. 1485. 

, fol. 1503. 

HALY (jBsu.) Epistola de co^itione infirmitatum Oculorumi et 

curatione eorum. fol. Ven.1500. 
HALYBURTON (tho.) Memoirs of his own Life, continued by 

Janet Watson. &* Edinb. 1715. 

' with a recommendatory Epistle by Is. Watts. 

8» Lond. 1718. 

Abstract of his life and death by Geo. Whitefield. 12^ 

Lond. 1739. 

HAM (joH. HERM. TON.) Progymuasma philosophicum ex prin- 
cipiis de Loco Aristotelicis errores Keckermanni, circa doctri- 
nam de Loco et Localitate ad corpus Christi applicatam libro 
de Quantitate et Locatione corporis naturalis, commonstrans : 
una cum dissertatione de usu Philosophiae in Theologia. 4^ 
WUi. 1621. 

HAM (JOH. van) De Pleuritide. 4« Hard. 1664. 

HAM (JOH. van) De Electione ad Salutem. 4« Tr. adRh. 1691. 

HAMBACHERUS (joan.) De Chirurgo insonte. 4« WUt. 1710. 

HAMBDEN (john) v. hampden. 

HAMBERGERUS (c. alb.) Jusjurandum Davidis. 4® Jena. 

HAMBERGERUS (o. c.) v. orpheus. 

HAMBERGERUS (geo. ehr.) De Cardialgia. 4« Jen. 1719. 

De Malignitate in Morbis. 4<> Jen. 1721. 

Elementa Physices. 8® Jen. 1727. 

HAMBURG, V. merchant adventurers. 

■ Remonstration, worin die von Hamburg publicirte De- 
fension elidiret, &c. und gezeiget wird, dasz Dennemarck 
die Hamburger mit neucn Zolben nicht bebiirdet, &c. 4* 

Rechtmaassige Defension der Statt Hamburg. 4<^ Jfaiit- 

hurg. 1630. 

H A M 

HAMBURG. Memoria Bibliothecss Hambtinrensis. 4* Homi. — , . 

HAMCONIUS (mabtinus) Frisia, seu^ deViris RebusqueFrisiK ^^ 

illustribus. 4» Franek. 1620. 
HAMEL (ELB.) De Catalepsi. 4» Ultr. 1652. 
HAMEL (FRiD.) De Pactis. 4» ' Rh. 1685. 
HAMEL (j. B. Du) r. biblia. Lat. regis. 
HAMEL (jAN. Du) De la Nature et des Vettus des Eaux de Di- ^^^ 

nan. S^ Dinan, 1648. 
HAMEL (JOH. bapt. du) Astronomia ph]^ica, seu^ de Luce, Na- ^.«. 

tura> et Motibus Corporum coelestium. Accessere P. Petiti rh- 

8er?atJones. 49 Par, 1660. 
— Philosophia vetus et nQva,ad Usum Schol» Burgundi«^^ 

accommodata. 6 tom. 12<^ Par. 1687. 
■ Regise Scientiarum Academis Historia. 4* Par. 1698. 

4« Par. 1701. 

HAMEL (mich.) Dr. Merlet cum rei^. 4* 1655. 
HAMEL (Mi\ Du) du Monceau. Traite de la Fabrique dea Ma 

nceuvres pour les Vaisseaux> ou TArt de Corderie perfectiomie_^ 

4« Par. 1747. 
■ Traite des Arbres & Arbustes. 2 tom. 4^ Fwr^^ 


— ^ La Physique des Arbres. 2 Part 4« Par. 1758. 

De^ Semis et Piantations des Arbres et de leur Culture— 

4<> Par. 1760. 

De L^Exploitation desBois. 2 Part. 4« Par. 1764. 

Du Transport de la Conservation et de la Force de» 

Bois. 4« Par. 1767. 

-^ Trait^ des Arbres Fruitiers. 2 tom. 4® Par. 176ft: 

Traite general des Pesches. fol, Par. 1769. 

HAMEL (marin) Dela Morsure du Chien enrage. 8° Lisieux» 
HAMEL (NicoL.) The World in Miniature. 12« Lond. 1800. 
HAMELMANNUS (herm.) De Recordatione perpetua quatuor 
V novissimorum. 4** Lips. 1592. 
— De Vetustis Titulis et Nominibus Principum et illus- 

trium Familinrum in Saxonia, Angriuaria et Westphalia. ^^ 

Lips. 1592. 

Oldenburgische Chronicon. ftl. 0/den2». 1599. 

HAMENS (Dr,) r. chamberlen. 

HAMERS (PETR.) De Origine Boni. 4<» Lug. 1669. 

HAMERSLEY (rich.) Advice to Sunday Barbers againsttrim- 

ming on ihe Lord's Day. 12« Lond. 1706. 
HAMERUS (joti. HERM.) De Medicina renunciatoria. 4P Esf. 

HAMEY (baldvinus) De Juramento Medicorum, qui OPKO£ 

innOKPATOrz dicitur. Ed. ab A. Littleton. 4® Lofnd. 

HAMILL (wiLL.) Memorial. 8« Lond. 1719. 
• '- A View of the danger and folly of bdng PuUickFSpi- 

rited and sincerely Loving one's Country. 4® Lond. 1721. , 



tAHILTON. A relation of a victory over the Scots at Hamil* 

lOQ. 4« 
[AMILTON f ALEX.) A new Account of the Eastrlndies. 3 vob. 

8» Land. 1744. 
[AMILTON (alex.) Qemento of tbe Practice of Midwifery. 

8« Lond. 1775. 

8» Lond. 1781. 

8« Edinb. 1784. 

- A Treatise on the Management of Female Complaints, 

mi of Children. S^ Edinb. 1799. , 

Letters to Dr. Wm. Osborn. 8» Edinb. 1793. 

LAMILTON (andkew) Reiation of the Actions of the Inniskill- 

ing Men. 4^ Lond. 1690. 
lAMILTON (antoine) Memoires du Corate de Grammont 4^ 


12^ CoL 1713. 

> 8« Roiterd. 1716. 

t avec notes par M. Hor. Walpole. 4« Sfratc- 

hcrty Hill, 1772. 

' -4ifg. by Mr. Boyer (with MS. notes by Sir 

W. Musgrave.) & Land. 1719. 
3AMILT0N {Lord archibald) Articles exhibited against I/>rd 

Archibald Hamilton late Governor of Jamaica. 8^ Lond. 

— — An Answer to ah Anonymous Libely entitled, Articlet 

against Lord Archibald Hamilion. 8® Lond. 1718. 
EIAMILTON (c.) Earl qf Abercom. The Case of tbe Earl and 

Coontess of Abercorn. fol. 
■■ The petition and case of the Creditors of the E. of 

Abercom. fol. 
HAMILTON (cHAs.) The Patriot, a Tragedy. S^ Lond. 
■■■' Historical Relation of the Rohilla Afgans of Hindostair. 

8» Lond. 1787. 
■■ Transactions during the reign of Que^ Anne. 8* 

Lond. 1790. 
HAMILTON {Sir david) The private Chrbtian's Witness for 

Christianity. 8« Lond. 1697. 
■ The inward Testimony of the Spirit of Christ to his 

outward Revelation. 8* Lond. 1701. 
HAMILTON (david) De Praxeos Regulis, et de Febre miliari, 

te. 8« Lond. 1710. 
HAMILTON (dav.) De Passione Hysterica. 4« Par. 
HAMILTON (fbanc.) De Sanctorum Invocatione. 4<» Wirceb. 

— ^ De leiritimo Cultu Sanctorum per Imagines. 4* Wirceb. 

HAMILTON {Sir fbed.) v. cole. 
• . His Information given to the Commitlee of both Kinij- 

domsy conceming Sir Wfiliam Cole, with the scandalous An- 
«wer of Sir W. Cole. 4« 1645. 


H A M 

HAMILTON (gavim) Yindication of G. Hamilton and Johm 
Balfour, from the Charge brought against theni;, in a Meioorial 
conceming the Property ^f the £diiu)urgh Medical EssayB. 12* 
Edinh. K56. 

HAMILTON (GEo.) A voyage round thc World in 1790—1792. 
H^^Berwick, 1793. 

HAMILTON (jAMEs) Duke qf, v. cromwell. 

■ Speech in the Parhament of Scotland concerning; thc 

Kings retum into England. 4^ Lond» 1641. 

Copy of a Letter from Duke Hamilton to the Mini«ters 

at Lancaster^ with their Answer. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

Two votes of the (Jommons declaring the forces onder 

the Duke of Hamilton to be rebels. fol. Lond. 1648. 

A new declaration set forth by Lord Gen. HamiliOD, 

wherein is declared the resolution of the Scottish Army to aettle 
Ihe Kingin his Throne. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

The manifold practices and attempts of the Hamilton 

and particularly of the present Duke to get the Crown of Scot- 
land. 4« Lond. 1648. 

Duke Hamilton's conditions for surrendering himsel 

with all the Officers and Soldiers under his comitiand to th< 
Parliament Forces in Stafibrdshire, &c^ 4® Lond. 1648. 

- A List of the Judges for the Tryall of James Earl oi 

Cambridge, Henry Earl of Holland, George Lord Goring, Ar- 
thur Lord Capell, and Sir John Owen. 4<> 1648. 

- Digitus Dei ; or God's justice upon Treachery 

Treason, exemphfied in the hfe and death of the late Jame 
Duke of Hamilton. 4^ Lond. 1649. 

■ The several speeches of Duke Hamilton Earl of Cam- 

bridge, Henry £arl of HoUand, and Arthur Lord Capel upon 
the scaffold. 4P Lond. 1649. 

Declaration concerning his engagement against Ei^- 

land and his speech upon his Death-bed, &c. 4^ Lond 

Duke Hamilton'8 Ghost, or the Underminer counter- 

mined. 4^» Lond. 1659. 
HAMILTON (jAMEs) Duke qfHamilton and Brandon, v. boyle— * 


Representation of the Scotch Peers on his case. fol— 


Account of his Quarrel and Duel with Lord Mohun.^ 

8<> Lond. 1713. 

A full and exact Relation of the duel between the Duke 

of Hamillon and Lord Mohun. 8® Lond. 1713. 

Memoirs of his life and Family. 8*» Lond. 1717. 

HAMILTON (jAMEs) Earl of Abercom. Calculations anA 
Tables relating to the attractive Virtue of Loadstones. 8*^ 

— A Treatise on Harmony, 8<^ Lond. 1731. 


H A M 

HAMILTON (jAMBs) Observattons on the seats and causes of 
Diseaaes : illustrated by the dissections of Professor Morgagni. 
Vol. 1. 8* Edinb. 1795. 

Selcct cases in Midwifery. 8^ Edinh. 1795. 

HAMILTON (jAMEs) On purgative Medicines. 8» Edinb. 1805, 

^ Edinh. 1806. 

HAMILTON (JAMES edwd.) A Letter to the people of England 

upon the present Crisis. 8® Lond, 1790. 
HAMILTON (jAMEs) An act of Sale of part of his Estate. foL 
» Hamilton against Stevenson : the Appellant^s Case. fol. 

HAMILTON (ihone) A facile Traictise contenand ane infallible 
Reul to discem trew from fals Religion : Nixt a declaration 
of the Nature and EfR^cts of the SacramenU. 12^ Lofoan. 
1600. ■ ' ■ 

HAMILTON (john) A particular account of the Tryal of John 
Hamilton^ Esqr. for the Murder of Charles Lord Mohun and 
James Duke of Hamilton. fol. Lond. 1712. 
HAMILTON (john) Stereography, or a compleat Body of Per- 

spective. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1738. 
HAMILTON (robert) Introduction to Merchandizc. 2 vol. 8^ 
Edinh. 1777—9. 

;^ 8« Edinh. 1797. 

- System of Arithmetic and Book-keeping. -8® Lond. 
HAMILTON (thos.) Earl of Haddingion. Treatbe on the man- 

nerofraisingForestTrees. 8« EdirUf. 1761. 
HAMILTON (wM.) Duhetf. v. burnbt. 
HAMILTON (william) Life and Character of James BonneU. 

12* Lond. 170S. 
^. S9 Lond. 1707. 

HAMILTON (WM.) Poems. 8° Edinb. 1760. 
HAMILTON (Sir wiLL.) v. d^hancarville. 
■ ■ Ohservations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and 

other Volcanos : in a series of Letters to the Royal Society. 8^ 
Lond. 1774. 

Campi Phlegrsei. Ohservations on the Volcanos of the 

two Sicilies. With drawings coloured afler nature hy the Editor 
P. Fabris. Eng. Fr. 2 vols. fol. Naples. 1776. 

Siipplement to the Campi Phlegrsei ; being an Account 

of the great Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Aiigust, 1779. 

With drawings coloured after Nature by P. Fabrb. Eng. Fr. foL 

HAMILTON (WM.) v. pagan. 
HAMILTON (wM.) Remarks on several parts of Turkcy. Part. I. 

.Sgyptiaca. With Etchings from drawings by C. Hsfyes. 4* 

Lond. 1809. 
TtAMILTON (wM.) Some necessityof reformation of theChurch 

of England. Or a reply to Dr. Pearson. 4® Lond. 1660. 
HAMILTON (WM.) 0-Brazile, or the enchanted Island. 4« 

Lond. 1675. 

H A M 

HAMILTON (wM.) Mystagogus Lilianus : or a practical Com- 
ment upon Lilly'8 Accidence. l^ Lond. 1713. 


HAMLET (wM.) Plan of a Madiine lo act as a preservative 

against Fire and I^louse-breakinff. 8® Birm. 1786. 
HAMMEN (lorenco vander) y Leon. Don Juan de Austria. 4* 

Madr. 1637. 
HAMME (ludovicus von) De Hemiis, Disgertatio. Accedunt dc 

Crocodilo ac Vesicae mendaci Calculo Epiatolse et Responsiooes. 

12« Lugd. Bat. 1681. 
HAMMEKER (joh. and.) De Necessitate Artis medice. 4<» Hal. 

Mag. 1712. 
HAMMERER (joh. car.) KAOAPTOAOriA. 4» Jr^.l66d. 
HAMMERSMITH and Fulham Case. fol. 
HAMMEKSTEIN (joh. adam. ab) Dissertatio politica de No* 

mothttica^ seu de recta Legum ferendarum ratione^ et in apecie 

de Legum Constitutione in Imperio Germanico. 4® jaebne 

HAMMERUS (chris.) De Anima sensitiva et Sensibus exterio- 

ribus. 40 Witt. 1613. 
HAMMERUS (geo. frid.) Disputatio An-odcAiariy a Stoicis afifecia- 

tam et assertam exhibens. 4® Vitefnb. 1715. 
HAMMIZVOTH Sepher, liber Prfleceptorum, tam n^tivorum, 

quam affirmativorum. 4° 
HAMMON (G£o.) A discovery of the Latitude of the loss (tf the 

earthly Paradise by original Sin. 12^ Lond. 16&5. 

■ Syon^s Redemption^ and Original Sin vindicated. 4* 

Lond. 1658. 

> Truth and Innocency prevailing against Error and In- 

solency. 4» Land, 1660. 
HAMMOND (a.) v. avenant. 
HAMMOND (anth.) A modest Apolosn^ on the late imhai^ 

Tum of Af&irs, with Relation to puUick Credit. 8^ Lond. 


Solitudinis Munus, or Hints for Thinking. 12^ 1721. 
HAMMOND (cHARLEs) Israels just Judge ; or the Maiestratt 

Brest-plate against the darts of Pride, Envy and Hypocrisie. 

4« Lond. 1657. 
HAMMOND (g.) v. treaty. 
HAMMOND (henry) v. clericus. oiatribe. fell. schism. 


— — The poor man'8 tithing, a Sermon. 8* Lond. 1640. 
— — Of resisting the lawfuU Magistrate upon cdour of Re- 
hgion. 4P Lond. 1643. 

The Loyall Convert. 4° Ojf. 1643. 

Of Conscience. 4^ Ojif. 1644. 

Of Will-Worship. 4« Osf. 1644. 

■ Of a late or a death-bed Repentance. 4P Ojf. 1645. 

Of sins of weakness and wilfcriness. 4P Ojf. 1645. 

■' ■■■■ ' . A Practicall Catechisme. 4® Lond. 1646. 


H A M 

«AMMOND (henry) Of Idolatry. 4» Osf. 1646. 

■ Of the Power of the Keyes : Or of binding and loosmg. 
4* Lond. 1647. 

A copy of 8ome Papers past at Oxford bctwixt the 

Author of the practicall Catechisme and Mr. Cheynell. 4* 
Lond. 1647. 

^*» Lond. 1650. 

Of fratenial Admonition or Corrcption. 4* Lond» 


Five propositions to his Majesty and thc Army con- 

ceming Chur^ph ^.overnnicnt 4^ Cam, 1647. 

Vindication of threc passages in the practical Catc 

chisme. 4» Lond. 1648. 

• Vindication of Dr. Hammond*s Address, &c. from thc 

exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius. 4** Lond, 1649. 
.4» Lond. 1650. 

— Humble Addresse to Lord Fairfax and his Counccll of 

Warre. 4» Lond. 1649. 
— — Mysterium Religionis rccognitnm. An Expedicnt for 

composing Differences in Religion. 4<* Lond, 1649. 

The Christians obligations to Peace and Charity. A 

Sermon, and IX Sermons more. 4° Lond, 1649. 
4« Lond, 1652 

Of ihe Reasonablcneas of the Cbristian Rcligion. 18* 

Lcmd. 1650. 

4« Lond. 1650. 

— — • Vicw of Exceptions which havc bccn madc by a Ro- 
manist to Lord Fa1kland's Discoursc of thc Infallibility of the 
Church of Romc> with the Discourse itaelf. 4® Lond, 

- DiaBcrtationes quatuor, quibos Episcopatus Jura ex S. 

Scripturis et primseva Antiquitatc adstruuntor eontra Senteii' 
tiam D. BlondeUi et aliorum. 4^ Lond, 1651. 

Observations on thc original of Govemment. 4* Loiuf. 


A Letter of Rcsolution to six Qucrics of prcscnt Usc in 

thc ChuTch of England. \^ Lond. 1653. 

Of Schisme. \^ Lond. 1654. 

■ Answer to the Animadvcrsions on Ignatius^s Epi«tlcs. 

4* Lmd, 1654. 

Of FundamentaU. 19^ Lond, 1654. 

Vindication of thc Diaiertationa conceming Episco- 

pacie. 4<> Lond, 1654. 

Reply to thc Catholick Gentlemen'8 Answcr to Wa 

Book on Schisme. 4<> Lond. 1654 

An Account of Mr. Cawdry^s Triplex Diatribe» con- 

ccming Supcrstition, Wil-worship and Christmass Fcstivall. 4' 
Lond. 1655. 

Tbe Baptizingof Infants defendcd from thc Exceptions 

of Mr. Tombes. 4« Lond. 1655. 


H A M 

HAMMOND (hbnry) Second Defence of Hugo Grotins. 4* 

Lond. 1655. 
' — — — A Parsenesis. Or seasonable ExhorUtory to all tnic 

Sons of the Church of England. Wherein is inserted a Dis- 

course of Heresy, 12« Lond. 1656. 

- The Disarmers Dexterities examined. In a ,0ecood 

Defence of the Treatise of Schisme. 4« Limd. 1656. 

Review of the Paraphrase and Annotations of the Books 

of the New Testament^ with Additions and Alterations. 80 

Lond. 1656. 
■■■ Profitable Directions both for Priest and people in two 

Sermons preached before these evil Times. 8« Lond, 1657. 
ITie Dispatcher diapatched. Or an examination of the 

Romanist^s Rejoinder to the replies of D. H. being a third 

Defence of the Treatise of Schisme. 4« Lond. 1659. 

-XAPIZ KAI EIPHNH^ or a digcourse on God^s Grace 

and Decrees. %^ Lond. 1660. 

■ Sermons. fol. Lond. 1664. 

— — — A P^raphrase and Annotations upon all the bo(^ of 
the New Testament. fol. Lond. 1671. 

■ Nineteen Letters, published by Francis Peck. 8® Lond. 

HAMMOND (john) Amwerto Heamans. 4^ Lond. 
•HAMMOND (john) The practical Surveyor. 8« Lond. 1735. 
HAMMOND (john) Leah and Rachel.or the two fruitfull Sisters 

Virginia and Maryland: their present condition stated. 4* 

Lond. 1656. 
HAMMOND (ROBT.) Colonel. Letter to the Speaker. 4« 1648. 
- An Answer to Hammond's scandalous Letter to Mr. 

LenthaU. 4« Lond. 1648. 
The fatall Blow: or the impious and treasonable fact^ 

of Hammond, in ofifering force unto His Sacred Majesty dis- 

cussed. 4® Lond. 1648. 

• Letters between Col. R. Hammond and the Committec 

at Derby House relating to Chas. I. To which is prefixed a 

Letter to J. Ashburnharo £sqr. conceming his deportment to 

the King. S9 Lond. 1674. 
HAMMOND (s.) God's judgment upon Drunkards Swearers and 

Sabbath breakers. 12« Lond. 1659. 
HAMMOND (sAM.) The young English Scholar'8 Guide. 12» 

Lond. 1744. 
HAMMOND (thos.) Of the Virtues and use of his Medicines. 4^ 
HAMMONIUS (georg. agricola) Itineranum B. Virg. Mari»^ 

quando, cuni Puero Jesu, fugit in .ffilgyptum. 4<* Ingolst. 1560. 
HAMNET (john) The Vauity of Self-boasters. A Sermon at 

his funeral bv E. H. 4« Lond. 1643. 
HAMON Rabba, i. e. Multitudo magna, Index Textuum Bibli- 

corum, qui in Medrasch Rabba sunt exposili. 4® Comtf 
HAMOND (GEO.) A Good Minister of Jesus Christ. A funeral 

Sermon on Richd. Steel. 8<> Lond. 1693. 


H A M 

HAMOND (gxorg.) A Discourse oT Family 'Worehip. 13^ 

Lond. 1694. 
nNETMATOAOriA : A Discourfle of Angek Also 

sometfiinflr touching Devils, Apparilions, and Impulses. 4^ 

Lond. 1701. 

A modest Enquiry into the Opinion conceming a Guar- 

dian Angel. 4» Land. 1702. ;i 

HAMOND (john) Divine and moral precepts of a Chrifitian to- 

wards God and Man. Published by J. Plumptree. 8° KiddeT" 
. minster, 
HAMOND (judith) v, howe. 
HAMOND .( waltbr) A Paradox, proving the Inhabitanta of the 

Island of Madagascar to be the happiest Pcfople in the World. 

40 Land. 1640. 
Madagascar the richest and fruitfuUest Island in the 

World. 40 Lmd. 1643. 
HAMOND {Sir wm.) Inventory of his lands and tenements. foL 

Lond. 1721. 
HAMOR (raphe) The present Estate of Virginia. 4* Lond. 

1615. . 
HAMPDEN (john) v, bucringhamsuire. 
Arguments of Sir R. Hutton and Sir G. Croke in hts 

Case. 4«> Lond. 1641. 
Mr. Hampden^s Speech on the accusation of Higfa 

Treason against himself and others. 4° Lorid, 1641. 
Mr. Hampdens Speech on the Loudoners petitfon for 

Peace. fol. Lond. 1642. 

- An Elegiac Epitaph upon J. Hampden. fol. Lond» 


Elegies on his death. 4° Lond. 1643. 

His Tryal. fol. Lond, 1684. 

His Tryal : to which is added the Tryal of T. Harrison. 

foL Lond, 1719. 

Grandsire Hambden's Ghost^ and Peace or no Peace. 

89 Lond. 1712. 
HAMPD£N (richd.) Speech for enlarging the continuance of 

Pirliament. 8<» Lond. 1716. 
HAMPE (JOH. HAND.) De Suffimentis. 4^ Jm. 1676. 
HAMPE (john henr.) De Scarificatione oculari Hippocratica, 4* 

JDuisb. 1721. 
HAMPELIUS (BALTH.) DeMixtione. 4« Marp. Catt. 1627. 
HAMPIUS (joH. HARD.) De Rhadagibus. 4« 1678. 
HAMPSHIRE, V. woods. 
HAMPSHIRE. The declaration togetber with the petition and 

remonstrance of the Freeholders of Hampshire. 4° Lond. 

■ The Hampshire Wonder ; or the groaning Trec, by 

P. Q. 8° Lond, 1742. 
HAMPSON (john) Memoirs of the late Revd. J. Wesley. With 

a Reviow of his Life and Writings and a History of Method- 

ism. 3 vols. 12^ Sundcrland, 1791. 



HAMPSTE AD. Casc of Inhabitante in relation lo thc rebaildins 

the Church. M, 
■ VerBcs upon Hampstead Elm with a print of it by Hol- 

lar. fol. 1653. 
HAMPTON. A vicw of the Village of Hampton. With thc 

original LancaBhire Girl. 8® Lond. 1797. 
HAMPTON COURT. Entertainment of the Lord Mayor at 

{banpton Court. 4^ 1641. 
" '■ Hampton Court Conspiracic. 49 1647. 

— ^ Letter firom Hampton Court containing His Majestics 

•nswer to the Propositions. With proposais from Sir T. Fair- 

fax conceming the King, &c. 49 Loyid. 1647. 
HAMPTON (benj.) The Existence of the Soul after Dea\h 

proved. 8^ Lond, I7n. 
HAMPTON fcHRisT.) Sermon. Ps. CXXH. 4« Lond. 1611. 
HAMPTON (gay.) v, navigation. 
HAMPTON (wiLL.) Lachrymae Ecclesise ; or the mouming of 

Hadadrimmon for £ng1and's Josiah. Tnro Sermons. 4® JLond. 

HAMPTON (anne) Murther, Murthcr. Or a Relation o^ her 

poysoningher Husband. 4® Lond. 1641. 
HAN (henr.) De Fcetus oeconomia. 4® Lips. 1685. 
HAN (p. c. B.) Beschreibung der Insul Candien. 12" Nwmh. 1669. 
HANAPUS (nic.) Exempla Virtutum et Vitiorum. Ed. ab. J. 

Herold. fol. Bas. 1545. 
HANAU. Three Letters from Persons of Distinction in the Ar- 

my at Hanau giving an account of the Battle between the 

English and f rendi Armies. To which is added Lord Car- 

teret's Letter to the Duke of Ncwcastle on the late Battle. fol. 

Lond, 1743. 
Occasional Letter concerning the Treaty of Hanau. 8* 

Lond. 1749. 
HANAU (john) Propositiones raedicaB. 4** Franc 1559. 
HANBURY (n.) Ilorologia scioterica pra^libata ad delineandum 

Sciotericon Declinationis Solaris. 4® Lond, 1683. 
Supplementum analyticum ad -^uationes Cartesianas. 

4« CantahAm. 
HANBURY {Sir thos.) An Epistolary Letter to Sir H— a S— e; 

who saved his Life and desired him to send over all the Rarities 

he could find in his Travels. fol. Duh. 1729. 
HANCARVILLE (le sr. d') Antiquitez Etrugques, Grecaue8,^<8c 

Romaines^tir^es du CahinetdcMr. Hamiltou. 4tom. M. Nap. 

1766—7. ' 

* Recherches sur rOrigine, l'Esprit et les Progres des Arta 

de la Grece. Stomes. 4» Lond. 1785. 
HANCHETT (edwd.) His Petition tothe Parliament. foL Lond. 

HANCOCK (joHn) v. grier. 
The Christian Schoolmaster. A Funeral Sermon on 

J. Postlethwait. 4» Lond. 1718. 
■ " Febrifugum magnura, or Water the best Cure for 

Feven and probably for the Plague. 8<> Lond. 1723. 


H A N 

HANCOCK (john) Febrifu||rttin maffnum, Morbifugum magnum ; 
or the grand Febrifuge improved. Beinff an Essay to make 
it probable that common Water is good tor many distempers 
that are not mcntioned in Dr. Hancock's Febrifugum Mag- 
num. 8» Lond. 1726. 
HANCOCKE (robt.) Sermon before the Lord Mayor. Luke 

XIX. 42. 4« Lond. 1680. 
HAND IN HAND. An abstract of the Settlement of Che Hand 

in Hand Fire Office. fol. Lond. 1722. 
HANDEL (geo. fred.) v, burney. 

Memoirs of his Life, with a Catalogue of his Woriu« 

8* Lmd. 1760. 
HANDKIRCHIFE. A Hand-kirchife for loyall Moumers : or a 
Cordiall for drooping Spirits groaning for the Murther of the 
King. 40 Lond. 1649. 
HANDLEY (james) Mechanical Essays on the Animal (Eco- 

nomy. 8*^ Lond. 1721. 
HANDS (wM.) A selectionof Rules occurring in the prosecution 
of Personal Actions in the Court of King's Bench. 8^ Lond» 
HANE (PHIL. FRiD.) Tentamina Philosophiae Eclecticae. 8® Rost. 

* Ups. 1729. 
HANECOPIUS (arnold.) Assertiones Philosophica. 4« Lugd. B. 

HANEDOES (john) De Cachexia. 4« Lugd. B. 1710. 
HANER (jo.) Prophetia vetus ac nova. Hoc est vera Scripturae • 

interpretatio de syncera cognittone Christi. 4^ Lips. 1534. 
HANERUS (geo.) Historia Ecclesiarum Transylvanicarum. 12« 

HANEWINKELIUS (gerhardus) Amicorum ETtj Taiuk». fol. 

Brem. 1613. S. Sh. 
HANGING not punishment enough for Murderers, &c. 4® Lond. 

HANGMAN. Harry Hangman's honour, or Gloucestershire 
Hangman^s request to the Smoakers and Tobacconists in Lon- 
don. 4« 1655. 
— — The Hangman^s Last Will with his Legacy to the Nine 
Worthies viz. Col. Lambert, Creed &c. fol. 1659. 

• The Hangman'& Joy, or the Taylor's sorrow. A Dia- 

logue. 8<> Lond.^660. 
HANARDUS (joh. uuld.) Salibus novb experimentis 

illustrata. 4» Bas. 16:S5. 
HANKEY (BLiz.) Trial of Mrs. E. Hankey for Adullery. 8« 

Lond. 1783. 
HANKIUS (martlnus) De Romanarum Rerum Scriptoribua. 

2 tom. 4® Lips. 1669. 
■ ■ De Byzantinarum Rerum Scriptoribus Grsecis. 4® LipSm 


De Silesiorum Nominibus, Antiquitates. 4P Lips. 1703« 

De Silesiorum Majoribus, Antiquilatei, ab Orbe con- 

ditoadAnnumChristi550. 4<^ Ups. 1702. 



HANKIUS (MAiiTiNus) De Silesionim RebiiSj ab Aimo Chriffi 

550 ad 1170, Exercitationes. 4<> Lips. 1705. 
De Silesiis Indigenis eruditis post litenurum cultunmij 

cum Christianismi studiis. 4® Lips, 1707. 

-Monumenta pie Defunctis oKm erecta. 4^ Vratul. 


HANMAN (enoch) De Iride. 4« Ups. 1640. 
HANMER (jonathan) T£A£mzi£ : Or an exercitation upon 

Confirmation. 8« Lond. 1658. 


HANMER (meredith) r. charke. 

History of Ireland. fol. Dubl. 1633. 

HANNAM (rich.) The English Villain : or the grand thief. 12^ 

Land. 1656. 

— His farewell to the world. 13° Lond. 1656. 

Speech and confession at his execution. 4® Lond, 1656. 

i The witty Rogue or the History of R. Haniwm. 4® 

Lond. 1656. 
HANNAY (alex.) His Case. fol. 
HANNAY (patrick) Two Elegies on the Death of Queen Anne. 

4» Lond. 1619. 
HANNEKENIUS (b. m.) v. jacobsen. 
HANNEKENIUS (men. paul.) De Febribus malignis. 4® Lugd. 

HANNEKENIUS (nic.) De vita foetus in utero. 4^ Gies. Hats. 

HANNEKIN (meno.) Positiones Metaphysics. 4* Gies. Ha$$. 


De Ventriculi per ^tatem Imbecillitate. 4® Jen. 1702. 

Dc Cancro Mamniarum. 4^ Jen. 1704. 

HANNEMAN (johan. ludov.) Ruach Universalis Mundo resti* 

tutus. 12'* Hamb. 1670. 
Prodromus Lexici utriusque Medicinae practic». 12^ 

Hamb. 1670. 

. iBliologia Facultatis purgatricis. 4® Hamh. 1677. 

Curiosum Scrutinium Nigredinis. Posterorum Cham. 

i. e. -ffithiopum. ^*» Kilon. 1677. 

Methodus cognoscendi simplicia Vcgetabilia. 4^ JTt- 

lon. 1677. 

De usu et abusu inebriaminum. 4** Nor. 1679. 

• OvumHermetico-Paracelsico-Trismegisticum. 8^ JFranc. 


Mysterion Papali Coronse adscriptum Non Ena, seu 

Comment. m Cap. XVII. 5, Apocalypseos. %^ Hamb. 1698. 
■ Berthadigung der Astrologie. 4® Hamb. 1699. 

Jason. 49 Kiion. 1709. 

— , Pharus ad Ophir Auriferum. 4° Kilon. 1712. 

'^^Lubec. 1714. 

Nebo Chemicus. 4» Kiion. 1714. 
Xystusin Hortum Hesperidum. 49 Kil. 1715. 
• Hor® subscecivsB Fridricbstadienses. 4® Kil. 1715. 



DAIfNfeMAN (ionAN. ludov.) Otium FridrichsUdiehse, aeuj 

Tkotalus dhemicus. 4<^ Hamb. 1717. 
•— ^^-i — =- Sydopsis Philosophie naturalis, cum PrefkL Joh. Conr. 

Creilingii. 4» Tubing. 1718. 
Phoeoix Botankus. 4^ 

HANNES (edward) An Account of the Disseclion of the Duke 

of Gloucester. 4* Lond. 1700. 

• ■ Dr. Hannes dissected ih a familiar Epistle by way of 

NoKC Tcipsuni. 4^ 
HANNHARDUS (joii. ulr.) De nutrltione Fcetus in utero ma« 

temo. 4« Bas. 1709. 
HANNIBAL, v. plutarcmus. 
HANNIEL (sTAT. JOAcii.) De Melancholia Hypochondriaca. 

4* lM2d. Bat. 1677. 
HANNINOIUS (JOH.) Dc Tonitru, Fulgure, et Fulraine. 4* 

F^anc. 1604. 
HANNKIUS (JOH.) Decas Quaestionum de Anima in genere» 

4» Witt. 1618. 
HANNO Carthaginicnsis, v. byzantius. vIncent. 

Periplus. Gr. 4* Bas. 1533. 

Gr. Ang. by T. Falconer. 8« Land. 1797. 

HANOVER. Fra^entum Chronici Ilannoverani in Verohna, 

Antio 1696 imprimi coeptum, sed Superiorum Jussu abrupUim 

ct confiscatum. Gcmi. 4° 
— — The Hanoverian Treaty or Maidstone Spectacle. fol. 
— — — Sentiment iiber die neue Hanoveti^che Chur-wiirde. 4* 


. The Assertioh is, that the Title of the House of Hanover 

to the SucCessioD of the British M onarchy is a Title Hereditary 
andofDivine Institution. 8^ Land. 1710. 

. The Casc of the Hanover Forces in the Pay of Great 

Britain impartially and freely examined. 8^ Lond. 1743. 

> The Interest of Gt. Britain steadily pursued. An An* 

swer to Thc Casc qf thc Hanavcr Forccs, ^c. 8? Lond. 1748. 
• Vindication of Thc Casc qfthc Hanavcr Forccs, Sfc. & 

Lond. 1743. 

> A Letter from Hanoveri shewing the true Cause of the 

preseot Broils of Germany, &c. 8® Iiond. 1744. 

> Attempt towards a Natural History of the Hanover Rat. 

B' Land. 1744. 

A Home Truth being Memoin of the Love and Statc 

Intrigues of the Court of Hanover ; from the Marriage of the 

Princesa of Z to the death of the Count of K ^k. 

[with MS. Notes by Sir W. Musgrave.J 8« Lond. 
^NSCHIUS (MicH. G.) De Enthusiasmo Philosophico. 49 Ged. 

HANSELIUS (JOH. georg.) Medicina brevis, or a short Account 

of the primary Cause of most Diseases. 12^ ]^d. 1714. 
HANSEN (lud.) De termino animationis Foetus humani. 4^ Hai. 

Mag. 1724. 


H A P 

HANSEN (siM. pbid;) Dissert. de Jure NobiliUtit LHlheraMB M 
iminediata Gerinanie Capituk et Canonicatus. 4^ tAp^ 1709. 

HANSENIUS (JOH. bap.) De Jurejurando Veterum. ^ Toiot. 

HANSES (henr. aug.) Schediasma de ComnientariiB historicu^ 
quos Galli Memoires vocant 4^ Lips. 1708. 


HANSON (thos.) An oration spoken in the Sdiool of Chritt'^ 

•Hospital. 12» Lond. 1672. 
HANS TOWNS, vid. vilue hanseaticx. 
HANT (sYB.) De Duelech sive de A10IAII. 4« 1«. BaL 1687. 
HANTHALER (cHRYsosT.) Exercitationes &ciles« de Nuinis Vo- 

terum, pro Tyronibus. 4<^ Norimb. 1735. 

A^ NoHmh. 1736. 

HANUS (josEPHus) Anni, Menses, ac Dies sin^li, quibut» aataft 

est, Munus suum suscepit, Mortem obivit Chriatus, deDM«- 

strati. 8» Lond. 1696. 
HANWAY (john) v, psalmi. 
m Translations from Latin and Italian Poeta. 8* iMd, 

HANWAY (JONAS) V. puch. 
«- An account of the British Trade over the Caspian Sem 

with Travels thro' Russia, Persia, Germany and HoHand. To 

tvhich are added the Revolutions of Persia during the pretent 

Century. 2 vols. 4« 1754. 

Journal of an eight days joumey from Portsmoath t9 

Kingston upon Tliames. To which is added an Easay (hi Tea; 
with sevcral political reilections. 2 vol. 8» Lond. 1757. 

Afv Account of the Marine Sbciety. 8^ Lond. 1759. 

Virtue in bumble Life^ containing the reciprocal Duties' 

of the wealthy and indigent, with Fables, AnecdoteSj Poems^ 
&c. &c. 2 vol. 8« Lond, 1774. 

■ The defects of Police the cause of Immorality : wi4| 

proposals for preventing hanging and cxportation, and obaer« 
vations on Mr. Hetherington^ Charity. 4* Ijond. 1775. 

The Soldiers faithful friend. 12* Lond. 1777. 

Proposals for County naval free schools. fol. Londt 


A comprehensive view of Sunday Schoola. 12^ hfmd» 

HANZELET (jean appier) Recueil de plusieurs Machines Milit 

taires» & FeuX Artificiels, avec rAlphabet de Trittemiua pour 

composer en Latin, par Jean Appier Hanzelet et F. Thybourd. 

4» Pont-a-Mouas. 1620. 
■■ La Pyrotechnie. 4* Pont-a-Mouis. 1630. 

HANZEN (alb.) De orisine Sacrificiorum in Gen. IV. 3 — 4.dis« 

sertatio. ^^ Lug. Bat. 1714. 
BAPHTAROTH, seu, Lectiones e Prophetis. 8« Vem. 1591. 
HAPPART (pet.) De Elementis. 4» Lug. Bat. 1627. . 
■ De Sensibus internis et externia. 4® Lug. 1697. 


H A R 

BAPPELtCS (iTBARABD GUBEM.) Thesauros Exoticoniiii. Germ. 
' foL Hmmk. 1688. 

■■ Relationes Cuiios». Germ. 4 tom. 4* Hamh. 1683 — 9* 

HAPPBUUS (JOH.) De Sensu communi. 4* mrp. 1591. 
HAFPELIUS (jor. hen.) DisputaUo Medica. 4^" M. CaU. 

DeColica. 4« M, CaiL 1676. 

' De Febre intermittente tertiana. 4* M. Cati. 1677, 


HAPPIN£SS7 An Essay on Happiness in an Epistle to the Eart 

of ChesteHWld. fol. Lond. 1737. 
HARA (kanb o') The Golden Pippin: a Burletta. 8* Lond. 


The Two Misers ; a Farce. 8« Lond. 1775. 

•^ AprilDay; a BurletU. 8» Lond. 1777. 

HAPSIUS (PETR.) Oratiuncula de Juventute Principum oon a^ 

pemaDda. 4« Noviom. 1651. 
HARw£US (fbanc.) Olympiades et Fasti concordi Serie Historle 

sacre et non sacrse ad Christum passum. 4* CoL 1602. 
■■ Compendium de Vitis Sanctorum ex VII Tomis R. P. 

F. Laur. Surii digestum. fol. CoL 1605. 
* Annales Ducum Brabantis. 3 tom. fol. Ani. apud 

Ptani. 1623. 
HARAMHURU(jEAN.) Debocino escuarra mlrailla eta oracinote- 

gula. 24« Bordelen. 1635. 
HARANGUES & Actlons publinues des plus rares Esprits. 8* 

Par. 1609. 

■ Recueil des Haran^es prononc^es par Messrs. de 

PAcademie Fran^oisc. 2 tom. 8* Amst. 1709. 
HARBECK (THOs.) De Rheumatismo. 4^ Lug. Bat. 1669. 
HARBERT (Sir edw.) The Impeachment of Sir E. Harbert 4* 

Lond. 1641. 
HARBERT (sus.) v. clabke. 
HARBIE (thos.) Divi Arminii mactatorum renata petitio. Or 

die Arminian Priests last Petition. 4* Lond. 1649. 
HARBOROVVE. An Harborovve for faithfuland treue Sub^ 

jccU. 4« Strasb. 1559. 
HARBORT (casp.) De Fato pbysico et medico. 4* Hal. Mag. 

1724. ^ 

HARBY (&> jOB.) The humble Manifeut of Sir J. Harby. 4« 

Imd. 1650. 
HARCHIUS (jodocus) Oratio ad Senatum Angl. pro Instaura* 
* tiotie Reipublicae Anglis&^ proque Reditu Regmaldi Poli Cardi* 

nalia. VH^ Lond. 1554. 
■' Enchiridion Medicamentorum. 8^ Bas. 1573. 

HARCOUET {Mr. de longeville) Hlstoire des Personnea qui 

ont vecu plusieurs Siecles, avec le Secret du Rajeunissement 

tire d*AmauId de Ville-neuve. 8^ Par. 1715. 
HARCOURT (dan.) The Clergies lamenUtion for the sad con- 

ditioaof (reland. 4<> 1644. 

H A R 

HARCOURT (oAN.) A new remonstrance from Irdnnd, oonida» - 

ing^ a declaration of cruelties exercised by tbe Pic^bh Rcbd» ^im 

upon Prot^8tant8 in Ukter. 4® Lond. 
HARCOURT (jAMEs) Sermon on the death of E. Cokton, Enu, »«% 

y Lmd. 1721. 
H ARCOURT (robbrt) Relation of a Voyage to Gqiana. *• Imd. ^^^, 


» 4*> Lond. 1696. 

HARCOURT (Sir simon) v. dunstervill. 

HARCOURT (simon) Lord. Reasons which induced HerMifle ity ■ ^ 

to create the Rt. Hble. Sir S. Harcourt a Peerot Great Britaio.*^ . 

Lai.^EngL 4« ZSfirf. 1711. 

Speech to the £. of Oxford on hh Lordship taloDg \ 

Oathof Lord Hiprh Treasurer. fol. Lmd. 1711. 
HARDER (joh.) De Hacmorrhoidariorum Rcgimine et Diaeta. 

Hal. Mqg. 1717. 
HARDERUS (chr.) De naturalibus Facultatibus. 4* Arg. 1644^ 

J)e calcub Renum. 4® Arg. 1647. 
HARDERPS (eberh.) Positiones Geometric». 4^ Marp. 159Q. 
HARDERJJS (joH.) De Ictero. 4« 4rg. 1634. 

— De Empyemate. 4« Bas. 1675. 

HARDEflUS (jo^. JAC.) Examen an^tojnicum Cochleaa terra* 

trig Domiporte, &c. item^ Natura Humorum Nutritioni et Qe^ 

perationi dicatorum. 8? 
— 8« Bas. 1679. 

Viscerum Struptura et Usus. 4» Bas. 1686. 
Apiarium, Observationibus medicis illustratum. 

Bas. 1687. 

HARDEWYN (ajit.) D^ Anima rationali. 4« Lif^cf. 1674. 
HARD}E (david) Taxation of Coals consid^red. 4^ Lcmd^ 



JIARDING {Dr.) A Bull granted by the Pope to Dr. Hardi^ and 
pthers, by reconcilement and assoyling of English Papista tq 
undermyne faith and allegeance to the Queene. With the de* 
claration and warning. 13^ LQnd. 1567. 

HARDING (john) v. hardyng. 

SARDING (john) Recantation Sermon. ^^ Lond. 1Q90. 
ARDlt4G (s. & E.) Biographical Mirrour. Or Connoisfieiir'» 
Repertory. 3 vols. 4® Lond. 1795. 
HARDING (sam.) Coats of Arms of English Nobility. 4« Iqnd. 

HARDING (wM.) A proposal for collecting the dutiea on ^far- 

riages, Births^ and Burials. fol. 
HAIu)IVlLLERlUS rpETRus) Actio pro Academia^ adverBUS 
Presbyteros et Schol;ilicos Collegii Claromontani. 8^ Por. 

Gall. 8« Par. 1612. 

Panegyris Eucharistica. 8® Par. 1612. 

HARDMAN (jas.) v. owen. 


, H A R 

HARDOPHIUS < JOH.) Lapidet «liquot Runici, in 9ueci«, Godiin* 

que Regnis exstantes. 4* 
HAIUDOUIN, V. CONCILIA. habduinus. plinius. 
HARDRE (sBRJT.) V, cantebbury. 
HARDSMICHT (joh. nic.) De Legione fulminatrice M. Anto- 

nini. 4* Argent, 
HARDT (herm. von der) Antiqua Literarum Monumenta^ Au« 

tographa Lutheri et Costaneorum, d 1517 ad 1546 Reforma- 

tionis ^tatem et Historiam illustrantia. 3 tom. 8^ BnaUm 


Ekmenta Chaldaica. 8* Helnut. 1693. 

I Hebrses linguffi Fundamenta. 8" Hclmst, 1700. 

■■ Syriacae Lingu» Fundamenta. 8* Helmsi. 1700* 

— — — De nostri temporis Prodigiis. 4® Helm, 1707. 
— — - De Baccho, Vini et Cerevisiae Inventore. 8* Helmst. 

— — Varia Historica, Geographica, Pbilologica, Mytholo- 

gica, Exegetica. 8« Wo(fenb. 1716. 

- Iktecta Mjthologia Grs&corum, in decantato Pygmeo- 

rum, Gruum, et Perdicum Bello. 8* Ups. 1716. 
■ Historia literaria Reformationis. fol. Franc. 1717. 

Intybum sylvestre Wilde EndMe in Elisa! mansa mori 

in oUa 2 Reg. IV. 4^ Helm. 1719. 

- Aurora in Reucblini Senio, Histoha illius, ab Anno 

1516 ad 1519. 4<» Hebnst. 1719. 

Studiosi Academiarum filii inaugurali oratione celebrati. 

4« Helmst 1722. 
EIARDUICI (anton.) De Eloquentia in tacendo. 4P Kii. 1684. 
HARDUINUS (joH.) v. concilia. croze. koch. plinius. tbe* 

L / Opera selecta. fol. Amst. 1709. 

— — Nummi antiqui» Populorum, et Urbium, iOustratL 

£cum Notis Mss. H. C. de Hennin.] 4« Par. 1684. 
■ i [Exemp. Aliud cum Notis Mss.] 4* Par. 


De Baptismo pro Mortuis. De Baptismo in Vino. De 

jSaptismo in Nomine Cbristi. 4® Par. 1687. 

> Antirrheticus, de Nummis antiquis Coloniarum 

Muoicipiorum. 4^ Par. 1689. 

- Chronplogiae ex Nummis antiquis restitutas ProlusiOj^de 

Njummis Herodiadum. 4^ Par. 1693. 

Chronologia Vet. Testamenti ad Versionem Vulgatam 

^zacta et Nummis antiquis illustrata. 4® Pat-. 1700. 

Numisuata aliquot rariora Tetrici Senioris sive Pa« 

tris, Aureliani Junioris, et Maxentii illustrata. 12* Luxemb, 
1700. •• 

^pologie d'Homere ou Ton exptique k veritable Dessein 

de son Diade, & sa Theomjthologie. 12* Par. 1716. 

Avis des Censeurs pour TExamen des Conciles faite par 

P. J, Hardouin. ^^» AtUr. 1730, 



HARDWICK (humphry) The difficulty of Sion*» deliveranCe* A 

Fast Sennon. i^ Lond. 16^44. 
HARDWICKE, Earl of. v. torke. 


HARDY (FRANcis) Memoirs of James Caulflekl Earl of Charie- . 

roont. 2vol. S^ Lond. IS\2. 
HARDY (h. c.) A Register of Ships employed in thc senrioe of 
- «he K. India Company. 12® LondASll. 
HARDY (jAMEs) Candid examination of what has been advanced 

on the Colic of Poitoii and Devonsfaire, and experiments io ms- 

certain the true Cause of the Gout. 8® Lond. 1778. 

Answer to Dr. RioHay*s Letter. 8» 1780. 

HARDY (john) The Retail Compounder, or Publicans Friend. 

8« Lond. 
HARDY (john) Description of a Voyage to Bermudas. 4* I^J. 

HARDY (nath ) v. meogott. 

Justice triumphinpr, or the Spoylers spoyled. A Ser- 

moD, Novr. 5. 4» Lond. 1647. 

The arraignment of licentious Libertic, and oppresaing 

Tyrannie. A Fast Sermon. i^ Lond. 1G47. 

Faith's Victory over Nature. A Funeral Sennon on J. 

Rushoul. 4« Lond, 1648. 
4« Lond. 1658. 

The safes^t Convoy or the firmest Helper. A Sermon. 

4* Lond. 1649. 

— — - A divine Prospective : representing the just Man'8 
peaceful End. A Funeral Sermon on Sir J. Gayr. 4' Land. 

Love and Fcar thc inscparable Twins of a blest Matri- 

mnny, A Sennon on the Nuptials of Wm. Christmas and 
Eliz. Adam. 4* Lond. 1653. 

Divinity in Mortality, or the Gospers Excellency, and 

the Preachers Frailty. A Funeral Sermon on Richd. Goddard. 
4«» Lond. 1653. 

4« Lond. 1659. 

— — Thankfulness in Grain, or a good Life th^bcst Retonk 
A Sermon. 4^ Lond. 1654. 

Death's Alarum, or Security^s Waming-Piece. -A 

Funeral Sermon on Mary Smith. 4* Lond. 1654. 

The Epitaph of a p:od1y Man. A Funeral Sermoa on 

A. Pemberton. 4« Lond. 1655. 

The pious Votary and prudent Traveller. A Farcwdl 

Sermon on the Voyage of N. Wych President to the E. Indiea. 
4« Lond. 1658. 

4<> Lond. 1659 

A Looking-Glass of Human Frailty. A Funeral Ser- 

mon on Anne Calquit. 4^ 1659. 

Man's Joumey to his long Home. A Fuoeral Sennon 

on Robt. Earl of V\ arwick. 4« Lond. 1659. 


H A R 

HARDY (nath.) Thc Pilgrim^s Wisli, or thc Saint'* longir^. 

A Funeral Sennon on Anne Dud;ion. 4® Lond. 1659. 
■ Cardius benedictus. The advanta^e of Affliction. A 

Funeral Sermon on T. Bowyer. 4® Lond. 1659. 

Tbe 6r6t Epi^tle of St, John unfolded. 4« Lond. 1659. 

— — — The Royal CommonwealthVMan, or King David's 

Picture. A Funeral Sermon on Sir T. Adams. 4® Lond* 

HARDY (thos.) Trial for High Treason. 8« Lond. 1794. 
HARDYKNUTE. A fragmtnt of an ancient Scots Poem. . 4* 

Giasg. 1748. 
HARDYNG (john) The Chronicle of Ihon Hardyng in Metrc 

firom tlie first begynnyng of Endande unto tlie reigne of £dw* 

IV, where he made an ond of his Chronicle. And from that 

tyme is added with a continuacion of the storie in Prose to this 

our tyme. 4* Lond. R. Grqfton. 1543. 

4» Lond. R. Grafton. 1543. [Ed. Alt.] 

with a biographical and literary Pre&ce 

bv H. EHis. 4» Lm^. 1812. 
HARE (fran.) Bishop qf Chichesicr. v. psalmi. neal. 

Sermon on the Epiphany. 8® Lond. 

Thanksgiving Sermon. 8^ Lond. 1709. 

The Charge of God to Joshua. A Sermon before thc 

Duke of Marlborough. 8» Lond. ITll. 

Comment on Dr. Hares Sermon preached before the 

Dukeof MaHborough. 8® Lond. 1711. 

Conduct of the Duke of Marlborough during the pren 

«cntWar. %^ Lond. 1712. 

' The Clergyman's Thanks to Phileleuthcrus, for his Be^ 

marks on the late biscourse of Free-thinking, in a Letter to Dr 
BenUey. 8P Lond. 1713. 

•'nic Difficulties, and Discouragements, which attend 

the Study of the Holy Scriptures in the way of Private Judg-w 
ment. 8* Lond. 1714. 

Sermon on the King's Accession. 8^ JUmd. 1716. 

Church Authority vindicated. A Sermon. 8** Lond. 


• Scripture vindicated from the Misinterpretalions of tbe 

Bshop of Bangor. 8" Lond. 1721. 

Concio ad Clerum. 4» Lond. 1722. 

Two Sermons on Rom. XII. 1, 2. 8» Lend. 1723. 

Sermon before the Society for the reformation of maiK 

ner». 4* Lond. 1731. 

• Sertnon before the Lords on Jan^ 31. 4<^ Lond, 


Examination of tbe facts and reasonii^ in the Bp. of 

Chicbester^s Sermon on the 31st of January. 8* Lond, 1732. 

• Letter to the Author of the Defence of the Bishop^s. 

SermoQ on January 30. 8^ Lond, 1732. 
HARE (h.) o. mascaroi. 

4 •UABE-. 

tt A & 

HARE (henrt) Lord Cokrane, r. tOREDANO. 

— *— La Scala Santa : or a Scale of Devotionff, musical and 

gradual> or DescanU on the 15 Psalms of Degrees. fol. homd. 

HARFLETE (henry) A Banquet of Essavs. \*3P Lotid. 1653. 
^ Vox Codorum, Predictions derended : or tlic Voice of 

the celostial Ligfit. 129 Lond. 
HARGRAVE (a.) Reason in Seasoo, or a Word in the Behalf of 

the Non-Collegiate Physicians, and of the Rigfats of tho People 

in the Choice of their Physicians. 4® Lond, 1676. 
HARGRAVE (fu.) p. coke. trial. 

•^- Address to the purchasers of Coke upon Littleton. fol. 

•*- A Collection of Tracts relative to the Laws of Engbnd 

from Mss. Vol. I. 4P Land. 1787. 

- JurisconsuU Exercitations. 3 vol. 4® Lond. 1811. 

HARGREAVE (jos.) v. jones. 

HARGROVE (e). History of Knaresborough, with Harrogate. 

' 13« York, 1789. 

— . • Anecdotesof Archery. 12" York, 1792. 

HARINCK (abr.) Exercitatio Historico-theologica ad librom 
Augustini de Unitate EccleiiiaB. 4® Tr. ad Rh. 1687. 

HARING (isbr.) Oratio de Inconstantia rerum mundananim. 4* 
Anut. 1677. 

HARII^GTON {Lord john) v. stocke. 

HARINGTON {Sir john) v. ariosto. 

• Most elegant and wittie Epigrams. fol. Lond. 1633. 

. The History of Polindor and Flostella; with otber 

Poems. 8P Lond. 1651. 

A briefe view of the state of the Cburch of Ei^and a» 

it stood in Queen Elizabelh^s nntl King James^s Reigne to the 
yeere 1608. Being a Cbaracler nrui Hii^tory of the Sishope of 
those times. Edited by J. Chetwind. 12" Lond. 1653. 

Nugae Antiqusc. Selected from Authentic Remaim bj 

Henry Harington. 3 vol. 12« Lond. 1792. 

With illustrative notes by T. Park. 2 vol. 8^ 

• Lond. 1804. 
HARINGTON (john) Divers remarkable Passa^ of God^s good 

Providence in the wonrlerfol deliverance of John Harington, 

R. Ram, W. Sclater and Serjeant Horne. 4<» Lond. 1643. 
HARIOT (thomas) A brief and true Report of the new fouod 

Land of Virginia. fol. Franc. 1590. 
HARLAKENdEN (kath.) V. williamson. 
HARLAKENDEN (smythee) r. josselin. 
HARLAND (s.) English Spelling-Book. 12* Lond. 1719. 
HARLAY (fr. de) Archeoeque de Rouen. La Maniere de bieR 

entendre la Messe de Paroisse. 12* Par. 1686. 
HARLE (jonathan) v. horsley. 

His Life. 8» Lond. 

HARLEIAN Misceliany. Or a collection of scarce Pampblelft 

and Tracta. 8 ?ols. 4« Lond. 17 41 4 8. 
■■■ Catalogue of Pamphlets in the Harleian ybrary. 4* 

jLond. HARUSM. 

H A R 

HARLEM. Ephemeris, seu, Diarium eonim^ qns circa Here- 

lemum evenerunt, a 6 Iduum Decembrium 1572, usque ad 14 

Kalend. Martium 1573. 12« Delph. 1573. 
HARLEQUIN. Airs, chorusses, &c. in Harlequin in his £le- 

ment, a Pantomime. 8® Lond, 
Songs, &c in Harlequin's Tour, a Pantomime. S* 

Lond. 1800. 
HARLEQUIN-HORACE, 8° Ltmd. 1731. 
HARLES (gotti.ib. chr.) t). fabricius. / 

HARLES (theoph. chris.) Introductio in Notitiam Literatur» 

Romanffi inprimis Scriptorum Latinorum. 8® Norib. 1781. 
HARLEY, V. coLLiNs. 
HARLEY (andr.) De methodo docendi Medicinam mathema- 

tica. 4« Bas. 1714. 
HARLEY {Col. edward) r. army. 
HARLEY (edward) Earl of Oxford. Catalogue of his Pictures, 

Coins, and Medals to be sold by Auclion. 4^ Lond. 1741 — 2. 
HARLEY (Sir edward) An Essay towards the Settlement of 

Peace and Truth in the Church. 4« Lond. 1681. 
• Sciiptural and Rationai Account of the Christian Re- 

ligion ; particularly concerning Justification only by the Pro- 

pitiation and Redemption of Jcsus ChrisL 12^ Lond, 1695« 
HARLEY (Sir robt.) v. froysell. 
HARLEY (robt.) Earl ofOxford. Secret History of Arlus and 

Adolphus, Ministers of State to the Empress of Grandisula. 

[wilh Ms. Notes by Sir W. Musgrave.] 8» 1710. 
Eleven opinions about Mr. H y, with observations. 

S" Lond.mi. 

His Life, birth and character. 4* Lond. 1711. 

Reasons which induced Her Majesty to create tbe Rt 

Hble. R. Harley a Peer of Great Britain. 4« Lond. 1711. 
• The celestial Envoy to the Earl of Oxford. fol. Lond. 

The wholc proceedings against Robt. Earl of Oxford. 

8* Lond. 1715. 

Account of the conduct of Robt. E. of Oxford. 8* 


A V indication of the E. of Oxford. ^ Lond. 1715. 

' Artiktlen van Beshuidiging tegens din Graaf van Ox- 

ford, Vicomte van Bolingbroke, Hertoy van OrmoiKJ, en den 

Graaf vanStrafford. 8« Amst. 1716. 
■ An l!ssay on public Credit. 8* Lond. 1797. 

HARLOWE (pedaell) Dttectionof Papisticail Fraud committcd 

by R. B. upon tvMi of the Articies of the Church of England. 

4* Lond. 1641. 
HARLWICK (will.) History of the third Sesskm of the prescnt 

ParHamen^, with whatpassed at the Triaiof the Earl of Oxford, 

8» Lond. 1717. 
HARMAN (ephraim) Letter toTliomas Randolph, occasioned by 

bis Discoufbe» entitied, Party Zeal censured. 8^ Lond. 1752. 
Vot. m. I i HAHiMAN 

H A R 


HARMANNUS (geo.) v. peccam. 
HARMARUS (joh.) r. chrysostomus. 

Protomartyr Brltannus sivc Elegia sacra in Conversio* 

nem et Martyrium Sancti Albani. 4® Lond. 1627. 

Apologia pro Joanne Williams, Archiepiscopo Ebora- 

censi. 12° Lond, 1649. 

^ Oratio Protectoris Elogium complectens. 4* 1654. 

CatechesisRcligionisChristianae compendiosior, a Con- 

■ventu Venerandorum Magns Britanniae Theologorum, qui 
Westmonasterii consederant, concinnata. Gr. Lat, 12^ Jjond. 

XPISTOAOriA METPIKH. Sive Hvmnus ad Chriatum, 

Vitam eju« sumniatim enan^ans. Gr, iMt. 12* Lond. 1660. 
HARMENOPULUS (coNsrANriNUs) De Sectis et de Fide or^ 

thodoxa. 6r. Lat. a Leunclavio. 8^ Basil. 1578. 
HARMER (anthony) Errors in Bumefs History of the Refor- 

mation. 8° Lond. 1693. [i. e. H. Wharton.] 
HARMER (TH08.) V. ray. 
— — Outlines of a Commentary on Solomon's Song. 8* 

Lond. 1775. 

Observations on divers Passages of Scripture. 4 vols. 

8» Lond. 1776—87. 
HARMES (gerh.) De praesumtione dehiti ex solutione usurarum. 

4« Hal. Mag. 1720. 
HARMES (mart.) De Ventriculi et Intestinorum morbis. 4* M, 

Catt. 1684. 
• De acidularum usu carundemque vero modo operandi. 

4« M. Catt. 1685. 
HARMONT (pierre) Le Miroir de Fauconnerie. 4® Rouen, 

HARMONY. A short Treatise on Harmony, containing Rulet 

for composing. \with Ms. Examples hy Mr. Steele.'] ^ Lond. 


Treatiseonllarmony. 8^ Lonrf. 1781. 

An Essay on Harmony, as it relates chiefly to Situation, 

and Building. 8« Lond. 1739. 

An Essay on the Power of Numbers and Principles of 

Harmony in poetical Compositions. 8^ Lond. 1749. 

Principles and power of Harmony. 4® Lond. 1771. 

HARN (wiLHELMus van) Carmcn, de Vi, et Efficacia Regine 

Pecuniae. 4« Anist. 1676. 
HARNEY (mart.) De Lectione Gallicse Translationis Novi Tea- 

tamenti, ceu Montibus impressse, adversui Anton. Amaldum. 

199 Lovan. 1689. 
HARNISCHIUS (joh. andr.) De Hfiemoptysi. iP Hal. Mag. 

HARO sur la F .... des B ... • par Thomas Guilleaunie 

B. E. R. ^ Gratoble, 1789. 
HARO (damian lopes de) Ohitpo dc Puerto Rico. Constituciones 

SinodaTes. fol. Madr. 1647. HARO 

H A R 

HARO (dav. be) Be Motus speciebus. 4^ Lug.Bat, 1631. 
HARODONO (R. BENJ. D*) Precctti per le Donne Hebree. Trad. 

per Rabbi Giacob. 4» Pad. 1625. 
HAROLD (ant.) Earl of. v. parne. 
HAROLDUS (PE.) V. mocroveio. 
HARP (martin) Positiones medic». 4« Ultr. 1692. 
HARPE (m.dela) Elogcde FonUine. 8« Par. 1774. 
— — — Lycee ou Cours de Utterature ancienne et modeme. 

16lom. 8» Par. 1799—1805. 
HARPER (aug.) V. banbury. 
HARPER (r. g.) Observations on tbe disputes between tbe United 

States and France. 8<> Lond. 1797. 
HARPER (sAM.) Catalogue of his Librarv. 8*> Lond. 1802. 
HARPIUS (henr.) Theologia Mystica. l> Par. 1587. 
cum Introductione per P. P. Philippium. 4* 

G>/. 1611. 

■ Index expurgatorius in Libros ejus Theologiae Mystics. 

8* Par. 1698. 
HARPOCRATION (valerius) Lexicon X Rhetorum. Gr. fol. 

Fen. apud Ald. 1527. 
■ cum notis Ph. J. Maussaci. 4^ Par. 1614. 

[cum Notis Mss.] 

Gr. Lat. a N. Blancardo. Subjiciuntur P. J. 

Maussaci et H. V^lesii Notae. 4^ Lug. Bat. 168.^. 

cum notis Gronovii. Accedunt Diatribe H. 

Stephani ad locos Isocrateos, iteni Notae H. Valesii. 4® Lugd. 

HARPPRECHT (ferd. christoph.) Dissertationes Academice. 

2 tom. 4« Tubing. 1737. 
HARPPRECHT (jouannes) Lucema Salis Philosophorum. 9 

Amst. 1658. 
HARPSFELDIUS (nicol.) Dialogi VI contra Summi PontiB- 

catus, Monasticffi Vits, Sanctorum, sacrarum Imaginum, Op* 

pugnatores, et Pseudomartyres, Editore AL CoJK). 4® ArU. 

Plant. 1566. 
Historia Anglicana Ecclesiastica. Adjecta narratione 

de Divortio Henrici VHI Regis ab Uxore Catherina et ab £o- 

clesia Romana discessione scripta ab E. Campiano et edit. a R. 

Gibbono. fol. Duac. 1622. 
HARQUEBUSES. Ordonance du Roy contenant defenses a 

toutes personnes de nc porter harquebuses, pbtoies, &c. par toQt 

le Royaumede France. 8* Par. 1598. 
HARRES (JOH. cHRisT.) Dissertatio de eo, quod justum est circa 

Dispensationem Matrimonii, ob Legem Consanguinitatis vel 

AffiniUtis Jure Divino proliibiti. 4^ Hal. Mag. 1719. 
HARRES (Nic.) De Comcediis et Tragoediis. 8« Franc. 1691. 
HARRINGTON (james) v. wrkn. 

Oceana. fol. Lcmd. 1656. 
and other Works, with an Account of his Life 

by ToUnd. foL Lond. 1700. 


H A R 


HARRINGTON (james) Oceana and other Worka, with an Ac- 

count of his Life by Toland. fol. Lond. 1737. 
Considerations on his Cominonwealth of Oceana. 12* 

Lond, 1657. 

Pour enclouer le Canon. 4® 1659. 

A discourse shewing^ that the Spirit of Parliaments, 

with a Council in the Intervals, is not to be trusted for a Settle- 
ment, lest it introduce Monarchy and Persecution for Con- 
science. 4° Lond. 1659. 

A Discourse upon this say ing : The Spirit of the Nation 

is not yet to be trusted with Liberty ; lest it introduce Monar- 
chy, or invade the Liberty of Conscience. 4^ Lond, 1659. 

Aphori^ms PoUtical. 4^ Lond. 1659. 

— . The Paralki unparaUeld. 4« 1659. 

Valerius aiid Publicola: or tlie true form of a Com» 

monwealth. 4^ Lond. 1659. 

Pohticaster. 12« Lond. 1659. 

A Parallel of the Spirit of the People, with the Spirit 

of Mr. Rogers. 4« Lond. 1659. 

• The Wayes and meanes for an equal and lasting Com- 

monwealth. 4® Lond. 1660. 

The censureof the Rota upon Miltons bookentilled 7^^ 

way to estuhlish a Commoniveatth. 4« Lond» 1660. 

Politicai Tracts, omitted in Toland's Edition of his 

WorlLs. fol. 
HARRINGTON {Lord) v. politeness. 
HARRIOTUS (tho.) Artis Analytica? Praxis ad aequationes Al- 

gebraicas nova expedita et generaU methodo resolvendas. fol. 

Lond. 1631. 
HARRIS, Earl of Malmeshuiy. v. francia. 
HARRIS (barth.) Lusus serius in Petronii Arbitri Matronam 

Ephesiam, huc adjiciuntur Dissertatiunculsb quatuor philoso- 

phic». 12° Lond. 1665. 
HARRIS (capt.) r. pirates. 
HARRIS (francis) An Answer to XXVIII Queries sent to the 

Quakers. ^^ Lond. 1645. 
HARRIS (JAS.) Works. With his life by the Earl of MahBca- 

bury. 2vol. 4° Lond. 1801. 
■ Hermes. Or a philosophical enquiry concerning uni- 

versal Grammar. 8^ Lond. 1761. 

8° Lond. 1765. 

8« Lond. 1771. 

•Three Treatises. I Art. II Music, Painting and 

Poetry. III Happiness. 8« Lond. 1765. 
8° Lond. 1772. 

■ Philosophical Arrangeinents. 8^ Lond. 1775. 
Philological Inquiries,in 3 ParU. 8® Lond. 1781. 


HARRIS (john) The divine Physician for Body and SouL. 12» 
Lond. 1676. 


H A R 

HARRIS (john) Remarks od some late Papers relating to the 
universal Deluge, and to the natural Historye of the J^uth. 8* 
Ltmd. 1697. ^ 

■ Description and Use of the Globes, and of CoUins^s 

Pocket Quadrant. 12° Lond. 1703. 

The Elements of Plain Trigonometry demonstrated. 8^ 

Land, 1703. 

Lexicon Technicum : Or a Dictionary of Arts «nd 

Sciences. 3 vol. fol. Lond. 1704—10. 

2 vol. fol. Lond. 1708—10. 

Navigantlum atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca. Or m 

compleat Coliection of Voyap^es and Travels, of above 400 au* 
thentic Writers. 2vol. fol. Land, 1705. 

2 vol. fol. Lond. 1744—48. 

Treatise of Algebra. S^ Lond. 1714. 

HARKIS (john) The Puritane's Impuritie : or the Anatomie of 

a Puritane or Separatist. 4° Lond. 1641. 

£ngland's out-cry. 4** Lond. 1644. 

Peace not War : or the Moderator stating the Casc of 

the Commonwealth from 1636 to 1659. 4^ Lond. 1659. 

Spcech at his £xecution, with his Prayer and Confes- 

sion. 4» Lond. 1660. 
HARRIS (john) Bp. ofLandaff. Seven Sermons at Boyles Lec- 

ture. 4« Lond. 1698. 
The practice of religious and moral Duties^ the bcat 

way to make a Nation happy. A Fast Sermon. 4^ Lond. 


• The Evil and Mischief of a fiery Spirit. A Sermon. 

^ Land. 1710. 

— ' Considerations on the birth day of King George. 8* 

Lond. 1715. 

Sermon before the Lords 30 Janr. 4« Lond. 1735. 

HARRIS (john) Thanksgiving Sermon. 4« Lond. 1759. 
HARRIS (john) The Picture of a high flying Clergyman: Or a 

true State of the Case between him ^d Dr. Charles Humphreys» 

8» Lond. 1716. 

History of Kent, tom. 1. fol. Lond. 1719. 

— — Astronomical Dialogues. 8® Lond.\l\d. 

HARRIS (joseph) The Mistakes, or, the false Report, a Tragi- 

comedy. 4® Lond. 1691. 
■ The City Bride. Or the merry Cuekold, a Comedy. 4^ 

Lond. 1696. 

Luzara, a Pindarique Ode, on Prince Eugene. fol. 

Lond. 1702. 

Great Britain's Glory, or the Loyal Subjects Praise for 

King George, and tbe Prince of Wales's safe arrival in England, 

a Poem. fol. 
HARRIS (joseph) Treatise on Navigation. 4? Lond. 1730. 
Description and Use of the Globes, and Orrery. 8® 

Lond. 1734. 


H A R 

HARRIS (josepr) An Essay on Money and Coins. 2 Parts. 8^ 

Lond. 1757. 
HARRIS ()oseph) The Naval Atalantis, ora display of the Cha- 

racters of such flag Of^cers as were distinguished during the 

last War. 8" Lond. 1788. 
HARRIS (ma.) Brittaine's Hallelujah. Or a Thanksgiving Ser* 

mon at Ilainburgh. 4^ 1639. 
HARRIS (moses) The Aurelian. Or Natural History of Eng- 

lish Insects, together with the Plants on which thcy feed. M* 

Land. 1766. 
An Exposition of English Insects. 4® Lond. 1776. 


HARRIS (R.) Two Lettersin vindication of himself. 4« 1648. 
HARRIS (r.) Sermon on the death of Eliz. Buttall. 1767. 8* 

Scriptural Rescarches on the licitness of the Slave Trade. 

8« Lond. 1788. 
HARRIS (rice) V. evans. manning. 
H ARRIS (richard) The English Concord, in Answer to Becane'* 

English Jarre. 4® Lond. 1614. 
HARRIS (robert) His Life and Dcath, by W. D. l^ Lond. 

HARRIS (rob.) Abner'8 Funeral, or a Sermon on Sir T. Lucie. 

4» Lojid. 1641. 

r- Fast Sermon. 4» Lond. 1642. 

■ True Religion in the old way of Piety and Charity. A 

Spittle Sermon. 4» Lond. 1645. 

Samuers Funerall, or a Sermon preached at the Func- 

ralofSirA.Cope. fol. Lond. 1653. 
HARRIS (sam.) r. green. 

■ Funcral Sermon on A. Troward. 8" Lond. 1712. 

HARRIS (t.) V. colman. 
HARRIS (thom.) XEIPEHOXH. The Excellency of the handy 

Work of the Royal Hand. 4« Lond. 1665. 
HARRIS (Tiio.) The Antidote : or some Remarks upon a- Trea- 

tise on Mercury. 8" Lond. 1732. 
A Treatise on tlie ener^ of crudc Mercury. 8* Lond. 

HARRIS (tim.) A Pindarique Ode on the death of Madam How- 

land. fol. Lond. 1719. 
HARRIS (walter) Pharmacopeia Anti-Empirica: OraRatioiial 

Disoourse of Remedies. 8^ Lond. 1683. 

— De Morbis acutis Infantum. 8* Lond. 1689. 

& Lond. 1720. 

Angl. by W. Cockbum. W Lond. 1693. 

by John Martyn. & Lond. 1742. 

Gall. par M. Devaux. 8« Par. 1730. 

Oratio Anniversaria. 4** Lond. 1707. 
De Peste. 8» Lond. 1721. 


H A R 

HARRIS (walter) Dissertationes Medicfle et Chirurgicee. 8^ 
Lmd. 1725. 

Thc great and wonderful Works of God. 4« Lohi. 

FIARRIS (walter) Fiction unmasked : a Dialogue. 8^ DubL 

■ Hibemica, or some antient Pieces relating to Ireland. 

fol. D«W.1757. 

8<» Dubl. 1770. 

History and Antiquities of Dublin. 8* Lond, 1766. 

HARRIS (william) An historical and critical Account of the 
Life and Writings of K. James the First. 8« Lond. 1753. 

■■ An historical and critical account of K. Charles the 

First 8^ Lond. 1758. 

An historical and critical account of the Life of Oliver 

Cromwell, &c. 8« Lcmd. 1672. 

• An historical and critical account of the Life of K. 

Charles II. 2 vols. 8« lowd. 1766. 


■ ■ ■ Sermon occasioned by the general Mourning for the 

death of Pr. George of Denmark. 8® Lond. 1708. 

• The Scripture Consolations in the Death of good Men. 

A Sermon on the death of B. Barker. 8« Lond. 1719. 

Of Readiness for the coming of the Lord. A Sennoii 

on the death of T. Pickard. 8® Lond. 1720. 
— — The Divine Govemment a Reason of universal Joy. 8* 

— A Chnstian's Groans in the mortal body ; and desires 

of thft heavenly Happiness. A Sermon on the deatli of J. Bil* 

lingsley. 8» Lond. 1722. 

Memoii-s of Revd. T. Manton. 8« Lond, 1725. 

- The happy end of an useful Life. A Funeral Sermon 

oa J. Mercer. 8» Lond. 1725. 

The Death of good Men in the midst of their Day» 

coDsidered and improved. A Funeral Sermon on Revd. S, 
Harvey. 8« Lond. 1729. 

The Love of Christ's appearance the Character of a 

sincere Christian. A Funeral Sermon on Revd. J. Oldfield. 8* 

■ Finishing the Christian Course considered and argued. 

AFuneral Sermon on the Revd. J. Evans. 8** Lcmd. 1730. 
— — Diligence in the Christian Life necessary to be found in 

Peace. A Funeral Sermon on the Revd. D. Mayo. 8^ Lond. 
' 1733. 
HARRIS (w.) TTie Brewer, Victualler and Guagers Assistant 13* 

Lond. 1793. 
HARRIS (w.) A Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Institu» 

tiou. 8« Lond. 1809. 
H ARRISON (amos) The uncertainty of Life, with the special ad- 

vantages of being prepared for Death : or a death-bed Repent- 


H A R 

ance weigbed in the balance and found wanting. A Fanerat 

Sermon bn Job Harrison. 8" Land. 1724. 
HARRISON (david) Melancboly Narrative of his voyage from 

Fyal to New York. S^ Lond. 1766. 
HARRISON (edmond) The Case of E. Harrison, Wm, Dockwra, 

John Thrale and Thos, Jones. fol. ** 

HARRISON (edward) Idea Longitudinis^ being Definitions of 

Axioms for (inding the Longitude. 8® Lond. 1696. 
HARRISON (edwd.) Plain dealing : or a Countryman*8 doleful 

complaint and faithful watchword to the Statesmen of the Times. 

4» Lond, 1649. 
HARRISON (eliz.) p. moore. 
HARRISON (eliz.) Miscellanies on Moral and Refigious Sub- 

jects. ^ Lond. 1756. 
HARRISON (henry) r. rowe. 
His Trial for the Murther of A. Clenche. fol. Ltmd. 


The last wortte of a dying Penitent 4® Lond. 169^ 

HARRISON (3.) Dcath aboUshed for all Believers: or late Peni- 

tents warned or great Sinners encouraged. A Sermon od tlie 

deathofS.F. 8« Lond. 1743. 
HARRISON (JAc.) De Morbi natura. 4« Lug. Bdt. 1694, 
HARRISON (john) v, davidson. 
HARRISON (john) The Messiah already come, op Proofe of 

Christianity written in Barbary. 4** Amst. 1619. 

■ ■ Account of the Departure of Frederick, King of Bohe- 

mia, from Heidelberg to Prague, to take the Crown of that 

Kingdom. 4* Dort, 1619. 

The tragical Life and Death of Muley Abdala Melek, 

late King of Barbarie. Wilh a Propoeition to all Chriatiaa 
Princes. 4« Delph. 1633. 

A Vindication of the Scriptures. Or thc Manifeata- 

tion of Jesus Christ the true Messiah aiready come. 13* Lond, 

• The censures of the Church revived. 4® Lond, 1657. 


- Narrative of ihe Proceedings for finding the Longitude 

by Mr. Harrison'8 Time Keeper. 8" Lond. 1765. 

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Commissioners con- 

ceming Mr. Harrison'8 Time-Piece. 4° 1765. 

Remarks on a pamphlet published by Revd. Dr. Mas- 

kelyne. 8* Lond. 1767^ 

Tlie Principles of Mr. Harrison'8 Time-Keeper, with 

Platesof thesame. 4« Lond. 1767. 
HARRISON (joseph) A Glimpse of divine hght breaking thro* 

a cloud of errors. 4® Lond. 1655. '^ 

HARRlSON (mary) v. nicholets. 
HARRISON iMr.) The infant Vision of Shakespeare. 4» Lond. 



. H A R 

HAltRISOK (M. B.) ThcTravellers a Comcdy. 8* Lond. l78S» 
HARRISON (THo.) V. hampden. 
HARRISON {Capi. tho.) p. lisbon. 


HARRISON (thos.) v, feak. REbicfDfes. 

Articles of High Treasoh as^ainst Maj. General Harri* 

M>n, Sir A. Hasilri^, Sir H. Vane and Mr. T. Scott. 4« Xoiicf. 

— — ^ Observations tipon his last actions and words. 4** Lond, 


The Speeches and Prayers of Major Geri. Harrison^ 

Mr. John Carew, Mr. Justice Cooke, Mr. Hugh Peters, Mr. 

Tho. Scott, Mr. Greg. Clement, Col. Adrian Scroop, Col. John 

Jones, Col. Dan. Axtell, and Col. Francis Hack^r. 4<> 1660. 
HARRISON (tho.) v. piccott. 

-^ Funeral Sermon on Capt. Briggs. 4' Lt>nd, 1695. 

Funeral Sermon on M. Abbot. 12» Lbnd. 1700. 

Funeral Sermon on E. Ewer. 8» Lond. 1702. 

HARRISON (tuo.) Funeral Sermon oti J. Lawes. 8^ Loni. 

— — Funeral Sermon on Mrs. H. Hurst. 8* Land. 1720. 
■ Sermon in vindication of his conforming to the Chorch 

of England. 8<> Lond. 1729. 

Funeral Sermon on Lady A. Page. 8» Lond. 1729. 

■' Remarks on a paper published by Mr. Tho. Harrisoilf 

modestly stiled An Answer to afalse and scandalous Paper, 4^. 

8* Lond. 1729. 
— — The mutual duties of Clei^ and Laity. A Sennoiu 

8* Lond. 1730. 
HARRISON (tho.) The Grace of God in Christ to all Men Bcrip^ 

tundly vindicated : in an Examination of Mr. Blighti» discoone 

oo Deutr.XXXn. 9. 8« Lond. 1765. 
HARRISON (w.) V. PBRav. 
HARRISON (william) Woodstock Park, a Poera. foL Lond. 

HARRISON (wM.) Funeral Sermon on Mrs; Brettergh. W 

Lond. 1605. 
HARRISON (WM.) Petition to Sir T. Fairfax. 4* 1^7. 
HARROD (wM.) Antiquities of Stamford and St. Martins, iDcliid* 

ing Burghley. 2 vol. 12* Stan{f:l7S5. 

HARROGATE. A season at Harrogate, in a serief of Poetical 

EMys. el^ Knaresborough,\S\2. 
HARROP (edwo. ATKiNs) Miscellaneous Poems. 12^ Lond. 

HARSANY (jac. nact de) Colloquia familiaria, Turcico-Latina. 

Seu SCatus Turcicus loquens. 8® Ck>L Brand. 1672. 
HARSCHER (matth.) De Tremore. 4* Bas. 1619. 
HARSCHLEBEN (joh. alb.) De Partu difficili. 4« Jen. 1666. 
De Pestilentia- 4» Jen. 1668. 

v#i- ra. K k HARSDORFSER 

H A R 

H ARSDORFFER (geo. phil.) Specimcn Philologiae Gcrmimic». 

12» Norimb. 1646. 
IIARSDORFFERN (g. p.) Delit » Mathematic» ct PbysicaB. 

Germ. tom. 2, 3. 4° Nurenb. 1651^3. 

Ars Apophthegmatica. Germ. 8® Nurenb. 1655. 

Trincir-Buch. 4« Nurenb. 1665. 

HARSNET (samuel) A Discovery of the fraudulent PractiMS of 

John Ddrell, in the pretended Possession antl Dispo»se$si<Hi.of 

William Sommers and others. 4® Lond. 1599. 
HARSNETT (sam.) Ahp of York. v. stuart. 
HARST (m. de) Panegvrick of Christina the Queen of Sweden, 

translated by W. L. 12^ Lond. 1656. 


HART (edward) The Bullwark stormed, in Answer to Thomas 
de Laune*s Plea for the Non conformists, with a Letter tQ ihe 
Author by Dr. Brett. 8« Lond. 1717. 
HART (gul.) Ecloga Caledon. 4» Par. 1605. 
■■ The Examinations, Arraignement and CoQvictiom of 

. G^rjre Sprot. 4» Lond. 1608. 


The Anatomy of Urine». 4» Land. 1625. 

f KAINIKH, or, the Diet of the Diseased. foL Land. 



IIART (john) Trial of John Hart for Adultery and Cruclty. 8^ 

HART (john) Ortho|rraphie. 12» Lond. 1569. 
IjLART (john) Thc cverlastinor joys of Hcaven. Or the blessed 

Life of a Christian. 12' Lond. 1656. 


HART (joseph) v. hughes. kinsman. 

HART (Nic) r. hill. 

HART (oliver) r. furman. rogers. 

HART {Sir rich.) Address to Sir R. Hart and T. Eark Esq. a» 

Representatives in Parliament for Bristol. fol. 
H^RTXthos.) The Prophet approved by the words of his Pro- 

phesie coniing to passe. 4** Lond, 1 659. 
HART {Sir WM.) The Knight Errant. 12» Lond. 1652. 
HARTCLIFFE (john) Treatise of moral and intellectual Virtues. 

8« Lojid. 1691. 

Sermon before the Lord Mayor. .4» Lond. 1694. 

■■ Sermon before the Commons on Jan. 30. 4® LofuL 

HARTE (walter) Poem-* on several Occasions. S* Lond. 1727. 

— : 8» Lond. 1739. 

■ Essay Qn Satire, particularly on thc Duiiciad. 8* Lond, 

* The Union and Harmony of Reason, Moralityand Ee* 

vealed Religion. A Sermon before the Univei-sity of OxfonL 

8« Ojf. 1737, 


H A R 

HARTE (waltsr) The ReasoDablenefis of National Humiliation 
upon the Approach of War. A Fast Sirmon. 8« (/'/. 1740. 

— — — VtLVi of Pinriars first Pylhian Ode parapbnuted. 4* 
iMd. 1749. 

History of the Life of <iustavus Adolpiius, King of 

Sweden. 2 vol. 4» Lcmd, 1759. 
HARTENFELS (ceorc. christoph. petr. von) Pestii Telapr»- 

visa. 12^ Etf, 1682. 

Dissertatio Medica. 4« Erf. 1092. 

Invitationes Medicffi. 4« Etf, 1697—1707. 

■ Abgenothigte Antwort und Ehrcnrettung entgegen 

gesetzet der unlanost in Dmck gegebenen Fucbischen Scbma* 

und Laster-SchriffL 4» £//. 1703. 
HARTFOHD (wm.) Marquis of v, seymour. 
HARTGYLL (ceo.) General Kalenders, or raost easie Astrono- 

niicalTables. fol. Lomf. 1594. 
HARTIGIUS (amand.) Liber Galeni de causis Morborum in 

Theses contractus. 4* Argent. 1680. 
HARTIGIUS (chr.) Exercitatio Medica XIL 4« Argent. 1623. 
— — Exercitatio medica XV. 4* ArgerU. 1623. 
HARTKNOCH (christ.) Respublica Polonica illustrata, et, de 

OriginttkUs Pooieranicis, Dissertatio. 8* Franc, 1678. 
HARTLEY (david) v. warren. 
Some reasons why Inoculation shoXild be introduced 

into the Town of Bury. 8» Bury, 1733. 

Ten Cases of Persons who have taken Mrs. Stephens'a 

Medicmes for the Stone. 8« Lcmd. 1738. 

A View of the present Evidence for and against Mrs» 

Stephens's Metlicines for the Slone. 8<» Lond. 1739. 

De Lithontriptico, a Joanna Stephciis nuper invento. 

Dis!»ertatio Epistolaris. 8^ Lugd.Bai. 1741. 

Ol)servations on Man, his Frame, his Duty, and his 

ExpectatioDs. Witb notes and additions by li. A. Pistorius. 
3vol. 8« Li>nd.\19\. 
HARTLEY (david) Propos^als for the security of Spectators in 

any public Theatre against Fire. 8® Lond. 
^— — Address to the Mayor, &c. of Kingston upon Hull. 8* 
Lond. 1784. 
■ Ai^ment on the French Revolution. 8^ Bath, 1794. 

Account of the Fire at Richmond House and of tbe 

efficacy of the Fire Plates on that occasion. fol. Lmd. 1792. 
HARTLEY (james) p. crabtree. pawcett. 

■ The Head Stone brought forth. Two discoursea on 
thedeath of J. Greenwood. 8® Lond. 1755. 

HARTLEY (w.) v. bythell. gibbs. 

HARTLEY (wm.) Tne Priests Patent cancelld. 4» Lond. 1649.- 

■ ■ Good news to all Peqple. Glad Tydinga for all Men. 

God good to all, a Sermon. 4» Lond. 1650. 

The Prerogative Priest^a Paasing Bell. Or Amen to the 

ripd aergy. 4« Lond. 1651. 


H A R 

HARTLEY (w. h.) Address to the Public cm tbe Bubject df tke 

late Ijoan. 8» Lond, 1781. 
HARTLIB (geo.) Saneuis Jesu Xti emundat nos A opdni pec* 

cato. 4» Thom, 1631. 
HARTC^IB (sAM.) b. bee^. boate. commenius. drubt. 
r Conatuum Comenianorum pneludia cx Bibliotheca 

S. H. 4» Oxm. 1637. 

Relation of attempts to procure ecclesiastical peace 

among Proteittants, 4^ Lond. 1641. 

> A faithful and seasonable Advice, or the necessity of m 

seasonable Correspondencie for advancing the Protestant cauae. 

4» 1643. 

Letter to Alexr* Hinderson. 4^* Lond. 1643. 

A short Letter modestly intreatinga Fnend'sJudf;^iiient 

upon Mr. £dward's, his Booke, he calleth an Anti-Apologie : 

with an answer thereto. 4® Lond. 1644. 

The necessity of nearcr correspondency amonert the 

Evangelical Protestants for the advancing the Nationaf cause 
and bringing: to passe the eilect of the CoYenant. 4^ hmd. 

Discourse conceming the accomplishment of our refor* 

mation. 4<> Lond. 1647. 

The ad\nce of W. P. to S. Hartlib for the advancement 

of Leaming. 4<> Lond. 164a 

Discourse of the Husbandrie used in Brabuit and 

Flanders. 4« Lond. 1650. 

His Lefi^cie, or an enlargement of the "discourBe cn 

Husbandry used in Brabant and Flanders. 4® Lond. 1651. 
. 4« Lond. 1652. 

■ An Appendix to the Legacie. 4® Ixmd. 1652. 

The Reformed Husbandman. 4« Lond. 1651. 

Clavis Apocalyptica. 12* Lond. 1651. 

— An Interrogatory relating the Husbandry and Nat. His- 
tory of Irelaud. 4° 1652. 

The reformed Spiritual Husbandman, with an humUe 

Memorandum conceming Chelsea College, and a CorrcBpaiw 
dencie with Foreign Protestants. 4" Lond. 1652. 

A Discovery for DiviMon of or setting out of Land as 

<o thebest form. 4« Lond. 1653. 

' The reformed Virginian Silk-worm, or a new diseoveiy 

of a speedy way for feeding Silkworms in the woods po the 
Mulberry tree Leaves in Virginia. 4^ Lond. 1653. 
4«^ Lond. 1655. 

— The tme and ready Way to leame the Latin Tongue» 

40 Lonif. 1654. 

Chymical, medicinal, and chimrgical addresses made 

to S. HarUib. \^ Lond. 1655. 

— The earnest Breathings of foreign Protestanta^ &c for 

a compleatBody pf practicali Divinity. 4^ Lond. 1658. 


H A R 

HARTLIB (SAM.) The Compleate Hiubandman, with a diicoane 

on the Nat. Hist. of Ireland. 4» Lond. 1659. 
• Cornu Copia. A mi^cellanium of Experiments. 4^ 

■ A design for plenty by an universal planting of fruit 
Trees. 4» 

HARTMAN (geo.) v. digby. 

The Family Physitian. S^ Lond. 1696. 

■ — - The Preserver and Restorer of Health : together with 
directions for Cookery. 12^ Lond. 1682. 

HARTMANN (chr.) Exercitatio Medica. 4« Argent. 1630. 
HAHTMANN (conr. geo.) De Somno prsetematurali. 4* Jcn. 

HARTMANN (dakiel) De Loco. 4<> 1612. 
HARTMANN (erasmus) De Epiphania et Epiphaniis apud Geo- 

tiles et Christianos sic dictis. 4^ Jen. 1693. 
HARTMANN (frid. wilh.) De Morbis ex Spasino Vesicse. 4* 

Hal. Mas. 1727. 
HARTMANN (ceorg.) Perspectiva communis. 4® Narimb. 

HARTMANN (godtsch.) De Peste. 4« Dant. 1626. 
HARTMANN (hier. erh.) De Catarrhis. 4« J<m. 1701. 

■ De regulis Antimonii eorumque prseparatione et usu^ 
4« Jen. 1703. 

PARTMANN (joh.) De Fluxu et refluxu Maris. Franc. 

— — — Acclamationes Gratulatoriae in Infulam medicam ei 

impositam. 4® Mai-p. 1607. 

. . ■ Disputationes Chymico-Medicse. Accessit Philosophus, 

aive naturse cousullus Maiicus. 4^ M. Catt. 1614. 
HARTMANN (joh. c^r.) De Capsis per se, necnon Fortuna ^ 

Casu. 4*» Franqf. 
HARTMANN (joh. zac^.) Albertus Aniiposus Dux Saxoni^. 

4« Kiln. 1726. 
HARTMANN (mart.) De Luce Cometamm. 4« Jena:. 1666, 

-=— De Tinnitu aurium. 4<> Jen. 1669. 

HARTMANN (melch. phil.) J)e Succino, ejusque summa m 

Medicina efficacia. 4^ Lug. Bat. 1710. 
HARTMANN (phil. jac.) De Xiphia sive Gladio; 4« Regiotn: 

De originibus Anatomicae. 4® Berol. 

■ De generatioue minefalium, vegetabilium & Anioi^* 

liura in Aere. 4^ 1689. 

■ A .1 De Feritia anatomipa veterum. 4® Regiom. 169^. 

HARTMANN (ph. jac.) Succini Prussici Historia. 8® Frane^ 

' 1677. 

— I. N. F. Succincta Succiqi Prus^ici. ^istoria 

,et Demonstratio. 4<> BeroL 1699. 
4° Lond. 1699. 

JIARTMANNUS (christoph.) Annales de AntiquiUtc, Rell* 
gione, &c. Heremi Deiparae Matris Moitasterii Ord. S. Be^* 
dicti in Helvetia. fol. Frih. 1612. 

HARTMANNUS (f.) r. biblia. 


H A R 

HARTMANNUS (g. v.) Epistola de Bnito cx Homine. 4* Br- 

ford. 1733. 
HARTMANNUS (joach.) r. biblia. 
HARTMANNUS (joh.) Anthropologia Phy&ico-medico-analo- 

mica. 4<> Vcn. 1696. 
HARTMANNUS (joh ) Opera mcdico-chymica. edit. a Conn 

Johrenio. fol. Pranc, 1690. 
■■ Praxis Chymiati ica. edit. a Joh. Michaele et G. E. 

Hartmanno. 4® Lzps, 1633. [cttm ^^^otis Mu. J. Goddardi.'] 

•• 8» Gen, 1647. 

8« Gen. 1689. 

Oil^cina Sanitatis et Praxis Chymiatrica emendafa et 

aucta a J. H. Cardiliicio. 4<> Norimb. 1677. 

De Opio. edit. a J. G. Plesliofero. 12" Witemb. 1635. 

12« JVitemb. 1658. 

HARTNACCIUS (dan.) Breviarium nistoriae Turcic». 4* 

Hamb. 1684. 
»■ Curiosa Naturae, seu, admiranda physica. 8^ Fraf9c. 

HARTOGHVELT (isaacus van) Encomium Urbis Amstdaeda- 

mensis. 4<^ Amst. 1683. 
HARTOPP {Sir john) v. watts. 
HARTRANFFT (just) Ordo et Mcthodus scrutandi et curandi 

Febrimerysipelatode commuhiter ab eflectu suo cognominatam 

Rosam. 4° Jen. 1606. 
HARTRANFFT (zach.) De Loco. 4«L/p5. 1618. 
HARTSOEKER (nic.) Essay de Dioptrique. 4» Par. 1694. 

■ " Principes de Physiijue. 4« Par. 1696. 

■ Conjectures physiques. 4** Amst. 1706, 

■ Suite des Conjectures physiques. 4? Amst. 1708. 

■ Recueil de plusieurs Pieces de Physique, oik 1'on fait 
principalement voir rinvalidite du Systeme de Mr. Newton. 
12» Utrecht, 1722. 

Cours de Physique avec un critique des Lettres dc M. 

lieeuwenhoek. 4® Haye, 1730. 
HARTSON (hall) The Countess of Salbbury. A Tragcdy. 8^ 

Lond. 1767. 
HARTUELLUS (abr.) Regina iiterata. W Lond. 1565. 
HARTUNG (JOH. chr.) De more inurendi .stig^ata vetuatis^ 

simo. 4^ Hala. 1720. 
HARTUNG (oTTo. phil. vird.) De Pharmaceuticse recentioris 

praestantia. 49 Alt. 1720. 
— De optima Cancrum Mammarum exhrpandi ratione 

notabili casu illustrata. 4^ AUd. 1720. 
HARTUNG (valent.) hepi narnNOOTiAS vel de Barbigenio^ 

Hominis mer^ Maris. 4^ 1608. 
HARTWELL (abr.) v. brosier. pigafetta. 
HARTWIG (JOH.) De Febribus in genere. 4« WUt. 1659. 

■ De Calido innato^ Corporid Aiiimsque Vinculoii 4* 
Witt. 1660. 


H A R 


mcrarum Topicum^ super universam Theologiam. 9 tom. 4^ 

\Ba«. 1691. 
HARTZ (cusR.) Tractatus CrimiDalis, de Veneficarum Inqubi* 

tione. 12° RinteL 1G39. 
HARTZHEIM (caspar) Explicatio Fabularum et Superstitio- 

num, qnarum, in S. Scriptijris, fit Mentio. 8° Col. Ag. 1724. 
HARTZilEIM (jos.) Hisloria rei nummaris Coloniensis et Dis* 

sertationes de eadem. 4** Col. 1754. 
HARTZMANN (dan. benj.) Dissertatio de jure Principum Pro- 

testanlium circa solennia Matrimonii ecclebiastica. 4® Ha!^ 

Mag. 1719. 
HARVETUS (israel) Defcnsio Chymiffi adversus Apologiam et 

Censuram Scholas Medicorum Parisiensium. cum Notin G. 

Baucyneti.. 12® Par. 1604. 

■ Demonstratio Vcritatis Doctrinse Chymicae, adversus 
Joan. Riolani comparationem veteris Medicinae cum nova. 12^ 
Hanov. 1605. 

HARVEY (cabr.) Ciceronianus. 4« Lond. 1577. 

Gratulationes Valdinenses. 4" Lond. 1578. 

Smithus, sive, Musarum LacrymoB pro obitu Th« 

Smithi. 4<^ Lond. 1578. 

■ Three proper and wittie Letters tonching the Earth- 
quake, and our Enghsh refourmed Versifyin^. 4® Lond* 

Two other very commendable Letters touching artifi* 

cial Vei-sifying. 4<^ Lond. 1580. 

Foure Lettcrs, and certaine Sonnets, toucbing Robert 

Greene and others. A:^ Lond. 1592. 

Pierce'8 Supererogation, or a new Prayse of the old 

Asse. 4« Lond. 1593. 

• A new Letter of notable Contents, with a straunge 

Sonet intituled Gorgon. 4« Lond. 1593. 
HARVEY (cideon) Archelogia Philosophica nova, or New Prin- 

ciples of PhUosophy. 4<> Lond. 1663. 
■ A DidCourse of the Plague. 4® Lond. 1665. 

12» Lond. 1673. 

Morbus Anglicus : Or the Anatomy of Consumptions. 

S^Lond. 1672. 

— / ■ Morbus Anglicus, Or a Theoretick and Practical Dis- 

course of Consumptions and Hypochondriack Melancholy. 12* 

De Febribus Tractus Tlieoreticus et Practicus. 8* 

Lond. 1672.' 

The Disease of London : Or a Discovery of the Scorvey» 

8* Lond. 1675. 

A new discourse of the Small Pox and Mahgnant Fe- 

verji, with an Exact Discovery of the Scorvey. l^ Ijond. 1685. 
> Casos medico-chirurgicus : or the memorable Caae of 

a Nobleman deceased. 12« Lond. 167a 



RARVEY (gidcon) The Family Physiciao^ and Hodse Apothe^ 

qary. 12® Lond. 1678. 
" ' ■ The Conclave of Physicians, detecling their Frauda 

again«t their PatienU. 12® Lond. 1688. 

. The French iPox, or litde Venua anmasked. l^ 

Lond. 1685. 

- The Art of curing' Diseases by Expectatioo. 12^ Lomd. 


Disp. Med. De Febre ardenti. 4« Lug. Bat. 1690. 
' Ars curandi Morbos Expectatione ; item, De Vanitati« 

fous, Dolis, et Mendaciis Medicorum. 12® Lond. 1694. 

• The Vanities of Philosophy and Physick. 8^ Lond. 



HARVEY (jAMEs) Prscsagium medicum : Or, the Prognoatick 

Signs of Acute Diseases. 8® Lond. 1720. 
HAKVEY (john) A discoursive Probleme» concerning Prophe> 

cics. 4® Lond. 1588. 
HARVEY (john) Londons lawless Lyberty : or a Gozmonian 

partie licenced. 4® Lond. 1647. 
* Speech to the Lord Mayor> &c. 4® Lond, 

HARVEY (rich.) An Astrological Discourse of the Coi\junclioa 

of Saturn and Jupiter, April 28, 1583. 8® Lond. 1583. 
— — Philadelphus, or a Defence of Brutes and the Brutan^s 

History. 4® Lmd. 1593. 
HARVEY (sAM.) Funeral Sermon on, with his Epitaph, by Dr. 

Watts. 8® Lond. 1729. 
HARVEY (william) p. arbuthnot. angelis. plumptre. prime* 


■ Opera omnia. 2 tom. 4® Lond. 1766. 

' Exercitatio Anatomica De Motu Cordis, et Sanguinis, 

in Animalibus. 4® Franc. 1628. 

■ Accesserunt J. Walaei Epistolse. 12* Paiav. 


cum Refutationibus j£m. Pansiani et Jac. 

Primroaii. 4® Lug. Bat. 1047. 

Cum priefat. Z. Sylvii, et Dissertatione de 

Conle Jac. de Back. 16^ Rotterd. 1648. 

12® Rottcrd, 1660. 

12® Rotterd. 1671. 

Angl. 12® Lond. 1643. 

Exercitationes de Generatione Animalium. 4^ fymd* 


12® Amst. 1662. 

12® Hag. Com. 1680. 

AngL 8® Lond. 1653. 

Epitaphium ejus. 4® 1658. 

HARVIE (Coi.) Letter to the Earl of Essex. 4® Ltmd. 1643. 
HARWARD (m.) The Fulnessof Joy in tbe PreiCDce of Qod. A 
Sermon.^ 8® Boston, 1732. 



HARWARD (mcH.) The HerdsHum's Itfate: Or a Guide fer 

Hcrdsmen. 12« Dubl. 1673. • 
HARWARD (^imon) Tw^ godUe and ieanred^ Seraion8.i >The 

firsl against the subtiU -fnticlifie» of disMOijUiag N^wter»; the 

other a charge for aO mlearoed and dialplute Ministen» ,W 

Lortd. 1583, . . .» -, . • 

-: Encbeiridion Moralcw ,15|jf Lond. 1597 

HARWARD (simon) A Treatise on Pblebotomy. 8^ Lond, IQQl. 
■ A Discourse of the sev^ral Kaads; aud Causes^ ^ LigbV- 

nincrs. 4^ Lond. 1607. 
HARWOOD {Sir ed.) Advice of Sir E. Harwood^witb ardation 

of his Lifb and Death. 4** Lond. 1643. , * 

HARWOOD (edwd.) Tbe Case of Dr. Harwood : an obstinate 

Palsy of above two years duration, greatly relieved by Eleetrt- 

city. 8" Lond. 
Sermon on tbe death of tbe Revd. J. Taylor, wilh some 

account of his Charaoter and Writings. 8® Lond. 1761. 

• View of tbe various editions of the Greek and Roman 

Classics. ^ Lond. 1783. 

Italici trad. ed accres. da Maf. Pinelli. 8* 

Ven. 1783. [cum adduionihus /ffM.] 

> dall^Ab. Mauro Boni e da Bartol. Gamba. 

2 Part, 13* Vcn. 1793. 

Of tbe Socinian Scheme. S^ Lond. 

HARWOOD (jAMEs) The Lord'8 Prayer unclasped. 13* Lond. 

HARWOOD (john) Tbe Cause, why I deny tbc Authority of 

Gcorge Fox. 4« Lond. 1663. 
HARWOOD (richd.) The loyall Subjects retiring Roome. A 
. Sermon. 4« Oj/. 1645. 
HARWOOD (thosO Hi>tory and Antiquities of tbe Church and 

City of Lichfield. 4» Gioccster, 1806. 
HAS£US (coNR.) Oratio de anni. 1700 commemorabilibus. 4^ 

Bran. 1700. 
HAS.£US (tiieod.) De OfoXar^ucu, sive, Calumnia Cultus Asinini 

a Gentilibus olim Judffiis et Christianis impacta cum Epist* 
- Joh. B. Ottii, deeodem Argumento. 4» Erf. 4r Lip3.l7l6. 
■ ■ De Leviathan ' Jobi, et Ceto Joiio;, Disquiailio. 8* 

Bran. 1733. 

Belg. door. Wernerus Kohne. 8* Utreckt, 


' DifisertationeB et Obseryationes pbilol<^icse« 8® fimn. 

HASBARTIUS (^anc.) liledicatio viri spasmo brachiorum et 

crurumaflecti. 4« 7V. ad Rk. 164*. 
HASCARD (GREO.)Sermon oaMovjr»,5. 1678. 4^Lond.l&l9^ 

Sermoo. Jude. V.ei.4« jiio»rf,1680. 

SenBon. Epbes^ (V. 3^. ^^ Lond. 1685. 

SenDononJat^.30. 4*JUni^1^9& 

HASCHARDUS (petr.) Clypeuf Aatiiokgicvs, adversu» Flagel- 

ium Franc. Rapardi. tif'Lqpan.'i&&^ ■ ^-. . • 



HASCHARDUS <rETt.) CuraUo Morbi Cattici. W 

HASE (oonN.) Oratio ^e suinnia, his quidem lempoiilio», 

sitate «tudii pn^ihetici. 4* Brcm, 166S. 
HASE (sf M.) Disp. de PulmonibiiB. P WUl 1G07. 

^ Disputatio dk GeniUlibun. 4« Wiu. 1G07. * 

< De Apoplexia. 4» Htlm. 1614. 

HASEL (j. van) r. psalmu 

HASELHERC; (hen.) Disp. de Pieuritide. 4^ lUnt. 1635. 

HASELDEN (thos.) The Seamans AsbistaBt new modeUU 4^ 4" 

Glnsg. 1788. 
HASELIUS (ciiRis.) Di^p. de Causo ex<)uisito. 4« Lng. B^x^^^ai 

HASENEST (j. g.) Marckburgbernbcimcr Wild Bad. 4« NuTf& sw» 

HASENMULLER (joach.) Disp. de Fabulis et Mythologia. ^ A 

Lond. 1705. 
HASENRIETANUS (wolf.) Commentai-ius de Vita et Rtlns^^^u 

gestis S. WalpuTfr». Edit. a P. S. Leodio. 4« fngobi. 1616. — 

H^VSEU (abr.) Disp. de Natura. 4^ Lftg. But. 1669. 
HASFURTUS (jo.) Nova Mcdicin» Mcthodus. 4« Ettd. 15M. -'^. 

4« lias. 153:3 

De cognoscendis et medendis Morbb, ex Corponmr «^n 

Cffilestium Posltione. Cum argumentis et expositionibus Joa« M-mh 
nis Paulli. 4« Vcn. 1584. 

HASIUS (JOH. MATH.) Sciagrapliia integri Tractatus de constnio-si»^ 
tione Mapparum. 4° Lips. 1717. 

Di.s8ert. dc Tubis Stentoreis. 4» Lips. 1719. 

■ — Re^ni Davidici ct Salomona^i Descriptio ; una cum < 

lincatione Syria^ et TRgypti pro statu tcmporura sub Seleucidk 
et L-jgidis Rcgibus Mappis exhibita: juncta est ConsidertitiG 
Urbium MaxinrKiruni ac Operum quorundam apud Antiqai 
cdebrium. fol. AV. 17;J9. 

HASIUS (nic.) De Modis non entis et entis. Manuductto 
Artem mcdendi. De Rchgione io genere. 8* Ama. 1649. 

HASKET (ELTA55) An Account of the illega! Tax on Brasaletta — 
Wood hiid on the Inhabitants of Ncw Providencc by "" 
Haskett. foL 

HASLERIG {Sir aktbvr) Sir A. Haslcrig's Speecfa in Parliament 
vhereby he clcareth himselfc of the Articlcs of High Treison 
exhibltcd against himselfe and ottiers. 4^ Lmd. 1649. 

• Musgrave rouzzied : Or the moulh of Iniquitie atoped. 

Being a Vindicatiofn of Sir A. Hazlerige from tbe fake i 
tions of J. Mus^ve. 4* Lond. 1651. 

■ ■ His Petition lo tbe Parltament. fol. Umd, 1659. 
■ ■ Letter to a Member of Parliament. 4» Lmd. 1659. 

True Oopya of several Letters by Cd. Sir A. HnAn^, 

Col. Hn-b. Morley, and Coi. Td. Wahon to Loid Flc c t wo od^ 
with hifl Answers. 4^ LoKiid. 1659. 

The Charactcr of Sir A. HMferl; the Church Tbief. 

{^Jjond. liXO. HASLEBI6 

H A S 

HASLERIG {Sir artmuii) Sir A. Haselrij^'» last Will and Te«ta. 

meiit, with a survey of hii Life and Death. 4^ LofuL IGGl. 
Haslerig: and Vain, or a Dialogue beiween thein in the 

Tower, being a Lamentation of all their vile Actions. 12^ Lond* 
HASLERUS (jo.) Losrisitica medica- 4« At^. 1578. 
HASLEWOOD {Mr.) A Touch.stone, or a trial cxamination of a 

Serroon preached by Master Haafewood. 4^ Lond. 1647. 


Fasciculus Cheuiicus, or Chymical Collectioas» 12* 

Land. 1650. 
HASSAL (cHARLEs) General View of the Agriculture of the 

Couuty of Pembroke. 4» Lond. 1794. 
Gcneral View of the Agriculture of the County of Car- 

marthen. 4^ Lond. 1794. 
IIASSARD (pierre) v. paracelsus. 
— Du Trcmble-Terre en la ville de Bruxelles et autres 

villes et placcs en Brabant. l^ Anv, 1569. 
HASSE (nic.) Diitsert. de asttiimptione seminis Abrah» ad locum 

Ebr. U. V. 16. 4* Jen. 1723. 
HASSEL (joan. bernhard) Theologifle Pythagorice compe^i- 

um. 4» Helmst. 1710. 
HASSEI.BORN (martha) 9. ROOEaa. 
HASSELMAN (jac.) Disput de Dolore in ^oerc. 4* Lkg. Bai. 

HASSELQUIST (fred.) Voyage» and Trav^ls in the Levant in 

tfae years 1749— -53. Pubiished by C. Limueus. 8* Lomd. 

HASSELT (fr. ant. de) Dissert de MiUefolio. ^ Hal. Mag. 

HASSELT (JOH. HENR.) Disp. de Podagra. 4!" Helm. 1659. 


HASSING (matth.) Obflervationes circa Jovem Eliciom. 4* 

HAST (bartb. eudolphvs) Amphibia GyUenborgiamu 4^ UpiaL 

HAST (jofl. GEO.) Dup. <Ie Suffiisione. 4<^ Jtn. 1091. 
HAST (JOH. w.} Dissert de Unione Prolium, vulgo EtH^Rind» 

Mtkafi. 4« Gicu. 171 L 
HASTED (edwaed) Tbe Hislory and Topographieal Survey of 

Kent 4 vok. £ol. CanL U^S--^^. 

Hibiory of the City of Canterlmry» civil and eccksias* 
tical. 3 vols. 8» Cani. 1801. 
HASTINGS ( ) Lord Rawdan. v. rudd. 
HASTINGS {Sir francis) A bnefie Bentie to a Libd, esiUtkd» A 
UHfarate nardword to Sir Fraacis Aauiag/s turhdem Watck» 
word* 4c^ Lond. 1600. 
HASTINGS (behrt) Lord. r. kivds«« 

• ■ Irapeadunent and Charge of Henry Hastings. 4* Lond. 

"i ' ^ ■ Lacbrymg Musarum; Tears of tbe Mnses on his 

Death. CoUected by R. B. 8« Lo/ii. ll»4& 
■ 8» Lottd. 1650. 



HACTINGS {Lady euz.) v. barnakd. 

HASTINGS (selina) Countess qf Huntingdon. r. cANMoif. coTi 


HASTINGS (THO.) Tears of Britannia on tbe Death of the Earl 

of Chatham. 4« Lond. 1778. 
HASTINGS (warren) v. burke. india OrietUalU. wilkes* 
— — Sutc of the British Authority in Bengal under the gcv 

vemnient of Mr. Hastings, exemplified in his cdhduct in the 

case of Mahomed Reza Khan. 8^ Lond. 17S0. 

• Short account of his rcsignation of the Goveminent cif 

Bengal in 1775, with Remarks. 4<> Lond. 1781. 

Proceedings at the India House relative to Mr, HastiiigB 

from May 29 to Nov. 1. 1782. 4«» 1782. 

Letter, with Remarks and authentic Documents to rap- 

port the Remarks. 8« Lond. 1786. 

Mcmoirs relative to the state of India. 8^ Lond. 


Considerations generales sur le proc^ intente a MT* 

Hastings. 8« Lond. 1787. 

- Aq Appeal to the people of England and Scotland in 

behalfof W. Hastings, Esqr. ^ Lond. 1787. 

Original Letlers of W. Hastings^ Esqr. to Sir £« Coote, 

and R. B^rwell, Esqr. 8P Lond. 1 W. 

Ohservations on the defence made by W. HaBtinga» 

Esqr. Part I. 8* Lond. 1787. 

Letter from the McmbeFs of the Committee for ma- 

naging the Impeachment of Mr. Haslings to P. Francis, EM[r. 
g» Lom/. 1788. 

A Review of the principal Charges against W. Hast- 

ings, Esqr. S^Lond. 1788. 

Merits of Mr. Pitt and Mr. Hastings in War«Bd 
in Peace impartially stated. %^ Lond, 1794. 

Obser\'ations on the report of the Commiltee appoioted 

• to report Uie causes of the delay in the Trial of W. Hastinga. 
8^ Lond, 1794. r. 

Lfctter to' Lord Hawksbury on the delay ef Justice m 

Mr. Hastings^s case. 8^ Lond. 1794. 

Debate in the House of Comm<m& June 90. 1794, on 

• the Motion of Thankii to the Mauagen» of the Triai of • W. Hast- 
ings, Esqr. S^ Lond. 1794. > • 

HAS^TLER (thos.) An antidcte against the Plague, a Seamotu 

12« Lond. 1625. 
HATCHERUS (tho.)i7. haddon. ■- • . • 

HATFIELD (martha) o. krisHER. 
HATFIELD (s.) She live» in HopeB, or Caroline. A narration 

founded on Facts. 2 vol. 12« Lond. 1801, • 

«^ Letters on the importance hf the Femal^ 8e» ©• LiHUl. 

• 1803. - - 
HATHAWAY (aicHD.) Tiaal of, fbrbeiiig a Clieatandi«ipo«. 

tor. fol. Land. 170^. . . . 

5 HAT». 

H A V 

HATS. A propoeal for raisiii^ £20JQOO by a duty^ on Ilats, fay 

T. H. with an ansirer. fol. 
UATSEL (lud.) Semicenturia thesinm ex Jure naturali; publico, 

civili, canonico et feudali. 4® Hal. Mag. 1720. 
HATSELL (john) Cases of Pri?ile{:^c of Parliament from the ear- 

liest RecQrds to 1628. 4<> Lond. 1776. 
> ■ ' < Precedents of Proceedings iii the IIousc of Commons ; 

with Observations. 4« Land. 1781. 

4 vols. 4« Lond. 1796. 

HATTECLIFFE (vincent) Aut Deus aiit nihil, God or Noihing. 

Or a Lo&fical Method to prove the Exlstence of a God. 12* 

Lond. 1659. 
HATTEM (jo.) Disput. de Tertiana intermiltente. A^Lugd. 16S8. 
HATTENBACH (joh. sal.) Theses Medicaj. 4* 1674. 

— De Cobca. 4« Helm. 1674. 

HATTEVIER (jac.) Disp. de Pleuritidc. 4« Lug. Bat. 1667. 
HATTINGA (m il.) Di^rt. de Pestc ^^ Lug. 1724. 
HATTON, p. HiLt. 
HATTON {Sir christopher) A Treatise conceming Statutes, or 

Acts of Parlianient. W Lon^. 1677. 
IIATTON (edwd.) New view of London. 2vol. &" Lond. 1708. 

^ An Index to Interest. 8« Lond. 1711. 

• A System of Arithmetic in all its parts. APLond. 1721. 

A mathematical Manual. Or deligbtful Associate. 8® 

Lond.M^aS.^ i 

HATTON (Lady eliz.) Letters to Prinpe Rupert. fol. Lond, 1642. 
HATTON (THOs.) An Essayon Gold Goin. 8^ Lond. 1774. 
HATTRON (CAK. phil.) Au)i^ Otium, Scena Vita, et Goncilia. 

^rBrttx. 1619, 

1- Pietaset Regnum. 4»* Brux. 1633. 

IIATZFELD (joH. cunrad francis db) TheCaseof the Leamed 

represented according to the Merit of the ill Progress made in 
'. Arts aod Sciences» chiefly in Philosophy. 13^ Lond. 1T34. 
4IATZL (geor.) Parterres de Joseph I. 4<> 
HAVANA. Journal of the Sicge of the Havana. 8^ Lond. 1762. 
HAVARD (neast) Account of the prosecution against Revd. £• 

Evanson. 8» Lond. 1778. 
HAVARD (w.) Regulus, aTragedy. 8« Lond. 1744. 
HAVART (x>AN.) Disp. deTenesmo. 4« UUr.\m\. 

. De rebus admirabilibus in India. 4** UUr. 1691. 

. ■■■ ■ i ■■ — Op-eii Oodergang van Cormandel. 4® AfMt. 1693. 
HAUBERT. Lettre, s^ervant de Reponse, a .nn Ecrit, toudiant 

le Fief de Ikubert. 4° Par. 1682. 
HAUBERUS (eber. dav.) Disquisitio de Metempsychosi. 8* 

Ulm. 1724. 
■ Primitise SchauenbiirgicaB. 8® Guelf. 1728. 

HAUBOLD (rud. aug.) Dissert. de Hxmorrboidum conseneu 

cum Morbis Spleijis. 4" Hal.Mag. 1718. 
HAVC amongst you my Mastcr. fol. 
IIAVEMAN (geor. h.J Dissert. de Successione ab Intestato. 8* 

Holm. 1697. 


H A V 

HAVEMAN (MicH,) Christianisini duo Luminsria m^gnt ; teu. 

de Christianorum in Christo perfectiooe ; et de Christianorain 

cum Christo unione. 8® Lugd, Bat, 1633. • 

HAVEMANNUS (mich.) Geometria compeodios6 adorData. 4* 

Franc, ad M. 1650. 
- Amusium, sive, Cynosura Studiosorum. 19^ Hanmip^ 

1657. • • 

Metho<lus ad fundamentalem Lin^uarum et Remm 

utilissimarum Cognitionem. 12^ Hamh, 1673. 

Astrea^ sive, Epitome Sideralis Scienti». 4^ Stad^, 


HAVEN (mtch. van) Theses physica^. 4<> H({fn. 1718. 
HAVENS. Reasons relatin^ to Uie BiH for making decayed Ha- 

vens, &c. more iiavigable. fol. 
HAVENS (PETR. van) Reise in Russland. 8» a>pen^.l744. 
HAVENSIUS (ar^.) r. jusTiNrANU^. 

■ Commeiitariolus de Vita et Martyrio 18 CartusiaDonim 
in Auglia trucidator^iin. Edit. a Mauritio Chancaeo : una cum 
Historica relatione XII Martyrum Cartusianorum Rur»mun* 
densium. 12« Cb/. 1608. 

■ ■ Speculum Haereticaj CrudeliUtis. W Col. 1608. 
Commentarius de Erectione novorumj in Belgio, Epia- 

copatuum. 4* CoL Jg, 1609. 

CommeDtarius rerum a sacris Prsesulibus in Bdgio 

gestarum. 4^» Col. Ag. 1611. 
H AVERCAMP (cfiRARD) ExerciUtioPbilologica de voce MEFAS. 

4" Lvg, Bat. Eiz. 1694. 
HAVERCAMP (sicebert) v. cxiisorinus. josepuus. lvciuus. 


■ Series Numismatum Antiquorum ab H. Adr. d Mark 

collcctorum. 2tom. 8^ < ■ 

Oi^atio inaug. Utrum majus sibi nomen paravcrint 

Graeci bellica laude et Victoriarum gloria, an Artium inven-- 
tionc, Disciplinis liberalibus et studio Eloquentise. 4^ Lug. & 

Disserlationes de Alexandri Magni Numismate, et da 

Nummis Contomiatis. 4** Lugd. Bat. 17». 

Alf^^emeene Histori, met Duizenden Historipenningen 

opgeheWred. 3 Deel. fol. Gravmhag. 1736—39. 

Sylloge Scriptorum qui de Linguse Gra;c« vera et reda 

pronuntiatione Commentarios reliquerunt 3tom. 8* Im^. 

Bat, 1736—40. 

Introductio iu Historiam Pbtriam. 8* Lugd. Bai. 17^9^ 

— — Nummophyiacium Regin» Christine^ quod compre- 

hendit Numismata serea Imperatorum Romanorum, Latina, 

Graeca atque in Coloniis cusa. Lai. 8l Gall. fol. Has. €hm, 

HAVERMANS (adr.) Kort Begrip, en Bericht, van de Histoire 

van Brabant 4« Ltvd. 1653. 
HAV£RN (jOH.jos.) Apologia pro .Soeo et uiiico Vespaske 

Pollae nummo. 4» Vind. 1766. 


H A U 


^ Uisp. de Respiratittie. 4^ intr. 1685. 

■■ ■ New Obcervations of the Bonet. 8* Lond. 1691. 

Irftf. 8* R-ane. Sf JJpu 1693- 

HAV£BS (gbokgb) v. Yimruosi. 

HAVERSHAM {Lord) v. tmompso». 

HAUFF (JAC.) Disp. de Motu in genere ^usque speciebus. 4f 

Witdf. 1681. 

Disp, de Fulmine. 4* Witt. 1622. 

HAUGHTON (edwd.) Thc rise, grovrth and fall of Anti-Christi 

toffether with the reign of Chrii»t. l^ Lond. 1652. 
HAVIGHORST (joh.) Disp. de singulari Mercurii Dulcis usu in 

deMMratis quibusdam Morbis. 4® Hal. Mag. 1724. 


HAUKE (iOM. mcH.) Dissert de Hydrope Ascite prsecipue. 4*\. 
HAUKIUS (cHKisT.) De Meteoris Agreis. 4» WUt. 1615. 
HAUKSBEE (paANc) ProposaLi for a Course of mechanical, op« 

tical, hydroetatical, and pneumatical Lectures. 4® 

■ Experimental course of Astronomy proposed by Mr^ 
Whiston and Mr. Hauksbee. 4^ 

■' ' IVoposals for maklng a large rcflecting Telescope. 4^ 

■ Physico*mechanical Experiments. 4* Lond. 1709. 
Ital. 4« Fir. 1716. 

■ Proposals for a Course of Chemical Experiments, bj 

P. Shaw and F. Hauksbee. Lond. 1731. 

An Essay for a portable Laboratory» by P. Shaw and 

F. Hauksbee. 8«> Lond. 1731 


HAULT (Nic. DE) Voyage de Hierusalem en 1593. WPar. 1601. 

HAULTEMER (louisa de) v. aumale. 

HAULTIN (JEAN BAPT.) Figures des Monnoyes de France. 4* 

HAUMBAUM (joh.maur.) De Charactere Orationis et Hominia» 

4« Witt. 1695. 
HAUMERIE rcBossET db la) Les Secrcts les plus caches de U 

Philosophie des Anciens. 8« Par. 1722. 
HAUNOLDUS (christophorus) v. conringius. 
HAUNSCHILDUS (sam.) Marlyrium Mylianum. 4« Witch. 

1607. I 

HAUPTIUS (christ. prid.) Instituliones Astronomiflc. 8® Lemg. 

HAUPTMANN (aug.) Philosophi ciyusdam borcalis auctorif 

aMnymi Judidum. 12® 

. Apologia et lucida quQnindam de excell. J. Agricol» 

Pbil. et U. M. D. auro potabili, Chymtcorum errorum a Dn. 

Dethardingio commissorum remonstratio. Germ. 12® Numb. 


Scriptum collisivuiii contra Dettaardingianum famosum 

Scriptum ellisivum, sive reoovata de Dn. D. Joannis Agricoke 
Auro potabiU Apdogia, Gemu 12* Itip. 1646. 


^* H A U 

HAUPTMANN (alg.) Sedula gratnwdrum Fontfum» qni H(*ii^ 

husi, liervestigalio. Gcnn. \9.^ Lips, 1647. 
-. Scriptum sertum, contra dcandaloKUm ct nefarium 

Scriptuni illusivum, vel quasi, Bethardmgianum> cui accesdt 

€1. Borealis Philosophi egrcgium^dehaccQntroversikjudiciifm. 

Gcrm. 12° Leip. 1649. 

De curatione calculi hunfraiif. 4^'Li^. 1659. 

■ UhralterWolchensteinischer Warmer Badt-und WasSfer- 

Schutz. %^ Leips, 1657. ^ 

Bcr^-Bedencken. 8« Lips, 1658. 


IIAUPTVOGEL (joh; fiied.) De Locustis, hon sine Prodigio, in 
Germahia nuper conspectis. 4® I.i/)s.*1693. " ' • ' • 

HAVRE DE GRACE. Discours au viay, de la Reduetion du 
Havre de Graco. 8° Lj^w. 156-3. '/-^ 

• Cantique de la Roync Mcre pour la Reduction du Havr^ 

de Grace. 8*» Lyon. 1563. 

Arret du Conseil par lequel Monsr. le Duc de Vatt- 

dosmcest maintenu au Hroit de commettre au charg;e&ide Tni- 
chemens et Interprctcs des Langues estrangeres dans la wHc du 
Havre de Grace,&c. 4» Par, 1651. 

An account of thc buming of Havre dc Grace by "nieir 

TVlajesties Flect umler Lord Berkley. fol. Lond. 1694. 
HAUSDORFFIUS (sal. coitl.) Dissert de ^gro cachctico. 4* •_< 

Jen, 170(). 
HAUSEN (cHRisT. AUGusTrs) Pha»nomena Solis, a Luna tecti, ^ ^, 

conspicua in Novilimio ^"2 Maii 1724. 4® Idps, 1734. 

Novi Profectus in Historia Electricitatis. 4** Lips. 1741. ^, 

HAUSEN (ctiR. AU(;.) Disp. de A^iarchis, ad Act. Ap. XIX. _ I. 

V. 31. 40 Witt. 1683. 
HAUSFRITZ (g. lalu.) Commentarius dc Ceesare designato -^i^o 

Successore Imperii antiqui. 4^ Nor, 1737. 
HAUSMAN (JOH. ERN.) De Bibliothccis IlanoveraniB puUicis. . ^. 

4^ Ilan, 1724, 
HAUSMANN (sal. gerh.) De Sero Sanguinis ex vet. et recent. -. :*. 

scriptis Historia. 4** Jen, 1655. 
HAUSS (sal, cerl.) Dissert. de Scorbuto. 4« Arg, 1698. 
HAU.STED (PET.) The Rival Fricnds; a Comedie. 4« Lcnd. -^ 


Scnile Odium, Comoedia. 12« Qintab. 1633. 

HAUSWOLFF (jlst. christ.) Disp. de iaipeno Mariti in Uxo» -^^ 

rem. 4* Jen. 1721. ' 

HAUTEFEUILLF. (l^abbf. de) Deux problemes de Gnocniquet »- 

a resoudre, avec la Solution de Probleme-de Dioptrique. 4* • 

Observations sur hi Lunette d'approche. 4^ Par, 1674. — "^ 

Explication des Efleta des Trompettes parlantes. 4* ^ ■ 

Par. 1674. 

Factum touchant les Pendulcs^de Poche. 4* Par. — ' 


Lettre sur les Lunettes/(et sur le Niveau. 4* Jrtrr. — 


^ L'Art de rcspi^r «oug l'Eau. 4» Pttr. 1681 . 


H A W 

rEFEUILLE (l^abbb de) Moyen de dimiinier les Lunettcs 
proche. 4« Par. 1697. 

— Lettre a rAcademie des Sciences, sur les Moyens 
gmenter TEfi^ des Lunettes d*approche. 4* Par. 1697. 

— Balance roagnetique. 4® Par. 1703. 

— De la Perfection des Instrumens de Mer. 4* Amst. 

:^NVILLE (h. b.} Digest of the duties of Customs and £x- 
fol. BubL 1804. 

:*ES£R£ (siEUR de) La Piet6 des Eglises d^Orient, a l'Hon- 
• de la Conception de la saincte Vierge. 12* Par, 1645. 
:^VILLE (Nic.) L'Art de bien discourir. 12» Par. 1666. 
7EVILLE (mr. de) Account of Poland, translated from the 
wh. ^^ Land. 1698. 

^ENREUTERUS (jo. lud.) Compcndium libromm Hiy- 
•ura Aristoteli». 12^ Argeni. 1593. 
129 Argent. 1600. 

— Theses Philosophicae. 12® Argent. 1593. 

— Comm. in hbros VIII Physicorum Aristotelis. Gr. Lat. 
Vanc. 1604. 

— Oratio de Arte medica. 12<> Franc. 1686. 

VEEL (john) De morbis soporosis in genere. 4® Lug, Bai, 

r (le cer.) Traite de Mineralogie. 5 tom. S^ Par. 1801. 

— Tableau comparatif des resultats de la Cristallographie 
i L^Analyse chimique> relativement a la Classification des 
eraux. 8<> Par. 1809. 

IRD (laz.) A continuation of the last occurrences from 
ind. 4P Lond. 1642. 

— The Charges issuing forth of the Crown Revenue of 
land and Walcs. 4« Lond. 1647. 

^ 4« Lond. 1660. 

^RD (SAM.) V. newcome. 

EIS (tho.) The Evangelical Expositor. Or a Commentary 
lie Holy Bible. 2 vol. fol. Land. 1765—66. 
ES (francis) Inventory of his Lands, &c. fol. Lond. 1791. 
ES (robert) The History of Framlingham in Suifi>lk, in- 
ing Notices of the Masters and Fellows of Pembroke Hall> 
ibridge : with additions and Notes by R. Loder. 4^ Wood. 

ES (thos.) A Christian Relation of a Christian Affliction. 

— The afflicted Christian justified in a Letter to T. Hawet^ 
a Letter from T. Hawes to Mr. Farthing. 4« Lond. 1646. 
BS (wM.) Address to the public on the uncertainty of the 
lof death. 12« 

— Address to the King and Parliament of 6t. Britain on 
*rving the Lives of its Inhabitants. 8® Lond. 1782. 

iCE (michael) The right of Dominion and Property of Li«. 
f, whether Natural, Civil, or Rehgious. 12^ Lond. 1655. 

— The Grounds of the Uwes of EngUmd. 8^ Lond. I6f 

H A W 

HA WKE (mi CH ael) Killiiig ii Morder and no Murde^ ia AsmMt 

to Alleii'8 Kiiling no Murder. 4** Ltmd. 1657. 
HAWKE (wM.) The Life and Tnal of W. Hawke the Hk;faway. 

man. Alao an account of FieM hig Companlon. 8° Lomdi 1774. 
— — The Life of W. Hawke. To which is added ao accounl 

of the Frauds.of T. Watkirajon. 8« Lond. 
HAWKER (essex) The Wedding, a Tragri.Comi-Pa«ton*.Farci. 

cal Opera. 8* Land. 1729. 
HAWKER. Letter from a Hawker and Pedlar in the Coui^ to 

a Member of Parliaoient. ^ Lond. 1731. 
Second Letter. 8« Lond. 1731. 

■ The casft of the Corporations and Market Towns touck* 

kig Hawkers. fol. 

HAWKER (robt.) Sketches of a joumey to London, with qairi- 
tual reflections. S^ Lond. 180^. 

■ History of the Asylum for the relief of the deaf and 
dumb. To which is added a Sermon preached^t the Aimiver- 
sary of the Charity. ^ Lond. 1805. 

HAWKESWORTH (joun) v. dalrymplb. salignac. 

The Adventurer. 2 vol. fol. Lond. 1753 — 4. 

■ Account of the Voyages undertaken for making Dii- 
ODveries in the Southem Hemisphere. 3 vol. 4^ Land. 1778. 

Almoran and Hamet. An Oriental Tale. 8° Ltmd. 


HAWKHERST. Sketch of the History and AnUquitiea of 
Hawkherst. 4» Umd. 1799. 


HAWKINS (ciESAR) Account of the Admission^ and DiamiiiiCMi» 
of Sarauel Lee from Chelsea Hospital. To wbich isprefized 
an account of the Nature of Ruptures by J. Ranby ano Cmar 
Hawkins. 8» Lond. 1754. 

HAWKINS (FRAN.) Youth^sBt^viour ; Or Decency in Co»ver- 
sation amongst Men, translated by F. Hawkins. 18* Lomdm 

—— — A Delection of the Aspersions cast by him upon Sir 
Robert Clayton, and Sir Geoive Treby^ &c. in a Paper, eati- 
tuled^ ihc Cot^/ession <^ Edward Fiiz-kemrU Esquire. 4* Lond. 

ReSation of what discourse passed between Dr. Haw- 

kins and Edwd. Fitz-Harris Esqr. late Prisoner in the Tower» 

M. Lond. 1681. 
HAWKINS (GEo.) A Prognostication for 1624. 12» Ltmd. 
HAWKINS (JOH.) Discursus de Melancholia Hypochondriaca 

potissimum. 4<> Heidelb, 1633. 
— — Particuke Latinse Orationis. 8^ Lond. 1635. 
HAWKINS (j.) Voyagie. 4» Amst, 1643. 
HAWKINS (joun) Clayis Commercii: Or the Key of Coaunerce. 

4'' Lond. 1689. 
HAWKINS (john) v. wilson. 
HAWKINS \Sir john) v. walton. 
Obaervationi pn tbe Slate ^ the HiffhwajB. 8^ Land. 

1788. 7 HAWKINS 

H A W 

HAWKINS (&> jovn) A Gcntral History of the Scieiice and 

Plraclice of Mumg. 5 vok. 4^ Lond. 177a 
— Probatumary Odes for the Laurtatshijx 8^ Lond. 


Tbe life of Dn Saml. Jobnion. 8« Lond. 1787. 

HAWKINS (■icBD.) NarraUve of the life of GUb. Utej. W 

Land. 1707. 
HAWKIN8 (Sfr richard) The Obaerrations of Sir R. Hawkins 

in his Voyage into the South Sea in 1593. fol. Lond. 1G29. 
Discourse of the National Excellencies of EnglaodL 8* 

Lond. 1058. 
HAWKINS (robert) The Peijured Fanatick : Or the malicioua 

Conniirac^ of Sir J. Croke and H. Larimore against the Life of 

R. Hawkms, occasioned by bis Suit for Tythes. fol. Lond. 

1710. - 

4* Lond. 1738. 

HAWKINS {Sir t.) v. mathieu. 

HAWKINS (t.) A Commentary on the Episdes of St. John. 8^ 

Haltfax, 1808. 
HAWKINS (thos.) The origin of the Englisb Drama. 3 vob« 

12* Lond, 1773. 
JHAWKINS (wM.) yfeof BishopKen. 8« Lond. 1713. 
HAWKINS (WM.) Sermon before the UnirorMty of Ozford on 

Janr. 30. 8» Ojfdrd, 1752. 
HAWKINS (w.) Miscdlanies in Verseand Prose, containing Ob- 

servations on the principai Theatrical Peribrmers. 8^ Loni* 

HAWKINS (wM.) Abridgement of the first part of Lord Coke'» 

Institutes. 12* Savoy, 1742. 
HAWKSMOOR (nic.) An historical Account of London Bridge^ 

widi a Proposition for a new Stone Bridge at Westminster. 4^ 

jLond. 1736. 
HAWKWOOD {Sir john) Memoir» of Sir J. Hawkwood. 4f 

Lond. 1782. [being No. IV. of the Bibl. Top. BritL] 
■ — Addition to the Memoirs of Sir J. Hawkwood. 4* 

Lond. 1784. [being No. XIX. of the BiU. Top. Britt.] 
HA¥nL£S (john) Remarks upon the Trials of Edwd. Fitz-harris^ 

S. Colledge, C. Coningsmark» Lord Rossel, Col. Sidn^, H. Cor- 

nish and C. Bateman. As also on the £arl of Shaftabury^i 

Grand Jiuy, Wihnore^s Homine Replegiando and tke Award 

of Execution against Sir T. Armstrong. fol. Lond. 1689. 
HAWLEY (JAC.) Oratio Harveiana. 4« Lond. 1747. 
HAWORTH (adr. hardy) Obeervations on the Genus Mesem- 

faryanthemum. 8^ Lond. 1794. 
HAWORTH (sAM.) AyO^oTwXoyia. Or a phiksophic Discottrse 

conceming Man, being the Anatomy of his Soul and Body. 

12» Lond. 1680. 

The true Method of curing Consomptions. 19* 


A DescriptioD of tbe Duke^B Bagaio. 12<» Lond. 



H A Y 

HAWORTH (william) Animadveniond upon a late qaibliiii^ ' 

Libel from the Hartford Quakers, stiled a testimanyfar the Mom 

Ckrist JesM. 4<> 1676. 

-? The Quaker converted. 4<» Lond. 1690. 

HAWTREY (cHARLEs) Evidence that the Relation of Jotephus 

conceming Herod's having new built the Temf^e at Jerunlein 

is either false or misrepresented. 8^ Oif. 1788. 

A Continuation bf the Evidence. 8» Osf. 1789. 

HAWYS (JOH.) Oratio in Theatro Collegii Medicorum. 4<> Land. 

HAY (alexand.) Tyrocinium Pharmaceuticum. 12^ Edinb. 

HAY {Col, james) Speech in Parhament conceming ToleratioD. 

4« 1655. 


HAY (jAN.) UAntimoine, contre Beze. p« Toum, 1588. 

HAY (joun) The Case of J. Hay and olher Creditors of S. Bur- 

ton. 8* Lond. 1740. 
HAY.(john) V. king. 


HAY (peter) Advertiseraent to the Subjects of Scotiand on the 
dangers threatened to Christian States by the AmbiUcxi of 
Spayne. 4<» Aberd. 1627. 

HAY (rob.) Disp. de causis et efiectibus aucti motus in Arteriis. 
4^ Ultr. 1708. 


HAY (WM.) Works. 2 vols. 4<> Lond. 1794. 

■ Deformity, an Essay. 8® Lond. 1754. 
HAYCK, V. UAGEsius. 
HAYCOCK (polly) The fortunate Transport or the secret His- 

tory of the Life aiid Advcntures of Polly Haycock. 8° Lond. 
HAYDCOCKE (w.) v. lomazzo. virgilius. 
HAY£ (m. de la) Journal du Voyage des Grandes Indes. 2 Part: 

12° Orleans, 1697. 


HAYES (cHAs.) An account of C. Hayes by E. Y. 4« 
HAYES (JAQ. DEs) La Lumiere du Monde, ou rEclaircissenient 
des Verites inconlestables, qui marque la vraye Eghse de Jesus 
Christ. Avec le Catechisme CathoUque du P. Pierre Canisius. 
12« Ldege, 1682. 


HAYES (m. des) Voyages en Dannemarc^ avec Annotations par 

le Sr. P. M, L. 12« Par. 1664. 
HAYES (rich.) The Young Merchant's Assistant: or his Busi- 

ness at the Custom House raade Easy. %^ Lond. 1718. 
— — Thc Negotialor's Magazine, or the Exchangea anato- 

mized. 129 Lond. 1719, 
' BuUion Gold and Silver valued at Sight. 8^ Lond. 

1734. ^ 

Interest at one View. 12° Lond. 1738. 


H A Y 

HAYLEY (thos.) Fast Sennon. 8« Lond. 1713. 

■■ Miitual Charity the most perfect bond of Chrislian 

Unity. A Sermon befbre the King. &^ Land. 1718. 
HAYLEY (wM.) Sermon before the Levant Company. 4* Lond. 


■ Fast Sermon before the Commons. 4® Lcmd, 1695. 
> — Sermon before the Society for the Reformation of Man- 

ners. 12» Land. 1699. 

Funeral Sermon on Dr. Conrtor. 4» Lond, 1699. 

■ Concio ad Synodum ProvinciflB Cantuarensis. 4*^ L(md. 

HAYLEY (wiLL.) A poetical Epistle to an eminent Painter. 4® 

Lond. 1779. 
An Essay on History, in three Epistles to Edward Gib- 

bon, Esq. with Notes. 4^ Lond. 1780. 

The Triumphs of Temper, a Poem. 4« Lond. 1781. 

13° Lond. 1788. 

An Essay on Epic Poetry. 4° Lond. 1782. 

■■ ■ Plays of three Acts for a Private Theatre. 4" Lond, 

■ An Essay on Old Maids. 3 vol. S^ Lond. 1785. 

Occasional Stanzas written at the request of the Revo« 

lution Society ; to which is added Queen iVlary to King Wil- 
liam during jns Campaign in 1690. A poetical Epiittle. 4P 
Lond. 1788. 

Elegy on the death of Sir W. Jones. 4<> Lond. 


The Life of Milton. 4^ Lond. 1796. 

— Life and Posthumous writings of Wm. Cowper. 3 voli* 

4« Chichester, 1803, 4. 

— Supplement. 4^ Chich. 1806. 

The Triumph of Music, a Poem. 4° Chich. 1804. 

— — — Ballads founded on Anecdotes relating to Animala. 12^ 

Chich. 1805. 
HAYM (n. f.) V. TAsso. 
Notiziade Libri rari nella Lingua Italiana. Annessoviil 

libro delia Eloquenza Italiana di Mons. G. FonUnini. 8^ Lond^ 


2 vol. 4° Mil. 1771—73. 

— Tesoro Britannico, overo il Museo Nummario. 2 tom» 

4» Lond. 1719, 20. 
HAYMAN (rob.) Quodlibets lately come over from New Brita» 

niola, Old Newfoundland, with some Epigrams. 4° Lond.. 

HAYMO, Episc. Hatherstatensii. De Christianarum Rerum Me- 

moria. 12«^ Col. 1531. 
GalL trad. par M. C. Despence. 12« Par. 

■ Interpretatio in Pauli Epistc^. 12* 1528. 



HAYMO, E^nsc. HaUtntauwU. Commentarii in Apocalnitin. 
13* Col. 1529. 

" Homilifle in Evangelia iodus Anni. Pan Hyemalia. \9F 

Col. 1531. 

Homelife in Evangelia Dominicalia totiua Anni ci de 

Sanctis qaibusdam. 12^ Par. 1535. 
HAYNE (JOH.) Trifolium medicum von Aatraliachen Kranckhei- 

ten, &c. 12« 1663. 

12« 1683. 

HAYNE (thomas) Linguanim C<^;natio : seu de linguis diaaer- 

tetio. 12« Lond. 1639. 
— Pax in Tenra, sive Tractatus de Pace £cclesia8tic«. 8^ 

Lond. 1639. 

Christs Kingdom. on Earth opened according to thc 

Scriptures. 4« Lond. 1645. 
HAYNES (john) A View of the present Sute of the Cloatfaing 

Trade of £ngland. 8« Lond. 1706. 
— Great Bntain's Glory, or an Account of the ereat 

Numbers of Poor employed in the Wooilen, and Silk li&nii- 

factures. 8« Lond. 1715. 
HAYNES (SAM.) V. cEciL. 
HAYNE8 (thos.) Interesting discoveries in Horticoltore. 8* 

Lond. 1810. 
HAYNISCH (j6. chr.) Systema Copemicum Scriptune aacra^ 

non est appositum. 4« Jen. 1724. 
HAYNNAU. Croniques et Annales de Haynnau. 3 tomes. fol. 

Par. 1531, 2. 
HAYNS (jos.) The fatal Mistake, or, the Plot spoiled, a Tragedy. 

4« Lond. 1696. 

His Life. 8« Lond. 1701. 

HAYTER (thos.) Bp. of Norwich. v. stainsby. 

■ View of some general arts of controversy used by the 

advocates for Infidelity. 8« Lond. 1732. 

— Sermon before the Commons on his Majesty^s Acoea- 

sion. 4« Lond. 1746. 

: Sermon before the Peers on JanT. 30. 4« Lond. 1750. 

— — Sermon before the King. Drawn up for the use of their 

Royal Highness^ George Prince of Wales and Prince Edward. 

4« Lond. 1752. • 

■ ■ Sermon before the Society corresponding with the. in- 

corporated Society in Dublin for promoting EngUsh Protestant 

workiftg Schools in Ireland. 4« Lond. 1754. 

Sermon before the Society for the Propagation of the 

Gospel in Foreign Parts. 4« Lond. 1755. 

> Sevroon for the London Infirmary. 4« Lond. 1759. 

HAYTHONUS, v. haithonus. 

HAYUS (joh.) Dalgaitiams. Pe Rebus Peruanis R. D. de Tor- 

res Commentarius. 12« Aniv. 1604. 
■' ■ De Rebus Japoiiicia« Indioii^et Perua^is ]^)is(eha re» 

t^tiores.*8^ Ant. 1605. 



HAYWARD (BDW.) Anftwier «oGeo. KawU. 4^ Lakd. IWL ' 
— — Sizes and Lengths of Rigging for all of Hia Migcilie's 

i^ip». M. leeo. 

HAYW ARD {Sir jobn) The ^t Part of the Life and Raigne 

of K. Henrie IV. 4« Lomi. 1599. 
■ ■ Answer to the first Part of a certaine conference, con- 

ceming Succession» jpublifthed by R. Dolman. 4* Lond. 1608. 
- A Treatise or Union of the two Realm» of England aad 

Scotknd. 4'' Loiul. 1604. 
Lives of the three Norman Kings of England : Wro. I» 

Wm. n. Hen. I. 4» Land. 1613. 

Of Supremacie in Affiures of Religion. 4^ Land. 1694. 

The Life and Raigne of Edward VI. 4» Land. 1630. 

with the Beginning of the Rdgn of Q. £Dza« 

beth. 120 Lond. 1636. 
HAYWOOD (d.) An answer to a lawleds Pamphlet entitled l^ 
PeiitUm and articles agaimt Dr, Haywood. i^^ Lond. 1641. 


HAYWOOD (eliza) The British Recluse: Orthe aecret Hiatory 
of Clcomira. A Novel. 8« 1722. 

— > Idalia, or the Unfortunate MistresB. 8* Lond. 172S. 

The Tea-TaWe. 8* Lond. 1725. 

■ A Spy on the Conjurer> or a Collection of Stories rc- 
lating to Duncan Campbell. 8« Lond. 1725. 

Frederick Duke of Brunswick Lunenbttrg, a Tragedy* 

8« Lond. 1729. 
The history of Betey Thoughtlesi. 4 vob. 8* Lond. 

■■ History of Jeramy and Jenny Jessamy. 3 ?ol». 8* 

Lond. 1785. 
HAYWOOD (WM.) Sermon tending to Peace. 4<» Lond. 1648. 

Funeral Sermon of W. Norbane. 4» Lond. 1660. 

HAZARD. Eway d'Analyfe sur les Jeux de Hazard. 4« Par. 

HAZON (j. A.) Qumtio medica^ an prsecipuum organum respi* 

rationis Diaphragma ? 4^ Par. 1732. 
H£AD. A Treatise on the diaeases of the Head, Brain and 

Nerres. 8« Land. 1714. 
HEAD (caleb) V. wricht. 
HEAD (richd.) A threefoM Cordtounite SouIb for ever unto 

God. 4» Lond. 1647. 
HEAD (richard) Hic et ubique^ or the Humoure of Dublin, a 

Coroedy. 4« Lond. 1663. 
HEADLEY Oohn) A true and perfect Relation of a Conspiracie 

diacoTered by a Jew in Turkie against the English. 4^ Lond.- 

HEADRICH (john) Arcana Philosophica. Or Chymical Secrcts. 

%^ Lmd. 1697. 
HEADS OK.ALL FASHIONS. Being a plaine deBnition of 

diTerse sorts of heads, and aUegorically shewing the^diversiiies 

of Religion. Now lately written since Calves^Heads came. in 
*• L(md. 1642. HEADS. 

H .E A 

HEABS. The Heads of the great chai^ agaitist the impeacheil 

Memben. 4» Lond. 1647. 
HEALTH. This is the Myrrour or Glass of Healthe decessary for 
every Person to take in that will Eeep theyr bodye from the 
Pestylence^ and it sheweth how the Planettes do reygne in 
every houre of the day and night^ with the nature of the XH 
Sygnes. 12» Land, by 71 Coldwell. [bl. /.] 

12» Ixmd. Rob. Wyer. [bL /.] 

12» Lcmd. Rob: Wyer. [bii. anoiher edit,] 

' Health^s Preservative and a discourse on Empiricka, by 

E. D. 4» Lond. 1606. 

Directions for Heallh, natural and artiiicialy with two 

Treatises on the Eyes^ one by Dr. Baily, the other out of the 
Writings of Femelius and Riolanus. 4» Lond. 1633. 

Monthly Observations for the preserving of Health. 

[by T. Tryon.] 12» Lond. 1688. 

A proposal for the better securing of Health. fol. Lond, 

— — The sovereign Preservative of the Health and Life of thc 

Royal Family, Nobility, Gentry and People. 8» Lond. 1708. 

Jhe Family Companion for Hcalth. 8» Lond. 1729- 

An Essay on the most rational means for preserving 

Health. 8» Lond. 1799. 
HEAMAN (rogek) v. hammond. 

■ An additional narrative of the design against the Pro- 

testants in Maryland. 4» Lond. 1655. 
HEARLE (digory) v. tidcombe. 

HEARLE (MR.) A fuller answer to Dr. Feme. 4» Lond. 1642. 
HEARNE (erasmus) The Antiquarian School, or the City Latin 

electrified, a Ballad. fol. Lond. 1761. 
HEARNE (sAM.) A Joumey from Prince of WaWs Fort in 

Hudson'8 ^ay, to the Northem Ocean. 4» Lond. 1795. 
HEARNE (T.) Antiquities of Gt. Britain illustrated in Views by 

T. Hearne and W. Byrne. 2 vol. fol. Lond. Ig07. 
HEARNE (thomas) v. aluredus Beverlacensis. avesburt. bb- 


MiNGUs. JOHANNES Glastonicnsis. justinus. langtoft. leiand. 
LIVIU8. T. Livius Foro-Juliensis. neale. otterbourne. pli- 
Nius Junior. r^cardus ii. Rex Anglia. robert of Ghucesier. 
roffa. r0per..r0ss. scaccarium. spelman. sprottus. testa- 
mentum novum. trivetus. trokelowe. whethamstede. 

■ Ductor historicus, or a System of universal History. 9 
vol. 8« Lond. 1704—14. 

■ ■ A Collection of curious Discourses, written by eminent 
Antiouaries, upon several Heads in our Euglish Antiquities* 8* 

The History and Antiquities of Glastonbury. To which 

are added The Endowment and Orders of Sberington^s Chap- 
try ; and Dr. Plot'8 Letter to the £. of Arhng^on concemmg 
Tlietford. 8« Oxon. 1732. 


H £ A 

HEARNE (tbomas) Letter on some Aniiquitie» between Wind* 
sor and Oxford ; with a list of tbe Pictures in the Gallery ad* 
joyning the BodUdan Library. 8^ Oxon. 1735. 

— — Vindication of those vfho take the Oath of AHegiance. 
8* 1731. 

— Memorials of his Life and Writings. 8^ Lond, 1736. 

Ectypa varia, ad Historiam Britannicam iUustrandam. 

M. OxoH. 1787 

HEART. The Heart opened to Christ Jesus. 12« Lond. 1653. 
HEART BLEEDINGS for Professors abominations. 4« Lond. 

HEART (Hic.) The sleepy man awaked out of his fi?e dayt 

Dream, being an account of one N. Heart, a Dutcbman who 

aleep» five days every Augiist. 12* Lond. 1710. 
HEARTS EASE in Hearl trouble. l^ Lond. 1691. 
HEATH (benj.) Notse sive Lectiones ad ^chyli, Sophoclis et 

Euripidts Dramata. 4« Oxon. 1762. 
HEATH (cHAs.) Descriptive account of Tmtern Abbey. 8* 

Monwouth, 1793. 
HEATH (job) V. wallin. 

HEATH (john) Two Centuries of Epigrammes. W Lond. 1610. 
HEATH (j.) Flagellum ; or the life and death birth and borial 

of O. Cromwell. 8* Lond. 1672. 
HEATH (NiCHOL.) Bp7 qf Rochcster. v. biblia. Ang. 
HEATH (robert) Claraatella, with other Poems. 12^ Lond. 

HEATH {Sir robt.) Maxims and Rules for Pleading, pubhshed 

by W. B. 8« Lond. 1694. 
HEATH (robt.) Natural and historical Account of the Isiands of 

Scilly. With a general account of Comwall. 8® Lond. 1750. 
HEATHCOTE (corn.) Dibp. de Pieuritide «ditaria. ^Lug. Bat. 

HEATHCOTE (geo.) Letter tothe Lord Mayor,&c. of Londcnu 

8» Lofirf. 1762. 
HEATHCOTE (ralph) Historia Astronomie. ^ Ckintab. 1747. 
A Skctch of Lord Bolinbroke'8 Phiiosophy. 8* Lond. 


The Use of Reasq^ asserted in M atters of Religion, in 

Answer to Mr. Patten's Sermon. 8® Lond. 1756. 

Reply to Mr. Patten^s Answer. 8» Lond. 1756. 

Morality and Religion essential to Society. An Assize 

^Serroon. 8^ Lond. 1756. 

Fidei Fundamentum Ratio. Concio ad Clerum. 4® 

Cant. 1759. 
■ A Discourse upon the Being and Attributes of God 

against AtheisU. In two Sermons. 4' Lond. 1763. 
HEATHCOTE (robt.) Catalogue of a selection of books from his 

Library to be sold by Auction. 8® Lond. 1802. 
HEAVEN. A Declaration of the vulgar new Heavens flat-form. 

The Plain Man^s Guide to Heavcn. 12» Lond. 1692. 


H£ A 

HEADS. The Heads of the great chai^ against the impeached 

Memben. 4« Lond. 1647. 
HEALTH. This is the Myrrour or Glass of Healthe deceasary for 
every Person to take in that will Eeep theyr bodye from the 
Pestylence, and it sheweth how the Planettes do reygne in 
every houre of the day and night, with the nature of the XTT 
Sygnes. 12« Land. by 71 ColdwelL [bl. /.] 

12^ Lmd. Rob. Wyer. \hl. /.] 

12« Lmd. Rob: Wyer. {hll another edit.] 

' Health^s Preservative and a discourse on Empiricka, by 

E.D. 4«Lowrf. 1606. 

Directions for Health^ natural and artificialy with two 

Treatises on the Eyes, one by Dr, Baily, the other out of the 
Writings of Femelius and Riolanus. 4« Lond. 1633. 

Monthiy Observations for the preserving of Health. 

[by T. Tryon.] 12« Lond. 1688. 

A proposal for the better securing of Health. fol. Lond, 

— — The sovereign Preservative of the Health and Life of the 

Royal Family, Nobility, Gentry and People. 8« Lond. 1708. 

Jhe Family Companion for Health. 8« Lond. 1739. 

An Essay on the most rationai means for preserving 

Heahh. 8« Lond. 1799. 
HEAMAN (rogek) v. hammond. 
■ An additional narrative of the design against the Pn>- 

testants in Maryland. 4« Lond. 1655. 
HEARLE (digory) v. tidcomue. 

HEARLE (MR.) A fuUer answcr to Dr. Feme. 4« Lond. 1642. 
HEARNE (erasmus) The Antiquarian School, or the City Latin 

electrified, a Ballad. fol. Lond. 1761. 
HEARNE (sAM.) A Jouraey froin Prince of Wales^s Fort in 

Hudson's ^ay, to the Northem Ocean. 4^ Lond. 1795. 
HEARNE (T.) Antiquities of Gt. Britain illustrated in Viewsby 

T. Hearne and W. Byrne. 2 vol. fol. Lond. Ig07. 
HEARNE (thomas) v. aluredus Beverlaccnsis. avbsburt. bb- 

NEDICTUS. caius. camden. dodwell. domerham. dunstaple. 

blmham. fordun. gulielmus Ncubrigensis. hemingford. hb- 

MiNGUs. JOHANNEs Glastonicnns. justinus. langtoft. lblamd. 

livius. t. livius Foro-Juliensis. neale. otterbournb. pli- 

Nius Jtmior. r^cardus ii. Rex Anglia. robert qf GloucetUr. 


■ Ductor historicus, or a System of universal History. 3 
vol. 8« Lond. 1704—14. 

■ ■ A Collection of curious Discourses, written by eminent 
Antiquaries, upon several Heads in our English Antiquities. 8^ 
Ojf. 1720. 

The History and Antiquities of Glastonbury. To which 

are added The Endowment and Orders of Sberington^s Chap< 
ixv ; and Dr. Piot'8 Letter to the £. of Arling^on coDcemiiig 
Tlietford. 8« Oxon. 1732. 



H £ A 

HEARNE (thomas) Letter on some Aniiquitie< between Wind* 
m and Oxford ; with a list of tbe Pictures in the Gallery ad* 
joyning the Bodleian Dbrary. 8^ Oxon. 1735. 

■ Vindication of those vfho take the Oath of AHegiaiice. 
8* 1731. 

■ Memorials of his Life and Writings. 8^ Lond, 1736. 
Ectypa varia, ad Historiam Britannicam illustrandam. 

M. OxoH. 1787. 

HEART. The Heart opened to Christ Jesus. 12« Lond. 1653. 
HEART BLEEDINGS for Professors abominations. 4» Lond. 

HEART (Hic.) The sleepy man awaked out of his fi?e dayt 

Dream, being an account of one N. Heart, a Dutcbman wbo 

sleep» five days every Augiist. 12* Lond. 1710. 
HEARTS EASE in Heart trouble. 12» Lond. 1691. 
HEATH (benj.) Notse sive Lectiones ad ^chyli^ Sophoclis et 

Euripidis Dramata. 4« Oxon. 1762. 
HEATH (CHAS.) Descriptive account of Tintem Abbey. 8* 

Monwouth, 1793. 
HEATH (job) V. wallin. 

HEATH (john) Two Centuries of Epigrammes. W Lond. 1610. 
HEATH (j.) Flagellum ; or the life and death birth and borial 

«f O. Cromwell. 8» Lond. 1672. 
HEATH (NiCHOL.) Bp7 of Rochester. v. biblia. Ang. 
HEATH (robekt) Clarastella, with other Poems. 12^ Lond. 

HEATH {Sir robt.) Maxims and Rules for Pleading^ pubhshed 

by W. B. 8« Lond. 1694. 
HEATH (robt.) Natural and historical Account of the Isiands of 

Scilly. With a general account of Comwall. 8® Lond. 1750. 
HEATHCOTE (corn.) Dibp. de Pieuritide «ditana. 4« Luff. Bat. 

HEATHCOTE (geo.) Letter tothe Lord Mayor,&c. of London. 

8fi Lond. 1762. 
HEATHCOTE (ralph) Historia Astronomie. ^ Ckintab. 1747. 
A Sketch of Lord Bolinbroke'8 Phiiosophy. &^ Lond. 


'■ The Use of Reasqp asserted in Matters of Religion, in 

Answer to Mr. Patten's Sermon. S^ Lond. 1756. 

Reply to Mr. Patten*s Answer. 8® Lond. 1756. 

Morality and Religion essential to Society. An Assize 

Sermon. 8^ Lond. 1756. 

Fidei Fundamentum Ratio. Concio ad Clerum. 4® 

Cam. 1759. 
— A Discourse upon the Being and Attributes of God 

against AtheisU. In two Sermons. 4' Lond. 1763. 
HEATHCOTE (robt.) Catalogue of a selection of booka from hb 

Librarv to be sold by Auction. 8^ Lond. 1802. 
HEAVErJ. A Declaration of the vulgar new Heavens flat-form. 

The Plain Man^s Guide to Hcavcn. 12» Lond. 1692. 

V0L.IIL Nn ^^^m- 

H B a 

HEAVEN. An £ssay^ proving we shBll kiioir oar Friends in 
• H^ven, written by a aUconsolate Widower. 8* l/md* 1698. 

^ Heaven open to all Men. 8* Lond. 174S. 

HEBDON. A Guide to the Godly, or the daily Medilatkma of 

Betume Hebdon. 12« 1648. 
HEBED-JESU, Mttropolita Sobmsis. Catalogatt librorum Ciial* 

dffiorum, Syr. & Lai, per Abr. Ecchellensein. l^ Rom.l65S. 
HEBENSTREIT (geo.) Questiones miscellanee. I2f^ Tubing. 

HEBENSTREIT (jo. dav.) Oraculum ApoUini» Delphicmn. 4» 

J«i. 1675. 
HEBENSTREIT (jo. ern.) Difisert. de ordinibus Conchylionim 

metbodica ratione instituendis. 4^^ Lip$. 1728. 
' — Dissert. de organis Piscium extemis. 4® Lips, 

H£B]£NSTREIT (jou. paul.) Dissert. de Scandali natura. 4P 

Jm. 1708. 
HEBERDEN (will.) ANTieHPlAKA. An Essay on Mithriida- 

tium and Theriaca. ^^ 1745. 
HEBERT (JEAN) Traite des Longitudes. 12<> Porl I7l8. 
HEBIUS (tarr^us) v. barthius. 
HEBREW. The fair Hebrew, or a secret History of two Jewiah 

Ladiea, a Novel. 8» Ltmd. 1729. 
HEBREW. New and easy Method of leaming Hebrew without 

Points. 8« 
■ V : ■ Five Letters containing a new and easy method of kam- 

ing the Hebrew Language. 4^ Lond. 1744. 

Tlie true and antienl manner of reading Hebrew with- 

out points. By Th— s Cl— s. 8» Lond. 1747. 
HECHSTETTEK (phil.) Observationes Medicse. 129 Aug. Find. 


— : 2 tom. 12® Franc. 1674. 

HECHT (JOH. siGisM.) Exercit de Cancro Mammarnm. 4** 

Jlelm. 1673. 
"^— — Dissert. de Obstructione Vasorum sanguiferoram. 4® 

Hul. Mag. 1713. • 

HEQHTEL (JOH. LBON.) Dissert. dc Abscessu. 49 Jen. 169a 
lilECHTIUS (godofr.) De Henrico Guelfo Leone, Duce Boiva- 
. rise. et Saxonice Commentarius. Accedil Dissertatio de Coeno- 

biis Germanis^ Rerum in ea gestarum Tabulariis. 4** Vitemb. 


f — ;• Germania sacra et literata. 8" Vitemb. 1717. 

— Vita Johannis Tezeli. Accedit Epistola F. Myconi aas- 

piciaemendatae Religionis illustrans. 8^ F2<fm^/1717. 

De Gerone primo Lusitatiae Marchione non Duce. 4* ^ 

HECK (john casp.) A complete System of Harmony. 4<* 
HECKENHOECK (adr.) Oratio in laudem Constantini Magni. 

•4°Z>Q;7i. 1716. 
HECKER (JOANNEs) Mercurius in Sole. 4» Gedan. 1673. 
HECKHELER (joh.) Dissert. de Potu The6. 4» Arg. 1691. 
HECKHIUS (GisB.) Disput. de Partu difficili. 4» Lug. Btu. 

1667. .. 


H E D 

HECKHIUS (j©hn) Disput. dc Peste. 4« Daveni, 1605. 
HECKLAUR (eilh. che.) Disp. de Periodo ClementiQa 

CIOCLXXXIV annorum. 4« Kii 1706. 
HECQUET (m.) V, procope-couteaux. 
HECQUET (PHiL.) Qusst Med. an Functiones a Fermentis l 4* 

Par. 1695. 
■ Qu»st. Med. an cbronicorum Morborum Medicina in 

Alimento ? 4^ Par. 1695. 

ftu»st. Med. an Morbi a Sobdorum Tritu ? 12* 1712. 

■■ De la Digestion & des Maladies de l^Estomac, suivant 

le Svfteme de la Trituration & du Broyement. 2 tom. S^ Par. 


De purganda Medicioa a Curanim Sordibus. 8® Par. 


-^ Trait^ de la Peste. 8» Par. 1722. 

Novus Medicinae Conspectus. 2 tom. 8® Par, 1722. 

Reflexions sur Tusage de TOpium des Calniants & dea 

NarcotiQues. 12^ Par. 1726. 

Kemarques sur TAbus des Purgatifs & d^ Amers» « 

Bur PUtUite de la Saignee. 8» Par. 1729! 

La Medecine naturelle. 2 tom. 8" Par. 1738. 

HECTORS. A notable and pleasant History of tbe KnigKfs of 
the Blade commonly called Hectors, or^ St. Nicholas uerkes. . 
4«£on^. 1652. 

The Hectors^ or^ the false Challenge, a Comedy. 4^ 

Lond. 1656 


Historia Episcoporum Ultrajectensium. cum Notis A. 

Buchclii. fol. UUraj. 1642. 
HEDELIN (F.) Des Satyres, Bru^es, Monstres, & Demons. I2* 

Par, 1627. 
■ Macarise, ou la E^ne dea Isles Fortunces. Histoire 

Alkgorique contenant la rhiloeophie Morale des JStoiquea. 2 

tom. 8* Par. 1664. 
HEDEUNUS (PETRus) Ad Johannem Gabrielem Sparvenfeldum 

Ekgia. 4* Vpsal 1708. 
HEDEMAN (eric. geo.) Controversise et Conclusiones ex Jure 

civili desumpt». 4<^ Marp. 1626. 
HEDENECCrtJS (erhardus) MNHMONEYTIKON septem Hip- 

pocratiA Aphorismorum Sectionum> Tabutis comprehensum ; 

item Prmiosticorum Hippocraiis Synopsb. 4^ Boi 1585. 
HEDEN6REN (andr.) De Gladio Gustavi Adolphi. 3 Partes. A!* 

l^ 1728, 9. 
HEDENUS (Nic. CHR.} Disput. de Odontalgia. 4fi Jen. 1681. 
HEDENUS (nic. leonh.) De mtta rosacea. 4P Jtn. 1669. 

— '■ Disput. de Epilepsia Hysterica. 4^ Jen. 1676. 

HEDERICUS (bern.) De Anno et Partibus ejus. 8^ Rott. 1598. 
HtDERICUS (m. behj.) Lexicon Grecum. Auct. a & Patrict 

4^ Land. 1727. 
Auct. et emend. cura J. A. Emesti. 3 vol. 8* 

Ups. 1796. 

H E B 

HEDINGER (j. m.) A Description of Castletoa in Derbyfchire 

12^ Castlttan. 
HEDINGER (joh. reinh.) Tbalassio Josepho, Romanorum Eegi 

feliciter acclamat. foL Giss. H, 1699, 
HEDLINGER (j. c.) Oeuvre du Chevalier Hedlin^r ou Secueil 

des M edailles de ce celebre Artiste gravees en taiile douce^ ac- 

compagnees d^une exulication et prec^es de la vie de T Auteur. 

Par J. C. Mecbel. foi. Basle. 1776. 
■» Collection complette de toutes les MedaiUes du Chev. 

J. C. Hedlinger dessinees par S. G. Fuesli et gravees par J. E. 

Haid. Fr. tt Genn. fol. Augsh. 1781, 2. 


HEDWIGIUS (joAN.) Fundamentum HistoriiB Naturaiis Mus- 

corum frondosorum. 2 Part. 4" Lips. 1782. 
■ ' Theoria Generationis Plantarum Cryptogamicarum lin- 

nffii. 4^ Fetrop. 1784. 
HEDWORTH (j.) His Case, against T. Allan and others. fol. 
HEE (PETR.) De Monstro Cyclopico Hafniensi. 4« Hcjn. 1724. 
HEECKEREN (fran. joh.) Disp, de Actione Prajtoiia. 4* hug. 

Bat. 1715. 
HEEDE (michael joostens van) Descriptio Insulse Canaria&, et 

GomeraB. Belsr. 4« Rottad. 1599. 
HEEMSKERCk (mart.) Icones Biblicae. fol. 
HEEMSKERK (did. van.) Thema de Equitatione. 4^» Lug. Bau 

HEER (hen.ab) Spadacrene. 12» Leo(/. 1614. 

12» Leod. 1622. 

12» Lips. 1645. 

12» Lugd. Bat. 1685. 

Gall. 12» Liege, 1616. 

12» Liege, 1630. 

12» Liege, 1646. 

12» Liege, 1654. 

" avec Notes par W. Chrouet. 12* Hdyc, 


Observationes medicas^ oppido rarse in Spa et Leodii 

animadversae. 12» Lips. 1645. 

12» Lugd. Bat. 1685. 

HEER (martin) Consilium 2u Prseservation und curatioa der 

Pest. 4» 1680. 

i— ^ ^ Introductio in Archivum Arcbei. 4» Lauba, 1703. 

■ ■ Physiologia Helmontiana, sive, de Archeo. 4» Upu 

HEERBRANDUS (jacobus) Oratio Funebris in Obitum P. Jfec- 

lancthonis. 4» Witeb. 1560. 
HEEREBOORT (adrian.) Disput de Voluntate et libero Arbi- 

trio. 4» Lug. Bat. 1631. 
— Sermo de recta philosophicd disputandi Ratione f itetn« 

1'pistolse ad Academise Leidensis Curatores. 4» Lugd. Bat. 1648. 
EPMHNEIA Logica; seu Synopseos Logicae Burgersdi- 

canee Explicatio. 12» Lond. 1658. 


H E I 

HEEREBOORT (AbRiAK.) Dbsert de rectd imdtoendit CoDegiis 

priTaUt. 4« iMg. Bai. 1660. 

Philoeophia naturalis. 12* Oxan. 1668. [cum Noiis 

HEERING (ALB.) Disaert. de Iride. 4« AUA 1710. 
IIEERMAN (CAR. GOTTL.) Disesrt. de Gangrseno etSphacdo. 4* 

Jen. 1719. 
HEERMANN (dav.) De prophylaxi Pestis dubia. 4« Lipi. 1711. 
H££S (a. p. bako de) De renovato Romani Germanici Imperii et 

Refpni Bohemis Nexu. 4^ Giess, H, 1709. 
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tica. 4» Rost. 1706. 
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Matri Amnestia. 8® Burd, 1616. 
HEGEMAN (isaac) Oratio de VeriUte. 4P Amst. 1675. 
HEGENDORPHINUS (christ.) v, aristoteles. NONiJts. 
— — In Actiones Verrinas, et in Topica M. Ciceronis Adno- 

tatiunculffi. 12» Hagan. 1529. 

De instituenda Vita, et Moribus corrigendis Juventutis^ 

Pkraeneses. 8» Par, 1529. 

Paraphrases in Persii Satyras. 12» 

HEGENITIUS (godfr.) Itinerarium Frisio-Hollandicum. Et 

Abr. Ortelii Itinerarium Gall-Brabanticum. 24» Lugd. Bat. 

' Accedit G. Loysii Pervigilium Mercurii. 12* 

Lugd. Bat. 1667. 
HEGESIPPUS. De Bello Judaico et Excidio Urbis Hierosoly- 

mitanse. cum Scholiis C. Gualtheri. 12» Col, 1559. 
HEGEWISCH (fi^ofesseur) Histoire de L'£mpereur Charle- 

magne. 8» Par. 1805. 
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Lond. 1647. 
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HEGH (JOH.) Disp. de Chylificatione. 4» Lug. Bat. 1696. 
HEGINBOTTOM (gul.) Disput. Generalia de morbis Ventriculi 

vitio contingehtibus complectens. 4» Lug, Bat, 1693. ^ 
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HEHNE (fab.) Dissert.>(ie Morum Mutatione sub Morbis. 4^ 

Hal. Mag. 1729. 
HEICK (ad. aug.) De Contextu Corporum naturaUum. 4» KH. 

HEIDAN (abr.) Oratio funebris in obitum F. Spanhemii. 4* 

Lugd, B. 1649. 
■ Disput. de Socinianismo. 12» Lug, B, 1659. 

— — — Oratio de luctuosa Calamitate Ludensis 1699. 4» Lugd. 

Bat. 1670. 

Oratio gratulatoria Gulielmo III. HoUandi». 4» Lug» 

Bat. 1674. 


H E :I 

HEIDAN (abjl) Eptc^ia ih Obitam ejus. 4* Jjigd. Bai. 1678. 
— -»— Considerationes ad Res quatdkuB, nupergeBta»^ in Aca- 

demia Lugrluno-Batava. S^ Hamb. 1678. 
HEIDAN (cAR.) Thesaurus Numismatumplurimarumquererum 

quem colleg^it C. Heidan. 12^ Lug» Bat. 
HEIDE (ant. de) Experimeuta circa Sanguinis Missionemv &c. 

^ Anust. 1686. 
H£ID£ (JAN. VAN der) Beschr^rving der nieuw vitgevonden 

Slang-Braod Spuiten. fol. Am^, 168i>. ' 
HEIDEGGER (prid. rudolp.) Difiert. de Haemorrlioidibus qroip; 

tomaticis et perniciosts. 4^ Hal. M^tg. 1726. 
HEIDEGGER (joh. hrnr.) Libertas Chhstianorum a Lege Giba* 

ria veteri, de Sanguine et Su£R>cato, demonstrata, cnm Cem* 

ment. in Concilium Hierosolomytanum. 13* Amsi. 1662» 
" '■ ' Dissertatio de Pieregrinationibus Religiosia. 8^ Tig> 

HEIDEGGER (phil. conr.) Disp. de Pleuritide. 4« Heideib. 

HEIDELBERG. Confessio Fidei Theologor«m et Ministroram 

Heiddburgensium. 12® Heidelh. * 
— — ^— - Heidelburgensis Academi» Gratianim Actio, pro Ke- 

gis Britann. Conservatione. 4® 1606. 
HEIDEMANNUS (agid.) Disputatio de Poetis. 4« Witt. 1665. 
HEIDEN (frans. jansz. vandbr) Vervarelyke Scbip*Breiik vtxt 

t'Oost Indisch Jacht ter Schelhng. 4^ Amst. 1675. 
HEIDEN ((JOTTFR.) De Camera obscura. 4» Kil. 1670. 
HEIDENRICHIUS (j.) v, francus. 
HEIDENSTENIUS (reinold.) De Bello Moscovitico, quod Ste- 

phanus Rex Polonis gessit. 4^ Bas. 1588. 
HEIDER (cHRisT.) Disp. de Terra. 4» Ups. 1660. 
HSIDER (frid. christ.) Disp. de universali agente in Corpori* 

bus. 4° HaL 1697. 
HEIDER (mart.) De quinquennio studii Juris» 4^ Jbue. 1714. 
HEIDER (wolfgang) Hypotyposis Scholastici Boni et Mali. 4f 

Jenx, 1607. 
Orationes du» de Vulpeculis scholasticis. 4^ huhbm, 

HEIDFELDIUS (joh.) Sphinx Theologico-philosophica. 12* 

Heib. 1604. 
HEIDMANNUS (christoph.) Oratioties due, akera de Jnleo 

novo^ altera d^ Beheficiis Ducum Brunsvic. in Academiam Ju- 

liam. 4<» Helmst. 1613. 
Palestina, sive, Terra Sancta, cum Notis Hen. Emstii^ 

et Auctario Spanhemiano. 4® Wolfenb. 1689. 
HEIGEL (henr. mag.) De Paradoxis et Erroribus norse Sect», 

Sennerto-ParaceiMane Disp. lU. 4® Amst, 1697. 
HEIGHAM (tho.) v. chevalier. 
HEIGIUS (PETR.) Disp. de Colic^. 4« Witt. 1618. 
HEILAND (JOH. danirl) Disp. de Apbplexia. 4<^ Lug. Baf, 



H E I 

iI£ILAND (jofiL miD.) arcana medendi Hetbodo. V 

Hal. 1717. 
H£ILANt> (fficH^) Monatri Ilassiad disquititioMedica.tftrm^. 

4» Gkss. Hois. 1664. 

< 8^ Amst. 1677. 

4° Giess. Hass. 1677. 

HEILANDUS (sam.) v. aristoteles. 
HEILBRONNEft (jac.) v. heissius. 
HEILERSIEG (jac. henr.) Dissert. de Dy«nteria. AP Hal Mag. 

HEILMANNUS (joh. jac.) Tfaeatri chemici vol. 6. ex Germ. et 

Gall. in Lat. Translatum. &" Arg. 1661. 
HEILS (cHRisTiAN JAc.) Judcx et Defensor in Processu Inqutsi- 

tioni». 4*» UjM. 1717. 
HEILSBERG (prid.) Exercit. de Deo. 4« Witeh. 1606. 
Disputatio nona qusstionum illustritun Philosophica- 

Tum. 4« Wiu. 1607. ' 

HEIM (d. j.) Nouvelle Methode pour apprendre la Langue AHe- 

mande. ^ Par 1673. 
HEIMANN (and. bean.) Dissert. de Pericardio sano et morboso. 

4« Lug. Bat. 1739. 
HEIMBACH (PBTR. ab) Adlocutio Gratulatoria ad OHvarium 

Cromwellum. fol. Lond. 1656. 
HEIMBURG (martin. ab) De Majestatis civilis Auctoritate et 

Officio circa ^cra. 4® Hclm. 1645. 
HEIMBURGER (dav.) Disp. de Calculo Renum. 4P Regiom. 

HETMBURiJER (j. e.) Dissert. de Bile. 4« Ups. 1679. 
HEIMENBERCH (ger. ab.) Pervigilio. 4<^ Litg. Bat. 


Disp. de Cholera. 4» Lug. Bai. 1671. 

HEIN (sAM. GOT ) De Aere Lipsiensi. 4* Lips 1717. 

HEiNE (jor. raiD.) Methudus disputandi hodierDa. 13^ Heini. 


Parentator informandus. 12** Franc. 1713. 

HEINE (maurice) Theses de Renum et Vesicee Calculo. 4* Rm. 

HEINE (sAM. GOTTL.) Dissert. de magni «stimandis Academiis. 

4<> Lips. 1704. 


StiU cultioris fundanienta. 8* Hal. 1720. 

" Elementa juris natune et Gentium. 4* Gen. 1744. 

— — — Elementa Pbilosophise rationalis et Moralis. '4* Gen. 

— — Antiquitatum Romanoruny Jurisprudentiam ilKistran- 

tium Syntagma. 4® Gen. 1746. 
HEINECCIU8 (jo. MiCH.) De Jurisconsultit» Chri^^tianis priorum 
seculorum eorumque in Ecclesiam meritfs. 4* Hal. Mag. 

■ Hktoria Historiee. De fetis studli Historico Chronici 
apud varlas gentea Scbediasma Historicum. 4^ Htlm, 1703. 


H E I 

HEINECCIUS (jo. MTCH.) Antiquitates Godarienses» ct TiciiM* 

nim Regionum. fol. Franc. Mi 1707. 
— ^ I)e Absolutione Mortuorum excommunicatorum seti 

Tympanicorum in Ecclesia Grseca. 4® Helm. 1709. 

De veteribus Germanonmi, aliarumque Nationum, Si« 

gillis, &c. fol. Franc. 1709. 
HEINECCIUS (m. abr.) Orationes duse. I. De Varietate Rdi* 

gionum. II. de Sapientia omnia operante. 4^ 1623« 
HEINEKEN, Le Barm de. Idie generale d'une Collection coni* 

plette d'Estampes. Avec une Dissertation sur rorigine de U 

gravure et sur ies premiers Livres d^Images. 8^ Leips, 1771. 
■ Dictionnaire des Artistes dont nous avons des Estampes. 

4 tom. 8» Leips, 1778—90. 
HEINEKEN (bernh.) Triumphus Pacis. 4<> Bretrue. 1680. ^ 
HEINEKEN (thbod. henr.) De Libro oni£eorPAOa ad. loc 

Apocai. V. 1. 4« Bremie. 1707. 
HEINICHEN (JOH. aug.) Dissert. de difficulutibus in Medicina 

«ddiscenda. 4^ HaL Mag. 1718. 
HEINICK (abr.) Disputatio de Mineralibus. 4*^ Witt. 1611. 

Disp. de Voluntate. 4« Witt. 1613. 

HEINICK (M. A.) De Reprobatione Infidelium. 4» WUt. 1618. 
HEINICUS (chrO De Calculo in humano Corpore. A^ Bas. 

HEINIUS (cAR. GOD.) Exercit de Motu Tdluris. 4» Ged. 1702. 
HEINIUS (joHANNEs PHiLippus) Observationes Sacrse. 8* 1716. 
HEINIUS (nic.) Theses de Phrenitidis Theoria ct Therapia. 4* 

Bas. 1620. 
HEINIUS (tuos.) Disp. de Intestinorum Actiohibus. 4* Hamb. 

HEINLEIN (JOH. CAR.) Disp. de Spasmo C^Tiico. 4® Jen. 1677. 
HEINRICH (cHRisTOPH.) Altitudo Poli sive Latitudo Geogra« 

phica Wratislaviee. 4® Nissa, 1708. 
HEINRICH (joH. JAc.) Epistola ad Robert. Boyle, de variis Aerii 

Refractionem mensurandi Modis noviter repertis. 4** Argent. 

1687. ^ ^ 

HEINRICI (JOANN.) Oratio de TemperanUa. 4« Rost. 1625. 
HEINRICI (joH. JAC.) Dissert. de natura Febrium intermitten- 

tium. 4^ Arg. 1683. 
HEINRICIUS (gabriel) Commentatio de Libertate Anirose. 4* 

Aboa. 1735. 
HEINRICIUS (GEo.) Dissert. de Apoplexia. 4« Etf. 1729. 
HEINRICIUS (JAC.) Dissert. de solenni Legis Promulgationc 

Sinaica. 4<^ Ahooi. 1734. 
HEINRICUS (DAN.) Liber de Vitae humanae Termino. 4« Idps. 


8« Franc. 1691. 

HEINRICUS (gott.) Disputatio de Germanorum veterum glo- 

ria e Corn. Taciti Germania. 4* Lip$. 1689. 
HEINRICUS (joach.) Disput. de Scorbuto. 4P Hdm. 1657. 
HEINS (nic. de) Nouveile Methode pour guArir les Maladies Ve- 
, neriennes. 12*^ Am$t, 1706. 



JHEINS (Kic. de) Disput. de Hydrophobia. 4^ Lug. Bai. 1716. 
HEINSE (fbid. aug.) Disaert. de provido atque tempestivo Me- 

dicamentorum evacuaiitium Usu pro Diversitate Temporum 

Morborum. 4« Helm. 1723. 


■ Auriacus, et lambi. 4" Lugd, Bat. 1603. 

■■■ Oratio^ Lcctionibus in Horatium preemissa. 4^ Lugd. 

Bat. 1602. 

Oratio^ cum Theocritum auspicaretur. 4^ Lugd, Bat. 


Hymnus in Panodram Hesiodi. Gr. 4^ Lugd. Bai. 

Oratio ad Milites Flandros. 4» Lugd. Bat. 1605. 

Hercules tuarn Fidem, sive Munsterus Hypobolimfleu^. 

Accesait Fabulae Burdonise Coiifutatio. 16*^ Lugd. Bat. 1606. 
Hercules tuam Fidem et Virgula divina. 16^ Lugd» 

Bat. 16] 7. 

Panegyrici duo, Josepho' Scaligero dicti. 4* 1606. 

In Obitum Josephi Scaliegri, Orationes duae. Acce« 

dunt Epicedia ejusdem et aliorufti. 4® 1609. 

Oratio de conjungendis Grsecorum Lingua et Di8Ci* 

plinis. 4^ Lug.Bat. 1611. 

De Satyra Horatiana. 8* Lug. Bat. 1612. 

Socrates, sive, de Moribus et Vita Socratis, Oratio. 4^^ 

Lugd. Bat. 1612 

Orationes. 12^ Lugd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1612. 

8*^ Lugd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1620. 

accedunt DisfiertatioDes aiiquot. 12^ Ami$. 


Poemata. S^ Lugd. Bat. 1613. 

8» Lugd. Bat. 1617. 

Accedunt Libri de Contemptu mortis. 12* 

Lugd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1621. 

Pepius Graecorum Epigrammatum. 4' Lugd. Bai» 


In Theopbania, sive, Domini Natalem, Homilia. 4P 

Lugd. Bat. 1613. 
— — In Chri8ti Sacrificium Homilia. 4* Lugd. B. 1613. 

De prima Romanorum state et prima ejus Pop. vir- 

tute. 4^^ Lug. Bat. 1614. 

Dissertatio An viro literato ducenda sit uior, et qualii f 

Item ejusdem Amoeniora opuscula. 12® Lugd. Bat. 1615. 

l^'^ Lugd. Bat. 1616. 

\& Lugd. Bau 1618. 


HomiUa in Joban. 17. 9. 12<^ Lugd. Bat. apud Ekev. 

De Contemptu Mortis. 4* Lugd. Bat. apud Eltev. 163I* 

Laus A*ini. 4<* Lugd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1623. 

Oratio m obitum P. Cluveri. 4<» Lug. Bat. 1628. 



HEIKSIU8 (oAN.) Arigtnrchus sacer, sive, ad Nonni in Jobamt. 
- . Metaphrasin, Exercitationes. 8^ Li/^d, Bat, apud Eltev. 1687. 
" I ■ Rerum ad Sylvam-Dueis gestarum Histori». fol. Litgd. 

Bat. apud Eltev. 1631. 

Exercitationes sacrae ad ^y. Testamentum. 4* Canm 

tab. 1640. 

De Tragoedise Constitutione. Accedit Aristoteles de 

Poetica. Gr. Lat. 12» Lugd. Bat. apud Eltev. 1643. 

Crepundia Siliana. Dissertatio de ver» Critics apud 

Veteres ortu. Exercitatio critica demonstrans omnem ferfc 
JEgyptiorum, Grsconim et Latinorum Religionem ex Onentt^ 
fluxisse. I9f* Cantab. 1646. 

Ode in Laudem J. Casimiri Gemandi. 4» 

HEINSIUS (ERN.) Dissert. de Cantharidibus. 4« Frnnc. 1687. 

■ Lapis Oflfeiisionis in Febrium Curatione Purgatio. 4^ 
- LLp. 1693. 

HEINSIUS (JOH. MicH.) Dissert. de Strumis. 4<» Jen. 1687. 
HEINSIUS (joH. SAM.) Dissert. de Syncope et Lipothymia. 4^ 
J^. 1715. 


> Bibliothcca Heinsiana. \9f^ Lugd. Bat. 1682. [ctm 

Notis Mss,] 
HEINSIUS (uLDAR.) Theologia naturalis acroamatica. 4^ Jen» 

•■■ Dissert. de Alce. 4« Jen. 1697. 

■ Psdia Astronomica. 16* Jen, 

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— ^ Disp. de Peripneumonia. 4<^ Helm. 1620. 

■■ Disp. de Vesicae et Genitahum a&ctibus. 4P JBkbn^ 

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H £ I 

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Apologia, et uberior Illustratio Systematis sui^ de Cata- 

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Circulus Veieribus fuerit incognitus. 4« Heim. 172t. 

Programma anatomicum quo ratione Quaestionis Me- 

dico-legalis^ ostenditur ex Pulmonis Foetus Innatatione vel Sub- 
mersione in Aqua nuUum certum Infanticidii Signum desumi 
posse. 4« Heim. 1722. 

- Invitatio ad Anatomen Cadaveris feminini gravidi. 4' 


Helm. 1722. 

Invitatio medica ad Anatomen Cadaveris Virilis mirabi- 

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" Invitatio ad Anatomicas et chirurgicas demonstrationes 

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blEISTERMAN (tueob. Dissert. de Suppressione Mensium. 4^ 

Lug. Bat. 1680. 


H E K 



HEKELIUS (joH. FRiD.) Dissert. de HumiliUte. 4^ RuJL 

. De Patientia. 49 Salf. 

Dissert. de HistorisB Utilitate. 4* Rud, 

m Dissert. de Fabulis. 4® Rud, 

—^ Dissert. de Adnlatione. 4® Rud, 

■ Disscrt. de Qualitatum ac Rerum Vicissitudine. 4* « 



Dissert. de Luxuria. 4<* Rud. 
> Dissert. de Amicis. 4** Rud. 
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Gaudium non pfaudium. 4^ Rud. 1685. 

Dissert. de Gunthero Schwarzburgico Rom&norum Im 

peratore. 4« Rud. 1685. 

■ Dissert. de Statuarum miraculis. 4® Rud. 1686. 

DUsert. de Hcroibus. 4<^ Rud. 1686. * 

Dissert. de Foeminis litteratis. i^ Rud. 1686. 

Dissert. de Viris incredibilis Memoria. 4^ Rud. 1686..^ - 

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r Dissert. de Peregrinatione. 4® Rud. 1687. 

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De preecipuis consummati Principis cujusdam Virtuti — 

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H E L 

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Griindliche Antwort aufif drey Fragen. 12^ Hddelb^ 


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» Amst. 1683. 

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g. 1582. 


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H E L 

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by a Person of Quality and N. Tate. 8* 

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HELIUS (JOAN.) Bibliotbeca Commentariorum, Enarrationuro, 

Annotationum et similium Lucubrationum quae unquam m 

Orationes Ciceronis> a viris doctissimis in lucem fuere edito. 

tom. 1. fol. Bas. 1594. 
HELL. Hells Hurlie Burlie. Or a fierce Contest betwixt tbc 

Pope and tbe Devill. 4« 1644. 
■ Hell and Death in tbe covenant against tbe King and 

Government and Parliament. 4® 1647. 

Heirs triennial Pa^Iiament summoned 5 years since by 

Lucifer. 4« 1647. 

An Iioly defiance to tbe gates of Hell 4** Lond. 1648. 

News from Hell, or tbe Relation of a Vision. f<^. 

Heirs bigber Court of Justice. Or tbe Triall of thc 

tbree Politick Ghosts. 4« L<md. 1661. 

Hell in an Uproar, occasioned by a Scuffle between thc 

Lawyers and Pbysicians for Superiority. A Satyr. fol. Lond. 

Tbe Doctrine of Hell Torments discussed. 8® Lond. 

HELLADIUS (alex.) Status prassens Ecclesis Grscse : in quo 

etiam Causae exponuntur cur Graeci moderni N. Testamenti 

Editiones in Grseco-Barbara Lingua factas accep^e recusent. 

8^ 1714. 
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sianAnny. 8» Lonrf. 1783. 


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Sexiis sint feminini. 4^ Har. 1671. 
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H E L 

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■ — Jurisprudentiae encomium. 4* AmsL 1679, 

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12» iM2d. Bat. 1593. 
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mate Pindarico, ex Olymp. S. od. IX. desumpto. To ^c ^a 

K^aTkrro» axm. 4^ Han. 1708. 
HELL-FIRE CLUB. The Hell-Fire Club : kept by a Society of 

Blasphemers. A Satyr. S^ Land. 1721. 
HELLlER (henry) Sermon before the University of Oxford; coh- 

ceming: the>Obligation of Oaths. 4^ Oxf. 1688. 
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his Master and Mistress. 4<^ 1678. 
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Chym^. 8''Par. 1657. 
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Sensus diversus ? 4^* Par. 1672. 

■ Qusest. an Cardiaca purgantibus commiscenda ? 4* 
Par. 1673. 

Qusst an statim a Coena Somnus ? 4® Par. 1674. 

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4* Alt, Stet. 1683. 

Thier-Garten. 8<> Franc. 1705. 

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12» -Franc. 1707. 
12» Franc. 1712. 

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— Pest-Apothectffen. 8° Franckf. 1714. 

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Frauenzimmer Apotheckgen. 12® Lips. 1720. 

— ^ Curieuser Kinder Jun^er und Weiber Spiegel. 8^ 

Franc. 1720. 

— — Monatliche Krauter^Lust. 8* Zittau, 1721. 
Medicu» Ciinicus. Gcrm. S^ Lips. * Erf. 1722. 

• Cnrioser Hauss Caknder. 8® Franc. 1731. 

' Heimligkeiten des Frauenzimmers. 8® Franc.1734. 
— ^^— — — Anatomicum vivum. Gemu fol. Firanc. Sf Ldps» 

8 iie;\jl^\^ 

H E L 

HELLWIG (JOH.) Obsemtiones Physico-medicae. 4* Aug. Vmd. 

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ten Natur-Reiche. 8<> Franc. 1718. 
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Adolescente. ex hbro 3. Eusebii' c. 23. elegiaco carmine red- 

dita. 4° 1560. 
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Helm. 1661. 
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Studiis el Inventis. 4«^ Jen. 1709. 
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de Vita et Rebus gestis Adolfi II. edente Rein. Reineccio. f<4. 

Franc. 1580. 

■ Chronica Slavorum^ edit. a Rein. Reineccio. fol. JVanc. 

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afifectionibus in genere. 4^ Lug. Bat. 1627. 

■ Disp. de Animse humans Essentia. 4® Lug. Bai. 1637. 
HELMONT, V. bacon. chabpentier. fletcheb. 
HELMONT (f. M. B. van) Alphabeti vere naturalis Hebraici, 

Dehneatio. 12^ Sulzb. 1657. 
■■ Paradoxical Discourses conceming the Macrocosm and 

Microcosm of the greater and lesser World, and their Union^ 
translated by J. B. S^* Lond. 1685. 

Observationes circa Hominem ejusque Morbos, e Belg. 

in Lat. translatae per J. C. Amman. 129 Amst. 1692. 
Ai^l. \^ Lond. 1694. 

■ » Cogitationes super quatuor priora Capita (Teneseoe. 8* 

Amst. 1697. 
HELMONT (joh. bapt. van) Opera omnia. 4» 1707. 
■■ Supplementum de Spadanis Fontibus. 12® Leod. 1G24. 
m Febrium Doctrina. 16'* Antv. 1642. 
Opuscula medica inaudita ; de Lithiasi, de Febribiu, 

de Humoribus Galeni, et de Peste. 12° Col. Ag. 1644. 

4» Amst. apud Elzev. 1648. 

4« Franc. 1707. 


Ortus Medicin». ^^ Amst. 1648. 

Deliramenta Catarrhi. Engl by Dr. Charlton. 4^ Lond. 

Niewe Opkonst der Geneeskonst. 4* Amst. 1659. 

— r- Fundamenta Medicinse. 12» Ulm. 1680. 

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-. 12» Stetin. 1601. 

12» Col. 1616. 

12» Franc. 1687. 

HELMS (DAvm) De Eductione Formarum. 4» 1649. 

HELMSTADIUM. Monumenta Julia memorias Profesaorum 
Helmstadicnsium exhibentia. 4» Helmst. 1680. 

■■ Memoires sur la pretendue Declaration dc rUniverai^ 

de Helmstad, touchant le Changement de Religion, de la Rcine 
d'Espagne. 12» Rott. 1710. HELOISA, 

H E L 

HELOISA, r. abalardus. 

HELPEN (barent. coenders van) Escalierdes Snges^ ou^Thre- 

sor de la PhilotK>phie Hermetiqiie des Auciens. fol. Cot. 

HELSHAM (rich.) Lectures in natural Philosophy. PuUished 

WB. Robinson. 8» Lond. 1739. 
HELsINGIUS (joh. o.) Dissert. de Origine priscse gentis Vare- 

gorum. 4* Aboa. 1734. 
Dis^rt. de principiis Philosophise architectonicis. 4^ 

Abo(t. 1735. 
HELT (petr.) De Veterum Acctibitu. 4« Hafn. 1704. ^ 

HELTBERG (klias) Dissert. de Origine et Natura Montiutn et 

Fontium. 4« Hatm. 1713. 
HELVETIA. Advice from Switzerland: giving an Account 

how far theSwitzers are engaged in the French Interest, against 

the Confederates. 4° Lond. 170,5. 
- An account of Switzerland. S' Lond. 1714. 

-■ Memoires pour servir a rHibtoiredes troublesen Suissc 

a l'occasion du Consensus. 19^ Ajnst. 1726. 
Tempe Helvetica, Dissertationes, atque Observationes 

exhibens. tom. 1. 8« Tig. 1735. 

Dictionnaire Historique, Politique et Geographique de 

la Suisse. 3 tom. &^ Gencv. 1788. 
HELVETIUS (arn.) Puncto. 4» Lug. Bat. 1709. 

Disp. de Structura Hepatis. 4" Lug. Bat. 1711. 

HELVETIUS (chr.) Dissert. de Aqua et Terra. 4» Lips. 

HELVETIUS (joan. claud. adiiian.) Mcthodus Febresitacu- 

randi ut nihil ore a<«sumendum exhibeatur. l^ Lips. 1694. 

Trait6 des Pertes de Sang. 12« Par. 1697. 

«— Trait^ des Maladies les plus frequentes, & des Remedei 

apecifiques pourles gucrir. 8® Par. 1703. 
^ Recueil des Methodes de M. Helvetius pour la Guerifloo 

dc diverses Maladies. 12* Haye, 1710. 

Remedes contre la Peste. 12" Par. 1721. 

Id^e generale de TCEconomie Animale, & Observations 

sur la Petite Verole. 8« Par. 1722. 

Lettres a M.* * * au Sujet de la Lettre critique de M 

Besse, contre ridee generale de TCEconomie Auimale, & les 
Observations sor la Petite-Verole. 8® Par. 1725. 

Eclaircisseniens concernant ]a Manicre, dont TAir 

agit sur ie Saiig, dans les Poulmons. 4® Par. 1728. 

Principia Physico-medica. 2 tom. 8** Par. 1752. 

HELVETIUS (joHAN. fridericus) Tractatus Alpes Sophorum. 

Gtrm. 12» Gravenh. 1655. 
- — . Amphitheatrum Physiognomiae Medicum. Germ. 8* 

Heidclb.AmO. , 

Belg. 12« s^Gravenh. 16G4. 

Mors Morborura. Genn. 12* Heidelb.1661. 


H E L 

HELVETIUS (tohan. fridericus) Mors Morbonim. Belg. vierd» 
Dccl. 12« Heidelb, 1664. 

— Berillus mediciis. Genn, S® Heidelb, 1661. 

Beh. derde Dtel. 12° Heidelb. 1664. 

Xistus Herbarmn. Gem. 8» Heirf<?/^. 1661. 

Be/^'. twecde Ded. 12« /ir/(/«r/fr. 1604. 


■ Theatridium Herculis triumphanlis. Belg. 12® Hag^ 

Den Oiitwapendcn Pest-Doodt in den Theriakel-pot. 
12« GmrniA. 1664. - 

Microscopium Physiognomiae Medicum. 12« AmH. 


Davids Slinprer Steen tcgens dcn Spinosistischcn Cartc- 

siaan. 12« Uag. 1682. 

Adams oud Graft vol jonge Cartesii Dood-becnders. 

U« Hag, 1687. 

Vitulus aureus. 12« //«g. C. 1702. 

Monarchia Arcanorum Theo-Sophica et Physico-Mc- 

dica contra Pseudo-Philopophiam Spino-Carlesianam, de Invi- 
sibihbuset Visibilibus. 12« Gravenh.\lQ9. 
De Chvlosi. 4« Lv<r. Bat. 1711. 

HELVETIUS {Mr.) The Child of Naturc improvcd by Chancc. 

8« Lond. 1774. 
HELVETIUS (pHiL. MAX.) Disp. de Atrophia, seu Tabe notbi. 

4« Lt^^.l6S6. 
HELVICUS (cHKisT.) Chronologia? Systema novum. foL Giest. 

De Ratione conficiendi Grsca Carmina. 12* Gic$$* 


Thcatrum hihtoricum, et chronologicum. Continua- 

tum a J. B. Schuppio. fol. Marp. 1638. 

Oxon. 1651. 

IIELVIGIUS (and.) Etymologiavsive Origines Dictionum Gcr- 

manicarum. 12« Franc. 1611. 
HELVIGIUS (car.) Dissert. de Quinquina EuropsBorum. 4* 

Gryph. 1712. 
IIELVIGIUS (cHR.) Hippocrates de Circuitu Sanguinis. 4* Lug. 

Bat. 1662. 
- ■ Programmade CalcuIisMicrocopmi. 4« Gry. 1673. 

— Progranuna de Vulneribus. 4« Grj/ph 1674. 

*— Consilium medicum de Pesle. Germ. 4® Siettin, 

IIELVIGIUS (cHR.) Filius. De Auro, cjusque in Medicina Vi* 

ribns. 4« Giiiph. 1703. 
IIELVIGIUS (jon. ant.) Dissert. dc Fame, Siti et Dolorc. 4* 

L//)s. 1697. 

Dissert. de I-luxu Mensium. 4« Lips. 1697. 

Dissert. de Chylificationis Continuatione in IntestinLa» 

• 4« 1697. 

Disp. de Dyscntcria. 4« Gryph. 1698. 

IIELLWAG (JOH. FRm.) De Passione livsterica. 4? Tuh. 1677* 


H E M 

MELWIG (cHRis. FRiD.) Disscrt de Vita et Morte. 4« Argent. ' 

Disserl. de Vulneribiis Capitis. 4° Arg, 1709. 

HELWIGIUS (JOH. ANDR.) Disp. de Nomine Missae ia Honoreai 

Sanctorum celebratae. 4** Rost. 1691. 
HELWINGIUS (geor. and.) Flora Quasimodo-j^nita PrUssica, 

cum Praefatione J. P. Breynii. A^ Gedan. 1712. 

SupplementumFlora! Prussicae. 4^ GVrfa». 1726. 

Lithographia An^rerburgica. Pars 1. 4° Regiom, 1717. 

Pars 2. 4*» Lips. 1720. 

Florai Campana seu PuUatilla. 4* Lips. 

HELWYS (thom.) Admonition to the Congregations called the 

new Fryelers. l^ 1611. 
HELYAS. The History of Helyas Knight of the Swanne. 4« 
- Lond. W. Copiand. [bl. /.] 

HEM (and. jos.) Disp. de terra Jobi. 4^ Haun.\708. 
HEMARD (urbain) Recherches sur les Dent». 129 D/on. 1583. 
HEMERiEUS (CLAUD.) Dissert. de Scliolis Publicis, earumque 

Magisteriis, pro Reirah Ecclesia Sancti Quintini. Adjuncta est 

Tabella Chronolo<^ica Decanorum et Canonicorum ejusdem Ec* 

clesi». 8» Lui. Par. 1633. 
■ De Academia Parbiensi. 4® Lut. 1637. 

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4« Jen. 1679. 
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Beds. fol. 
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Lights in the City of London. 4"^ Land. 1689. 
HEMING (josEPu) Quasries touching the rise and observatioa 

of Christma». i« Lond. 1648. 
— ^— Judas excommunicated ; Or a vindication of the com- 

munion of Saints. 4** Lond. 1649. 
HEMINGFORD (walter) v. gale. 
Hist. de Rebus gestis Mwardi I. II. & III. ed. a Tb, 

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4« Lond. 1661. 

The Jews Tragedy. 4° Lond. 1662. 
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H EM LINGFORD. Case of the Commissioners of tbe Land Tax 

for ihe Hundred of Hemiingford in the County of Warwick. 

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tiquitatum eruta. 8<> Hafn. 1735. - . - 

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iiaturali ct supematurali. 4« Witt. 1624. 

H E N 

HEMMERSAM (MicB.) Guineiscbe & West Indianische Rek»» 
beschreibun^. 8^ Numb, 166^. 

■ Insul Pines Beachreibun^. 8» Hamh. 1698. 
HEMMING (john) Tabla oTInterest. 12» 

, Scrip Tables for the Loan. 12« Lmd. 1797. 

HEMMINGA (sixtus ab) Astrolo^ia^ Ratione^ et Ezperientii, 

refutata. ^^ ArU,apud PlatU. 1583. 
HEMMINGIUS(NicoLAs)DeLegeNatur». 1«^ Fiiefc. 1564. 

■ ■ Admonitio de Superstitionibus magicis vitaadLi. \9f 


De Coiyugio, Repudio, et Divortio. 12^ Ups* 1578« 

HEMPELIUS (JOH.) Maliguarum febrium examen generale. 4* 

■ Exercit. de morbis mals Compositionis, unitatia wAnim 
et residuis di£ferentiis accidentalibus. AP Giess. Hass. 1613. 

HEMPELlUS (JOH. ANDR.] Dissert. de Achoribus. 4« Ali. 

HEMPHILL (Mr.) A Vindication of theProceedingsof thcSynod 

against him. S^ PhiladelpL 1735. 
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Natura Animae et Corporis humani. 12® Rostoeh. 1564. 
HEMSTERHUIS (joh.) Disp. de Chlorosi. 4» Lug. Bai. IWa 
HEMSTERHUSIUS (tib.) v. aristophanes. lucianus. polluz. 


- Oration^, et L. C. Valckenari tres orationes. Pnefigun- 

tur Joh. Chrysostomi du« Orationes. 8® Lugd. Bai, 1784. 

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Membranis et Vasis. 4^ Franc. 1649. 

■ Disp. de Sanguine. 4® Franc. 1649. 

— Disp. de Fibris et Came. 4<> Franc. 1649. 

I Disp. dc Fuliginc. 4» Franck. 1650. 

*' ■ Mesais auiea anatomicorum Experimentorum* 12^ 

Heidelb. 1659. 

Historia et AnalysiB Arthritidis Tagae. 12* Lowm. 

■ Oratio Funebris in Memoriam Campegii Vitringse. foL 

Franek. 1723. 
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Empyreo Coelo. foL Li^d. 1652. 
Averiguaciones de las Antiguedades de Cantabria. foL 


fol. Salm. 1691. 

HENAULT (c. j. r.) (Euvres inedites. 8« Par. 1806. » 
— — Abregi c^onologique de THistoire de France. 8* 
Haye, 1747. 

— Supplement. 8* Par. 1756. 

. 2 vol. 4« Par. 1768. 

HENAULT (Nic.) Quaest. an Rbcumatismus et Arthritis conge* 
neres? 4» P«r. 1610. 



HENAUT (GUL. de) Clypeus, quo, Tclain Pccqudi Cor, aCaTi 

lc Noble conjecU, infrin^uutur, et eluduntar. 12^ Rothom. 1655. 
HENCHMAN (rich.) A Peace Ollenng in the Temple; ora 

seasonable Pka for Unity among DiMcoting Brethren. A'Ser*> 

mon. 4" Land. 1661. 
HENCKELIUS (balth.) Themata de Ccelo. 4» Witt. 1608. 

DisceptatiodeBelloGustavi Adolphi. 4« Stet. 1631. 

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■■ De Philths eorumque Efficacia ac Remediis. 8° Fnfnc. 

HENCKEUUS (joh. andr.) Dissert. de Convubione; 4<» Jen. 

HENCKELIUS (jo. frid.) Bethesda portuosa, oder Lauchstadter 

Brunnen. ^ Freyb. 17 1^. 

1 Pyritologia, oder Kiesz Historie. 8* Lips, 1725. 

■ OalL on y a joint Le Flora Saturnisans el le$ 

Opuscukii mineralogiques.*4^ Par. 1760. 

Mediorum Cbymicorum Appropriatio. 8® Dresd. 


De Lapidum Originc. S^ Dresd. 1734. 

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Anstotele. 4<» Delpk. 1679. 
HENCKELL (joh. phil.) De Usu et Abusu Spiritus Vini. 4» 

Eff. 1720. 
HENDEN {Mr.) v. cotton. 
HENDEN (siMON) The Key of Scripture Propheciea. 4« Lond. 

HENDENREICH (just. rud.) DissertproponensJuvenem Me- 

lanchoHa laborantem. 4® Jen. 1675. 
Ordo et Methodus cognoscendi et per Curationem pr»- 

servandi Abortum. 4® Jen. 1677. 
HENDENREICH (sigism. rudolp.) Dissert de Suppressione 

Mensium. 4® Jen. 1706. 
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HENDERSON f alex.) Thanksgiving Sermon before the Com« 

roons. 4^ Lond. 1644. 

Fast Sermon. 4« Lond. 1644. 

Fast Sermon before the Lords. 4* Lond. 1645. 

— His declaration on his death bed. 4® 1648. 

— -Two Papers, which passed at Newcastie, betwixt 

Cbarles I. and A. Henderson coocerning the Change of Church 

Govemment. 8» Lond. 1649. 
HENDERSON (andrew) The Life of William the Conqueror. 8» 

Lond. 1764. 
- History of the Rebellion 1745 and 1746. 8» Lond. 

HENDERSON (j.) v. aguttbr. poetje. sheridan. 
" Letters and Poems, with Anecdotes of his iife by J. Ire- 

land. 8«' Lond. 1786. 


H E N 

HENDERSON (stewart) I^tter to the Officers of the Army \n 

the VVest Indies on prescrving health and preventing the yelloir 

fever. 8« Ijond, 1795. 
HENDLEY {Mr,) Charity still a Christian Virtue : oranaccoimt 

of his Tryal and Conviclion for preaching a Gharity Sermon. 

8« Lond, 1719. 
IIENDLEY (wiLL.) Loimologia Sacra, or the Plague rehgiou>ly 

considercd. 8** Lond. 1721. 
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Btrl. 16!i7. 

Pandect» Brandenburgicae. fol. BeroL 1699. 

Carthago> seu, de Carthaginensium Republica. 8* 

At/isL 1705. 
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HENEAGE (thos.) To the Memory of T. Heneage, Esqr. an 

Expostulation with Death. 4» Lond. 1642. 
HENELIUS (christian) Tractatus pohticus de ^rario, sive, dc 

Ralionibus adquirendi Principi Pecuniam. 16® BerL 1670. 
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Breslographia. 4® Franc, 1613. 

' Sile^iographia renovata. 3 tom. 4® Jfraisl, 1704. 
Otium Wratislaviense^ addita c&t Epistola dc Studio 

Juris. 8^ Jen, 1658. 
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micarum Calumnias, pro And. VesaUo, Apologia. 12® Ff?». 

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niee indigenis Germanis sufficientibus. 4*^ Hebn. 1730. 
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dam Principum Guelphicorum in Palestinam. 4* Helmt. 1724. 
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\^ RintlieL 1667. 
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Oratio de Sudore cruento. VZ^ Witt. 1582. 


HENIOCHUS (cHu.) Propositiones ahquot de Scorbuto. 12* 

IIENISCHIUS (g.) t;. hesiodus. 
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W' Bas. 1573. 
Tabulae Institutionum Astronomicarura. adjecta est 

Sphcera Procli. Gr. Lat. 4® Aug. Vind. 1575. 

. De Numeratiooe multiplici. 12° Aug. Vind. 1605. 

De Asse, et Partibus ejus. 12« Aug. Vind. 1606. 

IIENISCHIUS (geokgius) Thesaurus Lingus, et Sapientise 


Gcrmanicse. foL Aug, Vind. 1616. 

H E N 

II]'NISIES(MART.)Dr?p. de Caviiate suprema, scu Partibus Fa- 

cultatis animalis. 4^ liitt, I61S. 
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. J.Bruus. Uvols. 8« Ilelmst. 1782—8. 
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4\I{aL MagAlOA, 
HilNKEL (JOH. FRiD.) Dissert. de Roborantibus. 4® Hal. Mas, 

1711. ^ 

HENLEY (henry holt) His Petition complaining of an unduc 

FJection and Return for Lyme-Regis. fol. 


The Hi>tory and Advantages of a Divine Revelation, 

with tbe Honour that is due to the Word of God; especiatly iii 
Regard tothe most perfect Manner of dclivering it, formed on 
the aucient Laws of Speaking and Action. A Sermon. 4^ 1724. 

HENLEY (john) Hebrew Grammar. 8^ Lo7id. 1720. 

— Apothco.-is. A Funeral Oration sacred to the Memory 

of John Dukeof Marlborough. S^» Lo»j<f. 1722. 

Introduction to an English Grammar, containing a dis- 

sertation on the Saxon tonguc. 8* Lond. 17^6. 

Letters and Advertisements conccrnin^ Mr.Whiston. 

8« Lond. 1727. 

Oratory Transactions. 8<» Lond. 1728, 9. 

The conflicts of the death bed, a Sermon. 8° Lond, 


The Lord he is God. Or the Atheist tonncnted. 8* 

Lond. 1730. 

HENLEY (sAM.) A candid refutation of the Heresy imputed by 
R.C. Nicholas, Esqr. to the Revd. S. Ilenley. H^ fVilliamsburg, 

' A Dissertation upon the controverted Passages in St. 

Peter and St. Jude concerning the Angels, that sinned, and 
who kept not their.first estate. 8« Lond, 1778. 

Observations on the subject of the fourth Eclogue, thc 

Allegory in the third Georgic, and the primary design of the 

-^eid of Virgil, with some Remarks on the coiiw of tlie Jews. 

8» Lotm/. 178«. 
HENLEY (tho.) Accountof a Male Child, taken out of thc;Iefl 

Fallopian Tube, after the Mother^s Death. 12*! Exon. 1715. 
HENNEBO (JACOB.) Disp. de Societate. 8« Lug. BatA705. 
HENNEBO (uobebt) TJieses Ethica? et Pohticae. 4» Lug. Bat. 

HENNEGRAVE (ant.) Vota Europae ad Deum, utFinem Bellis 

tandera ponat Ode. 8! 
' Ode in Britannise Ducem recens natum. 4* 

PraBclara Institutio. Ode. 4® 1708. 

HENNENHOFFER (herc. DAV.)Dissert. sistensValetudinarium 

virginale. 4» Hal.Mag. 1721. 
HENNEPIN (Louis) Description de la Louisiane. 8^ Pnr. 1683. 
— — Voyage dans r Amerique septentriouale. 12^ Utrccht, 


2 tomes. 12« J^mst. 1698. 


H E N 

HENNEPIN (louts) Voyage dans rAmerique septentrionale -^, 
Avec un Voya^e qui contient une Relation des Caraibt8> pa^^^ 
Le Sieur de la Borde. 12® a la Haye, 1704. 

' Voyage entre le mer du Sud et dn Nord. 12* IT/r^ ^- 


Morale pratique du Jansenisme^ &c. 12® Utreeh^^^^^ 


HENNEQUIN (jEAN)LeGuidondesFinancier8. » Pof. 1585^ ^t^ 
.8*/>ar. 1593 ^^ 

■ Centum et viginti Articuli dc Natura et Munde adver^^*^^ 

sus Peripateticos. 4" Par, 1586. 
HENNIGIUS (god.) Ars magna Anatome. 4» Witt. 1709. 
HENNIN (uEx. cHRisT. de) Oratio funebris in obitum J.^ ^ r 

Bachmanni. 4<> Dkm6. 1703. 
- Oratio funebris in obitum F. G. Barbeck. 4® Dui^^ 


HENNING (georg.) Hercynia curiosa. Gcrm. 4® Nordhaui 

HENNING (joH. FRiD.) Disp. dc Morbo Infantum Bachitide. 

Witi. 171;i. 
HENNING (joH. LUDOLPH.) Dissert.'dc Sanctitatc Dei Triun 

ex Jes. VI. 3. 4* Grj^pL 1734. 
HENNINGERUS (joh. sig.) r. bacon. hermannus. sanci 


HENNINGES (hier ) Gcnealc^se Imperatorum, Reg;um, &c. in 
Circo Saxonico. fol, Ufyss. 1588. 

■ ■ Tlieatruni Gentalogicum. 4 vol. fol. Mt^* 1598. 
HENNINGES (joh.) Dissert. de Fidelibus in Charitate Dei e=Ljc-i 

umphantibus. 4^ Hebn, 1710. 
HENNINGIUS (henning.) Muhammedanus precans, sc. Li 

Precationum, ex Arab. in Lat, traml. cum Notis. 8' ^' 

HENNINGIUS (johan.) Trichologia. 12« Magdeh. 1678. 
" Oratio de prisco Saxonum gcntilismo^ corumque 

Ycrsione. 4« Helm. 1694. 
HENNINGIUS (marc.) Hist. de Regno China. 8« FranC. ad 
' Icones Tirolensium Principum, cum Eulogiis. d 

fol. Augs. 1599. 
HENNINIUS (hen. chr.) v. roma. tollius. 

■ Panegyricus Fredirico III. Margravio Brandebuxgifl 
12« Duisb. 1690. 

HENOTUS (evlrardus) Privilegia Calvinistanrai : MogUDtK- 

pro Licentia Doctorali, proposita. 8" 3foguntA6\l, 
HENRICHSDORFF (joh. dav.) Spiritualitas Dei ex lumine rr^ 

turaD asserta. 4^ Jedan. 1708. 
HENRICI (maur. h.) Dissert. dc CataraclA. 4» Hal. M^ 

HENRICI (theod.) Disp. de Cholera humida. 4* Hard^^ 

HENRICIDES (cuLiEL.)Decas philosophica. 4» Lug. Bai. 



H E N 

HEKRICUS I. Anglitit Rer, v. cottok. hatwabd. 
HENRICUS II. Anglia Rex, r. beckbt. berington. ltttle- 


The life of Hen. II. 4* Lond. 1642. 

HENRICUS III. Angiia Rei. r. cHAMSEaLAiN. cotton. par* 


— Tbe ^troublcsoDie Kfe aad raigne of King Henry III. 4* 

Lottd. 1642. 
— — Thc present War paralled. A relatioa of the five years 

of CivU Warres of Henry III. 4» 1647. 
HENRICUS IV. AngU(E Rex. v. haywaro, 
HENRICUS V. AngUe Rei. ». elmham. 

The famous Victories of Henry V. Containing the 

Battle of AKincourt. A Play. 4» Lond. 1617. 
HENRICUS VJ. Aoglia Rex. v. £xcu£ql<E£. «.eetwood. 

His life and reign. 8» Lond. 1712. 

HENRICUS VII. Anglia Rei* r. aleyn. bacon. BARtrEs. 
■ Histaire du Regne de Henry VII. 12* Brux. 

— ^— Description of a Royal Family piece representing King 
Henry Vil. and his Queeu with King Henry VUL his Queeu 
(Jane Seymour.) 8* 

L'Espr*t d'Henry VII. a Henry VIII. ^ L^9n. 

llie Preservation ef Hen. VII. when Earl of Rich- 

iDoad, ia Veree. 12^ Lond. 1599. 

Insh*uctions to his Embaseadors, wlien he intended to 

inarfy the young Queen of Naples : with the Answers of the 
'Embassadors. 4^ Lond. 1761, 
-SENRICUS VIII. Anglia Rex. v. academia. burnet. chalo* 


- Libelkis adversus Lutherum, cum Epistola ad Saxoni» 

Duces. 4* Lpnd. apud Pynson, 1521. 

Asscrtio «eptem Sacracnentorum^ adversus Mart Lu« 

dierum. 4* Argeni. 1522. 

l&^ Par. 1562. 

Engl. by T. W. 4* Lond. 1687. 

'• — Articuli M. Lutlieri, de Captivitate Babylonica, impro- 

bati. ^ 

Epistola ad Saxonise Principes, ^e coercenda abi« 

l^daque Lutherana Factione ; 4Mun Ducis Georgii Rescrip- 
tione. 4» 1523. 

■ Responsio ad Lutheri Epistolam. 12^ Lond. 1526. 
Libellus supphcatorius Pauperum ei oblatus. 12^ 


Epij^ola ad Carol. Imperat. csterosque Monarchas. 

12\\Lon<i. 1538. 

Anrrl 12» Lond. 1538. 

■ Derlaration, containing the just Causes of the Waire 

of Hen. VIII. with the Scottis, and his Right and Title to the 
Sovcrayntie of Scotlande. 4^ Land. 1542. 

\ou lll. Ql q HENRICUS 

H E N 

kENRICUS VIII. Anslim Rex. Necessarj docirine for a Chris* 
tian man. 4® Lond, 1543. 

12« Land. 1543. {alt. cd.) 

12« Lmd. 1543. {tert. ed.) 

Lat. 4« Lond. 1544. 

■ In laudem Hen, VIII. Carmen. 4« 1560. 

Speech to Parliament Decr. 24. 1545. 4^ Land. 


Decr. 23. 1546. 4« Lond. 1642. 

Nuntius a mortuis. hoc est coUoquium inter manes 

Hen. VIII. et Car. I. 4« Par. 1657. 

• Anglice. 4« Lond. 1658. 

" Acta Curiss Komanfle in Causa matrimoniali cum Ca- 

tharina Regina. 8« Lond. Berth. 
HENRICUS II. GalU(t Rex. v. bellat. cormerius. francia. 


• Entr* ei> sa Cit* de Paris. 4« 1549. 

■ Les ordonnances et edietz faietz par le roy Tres-clirefr- 

tien Henry II. fol. Par. 1557. 
■■ Epitaphium in Mortem ejus, duodecim Ldnguis. 4* 

Par. R. Steph. 1560. 
HENRICUS lU. Gallia Rex. v. benedetti. blois. brissonius. 


•— Remonstrance sur ces deux Edicts de 1574 touchant la 

Necessit^ de Paix. 16^ Aygenst. 1576. 

Le Cahinet du Roy de France, dans lequel il y a trois 

Pcrles preeieuses. 8® 1581 
8« 1582, 

" Remonstrances au Roi, sur les Desordres du Royaume. 

8» 1588. 

■■■ ■ Harrangue a rouverture de l'As8embl& des Trois 
Estats generaux. 12» 1588. 

Antimartyrion, das ist^ Gegenzei^uss, und unwieder» 

leglicher Beweiss, >das ^acob Clemens der Jacobiter Monch 
von Pariss Konig Heinrichen III. ermordet, auss dem Frantz. 
in Teutsch bracbt. 4« 1590. 
■ Joumal de son Regne. 8» 1621. 

Recueil de diverses Pieces servans a rHistoire de 

Henri IH. 12» Col. 1662. 
■ Memoires pour rHistoire de Henry III. de France. 

12» Par. 1667. 
HENRICUS IV. Gallia Rex. v. bassompierre. bocchi. bote- 


— Poesies en diverses Langues sur sa Naissance. 8^Tofet. 

-~— Plaintes au Roy et a la Royne mere par les Princes ct 
Seigneurs Catholiques. 8^ 1588. 

liC Francopbile pour lui. 129 1591. 


H E N 

HENRICUS IV. GaUiiB Itex. Happort de la Conf<£rence entre ki 
Beputez du Duc de Mayenne, & ceux du Roi de Navarre. 12^ 
Trcy. 1593. 

■ The Order of the Ceremonies in the Coronation of 

Henry IV. 4» Lmd. 1594. 

De juata et canonica ejus Absolutione. 12® Lut^. 


Procedures contre Chastel & Barriere pour le parricide 

attente sur la Personne du Roy Hen. IV. 8« Par. 1595. 

Edict sur la PercepUon de ses Droicts de Domaine 

Foraine. 8« Rouin, 1599. 

Labyrinthe Royalc de 1'HercuIe Gaulois triumphant. 

represente a rEntree de la Royne d Avignon. foi. Atig, 


' Jus Belli Sabaudici. 4« Anut. 1601, 

Au Roy du Soing que sa Majeste doit avoir de sa Vic. 

l^^Amst. 1603. 
Discours faict a lui par Mathault, n^aguieres venu de 

Paradis. 12» 1605. 

Discours au Roy. 8<» 1607. 

Trois Remonstrances faictes sur la Fin des demien 

Troubles. 8» Par. 1608. 

Contract faict par le Roy a M. Innocent Desbois, pour 

le Rachapt des Greffes des Tailles des IWroisses. 8^ Par. 

Le Restablissement de rExercise de la Religion Catho- 

lique des Jesuites de Beam. 8® Par, 1608. 

Abrege de sa Vie. \9P Par. 1609. 

Recueil et choses memorables advenu^ ^s demieret 

annees de son Regne. 12^ Par. 1609. 

Remonstrance du Parlement» sur k Parricide commif 

en sa Personne. 8^ 1610. 

Arret du Pariement, contre Ravaillac. 8^ RoucHg 


Remonstrance a Messieurs de la Cour de Parlcment, 

8ur le Parricide commis en ia Personne du Roy Henry ie 
Grand. 8« 1610. 

Ang. by W. Crashaw. 4« Lond. 1611. 

■ ■ Discours lamentable sur i'Attentat & Parricide commie 

en sa Personne. 8® Par. 1610. 

Adieu de rAme de Henri IV. Avec la Defence dei 

Peres Jesuites. par la Damoiselle de G. 8* Par. 1610. 

Les Larmes et Regrets du Soldat Fran^ois^ sur le Tres- 

pas de Henri le Grand. l^ Par. 1610. 

Sighes of Fraunce, for the Death of Henry IV. With 

the Oration made by Monsr. Seruin. 4® Lond. 1610. 

Orationes quibus exequias ejus cohonestavit CoU^um 

Bhedonense Soc. Jesu. 12® Rhed. 1611. 

La Sibilie Fran^oise, ou demiere Remoostrance au Roy 

Henry IV. IV I6I1. 

H £ N 


HENRICUS IV. GaUift Rcx. L'Ordre des Cercmonics dc sod 
Sacre & Couronnemenl. 8*^ Toun. 1614. 

Ang, by E. A. 4<» Lond, 

— Articles du Traite entre Henry W. & SulUn Amat 

Empercurs des Turcs. 4° Par, 1615. 

. Lao8 ])o>thuma Ilenrici IV. 4» CoL 1623. 

The History of Hen. IV, by the Biehop of Rodez and 

trawlated by J. D. 8* Lond. 1672. 

Speech to his Parlament, wherein hc rebukes them for 

opposing the Jesiiits. fol. Lond. 1681. 

Lcs Amours de Henri IV. 12<> Cal 1695. 

I^ettres D'Henry IV. et de Messrs. De Villeroy ct de 

Puisieisx, a Mr. AnU Lc Fevre de la Boderie. 2 tom, 8* Amst. 


Discours snr la Paix accordee par le Koy- S^ 

Histoire des Amours de Henry IV, 16® 

Duae Pyramides de attentato et perpetrato Parricidia 

I^atianjB Sectae Henrici IV. 4® Lutet, Par. 
HENRICUS IV. Imperator. v, aventinus. goldastus. 
HENRICUS VII. Lnperator. v, difenbachius. 
HENRICUS. Polan. Rex. r. carhcoviusv 
HENRICUS Blanceb. Com. v. schmidt. 
HENRICUS Brwuwicensis Dux. v. brunswig. 
Commemoratio quam miserc Gosslariensimn et Brmis* 

vicensium Respublicas afflixerit. 4® 1544. 
HENRICUS Dux Glocesiriee. Short view of his life and of Mary 

Princess of Orange. by T, RL 12® Lond. 1661. 
HENRICUS Huntindonensis. v. sAvrtE. 
HENRICUS Mediolanensis. De Controversia Hominis et For- 

tunse, cum Cotpment. C. A. Popma. 12® CoL Ag. 1570. 
HENRICUS Wallia Princeps. v. birch. chapman* cantabrigia^ 


The order and solemnitie of his- Creation. 4^ 


His Fmieral». 4?^ Lond. 1613. 

Three Elegies on his Death, by C. Toumettr, J, Web- 

ster, and T. Heywood. 4® Lond. 1613. 
The true Picture and Relation of Prince Henry hi» 

noble and vertuons Disposition ; translated from the French by 

W. H. 4® Leyd. 1634. 
HENRICUS (geo.) Dispi de Natura^ Effi^ctibus per Artem mo- 

derandis. 4® Lug. Bat. 1723. 
HENRICUS (ger.) Disp. de Appetitu iensitivo, Aifectibus et 

Loco-motivd. 4® Lug. Bat. 1627. 
HENRICUS (liiEB. MART.) De Aquae Natura et Virtule in me- 

dendo. 4® HaL Mag. 1716. 
HENRICUS (joH. jAC.) De tribunicia Ca^sarum Romanoruift 

potestate. 4® Argent, 
HENRICUS (j. B.) Cataloffus Medicamentorum. 4® Frtme. 



H E N 

AENRICUS (martin) Qosestiones medicsp, tom. I. 4* tap^ 

HENRIETTA MARIA. Regina Angha, r. bossuet.» cantabe^- 


Thc Qneens answer to Lord EHgbies Lettcr. ^ Lond. 

Tbe P^ilion of the Courticrs, &c. conceming the stay« 

ing of the Queens- Voyages into Holland. foK I64I. 

The Queens Letter to the King from the Hagne. foL 


The Queens Message to the King. 4<» Lmd. 1641. 

The Queens Bedaration to tbe States of HoTtand. 4^ 

Lond. 1649. 

Her Resolution. 4« Land, 1642. 

Tbe Queens Letter from HoHand. 4^ Land. 1642. 

The Quecn^s proceedrngs in HoHand. 4® Lond. 1649". 

Her proceedings in Yorkshire. 4" Land. 1643. 

The protestation of the Queen from Schereling Feb. 25. 

tothe States Genera). fol. Lond. 1643. 
Relation of her departure from Falmonth into Brest. 4* 

Lond, 1644. 
The Queens Lctter to the Parliament of England. 4* 

Lond. 1648. 

Her message to tbe Peers. 4* Lond. 1648. 

Hcr letter to thc King conecrning the treaty. 4* Lond^ 

Her life and deatb. W Lmd. 1669. 

HENRION (D.) Cosmographie. 8» Par. 1626. 

L'Usa<re du Mecometre. 8<> Par. 163a 

HENRIQUEZ (chrysost.) Phocnix reviviscens, sitc, Ordinii 

Cisterciensis Scriptorum Anglic et HispanisB Series. 4t^ Brux» 

HENRIQUEZ (fran.) de Vitta Corta. Opcra medica, S tonr. 

M. Lugd. 1670—80. 
HENRIQUEZ (franciscvs) a Fonseca. Apiari^m medico-chj* 

micum. l^ Amst. 1711. 
^— — Mediciaa Lusitana, e Soccorro Delphico. fol. Amsl, 

■ Madeyro ilUistrado para curar o Morbo Gallico. fol. 

Lisb. 1715. 
HENRIQUEZ (hen.) Summa Theologifle moralis. fol. 1. fol. Vok 

HENRIZKY (chr.) Dissert. de sacrificio pro kivocatione SanctiK 

rnm celebrata. 49 Rost. 1697. 
HENRY. A Novel. 4 vol. 12« Lond. 1795. 
HENRY and CAROLINE. The force of Example. Or thc His- 

iory of Henry aorjd Caroline. S** Land. 1797. 
HENRY and EMMA. Songs in Henry and Emma. 8^ Lond. 

HENRY and FRANCES. A Series of Letters between Henry 

aod Frances. 2 vol. 12® Lond. 1757. 



HENRY (f.) Guide from the English Language tb the French. 

8^ Bristol, 1797. 
HENRY (HATtt.) Sermon on her death, by her S6n. 8® Lcmd. 

HENRY (matth.) v. bates. reynolds. tong. williams. 

• Funeral Sermon on Dr. S. Benion. 8® L(md. 17Q9. 

Funeral Sermon on Revd. F. Tallente, 8« Lond. 1709. 

•— — Exposition of the five poetical Books of the Old Testa- 

ment. fol. Lond. 1710. 

A Method for Prayer. 8» Lond. 1710. 

The Life and Death of Mr. P. Henry. 8« Lmd. 1712. 

Funeral Sermon and life of Revd. S. Lawrence. 8^ 

Lond. 1712. 

Funeral Sermon on R. Stretton. 8« Land. 1712. ^ 

■ Christs favour to little children opend and improved. A 

Sermon. ^ Lond. 1713. 

Funeral Sermon on D. Burgess. 8® Lond. 1713. 

The Pleasantness of a Religious Life. 12^ Lond. 1714. 

Accountof bis Life and Death by W. T. 8« Lond. 1716. 

A brief Enquiry into the true Nature of Schism. 8* 

Lond. 1717. 

Funeral Sermon on J. Terry. With a Narrfitive of hit 

last Sickness. S^ Lond. 1720. 

The Beauties of Henry : A Selection of the most strik* 

ing passages in his exposition of the Bible. To which is pre- 

fixed his Life by J. Geard. 12^ Lond. 1797. 
HENRY (robeut) History of Great Britain, from the first Inva- 

sion by Julius Csesar, 6 vol. 4® Lond. 1771-— 93. 
^- History of Great Britain from the Death of Hen. VIIL 

to the accession of James : being a continuation of Dr. Henry*i 

History by J. P. Andrews. Vol. L 4« Lond. 1794. 
2 vol. 8« 1796. 

hENRY (T.) Memoirs of Dr. Albert Haller. W Warringio^, 

HENRY (wM.) ElementsofExperimentalChemistry. 3 vols, 8^ 

Lond. 1810. 
HENRY (wM.) Loveof our Country, a Sermon. 8« Dub. 1756. 
HENRYSONE (robebt) The Testament of Cresseid. 4P Edimk 

HENSELIUS (theod.) Disp. de Animae Immortalitate : cuxA 

aliis nonnullis adjectis. 4® Marp. 1593. 
HENSHALL (sam.) The Saxon and English Languages reciprfr» 

cally illustrative of each other. 4® Lond. 1798. 
■■ Domesday, or an actual survey of South Britain by the 

Commissioners of William the Conqueror ; with an iDtrodoD^ 

tion, &c. by S. Henshall and Joh. WUkinson. 4P Lond. 1799. 
■ Thanksgiving Sermon. 4® Lond. 1805. 

HENSHAW (anne) Her Petition to Parhament. foL Lond. 1654. 
HENSHAW (nath.) Aero-chalinos : Or a Register for tbe Air. 

120 2>!£Z^/. 1664. 
BENSHAW (ROB.) Trial, for corruption in officc. 8» Sdmb. 

1807. ' \SEK8HASr 

H E R 

HENSHAW (TBos.) A vindication of T. Henshaw. 4« 1654. 
HENSING (jo. THOS.) Disput. de Vitriolo. 4» Giesa. Hasi. 

HENSON (john) History of his persecution by Thos. Gunnd. 

4<» Lond, 1659. 
HENTENIUS (j.) i. arethas. biblia. Lat. 
HENTZNER (paulus) Itinerarium GermaniaB, Gallis, Angli», 

et Italise; itein, Monita peregi*inatoria duoruin doctorum Viro* 

rum, &c. 12* NoHb, 1629. 

■ A Joumey into England in 1598. 8* Strawbeny-hill, 

4^IUading, 1807. 

HEPBURN (john) The American Defcnce of the Cbristian Gold- 

en Rule, or an Essay to prove the unlawfuiness of making" 

Slaves of Men. 8« 1715. 
HEPBURNE (geo.) De circulatione Sanguinis in Animalibua 

genitis et non genitis. 4® Lug, Bat. 1693. 

■ Dissert. de Motu Sanguinis per Vasa minima. 4* Lug. 
Bat. 1693. 

HEPHJESTION AUxandrinus. Enchiridion de Metris et Poe- 

mate. Gr. cum scholiis antiquis. 4^ Pai\ 1553. lcum Notis 

Mss. Is. Casauboni.] 

. ab J. C. de Pauw. 4» Tr. ad Rh. 1726. ' 

HEPTATEUCHUS, Liber Job et Evangelium Nicodemi Anglo- 

Saxonicc. Historia Judith, Dano-Saxonice ed. Edw. Thwaites. 

»> Oxan. 1698. 
HERACLIDES Ponticus. De Rebus publicis. Gr. 4« Rom. 

Gr. Lat. Editore N. Cragio. 8* Lugd. Bai. 

HERACLIOTA, r. marcianus. 
HERACLITUS. De Incredibilibus. Gr. Lat. Editore T. Galc. 

«• Cantab. 1671. 
HERACUUS. V. carlell. pisida. 
HER£US (carol. gustav.) Inscriptiones et Symbola varii Ar- 

gomenti. 8» Nonb. 1721. 
HER^US (is.) Information abreg^e de la Th^riaque Celeste. 

16^ Hanau. 
HERALDRY. The art of Heraldry. 12« Lond. 1693, 

& Lond. 1730. 

Historical Anecdotes of Heraldry and Chivalry. 4^ 

Worc. 1795. 
HERALDS OFFICE. Ordinance of Parliament for regulating 

tbe Heralds Office. 4« L(md. 1646. 
HERALDUS, v. saumaise. 
HERAD (Mr.) Plaidoyez pour Mr. le Duc de Mazarin contre 

Madame la Duchesse soki Epouse. Et 1e Factum pour Mad. la 

Duchesse Mazarin contre Monsr. le Duc. Par Mr. St. Evre- 

inont. 12» 1698. 
H£RAUD (J. aO Tbe complete SUmp Table. «» Ltmd. Vl^. 

H £ R 

IflERAULT, r. herolt. 

HERB And HERBALL, r. herbarium. 

HERBARIUM. Herbarum Nomina et Vires. 4« [nne loco i 

4UU10 aut Typograpki nominc^l 
40 £^/^, Editio sine loco aut anno aui Typc^^ 

graphi nomineJ] 

Herbarium. 4^ [sine loco aut anuo aut Typographi 


Herbarum imagines vivsB. 4* Franc* 
4« Fmnc. 1538. 

Institutiones rei herbarise. 2 tom. 4® 

A Boke of the properties of Herbes called aa Herball^ 

by W. C. 12« Lond. Wm. Copland. [6/. i.] 

12« Lond. Roh. Reduian. {hl l.] 

— — La Propriete des Ilerbes et Plantes communes qui se 
pour le corps humain. 16« Par. 

Herbarium. Beig. fol. Antv. 1526. 

Herbolario volgare de Latino in vdgate tradutto. Lt 

Ven. 1540. 

Le grant Herbier en Fran^oys. 4« Pai\ 1545. 

— AngL fol. \^Sine loco aut anno aut TypograpJ^^ 


. fol. Lond. 1526. 

Danske Urtebog. ParL I. 4« 1647. 

HERBElLOT (M. db) de Molainville. Bibliotheque orieatail^s. 

fol. Par. 1697. 
conlinuee par Mrss. C. Visdelou et A. G^aiJ^ 

land. 4 tom. 4« A ia Haye, 1777—79. 
HERBERAY (nic. de) v. amadis de gaulc. cuevara. 
HERBERE (claudio de) Ragionamento sopra la Dichiaraticycr^e 

d'alcuni Luoghi di Dante, del Petrarcha, e del Boccaccia ^^A* 

Lione, 1560. 
HERBERSTEIN (ferd. ernestus comcs ab) Cyclodiatom 1. ^ 

quh, pro Rei Tormentaris Incremento, Motum ac Tempm^ 

Projectorum mensurat et demonstrat. 4« Praga, 1716. 
HERBERSTEIN (sigism.) Rerum Moscoviticarum Comment&.x* ml 

fol. Bas. 

Lal. 4« Venet. 1550. 

HERBERT ( ) Frcnch and English Dialogues. &^ L^^w^^. 

HERBERT (anne) Countess of Worcester. v. rainbow. 
HERBERT (arth.) Eari qf Torrington. A plain Rclation of 

Action at Sea, between iiis Fleet and the French, from June 

to July 5. 4« Lond. 1690. 
— — Rcason for thc tryal of the Earl of Torringtoa by Ii 

peachment. fol. Lond. 1690. 

An impartial Account of some remarkable 

fais Life. 4« Lond. 1691 
HERBERT (edw.) Baro de Cfterbury. r. musaus. 
■ ■ De Veritate, prout distinguitur a Revelatione, a Vc 

simili, a PossibiU ct a FaUo. 4^ Lwd. 1633. 


H E R 

SiERBERT (Et>w.) Baro de Ckerbury. De Vefitate, proiit dU* 
tinguitur a Reirdatione, a yertsimili, a Poasibili et a Fabo. 4* 
L(md. 164J. 

— — 12» 1656. 

GalL 4» 1639. 

• De Causis Errarum. 4» Land, 1645. 
13» 1656. 

Life and Reign of Henry VIII. fol. Lond, 1649. 
fol. Lond. 1672. 

Expeditio in Rheam Insulam. Ed. a T. Baldaino. 8* 

Lond. 1656. 

De Religione Gentiliftrti. 8» Amsi. 1700. 

His life written by himself. 4» Straxvbeny Hili, 1764. 

HERBERT (Sir edwd.) 'Die irapeachment of. 4» Lond. 1641 
■ His Answer to the impeachment. 4» Lond, 1642. 

KERBERT {Sir edward) Lord adef JustiCe of England. Ac* 

count of Sir Ed. Hales'^ Case. 4» Lond, 1688. 
*■* Lord Chief Justice Herbert'8 Account examincd by W. 

A. 4« Lond. 1689. 


^" ■ The Temple, sacred Poems, and private EjaQnlaltions. 

12» Camb. 1633. 

With his Life by J. Walton. 12» Lond, 1679. 

Jacula Prudentum. Or Outlandish Proverbs, Sen* 

tcnces, &c. 12« Lond, 1651. 

Remains. 12* Lond, 1659. 

His life by J. Walton J with his Lettera, and 

others to his Mother written by Dr. Donne. 12^^ Lond. 1670. 
A Priest to the Temple, or the Character of a Country 

Pfcrson. 12» Lond. 1675. 
JIERBERT (henry) Eeirl of Pembroke. Method of breakinj 
Hones, and teaching Soldiers to ride. 12« Land. 1761. 

HERBERT (henry) Marquis of Worcester. Ordinances of Par- 
liament for the sale of the Lands and Possessions of Hcnry Earl 
iX Worcester deceased, Edward Lord Herbert of Ragland now 
Earl of Worcester and Sir John Somerset, in the County of 
Middksex and the City of London. 4« Lond. 1646. 

HERBERT {Sir peecy) Certain Conceptions and Considerations. 
4» Lond. 1652. 

HERBERT (philip) Earl qf Mmtffmery. Proclamation for ap- 
prehending him and Sir J. Fenwjck. tbl. Lond, 1695. 

HERBERT (philip) Earl qfPendfroke, v, cartwright. sAfttJM. 

. His Speech in the Hoase of Peers, Dec. 19. 4*» Lond. 


: Letter to the E. ©f Pembroke. 4« Lond, 1647. 

His speech in the House of Peers when the aeven Lords 

* were acciised of Hish Treason. 4^ Lond. 1648. 
m His AtreweU te- Ihe King at his departure from the 

Treaty at Newport. 4<^ 1648^ « 

H £ R 

tlERBERT (pHitip) Earl ofPembroke. Spcedi to thc Kii^ con- 

cerning the trcaty at Ncwport. 4* Lond, 1648. 
■■ Specch upon the debate of the Citie^s PetiUon for a 

?€r8onall Treaty to be had with His Majesty in Tiondoa. 4*. 

Spcech at hiK admittancc aa a Mcrobcr to tbe House oi 

Cominons. 4° 1649. 

The maniier of his election of Knight of the Shire tot. 

Berlw. 4« 1649. 

Gradus Simeonis : Or the First-FruiU of Hiilip Earle 

of Pcmbroke. 4» 1649. 

The first purt of the last Will of Pbilip Earl of Pem- 

broke. 4^ 1649. 

A thanksgiving for thc recovery of Philip E. of Fem- 

broke, 4^ 1649, 

Speech to Nol-Cromwell with his entertainiiieDt s|t 

Ramsbury. 4<^ 1649. 

Specch on the Act of Thanksgiving for Cd. Joiie8'& 

Irish Viclory. 4<> Lond, 1649. 

The life and dealh of Philip £. of Pembroke with U« 

triall in Hell. 4« 1649. 

Last Will and TesUment, published by M. Oldiswortlu 

4« Lond. 1650 

Tlie Earle of Pembn>ke's last Speech. 4* Lond. IGjQ. 

HERBEKT (tho.) Descriptioa of the Per^iao Mooarchy. foL 

Lond. 1684. 
■' Vo}-a<re de Perse & des Indes Orientales^ trad. de T-Air 

giois ; & les Revolutions de Siam, trad. du Flamand de Jeremie 

Tan Vliet. 4* jPar. 1663. 

- Travels into Afirica aiid Asia. fol. Lond, 1677. 

HERRERT (rno.) Memoirs of the two bst Years of the Reign 

of K. Charles I. bv Sir T. Ilerbert, Major Huntingtoa, CoL 

Eiiw. Coke. aml Mr. H. Firebrace. Wilh a Cbaraeter of that 

Martyr by Diodati and Hcmierson. To which *ts added the 

* tleath bed Repcntance of Mr. Lenthall. 8* Lomd. 1703. 

HERBERT (tuomas) Pewthrokia Comcs, Nuouanata aotiqaa, 
et recentioni. 4* Lomd. 1746. 

UERBERT (tbos.) Ncws newlj disoorex^ in a Diakgue betwixt 
Papa the false Pope and Benedict an bonest Friar. 13* 1G4I. 

■ Vox secunda populi or the CommoiH gratitode to Philip 

Eari of Wmbroke. 4« 1641. 

HERBERT (w.) Befede and Confesskm of Faith. l^ Lamd. 

l^ Lomd. 1M9L 

TV ChiU-bearin? Woinan. 11» Lnd, 1649. 

Tbe C^ieAilFalkeraiMiPkmadd. 1? Laad^lSia. 

«— — attadripaitit Den>tioQ. li* Ltmi. 1618;. 
HERBERT (wtuoAx) EtH <^'Ptmkrwte, Of ihe 
tenal Xaiyie of Man ia ChhsL 4* Lmd, 16M. 

Roems;. S» Lmd, 16da 

BEUEKT (wx.) r- — ^ 

H E it 

HERBERTS (mary) The adventurcs of Proteus, a sctt of Novels. 
8* Lond. 1727. 


HERBIGIUS (geo.) Disputatio, an Pax Religionis legitima et 

approbanda? 4" 1623. 
HERBIN (p. E.) Statistique p^enerale ct particuliere de la France 
- et de ses Colonies. 7 tom. 8* 1803. 
HERBINIUS (JOH.) Famosae, de Sdis vel TeDuris Motu, Con- 

troversiae, Examen Tlieologo-philosophicum. 12* Ultraj, 1655. 
' Religioss Kijovienses Cryptse. 8" Jen, 1675. 

■ Dissertationes de admirandis Mundi Cataractis. 4* 
Anat, 1678. 

HERBOLARIO, r. herbarium. 

HERBORN (nicolas) De Indis»convertendis. 8" Rotad^ 1616. 
HERBORT (GUL. lauu.) Dissert. de Siti. 4« Tuh. 1673. 
HERBRAND (jac,) Oratio in Obitum P. Melanthonis. 4« Tu 

hin, 1560. 
HERBST (JOAN. FRiD.) Dissert. de mineralium Medicamentorum 

Prastantia. 4» Altd, 1727. 
HERBURTUS (joh.) de Fulstyn. Historia Polonica. 4*» Bds. 

— Accesserunt Michalo de Moribus Tartaroruni 

et Joannes Las^icius de Diis Samagitarum, &c. 4** Bas, 1615. 
HERCKMANS (e.) Zec-Vaerts Lofs. fol. Amt, 1634. - 
HERCULANEUM, r. bayardi. hancarville. 

■ Le Pitture antiche d'Ercoiano e Contomi, incisi, con* 
qualche Spiegazione. 4 tom. foi: Nap. 1757 — 65. 

Bronzi di Ercolano e Contorni, incisi con qualche 

Spiegazione. 2 tom. fol. Nap. 1767—71. 
HERCULANUS (joh.) Expositio in primam Fcn quarti Canonia 

Avicennae. fol.Fen. 1506, 

. fol. Fen. 1512. 

-^ fol. Ven. 1560. 

HERCULES. Les travaux d'Hercule, F^trennes au Roy : Dia- 

logue entre la Gloire et L'Envie. 12® Par. 1693. 

■ Herculcs and the Carter, a dialogue between a pdor 
man and a poor mans friend. 8" Lmd. 1796. 

HERCYNIANUS (fabius) r. camerarius. kellerus. 

HERD (JOH. sp.) Erotemata de Arte Memoriae^ 12« Francof.. 


-^ 120 Argent. 1610, 

HERDE (jACOBus d') Disput. de Spasmo. 4*^ Ultr. 1Q59. 
HERDENIUS (geo.) Disput. de Aerc. 8« Marp, 1593. 
HERDMAN (gust. joh.) snETAH BPAAEns. 8» Ups. 1706. 
HERDMAN (joh.) An Essay on the Causes and Phenomena of 

Animal Life. S^ Edinb. 1795. 
HHRDSON (uen.) Ars mnemonica, sive Uerdsonus Bnixialus. 

12* Lond. 1651. 

■ Ars Memorise : The Art of Memory made phunc.' 12? 
Lond. 1651. 

HEREBOORD^ r. i/eeiibboobt. W^^Mw 

H £ R 

I][ER£DIA (cAsp. CALDERA de) Tribuiial medicum, magicam» ct 

po^iticum. fol. Lugd, Bat. 1658. 

. fol. Ant. 1663. 

, HEREDIA (vzT, MicH. de) Opera medica. Cura P. Barea de A»- 

torga. 4 tom, fol. Lugd. 1689. 
HEREDITARY RIGHT. The Hercditary Right to Ihe Cnwra 

<>f England as^erted ; the History of the Succession nnce the 

Conquest cleared ; and the true Exiglish Constitution vindicated 

from the misrepresentations of Dr. Higden's View and Deftnee. 

fol. Lond, 1713. 
< The true and ancient Hereditary Right considered and 

explained. 8* Lond. 1729. 
HEREFORD. Proceedings of the Citizens of Hereford touching 

their Charter. fol. 

• Declaration or Resolution of the County. fol. Lond» 


Petition of the County to the Commons. fol. Lond. 

— True news from Herefordshire. 4® Lond, 1642. 

■ Herefordshire and Ludlow Petitions. 4^ Lond. 1643L 

-rw A true Relation of the Proceedings at Hercford by the 

Lord St. John'8 and his Begiment, &c. 4® Lond. 1642. 

A Continuation of the Proceedings of the Scotch army 

before Herefprd. 4« Lond. 1645. 

A new Tricke to take Towns : Or a Relation of the 

sudden purprise of flereford, 4^ Lond. 1645. 

Declaration of the Earl of Leven conceming the Tising 

of the Scotch Array frpm the Siege of Hereford. 4® Lond. 

An Ordenande of Parliament for settling the Hereford- 

shire M^litia. fpl. Lond, 1648. 

Declaration of the Herefordshif e Gentlemen. fol. Lond, 


History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Chuirch of 

Hereford. 8« Lond. 1717. 
HEREGRflEFIUS (geo.) Oratio in laudem Eloquentiae et Rci- 

pqblicaB, 4^ Uitrqf. 1634, 
HERELIUS (jo. FRiD.) Dissert. de Lassitudine. 4« 1706. 
■ ■ De primario Usu Pororum in Superficie Corporis hu- 

mani. 4« Altorf. 1732. 
HEREMITE (jaques l') A true Relation of the Fleete which 

went uhder the Admiral Jaquis Le Hercmite thro' the Straights 

of Magellane towards the Coasts of Peru and the Towne of 

Lima. 4<» Lond. 1625. 
■ Joumael vande Nassausche Vloot : oft beschryringh 

vande Voyagie om den gantschen Aerdt-kloot^ inde Jaren 

1623, 4, 5, 6. 4» Atnst. 1626. 

. 4» Amst. 1643. 

4« Anut. 1648. 

HERENNIUS (c.) v. cicero. 
HER^^ACHIUS (coN.) V. berodotus. 


H £ R 

HERESBACHIUS (con.) De Re rustica, pawquaB agit de Pis^ 
cinis et Piscium vivariis. Ejusdcm Thereutices, pars III. de 
Piscatione. 4® 

De Re nistica. Item de Venatione, Aucupio atque 

Piscatiotie Compendium. 8° CoL 1570. 

De educandis Principum Liberis^ deque RepuUica 

Christiana administranda Libri duo. ^^ Franc. 1570. 

Historia Anabaptistica. Factionis Monasteriensis. £d. 

a Theod. Slrackio. 12« Amsi. 1037. 
HERESL\RCHUS, v, hjeresis. 


HERFELT (henr. ger.) Philosophicum Hominis. IS^ Lugd. 

Bat. 1687. 

— Cogitationes de Origine Morborum. 12" Anist, 1706. 

HERFERjp. A.) SchiftReise nach Moscovien. 4« Nuremh. 1678. 
HERGOTT (JACOB. ern.) Exercit. dc flammante Curru Eliae. 4» 

Wiu. 1679. 
HERIBERTUS (j.) Eunuchi, nati, facti» mystici, ex sacra, et 

humana Literatura, illustrati. 4^ Div. 1655. 
HERICURTIUS (julianus) De Academia Suessionensi^ cum 

EpistoHs ad Familiares. 8<^ Montalb. 1688. 
H]£RIGONE (pierre) Supplement du Cours mathematique. 8^ 

Por. 1644w 
HERILACUS (pAMPHiLus) De Aquis, de Vinis, et de Arthritide. 

12* Col. 1591. 
HERING (fr.) Poema gratulatorium in Ingressum R. Jacobi I. 

ad AngHcan» Reipub. Gubernacula. 4* Lcmd. 1603. 
A modest Defence of the Caveat given to the Wearer» 

of impoisoned Amulets as Preservatives from the Plague. 4P 

Lond. 1604. 

Angl 8» Lond. 1610. 

■ Certaine Rules or advertisements for this Time of Pes- 

tilentiall Contagion : with a Caveat to those who weare about 

tbeire Neckes impoisoned Amulets as Preservatives from the 

Plague. 4« Lond. 1625. 
HERING (jOH. jAc.) De Hsemorrhoidibus caecb. 4» lips. 1694. 
HERINGA (adr.) Observationes critics in quibus veterea auc- 

tores, Grsci maxime, emendantur. S^ Lew. 1749. 
HERINGHUSIUS (joh. alb.) Dissert. de Doctrina humaoa in 

genere et Rationis in cognoscendo processu prima. 4° Helm. 

HERINGIUS (cEo. adr.) Scrutinium physiolog^cum primonim 

Rcrum naturahum Principiorum. 4® Jen. 1679. 
HERINGIUS (HONORius) Tract. de Melancholia. 16* Brem. 


TracUtus de Pestilentia. 16* Brem. 1683. 

' Consilium medicinale eztemporaneum Febrium erra- 

ticarum per Oras has SepteotrioDales Theorian el Therapian 

exhibens. 1G<^ Brem. 1638. 

De Arthritide et Podagra. 16* Brem. 1639. 


H £ R 

HERINGIUS (jou.) v. matth.^eus Findpcinenais. 

■< Tract. de Molendinis, eonimque Jure. 4* Lugd. 16^.^ 

HERISSANT (f. d.) Quaest. med. an ab Impulsu Sanguinis ivK 

Arteriam pulmonalem,. Inspiratio spontanea ? 4® Par, 1741. 
HERISSAYE, v. fail. 
HERITIER (cAR. LUD. l') Stirpes nov» descriptionibus et icooi^ 

bus illustrata;. Tom. I. p. I. fol. Par. 1785. 
HERK (coNR. RUD.) Disput. de Scorbuto. 4» Jen. 1687. 
HERK (coRN. van) Almeria Literata. 4° Alm. 1718. 
HERLE (CHAR.) A Payre of Compasses for Church and Sute. 

A Fast Sermon. 4^ Lond. 1642. 
- David'8 Song of three parts : A Thanksgiving Sermon. 

4<» Lond. 1643. 

Abraham'8 Offer God'8 Ofiering : A Spital Sermon. 4*- 

Land. 1644. 

Three Sermons on Ahab^s fall. 4» 1644. 

• David^s Reserve and Rescue : A Thanksgiving Sermon . 

4« Lond. 1645. 

r- Worldly Policy, and moral Prudence. 12^ Lmd. 1654«. 

HERLICIUS (dav.) De Pluviis prodigiosis Speculatio physica^ 

Gtnn, 4« Gryph. 1597. 
m Concilium Politico-physicum. Germ. 49 Franc. 1621. 

HERLIN (joh.) Dissert. de Justitia et Jure Sueonim. 4* UpsaL. 

HERLINGIUS (geo.) Diatribe chronologica de Annis. 4^ HalL 

Sax. 1632. 
HERLINUS (jo. HENRicus) Haemorrhoides in Pectore. 8^ Ai^ 

tenb. 1716. 
HERLITZIUS (dan.) Tractalus Theologastro-nomistoricus von 

des Turckischen. 4® Gri/phiaw.1596. 
HERLS (coRN.) Responsio ad Apologiam P. Lansbcrgii. 12**" 

Midd. 1613. 
■* ' Examen dcr Chirurgie. Beneffens een a&hanghsel 

van den Omloop des Bloedts en kort Examcn van dc Doses der 

Purgatien, Vomitorien, en Opiaten door F. Giiiwart. 12* Mid* 

delb. 1663. 


HERMAICA Gynmasmata. 12^ Oxon. 1589. 


T— — 'Abrege dcs Mathematiques pour TUsage de sa Ma» 

jestife Imperiale de toutes les Russies. 3 tom. 8* Petersb. 1728. 
HERMAN (j.) Propodtiones de Tumoribus. 4« Wia. 155^. 
" ■ Theses de Venffisectione in genere. 4® Bas. 1597. 

HERMANN (ben. ir.) Stalistische Schilderung von Ruszland. 

8« Leip. 1790. 
HERMANN (joh.) Dissert. de Morbo Castrensi. 4° Jen. 1704. 
HERMANN (joh. aug.) Disserl. de Cholera humida. 4« 1670. 
■■ Exercit. de Appetitu. 4" Lips. 1685. 

HERMANN (jon. ceo.) De Tliesauro Arte magica invento. 4* 

Hal.Mag. 1719.- 
HERMANNI (ottavio) Vita di Alessandro Luzago. 4* Bresc. 


H B R 

SIERMANNIDES (rutgbb.) Oratio de ScholiB et LitterU. i* 
" Hard. 1647. 

Oratio in obitum F. O. Kodiii. 4« Hard. 1669. 

■ Descriptio Suecis, Gothie, et Fiolandise. 16^ Amat. 


Novissimum Gustavi Suecorum Regis» perGermaniam 

Bellum, ut et occupatarum ibidem Provinciarum Descriptio. 

16P Atnst. 1671. 
HERMANNUS^ Archiepisc. Coloniensis, r. bucerus. 
^-^— — A simple and religioas consultation on the Reformation 

of the Church. 12» Lond, 1548. 
HERIVIANNUS (cua.) Dissert. deSomniis Vigilantium. 4<» Jen. 

HERMANNUS (dav.) Delineatio Sceleti humani. 4P Budis, 

Ki£RMANNUS (jac.) Phoronomia, sive, de Viribus^ et Motibus 

Corporum solidorum et fluidorum. 4® Amst. 1716. 
HERMANNUS (joh.) Recensio Plantarum in Horto J. Her^ 

manni. 4^ Brux. 1652. 
HERMANNUS (joh. geo.) De Modo operandi remediorum phy«> 

sico-mechanico. 4® Hal. Mag. 1718. 
HERMANNUS (mart.) Disput de Igne fatuo. 4^ Lips. 1655. 
KLERMxVNNUS (mich.) Disput. de aetema Praedestinatione cre* 

dentium ad Vitam. 4<» fViu. 1614. 

■ Disput. de Peccato in genere. 4® Witt. 1618. 
Disput. de Peccato mortali, veniaU et in duratione. 4* 

Witcb. 1618. 
HERMANNUS Nuen. v. nuenarius. 
HERMANNUS (paul) Horti Acad. Lugd. Bat. Catalogus, 8» 

Lugd. Bat. 1687. [cum Notis 3Iss.] 
8<> Lugd. Bat. 1720. 

■ Oratio funebris in obitum C. de Maets. 4® Lug. Bat. 
1690. [cum Notis Mss.] 

Flone Lugduno Botavse Flores. edit. ab L. Zumbaciu 

^ Lugd. Bat. 1690. [cum Notis Mss.] 
8^ Lugd. Bat. 1690. [Aliud Exemplar cwn 

Notis Mss.] 

Lugd. Bat. 1690. [Exemplar tertium cum Natis 


Paradisi Batavi Prodromus. fol. 

Paradisus Batavus. 4» Lugd. Bat. 1098. 

i9 Lugd. Bat. 1705. 

Paradisi Batavi Prodromus sive Plantarum exoticarum 

in Batavorum Hortis observatarum. Index. 12^ [cur^ Notis 

Lapis materise Medics Lydius. £d. a C. L» Welschio. 

8» Lugd. Bat. 1704. 

Cynosura materise medic». £d. a J. S. Henningero«. 

4!^Argent. 1710. 

• cum Notis J. S. Henningeri et Contin. J. 

Boecleri. 3 tom. 4"^ Argent. 1726--3L 


H E R 

HERMANNUS (paul) Catalogus Musci Indici. 8« tMgd. ]Sai. 

■ ■ Musseum Zeylanicum. 8® Lugd. Bat. 1717. 

HERMANNUS (philippus) Die Peerle der Chirurgiien. 4^ Ani. 

Distilleerbouck. 8* T^d, 1612. 

8" Amst. 1622. . 

HERMANT (godefroy) La Vie de St. Athanase Patriarcbe 
d^Alexandrie^ qui comprend rhistoire de St. Eustathe d'An* 
tioche, de Sl. Paul de Constantinople, deSt. Hilaire de Poitiers, 
de St. Eusebe de Verceil, des Papes Jules & Libere, et de plu- 
sieurs autres Saints; Avec la naissance de rArianisme. 2 lom. 
8» Par. 1672. 

HERMANT (m.) Histoire du Dioc6se de Bayeux. Parte I. 4* 
Caen, 1705. 

HERMAPHRODITES. L^lsle des Hermaphrodites descouvertc, 


' A treatise of Hermaphrcdites. 12" Lond. 1718. 

HERMAS. F^tor^ seu Visiones et Similitudines. foU Argenii 

" cum Casp. Barthii Animadvers. 12* Cj^, 

HERMELINUS (olaus) Disquisitio de Origine Livononim. 8^ 

Ims. 1717. 
HERMES Trimegistus. v. fiumicus. joly. magia. pamtaleon. 


* Poemander et Asclepius. Gr. Lat. Marsilio Ficino 

interp. 4® Par. 1554. [cion Notis Mss. Is. Casauhoni.'] 

Fr. Flussate Candalla interp. 4® Burigd. 



Lat. Marsilio Ficmo inteip. 4^ Fcrrat. 


4« Par. 1494. 
• 4° 3Iog. Joh. Schoefftr. 1503. [impress. 

fol. Ven. ap. Ald. 1516. 
16° 1G07. 

Angl. by Dr. Evereard. 12^ Lond. 1650. 

■ Le Pimandre traduit par Francois Monsieur de St 

Foix. foL Bourdeaux, 1579. 

- Tractatus aureus, de lapidis philosophici secreto. cum 

Scholiis. a Gnosio Belga. 12« Lips. 1610. 

latromathematica. Ang. by J. Harvey. 12® Lond. 


■ Tabula Smaragdina vindicata per W. C. Krie^^smaa- 

num. 12* 
HERMETICA, p. girard. valentinus. 
■ ■ Arcanum : or the grand secret of Hennetick philo^ 

phy. W [with Mss. Notes.] 


H E R 

HERMETICA. Hermetischer RosenkranU. I9f^ Hamb. 1651 
12« Hamh. 1683. 

Drey&cheg Hermetisches Kkleeblat. 12» Nwrnb. 1607. 

■ Musacum Hermetkiim reformatum et amplificatum. 4f 

Franc. 1678. 
^- -• M^gniim interest totius reipublic» Hermetics, epistola 

buccinatoria seciinda a duumvii*is Hermetici» federatis. 4^ 

dtdan, 1681. 
=i— i Tubicinidm convivale Henxieticum sive epistola terUk 

buccinatoria a duumviris Hermeticis federati«« 4» Gen^ 

Trames facilU et planiis ad auream Hermetis arcem 

recta perducenn. 13* CarQlopolL 1686. 

Magni Philosophorum Arcani ReVelator. 12» Oen^ 


Le Triomphe Hermetique. 12» Amst. 1689. 

Angl. 12» Lond. 1725. 

-= '" Dictionnaire Hermetique. 12» Par. 1695. 

Lc Filet d'Ariadne pour entrer avec sccurit^ dani le 

Labyrinthe de 1a philosophie Hermetique. 12» Pdr. 1695. 
HERMIAS PhUosophus. Gentilium PhilosophorUm Irf isio. Qr. 

Lai. cum Notis T. Gale. edit. a W. Worth. 8» Oxon. 1700. 
HERMINIUS and Espasia, a Tragedy. 8» Edinb. 1754. 
HERMIPPUS Redivivus: or the Saee's Triumph over old Age 

axid the Grave. Wherein a Method is laid down for prplongiog 

the Life and Vigour of Man. 8» LoTiJ. 1744. • 

HERM1T£ (jAQuis le) r. heeemite. voyages. 
HERMITE (TRisTBAN l') La Maiiane, Tragedie, 4» Par. 1644. 
HER^OGENES Tanensu RJuUor. Rhetofica. Gr. 12» Flat. 

P. Junta. 1515. 

Partitiones Rhetoricay ct de Ratione inveniehdi Orato- 

. rta. Qr. Lat. cum Schol. J. Stunnii. 2 Partes. 8» Argini. 


De dicendi Oeneribus sitt Formb Orationum, et d^ 

Ratione tractandae Gravitatis occults. Gt. LtU. oum Veffm. ct 

Sch€>L J. Sturmii. 8» ArgaU. 1571. 
HERMOLAUS, t;. barbarus. 
HERMONIUS (mich.) Ens rationis. 8» Vpi. 1706. 
HERNANDEZ (franc.) Rerum Medicinahum Novs Hi«pi<ii^ 

Tbenarus : seu Plantarum» Animaiium> Mineraliom Mexica^ 

Dorom Historia ex Fr. Uemandez relationibus conscriptia n 

Nardo Antonio Reccho, collecta et notis iUu<trau a Jotiifi. 

Terentio Lynceo. fol. Rom. 1651. 
— — Hisp. trad. por Fr. Ximeoez. 4» Mezicd, 

HERNANDO» v. castillo. FEEDiif andcs. 
HERNANDO de Moima. Epistola Apologctk^ 4» Qoi 1650. 
HERNANDO (p.) de Labastida. Antidotto abs Veiieoosai ooo* 

sidencMMies di Fra. Paulo de Venecia sobre las censuraa di N. 

S. P. Paulo. V. 8» Boma. 1607. 
V01.UL iSs H£BN£ 

H E R 

HERNE ( ) The false Notion of a Cliristian Priestbood^ bein^ ^ 

an Answer to Mr. Law's second Letter to the Bishop of Bangor^ ^ 

by Phileleutherus Cantabrigiensis. 8® Lond. 1718. ^' 

■ Three Discourses. I. A defence of private JudgdieDt. ^ ^^ 

II. Aj^inst Ihe Authority of Magistrate over the Conscience. ^ ^, 

III. Considerations conceming reunitin? tbe Protestants» trans- - ^, 
lated froni tbe Latin of S. Werenfels. With a Prefatory l^btle -g^ ^ 
to Dr.Tenison. 8^ Lond. 1718. 

HERNE (john) Thc Law of Conveyances. 8* Lond. 1G56. 

The Clarks Directory. 8^ Lwirf. 1658. 

• The Law of charitable Uses explaincd. 12® Lond, — ^i. 

HERNE (J.) Longitude nnvailed. fol. Lond. 1678. 
HERNE (sAM.) I>>mus Carthusiana. Or an Account of the Char- — ^— > 

terhouse, London. With thc Life of Sir T. Sutton. 8» Lond. — '^. 

HERNHAUSEN. Relation of a Fountain at Ilernhausen. 4^ • Jk* 

Lond. 1646. 
HERNIA. De Hemiis, a L. v. H. 4° Gedan. 1677. 

Traitedes Hernies. 2tom. 8^ Par. 1749. 

HERNIO (J.) Reponse au Trait6 des Deniers Papillaircs. 1» ^=*» 

Rtn. 1699. 
HERNODIUS (jou.) Vociferatio Bellica. 8« Ups. 1708. 
HERO and Leander, a mock Poem. IS^ Lond. 1651. 
120 Lond^ 1653^ 

— ^ Hero and Leander, a Burletta. 8® Lond. 1787. 

The Hero. A Poetical epistle to Marquis Comwallis. — '*" 

4P Cand). 1794. 
HERO (albertus) De Providentia Dei, Libri 5, contra Atheot. — ^ 

12» Col. 1582. 
HERO AlexandrinuB. v. schmidt. 

■ De Machinis bellicis, necnon Liber cle Geodaaaa. — ^ 
Lat. a Fr. Barocio. 4<» Vtn. 1572. * 

• Degli Automati, trad. da Bern. Baldi. 4* Ven. 1601. 

Jklopoceca. Gr. Lat. R. Baldo interpr. cum Vita -^ 

Heronis. 4° Jng. Vind. 1616. 

Spiritaha. Lat. redd. a Federico Commandino. Ao- -" 

cesserunt J. B. Aleotti quatuor Theoremata Spiritalia. 4^ Amtt, 

' Ital trad. da Aleotti. 4<> Ferrar. 1589. 

trad.da AlessandroGiorgi. 4* XJrb. 1592. 

HERO (michael) Schachtafelen der Gesunthejt. foL Stra^. 

UER0ARD (jean) Hippostologie, ou Dit^cours des Os du ChevaL 

4» Par. 1599. 
HERODES Atticus. Ad Tliebanos Cohortatio^ Gr. cmi J. 3i 

Reiskii. 8<> Lips. 1773. 
HERODLANUS. Histori». Gr. 16» Bas. 
* foL Ven. ap. Ald. 1508. [ed. pr.] 



H E R 

EIERODIANUS. Hisiori». S^ Ven, apud Ald. 1594k ' 

fol. Ven. ojpud AU. 1553. 

:^ Gr. Lat, 8» Ven. apud Ald. 1534. 

8» BoB. 1563, 

: 4» Par. apud H. Sieph. 1581. 

, cum Notis D. Parei. 8^ Franc. 1627. 

cum Noti». 8« Oxon. 1699. 


Lat. Angelo Politiano interprete. 8* Colm* 

8« Par. apvd Colin. 1539. 
16» Ani. apud Plani. 1576. 

AngL 4^ Lond. 1629. 

8<> Lond. 1698. 

converted into an Heroick Poem, by 

C. B. Stapyllon. 4t^ Lond. 1652. 

- Ex llerodiani Historiia Concionei. Or. 4» 

Par. 1604. 
HERODIANUS Grammaticus. Parecbolae, sive, Exccrpta ex 

cjus Scripti;* de magno Verbo. Gr. 13* Par. 1542. 
HERODOTUS Haiicamasseus. v. stbphanus. 

Historiae. Gr. fol. Fen. ap. Ald. 150^. [ed. pr ] 

Ad haec. G. Gemisti de iis qu« post Pug- 

nam ad Mantineam g^esta sunt. cum Praefat et Aunott. J. Ca- 

merarii. fol. Bas. 1541. 

Gr. Lat. Ejusdem Narratio de Vita Homeri. 

Cum Vallae interp. Lai. Historianim et Spicile^io Frid. Syl- 
burgii, Excerpta e Ctesiae libris Persicis ct Indicis. Edit. « 
Gotb. Jungermano. fol. Franc. 1608. 

fol. Luiei. apud P. Sieph. 1618. 

a Th. Gale. fol. Lond. 1679. 

i a Pet. Wesselingo. fol. Atnsi. 1763. 

Lai. per I^aur. Valiam; et de Vita Homeri. 

Lat. per Conr. Heresbacliium, ab Henr, Stephano recogn. Edit. 

a Sebast. Castalione. 8*" Bas. 1573. 

16» Franc. 1594. 

8» Franc. 1595. 

AngL by J. Littlebury. 2 vol. 8® Lond. 

With Notes by W. Beloc 4 voU. 8» 


Lond. 1791. 

4 vols. S^ Lond. 1806. 


GaiL par P. Du Ryer. 2 tomes. 12® 1660. 
par P. H. L^Archer. 7 tomes. 8» 

9 tomes. 8^ Par. 1802. 

. Avecle Recueil de G. GemistedetChoses 

avenues depuis la Joumee de Mantinee par P. Saliat. fbl. Par. 
1556. "" 

- Lea trois premiers Livres. trad. par 

Saliat fol. Par. 1552. 

■ liaL pcr M. Mar. Boiardo. S^ Ven. 1539. 


HERODOTUS HaHcamns5eu$, Les troit premieK LiiTeii. trad, 
dal Giulio Ce^are Bccelli. 4«* Venj 1733. 

■ De Vifi Homeri, et item Historia GnN^amm et Lati* 
nanim Literarum. a J. Reinoldio. 4^ Lond, 1753. 

H£KpGU£ILL£ (fkanc de) La fontaine minerale Lez-Saint 

Amaud triomphante par les Arc^es, ou pliwTarea Secret» de 

U Medecine. 12« Vaknc. 1691. 
HEROLD (cHRisTiAsus) Von Urspninff und AufnehHieii der 

Stadte, ein sonderbares Hi^torisches und Politisches Tractfttldn. 

4« Jm. 1657. 
H£ROLD (joH.) £xege8i8 Stirpis PalatinseFrancicie. 8^30^.1556^ 
' HsBreseolopria, hoc est, Opus veterum tam Groecorum 

quam Latinorum Tbeologorum, per quo!$, omnea, quse per Ca- 

tnolicain Ghristi £cclesiam grassatae sunt, Hereses confutantur. 

fol. Bas, 1556. 
HEROLDT (LAUR.) Disp. de Reactionc. 4? Marp. 1593. 
H£ROLDUS (basilius joh.) Origines et Antiquitatea Germanie. 

fol. Ba9, 1557. 

■ Panegyricus Ferdinando Imperaton. 8^ Bom. 
HEROLT (joHANNEs) Sermones Discipuli de Tempore et dc 

Sanctis, cum Promptuario Exemplorum. fol. Davemt. 1485. 

i fol. Argeni, 1492. 

' fol. Arvent, 1503. 

Sermones de Tempore per Circulum Anni» cum 

Promptuario £xemplorum. i^ Lond. Jufyan Notofy. 151(X 
- fol. Nuremb. 1514. 

HERON. Genealogical Tables of the family of th^ Henn» of 

Newark. fol. 1799. 
HERON (h.) Parocbial Music corrected : being Rules for tbe 

correct performance of Psalmody by Charity Cbildren. 4^ 

Lmd. 1790. 
•HERON (rob.) Observations made in a Joumey thro' theWest- 

em Ccunties of Scotland in 1792. 2 vol. 8^ Perth, 1793. 
■ General view of the Hebrides. 4* Edin. 1794. 

— — New General History of Scotland. G vols. 8* Pertk, 


Scotland described. 12« Edin, 1797. 

HERRAUD. Herrauds och Bosa Saga. Hoc est Herraudi et 
Bom Historia cum interpretatione et Notis iUustrata ab Olae 
Verelio. Goth, ^Lat. l^ Upsal. 1666. 
HERRENSCHMIDT (jacob) Strenographia Rhetica. 12» AV 
rib. 1625, 

' — De Bacchanaliomm, Nomine, Origine, &c. 12* Narih, 

Osculologia Theologo-philologica. 12^ Witeb. 1630. 

HERRERA (ant. de) Historia dei Regno de fscosia, en las 44 
Aiio«de Maria Estuarda Reyna. 12^ Madr. 158a 

— 12« Lisb, 1590. 

Historia de Portugal, y Conquista de loa -A^orea. 4* 

Madr. 1591. 

Historia de las Indias Occidentales. 8 Decad. foL 


Madr. 1601—15. HERRERA 

H E K 

[ERRBRA (ant. db) HiMoria de las Indias Occideiltalet. 8 De* 

cad. fol. Mad. 1620. 
. ■ Ang, by John Stcveus. 6 vol. 8* Ijmd. 


GalL avec la Navioration de Jaques le Maire^ 

& plusieurs autres. fol. Anist, 1622. 
Lat. fol. Amsi, 

-^ Historia ^eneral del Mundo del Tidnpo dc Felipe IL 

desde el aiio de M.D.LIIII. hasU el de M.D.XCVIII. 3 Pkrt. 
fol. FaW. 1606. 

> Gommentarios de los Hechos de los Espaiioles, Fran- 

ceses y Venecianos en Italia^ y de otras Reuublicas detde 

MCCLXXXl hasu MDLIX. fol. Mad. 1624. 
I£RR£RA (cHRisTovAL PEREz) Discursos del Amparo de los 

Leptimos Pobres, y Reduccion de los Fingidod. 4^ Madr. 

lERRERA (cYPRiANus de) Mirabilif^Vita et mirabiliora Acta 

D. T or. Alph. Mogrobesii Archiep. Liniae. fol. Rotn. 1670. 
USRRERA (fernando de) Rclaciou de la Guerra de Cipre, y 

Succe8«o de la batalla Naual de Lepanto. 12^ Sev* 1572. 
lERRERA (fran. de) Maldonado. Epitome Historialdel Reyno 

de la China. 12^' Madr. 1620. 

12« Madr. 1621. 

lERRERA (gabriello alonso d') Libro de AgricultunL fol. 

Medin. 1569. 

fol. Madr. 1620. 

lial. da Mambrino Roseo da Fabriano. 4* 

Ven. 1568. 

4» F«i.l608. 

iERRERA (juan de) Declaracion de los Diseiios y Estampas, 

de la Fabrica de San Lorencio^ el Real del Escuriaf. 12^ Madr. 

lERRERA (miguel de) Chronica de Don Alonso, y otroB Reyes 

d^Espana. fol. Vallad. 1554. 
1£RRF0RD (MARC.) Tussi. 4<» Jen. 1678. 
lERRGOTT (marquard.) Genealogia Diplomatica Augastos 

gentis Habsburgic». 3 tom. fol. Vien. 1737. 
— ^— Monumenta August. Domus Austriacte. 2 tom. fol. 

Vien. 1750—53. 
rlERRICHEN (johannes gothofredus) De Thea Herba Dori- 

cum Melydrion. 4® lAps. 1645. 
-■ Cosmi III. Indulgentise, et J. ToUii Industrifle, Cele- 

bratio. 40 Ups. 1687. 

Poemata. Gr. k Lat. Cum Prsefat J. A. Fabricii. 8* 

Hamb. 1717. 
ilERRICK (rob.) Hespendes, or Works both Human and Di- 

vine. 8« Lond. 1648. 
HERRIES (john) The Elements of Speech. 8« Lond. 1773. 
HERRING (fe.) The Qtiintessence of Cruelty, or the Master- 

Piece of Treachery the Popish Powder-Plot. Translated by John 

Vicar». 8« Lond. 1641. 


H E R 

HERRING (FB.) Preservatives against ihe Plague. 4^ Lani. 

HERRING (thos.) Archhp. of Cantcrhuty. Sermon before Cbe 

Society for propagating the Gosptl. S'* Lond, 1738. 
— Sermon before the Lord Mayor at St.Bnde's. A^Lond. 

1739. ^ 

Sermon before the Dublin Society. 4® L(md. 1741- 

-.- Sermon, on the Rebellion in Scotland. 8* Lond. 1745. 

• Fast Sermon. 4<^ Lond. 1747. 

— Sermon for the London Infirmary. 4* Lond. 1747. 

— Seven Sermons on public Occasions. 8® Lond^ 1763. 

Visitation Sermon. 4° Lond, 1765. 

HERRMANN (andr.) Epistola^ de usu et abusu Nitri. 4* Hal _ 

»■ Dissert. de Fluxus haemorrhoidalis provocatiooe. 4* ^ 

Hal. Mag. 1719. 
HERRNBAUR (frid.) Dissert. de Rubo ardcnte. 4« Roi. _ 

HERSAN (MAHc. ANTON.) Oratio in Funere Michaelis TelleriL 

4» Par. 1686. 
HERSENIUS (ern. ebald.) Dissert. de Tcraphim siveldolis Lip 

bani ex Gcn. XXXI. 4<> Witt. 1682. 
HERSENT (cHARLEs) L^Empirc de Dieu dans les Saincts. Oq 

bien L'EI<^e de St Louis. 4« 1651. 
HERSLOF (PAUL CHR.) Theses miscellaneSB. 4<> 1708. 
HERST (HicH.) The death of R. Herst for his religion. 8* 
HERSTELLE (dan. andr.) Exercit. de Signis medicb. 4^ Hehu 

' Disp. de Medicamentorum vehiculis. 4® Hthn. 1701. 

HERTEL (JOH. GEO.) Disp. de ofiicio medici circa casus Cliinir- 

gicos dictos. 4° Hai Mag. 1710. 
HERTELIUS (jacobus) Vetustissimonim Comicorum quorum 

Opera non extant Scntentiae quae supersunU Gr, a Lat, W 

BasiL 1560. 
HERTFOKD. Terrible News from Hartford dlscoveriog tbe 

manner how the Town was set on fire, &c. 4<^ Lond. 1643. 
■■ Two petitions of the Couniy of Hertford. 4" Lond. 


Pcrfect diurnal of proceedings in Hertfordshire from 

Aug. 15 to 29. 4« Lond. 1642. 

Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Petitions to tbe King 

and His answer. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

A declaralion of the Lords and Commons for the dfr> 

fence of Herlfordshire. fol. Lond. 1642. 
An ordinance of both houses for associating liert&rd- 

ahire with I^ndon. 4^ Lond. 1643. 
— Hcrtfordi.hire Petition to tlie Commona respecting 

Church Goveniment. fol. Lond. 1644. 
Two petitions from Hertfords^hire and RuUandshire. 4* 

Lond. 1647. 

A bloody fight in Hartfordsbire. 4« Lmd. 1649. 


H £ R 

BRTFORD. Hertfordflbire declaration. In amwer io « fibok 
entiUed a Declaration ar VindicaHon of ike PmrUameMi t^Eng* 
land. 4* Lond. 1649. 

— ^ Hartfordshire Petition. fol. Lond. 1659. 

Hertfordshire address and thanks to Genl. Monk. (iAl 


Hertfordshire declaration. fol. LoiKi. 1660. 

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H E R 

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^; Speech on tlie Indemnity Bill. 4<> Lond. 1660. 

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Letter to Mr. D'Anvers, on hia Reply to Sediiion ani 

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^ 1 : 8« Lond. 1742. 

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• A Proper reply to a late extraordinarv Letter^ by a 
Lddy. 8° Lond. 1742. 

I^tter to Wiliiam Pitt concerning the fifleen new raised 

Regimenti». 8° Lond. 1746. 

Letter to the latc King — to which is prefixed one to thc 

Duke of Newca^tle. 8» Lond. 1763. 

Complaint of the Ilonble. T. Her^ey ; in two letteis to 

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i - Novs, verae et exacte ad calculum Astronomicum re- 

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H E S 

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the Question, Wheiher it is lawfulfor a man toforsake the Com" 

munion of the Ch. of England and go to separate Meetings 6e- 

cause he can hetter ed\fie therg, 4° Lond. 1684. 
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4» [Ait. ed.] 

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HESILRIGE {Sir arthur) t^. haselric. 

■ A Letter to ihe Honble. Committee of the Councel of 
State for Irish and Scotch aOaira conceming Scots Prisoners. 
4» Lond. 1650. 


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VoL.nL Tt U¥S\OW%- 

& E iS 

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' cum Pr«f. ct Enamt P. Melancthoiik. 9 

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The Importance of Religion to young Piersora. A Far^^* 

neral Sermon on Sir T. Viner. 4" Lcmd. 1683. 
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12» Lond, 1654. 
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Lady. 4° Lond. 1700. 
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patent gravitated sails for Windmills. 8^ Lond. 1807. 
HESLOPP (JOH.) Dissert. de Dentitionc Infantum difficili. 4* ^^^^ 

Ldg. Bat. 1700. 
HESSE. The Case of the Hessian Forces in the Pay of Grcat :» 

Britaid, impartially and freely examined. 8® Lond. 1731. 
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HESSE (joh. chr.) Christianismus politicus Constantini Magnr. -^ 

i^Jena:. 1718. 
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Lips. 1673. 
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novo Pharmaco Kodolphi Goclenii oppositum. 4» Okss. Has$, 
' 1608. 
Vindicatio Orthodoxse Doctrine de Sacramento Ahaflris. 

12« Giess. Hass. 1621. 
HESSELIUS ( ) Catalogus Thecs Numismaticse Hessdiaoaw 

8» Amst. 1747. 

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borum M. T. Ciceronis de finibus lib. IIL cap. 3. 4® UpsaL 1705* 
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Viri, exurgente et vigente Hssresi. 8^ Ant. apud Piani. 1566. 

Confutatio ciyusdam Httretice Confcsnonb TentcniAm. 

. 8'Lavan.U67. Yi.^^^» ^ 

H E S 

llESSENS (HEiN.) Churfustl Maynkisehen Garten-Bonieher* 
Neue Garten-Lust 4® 1696. 

Teutscher Gartner. fol. Ups^ 1710. 

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■ Venus triumphans. £t in nupt. laach. Camerarii £pi- 

thalainion. 12^ 15^. 

Carolo V. Germaniam ini^edienti.Urhis Norimherg» 

acclamatio et ad eundem de Bello contra Turcoa suscipiendo 
adhortatio. 12^ Nar. 1530. 

lllu^trium ac clarorum aliquot VirQrum memorise 

ScripU Epicedia. 12^ Normb. 1531. 

■ Booa; valetudinis conservandae prsecepta. S^ Par. 1533. 

Podagrae Ludus. 4" Mog. 1537. 

De tuenda Valetudine Libellus. 12® Fratic. 1571. 

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8« Witt. 1609. 

HESSUS (JOH. MA7TH.) Discursus de febre pesdlentiali qusB 

auperioribus annis universam fere Germaniam pervagata eat« 

12» Franc, 1603. 
'■ Questiones medicae. 12^ Frane. 1603. 

HESSUS (PAULUs) Defensio XX Problematum Meichioria Gui- 

kndini^ adversus Andream Mattheolum. A^jecta est P. A« 

Matthseoli adversus XX problemata M. Guilandini Dispiilatio. 

12» Pat. 1562. 
HESSUS (simon) De Causis, quare Luterana Oposcula, 4 Colo« 
' niensibus, et Lovaniensibus sint conbusta. 4^ 1521. 
■ Apologia adversus Joh. Fisher Rofiens. Episc. et Epis- 

tola de Potestate Pastorum Ecdesiae. 4^ 

HESTER (J.) V. CHESNE. fiotaranti. ubrmannus. paracelsus. 
HESTER (john) An excellent treatise how to cure the French 

Pockes. 40 Lond. 1590. 

i The Pearl of Practise. 4^ Lmd. 1594. 

The Key of Philosophie. 12» Lond. 1596. 

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Marp. 1590. 
HESTERBERG (eric) Exercit. de ChlorosL 4« Eirf. 1691. 
HESTERMANN (f.) Dissert. de vario Sanguinis Motu per prse- 

dpuas Corporis bumani Partes. 4® iMg. Bat. 1722. 
HESYCHIUS Grammatictu. Lexicon. foL Ven. apud Ald. 1514w 

foL Hag. 1521. 

.. Accurante Com. Schrevelio. Accessit Joh. 

. Pricsei Index Auctorum, qui ab Hesychio laudantiir. AP Lug. 

Bat. et Roti. 1668. [cum Notis Mss.] 

— cura not. var. J. Alberti. 2 tom. {<A. Lug. Bai. 


Lexicon Hadr. Junio interpr. ex Cod. MS. 

Bibliothecae D. Marci restitutum et ab omnilnis Musuri correc* 
tionibus repurgatum. Sive Supplemer ta ad Editionem HesY«- 
cbii Albertinam. Auctore N. Scbow. ^ Lipt. \i%%. 

H E U 

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interp. 19^ Antv, 1572. 
— Cum Junii castigationibus et Notis H. Stc- 

phani. 8® Par. apud H. Steph. 1593. 
■ cum Not J. Casauboni. 8° Col. Alloh. 1615. 
Lat. Had. Junio interprete. 12® Lugd. Bat. 



Opuscula. Gr, Lnt. cum Notis Meursii. His a^jecta 

Bessarionis Epistola Grseco^barbara. 8^^ Lugd. Bat. 1613. 
HESYCHIUS, Presb. Hierosol. In Leviticum. fol. Bas. 1527. 
HESZELBART (joh. andr.) Disput. de Haemorrhoidibus. 4« '^ 

Eff. 1707. 
HETH (thomas) A Confutation of an Astrological Discourse, ,^^ 

i¥ith a Prediction of the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in r^ci 

1583. 12^ 
HETUNG (LUD.) Exercit. de Motu et Quiete. 4<> Helm. 1664. 
HETLING (siM.) Disput. de Phrenitide. 4<» Heim. 1621. 
HETT {wyi.) Occasional Poems. &^ Salisbury, 1794. 
HETTENBACH (ern.) De Scorbuto. IS*» Vtteb. 1591. 
* Qu^stionum philosophicarum Decas quinta. 4^ Witt.^ ^, 

HETTNER (frid. ernest.) Antiquitates Quedhnburgenses. 4*"*=«* 

Ups. 1712. 
HETZEL (JOH. MicH.) Dissert. de lapsu in alterum extremum i iM^ -i 

controversiis Theologicis. 4° Hal. Mag. 1719. 

HETZER (chr. lud.) Ijtercit. de partibus in6mi ventris. 12^"^^^^ 

Tub. 1652. 
HEUCHER (jo. henr.) De morbis ex nimio Veneris usu. ^•^^A* 

mtt. 1700. 
— — Index Plantanim Horti Medici Academiae Vitember— ^^^- 

gensis. 4<* Viteinb. 1711. ^ 

' Novi Proventus Horti Medici Academiae Vitember»-^— '"t^ 

gensis. 4® Vitemh. 1711. 

i : « 4*> Vitemb. 1713. 

HEUCKEROT (joh. gottl.) Dissert. de §eminano CatccheUco«^-< 

veterum et recentiorum. 4*^ Hal. Matr. 1719. 
HEVELIUS (johan.) Selenographia. fol. Gedan. 1647. 
■ Epistola; de Motu Lunae hbratorio in certas Tabulas ■-■ ■'' 

redacto, et de utriusque Luminaris Defectu 1654. fol. Gtdan* ^ ^* 


Dissert. de nativa Saturni Facie, et EcHpseos Sdaris*^»^ 

Anni 1656 Observatio. fol. Gedan. 1656. 

Cometoj^raphia. ful. Geddn. 1668. 

Epistola de Cometa 1072. fo). Gedan. 1672, 

Machina Coelestis, sive Uranicarum Rerum Observa» 

tiones. 2 tom. fol. Gedan. 1673—9. 

Anuus Climactericus. fol. Gedan. 1685. 

Prodromus Astronomiee. fol. Gedan. 1690. 

HEUL (egb. vander) Exercit, de fictis innatarum Idearuro myB* 

teriis. 4« Tr. ad Rh. 16ri9. 
HEUMANNUS (christ. aug.) v. fabricius. myuus. 
■■ De Libris Anonymis^ et Pseudonymis Schedtasma. 13* 

H E U 

rEUMANNUS (cHRisT. auc.) Parerga Critica. & Jen, 171S. 

i— Lutherus Apocalypticus, hoc cst Historia Ecclesi» 

Christians ad nostra usque Tempora, ^deoque et Historia Re- 
formationis Lutheri ex Joannea Apocalypsi eruta. 8® Jlanov. 

Programma de Benefkiis Principum aDtemis. 4^ Goti, 


Conspectus Reipublicee Literariap. 8^ Hanov. 1718, 
8» Hanov. 1738. 

Programma, quo Somnium quorundam de Civitate La- 

tina condenda exploditur. 4® Gott. 1718. 

Programma de Abrahami visione Christi. 4** Goii, 1718. 

Programma de Vaticiniis Casu Veris. 4^* Hal. Magm 


Programma de Metamorphosi Filii Dei. 4" HaL Mag. 

Prop:ramma supplementum ad Boecleri historiam litte- 

rariam seculi XVI cxhibens. 4« Hal. Mat^. 1719. 

Poecile, sive, Epistolse miscellancse. 8® Hal. 1723. 

iEUNISCH (aug. frid.) Dissert. deFame canina. 4° Witt. 1699, 
lEL-NISCH (JOH. Nic.) Disput. de Febris Pathologia in genere. 

4*» Hal. Mag. 1707. 
iEUNIUS (eman.) Themata Ethica de Liberalitate. 4» Marp. 

iEUNIUS (joH.) Dissert. de Spiritus Vini scu Aquae Vit» Usu 

et Abusu et artificiosa pra^paratione. 12® Gryphisw, 
iEUPELIUS (JOH.) Disput. de Festo Corporis Christi. 4« Arg, 

[lEUPELIUS (JOH. HENR.) Dissertatio Axiomatum Arctologico- 

rum. 40 Brem. IG72. 
lEURES, V. hor;e. 


* Opera Omnia. 2 tom. fol. Lugd. 1658. 

Praxis iMedicince nova Ratio. 4» lAigd. Bat. 1590. 

8« Lugd. Bat. 1599. 

Institutiones MedicinsB. 8® Lugd. Bat. 1592. 

Liber de Febribus. 4<> iMgd. Bai. 1598. 

Liber de gravissimis Morbis Mulierum. De humana 

Felicitate. De Morbis novis et inirandis. 4** Lugd. Bat» 1607. 

Liber dc Morbis Ventriculi. ^^ Lugd. Bat. 1608. 

Traot. de Hirudinum Usu et Efhcacia in Medicina. 12* 

Lugd. 1659. 
flEURNIUS, V. psALMi. 
— De Lcgatione Evangelica ad Indos, Admonitio. 8* 

Lugd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1618. 
flEURNIUS (OTTQ.) Babylonica, Indica, JE^piia, &c. Philoso- 

phisD primordia. 12^ Lut^d. Bat. 1619. 
flEUin AULT (piERRE) traicte de la Phlebotomie. 12» Caen, 

HEURTEUYN (barthellemy) L'Incertitude & Tromperie de« 

Astrologues Judiciaires. 8® Pflr.^^l^l^. 
(lEUS (joh. sic.) Disput. de Atrophia Ii\£t«U>Tum. ^* lS.Tf. 

i7J4. ^\3^^ 

H E W 

HEUSCH (jEGiDius) Experientia Doctrinalis de Aquarum Min^ 

ralium Aquisgranensium Ingredientibus. 12® Leod. 1683. 
HEUSINGER (j. F.) r. cicero. 

HEUSINGER (joh. mich.) v. fabricius. pltnius. yecbmeeus. 
HEUSLING (CHR. FRiD.) Dissertatio ad Act. VII. 22. Mosen 

Rc^i iEgyptiaci Candidatum demonstrans. 4* HaL JUag^ 

HEUSS (JOH. PHiL.) Dissert. de civitatum dispari nexu cum S. R, 

Im|)erio. 4« Hai, 1710. 
HEUTER (poNTus) Res Burgundic». foL Ani. apud FlaM, 


De Rebus Bekicis. Ub. XV. 4« An, 1598. 

> — Libri II. de Veterum, ac sui Seculi^ Belgio. 4* A:Rto. 


Tract. de libera Hominis Nativitate. 12® Hag. Com, 

JHEUV?N (rudolph. ab) Encomium Theodoeii II. . Gr. Lat, 

Goiida. 1681. 
HEWES (lewes) Certaine Greevances well worthy the seriouf 

Consideration of the Parliament. Being a Dialogue between a 

Country Gentleman and a Minister^ ab^ut the Booke of ConH 

mon Prayer. 4® 1640. 
-mm' " Certaine Grievances, or the errours of the service BoolEe 

layd open. A Dialogue. 4** 1641. 

A Confiltation of Mr. Lewes Hewes his Dialog^e aboul 

the Common Prayer. 4° Lond, 1641. 
HEWEIT {Sir john) v. playters. 

HEWIT (hannah) Hannah Hewit; or the Female Crusoe, 3 voL 
. W Lond. 


LetttT to Dr. Wilde. fol. 1657. 

■ Repentance and Conversiou, the Fabrick of SalvatiOD : 

Or the Saints Joy in Heaven for the Sinners sorrow upon Eartb: 

being several Sermonjt. 12** Lond, 1658. 

. Nine Sermons. 12® Lond, 1658. 

' Speech and Prayer at his Execution. 4® 1658. 

Elegy on. 4® 1658. 

A Sermon intended for the Funeral Solemnlzation of 

John Hewit. 4° 1658. 
Beheaded Dr. Juhir Hewifs Gbost pleading for Justice 

apinst his Judges and Exccutioners. 4® Lond. 1659. 
HEWITT (j.) Memoirs of Lady V\ ilbrihammon, alias MoUincux» 

aiias Irving, an Impostress. 4^ Birmingh. 
^' A Guide for ConstaWes. 8° Birmingh, 1779. 

HEW' ITT (john) Treatise upon Money, Coins and Exchai^^ 8* 

Lond. 1755. 
HEWLET (Captn.) v. axtell. 
jaEWLET (wM.) Aimanacke for 1630. W Lond, 
HEWLEIT (john) A Vindication of the Authenticity of thc Pa- 

rian Chronicie. 8° Lond. 1789. 
- Answers to some critical Strictures rdative to the Con- 

Iroversy of the Parian Chronicle. 8^ Lond. 1789. 


H E Y 

flEWLING (Capi,j v. kiiten. 

HEWLINGS (edw.) Plans for measuring Timber, &c. 1800. 

— — Longitude givcn without Time-Pieces, Logantbms, or 

JU9Y Cakuktions. 8° Lond. 1804. 
HEWS (FRANeis) Spoils won in the day of Battle^ and dedicated 
- to the Use of the Church : or God'8 dealings with F. Hews. 

rifBedford. , 
■ The songs of Sion in Gospd sound. IG^ BcrkhamUeai, 

HEWSON (john) Lord. The Remonstrance and Desires of the 

Army uiider him. 4® Lond. 1647. 

A Letter to W. Lenthall, Esq. With tbe Artides of thc 

. Surrender of Finagh Castle. AP Lond. 1651. 

The outcry of the Londoo Prentices for Justice upoa 

him. 4« Lond. 1659. 

Charge of High Treason by the Lx>ndon Apprenticet 

against bim, with the Apparition that appeared to him and hi» 
Speech to the Vision. 4P Lond. 1660. 

Proclamation requiring him and others to appear before 

Ihe Commons. fol. Lond. 1660. 


— — A Hymne to the Gentle Craft, or Hewson^s Lamenta- 

tion. fol. 1659. 
. HEWSON (william) ExperimentalEnquuriesintothe Lymphatic 

System. 9 Lond. 1774. 
HEXHAM (henry) Relation of the Siege of the Busse, and the 

aurprising of Wesell. 12^ Delph. 1630. 
■ Joumal of the taking in of Venlo, Roermont, the roe- 

morable Siege of Mastricht and Limburch with some other 

Townes. 4« Delph. 1633. 

A copious English and Netfaer-Dutch Dictionary. With 

a Gjammar. 4^ Rotterd. 1648. 

•amended, enlarged, and enriched, by Dan. 

Manley. 4« Rotterd. 1675. 
HEXTAL (wm.) A due preparation for death and eternity, con- 

sidered and recommended. A Funeral Sermon on Judilh Bur- 

kitt 8» Land, 1753. 
HEY (john) Lectures in Divinity delivered at Cambridge. 4 vo}« 

HEY (rich.) Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, and 

the Principles of Govemment. 8* Lond. 1776. 
— — — A Dissertation on tbe pemicious Eflects of Gaming. 8^ 

Camb. 17a3. 

A Dtssertation on Duelling. 8* Camb. 1784. 

" A Dissertation on Suicide. 8^ Camb. 1785. 

■ Happiness and Rights. A Dissertation on several sub- 

jects relative to the Rights of Man and his Happiness. 8^ York, 


• Abridg^ent of Happinesa and Bights. 8* York, 



H E Y 


HEY (rich.) The Captive Monarch, a Tragfcdy. 8® iJtnii. 

HEY (wili.iam) Observations on the Blood. 8® Lond. 1779. 
HEYBLOM (PETR.) Exercit. de Intellectu Dei. 4« UUr. 1681- 
.■ Disp. de Fontibus. 4« Ultr. 1681. 

HEYCOP (abr. ab) Disp. De Theocratia HebraBonim. 4« UUn 

HEYDANUS (abr.) v. wittich. 
HEYDANUS (henricus) Carmen in Laudem Martini Trompii* 

^^ AmsL 1653. 
HEYDE (ant. d') Disput. de Cancro. 4« Lug. Bai. 1668. 
HEYDELMANN (jo. casp ) De modis inclarescendi apud Ro* 

manos Diatribe parergica. 49 Jen, 1707. 
HEYDEN (coRNELis vander) Corte Instruccye hoc een iegbelic 

Mensche met God, ende zynen Evennasten schuldigh es Ende 

behoord te leven. 12« Ghed. 1545. 
HEYDEN (herm. vander) Discours et advis sur les Flus de 

Ventre douloureux, soit qu'il y ait du Sang ou point. Sur lc 

Trousse-gallant: I^ Peste: Les efiects de TEau : La vraye ge- 

neration et curation de la Goutte : Les Fievres tierces et quartes. 

Avec Addition d'un appendice de la Goutte et de la Sciatique: 

et des nouveaux discours sur THydropsie, Cohque, Toux ordi- 

nairc et Phtisique, Grauelle, & la JaunisseCj et sur l^ Morsure* 

des Chiens enrage. 4« 1645. 
* Synopsis Discursuum Medicorum. 12* Lond. 1653. 
Specdy help for the rich and poor. Or physicall dis* 

courses toucliing the Vertue of Whey, Cold Water, and White- 

Wine Vine^ar. l^ Lond. 1653. 
HEYDEN (JOACH. van.) Disp. de Calculo Vesic». 4« Lug. Bai. 

HEYDEN (laz. ab.) Exercitatio medica. 49 Arg. 1625. 
HEYDEN {Sebcdd) Musica, i. e. Ars Canendi. 4<^ Norimh. 

HEYDEN (sebald) Puerilium Colloquiorum FormulsB. Dialo*- ^ 

gorum Centuiise IV in Gallicam linguam translatas. JacObi^M^ 

Zovitii quotidiani Sermonis Formulffi. 12® Ant. 1576. 
HEYDENIUS (j.) v. reisner. 
HEYDENRICH (frid. wilh.) Exercit. de Dispositione Fenestn i " 

rum et Jannarum ichnographica. 4® Jena. 1716. 
HEYDENRICH (just. ru^I) Dissert. de Melancholia. 4* Jct— ^ 

HEYDENUS (j.) v. reisner. 

HEYDERUS (sic. adam.) Dissert. de Cholera. 4<» Witt. 1699. 
HEYDON (S/r christopher) A Defenceof Judicial Astrologie,i^_-^ 

in Answer to Mr. John Chamber. 4^ Camh. 1603. 
■ An Astroloa^ical Discourse in Ju»tification of the Vali- — 

dity of Astrology. 12^ Lond. 1650. 
HEYDON (c.) A^trology familiarized. 8^ Lmd. 1786. 

The new Astrolog^'. 8° Lond. 1786. 

HEYDON (john) Eugenius Theodidactus, The prophetical -^ 

Trumpeter sounding an Allarum to England. W Lond. 1655. 

H E Y 

HEYDON (john) A new Method of RosieCrucian Phyaick. *• 
Lond. 1658. 

The Rosie Crucian Axiomata, or, general Rules to 
know all Things past, present, and to come. 12^ Lond* 1660. 

The idea of the Law charactered from Moses to Kini 

Charles, with the idea of Govemment and Tyranny. 8^ Lom 

The Holy Guide : leading the Way lo the Wonder of 

the World. 8* Lcmd, 1662. 

The Rosie Cross uncovered. 8» Lond. 1662* 

A Quintuple Rosie Crucian Scourge» for the Correction 

ofGeorgeThompson. 4*» Lond. 1665. 
HEYE (paro.} Disput. de natura et dolore Dentium. 4^ Helmst. 


■ ■ Disput. de Febri ephemera. 4** Helfn. 1662. 
HEY HOE for a Husband, or the Parliament of Maides. 4» 1647. 
HEYL (cHR.) ArtiBcialis Medicatio. 4^ Mogwu. 1534. 
HEYLAND (henr. god.) Disput. de Fiilula lacrymah. 8* ^P*^ 



HEYLIN (john) Theological Lectures^ with an Interpretation of 
tbe four Gospels. To which are added Discourses upon the 
principal Points of Reveaied ReUgion. 4® Lond. 1749. 

HEYLINGS (p.) v. ludolf. 

HEYLYN (john) Sermon before the Societies for the Reforma* 
tion of manners. 8* Lond. 1721. 

■ Charity Serraon. 4° Lond. 1734. 

' A Consecration Sermon. 8* Lond. 1738. 

'■■ Sermon, on occasion of a Legacy left by Mrs* E. Tayl<rf 

towards rebuiiding the Parish Church of Sudbury. 8^ Lond* 

HEYLYN (peter) v. churchman. edward vi. hickman. san« 


■ MiKPOKOZMOr. A Uttle description of the greal 
world. 4« 03f. 1635. 

The History of St. George of Cappadocia asserted. 4*. 

Lond. 1631 

4« Lond. 1633 

The History of the Sabbath. 4» Lond. 1636- 

A Brief and moderate Answep to H. Burton. 4* Lond* 


Antidotum Lincolniense. Or an answer to a book cii* 

tituled Tlu: Hofy Table, Name and Thing, &c. 4» Land. 1637. 

The History of Episcopacie. 4P Lond. 1643. 

4» Lond. 1657. 

' ■ Relation of two Joumeys, the one into the Main Land 

of France, the other into some of the adjacent Islands. 4* Lond. 

Extraneus rapulans : or the Obicrvator rescued from 

tbe assaults of Hamon L^Estrange and Dr. Baroard 13<^ Lond. 
Voi..nL Uu HEYLYN 

H E Y 

HEYLYN (peter) Ecclesia vindicata: or Ihe Church of En^- 
land ju^tified. I. In ihe wayand manner of her Reformation. 
II. In officiatinff hy a puhlic Liturgie. III. In prescrihinj^ 
a set forra of Prayer to he used by Preachers heforc thcir 
Sermons. -IV. In her Rij^ht and Patrimony of Tythes. 
V. Jn retaining tbe Episcopal Government. 4® Lond, 

— ~ Answcr to Dr. Bernard. 4^^ Lond, 1658. 

P^xamen Historicum : Or a discovery and examination 

, of the Mistakes in some modern Histories occasioned by tbe 
Partiality aud Inadvertencies of thcir sevcrall Authors. 8^ 
Lond, 1G59. 

Certamen Epistolare. Or the Letter Combate. 8* 

Lond. 1659. 
The Parable of the Tares expounded in ten Sermons. 

4« Lond, 1659. 
liistoria Quitiqu-Articularis: Or Declaration of thesrr 

Wcstern Churches in the five controvertcd poiuts of Arniinian 

i?m. 4« Lond, 1660. 

Sermon on tlie 29th May. 4" Lond, 1661. 

Plus ultra : or, En^land'8 Reformation necdin^ to 1 

reformed. Being an Examination of Dr. Heylin^s Historyo^^^ 
the Reformation of the Church of England, by H. N. 4" Lonrf-"^ 

Co«mographie. fol. Lond, 1665. 

conlinued by Edm. Bohun. fol. Lond, 1708. 

Cyprianus An^licus : Or the History of the Lifc an<El^ 

Dcath of Archbishop Laud. fol. Lond, 1668. 
fol. LoMc/. 1671. 

■ ■ Aerius redivivus : Or the History of the Presbvterians— ^a 

from 1536 to 1647. fol. Oxf. 1670. ' _ 

Help to English History. 12° L^nd, 1671. [aan Noiis^^ 



cellaneous Tracts with an Account of his Life. fol. Low rf . ^ 

HEYLING (peter) Reise nach Ethiopen. 8° Hal 1734. 
HEYMAN (joH.) Oratio de commendando studio Linguarnm^^ 

Orientaliura. \^ Lag. BatAlXO. 
HBY.M AN (JOH. cnR.) Dissert de Suffusione Oculorum. 4' WiU*^— 

HEYMAN (JOH. GUL.) Dissert. de AffectU Hypochondriaoo. 

Lnu^. Bat. 1732. 
HEYMANS (lev.) Disput. de Convulsione. 4» Lug. Bai, 1734. 
HEYMBACH (bernardus) Diatriba Historico-epistolica, de nu- 

?>era Vegerrae apud Sunicos, seu Urbis Aquensis, Deflagratione. 
tem eju^dem Urbis Prosopopoeia aliaque. 12° Lovan. 1655. 
HEMENBERG (casp. ab) Disput. de Sensuum in philoso- 

phando Usu et Abusu. 8« UUr. 1675. 
■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ De plurium Mundorum possibili Existentia. 4* Ulir. 


H E Y 

U£YN (PH. BBN. EQUEs ab) Geogri^apUia curiosa et utilisl^-'': ^ 


r Prolusiones nonnuDs Academicse. 8* Lond. 1790. 

IIEYNE (joH. cu.) Tentaracn de Ossium Morbis. !£• Jmt. 

HEYNES (john) Funcral Sermon on Wm. Lord Pagett. 4« 

Lond, 1669. 
HEYNS (m. p.) Le Miroirdu Monde. 8^ Anv, 1583. 
HEYNSIUS (PETR ) Pleuritide vera. 4" Ldig. Bat. 1669- 
IIEYRICKE (richd.) Queen Esthers Resolves: Or a princely 

Pattern of beaven-born Resoiution, for all the Lover» of Goi 
' and their country, A Fast Sermon. 4® Lond. 1669. 
• Sermo»i on the Coronation of Cbarles II. 4® Lottd. ' 

IIEYSEUS (ern. got.) Exercit. de ATTOXEIPIA. 4» Gtd. 1678. 

Quaestiones Medicae. 4° Monsp, 1682. 

— • Dissert. de Corporum Combinatione. 4® Lips. 1685. - 

HEYST (JOH.) Diascepsis de Pilis eorumque Natura. 12^ A/nst. 

UEYUS (joH.) Dissert. de Studiis nostrorum Temporjum Ath«ni» 

Philurtis elucubrata. 4« HalL Sax, 1661, 
HEYWOOD {Dr.) v. connveus. 
HEYWOOD (HELis) II Moro. l^ Fir. 1556. 


HEYVVOOD (john) W<.rkes. ^^ Lond. 1563. 

— 4« Lojid. 1576. 

Tlie Play of the foure PP. An Interlude of a Palmcr, A 

Pardoner, A Potycary, A Pedler. 4^ /Fw. Myddylton. 
4» Lond, 1569. 

The Spider and the Flie. 4« Lond, 1556. 
Dialoo^ue of the Enghsh Proverbs. 12^ Lond. 156L 

IIEYWOOD (john) A succcssion of wise and goofl Kings the 
distinguihbing SmHe of Heaven and the cxaltea Happiness of 
Gt Briiain. A Sermon on thc death of Geo. II. 4« 1760. 

HEYWOOD (nath.) v. ashubst. 

HEYWOOD (oliver) A Family Altar erected to tbe Honour of 
the Eternal God : or an essay lo promote the worship of God 
in private Hou^es. 8*» Lond- 1693. 

• Job's Appeal. A Funeral Sermon on J. Denton. 4* 

Lond. 1695. 
HEYWOOD (sam.) Digest of the Laws respccting County Elec* 

tions. 8» Lond. 1790. 
- Vindication of Mr.Fox*s History of James II. King of 

. Enjrland. 4^ Lond. 1811. 
HEYWOOD (tho.) r. merlin. 

If yoQ know not me, you know Nobody. Or the 

troubles of Queene EHzabeth. 4** Lond, 1606. 

^— 4« Lond. 1608. 

— ' 4^ Lond. 1610. 


H E Y 

HEYWOOD (tho.) If you knownot me, youknow Nobody. Or 
the troubles of Queene Elizabeth. 4^ Lond. 1613. 

, 4P Lond, 1G23. 

„_- . 40 Lond. 1632. 

tbe 2d Part. With the building of the Royall 

Exchange and the famous Victory in 1588. 4^ Lond. 1609. 

. 4° Lond. 1633. 

— The Golden Age. 4*> Lond, 1611. 

— The Silver Age. 4° Isond. 1613. 

— The Brazen Age. 4» Lond. 1613. 

— The Iron Age. 4» Lond. 1632. 
Part 2. 4« 1632. 

A Woman kilPd with Kindness. 4» Lond. 1617. 
■ Edward the Fourth. 4» LoiMi. 1626. 
• The Rape of Lucrece, a Tragedy, 4® 

4« Lonti. 1630. 

. 4«> Lonrf. 1638. 

The Life of thc Dutchess of Suffolk. 4« Lond. 1631. 

The fair Maid of the West, aComedy. 4« Lond. 163!w _. 

£ngland'8 EHzabeth^ her life and troubles during hei^cr T 

minority. 12® Lond. 1631. 

The four Prentises of London^ with the Conquesto^^of 

Jerusalem. 4P Land. 1632. 

The English Traveller, a Tragi-coroedy. 4* L(md. 


A pleasant Comcdy called ^ Maydenhead well lost. 4* 

Lond. 1634. 

• The late Lancashirc Witches, a Comedy, by T. Hey— ^- 

wood and R. Broome. 4® Lond. 1634. 

■ The Hierarchie of the blessed Angels^ their NameS|K>« 

Orders, and Offices. The fall of Lucifer with hb Angells. fol.-^ 
Lond. 1635. 

A Challenge for Beautie, a Tragi-comedy. 4® Lond^J^- 


Love'8 Mistress^ or» the Queen's Masque. 4^ Lond,^^ 


4<> Lond. 1640. 

■ The Royall King, and the Loyall Subject, a Tragi«- 

comedy. 4« Lond. 1637. 

A true Description of bis Majestie^s Royall Ship built - 

at Wool-witch. 8* Lond. 1637 

Pleasant Dialogues and Dramas, selected out of Luciao, 

Erasmus, Textus, Ovid, &c. With translations from Beza, ^^ 
Bucanan, &c. 12® Lond. 1637. 

The fayre Maide of the Excbange : togethcr with the - 

merry humours and pleasant passages of the Cripple of Fan< 
church. 4® Lond. 1637. 

. The Wise Woman of Hogsdon, a Comedy. 4® Lond. 


Fortune by Land and Sea, a Tragi-aMonedy. 4* Lomd, 



H I B 

WOOD (THO.) The Actor's ViiidiGatioD. 4^ Land. 1658. 

WOOD {Dr, william) Petition of his ParisliioDers against 

n. 4« Ltmd. 1641. 

EL (jo. JAC.) Theses de Sdriptura sacra. 4® HaL Mag. 


MANSEDER (geo.) Brevis Consideratio Qusestionum non« 

lanun de Anima. 4<> 'Wiit.1608. 

RA (abr. ben) r. cohen. 


[tNE (herbert) Kurtze Anleitung, wie man Besund Oder 

yl-Brunnen und Mineral-Wasser, aufi&uchen» preu£&n, und 

>rauchen kan. 12® 

INE (urban) Xylobalsamum. 19^ Stock. 1720. 

^ARD (john) Thoughts on Inland Narigation: on discon- 

tcd Petitions: on the National Debt: and on the im- 

»vement attending the Growth of Wheat, &c, 8® Lond. 

18. ' 

— 8« T^nd. 1804. 

5ERT (henrx) Watersof Marahdrawn forth intwoFuneral 
-mons. 12* Land. 1654. 

Sjntagma Theologicum : Or a Treatise wherein is con- 

ely comprehended the Body of Divinity, and the Funda- 
:ntals of Religion. Whereunto are added certaine Dis- 
irses. fol. Land. 1663. 
^RNIA, r. COMMONS. parliamest. rebellion. tradb* 

The Case of the Masters and Owners <^transport 

ips imployed for reducing Ireland. fol. Lond. 

Considerations conceming Ireland and England, and 

rticularly in respect to an Union. fol. 

— Thc deplorable condition of the reduced and discharged 

ti who have served in Ireland and in the.Low CouDtries. 

— — Case of several innocent Persons who are deprived of 
dr Estates by the late Act of Resumption. fol. 

The Case of those called Protectees in Ireland. fol. 

The Case of divers persons entitled to the benefit of 

ticles, Proclamations and Declarations in Ireland. fol. 

A map of Ireland with a note of tbe Towns taken and 

mt since the late RebelhQn. fol. 

Letter from a Souldier of good Place in Ireland on the 

ctory over the Spaniards and Irish Rebels^ and of the taking 
Kynsale. 4« Lond. 1602. 

Analecta sacra, nova, et mira de rebus Catholicorum in 

beroia pro Fide et Religione gestis. Relatore ti CoUectore 
N. 8» 1616. 

II. Partes. ^ a>loii.l617. 

De Processu Martyriah quorundam Fidei Pugilum in 

beraia. 8« CoL 1619. 

Hibemise sive Antiquioris Scoti» ViDdici« adversut 

10. Dempsterum. 8^ Aniv. 1621. 


H I B 

HIPERNIA. The Historie of Ireland collected by Dr. Haniber,^ 
" Edm. Campion and Edm. Spenser. fol. DubL 1633. 

. The Parliaments dircctions to the Protettants of Ire- 

land respectinc;: the oath of alle^iance. fol. Lond. 1641. 

A declaration of the Lords Justices and Councell of 

Ireland ex}>1anatory of Irish Papists. fol. DubL 1641. 

Tlie general rcmonstrance, or declaration of the Ca« 

thohcs of Ireland. fol. 1641. 

The present state and condition of Ireland with the ex- 

amination of H.Petit. 4<» Lond. 1641. 

Letter from botb Honsrs of ParUament conceming thfc 

late propositions for Ireland. fol. 1641. 

- A j^reat conspiracy of the Papists in Ireland, with or» 

' ders of Parliamcnt and a Letler from the King to Mr. Kichola&w 
4« Lond. 1641. 

An Abstract of the Murthcrs of Protestants and Ed^^ 

lish in Ircland : togcthcr with the Rise of the Rebellion. ^^ 
I^nd, 1641. V 

Irelands Amazement, or the Heavcns Arma^o. A Bg=»s» 

lation of two strange Apparitions secn over the City of Dublic 
4^Lond.\Gi\. \ 

Tlic Kings answer to a Mesfag^e from the Comrooc^aD» 

conceming Licences to go to Ireland. fol. Lond. 1641. 

An order of Parliamcnt to prevent Popish Comnumc^^id- 

ers, &c. goingover into Ireland. fot. 1641. 

An order of Parhament far bringing Com, &c. iafc^^to 

severall Ports in Ireland. fol. Lond. 1641. 

The Kings answer to the Pro]:>ositions of Parliame^c~ nt 

for Ircland. fol. 1641. 

Petition of the Gentlcmen of Ireland now in Tow: — »n. 

against the Rebels at Ulster. fol. Lond. 1641. 

A pcrfect rclation of the beginning and the continus -a- 

tion of the Irish Rebellion from May last to Jan^ 12. 4^ Lon ^^d. 
1641. _ 

Joyful news from Ireland, being thc Relation of — -Z 

Battle fought between the Protestants and Rebeis. 4P Lon -^md. 


— -r The last and best ncws from Ireland. 4^ Lond. 1641, 

Morc news from Ireland. 4° Lond. 1641. 

Bloody news from Ireland, or the barbarous cruelty bz-Jby 

the Papists used in that Kingdome, &c. 4*^ Lond, 1641. 

Late and lumentable ncws from IreliBknd. 4® Loum ^d. 


Still worse news from Ireland. 4^ Lond. 1641. 

Tlii* happiest news from Ireland that ever came to Bd- «g- 

land since tYieir first RebcUion. 4® Lond. 1641. 

A Continuation of the Diurnal passages in Irelandt In 

two Lettcrs liom Lord Antrim and Ed. Loftus. 4® Lu^ ^d. 


H I B 

HlBERNIAi Good and bad newa from Iitiland, in a Lettei^ 
• from James Gibbes. 4<^ Lotul. 1641. 
Approved, good and happy new» from Ireland. 4* 

Lond. 1641. 
— The truest most happy and joyful ncws that ever came 

from Ireland. 4® Lond, 1641. 
■ ■ The last intelligence from Ireland received Feb. 1. 4* 


The last, best and truest news from Ireland that came 

since the Rebeilion. 4^ Land, 1611. 

Ireland's advocate, a Sermon. 4* Lond. 1641. 

An exact and true relation of the late plots contrived in' 

Ireland. 4« Lond. 1641. 
A Gun powdcr plot in Ireland for blowing up thc 

chiefest Church in Dublin, with the relation of a Batde fought 

by Lord Moore ao^ainst the Rcbel». 4« Lond. 1641. 

A letter from the Lord Chiefe Justices in Ireland, with- 

propositions to the Pariiament frora the West Indy Companv. 

4« Lond. 1641. 
A wildfire plot found out in Ireland. 4* Lond/ 

" Ireland's complaint and Encrland^s pitie. 4* Land. 

1641. ^ ^ ^ 

— — — A new remonstrance of Ireland, or a continued Diur- 
nal of reraarkable Passages by C. J. 4® Lond. 1641. 

Letters froni thc Governors of Ireland to the Parlia- 

nient of England. With a description of the Earle of Essex by 
John Cragg. 4» 1641. 

A irue relation of the barbarous dealings of the North- 

ern Irish Rebels, b> G. S. 4» Lond. 1641. 

His Majesties an<wer to a Messa^e sent to him at 

Yorke by the House of Commons. Also two remarkable Let- 
tcr» from Ireland : One written by the Earl of Ormond, thc 
other a Copy of the Popes Bull to the Rebels. 4« Lmd. 

A declaration of both Houses of Parliament conceming 

the affiiirs of Ireland. 4« L-md. 1641. 

Propositions and Votes of both Houses to His Majesty 

for the reducing of Ireiand. With His Majesties Answer. 4«* 
Lond. 1641. 

Letter from the Councell in Ireland to the Parliament 

in England. 4<> Lond. 1641 
■ A message from a Committee of both Houses of Par- 

liameut to the Spanish Ambassador, to make stay of Ships at 
Dunkerk, intended for the supply of the Rebells in Ireland. fol. 

An Order of Iwth Houses of Parliament to prevent the 

going over of Popish Commandcrs into Ireland. fol. Lond, 


H I B 

HIBERNIA. A treacfaerous plot of a Confederacie in Irehnd 
with the Rebels at Calway, as reported by Mr. Augosl. 4* 
Lond. 1641. 

^ A proclamation of the Lords Justices for the apprehen- 

• sion of the chiefe Rebels. With true and last newes trom Ire* 
land, and in what state Dublin stands. 4^ Lond. 1641. 

• The humble Petition of the Lords, Knights and Gentle- 

men of the Kini^dome of Ireland now in Towne to the House 
of Commons. fol. Lond. 1641. 

• The last Newes frora Ireland, being a Rehtiob of th« 

proceedings of the rebeUious Papists. 4® Land^ 1641. 

Geographical description of Ireland. With thc Tidc 

of thc Kings of England and Ireland : and a relation of former 
Rebellions. 4» Lond. 1642. 

The Kings proclamation against tlie Irish Rebeh^ 

Jan. l. 1649. fol. Lond. 1642. 

- An ordcr of the Commons that the Ministers of Lon. — 

don do exhort the peo}>le to bestow apparell upon the ProtcstL- 
ants in Ireiand. fol. 1642. 

■ A true Copy of the Petition of the RebeUs in Ire1an^»ad 
subscribed by eleven Lords, fol. Lond. 1642. 

An Admiration by way of answer to the Petition of tli m ic 

Rebells in Ireland. 4« Lond. 1642. 

A relation of the sundry occurrences in Ireland froiKrvti 

the fleet of ships set out by the adventurers of the additioi 
forces by sea. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

Case upon a decree against the Lord Chancellor by th- 

Lord Deputy and Councell : as also the commitment of th ^^Mi 
Lord Cliancellor and taking from liim the Seale of IrelandE::»ud 
fol. LoTid. 1642. 

List of thcField Officcrs appointed for the Irish Ex p < — ^e 

dition by the Committee at Guildhall. {ol- Lond. 1642. 

List of such persons. who for the furtherance of th- .^Kie 

service of Ireland are to be entertained as Reformadoes. foL-^/. 
Lond. 1612. 

A new plot discovered in Ireland, being an account i 

Lord Dempscy'8 conspiracie. 4® Lond. 1642. 

A discoverie of thc HeUish Plot against divers particu 

larly of the Nobility of the Kingdome of England. Also ^^ 
Papists gunpowder plot in Ircland brought to Hght. 4* LoHiff^ 

■ The RebeUs Letter to thc Pope. Wherein they pre— 

«ent unto him their late Purcliases by the Sword in Ireland ^ 
.praying his Benediction for theirfuture Proceedings. 4® Lcnuf.^ 

— Letter sent by order of both Houses of Parliament tc^ 

the High Sheriff of every Shire. Also an Order of both House» 
coDceming the persona appointed for gathering in Money in— ► 
tended for the reduction of the Rebels in Ireland. 4® Lond^ 


H I B 

HIBERNIA. A true relation of the passagc» of God'8 prbvi- 

dence concernin^ Ireland. 4® Lond. 1642. 
•2 Gdd'8 fighting for iis in Ireland, by W. B. 4« Lond. 


Titiiely advic^, or Motives to inCite a!l M^n of abilit^ 

to subscribe to Ibti Propositiotls fbr Irelatid. 4^ Lond, 

A Letter to his Majest^^ from the Justices ahd Councell 

in Ireland concerning His Majesties going to Irelaod. 4^ Ltmd. 

Petitions and reasons to His Majesty to fbrbear his in- 

tended joumey tb Ireland. 4^ Lond, 1642. 

A cbntinuatibn of th^ Irish Rebels proteeditigs, witli 

our victories over thein. 4® Lond, 1642. 

■ Two Letters, in one 6f which the Sp^ker is ordered by 

thfe Comnftons of the House of Parliament to send to the ]^em- 
bers of ihat House tbat are now residing in their sevierall Coun- 
lies, to furthef thfe advancfement 6f the Adventure for Ireland S 
in the other tbe Speaker is otdered to send to ihe aeverall Sherifi» 
of Ireland. fol. 1642. 

A declafation sent to the King of France afid Spayne 

from the Catholiqaes or Rebelis in Ireland : translated by R. C. 
4* Lond, 1642. 

An ordinsfhce of the Lords aind Commons authorizing 

his Majesties subjects to send to sea Ships atid Pinnacesto make 
stay of l^applies going to assist the Rebels in Ireland. 4® Lond. 

A Declaration of the Commons assembled tn Pariia* 

ment conceming the Rise aind Progresse of tbe grand Rebel- 
lion in Ireland. 4® Lond. 1643. 

— ^-Two famous victorious Battels fought'in'Irelaftd; the 

first by Sir W. Saintliger the iiecond by Lord Incheqain. 4" 
Lond. 1642. 

Th^ ejfceeding true relatioh of a rertbtrned Victor^ 

gained agairfst the Rebels by Capt. Stitfield afld Capt. Bartlet. 
4^ Lond. 1642, 

A relation of divers d^feats given against the Rebells in 

Ireland by the Earl of Ormond. 4<^ Lond. 1642. 

PrOpositions n^ade by the Citi^ 6f Ldndon fbr raisin^ 

of aMitlion of Money for the snbduifltlg of the R^beU in Ire* 
land. 4» Lond. 1642. 

A pcrfeCt Rtlation of the (^c^ii^igs 6f the English 

Anny a^inst the Rebels in Ireland. foL Lond, 1642. 

. The l^t j6yful Newes from (reland (June 24.) 

Lond. 1642. 

Frosperous proceediftgis in Ireland: b^ing a Remon- 

Htrancie, br exa6t Relation of the most distresFed £st^te of thd 
Iiihabitants of Galloway, ArroVirmoore and Baltimore, &c 4* 


H I B 

HIBERNIA. A renowned Victory obtained over the Rebels 

near Burros. 4^ Lond. 1642. 
■ Tlie true state and condition of Ireland sent to tbe 

House of Commons from their Committee there. AP Lond. 


Brave news from Ireland : of a Battle foug^ht by the 

trained Band of the Citie of Dublin. With the description of 
a Battle performed by Capt Ma^y. 4® Ixmd. 1642. 

A true relation of the chief passages in Ireland, by T. A. 

and P. G. 4« Lond. 1642. 

A true report of the late good success in Irdand» 

May 2. 4« Lmd. 1642. 

New» from Ireland, July 12. 4» Lond. 1642. 

■ Tbe true and last news from Ireland. 4® Lond^ 


The latest and truest news from Ireland^ being an ac» 

count of a Victory over the Rebels at Drogheda. 4® Lond^ 

' Joyful news from Ireland, being an account of tbe 

overthrow of the Rebels near Drogiieda. 4P Lond, 1642. 

Admirable^ good, true and joyful news from Irelands 

being an account of the taking of Trim^ &c. 4* Londmm^Z. 

The happiest and best tidingsfrom Irdand, relating the 

victorious proceedings of the Protestant Army before Kildare> 
4« Lond. 1642. 

More true and exceeding joyful news from Ireland, 

the victorious proceedings of the Protestants in Neweries, &€ 
4« Lond. 1642. 

New and true news from Ireland. 4® Lond. 1642. 

True intelligence from Ireland : relating how thc Rc- 

bds stole awaye 300 Horse by night out of the fieTds neare Dub— 
hn, and have taken the Earle of Ki]dare's chief Houhe» &c. 4^ 
Lond. 1642. 

More happy and joyful news from Ireland. Or tli( 

victorious proceedings of the Protestants from March 28 tc»-^ 
April6. 4« Lond. 1642. 

New inteliigence from Ireland, received June 17. ^^^fe^ 

Lond. 1642. 

Exceeding joyful news from Ireland. Or a tnie 

covery of the present State of that Kingdome. 4* Lond. 

The last true and joyful news fcom Ireland. 4* Lond.. 


The last true and joyful news from Ireland, dedarinc^^ S 
all the proceedings of the English and Scotch forcea against tha^ -^^ 
King of Spaines Standard. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

Good and bad news from Ireland. 4^ Lond. 1642. 

'■' — Lamentable news from Irdand. 4® Lond, 1642. 
' Bad news from Irdand. 4° Lond, 1642. 


H I B 

HIBERNIA. ^ictorious news from Ireland; being the defeat of 

Lord Ormond near Limerick. 4* Land, 1643. 
■ News from the West of Ireland» relating what hap- 

pened lo Capt. Weldon and Capt Aston. A^ Lond. 1649. 

■ A tnie and exact relation of divers actiona of a late ex- 

pedition in the North of Ireland by the English and Scotch. 4^ 
Lond. 1642. 

A joumal of most remarkablc pa^sages in Ireland, espe^ 

cially the Battell at Munster. 4® Lond, 1642. 

A true and perfect diurnal of passages in Ireland from 

April 2 to May 3. 4° Lond. 1642. 

Several passages of the late proceedings in Ireland. 

Lond. 1642. 

A new declaration of the last afFairs in Ireland, shewing 

the great overthrow given to the Irish Rebels. 4® Lond. 1642. 

A true relation of the late occurrences in Ireland, in 

two Letters. 4* I^nd. 1642. 

A true relation of the latest occurrences in Ireland, 

Augt. 17. 4« Lond. 1642. 

A new Remonstrance from Irclanddeclarinff the cruelty 

of the Rebels against the Protestants. 4* Lond. 1642. 

■ A discourse concerning the Rebellion in Ireland. by 

M. S. 4« Lond. 1642. 
' A remonstrance of remarkable passages from Ireland 

concerning tlie Cliurch and Kingdom. 4* Lond. 1642. 

That great expedition for Ireland by way of under- 

writing proposed by both Houses of Parliament^ &c. vindicated 
4* Lond. 1642. 

Irelands tragical tyrannie. 4** Lond. 1642. 

• A particular relation of the preseut condition of Ire- 

land. 4« Lond. 1642. 

Weighty considerations manifesting the great advan- 

tage of prosecuting the Irish Wars. 4** Lond. 1642. 

No Pamphlet^ bnt a detestation of all pamphlets con- 

ceming the Rebellion. 4° Lond. 1642. 

The Irish occurrences. Comfortable news from Ire- 

land of the Brave Valour and Policie of Warre by the Lord 
Jones and the Lord Dlboney. 4<^ Lond. 1642. 

A full relation not only of our good Successe in gene- 

rall, but how, and in what manner God hath fought his own 
cause miraculously, manifesting his mighty power by deliver- 
ing the Protestants, miserably distressed under a cruell and 
roost inhumane Adversary. As also the Names of the chiefe 
Commanders under the command of the Earle of Ormond. 4* 
Lond. 1642. 

A continuation of the' triumphant proceedings of the 

Protestant Army in Ireland. Also the manner how the Re- 
bds consecrated KiUIare Church. 4^ Lo7i^. 1642. 

A perfect Relation of the Proceedings of the English 

Army against the Rebels in Ireland. fol. Lond. 1642. 


H I B 

HIBERNIA. Truc News from Ireland, Mar. 28. fol. Lond. 

.1 Declaration of the last affairii in Ireland, shewing tfae 

great overthrow given to the Irish Rebeis. 4® Lo;id. 1642. 

Reiation of sundry occurrences in Ireland from the 

fleet of ships get outby the adventurers of the additioDal Force& 
4« Umd. 1642. 

An Armie for treland. With a Letter from Lord 

Moore to ^ir W. Barker. 4^ Lond. Ui4t2. 

— ' Thirty five Articles niade bythe Reliels. 4« 1642. 

Propeedings of the Scottish Arpfiie in Ireland : in three 

Letters. 4« Land. 1642. 

Remarkable Propositions by the Coitncell in Ireland. 

With the deciaration bf Parliament. May 12. 1642. 4* Limd. 

A famous Battle by the Earl of Corke, the E^rl pf Or- 

mond and the Lord Moore against the Rebels in }reland. 4^ 
Ltmd. 1642. 

Petition of the Comipittees to ^is Majesty with biM 

Majesty^s answer. 4» Osf. 1642. 

Declaration of the Commons concern\ng the rise 

progress of the Grand Rebeliion in Irelandj &c« 4^ Lmn 

A remonstrance of grievances presen^ed to His 

Excellent Majestie in the behaife pf.the CathohclfLS of IreiandflE^d- 
4« fVatevford, 1643. 

Proclamation conceming a cessation of Arms agrce^-^ped 

and concluded at Sigginslowne, Septr. 15. 4^ Lond. 1643 

— An order of the Committee for the Aflfairs of Irelai 

4« 1643. 

A true and exact relation of the n^t sad conditioD 

ireland since the cessation. 4^ Lond, 1643. 

Another extract of several Letters from Ireland. 

Lond, 1643. 

Ireland^s e^^cise by the Lprds Justices and CouncelK '^^u 

there. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

Two declarations qf the Ho^se of the lamentable ftata^^** 

of Ireland. 4* Lond. 1643. 

An advertisement of a meeting of the Adventurers foi^^^r 

Ireland. 4» Lond. 1643. 

Truth from Ireland, relating ihe cpndition of Dublinj 

&c. 40 Lond. 1643. 

• Ap ordinance of both Houses to prevent the coi 

over of the Irish Rebels. 4^ Lond, 1643. 

Two Letters from Ireland, shewing the several battle*^^. 

and victories obtained over tbe Rebels. 4° Lond. 1643« 

Special news from Ireland. 4® Lond» 1643 

' Joyful and bappy news from Ireland, being an accouni 

of a victory pbtained over the Rebels at Roscolieth. 4® 


H I B 

fllBERNIA. The newe&t intelligence from Ireland^ Feb. 1. 4* 
Limd, 1043. 

Irelands misery since the late ccssation. 4® Lond, 



Petition oT tbe well afiected to the King. 4® Limd. 

— — — The Iri»b Treaty, or the last and b$st intelligence from 

Ireland. 4« Lond. 1643. 
A Letter from a Protestant in Ireland to a Member of 

the House of Commons in England upon the occasion of ttie 

Treaty. 4» 1643. 

A declaration of the Lords and Comroons shewing tbe 

designe for a cessation of Arms or fr^^y o^ Peace wtth the 
Rebels in Ireland. 4« ijond. 1643. 

A Manifeslation directed to tbe Parliament of Eng- 

landy from the Lord Inchequin, the Lord Brogbill, &c. contain- 
m^ the Reasons of tbeir opposing the Cessation with tbe blood- 
thirsty Irish Rebels. Also tbe dedardtion of the Protestants of 
Munster. 4» Lond, 1644. 

> A declaration made by tbe Irtsh Rebells against the 

Englisb and Scotch Protestant» in Ireland. 4® Lond» 1644. 

A false aqd soandalous remonstrance of the Rebels in 

Ireland, with an answer thereunto. 4* Lond, 1644. 

r Queries propounded by tbe Protcstant party concem- 

« ing the peace in gen^ral now treated of in Ireland. 4° Pam, 

' Propositions of the Iria«b Rebels (by tbe Name of thc 

Roman Catholiques of Ircland) presented to his Majestie. 4* 
Lond. 1644. 

An oider for tbe Adventurers for Ireland. fol, 1644. 

• A plot discovtfreci in Ireland, and pre\'ented without 

sheddingof blood. 4« Lond. 1644. 
\ ■» The impudence of the Romish Wborc, continued and 

improved in ber shamelesse and barbarous brood of the Irish 
Rebek, calling themselves His Majesties Qatbolic subjects, dis- 
covered by certain motives l>y tbem divulged and faLly alledged 
to be the occasion of their taking up Arms. 4^ Lond. 1644. 

- The Plot and Progresse of the Irish Rebellion. 4* 

Lond. 1644. 

• Mercurius Hibemicus, or a discourse of the late Insur- 

rection in Ireland. 4^ Lond. 1644. 
Ao ordinaiKe respecting the propositions for the relief 

of Irdand. foL 1645. 
— — State of the Irisb af&irs, as represented by the Com- 

mittee of Adventnrers. 4^ Lond. 1645. 
The additional propo^itions of Hi« Majesty sent by thc 

Commiflsioners unto the Rebels for a conclusion of Peace. 4* 

Lond. 1645. 

Tb^ Irish Cabinet : or His Majesties secret Pbpers for 

estabiishing the Papdl Clergy in Irehnd. 4<> Lond. 1645. 


H I B 

' HIBERNIA. Two remarkable Letters concernins: ihe Kings €or« 
respondrnce with tlie Irish Rebells. 4^ Lond, 1645. 

i Very sad and bloody news from Ireland of ihe km of 

Bunratty, &c. 4« Lond. 1646. 

The Irish Massacre. 4» 1646. 

Papers from Ireland of the Marquesse of Ormond'* 

comincr into the Parliament and the raanner of taking Maribo* 
Tongh. 4^ Lond. 1646. 

A remonstrance from tlie Parhament at Dublin coii* 

ccrning the estate of Ireland. 4^ Dubl. 1646. 

A few CoUections for Ireland'8 Soldiers. 4^ Lond, 


— Copy of a barbarous and bloody declaratioo by the 

Irish Rebels a^inst the supreme Councell of Ireland. And the 
Votes of the Popish Assembly at Waterford against Peace. 4* 
Lond. 1646. , 

The pctition of niany officers drawn for the service oi 

Ireland. 4° Lond. 1647. 

A pros^pi ct of bleeding Irelands miseries. fol. Lom^^ 


The petition of the Parhamcnts poor Soldien in tkne 

army of Ireiand, whereof many are starved already and mw^i 
dead for want of Chii*urgioiis. fol. 1647. ^^^ 

■ Very good news frora Ireland of the great victories ol^^i>- 

tained over the Rebels. 4** Lond. 1647. 

More victories in Ireland by Lord Inchiquin. 4* Lou 


Propositions sent by the Irish Parliament held at Kb ^^* 

kenny to the Commissioncrs at Dublin. 4® Lond. 1647 

' A great fight in Ireland Ixttwixt the forces under G< 

Jones and that Arch-Rebell General Preston. 4*^ Lond. 1647. ^ 

An answer to the Petition framcd against tbe ScbU i -K ^^ 

Ireland, &c. 4« Lond. 1647. ,..^^=^1; 

An ordiuance of the Commons conceming the qualilSc-*"" 

cations to sit in the PaHiament of Irdand. 4® Lond. 1647. 

Ireland^s Complaint of the Armies Hypocrisie : witlK^ -*"* 

his Excellencies entering unconquercd London. fol. 1647. 

A rcmonstrance of tbe sad condition of the Army i 

Ircland under Lord Inchiquine. 4^ Lond. 1647. 

Exceeding good news from Ireland ; being a relation oL" 

their proceediiigs in the North. 4* Lottd. 1647. 

• Two great battles in Ireland, the one in the North, thes^-^'^ 

other neare Dublin. 4^ Lond. 1647. 

The Kings Manife.sto to Ireland by thc Marquis 

Clanrickard. 4« Lond. 1647. 

> A famous Victory in Ireland obtained over the Rebeb 

near Black-Water. 4^ Lond. 1647. 

The bloody Diurnal from Ireland^ being proceedings of 

tbe Catholics at Kilkenny. 4« Lond. 1647. 

Three propositions to the King conceming Ireland^ 

with His Majesties Answcr and Propositions. 4® Lond. 1647. 


H I B 

HIBERNIA. Ordinance for raising «£50^000 upon DelinquenU 
efetates for the relief of Ireland. 4<> Lond. 1647. 

— — Irtland. Or a booke with a map of thc principal 
Towns, with Irelands bloody cnes. 12^ Lond. 1647. 

An additional ordinance for the raising of £50,W0 for 

the reductiou of Ireland. 4"* LotuL 1648. 

Hibernis Laci^ms, or a sad contemplation of thc 

bleeding condition of Ireland. fol. 1648. 

A declaration of the King respecting Ireland. M $. 4* 


A declaration of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, for 

•etUing the Protestant religion and maintaining his Msyesties 
rights. 4» Lond. 1648. 

A particular Relation of the present state and condition 

oflreland. 4* Lond. 1649. 

The last great and bloody fijjht in Ireland between 

Cromwells forces and the Marquis of Ormond. 4* Lond, 1649. 
The petitiun of the officers now engaged for Ireland, 

with the Answer of Parliament. 4* Lond. 1649. 

Zions thankful Echoes from the difb of Ireland. 

Lond. 1649. 

> The declaration of the British in the North of Ireland. 

4* Lond. 1649. 

— — Articles of peace niade with the Irish Rebels and Pa- 
pists by James Duke of Ormond. 49 Lond. 1649. 

A message from Ireland to a Member of the Army un* 

der Genl. Fairfax. 4*» Lond. 1649, 

A Letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to .W. 

Lenthall, Esar. relating the good successes God hath latelj 
giTen the Parliaments forces there. 4® Lond. 1649. 

Arguments inviting Mariners to ei^age against the 

Irish Rebdls. fol. Lond. 1649. 
A brief narration of thc plotting, beginning and car- 

rjring oo of that execrable Rebellion and Butcherie in Ireland. 

4* Lond. 1650. 

■ A History or brief Chronicle of thc chicf matters of the 

Irish Warres. 4« Lond. 1650. 
' A declaration of the Lord Lieutenant for undeceiving 

ofdeludedpeople. 4* Lond. 1650. 

• A discourse conceming the afl&irs of Ireland. 4* Lond. 


Consilium et votum pro ordinand^ et stabiliendi Hi- 

bemi4. foL Lond. 1651. 
A bk>udy fijjht in Ireland betwcen the Lord Deputies 

fofces and the Eari of Castlehaven, &c. 4^ Lond. 1651. 

The chief afi&irs in Irdand truly communicated. 4* 

Lomd. 1651. 
A bkMdy fight in Ireland, with the stormingof DuUin. 

4* LoMd. 1652. 

A great andbk>odsr fight in Irdand. 4» Lond. 1652. 

.Several Letters from IrdMid conceming the affiun 

there. 4* Lond. 1652. 5 HIBERNIA. 

H I 6 

tilBERNJA. the gnreat case of TransplanUtion in Irdand dis^ 

cugsed. 4^ Lond, 1655. 
i— ^ Seyeral Letters from Ireland of the late Successe of the 

Parliament'8 forces. 4<* Land, 1655. 

A Letter from an ofiicer in Ireland on the changing of 

the Government, by R. G. 4» 1656. 

irelands declaration : being a Reraonstrance of tbe ge* 

nerality yf the good People of Ireland. fbh 1059. 

A declai^tion of the Major Generai and the Officers of 

Ireland. fol. 1659. 

The declaration of the Armj of Ireland. 4^ Lond, 


An account of the aflkirs in IrelaiKl> in reference to the 

late chan<>e in England. fol. 1659. 

A Letter from Ireland to tlie Speaker. 4® Lond, 


- llie Kings Message to his subjects in Ireland on tbeir 

return to obedience. 4® Lmd. 1660. 
■ Irelands fidelity to tlie Parliament of England; 4* 

Lond, 1660. 

Proclamation against the Rebels in Ireland. ibl. tond. 

1660. ' 

A proclamation touching the settlement of Ireland. fbl* 

A prociamation that none can come from IrelandL to 

Scotlarid without suflicicnt Testimonial. fol. Edin, 1661. 

The Iri»h colours displayed. 49 Lond, 1663. 

The Irish colours folded. 4« Ixmd, 1662. 

A Collection of some of the Murthers since Oct. 1&41* 

by R. S. 4» Lond, 1663. , 

The horrid Con<;piracie of such impenitent traytm» ai 

intended a new Rebellion in Ireland. 4" Lond. 1663, ^ 

Letters patent frora His Majesty containing a deim »s* 

of his Revenue of Ireland for 7 years. fol. Lond, 1669. 

The present state of Ireland, with some remarks on mJ\^ 

ancient state thereof. 12° Lond. 1673. 

Letter from a Gentleman in Ireland to his Brother in 

England relating to the Concerns of Ireland in tbe matter of 
Trade. 4^ Lond, 1677. 

An account of the public af!airs in Ireland since t^S^OA 

discovery of the last plot. 4® Lond. 1679. 

An account of the bloody Massacre in Ireland in 16Sc^S* 

4P Lond. 1679. 

A coUection of Murthers in Ireland since 1641. ^ 

Lond. 1679. 

Information relating to the Popish piot in Ireland. fg-"^* 

Lond. 1680. . 

The History of the execrable Irish Rebellion jt iiit ^ "^ 

fVom many preceding Acts to the 'grand Eruption 3S < 
1641, and thence pursued to the Act of Settlement 1663. 
Lond. 1680. v 


HIBERItlA. iristorical Collections of tbe ChurcU m Ireland, 

during the reigns of Hen. Vill. EJ. VI. and Queen Mary ; 

«t forth in the Life and Death of Geo. Browne, Abp. uf 

DuUin. 40 Lond.iegl. 
i^— — Collection of Acts and Statules at Large rdating to the 

Revenue of Ireland. 12« Dubi 16S4. 
— — ^ Defence of the present Kttleraent in Ireland. 4<> 1686.- 
The State of the Papist and Protestant Proprieties in 

Ireland 4» Lond. 1689. 

A true account of the State of Ireland, giving a fuU 

relation of the Neur Establishment made by the iate Kini^ 
James. 4<» Lond, 1689. 

An Apoloenr for the Protestants of IrelauGJ. In a brief 

Narrative of the late Revolutions of that Kingdom. 4* Lond. 

The sad and lamentable condition of the ProCestants. 

Bein<; an account of the barbarous proceedings of the Nativea 
against the Engiish. 4® Lcmd. 1689. 

War and its cfiects laid out to the Life, being Advice 

to our Protestant Breihren now ready to go against the Re* 
bels. 40 Lond, 1689. 

TheCharacteroftheProtestanUof Irelaud. 4P Londf. 


> Vindication of the Protestants of Ireland, with reikc* 

tions on a late Pamphlet, intituled Tke Characier of the Pro* 
teUants qflrtland. 4* Lond. 1689. 

> The Answer of a Protestant Gentleman to N. N. con» 

ceming the Posture of the Countrey. 4* Lond^ 1689. 

A Letter from Duke Schomberg^s Camp. Giving an 

Acoount of the English and Irish Army ; and a troe account of * 
all the Fapists iu Ireland^ tbeir Number and Esiatet. 4^ Lond. 

Mephiboaheth and Ziba. Appeal of the Protestants to 

theKing^ 4* Loitd. 1689. 

- The Mantle thrown off; Or tbe Irishman dissected. 4* 

Lond. 1689. 
— — Aphorisms relatingio Ir^and. 4* Lond. 1689. 

List of the pretended Parliament at Dublin. 4P Lond, 


Proceedingsof the Parliaroent 1689. 4* Land. 1689. 

■ Account m tbe mott material passages in Ireland since 
Decr. 1688. With a particular Rektion of the Forces of Lon- 
donderry. 4* Lond. 1689. 

An Answer of a Protestant Gentleman to a discoor<e 

om tke prt$ent poeture qf Irddnd. 4^ Land. 1689. 

History of the Northem affiurs of Ireland from the ac- 

cession of thelate King to tbe siege of Londooderry. 4* Lond. 

A full and impartial Account of the secret Consults, 

Nceotiaiions, and Strmtagems of tbe Romiih p«rty in Ireiand 
iii I660--1689. 4» Lond. 1690. 



HIBERNrA. Journall of afiairs in Irdand since Hia M^jesty^t 

arrival. 4<» Land. 1690. 
>■ Narrative of the Murders perpetrated on ProteiUnti 

« by the late King James^s A^ts. 4^ Lond. 1690. 

List of persons attainted of Higfa Treason by the late 

King James in Ireland. 4^ Lond. 1690. 

Thc proposal for sending back the Nobility and Gentry 

of Ireland. 4^^ Lom/. 1690. 
■ Animadversions on the proposal, &c. 4** Lond. 1690. 

An impartial Joumal of all ^he Transactionn of.lheir 

Majesties Forces and thoee of the Irish Rebela in this hit 
Winler'8 Campaign. \9^ Dubl. 1691. 

History of the most material occurrences during thc 

last two years. 4® Lond. 1691. 

An answer to ihe staie of the Protestants m Irekmd loi- 

.da^Jamea VL 4P Lond. 1692. 
: List of the Parliament of Ireland in 1693. fol. 1698. 

Account of the Sessions of Parliament in Irdiand in 

1692. 4» Lond. 1693. 

> Propotals for raising a Million of Money out of the 

ibrfeited Estates in Ireland. AP Lond. 1694. 

Ireknds case briefly stated^ or a summary of die most 

remarkable transactions in that Kingdom since the Reforma.- 
tion. 12» 1695. 

A true and impartial History of the Wars of Irdand» 

Flanders, on the Rhine and in Savoy» &c. 19^ 1695. 

Strange and wonderful News from Ireland; giving^ t 

dreadful Relation of a prodigious Motion of the Earth. xik* 
Lond. 1697. 

Discourse conceming Irdand and. the difiereot lor^b^ 

lests thereo^ in Answer to the Exon and Bamstaple Petitioi 
4* Lond. 1697. 

An^wer to a Letter from a Gentleman in the Coun^ 

relating to the Trade of Irdand. 8^ Lond. 1698. 

Report of the Co>mmissioners on forfeited. Estates. 

Lond. 1700. 

Short ReraarlcB upqn the act of Resumptioo of Ir^HBsb 

forfeitur^. 4* Lond. 1701. 

The secret History of the trust, with some reflecti<=n* 

upon the Letter from a Souldier. 4^ Lond. 1702. 

Remarks upon a Pamphlet entitled a» addresi 

IrUhfolk» to the House tif Commons. 4^ Lond. 1702. 

Letter to the Trustees of the Irish forfeiture». 4P 


— — Iniquity displayed, or the settlement of Irdaod. 
Lond. 1704. 

The Pardld, or Pmecution of Protestants ihe 

way to prevent the growth of Popery in Irdand. foL 

>---*l-Uft.of (faeIiuriiamcDtofIrdaiidl713. 4f LBmdAl^^f- 



HIBERNIA. Tbe Irish Maisacre set in a clear lighu 4^ Lcmd. 

■ Memoirs of Ireland from the Restoration to the pre- 

aent times. 8*. Lond. 1716. 
— — — Beasons oflered to the Hoiise of Commons why the Bill 

sent down to them from the Lords for securing the depend* 

ency of the Kingdom of Ireland on the Crown of Gt. Britain 

should notpass into a Law. 8* Lond. 1720. 

Humble representation to the King by the Lords Spi* 

ritual and Temporal of the Parhament of Ireland. 8^ Lond. 

- Letter firom a member of the House of Commons in 

Irdand to a Gentleman of the kwg Robe in England. Contain* 
ing an Answer to some Objections made against the Judicatory 
Power of the ParUament of Ireland. 8^ Lond. 1720. 
' Monasticou Hibemicum. 8* Lond, 1723. 

CoUection of Statutes in Ireland from the time ff 

Edw. IL to Charles IL fd. Dtdf. 1723. 

Some further acconnt of the original disputes in Ire» 

land about Farthings and Halfpence. 8* 1724. 

A Natural History of Ireland in 3 parts. 4» Dub. 1726. 

• CoUection of Tracts conceming the present state of 

Ireland with respect to its Riches^ Revenues^ Trade and Manu* 
factures. 8» Lond. 1729. 

List of the Absentees of Irdand and the yearly value 

of tfaeir EsUtes and incomes spent abroad. With observations 
cn the present Trade and Conditionof Ireland. 8* Lond. 1730. 
The present state of Ireland considered. 8^ Dub. 


A modest argument pro and can, enquiring into the 

cause why base and mean actions should be committed by tbe 
Irish in particuhr. 8® Lond. 1731. 

Inquiry into some of the Causes of the Situation of the 

A£Eiirs of Ireland. 8* Dub. 1732. 

' Copy of His Majesty^s Charter for erecting Protestant 

«>P5 - . 

Schools in Ireland. V' Dub. 1733. 

Proceedings of the Society for erecting protestant 

schookin Ireland. 4* Dubl. 1734. 
Statutes at Large firom IV Wm. and Mary to VIII 

Geo. UI. 10 voL foL 1734—40. 
■ Proceedings of the Society for erecting protestant 

Schools in Ireland, fixMn their Institution. 4<» Lond. 1737 — 40. 
Reflections and resolutions proper for the Gentkmen 

of Ireland^ as to their Conduct for the Service of their Country. 
8» Dub. 173a 

Question of the precedency of the Peers of Irdand in 

Engknd fairly stated. 8^ Dubl. 1739. 
8* Lond. 1761. 

— — Proposals for obtainiw a Charter for incorporating a 
Sodety for the promotion of ^tian knowkdge in Ireland. 4* 
Dub. 1740. 


H I B 

illBERNIA. A lisl of Cominodities imporied intd TrelatidfJ 
being: such as may either be raised or manufactured tberein, 
fol. 1740. 

^ — Collection of all the Irish and Ens^lifth Statutes now in 
force relatingto His Majesty*g Rcvcnue in Ireland, with Notcs, 
&c. by James Fleming. 4' Dub. 1741. 

Some important frauds committed in Trade aod the 

Revenue in Ircland laid opcn. S* Lond, 1746. 

Mcmorial pressented to His M — j — § — ^y by the Rigbt 

Hble. the Earl of K— d— e. 8* Land. 1753. 

Sccond Letter to the Tradesmen, Farmers and the rest 

of the flrood people of Ircland. 8* Dub. 1754. 

Observations relatiye to the late Bill for paying oflT 

theresidue of the National Debt of Ireland. 8* Dnh. 1754. 

■ The C rs apolo^y to thc Freeholder» of this King- 

^dom for their Conduct this b— s — n of Parliament 8* Lond. 

The Casc fairly stated, or an Inquiry hotr far the 
Clausc lately rcjected by the Hoo^c of Commons wontd^ if 
passed, havc affected the Liberties of the People of Ireland. 8* 
Dub. 1754. 

Remarks on a pamphlet entitled ConsideraiioTu on tht 

late Bill for paying qfthe National Dcbt. No. III. Dubi. 1754. 
Proceedings of the Hble. the House of Commons ia 

Ifeland in rejecting thc Irish Money Bill vindicated. 8* DMb. 

An.>\vcr to the above. 8® Dub. 1754. 

Ix^tti r from a M«*«** of the H**** of C****** to 

a Gentleman in the North of Ireland. &* Dub. 1754. 

Tlie free Cttizens address to Sir S. Cooke for his un- 

shaken attachnient to the True Intercst of Ircland this session 
of Parliament. H^ Lond. 1754. 

Some thoughts on the general improvement of Ireland. 

8^ Dub. 1758. 

Proposals humbly oAcred to Parliament for the Resto- 

ration of Cash aiid public Credit to Ireland. 8* Dub. 1759.^ 
A Corament on an extraordinary Letterfrom Ireland, 

wherein a U nion betueen the two Kingdoms is impartiany dis- 
cussed. 8» Lond. 1760. 

A liiit of tlie Absentccs of Irchand and an estimate of 

the ycarly value of their estates and incomes spent abroad; 
with ob^ervations on tlie trade of Ireland. 8* Dubt. 1769. 

Hibcniica: or some ancient piecesrelating to Ireland, 

edited by \V. Harris. 8<» Dub. 1770. 

CoIIection of all the Acts now in force relative to the 

Preservation, Buying; and .«eUin^ Pounties for Ireland and Coast-*. 
ways Carriage, and for the exportation of Com. 12^ Dui^^ 

Acts for the bcttcr rcgulation of the Linen and Hemp^^ 

Manufactures. 12* Dub. 1775. 


H I C 

IUB£RNIA. AcU aiid Clauses of AcU rdiliDg to the Fttherie^ 
of thuKingdoDi froiD2Geo.IL lo 4^ Dub. 1778. 

— — — TenDs of ConciliatioD: or ConfideratioQs on a free 
Trade in Ireland : on Pensions and on an union with IrtkDd. 
8* Land, 1779. 

' The Comroercial resUraints of Ireland considered. 8P 

Lond. 1780. 

Consideralions snbmitted to the people of Irdand oo 

their present condition with regard to Trade and Constitutkm 
8» Dub, 1781. 

CoUection of Acts relating to the Revenoe of Ireland. 

4« Dub. 1782. 

A Letter on the repeal of a part of the Laws againt 

Irisb Catholicks. 8" Lond. 1785. 

Proposed System of Trade with Ireland explained. 8P 

Limd. 1785. 

Reply to the same by Mr. 0'Biime. 8^ Lond. 1785. 

AnswertotheReply. 8* Lond. 1785. 

■ Act for continuing and amending several Laws relating 

lo His Majesty's Revenue. 4* Dub. 1785. 

Resolutions of England and Ireland relatiTC to a Com- 

mercial Intercourse betwcen the two Kingdoros. 8P Lond. 

Collection of Irish Acts of Parliaroent relating to Re- 

venue from 1784 to 1792. 9 voL fol. Dub. 1784--92. 

The present Politica of Irdand. 8^ Lond. 1786. 

A Retiew of some interesting Periods of Irish History. 

8» Lond. 1786. 

Sututes at Large passed in the Parliaments held in Ire« 

land from 1310 to 1800. 20 vols. fol. Dttb. 1786—1801. 

Irish Acts and Statutes from 1793 to 1796. 4 vol. fol. 

Dubi. 1793—96. 

> Report from the Committee of Secrecy of the House 

of Commous in Ireland as reported by the Lord Viscount 
Castlerea<r|i. 8* Lond. 1798. 

Humble Paition of tlie Catholics of Irdand to the Par^ 

liament. 8* Lond. 1805. 
HIBNER (iskael) My»terium Sigillorum Herbanrai, el LapU 

dum. An:ri by B. Cla>ton. 8* Lond. 1698. • 
HIBR Al M^Siii^a». A rdation of the deposing of Sultan Hibraim, 

and the crowning of his Son Sultan Mabomet in his place« 4* 

HICKHRINGILL (cdm.) Jamaica viewed. 13» Loii^. 1661. 

Tlie goocl oKI Cause, a Sermon. 4* Lrmd. 1692. 

Miscellaneous Tract». 4« Lond. 1707. 

HICKEBIXGILL (puil. j ) A Vtndication of the naked Truth. 

Pjirt 2. fol. Lond. 1681. 
IIICKES (gaspaii) ITie Advantages of Afiliction. A Fast Sermofk 

4« Lond. \6i5^ 

Sermon at the funeral of W. Strode. 4* Lond. 1645. 

XIICKES (geo.) r. baptism. catecuisx. nonjuioi. saligwac. 


H I x: 

HICKES (geo.) A Discoune to prove tbat the strongesC tempte* 
tions are conquerable by ChrbtiaiM. A Sermon. iPLtmd. 1d77. 

— '^-— > The Spirit of Enthusiasm ezorcised. A Sermon« i* 
Lond. 1680. 

4» Land. 1681. 

2 4» Lond. 1683. 

8° Lond. 1709. 

The true Notion of Persecution stated, in a Sermon. 

4<> Land. 1681. 

. 4« Lond. 1682. 

Sermon before the Lord Mayor. 4* Lond. 1682. - 

' Tlie Case of Infant Baptism. 4« Lond. 1683. 

Sermon on May 29. 4» Lond. 1684. 

Institutiones Grammaticae Anglo-Saxonicas« Mmo- 

GothicsB. a G. Hickesio. Grammatioa Islaridica Runolphi Jomt. 
Catalogus Librorum Septentrionalium. Accedit Edv. Bamardi 
Etymoiogicon Britannicum. 4P Oxou. 1689. {cum Notis Mu.} 
Unguarum vett Septentrionalium Thesaurus Gram- 

matico-Criticus et Archeeologicus. 3 vol. fbl. Oxon. 1705. 

Letters between Dr. Hickea and a Popbh Priest, on a 

younff Gentlewoman^s departing firom the Church of Ewland. 
8» Lond. 1705. 

Two Treatises^ one of the Chris^ian Priesthood, the 

other of the Episcopal Order. 6f^ Lond. 1707. 
2 vol. 8» Lond. 1711. 

— . A new Catechism, with Dr. Hickes^s thirty-nine Ar- 

ticles. 8" Lond. 1710. 

A seasonable and modest Apology in Behalf of Dr. 

Hickes and other Non Jurors. 8® Lond. 1710. 

— His Vindicationj &o. from the Reflections of Tho. Wise. 

»» Lond. 1712. 

His last Will and Testament. 8^ L<md. 1716. 

HICKES (tho.) A Letter or word of Advice to the Saints known 
or unknown. 4<^ Lond. 1653. 


HIGKEY (joseph) A Letter on his Acquittal for Peijury. 8* 

Lond. 1751. 
HICKMAN (cHARLEs) Thanksgiving Sermon before the Com- 

mons. 4<^ Lond, 1690. 

Sermon on Deut. XXX. 15. 4» Lond. 1693. 

. Sermon on Phil. 1V% 11. 4» Lond. 1693. 

Sermon on St. Cecilia's Day. 4« Lond. 1696. 

HICKMAN (gol.) Exegesis Textus Zach. III. 9. 4<> Lug. Bat. 

HICKMAN (benrt) n«T^o-<rxqXarMto-}iita*«<nj. Or a Justifica- 

tion of the Fathers and Sciioolmenj concerning the Positivity 

ofSin. 12» 
Laudensium Apostasia : or a Dialogue conceming the 

Divines fallen off from the doctrine of the Ch. of Engd. 4* 

Lond. 1660. 


H I £ 

HICKMAN (hbnrt) Historia Quinq-Artlculark EKtriiculataa 
or AnimadTersicDs oa Dr; HeyliQ^s Ouinquarticular History. 
8* Limd, 1674. 

HICKS (T.) A Treatise of Urines. 12» Land. 1703. 

HICKS (thomas) A discourse of the Souls of Men« Women and 
Children; and of the holy and blessed Angels in Heaven and of 
the evil and damned Spirits in Hell. 4® iZnd, 1657. 

■ Thou shalt fear God and reverence my Sanctuary. A 
sharp rebuke^ or a Rod for the Eneroies of the Common 
Prayer. 4<» Lond. 1660. 

HICKS'S HALL. Strange News from Hicks*8 Hall. Oranorder 
of some Justices of the Peace for the Bailifis of Liberties to re- 
tumJuries. fol. Lond.ldHl. 

HIDAI (matth.hentz.) Dissert. de Podagra. 49 Lug. Bat 1706. 

HIDDINGH (GER.)Disp. de Asthmate. 4<» Lug. B. 1661. 


HIDE (fdw.) Awonder and yet no wonder, a great red Dragon 
in Heaven. 129 Lond. 1651. 

■ The Mybtery of Christ in us, with tbe Mystery of the 
Father, Word, and Holy Ghost opened. 129 Lond. 1651. 

HID£ {Sir henry) Sir H. Hides Speech od the Scaflbld. 4« 

Lond. 1650. 
' The Speech and Confession of Sir H. Hide at his exc- 

cution. 4^ Lcnd. 1651. 
HIDES. Reasons offered to Parliament to shew the spreat damage 

done hy the ill flawing of Hides and Calve skins. tol. 
HIEBERUS (lvc) Disp. de Animse facultatibus in genere. 4^ 

Wiu. 1613. 
HIEEM (PETR. j.) Disp. de Hydrophobia. 4^ Gryph. 1697. 
HIEGEL (joAN. cRAFTo) Urnse Sepulchralis, nuper^ extra Ur- 

bem Moguntinam, erectae, Descriptio. 4^ Mog^ni. 1697. 
— — Musseum HiegeUianuro. 4® Confi. 1714. 
HIELMTERNE (henr.) Bogsamliiig 2 Deel. 4<» Kibben.ll^. 
HIEMER (eberh. frid.) Caput Medusse, Monumentum Dilu« 

' vii, detectum in A^ro Wurterabergico. 4? Stuig. 
HIENLINUS (wolff. frid.) Dissert. de causis Calons naturalis 

et prsternaturaUs in Corpore nostro. 4^ Hal. Mag. 1699. 
HIEPE (cHR.) De jure Praeventionis circa Venationem. 4® Hul. 

Mag. 1775. 

HIERARCHY, V. jEsu-sociETAs. 

Reply to a notorlous Libel entituled ii britfe A\ 

or dtfence of the Ecclesiastical Hierarehie, by A. P. -^** It _ 

The Downfall of tbe pretended Divine Authqntie of 

the Hicrarchy, into the See of Rome, by U. N.JJ., 4t^ 164f 

• Reasons wby the Hierarchy ought to be removed. 4* 


The Scripture Doctrine of the Chtistian Hiierarchy. S9 

' Lond. 1741. 

HIEREMIAS, Patr. Constant. Censura drientalis EcdesiSjt de 
prscipuis uostri Seculi^ Hasr.eticorum* Do^atibus, ex Gneco 
in Lat. per Staoislaum Soccolovium. foL Cracov. 1582. 


H I E 

HIEREMIAS, Patr. Constant. Acta et Scripta Theologonim 

Wirtembergensium et Patriarchse Constantinopolitani D. 

Hierimis : quae utrique ab anno M. I). T.yyi nsqve ad 

M. D. LXXXI de Augustana Confessione inter se miserunc 

Gr. Lat. fol. Witeb. 1584. 
HlERNE (uRB ANus) Acta et Tentamina Chymica, 4» Holm. 1712. 
HIEROCLES, PhilMophus Alexandr. Commentarius in aurea 

Pythagoreonim Carmina. Gr. Lut. Joan. Curterio interprete. 

\^ Paris, 1583. 

W Lond. 1673. 

• Commentarius in aurea Carmina, de Providentia et 

Fato, ejusdem et reliqua Fragmenta A. P. Needham. Gr. Lat. 

8» Cantab. 1709. 
5 cum notis R. W. 8» Lond. 1742. 

■ . — Commentarius in aureos Versus Pythagors. Lat. 4^ 
[Patav. 1474.] 

Ang, by J. Hall. 12« Lond, 1657. 

De providentia et fato, una cum fragmentis. GV. Lat. 

Et Lilii Gyraldi interpretatione Symbolorum Pythagora; no- 

tisque M. Casauboni ad Comment. Hieroclis. 12^ Lond. 1673. 
HIEROGLYPHICA. La Science des Hieroglyphes. 4» Wcsci. 


49 Haye, 1736. 

HIEROMONACHIUS Maximus. Dissertatio de Sacramento 

Eucharistiffi. Gr. Lat. interp. J. T. Philips. 8* Land. 1715. 
HIERON (JOH.) r. porter. 
HIERON (sAM.) Three Sermons preached at the Funeral of H. 

Sommaster. 4^ Cant. 1607. • 

■- Hieron*s last Farewell. A Sermon preached at his Fu- 

neralbyJ. B. 4* Lond. 161S. 
HIERONYMUS (d.) p. eusebius. psalmi. 
HIERONYMUS (geo. diet) Dissert. de Herpete. 4» Jen. 1703. 
HIERONYMUS Sanctus, Opera omnia. per D. Erasmum. 6 

tom. fol. Bas. 1516. 

9 tom. fol. Par. 1534. 

Tom. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. fol. Bas. 1537. 

^ a Mar. Victorio. 4 tom. fol. Par. 1609. 

Opera aliquot. fol. 
Epistolae. fol. Bas. 1497. 
•fol. Lttgd. 1508. 

' Epistols tres ab Erasmo reco^tse et argumentis el 
scholiis ilhistratse. 4^ 1518. 

' Epistol® selectae. 12® Tornac. 1611. 

Gall. trnd. par Jean Lavardip. 8» Par. 1602. 

Trois Epistres. Avec deux aulres de J. Pic de La Mi- 

r^de a Jean Fran^ois. trad. par Jean Davy. 8* Par. 1613. 

In Vitas Pbtruoti. 4» 1507. 

> Epistola ad Nepotianum de Vita Clericorum et Mona- 

chonim, cum notis J. Martianaei. 8® Lond. 1714« 

DeCamis Resurrectione, Epistola. 12* Ptxr. CJaud. 



H I G 

lUERONYMUS Sam:tus. Sententi» ex Divi Hiefonymi Bpis^ 
tc^s ad pueronim cum linguas tum mores formandos sdecta. 
13* CoL 1549: 

^' Catalogus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum, seu, de Virit 

illustribus, cum Notis Erasmi, Mariani Victoris, Henrici Grra-^ 
Tii, Auberti Mirsi et J. A. FabriOii. Cum recens. £• S, Cypri*' 
ani. 4* Franc. & Ups. 1722. 

HIERONYMUS, Torrensis, v. psalterium. sichardus. 

Confessio Augustiniana. 8® P(tr. 1580. 

HIEROVIUS (BARTH.) QufcsUones medicinales. 12^ Frimc.159^ 

HIERUSALEM, r. terra sancta. 

Viazo da Venezia al Sancto Iherusalem> et al Monte 

Sinaiv M. BoL 1500. 

La Ba:$sa Corte, L'A1ta Corte, 1e Assise & bone Usanze 

del Reame Myerusalem, trad. da Francese in Lingua Italiana, 
per Florio Bustron. fol. l^en. Aur. Pincio, 1535. 

• Gesta Dei per Francos, sive, Orientalium £xpeditionem> 

et Regni Francorum Hierosolomitani Historia. fol. Hanov. 

Two Joutnies to Jerusalem, collected by R. B. 12* 

Lond. 1635. 

' A Grain of Incense : or supplication for the Peace of 

Jerusalem, by J. R. 8« 1643. 

Regles et Constitutions des Religieuses Hospitalieres de 

rOrdre St. Jean de Jerusalem, estabiies au Monastere de St. 
JeanBaptisteaTolose. l^ ro/o*e, 1644. 

Statuti della Sac. Religione di S. Gio. Gerosolimitano 

con le Ordinationi del Capitolo Generale 163 L fol. Borgo 
nuaco, 1675. 

Historia della nova Gierusalemme. 16® In Varalh. 


HIETT (WM.) V. LYfe. 

HIFFERNAN (paul) The Heroinc of thfe Cave, a Tragedy. 8* 

Lond. 1775. 
HIGDEN (henry) The ^wary Widow, or, Sir Noisy Parrat, a 

Comedy. 4« Land. 1693. 
HIGDEN (ranulph.) Pblychronicon. AngL by J. Trevisa. foL 
Lond. Caxton^ 1482. 

' ■ fol. Sottthwerke, 1527. 

HIGDEN (wM.) V. heheditary-right. 

* ■ ' . A View of the English Constitution, with respect to 

the Authority of the Prince and the Allegiance of the Subject. 
In vindication of the Lawfulness of taking the Oaths to Her 
Miyesty by Law required. 8° Lond. 1709. 

The Constitution, Laws and Government of England 

vindicated, in a Letter to W. Higden. 8* 1709. 

Defence of the View of the English Constitution. ^ 


Sermon, Jan. 30. 4« Lond. 1711 

HIGGENSON (thos.) Glory soinetimes afar of!) now stepping 
in ; Or ihe great Gospel Mvsterie of the Spirit. 4^ Lond. 1653. 

H I G 

DIGGESON (Mf.) Neiv England'» Plantatioo. 4<» Lond. 1690. 
HIGGINS (bevil) Historical Worka. 3 vol. 8« LomL lT36i 

A short View of the English Histoiy. 8* Lcmd. 17«. 

* ■ Remarks on Bumet'8 History of his own-Tioie. 9 

Land. 1727. 
HIGGINS (F.) Sermon on Ash Wednoiday. 8» Lond. 1707i 

His Tryal. fol. Lond. 1712. 

HIGGINS (cEO.) r. smith. 

HIGGONS (rich.) v. elwood. 

MIGGONS (theoph.) Apology for tulming Catbolique, wherein 

Sir Edw. Hoby's Answer is examined. 8* Roan, 1609* 
» Sermon preached at St. Paur» Crosse. In testiiBonie 

of his heartie reunion with the Ch. of England. 4* Lond. 1611. 
HIGGONS (thos.) A Panegyric to the King. fol. Lond. 1660? 
HIGGONS {Sir th.) History of Isuf Bassa, Captain General of 

the Ottoman Empire, at the Invasion of Candia. 12* Lond. 1684. 
HIGGS (Mr.) A sober Reply to his merry Airguments, for thc 

Tritheisttck Doctrine of the Trinity. With a Poetscnpt felat- 

ins^to Dr. Waterland. 8« Lond. 1720. 
HIGH-FLYERS. Historical Account of the Principks of tbe 

High-Flyers in all Ages. 4« Lond. 1704. 
HIGHGATE, v. west. 
HIGHLANDER, r. scotia. 
HIGHLAND SOCIETY. Prize Essays and Trandatioiis of tbe 

Highland Society of Scotland : to which is preiixed an accotmt 

of the Institutioii and Proceedings of the Socicty, by H. Mac- 

kenzie. Vol. I. 8« Edinb. 1799. 
HIGHMORE (anth.) A practical Arrangerodit of tbe Laws re- 

lative to the Excise. 2 vols. 8» Lond. 1796. 
HIGHMORE (nath.) r. willis. 
■ The History of Generation, with a Discourse oo the 

Cure of Wounds by Sympathy. 12» Lond. 1651. 

8" Lond. 1651. [wUh the Auiki^M Mm. 


Corporis humani Disquisitio anatonlica. (bi. Hag. Cotk. 


Exercitationes duae, una de Passione Hysterica: «Itera 

de Hypochondriaca Passionc. 12° Oxon. 16d0. 

• De Hysterica et Hypochondriaca Paflsione, Responsia 

Epistolaris ad Doctorem Willis. 4» Land. 1670. 
HIGH-PLACES. The ground of High-Place* and the end of 

High-Places: Or a Rest for the People df God above all thc 

High-Places of the Earth, by G. F. 4» Lmd. 1657. 
HIGHWAYMEN. Two orders of Parrmmcnt resbectitiff High- 

waymen and Accomplices gtving evidence. fol. Lond. 1649w 
Order of C6uncil for apprehending Highwaymen. foL 

Lond. 1684. 
HIGHWAYS. The general History of Highways ia al Parts 

of the World. 8» Lond. 1712. 
■ The surveyor of Highways appointment and Guide, 

with an arrangement of his Ihity and an Abstract of tbe Act for 

Amendment and Preservation ofthe Highways. 4* Ltmdr 1799. 

H I L 

HIGINS (jobn) Tbe Mirour for Magislrates. 4» Lond. 1587. 
HIGINUS (c JUL.) PoeticoD Astroooiiiicon. foL SaUng. 1539. 
HILACOiMlNUS, r. pbilesius. 
HILAIRE (JAUME ST.) Exposition des Familles Dalurelles et de la 

Germination des Pbntes. 2 tom. 4* Par. 1805. 
HILAIRE (Sirar de st.) L'Anatomie du Corps humaio, avec ses 

Maladies & les Remedes pour le^ guerir. 8* Par. 1684. 

. 2tom. 8* Par. 1698. 

Observadonsde Mededne. 8« Par^ 1689. 

— — Les Remedes des Maladies du Corps humain. 8* Par, 

HILARIDES (PETB.) Disput de Mdchisedeco. 4« Franea. 1695. 
HILARIUS, Episc. Pictavorum. Lucubrationes, emendat per 

firasfnvm. 2 tom. fol. Bas. 1523. 

— a Lud. Mirseo. fol. Par, 1544. 

■ per M. Lypsium recogn. fol. Bas, 1 570. 

— ^— ^— — a J. Gillotio Campano. fol. Par, 1605. 

— ^— — ^— — studio Monachorum Oid. S. Benedicti. foL 

Par. 1693. 
HILARY. Tbe King^s Proclamation for the adjouming of part 

of Hilary Term. fol. Lond, 1642. 
HILARY (&.) St. Hilary's Teares shed upon all Professions from 

the Judge to the Pettyfogger. 4« Lond. 1642. 
IULBRANDUS (joh. phil.) Dissert. de Contoniione Vertebra> 

rum. 4* Jbi.l66& 
HILBRANTUS (joh.) Disput de Elementis eorumque numero. 

4« Jcn. 1665. 
HILDANUS, r. fabkicius. 
HILDANUS (gul. fab.) Epistola de valetudine tuenda: De 

Tbermis VaUesianis et Acidulis Griesbacchensibus, 4* Francqf. 

HILDEBRAND (frid.) Centuria gemina Epistolarum. 12* 

N4frtk. 1671. 
HILDEBRAXDT (akd.) Genealogies of the Kings of Sweden, 

tnmsl. by Sir S. L. 4* Lond. 1632. 
HILDEBRANDT (uerm.) Disput, de Anima rationali. 12« 

Bran. 1611. 
HILDEBRANDT (JOACHni) Oratio de Fundatione Academifle 

Juiis. 4* Heimst. 1658. 
— Augusta Csesaris Octaviani Ducis Brunsvicen&is. 4* 

Ileimsi. 1662. 

— Immortalitas Anime rationalis ex solo Lumine Naturae 

ostensa. 4« Celiis, 1680. 

• Vita stema ex iumine Naturs ostensa, et ex Penta- 

tencho Mosaico. 4<» Hdmst. 1684. 

libellus de Precibus veterum Christianorum. 4^ Helmst. 


4« Helmu. 1701. 

Rituale Orantium vel Compendinm vetcrum orandi 

priscae prsesertim Ecclesiae Antiquilatibus coUectum. 4* 
Helmst. 1656. 


H I L 

- *. 

HILDEBRANDT (joachim) Libellus de Nuptii» Teterum Chrii. 

tiaiioiiim. 4<* Helmst, 166L 
4« HelmsL 170L 

— ' Libellus de Natalitiis Vetenim sacris ct profanis. 4^ 

Hebmt, 1661. 

Veleris Ecclesia? Martyrum et S. S. Patrum Ar» bene 

moriendi variis circa .^rotos sacris Antiquitatibus^ et morien- 
tium Dlctis^ Factisque memorabilibus, cum tota Veterum circa 
moribundos Praxi exposita. 4** Helmst, 1661. 

-■ — De Diebus Festis. ^^ Helnist. 1701. 

4° Helmst, 1718. 

— — Tract. de Religiosis, eorumque variis Ordinibua. 4* 

Helmst, 1701. 
HILDEBRANDT (wolffq.) Magia naturalis. Germ. 13» Up9. 


4« Jen. 1625. 

8» JFranc, 1690. 

De Lapide Philosophico. Germ. &^ Hal. 1618. 

HILDEBRANDUS (nic.) Tliemata logica de Syllogismo. 4.^ 

Marp. 1592. 
HILDEGARDIS, Sancta. Physica. fol. Argeni, 1533. 
HILDEN (henr. von) Morbillis cum Purpura alb^ 

et Peripnemnonia complicalis. 4<* Hal. Mag. 1722. 
HILDEPHONSUS, Archicp. Toletan. De Virginitate S. Marie^ ; 

item, Sermones duodecim, edit. a F. Franc. Feu-ardentio. ^?^ 

HILDER (t.) Conjugall Counsell : Or ^easonable advice to Maac"— 

ried and unmarried persons. 8** Lond. 1653. 
HILDERICUS (ed.) v. frese. geminus. 
HILDERS (hen.) De gencratione Spiritus animalis ejfi8qae op^^^- 

rationibus et nonnuUis capitis aflectionibus. 4^ Lugd. ^^r^- 

HILDESHEIM (franc.) De Morbis Capitis et Cerebri Spicil^i ^»- 

8» Franc. 1612. 
HILDEYARD (john) Funeral Sermon on Robt. Earl of Ya-»^- 

mouth. 4^ Lond. 1683. 
HILG ARD a Nunne. A strange prophecie against Bishops^ £c-^=^ 

4^ Lond. 1641/ 
HILGENDORFF (joh.) Historia MarchiaB SoUwedelensis inqi^'«<' 

Alberti Ursi Vita exponitur. 4*^ Je7i, 1685. 
HILKEN (jo.) Disp. de Sterilitate. 4« Lug. Bat. 1689. 
HILL (aaron) Prescnt State of the Ottoman Empire. fol. Lon ^^^ 

An impartial account of the Discovery and Under 

ing to make Oil from the Fruit of the Beech Tree. 8* 


Account of the Beach Oil Invention. 8" 1715. 

Four Essays. Viz. On making China Ware in Enj 

land; on reducing the Price of Coals; on repairing Dagenfa 
Freach; on Enfirlish Grape-Wines. ^ 1718. 
The Juugment Day, a Poem. fol. Lond 1730, 


H I L 

HILL (aaron) The Northcrn Star, a Poem. 99 Lond. 1725. 

Adviceto the Poets, a Poem. 4* Lond. 1781. 

The Art of acting, a Poem. fol. Lond, 1746. t 

Merope, a Tragedy. 8° Lond. 1749. 

HILL (abigail) Relation of her murdering four Parish Children. 

12» lAjnd, 1658. 
HILL (abraham) Familiar Letters which passed hetween him 

and several eminent and ingenious Persons of the last Century. 

8» Lmd, 1767. 
HILL (brian) Henry and Acasto, a Tale. 8» Land, 1786. 
Observations on a Journey thro* Sicily and Calabria, in 

179L 8» LondA792. 
HILL {Dr,) Dr. Hiirs funeral Sermon, or a Newe Yeer's Gift to 

all the Clergy. 4<^ Lond. 1654. 
HILL (edm.) r. rogers. 


HILL (geo.) Discourse on his death. 8® Lond. 1759. 
HILL (george) Sermons. 8® Lond. 1796. 


AITPOAOriA: or a Starry Lecture. 12* tond. 1684. 


HILL (jAMEs) His tryall for setting fire to the Rope House at 

Portsmouth. fol. Lond. 1777. 
HILL {Sir john) The Adventures of Geo. Edwards^ a Creole. 8* 

Lond. 1788. 
HILL (john) An Alarm to Europe by a late prodigious Comet. 

fol. Lond. 1680. 
HILL (john) Ishbibenob defeated and David succoured. A Fast 

Sermou. 4« Lond. 1694. 
HILL (john) V. hall. 
21ILL (john) The Synonymes of the Latin Language. With a 

Dissertation on the Force of its Prepositions. 4® Edinb. 1804. 
MILL (john) Arithmetic. 8» Lond. 1716. 
with a Preface by H.Ditton; and corrected 

and improved by E. Hatton. S^ Lond. 1733. 

An Answer to the many plain and notorious Lyes ad- 

vanced by Mr. John Rich, Harlequin. 8® Lond. 1740. 
KILL {Sir john) v. theophrastus. 
■ General Natural History. 3 vol. fol. Lond. 1748 — 59. 

* Review of the Works of the Royal Society of London. 

4^ Lond. \75\. 

Letters from the Inspector to a Lady. 8* Lond. 1752. 

A Narrative of theAflair between Mr. Brown^andthe 

Inspector. 8* Lonrf. 1753. 

Libitina, sine Conflictu, or a irue Narrative of the un- 

timely Death of Dr. Atall. 8<> Lond. 1752. 

Some Remarks on the Life an.d Writings of Dr. J 

H , Inspector General of Great Britain. 8« Lond. 1752. 

Thc Story of Ehzabeth Canning considered. 8® Lond. 


— — Urania^ or Astronomical Dictionary. 4* Lond. 1754. 


H I L 

HILL {Sir john) Flora Britannica. Sf^ Lond. 1760. 
. On the Nature and Cure of Hypochondriasis. 8* Lon^ 


m Hortn8 Kewensis. S^ Lond. 1768. 

- The famiiy Practice of Physic : or a Method of caring 

Diseasesi^y the Plants of our own Country. 8* Idmd. 1769. 

The Vegetable System, 26 Vol. fd. Lond. 1770-^ 


Virtues of British Herbs. S^ Lond. 1771. 

Directions for those afflicted with Cancers. 8^ LowL 


i Enquiries into the Nature of a new mineral Acid dis* 

covered in Swedcn, with an Idea of an Arrangcment of JFottilf. 
8« Lond. 1775. 

Circumstances which preceded the Letters to the Eaii 

of . S^ Lond. 1775. 

Account of the Life and Writings of the late Sir J. 

Hill, M.D. 8» Edinb. 1779. 

On the virtues of Sage in lengthening Life. 8® I/fid. 

HILL (john) An enquiry into the Causes of the high Price of 

Gold Bullion in England» and its Connection with ihe 8^t^ o( 

foreign Exchanges. S^ Lond. 1810. 
HILL (joseph) V. wooD. 
» ' Ordination to the Ministry, oh entrusUng Men wid) 

the Gospel. An Ordination Sermon^ with a charge giveo by 

T.Reynolds. 8« Lond. 1727. 
HILL (j. s.) False Zeal and christian Zeal distinguished, or the 

Essentialsof Popery described. A Sermon on the present re« 

bellion. 8° York, 1745. 
HILL (jos.) The Providence of God in sudden Death viDdicated. 

A Funeral Sermon on Mrs. Reeve. 4® Roit. 1685. 


The examination of Josh. Hill before ihe Earle of 

Essex. fol. 1642. 
HILL {Lady) Address to the public ; setting forth the Conse* 

quences of the late Sir John Hill's acquaintance with the Earl 

of Bute. 4« 1788. 
HILL (Mr.) V. burnet. hart. rich. 
HILL {Mrs.) Her Apdogy for having been induced, by particu — 

lar desire, and themost specious allurements that coula tempft^ 

female weakness, to appear in the Character of Scrub, S^uk: 

Stratagem. 4<» Land. 1786. 
HILL (n.) The Death of Samuel and the Lamentation made fbc^ 

him considered and improved. A Sermon on the death o/S^ 

Wilton. S^ Lond.1779. 
An old Disciple. A Sermon on the death of J. Mudge* 

8« Lond. 1779. 
HILL (nic.) Phiiosophialjlpicurea^Democratiana^ Theophrastica*. 

8<» Par. 1601. 

; 129 Gcn. 1619. 



niLL (olivch) Remarks upon 6. Keith^s Farewell Sermon at 
Tumer'8 HalL 4» Lond. 1689. 

' The fifth Essay against thc Circulation of ihe Blood. 

^ I^md. 1700. 

> A Rod for ihe Back of Fools, in answer to Tolaadt 

Ckrisiianity noi myHerious. 8" Lond. 1702. 
HILL (PHtupHNA) Portraits, Characters, Pursuits and Amuse-^ 

ments of the fashionable World. 8^ Loiu/. 
HILL {Sir richd.) v. revelation. rodenrurst. 
■ Apology for Brotheriy Lovc and the Doctrines of thc 

Ch. of England. 8« Lond. 1798. 

Deep things of God^ or Milk and strong Meat 8* 

Lmd. 1804. 
MILL (rob.) Poems. 8* L(md. 1775. 


• Christianity the true Religion^ in Answer to a Deist 

12» Chester. 


HILL (rowland) Full answer to J. Westley*s Remarks upon a 
late Pamphlet published in defence of the Rev. Mr. Whitfieki 
and others. 8* Bristol. 

^ Semion on the death of J. Rouquet. 8**^ Brist. 1776. 

— Supplement to the Collection of Psalms and Hymns for 

. Publie Worship. 12» Lond. 1796. 

Psalms and Hymns. 12» Lmid. 1798. 

- Joumal thro' the North of England and parts of Scot- 

land. With Remarks on the Sute ot the established Ch. of 
Scotland. S^ Lmd. 1799. 

Second tour thro' the Highlands of Scotland and N. W. 

PMs of England. 4<» Lond. 1800. 

An Apology for Sunday Schools. A Sermon. 8* 


Village Bial^es. Vol 2, 3, 4. 8^ Lond. 180Sf. 3 

HlLL (tHo.) The proffitable Art of gardening, &c. and right or- 

deiingof Bees. 12» Lond. 1568. 
The moste pleasaunte Arte of the Interpretation of 

Dreames. 12» Lond. 1576. 
■ The Schoole of Skil. 4« Lond. 1599. 

A Contemplalion of Mysteries, containing the Eflecti 

and Significations of some Comets. 12^ Lond. H. Daiham. 
HILL (tho.) A pleasant Mistory : declaring the whole Art of 

Phisiognomy. 12« Lond. T. Waylande. \hL /.] 

12» Lond. 1613. 

HILL (tho.) V. tuckney. 

The Trade of Truth advanced. A Fast Scrmon. 4* 

Lmd. 1642. 

The militant Church triumphant over the Devil and 

his Angels. 4<» Lond. 1643. 

• The good old way, God^s way. A Spital Sermon. 

Lond. 1644. 

The Season for England's sdf-reflection and advancing 

Temple Work. A Fast Sermon. 4<» Lond, 1644. 


H I L 

HILL (tho.) The right Separation encouraged ; in a Fast Semioli* 

4« Lond. 1645. 

Natural and artificial Conclusions. 12® Lond, 1650. 

HILL (w.) ». PECK. 

HILL (william) The Infancie of thc Soule, or tbe Soule of aii 

Infant, shewing how and when it is infused. 4<* Land. 1605. 
HILL (w.) Commentatio in Orbis Descriptionem Dionysii. 8* ' 

Lond. 1658. 
HILL (wM.) A New Years Gift for Women. Being a tnie Look- 

ing Glass which they seldom bave in their Closets. l^ L<nuL 

HILL (wM.) The Life and Visions of Nicbolas Hart 8« Lond. 

HILL (wM.) Proceedings of a General Court-Martial on thc 

trials of Lieut. W. Hill and Ensign W. Hill. 8« Lond. 1760. 
HILLARY (gul.) Febribus intermittentibus. 4* Lug, 

Bat, 1722. 
HILLARY (wM.) An Essay on tbe small Pox. 8« Lond. 1735. 
An Enquiry into the Contents of Lincomb Spaw Water 

near Bath. 8<> Lond. 1742. 
HILLE (PETR.) Disput. de Palpitatione Cordis. 4* Jen. 1684. 
HILLEBRANDT (michael) Unterricht wider den Catechismum 

Ambrosii Moibani. 4° Lips. 1538. 
HILLEN (JOH. PETR.) Disput. de Mensium Suppressione. 4* 

Lug. Bat. 1695. 
'HILLENIUS (FRANc.) Tlie English and Low Dutch Instructor. 

12« Rotterd. 1664. 

: 12« Rotteid. 1677. 

: 12« Rotterd. 1G86. 

IIILLER (ludov. hen.) Mysterium Artis Steganographicas. 8* * 

Ulm. 1682. 
HILLER (matth.) De Arcano Kethib et Keri, pro vindicanda S. 

Codicis Hebraei Integritate. 8° Tubing. 1692. 
Hierophyticon, sive, Comment. in Plantas S. Scrip- 

tura». Cui accedit Praefatio Salomonis Pfisteri» 4® Traj. 1725. 
IIILLERUS (sYLv.) Dissert. de Synovia tjusque Origine. 4® Hal. 

Mag. 1697. 
HILLIARD (john) Fire from Heavenbuming the Bodyof John • 

Hitchell. 4« Lond. 1613. 
HILLIARD (sAM.) Narrative of the Prosecution of Mr. Sarc. 8* 

Lond. 1709. 
Obligation of the Clergy to keep strictly to the bidding 

Form of Prayer before Sermon. 8° Lonc^. 1715. 
HILLING (greg.) Diss. ex lib. 4. C^leni de methodo medendi : 

continens curationem Ulceri. 4° Arg. 1634. 
HILLS (lydia) Relation ofher miraculous Cure. 8* Lond* 

HILMERS (jo. HEaMANNus) Commentatio Historico-Ecclesiaa- 

tica, de Ubbone Philippi et Ubbonitis, cum Disquisitione de 

Habitu DoctrinaB Mcnnonitarura. 4* Rostoch, 1733. 


H I N 

HILPERTUS (jo.) DiaquisiUod^Praadamitis. 12« Ulirdj. 1656. 


HILSCIhERUS (balth.) Exercit. de corporum naturalium afifec- 

tionibus extemis. 4« Witt, 1616. 

-^^— ^ De Anima. 4« L/>*. 1621. 

HILSCHERUS (elias) Disput de consensii et dissensu corpbrum 

hatdralium. 4« Wiu. 1682. 
HILTMANNUS (phil.) Disput. de^ethodo medendi in genere« 

4» Argcnt. 1626. 
HILTON (walter) Tlie Scale (or Ladder) of Perfection» 8« 

Lond. 1659. 
HILTON (william) Relatioh of a Discovelry made on Ihe Coast 

ofFlorida. 4« Lo«(f. 1664. 
HINCKELMANN (abr.) v. alcoran. bibliotheca. starchius. 
HINCMARUS, Archiep. Remensis. Opera. Cura Jac. Sirmondi. 

2 tom. fol. Lut. Par. 1645. 

Epistolae. 4« Mogunt. 1602. 

'^ Opuscula et Epistolae. 8^ Par. 1615. 

HIND (jAMEs) An excellent Comedy, called thePrinceof Priggs 

Hevels : or the practices of that grand thief Captn : J. Hind, by 

J.S. 4« Lofid. 1651. 

HU Last Wili and Tcstament. 4« Lond. 1651. 

His trial at the Old Bailey. 4« 1651. 

^ Petition to the Councell of State. 4<> Lond. 1651. 

■ The declaration of Captn. J. Hind, and his fuU Con- 

fession before the Counceli of State, with a Narrative of all his 

Ti^vels. 40 Loim;, 1651. 
^ ■ •' ■ Tlie triie and perfect rdation Of taking Captn. J. Hind. 

4« Lond. 1651. 
■ ' We have brourfit our Hogs to a fine Market, or Strangc 

news from Newgate ; being an historical Narrative of Capt 

Hind. 4« Lond. 1651. 

A Pill to purge Melancholy ; or merry news from 

Newgate: wherein is set forth the Jests, &c. of Capt. Hind. 4* 
Lond. 1652. 

The Eriglish Gusinan, or his History. 4» 1652. 


HIND (richd.) The Abuse of miraculous Powers iii the Cburch 

of Corinth considered. A Sermon. 8® Orf. 1755. 
• Sermon before ihe Sons of the Clergy. 4P Lond. 1764. 

HINDE (john) Account of the last dying speecti and execution 

of Abp. Laud. 4« Lond. 1644. 
HINDE (rob.) Modem practice of the Court of Chancery. 8* 

Lond. 1785. 
HINDE (wiLL.) The exemplary Life of John Bruen, Esq. 8* 

Lond. 1641. 
tllNDENBURG (casp,) Disput. de Elementis. 4« Witt. 1648. 
HINDLEY (j. h.) v. hafiz. 

MINDMARSH (eliz.) Account of herdeath. 12« Lond. 1777. 
HINDMARSH (robt.) I^iters to Dr. Priestley: containing 

Proofs of the Divinity of Jesus Christ and of the divine ISIva* 

sion of Eman. Swedenborg. 8® Lond. 17^, 

V0L.JIL 3A ' UY^^C^Qi'^. 

H I P 

HINDOOS. Sketches relating to the History, Seligion, &c. of 

the Hindoos. &" Lond, 1790. 
HINTON (benj.) Eighteen Sermons. 4« Lond. 1650. 
HINTON (john) V. webb. 
HINTS. Seasonable hints of an honest man. on the present crisis 

of a new Reign and a new Pftrliamcnt. 8^ Lond. 1760. 
II HinLs, &c. submitted to the serious attention of the 

Clergy, Nobility and Gentry newly associated. 8® Lond, 1790. 
HINTZIUS (joH.) Exercit. de Univocatione et Analogia Eatis. 

4" Rost, 1671. 
HIOHLMAN (joH.) Disscrt. dc Testibus. 8» Ups, IT08. 
HIOLE (JOANNEs) Carmen, quo docetur, lentoGradu, ad Vin- 

dictam sui, divinam procederc Iram. 4° Amsi. 1660. 
HIPPARCHUS Bithynus, In Arati et Eudoxi Phsnomena 

Lib. III. Ejusdem libcr Asterismorum. Achiliis Statii in Arati 

Phacnomena. Arati Vita et Fragraenta aliorum vcterum iu 

ejus Poema. Gr, fol. Flor, 1567. 
HIPPIUS (fauianus) Problemata physica, et logica. 8® Frane^ 


8« Witeb, 1611. 

8«> Witcb. 1617. 

HIPPIUS (JOH. CHR.) Disput.deTussi. 4<> Ups. 
— — Disput. dc calculo Renum. 4** Lips. 1666. 
HIPPOCRATES Cous. v. altomari. andre. angelutius. bail- 


BATTIERIUS. BELLAY. benedictus. bertolius. beverovicius. 


Opera. Gr. fol. Bas. 1538. 

2tom. fol. r«CTi». 1743 — 49. 

Gr. Lat. a Theod. Zuingero. fol. Bas. 1579. 

*- — — — — ab Hieron. Mercuriali, fol. Vch.15SS. ,• 


H I P 

IIIPPOCRATES Cous. Opera. Gr, Lat, cum mtcrp. et illustrat. 

Anuti Focsii. fol. Francof, 1595. 
[cum Galeni Operibus] a Reuato Char- 

terio. fol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6—8—13. Lut. Par, 1G39. 

[cuni Galeni Operibus] a Renato Char- 

terio. 13tom. fol. Lut.Par. 1679. 
— i ab Joh. Anton. Vander Linden, 2 vol. 

8<> Lugd. B. 1665. 

Lat. per M. Fabrinm Calvum. 4° Rom. 1525, 

fol. Bas. 1526. 

per Janum Cornarium. fol. Bas. 1558. 

■• ab A. Foesio. 8<» Francof. 1596. i 

cum Comment. Joh. MarineHi. fol. Ven. 


f- ■ cum notis Prosperi Martiani. fol. Rom. 


— Gall. par Claude Tardy. 2 tom. 4<> Par. 


2 tom. 12« 1697. 

Opeta omnia in quae Galeni extant Commentaria, hac- 

tenus Latio donata. 8** Lugd. 1535. 

Compendium ins^tar Indicis in Hippocratis Opera per 

P.M.Pinum. fol. Fifn. 1597, 

Hippocrates contrartus ; quo Operaomnia Hippocratis 


in brevem Epitomen redacta habcntur, a Tho. Burnet. 12^ 
Edin. 1685. 

Libelh ahquot ad artem medicam praep^ratorii. Lai, 

ab Jano Cornario. 4® Bas, 1543. 

Opera parva. Lat. ipterprete A. Brentio. ^^ [Litt, 

Goth. sine loco, uut anno, aut Ttfjiographi nomine.'] 

Chirurgia. Gr. Lat. cum Commenl. Steph. Manialdi, 

80 Par. 1619. 

Aphorismi, Prognostica, Libri de Regimii^e acutorum. 

Lat. 12« [Litt. Goth.'] 

Liber Secretorum. Liber Pronosticationum. Liber de 

Natura humana. Capsula ebumea. Liber de Elementis et Aqua^ 
et Regionibus. Liber de Pharmaciis. Liber de Insomniis. Lat. 
fol. Ven. 1508. 

Praesagia et de Rationc Victus in Morbis acuti^. Lat. 

aGul. Copo. 4° 1511. 

De fojminea Nalura. Lib. 1. De Foeminarum Morbis. 

Lib. 3. Lat. M. Fabio Calvo interprete. W Par. 1526. 

Aphorismi. Lat. Nic. Leoniceno interp. Praesagia. Gult 

Copo interp. 16^ Par. 1524. 

Aphorismi et Prjedictiones cum Galeni Cpmment. Lat. 

a Nic. Leoniceno. 12** Par. 1526. 
.8« 1527. 

Aphorismi et Sententiae. Lat. cum Compient. Jofc. 

i^gricolae Ammoniae. 4** 1537. 

De Natura humana ; et de Victus Ratione salubri. 

Cum Comment. Galeni. Uit, ab H. Cruserio. 12« Par. 1539. 


H I P 

HIPPOCRATES Cous. Lex. Determinationes. Dissectio. Epistoh 
ad Thessalum filium. Democriti ad Hippocratem Epistola de 
Natura hominis. Gr, Lat, a Paulo Magnolo. 12^ Vcn. 1543. 

•— ^ Aphorismi. Praesagia. De Natura humana. De ra- 

tione Victus in Morbis acutis. Postrem6 Galeni Ars medicina» 
lis. Gr. Uu. \^ Bas. 1543. 

' Lat. ex recogn. Fr. RabelsBi. 12'* la^d. 


12« Par, 1539 

De Genitura, et de Natura Pueri. Gr. Lat. interfMrete 

Jo. Gorraeo. 4® Par. 1545. 

Aphorismi, Preenotiones. Sententiae selects ex libris 

Aurel. Com.Celsi. Lai. 16« Lugd, 1555. 

• Aphorisrni, Prassagia» Prorrhetica. De Insomniia; et 

Jusjurandum. Gr. W Pat. 1557. 

Gr, Lat. 16« Par. 1557. 

De Hominis -^tate. De septimestri Part^ et de octo- 

mestriPartu. Gr, Lat, ab Joh. Lalamantio. 8® 1571. . 

- Jusjurandum. Aphorismi. Prognostica. Prorrhetica^ 

Coaca Prssagia. 16® Francof. 1587. 

Aphorismi et Prognostica. Gr, Lat. J. Butino inter- 

prete. 16^ 1625. 

In Librum de Humoribus purgandis, et in Libros de 

Diseta Acutorum Ludovici Dureti Commentaria. £dit. a Pet. 
Giradeto. 8® Par. 163 L 

Aphorismi et Praesagia. Gr. Lat, 16« Par. 1639, 

Lat. cum annotat, Jo. Mandphi. IG? Fe». 


Aphorismi: Prognostica; Febribus acutis» 

Lat. cum C^ment. C. V. Dubourgdieu. fol. Rotn. 1659. 

Prolegomena et Prognostica. Gr, Lat. Cum paraphras- 

tica versione et Comment. J. Heumii. 4« Lugd. Bat, 1697. 

The Prognostic» and Prorrhetics. With Notes aud a 

Life of Hippocrates by john Moffat. 8« Lond. 1788. 

• Des Ulceres; des Fistules, des Playes de la Teste ; Avec 

les Commentaires de Guy Vide. Des Fractures, des Articles; 
de rOfficine du Chirurgien. Avec les Copipnentaires de Ga* 
lien. 8** Lyon, 1555. 

Traicte des El^mens, Temperaments, Humeurs ct Fa- 

cultes naturelles selon la Doctrine d'Hippocrates et de Galieiu 

\& lAfon, 1555. 

Sentent\aB ex XXII Comment. excerptae. fol. 

Aphorismi. Gr. 16° Hagan, 

W Lugd. 1543. 

Gr, Lat, ex recogn. Adolf. Vorstii. W 

Lugd. Bat, [cum Notis Mss.'\ 

cum Comment. Leon. Fuchsii. 8^ Par. 


cum Galeni Comment Nic. Leoniceno 

interprete. W Lugd. 1549. 

-cum Comment. Foresii. 12^ Fr^ne. 


H I P 

JUPPOCRATES Cous. Aphorismi. Gr. Lat. cum Galeni Com- 

ment. 12" Ven. 1582. 
I cum Comment. Joh. Visccri. 4P Tubing. 


Gr, Lai. Gul, Plautio inierprete; et cum 

Paraphrasi Joh. Lygffii. 12® 1595. 

cum Comment. Pauli OflBredi. 12® Au' 

rel. 1606. 

ex recogn. A.Vorstii.24°Lif^. Bat.l628. 

■• ab A. Foesio. 24<> Lugd. Bat. 1633. 

ex interp. A. Foesii et Gul. Plantii : edit. 

abAdr.Toll. W Lug.Bat, 1633. 

cum interpret. Joh. Heurnii, et cum 

jyjetaphr.J.FrerietR.Winteitoni. 12« Can/. 1633. 

per Gul.Odry. 12« Par. 1634. 

— Versibus expositi per Ger. Denisotum. 

- 8« Par. 1634. 

Par. 1628. 

cer. 1648. 


a Gul. Plantio. 16» Par. 1637. 
ab Joh. Marin. 12« Par. 1639. 
novo ordine digesti ab Joh. Lana&o. 8* 

ab Ant. Hommeio. 12« Par. 1640. 
■ aTobia Knoblochio. 12« Norib. 1641. 
cum Corament. Petr. CasteUi. 4« M(i' 

• cum Illustr. J. C. Dieterici. 4« Gim. 

cum metrica Paraphrasi. H. v. Poort. 

12« traj. ad Rh. 1657. 

cum explan.Matth. Naldii.4«J?o;;i. 1657. 

__— cum Notis Jacobi Sponii. 12« Lugd. 1684. 

cum Commentariolo Mart. Listcr. 12? 

Lond. 1703. 

cum Exposit. Phil. Hecquet. 2 tom. 8« 

Par. 1724. 

■ Lat. a Theod. Gaza. 12« [Litt. Goth.] 

cum Comment. Philothei cdit. a Lud. 

Conrado. 12« Ven. 
■ cum Exposit. Jacobi Forliviensis. foL 

Fbi. 1489. [cum Notis 3fss.] 

. — cum Comment. Ugonis. fol. Vcn. 1498. 

- cum Comment. Jacobi de ForUvio. fol. 

Ven. 1520. [cum Notis Mss.] 

cum Comment. Nicoli compilato a Joh. 

Baptista Theodosio. 12« Bonon. 1522. 

cum Comment. Oribasii. 12« Par. 1533. 

12« Bas. 1535. 

— 16« Lued. 1543. 

edit. a Joh. Morisoto. 12« Bas. 1547, 

. " > cum Comment. Hier. Thriveri. 4« Lugd. 


Comment. J. B. 'M.oiiXajKv \tl Sf V^ 

Apborismorum. 12« Fcn. 1554. TO5YOC;«lKX^ 

H I P 

HIPPOCRATES Cous. Aphorisini. Lat. interprete G. Hantio, 
cuin Comment. Galeni. 16** LugdA56\. 

cum interp. et Illubtr. N. Ilaupasii. V 

Pwac. 156^^ ,, ,^ „ 
: cum Comment. Oddi de Oddis. 12» Pat. 


12« Ven. 1572. 

J. B. Montani Commentaria in 1 et 3 

Lond. 1567. 

partem Aphorismorum. 12« Ven. 1565. 

Carmine redditi per Joh. Frerum. 12^ 


8« Francqf. 1579. 

12« Far. 1587. 

rar. 1594. 


ron. 1599. 

. 1606. 

cum Comment. Pet Crispi. 4P Rom. 

■ Paraphrasis poetica ab Andr. Ellingero. 

. 12« Spira. 1581. 

. Paraphrasi poetica a Pet. Bulengero. 

• Expositio in Aphorismorum I. 4« Fer* 

■ Carminc redditi a F. Du Port 8« Lui. 

- Versibus redditi a P. Dionysio. 4* Fb- 

• cum Explan. Const. Lucae. 4« Tictn. 

- cum Commcnt, Jac. Fontani. 12* Par. 


a P. F. Oclerio. 16« Vicent. 1610. 

,. Nic. Leoniceno interp. cum Annotat. 

Joh. Manelphi. 16« Ro7n. 1623. 

Carmine redditi a Joh. Lud. Gansio. 

16« Argent. 1624. 


12« Bruxell. 1647. 

. a B. Langwedelio. 16« Hamb. 1639. 

- Paraphrasi poetica a Joh. Junctern. 12* 

- Versu heroico expositi a J. B. de Conde. 

• cum Comment. Geo. Moralis. 4« Ven. 

• cum Kxpositione Peripatetica Guidi An- 
tonii. 4« Patav. 1649. 

a G. Morali. 16« Ven. 1653. 

■ cum Oribasii Comment. edit. ab Joh. 


Guinterio. 12« Patav. 1658. 

- faciU modo digesti ab Joh. Tilemanno. 

16« Giess. 1660. 
cum Comment. Lucae Tozzi. 4« Neap» 


a Geo. Wedeho. 12« Jen. 1695. 

> cum Comment. HoUerii et Scholiis J. 

Libautii. 13« 1697. YCS^WL^Sl^^T^ 

H I P 

HIPPOCRATES Cous. Aphorismi. Lai. cum Commenl. J. Fr. 

Leouis [Loew] ab Ersfeldt. 4» Francqf.etJJps. 1711. 

16« 1719. 

■ Ang. by S. H. To which b added a Treatise 

on tbe Eyes. 12» Lond. 1610. 

12« Lmd. 1665. 

The Aphorisms of Hippocrates and the 

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4 Hiv^^oe^iv:^^ 

H I I* 

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H I P 

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«tioiie cdit. a P. A. Agatho. 4* Foc 1566. 
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^ cnm Comnient J.C. Arantii. Per CfanidU 

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- M ' Qugstio medica. An ab insoienti Ailrts Temperie 

Therapeianova? 4^ Par. 1709. 



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fkr. l^. 

il)i§/. by John Leeke. 12* Ltmd. 166Jw 

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ceu Dissertatio qua Hominem ad volandum esse inef^^um oa* 

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HIRSCH («OH. cHRisT.) Bibliotheca Numiamatica, exhibena Ca» 

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addk. Mu.] 
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tmt ^ ■ ■ News from Spayne and HoUand conteyning an Infor* 

mation of English Aflayres in Spayne with a Conference made 

thereuppoo in Amsterdame. 12* 1593. 

Hispania^ Francia, Austrasia^ et Hdvetta, geogra- 

phicd, historic^ue^ Tabuiis seneis delineat». foi. Col. US. 

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Spain. Containing besides a discourse of the aayd King^s man- 
aer of government, and the injustice of many practises by him 
fiontrived. 4« Lami. 1595. HISPANIA. 


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' dicis et iEthiopicis. Damiani a Goes; Hienmymi Pftoli; 

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pulsion of 900000 Moores, translated by W. J. 4^ honA 

> Various Orders of Council, and Regulations^ coiiceni- 

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Relatione de i Successi tra le due Armate di Spagntb h 

Savoia. 4» Torin. 1615. 
— — Inventaire general des plus curieuses Recherches dea 
Royaumes d^Espagne. 8® Par. 1615. 

• Conference entre Le Pape et le Roy d'Espagne too» 

chant les Affaires de ce temps. 8® 1615. 

Speculum Consiliomin Hispanicomm in quo Regia 

Hispaniarum machinationes vari» contra Evangeiicoe pro nova 
monarchia fundanda, a diversis authoribus, tanqiiam in tabelM 
reprssentantur: edit. a J.M. 12^ Ijugd. 1617. 

Vox populi; or news from Spayne to forwam Engbnd 

and the United provinces how far to trust to Spanish pretenoes. 
4« 1620. 

Newes fVom Spain, of the Death of D. Rodrigo Calde^ 

ron. 4» 1622, 
A Relation of what happened to the great 

Fleet, and the Galeons of Terra Firma in America. 4* 'Ltmd. 

An experimentall Discoverie of Spanish Practiaea. 4^ 


Capitulos de Reformacion, que su Magestad se sirve de 

mandar guardar por esta ley, para el gouieroo del Reyno. foL 

La deroutte des af&irat de L*Empereur et du Roy d*Ei- 

pagnetant par Mer, que par Terre. 12^ Par. 1633. 

Histoire d'un favory de la Cour d'£spagne. 19^ Pwr* 


Socorro de Fuente-rabiai y Successos deU Aiino 163& 

4<» Madr. 1638. 

■■ Relation of a Victory gained by Philip IV 

LewisXIIL 4« Lomi. 1641. 

An ordinance of Parliament to secure Spanlsh Mer- 

«hants bringing silver* Hutp. 4* Lond. 1643. 

^ * ^ HISPANIA4 

H I S 

HISPANIA. Newes out of Sp«iiie of iufiDite conccniment to 
Englaiid. 4» Lomd. 1644. 

■ ■ ■ Extraordioaiy Newes from the Court cf Spain: de- 

claring the Soleronities at tbe reccption of the ntw Queen and 
of tbe Turkft Ambassador. By T. B. 4* Loitd. IC50. 

Defensa Canonica, por la Dignidad Episcopal de 1a 

Puebla de lo6 Angeles, en la Nova-Spagna de America« Piute 1. 

4* 1652. 
— — Memoires k Plaintes de rAmbassadeur d*£spagne» 

aux Estats Generaux. 4® Amst. 1653. 
— - The Spaniards cruelty and treachery to the English 

discovered, \Vith some Expedients for the subjecting theSpa- 

niards in America. 4® Lond. 1656. 

' The King of Spains Cabinet divulged ; Or a discover]^ 

of tlie Prevarications of the Spaniards with all the States of 
Europe for obtaining universal Monarcby% l^ Lond. 1658. 

The McrcfaAnts' Remonstrance, and Account of the 

Losses of their Shippinio:, since the War with Spain. fol. LomL 

— ^— Considerations touching the not warring with Sp^n, 
by T. B. 4* Lond. 1659. 

— — Relation d'un Voyage d'£spagne. 12* Par. 1664. 
12" Lond. 1668. 

—— The Character of Spain : or an Epitome of their Vir- 
tuesandVices. 16" Lond. 1660. 

• Voyage d^Espagne contenant entre plusieurs particu* 

laritez de ce Sovaume, trois discours Politiques sur les affidrep 
dn Protecteur d Angleterre^d^ la Reine de Suede & du Duc de 
Lorraine. 12* Coi, 1667. 

Angl. 8» Lond. 1670. 

Lettre de rinquisiteur General ecrite a U Reine Bo- 

gente d^Espagne. 4» 1668. 

-— Joumal du V^oyagc d'£spagne. 4* Par. 1669. 

Tratado par a componer las controveri^ias y ajustar 

la Paz entre las coronas de Espana y la Gran Bretana en Ame- 
rica. 4* 3fai/r. 1670. 

— Memojres curieux envoyez de Madrid sur ks Festes 01^^ 
Combats de Taureaux. Sur ie Serment de Fidclit^ qu'on prest^ 
solemneikment aux Successeurs de la Couionne d'Es»pagne« 
Sur le Marriage des Infiuites. Sur les Proverbes les Moeurs 
fL la Genie de la Nation Espagnolle. 12® Par. 1670. 

History of the Transactions of the Court of Spain. 9 

Lond. 1691. 

Third Part of the Letters of the Lady's Travels inta 

Spain. 12^ Lond. 1692. 

Relation historique 8c galante, de rinvasion de !'£&• 

pagne par ks Maures. 4 tom. 12® Haye, 1699. 

freaty between Great-Britain, France, and the United 

Provinces, for settling the SucoessioQ of the Crown of Spain. 
4® Lond. 1700. 


K I S 

BISPANI^. Tbe tw« great Qucstions considmd. I. Wbtl Ihr 

Fiench King will do with respcct to thc Spanish Monarchy. 

II. What measyires tbe Enghsh* ought to take. 8^ Lamk'^ 

m An Account of Spain. To whieh is added a Prefacc 

concerning the Eetablishment of the Spaniah Crown on tinr 

Duke of Anjou. 8<* Lond. 1700. 

The Partition of the Lion in thc Fable verificd m Ae 

Partition of the Spanish Monarchy. A Befencc of the Empe^ 
ror's Title to the Crown of Spain. 8» Lond, 1701. 

The Fable of the Lions shJre vcrified in the pre^ 

tended partition of the Spanish Monarchy. Part I. 8^ Lond» 

Series of Prints represcnting the mcmoriMc actioBB hr 

thc war of the Spanish succession. fol. Augnh, 17€l — 14^ 

Ponderatione d'uno Spagnuolo mtlitare sotto gli Sten* 

dardi di Carolo III. vero Monarca deUe Spagne. W Mirandr 

La Goerre d^Espagne, de Flandres» & BaTicre, ou Me# 

noirea du Marquis de * * *, conteaant ce qui a^cst paase dr 
plus secret, jusques en 1706. 12® W. 1707. 

Memoires sur la pretendue Deelaratioo de VUniveniti* 

dc Helmstad, touchant le Changemenl de Religion de fai Rcmr 
d'£flpaone. 8® Roittrd. 1710. 

Proposal for humbling Spain. 8** I/md. 171 1^ 

RegiamentOB y Ordenanzaft de Su Magcfltad, de bi In# 

fanteria^ Cavalleria, y Dragones. 12^ Madr, 1712. 

An 4mpartial Enquify into the Management of the War 

withSpain. S^" Lond. 1712. 

The renunciation of the King of Spain to the Crown rf 

France and of the Dukes of Berry and Orieans to ihe Crown of 
Spain. 4« Lond. 1713. 

Entretiens sur les Entrepriscs de l^Espagne, les Preten# 

•k)Ds du Chev. de St. George, & la Renonciation de Philippe V; 
8^ Hayc, 1719. 

Popular prejudices against the Convention and IVemty 

"wilh Spain examincxl and answercd. 8* Lond. 1739. 

Letter from a Mcmber of the last Parliament to ft new 

Memberj concerning thc War with Spain ; with some Ohser* 
vations on the Hanover Neutrality. 8^ Lond. 1742. 

Coiisiderations sur les Finances d'£spagne. 16^ Ihrsd. 


Papers relative^ to a rupture with Spain, laid bcfore 

Parliament. Fr. Eng. 8» Lond. 1762. 

Abre^e Chronologique de PHistoire de rEspagqe 

et de PortugiO. 2 tom. 12^ Par. 1765. 


U I 8 

HISPANIA. Fspefs rdative io the hte negotlation wHfa SfyriB 
and tbe takiag of Falklaiid'a laknfd from the EnsUsh. 4^ Lmd. 

— — — CeoBO Espanol executado de orden dd Rey. 4? 

Nouveau Voyaffe en Espagne, ou Tableau de TEtat 

actuel de cette Monarchie. 3 tom. B* Par. 1789. 

• The History of Spain frora the Establishmeiit of the 

Cokny of Gades by the Phosniciaiis to the Death of Ferdinandl 
the Sage. 3 toI. 8« Lond. 1793. 

Tbe Spanish Royal Navy list for 1796. 6* Lond^ 



HISTORIA. La Mer des Histoires. 2 tom. fol. Par. 
' 2 tom. fol. L^^, 

Recueil de diverses Histoires toochant les Situatioos de 

loiites Regions & Pays contenuz es trois Parties du Moodc^ 
trad. de Lat. \2^ Par. 1545. 

■■ Artis historice Penua, 18 Scriptorum. 8* Bas, 1579. 

Histoire des Histoires, avec rUee de THistoire acoom- 


ie. PluB le Desaein de rHistoire nouvelle des Fran^ois. 19^ 

■ Hiatoric Universalis Scdeton in usum Gyninasii Co- 

mitatus Lesznensis a J. J. S. P. l^ Lugd. Bat. 1633. 

Observations on History, by W. H. 12^ Lond. 1641. 

• The most remarkable Passages from most Parts of 

Christendome, for about three Months past. 4^ LoimL 

A HelpHo English History. \2f* Lmd. 1652. 

Paradisus historico-politicus, sive» Geschicht Beschret- 

bung von Anfang der Welt, durch P. R. 8» CoL 1657. 

■ La Science de THistoire. 12« Par. 1665. 
The Historians Guide. 12« Lond. 1676, 

> Sentimens sur les Lettres, et sur rHistoire, avec dea 

scrupules sur le Stile. 12« Par. 1683. 

• The Historian^s Guide: or Britains Remembraneer 

from 1600 to 1688. 12« Lmd. 1688. 

fitrni 1600 to 1701. 12« Lond. 1701. 

— — The modest Critick, or Remarks on the most emineni 
Historians. 12« Lond. 1691. 

A most choice Historical Compendium, by A. M. 12* 


Pieces fugitives d'Histoire ct de Literaluf« pour ser^ir 

m rHbtoire Anecdote des Gens de Lettres. 12« Par. 1704. 

Historica disquisitio de re vestiaria hominis sacri. liP 

ilifMi. 17(4. 

Recueil choisi des plus beaux TraiU d'Histoire. 

Liege, 1707 
-p A Hdp to History. 3 voL 8« Ltmd. 1711—1715. 



HISTORIA. Histoire Chronologique des Papes^ deg iftmpertoiii^ 
& des Rois. qui ont regne en Europe, depuis la Naussance d^ 
Jesus Christ. 12^" Par. 1714. 

• The Historians Vade Mecum. 12« Lond. 1741. 

• Essay on the Maniier of writing Hibtory. 8® LotuL 


A Letter concefhing the Use and Method of studying 

History. ^ Land, 1753. 

■— An universal History. 20 vol. 8» Lowrf. 1747^ 48. 

The modern Part of an universal History. 44 vol. 8* 

Lond; 1759—65. 

Essay sur rHistoire generale et sur les Mo?urs et l'Es- 

prit des Nations, depuia Charlemagne jusqu' a nos jours. 8 
tom. 8« 1761-^3* 

Tiie young Lady'8 Introduction to Natural Histoiy. 

l^ Lond 1766. 

An Abridgement of Sacred History. 12® Lond. 


■ Sacred History in familiar Dialogues. 4 vol. 12^ 

Lond. 1796. 

« The Studv of History rendered easy. 8* Lond. 1798. 

HISTORIA AUGUSTA. Historiae Augu^iae Scriptore* VL 
^ianus Spartianus, Julius Capitolinus, iBlius Lampridiuff, 
Vulcatius Gallicanus, Trebellius Pollio, Flavius Vopiscus. a 
Ciaudio Salmasio recens. et cum notis I. Caiiauboni. fol. Par. 

*.— i •■ Accurante CorneHo Schrevdio. 8* Lug. Bai. 


HISTORIA POETICA. Historiae poeticae Scriptorea sc Apol* 
lodorus Athenicnsis, Conon Gramfnaticus, Ptolomaeus Hephtat, 
F. Parthenius Nicaensis, Antoninus Liberalis. Gr. Lat. 8^ Par. 

HISTRIO-MASTIX, or the Player whipt. 4» Lond. 1610. 

HITCHCOCK (ROD.) An Historical View of the Irish Stage. 
Vol. I. 12" Dub. 1788. 

HITCHCOCK (robert) A Pollitique Platt for thd>honour of tbe 
Prince, the great profite of the publique state, relief of the 
poore, preservation of the riche, reformation of roges and idle 
persones, and the wealthe of thousandes that knowes not howe 
to live. Written for a Newyeres gift to Endande. 4® Lmd. 

HITCHCNER (wm. henry) Love in a Desert. A musical enier- 
tainment>b<» Lond. 1802. 

■ ' Ivor, or the Sighs of UUa, A Tragedy. 8* LasuL 

HITCHIN (charles) A true discovery of the Conduct of Rc- 
ceivers and Thieftakers in and about London. 4® Lond. I718i. 


— — A Sermon on the death of Mr8.Tate and ber children, 
«0 Lond. 1758. 


H O A 


HITTORPIUS (MBLCH.) De divinis Catholics EcclesiaB OfBcii$i 

et Mysteriis. fol. Par. 1610. 
HIVR The Hive« A collection of Song^. 3 vols. 13* Limd. 1726. 
HI^LERUS (georg.) Oratio in Obitum Leon. Fuchsii. 41* Tu' 

bing, 1566. 
HOADLEY (john) The Nature and excellency of Moderation. 

An Aflsize Sermon. 8^ Lond. 1707. 
-^— Sermon hefore the Commons^on Jany. 30. VLcmd. 1718. 
HOADLY (benj.) BUhop of WindUster. p. blackhau.. hare. 


■■ The Reasonableness of Conformity to the Churah of 

England. 8» Lond. 1703. 

* Persuasive to Lay Conformity. 8® Lond, 1704. 

A serious Admonition to Mr. Calamy, occasioned by 

the first Part of his Defence of Moderate Nonconformity. b^ 
Lond. 1703. 

. »> Land, 1705* 

Defence of the Reasonableuesa of Conformity. 8^ Lond^ 


A Defense of Episcopal Ordination. 8* Lond. 17(J7. 

Assize Sermon. March 92. 1708. 8» Lond. 

-July. 1708. 8» Lmid. 

" ■ > Some Considerations humbly ofiered to the Right Rev^ 
the Lord Bishop of Exeter. 8^ Lond. 1709. 

An humble Reply to the Lord Bishop of Exeter^s Aih 

swer. 8« Lond. 1709. 

A modest reply to the unanswerable answer to Mr* 

Hoadly> with some considerations on Dr. SachevereUs Sermon 
before the Lord Mayor. 8* Lond. 1709. 

Speech on the first article of the Impeachmfint of Dr. 

Sacheverdl. 8« Lond. 1710. 
■■ The Origina],and Institutionof Civil Governroent, dis* 

cussed. With an Answer to Dr. Atterbory^s Cbarge of KebeU 
Von. 8>> Lond. 1710. 

Twenty-two Sermons. 8« Lond. 1754* 

' Twenty Sermons. 8® Lond. 1755. 

■■ The divine Rights of the British Nation and Constitu* 

tion vindicaled. In Rcmarks on the severai Papers pubhshed 
against Mr. HoadIy's Considerations upon the Bishop of £ze<' 
ter'8 Sermons, by N. S. &* Lond. 1710. 

The Jacobite's Hopes revive^ by our late Tumults aod 

Addresses: or, some neceasary Remarks upon Mr. Lesly't 
nodest Pampblet, entituled, ihc Good Old Cause. &* Lond. 17 10. 
Ckuse which you piease: or, Dr. Sacheverell, and Mr. 

Hoadley, drawn to the Life. 8» Lond. 1710. 

The Salisbury Quarrel ended^ or the last Letter of thc 

Citizen of New Sarum to Mr. Hoadly, in which the true No- 
tioos of passive Obedience aod hereditary Right are more fuUy 
oxplained. 8» Lond. 1710. 

VoL. lU. 3 C \^OKOV2t 

H O A 

HOADLY (benj.) Faith and Obedience or a Letter to Mr. 
Hoadly occasioned by his doctrine of Resistance and Dispuie 
with the Bishop of Exeter. 12» Norwkk, 171L 

— ' Eleven Opinions about Mr. Hoadly, with ObeervatioDi. 

8« Lond. 1711. 

A modest Attempt to prove Dr. Hoadly not the Author 

of the Bouchain Dialo^ue. 8^ Lond. 1712. 

-Jura Re^ise Majestatis in Anglia; or the Rights of 

English Monarchy : with Reflections on Mr. Hoadley 's De- 
fence of his Sermon. 8" Lond. 1711. 

Discourses conceming the Terms of Acceptance with 

God. 8« Lond. 1711. 

Queries recommended to the Author of thc latc Di»- 

course of Free-thinking. 8° Lond. 1713. 

- The Restoration made a Blessing to us by the Protes- 

tant succession. A Sermon preached before the Ring May 29. 
8« Lond. 1716. 

A Preservative a^^inst the Principles and Practices of 

the Non-Jurors, both in Ciiurch and State. 8° Lond. 1716. 

A Layman's Lctter to thc Bishop of Bangor, or an 

Examen of his Prcservative against Non-Jurors. 4® Lond, 

The Suspension of thc Triennial Bill, the properest 

ivleans to unite the Nation. 8^ Lond. 1716. 

Remarks on the Lord Bishop of Bangors Treatment of 

the Clergy and Convocation. 8^ Lond. 1717. 

The Nature of the Kingdom, or Church of Christ, 

Sermon before the King. S^ Lond. 1717* 

8« Lond. 1717. [7M edit.] 

r— The Nature and Duties of a Public Spirit, A Sermoii 

before the Society of Antient Britons. 8* Lond. 1717. 

An Answer to Dr. Snape*s Letter to the Bishop of 

Bangor. 8^ Lond. 1717. 

The Rcport vindicated from Misreports : being a De- 

fence of the Bishops and Lower Hou^e of Convocation, con- 
cerning their late Consultations about thc Bishop of Bangor^s 
Writings. 8« Lond. 1717. 

'llie Report reported, or, the Weakness and Injustice' 

of the Proceedings of the Convocation, in their Censure of the 
liord Bishop of Bangor, examined aiid exposcd. 8* Lond. 

Answer to a Calumny, cast upon the Bishop of Bangor, 

by Dr. Sherlock. 8« Lond. 1718. 

A Protestation made on ihe 14th ¥thf. 17^J in behalf of 

tlie Kings Supremacy and ihe Protestant doctrines asserted and 
maintained in the Lord Bishop of Bangors Sermon. 8" Lond. 

^— — A Letter to the Rev. the Prolocutor. 8" Lond. 1718. 
A Letter to Dr. Tenison, concerning somc Citations 

made from Thc ABP. of Canterbury^s^Prcliminary Discourse 
to the Apobtohcal Fathers. 8® Lond, 17ia 


H O A 

HOADLY (bbkjO An Answer to the Representalion.drawn iip 
by the Cocnmittee of the Lower House of Convocatioo^ con- 
cemin^ several dangerous Positions and Doctrines in tlie Bi« 
shop of Bangor^s Preservauve and Sennon. ^ Lond. 17 18^ 

— The Measures of Submission to the Civil Ma^strate 

considered. A Sermon. 8^ Lond. 1718. 

Answer to Dr. Sher1ock's Book, intitled, tke Condition 

and Example qfour blessed Saviour mndicatcd, &c. 8^ Lond. 

• An Account of all the considerable Pamphlets, that 

have been published on either Side, in the present Controvers}% 
between the Bishop of Bangor aiid others, to the £nd of the 
Year 17ia 8* 

with the Continuation to the £nd of 1719. 

^ Lond. 1719. 20. 

Sermon before ihe Lords, Jan. 30. 8* Lond, 1718. 

- The Common Right of Subjects defended : and tbe 

Kature of the Sacramenul Test considered. In answer to the 
Dean of Chiche>ter'8 Vindication of the Corporation and Test 
AcLs. 8» Lond. 1719. 

Funeral Sermon on Mr. E. Howland. ^Lond, 1719. 

Answer to Dr. Hdre*s Sermon^ intituled, Chwrch AuthO' 

ritjf vindicated, 8® Lond. 17iO. 

Tlie D . . n of W r still the same, or his new 

defence of the Bp. of Bam^ors Sermon coosidered. 8® Lond. 
1720. ^ ^ 

Charge to bis Cler^y. 4« Lond. 1726. 

A Piain Account of the Nature and £nd of the Sacra* 

menc of the Lord's Supper. To which are added Forms of 
Prayer. 8« Lond. 1735. 

8» Lond. 1735. [2J. edition.] 

The Winchcster Converts : or, a fuU and true Discovery 

of tbe real Usefuhiess ^nd Design of a late right seasonable and 
Religious Treatis^, entided, A plain Accouni of tke Nature 
and End qf the SacramaU qf tfte Lord's Suppcr. 8« Ojf. 

An Answer to the Winchester ConverU. 8® Ojfi 


His plain Account of the Xature and £nd of the Sacra* 

ment of the Lord's Supper, not drawn from, or founded in, 
Scripture. Part. L 8* L?nd. 1737. 

Part. 2. »• Lottd. 8*» Camb. 1738. 

Letter to Clement Chevaher £squire, conceming Four- 

nier's Forgery on thc Bishop. 8* Lond. 1757. 

Refutation of Bishop Sherk)ck*s Arguments against a 

Repeal of the Corporatioo and Test Acts. 8* Birm. 
HOADLY (benj.) M. D. Three Lectures on the Or^^ans of Res- 

piration^ resd before the Colicge of Pbysicians 1737. 4® Load. 

■ Oratio Harveiana. 4* Lond. 1742. 



BOADLY (bbnj.) iftf.JD. Obsenrationi on a series of Hectrical 
Experiments by Dr. Hoadlyand Mr. WUson. 4® Lond. 1756. 


■ ■ llie natural Metbod of teaching. Being the Acdh 

dence, in Questions and Answers. 8® Lond. 1683. 
Latin Accidence. 6^ Lond. 1737. 

HOARE (phince) Love'8 victims: The Hermit'» Story. *• Lond. 

■' Indiscretion ; A Comedy. 8* Lond. 1800. 

- ' ■ Extracts from a Correspondence with the Academies of 
Vienna and St. Petersburg on the cultivation of the Arts in 
Austria and Prussia. To wbich is added a summary Accoant 
of the Transactions of the Royal Acaderay of London, 4^ 
Land. 18t;2. 

The Three and the Deuce. A Comic Drama. 8" 

Land. 1806. 
HOARE (p. R.) An Examination of Sir J. Sinclair^s Observatiooi 

on the Report of the Bullion Coramittee. »> Lond. 1811. 
f ■■ Reflections on the possible Existence and suppoaed £x« 

nedience of National Bankruptcy. 8® Lond, 1811. 
HOARE (Sir R. c.) v. giraldus. 
HOBART {Lady francbs) v, collinges. 
HOBART {Sir henry) Reports. 4^ Lond. 1641. 
HOBART (james molesworth) v. dralloc. 
V ■■ alias Henry Griffin, alias Lord Massey tbe 

Newmarket Duke of Ormond, &c. his Life. 2 vol. 12^ L»nd - 

HOBART (john) Earl qf Buckinghamshire. Appellant and R^^ 

spondent^s Cases with respect lo the Drury Estates. fol. 1762*.— 
HOBBES (tuos.) of Malnisbury. v boyle. bramhall. dowe^b 


#'■ ■ Opera philosophica omnia. 4" Amst. 1668. 

■ Confutation of a Geometrical Theorem. fol. 

. Elementa Phiiosophica de Cive. 13® Amsi. ap. tuc^ 

Elz. 1647. 

-: 12® Amst. 1669. 

Angl 12« Lonrf. 1651. 

Humane Nature: or the fundamental Elements 

Policy. Being a dijscovery of the Faculties and Passions of th»^ 
Soul of Man. 12« Lcmd. 1650. 

12» Lmd. 1651. 

De Corpore politico. Or the Elements of Law. 12 

Lmd. 1650. 

De Principiis Justi et Decori, sive, Apologia pro Hofac^ 

baei Tract de Cive. \^ Amst. apud Elzev. 1651, 

Leviathan. Or the Matter, Forme and Power of 


Commonwealth ecclesiasticall and civill. fol. Lond. 1651. 

ElemenU PhilosophiaB. 8«^ Lond. 1655. 

Examinatio et emendatio Mathematicfle bodi( 

' Qualis explicatur in Libris J. Wallisii. 49 Lond. 1660. 


H O B 

HOBBES (toos.) Dialogus physicus, de Natiira Aeris. 4* LaiuL 

■ Mr. Hobbs considered in his Loyalty, Beligioii, Bepu« 
Ution and Manners. W Lond^ 1663. 
»> Lond. 1680. 

De Principiii et Batiocinatione Geometraniin. 4* 

Lmd. 1666. 

Rosetum Geometricum, cum Censura Doctrina; Wal* 

lisian», de Motu. 4® Lond. 1671. 

Mr. Hobbs's state of Nature considered* A Dialogiie* 

To which are added V Dialo^ues from the Author of the Oo» 
casions of the contempt of the Ckirffy, by J. E. 13* Lond. 

8° Lond, 1696. 

■ Some opinions of T. Hobbes considered in a second 

Dialogue. \^ Land. 1673. 

Principia et Problemata aliquot Geometrica, ante des* 

perata, nunc breviter explicata et demon^trata. 4* Ltmd. 1674. 
• Decameron physiolog^cum. Or Dialogues of Natural 

Philosopby. To which is added the Proportion of a straight 
Line to half the Arcof the Quadrant. B^* Lond. 1678. 

De Mirabilibus Pecci ; being the Wonders of the Peak 

in Derbyshire. An^.ScLai. 8^ Lond. 1678. 

An Historical Narration, conceming Heresy, and thc 

Punishment thereof. fol. Lond. 1680. 

Historia Ecclesiastica Carmine Elegiaco concinnata. 8* 

Aug. Trinob. Lond. 1688. 

Thorose Hobbesii Vita. Carmen. 4* Loiut. 1679. 

An^l. fol. Lond. 1680. 

Behemolh. The History of the Civil Wars of England 

from 1640 to 1660, translated from the original written m 
Latin verse by him.^^elf. 12® 1680. 

ViU. 8" Carolop. 1681. 

12« Carolop. 1681. 

4« Carolop. 1682. 

Hobbs's Tripos, in three Discourses. I. Of Humane 

Nature. II. De Corpore politico. III. Of Liberty and Ne* 
cessity. 8» Lond. 1684. 

His Principles on Self-preservatioD ezamined. 19* 


HOBBS (stephen) Margarita Chyrurgica. Containing a com- 
pendioos Practice of Chyrurgerie. 12* Lond. 1610. 


HOBHOUSE (THos.) Elegy to the Memory of Dr. S. Johnson. 

4« Lond. 1785. 

Kings Weston Hill, a Poem. 4« Lond. 1787. 

- HOBLYN (ROB.) BibUotheca Hoblyniana. 8» Lond. 1769. 
HOBOKEN (sic) NovusDuctusSalivalisBlasianus. 12» UliraJ. 



H O C 

HOBOKEN (Nic.) Disp. de Dysenteria. 4« Uhr. 1662. 
■ Oratio fuDebris Ph. Conr. Comitis de Benlheinu 

UUr. 166B. 

«. Anatomia SecundinaB humanfls. 8® UUraf. 1669. 

12° UUraj. 1672. 

— r~- De Sede Anims, $eu, Mentis humanse, in Corpore ho- 
mano. 12<» Trfl;. arf Rh. 1669. 

Oratio valedictoria, de Academiarum Schdianunqiie 

Communione. 4® &ei7if. 1669. 

Coguitio physio1ogica*medica« 4* UUraj. 1670. 

Oratio de professionis medics cum mathematica coo- 

junctione. 4° Hard. 1670. 

Anatomia Secundince Vitulinae. 12® UUrqj. 1675. 

HOBSON (john) The Armhiian haUered, who halting between 
the Protestants and Papists ftll into despair. Or tbe wicked 
life and tragical death of John Hobson, by T.S. 4° 1641. 

JIOBSON (paul) A Garden inclosed, and Wisdom justified onfy 
of her Cbildren. 12« Lond. 1647. 

p Practical^Divinity. 12® Lmd. 1646. 

A Treatise containing three Things. I. A Discowy 

of the Burthen of Sinne to a Heart sensible of Sin. U. The 
restlesse Rcsolution of a Soule to returne to God, who is sensible 
of bis withdmwings. III. A Discovery of the lilntertainment 
that Hearts meet with in their retum to God. 12® Lond. 165d. 
Fourteen Queries and ten Absurdities about the Extent 

of Christ's Deatb, the Power of ihe Creatures, the Justice of 

God in condenjning some and saving others, answered. 12^ 

JLond. 1635. 
HOBSON (THO.) Christianity the Light of the Moral World. A 

Poem. 4® Lond. 1745. 
HOBY {Sir ed.) v. cognet. 
- ■ Letter to Mr. T. H. late Minister : now Fugitivc. 4* 

Lond. 1609. 

A Counter Snarle for Ishmael Rabshacheh. 4® Lond. 

HOC (lud. petr. le) Qusestio medica. An aqua vitse, aqut 

mortis? 4® Par. 1729. 
HOCCLEVE(thos,) Poeras selected from a MS. inthe posses- 

sion of G. Mason. With a Preface, Notes and Glossary. 4* 

Lond. 1796. 
HOCHSTAT (joh. wil.) Eventus Vulnerum Partium Abdominii. 

4*» Arfrtnt. 1637. 
HOCH^TEITEHUS (joh. phil.) KE^DAAAAriA. 4« ' 

Jen. iGbS. 
Ht)CHb IttATEN (jacob) Destructio Cabale, contra Joh. Reuch- 

lin. 4« Col. 1519. 
HOCK (\\ENDELiNLb) dc Brockenau. Menlagra, sive, Tract dc 

Causi^ prestivativis, Kegimine et CuraMorbi Gallici. 4® Ar* 

getu. 1514. 
HOCKER (JOH. adam) Disput. deSaccharo. 4^ Gie«*.1698. 



H O D 

JS fjoKAs) Speculum Logico-thcologicbin^j de Personi 
4« Tubing, 1610. 


cutk, i.e. Gloria Regni, Hymni in Honorem Regni Di* . 


US (JOH. FRiD.) Disseijt. de Libris legcndis. 12* Ha* 


(jAMEs) Arithmetick. 12^ Lond, 1661. 

30N (joiin) Sion and Pamassus. Or Epigrams on 

Vxtsof the O. and N. Testament. 8« Lcmd. 1650. 

rho. Mori Vita et Exodus. Or thc History of Sir 

More. 8« Lond, 1652. 

Q, (mich. de) Qusestio medica. An febres omnes a ' 

4» Par, 1682. 


arthur) His Trial for Murder. 8» Lond. 1811. 

iohn) Sermons on the Evidenccs of the CHristian Re- ' 

^ Lond, 1758. 

rhe character and happiness of the christian Minister ' 

eprcsented, in a Funeral Sermon on J. Mason. 8* 


Mr.) On the Vegetation of Plants. 8» Land. 1811. 

(anth.) Trial for adultery between Anthony Hodges 

Hon. Chas. Wyndham. 8« Lond, 1791. 

(jAMEs) The present State of England, as to Coin, and 

harges. S^ Ix)nd. 1697. 

(john) The true and only Causes of the Want of 
n these Kingdoms and the Remedies. fol. 
How to revive the Golden age. fol. 

(nath.) The Christian'9 Gain by Death. Funeral 
on Revd. J. Steniiett. 8« Lond. 1713. 
(XATH.) Vindicia? Medicinae et Mevliconim. Apology 
^rofcssion and Professors of Physick. 8° Lond. 1666. 
Loimologia, sive, Pestis Londinensis Historia. To which 
an Essay on the Causes of Pestilential Didease, by Dr. 

8« Lond. 1671. 

Angl, S^ Lond, 1720. 

Oratio Harveiana. 4^ Lond, 1684. 

(rich.) A special help to Orthography. 4® Lond* 

The plainest Directions for true Writing of English. 
d, 1649. 


A GHmpse of God^s Glory. A Fast Sermon. 4' Lond. 

The Growth and spreading of Haeresie. A Fast Ser- 

Lojid. 1617. 
The hoary Head crowned. A Funeral Sermon on 
Walbank. 4« Oxf, 1652. 

Inaccessible Glory, or the Impossibility of seeuig God'i 
lilst we are in the Body. Funeni SeTmon ^ ^ 
fe Mayernc. 4« Lond, 1G55, HOW^ 

H O D 

IIOIX^ES (tho.) Trtatwe on Praycr. W Lt>nd. 1656. 

* The Neccssity, Dignity and Duty of Gospel Ministen. 

A Sermon before the University of Cambridge. 4* Loni* 

HODGES (walter) Letter occasioned by his Interpretation of 

Elohim, which«is shewn to be contradictory to the Doctrineof 

the New Testament. To which is added a Letter to Mr. Jor- 

tin in vindication of Dr. Middleton from a Charge of Infide* 

lity. 8* Lond. 1752. , 

HODGES (william) An humblc Representation of tbe Seameii'i 

Misery, in the Loss and Abuse of them in their PaymenL fol 

— — Proposals for Encburaeement of Seamen. 4^ LonnL 


Great 6ritain's Groans : or an account of tlie oppres^ 

sion of the Loyal Seamen of England. 4^ 1695. 

Tbe Groans of the Poor, the Misery of Traders, and 

theCalamityofthePublick. 4« Lond. 1696. 

Ruin to Ruinj after Misery to Misery ; or a Complaint 

for the Seamen. 4<^ Lond. 1699. 
HODGES (wM.) Travels in India during the Years 1780, 81, 82 

and 83. 4« Lond. 1793. 
fiODGKlN (JOH.) Caliigraphia et Poecilographia Graeca. foL 

HODGKIN (s.) A caution tq the Sons of Sion in answer to Jere- • 

miah Ives*s Book, intituled, The grefU Case of Conscience opened, 

i^ Lond. 1660. 
HODGKIN (w.) A Short and eafsy Method of working the Eule 

of Practice. 8*» Lond. 1731. 
HODGSON (e.) r. williams. 
HODGSON (jAMEs) The Doctrine of Fhixions, founded on Sir 

Isaac Newton'8 Method. 4« Ijond. 1736. 
HODGSON (j.) Love, Kindness and due Respect, by way of varih 

ing to the Parliament of Enijland. 4^ Lond. 1659. 
HODGSON (j.) Disp. de XAnpnsi. 4° Lm^. Bat. 1677. 
HODGSON (Luc.) Disput. de Catarrho. 4" Lug. Bai. 1686. 
HODGSON (wM.) The Cominonwealth of Reason. S^ LmL 

HODIERNA (gio. bat.) Directionum Physico-theoricaj opui^ 

astronomicum. 4® Panorm. 1629. 

' ■ Opuscoli Fisici. 4° Palerm. 1641. 

■ De Systemate Orbis Conietici; deque admiraDdisCoeli 
Characteribus. 4° Panorm. 1654. 

■ Medicseorum Ephemerides. 4® Panonn. 1656. 
- De Admirandis Pbu^ibus, in Sole, ct Luna visis. fol 

Panorm. 1656. 
" ' Protei coelestis Vertigines seu Syslema Saturai. 4* 

Panorm. 1657. 
HODSKINSON (josepb) Plain and useful instruction to FameiB. 

9» Lond. 



^ (j.) Jesus Christ, the True God and only object of sit^ 
adoration. 2 vols. 12^ Lond. 1787. 
- The Young Christian^s Introductioh to the Knowledge 
God and Saviour Jesus Christ. 129 Lond. 1788. 

• A Catechism on tbe Christian Name and the Nature 
3aptismal Vow. 12^ Lond. 1797. 

• Medical facts. Submitted to the consideration of the 
d. 12« Lond, 1799. 

s' (leon.) Sermon on Heb. I. 7. 4° Lond. 1652. 

^ (sBPT.) The Great Sin of withbolding Com ; and the 

of all Men in Timesof Scarcity. ASermon. 8^ Lond. 

' An Address on the present Scarcity and high Price of 

ons. 8« Lond. 1795. 

^ (wM.) Sancta Peccatrix. 16^ 

^ (wM.) Zoraida, a Tragedy. With observations on 

y. 8« Lond. 1780. 



• The Unreasonableness of a Separation from the new 
j. Or a Treatise out of Ecclesiastical History. Trans- 
om a Greek Ms. 4<> Lond. 1691. 

• Anglicani novi schismatis redargutio, seu Tractatus 
Schisma. Gr. Lat. 4^ Oxon, 1691. 

• Answer to a Treatise of Ecclcsiastical History, by H. 
and entitled The unreasonahleness qf a SepareUion from, 
9 Bishops. To which are added tbe Canons from the 
ian Ms. omitted by Mr. Hody. 4® Lond. 1691. 

• Letter to a Friend» conceming a Collection of Canons 
be deceitfully omitted in the Oxford TreatUe against 

. 4<> Lond. 1692. 

The Case of Sees vdcant by an uncanonical deprivation. 
i. 1693. 

The Rcsurrection of the (same) Body asserted. 8* 

De Bibliorum Textibus originalibus, Versionibiis Grae- 
.atina vulgata: Lib. IV. Praemittetur Aristeae Historia» 
. fol. Oxon. 1705. 

De Groecis illustribus Linguse Grecas Instauratoribu.s 
. Cum Dissert. de Vita et Scriptis H. Hodii. a S. Jebb. 
d. 1742* 

TTH.) ab Hoenegg. Dissertatio Theologica Anti-Ponia« 
. An beati Angeii> et CceHtes, Deum in sua Easentia» 
jst, perfect^ cognoscant ? 4* Lips. 1620. 


)TETTERUS (car. frid.) Exercit. de Zoophytis. 4» 
JTETTERUS (joh. phil.) Dissert. de Cinnamomo. 4» 


(cHR. van) De Spe, Oratiimcula. 4P Roit. 1698. 

i. 3 D HOECKE 


HOECKE (MARfKus van) Exercit de Scientia media. 4^ Vkr; 

* " Exercitat ad Librum Augustini de Unitate Ec4:letig, 

4« uur.iem. 

HOEFERUS (hen. ant.) Disaert de Ulcere cacoetiieo Mciter 

curando. 4*» Gicss, 1795. 
HOEFERUS (woLFG.) Hercules Medicus^ siye Locorum commo- 

nium Liber. 12» 1665. 

2 tom. 4« Norib. 1675. 

HOEFFT (geo. jac.) De virgine stuprata a stuprafeore aon do* 

tanda. 4^ Giess. 1712. 
HOEFNAGEL (georg.) Icones Insectarum^ Florumj et Fnic- 

tuum. 4» Franc. 1592. 
HOEFNAGEL (j.) Insectarum Tolatilium Icones. 4« Amsi. 

HOEGGERUS (seb.) Dissert. de Saliva. 4« Bm. 1695. 

Dissert. de Salivs statu morboso. 4<^ Bas. 1696. 

HOELLINGIUS (jo. conr. steph.) Dissert. de Baetaiis Tetenim. 

4» Lips. 1724. 
HOELTICH (henk. anton.) De natur» admirandis in Luce, ob« 

•ervationes optic». 4^^ VUemh. 1704. 
HOENIUS (ANT.) Disp. deBello. 4« Frank. 1645. 
HOENONIUS (ant.) Epicedion de morte Philippi Melanthoais* 

HOEPPIUS (joH. MART.) Dissert de Irae energia ad morboapro- 

ducendum. 4^ Hal.Mag. 1720. 
HOERIUS (JOH. GOTT.) Augusta Numismata. 8** Miserut. 
HOESCIIELIUS (DAN.) Exercit de Actu et Potentia. 4* Wiub. 

HOESCHELIUS (dav.) v. andronicus Rhodiux appianus. 


HOEST (DAN. de) Disput. de Vomitu. 4» Lug. Bat. 1670. 
HOEST (Nic. de) Disput. de Sputo Sanguinis. 4'' Lugd. 1689. 
HOESTENERUS (joh.) Thematade Anima vegetante. 4« MariK 

HOET (gerard) Les principaux Fondemens du Dessein^ les Fi* 

gures gravees par Pierre Bodart. fol. Lcyd. 1723. 
HOET (simon) Disput. de Motu, Graviute & Levitate. 4* Lug. 

Bat. 1669. 
HOETENSCHLEBIUS (anan.) Disput de Constitutione SdeD- 

tiffi naturalis. 4<» Witeb. 1609. 

gOEVEN (conr. van) Disput de Pleuritide. 4» C/&r. 1663. 
OEVEN (Nia van) Dissert. de Tutdis. 4« Lug. Bat. 1719. 
HOEVENAAR (hubert) Oratio de Laudibus Studii Literarii. 4P 

GonncA. 1717. 
HOEUFFT (leon.) Disput. de Mandato. 4<> Lu^. Bat. 1716. 
HOEY (mr. van) Letters and Negotiations on his EmlnLssy, ftom 

the States General to the King of France. 8^ Lcmd. 1743. 
HOFEL (henning) Centurise tres Theaium phiiosophicanim. 4P 
Hiim. 1659. 


H O F 

tlOFEMIANUS (j. c.) Dialogus^ ioscriptuft Hermotimi nomine. 

4« B(u. 1570. 
HOFERUS (CHR.) Disput. de Loco. 4^ Lips. 1696. 
HOFERUS (JOH.) Dissert de Nostalgia. 4* Ba$. 1678. 
HOFFBAUER (frid. wa) Qusestio^ an naturaU homines vatici* 

nandi faculUte? 4P Hal. Mag. 1698. 
HOFFMAN. The Tragedy of Hoflfinan or a Revengc for a 

Fatber. ^^ Lond. 1631. 
HOFFMAN (abr.) Dissert. de Cholera. 4<» Lips. T69S. 
HOFFMAN (bbnj.) AFareweli Sermon. 4« Lond. 1683. 
HOFFMAN (JN.) Prophetic Letter to King Georgc, kc. 13* 

Lond. 171|. 
HOFFMAN (j. p.) Disput. de Asiarchis. 4» Hal. Sax. 1716. 
HOFFMANN (anton.) Dissert. de PhiIoso{^ia et summa ejus« 

dem Gradu. 4^ Marp. Catt. 1643. 
HOFFMANN (benj.) Historia Cycli Dionystani ctim Argumentii 

Paschahbus. 4» Fit. 1718. 
HOFFMANN fjo. chr.) Oost Ind. Voyage. 8« CasseL 168a 
HOFFMANNUS (casp.) v. bartholinus. scherbius. 
HOFFMANNUS (chb.) Disput. de Generatione prima. 4o Er/. 

— — Disput. de Elementorum loco, &c. 4® Witt. 1646. 
HOFFMANNUS (chr. benj.) Dissert. de Occultatione Poetica. 

4P Yitemh. 1702. 
HOFFMANNUS (chr. god.) Dissert. de Senio Eruditorum. 4^ 


■ De Nsvis Jurisprudentiffi Germanicae. 4* Hal. Mofg^ 

■ Nova Scriptorum ac Monumentorumj partim ranssimo* 
rum, partim ineditorum, Collectio. tom. 1 . prffiter alia sseculi 
XVI Monumenta Sam. Guichenoni Bibliothecam SsBbiisianaiQ 
et Paridis de Crassis Diarium Cur. Rom. complexus. 4^ Lips^ 
HOFFMANNUS (conrad. philip) Discursus de Die> ac Nocte^ 
Nuptiali. 4^ Rcgiom. 1720. 

■ De Matrimonio Sexagenarii cum Quinqiia^nariat 
Senis cum Juvencula, et Vetuke cum Juvene. 4® JR^giQm^ 

• Schediasma de insignioribus PuerperiiTemporibus. 41^ 

' Hal. Mag. 1723. 

HOFFMANNUS (dan.) Annotationes medicas ad Hypotheses 

Goveyanas de generatione Fcetus ejusque Partu. 8* Franc* 

HOFFMANNUS (euchakius) Musicae practicae Praecepta. cuni 

Pref. J. Rungii. l^ Hamb. 1588. 
HOFFMANNUS (frid.) v. potier. 
■ Dissertationes cse&raeque Lucubrationes AcademicaD, 

4^ Hal.Mag. 

Propempticon de Prudentia Medici circa Gravidarum 

€orpora. 4* 


H O F 

HOFFMANNUS (prid.) De Methodo medendi, juxta Seriem 

Wallaeianam. Cum Prffif. Joh. Michaelis. 4» Lips. 1668. 
■ ■ Cardianastrophe admiranda, observata in Anatomia Ca- 

daveris Sexus Fceminei. 4* Lips.\67\. 
■■ Exercit. de Acidi et Viscidi, pro stabiliendis omnium 

morborum causis, et alcali fluidi, pro iisdem debellandis, in suf- 

ficienlia, 12« Franc, 1689. 

De Cinnabari Antimonii Exercitatio. 12* Frmcqf. 


Dissert. de Afiectu Cataleptico rarissimo. 4* Frtmc, 


Ad Fundatorem novse Philosophiae spiritualis respon- 

sio. 4° HaL 1694. 

Propempticon de Pane grossiori Westphaloruni. P 

HaL 1695. 

Propempticon de vapore carbonum fossilium. 4* HaK 

Mag. \695. 

' Epistola gratulatoria ad B« Bamstorffiam. 4^ Hai. 

Mag. 1696. 

> Dissert. de Studiis per Regulas diaeteticas facilitandi». 

et de prolongenda Literatorum Vita. 12® HaL 1697. 

Demonstrationes physicee curios^. 4® HaL Mag. 

Observationes Barometrico-Meteorologic» ct Epide* 

micae Hallenses Anni MDCC. 4<> HaL Mag. 1701. 
■ ■ De officio boni Theologi cx idca boni Mcdici, Oratio. 

4» HaL Mag. 1702. 

Fundamenta Medicinae. 12* HaL Mag. 1703. 

- Dissertationes Physico-medicae selectiores. 8* Lugd. 

Bat. 1708. 

* Dissert. de Diaboh potentia in corpora. 4® HaL Mag» 

40 HaL Mag. 1725. 

Dissertationum Physico-medicarum decas. §• lAtg„ 

Bat. 1713. 

Anweisung zur Gesundheit. 2 tom. 8® HaL 1715. 

Propempticon de medicina ab omni Hypothcsi vindi* 

canda. 4» HaL Mag. 1719. 

Medicina Jlationalis systematica. 4 tom. 4® HaL Mag, 

I71b— 39. 

Medicina Consultatoria. 10 Part. 4 tom. 4® HaL 


Observationes physico-chymicae selectiores. 4* HaL 


Unterricht, wie, ein Mensch sein Leben & Gesundheit 

lang conserviren konne. 8^ Vlm. 1722. 

Opuscula phyfciico-roedica. 2 tom. 8® Ulm. 1725. 

Disquisitio de Fato physico & medico ejusque rationali 

explicatione. 4° HaL Mag, 1727. 

Les Vertus mediciuales de TEau commune; ausqu^les 

on a joint la Dissertation de Mr. de Mairan sur la Glace. 2 tom. 
12° Par. 1730. HOFFMANNUS 

H O F 

HOFFMANNUS (frid.) Sammlungr aiuerleaener Cawium. 4* 
Hal. 1735. 

> ConsiiUationum et Responsonim Medicinalium Centu- 

riaBlII. 4t^ Hal.MU. 
— — Opuscula medico-practica. 4® Hal. 1786. 

Medica»^ politicus, sive, Regulae Prudenti» secundum 

quas Mcdicus juvenis studia sua et vits rationem dirigere de- 

bet. 12« Lugd, Bat. 1738. 

Opueicula pathologico-practica. 4* HaLM. 1738. 

Opuscula medica varii Argumenti. 4® HaL 1739. 

Opuscula Thcologico physico-medica. 4" i/a/, 1740. 

Exercitalio de optima philosophandi Ratione. 4* Hal. 

Mag. I7il. 

Preefatio de diflferente, Artis medicse, et Medicorum, 

Conditione, et Statu. 4» Lond. 1741. 
— "' ■ Commentarius de diflerentia inter ejus doctrinam me- 

dico-mechanicam et Georgii Em. Stahlii medico-organicam. 

Cum PraBfatione S. E. E. Cohausen. 8® Pranc, 1746. 

Disput. de Modo Visionis. 4» 1750. 

On the virtues and effects of Asses Milk. 8® * Lond. 


On the virtues and uses of Whey. 8*^ Lond. 1761. 

HOFFMANNUS (geo. god.) Dissert de prscipuis medicatit 

Germanis Fontibus eorumque Eicamine cbymico-mechanico. 

4« HaLMag. 1724. 
HOFFMANNUS (gottf,) Lectiones in Zittavensi Gymnasio. 4« 

Ziet. 1709. 
HOFFMANNUS (jacob) Disquisitiones de Sensibus extemis. 4* 

Gryph. 1612. 
HOFFMANNUS (joannes gulielmus) Ad Legem Juliam, de 

Adulteriis coercendis Liber singularis. 4" Franc. V. 1732. 
HOFFMANNUS (j. jac.) v. roma. 

■ Dissert. de Gradu Magistrorum. 4" Regiom. 1713, 

"HOFFMANNUS (joh. joach.) Disput de Efficiente et Fine, 4^ 

Witt. 1665. 
HOFFMANNUS (joh. just.) Disput. de Dysenteria. 4« Jen. 

1684. ^ ^ 

HOFFxMANNUS (j. m.) p.horne. 
HOFFMANNUS (joh. mart.) Exercit. de Paralysi, 4» Jen. 


-^ Disput. de Ictero. 4« Jen. 1685. 

HOFFMANNUS (joh. MAUR.) Theses de Pinguedine. 4» Altd. 

1674. ^ 

De Paroxysmis febrilibus, asthmaticis, epilepticis, co- 

licis et hystericis. 4P Aitd. 1675. 

Laboratorium novum Chemicum apertum medicinsB 

cultoribus. 4» AUd. 1683. 

Idea Machina; humans Anatomico-Physiologica ad 

Observationes recentiores confprmata et ad Methodum Sectio«i 
num solennium accommodata. 4® AUdorf, 1703. . 


H O F 

HOFFMANNUS (joh. maur.) DisquiMtio Corporis humani anft» 

lomico-pathologica. 4<* Alt» Nor. 1713. 
•- Acu Laboratorii chemici Altodorfini. 4^ Narimb. 


Syntagma pathologico-therapeuUcum, ad Job. Hart- 

manni Praxin ehymiatricam concinnatum. Una cum Prolu- 

sionibns XLIV de Remediorum Delectu. 4^ Norimb. 1727. 
HOFFMANNUS (laur.) Commentatio de Usu et Abuau Medi* 

camentonim chymicorum. 4® Hal 1611. 
HOFFMANNUS (leonh. wilibold) Bcricht um wa» vor Zeit 

die mancherley Gold & Silbem Munz sorten auf kommcQttiid. 

4* Numb. 1680. 

Ander-theilige Fortseizung, &c. 4« Numb. 1689. 

HOFFMANNUS (martin) Exercit. de Facie Mosis^ quam pia- 

gunt comuti. 4« Witt. 1670. 
HOFFMANNUS (matth.) Viridarium Spiritus Sancti, ex Plaatis 

Biblicis. 8» Jen. 1671. 
HOFFMANNUS (mauritius) Florae Alldorffin» Delici» Sylves- 

tres, et Hortenses. 4» AUdorf. 1663. 

^ 4« Altdorf. 1677. 

4» Aitdorf. 1703. 

' Botanotheca Laurembergiana. 4^ Ahdoff, 1663. 
4« AUdorf 1693. 

Prudenti» medicffi ex San^uine pro Saiute mortaliuni 

agendorum rationes exponentis fuDdamenta. 12® AUd, 1672L 

Disput. XL de Sciagraphia morborum contagiosorum. 

4^ AUd. 1673. 
m Historia Agni Monstrosi. 12* Amst. 1677. 

Historia Vituli monstrosi. 12® Affist. 1677. 

Montis Mauriciani Descriptio Medico-Botanica. 

AUdorf. 1694. 

HOFFMANNUS (paulus) Metallurgia vapulans. 4» Mit. 1689. 
HOFFMANNUS (renatus) Disputatio de Conceptibus Dei se» 

cundis ex lumine naturee demonstrHbilibus. 4* Kost. 1697. 
HOFFMANNUS (tho.) Disput. de Hydrope. 4P M. Catt. 

Dissert. de Haemoptysi et Empyemate. 49 M. Catt. 

HOFFMANNUS (valent.) Laus depositionis Bcanorum. 4* Jen, 

HOFFMANSEG (m. Le Comte) Voyagc en Portugal, redige 

parM.Link. 8P Pdr. 1805. 
HOFFMANSWALDAU (chr. ab) Ubersetzungen und Getichte. 

8« BresL 1679. 
HOFFMEISTER (ben.) Theses de Angelorum compositione. 4* 

Marp. 1593. 
HOFFMEISTER (joh. herm.) De Eclipsi Solis qu» die Pas« 

sionis Domini accidit Dissertatio. 4^ Witt. 1683. 
HOFFMEISTER (jo. rodolph.) Panacea Nominis Jesu. 12^ 

Tig. 1653. 



HOFFSTADT (joh. dan.) Dissert. de generatione salium inoi^- 

bosorum in corpore humano. 4® HaL Mag, 1702. 
HOFFSTADT (joh. diet.) DisaerL dc tbertaca coelesti. *• 

WiiL 1691. 
HOFFVVENIUS (petb.) Hippocrates de circuitu sanguinis. 4« 

Lug. Bat. 1659. 
HOFM AN (abr.) Exercit. de Generatione. 4« Lips. 1685. 
HOFMANN (joan. ceo.) Distert. de Nive. 4» Witi. 1665. 
HOFMANN (JOH. pbil.) Dissert. de Labiis LeporiBis. 4<^ Hei* 

delb. 1686. 
HOFMANN (paul) Exercit. de Morbis Senum. 4^ Witt. 1698. 
HOFMANNUS (abr.) Disp.deAlviadstrictione. 4« Erf. 1678. 
HOFMANNUS (car.) Diatriba Chymico-Medica de Acido vi- 

trioli vinoeo. 4^ Norimh. 1733. 
HOFMANNUS (caspar) r. jungebmannus. 
■ De Usu Lienis, secundum Aristotdm Liber siBgufafis. 

120 x.ip5. 1615. 

* Variarum Lectionum Libri 6. 12* Lips. 1619. 

Comment in Galenum, de Usu Partium Corporis hu* 

mani. fol. Franc, M. 1625. 

De Generatione Hominis, centra Mundinum Mnndi^ 

nium^ et de Formarum Orig^ne secundum Arisiotelem. foL 
Franc. ad M. 1629. 

• De Usu Lienis, Cerebri et de Icboribus. 12* Lug. B. 


Pathologia parva. 12« Jai, 1640. 

- Animadv. in Comm. Montani Libros quinque de Mor- 

bis, et Th. Erastse Anatomen eorundem, nec non^ Ant-Erastica 
ejusdem Monlani> cum Auctuario, de Causa contincnte. 12^ 
Affist. 1641. 

De LocUaflectis. Libri lU. 12^ Nanh. 1642. 

Relatio historica Judicii Acti in Campis Elysiis contr» 

Galenum. 12» Norimh. 1642. 
— — Institutiones medics. 4* Lugd. 1645. 

Opuscula medica. 4° Lut. Par. 1647. 

Institutionum suarum roedicarum Epitome. 12* Par., 


12* Heideib. 1672. 

Isagc^e medica*^uabus Orationibus proposita. Edit, 

ab Jacob. Pancrat. Brunone. Cui accessit ejusdem Oratio de 
Vita Hofmanni. 12* Curia Narisc. 1661. 

Tractatus de Febribus. 12* Tuhing. 1663. 

ApologiaproGaleno^sive XPHITOMAQEinN Libri IIL 

Edit. a Guidone Patino. 2 tom. 4* Lugd. 166S. 

De INfedicamentis officinalibus, Libri II. 4* Jen. 1686. 

HOFMANNUS(cHBisT.) Causis. 4* Witt.ldU. 
HOFMANNUS (gbo. babn.) Theses de Erysipelate. 4* Arg. 

HOFMANNUS (henbicus) De Octantis Utilitate, hbcllus. 4« 

Jbi. 1612. 
HOFMANNUS (joh. jac.) Lexicon universale. 2 vol. fol. Bas. 

1677. HOFMANNtS 

H O G 

HOFMANNUS (joh. jac.) Lexici uriiversalis CohtinuatiO. ftl 

Bas. 1683. 
»' 4 tom. fol. Lug. B, 1698. 

HOFMANNUS (m. andr.) Disput. de Eclipsibu» teiTeBtrilnis* 

4« 1699. 
HOFHEIMERUS (paulus) HartnoniaB Poeticffi. 12^ Narimk. 

HOFMEISTERUS (joh.) Loci communes Rerum Theolo^ci* 

rum« quae» liodie^ in Controversia agitantur. 8^ IngoUt, 1547. 
— — 'HomiiiaB in Evangelia Dominicalia, et Festivatia. 8* 

Ant. 1549. 

Sacrificii Missae Assertio, cum Exposit Precum ac Ce- 

remoniarum quotidianarum. 16^ Anl. 1552. 
HOF-STEDE en Land-huys door Karel Stevens, Jan Libaut, Joh. 

Schroederus en Olivier de Serres. 4° Dordr, 1662. 
HOFSTETER (joH.*AD.) ANOPEEIA. 4» Jen. 1687* 
-'■ Epist. grat. ad Dn. J. Kanoldum* 4® Hal. 

Mag. 1704. 

- Epist. grat. ad Dn. J. Pctermanntmi. 4^ HaL 

Mag. 1704. 
HOFSTETERN (johan. adam) Der Zinnobers. 4« Lips, 1708. 

4« Schleswig. 1711. 

HOG (sTYCHo) Disput. de Nobilitate. 4® Hafn. 1621. 

HOG (THO.) Memoirs of his Life. 12« Ediub. 1756. 

■ Abridgment of Memoirs of T. Hog by W. A. Clarke. 

12« Lond. 1779. 


Paraphrasis I:atina in duo Poemata Miltonis, et CIeve> 

landi. 4° Loud. 1694. 

. Victa Namura. 4<> Lond. 1695. 

Ad Gulielmum III. Carmen triumphale« 4P Loni. 


Ad Carolum Duncombum U^oa^vvnriKcv. 4® Lond. 1699. 

Cato divinus : srve Proverbia Solomonis Latino Car- 

mine reddita. 8° Lond. 1699. 

Solomonis Cantici Canticorum Paraphrasis Poetica. 8* 

Lond. 1699. 

In obitum Gul. Batesii 0^9iyn7ixoi^. fol. Lond. 1699. 

■ la Obitum Gulielmi III. ©^JivuTtKoy. 4^ Lond. 1702, 

Descriptio Accipitris Poetica. ^^ 

n^o0-(px'y))7«xoy ad Anuara Magnse Britannie Regi^ 

nam. 4^ 

in obitum Christiani V Regis Danise. 4* 

HOGARTH (ric) Disputationes grammaticales. Eng. 8i Lai. 9 

Lond. 1712. 
HOGARTH (w.) V. NicHOLs. 

The Analysis of Beauty. 4® Lond. 1753. 

■ Biographical Anecdotes of, and Catalogue of his Worki# 

by J. N: 8" Lond. 1781. 

Hogarth illustrated by J. Ireland, With the Suj^e- 

aient. 3 voh. 8» Lond. 1791—1804. 


H O J 

HOGELANDE (cobn. ab) CogitatiOnes de Dei Existentia et 

Animx Spiritalitate, &c. l^ Amst. 1646. 
HOGEUUS (JOH. ZACH.) Disp. de Scorbato hsreditario. 4^ 

Erf, 1705. 
HOGEM ADE (jac. van) Disp. de Epilepsia. 4» Lug. Bat, 1666. 
HOGEN (PETR. van) Disp. de Dysenteria vera. 4* Lugd. Boi. 

HOGERBETIUS (pet.) Poemata. 12» Homa, 1606. 
HOGERSIUS (theoph.) r. schelius. 
HOGG (jAMEs) Scottish Pastorab, Poems» Song^, &c. mofitly 

written inthe Dialectof the South. 8» Edin. 1801. 

The Mountain Bard. 12* Edin. 1807. 

— — The Shepherd'8 Guide: being a practical Treatise OQ 

the Diseasesof Sheep. 8« Edinb. 1807. 
HOGG (thos.) St. Michaers Mount: a Poem. 4<> Truro, 1811. 
HOGHELANDE (ewaldus) Historis aliquot Transrautationis 

metailicie. Adjecta est Raymundi Lullii Vita. 12^ Col. Ag. 


Germ. 12« Leip, 1604. 

HOGHELANDE (theobaldus de) De Alchemis DiflScultatibus 

Libcr. 12* Col, Ag, 1594. 
HOGHENBERG (nic.) Introitus Clementis VII. P. et CaroU V. 

Imp. in Boloniam. fol. 
HOGHTON (john) v. howe. 
HOGHTON \Sir richd.) v. busheli. 
HOGIUS (jusT.) Disputatio quiuta Centuris secdndse qusestio- 

num philosopbicarum in Wittebergensi Academia proposita. 

4« Witt.lWK. 
HOGLANDIA. Hoglandi» Descriptio. 8« Dmd. 1709. 
HOGS Oiaracter of a Projector. 4^ Lmd. 1642. 

We have brought our Hoffges to a fine market. 4® 

HOGUET (m. db la) Nouvelles Lettres galantes et historiques. 

8» Par. 1691. 
HOHBERG (woLFF.) Georgica curiosa. Germ. tom. 2. fol. 

Nwnb, 1682. 
HOHENBERGIUS, r. braun. 
HOHENBURG, v. hbrwabt. 
HOHENHEIM (theoph.) Spittal Buch. 4« 1562. 
HOJELSINUS (and.) Dissert. de vens-sectionis in pede gravi- 

darum usu tuto. 4<» Hal. M. 1724. 
HOJER (PETB.)Di8sertdeRetractionibusEruditorum. 4» Wiit. 


Thcmata. 4» Haun. 1722. 

HOJERUS (CHR. FRiD.) Disput. de Cardialgia. 4« Jen. 1688. 
HOJERUS (hen.) Conclusiones de colico dolore. 4* LiifJI 

HOJUS (and.) Oratio, de novse, apud Europeeos, Monarchis, 

pro terapore, et ad infrin^endam Turcicse Dominationis impo- 

tentiam, et ad stabiliendam Christianse Statum, Utihtate. 4* 

\oL. UL 3 E \VO\S£X$^ 

H O L 

HOLBEIN (hans) v, biblia. death. erasmus. mobs. 

Oeuvres. Avec Explicaiions ; et la Vie de H. Holbeifi 

par Chr. De Mechel. III Part. 4° Bas. 1780—90. 

Imitations of Original Drawings by Hans Holbein in 

the Collection of His Majesty, for tbe Portraits of illustrioiif 

Persons of the Court of Henry VIII. Witb biogpraphical 

Tracts. Published by J. Chamberlaine. fol. Lond. 1792. 
HOLBERG (baron) Introduction to universal Histpry, firom the 

Laiin, witb Notes by Gregory Sharp. 8® Lond, 1735. 
HOLBERG (ludvig) Niels Klims Undeijordiske Reise oversat af 

Jens Ba^^gesen. 4° Kiohen, 1789. 
HOLBERGIUS (ludov.) Ad Virum perillustrem Epistola. 8» 

Franc, 1736. 
HOLBORNE (rob.) Readings upon the Statute of Treasons. 4» 

(hf- 1642. 
HOLBROOKE (w.) v, randall. 
HOLBROOKE (wm.) Love^s complaint for want of entertainr 

ment, a Sermon. 49 Lond, 1609. 


HOLCROFT (FR.) V. milway. 

HOLCROFT (thos.) The noble Peasant, a comic Opera. 8* 

Lond, 1784. 

— I The Choleric Fathers, a comic Opera. 8*^ Lond. 1785. 

■» An Amorous Tale of the cbaste Loves of Peter the Long 

and Blanche Bazu. 12° Lond, 1786. 

• Sediiction; a Comedy. 8* Lond, 1787. 

— ^— The school for Arrogance : a Comedy. 8® Lond, 1791. 

— — Anna St. Ives, a Novel. 7 vols. 12<> Lond, 1792. 

' Love's frailties; a Comedy. 8° Lond, 1794. 

■■ The man of ten thousand; a Comedy. 8® Lond. 1796. 

— . Knave or not? a Comedy. 8° Lond, 1798. • 

Travcls from Hamburgh, thro' Westphalia, Hollaiid 

and the Netherlands, to Paris. 2 vol. 4° Lond, 1804. 
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Hal, Mag, 1713. 
HOLDEN (a.) A funeral Sermon on R. Wells. 8« Lond. 1710. 
HOLDEN {Dr,) Letter to a friend on Mr. Blacldow^s submittiilg 

writings to the See of Rome. 4® 
HOLDEN (henry) Letter, conceming Mr. White'8 Treatise de 

tnedio Animarum Staiu, 49 Par, 1661. 
HOLDEN (john) An Essay towards a rational System of Muaic. 

4» Glasg, 1770. 
HOLDEN (laur.) A Paraphrase on the Books of Job, Psalms, 

Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. With Notes, 4 vol. 8^ Lond, 



HOLDER (anth.) A discovery of two unclean Spirits. 4* Lond. 

HOLDER {Mr,) A System of French Accidence and Syntaz. 

12« Lond, 1783. 

8« Lond. 1790. 


H O L 

HOLDER (wiLL.) A Treatise of the Principles of Harmony. 8^ 

Lond, 1694. 
- A Discourse conceming Time. 8^ Lond, 1694. 
^ Lond. 1701. 

Introductio ad Chronoloo^iam. 8* Oxan. 1704. 

HOLDERNESS. The petition of the Gentry of Holderness with 
the King's Answer. 4** Lond. 1642. 


HOLDING (j.) A Fight at Sea betweeh Str G. Ayscue and ihe 

Hollanders Fleet. 4« Lond, 1652. 
HOLDSWORTH (edw.) Muscipula. Lat. & Engl. 8« Lond. 


■ Dissertation on eight Verses in the second Book of 

Virgirs Georgics. To which is added a new edition of Mus- 
cipula. 4° Lond. 1749. 

HOLDSWORTH (richd.) Aff Inauguration Sermon. i^ Cainb. 

TheValley ofVision. 4° Lond. 1651. 

■ Praelectiones Theologicae. Edit. a Ric. Pearson. fol. 
Lond. 1661. 

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worth and W. Aldridge. 89 Lond. 
HOLDSVVORTH (winch.) A Sermon, in which the Cavils and 

false Interpretations of Scripture of Mr. Locke and others against 

the Resurrection of the same Body are examined and answered. 

8» Ojf. 1720. 
HOLDTANUS (sever. joh.) Themata philosophica. 4« Hqfn. 

HOLE (matthew) Practical Discourses on the Liturgy. 8* 

Lond. 1714. 

^ Practical Discourses on the Offices of Baptism, Con- 

firmation and Matrimony. 8® Oxf. 1719. 
HOLE (richd.) Remarks on the Arahian Nights Entertainments. 

8« Lond. 1797. 
HOLENIUS (ZACH.) Dissert. de Dalekarlia. 4« Ups. 1732. 
HOLFORD (M.) Gresford Vale and other Poeras 4^ Lotul. 

HOLGERUS (nic.) Disputatio III. prohlematum philosophico- 

rum. 4« Wiit. 1623. 
HOLGERUS Danus. v. bartholtnus. 

HOLIDAY Rambie, or, a Walk to Pancridge. 8« Lond. 1703. ^ 
HOLIDAYS. Ordinance of the Lords against Holydays. fol. 

Lond. 1647. 
HOLINESS. A Discourse conceming the Beauty of Holinesi. 

8» Lond. 1679. 
HOLINSHED (raph.) Chronicles of England, Scotland, andlrc- 

land. 2 vol. fol. Land. 1577. 
— ^ Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland. 4 volt. 

fol. Lond. 1586 — 87. [wiih the castrations.^ 

The third Volume ; being the Chronicle of 

England beginning Wm. tbe Conqueror. fol. Lond. 



HOLKMANN (ioh. HEni.) Spedmen leciiiidm Medkio» K»- 

rensi*. 4* Ups. 1690. 
HOLKOT (rob.) r. alxaiic. 
: Soper Libro^ Sapieotn^. fiiL H^. 1494^ 
foL 1580. 

Sarer 4 Libros SeBtentianHD. Qnsedani 

De Imputabiiitate peccatL DetenniiiatioDe» qmrnfam. UL 

Lm^d. 1497. 
HOLL (joB. sEB.) DisEcrt. de Beqoiiitis bow NoHicit. 4P 

HOLLAND, V. BELGim. hispaxia. houaxdia. xow-cocmiBS. 


HOLLAND (ADA3I) DispuL de HjHehca Pteione. 4^ Lt^. &t 


HOLLANT) (H.) r. rollock. 

HOLLAND (HENRv) Earl^^. r. bich. 

HOLLAND (henbt) A Tieatiie agaiDsi Witcbcnft. 4^ CmtJk. 


« BazifiaJogia, or effigies cf oht Eng^idi KiogB. UL 

Lord. 161& 
Heradogia Ai^iica. ^pc cst cfaMiaMram ci doctiMi- 

innniiD aliqooc A n glor u iD qui flocncTDDi ab Addo Ciiniti ILD. 

Dd M.D.C.XX. TiTS EO^, XitK a Ekgia. Stm. M. LimL 
HOLLAND (HE3mT) Ccitificate lesfxctiDg. €dL Lamd. IW. 
HOLLAND (HEzuL^) A CbratiaD Lookiiig-GlaHe : Or a 

GLmpee of Christ^s oiichaDgd>)T nerlastiiig Lpfe. Di^cpftfcd 

ID scTcral SeriDoa^. l^ Lomd, 1619. 
— ^— An £xpQ»iuoD or ao Epctooie of tbe most cboiee Ccm- 

mcntarits cpoa the BerebtoD ofSt. Jofao. 4« Lomd. 16M. 
HOLLAND (hcch) A CTpre» Gukod Ibr tbe amd Fofchead 

o^ Knig JsAcs. 4* IW. 1625. 
■ Tbe 31oaoiiient», iKcriptioK aod Fpinphf of Kii^ 

Nofafess Btfhop» and otho» bDned io St. FMf» Cburch» Lbd- 

doD, cDlili 1614. 4« Lomd. 1614. 

CootHBed DUtin 16^. V Lomd. 16». 

HOLLAND (j.) r- batex.\s. 

HOLLAND (iCH3K) Tbe Soiokeortfae bottomlesB Pit: oraBK)» 

trveaod falkr discovcrj of the doctriBe of dMKaKOwiiidi 

call tbem^es Raoter^: or die Mad Crcw. 4» XomL 1651. 
HOLLAND :joh3^) A Criticiai ob thr bte Hr. HolaDd^s Sff> 

DMBb. S* Lomd. 1755. 
HOLLAND (Str j.; S ccch id PiiiiiiH 4^ Lomd. 1641. 
HOLLAND (3fr j r. cha^&dlex. 
HOLLAND (p.) The h^HctaDoe of LaiM^. AScfmciL 8" 

Wirrvz^m, 1760. 
BOLLAND (pkiixxo^k} r. bacdebosts^ uncs. nmcs. pud- 


BOLLANT) (s.) AScfmoD^ Kativmof Wanrid 

aDd CoiraiCrT. 4* JLe^ 170^ 
BOLLAND (bicdabd) X«te ^lMnf kw to fCt dv Aii|^ ^ 

^ 1cK a' a Cfmet, or otker nomHKMiW ^ tvo Obfervt- 
U* (hf. Ifi6& HOLLANP 


JHOLLAND (rich.) Obaervaiioiid on the Small Pox. 19> Lcmt. 

• A View of the Nature and Cure of the Small Poac 8^ 

Lond 1730. 
HOLLAND (s.) A Congratulatory Poem to K. Cfaaried IL^ his 
' landin^ at Dover. fol. 1660. 
HOLLAND (tiios.) t*. kilbie. 
HOLLAND (wM.) Dtath to the ChristiaD an CH>ject of Deshre. A 

Faneral Sermon on Mr. W. Williams. ^ Lond, 1792. 
■ The Cbristian^s Warfare and Crown. A Sermon on 

the death of J. Berridge. ^ Loud, 1793. 
HOLLANDERUS (tobia) a Bcrau, Amaltheum astronomicum. 

4« B(i8. 1699. 
HOLLANDIA. The second admonition aent by the subdued 

Provinces to Holland. Translated out of Dutch by H. W. 4« 

Lond, 1598. 
— — More exccllent Observations concerning the aflairg of 

Holland. 12» Ltmd. 1622. 

More excellent observationa of the Estate and aflSdrs of 

HoUand. Translated from the Dutcb. 4^ L<md. 1622. 
— — Les grands preparatifs de Messieurs Les Estats de Hol- 
lande pour declarer la .guene contre les Forces E^gnollet. 
Ensemble la Fiebure donnee aux Habitana des Viika d^Anvers 
et de Hult. 12« Par. 1633. 

Relation of a Victory obtained by the Hollander, over 

the Spanish fleet in Brasil. 4^ Ltmd. 1640. 

Letter concerning a difierence between the Phnce^f 

Orange and the States. 4* Lond. 1641. 

- Exceeding joyful News from HoUand» beifltg an accouot 

of two battles fought between the Govemor of Flanders and the 
HoUander^. 4<> Land. 1642. 

Newes from Holland of the entertainment of the Queen 

of Gt. Britain,&c. 4« Lond. 1642. 

The wicked Piots and perfidious practises of the Spa* 

niards against the 17 Provinces of the Netherlands before they 
tooke up Arms. 4» 1642. 

■ The answer and resolution of the States concemiog the 

Queens desire ; also a relation of two ships which came from 
Holland laden with ammunition, &c. 4® Lond, 1642. 

Exceeding joyful news from Holland. Likewise the 

Impeachment of Lieut. Bocttey. 4® 1642. 

The HoUanders Embassage to England. ^4* Lond. 


Obser^tions upon the Prince of Orange and tbe States 

of HoUand. 4» 1642. 

Newes out of the Low Countries^ declaring the likeli- 

hood of CiviU-Warres betwixt the Prince of Orange aod the 
United Provmces. 4» Qjf. 1643. 

Discurso sobre la inpoftancia de la Guerra maritim a; 

omediodeabaiuurdaUiiiejBdeloaHolandiBiea. 4^^ 1643. 


H O I. 

HOLLANDIA. The Resolution of the Estates of Honand conw 
cerning the ParHament of England. With a Declaration from 
the Parliament of Scotland lo the Parliaracnt of England, &c. 
4» Lond. 1648. 

■ A Letter from the States of Holland to the Lord Mayor 

of London concerning a Conspiracy against the King and King- 
dom ; and a Discovery of the new Coimtcffeit Gold. The pro- 
ceedino^s of the Prince of Wales in Holland. Abo a blcModj 
fight in York^hrre. ^ Lond, 1648. 

Declaration of the Hollanders conceming tlieir joining 

the Royall Navy in their present expedition for England^ &c. 
4» Lcmd. 1648. 

Extracts out of the Register of the Resolutions of 

the States of Holland and West Friezland taken in the Assem^ 
bly of their Noble Great Mogentheden, of their dislike of what 
the Ministers of the Hague have done in behalf of Charles II. 
AP Lond. 1649. 

A declaration of the States of HoHand and Friezland 

concerning^ Prince Charles. 4** Lond. 1649. 

A description of the two revolted Nations of HoUand 

and Eiigland. 4^ Lond, 1650. 

Bloudy Newes from Holland : being a true Relation of 

the Proceedings of the Dutchmen against the English at the 
Hague and other Places, &c. 4P Lond.. 1652. 

- The Declaraf ion of the HoUanders conceming the Eng* 

lish fleet, &c. 4« Lond. 1652. 

Declaration conceming the Parli^ment of Englaud> &c. 

Also joyful news from Ireland. 4^ Lond. 1652. 

News from the Low Countries; or Podex his enco- 

mium. 12« Lond. 1652. 

A true and exact character of the Low Countreys, 

especiaUy HoUand. Or the Dutchman anatomized. 12® Lond* 

The resolutions of the HoUanders concerning tbeir 

fishermen in the North Seas. 4° Lond. 1652. 

A declaration or manifest of ihe States General cen- 

ceming England. 4° Amst. 1652. 

A remonstrance from HoUand. 4® Lond. 1652. 

The declaration of the States of HoUand concerning the 

King of Scots. The Resolutions of Van Tmmp. Also the 
Diurnal of Dutch occurrences. 4° Lond. 1653. 

Deductie, ofle Declaratie van de Staten van HoUandt, 

tot Justificatie vande Acte van Seclusie vanden Prince van 
Oraigne. fol. Hag. 1654. 

Plainte de Mons. Boreel, Ambass. de mes SeigneufB 

les Etats Generaux, faicte en Presence du Roy de Franqe, sur 
les Saisis et Arrests contre les Marchands et Navires HoUandoi- 
8cs. Pr. ei Holland. 4» 1657. 

• Antwoort van d'Heeren Staten Generael : of de Voors- 

teUinge van d^Heere de Thou gesant vanden AlderchristelijckeQ 
Coninck sgnc Majesteyt van Francyck Lonis de XIV. 4® 1657. 


H O L 

HOLLANDIA. Aotwoordt opden Brief vanden 35 cn 3G AprU. 
' Omgekeerden, Hollandschen-Roch. 4* 166(>. 

Le vray L'Interet de la Hollaiid, par J. N. D. P. 19« 

Leid. 1662. 

Het Tweede Deel der Hollandsc Oprcchtigheid, tegcn 

der Engelse Onrechtveerdigheid. 4® Atnsi. 1665. 

Aanwysihg der heilsame politike Gronden cn Maximen 

van de Republike van Holland en West-Friesland. 4^ Lcid* 

Relation de la Guerre des Hollandois contre lc Roy de 

Macassar. 12° 1670. 

Souverains antidotes contre les maux de la Hollando 

causez par la faction de Loevestein. 12*^ 1671. 

The Dutch remonstrance concerning the procccdingg 

and practices of John De Witt and others of that Faction. 
Translated out of Dutch. 4° Lond. 1672. 

• Verdediging van de oude Hollantsche rcgecring onder 

een Stadthoulder en Kapiteyn Generael. 12* Amst, 1672. 

Advis fidelle aux veritables HoUandois. Touchant ce 

quis^est pass^dans les Villages dc Bodegravcet Hwammerdam, 
et les cruautes inouies, que les Frangois y ont exerc^cs. 4* 

12« 1673. 

HoIIandste Mercurius. 1672—73. ^*» Harlem, 

TTie answer of the Statcs General to the declaration of 

War of thc King of Gt Britain. 4« Has^ue, 1674. 
— An Qrdinance and Instructions to be observed by all 

the Subjects of Holland conceming Dues to be taxed U|K)a re« 

creations, &c. 4t^ Lond. 1674. 
— An Ordinance whereby in HoUand and Wcrt Frie»land 

shall be gathered by way of Tax upon ali Boots, Shoe», &c« 4^ 

iMui. 1674. 

Relation of a Hurricane that happened in Holland and 

Utrecht July 24. 1674. fol. Lond. 1674. 

• A idation of an inundation of Water» in North Hot« 

Uiid,Waterland,&c. fol. 1675. 

— RenMNise des AmbasMdtan, des E*tat4 Geomuix det 

IVovinoes Lnies des Pays Bas, Mir k MenK>ire de» Awikmm^ 
Sean de sa Majeste tres ChrestieQne. 4* Haye. 1678, 

• Acoount of a CoiK{mcy to bctray HoIIand to ^m 

Freodi. 4* IW. 1690. 

A late Toyagc to Honand, with liricf relati^/ru» </ tlie 

lale TranBMrtioDA at tbe Ha^ue. l^ 1691. 

• Aq account of tbe encroachnutit» of tbe Dutch tnMn 

tiie Fngikii ; and of a few of tbofie maoy adraDUj^e» irbich rtf 
frand aod VioleDoe tbey baie made of tiie Bntitb SsXwmmwot 
the Bmhition. 4« 1693. 

Lcttie coolcmat ks makenatMm dci Etati GcnccMa;. 



H O L 

HOLLANDIA. An Account of the obligatlons the St^tes oT 
HoUand have to Great-Britain, and the Retum they have inade 
both in Europe and the Indies. With Reflectioos upon the 
Peace. 8^ Lond. 17II. 

■ An enquiry into the danger and consequeneesof a War 

with the Dutch. 8* Lond, 1712. 

A justification of the Dutch, or the neeessHy of pre- 

serving friendship with them. 8® Lond. 1713. 

■ The justice and necessity of a War with HoUand. 8* 

Lond. 1712. 

■ ■ ■ Les dehces de la Hollande. 9 tom. 19^ Am^. 1738« 

A Description of HoUand. 8» Lond. 1743. 

A Defence of the Dutch against the imputatioiM of 

Fraud, CrueUy and Perfldiousne». With a supplement reh^ 
tive to Nova Scotia. &^ Lond. 1749. 

A Placart of the Statcs of HoUand and West Frieslaiid 

conceming Popish Pricsts. 8® Dubl. 1757. 

The conduct of the Dutch relating to their breach of 

Treaties with England. &^ Lond. 1760. 

A Trip to HoHand. Vol. 3. 12» Lond. 1786. 

HOLLANDUS (jo. isaac.) v. isaacus. 

HOLLAR (wENCES.) v. hampstead. mors. 

• Castella et ProBtoria NobiUum Brabantiae et Coen6bia 

celebriora deUneata. Accesserunt primarise Civitates et Turre» 

Antverpiensis^omnium nunc toto orbe pulcherrima, et ipnm 

superatura MechUniensis si perficiatur. fol. Anut. 1696. 
HOLLAZIUS (day.) Scrutinium Veritatis. 4» Vitemb. 1711. 
HOLLEBEECK (petb.) Disput. de Phthisi. 4« Lug. Bat. 1704. 
HOLLEBEEK (and.) Sermon on the death of Mary Stuait, 

Queen of G. Britain. Dutch. 4<> Dord. 1695. 
HOLLENHAGEN (ferd.) Dissert. de KA9APEEI Pythag^meo- 

Platonica. 4» Hal. Mag. 1701. 
HOLLER (JOH.) Oratio de reservatis Cfiesaris. 4* Brem. 

HOLLERIUS, V. hippocrates, 
HOLLERIUS (blasius) Morborum curandorum brevis Institu- 

tio. 12« Bas. 1556. 
HOLLERIUS (JAC.) Stempanus. Omnia Opera practica. Ac- 

cessit Therapeia Puerperanim Joan. le Bon. Edit. a Jac. Dal- 

Hn. fol. Par. 1664. 
■ De Morbis intemis, Lib. II. cum adverBanis Lud. Dn^ 

reti ; et Exercit. Anth. Valetii. 8° Ven. 1562. 
8« Lut. 1571. 

De Peste, de materia Chirurgica^ et ad libros Gal. de 

compositione medicamentorum Periochae viii. 8^ Lut. 1571. 

• Ad Libros Galeni, de Compositione Medican^entorum, 

Periochse viii. 12* Franc. 1589. 
Tratado de la Materia de Cirurgia, tiad. dal Lat. p«r 

Ant Pablo Serrano. 129 Valeng. 
HOLLES (anne, Lady) v. waters. 
HOLLES, V. coLLiNs. 


H O ii 

HOLLES (dknzil) Lord IJield, v. akvt. commons. parliambiit. 


■ Speech on the Protestation of the Lords. 4* Lond. 

— Speech concerning Sir R. Crew. 4® Lcmd, 164L 

Speech concerning settling the Queen of Bobetnia and 

her electorall Family in their Right and Inheritance. 4* Lond, 
164L > 

Speech on reading the petition and Protestation of the 

12Bishops. 4« Lond, 164L 

Speech on the Articles of High Treason against him 

and othcrs. 4P Lond. 1641. 

Speech on the Tradesman^s petition. 4® Lond. 1642. 

Speech and dcclaration agaiost the Attomey GeneraL 

4* Lond. 1642. 

Speech on the impeachment of the £. of Northampton 

and others. 4» Lond, 1642. 

Speech conceming peace. Whereunto is added a Re- 

lation of a Vision of Blo^ in the Skie, that appeared ahout 
Redding on Tuesday nio^ht la^it. 4<^ Lond. 1643. 

A Particular charge of Impeachment in the name of 

Sir T. Fairfax and the army under his command against Denzill 
HoUes, Esqr. Sir P. Stapleton, Sir W. Lewis, Sir J. Clotwor- 
thy, Sir W. Waller, Sir John Maynard, Knights, Maj. Gen. 
Massie, J. Glynne, W. Long, Col. E. Harley and A. NicoU. 
4» Lond. 1647. 

A grave Speech, or an Apology in answer to the Charge 

against him hy Sir T. Fairfax. 4<» 1647. 

Joumal of his Emhassy to Breda. 4P Lond. 1667. 

Letter to Mr. Van B de M on the Govem- 

mentofEngland. 4<^ 1676. 

A Letter of a Gentleman to his Friend, shewing that 

the Bishops are not to be Judges in Parliament, in Cases Ca- 

pital. 8° 1679. 
,— — Lord Hollis his Remains : heing a second Letter to a 

Friend conceraing the Judicature of Bishops in Parhament. 8^ 

Lond. 1682. 
Memoirs of Denzil Lord Holles from 1641 to 164a 8* 

Lond. 1699. 
HOLLES (thos.) Duke of NewcattU. v. letter. 
■ A Letter to the Dul^e of Newcastle on the Dangers 

arising from Popery, and Disafiection; occasioned by tlie 

seizing of certain papers in a Popish Chapel in the North West 

IslancbofScotland. 8» Loiw/.. 1747. 

Letter. to the D — ; — ofN e ,. on the duty he owcs 

to himself ; his King and Country and his God. 8® Lond. 1757. 
The Cosdition : or an historical Memorial of the- Ne- 

~~ gotiation for Peace between his high Migl^tiness of .Clermont^ 

and \m sublime l^cejlency of Hayes. 4^ Umd. 1762. 
HOLLIDAY (aoHN) Life of WiUiam, £arl of Maoifield. 4« 
Land. \m. 
- Vou Ilf. 3 F HOLUER 



H6LLING (j. c 8.) Dissert de Betyliis VeCenim. 12* Ormtbg^ 

HOLLINGS (joM.) Status naturse humaiue; Oratio mediici. 4* 

Lcmd. 1734. 
HOLLINGWORTH (rich.) An answer to a certain Writing, 

entitled ceriain Doubtt and Qwerie$ on ike laic Oaih and Cm- 

nant. 4« Lond. 1643. 
•— — — An examination of sundry scriptures alledged by oor 

brethren in defence of some particulars of Uieir Cnurch way. 

4« Lond. 1645. 

Certain Queries roodestly propounded to such as aflect 

the Conf^gational way. 4^ Lond. 1646« 

A rejoynder to S. Eaton and T. Taylor. 4P Lond. 


A Modest Plea for the Church of Enghnd. 12^ Lond. 

Account of the Penitence of John Marketman ; with 
a Sermon preached before him previous to his execution for 
murder. 4^ Lond. 1680. 

A Defence of King Charles I. 4* Lond. 169& 

4« Lond. 1692. [Anoiker Edition.} 

A second Defence of King Cbarles I. by Way of Reply 

to an infamous Libel^ called Ludlow^s Letter to Dr. Holfing- 
worth. 4» Lond. 1692. 

The Character of King Charles I. from the declaration 

of Mr. Alexander Hender^on upon his Death-bed. With 
further defence of the King'8 Holy Book. 4* Lond. 1692. 

Defence of Eixwy BeunTuKn against Dr. Wal^er. 4* 

Lond. 1692. 

- Tbe Death of King Charles I. a down right Murder. 

A Sermon on Jan. 30. 4<^ Loim^. 1693. 


HOLLIS (hannah) v. hunt. 

HOLLIS (jERvis) Speech in the House of Commons. MSL 4P 


HOLLIS (THos.) Meinoirs of T. HoIIis. With the Appendix. 

2 vol. 4» Lond. 1780. 
HOLLIS (thos. brand) v. disney. 
HOLLMANNUS (s. chr.) v. bulpingerus. 
HOLLOWAY (JAS.) Free confession of James Holloway ctTm- 

son. fol. Lond. 16S4. 
HOLLOWAY (john) The ChiWs Wellkre. A Funcral SermoA 

on MissFuIler. 12^ I2(a<ftn;, 1807. 
HOLLOWAY (eobt.) Stricturea on the Characters cf the moil 

prominent practisiog Attomies. 8^ LmuL 1805. 



HOLLOWAY (w.) e. xarmii 

HOLLST£IN (chb. heinO Rhabtrbari Histotia. 4« iMg.Bai. 

1718. ^ 

BOLLWAY (JAMES) Merit, a Poem. iC" LomtL 1768. 
HOLLYBAND (claud.) DictioDary, Frtmck and £kff^ ^ 

^— Tbe Italian Schoolmaster. With a Tiiacan HistDrie 

called Anaalt and Lucenda. 12* Loiuf. 1597. 
12^ Lond. 1608. 

HOLLYBUSH (john) ExposiUon on Mimificai, Sahc R^ma, 

B e m ed i ci us, et AW dimiuis. Translated from the Laiin. 19^ 

Somikw, 15^ 
— — A roost excellent homiah Apothecary. or homdj Phy- 

•kke Booke, translated from the Aimaine. foL Coilcn. 1561. 
HOLLYNGUS (comumd) Medicamentorum CEconomla. 19 

lagolti. 1610. 
■ De aalubri Studiosomm Victu^ Ubellus. 12* IngM, 

HOLM (ande. che.) ObaenratioDes ex acriptoribas antiquia. 4P 

11««. 1708. 
HOLM (thomas caxpanius) Kort Bestrifnii^ om Profiiicien 

Nja Sverige uti America. 4* SiockL 1702. . 
BOLMAN (3. c) Abroad and at Home;.A comic Onerm. 8^ 


The Bed Cross Knigfats, a Flay. 8* Load. 1799. 

HOLMBY. Gallant Newes for London from His Maieatiea 

Court at Holmby. ^ LomL 1647. 
'■ Vencs upon His Majesties coming to Hidmby. IbL 

HOLME (benj.) A tender inritation and caD to aU peopie to 

cmbrace the ofier of God's Lo?e. 12* Load. 1715. 
HOLBdE (eandls) The Academy of Armot^ and BlazoD. foL 

^fffff 1688 
HOLMERUS (xaet.) Disput de lotdlectu et Voluntate. ^ 

HOLMES (john) Greek Grammar. 8* Loiii. 1737. 
HOUiES (john) A short Narrati?e of the Geniua, Lile, and 

Works of Jobn Smeaton. 12* Lond. 1793. 

Ptetical EMays. 12* Lond. 1803. 

HOLMES (liomel) Tbe Wisdom of God in appointing Mea to 

ministar about holy Things. 8^ Lond. 1716. 
HOLMES (aicH.) v. milnek. 
BOLME& (aoB.) V. biblia. 
— — - Epistola Episcopo iWdmensi, compleza Genesin, ce 

Codice purpareo-argenteo-Cssareo-Vindobonensi expressam ci 

Testamenti vet: versionis LXX cum variis Lectionibus spe> 

cimen. foL Oxon. 1795. 
» £|>istole Episcopo Dimelroensi appendiz; aim Ver- 

rioois S^uagintE-viralis Specimine. foL Oxon. 1795. 

our anDoal accounts of tbe CoUatioQ of tbe Mss* of 

Ifae &»liiagiat Veraion. » Qjf. 1789— 93. 

H O L 

HOLMES (sAM.) A Journal during his attendance, as ofic of the 

^uard on Lord Macartney^s Embassy to China in 179%S. 8^ 

Lond. 1798. 
HOLMES (w.) Planof proceedinor. 8« Exeter, 1799. 
HOLMES (walter) The annual Almanack for reading the whole 

Bible once in the Year by so many Chapters every Day. 4* 

Lond. 1649. 
HOLMIA. Holmik litterata. 4» Holm, l70l. 
HOLMIUS (benj.) Disput. de Ente. 4<» Ia^. Bai. 1684. 
HOLRAN (guillerm.) Quodlibeta. 4» Par. 1487. 
HQLROYD (john) LordSheffield. v. gibbon. 
Observations on the Commerce of the American States. 

With an Apiiendix. 8« Lond. 1783. 
8» Land. 1784. 

Observations on the Trade and present state of Ird^nd. 

8« Lond. 1785. 

Observations on the Corn Bill now pending in P^riia- 

ment. 8» Lond. 1791. 
HOLSATIA. Chronicon vetus. 4» Lips. 1698. 
HOLSTE (frid.) Dissert. de Senatu liberarum R^himpntdica- 

nim. 4« Helm. 1681. 
HOLSTEGEN (henr.) Oratio de ccelestis Hientsalem pulchritu- 
• dine. 4» Amst. 1684. 

HOLSTEIN (ged. de) Apoplexiae Historia. 4« Lug. Bat. 1657. 
HOLSTEIN (nic.) Dissert. de Arthritide ih genete. 4P Ims. Bai. 

1692. ^ ^ 

HOLSTENIUS (caspar) Carmen de Nativitate Filii Dei. 4» 
' Witteh. 1591. 
HOLSTENIUS (lucas) v, arrianus. porphyrius Tyrius. 

i^ Epistola de Fulcris, seu, Verubus Dians Ephesis Si- 

^ mulacro appositis. fol. Rom. 1688. 

■ In Geographiam sacram Caroli k S. Paulo ; Ilaliam an- 

tiquam Cluverii ; ct Thesaurum Geographicum Ortelii|: quibus 

accedit Dissertatio duplex de Sacramento ConfirmationiB apod 

Graecos. 8® Rom. 1666. 

Vctus Pictura, Nymphseum referens, Comnaeqtarido 

explicata. fol. Rom. 1676. 

fol. Lugd. Bat. 1692. 

■ Notae et Castigationes in Step. Byzantii E9OTKA» 

iquJB vulgo HEPI nOAEHN insCribitur, oiitaB aThcod. iRycldo. 
Qui Scymni Chii Fragmenta, item Dissertationes de primis 
Itali» colonis et iEneoe Adventu : et alia nonnulla addidiL foL 
Ia^. Bat. 1684. [cum notis Mss. J. C. de Pauw.] 
fbl. Lugd. Bat. 1692. 

"' Epistote 22 ad Pet. Lambecium. Edit. ab H. C. Cra- 

cero. 8» Jen. 1708. 


HOLSWORTH (rich,) The VaUey of Vision. XXI Sermona. 4* 
HOLt. Account of the Virtue^ wd Method 6f takmg: the HMt 

Wat6r, 8« LoiMi. 1725. - 

H O L 


HOLT (Sir john) His Life, by J. R. 8» L(Muf .1764. 

HOLT (john) General View of the Agricubure of the Coonty of 

Lancaster. 4P Lond. 1794. 
HOLT (john) The Characters of theKings of England. 8*» Ixmd. 

HOLT (JOHN goodhand) v. mossom. 
UOLT (rich.) A short Treatise of artificial Stone. 8« Ltmii 

HOLT (thos.) Fearful News from Coventry, Or a Relation of T. 

Holfs having sold himself to the Devill. 4P Lcmd. 1642. 
HOLTEN (theod. von.) v. pragestus. 
HOLTERHOVIUS (engelb.) Disp. de Dysenteri» natura. 4^ 

^rg. 1628. 
Hippocrates de circuitu Sanguinis Exercitatio. 4® Lug. 

Bat. 1663. 

Disput. de Bile. 4» Lug. Bai. 1665. 

. Discursus ostendens Errores Medicorum. 4^ Coi, 1676. 

Vita longa et brevis. Germ. 12^1678. 

HOLTERMAN (arnold. mauric) Rectoratus Academise Mar- 
^ burgensis Epheroeris historica. 8* Mdrp. 1671. 

■ De Nequitia Advocatorum. 12" Giest. Htm. - 

■ Disputationis Censura famosse Holtermaniane. 4* 
HOLTERMAN (christ.) Historia ecclesiastica Eni^AKIA. 4* 

Witu 1684. 

«- Dissertatio anti-Huetiana. Utrum Ecclesia lie^edti^r 

jus potestatemque habeat. 4® Brun. 1685. 

HOLTGREVIUS (mart.) Themata de Actu. 4» HeJm. 1616. » • 

HOLTICH (chr. wil.) Dissert. de praerogativis Principum S* 

Romani Imperii. 4» Rou. 1698. * 

HOLTIUS (Nic) Apophoreta sacra, sive, DissertatioDum Hieo- 

logicanim Fasciculus. 8" Lugd. BaL 1732. 
HOLTZBOM (and.) DispuL de Mandragora. 8» Vp$. 
HOLTZEL (cHR.) Exercit. de spihtuum animalium daboratioiie; 

4* Ups. 1685. 
HOLTZEMIUS (pet.) Prognosis Vits et Mortis. 8* €al. 1605. 

* Esscmtia Hellebori extracta. 8* Col. Ag. 1616. 

Descriptio Fontis medicati Tillerfaom. 12^ Col. 1620« 

1 Esseutia Hellebori rediviva. 8« Cal. Ag. 162S. 

HOLTZHAUSEN (matth.) Disputatio contra Atomoi. 49 B^em. 

1676. I 

HOLTZKAMPFF (joan.) Analyiis Csmitis ulL in Db. 2. et 

Cap. 1. in lib. S. meteor. Ahstoteiisde Tooitru, Fulgare eC Fttf» 

mine. 4* Ups. 1648. 

HOLTZKLAU (ADOLra.) Diaert de Caratioaibiift Heroicii. ¥ 

tMg.Bai 1723. 
HOLTZMANN, v. schulz. 
HOLTZMANN (joh. hen.) Disput. de FhtlmL 4^ Li^. BaL 

HOLTZMULLER (gott. sibg.O Diaert de Bfisogynin VnOa^ 
torum. ^ Lm. 1717. •* 



HOLWELL (ouL.) v. dionysius HalicamoMeus. 

HOLWELL (JAC.) V. aristoteles. 

HOLWELL (john) A sure Guide to the practical Survey<Hr« 8* 

Lond. 1678. 
' » ■ Catastrophe Mundi : or Europe'8 many Mutatiooi 

until ihe year 170L 4» Lond. 1683. 

Appendix to Catastrophe Mundi. 4® Land. 1683. 

HOLW£LL (joHN zephaniah) Narrative of the English Genti^ 
men suffbcated in the Black Hole at Calcutta. S^ Lond. 1758. 

> An Address to the Proprietors of East-India Stock, 

setting forth the unavoidable Necessity and real Motiret fdr 
the Revolution in Bengal in 1760. fol. Land. 176i. 

Refutation of a Letter from certain Gentlemen of the 

Council of Bengal to the honourabie the Secret Committce. foL 
Lond. 1764. 

> Interesting historical Events relative to Bengal and In- 

dostan. As also uie Mythology of the Gentoos : ^and a Diaser- 
tation on the Metempsychosis. 8^ Lond. 1765. 
HOLYDAY (barten) TEXNOrAMlA: Or the Marriages of llie 
Arts. 4« Lond. 1618. 

4<> Lond. 1630. 

Sermon on £zek. xxvii. 22. 4<^ Lond. 1636. 
Philosophise Polito-Barbarae Spedmenj de Anima. 

Oxofi. 1633. 

A Serroon on Faith. 4^ Lond. 1654. 

HOLYDAYS. An accounO of the Holy Days in the year. 4« 

Lond. ^ 

HOLY GHOST. Of the Blasphemy against the Holy GfaoaL 
. 4« 1646. r j -f^ 

HOLYHEAD. The Travellers companion from Holyhead to 

Ixmdon. 8^ Lond. 1793: 
HOLYK (geor.) Lieff 8c aufflandischer Garten Buch. 12^ 

Hamb. 1691. 
— 8» Franc. 1717. 


■ ■ Dictionarium Etymologicum Latinum. 4* Lond. 1633. 

HOLZHALB (hahs jacob'^ v. leu. 

HOMAGE. Resolution of ParHament Nov. 15. 1650, concem- 

ing Money payahle for Respites of Homage, &c. fol. Lcmd. 
. 1650. 
HOMAGIUS (PHiLippus HENRicus) Acherontias. Sive Coiicilii 

Acheruntici descriptio. ^^ Casscl. 1614. 
JHOMBERG (andr.) DispuL de Tentigine. 4« Jen. 1671. 
Exercit. de Cephalalgia. 4« Helm. 1672. 

*r— Disp. de Fracturis Cranii. 4«» Witt. 1673. 

HOMBERGIUS (gasp.) De superstitiosis Campanarum Puki- 

bos, adeUciendas Preces, quibus placentur'Pulmina, excogi* 
. latis, Responsio. 8" Franc. 1577. 

HOMBORG (dan. chr.) Modus probandi innocentiam per Eu* 
. charistiam. 4^ Hal. Mag. 1718. 

' ■ 4* Hi3. Mag. 1719. 


H O M 

HOMBORG (JOB. JOACB.) Diifiert. de Jejunio. 4* Helm 167& 
HOME (cHARLEs) A new Chronological abridgment of tbe His* 

tonr of fingland. 8® Lond. 1791. 
HOME (eterard) A DisBertatioQ oq the |>Topertiet of Pus. 4* 

Lmd. 1788. 

■ • Practical obseiTatioDB on the treatment of Ulcers oii 
the Leg8. 8<> L(md. 1797. 

HOME (franc.) ExperimenU on Bleaching. 8* Editdf. 1756. 

■ Tbe Principles of Agricdture and VegetatioD. 8^ 
EdM. 1757. 

HOME (bbnry) Lord Kaimes. The Becisions of the Courtof 
Session, from Ifs first Institution to the present Tlme. 3 ?oL 
fol. Edinb. 1741. 

■ The Gentleroan Farmer. Being an Attempt to ioi- 
proTe Ag^culture, by subjecting it to the Test of rational 
ftinciples. & Edinb. 1776. 

- Loose Hints upon Education^ chiefly conceming tho 

Culture of tbe HearL & Edinb. 1781. 
HOME (j.) The Scripture History of the Jews. 2 toI. V Ltmd. 

HOME (jobn) History of the Rebellion in 1745. 4« ZW. 

HOME (Mr.) Select Views in Myscnre^ with historical Deapip- 

tions. 4« Lmd. 1794. 


HOMEL (anne) Histoire de la Mort et du Martyre de M. Homd. 

12^ Rotterd. 1688. 
HOMER (wiLLiAM) The Old Englishman^s Letters for the Poor 

of Old England. 8« Lond. 1758. * 

HOMERUS, V. BELLONI. brrgmann. blackwbll. bogan. ca^ 


Opera. Gr. 2 tom. fol. Flor. 1488. [bo. pb.] 

. 2tom. 12» Fen. Aldus. 1504. 

: 2 tom. 12* VcH. Aldus, 1517. 

■ EdiL aRcscio. 2tom. 4« Looan. 1535. 
curante J. Lonicero. 2 tom. 12^ ArgenL 


de Sabio. 1547. 


1794, 5. 

• 2 tom. 12<^ Ven. ap. Petrum de Nicoiinii 
> 4 tom. foL Giasg. apud R. et A. Foulii. 
' ex recens. F. A. Wolfii. 4 toI 8» Haii$. 



Gr. Lat. ab J. Crispmo. 2 tom. W 1560^ 
— -— ab O. Giphanio. 2 tom* 8» Argeni. 


H O M 

HOMERUS. Opera. Gr. Lat, ab. H. StephaiH». Adjecti smit 
Honienci CenUmesy item Proverbialhim Homeri ¥€»01011 Li- 
beUuB. 2 tom. W 1589. 

ii^ — • .' ■ c\im Spondani Comment. edit. a SdiaiL 

Henricpetro. fol. Bas. 1606. 

cum Scholiis Didymi. Accurante C. 

Schrevdio. 2 tom. 4<^ Li^. Bai. 1656. 

Acyecti sunt Homerici Centoiie8;*iteni 

Proverbialium Homeri versuum liibellus. 3 tom. B* Cant. 1664. 

— a J08. Barnes. 3 vol. 4» Caru. 1711. 

a S. Clarke. 4vol. 4» Lond. 1739— 4a 

■■I cura J. A. Emesti. 5 tom. 8* Li/w. 

■< Ang. by W. Cowper. 3 vol. 4» Lofwi. 1791. 

■ ■ //a/.da A. M. Salvini. 2 tom. 8» i^tr. 173S. 

— — — — Lat. And. D. Justinopolitano et aliis interp. 

3 tom. 8» Par. 1538. 

• Ilias et Odyssea cum Comment. Eustathii. Gr. 4 tom. 

fol. Roik. 1543-^. 

3 tom. fol. Bas. 1559—60. [cum Nai. Mu. 


cum variis Lectionibus e Codice Harld* 

aoo coU. a Ric. Porsono. 4 tom. 4^ Oxon. 1800. [Sumpliim» 
Fratrum Grcnville.'] 

' Angl. by G. Chapman. fol. Lond. 1616. 

m Odyssea^ Batrachomyomachia, Hymni, &c. Gr. 6^ 

Ven. ap. Ald. 1524. 

■ cum vita Homeri ab Herodoto et Plutarcfaa 

8" Argent. 1542. 

ab Joh. Crispino. 16® Atreb. 1567. 

8» Oxon. 1705. 

Gr. Lat. M.JE.ei F. Porto interp. 16» 1609. 

Lat. R. R. Vojaterrano et ahis interpretibus. 

8» Lugd. 1541. 

Odyssea. Gr. 4« Par. 1582. 

• 4« Par. ap. Viduam G. Morelii. 1566. 

■■ Didymi interpretatio in Odysseam. Gr. 12* Ven. ap. 


' Angl. by J. Ogilby. fol. Lond. 1665. 

by A. Pope, with the Battle of the Frogs 

and Mice by Mr. Pamel, corrected by Mr. Pope. 5 voL wL 

LonA 1735. ' ^. 

Vol 1, 2, 3. 4« Lond. 1735. 

. 5 vol. 8<> Lo;id. 1760. 

with notes by G. Wakefield. 5 vol. 8^ 

Lcmd. It96. 
■ GalL Avec des Remarques par M. Dacier. 8 

tom. 13» Par. 1716. 

Ital. da Baccelli. 13* Fir. 1582. 

— — — Lat. Meuphraste ab R. R. Volaterratio. 1» 

Col 1523. 
■' Dias. Batrachomyoma.cbiaLel H^toxKL* Gr, 8P Por. IM4. 

H O M 

HOMERUS. Ilias. Gr. 8<> Par. 1554. [cum Notis Mss.] 
4» Par. ap. G. Mortliumi 1562. 

■ 8» Lond. 1591. 
4« Glasg. 1747. 

■ cum Scholiis in eam antiquissimis; ab J. B. C. 
d'Ans8e de Villoison. fol. Ven. 1788. 

» Liber IX. cum Joh. Sanderi Collectaneis 

de Vita et Scriptis Homeri. 4® Magd. 1661. 

-^ Initia Homerica sive excerpta ex Hiade 

Homericum Locorum omnium Grseca Metaphrasi exCodicibus 
Bodleianis et Novi Collegii Mss. EdklitT. Burgcss. %^ Oxon. MSS. 
Gr. Lat. Cui adduntur Coluthi Helenae rap- 

tum : et Tryphiodori Ilii excidium. a F. Porto. 16" Gtnev. 1580. 

120 Cantah. 1648. 

Cum variis Lectionibus et Observationi- 

bus a C. G. Heyne. 8 tom. 8" Ups, 1802. 

Angl. by G. Chapman. 4* 

First 12 books by G. Chapman. Achilles 

Shipld by the same. 4» Lond. 1598. 

by A. Pope. 6 vol. fol. Lond. 1715—30. 

6 vot. 4" Lond. 1715—20. 

6 vol. a* Lond. 1760. 

with Notes by G. Wakefidd. 6 voL 

8« Lond. 1796. 

Book 1. by Tickell. 4« Lond, 1715. 

Gall. Avec des Remarques par Madanic Da- 

cier. 3 tom. 12® Par. 1711. 

Xll^prem. livres de miade par M. H. 

Salel. 8« Par. 1555. 

Gr. hod. In versus vulgares. a Nic. Lucano. 

4» Vcn. 1526. 

4« Ven. 1640. 

Ital. II I"« Oanto. da S. MafFei. 8» Lond. 1736. 

Lat. per Laur. Vallara. 12° Col. 1522. 

8« Lugd. ap. Gryph. 1541. 

Latino carmine per Eobanum Hessum, 

4» Bas. 1540. 
niados Epitome Lat. carmine. per Pin- 

darium. 4" {Litt. Goth.] 

Batrachomyomachia. Gr. 4° Ven. 1486. 

cum Scholiis P. Melancthonis. 4® Par. 


Gr. Lat. Glossa Graeca ; variantibus Lectioni- 

bus versionibus Latinis ; Commentariis et Indicibus illustrata 
a M. Maltaire. 8<» Lond. 1721. 

Angl. mth the remarks of Zoilus^ and the 

Life of Zoilus. 8° Lond. 1717. 

Gail. par F. Cohen. Angl. by Parnell. Lat. 

a Berglero. 4^ Lond. 1797. 

Gr. hod. a Demetrio Zeno Zacynthio in vul- 

garem linguam Gr, rythmicd coaveT^» cum \;al. N«xi\i^^* ^« 
M. Crusii. 4^ AUd. 1707. 

voL. UL 3 c wm^>^^- 

H O M 

HOMERUS. Hymnus in Cercrem. Gr. a D. Ruhnkenio. 9 

Lug, B. 1780. 
Gr. Lat. a Chr. Gul. Mitscherlich. 12» IJp$. 


Edit. n D. Ruhnkenio. Acredunt diie 

Epislola^ criticae et C. G. Mitscherlichii aclnotationes in Hym- 
num in Cererem. 4« Lugd. B. 1808. 

Homeri Interpres. l^ Argent. 1539. 

'■ Scntentisp Homeri. Gr. Lat. per B. Rordahusanum. 

4« Lomn. 1556. 

Heroum Homericorum Epitaphia. Gr. Lat. per G. 

Canlerum. 4<> Bas. 1566. 
Homeri et Hesiocli Certamen. Matronis et ahonim Pa- 

rodiae. Homtricoium Heroura Epilapliia. Gr. Lat. 12^ apud 
H.Stephanum. 1573. 

Homtrici Ceutones. Virgiliani Centones. Utrique in 

quxdam historise sacne capita scripti. Nonni Paraphrasis Evao- 
gelii loannis. Gr. Lat. 18° //. Steph. 1578. 

Aurea Catena Homeri. S^ Franekf. 1723. 

. 8" Leips. 1728. 

A Drssertation upon the naturc and intention of Ho- 

mer's Fables relaiing to the Gods. 8" Lond. 1753. 

HOMES (nath.) The^^new Worki, or the new Reformed Churcfa. 
4^ Lond. 1641. 

Tlie Peasants pricc of q>iritual Liberty. III Semions. 

4« Lond. 1642. 

A Vindication of baptizing Bclcevers Infants. Being 

Animadversions upon Mr. Tombes^s exercitation about lufant 
Baptisnie. 4° Lond. 1646. 

God's gracious Thoughts towards great 'Sinners. 4* 

Lond. 1647. 

The mischief of mixt Communions discussed. 4® Ltmd. 


A Thanksgiving St rmon. 4^ Lond. 1650. 

Diemonologie, and Tlieologie, the first ihe Malady, the 

second the Remcdy. 12^ Lond. 1650. 

God, a rich supply of all Good. 18^ Lond. 1650. 

Plaiii dealing, or the cause and cure of the present 

EvilsoftheTimes. 12« Lond. 1652. 
HOMEHER (MAnT.)Disput. deVarioiisctMorbillis.4»//<;/w.l676. 
— — Disput. de.Htrmoptysi. 4° lldm. 1676. 
HOMILIA. Certainc .Sennons or Homilies appointed to be read 

in Churches in the Time of Quecn Elizabeth. fol. Lond. 163J. 
fol. Lond. 1757. 

Horailia Mihiopica, dt Nativitate Domini nostri Jesa 

Christi, Lat. redd. a M. Theodoro Petra?o. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1660. 
Homilia De Conentione Frutcrna, habita in EcclesiaS. 

Sulpitii. 4« Par. 1706. 

Gall. 40 Par. 1706. 

8» Par. 1706. v 

Horaelie Historico-Politico-Morale. 8» [1789.] 

liOMMA (laur.) Dispwl. de Pnucv^vC^ C,w\k«m Tv^Vax^^ «^ 
Tr. ad Wt. 1644. Wm^ 

H O M 

HOMMA (lalr.) Dispiit. de Anima ralionali. 4<» Tr.adRh, 1645. 
HOMME. L^honneste Iloiimie et le i^celerat scayoir, si pour 

prvenir dans le Monde il faut estre homieste Uomnae ou Sce- 

lerat. 12« Par. 1699. 
— — Traite sur rHomme, en quatre Propositions impor- 

tantes & leur Dependences. 4** Par, 17! 4. 
■ Reconnoisance et Expo-rion raisonnec des Droits de 

rHomme ct du Citoyen. 8° [1789.] 

IIonime-d*Elat Imaginaire, Comedie. par M'. LeClitv. 

de C*«r 8« Par. 1789. 
HOMMEIUS (ant.) r. nippocRATEs. 
HOMMELIUS (CAROL. fakd.) Jurisprudentia Numismatibus il- 

lustrata nccnon Sigillis aliisque Picturis velusitis exornata. 8^ 

Lips, 1763. ^ 

HOMMEY (jAC.) Diarium liistorico-liltirarium, Mensibus Jan. 

Feb. Mart. April. Maii, Junii 1703. 8*^ Par. 1703. 
HOMMIUS (festus) Disputationes TheologicjE adversus Ponti- 

ficios. 8° Lu(;d, BaL 1614. 
Coniroversia? Belgica;. Seu Confessio Ecclesiarum re- 

formatarum in Bcl;rio. 4^ Litgd, liat. apud Elzev. 1618. 
HOMOD^US (jac.) Disput. de paradoxis et erroribus novae 

sectae Sennerto-Paracelsianae. 4® Jmsi. 1637. 
HOMODEIS (anton philotheus de) iEtnae Topographia, edente 

Nicol. Oddo. 4° 1590. 
HOMUTH (joAcn.) Dissert. de Molchisedeco. 4^ Rost. 1674. 
•HONDHJS (hcnricus) Pictorum aliquot cclcbrium prxcipu^ 

Germania? inferioris EflTigies, III Partes. fol. Hag. Com, 
— — I?egum, Principura, Virorum, et Fo^minarum illus- 

trium Effigies. 4** Hag, Com, 

Icones Virorum nostra Memoria iUustrium, quomm 

Opera cum Litcraruin Studia tum vera Religio fuit restaurata. 
4«» Hag. Com. 

Instruction sur lcs cinq Rangs de PArchitecture. fol. 

Amst. 1617. 

■ BelgifiB Pacificatorum Icones. 4® Hag. Com. 1608. 

■ lostruction eu la Science de Perspective. fol. Hag. 1622. 
-f fol. Hag. 1623. 

- Regles generales de la Fortification, de rArtillerie, des 

Ammunitions et Vivres; des OiFiciers et de leur CommissionB. 
trad. du Flamand, fol. Hag. Com. 1625. 

Breve Instruction des Regles de la Geometrie. foL 

Haye, 1625. 

Descriptio Italiae hodierux. 4^ Amst. 1626. 

HONDIUS (j.) V. mercator. 

HONDIUS (joDocus) Descriptio PromoDtorii Bonse Spei. Belg. 

4« Amst. 1652. 
' Theatrum Artb scribendi. 4** 

HONDORFFEN (friedr.) Beschreibung des Saltz Wercka zu 

llallein Sachsen. 4« Hal. 1670. 
HONDT (abr. de) Catalogue d'un Cabinet des MedaiUes de Abr. 

de Hondt. S'^ Haye, 1712. 
HONDT (fet. de) Catalocms van Medailk» Aoot Yv0£t ^^^<»bi&^- 

S^ Gravcnh. 1734. VSS^ 

H O O 


HONERDIUS (RocH.)Thamara,Tragoedia. l^ Lugd.Bat. 1611. 
HONERT (JOH. vanpen) Disput. de fidejussoribus. 4^ Lug. Bat. 

HONERT (t. h. van den) Theolooria naturalis, et revelata, per 

Aphorismos, delint-ata. 12® Lugd. Bat, 1735. 
HONEY out of ihe Rock, or God s uiethod in s,nvin^ the sweetest 

Comfort» in sharpest Combates. 4" Land» 1644. 
HONIGERUS (n.) f. horatius. 
HONISGH (CHR.) Disput. de Infantum Affectibus. 4" Hal. Mag- 

HONIWAX (J.) Almanacke for 1630. 12» Land. 
HONOFRl (FEDELE) Fioretto delle Croniche. l^ Vcn. 1632. 

Chronologia Veneta. 12" Ven. 1663. 

HONORATUS (servius marius) De Pedibus Versuum Libellus. 

4» Tubirtg. 1537. 

De Syllabarum Quantitate. 4*> Tubing. 1537. 

^ De Pedibus Versuum et Acccntibus. De Quantitate 

Syllabarum Libellus. 12° Tub. 1584. 
HONORIUS, V. bale. 
HONORIUS Imp. v. pancirolus. 
HONORIUS (julius) Orator. Excerpta quae ad Cosmograr 

phiam pertinent. 12° Lug, Bat. 1685. 
HONORIUS (PHiL.) Praxis Jurisprudentiae politicae. 4" Frane. 

HONORIUS (venant.) p. fortunatus. 
HONORIUS, Presb, Augustodunemis. Dialoji^us de Praedestini- 

tionc, et Libero Arbitrio. Epistolae duae, altera Prosperi, al- 

tera Hilarii Arelatensis Epi?copi, de reliquiis Pelagianae haere- 

seos. SententisB ex Libris B. Augustini de Pradestinatione 

Sanctorum. 12° Co/. 1552. 
HONOUR. The Laws of Honour, or Account of Titles, Digni- 

ties, Offices, &c. 8° Lon4. 1726. 
HONSCOOP (coRN.) Disput. de AfFectione cocliaca. 4» Lug. 

Bat. 1681. 
HONTERUS (jo.) Rudimenta Cosmographica. AP Bas. 1534. 
120 Tig^ 154^^ 

. ^ ^ 12° THg. 1548. - 

^ 12« Antv. 1555. 

120 i^as. 1561. 

i 8« Prag. 1595. 


HOOBROECK (joh. ab.) Disput. de Melanchoha. 4^ Lug. BtU. 

HOOD {Lord) p.america. 
HOOD (robin) A mery geste of Robyn Hoode & of hys Lyfe, 

wilha newe Playe. 4° Wm. Copiand [bl. /.] 
HOOD (robert) Earl qf Huntingdon. The Downfall of Robert 

Earl of Huntington, aftcrward called Robin Hood of merrie 

Sherwodde. 4« Lond. 1601. 
HOOD (thomas) Speach at Mr. T. Smith's, Gracious-street, 4« 

H O O 

HOOD (THOMAs) The Use of the Celestial Globes. 4« Lond. 1590. 
■ The Use of the Cross Staffe and Jacob's Stafle. 4* 

Lond. 1596. 

The Making, and Use of the Sector. i9 Lond. 1598. 

HOOF(JOH.) Orbis terrarum zonis. 12« Ups. 1692. 
Disput. de legitimo Imperio C. Juhi Caesaris. 12*^ Ups, 

HOOFF (gisb. van.) Disputatio compendii Medici. 4^ Amst. 1666. 
■ Disput. de Pleuritide. 4<> Anist. 1669. 

HOOFNAIL (john) Pi*actical Improvements and Observationi 

touching Colours. 8° Lond. 1738. 
HOOFT (lucas) QusBstio de Orbe terrarum habitabili. 4® Afnsi. 


Quaestio. De Eclipsi Paschali. 4<» Amst. 1659. 

HOOGE (romeyn. de) Schouwburg van Nederlantse Verande- 

ringen. fol. Amst. 1674. 
HOOGE (rom. de) Les Indes Orientales, Occidentdes, & autres 

Lieux, reprcsentes, en Figures. 4® Leyd. 
■' Views of Enguien, &c. fol. 

HOOGENHOUCK (abr.) Disput. de Legatis. 4» Lug. Bat. 170S. 
HOOGEVEEN (ger.) Disput. de Lcge AquiUa. 4« Lug. Bat. 1717. 
HOOGEVEEN (hen.) Doctrina Particularum Linguae Graecae. 

2 tom. 4« 1769. 
• ' — C. G. Schutz animadversiones in doctrinam 

Particularum GrKcarum ad justam examinis lancem revocats. 

8« 1786. 
HOOGHCAMER (jacobus) Martyrium Waldensium. 4« Amst. 

HOOGHT (ev. vander) v. biblia. 
HOOGSTRATEN (dav. van.) Exercit. de Lienteria. 4« Lug. 

Bai. 1681. 
■ Dissert. de hodiema MedicinaB statu. 8* Dord. 1683. 

HOOK (andr.) An R<;say on the National Debt, and National 

Capital. 8« Lond. 1750. 
HOOK (archib.) His defence to the Action of Crim. Conl 
brought against him by Capt Campbell. 8* Lond. 1793. 


HOOKE (CHR.) A Sermon on John III. 1, 2, 3. 12« Lond. 
HOOKE {Col.) The Secret History of Col. Hooke^s Negotiation» 

in Scotland in favourof the Pretender in 1707. S^ Lond. 1760. 
HOOKE (n.) The Roman History from the Building of Rorae to 

tbe Rain of the Commonwealth. 4 vol. 4« Lond. 1738 — 71. 
* A Short Review of Mr. Hooke^s Observations, &c. con- 

ceming the Roman Scnate. 8« Lond. 1758. 

Observations on the Answer of l'Abbe de Vertot, to an 

Inquiry conceming the Senate of ancient Rome. Observations 

on Dr. Middleton^s and Dr. "Chapman's Estay on the Roman 
enate. 4<> Lond. 1758. 
HOOKE (rob.) The fatall Doom ; or the Charms of Divine Love. 

12» Lond. 1655. 
— — — Attempi to explaiti the WMfciMOTvew^ ^ «^ 

Experimeat ofBob. Boyle'«. & Lcmd. 1661- ^OQi^fc^ 

H O O 

HOOKE (uo^b.) Reponse aux Considerations de M. Auzout 

4« Pnr. 1665. 
. Micrographia : or some physiological descriptions of 

minute bodies made by magnifying Glaaees. fol. Lond. 1667. 
' Animadversions on the first Part of the Machioa Cod» 

lestis of J. Helvetius. 4° Lond. 1674. 

An Attempt to prove the Motion of the EartJi. 4* 

Lond. 1674. 

A Description of Helioscopes^ and otber Instrumeiitf 

made by him. 4*^ Lond, 1676. 

Lampas : or descriptions of some mechanical Improve- 

ments of Lamps and Waterpoises. 4® Lond. 1677. 

Lecturcs and Collections. Cometa. Microscopiam. 4* 

Lond. 1678. 

Lectures de Potcntia restitutiva, explaining the Power 

of sprin^ing Bodies. 4® Lond, 1678. 

Philoiiophical Colkctious. N*. 1 io 7. 4* Lond. 1678. 

The posthumous Works of Dr. Hooke, containing hii 

Cutlerian Leclures and other philosophical Discourses. Fub- 
lished by Rich. Waller. fol. Lond. 1705. 

Philosophical Experiments and Observations of the Itte 

, Dr. Hooke and other eminent Virtuoso'8 ; published by W. 

Derham. 8° Lond. 1726. 
■' Micrographia restaurata, or Copper-Plates of Dr. 

Hooke's Discoveries by the Microscope. fol. Land. 1745. 


HOOKE (w.) r. cateciiism. davenport. 

— — — New England^s tears for Old England's fears. A Fast 
Sermon. 4° Lond, 1641. 


HOOKER (rich.) V, barksdale. covell. vvalton.- 
■ Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical PoUtie. With some Tradi 

and Sermons. fol. Lond. 1633. 

• fol. Lond. 1676. 

— fol. Lond. 1723. 

The 6th and 8th Bookes of the Ecclesiasticai 

Pohtie. 4° Lond. 1648. 
Abridgment of his Works. With his Life. 8» LondL 

HOOKER (thos.) The danger of desertion, a farewell Sermoo. 

Together with ten particular rules to be practised every day by 

converted Christians. 4° Lond. 1641. 

. ' The faithful Covenanter. A Sermon. 4« Lond. 1644. 

' An Exposition of the Lords Prayer. 4" Lond. 1645. 

The Saint'8 Guide. 12« Lond. 1645. 

• A Survey of the Summe of Church Discipline. Whcre- 

in the way gf the Churches of I^ew England is warranted. 4* 

Lond. 1648. 

' The Covenant of Grace opened in several Sermoiis. 4* 

Lond. 1649. 

•The Saints' Bignitie and Dutie^ togcther with the 

I^anjrerofJ^QoraxiceacidUBidiXMBm* ^ LofvidA^V. 


HOOKES (n.) Amanda, a Sacrifice to an unknown Goddesse, or a 
free will offering of a loving Hearl to a SweeUHeart. 8® Lond. 

HOOLA (theod.) Disput de Nephritide. 4^ Lug, Bat. 1699. 

HOOLCR (coRN. GROEN vander) Disput. de Justitia universali 
et Jure. 4« Lug. Bat. 1624. 


Aii easy Entrance to the Latin Tongue. 12® Lond, 1649« 

■ Terminationes et Exempla Declinationum et Couju^« 

tionum. 12<» Lond. 1650. 

" Propria quae maribus, Qujb Genus & As in praesenti 

EnglishM and explained. 12" Lond. 1650. 

Latin and Enghsh Grammar. 12^ Lond, 1653. 

• Examinatio Gram. Latinae. 12® Lond. 1660. 

• The Accidence examined and explained. 12® Loid. 

HOOLE (john) V, TAsso. 

Timanthes, a Tragedy. 8® Lond. 1770. 

• Cleonice, Princess of Bithynia,a Tragedy. 8® Lond. 1775. 

HOOLE {Mr.) Account of the Life and writings of John Scottof 

Amwell. 8® 
HOOLE (SAM.) Sermons. 8® Lond. 1786. 
HOOLWERFF(jAc. ab) Asthmate. 4® Lug. Bat. 1673. 
HOOPER (geo.) Bishop qfBristol. Sermon on Gal. V. 22, 23. 

4® Lond. 1682. 

Sermon on Luke XVI. 8® Lond. 1691. 

Sermon on John VII. 17. 4® Lond. 1694. 

Fast Sermon before the Commons. 4® Lond. 1701. 

Charge to the Clergy. 4® Oj^. 1716. 

HOOPBR (j.) Bp. of Gloucesler. v. hop£R. 

HOOPER (marg.) Most fcarfull newes from the Bishoprick of 

Duiiiam, being the Relation of M. Hooper being possessed by 

the Devil. 4® Lon^. 1641. 
HOOPER (r.) A Compendious Medical Dictionary. 8® Lond. 


The Physicians Vade Mecum. 12® Lond. 1809. 

HOOPER (SAM.) A Catalogue of the Mss. in the Cottonian -Li- 

brary. 8® J^nd. 1777. 
HOOP PETTICOAT. The enormous Abomination of the IIoop- 

Petticoat, by A. W. 8® Lond. 1745. 
HOORN (everh. van) Disput. dc partibus sanguificationem in- 

cohantibus primariis. 4® Franek. 1648. 

Disput. de Partibus animalibus. 4® Franek. 1649. 

Disp. de Partibus locomotivis. 4® Franek. 1649. 

■■ Disput. de Partibus Oculorum deque Auriculis. 4® 

Franek. 1649. 

Disput. de Partibus similaribus. 4® Franek. 1649. 

Disput. de Lacte. 4® Franek. 1649. 

HOORN (gul. vander) Disput. de Pleuritide. 4® Tr. ad Rh. 1660. 
- Hippocrates de Circuitu Sanguinis, Exercitatio. 4® Lxi^^ 

Bai. 1660. 
HOORN (j. G. vAs) English and Dutdi Gtomimwc* ^'^'^^'^?^ 
meachUim. W Lond. 1690. Wyw^ 

H O P 

HOORN (j. voN.) Lectio tertia de Generalione humana. 8* Up' 
saL 1709. 

- The twenne uti korta Fra;yor och Swar Troligen under- 

wi-^ande Jordej^ummor Siphra och Pua. 8" Stackh. 1719. 
DORNBEECK (joh.) Oratio de studio SS. Theologiae. 4« Ulir. 

De Paradoxis et Heterodoxis Weigelianis. 12* Uliraf. 



. Oratio in obitum Caroli da Maets. 4" Lltr, 1651 • 

Oratio de Scholis theologicis. 4® iMgd. Bat. 1 654. 

— Oratio de Ecclesiarum inter se Communione. 4* UUr, 

Dissertatio theologica de Peste. 12^ Lugd. Bat. apud 

Elzev. 1655. 

Pro convincendis, et convertendis Judseis, Libri octo. 

4<> Lugd. Bat. 1655. 

Oratio in obitum D. Jacobi Revii. 4® Li^. 1658. 

Dissert. de Consociatione Evangelica Reformatoruin ct 

Augustans Confessionis. 4^ Lugd. Bat. apud Elzev. 1663. 
Libri II. de Conversione Indorum et GeQtilium. 

A?nst. 1669. 
HOORNBEECK (petrus ab) Carmen de Salomonis primo Ju- 

dicio 40 Amst. 1668. 
HOORNBEECK (tobias) Oratio in laudem Astrologise- 4» Hari. 



beschriivins^e van de Oost-Indische Reyse. 4* Atnst. 1648. 

^ 40 Utrecht, 1649. 

4^ Amst. 1650. 

HOORNENBURG (joach. ab) QuBBstio de Sale. 4« Avut. 


QuBBstio de Eclipsi PaschaU. 4° Amst. 1659. 

HOP (coRNELius) Disputatio de acquirendo rerum Dominio jure 

Gentium. 49 Lugd. Bat. 1705. 
HOP (gul. henr.) Disputatio ad Senatus Consultum Vellejanum. 

4» Lug. B. 1704. 
HOPE. A door of Hope : or . a call and declaration for the 

galherino; together of tiie first ripe Fruits unto the Standard of 

our Lord, King Jesus. 4° 1660. 
HOPE, a Poetical Essay. 4<> Lond. 1745. 
HOPE {Sir w.) v. soleisel. 

• The compleat Fencing-master. 12® Lond. 1693. 

The Swordsman^s Vade mecum. 129 Lond. 1694. 

New Method of fenciiig. 49 Edinh. 1714. 

A Vindication of the irue Art of Self-Defence. ©• 

Edinh. 1724. 
HOPER (hen, and.) Dissert. de Polemoscopio. 4^ Jen. 1709. 
HOPER (johm) Biskop of Gloucester. v. ridley. 
■ An oversight and deliberacion upon the holy Prophete 

Jonas in sevene Sermons. 19^ Lond. 1550. 

> ' ■> An Homelye to be read in the Tyrae of Pestylenoe 8c 

H O P 

HOPFFSTOCKH (car. max.) Machiavelhis ante ^Machiavellum 

cx historia Laced»inoniorum productus. 4* Jen. 1608. 
HOPFNER (cHRisT.) Betrachlung der Kurtzheit des Meschli- 

chen Lebens. ^ Embd. 1G61. 
HOPFNER (joH. CHR.) Dissert. de Morbis Hepatis ex Anato- 

tnia ducendis. 4® Halce, 1726. 
HOPFNER (JOH. wiLH.) Disput. de Hseraurrhagia in genere. 4* 

Jen. 1640. 
.HOP.GARDEN. A perfect platform of a Hop-Garden. 4» 

Lnnd. 1653. 
HOPING (joH. ABR. JAC.) Chiromantia harmonica, et Institu- 

tiones Chiromantica?. Germ. 8^ Jcn. 1681. 
HOPINGK (theod.) Panegyricus Hermanuo Vukeio. 4® Marp, 

Tract. dc prisco et novo Jure Sigillorum. 49 Norib, 

HOPITAUX. Ordonnance du Roy, portant rcijlement gcneral 

concemantles Hopitaux mihtaires. 12** Par. 1647. 
— — ^— Recueil des Edits et Declarations conccrnant les H6pi« 

taux et MaUidcries de France. fol. Par, 1675. 
■ Institution et rejjlement de THopital de Notre Dame 

dans la Ville d'Aix. 8» Air. 1688. 

Etat ireneral des Unions faites dcs Biens et Revenus des 

Maladeries, Leproiseries, Aumoneries et autres Lieux pieux, 

aux Hopitaux des pauvres malades. 4* Par. 1705. 
HOPKINS (cHARLEs) Pyrrhus King of Epirus, a Tragedy. 4* 

Land. 1695. 
" Boadicea Quecn of Britain, a Tragedy. 4® Lond, 1697. 

' Friendship improved, or, the Female Warrior, a Tra- 

gedy. 4« Lond. 1700. 
HOPKINS (e/ek.) Bishop of Londonderry, Funeral Sermon on 

Hon. Alg. Grevil. 4° Lond. \66S, 
• The almost Christian discovered, in several Sermons. 

12«» Lond, 1693. 

A sccond Volume of Discourses on aeveral Subjects. 8* 

Lond, 1693. 
HOPKINS (geo.) Salvation from Sinne by Jesus Christ. 12* 

Lond. 1655. 
HOPKINS (j.) Sermon. Ezra VIL 26, 27. 12« Lond. 1604. 
HOPKINS (john) Amasia, or the Works of the Muses. A col- 

lection of Poems. 3 vol. 8» 1700. 
HOPKINS (john) V. beveridge. biblia. psalmi. williams. 
HOPKINS (marmadl-ke) Murmurers reproved. A Sermon. 4* 

Lond, 1689. 
HOPKINS (matthew) The discovery of Witcbes. 4« Lond^ 

HOPKINS (t.) Banl^ Notes the cause of thc disappearance of 

Gtiineas, and of the course of Exchange against us whilst the 

balance of Trade is in our favour. 8® Lond. ^ 
HOPKINS (william) AnimadversioDs ou Mr. Johnsou's Answer 
' to Jovian. 8« LondA69l. 

VoL, III. 3 H \\0^\L\^^On3^ 

H O P 

HOPKINSON (JOH.) Synopsis Paradisi. 4» Lugd. Bat. 1593. 
IIOPNERIJS (JOH. HiER.) Dlssert. de animsB iiuinortalis traduc* 

tione. 4t^ Lips, 1649. 
HOPONTANUS (paul.) Disscrt de Prooemio Logica. 4» 

Haum. 1709. 
HOPPENSTEDT (christ. cas.) Pspstilentiae avcrruncus siTc dc 

avertenda Peste Theses. 4<> Hehn. 1712. 

Epistola de Saturno ejusque Annulo. 4** Htrfm. 1713. 

Epistola de Sole ejnsque Lace. 4° Hehn. 1713. 

Spccimen Mathematicum de Machina planetaria, sire 

de Hypothesi Copernicana Machina singulari iliustrata. 4* 

Hehn. 1714. 

— — Beschreibung, und Anzeige des neu inveatirten Tau- 
chc-kleides, oder, Wasse-Machine. 4** 1717. 


■ De Ver4 Jurisprudentia, Lib.XII. fol. Ant. apud Plant. 


Cura H. Conringii. 4® Brunsv. 1656. 

HOPPERUS (MARc.) r. proclus. 

HdPPESTEYN (PETR.) Disput. de Cholcra. 4» Lug., 
HOPPESTEYN (j.) Disput. de Dysenteria. 4* Lug. Bat. 1717. 
HOPPIUS (frid. pet.) De Servis htteratis Coramentatio. 4« £fo/. 

Mag. 1720. 
HOPPIUS rjAcoBus) QuBDstro de Phantasia. 4« Wiit. 166$. 
HOPPIUS (JOAN. BEN.) Cauliones in curando Hydrope. 4* Witt» 

HOPPIUS (sAM. JOACH.) De Scriptoribus Historiae Polonic» 

Schediasma. 4® €>ant. 1707. 
HOPTON (arthur) Almanacks for 1607, 8, 11, 12. 19° Lond. 
- '■ The topographical Glass. 4° Lond. 1611. 

■«■ A Concordancy of Yeares. 8° Lond. 1615. 

HOPTON {Lady e.) p. whatman. 
HOPTON (ralph) Lord. v. chudleigh. hull. mohune. pek- 

dennis. waller. 
— Remarkable Passages of the overihrow of Sir R. Hop- 

ton, with the lakin;^ of the High Shcritre (Sir E. Fortescue) 

Prisoner. 4° Lond. 1642. 

A true relation of the Victory of Sir R. Ilopton over 

Lord Stamford^s Forces in Cotnwall. 4° Osf. 1642. 

• A Remonstrance or Declaration of the names of tbe 

Knights and Gentlemen that take part with Sir R. Hopton and 
other Dehnquents in Devonshire and Cornwall. 4* Lond. 1643. 
Declaration of the Lords and Commotis for the pre- 

vcntion of a raost horridand unnatural Designe pursuedbySir 

R. Hopton and his AdherenUj. 4** Lond. 1642. 
Sir R. Hopton and all his forces coming in to Parlia* 

ment 4*» Lond. 1646. 
Account of the disbanding of Sir R. Hopton's Army in 

Comwall, and of Sir T. Fairfax*8 advance to Exetcr. 4« Loid. 



H O E 

HOPTON (ralph) Lord. His declaration to thc Gentlemen of 

Cornwall in behalf of Prince Charles. 4® 1649. 
>. A Message to Sir R. Grecnvill, &c. 4« Lond. 1650. 

His declaration, May 20. 4® LoTid. 1650. 

HOPTON HEATH. An account of the battailc on Hopton 

Heath. 4« 1643. 
HOPWOOD (uoB.) Oratio Harveiana. 4« Lond. 1741. 
HOR^Esecundum usum Sarum, totahte^ ^d longum, cum multis 

pulcberrimis orationibus. 4^ Pat. 
• Hore beate Marie Virginis ad usum Sarum, tctaliter ad 

longum sine require. Cum plurimis sufHragiis et orationibus. 

8*^ Par. Hertn. Hardouyn. [impress. in membranis.] 

Hore Marie Virginis ad usum Romas, cuni mujiis ora- 

tionibus. 12^ [impress. in mbmdranis.] 

— Ht ures a Tusage de Chartres avec les Miracles nostre 

Dame e! lcs figures de l'Apocalipse et de la Bible et des tri- 
umphes dts Cffisar. 4® 

Heures de N. Dame a Tusage de Nantes; avec les V^- 

pres, Complies, et plusjeurs Hymnes, Enserable les Litanies de 
la Vierge. 12° Rennes. 

Hcures a Tusage de Rome tout au long sans rien requei* 

rir. 8*^ Par. [impress. in membranis.] 

Heures a Tusage de Rome, tout au long saus rien re- 

querir : avec les apparissions de la resurrection de Jesu Christ 
et plusieurs histoires deTApocalypse. 4® Par. 

Heures de N. Dame a l'usage dc Rome, reveucs et cor- 

rigees de nouveau par Maistre R. Benoist. Avec un Formulaire 
de Prierres et Oraisons. L^it. Fr, 12° Rouen. 

Heures a Tusaige de Rome, tout au long, sans rien re- 

querir. Avec la destruction de Jerusalem : ct lcs figures de la 
Vie de rhomme et plusieurs aultres bellcs figures. 4° Par. GiU 
let Hardouyn. [impress. in membranis.] 

Hore bcate Marie Virginis secuhdum usum Sarum. 8* 

Rothm. 1497. [impress. in membeanis.] 

Horae ad usum Sarum. 8° Par. 1498. [impress. m 


Hore be^e Marie Virginis ad usum Parisienscm, tola- 

liter ad longum, sinc require. 12® Par. 1499. [impress, in 


Hore intemerate Virginis MRrie sccundum usum Ro- 

manum cum plurimis orationibus tam Gallico quam Latino. 4^ 
Par. 1501. [iMPREss. in mEmbranis.] 

Heurcs a Tusage de Romc. 4® Par. 1503. 

Heures a Tusaige de Tours. 4® Par. 1514. [impress. 


Heures a rusaige de Paris histori^ tout au long sans 

rien requerir. 4® Par. 1515. [impress. in membranis.] 

Hone in laudem bcatissims Virginis MariaB secundum 

consuctudinem curiae Romanae : ubi orthographia, punpla, et 
K/cc^tug suis locis habentur. 4^ Par. ap. Colinaum. 1525. 

H O R 

fiOR^. Hore secundum usura Sarum. 4" Par. 1526. 

■ ' Hore beatissime Virginis Marie ad legitimum Sari»bu« 

riensis Hccle>iie ritum, cum quindecim orationibus beate Bh- 
gitte ac multis aliis orationibus pulcbcrrimis et indulgentiis, 
cum tabula aptissima jam ultimo adjectis. 4^ Par, 1526. 

4<> Par, 1534. 

r— 4° Par. 1536. 

80 1542. 

— : Horas de la Virgen Maria segun el use Romano, con 

otros officios. 12° Par, 1546. 

— Horas de nuestra seiiora segun el uso Romano : enlas 

quales son anadidas muciias oraciones muy devotas: y de nueuo 
el rosario de nuestra senora : y son ad longum siue require. ^ 
Lyotis. 1551. 

Hora? diurnaB et nocturnae ad usum Orientalium. Arah. 

W Rom. S, Congr. de Pr. Fide. 1692. 
HORANTIUS (francisc.) Loca Catholica contra Calvinum. fol. 

Ven. VSAr. 
HORAPOLLO. Hieroglyphica. Gr. Lat. A Dav. Hoeschelio. 

4° August. Vindel. 1599. 
1 cum integris observationibus et Notis J. Mep- 

ceri et D. Iloeschelii et seleclis N. Caiossini. Curante J. C. die 

Pauw. 4P Tr. ad Rh. 1727. 
HORATIANUS (octav.) Rerum Medicarum, Libri 4. Edit ab 

Heremanno Comite de Neiienar. fol. ArgetU. 1532. 
HORATIUS 2. Flaccus. v. aveman. bernardus. blondel. boylb. 


OiJtra. fol. Mediol. ap. Ant. Zarothum. 1474. [Prima 

cum anni notd editio.'^ 

Acronis Comment. in Horatium. fol. ^Med. 

ap/l nt .Zarothum. 1474. 

cum interp. C. Landini. fol. Flor. per A» 

Miscominum. 1482. 
' — cum Comment. Acronis et Porphyrionis. fol. 

Vcii. 1490. 

. 8« Vcn. ap. Ald. 1501. 

Adduntur, Centiraetrum Marii Servii. Anno* 

tationes Aldi Manutii in Horatium. Ratio mensuum^ ' quibui^ 
Odce cjusdem Poclee teneiitur eodem Aldo authore. Nicolai 
Peroti hbellus ejusdeni argumenli. 8° Ven. ap. Ald. 1519. 

8» Ven. ap. Ald. 1527. 

cum Commentariis Aeronis^ ed. a Michaele 

Bentino. 8° has 1527. 

Cum Nic. Peroti libello de metris Odarum 

Horatianarum. 16° Par. ap, S. Colimtum, 1531. 

Cuiu Sciioliis illustrata. 8*» Par. 1537. 

Adduntur, Ratio mensuurn quibus Odse ejus- 

dt ui Po^taj tenentur. Centimetrum Marii Servii. Variae Lcc- 

tiones ex Vetusliss. Codicibus. 8° Par, ap. R, Stepkanum. 



H O R 

IIORATIUS a. Flaccus. Opera, cum Scholiis ab Henr. Stephano. 

8» Lutct. apud R. Steph. 1549. 
■ cum Scholiis H. Stephani. Ejusdem H. Ste- 

phani Diatribae. 8** 

• cum Commentariis Dionysii Lambini ; ad« 

jectae sunt J. M. Bruti explicationes. 4^ VtH. 1566. 

fol.* Franc. 1577. 

cum A. Turnebi Comment. et T. Marcilii 

emendationibus. fol. Par. 1604. 

cum Commentariis variorum Autorum. edit* 

a N. Honigero. fol. Bas. 1580. 

F. Ceruti in Horatii Opera Paraphrasis. 4^ 

Veron. 1585—88. 
cum Pct. Gualterii Chabotii Praelectionibus. 

fol. Bas. 1591. 

a Christ. Plantino. 24° Lugd. Bat. 1597. 

— Cum Commentariis Commentatoris veteris 

et Jac. Cruquii. Accesserutit J. Dousa* Commentariolus. 4* 
Lugd. Bdt. 1597. [cum Notis Mss. R. Bentltii.] 

cum Indice H. Stephani et Th. Tretcri. 12* 

Franc. 1600. 

cum Scholiis Joannis Bond. 12*^ Lond. IGO61. 

12« Lond. 1611. 

12° Par. 1668. 

■ 12° Amst. 1676. 

Cum La»vini Torrentii Comment. Item Pctii 

Nannii Alcmarianiin Artem Poeticam: fol. Jntv. 1608. 

a J. Cruquio. 4° Lugd. B/it. 16J1. 

cum Not. Dan. Hein^ii. 8° Lugd. Bat. apud 

EIzcv. 1612. [cum Notis Mss. R. Bentleii.] 

a D. Hcinsio, cujus accedit Liber de Satyra 

Horatiana. 16° Lugd. But. ap. Eiz. 1629. 

ex editione D. Hcinhii. 24° Amst. 1690. 

a J. Rutgersio. 12° Lut. ap. R. StepK 


24« Sedani. 1627. 

Cum notis variorum. Accurante Com. Schrc* 

vdio. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1663. 

in Usum Delphini. 8° Lo^ji. 1694. 

Accedunt J. Rutgersii Lectiones Venusinas. 

12° Trnject. Bdt. 1669. [cum JSotis Mss. R.Benticii.] 

— 4° Cantab. 1699. [cum Notis Mss. 


12* Cantab. 1701. 

com NotisR. Bentleii. 4° CantabAlW. 
. 2 vol. 4° Amst. 1713. 
. a M. Mattaire. 8° Lond. 1715. ' 
. a W. Baxter. 8° Lond. 1725. 
. 16° Par. 1733. 
. J. Pine. 2 vol. 8* Umd. 1733—37. 

5 UO^^wTVVil^ 

H O R 

HORATIUS fi. Flaccus. Opera, a S. A. Philippc 199 Ua. 

Par. 1746. 
— ab Joh. Li\ie« 13" Birm, Baskenilie, 


4« Birm, Baskerviile, 1770. 

Accedunt. I. Synopsis chronologica re- 

rum Romanarum, vivente Horatio. II. Tractatulus de mctris 
lloratianis. III. Variae LXXVl codicum lectioneii. IV. 
Phrasium sulxliiHcilium enucleatio. V. Lexicon Mythologi- 
cum, Ilistoricum et Geographicum. VI. Dictionarium Latiiio- 
Gallicum rocum Horatianarum quse Lectorem morari posMiut 
Curante J. Vallart. & Par, 1770. 

— a J. N. ile Azara. fol. Pamut. 1791. 

cum Notis variorum, cdit. a C. Combe. 

4 Partes. 2 tom. 4^ Lond, 1792—93. 

ex editioue Baxteri^ cum Notts Gesneri 

ct Zeunii. 4<» Glasg, 1796. 

collatione scriptorum Grecorum perpe- 

tua et notis variorura illubtratUK. Pi*Qeuiittuntur Oda?, O Faiu, 
atcjue htermissa Vtmis, e Latino in Grsecum conversie, a S, 
Weston. 8« Lond. 1805. 

Lat. Gaii. per Luc. de la Porte. 12* Par. 


Lat. Gali. avec nne nouTeUe Traduction, & 

Remarquespar Monsr. Dacicr. lOtom. 12* Par. 1683, 1697. 
10 tom. 12<» Par. 1709. 

Lat. Angi. translated by P. Francis. With 

critical Notes. 4 vol. 12« Land. 1747. 

— : ^n^.by T. Creech. 12** Lond. 1715. 

12« Lond. 1737. 

by W. Boscawen. 2 vols. 8* iMd» 


Select mofal Parts of Horace and other Latin Poets. 

Lai. Angl. 8« Lond. I65i. 
Sflect Odes and Satires, translated into English by the 

mostemincnt Hands. With tbe Art of Poetry by Lord Kos- 

common. 12« Lond. 1715. 
■ First Ode of the second Book paraphrased. 4* Lond. 


Sat. 1 and 3 of the second Book imitated. 4^ Loni. 


Sclcct Satires, translated into English Versc, and, for 

the most part, adaptcd to the present Times. By A. Geddes. 
4P Lond.llld. 

Carmcn Seculare. Angl. by W. Duncombe. fol. Lond. 


■ translated into English Versc. 4* Lond. 


. Set to Music by Mr. Phillidor. 4* 

The 7th Epistle of the Ist book imiuted. 4* Lomd. 


- The Art of Poetry » Uaik^U 'w\tVi NqUa b^ G. Colman. 4* 

Lond. 1783. \LVi>8wK?L\»% 

H O R 

HORATIUS Q. Fiaccus, A Dissertation concemina: ilie two Ode* 

of Horace wbich have l)een discovercd in the ralaline Libiary 

at Rome. 4« Lond, 1789. 
■■ Satire, e Epistole, du L. Dolce. 12® Ven^ 

HORBEN (joH. HFN.) Funeral Sermon of Joh. Bapt. Pderlc 

M .D. Gam, 4® Franc. 16S1. 
■ Funeral Sermon of J. A. Leizheimer. Gcrtn. 4* Franc. 

HORCH (JOH. JAC.) Dissert. de Morborum Conscnsu. 49 IlaL 

Mag. 1716. 
HORCHER (pniL.) Lib. III. De Constructione Circini Pix>pop- 

tionum. 4" Mogunt. 1605. 
HORCHIUS (hen.) t)ij«putatio de Vencni pestilentialis ut et 

Alexipharmacorum Natura et in Corpus humanum arrendi 

modo; ex verse Philosophise Principiis perspicue demon;>tra- 

to, multisque Experimentis sufRilto. 4** M. Cait. 1676. 
HORCHIUS (henr.) Sacerdotium Romanum, una cum ejus Sa* 

criiicio, No6i««j convictum. 12® Ainst, IG90. 
HORD {Mr.) Two Knaves for a penny ; or a Dialogue betwecn 

Mr. Hord the Mealman and Mr. Gripe the Broker. 4® Lond. 

HORDAL (joh.) Historia Joannas d*Arc, Aurehanensis Puells. 

4» PoHti-MusM. 1612. 
HORDEN (H.) V. viRTuE. 
HORDOGNEZ (alfonso) Celestina, Tragicomedia di Cali«to c 

MeUbea, tradotta de Spagnuolo in Italiano, da Innocentio Mig* 

liorucci. 12^ Ven. 1543. 
HORELIUS (PHiL. cod.) Dissert. de Apepsia. 4» Lug. Bai. 

1720. ' 
HOREN (nicol.) Tractatus de Latitudinibus Formarufh. 4^ Pad. 


■ Opuscula Mathematica. fol. Ven. 1505. 
HORIN (CAR. franc.) Guaestionis Medic». 4« 3Ionsp. 1683. 
HORLACHER (chr. mich.) £KIArPA<l>IA Suturarum Cranii hu- 

maui. 4* Tub. 1684. 

Dissert. de Vitriolo. 4« Etf. 1687. 

■■ Dissert. de naturali VentricuU Functione. 4* Eifi 

HORLOGE. Usage de rHorloge. 12* 
HORMANUS (GUL.) Vulgaria. Lat. & Angl. 4P Lond. 1519. 

■ Antibossicon. 4® Lond. 1521 . 

HORMEYER (sim.) De origine propinandi coUoquium peiju- 

cundum. 12« Lips. 1612. 
HORN, r. HORNius. 
HORN ( } Proposal for changing the Coin of the Kingdcmi. 

HORN (barth.) Thesis de Febribus in generc, 4« Gryph. 1611. 
HORN (cAsp.) Thesi.^ de Paralysi. 4« fVitt. 1600. 

■ Thesis de Arthritide. 4* Bas. 1616. 


H O R 

HORN (george) A Trefltise on Leeches. S^ Lond, 1798. 
HORN (gf.o. conr. de) Dissert. de Salivatione Mercuriali. 4* 

Franc, 1689. 
HORN (hen.) Disput. de Anima. A^ Hcnricop. 1591. 
HORN (hf.rm.) Disput. de Ictcro flavo. 4*» Rinu 1667. 
HORN (.lAc.) Disscrt. de Spiritubus acidis. 4° Jen. 1720. 
HORN (joH. van) Di^put. de Plenritide. 4° Uhr, 1641. 

Disput. de morbis. 8" Vltr. 164). 

Epistola i\v. Aneurysmi»t<'. 1^2^ Par, 1644. 

HORN (lOH. AND.) De Abusu Sudorifcronim in Curationc Vario- 

larum. 4° Gryph, 1733. 
HOKN (joH. BERNU.) Synopsis metallurgica, oder Probier Kunst 

1^0 1690. 
HORN (john) The open Door for Man's approach to God. Or 

a Vindication of the Record of Go<1 concemina the extent of 
. the Death of Christ in its Objoct. 4° Lowc/. 1650. 
Efficacy of the true Bahne. Beinj^: a relation of Mrs. 

Rose Wamer'8 carriage, confession of hcr sins, &c. being under 

sentence of death for murder. 12° Lond. 1669. 

A Sermon on the death of Mrs. Reb. Jackler. IS* 

Lond. 1672. 
HORN (thos.J Sermon preached at the Anniversary Meeting of 

the Eton Sobolars. P Lond. 1680. 
HORNBY (cHARLEs) Two Lettc rs of Remarks on the Mistakes in 

Sir W. Dugdalc's Baronage. 8° Lond, 1730. 
■ Three I^tters on the Errors and Defects in Dugdale'» 

Baronaprc. S^ Lond. 1738. 
HORNBY (josEPH & NATH.) The Case of their Creditors. fol. 
HORNBYE(uM.) Hornbook. 12» Lom/. 1622. 
HORNCASTLE. Relation of the fight near Horncastle between 

the Earl of Mapchester^s and the Marquesse of Ne\vcastle'i 
.Forces. 4" Lond. 1643. 
HORNE (andu.) Miroir des Justices. U^ Lond, 1642. 
HORNE (geo.) Bp, of Norwich, Discourses on several subject». 
. 4 vols. 8« Lond, 1799. 
A Commentary on the Book of Psalms. 2 voW, S^ 

Lond. 1802. 
■ A Selection from the Commentary on the Psalms by 

Lindley Murray. 12° York, 1812. 
HORNE (JOH. van) V, bartholinus. galenus. hippocrates. 

Novus Ductus Cliyhferus. 4° Lugd, Bat, 1659. 

■■ — MIKPOKOSMOS scu bre\is manuductio ad Historiam 

Corporis humani. 12<^ Lugd. Bai. 1662. 

'- 12« Lvgd, Bat. 1665. 

-j cum Aniiot. J. Maur. HofFmanni, ct notis J. 

Swammerdamii. 4" Altdorf, 1685. 
MIKPOTEXNH id csl brevissima Chirurgiae Methodus. 

12» Lugd. Bat. 1663. 

Ang, by Henr. Banycr. 8** Lond. 1717. 

Opuscula anatomico-chirurgica. Edit. ab Joh. G- Paulo. 

,g«Li>*. 1707. 



HORNE (iohN) The Rigbteous Man's Flope i/i hi« Deatli ; a Ser* 
mon al the Funeral of Wm. Conye. 4^ Ix>nd, 1649. 

• A Consideralion of Infant BaptiRm. 4® Lond. 1654. 

MORNE (robert) Bishop of Wincfiester. Answer to John Feken* 
ham, touching^ the Othepf Supremacy. 4^ Lond. 1566. 

HORNE (thos.) Sernion on the death of K. Charles II. 4« Lond. 

HORNE (thos.) An Account of the clear Profits of extracting 
Silver out of Lead : by the Governour and Companv of . the 
Mine Adventurers of Enp;hnd. fol. Lond. 1705. 

HORNE (thos. H.)Compendiumof the Statute Laws of the Ad- 
miralty. W Lond. 180J. 

HORNECK (anth.) r. kidder. 

■ Fuiieral Sermon on Mrs. D. St. John. 4^ Lond. 1677. 
Sermon on Jany. 30. 4» Lond. 1682. 

■ The Nature of true Christian Rij^hteousness, a Sermon. 
4» Lond. 1689. 

Sermon before their Majesties on Ea>ter Day. at the 

Consecration of Gilbert, Bi^bop of Snrum. ^^ Lowr/. 16b9. 
• Account of Mr. Edw. Sclater's Rtrcantation, &c. 

Ix>id. 16S9. 

Tiie true Interest of Families. 12^ Lond. 1692. 

• Antidote a«jainst iiidifll rence in matters of Reliprion, 

translated from the Frcnch. With an introduction by A. Hor- 
neck. 12^ Lond, 1694. 

•The Happiness of being saved from the second Death; 

a Funeral Sermon on Lady A. Lacy. 4" Lond. 169."». 

Funcral Sermon on Lady Guilford. 4° Lond. 1699, 

HORNEflAUSEN. A fu4 relation concerning the Fountain of 

Hornehausen. 4" Lond. 1613. 
HORNEIUS (barth.) Disiuit. de Ileo. 4« Ilelm. 1664. 
HORNEI US (coNRADus) Compendium naturalis Philosophiae. 8* 

Franc. 1650. 


IIOHNEMANN (joh. chr.) Commcntatio Anti-Rabbinica in 

Psalmos. XIV et LIII. De Mes8ia.4« Gryph. 1730. 
— Dissert. de Theocratia nefaria mo<lo a Judoei^ repudi- 

'ata, praecipue contra Rabbi Isaac Abarbanelein Hispanum. 4® 

HORNIGK (gott.) Dis«ert. de Sympalhia Morborutn. 4* Erf. 

HORNIGK (ludw.) Politia Medica. Germ. 4« Franc. 1638. 
■ Langen Schwalbacher Saurbruiinen und Baeder. 12* 

Mayn. 1658. 
HORNIGK (matth^.us) Des Egertscben Schleder-Sewerlinyi 

Beschreilmn^. 12" Lips. 1628. 
HORN IKKELI US (mart.) Ad JustaexequiaUa ejus Inntatio. 4* 

HORNiUS (alb. otto) Idea Polyhistoi ioe universaiis. 4* Hei^ 

delb. 1660. 
HORNIUS (c.\«p.) Elephas, Germ. 4» N*m6. \^^. 

H O R 

HORNIUS (cAsp.) Speculum Scorbuticum. Gtrr^ 12" Nurenk. 

HORNIUS (CASp. HEuiii.) Disquisitio de Metalli-fodinanmi Jore. 

4« Witefnb. 1703, 
— — De Libro metallico antigrapbo. 4* Witemb. 1706. • 
HORNIUS (cHRisTOPHORus) De Auro medico Pbil^pb^rutt. 

12« Franc. 1615. 


HORNIUS (gborg.) Rerum Britaimicarum Libri VII, qnibuft 
Res in Anglia, Scotia et Hibcrnia ab anno M.DC.XL\r. bello 
gests, exponuntur. 12^ Loigcl. Bai. 1648. 

■■■ ■ ■ De Originibus Americanis, Lib. IV. 12* Hag. Cojh. 

■*■ ■■ Historia4>bilosopbica. 4t^ Lugd, Bat. apud Elzev. 1655. 
Arca No£, sive, Historia Imp^riorum et Regnorum a 

condito Orbe ad nostra Tempora. 12° Lt^d. Bat. Sf Rotierd. 

• Arca Mosis, sive, Historia Mundi. 12^ Lugd, Bai, 


Historia naturalis et civilis. 12* Lugd, Bat. 1670. 

12« Lips. 1671. 

12« Lips. 1679. 

Ulysses peregriuans, omnia lustrans Littora. 12^ Lugd, 

Bat. 1671. 

12® Franc. 1672, 

- Aardbescbryving. fol, Amt.lGSl. 

HORNKENS (henry) Recueil de Dictionaires Fran^ois, Espag* 

nols, & Latins. 4^ Brux. 1599. 
HORNMANN (geo. nENR.) Disput. de Morte subtta prseca"- 

venda. 4° Hal. Mag. 1707. 
HORNMANNUS (henr.) Disputatio Monetarum. 12" Franc. 

liORNMOLDUS (seb.) In Crapulam, pro Sobrietate, aeu, de vi- 

tanda et fugicnda Kbrietate, decem Ceuturiis Epigramiiiatum 

exvar. Auct. 12» Bas. 1619. 
HORNS. Narrative of a Woman tliat bath a pair of Horna grow* 

ing upon ber head. 4^ Lond. 1676. 
HORNSEY (joHN)Shorl Enghsh Grammar. 12« York, 1793. 
HORNUNG (HEN.) Dissert. de Mundo. 4° Regiom. imi. 
'■■ Disput de Iridis seu Arcus coelestis natura^ 4® Regiom, 

HORNUNG (jo.) Unterricht, wte man allerley Brantichiideii 

curircD soll. 8^ Nuremb. 1622. 
L Cista medica, Epistolse clA^issimorum Germani» Me^ 

dicorum. 4* Norib. 1626. 
HORNUNG (joH. cHRis.) Dissert. de Conversione Pagaoonim. 

4^ ir«7.l7l7. 
HORNUNG (JOH. MicH.) Dissert. de Dysenteria. 4* Tub. 1666. 
- Exercit. de Linguffi Teutunics etatibus. 4* Witi^ 

1667. . 

Exercil. de immensitate Spiritus InBniti. 4* Witt, 


H O R 

HOROLOGGI (FRANc.) Maiiif<Mto ndla QuereUa col Clv. Chrut 

Barbarano. 4« 1566. 
.HOROLOGGI (ciosEP.) Historia della Guerra Sacradi Gieru^ 

salemme. 4^ Ven, 1562. 

L'Inganno, Dialoga 12^ Vin. 1562. 

> ViU del S. CamiUo Orsino. 4« Ven, 1565. 

HOROLOGIA. L'Excellence de l'Horlogerie, par J. B. 12* 

Gen. 1689. 
HOROLOGICAL Dialogues, by J. S. 12» Ij>nd. 1675. 
IIOROSCO (dieco de valverdr) Controversia medica, en que 

se disputa, si se lia de variar la Parte, do se ha de sangrar, se- 

gun las Diferencias de las Enfermedades, y Partes afectas. 4* 

^m/. 1632. 
Proteccion de la Doctrina de Hypocrates, y Galeno; 

acerca dei Metodo de curar por Sangrias. 4** ScviL 1653. 
HOROZCO (JUAN de) Tratado dc la verdadera y falsa Prophecia 

4» SegoD. 158^. 
HORREBOW (N.) The Natural History of Iceland. fol. Lcmd 

HORREBOW (PBTR.) Clavis AstronomisB. 4« J/«tm. 1730. 
— — Atrium Asti-onomi», sive, de inveniendis Refractioni* 

bus, Obliquitate Eclipticse, atque Elevatione Poli Tractatus, cui 

aubjungitur Schediasma de Arte interpolandi ante annum seor* 

sum editum. 4» Ilafn. 1732. 

Basis Astronomifle, sive Astronomise Pars mecbanica; 

in qua describuntur Observatoria atque Instrumenta Astrono* 
mica Roemariana Danica. 4° Hafn. 1735. 

Consilium de nova Metliodo Paschali ad perfectum 

Sutum perducenda. 4° llc^fn. 1738. 
HOR8BUKGH (j ) Memoirs: comprising the Navigation toand 

from China by the China Sea. Also the Navigation of the 

Bombaj Harbour. 4« Lond. 1805. 
■ Directipns for saihng to and from the East Indies^ 

China, New HoUand, Cape of Good Hope and adjacent Parts. 

Part I. 4« Lond. 1809. 
HORSCHERUS (ferd.) Exercitatio Medica. 4« Argent. 1624. 
HORSE. A proposal to raise <i'200,000 pcr Annum by a Tax 

on Horses. fol. 
— Tcn Minutes Advice to every Gentleman going to pur- 

chase a Horste. 12" Lond. 

A very perfect Discoursc, and Order, how to know 

the Age of a Horse, and his Diseases, by L. W, C. 4" Lond. 

Proppsittons of both Houses of Parliament conccming' 

the raising of Horse, Horsemen and Arms for tbe defence of 
the King and Parhament. 4* Lond. 1642^ 

An order of the Hpuse of Commons respecting fumish- 

ing Horse, Arms, &c. fol. 1642. 

An order of the Lords and Coromons conceroin^^ 

Horses valued aud enroUed by the Commifoiouers of Loodoo. 
fol. 1642. 

H O R 

HORSE. An ordinance of both Houses for taking of Horses for 
the service of Parliament. 4® 1643. ^ 

- * ■ ' Declaration of both House« for the seizing of Horsei 

for the Earl of Essex. 4^ Lond. 1643. 

' An order of the Lords and Commons forbidding per- 

$ons to bu^ or sell Horses or Arnis marked ^Ti . 4* Lond. 


■ A declaration of both Houses for raising a body of 

Horse for thesafety ofthe Kingdom. 4" Loiid. 1643. 

An ordinance of Parliament for providinjr draught 

. Horses for the Artillery to the Army under Sir T. Fairfax« 4* 
Lond. 1644. 

■ An ordinance of both Houseu for raising Horse for the 

defence of London/ and for apprdiending Papists. 4** Lond, 

An ordinanre of both Hou«es for raising Horse^ and 

500 Drajj^ns for the pubhque service. 4** Lond. 1G45. 

T wo Letters from the Aj^ents of the five Regiment& of 

Horse. 4« 1647. 

An act for the levying of Horse and Foot, to be put 

out by their Shircs and Bura^hs. 4® Edenb. 1648. 

An ordinance of ParUament for the payment of thc 

Horse Guards. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

An act of the Paihament of Scotland for new levies of 

Horse and Foot 4" Lond. 1650. 

■ Proclamation prohibiting Horse Races for six Months. 
fol. I.ond. 1654. 

" — Pfoclamation prohibiting Horse Races for eight Months. 

fol. lond. 1658. 
HORSEMANDEN (wareham) v. saint-leger. 
HORSEY (john) A Plea for Peace and Truth: Or an Attempt 

to compose tlic ditlercnces, subsisting in some Dissenting Con- 

gregations^ upon the Principles of ihe Gospel. A Seruion, on 

the death of H. Meadows. 8° Lond. 1748. 
HOHSEY (richd.) Inventory of the Lands, Tenemcnt*, &c. of 

R. Horsey. fol. Lond. 1721. 
HORSEY (sam.) His answer to the misrepresentation of hiscon- 

dnct in some of the daily news-papers. 8** Lond. 1733. 
HOftSLEY (john) thc Vanity of Man in this World. A Ser- 

mon on the death pf Revd, John Uarle. 8^ Lond, 1730. 
Briiannia Romana. Or the Roman Axitiquities of 

Britain. fol. Lond.\1^2. [With Dr. lVard*s Mss. notca.] 
HORSLEY (sam.) Bishop qf St, Asaph, v, afollqnius Fergecus. 


■ — The Analogy between the Hght of Inspiration and ihe 
light of Learning, as qualifications for the Miuistry. A Ser- 
mon. 49 Glocest. 1787. 

Charge to thc Clergy of St. Pavids i^ 1790. 4* Ghc^, 



H O R 

HORSLEY (SAM.) Bishop of Si, Asaph. Sermon on Jany. 30; 

4» Lond, 1793. 
Scnnon befure the Society for the Propagation of the 

Gospel. A^ Lond, 1795 
HORSLEY (\VM.) The Universal Merchant. 4« Lond. 1753. 
HORSMANNUS (ro.) Sionis Cerumina, ct Triuinphus. 12* 

HOR^NAILE (tho.) The fearful State of the wicked and thc 

hopeful State of the ris:hte<>us in Dealh. A Sermon on the 

dcathofEiiz Hauk. 8» Loik/. 1742. 
HORST (elisa yander) Oratio de fugiendo immoderato luctu ob 

defuncios. 4» Dclp, 1680. 
HORST (JOH. vANDtR) DUput. de U^^ufructu. 4« Vltr, 1686. 
HOKST (JOH. Mc.) Funend Sermon of Chiist. Arnold Konerdin. 

Gcrm. 4« 1678. 
HORST (josiAH) A Thanksgivin^ Scrmon. 4° Lond. 1707. 
HORSTIUS (geo.) p. hippocrates. 

■ Di^iput. de Corde. 4^ Gicss, 1663. , 

■ Dissert. de Siriasi. 4" Bas. 1665. Mania. 4<* Giess. 1677. 

—— ^ De causis Similitudinis et Dissimilitudinis in FoBtu, 

respectu Parentum. 4" Gicss. 1688. 
HORSTIUS (greg.) Opera medica. fol. Norimh. 1660. 

. SKEtlS physica, et medica. 12« IVittb, 1606. 

■' XKEf TS de Conservatione et Cruentatione Cadavenmi. 

'12» Witeb. 1608. 

Exercit. de Scorbuto. A^ Giess, 1(509. 

Disputationes medicflB XX. 12<* IVitteb. 1609. 

— — Exercitationes pharmaceuticap. 12*^ Giess, 1611. 

■ ■ De Natui*a humana hbri II. 4** Fr, ad M. 1612. 

I De Morbis, eorumque causi< Liber. 4« Giess, 1612. 

Accesserunt de Febribus Exercitationes. 8* 

Marp, Cat. 1629. 
De tuenda sanitate studiosorum Lib. II. 12^ Giest. 


12« Giess, 1617. 

De natura Thermarum. W Giess. 1618. 

Conciliator enucleatus. 12*^ Giess 1621. 

Prognosis febrium, juxta textum Hipix)craticum in 

principio coacarum pra;notiouum. 4« Giess. 1622. 

De natura Amoris; de natura Therraarum, de causi« 

Similitudinis et Dissimililudinis in Foetu respectu Parentum, 

4» Marp. 1627. 

Observationes medicse. 4« Ulm. 1628. 

Herbarium Ilorstianum. 8® Marp. 1630. 

De tuenda Sanitate. 12« Marp. 1648. 

Marcellus Donatus. 8« Francqf. 1664. 

- rAniSOrPAOiA tpimephs Llnguse statum naturalem» 

prsternaturalem et signa exinde petei^a exponens. 4« Altd. 

4 . iio^srtv\i% 

H O R 

HORSTIUS (greg.) Disscrt. de mixtis in geaere et imperfectii 

in specie. 12^ Franc. 1682. 
— — — Difesert. de Insectis. l^ Franc. 1682. 
HORSTIUS (JAC.) De Natura, DifFiTentiis, et Causis eorum^ qu^ 

dormieutes ambulant. 199 Lips, 1593. 

: 12° Lips, 1595. 

Precationes Medicorum piae. 12® Helmst, 1585. 

Die 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Buchern von den Gcbeimwsett 

der Natur. 4° Lips. 1588. 

'- De aureo Dente maxillari Pueri Silesii. 12^ Lips, 1595. 

Epistola philosophicfle, et medicinales, cum Vita Gre- 

gorii Horstii. 8» Valent, 1596. 
HORSTIUS (joH.) Di^put. de igni et aere- 49 Witt. 1621. 
HORSTIUS (JoH. DAN.) Compendium Pbysic» Hippocratese. 

12» Marp. Cat. 1646. 
Pbarmacopoeia Galeno-cbymica catholica. fol. IWwc. 


Epistolarum medicinalium Decas, e Museo J. D. Hor- 

stii ; item^ Observationes anatomics. 4® Franc. 1656. 

Epistola de Lympha Bartholiniana. 4» Hqfn. 1658. 

Kurtze Beschreiliung der Sauer-Brunnen zu Langen- 

Schwalbach und Deonnin^stein. 12* Franc. 1659. 

Manuductio ad Medicinam. 12» Ulm. 1660. 

- Judicium de Chirurgia infusoria, J. D. Majoris. 12* 


Physica Hippocratea Tackenii, Helmontii, Cartesii, Es- 

pagnet, Boylei, &c. Commentis illustrata. V29 Franc. 168S. 
Beschreibung des Embser-Bades. 8® Darmst. 16S3. 

HORSTIUS (PHiL.) Disput. de Ventis. 4« Witt. 1607. 
HORTA (f. salvatok da) Vila et Miracoli. 12» Palcrm. 16S9. 
HORTE (antonio decio da) Agripanda, Tragedia. 4» Fir, 

HORTEGA (JUAN de) Arismetica y Geometrica. 4* Gran, 1563. 
HORTENSIUS (lambertus) Iterum Ultrajectinarumj Libri 7. 

fol. Uitraj. 1642. 
HORTENSIUS (landus) v. philalethes. 
HORTENSIUS (martinus) Responsio ad Additiunculam D. Jo- 

annis Kepleri prffifixam Epbtmeridi ejus in Annum 1624. 4* 

Lugd. Bat. 1631. 
■ ■ — Dissertatio de Mercurio in Sole viso, et Venerc invisa. 

4« Ltt^rf B«/. 1633. 

Ordtio de Oculo ejusque praestantia. fol. Amst. 1635. 

HORTIBONIUS (isaac) v, diocenes laertius. 

HORTINUS,37. Roscius. 

HORTO (garcias de) Aromatum et Simphcium aliquot Medi- 

camentorum, apud Indos nascentium« Historia, Lat. facta, et 

in Epitomen contracta a Carolo Clusio. 8^ AnL apud PianL 


— 8» Ant. apud Plant. 1579. 

— — lt<d. con Annot. di C. Clusio, trad. da M, 

Annibale Briganti. 8" Ven. 1582. 

H O R 

HORTOLANUS Juiucr. The Goklen Age, or tlie Reign of Sa- 

torn reviewed. 8* Lmd, 1698. 
HORTON iCol,) A fQll Relaiion of his victory orer tlie Wdsb 

forces. fol. Lond. 1648. 

■ A coDfirmatioa of the great Victory la Waks. 4* Lond, 

HORTON (joseph) The Diity of Subjects consideretl^ with aii 
eje to the present po^^ture of Afl&irs, and enforced in au Aftdze 
Sennon. 8^ Lond. 1727. 

HORTON (thos.) Sinne's DiKCovery and Revenge; a Fast Scr« 
mon. 4^ Lond. 1646. 

■ Wisdom's Judgment of FoUy; a Spital Sermon. 4^ 
Laml. 1653. 

The Pillar and Pattem of England^s Deliverance; m 

Sermon before the Lord Mayor. 4** Lond. 1655. 

Zion'» Birth-Re)2:ister ; a Sermon to the native Cttizens 

of London. 49 Lond. 1656. 

Rich Treasure in earthen Vessels ; a Funeral Sermon 

on Revd. J. Nalton. &^ Lond. 1663. 
Sermons. fol. Lond. 1679. 

HORTUS. Hortus SaniUtis. fol. 

. fol. Arg. 1536. 

■ Gtrm. fol. 

Kuntlisch Obst garten Biichlein Churfurrt Augusti zu 

Sachsen. 8* llrr/. 1636. 

Hortus Blfc<ensis. fol. Par. 165.^. [cum Notis ilf«f.] 

Catalogus Plantarum singularum suis Areolis Horti 

Rcgii Parisiensis par M. A. P. P. 12* Pof. 1656. 

Hortus Indicus Malabari^us, adornatus per Hen. van 

Rhede> van Draakenstein, et Joh. "Cascarium. Notis adauxit 
Amoldus Syen. Pars I. fol. Amsi. 1678. 

notis adauxit Joan. Commelinua. Pars. IL 

fol. Amsi. 1679. 
■ adomatus per Hen. van Rhede van Draaken* 

steinet Joh. Munnicks. Notis adauxitJoh. Coromelinus. Partct 
III. IV. V. fol. Amst. 1682~«5. 

adomatus per Hen. van Rhede van Draaken* 

stein et Theod. Janson. Notis adauxit^oh. Commelinus. Part. 
Vl. foL Amst. 1686. 

• adornatus per Hen. van Rhede vau Draaken- 

Btein. In ordinem redegit et latinitate donavit Abrah. a Poot. 
Notis adauxit Joh. Commdinus. Partes VIL VIII, IX, X, Xl, 
XlL fol. Amst. 1688—1703. 

Horti Beaumontiani Catalogus. 8® Hag. 1690. 

12^ Lsiden, 1726. 

Hortus Romanus juxta systema Tournefortiantrai a 

Geo. Bonelli, specierum nomina suppeditante Liberato Sdb* 
bati. Tom. I. fol. Rom. 1772. 

a Nic. Martellio et Liberato Sabbati. Tom. V. 

VL fol. Rom. 1778—^. 
HORTUSBONUS, r. cas.\i;bonus. 

II o s 

HORWOOD (nrr.) A ncw Map of London. fol. 1690. 
HOSANNAH to the Son of David, or a testimony to thc Lord'« 

Christ. Ofttrin^ itself to all Persons but ijiore particularly to 

Qiiakers. 4P Lond, 1657. 
IIOSE (JOH. GERH.) De niethodo Herbas lustrandi> cui anneia 

sunt Corollaria quxJam anatomica. 4^ Bas. 1711. 
HOSEA, r. DosT. 
HOSIER (john) The Mariner'8 Fricnd, or a Treatise on the 

Stars. 8« Lond. 1809. 
HOSIUS (JOH.) Oratio II. de victa Carthagine et Numantia per 

Scipionem. 4° Alcm, 1673. 
HOSIUS (sTAN.) Episcoptts Varmiensis. v* rescius. 

Opera. fol. Col 1560. 

2tom. fol. Co/. 1584. 

De expresso Dei Verbo. 4^^ Diling. 1558. 

Propugnatio ChristianaB, Catholicseque Doctrin». S* 

Ant, 1559. 

• Confutatio Prolciromenon Brentii. 8* Par, 1560. 

HOSKINS (jAMEs) The Pensylvania Bubble. 4« Lond. 1726. 
The Witand Honesty of Jarnes Iloskins, &c. consider- 

ed in Remarks on the Pensilvania Bubble. 8* Lond. 1726. 
HOSKINS (joseph) Hymns. 12° Brist. 1789. 
HOSKINS (t.) Proposal to thc Ilouse of Commons for raising a 

large sum of money. fol. 
HOSKYNS (john) v. sprint. 
HOSMAN (joh.) Tractatus de Communione sub utraquc Spc» 

cie, adversus Hus^itas. 8® P'en. 1571. 
HOSPINIANUS (rodolph.) Historia Sacramentaria. 2 vol. fol, 

Tig. 1598—1602. 

De Templis : Lib. V. fol. Tig. 1603. 

■ Concordia di<cors : de origine et progressu Formuke 

Concordiae Bergensis Liber I. fol. Tig. 1607. 

De Monachis : Lib. VI. foK Tig. 1609. 

De Festis Judseorum^ et Ethnicorum: Lib. IIl. foL 


Festa Christianoruni. fol Tig. 1612. 

Historia Jesuitica. fol. Tig. 1619. 

HOSPITAL. The Charge of the Govemors of St. Thomas'* 

Hospital. fol. 
'■ An Abstract of thc orders of St. Tliomas^s Hospital re^ 

lating to the Sisters, Nurses and poor Paticnts therein. fol. 

An enquiry into tlie Institution of the HospitaUof St. 

Bartholomew, Christ-Church, St. Thoinas, Bndevvell, and Bcth- 
lem. fol. 

Lists of the President and Govcrnors of Guy's Hospital* 

Reasons for countenancing the Middlesex County Ifos- 

pital. fol. 
«i Letter respecting the charge of Mcdicines for the Lon* 

don Hocspital. foL 


H O S 

HOSPITAL. Tlic Charge to be taken by every Govemor of St 

Bartho]omevv'h Ho^pita]. fo]. 
The ordre of the Hospital of S. Bartholomewe*8 in 

Westsraythfielde in London. 12» Lfmd. 1552. 

The order of the Ho?pita]ls of K. Hen. VIII. and K. 

Edw. VI. viz. St. Bartholomew's, Christ^s,. Bridewell, St. 
Thomas's. 129 1557. 

Three ordinances of both Houses of Parliament. I. 

For dischafging the Rents of the Hospitals of the City of Lon- 
don. II. For estabUshing a new Seal for the County of Lan- 
caster. III. For ordainiug Ministers in the Couuty of Lan- 
caster. 4» Land. 1644. 

Report of the Costs and Charges of thc Hospitalls of 

the City of London. fol. Lond. 1644. 

fol. Lond. 1645. 

fol. Lond. 1647. 

fo]. Lond. 1649. 

fol. Lond 1650. 

foJ. Lond. 1653. 

An order of Iwlh Houses of Parliamcnt to examine thc 

Abuses of Hospitalls. 4» Lond. 1645. 

Orders and Ordinances for thc Govemraent of thc 

Hospital of St. Bartholomew the Lesse. 4» Lond. 1652. 

Report of the Chiidren and other poor maintained in 

the several Hospitals of London. fol. Lond. 1655. 
fo]. Lond. 1656. 

An Order prohibiting Govemors of Hospitals letting 

Leases. fol. Lond. 1659. . 

The state of the Case concerning the right of the Visi- 

tetion of St. Katherine*s Hospital. 4^ Lond. 1673. 

An Appendix to the Queries upon the 25th of Hen. 

VIII. Cap. 21. containing considcrations in beha]f of the iile- 
gally ejected Officers of the Hospital of St. Thomas, South- 
wark. 4<> Lond. 1690. 

A Pattern of a well grounded Hospital : or a descrip- 

tion of the Hospital of the Invalids near Paris. 12** Lond. 1695. 
Abstract of the Orders of Sl Thonias's Hospital. fol. 

Lond. 1707. 

The Calamities of the English Sickness ; and the 

Suflerings of the Apothecaries from their al)ounded encrease. 
With Proposals to improve the Kevenues of all the Hospitals 
inLondon. 4*» Lond. 1707. 

Lists of the Governors of St. Thomas*s Hospital for 

the years 1710, 1715, 1716, 1725, 1733, 1734, 1736. fol. 

Act of Common Councii for securing ^me money de- 

creed by the Court of Chancery to St. Bartholomew*8 Hospital. 
fol. Lond. 11 12. 

Proceedings of the Govcrnors of St. Tbomas^s Hospital^ 

from 1733 to 1740. fol. 

T Rise, Progress and State of the LondoD Hospital from 

its institution in 1740 to 1748. fol. 

VoL. IIL 3K W^^^Y^^feX*. 

H O T 

HOSPITAL. Proceedin^ and li^^ts of the Governors of St 
GeorsfeV Hospital from 1743 to 1747. fol. 

— TheHospital; APoem. 4« Lond. 1810. 

HOSPITAL (miciiel de l') The Patriot Minister, or kistorical 
' Panejryric on him. 8^* Lond. 1778. 


HOSPITALIS (mich.) v. biblia. grammatica. 

De Caleti, et GiiianaB Expugnatione. 4® Par. 1558« "" 


HOSSMAN (abr.) Causae naturales ex quihus pestis oritur ct ex- 

pellitur. Gcrm. 4** Budiss. 1614. 
HQST. DiscourfiC concerning the Adoration of the Host. With 

an Answer to T. G. on that subject, and to Monsr. Boileau^a 

late hook De Adfrrationc Eucharhtice. 4® Lond. 1685. ■ 
HOST (geo.) Nachricliten von Marakos und Fes. 4" Kopaih. 


HOSTAL (pierre l') Le Soldat, Fran^ois. 12» 1604. 
HOSTE (JEAN l') Practique de la Geoinetrie. 4** PorU-a^MouK, 

HOSTE (pa'tl) L'Art do^ Armees navalcs, ou Trait^ des Evolu- 

tions navalcs, avec laTheoriede la Constructiou des Vaisseaux. 

fol. Lyon. 1697. 
HOSTIUS (dav.) In Hi&toriam jMonomachife Davidis et Golia- 

thi, Inquisitio. \2^ Ant. 158-2. 
HOSTUS (mattilt-us) De Numeratione emendata, veteribus La- 

tinis et Grrecis usitata, 12° AiU. 1583. 
HOTCHKIS (JAC.) Oralio. 4« Lond. 1733. 
HOTCHKIS (Tiio.) The Nature of Forgiveness of Sin, With a 

Preface by Mr. Baxtcr. X'^ Lond. 1655. 
— — Reformation or Ruin ; being Sermons oii Levit. XXVI. 

23, 24. 13« Lond. 1675. 

■ Discourse concerning imputed Righteousness. Part 2. 
8*^ Lond. 1678. 

HOTCHKISS (THO.) V. robertson. 

HOTHAM (cAR.) Ad Philosophiam Teutonicam Mauuductio, 

Seu Dcterminatio de Origine Animae. 16<* Lond. 1648. 
Angl. by D. F. 16° Lond. 1650. 

■ The Petition, and Argument before the Committee, fbr 
the Reformatiou of the Univerpities. 4^ Lond. 1651. 

A true state of the Case of Mr. Hotham, late of Peter 

llouse, 4« 1651. 
■ Accownt of the Proceedings of the Coinmittee for tbe 

Reformation of the Universities in depriving Charles Hothatn of 

his Fellovirship : with his exceptions against thc ProceediDgs. 

HOTHAM {Sir john) A Letter, concerning the late discoTcry at 

Hull. With Beckwith^s Letter. fol. 1642. 
■■■ The Kings Message to Pariiament concerning Sir J. 

Hotham's refusall to §ive His Majestie Entrance into His Town 

ofHulL foL 1642. 


H O T 

HOTHAM (Sfr jobn) Propositions to him by the Priace coa^i^ 
cerning Hull : with his Answer. 4* Lond. 1642, 

* His Resolution presented to the King at BeverW ; 

wherein is manifeste^ his earnegt desire to cxpress himseli a 
loyall Subject to His Majesty, and a faithful Servant to the Par- 
liamcnU With joyful News from Newcastle. 4® Lond. 1642. 

■ Declarationof his proceedings at Hull. 4® Lond. 1642. 

Reasons why he cannot agree to the Treaty of Pacifl- 

cation. 4<^ Lond, 1642. 
■ Relation of a battle fought by him near ToUerlon, in 

Yorkshire. 4« Lond, 1642. 
Declaration ; shewing his Reasons for marching into 

Yorkshire. 4° Lond. 1642. 
Orders of the Commons respecting Sir J. Hotham. foL 


Speech ; wherein is manifested the Reasons why the 

Subject being commanded by the Parliament, ought not to dis- 

obey, but to venture life and estate in the maintenance and 

performance thereof. 4** Lond. 1642. 
HOTMAN. Opuscules Fran^ois des Hotmans. 8« Par, 1616. 
HOTMAN (fr.) V. c^esar, cicero. 

Opera. 3 vol. fol. Lugd. 1599, 1600. 

*- Commentarius de Verbis Juris ; Antiquitatum Ro". 

Elementis amplificatus. fol. LuQd. apud Gryph. 1569. 

Francogallia. 12« CoL 1574. 

cum Ant. Matharelli Responsione. 2 vol. 8* 

Franc. 1665. 

Angl. 8» Lond.llW. 
GalL 12« CoL 1574. 

Disputatio de Controversia Succcs^ionis Rcgiae inter 

Patruum et Fratris prieniortui Filiuin. 12« 1585. 

De Re Numrnaria Populi Roinaiii Libcr. Accessenmt 

Volusius Magtianus, Rhemnius Fannius, Priscianus Ca^sarienMS, 
de Asse, Ponderibus et Mensuris. Iteui Budsei et Agricolffi 
Breviarium de Asse. 12® 1585. 

Partitioncs Juris Civilis Elementariae. 12** Ge». 1589. 

Libtllus de optimo Genere Juris interpretandi. 12* 

Gen. 1589. 

Consolatio, e Sacris Literis petita. 12** Gcn. 1593. 

De castis, ince>tisque Nupliis. 12® Lui^d, 1594. 

IIOTMAN (fr. & j.) Epistolee. Quibus aicedit Epihtolarum 

miscellanearuin Appendix. 4° Amst. 1700. 
IIOTMAN (jean) Sr. d*L\)andic. Trois traitez. I. De la Pro- 

vidence divine. II. Du progres de Tame raisonnable. III. Des 

diverses occupations des Hoiumes. 8^ Par. 1597. 
IIOTMAN (jean) Sr. de Villiers. Anti-Choppinus. 12« Cam, 


=: 12« JViliorb. 1593. 

De la Charge & Dignite de TAmbassadeur, ayec des 

Notes par le Sr. de Colazon. 8» Par. 1604. 
IIOTMAN (la tol'k) v. bacon. 
HOTOM ANNUiJ, v. hotman. BQTO^K^^Xi^ 

H O U 

fiOTOMANNUS (antonius) norONIAT, sivc dc Barba, Dia- 

logus. 12« Lugd, Bttt. 1586. 

4^ Rost, 1628. 

HOTTINGER, v eciiellensis. godwyn. 

HOTTINGER (david) Nimii Bracteati Tigurini cxplicati, ct ad 

vivum delineati. 4*^ Tig, 1702. 
HOTTINGER (jo. henr.) Tliesaunis philologicus^ seu, Clavis 

Scripturoe. 4»» Tig. 1649. - 
IILstoria Orientalis, ex variis Orientalium Monamcntis 

collecta. 4<> Tig. 1651. 
■ Analecta Historico-theologica. 12° Tig. 1652. 

Dissertationum miscellanearum riENTAZ. 12*^ Tig, 


Historia Ecclcsiastica Novi Testamenti. 6 toro. 12" 

Hanov. 1655 — 65, 

Oratio Secularis de Collegio Sapientiae Heidelbergensi. 

4*^ lUidelb. 1656. 

Promtuarium, sive, Bibliotheca Orientalis. 4® Ileidclb. 


De Usu Linguarum Orientalium in Rebus sacris. 4* 

Heidelb. 1658. 

Ilisk)ri8e Creationis Examen Theologico-philologicum. 

4« Ileidelb. 1659. 
Dissertationes de Resurrectione IMortuorum. De Noti& 

Ecciesia* visibilis. De Translatioiiibus Bibliorum. De Norai- 

nibus Dei Oricntalium. Doctrina Hebr. de Essentia Dei. 4* 

Heideib. 16o0. 
Eiyinologicum OriGntale, sivc Lexicon harmonictim 

EnTArAOTTON. 4® Fruncf. 1661. 
Archajologia Oricntalisj item, Cippi Hebraici. 12* 

Heidelb. 1662. 

Bihliothpcarius quadripartitus. 4° Tig. 1664. 

Schola Tii;urinorum Carolina. 4** 7Y^. 16ti4. 

Speculuni Hclvctico-Tigurinum. 12** Tig. l(i6S. 

..DissertaiiodeChrystallis. 4^ T/if. 1698. 

HOTTON (godofr.) La Piete eprouvce. Representee en Homc- 

hes : sur ies trois prem. Chapitres de Job. 4® Amst, 1G48. 
' ■■ ' Viiuperatio Vitii A\»inii ingrali. 4^ 1663. 
HOTrON (petr) Positiones quadam Mcdicte. 4** Lug, Bat. 

' Sermo Academicus de re herbaria. 4^ Lug. Bai, 1695. 

HOUARD (m.) Anciennts Loix des Fran^ois conscrvees daiis le* 

CQutumes Angloiscs recucillies par Littleton. 2 tom. 4^ Rouen, 

^. Dictionnaire Analytique, Historique, Etymologique, 

Critique et Inlerpretatif de la Coutiinie de Normandie. 4 tom. 

4« /?o?/r7i, 1780—82. 
HOViEUS (ger ) Disput, de Febribus Pulridis Intermittentibus. 

4^ Lug. Bat. 1596. 
HOUBIGANT^FR.) v. biblia. 


H O U 

HOUBRAKEN (arnold) Toneel van Sinncbeclden. ful. Dordr. 

Schouburgh der Nederlontscbe Konstschilders en SchiU 

deressen. 2 vol. 8^ Am$i. 1718. 
HOUCK (PRiD.) Dissert. de Hyperico (aliis Fuga Dsoionum.) 

4« Jen. 1716. 
HOUCK (leon. vander) Disput. de Suppressione Menstruoruoi. 

40 Lug. Bat, 1668. 
HOUCKIUS (aug.) Oratio. 4» Gran. 
HOVE (gul. vander) Disput. de Phthbi seu Tabe. 4® Laig, Bai. 

HOVEDEN (roger) Annalcs, edente Hen. Savile. fol. Lond. 

HOUEL (jean) Voya^e Pittoresque de la Sicile^ de Malte ct de 

Lipan. 4 tomes. fol. Par, 1782 — 87. 
HOUEL (j. p. L. L.) Histoire Naturelle des deux Elephans da 

Mu.eiira de Pari». 4« Par. 1803. 
HOUEL (nicolas) Pharmaceutices lib. IL 8<^ Par. 1571. 

Traite dela Theriaque & Mithridat. 8® Par. 1573. 

Traile de la Peste. 8« Par. 1573. 

■ Regimepreservatif de la Peste. 8* 1580. 
HOVEUUS (joH.) Oratio funebris in Magnum Gustavum Adol- 

phum. 4<> Riga, 1654. 
HOUGH (john) Bp. of IVorcester, v. wilmot. 
A Relaiion of the proceedingps against Magdalen Col- 

lege, 1687. 4» 1688. 

Fast Sermon before the Peers. 4® Lond. 1701. 

Sermon before the Society for the Reformation of Man- 

ners. 4« Lond. 1705. 

■ Thanksgiving Sermon before the Lords. 4® Lond. 1709. 
Charity Sermon before the Lord Mayor. 4® Lond. ViV2, 

Some account of his Lifeand Death. 4° Lond. 1743. 

HOUGH (nath.) Successes, when the Signs of divine Favour; a 

Thanksgiving Sermon. 4° Lond. 1704. 
HOUGH (thos.) The Happiness and Advantagcs of a liberal and 

virtuous Education. A Sermon at the Anniversary Meeliiitf of 

the Gentlemen educated at St. Paiirs School. 4* Cantab, 17i8. 
HOUGHTON (avlmor) An ordination Sermon. 12" Lond. 

• Antidote a<:^inst Hen. Haggar's poysonous Pamphlet 

against Baptism. 4<» Lond. 1659. 
HOUGHTON (john) A Collection of Letters for the Improve- 

ment of Husbandry and Trade. 4® Lond, 1681. 
— — — A Collection for Improvement of Husbandry and Tradc. 

fol. Lond. 1692—1703. 

revised by Rich* Bradley. 4 vol. 8** Lond. 


HOUGHTON (john) New Mercantile Tables. 8» Uverp.\%\\. 
HOUGHTON \Lady marg.) v. amisrose. 
HOUGHTON (THo.) The Laws and Customs of the Miners in 

the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, 12» Load. 16ST. 


HOUGHTON (tho.) The ancient Laws, Customs and Oi^enor 

the IVIiners in the King's Forest of Mendipp^ Somersetshire. 

W Lond. 1687. 
The compleat Miner, or a Collection of the Lawff, li- 

berties, &c. of the several Mines in the Counties of Derby^ 

Gloucesler, and Somerset. 12® Lond, 1688. 

Royal Institutions ! being Proposals for Articles to es- 

tablish and confimi Laws, Liberties, and Customs of Silver and 
Gold Mines. 12« Lond. 1694. 

A Book of Funds, or Proposals for raising 3,000,000 

per Annum for Supply to his Majesty. 4* Lond, 1695. 

The Alteration of the Coyn, with a feasible Method t0 

do it. 4<> Lond. 1695. 

Europe^s Glory, or Peace and Plenty to the People 

thereof. 4° Ldnd. 1695. 
MOUGHTON (wM.) Preces et Lachrymse. A Sermwi od Acti 

XX. 36, 37, 38. 4° Lond. 1650. 
■ ■ The Christian^s desire, shewing how and for what 

Causes a man may desire death. 4® Lond, 1650. 
HOVIUS (HEMMo) De Foedere Gratiae Pars prima. 4<> UUr. 1682. 
HOVIUS (JAC.) Tractatus de circulari Humorum Motu in Oculis. 

Cum Epistola Apologetica. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1716. 
HOVIUS (jacob) Parcenesis ad studium Eloquenti». 4® Lug. 

Bat. 1613. 
HOVIUS (matth.) Archiep. Mechlin. r. beyerlinck* 
HOVIUS (pet.) Disput. de Apoplexia. 4« Fran. 1671. 
HOULBROOK (wm.) A Black-smith andnoJesuit; or iheSmilb 

of Marlborough. \^ Lond. 1660. 

12« Lond. 1744. 

HOULDITCH [Mr.) Inventory of his Lands, &c. foU Lond. 1721, 
HOULSTON rTHO.) Observations on Poisous, and the use of 

Mercury in the Cure of Dysenteries. 8® Lond. 1784. 
HOUPPEVILLE (guil. de) La Generation de rHomme^ par lc 

Moyen dcs Oeiifs, et la Production des Tumeurs impurea par 

Taction des Sels, defendues. 12« Rouen, 1676. 
■■ Response a sa Lettre de la Generation de rHonimc« 

par le Moyen des Oeufs, &c. 8« Montp. 

La Guerison du Cancer au Sein. 12® Rouen, 1693. 

HOUPREGHT (joh. frid.) Aurifontina Chymica: Or a collcc- 

tion of Hermetical Treatises. 16** Lond. 1680. 
HOUSE (sam.) His Life and opinions. 8" Lond. 
HOUSE-BREAKERS. The Catlerpillers of this nation anat«- 

mized in a brief discovery of House breakers and Pick Pockets. 

To which is added the manner of Hectoring and TrepanoiDg. 

4« Lond. 1659. 
HOUSEHOLD Observations necessary for these Times. tcL 

HOUSEHOLD-ROYAL. A CoIIection of Ordinances and Re- 

giilations for the Government of tlie Royal Househokl from 

Edwd. III. to King Wm. and Quecn Mary. Abo ReceipU m 

Ancient Cookery. 4P Lond. 1790. 



HOUSES. Rcmarks on thc Dutics upoo Houses and Windowi, 

bv W. C. fol. 
HOUSEWIFE. The Treasurie of commoclious Conceites and 

hiddcn Sccrets: commonly called the good Hu8wive's Closet of 

Pravision for thc ilealth of her Houshold, by J. P. 12» Lond. 


4« L(md. 1600. 

4« Lonrf. 1653, 

The ^^ood Hous-wive'» Treasurie. l^ Lond. 1588. 
. The English Huswife, by R. J. 4« Lond. 1615. 
The compleat Housewife, by E. S. 8<> Lond, 1729. 

HOUSMAN (h.) The power and plcasure of the divine Life ex- 
' emplifkd 'in the late Mrs. Housman, as extracted from her 

Papers by the Rev. R. Pearsall. 8« Lond. 1744. 
HOUSSAIE (amelot de la) r. gracian. perrot. sarpi. tacitus. 
■ The History of the Government of Venice. 8® Lond. 


Supplement a rHistoire du Gouvemment de Venisc. 

8» Par. 1677. 

Preliminaires des Traictez faits entre les Rois de 

France, &les Princes de TEurope. ^ Par. 1692. 

Reflexiuns, Sentences et Maximes morales. 12* Par. 


Mcmoires bistoriques, politiques, critique5,& littcraires. 

2tom. 8* Amst. 1722. 
3 tomes. 12« Amst. 1737. 

HOUSTON (a.) L'Escosse Fran^oise. 8« Par. 1608. 
ROUSTON (rob.) V. boles. 

-^^^— Animadversions on a late Pamphlet, intltled, lAthoto^ 
mia Douglassiana, 8® Lond. 1720. 

History of Ruptures and Rupture-Curers. 8* Lond, 

HOUSTOUN (gulielmus) Reliquix Houstouni.anae : seu Plan- 

tarum in America mcridionaii a G. Houstoun collectarum Icones. 

4« Lond. 17S1. 
HOUSTOUN (jAMEs) Observations G^eographical, Natural and 

Historical on the Coast of Guinea. 8^ Lond. 1725. 
*■ Memoirs of his own Life. Published by J. Bicker* 

«Uff. 8* Lond. 1747. 
HOUTEN (coRS. vAN.) Oratio de necessitate et utilitate Linguae 
V Grecse in addiscenda Latina. 4^ Gaud. 1679. 

DeSonu et auditu. 4*» TV. ad Rk. 1685. 

HOUTEN (FBiD. van) Angina. 4« UUr. 1686. 
HOUTxMAN (fred. de) Spraeck ende Woord Boeck in de Ma- 

leyschc ende Madagaskarsche Talen, &c. 8** Amst. 1603. 
HOUTMAN (gosuinus) Disput. dc InBnito. 4« Uitr. 1678. 
HOUTrEVILLE (l'abbe') La Religion Chrestiennc pronv^ par 

les Fait<. Avec un Diacours historiquc ct critiquc sur la me- 

thode des prtncipaux Autcurs qui ont ecrit pour ct contre le 

Christiani^me depuis son Origine. 4* Par. 1722. 


H O W 

HOUTTUYN (coRN.) Disput. de Re judicata, et de Eflfectu Sen- 
tentiarum, et de Interlocutionibus. 4P Lug, Bat, 1717. 

HOUTTUYN (oTTo frid.) Illustre» queestiolies ex EmptioDisd 
Venditionis materia. 4» Tr. ad Rh. 1685. 

HOUTTUYN (wiLH.) Disput de Angina. 4<> Lugd. Bat, 1714. 

HOW (jAMEs) Pfcace and Unity; a Sermon oii Jany.30. 4* 
Lond. 1732. 


HOW (samlel) The Sufficiency of the Spirit'8 teaching, without 

humane Learning. 4® Lond. 1655. 
HOWARD {Lady arabella) Her Case on the behatf of her Pro- 

testant Relations. fol. 
HOWARD (car.) Comes Notiinghamia. v. burtonus. 
HOWARD (cHARLEs) His Case. fd. 
" ' Tne Arguments of the late Lord Chancellor Nottiofcham 

in the cause betwcen the Honble. Chag. Howard, Esqr. Plain- 

tifF, Ilcnry, Late Duke of Norfolk and others Dcfendanta. fol. 

Lond. 1685. 
HOWARD (cHARLEs) Earl of Carlisle. Relation of his threc 

Embassies from Charles II. to the Courts of Muscovy, Sweden, 

and Dcnmark, in 1663, 1664, by G. M. 8« Lond. 1669. . 

Gnil. \^ Amst. 1700. 

HOWARD (cHARLEs) Thoughts, Essaysand Maxims. 13^ Lond. 

« Historical anecdotes of some of the Howard Family« 

8° Lond, 1769. 
HOWARD (edward) The Usurper, a Tragedy. 4« Lond. 1668. 
-^ Tlie British Princes, an Heroick Poera. 8® Loiid, 


Tlie Women'3 Conquest, a Tragi-comedy. 4* Lond* 


Tlie Man of Newmarket. 4° Lond, 1678. 

HOWARD (edw.) Remarks on thenew Philosophy of Des Cartcs. 

4° Lond. 1700. 
^ Copernicans of all Sorts convicted, witli a Treatise of 

the Magnet, and an Appendix on the Longitude. 12® Lond, 

HOWARD {Lady frances) v. campion. 
— The Case of Insuiriciency discnssed ; beinj» tbe Pro- 

ceedings at large touching the divorce betweeu the Lady F. 

Howard and Robt. Earl of Essex upon a Bill of Complaint ex- 

hibited by the Countess against ihe £arl, after 8 years Marriage, 

for Impotency. 8^ Lond. 1711. 
HOWARD (frederick) Earl of CarlisU. Poems. 4<^ Lomi. 

■ Verses to Sir Joshua Reynolds on his resignatioD of 

the President*s Chair. S^ 1790. 

Letter to Earl Fitz-Williamp 8» Lond, 1795. 

Tragedies and Poeins. 4« Lond. 1800. 

8« Lond. 1801. - 

. Poems. 8« Lond. 1807. 

4 ttOWARD 

H O W 

HOWARD (geo. edm.) r. faulknbiu 

• Abstract of all the Statutes relative to Ihe revenue of 

Ireland, &c. 2 vol. 4« Dubl. 1779, 1780. 
HOWARD (henry) Duke qf Norfolk. His Grace the Dukc of 

Norfolk^s Charge against the X>utchess beforo the House of 

Lords ; and the Dutchess^s Answer. 8^ Lond. 1G92. 
HOWARD {Lord henry) v. burbery. 
HOWARD (henrv) ». middleton. 
HOWARD (henry) Earl qf Northampton. A Dt^iensative against 

the Poyson of sup^iosed ProphesiCft. 4® Lond. 1583. 

fol. Land. 1620. 

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