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ftoRDon: C. J. CLAY AND SONS, 



Biaaa^: ie^ ABOYLE BTEGBT. 

ErtpjiB: P. A. BROCffHAUa. 
»ftt ffuTk: TBS UAdOLLAK CO. 

Plate I 

'■' i I 

■ . i ■■ .i -^ V ' 


. ..' 1 : 

I ■' I- . - . 

U.l M^i'-^-.i f -^ ,' ,' - 

^ ' ■ ■ . . ■ ■ 









AuatrsTus JESsopp, D.a, 













rriHE Editors "f this volume have found the Iflbour involved 
ID itti |>ruductiou, und the aiiiouut of titoo and research 
whit^h it IiAs coat theto. miioh greator than they o.utioipiitL-'d when 
they firwt cnterc^d ii|>oii their Uu^k : hut ihcy huve found their 
reward iji the abaorbing interest of th<? :*ubjcct, which has in- 
cn-&»^ iipoti them in the connfo of their invo^ti^atiuti^. 

The loiig-loflt [-ife of St William of Niii-wich is a iim(|i]c 
rontribiitinn to Eugli^h Ha^ioifniphy, and indeed U* llagiogra|ihy 
in g^nent! : it is tho wtar ting^ ]M>int (cind thitt should h& cftrefuUy 
outvd) iu tht! hJBtorj^uf th<L' myih of Ji>wii^h rititnl luurderA _Its 
importance, moreover, n» uu orijifiTiftl document iliuatrating the 
religious hi&itory of Kngland in the twt^Hlli century is not likely 
lo be ov4;rlookcd or underrated. 

Thet^ are some miborrlinat^ matters which tho Editors at 
ftue tim*T faopcui that they might be able to work out with more 
elaWration than they have been iibli' to bet^tow upon them. 
Such are the i>ripin of thu cb»;un5 custom of Gom]>elling cui-tjiin 
pt^nitentA t-o wear in>n rings uii the arm or hfr\ the obwrrvanco 
of Uauudy Thursday as a ' dies absolutionl***/ and the perwstence 
of Curtain popular bo)io&, mich, for cxatnpk, lu?) that iUui^tmtod in 
Book v, a 9, They huve, however, thouglit it wlvinabte to leave 
to othet^ the elucidation of these points. SpfcitiM7<t« may per- 
hapH be able to deal with them Kaii^Gnctorily. 

Such errors as they have discovered in the text an<l translation 
huve hopn not^d in th^ table of Corriffffndtt. \l ih f,o hi> fcjirod, 
howovcr. that some blunders have survivod- 
■ Ek» bk. I. c. J, c%e. 

vi Prejitce, 

Conscioufl as the Editom are of their own shortcoroijigs, they 
aflk for no more and no less than fair indulgence at the hands 
of critics duly qualified to prouounce upon the quality of their 

For the tranetation of the first three bookB Dr Jeeaopp ift 
mainly responsible : and for that of the last four, Dr James. 
The footnotes, which are principally concerned with points of East 
Anglian history, and demanded a somewhat intimate acquaintance 
with Norfolk topography and family history, are the work of 
Dr Jessopp. 

The reader will find the authorship of the several chaptei^ 
of the Introduction indicated in the Table of Contents. 

On one matter of no great importance, and on one alone, has 
any difference of opinion arisen between the Editors. Perhaps 
the readers of this volume will also be found to disagree among 
themselves od this point\ 

The Editors have to express their cordial thanks to those 
friends who have given them the benefit of their counsel and 
co-operatioD. Mr Hudson's note, appended to the fourth chapter 
of the Introduction, will speak for itself Miss Florence Colman 
has most kindly contributed a photograph of a painting of 
St William, one of a series of panels &om the screen formerly in 
St James's Church, Norwich, To the Syndics of the Univereity 
Press, both Editors and readers owe special acknowledgement. 
It is at their risk and at their expense that the volume has 
been published and issued in such an attractive form. Not lees 
praise is due to the stafT of the Press for their pains and patience. 

A. J. 
M. H. J. 

> See Introd. pp. x, liiiii. 



Fbepacr T 


Chapter I. Thomaa of Monmouth (A. J.) . ix 

Ohaptbb II. The Benedictine Prioiy at Norwich (A. J.) xix 
Chapter III. Eaat Anglia in the Reign of Stephen 

(A. J.) xxvi 

Chapter IV, The Norwich Jews (A. J,) . . - xl 
Note. The Political Condition of Norwich in the middle 
of the 12th Century, as likely to affect the Jewn 

reddent in the City : by the Rev. W. Hudaon . xlv 
Chapter v. The Manuscript. The Text. The History 

of the Book (M. R. J.) . . , 1 

OhaptbrVI. The Legend (M. R. J.) . , . . Ixii 
Chaptbr VII. The Cult and Iconc^raphy of St William 

(M, R J.) - Ixxx 

Chbokological Tablb Ixxxix 


Book L 1 

Book II 56 

BooE III 113 

Book IV 164 

Book V 184 

Book VI 219 

Book VII 261 

Corrigenda 295 

Indei 297 

viii Table of Contents. 


1. Panel from Roodacreen at Loddon, Norfolk. 

To follow Iniroduction p- Ixxxvlii. 

2. Panel from Boodscreen at Eye, Suffolk. 

^ Panel fi-om Roodacreen at Worste&d, Norfolk. 

4. Panel from Roodacreen Formerly at St John'a, Madderniarket, 
Norwich, now in the South Kensington Muaeum. 

5. Panel from Roodacreen formerly at St Jamca^s^ Norwich, now 
in the poaseaaion of J. J. Colnian, Esq. 

Map of Norwich p. xlviii. 




The writer of the fi)l!owiiig book gives no Account of his omi 
«arly lifo or fwucnt'iigi?, nor do we know anything mnn^ of him 
ih&ti may bo gatherec] from thfr 1>ook itnt'lf. He calls himseif 
ThomjuH MoiirniiitiVitsi.v. cir Thomit^i nf MfiruiiL>iiih, iLTid he fir^t 
appeara a^ orie of the monkfl in the great nioaaftt^ry Vfhirh Herbert 
of Lf**iiign h«i rotiiu)<*tf nf, Nurwu^h Ht ihr dow of the? 1 1 ih centui^\ 
when. ivFt he t^lln tin. n vin!o» appeared to hini in the earl^ moming p^ H^ 
of TuesiJAi, ui fhr flntt wrelt of t-i'iit, IISO. " 

h i* lit finrtp HJght Hiffica!t to underwtnnrl how a Monmouth 
man »<hould have Imitid hJFt wny tii so distaot n juiit of the country 
fl£ Norwich, But it U noticeable that it was a few years before 
thin that Geoffrey of Monmouth hnd (.^T^tithliKhrd ti school, whinh 
FOOD became famous, at LtandaiP, and that it was apjiarcntTy in tho 
autumn of 1147 that he lAsued the tinal drai^^ht of hi^ famous 

The publication of this edition must have brought OeeflVey 
to ootisnit with hi« lrt<.-mrj J^m-mls ntui patrons in Englaud, and 
it U fiu* frftm improbablt- that our Th.-TiiM_H may havt been one of 
tKp **bolftrfl who !U>rnTnpiiiii<:^l_nhpir niJixtor whpn that miufcor 
WAS lookinjn; out fi»i' ihe prefenueiit^yuliich he evidently was bid' 
ding fiw when hr iiiTi1nv'«i*<l hix Vitn Mtrrtuti to Uohi^rt GhexniTy. 
Biahop of Lincoln, in 1149. Oeoffi-ey himself was rf.mecraled 
Biidw^ of St Aicaph, nt Lauilu*th, in Ftbrimry tl52. Thomn^^ lijul 
already before this time been admitted a monk at Norwich. Ho 
had certainly received a scholars training in his youth: his Ijitlnity 
j« correct And flitmt; it eh U'«3^ i-TKbh<<rl ntid prt^teiitions thnn thftt 
of Geoffrey; he whj^ familiar with the Latin poet«; he <juotdM 




Vcr^l MiA Ilontcc> «cgiii:i to hiivc read the Tfitiau of Statins luid 
wHild fortify himself with ftcmpa of other cla&atcal wriu^i*; hiB 
alEuftionfr indicAto quite n wide rnngc of ottidy for the limes* in 
wludi he lived ; he had the Vulgate at hia fiogors' euds, he delighta 
in dmwiiiK "p"'' ^hr liv<w of th*; frainta Jiftenrarda coiii|>ivh<?uded 
iu thfi L^e^ia Aurea i I nm iDcliucct to believe.' that hir wan 
ocipininted with Jomia' lifo of H, ODlituibmj uf Luxt'Uil, nnd he wik» 
certainly a diligcut reader oT Gregory of Toun*. Il is not too much 
to wiy that ill writing thi:? tifi.' uf the boy «Aint of Norwieh In; mnctt 
have had Qre^iy's boolui at his elbow and freuly ii«ud them far 
his own pij-|ioni*H', 

Tt 1!^ to Ih' noted that all llie incidti^iil^ reltttet) in thi^ OrHt two 

bookri are confessedly reported on Ticarsay Vvidence, from whence 

Wemiif^t infer ihut Brother Thiinnm w*u* n<1iii!Ued into the luonB^- 

'^^ tery during the time that KHiis ;sjis prior iWK — 1150). AH 

i^i^thift time the 5Wry of the iii,uV|n]oin luwl made vpry little way. 

'V The Ko^e had bloomed in the winter of 1144-d. Next apritig 

' / the rtmu Lew in h»w hU vWnni away there in the fens; bnt the 

I ' Norwieh fH'opU' liad taken ?k> little notice of the story of the 

miiMw-jini tliar. thL-y had almost forgotten it. The Easter Synod 

p. 71 met again in 11i5 nnd <!indwj]t Sturt got op to make a speech 

once more'. This tjiue it is evident that he produced no im- 

preHPioii. Nay! I nuapect that Brother ThoinaK* ^ilenee ludicutet« 

' \ that the priest wivs Iij^rencd to with jeers and ridicule. Then, 

rbowever, h^ and Lewio played into one another's hands and 
Lew in V j*on .y rw c:iir<*d^by a miracle. Eveu ^ nobody Heeinti U> 
~€ have pftidmueh attention to the mHtU.M\ The mati went home 

^\ with hU boy and we hear no more of him. Then came another 
virion which agnin Tlioituvn tells i>Ti hvar^iy: he doe» not venture 
te give the name of the girl from MulUirton ; what hu ex[HreBE)y 
p. 7« calls the first notable miracle is again given hxym the rvport of 
othenip At last the niory of tlnj hysterical young lady at Dun- 
wich attracted att^iition and we are told that "the memory of the 

1 rboBtorjof tb« priiion«T*hc«ort>tt«r»Ml off (p, It) in d^rtTod fnm Uiiftworl^ 
Lib. ], r. Q3 %nA lAh. lU- c. 47 ; the ofHciur^ of tlic «iindIcH pracnicd it tlic ihrine. 
Lib. I. 0. 34. U- C' % : tbi» reiTiwiiDl viHul^ of Iho tcruplUKH ot Xhv luaih. Lib. i. c. 37, 
If- 0. I, iv. Ufi; thn i1i:Unrarc« of tJio Mftitott from flhjpvreck, Lib. i- o- V; lb* 
plekln^r uid qlnliiLt; from ihc iitxriDO, Lib. I. c. It. c. 23. Ic Ih honcTor aunttieaiury 
to multipljr iniitJinowx^ Gtogory't work in a ropoit^rj ot tfim&lftt atoK^a biut il U 
trident tliat tho oionk Thom&A look Ibat work lu bu tnodd. 

■ Tbi* U tbo only nay wlitcli nuflgUBU iUelf to mo of cipUiniiiR th« oonfuiian 
Ln the ouTAttvo kl thifl point. Dt JAmoa Ukkca a illfffrvnt vinw. Sod (ii/ru. 


Tftomo* of Mo7imoiUh^ 


UtiMod martyr revived, for it had gindmxUy been wamrtff, ym, iji 
the hearts o/nenrhr aW i( fiad welt-^igh ejitirely dwrf mtt" 
_ It vroH just at thJH point thnt the outrageous aewafuination Df 

,_the^lew KtoAzar by the followors of Sir Simon do iioviyr» broii|[hb ^"^ 
W ftijiya- 'fbe JewA demnjided that the crime should be puniflbec] 

.jBodJaid-ttuur ctiaric*-'-btfc(«i-th4:_kji)g diiriui; .onc_of hus TJaJu -to- _ 
Norwioh- BmIh'P Tiirbe acting in the interest of tbe accused, who p. Uft 
vaft one of liiF oivn mssjK tmanh, t^^k up tlie defence with j^rcab 
•aergj^uid in tiuRwer to the c^Eaim ttv rinln^Ah he- bn>ught up again 
the f«ae of the boy William, who, he jifbniR-d. bad been muitkn^d .^^--^ 
b; the Jcw8 live years before, and he demanded that justice 
flhould be done in thi.> ciirlici' hw? Wfwn? any (.-iinntry Wi^ro pro- 
oeedtd wilh in the second If Thomas had hiiuHeU' be^^n present 
h« would ctTtoinly have told m m. On the contrary he calU hijt 
ftoconnt of the trijil bef^iro the king ctrnjedftwlis catura. It seems 
to me that this elaborate report of the speech for thr; dt>fence wa» 
dnvm up by Bishop Turbo him»clf. It iH a mere «peciiDen of th1^ 
Ofdiimry rhetorical exercise. 

With ihU the Mcond book endrt, and whtMi tht IhinJ book 
begins we find ourselves in the year 1160 with Elias still prior of 
tlic monftMU^ry aiMi Brother Thomas one of the luonkn. and ft m<ml. --^ 
ciitiir partisan of the bishop and supporter of the story of the 
maiiyiTJom. Six years had passed aince the tin^ <jyn<)d. and 
till ^T.l-^- i«o fiir (rotn gaining any general acceptance had baen^ 
\\\-' I 1; if by all Sut a ver^' few. There lay the btidy of the 
ijLi 1.1 111 TKiy in the laotiks'euuiotery, but the excitement had long 

^•go ceased, and every attempt to rrente a belief in thi- reulity ^ 

^4fae inaityidom had failed. Prior Ellas eteaJily set himself agaiudt 
iriAking c4(pttAl out of what he evidently rej^aiUed ha a ra<u% 
ioipostm'e; the bishop and his satellite, however, were not to be 

On TwewUy, in tho fii'st wL^ck iij Lent 1150, Brother Thomas 
aa w^ his first vibiod. The great founder appeared to him and p. im 
gave hJm two m^^^n^tages to deliver, one to the bishop and the other 
to the prior, ordering them to arrange for the removal of 'th« 
Martyr' to a wr>rthier rt^ting phice: he was to be laid in the 
Chapt^^r House in a place of hoDour. The prior'n health was by 
this time ^Itng, the bishop was as impotlimate and resolute as 
ever; Elias reluctantly gave way. The body was placed in the 
new tomb; and it looks suspiciously as if some trick had been 
played whereby the grave wwi not dug deei> enough and ctnise- 






PL 186 

p. SIC 

quentif the fltab thai rovered the stone coftia stood nbove ffld 
floor of the Chapter HotiAo. But wh«u Thoinnj* presiimt^d to take 
too much upon himself he wa£ promptly reproved for hm unperti- 
nencc, and it required another vistoi) to bring about the Hving 
a light upon the tomb which 8jgiutied that extraordinary respect 
wiw d\ni to thu memory of tho dca-L Just tht-n Prior Khas died, 
and was Buooe«ded by Richard de FermriiH, hintself a jiealouH 
upholder of the martyrdom and a staunch supporter of Thomas 
atsd tho bisho[x Aft^^r thin the cultafi of thr^ Haint began to spread 
ith amazing rapidity, and^wKen Prior Hiohard, not o<>nt**nt with 
£}ie aaiuT.':^ InMy being left in the Chapter House determin^^'d that 
it jJirtuiJ hi- onco more taken up and plaa^d in the Cathedral, and 
when Uishop Turbe warmly seconded him, and with a |>ompoua 
function and ceremony St William waH carried from the cloister and 
laid by the aide of Bifihop Herbert's own tomb near the high altar, 
there wa.^ at ]a«t a great outhnret of enthusiaam. Miracles and 
ririona began to occur from week to week, until the orowda that 
eiSlBfe to make their offitriiiga at the shrine were found to Ix? a 
«eriou?* inconvenience, and on the 5th of April, 11.'j4, just ten years 
after thu dis^covery of the body in Th<^r[w Wood, the last removal 
took placCn m. to the chapel formerly called the Chapel of the 
Holy Martyrs, and subneqiiently, a» it appears, thi* Jef*iiN ChA|>el. 
Of any Hubsequcnt removal we have no reconi, but the chapel 
of 8t William in later timcn Ik found on the northern side of the 
wrreen which Bishop Lyhart erected in the 14th ccntnrj', and the 
remainti of that altar uijiy be aettn at the present clay, 

'fhe geueml ;urceptanoir of the slorj' of the martyrdom and the 
rdOOgnitioii of Si William as a ical saint utidonbtedly date fi^ni 
tha time of his removal into the Oithedrul. After this the Norfolk 
gCQtty liegan U> vie with one another in ofifcring their homage at 
the new «hrinc» and all dashes followed their lead. It xh only 
necenaary to glance at the names of the local magnates to &ce ibat 
quite ajfu7vre existed at the end of King Stephen'* reign in favour 
of the boy saint. Norfolk by this time proudly claim&d him aa 
her owa The cnii was tinuly eaftabli^hed in Kost Anglia before 
tfie 12th century clotted find how tho story spread, w*w borrowed 
from, pln^arirtc'd, and ci^ntiaued to exercine its influence upon the 
popular Miti^ and superatilions of men ^.-wn in far dtstant 
eouniries muiit be dealt with by anothcrp 

Our readers will expect some exprcwuon of opinion upon the 


TTtonia^ of MonmoutJu 


i4eiToUf4 ijueaOon »>f iho credii*Uit_v of the atory and the good fuith 
nod honesty of Brothtrj- Ttiomaj*. 

Ono fftot MK*mf^ otfrUiin, iiimiuly, ii bojr'n dooH body was fmind 
i' W I N the 2*th M^irch, Ul*-_ How it got th<jrfc p. ao 

Ui-.t._- L? ii'A ji pjiiidt' of i?vid4^rio<f to nhow. When Hcniy dti 
Spro Wilton Tourid IIil' oorpw ht» fimt wUljud to tuko it to Spiv>wsU>n 
tuxl gkti it burit>fl in tho ohurchyiird, but Kl* cKaiLgt?il liitc mind mhi) 
buriwi it wh^re h** foiind it 

Godwin Sturt, th* pric-At^ now appeal's upao tin; Aceiio, nud p. 89 
thmugh hi* instnim^ntAlity the corpse is recogoised as the body 
4if hu wifi;*« t)«|^*w. Od hiM tcHing hiv wifv of the* discovery, aha 
hwi At oiice a vision to reTato, about tvbich nHe had never Mnid a vord 
t jirnew .~^yBrytUing totowK inMITgibly enough, and 1 must Qeedd p io 
Wkdtl NUPpti?ioii»1y eiv*np[h: the evideiK^e ^^f thn Jcwk nervftnt is <^^ 
wholly includible, <ind uut' eaimbr b"ut Ihiiik luveuted years ktwr. 
Ifco l«Ktiniony of tho Jovr, Tht^obiild, ih obTiQiidy a fnbri cation^ _ 
ahit (he same miist bL- 8txid uf the iiifon/iation A«fierted to have 
'tMwn givou by &li- WilHiim Hcu^tingn. It ih inoomparnbly more p. tifi 
proWbte thnc Hastings never said anything of the sort; more 
crodibl<> in $evsi that Brothi^r Thomo^ lied iu giving him the crredit 
of this astounding nsaertioD. than tfiat the Jow& should quite 
gnktuitoimly have b»rno thin ditmiiing witurwt ugaiiial them&olvcd 
and voluDtoered a oonfeasien so suicidal Almost eqiinlLy im-^^ — 
piTobablo. or at any mtt- very miapicioiia, in thu Blory <if *^lwiird 
Dcd; the JHlory of the biHw that would not ?ietllo on thp body i* 
oBvIouslv boiTowod from nn iueidetit in Jouoa* Life o/ ^St Coluntlitn, P *^ 

Oil the other hnud, it Ia ccrttun thai brother Thomaa.did iluL 
invent the Htoty; it wiui current when he lirot bcoiuno a monk nt 
thV "jmoiy. ~ 'niji^pric^t Godwin -woa, one rainnot help su'ipceting, 
the originator of the aoonf«itl<fn and hv ooniOH out of it very badly. 
^<p not only got hold of tht^ feasfo, >vhich hu affirmed watt th<! P- IW 
vcty in-itrument with which tfie- 7cvf» had tortured their victim, 
but Jie made mcrchaQdiw: wf it f'r y^ra, playing upon A c 
credulity of mmplc jw^^ple to extc»rt money from thorn. 

Robert, the martyr* brother, became a person of consideration 
by rvBWiii of hks retaticitiixhip with the aaint, and the mmu may be 
ftaid of bin im>ther Elviva. 

Wheu we come to look into the chonwter of Brotbt-^r Thoiuod 
agmn twe find it ve ry j*r f rom blam*;l«as- He appropriated catidleis, p- >" 
oud anurco ua bo forgot all about them ; he tsUth the martyr*s 




|i. 174 shot; tiiLt) hid it awajrj ho filcrhod hi» Lvtilh wiJ tok) lien ttboat 
p. 1T£ iheDL Only when !Mritit*bucIy rlnc wzut iiifornit*c] nf htji jiilforiitgH in 
ft viidon did he go any wsiy towArds makiog rc^tiluti^u. Thvre lA 
euiue ruasuu For »uH|>e<;l>Itig Lhut he ^ot hia inflict; E>r Hucrint' U; 
tl]*^ miwtyr by rcvtiliitioii, and ihvrv w only i>iiv hint of hie having 
hvvn pmuiLflfd to nuy of the uiurc impartaul oQicefl lu the priur^* 
tlunigh nt the* time hin book w» written he haA bocti incmbrrof 
tJio coinciit f(»r iiiui'L" ihau 20 yuHra. That iiKlicntcs pretty clearly 
tliut he was ut^t lrLi!^l<^d by tUt; bretlireii, luiil that Piiccetsiiw priur.*^^ 
^^jn whow hAttcIn all tfac ]>atroiiivgc of th<.^ m(;nA«tcry lay, kept him 
at ^iu'h kiigth, uud did iiol prvinote hiui to luty it;^jjiitu»ible ofHt'e. 
Yvl it would tio rush riud UD^mnuntubk* tu insinuate thnt he wve 
froEU flnit to liut a cutiaiiig a.inl deaigiiing ro^ue. In an age of 
iitt:3u»urete«n crt^dulit^ whuii doubt \n iv^\um\^l dt:vil-bi>ni, uikT uTi* 
^ue«lioning uccjuiewence in the doiniLiaiit beliL'fs uf the day 10 
jipt to be i-ugardt-d a^ luuii* uieritorioua than the pracliue of ch« 
towly virtu ea of iipriglilnt^w and toltrruncu, even good and f^rvoni 
in<?lT7"air<T imii?h moKr lEoae who are veiy zealoua for what they 
hM to be n gfi/Jil. ^-HUK<.\ rjiu wi^ily perswuk- tb4;iixi*Ldv« to Accvj^t 
without heflilatiirii ui demur ttjc coucIuhIohs of those iu authority. 
Unconst^ioiiHly they grt to Mtbjn-t thi*ir ix-iLewm to Lbeir interest 
or their incIinaLumfl, till their mi-nUil condition becomea one of 
inuerable intc!l<;i.UK»l Lur|><n. nul tho critical faculty being 
paivtiywd they lose the power oi :\i^\v.i'/_\u^]\\iig truth from bJae- 
fiood. It i» vary e^ tn call »ur.-h nau uii|>o»tors; it ia wiser to 
remember that in cverv ngo there have bct^ii exainplen of thi« 
type, men and womin »f whi»m it h&M been Baid that they are 
'* deceivers and being deceived " ; and yet it would be hard, perhaps 
iTnpf:isHit>k\ to twy whon and how the one mcrgvd into the other. 
Perhaps the two processes may be at work simultajjeouBly. A 
mitn nmy wtart by wi.shing for tmth withmil going iht' right way 
to arrive at it, and may end by embracing fubehood till h<j cannot 
bear to |mrt with it. 


"Lcs vte» d« saintR sont aiiasi de I'histoire/' a&yst a great 
historian. "Ot qu'il y fuwt chcrcher," he add>t, " ce «ont lew habitudes, 
\ii^ fails g^n^raux et pormancutfi, et Vhagi<^Taphe n'avait aucuu 

< By ui QvoiHigbt Iho word ttrrflttriw ui llxo origJTiil Iiah boou IhuulIuIhI 
•ctrrlury. A rofcreaoo to Du Cuig« will Ahmr that tfCrftaTitu vaa only &ui^Ujer 
Tonn onploycd oooviomUl; for tlu more naujil terra rtifxitdx. 

ThuTiW6 of M<n\moHih, 


izitMi & 1o8 altrfSrer. H pout invootor uu mu-ficic, il D'en inroDte 

Hag jo^ Taphvp <y as it maj be called ChnetiaQ mythology, has 
few atlmctioM £^ the genei^ reader of i\\'. niuLiircnth ccnbufj; 
faifl ftrcKioQ to this kind of IJtcrAtiirc U iLt Ic^i^t excusable, but the 
oontompttioiiK ridicule with which ho ttpcnkn of it docrt not prove 
hie sup<irior wiadom. When wc can ^t over the long lisl« of 
iiuracl««, which uvirii in iheu' uaua^^ous deij&Ua have all a sliuug 
^ _feauJy tU cw^*«f t ff one another, thct c ntiU rcmaJikH a vevy vnluablc 
ole nttnt of aocial hiatorj imbeddod in th. iliu-l t.\t]iiv,\^,uitUvoB 
of ."vtititfi thut havi- rnnir- ilowii to^ud'- Brgither Thoni«« hod little 
thought of siipplyiitg iia ^vith information rcgaixliug the beliefs or 
the daily lifu of hia cotitt'injiururies^ aud y<?t he cijuld iji>l help doing 
9ol DucoDflciously he fumiAhcK Ufi with name valiiable aide Ilgbtii 
which give ti^ hert? and theii.' u gliuipH4- of th« habitn and luaiiovni 
j&nd Mupcntitions niid religions ob«orvaucc» of various cTaase^^oT 
Dooplt* m thr 12th ccTLtujy. Tbt- itjunk in hiet duinlvr wum hvtng k~ 
^nfcupttrt, bui'mTooutd nut f'^r idl his si-clunivn bt- ignoiaiit of what 
WW! g<>iug on in the ouUtr wurliL Tu begiu x^ith^ \xxi luu^t ni^'ods 
have been brought into relations mth thv jwctdar or parochial 
dergy, aiul he hiw to n|>eidc of Cheni rather fi-tf4iieuLly \i\ his 

L It b ubMjrviLblc that j^fy pp^V whrim Thfiiiiio. u^iuietL^ 
" J IBKrif^ man, Wlward, 8t Willinrn'M gmn<[tfithor, Godwin 
Start, who had married his mothers sinier, Kdwiu, the priest of 
l^verham, hiu^biLitd of lu^r lint coiiHin, and others who are inci- 
dontftUy meutioDed art? all hu»buud« <nid iathL-rv, and theiv is no 
{ndic&lion that they were held In te^n e^ireem on thai account. 
The aiiampt to enforce ceTlbocy upon tho i^ecular dergy in the 
dloocse of Norwich hikd never met with any siicccite- How should 
it when the three iiain«diat« prtdu*3w*Huni of Bishitp HerbtTi-t were 
almobt certaiuly married men ? In despite uf all pajwd legi»latioa, 
decrees of eoimcila, pressure exorcised by bishojw or heavy taxation 
iiOpOfled upon the married elcrgy by Kenry 1. and Kiug John, the 
seoilBr priests went on taking to thems^-dves wivo» lili Ihte iu the 
13th century, aud in the r2th ihis wae evidently the rule ruthei' 
than the eicoptiou* among the English oleigy. 

* That &ra Ktmt valiublc ram&ilu on thiit mibjrat m Mr BorlftMj'n bookt Tht I 
Jjft o/tk* SainU, p. IS it leq., Tnin>. PoUftrd, 1993. I 

* i aiduMil aocoo oah<'iiii pvid^mco for tbii ital^^mtnt iu a iiii|i«r uliloh I 

xvi Introduction. [chaP, 

ii When Thomatt wrote hia book the practice of Auiicutar C<hi* 
/ feamon had not yet been made obtigatoiy, nor had the Indxeoiivs 
K formula of Abflolution been iBtroduced into the Church^ In the 
Mooasteries, the ancient custom had been for the brethren to 
make public coDfewioD of their £aulta and sins in the Chapter 
Hou'fe and to submit to such penance aa might be imposed upon 
thent Slowl y, ven' blowly, the general confeaaon of guiltiness 
' I and siDfuInesH in which a whole congregation joined audibly, 
/ developed into the private confession to a priest, and this was 
first imposed upoo all the faithful by the famous canon, OmnU 
uiriusqiie serus, of the I^teran Council of 1216, We hear several 
times of CoiifeSBion in the followiug pages: but the reader must 
be reminded that we are engaged with the 12th century and not 
with the 13th. When we read that Wicheman, one of the monks, 
pp-Wi**was appointed the bishop's deputy for receiving confessioos, it 
should be home in mind that the duties of this office did not 
consist in extorting secrets from tlie penitent, or in giving abso- 
lution even in the precatory fonn. He had to hear what the 
siuuer had to tell against himself and to adjudge such penance as 
the case in his judgment demanded, or in a matter of difficulty to 
report it to the bishop, who would deal with it in his discretion. 
Secrecy was not of the essence of confession in those days, and no 
scruple would be felt in reporting what a dying man had revealed 
in his last moments. The doctrine of the Seal of Confession bad not 
yet been heard of; it was the inevitable result of the enforcement of 
auricular confession in a later time. This will explain how Thomas 
can have known what only could he reported by a priest who bad 
heard the peuitent^s story. At the point of death men and women 
then, as now, yearned to unburden their consciences of a load that 
was heavy to bear, but there was no necessary obligation to conceal 
what it might in many cases be only a matter of right and duty 
to make known. The comfort ministered by the priest took the 

coDtributed to the NorfoUc ind Norwich Arohnologica] JoufubI in 1662 {toL ix. p. 
1ST). If fortber proof or iJlq^tratioD be aakeJ for it is read; at hand. 

> The whole sabject has been treated exhaUBtiTelj in the great work entitled 
Comnuntari^ hUt<fricH» dt dUciptina in adminialraUoM SacranuRti PtrniteHtia.., 
Auckire Johanne Morino, CoDfErcg, Oratoni Presbjt. Folio, AnivGq>, 1682. Bing- 
ham tnade gieat uuf of thi» work in hia Anliquttiei, Bka. 16 and 19, Dr Lea's last 
work, A IfiMtory o/ Coj^eM$ion and Indulffencet, haa only very reoentl; appeared. 
It ii fnU to orerfloiring of ourioni leatniag and research, saah as we are prepared 
Uj «Kpect and are boto to find in ererTthing this wonderful Ameriean sehoUr puts 
hia hand to. 

Tliormis of Monm&iitk, 


romi of an inC€roe»m)ry pra^>-er: and there u oo traee in the 
i iunntive wi> jir* mnrnrB"' "Jtih rf my ^^hft r ateolmb p except 
that whicL •svas pmtioQticed by tb« bishop on Aisolutiott Day, a» 
ihe ThumclAy in Pafi^ioii W«ok had by ihi» time ^l to be cal1<KJ. 
Uoriniw ha« ^vcr iwmc intrrc-slm^ illustmtioiiB of this very 
ancknt cer^moDv. When auricul£.r confeiiKioii wa^ made obligatory 
■kii ft]| iiud private abruilutioD bo^uiie uitiwrfully pirvalviit^ tho old 
pnblic ftolemmty tended to bf-como obaoleto; yet it was still kept 
up iu hix own liin« in tiuiny of the Fruiich chni^hci^, and <»* 
|ima1ly ID the dioceac of Vsvis, where among the laity it wab 
called fAb^cMiU*. Aii far a^ my own reading has extended I have 
not mi^i with tmy inAUuio^* i>l' the kind in England, laU-r than 
this in Brother Thomas' oai-nitive. 

There aro xtill mme nmtti^i-H alluded to or nienlion<Hl in our 
osmtiTe to which the attention of ihv nrafler ^should be directred 

(i) It app eara tUei'e w^is much more odueaiion of a certain I 
kind amoi^ all clllKCfl thun out? wiitiKI l»iv c* e\ i>ectct]. The little 1 
'TVHIBM, Mte are' told,iyjVH Umijiii "by his miHhiT : th»- liyst^^^nciil girl A u 
at Diinwicb appears to have been fond of learning: Robert tlio p, 80 
CarpcnUjr carried abtjut a pwilter ia hic« pttcket: ThonuiH hiniitcirp m 
loses a psalter which he had written for his own nso. bin it was 
8t4>]efi l>oiD hitn by m>mtiatic who certainly regarded it an a i^leable 

(ii) Thene seeiofi to hav<? been a ^eai deal of mnn^^y ^h^ngjn^ 
ha ncK^ T^o monfUin i are named who cannot hnvo boen the only 
licensed coineiH in Norwich. In the Confeesur s dayn we know 
that thcr*.' were ticvkru " Mnney<>n* " at Chc^kT, and tho trade of 
Norwich more than a centnry later must have required a good 
deal of the circulating meclitini. Moreover, everybr>dy aeenia to 
have bocD able to command thrj.'L*pi.iTici; for masflcit or oficrLng» or 
candles; and the peij[iic gtMit^&lly appear to havo been fairly well 
to do. Beggars there were who Lived upon aim^. but one hcanf 
aurpriHingly little of poverty, while we do hear of a lady who wore 
many rings on her lingers, And of people wandering about mi p» ni& 
f^ilgrimage; moreover the hatred that wjie folt against the Jews ^ 

fiinpUvM thikt tiicy weru living aputk thi^ tj< \i: <<\ r[i< rriilrs 

[and artisansj that is, ihat trud\: wua ilouiii^ian^, ht* »^t>vci: bW tJi o 
fintocc of ihc trjtdir?* tiuxy have be_sp. 

> J>« FtwRiUMlti , Lib, Tin. np. xit1< IZH^, 

xviii Introductioti. [chap, t 

(ill) It is evident that Bumames were far more common in 

I East AngUa during the 12th century than some would have ns 

^helieve. In the following pages the reader will meet with sur- 

names of all kinds and their general prevalence indicates that 

they must have been in most cases inherited. This will throw us 

back even to the 11th century. Some of these surnames are no 

p. 150 more than descriptive of a man's trade or occupation, as Eobert 

plass Palmarius, Reginald Vacarius, Edwan] Piscator. Some refer to 

p. 308 the place from which the bearer came, as Richard de Needham, 

but many can hardly be other than patronymics, the original form 

of which has become ao obsatred bi/ wear that it is difficult to 

p. S7 assign any meaning to them. Such are ^Iward Ded, Walter 

Si 155 Flotberd, Stannard Wrancberd^ Godwin Sturt and othera, which 

will be found collected in the index (Surnames). 

(iv) As to the superstitions and beliefs of the people, oi 
which the book contains many illustrations, I have not thought 
it necessary to dwell upon them. Students of folklore will I 
doubt not find more than one curious passage which will for them 
possess special ihterest. 



Whes the body of thii dead boyw^w found iu Thorprt Wood, 
the monft»U'i>* nt Norwich liod Dot b(!eii ripened much mort* than 
fcrty yeara, and it was little more than tweaty-limr years ^ince 
IbiBtup Herbert hod died. Tho founder had ooDt«mp1atcd iv 
eouvetit of sixty monks, but it may be doubted if at any time 
the full comploftient of brethivr v/aa ruaohnl U if* h*inJly pro- 
bftblc that BK many ais fifty cud have been udmitted to the house 
during [lerWrt's lifetime. In the year IHi there must have 
br^<ii itiuiiy Rjnong thu brc^thn-u who rcmeiJjbi.-n.r4 1 uTid had known 
him welh Nur can the Prior. WUUain Turbe. have been the 
ody member of th<i oommimity who bud been actually tmioed 
andcr Herbert's eye and educated by him in the routine of 
monastic diacipline. Under a Frior whosr: life from boyhrxx^ had 
boeii ittwcd in thi? rigaroUM discipline of a Htrict Benedictine 
house, wo may be flure there would be »matl toleiation of laxity. 
The Cluninc rule, whieli wa« intended l^j revive the nacetic liX*;< \ 

^ St IwBl t^lwTorc the old rigour, had beea introduoed into 
the Norwich diocese by the foundation of the Cluniac prioricA of 
Cattle Acre and Thetford ; and t ins influou ec of this refi>rm cannot 
hot tiAYft mrij^ i^^ alf felt in the older ro l igioug hou^B. Every- 
ibixig in Broth<T Tht^miJ-^' nnrmtivi' goev to nhon^ that tho Hvtm- 

.jljctinii— mlo _WfLS some what Bc rupuhjuwly i*iif<.»rcod nt Norwich, f 
There had acareely been tiioe enough for any ba<l ti'Rxlition to 
grow up in the cloiatcr. 

Pruiii the nionkn' choir (the limits of which extended west- 
wan), nearly as far a^i the still existing twi>^bed pillars in the 
nave; and oa^tward compn^hended all the choir with itschnpeU 
-—the transepts being pmhably i*crvi.''iird off) the laity wore ex- 
clude ; An filtar — the altar of the Holy Onite — being providMl 




tor thcin. nt which ihah vma duly swd. The whole c^mvont 
were required tv alteud the miduigbl 8ervic«B, and lamps were 

p. 168 lit in the clointcr to lighU^n the doulciiootf- Tho old rule of 
lileaccf wiiv observed, and apjiareutiy the l&uguage of sigDS tvnn 
atill III un« u\j*.m irocjtni^ia, fur wh^'ii BrciUit^r Thutniwi hod aeco 

p. llt» hin virion of tho fuundor In Ll^O, he i:lid nut venture to tetl 
it to the Prior unlil, id ob<xlii.Mtcu lo the rule, he hatl first 
jilted perniission to speak (ubi juxta ordiiiem luqui'iKti dj^tx^ttir 
riLCultftb), The viojuu ilHeir tuo wa^ giuiiLud whtu Thi>iUJu wna 
lying upon hU bed rifbor iDatms, at which time it woei u»u&l 
Tor a ini>nk lo I'oniALn in the dunnitory. The aftcmt slept not 

|)t 10T in thu [lornutury, but in Iht; church, a, duty wtiicb in later 
times wjta oft€n rthirked on Irksome and difv^greeable. 

Tlie »cliuolbi>j^.H well? Uiu^lit In the eoalein walk of thi^ cloisT>er, 
and they seem to havy actiinlly hml sent?" in Ihi- Ohapti-r Houae 
at th« daily meeting uf the convent in Chaiitei', Unless imlecd 
we are tu infer »u more thitn t1»tt the echoel vtha kept iu the 
Chapter liouse : iu eitlier ca**e, however^ the pmcticf* waj> very 
uniiMjal uf the bov» htiving adv recognbii^d ]>\iv:i^ in that btuldiug. 
Th^.'rc app<fir Im have bewn fourtct^n boys ediieuted in the >cchoo] 

The htuiy <jf the bl^wk pig that made lI« way uito the pre- 

]). la? cinctn during the night vhows that there waa aomo kccofh 
to th<- el"inL<?r fnitii the ontflid-? Uircugh the "' diirk entry " which 
I thiuk iDUHt have bveu Lhe ojdiu!i.ry pru«vige t» the lutriiiers; 
and the pcuplo who flocked to »oe the niortyrM tomb wheii he 
pp. i5fi, hiy in thv. Chuptcr IToiisc can vnly have eiiti?reil by ihi^ zipprr.iucb, 
which in the natruie ^t thiug>t Limb! ui^l a1way.>4 be kept eloeed. 
Tht- iiifiruiLiry biuldingn which eiteiidi-il Jrom the dorter tii the 
direction of tho rivtu- protected tbe moiik^' cemetery to & f^roat 
Client Jrom intrusion. 

The ordinary way of appro^ich from lh« cloibter U* thi» 
cemet<;ry wna throngh the imdercruH over wbicli the durter wns 
^ 53, 54 built. The slypu *>r postage tbmugh which a dead monk w«h 
carried to hia bum! lay* butwocn the Chapter HoLiJ*e «nd the 
Church, and the doorwny to this slype may wtiJl be seen in the 
eastern alley of the cloister, 09 mAy the atnp* which led up U> tho 

i yuiL of the Diocftt 0/ Sarwlck^ Camd«n 8oCh 1838, p. IWi. :2, 
» Int^rm^iiit in tbu Cloiatrj wm very mr<.», nad in tUf Xlih ocoiiiry *lmoil 
Uikiiovni. tAea D^m. UATktie, Ifr riUOiVf Lib, t., oaii, x. H JV— lUli- 


The Benedictine Priory at Noi'uwh, xxi 


Of Uic twelve or Ihiitccn moiihs iinmod by Brather I'bcmaa, 
nU «e Obedimtiaries or office-bearers in the priory, viz., the Prior, 
Sub-Prior. Snoist, Chambvrlaiti wid th^^ Cuntor or Pnrceotor- 
Brother TbomnH baa cDAbled us to correct some miHtakes which 
Blomefield was leci into by the authorities which alone ho hiid 
access to in hie day, 

Wilhain Turing appears tn hftva Hiicceede<i Ingulf an Prior sonii>- j 
time in 1121, that » about two years after Bishop Herbert'af 
death', and of ecJiirM* vacated thi^^ office on hiii election tol 
the Bt<ihopric in n4tf. The convent elected Elias to »ucceedj 
bim, and it is abundantly evident that Prior Kliaa set himself 
finnly against giving niifjiK-stionin^^ ciTd*?nce to the story of the 
martyrdom. Indeed I cannot resist the Miapicion that when 
Vrilliam Turhe 88 Prior wan doing \x\h utmost to inrlucc the nionkA 
to accept the lale with unqticstiomng credulity and to turn it 
to account, there was a strong party in the convent who set 
thom^elvoH agnia>«t the whole bu«ne>i^ ^ind thul of thi« [larty 
EJiaiH was the head. If it were so, we mnKt int'tT that the election; 
of Prior Kliai< turned mainly upon the ijuf^stion of recognising thei 
dciid boy na indeed the vietim of the J^*w»i, and ho as a stunt and 
mart\T, and that at thi^n early »tJig«^ the sceptical party among tho 
monka was the stronger and carried thrir man. 

Prior Kiia-*, however, evidently found Bishop Tnrlx^'s continued j 
predenee at Norwich and his fanatical determination to glorify thej 
Boy mint to<> ntntng to r^'hi^t, and when the Inxly had Iain in i^e\ 
mohK' cemetery for xix y*-iirK and bn.itlicr ThoUia«» waa aJlowed 
U> tell IS^ vision in open chaptci" and receivt^d the strong supp ort p - in 
of the bifihop, the little saint— for by this tinie he ha*! bi'gim to 
be spoken of a« auch — wn>* tnkcn up from hi^ grave in the cemetery 
and removed to the new sarcophagus in the Chapter Mouac ; but Mawh 
wht-n ThoTiuift. pn^uniing u(ion his auccaw in obtaining the removal, JJj**' **' 
and couJidcDt of receiving the bishup's couutenanee and support, 
presumed to provide a cnrpi^t to be apread befim- the new tomb, 
and a taper to be kept burning there, Prior Elias promptly ortK^red 
the removal nf theae things. Only u nvw oiilbumt of miracles and r- laa 
vi^iODH avnile^l to bring about the restoi'ation of th^ light', Kllia^ p. usi 
<*vidcully having given way with no little reluctance. 

The forniai appointment of Thomas as socrtsf fr> th^ Ttfrtyr, 
means appari-ntly that somebody by this time had been toU off 

• BI«m«A#1J. iii. tmo. 

* Th« onrput «u not iwtorvd Ull aflftr (lie death of Ella* (p. ITSV 



to iMCOUiit Tor the otr^rinj^ made ftt ihe nhrine by plIgrinM and 
vmtors, but I suspect that the Dew oflice was crwtod by the 
bishop and not by the prior. 

Prior Eliss in md by Btmnefiold to baro died 22 OcL 1149. 

It i» clear from the narrauve i>f Tht^nins that hift deiilh took plnce 

p. leo^ ill 1150', Blifts waa miccec-dcHi in hin of(icu by RichanI d<r Ferrmrjift, 

p. sfi then sub-Prior, u rnnn of high birth, and to all appeaiuicf; an 

uncom pro mining suppcrrter of Brother Th[)inAH and hi« story, Ue 

waj* m> fiooiuT t'k-cted than he- showexi hir^ zeal for tht* rimrtyr by 

p. 173 restoring the carpet which Prior Ehan had canned to be removed, 

aod in July next yooj thu body wait removed for thn rhird 

time from the Chapter House into the Cathedral, without any 

I ceremonial, and plnced in a poMJtion Ui the Aontli »f the high altar 

iJltand protected by an itt>a pBtioff , By thia tinie_thc name of ihir 

if Ihiy NiiiiL h;ui tmiellt^d fiir and wide. The stoiy had gained 

t g(ni.'rid aocGptanct\ and pil^rini?^ htgao to fiin^k to Norwich from 

aX\ pArtB of the country. Fiaally, on iht 5tli Apnl. 1154, tin? 

p. S3I BaJut vfn» reinovtH) to the api«idal cha)H-L on the north of tlut high 

altar now known as the Jesus Chapel, but then designAted aa the 

Chapel of the Holy Martyra. Thm time Biahup Turbe took a 

proniintnt part in the dedicator)' sorviccH, Uo had got th^ doaire 

of h\H heart, and no further removal wa-^i carried out till later 


Blomefield interpolates a certain prior named Kannlph, of 
whotEi 1 can leam nothing, afl the suoceaBor of Prior Rich&rd, and 
h<; «ay» the uirxt prior, John, .^coeedcd 'about 1 170/ Imv^much 
HA there is a letter from John of Sali^buiy, which belongs to the 
year iliib, addreaftod to John the prior of Norwich, \i i» plain 
thjit Prior Richard tu;iAt hiivu dii^l bt^fore thii* ytiir". Finally on 
the 27 April, 1IQ8. Bishop Turbe built and coriAiJcrated aohapel' 
p. 379 to S. William in Thorpe Wood, on thi- «|»<>t vhiTu the body 
was said to have b(x<n found S4- yo»i>f boforc ~ and the tbutidatiou^ 
of this chapel may be traced even to the present day, if indeed the 
pliic<' which M-adition has assigned to it be ron\?cU A special 
»or\'icc *jf oinuiK' mo ration "f S. William was in use in the i4th 

> Bartliolomcw CottOD hy BOuie unowouutablo btandpr RtjA he Aied m lUa, 
thongh It* xlgfat^ givn llflO ftn the ditlo of l)i« r^m^iiAl of gt Wllhinn Soto the 
Cb^rCdT fiouM) : Dt rrjft Strphiiiv. pp, 01, HG. cd. Luftrd. 

* In Mign«'»^*ifry>%. Lit/ toI. 1W9. Kp. ^tiT, p. HOB, 

' Ij] Doan OouUiitm'i Sculf,rure» in lA' JUwf of yom-ich Cathftlml thon f« m. 
f*c*iiniilc of the uroQiid plmi of UimchNipQl nnd U>4 prwiooi drawn by Kfrkpntriok 
nt tho bfwinnlnir of lii»t century. 


lite Benedictine Priory at Normch, xxiii 

eeotary, which hvi been printed in Dean Uoiilbum'n work from a 
tnmecript miul^ by tbu laic Honry Brndtthaw^ 

It WHS not to be oxpectiMl that any but inctdentnl mention 
Bhoitli) be fftuncl in the foliowing pages, of the nainoA of rhe 
NtTwich monks during the period with which the narrative of 
Brother Tbomna is conoerned. 

Of tb€ m9uk« uAciod, two ftt len*il were genlluinftu of high 
birth, and a tJiird ww of the kindred of one of the ]ea<ling families 
in Nor^'ich, 

P«ter Peverell ^nd Richard de FtrmriiM were both scionn v 
of diKtiugiii>»h(.-x] Nomtan hoiLsrs. In the l^tti coiitiiry th? 
monaatericfi were very difteTOnt plauc^ from what we Knd them 
four ceiitune-H later. By that lime they had to a very great. 
4»xU'nt ceafled bo bo the homes of difloiplined dcvi»ttcin and wen? no 
longer places of retiiement for men of high birth desirous of 
friending theii Ijv^t Awy^ in aecluaiou aitd pix^ppuation for the next 
life among a brotherhood of tiiiworldly ascetics keeping up con- 
tintuLJ exercises of prayer and praise. In the 12th cenUiry. how* 
ever, the nionnstme^ w<?rc_still i^ganicd a*, and they actually were, 
TGe bousefl and the 6choijl>i of hoHm^wi, and it waa ottly what we 
HEoiild fxpect that Bishop Herbert's priory offoi*ed attractions to 
men of genii*' bl'>od jonng mid old who at thi* timt- jointnl the 
commnnity and who found a refuge there from mundane cares 
aiifl nnxiotj and hojKtd tci tind a refuge too from tho templaLtoin^ 
andprodlviiies which thty had learnt to drco*.! an<l abhor. 

Nuvertlii'kw tliuiirWa^ donbtle^ * jilctK'iin elonunt in be 
foMifl ih 'A ;:r'. fT TiHUiU'-f-jry trom tlu: fii'*l— l.h<>ugh it by no 
muLiis tjn.-^i*dk..Mtai au largely as it undoubtedly did in later 

There wa^ always a career open to a lad of promise educated in 
the moDastic 6cboo1«, and it wa»i never dillicult for a i^ark wherever 
odtMat4>d to gain admission — sometimes too easy and too early 
admission — into a religious houne, if he had ^hown decided talent 
atkd an inclination to enter thif niona^tic profeMsion. even though 
he were a poor man's son and could contribute notliing to his own 
support* The time might come whvu he would bring credit and 
hoDOor to the houBc which hml rt^ceivi^d him ; juiit there ww exactly 
tbe BBinc competition for a young fellow who had the making of a 


t tt. «. p. 115. B. WilliMn'* d«3r «M (h« Uih Mtreh. 




bnbop in him amoog cbc iDotisKt^nee a^ there is oow amcng 
tb« who<^)ft aim) a»lli^«j fur a !ncl with a brilliaDt future before 

Robert, the martyr's brother, who pUys 8uch a Buspiciotia part 
ill getting up the story, was received be a monk inlo iho priory, 
though he can haidly have beun uthcr thaiii a poor man ; but at any 
rmt<? he had rhttvm himfielf a vaJuable partiHati — he wae alrco'ly in 
minor orders; which nuam that he had reot^ivd M>me educataon — 
and in the t^iicL he became a prominent personage among the 
p> tm hierophaots of the new cult Evm he howi^ver had apparently to 
malt sonle time b4:-forc he was accepted and admitted ta a member 
of the coininuDity> There was, and there must haro betn. »ome 
edaeatiooal, mom], jumI, in many monasteries, even a si^ia] 
atanriSitt whi ch any postulant for admuNon wouM have to a^tun 
to over and above the rtal or pretended tocation which waa put to 
r aUier weveretegtg during ihe;)critwl of the HOvicbt y*, 

^y There are indications in the namitive of Broihi^r TFunims that 

tKe adoption of St Willijim an a kind <^f patron saint «>f the priory 
\ did a great deal more h&rtn than g^Htd to the community, tj'rnm 
the fihit there h^ul been .''oiiit^lliti]^ ljk<> bitter dtHsenxion in the 
oou^'CDt, and ^<vcn to the liuic w[ien 'iltoma? nn>to faiit l>or>k there 
was ahnoet aorimonlouit feeling between him and the >«oeptie8 who 
evidently did not mate any secret of their dtiubt^. 

The intrufiion of ziightAeerK into the cLoi^t^r, even into the 
very Chapter House, an<L the crowd!» that made their way into the 
precincts — not a)way»» we may be sure, in a respectful and flioqui- 
eac^t frame of mind— must have been disturbing to the quiet and 
order of the house, and thr burial of ilw nitu^yr^ mother in tlie 
p. SIT Monks' Cemetery must have shocked the fecLiDgft of majiy of the 
brethren, and can hardly have been agieed to without some protest 
r'r»m the minority. Bishop TtirU* die<] i» Jauiiarv, I lid. Uiii 
sucoeasor was a man of a verj* different temper and cast of mind. 
He wa* iniioh away from Norwich dimng the 2r> yi.'ai^ of hia 
cpitKopatc, He had no sympathy tvith the monastic life, and the 

* D^spitd nil tliii Jnctine, whirli 1im ho rioiia'Otly livrn iniri«l«d on. in thtt 
moDiutonea during ihu Utcr cuddle igcv, it u ^bundjuitt^ Gl*4r thM lh«ro vaa do 
luk vf ominoni •dioUrii nud ditigMt ttodonta (n the rd^ioUA )i4iis« evvn to 
th* end. Tlio proportion of King Heary'« bifthopH who h^ born htought np in tli* 
CloJitrr ^nd ythv mm Tiicn of rr>DBpJcuciuH reputation ]■ veiy Bu^entlTv. See (htf 
Oftttrativn of a Sorfofk JlnuMg. hj the present wriu-r, Introdnotion, note I, 

tl] Hie Benedictine Priory at Norwich. xxv 

Norwich Uonks probably were, as far as he was concerned, left to 
their own devices. But it is idle to indulge in conjecture where 
we have no evidence to deal with. Thomaa lifts the curtain: 
when he drope it we are left without a glimpse of what might still 
be revealed if another had taken up the tale. 



We nrc told that the boy William was twelve years of age 
when ho waa put to 3eath by tKe Norwich Jews, just before^ttra^ 
EiiBtor Featival of 1144, This fixea hia birth to tfie year 1132, 
Tho lost event mentioned by ThomoH appears to belong to 1X72. 
Wo are therefore concerned with a period o^iTyeara, a penod 
which covcni tba whole reiga of Stephen and well-nigh twenty 
years of the i^ign of Henrj' IL Contemporary sources for the 
histiiry of the former reign are so very few, and our knowledge 
oven of the sequence of events — much Jess of the life of the people 
during theso miserable years — so scantyj that a brief review of 
English affairs so tjir as may be necessary to explain some passages 
in tho following narrative, and ao far as the narrative itself throws 
light upon the general history of the country during the times we 
uri' conct^nuxl with — will not, I trust, be regarded as useless for 
tho gi>iiora1 rendor Of scholars I crave some indulgence for the 
intnHiuotion of matter which by them perhape^ may be regarded as 
super diUHls. 

With the death of Houry I. on the 1st of December, 1135, the 
titmily of William tho Ci>n4U0ivr, in the male line, came to an end. 
liy tho foundering of the White ship in 1120, Henry had lost hia 
only legitimate ss^m. The *' good Queen Maud " had died in 1118. 
In Jamion, llil. tho king niarriet) AdeU of Louvain, bat there 
vnts no i«suo fn^ui this second marriage. There remained to him 
one legitinmtv ilaughter MatiUlo, who in 1114 had become the 
wife of the Eiupen>r, Ueun- V, In 1125 the Enipetvr died, and 
uo:xt Vi'ttr tho Emptv::^ n.auruo^1 to England 

VB^ III.] £0^ Anfflia in the reigti ^Kinff Stf^yken. xxvn 

Al the CbmtmoK fi-aitivii) of 112U lliu Pru];iti.-« find Burundi of 
tha nftloa vure requirixl to bwu&r ft^alty lo UalilJii ^m1 ticc< i>t htu- 
■• tlie heir t^^ ih^- ihrntu; juiil Ut all Ihi- Ijithiir'rt itotniiitoit^i in 
Kogl&nd and Normandy, Two years later (17 June, 1128), she woh 
nmrricMl I0 OtnifTrny PlniiUi^vni^t, mid nix Wi3(.'k.i h^t Uitu vv<.'iil 
WdlioiD, nimatood CliU>, th*} G>iniiiiTt>r's only Hurviviug gnmdwju, 
di«d'. Hid luckkfctt fntht^r iJukij Robert closed hU luim^mblc career 
at Cartiiti*' 3ni Pebniiiry, 1 1^4, and in tht* Tollowiiig Di:c^CJid)iT, &» 
bus bof^ti wim), Hcrin' th^ kiug fullowc'd hi;!^ brother lo t{\*j gruvc. 

Though Matilda had buriM no chllciren U> her firHi hunbitid, 
Ibe Biiipi^rvr, yd bcfom Lcr Intht^r^rf dvuth itho liwl tvi^t ^«oli« by hi.T 
seoond husbAiid, the ekier of whom, bom ou the 5Lh March, 1133, 
wa>< thf? ftituro king Hciiry IL, who &t his gnuii[fjithu''?( death was 
in hifi third year. 

But wht'O that event occurred u of th<' Conqufror, 
and so a hihu^t of Uenry I., wa£ &tUI living Adela or Adeliza was 
perhape the inuAt i^fLed wonuui of her age. She had nmnied 
StoplM^ Count of Bloi;^, in lOf^. and by hint had bc^*n the 
Qksther of a large ramlly. Her husband wa^ 8lain in 1101 : ahe 
honelf took thi^ vdl at the Clnniac Priori' of Marcrt^iy in 1100. 
JTon^^ the lew however did sho ivntinuc 10 bv a strong and 
iufluuitial personage in European jhilitio^ till her death in 11.17. 

Tbc third BOD of thi^ illustriou--^ lady, Stepht-n, thi^ Conquerors 
grandaoD, and therefore firat cousin to the Empreas Matilda, was 
Hcnt ^» A y.nith to be e^lucjitod at the court of his luiclc Henry I., 
and for twenty years waa a conspicuona figure amoDg the 
bairon». He wa« virtually the king's^ lulopli^l i^i^n, and m rarly as 
1 126 was recognised as the first laymaa in the kingdom after the 
aoven^igti'. Nevertheless at hiH unclcr's bidding, he, with the veal 
of the nobility and the bishops had on two occsfiiou^t »»woni Realty 
to tb« Empreioet Matilda na heir to the crown ; and from anything 
that we knuw to tht.- contmry he had never put forth any claim lo 
tho succession or been suspected of any treasonable or atnbittou^ 

He held hia peace and made no ingn; but when Htmry died, 
hi.-« prompt action aecurod to him the throne He was elected to 
the kingdom by the citi2on« of London ; accepted at WincheKter, 

1 ST Jnlj Uie. Fracmau, p. ^01. 





whvru he iKiMUMcd luiiitKrlf (>f the royid IreiUfttr^ ; and wae 
crownei) at WeslmiDiiter at tlit; t^ud pf Dect^mbcr, 113ft', 

Thi^ Empre^ MiitiMFi Jit ono.^ ujipnittHJ to Kljihi^; hur contoD- 
tion being that Stephen h»d flefraudcd her of hiT righl^ utitl luid 
fornworn hiiiiotflf Ly brcakiiig his <mtb of fualt^. The dectsloa ww* 
proTJvoiiard with very Utth? t.h-]ny mid wiis in 8li*ph^u*»i favour', 
Meauwhile, though the Empress bad her bands full oa Ihc other 
»ddv of the Channel, Stt-phcn had a difficult part to pUy with the 
disloyal factions at home. 

The invBsion of Dnvid kiug of Scotlurid, undo of the Buipressv 
endod in a kind of pence; but in that ntvmii year, 1130, the 
rwbuUion of Hugh Bigod — the finst revolt on the part of liu 
nominal supportera — disturbed the cuinparative quiet. After the 
eupprt'HMLfn of thi^ outbn^ak Sttpbeu's position iu Eughiud v/off a 
0U%ug one. Unhappily he lacked all the necessary qualities of s 
ruler of iiiuu In 1137 he crossed over to Nt.mnandy, whei-e 
Matilda vttta unable to hold bcr ground. At the close of the 
year he wa^ back ^ain. Then fcdlowixl the Kucond invaaion of 
Iho Scots and the doci>«ive Battle of the Standard on the S2ml 
August, 1138. The tnumph proved of very little use to Stephen, 
urbo, art usual, threw uway hit* i>]>j>ortiiTiitit%% DuHei^ the oeit 
year, 1139, he contrived to put himself wrong with every daw 
iu the kingdom, the Church, the baronnge, the tniderv, the 
admin intra tort^ of justice and financ*-; nnd before the yew 1140 
wtis ended the long anni'chy had begun. 

Meanwhile M&titda thu £tuprL>w hud landed at Annidol on the 
50tb September, 1139^ rmd been received into the casLlc there by 
Adehi, tlie widowed Queen of Henry L Matilda had failed to 
keep hci hold on Nomiaudy — perhapn the time had come to 
wrench Englaud h-oiii ttie gmttp of thv uauqier. 

But Mutilda wils )i]ine?<t oa little tUted for dealing with the 
dilTjcuJt pojsition in which she found herself as Stephen himself 
WB& At the luiLlle uf Liueohi, 2ud February, 1141, the king W'as 
made pn^WLer nflcr fi^^btiiig like a heru. A wciek later Uattldn 
WBJi recognised * of England' at Winehester; and though she 
was uever crowned ^he exercised for awhile all the f\iriotti>ns of 
Buveix^ignty. In May she was met at St Albun'» by the citizens of 


' TJie faaot day ib imoeitoin; noe Norgmle'a Aneevtn Ktngg. Vol. t. 373. n. 4. 

< Mr Bound ho> prov^^ lh»t tbu took plMo in 1136. Gtofrry de MaftdniUr 
p, «L U^ Apl'- Q< PP- 300-262. 

m.] East- Anglia in tJie retyn of King Stcph-^n, xxix 


LondonV and thenco was conductod in a jj^mikd procces^on to 
Wcetmiiut^r, imd confirmed the recent clcctian of Robert, a ruouk 
of ReadiDg, a^ bishop of Loudon. Hex triumph wcv short; the 
citbem of London voon roHc agnia^ her ttiid drovo her out. In 
Aujfutrt *ho wan ngixin nt Winchester ; f*ho occiipicii the cuAtl<? 
while the city waa being itducwi u> Hainc*» for wherever ahc 
moved, horror nnd ruin followed in her train- 

Ou the IMi September flhe was oncx? more n fugitive, riding 
«i men ride (r^t( mflffcWiVjo) to Devizcn, *^ni\ when »i]bHec|iieiitly 
sh« reached Oloucester she was carried on a bier and wrapped 
about with ^ravc-cIothcH, for ahe could iwt truHt her very followora, 
Meaawhilo Eorl Itobert of Glouceater endeavouring to tiacape 
from the city by nn<ilhi;r rvtv] fell into the hands of the kinj^A 
mcreonaries^ nl Stowrbridgt-, where it s*eemB Stephen's 4ueen, the 
other MatitdA, had her he^([nartera- The Earl was at once 
hnuded over t^* Willifim of Vpren, and confmed in the cttbtle of 
Rochester, The fortunes of war had changed rapidly indecti The 
two Matildas hwl now each lont her ubaolutely e&Hential chief and 
leader. Matildf^ the Queen won clamouring for hor husband the 
king; Matilda the EmprcAH waa helplc^ without the support and 
champtoiinhip of her hnlf bn>ther th« Ktuh Fierce aud atubboru 
a» cTer, the Kmpre«» would hear of no compromise, but she hnd to 
yield at laat. aud at the beginning of Nt»veiuber the two priftonors 
were exchanged', and there was a pause. The exhauation of both 
paities Atopped boitilitics for awhile, but Stephen was cleorly 
gaining gnjund nnd Mutilda waa losing it. In December, 1141, 
llcnty Biahop of WincheHer ' called a couucil at Westminster, at 
which the kiug atteuded, and (here Stephen vatt ouee more 
proclaimed the lawful king of England, to whcm obedience wo-s 

3 0«r»M mf%, <Clre* fatt\viu%am,* l, p. 13ft. 

' It ilioald lio rciDombcrM that he. waa h youQgor brother of Stephen. Ho wak 
«duOfeted in tlx Abbfj of Cbny mid must b&vc bcon xi Cluny vhcn Poj« Gtila^iuFi 
di«d thtt% 39 Dac. 1 Jld, and wbtrn Calliitaa lU mm eleGti>il lh*ttt Ut Vut Papacy la 
Um bDowinft Fcbrouy. During iLo lut few ycAn of bia a\ny at Cluny PoWt lb* 
Vfiwiable «&> Abbot oi Cluiiy. Id 11^(1 H^Hry linvlti^l him la Rntjlttiid. when be 
b«euiie Abbot of OE&Htonbury. uid in October Jr29,hc wiielmUdBTiof WmohrfiUr, 
When WillLjunor Coi1icU.Ardibiiiho|;>i^f CftiiU'ibury, Uied m NovfunlMr 1I3B, Ibu 8ee 
of Cmitrbuiy ttu kopt TaoaaT lor two ycap*. Tbor*- wiw rn> p»p*] IftgikW then la 
Bn|:lukd, far tW bigttiTO powan of Arcbbikljcvp WilUjtm bid nol biwn eaofarrcd 
apon bia «UDO«taor Archbuhop Xlicobald. In lUfl H^nry of Wlncb^xUi rMMU«d 
hU «oinDai«io[] m l<VBt«, and the iauncnu importuoo of ttxii appoijxtuent can 
now Im lo«t Hlcfbt of ill rvadLiiii tlw hbiet^r i>f tbiB fwriod, 




due, *m<J excommnntcAbion ww* pronounced upon all who nhouUl 
mjpport MhIiIcIa'a cUimn to the crown*. Almost the whole of 1142 
paaaed away without any dccWvxj pOMAgo of nrmi^ bctwccr tho two 
pnrtic9\ Id December Steplien, ucting wiUi gi-t;at vigimraodAkiH. 
befli^^i thr Ein|ir<<tT< nt Oxfori], (in<l pirwMx] her mi hunl thnt nhe 
MOftpi^ with ^eat diflicultj b^ Anutht^r roinuntic (light &t night 
time through the finow. 

AbvnrJv in the i^priiig of 1143 hor csuwr must have pwmcd U> 
herself well-nigh de*<pt^iatt< She Imd ahn<)Ht pUyt-d hwi- Uat card, 
when »he iniulv her bid for thv mifjport uf G^joffrey d*; MflndcvLlle, 
But wheti that fnithle^^ adventui-er'A devA^iUtiou of the Ifllc of Ely, 
of Hjhntaey Abbey, «f CHUihi'idge nmi 1-Ik* country round, ctume to an 
end by hm <.U*jith in Angiut. 1144. thoro was no help for Mntilda 
und her parly, if party it iiii^ht be onlleil, In which every one wa* 
wi>rkii]g for hiw own end?*. Tht-ro wim no pincx* fijr loyulty or 
patriotism (.t honour in the hL-.arts of men jiomcn^tnl hy tphe itordid 
poMion of greed. 

When Htopheii kept ht^ fc^unt at Lincoln and wore hh* crown in 
the Minster on Ohrif<tmAft Day, 1140, h« may well have fcU that 
he wa» U10IV a king than Im liad ever been bt^fure, though he waa 
fltill very fai' fiinn be:ng a iwvertiign ruler ; that he could i«?Ycr be 
in the Englttrul where he hw) been fur eleven ytjara a lord of 

The cloee of the year 11*7 is memorable for the dcnth of 
Robert, the grt-at Eurl of Gloueuoter, 3rd Octubei; half brothei" 
of the EnLpiwv and her ntovt pnwvrful .Hap}H>rter. Then at 
iMt >^he gave up the hopeleso struggle, and iu the spring of 
1148 she ATippi.-d awny fi-om Buglani) never U> i^tuni; the purl 
from whence nhr railed, and the exact date of hcrr deparLurc, are 


In May, 1140, young Heury mad? a fruitless oxpoilition into 
England ; hv niiit with little support* be watf only 16 years old, hia 
time had uot yut comi_-. lie wcnl back to Normandy in January, 
1150 ; he could aOTord to wait ; othem were doing hin wurk. by 
doing Iheir own work wj very bndly, and pri^[Kiriug his way before 

> NnrtrntH'ii Jnfj/mn Kingt^ \. 399. Ur Birnifid onntoDda t<a m uoond cotv&fttkio 

* In tbtf »rrui|£ of tJi&t yt^ ms And a tnee of SMphon in R»»it Aritflia. BonnA, 
H. •. p. t5d. 

m.] E<iat Anfflia in Oic reign of Kiiuf Stephen, xxxi 

him. Id 11^2. Stepheo proposed at aii aaBombly of the bUhopn 
tlukt hiK son Kti«tacc should h^ crowned and nfisocintod with 
hitn««lf iti thokin^i>m. At the bidding of th«<Popo ^Eugonius III.), 
Arohbiakop Tht^ob^Id infused to perform the ooiviiiony, mid in Win 
rvfuMii} wAit tfupport<Ml by id I hiv miflTi-ugiimi. Stuplusn flun^^ them 
all mto prison, and th«ti, aa utsual^ t^t them fr^re agiuu- M^ad- 
whiio diBonJor wicrih to hnvo prtn'uilod cixtonntvoly. Th<r robber 
baiuk wore too mauy to bo dealt with in dolail, and the oastloa 
gan> th«qu rdfugv in epite of i\w kiiig'a foreeA. lu Jmiuur^, H-fS, 
young Honry ciunc n^in; fortune ftociiicd to bo t\iming iu hie 
favoar, but, t-s^ys the Chronicler^ neither aide wished the othor 
to ff^m Quy docidi.'d ^Mlvantuge, thc'y doairod uo kin^ to ruign 
oyer th«n. Only the bifthapta. with the priniAtc Thoobnid at their 
hvtul, Hv<rjncd to ho oonaifituntly octivo in th&ir «fioi-t6 to bring 
about penco. 

U^le tfomo Armn^mijiitii in thia direction wore apparently 
going oti in Oxfardfihiro, Eiii«t<LCc in lui outbumt «f ftjry di^^fortod 
hifl lather and rode oaatvrard, vowing hir vould lay w&ete the land 
whorvvur bo caxiic. Ho got as fur tut Bury Si Hdmund'n. Whilu 
ho sat at nkcat in the Abbey on the 2nd Fobniary' he waA Hruok 
dowik by au apoplvclic fit and died in the monaster)' he had 
cotnc to pillage^ 

Tba la«t of Stephen'B aucoesoes was his capture of the Ca^lo of 
tp«wicli from Htigh Bigo^l, thr turbuliant Eibit Anglian magnate*. 
After thia thcrt: were uiontJi^ of negotiation and uncertainty, till 
ut length, on the (tth November, a sottlem^^nt waa arrived at by the 
trvaty of Wallinj^ford. St<r}>h€n was to ndopt llonry an his 000, 
rutaining hia regal dignity for life, and durreudering the nde and 
ndroinLitratiou of tho kingdom to Honr}% who was acknowledged 
aa thti heir to the throue. 

Stephen died on the ^5th Octobct y llfi^^ aiid HiiaFy III waa 
crowned king of England in Wcstmiaatcr Abbey on the iOth 
December following;. 

Thfi Cfarocdclcra from whom we derive what knowledge wo 

of Stephen'tt reign vie with oiic another in doclaiiuing 

bilterly mrun>4t the hortora of the time^» ' It wns the period at 

* Koi^fttc, Vol. J. p. 3V1t. 

' iinry 0/ IJuntingdvn, p^ 2CW. 








which, for oncc\ thi' iv\\A\\ priim-iiilc got ite iray m B^glao d*,' thftt 
in, the period wh<:N tli^: I'iji'cv^h uf Oitu'upttoR wM« at irorff wiln UOQO 
to hold them under control. But yct« when it is <iaM:rtc«l thnt the 
whole mac!iinery of govemmcmt, of justice And of ]>olicc came to a 
fitop. then; lire itonic rctuionn to tihow that thiTi in on exaggerated 
view of the HtuidHion. To begin with, the power of the Church 
wnrt Ettill fc>rmidabl(% And the bishops and the clorgy had still some 
mean* of cnforf^in^ their di^ciplmc — thi»t ts, thej hfwl icomething 
ill the nhape of a cotjroive executive behind them: "ud while this 
wtw BO there wtti clearly n force somewhere which wm At woxlc (or 
righteounnet^^ and fvffonling ttoine grounds of hope^ even to tho 
despairing, that better days ini^ht be coming by itnd bye, 

IndicAlioiia are not waiiliug that during all tbid time of 
political anil cinl confusion, when the tyranny of bnite force was 
playing frightful havoc through the land, Norfolk suffered" 1chs_ 
thau any otiiuE puH of EugLmd. The narrative of Brother Thooias 
strongly con^bcraiert tbia view in many curiou^f partlculara. 

There Lh in mie of the registcn* of 8t Edmuiid'n Abbcj cjuoted 
by Blomcfield" a report of a very reuiarkiiblt- metitiiig hold, &bout 
t]ie year 1150, in the bishop'^ garden at Norwich in ebedieuce to a 
»iimnionfi front the knig. Ou this occajuon Sir Hervcy do Glanvil'* 
then a very <>hl uxaw, ih rejioi'ted to have made a speech to the 
jiMcnibly lUxhiring that he had cojtstantly att^ded the coniUi/ and 
hundred coitrt fm" ahove fiO yeara a« they who were pn.rtent all 
knew, Tlie inference is plain, that the old furiualitteb of the couitfi 
hjid been kept up during all the troubk-j* of the weftry day» of 
coufuAioa, and that juatiee and the laws — such aa they woro — were 
actually adiaiiubtered, or were believed to be admiiiiatered, 
ttocordiiig to luidenl precedent luider ofRcinln duly iiuthtjnzed 
te diachaigc their functions. The account' which Brother Tboiuaa 
given of the intervention of the Sheriff John in ilefence uf ttuL«fv.we4 
in 1L44 furnishes us with a striking illu^tratioLL of thlu. 

Norwii^h Caaile wiei ti ffrh-cHK of great im|K?rtitnce in the dayis 
of Henry I, and had been held for the kiiig by Hugh Bigixl as 
constable and governor ef the city. In 1I22» Henry hiv) bestowed 
a charter upou the citi^cu!^ of Non\ich» retaining the castle in hia 
owD himdi, and committing it to the custody not of Earl Hugh \M 

I Bp HmhW ConiiL HU. i. p. 3341. 

> Uutory ttf Norfolk. Vol HI. p. 3S ct teq. 

> Prohfcblj Iho fftthiir or eTan^l'itHfT of tho hnlgbt of Uio wime tiamc who wm 
Uio irLonJuU of Ibo Noth^lk cnjuotkint iu 1147- Deo Noi^U, Vol, j. |). 3611. 



Ifl.^ East Anglia in Ike t^eigti 0/ Kii\g Stephen, xxxiii 

he aftCT^ards became) but of the Sheriff of Norfolk. Hugh 
relented the setting up of an oflfioer of the king whoee power in 
t]>e oounty t^iidt^d to bcccinic greatir ihnri hiw owu\ mul when in 
1136 Stephen fell ill, and tho report xpread that he was dead, 

LHugh Bigod (hpjuirontly by n coup rfc main) got pcei<se»«on 
nf the cafitle for a little time, hut was soon compelled to flurrtnder 
It From that timi? the cuttle continued to be held for the king 
by the Sheri^ of Norfolk as his repreaentativea; it was garrisoned 
by II force whos4 pay ww provided from a npeetal impoat known 
ax the "Castle ward/ and jieiding a rovenup sufficient to cover 
also the necessary expense of keeping up the repairs of the 

The Sheriflf of Norfolk in the later yeani of Henry L was 
Bnbcrt F^ilzWftlkT': his father Wdltcr had btcn on;? of tlie followers 
of William Mftlet, whose acrx'icea to the Conqueror were so boun- 
UfuLy r^'wani^-rf with lands in Norfolk and iSuffolk'. 

Walter himself appL^ru to have held IniMj.^ at Ca^^n in Nor^ 
mandy, whence he is d^^aignaled by the writers of the Domesday 
rttuniH as Walter de Cadomo. In the next geiieratton his ^^^on 
Robert appean^ to hav^ bcoii known in common parlance as 
Robert of Vctn, aiid this name, spelt in the charters of the 12th 
centur}' phonetically, nsHumc]* ipitto mirprisiug varictii*^ of form, 
from d€ Katfni to Caaineto and even more unrecognisable contor- 
tiQiw. In the Pii>e Rolls of He^ary IL, from 1 15tt to 1 139, the name 

flifl variously spelt de Vaineto, de Caisnei and de Cavme, and the 
aenabers of the family art? known as loundore or large benefactors 
to more than one of the East Anglian religious houses, ^'specially 
the Benedietme Pnory of Hoi^ham St Faith 'a and the Augustinian 
Priory of O>xfoi\! in Norfolk, and the conBidemhlo Ci-stcroinn 
Abbey of i!>ibton id Siiffulk, Their chief plficc of rt^dence was at 
lileham, in the hundred of Lauiiditch*, where ai-e still tn be r^een 

rthe remains of an tm|Kirtuut Kimi^uk uiniji, c\tim«ivc mrthworks, 
indicative of Saxon or Danish occupation, and the mini* of the 

tcastle which Robert FitzWalter occupied, and whore his eldest 

■ 0(i Ilia nUt^oQ ol the E»1 to the Sheriff al Uub period ih PoUmIe ad^I UaII 
Iftnd'i ilirt&ty 0/ F.f\.it^u}i Lav?, i , p. 510. 

* TbU appeu* from a documeut ■□ llio lUmBC}r {^ftnulary, Vnl. i. p. 148, llo* 
, taxti., vbcfv Robert FitxWoltor la named ni Bheiil! of >orri3lk and HaffotJi, 

■ictnpon Bunoldi abbatb IUmBU«nsia; i.c, betwD«ii a.D' Llli uiJ USS. 3j tLn 
App. to lh« SIM t)«put; Rcop«r*ii Bfipnrt h« apptATH a« Shmff in UAL 
4 Pr<nttD*B Con^u^iC, IV. 473, and D. D. B. n. 153. Ifi6. 

* Cftlthcw, IhHary of fJu- i/urjJrfiif (if t,Qvn4ii<K VoL I. p- l^. 




»on John dc Caisact di«d, aa th<? monk Thoinaa charitably 
p. tiS inaiiuuU^36» by the A|>ociAl jutigmciib of Oo<J. The Sh^rn^ at 
trhia Umo wiu the most important pcntonagc in the county : ' The 
govoruor of the ahiro, the captain of ita forc^w, the pnwideat of ite 
oonrt, and a distinotivoly royal officer appointed by tliL- lung, 
di«nii«Hiblo at a monicnts notico, strictly ftocountflblc to the king's 
oxcho<|a<^r>/ TKo office; toaded to bocomo hereditary, and« as it 
vtiui clht^whuiv, so it wiiH in Ettot Anglio. 

Robert FifczWftltcr wiw enccccticd in the shrievalty by hi» 

eldofit eon John* and when John dc Oaianci di^-<I without innue, 

p' llfl 1146, his brother WiJJinm' appears Co have been appointed 

pp. 1 art in Win ploc^ and continued to hold tho office till 1163. whcu, it 

*" 8eem»« he wo» diitmifised from it, probably in conifCt|ucncc of 

certain iuvostigations which were commenced this very year into 

tho malodminirttnttion of the ±<heriflFet, luic] which n^ul&ed in the 

diaoovory that William de Caienei was very heavily in debt to the 

crt>wu, and moreover iw»j rftftfp in Oig bo^ha of the Norwich JemA\ 

Under the Htrotig mic of these whcriflfs holding the caatlu for 
the kixig, it ifl evident that the Norwich eituenn wore kepfp well in 
hand, and when bh<f king vini ted the city lo hold a judicial enquiry, 
the picture we get is the picture of an assembly wher^ the ptoad- 
^ tf9 ingt« on^ lintenod to with all due atti^ntion ntid the trial In 
adjourned not without somo dignity an<l nn nppmrancc of sober 

Befi>rir thifl, however, tho conduct of Sherifl' Juhji in protecting 
the Jews from the fury of the sceiilar clergy- a^tscniblcd in synod 
and in di^livcriug them from the neecAsity of j^ubmitting to the 
otdeal, imlicaboA thAt the chief iuagiAtr;Ky wiui in good hands, 
Brotht^i Thomas asserts that the Jew.^^ bribed the ."^hcriif ; and if by 
that wc are to underHt-and that they paid him ht-avily for troubling 
himself bn protect them in the intcrettt of juHtiee and equity, it ia 
not unlikely to bo true. But when they tried to do the like with 
the hiKhop, Thomiui saya Bi^ep Turbo would hold no intercourse 
with them^ which again clearly means that be wotild not lirttnn to 
reason, or for an instant conceilc that they wore to be treated with 
a« human beiugs whose rights were to be regarded, or theiv te^ti* 
muny belie vud« 

L PoUock and Mutland. t. p. 514). 
^ Bomctiiaei called WtU de Koiwidi. 

J Tht EfiTltf Piantagenrii. Stubb*. p. Bft. Conpara Vola. 7, ». Pipe BotU Hooivt^ 


m-] Enst Angiia in the reign of King Stepheti, xxxv 


Nor wiut the uifiucuce of Lbe eheriCT oucup^iiif; Noivrlcb CtubUt- 
limited to thf; narrow nrcii of his urbao jurisdictioiL Whjit ihtt 
cau»e of (|u»rre] was betwet^u the Mberiff t%ud the bixitUei* Bd%vard 
aiitl Ri»beri iti iioL Ap|T&renl>but it in cle&r ttml the meji vreru A&aiJ 
of bein^ orrwftfi^ uid tlmt they woru hiding froui the vhorlfT^ 
oSeerrt, who werv ui »ean:h of them. Tradt; uikO i-uitiitit^rLe mwiu to 
hnvc boon going oti without tuxy gtrat lot or hindruncc. Pooplu 
were making pilgrima^s to furoi^ ihrine^ or canii* ou pilgrimage 
to Norwicb to 3L WllHain'w shriini «ml tnivulled uboiit the (,-*>uiitry 
with uo fear of molesittttion ; aad though the Noifolk coatit in lh« 
I2th coutur^ wJiw uidenttHi by very niai^y littlr »en|JortM wliicU 
hnvv HiiLCv then U;cn »1ti:f) up or havtr diMippcartid by Lht^ incur- 
Mii.»Dfi of the we&t vm hoar of no nira/^y aiiiung thi; Norfolk people, 
thouf^li wo tlu huiir of pii-atto uii the Liiieuhi cotist, who appt^ar U> 
have held thoir captiviw to nin»oiii aiiJ ti'eAte'J Lhetii i^rijeUy ^vhile 
th^y dotAiu<.^ thc^in, 

KvoEttliv ca»e of the murder of Lhc Jo« Eleazor by the £bl- 
lowom uf Sir ^imoti du' Novi^i-s', though UTidonhtt^iDy an iunrAnco 
of the defiance of law indicating the existence of a great deal of 
niffianlsm. yet resulting ui^ ii did in the trial of the knight and the 
grvdt exertioTiH thjtt wt^n^ made to obtain an fici|uittal, tfhuwif that 
there waB n belief that *oiue redress niighl be looked for from 
the kiiij; Jind that auch abominable oatmges were not going on 
commonly, hud not cwi*xil to be regarded with indigDation nor 
were allowed to remain unpunished. 

Tbc caw of Sir Willinm do Whiiwtll lU fir^t reading Awxi 
seem to be a bad i>nc. But frec^d froni the exaggerations with 
which Brother Thomas has wrapped it round it in^w be doubted 
whetlior iinythtn^ more happetied than Tuut hnp(x.*TKN] trfien enou^ 
before or Bince. when an undo and bis nephew liave come to words 
and blowv and tliv stronger has ti^eated the weiLker with savago 

But th(? sheriff was ni^l the only disperaoi_of. jiwticc in the 

country In Sk-pln-u'^ tiim:, Thomas incidentally nuLkcM mention 

"of certaiu officirds whoTH' authority was r^'cognistid in the difftricls 

ovtr which they exerciaetl some sort of magisterial t^way. These 

were the decani. 

The esucc nature of the jatiadiction of the decanua, the extent 

■ Tbo cau muutionvd Al p, 35fi fljoet br to pravt thftt thn kaight wm 4 6itnii 
aad trootUtat perw>n. 




of his authority and the duties of hi>* office iu tho 12th century, it 
would bv vxin'ti\v\y iMWwAih and perhnpd iin}HrKflible to deHne. 
Tho ttwrf iH siiid in tho Uwh of Etlwurd the CuHfc*f«^r Iti he thu 
equivalent of the Saxon tyenth^-heved*, and sjgDiHed an oiBcial 
wh<H«e duties vuti; coiicoriieJ with minor ufTtinces and adju- 
dicating on disputes between tiL^ighbuurs m the sumo vill. 
Tile decanun i.h fi-e^iueutly mentioned iu the Polypticum of Abbot 
imiinon, in tho 9th ooEtury, anJ its learned editor Ourmixl ha** 
diKCUKSvd thi; ftinctioiis of the oflice with his usual case and 
sagacity. The decanus appears in the Lombard, Vi»i|foth, niid 
Salic lawit, unci the term indicates a civil judge whose official 
position may perhaps bo traced U> ihe decaniift of the Roman 
anny*. In the 13th century he appears at >'orwicb aa a 
kind of jiiAtloe of the peace with a recognised and frpeclal 
authority and po«tiori ovor a moru or \L&i oxtendod aroa; trans- 
lated into modern language he may be characterised as a polioe 
magiHimtu with conaiderablo power of enforcing his 8cnt<;ac«a 
The eccleftia^ioal dean may thus be regarded as an official 
eiei^ifiing the same functions in aiU3<<?4 oo(:k^ia:«licHl a« lh<* other 
did in civil matters, while the deaua of Norwich, Bediugham 
p, 46 and Lincoln, whom wc meet with in the following pogov, aro 
the legitimate representatives and doscondants of the tyenUt^ 
AmwI of the Iaw^ of Edward the Confeasor and of a niueh earlier 

A century later, and even down to tho dose of the 14th oentuiy, 
we come upon this functionary continually in the proceedingH of 
the Leoti* in Norwich, Theae Norwich deans are, if I rni»1ake not, 
invariably laymen^ and I cannot doubt that Mr Hudson has for 
once been wrong in confounding the civil^with the.eoclc&iiUtii^ 
ictionaiy. The civil dean must havo'di?^ppcared by the abttorp- 
tion ofTiifl duties into those of i)ther raagiHti-ato-*. Tho ofhce of 
the eccleaia^ticiil dt-an " was— at thit Rrfnrmation — merged in 
that of the Archdeacon" only to bo revived under the deKignation 
of "Rurftl Dean " in quite modem timea*. 

' AVi^rf ChaTUn, p. 7^ f xtriti. 
> Polnpti^iu tU VAbM Irminon pu M. D. QUf^rard, Vana 1^4, Vnl i, pp. H uid 
4A0— 4IVI, 

* 8oo heft Juriidiction in the City of Nontkh, duriiifl tli<^ 13th and lUh 
centoriot. Ed, for Ibo SelJen Sod, by Kev. WiUi&m HudMn, I41U, Inlroduc-tion, 
p. xoii- and Ibo Inrter under Iffnn ttf rfw tUt/ t\f S^nrich, 

m.] East Anglia m the rergn of King Stephen ' xxxvm 

Though ib can hardly hav« been but thai durinj; all the i^ign of 
StephcD some of the old police orgiiinzittioii Hiitvived and con- 
titiU4yl to xoine extent operative for the restraining the rapacity 
of some uod punishing the violence of others, we niuat i^emembcr 
that leg^ procedure, courts of justice and ffvcD the wry conception 
of etiitut« law — in tht? iienae we now attach to those terras — can 
acaicely be said bo have exii^teti in England during thoue bad 

The wonderild revival of the study ^^f Koman law exercised 
inde4?d upon all the keenest intellect!^ of the 12th century lui 
uriparuUeled fascination, and tended to draw away the thoughts 
and atb(*nliou of njany ilhKitriouft men even from the study of 
Thoolog)'. " It was as if a new gospel had been revealed'/" 

Wbeo, in 1149, Archbishop Theobald brought over into 
EogUnd Uastei Vacarius, one of tha most celebrated Juri»t?( 
of his time, nud a crowd of scholai^ began eagerly to attend bis 
lecboreo, Stephen i»et hij« face like u flint against the new learuing 
and its grc^t exponent, and tried bo ailence him by forbidding 
him to t^ach Roman Ian- iu Kuglojid, and even prohibited the use 
ofbifi books in the land^ 

Ib w»4 one of the tnauy, iind nob the leaeb stupid, blundom 
which the king committed, and the more so becaitse his onlerti could 
not be CArrieci out. It^waa the crying ncud of thu limo that the 
ethical_8cntimcnt8 of the people should be educated to higher 
conce ptions of jtJstico and fair play. That truth ri>r its own mke 
aho&ld be supremely (Wimble, "uly the very few wcn^ prepared to 
admit. A poor wretch accused of a crime waa almost artsuined to 
be guilty till he cuukl prove the negative. Every one, judging 
ftvm his own experience, took it tor granted that every one elne 
was inclined to violence, fraud, or enormous wiekodncn, and sun) 
ti). G^DUnit these things if the chance of detection were reduced 
iO a minintuin. Iji truth it wa* more probable that a ma n charg ed 
with a heinous crime should be g^itlty than innocent. 

If there wan no siitltoient evidence to subntantiate the charge 
on the one hand, and yet no sufficit^nb number of compurgators to 
Bupporb the denial on the other, there wan only one wny of settling 
the point. Let the appeal be made to bhe Judgment of God 
An accuser had nothing to lose by this horrible challenge; the 

> rotlook friKl M*Ul«Dd, Vol. I, p. so, 

■ BtahbA* Cifftsi. HUt^ Vol 1, 0. lii. % 14T. Cf. too PoUonk and Maitlmnrl. ToT< t. 
p. 97 rt tf^- 




AccuMod Mood to luso cT[^>ihin^. Quflwiri the priest ooiilrl urge 

p. 4Tt1]w upon the HfQocI with a light hc^^rl; to the Jcwk ittiivanl 

^atenninationj aa Bigbop T urbe biniself BdniittcJ almoHt in so 

"Down to the ninth coiitury," wya ProlVssur MnitlAnd. "the 
o|y>oaitioa of the Church appeal^ to have ki>pt ordGak out«id€ the 
recognisGcl law^." TEn;u hunilix^l yeurs before thio, howcivfrr* it 
appc-iira to have been commouly reaorted to among the FrankB; 
anrl Uregory of Toura deacribee with a^me niinutent^H a cnae 
wlioTc the urdcti of boiling waU;r wm put in fi>rce in his own 

Dr H. C Lua of Philaddphia has dealt with the whole mibjcct 
in his uaual exhaustive mauiier, mid bo^ found tnicet^ of the invo* 
cation of the Judgmeot of tied among many and various nicc4 of 
tnaokiod at the very dawn of hi&tory\ In Biigland the mofit 
coiiuoon foiin» of the onleal wer^; that of bt^iliug wnivr Ijiuiicium 
aquoi /turmtm), and the judidum Jerri^ or ordeal by red-hot iron. 
Instancea of either one or the other are not very frequently to be 
met with in our Hngliah annals till the 12lh century, bnt then they 
became bideQUiily common. Both fomm an? named in the Utm of 
Edward the Confe«sor\ A.a 1043 — 1006. The judicium ferri i& 
mentioLod in the so-cuJlcd etAtutos of William the Concjucror*; 
the water ordeal is referred to in the AHsi^e of Clarendon a^. 

In the very valuable collection of FleaA of the Crown edited by 
l*ror Maitland for the Selden Society in isa7 , there ai-e no fewer than 
lifteen tn^tanoes of a re^rt to the ordeal by water, and nine to the 
ordeal by hot iron between the years VtW and 1225; in one ease, 
both forniA of the dreadful process appear to have been put tn 
force simulluueouflly. When the cry rose up h:^)m tht; cruel crowd 
at the Norwich synod, calling for the Judgment of Oodj the 
dt^uiiil!^ and protei*UtignH of the wyetchod Juww *'*,-nt for nothing, 
and inh^/fierce-eyed ianatics ^ould have hnd their way,~there 
would have been jiiitt a« little eliance of escape for their victims 
as there had been a thouf^nd years before, when ju»t *uch 
a loud and hateful cry had been answered by Hinging the 
ChrintiaiiJt to the Uonu. Hnppily the time wa^ coming when these 
detectable pervermoiiH of justice, which had too Jong been allowed 

^ k'olloGh and Uaitluid. Vol. i. Y. 15. 
' S^tftiiiit-m and Force. H. m- 
» Id, p. HI. 

iil] East Anglia in the reign of Kii^ Stephen, xxxtx 

to go OD under the blasphemous pretence of invoking the Heavenly 
Father to do justice between man and man, were abolished. The 
popes had very early set themselves against the ordeal: hut it 
took a long time before the populace or their rulers could be 
brought to a better mind and to regard these abominations in 
their true light 

Though the L ateran Council n f ]g1fi fnrmally fnrhaHa anyl 
ecclesiastic taking part in^theee ordealB^-and .iiiOUgh_by-thi& time 
all thc"~gfeat theo logia ns condemned and denounced them as 
having no warrant in divine law and forbidden by the Church — 
yet Jhe superstition, like every other superstition, died hard, 
and the other form of ordeal — the trial by combat — survived 
long after the others had ceased to be stmclioned or resorted ta 





The original sitory of the Jews at Inmefltar who were puniflhwJ 
by the magistmtu^ on a charge uf beating a b<>j' to death in 
the 5th century is to be found in the ccclejdastical history of 
Socrates, who was alive at thf Iitik' of ihc occiin'cnce. It i» 
quite incredible tbal the nicjnk ThamoB could havt- road it in 
the original Greek; but we shall see that there was a Latin 
translation of the sttiry to which he might have had access. The^ 
cu'cumstanees of the tiim- wi.'ie favonmbk- to it» ivvival. mid 
the intense and increa-sitigly Litter feeling against the Jowiah 
. ^Vijpcommunidea — who eojoyed a land of privileged position in 8oinc 
t*! of the mort: important Engliwi towns' during the 12tn century — 

wflfc pi-eimring people to believe that the objects of their fierce 
hatred were capable of perpelratiiig every kind of wanton cruelty. 

The cause of thifi ill feeling is not far to seek, inasmuch an the 
fJnwK vrt^n^ ihp f»ij y tinaTjcJeiid. moiicV'Irinders and paw nbroken; ' 
f wb g were tolerated. To receive any inti-rest for money advaiicM 
on riecunty ft-as denounced m a breach of the moral law which 
the Church Hternly condemned ; yet the cft|>it]Ll n-qiun-d by thiwK! 
who euib^kcd in uotnniercial ventures— or were engaged in thofle 
architectural works which were the rage of the time — had to be 

■ Mr Jiwobn ill Jiii t«Ji)»rkHbIc jnonH|^H|ili. The Jrwt iff Ajiffcvin England 
(NqU. 1809). shotcfl thAt in lie I9tli cantury thoifi w«» oommanttioB of Jewii in 
CimhrtdRifBhit^t Oiford, G»aei. Lincoln. Kent and Wincbcffler. TIm Jnw« In 
Jiftadon wCTfl a vbtj wc^thy body. Iti Norfolk and Suflollc. ho«*vct —which wero 
tg tho KngUod of thu i>vriod what LancAAliivb ii to the Englttml of to-day— tbo 
Jewn frvtv iiidnDtly uummonB, t-uA oooapied n rerj imiHirldnt fuiAOciikl poti- 
linti. The tribute levied froiD ihe Jews at Norwich amnDiitrd to An anminl 
payment which conititakd u confiidcnibld itom in thv oooounta of tho lditg*8 

' See p- \5, .pallia, pollloiO', vd optcm hajuimodl, ai^d qaa in t'adintvnio 



Tht Norwich Jeivs, 



fbUDrt sofnevhere, and th*^ .1'^wh, who had ao Bcrupl^ ia cbiLr;^u){ 
thvir [ini.v f"r providing t.Iii^ iwrcoTinncidatlnti rt^tjian^d, wt^re the 

wafi very high; it could hardly be otherwise wheo. for obvbus 
rva»<)rL\ the vt^urit}' mm diffimU if n:ti\\tii'., ttiul m the (vine of 
sD utterly dishoDCEt aud UDscTUpulous debtor the chuQuc« of 
recuvt.*nii^ the louii, ur oven thu ioterent, might eaHily bu rnlucud 
lo Iho Timifihing point. 

Aa Mi-HA Ntif gate has put it, "the Jew^waa not t\ momber i>f 
"the- 8 Into, hi' waa^ the king's* chattel Dot to b<j mcildic'^l^ iMtli 
•forgoodor evil save at the ttingg own biddini{.^ E xcnipb from 
^^tolL-aiui tax and froiji_the_fiTK'j* fjf_i|i^ce, hi* had Jihe^ ^l^M'l'^ 
"ofAOcumulatinga hoard of wealth which might indeed bo Hoizod 
"at any moment by an arbitrary act of the king, but whichjhc 
"IcLUg'ii protection guarded with jealous cttn- agnin«t M other 
"interference. The capacity in which the Jew usu&lly appears 
" u that of a_uioueydendvr — un occu^iatiorj in whirh the «cTuplc8 
"of the Church forbade Ohristianfl to engage lest they should be 
" ooDtaminated bj' the i*in of usury Feitt^red by no «uch oonipleH 
•■ the Hebrew moutfy-leciders drove a thriving trade, and their loans 
"doubtless contributed to the material benefit of the country by 
" providing me-anv for a greater extension of cummerciitl cnterprifie 
'" than would have been possible without such aid'."' 

William of Malnieabt^ry tella us that the Jews were fii^t 
brought over hy WilUntn the C oi mueror from K/nien and est-ab liiilicd 
in XondoD'. *they apjjeai^ to have been fli^ttled as a privileged 
community of financii^r* oa the udgy of tho Walbrook, which pcr^ 
haps aorred at once aa the boundary and one of the defences of the 
LoDdou Jewry at k-a»l as early m Tjhe reign fif Henry L* All 
through the days of William Kafns they seem to have been 
treated with remarkable toleration, though efforts ^oin^aimL^ 
BuccettAit were made f<ir their conver«ion\ and we hear that some 
of them who had been persuaded to renounce their ancenUai 
feith and embrace Christianity were actnally paid to return to 
their Jud(u»in by the king in one of those fierce freaka of hia 



> KoiQlto 1, p. 53> 

* OtHa Rt$iim rv. o. 317. 

■ Norg*t« t A€, Ju^bi, p, 1H> 

* 84 AiiBvlrii Mtmia \c Iiavc intpr«*ti>cT him'cif v*'ry tnn«li in lh« oonv«rnon of 
th« J«v«, and the disfjolAtiun of a Jew with a Chn»tt4D> whioh ban bi>«n printtd in 
Im «D<k», \B KiT«n hy JAoub*! pp. 7—13. 

W.K. d 







' ^^ 

which nlmiwt niftkc Ms doubt his Baniiy> The Jews fip|>oAr very 
early at Cambridgi* and Oxford' nnt) probAbly tH<?ir ttotUcmontA 
mny have bccD fouad lu iht Urgcr towna at an earlier time tbosi 
hae been i^conltid. 

If the Jcw» hurl coniincci their operations to tb« financing of 
large uQtlorUkiuga thcj "^^glit ccmcvivabl;' httw htwl the grwit 
biilk of the people on their ride — for the building of the gratl 
cliurchtA and n^U^ouA bouftea meaut cxttUAive employiDeot of 
labour and thi^i meant circulation of money among the ompli>yed — 
but the habits and inatincto of the Hebrews made them money- 
lenders to ttuniW aud ^reat and wheu it came to tbe artijsaDA and 
the Hfrdy ninn.ll folk lunnng the townnmcu rctkortiog i(>lltein fbf^ 
small loans and leaving their clothes in pledge, aud .when the 
- Ifl iptr-rc-Hi conlii not be paid and thi? w.^ cunty wtt^ forftited, thou 
the feling of the yopulacc was easily slinrod a^nat thc_ifc w omu. 
to trenjiy>~ it waa tny old atory over agiuPtZ 

pmiit pnst^usDi ctrdonituA ohm hxn«nilTM 

The Jewish eoiiuiiunity im-'imwhile were under the 8j*!^a_I 
protection of the ting aud thtj king's repreiw^Dt ative- thL£ ^i:irJ i:- 
The> did not live tu houj^ea of ilimr »wn ^\»fjf yj^ff. frf>tmnfji 
.20 at will &s it seenis, who might be turned out at any miiment,^H 
At NorM'ich. at any rale during th<; time we are conccnked wilb^^l 
it seems that there was no Jew living in an impoi-tant houM or 
hU own lift Aaixjii, thi^ ftun of I^aiie, wju* doing at Oxford', and no 
huuse uppi.-anf over lo have been built in Norwich at all com* 
parable to tho ntill exiating titone hou^'jt known a« Moyse Hall ft1^| 
B\iry Si tldniund*^, or that of Auron of Lincoln, which is pix>hribly ~ 
I tho oldest dome&lic btiltUng existing in Kngland*, The Norwich 
I Jews were livitig t££i^^'^^ >■> ^ ffcttlenH-nt or block of buijdings tho 
boundariu« of which may he dUtinctly traced at the present day, 
and the Jews were outside the jurisdiction of the old burgj\hich 
was on the other ^ide of the C^tK Tliat mighty fortress had only 
recently beenbuilt.and was a standing menace to the older burghers, 
between whom and the inhabitants of the new burgb there were 
relations not always friendly. The attempt on the |Kirt of the 
clergy and the bishop to make the Jew* an^fwer to a capital charge 

^ Jacobs p. B, 

* iiadwD Tumer'B Dttmutk ArrJtiteetun in Kng!and, 1. 1>, 7. 

I .v.] 

The Norivich J&ivs. 






Ivurcro the synod wus maiiifoHlIy &u attE^mpt to t'lercisw juris- 
dictioQ over tlie klng'H luen, and tlie atUliide of che dJioriflT was the 
unljr nUibudu whicb Itc ct^uld hure n^sutiiotl coiLHisicully mih liU 
respooaJbitity for the rights of thone — whether Jew9 or Gentiles — 

The JcwH appear lo have retui'ncd to their Jewry and we hear p. M 
of DO iforiou« niolwtubioTi of them fur a loLg time to come; the 
nttcmpt to carry out n gi-ncnii iDos^ocre completely fHilod, As 
to the iufaoiouti miuder of the Jew, Kk-a/ar, bv the ruflianH id 
tho |wiy of 8]r SJiiiou k\k Novurti, uwJI5""fflTiTI7itli'iiL which ntaiidtf p, 99 
quite alone, though au mci<leot which, aa related io thi,*e pages, 
redecUl sioioe (HKcr^it on the memory of Bishup William Ttirhe. 
Thotoait of Mouniouths mfiiuuatioii that the Norwich Jews suffered 
0C%'ei«ly in their persaaa ftud their property as n coueequence of 
their complicity in the jpiilt of little William's murder, must b*^^" / 
tftkea for what it i^ woith ; we may be pr«tty »ure- that if iu^ftarto^a 
could have been Adduced of any large number of the Hehrewa 
vel Jeanne morti^s interiiu deieti vd cftnjftiavomm uidinbus per- 
empti, we should have had them in the author's ditFu»e narrative. 

Assiuniug that this uitrrative covers n period of «ome 30 yewn*, \ 
lumi'ly bt>m A.D, 114't till a.d. 1174. there is no evidence to show I 
that the N<>rwi**h .^'-w-* siitT^n d win^t* than their brclhruu el^c- 
wht-r<- 'Tu\ <]\iv\u^ liL n. ^n ni S h-pheu, or indeed durjug that of 
Hem-y 11. What does iJeeia clear ifi that it tcaj^ ^ TW^ic^ firgt 
tEftt tht' Chri.KtiLUi population thivJitrm^d a]L<l iiK^dititi^'l :i ^vhi^le- (jK^ 
sale uxas»^acre ol the Jews^ and that the plan would h.^i bL-L'ii i'- *^ 
QllTlod out ftiit lor thc/tnt ervtmtmii of tte Sherjy The edict of 
Stephen al'liTded 'to at p, t*5 shows that the king protect ed his 
J^ wg ^ fiu' iiii hL' WAS able agaiiiHt the violence ot tTn? moHr^and , 
whatever wc may think of th<t very suspicioiis t^tory of ^Iward 
Dg^, it was not generally believed at the time it wb8 promulgated, p. ST 
aod indeeiJ during the fivo yearK that had jiaASdd Binc« the Synod 
of 1144 the doubters were at leaat a tf immeroUA tui the bcU^XiiO, ■ 

- ; : — i — » — * ■" — ^ -^ ~ 

It ia hardly mtbio my province to <]wcl] upon the «uh«iN|Ucnt 
history of the Norwich Jews till the time of their expulsion &om 
England m 12!}0> All that in f.n-cr likely to be known of tho hard 
nM*iuure dealt out to thiti much oppressed people in Knglaud has been 
collected in Mr Jocobe*' volume already referred to, UnforLuimtely 
thflt carriea us no further than to thu death of king John. The 
hideoUM inoj^mcrv uf Jews at the coronation of Kichard L — such is 






ibjj CL>i]tii^oti uf Ibtttw Euyifittriuun iiiHliucLci, cruelty tuid ihc ludt oF 
blgod — wins i^peftU^d Eextyearsi Noi-wtch as at i>thcr"~j)T*RT^njp 
aud down llu; tfiud. Yi^t tlic Jt-vrn continued Uy tjirti^mie hi wv^llh 
mid Ur CLTlntti mcaHiire of power, noiwilhjituDdin^ nil tlic IkiitUiIc 
treutniexil iht^y rwcKived, They lEiaitAged to extorv for tliemsclvL-B 
iucreuoiiig rocijgiiition at thi^ hands of ihi? kitig — who txHild tJoL du ^^ 
witbuut them — &u*i coiicesaiunA little by little were macie in thvir^| 
favour, all in the din.^ction «f justioc iitti] uAvTuxiou*. PerhapM the 
inmi eurprisLiig fact that haa but recently came to light U that 
among the English Jewa there were men of profound k-arniug . the 
riK<xtuigini>hjible enthueiiism for litumry jnin*»itH uflordhig tliem 
HomcthiDg Uke an all^viatLou m ^he midst of the prolonged iigt>iiii« 
thi'Oiigli whii:h iht^ poor people wrre coin|>el1ed to pam, 

Mr Walter Bye has taken up the tale where Mr Jncobn kaveii 
it To the East AiigHiUi Mr llye'j* memorable paper in hu oun 
privutely priced Norfolk Antujuitrian MiKc^Utinij, 1877. Vol I. 
pp. -'tis — -*144. muNt iilwiLy« be eminently intereoliiig, fer Mr Bye 
deals oLly wilh the Norfolk Jew^ ; bib work l8 a priceless ooutri* 
btUi'ifi to ihe htfllory vf 71 |Hiitifiil viibjet'l by a niati of indefatigable 
reacareh and of gieat iDtolligcnco cuid bagacitpy. Mr Rye shows u» fl 
that in ihe first lialf of the Uilli c eiUuiy \h\; Jcwm m^i- uj uUuuallv 
iimnttming uT n umbers nl Norwich — thiU in 1^0 K<.niir fniiatitM 
Among tht'iiiscizctT ihfl rhlltf il a Jewish pbjMciaii (whof 
ap peara, luul becuiue^ eoiiverted h» Chn ;<tmmiy^ liiid cifXTumcisedJ 
him — that the ijcwry Wiw Bct mi tirt^-^ihal the king wai appeak 

ad violen 

at the Jcv 

the ^U^^SemiTO fi^>zy -a[imng the Norwich oiU^aDfi wj 
t a^^ 13 nov in Central fcurope^ anU Ihc mierence that 


ifl forced upon iia \a that the legialaiioii [>1' Edward I. ^ainsi the 
Kuglish Jewti wfi» sure to come sooner or later. Moreover just im 
the enormoua lying which prepared people to accept aa true 
the uiupcakable cnlumnieti spread abroEid ngaiust thi; KnighUf 
Tcmplai-siu the I4ih century, aud th^^hideougjtlaildfiEawhieh wei-c 
invented agaiEist the imnate.-* of tht? Reli^outi houses in the ICth, 
wun? powt-rful factors in fiioilitiiting the pillagu of the Teinplai*^ jn 
tbe oue ease and the suppreHhion of the Monasteries in the othtr^ 
80 the lujntinued repetition of the stories oi Chrn^tiaii children 
being * inttrtyred ' by infatuated Jews contributed not a little* and 
must have contributed, to prejiare men'a minds to accept with 

^ A tfTMl de&] or very curioQH a&d roJuabtc informjitioD on Uio troAtinonl of Ibo 
JffWH In EngUniJ hAi Ixian coUwtod in Mr h. 0. Pike's Uiticjy of Crime in KttfflaBd, 
Vol. 1. [Loibloii £immi ft EhUst, 1973.] The Judex U oXixiJ<mt. 


The Normch */irir™ 

liroity tho final cntoetrrjpho; thoiigli few cmj hav*^ kivmn or htiA 
any suspicion that th*? origjTiftl Rtory rami* Jroni Norwich and that 
ThomAA.Qf Monmouth, wntmg his bombastic book in thn Norwich 
priory, firel tttirred np that mighty wave of supurfttitioii!" crtKJnlity, 
imreafloning hat«.\ and iiinatiiibk' frri>city» which has not yet spont 
\U^:\t. ilioiigh moiv than «cvt*n centurion have ]iaf«etl ftj uc^ Th oma.a 
took bis pen in hand. 

Bt the Rkv. W. Hudsok. 







TiiK fimi and per^iHtvtit HtancI iiuufo hy tlir Bherid' in the pro- 
U^ion of Ihe Jewa when twcutK^ of tho orocifixuifi of thp Ixiy William 
may be perhaps Mufflciently ejcpkined Ijy ihe fact that the J«wh were 
jLhe^"Kin g\ CFiattcIt^" W daam';^- To vboiu. the Sheriff nu^t Lo calTetl- 
_ta,a(^unt. A connidenLtiuin, }i«w<*rfirt of tlm politioal<^ of the city 
m% tliat timci, so Ear sm we are able to tntoe i% will aflurd a further 
fOtpUnation of thix fi^aturxf of thr nnrrntivr- 

la Ui« titno of Edward llw C<mf<*ri.Hi)r thf^ '^vtUi^" of Norwich fw 
dncffbed in Domesday Suney coiiipreheJided a oiivuit round tho OmUe 
nni beginning with lli-rsti-(Ti iiOUthwArds, swooping I'ouiid by the oatl, 
Mjrth and tivrUi-wwt Ut l\w 3itro<<t cullcid Tt)lu^r^aU\ com\}rh\ng the 
distnctfl thi>n pr<»bfiL>ly, im ^nfierwfirdn, kuuwti by Ihc iiAtJim of Ouiivi^ 
fonl, Woitwyk And ConUnyv^ Th-a tpnttam n^ c^/tfrtc<K'i^ taiUd 
Jiomr^^ itMU not jfft occupied. 

Tbe whoI<* " TiTIn " wtM not iMittroly hooiOf^DLvjujt om to jorudictionf 
but tlio axoeplions then- f^ompArHtively htiulII. Fifty I tii r{^rt>iki^. resident 
betv«Mi TombUnd ftiirl tht^ rivpr, hplongfd t^ Stiguad. biabop ^f 
ThfttCurd ; 32 beloiigetl to Rarl Harold, Hoinowbi^rcf near the Cattlle, but 
no ton than 1238 ocouimnt; tbi^ rent of tlie "villa*' are deaoribed aa 
bdog: ** in burKo *' and under the normal jurisdiction of the King and 
Earl, the hmnvr taking Lwo-thirdH of thr< pi\>fLtH aud the latter one- 
third. The meeting place of the men of this tlourishiiig '' burgh»" when 
they gather*?d together for ttieir boron ghnioto, tlu^rn ix good rvaiukn 
to think vjLH on Toaiblatid. and almost certainly ihe common market 
iDiisl have b«eu there also. 







Scioti ufter ibe Norman CoD<fiimt> great iroublcK fell upon Iho 
Ivur^'li uwUiK ^ ^^^ rebelUon of Enrl Hftlph, «o ihal at tlin Utoc of 
Uiv durv('/ in lOf^G, onl/ CG5 out of lt]08 burgrucA could be occounUd 
for* TIio political imporUuiCQ <d tbo 8&xoa '^burgtea'' wtw furbbcir 
woftk«n(Hl by Ein<rllior r«<auH of Uie Cof»<^uoflt. Roforo bin n^boUioo 
Bftrl Itftlpb, by arrangcunont ndth tbo KitiR, bud fp'aiitod UniLi iu biS 
rtc^EnrArt<*, Ui thf> wc^ <if tlii* OfLw1.1(>, l^i f»t* foniHMl into & New ilurgb 
Ijf^twviMi liiniHelf and* King. The burgeweii who occupird it wi^rc 
Frenchmon, who, ftt tbr ttmn of tbii Survuy ulnvuly numbered 123, 
inclufiinji »c»me "mUii**,*" This stjUemcnt, made in formal terms in the 
Survey, can imply nothing litJU thun tb- fonimtion of a ni^w, and mid^ 
the circumitAiiccs, a rival munictpul organi^ztlioi), ft new French burgh 
wi i)iiitingui!<h(*d fn>in thft Kn;;[liKb burgh, as w^w the crwo at Noiting- 
bam luid duubtleta in other plAci^. MorwvL*r in this n<^- tliatrict was 
MtahliMhod A new nxaricet, which Hither by authority or by nAtnral ^M 
devolopinr.nt noon lupenedM Uie older one, 

Such was the stat« of alTaLrs »t the Gamtnrncotnent of the* I'itfa 
century. By the early part of the 13th the two riv«l burgbs hsd^H 
beoomo tuM}ti togHhrr into four inunici[>al (livisiunK uiid^^r unv ^rvem- 
mnnti tltti *'new bur^jh" uiidt-r the iiame itf Manctuft udcliig the wooiid 
place iu prex^udvuue. Thia funiou itih)' liave bet^ii vfTecUd by tlio iim^^^ 
of King RichArd^n chftrt<*r of *clf- government in lllH, but pcrb&po not 
oomptetvly till tb^ uppoinlmeiit of four hadifltf in plfto«> of a 1>orough- 
r«ev«in 1333, M 

Tht* qtitiHtiiin in, How fjtr hiul thifl fusion proaovd(<<l nt iJm timo^' 
of our iiarmtivef T^tbve itt little evidence to ehow. One stAtcnieat 
certAJnlj soein* t<* imply that thi* two Hciffiratc organ iflition* »crp still 
iD^xi«Um5^ Tn IllOf Kin^ ^tupben granted to hin w>t] William thff 
"town and Itorouj^b of Norwich in which tbero vere 1233 burKCHBi** 
that held of the king in burgage tenure^" and also the "ca«t1e and 
burgh thrniof tn wbxb there wi>ri? ] 3^ burgmw^t that hrld uf the king 
inburgngo tenurfv'^ d^Ec Now these Dumbors are exactly the same oa 
tho numlrert givi>n in the Survey of 1086. Wf> niunt thrnifrjn.* nuppooo 
cither that the royal dlerka cc^itd tJie old description without verifier* 
tion, or, as is more likely, that AViliiam conH olaim the burgage renU 
of thofln parUoulnr hurKcwH^" but not of any otht>rs. Still, thi^ iTtra 
"burgh of tho cuhUw" iiwlcad uf "iic* bur^b" may U? bi?lJ lo imply 
Uuht the Fnrriub burgh wa» »til] a )wparat« oigautK^tjoii aikd — au ■^'^T^l 
portent adrlitif/ii — -it\ oIoac connection with tbc ciMtlOi tho residence o( i 
u. Norman RarT or ti Sormnn ShorifT. 

Fiirtbrr than thtu, th^ town buit not yet the right of n&U^gOv^rfi- 
mnnt. lis liopougb wwvi? was, iitill appoinli^d by tho king a nd eu bordj- 
nate to the sherifF. Here coiiiim in anutlKT conAtiJc^mtion. Kocli of 


?Vm; Norwich *Tews. 


iW two burj^liji muii At first have had it* own rw^c, ftiiiJ thci'<* U ft 
c«noas pioct> of ovtrtenoo >^uggv^in;; that Utici continacd even into the 
ISUi crntnry, BlomofloKI, undAr th*i rvign i>f Hoiirj III, ^ivea tho 
nutiMi nl fotir ProvonU (<tr Revyptk) for tho ycnra 1210 tt> 1219. A« il 
KMitter of fMCt t.hmi* four nanieH rm? Uikpsi Fn»rn th<? " Old Fiw tiootc " 
of tlii» City of Norvich where they are Miid to l^e wilhuut daltr ilikI urci 
ooupded t(>Keth(*r in puint. In euch c»«o one nuno has a decldodly 
Prvndi tin^o. 

On tJie whol(^ then, it svocns rcwnoHAbk to conclude that in^l49, 
whoa ibiA <'hargr« vva^ tmni^lilr ihn Uiwii woh -itiU dindiui int^i two 

burph. th<^ Kny|i>^h in tlic old. 


it wj^ rf counir,_with thrt fonpcr tl iat the Jqwa were entirely I 
^hft^Hf| ly^ ^i IcmE «o fM' m they lived Id the JewrfT— *a no doubt thgy \ 
all did, vfiih v«ry few exceptfona, A doAcrlption of th<T iooidity vUl 
jitftw UuC lhi*y were im flowiy"is pOH&lhle connected with tlie Caetl6, 
Thv Caitic Hill wiu HummndiHi by n. mofit wbtch Hill exi^^ts. Ttoyond 
Uie out«r Jnuife of Llw tDuat, thv nuuihem mid ruiMtvrn laiiclx wvn> 
enclovMl by two honMnhov fibnp«d bunJtti, tbi* Tuutltctu riKiIuaurc bc>iti;f 
oallod the GuUe Vtv arid tbo <vi*it«rfi the Citstlu Meud<iw. The tiiuin 
<?(itr«kncc to chi* Cft^tlu |>rop<rr vtah from the OMt botwc^n ihe«o 
two bftAkn. Whi^n, howovi*r. tJ*o TKtw Konnun (i^jAtlor brtd aprung up on 
thB W0it «nd tlir nc>w Uurkot wiu Ix^i^oniinH a tiudctiv uf populntion, 
Afiofher entrrtnc^ wtvt iiijub* frnni ihr* n«Ttj^}ilKiiirhiKd tjf tlio Mnrki^ 
into tfan lututhffrn onrWviTi^ nr OjMtlp F(^ TKia v^hh by thi> atnv^ 
csUtid in tile 13th rrntury Vtcnx do f^llariji or hUdclgntc, It w4a on 
the BcMith nirio of tb(* HjuUJ^Ii; that th*> 13th cehtury Jewry was 
ntoAted. Kirkpatnck Ujui ■FU^^^extotl that il ^^a^ irimoved to that 
■pc^ in tho middle of the Hth century fr-nm im c^krlier niUr. But ho 
ftdmilA that then- in n** nail <*vul*^Tice of tJio oocupation of tlie earlier 
Btte. On th^ other hand the e>treme auitAbiUty of the 8ade1gate 
■ite DHkvt it moro than probnblo that it wax no mmh] fnjin bbti fimt. 
The J«WH bi?loiigi'd to th(' king ami were yml*T the special prottrction 
of hw local repre**entAtive. Where would theybo bcttr*r phurWT than 
winjiilirit'-:) lilt ,iiii \h^■ Oimtlc fiDcluiuTc ttiid ikl the \en' nj>ot where 
rJi the OiAlle aud the Marls' i '^.i- « -' iljliwljeill Tlioro 
he Burruuiid^ by Uh: buru^ -^ - " ^" T'ipathics woro 
OA Umj aide of thr. kiiig and the Ciutlv. In cone uf & popular tumult, 
too^ a few nunutott would plaov thotn within the 8ftf<» prt>toetion of tbo 
Owtlo «n<ilo«ure- 

Htn coaducting of ihi* a<^i!uw>ft Jcwh fmni the Jewry to the Binbop'a 
court wrwid not inx^olv** Ihn dan^^i^r nf Inking tlit^n throUj{h thn vitrftfrtM 
of the city. Btsbop Hl^rburt had obtfunud tlic tiiUi of tlie Earr» Palace 







A. Mention^ in (i d««d ot II E- 1- tA <*vift qua dneU ftd onhom OomEtfttOt-" S«a 

Hirrod, Ca&tlt^ and Cojii^enU, *tc„ p, 133. 

B. Meationed in » d««d of 30 E. T. ax " vlu qua itur ad CilbIgIIiuu." 8«« Hatto^ 

Ccftlf* tthd CvTtvi^tf, P' 110^ 

C. Site of EArl'B Pftlftcc). remprcd by Bp- Rnrlert, 

D. Hen; iHas runi]crl;v D foulpatli {vat Hurrud. (V^Jl'f i ai^ Cuni'fnrf. p. UD). Soma- 

wh^re TMTiur muat have boon tbe commucucatlou wUh Cliv Ettrr« Pidac«. 

E. FjbridtfQ ia moiatianeJ ia a grwatof c. UfiO(wti KirkpAlridk^B iS<r«Ja chjI £rfintf<, 

&C., p, H4)> 

F. The linu F...F lu&rkq thfl linft of Iha bnck made by n^nl liocnacj in 1253, after' 

ward* BOTiuoUDtcJ hy a walJ. It ■« eoiJ tu hn'rc grcall/ enliLri^pd the Qll^cu]i 

of UiG city iStrtfU and Lune*^ p. 111), Bow il waa defined or defeuded 



7%e Norwich Jews, 




mid pulled U down, bo that between the north droull of the Cattlv 
Mcadov uid ttiG ojitrancu l'> tfic inoiuwtic proctnct fivm Toiutilund 
Qnl^ a ihort upacc of gi^fjuml liiul tv W covered. No doubt fran:i ihc 
finrt, AftAt IL UUr tiiDD, * po^tora ^to at Uiiit poiDt ui tho eaclosiiig 
butk of Uio Gwttt^ Mvudow ptvo occotM to TomblfiTKl iui<f iha Mi>naAt'^ry. 
Kfltftflj tli« whol9 way tluiiH^for^i froin tU*^ Jvwry to t)^^ Monvitory 
wgald hn throogh th» luJ** i^no1oflUr<TH of th<» fjutU. 

Oti» niore oODnidAmtion iltn!4trji.lifig tti« politti^iLl riituntion in tKe 
cdtyftt ibiii period um^ he added. Th^ Cuj«tl^, whidi up to tlia time of 
tb© Norman Con<iiiftst h*ul l»en the stronghold of a native lord. *ach net 
ihr Karl of tint Eiwi ArLjjl^, who did tiot nhut himHrIf up xxi it hut 
lived iu hit! Palace betwin^u ihtt Cantle Mofulriw- and Torubland, had 
from tlic time of the Conquest become an lu^trutncnt of foreign <l<mii- 
nation. Evou in tlic Connueror'n limn a. ntono cattle of some kind had 
been builL But according; Kt the best judgment of archiUxjtural 
■^ritettoo^ it wus irhm-t-ivL for Miigh Bignt, juHt At>out th(< tiuif? of our 
Mnfilre, to rear thr Tiia^inive Kwp which nlill fonm mi splendid a 
memorial ol the pa^t. We may eaaily imagine the awe with which tho 
Bagtiab burgtvw^ would mark tho upronring of thi* mighty engine of 
tfnDHjt '^^^ ^*>^ ^op4*h'JW n. coatvHt with ltd niUAter wuuld Mn^a. 

lliae vnnuun curiHidcr'ttiuiiM inuy help to raplalu wlij Uitt ShurllT 
■ho^dd have hiu] U'f MiivL-r']'-u\ 'vmpithy with n popular outcry, luid 
»hy, foftlirig hiiriMiH rr*i»-h:<itHii lV>r preventing diuimgi? Ih-iuj^ dono 
lo^tho Ji-w>-. h*' aW hftd it in his power to «imur^ them an <»flioiont 
protcwtion iiUfjb iw on Bimitiir but laUr oooaniono elaowhorc tlioy fuiled 
to obtuin. 



TiiK nmiiuHcript rnmi v^bioh the work uf Thoioiuf of Mon- 
mouth ii^ pnnted here — luid it U thy »ii1j cojiy of h }^ wnrk whig hjg 
kiamii— foriiiod part of a Library bequeathed ubout tlnj ntar 1700^ 
to the Fftrish (jf Brnif Ek-igh jii SiilTulk by a cerUiiii Mr Edward 
Colnian, Bometiine of Trinity College, Cambridge, The colleclion 
mdu(l(.'<) »iritio niiio MS8. and auiorig ihi^in wojv two ofiio ordinary 
interest. Out? waa thu Oo»p<fl-bi>ok of St Margaret of Scotland, 
which woa purcha**od by th« Bi>d]&iaii Library \u 1887; the other 
was the vofuicD conlairung the Life of St William. Seven out of 
thu nine MSS are now in the University Library at Cambridgit, 
for which they wero bought frum the TrueteeB of the Brent 
Rkigh Library in I8SS)'. An eighth is in the FitzwUliAin MiiKcjm: 
the other, as hji^f been «ai(I, 14 at Oxfunl, 

I had been myself, to Bome e-^tent, inatniniL^ntal in |>n«uring 
the bookx for Cambridge: iind it was with extreme pk^^iKurv thai 
on eiamination I discovered, first that here was a copy of Thomaii 
of MutmioiithV Life of SL WiLIiBiti, and next, that no other copy 
seemed to be known. 

Into the othoi" ftt^ pn^Hiniiiary to the aj^Kftmnoi^ uf the 
present edition it is not necessary to eater. To conimiinieatis 
my diHC4>very to Dr Jentopp wa»4 an obvioiia step; when his holp 
was once socured I fell Bun.^ that Thoina* would bo proHenled to 
the public under the beat possible auapicea 

Something mu»t be naid, however, of the volume itself. It is a 
small folio numb[:r<.d Add. 3Q37 in the TJniviTsity Libmry, It is 
written in a line hand (or two baudH), on good paichmenl, ia 

^ Tbii jfl not qaitti cr;rr««l. Six of lli* bcok«ver« hooght from Ihv trustMn: 
the othttf. * cfipj of ManiiU. hh'\ bwo sold witb tha Ocspel-book in IS^, and wm 
icquir^ for the Uuivoriilty librArjr in IHUA. 


CTTAP. v.] 

TV }fanmcript. 

double columns of 81 — 32 lines eticli unci consists of two vohimon 
booitd in one. Its dat^ 1 should place somewhat before, I20O,' 
It r^tainft tto orij^nal woixloti httarda, fonncrly fattened ^y a 
stT&p and pin. Tho collation is jj-s follows ; 

■> (1 fltac^ to tho oo^vr, S ^do) : ik*— k" i I* IP III" (S lautiktcd) 
1V>_V1P VIIt> (wmU 4^ 5, 6) IX'^XI": 166 Wvo* romun cut 

of i:o. 

The contcmts are as foUowfl : 

L 1- TlirirnftJB of Mr>nirinuih'« life of St. WHIiain nf 
TKJA cnda on f. 77 a. 

Imilci AluluLtb >^tellcnsiii Epintoln Jo offioio 
muKai*. vl Doniitiutu Jolivmcm Ardui^puoo- 
piun Lug(tunenaiiim , . . . f. 71 h 

T)omiito "t pfttri in Ohnstrt B*Tiifrf»r n^norftbili **t, 
dignc amuuHo J, rid i^mtin PifitnuifUMi Rpbu 
oupo fr«ter Ywauc <Uclu!i nhbuji »teJle tgilut«u), 

Eikdinfj oti f. 806. r ddeliter et forucntor rcmi- 
nwintiir, Rxplicit opintolA dumini YfMuic 
ftbhikti?! de officio luiiiBfte. 

This tract 18 printed u\ Mij^rie, Patrol. Lat. 
cxciT, The author* ilatfl i* 1 1 G9. 

3, An extract begintiiog: 

(8)mnrn^liiA pivdoNTtx lupu evt iii hmw nnturo- 
EiKBftg : et in CrUti doctrina confortant, 

1. VitaS^WuluriciJinwihoretae^by John, abbot of 
Ford f. 1 

Bocon this HttrJy'n Catattfynr* (tj AffUeriala, u. 

2, ViU a Oodrici do Firchalr' , r 39 6 
This is on abbroviatcil firm of tho Lif«, It 

oouura anonyinoufily m H&rl. 332. 

In the prtrtmnt MS it in nAcHbod to *' WiJt^rUJi," but in Bte/mmOti'M 
edition (Svrta«« Sooutty, 1^17) of Hc^Bhld'ii long hHv uf Bt Godrie, 
tluc ftbortor Lilo w dex^ril^ nx a pi<^1iminAi-y auH ufiorter form of 
• IUgiiuld'4 bortl; hy Rr^giriHld himself. It w thus arranged in our MS. 

1 St WalnHd difd in llH. 
> StOodrlcdioaiallTO. 



f. 39 A. Explicit uita U Wulurici anaohoret«, 
Incipit prefatiti <l^iuiiii Walter! En Abreuift- 
tionD oite b. Goclrici dc itnchftl. 
Ut BAtiftfiiccrcmi 

Rxpl. prcfntioi Enc arguincntum. 
SAncjtijmimutt h«r<'mitn Covinous. 

f. 40. OnpiliilA (litzv) >L^rii«>iiig with llioMi 
givon 1>y Kb^vcnKon. 

f. 41 6. Incipit uita. 
Uirtatti8 et uiUm. 

End* an f, Hfj (HH) : fnllijwrd by fifty-two 
liMCiimel^^ra, in n itmaller liMidr bv;[muiii|C : 
8t«pluiin«, t\i tAiiti Rkoiisuniir nouiiuia imple 
Et flta pr» phiLiio i\<s tii dicnre prophanua 

ftiul eudiu^ : 

Quk-iuifi obeal ct in Imuc nMlit*m mitU aeourim 
No rndicf^ ingorij^ lq peius pullulet arbor. 

The vemo u blfinlc. 

The condition of the MS is very good, save that it lia?*, in the 
t^iirlier [uige^ in jmrtimlor, milTcirod from di\m^ at the lefl-hnnc] 
upper comer. This will account for certain bracketed suppleinentif 
whioh appear in the text. 

From whnt rnunaj^tery iL aitiK; I tun (fuito unable to auggcst. 
There is an old (xivth or xvth centm-j") table of oonteut^ on tho 
fly-loaf which U in piirtN illegible, but runs thus, so Ikr as 1 can 
riNui it: 

Volumnn. | _ -.-.... 

Dt^ Vita <3t piLExioDe aci Will^/fni mnrtiriA porwic 

{added ht cuni. rvi : per Tliomam moiiumeteniwm monachum 
dedicat. willeUnu epiBco|»o Norviouurti]. 
Epistotn <!onipni Ysivac abbatis StelleiiftiB de officii* laiiwd ad 

(lomnuni lohamiem. 
Kpitttoli^.ii. loharLni^deforda, Item vituHci WlfncianAchonte 

Vita Mc: Godrici fincluk' cum mirnculis [added in mart/in.' 

per Wttlteruiii], 
Ttnm liber qui didtur: 
HudU tHiuitAfl et iufl et idiomata (f) que iuris Tenatur (1) vt 

ftuiit proprit«tat«e collects sub conipon(]ir> cic codiclH et 


ThiH ta*it ti^act i» gone. 


7%e Manuscrifi 


Hero boo> in a baud of the xviith centurjv is tho uaino F«ne 
Ec^, which m found in xnmi of the iith(.*r MSB from Brent Elejgh, 

I will b«r« nott\ bt^fore passing to the discuiwioD of the Usxt 
€f onr HS, and other kindred topics, that ihc pre^nt edition 
l« firinted from nn oxcolbut Lrandcripl mmic by Mr A Bi^^ers 
of the University Lihmry. I have collated the printed proofs 
v-ith the manuscripts 

n^ TeM. 

The date of the laiit miracle which Tbotnaa records ia 1172. 
K«tu>p Tiirbc di<;d in January of II74, and all wcven books w^r*: 
written when Thomaa wrote the Prologue, dedicating th*.- bu^/k W 
him. The date of the coniposition \% then, most bkcly {\"r2.—'.\^ 
Th« date of the MS in, to my thinking, nithur before \\\-.\\\ jifter 
1200; all the tracts in it must haTg^been compoaed before 1180. 
We arc, then, dealing with aC cop yJtfCTy near in time Uj the 
autograpb of the author; and as wc sbouLd expect, the text is 
in consequence extremely good. Moreover, our copy has been 
very carehilly corriictcd. I had H.t firwl thncii^Kl that the corrections 
might have been in Thom^iM's own hEuid ; but a Bitbse4|uotit ex- 
amination does not tend to confirm that view. All that we can 
Hay is that thi; copy frciio which ourfl wiui m^ide cannot in all 
likelihood have been separated by more than one step from 
Thomas's own : and it is quite likely to have been transcribed 
from the autograph itpotf ThU likelihood ih increit^od by tbe 
comideration that there cinnob have bocn many copies of the 
book made, and most probably all that existed were made at 

One other point remains to be noticed. The MS, a^ a 
gcncml nile, is singularly tree trooi corruptions: but in the only 
document which is copial into the text from another soun-e^ 
— imn><;ly» the letter of the monk of Perithure which iK-cura in the 
last chapter but ouc of the whole work, — three or four bad mistakes 
ooctir. Had our MS been tbe work of a copyit^t at all fivr removed 
from the date of ThoniwS autograph, mistakes similar to these 
would, I think, have crept into other parts of the text, Their 
^afaaence from it proven that wc are dealing with a near descendant 
of the author's copy. 




The History o/Ae Book, 

I be^in tlie invcAtig&tioii of this subject by \Aym^ hoftym tbo 

Iroadtjr the tocus clasvicaA oa the Life of St Williiuti, oamcly h'» 
Legend i\a gi^en bv Johu ^jujravg i n the JV'oua Lttfentia Anglian. 
The portions iUtliGuwd Arc thtwc which arc vcrbalJjr borrowed 
from Tlionma of MoumouttL 

LI t. Sanctua emm Willelinus ex patre Wsn^tatto et maire £heina 
ruroU oporo uitnm ag^atihii* tta n-tx^MttriU uitue wuMtHis atinunittn 
abvatdt^tihw/ imlun «Kt. ImpraegimDti uuleu^ nukth ^dortni^ttii uUio 
talia Aocidit: uidebat yiacam f»t luciua dicUur, pmwu mbicfindas tt 
tamqiuim satu^iiw. attj>ct'fKt9 dnodfxim ArtVnfcrro, qucm cum in Kiniim 
p<>sui3St*ti md^hatnr pucw m rrKni^n?, tt pauHalim tui^o rtutrrntcerr: %U 
tdm ^nrbUff ipmint ctrmjirthi^idcrn mfrfi pwavfi ,- aefft*mptit^ir tu/iUv aim 
wunniii uttUtitil, nvi«#^ai< /nvtutoru, ajivrio t^i <vt!i<>, an ^lAvum fir roiy^fiX 
OuDi<]ue jMitri nuo HAorrdoti, p/urirjiiim Ajjponnv^^rutn vtM^HUfn pcri- 
tiam haittJjUif t^unirtA por ordini.<m r^/uiiMfff, Ait: Soumti, J^*^ '' *'"- 
pwcyMorit jitiuniqtA^ pa'^UytrnsUf ^\ iti, trrru hanorftn *nftsrtrnvtn eon' 
fOTiMifvp, 0f $uper d/ft^ir/in^wt nfiA«f'.m ^fFfm^iiJt, tn eodum ritiwlann%4 


1. U 3- Nnto iuu|ut* puurt) ai ahhtetajOy cu^n paitr mnw Wm 

o^&KV tuX cuuuiuiuui iiiciiUbWwL, pot^nitenluUis tpfit&tm ftfWiKiii J^rm9 

cum /JU<?fWttir* inaitiAzu qutt&i ttppittutUtiJo efrtef^l, puer jnniriii nnjtH' 
cUaUt /wrtta admxrtxmt n«nu, «<» pQipauitr «it ooc^j tfu(«A> umouia 
r%smp%i/9itHr in parUtg </£jvt^««nC4f- 

Onm auUfiTi t'^punniji put^r fjuwl, ^o*ipii trfn^ olttininHaa omolop 

a£u£i*r0, tU trilfus in fig^dotiuule Jmin ieiinuirrl ■ iumuiuAm IMTO ptMl^ 

conUrttttiS tratt^ifffibai dies : «^cc2emni /nyu^nAi^. p$tdmoii r.t oratiotMs 

I. iii fii<?06af ', ^ fuoAn'm^ufT Z'^ erant funtiutn uftvroWur nrnArvfifia. Tan- 

iloni Apud Nurwicum cuiilnni j^pUii^fkrio in fiTit ilia ^tw/t^ur i»i«/rtbmf/u4. 

J. V 3. T<u>d<tui in ^uodAin fotito PuMbtus lud&oi in urbe tnoronUA 
puertim Eubdold j&c«pifia oorum ijitrar£ alliciunt, fM^ii(H^iti> ayi/'itinl, bt 
•Miriitf nv^/w iituMtm prr ttir^^n/r Jattf^M ful poMimortnt edit pttrUtn 
r^ttctis torriffiii fimiMn^ m£rinffitrU «Wo. PtmimodHm u-cti7 frvu* 
/ftiitCB/o auricyfarif /^f fiigitt futhenfj^. fffOsntwiinmH, att^pto, trinumqn^ 
in (to i»r1u /ocLff (uy^ndnfu nWum, CA;iMt i/fiuf tnnoctfnv aJronU t» 
octfijmf ctrvuMWii^nf. Metiium tjttipp^ fronti tuxium ^xifvmasqrae aH^ 
Ainc 4t inde iempt>r%hHt imprim^tU^it WftvrtMn^iw pariiufn c^jpitifnts ad 
itcciptU Mtrieiimmo ctfn/reU> On ftod^ ^od aiipirr^T€i4 /uuwli circum 


Thr SfaiiuscripL 




I, C<»fHte quo^ue pMt hoc Tofio, ivjinttis iUud gpitmrum putwtiimi' 

oU« umimrwU^ inn^xciit^nn^W^ a tmri tinbiaCuTH ^tihuiff rjYwjjrM/TV 
OOnftfllJebhOt- Sini«ir{> <titi^ ^fti^ri tm^u« ad corttis iiitinta uu/iviu 
ooffAwm tfijftirwiU; ot Ut wan^inpm fn^t toh^m corpus n^/ftuJTttvrtt^ r*prmt6- 
rant. It tapii^ r/tfop^UMV Jirruenti$fi$na7H aqtiajn inj'tnUnmL SifyW 
vuuif/r ififirwnu [xvu. KaK Mni.j Dii;(riiuit nd Dominiin]. Dti^ i[U(hiiiu I. tII 
PkfichR^ orn^nf/ In ra^ro poniiur, ut. i^xtru uillAin mA Hihmm fltH^untniii 
■Dcrotivs in en scpcliretur. Cumquc exl^uam in/rvrrrnf, obuiuiiit eh 
(wryiriivM qttitiavt yttruHci mmiine EiluHriiu*', qui ftaul/iijtrr yrtninm 
c^ntHUiti.' ^tut ie^idtr&U, quiJuo cleferreitt, »fi^»iWui£ : el prt^pius 
UMidmft moNiM^ir^ inticirw, kxtmiknum rwr corp^u dfj/ff/i^u/i/. lUt 
uir^ m d^prdi^HMfn fjj^ii^fi^nt^y H prac tiinorc^ nihil fuitt^Ufs ^od 
dictrmitt mViuu d^nnt^iC^tri fu^lendu in^rr^^ sunt, rvrpujn\iAti Unatt cor- 
deiia in Aibore mspeiidtniTU. 

b. InmifttM Auteiii iTuflaiei cousiJiuni Ytcecomitirfn udeunt, ei m opt !. viU 
«ud /t&rmrt rt toriA? pericuio possenf, centum viarcn^ aTgfnti polUcentur 
SUuerdKM tot^tatim acctrnttui, itibi^dt^ Vieecornittf et coy^ri^f Jtdn et 
tUtvnwatlo con^trin^tur, qttod utia comiu IinUucn lu/n i^/amarrl^ ut 
u^fiM ad vtir^muin uiUif guo« diem niVa ruin d^lfgeret. EuolutU ^ienim 
anmt ^intp/^ Eiliterdtu^ ad r^trrnmm uitan pftninnit^ns, ah ipAo tacro 
pvwro Wy^hctmo pvr uiniAin atiniorvtfir ut qufia uitierat ^ibuJ itdl^it 
nuHan rum timrnrt : fftctumquf* f«t it«, //w itdrtt ti-rbefi ff^Mi^, ecc€ 1- ix 
^/ii«t <Ce €Ofio lum tul/iio i^ntiVutf, Tr^aT uttqiic ad innrtyrin /4>«-i<in fffU'iini 
« jBOrrfj^inu^ ocWm uiuJtoruiu ^/iiitfrrt* iu tocsM tffuUii. Vidtbamr autem 

inj- iVin f ft i/<uM i/m4w r(fr/Vt*» Hi:alfi€ tuiti/t^ini/ute teri^rv /vrtnam^ ttb iina 
■A Wfufn « fiorrUjciUU lui itriKTtU^n. 

0. a^UrbiUo i^iim tianoto Pa^iclino inovtiafM qun<<c)jun cum ^i6Kf'ib»i "Lx 
attia anl« «f>/w <»rftijfi iier am/»»?jt« sDuae clrfunfaftfni cleuota ingrtnlitur, 
VitClwn«i|l]V miintM wl mc/vcffm qurrc\^ it^^dem puenun tunicalum^ 
0ai€Mtwtiy ca^nt^ rtMum; etjottniiteQ corropUi iivwrn jirtrjfiti* accffdere 
non prtt^nmpaii^ A^ta^U aat«m BXtpfir ilium cot-nog dtiQit, qui uoi-acitaiiji 
ra&trm «jpplcn ^«aiietUem ro^ro «i«m diac^rpcre certalim attcTiiabaTU : ted 

uJcUrvt pftlnm f!iifi<?iU onArrauit. Turba igitnr fai^ruiUint ai nViutrri I. Ui 
properatf po&n^rum^Uf. «£^u mi r^ jr^£a L'uitlnDtor eonMvi^rtUiiy fudnMit 
« fYcUu non imntbn^f a_^nnaTiit et corpus mnotaui sepulturoe cum 
Kiiudio Uadiut. 

' doflVf 

' Jkcinnrdtia. 

' BUtpon^ 



[CHA?, I 

n ui 7, Uonacki fuitlan Tomtt^frtlitm, qui iempvre «9fiHo an clattfiro 

adhacwit, ft rtuirfKentilntg JofUa noit ttinn tnagna ottmium adrruratia«^ 
r^oruitt unittftrm Jhrihfif luiquf ail Jejiiuni S. Kdmtmdi in ramiUtmlo 
pcr§tu«rairUibtu, Tuncque uehi^tefis imbriKm si Ui^ntontju KForiaproeetia 
omnrri prwii^ Mnmn excusitt, qui u«quc ad tiatalein in rarnutctUi sum- 

L W 8. Fuit uir quidam dittt'uma mtirjnitAtc dou^ian toUqwt ifuhe^Uim 
cofT^on" vtr«Hui/ ifi^ri%uf^^ntf Utnd&m nurrhi tm^uvtitt in taiarim rtiptu* 
Ajig^lft dni^ fif^ hint fHiuvna, liorriila* ^t miio^ut. <Mttfi(i/r • innun^ra^ 
bilsm ucircj lurham Mturnn t^tiriari jmmi^: imnnulloM quoit in nila 
ctti/turwtrat, uulit: qui Jtimifutrut qmitHam et tif.tiiy.ift ei trarhnUM inttfr* 
ti^iia* qitiLintil/tm a^Ikxtc uiuniLihuH pfr ipmnri mandamio tiotificitfU, 
tosdem tllin praej)arat4>it cruciatun, nt^ ah hu rt \llis pveniieitUt ^rivwniirus 
(tefUtint yJori'jf.nivi finwfniMijuantqv^ irt^mdituT rtffiorwnt innum^ 
ravi ifn hominum copi;iTii in ffloriar irtnrnttTnahiliit ga/udta ptmtam 
cfrnitj et irule prr nuim ditirr^it wtuitrarajn Jl<jribiiH dx^dUTUi nnte 
aedenterii in throiui Potninwti larult^ni adductutt f:<^istitil^, atqv^ ii« 
CofMsf^fir lucis fnf^or^ d^/ixo intuitu uxdit* J>ominutiif tJtron^ aWTO 
sedfnt^i^ lupUiibtM pT>etitmii omato, tt sartctomm inHUa artU eufiu 

9, Vidit ' quoqtif a drjUri^ in i/taieMttUf 8etie}UU Jt, Virginem Marian 
<( OC^ ptdr-f r)oinini piir.i^m fonsjtirU tjuofi if-iwtennfiJH, icaMia aurfO 
tetUbiUevt: cuiuti fiMtvm niite fandi'tUtr et unftiti (tpUmdidior ttolti^ «t 
»n CapiU eiv4 cotorut /idytbtU aursa^ preiiomasimth tnuiiqne lapidibn* 
xnwiffnita : cut paritrr ctrji^rMtuUihiinCur S'tnctarim choH eutnqM4 maximis 
iitiTu^raba/ttur frrdtnet ant/elici, quihiin uwi* angr-la ait: Quia *jrt hie, 
Domvae, cut t<vi\tua Kq^^ot vmpenditurf Kt Ule : Hie att cut honor 
dtbftu.r p^rpi^tuus, quetn in r/^rt^em Doviinicas ptuMtixs tt opprobrium 
Kijs sacris difibtt* l^nta^ Xoruiceiis^ jiwrr^wFruHi, 9%U8qtts do6aii<r nMKfv 
quod wi r^pulGntm Utitut raincdium nutcijHan nanitatiit. Et hi* dictig 
indc ^ttiinua ajtuMtnitur^ p£ trtio corpori rcatitititiir. JtetwutrUe ue?V 
ttninitt jiufritt} t/niif. cin^pua fionti f^n^uti, <;L milutiitu nf/pof-iiit ct cunciia 
iKrrinl itn ^uwf uldomt onarrauit ; Noraioum odiit, ct Jian.itat«m aino mom 

10. Mulm insuper minuiulA pro nuo Miutyrc glorioso Dominua 
OHteiidere dignAtUE>i CAt: inter quiu: cochxm i^tintuur*, uiuton quinque*, 
IiyUropicuM diio»% duciiiuuiiUOB trts rt epUtipUctja^ cuotr«3UM*, Burdos^*, 



1 ImrrlNlfB 
* IV, ii, r. ivii. 

> LTit«rHigna. 

* OOTIKlHlit. 

* niduL 

" vn. ii, T. xvii. 

• IT. m, V, lii, lai, ¥«. JJt, VI, vii. 

' iti. iivj, t. viii 
' T. Klv-tTi, oh. VIJ. I. 


The MamtscHpU 


aui p^aulia amktoof saimait, libornuit iic sioluit 

To this aSall be appended the English votsion which appears 
in Wjiikyij dt? Wnnli's Nexoe Legende of Hn^lande. t. cv, a Hfjf|. 

Seynl Wyllyniii the ohyldi? / and martyr woji borne lu Kogloiide / 
and vUen hiK uioder was wytb oliylde of hym s]ie tA'we m a vy^ynn 
li fyivho called m luce w^ jcli- red fynny^ lyke a« it hiuJ lH*«ri 
^parkclyd with blodo / and when she had put the fysvha into li&r 
bcHom ah* thought it gr?wp w m<K)i that bsr lx«Boiiifl (.^ouldo not 
bolde it / ikod wd«yuly il llfTwu aUmo the Cloudya iiiti^ heueu / and 
ft pratct that hall gi^at grace in cxpuOdyngo of vysyans / myda ahe 
ihald^ haiwa blfHjtyd Chyldo thnt in thf< agr of <xii' yery» ^huld goo 
into Heuyn / And whtn hv wa* a y*tn^ chylUe it tiappenyd hyra to 
toucli y* IrOs of a man that waa fettci^d / And anon the Iroxw feUe of. 
And vlitMi be viaa but vii- y^ru uUk hf woldr faate thre d»)'Ba En y* 
vek« / and uolde be at the Chyrche iu [jntycr / And ^kfti^r at norwych 
be wiu put to u HUyiinigr to eufvurnw / wbi^m on ah ISadm dayo he 
wftH tAki^n pryroly by thv Jues / and tbey in dospytc of ourc? Lorde 
mockyd hym / ofuJ cruelly martyryd hyra / thoy thru^^to all y' bbxlt out^ 
of Itid U«dda with vordyn / and than tboy 'fyd Hhuu«i hiu HocJdt* and 
pryrkj-d it vfitb lljomy» / and put byni vpon a CVoatr n"d L}»ru»it« hym 
into thfi Mu* s^tt grpiiniwly j nnd so liy greni Marlyrdoijie be went 
to our Ij>rrlc the -vii- kalr>ndaM of Maye / und that doon they carywl 
hym towardefi a vood to hyde hym ,' And a Orynton man cumc by them 
and pcr>a?yiiyd ihnt thry ojirypd ji dwid mau / whtfrfor© thty ffrryd moche 
and jjryuMy hungc hyni vp inaTreKin the Wude with ttcotdo/ and vente 
to the Sberyft?and fora .C. markb ,' tin? Sheryfe eausyd the man to be 
awome that he shulde ueuer dyscouer it vhyle he lyuyd / and v ytriya 
aftw when he shulde dye Seyiit wyllyftm app*^ryd to hym / anti Iwide 
hym Umt hv alinld^; <ly*cou<'r hit fi'ryngL* n*)thyn^i» / (t fv b) j vVnd so 
fie dyd ,' and tlien a tyghte fro hewyn shewyd vpp'* tbe place whore ho 
layw / Andafttfronan K™iereuyn hiaUodye wa^ founde by a Nonnein 
the wodelyen>^aty*HooteufanOkein]iuCotehowMi ; nnd t&hixlde / and 
hi& Heddi* nhauen / and there were by hym two Cruwca tliat att^miityd 
to luwio TuTiif. hyru / ui\d etyii bvm / Hat tltey hadde no power thcito / 
And Uioii hoe wtiK Ukyn vp with all th<> pcopio / anfl btiryinl wiUi 
gfVAt Joyc / A roan tliat hatl boii longi? pykv wiui leihle iii ft vysyon by 
an AuTigell inio a gnWlye pltwt^ full of pleaftiint* Klouryw / aad tbflro 
hp nvw^ oup LonlL^ wytfyng** in n Trone / and innmni-rAlilr? of Anngi^lly* / 
and Seyntyn about^ hym / and on his ryght hMidn in great nnigeaty* 
waa thn Sfite 'if oore bleuiyd f^ndj^ / and at Uic Feet of our Lorde he 

* n. xvli. IF, 1, nu ill. 

* T. X, T1. XVltL 





e&we fi Cliylifo vboute the agr of - xn ■ jpry* »yttyng« hi a noU c»f ^oJdc 
a»d a Oroimc of QoMc vppon his hcddc hto Face nhynj'n^e bryghto oa 
the houqu / luicl Atin^tlyn dyd honour io hyitt J Then K«i Mkyil of th# 
Aungi>ll yrho h» woA I find thn Aungoll uaydo IKia \a ha thnt in dorvByov 
Aod cipprobrye of the piuuyon t^f otir Tjirdr thr* Jure of Norwyoht* dycl 
pat to d«th / And by hyin he sAyd« he tihulde be iiiAde hoole / And so 
ha Tanjsdied awaye / and when hin spyryUr wiw come Affaync l<> th« 
Bod3ro he went to Norwydit- and wan iniuJe hocil«f ax the Aiingf^ll mydfi / 
and m&Dy other myraclBa / our lord hath ahewyd for thia ble«syd 
Chylde foure tlmt werp Mynd*fi / fyu^^ that w<'n> mute / two of th* 
dropnye / thre vcxyd with ni'uyll» / and tnrti of the fallyng^ sykentt / 
dome (75cnie) perysshjnigo in the nm ft^tcrd j«nd d<^omiyd / *nd of 
dyuerse other aykeueaae vere helyd and delyuered by thys glorToun^ 

It IB cl<«r tbiit Ciipgrcvvc'f* sole source for the ftbove is Thoina« 
of Monmoutb- The refcretict»9 I have a<lde<l shtw that he had 
IhtT whole book b(?forc him, and the vftri/int* from onr text ar* 
nowhere important. One rai^takc he has lallon into. - J£c_pUces 
the martyrdom on the ^teventeeuth <t( the Kfilend^ of Maj^. Tht 
English wAyi the seventh. But tliis i« in reality the date of the 
traiislation of the body ft»in Thorpe Wood to the cloiator: and 
it hrt£ ttuffowrd corrujftiun. The date aa given by Thomas* (l. xviii.) 
is the oightb of the Kalends *>f May {Ap, 24). 

In IL Whytforda MartUocfc, writt^in fur Syou Monastery and 
Tvpriutt'd for the Henry Bradnhaw Society from Wynkyn cic 
Wordc:* edition of 1 526, the feaat ia put on the 15th of April. 

Our next witne«a U Leiund In his Vollectantn, iv, fiT (fi5 
in marj^.} \\e t^numeratea a few book*^ In Bibliotheca Ckristi- 
coluram iVtwrfouioi, i.o, lq the library of the Priory. There are 
eight in all, and the eighth Le thus described ; 

Vita H. (iulidmi Kordouiceneu aThoma monaeho TifonuntetenftS 
Oulielnium epiitcupum NorduuicvniiAm wtripta- IV'logus cArmine 
scriptus 0»t: Martyris t^TygU. Cetera scHbuntur soluta onilionop 

Tho motriojtl Prologue girobftbly n<rvor was in our MS, of whioh 
the first quiro is complete : a fly-lwif, however, i» gone, which may 
have contaiuod it. 

In iha Comm^iitarii d9 Scriptorihus liritannicu (e. 288), aod 
in Bale (ii, M) this notice id amplitied, aud appears thue; : 

Thomaa MonemuthrnMS profeseioue uionachua, aui huo .i 
Uteratoa nomen laudt^iue emoruitp TudaGi, perlidurn ^nus 


) naiTculo inter ^U 
rnus honiiuuni ^M 


Th^ Afam^cript 




ot Muignin^^ nitjenft Ohrifitiantim, in BritAnnin «utio atirpiii nidicra Alt# 
fix«niiit Udrum jtt^x p(<jainiii& Vi-ntnm Tcvnorum precano incole* 
bftEiti «it urbtM rc^Li>jt« *<L lii»i1u ubi Abnbfittitii huI* eiiaui tiuiii: <I« 
novnino doia vxt^i, Inl«r ca«t«nft ijuiut ibidem Mvlum tiiulta iJ««igiiA- 
tiienmt, Ulud impnmU linpium, quod Hu^n<Tn-i <|uotidnn), purllTini 
inipniQuni, morti in Chrinti oontnmcJinm tnutidcrint ; drpr^henJi Bwt^n 
con4cii «t Lq cru<«m itoti- Nccr loi>[|;'> poxt ti.^mpon* ludnei urt>^ oitiain<» 
r^YpiiIni, Ctnmit niirwruliK HugorLiA sepiildiriiin, Efgn^ tx^ HugonU 
Mnrtyrin nitA nt mnra ohni'iim nliriTianrlo efliwiTit pnot^trit-fiH, Trrgatns 
'HuwTk&fl Monnmuthfftiitiit, chjirutii ciuilius VcntftnLi H Deo pi^^tu edito 
immc^rUlp fe<Jt ^belta 

The blunder of mbstilutjng Hugh for WilHam ia corrocUxI 
in the Trinity MS. of LoUmd, uiid in Bulu and PiU Bule add^ the 
folluwing mnttcr ; 

I>4' npfiHtoliK IrgimuM <|uod uini mirMuIn Frcmnt^ At Pnpifttiu* aub 
Autiohntttj rr^nu t<x mortuiN cwlftiieribuB, ut-ru vjuikI inAiut e^t, ab 
«oruDi lunibia, aeu ligrieb aeu UpideiA, minicuU deL-erper^ Bt oxtoii]Dora 
posrani. Ke hiiiusmodi igitur porl^tLtA de«88ent in ndimptrmlU idoUi- 
UtriiSfe Tbomu inn* mnruni futhlbull, ac Bcri|Mit iid Guilhelmum d« 
Tunbm NordouicrxuKia epiiKupumT 

VUttm Otiiikeimi inartyris Lib, 7. Rvticrrr%ilcu* nandititi* ftotri 

J/tmoii/a nifjvifin Ouit. Libi I 

■t<)tii> ftlU quJMKlam, ClAruit Thoraaa linno Cbristi lU^O^ anb rf^ge 
1Tr*nn(H> «ponndri RtvuiiiA hriinA Gutlliplmi mAtf»r (infjiitt TlKimiui) 
VulmArdum AHci^nlfrt^m g^^nilnrfrni IiAhnit. Rt ncinir nua fJuino, 
Godmntuu pn^byt^rum DMrituntH qui seiiuit ex ea AlexAmlrum din- 
oonvm gxamlum, qni dcljcbnt in ministorio micoodcn* pntri. 

Prom thi« it w df^ar that Balo had our IxHik berore him, 
&rid wfts not dependtiiil "iKiri Leiand aloue fur his iiifommtion, 
Thtft ui aJj«> uppc^rvnt from n p/L--««igc in BaIc'ji Sfciirribiun jlf^M o/" 
EngliA Votaries (15M)» which I htsre apjit^ud, a* copied from the 
origtiud cditiun (f. \xxxu b). 

Bftiiit Wjllywn of Norwyoli*% a niartjT, wh>oh was thcr *hrjo«d 
in ChriBC«» church alkbeye^ in the yeare of our lordo « , m. a .c, and 
xliiij. vaa cndfy«d of the Jev<r» dufrllyng tliAn in n pUov yet called 
Abrahams (lAivLe. KIwiiu thy* S. Wyllyauw niother had a pr^At to h«^r 
father whutte name waa called Wulwarde, vhycho wui a man fnaiouHL^ 
the stoiyo Knjth, both in a good lyfc xind Icamyuge, pleotuouftly 

tiHuyngfi the gj-ft of expowuyng secrete inifll*ryf«- Ucr othrr «yrter 



Tiuiiia bpyngp also tUya prwitco doughter, *■« l<iyn^ in lawful) in«r- 
ryftge to another priwtw willwJ 0<K*dv('in. Thyw pn^l hwl a aonno cftUcd 
Al^^flndre, whycJi wie a marrytd deacon, nud 1ol£«4l nffvr th^ deMHS 
of hys father, to *nir>y# hj'ft li^nefyce by inli^ryluum^, Kyl-hflr Ditmt 
tliya It-g(*ii<Je of 8. WyHyjtm, writtfi of ThoinAA Wftnmouth a monkt? ot 
the BAiiie Abbeye, be a wyckul lliynge f^ir allovryiig llie«e twu pr»tefl 
m^ro'^kg^^ eytliflr eU that cytie of Norwj'clio lialh had mo&t wyck«d 
luid tymnouse ruleiv in thu our tyme, etc. 

In both these passages of ^Bale there is one fact mcntioiR-d 
which does not occur in our text of Tboioas. This b the 
Atatemeat that Alexander the deacon, Eton of Godwin Stiirt, 
was married, and that ho looked to succeed fau hthi-T in his 

Tho only mention of Alexamk-r Id out text i« on p. :)8 (i, jlHI) 
where he is called " (Jodwin'e son. at that timo a deacon." It 
ta quite pos^ble that Bale'u text had a further cUn*^ heri\ which 
WBB either the insertion of a contemporary, or else has di^oppcd 
out of oiu- MS. There seenrit* no reason to auspeot the gennineneaa 
of the statement. 

I Another point to be noticad is this, that Bale spealiH of seven 
'books of the Life and om^ of the Mii-aeles cf St William. It 
' is juat po»ible that there may have been a anpplemQntary eighth 
book of miracles, which we havt< loNt: bill thut tho huvi-u Kh>ks 
wo have are all that Thomas contemplated writing ie shown hy 
his own words in the Prologue (p, 7). Bale does not givi> the 
opening wdrda of the buok *.^f Miniclw*; and most lik^'ly it is a 
blunder, for tho acvon books are deseribedas the £1/0 of 8t William, 
whurww, of ciiurse, he die^ in the fiHh chrtpttT of thf Hr%t bimk, 
and tho n^^t of the tieatiso is wcUnigh all occupied with 

It socms, then, that Capgravc, Leiand, and Bale knew Thomas 
of Monmouth's book. But outside their testimony and later 
than their time, no tmee of it \s discoverable-. Alike to Bi.iston, 
Tanner and Bloincficld it ia unknown* and. moreover, none of the 
chroniclers who notice St William'8 death appear to have seen it'. 
Indeed, fn>m the geographical distribution of our witnesnea to it, 
it seisms clear that the book had little or no circulation outside 

^ ItarlhoLooinw Cotton* who mentions tlio trwiAUticm into th« Chaptct-hooM. I» 
a, poiiribU cxDo)riioD ; bat ]i« wft« » SoJ-wich uiouk. nuil in fthuDBl cvrtftin in h«v# 

pMn Thumari'it book. 

V,] The ManuscripL Ixi 

E^t Anglia : for Capgrave (or John of Tinmouth ') and Bale are 
both E&at Angliana: Letand saw his MS at Norwich Priory: and 
our MS comes to light in a Suffolk Library. 

I have not thought it worth while to reproduce or enumerate 
all the mentions of William^s martyrdom which occur in medisBval 
chronicIe&The earire&t is in the S^on^ironiclej and this places 
the event in 1137 ■_ I am quite unable to suggest a reaaon for this 
mistake; for ^ mistake it undoubtedly is. 

1 John of Tinmoath <or Timvottb. fta I believe) ia the author of the SancHUh 
ffiumt trotn vhicb Capgrave prjodpally drew his mAterialH. If he ia nallj John of 
Timworth, hs wab &bbot oC Bur; late in oent. xiv. I have exfttmned the U3 of hi« 
Sanctilogium in the Cottonian oollecticm (Tiberiog E. 1), vhioh suffered udly in 
the tire of 1731< Itfl text is not material]; different fVom Capgnve's: there are 
oonaidenble mntilationa, vhioh make it desirable to take Capgrave's text as our 



Os wljat !«"ulcT 16 the enormriufl ntilijoct of tho ollogiMl mnnlorw 
of Chn.-<t]jLn childrtTi by Jews to bo treated in thia Introduction? 
It vma po88ib!<! for AflniLii K<Mnbt©r, a Pmomonatratouauui of Wilt- 
hib, writing in 174^, to cnumcmtc 52 inntaiioos of those ^dipponcd 
criEntw, and his lost is d^tcrd in 1650'. A ayetcmatic invoiHtigntion 
would Vriiig to Ugbt perhnpA doi^l>lr the niimbor, iind would end 
at n JfLtc latter- tbau the dii^covcry of ThoTiias'a book. For a to-, 
eoareli uf lliis mogttitudo I huvo not the tiuit.', nor, whzhl ia more 
irnporinnt, the kaowlodge. It i» work which dcmnnds iv epccialiet 
of DO ordtniu-j- cjiialificutioDa. Yet, im]>owiibIe aa it ia for mo 
to give A complete survey of the Mibjoct> it ih cqiuUly impoimblo 
<evtii at the riak of some ropoliti<Ai of fftcto which I)r Jca^opp alao 
doal^ with) to ption ovur certiuii inaiu quo^tioud couDcetixi with it. 
The iitory, which i* now first appeftriBg in it.? full fomi, i» the 
fouiidtitif>n of ull the »iub&ec|Ueiit otivh of tht- kind : und our reodoTH 
would jiutly blame ni if we did Dot try to »et bo&ro tkcm to 
the beat of our ability Bomo meaiu of aoaweriu^ the following 
;ODtiotiB : 

i. What miggeAti-d the notion t 

8, Wh^t tw the truth of the nlory which Thomas lelU ? 

a How did the atoiy develop in the perJoil iniincdiat4)1y ^ 
following Ibf [)ublic»tioD i' 

It hati long been held, and I think rightly^ that th^ earliest 
occurrence of child-murder by Jewa in liCeraUli^ ia in ii.p(ussaj;e of 
the RFth century Chumh hintoniwi, Socrates. In dealing (m. 16) 
with events about the year 415, he says: 

OXlyoi* Si f^rrn Toi^fl tqv ^iv^v 'Ict^Satw 7raX(v irowa nari 

J In hU book Art* pro YerUalt mcTtyrii cor^nrrU tt tfuifiu puhiid B^ Jndi^Mf 
lUnnmtU |a cJilId knied al Htnii in IheTyM, IS July UUfl), Innabruak llib^ 

cuAr. vt.] 

27m? Legend, 


/ir ^vpi<tt ^lovSaLcx ff'i/t^j^oi^ ^avTct? traiyvta iw<T4\ovp iiva, Kac 

X/MtfTM»>i>u^ TC icat avTou TOP yifttffTOV iv ToU wa*yvlotit £f«<rvp<Mi' 
ytX^vrh T* TO*' <rravpov Kal tov« iirrfKiriicarav tfwl t^ 'EcTavpai- 
/M*^ Ma4 TOMUTov rt erT<v6$}^<xv^ Ylaiilov Xpi^Tiayav <rvXXa- 
0^fLtWQi ^ravp^ Trpit<7-^<rai^€i aire/epi^trap' ttol vpitTOv /div 

J"ttf ry«VcTt>^ ^fCrrpf/WJ' S< TOt^TO TOfV /CpttTOV^i ttAT/HTTiiv, ^TTC^T^XlJ 

To!t 4tAra Yt}p etrapj^iap tap^ov<ny, aua^rjrrjvat yovv atTiovs f^^ 

{Wrtff tKOJCOipy^^ap. 

^Noir ft little aflcr thU the Juws paiJ the pciulty for further 
1aw1«ea Acta against the ChnstUiu;. At lurueHtar. a place fio-*callecI, 
which lies between Chaloi^ &nd Antioch in Syria, the Jcwh wure in 
the habit of celebrating certain sports amon^ them^t'lves : and, 
whcrCftA ihoy habitually did many fu-.ilL^h actions in the course of 
their sporttt, they were put beyond theuiaelves (on this occaftioD) 
by drunkiimt;8s, and be^n deriding Chmtians and even Christ 
himself in their games. Tbey derided the C^ross and tho^e who 
ho|Kvi in the Cnictfiod. an<i ihey hit upon this plan. They took 
a ChristLan child and bouud him to a ctos^ and hung him up ; and 
to b«!*^n with they mitckctl and dt^nded hiia fi»r stium time; but 
after a short spocu they Joet control of themselves, and so ill- 
treated the child that they killed him. Heryujwin ensued a Intt-nr 
conflict l>olireeQ tbem ai)d the Christiuu-s: this became known to 
the authoiitios: orders wei^e sent to the pi'ovineial uia^ixtniti'H !«<> 
Kcc'-k »iil thii ^nilty j>enton!< And punij^h Lht;m: mid so the Jews of 
that place paid the penalty for the crime they had comroittMl 
in wporL" 

It is clear from the words ef Socrates that this outrage w»« no 
riiunl inuri]t?r. It htgutt iti rough hor^Mj-pluy and tended, sccuiingly 
owing lo ihc diuDkcniicsa of the Jews, in actual violence^ wbidi 
hod iiut Wtiu LxmLf I "plated by iho pcrpcti^tora. Wc liavc no 
cloc as to the <A^C4u<iiuii of the "Hp^rtd^" referred to, which Heeoi 
to bj«ve been an aimual tnatitutiori. Poas iblj they w«re c^^auected 
with the Fvniil d^ Purim: nod (i^ it i-> kwovm that ]N\ratIvTj* werv 
dnwu by the Jewa between ll^nAn the Hung an d Jeaua Chrialw i t 




iw <>i>ncciviibl4> thnt the child who camo hy hh end at Iiime^tiu' 
waa the t-epreeentAtive of Unman And Christ, partly od« aq<] 
pftrlly tho othor, At tt(>m<> qiuuti-druiimtie ciiUfrUiUitneDiL This 
view of the cveat (which haci ooourrod to me independfiDily) in 
takvn by Gm«tK*. 

It taught ta bo meTktionet] thftt th«re was a «ourc« from which 
Thoiiuu of MoDiiiouth or his ooutemporari^ uiighl have derived 
a knowlt^dgn of the ttiory which SocratoH U-\\». It la ^nven in 
lAtixi ill th tj Hietoria Tri^ttr'tita of Cft^^siodoriua : and it may have 
boo&..£^jorEnativo clcineiit id th' tliviIi, Still, cxs we ehafJ s«t,% 
Thomas'fi nolionTif tho practice was dtirived from anotht^r wiloesa 

A «tory which, while JiBcriDg iu n\t%ny cAetential ptLrticulars 
from the tftlc® wc arc conccmctl with, yet dcwcrvc© mention. h% 
proflervisd to uw b y Evayi'^ dv. 23). and repcatod \>y Oroj^oryof 
JIIoum'. It in ihnt of the Jcwieih j^livw'makcr of Oon^ttintiuoplo 
who caat hi* son into the furnace for receiving the KucliarisU 
Th<" boy wjifl dalivcrwi hy the Virgin. The dnbo ivwignud to thifl 
occurrence is 63(i — 552, It is merely a* a talo of Jewish uniclty 
ebewu upon a child fur unti-Cbiiatian r<?>iieoi]A that ibe oUtry hau 
anything in common with out>p But the history of it is in* 
&triicuv<.\ becuune in uiediibval cullcctiunn of imruclcfi of the 
Virgin the scene is tranrtfcrrofi, and the Jew, instead of living 
at CoD&tADtinopIc, i» a resident at PiAa or Bour^ea Thia trana- 
plAiitaliuii i», I think, nigEiifR'ant. 

The 6tory of the child of Enitic^tnr cornea to U5 from tho ^tb 
oe^ntury. liL-twc^cn that date and tht? date of William of \orwioh 
there iwcinn Uy be n. complete blank. There arc no child- martyr*, 
ami thei-e i* no trace of u. belitf iu ritun! mmtla^ AA«r the 
Norwrich iitory we cutounLcr ii i-apidnittx; onion »f ebild'martj'tJumft, 
and the hclief in ritual miudcr appeai~« fully developed. It bo- 
cotiteti thuvforc all-imporbnttt to inv<wbigAt«? thit :itory whi^h M^enuf 
to have giy*jo new life^J^f m»t birth, to so up2>allin^ and detttructive 
a myth. What is the uvidejiot; for the life and de^tth of Sb_William 
of Norwich ? 

Thin is this ttUiry as told by Thoman : but in tL*lling it wt^ ahall 
do well to ]}ntwi lightly over the parts which treat of William the 

* Nioopbami {»v- lA) si^ea tbc star? from t^ocntoi. Hid nvlAimtitt hfta no 

* 0ff*efiitht4 J. Judfnfhum^ rt lAt. 
■ Df gloria martt/niin^ Si. Thu slory is told fajHffbott do LodngA In hid firal 

•cmiciu, And iDUsI (benforc htrv bo«a hnowD ■! HoTWlcll. 



Tht Legend. 


Saint &0 itpttrl trvux Williain t\w itiunJoixil ohUU: I iDOfiti the 
viaioD which (irtLsagc<) hin grcJittn^n^, the ibcccninta of hin t^Ay 
devoutncv«, nnd the iDiroclr which happened on his wcAnirtg-frn^t, 
Th««p, nBTe perhu(i6 the Last, may wtill be aftuj-thoughi*, 

Willmai U the wn (burn in 1192 q»r 115^ mi Pe1>. 2> nt 
WduttAn ond Elviva (L»r a» Capgr&vtr and Uato ivtul U, li^lwinA). 
Of WeDAtAti we hear ii^jtljing MiV? that hu lived in the countr}' 
nntl wjH« ji fnnncr, couifortabt^ o0! Al the tiiiR* of the Riartyixlotii 
he ivu-dc«d Of hitf wife we kiiuw suuiethmg uiuiu. Shis wae 
the daughter of a married priGiit, Wlwnnl^ who wjut a well-known 
tnan in the neighbourhood and had the roputiktion of boiiig wise 
in the inlcrptt'tjiliou irf. divauiSw ;:Hho al*w hail a Hiatur itzimed 
LiTiva (or Llvinn) who wrw* mnrricd to OihIwiu Start, a priest 
whovc (wn Alexaiidijr waa in deac-oah i^niers, aud. Bale telb as, 
«aa deatiacd to nuccE,^ hi« father in the liviu;^ (what liviug wc 
know not, but it was clearl/ in Norwich) which he held, 

Boaidw William, Wuiintaii and Elviva had other children, 
^t nAnm of une only u* given, itobert, who afterward* beeuue a. 
I gO^t i u Norwich Prii^rj, 

iCui nl fint ttight a striking iact that w« are not tuld where 
Wni!am*M parentH livtHl: but we »ee from ISook i. Ch. 2, that 
William wan bttptun-d by the p^tn^h prii^t nf Hnveritiglund : niulj 
tt is natuial to fluppoee that in Uaveriugland the family lived./ 
For the story of the peintent whiHW iron bonds William broke 
in his intancy. it mjiy be very likely true and ytt no miracle. 
The pmvit of Havering Und hiwl thebn>k**« arm-rinK i" hi» church, 
and told Thomas abi>ut il afterwardti. William's early sanctity 
may or mf\y noi bo fnuuded on fiict: but ihr nm;? yn'u\i wc runch 
U his apprenticeship to a skinner in, Thi_H took place 1 
when ho w^ eight yi^ant old (1140-41) and lasted until he Tra« 
bwolvc. /Ho lived with a man of the name of Wulward, not hia 
grand&m^, bi^t powibly a relation: and we are tirld that hitu 
nuMt«r and he had fre<|ticiit deidingH with tho ''< ^v<. His nonsiant 
^ Ails to Ihem attmeted the attention of his frif^iids; am! Watward, 
the boy s uncli?. ffgdwJR , forbade hjin to have imvthuig 
more to do with thcm^ 

On the Uonday alter PftJm Sunday in 1144 William calU on 

hi» mother in company with a mau who dotcribo; himself as the 

cook of William, archdeacon of Norwich, and offera the boy a 

[iplace in the archidi^ieonal kitchen, on conditioD that he ?fhoutd 

have hia serriccs at once. Some uuwillingness on the part of the 




lDO(b<?r iti overcome by a tmmU pnymcni, ntid the bo^^ rcttinw to 
Norwich in compauy with th<> man. 

This rp cfgen gijr— ft ftid hy Thommt to bo tho cmifUAry of the 


Jeiff a — JB fc very py gt ff^ aa figure. Ho was unkoowi] to the 
mother, ojtd Thomoe iit ignorant wht'thcr he ivob a OhMtitui or 
a J_4Vf> Th*.' interviow, as he reports it, is co1outc<1 hy atbenipti to 
draw A pamllel to the Betraynl of Chrii^ The tmitwr w tnndc to 
mention 30 pieces of silver, And evcutuAlly produeea tho tithe of 
thai nam — three piec^-s — tkA the price of blood. StiU, there ia 
EotluDg imposeibJe in the namtivc so br. 

The STippofltfd traitor calU next day with William upon Liviva 
the aunt in Norwich, an<t tells hc?r of thcr nrrnngirTiiittnt he has 
made for the boy. This seems on unneccsMrx proceeding for 
m mfin who wuuld naturally be arixiouM to avoid attraetin^ notice, 
Uuwevor, they leave the ho\ue, And the nnnt tclU her daughter to 
fuUuw theu) and aee where they go. She watches the m int o a 
JeVs houMc, and «e«« the door shut, and WJlHam is never seen 
alive again. The girl returns liotne and tells her mother what 
she \tnA .-"ccn. Thin in on th e Tucr^jny before Ewttcr. 

For the evCEttpS of the next day tWedneadaj*, the Pa^sove)' Day), 
vre urr di;p(.iidt:nt IiLr^vly u|h>u Thunjastf iirLHuppf>rLtH| tcntiuiotiy. 
The evidence en which he relic* covers but r\. vory «niall portion 
of hiH atory. We will take his own aceouut tirst. 

Wllliutn i&jH-ndn the Tm--Bday nt^hi with the JewH,and ifi kindly 
fLrtHited and well led. On the Wednesday, afl«T their service in 
tlie nyn^igogue, they aei^e htm as he is at babte. insert a g&g in hia 
imoiith and tic it chibontU^ly with corda round hin head and 
jueck, cliHve hife head and laoerate it with thom». Then. afWi a 
'mock Irittl, he is idjitdged to the unnv: they take him to m pnil of 
I the ixwni where Uiei^ were thiet upri|;hts of wixxl and a h^riisontal 
ibar couneetiug tht^ni, and to thi.'vw they bind hih right hand nnd 
[foot with ropes, atutcbing the loft hand luid foet with iiailjv. They 
Ithen piercv his left aide as deep aa his heart, and liually pour 
iflualding water over the body to clvAnw? the woundn and stop the 
Sow vi bloud. 

By way of external taatiiuoujf to ihisi detailed uecount (fat; 
foUowing facU nre adducLd by Thoinaa Finst, the daughurr of 
Liviva imw him enter the Jew's hon*ie, Neil^ then;' wnn a 
Christian woman who waited on the Jews, and who told Thoiuaa 
thi^ tale. On ihe flay in question she was ordered to hi^t Homc 
water in the kitchen, Uic Jews being in the inner jvom, where 


Thr fA'ymtL 


she heard tbom ntakiiig wnko coa-^dcrnblc noise. Af^r a lime 
they cftllcd lo bcr to bniig in tho water, and thc^^ opened tbo ttoor 
to take it in. She, thmiigh the chink of the door, caught aight — 
with oa«s cjro onljr — oi a boy fiuitciiud to a pont; Asd in Aiiotb«r 
ioflUai Ibo door wu fJii^tn In the evening «h«i hod to clean 
up the room, and found l>ing in a cornier a boys bell, and 
attached to it a knife in a nKcnth and (scctningly) a cn^c of 
noedttia. fieeidee thifl, wc arc told, she perceived in the nx>tn '' ihe 
cenain ngD> of what had Wen done" In oflcr j-cam nhc .-thcwcd 
the belt aud ita aocompantuicnts to Thoaia^, and pointed out the 
luaiks of the martyrdom on the tixnb«rti uf the houfie. ThctfOi 
then, TWuiaa hiui^cH 9a^\ and wc gather that there were two 
oail-holeft in (Hie of them. Loatlj', whi^i the bodj woa wovhed En 
Uie CMhtnlrAl en the 24th of A|>ril (luort; tb&u a niouth ufttrr the 
death) the moukB are said to bavtt found thorn pointn in the E«kin 
ef ihc hcaul, "ir&ce^ uf the martynluui " in the haiidt^, ft^t, aitO 
aide, and " indications " thai bulling water hiul been poured over 
the bwly, Wlial theae iudieationti rt^^ie — unli»i^ perbap^i, a bUntted 
8tate of the ?fkin, nt>l MirpriMiiig in a corpse a nieutb uld — it » 
difficult CO say. The actual ertdance of the niartyrdoni in the 
Jews house reiluco il*elf to the inomcnlnry glimpse whidi the 
m^d-iervani caught with one eye of a boy tied to a ^ost, and 
to lh« existence of a couple of uait-hoJi.^ in a post seen iKtnic 
years afterwarda 

" "iLd even thU it not^d, was net produced nntil 
the view that the Jewa had done the deed bad been for some time 
m TiflOatatloiL The Hcrvunt doi^ not come forward wht^i Liviva 
and tbe mob are mnging about the street?* and threatening an 
Otttbreak. It is «eemiiigly not until Thomas has c^mc^ived the 
project of writing the life of ^t William that any nttcmpL is made 
to ascertajiTth^T pi^entte place and mnimer of the murder. True it 
is that Uodwin in hi* spceeh ti> the 8jju*d refers* to the well-known 
practice of the Jews iu Passover week: but Thomas in one case 
gives ii» >f|>iL'erhe^ which are nvowe<lly imaginary, and Godwin's 

wonlA are highly Thomi&n in styla At present, the evidence Jtiy a 
ritaal murder is »imp1y luf. 

We return U> Thomas's atrrative. The Maundy Thui^dt^wilt 
spent by the JewT» in deliberation as; to what they should do vrith 

the body, Thoinan'H knowledge of this was dffnved fKim "one 
of them," nieaiiiikg, 1 bav^ no doubt, Theobald ef Cambridge— of 

whom more anou. And here theixj is a trifle more plaufiibility 


Int riHluction, 


ab-r-iit the «torj\ For if the Jovr* hftrl contomplftted miTrdor from 
th(.' iir*l tht^y would flurely have uiodo thoir prcparaUono for dU- 
poKing of the body: hut rtupp^ring ifomu rough prnnlcA, Mich (U-r 
thoeo at ImxicstAT, had accidentally cudcd id the death of the boy 
whfkm thoy hud culy meant to maki> i\ bult of, It iet intolligiblc 
that A councd of the kind dcM^ribcd should have been held. 
Tboobuld ia Dot a first-mtt witno«d» I will allow; but the hypo- 
thesis Qf an. acciilcntJil diiath dcMcrv<w to be cnuMtlcrcJ 

Xhe vordiH of the ad?M^iiibly, lod by Elcasar, waa that thi^ body 
should be* Uvktrii to tiomc roniotc place and left thorc. So on Good 
Friday, ElcAJuir atid another put itintoagack ai\A aH out forThorpe 
WochL On thtT edge of the wootj Adward Dcil met them, ntid 
a«kcd whither they were bound. IlAppcuing to lay hia hand on 
the Mick, he perceived by itn .thnpr that il contained n hiimnn 
body. The Jews saw th^t they were dlacovercd, galloped off into 
the wood, huug the body to a tive, ;iiid ivttinurd XAt Norwich Ut 
take counsel in this new criiiA, They rcpnincd to John the Sheriff 
Aud bribed him to kirep their Aocret and force Aelvranj I>ed xo 
keep it too. The Sheriff *cnt for him And extracted An oftth 
of fteurecy fioiii liiiii. It waa not bi\ik«ti till five ycHrs ;tftiL% when, 
on hiti duath-bed. lu? tuhl Wicheiuim aud iuiuth<-r what hu hwl 
seen. From them Thoniw heard the ^%ory. Pcrhvvp^ the weakest 
point of it id this, that Acl^n^ajd dui<0 not bi-vfdc Mleuc« until 1140, 
though the fonuidrtble Jnbn iIoCain*'"to hwt died in ll^K 

On the Good Fjiday evening a light w*» scoa in tho aky point- 
ing t<] & Bpot in Thorpcf WihmI. It wn^ nueii by Ht^jiry <lc Sptow»toa 
fioui hi^ honaodoor, and by Logarda froui the hi^pital by St Mary 
Mugdnlcne, On tJie fuUuwing uioniitig (E^^iter Eve) Leguixla set 
out to mvi what it mennt. What «be found wa^ ^hi^ The body 
of a Ix^y '>^^K ^^^^*^'' ^^^ "^ ^-^^ {ivjI hanging up— but lliLi i^ not 
a real difficulty)^ fully clothody with shaven head, and markf4 of 
thcinart on the scalp. Bt'»Tdeft tliia there were two crowti which wens 
unTfucce^sfully uttemjiting to eat the Ivutiy, and kupt falling down. 
Legarda did not take any Action hersolf, but returucd home. 

On the Bauie niunung Ileixry de Spiow&toii went on liiji routidd 
in the forest. He met a woudcutler who etaid ho ha^l fouud a 
nitirdei'ed boy nearby. The two men went to tho spoL Heniy 
lixiked with Airmc cure at the body aiii) uotiL'ed tlial it wab wounded^ 
aud had a wooden gag in tho mouthy. ' He inferred from the un- 
usual character of the wouuds that tbo luiirdcror could net^c a 
ChiietiaD, butmual beji Jegj. Tbif, if it ia not an aJWrthoughl, 



Tht Legend, 


may meAn that Henry said thai onlyn'mifcroaDt' amlnoChriBtiau 
inJin couUi halve t-rt-atctJ n b<jy in Eiuch n whj', H<t further iiuttnl 
that it WHS to this spot that the light hu h^l kcuq had pointed; 
and then be went home and told his family. They seat for the 
priutt of Sprowstoa, and stipj^catod that th(? Ixwly ini^ht bo 
buried in Spn>wston churchyard, llowever^as it wa* Easier Eve» 
thi^y decidrd to do nothirig until E«.>4tcr Mxuuhi^y: which dove ac»t 
iDclicate any great amount of excitement at their discovery. 

HowuvcT, th<^ rumour of the discoveiy had got to Norwich; 
and a number of the bovs and young men of the place vreiit to 
Thorpe Wood, ^^uw- if tin -^e WBitora j^uspected the Jews — again 
Ix'i^suse of the naiURr of the wotiiids iwiljcted ; otLt-rs definitely 
said that the Jews were the murderers, Easter Eve and EastL-r 
\}^y wori> spent in i\ih^ rush to m^e th** body; and there wm a 
dbtinct wi.-ih to invade the Jewiy^ only the mob were afhiid of 
John de Caineto. 

Oil K/u^ter Monday, Henry de 8prow»ton and hist fitmily, iin- 
acooni)f]initd by any priest, set out to bviry the body; and on 
second thoughts decided not to remove it, but to bury it v/here it 
bj. And when they took it up. they smulb for the first time the 
"odour of sanctity" which it dititused So it was buried without 
any a.*remuiy 

Meanwhile some ef WillifLiu'K boy-friends hfui wiid that the 
body in Thorpe Wood was that of William, who used to visit the 
Jews so oflea Hu uncle tioilwtn Sturt heani this, and i^t out 
for the gnivc with his son Alexander, aud Hobert, William's 
{elderO brother, Thry opened the grave, and when they got 
near the body, the earth was twice seen to move and stir, qy^ 
gestiag to them.rM it ii(K-^ Ui ua, that all thi^ time the unfortutuite 
boy was not really dead at^all. When the body waa uncovered, 
thir brolh^T, cousin and uncle reco^nsed it as W'llliam's, and, 
after due expression of their sorntw, recitid the pr<jpt r cffict*, and 
oorered in the gravi; again. They noticed the absence of oomip- 
tien and the odour of smictity: and probably it was at this time 
that Godwin removed from the mouth of the corpse the gag which 
lat^on we find in his passession. It does not, however, ^eem to 
have occurrud to any ai I ht^n that it would b** dfsimbic to transfer 
the body to consecrated ground- They went back to ?Jorwich, \ 
and Godwin told the matter to his wife. She was at onee greatly 
agitatedj and dectated that on the Saturday week before she had 
hjid y^ warning dream about the Jews. Soon the boy's mother 




ElrivA uTivod on iho bccqc nnd, though nhc could \tAm nothing 
cert&ui about the matter, aho too flew ti? the coucluaiou thnt the 
Jcn-i« Wi^r** thr culpnt9, nti3~by m^hing nboiit the tcm-n Aud 
derl;ijirj>; fioi con victims OB the subject, ehc gyeatly oxcSi?^. the 

Wv hnvr [if>w come, perhaps, to thi^ Wcdncsdnj- nfi^r Kostcr: 
and a.ft«r thifl until the day of th« ^^umI thvre ia an interval, 
diirin)^ whi^h Otidvrm ^ttttltd hw phm of action. The Sjnod met ; 
tho dlHcuume \yiUi pivached, Aiid tlieji Ouilwiii rJMikj^ Jn hb pbic&^ 
iti the ap«e of the Cuthoih'jiT — publicly proclaimed that his D<;phow 
had beeu iaufden?<3, tluit he fiecuftwl ihe Ji-wa of the deed, and 
thjit hi:T dvnmndiH] jiiKiicL'- On Lht^ ttiiinv, driy the lotHfular diruu 
ttuiuiiitvued the JewB to appear od the morruw before the Syiiod. 
They went Ut the Shi-rifT, vi\n> tijhi tht- Bishop he had no jurie>- 
dietioD ovcrr the Jcwn. A t»e<»nd mid third simimonn were M.*inl, 
but uo answer wa4 received- After the Hynod viOA over a inea&age 
W1U4 !H;iit tu the- Hheriff, ttiivatciiiDg a peri^iiipt^^ry »i^nli:^ncc; aguiust 
the Jewa; which, I iiuppcMe, meant a licence to the mob to 
deviuibnto the Jt-wry. 

John aud the Jews — rho fonner individual being extremely 
angry — now ap]K*Art-d, and Omlwiu in their pn^s^nce reitt^nttini his 
accusation, and pointed it thi» time with his appeal to the ordeal. 
The Jew8 pleaded not x^iilty and dematuled a respite. This waa 
twice refuHc-d, nitd that night all thi^ inhahitiuibi of the. Ji wry 
moved within the Castle buuudit, under the immediate protection 
oftlie SherilT. 

Among other pei^nrjs prcstrnt Bt Norwich happened to be 
Aimar, the Piior of ihe Clumacs of St PancrLu* at Liiwe^. who, 
as I>r Jt'.Hsiipp acutc^ly cmijcetiirw, liud conic thither on busjneea 
connected with the ostfiblishment of the Clnniacs at Castle-Acre, 
Aimar interviewed Godwin on the matter of thr^ nmnler and huw 
po^KihiUtitM ill it; fur he tu unci* begged the Bishop to let him 
have WiJliam'i* body for Lt^wea l*riory. The Bishop, who, though 
iiuL su enthuma**tie for St William as was his siin^Twor in the see, 
aitill was itnpivPwHl by wliat liad hapjn-JieU, declined the i^nnesl : 
and in afUrr ycaw thti a-pi>rt was current that Aimar had 
applauded hi» prurience, and chat thi< rcHult of the transaction 
wd0 to stiiDulate Eb*.irard to tiui»slat« William a body from Thorpe 
Wood to the Monks' Cemetery, whence;, if further developmenbt 
shoiihl take pliu:c. thtro mi^ht be an easy step to a jMi^itiou of 
greater dignity. Accordingly, on iho 84th of April, the tnuis- 


The Lcgmd. 


fen^oco wiw cflbctod: and ib wn» on ihi? iHsctu^iun* 32 djiyn ufU:r Uic 
death of the l>0}', that those uiitHiui vocal wigits of the matini^r tff 
hifr m?n1mlom wore diswjv<?n?d which hnvr bt^cn alrt^uily lioticcd, 
Ib addition to tbeae, it wui etabod that blood Howcil from thu 
DOM;> uf thv (»qwu, lUid that the ixluiir of sanclit/ wati perct^tvtjd for 
the ihiid time. 

The namitive of viveiite* need not ju»t now be pur^ueii any 
forth«r: but we must take Ktock at this point of tht.^ i!onlinnatory 
evidence which rhoina.s adduces. He urges s^ven arguments in 
bb aecond hook, [The first i» that Willifttn wbj? sccq " by iiuiiiy 
^cjfjo" to enter the Jewa hau»Q on the Tuesday before Easter, 
and in particular by hi^, coii«in, Liviva's danghUT; ami that no 
uni* Mw him come uut\'^Th« second argiimont is drawn frutn the 
cvideDce of the Jewa" servant^ This I have aet forth, and no one 
caji deacrlbe it as» ocmviDdug,-^ The LhJnl i* that jwjnie "layw aflcr 
Ihcjnwtynlom, when ih^ Jems were heivg charged with the vturder, 
jth«y souj{ht to bribe William's hrothtT Hobort with the wmi of 
t^n uuvrka to ha^h up the ehjtrge. ThuK ThcunaK hvJirtl from 
Kobt^^rt, ntid il nuiy- be Inio, ^But it nmy only mean that the Jews 
were afraid of the disturbance likely to be excited by the trial, 
and not that tht-y arknon-Mgod thoinscKTs ^piilty; ' The fourth 
&i)pimeiit is of exactly the same kind: namely, that thr* Jews 
tried to bribe Bishop Torbe, on the oocftoion of the trial of Sir 
Simon dc Novurs before 8tq>hen, to drop the counter'Chai|[« 
ag^n^t themselves. It was n>.it a pntch^iit Kttrp to lake, if they 
_^took it, but it doci« not nearly ain^itiit to a confession of guilt. 
X^^e ^tlh ts the most sensational uf all. Theobald, a Jow of 
Cambridge , wus c^ouvertod iu Christi^inity and became a monk (^ 
it 8eeaifl)lD Norwich Priory*. He told Thomas that the Jews had 
> writt en tnuliii u that in order lo rc£suti their freedom and th^ 
fatherUtud they must sacrifik^c a Christian everjyear. In onlcr to 
select their victim the leading Jew» of fS|mtn iLKscnibled annually 
at Nurboane, wheru they were excoodingly iniiut^ntial, and cast 
lola for all the countries of the world where any Jews lived. The 
c<Hintry which wa^ nelect-ed by lot hj^d in turn to cast lots for 
oil its dties, and the city thus selected had to furnish the victim. 
Theobotd H^i^rted that it was within hi:* kuowludge that in 1 144 
the lot had fallen en Norwich, 

If this is a lie— and wo are assured that it in by those who 

> Th« word nottfo. *hich woalil bfl decUlvD sa Ic the houao in which Thoub^ld 
w» fl monk* b mut^aui in Ibo MS, : bat llie roidiog i« not rvdljr very donblful. 








haro studi^^ the subject — it is one of the moat Dotablc and 
didiistroua lios of history; and wc miint look upc4i TKcoWld of 
Cambridge, n^ rcspoimibic for the blood of thousands <'f his fcJIoW'- 

The fiixth argument ^^is fortb that tho Jews (when their 
MCGurity wan rc-ciUUIUhtfll) uawl U> rt'nuDd the Cbmtians jocosely 
of the service thoy had done them in ndding a new wint to ihoir 
ku]i*tj(hir. Bill lh]0 vfttD merely a. juke, um] all thai it f•he^va is 
that iht' luurdtT wa4 attributed to the Jews, and that they felt 
tbcy could .-(ITi)rd to tre^t it humorously. 

I The seventh argument ic.-«t« en the evidence of n law officer. 
WilllAUL of Htutlliigs, Deaii uf NurwJch. Hv tuud that at a buU 
in hia court bctwoun two Jews ono had aueuscd the other of 
havjijg bwii couctjmijd as a ringltnader ux tht umitltor of William. 
What the iic<niw.^d Jt-^w soiil wc »rc not told ; but there u* ho hint 

rt th« U'lith of the ehaige waa inijuired into. 

In which of oil thio mufw of aNwrtiont* may wu re^uHiuahly put 
confideuoe? The points that deem to my own mind worthy of 

[cjBo5)aw tbeete: Tlit; c^xihU'iict^ iuuik', birth, and pai^ntaj^ of 
connexion with the skinnem' cmft ; hi« viuluit iIiiviUi : 

diwovt^ry '»f the body in Thorjjt Wood: itA huriah the events 
acmnecti^l with the Synod; lh« ix^moval of thy UkIj- Lo the moiikfl' 
»Rietery. Thit* much I aee do reaMin to doubt; only, wc shall 
MH}| there U a cnnfimion \i\ h HiibHi^jtJont |iart of Thomas's book as 
to the order of events about the time oi' the Synod. More 
doubtful, bLit not, I thiiik, ut-t^t^Muarily to be rejected, am the 
'^stts of William tu the Jeww nod thtr pruhihitiuu to couUuue^ 
thero: the apprenticeship to ihe Archdeacon's cook: the entry 
into th« Jewry Mil ibe Tiiowlay befoi-e Easter: the expenencti of 
AelwHxd T>v:ti. (^'his la^t is a arucia] point do doubt^ I t cm iea 
with It our ac(|nii*»cctnee in the ^taivaieni [hut William did, some' 
bow or other, moct his death in the Norwich Jewry : and to me 
tbia ifi not inconceivable. I should think nothing of the evidence, 
were it not for the fa<a that we an? ^kalhig with the flmt of all 
the mediieval accu?<ationH of ehitd-niuider. But that is a veiy 
important point. The way in which Lho8e on the »«pot received 
the action is iiutruclivc-. It did not coinmiuid an unquoftiomng 
reception. There were many deubters, against whom Thomas 
Rmbt it necctM&ry ui fiilminutet and their diMbtUef was owing in 
great part, no doubt, lo the lack of good evidence; but also, we 
mum allow, to the fuct that the idea was a new ono. No one cao 


The LegenfT 





ftocapt nieotMlfTa account of the murder as a thing done every 
ytMX by the moat cultured und enlighteneiJ Jews of Enrop<? : but 
&s the result of occideat, or a« the doctl of nn inaone or mpor- 
^tio isH .Trw, ii iH ridC incredibTe, ^-^^— — ^^^►^-^ 

Tbe sequence of the miraclos which arc recorded to have 
fbllowcfd upiin the burial in the Monks Cemetery is worth look- 
ing at for a moment, The tirat is the doUvemDi^c* of Botilda the 
cook'Awife by th« fern that grew on the grave: the next is the 
Uonoming f)l tbi? rose-tree on the grave- Then follows the vision 
of Lewin of Welney (or whatever place is meant by "Welle"): 
and h«roin 18 a matter which gives u» some pause. The viflion is 
dated before Kaster ol^ 1144, that is, within a day or two of 
the mart^Tdom. In it the sick muti 'l^ hidden to go lo 8t 
Wiilinm's tomb. The father accorilingly aets off for Norwich and 
Olives inquirieii: but no one can lelt him who St William is. 
However, it Ls ^id, the Jews were disturbed At the fact of his 
making inquiricfl, and "it^nim, ut altera aico," "for the second 
time, as on another oc^;aaion," betook themaelves and their bftlong- 
ing» within the CaHtIo precinct. After i4ome da>'» the pncj^t of 
Welney goes to Norwich to attend the Synod, and hears (jfodwin'a 
aoGuaaticD of the Jcwh. This by no mi^ans ngrcc^ with Thomtu'd 
former categorical account. In that, as we have seen, the speech 
of Godwin^ made at the Sj'nod, leads to the summoning of tb« i 
fewa, and this again to their retreat within the ramparts of the! 
dutle. Thift'S~intrin«ioally much mort> probable; and we are' 
Ibrc^ to suppose that Thomas has conHidembly ante-dated tbe 
episode of Lewin. It might be an entire fiction: but that is not 
necfiasarily the case. AiV^er the martyrdom and Synod and tbe 
oonaequent excitement were over, it is quite po^ible that a ^ick 
man might have had a dream about St William; and that tn- 
quirit--'^ made at Norwich might neoessttate a second retreat of the 
Jew^ One thing, however, is clear; Thonma has made a bad 
blunder in one of his two accouuta 

Next we have the vision of the Mulbarton girl, which Thomaa 
cUuMM with Lowin'M virion bccauan^ of lU similarity, not bocouto 
it followed next in order of time. This is followed by the wonderful 
experience of the girl of Dunwich and hor fairy lover JQ cbemwn, 
the bishop'^ deputy for bearing confessions, is *^^ ffJtf^y* for 
thiji; and he wat the man who rec^-ivod Iho dying tonreasion of 
Aetward Ded in 1 149, No date ib given for the Dunwich miraclo ; 
but Thomaf^ says thnt at the time of its occurrence the memory of 
w, H, / 




St Willi&ro had Iwoome almost extinct. TfaiA may xneun that 
Wich*'man heard the talu in 1I4A-7. 

The tiKirflt^r of Eleazar the Jew is not dalod cither: bub it 
muit havoTwcn niiar alx^mt the time when Bishop Ebomrd nsliriKl 
and Biflhijp Turbe aucceudGil him. Thipi hupponei;! in ll-W; and 
"tfoiui; time" alter the murder Stephen came to Norwich aud the 
tiiaJ of Sir Simon do Novura wm hehl. It i» to be recnetnbered 
that John de Cainei-i cannot have been presemt nt the trial Hi' 
iwd tu 1146, Tih^irtly after the consecration of William Turbe, 
vbose filection he had done his bi^t to prevent. 
\ With the dejith of John the Sheriff the second book of Thotnass 
Ivrork endi;;, und th<7 third opvns u'ith the triLnglAtion of William to 
the chapter-house in the spring of 1150. It is at this point thia 
Thoroaa coinoH before ua ;« propria ptrraoiia aa a wilnesa; and as 
he dotitt not atternpt U> hint that he wjis prcs(.Mit uL any of the 
previous events, it U likely thai he had not Img beea an inmate 
of the Frioiy. The shortest inti;r%-al vrhich %vc can reasonably 
suppose to have separated him Erom the death of William is four 
yeam; the longest, six yean. Hia 90iirc<'a of ^videuce were the 
boy'» mother Elviva,.vbom ho certainly knew, the uncle Oodwtn 
Stun, Uviva the aunt and her daughter, Robert the martyr's 
brot her, Theobald de Cambridge, Wicheinau the coiife*(S«r. tho 
Jew'0 servant, and also, bs it seems, Legarda and tietiry de 
Sprowston, This is a strong body of witneasea, and, dis^oiinl thdr 
iftorios as wc may, we cannot wdl dispute at least the existence of 
the boy WilHaui. his violent death, and the diacovirry of hi8 body 
in Thorpe Woi.wl. 

Leaving to the hist our consideration of the general q\ie*Hon, 
let us look very briefly at the alleged child-nmrdcr^ which followed 
meat closely upon that of William of Norwich. 

The first is t-arlier than the publlcalioti of Thomas's book. 
On March ISth, 1168, the biKiy of a boy named Han>ld was found 
ID the Severn at Gloucester, much nnitilatix], with traces of 
bumiDg on the flesh and the gai-nimtw, thorns it the head and 
armpits, murks of raelu^d wilx in tho eyes and ear«, and some of 
tho teeth knocked out. The murder waa »ujipo«ed to have taken 
phice on Friday, March ITth. The convent went out in proce^ion 
to receive the body, and it was inspected and washed by the 
monks, and buried bi^foRf the altar of S& Ediiinud and Edward, on 
the northeni side> The boy wan rx^ported to have been stolen by 
%\\a Jow« nWit Fi<U 21 and hidden until the day of tho murder; 


7%tf Legend. 


and Jewe from all parts of England were fiurnmonod on pretext 
that a boy was to be circumcwed and a great feast held "according 
to the Law" (^x lege). No ChristiaD wa* present, and no Jew 
oonfe««cd to the deed, which waa matter of conjecture. The source 
of this extremely ^haky niory is the Uutoria Mmwtterii 8, Petri 
0hu€€9triae, p. 21 {RolU Series). It is to be observed that 
nothiE^ IB said concerning the customary' or ritual nature of euch 
murdera. but the seaeon is near the Paaaover^ Othex chronicle™ 
wbo speak of the boy Harold an) Chron. P6irobiirgenf<i6 under 
1161>^^ronij>ton under 1160, and Knighton. 

I^ llTOhere wan an acaiaation of child-muivler against the 
Jews orOrleans, and another agatust those of Blois, this last in the 
Pa^hal seaa>n, as reported by Robert of Torigny. In 1179 We 
have the martyrdom of St Richartl of Pontoiite by the Jews of 
Piiris or of Pontot»e, who^e pnmioii. by Robert tinguiu (149&), is 
printed in the Acta Sanctontm for ilarch 2^. It speaks of the 

Flaying of a Chrir^tian a» a yearly custom, and innkoH Kiclurd — 
of whose identity and parentage nothing is said— to be examined 
in A cave by a priest of the Jew* and asked to deny his fcith. 
He 'us crucified and tjuotea Scripture when on the cross. The 

^rwukof the martyrdom it a grand pemeciitioubyPhihpAugiiAtus. 
The late date of the Pasnon deprives it of all iiriportance for this 
investigation. Two yeant aflervardR, in llSl, the boy Robert ia 
killed at Bur>-. The* earliest authority for thia* ift Jocelin dc 

. Bnikeloud\ He nays, ''at the same time the holy boy Robert 

■ 'mm martyred, and bnrieil xu our church, and many signs and 
venders were dooe among the people, as I have elsewhere 
wTittea" There U little proapect^ I fear, of Ji>celin'8 tract 
on Robert bcicg rocoverctl now ; it would bo an exceedingly 
intermitting docnmenL John de Taxftter in hiii chronicle aayn 
the boy Robert waa inartyrL-d at St Etimund'e by the Jews on 
Wednesday the 10th of June. William of Worcestei says that his 

rieaat was celebratod in Slay, and that the boy waa crucified. The 
Chronicle of Melrose also mentions the fact (p- 91, ed. Bannatyne 

(IISI) Miracula multa v^t magna npud S. Aedmtnidum per 
beatum puerum Robertnm quem rinidam Iiidaeua occulte crude- 
liter ncci tradidit. 

It thea ^oe^ on to mention the death of a boy Herbert at 
Huntingdon, thiut : 

I Bd> Camden Soairty, p. IS. 





Similiter iipijil HnntcMliniun dc alio puero HrrbcTto nomiira 
QOUA conti^erurit, quern propriub paier nd stipiteEQ impie Ugauit 
et in iK|Un ijiic iuxUi ipsam uillarti decurnt misembMitcr cxlinxit. 

In these words there ifl Dothing to i^hcw that the Jews were in 
any way concerned: an<l as there seems to be no other authority 
for Uerbert of UiitLtirigdon, he may as well drop out of the list. 

In 110% thtrc wfts a mnrtyrtlom at Wincliewter, reported by 
Kichard of'i)cvizo?! (pp. .59 — 64). The viotitn wilh a Pn^nch boy 
brought up by & Jew to the trade of a cobbler in France* and t;cnt 
with a commendatorv letter, written in Hebrew, to the Jews at 
"WiDcheflter. He disappeared after some months, and the charge 
of cninfixion, brought by a boy-friend of hie, and confirmed by 
a Christian woman who served tbe Jews, was dismissed. The 
body woM never prodticed. 

Further than thi« wo need not cany the tale. But it In 
important to notice the geo^^phical diMribntion of the places 
where Die nccueations spring up. The first is Oloucester, a 
place apparently quite out of connexion with Nortt'ich. It mu«t 
be remembered, however, that we have in Thomas's book a 
letter from a Pershorc monk somewhere near 1170, which shews 
that the reputation' of St William was notorious at Fershore, 
Why was this? Dr Jessopp hitsi p.)intred out to me that th« 
Abbot of PorKhore at this date was Wifliam. a monk of Eye in 
Suffolk (appointed in 1188)'. 1 think this will amply account 
for the appeamnce of a child-martyr at U1ouce»ter the near 
neighbour of Teishore, 

The next two .stories are from Orleans and BIms ; we have net, 
htnraver^ aoything liko contempomry evidence for them. But 
«roii iuppofliag the Htoriee to have arit^u before Thoma«'H book 
was known in France, it is alwaj-s posible that either bishop 
Bborard (who died in Fmnce, at the Abb<^y of Fontenay), or some 
one in his trnio, spread the story of Hi Wilbam in France, and 
Bowed the seed in receptive aoiL 8t Kichard of Fontoise, who is 
first mentiouLHi by Robtrt of Torigny, I ab^lutcty dismiss; and the 

I next witness, at Bun,-, come* from the near neighbourhood of 
Norwich, and brings us to a date when we may expect to find 
Williaiu'e reputation at its Eonith. Thorc is, then, in each of 
these cases something to suggest a connexion with Norwich; in no 
one of them i« any evidence produced which lends them any reri- 


> 8e* Jdha de Taot«T \d Ft^rtne* of W^fHHtr M, lliorfv). 


TTie Legend, 


nmiliiiidf ; and there u a slory already cunxiut vrhich inWtea aod 
augg^ta imitation. 

Widely diffonint i« the wtory of Willium of Norwich, appeftrinf^ 
as it doe? after a blank of seven centuries in the records of child- 
tnurder by the Jowj< (haviuj; indeed bnt one prodecehaor in tboae 
njci.<rds), and backed by a f^ijoA ihii\ of circumistantial iwitJurcc, 
It ar^^^^-***^'^ A tii>M?-wb£n^ a nd in a pUce w here^tbe Jews were a 
flourigJiing aiid^ tire 11- protected body. It comes appnrcutly a^ a 
novelty to the mindsoT^he people at large; and the oxtrccQO 
freqneocy of the mention of it in contemporary chronicles ahewa 
thai it made a considerable imprGssioD. It ii^ undoubtedly the 
atrongfest case of the kind. 

Yet, o» WG have Bctn, much of the endence must be heavily 
discounted ; and we have to remember that Thomas, our one 
authority, i» a v«ry credulous t><^rtiMia We must in the last 
formulate the various theories of WilliamV death which 
Dio^t i^robablc, and shortly fitate the rea^na for and agaioat 
We may Buppuse 

(1) That William's murder va^ a genuine caae of ritual- 
Usv, on the part of the Jews *ls a biwly. 

For this we have really only the ev iJcnct.' of Theobald^and, on 
{the other side. riUiai-muniur as n practio*- Iinj* been learnedly and 
ttoToughly disproved by Strack^ and others. 

Again, it U unlikely that the educated Jews of Norwich m 
tkeir corporate capacitr/ would perpetrate this crimo as an act of 
aotJ^ChristuiD spile. They would be running a quite nntiecesHary 
risk, and there m nothing to shew that the practice was a recognised 
one at any period of their history. 

(2) Th»t William wa« killed by a Christian, and the murder 
laid at the Jewh' door with the definite intention of rousi ng the 
people against them. That such things were done in tat«r times, 
there Lh unfurttinatdy no room to duubt. But ia this case it is 
improbabli;. Had there been an elaborate intrigue connoeted 
with it. there must have been preliminary agitation, and much 
preparitiOTiof the soil fcir the seed, as well as antl -Judaic speeches 
by kwling men after the munlcr But there is nothing of this; 
no organized attack, and no fanning of the ilame against the Jews. 
After the Syn-xJ and the tniii«Iation the wholr affair lapses, tlie 
JewB regain security and confidence, and William takes Ins place 
AA a wonder-worker, ^nd an attraction for pilgrinLs. not as a monu- 
Hl^nt of Juwii^b mahgnity. 

' Der mittabertfiaHbt, H. L. Stnuk, Honioh. ISftL 


1 •■* 





(3) That WilUam ytn» killed by a [\'n>')u uukuowa^ uid Uie 
nm of the story invcntod. This is the view that moit revelers 
of the preaeDt Any will be iiicUhcd lo take. It cliHeni f rom the 
Iiut mamly in looking upoD the affair &8 a natural growth aad no t 
the culmiDatlon of an elaborate plot. There is much in lavour 
of thU jiotion, uml I hnvij littb doubt that ibv truth of the matter 
lies between it and Uie next suppasition. namely. 

(*) That William was killed acddenlally or intentionallybjr 
a Jew, and the rest of the alory invented. If thia l heory fee ic- 
ccpted, the events we musi 8LippoKi^ to have nm somewhat after 
this fashiou: eithvr the outrugo of lnmc7«tar was repcjited, or the 
boy wa-^ the victim of a pure accident^ in the Norwich Jewiy, 
at the handa of aom<^ one of the ba-scr wort of Jews, The more iiiciub<;rs of tho community, recogoizing tht^ certainly 
fatal conaequences which would eiiHue cither* if they gave up the 
body, or if thoy conccal«^l it and it were discovered, determiued to 
Mtand by their co-religjoni&ts. llie story of Aelwaid Ded would 
then be sube^tnntially tnie, und also the statumuut that the sheriff 
wufi bribed- 

It ia, of couniM?, much &implei' t^ a<lopt the liypotheftis thai the 
whole atory waa e fabrication, suggested by the- discovery of the 
boy's body: and it is clear that there was a good deal of imposture 
connected with the busine^. It is true, again, that ;iccu«fitioDa of 
chitd-murdei', of canaihaliBm and of other horrid practices^ are 

f among thu tir»t thiit any set of uueducated ]K,'op]o in likely to bring 
a^nsi a tribe or sect whose practicca ihey do not understand'. 
Charges of this kind we know were made aj^nat Uhriatiaus by_£ agan 
Oreekaa nd Romang, i^mnHt heretical aects by orthodox U hristiana, 
I ggiflj t ^e Templara by their contemporaries^ against Ch ristian 

1 Be« li p^poi by the Ut« laidor I^eb in tiio JUvae iUm Etudes Juivu ISW. 
p. 1F^L "Lrij pi<)1']^mu u'QBt |ni^ uri |nc>ljli^mi.* d'JiihtuiiD, ruaU dv |}Kjrij|julu({!*. L0 
prf<jiif{^<< vit*til, d'au 'tea insttDatfl ]ks plun |Mvtfmi<1ii ffiw ppitpl^tK <|m I'ont invpntA-"' 
ftDd hiett M review of dlraok's BtutabrrgUuhr, bj H. BdDJidi> in Hie /Mine ptriodieBl 
(iSO'i. v- 101)- The ktler vjxict quotcu come wordii spokou to Lira bj It«a«n on thin 
Bubjcioti *'Mt>t«£ ootaliieu la maUgnil^ Lumaiue eal pcu iDTcative: «1]d bournD fitcr^ 
neUomcDl Aaoa Ic mtiai^ cerclq d'lKiciiwitioDs, djuirifiDea hqm«inii, KDtlirDpciphA£lc, 
att«nlAta Aitx infunrd/' £ «di] a Cew 1in«H from tliir^ tKmn artiolo, xihioU put th« 
ou« vrril: '*Bn r^uiafr, il Mt possible, U eti jabxao oettaii), qa« plan d'luw fot*, 
d^pnin qoiniG ftiftokH, un Chi£ti«Q a 6l& init pax uu JKiit; inai^ il ikWl pM iii(hii« 
oartulD que jnr^niSt A aucune ^po^uc, Jadi auonn pA>Ji] QD ChK^ieii, JeoDe ou 
vioai, n'ft ^t& immolA par an Jaitpoar Ktrvir A t'nctiumpUeaDmeiil. dc ritaii d«]tvU- 
C^La Mt Anrtoin, pvoe qon ndi!i» niSme d'vn neurtrg rit^i^I Jwf atl lui Uhbu d* 
ooQtmdictiona AbBurdei en trois mote," 

VI,] The Legend, Ixxix 

miaaioDaries t^lS70 and in 1895) by Chinese. Still we have ou 
the otGerhond to takelHlolLCcouiit ihe ^ossihilitiea of what a mad 
hatred of a domioant eyetem, or a reverEion to half- forgot te n 
practices of a j^r^er fl pA,-m?ghh efiect id the caae of an ignor^ t 
J ew sevenjigpturieB back^ We see from The_Q^ld'a disaatrQ ua 
ev idence what such a map could imagine. Ca n we be sure that 
illCTE Trere' not at Norwich Jews as bad as he^ who could give 
effect to auch a fancy? Is it beyond the bounds of poaaibility that 
he did the deed himself^ ? 

1 H ia troe that ThAobaH BAys he vu a( C&iabridge id 1144: bat it is difflonlt 
not b) believe ihnt he wm tliB peraon reHponsible for the aooount of William'i 
de*th, uid of the sabseqaent deUberalions of the Jewfli whieh Thomu heard *^from 
one ot themaelTefl'^' 



The body of St William vaa four timea translated bctvr&en 
114-1 and 1 172: first fn>m Thorpe Wood to the Moults Cemetery; 
next, from the cemeter}' to the Chapter Uouae; thirdly, from the 
Chiiptrcr Hounc to a plncc on tho <K>utb nidc of the Hijfh Altar; 
Ifxetly, froiTh thence to a Chftpcl (caticoUua) on the north udc of 
the Uigh AlUvr, formialy (lc>i^ntc<j the Ch4p<-1 of the M^vrtyra 
Here the body lay when Tboratw of Monmouth'« book wiw 
publt^ed; but we know that this ivas not its tin&i roatiiig'pUce- 
At the Di^aolition au altar ttJ 8t Willijiir'a honour occupied a 
promiuent place uii the north side of the rood-BcrceiL We hftve 
no roeord of a IrAnslation of the body to that spot, and it is not 
incoDceivable ihaL it nmy havt; rmuaiued In the Martyrn' Chapel; 
but the Chapol of St Willintu, pro|)erly so calltHl, wn« in tlie 
sixteenth century under the rood-loft. 

We are, llieu, cuncerneJ eapecially with two aitea in Uie 
Cjithedml, natiiely, thu Martyr*' Chapel, and the Chapel of St 
William. The !*ttH>aJ bi iltMirly known : what of the first ? 

The words of Tho[na.>4 whidi deline il-a position we not no 
precisie as we could have wish*^ them to be> H^ «ays (vL L p. 
221), " Erat sitjuideiu in eceleaia Xorwicensi parte boreali t^ub latere 
Dkogni sItariA, caiieellua vanctoruni ulim martirunt ueuerutioni 
deeignntus. Hie ita(|ue locus pie ceteris &auetu martiri eongruu.t 
dellgitur, 4|uia ainplusi, 4uia in dinersorio qiueto positu&» i|uia et 
inartyrum uoininl connccrandu^." On tbe day ap|Joiuttd Bishop 
William eoiiseci^U^d n.u alUir to the Martyrs "J^ub tnemorato 
c»nccllo'': the body of William was laid there, and there, when 
Thomas wr^te, it ri^mruned. The cite then was a "chanct'l " or 
"chitpel.'' Wc need not reulrict the meauiDg of cancetlus la a 

OH. vii,] The Otdt and Iconography of St William. laxxH 

grating or raii^ space : a reference to Ihi Cango sxib voce will shew 
that it wua iiaed ti^ deDote the choir of a church or a church per 
J0. It wftM ou the LOrth of the High Altar The use of the 
preposttioQ mb may possibly suggest to the reader that the chapel 
was on a lower level. There ifl, howevei, no trace of any crypt, 
wb^ther large {ampiu^). or smutL The preposition merely impUi^s 
proxiiuity, and is i^sed loosely, just as it U used a few lines lower 
down, when thu alUir \9 .saiJ to ha^e been consecrated "sub 
tnemorato cmicollo" — word* which 1 have simply reiidered by "in 
the aforesaid chapel/' If Thomas had wished to describe a crypt 
(and 0D6 of somii coiuiidcrable ditncnsions) he would Buruly havo 
emplojred more explicit language. Moreover, in the accounts of 
Ihe muftcles which happened after this traaslation, there ih constant 
meotioo of their being witneased by a large number of spectaton^ 
Kvetythtn^ |ioiiil^ to tho vceno being Jrurl in im itoce&aible part 
of Uie church, and not in any small underground structure. 

The next peint is that the chapel was ''in diueraono quieto 
poHituSw'' I have rendered this, somewhat too freely, as "situated 
is a quiet place uulHide the proccSftLon^path. " But my rendering, 
if frtv, conveys the only seit^ 1 urn able to put upon the words. 
A diudrvonum must be a place into which one turns aside out of 
a thoroughfare. It Is hardly applicable to a place under the Soor 
of the thoroughfare, auch as a crypt. It would best apply to a 
side chapel opening on an uii^lu or ambulatory. 

Lastly we gather that the chapel in (]uestioa waa dwgnated, 
but not m yet formally nppr^ipriuted, to the wcvdllp of '* the 
Martyrs." This is an early form of dedication. The near neigh- 
bour of Norwich, Bury St Edmund'Tt, had in the twelfth century 
an altar er chapel or the Martyrs, which seems to have been 
identical with the old Lady Chupci in the eastern apse. To my 
inking, these chapels of the Martyra were in early timca 

'^dedtcatt.-d to the noble army ofTnartj/rs] s-nd subsequently became 

' u it were specialised to the invocation of thone particular martyrs 
whocv relicH wen* kept there I am not, however, nblc to cor- 

^roborate this hypothesis by any number of exampleit» The 

allel &oin Bury St Edmund's ia olijarly to the point here, 

luch an both there and al Norwich the later documentB 

^ceaae to mention the MartjTs' Chspel At Bury we have mention 
is ]at«r tuneo of mi altar of SS. Botolph, Thomns, and Jtmnio, 
which I suspect was identical with the Martyrs' altar. At 
Norwich, in \iV^ nmnner, the Martyrs' altar dibappears &om new. 

bcxxii Introducticn. [chap. 

Ill fftct, I belitrvti UihI thtj iiietitioiL of h lu Tiic^uiaa'a book it» lh« 
only oQtf dlH^ovorublr. 

Nuw oiir exaiiiiiuiliuii of tlit; iJt:wcri)>liuu uf St WiUiaiu'o 
resting-place hus led us lo look for a side chapel of Nonnan date 
oil ihc n<irtli ttidii of the Hi^h Aliur. Such a chujK-1 vxIhI^ At the 
preaenl moment : but it is now kaovn as the Jesus ChapcL h 
ihU dedication likvljr to be ac older one than that to tht- Miirtym? 

I would anawer» cerUiinly not. In early times, when churchce 
vere dedicated to our Lord, it rvm under th« ntunc of Chrb»l or 
of the Saviour that they wer^ so dedicated, and not under the 
Dame of Jeaus. Jcj4U9 Allium and Jc«iih Chapub do of oountc vcrj' 
commonly occur in mediaeval times, but only in later times. The 
festival of the Nanii? of Ji-£UH which is in the tSarum broviarj- 
(Aug> 7) ia of extremely Uie institution and of quite ob8Ciir« 
ori^n. I believe that the order for its general observance was 
not promulgated ir*yin Rome befoix^ 1721. It is not now po^ible 
to ascertain when the Norwich Chapel was formally placed under 
thifi invocation: but it ie weN-ni^h certain that it cannot have 
been originally dedicated fun a Jesim Chnp<.U; and analogic^ would 
lead as to guees that it must have become a Jesua cbapel in the 
second half of the fourteenth ocntury at cnrlimU 

To be short, Dr Jesftopp and I agree in tixing upon the Jesus 
Chapel B3 beicg identical with the Martyrs* Chapel and therefore 
with the centre of the cult of 8t William. In situation it satinliea 
Thomas's description: its present dedication n; a latir one: and 
there ts on the other ^de no prior claim and no objection that I 
can gather to be urged against it. 

We have been fumialicd by the kindness of Or Bcnsly, 
Registrar of the Diocese of Norwich, with .some extract** from the 
rolls of the obedientiaries, which throw some little light upon the 
progress of the cult of St William, and incidentally confirm the 
hypotbesia just put forward with regard to the Jesus Chapel. To 
thMe must bo joincl the extmcts which Dean Goulbum has ^ven 
in his Sculptures of Norioich Cathedral (p. IIO). They run as 
follows : 

1277 Di! tnngno altAii et stjpitibus et altari beati 

WiUelnii . , ^21. 3*. 4A 

1319 Item de S. WilJelmo lU. lOJ^f. 

13U do & Willdmo £\ U, b\A 

1330 no 13«, I^, 

til] The Cult and Iconogmphij of St William, IxxxHi 




do ti. WilltiUacf eL auua cniou , • . 
do m. et«pUiiui, WiUcluu^ «t YpoUtc 

■t It If 
do SS, Ypolito, 8tophikrio, Willolmo> ct ^Vjinit 
de Sa St«ph., Will., Ypol, ot Annn. . 
do 8S. Ypo)., Will, t$t«ph., ot Adilo, . 
da Sa YiHil., SU'ph., WiU.. «tt Ann* . 
dfl S. WilWiuo 










Two points huru deserve aLteution. First, the company in 
which St William's name i^ mentioned. It is coupled with the 
Hi^h Aliar aiid s^utwecjiicntlj- with those of Stephen, HippolyUiJ*, 
and Anne. St Aane's. or the beiney'a Chapel waa N.W. of the 
High Altar St SUsphon'^ i» conjecture by BJomelield to h&vo 
been one of the chapels (now destroyed) on th€ north sid^, juflt 
W- of the Jesus Chapel. St Hippoljtus is as yet unplaced. 
But whnt has been naid leada us to thiuk thnt St Willinm lay in 
a position near the High Altar, and on the north side at least 
down to 1335. It HiKriu» also puastbEc that Stephen, Uippolytus 
and William may a)I have been honoured at th<; Martyrs' Altar 
and in the Martyia' Chapet: oX loast there is to evidence to prove 
that St Stephen's Chapel wiu* where Bli>nii;fiuld places it; and a 
Uartyrs' Altar would be a tit place to honour the Protomartyr. 

N^Jtt, it w interesting to sec how the offerings to St William 
declined in amount. In tht- early yearn of the fimrtf^enth Cf?ntiiry 
they stood at a figtirt which could be called respectable; by 1S43 
thi^ have dropped to a few penoc. 

We mtist proceed to the account of the moneys expended on 
the shrine. 

130& Feratrum WiMnlnii. 

In G. et x1. foUu Auri oniptiN nd fnr^trum H. Willnlnii. Cj, 6iA 
TUrm in c. pL dimid. nrf^viit. 1 Iti 

Item in xii libriA ulbi plumbi. vcrtnioL, ot orp/mont I la 9il 
Id oleo nd dt^pingeud. 10(/. 

It«m in fttipeiidio et victual Sym. pictor. et earcionts aui per ix 
aeptim. 25«. ^d. 
1323 It«m iu dedicivtione fAXms 8. Willclmi. Zh ^d. 
133& Item in oblationibuB prions et duomiu capellanorutn cauamchil 
in hoc anno. 8«d in ri(?corap4*nantionom eiu« ct capolUnomm 
vnorutn dedit d »u:n!stn tnui ilor<fno« pretii xxs. quo* uxor 
domini W. de Nui^wjoo optulit od ftltarc S> Wilklini. 




1330 Id iitAnnr> ouni fitcturu sAcmril 3. WillelmL 8«. SdL 

1426 From Win. Benii^bam f^r paving nuLr Qt WiUiaui^ 29s. C(L 

Two mwtoits for pAving acar ^t WLlliftui. 5«. lid. 
14S9 Prom executor? of Sir T. Krpin^hnm for the pAvuic nc^r ] 

St William. 40i, 
1140 Pro omend. griuluum versixa oltaro S- Witloltiu, 
I44S Eep&miti opus oiroi tumbam 8, Wdlolmi. 3<. Also a montioo ] 

of th«t alUj of 8t WiUiam. 

It seems from thcee extracts that ic 130JS thoro was a rcguW 
rcfurbipJiiDg of the Hhrino of St WilUe^m: not n reconstruction. 
The /eretrum vas gilded and paiutcd, aud after thia there m 
mention of the altar of St William, and of the paving near hia 
dhritie.. I am iucUned to auspect that the late^ mention of tho 
altar must belong to tUe time tvheii tho Mart^iV Chapel had 
became the Jesus Ch:ipel and vrheii St William, or at least hia 
altar, was situated under the choir screeo. 

In 144<5 Itinhop Browne died, and was buried, iu accordaaoa 
with the proviHiuiiH ur liin will, in the upper pait of the Nave of 
thu Church, at tho altar of St WiUinin, and befuixf thu gn?ut rood- 
loft which he had new made (Bluuiefleld, til. p. 534), WImtever 
it may hsve been that Browne did to tho rood-loft, tho etone 
scrteti, which still exists in situ, was erectei) by Binhop Waltor 
Lyhart, who died in 1472, was buried bosido Bishop Browne, ard 
endowed a crhiiplaiu for St Williaui s altar. Uii<ler Lyhart'K screen 
there may still be seen the remains of two cbapels; that on the 
north w*ut, aw I have said, Si Willianis: the other was that of 
otr Lady of Pityn Blomefield further tells us that the altar 
named :n BrjwnoV will waa formerly St Saviours altar (perhaps 
thft town altar) otherwise called Holyrood altar (from ita proximity 
to the rood), and wae re-dedioatod to 8t William. Hg gives no 
date: but one may conjecture that St Saviour'^ altar wa^ tran!f- 
ferred to the Jesus Chape], and St William's removed to tho 
site? under the rood-loft at some time cot very long before 
Browne's episcopate. 

At the entrance of the p^usage leading under the screen are 
two niches, now equalised in height. I>r Jes&opp has told me that 
within living memor)' odc of these was constructed to contain a 
smaller statue thau the other: the pedestal wa» much higher. 
It B^oeroiA a natural inference that one niche had in it the small 
image of the boy Wilham, and the otiior that of our Lady. 


TO J Th^ Oik and Tconoffraphy of St WiUiam. Ixxxv 

Whatever the history of this curion^ anomMy wn8» im iriiiitolligent 
RStomtton hii» obliterated it. 

The prircipal document for tha liturgical o<:imineTnomtion of 
St William is a ptuwiffu in the Norwich Consuetudinary now at 
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (Ms, 465). Thi* has been printed 
by Dmd Ooulbum (l.c- p. 155) froin « traiwcript by Mr Hi-nry 
Bnuhhftw. The kah^idar cf the Hs, places the '' Pa&aio S, Willelmi 
martins '' on Mar, 24. There U no proper Collect, and no Proper 
LeftNOHH: both are Ifitcen, sayn Mr Bntd^haw, nimply from the 
Sernce for the Feast of Relics. 

In another grwit Norwich service-book, the OrmcHby Phwlter 
(Bodl. Douce MG). which was giren by brother Robert de Ormesby 
in the fourteenth century for the ii*c of the sub-priora of Norwich, 
U a Litany of later date than the rest of the book. Among the 
nmrtyra St WtlliAm is directed to be twico invoked, thua: 

Sancte Willelme ii ora pro nobis. 

This double invocoption indicates that special honour was paid to 
tho suiut thus marked out in the Church to which ihu book 

Tbo Chapel of St William in the Wood demands a few words. 
Thomaa has not much to tell uh about it. On p. 279 he etaya that 
it was dedicated in 1168 on Ap. 27 by Bishop William Turbo; 
and on p. 285 we are told that it wofi nf wood Hlomefield 
(IV, i25) OBflertB that it was the same as St Catherine's Cbapul, 
which had been founded about the time of the Conquest, and waa 
aflerwards reconsecrated to the honour of St William: while 
Qoulburn give» a photogmph of a platt of the site from Kirk- 
patrick's M9S„ which shews that about 1720 when the plan was 
ouuie, few renLAtns of the chapol it^ielf oxi^U^d. Kirkpatrick's 
note oD it is: "A. the place where the chappel Htood, the rubbiah 
cf which is over fjrown with f^vm." 

In the Cathedral accountA for the years UOT, 1409, HS2, 
14SS, 1506 the EbemosynariuB ^pe^cifies the offerings made at thin 

Tliere were no doubt a good many pictures and images of the 
boyftoint in N<?rwich itself, some in tho Cathedra), others in pariah 
churches: one there was at St Martin at the Plain (Blomcrfield, iv, 
309X There was also a guiW of St WilJiaiti, held at St Michaern 

Thoni (lb, p. 135). At present, however, only some screen- 





paoeld survive as specimens of the mann«r of repr«»ontiD); St 
Wiliuim which was in use in hi« city. The nnmber of extant 
pictures of the little saint which I hftvo been nhl« bo trace docs 
not amount to a dr-xcu in all : and the majority of them are 
rude painting of the fifteenth century on the pftrn;l» of Norfolk 

Tiic bt?«t \tt porhap* that at Loddon Chiirch, Norfolk, which 
seems to belong; to the first half of the fifteenth century, lliis 
Mn.^cQ ha« one pociiliArity, that the paintings on it are of scenea, 
not of ain^Ie fijfures. St William *3 inartyrdom comes next to the 
Annunciation. The saint, who wearft a loin cloth, la attached to 
a pole placed transversely in the forks of two rough nprighta 
His body presents the appearance of a saltire crosa. The hanflM 
above the head, the legs apjirt, The left hand is bound, the 
right nailed to the cross-bar: the left foot is nailed, the right 
bound, to thf uprights. This shews a JcnowMlgc. thotjgh a per- 
verted knowledge, of the story told by Thcmas. In order to bo 
in complete agreement therewith, the artist should have bound 
the right hand and foot and nailed the left hand and foot Ovor 
the boy'fi nimhed hoad a tree-top is seen, perhaps indicating _- 
iThorpe Wood. f 

On the left are thre© men, the foremost in gown and hat; on 
' the right two tiii^n in doublets, the foivmoftt. of whom pieroGs the ^m 
boy's left side with a knife, and holds a basin to reoeive the blood. ^^ 
ThiA dtitail intimfttes a belief on thi> ortist's part that the Jowa 
would use the blood for ritual purpose*. 

Below the picture is tb(< inscription *Sc8 WyldmiiB,* 

Next in merit I would place the painting on the screen at 
Eye in Suffolk. Between Eye and St William we have shewn 
that ft connexion existed by way of Pershore Abbey. 

The screen at Eye, or at least ite painting?, must belong to 
the last r|Uarter of the fifteenth ccntnry ; for it has on it a pictnro 
of King Henry the Sixth, 

St William is n full-longth figure, standing on ground dotted 
with small treea, Ho U a boy with long curling hair in a long 
sleeved robe reaching to hia feot> sememe with ^tars. His hands 
And feet axe pierced; with his right hand he supporle a long 
croes rcflting on hi? aihoulder, and in hia Icfl hand holdn throe 
naila. He hjut a cusped nimbuBc Bi-himl hiw head a curved bai^d 
crosses T.he picture. It i? tipped with T\i<ior flowers and irdicat«4 
that the figun^ is standing in a niche. The background is dett^^i} 


vir"] 7%^ C^i^ anrf Teonogmphf of^t WiJIiam. Ixxxvii 

with fivc-petAlled flowera above the band, vith floreabed crcesea 

A l»c^ccn-panl^l formerly in St John's Maddermarket at Norwich 
and oow in the South Kensington Ktmoum shews St Witlinin in 
a cope or cloak fiutcned at the neck, over a lonfr tunic. Three 
naib (or thonui) are stuck in his scalp, which i» bleeding: ho 
holds three nails in hia rif^ht hnud. And a hammer in his left. 
Above hiR head in a shield with a merchant's naark< 

In the pofiise^ion of X J. Colman, E»n., who hjw; kindly nllowod 
it to be photographed for this work, is a series of paneU from the 
di«troyod Tood-Mreen of St James's Church nt Norwich. The laat 
ligiire on the rififht represents St William. He is clad in a cloak 
fn«tcno(i nl the neck, over a lonf^ tunio with ^rdle. He faces to 
the lefi : bis fec'L arc bare, snd he holds in his right hand a sharp 
knife, point npwarda. This panel, which is of good desi^, baa 
btvn repainted to some t'xtc^-nt. Thu name which wn« inscribed 
below the figure ha^ almost entirely disappeared. 

The Bcrccin at Worstt^jwl, Norfolk, has aUo a rcpa^wntation of 
St Williaro. The figure, in cloak and tunic and crown of thr*ms, 
fiace« to the right aud hoid^ two muls in the left hand, and a 
hammer in the right. A band of omatnent in relief cro«He« the 
p&nel at the head level The name William is inscribed below. 

At I*itcham, Norfolk. a painting haj4 oxiNUu); hut a phoT^gni|ih 
of the panel shews an absolute blank- Ih* Jesaopp. however, who 
Imh viait4^ tht^ church, ti'llti me that he can tlixtinginnh a thick 
c»rd rwind the forehead of the figure, and a knife or something 
like it. in thn nght hiirxl. This screen haw or hwl n 6giirc of 
Henry Vt 

At SonM^l*^ton, SnfTnlk, U n tteriea nf fignrrw on the screen; 
but the one which is said to n?prir><(fiit tither St William or St 
Robert of Bury is to all Appearance a female saint. 

The iK^ghbouriug ohurch of As^liby had oq<>l* tv ^>neii of frescoes, 
now wliit«waiib«d over, one of which \s said to have represented 
St William. It in not, however, now possible to obtain any copy 
or detailod description of this painting. 

In the Nurvmbt?rg Chronicio (f. cci. fr) i» a wo<Hleiit of the 
niartyrdom. The tau-ehfipud cross lii-s on the ground, head tu 
left. On it in WtUiam, in a long robo. Hi« fovt are bound to the 
crocw and so la httt kft arm. An executioner ntjutda on tho right 
artn and piilU at Jt with a ropo ; a 0cc>:>m] kuccls and drives i^ a&i) 
into tho kfl hand : a third standing on the foot of the crow drillfl 

Ixxxviii Introduction. [chap, vn, 

a hole in it with an auger. Beside this last is a basket with cord 
and tools. The ground slopes up to the left : in the background 
are trees. 

This ends the lifit of the mediaeval representations which I 
have been able to see or hear of, I have never encountered a 
pieture of the saint in a bis. or in painted glasa Two later 
engravings eiist : one " of the last century " in an illustrated copy 
of Blomefield, bequeathed by Dr Sayer to the Dean and Chapter 
of Norwich. This shews St William cniciiied in the foreground 
and scourged in the background. 

The other is earlier: it is one of a series of plates of crucifixions 
by Cornelius Galle which appeared in P. Bivems's Sacrum Satic- 
tuariwm Crucis et Patientiae, Antwerp, Plantin, 1634. Nos, 53 — 57 
represent boys crucified by the Jews: there is nothing to dis- 
tinguish the plate representing St William from the rest. 


1 IS3 or IISS 2 Peh, Birth of ^t WUHam (i. 2). 

MirsL^le of ihp tihprabxl penit«tit (L 2). 
1 140 or 1)11 WLUiJiru It apprenticed to a akmu^r in Norwich (i, S). 
1144 20 March (Monday Wore Kafiter). WilliAm and the traitor 
viait \VilUam'8 mother (i. 4), 

21 March (Tueadfty before EjiHter). Willinm tAkoii to the 

Jewry (i- -">). 

22 March (Wt<lde»d»y before Eaatei). WiUiaiii iiiur<lerw! by 

the Jews {l b). 

23 March (Mftundy Thurnday). 7hv Council of the Jew* 


24 Mwx:h (Uood Friday). Tlie bmly Ukm to TJuirpe Wi«ii : 

A«lward Ded; the aherilT brl>)ed: the light aeen over 
the wood \L 7—9). 
20 March (GHtvrr Bvc). The body found by Jjegardu luul 
Hcnrj dn Bprowntuti (L 10, LI). 

26 March (Eiiftcr Day)» The crowd from N'orwioh viait the 
Wiy (I IS). 

27 March (KoatAr Monday). Hunry d^ Spmwftton buri<H tho 
body in tho vtood (i, 12). 

^* Tho %'i»tLm of fj^wtTi w dat^ in Holy Wt*ek» tanrtti timn after 
Wednwdfty (ii, -t). (M. R. J) 
^2b) March (Eiifitcr Tu^-ftdny)* (KkIwiu Sturt exhumer and 
burii^ th« Univ. fliit wifir, and WiLlJAinH mother, loaiti tto 
Hlory (i- 13—15), 
Circa 10 April { !)■ Tho Synod: Godwin** itccusalioii of the 
Jewn: they are nummoncd: ih^y retreat within the Cotttln. 
ThMO «v«ntA ou«upy tw<» dayn (i. 16), 
24 April (.MoEKUy). FJrjt T rana datioD of thts body, from 

Thorpe Wood to tbe'MonEa^Cemet««y (i. 17). 
Tlie delivery of Botilda takes place about ihii time (i. 17). 
The minideof Dunwich (II 7). 
W,K. g 

a • 


Chronolo<ficcii Table, 

1146 Bmhop EVmrArH rpt.iwtt, 

Bishop WiHiAin Tnrh^ Buci>*eds. 
D«Atb of John d^ Cuncto (ii. 15). 
t Murder of BkiiKiir (ii. 13), 
1 1 148 Tiiftl before Strpl»'n (ii, U). 
IU9 DoAih of Aiflwttni Dod (i 8). 

1150 6, 19, 2fi Murdi, (Iftt Monday in Lent. And 3rci and -itb 

SuiidA^H in Lent.) Visions of Thoin&s (iii 1), 
13 (12) April (WednewiftV Won? liasWir), gecond J TrAnj^W 

ti^Pv-irHfM^Mk ChofiUir-houAcjiii, 1)- 
17 (Ifi) April (i-ioKtrr Uay). Iniiidnnt irf Hita cftrpnt and Hght 

{iiL 3)- 
Gnufritl ourdd o! the tootlmcht^ (ili 4). 

1 1 June (Trinity Sunday). Cure of Muriel do Sctdiy (iiL 6). 
.Miracles of Book iii. (9—52). 

22 Oct, Dwth of Prior VMtin (Iv. 1). 

Richnrd do F[*rmriift Htit'tewN ak Prion 

Il<i*tvrAliuD of the (uirpet Ui at Williiun ■ tomb (iv. 6), 

1151 2 July, Tlurd Tntn^Utiuu, from Hic C)i&ptoi>1iouiw to t!i<; 

Bouth aidu of tb« High Alt«r. 

1152 Lent, DoliveramKr of Ocranl (v. 10), 
EuMtor, Miroclrt of tho P^altiir (v, 11), 

3 1153 Mimtdeu of Book v., indu<li»g tho d«ath of WiltiamV mother, 
flft^'r WbiUnii wivL- (V, 31)- 
1151 5 April PouflLJJViin^UUon, int^ iho Mnrtyrn^ ClmpffJ(v), 1), 

Minie1c« of Buuk vi, 
1155 Reo rudest enoe of the MiracW (vU. Pro/..). 
Ilfi6 WhitHun week- Cure of a dumb boy of Hepp« (vii. 9). 

1168 27 ApnL Consecrfttion of the i^liapel of St William in tho 

wood by Bishop William Turbe (vii, 18). 
Miracle ot the Borcereas (vii. Ii*), 

1169 or 1170 Cure of Agnes, <Iaugbt«r of Adttin of Croome 

(vii 18). 

1172 Dure of Gaufrid of Canterbury (vii. 19). 

1173 or 1173 The Prologue to the book wntteiL 

1174 Death of Bishop William Turbo. 


p. Ixv. Elviva or Elwina, It is something in favour of tlie former 
>ipel]iDg that in Hermaim's Miracles of Bt Edmund {Memariats of 
St EdmuntTs Abbey, i. 91) the name of a girl \a given aa Lyeveva 
{ct Levivo, the name of St William's aunt). 





Plate U^^B 

^M -^/T^ . 



^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^mm 



^^m ^^oK^ 




^^^^^^^^^r ^^^^^^^^^P^S 'ctt ^^fe 


1 ■"> 



^^^^^B __ -^^^■^^■^r |,» B^^ 





^^^^^^m ^^^^^P^nml^J *^- - '■■m ^ 



»• * 






^^^^^^^^^^^^^^V -1- 



^^L i^^^^^^ft^ 

^ il 


^^^^^S^^ ^^^^^^^v *■ 

R '. 

\.-.- ■ 

' ^W*S^r 



'^ t L 

f iji 

• »' 

\ 1* 





^^^^^^^^^^^K^ ^^^^1 

' V 




; r 





H ' % 



^^■1 -- a 




E . 






^^^^^^^^^V nOU *CH£»i IK ITS CKUAfN, 



^^V Pt^TE 111 ^^1 






. Ji^. ^d'A -1 


^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 




^^^^^H ^^^^^^1 


^1 w 






• .A 



I Vi^ 



^^^^^^^^1 mOH 4CRIIK l?f 


't ' • ' 

V » ' * 


Plate !V 


. '■•/• 


Mttrtyriii NortmceiucCji. 

REVERENDE i!umcUluti>( pftlri H domino Willdmo <ici ^Tiitia 
Norwiceofti episcopo Thomas Monomutaiau* mouachorum 
ffuonim ininimtiv !<iiiIiit<-iTi i-t (1<;bitiim iiK'diculic fuintihttuii). 
r Oenemli amori iRvtm i^cciiili meo dcuole connc'xus patenutali 
DeHlre offcroiidum et cnmnuininuidum |>n^iti)»H opuntciilnin ciimui, 
tarn ueatri ctipidus iadicii qiium nustri studioHus inucnti. Ciimque 
eJcMjiientinm u<.'»tnirn ipsit n>ngTifWmt Ronuv, comportrit Onllifi, 
uoiuersa i^uoque sepiasiine sensTrit Aii^ftia, aclniirari Demiueni oon- 
gniit priKli.-ntiis'im^* liiKciiHwioiiin ut-MiT' nn' viibiri? itiditinm, iicstrc' 
que fenili^ ftubducere nianuiu. NoueniDlfiiqiitdotD tarn ultmm^Di 

Hem beginneth thf? Prnlogui? concoming tho Lifo aucI I'uwion of 
SAint Williiuti till? Mnrtyr of Norwich. 

To tlix Ilolinrwi Iho lifrvpivni) Fftthfrr And l^ord William by tlie 
j^racr tti fJoo BiNfiop of Norwich 

Th<kinA« MoTLi^inut^nnU Uii< hnai of Win ihouIgk iendeth >^reelio^ aud 
all due obedieikt fwrvioe. 

H^pnthiKingAH 1 cici, with a. Nprcinl dr^votion of my nwn, in thnt love 
whu^h oJ) m*?n Iwmr UiAnrri* jou, I hnv^i hc«*n civrefu) in ofl'rr nud omvey 
tliA prf^BPiil ii}}uK work to your PAtlii^rsihip, Idling rLH dmirouBi to obtAiD 
your judptkciil upon M lu 1 nm Anxioufl nbout my own uncjtirtAking. 
Aad iMcaufln Komc lu^rself hiui Eind knowh^jgi- of your rl<H]Ufm-n, tunl 
^Qaul hM liod good proof of it, ami :hl] Kn^tniul h^s very ofl«n felt 
L force ; no oiw ni^ tw Jiurpri/Mxl that I should auhmilt myj!iolf to tlie 
liKlgmeot of yont tdtj Miarching criticuim, nrul humbln iiiywlf «n ft 
^lijnriMjr to your UvwhiiiK- For they who dyrvU iMtyuud the »wi, m wrfl 
o» our own KnglUlitiiciii know whnt ^rciit utrfjAiitik uf «]o<|iioiicc from 

ir. H. 1 


[bk. I. 

qu&m Angli noetri quantA Hoqiientie iieetre dtffluant Ruminii, 
<|ti&Dta^ui? tjobiB in ilhiitiU f^u flbendibus studiU peiitia et 
dicendi uSluat cupia. Itaque gloHo^i Mnrtirifl Willdmi niiracula 
cuin]jc>8ittinLtii pilernitolri.t iic^^tit? dileclionein, ililectioam beiii^ii* 
batotn* oc benigiiitatlr!^ Iiiiiniliter linplfiro gnitiain, ut |iii^ijm]i' 
tlouin mec iijipL-rreittii.>ni pc'tTecljt concvtlattir uenia. Cura aim 
eniin ingeiiio tanlii£ et indoctua eloquio, compellente taineo beati 
inai't^'rif* jiT»on% *\u\i% mvUiU'n eiiia Lucem non pon8uiii. man- Iml- 
biilk'tLtiiJiii pi:i.-mruiiL t\u\ hl* ^poIltv lultioc ingcruiiL ijiiwJ pkni<f 
expleie uoii poHHtiiit, utcuuiqu^ tanieu sufiurrare eoiiatiia num. 
Voriim id non ambigu quouiam itpuil omuipotientcm ci piurn 
dominum non tam upeiift efTectiiii qiiam pie uohintali« simplex 
attemlititr affeciuA. Vndi^ lectorem prcmonoo, siquia tamcn hoc 
amore caplus lag^r^ noluttrit. sub hmn» optiscuH serie iiou eloqnen* 
tiani. non uerbomm leporem quemt. sed magifi inuidis sine dc- 
trectoribus pro mt- n-^poudeui^ ntjxu} scilicet operi ueniam con- 
cedendftm. Hec anteni dico, noo quo Hludium nosmim qututi &ub 
excusatioms nubilo iDHolcntcr t^xlollam, 8.ed qno siidoris conficiuA 

you biive j^m© forth ahroadn how fjrcat your knowledge is of divine and 
human leftruixi^, And how ready i« your fluency in speech. And there- 
fore when T sst myself to put togol-hpr thr niimolf!a of the ghirioux 
Martyr William, I iiumhly \ti*n for the love o( your Fftthertkliip, for 
that kindlinefia wliiah is the outcome of love, artd that favour wkicli 
aprini^ from kiTLdliness, that^ for thrr impftrfection that m tho out- 
i^tnt^ of iuy prnfiumption, n porf«>r:t pardon may bo gmntrHl nu\ Kor 
being an I am alovr of wit and unskilled in »1oqu^nc«, yet neverlhulews 
raj love for tlie bieaaed martyr cons training me, becauae I cannat liold 
my poftoe aliout hij* vii-tue*, so after the umnner of Imping childnm who 
jkfu*!' n fuAliiuiL of tlmir o^tn tteL tht^mnelves to do thai wliicli tliey nrv 
not Abl<^ to curry out —I loo httv(* atlenipl^ in Boni<* noft t^o niftkn my 
niuTiti-riikg* plaiik* Tlitm, howx-'Ver^ I do not doubt, that In th<? pmcncn 
of tho Alnii^'hty and gruciouB Lord, the exocution of any work ih laiM 
regarfknl thftn tlii^ Hiiijple motive i^f a dovout intention, 

Wfii^rnforft r forf^iWArn the reKfl'ir (Always supposing thiit anyone 
fthall hn willing to rmuJ th^M^ things^ in a loring spirit) that hf* ninnJ. 
not look in tlin oourae of thin littTn work for eloquence or charm of 
Htyle, but rather on my hehalf unty nmke answer to carping detractorn 
that some indulgence ou^ht to be allowed for t.hih nox'cl att^^mpt. Thin 
Itove^'cr I say not that 1 may unfairly vxah my atu<mjit with x oloufl 
of rxcuww, hut tTiat T inay Urnipt thim; whu vria}i for flomething new to 
read ; coiisoioufi, aa I am, that I have taken pttAm about it. Trnrdleni 

peolJ Profogiie, 

ad lectioDem iiouani desiderantes inuitcm. Viatorea noa nuti- 
qiium gratiorom hitbueir nqimin biriiift uoql'^ »LillaiitcTii fonticulo 
cnra HLc'iiint (|imm proflueiileH tontU riuoa c[i]oriim copiam sitis 
U;mpon* hod iTiueniiiiit. 8('ii vl hortortini »iTicnii inirantibuA 
hcTbo ugrosteA iv>n lumqiuim placiK^riint. Illtid eliain plerumqiio 
contingere aolel VirgrliaDUTn quod (Ulta liirtuttrtt txtdmf, naccinia, 
nifftn l^funtttr, Kxc^iiKat uti<]ue materia acripU)rein: (thi eiiim 
uerbonim abiecta dir^pticucTil ninUipiidtna Aerimis «iltMii tidolis 
Don diitplioi'bit uerito^ Maliii siquidem uerecuTidiain meam 
n^f^igore qiiam tut ac tanta^ sacn marljTia Willrlnii uirtuU^ 
obliuiono uel ij^fuorantie oitu ueteraaoere. Et quoaiam paaHionem 
eias atqiic miraciiln tnib 'incni\t\ ncmtra infiirmari fratruni pifltiilaiiit 
kftrito^, ea pie 6doliiim deuctioiit propalanda a^i'edior studio 
Don tain clo^'ivuti qnam rtdeli. Atijiiv! ut mtellua neo oneri suffi- 
cient n<*e renili ualens ultro me tarn pie exactioni aubmitto. 
Venunjttainen bu«i.s (HiiTiJ' iK>rtitr*>rcin qucinpiam malui.'^k^iTi vA* 
tcnim qui ad feren<diim apti>or inueDi^^tiir et oflset. Quod 
quia Don couti^it, luc main ivwi quam ncminetn. Dumquo id tarn 
audoctc-r agj(tv<liar pro^umptionis ma roum fateor, sed detur uenia 

BAmAtiinnfl whnn thi^ »m htKimt hnvr fnund thnt waUtr mnfo dolir^ioiin 
whit^h trickK<H irtim mniit- Jittli^ nprin^ in u liny riU than that <>f guxbiDg 
KLTtMUiu uf *oiin? futiiiltun vhoBti aliuiuWior- t]ivy !iav<* not eanw upon, lit 
the moniont of thoir need- Xyt T iLnd the wild llower% too have bevn 
a joy it> Kiirh w d(*li^ht in tht^ glnri^w of tlio Rardenfl. And tliat Tiayinf; 
uf Virjpr* ofU:^fi cijintM trui', jl^Aa ti^wtra cwiunt, vaccinia ni^ra 

The subject matter *>f a writer too aoinetiiii«a pleadn hin <uccuhi\ for 
pvpii wJurrci a niMy r(>lundAncy of worda may irrit&t'e, tliere th*; truth 
that Liuderlttift ihtm will )[ive ri«t oJTRnoe. T havt* pn^^rrfd at any mto 
to Bftorifloe my own modeHty rathrrr thun Uiat tho ninny aniJ \o^-At 
virtUM of the h<rly martyr William Bhould paiM away in oMiviuii or 
tliriMigh thft rust of i^ornnotf ; and U^cnuae the good wiahea of tJie 
brethren Imn dnitiaudL^ that }xU yauwiwi and rnirnclm should l»e put into 
sluipv ujvi) iti^ Aiivil. I wi|. iij^iwlf it ixitijply With Uiui |wnin wthli cjf iJiv 
bolisror* with Imi doj^irr to h? nk^&nt thfUk faithful. Aiid \ikv Uie aw 
tli»i waji not up to thf^ l>urdcn nor yet utronj^ i^nough l<i |^t rid of it, T 
quiotly aubrmt mynolf U> th»t ^hioh la bo ilovoully laid up>u mi>- I 
flhould, howevi>r, hiivo widhi^] thitt anyone elwi 4M>tf]d h&v« b«vn found 
BiiEirr lit to hrnr tho toad thnn I. itut ha thiK Kji4 not come let pWi 1 
pffdor that it mhouUI Ik I than no one. But in iwttin^ lo worW no 
boldly I confeiM inysulf optm to the chitrge of prpAiimplion. but let 



[bk, I. 

CVfU cxcuset cogens cxjvcLlo fniturnai. Non c^t autem pruHUinere 
smactoruin tiiUih at uirtuteB acire uolentibus prapnlaro. Sccrctam 
unijipc retfis cetaiv bomim cuf, opera del 3tMini/cai<ATv konorijumm 
i-l nniciLitjuv dijbitiim clinaliano. Si t^nw ucro Aliquix in libello 
prestMiti Tion urnMniill/i inl(*r^*rLji tr|j|K;rt?rit, ili«l tniiien meiidAcJi 
n.<jtU]rri imbiH iitipuU:!., (juoiilain hod dmi iyue uidimu« uol ({iiu fnmn 
diuulgajito cognoiiiniti.*^ lul pr(<jH^itiiiin t^b ruturoruin uifitrueuclam 
clc^'iKitioiU'in Uttt^riH inaiiidAn' cunLiiiii^. N«ic nit' <|ui»qiuini cittiiiK-t 
amom studio Hliqiiid pcmiuw^.^ ijikhI fldi? onrruL, i|UHii<lrH( utile? in 
int^liun KTt [K-iiiiiiH nichil dicere cjLiHm falHuu) ad fallenduui pru- 
ferre, cum hod ipnortiims i!u omni r<w wmiono mliuin'rn n^ldiliiruH. 
<Meliiift> C"it prol'ecio liQ^am silentio reprimere quam ad anime 
detrimeJilum falsa narmr.-. QiKiriiaui igitnr ott i^ual nttfiUitur 
(Kcuft£ aniinam, rtiihi ahdt wicns mentiii rebus sine uei'bfim 
odutterc^Tf domini- Cum iion* ijintum i^mu- iieritati» prf^s<.*ntibii^ 
seen lis affluat indicium, cur nirr.vM' lij(iH.-juti iitl iicium wiippri- 
tnere uel mtndatua c^iiiciniiare * Itaque non a njaliuolis falsariiw 
MiiL' nieridJiti<inJin ilica.r c<inipi1aU>r (pi'ini. qni?inadiiLoi]uin ail 
beatut^, Jeroniniufi crt'ores ni/n auferam sed fictitia KTxnn. Ctwset 

pardoti be iikinov tnauuuch an the prewmrv of the brethren wUiuh compelM 
me iM my €X<:iiiw, P<ir it is not pivsumptirin t^i publinh th? liven and 
virtuc^h uf tbo saintrt to thosui whcj ii,rv dnirouH r>f knnwing thfim, Th* 
ftTMv/jt of' kint/it it ut \vf[li io hitif,, tnit io tnak^ irut/nifrxt ihn uytrkn of 
Qoa i* horuififafflf^ and the duty of every ChriHtian mAn. 

Tf, howcvpr, Hc>mp thinj^pi introdncnd in thin little l>ook should Heem 
ia miy UnfynAtahh'f Ii^t Iniu nut flKTrrfuiri iwoiunT. me guilty of falsfr 
himdj Hiiict" I luii-i* Uu-ii onrt?fu] to tM-Ltluwii nuthiug whit-li T li«v<* not 
anrii or which I \m\c not ouiiir? Ur the knivwln)^ of by «>i]inion mport, 
ftnd X cfTcr it for iho i.'<Jillcatii>n of tlioati who An? nuw afim And thonn 
who uhall bo hfliHuklUT. And let nn oni^ think thut T Iimvl* ititroduiMxl 
anything from motivvti of afIb<;tiont which is untmo, hinoo It ih belter to 
■ay nothing at itll VhAfi to put forth nnythirtg fnliio vith a. Hf^w to 
dftMlve; for we are not ignorant thnt iw Khali A/itv- io yiiv atvmtnt/or 
«wry uorcf, and it woro better to reatrain the ton^e w!tb tiileno» than 
to utter fahtehood for tho tlamajfe nf th<* soul, f^ince therefore ik^ /yti*^ 
mou^ tiettrojfttJi tht ^nui, far be it frau Die to tie in holy thinfcn or Ia 
hftnillfi iJie word of Gfot dveinffidty. But since aoch clear proof of ao 
groat n truth is forthcotuinj; for tb« prvwnt agi», whjit nvt-il havn I 
dtbcr to Kupprr-w what i^ true or to ini'ent fjil&ehoodH? Thert^ure I 
would fain net in? mlli^l ji fjiUiflcr by the ill-disposed or an inTevtor of 
lies, as if, in the wurdfi of tbo bi<v»ed Hioronymufl, " 1 were not getting 



ergo oaotra ncA Arcuato uulnere iDmti;ger(; sc^^rpiiut ; ^nctiimqnc 
opuH nenenftta carpere lingua desistat, Vennn noHtri laboris 
itrniihi^ ijiiwirns CHniDO!* in n<>» i^roxml ctj!*Uw, huniiliUUi^t nostrc 
tipuscuiuni iii'sbm prc»ul uencmncl«? ueiiembiUf^ patrocbetar aiicto* 
ritftft. Sunt touin nunmUli <jui ]K-nieT>H> ducti ttpiritu HJcut que 
Kcriptn sual credetx' reniiunt^ sic ii pierisque testiiicata reprc- 
hendunb, immo et tiina tanii|imtii ficUh rasttdiuiiij non hftWnUM 
in fidu quud upo9bolu»( ThointiM gestabut in corde, nin uidsro 
nan credant, Kod noce (l^»niinica dico, beati fftii ncfi uiderttnt et 
a^ditUT^ttit Kx huiusmudi qui»quis cs, hoc lUtc^ndc; quin etsi 
Don otmua nb omnibus, a ilinei^iii tanicn diiiei^ ]>otorant itciri, 
ea qui! niuUi.*< c<j^niui twM<^ i|U<.* i[MC miniut ud audirc uel uidere 
potuislu temper in pro|jatulo habet i;iii\\\t}H{<}Ttii}nio,jh'innt^pte 
summos /ulffum monfim. Viuk-. ct Plmiii*; optima queque uideri 
iioinM obirecUire pleriqae tnuim dUcere. C^iir igitur, iibtn^rtaicir, 
lie (Inin mU rcpn^^htrndis in blaKphemic traharU BTTorem. Inler 
bee ofania lector diligent diligenter atu-ndnt ne et labor mister 
et ipoius slndtnm pereat. Eligab untif^juimjuu ijuod tielit et 

rid of orror* but Hpreading abroad ftctioEB." Wherefore lei the scorpion 
roiiin froiD TKing up Hgfiinst uc with ntinging word^. Mid the pcatiOTied 
tongue forlmir fmrn riir(>in^ nt Ji hnly tnafk. But M often AH iwmfT 
carpel- ut itiv Uuik slud] lifi u{» bU ours citwtf m^y jk'our nuthority, O 
master and Prelate reven^, extend ita pitroiju^ over my little work^n 
innipHfirJinciv For Uieiv are some who, IwJ nway hy n epirit of 
pi^rvcisity, lu* thi^ nifuw.' t^^ ln'liovt^ tluwe Ihin^ tfiftt am writt^TDf 9t> 
kImo n*jwt Uioaa tiling wbicb liavu U^n t4<«tilii<d [>)r very inatiy, Ayt^i 
and sneer even at those things which have been acluAlly seen as if they 
vn^s invpntioiiK, not having oi much fitith lut Thomnff rrlAinctl in bU 
h(ioH> Ff I ac'i TiffC J will not Mictr. Bui Jii tJii.^ l^nVti wurrla I nuHWcir, 
Hinaved arv £Acy tfuiU A<*Cfl not nrr» and tfH Aftf?n Mirv^ii. 

Wljoevur Ihuu Art thnl Art uf tbia tiiiitiiit?r uf dlcil, hp«f-krii W eiic. 
Tbottgli not aI] ihirign cnn In known of ol), y<?l diUcmit thitiipi can bcr 
kni^wn by diffonrnt mon, aehI Hfiino tlniig^) Uit<T>e nrv wliidi nrv knowti 
to nutny ^nd which notwithAtanding you mnj not IkAvn tbt* powfir to ht^r 
or to Hw. Tlio v^iitiireboiue whi*ti tocpuxed t^^ tlio public gduv AiwAy* 
proToku r\vt%\try,Jrriunf,q\ifi aumftum /ititftiTO- iru^trffA And htMiiV (Jial 
saying of Pliny'Tt, v;/tima quffjue ri-deri mfurti oblrectare j>iariqve qtiatn 
discffre. Wherefore, caWller, beware lest while thou «etlej*t thyself 
Rgaiust certainties thou be drawn into the miritAlci? of blruphrm)'- 

Meanwhile the cnrcfol reiukr will dilijient^y poiuter &U tbiQgH ho 
that neither my patn> nor bin study be wa«t^. Let each one choose 



j»K. I. 

&At]i)i(u<uin potiu[« t^ pmbct qunm tnaliiiuUim. In domo <|uipp<! 
domini cum umn fiurt-A <-t fictilitt <vit ncciN«nnn^ PiwtrctiK* ilupli- 
ccm a to uojiiatu, loctor, dcpoeco; hinc cjaod AaLocci^tnis «l ucrborum 
al)iis:tionc nurca tuaa uuliicro, indc c^uvd prolixiur paginn uuli^liir 
pArturire fkAlidium. Sed noti pigcnt qucxi Chrirtum 
prcffiarc turn pl^it: i|ui Oiim HMictoB auon glunficirtl non exeiuplU 
glorioaia inuitfit. Ne autcm loctorw dili^ntin nm]iiplicit«itii» 
pigivtKal tnlici (piJUiUilani liWIi iiontri ijuAnUlatt^nt in t^t-pWrn 
ciuaul <x>dicviloa dtatingucrc, ut per ittU-runlifi rc^pirnn^ pick 
hfeOQlM iJuuotio od ptrcuirtindii aiiigula pruuitiur ud tmleriOFA 
nuoqunm ilivtiFitnt nncUiiX!- Priipum niquirJtiii lltr'' disliuguenB 
l^niilibiLH HJUtt^taui Baacti iiiurlym pui^iitiuiii ct ucnen^bik-ni cilia- 
dt!in dvncnpi pa4»iv>nciii, ^acriqur ct>r|K>n*i nildU expusiU vl ^dhuc 
hiilj dmu iiu:t;iiUf« dt*cluniUiii <.-t3lt-HUbu» iudiciiB Hubiungt-uo rcuo* 
1aik>iK-in priniJiTn 4-x fiiliiri M:ilKx^l in urlnMii rtubi(?ci InuialiktiuiJtTiii : 
htH^tiiidiiui lUti-u irlpUviler pai'tiuua ccxLcdiiiDi, tmicUl uirluluni 
cJUtf primordiH digtu'^ ci^ndigtia pitiilioiiu umlufiibun uL uiiraouWum 
mguhi tl(:clamUL pit-libauL el dyiDdv chruitiaiucidttruin iitdtrurum 
expo»»iU) t^xcidiu, ileiiiuiii i:hmtiiLiKirui]i tu: tiUKV&lvnthiiu Norwici 

vhal. 111? will n,n<l provo biuin.*-1f rather critiail thttn malevolent. Verily 
in the liouMe of God there in need of tlie goIJ^n uni Aud the patter's 

Lastly. 1 Ask my reader for mdulgcnw in twg rc«pcct«; first in cnun 
I winmd hU eum hy Hula^cifirDd uijd |)ovei-ty of luii^uaK^, and Aoouudly 
in dute uiy pruliiity proUucu wwiruieAHH But lei hint nut ^rud^ 
to dwell oti thifct which CLri^t did iiv^t ^rud|(<* Lo jwrCtjnn,^ — II» whu 
«rhil<^ lie glorif^»« ]Ji« Jiuly uiiiVf inviUiift Ub i^n by thcrir gWik»ua 
viuunpluw. £ui that the render miLy not bi^conic tired hy the length of 
tbi» \n>6k, I hiivo been At ihu paino ti> brrak up the bulk of m^ Iwok 
into «eveii sntAU divi^ioiis^ thnt no Xhv retider h ilisvotiun, drawing breath 

00 it wera ut inten'iiJft, mny ga through eai^h uepnrntn portion tha 
more readily ami npv**r e^LW tfi pri?*w onwnrd. In thn fintt l>oolt T 
have dealt hy four Ht«pH uitU (i) Thi* Holy Mftrtyrs holy Iroyhood. 
(ii) I have dcseribed his awful poH&ioii, (iii) The diaoovery of bis holy 
bodyi thftt wjxji p^powi) in tlie wo<xJ while stiil lying in the open air, 
and how it wj** made knciwn hy heavenly aj^i^, fiv) I have ndded 
th« HArrative of ita flrat rerot;\':it from thu wood into the city. 

I have divided the uecond boak [eodicellum] iiito three parta, (!) 
IhQ early indirAtionM of his viilues in a nnrralive worthy of Ilia worth, 
«ki mtde clear by virions and miraouloua sign», and (ii) afterwards 

1 huTP set forth tlie murder of the Cliristian-slaying J<»wm. Jjuitly T 



iudeonuD coram rege Stephana disceptationem &uppo«ui per- 
omt^inam, Tcrtium bifiinc iliuiclcodo, ^ccuiidJLm wicri corporis 
tranaJationem mirabileniqtie Hepulcri oiim exaltntioneiD descripsi 
el pnKiiick> rocupemtionoin liuninis q<Liibii?<><iiiiti 'idiuiictuf 
DUTBculifl <adu>naui, Quartuiu triformiler cli&tingueado, pre- 
muttiK nonnulliA miinciiliH, prinio Miblati tapeli resiitutioneui, 
iiK*4Ui> sftDctoniiD dcntium Adtnimndam rcuclatiuiitMD, oitlino lertio 
mirain funticiiti ftwb mdicilunaHx^riA iibi pniuniM expo^itus iacuit 

* expo^Eui inuc'QtioiLciTi. Qiiinto nutcm Libclb Urrcm trUHUtiu 
declaratur, crobm inimi'^tilji <!iinNeqi]iiiUijr, mora matrix sancti 
Diartyris uiitione mini predicitur. Ijcxto quippo nb inconiationc 
df>rnini anno M* c*. uru^ i^iiixi-tJi tmn^^lutin fiicla d^wribitur. quam 
O'DHTciLtn Ireqitens miraculoruiii multipEiciUw comitatur. Si>!ptL- 
muft ui mimculij« toliij^ toU libro tiDuTn im|toiHU Hanc i^ilur rei 

igM& quibuaUm coinpeodii gratia distinctam gnwhbus ucriUitem 
(unit lector AtU^ndat, atqin* »ub broui c^uukiika uniiu'rha pt.rciirrens 
quod iiide mogiji concupiscit ubi Inuenin? posnit agiiowihL Nunc 
aero quonum pn>la^ iiK-tam cxce&buniun, rf*uocato cursu pro* 

hftVQ itdded a riieUirical voi-Hkiu of tlie dUpute in Che presence of King 
{ 8t«|lwii between ttio ChrbtiajM j^nd tlie Jews At NoTwich. 

Tin? thitxt Hook t have diiidr?<l into two pnrt**. (i) J hnvr dt'smrilxnl 
llje aecoiifl imnidntioii of thp Wy <?*jrnM^ by i\v-. wonderful i'XaltiiUoa 
of l^e sepuJchre, anfl tl»*n (ii) I Imvp told ijf tbi^ rei'iivury r>f the liglit, 
wilJi certain aiiratdw mldt^ih 

Tlie fourth Inxfk J imvc divujnt into thivo p&rto, prefixing ivrtAUi 
nunclcs. (i) Tli« reAtitutioti of l)i« carpet that vas rcmovecl. (ii) 
Ttic niarvelloiM rev^ilation of the holy teeth, (iii) TUv wonderful 
liiKliii^ of tlifT spring un4i;r tlie rootK of thi; Im-^ wbtn- \m liixt U%y' 

Ill iLv flflb book t1i« thinl traiiHlnlfioii h told i>t. 3f'vrr»l niLroclrM 
fuUoir. TIk- ili:4(th of thr h.'\y nmrtyr'n uiotlirr ib foretrjld in m 
wonderful vuiii>n, 

lu tbtr oixtb book ihi* fourt>i truiiBWion, whioh t4uk plnco in tho 
year of our lyint L 15J, h dv*iOribed, mid tbo Urgo nunkbor of miriLclcH 
whi«h raiHiMwi 

The anvpntli hook in wttolly concfrrncKl with niirftr1e«, and brin^ the 
vlioh- wc^rk 1*1 an pnd. 

Let the di^vout r^JuliT ntmnHn^fly give h(*ed lo the truth of this 
history, arranged by way of buiamary in these stepv, and wfiiK* runiiing 
HiTOuich the whole contents in my brief BimunArf, hH him lAk« note 
where ho uav lind wh^t he moMt dmirds to ftnd. But now, dnoe I have 



[bvl. I. 

logum Ici'miiuiruu!^. Sub uuitin <riHcui> uubtruui, u^jutrivjide prwul 
<Wi>lli?lmt.', pjuO^^ittibsitujiiii duprLs:i>i' diKritiiMK'ni \\l lilx'lliim 
prcK*nU-m «jit<.-ta i<x;unituit[i]iJiu uu»tiv tuumiiltu dlUgenti pt*rcui- 
latiH animadueraioQe, superiiua rocidens, male dicta conigcas, ct 
cvlera, hi tjiia UiuicJi di^m abt, in sua statiom; penQittetw. Vale, 

Explicit pToloyas. Incipient capitulii libii primi* 

i- [I)]r» uiati^me uisionis prpwagio, 
ii I>i^ NntuiiliiU' ■ftncli Willi-lmi i>t ui^m^mbili ptimtuL 

Qimlitar ad iiirli^j^ ftiui>rt»?re solittis et ideo a siiis incre- 

ptLtiu, MP inii*! n^t.mxiTit. 
Qiialiter i^ iudeontm niintio 8e<liictu»t fiierit aj) iiuIhu irlniiiH, ilhiHiiH Hit c*t ixT.iKnA. 
Quitd t'rmhiiium MUjM't <*i» occnltjinHo {uAei art^eperint 
vii. Qmiliii^r t^t a c|uibi]M iiH|Hirtaturt ot in fliliia tat abHi^ndilUH. 
viii QtiAlit^r HatiH rentTiiri maivJH int-ivotniti tunc lohanTii, a 
timoiv' ik'nnmdi libt?niti Hunt tudei. 





cxuemlwl thv ini!iuurc of a proUigut^, Ii*t uh go back Ui wheucv wi^ 
rligTT^nn-d, and brinK thja ]mjlopu<? U> nii i-tid, At lU* i^nd, T entr««l 
jour mont prudunt juJ^ntrit, O iiiiwr rttvorwl j)ifiUt<l Willimi], ilmt yaw 
niu^ 1)t* ploa^d to go tbrough with oaroful ibtti>Rtion ihiA littlo book 
whiuh I comQiit if* your L-xami rial ion — cut nwAy wb&t irt rcdunditnt, 
<*ormot whni tK hhicI ilitiihh^ :ukI for t)i« rvtls if th^ru \m aught worth 
raUiiiiiag, If-t it k<<4«p it8 place. 
Moat lioly father — FarowelL 

Esri* 09 THE PnOLOGUK. 







the gift 

The furcMnriiitkg of ttt* nioblit-r'x vision. 
Ooikc«»rruAg the birth of Saint WilliAin, And Ills vciuvrAbl^ 

How he wft* wont lo resort to Ihw Jpwh, itnd for that waa 
by Jiis family, and so withdrew hiroNelf fwjm thcniL 
How hir waa h?iJ Ahtray liy a tuyaaenger of thu Jewa. 
How h© wt*at to the Jewi* and w^w njixked and killed, 
liow thaJewtt weie advised to hide liiiu- 
Hour and by whom ho waa carriod away and concealed Id the 

How the Jewa were delivered from fear cf leiiif; undone by 
of a hundred marks to the tljeu dberifT, who wua uauied Jolm. 












Qiialit€r Nup^r corpufl sancti martyriH »i1uH ia^entis lux do 

coIo fiibwrit \i\ mcHltim i^oc t^Ala 
QualiU^r 4^ a quibur* inii^iitiih nit. 
[IJUrm initttnlio altem sancbo eodetu wibtiatpo pti^bc. 
Quatiter et a quibu^t in nemon^ sepniliui ait. 
Qimlitcr pn^bitcr OtKlwinu^ jm ipso sit «:m uvAnvrti. 
De presAgio lusianis matertere illiua. 
De planctn iitutriEs, de nccc filij iudi.'m* rtccuwantii*. 
QiiEilitcr ill r^ynodo prej^bitor (Jodwiniifi do iti(lei» con- 

quehtus, ijK^^s rlc im>i-tt? piirri Willelmi reuera reoA ease 

»e per del iitdilium prcbatunim obtulerit. 
(Juod Aimanirt tiiticmn<^ti Pancmtii dt Lewefi prior corpus 

r-Acri marlihH tunc seciim ttutmlorcfidi ub cpi8Ci»pu licen- 

tiani peti^riL 
Qu'imixlo li ailua in urbt'io nTlatite 11 imiriac'hi» Miiwooptut* 

lotiw aUjue omnibus m»-inbris iQccmiptUh inuentus ait 
I)(* tmiitUutiouiL' ipsius tu cimiu^rio mowMrhuninL 

^ix) H<ivr « U^hi f ixim h««riMi, in the fonu of n fiorjr Wider, Hhoik» 
over tbo bo«1^ of tho h>ly rimrt^r ik8 it Iny in tho wond. 







How iin<i by whom be »'u« foimd- 

H« i« found H MPcond timr on the Knujc* h*>ly Earfpr Kvmi. 

Hitw Jkhfl b^ whom bi* wilm buri«j in Uio vromi. 

How tb*^ Prifvi (iiKlwiii winhKl to know whether it were b^ 

Coufieruinif i\\*: f'lrpwArninx "^ '^ viHioti lo hts Aunt. 

(xv) Concerning the Imnenl of bw mother, who accused the Jewa 
of tho duLtlt of hrr Kuri- 

(xvi) How tb« Prie8t Uodwiii in the Sjnod oonipUiucd uf tb^ 
J«WB) uA oflerod to proves &y tht ortieat (pi<r iudiciuni dtn) tlml tboy 
wc« verily guilty of thr death «C tbr U)y Willianu 

(xvii) How Aiinar, Uteu Prior of St Paucris of Lewe*i, l^eggcd from 
the Bishop fi>r a liceiiBe to cany away with liim the body of tbe holy 

(xviti) How be wiu brought from Uie wuod iuio Ibe city, waa takau 
charge of by Uie uiocikFt, wa£ wihAlied and was found to be whole imd 

(xu) Ooacvrcuji|; hu» vututiibuictit jn tho mouki' ooniclory. 


St William of Normch. 


Incipit tiher primus. 
i, De malm-Tii svnipnii preaogio. 

VOLENS diuinc pio^lU miscmLio NorwiirenAom Jmmo ct 
totitih Aiiglio iiUilure pmiimtiaiii eirjue mjutim nouU teni- 
poribus dare patroDiiDi, dedit pueruto inter prccipm»s martlrcji 
aniiuincrandum imiitcrsts siitictonim Ji^iiunilnis lioni>raiu1iiiii in 
neacie ruatri** uisceribus concipi. fecitque rosam odorifcniiii de 
npiuU [KiulHtim pul!ul;kre. Enit auU'in putur aius (luidjLiit Wen* 
(iUkQUtf nomine, mater uero Eltiitm dicf^baltir, niri ^uidem legilimam 
iiiUm ngentes ac uect^ssiiriis tiite miUsidius ^ulniudiini tiJblnuulantCh. 
Nullupie uidealiir alwiirdnm puenim tante sanctitatia ac dignitatis 
futiirum nb intiuils {Min^jUihiibf ileum nelle ^nemri. cum ot ipauin 
conntet de y>ailf>eribiit4 uoliiisse na^i. Mater i^tur aed Dcacia iam 
iaiiL iliuiEio uutii ci>ncqH;nLt, iKDor^uHfpit.' ptiluljuitm nirilJK HciiiinH 
jIfermiDa sub uisc^ribuA gcstabat. Coniigit auten^ admimbiJi 
Ihini'rantlr lUMnaiH desigiiari pR^^igio i|Uarito .Himrtit-itiin fi^n^l f^L 
dignitatiH ijiiod gestabat in ntein.". Videbatur t^t^-nim dtimiienti 
illi »L«iiin patre siio Wliiunnlo pre>bitt*n> famow; fjuidein illiuM 


Tbu lUHT'cy ut t)i9 Diviiw g<KKlam« duninug to displajr itsoJf to Uut 
pAflH aIkjuL Norwiclit ov rMtrWr trt t}n-. wluilti uf I^iglftJid, ami U> giv^ 
it i^k tlkCQO new tiiucvf f^ Tit>yv patron, grauUnl tlint a bo^ flhuuld be c<>u- 
ocivod ia hin mothor'* womlj without Iilt knowmff LliAt he was to ho 
liUKiberwI itriiung iJlublri'jUH iimrt.^i'^ alikI wortliy U> lie liorioun^l auipng 
all th6 army of tho tuuaU^ Aiid monrovfrr lirought it about that hn 
jihuuld grow up Httlo by litUn An a fragrant rows from Ujo tbonis- 

HiM futhur WHH a CL'i-Uiii Wi^LAtaii by tiauie. Hih nii>tlmr wui 
called Eh'iva^ and they pajuted their li\c*s om honest people in tho 
cguntry, being Jwinewhat well J^upplied with tho DccoHsarieB of life and 
something more- Ijct it not seeni nbhurd to any thnt n boy of such 
sanatity M\i\ dr«tined for mch honour should by fJod's will he born 
from lowly pan<nt«, when it i» cc^rtfiin tlint llu Uim^^lf wn« plcas^ to 
bo loom from among Uio poor, AwMjrdingly hi» mother, though 
ignorant of the fai'l^ had by divine kihhUks^ conceivwJ, and^ whilp ntill 
unikwjuv, wjw with child. But it c&me tc jmuH that nhc^ wak fnvounMi 
witli a marvellous forovp-nming by a vi.sion worthy of our honour, wliich 
revealed to hor bow grt^jit ,ihuuid Iw tht' wnctity and dignity of Inui 
whom Bh« bwre in her womh. It aiipeanni to h*'r as she slept that Hho 
wa* utamling in a road with her father WlwanJ, & priest, a man vvry 


St Wffliam of NormiA. 


u-itip^m iiirci in mt\ qufKlAm unu coiuQHlcrc, ntquc pro pcdibuH 
<deor>fiTim lumina inclinantem <pift>cem <]ui iml^ hiciii* di- 
c<imr> iiiikirc. Pirtcis ut-ro pinniw utnmt{nc nibicuml^u ct 
tanqtiam Aanguine a8pen'a8 halx>l>at duodecim. Aiebat igitur ilia 
pstii: Pator, piwx*m uidco; scd uehcmeiitcr iu]Tnin>r i|tiom<Hlo hue 
adiieneht, iiel qiialiter in loco tam arida uiiiero [M^wit. Cui paler : 
ToUe iilis, tollc iHuin, ot iii j<jniim repono. Quod cum fucttt»ot 
uidebatur pmis in siou &e mouere et paulatim adeo succreiscerd, 
ul iuui siiuitf ipsuin coitipnrhciidi*ru non p>»rfcU Eldbitur ergo 
et per manicam oxiens, asflumptifi subito alia aarsum euolauit, 
nubcttquu imDHieiu aperto nibi celo in ipsum hc reccplt Quo 
uim mulior expergefiocta cM» «rt quod noctc per Hom]]nuni uidemt, 
uiixtw \tniri retulit. Pat^r itmjue pluriinaiii e\j>ont'iidfU't]iii uinio* 
QUID pcritiam habt'iis, quid hoc pix-sfigii foret uol quid purU^uderet 
adiDinitd^, prinio neouiii excogttauit, atjue singula rviioluL^ii^ ptwt 
modicum HUe reapoudit: Noucm utiqiie, dileclifiHima filia, te 
iiiipn-gfiarit et gaudio gaude, qui>iuuni reuera jmriturft es filiuni 
qui vl ilk term honon^in itiajLiiuiun conHeipLi;tur ot MiptTalLitu- 
dmum nabium eLeuatu& in celuin plurimum axalUibiliir. 8ciafl 

famoUB in Wm liuie. ^Vnd lo ! an ah^ bent her nyoi upon tlic grcund, 
there nt her fool shr iK-hvId n HhU wliicli ik knovm am a htoe, TliQ 
fiKh had ivri4vit tinvt ou <*aoh side, and Uiey were red aud a8 it weve 
dabbl(<d with bluod- Aiid hUh ^pak^ to her father and 8aid, " Fnthcr, I 
see a tisli, but I groatly mnnxl how il. nhoul<l hnvt* wimr ln*tv or bow it 
can Hvc in *o dry a umiI," To whom lir^r fatlu^r xmu\^ atJBwer, "Take 
it up nxy dauj;bt^r. Take ic up arid put iL in thy kxwoin-" Whicb 
wliuii Abe liad dont.-, lUa f\n\\ iMHinitT*! t^i nii^ve in ht^r howom «»J \ry 
deigretw Uj grvw hu riustr tliivl now aW o^Aikl no Icngrr huld it. So it 
glided out, M^d ir^Aptng hy hi-r nWvc and suddenly tAkirig U> itfsulf 
win^ it Hew AWny, nud, |huihd^ thruu^h tltc cJoudH, betook itJ4olf to 
bcflVdi, wKlch opcnixl to rvc4<iw iL 

The wum&ii awoken iciMn htr vikicai, and in the morning nhe tokl bar 
father wluit *\w hnd Ht*en in her drMin. Hor fnth(?r hairing mudi 
ffxpATtenrj* in tW AvpoiiEKling of viflioOH, wondering whiU waa pn-ioged 
nnd whikt it port^^ndrd, Arst thought ovor it with himself, aiui^ cuu- 
Kuloriiig all tJie bclA, aftvr a while hi: nmde answer to liifl daugtiteTi 
*' Know atfMiin!dly. my <lt<urt!«t <]au;£hler, tliat thou arL with child, and 
n^oice with joy, bei^uae that in very truth Ihou filiak bring forth a 
noil who «lui11 attain to highcj^t honour in the c«rth, nnd nftcr Uring 
raiw<d abovi* the douiU Khali ho exalte exceedingly in he^vim. Knov, 


Hi William of Niyrwich. 


qutK|ue cum put:r <liiod«iuu?i fuerit trtaU? nd Imiub ttLtiU; vuluiou 
Bublttnabitur gl<mo- N<7ii iuiti?ni crinLciKtuni v»l luiLix^ia tiUc Mtni 
certiaaimuiii huiuMUHnU tu^ibmu dt^numifvre vx ?«iiu, m^ kx diuinu 
Dpiritu, Gui Holi Gtiiistonl pruMuitJV utmTii que ucnuini mint iiij]ucn<ui, 
Iu\U imlriH itt-niin nt?riiii>imm et film liJium Imbuit, C|ui et duo- 
deuni;^ ad prt^ibuti culmcu honvm pcruciiit. 

EXCVRSO <li*nu)iu^ ultiiuanti UinjH>riH ?*piiti(> i-l adui^iiiente 
doterminata pariecdi die nalUB e^t mulien filius, ct uociitiim 
est Qomcu ciiw Wdldmu^. NAtti» est aiitem die piirificationiK 
dei gemtxicl^ et nir^itiii^ Mnric\ dtc Miltcet candcfaniin : cl fortaiwis 
ut per hoc ipsiini dcnolctiir tiuoninm miilt^ puriUiti?^ et sanctitatis 
piier foret, atque candeJaA et candelanim liiinirLaria plunniiia 
diligi-tt^L QiicxJ auttiii a inatre et fralnbutt eius atqiie pn^biU^m 
qui eiim baptismo regenerauemt po*itmodnm didJci, oequaqiiam 
KJktitto pi\-U*r<?nndurn, wd ut mtorsen;nduin adiiidiabul Quip])u 
Hblactationifl eius die dum pater eiu^em WenstanuH affioes ad 
i^onuiuium ein>catow fi?HttiK' paweret, ])enitentm]u>4 fjuidain brnchia 

toO) that wh«n tJiy aon nhall havt* allAiiiicid to twelve yeArs, thcii he 
tihmW be rai«ed to thin pilch of g)<»y<" Now it \% not credible thcvt the 
fnthrr should bavr spuk-Mi therHr wurdn to hin daughter with no much 
ocrtAintyi of Kie uwh wi«doiu, but hy tho Holy Spirilla favour, to wlium 
alone all tbingtL aiv pn^tf^nt, «v«ii thovw thuigH which iltv to oonM^ 

In ^u.'ourrturu'o with hi^r fathpr'h word**, thp dAiight<*r did hring forth 
H HOty. whit aIho At t.wnlvr yrMim of a^ di<l Arrive nX the hetgliL erf 
honour wliich had bfvm fomlold. 

iL C'f>nc"»rr*tVii^ Aw ftiriA a7id infancy, 

Son^o tiiao having ehkpMx) nnd Uj(» dny liAvuig firrivoil for hiq hriiuring 
fiirth, ft Hon WAM liorti to thth wonmii, aiul hin uatiic* war caUixI Wdluuii. 
But he was born on tho rLny of tho. Purification of thn itlwiwod Virgin 
?hf«iry, that ib on Cnndlfnuaii- Pirriulvf^iituro too by bhiK ui iridii^fj^ 
how ^re&t the pufity and fl&iicbity of the child would \x\ and th^it 
he would greatly love candles and tho bnghtncsa of them. Eut one 
drcuinstaiiop, which I xubms^uimtlj UMirnt from hta mother And hia 
brothent and Ihe prieMt who had baptized hiui, 1 bav<t jndjfiHl nii^ht 
Dot to be piu8ed over, hut inaeiled here. On the day of hii waning, 
wheu hi» father ^^^eDsta□ w&9 entortaimDg hie kindred who bod bwn 
invit4)d to tho fcut, a man who waa undergoing penance, with iron 


St William of Norwich. 


femeis innexuM nexibui« qiui^i u\ ck-moHiiiam conuiuantibus inter- 
erai. Qui post ribiini dh> IfitifieatiH cum puomliiiii mmiibuN 
t\\\ui^\ (tp]>l]vu<l(.^ndu uaierct. pui^rtjue pucrili simplicitate ferreon 
admimtiH nexU8 palmulis eoti palparet, uincula Kubito mnipuntiir 
4*1 in pttrU?^ dir^^ilinnt. Ad hoc uisa stupef'acti cotiiiiu& mina 
Admimntnr modiN ct qitod contig^rat put-ri ti.'ioribiiiit Tiii^ritk, 
Sio<|UiT |K-mteiitiAhs illc fliuina liberutus ^tm gmtulnbtiiidua 
reccHiit et predictus presbfer qui conuiuantibus int*?rerat disso- 
UiUiH or>lli^-iu4 ncxu» in occlc/na Hitri dc HAueringelaDt turn ad 
prewDtiaiTi memoriam turn ad posteroniiii noticiam in propntub 
deposuit atque eoa diutiuM conMeniarc cumutt. Mnter (]uippe 
niitiini cru quetn mimnie ditigebat *4umnia diligeDtia edncauil, 
rt diligi-nter i.-dtinmtJn nb inf^intm m\ inli-lligibiloH puoritiQ annos 
pcrduxit. Qui dum j^eptennis adhuc esset. ut iDatris relatione 
didini, flduo repit ftbwtint^ntic iiniator oxistcre ut frntribu?* natu 
mftioribtm non ieiunantibus ot ipse Iribufi in L'bdurniLda f^TJLs, 
sdlic^t secunda, quariA c*t scxta ieluniLret diebtis. Apo^tolorum 
cctvrvMjue vaiictoniiii deniiiitiata^ populo uigiliaH deiiotis oc-lebra- 
bat ieiunuB; et exa-eRcente |mulatim denotjijnift ardore notmiillos 



ImndH upun hiH arniM^ pn'ftntitjHl himiu'lf l^i thf* gu(^t«t tis if begging for 
AiniH; wlio aft<^r ihe dinner waxt[if« niptr;', while lie held thr ohild in 
his h&nd8 da if admiring him, and the iMkby, in the innocence of child- 
hood wondering At Ih^ inm fcltcn*, begAn 1<> hnrvUe thorn ; suddenly 
tbn Inndit hrokcf Aiui hMvi'TvhI intti ])if*CKi. Tho KU'^>tiS Jvtnnznd At the 
HiirtiU wftn gn-Jillj- lutciTiiMlifd, ^iid MtliLbuUHJ whut h^ui oi?c-urred U» th*? 
tuifriU uf tlie child. Wheirifvjcu t\w penitent, net Uv^ Uy divine fuvuur, 
went bia "f^yt Skiving thfuiltjs (incJ thcf prioit nfoivMud, who ^im pivM^t 
AnH>n|< th(< K^i^itd, ooUootttij{ the hi^ukcu rin^^H, pTjLo<*d tlit-tn in hiii tjburch 
ut IlAVoriagUnd nnd <lepo«iti.^l tlieni iii a ooriftpicimnH plnce, iw w^flt for 
k<wpiii# up tlif> m^'inory of thnu^ living ha for a rr^oord to mn^h lU diould 
onn>e AftJ^p ; ATid ho was airi*ful thai tliey nhould lje ^t^ifely prtauT-viYl . 

Till* motbnr, a* ulir- lovrtd lior oliild excot<liri^l>. ho did wbe edtic^tit 
him vilh cx«»iliTiK ^y^r^ and by carefully edue^tinK she brought luiu 
up fii>m liiN infancy to the yeAp* nt ml-^lHitiint iH^yhofwl, Whon ho 
wah but seven years old — a« I liNimL from the iiiotbcir^H TiiuTfitivt^— he 
became so devoted to At)ntini<tic() that, though his elder brcitherii did 
not ffcst, \iv hiniiHf fjtvli-d i^n three days of tho week — to wit Uie 
nesxind, fourth and ftixth dAy» — nnd nlu* oekbrat^ni the Vi^U of the 
Apo«tli!H and of oiher Sttinta that were jgiven notice of to the people by 
devout Eoatiiig. And \m iml j^uiiig on increuaing, hi* uwd to pass 


St William of Norwich, 


pnoo ooatontuA ct nqua transigtrbnt cU(% Pictati^ K]<juid<^fa 
&ffltiG]ifi ttuMToribua quixl slbi dc uictu eiibtrah<>ra ucl d tnatrv 
prccibii8 cxtorqucrc potcmt, mqimndu npcrto rum nndcrol, totum 
panpcribiin chun r.rugobaL Bt?d iDtor hec turn piUH tuu) beoigQua 
odco HT prudenter aj^obnt iit ox codom facto ct ogrntibun pro pi>E«*r 
auo |jrofictTut ut par«»tibuH ruoluatiajii non infcrrot. ECccleMam 
qnociac libcntimmc frvqumtAbnt ; litturnn, iMalmoH t^t onbdonvei 
diacc-l^fU et qi^ecutK[Ui.' d^^i cmnt i^iimituk lu-iK^rfibotur n^uiiTeritia. 
Diu]n<n> ilium in omnibiir* prcncnicntr gnitiA diligcnti npiH^Urbnt 
sludic, et ut omnibus mftoauotus ab omnibus nmu^ur, eb nulli 
iii aliijuo iJioK-rtlitH ficrot, OpcmWiir niminim ditnm^ di?|irniin- 
tiuriin pt%mJ[li*iLtia iii iiifkuiulo, M;itul^r i|ujj«-iu iieM:io. el Hupi**aler 
tndocti?, gniLio mic iiuignalin; ccttinqutr tim\ tunc indirii!* dcstigtmbut 
Ljuniitl pMtEiKxluiD mtfriti futuriM ttmt* 

iii Quod ltd Videos dwerterv sulituJi et fi miiJi »uper hrtc iiicrffp<itu4 
sti indfi rctfiLrerit 

CVM itAquo tani ti<»n«ral>ili flc»rprot puoritta ot octAUum iaru 
'Lgeri-'t nnuum, a pfiivntibiit^ truditur p(?Ili|)an)Ei arto polliporia 
itii«tnit]:nduB. Qiiidmulta? OocjHtntc uigcoft iDgctiii ct diligonliam 

m&ny days content writh notlurig but bread aiid water ; urid tiu wholo 
iiiu^r Hiau ovetilowLug with piety, whiit<*vcr he could aavt? fn>iu hin owu 
portion of food or ejilort from his iiiotlR^r by hin t?i]tnati4-<t. \\v wrwd h> 
bonlovr upitii tlu^ piwr wjmctiiijfi» upvitljr atitl Fiumetitiit<i ai-cn^Uy, tiut 
whilo acting tliuii bo oonductod liin^nclf »o dutifully, kindly tirul 
pmdontly, that im far lUi p^maiblo ho at onco bcFipfittwl thf jMW»r and did 
nut <MiiifH> hU pAri^ntt fuiy tinnuyitnoiv H«t wnn a mont joyful atToiidAnt 
fti ohurch; be iia«d tolefira hiA lett^n mid tbt* pvilmH Mid prnycTH, nnd 
nJ] thp tbingn of Ooi> be tnvktcd with tbp ](froA^*Ht rei'eivTUN*. Tbe j(riw?o 
di^inr prev^^iLing him in nil thing}^, hn fitivkvp with <>Am<vit HFort 1iy 
kiiidiieHH to all, to gain the love of all, and to b■^ hurdrnwimo to nom^. 
Tho foreaighl of God's oconomy wrought in the cljild (knowinsly, 
though he knew it not; in wijidom, thou^^h lie waa unhninind) thi> 
mighty works of grace ; And pjintinl nut hy nurcf signs even thus early 
liow groat liLH oierita were to be in the days to come, 

ill. Tftni' hf. 1/svi u^mt to rrjutrt Uf thr J^rv^ anti hamtif/ ftw»i ehiff Ay 
hU oivn prtjple/ifr so fioir*^, how Ke tt'tlktlrrrti.^ hxuvrlfJ'rtHH lliftti. 

When therefore he waa UmiriHhing in thbi blesMvl boyhood of his, 
and hftd AttnincH to his eighth year, he wasvntruat^ Ui the* akinncm to 
Ixf taught Uirir craft. Oift^ with a teaoliable disposition and brin^nf 


St William <^ NonoicA. 


adhilwiiH ifbudio, in brcuj ooc-qum in nric mcmortnUi bnge antc- 
ccmit, et nonjiullos quoa doctorca habuemt t!<;ui^arauit. RtOicto 
il«u)<|ui- run?, iliuiiHJ ilUiiii tnibi'iilc nuiu, i^^bi tie contulit aU|Uq 
cum qiLodam DomiunlisMiJiko artis jIUus magistro moi-atus aliquatibi 
terapom Mputiiiin I>niiiM*jrit. Rnri KUjuiflt^rii ninis, tirhi ultii 
SMuluuSi cm.n prelilMite »rti?4 bedulo amtluii arti^cmm, et ad 
duodtTcimuui etdXlUt |H^riietiil utiiiuTn, Dum i;rj^i' Nurwifi luorat^bur, 
itidei qui tunc tempom ibidem manebaiH et ofl repAranda pallia, 
pellicioH, ael ri>U*m htiiiistiKMli, son <|uc in iiiulimonio habcbunt, 
mue quibus iitebantur. ipHuin sibi pre omnibiLs pcUipariis clegtriint. 
Illtim otoiiiiii Hiln maxiniL^ r.^puUibiiiit idonv.-iim, «iiie qum wmplicem 
et artificioBiim didiceraiit. aeii qiioniam aiiaritia diicti niinori 
4pi>funi paam pn.Tir* cxi^liiikiLbrLiit. t^A, tpu'd uutj^ civ<Jt>, diuiuo 
nntu prouidentie ad martyrium ad quod a seciilU predestinfltus 
fiif^mt qiiibtiAdarik iiti \muh\iUn frnuHbiin trAb<tba1'iir, i-r>a tudeU in 
dominkv pfuwionni obprobrium dcliKk-miiiset immf>laridiiH Um^untn 
milium prudenH et ma^a idoneun eligitur, A iudej^ eniin quibuM- 
dain Jul fid<*itj clinsti4n>iiTi fw.ii*tL'H conuewia u^imriltT oj^ouimiia 
qooniam eo tempore id ipsuoi de aliquo chmtJAoo foceru pro- 

indualTy Ui iiear upon it, In a nhort liiDe hb far Hurparved IiuIh of Iiih 
own a^ in the craft aforeaald, and be equalled ^oiue wbo h&tl been hU 
l<»<;hrr*, So leaving the counti^, by the drawing of a divine attnwr- 
tjou he iM-tOfik liimmdf to the city and loilgrd with a vory famouft 
ll master of that crafty and tuyme ttm^ p^sHed aw&y. lie wjlh Hfldmn in 
f'the country, but woa occupied in the city and ueduloualy ^vo hiiiutelf 
to thn pnioticu <if bin craft, nn<I ihm ri-iichni hiN t^rtfth y<wr. 

Now, whilf hi* wa« ^tayin]^ in Nurwidi, ibn Jews wh<» wen^ twttlod 
tbrri' and pequired their eluakn or th^^lr roUai or otht-r ^*arin<<nt« 
(wlit^Umr plwJ^-d to tlif^iii, ui" thfjir own prupifi'Ly) to l« repain^d, piv- 
fwrvd hii" Ix^ons aII other iikiiiiici-tt. Fi>r they wtocnu^l him Ut U* 
especially fit for th<^jr work, tutbcrr bDcaiiac they had learnt th&t ho 
wui ;{uiiflusH and Akilfu], or iMwaiuH* attiuctiHl to him by tJii.iir a«snM» 
tht-y thi>ught th*y ^^yuld Imrgnin with him for a, lowvr price- Or, 
ofi T rather heliev^ luvAnw> by iJie ordering of divino providf*tice he 
hod J>nno pmdr«tin«I u> martyTrlom fmm th*? Iieginning nf timi^ and 
gradually *Urp hy Att*p wok drawn on, and cbmtcn to ho niodfi a 
ruoclc of and to be put to d^^tb by the JewH, in noL>ni of the Lord'n 
paaaloD, «8 one of little foreui^ht, atid no the niore fit for them. For 1 
have leatTii. from certain Jewa, who Mem oft^^rwards converted to the 
Chrintion faith, how that at that tiin<* tb<*y hocl plonne^l U> tU> tbJH very 
thirty witli itoinc Chriatian, and in order to carry out their tnali^ant 


Sf William of Niyrmch, 


pomterant, ^t at! oomptendura maUgnitAtis sue propositum puenim 
Will^lmurn duod^nni^ni arlmodum n>Dcm innocentem ftb initio 
qiiJulrAgwime pre^tvj^omnt. Cum tgitor ueDorabili^ pu<>r excogi* 
tAte fraucU4 ignania iuduoa frvquotiturot, n Qf^fiwino pr4:<sbit9ra 
qui vnw hnht^hiit matortf^rftui, ^t a quodain Wiilwardo apud quern 
honpitabatur increpatus, «t ne &ij illoa vlt&niis ditierteret, tid 
pmhibitufl, IiiHei nerrt de sui nimirum adnulUtione consitii 
condolonteA, totu uinbufl ad r«isarci4fudum dtHponitu umli^itAtin 
iliunpnum i>o i^riue itiatitenmt quo ot deU>rminihti lAdnoris ex- 
^uendi uehemontius diisa uit^tiibui, vi pn?<bi quuu uo lam oupiaao 
(>HtiniAt>Hut e fuufiKtifl lon^Ju*" e!ftp*.t mft-nibu)^ fii^rat, Omnt'iii 
iUi<jU(' UL^r^uU' infbohiiiaiiL}iU[> sue o<>nA»nU<Fi ivtiutiuiit, quondani 
nhrifitiflnum n««cio eiuc iudouni uorsutistfituLiTTi quideni (rt congruum 
wl tnm i^xcfTEibilin fnr'iunriH cxcqii<^iidum iliigitiom rcpporiuiitj vt 
c^uni miiltji fctJtinntionc, quoniAm pa^^ha &uiuil po«t tricliium in^to- 
bttt^ lul cxquin^ndfim nc rcducK^rdiLm pnslaui qiiutu u luaniburt 
corum prodisimua olapaam mtttunt. 

iv- Quuliter ti iudenrmn nuvtio gt^uctus /aeriL 

ILLVSCESCENTE iiero p<ist mtiios pAlmanim lorin avuiida, 
i^ecmbiliH illo iudeonim iintitiiiH iniunctiim KibJ executuma 

purp<^*^, at tti« li^giTining rtf Tj^nl I.Vi«y Itiul ronde «hoio& of tho boy 
Willittin, Ix^injic t.welvp ytuini ^-f ftge «nd ft h^y t^f unuftui^l mnfK'enf^_ 
Ro it rjiiTii^ l^> ppiMs thn,t when iho holy lioy, i^omrt of tho trwu?lmr/ 
that, had K*(*ti pfanriid, hjul frf4|u*'nt doalmgn ^^ith tli(^ Jiiwa, he wiw 
taki^ 1*1 l4t.Nk by Qoflwin ih<i prit'^t, whij had the boy% nunt as hU 
wifn, and l)y n cfTtAin Wulward witli wliuni \i& lodf^ed, and hL< wan 
ftnjhihitcHl from iP>mK m Aud out Antony them auy more. Bui the 
JewH, atinrjyod at the thwart-ing (*f thoir d™ipiw, tritxl with nil their 
might Ut jifttnh up n m^w Mchinim i>f wtckrdniwH, ard iv\] th« more 
vohttuwintly as thn day fur carrying out tJw crimn they had del«>ruiiued 
upon drew nejir, and tho victim which Ihoy had thwight th^^y had 
ftireadv Neounxl hod nlipprfl out flf (rluM> wick<tri hiui<iM, AcoonJingly, 
coIlfTotitig all thi; cumutjc i>f t\wxr crafty plou, they found — I am not 
KUrv whether ht- wita u Clinrtlmn or n Jt-w*^n itiJiik wlui wam ft mosl 
Ireochiii'ouq frllow and juhl the nttlo^ p-r^ari for carrying out tlirir 
oxocrablo crimo, and with all ha&to — for their P«BOver wan oouiing on 
in thr^o ttoy^ - thi^y n^iit him I^ fincl out nnd hriTiif back with hiui tho 
vieliiii which, OA I Hi^id lM^fiii>-, had Mllppod out of thoir hnnda. 

IV. Hqw Afl Hvu Mvducvit bjf the Jnvs iiufanriiffm: 
At the dawu of ilny, on llie Mouriaj aftei' Pflliii Suuday, that 
detefltaht<< niocwengor of the Jcwa >ct out ti> r-xcscutc the huwinoai that 

St Williafti of NonmcK 

m'gijtiuTn ab ipsh dignrtlitur, »ummm]ue nb ip«o cxqimitiiR 
diligontia piier tandem Wtllelmna muenitur* Inuentum fniudu- 
U^iiti.s urrbontni oirciiiuuvml in^diis itC drcumucntiim tallacibua 
ttiDdom dccopit promissis. Fin^bul «iqiiid«tn so Will^ltni luvhi- 
diaconi Nomiceo&b eaae cof^uuui. ac udlc se illam ia ccKjuina 
hubcre sociuin. Id qua m uccum pcrscucmrct irnilla pc-r illam 
curomoda in pf»terum peroiperet. Decipitur simplex piier. hnnii- 
nifpie se credidil, Sap«r hoc Umon ta iriaUTOi fuuoris liHWrc 
Uok^ru; asHcnrfitm, quonintn pater diis iam ab hnc iuce migrauerat, 
ad ipsARi cuiti iUo |K^n\>]ciu Ad qimm ctim jtonicntNSt^nt, uie 
cauMam puer insinuate ct traditor Uixta prelilmti »crnioni>4 tonurum 
fallatie 9iie t^ndiculam intentat. Promitu^a't quippo multa dliua 
tile peniilioni^ puerilism iDonibiis pollicitis faciJiuj« dli^xil Aiimium; 
sed prinK> super his matemum nullaienus extorquere potuit m- 
9Cfl8Util. ItiTtiHUnli NJqiiiiJtnn t]-iidil4>n AKHmttt ]>U4;r ihtii>ct ntt, ivmI 
nwistit malcr prL-?<i)^8 uisceribu^ st materno atfcctu tilio suo timetui. 
Hinc traditor el iade mater: rogat ille, negat el ilia. Rf:rgat 
ille, tted ut perdivt : nc^t Ula, sod ne amittat Die so orchidiaooni 

WM committed to hiia, &ii<l at IahI Uie boy WiUiam, nft«r bt^tnja: M^nrchod 
for with very griTrtt c«re, ww* found. Whon he waa founds be got 
round bini wiLli cunuing wonly trirks nnd 90 de^iv«l him with his 
lyinj( proDuAe& For be preteiidetl tliat he was tlio cook of W^illiiiin, 
Archdeacon <if Norwi<:h\ nnrl thai ho wJAhcd to have hini ilh a 
briprir In the hitchcm, w}L«rti if he should continue At^wdily with him lie 
wuuM ^f*l ttiaiiy ailvauUi^^M in hia situation. Tlw niiiiplr boy wu 
decvlvciL, anti iruM^nl liiinnr^tf tu thtf iiiHij ; bitU #t4hin^ to liuve bis 
laothrr'n fATouniblc coiuicct-— for \\l% fnibrj' had divd by tlii» tiuitr^-lie 
Hti&rtcd vritb tbo fuUow to fiml hot. When they bad conao to wbcro 
Hhn wfti, thi* boy ti>l<l liftr tJi** <i«"»* of Jiia errxnd, and the traitor 
mc(Hjrr.liiig to th« t^^nour of hia previousi ofl**r C4wf. thfl net of his 
tTMichety. So that Hon of penlilion by many prumitiuH Audly pmvnilod 
upon tJui lioyV miiu! by his t«rupting offew. Yet at 8n*L be ouuld nut 
at all >piixi thi^ motbrr* conmmt; but when the scoundrel poreiuted tho 
innocent hoy a;crwd tliou^b bi» mothor, movwl hy prcunitimrnt, tp- 
ttijit«d, and in hor nkoth^rly aliection ft<eliii>; itoiue fear for btr aoiu On 
one 4ide was tli« traitor, on the other the mother. He bega ; ahe 
rvfuww. He begi*, liut only that ho may make away with the boy, 
Sbiii rvfuHvA^ afraid lest ahe Kbould tone hinu Ho a»ccrtH thnt h« ia 
tlio Archdittajn * oouk, but Hhc does not at all believe him. So between 

' WnUam. Arobdca«on^SoTvlch, Appear§t(>h«veheMlb*of1jcermniA.ti. 1134 
till 1150. UStveUr<ati, It. \n. 


St Wittiani of Nortxnch. 


coquum Baaerit: ilia uero noquaquftm creilit. Intsr ilUcn igitur 
ut ilium, ctiu Liitcr otiom ibl lujmm jinnui fn^nte fcrtiBstmum^ pro 
tercio clucllum ccmcrcs. A^^ua cmt mcdiuis hinc ouio, indc lujni^ 
InabU> lupuf4 ut diripiat et deu<jn^t; perstat vuia ui cripiat ct 
CQUKinicU V<tniiii f]iiui nhm pu^*r Ulcctua JWucWt t%1tcniuiqav 
«ib! aasensuEu uic^dttautvr supplicabat^ mater turn crebru filii 
prcaibuTf cunuicli^ tnni buRin uirl fKillicitAtK>iiibiin wxluctis dcniiini 
UBKtiUrc Licet LQuiUv ooiDpullitiir. Imlutuu« l^tmcn fiLo uol usqui; 
pout piuKjha pi-tut: wA traditor pn> tiigiiitu ar^vut^m pueri per 
triduum ciuvrc pai^catia t^ tiolb iumuJt Ncgat inatcr.vt iumt nc 
Dtiii auUr |MUfcIia filmiu diiuij^uram. TratlJU>r ttaquv tn^ nolidoa 
i; luurtuptu trjdiiLi (jiiil>a-< inatmii; pu^tatb UlxfiK^trircl alTc^srluia 
at mcoDstaittum ft.-aiine« teu Italia ri^rein, argenti i^plendoro 
CDiTuptuiii, ad cupidl<taleui> ddli^:U?rcL Porrigittjr arg^iitiiiu 
quasi inuiifrriH immo rcucm innocc'iitiA aaDgaiaia prL*ciuiti ; noc 
laiiii-Ji adhuc tuatenm coQcutiliir jnuLa^, ue4]uo pit^tatiih (|uud&m- 
uiodo mm futun pttwigtiMimli fadlv iiifl<;ctitur afH^^UiH, ttmiatitur 
paritt-r, tuoi liiiic prucibus, turn iodt- et. argt!iittiia ; ut si precum 
iiistaiitia irdurati cunj^tanti^iui auimi non eoiulliret, arridi^ntiif 

her and tho otUer yoa might have teen a fitrug^le aa between ft aJieep 
tuid a wiilf (who sfh*iii(k1 at the Gr»t sight far the «ir<>iige«t) in r)ef(^ncc 
ol a ililrd. TJie lainb *aa between them. Hen3 stood Uio alieep and 
there ihc wolf. The wolf stands to it that ho may rend and devour ; 
ihit lihcrp hoUlH her grotiiid tnluit iihif may rmcuif and mvi-. But l^ecnuHc 
tltti buy, bvju^ fnaoituttcdf favoutrd tho ouc and kept tm inoouiaiiily 
bugging tbe ccnaoat of tlio utU^r. the* mother, p»rt1y ovi^rcomo by her 
Hon'tt pra^^am and partly Mxluccd Iry the raiLn's fjikir prcnaacA, at IohC waa 
coiDpuUod ftgikiiLut her will to give way. She begged, howewi&r, for 
deJjiy Ihill ftfler EftHtpr; hut thf> triili^r nwore ho voiiUI ri<it wnii tluv« 
dny1^ not for tliirty pieocn nf uilver. The mother refii)4«1 in let Iifin go, 
an<i vowed she would not lei hiiTi go before Easter. So the tr^trir took 
three shillings from his purse with intent to get the better of the 
mother's fancy and to bend thtf fickle Ktubboninnss of a fickle woniun, 
Roduccti 1>y th<f glitter of money to ttie luat of gain, Thu.i the money 
waA offered sa the price of the innocent's service, or rather in truth an 
the prico of his blood. Uot not even yet wiu* the mother's devotion 
appeuwxl, nor tli*? preiienUment of a comiog evil easily nrmoved. The 
wrangling still went on: on one aide with prayers^ and on ttie olh<^r 
with the pieces of silvpr, if srj he that, though he coukl not prevail upon 
h^r stubbornness byhiH cmtinuiil uffcrs, the brightnew uf Uw ooiiiH that 
smiled at her might eerve oa a lure to her avarice. 80 the mother's 



St William of Nm^wick. 


pecQnifl Bplendor ad ctipitindiim HoUicitando intiitaret His itaque 
mAtrift achtcr puUubatur animurt, i^l iam eixh dubio pcsita pfiulatim 
tiCubabftt malema pietati^ qi preclari^ tandem Ukcta argenteia 
cupiditttUs coQuiacitur; ct coDuietA nd id qtioil nolcbut uateiu 
noli>nA incliimtiir, Kt quid rnulta f Ontiicta doniqtie matre, lupo 
committilur agou» et tmdil;>ri pucr Lniditur WiUolinutf. 


7, Qaatit^r ad iu<hoM mtrans eapiuM trit, Hlu$it^ tt oociiut. 
AKE iuu]tm tniditor il]«, oc Tun' per omnm ImU^ Lmditoris 

imitator, ctim pinoxJ Norwicuiii regreditur, Uanraensqiie per 
domnin mntiTtcm purri cum puero intmuit, Enatn^rn Kibi tnulidiase 
euin didl, iti featinaater exiit. Tunc puen inatortem continuo 
filiu ait; Cilo proscquero iUo!<, muto connderana quorsiim homo 
illcpueruDideducat, Egressaergopuetla, uiam illonim cxptoratiim, 
diiii^rtentoA eos \»^r priuata diui^niculaalougof^ecubucsl. SLn|iiciL» 
iien> ULTiilrhi h(>9|iil<iiini cuitiMlaiti iiitjoi subiiitxaiv conA[>exiC, ct 
ccmtinuo post eos hoetiuDi claudi uttendit. Quo uiw ml inntrim) 
rediit, <qu4^>que uiderat nimtiftutt. Porro puts', uclut ognoa 

mind ww cruelly vanquished by Lh^Ae, even ttiouj^h the maternal aflfoc- 
tioti <rtily alowly gavo way under the l^niptation and, wduowl at Itwt hy 
the sluniny pltfo^n uE Ki]vi?r» iiht; wmi tho victim of bor covctouHtif!^ luid 
Qaoa wirwmo nofcfu W^pw »]w beu4auf inclined t47 that wbicU yi^t tilie 
wjwi «Ti<nii3 Ui. M''bat iic-<yl of nifiny WL>rd4 T Tbo motli«ir biTtlng ;^jLi»(>d 
ovvr« lh« Utnfa nrwi hancl«i orcr to the woEf, «nd tho boj WiUubUi wan 
giv^n up tc ttm botrayer. 

V. ffoto on hig gain*/ t*> the Jews ht twu kikeitf mocked and iUiir^. 

In tho morning acoordingly thftt tnut^r, the imitator in abnoNt ^ 
evarything of tbi* traitor Judjui, nftum^ ia Nurwit-h with tJiis buy, and 
aa be was paadn^- by the liunne uf the buy'a aunt he went in with hion 
and Hiid that the mother had entnijit«d the boy to himself, luvd thim ho 
w&fti out AK^i huHtily. But thv iMjy'a tunt >ai<i quickly to her 
dnuglitcr, *■' Follow tJkom at once; and take care you Ritd out whr-jv tJiat 
man ih leading ofT the hay Uk" Thu« tb«^ girl ran out to explore the wAy 
Lbcy wen- going; nnd «he followed them at a diatanoo h th<Ty tunini 
aboa^ throQgb huiiiq pri\'at«f ftlh^yift and at IaaI Mbe luw tttein eut4.-niig 
€nutii>uidy into the house of u ourtain Jew, and tDimrdiately uht* heard 
tht! dour ahut. Whvn vho wtw this abe went back to hor loothor and 
luAd her what tib« )wi seeu. 

TJh-ii i\iK Wy» hki? ail iiiuouent litiiib, wua Jed iv the sluu^hter Ho 
«M troivtod kiniJlj^ by tho Jowa al iirbt, and, iguonuit uf what wttu 

a— 2 

so 8t William of Normdi. [bk. 

mwnrtjrrt* ad occim<wein addoclufi, * ladei^ bliuvlc suscipitar, ct 
quid negotii ergat Ae tracUretur tgnarua in craAtlnum rcoerufttiir. 
P<MtGr& urro luoc, que illLn nnno iUa pftvchali?! iulcmi, cxplctin c)a« 
ad dieiu featuw pertmtibHnt in &yiuLgDga cuiticia, iudeomni prin* 
ci}NH ill mciitomti iuiM <Iimto ]Buit<-r rtinui-iUunt, pucruaique 
Wilk'lnmm i^puliuiuiii ct nichil frAitiiia proi-atis tuetueatcm sabito 
rapiunt, cifjiK; uaribi lu: inbcmtnlibuH illmlunt modi:*. Quibtistlam 
ctooim eom a t«rgD toDcntibui«; Alii apL-rh> ori lormcnluii) q^cxl 
Qut^o t^iBHfiUuii dicitiu^ itilruitii-neruxiL, HU|Ue |>ei ulrattque fauces 
ad jHwU^nurpin <»l]i partem tvductm oi^im^in firmwdino ajiirinxd- 
runt nodo, Poatmoduni ucro bmrui fiiniculo auriculAru fcrc digiti 
hubtjuttf gn>b»iiudliic;iu um^ptu, Iriiimiiquti iu eo cerlifi kcia 
iimigniinU<9 iKHlum, cnput illud ioD<HX'Ji» tL fmnlc in occiput drcum- 
ciD^uut: mediuiii quippu ii»nti nodum eitremosquc alios hiuc 
Ct indu tijnpcinbun laipnincrit^n, (ilmrLnii|uc porLiuiii capitibus 
ad occiput strietiitsiiDc cuntr^cti«, et ittrictiMluEO cunfc'Cto ibj iiuto, 
i^lkhJ fimii;uU aupt^ivruL cirui (solium itidem }uuc vt inde ad auteriorB 
colli »ub mtjiitu ci>ntnihiiud*> ixslunint, ibiqur illud insolitum 
toimenti gcniu in quijito uodo c^ufiURunAut Sed necdum his 

Wrg pnTpnri'fl for him, he wilh kcT>t UH the morrow. But on the nc^xt 
dajr, whiuh in ilmt year wjw tht? Pnasover for them', lifter Uie Hjii^ng 
of thp bjruiua u}ip<nriivd for the dny lu Ibo njm^[Q;^t*, tins otiicfd of the 
JrwH imAcniblcd m tin; houat.' of tht^ Ji>w ftfunjvuud Buddr<tily wiEf^ huld 
cf the boy Wiltian^ aj( he wiw having IlU dinner ftnd in no fi."*r wf any 
treiwhtry, Hiid illirwited bim in varioui homblo wayn. For whilo 
wimn of thoni bnl<i l^irn Ikr-birtd, other* openwJ hi* mtiuth imd latroduocxl 
an iiiMtrumrnl of tx>rturfl which ja ratlivJ a l^^vwl**, anrl, filing it by 
Blrapri t)u-uu^b kith juwH to tht^ bnrk of hi«, tht^y £a8ten«ri it with 
a knot OH tightly aa it could 1j<> drnwii. AfU*T tliat, tjilcing a ahorl 
pi<sw of r<n>c of alwHt tho thickries? of ono'a little finger and tyirifi 
three knot« iii it at certain diHt4iiK?<<^ marked out, thoy hound roui>d 
thftt innocent heafJ with it from the fon^ljead to thtf Uick, forcing the 
midiilc knot into hi9 forohead and the two othBra into hirt t<.-mpli,», the 
tw<j f*iuipi of thr? ntp? Iif'ing inf>Kt tightly wtrctchcd at the hack of hi« 
hottd and fastened in a very tiffht knot. Ttji^ widn of tho ropo were 
then poHwd round hin neck And carried round hi§ tlircutt uuJtrr Inn oliin, 
and thflre they lininhf**! «(f tliin drcwlful cnginr-of torture in n fifth knot. 
But not 4?vcn yet could the cruelty of Uie torlurvn be nati»fiod wiihuut 

1 la 4.D. 1U« Euter fell en tho a3lh March, and Ihu Jff«w' Pa^ftovDr on the S5Ui. 
Th<f l>o/« meU>er vhon bejfipij^ for ihm day* doiirod to keep her ion witli hor till 


St William of Iformch. 


iori]iiGiitiunt exAAtumn potcriit cmdelitAa nifti et grauiorcs super* 
AfkU-rout penai^, Capite t^WDitn caao infinilis illiici ^pin;irum ^mnc- 
tir>iiiburt iiiihirnint> indictimpK^ uulncribiLt mincmbUiU^r cmcntAnt. 
Adcoquo cruflelcfl nbquc promptuwmi in infereDdu erfuit pcDA 
ut nix diHctTiitroH utruiu cniduliorOB »iue »d tonnn-mlum fortut 
prutupliun^s- CruJcliUibi Mf^uidcin in'rttv ct arniii fi!iickib ct tmh* 
minirrtmbAt torquondi pcritia. lU ergo chmtiftni nominiv ad- 
uervAriia <taU ma>lignitAtItt *ipirita circa putruiu deUw:haniibuji 
aiiqui c]9t Intcrfiicnmt cpii in dominicc pnasionis obprobrium «rucin 
Ulum adiudicaniDt patibulo. Factumque cot ac ai dicercDt : 
Qiicnuulmodiim Chnntum murbv tur|»iuHimn cnndcmpiinuumu), 
ct chri^tianuui paritpcr condcmpncmiis, ut doiuiDunt oc »cnnitn pan 
pitfclciitc-a |)viia impKipvrii eius peuam t^uum nobid aa»cribimt is 
ipnco rcUinpioitiia-4. Ad cxctpicndiim igitiir tantc vl laui t<xo- 
croodo malitic cx>zispirADt'CA flagitium m^x innoccntcm uicbimrun 
IfikonibuH cruentut ariipiutit et a terra ttubUtum pAtibulcx|uc ap- 
plicntiiiii |>nri iioto ccrtalim <^xtingiicrc contdidiint. El noa reiu 
djligcntiim inquircntcs et domum inucnimiis ct i^i ^e^tc signa 
cvrtuHuiia iu i|wa dcfprthi^udiiuu» r^l iunmtl«tiv. Krat autem, ut 
&nia trndittir, pro patibulo postia inter po^cs duos metUus lignnc^uo 

Mldin^ KWn niorA lufvere- iduUla. Having ahaTcd liiA lieaU, Ihey iitabbed 
iC with OJuntlefM ihom points, and made the blood come horribly from 
Uli^ wciundu thoy niwlr. Auil cruul l\wy mvl vo va^irr to lulliGt 
paiii Uiat it *aa diflicuU to say whtiUwr ttwy were niurt? crui-1 or uivro 

Ci&gunivuM ill ihuir to['tiii\?i. For thoir nkill iii Ujilunit^ kepi u^ the 

^atrui^h of liicir cruelty and iiimlritvrcd Amut tbcj^to. And tliua, 
while di«ae cncmios of the Chrbtian nanui wcano rioting in thv Hpirit 

Lol malignity aroiifid tliL* bvy, nuiuo <if iliusa prcUL^it luljud^yl him to bo 
led to a croHV in nii>ck^ry of tho Uird V piLH>«ioi), nn lliough tti^y would 
f, " Bvfin aa wo cr>ni^<>mnAii the Chrint to a vhiinii^] clnath, no \at xtu 
aIhM> CMmdfTinn the Chrintmn, «> that, uniUng thn I/inl tmil h'ltt w^rvunt 
iiA a lik^ puniHiuiienU wo luuy rtitort U|>o» tiieiueidvtf the pain of Uiut 

[ivprooch which thoy impair to us," 

CoDhpiring, then^fon^ to occomplmb the crimo of thin f^reat and 
dc'lii^tahle iniilicv, thoy iiext laid thuir bloud-atained haiida upon Ciw. 
maoceni victiin, and h^vuig lifted him froni tlie ground and faateaed 
him upon the cross, t^cy vied with one another in their c^ort« to make 
an cod of him. And wc, after on<juinng into the matter very djli- 
grntly, did both find the huutte, and diHcovt^rtvl mmw inont certain marka 
in it til what had he«Ti doDe there. For report goua that tliere waa 


St William of Norwich. 


nd ipftcw A medio in dcxtcmm ct iitrobiqitis [>on«cta. Et sictit 
per uulnerum et uiiiculorum uc«ti^a po9tmodiim rcticro drprio' 
hendimiifi, it dcxttiK dextcm cl pm <]cxtcr lunciilin atrictiwiimo 
coartnntui ^ a fiinii^A w&vo leua aec aon et pes leuusgcmino cliiTio 
affigitnr. Uec aut^m ex iiiduHtria flic agebantur do sd licet 
qu&n(]cx|u« tnucntui* dcprchcnw in co hinc rt indc clsuorum 
fixuris, a iudeis ncn a chmtianla depr^hendaretur uti<juo fTiij<90 
<>ccLMiH« Hf*\ diiiii hco ^icnti:^! pi:nin fx-iiwi vX uiilnerft &uper- 
addvn-nt uutueribu^ necduui Uluicd audelitetis auo uocordinm 
uxtinguun; ut iiiiifttam cdbi chrisbiiuii nominia inuidiiiiii p^tenuit 
sftciarc, Nompc post tct ct tantos cupplitiorum cnic^mtiw ntnintro 
eiua Uteri u^iue ^ cordis intloiA uulniu^ acerbuni inflj^iLnt, ot 
(fUiitii fjikctu ixn fftcicaU^ uitAin In l|wj quiuituin in ipKln fulb 
niorUil^m cxtuiguimt. Et quonimo per tolum corpus pliirimi 
ean^uiniH defluebant nut, tuiii ad repnuieodum sanguineui turn *d 
biUiiudA I't dniidtndn nuhiem, a uipitc duorwini ftruc-ntiJwiiiiain 
ULfudurunt aquam. Sic itaque gloriosua puer el martyr Cbristi 
Willplmus in domiDicxj inorlin obiux^briuru tttnijhjndilt^r morieiui, 
glorioai eaDguine mart^rii laureatuA, supcmo gloric odcptus c«t 

there instead of a crout a p<M<t net up between two other posta, &nd a 
beam atrctohod Msroon tho midmoat poat nnd ntt«ohed to the other E>n 
iritlior fli(l<i. And as <wq afUtrwArds diaoovorcd, from tbo rivLrbo li the 
WQuadn ojid of thn bandA, tho right hA.^d ^nd foot had Lk^oil lightly 
Ikiuiu] and fjuitcmnl with mrdii, hut tbe liift hand And foot worn piflfcod 
with two imilit: no in fact thfl diHvJ wan dnnf* hy drjcign tfiat, in cjwe 
at any time he 8houM be fuuiid, when llit- fujtUiiiinj^ uf tht* nails 
were diMoovrnti it mij^ht not be supposed that he had been killed by 
Jews rather Uian by CliriKtiana. But while in doin^ thv-M". thin^ they 
werv luJding pang to pang aiui wuund to weiin<i, and yet were not ahle 
to juiliftfy their hcartlc«a cruelty and tEieir inborn hatred of the Chribtian 
name, lol after ull tlir-w many and giVAt tortun'-^r they inHictod a 
^ghtful wound in hU left Hidei, ni4ching txtn to his inmont lieort, and 
i\s though to make an enci of all ihey extinguished his mortal Ufe so 
Cur OA it was in their power. And since many streams of bl'Xxl ^voro 
running down fruin i\\{ part* of hin body, tlusn, to vLop tho lilood 
and to wiwh and close the wounds, they poured boiling water o\-er 

ThuJi then the glgiioui» Wyond martyr of ChHM, Wilhain, dying 
tliO detth uf time in rt<p]\>ach of tho IjortlM dc^tlx, bul cii>wik^ with 
tbft blood of a gloriouH niartyrdonij entered into the kingdom of glory 


St WiRiam of Nortvic/i. 


ngnum ctomollbcr uiucnA'. Cuiu« onima inter egre^ aginina 
tputctorutu in c^lib felictti^ oxulbat; cuiua cur)>us diuitie iiiint*m* 
Flunuift umnipobcDbiiL in U:rnK gluriuou ujiriliuib. 

vi. Qtmle cojmlium super eo occuitaTuio <icoepiTii7tL 

COMPLETO itoqiio mnligniUtiJ^ »uc proposito iudci sccum dc 
cotcro cotiflutentcs corpiu exanime poato depeiulciiH dc-i«*utru 
ciiraa<*ntnt, tt i^uid pupcr tH> facijuit comiminc CJ>njiiUui]i incuiib. 
Aiunt plurimi ))lud in mmuiido l:tco proideDdmu* Uuiijuiuu in 
obprolmi eb dedecoria augueDtuio. At»biiliurcA iiet\» n«niDulli 
tdlure abscondcndum putaoi. ne ip»um chrbitlnrLt filir|iuitcmin 
inuezun pruuakaiit. Scd diuixu dinpcimiintc'l' cIcmcDtia cjut bam 
c^regium martjrom poHleria rouelanduii] bvmporibiiTi ptxiutJubab, 
nee loco immumdo ddci nrquc tcUurc pcrmi^t fkb^condL Diuino 
igitiir id ip«um diepcnMnto coiuilio, dubitaiibibu8 illia et quid 
fuciAUt niehil jwlhuc pro ctrrtii h&bi?ntibLus itintn.-^ in hm: uiuuiiuicM 
cocuwntiiukt ut^ dum circn id ncgocii diligcntiiis cxco^tcot, i^uiu 
loco floci^^tiori intcrdnni conserueut- CraHtina ui^ro ilhiHEX'bCuijtt! 


4UiUghtoKTef6rev«r^ Whoaeiioul rcjoicoih b1iuluJlyinh<kiiv«a«moag 
the bright lir:HlH of i^i& mtinlff, iLnd ttl]OM> ttudy liy Ulu oiiinipoU*ncc of 
th© divine mercy wtirkpth miracles upon earth, 

vi, /I<nv (My iwk coun^H abfMt hiding him. 
Tbu>, th«tr wicko<J purpoHc hnviiig Uftn canriKl out, tbo Jotrti 
conHu]ti[k|^ with odc another about wimt dicQ waa to bo done, takin)^ 
down bin lifplcjw Iwdy from the post-, liegan Xn plot whnl they nhoiild 
dci with itv Many prnpofl(<<l that it Hhmild >t? thr<>wn \nin the rlrnujfht- 
IkOtvie an if to ira'n^MK* the »»lLiuue uiid disj^rsuM^ \ but Huuie uf the tniriv 
crafty onm tliou^ht thftt it ought to 1>? hiddrrt tn tbv ground, Wl the 
Oinitiona 1^ Homc mcaim or ot^r abould iiu<:(ir4>c| in flndiag it. But 
tho diB|wiieutiou of thodi\-iik« Tnt<royi vhi^jh provi<Jo'l thnt no illubtri^ius 
a mnrtyr Hboulil \n* umdc^ known U> poratAritj, np<it)inr nlloW4vl him to 
\vf> Hung into an unclcvin jilaon nor lv» hiddim in Uia navtb. Tbt^nrfoxti 
by t\\Vf divine pui^KMe di&poung the ni&tter, it c&ino to juua that while 
they were IQ doubt nod <ftjite uncertain what tJiey should do, thoy all 
oamt to an ajn^c«ioeiil that till th^ could think tho matter out more 
carefully th**y nhould keop Jtini for awbili* in sunl(^ Hticrut placir. But 
tho uext dAy at dawn they came together agaia to settW the bualnetiA ; 

' [q tbe jev of our LordV IcciLrufttioii, 1114, on VTfidziaMlaj, SSod d&y 
or Marofa. (Marffin&l QOta ia th« US., fWiwi inafiu.) 


t4 St WUliam of NorteicL [i 

ditt mA prrltlmltim iUrrum ooQii«aitaiit nvgotima ct> vicot mh sbqt>» 
4«HuiM pOBtnuxJutii (linlicuniiH, illiji qMJdefn fiatw mpev eo pertne- 
tAntibuif, «t ijnid Agvrvnt pronntii »lbuc ignorvitilMu, qiiidua qui 
ini«r ipooK niJiu>m crat AUCioriUtiH, djuiiio ipiaini inicptnuit* «4 
Jmpellonttt oiitci, tA]« ^U fettur d^adiflao coDAiliam: Audite mo, 
fmlnA, <loEnU)MMt l«gvi [itnitAbor«i) cmalatorai; nobu |>er omtua 
iniitilfl foreo«iia«o ot penculum postmodum ftffutuniiii pertiiiMsco, 
mi huiiM ofarbrtiaai oorpuH uvl doM!» ncflrtnM dcuK^rgntur Kiu<} nub 
UtLliiru infim boapitioniTn nonlronjm rfBCjmlHliir nmUttim. Cum 
«Unin pTMio comjMintiii tnAAcunui ho«{>idi»H fii iofiv wa&mem 
ll«l citiu* nouA ftliqiui irufiirgonta <«iitiui His oqumui ftd aIm tnuMett* 
mn>, fMnnia quu diMcanim nostrum coiueqiii pOMUnt nimis uet^or, 
6i i)u« mjLxim^t timiM ntw contiii^oDt ueheroontur udiftirftbor. ■ 
DJMOod^Iitibiiii rutmp<< tiiyhiH wibintmnUw chnnrtinni itniiiona pn>- 
tooio MCTUUbunlur. et tunc ^tiU noD <^re*dat uon ud cloaca* in 
f>t>prubriiiiQ iKmtrum purgnro, uof iinplijtiit uctorit>u>^ riouon quo 
liliiiorit looo offtxloro ? Quid ergo? C*>titing(^n*! e§t ot fcciio a 
|>urj^fitibiu Htmi n fiHliuntibub twrpui* inui^DirL Quo innvnto, 
no(|iiAr|Uiuii DhriflLtmiiri fitctum imputubttur, dcd tutiuii f^cti crimon 
in nun nimintm IniTiHfundotur. Non enim mmsimHQ ludtitur 
quwl aut chmLiuii d4> clirUtiaQOr «ut iud«i talia fieri aliquatenus 

Mid — mm wo l<**rtil AftrrwarvU frutii i>]i« ol tboin — vLilo thuj were du)- 
OUtfling mill ■ill) quitn umlt^^idiHl v/linl ihviy nliould di>( i>n<i vf tbom wVn^ 
WM of gnvit HuUmritj' ruiiuii^ Uiem- n ciivine impiUu? in^ipirir^; and 
bnpvllinji him - i» ropo>rt4)d to Iul^-v given lui lulvioo iliun ^ *' Hviirk«[i 
unto mn, limtliivn ittudi>ua %mv Uio divino Ihw. I ibink i1 would b^ 
qilito UMdcMft for uh, and I fiMir it wnulil U^ ]HTi)r>mi hriiVAfu>r, if tliin 
QiriAtiwi'H diTviUit^ ¥rem t4> bo 1tun)£ into our iMfuvjicKil or burird in thn 
Kniunil uii our prMiiiMM, Fur mx<^-^ wc iiiv living ui bir«d bouMai* if 
withiii ft luuntii i>r lt«v wl^ ilto forced fof xorno rviuiOQ to Wvo thcw 
pn'inhtM nnd jp> oWwImn*, 1 un Tor]r nraoh afniid— Anil I »l»ktl be vroiy 
luuoL 4urpriiml if it dooH not turn out w>— of wh*l muat follow upou 
uur depftrtiin^ For, m aurv am wv go^ tho Chmtiuifl when tbey coaic in 
will cvrtAiidy oiuuii>e everjrtluug: aiul tbvii wW <nn bdiow that t^y 
mil not, tv iliAMiB iu^ oU«r out oar c^nspooln, or, filling up tW old veven, 
dig new ooni And wlut tlwnl I'he probability b Uwt the body will 
b» «Mily f^uand, whoUuir Ibo Bew«<m nrr ckwied out or new oikv dug. 
And if tbc budj- bo ftMmd the de«d viU suraly noc be Attributed to 
OwutiMK, but tlw guik of ttio wliolo buotmn will bo Ud upos Oi 
bi;i;rv«i^l « (WoU, W it will not k^u pnjb«U« ihrt flu lit In in would 
li«T» winbird iv do thta kind of tbing to a OhcMn^ <r Jew* to do 


St Witlian of Normch. 


iioluiwtcnt d<t iiidco. Quid itaquc inter hec reetAt mediam nwi 
mi geste uehtas ct uoritiitis npcrt'^^ indtliuni w\ omniiim iKi^trum 
oommuiiU pericuJi detnni«<ntiim ^ Pixifccto iniprouidentie noHtre, 
culpa Don immerito genus nostrum tunc Ab AngLtc patlibus 
fbnditus cxterTuinabitiir ; immo ot, qiaod ncbta ma^s uercndiim 
c«t, DOS ct uxrjrt':* JM^ jviniiili iMirbari.^ tnulrTimr in pixrdftm, 
r&piemur ad mortem, dRbimur in ^xterminium, et erit ncmen 
ni>8lntm cunctiK obnmliriuni gcntibtia in et(*mum, A<J oiithmdw 
jgitur tot immineDtium miilorum inciirnis priKlentiori nobis prom- 
dendum est connlio, et alia qiiajn preuidimus gmdiendam uia. 
Oftuetc inquAm uobLc, ct mwtris iKlqiiie«cilo <co>iunli]s. Oum 
rea gesta ait, et quod bctum eat non fieri non pos^it, precipnc 
pn.'uidondum qiiAtinuit ut ohristiftnw nctjo laU^nt L-t quod Kcrcmur 
non oontingat. Quid multa ? A^portandum est, inquam, corpus, 
et in flliquo lon^u^ a nubiH loco exponendum ubi, m furt^ in- 
neniatur, pro murdro. ul ita diojuu, chn?«t]nni illud haU^adt. 
Cuinque mnrdri st*mio circuracirca percrebuerit, non dtibium est 
qnin regie iustitie exat.'t(*R;i ad liicrandum uolantaiii fimbidoi^as 
aiirea faJso facile adhibeanl rumori, 7'unc ^iiquidem rclntn culpa 
in ohn»tian09, no6 in postonim reddet securoA. C&'tKinte eo loqui 

ft to A Jew. "What then i» IHcely to comA out bat the truth of the 
Tnatlrf-r? and tho deteH:inn of thft f.nith will licing a vwy eictremo |«*ril 
upon UK all, Indord, tJirough «.h** fault of nnr impnidotirt^ and nnt 
undeservedly, our rEkc« will l>e utterly driven ouL fn^rn ull juLrtA of 
England^ and — which is even more to be dreaded—we, our wive« and 
mir little ori^Ts witi lie given over iw a prey to the barbarians, we shiill 
1>c <lcUviMtHl up Ut death, wo nhall U* 4:xtcnninAt«dr and our nftme will 
beoome a reproa^li to all people for ever. We ou^bt tlien'foro to 
take counwl warily for nverliug the approach of eo macy thre«teiiinj» 
mivohieb, aii<l wn niuat fiiil4*r upon a dilTert'jit coum^ fmm that vliich 
wo have thought ol Look to youraelvee tlien, Bay T, and turquicKce in 
my advice. Siiic^ the facts are on they ai'e, and what la done cnnnot 
bo undone, the first thing 'mi, to take mwwmre* whereby the matter nifty 
bp conci'ali'i] from the ClirintianK, and ko that iimy not happen which vo 
fear, JJriefly 1 say that ibe IxWy mual be put awJiy fnwn uk ami lie 
exposed in some place a long way otT fmia us, hO tlmt if il be fuund thu 
Cliriati&nH may Uiiuk it a imuh" of murder; and if the talk of a mnrdor 
becomes bruitod abroad tliere iw no ^l<nibt that Uie offic^rw of tho king's 
justicctt, eager for gnin, will readily open tlielr eara to the false rumour. 
Then, eince the blunie will bu laid upon the Christlaof, It will make us 


St William of NorvncK 


ibiquo plftciiit fi<>nno nnin^ms ^t propomtiam nub fin^ conflUium. 
Noo mom; corpus rapitur fit in fiocrt-tiori qiiD libutt loco doj&tum 
«4ilig<3>itismme intc<rduin occiilitur, ut occtiLto rtim no^oiit (■xoqxKTndJ 
M immeirsoret oporttuiita« oBVratur. Dies iIJq dies abaotutionw emt, 
qtto totiiis epi3f^opii oatcruutim pcu]lcntial43ii nd matrem oocI<:«iam 
Norwtconet^m conneniro i^omiii«iiorn.nt, «»t tocius tunc ciiutatis 
plftte« ambukntinm plufl solito Imjuentabantur multitiidino. 
Quaro socuniui nou ^tki^ab&nl t<i go dii^ IlicL^iviit \^ua\ do t^oqionf 
fiic^ro propomi-nint. In cmftimim c^rgo ditntiitn ^i^t n^igntium, quo 
dies scilicet foret eis ad Mnbul&iiduDi oportunior, et ad exQUndum 
quo udlvnt cotoria multo seouriur. 

vil QuovvxJo aspoTtatUB el in atlud sit abscondilua, 

ILLVXIT rlies cmwtinu, (jiio ubicnmi|uc f-hnstmnu florc^t roligio 
crucifl tunc ndorandc uc?ncnibilia est sac?niiiiPiito. Hitc quippo 
omnibus chn»tiania moH eat plus soLito gtilo pArcondo ab otnnibufl 
dclitiin ct iiolupttitihiie; abtitint'iv ot ooclcsins MLiiuUirum iJcuotc 
circueiindo plk orationuni stndii^ diligcntins insistorc. Sub huiu« 
igitur luciEt aurora a Dcus-adiuuct ct <|TUKlAm alio, iudcis nd id dto 

Wh«n he c«i»ed speaking ihu speech please<} all prwent^ a,nd tho 
fluftl propositiuii vroH udupted. Tho IhxI^ wah ^t uuce removed atul 
wu'riori to a ai^ivt pUce and earcfuily hidden fcr the tirac, thiLt wh«n 
the opportunity^ for getting rid of it Ahould occur it might bo tokon 
Jkwny, That d^y wtw tli*" A(>>K>liiti<»n <lfty, on which ihn p«init<>ntH of 
ihtt whoI«< dioc(«n wore nccuHtomixl to nwioniblc in f^ruwiin in tho M»thcr 
Churnh At Norwii'h, and the Mr^fA of iht\ wh«l« city wrr»i ow»wd«] 
with ail uiiUMial muHitud*^ of |ieoplt' walking alKiut. S<j thty ilid not 
think it nafi! to (leal with tlie body on that day as they had proposed; 
but put the }>unijie84 off to tho next dny as being moro convenient for 
them nnd much viit^T for tht^m for wtting uut ;ind walkinj; to any ptuicc 
thi.iy wiahed to roaoh. 

viip /low he wag Oftrricd o\U and hidden in ths wifvd. 

Thtf morrow dawBed, when everywhere the Chrisl.ian religion 
Rpeciftlly celebrate* a dny of solemnity by reiuon of tJic Hacrnmenlal 
rite of tho ftdoration of thfl cross [f a. Good Friilayj, On that liay it 
m tlie cu&tom amoii^ uU Chmtiana with aparin^ diet to abstain frojij 
ftU amusementfi and ple&sures, and while going round tho churche^i of 
the t^nt4 to be diligently engaged in devout attendnnce at the prnyeraH 
At daylight thcniforc on thiH dtLy the Jttvfit whu hjul Un^ii chc»(*n thr; 
day before, fiau:ely, May-God^id \i.^ EUazar] and another, tied up the 


St WiUiam of N&t^ch. 


fiiini efferlpurH Q.ulbu^ cuiu or>rpiii'c ciiiitJitcni ugrumin vt siluam 
d^ Tuip l&m ^ubiIktIHntibuA, obuiue forto fnctm crtt burgonsu 
(jiiulani iiitur ]jruci|»iijn 4}ni<Jeiii Norwici et dituiaiiiioa aiinolataa, 
j^luerdu^ iKJticeb cognoDi^nbo DciE, Qai en nocW ui^iitAtifi quo 
ill urbv niiiib «*ec1i:vilm laud^iii d» Miacta Mariu MagiUiltfii^ que 
intiniiOTum est sub iDomoraUL ^hiii coiiiiniii]i.'atium cum irolc 
fmikulo HectiM exiremoH siJue RoeB ad MLuctiim itui'us Leonarduni 
rvLltluit. Quixl diuiufi contigU diH]K'ikNuiU* ^Hm, d ub IwLi^ 
lugitijiiujf iDlerueiiirel, et inuenlo pu^buiixliiin corporti cliru^tifiDoci 
rvH j^eettJi iiuEiiiiitT Ijtteret. Eiluurdun iUujUf-' UutiHuiiuUbmi iudeui 
eupiTUL-iiiun« ol iudutuf quidc'iii ii^iicruit, s<^] ijuid idlur t^rum nnte 
i«ti HUpcr uqui cuHuiu hIc abportaret dubitauit. Porro tlubiUuitt; 
uo i!t MNruiti ruuoluenlo quid ntt^jlii n lnijir<tniiitibii9 IrficULTcttir^ 
quidquo e^^u pusi^t quo<) n^parUui uidcbnlur, siu^ quia die i|iia 
iiidoi doniibijs egredi mm cufi^uiiiiemiU el ipi liinc 1un^iiij4 <r}^>z<.j 
cemerentur, p&uliiipcr giaduni cuiituiiiib. ut quo tundervDt inqui- 
E!Liii]t, Pn>piu?L u^^n} ficciHlt^iui el inaiiUH InitltriiN qiiiHl fcn^T>jiti]r 
dextera quid&ro totigib el humHtiuni «.'mc corpus depreheadit* lib 

body of thf blo«aod iimrtyr William in tx taick nnd carried it out« And 
frlien th«y had got out of the city witb the body, aihI were just upun 
entering Thorpe Wood, ii clwtfic«i that ft ceruiin Hti;e«n of Norwiob, 
and bo onr of tho Enont cmln<*ni and richcub uf thi; nitvu^iwt, met Uinn. 
Ilui Cbrintiati uaxae wum iElwArd aud hut sunuime w&m Dod. He, after 
viHitiiig ivll tho churcho* in thp dty during the proviouw rdj^ht, wan 
returning fram tho church oE St Mary MagtbilDnc, which ia tho ^iKurch 
of tho nek folk whoto abode is near th« aioresaid wood, and vttfl 
rnakin|{ hiii way with a dnglo iM>rvant to 8b Leonord^a Church, along 
tho ndgfr f(f th<^ wood. Thin hiq^pen^l by the orrUining of Ocr'tt grooe 
and in ord^r fhtkl a Invful witncAK might t>r forthcumiDg, so that whnn 
i}i(^ Ixidy wan aft^^rwarda dtHc^iviri^yl thr- nialUrr might not be ooiiMftldd 
from the CliriatiaDs. Bo jSlwsrd, ooniing upon the J«wa aa the^ were 
going along, recognued them, but could not tell what It vaa that 
one of thrm una carr^'tng Mt/w him oti ^li* horwV nock. Howo%'er. 
bt-ing in di>uht, and cuiL>iideriug with hintNrlf what the poiMCrs by were 
about and >*bat it could possibly \k whidi iboy w<'n' carrying with 
them* and vhy they should have gone fw far from home 011 a day when 
it vrtxn not tlii^ cuatom for tht Jrwii U) lawr thoir hoajic«, he halted for 
a mom«nt aitd anked theiu where tliey wero going. Thf n, going nearer 
ftnd Uying hands thereupon he touched what they wrro cannnng with 

28 Hi WiUiam of N^mmch, m^ 

rjui/i 'li'y^'^il, fl^lr/jjMnM 'ffjujn trariMf^rijrit 'rt frilTi'; 'J'?rintAit/rrrf irj' 
l^'imi Html, C^ua 'J'? r'; ujuiirurii iimIi Kiiny/uno Kilii'^fli m'rnU^rfj 

nrjir/jiirrj rtfUinaU iuU^T'i^ vvUfi h'i>ijtv\Am :v: '\tmt*/>iMft ^\\u*^ ku}>- 
*'jmu^ 4'fTiMliM*ifii ''/fr]/*iM tzhtiuut ttr\^fri \m^ i^mUMs^ w'Wf^-ri'ic'njni. 
i^jfjij'? il/j fAii^f li'ffnuw Hlvm* r^t^i^m ^mu% uU* Qfjibii>^, UhU 

nihi tvfTvt^^w vA'st 'iuhuir'% Qui 'rU^jiirij huJu^Ki'^Jj H'jnt 'n/»ri'A 
'j'Vfijf^rjK unffji'i'^M ttAUffvt. ijl/J/jiJ'; a^l'^ifM: ifutUiniJi jmti^ut, Iniw/m 

U':f(rt^ jrj<l<;i iufttrttmiuui ^wM ':x itiri'^'; wW '^/iiti^f-irat o;U;ri* 
SIMO I'lurifiiiiifi '^ififtUrniati *':hri>rtiarji jiofr^irjih h'*t** '|iji'J 


Ktv^i &t ^lAvinif Ixwffi tim/vivirn*\ jmmJ in tt^^ir l^-rr'^r $iiit \Mvitiif AnyiUinf^ 
Ui Hfty, ifM/li; 'Wr«i full K*)!"!' JwW mt^tM \uU/ i\n% iWink '/f t\u'. tutiA. 

M\wkM ; ytfi }ih rt^MlM htn th'/u^htA Ut t\fi r'jvi whuth h*; Wl Uj^ru 
puniujijg w}tr?n }m wim t^iif^'ni in \tiH tinviAUfral titniA'tyuttitti. 

M'^riwhilir Dm J*twtt, pKkiu^ iUirir way Uir^^ugh ib'r U/»gI«J 
tKjckM* '^ tl^ wi^i^j, hun^ lIm; UjfJy Tjy a Uiin flAXfm r^fitj t>/ a tr*rf', 
ftrcJ h^t JL Ui#^?, Mft Uvm n^unc^i h'^fM? )/y /tiu/t^tt^ i^Ath. Ari'J U> 
lAUw: Lljjfy wCTv? «;jitrf;fiM?|y UmAf^J ATfJ tunwJiivtA infw funn at '?vi:ry 
ttu^iiinii witlj liny 'am itwt iU^y mw, I istatji^i^tMrtt tluit ttmi hnjfff'Trj'i'i 
t'f Ui'TTii vhi^;}! w iMcublly tlu? canf; wiUj virry lirni'l jm?'')')'? whi; unt 
MfUtniumH ijf jftiJjL for Ui#?y wUf ftrv in Huch Mi CMtfi Uitrk with hUH|fjr:tffrj 
nL t-yt'ry)ftf'iy Ui*t f^f^nra tii tlnrir w^y, An/J tli^ry mj*? piifHlJH t'^vt^ry- 
w)iffr<?f lUKJ ItiJfy MUf'pfM^ iliMi thi7 MUjn<» Mi^i trfv^n in tkf; tUnUtWAi nri'. 
tmrti. At Mfiy rati; th«: Jf^WN whim tAmy f^A Ijack tokJ Uii; oth'^m thf^ 
rifJMtiajf Uiiil WJ occurFDcl Ui UiMn on the rtjttti. 

viii, //<«* iy gMmg a hu/ndre'i marca to the Hktfriff they were rui 

TTcf imcmutm tA t\w ChrUtijuiM, l^ng vi;ry much dunrvAfJ, werr? quit'f 
ftt Ik loia whftt CMirw t'f Ulre. And in 'lenpAJr, wliila one wan nagg^ting 


St William of Noiivick. 


aio et aliux alitor do tfalute commuDi deliberant, ad lohanncm 
taodem uiceoomil^Di, solitum f«ibi nj^iltiin, banqiiam wl uDicum &t 
RiDgiilaro ]>reind{iiiit ri.'.'itinaro doc^niunl. Omnium itaqut^ conmlio 
ncCuni c»t ut quidatn qui ceteros auctoritatu pnrinincbcuit et 
pi^tentia ad ipHum eunlo^ ita cum i|>80 a^rent r|imtinii» eiiis 
falti )iatnK!inio jKiNtiutxlum nil limcrcnU Vmluiit ill!, ca«tclli 
munitiotiem subeunt, et prewntie uicecomitis odmiituatiir. Cui 
8e maximiur <]iioddain h/ibi^re s^crcttini atiint, i|ij<>r] till solE 
wwrotiiw €onimunicnro u<!liDL Ncc morn^ rtinotl^ omnibus (jui 
ademnt, iubet Johannes ul uelle ^^uiim protiniLs edicant. Bt illi : 
E^rc in inji^^a jHrrturbntionu poTiiti siimus, dc qua si ope nostra 
liberenuir centum nobis marou promittimuik Marcanim ille 
nitrni^ro dcl(!cUxlii» promiliil ^i? ct sst^crcMim colnr*.' cixtpio ojwm 
uuiun pro uiribus in aiiquo noii defutunim, Hc-uolato itaque 
aecroti tJinti n<>gotio o<:jnfeHtitn ^ilut'rdutt jLcctTHitar. Qui iil>i 
oduciiit. iubcnU? Htalitn iinmo ct cogtmUr uici^comitc, ndil nolib 
fide ot iummento con^HtrictiiH eat quod iudeos super uisiei noa 
in&nuurct ni^H[Uu nisii uita comitc, iid mUcm usque ad cxtreznum 
ujto (tuo diem, detcgeret. Diuino uero gratis dkpensatio neqim- 

thU and another that nieaaure for tleir cotiuood nafety, tliey deUr- 
mine<l at liut to make advance to Joha the 8heriJf. who bad been wont 
to 1» tht-ir refup-! and \X\t*it tmw and i^nly prol*icUjr S» li}' common 
consent it was arran|>e<l that t*r(am of them who wtre their clupi m*m 
in inDut^nc^t and piiwrr Hhould go to him and deal with htin so that, 
aupjjortwi hy liiH aut}ic»rity, thc^}' nhould hereafter hav* no miiw for 
ahtrm. Qii they wciil Aurl [Hbwiriij wiUiiu the cuAtln walU, wL«n< ud' 
iiiitt«d to tlu? prrsH'-Jkcc of the itheriiT^ aud tTit.7 wLid tlutt lliey hud a 
gnut avcrtft to divulge atuI vHahcd to communicate iccrrtly with him 
altjtie. StraiglitvAj', when all who wi%rt« ptvucrtit had withdrawn* John 
h(u)o ttiani Frtrthwith U\ tipealc out wh^t they waiil^, &nd th^ 
n^liod, ■* TxM>1c you, wn are placAd in a position of groat nnxioty, and 
if you can help uh out of it, w« [irominnyun a himfln*d marrai," Ho, 
dniiffhtoc! nt the number of marc«, promised that he would botli k»?<p 
cbae their a«<ret and thai, accordiiijc t<> l^i^ power, he would not fail 
to give thoni hin support on any ouca^iou. 

AcCT>rdi[iKV> ™^>''''i t^H' gi'wit ftt^cret had been revealed, ^Iward wtut 
hjuitily HuiniuoDed, and on hLi appcarnncti be wru imniodLately ord«reti 
and compelled by the Sheriff, nay, furci^l, wticthrr be would or no, to 
take an iHith. that ho would lay no infurruaLioK a^Dst thij Jews nor 
divulge what hn hjul w'cn during bin lifetime, or at any rate till he 
htjiifaelf waa at the point of <tmtii. lint the ordering of the divine 

so St WiRiam of Norioich. [b; 

quam sompor to^ uoliiit quod in laudom c^ro^ii marlyrb sui o-t 
gloriain, quodr^uo (ui it^raiidixin p<Ls?^Lo»i» sue mcmoriixm in proxima 
postinodiim multiplicitcr rcuolandum dii*postiit, Cu^Lutis ctenim 
annin <|uiDquo idem ^luerduB Uifirrmtat*^ curreptiiFi ad extromum 
deduoiiiH cntp Sub uLtiiiin ucm cxitus mil hora r\b \\w> nicm jtucfx> 
Willebno, iam luno per totam cirounKjiiaque pr^uintLaiu oi^bria | 
minLQulL^njin iiirtutibiiH clarc?icciito. ptT iiututn niainunituH c^t ut 
(juc tiidt:n;t quibiui ticllot ivuclandiim non ii^gligon^t. Eucxmtits 
ita ltd BQ quibuHdom quutf tibuti ot-'Crc-ti rt^uoTaUone dig^ios estimabatt i 
Wiclteinixnno scilicet rDi>nA4^hi> cui in coiu<ii)ondiit pciiitutLlibua 
jm<i8 cpbcopua uic^^e '^ornitibierat, et prcabitcro dc s^AHCto 

Nifiholno, tandem moricn.*^ iitquc inter ultiinn laburunH itcrba iuxta 
mt^morati niartyria preceptuin quod dc ipso uidorat ac po^tmodimi 
pro ccrto cognoucrat <:ift ex ordJnc prutetitfituQ va%. Quud vgo 
Thomas iJionachtLs Nonviccnwis cijnlcm rcfercntibii:* midicnrt ct 
rcucm iicrum cwic c:i>j^on(^i;nn, ncriplo trad^n cuiuui, quumum 
tantri? ucritAtia nrgumcntiini prctcrcundum siuc silenUo tc^^ndum 
noti duxL 

goodnras by no mcani* nufTfin^ that to be hidden which H© tletemiinod 
Hhoiild \^. nifuic< niiiiufent in iiiAny way»i t<> the prai^ti uf His illuKtnoiiM 
m&rlyr and to the keeping alivo the momoiy of Uia own pa^ori ui the 
aft«>r tirao. 

Accordiiifrly, ^hvi\ five yearn !jad gone by, this j55!ward, overtaken 
by infirmity, wrt* brought nwir his end, But oa his last hour wan 
dmwing nt^jir^ be w^ia rulnirinish<)d in a virion by the holy boy, WUliarn 
himHtdf (who wwi jijituidy now becoming very fiuiwus* thnmghout 
Ihe whole provircc by hi^ miiny mighty works), not lo nej^Ifci tho 
miiJcing known t<> whtmiHotivcrr htr pU'iuuxl thr things which he had 
B»n. Bo, having iuvit«l tc hU bv^laide ocriuln jxrmijnH whom he 
th(fU):ht wtrrthy bo re^ivive the raviilntiuti uf ho i;n:at a, JM^rct, iimii<-]y 
Wichom&n, h moidc to wbotii the Bishop hnd coinmittcil liib lACultic^n 

for roooiving the iX>nf€ftHi<jnfto# ppnitent^ and ' priest <^i St Kichubu, 

at liist on hill ditsith-bnl, and jtlmOAt with hia luit wcrd^, in obedienot> 
to the mpwtyr'a command, ho lot forth in ordc-r what h« had first (een 
and itfterwnrtfh hjuJ gMt Ui know wa^ rrvrtaiiily true. 

All which T, Thomas, a monk of Norwiohi after heanng it from their 
lifm nnd knowing it to be certainly tmo, hnvo Ix-cn careful to hand 
down in writiiiif, hecauw^ I did nut think Umt the ntoiy of ho important 
a truth ought to be lijst or concealed by silence. 

» BL^k in UH. 


fit Wiitiam of liormch. 


ii. Qitaiiter sirper corpy/s eitts Uix de cefo fulait in modmn ignee 


HIS intra iirbcm gosti«, ipsa onAom die, fcria scxla ficilicct 
ante nestirrectiooifl dommice pascha, diuina gratia que 
I'Beniiit m\» mi>4r]UAm nbHcnA ant circa corpus glomK<i [nArtyris in 
noiDor^ iacentis<A dignatn est pietAtU sue ostcndoro itidittfu 
Circa eiuiidein et^nim diei ue8peram ignea de c&Io deiupi^ lux 
Hubito oinicuit. que ui^qiie ml ini^mr^rati corporis locum tractim so 
parrigcns oculis plurimorum diuerais eiif^ti^ntium liwis ofTul^iL 
Vidit qiiipjjo illam Himriuus dt? Sprowt'sluuL\ Ebranli episcopi 
olijii slabulariu^ in domuA 8U0 hostio cuni tota stans Cimilia ; uidit 
quoqiK- ei doiiiina Lr^garda WillehnJ Apuli tpiundAm uxor cuni 
MEiitf, <pi<.' pro doi aniorc Apud f^ant'tani Miiriani Moigdalenain manet 
<in1iriiiis> ^t^ruionn talibusf|u<! obHtHiuii.^ animc sue Milutcm invn- 
dicans. Sod ot I'itiMkm loci iiiRnDi noctoipsji medio iiocti« »(ilentio 
ad noclumale surgente^ otBtiiim, m^morata premoEmtrante Lc^garda, 
Iq^ oiusdciti uidtire fiilgi;reui. Nonaulli quoquo eorum aiunt 
spleodorem ilium etiam mane sacri sciJicet sabbali ante aolis 

ix. I/ow ovitr his body thfm ^ltant4d a light ficm Keaeen like unto n 

ladder ^ firt. 
Whilst these tilings were going on in the city, oo Um v(*rv snnie 
day, tluit IN the Tntlny l«rfon^ the w<inxi ivnsi of tin? roBurrection of 
the Lord, llie diviu*s ffriwe, which in never al)wjit frtmi Hia uwii, vouch' 
sAfed to exhibit round About the body of the Kloritnm umrtyr, which 
WAA Lyin^ in Uw wockI, cTrtAiii glorious UMLiinoiilcH of IIi» pity. For 
ttiWurcLi cvctiiuR o£ that aathc^ day a flciy li^ht su^ldoiily flAnbod dO'Wa 
fruin hi.'nvm, tho which, i^xtviuling ia a, lon^ train «u far b6 the plooo 
«hor<i tho afonwAid body wa^ UoKed (ii thu oye>4 of many pooplo who 
w*iro in voriouK pLAcm Ui«mo.lH>ut«. Particularly H*»nry do Sprowaton, 
fbrmorly tlw keqwr of tho fctahlo to Kbisrnrd, Hinhop <rf Norwich, oaw 
it an he WAH HtAnding at the door of hb houH^ with aII hin fHJiiily; 
and tho Indy I^^jfArdji, formerly wife of William of Apulia^ with 
faor ottendonlA icaw it too, ixhe vho for thr tove of God hju h<^r 
dwelltnjc liard by St Uary MAgdjilcrriA [church], attending upon the 
siL'ki and enji^n^^ed in auch bervicen livtu lui a Ut^gar for the sali'utiaii i>f 
h(^r w>ul. Itut thr ^ick pooplo of thai placo in the «Jimo nights as they 
wen- ictttiag up for th<? midnight oitic-^ in the xilence of thr nighty 
when LegATda ehovrod it Uieui, suiw ihe bnKhtueaa of tliat name 
lif^ht. Indeed ngnu^ of tbeni say that even on the momiD^ of Huly 
Saturday the bri^htnen wju appurt^iit to thrm ah they gaxvd until the 

' Blomfifidd, V, m. 


St WiUiam of l^oi-wich. 


ortum mij« apparuieec con^pcctibud. Videbatur autcra lux ilia 
in diioB diuieri radios ecali? longioBimo tenere fomitini ab imo ao 
in »]tum porri^'ntbi od oriciiUmt. Quia, sicut fjui pritni corpiiit 
eub (Ituo Mitui iiitM^ns inucnt^runt testati sunt, alteram mdionun 
od Gopud Atquo altcnim od pcdo8 ufiquc purng(;biUur- Q^iid imttMn 
flliud GduIibuH nuin gmtu^ diuina in hoc design^trc iiohiit, nL-ii i^nin 
cuncti>' |NLtoDti inditio notificoro curauit ^uauti mcriti cosset (|uoin 
tigiUB colcetibutf odoo j^lorifSciarct ? In ^icalc qiiippr^ fortnn aMx^nnus 
innuitur Ad ^loriam, in apkndoro uaro lucis raurituiu dcDotaiur iwl 

X. Quomodo et a quibvs sit inueiitua. 

PASCHAIJ qiiipfte illu**DS«.-iUf> cwtbb(i>t« inoniAlis illn d« 
qii* prmlo ante raemirii LegnrfU do tarn mir»L* luHh iiiaifin^ 
iialdc* ^dHrita, aM.4[im]ttifi <|iiihi]>s<i;hEii w^^^uin fNihnbilJiTUibuM, mAti*^ 
untD w]\n ortum ad aspectuni luininis iter fl-iripit, qtiid sit «oiro 
iiolena quud talibuu iiidicixB dominua doolararv uolit, Gnwditna 
nero c*jrpom ocuIcm L-scteriu-s figebat in liiniine, svd pio deuotioniA 
Inmen interiiu* radiabat in mente. Ibat miilier denote deo eup- 
plicaiis ut bA uW luoid Wum rocto itinera grcsssum eius dirigat^ 

Tiflong of tfie sun. Moivover that light seemed lo divide into two rays, 
vhkh took the 8}iapo of u very lonj; ladder, extending from below 
inti> tJn^ i^ky lo th** fantwartl, And, lu* thpy wht> flmt fitund the 
burlj \yi^'n ^u tlii* opt^u rui' in Iho wuud (i.-T»Lifiod, i^iir vt Mie^v ruys 
strxtkVi«d H* frtr iw bin feet niKi the other to hi» hfiA*l. What *il*c did 
tho divino grncn wiah to dignify to IHh faitlitful oniw h<*rpiii hut that St 
waa His pk^fuurr^ In- dccluro, by an ovKlfnt tolci<iii lo M, liim- ^^lY^tt vna 
hift merit v)u)1ti He wmm no glori^ng ^>y aigna from hf^ivsn f For undor 
the form nf n liuid'T in typifirirt hi* wicont to glory, bnt by the hrigtiU 
nraa irf Uic light i« lieclarwl Jii» dL-iHrvirig of tlie trown. 

X. i/ou> he iMw fiiscovffrvd ^md hy whom. 
Aa tho Eoflter Haturiifiy iM^jran to <!iiwn, the nun of wliotn T have 
niadr mention, T^eganla, rnutTh diHturlmd by the rision of the ntraiige 
light, takiuj; with her some who dwelt with hcr^ luf^n? the wun roeo 
mado her way to where the appistrauci' of the light wa«, aiixiouH to 
kiiov what the meuning of it won and what the Lord deflii'ed to make 
manifest by sach tokens &a the^e. Uut lu she walkcrl on nho 6xod her 
out«r bodily cye« upon tho light* liuL the lijfht at a divine illuminntTon 
Bent forth iin lieaiun in her mind. Thtr ivoman went on, devoutly 
|>raying to Qot> that He would direct iior Htep« in the right dlt^ction to 


St Williain of Norwich, 


Iftbenaqne ibi aacnuncntiiin nibi tnanifcntiuci ocitundAtn Kcc mom, 
diuinc ini.'wmtionirt *iiictii per his^idrnji ArbuHculorum d^n^itotcm 
CO cum 8ui» acnire mi^ruit ubi cgrt^um illuai tht^aAurum rvtioni 
meritorum diuioiiH ulQu^ntLMii iruenitH Intucniii aero cminuis jid 
mdlocm quercUA lAccnloiii pueniiti, iumcntiiiii, calci&tum, capiU? 
nuum, ct pufictum mnumerin u|Kfrtnluni : ncU fciiiiniH> corrcptn 
timorc fftatim propius ncccdcrc non prx-^umpnit. DuTaquo inlenta 
cordia acii* ukceiitU cuuteiuploK-tur qiuilitjitt?in, duos a»[H.'xit pupcr 
ilium csonioa^qui coruincuomciutismbicin explcrcgoticnti-^ ror*trQ 
eum didcorpcre certnLini itlLeinpUtlHiiit, Acd nullateniitt tanf^re 
neque ae aufitJncrc unlcntcfl, hinc ct indc n Intcrc ciwicbcint, Scd 
ct itcrum atquc iU-Tuui id ipsurik ulteriiiA uiubtia ^ttt^aiptaalvft, 
Dec in aliquo preuulcntcs, dc^un^um n lntcr<; iiHidduif rut^bcmt, Et 
reucnt, .fjait rcor, bcHiali »en«ualttiilt-' cudAa^r credt-bftnt nlhi 
fbrtuitu o«se oblatum, tfuod auiH luuianduni txir^lriti inoru nulibo 
furt^l |>cnniwtittnH QiKMit uvm pivuid^iituL diuina Ukvum t-l incor- 
rupiQDi fieriiare preuiderat, auibun vt tvrv* iiitactiiin tww uulobttl, 
Videiu d«iiL<]ue tnuUvr iiiin oc ualdc ntiipcmla ^uv circii ccrpiia 

the spot where the light had bo^n «>cn, und idiow hpr plainly the 
myvUry that lay hid there. And soon hy the leading of thi? divine 
mercy through the den^e tangles of the bimhea she with lier friends was 
allowi*d to mtch the plncr whrre ithi^ fimnd thnt gnwt Irea^urB in very 
truth filled with Uie rioliea uf guorinf^u. And ah nht* U>(>k«l— lo T at tho 
root of an oak tliere lay a lioy, dreaaM) in hiu jacket aii<l jiIioca, Iiih 
hcwl ithAvi-i!, niul puiicturvd with oountlem ^talx. But, atntck with a 
wom&nly f«irt for a while i^hc dkl not daro Ut Ajjprooch noArrr. And 
while witlj A bf^tiDg hf»rt she wondered upon tho Btrangenrw of the 
form that lay thore, ^lie aaw two ravens mligliliDg upon Kim tlii^t vrere 
trying to natiRfy the grtwd of th*ir oorvino vnpncity, nml wvtv attt^rikpU 
ing to UMir him to pic4?m with thHr hpnk«. But they Ufrv^ wholly 
anaUe to touch him or to tettle upon htm, but kept falling off him on 
thiH Hide And on that. Yet again and again, firnt on one tiiHe and then 
on the other, they tried nnd nt'ver could nutx'eod, hut they k<*pt on 
continually droppinjc down bnide liim. And in truth, aa I think, wi^ 
their animal Htupictity they thought that the den<l body wua a ebance 
tiud and titat it wan all right for them aft«r their habit to rEmd it 
with their beaka. But whoin the providence of Ood had detennined 
nliould remain unmutilated and UDcorrupted, him birdn and bea?(ta 
could not aviiil to touch. At laxt thi* wuraan, seeing the wonderful and 
atttounding things which were lu&rvellously going on around the dewi 
body, be^i to understand that he who lay th«re wan certainty a 
w, N. 3 


Si William 0/ No^'wicfu 


Agnouit, fjut (?t rm-HiH intjvluM ^tt coWti liimin? ilG^cUrsiUi]? pliiri- 
mcaiim iitmbiiii nppnniit. Xec mom, iiirili resumpto aniino prupiua 

oom?iu>ndiuiM com mdRlibiia ftoRium gntulaboDcU regredilur. 

xi. Ft^tn iniientio alUra, 

EODEM <juoqtie Snbbnto post aolie ortum prelAtn^ de Spro- 
w^^une He»ncui, qum foroKtariuH omt, as4*ciiik> tfjuo 
per^rutundi gtntiA ^iluam intrAuit, si foLlv qui^mpiftin mii^nire 
potuiiuvt qui u1i(|ui(] >iino lictrntrii chkIoiuJo Niln^ dAmprium inr<>rrot, 
Koqiif* nine forliina siuo uolunttw, quod niA^ oretio, dmiDA 
gnuliciitiM atiiniiiiit tmhcbut <]uo chivriMoo tucis nuiiitBae radioai 
heft^mn die pn-irepoxorat- Dunique hue et illuo en parte siLue 
grudervlUTj ftubito hominem cedtntoui repperit, qui »w ibi in 
proximo piionitn occimira inuoniioio dixit. Vndoim itAqiio ilJuA 
duco nutioo Honnous piifi-ruDi quidoui rt.q)|x<nt, sod <{uib n<A iindo 
ett»t non ngnouit. Ciimcjng ciini intcntJiix CHinsiciemret, ai ibrto 
oogooaci potuiseet, depreh«ndit uuloeratuirk, ligneumquo uidit 


paTHon of extraordiiwy merit, in that be was untouched by the crows 
And had bem pointed oat to the ej-n oi many by the henv^iiy light 
It wa« not long beforr, having rocovprod her prcvnof of mind, %hr 
apprxHicbfld, dn>vp awuy the cn*W!*, nnd. after ufiWrloK up m prAjrr Mid 
corumi^nding bim uvl^ to die c&ra of hw ^tviour, fthe retumod houtti 
witJi kor compiuiivriA rojoioing^ 

XL ffctP he v9a»/o\viid a Kfond timt. 

On tlint same Saturday, Aft«r sunriKCv Kciiry d« SprowMon, whom 
I mentioned Ixifoie— th« forefit<>r, — mounting his hurw weut into the 
wrood to «ee if he could find anyone wbo might be doing miKchief by 
cutting down nnytliing in the wood witliout licem^c And it ciuu<> to 
paw that wlber chance or, as [ rather believe^ the divine witl inclined 
his mind aa he went aloDf( towards the place where he had s«en the 
b«amH of Uw. hnght light gleaming on the day Iwfure: and whili; hn 
WAA pa88aig hither and thillier ni tliAt part of Uie wood, suddenly ha 
observed a man cutting wood who wd that ho had <tiv;coT«rcd th«n} 
bard by a boy wbo bad be«n Ataiu. Whereupon, K^ing with tbo p^uant 
AA bia guide, Henry found the boy* but who hL* wjm 01- how he had got 
ibcro ho could not ucdorataiid- But whtrn he b&d lookod At liini very 
QArafully to God out if by uiy cfaauoo he knew hiiu, ho porooivod thml 
bA bud b«<Ni woun^tfd, nud h« Aotioed tbr vruodvn torture m hU iDuutlij 


St Wittiam of Nonoick 


in ore tormehtum. Inusitfitia iwpo aitrectHium ]>eni» cofispicietw 
ex ipvo ]K'imnim iiit^l) Mt-nplcArl nlmintin www ci'pit. quonmiiL ni>ii 
chrifitianus sed reuem iudeufi fu&rib qui ciufimodi ionocentetD tarn 
Unu^mnu <niiiiii> iihicurc- }>r<.v«[inipHit Porro Tocum diligentor 
intuitu^, celique re^onein denotanH, pro eerU> cfjf^ntiiiit <]uoniani 
iiRLoni Iwnis twMjl <juo lucim lu-«li-rnv nuLi^jv chonj«<ii?wc vt in altiim 
porrigi conHpexi^^t. Quid er^ f HU nimirum cum nmlta «idmi* 
ration^ cuaU^niiUtiii rcRnMlitur H^lm^ru^ ri ijue uImi co^niierat 
unLuei>u uxmri ac fainiliv ('narraL Eitocnlu dimii)uc pnN«bit«ro, 
cuiuAdani mnoocntis corpus cnidoliwimiH iittrectatum niodiH silna 
eipoHitum dcDuntiat uc n-|x,'rtuin, t^uixl v% Indc plurimum CTipint 
auferre atqut in ciiiiilerio eccly&ie de !Spruwo8liina, si ip**y comuLat, 
svpelire. Dum4U0 circa huiiminodi HoiHdtiuH ddilH<mnt arlionctii, 
ail id uutitum L«t Gt>iiHilii, \\X i\\\\w [MtAchnlin cm^tino inuiuQL-Utt 
aolleiuiitaA diapoaitioniii ^uc prci^Hittiin in iliciii irrtiuni tli^rt-rant, 
quo douotionJM HUcatliH'Uiiii lul cAittmn c'ni)jfnu<ntiu» pi^ntuamt. 

x\\. Qittdit^r in rmrtmre itfpiilttiJii int 

DIFFRRTUR itjugiic sopclivndi ncgotium: nod anU-rim hin At- 
i^u*- illitt tA alios ^t ftlioa tvi fumuun reftM^nbibiu*, huiiLoEinodi 

•nd becAniin<L( nwAro tliitt h^ hud l)««n troatiftd with uhumuaI <>ruolty, 
htt now Im^pin ta aut,ptv^^ h-Qiw thn innnnfir nt liiw trmtiii«<ni| that it wna 
ncj fliriftifln hut in vrry ItiHh a .l^w who hiu! vontiiMvi to AlanghtAr 
sn innitciMit t'hild of Uiu kind with nuch horrihtr TuirliJiHiy. 8a, 
observing the j)liwv* v(-rv cnn?fully imd t^kinic n<jfjT of Uio ouUooIc, ho 
bMaitie ci*r1aiH that this waH the tonne pinoe whei<<* on tlic dny tjufore he 
hftd MMrn the niys 4>f li^ht jrl^rAmin^ and tioshin}; upw&rtU. Accord- 
jtigly, vrhm hv hud pondc^nHl ovftr th«Hc thingn with mvch wondi-ntig« 
Hrnry wmiI havlc and told hU wife mid aII hbt houiH^told idl h« hjid 
jii^^ii. Tlien Huuunanin^r ■ prit^fit \i€> nimounoiMl to him Uiat the btxly i>f 
a little Lnnoocnt who hrul boon trruted in the Tiinet criiol maitner hftd 
bw»n dincovcrwl oxpoflod in tho wood, Jind thut hu very murh vUlii*d to 
tnke it tkvfhy from then- atjd, if th«» pritr^t npprt>vftclj to bury it iri the 
cburchyard of Sprow£toti. After vci-y earriestly delibenLting Alxnit 
Uio currying out of thin int^jntion, tht^y wimo to th* conclusion that^ 
inAKmuch u thv fntiviil »f Kniwr nju comin;; naxt dny, ih«y ahoold 
di^fvr iJioir arniLigt'iiiPtit till the iliird ilay Miid Kf i.iirry into ofFoct thoir 
doTout iniontion more flttiii|;ly> 

xii. ffow hf UKU huri^ in ih^ KWyL 
80 tho buMness of buryiiij^ liiEit waji jiut off Hul in Lho nuuitiiDO 
hf one iDon After aoolher t«lling othci-s their »cv<7ml venioiift of the 



Si WiUiam of Nonvich, 


ramoT timnm<\nfu\Me perannuit. nrW^mfin** injfrediens ftii(1i4>niii]ni 
pcctoTO plurimo i^tupore rtmciissit Concnt.itiir nonn ttimuHii 
'nuitAA. rep]«ntiir tumuItuantibuR platce: mmqti^ a qiiAmpliiri- 
miH noil nijti ni*l»xiK tvi minima If-mpnr** talin gcu4Riwp ftw*>ritHr 
StAbant Mr^nklpin n^nniilli tanqniun tit^ iioiiii et re inHnlitA fttU>niti : 
diwiinvVrtf^t pTnrimi **ed mnxime pn^ri ft^ luuenes, et. Hiiiino orw 
trahente niitn, tiw^nfli ffruiin ml Hihimn c^ateniatiin piv>|w*mhAnt, 
Querunt su|uirlein et imieniunt, penanimqiio ki^is in **o deprp- 
henais. ttff TQX g£'£te mode diligentiiin cfinflidemto. eius rei rmtn 
md(Kw iu>n immun^^ qiiidfari AutiiniKnt ; nfmniilli uem qnod&m 
Ti>w^rft presfl^i'^ impiiUi sir pftae affimiAnt.. R^giwii^nfihun illia^qni 
domi remnnserant globatun iw?curmnl, i-«>mqiie ut enit audient^s 
nidoro prop^rant «t ad ip«tim (*etrriH toMtiliaintitr duni redeimt. 
Tin it«que Uito sabliato totoque pftM-bali die eundi ar n^f'iindi 
AltJ^mntt^ et fr^qucntatis iiicibtm undiqiK* {*iiiitB^ rirea hiiitiftmodi 
tota detia^iir, einipiUque fiup«T tain insolite rei euentu non sine 
ftdmimtionc solHcitnntur, Vn4e pii foruom zeiiis in iudeonim 
exitium imiuersos incitabat; Jam iamque maiius ioiecisaent sumI 

story the niiiiour got spread in all din?>ctions. and whei^ it reached Uin 
city it Htnjck the heurt of nil who lienrd it witli exceeding horror. Th« 

rtitj vena r^tirred wjtli a f^tmnge *^j(uilf iiient, Uie sLreeU were crowdtd with 
people nk«kiiig distui-1w.iice : and «li-f>Adj it waa nMcrted hy the ^^cater 
fiArt of ih«iji thiit it (^uld oiilj IiHvr hern the Jews who wouM hftvc 
wroufjlit HUoh a docd, vflpLvintly at tuch a tiinc And pu> boidq wc>ro 
standing nbout as If smaied by the new Rbd «xtraordmary aflkir; 
QiHiiy werv rnnainfE hifh*^r And thiihpr^ htit MipAf^iAlly the hoys and th^ 

^xingm^n jftnd, n ilivmriinjpiiliu*drnwingtlioinon. thny niahedin orowdt 
to thi4 wood to sue the sight. What they sought tht^y fr>unct ; ftnd, 
on det«ctin;t the marks of the torture in the body, and carefully 
lookinj^ into the method of the act» aome suspected that the Jews 
were not gkiiUlesfi of the d<ied ; hut some, led on by what was 
rrully a divine discernment^ pratpsled Uiat it wivs no. When these 
rotnrTied, tliey who had atayed at Lome got together in groups, and 
when they heard how the on«e «tood» they too hurried to the aight, and 
on their rotum they hore thoir testimony to the eame effect And 
thuBL nil Uinmgh the Saturday and all through EuMt^r day all tlie c?ity 
everywhere #a£ oovupied in gi^in^ bftckwanla and forvurda time afUiv 
Lime, and everybody was in excitement and A«toui«hment at the extra- 
ordinary ovont 

And so tJie eartieHtiietta of their devout fervour ujut urging all iu 
d>«atroy the Jcwi, and they would there wid then have laid hand« upon 


St iVilttam of Norwich, 


uioeoomitu4 lohaiiiiiH imiore repre«^ad tempu» AJIuuteenU I>unK]iie 
iiitni tirb(*in [XT biduiiin hiiiuweraodi rea gereretnr, nienicmHw 
(1q 8pn>we«4tun& Henriciis cuni uxore ot ^uiulin jhwI (iojiiiiiicum 
chft ferift .Hitcundft propoflitum executuruH. drca horam dici 
primatn prajieml quo incUtn ilU martim cgn^^i gkba ftrlhtic Hub 
diuc iftcc*1)ttt. KocliiH iiero cum jtuift locum, dniino ut i-eor inHtinctu 
permoniluM, nViU^r quani fbt^ptmucntt fAcicQdiim adiudJCftuit, qiio- 
niunk »iii(? epif*copi licent>ia propositum exequi pertimesccbftt, 
Dclibemtiuo uttqiie iisus cuu&iJb, cum i[UJLntA rcu«MTntia potuit 
corpti8 e<> quo inuenlum mi loco tumulauit. Ned nee Kileudum 
iudioo quia, dum tmnulantium bfiiuliux'tiir niftnibuei, mibito Uati 
Mtoris fhLgTBiitiA mribus he int'udent ftKvdHtcntiuiii, ivn inulta inibi 
hurbjinim nc florum ivdulentiuiii iY-<iuntJftret affluentiftv Noquc 
mne diuina diapoflitione actum e»*e reor ut ibi cum tumulari 
contingf-ri't undo ml umiorom uonerationem iibere poatniudum 
tmnslbrrcturp ac licet tran^latum plunnii» tAuivn uirtutum insignm 
ibidem emu ctore^icere diuina gratia uoluisneth 


itwim but ihat rtfitruiued by fear of Uie Sheriff Jotui the/ kq>t quiet for 

While tUmgH wi-ru guiiig ou in this way fur twg dayti in Llie city, tlie 
nlure-m^tilKHi^ II<Mirjr do SpruwdtfOi^ witli bin wife wkJ fiLtnily, on tli« 
Moij(Uy lifter Eftaltfi- Sundny got ready tv C4irry out bin intention, niul 
hnjftcitc.^1, Af>out tht tiral hour of th« dny, ly wlici-o th« blcoocd tnftrtyr'n 
bo<ly w]u "iill lying in ihi< opon &ir- Hut whon Kn got to th« plitov, for^ 
wam«d by a diiiiio inipului aa I tTiink, ho d^MTidwl Umt he mu*rt. tAlce 
another cwurtc than h** had tntJ^ndM, beouuw* h» wa» afntid tr» (larry 
out Uu iotrntion without the Biiihiip'H lifwnKe. Accordingly wiUi all 
reverence be ailopted nnftthi<r pTnn luid huned the body in tlut pUoe 
where it had bwn found. 

But thu fact 1 think ought to be tn^utioncd, thut while the body 
wa« twinff cam«l by the handx of thow* who were going to bury it, 
suddenly such a fni|;miit |>t*rfutiie tillwl the nostnln of the byatandert 
tm if there had been throwing there a gr^st maw of nweel- smelling h«rbs 
and ftowerw. And I do not think that it wiu without the divine 
dispose that the buriAl happened U> take place there, to the intent that 
afterwnrdn (hi* lio<!y might be removiHl for greater »cnnr*ti«n, and 
though he wa» traiwlatod, y< t in thU plate loo the divino favour >vi&hed 
to make him illtititrioua by many tokens of Ids virtues. 

38 St William <^ NorwicK [bk* 

xiii. Qtialiter Godnflniut pr^ite^r (tii iptte stt Jictf^ atiiditerit. 

rriUBJULATO Niqiiidiiii inclili martini corpore. per fjuoBdam 
-L eitiH quondjLni coii^x^io?) piK^niin Wiilclmum qui iud«o« 
diebiiH preteritifl freqiientare solobat ipBiitn G*we lauia protnulgatiit, 
tandom<iiK' ml finri;;* Gmiwini i>rx*i*bik^ri wtgnoiiiinilo Sturl-, qui 
iTialiTU*mm eiun habebat, eiiis rei tioticia penienit. Quod tibi per 
oonsocios eiuB pro c^rto didicit* ciim filio huo Aloxandro titno 
di/u'ono (?t. Robert!"* frntre nmrtirift di<^ s<?qnonti ilhic petgere 
Giimuit. piitno quidem ut wi ipBe csset oprtitis cognoecernri, cog- 
nitoque exequiiinim obHeqiiiuio deinceps exhiberet. Venim quia 
<:cigrioAci nmi pnVmt iiiKi sufKTpi^'^ka Ui[hi» rxpfn^retiir, fodLciKlnna 
statueniut. Fodientibii^^ itaque iUiK ct terrain expo&etktibufl cum 
Liim corpori proximarfml subito contra facit^ra fiufl aperte ui«a est 
term ueliit Ibrti quofinm iin]>.'tit d<- infm ^ullciian. <*t »ullvn;Lta 
quasi repelli. Quo uiso coiifeatiiu boiror nou modicua ac stupor 
pt!Ctor& pi^niofsit fodientium : und<! retro ccdenk-» nb iDC«pto 
d«8titeriint. Sed reuocante eos preabitero cum sanguine re* 
Bumpcwruot uuimum, atquu opm deauo aggrudliiutur inlcrmiaiuin. 

i^L ilmv th« rrUtt O'odtvin ^w Artrf to know vMlhar %t tccre ha 

Whmi tbp il]|ii;l.rioi]8 mnrlyrs body wiw buried tlip report got 
■tbrojul through ci^H-niii iH^yi; who huA \»^.'n his (!<>ttipinioii« fonnerly, Umt 
thia l>ody was the lioiiy of WiHiuiii wUn forimrrly uj»eil to bftv<> ilonltngfi 
^illi the Jews, and &i l^ul the news cniiie to the enn of Godwin the 
PrifJit, wliow 6tini»nin wms Sturt, niiH who hnd (w his wife) the martyr's 

Aiid whuii hi. liTkirnt from tho aiartyr'w componionn that it rMlly 
w»8 so, he took care tbe next day to riait the phkoe with bin Hon 
Akaandcr, thru a, draicon, and with Robert the nmrtyra brother; fimt 
in 4Mtler t<] nvdce tintv if it wci-o lir bimKelf^ and ulsOt if he were 
raooguiAed, that he might btraightway perform the obeequitK Bat 
bi-icniiito bo could not Uy recognised till the earth th»t was laid upon 
him hii^l bvcfii rrmovod, ihv^' dnU'nnlaod to dig bim up- Ifow^ever, 
wliilt? Ujey wvre Uigxi^^K '^'^ tliruwing out thu i»rth, whi^n tbuy got 
n«Ar th« Iwdy^ — Bud<le»1y tb« tMhrth bpfuiv their very eyes mwinc^J by 
«ODi<T »tro»g forw to Iw hftc*! up from below jirid a« it w<irfi to bo 
throvn out At which »]ght in)modiaL<>)y a grent horror &nc] nmaM- 
fUi«Dt thrilled the heai'ts of th^ liiggeri, arid fblling back thi^y tWiated 
from tboir imdertHking. But on tb* primt calliTtg iben* VjAck they to<^k 
ciiMrugn, nncl again set themselves to the woi'lc that thoy hud left. But 





St WiUiain of Nonvich. 

DnrD(]UO aimili socuiido ut priiu; niodo ci»Dtiiig€rot, iiidcbaiur 
uitiiirum pis qnU uondiim mortiuis ai^ inuus e«set, Viido 
]in.-»t;]lijr cxckm^n^ fi!)tiiinri.t jiivcipit, tiuoiuatu ct oOliuc uiuentcrin 
iuuenire credit, Illis itaqiie certAtini propetaotibus cum mm 
pAlmi* ourpu« Ungcn^iit. vxcu»8C piiluen^ fiicicH dixconpcHtur, ct 
quia fuerit plane dinoscitur. Cogmiscit Crater fratrem v\ atuid 
AgiioHTUJil unucuiUp Fmtrt'm fmtor liiget niortuum; nmid plan- 
gimt occiHum. Qui quo ampliufi ciucntera diluxcrant. ot* ot 
niiipliu^ occisji coiidoleiit. Dumque propiitti occedertnt, ueho- 
mcnUT ndmimiiUir (pj4>d quamui^ tut i\\v» jl die qua mortis oius 
BUBpicabantur iam perlmnflimieut. nil iu f^j proT^tie mail odoria 
mtntirctur. Id mitem injiion dij^iiim mlmimtione ibidem tnuc 
CciDtj|^68e compertum e^t, quod scilici^t ubi niilltis flew nullaque 
^orifui-a circiJLTHt uel aderaL hcrba. ibi naribu8 awiAteatium 
utTtialis flonini herbarimique i^doleuLiuni aspimbat Emgnuitia. 
Quid muttaf Kxoquiis tundotn ct-lobratin, irrmm <itrosHniEi ot 
expoMtam loco guo denuo repoHiienint, deoque corpiia ct animam 
commciidantes RTgrcssi ^utit. 

wheti the bAtiie itiing ttappened jigatn the same way aa before, no 
wonder that it sBcmcd to thcuj timt liere vjis ori*^ who wju ngt jrrt deiud 
bat aIivg^ Whemrupoit tli^ pri^wl bndi^ thoin [unkc hodlr, for he 
bv1i<?v«>(] tlyit In: would fiiLd him atill aliw ; and thi?y muitiiig nil tlic 
Bpcvd thty could, vrlicii 'low thc^ were nlmost toucliuig iho body witli 
tb<<Lr }ianda^H>n tho ifoil being nxuo^'ud thv fuco wa» exponod^ an<l it 
wiiH jiLaiiity xliowii whoAi* it wiw, Brothi'r r^(»giuu>c] brotlipriukd friimdu 
tlK*ir friend. Brothftr w<rpt foi' hi* brothor dffld nikd friundii bowaiIt*d 
tlwii' nmrdojW friend. Thn moro thnj had IcivmI liim living, ko muoh 
thn morn did tliry grieve tliat he hud l»eefi hIiliik And when Uiey 
drew tiear they were greatly afttojii«hed becnuw, though ho inniiy dny> 
had pamed by since* the time when tlii^y KU*pcct4>d he liml W-ti pat to 
di.ihL)i, yet tlw^re wiw »Wilut<ly no ImuI bmell perceptible. Bat what 
tflWEued mare deeervuij; tht'ir wonder was — lliat though there w«fl 
never a flower th^^re nor ttny swoet^smcUing herb growing Umreaboul — 
yet tlwre the perfume of Mprijjg flower* and fragrant Uerba was wafted 
to the nostriU of oil pre^ent^ At last having celebrated the oTw^ijuics 
they replaced the earth that hnd boon dug up niid dusturbvd, arid ooin- 
Qiemting Xh^ wul and bo^ly Lo Uod they went tt^eir way. 


St William of Nonvich^ 


xiv. D$ preaoffio uisionis materttn illius. 

VENIENS domum Godwinua presbiler uxori sue Uvive, que 
pueri quidem matert^m furrat. rom ut gcv^ta e»t enftmit. 
Ilia fFtAtim camploeU palmiit tn maxtnkiim pronimpenii eitilatum: 
Verum est, iiupit, <>t ntraJH roiici'a ucnim ^onipnium meum, quod 
8al>balo Atite pA^chii Honim uidiase me coatigil* quo dominus 
certifisiuiAm €ueQti]» huiun veritatem mihi licet i^Are dignant«r 
preo^tendrre curauit. Vidobam eleDim in utati noctiu et ecce 
mibi forte exiatenti in itiedm fori platt^n, Hubito iudoi undiqiie 
acciiTTunt, AccurrontCH fugi&Dtotn drcumuoniimt, circtimuontam 
comprohcudiint, Compreheniw uero mihi, crux (sc. cms) dt^xtrum 
fuste confractum et dp reliqiio corp-ms aueilero el confefltim 
trhnsfugiiMitCM iHiid sccum uidebftntur fu^rtarc. nimis uerft 
ueri Hompnii pre«a^i ! O ine rt^ucni feltcem^ m noii uera sonipnia 
»ompinni<i^'rn, H tc qiitdom* domine mi, mihi hoc ipsum sompiiiitm 
ad tuam audieotiam referenti diXBHe recordor quoDiam do amicis 
quetrkpiani me nouiter contingeret per iiideos amitt^re, quern 
plurimuiu pre ceteris me cunsUret dilexisee I Kcee quod predixisti 
iam aentio; ecce quemadniodum ad futurum prentintiafiti baud 


xiv. Cowvmint/ tfuf n^minff to Am Aunt in a risum. 

Wlien the priwit Godwin got h(>ra« he related lo Ids wife Livirii — 
who was the boy's autit — exactly wliat had happened, l^ho imtiiodmtoly 
dapping lier hands nnd breaking out into loud cri<^ " It i* tmr " sovid 
nho "Mii\ my driviin won only tott tnir, whidi uiine U> me on the 
"Saturday befi>rv PnJm fSund^y, whi^ii the Uinl wiu ple^bfted plainly to 
**revt^al to Tiie — ignonint tliough I be — tlitf ukmiI certnin tJiith of thi« 
"bufiiiieeK I *uw in n vi«ki» of che iitgbt HJid lo?, ntt T wa^ ^Landing 
" ill the nigh Street of the Market P1im:<^ iiiid<Urnly the Jciwn cAino upon 
"xaa running up from nil rndt^si, lind thry surrounded mo aa I tied luid 
"tlii<y neijeod me. And juf they h«l<t me bhoy broke my rif^A leg with 
"» olubund they tore U nwity frotn the rent of my Ixidy, and ninning 
"i>1f with All Mpe«-d it iwpmpd that th««y vnrv enirying it awny with 
"thnui- O only too tnir fortiwmTiintf of my viHion ! O li/ippy nhotild 
" I be if it were not a true drvitm that 1 Eiad divamt ! But in itooth, O 
" uiy Lord I. oh I tell of iJiIb dream before thee who beamt me. 1 
"declare that I heard thee say that soon it would happen to mfi Ur Iona 
"one of my dear otiv» through Die Jowe, and one whom I wrtainly 
" loved more than all others. I^o ! whiit tliou ilidHt foretell I feel now 
''hftJi happened. Behold, exactly as thou didst forei^t, it ban fallen 


Si Wi/Iiam o/ Xorwlclh 


alitor oonlig[»ie ingeminca Vix dictA corupleuerat, el tiH^ullan 
frigtiH imuLiii, nultuA expnlluit, men.'< cum s>uiguintt fugit, vl 
tanquani eiaDuiiifi inter H^lanliuTn tnanUH humi dilapm oi>rc]dit. 
Fot<it modicum rcsumptm cum Kan^LDc uinbiu» exui-git muK^, 
et confeBtim Depotem quern plurimum dilexerat iu Hetuiu eruni' 
petl^ deplonit. Ab illo iiempe die iiw{ue iu niuUtiin Urinpun a 
pl&uctii reuocari uix potuit. quoniam ipaum pUngebaL (jueiu 
precoixiialiti^r jic U*in?rt> dili^bnl, 

XV. De ptatidu matrix. 

EISDKM quoquo (tiobiiH fkmfl rliuulgi^iite, ftd Aun^M mntm Jr 
filii nee© sermo penienit, que minirutu tarn flebili ounou^aa 
nuncio, Ktatim tanqiiAin nxnniiniA corniit^ Po^t paulum uero 
resumptis uii-ibu8 surrexit, uullauiquo facieus dilutioUGm. Nor- 
wioum rei u^ntatem quesitura propcrauit^ Vbi &utew multorunk 
re)atu filmui morbuutn <?t in niluu cognotut e^pultum, <vmtinuc> 
diecerptta criuibiut, pAlmiipqn^ in tmiiccui crcbro connexifi, flens et 
oiulaDfi per piatti'tts tanquam aniens ouraitabat. Tanrieuique ad 
domum eororis do <^ua ptiulo anto mc>miiiinnua n^nioue, turn a 


"oul, to my sorrow I" She wrtixc had fiiuahed spenkiriK vhmi n coM 
tKivDr Umtlrd hcrr inmo«L marrow, a pallor puH«t^ f>vt*r htfr face, 
coniici<i(Uiicu Itffl h^T liud like on« dead «i1ie slipped from the handi of 
th<» byjiUuwlera ntul fell to the ertrth. 

After d while the woman^ I'Ocoveritig couscioiun^w*, rtjm arid T>ur«t- 
ing out w^pinp she Wwailed the nephew wHotu «h« luul no ^freatly 
lorecl^ Fronj tlmt dny for n lorif; while aftei'war<lA the could hcaroely 
b« rmtruiiied frum htr WnpiiUtious, and hhv kept on lamentiu^ him 
whom she had ho tlenrly nud vehemently lovod. 

XV. Vonc^mintj th^ la)runtati03ut tff the Mother. 

Jttst at thiK timp lu thr rrport wnn Kpr<uidiTLg, the ftior>' of her eon's 
murder catne to thr ram of lii» mother who, nAturally overwhelmod by 
tliB luu) tifliuKH^ straightway swooned away ju if »he i*'ere rlend AfUr 
a while however rocovriinff hi^ntrlf alw without delay hoatened to 
Norwich to euquirv into the trutJi of the matter, But when sbo Iflamt 
by tlH: n^Uturu of itiuiiy people that her 8on w«ui ttcod and wjia huricd 
in the wood— i[iLnkediAt«ly with torn bnir and cljtppi»g of tiaiitU &ht< 
ran from one to anotlicr wroping and wniling thn>ugli th<- tttmt^ like a 
Dkfld woman. At laat goiuy to the house of her aiater whom J men- 

Si WUliam (^^ Nonvick, 


Oodwioo presibitero mm a soroi-e modum rti crificitaiis ct(ueM- 
Uitem, iitchil aiiu<1 nois^' ywa ct^iio [H>tint, iijsi (}uiii inR»>lil4i more 
occwu fuerlt Virutiplamcn vt inultis et iicrisirnilibiis ooii- 
lectiiruum conici argumeDliH coguoiut qu4>niam non chriatiaDi aed 
iudei reuera essent, <]ui r?m huiur!(m<>di patrarc nnsi fiiiK«ciiU 
QiiibiiE* \\\a faciliut« miiliebri Mem facile adhibuit; imde et 
btntim ill contittneliam iudcmrum ucrbo, conuitiix jk ItU* pnlam 
prorupit. Hinc uiminiin oeii mater matemo pietati^ tat^ebatur 
lifft^ctii; itnle tiim|iiiLUi innlk-r muliobri jic tenu^mriti ferebatur 
atisu. ?orro i^uicquid anitno su^picAbalur iam pro certo habcn^f, 
4U(td<jtie ^magiiubatnr <jiiiui ituu compertum aHaereDH, facto per 
iiicos ot plat^as di^cureu <it tnaterDo cornpiilsa Colore uniiursos 
horrt^ndls hollicitabat clamoribus iudeouque filium dolo seductuni 
Hibi f^rripuisse protesbabatur et occidiwfo. Que ree iiiaxiine in 
HUApitionem ueri uniuorflDnini conuertit animo>^. node et omnium 
acclaiDAbatiir uoc-ibu-s omuc* r;u)icitii-s dcb^'n; (iustruj iiidet>fi tan* 
quam christiani Dominia et cuUub semper aduersarios. 


ticnod bcforv and v^nquiring tiow <rf Uiti pricTNt G<idwiQ, m»w of Iter 
cifltcr, kIiq could IcAm )lo m<m? about the drcuuiBUiiici-K and tbtf trutU 
tU&ii thnL ho liad ^^evii blaiii in uit t^Atrnordinttrj wAy. But frorik inftny 
pmbftblo iiiUicatioTiH nni^ concEuaiutiH uho vjie ooni'iuutrd tlj»t tlu^y w^ru 
not ChrihtiJLnjk hut Jc^s wlio Wi ilArod to <?o iho <1<xid. With a 
woman fi rnftrlin<>Miof beJief -Axe efttily gavf orivlnniw to thcvio conjocturv^, 
Whri«u|)on Mhn at once hnrnt forth int^ dmicitindng th« Jnwn — with 
Wfrt*(l« of oontumnly and indignjttinu- Knmctinw*» ishr Ixihavnl lit(? « 
DK>tlL4*r moved hy »]] a fikoth^r a love, uimetintefi Nht- Ivire heixelf like a 
woman with nil a ^'oniAn'H pawionatc mj^hne««. And ftcti aMiuniing 
4<veryt1nti>c to lie cfl-j-tjiin which whe HUfptJcted and /fcawerting it to Ut a 
fact, lui Uioufch it had JtctujiUy Uwn s*M-n— slje went thi-ough the HLn*eU 
aud open plaoee An<], ctiriied along by her luotherly di8tre8£. slie kvpt 
calling upon everybody with dreadful wream*!, protecting that the Jewa 
had ,«i'«UiC('d and Htfiltiu aw»y from hrr hi*r non and killM! him. rhtH 
conduct very grontly wurke<l u]>o[i t\\\: nitndit of the pcipuljioe ii} acoept 
the trutli, anfi m> everybody Ix^itaii to cry out with one voiotf tlmt all tho 
Jews output Wi l*e titl«rly d^Htj-oyed as constant viieTui«w <A tlitj Chn^Uan 
name and the ChiiHtinn religion. 

St Wiltimn of Noj'^cich 

vfu Qmttwdo in ttinoAo presbiter ijodwiiiufi de iwrfri* cvuqu&^tui 
est, eonque ds vtorte Willelnii pueri reos esse per tuditium 
probare st optuliU 

I VOLUTIN iiut4>m uliquot ilicbun, dies ^t^nodatU itdctikt, ot 
\\e more pontifcx Etmrilu-^ Hnodo proaidebHU Scnnouc 
tjndcm culi^br^to, dur^t u modiu niurocratiis prcsbiter Godwiuus 
lugubrem ot prcatrnJlbiin ncailis inAuditam ftaribtift <rj>iau'rpi et 
oonlrntruLa niLc^-rduliuu depoj^iturua (|(iL-rinioimm. Tndicln ilfujuc 
r^moibuj* silcnbio, in hunc modum c^xomuK c«t: Domino, pater, et 
preau) tioneraiide. tuA buctcniLs et uliiumi in vli^rDunt lairKwi 
dignetur pictu^ ^ue buDtgnitatin 4kurc.<i nostril inclinnre vjo<;ruli» 
AonDonibufl. Digtictui' qiioquc coofralnim et oon«ac<*rdotuin wmxu^ 
coniiontUH c|uirm pn^w-nti »iDo<]u itwii-itcrc ciinr«p{cii> qncnilo« 
<|Ucro1o noetrc non niodicc ucl ad modicum auro pncieoti porcipuro 
Mrmnk NrmjH.- iiuu propliaui tttiiLutn niuci domcnLLCjiTii i<xi?cutliru« 
cauaani acceui quanUim ct commurK^m ouiiiiuQi chtmtifLUi>ruQi 
dcTclnrTvrt: pro|Mjeiui fucUiUL iiuuiWr cmiliiiimliAiii. Igilui' nou 
i^otuiu ix-or patcrnitftti iicstrc, piv^ul i-vuei-euUe, ntu Utptrrv 
«otlino pluriuioA ex uubis, fraU'ea kariuisiuiij pueruui ijut-iulaiu 

XfL ii<no the /ViMt Oodtriji acciufd tht Jif^as atui cjf'ered toprov^b^ 
ord^ lAat ifi«jf itwra ffuUtjf o/ the tierUh 4^ fA? botf William. 

Wlieii Houie duya liad pR»8ed, i\\^ day for holding the Synod draw 
tipftr, And According tft cuMom Rifibnp KHomnl prr-J!uln(l. The wmion 
hfivmg bwn prfuuhed, tin* affuvsaui Pric.Ht (!*xiwin t>KH', luiyin^ that he 
UAH «1»ut lo bring to the e&rn of the Bishop and biu brother priwiCit n 
distrpJtting compUint nnd on*' whkh had nni Ijoen hwni cf in tbt 
prp»*ftnt timiv WherrforVj aikncu buviiig benii ntJointHi ii|>tin all, lio 
K'g&n in th<< timimer following : 

" Very R«vervn(l Loi-d atiil father aud Bidhop— I^lay Ihat goodn«vi of 
youra which hat bp^n imij notorious hitherto, and witich I trust may 
oonttnuo to bo ■> «M«oinod for all time, vouchsafi? to inolinr ynur cnrv 
^nwioiuily to th« wordx of ciur iH>n]plAint M«y XUy. i-i?v<^n:-tid iuui?jiihly 
also of my brpt}ir«Mi and felloMi primtn, whotu I woe Ix^forr mo nttcad- 
ing at the prcw^ni Sytiodp vouchmfe witli a pnti^nt huAriiig to reooiw 
th« att^nuicc vt my ssd oompKinCi And n?ut>iv4> it with no i n<iiffvrono«> 
Tn Aooth T liavo «onM forwArd io pUw^d not so mudi jl privAt« or 
(tonxtstic f4iJHo AJi tn mnko knt^wn to you an outrage whirh hiu l>9An 
dona to the who1« Cbritiiim lyjtnmunily- indp«d 1 think it Lt not 
unknown Uy your FnUiBn<hip, very pfivrrrrnd Pn'Ut*?, nor do T think it 
la a aet^Tot to moitt of you, my deor brethren, that a certain boy — a very 


Sf Wmiam of Norwich. 


AditKidiiiiL ponnilum i^t uti<|u<^ mnooentem domuiicc pttasioMiifli 
cbdomndn miflcrAbilibiiA Atticctntiim niodia silua rvpcrtutn fuisld,! 
atqne ibulem tumuUituin cbriBtmtm Adhuc carui^sc scpiilltitl^ 
Hie mqiiirlcnj Hlionini mcoriLtn con,<wbrmua fiiit, et ititvnionien^ 
huiuMCc-modi fnuiilbinULttn ^ulia a me pluriiiuin dili^elur^ vstitik 
Vndc .Hupor ciurt nccc diim npud pielaiis Lieetrr beuigtutaUv*) 
in preat'iiliaruoi cou<)uoror, uix a lacninif» luniina eontin^ 
prctinli?!!, H(itur« uiitcm turn f^xecTublH neciA rtatu uinuupt { in 
primia chrifitmuoB UufiitAin iiauiuut;^ vacuso ; ncmm sccuncfo 
iudtHfs chrbitiuni noiniuiH boater huiiH rei uti(]U€ reo« et sADguinis 
inn'^centis cflfu.'*ore» *icclijto ; terci** clirtonim asnertioncm tpia horn, 
*\\iQ loco, quoue Jibuerit chmtiunc legis iiiditio probAtunin AC4»do. 
Xec quiiM^uHni me in pre«enti negotio precipitem estimot ucl 
iiicptuin, quouiAui nisi preposite m uentntc certior exi^t^rem, 
iiet-juiLijudin awl proiniit&e p^ublitif>^bL executiooom ftdeo conatAiitor 
ac<x^F^L-wi:^ii), Atque id itu case uos jp^i conicere pijitroslis, Lutii vx 
dierum ijuibun tnle tfuid a iodtiis fieri debueril habltudiu^, tuiii ex 
puniemli mwb et uuliieruiii (^UJilitiile, turn ex iniiltimtjdA renim 
*ibi iiiuiceni reapoudcntiuin congrutJUtia. HJa tjtioqut' et v\\h 
qiuunpluribiiB euidentifisittiiB argiiinentporuin px>bjitioiiibus itoced&l 

little boy — nnd u haruilesa iimoceiil Uhi — wutt ti-uivt^ in the most 
horrible iuHiiu«r in PuiBbii Wtvk, wiia /ouiid iu a w<xh1, uiid up to tlib 
tiiuo ]ui« Weu >HiCliout ClimLiuu huriul. H» wjl8 IiKlt^ed a i^uubiii of lu^ 
own childrvti, Aiid Ixvaum? of the iir *'^ kindrcii w]jivfi uiutf^tl u» Iji; wiw 
vi^ry dear to mr. ^^^hD]'cfo^p, whan I Wf my complaint boforo you a11 
oontiffrriing hid donth, 1 cnn hittdly rottrain my oyt^n from weeping- To 
)M*giu wicht frum any coinpliciEy in ko f>x«^^rolrlf< a murder I hold idl 
ChriHtiftim oxvui^mI ft* guiltlwis. Btit, in thfl >«cend plhc*s I ^ccniw tho 
Jfwji, tln' t^niniiifH of th** Cliriritinn name, lu thr. dorr* of this ilnod, and 
vt the Bhti4ldi*rH of inuucenl blood. Thirdly, T mux riNuly to provr t}»e 
tftithof my words At such time and place and by such proof aa ia allowed 
Die by Christian law. Isor let Any one consider me hw^ty or unwise in 
tile pmarnt buKini^Nh, sinci^ if I worn not corUin of the truth of tbe 
otiAfge laid l)efore y\m, I should eertaiidy not hattt coni<^ forward m 
confidently to e*Uibli*b t)ie proof 1 have proitimeil And that the fact* 
are BO you youiiwlve^ caii jud^fe, as well from the |intvti(:tw whiirb tlie 
Jewi« nre Ixiund to eari-y out on thr day» »|>ocifi<Kl, 8s from the manner 
of the pnniahnii^nt indicted »nd the chanioler of the wounds ajid the 
many contiriiiatiunH of cd'cumKtAnce* wliich agree toother. Tu thecw 
and many othor mo«t eridont proofs I-cvixaj the boy'n aunt^ must be 
Uiken into account, witli her ^ery remarkahlti wnming vinion* There 



i* Wiffiam of NonmcJi. 


ot Lcviv«, ciufl d* ^oo ftgimuv inntortcm, cum cfficAciammo umofitA 
titic prc?mj;io: ACCttlat et BebiLbi muter. <jug ticmiitiasimi iud«orum 
nuntii fraudibiiA doloais ot bc circumncnt^iTn oc sodticbAin tiLiumquo 
ftbducturo di.-plomt. Hec itaquc euro itft pro certo ivs habeant, 
m^fz^r^f rv^ o^i(Hr /xiriVj cum <j>ro>.rim«^ nf^d^. oH uos tanquAm 
w! uiuciim H ttiiiguIaTQ inthi predidium pre««ntviii ilepi>Bituni9 
qucximoninro cq iS^udnliu.'* rvourro i^iio iioa a iuriJt iicl cqui Icupbu* 
nequaqiiATii ^xorbiUituroH lucntc ocrtiori concipio, Hia iIa pi-e«- 
bitcr pcronvtifl lin(7m dictm impoaDiiK Ailuit, rt cpivcopttlc mipcr 
hoc rc^poustim arfcctis auribu^i ociiLis iu tcrrnm doflKU, et mento 
tiuHpt'iiMi cxpectnuit^ Tiirbntln itoc^iie «t attonitir^ nupcr hiko re 
UDidcrviM, prcfliik'in hiuc tttix>ciUito facli coimuotuni, iiide iusticii; 
2«lo ttuccienHuta^ prenbitoru ifi fauuc m<>dum re9]K}iic)lH»v Hiunt: 
Qiinniuni t^nc tu ccrtn Awcm nobi.f Adhuc inccrU ctwr liquet, 
profectu tiinkoii ad certani hnius rei conaequGnilAiii notitiftm 
vlabumniT curnbliims. El Mquaiido i)t a^tniU ita case cuuHtlteril, 
pro oorto tcncw quod iii«tictc tuMtrv rigor nallAtcnus cxorbitnbit* 
Voruntftiuea^quoiiiAfn Abseote^ et inauditoe iiistum iud]c«ni iudicaro 
Don coQgruit, cnuttino iudoi vuocentur, audiantur, < con u i >n cant ur, 

ia il1>o the w^apin^ inijtiier who d«p1ores the fact thAt nhe wiu drcum- 
v*^led afid iteducwl by tlie irafty tncks of a very cunning nieasanger 
of the Jevt«, Afitl so her hou wn» tak«n aVAy. Wheirfore, unc^ thette 
thing* are m> Rrrtnin and tliAt / too nm concffm^ ufhfui my nn^hbtmr't 
. AcuM t4 injlitrr^a, tUen^ore ] Intake nijr^etf to jou mt^ my oiw^ ami only 
nprotMlioD^ and lay my complaint before you with the more oonfi- 
drtitcr t>pcn(wr I coijcrivr witli n nun? heart that you will by no nieana 
he unMUiful to Iht? Uxr» of tif^ht aud txjulty." 

WiUi tliifl perontiuu he brought, hla ppMch to an eti<l and waa 
aflent, and with att<^niive vrttn Aiid <>yrw fixrd <vi\ the grvund^ and with 
an anxiouo hoart, hn waited for tho Biabop^ anftw^r, Ac>cordingly, 
vhilo a]} wmv amjuuid and di«turb<!d at what had occurred, th«y t-oport 
I tltnt tho Prelate, very luuoh moved dt the ntrooity of the deed, and 
actuated by bla leal forjUAtlce, replied o^follovn: 

"Forasmuch w that which you affirm to bo c«rrtain h m far clearly 
UEtcnrtjtin to u«, we Umll at any rate t^ke irare la arrive at a ccrtAin 
IedowWk^ oI thiA busijie^. And if indeed it shall be efitabli^lLed to be 
10, as you maintain, be aasurvd that the rigour of our justice »haU in no 
, wiae be found wandog. But aince it ii not seemly that a juAt judg« 
^'riiouid proQOUDce upon thww who arv nb^nt And unheArd, let the Jewa 
bo Humnionttl and have a hearing on the morrow ; if they bc eonvictedf 
kft them r«eelir« Uw punJsltmeut that tbey deaerve." 


St WHliam of yonctch. 


«C cotiiticti pro mrritiei dohitATn .<ujrt3nntur p^nam. Prc^cDtcii 
itAqiic, nogotii eermone ita in craatioum trftufllato, et que fu) 
eyn'>duiD pcrtm<.<baiit ca dio iu purti> pcrLnict4ktis, ornnca miuic 
deooo rcucmuri diccaserunt Eodcm ucro die wxma pKsulid 
doc&Di)t» Norwicv'tidU iiidooa conucnii, aU|ue ut in cnuitino coram 
pontitier Mipor tanta re s^odo r*N*ponnuri ibwii8loront indixit. 
Quid ergo ? Turbantur iwlci, et ad mcwomiu^m lohanncin Un- 
(^uiun mI ^in^^-Jritx: nailnm opem ot consilium in lAni di^icili caiiMk 
<|iicaituri iiDmiimitc^r recuminl: cuium fioti jw^trtK-miin multn 
mulbocicntt pcriciiU eiiaa^runt, Inito itfUfU« conBilio Ioh&nn««> 
titpotc rjucin m u<-ritA« noa Int^bftt. mdcoa &^ aWiodum cmtftinitm 
u<^ni^c nun perminit, immo per »tiO(i prc-mli nil nd ipfl!inm dc iudcia 
pcrlincrc ne^juc? iiideoa I'ege abaente super t^libua chriRtmuoruiu 
iLUgia Tcspon^iircKt mandAuit^ PrcAii) ticrro tati pcrccpUi tiuntJo 
prciibitcr>quc »ub plena »^^nixlo hc^temam itFeiwc uolonto qucri- 
fitoiiiaiu, dumikiirii Aimuniiii prliircna de saiicto Pnncmlio ftl]uac|u<! 
crudili.-«iiiiiw ct pnidontia^iiiioi iiiraa <|uo» illi s^odo intercww 
tunc contigcrat. quid ^uper buiuamodi jAbi uideatur reHponao 
iiitcrrcgal. Qui unaninKw dco Icgiqne chmtJAne npertAui inforri 
uiolcntintn dicunt. eauiquo occlcAia^ticc ri^ro iuAticie inaburiwi 

Tliufi t1i« deftliiif; witli Uiis Iiuhuii^b being put ofT till ix«ki dny, ajiO 
the busintwM of tbe Syiioil littvicifif bcwii dnJb with in pHrl> aII difipef^«d 
intf^itdiiig ti) rnturn rn^xt nLomiti^, Dut by ordnr of the Bfah»p the 
f^Miii of Norwich on the ruvtno day summotiod Llic J^wh to»ppoart (vnd 
ord«r«d th^m to Attdad to antwcr on tho Dbom^w iM^fare tli« Synod 
if»:gjvrding an frnjiortJinf. n rnAtt«r. 

l*hr -Inwn upvp gmfttly diflturhod luid ran t« thn ^berilT John nn 
their only refuge, seeking h«Ip and o<mnH.4 in ao difficult a cuiui*e, inMi- 
nuch &A by truHting to blti p&troruiffe they hod often eacjtped nuny 
dangers. So John, Jiftvine^ Wikcii counwl und U-in^ *>nc who wnw not 
Iffiiomnt of Ihe truth> did not jiMow tliv Jitwa to com^ to the Synod on 
tli« morrow, and indeed Itti }{ave notice by hU aervnnta to the BiaUop 
thtkt he hod notbiiig to do with the Jew, and thnt in the ab>^iice of 
the King the Jewe should make no anj»w<rr to Huch inventions of the 
CltriHtiiiD^^. But the Bishop having n^ceivctd ttiii message (and the 
pricAt beiDg willing to repent hia yeaU^rdnya, coinptaint in full Synod), 
enquired of Uoni. Aiinui; Prior of Mt Punoraa, and other very learned 
uid prudent men who happened theii to bo proecDt at that Synod, what 
*nnwcr thoy thought ought to Iw pvea They dodnrtd unonimouKly 
that a umnifwt outraf^e wa^ l>H[ti^' done to Ooi> acid UhritiliaiL law, am} 
thej ttdviued that it aliould bu »trai^lw«g^ vbidicated villi rigumuit 


St WiUiam of No^ivich, 


Gi^herc^endnm &flsi> roniulnnt. Tutor hiH? ftutoid ponitfox, n^c prc*^ 
cops uideri uolene, uec histicie finimitra anbtrahdns, memoratcs 
CtiriKti luIucnuiriuM «ocuiido adhuc et tercio 4»ib)Doii<!Dcli>a ludiout, 
ne nimia eententie accelomtio nut modum preuoniat aut ftolitum 
conifiiotudiiliM limiu^m exc<Nlat, Vti ftut^m (:l4»«r«uerut epUcupuic, 
doconUA ex«qui non flintiiHt Sod iudd u^tniro dum r^nuunt 
p^raota fij''^^ uin>ft sapiontiasitikOt proaiU coodulit quid oontm 
n^m huiiiiimodi rooictidum nit, Coinmuni knquo actum cM coimUln 
li>l»anm t^iudem ^tt ^ugi^emtur ne iudiMw t^oDtra d«uin niAiiutviK-at, 
iudoiK MQTO ut peretnptoria prupxiatur ■cptvutui, <|uch1 ni ciiiun 
pur^ndi iienutnt ee piNXTuldubio ext(>riiiuiaiido8 «Hde cogrioaoant. 
Quibua Duninim oompubius stTmiunikurt lohiumus ruin^lA dilaUono 
cum iudoLenduonit, ct <|uid contra ipeoe dicfttur Auditunie> coram 
poiititiee fruincbundu^ n^si^tit Xcc mom, iiurgit preebitcr ?itipc< 
diotuM probisatam repticuiin i]U<MiEUoULiiii> ot que pmtcalatui^ cat 
ucrbo cunfvBtim 9e prubnltiruin poUicitufi ^l doi iuditio. CouajUo 
ftutcm uicccomitis ludci imp<>«tuni «ib) cniiicn abnc^ntj seed 
Bupo propositi probatione iudicii <|uid uelint indutuk^ dcliUrrandi 

BeelMuwtacal juaticc^ In th« m^mntlmc however t)ie Bishop, not viah* 
ing to &pp(^r hjVHty, urid y«i not •hrinkin^ from doing t)iv ri^^^ 
d«?id«d thai tlk^ aforAMuI ^nftitklea of ClirUt dhiutd ht* vomatoti*^ a 
Hboond aikd o third tim«, hst l<» mtich hurrying ol ihc^ uMit^nnv iihr>iild 
ifithnr go iM^yond mofieratioD «r tmnj;gr™s thi» nrdinary l»otincU of 
cnstoiu. At Hit* BUhop liad docrBMl, su tho d«An did put tail Ui cany 
out bia ord«r But when lh« Jews refcaed to appear, the president, 
«h«n th^ Synod hwl c<intc to an end, aenin conidulted with the wi»e«t 
men aa to what wilk to 1h> doiitf iin<)<T the- circumatancm. Accordingljr 
it wan det^nnined b^ coiunion ccptttiit that notion) nhouM bo givcii to 
John that he should not pnjteot tliu J«>vb Jigainitl OoD^ aud to the Jcwn 
that poreiuptorj mnt^noe would be [lasaeil upon lh<^zii, ami that uolen 
thay at once caia« t» purge thfrmwUfn tlioy hiumI uadcrKtAnd tha^ 
witboat doubt they woulil be c-xterrninuted. 

Of couTHc John moved by tbe«e words came without delay, and the 
Jewa wItJ) hiui, int«*nding Co hntir wbat coald bo said ag^inct them, otxl 
presented himaelf before the Biahop in HOme dudgeon. 

Tberau|K>ii thr* hfoi^wikld Prie«t roue and exphilued hiH previous 
oonipUint, and what he luwrted in word he promised ttiat Ira would 
atraightway prove by the Judgroont ol Uoo. 

Th<i Jews by thr advice ol the Sheriff denied the charge brought 
■IpsiiiHt them; but a« tathe otxleal |>n>p04edp t\t*y asked for wtao Knall 


St WiUiam of Noi^mcK 


\\e\ minima^ nvgant. Hcnitcntc mi tern preebit^rOr oninoTnquc 
proi'ttUP dilAtioDiA inticiADte inoram^ nsecnnu cpi^copi ntipcr go 
itocretiiiG locutun ad coneiUiim procediiiit. ConauUtur uiccconM» 
quid 8iib tanto didr.riiitine fiibi rcatet bgendiim, quoni&m t% bino 
induciAriini dllaUoncm ftibi denegaii cirmiiiil, H indc iiidlcii <^x^ 
Ammationem onininn peril meariitiL Plurimis AUtc'in ntrnionibus 
Aalubna diuotiJi perquirentt^ tii&m, singulisque rebus proportio* 
nallter pertractatis, iion altitd rtvcunim Unti dlBcrimiTib jvpperiunt 
cfTugium nisi solum indutiAnmi ct diUtionis cm oin men turn. Qum 
ai habere ct>ntitigat. ucnalein regia gratiam argULueoli copia extor^ 
qnrri leiiiter dperant* quo J*ibi i^bit^cti iwrnioncni criniinin fimdittw 
extiu^iant. Porro circa huiiUJUiixli cuiiHilium plurima di^ri parte < 
tHjanuETipta e ci>iiailiu wl cpiHCupum mittitur, ut pnt^ulali,* scilicc^L 
iiiduiio cjuoqui>m<>do coiiCL^djtiittir. QuibuH niHiuaqiiain iiupt^tmtia 
imtud iiicecame^ cum iudi^Jn xww riKpiiNita lict^nliii abeimdi, ut niott 
e^it, abceHHiL Illun ucixr quia extra iiiaik-iv rin lutuni \vji\ erati 
JntnicasteTH tututua eal inuiiiticjueui donc^c pace regiu illia«dicto 
indicta et corraborata i4w;uri itqi<>!<leruiii redderentur et quleii. 
Quod ubi epiacopo cvLviiaque t^ui cuiu ipcKi ^restolabaiitur «oa 

d«Uy for ddibemtlng. But nn tho priest refuajn^ tbu and protMtinie 
ttgniiiat nny Iciiid of dalay, with tho lusent of tlie Bishop thpy proofed in 
IaIco i>ni]rtHp| inifndtng to confer MH?r<>t1y abmit iL Th« HhorilT in 
con^nlt^d a8 1o wliat. reTnafum^l for them to do in w> great a difficulty, 
iiiaaiikuch aa thtiy perceived thftt on the one hJLnd any delay was deiil^ 
theui. and on the other they were dnwIfuZLy nfraid of the trial by 
ordt^nl After seeking flonw vay of couiprondu^ with a ^ja^t dfMil of 
diicuaiioii, and after dealing witli each alternative on lUt m^ritat, thpy 
found no safe esc-ap** out of »» grea^t a difficulty except only by 
obtaining imjuic truoo ^nd delay. If they could obtAin that, tlwy 
)io|>(h! they could easily extort froui the King the favour which might 
be bou|;ht for morcy, of getting a chnuce of arguing the cause* and io 
Utterly put an i^nd to the nimour of the crimf^ Laid to th^ir char^. 

"When Uje greatest part of the day had beer spent in thi» kind of 
diaputing, at hut they sent to the Bishcp jv^king that a refcpHe of 
8oiiie uirt should bf? Allowed them. Which being pc^rninptoHly denied 
thcui, th« Sherift' witli the Jews^ without Askitig for hvivo to depart a« 
the uaujO custom is, went their wAy. But because it wua nut safe for 
them to remain outside, tlie Sheriff protected them within the defences of 
tho CAAtle until, their Mcurity having b^uii oavurod to thom by a royal 
edict, they might btr safe for the future And out of harm*ii wa)*. Whoa 
it waa told to the Bi«hop and hia aupportt^rs that they hod fjon« aw^y. 



5/ WiiHam of Nonvich. 


abiaao n-'Tnintitttiim c*t, quotiidin rvrgi regiiftue miuuttrin apertt* 
obuinrc iicrcbatur, nd horam quidein epiac^pun wiliiit. M^rnioiicmquc 
i n term iaau 111 noiinumquain rubrnctAndum «ucccdoiitium [pompgrum 
oportunilAii rc.fcniftuit. 

xvii. Quomodo Aimarnjf prioi' mncH P<incjnti{ coj'ptis sanctt 
martiriit necttm transf<er>mtdi Ixcentiam petiertt. 

AlMARVS autem niemoratus prior de Njinclo Pniicmtio oIas 
xA- iti uudiu-^ f\\iK* 1^<<hfint vi annoiutis, inc^iitis interna tactus 
dcuotione. presbitemm scorsum Irnxit, a quo rem gestain qiianttun 
ipeum scire liciiit pknitin ac diUgentiiis 9CLHcitari cumuit. Vbi 
uero mortia niodiim tum per tormciiti quajitatem turn per plaga- 
rum »igna cogn<»uit ct. iiiiiiicnun, quid aliiid inttr hi.*c ninuniin 
pi-rpeDderet, nisi quia §ajictissimus iilo puer in obprobrium Chris^i 
a iudeis retiera occiaui* fiitsiwt t Vnde et qu^idam intiTno pictatia 
fcruorc ductus, ad epiftcopum confotilini acoofteit, atque ut memo- 
rali pueri oorpua twcurn Uansfen^e liceat multa precum in»tantia 
IKMtularc studuit, Quod ubi impotrare non preualuit, respondiaete 
fertut quia ai eum apud S&nclum PaDcratium tench contigut^t, 

hnaaifmili u 1i« feared openly to oppoim diQ King and liJa officer*, iho 
Blihop wiid n<>t)iing for i\]f- lime, lui reserved th^ «p^eoh which had 
been tliUH internipt^li wJtli intent to repejit it when a fiitura occiwic^n 
iSiould olTer. 

3tm ffcu? Auoar tJuf Prior of St PancrtM ojiM /aow to tah oKviy 
wUh him rtfl bodt/ qf thij ilohj Mnrtifr. 

Bui Aioaar ih« fDromcntionod Prior of St Panenu, havitif^ ittet\ and 
b«nrd and pondered all that hod poiMv.! and tnovpd \yy inviird dlvvotion 
ol lieiLrt. took aside a ceriaiiL prie8t from whcm he was at tho paiitH to 
inform himRnlfvpiy fiilly and carefully of the faoU of tin; mstr aa far 
aa^ bo knew thrm. But when In* loariit the way in whiL'^h the death 
had been brtm^flit about ap, wril hy the kitd of toilure ^vs by ihe niark« and 
number of th« blows^ what elae couM he infer with oil tliia Itefore hini, 
but that llic most holy boy had in vory truth been kiUed by Uie Jews 
oa an inxult to ChmtT 

So, moved by a certain inward warmth of devotion, iie went 
straight to die BUbop and eanieady begged with many pniyer* tliat be 
might be allowed to lake away wiih him the body of the holy boy. 
Bat when ho could not prevail io obtaining his re^jUMt, it u said that 
h« antwtrcd that if he luiH licen m> fortunate aa to get him at bl 
W, N, 4 


St Willimn of Iformch, 


ncd iligne pro mmtis exUutum pliinmoqii^ iiim*rfttioQM eolto 
oelebrem Unquftm Ihowunim pr«K.*ic«iasiiimiij suiudui custodiret 
dlligi-'iitid., Quo priuriJi uorb^ pontiticia Et>rArdi luJco cotumoiie- 
runt iLmmum, ut ol ei uenorot.ionis tierent ftrgiimontiim ftli^iio 
erga pucmm ftonctiim tlc-uotiopu tninistnrent max^>m<>ntum. Qua 
do re compulsus et plurimrtriirn nninifitu* oon^lio, boAt.iiwiini piierri 
Gorpijg od c-]}ijKCopuJom tiC(*l«Aiani afifonri «t m oimit«n» uaouacborum 
dispoeuit tumutan. 

QVOSDAM igilur d** Monachia cum qiiiHusdam de clero nd 
ipsum aSercndiim episcopus elegit ot electos die VilT Kl 
Uftii ad id 4|ii<mI di!4pi>»uenit irxci|uonduni direxit. Quibii-s pre<ri?pta 
explontibuB et tarn redeimtibm tanU popuUris muUitudinia occun-it 
Bffluentia,qTJod ptTpttucw iiitm urbcm rcmansm* i."stinmn.^ Allfttiis 
est ifjupie theaftiirus il!e preciosue ac clesiderabjlia cum maxiaio 
cleri plebij<c|ut' tripudio, ntque a ueiLC^nibili momichoruin conucntu 

Pimcriui, ng nuia of moiHjiy would hti\t induce<! him to jiIIow of Uie* 
beinfc taken away elsewhere, but tliftt he would have kept hini with 
tbe utmost diHgcnce rn a most prociouR trNL'^uTf', ihnt he Hhould liftve 
bMm exaltod worUidy occordinff Ut hiit deaerta ftiid have becfimv fanioux 
by conapicuouA vojieration anJ woreliip. Which nonU of th« Prior ho 
afftjeted the tuind of Buhop K^rivrd that thoy b^s^amo mn incentive to 
hU vcrnRtntion and urrvtsl Ut increaw? hin demotion Uiwanlft tho holy hoy. 
Urgnl by thifi and uUvct^xl by the odviL^v uf vtry tttjuiy, he dvtfTnnined 
tluil UiQ boiJy of thtf Ueastfd boy aliouTd bo broaghl m(f> the C«thnlrA] 
Church and ho buried in iht Monk*' Ctrmctofy. 

xviii. Ilotc ajtirr hfinff taid <mi and tuotfAW Aa Hfa* finmfi t^ b^ 

Hereupon tlie Bishop made cTioioe uf certain of th<t monJch with 
•ome of the clergy u> lay him out, a>id he tiirectcd tlicwe that wcro 
chosen to carry out lu» ordem on Uic 24th of April. While they were 
<»trrying out their iiiatruetionB and were now rcttiming, to va«i ft 
ooncounw of the common pe(>pl« met them that you would liavr 
Uioujfhl very fev had MAved bvhind in the city, 80 that preoiouA and 
exi^ui^u* treasure wiw carried with immense delight of clupgy and 
|>ooplo ftud brought by the veoorahle convent of ilio luonkA with « 


Si WiSiam 0/ Nomnck 


ftnte aaacti^ crueiA Altara cum ibr«tro roponhur. Emt quippa 
ferotmrn pollio fo«tmo oooportum »t hino Atquo mdn ouutulnbm 
qUQdnkngularit<ir ftpposita ctrei^ rolueobaiii urtlcntibus. A mona- 
cbia mipm pro rcjuiG fidolium 8o)«Dnitor Cttotfthntur, tiirbiajtM 
ciutum tota ttur^uin no deorsuD) r^plc^botur <-*ccloHiiL, OulobrAta 
dcntquc mhmx ox dcUbomtionis induMtnA int^r pnlpitnui ot chumiit 
repouitur mouaohorum, no aoilicut pupuli ihI f^^ivtrum d<r<Mcu1»D- 
dum, imni9 od corpo* id lic^nt iimiM^ndum irrumpcrc tiokntit 
iDsiflleEifl torbn fitktribuB dobitum fuuen obfloquium Uuundo exi* 
bcntibiu im|)cdimciito inugi!* (owl qtmm nuxilio. TAnto cntm 
]Uter««8e apoctucalo ituminu orat l^-ticU, e proximo otarv f«UdtA§^ 
Quid plitm f Eligtintur iiaiumlli du fratribus qui oorpus Eaucnb, 
lotum albfi liiithcie>]Ui: bcDeJictU inuoluant. at muolulum itidcin 
ut priua furotro coinpcmutt. Qui ^^S^ ^ imutictum coniivucrant 
minivCcnntn, corpus tunicft dcnudimt* pcdibu* caldameiitrk tolUmt; 
ipeumque tx more mortuonini &d lauanduni preponiit. Dumquo 
Liuarciur, id iniri coQtigib immo miriA omnibiw plu^t ftdmimnduta. 
Cum ot CDim iom xzx^. ii. a di« mortis ciua pcrtnukfiiMcut di«a, 

procctticp nod introduocd into tho Chthednd Church and pl&oed with 
lu bier Imiort Uie &lUr of the Holy CrxMB;. Uorvorw tlw bier wia 
oovvrod with n AploudiU |mJ1, «nd caJidl«aticks w«re ^Inc^d u^hjil ic or 
Uo* Mdf ami nii that r-t aII iho f<mr comiji*, uuJ thry glc^aiuf^t with 
burainff tAjJcr^ The muo of m^uicrm vrna oolcmiOy stan^ bj the motik^ 
»tid tK« whjlv Cliurtrh vttui IUIim] from end Id «nd with tlk« crowrd* cl 

And whon th^ uiaui had baen calt^hmtad, th« body waa Wd up 
iK-iu-nm tju* jK-rw-n luwi Ui* niDnkn* choir Wt the crowdH of pdople Uui 
w«re prt!iuu£ in det^Inng to kiaa tbe bi«r, &nd if [Off&ibld to rush forward 
to KC« thfT body, shoidd W n Inndranco mchflr than « fai?lp to the 
b]'etiin>n wlio were ptrformiuff llus [iroper niiniatry of wnahing tho 
corpA.^. For it w«4 a joy to be pro»vnt at m> grml ft sipfctActe ntxl 
«xt4nr'm« hAppijifa« to b« uuong Cho«c that w«r« vsUnding n&iir. So 
soint^ of Lli« bretljren wen? cho«ra to viuh tlii? body &nd, when it ww 
w&aJied, tA wrap it in «n i^be and liueu thst h^d be«n blewed, 
and bo vrapped rouad to pl&oe it a^^ain upon tbe bwr And they 
whoee bttuafln it was took off itio luartjrt coat and the Hhoes frota but 
fMtt and prepared to wMh bim m i» theciutom with tlje dead. But 
irhtle tliey were WMliiog hiui, b ! thii wonder, 'hia more wondnrful 
than all woader« happened. For ihouj^h 3:2 dap hod pnaaed *inot 



St WiUiam of Norti/tcl. 


inti^er inucntun «Ht, et omnibus iTi«iii1>ria Ineomiptiis;. Inter 
bftiutaDtiutii ai^uidcm manui dig^tis, brachiis, cctcH^uc mcmbns 
oduo RcxibiliH (ippiniit ut roagia dormient^jm ci'ederefl fju&m 
iDOrtuum estinini^ca. Scd uttde nmgis ndrntremini coritigit, qnift 
dum fuoiea iauaretur, receiia subito sanguia e u&ribua f>rorupit; 
iinde Diminim a««istcntium cetw* obstiipiiit, SnngTimcm giittntim 
profluentem C|ui miriieteno assUtebant litithe^nuinl^us excipiunt, 
qUQ ci.'Tvwiito duiiiiQ fmic^m kimittri^:^ nW-ergimi Q*ii nero torn 
adruinhbili ufToere tpectaculo nobia pofettuodum attcstftti sunt 
quoni»i» et duiii lauurt^tur ac maxiiDe dum stiDguiB proflueret, 
torn rairi CM^Ioris naribus corum aspersn est flngnmlm, ut ipw 
ttuauiUut pul(?nt4;r diuvt iiittilligei'e auctoreia auAuilatiM ad saocti 
corporis obscquium ucracttcr fv^ucniwc Diuiiiv |>oito preaentie 
simuitHH ijiiid aliiid iiubiH dt-^igimre uoluit, nifti ut per hoc moiii- 
fcstiits clucliimn^t qiinnti cijiutii w menbi in ftupeniib existet'el ? 
Hoc t^uoquc coruDdcm ivlatu didicinniB, quod ab ip6ih scilicet 
oerta el uiaiiifesitA in eo inmlfm deprelienaa aiot iiidiciEk. Turn 
vtonim cnpiti lotu inter crcbnut 9piiiAruiii punctkn^s UniLTido dum 
palmar ueui^im didxicriint. quaniudim t^rutu que t€ste impi^eesa 
iiihi^»i.^miit spiriaruiii uflVndurit capita. IqucdUi extrahuat, et 

hifl death ho was fmmd to be Tmchftnj^ iind without corruption in tay 
part. For, while undci- the hand* of thoup that lifted luui, he wu to 
siuppli) in hiR tinkers, annttt anrl h'm oth^r ]irii(>& tluit }'ou would have 
judged hiui to be sleeping mthor ihiin dead. But what wus inore 
wonderful «ti]l, while they were washing his fftce, fresh blood suddenly 
iHMUcd fixjm hiB nostrilfl, bo that bho compauy of tho^ prefient were 
AmfkKcd. Ab thfr blood kept flowing drop by cli^p, they who were 
helping at the Herriorr cnught it in napkinn and when it ccttaod thej 
ikgatTi wahhed hiH Uwv. But they who n'^re present at the wondrous 
«ght aflerwatdn aaauiN^d us bow that, both while they wer* washing 
him and ^apecially while the blood wa& flowing, so atmnge a fm^ranee 
of exc*ee(Iing sweetness ^rwttpcl their nostrils, that the very prrfiime 
evideiitly Have thi'iu to tuidersland that the Giver of all sweetness htu] 
in very truth been prwent For the honouring of the holy body. For 
whst et^ could the sweeineMs of the Divine presefioe have intended to 
show fortli to UH t-noept that hereby He waa mftnitwtly declnring how 
grwt were the martyr'a merits in the sight of heaven I This too 
wo lesmt from the report of these saintf men, }jow (hat they per- 
ceiv*^ certain und nmnifest indications of ninrtyniom in him. First 
when bis heuj} was vashed and their hands carefully piuGNcd nvnr it, 
unoDg the numei'oui punctures of tliorns they came upon pieces of the 


St Wiltkim of Norwich. 


nmuiiio deuotioDiH studio dum licuit cons^ruoix^ curauenint Turn 
■ 4)Uoqu<.' dum uniuerwi ^iugilUlim iii»ii pcrciimint membm cfiqK>m 
AaDcti, paLrois profecto pedibus et latere euideiitia deprehcndiml 
sigaii mArtyriJ. Ex nonnultiH preterea mditlisi que sibi apparue- 
rurit aqua foruGntifiHima et bullienti perfusum comperiunt. Cor- 
[K>re denique Loto, alba illitm ne^lc iiuluuut, dvuidc liolhcaininibus 
i&uolutiiDi furclro rccomponunt. Interim dum hec agert&tur, 
per totam lirbein quo saiictia^iintini b«ati martyritt oonderetur 
corpus qucflitiiiD eat aai-cophagiim. nee LDiiehtum. In cimiterio 
igitiir sub capitiili p^U'ictc fiLwsii cffoasfi «.st iibi triiLCU* cL tnmco 
imponcrctur corpus. Dwm autem foderetur. mirum dicta, tarco- 
phagum wii'cophagrt rvaiipinutuin iuueuitur Vtniraque iotus 
niUTiduin et cimdiduui eral, t^uia nulliun aliquando cadauer 
introruiBsum fiieraU Quod reuera idnirco f>ro niiroctilo habitum 
ej4t, ffuooinm inter ecclesie primarps primoKque iWm^ fiindntorei< 
nee umia iuiieiitus eal ipii eonmi i^iiiitu«cen3tar ^rcophagorum* 
a quibus scilicet illuc allata uel quando ibi rneriot recondita Id 
tanien consequ enter conicimiiB, (|U<)d dinina ptx)uidi;Titi& ea Hancto 
WUIolmo tarn diu reeeruauerat iDtacta et illibata. 

actiuil thuniH, which they rictnictwl, nnct tnnk 04i« tliat tJie^y should 
be preser\'od with utmost i*vereno6* Kext, while they exAinincd ouw 
by one [ill the portions of tho iwcred body, they found <i\i(l<'ni signM of 
nuu-tyrdom in hiJ? handji nnd foct Knd ud& Mori*flv«r tlier« were plain 
iadiculionK tliiit he lifui \ivv.\x plunged into WihnK wut^. At laat alter 
WAfihing Ui«T body tht^ clothed him in a wliit^ garment^ wrapped bim 
in luieD, and pui liim back upon the bier< 

Meftntime while these tbin^B were bein^ done^ searcb wru^ miwlfl 
LhrOD^ the wholft city for a Baroopbogua in whiob the ucred body of 
tlitj iimrtyr might be Inidi but none could be found \ m a grav« wmh dug 
in the oeoiotwy jUBt under thu wall i>f the ohnplner houw, whure the body 
might )>o entombed in a wooden colha But "while they were digging, 
airaiige to tell, a iwircoph^gits wiu acluitlly found there rating upon 
wiotber; unit loUi une iind the other was otoitn And fJuiY within, 
bocsuee evid«iitly neviTi- hu<I aMy ileud man'a oorpw been lutd tlii'tviu. 
This circum«t«nce was In truth at onoe acovpted »« a mirocle, fllnce 
«mong (he gr^iit men of tlir Church and it« lir^t founders not one 
i^eould W found who romomlfc-n^d ihny nuch MLTCopbugi, nor who bad 
broegfit them, nor when they hod been put away there. Conae^uontly 
w« flonjivtuiv that thvie had biwn prpiB*rv«d by dt^ne providenee «> 
Eong intACt and unuiwH fnr Saint WiLliurn. 

51^ WUiiam of Xomich, 



xi3L De turnulatione eius in ctmiterio mcnachorufru 

IS prr>ut roemomuitnufi conauniiiiitiis nnimcquc commencla- 
tioTiti ex mt^ra inoi'tiionim peracta. cum ptaltnifi ot laudibnK 
prvil prooo»f=ionaliU'r rmtnitii ooueiittia; egi^gius nero martlr in 
dmit^o int^riori subt^iiilur tumtiUDclus. Impletur cimilcritiir. 
milibus hominiim lOio lie lau-re p<M' portani introeuntium « 
intmntitma nisi loci iam auHiciebnt capiicitus. Iliiic moDAChi ei 
ol€ni9 cum [>8alnio<1ie laiidibit-s celobrea cel^brabant exequioa: 
inde Mci cum uiaxinio itSKJi^tUrb^nt gandia Qui uero aderant, 
quatDquam cultti uel sexti forent dispareA. crunt tamen singuli ad 
pcrsfiicicDdnm uiiaminitatc conftimic*, Porro ^xe<^uiis rilo cele- 
braiia ac stipulchro in introitu cimiterii ex parte claiistn deccnter 
composito, corpus bcatiwttni mnrtiriM ft-rctro <l'jpO!*it,UTn intro com- 
pfJiiiUir. IinpofiituTti Mitpiidem flepulchro omnium ociilis c^uibuf^ 
tamen uid^re licebiii uiba at L^nit ue-Mk^ inui^hiUirn jxt uU<{uatitLim 
hoi'O s]iftduin oonspici mnobatur. (juibuftuero e pi'oxtmo stare con- 
tigerat uelut quibusdam eorum pOEtmodum cognoui referentibufl 
piutaxaUuD cunligit ibidwii HumibHC odom ftuauitatetu. Demutn 

xbi^ Of ft** t&Xo^^rkittil in the Monk*' Cnmstcrij. 

Thrse tbiaie^ oi we have i^lated, ha^inff bcon ac<«mpHHh<s) and i\w 
n^Tumrnding of liin itoul to God, lut is uiiual wJUi tlic jteri^ice of th« dead, 
having b<y*n finiAlitvl, tin? glorious martyr was taken into i!i*t inner 
cemetery lo be laid in his tomb, X^i^ whole convent, of the brothran 
goirg hfforr in a prtK^aMion iA-ith jisalms and pruUi*«. Thu o«fmi!tnry 
vaa AUmI hy HmntMsuls of mf^n who (-iit^^rMj by ihe gate on tbe other 
ndi^ aiul I'hc^ ni-frji wa« hnrdly largo enough for those n-ho kept coming 
io. On the one aiiio w^m tho clcr^ und the monk* who were oel^^bn- 
Xing tbv «xe(]uit« with noii^ uf pniiiic, on th(* otliiM' wrre the taity who 
wer« taking thdrpj^ft ^ilh eXi^tn^diii^ jo^. But tbuugb ihay whu w«re 
prcwut diJTiMvd in grad<T iind iiinrji, ibi'j' w«rcull <A tjiu; mind ui wishing 
to aee tho nights At Inat, rtfter thu oxMjium had htt^tm celebrated, 
the aeptt)chr« having l^eeu dec^^iitly prvj^JiiW »l tlic c^ntranoc of the 
(wmpti^ry on tJie cloi&t«r sido, tho body of i]i«i iixj^t blwH^d ttiArtyr waa 
takun from tlie bier lind liiid wiibiu it. And mh it Uy in tliu sepulchre 
it wax exfioApd lo vi4>iw for ftonin cnntiidftnihln liitiA tn tJie gasto of tlkn^ 
who w^n^ ptMTnittmi to look npAn it, wi-appwl in % white shroud. But 
to Lhoav ii-hu cbanccfi to brt standing neAr, ilk I was informed 
afterwards by aoine of thein, it wits grnnteil to have a perception 
thore of the sweet smelling fragrance thAt I mentioned 1>efore. 

I.] St WilliaTii of Norivich. 55 

pro lamina, quia lamiDam noD luibobant, altt^iius sepulchri con- 
caua medietas superponitur, lapisque lapidi cemento coDglutinatur. 
Quibus expletin, dominum relinqueu^ custodem, couuentus moDa- 
chorum in ccclesiam psallenda regreditur; alii uero ad propria 
domini glorificando magnalia reuertuntur. 

Explicit liber primus. 

I^^ly, instead of a slab, becauBe no slab was forthcoming, the ooncave 
half of the other sarcophagus was placed over him and atone was fixed to 
stone vith cement. All being over, leaving the Lord to watch over 
him, the convent of monks returned into the Church chanting, but the 
rest returned to their hornet glorifying the wonderful works of the 

Here bndktu the Firot Book. 


InO^kM cap(U<Ui tibri gecundi, 

i. Ro^rpontdo in illo9 tiiii saDctibati eius derogant 
ii. Commendatio innocentie (*t ogicgK? ^^anctitatB eiuft 
iii De rosa que fid Kt^jmlclmitn cius hicima rcfloniit tempom 
iv. Dg adi»imbili iikKDn* cniusdiiiii e^'i>ti ^t ififtiiit) ciun, 
V. De cnnsiinili iii:sioni? trniiiwlam piKOIiil<>. 
vi, De pregnante mire liborata. 
vit. De nirgint' r|iindnTn do Donrwij n (If^.Tnnnix innihi inFoKtA- 

tirine libprnta. 
viiL Ccmint-ntoHum' illii* qui niimeiiliK !«inf*ti WillMmi tloroganl 
ct qui ciim n iudei^ occienui uel negnnt uel dubitant. 
ix, Priniuin argumentiiia, StJciindiim urgumuntuni. 
3L Tercimn argumentuin. QuaHuui ai<g^ii\oiituiik. 

* tic: L GQmaxoTiitohiaa. 










An jinawer to tho»w who ileprrtt^intfi his nnnctity. 

A coiuuieadution o£ Iuh iiutocenue ^iruJ notable naucUty* 

ConGcmin^ the Kose whic]) t)los8omcd by hi>« grave in iho 

winter lime. 
Concemin;; tlie wonderful ViJiiou of a certain sick ui&ti Mid 

hin cure. 
Concerning » itimilnr Vii^ion of n ccrtnin young girl 
Oonooriiing the woiicb'OU^ delivenwcv of a wouiftii in Itiboui'. 
Concerning u (it'rtaiJi virffui of Dunwich, delivered fi-om the 

assaults of a devilish £iicubu«. 
A warning to tho«w who drprcciui^ the mirnclcji of ^int 

WiDjam, and who eithor deny or doubt Umt he wa*i 

ftbiiii by thu Jewit. 
The lirHt and st^oond tLfgument*. 
The ihiifl and fouith arguments. 

toe. n.] 

St IVilHam of Norwich. 


XL Qiiintum argumeatum. Seictum arguiDcntum. 
xii. Seplimiim ar^niK-ntnin. ConchiMa 
xUi. QuftlitL-r iudeu^ tunc norwiceoftea ultio diuitu el chnHtmiu* 

cidiM porculorit. 
XXV. AcCTisiitio iudoonmi in chri^tmiia^ ot inm^lfttio criminis in 

XV. Qualiter ot diitine iiUionis iuditium circa loharmcm uic«- 
Gomitcm fippanli^ 
Sxplicitmt capitnla, 

Iitcipk libe>- aecundtu, 


SVPERIORl qnidem libcllo prout ciailibilium relatu mrorutn 
ttcirc HciiiL btsAlissiuii tiiiLrtyri;* Willt?1itu piieritiani pro 
hiaodiilo ncistro expoHUiTiiUH ot mnrt^ni. Sf^l priiinqiiam nd Enimciila 
•ehtf ACCc<iiLniU3. ul ImnslnliomMn, tpioruridAtn i|ucw nt^if^io nialitiu 
tnAgis ducnt an innidia uerbo^o jj^arrulitati obuiaiv libot Quorum 
protoniatn inscleiitmu] et lusolenLeii) protenitiini igiiin diutiiuri 
eii^tiiiv<ro non poaeum, Batyrico tolo tit\n^liguri> ao rationie com- 
ptvworo &cnu euiiAbor. Ip^i sunt r^ui alionia gaudentes infurtuiiii^ 
^pplaudunt, nliorum uempor profectibus tuarceacunt. Ad aitu- 

(xi) Thr lifth iiiirl Kixth nrgummt^ 
(xji) Tlio fidveiith argument and conclualoti. 
(xiii) How the diviEte vengeance at tliat time fell upon the Jow» 

of Norwich, the murdorcrs of Chmtians. 
{xiv) Tilts AccuHution of tlio JewK ngaiiwt tho ChriitiinH aiid the; 

retorting' of tUts charge agninnt thcni \>y thi* ChrJBtiAu» 
(X») Uo* tbt^ proof of tliw diviuij veu|{Oducv yiUM aiwlv umiiifiMt 
iu tb« VU1U of Uie SlwriT John. 

In th« fonn«r book I hmva net forth tho boyhood nnrl the denth of 
Ibo most hlebAe<) iriurtyr St William according to my pooi- Ability, as I 
wa« able to ohtAin mj informuLiou fn>ni tli« illation of men who were 
to ho believed. But befoi-e 1 proueed to his miracles and his ti'ans- 
Jation, I prefer to cointn«nt upon the wurdy gabble of certain persons 
whom Uwir malice or tlieir eiivy (I kiiosv not which it is) m in<ti- 
gnttag; whose saucy In&oleiice and their insolent saudne^ h^rciiufie I 
can RO longer put up with it, I will try to pierc« through unth this npaar 
of Wktire and to rmtrvln with the curb of rtawon. These are they who 
delighting in the ininfortun<!» of otiien irjoic'^, Aud atwayb m-e aaddonod 

St Wittiam of Nonmcli. 


p<.'miiduni pronipti «t^ pixjcipibea, «i malitoqaii defuent luatt^iial 
tristes. Ad detraheiidum prompt lA^i mi, ad lAiidaiidiini inuiti. Si' 
quid ucro forto w aU<fiiibii4 |miiIo mitc UudAUumut. id ipt^umi 
mado in aliis cumierHo lingiie folio dariipmint, uiniinaiu uirtiis efc 
iiitiiim nori rebus iniitit mkI cum Exuetonbus iiiutoDtiir. Ociovifl' 
lalralibuA aereiii et linguo uerber4; nerberuiWs f^Ugnal, ^l cmiiniB 
m(»vibti!ft oggnKti probitatGin floljti ac cclevtibus in^mti b«Qcti<:ii0 
diuira f'tmin in quiuitam ;m-iiiik<nt nd au^i NUDt. lua^nalia niib 
]uiUmto iioto rctigiouis adniiUfirc uel itDininucii'if ffluc Kalti-in 
deprauare non nuticjiiani conaiitiir. Hoc itaque geniis bonimuni 
diuiiiL' Tiinutk omnipotenlia uel dig;nis flagelUs eorripmt ut re«i- 
pi^^wit, tiiiie noct^mii i>oUntiaiii tt>)lat ni^ coiitml(^^i*ntTv>ipre[jaleaiit. 
Potto his ct talibus, qaibue reuera ueritas que deus e«t semper 
adiiereabur, tieritatis euccensiis zdo nuiiquau^ aduemai-i deHiHtani. 
QuoTuuj toni<?T&riaiji insolt^ntiani sub pTMcutis pugme stadki 
Gxpugnatunifi eb ionocentiam defeDsurus accossi. Exprobi'aJitea 
altophilos alter IMiiid ex adueno concurrent d<?turbarc fet^tmo; 
mtioniim allegationee quoedaio spiritLtales qusai lapidos mentis 
p(>ra deft^ru. Vnus ergo ^ny cctciis Golias vxprobran« luuoum 

at til? Huct't'stieis of othrrs, Rendy and en^er tci tfiiid fault, if thure ie a 
lack *>i iiiaUTi-ijii for alandtii^ 1^17 are aad. Mout prompt U» di^purafre- 
mmt^ they are unwilling tc praiae. If by any chance they bave 
applauded Anything in any body one iuoiiierit» that same tiling witli a 
twiBt of Uie tongue tbrj cimd^JiLD tbct iLrxt uioiuciit in »lhctti, as if 
virtue and vice were not in tlie act but dian^ed tlieii- chjirncior with the 
doont of thf^ act. With their idle barking they weary IJ11.1 nir lui tiny 
wag their UtiigutnL; tlwr wont m to h!«ai] honcwty witU thmr cnrriKh 1 
bltiiigf aiid, thankleiiEt &>r licavcn* gilt«, thny try, wj fnr wt tlie-y cjlh < 
or tlarv. uridt*r lln* ij^trb u( relii;i<Tii to niJLkc little ur iiotbiui; of clivfnoJ 
myHtt^i-i«B, t>r, at teubt, to tut-ii th<-[ii to ridiculi^ ThiA niL^v of meal 
Uiervforv nuiy iLe ouiiiLpulvncvr oi Ihii diviutu goo^liii?wt rtthor corrnolv-l 
with d««ei-vtid i^courF^eiH t]]H.1< tAoy lu^iy cotnc t<i n Wtt<>r iniiid, of| 
may it imkf ivwny fmnk ^imn iho powci' of doin^ Iwu'nar 1^^ thvy ' 
Hhould j^in ftinMij^h iLiid pit' volt. Ajaui^dly th<vic jhjid »ucb a* 
tbetM* thi« very truth — wliich in Ooi> — always dooK rvaivt, ajid I 
Ktirrwl l»y fflwl for ihir tmtJi will nevei- u«diM* t4i op|io«e ; w}|o>*e nwh 
iiuokncr on thfr iiraua <if thiK presnit pa^ I inl«od to luwkult, aud 
to Bland up for innnocnoc. 1, a secnnd I)avtd, haitcn Ui onnfauitd 
the abusive Philistiiite, running foi'th Irom thr opp^utiti? ranki^ irAwing 
forth from tlie ^rip of my uiiad ocrtJun spiritual wt^ipan^ of nuuiotiinj; 
>u it were «t«nc». Lot one Uoliatli then, on belialf of the iX'^i, with hia 


3t IVUltam of yorwich. 

coupedialur pM flilophilta, Ecce iam rotiint© ac iaciente labionim 
fitnda Imqiidissimo iiorbi lapkle fmntem irreuf-renu-in couWmtu, 
i-t pn>pno hn^tc ^ik^ gWlio ptictora maliuoln IrnnsfixliMin. i^itm- 
quit) itflqiie presuniptM>nis QobU p«ccBtum inproperat, fftii<iu4^ 
t4>m(^rjut^ n<u« reiJAr^iiit ecc^at, imjuam, ftCcedArt et dimt. r|iiod 
garrulLZare eolebat. Aiebat enitn : )'rr?»uTnptvwum niinistwt quod 
untuereiilis cwrlwa nftu w^cipit tarn iinriftcttT Miwripi.-ri' vX non 
mnctiim pro sAticto habere. TETiiioimniim qiioquc tiitl&tur tarn 
mft^itiw> ii(*rKT«ri in terris quern nor tJum cfinatat <\<rnfn gl«ri- 
iiearae in <x\vk Aiulmt e rtmlni <^\.\m kw <\uni» obicit AJk>brog« 
CQiUA ingv^fiii niffatiiii nj|;v>i'iH liLpidei diinci^is obAtmictw ob w <tet> 
AttE*ti<lat oUam qiionJam )«ic i'i>z}TV t^nl^it (xtciis, qtii iiM quid ncl 
fjiiA Teriat non uid«*i. Si enim pro»fiiniptioni»' Tvdnrgiiondi »Tint 
qui Hancu>nmi qu<M totii^ non nouit niundii^Reii quoA iiniiientalitei' 
tOOle^A m>ii (x^k^bml ri.-n»hmt inftm<^mwi , [>fq)iuicos uv] tuiI1<w 
rspperies qui non c^ndero incarreriiit culpam. Kt ut ueruDi latear, 
pMer gloviOMiui uiiginem dei matrom et baptiHtnm lohaDnean 
fitqno npoatoJos. paucifi eunctorum attribnilur quod ubiquc tcmt* 

iecA Jotn battle wiUi mo f^a- llm Philiatinee. Lo f by the sling of my 
Tips und it« whirl and force I will oraah ihruugb the fthamelevs forebaad 
viih the smooth s1<jth^ of th© word, and vith the Hword of hia own 
tongue r will pterc-e through the facnrt of the ^insiiyer. 

Whrnrfcjiv whosoflvi'-r hf be vho nttri*mt«o to me the sin nf pre- 
MumpLioiiT ;ii\<\ charges nip with rnshnf^ let hini <M>nLe forward, saj I, 
l«t Iiiru come forward and speak out that which his wonti was to babble 
and jahbor 1 

He luLH been tuiying, look you, It i» very pr^nurnptuouBt to main- 

Itain BO eontidently that which the church univfnuil doe^ not aj^oepi and 

.to ncoouni that holy which Ih not hu1y> Moreuvur it aeem« raaU to 

■ bonour vo raagnillcctitly upon enrtli him whom it i« jujt yot crirtAin that 

<loD hoM jCEl'^i'iticd in the hfiavona. Let this atcm Philintinc, who 

brings thonc objcctiouti, attend to our reply, though a irtony hiuxl- 

■nem b«»eUi tite pumig«a of h)« bmin. Lvtt him obiPrve loe that 

this U *h<» way that a bliml man »trik™ out^ ■"■'ho bboi not whftt 

AT whfYrci hi> iv hitting- For if thry Arri to lie acH^uiMd of ^irmuniption 

who Iccrp np the memory nf itaiiiln whom the whole world does not 

know, or whetn the churoh uuiveraal does not celebrate, you will find 

TC17 few or iKine who will not incur the Kanie blamen And to eiy tln> 

tnitii, taTinjf ctdy the fclorioutt Virgin mother of Oop and John the 

Baptist and the Apo«l1es, of few of the 9aint« can it' b« «aid ^nt the 

60 St Witliam of Norwich. [bk. 

rum quibuH chrl>lmtii tioimnih 6oret reljgio ifMomin aolitia 
propaleliir. Xetnpt^ niLa(|iud uDiuemos quoa ipm reo)Ut BoniA, 
eoifdem cvlcbmudc'tf GHlliii ?(UE4cupil atqut; BritJiaiiiaf Nunqiiid 
illud celebre beatiseimi regis el martjiis ICadnuindi glorioaiquc 
ooiUi^saoriiS Cuthb^rti iiomon m purtibiiis Auglu- uiiiiter<iH innotiiit 
lirecie populis siue i'alc^tino } Vcrum ut summatiin concludaiu, 
quoe Mia colebi>^« habct ^tel ABiica, nunqiiid eosdem tmiueraoA 
tmiuerKk celcbiui^e consueuit Earopa^ Si igitiu' ita, iramo qtiiA 
ita coiiRlat e^c, qiialji^r presuinptioiUA rcattini iiiciirmiit, t^i quem 
uiauci'saliter uel non nouit uei non rocoUt occle«ia digna uouftra- 
tioiK* c^lebraut? Quod atitem pivmiinptioniB case inquiunt noc 
»aDCtui[i ficilicct pro sancto hul>cR\ et n'js proctil dubio id ip»iim 
dicimufl, atquc id atU^ntando in hoc eis afiaentiiiiu». Sed quoniam 
ceteris que coiiseqiient^r redargiiimu9 tnaliuolc iiiUnti^nLH id 
inteTHeruit lingua, ac de iniiidie ladice proceawt, mordaci uemutie 
obuiare rt»pondendo nitiniur. Audiaut igitiu' qui cixninuni dotit^no 
cdmpIiGitati nostre imprtmunt, qui glonoAiMHimi martfriH Willelmi 
IedeEit(« fftuiam iiumiuutione quadani Aaoctitatis indebitain laudem 
[auilifique promotion em pro posde suo vupjtiimuitt et uuuuendo 

kjLOwWgu oi chuta U apre^ul «biv>ad ovtfr ull the mrtli whereaa tbe 
religiou of the Christian uaoie prevails, lu sooili ia it the f»«t that 
all those wlioiii H^tine hei'self houourn Gaul iind BriUiiu accept oa 
equally worthy of i^mown? Is it the tsMct that tho famous name of the 
most blc*fl40*l King nnd Martyr Eadmund or of thi? glorious Conf^Hor 
Cuthbt^ii, rnnowticd in every pitrt of KngUud^ t4 ^MjuAlly wrll kn^wn 
aniOUK the ptople u( (Jreece or PaleHUiitf^f Or> it> huih up, in the o*hi* 
uf Uione whoui A«iu ur Africii i;ouii(« oa fnitioub, doL'o mD Europe 
pAy thcTii iiU u 47UhlomBTy rtivereiicvf If t\A^ UioK^foru be pl&iu, or 
rftthnr bccAUhfr it U jiUin, how ai-© tb«y to bf chargix) wiiJi prmiuup- 
tioti who c<4ebnkl€i with a I'ovei-encc thnt ia diio to thoto, aoiuo wliom 
the Church uniTttrsjil cither doo* not know or does not honour? 

But Ml to tho prpnumption th*y talk of, to wit tlic ^sito^miiig him to 
bo a Hftint who v/t\K no Hjiini, donbtleJ<H xv^ Bny ih^ BAine, anrl we ciesent 
to that with aU hfinrtinoM, Hut, xince this objection has been inwrted 
nniong thu oihcm with wliich we ftn? dealing, by the tongue of malice 
aud wickechiea^, atkI Bprings from the j-oot of *nvy, we sliull try in our 
un-^wer to ni^ia this carping cmfti&OM. Lot them listen then who l^ve 
tli« luqtrcii^ of their curruiik te43th upon our linipHcityi who, slurring the 
lame of t,!ie iiiowt glorioun nmrtyr WilHum by <l<-trjict]t]g from hiB 
sanctity, do all tiiey cnu to stop the fipread of \v\a i^uown and pcnfwuto 



St WiUiam of NonncJi. 


pen>ec|Utiniiir : niidmnt, tnquani, audiant qiii iion dcliron autu- 
nmntj rcniniijue ueritrttcm ^implicitotis intucntc* ocolo glcwic 
aaoctorum (tctrahorc ainodo GCiiic|i]ii:«canU "Sofi cqmi]<:ni ut 
unctum uoDcrainur queiii iios rcuera sanctum oo^otiintiu, tiOQ 
autem iiaii fULiicluiii pi-u nancto hftbemus. Porro anuctilati «iua 
dt (juo toqniiiinr prcci^lcntiH Ubri pagina ti:Bliii)onium pcrhibet 
miinifc^tiaqiic mdiciw id ipsum nuhMqiiotitiA ct cotidiaua nttCA- 
tantur inimctila^ Qui? iuk! nutu diuiiio fi<>re<iit, ti^rndiu nt?t|UJU|iiaTtt 
pcrsciteiadaeut ; quouiam que ex dco non :siiiil per &c citius 
diapereunt. De oetero demque qno<l couuequeiiter ublectum est. 
tcracmriuni quid^ui esao taui maguificc Bcilicct u(?ncrftn qiicm iicc- 
dum cuiistaif ut littiul, ^lunficai'j ; quetwi i-eapomleant qui simplici- 
t«tiH oc pure cotiHcbntiu ^i*l« dq>miian.' tion ctwtanL 8i Mtrv 
i¥»pondt;re reimuut, audmt beuigiioruni dili^ntia ijuod audirc 
rcfiij^t iDuldiiruTiL niTdJUi maliuolL^utiJi. Hcnpoudi^l, qur^ n-- 
spoiid^ai cfiluijipiuatLii' ilte uei-sutiis; quaudo in u>rciuiii cdum 
mpbiia ikiC4Hid«ril, ut ei reuelanTul.ur socrebu ueli el Vwral aller 
Pkiulu«, uul non iinpor PauIo? Dc Utiita reuclutionc i^ii't ii^^'l lEIud 

him by n^akin^ Tight of him : let them hear — let thcra hrar, I say — 
they wbo pnrterul tliat wcf ai'ti jnad — llui truth of the EnctN, and look at 
ihcm with tbe eyeM of siaiplicity — and henoeforth lot thoni (iMue to 
Jcimct from tho glory of the ^nl4. As for vw, in vory truth, we 
rvvonsnco om a atvint huii whom in deed wi' A/iow to be a mint, aniJ w« 
are uut vBtcciniiig &> a uilat one wlio iit no mhint. Morrovor U> his 
lAnctity of vbunk wr nre apeaking tht» previoun book Imoni tcaUmony, 
luid t\v%t ntuue ie«timojijr thft anbeoi^iiont and daily mirtvclea ^onfirDi by 
QiAnifflilt proofs. Thi> which, if thoy had not biMrn wrought hy diving 
povDr, could by no meaau hnvo eootinuad oo long, tance iUm^ things 
whi(?h art* not of God v«*ry soon juuiH away. 

Aa regarda the next point which la objects*}, niuiidy that it ia mah 
to vQnerate to cxtmvagantly him of whom* a& they say. it ia nncerlaiji 
aa yet wbHlx^r ht* Ik- glorified, I wiruhj fain thnt they who cuafto not 
from making light of tbo ofl'orta of aimplicity and a pure conscienov 
fjiould mak** anBWtr. But if tliny r^us<e to answer, let tho right-niinded- 
a&» of the welUbMpoued ^ve ear to tiiat wliich thr crafty inaliot} of 
the enriouM refu&M to hoar. Let hXm make anawer, say 1, yea let 
that cunuin^f nhinderer make aii-iwer, and amy when it wnzt thai be 
aac^nd^ on high, caaght tip to the third heaven, that the aecrets of 
h»Ten ahouid be n^vcab^l to liini and he ihould bvcomc a Hrcond Paul 
or not unequal Co Paul. Of tliia greitt revelation, at least let him t^ll u« 


-S^ WiJliom of NonvicfK 


qnofl porccpeftt cscJuaoa. Quin ucro tippi^s profecto patet et 
toDeoribus horum ommum nichit prcreus cxtitUae, (juii fronto 
miJig&oniio wntuuux aud&tia Urn fiudoct^r prc»UQi|«it &8»ei'ere 
quod aullatcinti.t countttcnt ipBDtn pofisc rescire ? Itai^uc; qui 
nmplicitatis Dostro dcuotionem et dL'UotioDifi pinm obx^uiuui do 
pre«umpticnc acl tcin«ritat<: redargiiunt citiui^ obmuteAcant, erro* | 
cemquc auam oc ptx>pnuni preeTiniptioiw et teDierilfttis reatum 
recogiiuflcuut. Nunc Uitidcm (^uiti protcmin obtrectationibua od 
pJcntJin nc9 rc«poi)dvmo putnniu^ Dictamquo prolog! plenius r^ 
spoodendu excettiitiiua a trojntU; ii^nitiDiiiA It^n^ua di^^reeaJ, ad 
euodeiii I'l^uou&iut colAiniH liii^c pcdcm rcfcramas. 

ii. CK/mmcndatio marttrii xnnocerUU vir^uilati^ et eggt^git 

mutctittitis eittit, 

CVM tubft nobis pcr^anet ouungotica, nvm qui legitime certa- 
nerit n^min^m omnino coronari, procul dubio coniitAt stolin 
legitimo c^UintibuA celeiftis bmiiii CiironHin repronitttt, et tomea 

onft point: who ihcy were vfhom h« bebeW glorified iu Pitmdise, aral 
whom be m^w shut out? But inafltnuch aa it is dear alike to btind 
men an<i b^rbera^ thnt ho hftw hnd no sinh '^xpprii^ncc Kvith^ what 
effrontery doe* the pervwmn nudiirity i»f the miili^iniU prr»iimo to 
fuwrrt thit whirh it h tynitp (?prtrtin that he camiot know 7 Tla'rpforc let 
th^Me who fiini fault with our devout Biuiplicity and the pious pi^aotico 
4>f our devotion on tlie acore of prtwumption or tcntierity hold th«*ir 
peac9 at once, und let them acknowlod^ that their own proper error it 
(AwgOable with pre«iuniptioii ;ind temerity 

But now because wc think thnt wr hnvt- roiuie full nnaw4-r lo th^iir 
aaucy cavilu and have wonden^d from the coiirwi of our narrntivo and 
exceeded the limit of a prologue hy makiiiic »n«wfr only loo fully, let us 
bring h*ck lh« foot of cur tongue to thai nainc narrativo with a fcrah 
nihbed p?it. 

ii A tcrnmnrt'^tifm of Ai* jaarttfT'tom, hilt tnaofwMy, vii^nit^ mnd 

Since the Goepel trurap sounds forth to u^ that none is over 
crowned unless he strive lawfully, it ia certain l>Byond duuht that the 
hearenly crown ifl promised only to tho^ who Htnv« lawfully ; and yet 
it ia beavowed in return for special intriu of eome special pei-tvous. 



St William of Ncrvdch. 


, pEO nkeritii uin^ilonim Hin^Hs retribui. Cuin<)Ue >ii xumnu 
pAtnH£iniilu>« domo mmi»io»Mi mtilti^ tint. <]uid uliud eetim^naue, 
nifii quia Bt^c-umJum diu^rAa din^rsomm profecto mentfl diu^snui eii 
nuuiMoniini fi«8i^iebtur et i^oiitutKvim ? EminoiUWibue okiiigier 
ofili proftidut PctniA cum conflix^iis &|>oatol is super thmnoe duodcciuj 
lid diiiidicnndiiin orbom coueidoutibus. Modiorum uero orflituitn 
locfl proth<>iDftrtyr «it lugnifcr optinct Stopbaiiu^ c^um numeroao 
»nnot<H'Um martymm (^xorcitu C|ui contra tyrannoft ct ohristiiiiii 
nommid ho^iva piv fide Cbmti t.uouda furtitcjr dimioodU^ in lor- 
uw^iktu cffu«o «AD^ino pcv ni<^tom carnU transtoriAn^ &d uitAin 
migrauortirkt sitio tiiiu uuumtimiu. Ordiae doitiquo t^rcio atiooedit 
mimorcieo ct feUz ilia saiiclorutii oonfcseorum multiplicitf^, qui 
uit4 religtosi, morib^M oniaii, uirtittibuu pl^ui, m^rttorum efful&ere 
mdiis ttc bcnr uinr^ndi foimam mundo roHnqnont<^ in piicn ccolcaiti 
quioutruut. Quid ergo? VmiLursnlilcr omnua qui suponiia con- 
^atunt B^dibus intcrmiuatM fimjpiiilar ^udiu, icfinitn conrcgiiAnl 
gloria, ot aicul 0^1 in porpctujka rc^fulgent otcrnitatoa. Ibi Dcmpc 
aeni nint gnudiA, ibi uitn, pax, ct qiiies coctcmb; ibi qtiicqiiid 
bonum, ct doUua tnaXi abaeutia. la qua nimiruoi iucatimftbili 
gloria agQum ilium dominicum qui pftBoit init^r liliA ftequuntur 

Sdorttovor, mhm in thn Hcftvetily Father^ li^iuw them &rc nwny nmn- 
doiw, whftt cliw ciiQ ui! tliink but tJuiL» ttCcorditiK to Lb« div«nA ueriU 
of divuni penoiis. diviM-H Skrt^ Uiif niAU^lonH liud UbcniucW JUhi^vxl U> 
Lbvtui 1 lVl«r wlii> U'Ad's i\w kt-yv prouder <»T«n' tli«> mgru «7ndncail alaog 
with hu fcUow *po«tlc% \cho ait upon twelve ihroti«B t« judgu tbe 
world' Bat the place of tli« middle order StepKvn the prototunrtyr cukd 
»Uhiidnrd'l;f««hr«i- tHU, m ilL tlt4> ^Tf^t jmajr <jf holy inHrt;^r^ w\f\ Ln4v«ljr 
ttniggling bgniniLt tyi-ftntu aTKi fom of tho (^hriitiAii nnino in dofcTicfl 
of the fftitli ill ChriEt. %hM tbrar Mood under tor^ureJ( »iwl 
pAMcd uwA)* by thfi Imrf dtwtb nf thi^ flftih to the life that kn(iw> 
no «nd. In U^e ihitd rank nucctWfU Umt grenl and tu^)py multi- 
Uide of holy ooof6aBore who, reli^ioua m tbuir livp^ IwAutiful in 
tli«ir cluurscten, ndi in virtUM, have Hhone forth witli tlie boauu of 
llieir inentfi and leaviiig to ikit world an examp4a of good \Wing 
have fallen asleep in the peace of the Oharch. What thont All 
univer»i1iy who have tboir pUce in the niajitions above are en- 
joying the never ending joya ; they reign to|KT^*^<' ^ iniinite p^ory and 
like tlie sun they iliine forth through ait eternity. Venly theie true 
joys ore to be feund. There ia life, peaee^ and abiding quiet ; there what- 
ever in good U to be f(>und ; there evil alone \m abaent. In ibat inoom- 
pamble glory U tfiat Ijleawd La^nb of God that teedeth amoo^ lbs 


S^ WUltam of I^ortvich^ 


uirgiDuni chon quocunqiic tcrit. QuibtiH juAU co. pi-luilcgii con- 
cciwa cift preixi^tiua, <|uot) soli iltitii exoL^llentisaiEDe iiouitatis 
concinunb cafjttcum, c|iioni>un purani et ilUbAlain uirgimtjLtii* ouc 
c<]iin(-nuviite& stolam donuiio puiiim iiiunditic sue optitlcmnt coli- 
bntunt. Quorum fwicrifi glononum mnrtyreTii Willt^lmum i^uem 
non diHidlmus intertAsc collegiis. etoU insij^itum triplici. ac 
inivT prvripiKJS iUiniiincnuKlum, Ni?v Immt^nto ?<iuli! Iriplicui 
iuBigiiiA piomefuit^ qui duos, innoccntic scilicet ik uirginitati^, 
quuH habtjhat atoltia, ut aibi terciam uiudicaret, roseo mart^rii 
fwngTiinc nibncnuit. Noqiic rpueipiam que ilioo Wv* Unqimm 
n^buH su(j teui}>ure inauetiA cuixlis auivs et Jidei cliligeatiarti 
niK', qtiomnni nini que iicl ijxrc nidi, sUic Otligrnti imljigfLlionc 
a uiiitt ciedibllibud piv cert^> scire potiii. ontniuo Jiichll pi^eftentibus 
iMrrijiliiv coiniiirmlpux; ciimui. Ncmpi* !«i nsi iic<nt»U']n diligt^tm 
ftjiuplicjtatis supcrticic tcnus Nvhd-in ^Tcuri'at uculus. <juid aliitd 
uideutt uidebitr aut alteiideiia jK'i-cipIu^ ubi quud b^uti WiJWIini 
puorituim et iDiuiceiiiin cutlual ^^'t nirgiiiitfilis uiundilia con>- 
ijjt-'iidub ? Et qui ct^ibiii uuluerum tiidiciin, t^uinqum ea fecenl, 
qnibrjMliini quaai argunicuLm rt^ui^m occistis coinprubiUur, od^o 

HUm, nnd tht choir* of virgins follow him vrlulliersoever h^ fioeUi. 
To them alone is thnt privilege and prerogntive grantod^ that they 
Hin^ the new M>ng that is tKbove nil others, since they Imvo prcwrvcd 
the robe of their virginity pure aud und«fi1ed and otterwl to iheir 
Lcird A pure tinil ccIiIjuI^ clmsdty. In the sAcrml b[LndK of the^ 
v/c dv not doubL Lhat the glorious luarlyr William ha^i iu very 
IruUi fi pW« con«picuouB in hU triple auAt^ »ud liAervtn^ to be? 
nvn1b<1rf^d Aincng tht; illufitrious onoa. Anil not without cauMi hjvi he 
won tho cniatncni of tbo triple etoio ; for ho J^od with Liio rotty blood 
ol martyrdom th« two ttolas of innocimoo and virginity whidi li« 
nlreiuly hiul, that ht> might (^Uim for hStiiwlf the third MtrjK 

Now let nfi ofie withhold Uih Attention from llio.w thinpi thAt 1 ARiu-rt, 
becAU^ tlk«y Arc nifttt«r8 not usual in his owu time, mice I have txwn, . 
careful to set down in thiaprewnt writing- noUunn but whnt Tmy*^lfKnwW^ 
orelfleknovforcertAtn tnljc Jfofrom diljgenti^nquiryof men tobetruKted. 
Verily, if the oareful eye of Bimplicity do but eotamine the ti-uth of tlie 
infttt*r on the sutface^ what els© will it see by ita seeing or perceive by 
giving due heed, but that ihe blessed William's inuocenct preserved 
his boyhood and that the purity of bin virgiijity eac&lted it ^ and by the 
certain marks of hta wounde, whoever may have inBicted them, he in 
proved as it were by sure Arguments to have been indeed aUin ; and 


St Wiltiam of Nortvich. 


poniulus et innocena niillifl precedenLibus culpu neoem prome- 
ruiate rjunlik*r rrc^^Uttir? AiU ijlil- pR^ci^xwrum uc^tium ^iiiu 
qoanimlibet diDitiantm ad tnm eiecrabile faoiniui admiltentlum 
trahesre pcwiet ul)<)uem oii]>idila.^ nini ipcfum oiMistet fajuiim runim 
prontun habiiifisi^ nulkis ^ S<n] quoiiKxIocnitKiUf^ res gesta fiierit, id 
Uiinen pro certo Leiiemiiit quonjaiii dunwuini^ ultrcctatus m^AM 
Coiiflciii oc<;iHus sit ittquc* ud doniiimm crc^toreiu snum creflliira 
itmocens iiir^ et marlir tib hac luce migi-aiiunt. Quod atiUin 
Kiiiictu^ dtei del>cttt, iniino et ^it, cotidiiuiiM circ^i scpiilctinim oiuti 
<njDtingeniibiis mtraoiliH diuina proieatatiir gratia, i:|iii ea ipsa 
U^fiiporibiis Qotfttis et mtfwricordik^r exhibi^ru ct ijiianti apud 
cum ait tpiem ita glorificat manif^st^? non dedignatur ofltendere. 
Quu scilioet inimciila pmiit iiidiintis mx^^ fuiditii cognDUiiiiiM. ex 
pontlticali precqjto et conuentua Norwicensia rogatu, ego Thomas 
Moni'TinilniHiM di-ii aninii'Titt^ T<oripliv coinm«?ndanda i^uticepi, et ne 
tp^ d«lvre poH8Ll obbuio pwteris atudiu reseniare teniporibiu. 

who can bcJlev« that, young a» \w wu find innoc^nt^ ho caji havo 
diMRrvod diuiUi, ctitice no prvviuiu lauU ih knuwuT Or of^aiiii what 
dtmin* fur fiU uuntly gur(oeiit« or any ftort of wCAtlh c<ju1d tinvo Omwn 
on Any oii« to tli» oonititiMtion of #o O3i4»]r*1)lo a i;riino, whnn H U cor- 
UEd tbAi h'^ |io*iAc^4iH^ aoQo of tHooD thiugn? But lot tho mnttor have 
happ*n«d M it niAy, wo hold it for c«rtaui that nftut being handlfxl in the 
cmollftft mrtnn«r }iv wju tlutn iil lutt. iwnd tliat thk« iniioc«nt crMtvre 
pAAfinL nwHy m !m*[ Gro*tor a virgin wid n martyr. 

But that ho dcMrv^ to W caJltKi a uint and that he tntly im oni\ 
'the grace of God mukeH iimiLifent by the daily miracles ih At nro occurring; 
roQiid about hia sepulchre— God, who doc« not diKtain mCTcifully to 
hIiovv u« these very thingit in our own tinkcx and to inako it plain how 
highly hi; i» oflttwrnvtl whom He !M3 manif*»itly glorifioi- Theaej uirac J^ 
accordingly, which ve havo witTieriHiv] or kuow of by report, by command 
of Uie Bishop aad al the request of the Convent of Norwicli, I, Thomaj« 
Irlonematensis, by divine pcrmisoiion havt? undertaken to commit to 
writing lii^d lestt oblivion ahuuld ihvail t^i blot them out, I h*vcr been 
careful to hand iheiii down to future tuuoH. 


St iViUiam of NomncL 


ill. dDtf Jto*a que ad 9aputehrum ^lui i^npora hiemii reflorutt 

AD HanctJtatis reuera inditiutn et meritoram oJu:* doclarandam 
XjL cioolleotinm r|iiLddAiti dominuA li«ri iioliiit imde «b con- 
suoturii natiiro urdinem coiniiiiitauit. Cum tttt^niin qiionindam 
mouachonim pia deuolio raTuu»cnliiiit <jiii tempore cvliuo in 
clfim^ico fluribus rcHUi^ iicmnii^ win <.-lHonienit juJ cajnid .Hit])ulchri 
fiancti mar^ripi eodeiii qno ibi tumulatus est anno circa fimtuin 
iADCti MioW'lis tnmsplnnUiwia^ Cinitumo lum? nidintiw inh^it 
Ot rcriiin-wotitibiis foliis piiucit^ intcritetii^ diubus iioil mho iniigna 
ODiDiiun adrtiiratione reBoruit. VniuereiB uero fioribii^ HBque ad 
f(«tni[i sAiirti Eaduiuiidi in ramii«culo pi^rHriKrnmtibiiK, iK^heniend 
^frmbrium el uentorum eiorta liiiic procella [>iane*i preler ununi 
oxciir!E«it. Qui autiMii niljicuiidior ct supcreminenuar coUrrk pre- 
minebats oxciihaU reliquu id luiuusculi c;icniiune, locum teniiit, 
atqiie pirr yiiibi\>M, uc'ntw«, timcH ct frigom brutnalia non Mnc 
diuiDo conseniatus nutu, tnultia poBt diobu^ in ramnHcuIo per- 
durauiU Qiiein niniirLm Hoi^^til pluriTui itdmlmUorK^ ducti uiiiere 
mirauerurit; ex <juibu« iKJimuUi i4l< circii natAlo dominj jpi^init 
iiidis^ t<fl1ati sunt Perpeiidat igitur diumum la hac I'e non 

Ab a tokem in very trutli of Tu« snuctity And for the setting forUi 
of the excflUencc of Iuk nii?i-LtA H pWaefl the hoM tbnt Roin^thitig 
iihoiilf) take plttce wlifi^friii Hu ohaii^l th« ordiiurv Cf>urjii> of uutunr- 
Accordiugly when the pious devotion of certain of the monks had 
tmnHplnnU^l a HninlJ *hnib, wtiicb in the mimmer had bltHwomi^i with 
nwHi io the oloUter, to tlie \i^;ui xtf the holy martyr** gra'^e, abuut the 
feast of St Michael la che aame yeai- In which tie wrki^ buried there, it 
Immediately took rout, luiil in n few tiny* it put furth lovva jlhJ, Ui tbv 
f^roat aHtouMiiuiful of aII^ it hluaaoiuiHl a^'^ii't ■^"*' ^^^ ^^^*^ flowen 
rcMDJUDcd on iho brtiTicTti^h t<vi*n to the fivbHt of 8i E<liiiiinc1 (1!0 
Novotnbur) : but tlieii n ffinmt fttorrii r4. wiikil itiid rniii j^rorrC And hKooIc 
ihwn aII off nnva ono, which wiu rDninrkB.hte lu red<Icr nnd more ^on- 
«piruoiiK th»n nil the i^e^it; Ant}, wh^n »]l thia oihi^r roa^fi wci^ shn-V^in 
eff, this »ue kept its plaoe ntt the top bmnch, and thi-ough the ruin 
and wind mid snow and winter cold> preeorved Ijy divine; favour, itill 
reoooBiiied viJon the bi-anch for inaiiy dAyn. Of course mnny people 
attnoU>d by the mnn-ol look good care t*> biwi it, of whom sums liar« 
tiTHtified that they uw it thnr^ al)OUt ChriatmaB time. Therc^re 
whoever he be who is not ungrateful for the divine metciei, let liiin 



St William of Normcft, 


defdiaae opemtionia niisterium quwquift benefiiuis diuinl^ noo 
ingTfttU8 vviK consncuit. El diiin circs corpus beAtisaimi iimrtiria 
Willelmi nature oniiiiem iimuutAtiuii oornperit, in U-^Jniomutn 
mutirii cius roNani itoiimtate diuina ric effloruiHse exislimet, et 
dominuni in ianctis 9\xis mirificiiiTL cillaiidct. 

iv. Dc admij'olnli umone ctnuadam efftvli €t de eiua curtu 

ALIVD qiioque vodeni aiuio conti^t tniraouhinir in quo ^iiid 
-L-*- aliud diuiDA nobUi Ixitiitos defugimre tioluit^ niiu <fiiia vt in 
<wli« imilte «it c)to«lUnti^ fcefttisBiniiiH ptiev rt inarlTPr WitleIniU8, 
piuriiuuijuo in terriif uouomli'>ne condi^u* ? Kitil eniii; homiy 
quidnm Lcvriniis nomine in iiilln i^uu bpollaiiir Well«, <jii« e^tn in 
paliiatribu8 U^l^ aqul^ nndiqiit? a orintin^Dti interrliiditur. la 
oum diutiinuL ogrfitfuwcrt ualotudiuts totoquo ixibucillix corporo 
iaconrC, dui omn^ qui adomnt do snliitc ipeitis omnino diffidobant. 
Adcrant tunc pi^uhalix iuiujiaria dic<a» qiiibuA ingrauoso6Dto tandum 
morbi anguutia et diacurr^nto p**r mngiiltie nrtiis pronontia morti» 
frigiditato, nnc^litus iuUMripitur, puUua uttunuatur, ct languon- 

Iny It to heart, bow thnt in tJtis manner n mystery of divine operutioii 
vwt not wAntinif ; ami nemtiff Diat n4^r tite hcdy of th« moet blessed 
martyr Witliiwi a cbnn^fe of tb^ order of natui^ wab brought aboQtv 
let hioj ftccept the truth tbat it wa« bj the di\'iiie will^ ns a tenttmony 
to thr" ftiot of hi« murtyrdonit Uiat tho nif*v did thus blotaom; and let 
hiui pmiw the* Ixird who doeth wonders among His Wnt& 

Another miracle hAppened the same year. In which what <<)«« did 
the divine |>oodn««H wlah to nhew to uk If it wtiv- nut that in t)w 
hf4T4^iMt th^ nicMt 1«lmu;d boy &nd uirtrtjrr wft« lield vt iiiuoli acoouiit, 
and b worthy of much vcn^mlioii hfrm on tvirth t 

For thi*rfi wftAu citrtnio tniin luvmnd I^win iik a town i^itllMl W«lta^, 
nnd whioh aitcflt«d in tho m^rthos of Ely \* xurrotnideH fin nil M»* 
wfth w*t«r- Tim nmn hod been ill with a long AioknHtH, Aud Iaii^ 
with hia )>ody nltogeUter IielpleM; and all hin frieiidv wlio wt<re wiUi 
him vei^vp. altiigvither drwjiairins of his leooTery. The Ko^ter time wha 
dravin]]; near, when, the lonnentK of hi« <iiu^nA>< increrkaui^c upuri !uni, 
aud the ixild that i^ n pre-uix* of de»tii 04>ininK over all Win iitnha, his 
bnathing was intfrmipU^ and hia pulae waa very weak, his eyrlidn 
I Thii mfty b« Upvfvll, Outwell. or W«ln«y. 


St William of Noi^mcL 

tilHis lam palpebris res ad eiEtremum duci iiidebatur. Altematiii 
nero uicibus uiiuc pallidiiH cl interduiii apjjai^bat nibitmntiua 
Vnrte quidam iufsi>tcntinm cum jMilliiliun cTiiva-iit, mortuuin 
eslninantefl ad fiinerifl ae prepambant exequias. Qui uero inter- 
fherant ikstiitiorei, max i me quia et riibiciindum qiuuidoqne 
iiidercnt, neciium emortuiiiu (?*we rnnlonUy*, fion<?c ciTtioro* iiide 
fierent conscniatiduin odludicabaat. Quibua deoique tanqiiam 
prudentioribuH adquic^Hcuiil cetiTi, t-uiii()iic in dii-in tercnum Ktudii- 
VTunX coiuw^niari. Porro inter bee oger in extoaiin raptiis et ab 
angeto, "ebit i\t^- i»stim te8tiif.ns t^M, ax^nrnptu^ pt:r loca diuenna 
tuiD horribilia tim^ amena deducitur. In illis inmimerabitem 
lurbam diuer^ds crucmri penin i-nnfipicit, in qnibu» ci rioimi]tUr« 
qmw in uita coguou^rat n'Coj^itww-it. Qui go ui«o ac cogtiito. femi- 
Uana quedam et secreta ©i tradentes intersigna quibuwiaiii *«<>• 
mm tiitali luce Jidhur^ fnLeitiibii^ ]K*r ij>8iiin mmidnndo notiflc^mt. 
eowleni illU preparotoH eniciatun nisi ab his el ab 'Ma jK;m1<*utOH 
desistant crimiDibus. Qiiibua iiisU mde abducitur i3t penalia atque 
horrorift plena traiksgredienn lom. ameiiissimam ^t Rtn'igtmm duo; 
angelo ingreditiir rxjgionein, Quftn^ pertraosiens inbumeram ibi 

<In>i~i[iedp and tb^ cik! fie^med to bo drawing ne^ir. Itut thnn tlk9n 
oanie a change: for one ronntent be vn» nil |uillirl, j\nd the tiext 1iA 
seemed to get red. ^ that some of those standiTig by, when they 
Haw him blauolied, thinking him dend. were for prepnrin^ for Ma Intt 
rix«qui«s. But they who were more knowing, espwciaUy when th«y 
Baw him fretting red, not believing that he was dej^d, decided that 
lie ought to be kq)t until they could te ihofk cerUiii upon tht* point. 
Until At In^t tho others were guiiJed by the more prudent^ and agreed 
that he Hliould be kept till the third day. 

In the meanvhtle the sick man was carried aw»y in aji eotduAy »nd 
was tiiken up and conducted by an angel, n» lie afterwiLrdft tt^Htifi^fd, 
through various regionB, flome hurnhlc and Komv delightiu). In Chem 
heoaWH (jouulliwh multitudtf Ijelii^ tvrturej with differpni puriiHhnicnti, 
and aitJurtg llwut he.* Evcogi]i>ii.Hl iwuiy whuiii )ji- \uu\ kiiciun whi?Ti ativi*. 
And they, when they luiw him niid knew him, 0DtniM<eii him wEtU 
cttrtairi secret And familiar rn^a and tokens ; and comtuisBionin^ hiai to 
OArUiin of th^ir kin<lrod wh^ wure ntJIl etijoyiiig tht* hghl of life, tboy 
aiuored thfv^e thibt' the anme torments were prepared for theni) uideut 
thny fth<rtild repent nnd delist from thodft criniei< thflt they knew of. 
When he had seen these thiugi, he wab ted Awny from thence and 
had passed thn^u^li the l^crrible regions of puntfihment ; and under thn 
Ifnidunce <if tho Fwngcl lie Mit^md a most deliglitful region wl>ere th« 



St WUtiatii of Norwich. 


hoiuiuum mulliUitlniiiiiL in ^luriu iPtiittiiimljtliH guuJiu |>onit(iiii 
<:rn]it, *X iiicK' ptT uittin diui-rsi^ coiLblrutaui llijrtbuH di^redieim 
oute nedvaU^iu in ihrtmu iLoniinuni Lutuleiu ndductun tiviivuitiL. 
IiiLolvuLbiU uun> ^plcnilon; Iucih ptTtcrritim, prima diriguit, sed 
uniiniLiiUr aoj^lo ajiituuui leHUiiieim. ex<;UBB[> Lliiiurt^ Huciiriun jwdcia 
flxit. AU|uc' ill ill<i diuni^c^' Lucia ful^urt^ dctixfj intuitu uidel 
dominuio domitiHtoruw uoiuurKtrum tbrouu Hcdenlem u(ii'ci>, Inpi- 
dibuti pix^etcjHiu i-x(>rii^t[>, el aritt; ciiiii wiuctonim inilui. Vidct 
i{uuc]uv a d^'Xtriis iu juuicbtnlc ML^doiitiN dommi boataiu et gloriuaaiii 
a»ide»Wm utrgiuem Maimni €i ad pudeet diriiiinict; iiifiitvtLiLtJt* 
pui^-uiti coiiapicit i\iXJ(^\ duuitciiui^iji ^cabullu rvvid^nil^ui »urc-u. 
Cuiu« babituB nine cODdidior, cuius iiultus sole aplendidiov, et lu 
capitpc eiuif fiil^cbnl CQToiirt auruu precuiojmmi.t undii|uc inbigniu 
liipidibiuk Cui pariter coiignitulttbajitur saDctoruiii chori eiinuiue 
luuxiinti uviit^niluiiiLtir urdiiien migt^licL QuibuM \\\ti\A phiriiiiuiii 
lulmimns Lewinus diici aiigclo ait : Quis est hie, doTiimcH ad pedcff 
domiai 8c;ibcl1o ivsidtut*, cui tanti ab umuem» ImpvmUiuttir 
honoivj^^ Cui angelu^: Ilic est, inquit, cui honor dcbetur per- 
petuus, quem in d<;nauni domimce patwionis et opprobriunt his 

Ames bloomed. And m h€ pft»ed through it he discerned a countless 
nnltitudc ^i mevi wbove hoinc wju< in the Joy gf uiiBpcnkable glory, and 
pnicuig llmmgli tlivfiu by a nuul thut waa aX\ atrcwn wttli dillerent 
llowen, Im nvaa Imt ud tilt at la«t Ite stood l>G<fo]^ the Lord sitting ou illfl 
Uirouc. \\r-rt.\ friglitcnnl by the urLbvjiniblc splcDdour iif the light, at 
Grvt bv BWiA>Dcd, but rccvvpring lumofslf wbvn Uic angel rovivod hlin, 
And ^tting rid of bin Ir&i', bo titocid upt>n hiJ^ foot idgaiu tnoro limilyj 
luid lixio g Lia f^iuM upon the aplcudour of tliAt nliiniii^ ligbtj be heboid 
tho Lord, tJio Ruler i>f tbo Univorsa, titting on o golden tbrono, 
iiflorTiM^ witb pracioun KtoiKMi* uiui tbouuntidi of tbi^ snint« Ixfore Hun, 
Hn uhv ifta on tb<^ right bund of tbi^ Lorr] itk iii&jeety, tba V)lo««ed and 
glorloUH Virgin Mnry, hitting nenr Him, and at the fnetof the TjOrd'« 
nugflfity tben^ w»a a lioy ah it were of twelvo years old, reclining upon 
A j^defi footstool. Hie raiment w-a« whiter tliao nnow, nnd His face 
brigbter than the 6uii, and upon hi« head tbt^rc shotio n j:oldi?n crown, 
stu<ldod ever)'wbrre with pmciou* ntcmw* All the choim of ths aiklnU 
together cfitigratulntiKl hinj, und tb« ordera of aof^U were doing 
hiia Axooodiiig honour. Ajid when lie aaw them things, I-ewin, wonder- 
inj^ much, aaid to the angel that wn^ bin guldcr: ^'Sir, who la this 
sitting on the fooUtool *t the feet uf the Lord, tj> vhoru auch great 
honour ik puid by all 1 " To whom the angel aneieered ; *' Tbi« is be to 
wbotu porpntuiil honour u due, wboni the Norwich Jew* skw in 


Si WiUiani ^f Nwivich. 

nacvi& diebut^ iu<)<4 Norwiccn.tcut pcrcmoruiit. Eiiiciquc dobetur 
incritu quod od ecpulchruui llliua ixtmedium ^uscipiofl snnitivtb. 
Et his dictis indu conbinuo oHautikLtur, ac rcductufi nuo recitituitur 
corpori. RvnicatiU? ucro Jtnima, in c^cnjfp^ctu iMti^tcntiiim Hiibito 
corpus onmc c*Jiitrcuiuit, iiliBquL- pcrtemtis qui morluuB puttibfttiir 
rediuiuuu appju\iit. R4^iumpti0(]iic pAuktim uiribiw, po«t pMi* 
lulum npcruit oculo^* ot euocuto pjitri tfitam «.-x Lirdmc pmiib 
nidcmt cxpomiit ulsioncm, Ailumtifi nupcr his cb admirjinlibii« 
qui odoiuot iiniuunua uubiunxil diccriJi; Ecoc fiTinunbinntc mibi 
|I0 promittontc angcio, ad apuin saIuiU reuocor. midu utfcevtM) ost, 
pfttci', lit HUiiuiia fr/atlnftbionc u^o'viid Xorwlcum iter ampiiUj et 
ecpiilchniin piicn nupci- a iudeia occiai diljgeater perxjuirie. Quo 
tandem iimenlo, i?t ego be ducc prnut pobucro poHtmodum LIluc 
ufjniri.^ orLnbur, iibi ct c-iuodom soiicti puerl mcritis mc vnniu'i 
CODfido. >Sui]git pfttei- ct pruporu gn^rcia Nitwictiiu uciueiia de 
momOTabo aciocitatur pucro, sxd nuUiun dc huiuAccinodJ ro per* 
cipcn? pobutt ceilitudineni. Diun<jiie ab UDiuemU taleai r«n» 
pot'cimclmt^bur, fiUquo inaJudanbL- ad mires iudconnit eiiuamodi 
pcrlabn c«t quc^ibio^ Subito i^tut' cxteriiti biiaore. quia iiiJkmie 

mockery and voom of the Lonil'v pMsion during thi« holy veofion. lb is 
oviug Ui hia iiitirit« timt thou fthtilt ab hiH iwpuldiro obtain blie reoovery 
of thy hwJUi!" 

At thcw words ho wah Immodiately 1Jft«d up and rc«i>orod to hU body ; 
and wimn liia Mpirib ratuniod, m ihta night ot al) who iUmkI by u Umddvr 
imiMfTT! ovar aJl hia body, aad to the nmAKctnoat of oil ilic nupponed 
ooquo app«and al£ve ngftiii. Hoou rocovoi-itig )itr\^itgth, nftor u wlule 
lio opened hiB eyes, and cAlling to his fftthor he oxpQuiidod Uio wholo ^| 
viuun ill <>nl«r as he had soph it- And when all pi>;!(ont won? aftton- 
ikW] Jiiif] wnndf^ring, hi* lulded anying, *' B'^hal'l by Uiq linnouiiL-enuMib of » 
thi! nngot thai gav^ me the promi«« I am railed hack U) the hope of 
i-eLtiVtfi-y. Whereforr it is rit<w*sftry, father, that with utmo*b fipord 
thou shouldst hurry to Norwich, and shouldst dilii^nllj iwx^ uut 
thn MupulchiH? of the boy lately killed by the Jews j and when thou haat 
fouud Jt^ T trxi tiiidor ilxy guldaticr will try Ut go tUvtc According as 1 
Hill ikble, aud tli^u by the TiieritH of that umiiQ holy boy I lio|x: for 

lliti father got up, and hnst^ning with all speech to Norwkbi 
mode eiKjuiry concemmg the ^>oy tluit h<i had hmni of; but hm\ 
«x>uld gtt tio ot^rtAin information ;\bout any aflair of the kind- But on 
\ibt cfjutiniiing bo juk Alxiut it from everybody, the quoNtion by some 
lueuua vaiiit; iv iltu eaii» of tlic Jtwo. VVhtsu^upuii they wctv. cd<cd 


St Wiiiiam of Normch, 


«uu KOrmoncm rcnoiuiii ocrnorcnt, iurbubimtur Chmtijuii tiominin 
luwtos, atque itorum ul altonL iiico er cb 8iia intm munitionoin 
cutdlJi oontuleruat Xp^e &ut«m <jui puc^rutn a iud^U ccciBum 
quodtluruit nulla pixrrEnin pi^rccpta ccrtitiidinu, ilomiim Iristii^ tt 
Iftbons fhictu friiBtmtiis rcdiix) fcwtiDAt. Dotkiquc domum uonions 
tiu iiiGOeittum labornHHc ct ujiniin rcntm ijvuu <]uoHtcrat mcliil oiimm^j 
ocwo cjcplie^t- Kger ucro ecoutm illutn nogligc<utiiu quoei^sc ntquo 
lit dixcmt omnia ixucm itn <:««<c t^onnULnUir afBrmut. Sict^ut^ ul>i 
<;ffntudiuifl »ue rt_-utf>diuiii iiuti sine doJot'c dition-i ci>udpicit, oiikTicni 
UuTM^u mUitifi sue rtpciii in rxpi^otuiiouin dcfigcnit miii<ar pftcicnicr 
interim tolerAuitu Buoliitia cxiodo j>Aiid« dicbiid viuedcin uillu 
pr&»Htei' Koi~vriciiiii abiit, r|i)Dninm nj'nodo <jrie tunc IcEiiporijf ibi 
licH solebnt prc«bitcr ipso cxistcn?< nbciwc non poteiut Bedcirs 
Auton inter fmlron (.-ompn^ftbittri^H inUu' celcm n^gutia rcxrlmifto- 
tica Audiuit t^ucndant Utxlwinuin pre«bitontm ^uper s^nctissinii 
pucri WiJlclnii nccv tjuerelrt ijueniAdmoduiii preoedenti comincino- 
rAiiimufl libro orationc ooncinnantcm. Quibiu JUc nuditi^ non 
tninima gAubiuft eat leticia, t^uia huuc eocw puorutu ooguoscit cuiufl 

with u iudden t«m>t, bAcnust^ thev [lert^ved that the talk Afx^ut tlwtr 
iulautiy was bedng renewed. Th^enemieB of the ChrUtkn DATuorwero 
lrouU«d, nud Agf^iti as on the foi'iiicr occA>ioit, i}>oy Iwtook ihvmumlvc^ 
nml their ttnlon^n^ ti> the piuUwtififi *tt K\w cju(tli>- TIk^ man hinmi*lF, 
hovrnvcr, who \ittd coiuo to cnquiro ftbout tt bojf sUin bjr tbff Jcw», 
having heard notbinjt; certain and without any fruit ol hia toil, sud 
ut hnkrt, hJuitoiitHl hoiiir «|]7tin- So vh«n 1i« got homn hn e>pliun«<l 
thiitt be hjul talc4>ti a11 Iiia trriuHln for ncpthingf and ttiAt thmxi ivally woa 
nothing in tSo uUny thnt hi* hud cnqnin'd about. But thn poor htiy <m 
th<^ iithc^r hnnd k«pt cnn^ttAiitty jLflinuiiijf UiAt Mb fnther hatl nuuin hiM 
unquirieH in m n^^ligunt fwiliion, antJ that tlie F^cLa were eiii^itly ua be 
hiu^elf Iiad slated bliftm. 80 wljen ho ptrroeived to his sorrow thiit tho 
cure of his sicknMS wim doljiy^d, yi*4 bocaiiae }ies wan T>erAuad<Kl thj^t thorc 
WAH oitly R drUy in liin bopu of di^ireraaoe, iie aubniiUMi patiently in 
tbe meaiiwliite. Hal after the lap^e of a frw dayK, the priest of the 
BAQie tovn went' to N'orwieh, Iji^cauko iK^ng a prinpt ha could not )>r nhsHjnt 
from the 8ynur] which i^otr-wont to hv lirld tb«ro at timt time of thr 
year. Tlxene^ »Gnted anion^ his follow prioatK, be h<uird, among otlurr 
eccl«aiaelica1 mattery the(prieflt Uodwia/mabe hiH ^peecli, complaining 
of thrf iiiurdrr of tlin inoit holy lioy William, w X havo nkenlionod 
in Uw preNlonn book. At thf* hearing of which lie rojoioixl with no 
unall dotlgbt, becttmKT ho perceived lh<Ll ihifl wan the aamt* boy whobu 


St Wiltittm of Nvrwich. 

et ncoeui hie iiiprcncntiaTUiti pivdictui uucSiat ot tirtde domi prc- 
«cnptU8 egcr loqtii 8iilcb«Lti PenLctn tjvndcm t^ynodo locitni iibi 
iaceut Hciscitatur; t^uo uiew ct dtMioiato doniuiii gralukbuudiu 
rc^iortitur, Nmrat cgro prcwHtcr que nndi^^mt nc-l uidcriit, luc^im- 
que quo itlum tit uiuviilurun di^uuiitiat. Quod tvudkus cr^r, 
ru0uinpti> pAiiUvpcr ct rtN^rcAtie Icticia uiribtu, loctulo roecdit, ct 
ifutj qiiAbi scmirccL'pta ^-fiti-il&biiilur aftlute. Oonbra uiinii'Lim 
iui Utittli-f Mie incttTiin^iTdiuii <:c>iifjrlabtnium Irticic oppoiK'-bat 
flktitidottim. Quid luulta^ Crutino paber eiua qualiter potuit 
ad Ulud glorioni pucn ncticnibilu scpnlchntin tiHum dt-p>rtr\re 
cui^uiU Ititcr hnc t^gcr piLitum ^bi nahiti^ ditTr--iTi dolcns romc- 
dium totus iiubcrciHis uix corpoHs iiinbun firiirnum scqucbatiir, »cd 
Utqcu aiiimi uirtutt* jncomm<*dum uupembttt milurf, Vumuiil 
tunduiii Norwicuiti pat*:^ el filiua, jic laorsui* eiiuAin ad Jvcpulchrum 
exoptntum conucrtciitra iter, (|UOru]idnm it^Utii quo* in itiucrc 
obuiud hubueruiit uaiictuDj puenini Willclinum didicvre iain inde 
fiiiruu tmnfllntum ntijuc iiktm ciiiiitorium monachonim j^pulchro 
lapidco niixjiLditum, C'>am3ra<j iUwjutJ itinuru ad ecclcsiatu «pibCO- 
pttlcin tiuidctn pcnicniuut, uxpositofjuc sftcristis ncgolio nc cI4^■ndcno 

muider Ik yns now heivritig nnnounci.>d» and abuut vhoui tlio nek lad 
ai Utnim WA# W4»nt to talk. Whnn tite Synod wax ov<jr, be eiiquirvd 
aboDt the place where tliv aUih wrk» 'jiu^, **i"^ hnyjug socti Aikd nij^rkcd 
tlie plttQG, }|Q rolumed home cxni^ratolAtin^ hiuittell Th<!n the pridib 
told tbd »ii(Tk iiiAJi what Ivi hod hoard and scon, and ho poLniod out tbu 
plnco where he was to be founcj. When the nufiorer h«ard itf ro- 
covi-ring for the momcrnt bia utrength, wliici* for very ^oy cAma hxdc to 
lliin, he HAt up }u )i\n UmI^ und rpjmc«(I, ils nlr^iuiy half recnveiW ; for 
agaiuiit the grievous trouble of Iuh weakness he whk now At-ttin^ the 
itrengthoning antidote of joy. Next day hia father took ca^ to 
tnitiNport liiJi »m in the best way he could to the i^lonoua mar^fi's 
vepttldire. Od the way, the Kiitler<^r grieved tlmt thu cure of hjs 
illncjvi wa& still deferred, Aiid, wc^k nn he was could Iiardly k««p 
pa04< with liip( inclinations for all hifi earne«ttiea8, though with his 
apirit'a renohtton \w vtim getting the bettor of ihe physical diffl- 
csltiw in hJA way. Father and wori at li*t ituMjht^d Nnrwicb, aud, 
directing tli^ir coorw Inwards the wood» and Ihe grave lliey vnre 
ill eoarch of, loanii by tlie iiifi>niiatioii tht^y got from those whom they 
met i>ii tile way, that tlie holy P>oy Wilham hn*l iMwn alMvtdy 
traunhiled ihunw, aiid w^is now buried U\ the Monks' cenietery in a 
bUuic sepulchre. A<H;«jrdiDgty tunuii^ Uidi itttrpn lu tJM.- i^ahixlral, OH 



St William of Norwich^ 


sao, oonim permissione Hepiilohro deHidernto adiiiittf int'niynint, 
Eg4*ir «rgvi <juocl tfuitrtk iiolu Lmn A'wx rairK^npic^mt i^tiMN^utui; nitnin. 
oompiukciua leticifl i^niDipIt in Iftcrimas, tiexiMcjue ad omiionem 
gonibuH, Oi^mdc^ lutu!< humi pruiiulutua, luiinuun nuam comiii 
dcHnino effiidit^ Int^r crebrou (Lut«in ^inj^ltns et siitipiria rogabat 
donuiuiiu uli !ti quiLiiL uiclvmi nou h\\i\% tioU ueni ut oBioiix fuLUHtt 
iiuia, lu^ionix ut^nUitr i^^i KiuiiUitiH nttii frviiditrctiir prontiiwo. 
Doind« conuereiLB aH t^^pitlchruin WLncbum pn^nini ot mart^rom 
flagitAbut, ^uciit itdi-o hubliitietit ot honaratniii colo coribptjxorLt. 
Eiu»qU9 iKt sADAri pciHtiilFibnt nuTritpLt lul qiii^m di-pn^cftndiitn nn- 
gcliciM inuiUbutur pivmiMis. DtiLLii|ui> in banc modum pr<?coK 
eflundcrt^t, profiisw gcmjw i-ignbjit IncriitiU^ iit oration^rxi pinin 
prtttulabut deuotio. Interiiu ditiinA mis^emnit^ gratia, uigore 
qaodain ^o mnmbmtim uifinHLniti.*, mtmbru aoiiliebnt coiuijtk'vcoitt 
et ad BubintraDtift aduentum omtiisni pnnktim trxcludi dolorem- 
CoDVummiUt Uuidoni ontion^, subita dei uirtuto hq seDtit incolu- 
mem, ol tani uelocem circn •*<? admiratur ualiitem. Phirimuin 
itftquo gauifiuut t^uam >uoliiu attulomt oiuu doiuirio otktidoJjitu 

th^ nrriv*! there they explained their business u> the flocrisis, and wtlh 
tbeir ppntiiFiBtun they nuooevded in In^iri^ rulmilUxi tu the Hcpulvhre 
tljey were in M^rcli *A- Thf.-ivu|Hjii ihr Muk iimn, having ohtuiiird ilj»t 
whidl h« Kad been dcuring ibo long and with no much ?<EU<ncfiUu9M, 
OYcrvoinc by cxC(?(n uf joy burnt into t^um ; rtnd fnlliiif; on lii^ ktiL'^a m 
praym* And tht«ii pixwtmtiiif^ hiituioH upoij ilii< groiuKl \\v [H>urt<J out Uiti 
whole Houl t4^ OoD. So with in^ny Hotw And ai^hii he k^pt AAkliig th« 
TjOT^d that if ilie viiion ho }i*wl kw^tx had Iwftn no fnls** ^^■s^nn, hut a tnM\ 
And iT*vl on«, h(* might not \v^ Juiijlk«! rf thn rum ihnt hj*d li«'n 
promiited- TheD tcming to the sepulchre he besought the hol^ boy 
ttiv] martyr whf>m he had seen exalted and honiiui^ iti the be^iveutt, 
and begged that by hi« nierits Ike might be healed, to whom by the 
aiig«r« prfnni*ej< he bu) Wn invit^vl t« fuidr^vs hi* pmyfm. 

While he wiLA pouring <iut hin AupplicatitJim in Uuh luoiinfTr, with 
liin tean wetting hiu cheeks, arid Xxxa fenuur pn>]oiipng liis prayer; 
to ! by the divine favour showing mercy to him, he felt that 
hU hnii» wefe beginning lo l>e re«(tOF«fd U> him by reamni id a 
■tmnge vigour that began to work in all hia members; and aa this 

Lnoret powt?r lie^ipin to work h« Felt that gradually nil bin pain wwi 
RTiug hiiu- Wlitiiu lit letLglh hin pr&yer cnttii- to an t5iid Uv M\ htn^ 

ImU wholOf by a midd^Mi eAerci»e of the divine powifr, uid he innrvi^Ilod 
•1 the cure which in hi* cue heA b«>ei] no r^pid. Wherefore iTJoicin^ 
oxoeedingly, bo Uid upon tho ««pulcbre by way of oltcrin^ tJio oAJuiJc 

St Wiltimn of Nartvich. 


oblalioaifi ritu t^npvr aapxilchrmn ponit, ct ciim putiv' tfO«pCM nc 
gntul&bimdim nbaoGfisitL He bcatiwiimo nmrtyi'i Willclmo collate 
Mint obUttomnprimitioT quern gratis; dlumo buiiitau tatibn^ miracu* 
lr>rum priniordiiJ^ f^lorificAuil, ot (|U<im procc-wii tcmpoH^ niultiplici 
uirlatiUTii frLHiti^^ubia cuiuft ipev nieiiti »it iko MkuctiUtix inundo 
cluclaniro uoliut. 

ALIQVANTI p<:iKtTnar]uui tempom iuteriecto R]taLio per omriia 
X\. fere oaiuimilcm cuidHin uirgini utdime contigit uisicirufiEL 
Qiuut et M U*mporibiiH diuerww diuermM uidisw* ajgnouimuH, coo- 
similitudinis UtnKrn cnuMi utsiioni ui'^iuiK^tLi conff^n^ndo comunximuK 
Diitiujiio *i&» deuotin lideliuiii auribu^i expliokrt! ciipiiniiis nemo 
uera nic iion iii*m ctiden.* j^ue intcrknlarc cxJKtiinet, nemo nu^iu'am 
uet mendatiorum comptlatorem api>ellel. Nichil enim proi«Ufl in 
uisionibuj^ <rniirnindi» mt(?n<on)re priv^iuiii^si iii^i ijuod ipaomm 
uideDtiiim reUtu certisHinie cognosceni pretialtii. Krat igitiir 
uirgiinRula qiicdam in uilla que dicitiir MiilclKrWrtnno, eUtc 
(^uidem f^ti?^ iuucncula, et ))n> uiribiL^ etatts inoribu^j el actii 

vhich he hud hroiigliL witli bim, Jinit jl t^ninn find no along wilJi liia 
fnthor hu wi^iii Iiiet w»y hiuleii jliuJ full uf thank fulnr-iu^ 

Tlieae were tlia f^mt-fruita of the offerinji^fi niJule to llic; nio«t 
blessed William, whom tbo goodnc«K of the divine favour fjloi-ified with 
such A beginning of niirjictc«, nnd uonc^ming whciu in pi'oce^a of tiiuc 
Hi' inteitdnl to deolftprr U> i\w woHii bj a jiIt^nLiful tiarvc^t of inightj^ 
vorks, of how great merit and lioliiieaa ho vab. 

V. Cffnotming a rimiiar vurion <^ a certain lUtU ^iH, 

Somc^ DonKid&mble timr aflf^r Lltiit it cftinn to puw thnt a certeiu 
dauutol uLw 2L viHiciu Hourly \i\ aX\ respectfi like tlte former Tbaie tiro 
viflions wore seen by dilTcront person* nnd at dirterent time*j yet 
becnuKc of k\w\v niiiuUrity wd Imvo put them together for compnriAon. 
Aiid while I am deuiroua to &ot thenj forth U> the devmit imut* of the 
faithful, lot no man think I am interpolating or pnsdinfi; olT fur true 
that which in untnir ; kt ni> inAii call mo ah inventor of trifles or false- 
boodft; for I haver not presumed in teUing Llio Htory of the visftons to 
iiiMert &nyLluriK wliitt^rvei- except wh^it 1 have been ablo to arrive nt thu 
most certain knowledge of by the relation of the eeera themflelveti. 

W<f)l ! thciv wu » ceiiaiii little diunmd in a Uiwn vallixi Mulh»rtoil» 


St WUliam o/ Norunch, 


miiltuiu n'^li^iixa. HetJ )K]inimbil<tTii m uimu tiocIm aiikpiamAaiL 
bioe Dulu diuino uid<^re promeruit, qnain ipsa poitmoditiB uMb 
rcforrc cumuit, Vidi^Wm, miguit. ui^ljim pi^tne luuo (lonnitiii»; 
DOMlo, detie scit, et eccc columba niue candidtor mihi v cqU?^ 
ftdiiolAD» coram me stetit ot ait: P^e^tiiians ogT^t>ro oA a^Kjucr^ 
me. CoDfcBtim ergo conuvrsa in C4)lunib&ni ego ipHam hue et 
ilhiQ uidebar aeqiii preaiani, Xec mora, unialrorsiirt couiivmc tn 
tiKa ticninitiH penalia, horrom ao Itictiif* undi()iie pli^iui, Vbi &tor 
intolembilis ei iDpciietnibik^s horrebont tenebre, ubi ardor in* 
extin^iibiliu et iireniediabilo rigebat frigiL^. ibi tuUun imiutioni* 
boni quifX|Liid malum, ibi labor et quies niiSIa, ibi dolor ei 
iatonipfinoA Kemp&r C4>n<J>UMu Hic^ Inrlumi aTiiinimiiii oorispitxi 
innumeran], diiierMi; p^nanim Mibioctain cniciatibua. QiiaM dum 
uariata Qicisftiuidinc a jx'nis ad peDani connpti^irt mpi, jiinino 
iiiminim conKteniHtrn upbinnf^nt^r ^ixhomii- QiiAnim* rmicifttiuim 
miiltiplimtatena ac multipLioitatia perhennilAtem dnm monto 
rooolo, tum Ho)<)ris rf^Mmlatuim*. turn pm inii^i^'ratinniK impiiku. 
laorimaa coDtinere non po«siiio> Si niitem iiniuei-HU pr(>i:l iiidiAMf 
conLigit r^fem* CDHCtipiACO, ad explicjindniri iii^|iiiu|unm sufficia, 


and Bbe was v«rj r^li^otiH for Iipi- Af^. THib doinoel by tho divine 
f&Toxir wna ilvoin<t<i worthy U> m>o a wutnl^rful vidian jn n dirom bj 
iii^hti ibo wliich iihi) boruolf afUrfToriift look ciuv to riiliit4* to mt?- *' I 
aw'* Biijd •till* — "ttbf^tJkvr T wjui AWJilctf ur luileiep I cannot cnll (><k1 
hiiowL^tli — tind )4>}iol<! a dnvo wlilu-r tluui 8ni>w flying ffirUt fn>in hnav«ii>, 
and it fttood beEon? mo und siud 'Hnsten and come forth and follow 
tnr/ And 1 Htmishlwiiy chaii|fi<d into a dove, and a£«nm) 1o hr 
follcpwiTifi lK*raji Jiho l3(iw b<^fom ini-. Aiid soon wo turned to th^ lt!ift 
li&nd, and we arrived ut ttie realmHof punifllimcnt, nil full of horror and 
mourning cverjwbcrc. Tlicir tlipro was a stencli uidiearabli: jtnrL 
liorriblfT darknca« iinpenotrabl<\ Jitjd a burning licnt tluit ivjul<I not I*e 
ijuonched, and cold that knew tio Tv-tixvtly. Thnix? thrnr wim cwry 
kind ^ civil Ola^ comr* of privntion of all that is ^(Ood. Then; tlwn;i 
v/au^ tf>iJ and uo re&l, and grief and trouble oonibinn). There too I saw 
an iiuiunicrabto coneanree of souIa svlgectaJ to vnriova tonnetit«, 
and ihoy were hurried from one punishment to another hy varying 
chaigftui of HulTerin^; and tsort'ly a^hMt At hmrl T wn« drewlfuUy 
ovvcvouiU iiy horror , urid an I reuHll the oiiml^or of Uitau tortures and 
liow long tAwy lasted, [ oao scarce r«fn»in trxnn tearsi portly fruin tho 
rvHiivn^brAncc of their mj^ony and pArtly from tlxc fealing of pily. But 
vliou ] Ujjif^ to toU nil that it wad my hop to tco, I look Uu? power tv 


Si William o/ NQrwkh, 


Omnibus licniquc ninLf, ducutn BC<juena coUiinbdm, reltcttMjut^ [KmL 
terf^urn tAitareU Aedifaiu* aLhrinn ix^nii^ia »ij')«uiii Icror, ct [x^nni- 
gen> iiolntu cjcIob pcnctrftiin ntitc? tribuiMl domimcum oiim colurnlut 
duce <jt ego coluiuba paritpi^r ix»nai»lo. Vidobatitr autein loibi 
uniucTMrrurn condiWr ur iiituJrmUir dmniiai^ inter ^ancUiruin 
chijcuA iiiaiotaU- prcsidorc dtlrv^iituv CiiiuA uiaioDu glurloHu pan- 
c^bni^tur fin^cli, ciiiun odurc tiiiritico wbci'ilMrilur unirit-n trlccti^ niiu» 
ob nuiiaali i^plcndoiv illiirttmn uidcbjintur Ki ccIl Cuiii» uefftis 
luliiiinibiliH uL preciocii^mJb auixf gvii]i[UM|uu Kitxt in^^i^tiiimbilin 
iiiiixj ciruutntoxbi. Ad uuJu^ d<;xt«n«in ^loHoftit iiiigo et ]tlaU^J■ 
iiHsidulHiL Mnrm iiieiiiirntbili el wlniii^iido t^^jrwaXvi uentilu- IbJ 
nuincroHUa wlonil luigc'lt^rutii excruitiiM, ibi cxjn^aulnnA ^^iclijnim 
uiiiUiTKuliH i:oii£<i^tt^bat chorus lulur 'juub ct iHiriU'r cini^itiLeTil^in 
ac deo ualde piDximum ispccit- qiiidoni irici.>nipHmbtleni pucniui 
conspcxi. Huic TiiJixinuin k1) iiniin^nttH di-Rri^bHliir hormr, hiiiiin 
fsiciec dccorc iulTnimbili> ^uk- mullo nidiabal spliatididior. Cuius 
iientiH iic-8ti doniintcu fere per omnia erat contiimiliEi, colore scilicet, 
geminis, et anro, tanquaTii si m^sii:^ df* tieste rcTisa fuissct. Sajwr 
quo ualde lulmirata, ecKjue majcime quod domino pueruliim quali- 

set it forth. At Inst when I hai) seen all this, fgllowirig the dove that 
W m^ and leaving behind uh the dwullmgn of the damne<l| ^^y the 
itmkfl of my wings I was l*orin* iipwardu, and in my tU^hc J uiared 
through the heavens; and lo ! kifrfor^ the lx»rd's Judgment seat, I, 
ua a dove with tlie dovi? tli&t vas my >?iide, l>otli atoppeil, Tht-o there 
uppenred to ine the Lui-il, thu mAkiT and ruler uf the univensey tuid 
He sat in Ittftieat mnj^tif among thr choirs of the naintA. TIpi nnj^la 
were feeding up^rn the glorious virion of Him, all tlic elect wore joying in 
HiB nuhrvellolu awoutuoisMi and tlie very tkeuv«iis w^mietl to be illuEaiucd 
with Hi* nubiint hiightneHH, Hih woi>dr*>iih gitnnent ftl>ove nil prioo 
wius mart'eiloUEly liorrl-^itnl with jewelit nftd gold. At his right fiand i^t 
the glorious Virgin Mother Mnry, lulomod with a robe of UDHpeakiihle 
niRguiJicenGF^, There t/x* was n mighty army of <ingeli*j nnd there duijig 
her honour stood the whole itLultitude of luiiiiE^. Among thein and 
sUudiiig at her aide, and very near to God. I aaw a boy of quite 
incomparable l>eauty. ard to him ulnicwt honour wwi l)eiiig paid by all. 
His face wa3 straagt'ly Wcly and it ahune mueh more brightly than the 
sun; and liia i^'arnient waa well nigh in all things like to the garment 
of the Lord, in hue and jowel* and gr>kJ, ah though tho one garment 
hful l>ern cut from th*' other. At Dhe which I wouderwi frn-atly, 
aitd tio much tha more as I obflerved the little hoy macle equal 
wilh the Lord in quality of hin raiment; t\f\iX, longing to hnuv^ 


5^ Wifttmn of y'ot'wieJt, 


tatc hnhitns pftrifify^ri ccm<^rcm, qiiinrnni hie sit sciro dmdonuv n 
duct' c^htiiiba i^noron-' non tliutuli. El AU% : Hip cbI, inquit, glorio- 
nui piiirr et mnriyr WiUelmiis, rjiii in donkiuicc piu^onU dL-nauiu a 
iudcLH olim r>cciHiia urb^m Nonviceiirteui tiuo pcromnuit mArt^rio. 
Qiw u<To Christum inortUimitfitusost pa««ioii&.nondodigu«tuaeHt 
Christua ip»iii» ^ibi et purpitrc« ueaiu parifiairi h»ni>rc. £t fnctn 
«8t wd mc uox dc thronn diccn» : VluIc, pucIluU, ot hmc c|acrm 
<icniui puero nc uirgini ct tii iiirgineum duiii uii<rns t'xhibere 
atudeoA fikmulntum. Hunc deu^ytn diligc, nc uirginom uirgo per* 
couenuM ticncmrc. IpAUtn pcculinrcm lm1>oto tunicum. et fidis- 
simum t'lhl nt^nlwo nduocntuiti- Quibuji auditiK nc rocnU? ]»crccpti*<, 
ducc proiiia inrJc confrMim nl>nc"Hlo, <*t loco undc uoikernm rc«lituta, 
prioreiii foinmiti Aiiscipiu, Maiie tftndf^ui pxpcrgu^ta, iiif«Ii>Deni 
illam gralirtsimnm pjircntTtn* cdlxi, quorum coniflliiit hue i^ucniens 
tandem ot uobU explicatiuH acccsaj. Quod audionto?^ ac plunmum 
0U}>or hoc admin^li. <Jc?uiii Wiit-nUccrrci i^t gWificArc i^cpiiinm, i|ui ct 
incogniUt nd incromc-ntum no?«tre rcuclal douotionis, luuictosquc 
Buo« etiaia p&uperum glorifScare non dedignalur le^timomuL 

vho this cnutd tH% T rlid not hcwtat4) to uk of th«» dov^ thnt wfts my 
guide. And thin inndn annwer: 'Thin^'tOiA iuud,'iji the ^lorioUB bo^' 
martyr William, who in Pnwion Wtek wa* a while ago qJain by tlw 
JrwK in mot'lctuy, iitid by hin martyrdmii hnx mode tllu^triouH the 
city of NorwicH, "Wherefore, liecAUse by tliat df<4th iiricJ puMsiion of his 
he has followed ChriMt, no Chriflt hn« not ditdn-tned to mfik*- liim njunl 
with Himwlf ill thp honour of Hh purple robe.' Then there caoie to 
n»r a voicn fDin thn throne ukying; 'Oo thy wny, and whilo thou livmrt 
strive to uliow thyvelf a vir|pn follower of him wliuut IIjcju 1>f^hoTd<*flt', 
the virgin boy. Love him with all devotion and, pT-eserving thy 
firgini^, rovcn? him wh<» ih virgin too. Count hiin thy peculiar 
friend, ami know him to be Uiy mo*t truntj advo(.-»t« !' 

'* Aa I huard lhe*e word* and pynilcre<i them in my nundr I witU oiy 
guide ^oiiig boforr too Atmlghtway ciopArtcd tlifjicc, w&a rr^torcd to t\w 
pjnoe from whencr 1 cnmc, and oasumcd my fomwr >»hapi-. At last in 
the morning I n^v^Ve, mifl I toM tliat gmciou? vtHion to my pjirontit ; by 
whum adv)04> I autm her^e intending to make it known to you." When 
we h«iLnl thiK, woTiil^ring evei^ingly, we began to blojw and glorify 
Uon who mnkiui known thtngiB unknown fnr tht incrfljiw^ of our 
drrvotion, and ddgrm to glorify Hia fuunts even by the testimony of the 


St William of Norwich, 


EOREOITTM qitoqiie iltud mimculum tjuocl primum illiiis easef' 
didici Mub {irini^i inimciilonnn heriij aduDtandiiia iiulicauL 
Erat quippe muIJer Botilcia nomine GJrunii qui coquus erat 
monacliirnim ux4>r, mjiximuni erga beatum mari^frem deiiotionis 
^rena amoreoi. Hue dimi idoiu i^regiu^ piiur et tnArt;^- in 
ctmiicria tiiiiiuUretur pont ceterm cum asttistoret, quam feretio 
pedibuB citu« Iidi1i» mip|>04tutnit <lirur>lio, filicis parWm tuHt qimiu 
ID posterum ut^wte *iibi profutnmin pio fidci ducUi iiiAtmctii re- 
fieniare atuduit. Ctuiique iJiUici siibinde pertmntiiAAent diet*, quo 
piT£tuLTift ev^t taborare flub partu cepit, VM u^jro p(?r dies quio- 
deciin tiui^h ac ma^fU dolor ingraUGisccret, multiaquo lidhibitui nil 
aibi prolicieDtibus imHlicintr*. Uindein nqiiAm rirliqtimniin boiudicULin 
hatiiiiaHet, iu aliquo necdum profecit Cumquc Atl oxtn-tjium uit© 
penicniase uideretiir, angustianto nimis prus^iiro doloris, ocnlos 
Hurviini leuaiiit, iu doxU^runi et leuam la^erUw extendit. Visum 
qiioque pre aD^^u^tJa circtiniqunf|ue 3«c pur singula oumiiii dclleccente, 
BDbilo mrmoralarn \\Vtc\a miininaitum imrieti a latere dependentGrn 
oontipexit, et aa»^atentibii£ suib sul: Oh mo infdJcem, ac luei ipsius 

W. CowMTAirtjr A woman ufUh chUti miraeufoufily dtlityfrt^. 

That iioljible miracle wtUch 1 have learnt waa (Si Williara'n) Hivt^ 
I havo thought fit to draw aitcntpion 10 in the Jtrat Hcrien of liis 

Tlierv woa it ctrrlttitt wutuuti ruiiiiei} Bubiidu, Ui« wife i/t Ointrd wlio 
wiu) Lilt- M<jJjkH' cook ; i^hi- hmJ couwivcd fh greiLt 'lhO dwuul lovn fur 
the blcjuicd martyr. ThU womati^ when the illostrioiLi boy-itiiki'tjrr vtoa 
buried iii the uciiR-tL<ry» istJiyod Whiitd rifu.*!' i^v«>ry one olttOt iLiid took 
a pitfci* of iem which th« devotion ai thi^ fniitifiil had put itn<li>r thc! bii^r, 
at hilt f«iet ; nnri M hy a. pioui imEtinH h)ip prc^prv^ it fui Itknly tx> fie 
n. Kuif^fit to hfir iTi the time lo oome. And n few dayw nft^^r «hp, hoing 
with child, ^Mgiin to be iii labour. But when for 15 days her ujfony 
went on from more U> rnoro, and tboufjh m%ny medicines were ^vea 
her which profited notbiiif^, at last she even drank the wnti^r of 
certain relics which hjid been hlc«sed, and not even ao wbh nlie any the 
bettvr. And whrn ut lont nhc weinc^ to have come to her last hour, 
in the e^ctremity of her paja ahe nutted her eyen t^> luuivc^n, and 
stretched out her nrmK to riglit and left and rolled her r•y^*^ in 
cvpry wny in agony; and b ! nht; Haw the little sprig of fi-ni 
hanging on the wall beviide her; and Uie «(aid Ut thotte that were Htand- 


Si WiUiom t^ Ifot^mch. 


oblitam. Ohliiiiono nioi fvaliitf^in propHmn iptvi rctArHniii PoMi- 
nftiktor iam illiun liJicis Accipito i^aniuni, ot jujila di»t<-m|MMUtuin 
bcnodicUt michi biboiulnm limlitt*. Quo p^^mctn, tcncnw caliccm 
mt: QtorioM puer et m&rt^r Willelme, qu^nti npud dcum sib 
ttwnti in prwcntimiini floclarfirc dignciix, ot miwrtuw lamulc? tuc 
pmcIitAtktJA puMjinam iiirtntia tue aiij>er nie dextcnmi oilondaa. 
Hia iliotifl, quod cmt in cifo tottim cxhaiuiit. Mira utlvduxa, 
miroqiic renjm con^nontU! Do supcnoribn^ seDJnni potua de- 
6<«nd<?bat in ii«»ti^m« cl ab inforioribuB |mututini puer do 
uentnt prodibat in Uiccm. Ricqdc Actnni c^ lit rcticT« die! 
poasit: Illo eat inlrwiiictiis ut isto prodiret exchiau^ Libt'ratft 
tandeui nuilicr omnipoU^nti dcM> j^tulabundn grntijvt egit qui per 
glorioni inortjm Wilklmi %xii glonono, moxitn ipaam 4ub invbonti nb 
instautin prtWduriL pt^riculi tdm efBcaciter libemuib. 

vii. Ve itir^nt t/iuuiam de Dun^it/ts a detnonis inc-abi ii}/eitatione 

EXCURSO pOBtiQudum uliquixnto dicruin intonmllo, in uiIIa 
qu^ l>uncwix dioitur iiirgo t\iit al) ircnnt^ eiio <leiim diligoDs, 
carnui illtx^'bms cAlcnna, <^t cclibom luUin appeWuB, Hoc a plurimia 

hig 1>7, '^Oh imfahpp3F that T am 1 hov t<>rs;otfiil T bave livon I X Imve 
delayed my own dolivemnco ! Make haste tfid take that aprig of fcm 
and tU<rp it in lioly wat^T and givt; it inc to drink!" Wbicb whi?n 
Uity had done, hotdm^ i!il' t-tip alie oried "Oh l»ojr martjr Willimu, 
vouchsafe to show At this tLni« in how great esteem thou ftrt with 
OOD, and pitying thy «prvant in her extremity htretcli forth the 
right hwid of thy pwcr over me!" With tht^Hii wonLn nhc dnvinod 
Clio ainUrntd of the oupL With wonJroun and quick elTiict tin* drink 
kpassed Into her belly, and soan a son from her womb came forth into 
' th<; light T And ho It ciuii(3 to jmum that in very truth \i ini^ht be 
Bdid tliftt tli*T i>Hf? wan takfiL in tliat thp other might hv npnt fortli. So 
at length tho vrouir^ri Inriiig dirlivorod with joy gAvc tluLiikH to Almighty 
OoD who \iy tho gloi-iouh iikt^HtJi of Hia glorioua niartyr WilliAin, bod 
cITi^cIuiilly frcwd her in an inatAiit from the procure of an instiuit pctiL 

vii. Ctmjoermiig <t crrr/dtn vlr^m ^ JhvMay^ Mivtred Jrom the 
pffsfictttwn oj a deviliih litcubiu. 

SmoD time after this, in m town onllcd L)uDwkli, tli<fn* wiw a oortidn 
imudvn who from a vvry early ago Xuu} hnd in hur tho lovr of QoD> hnd 
IroddMi undvr foot the loxUi of the Hcffh, luid Itod a dcairv for tjic 


St. William of Nor}(nch. 


pciubtttur ltd nuptiiuf, ttim ^uui specie corporis erat fonnoaiE&ima, 
turn <\ (litUbiiuih iMiviiuliLis cumeUatui^ t^xoibi. Verum qiiot 
hnbuit, ill pii>|K»Hi(f> i:unKUuin, tot vi fiprtjuit. MorulHitur qujppe 
IhaUmo pfttris inclu'sa, ubi pHaliD<J4 tjuos dldicerat diebUA ac DiKiibua 
vililariu niiiiinulmL Nit'hit |>rui'»u!i mtiurt? potcmt nisi daum, ;ul 
queiii lotis uuKtrnbus su?^pin;Uit, Vm Uiabolu^ inuidit ^ludiiit, 
uudi- u( ilJaiu de pix^poaiti deioerei culminc witi^l litem mmt 
inifjuilatis, Vdus jgiiur caniiii mi*M faiutcw dicunt et incuboa, 
tvi luxiLiJi ptwHitefi ac r^epe iDulieiibua tnaolcntt^, ^ in forinitm 
pulcherrimi trausligumn:^ iuui^nin iid illmn inopinus intrauit et 
ivptMiLiniiN appiiniit. EK|>auit uirgo H>liua aduf*»tiiiii niri Holitaria 
pertitneflCcnH. Salatauit ille, ttssalutHtus coDsedit^ Mentjtiir ae 
oiisit ipiiM) non i^-nLt. Ill adipl^oerc^t'iir quod alVt-cUbat. Mcrtitiir 
se conditioae militem, pare&tola geiw?rosuiii» uirtute ac fonna 
pfiUontein, diiiltii-H rl, [urj;iute pnwipuuin. Ad h*;r inr^n Mmplcx 
<4 piidibiindfL ^ilnit, I'l. hurat iniendens lunuiift t^lnusit, Et illc: 
Omtaiiter attenda^ gnitii*'^imrt mihi puella. CastiUtiB tue Ihtaa 
et clo^mtie- foniiA ind^ iaiii pridem insonuitAuribafii His amarom 

celibate life. Biw wan ttou^ht in marriage by many; not only becaufke 
Hbe vas very 1>FiAulifu1 in pcrw^n, l>iit txH^Aune it ws^ known that her 
parents were very rich. But, howov<»r mimy werv her suitJira, nJie vim « 
contctant in hi-r pur|H>rii' that nhe rejecU*d them a,\L So nhv continuMl 
to dwell in her father*** houw, where ahe lived a «t>litary lif*' repenting 
day and tiight the* inahnit nhi* hiid It^rnt. mw cared fur nothing hut 
Qoi>f to whom *lip puurwJ forth \wt deair^s with all htr lifwrt. Tlie 
ilt'vil ^I'uilxf-'d htir thoM-i piuuh jrarningH ; wherrfon^, iii oi^im thnt li© 
uii|jht cn^t hri tlown froni the pinnacle of hot purpWR\ he sent a^aiiiBt 
hc^r Q niwovngcr of ovU, Wlit^rvfure one 4)f thoHi^ beings whom Ui«iy call 
/airlr^ nnd /rtfnlii, ^h-t nn> from? lo hiwl. and fli'O oft^n lh*» KMuoerv o| 
worik^n, ohftn^ng hinkHplf into thp fom* of a vrry bf*nutif"l young mAn, 
Qani4& to whriTo Mhi* wius and xudd^^nly appr-ariMl l#f«rt* her. Tho inJkiditn 
in hrr U^nf*UIU*'*H, Mcaiv<l by tlit* (.urtiitng of a siuj^'lr yi^aiij,' irian. waa mu<di 
frighti<n4Hh He nalutod hrr and. Toeing acknowled^i>d in return, he touk 
a »^L Hf pretended to bo what h^ wm not that he misht ac^compli^h 
hj>i puqwvuv Hr prtrtftnded that h*- waa *.if knightly rank aikd of i^ntlc 
bhxHl, and hi* had the appearaiioe of one endowed with merit aiid 
lieauty, and rich and boun^fah Yet the maiden simplo and modest 
held her peace, and with hi'r footr tuniM u> the gn>und vhc closed her 
eye*. Uul thr othor cipake aayin^ ; " O tuaiiletL to m^ ^y full nf gra««, 
he graciously pleased to hiNirkpr to me I The fame of your chastity, 
and the Ix-nuf j' <'f your fonn havr for long l«*<'n ^uudin^ in my t^n. 


St Wiiliam of Norwich, 


epi.ot ([Uc faiuii ([iotnuonit uiiluro uoni. Ecoc mm uibh plocos; 
^Ifdod r«ifltat> coniugium inoAmus. Quid in hnc uitn iLinoro dtilcitifi, 
Amoro io<7uniliits t Ad amoretu noe muiUmt luutiium hiac otaA 
utriutHpR* ttuionilis, indt: fomin (v>nHimiHH. Si [nr |xLn Cf>niutigiturv 
nmioitia grotior ■ hfibotnr. Qiii^ »im iguoras: pAiicis i<dicAm. 
Omuibufl nobilitatL' vb pulcbritudmo prcoello : uuiuursoFt .sapiojaia 
et iiirtutc sapvro: ounctij>: diuitinntm copm prcliabiincio, Atqno 
tit ttcrbia Mam fuciaiu, ai tanttLinniodo luwcikfdini prcbcAH, inox to 
tot ac tftntis dilabo dr>nin quot ol qiuuitis tuft nunquam hiibiindauit 
p(^i^(it<TlH. Tunccontinno nmdiw, moniliA, tcrqiic^, limula.*!, iiuLuren, 
atquo hiiiurtcvmodi miiltn, prntnlit ct. optulil diccn^: Hoc interim 
gimtantcr FKx^ipiAs, uiibi gratissima, mihi l](.^aidt1fiIlLiwi]un, post- 
modum [Jura ct prootoHiom pro libito Miaoc^pliitn. Quod ad boo 
uirgD fjiciAt f Qimliter hiR 5extis fmgilitA^ rcAiistnt ? Aurcs fcrinnt 
ojcimio lAudia proconia: ociilod ftlliciunt multiplids procii cIcfOiLna: 
Uktuitem dt^ltmuiit diuitianim cl Incultuluin pnkmL-wtv. Vvrum 
tBtor hew pcmintit animus in Chmto forti^ ct illibftturi. AniinUTn 
«!iim tuiiiptatic»nnm fluctibus cxa^itatitm nmor ChnBli rej^cbat. 
Surgit igitiir uirgu, doiiixna re&puit, ptvcibiis iii>n jtu^cnlit. Quid 

9d ft kngiii^ mixed mr, an^ T fmve conw to »ee lier whoso fnme had 
pflaphediDOi V«riJ/ Uir liiglit <if yi>u drlightM mon Whut n^niAiQi^ but 
thiit we ahould be imu-rittdf Whifct in awvrrtci' ur more jvyxnin than kiwi 
Hw jrottthfal Agr of U>th ^^f uh Mid tho boAut^ thnt we botli punwviH iii> 
ntCA UB to on interchange of Love. If liko bo joined to liko, fri<TtilHhip 
in Moounted the mon? letting. You know not who t nm—J will t«ll 
yim in f^w woivIa- I axin>1 all mejt in nohlf^nm»; nnH t^ifttit/, T flurptutt 
aII in wiwiAin and virtuf. T am IwiTj^r tLipplint tUnn nW othj^r In lh« 
Abflndjuicp of my rluhen ; anil l]uil< I may proves my wordu, if only you 
j^STQ your anflcnt, Ktrnixhtway I will endow you with Huch iiumeiiAe 
ffihn aa your jmrrnU ncvt^r yrt pOBsossod, ' Thereupon he produced 
rings, neeklace^, t'olhiis, hror>o1icH, <«rrinf(it and many things of the 
fciikdt and \w 'iflered them to lier Haying: '* Be graciously pleA««<d to 
I ftooepc thfw tilings nov. my dearest, my tuont d^rod one ; by and byr 
you ihtU tiave iiiort' anil tuon* pn^ciou^ things JUNiordliig to your winhviL" 
Wbat oould a maideEi djl How could the weaker «ax re^oHt these 
thiogat The blanduhmi^nt of thus high-flown praiitr nudr hctr oArs 
tingle ; the preaenU of gruat valup <l4-hghted lier eye* ; the pnanlaen of 
ncho* and power were influeacliif^ her iitind, but in &he midst of It all 
liOTMJul ouatinaod ntoadlaKt in Clirial and unmoved, atnd though tliAt 
ai>u) wart toHstd upuri tho wavc^ tjf irinptatloti, the love of Chriirt Htill 
ruled v^iihiii Ikjt, 8o the maiden rows die rejected the gifta, jihc 
VT, N. ft 


St Wilfuim of Nortvicl. 


ei;go? Sprolus no nictun mMignii!* hce^ti!* ciim cionnriiJ* iit Milntiift 
iieneiut et aubiturt diapuiiit- SepLn^imc tamen turn Hiebti:« turn 
noctibuff rvdicDA rcplic^it Autc^lictA, nflTi^rl' phiriiikfi, prumittit inibuta. 
V«eties «ci'icwi, niicADbe;« ^minn*, Buniiu, Argi-niiirn> et quod prc*- 
ciiLHiiift lid pitlchriiiB ill inuodi glonu i^xcogitdiri -^U^flt fuit« illam 
congorit, ri<^uc w) libittim unhicnm priipnnitp Hcc frcquciiler 
reiierfuis, sed mc&>«um temper laborana i&m Ainpliori ccpit innstort 
|K;riin«tuL PurlU u<.<n> Fubi comnileiiM, \.-X aii&p«ctam precatK-iia 
uiolontiani, pareniibu^ totum rci f^U^ prnpnlnaii DC^tium, Qtn 
quouimii nuLhirn ad Ulam uktmAw* reuem oogurjueraat eum<|iie 
Cfjti<lic itiji^-ilirntrcm ntirlicbiant, ilumonem crac cimitiunt, 4UCP) in 
Aduentu tarn nubittim et Id dJccasu Uim n.'pcnliaum puclJA nanuntc 
diilioeruiil. Parcntt-'S auU-iii diHgi^nluim ttdhibciit, ciu<tod«A «9- 
«ign&iit. Il![t uiin> i^cc arccH ctintodiir* nt^: cxcliifii putnil E«enA. 
FoiTo ilUm biinc uioloDtinA a^reditur ut uiolcDtfi^ sibi ^ubdat, 
(juAiD 111^ blnJuUcu^ ii«o ili>iiif« 111^ pruiiiiH^ifmibuH circuiimt^nire 
prcudhtcbnt^ A pnrctitibti;* ^fP^ coofluluDtur presbitcti, niuBc 
cwlebmDbLir, oratiombus iiicumbitiir «lam(*Him= flic^tnbuttnlur. Tlm- 
l&mue ihqtia reapergitur bcncdlotA, ttntc stmtum \\V\\\> crux ■■vuictft 

fcM' with At] Ilia giftfi dbMppenred im nuddenlj n^ he cuno. Yei rvturn- 
itig, he pli^d brr as lH^<*n' night \\x\f\ duy, hr rffcrcrt her more And 
more} hU prDmiM<H wrn* tiuundlDA. Hitkon mh^ aII gliMtniJiig with 
gffiiiH, mlvcr iviid goldf nnd wlwtt«vi«r car U? jiai^iiicd niOHt procjowi 
uikI fttir iTi the* gbrjr iif thi** worH hft lienpixl up twfuro \wt ruid 
r>11or(Hl thcni jdl- H<- pcnunttyi continually 111 hin ofiVm, but 1j^br?urirk|g 
olwayR in viuo, he began to ply ht^r with incnaniiiB pptimocity. But 
th« mAidt'Ti lAking of^unwl with >i«rt«>1f, unfi fwin'ng viol^iuH- uhich *l» 
AQfipKTtJ^, iLC(|iiaiiitjvl hor parrtiU with the whcil<^ huHinrjw. They, 
biKutiiNL* they knew that injb<>dy had reAlly hiwi AcceM to h«- oluvmbfrr, 
and yet heard tbia victor oomirjj: in dnily* conjectured tliai it 
inUHt lie an ifvil spirit whosr? Jtuddrm npp(vi.rnnor An<l an madden 
depjirtui'e Uie niaiden'H narrative had described. 80 the parrntft 
used ftll diligirncp and nrt wittchos. But ae for him he could neither 
\iv ki^pl (iut< by ju^uttnlrs iu>r l>c ^hut out hy locks Anri liarK, and 
now he b^Au t'} a^^^il ht?r IJie more vioknity tliat ao he ijii4[hi< hy 
\'i»lcLi]o(- Mibdur^ h<*r whom he oouid n^t ovfrconie hy ttntl^ry nor gift* 
nor promiAeA. Whereupon ftome prie*tH wore coniullcd. Mawi«n woi% 
cclpbratiHl, pmyMTi werf Haid, ahnx wriv* 'iiHtributod. They i^prfnkled 
hsr oh&mbt*r willi iiuly tval«r» a cnxw was ivi up bofgrc Jutr brd, aiid 


St WUHavi of Norwich. 


«1di^tur. Vnincreift lAm innoiucmt ^IcinrtticiH esse qui jsio oaiii 
infenlAlxtt. Viui« ot diuinia r<.'pyller<- anoiiiminlis Attomptnbiuit 
ocntm qiirm huninnn nil cun^ilia proft^ocnuit Dctnon aiitemi 
^ui hori ol nudiue tcrciiis intcrpolntiit ingn'^ic^b^itur hiiH«, i-*xinde 
uiolontior in8titit oA.m<)ue indiuiduu^ tVot^ucntauit. Pi'o«ertitn 
diiiitui pii^toK qu(^ Muu( Hcin|icr pivsoiiu iuU^hI tuluHbus, ot no U^mp' 
Uitionibiis abaorboiuitur proiiidot,piioll«i fortitor ngoniEniiti Hnlutiiro 
prcBtitit ftolatluiii. (jim^bm euim iiooto Urtf]ut- tui uito todiuni 
btigolii <liim <>lKlr>rmLi\Tt» in r^otnnis Uli ii^litit inr cjuiitio uoncnuida 
oooepicttus ot inditmontia pontific&libu^ sup^r uniotus dicons: 
Filin iiuvi, ct dLS> gniUk puc^llzi, mcum non uorL^uH^ liduoutum: tiii? 
Kniiitifl nttcmk' nuntium. Cum hostc mnligiio dcwrtftMti^ niultii 
pcrtuliBti, uirUiter uicisti. Tuo Um corona ckbotur ooalitati, ot 
bruuium certamtiii. Vorum, ut n cotidiuno jnftiHtiittontB HbcruriH 
molehill, mane ouui tribuB ourvix ot iitn>que purente Norwicum 
uftdo, Monctitjuo martyriiK Wijlolmi fi iiidois ooci^i eopulchnim 
exiguirc^ Idtjuc' pro cerlo hAboJVs, tjuod ouui iiidc rccUoHw opiate 
wjlfttuiru poi-cripioN iib^traliomK. Egri Hum in^juiim HERBEKTUS 
QpiBCopiis, Korwiccnsi? eccWio fundntor. i.|ui t*i salutia tuo libi 

ttoon It woM known to aI! lliai U woa aii evil Hplrit wlio Wf>i iiifefltiiig 
hd', Ko thftt tlipy iri<^ to drivr him nwa^ b^ tikc <livmr aooriLmenta 
when no human lomnB <!i<l luij^ good iiut the c^H) spirit, who ut firA 
naode liu oilvuiiom ftt iht* iiilcrvnl of a d&y or two, Tiow lx?oAmc more 
mnA morfl pi^nuiing. ititd iti>w wah iilwAyn clotK* to hor- Howvvfir, tlio 
divine goodneMK, which U Blw«yu nigh At hitnd to Hin Enithfu) onm, and 
toktt care tliat tht^y nhouh! not Ih- ftvrrwln^lmf'd Ky l<>mptAriniiH, 
bn>lj^t at>out a HAvmf; cmnfut-t fur thr damwO hii son^ly tmiihlnl. Far- 
on<? hitfht while «ho wnw unloep, aluiOHt worrit«l u> dfHth, Lh»*r« alood 
by htr in the viniunR (if xht^ ni^rht oae of reverend look with whit* hoir 
and robed in pontiAcal j^arHi^^nts, wJio naid to Imr: *' Dn,i4flit<T niinc, luul 
datniel dear U\ I!oi\ fcftT not At my coming, but give heed lo tlie 
l[ieaaeji|(er of ttiy sttlvntion, TIiou hjul utrivf^it with a lualignnnt fiic^ 
thou haflt home niucht tlicu liaat vAnqubthed iiubly. Tliou Itiut Mtmsd 
u crown by thy (.'fiwitity, and a priw by thy reNJBtance. But that thou 
luajest ^>e Ix^^ from iJie troubht trf tliy diiiJy t^^niptAtiun, in the iiigrnivig 
go thou to Norwich with three wai tapt^rs kiuI both thy pareiitA wKh 
th«\ and wH-.k i>ut iJu' ncpnlchro of the holy martyr William, nlain \yy\ 
Ihe JtTWH- and take thirt for certain Uint when ih'>u ^halt havi^ thon^ 
rttturaod tliou shidt n^ctfivo ihe comfort vf l)to dcliveranon thou dedresL 
^ am, J tell thMi, UBUBEllT Ujo binlivp, tfie fuunJ^r of %\\v Ctmroh of 
Vorwidi, vliu Am th« niMsongcr to thc« of thy cialvation. RifiA upf 



& WiBi0Hm y N^rwiek 


SofgTp uttfe. Iilvtabrnv QuUtMUtat DnpKniit 

Fint e«rd: Novwicom itar: ad «p<aoopdvm ■<«itttr vcckssiam. 
Ilii WirhnnaaDo iTr'Tfft*'^" cpwcfipalJmn cuoJrwututm tunc uiauil^ 
«l DcMiDuIliii iiiuBithaina. iioibaB ponugovinr iPo>Twtiift cdkiUr, 
ttirii> et vir OHUi Jeduuitiir. Aodicofco ^iittotMiffT uunuilur 
damonfls puwyi a u w cip i iB i t pOciDc o i >>oaiiL Acceom igitar quoo 
attater&i cerifis, doctHtr cum parentiboA uir^ ad SaocU WUIdmi 
wpukhnicn in Jnp^iiwii dniitrrii tlimi vxpcKiiatn. Ibi ftLif|uatHiiu 
mi detun ufUur.auicto inausfii prece« et doU fuodimtur, lAcriioe 
rvhm prm-tmit, ni pH-UUin nmm cdi rJTuniinnL Quid i^ttirf 
OK>cri:<iiir bostis iDiilitia e& cins oitptuPiD oirtnfi cbniit diuiniL 
lAtn t-nim Hpvtn cuDCipiaon, com pweattbiirt svcum r«gn<lituret de 
cri|»efriut dimifmiii iii?<t4otm ]il(intniini gmtuliUtir. H«jc qnippi- 
niinwnilu Umti miutyri* Wiili^-Tmi rciiiiiixit mciRorw. ijHl* pniilntini 
rlocro»c«ms in cvriltbu?* iimii^r«>rum fertt fundi tUF< iam Aiena 
^mortUA. Pmro vliligpnUrm nmmfxiiluni tiuli) k-cUivmi ut mlicrt 

Cia thy way ' Thou khnlt he Hit frei^ ! ' Tlw vvdan pAJtved and thp 
iiiiudefi Awok«L 8h^ n>«e uid toVI hrr p&nmtA u-Kat uhr hiu) vym. Uto 
lApfTH were iiuidf, lli«iy toole iheir way to Norvloh, they arrived ftt Uie 
<*pi*ttrijial church. ThiTi* thi* vision wjt^ told t*i Wichi'n>*n, a monk 
v/\\*t at thiit ltiu4^ VHA tS<* Binhop'ii dtrputy fur hearing oorif»»ioiia^ and 
to othor nionkf»; and it was shown hy vhat iinporuuniiy ahe wAfi pressed, 
liin] thp ctktae of her joumry w*» trxplfdn^l, When tJwy hetsH it tliey 
rriHT'v lulled at the evU Hpiril's j^udacity, they gji^V hrtnl t^i thfl vnrnirgs 
<yi thp g>«ciou« virion ; and, the tapere lioing hi, the maiden, vith Iter 
piLn<ntq, wuh M U> Hi WilHnm'w ^rpukJire, then wt up in the open «r, 
At the i?intran(« of tlie penieltry. T)ii>r<T thtynpimt mjnir liim in proyor 
to <ioi>: they made their HupplicalioriH and vowh to the holy martyr. 
TI»?ir t«ir^ travrllf^l hruvm^ni-d^ uml lut the hrnvrnn pi^urmi forth the 
dew of pity. Thun the mulk'e uE tlie t^neuiy w^ih rc^tj'niiifUt aikd divine 
virtut* bcAiJkOf] upi'ii llir iiiJiticlrii > for now full uf hojic »hr wt^nt home 
with h<-r pari'iitA fnrliug qiiitt^, itfKi rrcrivrd tnAtiy confCraLulftUona 
on tho nvil spirit's ftnanulU hftvuig lK<t>it 074iro(>m4>. jViuuredly hy thjq 
mimoU* tht' riif*ni*n"y of th** bl<>feiMl muiiyr Willimii n*viviKl, for it )uu) 
KradiifUly Imh^h waning, yea in thr^ luurlM (if jUnnvd all it hud idmoat 
enlirt-ly dini out. I would f&in that th<» i*aniMl roadcr 1>e adinoniahed 


' 8w niomAeld, ii. flrtS. InHiilf th« Prior who -i«n« Mor^ Wioktnan, in a 
dcpti Ihrre ijLivii. *a* WHiiaiD Tntbc** pTviU«*pwor, and Wicliinan kcidh to h»Tc 
b«tfii ihp|ioiuiO(l by ltUhi>p Kbufard. C(. Dk. i. vEii. p. :iLK 

William of I^orwich. 

esc prrtaxfttiH poi-pondnr. *|iiantc nirtutis monto pit- m«ni*nno 
HERBERTITS ifpiHiNtpuK c^umnt doo pollo&t', qui ot diuino dia* 
priiMitumis tttiii fi»>cr(»tii>s fieri Tnon^»tiir nuntmg, itt Klll(!t4^ Xi>r* 
triconi^>' cccIlWo qimni ipee fundAint tfun rlJIigcn^ eit pAtroDua. 

viiL ComwoniVtm'wrn illi^qui mirticutis sancti Witlehtti <UrogaHt 
et qui mtm a uideiit occisum twl vegant iiel dubttent. 

CLARESCENTIBITS iUi^u*- [u^r Iwsiti Willnln.i mvrita roimtu* 
lonmi pnmitii^, c*mnt pInHmi qui diuinii^ iiol beneHciiv 
iugmti ud tdgniM mcrudulj cum promnlgnr^ntur mirnculiM inuul- 
lab«nt, fftqnn Bcticia <h»:c dWhant. Quippc dnri oonlo «t iid 
cractendniii inrdi, bcatum pui.'riiiii WillLdtniiui inilliuH furi* noriti 
potft mortom uutumitbuiit, (juoin in uitn piLiip<ircu1iim atque n<fg-^ 
Ivctitm fiiim^ ftiidiomnt. Sniit <?t .alii, qui qiioniwm eum piieniUim 
paupenMihim panncMuni uUjueArto pellipLu-iuutfiUDiquc- uictitant^^m 
eognouiu«nt, duKpcctu hubvtit. Vnd<* ci tAlcin <|ua)a nulliu prcco- 
d<*ntibiiii; moriti^ tAuti cidininiH ntti^isso exculleniiiitn nidUtonus 
credere potu^uut Sunt (?t>am nciinuUi, <pii ot hiinc qnfd<imciin<iuo 
cnidclitrr tamtjit int^romptum u<il iicnlU ludenmt, uel nb nliiv 
ftuiliunt, uel ^riptU proHontibiii^ lo^nt oL Ukmiru aiuut : De morto 

chat he nute, from what h&s been aet down, what great influence 
[)rnb>p IlKRDERT iit pioua iii«[iiory ban wItL Ood, who cleaerrecl U*hc 

DiOdXe tht? Bmrrrt liKwnrTigirr of ih illvliio di:4|>citM4t>OTi, aikI Ikc^w ranitist i» 
pAtrou ho iH of thr Churth of Norwich wliich h*' him.-^clf founded. 

viii. -I urarnijio to ihoif U'ho ntake tiijhi of thr. tnirtwfrif qf ,Vt WiUutm^ 
Ami icho either deny (/>• t/uu&C iJuti he tett;* *lai}\ bt/ tli^ Jewa. 

Whflu thPMi flrfitfniiw gf th*> minK^lM wrought hy thi* niprit« of tint 
birmwd William wrn* U'aught tn li^rht, thi^ir- wn^ii many, ungniU-ful for 
tite di^'iii^ i>eneAtK ov the niifm sJiown, who iiioirk(*d at the miracles 
whcrn thciy wtre made pu1>lic, mid luiict that Xhny were fictitiouH. Voa 
tiiirae, hard and slow of hew-t t*i l)eUe\v, suggested that the bl«4»ed boy 
VilliaDi wwj lilcely lo be of do i^pevial mt*ril after hi» death, who X\)ty 
hod heard vru* a p<w>r noglrcUrd littlo fi-IUjw whi*ii alive, OtJiera tliere 
»r« vho, IwcaiiMi they htul knowvi hirn jlh a poor n^e<1 little lad picking 
op A precarious livelihood At hiu taimGrs biihincsn, think eoom of him \ 
and ISO can by no mpann Iwlievc that Micli an onr, with tut pr^vUfUH 
n^critA, idtould hav<- atlaiiK^ri tu auch i^iiiiiicnt ^xoeUeiice, Aitd there 
Are ffoiae too whu, tltough they uaw vith ihelr own eyiw that he, 
whatovn' he v<w, vom I'ruelly nnirdertti, or hwrci of tt vith their isir*[, 
or tnul of it ill LJib prustrnt rL:L<onJ, yvi aay ; " Wi; arv iJidecd ut^rLuu of 


St Willmm of Noi^tncK 


r)iiM<<iYi illiiis certi Humtis, s^ ^ qnibus el qiiaiv ot (jualitor occiMts 
Hit prunnis in iiKTr1>ii flui:l.iiiiiimM ; iimlr uer^ Kiiiii^Liim ni-<: uiaitirem 
(Jiccn- presumimuH Et quoniain p^-nft uiartirem non facit, scd cnUTcii, 
w a iudcis uul aUiK p<>naHUTOonKtet oociKiim, qubi indubitanter creclnt- 
iiiucntem ilium pre* ChriHto mortt'tn apiKjlisBo. ud itnjChri."*t<i Jlljiiaiit 
paeientor Hn.-iiiimiftjie ? His umnibuH pariter, -sed tamon singulis 
vingilliitim i\?(pn<loiniiT4. Primis igitur^ijui unraciilb lusuUaiit, qui 
1i<Ttim aiitumAiit, i-l KAikctiticatum noo cr^ULl, quoiitnm |)HiiiK*r- 
ailuin l^iittne audtunt, nuipondenius, Fatemur equidem quoniiAm, 
licticijL mimi'iilK TuirHciila uoii mtni, stn} [std] fHlajtaiiaMiiiCridiculB^ 
Yuniiii HAiicti Willelmi mii^^Lcula, a iioii uawnt uem, nc(jiuu[UJiiii 
tani diiitina |>ordurart^nt fi^^iientiii. Pivifectoaidiuine dignationis 
bocopufi noiL essel per se ciiiur^ iam deperissL't^ Nciiipo uidimu^ 
qimm pluriinoK iiarli^L pc<r ninlLum tcinpiiii laboranl€A incominodiflr 
ucwH, mtttoi^ surHo^ c!audo8« incuniu^, contmctFOH, 9cabellnri<3e4, 
tuij^doe, ydropflicos, ulc^nw<w, giiltiimaso», ftiribundos, aliosquc 
laultw t;trm»i|uv i«cxU3« dincntiH langiionbu}< niorbidc* Mincti 
martiriM Willelmi mentis curator. SepifflJme eliam uidimUM, 

bid deaths but v« are cfrtir^lj uii<^*rtaiii nnd doubtful by whom aud 
why, HiiH how he wo^ killed. So we iieillier pre^uiue to call him * 
Hiiiia iiur :i mariyr. And nitici? H ia not Uio pahi Imt ilic caum? thM 
iniik(» tJic m&rtjrr, if it be proved bhnt Iict won killed ui puoiHluovDi bj 
JcwH <-!' luiy viic ^rlw^ who cuuld vouftdeiitly Ijelievt that this l*d 
oi>urUHl doath ft»r UhnAt^n ntiAnv, or bury it pntioiitly fur Christ'* B&kc 
vbea it vaa uiHiclM upon hinh?" To all thoAo equally ojid to «Ach 
severally we wil] mitki? iinwwor. 

Thrntfftrn U\ the fli4i,t, who monk a! the iiiiroolea und oount them 
fictilioUH and who do not hclit^v:^ thai he wn« a 8funt >>e4MU4e tliey h^r 
dint he WAN ft little pauper hoy, we iinnw<»r: We qiHt^ aIIow that 
fictitiuuH mintilcrt Arc no mimolea at all, l>ut the jibnunlilifw of false- 
hood ; but the n)iracle« of Baiul Willium if thry hjul not been true oqch 
would oerlaiiily not have lasted for ao long a tiruo hihI Wn »w fTtqucnt^ 
Indtfinl, if this Ivid not >>con the work of (he divine j^oodiieHu, tliey would 
have ooinc to an i?ud hooti oiiouf^h. But we have seeJi full many pec^le 
lalfouring under various iticotiV(uuoiKi<«, hlind, dumb, drAf, lame, tiump- 
laK:krd, J>cnt, going on all fours', people with HwellhigK, with tliedropy, 
with ulcern and wpni^ mad people And many othera of Ix^th ^xett 
discAsed with every sort ef c<;uiphunl> curtail by th<* morit« of the holy 
iiukrtyr WilliAiu. We have too very oflvn Hecu lUAiry fulk in nxtrt-tnt- 

■ tf*ibeliariu$ In om wko orftop* About, L^iog a pah of auiitl uvhU«e lo lupport 


St IVitliaM of Norwich. 


libemri, naufmgiJH plurt-Jt Kalu&ri, quoMlitin rx^mjwililiiis iifttrictOK 
relaxari. et Donnulloft nexibus ferreis iiianJcatoA ab^^luL Tot 
\g\U\r Etr tniiU minu^nU rjiiu rnmU> iif<H<'mmiH iliuinittiH nmi v^a^t". 
pntmtA ? Item : Qui pRupnTtvi ot negk*ckm »ianctititvLn non crcdimt. 
aiidiftnt qitod |M^r prnphetam dicitiir; Spir'ttuJi domini av^iar ttts. 
muaiff^lixare paupertbii^ tnvnt me- Pjiu^kt ipst^ Christuw, non 
hnbenfl ubi caput rocHiiAret, pai]|x'n?94 ^\ apiwlnUtiini iiocnTiit, non 
diuilen: <lebJlo«^. iH)n Tories: iiiiotaH, non mnndi MApi(*nT.fM; mtu)- 
(wntijt ptieiYHi. mm miLlitiii m'iu's, Nunc igitur, quoniam pritni» sat 
dixif^M) nidemur, iwl ation tmiuieAmuM qni piiemilum eiini in1<>ni, 
|uintuiHUTn, utj^iK' [iaii|u'iYruhmi tudrriint, uidrnhMt iiili|>ioicfrnint, 
uilipendciit^?A ad UuHv illiiin titTni.'nitimii!t^ exci^llcntjain pertingere 
non debiiip<M^ aitinl iibi nulla nierita |inirt.*HtirriinL HU n-K]Kmdo- 
tniiic Si ml MinctiticAttontit ropii<)iuni piKTida in caU8a ent, et 
nottilliH piiei-dH pmp<tnimiix Pancmtinm. Pantitleonem, 4it Cclxiim, 
(|tiOH in ptAt4< pLii-nli nbnMttiH lul mnmjtm !ciil1iiraiiit martirii. 
AU|ue ip4e domiin]« in medio ducipulonim jwLnuiIum atatuit, 
tivli?cqui- regna celomm apLiks rcirn* uMxignnuif,. Si aub^m ni'libfl^ aut 

cluiK<-*rii delir*-red ufU^r iiJVokinj( llie ititoroenftiuu uf thin ?*ium' Rnint^ 
We kiiuu' that many wi?i>t HA^tx] inuti nlii^wiTMjk, ^tnw vrlio w^n; 
bound in t<^tUir% "k^i-v ujd<x»<id, uid M«ne wor6 m>% dvt Crutii iivjti 
buidv. Bo DiAny *nd 4ach griMit mirftclcM «« th«no how could wt Uavo 
the 6kw to mtky vicrc iwt wrftu^ht by divitu? power? 

Afl for thottf vho dc» nrtt h^Xifvo tbat th4> puor iLnd Uw nnglnct^ Aro 
miiflA >4iint»i '^f, lot Vhem 1if jlt Uht voHb of t}io Prophet '. "Th* Sf>'trii of 
lAtf Jjord u ti^vrr* >tM<^ Ai* luilk **nt m^ tit pr*arh ^ocd tittifu/B U> ifta poor." 
ChriKt Hiniiwlf wjm poor, 11c hai\ nr>b whero to lay HU htwL Hl^ 
ttUcd poor mi^ii to Ix? apoHtlf^n, not th*^ rich ; tho woak, ric<t the 
^Btronn; the foolish, not the wise of this world; ibofie that un^m children 
in iimoccnxt, not o]<l in maUctf and wiekodnpiw. 

Now tkcn, MTict? wrt' have 8aitl enouKh t^ thi? fir^l, U*t itx pASKon to 
thi^ otlren^ tiiey who >4aw ifkat |>oor little ra^'gd l>oy, and 'm thty Haw 
him held him chon|>, nnd i^o ^uiy that it vajE not lueel that such as 1k^ 
HliDuId attain to huoh a pitch of ^lencrutioii, when no previoua merits 
had distinguished him. 

To lh«se I nfily : If Iiik Iwyhomi \% rxnAon enough for rejoctia^ lu» 

ihoUncfts we remind them uf Uio«e lM>y^ Pancratiuit, Pantaloon, and 

Ovhasi wlioin Christ cxalt«d to L)ie uiariyr'bi crown in Uicir ^loyhood. 

Uonover the IjuxI HirikK'lf nrt tk htlJr cUlM ifi till* iiiidHt of Hia 

diacipl— mkI tulil iheui t}int su^li tm lie would be Rt f^r tho kiji^uiij id 


.Sr WHtiam of Norwich, 


|i»ttp<Tri<7« ill cmixiun ducilur, (juid wt quod dominav at confimdorol 
fortia liilii^ huLU» luundi vi abiecUi vUvfpx, ei a<3 cenatn »uain 
[iiiapi*ni« ru- ilvUiUv, C(.*o>»4 L*t cUudo^ t'liociiuii? Lmuuiidi [|uo(]uc 
in HuiLim Abrahe suHCulit, et djoitem pTirpumtum in inferno 
m'pflntrtH Di.-inuj « hoc in cixum i-joi- dicimt, qumJ i*d !<uncli* 
ficutionU nieritum merila nulla precesserint, innocente^ oppanimus 
biciuiir^ tt infra, l^uos uon uile uerituiu €xtulit. ued iwla diuina 
^mtiH gluriticaiiU. Tt?mih t)4-ni<|ue r('?<|>c>ni]t?int]f<, fU ^alictt i|Vii 
cru^lcIiUrr iiuiiJi^rii occiisuin liciuDt, nod qiioniani a quibut^ ci qiiarc 
inUir^mptua Hit mcLTti Miuit, iccirvo utsc naiictiiiii uec tuamreni 
dicitim pn*s«tiii]iiiit, Prij oiTtj viqitidoii a iudt^iJ^ ptTcinptuin dw- 
Htrrirmi^ quonkm id turn ex habiludini' di(.*n]ui penaliunip turn 
ex qiialitatL* tunauiiWruui, liiui ux (;ctrtin uulrK^nnii iiidicibi, turn ex 
uf^riwiiiiin luHtinHUiitjniin arguniL^nlti« oortutn habt^muK Et quia 
cim biju in doininice paMiotiiM et chri^tiane Wgin obprubriuin n^uem 
pei-pisirabae cugiiouuiiiia, nlc favti uci'liatvitj ar^iuJieiiUj* plurimu^ 

bfiaven, ilut if hie low estate, and hi« poverty, ifi thi^uKht to lie a vauae 
fin: hiM rtjtfctitm, why jh it thai tl«? I-cnti "chtm tfte wmk tJiin</4 itf lite 
world to coi\/'irunii ifm mitjfU'^,'' aiid called tu ttupper the poor aiKl ttie 
uevdy, UjC'bHml amJ tl;rt luim^, and Hi' t<»k up Ijucai-uh into Abmham's 
boBOTti Aikd buriL'd Uit- ricli iniui ciud in purple m IrOI'^ And ftgaiii, 
if tlif*y Aiiy tli*it this w ftgftiiisi him thut nu prvviou* niehl^ ga\'tf any 
evidence uf tiia d<swn^'inf{ shiiciificatluii, 1 poijit to the ItiikocdlH uf 
twu yeant old »nd under, whuui no previuurt [Ueritn diJittJif^lUHhed in lifi^ 
but L^iily Uw grrKU of Ctou ^lurilii-<l, 

riiutlly l(j tl^e Unid clikHt- — Ui^f^c- iimiinly whtf allow Uiat Ir' wub 
crutOly kiUcHj, but whu arc uncortovn-by whom and why he wiui nud<) 
aiL 1^111.1 of, iMid thtri^furv iju nut ptvtiuiiLe to affirm tlmt h(« wua eithtT a 
•&iTkt or ft martyr— T AiiHW«r» Wt* hold of a certiunt)' that he was 
ntftin by tha Jowit, fjocKUHo it in provod aa wvll by tbrir cUAUnn on tJie 
d«y i)f lbi» PiwHover, a^ by tlif» chnrfLctf>r <if the Uirtunw intlirUvJ and 
tin? sui't^ niarka of tb<? woundw, aivI al^o [jy umiuatakAbli^ pmufK in ihv 
Wfty of (^vidi?nc& And bvcauiw vre know thnt thew Jewn itt vt^y truth 
pcrptitnU^ni thU <;riiiie in nconi of tJir TjonlA Pwwion and tbo ChrutiaD 
law, ao oaii w« prov^ the irutb itf Uie deul by luany argunwnltf. 


St Witlmin of' Xortvich. 


ii. Vritituvv uiynmerUttnt. 

PRIMO igitiir ioco in argiimentum ut?ri pi-opcmimuA quod 
neducta timtr^- truditim trnditiiri ptii.*nili]> mI iudor>» iit 
prelibatum tt^t pridie mortH cim* miilti^* conioritib(i> tliucrtit, riec[uc 
po^tmoduru cuiquAin foris appaniit. Ittclem puella eius con- 
sangiimea eiitn a longv' Kiib^^iqiions. iti.-rc[iK' illui^t i.k-uIjm explonxn:*, 
\^l ad itidous Jalzuiv et post intracteiii titatim houtium claudi 
cerliaaime conspuxit. 

Secundum argufntt^Uitn, 

PRODUCATUR et bUucI planiHsimum uere a*wertionw argu- 
nKrntuni. Ko enim Uiuijiore aliiue ea ijina die, imnio i-t 
ip»u horn, qua piKT Wilfulimis iii iib|in»bnimj r-»kth Chi-isti 
ponaliter torqiiebatitr, illiKk-biitur. k'\ cnicitigf^bnlur, miilicrciila 
quf^atJi chmtijina t]UL' illi^ faaiulababur, ab crt^dem iussa IcTiienti'in 
luiuaiii iiL ciniuiniiswrrftimi prrpHmbat, igriTinins ipikk^ni ni-gotiuin, 
Hed ne^lti plane audiem. tiimultum> Uetntro aiitem nocfuiiianlibua: 
Aquain, cuiuani, iniilior renK'uttssimnni attulit, potontibus minifi- 
tmuit. T^cd dum deToris ilia tiuUtrot ac d&iiitiu iUi 5iitwiper&iil, 

U. The Fim Ar^umejJ. 

Id \hv tinil plaoo w^ put furwjird ha un uricumunt of Ihc tnilh^ thal^ 
uhoti hw moiUi'V vttu- (loci.<lvi>l luir) the liltfe Ikj^ luLiidnl uver lu tlm 
trnitor^ aa Ijou ftlivocJy f>ccii >wiid ; then (»ji tli<- dny IWi>rv Inn duHtli litr 
went Miionf; tbi^ Jown in tHe» ciight of many people^ and aftisr tliAt no 
one saw him outnidv tlie diKvr. Moreover Lh« little ^rl, lun kiubUMmant 
vrhv followed hini nt a dihUtncO aiid waloJimi liini oii liU wilj^ with lu*r 
•y»«j Hnv liim go ill to tht* J«wh nnd after hi* entr&nc? lurtuAlly haw the 
diHM' tthut plom btthind hJiiL 

TV Secotul ArffuamU, 

AiU*ihvr ver>' strong argimiriit may be brouifht of the IruUi of ihe 
— Wttion. i'i>r at the very time an*\ the vpi-y day and *»ven the very 
licmr whffn Ujp Kiy WilHmn wiu« lM"in(f t^^rturfnl in njuckery uf CJirisl'a 
^■xecutioii, und «n£ bein^ put 1o shauie and iTuoifled ; a certnui poor 
Chrintijilk wuitiaii, who \v;ui n inaid-WTVAnt nniotig thriii, waji getting 
rvody wwnt; Udliiig wntur in tfie kiUhwi an she had been bidden; iht^ did 
not know what the bUMiicM was >iut nht^ plainly ht'otd the hubbub that 
WAK going OH- Hut when th(>*M< who wcn,^ inHiii? ki^t cahing out 
•'Water! watflxl" nhc bniught thew the wato iMiUinK h<>t. But 
white the voa haridEng U hi frt^m outnLJo mtd tley were taktug it hi, nho 


at William of Nof*wich. 


bovtJo Jntf-mpfiio |>iier[im prusti nifixnm. <jiii« dunhu* nnii |Tntiitt. 
oeulu uno uidi'i^' conti^t Quo niuo exhorruit !AcUim; cluuait 
ocniiiin, <rt iiti hmtiiim. Qiiirl igitur? Intm nidei turn ad aiKD* 
fp]iiK>]]i |>r(]Fltiiriitii-m tvpriTBii>ndiiRi tuni Ad uiilnvra cluulcndi^ 
pii<fnini iUa ft^nioriti uj^ua pc-rTundf^hjint; vxt^tu miilW Atixia t^nid 
i^geret d«libr<rfibfiL Nunc ex^>oranH fnctum pmpftUre dixpuDit 
iif^gotiiim. Nunc iK< pnrlo ludinx olntaimm rc»tnictHn>4. lie ^miilfttus 
9iii don^titiLnk dojK-rdat, ptv>|tiilajidi liffi^otmn rcTfroiuiL. Duinqui! 
sic an reuolH ttn litcuMt dubiu dt'Cornit, tniidctu U^iTor mtcnicni«nx 
n'uolnndi nimnm cnmpc>icuit. Se et^ciuii DoUm ohriKtianun inter 
tot iiifieoH inanHtlunt-jm <M)i]sidL*i-uuH, Dty c|Uttndoi|Uo coniiiniil«> iiptd 
illoh incurntl infortiininuk imldt: pcrtimeNcit- Quid otiim aliiid «a 
tc^mprttatt^ coniciftti uiei qiiiA iud^i 81 itlam «eorati aui cona<naid 
Muittiit, illudijui' ri*uularo uo]4>]it4?n) jjorcipiunt^ iid ilHuv ii<»&?tii 
quamtotiut^ axpu'ent, totamque ^uapicioni^ ac timoru iiiol^stiain 
morto uuiun Amditiu oxtioguantF Hi» pcmiotu muli<fr, miam in 
pi)<tnt4o Hftlittom o^tiiiiAn^, nd t^impus 8ilujt> aotguc ra(.'ti ignaram 
tibiiulauit^ Iud4>i nutvin circa uvKiH-'nimr cum corpiu iam oxaniuic 
ttoeretiori racondissent^ loco, et taEt^uam huiuamodi oichit ogerint 

lluxiu^li t\w cliiiik of the door mtuui^^ to at* tbt* hijy fusltiutid lu » 
posL Slio cmild not >ieo it witli Ikotli cjfis t>ut aJic did rianogr Ui fteo it 
with oiifi. And whiMi iJkr hfu! nnm it, with honxtr ^t the Hi^ht ahc nhat 
th»t one c/c and thoy tAxut the doorn Well, Uw Jcwa insifia kept pour 
ing tlio hot wat«r upon the hoy Co «top th« Aow of blood and to eToiW 
lip th^ woniidfl, an<l thrt woman <>uUidr> wa^i antiouuly c(iiiHifl<;nTig whAt 
ahi* flhouKl tUi. At <«ip titii" tlio iiorrilitt^ crime urgt<d Ijer to'l.mii 
Lite bupiitkwi, and t!»m, rv]ii«nbenii(f tJtat n\w was liound lo the Jews, 
&lie wab kept from lelliiig lest vhe Hhuuld lose her va^eit for her spTTice- 
Wbilc *hv WA9t thuh bcMtntiiig wbvthrr nhv should itiakn thi< dinclofturo 
or kiy*p Hitoiici\ at lant her ffor of Twealirig the matt«r pn-Tailnd. For^ 
refleoting that tihe- wiu Ui« oidy Chmdan hving aiuou^ ao tna»y Jewx, 
blio wa« rlrMuUall}' fJraid Icat at nomt time sh** njioold conio by fiiniilar 
trflAUntnt ax tkKiT handK. For the gurvuvd that, if the Juwn knew that 
«he waa mi^nvn of their A«cret and aliould perceive that aho wanUHl to 
nveal it^ they would ooospim to put her lo iWih, mkI woald utt^ly get 
rid of all thr tivubU* of lu^icion and ftmi by her dvttth. fttr th<wp 
TVMwn^ the womat^ thinking chat her »af«ty lay in her ukiic«, hekl 
ttcr toDguv for awhile and pcrttciulvid that ^m* knew nothing about Um 
caatter. But tlio Jpwb, «rhvn iu thr pviruiaig they Iwid lud avay the 
lifotvBH \to4j n> a ticcnit p)ac(^ and biid ^anv Iwuic again ma if they had 



St Williittn of Noruficfi. 


(lr>miini n'|viniwf»nt, iiTtrlic[ii4^ hfwtinnim [tAtelHi^MiM ^'^t. intmiiufi. 
ftc liber deincepH ciiilibGt datus ent acceHsiis,. Menioral«) ergo 
mulier. mox nt Hb^nim hivhint ingnrHKunt, inimititet circa fn^iieriH 
MfLVjigi^r* t^p\\. minisi-^riTin, Olim iii?ro art hec *^t. wl iWn hiio nol 
illiic St' ngt-rtt, in wgk^ghhu zonftiii pneri roperit *?t h zona ilcfM?ndcn* 
t«tD cura artanulo imgiiiam isl *wtiih et thi^w^ain. Dvinde aecura 
circnrnKpirii-TiN, tvitn rci gt«te nolanit inditm, Postinodiim iurm 
ni>bi)( et 7^>n:im cnin lebiix inL-iikomtiK uHU^ndil, et tn domU8 prelstto 
poatibuK lUftTtirii Kigiiii d<:!in(ia-<traiiiL 

AROUMENTfS diit>buf* vt i^iduiu ^ulij<*ctmmM, ut roi goHto 
" ueritAti'Tii officaliuH mmpritWrnTti;. 8ucc»lont<- AliViuimto post 
nDortem beiftti Will**lmi dienJm int+^nmllo, duin iiidi'i H(i|>pr illiue 
neoc cninimiliu?r inipi!iiTc<nuir. mlntnpiiinm qHuifi incinTonuit 
omniinodU u*>! <>xtingiiQre iiaI ad t«mpi»f fliibtfii'fugotv- wiUgphftJiU 
EiL propter Hob^rtiim fi-atrem occini pueri, tunc eqiiid^^m cloricum. 
wd moiiHchnin p<iiiU»fl noKlnmi, ciii ucciiMfttioniii ni^golpiiim mnximi; 
iaoumbobat. precibus ac precio conueniunt, sod &d pacificum 

dime uolblDg of Ibe aurt, Uirt^w oprtii tlmii' dix>rs and fivr untniiuv 
wftb i^nuilctt to any tliut catut?. tia tlic womivii &f<>i'oaaidf n/i Mion as hIi« 
liiul Mlniimlont lx*gan U» bv vory busy vitH 1ic*r kiouwhold work, imd 
wbilo nhtt wiui bustling jLbi>ut here Aiid tli&rc ut tliitt nii<l thaLt wlio found 
s boy'* girdli?, ami Kniiging from the girdle il littlt jx^nknifo witli it* 
ahoALh, and a Kf.yli? antl a i^ati^heP. Th^n liwkiii^ round oan-fnlly xhe 
FBCo^nued the certain proof of whiit had happened. Aiid afterwards 
nUv brouglit to \m and uliowcfi us the ffirdlc with th<r other tilings, 
tmd pointed out to uk un Uiv timlwn of the houHO thv iiwrks of the 

Ta t^io liforetuud two jirguiiiunU wo now odd a third, tliat wo tony 
prave inoiie effectively the truth of Uie atory. 

When AD intcrvHl of isoinc daj's hodelapserl after the death of tlie 
'IjlwkHed njortyr, wlulij ibis Jc-wb wvii? Wiig cliurgud wiih hli« nniirlcir, 
thoy took aJJ paLu by M lueAua to frw itiviuHt-lvw frum thv ovouKftUon 
they bad iocurrod, or at any rate to cewApo from It for u tini«. 

Whtrraore Uiey rworted with praycm and nianoy to Robert tho 
brother of thtf murdered boy, who wan tJiuu a elcrJc, but mibfl9<^u«EntIj 
one of our mouki, and to whom thv Wtiincttt of th<; Acouaation vraa 
■ Or K)iiH uHtUeik, nod a cm*. 


St Willutm of Noiwch. 


^«}3ein qnoqiie nobis *^«|»r h<>c ipso eecwni conforentibiis r*?1br»v 
Halitiitf cmi. <]1icm1 d<* lucl^ifi decoin marc^s habere potuist^et m 
calumptuaiu de neco EmtnH uncU^ impctt^bantur ([tiicLun uocla- 

Quartum nryumenpim. 

PROPONATUR et alind ucrit»ti& argiimontiiin, iindi> noqiiitin 
conftitetnr iiKKonim, Ka tctiipe«tati* qiiA Regis Stephani 
florebnt roj^um. immo iuslicia 1ati^u*iit(- dcgf'ni-r«)m1, f)um npud 
Norwicum coram re^e tiiil^ quidflin Av mortc niiiisdttm ludi-i a 
iudet^ ftocusandtit, nice inilitU WilldmiiA Ni^moenm eptSDopuB 
sLifGcieQtei' peromult^i^Gut in eonHi-qucntibue dcclnrubilur, Tuuiktn 
i^itur, dum tu(lfi> chriF^LLanum et morti mortem opp<<Huil« tobani in 
iud^oH causoin tran^bitrtuc' rotomt. Ea propUT rex utricjiio parti 
dilationi.H U^rmmum a?uii^at. ut aput LundoaiAs i^oram AngUo 
cicro ct bjLmnilm?^ <k^ Imw ^niui (^ui^a pl(<n<- diT^uitijilp Tutiuit 
i^tur Aiigtie iiidu pluriniiiin c^tiatci-nati, ueniuntj Liinduiiins imJ 
sUituliim diom Norwicensi i^pieicijpii iudiH>nti]i omnium piimoroe 

chiefly i-ntruF4ted ; but \\\ey nuuld noc 1»y any nkean« bring bini tu any 
peHoefuJ H<-tlleuif*[iL. Thia armie rii«« *tli^n lold nui in cor j i^cTMtion 
Ibnfa h« could havi> hu<J U*ii iiuirkn from the Jrwa if he had htinlii*d 
u]> th<' chftrgfr concerning his brcHher'a murder, with which ihey w«* 

Tiftt Another jtrfpiin^nt W bruught forwnrdj whfrotiy the wick<Hine*Jk<i 
of thfl JrwH may t>e fthowii. 

In the time when tho reign uf King Stephen was flourv^hing, or 
i-ather, iti thf di«!bnp of junticc. wn^ lftn>,Tiiiiliin^, a GerUin hnij^ht at 
Norwich, in the prewrnoe uf tho king, w^w jlccuhwJ \>y Uie Jew* of th« 
murder of a vertaut Jew ; and WillLank^ Bi:^o|) of Noi'wich^ r&prGsent* 
ing the knight, rnttde nn nbin hpoech, ela will he Hhovni in what fnllowH. 
80 it qftm*' to pjv« th/tt he, by opponing ft Chrlstijin to n Jew, and 
tielting tho df«th of one again«t the deAlh of the other, ret«rtcd the 
whole ch&r|^ upun the Jews. ^ thi! king npp<)]nt4<<l a xct timt; for 
butli pailie^ to settle the diff^reTico, to the intent thai there uught 1m* a 
fall diaaufuioD c^f omj importimi n cauKe ni Lf^ndon ^>efore thv clergy and 
iKitcmage uf Euj^lnnd^ Wherrfore, the Jew* of all Knglwul Itrnng greatlj 
alarmed, when the Dibhup uf Norwich catiic to Lotidvn on the d«y 
«[>pointfrcl, the chief men ;tmong the Jews went to him and oflVr 


Sf Wiiriam of Nonrirh. 


occuo renimtiaul, oftUHam He obicctiono occiai chriatiwii omnimodui 
rvlnxjiri cxnrant, Kc^cl pruMulin iLiiitiiTiti* deuin timuuH vi fauio miv 
consuloDs, noc prucibiM «iuolliri ncc AUaritin potuit comimpi. Per* 
pL-iidttl ijiuvHt vx hift dubilantiiun iucrudulitus; qimiiiAih iudci ieMn 
non tn€ciiYnb,nco t&nta piximittcrcnt 91 sccnmuie i>biL!cU> iinmtiuca 

xi, Qtiintum artfummtwiu 

IN argil men turn quo<]nc fidd itc uoriUitK tnlcrAerimiiM qurMl a 
Thoobftldo, quondam iiuleo et moruacho poatmiMluni <nowtra?> 
i^ferFiite audiuiiiujs. lUftTobM qiiitkrn in luitif^uiM piinim Kimruin 
wa-ipli>sfnpnuii hiib<in, iuri*?n^ sine sangiunit« hnmam t-ffunioDe nee 
libcrtaiem adipJMci nw* att [Miirios fitux"* (jiiaij<jih|ii^ irgrctii, Vnde 
ab ipsU aniirjniiii!^ decretum e^t onini anno &^ in obpmbriinn 1*1 
oontiimeliAm Christi ohri«cianum ubicunqiie terranim deo titan* 
nlliiQiiimo, ut sic niuia in ilium ulciacantnr ininriiut ouiu-t inortia 
musa ipH! et a ana exclusi sunt patria et tanquam serui exulant 

n Wffo Huni of inoni^y, tvt\*\ )>*>MJUght biiu that tho ooontar-obtt^ 
i^f tlie ClinHtiivii i^d to Vv 4liLin might Im> droppod, unii tmd«rtook to 
vitJidmw thfir ctniiplniiLt n^gairrlinj^ (he J<*w whfi whh Hlain. But t1i<* 
tloivf^ariiig mind nf (hi>< Binlmp. w1in bAd htHOwn t^utation in view^ 
iv:>uld neither l>e aofU»nrd by their prayers nor cormptoH by avariopH 

Let tbr unb(Tli<'f ut (loubt<*r<, T W;;, draw ihcir t'onduKJonH fnnn 
th<!it& facta : hinve tJie Ji-wh would not have acte*:! thim, hor would they 
liave promiMcd *o much, if thry lnui fr-lt thcmstilvm guilllrw uf the 
charge hruu^ht a^inst thern. 

xi. Tht Fifth Af^u-auint. 

As A proiif of 1.h<r truth and civdiijihty <if thr< tuatt^r wi* now 
fiddnoft iHrtnflhinji which we liave hmrfl from tlie lips uf Tlui>buld, 
who wa*i oni.-? a Jew, and aflnwardt* a monk. He verily lold u« that 
it) thi* anci«Tiii wi-itiiii'H of Iiiv fathem it waa written tlmt the Jtrwn, 
without the *ihe(fdinf; of human hUMl, ^x»uld neither ohtain their fin?odom, 
nor could xh/i^ \'yvr ty?lunk to tlteir fallierlaiid. Hwice it wtu laid down 
hy lhi*iii \i\ ancient timen that every ypar (hey iuuhI nacHf^ce a ChriiitUm 
in some part of the work! to the M(iHt Hi^h Gou in ifcom and contempt 
of Christ, diBt NO they inight avenge their suffering* gn Hiid ; 
inaainttoli em it wan Iwojiu^c of Chriat'a death tliai tfaey had beea shut 
wit from their ovn country, and were in oxilo aa aJa^'cn tn a forciipn 


St WiUiam of Ifonvicfi, 


in BKeniL Quu di? nr prlnvi|>vfl ot rnbito ludoonim <|ui HiffpaniAm 
uihttbitHnt npui] Narbcinam, iibi m'<mi.'» regium vt eonim m&iini« 
uigct gluxui, |irt]'iler conueniuntr. aU]n<i iinititj^tnnim n^^oDum cjuas 
iudei uihAbituDt nurtva ponunt. Quam ncro «om rlcnigniLurrit rcgio* 
ncifi, ciu9i m4-tn>iH>liH uibUuii oett^ivnmt vl uppidormii horte^ &ppli- 
cabil, aUpiL* illuii dt^rcWc cxplobit ii<^gotiiiin riiiim itor> cxicnt. 
Eij iuik*m itui]i> i|u» gWioHiun dvl iittirtin-tii Willelmmn constat 
ix?i."wiini, wortcni N(»rwlcciirdbiiM c^mtigit i^iu-nliv, iiUpiu iiuiiif^raik 
iuOvuium Anglic [x^puonticula scriptis ucl nimcim pAtrando apud 
Nunvknm 9«colm pivbuiwct ivwcDFtum* E-imn i|[iip)M; tunc tcm|Kim 
Kftnti^briLgit- cum iudui^ ludcUTi, ncc luc Intuit pntrAte accioiUA 
tieoluh. Prucu^nu tom|Mrix, cuui gJonumi rnimculorum ccniei'tiiii 
iiULgtuLliu If lie bcnbi inarliriv WillcJnii nioritii^ uiiirUs upcmtur 
diuuiiif pluriiiiitin t-^xpuui, el u-JiixcietitijLiu iiieaiu cuiiauLuDfi, iu- 
diiijflnu i-cliru>. ml ChnMJ liiluni iiic ^umiiorli. Ili'^r nE^mpc lutlci 
coout-Tsi uerbn eo coiucimu^ ueriom quo Uh et ab hoat* couiionvo 
ilU|ui; hue^liiium !tucretoniin <x^ii.wu ixruvlutn didicimuN 

luid. IVhoraforc tbe cJiief nion and llAbbin td th« Jews who dwell in 
8p^ asaemUp to^th^r at Narbonn*» whfpe the Hoyal awd [raidce], 
ftnd wher« Ih^y aiv hHd in tUo Itij^livvt 4^ttmnti<iii, und tlwy CMt lota 
for nil the rourttrieN whioK the JewH inhahll - nnd what4kT*>r ooqntry tlui 
lot i»Mn upiin, it# nif-'trnpoliH hnn Ui eiirryout tlir* tuimi^ mr^thoH with th«> 
other towiLA and cities. &]id liie pliR^e w}iriKt< lot 1h drawn Iiua t«} fulltl 
the duty inipcmod by ttuth*>nty. Now in that ycJtr in whicli wo know 
tlmt William, Ood'n ^lurioUM martyr, whk Mlaiii, it happf^iKsl thai the Jot 
fell upon the Norwich Jevi«, and aH thr Kynngo^i^ in GnxlAtid 
nigiiititMi, by letter or liy mcwif*aj|jp", their coiiKent th*t the wickfdni»M 
Hhould be earned ttut a( Norwich. *' I was/' naid lie, "at that tiiiu* 
at OnmbruJgt^ a Jaw amonj[ Jt^wK, and the oammtmion of the crime 
waa no neuret to nw. But in proceHs of tinie^ ah I U*ciuni* luxgoainted 
with the glon'ous display of rriinicl™ which ttir divine power carried out 
through the uipritn of the bleaMed martyr WilUaiii, T Iwcame muoh 
afmid, and full<»tLii^ iJie iliuiAtc^ of my conscience, 1 furtKUk Judalion, 

uad tUrTie<l l<r thr Ctji'iAtlan faith." 

ThcBT words, ol»ervi-S — tin? wonU of u t'-jnvcrted Jew — we reckou 
to bo all thp truer, in that wo rocuivod thom «u utu>r(<d by one who 
wan n cHiiiiv«>rt<Hl eneiJiy, anrl nlwt hutl Iwi-D privy to l1i« WMri-'Ui of 

our enemii]<8. 



St Wffiiank of iVanmoA, 


SI autam Uinli* iicolum ur^imentiH incr&dulorutn dif«oluitiir 
dubT^tjv;, cfficaHtwimum ueritatU inrlicium indncimiK R*^g- 
nanto etenim Reg*- 8t<^ph^iu^ turn ex wiiuto riTgio, luin ux 
iiicecoiuitiH JohaniiJN siithik)t<j iiidei iain sociirioren redditi nubis 
niitJiK-tiT iTiMilt4in? M^lcbfint HicenteH: Qmtiaii niihtH {x^raoluiriAe 
ilebueraliH, <|um Aanf!tinu m' inttrtjn.'m niibis rccinuiH, Fi'cinnifi 
qnidoni \io\m perutile bonum quod m noa retorqiuai-s ml niale- 
flctiniK PocimuH nobis <juod ttos ipsi uubui fiiccru ni>n jMiUimlk 

ADHVC rfcniqiic i^t. ftliiid prriptnialnr nrpnoi^ntnin quo fidea 
Xi corroborcUir (hibiUintinm. (^uip]H.^ Wilkluui" *\i.- lin^iingcci. 
NorwicenaU olim decanuft, nobis super t\qc& beati marten Willelmi 
aliqiiando ci>]V>quc-ntibiiE ucnuiter prote«tnlu» t^t tw nonnunqimm 
Htigio duoniia intcrfuisse indeoruro. Et cum untis altenim uorbis 
criminal Lt(?r imp(<teret, alter ira pormotuft ad decanuin He vonnertjt 
ct LitiganU »c^cul^ nidco prvtcndiu'^ ili^^ituin ait: Uomine Willulmer 

The Sixth Argwttfnt, 

But If the uTit>elirf of the iiicreduioua is not yet overcome by them 
pQWorful nr^nirnU, wp wEll now IrHiig forvran) the rncet eflVctluU 
prutjf of the truth. 

For while King 8t«phi-n *«* m^ing, the Jcwn, in coiMoqomco of 
tiiO rojtl ediot ntxd uW \iy n^tmn of th« nhrriffJuhn'^i flupport, hvinf^ 
rendftred now mora «onAdf^ntj uiMci to mil at u>4 iriHolerillyi Hhytn|( '' Vuu 
ouL|i^t to 1» vo«3* mticb obligHl t» um, f<»- wo hawi tiiodo 4 uLint »iuJ 
nrnrtyr for yi>u. VfHIy vi9^ Iiavu ^jTir* yuu n grnat rlnvl nf good, 4nd a 
good which you rrtort upon utt wi n crime. Aye! we huvr done for 
you what you ooukj not <io tVir yi>un«<)vi-HH" 

At Uiifi point lut another Ar^moni Ite brought forwarrJ whereby 
the fftilh of rhr iJoubterK tnay W Nlreii^tht-iied. Jt Ik m foUova: 
V\]lluuu lie HrtAtitiga. forrueriy cleAn of Norwich, when «'e were In oon- 
vereatioD with him n*giirding thr inurdr^i' of the blessed martyr WiUiani, 
prou«t4xl on kin word Ihut hi* hml iiiurt? tliiui onc^ Ijern prcw^nt nt n. 
dinpiite be(w«eu twu Jow4^ mid wht'ii mit' raiJed Ht Uie ot>liRr wiLh 
wo^ft of mcCK^mAhtyiij thr othnr, moved to lui^r, turned to th<i Uoati, 
ftjid poanimg bin Jlxigcr At th« Jew who woa dinputini; wit}i him, 
Mhid, '' Sir Williuin, yon nmn who ttilkx 4u ooiifiileikUy in your pmctiQO 


S( William of I^of^mch , 


hie qui niloo ficluoiAliWr tvtiuii tv IcKjuitur, « k* (|u! cliri.-^tmintH im 
audiri nun uieix'tiii, I|*«-' eniin in clmbiianiiui uenlnim quem 
martLnnn dicitin Willetnmni |jrumkH ninniih init*cil, luuiubi 104111* 
E'niunlie iukTivmit.. Vmk? ixiu^jni digniui vwwt qui InXer ("hri*- 
tiaiioH nianere Dan debuttael. 

ITAQVE. tantis ac talibuf^ propositi^ ad utritJiU'tn Jcclnmmlnm 
jirginiu^nti-s rk-inci'pA non eatimo cinbitancluni, wincium nmr- 
tircm WDldnmrn a iutlci^ fxinistv orcisnnu Qiiod autcm i^rj^mitur, 
mttrtireni fena non facit sed ctmm, ct utjs id ilA vi^^ aMir^tiunur, 
N^-mpi^ |>t^i]ariim indicm in wancU Willelmi cuqwu^e )w*rr*^piinn**, 
qiiamm caii^ni fui^^^ patf>t Christum, iti cuius cimtniiK-liam 
l>eiiaHteT sit occiaiB. A nimili propter eaudem caut«am sanctis 
ini]ocentibas n>m {K^nji^Inrinin nmriirii (N>ntuliL, ?(ed CiirUti gniiin. 
qui mortis eonini raum fuii. Si uero quid de iudeis pcrcmplori- 
bus actum »it quemtur, ouai^qucnttA declamnt. 

don not deserve to be Ii«teiiod to by you who are a Ohrii^tiatif for he U 
the mnn who fir^t Inifi hnnHn iipun yoHr ChriHiinn Willinni, wlvjin you 
call A innrtyr, und kilkn] him wttJi liU liloiKl-htiiiiif^l haiiO)!* ^ rmUy 
he dovn ijot dcxujrM? to l» nlluwrd U> ri-iiiaia ainoiig CfarUtiami.** 

Whrrefort\ fifu^r nrgumnnU «o itrfm^ nnd ito good bitving boen 
brought lorwuTv] lu mjike the UMiti clear, from heiLceftirLli I iJiink ihaL 
there ought (o l>e no douht that the holy martyr William wah slain by 
thr Jcwbh 

But ufi to that which is tirgi?i<t agaiiint its, that * Not tlit Kuflcrinf* Ijul 
UiF cikuxe of tlLO >ititr(Triiig mah^^n tlie mariyr': wt^ too n^i.4> ttiut U is 
ao. Awuivdly wc have iieei] th? marka <if the uulforlnfpi on tbo holy 
Williiun'v ):H)dy» Imi It iu plain lliut the iratiw* iif thuue luflFV'rin^ v-iu 
Chriftt, ill Aoorn ^^f wlit^m he wah rondenmerl arifl nlaiii, In Jikf- manner 
and (ffv thn wnn? n^won it wah not their nufTeringR which earned for ths 
H<i!y Tnrooi*ntft th<» glory of martyrdom, Ijut the grace of Chrint who 
wa8 the cauw of their death. 

Now if it he asked what 1»ecanin of the Jew^ who murdered him» 
what follows wiU makf that plain. 


St WUHam of Norimcl*. 

3tiii. Quern eiritum iudei c/tristianicuie uitime diuina haimehnl 

CVM ij^itur heatiKKimnni piK^nuu 4>t martireui Willeliuuiii, tiini 
reueUtionum Inrficiis, turn plnrimm probAtJoniim ar^tn^-ntia, 
A iiideU oociftiini fuiss^- onosU^t, u^n iuiuBto dei iuditio fixotum 
CTtidimuH c{u<mI ipstm iieliiL tarn niftritiili fuoinoris rtH>s ditiinn tarn 
f«44linanter ])oi4t pAtmti t^agieii ACoionom percultirit iufiticia, aG 
un)iicrsf>^ breui itfrnpunH prvfce&fiii celeatis ext<Tnriimuorit eiue 
dii^purserit iiindioUi. AHi 4?tonim, orebreecentem tanti t^riminis 
non tiUAtinoiitejH infATniuin, in uxturaH dUpenti Munt proiiiutin^s et, 
Ht fniikn pr'>nnil^iiit, ullione rondigna pori^^nint. Roliqiit ii*?t"o, 
qui dv tuU'la uiat-oomitiK Qonfi^i] romani^^niTit, ik-I futttiiK* niurtia 
intcritu doloti, U4>T chriittiiinnrum mmiibuit taunt pommpti. Pro- 
a^rtim intor hec Dens-odiuuet iud^i mortem, in cniua domo, proiit 
superiori euTumc'intjntuimus libro« bi^tiMimum iiiurtirijtu Willi^lmum 
illuAum ot ooci^uni doclnmuinius, t^xii «t ipmm mortuiitn nomori 
Al>M>4)ndc'ndujn fLKpcirtjiuit, nun prctt-nmitomliuii duximuti, <|uonjiun 
lu huiuH ret gesir. modiu ililigontiuH nttt^ndatur, maximiim uontOiti 
argumentuiii inducitui-, Emi <|uippc iuduutt illo inlur ocUroa 

x'liL What tnd tho8« Chru/tianifiuie J^m Katlh^ f/uf Divinp ve^igeevnf^. 

t^ioce tli«n It ia ocrUUJ), &h ^v\\ \\y ttvttiniony of r^veUtioux u by 
manifold nr^nients 8Eirving u% proof>L, that the iikont hieaaed boy and 
iDurtyr, Wiliium, wiu eIiul by tlir Jcvni ; wi: Ixrliisvr ilmtit wiuj IjrviU^ht 
about by tht; n^btcvUB judxi»<^»t uf Uou, that Ulcbv juuno mcti, Uiiii^ 
gttilty vt wj borribk' a (-riiiio. xuHVivd ho piviupl a n<tributi<jti fur 
Ancfa doliltvrat^T wickcdficiu, and ttmt ih^r roil of bcAvim in a bni»f HpAco 
of time oxtorminntod or toatUuvd thorn oU. For «>mo of thom, not 
lirj'rif; abk* U> vndiinr tbo ififftmy of thii* cibar|^> whioh itiorofuwl upuii 
th(*ni more ilikJ iootv, w{'[v ilJApi^i'^fxl into other parbi Jhnd, 114 ri^pnrt 
aaya, periHhed by thn punJAhnicnt tbi*y iW^rvi^i; but tht? rtwt who^ 
truAtinfi to tho pi^t^ctiuik of tlie Sbmfl', remained, either ponahi?d by 
viAJUlion of Huddcn doatli, or w*>nr put an (mk3 t<» by the haiidK of tin* 
OtiriHtiiinH, Porvnumt r^nion^ the«p inHtJinci'v xiwxitX T dtwiribe tlie death 
of th^ Jew Kk^avnr. in vlkne houm*, ah T have nioutioned in the previouH 
1x>ok, the M^^»ww! ij^ATtyr Williuiii waa mocked and *lain ; who, t<»0i whtm 
thi* niATtyr wjm dcnd, cAi-ricd hini awny :<> It; conovidci^d iii thi? wood ; 
nine? if the mAnncr in vUich tliin wa« brought altout (w <IUigiontly 
Atti-itdfvl to, it will bft ctJUflidercd ati argument of very grvnL wuigtit for 
tto truth uf the Htory. 

In wolh, tlint Jrw hju the richest Jow of thmu nil, vho hod gut 

W,N. 7 


Si WHtum of yt>rtvi(?h. 


ditU«iiQUB, qui Simonem qiiendnni de Nodonis maximo pecunie 
dcliiLo nibi dhiLrixituti fHc^niL, t*t tnuiseunti- Kiilitc^ndi Lrntiioo ipHum 
militom de ?ujhiL<iu1i^ pccunin >4tpi--v(iT[]r mk^irinbnt An^ifltUtufi 
ibaqiie miles, qiioBiam soluendi ciebit-i tion Htippetebat tacultaH, de 
ili(* ill ili(*iTi fri^|uriitr-H Hi>liiLiiimH fvnuUHWt mflnr.'iiui. Arnii^ri 
uoro eius. in taiita clommtitii »uuni <ttTTR'iHt*r< nii^^ituh. (<(>DiiiUiiin 
inUit »e htict-etiii8 ineunt queniadiiKxIum ip^um liber&rv proimlinnL 
Hutui ergo convnlii fiKla collivtionc. \im\t^ ox dti^libi^mtionU dis- 
pensations, qui iiideuni ftaudis ignarunj quasi od »i;^ipicndum 
df'biliiru Jibduufit. miv a.sM.jiticiiU< doitiino, siuo ncivtciente nescio, 
dt^iift scit, dirigitiir. alii interim nenmre per quixJ tmnMtiiK vmi 
occultiintur. Quo UndtMn nduenittn^ diicUi armijfori iudcui; con- 
festiiiL a coterifl mpitur, seoraiim tmhitur et occidiciir Cuiu** 
ccocm ubi rellqui iudd funm diunlgnntc cognoucmnt, cndauor 
inde imnaferentew, Lundonias detnlemnt humandum. Atu>ndat 
inter hoc dili^rns lix-k^r quam iuntt) iuditio hec rv^nligisst; <\mn 
pcmiifierit, quam condigiic talionem n^tdtderit, ut iudeus qui 
Bacrilej^R nianibUA intra domuni snam chriHtianiim pcrememt. 

into liu olutchen a certain Siiuoii dt* Kodariis' who vwi*d linn a Urgo 
v\im of money, and as the time for payment was drawing iLear, lie ki^pt 
vi^y frpqupntly piwtcring the knight to pay the money, 80 the knight 
beinif ill HtrnilM, injuiniuch as he hiuf nt)t thr tnrunK t*t pny f-hc* debt, 
kept OIL from day to day making nev excuses for deferriuyc payrn««it. 
liis r«t|uirc«, h'lwiwer, weieiog thrir lord to \je In Huch gct'Hl dlfficLUtJttt, 
took Twort-t ooUTiBcl iiinor^ thcnkwlvca how th^y miglit cxtricftto him. 
So thfy laid their ]i(w:i4 together, and oiw* of them, as a rcault of tbcJr 
oonHpiraoy, was sent to ff>tob tko Jev, wlw wa« i|;nonifit of the 
plot, n^ if for thfl r^|>ay]iiciit of tK<* dflbt. Tlio otheri* meiuiwhile — 
whetbrr ihi^iT lorrl wiw pnvy t.o it or not, T know not, tltyrt knows^ 
hid thpimmlves in a wood through whinh htt had to puim. When tho 
Jrw Jirrive^l there, the (.«qwin? leading him on, he wiw immedialely 
seized by the olbei^ i\ra^^vi] ulT and killed. When th** other Jews 
heard of the murder, by ihe news bein^ commonly reported, they took 
thi' oorptio and carriixl it In l/>ridon for burial. 

Let tlio cai'eful readtT hrr*^ oW^rvf^ how ju«t wiw the jiidgmnut of 
(ion which permitted thin to happen, aitd how worthily He dedt out 
retribuMon; in that the Jew who with wicked hands had enticed a 
ChristiAii int/j hiti houw nutl kilW him, wh<rn \w hiui kilicvJ him had 

1 Thfl chief mAnoT of tlio familj wjki st Bwinton Kovcm, aboat tix mllcA fron 
HoUh which Hit Simou held of tht Biiibap of Nonvioh. 


St William of Noiivivh. 


|>crcm[>burLi aotaora proicccrut, proicctuin onuibiut ct auibua vx* 
poeuemb, et ideiu e duiiio aua brnductuv Aub tirmorc mnnibua 
chrifltioQia occidcrotur. nt^iic itidt^m fiub dmo reUctUM oanimi et 
aaiuin ^xjxuieivtrur miraibiiH. Buoluto dengue Ali<]iiAnti bc-mponA 
KlHKnii, aim Norwicuin Rex ttduvniu&Ql, iudci oonkni rego oonHii<«Dtc« 
auper meiuumtk cL>iii^ut«bi »uiit nccc ludci, at(|uc- Uiiiun factj 
<;nmi;in pnvicnpto ju]M:ribcnU!A militi, eum in hunc acciuuiticnint 

Jtiv, In ivdicuili genere contecturalia c^tujio. 

AVDIAT nos, hcnigijitKjmc rex, tua iUuHtrU tutique mando 
prt'dicitbilid ulcmentia, que nulli bcnn nu?r<nti subtmbitur, 
ciiiuM bcncficio pox nobUi at tmit(|iiiUita0 aduuniAtruubur- Tiiia 
cccc oonfiM pAlrocinus, nd be ecu mI uniciiDi ct [tingiilam nobLt 
ludlum oobfugimuN, iktqiic dc tim nuu ditUui iiiatiouL, ml bu lUHbum 
ccQuooimus iudiixsin, itiris ct oqut rcnenA AectAtorcm. Ttoqiic turn 
dc i]lftt<r nobiti dampiku utr^iiv iouirU dubitani ToqiiLrcnto^ luaticiaiu, 
ccfisiuiili^ue mcbu inrortiinii protect ion is ttio |KLalu1ani4''a tutirli^m, 
^uid nobis inttU ill^ibum t^ib, due i^uid uc4iiiiud paucU exponc-iiiDflL 


flting him InUi a wrmd, and thert? hrtd t^xpooed him to the dogs jtnd thn 
birds — tliis saiiio man w/u *'ntk'<J out <>f Jijh own J»ouKf% wan killwl 
bj the hajkda of ClkriHtiann in a wood, aiid exactly' in th<T Ftamo way wa^i 
Irft in the np<vi air nml pDtpoMcd bo lie torn to piw^ b/ dogs and birda. 
However, when Bome time hjul puji-fl-'d jind tlie kiiijf had come to 
Norwich, the Jow>* wwoinlilrHl U-gether Ijcfore the king and laid their 
oompUiiit rt*jj:arding Uie aforenuiiJ Jvvr ; and aMrriliing thr ^itt of the 
whole Act to the Fore mentioned knight, they accuaed lui» in manner 

xiv. An iniaginari/ nk^tch oj thfi Trial, 

HettT QK inoHt ^tikcbua KiJiyr, of thy wetlknown alevneocj, wliioli in 
pruclainied throughout the world, is withhold from none tJiat deaervm 
it, uh) in the iiioanM of pnjcuHn>; peace and (luii-i for uk, ttehold, vo 
who truat in tliy pttbrciut;£e have iietaken ourHtilves to tli«e m ta onr 
OD0 uid only refuge, and with every coiifideiiot* in thy jutttictf, harv 
OQtfDd before thiw UA Ihu JumI Ju<1ki\ and fuithful fo[]i>wcr of right 
and oquity. Wherefore we, looking for tlm juslioo tli&t i« our du« 
for n wrong an<l injury done us, and ([omanding too the shield of 
tliy protection agujnat Ute f«ar iff u hkc minforluni?, will wl forth in 
few woida whnc the wrong in that Iiaa been done na, and what oar 
wiilica ttrti> 



S( William of l^onvicL 


Nu« iudci tui HiimuH, tui ifUoWan<?« inbutiirii, tuUquu crvbru 

tiio noil itiutilr^. Tu i|iKH|ut; nw In-Jii^ir nntis nc Inuufuilli- 
luodcraria; sed tmnquiUitatem aostram fraudulenti Simonis huius, 
tjiioui i*xn<!Tirnii> HtHaiiU'Tii irt^riiinnix, vl tiu[j tmiiitTritu puiutfixU 
nirais atrocker perturbare presumpHit audatia. Is etenim credi- 
ton^m h«l>vDM vinum dt? confmtribiiM uostrLs, st-ruurn ([uidvm tutiin. 
iudeum, directo ad eiini amii|^ero quasi auscipiendi gratia debit! 
ab Mthii ilium ad niK cuoniuil, a.U\xw in itint^ro iiigtilaii fvdt 
Quid midta? Tuum quidem, domine rex, iudvum percmptum 
e«S(? conMAt, !%U\xn* iui consUro Poii()nrnmur Do cidiia homicidii 
reatii hiinc Simon^m de Nodariis in caufiam ducimns et tarn 
fjicinoniHtfiiti accion<.<m ijmuH consilio lu^ diK|y>)«ilione ]iertracrLabim. 
immo et patmtam fuifl«e ajweuGramus. Quid uero actio tarn 
nefjim m^^reatur oijuj ludifria sati;* mmil. indnstria. VeninUimen. 
ut ita getitum cred^Ls, in ttdei ueniant arj^umentuui abductio 
fraudiilentii, fiactn pt*r diiiorttum tiia, loci nc tomporift oportunitax, 
atque negotii geretidi pro uoto fa<?idla>*. Armiger ab miiite dis- 
pciiitatom directum al ert;ditori iudeo bene cognitug, ipsum i\rxta^i 

Wo ore tliy Juwji Wi? wv tJiy tributarifjs yeiir by yuor, yt ar* 
continually ut^uHHAry tu thee in thy neceKMiliee* since we are alwnyH 
^thful to thee luid by no nieaon uiielesfl to thy iralm. For tboc, Ihou 
ruleai us leniently and cjuietly. But our tranquillity the audacity of 
this Simon wbmii w<? see sUinding ther*! opposed to us— an audacity 
which dcwrvtvt Ui hv puruxbed — ha^ proflumod to disturb, After an 
atrocious sort. For this nuin bjiving rw hid crtJ(^i^;lr on© of uur Wpthren, 
thyjMTvant, a Jisw, having sent to turn an eaquire on preW^nco of his 
dtrbt bt^iiiy to Iju paid, ^Ubxl liijn uut uf the city mbi titr uuuiitiy, aiud 
VHused liiiii U> \k tiiixith'tt^l oti th<T ivr^l, Wh^l m^nvT It In certain, 
O Lord the Kin^, that thy Jow woa SlUuh, imd *p potnpUiii tluit llie fact 
is mt. Wo Uy uur charge apiinnt thin Simon He* No<lAriii» oh Ai»jiwOT«blD 
for thp hoiiiiLiid'* tif thin iiihn ; and w** aasort that hy KL* ciL(un«i*f And 
device a deM ho wiclcixl wua ptAnnt*d^ iiyc^ aTtd t'arned out. But 
wtuit RD Imum? a deed deNi^rvM, tlist tbe wiadoni of so rigbk'ouK a judgw 
well knous. But thnt thou innycMt Iw^liovt^ that m> it wum. Ii*t tb« fal- 
lowing nrgujnenta for the truth W ctindiJtfrtvl : (I) the tn^acheiouft 
Iwding him &stray, (2) the road tliat wah marked out through a U>n»1y 
HjMjt, (3) the convL^nience of time and place, (4) and tbc facility for 
carrying out thi* ln»Minc*w according to what w^a deamwi, 

(I) tlie: enquire waet ^nt by the knight as bis deputy, and won wt^ll 
known to the credttor, the Jow. Tliie Jev h^ invitfid n* if t" recwve 



St Wilticmi of Norufich, 


nA mLwipictidiiiTi d^bitum mriitftiiit^ nhdiiMit^ uia per dim^rrffirii 
dodexa <lifip4>ndmDi suk|>«!Iok i^uiUiuit of-oiirsiiK Nemiis tn ttinoMK,. 
nociiiB(|ii<f intompcsto iiiU^ntium oportutiitiitnm pr^titit. Glodftt^' 
cum ftrmigero «t con^odjilium, ut frunn tntditur, ad id nt-'gocii 
ibid<^m oxchIuum tnrliix pntrnndo Bicinori fiu.'ullAlt'irii rulniinijainvnit. 
Quid QDtrm iniUifi m IntiUi dcbiti unj^urU pwitiis «t HnlnondJ 
impotonH aliiid con^lii iniwet ut, exoliiea tam dixiturae s^triiitutiw 
moltutu, UbtjrUk'm i»ibi UKtidicujot L*t hoc focii Ano tinom Diolt^t^tc 
«iact4oni imjKinorot ? AtqiK*, ut rem rnanifestius oxeqii^r, debitor 
miltt* uut Hiluvro uuluit at |H>tuIt, aut uoluit tivo potuit, aui tioltiit 
ut [>otuit, Kiuo, (|Uod rctutat, n<K uoltiit noc p>tijit. 8i (»rgo iioluit 
et potuit, cur noo 8oluit, biue our in lam dintunia iingaria per- 
inaiwit 9 8i ucro uoluit et non potuit, ipna nimirurn impotvntui 
ni«oti oi UbcrntifiniH d<uii(leriutii pHulatim indiixit. Si ntitom 
ootuit ct potoit* vccif lam maiiur^le UK^ntis comcieDcia m&leticuim 
conc^rpit. D(tnic)uo «), quod niogiii cireditnui^ noo uoluit noo 
potiut, coTifttnt ]>n>i'octo i^uoniam oxc|ui8ite doliboratioziis indust.nA 
huiiiHiuodi nial^ficij piLrLunuit CHiiLHiliitin. Ittsrum hi iud«i ufTCuni 
qua iu^fiinulatur non uoluit, dod r^aciit, non pertractauit, ut a ee 

hiH dflbt, and W him iiw*y. (2) Thr pnth t-ook n long and torluouH 
rounti AZi<i mt ot>vi»tod thf* fcJtr ai iiity chaiici; (mcoutiUrr, (5) A wcxitl 
on tlw mui aiid the nili^ucv ^ tli? dikrk uiglit lUTuidcd tlm uppurtunity. 
(4) 'Hw esquireS swwrd ^nnl a ci\j«d of Iii* oirtnrndo*, am rrport tuvith, 
l^ag in wait to do tho drrd, affordod facility for the commuHiivD 
of the orune. For wtiat Mivr purpose r>ouTd fchi5 knight havn liMi — 
bfting AA hp WAX in Hiirh grvnt monMy diffii^aliimi nnd iihaMp tn pay— ^ 
«im»pt that hy ridding hiniHr-lF nf thn hniidiig^^ of hin limR-ntAmliug 
«mhamuiHnit^kt, ho might get ti'MMiom for himxrlf, an<t by thin act fae 
nii|{ht make an end of iho worryinif cxaotionHl 

And to make the inatt^^r plainer, thi« knightly debtor either vouli 
pfty and coald; or hfi would and could not; or hct would not and could; 
or hiiiitlj, hi> nerilhc^r wouhi nor cciulci. 

If he voutd and could, why did he not pay 1 and why did he oon* 
tJauo in this long cmhnrm««mpnl f Tf be wculd and cmtid not, no 
vrond^r if hi« lack of poivpr grAdunlly ivug^fftt^v] t^i bin mind the desire 
Ut fffst firee. If be would not and yc*t coM, otnerve bow now tbe 
Uiou{^ht4 of hi8 evil mbid conccivwl the t^vil deed. But if, ift is more 
credible, hn neither would nor could pay, it la plainly manifwt thAl the 
working o! hia crafty thoaghls brought forth the plot of a wickednnw 
of ttiia chiiractrr, Agaiti, if hr <iid not winh for the uiurdr^r of the 
Jtiw wbicb u laid to tiia charge, if he woa nut wktv of il — if his did nut 


St Wmiam of NorwioK 




ojilq^ni .Hccludnt ninli i*uspicionpm, our !«p>ii«e morltit aut poien^ 
,t>lv1ie oxigontilHt8 d^biiurn non soluit } ctir fidcm MUAm qua 
•OlviditoTi oon»tnotiiH r^rut per iiicunain ncgligit ? Qiiin etiam inm 
inwlon** et contumixx cffcctu?*, nobm cum t^iipor fi<!c ana ivlt^tiio- 
tandft ci^inuoniT^ntibud^ coniiitiorum malcdicta irrof^tp cixibniH|np 
noo [>ri>incrvntiburi miniin intonbat. tlomiuido orgo tuilitis n?<atiini 
satis doDot&tum oHiimamns diim oocieionis CAUKivm oc tmiduro 
dcindvf diim o<>ciH>r]H mnolc^ntiatn nt tiimAnim iiudatiivm cxplAOA- 
uimu^ Liccrc aiitcni ctiilibel chmitiAiio qucmpiAtn pro libito tmo 
bene mon^ntcm iudeuin itA impunc oocidero Do^uaquam cpodmu*; 
et quod noD licerc procul dubio conntAt ri nio rvlin- 
rjiutiiir. emulon multoB cmatit'm uudAlic fnluron BAti»C|Uc dctcritu 
poeitmmlum pn>iii?nirc mm dubitAmtiti. Praindc nubut' plunmuin 
Mper huitidoemodi iiia^nte^ L't confmtri^ no^tri indigno M>ndo' 
lenCcn morti tunm, iuntc rex, oxonunun c^lcincBtiam qualiDns poci 
no Ewcuritfxti no»trc prouidcixa, indignam^pic tui iudci inurtem 
impuniUtm nun pretenuitUuk 

pliU) it^wby did he not, lu oTrlor to turn awa^ from himnclf all 
ao8p]oion of Uic* crime, pay tho dobt Ui tho dcnd fiuui'H wifo or hit 
rfiljitioikM whon thny jukud for itf Why did b«t vrjintonly nnglnot thv 
<?tign^m<^tt by whicli ho u'lu* l>ound to hin ciwliUjrT On thn ccintraiy 
ho hjiM VxH^orne now no iriHolfnl uid ooniumuotoUH that whmi w<f rxU 
upon him to fultil hi« cni^agemeiLt. he hurls at uh oaluntmeH niid abune, 
ruid nimi^ at us cuntitiun-l thn^tN tliough we deserve them uoU We 
think thtrn^forft that tho ftuilt iif tliia nmrdt*-rxnw knight bofl b<wn 
sufficiently made ouLf since the motive of the inurtler lUid the mannfir of 
itn, and then too the iniwlcnco of tlie auiafiain and the audacity of his 
nieimoW) ]m^'L' l)o(.-ii rwt f^rtL 

But we by no nieane believe that it U lawful for any Cliriittuui 
whot'vpr W"- be U> sUy with impunity aogonling to Iiih pleauurr any Jev 
who hchiive^ Hji he ought: a,i\t\ if ah jicI crrtulnly illegal he loft 
aupumnhud, we douht iiot timl thi>ro will bcf tiuiny wtio wiiE Ix^ imititoni 
of tliih mail's auda-tnty. Mid that Ijereafter thuifc* will gcit ic l>c worw 
than they are. Furttiermore we, ah foAiiiLg this kind *>t treatnient for 
ounwlve^ and norrowing over tlie undcM^n-cd di?ath of our bn>therp 
bcwwch tticH^ of thy ch'iiK'fit-'y, C) ri^hloouH King! ttiat tliou provldo 
for our living in peace and tKicuntyT and that tliou do not ouJirr tJiO^ 
uDdG«erv<Kl death mf iliy Jew to go UDputuahed. 


at William of Norwich, 


IN huijr lUniiii* mcHiiirn wv-nwiitiiK miUw, primo hiijut hniiwcx*- 
iiiodi re so rGiini c^ne negAt nc dcinde, petitA a regs 
lico.nLia, ttiip<tr coclom diligi^ntiux nMp>iiriiini9i nfl ronwliiim mitn 
Mnicin pi-ogreditur. Rt i^uia ruil^ do tenom, iit ita dtcAin, erv^t 
epiM^pali, <*|i]M<Mpi]H WiltMmiiK tiiititi ut ;*i>tmiiUt lirr-ntia ri^giH ad 
cMinxiliitm prvit^rHit. Ciirtu|iio ld tam difficiLi muna nub admirttiili 
geiiere doft^iisifJiiiM omnt'^i omticmcm liiburAm <^rmnviiL, iid id 
conicilii iiAntiim cj^Ip, ut in i^^iu)^ pontifov pro milito il<?r4in>u^nj< 
uic^m gerat» tiim ut regain, oui iaui pun*UA»um uid<.*bHLur. att4?ntum 
et beniuolum rxKiilerot micUtriUiM^ tiim ut Aflu^Karioniin infinnfttA 
caliimpnia niilit^m liber*?! artificiosa oius (jna pre cet.oriH afliuebat 
oloquontiu. Pix<kii1 ila<jii<^ mult^ prtx-i^ tarKi4?iit (.-unpulsitu, tu^golio 
occingiliir. £t qnonijim iam bine rogom indo con^st^ntes ^ensiss^t 
offciUHM, Hub Uli j^<in4*iv oaiuu in cxunlii iitwtibului roi»|H.-ikdiiMU 
qiuuJatn ia>?inimt'iim«? iiteEHliim Foi-ti luliiuiioHuit, Qun pdritiis 
pcrontor abali(>iiihto« auditorum ptMlctomptioi subirvt animoa, 
tJLlitjiio Ktriitioio eompciruUi paul»lini ipHoniiD bojuu<>krilja, onitioiUH 
reliqiium ad criruLiiu circnnidoutorct traiiHlationein. Hk igitur 
quoAi luunitus arntU ad jwntruDdu cMtu;^ coiiiiurgit coniSictuin, ot 

Tlw* knight having [wwrn accused in this manner fln«t ilcnicd UiAt h<* 
WttB guiJtjr "f Anything of ihr. norL TUhii, hJivlug obtAniwl leave ^f ihe 
kln^ liQ rotiriH) to cviiHult with Tiiit friends btiforv makifig a detailed 
•oawor to ilio charge. Ami i»ni«inudi lu ihc kiiiglit wtut uiidn- the 
Biibop^ JDriitfliftiijn, nn thoi tirm ia^ Ilb*hi>p William Uy ht^ncc uf 
Uw king woiit tu tho oorifirronco to coninjH t*jT tho IcnightA lafcLy. 
Aitd Kinov idl pcriWiTcd that in no diffi<*ult * imunv Ihv pltndiTig would 
r«qiiir? a hppoiAl kind of defvnrip, it wim det^^rntinMl ttiAh in t»hM cauitH 
ihn liixhop iihouki mpn^rnt bhft knight as Kia dpfmdcr; iii nrdnr that 
tlie higb puHitii^n of the advix-ac^* might makv the king (who >w<nncd 
ftlrendy oonvincrd of the truth of tbo chargr) give a favoarablc hoaring, 
And alK> ihiil, thr chj^rgc* of hiu a«lvi^r;urif<H U'iiig w(<^<-nc*(l, thr 
Biiihr>p'tt aooompliHhcd elo<|uetioe, in whicii h^ tit)i-pa^Ht<d all uthcra, 
might get the kni^lit acquitted. 

So the prelate?, pre\-ailcd upoTi hy many p^titionH, at length ooiuplied. 
And Off he i>1)iiun'i*d that iHttli tlif^ Icing Mid tht^ au<iitory wore «lr(wty 
iitdi|[iivit> hede>cid«d that in tbi* kiii<i of cMine which he had to pl«ad 
it would b& b«<«t to niake uae of a briof btalciDent to begin with, so aa 
to win over jriKcmihly th(t houtile minds of ha heoivn by akiUed 
Qml0Tj; and when once th^tr goodwill wa« thua gained tw might 
eitiptoy th(< rt'fnninilrr of hii iq>crch in makiug a oounti^rchaigc. 
Thnft armvd, tut I ma^ uy, he ro«3 to cngngc! iti tho pimding uf hiM 


Si WHUam ^ Xi 

yi SSESnilVB , 
Xi pmwicnAom f»c t^ 

EoA oeto 
) qn BdcaD aoGto 

ittAtuA citte ondimi fiocnrc rancittaio, nin per 
ftHfikc nwrtii tatcntinii. Purro iadetxa de coioa iieos 
tUBinEiUtar dum uuut pluriiaui pn:tcT Sutmocm d e b it o tiea IwImHi 
flllQ* t p riJ cm fzuoDTi, alio* vem ptfi c4 «'™«P'» «kUlo nmlto 
mmkjfi nba kAxv^xma. Si ifpUir i)iU8(|tt«ii, i|tio drbiti ftbeolnBUir 
folialiB, mortciD i^imt c^xo{rtwtit, cndibilim nJdrtar cm» 3Lun 
dclibBfiMiiL Dniori dtfbiUf aatnclam quun muxni obncoiiuiL. Hanc 
anUm <|aiii cntliloni vui Dvocm Apprttne cndai, coiua* vt mora 
Doo «hM|Be nMuimo ei ooctUgit daupDu, «( iiilA non sine malliplici 
fiiomi bvodicmf (^lu ctcnun ntioUE edf nijlc ■Mtruar nnvi 

ouii^ ratnrtiMl frum thi> onnfpmnce with hin fnmil«, mttd t>egu) hia 
■ p c oc b before the ktnjt tii Ui« following t«miB: 

W« ftgrtsc perfectly with our accusen od ooq point : tlut iu«n who 
rlrcMnr« crttrlilArHi wJio (Uwrx'Cf w«ll of th4>zn, or wlm, aft«r *ier*iving, 
kiU tfiMtn. rafvit fln|/MtjiUn«i, tmyt condign punirUioienL And w« 
Account tlmi Xlitj nhmilii bo inovt sttictly pumml wh» linbilually 
}jnuik tftittit n\mke liifhL gf ihii crimo of fraud, think tuitliii^^of lying, 
mnd hivv(> neither will nor akUI to find a remedy fur their debtn vivc 
tlir onr way mI <?onin«ing the death of AnoUier, 

Now, till? J«w of whonu death tbe knight dimon is ju:cuHed bwl, 
whilo Ui9 lived, m&ny d^btorH iMuidoft ^iuiou: aoine owed hiiu lews 
BOODO AB much, some again fftr triore tlinn Simon did- Ef, then, mny- 
Oiui wu dwrouH of hiA diuttli in onlrr to l>u rid of tlit> ajuioyuiice 
of <leht, it HeoukR uiore likely to Us^vq be«ii plauiiiHl by one who w&s 
Muldl»l with u lif'nvy dt^bt thnn one wJio <>wod \riw. Uut cnn nnyonc 
Miuvii that dimon tittould huve dtsdired tlit; dvttth of hia cj-editorl 
Tliu nuut'it (Wih WW pnxluotive of gitnit lou to Idu : his lifo had 
bonn tb«f lucnnA of rppeatuLl wtvAiifigcA lo him. 1^'ith what oliow 
vf rtwaou dm it liti mmlu uut thnt I nhouid be drwirouB of iho death 


Si William of Norwich. 


illtim qucni mortc prefi^Htina mihi aubtrAhcndinn iimeo, ouiiut ot 
uiUun uohit mihi per omnm DcccwmriATii din protcUri concupi^co ? 
Sic ct milc^ <jiii dc nccti creditom itnpiTtitur, m uiutintcm lrLn(|n&m 
Bibi pcruttk-in eb neceanariiim plurimum dilcxit, m mortuiim 
plfingf-rr ct nccdum dc^^intii, (juomridinodum t^uod cum finiorc 
tfttito pu4wedi-nht qunnduquL^ fto atmeiMte nou plnn^t ? Et <|ntTm 
aniiHsum Eiic dol<Hkt, qiiLH cum super AminnQ gnudcrc Licl ncccm 
ciuft nppctir«^i- contondiLt 7 Quml nateni cnmiutM aniiigvro iti- 
ducibiir, I'liljMiiu nniii^'cr pr[)r»ii» dil^iU-tur. Quod Uimrn ucritali^ 
in nctionc fuit nb ipe«> cdocti brcnitcr cxp1ic«biiuU9. Mitot queni 
super buiusceitiodi re plunnium adniiraniur aocuwiH, quim Imni 
nempcr tcslimonii nt miWm, ut WDignum, ut Dim iiiiuriuduju 
filirro cognouiniu^, domi domcaticn ct ncco^vsaria dt'tcutun, i\m^^ 
Norwiciim iionin; xx<m potiiit, rturn* [»cr iirmigonitn ml Ttuj^ctpi- 
cii4luni dcbitiim crcditortrin ouoc^uit. Amii^r, dispuQualci ita 
iudeo, Aub ailentio ooctiH cum ip&4> urbeiu t^grtwwtiis, ttecurivrum 
c|Ufttti noiK^rat airipiiit uiam, ut ct per tcnobmn malignorum 
hi^miDUJu lat^rct noljciam atqui? umocft wuHptcUn di.'clinan.'t oi> 
our»u». Ct>nf<?c(a ucro lUiqaaiila itmcrin |Hirtv, iibi nnlW ouinino 

oif OOP whoeo premature i^emovAl I rogard with feAr, and whose life 
I enmeslly desire to see proloiigi^d a« being in every way ndvuitageous 
Co iDtfT 6d with tliiK knight, who is charged with murdering his 
en^tlilor. If >^'hile I113 lived bti L'herished him aja bviofj of git^l uko 
ftJLiI itdt«ut4i^i Uj bijii ; if now thnt hi? is JlikI hi? hH4 not jrt^t (.^'-unt^ lo 
1>cino&» him— OM how diovld ho not moium tlio Ions of thftt whivh he 
Ihod poaaoMod With B«oh nflcotionl — who tMiti oontrnd tfiAt he rr-joicca 
ov«r tJte loui of (hU injui or thut he d^wired hU J^uith, vrh«Q ho in m> 
much ikfTrH^ti^ by UiAt hus? 

Now, lu to the chftrgf" ihitt ih brought iLgiLinMt thti ftM|Lure, ihe 
uiquircf detii^H bi^ ^'uilt in Ufto^ Aad in regj^ixl of \Xw tvoX foctK of 
ihei umtler, 1 wilt briefly eiiplain w\\st they were, ae J Iiavq learned tlK^m 
from him, The knight^ whom 1 nm much Kurpriged to find a« the 
obj<4Ct of Huch an ai.'cu5ation, siiiet' T have nJwuyH knciwn him to be 
ol gocH) Import, a peaceable^ kiud, &nd luwabidinj uijlu^ wah deLniiicd - 
at home by urgent private afTftirs and could not coiue lo Norwicti, aijd 
cerUMuly diH !Sond by nn require for hi» crwJitor, that the latter might 
receive hi?: debt- The cfiquire, acoordiug to tJic arrangcmcDt of the Jew, 
Ifft the city in \\\s ouiupaiiy in U16 quiet of ui^bt and took the tafc»t 
route I»e k^iew ia order to avoid the notice of evtl-diupoaed pervons 
under cover of the tlnrknp***, and to r-»*aip<' n\\ svHpieious encourit^ni. 
They Acoompht&ht^ a good part of tlie way and were suspecting no 


St WiOiam ef Harwich. 


Inter hec imlrwi^ dw ynn &s«l»i nnvrooc 
rM;orlc«« c w n af g tur , hortib ercMH io ten^p lw* gbwliu Purro 
Mhili «M coanioan. oecvpatk dicft iodraip aIiK i4*Deti- 
I thbitT IB— itm ct per viloe ifaiwifl—i i|oe iln Jvlrnit fu^ 
mtmm ooaMniaaiL Sk aUque, doinitiB res. iudmun 
intcrfectsm. Btiprr cuHis oem rente mitJI^in ijui eiui* 
«lfti«r rsMom immancni nc dnbctcv, qui fiurii BtnicitAtinu 
erjfifaittm ubj bcten oogBouii, aebeneatar »uper iodigiM Urnti 
Ainid itmrtv cmviuluiL 8<«l iin|iMT aviae in banc lionuii, licet 
laHe MdultB imfaigmUir eititeni» teoti foctonw fiionoru rufcire 
poCiiit, Ab huiuB ijnocja^ u«rilntii trunite m niiDor eiorbttauil 
tmm ttilrnimmtir Scl. ijuin iUsaM ocrtidie mborin rarmirrH cenii- 
nciM, pfvlect'i rMJTi uniuenfift fides fiftcile est luihibeuJa ruinonbos. 
Di?n»f]iK- i\\ifA minaruin ct ca^nnitifinim miks arf^iiinr, ami iiid<K» 
ipne wmper honoraucrit nt/^ue plarbnum dilcJLcrib, ncn pLmm 
adminititr Vt aiiti^n) nuiuerwi lirr-ui ^iimnH cancliidaia: mile« 
m nooeni de cjuo' agituj iud«i ncque uoluim: iiixjuc pvrtrncUuw 

' He 

Hort of iiinbu)icsdi\ wIiati th«y fdl uomg tlnevua. These men cnmo, 
■pjjsnl iht-in, threw th«nn from th<tir honi««> and dm.^sed Ihem violently 
awaj to deipoil theiii- Upon this, the Jev, while Att^nnptmg to 
dpfond hiiiiiii*lf with th© »word which hv cBirird, fell kUui by u hoKiUe 
wi<ft|>on. 'Dip nu]uin% tmtumlly, In Ui« inCenmts of hi8 own safety, 
while the rvTil were Itumed idi^jut the Jew, racniHsd from the Jiondfi 
of liiH oapU^ni Aiid Mivcd bis lifo by flyiiij; nwifily thruugb th« thick 
iffood which wan ttt hitnd. In thin way it «ppciir« that tho Jew loat 
bin lifc^ my liOni King, iind yim u^huI luit Houht thtt tho knight who 
\% (<-hftrgnl wit}i th' guilt of hin c|i>ath iji ol™r frfirn it. Upon hruring 
of thn deed h* wu at odm |M)w«rfu1Ty n(Wt«<d by itA &tr(iuity aimI 
hy thfT un<l<<r;Mrv»l fut^ of 8o vftlu«l a friend : hut never, to this hour, 
though he hnn hIiowh himMilf a mont »vxlonH invudij^tor of tlw mftttort 
hnH ho \yvim able Lo aacertun the perpetrators of thia jcr«at DiioK. 
I nm nf>t Hurpniwd timt rumtmr bnv ilovint^fd froin the pntJi of truth 
in thin ci^m : bu^ \k% we at.'e thnt faUe repurU Uwoiiir- cuiT«iit evory 
day, we niUHt not len<l n ready bclif^ lo all the reporta we bur. 
And in fact, whr.rtutB the kiiight v^ accused of employing thn.<Mt« and 
liliuM*, \w ia nqt a little surpri&^d nt th<s charge for he Iias ftlw^yii 
*\rwjpw!t«l ihy JewH Mid born much /Lttaoljed to tliem. 

Uow«>«r, to wind up tliB wbultt uuw Bhortly, the ktil^ht ia prfwent 


ir,] St William of Nonvich, lOT/, 

OOquo &Hbcr fto <lictum cnt rcttciMie, mmI nee iudois in nliqiio 
derogamc proLit curia pre»cu8 dictancrit coiuftfititcr probnlunut 
■nninlil Sc^l inter hcc nurcni^^tinc iliBcretium iuv, iufttiH^me rex, 
iDtiDintiim in uoltuniu i|uom/uD nobis uid^tiir fwf huiuainodi 
iudeorurii ttCcuHatiuTicm tvM chrlHtiarii n?!L|K>o<li7*»c non Hcbiiiti«c* 
niun, nitii primo lic chrivtuhsi n<ii:itri iit^c- ptirg'ki^'iitur, undc ot 
ipni pndeiu ^ccuaati et aon purgati dinoscunUir. Et nt roni 
U^lnm tyl pv-Tiinrtvi mnnibuh i^lirLHtijuiitt ni?givtiuiu chridlianuuiuG 
cieuitMilit- luc t'lmck'AtiuH ftUjue AUiiimAtiiii ciiwli:niur«, indcim iilu, 
dc cuiu9 nj^rbc mikvt \iccl imanintt* ai^iiiur, cuni c<^(«m <|ui ttinc 
in urbc cmnl tudoi^ in tltrnto !^\ui. ut ftinm dicitiir, pui*-nim chriatlH- 
Dum uiUvruMli pt'itzLruni mudu HttivcUutit, uibctemit, ct ncm^rc 
ubnumiiji. Qua di^* n^ ilntbiLH pi><iK'Ci.wM»rL'« iu>p<tri EbnLrdi puatLflci^i 
A pn?flbitoro accu«itirf sub plena simxlv iudciJ^, iibniBtcntc ct tnanu- 
U'ut.'utv *Hjtt loKiuiiu^ mcct--«nutt% ludlajii dc eia ttimtuuii potft* 
moduiu habere pt^lueruut iu^ticiN-ui- llnbi'iiiuct i?l lulhuc ttuiidfrin 
pn»lo prehbitt^uiii, ipoun Hub cnmine pixrUuiato qu&ndo ot quo 
libuLTit iiidilio pmbikUinim. Ea pmptur, ru n^gic non diapliccmt 
luHitTbUli, cuuipettiUb iiobitt ac iubtuui uidetur ut Aicut chridliAai 

bera^ prapftnd to prove wiili nil cotmUncj'. m whatever wiiy thiK court 
sIieII preBcribe, thnt he neither desired the d^ath of the Jew in 
qoofltion, nor pUnn<-d it, nor bn^^v of it in nny other wiho thnn hnn 
b(T<itj KtAU*d, Anil thifct \\v never abused the JewK in any way. 

But, meHnwIiile, O moht juf^l King, wc uto dofiimuit of Mgnifying to 
your moHt Honjne diA<irct[on thnt it iit tmr ijpiniun that wc? CbriKtUnj^ 

uU^hL ncit Ut luve tretm cnlhil Ujxiri to IT<|>]y Lo iiD luxruwitioii uf tlliit 
kiiJil fnruj thv Juwh, bt^fure Ihi^v tlieiunelviM were purj;^ i^f i\w murder 
of cno of UA, A ChruLiibii, of which th^ty *rc known U* liAve 1>een 
acontsed f.TO now n»d tiot pureed. And, to X^y Wrom _v<»ur luonL 
ChnntUii clemency i» a pUiri and l-oiicibo fkidiioQ tbo whole <viAO — 
it ia A roAtt^kr which coiw^rnH nil Chnj4tiftiifl-^thftt J^w of whoce doAtli 
tho knight, thmigh innonent, is Jtccu^uvl, rlid, in oonjnni^tifin wirTi the 
othoT JewM then in the city, in his bouat-, iwi report tny*, inii4oml>ly 
(ofiuent, kill, and hide in a wood a Chmtian boy. And whmt, in 
the (Uys of my prwioce^wr, Flifihop Eborard, tho Jowk bad been m>- 
cii«cd of this in full aynod by a pn™t, yet because the Sheriff John 
oppotted UH and mAinUiiiir*«l thorn, the ChmtiiinH were unablo to hav« 
jufitico executed tipon them. We hAve, furthermore, at xiihi day tite 
HAint? priotit rvarly to pn>ve thvnt guilty of thi^ crime aforcflAid at audi 
time, and under such ccnditions of trial as you pleatie. On thin ac- 
count, tf it Im< not (JijtploAsing to your Koyal MnjeaKty. it Beems to 


& WiBiam ^ I/o€MiJL 


dlniutinn tnititw 

■■■ JMhm ifc|Trimiir lia 
I <|ii«i^tts prvUvcieater, «i c4 Clinic ptgfM oa M a- m «D]>iba», 
«i lep chnaduie digDA pco nKriin cxhibcaiur noerentea. 

PERORANTE igitw in knc whIbh apiiccpo adeo commuti 
^t iuD irffYUM RgM et laaifaBtani auH aaimi, ut ctm* 
fat in punicsdaM i w d x nim HuitMi dtnrmrmA swkuam. Unt- 

finiiib» gc&mKtcr chnrt>uii» hmm mrmotm pertincc^ 
iiiIi'iImIiii tt cgo tiuia , difitim rex madt qooBAqoe q«od in proximo 
(tttunim crmt dm 4-t bvrttOBi Lttodooie odebnrrtiir conciliuiD. 
Quod et iiA bctnm ol Congnpto ctaDivt patik port oondlio 
affait tt WtUdmiM Monrktns cpiaeopw cnm^nriinis suonim 
ei milito accwalo. Ckjouenemit qvoqae et pauci^ uit« diebus e 
diacRu Angtie doitatibus xpod Londociain iudei pr<U(k->ntiores, 

M ittiiiff uKi nght UhO. jiut urn the deMb ol tbe Chrvtuii, dotM in 
raproMb wkI denmtm td the I^imoa of Chrtsl, pncedod tbe d««lli 
of the Jew, mnd tfao li^ury inflicted on u prvoeded that inl!ict<d on 
them, tfo the printt'ft M^cocation oo^t to conae Ctnl, aAd the pari^ioo 
of the knif^t aftervartl>. Aikd U-t tbo rt^oor ol joctkA bo no longer 
d<icfT«d ; fur wc cooipbun biUrHj th4t «o foul « cHmc hA« reniunod 
ucpoainhnl to thb Usy, ami vc rvmvstly praj that it nuiy no K>cig«r 
btf put idL Yet. lei evtrrj'Uiiiifj be mo hftinUnJ thftl ChrUt be Orvt 
coiuidorcd in M thingi «Jid <lo« rw«mK« be |iUicl, mi i» ^^S to the 
Iav 4>f CSirifltiAmty. 

^ Afl tbo bubop eiuM hiA spooeh after this sort, the oAwt, «nd indovd 
eoQvjcrtiou, prodtic«d in the miiulH of the king ftiid \um ■i u b m oct was 
NO groat that thry dcorrod that th? ^ho^tly outm^lc ol ihe Jc«^ mo^t 
hfl at onre pumnheO, und gnulunlly vren* worked up luort and loore 
to tako ven^Mnt^ But, in reigard that the [i»tt«r aeemod to be 
oni^ AJffH-tinx nil clnMfs of Ch^iHtiJLn^ the kini; coniPiAnded thnt it 
iih[>u]d he puetpoiivd until the ffMM?ral Council ol thv clcrsy uid 
Larom (which wna iu<Ar At hand) Hbould b« a^embiled %i LoBdon, 
and thin wm (lone. W1i€d the Council met ehortiy aftervafda^ 
WiUiam^ Hinho^i i>l Nurwich^ with tiiany IriendB and with thi^ aovUKd 
kntgbt, WBA preuoiiL A fw dayv before, also, tlie more fiigacioua 
of tluf Jewa liad aaaemtiled at London from various cities of England 


St William of N'orwich^ 


lit scUicrt. Hirnt n*nim pOHton Migni^onnit <>ii?nti]», conrniumfi 
GoUatione coDsilii super memorato Hormone delibemnnt qualitor 
in lau: <lil1icili cini-sji Kuluti ;«ui! consal(?rctii. Qui, nullam aliam 
^ndendi repperlentos uiaiD^ per re^oa pecunia, ai fame oi^itur, 
|ireoornipt4H cdii^i I tariff n-p;iij ijMnrii ODriiicnumt, rlnto^iK?! uC 
(Jicitur non miMlien argcnti c^jpia, ipsiuH gmtiam nix tandem 
extorseniut. Ex cuius cnnfe-^ttiu conHtlio ^pbicopum Norwicvnuem 
adeitiit, phiriinjuine licot rnarfNinuu nimK'nwilaU' prontisva iudei- 
qiie occifli laorte condoiiala, millatenUH |K)ntificalem comimpere 
preualucnint Animum. Quid pliinL? Post tririii^ /'^tontibiijf 
rogi in consir^toric cpiscopis et baronibus, aft'uit inter oeteros et 
tnemoratuH |kontifex WillcTmiiR. Qui pinra |XiKt |K*rtnhctata 
rn"gi>tiu, cum acvuisato aasurgi'iis militt*: Ee*io, ait, domino rex, 
noKtram paiali aiimiui iterare cauaam, tuam aubiud<^ et conus- 
ti-nlium luidituri Hcnl*?iiliani, Cut rox: Qu'jriam. inquit, domine 
epiincope. phiribits htxiie sLTiiionibuA defaligati et nonDulliti que 
restant im|HMliti ftnmii», condignam <tan>te rei HedulitAtoin vjtbi* 
bere non po88umii8. Sed interim pacienter sustitio. dum his uelut 
quibu-Hilaiu prvfJMis seiitibus expeditiorvs |M»ntuio(luui qua»i ad 
aiiocidendam arborem nociuam iusticie noatre securim exacuaTnas. 

miih the viow. iA afterwardfl appeared, of meeting And dwctiMuig the 
tnnti4>r ntid dtfuiding how Iq m-cum lIif^niM^lvrH in no diflicult n cow. 
And, tiruttiiK no other meauH ot eacap«^ tliey obuined an audionco 
of tlie king (\>y bribing hi* coundlloni, an rrport caye), gave hmi, it 
B naid, a lar^jtr Hum cif njuni^y, and Huocuedcd with dilKcuhy in c<z- 
tortniK a prumim of favuur. Fruui Inn prewriioe iiivy IkiuU^nc^ lo 
tllP Bitdiup uf Norwii:K. Hut ibou^b tLi;y pixiiuir^-d birn it vary lai']{(* 
punib«r of marka Aod oficrtid lo ooudoiw the d<ttth of Uio wurdtfml 
Jew, thoy W(?rc quiU* un»blc to c*orrapt the* prL^atv'n luinJ. 

To mftkL^ 41 1f>ng Htory iihort, ;vftvr ttiroe fiHyM, tht^ kin^, andfltod by 
tho bftthopa And liAronM^ baing in m>Uf>t, Hw n.fivtvauud Rinhop WiJluun 
wiw prft9u*nt ■ and, Jifti*r mn^h oth«*r biniinmim had IvM^n diHci>ftH^, ho 
rott% with lh« accused kiuj^UU and hAid, *'lx*. luy l^rd Lhn King, we 
are here, prepared to i^t forth once again our caae, and to Itoar 3n)ur 
eentence and that of your nsaiwiwre.'' Thp king repliMi : **Mj" I^nl 
Uifthop, wr hnvt* Ix'i*!! faligueil \iy iv gwjd deal of di:4cour«e to day, 
and liave yet Home buaineiM which keep« lu : we are unal>)e, tliereforf% 
tu ^ve the rcqutuiU' att'i^ntii:tn to no wd^hty a mattj^r. But wiiit, 
nieaiiwhiK witli patiencr^ until wu havv cleared nu-ay thecie brian^ 
an I nuiy call them, and %o he die freer to whet the axe* of our justice 
for the felling of the noxiuua tree. And inaflmuch au UUh cvw ts 

110 St William of Norwich. fBK. 

fit <]uoaiAm causs pi^rdiliGilis eat, ipnam temero nggreAi aut 
prcpropere nos non cond<*a't. QuAnto ctcnim tq» uohomontior 
t^t et olTenna, t»nM mnbr iusticio n(jhibcDcla est cautela. Ipeam 
itA<]tK> cnuifam in aliud teinpii» ilifferftmtiA no mniori n^^'Jimlam 
oportnnitati, mm tictiorit at libiltiin fu<;rit, communui prouiaonc 
coiittiUi retnu:tftbimiiB> 

mNTER hec liiligeim lectora perpi^iulnt pntdcmtiA ni^it ad 
nliud hqh docWniAtioniji huiu^ ci^nflictum libro noatro«<fruuMe, Diai \it |>atam fiat <|U(k) ucrautiH»imA iud«orum gena 
et AuaHveiinm id <Jc obiecta rtiLi gluruMd pucri oc inurtLru Willclrai 
Qcce re;!iTu sc on»e noD iM^raensJAHct, presbiteri probationem tiuu 
wleo tiuiuiH.Hct, ii(^4|iiAi|iuin] lU omniiu^ n!fugiNm;t. Itidetn pm 
necm utuddcm repriiucudo N.-mion(^ rogi regiifiquc coDsiliariu noo 
toiitutn pcTCiiiiiiT Iribuitinot, DuUritvDitH cpiMCOpti tmituui pnxjtuiiwtct, 
vt niaxiiuc pcrcEiipti iiiur^Umi iudoi iiulltj urt<jiiain ptuiUi Un i^iiiv 
uuluiupitia quiutam rolitjuLMct. CoEu»tat ergo (|uia sibi conscii 
de Uiiitrt ruciiicrro fiicrant, Lieut enim auaruuiuii mnt, |>er pGcuiiic 
ttuiien aiic damp&um n<>n dUplicuit coe timori alio compfliraro 

a very (iiflficuh ono. It U not fitting that we appruAcb it nuihly or 
haatUy. For the more preying tho matter aniJ the crime, IJie mora 
wnrtly niUMt juntiiw bo ApplinL Lot nit tlif^rcforo defer the CAse to 
another TM»a*»on, and, being thuH reserved for \ premier cunvmurncf^, 
whc^n wi* arfi n1>)«\ and our plcaaun^ U, wo will cunnidrr it with Utu 
oan* of uur loiuintiH couiiseL" 

Herein let the csreful 3a|*acity of the reader perpend Clint vn have 
inMTtnd thli dQclaiimt4>rj content in our liouk to tio (^th4.^r riid than 
that it may appfar tK*t tliat moat crafty and ftvaricioui- niA-c, the 
J<<WH, ha<l ihcy not folt ti»oti»ftelv<« t-> l»e guilty i>f Ih** dvath of the 
glfnioud bvy and martyr Williafii, which vtah ohargn] «^n«»t thent, 
would not. \ttiw 10 gmviAy ft^rtr^f. hh*| nIto^-fh<-r shrunk from Ili« 
proof oflVred liy the pri<»**l. : and inorrovflr would not Iiav« givAn sa 
much mcin<>y to the king And Kift oounoillort, nor proouned so mucJi 
to the Diiihopt to hush up thtt talk concemtny hia deatli, nor, inons 
MpevijLlly, v^uikld iiivy ever h&ve left iindinturbcHl tbo roatter of tho 
munlerMl Jew'it d(?atli artd miNod no f»mplaint. It ia pluin, tbeireforv, 
that they wirrr <HinsoiouA of lhi» |(reat criint>. Par tjiou^h th«y are 
moBt arai-i4!imiK, th«y did not nhrink f[\>ni assua^ig tJicrir f«*n by 
A pecuniary hwa. 


St Wiiltam of Norwich, 


xv, QuatiUr diuiu^ ultioni« iuditiiim circa ItJtanimn vicecomitem 
iudetrrum de/etuoreni apparueriL 

MORTEM <|iioqtje lohatinUi iiic^oamitiM, quftin condi^a dci 
iiltionc j(^-j<tain crcdnmu!*, neqiiiKjUAm pretormiLtere uolu- 
naua Is »ii|ui(lvm il diu uyaodali quti, ut prrc-xicnti mcmimmiDi 
Ubro, ohmtianu ludooit lufticiv multirt prcmtincrfttua mnncribus 
Kubimxil, iiTonicdiabili co|:>it laboi^aiv iii4>rbo. Sicut (sUrmm <jiii* 
WsdAm faiEulia-dtiiik Htiorum ipnc |x>Htii]0(lnrn to^tnUH o^t, a qiiibus 
ot id iptfiun pont mortem cius <iidici, puncto tomporui (|U0 iudeu 
p(vtn>ciujuido It^i BicHt prt?dictuiw ^t chriBtiiLUc puti^uter ivlur.r^uiri 
Cr^pdt, per ptwtftriorci ctiutt ^(atijpiUi ^ilUbtim pmflui^ix^ inchoniiit. 
AdoCK|Uc dhiina circa cum clftniit idtio, ut rouctu cum md&i^ 
dicere et ipfi« ponait: Atrtg^uis inriMicns super noft et AUficv jilioK 
nostrot. Per diioe< tgitur ann<w Hungiiinc uicibun cnrbiin per ixntK 
pmHuente iiirtutfui ci>i-porifl AAiigiiiniK defectum* immiikuit, uultui 
pnllorcrn indiixit, ct i|ii{iinu)a iraui dei Aupcr etc m&nifcf^bam 
ttentiret, lotua bamcn mduratua necdum penilcrc noluil. Tercio 
aero uuio, t^uo ir»tn lu so luAgia iucitatvt ct aoucrct diuinAni ot 

XV, ffow th^ juifym&rtt tff Diniir verttfijaitcti ajipvantt in (ht cote ^f the 

I cAtinot, furtlidr, puAA over ibe death of the She rifT John, vfWich 
I mitat bpUevo to havo be«n wrought by the worthy ven^^efuii^e uf 
Ood. He, from the vpry day of th» aynod, when, iw 1 related In 
my ]wt b(»k. h<* wilhilrt^w thr Jrw^ fmiTi thtf Ann of Chrifltinn juHtlcvt, 
bccauHH be hiid betiD heavily MIh-U, hfX'^ti u> labour uiulur an in- 
curM^le duorderr For, ah he huiiMcIf jhftrrwikixLt Uvftiiiod to OflrUui] 
of hU Mrrvanta {from wlioni I Wmnd the fact afUri' lu.i dcuitli), mt 
ttiQ very inotiiviit wlivii, by |ir<>te<itiiig the Jvwh, hi; Iwgaii opi^aly to 
oppuwe LtiA ChriAtian Iaw, am in aforpJinid, he Itegan lo Mufltrr from 
iitlArnAl hw^norrhaKP- And nn rlnnHy w^w thr VftngndTion of flnd 
shown ill hiEi autK that he might in vi^ry truth Aay with thit Jctwn, 
"'L<it the uinoc«iLt blood be upon us and upon our children." For 
two yeani, then, th<? blood continued to flow at frtf^uunt intrrvnls, 
tktxd tilt luKH of it we^ikejied liift bodily powens, and made him grow 
pale: aitd although h<f fdt the wrnth of Uod mamfratty upon birn, 
be WRB Ktill wholly hardened and would not yrt re[H<nt. Uat in the 
t&ird yoarV that he mt^bt still fut'th«r htir up ajid fih^rpi-n tin* H-rath 

1 Thftt 11, ooDDtiiig from the mutjrJoiD. wliioh bnoga ui to iOU<i tim« ftftcr 
1 1141k 

lis St Witltam of Norwich, [bk. n, 

propoe^ilHEii Kibi diuine prouJdentie accelemret uituJicUui, Norwi- 
oenns ccclm*? poccm juisii t^mt-mrio [k'rtiirluin* [irt-MiimjiMSt, nwi 
in ijuanttini liciiit digriil^Urin tins, in cligL^Diiu t^cilictt poulifice, 
B n^gtbtiK ct Ap<>«f^lico s^<li» Kuniiiiift pontiAcibus confimiatAtn 
qii&ftsare pertimuil. Taniin i^Uir Timti^nfUitm aul' meritts inuti 
6v\ pniiKicaniibii^ niitu dniino int-'moratus circa eum itiualiiit 
murbii^. Diimipii' yrior N(»rwH'viirtii» Willi^luiu^ tridem vcctctgo 
pix^Hceretiir et oonaecrareiur episcopua, idem Johannes adeo pre- 
scriplA fjrmiAliiw 1*^1 luUiiiifline. ui « Trinoiiauto, al>i ho« gcrc- 
bantur, DulUtenUTr Norwicum ingrauesceDte morbo redire poluerit. 
Svn\ ab itincrc (liu«rrUMiM MilvbAm, i^^uc nix penienic-ns piiuois 
ibi di^biift euolutiH, incGAftabiH illo deficiens sangu<iiitA> profluuio, 
exbaiistifkju^- cum san^im* ninbiii*, iilimuii iid time ueix- pei>it«iii« 
diem clauait extreTnimi. Perpendat igilur ex his ditigena Icctoria 
indu^lriJi, iiltio diuine ijiiatu ^mnik-r ilUiin fiTiui t\nx i*tUM^te 
ecclasie legitjue cbriHttane pro uiribus sic aduereari hod relbnoidat. 

Sxplicit Ubej' secundum, 

of God against himself, and )kr%sten tbo purpoactl v<ri^gi>ftnco of Divme 
providence, L<^ pr^cutneil hy rAflh dnring to diiiturb the peace of the 
Oiurch of Norvicli, jLnd fenrod not, so far ae in htm tay, ^'> sbolcc* 
itA privfle^ that, I meait, of eleoltng h Bishop, wliicrh had lier^ti etm- 
tirnind by Kings, (ind by thfl supreme* Pontifti* of the Apoet4>lio See, 
8inai then these great d^MTtA of his wickpdneM provoked the anger 
of tioO, the (!L»order I buvr? deHcribinJ incninjciHl up(>n him nt the 
Divine bidding. And wh^n WiUi&iu, tbe Prior of Korurich, wiui 
itt over tbe said Clmrcli and conscorated Bishop, tJiis John wjm so 
gravely v^xed with hi< dliM^iwt* Umt In? wiw (^wite unable, on Account 
of ita severity, to return to Norwich from Triiiovuntum (Loudon), wliere 
^ts buflint^Hs waa bf^ing done : but turned out of his way to Hileham ', 
wliicb he WHH linrdiy abk^ to rrju-h; and there, after thp lap*fi of a 
few daySj exb^uHttnl by LhtJ ineetwftnt tiow of b!oo<i, his Gtren^h and 
hirt blood ulike failing him, he hrcnthcd hjn Imt, trnty penitent, let 
Ub hope, even al that )iour, Hrnov let tlie Gare-ful attention of the 
rwwler pei-puiid bo* liwivUy Uie vengeaote uf God Htrikva the man 
who iv not ofrud t> pit hiiosrlf ri^iunat the Holy Cbui-ch ajid ObriKtuui 
lawfl, ni this TiiCLii did. 

Hkiib kvde!TI1 thk JSecond Boor. 

' Tlic mention of Mileham ccmplcUi the idflnlifloatfon oj John llip Slicnff vttth 
John dt< Chvynry {de Caii-ftto). Th** Chvytiryv hojt Loid* of Mikilihin. -lolin wan 
iOcwowtaJ a the thrlovmlly by lil* bnjllii^r WLllbuti wbg bold offlcc until 1163. 



Incipiunl cttpituta HbH terni. 

i. De tiunslatioDe eiua a cimiterio in capitiiltiin : quod, ()uamui8 
urgeret cpJAcopi et prioria Helie preceptio, dod potuerit 
tamtju ftcpulchniD] snncti paulmcnto capituli co<K]uan, 
iL Ve maiufeAta poatnioduitj aepulchri exaltatione. 
ill De tApoM> ablato ac Itiiiiiuari prohibito. 
iv, De quocliitti clenoo die pasohali a dobro deiitiuiii libomto. 
T* De motmcho n ccnfiimili dolore liberalo. 
vL De uisioric monachi ac 0iuj4dt.Mi1 currvctione PtJlrus PciiorcUuft 

nomine, miles quondam in secolo. 
vii< Qvaliler niorOiuifridi di' Marci infimia nd Sancli martini 
seputchmm iienetit et sana redieht 


t Conceminft hi» translation from the Cnnw^tory into tin? Clinp- 

t«r lIoUHo, and how, tliouffli the order of th(» BiKliop and 

Prior Eliua urged il^ yet the sepulchre of the Saint could 

not he iikiule l^vel with tlie pavement 
ii. Concf^rning tht? suh«cqacnt niAiiIfont rxnluition of thr nt^pul- 

iij. Concermng Uio carpet tliat vu taken awny and thv light 

that waft prohibited, 
iv, Ooncnmitig n cc^rbniu oltiric delivered frora the toothaohe on 

J&itidT Day. 
V. O^ncerniDg a monk delivered from a similar pain. 
VI. Cuti<-i*rntng iJir virion of n monk nml htJi C"rn'Cti<ni, Prt*r 

Ptjvtrvll by n&UK?, furinerl/ a kmght whvn Uviiig tijo 

8«cular UfvL 
viL How the y/ltc of G«oflV«y de Marc wh<>vi TU cnme to the 

»opuLchrc of tho holy murtjrand rotumoJ whok. 

St William of NimdcK 



viii. Qvftliler Muriel uxor Alani de Sdcbobuthii n quiultuu ttua 
priiiaUi i*jfritiKiiiif^ jwI j<(!pulrhrum eioH libcnita ait. 

IX. ]^e puL'Fulo Eucirti prDxiuii> it inuntLs <i«uixjti ninrliria 


X, Qvalitcr monftcbu^ Hompni ftrniffsione ^fmnftiUK stntim petite 

saricti martirw 8iiflFra|a[io sompnum reciiperauerit 
xL QvckI domina MabiHa d(? Boc et filii cum mncti iiiiutiriH 

circa se expert! sunt uirtutem. 
xii. Be iHAione Ktcjmli do Litnuaatt^ue eius mortd, etdere* 

ctipcmtJODC luDiinis in aipitulo. 
xiiL Qvaliter W. tucnsta ab iufirmitatc capitis et surditie meritia 

^lancti majtiri^ Willelmi ciii^attiK nit. 
xir. Do (jiiwlmn Aldithn nb rgritudiDi^ diuturoa libcmta, 
XT. De altera per luultum lempua lauguente per iiieum miro 

XTL De put^m muto lui scpalchnim per uUum allato qualitcr 

pctentiam locjuendi recuperaiierit 
xvii. De puiTt* rtb aiiiim* dif*wfuti-nB lunj^uiire curatu. 
jcviii. Dt? mulier*' i^tuulnni ik^ Oniu-abi wnniuui n.^sLitulaH 









How Mnnol vife of Alan de Setchj wtia delivered fVom a 

certain privat4> disorder at hks aepulcbro- 
Conc'4.rnitig ik little boy uigU a»U> death cunnl by thtf mmta 

of the martyr. 
How a monk troubled by loss of sleep, imtncdtatoly recovered 

hia Hk'ep after begging tbr interu(!«8bn uf Lhr hdy mArtyr, 
How tlitr Wy MhIx-I de Beo aikd her sona with hrr i:x|wn- 

eticed the virtue of i\%e holy niArtyr, 
Ccncoming tlio ^■i/'ion of Ri<ihan3 cl<i Lynn mid iiontivrnUi^ 

hii« deatli, imd ooncertung the recovery of tho light ib tba 

Chikpter House. 
How W tb& Sfti?rTnt wiw loured of pain in tbi* head and d«nf- 

nesa by f.h<i m'^ritfl of tlift lioly mdrtyr Willi/itn. 
Ooncvniing a certain Alditba fr^d fraoi a long- standi Dg 

CoDuirning another ^rl who had been ailing for a long timo 

mai'vellouoly curtd by n vimoh. 
Concerning a dumb boy brought tu thd s^ulchrc by a visJi 

Olid how ho recovered liia power of ipeNli. 
Concerning a boy cured of a dyaentery thj*t had lasted a yt*r, 
Coneeming a certain wonmn from Onnesby restored to heuklth. 


St Williavi of Norwich. 



XX ii 





QviUitcT naDtia miiii pciiolitADtibtis per mcrita aaui:li umr- 

tim ulrfcua diuiDA subucncnt, 
Dc porr-i* paiifK-iriilc niuiicnn inlirmnntibuif ct ftanntjA 
Quod rDortAlilofi in bobus uirtute a&ucti iiiartiriM WillrhiiJ 

sepiMtime cohercib^ ait. 
Dt? <|iin4Um Yd» A doli^ro gtTiiiL-wimn lib<;mta. 
Dc admirftbili cniiiMlam uirginia uisionc 

Dc filia UATtholoni^'i dt? Creic a febribuB Uberata. 

Do quodnni ydrofiico cumto. 

Dc piioro r|Tiodnm dcccnni qui id ^piilchmm SMkOti itkar- 

tim alUtua diuliuv iiifirtuiUtlU auv subitum eetim-ril 

Qvftlitcr llildt-bi'&ndim quidnm nb infinnitatc sua couua- 

Qvaliltrr iUicrit^ln nvncte Trinitali^ CiintUAric ivkcri tnartim 

Willtfluii uirtfuleiu iu saiiatis cli^ricu ac pakfiido uituii- 

fr^taiti F»t'iiM.TiL 
QvttUtei- i^ueiUiJi Eiiiiiiii dc Wii;Jituna od SL'piilchrum wwja- 

Liasimi luiirtiris de mliniiiUtc gmiii.>stiiHi cnmtn fiiertt. 










How by the founts of tll4^ holy nLArtyr thi^ divim^ virtue 

iL9wtBitc<l ci^rtjuii rutiliim in ptiriLn of tho den. 
Ooncerning a poor woniAn's KWino ImmiM of thf^ir dwrtlor. 
How n tnortnlity ^itnon^ »itrni* oximi wax on uiafiy ocouiiauA 

cJujckcftl by th« virtue of th« boly martyr William. 
Cottccnun^ a orrliuu Idn de1ivtfii>-d tnnu munt M^virtti jmln. 
CoULvrtiiiig llie wuiiderful virion of a d^rlAin uia](I<<ei. 
Oonccming odc Gold«burgA r«oovun*d when -wiuttin^ away, 
Concwmin^ the dou^htor of Bartholomew \\t^ Orek^ d«iliv«r(i(l 

from a fi)v<fr. 
Gonciimthg ofi4) cured of t\w drapKy. 
Oonrrirning % cvrlAiii Vxij <if tjin y<«ir» nld who waa l>roui;:bt 

to thii ju^pulcliw of Uic holy mwtyr and siaddi.-iily Jolt 

relief from hid loiij^ infirmity, 
]low a oert4Liii llildehn^nd rooovDred from bis long in- 

How Ui« SjuMTit of tba Holy Trinity Churoh at Gmterbory 

bad experianco of %\\^ mxLnif^wt nrtve of tJie holy iDanyr 

IK^UiMn in tho hi.<a1ing of hia palfrey aulI Iiia dork. 
How & certain Emma do Wighton wiw cured at llie fteputchre 

trf the mOHt holy martyr *jf ji nnirt serious inflnoity. 



St Wiilmm of Noi'tfrich. 


xxxi. Qvaliter pluriiui per puli^crcra dc Inminit lacpulchn eiun 
abroMim ct cum aqua benedtota bibitum ogrltudinia suo 
pcrccpcrint rotncdium* 

xxxiL Qvfllitor filiua Alurici de Hu-trino monachorum d« f^utturia 
inflAlttni cumtun fucrit. Kivpticiunt cajntula. 

i, De trnmlatione corporis sancH m capitulum : Uber leriius. 

VBI MKKii-mLrix iinltiirwnini gmlrin Chri^ti hcatum nmHHin.^in 
SQum et gloriosiim ^jlorioaioreTii eflipen* fit in quanta gloria 
post Ttiorti*in CEirniH iiiiirnl fiflvHbiix imltitt popitlis d(H:lararc, rcint- 
latioDG U6n(?mbi]i et mirifica tmn^ferendum a. dmiterio iDdicaiiit 
Couaummatia siqiiirfein nt*x it<i«t bcati inrirliriit WlUitlmi iti crmU 
t-erio tumiiUtioin^m nrmis. prima ijuadragonime ebiiomvk feri* 
EMGunda, d»m effo THoinaa Nt^rwici In f^uikfmtrinii df>rTiiit/>ri« 
monaehorum post nmtiitinos lecto ^ujem^ttn'in in ui^n imcxiit iliuina 
roucUnte grm^ia uenorahilom at m«moriii nfm imlignam uidoro 
promerui uisionem. Videbam quippe luihi assbtfjre ninim inittii 
ut f'nuicit? iioikorandmii, ]iidti}iL<.*ntis epismpnEibiis iDooiiijmmbili 
candore i-enitentibus bh peri ndu turn. Hie pontifical! qiiem ^rebat 
hacu1i> Tue eiciUns ait: 8urge, fmter, et Hd^u priori filio dilM^to 



How in&ny received a remedy for tbetr illneHaea by tJie 
dust tliat wa* ecr&ped from the railing of bis aepukhre 
ami droak with holy waton 

How th« aoTi of Alunc, of the Moiikn' Tuilory, wu cured of 
a won ID hiu tbroat. 

i. CcncrmvTiff th* tramlaiton of th* Saint'* body inl0 th^t Chapter 


Wlutn tbo gmoe of Ohrist tbftt govoma all tbin^ willed to malc« 
hia bl^aoed and gloHoiia initrtyr metre gloHoua, mid to umlcA lc>u>wu to 
th« faithful in how gi^u-t glory he wiih living niter hia drouth in th* 
flesh' — He iniimritttd by an awful &nd wondrous revelation that fa* 
ahould Im removed from the cemetery of the monks. Act.'ordingly wh«n 
SIX 3'cvirs UmI piwt since the burial of the bleesed Martyr Williaiu in 
the Cemetery, on Tuesday in the firHt wtMik of Ijent, vltilnt I Thomas 
wa« resting on my bed after matinit in tbo dormitory of my brother 
QkOfik&, 1 ^as Eliuugbt worLlty lu »ee in a dnMui of the nijj^bt an awful 
and memorni>]e visioQ by reveUiioD of the divine favour. 

For I Bftw standing by me a man of venerable look with grey hair, 
clothed in EpUcopnl robes tJjaL gliiitened mth an iuc^ooi parable wbite- 
IWM. Ho rouxing me with the Kpisoopal stall' which he carried said; 
"Ari»u, brother! and nmke tuLale to bid my bolovcd son Elian Che 


St W^iani of Normck^ 


dkcrt fcfttmfk lit ct ipm epiaoopo Wlllelmo ex mea parte dtiuuiiti«t 
qUAtinus prM:ioHi>^mum ilium ihcntvunim <gui<m ciinttcrio fmtrcft 
hubcnt rccondtl.Jini t|UAmtotiu8 indo tiaiibfemnt , ijiioiuum si 
ncglig«<DUe imf)ul»u pateriicf iiuwioin iioii ubiuKlltriut, uos dtiiih 
illnm wi tujuiniam ijw^lwid ilKrinn ntiini nmimuros cognoHcant. 
Tunc .-^inciUvnti niihi t^uiAikaui eevvt t|ui talia Duotiaivl reopouJiL: 
Ego sum ille HEBEBEUTVS hniufl N^Jr'lvio^»n^if* i^clwt^ pritnnn 
dei gnitia Funflnti^r. Vadc igiliir, fralxjr, ct hcc w\ liiii>r' ptvU^nii 
mAndfiti pcr<rer> iuteratgiia, Rtt'uideutiir, imjuuiu, "jum iiiihi nd 
n^yiH curuini pniRciffHCi B«Utfj qu^in(U>qim ^\\ll^s\ suggt'iX'iid" dcprccuri 
ipolcbaDt ut nd eeclvnio sue dt.'cua aliquAs a ivf^v avnvnihWvn eanc- 
tonim perquiruru ^itiUervifi rdiquuLi. QLtibtiM vff* iiuii iiiv rt-ni 
eiimnKHii tuiir, wwi tiTrw ci rt^dditu* quo^fittinnn ni^'Wn ; quia 
poKt ftliquuDtt spAciuni lempofis dtuiiiu laliiiaLrante gratia cos 
tantiu et tarn [ii^nembili-'H habLTr coDtingtrrrL ivliquimt, unde 
trcck'iua NorwlL^eDsiH plurimum exaltaretur, totique aoglie Celebris 
et LniuHinaiifiiit |)artibiJh fijrtil uc7iKTnLbili.H. Hu tdiiit, iticfuiun, qtiwf 
lranidcn.nidn9 prcmonui reliquiw^, ct qujv^ iilsi maturiufi tntro 
confetautur fur m deli beral ignis atann uestibuJo premiis candiictU!^ 

Prior tbst htt liirticelf must nnnouncn to Gishop WilliAni from rtif* Lhnt 
fts Mjou A0 uitt^ Iki tli«y mupit nrinuve thht inoHt pre<;iotis treasure wlitch 
the brcthroii kfw|i hidJcu nw%y i» tJi«ir uf'iiiclcry, since, if they will 
not ohoy my patc^rmil orfirr, Viut yield to tbcir nloth, lot them know 
ib&i vv^ MOoo tht^y #a1l lono that trooeurc^ to t)m jproai tiarm uf tbmr 
CSiar^.** Then as 1 in^air^ who wab making tliin Annauncpm^nt tn 
owi, hit aii*w(^rwl- 

"I Am tbat HKRBKBT, th« fir»t foondflr hy Rod's grace of this 
Church of Norwith. Wherefore, uiy brother, go tby way and carry 
thae tckoiu of aiy paternal maiidate to toy boils. \j^I thorn rcMiirtiil^cr 
that their w»nt wjlh wheit I unt-d t<i aet out for i\w court of the K-in^j, 
to pray of ine timt I nhouUI i^tidvavour to obliLUi from tlte Kinp; some 
vonernble mlica of ihp HainU w^ an omauient of thc^ir Churcli. But I 
used ta say to them that I vould aeek fur notlii'i;; of tliis 40rt tb'^n, but 
taoda and rent«, because the time would ixjido whrn, by Uod's ;^race 
acai^ting them, tlioy would have such grtut oiid womhipCiU relics os 
that by theio Ific Churuh of Norwicli would be (greatly eialted and 
beoome celebrated through the whole of Englaod and becomn am- 
spdctum* m Ibo parts beyond the «ca. Thf^^s 1 dccUrv, am tlioHu riiUi;a 
whiob I told you bcfoi^ would be bMtowod upooi you ; and. uiilfUM 
vijry Bfxtu they bo ^tliei-ed to^othur within tht- preciucta, a thinf wbii 
aow atandn oii tho thrmhold of ddiborntion, Ud on by hopo of {pun, U 


St Wittiam, of Norwich, 


suUaturus wwingitiir. Mftao ergo, tr^U>r, cum flurr«xori», quibos 
imlixi (iliia patonu^ mandfttn porforrc non Dogligan. Quibiu 
dictis Abflcc-'uiitt. £xi>orgi,-r£iotuB autom ego diim uisioDom nntm^ 
diligenttud rouolncrom, rcuohicnti nitchi rcurlivtio iU& G^miUiuliit 
ad LiiciAtiuTn AtAtira occurrit Vndoox induBtria iniunctum €-?[ci)iii 
m^uid^tiiiii ftd horftni <iiKtuIi, quoiiuim irmgiiopcrc «fccoundam ct 
tcninm rvuoUtioncm uffectaui. Cum ucro duo portnuiaiaeeot 
cbdotiiadc, anto diiuctilum iUuHOcacentm doininit^t?, qimrido Octiii 
m^i decAntatur, quie^^ccnti mihi itidcm ut priiis idem ucncrabilifl 
prcsnl Hci'ohcrtnti Awvintcru uisua Cdt ot oil ; Qunrc ncgottum^ 
frater, tlbi iTuunctum rctardn^ti ? Qunrc mnndato noatro non 
obniidi-^ti 1 Impigcr csto intvmuiitiuM, ijuoiuAni ccclcvic pcmcccs- 
saria oat iu hue re matiUTatio. Eccc pluHmis conduct! tiuni 
mutionbas ':|ui qucm ante dJxi thcHAururn liircntnr inm ctnufcr^nU 
Surge itrujue^ fralK^r, surge, ct quod iniuaxi mAudatum eieqai oon 
difTeiitft. El hec dtct-iiA receaall, Sur^exLH igiLuT, quia una 
illuxcratr, coutinuo ad ccclcinain propcraui, totnruquo aate doiuiiu- 
cum alture in omtiouibuA animam coram domino t^lTudi, MliIlU 
prccibtid cum lacrimifi diainam exoraui mUeratiou^sui ut; Lvroub 

gjrdii>g hUiiuolf up to ottrr^ th^m oft. Wherefore, brother, wli«n tlion 
rittMt in the Tuorning txugl^ci tliou Doi to carry Diy patorunl orduara io 
thc>u> my suJTiB whoru I liavo uftmcd/' 

With wfiioh words he vani^inl. l*ut while I was very diligeatJy 
tluiiking the visioD over in my mind, that rfivnintion of OftrnftliVl lo 
Luoiftu' fitriiightw&y occurred to me. WUerafona I carefully dpfniTwl 
carryinj{ out the mandate laid upon me for a aeaaoUf Biiice I gnwtly set 
my hmrt u|>on n Aix^ond ami third ^o^-ffUtio^. But when two weclcK 
had prtaaod, up>ii daybreak of the Sunday when Octtii rnei is sullK^ 
while I wat repo«ing ui the sauie pUco jis l^rfor?, thn same DibJiop 
Herlwrt apptwrod to bo Binding by me and said l "Brother, why hast 
thou delbyt-d the hutfineffs laid upon theef ^hy boat Likou not olioycd 
my mAiidate 7 Be Uiou a quick ntosacnger, since ha^te is very iiececuary 
to tny Church in this matter. Lo, tliere are tlicoe who arv tempted by 
great bribes^ who will rob tlie treasure that I told Ih^* of befi^rc, and 
toko it away. Wherefore nrisc, brother ! ftriae. nnd delay not to carry- 
out the order wMch I have laid upon thee ! " TIiug wyin^ ho vanish^. 
And 1, UicauHG it wttA uuw light, Atrai^^hLwihy hurried into the CJhurch 
ami pouml out all loy fiool in prayetB Lo the Lord before the high 
altAr ; and with uiany prayers and toara I besought the diriae pity 

' ConG«miDg lb& re1i(w of St Stephen... if fa 8S. Aug. 3. 
■ That Ii, tho TlUid Hundoy In LouL 



St Wiliiam of Norwich^ 


friiatrarcT rcuoUtionc. Qtiod nutria poatulauj, deo uuuurut« 
optinorc proini-Tiii. Duiii I'tcnim nub rliluriilo i1liuico:tc;(*ntLfl 
dominicc, <}t]a leti eunt dies quoa obeci'u<irc debctia dccftntiu^ 
GOtiaueuit ocdesia, in locto pauwrem, u«ni» mihi uidelutur 
incmorAtiui prceul Horcbcrtua, tcncnsque dcxtom paenim qiion 
duodeoueiii, pontificMLli quern mnietra gestobat baculo [q« tehij^it 
ct cjDciUiiit. E^per^fnctns igitur, ncc tamcn, credo, bene ui^Ijuia, 
etiDi credo uiudicuiu cftpUc ociiW »ursutii oKHias^cm, ipauM €omm 
nic ijuo ])P;Hlixi moJo tonaifttt'ntem couapixi. Qui tjiaai vx indig- 
nntii^nc coput qunticni^ ct commiDAQs bnciiLo nit nd mc: Nisi ioto 
qut-'iu dexlcm rao tentjrc GonnpiciB putrouuB tnua (.-iMot <?t pro t« 
inticnirnimcb, iiim mm ijiHK] pfitriii prcccpto inobcdicnr^ ftiiwti 
atCerniuA luon^ peii& Tunc iknipLeiifl ine per imidtrum br&chtum 
Htrirucil^ oxciuwib, bnvohi(X|iL<^ JtnprcAwv polltdei iicntigin miutirmta 
rvliquil Ht &il ; Tu uiquidcm, Thoma, iiLcrcduluj^ Thomas fiiiflti : 
ucl Nilbr^m mm crutjc, Ecco, iiupiam, gluntmua putir ot dvuiinice 
retiera poMionia imitator Willelmua aMistit, qui sc absque dilntionc 
ft cimiiirrio iiilroreiut triiiipirerr] r-x|x?tiL Quod ki ((iiinuia fefltliia* 
tit>nc prouisuiu dod fuerib^ pz'o corbo Jratrc0 Douerinb coe ilium 

th»b I mij|{bt nol niiM a tbird rovcUticpiu But what I b«gj^ for^ timt 
bj Goi/0 goodntwD I wnn rciuoliBAfiKL. Fur oh thf> dnvn wiui briginniii^ 
to IvnMde of tlio SuFkdiiy wlit^n Llio Chui'ch'K ^uhIoid in U> ning Itti fttui 
d«u ^«M ohitfrvan tUbeiit\ while 1 wiu nvliiig on my bud Ur* Binhop 
H^rbm-t Mfvinvd to oomn to me. and, holding by th» rif^hl hand h little 
boy of 12 yeftrft, he Lou<?h«d lui^ oiiil awoko ]ne< wilb liia pontitical fttatf 
wliicli he ciLrriod in his left luind. So I ftwakmioti. iiml yirt» I Iwlinve. 
not quite couHctoutt, with my h(<jul n little miiHsd, I liftt^d up my nym^ 
ftnd bubdd htm Httuidini; lH?for<T mr in the sainc way ihiht J inuutioned 
before. And be an m a]iK*?r ahakiiiK bid heud nud threatening me 
vitit bis Btaff Bald to loe; '"Unleu he whom thi^u M^^Kt mr hiildin^ 
vith Hty right hnnci had been thy protector And hod interceded for 
thee, even no* liiwlst ihcju paid m very severe penalty, for thou hiutt 
boon disobedient to the precept of thy Kuthi-r. " Tht^n tMlchin^* ni« by 
the loft arm he pinch^l me, shook ine, i^nd Idt a plain mark of his 
Uiumb iniprinti'd upon me; nnd ho >uii<t, "Though indeed, TLonias, thou 
h^t liWftn An [inWiex'ing "^luBiius y^t now boliev<\. Lol the glnriouA 
boy William stancITTjesitmhco, the true imitator uf the Lord'n IVmluu ; 
bo M>ekt lo be trmnaferred from the oi^mctory to the interior of the 
Church witltuul o,i\j t^rryijig. If tliia be out grHntod biiii with utmont 

) TliAl ii, the Suudn; in fAH«lon'V«ok. 


St William of Norwich. 


in proximo, niid dciis prouMont, nmiseuros, ExporgiiicMMv ergo, ot 
surgc^ru donuntia opi8G<:-po ot priori quo illis ntintianda tibi \n- 
iunximu^ Locus ui>tu ijuem dibt amodo nianoadum preolegit 
C3ipitutiiDi cat, )npifv]uc pucrwrum t^edibuH irtterponenduB. Hit> 
dictis, cum iiiosUittTri uostibii^ mduii^acin ot aubducto alitguiuttulum 
ouoiillc capiitio ciouloR cxtc^n^iv^cm, {juus auto uidcnm intuitu 
dil]gcnt4ori porquirobaiu, Vi^rum cum iom non opparuiwent, et 
id&o D)o ilia non nim per t»ojn]>nuru uidifiBu t-xitttimJLrcm, grauotia 
odhuo ct plonifi eoport? ocuHs caput dcmi^i nt^uc itcnim dormirc 
cepi Tunc quippo uiaum est inihi quou aUquoa do fratribua 
tnu<;iiui <*x procopto prionn nA bcAti inarlinM Willolmi ttopulcfanim 
occcdcrcj aperin?, purLSHtmoqiic nr^cDto et cAndidiamino plenum 
iDUeiure. Quo<l t^'xoipicntoe nmndi^imiflquo [mundisviiniaque (»?)] 
liathoaminibus initoluontcri cum oluufitru infcrrumu:<, prcctmbc cutu 
Opi0cx>po prioro, tantuDi utpoti^ auacn-pturub tho^Jkuniiu. uummu^ 
cumlidatorum contm ucnk^bat conuenltiA. Et thuri^cftt4> uclui 
mibi uidcbaUir co, precede ntibu^ proccsdioDalitcr iratribus, ilium 
intra f?cclesi&Di «uitc altiirc doDiluicuiii adportabtuiiiis. Bpi^^rpua 
nutctn scrmone a<i populum habiio miilte ucnerationis tboefturum 

tipeed, let tliL- brethren kuvv aAburedljr tliat, niUeeia Goo prevent it, 
tht-y will aoou lo8«? him. Atouiw th«e then, ^nd haviikg riflen aanouboo 
to tbd BiA^iop aiid Prior tlioao iliiugH wbioh I ]iavi> bidden thcc to inako 
known. A* for the ploco which lin hiw choAon for )iiiii0ulf tlint ho tuny 
■l^de ia, it iff the Chaptt^r-huuiio, luid hii; tomb ic to l» pliicod unong 
tlie boys' ij*a1*/' 

At thcwT woixIh, whrn, having put on my ganni^iitB and pushed 
fuhck iht* litKtd of my oowl a litths I liAd rubhetl my oye»« 1 soarched 
very carefully for those whom J hud btifonj Ix^helri. But when now 
tht7 WL'rc no lnng(*r to l>c *weu, *ind 1 W^fi" to think llmt I hwl 
only Hoen them in my ti]tni^, my ryts l>cung heavy and full of sleep, 
I Inifi itnwn my b«ml and again iK^an to ^lunkber 

Then it neeiued to me tliat ctrtaiii ot th« brethren wont with uie 
by tho FrioKs orders to tho sepulchre o! the blesseii martyr William, 
opaned it, and foumi it JiH(!d with the pur^t and brightest vUvcr. 
TUi£ we took aud wriippt^d it in firK^at linen, and brought it into th« 
dointvr; and agrent aieembty of men clothed in whiUi camv tv meotut^ 
preveUod by tljc Binbop iiud Prior^ im if to reuehe this gn^t trouturp, 
And it iH^cmcd to tnc that aft4:r thv tivneure bad beeu iuceoH^, tb<i 
brethren goiag on in procoBdon, wc bore it within the Church before 
tho high ftltar. And the Bifihoj> pi'cachcd a gwrinon to the people £n 
winch Jka flhow«d that u treauuro uf groat ronown hod, by UoD 



St William of Nontnch, 


iKm' ^nili)i N<jrwioc[L>ibii0 itttribitlum deTuoiibtrauIt, Time orcxit 
6e bcHti^uiiuius puer oL uiartir ct oui>cnlo i^-piftoiHi lui: lube, 
iltmiiue jrakTr, itiihi loctultiiii in crtjntulopi'eparan, quirt ibi jwiitlipipcr 
inter pueros pucr ipse pausart' dcsitkirtf, puntniixluiii ml t*ccle5iam 
(tfiiuj muonitiniH. Iiirthit iUujue episcopus ipHiim (pio p^iU^bat 
di-'pt^rtarl, QnocI vi \Ux fit^ri ibiin duIii per ut>«uiii ukleretur^ ex- 
pcf;g^ikctus j^ubito vi circunii^picic^iis tuchil uoram tnc uidere c|uo 
mtbi aiilo tUMt uiflibi^iilitr luliirli-atua Auui. Pruiude ad mv ip?«ma 
ruuui^UH suiiipnii uiifioDom fuisai^ rtgnoui. Mrinu uvnj nurgujieit 
ubi iuxLa ardmeiii loqueodi dAretur facultafl* piiorum Helj'am 
€onu(?iii i*ii|uu iniUtil'i prujNilAiii niniuUUi. Qui uihlde t:(btbirulua 
tum quoniam certa patris iDleraigna »itisc<;pcratp lutu quia i^iK:lu«ie 
Ni^wi<;i.MiHi inuUtf ct>iiiinoditJilbt lioiiurviii jnilltilm^L* rtTH^bal, 
imioDem ac rei geste swrit^rn epi»copo fGtextitt. GpiHc<opUj« igitur 
KUj>er hid deo gnitiji!* ^g\l, tiU\uv d(* 1,TTL[inUti»iibi ihihIo cum priui-^ 
Agere cepit. (juid niiilta f Itidicitur dies, hum, rci ^L^n-ndo 
[UfxlitFi, (>t i|ui rit'gotiutn exi^^uantiir fratreA. Ad id sex deputantur, 
<]uonmi nuracrcGgo Thomiu« lutcrcHSL* iiicrui, Denique adutiniente 

been be«tow<Ml upon tho people of Nor^icli. Tbeu Uie uiout blenHed 
boy imd martjr raifiwl him?wilf up uud c/illiug upon the Bisbop, said, 
*'(.}ive order, Lord and Falher, that a little re^ting-plnce be mndo wady 
for "»o in the Cbitpt^r-houM, bocau^c there for il little whiK n* x Ijoy 
Auiortg the Ixiyft, ! deHirc to rent, HcrtviftfT 1 intiMLd iigain to ratum 
Into t\w Churoh/* Hi!r(Tupon tim Bishop onit^n^d that \\t nhould bo 
c&rried wlutb«r he ruquext^d. 

Thin, A* it iwujTJeiil to me \u my vEm^ii, wfu« Iwitjg carnix) out whfrn 
suddiMil^ f Awokc, And looklug round mo 1 uiarvcllcd U> iioc notliing 
of th<H*« things wliioli bfifore accmod to mo to be apparoDU Thon I 
««m« to iii]r«ftlf, Aud kii«>w tTuLt it hiid \>tji.*n ». vihion in m^ al^tep. But 
whttR I nmiiA in th^ morning and ponuiiuinn was givim did in fto- 
GordAncB with Ui« rul4> to xpNiJc, T }>f?took uw to th^ Prior EHah, 
«nfl I vxtu]^ knourn to him thr- pjiti-nml ]i:undMB. Whereat greutly 
rejoicing, ns vtnW beoauae lie re(Xigtii§ed the «urc tokms of our Father 
<u bocauTw he perceived that the jrrowth of nn honour of Knwt price 
for llw Churi^h of Ncrwich wits aigDiiii*d, he coinmuiiirAtwl io tlie 
Bifihop the \'iaiori amd Ua* pifcrticuliLm of wJiat had ixjcurrod. Wlwnv 
fore the Bishoip gave thAuka to God for these things and began to 
ooHHuIt with thff Prior i^oncoming the njanniT of tht; trAnHlntion. 
Accordingly the day, the hour, and the urmn^enientA were tiled, 
and who of the brethren nhould cAixy out the businewL For the doing 
of whiok tax were iLpp>inU*d, of wlicim I, THoiiiak, wa< thought wortl>y 


St WUtiam of Norwich, 


8ub dio dotcrmiimta n;i gonj»<Ui hon^ foHo HciUoot quArtc podt 
pnfoha riorum nocto, nootumis ciomplntin Uiidibtut, <tiim pratifr noe 
BOX totufl flc dormitorio oontuluittvt oouuii^ntus, d^vantAiis priui* 
cioptcro Halrnirt cum lotnnm nd cxix|U<rndum opiiei nobis imimctuni 
ontolucAni oocingtmur. Acc^dt^utibus uoro nobis od scpulcbrum 
quo egrogiu ilLa bculi MartiriHoluiidvbj^turglcbaat4]UC hcKiUtntilAia 
qtiU prior ictum dArot, mibitUH horror noi; ftrripuit. V«rutn «go 
horontibua pri> timorc sociin aiiiruaai roaurapei* jirivptofju*? cun<« 
fcrroo ct iunctnrc Upidum AppoHito. gmndi mallco ff-rtiu^r pcrciiw 
ntqno ad Icrciuin ictum aubinlriuite ciiiiuo a lapido Upi^ ccpit 
ei-iuugi^ Quo itiiK> nocii ooll&tin airihii?< nd lopidcm nupcnoTpm 
fttnouoiiduni t^miuolnrunt. Quo dc^|)»Hiti>, rocro ubciintibtis cutvriti 
ncc intditum intro detigorc Audontibue, oga ot alius <)aidiun 
do cotwociifl audactor aooodiTuuH et od iiititoDduni ^^toroa iinutamu^ 
Tutio udhibito LM>piow> cnndolrLnim lumino pcuitor conApcximiui roi 
vt ont uoritatonii Dumque oum inlucTGmur, anUrioros du^e 
dL^»t<w A maxilla Ts^rgrugiitut; hctotkuhi iuovro cumpvri. Quu« uidcnti 
ot piiiDO OM oaporom bositaoe, pio do&iquo tnoiULtus furto nooci- 

to' be ODe. Acwirdingly on the day appoinwd, to wit on WeduesUajr 
after Pidin Suudajr aI nigliL nfu^r LriuiU were Diiielied, uiid wL«ii all 
the <x>nve^iti exc*Rpt ua iua, hwi tietjikeJi Llierj^Heltixi Lo t]K« dunuiuir^, 
wo, Imviog flunfC the seven Peabn«^ and LiUn/, bofbra dayhrnAk 9>c4 
<rurM*lve« tu carry out th« wrirk wtiiob \m^ l>i<dii trttjoined ua. Bat 
wWii w« cA(n^ U> the ^ravo where tho gloiioua tlunt of tbe blttwod 
Martyr wai hurind. And were hAitatiiig wrha iihauld atrilco th« fir«t 
blov, a Hurldf^n horrtir aei«*d us. But* wlxilti luy f^ompanionEt u\ 
%\\v\r fear h^ld linck, 1 recovered iiiyaelf, a»d taking an injn wejj^< 
find fixing it in a crevico of the atones* 1 smote it stoutly vith a heavy 
mallot, and at the thir^l Mi>w, an th<? wedge made way. tlio fttonea began 
to part luuiidor. At tht? Kight of which my coinpaiiiutiM uniting in 
their cxeKioiiA triwl all to;;BL}ier to move tlio Atone that^ wa& on ihv. 
top. Whon it wnfi t^kon ctT and laid down, while tho others retired, 
jw not (Uring to gaxc upon what wan inside, 1 and anoUicr of tbe 
company boUlly ttpprfjjLuhod, and we invited tlie otljurs to look in, 
TIteii by tlie help of abundant light froui our candles we 4,(1 togetlier 
vaw tho vury truth. And as we gazed upon liini, 1 uotiired that two 
fr<>rt toeth ha*i Iwcomo loosened from the jaw and wure lying by 
theuHelvoii. Which when I saw, and. at first hcnitating whether 1 

» Tha mh, Band, aetK 5lit, 102nd. ISOth, and IWUi. Th« flrst lh«e are ap- 
pointed for thu monung hvrvioc, tho lut three far the evening Mryioo, ^nd th< 
61»t fur tbo oocimfoi^tiuji Mrvic^ on Ash WodnpiulA^ in nnr Litnr^. 


St William of Nonvich, 


cnliljUA Fiociin cvjIIuj^i; o;llvcUm, inuttdLi^imo piuiJiiciilu iimoLui, e( 
iiiuvlutpOs Hccrv'to loco rccoiididi. N^u illos inc hiibciv qiiisijuam 
ecirt' jKjtuil, donee piiisbeu iiljji&uiu vl l\ww ix'uvUuiIh Quibus 
rtiUtfWin, tix ur|iitt qiui ill(.iJ4 lauan; »u1utauH, aicul lu voiiEwiftii-ritibuB 
doclArnbitiir, nttiltoa muUntieiiK curates fuU^e probatiimii^. Mnr- 
tirem ilaigue stjinmn Unirktuiu vuiii nmcntiiUa i-l ciuididiHbimiA 
inunlutum liuthoa mini bus patlio coopeniiinus utigui; uniiicrba, 
clarrscenUr mm uurora, iinigeiitictniauininaniinuacum. IXs^rtnlflUi 
ut-nj tiiitc prima conuciitusfcJ^liut; u«;eL^lcii3 ahpitiilo illuni mlulit, 
ubi n lalLomiH et cemetitariiM foaaa preparata Harc^faguni imiuUsutD 
fuvral, cu ncilici;t quo ipse ntiUvi pt^r uisum j>oUut-ruL h*<'A>. Sed 
illihi in iXTUlia as^Btentium mimbile appariiit, unde nos pluritDiw 
ttiQuit ftlujMJn Vr^i^bnl vlenitn tniii i'pinci'|»i iLiiuulatiiin toin prior 
prwcDs B»3»istens et iubens qiiatiniis ita res gcrervliir ut »Fir- 
copba^'iitu fuKHc irjiini^uiii pauiiiHiuUi ccHMjuatiiui luchil at>l [laruiu 
pntmiticrt't. Ilacjue laboi-ant cemenuiri], hibc poittidatle lu&ii- 
(iatfim, iude priorbt aj4&i.it43iitifl explerc prectptum. Siimina ^ui- 
dern luihibiUh diltgentJaaarcopbai^i apmitudinem ad rossccoiifcreiitoH 

shcHild Uk« th»m, »L tjbst, Ui»pt«(i to a pious theft, J t4>ok them 
witliout my cotLipHninnH ut>semng lue, and when 1 Lad taken them 
I wvappod tlicm in a biuaU pieco of cloth without soil nud I hid them 
■u A Morot pUMDi ttiid no one could li»va known that I hod Ihujn 
until after WHrdtt his himiH^lf discluHod the Lwi. Wlirjii tlivj wore 
rove&lod, w« pi-ovoJ thnt by tbti vfv^tvr iu i4hi<;li wa umkI to w«ab those 
teeth, us I ebaJl loll in vliAt foUowH, nwny pnoplo on inauy occAAiona 
TOHJ miide uhoUv tio then with utmont rcvcrtincti vo Uftod up tho 
ninrtyr, a»d wu wrupped him iJi whitu Unun, itmi oovorcd Eiim witli 
a pall, ttnd, wtien tl^id fiiLwn vmn now bti^nniiig to Hprr^ul ov«ir all 
tJiiDga, we fiuiHJked our work with dili^ncc and cttr^ Then UkU 
tdUtr Pri[nia hiul htxti c^un^, thu o<fnv(mL joyfully comini£ to u« 
bore bim into tbe CImpttir-houao, whore a Krava had bei*u tnado rendy 
by Alone-Diason^ and plasterers, and a aarcophagiu had been placed 
then\ to wit in the very place which ho hnd begg<}d for in tlie viaioa. 
Bat lo! iMffciro tho nytv at all pnvt^nt a nmrvcl appoiirxHl, at tho 
which a griMit amai^^mnnt struck ua nth For Ul» oi>iiniuin(lninnt of tho 
Biahop WAH urgi?nt; an<l the Prior too, who wua present mid uKsiHting, 
kept ordering that it bhoutd be w tuanaged ibal tlio itarcophaguA 
wluch waa j:ilaced in the grare bbould be almost on a level with thit 
pAVcmont, Ami accordingly the inawms wi to work to obey the 
mandjiUf of thr [tmh<;p on the one linnd, nnd the orders of tho Prior 
who wAH prCBCiit un tbo nthor. So ukiiig all dilig<mcc and comparing 


St Wiitutm of Nonvicfi, 


prof^ndiliiloni, quod iuwi fuemiil te pro Itbito eiequi nullatcnas 
dnbitabaDU Sed diiiinA dinpeDnaiiti! grutia rt^ in nontrarjtim ncmiL 
pkU N\'inpo inter Tii>c ttWt^r i\a\ libittim dispom^but homo ot 
wniuft ati]uc alitor fid martins sui uenerationem preoTdmaiierat 
deii« et doroiniift. F<KtHa 8epu1<Tuin. vepiilcro corfniM immitlitur: 
8c<l euperpostta lamina fere lota pauimetitiim super eminere 
inueDitnr. Indij^imtufl nd hec prior atatim d<^pom laminam et 
cxpoftito iloruin cjjrporc brrn\tn iti^rum aiiSbdi iubet et expom> 
ut repofdto corpore et superposita d«Quo lamina u<^l sic paiiim<riiCo 
^ptilcnim <]iieat coaptari, T>uiiHiuir onni litiiuKmoiU tnrnistcriutn 
mmifitri operifl dilig^utcr HatagcroDt, qui in i;anctifi suis gloHosUB 
eat dominriA (u^niiim suiim martireiii inamfeiite glonfioiiiit. Quod 
euiiu, ni'C tamcn ^ul uelkr prium, M^ptitcrum aulcn contigit pri>- 
minere, modo ibi diuina lat^utcr i^peruite gratia in ocutis aatantium 
piteiitiT crnu'batnr i^un (juaai excreuLsae. Ad hoc iiiwi fralnjni 
Ic'tatur GonuentU8, ct iiuutiulli prv gaudio lachniati sunt: et ()ui 
piiulo ftul^ di' sopulon dcprosfaiune doluerant, de <?i«!*di;m [xBt^^u per 
mamfestam diuint uirtutis oHtennonem exaltatione plartmnm 

the dimenaiona of the MircopTiAgun with the depUi of the ^rare, tJioy 
hud no doubt wlmtovtr that they had obeyed their iiijunctioii». But 
the Divifits gnLce ^^rdered it fto thnl it turned out quite coiitrary 
to th«b expectations. Veriiy, in this nmtterf uiftu, thr sfinp-un^ *nw 
propoain^ nil thingn acoiirdiiLg u> hib pleasure, and, fur the hifitour of 
His own iiiftityr, our Gou lintl Lortl Uwi di£po«ed olherwiae. Ttt« 
BarcophJi^8 wm* ploccid in the gravi? auil the Ixniy in th« ttAK^i^pLnigiia^ 
but whc'n the iJd waa hiiil lit iu pia^ie it una fouiii:) to aUiijJ uut 
abovi? tli« pHvi.-njoiit Altogether. ilnrt»t the Prior being iviigry ivtnhiglit- 
ivtty ortiered the lid to he reutovod; the body wibs again i-\xpuicd, and 
ho. iirdered the gravo to bi.« duf^ n Boovrid Liino mid tLo eurth to be 
iJirowii out so that vhpn iU*i btniy wrm put hnc\c and thc^ lid oneo 
more put on, the sopiiiphw might l« made level wftli t\w paveiuent. 
Hut while tJie workuirn w(*rt- carefullj carrying out their ordere with 
thin intrnt, thi? Lord uho i^ glorilicd in Ili)« pmlihU glcirificd in a 
nmnlftvt way Hia BervnHt tho murtyr For whi^rea* the Acpulphrr, 
contrary to the Prior"* will, prfTvioucly ntoud out abuve the ldvi*l, »o 
now, by the divine ^frww mysteriouBly assLslin^, lol there, before the 
e)c« of thone who were staodiog by, it wu objurrvc^d iwidently to have 
riH-n up as it wcro, Whc*n this w*ih seen the wIh^U^ c<>nvent of tho 
brethren rejoiced, and some for very joy shed tenrs, and they who a 
little wliile before had lament^-d tlie lowering of tlie aepulohre w<?ro 
cxoeeding glad at Iho subsoquvnt eixalUttioD of it by the plain exlithition 

m*] iSt William of Noricich, 125 

gauilcbaut, Si'UperiiciuH lul liou prior iUi vmu pumiinit qiiooiutD 
diuine ulteriua roslst^re iioluntali aecunim non credidit. 

it, De jnaniftitifi. jtvpalchrt ca^iiltatitjue^ 

"XTERITATE attestaote uenim fore didiciniufl quia exallatud 
V hiiiiulialiitur nt(|uc t coTuivrw.) cxult'Abilur liumiliatua. Cum 
eteaim ad Inuiutoa in parabolw loqiton-tiir doiiituiis, intiitatum 
1>rcmouuit no scilicet miUHz^uB primum pr^siimeret occupare locum, 
nc honoratioribiifl iiro pa»t alimn xupt^r iiODii-ntibtiM tandem cum 
ruborc oittvmum cogatur locum optinero. Subiun^na deinde 
docuit recumbcnti iioiii.>tHiitkairi preeli^eiidAni Hidvm ut poAtmodum 
lib inuitntorL^ R^ciiiubctitiuDi GoiisiiltTantc ct discrcitiito moritri* 
audita mpreatiir : Amice^ ascende superius. Time quippe utrimiue 
contingftt or>iidigne pro montii(> ut eti^iltcet exaltetiir ne hLLtiLiliADE^ 
et depoiintur sc uxiiItaiiK Qimm m cxulttintitf d<.>positioucra con- 
iud«ra[ia pnalnkifitft qiia^i inHidtaiKlo ait: Vidi impiu/n xu^jcr ea^dUi' 
turn et tUauivvi incni ccdros Libani : ft transiui rf ecce nojt erat. (?t 
cetera. Se hunniliantibus ueio exalt&tioaem apostolna Petnia 

of thB divine power, WhoroupoTi tho Pri<»r, iinioat^d, alLow^ H to bo 
&M it WHA, flinoe he dui not think it a^ie any more Ui r^aiEt the divioc 


ii. Concerning the mani/f^t ExalUttioH qf the Sepuhhr^, 

Bj tliQ Iwitiiiionjr of tho Truth vro have Icomt thjvt it is true 
how "Afl th<U ooalletK Aw*-w//' ttftall be Auth&W, and ha fAo* hanihlM 
kimt€t/' 0ihail bii dVo/W," For vt?ri1y tlitf Lord whvn Hv wiu tipHikiiig 
to ihtM0 tliAt -nen iiivitfd in pftrAl>]4ifl, wiLm^kd tUcno invitml that no 
on« unbidden Hhonlii tAkp tha fimt plnoo, 'Mrst whrii thoHo morn honmir- 
a.h\p thiui h« nhoiild oome, tbnn hr- vould b<*i comprlltHt with Hhatnc to 
take tb«* InwnAt ptju^T.'* Tfien lio vUM and Iftught libu that &iU down 
to rit do'nm ill the ]<>w<ifti seat, no tliai aft^rwftrds he mifffjl ciewrve 
to luiar fnui Ihv iruut^rof the fen^t, ft« ho corundrrrni AtLd ^lutinKuiHlied 
the deaerU of the gu<wtA: '^FrUnd, go up higlutrJ' Tlieu rerily each 
would ^l aceikrding to bin deM*riA, bo that be who UtiTuhletb hiiuriell 
is I'xalt^HJr 4ud be thai ^xattetli him&elf ih abased. The vhich fretting 
dowD of liiin thftt ox^tltolb biiriAplf, thr* 1'uilnkint having in hia nund, 
aayt in n>proncbftil fashmn, "/ /citvi tt^n (he uncfud in ffrrtU power, 
4md fo^ttfti /tjta *j ip-cm bay tr«^ : J twrd Ay, and io! ht tau goiv^," iic. 
But tbi- Apostle Peter, foUoving the foowu^m of his tniHtn-w the truth, 
proclaitiis tho eialtntion of thwo that humbk^ thcmnelvvn Haying, 


Sit WSUam of SorwUA. 


acffitAtis KMjucoii ucvtigin prvdicmuii tticeiui: ZFunrilwnnni 
mA poimdi manu dei ul vot Bwabei in fvm/wrv uM i a tio m m^ Porro 
iNAtA «l j^luritm uir^u Uaria utruiti<ju^ ultaus breoitete coocluut, 
diccDt: I^fpo^uU poUniw dt mpde, §i vxalUxaU AvfiuJef. Haoc 
e^tudom buioiJu exaltatioinfm, u>t et tanLU pr^icatam pc\-<.ioaUa, 
area gluri&Aiuli mvtiriM hui ^cpulcmni gratia uohiitdiuiim Pi)9UJ» 
esporiii aM^spectibii& Noa nempe fjui aepukri superemmentiam 
prima dio nii-ii9<timuiniu>, nil Uiddd fuUiri tunc Naspicact€« euealiiss 
OOTDpleto anno run reuera incredibilem sed uiffU pliirimomin 
expenau) experti el uod tmmua. Coin peri en tes eteniin tani ttubicuu 
aopolchri exaltationcm eiuiDeotic illiua rD0ni»>raiaia adhibuiniiis 
mernunun, fnipra ciaarn el plenum pHlimnn (nc) eicfeuisatt pro- 
baulmita Et c]Uod coram deo teste loquor, picbe me silente 
>'orwicuasi» 6t cognouit et predicat. Me auteni ge«torum serkm 
ab eiDUlis r««ciDdoro dicar, quod dcacripU; tnuislaticni va quo 
posUnoduin ciinipkt<j ge^tu ^luil anno ita prepjstere Btatiiu ]Qt«r- 
aenic'riDj quAfti nil mumoria dignnni tDU^rfiicrits r<«p<>ndeo, ac fact! 
cauaam nabitingn. Qiioniam ioquain in descripCa translatlone 
admirabilem illam aepulch^ diuiuo com in oculifl Doslri« dijtpeu- 


"ffwnUe if<ruraflvf^ wvlj^r the mx^hty hand of GoD ihtU Atf rwt^ mrtU 
jfOH in due tirof" Morw»v^r the bUfiwed and i;lonoua Virjf^in Mary 
OOTaproh^DdH both truths in ft sinf^le verse, Faying, **!/« hatf^ put down 
th^. mighty frmn thf-ir «fat find hath r^Foitrd th^. humbU and rn^dt." 
Y«<r)ly thiH exaltutlon of tht* ttuiiilili!, pmcliuiittKl by «d many and micfa 
Kraut witnwiMw, did the divine }^aoe chouct^ to approve lo (>ur ej«i in 
Ui« )tfT]>u1i;]Lrr uf XVia martyr wlio wub tu be ^loriQud' 

Wo howrrrr, who on the £rrit d^y mraiiurcd Uic hd^t of ttw 
Mpulohre «bovo the floor, tibvinf; thm no Hanpioion of what wan Roanx 
to happDtif ni thfl «md fA a y>^r oun^lvoH dinoavetW a fjwt really 
inrrrfdihlc^ hut whioh wmi provwi in thfl prew^noo of vory many, Por 
when in tbft firHt [mitAiiou wfr notiiwd thcf Mudd^n raidng of tha 
Mpnlohre, w<* applied the n^^MHun* aiorwaiid t*i t,hat ifnim^niN*, nnd 
we proved t\mt it had ^'rowu above that ori^nimt liei^bt u full Imod'A 
brcMhdtb. And thnt which 1 dcK<1art\ callinif 0«d to witnoHs, t^e people 
of NorwicJi, tiiou^h I uhoidd hold ruy pi^aoe, kn^WH nnd pn>alnlnw. 

Diit that I Diny not l>o naid to )»ave interrupted the coume of 
my narmtivt^ by insuring in tho Rtory of tho traiiHlation certain 
iiiattot^ which happenuj Kfltr the lapae of a year^ as thougli nothio^ 
worth mrJitioning had occurred in the meanwliile^ I aiiHWcr, and add 
thi> cauae of my doiiig ho, 8iiic(? thi^n in thr narrative of the inuut' 
lAtiuu I raoorded that wonderful hftinfc up of the sepulchre, what 

m,] St WHiuim of Not^ick 127 

Muitc nutUiClciULtioncm comracinoraiiii cam i]\\ qit<f magisi lu^ mugin 
ii«quo ad anm explotii>ncir\ oxcrouit exulUtio n«n itkcotigi-uc, ut 
roor ooDtinuaiii. Hoc itnquc itA og]^ non ut ordtacui j^t^ram 
rcvciDdcriMn. 8cd ut similiA aiimlibim conlcTTvm. 


fliff tftpdo ablato et litTniiiari pi^oKxhiio. 

ANNO itaqiie nb ihcaruationi> dominica M^ C^. qnirKjuagemmo 
braostato, uehit prcmiwmm est. intra capituliim ueDerando 
martinft corpnre, fern cjujutn post paw^hn florum, tunc ncilicot i<luN 
apniifi. coDsuquoDti dotiiiiiica qua dominico rssurr^^ctioim gaudia 
ieooli<bantiir, (jitoniuduni coiMilio c«n«odalium ego rhomiu mA 
nenonodi martiris »ub t^tn ULtiorabili die uoQCAtioni^^tn tapoto 
e^mkram elua coopenii atJ|iio capiti QliuEi ceream grandem queni 
ipte ad ipeum pn?paniuenun illumiiiFitum apposui. Quo audito 
prior Helias graniter quidem tulit, et que quasi presumptuoso 
iiu^u appoeiita fucratit, uiliter aufvm ni!C ultcnuH apjKJui prci^piL 
Vude pturima pars coniientua pbrimum iicandalixata est et coctur* 

limo the divine approval ordered it so bofore our oyce, it was not 
inapprgpHat<^ I tliinkt to eulijotn thereto the aoouijnt of the ei&]tivtioii, 
which iiicrviuod up to the end of u full yMir, Aoc^rdintcly T <i]id fto^ 
not Hi> &H to alt^r ihe order of events, bat thftt I might jM^ociAte like 
tiling with like^ 

iii Ct^HCtmifUf the carpet that ufut remawd^ and the light thai wot 

Hn thffn in thn yrar nf tiur I>ird 1 XftQ^ when, lu hju liM^n shAwn, 
the Mcrttl Ufdy uf the martyr had Ijeeii removed into tlio CfaapUir 
boUrte on Wiylne«day after Palm 8undAy, thnt ia, on the 13th April' ; 
on the following Sundny, Iwin^ that in whicfi tho joy of tho Lord's 
iwnrreotion iM comni<riiiomtf?d, 1, ThoiniLA, by the iLiIvioe of noma of my 
oompiuitoiiH, to t\iow revorenct? oii so ^fi-eat a dfty for the worshipful 
[imrtyr, cuvered hU a^pulchre with a carpet, f^nd iwt up at hit) heml 
n grt^L WAX tApi^r lightiHi, which T hml provided for this purpose;. 
But when Prior l^lm heard of it be was much ofiended, and 
gnvc ordwn that what hjul bxm wt up ihvro presumptuously and 
audaoiim^Jy ihotiiii \h: rurli-Iy Ukkt^n away, ajid not Im^ avt up agtin. 
At tbb the larger part of the convent was greatly ecaudaiitted and 

> ThoTcar 1olt«r fcr UAOjl-d- wai A, tho Goldrra niLfnber 11. Th^nron Eaiter 
EvU ua thi> ll5lhApn1p and Weduvniifty wouLJ W ilw 12th, nol tlio ]3lh, (Jnfry 


St WUliam of Norwioh^ 

[be J 

bata mqi» factum illu<l co magw displicuit rjuoninm moli ftnimi 
Agniim ftlit. Vi^nintanieD, ut aiunt, iDagis gestiiui eat aliorurn 
hoc GoneJlio ot inuidit- invtinctu quAm ox proprin prioria c]i«poa«a- 
iionc. Quod ticro ineliuH i^Imo, tarn sapioDtis uiri promckt 
diaorotio proaiirnptionia iioatro auaum per oiuamodi uoluit oorrigoro 
ct oohibcrc fjictiim. 

iv. De quodami cUt^co a dolore dmtttum lib^raio. 

BEATUM uoromarttreniftuuini-Ad^mipHidtcdiutiia j^arifiGarc 
ccpil clemenlia qua ilium audax infefltare preHumpnit ma- 
litia, diuinctque inditio mulUi dignum ucnc'i-atione patuit, qua 
iTidij^iiim proterua matitiokotia adiudicaiiit ifieo Daniqut* dk* 
paacbnli qoidniTi Willdmi uicecoTiuit9 ck^ricits, UaTifridiis nomine, 
gT»uix<iino <lentiiim dolore iicxatu^i, trahente ilium et diiccnte 
deuotionie aftccli] ad (d^jJuTcruin bt-nti martiris ndufiuit. Magistre 
jidei inatinctu particulam cementi accepit, dented confricando 
tetigit, et dolore confi^tim ac ai midj nichil habuiiwet mitigato, 
incvlumU a sepulcro remeatiit. 



diJiturbcd, And wa« tTio tnoTO dlsplontod b<.iciiUQu it won an cvidm^ oCi 
hoHtility, Bui, 4B BOQio nay, thin wiw d(>ti<. hy tJio ndviou of othcfn Atid \ 
front the* ur^pn^H of fiivy rathi^r thiui of f,h<* PriftKs ovn niotiv«. 

Yi^t. wlmt. T rHth<*r think i\ ihtii the pntilpnl di.if^ri^tion nf «o wi<w n 
man deicired by thb kind of treatnu-jit to ourmct imd nwtnt.irt my 
prcsumptuouB tomi^rity. 

iv. VoncvTtiing a errtain Cleric ctAved of t4>oihacKs. 

But on that very Mftmn day oti which tb^t audacious malioA pnw , 
Bnnied to cAst Ji slight uptm th^ inr^rtyr, tht? di\'iiie mercy W^n to 
glorify him, aiid he was proved worthy of muoli veneration \>y a *i^ 
of God, whereby He ai^uiJf^ed hitii unworthy of the spiteful ill*vrili. 
For or» Eaaler Dny a cert-aiii clerk of William the Sb^rifT', Oaufridiui 
by name, tortured by a lery tlreadful toothache, cam* to the nopulohro i 
of the hl&vted martyr, n feeling of devotion drawing and le/uling him ^| 
there. Pn>nipt*!d l*y hia fAJth which tau^'ht hiin, hr took a mon*^! ot ^^ 
thr cpra^'nt [of thp ^eputohii?] anfl touchnd his t<»etl], rubbing them 
with it, und intmeJiately Hie [ut-in was atiiled aw if h<^ hud had nothing 
the matter with him, and he went away frotn the Mepulohro whole. 

1 WHllaio d« ChAyiuy, breith« of John ; «« p, llfl 


St William of iViMtczcA, 


V. De jtionacho a dohre consinnlt curato, 

EODEM feriDQ tempore Edmiiudufi ]um<»r mouachus yorwi* 
ctiiiAui lam uehenu^tiii denliuin argebnltir tloloru ul uimia 
tuinen?^ geugiuA inantfegla dolorid Jarot ijidiLia. Ir^ ck-Hf^um 
pr^^arriptuni aJ mi:7mona.m rcdiiceuA per intfnta Iji^U uiartirin 
itidcnj qiioai cunuidus ad idem mox confugil asyluin, ut doloii 
BU<» meodicaret r 4? medium. QiuhI nult-in GOe borm (|ut?Hiiiil, 
Hiue mum cunsequi promcruit Vbi eaim dolcntj fjLcic Hcpulcn 
IiLpidi^m teligib, dolore ojiifi^iiiji Hedato, uiimem vxiiumiri veiuiiL 

VL De cuiusdam uiri religiosi itenerabUi nisione. 

HISDEM quoquu diubus cuidmn d^^coritJit et uviicnibiluin 
uidere coiitigit uiHJonem. Emt <]uip[HJ Norwiei uio:iiu:hu!i 
quidam uita ct mc^ribus religiosiiJf, uir reuctra cui tnultum crodi 
deceaty Fetrus PeiierelluR nomine. Qui Ttii\e» <]uoTid&m in seciilo 
regi diutissime seruicrot Henrico, ac inter th&lami sui annumcratus 

V, Coticcming a monk cured qfa sirniiar pain~ 

About tho same tim<i Edmurd the joun^r, a monk of Norwicli) 
woj troubled with «o t4mbl« a toaUtoche Uiiit the excessive swollinfc 
ol the gums g&ve a clear proof of hU Bu^rin^. Tliln man, r^nteir- 
beritig the clerk nfoi^HAid, hetoot himself to th** samft pliifv nf rnftig^ 
to try ft rPmedy inr Ioh p/tin, ft>J though seeking ia be cured by tho 
DQOrtts of the hleAfled martyr- But whnt in true faith hn lnystm^ht, 
thai he wim de^iunJ wortljy to oblain without delay : for when hu 
touched i\w atone of the sepulchre with hia BuQedn;: fcce, fttrai^fhtway 
the pun wu allay^ and be felt all the awoUing diMppear 

vL Conc^fniin^ a wond«rfiU vitnon <ifa wrUtiti Retigiojut man. 

In tlieae diiy« it bufull a certain man to aee a beautiful and w'ond4^^- 
ful vision- 
Then; wrw at Norwich a certain inunk, a re]i;;:iouii nmn in hiit 
life and conduct: a man iiifleed in vrhom uiucli cotkil<leiioe mi^ht be 
placed, and his name was Pot«r Fcv«rolP. who whrn a knij^hl living 

■ Pator P«vora]| waji brotbcr of fiir Malthoir pDTeftU, Lord of P«TL-rvU'> Manor 
Id Gr«ftt MclUin. Sir Afatthov gtvc cFirUun laudii Ed Mdton Eu ilio IVJory at 
Konriob, oii condLlioa tlmt hiii bruLhur FtCvr vaa rfci'iied m a iitonk Among thi^ 
bnllmn- Thd uiiKinsI ChnfUi mfvrrijij; li> thiit lrihiia&oUon« ftnd ihc «ouIlruiMii>u 
oT it, ftr* In bd trmtxA in th* Ri^iHlr'r of tliA t^riory now iht Norwich. Hm BlomiN 
B*ld, V, n. 7. Also Plaocb^, Tht Ctmifitrror itiirJ Af« t'o«*pi"^Dm, ii, 268- 


Si William of iVonricA. 


ibov^ prinfttiminoo. h in ntsu Docttimc qiiiHut noctt quacUm 
uidit M9 qUftAi In eccleaia exUt€Dt«ia iiidere <ft ftdnkiraxt turbniu 
cattdidatonim mnuincrftbil^ni com iiaHi^ ct oonnoniA ccnccntibun 
t!Ccl«Hiufu sfubiiituiit^uu Sub odueotu eonini tantus splendor 
nuUnlnt i||]ADtHiii hiiriuiniin »culu» tiiistin<,*rv xwn pot«nt. Tum 
il)e uui uumtn ueimsti o^pt-ctua ueacrabiJi intcrrogAuit diccnv: 
Que c»t, doEniiu*, guiw hec t^m admimbUia ei d««ot«cum ttuitahuc 
adu^nicns florin ? Cui iltc : Egc«, *it^ re^iui ccVi ct mtimli domin;! 
utim line SUA foiiulja AdueoiU aiuicuiu auoin qui peova utjft tel 
uistare dilectiMimum. Inn]t|uc idLto cum puellii* Abiit vecrvUim 
cum L<u liabilurii colloquium. Quo audito, mouochuu uehciuvnt^^r 
expauit. u^^qui^ ibtdt:iii uHrti numm ausuH, ecclesiam vxuU Ouiiiquf.- 
uelut sibi uidubatur dnii^tfiiin j«ubinlrauisseb ^x capitulo pr\>xi- 
raarotft odur iiit-ntiinabilia udut^nieuliH t^e inAidit tmribu^^ l^mikB* 
iturufl uoru cf^pitulum cum, ul mon^f est, iniagini doxniitice se 
incluiaret, iutro proBpickna uidet glorioaaia illaiii eeli et ierr« 
impcnitnccfm »1 cupuL aepiiL-bri uiitro sedili regio omntu ndariiiiU> 
re^dcRleni* auroque tic gemmta uicaiupzirabili nitore remteiitibus 

tn the world, liod lon^ Herred King Kenr/ and hod titwn numbcivd 
among his AttcndauU in the Privj Clifunber. This tamn ah ho vm 
slofping quiftJy saw hinwclf in a vijueii Qf the njght RtAiidiuj; aa iC 
won> in th*? Church nnd look in r with wontW at an iiinLiinerabJe 
throng; of mm clott^wJ in whitt*, And entering tbr Church with « 
vanod Axtd ew4>«t ooncort of touaic. Al thoir <*ntr<kDcc no great a 
brightneea dione forth iw no human 4iy« could bmr. Th1^n ho 
qu«itione<l 011^ ot th(<4F* being*, of a bcnutifu) *nd vcin«rable uMpuct, 
w^J'^Tig, " Ixird, what ifi Uiis aa wonderful and bbautiful n ocmpAny 
comine hither with s^ch jrivftt ^loryt*" To whom tlu' i>Uiiy nniWiTwl. 
*^Bfthold thrquurn of hcvivon und inJAtrcAS of the world coiiielh with htjr 
attmiJanlM Ut viiut \wr moat dc^r friend who is with you ; and now han 
fthe gone within with her infiident! lo hold m^cret oonvenw with him/' 

Which whc^n the monk heard, lie was grievously afnvid, nor did 
ho dans to stay ihtnw any longer, but wetit out of the Church. 
But when, as it appeared to hiTn, hi? hjid entere<l tho cloUter and 
wa* approaching th* Cliapter-h<juflf, an exi^uisite fnigrnncr greeted 
hiM noMtriU, And, Iwing about to pas8 the Chaptt<r-houiM', wht*n accovxl- 
ing to cuatom he won bowing himwelf before the image of the Jxml. 
looking in h« pi»w tiic glorioua Kniprcss of lieavon nnd earth seated 
at thi? heiul of the aepukhre on a gulden z^eat viorned with royal 
omanicntN, and crowned with gold and genia that sparkled witit in- 



St Wiltiam of yoj-uich. 


coronntAm, Ad cuius doitcraiu et louam uiire pulcritudum Jue 
iiwictobADt nirifinoH cereoA ucccjimo* ixianibiin teneutcs. Corftm 
illii WatuH pucr et mvtir Wil!clniU4 cnpite incJii^Ato t1exiflqu« 
if^fltcbnt gciiibtuk Cui glurioua d(>uiUii mater t^ercta sibi flonw 
admmistninU* purllo, eji illis curouani [ilectebat admii^HbUem 
ct pArntam vius mipjfuebHL cupitL llutjc ixiortiriB beiitl Riorum 
duiD iutcutiutt nUeiidt?ret luotiuohus, ct uide iikultuiu uiiraretor, 
a<:ci^t ad «uiu uirgo que flore^^, ut dixi, adiiunistrabal. El ait : 
Quid >4lupo» ud <juid mimris? El iWc . Quiu rtcilict^l quid Lie 
g^^ratur tgnoro et N:ire unldt; desidero, Cuii ilia : Bcce regiiiA cell 
ct domiiii iLi&tt-r pUitntuum buic ecclcsie adeo uanigiifiUun iiiortirviii 
WiUelmum aiuicutn (Mjuulein suum uisiluru dik^tuiii u<<D]ti co- 
muAuil, ciqut* \n\} tibltu ctiraijdi }XJt€!fitateiJk ctiFituIit. Vado etp) 
nunc, euuique a mtHlt? iit^Eiemn.' ; quuiiiiiiii die^ uerdent qimudo 
ipeiiim opo vt tu rnaxiuKi indigebifi, Quod cl hs. coDtigit, bicul 
pcpfiterimi dt-cIuiabiE'iir. Quibu* dicti», celcBtia ilia uisio di^^paruit, 
t-l ciugilan^ mouai^ufl quo uiderab dlLigentius reuoluere cepit. 
Maue ueni facU»» que per nisiim uiderst cum fratribus enarniss^t, 
ttb ea die ot dtiiiicepe ceperuDt pliirimi sepulcniin saacli martiria 

comparable splendour. On her ri^bt hand and on her left tvo virgiiu 
w(4rd itanding cf wnndrouK l^oivuty, hoUtbig in tli^ir huTids li^Fitm] 
tapen, anil h»for» lier the boy martyr William woa atteudiof? i^rith 
bowed h€4kd and berndod kncet ; for whom tlw glgriouM roothpr of 
wr fjEjnl u'ju ploitiim; a luarvolluua cruwti uf Iluwt^ra Miih wliiub a 
tbird diuDOci wjui supplying ber, aikd whoii tbe crowu wm ready oJi« 
put it upon Iii» hvtiS. Whilo tbr inonli wa* gn^ing wifttfuUy at thU 
glory of the blcfAod martyr and vondoring thorcrvt, the vir^^in whc^^ 
tui T iwuif wa« Hiipplyitig Huwi^rs «anie to }iiin, nud Kuid, "Wliy art 
thou ftniAxert, »iirl why w^mderei^^ iboul'^ and h<k anHw<>rnd, '^ llrioauiw 
T know iic>t what U boing done hf*re and I gn*atly dc^ii^ to know." 
To whom 9ht replied, "Behoki, here, the queen of heaven and 
Uie mctber of our Loixl liatli oome to visit her b&lovod friend, 
the patron aeaif^ued to this Church, tho martyr William. Shtt hu 
crownod him and baa conferred upon him th? powor of heatirijf at 
hia will- Oo thy way tlien^forn now, and from thia tin* pay him 
reverence, since the djiyi will t^ouw wh«u thou too sfiftit grt^ally ner»i his 
aid !" Which too 90 came to poaa aa shall be explained hrn^after. 

At thene words the hcavrnly viHion pasM-d away and the monk 
awaken«d began oarrfuUy Ui turn over what he bad seen. Uat when 
the morning came, and he bad narrated to the bndhrt-n what he 
had town in the virion, from that day forward many of them began 



St WHtiam of i»?orwMrft. 


plunuum ueiwrari et oimtiooilMU li«qaent&re. Ex i|uibtti doo- 
oolkni dioQDt«B Audiuimus 9c ibklcm scpinntDc muuuninu odoris 
mfv i tmo fraglantUui ex Ulu ueuenhbili BacrtttiaHmi dmtUtu oepulcro 

De ^uadam a Uinfftu>re diutttmo cttraia. 


NEC tnuKo post Ckricia luor Gitufridi dv Mnrci vi Gertjden- 
fiium fmiraiD neptts ad beatisdmi maitiris ueoit sepulcnim 
de»detiUuin tnfinnitaiw me querent remcdium. Hec per aliquot 
dcilore r^num ac ^cnuum laWraucrat onnos, noc por aljquo*, bc^l 
in illix miiltum expenderit, curari potait medicos. Venieita uero 
niiwibuA «T duc^ntium, immo mn^ duciti ftdf^i ad illud ncnorubile 
•epulcrum, aliqtuimdiii fftan^i orauit ac deinde, geoibus proposse 
Aoiia, €a nudata Dudo Inpidi uppliauL Ad cuius confc^iin 
tactum nic-riionitiiti n^einbrorum dclor cepit miligari, tit iam 
aeotiix^t dio aruimam sospitaUtn qiia^ diuifiin mouibna refuodi. 
Sicque factum est, ut que manibus alienis oarpore inWlUb 
adnenerat, celesU operante mediciiu, nullius e^t^&s adminiGul^ 
incolumitt r^^dirct et Aospee, 

to shew much homour W ibe holy martyr's s«puJehr« and U» pay Uurir 
devotions thcr^ Among whom T have h«-Ard mAny 8Jiy chat they 
|>vtf<c<^Ted tbere the |ierfunip «f a nnjst isweel savour, pruoiMxiing from 
that woEidroiu Bcpulchrv of tbe lootit holy Alartyr. 

TiL Coti&frnvruf a errdJin m<mu»i inrr^fi of a iong-^tanding $%ckitit. 
Not long f%.iWr thic CUrioi^ wife of GAufridiu de hWc' and tiioco 
of the brotKcrt Oi^rold' cume to the Hepukbre of tJie uiomI li1«uod 
martfr unrking a much desired reuiedy for hor intinmty. Tlti.H lady 
had lieeri nu&riu^ for ftotne years from pain xv. tlic rcine and kneos^ 
nor could she \w cureii by any physicians, though she Kpcnl moeh 
upon th«m. But c<iming lo chift worshipful sepulchre by meana o( 
IhoEw wUu Ivd her there, or rutlior by the leading of htrr fnith, atAndlng 
Iheiti for a lltllr whiltr nhc DHertMi up & prayer, and thon Irciuliiig 
lier kncot ha far as «(be wiw ablr «ho applif?d th«ni sdl bare to the 
bans Rtonc- And iiiuni'distoly at the u>uch of it the afk>rft(ii(>iitlon^ 
pain in ht-r Hiubh bogan to Abftt«i tta that «he f^lt alroaily the long 
h>«t noundnfuw «prMtdin^ through her limba. Thuii it <!mho to paaa 
that ithc w)hi oLint- with her feeble Ixjdy by the )iniidH uf uthen, when 
(he heavenly medicine did ita work, went hack b&fe und Bound 
no man*B support. 

> QKofHilui; prob&bb Lord of Markuball. 4 teUIch froni Norrloh. 
' Cltfarl.T Wuriu and Honry PiliOetald. chumWUion to Henry n, froia 




ben, when ^A 
id net<<ling ^H 



St WiSiam of Norwich, 


viii, Dt altera a pro/fuuio Ixbcrata. 

POST paucoa dvonde dies, ad fe^tam sancta triiiitatis, inoctabis 
scilicet pontecostes, u«nit AIahub de .Soclii^hutha cum uxore 
&UA Mnriclp, qui et que patruus et matertera Ricardi tunc Fubprions 
Norwiceusis eraut. Hec diutuma produuii laborabaL ualitmliiic, 
nee per LarLtum tcmpus, plurima li'ccb iidhibitAiiKHlicina^effritudini 
sue ruincdtuni potuit imicnire. Voniens uem ad mcinomtum 
marliria sepulcrum. ^(sniia Uexit, tJuaaproHe^ldoinmcsuocaniielaa 
oplulit, ot cum lAcrimis mlulirm po^LuUuit. Pum clt^prcctiiitis 
oratio ccloa pulsauit, dluincque pietati» ^nratiii mini uelocitatc ad 
ima f<e contnlit Coinpleta eienim orati»ue et cum suntiii& 
douotione duoM^ulato Hupulcri kpidc, stubim slaru 8(iL<4it profluuium 
quod priuti fluere ncc coKsabatp uel od mounouturn. Turn niulto ^udio mo uocauit, el quia mc pre c^^teris pnuatuin rc 
ramiliareni babebat. michi priuatim rcuelauib quaiu repente uel 
qua egritudine cureUi sit- 

A few dayi* after thus at the feafit of the Holy Trinity, thnt U, 
ou the Octave of PeutecoAt, cati)e AUa de Setchy' witik Muni^l 
hifl wiff*. He wiw the uncle and she the aunt o( Hichard then 
Hub'PHor of Norwich, Tliin iady hiui been nutlifriiLg from ti \oug- 
ataudiug flux, nor yet duriDg al] Uie time, thoujyb ahu huii uken 
much medicine, could she And any remedy for }ier slckuesa. But 
coining Ul thrj furtnicJitii^ut^ nujiulcbrt of ific mai'iyr adio 1>cnl 
bor kiivOM and olTrrcd twii cnndloa fur burwtf and h*^r hualNUid Hiid 
hffggcd for d<ili%-orruic« with toAn*, Tho nimplo pruyirr :u* ahf jmiyt-d 
knocked At thxt boavcnBi and the grace of Oou*i pity came down with 
wf>iidvrful npiditj. Fur nt tho riid of hpr pmycr, ftitd whi^ji with dcop 
devotion Hh*> IijmI kiw-erl ihc Hton« of th*> »iepulo}Lre, irii mediately Khe felt 
bor i*HUC »top which till then bud iirvur ecjtxed t'> fli^w. Then ri^oicing 
with exoeediti^ joy nhe c«lLed mv, ant) becaujw Hbe end'emcd mo ahovD 
others a0 an intimate friead, she told me priv«tcly how ouddenly aho 
bad boen curud artd of what complaint. 

^ fi«&oh7i on thft tiu, xhKe uUm from Ljtta. 


St WtUtam of Nonvidi. 


\x. De ptt&ro morti pro.vimo et mrntvr mncii WiU^mx itanato. 

DIGBU3 illt« Lufiuituluit filiutt Riidulti iiGpotij!^ prioru Hel^c ad 
mortem c>^n:»tpahat et iam hore Hupremd morn sola supererat. 
Vnde pritri (X>n»iiltiiin r*t rt nwitri iit in longnm et l&tnm ad 
mcnsumm pueri fetitin&ntissiino candela fierct, fActam BADcto Wil*] 
lelmo pn) filii Hi>Apitn.tHiMimti*n^n<l, H prc»cii)(ltthioiitnliin pn<*nim 
in<c<^>iim«iin inn-lunies recipc^n^it Conf^strm ergo, pront. dictum 
fflt, candpU cnnficitiir, «t paiemift delate tnanibus ad A^piiknim] 
fiaricU mftriiriH uotAlitvr olTortiin RcgriMltonK pat«r filtum sol 
reperirf^ gaiidH inoolnmo-m i^iiein paulo&nte dimittemt morioiitem. 

X. Qualiter' monachus dormiendi potentuim quam amiserat miritts 

CIRCA idem lenipiis ^euior tnoikachuH NorvicenRis diutina 
uoxatiu imbecillitate, Thomati nomine, cella iAceb&t infirmo- 
nitn. Ib AiniNOk per tridnum dormioDdi potentin cepil gnuEtcrl 
labomre, vil preciptie noctibu8, quibus nee od modicum oculi oiiis j 
tuJebant quiescere. JhLulia igitur au£U«Lic ituic<Tratu» preesura,j 

Ix. Conr^rmittg ihg botf »iAa h^ln^ nv/h tinto tlfttih H>fU r^rtut tttf i^\ 
m/^tn qf Saint Wilfiafti. 

la thoPHT vlnj'h Uir Itifaiil Htrn uf R^Klulfu's Prior Elina' rif^pb^v, 
wa« Hiok untr> dr-Ath und hU LaaI lii>ur wiiA at hrtnd. l<fo IkiH fftilier 
ftiul mother voro advised that li oitndk of tlio l«QgUi and brc^vlth 

of tilt- IiU.Il* hiyy hSouU 1v mu<I« with utinuwt tinKlL% und thftt wh«ai 
it u-n4 fiitifl^ iht»3' Hlintild ofl^nr ir tn Sftint Wniiam for lIip rprii/»rAliih>i 
of thoir flon, jind that without doabt they would rrpo^^ivo hftcth: thw 
sun ^ftff and wliol*". Wtierefmv on waa lulviwti, Ntnii^itwAy the 
citndb V8M made, and hAvinjf been brought hy the Cather^a hundu li 
W&8 offered ftB (I votive ofti-riijj^ nt the sepulchre of tht^ lioly martyr. | 
The father rin bin n^tuni rejoiced tu find hiA hoti mife whom * little whil«| 
Ijf^ore be hjul given up for dead- 

x^ ifow a rvrUtin monk f»f the tn^tu o/St h'Ufwm ncovitrtKi tkejtov^vri 

fjf alvrrpijuf which 4« kofi IvKt. 

About the HHine time, the eldeat of the Norwich monks, Thonual 
by iiAEiie, afflicted hy long inlirniity, wn* lying in the Itifimmry. Itoj 
having IcMt the pow<-r of J^lci^p for thnni tbiyn begnit to be More diNtrnwrdi | 
eBpccially ^t niglit timi*, whtin Urn eyei were unable lo rent for at 
monn*Tjt, Ho being brought very low by the pretwore of thii* uQlictivti, 


St William of Norwich. 


w> nd glorioftt mnrtiris WjUolmi qaoro mnximu diligebjit deuotinn^ 
oonuortil ptuflrn^U, hut LUf modi brcuvm fuiidoDa orationeiD: Domint^ 
sancte Willelin©. si tiuite ut dicitur coram doo iiiTtiitis fit sauctita- 
ttfl 06, — imino quia cm — da mihi fiimulo luo poseo quieecere et 
quam atnisi dormiondj potpcntiam r^cuporaro- His dictU fiiluil, 
nullac^uo inlerpoeiU dilatitftic ocutm paulatim cecutientibus dor- 
mitu-o copit, ot pOBtmodum dormir<T, Sompni uen> so quietU 
HUAuttAUr rc^n^tua, ubi uig^iUuifi caput oroxit. ad fio coniiocatw 
tiobi^ doo ct ruincto WiUclmo gratijvi *^$^^f p^^ cuiuH luorita dormi- 
ondi polcnliam quam amist^rat rccuporaro prom«niit. 

KL Quod domina Mabtlia de Hec ettilii eitu sancti ntartiris 
frequenter ^irperH s^ttit uirtutem. 

PKR uU>Tn L^nipiis dnmiDa Mahifia Bi'creiisis Norwicum ad- 
ncnienM, tanlarnmqiie iiiHiitum famam animaduortenn ad 
illtid gWicMitm beati miutiria sopiilcnin: iicnire atiuluit, preeonliu- 
litflr nmiiit, ataxic pin HeiiotiotiiH ntudio de aepiil^ri lamina 
excu&iam secum aaporiauit portiiuiculiim. Hane aomma ciifitodire 

Jw belAKik himself lo supplicating tho giorloiu Martyr Williatii, 
wliuiii bp )uv«l with fxce«liiig dcvotiHn, pciuriug out m ehort piAjur 
'jf thiv kiiifi, "O holy Lurd WilliAm * If tut it is md tbou arU ycA, 
>»«cAii4fi thou hH of MO grmt «<Htiiiiaiion uid H&nctity in tho pra«?inoo 
<if <>OD, gmnt to n><* thy nc^rvAiit to Iw ftblo Iff got noun* rriNt ihnt T 
mny nwowrr tho power of ulotiping which I hnvc lo*t." So »n,vinj{, 
Jio W4JI «ilwii ATit^ without Any di^lay hi> hyNt ^lulurklLy oIop^, avid 
in a littlft Uo began to doze and then to nleep. Bui fifter 1>?ing re- 
frwhcd hy the comfort of qui&t slumbCT, when on awAlccning tic 
raised bin boad, he called wi to hun and gavt; UianV& l^i God and 
fiaint \^'iniam by whone merits be had been vouchriafed the recovery 
cf hi* pow<?r of flk^TTping which he had loat 

xi< ifcw lAtf Lady Malift iU Bfc and her ionn had JrsqueiU ^^cperi§ni-e 

Atxtut the wHiifi time thr I-ady Mabc^l d^* Be<-*\ «*miog t*> Norwich 
itnd noticing the fiLriie ot his great uiertt«, dei«rniined to repair to 
ihaX glorioofl aepulohre of the blessed Martyr; sho prayvd with 
al) her hrtirt, niiil with thv fcrvenuy of jnou* dvvotlon she brought 
n*Ay with bcr a niiiall portion of t^e HUb oJ the Bepalchn:. Thia 

■ 8h« wa4 ODB of th« bvnofactofi or Iho Priory of Norviob tn Um lime of Pop* 
Ktigaaiufl Lir, A.;>. 114^^1153, Bbmeflotd, VdL x. p. ai^T.^ndnn. p, 4^, On the 
iunlij Kt ir«M Ln the i^fcr. i^ >'ui, Dft^. 


St WiUiam of NorwicK 


fnrtnifc diUcontift n«lut <fflicac«m fir^ei sue frvctTim «ibi at^ «ni« 
froqtMntar profatiiranL Quia acrt> fkleliwr HpcnLiiit, F>p<w c^ius 
Irostntonn 4»w> nun meruit Quotieofl enim ipsa nol filii <)in« 
nalitodinis alicuiuK imrum-Tcnt moles tiniti, contiDuo od non in- 
iperfttaui quaru Cdcfl administmuorat confiigi«bAiit nkuciicinjun, 
Atqaii inuocA-to dni ct souicti imiHirin Willvlmi adiutono ramm ei 
a^uu buDediota dktoiiperatum bibebant lapidem, w; mux Icaamon 
atquo TOpoDti&ani dialoo gratio oxponcbtuitur uiitut^m. 

xIL £« uiiione Ricardi Monadn ^ exits vnorU et r^uperatione 

CVM his itt aliii* piiw mnrtjT florere flic inchoaaset uirfatibtis. 
intiT tnnUi pifUitttf <y\}k*m nlitjiiAntuhitn Umen euno exacerbari 
6t et^ qiiendam aibi tnobedieotem contigit iraaci Idquo, ticlut 
cosicirniiet. vt* niaxiintr fiiit, qLioniant nliquw eiiiH pacientia cemebat 
abuti dum tapetum et lumiDare probibltum sibi nocdum putorentur 
reatitui ; ut hoc sciliwt fiwrto ct tinioreiti ei» inciiteret et ad corri- 
gcodum quod maXe gc^orant lUorum animoB inuitaret* IJIud 

tthe wns cHr«ful to gun-rd with th« utmoHt dili^nce as likelj to prodlbOO 
fri^iif'iitly far herself And her children fruitful resulis of h<>r fftitii- 
Aud iTiafimtic)] as shp oonlidi^iitly hnped, ho hpr hop<i prorod to b* no 
vain one. For u^ uiiva aa she ar hor cbildrvu cxpnriimctfd ihtt in- 
ooEvenience of any coiopUiuU aike reported at once to the remedy which 
i^he liftd crrnliftetice in nxiti which hrr ftiith hiwl provided for hor; and 
ualliiig upon the help of Cod and uf tlie holy Martyr William, they 
used to drmk & mixture made of tbe aoraptaga of Uie Atooe »U«ped 
in holy wAter, nnd »oon they cxperieooed relief and knew the «poody 
virtue of the <livine gract;- 

xii. Coneeming th^ Vui^n of /lichard cAo Jforbkt and hi* dc^^h, and 
c<mcfiriiing the r^toralion of the li^kL 

When by re««oD of the«e aad other virtu«a the bleaaecl martyr 
liegaii tu w/vx faniouAf Avnong tho ninny opemtionfi of his goodness 
it OHUiv to pass iivvrtiliBliwi Ituit he wns to ^onie degrvc provokud niid 
Mtgry with hero And there uue who was disobedient to him : (uid^ 
AS we conjetturi^, that woa <tspcclAlly the ct^e eiuce he luw th&t aonuQ 
nbuueU hi« pritioaoc in rfimoying Ibo cArpot und the light tusd not 
allowing theiD to be restored); in ordor that hereby he roi^t 
initptrti tlietn with fair, And induce them to correct their evil 
doingl- TlxQrefori! it plensed him to niAke known by auro ttign* 


St William of Norwich, 


igitur HO molonU? feiro ocrtU iDtoraignia doclnroTQ noluits ot ^r 
quondam RicAttluin <!■> LiinnA monochimi qutdein Norwiccnflem 
priori Uelyo mAndoro curauit. Porrvk Ricardu^ ilk di4.tbu)i illut 
timcbatiir fcbribuei nuilT.ui|uu acrJus do dio iu diem torquebatur. 
Vodo no0tro ot t^uoniiKlnm iiHonirn inuittitux <M>Tibii]iOr ad itepodictuiii 
portent sepulcmm b«>ati martins ibi<]iie noctumo tngilio itafviiiu 
orationibuw, ab ipw) ivmtfdEum |M>|>oaait aaoitetia. Dumque ibidom 
oum duobufl oxcubatot famuliA, ^ubito OApttulum nigur intraiiit 
porcun, immo, ut a quibii^dam crcditiir, aub spocJv porai diabolus. 
Qui ex inaprotiido introi^ns a^uo grunnioiu?, oseui^onttba* fiunuliK 
ot fomcLn cxtcnitiK, dirocto cuntu ad moniichurn uLc<!rilvm cucurrit, 
super cum inopinato proeiliit, ot donnitantcm mirtjm in motluni 
CKtcmiit. Quo uitio ?iUitim influrgciitiis concumuit fAmuti oumqu© 
capilulo mx cxpcllnnt. Ad qut>m a clAiintrct cxpellendnni nounuUi 
accurrenuit mcnachorum, multi?<iue p^t claustnim fitc-tie ditscur* 
nuam amfmctibii^, clAunLra euru uIk Undc^m potuoniDt excludore. 
Atp uolui plurimis oonict potcHt circiiiinHlnniiis, antiquum ilk- goncm 
humani iniroious, qui senapor Banctorum inuidot siiGcossibus eorum- 
queoulcnneomolitur in^idias, fortofisis per oiateriAlom ilium porcum, 

that he w&s displeased thereat, and he took Oftre to send hia miindate 
to tiM Prior Elifia» through a certain Richafd of Lynn, a monk <d 

Thin Richard vra« in thonn d&ya ntTiEorl with a t^vnr anij jiufTifm] 
vroriB aii<l wonw) from d^y to day. Wliorpforr, iiiov«d ihoroto by my 
advio9 and that of maiiy i>UiorH, ho ropAirod to tho oft-miMilionocl 
copulchm of tho bl4w««i Martyr, and apending tho aight watch in 
fiTAyeni, lift hnggpd of Idin a pwv>very of his d^itlth- 

Anil whilst hn won lying thorn with two servanta, nuddeiily a KImIe 
pi£ Mit4>red tlie CbapUTrhou><\ or rather, as U )>e1iQved of ftoine, Uio 
devil iind€Tf the appeai'ance of a pi*;. Tlie wliich i^nbjrinff sudderJy 
and gninliiig, whctii the Korvnnta stnrtecl up and, I wot, were much 
tcrriti«<i — \w ninde ntnii^ht for the ni<ink n\ h« lay there, and with 
a rurth he juQi|>c<l upon him and frtf^ht^ned him drfwirdty a« he nlopt, 
Tlien straightway the servants r^covoring theniselveii ran to him and 
with dillicully turned him out of thr Chnptor-houw. Then Aome 
cf tlii^ ninnki ciini« running to drivu him out of the cloister, and after 
much chasing of ium on the part of tlw monkn hithor and thither 
they had hard worli to shut him out of the cloiit«r. But aH may bo 
for^cctu It'll from many oirniniHtan<:«s, that old eri^my of tho human 
raoc wlio idvp'A^v lH?)*rudgvs tJie imints thrrir triumphs, and iji ever 
trying tu bruim ihair f^ai did pomdvciituro hy mcaas of that uia- 


St William of Norwich, 


uuxnttl 0cili<M>t Rpurcifieimunt ot eibi congnium, iiel moniicho uoluit 
i11nd<m> uol nd dDimttonis ehia oxcucioriduTD propositum ita etxm 
propo^iiit ^iteirere. Int€r«i cnpitulo ftd eej^iilcnim iiii^mr^mtuK 
mocbat c-grotua. ot contra illueoenU'm (sic) it«niro dormitAni^ 
niin>ram. in xumx uidit nwiiEtcntcm ^bi fwnctum WilMmtiDi ot 
dicenti^m: Ctir adiieniati, Ricarde, uel qu!d queriB? Kt Ulo: 
QuoniAm mfinnor> dominc, ot Nuuiri cnpio. Oii maitir: Kichil 
ftttuliKti, niohi) obtulieti, fratci-, &ixl tarnco n to curauctx) quid 
rvmuiK-^rotifiTiifi dnttirun cs ? Cuntm momichus : Quid, inqtiit. 
donuno, dftbo, qui nil quod dare hononfico tibi powim poesiddoV 
Ad Ilea marlir : I>ic> qiK? oandoLirani didtur nrLtuti uindclu^ diUgv>, 
^ idoo niniimm condclo^ qow habc« roqutro. Cumqu? iDc nulliu 
»o habere dioeret, odiecit : Imino, firuter, et qu«A non roote fet^ 
quini.-iti hnhcn, ex quibns filiquAH gmndinrci* *\c pnlcriorc^. qwA* 
M^^rcgntae w<;roUuB abdidi&ti priuatim poB8idc4. Omnee eiquident 
bftborc uolo, ct prvcipuc piilertorcn i)W quiiti tu rrntria ixxm rjandos 
di^poeuisti. Et moQAchue: Noquaqunm. dominc, fieri potest nt 
quQfl illi |)repamiii tibi tnbuAm ; altcmn ucro, i|ui!cBOuiK]ttti tamon 

terial pig- — a creature surely among thn Allhiwt *ind tiklr to hiui' 
Hflf— winh t^ithvi' U> inrikr u muck At iho luuiik ^r bu U> frigbl^ii 
Ikim Ai* to hinder l^ini from cnnying out hw plan of doTotion, 
Mcftitvhilc the ftloreMxid ualc man vas lying hy the sqpulchrc in tl>r 
ChnpUtr-houGe, Aiid a^Aiti vna nli^t-ping bill iho (Inwn bvgMn to brfwk ; 
and he hhv in a virion .^Ulnt William ntandiug hy him and Miying, 
"Why hast thou com** hpfp Rirhard, and what «r«ki*«t thoiit" And 
he, '^BroauHR T am rtiok. Iriinl. and I dt^tiiro to \te niado wliole," To 
whom apake the Mni't^r. "Thou haat brought nothing, thou ha^t 
niFored n'»thinR. brother, lint nrvcrthrlf^a, if I cur** thee, what re- 
ward wilt thou K^^T?"* Th(? monk antiw&rodj "What phaH I give, 
I who powxMFi nottiiiiK Uut I could givo thee ii^ any way to do xh^ 
honour ? " To thia tlie martyr replied, *^ 1 was bom on the day oalkd 
Caridlemaa Day, and candtoa I lo%'e, and therefore of oourHc T call 
on thee for what candlvH thou hant'' And when he declared that 
h(* had no cafidtea, he added, "Nay, brother, thou not only hast cerlaiu 
candles which thou didst acquire wrongly, but ihfm hiini hidden away 
wme of Ihc [argt-^t and ttie hmulAomi'St which thou art kovping in 
thy priv«i4* |H>fBi-aHiou. Ali iliefie I deaire u> have» and specially the 
handstjiner onoM wlLlcb thou boat dctormined Hhall be ^Iven to thy 
brolhor'^ wifL<." Thrn Eini<l the monk, "Thut ctui hy no mcana b<; 
donDt Lord ! that I nbould bestow ob thco those candlfn which I h&ve 


St William of Iforwick. 


illo imt, me libent«r tribuentc flU9cip«rc non dcdignerw. Time in 
ifMQ commotua martir MiLiiilulil : Ergo iUwn plu»qimm mo diligw i 
Noci TCctc, ^tcr, diuirurvti, <Jum c|U<k1 pAnuprndU tnihi^ ct quod 
Appreciarw mulierctile a»ujj;iiaetL Cur igitur od me i]uaai cura- 
lu]~UM 4 m(> ueim i^itt^m ex conte iiuii Jili^H ? Piu i:t?rl<> iUujiir 
tioucm quod tu^ mty- innito nullatcnii^i ivt^bit dis^ponhio. Prcncitim 
tiABtitillvt r^xitu* dix; ca^idclaa luauu hnc Aflfurri coiu<ulo : qitod n 
recusHiieri'^ procii) dulno acUvs ijtionifiii) u<.'li^ nolip il]iv« hitWW^ Vt 
ttffi no&tmui ineue» gmtiaui, trL ijuae&iUu] iitfer ciuideUL^. el douiuo 
Thome fN'mtliori .NccreiAno meo tnule cufttixiiiitidAK. Quod iibi 
fBoeritr ei dicito ut i§la^ ct quinque cA'uks qua« niTti^riij stio bjibet 
wposilAs tii«LB uaibiLs dtligenU,*r custodial, quojiinm in proximo <?»t, 
ut lummaro niibi rcj^tituator uiitc probibilmu. Porro Helye priori 
dic«re noa uei-iwiri* quod ei iide bona consulo ut quaiucitius dtdc- 
com mibi illnti honorc coogniu tv-vircial iniurinm, aU^ui? tn|K:tuni 
«t lucvrRAiu luihi i-efttituat abUUia D«us uiiquc uull, el ila lieii 
laboi- Veruui sti nullo adqiiiuuuril poclo, iiiiniu i;t iuHWtwmii 
lUMtrun paruipondcrc atquu ditiinc diaptMwalioiu protcrua pra- 

|ir9p«nd for her, but for iho^e otKors, iiuch u tlwiy tuvi, vQuchvuxiv to 
occxpt them i^h my fn<RwiH olVerinK ! " 

Then the nmrtyr, provoked t« anger, replied, "So then thou Urrcmi 
hvT mtytv Uun mrl Thou hAjit mnd<? n Ivul itiviaiun, brotiier, in tliai 
whnt thou holdt^t chrMp tliut thou haAt uppurlioTiiHl Ui me uTtd wUhI 
lUou «alui-bC Ui the womjin. Wb> thou ooun^t thou to uio. '^ht^iii 
Ihou do«t nob love in ^hy heart, an tljough I would cure thocf Whore- 
f<»r<i know for ccrt^m that thy wUb iihall nowwo he fp^otcd ngaiiut 
n>y will, I do stnutly counnci thco that those oandlea that 1 
<palce of be brouf^ht hither in the niormii^ -, but, if thou rofuwil, 
know iif A nurntt.y thftt-^ whr^hnr thou wilt or not, thn^p rAndTp* 
I viil liAve. If therefore thou woiildxt nnt^r into fftvour with mr^ 
liring thoM- candloM thnt I uk for, tuid huid them over to Dom 
ThoouM my private aet-relaty to be kept in his cunlody. Whwi thou 
hast »o done, tell lum thnt Ihow candlwi and tbose five otlient 
whidi h<* ki*<Tp irtorwi up in hi> cupboard, be diligently guarded for 
niy upve, for very tcuon it in certain thai nty light nhnll ]k rmtnn>d t<^ 
me which waa denied me- Aini feJir not to xny to Prior EIjah, 
ibut in good fnitb 1 couniK^I him that with due honour he aton« for 
the vrrong (ign<^ mc in tho innult oRen^ me, aiid that be i««tore tlie 
oaq)et and tJie lamp thai was taken from me, Kor vtrily UOD «c 
wilJit And bidjt thin t<3 Iw douo. Hul if he will in no wtue Aoquieace, 
and uviMi prosunirA to mnkir liglit of my uummand and with a proud 


Si William of Norwich. 


Aumpncnt frontc contniire, uou iriccrtum habdat quod in poroximo 
grauiler luat Tc quoqac, quia pcticioni mcc odco rcTrtitinti, hnc 
d«Dtmtifitioii« prcmunio iguod laobedit'Otie tue culpnm tatita 1im» 
An^ntiA (gtianbiTn nntca niinqiuktn MonAuitL 8i uero et adhuc noc 
sic correctus iiiihi pro Libito nou satisfoccm, mtum hnbciut quod 
iDulto gTutiioni piicicriei. Nunc i^tur uoclu, mi m Btipifl dicla mca 
antmo lidclitcr inhcrcAtit tuo, Hij« uiw «oipcr^factu9 Rioardufi ci 
utMunt; Uiiii terribJU pc-rttrrituB die i^m clAnwceote wu-iuxit, id 
cclla m^mkoiiim abiit, ct po^t horc spalium ciiocato ciint pliirimi» 
no&truiu priore, que eibi dicta uel iniuncU fueiaot imiucrsa enur* 
muit. Que Umcn pni?n dici itiwa annt ci ooli dtoere curauit, 
Quibua uudilib pri^ir ovmiuulua aliqiiADtulum et ext>erntufi ucritatia 
indagincm diLig<Ttitiu» uJctpiinu^c diftp^wiuit, ut nupcr iiidlctia c|ui[)(|ut; 
emiduUt^ me cctUEit^oieiiA, si Uviucn eft* lue bflbcre coiiat&r^t, afTerri 
iiittAit. EgT> uuWm briuiii ipiiiiLMiiL^r i|im» twl si-pii)cnim ivuioli 
marbim dio puiwhali Allnta> liniiinnri tunc |injbibitQ txjllignucnun 
«!t uimllrib uonuiie tulitidatafi &rmai~iu «L'ui-huiiL j-epoauemm, Jiutrum 
Umtiini luvmor tpiits, ut premisimUB, domizm Murid de Sechehutha 

IodIe to rebel agninut the divine orduning, let him hold il for cc^rtoiii 
U»at riglit Booii lie shall pay a heavy penalty. Ai\d sa for Uiea, be- 
cause Lliou Jiast ihua refused tay petition I forewarn tbeo wiUi thid 
denunciation, tliat thou ^halt sutlbr for thy itin of HiHobodicnot- such 
grral agony om thou hjLit ni^ver yia kmiwn. But if <<vtMJ no afUsr 
currt^^iiuti thou dust i;ut mttiofy me, bi; Hurv that th^u shalL BuObr 
much wurae tliiui^B, 80 now, get (rh«o gvnu, »nd if thou bo wkM* lat 
my wordu i^irik dc^p in thy hovrt ! '* 

After thia, Uichnrd Qwrvkt^ning and much torriiicd by ao drtuuifol a 
vituon, rotio— pow that th« duylighl was Iw^iuiitij; — tuid wi>iit his ur&y 
to th^ TriJirrnary, &n<\ liftor t}ti> Hpaf:o of &n Koui\ tbe Prtur with miMiy 
of UK \jemg suui!uoned, he told all that bad been spnkrn or tnjointd 
upon \wxL Bui what had been ordered tc be said to the Prior, that 
he t<iok care to tell him alone. At the heArin^? of which the Prior, 
somewhAt' disturbed and alarmed, detennliied diligt^ntly Ut make a 
searching oxnminALion into the truth ; and conveiuug mu on the subject 
of the five condltJH that had been mentioned^ lie orden*d that th^y 
ithould b<- produced if indeed it should appear that t had them. Now 
1 had forgotten three candlef, which on Ejx»i;er Day had been brouifhl 
to tho holy Martyr's aqmlchre^ and which (since the light wa* prch 
hihitril) I had tied together and put awa>, lab(?ll<^ with tlii; Martyr*! 
iiflmer in the cupboard; and only romemt>ered the two candles which 
the lady Muriel de Sotcliy had offered on the fe&8t of the Holy 



St William of Norwich. 


difi fisBto eoncte trinitatin ohtulcrat, cnji solas mc hnbcrc dixi et od 
aflerendum cucurri. Cumquo anuarium apporuiBeeiiit que nonHum 
nodmorm excidcmnt duo stutim rupcrtc nunt. Quibus ruperlid 
diligcntiun ccpi qucrcrc ai forte ct tna que ct hnbcri dicclwuitur 
contin^rot inuenire. Quna nimirum, qum et ibi crant, adiniif<nt^, 
por memorntam inscriptionis intitulatioDcm martiris csk; cognoiiL ; 
cogriiloft Tcliijuia iluubuA eooiutud, at<)uo completum ita quinarium 
(ul [iriurcm exulULiif« n^: pluninuiu jidiDiraixM dotuli. Quibus uisis 
prior Kin<^ rcuoUtn.m itn sccrctonim ucntatcm, indc miiiaoom 
futurorum aiuiiio conferenfl sentaatiain, uunc apptaudit ot 6e risu 
griitiilari nimulnt, iiuno oum pruuTc pallc^nt^ nullum do monEtrut, Ita 
itaqac socrctoruin turn rcuoU^tiouc luai nuiitio torribili permotvie> 
in p&rte emolHtua ut in puic priatinum iton deeorena durioioEQ, do 
lummftrl prohibito scutciitiani aliqiiantulum rolrumiiit. Tnpctum 
utuxj uuDabenuH reddi coiieouftit. Nee multo post, auperuonionto 
fcbrin hont, cuiun ante nicrLtiuiiom feci Ricarduti oocii]>atu£i frigoro 
membri toto copit corporc ooDcuti, tant«quc angui^ia quftntam 
uitea nuiv|uai)i ex|>ertufl fuural iukUl boati niuliriu soruioDcm eo 
BCDAt iicxon. Et MO jJiquandiu uexatuiq ioeciifi inucritua est ae 

trinity ; eiT T miid that I bad only tbwte two. anil T ran to frtcb them. 
And when 1 had opi?nud the euplnnrd, J found tbi* twc> candlrH, which 
tttd not jrvt cucaped my icemory; and «bon T liud found Uioiei ! 
bc^an to twrcib unrt^fuLlj' if porcliancc I cuuld find tlioo^* tli.iv<:< alao 
which w«re naid to Iw in my koopiiig. And wlien 1 had found ttiorn — 
for th«y woro ther^ — I knew thvm ^by the f6ro-niontjoti«d Ubol to 
bo tbc Martyr'K. TheTi T ^deff tlieni to tli^ oth»r two^ &n<] wiUi 
gr«at yiy *nd wondftr T brought thn full Titimlwr of flv^ Co thfi Prior, 
At the night of them the Friar, pondmng in hiM naind on the fftot 
that t1i0 truth of thingn si^mt ho*} lieen RLadfl cimr. &nd nlw on 
Ibe thrcftteninK sbnterioe cuiit'emiiLj^ thingH that w<<r« to conte te p&Ha, 
did at one moment applaud and &niilirtgly pretend to be pftad, and 
anon bj hin pale face i^hewed that he wa* afraid. And ito, agitat'nl as 
vreW by the revi^lfition of hidden things a* by the druulful nuHsagc, 
partly Koftened and partly keeping up hm original liarUneitn he re- 
laxed a little bia orif^anal Bentence with reji^ard to the light; but he 
would by no mt^ns allow the carpet to be replmird. N<)t Icngafter- 
warda when thi^ Ivvur for Wm ague liad retur^f^d, of which E made 
mention befere, Richard, attacked by the oohl in Utrt hn)b% Ijcgan 
to bit «eiWMl with stuch f^reat pain in all hi8 body aa he liad never 
fpit before and knew himaelf to be sulfenng awording to the words of 
tha blcfised Martyr. And after Icijig agoaixcd for a long time tbey 


St William of Norwich. 



u^lat cmortuiift. Cum ucn) a noimullin a<|ttn. ubcrtim acpoTgerotor 
t»<ncdicta, o^taro tondcm copit, ot post ali(^u&iit4u» homm, ooulici 
Inn^idc Apcrijjt ct rtMrrontiJ* npiritii mcmbmi, pnulntim nd w rcdiit. 
Noa itfipque, qui pFomii^a^niin pArtoDi ndeo efficacitcr cemebamuB 
complori. auapcnsU mentibua cctirrortini fineu «xpcctihbamuA. Ab 
illo viquidciii Icniporc |>crn^iafi]4>nc priom nd iwnoti nuirtiris 
ecpulcrciin notrtibuii dinguliii &^pciiUui luruUD conduiniiL, cl non* 
nullijv intcrdum dicbu^ quamtjimin mconccms, cuuioW ci ccrcoa 
t|u<>s pm i>lTv<n.-iitinni Attulerat deuotio ibidem ard«iv coutigit. 
Inter hcc ubi c^ TbotuM^tjui bcnti raartirii^ tunc iiccrcUriiu cnun, 
irt obso^uio ciu:^ criA qnim^tic qiin/i ^upm mcmintmu« cwodclfld poQO 
Ci^nmiTDi ctinicruD), pivocripluiii HicAfdura conueoi, et Ulaa qtuw 
mihi tmdcrc iiuvna est intcrrognui. Qui, nescio vcn pigridft 
diiotua Hiue in tiihiorm uegllgotitiAiii lAtn dilapsua, &b hora lu bomm 
diurc ncmper di:<tuHt, noe quandcxpic d^xlit. Contigit atitcm tunc 
tcaiporia mc ac dunuium Ricarduin de Feirariis, qui poflimodum 

fuuud him Ijing ju8t &« if he wi>ro dead. Dut when holy wat^r 
hivd lifH^n Bprinklrd u^n him oopiQualy, nt tnst he Ixr^n 1o yiiwn, 
nnd iifti>r about nn liuur Iuk eyen opened faintly, and hin limtM 
moved, and he ^nulually came to himaelt. Whereupon w^ perceiving 
thnt a part <>f what h^ Ixmtd protniwd wm evidently comiDg to paaa^ 
Iijolccd out for thi? oitrnptnlioii of thri rrat tvith pati(?nt i^pcctatdoiip 

From ihUil iinw, Ijy pt*niiifi»ioii of the Prior, n li^ht vna wont to 
Ijd kvpt U|i ewry m^ht »l the h<jly uinrtyiV »epu]uhn.\ mhU auw and 
then too by dftyt although tho practice wiu dincouroged, it caiu<> 
to paaii thffci *^ndlf» and wax tnpcm wph? brflught by piouA wi>^ 
Mhipperii and burnt tker^. Meunwliilo f, Thomiu, who woji thnt 
(Jie hl«»iKed martyrV ftfH'r*t»ry, perceiviyl thst thft five candios 
tlirtt 1 Kpijke of Ijefoiv wi*n* iifiirly iM>nKunic^, und T «>rf«rred wilU 
the forein^iitioiied Kit-h^ and qutintioiicd hxttk nltout thow or»hpr 
CJindk-H which h^ wah ordii^rod to hnnd over to nie. And he — I know 
not n^bether it wut fruin budiif^M or tJmt hc» had now i^lipt into a dia- 
i-eganl i>f the virion — alwtijH di*fprred jfiving thoni up from day to 
day, nor did he give them to me at all. But it chnncod that about 
that time [ and Dom Kidiard de Ferrarii>i' who afterwan^a HUcoHded 


^ H« ftppean to have bcEu » sod qI ItiobaTd and gr^^riou i^f Uic pctreiful 
Nuruaii bATvn llerniei du Frimiin on wIloiu the Couqusror bcAtowcJ ft Iftfge 
nambor of manorH in ^JoTff>tk- Thu family noon took cbo nunfi of Ibvir oapilal 
lordship in Korfalk, WiuMS'ttf. Kioliafd th« lYiur wu oao of two brothers, the cldt^r 
of whom Hvtmtr won one af tbc carl/ ti«nofactor» to th« I'riory it Nontich aI the 
lime whiHi hill brotlivr KicLftrd wm Tncr thoro. Cf- Dloiu«ll«ld, x^ 15'J. 


St WiUiani of Korimch. 


Hclio priori pnor auoco^t, quibuBda.m urgcntibua caubib in Hel^ 
pirofioiflci, ct pcnv^to ibi (juc-^ita negotio di*? qnintn Xonvioum 
rcuorti. Form mt^riiii offor ilte Ricardiis dum nootii <)uieeoerQt, 
ilerum in uisu ci iiuitu appLmit irttciindo h<»tiifi mnrtir WUlcImuH 
dioeiift : Quid oet frfttor. ^uod sic rtg^irc iiolniflti ? Qimrc proot 
iuAsi dotnno Thome outii]oliui won dudiati i Scio uii(jii4.<, K<;iu antmi 
tni protvruaTu ]>ortiiiaclani> NequiMjnAEn lit tii prf>pO(?uieti nod 
longc Alit(?r tiori contmgct Quoiiium tioc tibi tmdendi faculto^ 
subpeditttbit, nf^e fratrU uxor ut dUponiH caji de mnnibun tuifi 
nuj*cipcre potent. Ipou quidem tui cauea Norwjcum ueniet. sod to 
miniiiko mnoniot. Sciiw nittctii Thomimi mourn modo obsontcm 
Hed poet diem berciUDi reuursurum quad iu^ caiidol^H nb dtero 
Busoopturum. Nunc ifptur tuido.atqUG inobedictitio culpam dobita 
Ituks ponsh Poiro aub hi» uerbi^ cum ecu palinu doreo in frotito 
gniuiti?r pcrcU'-vMt, graiK^mquc! frotiti dolorctn inflixit utquo mt; 
Eccc cnuTtijia iwbbati dio« supprenka tibi «t htali» imminot. Con- 
litoiui or^ ag«: digiuuii de commmHtA peiiitentiapi, ut valtiin uel in 
ilia per dolorem hunc purgatua tnknsitorium ct noninin optincro 

Prior Rlinn iw Prior, w«\t to Ely on some importAiit bunincMi And 
baviuf; finished what we wen? eng&ged upon we retunii>d on th(* 
^Ib clfty to Norvich. In i\\ri mciLntime white Richard, the ^ck inau, 
VBA Kli«pping in th(i night, agAin tliere appenrrd to him in n vision 
cIk* blntMHl Martyr Williuiu witli an angry look, and said, "How 
KB il, brutlier^ thai tijuu html chuw-ik to aut tbusl Why hivtt tliou 
not givfin the oftiKtlest n« I bode thee to Dotn TbomAMi 1 know, ywb, 
I know tlic prrvcnu; Btubbornnc^o of thy mind- By no moann firt thou 
haitt purposod hut vi*ry di(!ert<iitly aliall thingn oumc nbout. For 
neither xtudt thnii hav^ the power of luuiding th«ru ov«r» nor ahall 
th<i hmth^r'f^ wife^ an thou intendeat, Ix* jiblfi tj> n>c«iiv«> tbt<iin from 
thy hnndit. For her, ithr will come to Norwidi on thy Aocoufit, hut 
ahd will not find thee. Know tliat my Tlionuw ia now abucnt, hut 
will iTrtum after the ihinJ day to receive CrcFm another the oandlw 
iJiat I have ;civen ordc'rx f^r. Now thercfon* Hfy thy way and pay thou 
thf? duo penalty for thy Bin of diaohedieiice.'' 

Witli tlieae wurdH ht* ^iiotr hint hcnvily on tht^ fondifiad with the 
bfwk of liiA hand and caused Lim ^v^i^e pain id his forehead, and 
lUid, *'Lo! to-morrow ia ^turday, and it is thy Itifit day, the day ol 
thy death. Uo, theireforvi, und niaku tJty confr^ion, an(i do penance 
worthy of thy misdeeds, thit no purilied by this paatunjj; pain, thou 
nLayiti^t be count«i worthy to recfflve pardon and escape the puni^him'nl 
wliivli hk rloruah" 


Si William of Norwich, 


mercftns H mpplScium coacIctg MrmptcrDnm. Ad htc RuonlaB 
terrotib perouaaas eicitatar. sentitquo st*tiia dolaram a fronte 
jndwAnt^rQ in otpiat rvAuwii oc puftniodum s o^iite in oet^tm 
deocBiun monbf* pftuUtun dcrituui Sar^gcotAwui taanc monAchia 
viu]gii ct illc, nbgac iinb«ctUia aoateatAna baculo mc-irtbm, copclUm 
iQfimK<uDi eubiitvCt ^jnibovdut) ad m; ui^tnEulum ucDicDtibus, que 
nidcni, quid ncnliret, cum Iftcnmia enamuuL Tunc queDdam 
ftstren aecRiitn cuocu»t oocdr <!ompiiikctiu Mate moolu OC11IO0 
protinflin reoocat tiiUcn, el iuxto asDcti maftifia roomtA inenvorit«r 
auda get/tA reirmcUav^ coufitctur, atque conupoDcti pcnitcntiam 
oordia profuHitt indicauil Lkcnmis. Sicqoc per illam oria con- 
fcesionctu ac pumm oordia pcmt«nuani cum a domino opt<i>nnwae 
otsdinnio Deniam. Uodico posUoodum tDOro intemAllo, dam 
bacalo MLitentatus per c«)lam ij^firmomn ae agecett moriendi bora 
eaperucDicDtc ac aitibos pre <)olor« iam defic]cnlib«i», mibito coti- 
cidit «t rem se agere supprcmam aultu funer^o demunBliAuit. 
Quid iiKjUAiti multa t Moritur ^ter, et mori<'nti oonatninnt 
oet«ri. uioreniquc funeri exhibeotc9, die consequent] scpeliimt. 
niad i)u<jqu« cumbilt; tunc accidit, quod eciUcet die ilia sabbati, 
cum pro mortuo cWsaciim piilaarelur^ iuxta nuirtim preeagiom «t 


Hef«flt Richard umitten with fi*ar awoke> and felt the pun straiglit- 
way l^ntiing iu hia fureli«ad, extending over tiifl \vm6 tkod aftervftrdx 
tm veiling h<iiD hia bead downwanla through all hia Umb«. 

When clio monks row in the mommg, he too rose and, supporting 
Ilia feeble limba upon li ^tiiff, wvnt into Lhc Chapol of the Inflrauu^ 
tmtl wlini Aoiue of tbf^to cunic to visit him, told them with tcani 
whnt he fell and whnt he hud Aocn. Tlivu necnrtly calling one of 
th(^ brethren, h^ in norrow of heart, recalled beforo hjn mind's ojo hu 
ftusX lifo, And ftcttfrding to the odvicM* of the Jioly Mi^rtyr, bringiug 
hftck to his in«iikory hiH nttMloingH, i^t^^^^ confevwon, uid gave 
proof with Abundant team of tbe peniteTice of his huiribled hfiai^L 
And iw> by that confe*«ion of th<j mouth imd aincero pffnitf^Dce of tlie 
heart, we belicvo that he ohtained panlou of the Lord, A little time 
&ft«r, while, l«aiiinR on hia staff, he was making his wjiy tlirouifh 
the Trifli'diaiy, htH Inst hour approachr<], and Uh «trengt!i leaving 
him ijy rwuwjn of his pain, he suddi-nly Ml, und tniLrlr it clear by 
hia deftth-liko hx>k that he wa& near iiia end. And w> the brother 
died, nnd aJi he was a-dying tUo othnn ^therod round him, and 
with all duo ritoK thi^ Uunt'd iiim next dz^y, Anci then Una 
wonder happened, namely, that on tiiat Saturday when the btll was 
tolling fur Die dead man, in occord&nco vith tJ^c Martyr'a prophecy, 


Sc William of Norwich, 


fratns eiua axor illiim eniiwi Norwionm ucnit: p^ad qum iiinrntcm 
non imiumt, fructu fi-ii»trtilA laboris domiim cum dolora rcmeftuit. 
VH ncro poatridio iuciiit>ni.tiiH iL* Fornmi& Riuardus ot ego cjoiikum 
aduoiutniifl ot que circa frritrcm interim gr4«b& sunt oognosKM^btea 
□iuiio terrore conciiaai sumue. Adueiiionli uoro mihi por niADua 
Diooiaii CArncnxrii tmdito mxnt caikJoIc do qiiibne in procodenlibua 
Lanta factA ceil monli<j. Sioque, prout luarlir predix^rat, rou^^ra 
contipt tieri : quoniam ilW et non nl> lllo cin iiiesuin fuemt, iwd 
ftliona mihi mtiiiu coutigit tradL Vndc accidit nt gli>ri<>&iis Chmti 
tum-Cir &b oa dii; in ruliquum nmioii Iri'qiientarutur tiuioro tic 
rciicrentift. ct multiplicatis sub uniiiotT*onim cordibiiB reu^r^-ntio 
mcr^tnentis, piilhilarel et crccictiret erga ipoum pic dcuotioms 

xiiL QftomudAM Willtlnius aacnsta ^oruncsrisis a dolo^-e capitis, a 
ffuniituj auria, cC ohscuriCatts UMruv curatits nL 

MORABATVR eo tempore WiJIelmus sacrista Norwicenflia in 
oella inlinaoniiii, grandi quidein no diiituma profluentts fici 
detentiis ogritudiiiL', Tntcrdum liwo^m? })cr illiid iiirgulc uiriliA 
mitriibrum sepisaime liquidum et plerumqiie coagulatum emingebat. 

\un Wotber'n wifit did come to Norwiob on hii acO(>iinti but bocftOM 
sh« did not fiiid htm, ahe went back home bf^n in hoztuw, and without 
anjr reward for her troulile. 

But next d^y, when the aforcwiid Richnrd do FerrAriu and I re- 
turned and hod kn<>wUHlji;cf of what ]uul happened, wc were emitt^n 
wilJi verv ^Teat alarm : and on my arrival th^ caiuJlm about which 
fto much h*n be4.-n naid before were deliver^ to me by the liand of 
DcniH tb(! Chamberlain, And thun oil tumcxi out ox the martyr 
hod predict«d, since It came lo pEi«8 that they were handed ovpt to 
moi and not hv him to wliom t\\r order wan given, bm by tinolher h^ud. 

TllUH it come tu puHa tfiaL Christ's f^loriouM martyr from that day 
fkirirard was repAirod to with more j%nd uiuir fmr an<l awv, and with 
ovtiT iacraaalDg rei^cir^rtco from the h<'Art4 of all, lunl ihv ovrviw of a 
fMOUs devotion towanin him went on growing: and incrcu^ing, 

xiii i/oitr WUliam Oie Sacrut of yorretch iCOJi furtd of hAtutach^, and 

At that liiuc Wiltijiuj iho Ha<:i'i)tL of Nurwich wajt staying lit tlic 
[ri£rmary, dptttinpd thcrr by a nmlody of long stAm^ing, 

W, », 10 


St William of Normck. 


uuigutnorti. InnitfUtT per huiuBDiix)] corrupU.' nature iDcomtnodum 
jpi^adAtim in tantAm dilnpBUS c«t morbi nalitudincrni, ut i&ia 
(loloria uohoa^uDtiii oapul a d^xteru (|Uam djtnidmtuni inutile 
roddcrot, oculo ninum pcrtiirbomt, «t aurc Assiduo qnodam 
opploto tinnitii naturaJom ilLiim aiiditus moatuiu mirditio pigra 
obBtruorj>t. Vudo a iif>bid commouitus oorouni ttdini>diini gniti<)c 
9ibi porari mmt nc do prhno noctifl iiigilia ad iilud iam tuno 
uenerftbilc aaiicti marlirifl Aoputorum inJiiieiia ocrvuin acccitfuni 
6ptu)it, jbt4|Uo ibidem pt^riiigil in omtiombu^ |>enioctftuit, Ombat 
autom nd dominum ut jj^loriora niATtirid Bui eiiffn^utibmt moritia 
et OApttirt doldiHTtn niitij^iri, uittiimquo nibi pnHtcr ct auditum 
roparari cxpcrirciur; ct quia mb oiua asimo fidoa epoi coopera- 
batur^ qiiod orodidit et iipcmuit tUD« dilationo optiacrc prxMnemiti. 
Mane ctenim cnpitifi dolofcoi ecnait mitigatum, ocutusquo ct auna 
diuinc pvrce[>cruat Teorvotioiiia mktidi>tiim. Vbi igitur no cumtum 
capitc compcrit, cum ktioin ab illo mcdicabiH rcgrcwu* nepulcro 
aaccti niortim laudcs quantia potult offcrrc proconiis noxx ceHoauiL 
Attendnt inter hue dilijp;n,t Igctons sollcrtia magifi fncti tic acti 
ratioDcui ot ordincm qnam maliuolam det<r>octntoram gamili- 
tatein. Siquidt^m duin hunc plurimia dctentum iucciumodiA noo 
fitnditun M^d in pQrt4: curatum (ixiM^ andit, quid ftlitid ox his 
cuncipiat niai (juoniatrt lu lalibua oichil nine CAuaa amtingatf 
Comtidcrett inquAui, pniiio qua intcntionc; ductus Ad ncpulcnim 
uenit, secundo quid pptiit., Icrcio in qno exaudiri promcmat- Ex 
quorum GoUaLtone furUufsifl percipiel imde totiua quMtionis 
BCrupuhim di^oluat. Ncmpc uenJt eger, ^ed ut spirituaUbuA 
omtionuni mercibun cele«tt-in corpori conip&rarct nic<licinaDi, 
Exirir licet circn infcriorn. j^auitcr ut prcoiLsious pati-rctur« uil 
tamen atiud exorare time ueult, uihi uL dobrt* capilia leuito 
lan^icscenA iiim Lii.-niti n^pararctur et aiiditu^p Dcnique ui «;o 
mimirum oxaudiri meruit in quo iidetitcr po^tulAuit. Vodo til 
<;ui]ici palest quia et hi de reliquo pai-iter puHtula»tetv el iUtid 
fortae&is parit«r optinuimct Scpc audiuiniufl ct Icgimus non- 
uullofl i^ii^ixftaiitiuin ila sanctorum Rfinatos lucritia ut et in parte 
Gumti f-t ax parte tiirit doatiliitL Quid ergo iniruiu id aouctud 
martir Wil]c1inu« diuinc pictatw fuiuiimatmtioDc fmtri cgrotanti iu 
hpc tiiniuni fiuUiviiil di.- ijuo lanluTn requiflitua fuit ? Et ijuid 
minim p*i nic in parte •wilutcm prc'-stitit quod ix^liquuin in atiud 

*rhp rt'Oflpr i« n^frrred to the original for the minute partieulam of 1 
Ihitt unwvoury oaae* 



St Willifiin of Norwich. 


l«Tnpu8 resoniauit f Quod autem in posionim dilatum oxtiiit, non 
incou^ue cum ad id uettum fherit 8iJo adnotandum loco duftuli- 

xiv, Ds quadam ab eyriUtdiTje diutuma liberata. 

TEMPOKB illo t^ucdnm Alditha Nor^oi miLiirnA Tokc ccmrii 
tixor j^iii (jnitlom ct diutpunQib di^tiiiebfttur ualitudhic. 
Siagiilft nom|jc Mictnbm acloo dul[>rin <icc\ipjiuemt ueheiut-utiu ub 
ncc horu inmiina ui^l miniifiATn qiiictcm pcrcipcrot, ucc stiiic bAcit]i> 
grcfiniim figcrct, ucc omnino aliijuid ojx'ne intiuibus cffictrc poasot. 
Cuni<|U€ flub taiita i^griludiDV diinidium cunaunipaUi{m.-l) luiiuim^ 
amicorum conBiUio Jtd Anlubrc ee trnn^ulit conailium. OrAodcm 
igitur fieri luasit c^ndtdaiti. 4Uam inox iit beato Uiartiri WUI^^Imo 
iiouit, uohcmi^ntcm itiAiti dolum mi^ustiam inilc-Hcvrc M.vuiiL 
Inuitata ibique tnlibu« salut[» nuc pnmiciipi* ml illud iam fMiioBum 
martim at^pulcnim super preafiiti gratiaa rebbura Uuiitfitio, upc-in- 
que dc cclcro pctitiirn i^tati^1 cum cnndeU propcmiiit ; oplulit, 
ur&uit, doiuum<]uc rcgruttia broui couualuit 

xtv. ConcemiTu/ a certain woman ddiv^rtd from a» ittneta of torv; 

At thftt ttnw ft ccrtrtin Alditim living nt Norwicli, wife of Tofcc a 
chuidl^r, wu ioflering fmin n miHou^-i mn] hn\ii-^Uuidii\j^ iilnuw, E^tfry 
oii« of ber lijubn wtui ao rucked wltb dreudful poiti timt aho }iad not tlie 
lenat euie for a stDf^le bour, ami could neither niovo a ntep without a 
stick nor couJd do any kind of v'orlc with tu^r hutuU Ami whon bulf 
B /«ar hiui pOAw^d in this grmt ^kftliotioiir by tba advice of her friendH 
sbe nin^ulered btfr>w]f tu whi.>leaonie advice. Accordingly sho orders 
a kt^fp GUkdle to i)e mrtdp wbich Hhc thr^n otr«md t4J thp blnuiMl uiiu-t^r 
WiUiAUi, ami aXiu frit tihut cruel piiii bo^Au k> leeatfii, Wbn-efor^s, 
iTticuumf^vd by tlirse fimt aigD!i of rtcov^^ij, she r<T(iAii-ftd with u oundlo 
to tbc now fniuouB Bcpulobrc of tho iiiftrtyr intcmdiog to offor tlmnk« 
for b<T |>rcjicnt iHrncfit, ftnd U* aalt h4ilp for tlit* futuru. Sb« mikdv b4<r 
oiTnriikfc, shci prayed, sh? ri?turntxi hoii^v, und ui a littlo whil« oho vju 



St WiHmm of iVonpicft. 


XV. IM atUra per uisum miro mode curata. 

FVIT diobus illift Norwici mulicr quedam pauperciiU ia 
hi>spital] t^Mod Brichtiue diccbatur iac^^u«« inoTbt ctititurruh 
lalximnn n&Ittudine, ac mix oroniDo impoteDs. Erat <)t]ippe toto 
inflfttft vi ulccroMi corpora ac tancjtam elophaittiiio pt^rciilsH inoom* 
modo tniserabile ct horrcndum intut^ntibuj^ prebebat spectacututn. 
Cumqae per annum et amplius tali ac tanta labonueet egritudine, 
ill uwu Ducli» uunit tul iWau^ bcuLu-s imirtir Wilklinur^ et ail : Tuc 
conipa>teUf} mt«crio nitM'ix-ur tui, luuUcr, tuoqiie langiiori i^Intare 
uenio caoferre rcimdiuiiL Tunc a aipitc* per niembra dngitli 
Tnedicabilern illam deducens dextemm uniuei^uiii tarn aubito l^nirv 
uidcbutur dulorcm. ac td ullo fvmL*nti?H9irnc frigid (^;«miTun init^cLu^et 
aqiiam. MantiDi preeuntcin wduB consequebatur iielociKsima, et ml 
digitoniri modicAtitium pruHciitiaiu fngi(-u» i^xc^c-dcbut iDfirmitafi. 
Conuermisque ad illam ni&rtir ait : Ecce i^ana beta ea : ago ^ntuw 
di-o JLC inilii quo<|Ui.\ \t<^T ciiiui^ iiiariLiTu U- diitiiin curauit grstJA, 
proprioque labore adquisiuim mihi affem? uon difieraa candelat». 
Expergefaola muHer dolorem mitigatum setitit contiuuo, el quod 


XV, Ccncaminff nruttftpr wonutn ci*r«d in a wondsv/vf rrviy 6y a 

Ther^ u'M 111 tliOi£L^ day* at Korwieh a certain poor woman lyinff in 
th«i Imnpitji,! wlueli w?u4 Chill#><1 Brichtiu'n liiwpitjk]'. She \\oA l-cwn 
mifn^niig for u Inn^ Limf* fmiii li^r MclcneM jind wjlv <tuit« lielpleatt. 
All her IhxIv wm* *vrollfin nnH ulcomt^tl and, as though afflict*^ with 
elephaiitift&iFv sbe prpHerit4?d a, iiiiiU'ntMr nnd horrille npi^ctnclr to 
all Wlioidera. When sh*" hai) beeii BuHTeriiLi^ f<ir won* thwi a yemr 
from Ihis grent aicknwH, the bicwed martyr William lame li> her in a 
viaion of the night and Haul, ^*B(ro(mse I imve conipfissMjn upon thy 
DiiHory, woman! I pity tliee, auti I cumc to Ixstow on thee a uaving 
remedy for thy fiutferiiigs-" Then moving ihat healiiiir right haud 
of hU over all hor limbs, it seemed that he relieved ftll th« pain as 
suddenly iwt if be liwi thrown ooltl wnttr ititon l>oibng [»ot. The curs 
followed upon hia hand with utnioBl speed, and at Uie touch of hU 
liealing ling<-rt( infirmity put to flight passed away. Then the martyr 
turniu;- to her suid, "Lo! thou Art nnul<? wholi'! Oivr ibankii u> 
Ooi», and to me |*hij by wIkhk hjirul dir Divinit gnwr liiu turcd thnr, 
I>o)ay not to offpr uiilo liw a ovjidlt? cunicMl by thiii<r ow« toil," 

On A*vukcriiu^ thn woniAti at ouce fvit tliat her pain wa» l«tnene<l, 

■ No mnntfon of ihU hri^pftnl hn< vn\r\fi ctown lo (Ih> 



Sf William of Norwich. 


per uufuni (lormienif uidcnu mtn AliWr hc habere uijpl&n» cxalt^il. 
Si^urgeiib igilur t^m. deo ac Uberatuii sui> gmUaa t'git, Ubore 
iiiAijiiiiiii cfuidcU^ pn.^ciuiii iiLli|uiHmiL, vt ciiiu Ilia lul uiurtj'm 
Aepulcrum uooiciu* optulil cl ^ntLrulnbundfi rccessit* 

XVI. De vnrito natG et curcUo. 

ERAT iterum Norwici Colobcmiis qtiidam Mitiv« uquidem 
horeaiani licet jmupereiii cum iixore AnAfVida norame duccns 
uiuim* Hi filium haWnto> f<.^n? wpti-nnuni, »<kI tv imtiuitate 
mulum. diim nocte qiiadam pariter quieseereni* inlempesta uoelis 
hnra unrKjut- ciunduiii hort' uioniento a qiiadam reiierendi uuUuh 
pL-nK>iiA peT iii^um panUT Juliiioiiiti ?(uut ut nitrmomtum lilium 
suum crastino ad »iancti niartiris »epulci-um adducorcnl. iibi ct 
aup«r eiusdem »alnle congauderenL Mane igitiir facto sopipnium 
Hompnio wijifi,Tt*iitL*i* -'iic'iit ill sfk]apllii^ aiJinoiiiti futTiujl cum filiti 
muto ad memoi'atura |ax»perant flepulcmni, Cutnc[iie diutiim in 
onhtiono ioibj uda pcrvtilLssent, cb tandem per mwium pxieri 
ciiticlelain optiiliBBent, puer deosculaU* sepiilcro ad pHtrt^iii »c 
DjnucrU'iis vl mutrciii in Inqitt'limi siibilo prorupit iiiaUTJiaiu, ut 
iwilicet domuro regrederentur mgans. Quo audita pater ac mat«r 

MKJ she WM delighted thnt wbu »ho tiad eocn in a vision when n«leop 
vAs ind««l BO, now thitt nhe waa nwolcix So rining nil hcalcxi 
hIw gave tliaidcH to <S^d niid her deliverer^ sli« vaiaed ilie jirice of h 
cvuidlu hy thv Ubuur of hr?r hJbiul^, and slic wrtit with it and vfiojvd 
il at (he uutrtjri^n sepulchre*^ A»d i^lum^d honi^ full of JUJ'. 

At NcrwicL Agjili] th^j'c vrua « ccrtuui Colobciti who led a very 
hoB«Mt life though {KHjr, vp-itli hia \vifv Aunfrida by namf\ Th«jr b&d a 
•on about B^vcn yonrii old but dumb from hm birth, Oni- night whilo 
tboy w«ro Ewlecp tog^rther, in tlio dead of niglit at tho Aumo montoAt thoy 
we*^ both vltiioiiiKbiHl t>y n pt^reonugvr of re\-rroiiil ii'^pix'if thiif tbt^y qhou.ld 
OD the morrow bring thdr sou to the holy martyr* nepulchw, whorp 
they vliould rvjoice together nt hiM rotiovory. 80 when it becnmo day, 
iiriiig tlieir fte^^enil dreainf* tot'ether, they hurried with their dumb 
to the iM^putchro rb they \im\ Iwen ndmoniwhed in their dreams. 
And wlien they had continued togiither in pniyi^r thrre for a long time, 
aufl At length had offered a candle held m the boy a liand, when ttifl 
boy hwl kiswHi thi' sTpulrhrc and tomed to his father and mother, 
he suddenly broke forth in hin mother tongue avking Ihjit. they might go 
back homa. Wh«a they heard lum, the futh«r and mother could uot 


St WHliam of Norwich. 


•dcfMnun ialuk QDondennttfi paeteie oonfttJUti dMumtn. Cum<)Uo 
nobis turn iiiflkiocfii tum rot Apcnunafc CBOOtom, cum fibfl iom 
noo muto gratoUntea reorrtuntor, «t noa Awinatn ui mocto 
tBortiro mo Willchifeo ma^mficms colloucfcuiiinua. 


tantoniiD &nia mimculomro tnaga ac magis quft^ii 
poIltiUDdo cn-brtftccret. at<]ac uniucnfomta bm nurefl cimtn]* 
qnaqne pnbaret, ceperunt plurimi &d sepalcmm illad sotntirc 
Qodiqoo tanSnet^, ooiMiut* vl ofnuonibuj< diatna ibidem beneficia 
pofltnkre. Inter qooe qtudam Bobertoa Palcnahos Xorwior&siB 
iQoe dactu Mex adueait) Slium annuo di^aenu^e labnrantem 
boommodo addujtit Cai cued pulms dc oemcato illius «anctj 
vopulcri aqua di!<t4*mperatud ItmcHJicta ad haurieodum doretur, 
statun et dolorem Uuigan ct uigciR^ni rrp-ntinum menabria uni 
effetiif pouUitim ^eosit reAindL Pater aiitem nobin poetmoduin 
r&tulit, ab Uk die fiHo difw^nterie ceasaaee Aoxqib. qua punter cam 
ttOTD potu raniiatis quo^ue haufosset reEoediutD. 

nMtmin thvquitekMi from Umm uf joy. And w^ too who vetv prcvteiit 
obftervinif tudi tliiagH ft8 these. And oonstrHined bjr our piety, ve too 
wpjit. And «rbr^ thrj hud cx|>lunpd lo us tht- viition nnd wliAt 
hi»d follovr^^d upon it. thi'.y went thi-ir waj vritli tlioir von, no longer 
dural), and yn k>iv« pniiiie to our Lord who b&d done great thuij^ 
by the hand of Uis holy martyr Williatii. 

xvii. Conofmiuj/ a hojf cared of a tfyssiMry^ 

When thn fame of tuch great miraclBs began to apread and in- 
crease vaorv-. atitt riioi>% and vtas ncaiLiUng the enra of nil nirn round 
aljout» many people from all (|uarlcrH \iegn,n to repair lo that health- 
giving sp^ulchre a;id lo ank for divint^ battelits uidi their oflmriiTA 
juad their prAyora. Among whom u. certain Robert th4» Palmer of 
Homrich cztnte tliere, led by fiia faith, and brought viUl him 
hU son wlio had been troubled f*jr « year with ji jfrjevoua dysentery. 
Ho, wbiMi thnru wa* given him to drink Bomo of tht' pow*h^rvd 
oenient of that holy ^<pulchref dissolved in holy wnl<Tr, Htmi^^hlway 
felt his paia reliev«!d tmti a wudtlcn \i^ur grmlually nutored to 
hia feeble limbs. Tlio UUitv aftcrwardt^ tohl ua thai the tiux of the 
dyiwiit«ry had ceanod with hU wm from tliR tii%y on which, togethor 
vibh thit Boeied drau^lil^ he hud drunk m a whult»omu uun*. 



St William of N^onvich. 


xviii. Ik tmtliere quadain a dvUtti'nG lant^uore curato- 

ERAT quwiue in rttgia uilla que Oim<^bi didtiir qtiicf^uti 
GatterUA cognomenio Flotberd, qui diutumA imlitudine 
laboraDtom hjOK-lmt nxon^m. Ea pLT ui^nutu gnmiMttno ci>n]ih a^ 
Tncmbrorum uliltctu. dolure ad extremuTn tandem defectum, quiUfi 
p^lle si>la cwsibtLH adherenle, dediictA est. A ipAo Aiitem mcro 
inartLre Wiltclmo per uisiim ndnionitih se nuuigio Noru'icum 
aspartari fecit. Quo uerieni^ nmnibii^ t^iiorum ad M^po tnomomtiLm 
sancti mnrtim fiepulcrum dcilucit>ur» Omtionc hicta, post cuudclv 
obtatiODeni ibidem obdormiiiit et coniinuo meliUH habnit. PoHlea 
t&ero ductu imorum hcwpicjum rcco^it alque post trirliium ivdkmf 
candelam ad s^^pulcii nieiiHurani factam optnlit, plfnuiiwiue tunc 
Hiib puncto tompon> diutiiii Innguoris nmiudium sui^cpit Et 
t&ctuni est, ul que alieno AU^tentatH adminicula adiienerat, pro- 
ptiitt tani (^>nHA]i iiinl>ut< ^ola grndk^ti-H diwt'-'<sit, doiTUim rt^^Jiit^et 
Dsdnde prescripte ualitudim» incommodum non sennit* 

There wiu iij the royal town' whicli ia cntled OrmeAl^ a oertam 
^Valler Flotlierd by name who liad \ wife troubled hy an ottMtinate 
iUneaa. She au^ercd for a whole year from iibvoixt pnin in her hcMirt 
and limb**, and at laat she wan brought down to such emaciation Uiat 
die w:aB mere nkin and lioues. But adnioTji«he<[ in a vision by the holy 
Diiirt^ WiUiani himxrif, hHci cnUAt'tl homt^lf to In; cr^rrind by ahip to 
Norwich. On her arrival slie waa carried by lier servants to the oft- 
ineDliioned M^ulchre of the holy martyr; and having *>(ri^r<*d lier 
oandlo iind wiid her prayer, nhe went to nUnrp t];*!rt and ttr^iighlu iiy 
fihe bcoame bt^tUvr. Afbtir thin nhi? naariked to her itm, beio;; 
oarritvl there by h<-r attefidmiUi; uiid whi?ii three da) h Ivul pik«3i«tL nlie 
' vfiiiiv li^iuii Hud otTured n caihIU? which hjtd Ikcw^i ni&dti «f tlie buuk? 
U^igUi iM thc^ itcpulchrci whrroupon iu a moment hUe obtained ii 
perfect cum of ber stubborn <],iJwaao. And bo it oumo to ^vml that 
bJic whu lukd voue «ui>port«d hy the hiLndt of otbvrN w«iiit mw^y on 
her feet ; and trusting now only to her own powerx, t\w rntximftd home, 
and from thitt time felt no inconveTuenoe from the complaint above 

> rho Lordflhjp df Ibe town ofOrmeAby (A mlloA frara Vftrmeath] wiu ukcn Jalo 
I bk own hftoJ^ bjr WilliKm tht Cooquvi^r' It nnuiiwil In (ho Orown liU tbo llUl 
[j^r of U«iuy 11. U.i>. I'illll. 


Si WiUiam of Norwich, 


xix. De rmMii$ in ntari libei-atis. 

NAVnS qa<Kpic quib««Uin d« Oememulha tempestatc nuirirwi 
p^ihcHuntibus mentis beati mutiris diaJna .^cibiienit pietas. 
Qnt netnpp dam e9!(nont in ttiAii, tl[ink luJicU inuale^cenU' pnx^ollA 
uiHolitofi fluctuum horror nwrUjoi rDinATL'tiir »iib uvc^iibtib mortb 
Mm jwHiti ditimani iinanimiter exonuit miaerioordiam, Hui<?tK)uc 
pueri ac martini Wilklmi pi« dcprvcantur mffngia. Uira re«' 
Kmm, uclut ipsi nobia pasU^ retulemnl, continao Uli$ stnctum 
niartim DomoB aocUmnDtibti-H vh]Xie tiou uonentibus, uiiiu«m« 
siluil teropestaa. HH uero tranquillitatcm mentis »ncti Willelmi 
tarn eubilo ?iibi rvstitutiuu o^micidt^nuiU^. rlomtnuu in iiiAnctis iniis 
glorioflum glorific&uenint, et confeHtim pro(q>ero cai^u ami et inco- 
hMTBm ftd litU8 pcnicaeniEiL 

XX. ZV paapercule ntu/imn poreo enraU>, 

NON eolnm luorbis hommuiti* uoUit in preoedfintibtm patot, 
livd el anirualibutt bnitie Kiuicti WilloLmi rouritis diutoa 
subuenit b^ni^tas: que, ncut aniueraa oondidit, itA niminiin 


xU. C4mc«miM^ 

ontAe ifea uA<» uvrt deimrtd. 

The divine goodneM too, by tfip nwritu of rhe hlnwed maHyr, caida 
'to the help of certain ftdulor^ of Yarmouth who vrr^rt in prril b}' rAation 
of a t^tnpett oiq the aea. For thev^ meti when ttiey uref« at sea and 
a icreat storm was gnthorrinK force, and an extraordinary dread of 
the billows waa tJirealeniu^ them witfi dejith, nnd ^hcn thej were 
now bTt>ught to the verf tbresliold of death, tliey all besought the 
^iviiii* mercy, and thoy implored the h*lp of the aunted boy and 
niartyr ^V^llliuiii. Tlirn a wonfJ^srful thing happened, PVir, aa tbej 
tbemaelvea afterwat-dH told u^ bninrilint^ly on their culling on the 
holy nnme of ttie martyr, and while they were making lUeir ^^wa to 
him, tbo tempest utterly ctwtccl. Hut thpy, considering IhAt the calm 
Itad beeu brought about for iheni !K> jiudilenly by tlie Taerita of ttie 
SHbite<l WiJIiHJu, gHve glory to OoD whe in gloriltod ui Hi* aalnte, 
nuU Mon with a prosperous courav chiue to land a^tv luid souiidi 

XX. Coruiemirt^ a poor woman's hog which wtu cured. 

Nut only di<] the goodtkcw of God by the merits of the «uiit«d 
William ufTord hn\p to the dJBe;Mea of men, aa in plain frotD what 
hw gon<^ twforc. hut tt helped brute b«Avt4 too ; adi], im it L&th undo 
all thinjpi, £u no wonder that it governfl And VAtolieft over eAcli one 



St WiUtam of I^orwicK 


Mngiilo fjueque inoderatur at^^ue diaponit. Nullique crt^turarum 
quamquam peniicnlicc neu tiiliMnlmi:? bomti^tiH aue Hubtraliit iiiaiiuin, 
quo unmcnin:^ inti^ iimictitAtis ^uc coiidiulit siniim. I^oiudc 
muLier quedam paupercula Noi-wici poitxw alubat, 4uil>ua adultifl, 
cufum pn^iu iiictui i«ur> cu]iL|Kinirc:t ntci:rj9B4irui. IIKm U(.-n> cuiitigit 
iiilirD>ttri al^uct niorlui> lAtn nno, mr>r:* immincn:!^ itiiitabatur <!t 
vltcci. Cemeos orgo amlier M» ne rebua d^dlitui quibu?i mjiximc* 

ingcmuit, ct ad optui beiUi marlim taiidciu cuiifugiu Ad cuiuH 
.'^pulcrum ueoieiiEt gupi lacriiniu omiiit. caindelntn upitiUb, alqiic 
exindc regressa porciini qucni niarti proximiim trietis rcliquorot 


B^ Mus morbidis »ahti 7*e8titHii£. 

EODEM tempore Dioniflii carierarii nionachorqm NorwiccuMUin 
boueM cuiisimili clade conligit oHiori. Quo iccommodo tur- 
batua ille lusat morbidos bouea in biigum et traru^iiersuRi filo 
circauidiin et ad Bli mt^iisumm saucto luartiri Willclroo candeUm 

erf tbem ', And from no oti& of Hii creatureti thought It tr«r9 th« 
meanest and the vilest of thpni, d™*A Tin wilhdraw t.)i*> hAnd nf His 
goodnMH, that goothi<<JiR which rvmhriicDS thrm all in the bosom of Hifi 

Accordinifiy there wm a ccilain poor womfin at Norwich, who used 
trt kpep hogs, niid wh^n thry hnd ffrown tfl thdr full Mii^ she provided 
for herself the neceasaries o! life by the price ahe got for theui. Bat it 
happened ihat h?r Kwino fell hick nnd one died And deatfi was thrmten- 
iii(j ATu^thar i>f thoou 80 the woman^ jtrnx-iving that undor thn rircum- 
stiince?* aJie waa beiuK hit (!efltilut<T of the mAann of Hupptirt winch 
she hoped for, nlinoBt looing hope of a recovery, wailed ^p^eatly, and 
at liuit bi*&K»k tit^rw'lf Ut thn hHp of tfvr bli'jwi:<d martyr And onming 
to his wpulchre she prated with teant ; shi* oiri?nHi lu caii<JI«, and thrn 
going hon^e sgnin she was overjoyed at flDdlng tlie hog, wliich la her 
dtstn;«9 fin Imd left aliuovt dead, nuw cured and bafeL 

xxL Concn^in^ lJi« oxsn ttriek^n with the plaint r^Mor^d Co AWfA. 

At the fttijiie time it chanced that the c^xen of Deuiv the chamber- 
Uin of the Norwich monks were dying ot i?xiwtly IJie wime viritatton. 
Wfaerenpou he, disturbed by the niLsfortunc, ordei^ed tliat oil t)t« <uien 
th*t were sulTerliti; from Iht- plagui* idionld bo Ritrrounded with a 
thrcaid luid a coudlt; Ui hv mude aocurding tu the mcwnitv of the 


St IViiliam of Norwich. 


fitti Paotem ituquc «d acputcmiD oiuti attulil *£% opiuUt.»U)uo ab 
ca Iwn clodorD Id bobu« ocswrocofjfnouit Coanmili qnocjuo modft 
qaidun oquoairi^ f>r«linia CoAooJinua cognonuneQroame, dnm boaos 
moM pc«tifcm lac CAq^ii PcnsMPct, nonnuUif* uim moftim, mipcr- 
stitibua rotii^uis aubuenire profK^muit. N«« mora, Alo boU€« 
Gircumclcilit, in nonuno HUtctt Willi?lmt cnwklam fieri iuAdt* 
bctomquo ad scpiilcnicu «tufi alttiUt- Demio domum uonions c^m 
bones Qouuetot ioni oonualuLiw.-, cxindt; ttMsri Buutinn Willolnii 
airtuUtD unincftt* prcdicnuit, quant iw in bobus imuu^tc oxpcrirc 

xxil De quadam Yd*^ mire curtUa. 

PER idiriu terupuf) Idtt uxor EuHUchu monetArii Norwioenaid 
gcaibuff prr tricnnium gntlA pri>fligiit«9 cgTouWL Exin 
per uwiubra diitciurvtia ac ^teuicus. in dcxinim Uxkdem humerum 
ounccndil morbuj<i, ct ptja<t<a hmcKium poritcr occupnuit. Inunlt:^ 
vxute ueru dvlurc, iu Uiu bottvndoo prunipit clftmorctf ut aoiieuo 

Uiread for the holy martyr Williuiii : Atid when h w«4 made h« brought 
it U) his sepniohro ami ofli-nxi it there ; axiH from tlwt hour h^^ iiotiood 
tli&t tha dcJLtli ntiuing the oxon :clopp^ In tike niAnnirr too a uvrUin 
Qottoeliri h Groa', & uian of kui^^btty rank, when he pen^eivni tliac UIh 
oxen vere seixtd hy the inuiTAir, nnd urimc of tlw-in were alrcedy 
dcwi, he hnct4*ric<) U» pruvi<k help fur tli<< nsit wbT> woty atiL] iUitcl 
Accordingly he boo tie<1 u thread round Lbo oxen and onJercd a cjuidl« 
to be uinde in Uie iiuuie of Saint Willivn, a&d wh^n it wa^ made he 
brought it io hi» thTpulchrc- An wwn ut \w trachrd homr, and know 
that hiH oxen were nlnvuiy <\mU; wi^ll^ ctmightvrAy lu* prT»chiini4<<l to 
h)] the x'iriui; of the lioly martyr WiJliiim wUith hv bud inauifewtljr 
ejip4rritfac«d iu tlio cawf uf bia oxeii. 

xxiL Co7iC!«rttit\ff a Mrfain /rfn rur*ri in a marrgllota imy. 

Abont the mm» tiiD9 Id«, th<? wUa uf EuHtuo; ibo tugneyor of 
Norwich, WAM ^uflu^Ulg ii\na tlifl gout wrhivb Fur thre« ytmrs had 
afflicted her kncw^ 

At Inet th*^ di)frA>«e tnivpiW in it** severity through *iM her limha 
nnd fiiuilly (wttl»i in her H^ht shoulder, And Aftor^Arda foet^ned upon 
hor armoA wdl. The pain incrcAscd ai> that ihe broke forth jnl*> hideous 


< Tha fftmilj of It Orot vtav Mttli^ a1 Utley, 6ix inilcs ^m ^onrtoh, for xnuiy 
ODDtUTiOi. Out ol tht^m watt tiTinie thOT» xu King Stephen^a tim*, »nt| vu patron 


Si William of No}*wich. 


puUrotiir, ct ita qucuit ad extromum deducitur. Et ouooato pra»* 
bit«ro pout c'uufoHsiiJiioin pru IJnioro mortis doniituoi ci>rj>oriM wo 
muniuit uicrtiinetito. M^ne nutom £acto recx^rdata Hancti iiuirtii'La 
Wiil<>1ini, qiialit^r potuit nd sopulcrmn uiua s£- dtxJuci focjt. Quo 
peniem^Dsiuxtaprocubuit'LCtttutin] hommlitfclttmuudoclumoribuft, 
pru ODgiifitiA nimin per pauimentum capituli iioluUbat. Deinde 
post modicum fati^ta qutcuit, iiomoai|uv saiicti Wilk'luu iiltu uoeo 
sopius imi(H?]iiis, ealutir^ rome<liiim posttilnnitp *V\\\\vt aoccptun 
outdelftm optiilit, tit detK^ciiluici H^piilcTo ^itb ip«4o <|Uo Inpidc^ni 
totigit articulo in oculis assistant iiim opparuit iuoo1uruL>v Et post 
atiquiiikULiu liorani, que iWwti ductu siionim nix adueneraL, ^e uobun 
mm regr«di po&^e mii-atur ot oxtiltnt. 

xxiii. />« uitiojitf qiiadavi memcrm^da. 

BAT qiUM^uc Nurwid St^uinrJus quidum copnommt' Wmnc 
herd, cuius fliia Ida nomine nocte qiuwlam uenerabilem ac 
meiiiom Hull itidi^miii iiidcix^ meniit uisioiioin. VJdit quip)H! 
MiacCam WiUelmam ad cuput Hc^pulcri mi inter tres uirgiiKw 


fthnVIcA, [n^omuoh thAt dhfr wak a« one cnuwd, wid »]m a««itted to be 
drawing nijL;)i her oiu^ Whcruupon a priaot having boon annunoiUMl 
and tthii having inn<l« Tit*r rx>i]fiMuoiv wiLh tUv fuar of doQlb b«lore 
her, Ab« forMfi«d h«rwlF widi th« wiorament of cb« Lord'^i l>ody, N^xt 
morning, having in mmflmbranpft tbp holy mnrtyr Willmm, n^m had 
beraelf c*rrwd, the b*«t way hIi« w*uUI» to \m «epulobie. When &ho 
got there ube wu Iftid down near it, anft imriiediatelj screMiiirs out 
with n hid«oai DoUo in h<^r unbiwr&t)lo nsoiiy, shu bi?jC&n to mil About 
tlie pftvoment of tJie Chapti^rliouw. Aftiir a wbdo abe was quiet 
froui flhoer fatigue, and witli a loud voil^ invoking tbe nAnio of Snint 
William flbe (wked for sonic hoRltbgiviiig remedy. Tli«n nho odrrnd 
A candle which iht? bail, riad hnviug kiiuuMl the ^pulcbre, at the 
vorj' moment whttii alio Uiacbed the (ilone, before the eyes of the 
by-BlADderB abe appeared cured. And Aft4»r k littlu vhil<i, die, who 
had with Hilliculty romr thrrt by tb« holp of oUiera, n^joiced with 
amjut?inont thitt nb« wriA Able t<> go avaj alone. 

xxiii. Conc^ning a ari^iin nutmorahU vmon. 

There was at Norwich, KtAnanl, KumamiNi Wnmcberd, whoa« 
dau^tor Ida waif dfwmod worthy to mm a nolable And meiuiirabl^ 
viukiu 'me night. Fijr »he saw Hl WiUiani Mlatiding At the hrw\ of 
Uh MpulUiTt abtfiudvct by thixe virginn and holding a lighted taper. 


St WiUiam of A'orwiV-A, 


rtftntom ac ocreum illtiiniimtiim t^ncnt^m. Virg^nos autom circa 
ipffnm in trihn^ ritubant pnrtibu^. f^orcH»qit« ten^bant acccn»H>K. 
C'ui |>or uiaum ea eon&icloiuDti una uir^inum ait : Doprcoore, 
purlin, BAnctiim qiiem ccmir* niArtircrm Wiltclmitin, qui in dedpectum 
mortis Chriati iicDt-rrtbili coronntiu* ci*t murtyrio. qiiAtintin deum 
»pud <i\\t.ti\ pliirimtiiii uak't pro tc interptllAt. IHud quoquo 
QOueriB, quod ipse unicus nc pcciiliAris> NorwicctiMbn« « domino 
datuA eat patronua: vt f^^> *fiiui iurgi> K>ir-oriiia que hoc tibi 
doDtititia Ad hoc cxpcrgcfjtct'i jmclla putri ac niatri imionem 
confefltini retulit, quaiu et nobia crftstino poMv ip»o iiuinuArc 
ctitmut- Sod undo mn^^i^ ndmiminiirt ante illrvin hotTLiu pt^ter i»c 
uaater atquc paella, uclut ippi amcrcbfLnt, proprium ooncti Willolmi 
Domou ptsuitiia iguorubant. 

xxiv. D€ qtuidam GottJ^burffa cunUa. 

DIEBVS illifi mulier quedam Ootduburgn aoinitM.% cum mulUa« 
ogruULwet dielnis, do uirtute martins conftHa, membritt uix 

But the virgioH wcm Btnnding round tibout bim on tbo thr«6 nd«s 
of tho tomb and hoMItig lighted tapfirs. 

And OM tfthA gitzed upon (btv^ things in h(?r viiuon, one of thn 
vir^^ina fl&id, "O niuiden, inaki^ thou thy prAj«rs to iW holy ciia.rtyr 
Wiltijkiu >vhom thou boholdc^U vrho in deapite of the deatli of ChrLsl 
woA crowing] with the honour of mnrtyrrloin. 80 may ho intoTvcde 
for theo wltli Qq]>, in vbiMU pri*«enoe hu is of grciil AocounL Know 
thou thiJ^ aho^ tikAt he hoa been gnuited to the lueti uf Nur^ncli by 
OUT Lord to be their iu>le and spednl patron ; nad I aoi tlio Virgin 
Katlierine who auaouuce thee* thijign to thi^e ! " 

Hon^t lUft daxnsd fiwukening at oncti told the mion lo hef father ' 
aitd uuther, the whit'h Iifir father took cure iiiTXt day to communicAto ' 
to na. But what surprised us the more w^ Uutt befuro thnt hour 
thp father, mother, and damsel, a8 tliey theiuaelven AA^erted, bad been 
allogoUiei^ IpKiraiit «>C the propor oaino of Saint ^VIIUai]]. 

xxiv. Cor^nrHiny a certain iwinan OiJMttr^ r^Ao wtm trurwl. 

In thooo dayn a cortiuii woiumi natned OQl<Iebur|^^ who had booa 
Hi for OiAiiy days, and who hnd jiut hrr trust in iho iniirtyrV powar, 
uaiiM to th« Mpulohr«i with a ooiidic^ though hor liinhn could iuuxlty 


Sc WUliain of Normck. 


n BuatentttnttbuH, nd M;pulcnim giua ciiut c&iiUvUi ueuit, vl cum 
lAcnmifl n-liqiiAmdin in oratioae perHibt«iiA ugritutlmi ^ucn^m^uio 
poetulauit. Vbi cltmciitui dci c<x>perniiW gmtin iiitritbi beuti 
morbum cclrvtcm mcdelaiu jjauUtiiu uiiiEiibrin ^eiiMt tufunf )i, iilijuo 
infra. died pnucoa raf^ctis uiribua plcaaui optiimit Hospitateui, 

XXV, De pmtla f^ribua IxbeitUa. 

BARTHOLOMEVM qucxfue de Creic uiram egregium tam 
militia c|uam nobilitabe famoaifwiinum uiitiiH saacti non 
latuit martirif*. Cum oteniru film ciiw puniulii furli fcbrium miu 
t^nc^rc'tur, cgrotanti filic tnater condoles candelam in nomine 
sancti Willelmi propriU lieii iiianibu^ ^tudnit vt pro salute liUe 
cffcreiidum uoiijt Mim res et festtnn diuinc tiirtiitis oflteiuio! 
Mox enim tibi candela Hen copil, .nub prime ciigitorum motii 
catuB Bubito itu ced^aiiit frbnuin. ijiieiiiAdmodiim ebullitrriH iAh\ 

support her, and continuing ^int* time In prnyi^r and with tmn, 
beoought relief from her intirmity. Whereupon throuf;U Uie gtwm 
erf a rociTviful Ooi> ci>^(x?ratiiig witli the nkerits oE the blessed martyr, 
■he felt tlie heavenly remetly gmdually nprnoding through hor limbflp 
and within a few dayn she obtained a perfect recowry, hrr health 
bluing rwrtonnl. 

The power of the holy nmrlyr wna not unknown moTwoTffp U> 
BarthojoDa*^' de Crc^k \ il umn n^nowncKl tJt w<>ll for htE BohiierT 
Ml for liin noble birth. For a little <l»ughter of hin wah attacked by 
a burning fever, and her nii>ilier being diBtrovied at her ohild'A IDneaM 
took the Trouble to niakr with hrr own hands a candle in the name 
of St WiJliftui, and made a vow to offer it foi' the recovery of Jier 
daughter^ A vonderful circumstance happenerl, and a rapid exbt- 
Ution of thr divine power. Pur ininiodiately uft^^r tlit* uuulle brgnn to 
be made, yea ! at Uie first movement of her fin^'er* the heal of the fever 
abated jiut as a boiling saucepan be^a to get qaiet when cold water 

> 7b« hutiilf Ysvjv ktrdft of NortTi Cr<»li in Norfolk, Fruiii wlilcb |t]AOt (biy toolG 
1h«it lumu. Thill ^Lf BartlicloiTicw hold oi>ii«irlenib]c |ioa«oi»ioDV of |h« Blgoli^ 
KuU oi Norfolk- The family bwajne i^tinct in (hu Dide Imv in Ihc- rriRn of 
Ednikrd 1-. hijd ttuio lj<<niTru<:t4r» uf ihv Cluiiiac Vnary »l Cattle Acre, iht* iiij^d- 
liiiikn Abb«y ot Ht Oiyth ni Chlcb in Kuen, Mod (bo Nnnnvt? of FlUlon iq 


Si Waiiam of Norwich, 


OOttfim Aolei per tuine &igide uMtom. Ulster er^ pro fiJU 
CHodclBm 4]ficrri fE!Ctt ga«|IIc altcritu fcbn» inconiBnodtitn non 

xxri Dtyiropieo sonata, 

XTENIT et qiiidain ,Hn»ptciift de Tddenbun ad sMictl Willehni 

V ftepulcrdin uL ^gntuduu kuo. Mdiitus conwqui mereroiur ' 
rem^ium. \l>i fetalis aliqiisixliu omuit condelAni optnlit, ueotm- 
que iftID tunc lentto (k^lfic^. mii!u> ftlurrior qtmm iipn«^rat rmwut- 
FrHU'A xwjn, cliira itiHjj^ntiun r» ^nentiinn inqiiiivfietotu. uidnifi 
relfttu curatum agnotiimtu. 

SVB tanta efcroUntium oonfiiientia tienit quoque inter oeteros 
quidfLRi RijguruN dv iirxHlietii TudciihiuD cum uxore Godiua. 
Hi filium decettturni toto cgrpore inbecillem attulerunt, quia Kreasu 
proprio ilUic ueuir^ nequaqwiin |>oC<!ml, qoonijim n ii^ulti« diebus < 
86 moaore seu coQuertcre impoteua erat Talt'iii i^tur ac fere * 
cmorltium cum plancta €t flotu maximo, dum pArcotes cins cum 

U tliroirn into it, Wher«for« tli« mother ouiBed tiM coadle to bo 
oflereti and ibo girl felt no further inconvenieDc* from the fever. 

xxvi, Ctmti'^rning ihe ntr« of a nton ti'iOk drop^, 

Tltorc camf too a ccrtAin mnn wii.h the dropffjr from Tttdoohan^ 
fJt Wi)liani'« wpalchrv if an \w \iv might bi- vouoh^ed a remedy to 
recover him of hia couiplaiut. After KtAfKliiig tliere for Mmke time 
he pmy«d, be offered hin caiuUe, and the p^n iu hi& stomach harinf 
been aeauaged he went AWAy inucli iiiorv nimbly thnn he cnnu*-^ But 
whoti wo hful nifuJCf t^nquiry aIiouI the itul»fi&]t]ent iitatie iif the matter, 
vfv. wirro infomit^ trvm lh« report of hu neighbuum thut lie wba cured, 

Aniufiji UiU groHt cuncuutiiA^ uf aick fulk tlit^re came, anujug uUieni 
ft.oertuiii Kuger, uf Tudj^nbtiitj kforx-Mud, with hifl wife QodivAt l^eve 
people brought with thcni Llicir son toD yejum of o^^ whose whole 
body waa powcrlow; for he wna quito unabto U> *tir » otep tovEvnU 
coming hithor, hnving been unnble for n long time to move or turn 
himself. Bftin^ in this ^taXa mxA Mlmoat dend, vhnn hiA parent^ 
weeping artf! wAiHng excoedmgly, hrul brought bim with •orai' cajidlc^a^ 


St William of N'or^tnch, 


cnnd^liH attuliMftoiit, ftiiptrr (^pulcnim tv cupitc nnu^im in oonapoctu 
no«tro dcpOAUcruEiL P'.wt brctiis ucro i^jjiicii t>ratJOiK-m h part*iitibiiK 
k'lialutt ate JAiii mdiiia bthbere tentitiLa *^. Quippc qui nutca 
in nulUm r^c pju'tem oonuertcre hoc alieuo absque tuJiiiiJiiculo 
lu Lerrani ^n-tiHiia uatebaL ud ml TmHlJciim dcfi^^urc, [ht *it' jwIiw jw 
Uitic comiortit, <\cq ac. ^Aticto inArtiri gr&tias a^j^eii^, cuia pireiitibus 
pixf gandin lacrimAntibtiJi^ donium regr(«aui!i <*a1, vt hi brcui 

xxviti. J)€ rjuodam Htldebrando eurato, 

EISDEM fcnno diebii!< Ikit^branJiis Norwid sati*i cognitiis. ot 
Panii monachi Nurwirensis ^rmanuti, infirmari ot*p\i. (>L 
inimleKceuLi; incrmmoflo in brnii le<:to ae CMjnttilit Cunnjno ita. 
dt^biiR tion paiicia sui t7Lciii»4ot inualrdiia, die qiiAdftni >M>ini*iiti< 
l>iT ivrhiH niolf'^LiH bLmloni nd extreTiiiim ilediin iiihun ent. Inito 
itAque ci3tuilio» amicri qui ndenint rontinno CAnd^Tam conaulunt 
fieri et pro salute mfinni nc ftacri iiiartiris sopulenim (}*>jMirtari. 
Quod iibi sine dilotiooe complctum est, ipsa horn conualoscere 

tbrj Uid him in our sight upon Ui» Hopulckre iitvir the lunrtyr's hrod. 
After a sliurt pmyer he v^i« lift4M] up hy lim pdr«iit« aucl he testifuHJ 
lUat he felt belter. Insomuch t)in.t he, who Urfore liful been unabtt^ to 
cum bitnMlf to one «ido or atuither not without oseitttAnce from othern 
1MW1 Mt hu foot upon tlie ^i^i^'^d. iio\v uaftiik-d lunied aliout by 
hinwlf, aikI ||;ivLiig thrbiiks* t<i Goi> »aU th<f holy martyr lYtuniuJ 
homo with Iiia pareuta wbo wf?|)t for joy, nnd m a UlU« wbito he b<t- 
oamo i)uit« wotL 

xxvili. CwMTemtw^ a f^tatn HUfUhrand tcho tww euiv/, 

AIhutt. t]ip 4jiin'» limoj Hilrlohnuul ', ft mun wpH kimwii »l Norww'h, 
iU)i) A kinmunn of n Norwich monk namw! Paul, fi^ll Hick, nnd hin 
Illbena iucreuin)^ uihju biiu he took to hiA bed. Wbeu he had laiu thus 
[lelplesa for a long^ time, one day ojk the ttxmbltr went msint; thrcutfh 
hiN Limhc^ itt IaH he M«*in(H| to Ik* rnuir hiti vi\a\^ Hf^n3U|Km tiikt»^ 
couiiMel, hiA friendu v^hu were |jrefieiit advUeil that a caudle ahoulil 
at once be mode and should be Inkf^n Ui thi? innHyr* H«pulcfare 
for the r«cov«ry of the kicIc man. When l\m wa^ donn with- 
out tlehty, At thrht very hour he began to get well, and After n 

■ I KUfpocl Ihifi ia the Hiliitibtftiid who fonndfld the hospttat which wm called 
after hlB lUJiic. and that Blumi-liijliJ in ^rronii iu yii tiiK the dat« of thai foiirLd«tioti 
tu the rviifn of fToDiy lET. Mont tikelj 1£ ittould bn Henry H. 8e« Blcu^llpld. 
Vol IV, 71 and 72,. 


St WUliam of Noneich, 


Q^pit fttque pent modicum eanitAti pristine reetittu meruit Pr«- 
mtuiit siout oofum <^ui «grotanti et «oviDaleac«nti proaentcs 
nffa^nuit mUtu didicJmitA, ipeo ncilicet temporis irutanti morbt 
conBtat &cerbitat4»tu e88c lenitAtn, quo ct ctmdeliun eancio m&rtiri 
oontigit fuiMio 4^blatftTn. 

xsdx. J)€ c/tfriW H paU/rido sacrisle Chriati Cantuari^ curato^ 

VENERAT i[UO<iu(? trtib icienj tempuft a Cajicia in Nordfulc 

Oaiituarie tt Notwicuih forte diuertemt. Ooutigil autem duiii 
ibi iiioraretur, et pftl^^rnrltiin dus inliniiari, et clcricum i^ucm Kuciutn 
habuerat grtiiussiniani inoim^ix' ualitudinem ipsa scilicet Gocte 
cum cnifitiiio profiriK'i prtij>ou<'lMfct- Itacpic mane wugenn tiui- 
quam ad profectionem moiiachus. equum et Bodum inflmutoft 
t)ffendit, atf|iie nititintiii stipc-r hoc uehemcnti^r condoluit. Vnd<-, 
taiita compiilsuM iieoc»»it»te, tnulta cum deuotione aiu'nii ad mif- 
tmgisk profiigit sancti in&rtiris Willelmi, el quod pie ac douolxr 
omudo pdciit, diitina lurgiente gratia inox impetmre promcmit. 
Inde contigit ut, socio et equo samtati restitulis* extra spem coutiauo 

littlo while wna blessed with nrftoration to his lonaer health, 
AccorOin); to ihfi t^Htiriiotiy of thoH^ who were witli Mm when h« 
wa« ill And when he got well, w« have been infanned that It v/tm At 
tho very instant wticn thr cnnfllo wa« brougJit to the holy martyr, that 
thr jiri^Uh cff liin dincooc &lHLtcd. 

About thin time the sacrist of Holy Trinity Clmtclj, Caiitvrbiuy, 
catije from Kent into Norfolk on Mume farnily bualiieu aad happened 
to repair to NorwioJt. Hxit while lie was staying there it chanced 
thnt his pntfrey fell ill and also his ckilc whom ho biid with 
liim, aTuI the/ l>ec'ftmi? very w^rioimly sick ou Die very tiight 
kx*fore they had intendtHJ to ^> awuy. 8a on getting up ui the 
moniing to go on bi* journey the monk found hia homo and his com- 
pMtion very ill, aud hereat of courw h*? wue very gnuitly luinoyv^d. 
Wherefore urged by no grwil n ue«i, v^ith niufh de>otivti uf tinml he 
botouk biniulf tv the int«rveution *A tho holy iiuirtyr Willmni, &ad 
what he askfd fui' Iii devout ajjd pioun prayer, thnt he obtuLicd by 
the bounty of thti divine ^racc. So hin compoiuuD ojid liis hortt« 



-SV William of Norwich* 


iter of^cdi iKMiict. taiKtiinTn anbca niohil impcrltmcnti purtu> 

PER idem teinpus Emma ctiieckmde Wichtuna ^Traui prcmobti- 
Mir egritriiliue. Heo otiin inim iiia^ialia inartinH Willulmi 
faina pn^miilj^nto aiKliri't, alioruni iiiniUta kiiccchh]1>iim, i4[x' miln- 
teiii iani teni^iiA nuiTttxtt c-l opitn gmtm ^-i^l itii^'iiioraUim sc-pulorum 
aUit. Quo pemeniuDJf (?um siiiiiiimHiipplicRtionUdeuotiLitieoniuit, 
ciifidelani optulit. et in »pe HJiiiilatH n^ceHaiL Stfitimr|iiti nub i|»o 
rotlitu 7w pro cvrto cmiip^rril <'iinitiiin. nt<|itL^ itii nicriliH Maricti 
Willelmi diuinamco;rnouit ctK>in?i:aii pratmm. 

JEXxi, Quutt jtturimi attnttn ttrpnicri pulucre biintit cwxiti tiunt. 

CVM igitur fanm tiscri mailiris longe lat^iie diHCiiireret, qnan- 
tupirniirriti iidiiirtutii^npud ijeum ipr4«]*iiloiEiiiiliiiH jinijialurot 
non inodica liirba cepil egi'otantiuia gloriosiira saiicti Willetmi 
frtH|UL'nUm' >w.-puliTiitn. AH) i>ost nlios Uimiunt, ot nTK*u]itil>iif> 
illifl uenientes et aiteri succediint, quoniam fmjiientes precedentium 

luivinK recovered beyond nil liop«, )io wu nlile inmtwliati-ly to uiKler- 
take 1ki» jouruoy as thou;-h nothLnj^ IiacI atood in hU way bofore. 

XXX. CimcfrninQ n ct^iain Kmma w!tc, heiv,^ in HI htalth^ »vi4 nmtle 

About th(' luLmn tim^n cnilAin Kmmn tin WighWn' wan uttucktHi by 
ttefiuuA illiicwi. Whrii nht^ lu-aiii of tli»^ woiifferlul im.*!* himI ihe f^reat 
dol&ga of the iiinrtyi- Wllhaiti wliU'li hSft fAiu« was pubLUhing abroad, 
inritvd by Ihe sucoesne** of other people, Bhr wiw rii«)uragft] liy hopc!, 
and atixioUA for n^covrry sh<f wriit Uk tlif- Aud n-'pulchrc for help, 
Wh^ii s1i0 giTtt thrrtr, w^ith much devout aupplicittion, nhe nuulo hc^r 
jHmy«r awI mIi© ofTV'rt-d her cundlu. Tniinodiatoly on hor rvtiim mhn 
diNO&vorocf that nho wau onrtAvnly ouriHl^ nnd no ahe got to know that 
divine gmce cocipomtat with tho ni«ritA of Buint WillUin. 

f/ow ytuxny pt^pif i>^ dAnkitttf of ilu^ pounlfr serapr^i /rotn the 

When thtJn thi? fam^ of th€ holy mnrtyr was Hpr^Wiii^ fur and 
widi^ luwi it iKT-iiniP known to all liow (jn^at hi" merit and int1uenc« 
wa» ill th« fcijclit of (lOD^ a bugf crowd of aick folk began to frwjiionl 
the glorioUM wpalcbre of the holy innrtyr Williiun. One aftw aziotlwr 
Ihej camr, And a* Homn wont away oUient followed theui« for Ui« 
* WiifhtuD. B, of WdUm, itxml (btir mileH an di» rond lo Wilatnifhvn. 
_ W, S. II 


St Witluim of Nontnch. 


tiuitn iK^nivntiiiin froquentiA tiiiii fi^bricitiuituFi* turn diswrnt^no ■ 
m^>rbo btk^idois tutu imrijjf ucxatiw inRniiittitilkUiv ikbrudo ttopulcii 
lapide et cum ru^tin bcnodicta bibJt^, (jimmplTinmos ciimtoA iignouU 
muttpr^Wrillotii^titttn quorum in pr^^cvdonlibiid c^ram lAenunimM 


xxiii. De quodam ah injlatfijut ffuUuris citrato. 

choruecAret uilmculiH non iiniuersa explanarc pdiiimn: 
fcum ()TiiA plomqnc mintraiR coiitigit noticiuii smbtcrfngere, tn' 
t^MiA dc notmulliB plenum neri oortitudini^m non prcuEilutnii] 
iiuUjftiiv. PoiTo ca pn^ncnti pl^%ctnt inli-rHercrc libcUo ([uc no* 
liwi MiiG auditu pro corto cngnouunua, <|\]cquc rcUtu non tndiguft 
deuotifi cordibiia noii dUplioerc nciinua. Itdi]ue Norwtd piicr 
(juiriani Alnrici tiliiia do eartrino monachorum gmvi qtuulum ot 
horribili guUuris d fmichmi ogr()tAtu-rjkt UtflaUim; udeo qmd«i 
ut miscmbilcm intiicntibiia otTcrrct aspccliim. Cuni<|iic ni' 
qualitav ^pein aalubis prrirtiuBexdud&ret.ductu mains ad dcpulcru; 


fraqnant sacct«8e« of those who had gone before invited oth^ira to a 
good liopa But nmon^ «IL thi« throng of people ^me of them 
with fpvrm, nonie uitli the clyKcnt^ri'y, some afflicted with various sort« 
of ititinniticuL, wo kouw that a givat tnuiy wnrtf cured, 1jDid<Ir« thoee 
ulioHv ourei Vk-v liAvi* filrviidy mvtitloiied, by uieivily driiikiiJg tbe 
scrAjfiu^ of thff ntonr td the wpuLchra uud uiiJtiug it witli holj^ 
waUr '. 

XJCxii- Coftcfrrivn^ &n& iiAo bwu cured of a twelling %n th^t threat. 

Whili? the gloriuu8 umrtyr wou beooining !(0 iUiutrioun by tlie 
frequent naraclea th:it wen? wrought apomid liia aepulchre, we hare not 
been able to set them all i*jii\\ pjxrtly I>ocfla8o many of them did not 
coinn und<ir nur notice* fiocnii«(^, with rc^nl to «rthcra, wc were 
not abk* to nrrive at any certianly about tlw facta. Tlioitc, bow^viMT, 
wo h'hoIvihI to insert in thr prrHcnt l>oolc whith wo wore fully acsured 
of, either by what w^ naw or what wi* honni, am! tbi**^ wo linow 
will uot oBeniJ rli.'vout hearts, ^inee ihey are worth r(H?i>niiiig. 

So it wai with a i^rtaJn boy at Norwich, son of Aluric, belonging 
to tlie tmior's stiop of the moii/uiU'rv, wlu> wm* fitHicini with a sentrc 
and borriltlo Hwolling of tho tliroiU auiJ Jawu, so tliat he presented a 
flhuik-iiiK Appmrancp to all lielioldr*ni. And fiiiii.<e the chanMitor of hltn 
diBt.-AM< ullu^tht^r rxcludiMl tbi? liopo of a cuii*, \it> tioiiu to th* ^lorioiut 
^ Cr. Umgocy or Toun. Dt ujrlufibtu S. Mariim, i. 3d^ A7. ii. 1. 



iSf William of yorwicA. 


u^nit gloncwi mArtirui. Qucm noa coiuiidcmntoji c/^tLi<]mi tAm 
acerbe C4>iiipiifwi MlIua^, mHLjiiii|Tu^ dt? mrpnlcri lapulr pnliicrctn 
ci €iiii;i aiyua beiit-<licta MWniluin di-'^tiniur*. Shoiu ik<ix> pt^>lii 
[uuliitini (]t'»c?eiiilriilo in tiittcuru, iliuiiic uirlurt ^nitic Hiicirt»^l 
r(.--rttjmbv Oi>iiliiuH] trteiiitik w.\ |>i>l(i8 BiiFtut^plriinicin f<i{ur rt> OmIoHa 
k'niiut-TL tH^imtL, t'.i III hmul a Uiitujn.- cuiiliuIiuI> ituUaiiitjiit' pmi^uH 
iiifliLturc DotAHi ill 9e alicubi ri'^st-riiauit. 

NVNC it&ijii^, aliqiiAntn ihth mirnrulnruni f^xplirifji imrti* 
unaiU, inUWm rlioerit]] flnom fiicimiia. diim di^rf^wus curan 
ur|iiii9i iipI in^Klif'o fpii'^tiH inf(^r[Hutitiniif* nin^ n*siiniat, uirihii^nt^ 
rMiimptiM cnv-tini itiuons alarHiiH iLggr^liatiii' labiir*>iii. 

HapticU lib^ tertiun. 

nmriyr'a B9puti:hre M ttifrro hy h1» fiiotlicr, an<l vc iwring him in hiA 
drondfol iufdiidy IiacI oi>nipa(urion upon hmt, and vro ^nvi^ Kith to drmk 
of tho dunt Hf^mpf^l from iho eUIj of tim wpulohiv iikixi.*d in h»ly 
«atAr. Hut ac tho &ucred flrau^ht gnulunlly ^ItwoendMl into liin 
1k>woIh, tJwt p<>v-fsr of tho divini? gnu.'O fnllowwl *^!ii>w n|>r>n it For 
iinniMii4t4*ly on Inking Ui*^ draught thr Hit^k Irul folt a Itwvning of 
hU p&in, and iii a ahort tiiue he gut wdl ol l\i% ixuno\ir, and no injvk 
«hAt«vcr of till) HwelUrig reniu^iued iu turn anywhera. 

Now then. u-iUr Netting fortli soriitr HuialC pni ticulani of the inintolM^ 
u'o make ai) <^ml uf speiiking until th« Mt«^d, wearitxl bj the cours^ 
gathi^rs strength liy it short liitvi'vji] of I'ehCi and mi ai&y ItGinke 
biniMflf ihi9 mure chvi-rfully to thi^ Ubour of to-iiM>rTnw> journiry. 

Hbur R\DFrrn thr TitinD Book. 



Incipiuni capiiula tibri quarti. 

L De induratione prions Helye atque eiua morte. 
ii. De filio cuiu^am Gurwanni curato et de ceco illuminato. 
iii. Da Radulfo mooetario Norwicensi ab egritudine curatOj et 

de monetarionini ministro furibundo et saoata 
iv. De Agnete R^giimldi uaccarii uxore a sanguizm fluxu 

V, De quadam Botilda a pedum grauisaimo doiore liberata. 
vi. De filia fabti de Poswic quod egra uemena sana redierit. 
vii. Qualiter sepulcnim suum mundisBime attrectari aanctus 

martir per uisum monuerit atque custodirL 
viii. Quo miraculo tapetum sullatum recuperauerit. 


i. Of the hardening of the heart of Elias the Prior, and of hia 

ii. Of the cure of the son of one Gurw&nnus and of a blind man 

restored to sight, 
iii. Of Ralph the moneyer of Norwich who was cured of an iUneas: 

and of a servant of the moneyera who w&s mad and was 

iv. Of Agnes the wife of Keginald the cowherd cured of a bloody 

V, Of one Botilda who was rid of a severe pain in the feet. 
vi. Of the daughter of the smith of Postwick ; how she came sick 

and went away whole, 
vii. How the holy martyr by a vision warned us that his tomb 

must be touched and guarded with all purity, 
viii. How he miraculously recovered the carpet that had been 


BK. IV.] 

St WtUiajH of NorwicK 


ix. De rouclFitionc mncturuin dcLiliuni et Je curuLKirMs 
Willt^lriii iiacrbile : ihc de ni«>ite etttsdem pO0t uoli in- 

x~ Ciuomoiln tnari pcricliUntibuj* innrlir Mibuunerit. 
xi. Dij i|U^Jaiii it lairj^Ttore diutuniu cuiatA cL di* nlJA c|ue 
iii-suui iuiiiN^iLni ivcujXTniiiil^ (xit) et di^ pnwbileru cum 
fiimiliu ciuiito et di^ uxore Rimidi do Bediikgchnm, 
(xiii) ot dc fiutflluk iuHiirm eL pluribub alibi per merita 
sancti marlirm cunitifi. 

Incipit liber qtiartiui. 

MVLTIPLICATIS dkbus midtiplicabdntur t*h mintcuiA L^t 
crebre«cente uirtuliim j^itia, ^K'"*"K^' laartirirt Willelmi 
nniiii-n latins m\\ uUpu* lon^impiiiis proU'iide^bitUir Qim d(- re 
Don mimri non possiimiis prudentisHimi niri priom scilicet Holye 
aniiimm ndcii indunuum nl imlluk-iinH ab vo ^y^ii oxtonpiori ut 
tapeti ueint supra dnciiimiih tarn iiiliU^r Nincta Willelmo mibluti 
dcdticus cjDi^D corrigea'tiir hottorc> Atquc id nequEiquam oninino 
sUere poBBatnus, eb ipHUni hcilic^M |>er iiL^tim nliipnitii^nfi correptum, 
et pw iioanulla« aliaruiii iiisioaos de rL^tklciido Utpt^t^? f^c^pissitne 




Of tbfl r9Vplati)Ti of Win holy t«it,h ftnd th*^ nuro of Willinni *h« 
■ftcmt; nnd Uiw h** dw*d nft'^r lirrftkiii^ bin vt>w. 

How thr iiiitrtyr iim.*coun*d UioHe in pt^ril on tb« biw. 

Of u certntn woman healed of a lon^' f^ickncAi^, and of anot^ffr 
who recoverod Imr l<wt i^ywiifht, nnd uf a prirat wbo wan 
hi.-nlr'ct with his family, anil of tin? wifw of Uicliard of 
Bediiifffiaifi, and of a litlle girl who wa^i aiad, oiid irf many 
others healed by the merit* of thcr h<dy marbyr. 


i. Aff thf^ dayu wpnt. mi, miraclfui wmt on alwi, and an the grace of 
hb mii^hty work* liccame more fnH|ucnt, tlie name of the exoelJent 
martyr William 1>egan to npread fju- atid wide. So that T am con* 
strainrd to wondrr that tht.^ heurt cif otir- ino«t KigndouB man, 1 mean 
Eliaa tlit* Prior, wtvc ho Imrdviii^i, titat by no meitm could he be induced 
to expiate by a «uilabli- Lunour the inKult inflicted upnii Saint William 
by the Iwht rem<ivsl of liis carpet which T fiavr nirniuly n'lftl**d. And 
I canjiot but mc^ntion thfLt hit waa Hevt^ral llmen rebuked in viaioiis 
binwelfi au<I ^ery fi-equtriitly warned by vii^ion^ rouchaafod tu cthare, 


Si William of iVbrwicA. 


cxNiiiiH^ltiim, occ Umm <h)t» trittH duridvin voaligii enivltiH, 
ut A^ilk>--t (lebiUtM aacro riwitiin honoH cuniiu^t rt«tituL Vmle 

fortune conlibus dicfttit martirem quidem Wiltelmani UUtAtn «ibi 
indurmti prifiriH iniiinAm noii imiTHTit" prr iiv kdo piiribwr tiinrlic- 
taiD. Sic iniini n muliis tiBditiu. ct martirein stip^r hi-c illi 
fiiuwo Gomminfttiim, ftlnjue ilUitH Ulkx» ooun-ciittun int«nluDiL 
Quim|uiH aut«m Kti|iur «i i*k ct ?*ic Mitiimrb vcu f\vn]tM;nnv<\iMe 
C3iuNL[in] iliuiiiain aJ id iucLitiauenb dufptmitiomtn, hoc lAinon 
DOH pro eerto tenemuH ipioniatii wiiii t-iiut tlirs ^iiU anCtcipAumi 
imtiLutiiniif. O nnit-ni kiulnbilcm uimtn cui»» uiUr wbrictAH vt 
morutii modesLia tociiis reltgionis eranl epeculam: qui tam diuina 
tjimiii libeiuli |H>)!t-as ^k-iitia ^tpiciitiwinia pmdcatic 9uv pro- 
uidi-titia Xorwici^OMsm illustrabat cocleadain. itoqtie uinioi 
plaiictu uiulhi plaii^^nduin cuiii.H tuiiguc iiiU iiiU'misln: Kutnidium 
fiirnL pi^nii*co;<!wnum,cl rnrjT)« imnuUum liicluu«um nobirtiucu^ 
triuienMitn, Obiiiautemundecimokal Xouei»bri&,cuiuifveneranda 
iiuin-nihilin iiJU' imriUi (;L in(»rU-m t:\nf tn i:ou>puctu domiui pru- 
ciuTwtii fiTc^ruiilc'lrKw auper ciu» saiulo tion reiii)ueruiil incredultig^^ 

to tvlum the carpet : yet it did not happeii UiaI Iiih bmrt waa aoftaned 
nor tlko Hw honour rrsUirwl Uy the lioly maityr : heikoo I cnonot be *iir' 
prinnl that tlit- UiouifhU uf »jinv atv cJiKturU'f) on Hm account, fur 
prrhap t\wy may Fiay in llietr lif*arU that tb<! iiiurtyr Wtlliaui puuUhod 
— and jUHlly paniAlied — by t^e vmLgcianoo vf Iiik wiaUi tbc insult 
o0er«d to him by tJic hardentHl Prior. Kor it w said by maity tbat 
th« martyr Uirvaleuwl luni, tuttl tlml bin death fi>1)i>wfd th«fi>- 
upon. But whoever nmkea lhe*e aHHeiUoiiH alK>iit Uiin, or what- 
ever cau4c lixl thu divine ordjuiiirig to thi«, we hold iL to \to certain 
that the day* of his ngc won* shortened by an untimely <tftd. Ah I 
bow worthy nf all pmiAr. hr wan! Ihr nobriHy of biA lifL* arid Ihtt 
modoMty of bin cbaracltT wtsre a mirnn' uE atl iiili^pon. He wus skilled 
nlike in tJie divbie and Id the liberal sciences : and bis wise and pro- 
vMuiiL forwi(;ht w*** mt oniann^ut to thr Cliurch <^f Noiwicb. And •■> 
1 wiy, " All ! hijw ought vfc to Ifcwail him ; whom? life wiw so n^^crniiftry 
to our life, and whoor oarly doatli inflicted no luuuj-iifuL a I<»h upon Ufl," 
He d!cd on th(? 3Jtid of Ool<>lx^r\ nnd hin rtTV<'ronci Mio m»d mont« made 
bin cIiMitb right doar in tbij bight of th& JyOrd, atul l«ft uv a HUro hop« oC 
htH nalvalion. 

' HiBd^atli tooli plncff iri 1149. 


tit Wiilium of Norwich^ 


iL Defilio ctitui/iiarn Ganmnni att-nU/ altpie cwo quodant iUnminato. 

EISDEM forme diebus iDLilier quedani Lundoniensis ter a boMo 
Willclnio per uiHiini premomLi \.\ui\u\ opus nibi ab ipno 
iniunctuiii i-xl^iiu iic»lui?wt*t, Uwniom ut I'i ius^<uiu intjmi N<)rwicuni 
ucniR- cunuiit, Gitrwnunuin |x;Ilipfinun) (fui^iuii, ijiuenil, et 
iDuento ait: Que aiiti* banc diem niini)uaiii NorwtcuTii Tnuierim 
ccco NurwiciiDi a Lundoniis tibi Gurwunne et uxori tue missa pro 
DUDcdo aduetii. Matdat uliqite per me uobi^ ji;Iono^iiM drj martir 
Willijmii*, i\xuiii i\mA <\\uiu\\n* fiiios mtnU' inUrripietite ami^fltis, 
uobtJ« Mi|»ur tiinto tuimrinn iuconiinoijo dolentibuH, i^t ipM> pietati» 
afflitenfi iiiFtceribun pluriiiLUm compalitiir. Vt igitiir si>\i(t ((iii 
uubis uix ^upcrfuit et [H^r xviii t.bdoitiu'Jttfl imti vgroUiuit gaudeatis. 
idem beatiaBimiLs m) Hcpulcruiii huum uos imiit^il mnrt'ir, m pro 
salute pueri caTidelaiii atlei-n; it Kibi nfTerrLT uduioneL Prc;terea 
precipit 4|uatinu8 qiiotatuiia pucr quoad uiuet in die natiuitati^ 
mncU^T MArir debituin sibi eapitiw uecligiil exiwbiat. Hoc tUu^uc 
buntio eihilamti Ourwanmi?^ et uxor eius mo% mandatum exequi 
accelerant et dc festina liUi incoluniitate ejcuttant. Htsl iie^ue 
ailentio preterc-'unilum i^b quml eodom Gurwanno rereronte tlidici, 
quod iiiaxiRke >fcilic(it &iiiiA eb murtalitatk diebu^ cum alii^ in 

IL 0/ thg Mn lif oNtf Gunean who too* fteaii^d and a blind man v>ha 

rre^ivrd hitf inght. 

At nljout th4< Mikniu timi- a wurnari cif Lomlcn mcrivi^cl thrco wahI' 
iiigv in a viniori fi'uiii blt^nai'd Willmtu Ixrfui'e alie wr^ukl onrry out what 
he enjoined : at lost as Hhe wa« bid she caino to Norwich, iiii^uinvl For 
(lurwan i\\^ Uiim^r, fouiul him fviiiI wiiih "Tnovor knew Norwich before 
diijuVny, jLiid \ivw hnyo I conic fitjm I>iik<loa to N<krwich oil m\ vrraDd 
to you, CurwHtLi ivinl to your wife, Tho ^lorioua inartnyr of (fop, 
WilJuul^ bicli: uio U^U ^ou thftt, whi>roAa yow lutvo Wt five Mtniti by dv&th 
And ttnr ;^ei'ed of couno aX Lhu lioa^y uSlivtion, he in hi^ couiprui- 
■ioin ■ynipflthwf* with you. Now, in ordor tbut you nmy rojoit^e ov^rr j"»>ur 
uxth won wlio Hurvivi^n uiid hjiK l>een ill fur«>ightwin wfv.-kn, the* Mnmutd 
inailyr calls you t*J hia tomb, thither to briug a oandle and nfiVr it to 
hilt) for the cure of the b«y. Moreover, he ocdnmaiida thnt t>vt*ry yonr, 
as loug a* the l>oy fthftH Ijvr^ lio nhall pF4y n tribute dut? lo the u»artyr 
for hiM life on tho day ^d the Nativity <>f Ihn Virgin/' Gurwan and IiU 
wif*" were ovBrjoy<*d at the messAfft>, haKteTied lo t'arry out the order, 
and wore rejoii^ed by the »petxly restoration of their son. 

This too 1 iDUst incntioDf which I learnt from the moutli of 
Ourwaii, that in tliv clays of a groat faiuini? and pc4»tilence he had in 


St Wiliiam o/NorvidL 


WSMinft mh fvecnti acQioc nMrijrii nv K uipu f ^ per oimm 
■dMonitvi cvt qnatuma U>« dc cprita ^ocio miMBB CBoCttre 
B»ceret «4 mb tcrci» proroldobio uMtn txxnpcmtTt. Qood aU 
tfvev taMDOBOtc i[«)fcm oogDoait GvrvBaaoi taneala proabitcfo 

MBiicCc trinitatai trc» ddMuiw occua iiptolit fttqQ« oab («!'«•& 
ofaUlMM- (minn dicto) ncui ci proaaut w bcvmi nimB roec* 

iii- i)f Raduyh tw/^ttarw Xormexnsi sna cnrnto egritudine ei 

SVB Mf'm UfVnpiM Rjululfiiii mrjnelAnrw Norvin^nsiB grattisimA 
gruuibiUir rgrilntHnr. !■ ronlUimm iniiitAUw i>i«-mf>}M 
Doltifn bento Willelnno iioait^HnJiiil, ac sbUim oontuJuit. Cui mm 
|»1cTnAm frtra|)i?nMMr?i HinpicAl^^iit p<^ uiJidm glonrMi* di*i m&rtir 
appamit dicetw : Ej^ ^nm WilMntiiH {Ht<^r qni t^- Hei nnln c^unLui : 
mihi gmtiAA ng«r M d<*iioUi» rxiMto. Id quiHjtK* tihi iniungiitqtiAti- 
ni» Thoirmm monjtichtim cn«UHl<>ni i?<t ttecTptArinm fppiim rrtnaenias 
lie rlicem ut fvjBfortetijr ot* dcBoAt : Ntudioifas el dilig^^u in scruitio 
ID«Q perwuerci, qaoninni grikUim habeo obsequmDi (|iiod nufai sm 

hiH bfiUBc, »IrJOit witb <Miktir pmr pemuOB, a bJiDtJ taatx. H« waM v&n*«!d 
in A drnuii hj 8t Wjllijun during tbc Uu>e mx>n itfU'r h\r^ iiuvrtjrdott (o 
hAr« ihror iubmica of tk<r Holy (Jboat ■ong, and that at tho Uurd ho 
•bciatii without doubt recover Klh hij^JiU And when Gurw&n bad 
loanific] till! from i\w bliiul ninri, ho oitlWI a [iriv«l and had ihrw 
mautM BUiiff (m Uire^ HayH ; at wliirJi tli^ MidH man offii>rwl thnw iwnoB 
lh honour of thp ]Ioly Trinity, and at thr third ollr.ring, wcmderfa) to 
My, acuordinji to tho promiKo ho recpvcnxl hu si^it. 

lii. Of fiiitph ifiT. mon/yrr i>f XtmdeJi trha totu hfuM g/oh iJlnt^Sj 
(uui his tnad tierva^d u*fbo uvu currai^ 

About the mae tiine lUlph the aioncjcr of Nonrkh wan »ppitwK>l 
with a vrr^' tt^vvrv diiN<iutt\ Attrm-U-^l hy tht* exainplea of many, lie 
v<>WiHl a vovt Hi fit Wilbani, piud il, and rtwovered forthwith. \Mien 
hill recovery waa cr>mpkte, the glorious martyr appeared to him id a 
viMiun Hrtyiii;j : '*! am the boy WiJIiftm, who nt Goi/s bidding tunvj you; 
thAiik inr, and mnain dovout. This t<«>, I Nd you : viRii 'l'lu>nia?i my 
wanlen ami Hi*cn*tjir}' utiti tell him to he comfoiiinl and not lo f'LUit, — 
lo continue diligent in my ft(*rviw: for I )nAd the ol>edience dear 
which hU Jevutiun nfiowd lo iue«" Thin m^niMge, ii»t;eived iu s viaiun 




St William of Norwich^ 


di^iioliu exhibot. Qut por uisum mari'lAtii 4it ab oo*Vtn RuduKo 
Rikhi iniimAta ego ThomnK RumniA obsenuire ^Liidui dihgentU, 
Coniigil r|ii(x|UG per irlcTii tcrnptiM dnm nionotimi Ni>rwiccnMOit 
operi euo iTistJ^torcnt* siibitn siib ocuIih oonim unnH d^ miniiitrrn 
dvpioaio lUTfTptHB adeo nmle no habnit ut tpmim fbrtjbuH mox 
lu^tringi iiinculifi op<jrtcrcL Qua d(« re nin ><Ani (rupitivi pn^ vuluta 
mx*ii prect?A ot uota sancto tnartin fiuli^nint, ntipict conrolim nd 
iiotum nulla iotp«r]>o8ita mora iviuenU liberAlud ^t. 

iv. De Agneie Reginaldi tiaccGri uxorv o. mnguiim profiuaio 


VENIT et die quadiun Agnes luor Roginaldi qxu Norwici 
iiaccnriuM cngikoriiiuabatur ad eaiicti Wlilt^liiii ;^*piiltTiim 
i^griMidini sue ^'ni.iUHsiiiit* ac diutumt? petUura rf-niedilim. Hec 
AiiniH ipiinqiiF riii\ii inen>^tnK> hiljomitr-mr. JiUjiie in mc^iciri nichil 
sibi ui^l pnnim pntfidentibuH non miMlir-Ain L*xpc*Tkdf?mt [i^uninnh 
V^nivDH vrgu cLini miilta donutione et mentis aniantadincr in 
omtione diiittkiH sttlil apeTitqnc ipiarn |iOHtiilaiiit absipift ililatiotio 
offioAuiUr optinere pi*omoruit. Moi eniin wbi post oblaliun^m 
Gand«lo genibiiH Hcxis Mt>pulcro labia impresisit, piinuto tompuriH 

and communicAUd to me hy the snid Kalph, T, ThomASj look care to 
ob|f with all wAtohfulneKt. 

It liuppeni.'d hIho al the uanie lime, while the nioney^ni of Nurwk-li 
wf ro engagoti in Ihcir work, time Hiidtlcnly Ix^fon; their very eye« oiio 
of th(T workuien wiu HfriMHl Uy n di^vil, ntid wkh iii nuch evil plight 
thnt he hod to In bound with ntrong iroim. The re«l who wm-r- id their 
right iDtiidfl pounxl out pm^em aiiU t-xJe'* to the holy martyr on bt^biUf 
of their fallow, And thfrn>upon witlvout any doUy tbo youtli wiw froed 
from hiH AilmMit. 

Then* cwDP nltto one day to the Hepulchre of St Williain A^dm, 
wife of Reginald who wa^ known nt Norwich tw the Cowherd, to wek 
relief fmrn a Mckn(<#(x tti her» which wcm oppn*mivi* and of Umg xUuid- 
in^. Hht^ ImuI ^ulTeitHl from nn lUHue of blood five year>», aiid had 8p<'ni 
no Hinall sum on pbysicmnH, who did hrr no g<)od or very littlp. fiho 
therefore, ooniing with groat devotion luid in 1iitl«m<!m at houI, 
stotfd long ill prayer,aiKl w&m oocwurttM] worthy l<tobtnin without delay 
the htilp nhe Hou^lit. For aq wjt.ui lut ^he tiud oA^rcd a enndlvT ami on 
bundtsd kuctf tuuchud Ihs tomb with Iter li^ at that iiiaUuil obc fuuud 


St Wiliiam of Nonrkfu 


U^m &e scDaiMfo prcdicauit^ 

V. De guadata Botildti taHffuente et cuitUtk 

EGROTAVERAT ct quedam Botildu Norwid uxor Toch« 
piftom »t({ue per muHufu teinpua tanto pedum teuebatur 
Holon^ ut humi ni]llAtcnii» iialprvt gm-wum <Ivfip*n?. Vndt* <jiiia 
domo c^p^i et Hancti iLiAitirt^ si^piilcrum pro uoto adire uoq 
poUoTitj 'pro uxoro dwmirnn* irv ft^slinal. luwjut" iwiik'ni* ilk- hc 
tlliitiiiEi in oratione persifiteoa uxoris salutcm dcuoiis popovcib 
pETcibim: atquc post oblntioncm mnd^k nc oxiMnIiltim iion dif- 
tidenH donnini n-grt<4licur. Quo a^liLeniens mnam et iucoinmem 
lutorem mpcrit ipHamque siDiUti^ eius huram csat- C4>j^ouit quJL 
candehuu aancti inarcinB Mepu1cn> auperpasuit. 

EllAT ijiukqtie in iiilla que Postwic dicitur faber filirtin habem 
inconiinodo, Hec miiltomtn relatu de tAnUft Balutiferi martim 

that by the secret working of Qoi> her pls^e wu stajred : uhI rabun- 
iii<^ thence nUe ^rocliimied tliut by iUv nteritM of St Willuun tho bvl 
expericnct^ tho niAnifoflt power of Gotk 


V, Of one Jiolifda who loa* tuk aiu/ io<u hf^aUd. 

OlM Botildft, wife <»f TtK-lic ilic Ijftkcr At Norwidi, liiwl mlwii V<'n 
and voft opprevMHl for lon^' with nuob iwvr^rQ paina in Uw fwL tlutt nho 
could DAb put her foot to th^i i^uiicl. 80, ut nlie wiu iinahl* to Inavv 
htM- hoim* uiid comn to th*? t*»mli nf thn \\i\\^ iiwrtyr to folfil hpr vow, 
her huHlxiiid biiHtiKl tt> uomi- in ptrM^f of Iiih wif(\ H» camE^ and coii' 
tiiiueil long in prayer ; he Aaked devoutly for tlie recovery of liiti wife, 
olfcrol ji cnntlk, nii^ rctunied home, not doubting that Iiift prayer was 
bfard, When hf- ;^t thci-e, hc found hia wife safe and >ound« and on 
inciuiring thtt hour of ber rnoovrr}' bo iiHccrbaiiKxl thAt it had lakm 
plfice when he put tlie o&ndle on the toiub of tliu holy uiarlyr. 

Then' wan aUo tn tho villngc cnlird Poxtwtrk' a Hmtth who hxl 
a daugbUrr in cyH cawj, lon^ opprtuwcd hy aevcre iLLums. She, bjr tli« ' 
rclntion ul miiny, liotrd tbv ruporl uf thr grtvit diied« of iAw life^lviiig 

1 PORtvfiok, H villAKt tout iuJJo« rn»]i Norwich. 



St WiUiavi of yonmcK 


uirlutibiLh rnniftm itntlicuK ti(K-i UlcU ini^liticin r|ii«jiii<H)(h p;>tuit ad 
mnctum Miiu:ii Wilh^lini Mtpuk-nim |ji'uj«?ninit. Quo |>erut.'riii-iiH el 

precibuH egritiidini sue ponlulauic remediuin. Omiionc deniquc 
fitcU ^i^nibiift HcKis carMl»;Iiiiu viptulit nc puiicto teiupom <jUo 
U({>jdi cmcula impre«&it pmliue sanitati liubito mc retttituUiu 
cum pen L 

viL Qnvti nepuicr^am &uam nttindwitiriie tUtT^Uti-i AUJCfftf jjer 
uvmm mQiiumt el custiKiin. 

DIEBVS \\]i!^ cuiJam bono ob rc^uera crcdibili uiro j^loriotfuii 
puer ct martir Willolmun Appnniit oi ait: Nandiui eato 
mouB ct crrutitkA domijiiea ad sepulcrum nioiini iiadc. &tque ibi 
asHiHtc-ntnjils pri'idi'A tit Ki^ilitik irmior niihi f^vhtlii'iLtur itMLt-n^ntiju 
Nonntilli etonim nopulcri nun lapidum hiiii^ pallium Itituosu 
pcdibnx ln-ngnri' iTnim> K nirtciilnrr mm nf'rcniiir, iifjiu^* inhonrstis 
plnrimoniui sputirt ciir-a nt«* pauiniontiim Hordoscit Thouie mitp4^ni 
ineocloiiiniHHn>runi(|uiit.iTn];<Mi>puloriim mmim ^u^ounitiiix ohxtf^mot, 
<>t nilnc^nT^ntibiiK qim rcneivniir mnHestm mihi jl-wibIgip dcbeant 
denunliel. Ucc ubi u uiru miht li&miiilmUi Huut aa nuinuui 

narijrr : faith proiuptod her, and tihc cnnio ns woll lu she oould to Iho 
hn)y tomb itt 9t WitliJirn. S\w n^M'hfd il, ntnl br»ldiiif{ a ^Hndi<^ in Iwf 
rijl^ht hnii'l, alie pniyoft with fiingli^-iiiiniicd dfvotionj nnd with t4*ArH 
uid prayt*re licgs**d U* Ih* n*brv«l froin her dlHrnu'- AfUrr h<rr jirayer 
tlie lcn«lt lULd ufl'uivJ ilie uuitdlc, »rid at thu iii^tjiiLL of her kiuiiug the 
iitoni\ found thftt sl^t^ hnd been n^torcd t-j hor former hcAltti- 

V1L. Iliite tJte vaint in a vvtioit had^ thai liin lantb tfiutidd he kept 
clean and can/utfi/ yuartiftL 

tn tltOAC dayn the glor-ionH }>oy nini mnrtyr WilliAni Appcnred to it 
CM-ljim good nmn, truly worthy of bolic^f, mid ULid t ** ]io thoti mj 
moaHnxgcr^ and on tho next Sundny j^ to my »p]iu1cIuv, *nd thoro pro- 
^Uiui tt> th*»Ki? ppwwTit tbnt xnor** rHV(*rotii*ft fTinst lrf» whov^n (o nii» thiu 
bcrvtt>forTv For Hoiiii- pn>Hume tfl touch tho «tonp of my ■f>pii1chn?i. or tJi» 
oloth, with muddy foot« nny, ov^ii to hoII it: nruJ thn iMLVf-mcmt round 
' is df^iiU^I with th« faul spiltie of many, iJe ccirefuL, ihtrn, t» warn 
TliomuH tlittt he lake (;rcntt'r care of my tomb, ami si^ufy to 
thotw who come with vh*t rcirerenc* and modi*ty thoy are to stand 
boforfr nKX** Whrn the man gavo m& thin messiLgi^ 1 took oitr to o1»y 


St Wiltiam of Ntn-mck. 


citnonure diligentja i4udtii, et exiiKic in eius obsoquio multo 
douotior permatwi. 

viii. Qtio mimcvlo tapetvm subtutum r&cvpemtierit^ 

OFEHE prccium «Kt dt*uotiocii prvpnlaro tidcljiim it»dt^ incttata 
sui semper accipiat increruentum. Dum etonim pin saiK:to- 
mrn g^EU «c'piii» audieudii iH^rcijiil , imio ileuotimiL'* miKtre igniculits 
qtiAN ijtiodani pietatia afHihlii nuigis Hcccnditur il jiuigiJ* «inando 
igiititdt. Igitur dietws dlis conLigit WilMmum uicec»mit^ni 
tunc Xorwioonsciu muxtma commotum inurumlift in qucndaui 
iHduarduiii ot Itobertum fratrcs gmuiter inuehi. Qua ductus 
in%, dum eoe comprehcndcnr dijtpononrl quunium fugik mbi «iilutem 
pamuenutt, n<^jiuu[uatii compn-heudii, iMirui ticru e^nini que in- 
aeuit iiiole»U-r itinipuiL l>utn niiti^m luurarctur ifobLTtii^ iii 
dorno RiaLnIt diK^ani de BiMliiigehAni tlinoni^ c^iuta noctibus in 
ecclettia fiancti Andreu iaccbjit. Et iLum nocU? qiiarlnin ibifloni 
qnmcvrut vi mcinbni vnjpim ilc-nlisMa. piiii* putjrrt luarttr Wilklinus 
© per uisom appanul; el ait : Miseroor tui Rolx-rto quoninm vt in 
amiffiiione renim graiii afficeris contiimtlia et terror^' ccmpuUus 

Et with tilt? utiuOBt di1]gimc«, nud Ui^iioefonrAnl ooiiUuucd madi mi>rc 
dovDUt in his wrvi<ii\ 

viii. //au> v^nd^/uUjf he rtroivrtd CAtf oarp^ thd had 6rvfi r^moved^ 
It ia wortb v^hUe Ut pubL^h for the devotiuu of the tftitliful niaCtera 
which will tcncl to fltimuUtr and itirrr^Mc it^ For whik it n(ac»rbs hy 
frvqut^iit hi?uriiig the pious dtx!d^ of tlii? wiirilei^ Ihu spark of our <lf;TotU>n 
U thoj^bj AA it wtfre £«uiir!>d b/ th^ Lrmtli of piutj ftiid iuflttuiMl tito 
more ha wi» lov<; thvtti l>rtlcr. 

It )i»pp<-r<Hl, Uion, in tliiMC dAjrn, th*t WiIIjaiii, the Uicii alicriff of 
NoTwidii WA« vtirrod vith grocit wrath nod wiu tAlcing iMMttlf* moiuiiin» 
■^^iiut li coruiii KdvArd nikd hii hn>tbor Itobrrt^ In bin wrmtti \\^ 
VHA ih*Higninf{ tn Amvt t)i4*in, but tliejr ^m1 ■ w> thni^ iin«hl<* to nrmii 
them, tie violently spoiled aII the property helongiug X^ tbeiu th&l h« 
could find. Kobertv who was stAjing in the houae of Richard, Dean of 
BedinghanH uw-d for fciir tif the ■hmfl" to aloep at night in the Church 
of St Andrew '. While hu wu deepin){ Uiere one nighty luivLnK nw^ed 
\\\ii Uiii1r> to (JuiEkber, the pious Ixry and martyr Willlziiii Apptt^red to 
him ilk A vision And baicI : '* I have pity on you, Itobert, hoxh beoiuM; you 
hjivo MiffVrcd ^rirvoun wrong in the lost of your goods, and b«cau«e 

Bedin^hAiu i» ten milr-n from Norwich, on titn mAd to lIunj^A^. Ii hftJ fortmrijr 
two C3iurohM In the «iimF CliurtliyArd, one of St Mkry, Ihc otTioi af St Atulroir, 
Iht foriuCT liiu louji diu|jpmcd: tho towrt ol ht Andfw'ji. in wtuch pmliAbly 
liobvrt l4*>k tiifu|{«. in ftJiJ Htnj>diiig< Bloiuvtielil. «, 103. 




St Wifliam of Norwich. 


i*xul domo pen^grinziriH aliena. Duos igitnr tihi foe »iib numinv* 
niGo fieri ucpt'os fosqiif jxrr manum Gt.Klwini presbitori i|uem 
cfjgniimiaant Steit mihi iraasinittere mm ililTems, in ciiiiu ivi 
n^ifio]H'n^tioiK-in iiilVH naUilitt*^ ChnE^ii dieft U? (lominumqae 
Unini cononk'j* loro n-|»ro[|iitli», Mi^iULrhis chhmju*' Niir#JConHibu«» 
hupplica ut pro le eaLort^iit. Quibus et hoc ex mea piuT* quasi pro 
inUrrHi^^iis itiuinljin' miif^iiopvre nluttvas qiinlititis tap<.aiim rnichi 
pndem sublatum ac HopiH^itHL* nHjui^ilurD nee redditum quam- 
tocEiLH mihi ruHtitimnt. Vemni si et adhiic in hi>o nrgloctua fucio, 
prctcul (iubio nouerjtit quod aliqum (^riim in proximo grauiierluat. 
HiJT.ulana quoqiic Kueuti wm quo dLn]>oHi)onint loco !<e<l qtiotiiAin lion 
»iJ<jo di-oons L'8l iiileriin Jilibi rL-ponntur. Quibui! ui^iis experge- 
faclus mane Kobcrtus ^udio ^'aiiij^u^ laagno n^^^iliuui honpitj 
dtriLDo iniiinauii>, ctrrtxKi liori cunuiit, foct4>s miHit, niotuu:huqu«5 de 
mandato ac mmU subiungeufi, denomlnatiN tandom diebiin inxta 
bi-iLit iiijirtim ih-rbutii |rrr>mUfti tt/tic-aliam p^^rot-ptt. QtK> niinaci 
percitufi nuutio prior Riciirdu?^ qui priori Hi^lVt* primus succetwemt, 
coritinuo in ixvlesintii pro taptW^iucurrit ^iillatuniqiK; ac propriis 
delatuiii humeriH meniorato Hancti mortiris sepulcru auperpoBuib. 

y<AX j«ro Aojouming in a fftr^ngn hottoA, ivrid arc exiled nnd in fetu-. 
Coinni&nel, thGr«ifor«, that two wax cAndliui bo made for y^m in my iiAine 
by the himd of tTw prirvt Oodwin whom thoy caX\ Ht4>rt' ; iinii doUy not 
tu MCiul tliern U> i\\^ In recompeTiAi* for thin T pniminc' \\\vX you nrut 
your lord «hjL|] b<^ nt one within tho days of Ohnstmaa. Moreover, beg 
the uionkx of Norwioh to intcrr^dft for you : und aw a *iign, rvinember 
to t«ll tht^in this from mi*, that tlif<y iir« Ui r«it^rv iiitf thif oarpf^t which 
vu taken away from me £omo tiNie back, aud« though often upIcim] for, 
h«i never bwn rrtumrtd. liut and if I Ut ntiil nrglrNjted in thia 
matt<irr Itft them know of il nurety tltiit aome one uf them shall duuht' 
lea8 pay dearly for it shortly. My short, furthi^nnore. Let ihut )ii the 
mnanwhilr \^ put, nut in the phuii< wliioh Uiey had di^Ki^n^d for it, for 
that tH tiut a*M?mly enough, but eoiaesvhcre eI^M?L" After thiM viKion 
Kobv^rt awokn in tho nioriiing and rvjoiootl grvatly : and told Lli« uiattiT 
to hu host tlie Dran. Ilr IumI the caiidlea inadc; when thpy were 
made ho sitnt tK-m; juul iiddfid the nnutut^ and the wnming lo the 
monka. Hi* llimlly receivml Lhi? eflWt of ibu pioniifle, licoordtng to the 
bliwned martyr's wotxl. ivitliiii th'T time nan loJ, 

Prior Ulchitnl', trhc iidiiuiduito Huootvuor of PritT Plliius struck by 
tho tbrent«nin^ inosiagu, forthwith ma to the Cliurcli for the cjirpfrt^ 
took itf phtued it on hiit uwil Hhonldern, itnd hiid it on tJie tifU>ii-tui>n- 

^ Called »luitOli p. att. 1 He «UOc«H]«d in l)oL IHIIflnd rlif^l 16 <>ol, llAa. 


St Witlurm o/" Xoiwck 


«omcYit. Super vo Autom quod <li.- notiiWi dktuin i^t |>1unmunt 
adniiror qiioiiiHiii <^t imJKuc ivmiMii t^<>rabulur, edno i|uiEi illitfa luiic 
httbiierib, Kiiu- quo ivponi dcbiicrit. Ego quippc ThoiiviA fiincto 
tL'inpona iibfwaa riiuraiu, qui cuuctifl iiiH^it-'Utibiia priitiUu aub 
ciutUnllu --uiluUix-m hfibvbara. Qui fluin Norwk^mn rrmcAn^n, 
HiMopto A doiniDA MabiliH Bc<cc«-tuia nd idipnuiii tscrinio i|»um in 
i|>fKi mjtuliu'i'iii alt^i?*(]iit- qiinMlnin J|jmiim tntutiH^ R-liipiiLu^ pnimliin 
ivpoiii iiUpt»iti-miii> Cum L^tnr doini ut-uiHSL-tu L>i de ru>uiljiri i^uc 
iQAndAt* fu^raut pviXiepiHiMj<iii uuhtrnutnLtu' luminim ttdiiumtiu, roli- 
(|UOPi \\\uvi dtxi n<lLquiA9Mcrinio iiiimirti, nicniomtuiu uero Botulnici]) 
ijuuantc tucrut 1<xh^ rupuouL 

ji, De reiuiatione ^ndorutn dfiUiHrn et de cum WHUlm MticrisU 
et mori4 eiftsdem pofit uati/rangiuTrL 

PER idem tempiis Wjllelindin Norvricca'*!!* «x*l^?sie .sju'rixtAm 
[jnctn supon'ori liboDo diutino pR^Iibituitnus grauatum incom- 
tnodo conli^fit ingrauesct'ntf^ iiiorlii Hui riiolc^ftia )riHsimiiH qtuuii 
cii'ca inf^'riom maxiim* pfitiebritur pluN m]iU> ^annri pc^iuL Cuium 
Ao\on pius WillL^lanm ccmptitieiia priinmn ctudnin Osberto 
queui dc MonUr Pos^uljum iJi\u.>lnnt>. SK'undo vi JilWn mini* uoin«;» 

fymb(\ UmU of thr^ lii>ly tiinrtyr ; niui thus by Ida piuuK and drvout 
iarvkx- Bt't rij^ht the impiudont act uf otlierx. 

Nov oimci^rniii^ what waa Mhid aImuI t)i<< shoe, 1 grcntly niarToJ; 
lor TWily up to tli^L time no ono hmi known oitht»r wbi> p*»,<MTwcd il or 
wht'fv it uuglit to be put- 1 Thomiu, who hmi tUr Ahot* in my [irivuti- 
ket^ping wittiout th^' know]<«cl)ri« uf Any, wiu iit that tiiuitjeiU avuy. Aiid 
w)»pii T wwi nauniiug Ui Ni^rwich, I ret-t^ivH:! from Lady MA1x^1 of Boc 
Ik nliriim for th^t viTy purpiJ^") in which I hul ^rnin|ir(l privatnly to 
put tlie fllio"! 'Old ccrtjtio other r^lica uf the nuvrtyr, Whai, lb<ir^f<>r(% 
I hud returned home, iLttd hi-jird tlic tnoHBuj^o nWml ttii> nliois Ixnng of 
€ounuT much odtontahcd, 1 put thii other n^Hcfl of which ] bavn vpokom 
into tho ulmiM*, but i«p1acod tho nhoc whf^iv it hod boon before. 

ix- Ofih/f Tfx'if'nling of ihe httfy tcf(ft ami (lit rt«¥ <^ WUHma th« 

At this timo it happtmcHl thitt William the Baeriftt of Norvioh, 
whom 1 iiK^ntioiuHl \iv 1h(^ la^t book rui ^ufTeriiig from n dt«NLu* of long 
KUuidiii^, UA IiIh Ftlekn^f^ now incrcjuftHl up*m hiin, fi-lt motv |Kiiii than 
unual. The luciviful martyr Willmiii itx cuutpnasioti fur hi« »ulTi*nng 
nppearr'<l in n tiMuci of ihc tii^liU fimt l4j Otlwi't (vnlk^J uf Mt^rilpelljer) 
And next to A «ocoud pnnton whouc natuo E hftvc forgotttutf iui<i aaid : 



St IVifUavi of yorivich. 


WilLolmo cuius pomioiii imlrlc <xniipn-tior cj men partt^ didte 
tjuAtimiH aecn-'tjinum iric'um Thoiumn f^upt-T aalutu sua iy>Hiicnint- 
1» cnim M dcntcrt meixi qaoei mlhiiir pniintii potwid^st cuatodia aqua 
bviiMlicta iaucrit i^<km<]uc illi bibcndniii dodrrit' ljifn\ }>t\\\eott ille 
di*» plc;uutii ptiM^ul dubio HAlulin ix^nii'dium I'cciipcrabit. Elum 
toincii fuktott mihi uouore nolo sc nnllam ultcriu^ nltcnwi ]>ret«r 
huiiLttiiiodi luouiii ^iiAcepturum modicLiuuiip Quod *\ \ivr mcurio 
ncgligcntiaii^ uotifmngium incnrreritj c^<mfvf<lim i|ieio *tibi considatj 
quoauuD roUini haboo, quod diem jKMtca quailuni nnl1jiti>nutt 
oKOcd^ Hct- igibur ninioni.'* iiociumu mandatu abl per proscriptos 
uiros ad uaci'iaU.^ Qt^licuiut pcrfcnititnr, mcr pmitinuH uiiocato, ijiio 
per uinnni rviirlata t^iipic dcnuiillata fiiuruit mibi intiuiAuit ct 
subiuDAit: Eccc, fraler, imliis men penes te i^st, F^litia trg«. noli 
tcJiipii-i n-tliiikt^rt-, noli apum rike^m more pcna n^ulctnrc, Hi.t ego 
nudilin plimniuiii jidminituH uon mudicuin e<xpaai Nimirum 
(jUippe limobam i^tiod M dcnte.n rjiio^ i^unctia ivlhuc neflciontibua 
hjvbiit-niiik i:i>iiHUhrvt iiie habete, coodtai'el fi>rtaKvia etninitterc En 
piY>pU.'r illofi priino nvgarc ot?pi, quonmm Jlli.t nnlUtcnim <uirL-re 
uoXiiL Cuui uenj mihi diutiuA nvgauti cger et qiii ei fLesisicbuat 

"Go and tell the fuuriat William (on whose nufferinjirfl I have great 
conipaHHiun) from me that he i^^ 1o consult my liecretary Thonuin about 
hia r^ooreiy. For if ThmiuLi witl wjtuh my t^'-rth, which he hwt in hiH 
private lcM*pinjr» with holy wiLltrr* uiui hxvk it tu Willittjii to driTik, lu^ 
will without doubt recover hiu full health within a tew clay«. Bui 1 
wiah him tlr^t to vow to mo that he will never henceforth take any 
mfidiciar r-xci?pt tltiK of imiu\ If tliiuugh crirrOfwinnw and iii*glrc-t he 
incur the nin of vow-hrcakinK. I^t him <|uii-kly lm>k U> hiniwUi for I 
ain dcUTiEnriixl thut ho sliatl not by tuiy iuv<uu« HUrvivo th« fuurt}i Jay 

When thuBH oo4iii]iiind« of tho niglitly virion wcro coDiinuniob|<*d to 
the «a<'riHt by *Jn> im-n \ Imvi* iiii-fituiH«i, li*> dill^l f^r n\v »t oni^e, and 
net forth lh«* revi^lntioim mid wAfTtir;p>M hf> hnd hnil. fuldiiij^: **.S4>i^ hrothi^r, 
my recovery ix in your hundH. Hantpn thrn : do not prolou^ the timo : 
flu not wound my hope Ijy the putkialtnii^nt irf drky." Wln-n I heard 
this, T ^"'^ KTCAtly JiMioniMhcd, nnH not a little alarmed : for 1 n»turalLy 
ftwrvd that if it U?cume known UiaL I waa in poww^ttsiirjn of iiw tnrth, 
which I hofl hitherU> krpt without anj'one'j^ knowledge, it migiit aUo 
happoii that [ ^huuld \it- ili'pE-ivt<d uf thrjii. Su I began by denying 
ttieir vxistenee, for I could not Ijuaa- to lose theiii. But when, tliough 
I continued my d^iiifiU, iht) «ick iuaii and thonf* preiient prpR^ ine 


St WiUiam of yorttich. 


Mciu9 ^w: pcrLiiiatJiis iDidnU'rutit ^u<xl priJiio tpuiituni negauenuD 
tandt.*!!! ctmreMHiin Kuni el aHHeimuin [m;bui. Quid iiiitltn f DvixU^ 
nttiili, ju|iia beneclicla laui, eaiii'^ue egrc porrexi. (jiii tenena 
calicem iioliliii qiioct H niandnliim fticnit iioiitt, <{tiod i^mt In caltc« 
exhnusit. ac de db? in diem pniiUtini<:otmaIint, Quo connateflcente 
cantigil UK; jn\>fici»ci ct nliijunndiu extra morari. Prcscrtinn 
saoriAtn ^niuitiT interim fort<* conAtfpfitti)< duro imtiiixr iicntcr non 
R^i<|xjndept*t, gmues uentris siiiitinebat lortionen, Dumque nimis 
lit ei LiidrtmLur Kiotnrtr ma^m^uo ac magia uenins dolor ingra- 
uesccret. crcbro illi a mcdjcis Ku^rg^tn^bAtiir ut Kibi scilicet con»u)e- 
ret, ac medidne reiiKHliutn altcmptar^tp Ipse w^ro uoto qao 
aatringebatnr metiiens illift nwinaqiiam artqniesc<-re iioluit, sed rem 
toUini in nKMiiii diHliilil. ivijititin. Vt^nuii cum diutiuM iam tan)an-tn 
ninLtumcjue passion ih uis iniialeHceret nK^liciA persuadenlibtia 
tfUid<*m hi*n cunsrnsil, <t fjdlnfis TiicrHrim' oMyhi At^ c^>ntnlit. Q«o 
facto coriflGqiienti die donmm regreasiw cum rein gestaiu cognouiH- 
Mil) ueh(=im«>.ntiMaime oondoliii i^iiniquo hujht utiti tnvnMjrrenione 
redargul Cuiu!^ tmns^cfwionifj reatuni tutu mora mea turn pan- 
sionifl sue dam excusaret inolestiji, tuinc Inc-rejiando uimc quasi 
consiilendo subiiituli: Nuttiqutd, kari»time, t^^ uoto imlnctum 

eagerly and p^rni^t^ntly, I funded l\7 confeasing what I bad at Arsi 
£o fftoutly d^tli(^d, ami I amn^uknl What mcin-T I lirDuglkt tlir t«rtb, 
waahL*rt ih(*iii in huly wati^r, and gavr it to thf- tiok man. H«, hukling 
the cup in IkiM handa, vowed the preacribed vow, and driLuk the eup'tt con- 
temn. Then, from day lo day, he gradually got V>otl«r. Puriug his 
ooiivjilwiM^ncf it liappened tliai T went awur, uiid HtJiytHl auay f^jr norw 
litilu time. Mf^knwbilc thr iiacmt hupjM-iW lo hulfcr muFiidL^rBbly 
in the »(U)iikac;h- My »liKenc4^, itocvjnling t^i liin vit^w, Ijuitod too 
lung: \t\ti pikinH i.ncr<^A«uvl, and tlk<i dooturv kopt adviJiing hiiti to take 
innoflurPH for htn wLf^-ty^ and try namo inodicint*. H*v however, w»» 
ftfnoi)^ ftiTCAUAp iif tliA vow whioh Ixinnd bfm, and of>utd mit t-idcr 
ihi-ir Aflviw, ]jn*f»»rring to put aff the infttt^»r till n»y r«tuni. But th*' 
loRff<*r I delayed, the more violent l>ecann? hie painft, and I Knev* to nay 
tliat he 3i(*ldcHl to the wivicc of the dtMrtfin*, mid uouKljt rofuge in Ih^ 
lif'critA of ninlicinc. Wliereupoii, i>n tlu- following (Uy I n?tur»cd, And 
uti jiearing of the event, I wa« bitterly grievnl and rebukeci hjtn fur 
hia diMjlx^dieTice. 1 Ef^ cXi^UAed hix guilt on tbo gmund of ULy delfty, and 
of Chr tn>iih]L-«uai(< nutun* of hU diiu-nsr, I rrjniiHHl, |idirtly in rr^buko, 
and pjirtly &» an adviher : *' Had you forgotten, dear brother, t1i4t you 
were Ixiand ity n \xiwl Hod those dn-adful tbr(*a1*i in cartp of your 


St William of Not^'ich. 


i^blitim hiGTtkS? Nimquid tciribilcw iJJc si noturn infringcrc^ mine 
inomoriA iau) oiit^edonukt ? lam tu tibi codbuIo, (juouiam tibi 
plurimuin timt'o. Nctii|K qiionuim i1io» crueitina siirtocptt^ motlicinc 
tibi toreia crit, qitartuio «UKp(;ctAin balioo, et nc \\\a dcfraudcmur 
pcrtiinoeco. Domquu htiiuamixii prnt)Gi|uen^ oommomttkriiim, Jllu 
mouittt lit tnihi iiidebfttur pn-niipcnUcn^ nee multuii) tiinuit ncc 
oiunino aecurus ftiit. Quid pluru ? Iath dioin t«rcimu so\ occiderm 
UrmuDAiicmt, <:t illo »iii^n» a, ccim Ivotoi^nc nc rcclinanti ({tituii 
quioti ac coutiiliL QLicfi uero UIa hchcii non <]ormitiom8 cmt sod 
tnortia. Cum <;te»im oum oxcitarv uolLumus, mn uniortuum in- 
ii4^imti.s Ex hin pi:-q>rnd/it dil^tjiui K^ctor qunjitn obttcnuuitio 
dilijI^ilU ijbwjnimtdu Mint preccpUv aiiiiclunim qui quoiiUt mjtJorU 
potcntic nc digtiLtntin dint^ncuntur tjinto nrnjilius cauondum c^t nc 
oflTondaiitiir. Quoiutii i^eiioia iuMioDotn bi rie^Li^ ouiitingat per 
incuimiii, et ruru tuDtum ncgligoiitifT rciUtim mm puniri oontmgit 
per pcniLin. Qim niminmi prccoptoi^ni pliiDc irritari cooHtat, ciiiua 
pf«ceptio «m iimxime cuniomptni ti»b n quibnH muxinic ubaeruj^ri 
dcbticmt PJnrimi?! qutxinc astnunmr exempli? qnod p/iri scilicet 
tuliooe plvcti meruit qui uotum quud uou4>ruL noti ubw-ru&uib. 

brc^lnng that vow nlivjuly Mljppfd your meinoryl I>M*k U< yoiirwlf, 
for [ f(*iit ifrA^"<ily for you. To-nKirrow will Ij& th(t thirr] clay ninw» you 
look Uie rnGflitriije : I bavt' the wurst niingiviugH a1x>ut tlw fourth, arid 
am uidly afraid tliAt we may 1t>Ae yoa thereon." WhiUt I piirHurd thin 
linfi of M^ncKiiiitJoti, lu' niiidr light, as [ thought, of niy w4rniiij,,*H artd wiu 
nmttier much friifbt^ned »or yet completely at lki& ea«e. What more? 
Sunaet had pmlcd th<> third day: ho hwl risi^i) from luppcr and lain 
dovn on hJH h*-*] and nw-mn) to fmvr rr^igntHl hininHf to reAl, Ata^l 
that wAit a rest not of aleep hut of death: for when wo would have 
awaked him, Wf? founi him alix>ady (juitc dend. 

Jlcnci^ Icit the cjin-ful n^ulrr t?iin?uUt*r liow ntrioliy and punctdiuiuLy 
UiG cucnmuDdH itl the luUnta oaght to be obeyed, for the more mighty 
aitd wur^iipful Ujey an.\ Uir more (.-ttutioii i» nr^edod U-nt thc-y \ic 
oflt'-ntlml. If U Tiupprn^ that their orflem are n*^glcat*d tbrou^jh caf*- 
loKiicni, it rAroly happ«iH that nucb ni.'t'l«H:t u n^it vuitod wiLh punish' 
merits It w plain tliut ho wlin givoft tlw ord<^r niual hn ang«rod if 
thoao who ought tho mott twcurnU^ly to hnvo oboycvi it am thfl Hmt to 
bold that order in iNmttnnpL And we nn> l«l hy nutiK^nriuK inKlan^^s 
to conclude that he who rfid not keep i!ie vow that he had vowod. 
doMtTod to be puniHhod by Ttuch n retribution an I have n^latin]. 

ff. W. 



St William of Norwieh, 


I, Quamodo mart periclitantibits vutrtir mbu^neril tnatrent uc 

filinvi per/tjntis {mientiof\em curauenL ^H 

NEQVE hoc fiikncltim iu<iioo quod quedam voUicet BotildA 
qiKLin et ill 9^cundo libro mcritid bcnti tniu-iiri.-i f>or ramtim 
lilicis n prwwfljrn pArtiiA mire libvrritiiii) dtMiioiiBli-»iiiaius Dubis ^i 
retulit, quam TUAgnu uidoltoct dignationm sue mngniUia circA ^H 
tm bc&tuB martir WillelmuA LerriR et iimrl i>pi'nui noluerit. Rcncr^ ^H 
tebatur nccnpo iyttn tla rviiicto WH>l>f> !taiK:t<x|nt? E^pdio, vt uttuv 
illud Xurmaouicum ut m Angti&iu ueniret o&uigiu cum »odAlibu» 
i)eiv|^n'iki^ Unnsibnt Contij^l itrru ^lun naui obdurmin; cum iaui 
ru\ Tiiiu-if meiliuiu peni«Dtiiru u«8et, uidelialurqut? ei biiii<^^ ftMUtcio ^^ 
Wnit'lmiis dicii^tisi: E^cct? pro ut^nlibulu tum^ru grAuifuiiiiA uobji ^| 
iiriiTiiitol pnHX'Lla ; et niei lam pro iiobiA interueuisst-ni lmd pro* 
feclu iiaiiiJ!! ciiiii iitiitK*rmM pt^riclitiirt^tnr. Vmit, emu ru^t^siu^tia 
niijH^nioJiuril hum, uw aOuocatuni t-t intercessort-ui uabis iii Chmti 
nomine uiuw)jfcto ul |>rucul diiblu UuitA cum w>)itt epkiidore aubee- | 
quelur lran4uillita:*i ac hi tudla prciTenserit bempesUa. Denique 
circu uespi^riiiii pruapen> CLir«u lilua AtigUcuui Liuito inaiori t^^iebtlpia j 

Xi Sow ihti martyr mt^oured lhoa« in pml on the tea, and cured a 
mother and x/n by ihcJiTtdiitg qfa spring. 

I o»nnot r«fmiii, furt^hor, fmm telling whn.t was mlatod to me by » 
«wrtAin Bi>ti]dii. of whonj I Hhewi<d in tbe se<vmd hixJk h^w *!«> w*a 
wnii(lerfull> delivered from the Htraits of chitdbirtli by iiietuui <>f * 
branch *>f fern hy tJie merits of tht? blussed martyr. She told me bow 
grcJit wondrra tin? blessH inftrtyr WilliaTn hiul dei^od to work in her 
WImlf both on land and sea. She wa* returning from the shnn«i of 
St James and <if Kt CJile*, and was erosaing the Norman sea in a idiip 
witli her fellow pilgrim a to return to England. It liapptrnnl that she 
waa Bldcping in the uhlp whL*n they were now half-way acruatt, «iid 
Saint William appeared to ntrmct hy hrr jind 'Uiy, *'Hchold, immediately 
a severe stomk U coming upon you, ihiid, had 1 not already iulercvKlotl for 
fou. thi« ship and all or Ixiard would have been in extreme daii^n So, 
when the hour of peril ccuncH^ cnll on me a^ your advocate and int^r- 
L'lSHor, ill the name iif ChriHl, nutl without doubt there fthnll eoBue ft 
tialiD aiiJ aunffhEric Huclt as if there had bttvn no Htorni at all : and by 
the rvniing you idkfill gain thn slion^ of England with & fair brrwu*, and 
your joy tthall lie tho ^roatnr in proportion ah you ha-n- fieeu that the 



St William of N&nvif^. 


IcticU (luanto grandiori iio8 ereptoA uicleritij* de nngnfltia. Tu 
auUtin, BotiltU, cum Norwitiini mtiK^ms, cum fiUo quem ab ortii 
ut nn<> miincipfi^ti piitrcxrinio, 4)iiem t?t egrnrjLnti'iii ofTcDdt^, ndue- 
niens ad nieum in aitua ToqHMiRi locum herviniticum uenire non 
diffi*nw, AtH'mlt^utrK \wxv> lui nrbomm ubj {|iiondaTU a iudeiH 
proiectuA aliquandiii citub diuo iacui ciroa nuJioL^ ekiM rnodicuni cauate 
vt inucnlam ibi iiquani hatin<.-nteH bibite. Qua bibiu et tu nb eo 
qao liboraft incomniodo, filiiiBque jmriU'r libomljttTir ft sua Porm 
uuimTKis )>n.<dicure ^ludea^ cjtiod ad illius aqiie Return certuiii 
ciinctiB fiddittr giistantibua proueniet rtmedium. Nunc uiiunii 
quani toituA ex]>ergtiicei'e, quonlAru t^inpestfitu imn «iiponi(>iiit hors, 
et mandal4jrUTii ni.^ »i» oblitji. E<p(.r^fafta lerrore miilier cernit 
toto man aire quaHi nt>ctis lenebrofl Kubito wiijnTi*tTundi» wlunujuc 
diemqup ocuL» tniucimjnim Mubtrahh Cumque omnia iam lam 
prcflentem inteotarent mortem, lai^ra nauiit inuntiu-tiii (.-xiH^iM 
naufmglo nunc tluctibu»L data ^\m\»\ in coiuni riitbitur, nunc 
depiveHa tanquam in abysnum deicitur. OninibuH itaqiie desperatin 
fit clamor miMerabilm <a iilulattiR. FreM?rliiii qui t<auhm isupU^bant 
diuine misccrioc^rdic poNtuEabnnt oponi. PrL^fata igiMir mulier 
uniueraa cemena in arcto potiita prompit in medium et aoce elam 
^xclAmauit: Vtquid tAnta dosperatio ? Ueiim Hanctumque WiJ- 

peril whence you were nav+wl was great. For you, Uotil^ia^ when you 
reach NonHch, tAho your nan, whom frani Iiih birtfi you d<*diuiLtfMl to 
my oare artd whom you will llnd ill — and dday not to come with him 
to my hemiiU^ In Thv^rp^ wixkI. Appronch the trw wh<^ro I wtm 
omx? thrown by thr ^vv|* mid lay lou^ iti \\\v open ulr : difi a Httir near 
its routfl, ftiid driiLk t\\v waU*r wliicb you will Hiid Ihcrt*. Oil tliiA, you 
will W rid Kit the (li«o>ijifort fri.Mii which you huAVt, nn'^ your won oi hU 
di«acuw. Motvorvr, yuu munt Uikn cam to proolaim^ that by tasting of 
tliAt wat«r kII that tiut« in fnith khftll find re1ii>f. Now wake lu 
i^jiiitrVly ivi yim iiiAy^ fnr Lhe time of the ^tj^mt JA ii|Mni ^n ; nnd^fnrg«>t 
not. my vviininjiTifU," Tlie woman waIc^ niul mlw with tcfrror «]iirkii<tfut 
[ike that of tho night audd<uity vi^iliTifr all the ^4^ and the ftky and 
ayli^hl being WLlhtlmwn fn>ni the eye« of all. All nppcarancea 
lireat'^ncl inHtant <lonth ; tho wi'ol.^^hf^) iihip in (kn;^<r of imui^lnte 
wn^ck WOK nciw lifu^ up ae high an ht^aven and now caAl down affaiii 
to the d«ep. All wore in denpair, and pitooufi crif^ and yt\\% weri> heard. 
Thofte who wen* of Mjuudent riiind implonni tlio aid nf Gods rnitrcy. 
The woman of whom I atn telling «iiw tliat tht^y wre in an evil Hmit; 
»lw ran into the midzit and cri^ aloud : "Why tluu despair f Call all of 



St Witliam of Norwdk, 


leliiium iQftrtircRi Nonriccniwm dciioto oonipcommiinit^r inuocnte, 
cl ttaliit^ij] ru«(diijini pruutillo. Ad hiuic uoccm h^reutibus cunctis. 
omnium corda niim iiDarjumtate od dictum mnlicm mctiiiAntur. 
Cumquc nb uniiicrau itn damajHur, continu<j skA tkmtni cUr« 
i-ndinun ct n^ddiUi biui- diltibiDue tTaiK^uillitAs mox in tAnlnm marc 
p(U!Auil AC »] nichil ommiio tompt^tAliH prx^cccvturiL Kxcurs'> 
aut&in nnodici LeiiiporiB apacio, citrw profipcro naitii* Anglic littorj- 
buB appiilil, el uxt-uutibuH cum gaiidiu cuiictii*. unusquiAi^uc in 
uiani miani abiil. Mcnk^rala ikix> inuticr tnndciii NQrwicum ucoh. 
filititiHjue uelut ci prtxlictum fuerat egrotauteiu iDueiiit, Quo 
MKum AAnuukpto cum tcstr? prc^bitcro in ^ilimm fi-^ttlniHiit^ nrtxirctn 
prebcripUtu sufTodit, et aijuam u\ox suiLunuiiLem reppcriu Ad 
ciiiuBi gu^tiim rt^ntinui^ mutter cniiii fiHo t.sniiuiluit,»ti|ur in umnibuH 
uieiouis sue ueriaaiiiia ailtautnit prt^HUgiu, IVsttnoduui tf uckjuc per 
ciumIciii iv^UG guntum pKmniWf cogituutmuM <iptatum j>c?rcvpiflhe 
nriut.'diujD. Bupoir hoc »uU.-ii] plurininm aditiiruri |x^'»ueuu«, ^u«1 
ficiiicot iuaridoet arenobu1ou)aE{ut*roaCieLdLL»Hppuruehl; i]iu>uiamt 
iii^i diuino uiuiiipoU-ntk- id luitu f^crcti luilUbutiun mjuo uctin loco 
lull pnrrupif4{^L Adt?o eiiiui nriduFi lui-us lilt- ^.'^ihubund^t snbulu, 
C|Uih1 si p1(;DUin ai{uu doliuni iiiibi dfu(uk^n.% ptxtL bun- ^piuriuio 

yen davQutlj- upon God Aud Siiiiit WilUam lb« niiLrljrr irf Norwich, and 
I proinJHe you inNlarjt ddiv^-mmc" All wi^rt- ftri'MUtl by the wortJa, 
and thear liearts were turned wjih ik wondcrrftil ikgrocmfrnt to tba 
womcui's bidding. Thcf cry wont up from all, and ui thai cnumi^ut Uio 
HUti tt\ion& out cl^Arly uiid a ckliki, r^liiniiikg witbout dfilay, ao aniaf>t)u>d 
the aeoBj Bji a no storm had procwlod it. lii u iJwrt tiow the ahip 
rvcuihed the Engltsh Tihon* wilh a fair hreeaw. all diHombarkHl with juj^ 
and went their sevei^l wAys. 

Tlie woroftik of whom I *pwtk eventually n^icliod Norwich and found 
hor won ill. as slie had Ijecn warned. 3hc Look hiio with hrr. and 
haht(>»tid to tlie wood, with a prittit ah vitneaa ; ahe dug under tjje trtM 
mi bidden, and Moon found wnU^r bubbling up. On tft«ting it, niotber 
and fwn ftlike recov(;nHl, and wi found tlicf prt<<]icli<kiLK ai tlu^ virioD true 
rkl all pointa. In after duya we Iijlvl- known inoiiy juatanct-u of permmit 
tjuttin^ tJie name wat^^r ruid obtaiiiirii^ tluT rolir^f thi?y ntH'tli^i 

Nc»w in 1bi8 we have ^reat cauue for wonder, that in a <lry and 
Anndy pUc^ a Npring of wntor gkiould have appeared, for, hod oot thm 
happened at Uie bidding of Ci<;d'H omnifotenoc, no npring ouuld [Huodbljr 
have hui"5t forth hi suoli a plttce ; for the tH>il of the npot in no Jry ajui 
vaiidy that, vtvtv jou to pour out a ^itduiruf water th«n!, j^ou muuJd m 




it WiUiam of Norwich. 


nee mtnimurii iriilt? ucslignim iiiitt-nlru^ Si^i) qniO minitn, ^lui de 
rupv pubuiL duri»«iiiiA' sictoulibiis oliiii pojjutU nijiJariitD J1ii^*nl» 
|iruUucerT-', ny uoluiL vl ruiitc tti j^bulu uqut^ foiiliculiuii v^rulauUbilA 
apcrin? f Qiiippc (|tiwiliiin wl diuinani uriiiiipiLtfuliabin, iiicfall 
adinirabile, sed mih lioiiiiiteB adniirari SLtlenius si quid douuiu 
quandof^uv uel inwjlituin coiitingere cenmitiUH. 

xi. 2)0 guadom a 2an^i«or0 diuturwi eurata ot d^ atUra qn4 uistan 

CVMQVE \nU*x tniru tot rniriculoriim gt'**t-« muxiDia circuniqua- 
que Jaudum crcbTcj^x.^roDtp proconia, oonfluebant ad beati 
TDftitins Willelmi »t^pulchrum Mir^iilitt du^tas pliinmi. Aliqui 
enaitali^ percipiende gmlU» nonniTlli orationm mub deuotioaiA 
cauRft. Inter qiUHf qucdAui rnulier Norwici'ii-sLSt Ad» nomine, quo 
iam nnntio egrotancmt lartguon-, hitic uin etii, Siwate nomine 
uocati, et inde alti^niin ciiiusdam ^mstpentala brachii8 adducitur. 
Et factum est, omtiono poxt obluU4>mm poructa^quc alii>nc opis 
indigua triffti* adueuerat, celcati iam curata medicamiDe propriisque 
cou&ta uiribna gaudeuH n;greditur. 

Bauenilda quoque iwor WUIelmi de Hastedune, que langiio- 

an bour'i) Unie find no Itaco whatever of moiBture- Vet we cannot 
wonder thftt Ho wht) aforrtimcr hrowjht /i/rfh ■rir'cn of taat^n'M out 
of'th^ hard roek r*r a thimly p*Hjpie, willed iij tlioso diiyn idoo to «[M?a a 
fuuni uf nvaUri' in trbv bniiii fui- tlw tick, Fui^, itb rvgrvrda Ovvd'ti uuini- 
poti^ticc, ti<jttiing M V4>nd<irful : it ia we mon who aro apt to bo surprinc^i 
tf wo ta^ witnMrtoa to any now or unwontcid ovrnt. 

XL O/n tvwtian cured o/n IwtigHtafulitiff #tdtnc*i, and of another who 
reeorttnd her hut r^^tf^A/. 

While Aniirl to many wondrouj^ miroclcH Uio declarini; of praue 
inrnWHHJ Atid ^rnw hIJ romifl, mnny pprwinn iM'^jjnn U) Awomblp every 
day at Lho t<jiiib uf Uk- M<*AH<Ki ni'-irtyr WjIlUiii ; tMtne to b« hfwlHl and 
othors to pray nnd otter thoir devotioDM. Among them a woman of 
Norwich calloH Acla who hmj been ill for ft wholi? yvAv, rrtme "Upportod 
on one nido by her huftWnrl f^iwute, aihI an th<* iiithcr by sonio out? vlmy. 
And it camn t<j piwK wlu'ji KhL* bad i^ndal ht*r prayer and made bcr 
oflenng, thut tihe who had como in Hadne»»i and had to b<^ helped iiy 
oUien, wna healed by the hoavonly mcdicino, and rcturuod in joy 
trusting io hor own rarongth. 

AUu^ RftvvmMH wife of Williuai of HuHt^uue', who had j^radually 

1 Pfirhapk Hjtiicwdmiti, i.e. Hftflkvian, near Woodhridtftt in Knflolk. 


St William vf Ni/r 


socntibuvdiu tjculi^ ui^uiik pnututim Ainbic-nitJ 
ad tfcpulchmtu miicLi WIIK-hni pknc lunij 

iUsno ticnirns diic^tu 
hitamc reoepto inde 

EODKU U^mpcin? GulUTun pretibpier de TifU^hale aU|ue do 
tiimilia eiiis plurimi graui [KTjEtitauUs^ t^ritutiinr, mOK itt 
Hancti WiUf^lmi wtlfnLgia pf>nUibuiU'n'uota iioiienint. tielut eiusdem 
preHbiteri relatu didicimiiH, Muiitaii i>nr<tiiii^ rc«tituti «un^ S«cl «t 
uxor RicJinli dc HtMlirij^ham, titf quo et tmpra nieimmmiui. grani 
uenUia ac reiimni graiuitJi ijiC^nrKitlo, Ix-^ili WiUelmi tiRTttis 
medicine t^lt^titm cumri tiierui'i ant idi>la 

xiii- De pwUa tjtsavui mn/tta ei pluribris aliU. 


Y10IMV8 quoquc hit^dcm (licbuApiiL'llulnm Eu;^Achu monetatU 
(iliAin nd ^cpulcnim nancli inartim iiiMioani adduci et po^t 
bore spaLiura winam rugrcdi. Alios prati^ri^ii quum plurcH male^H 

loat her sight through th« hng wcAknntng of her eye^ CAme to Ibo 
tomb of ^int Willmni, led hy an[>ther, *ind rejoiowl At tlifl full rpcovory 
of her sight ; nnii so it rhnir> About tiiat having come blind, nhn wr«?nt 
away glftd, having rec<^iv(H) hrr night- 

xiL Q^a c^rfAin prUta and his/atniiy, and a crrtAin tevnutv^ heot^rL 

At the same time, Walter, priest of TivebaliaU^ ami many cif hia 
family were en(laiigfin<d by gmvo i]ln<w4 nnd imniedlAtoly U)>uu ftAkiit^ 
thi- prayer* of Spijut Williitm und vowing vows to him, ts we have 
learned from the relation of thu taiil prictt, were restored lo thotr 
fomwr hmlth. 1 

AJmj t^^*^ wjfi> uf Itiebird <if IV-dingehrtm', whom I have aliro in«u- 
titnied, t>eing alllicted with severe dinttiun- of th(? ?«l4intach anci rtins, waa 
accounted worthy to ha hecilad tiy the ajitidote of beavL-nly medici: 
through thd merits of tlie blewvod William. 

liii. Of a mari gt^l avred, an<i man^ othtrt. 


We M«w hIhi» in thove <]i\yK a girl, <Uufc'>itcr to Kuittaop thrt mon^rj-er*, 
brought to the hi>]y Diartyr'u bomb loajl, &n*l returutDif iu a hoiir*K timo 
NLUt<- Matiy utharii liino iu evil cMso and iliw)Awd we haw come tJil' 

' A rtlltwc about I:: mll« S. nf Nnrvldi. 
^ Soup. 17'i, ' BPcp. 154. 

IV.] St William of Norwich. 183 

habentes 6t morbidos illo uenire conspeximus, quos ibidem sanitAtis 
percepiase remedia eonindem postea relatu cogaouimus. Quorum 
nomina uel rei geete seriem aitande protixitatis gratia prefientl 
Ubello non inserui^ quoniam nimia constat prolbcitate legentiuro 
deuotionem sepisaime ledi. 
Explicit liber quartus. 

and beard from them afterwards that tbej hod there received the relief 
of healiDg. Their names and the details of the matter I have not 
inserted into this book, in order to avoid tediouaness ; for an excessive 
length plainly tends to mar the devotion of the reader- 

Hbbb sndktb thb Fourth Book. 


[ticipiuni w-pitvla libri quirUi, 

i. De translatione eiue a capituto in ecclesiam. 

ii. Quod eo tranelato nocte consequenti sacriata mira sudierit. 

iii. De iuueDe qui colubroe uiuoe euomuit 

iv, De quibusdam per menta saacti Willelmi a febribus 


V. Quod GodwiBum presbiterum quasi iocando correrit et ab 

iuiuato questu reuocaueriU 

vi. De languente per aepulcri bactum curato, 

vii De anulo aureo per uUum noctumum reqaisito. 

viii De ^dropico mira uelocitate curatx>. 

ix. De qaodam decano LincolmensLS prouiDcie aanato. 

X. De quodam Girardo acompedibuB mire liberato. 

XL De psalterio perdito ac mentis aancti Willelmi recuperate. 


L Of his translation from the Chapter-house into the Church, 
ii, Hov on the night after his tranHtation, the sacriat heard 

wonderful things, 
iii. Of the youth who brought up live vipers 
iv. Of aome who by the merits of Saint William were cured of 

T. How he corrected the priest Godwin as it were playfully and 

restrained him from an unjust gain, 
vi. Of a sick penon cured by touching the tomb, 
vii. Of a gold ring recovered by a vision of the night, 
viii. Of a dropsical man cured with wonderful quickness, 
ix. Of a dean of the province of LincolB who was healed. 
x^ Of one Qirardus wonderfully freed from his fetters, 
li. Of the pBalter which was lost and recovered by the merits of 

Saint William. 


St WiUiam 0/ Norwtch. 


liL De demoniHco ciir&to. 

xiii. Do ftlU*n> fnribnnfln f^rtnato. 

xiv. Ve contractH mutien? sanAtpH. 

XV. [ritein dc ftlu-ra contrACta. 

xvi. Do puollft coatnicta ct intiUu 

xvii Dc altera ceca et mtitA. Dr puem mire curato. 

iviii- De rlerico mtHe habenf^ naniito. 

xix. Do moDacho ab ociih tumore et dolore per uUum libemto, 

XX. De matre sancti Willelmi, quod }>er ui^tirn nocturDiim ab 

ipEio it illius iiilirmiUut i?t mors pix^iiuDtiaUL fticrint^ 

xxi. Dc matroiia a doJore et tumore guauum diutumo curatav 

xxii De altera a durditle hberata. 


Jndpit tibei' quintJis. 
i. De tn>tutlatu*jie mW a ccpitulo in ecclexiam. 

1AM noil solum dc drciitnuLcenlibim uillifi, oed et de remotionbiis 
taDla cotidie miiltitudo ad wepiilcnjin hvnti WilU'lriiiin capitulo 
adhuc tacejitift ccpil coiifliutre, i^ufxl <xjnuijnlu» monachoruni iu 





Of A cloiiiotiiAO ouml. 

Of a K>c>9tid iiiAdiiituj our«d. 

01 n W^iit wooiftii hauled, 

Aino of li oDcond IffiDt woman. 

Of n girl wK(j wna bvnt and duiii1:». 

Of A wHiond, l>lm<l nnd dumb : of a boy wonderfully cured. 

Of It itirk oWk heiilf^- 

Of a monk ivlieved Lhmugli n vihioii dI a swelling of thr ^yv 

and of pain. 
Of the molher of ^inl William; hov hor illnefla and death 

were foretold by him in a \i«ion of the m^ht 
Of a matron relieved of pair: and cif il longatandin^ Hwelling 

of the knom 
Of a ttecond relieved of deft£ii**ifl. 

L 0/hU trantfiaiiott/rojii tfte CkapU^^itvw inio iAe Churrh. 

Already not only from the neigh)»«mig village*, l*"! from those at 
a distance so great a crowd began to jiHtu^nihle daily At the tomb of 
Saint William, who still Uy in the Chipter-hoiue, Uwt tlw lirtjth<'>rh<;cxl 


St iVilUam cf MiitWdL 


dauALro scdcntinm cotidiauam umtc muLtiludinin rrx^qumtUm 
ii«<|iimjujLm [HiLiiiTil diiiliti^ ^iiHtincT<.v Dum clomm coram ets 
uironim cotidie ao muHeniTik miiltitTido tuniiatim tmiutLrct ^ua- 
Itlcr ilk>nini :\\mt* nun [nqiiii'iAri potcml f Vndu ot comniuni 
dclibcrationis a«?tuni cat consilto, lit glorioeus dei martir tn eccleeiU 
iran&rcroudiift ibi mini sepulcro mm ref>onvrctiir, ubi puptilis con- 
flu€DtibuH libcrlor jul vuni fivrct accesHUx. Quid plum f Frouid«tur 
propp pnncijMiitiiM altarc a ]Nu^fti3»tra1iloeuA,4;tt-xi<<]u(.-nd] nogrHii 
dies oportuntiH. Voletu antetn pontifex ut perpAuconim noticiaro 
ilia trannret traniOatio, niihi ac sacn^to tunc Oiiilfo prer^pit i^ua- 
tinuH, n€<HWfaniH congnu^ antuiL protiisit*, im ns gprrrelur at 
Biiinmo dihiculo paucin cr^nHnmniAreiur adhibitia. Brat uti(]iie 
di*?« itia nurnsis liilii dKw w^iinda> rum« incriduino l«m|K>r<' tjuio- 
8Gentibufi dorniitorio fmiribus ct quid ncgotii interim gereretur 
ignonmtibiit<, ego i-t niomomtuM (i jitlfiiH »epulcn> acceHsiinuH, retio- 
lutoqne Lapidc Huporp<jMt«Li, ip>iifii vnb (^iiutdi^m IcuoHh rttatu inueni- 
mii.4{]UoeuMi ibidem et nntea compomieramua. Sitllfttum itaqtii; 
ilium secrolo in a^clwA uwjnc in cnisUiiiim contnltnuis Ioc<i, atque 
ill capitiiliitii regresel Aopnlcrum itidem reparauimUB ac m. nulla ibi 
IraDJ^mutatio geata fuuwct. 

of monks who abcide iii tlu? cloifiter could ntilongor put up with Llin duly 
preHfiuro of so great a multitude. For liow couJd their peace help being 
disturbed when every dny n Urgr^ nunilKrr of miMi nnd woinon pA«s^ 
before them 1 It woe th^n^frjitr <i(<<;ir]e(t iii cumiuon i^nuncil thiit the 
gU^riouB martyr uf Ood nhuuld \k tmiiqlAU^ iiiUr ihu Ohuirli, aad Ulim^ 
Ifiidt dloug witli hv^ M^imlchiT, wliiin; frt^^r luji^vnn U> IJiu uuuld h« 
providod for the crowda of people Whnt morcf A place w«« propAred 
nfNir the high altnr, on the wjutli nidt^y niid a oonveiuont day appointed 
for th^ buHuiem. The Binhop, Ixring itnxiouv that tlic tnuulation 
nhouTd oon»e under the notice only of a very tew, bade me uid th& thob 
■Aoriat Oiulfus to preiwtre th<* fiwieamry inHtrumenU hnfomlinnfl, iu>d 
BO to manage the matter tlmt it should bo got over at fUwn in prenonce 
of a f«w witnettHes, The day waa Oie second of July: nnd on H lit 
noon, when the brethren uere renting in the domiitoiy, ifuomnt of 
what WAS going on, I and Giulfus whom I mcntionrfl came to the tomb 
nnd ro]led ftwny thu stone that wttfi on it nm\ found th^? itaint in the 
conditiifii iu which we hod laid him there before. Wi^ took liim up 
ftC€oidingly, Mui plnct^I him in a secret spot in the Church until the 
Qiorrow ; then returning to the Qli&ptfli^liouMT we put the tomb to 
rights rut if no chaiigv had been eflected. 


St William of Norwich. 


IL Quod MarHre imnstato mcri/fta nttcU CQitseqinjiUi in capitula 

mira audierxt. 

SVBSEQVENTI uero nocLc cjuiddam coatigiase cognouuaus, 
<(ihmJ dc^uobioni legeuttum ila iDsinuAndum dccr^ui, ut miitti- 
plici oupcr hoc couiecliiie locum (Lcreliw{uam. Ccntigit cnini circa 
Doctis illiufi medium »acrialam momomluni iD occloi^ia do m<>ro 
iuceuU^ru nd e^citaudod ut mori't crn.t i^xih matulinorum tomporo 
in doiTuitporio friitrw cxurgcn?- Qiii cum glorioso uir^anis Matio 
roatutiuoedecAutAndo usque ad cnpibuUimpniocaei^et, ibi |>aululuin 
flubfliKlit, ut ibi cjuckI nuportrnit tn»ti.ilmonim expK'rt*t atquc fxindc 
ad coi^ut;tudLoarLUiii ocgotiaui pi'occdcrct. Vcrum ubi more 
paululum sub ui^'ido capitnli iKsJt^ndp mc c(Tccl»m:l, aubito ex ad- 
ue[>o, bureali dcUicet extra capituluui Utcrc, iich4:mcn:»ac tcrnbllio 
cxoriri ccpit soaitus. Cuium qunHutcm ipwriiiet nolnrt rem guolnni 
|xjwtmudiiED referens iiet|tuu{uaiik uerbia oiprimcrc putuit. Quo 
auditOi ultra quam dici pu«vit uimi horrur iiiua&Lb: dirriguore 
oome iD«tubroriimque adeo ui^v emarcuit ut riullatctiits »iue 
podw contnLher^ ^iiie nianu^ bUiMiui jKwait cteuuiv. 111» uero 
exoraiis sonitus inagu» ac tnagia siiccrivrictJiiE^, vb Huti^dicUi latere 

Now wti heard tliut wriiKTlhiii^ liappcuiNl durini^ tliu nif^ht following 
whioh 1 h&ve thouK^iL rif^lit wr Lo iiifliuile u> my <l«vout roiulvn wi tfi 
Leave A wide flpld for coiywjtuiyt al>j«t tt. For U came to paw thmt 
«boul niidui;;bt Ilia &fitrteiaid tuurrint, who wna slvepuiK an Ufluat io 
thff Church) got up iii oidor to roiiHo tin? bruthroTi in the dormitorj At 
tho hour of matins <u> waa coAt^'iiutry : nad liAviii^ procvodcd as fiu- n« 
tho Chibptor-hoUdOj nin^ng tbo inatiiu of the glorioun Virgin MAry, hft 
thvro uit down for n moment thnt ho might (iniuh t\w r(rinAiiiiI«r of 
matmn mtid theti ffo About hia Aecu*tom«t buniiHwi. Hut^ afijir ho h«d 
iUy»l HitUng a little whilf^Attli^mmerof tlieCliaptur^liouiw, Huddnirl/, 
on tfaeoppoaite, that ia, tli« northern Hide, uuLthilrt Llm ChA|it'T-hi>uM a 
loud and terrible Bound begaa to AriAe. lie was nnabiT* to exprriui iln- 
quidity of It ID wordif, when \w wtis rtilattna; th<^ matter to tu after> 
wnrd«. Oil hAArin;i it an indi-scrilwibh' horror «iik«I him: bin hftir 
Hood upright and hLs Itaibci so lo6t tht^ir >ttn*njcth Uut hn otmid nrithoT 
draw in \m fc«t nor faim hb hands. But tlie afiund that had thu^ 
bvguin, fp^w loutt(*r anrl Imidur and pawi^i from the afcreaaifl direction 

IBS St William of Norwich, 

Ad oricDUlem capituli se traimtnlit fen^tT^in, et, quain per ip«am 
inito subintrarpt, direclo lr»i]jsiiu wl K<pulchnim quod die heetema 
iiACiium rolin(|m'nuiiiia He coutulik Camquc ibi aliquniKUu in- 
explicabile quoddam murmur fior^t, taTidom intra »epulchrum se 
totimi coTigtHflit, et quasi inlouginquum tndi>gTR(latim tmn^rncjirct. 
audientis &ure« pedot>cDtiinmibU>rfiigiL PruHortim duin hoc iU se 
haberent, nimio l^^rrore correptus immobilis *cdit Nicriftta, i^ecum 
quid ageretur negotii multipjici mcditaltonr reiioluenf*. VeDienti- 
buii po^tmt^iim iicro cccle^ie famuILn Haiistro lucemaa disponturi^. 
rc^umpsit animum, «urg*iif*quc dormitoriiitn Mubiit, cutiAUotiidi- 
lumnm excitAtiouis executiirue oAicniin. Kx cuius rei eueatu 
idem KRcntita sh ^ noct« in ixrliqiuim n*)Cl'il>uH ojtpltulo luc^rniin) 
mbeeae iriAtituit, et quoad uixtt matitutum Heniniiit. Vndo oi 
mo» inoleuit, usque in hodicmuiu diem, nocrtibtii!^ capitulo in«8He 

VERVM craatinc noetic illius il!iiwe*4cenle diliiculo, suirexit 
epiticopuH el quod cum paucis dij^poHucnvt exffqut non mne 
militia contigit oxplcri. Dtiin etenim dispofdtum pre manibus 
haberetur negotium, imbito plurimi diruotinniK studio irrumpcntcK 
UDdiquc cuimularunt, inttircawe umgis* aft'ectaiit^H [>n!^nti martin* 

to iho KanUth vinfiow of ihr Chn.]>trr-h(>UMvi. npp<?anng to rtitfr thorr^bjp 
und i^ <lirGcUy t*jWAni tUtt Umib which, ntt thr day iM^fon^, wn htul Mi 
enipty> Henii for Home timir it oi^titiimtvi uiukm^ the Ktmii^^i mur- 
muring and at IahI cntorod wholly into the tamb, and, n« if gniduidly 
pwiKiu): i^'tny inlu ihv dhinixvi^ inHtttirdbly dti^l ciutnf the- Ibtviirfr'ri n^m. 
Willie thiH WH0 goitL^ uii| Ltie BAcrL^U in exttvinc-- ttMt, bhI imtuuvHbl*-. 
mpidly revolving in hm miriH wlmt couhl \tv Ujo niatbcr. When tbo 
■crvr^nUi <»f ibo Chuivh ciime afU-F n whJIr* to fwt the* lampn in thfl 
cloictcr, he r^^uver^d liiu coumg^ mid^ riiiiii^, vcDt into th« donuitory to 
fulfil his wo«it«<f duty of rouftin^ th'* brethf«n. In ooiuteqii^nce nf thi* 
Avnni thi^* wvi?rist thencpeforw«r<l inJititut^y] thppinn nf having n Ininp in 
the Chaptnr-hotiM* ut night, ^nd kept it up !to Inng ih hv. Mvcd. 
Wb6D«j the curttoni biui prevailed up to the pretwut day that i\wn 
nhould alvnyn br a lamp in thr Chaplor-hoUBe at (U;c:liL 

But when the iitorrow'n flnwii nflor that niglit iH^giiti Ui slunr, tlw 
Bishop aroae^ and wliAt he had arratig«d Uj effect with a few helpen 
WA* in fact cnri-ii^ out in the presence of niany. Fur while llie pre- 
armn^xl buaiueM wim yet in hand, sudddDly a nuirljcr of people with 
eager devotion burst in from all quarten. Wing mom de«irouK of bving 
proaeot at the service done to the martyr than with any idea of inter- 



St Wiltinm of Norwich. 

obiequio <\\iMxt rei giTcndo itripKJiincuUiH Drnitjuo cuiigriio «atiM 
pTD tenL[K>rL> loc>», sod honore tameti non condi^o, illud uenembite 
mai-lim oirpus n^ponilur, eii;iu]i]t< ho|>ulclirufn k^no uc. plumbu 
ci>U8olidHtur. QuibuN gostiH, ui»ioni» prime tunc recorcfati ^umus, 
qua se et a ciintterio tranKfem nioiiucrat el capUiilu intor pueros 
HI- paululum uollc quitisccn; iiidixcrul, ad ccclesiam pu^trcuno 

tii, J)e iuvene qui cohd/ros ainoB evomuit 

TRANSLATVS iUiquc in i^cckt*ia lH^ti»*iuiu* nmrt,ir iimioribuA 
quain antea [>ollere ctrplt iiiimculi«. quantiquc apiid dcum 
c»4et p»icntJI>U)4 di'clumuit si^Tii^^ Hub rt^Mfiiti eiiiin lnujv«lmtiom» 
huius u^mpiire de iiilla que Helhetiine dkitiir, miienis quidam 
diiclii p;itn.-« iu\ siiiieti WilUttnii s«.^pidi:nirii fidueiiiU Ih qtioudain 
opilio dutn gregibu8 pasceiidie intL'mli.-rL't, dio <|UHdain campo aub 
fniitietis forte obdormiuit. Duititjinj api^rto stei-teret oi^. KTibiU) in 
ipsuin coluber intruiitit, vt ijiia^i ^nUt innn^ionu it*pi?rta. intra 
iiiAcem He cxintulit. Excitatur inukirum iuiieniH igiianis qnidt^iii 
inrortimii. motum tamen sontienf} preaentia mali. Peatifero aoerbi- 

ruptln^ tUo proceedings. Pinallj that rovcrond Uodj of tho noftrtyr 
wui Iftid up in a pUoe sufflcicntly suitable for th« tinkO boing, yet not 
with filing 1i4>»oure ; And Itiu tomb wiva uccur?d \rith iron ivnd load. 
It w^&H nfl^r Uiiii llint vre rt-ui^mtwrtd th&t firmt viMEon, in whic^h ht bul 
bidden thAl wo riLtkuld remove him front tin* wmet^^ry, and hud wiid thut 
he wUhwl to nysi for awiiilf in the C'hapt«r'houae fiinongat the Iwju, 
but should Ut^rr uii be transUted Ut tfi(> Church. 

iii. OftJye j/owrtg huwl tcho brought up iiva vipers, 

So tlte aioat ble88ed niArtyraf lor bia iranalation into the Church bognn 
to shine with grmter miraclofi tlian ftfon^timc, nnd whcwcd bj maiitfeiit 
aj^H how erc«it hr vjlm in tlit.^ Hij^ht nt Trod. P\ir whrti Ui^ trarialation 
woH liut rvcentl}' HfV-ut«], a yuuth brouj^ht by hiH fftlhvr, camct fi'oiu 
Urn viU&Kfi called Hel^hetoD' te Hi William'^ Wmb He hod bi^ma 
}i«rdeiiinii aiid wofi looking after \ih llock^ oik* (hty v\wt\ he lupptmed 
to fall ikih'fTp in th*- tii^ld uudf-r sion^r buiJieK, As he lay snoring with 
open luoutli, a viper Hudd^nt^ crept inU> hi-^ mouth, and lindiug, am it 
^aeeiDod, an ngrecnbic «oj<iurii tlivtf, bet4>ok itself into hiu intestines, 
io ftwolce, uricoiLseiauii of hi» itiiiihap* yet feehn^ the alirring of the 
pbffue wiUiin him. ni« eutraiU wistv tomiunlml witli the pain of the 

■ In Lnddon hauflnd, *bout nrvea inilc« trtmx Norvich- 


Si Wiiliam of AToitnV/. 


Uitis Colore iuriHibuntur uiw^iu, f^ocidiftna/jue cli<*n]in «iioce?«iane 
map*) ac ma^s illud itiqiiictudtni« iiiiialcw?t?but incomnKidum. 
Ignoral>ai MfiijMein ot iiiirabalur 4110 lam dim n&ith t^M^tepoaaet 
que tanta Boi^rbiUU? utitceru 8ua coiicutvrvl ; kikI vx rei modo que 
gt^febfttiir quid fiierit GsiinmtiorM' coniciLur Pluribus deniqod 
nub iuijuictudmu Umi iiidr-sui eui»luiU aimitt, luueiib* )«»ihcti Wtl* 
lelmi curauduA uientis ad ^pulcrum eiua uelut prelibAtnm e»X, 
ductu palm itduciiit> Cuiusi |>tilcr, i^ratlone ffu^iti |y.>Mt obl»lioDeiii 
candele, sepiitcri lapideni rasil, aqua beitedicta diHtempt^rniiit. 
eamqiie mulu habouti filio bil>ciHlaiJi Lnbuil. Quo facto, coiif<wtiro 
cum lidi; puths c^rari cepit uinuH iiiartirix Vbi ut«tiim E^aoer 
ille potus in uisAf m <Ieti(^4?ndit, fur^ns oontinuo coluber ita introrsum 
cepitaogiiKtiari ki^u Hirri p>lnM piX'M^^nttiitu inilbUiiU8 (jiicjit [x.'qwti. 
Inuale^icentf? i^tiir moleetia. coDcitus iuuenia ecclesiaxn enit, ei 
lint*' iialuELs eocleviii> linnii, rmuima oiiin ungusliA 
coliibniiiL duo«quo doiD^li.^ colubri f^tus euotnuit, cflusaque same 
multa, bumi iacetis ueliit exammia aliqUAiiidiu permanstt Qui 
ucro prL'JWiiti ntFitorc i^pt^ctfunilo, tarn horribik niminim ob«»tiupnere 
moiiftlru. Form pat^^r dolon^ uuiiio ta^Lutt tixnrgit in colubniro, 
JpHuinquo pkriler cum fdibiis tAiKiuam filii j>ort;mit pcrcmf>tor€EH. 
Quos et tanti miraculi reseruaturua in signuin, tisBo impo8uit 


noxiouH peat, and, as th(f days went on, bia rcat1ef^Nii4?HN incn^jiKTxl. He 
knrw not wJuit it could be. nnd wondered whnt wa^ io sharply gnnwinj; 
at Uis vitala : but it began to be conjeclurt^l from his symptoms. Hi* 
spent aeverni yeuir^ m tbLs cundillon of toniieiit. and cvrntujinyt an X 
httvp said, w*H brought by his (ather to Si Williain'» tomb to be cnrrd 
by bin tiLcriU. Ilis fatbtfr prityixj nnd uflVi^d u candle* : tbnn Acmpi'd 
tbo hU'Iic of tikfi t^mb, iHuikt'f] tho jici'Apings in )ii>ly wi^Ur itiid gnve it 
to luK fiitjk son to drink. Thvtvupuik the |K>w<*r of th<^ nmrtyr bpgmk nL 
onoe to work along with the ftdth of thA father^ For whvn tho locnHl 
pcttif^Ti hfuJ dtww^nded int/> hit fltomiioh, niAf!dri>nd vip<>r h^ifxn to 
be w> loniirnt<*d within, tiA if it uiidd by no meuns endDiv^ tbf^ prp«iific<> 
of ttie holy liquid* The pain inoreaiwd, and the youth nuhed nt full 
Hpeed out of th« Churrh, Mid fell on the ground tx*fore thedoora. Tliun 
with inteiiue |vun be brought up the viper and two yuuuj{ on^a, and a 
Ifi-eAt dmi of matter, and rciniuncd for some titite lying appnn>ntly life- 
loss on tb« ground- Thow pnvit'nl W4*p6 naturally jiiTri^liL<xl at the 
boirid portents Tt^e father in hie diutreriH arose and ultuoked tht* viiht, 
and killed it and its young u tht* nlayen of his wjn, nnd put them in a 
cleft Atick, inU*ndiiig to keep lliem fur a si^i of thiH gn-nt minwlo. 


St WiUiam of Norwich, 


baculo, Deni<]Ue po«t umuH ttore Hpucium Nanus exurgil iiiurnLt, 
iUH>qiK^ nc Mini'^i Wiltt-lniu liWmlron mui grutiiu* ngcii.*i, iloiuuiu 
cum paCre gratulabaDtius ivjjreditur, 

iv, De quibusdam ttiratijt ah fjgtu/ebrium per sanctum Wxltdlmujn, 

CONTIOIT |)ur i(k<in teiiipiifl Xdn,m. lohiuinu^ dapiferi qjuicapi 
Dostri lilium, iu:n et diuturim fcbrium p^^rurj^rj iiK^omnioda 
lamtjue in taiitmii morbiiB pr«ualuerat (juod pellis exbausta 
iiiMX-idofjtKKhiiii pallurc i[jurli?(?<i^uni iiitueutiiiuicKMili^inikui-haU 
Hie igilur, i*\\il' suuniin in^^niti^, siuu propm <leuotioni» itiTttinctu, 
ad i«epu]chni[ii bi^ali inarLyrttt ueiiieiiA post paululuni i|UJeuiL 
et obdunDiuit. Exactuquo dunrum horaiiiui itjmtio, luit^j Niniifl 
8urrexit et incoluinifl ac ai nicbU omuino pa^efieJibUiset dolom. 

Quidjun <{u<h|iic KubiTli ^ariciiHiH iiilK^k o<tiiMiiiuli flicbuA lUbt 

itexaiUH ualitudiDc^, cunsimili mudo euJ ulcni inttrtiriN TrfpnlchriLiii 
»uspiUttein iiKTULl optiiiere. AUua pretert-a quaitipttintno^ fubnuui 
itidem typo* labomutos saiicti Wilk-lmi meriti>4 reiikf^dLutii Miiitatis 
ibidem frequenter perci^pinae purcepimua 

Aft^rr nn li^iur tliiT 3-imih amwT whole. And giving thnntn ta 0<Hi nnd Ht 
William \uh prenerver, ivturnod JkOiuewarda iti juy with hm f&Llidr, 

iv. O/iium^ pennma turfd oftkti heat ofjhvfru hy St WiUiam. 

At tho HOme tinu> it oamr about tltat Adam, i«on of John the 
cbaiiibedaia of our BiaJiop, waA vf<xL*d hy a lunj? arid severe ft'ver 9o 
far hjuL tJu* diHVJuo (iriigreMed, timt tho Kkin, all bloodlesM, ahuvod hy% 
kiiid uf wua pallor ttie si^u uf dttuth to all whu luiw liuii. H«t iluni, at 
th(* itdvic« uf his fnt-uds ur uf Im uw» di-vuul uuliou came to the 
martyr's tomb and afti-r a little tinkc fell a«]n^p. In two liourv' timer 
\w. aruHO aM well and whol<* imh if he had ii«ver felt |>ain. 

Also a certain suldior of Robert of aflUcl«d with a like illneaR 

LD Uiuw! d&ynf wiki abli; to <ji>tuiii n likr rtvuvrry at thrt tnnw tomb. 
I liare aku learned that very aibuy othen oppreoHnl witli aoveawM 
of fcv«r uftvu j{AUicd relief ttnd Jic*lth by Uict turrrit^ vf 8l Willuuii. 


St IViUiam of Norun*^ 


V. Quod jnrtAittrwn Oodwinum ^lum ioatudo ct/rr^ttrii ei inivmSA 
questu rfvocaufrii. 

TEMFUKG illu OiMlwiniirt [irt^Utt^r.cuiuH inprecedeDtibuasepe 
tnentioiK^ni focimus, el (|uem tigneiiui iltud itiartim tonn<rii- 
tiiii) (|iknI imlgo Toveillun dtcitur hftbun; prvinon^iUiauufiua, ipstiai 
ac|iiu intingere solebut bcocKJicta, per ouiiB hau^tniii niultU fi^ur 
BftlutU conlulUik? remerlia. Cuius n^ &u»» |XTin^U mulkr <ju«laiii 
piiupen^uU diutunio lunguoriM IutH>niii?»mcommo()o,c|uaUter|>otuit^ 
ikd eundem Oodwiniim porcipieride ^anilatbi ^mtia nvuit, iid (jiiimd 
vt nit: MLscnTi:? iiiiht, douiine, niciiiiut.^ cuinpittun- lanpiori; et qui 
por luerita sancti Willelmi aliU soles HubuenJre, mihi qu<x|ue 
^tibiK'nijis lutw.-n'* Cr*<1ij t^{ind(?m Tm*Jiiii Uiia pn; miiDibu^ v9m 
saluttfin. Sicque tui ^ncburi propicieiur Willelmus, qui^iitiidtnodiim 
et tu mihi propitiiid fnnm Cui Qodwjnus; Quid, inquit, beodicii 
iiCtul]«ti» i\\xc iidiH> fiiKiliiiltk-r iiieam postulas obse^^iiium ? Ad 
quern ilia : Nouit deUH quonium adeu pauperciiln mim ijuckI oinnino 
nithiIprolvrq«(«icirtyiine oeniift puKsid4.4iiii. Vniucrsapmrectoqite 
habui in inedicoH expend)* et riichil profeci. Ad hee Qodwiiiti?(: 
Si, ut uMlniif*, m\k^> j^fifx^r <•», ^lltiuLiii s^tilteni penjuireru vt dare 
potea. Itet^udit inulier: GaUmaio, domiuer de qua loqueria mc 



Vi I/ino /w /runCihivi thf jiri'vl Gofiwint n# it «cvrtf <n jmI, and 
Ttttrnin^ kirn Jfowi Mnakinff unj-tiaf gai^tt. 

At Lljttt limt^ Uiu prkvfl OlkIwul whom 1 Iibvi- ulrvmljr iiftcn mm- 
tionod — of vboni, too, I have luud thftt tio pofljtoM><Kl Hie wooiIt^u inAiru* I 
mont OHcil to torturo l\w martyr flod ooiniconlj- caIM a T(vuJc ', — uflod 
to (iip thiH inBtrument in hol^ wntur; and by tin* drinVtog of tbi» 
WAtfkr ho iii BAid to have given relief to rnany. A certnin poor womAn 
whn wjifl ill ill-hf^nlth was stirred }ty fvpnrtfl of thia^ ntul nmi<< lU bcHl 
tthc! <?outd to Ofxlwin to get henled : nht? xuid to him, " Hav^ pity nn nip, 
dr. arid i.\jttipua8ioikata my »iic'kneflfl ; you who HUocour so umny by the 
merits of St WilliJim, Hiioooiir me aIho in my miaery. 1 bo1)i*vi< that 
my recovi'i-y in in yi>ur liu.iubi, aiui hu inuy St William bo ifracioua to 
you &h you uhall l>e gracious to me/' <Jodwui repbed : " Whitt offering 
bnvr you brought, thnt yoti dfunAml my ht^lp with 8uch ooDfldencet" 
"Ood kniJwB," Mttid stlie, "that X aiu wry pour, jiinl luivp nothing but 
whftt you Hcio ofL RIP . nil thnt \ hwj I hnvc spent on dootoru and got no 
gtnitt/' TItereuport Huid lioitwm : ^'Jf yuuaren(>|>ooriui you say, you can 
At any rale gel a hen and give it aie." *■ l^or the ht^n at which you 
talk, sir,'* Mild the woman, "I hjtvi^it not, nor know wheiioe I cang^tit,"] 

> Sw p. 30. 


St WHtiam of yonvich. 


hahao Qoc ulti pcrqutriun scia CuJ prcebitcr indi^ans pro- 
ueibialiter rcBjiondit; Audi, muHor» qui non dut qitod amat, non 
9U8cipit juod dcddct^at. VikKt « uia ut pr«cibutf tuia obaiidinin, 
uouic^ pcrquirc, ot aflbr gnJIinom. Quo miilicr niidito in flctiim 
prorumpcnd, oucn lucriiiiia ait: Judioel dcua inter ucr8. piuHi|Uu 
tnATtyr WilMniur; imlut crgn mu inDruicfti tibi n^tributit El bin 
Jictia lacriinana abscoesit. Gt, ut poetmodiim cognouimus, ab ee> 
die conuatuit, ct prifitiniun ntLiiitAtuiii bn:ui rccupuruuit^ Fivribiti^r 
uexo rom paruipcndcn&, dtim dcprccantU mulicrciilo hu^riniaa 
:Ice<pcxil, del iorlOfiBis Muiotique Willclini imm iuourrit. Qua d« ro 
comcimus pmuc noKintftti:* ciilpnin Mibetctpicnttn mox infortunii 
non iuiuifte aubisae uindictnjit. Factum C8t cnitu lit i^a tioclo 
uniucniG illiiieimaruruntur^allitiu; et ex pturimiH nco una tupcrfuit. 
Atijut^ ita, pro solrk <]iiaiii illicitc pctiit, multarum non imriK'tito 
dAinpnnm inoiirrit. Miuic liLcti>,eum iufortuuiioueiitum jx^rcRptMct 
prcsbitcr, ^tatirn coiDpuncUisi hiwtirnu cul|>c reof-gimint roatuni, ol 
flc gmuitcr peccnnnu coufeHuua e«t> Ka propter to m>n? CoiitpiilMict 
uooit, 8c uttcriun qucstus huiu^nrinndi liicm per ]9pirituati& non 
cjiicaituruiD boncHci&, 

TUe pritHt wan Aiii^ry unJ hiihw^iixhI Imr lu a provurU " LiHtvri, 
woiiifin ; lie that gives not what lie prices, gctA not whixt lie iuikA. 80, 
if jrou wiaK nxc ti> pay attnntioa to your r^urot, go, get u lien, r^nd 
bring it horo." On thU the votiiun burnt into tiuLnt and anid : "Gou 
jodgn botwixt ui» uid the m^nif ul murtjr St WiUuuo reward jrou na 
yon hnv*! tlp*r^rv<^ by your tn*atm<tnt of nv\" Ancl no she wnnt nwAy 
woftping, muL aM T h^vi* ninw* jiAoertdUiUid, rooovepe*! froni that <lAy Jind 
ahortlj n'ffained \\'?t former health. The print thought litllo of th« 
iiuittvr, and iIiiipiiiiHt ibc tviar^ of tlitr poor woman: fur which It ih likely 
chai> he incurred tlie wratU of Ood and 8t WilUaia Whereou we 
conjecture tbat the sin of his ill'will <[omtvo{II^ solTored the puni>Jinient 
of thA minforttiito thnt itoou futlowvd. For it liappeiied that on that 
oiglit every one of his fowls dioJ ; and of the whole nundier, wlicfa 
wju |jirgc» iii>t one remrkinriJ ; mi that f>r tho oixi' which he unjiiHtly 
dciJuuidod \va de^wrvviliy suHeri*d thi; luwi of many. In the inoniing 
on hearing of his mishap^ the priest was at once repentaatt recogniaed 
hlK inx\t of tTir pfi^viouci djiy, ami conftwtctt that h«f had indctv} Hinned 
grii'Voiinly. Thf ct'loxv \\i fiair h« vijwiii t\\a.i h<? would iinvor Ihoace' 
forth veek guufl of thm kitul by conferring Bpi[-itual bunofita. 

W. ». 



St William cf Norwich, 


vi» De tdfujuente per ^utcri tactton curato. 

DIEBV8 tills RoberttLH Heniet quondam pisloria filius. metl*^ 
slum cjuatuor et eo amplms det^ntu^ Innguare gr^uissimo, 
rvm gcH^m crt*dehatiir extreniam. InualeHceiite etenim morbo, 
otnooiD cibi mm umUtmt npputiluin, fiieiribriM|ue succooxhauHtiH 
ac piil^ nimia debilitabo, shIuU eius m«dici difBdebACt. Cum 
itiuiiiv n>ni in iiroto e^uve cemeret, ad diuine miRericordio confjgit 
asjlnm. Cuius rci ffratia, t^uoniain totiuL corporc imbc^citlis emb, ^^ 
i^uoruni utnnf)UC inaTiibuH lul .H4}pnlchrum aancti iruirtinH deducitur ^M 
Vbi aasibteQH, etftiM mulu- doiioiii>ni8 omtiono, continuo od ncri 
lapidis tactum celeatis medicine sensit antidotum. CJui enim 
adui-ink-ii^ uix i^mtioiiift dominice tantillum mniinnrr )H>U'na, 
aasnmpto post paululum pSAJtcrio psn)ino« iiichoiit, p»dtcruiDiquo 
totiiin 8e exciiiT€re poAse exultAt. Quo peracto, omnijx^t^nU deo 
soDCtcKjue Willdmo gratiA-i agenA, qiii alienc opiH jLdu<.<ndrAt 
indiguua prcpriia i&m grussibus regreditur confisua (^qne 
diebuv nuiltis nichil omnmo cibi gustauerat, appetitu rrK7tiperatO ' 
cibum sumpsit, recreatieque in bi^ui uiribua M>Mpit£itt plene re&titui 

vi, Q/"rt gick man cured hy touching the totnh. 

In tlivKi tlnyn rto^rt men ol HcrrvcTiu, oboe n iMikcr, wa« griovoaaly 
ill for four montha ami more, ond wjw ^ener^fcUy tboufcht to txr At 
d^Mth'n door. For owing to liiv diKVise he hftd loat ftll Appetite For 
food, hi* Umbft ]mt their Btrength, his pulse wu w«>ftk, ttad tho 
doctors fonrtx) for hi* sftfety. Ho, aeelrig hiuanelf to Via in extr^niity 
hti Kouf^hL rtfugo m Uoti's mercy. And *h his strength of l>ridj- was 
quite gone he wnfi brougljt to tfie haly iiiHrtyr'i tAUib KupportMf by tho 
hands of his nrr^'ahtfi, There ho stood and prayed ruuL'h and devoaily, 
iind .itmigTilway upon touching the holy HtonvT Mi th>^ mntidotft of tho 
heavenly medicine. He who when he ctune could lMirt*ly matter tho 
Lord'* Pruyer now took his psalter, Wgun the psalu^, and rej<^ced that 
he could run through the whole psiill^r. Whi'U lu* UtA wultnl it, he gavo 
thouks to God and ^^t WiLliihTn, and thouj^li he had titood iu need of 
other'* holp in ooming, h^t now returned trusting to his own legs. Ho 
had tafltud no food lor uiAuy day*, hut now, re-covering Iuk appetite 
hd ate, soon rofrrj^hixl his strength, and wa§ mercifully restored ta 
complete hrjilth. 



St Wiltiam of Nonmck 


viL De armto aureo per ut^um requiiito. 

ERAT miles quidam prope Liunam Rcginaldua nomino, filiua 
Philippi, cuius uxor miro deuotionia affeclu wncLum Willel- 
muRL diligebat Hec cmtsi nocte (|iiadiiin iuxta spomum in straUi 
TOO c|difti*ceret. sppaniit iili per uisum idem martir quern diligebat 
Willelmua, Qui affectuoae deuolioMi ciiis ^mtian o^ds, dulci ©am 
KcreiLuit nllfxuno. Pi.>st cetera aoulum aureun^ rttiqutii tninorciD, 
quonium plurcs ^erebat, in signam &mom ^ibi dari roquisiait, 
eumque uk|Ui^ ad (iifi^iti Kummiim cui inerat abfltnuEit. Qua de re 
Cxpergcftictrt niulicr oxpauit, uisuque retracUitis ftiivihimquc ^igiti 
siimmc reperieofl, quid agerot hcwibauit ; uiro tamen uisa Bubintulit 
Eiu8 itju|ue oonhiiliij AClum ost ut ipsa Norwifum wiie dilationc 
uenirel, et reqiiisitutn sancto Willelmo ofTern^t aniiUmi. Post hec 
uc-ro ^' tutaiii nii cuinincndana, quezn erga illura gereret animum 
Hamper poBtea per deuote exhibitionis iTidioHuit efluctiifn. 

viiL De JKtropico mira valoeitaU cvrato. 

~\ T\D\ MVS et homineiu de proiiintia trans Humbrum aoti gmtia 
Y nd glorioBi inurtirls Willulmt ucniro sopulchrum. In multam 

viu (if a geld ring demanded in a fi^n. 

Th«rn> wit!i u kni^^bl iicar Lymi cuU«d Re^'inAld. rod of Fhilipi ivboite 
wife was noiiderfully devoted to St WklHam. She was renting one 
night in bed by her btUibAiid, when, in n viHiou, %\\v> ninrtyr Witliani 
whom ahe loved apinvimri t<r \\**.t. Hr tlij^rikt'tl her KlVectionately for h«r 
devotion and T«frt«h«J ln^r wiUi kitid irpeeclieii, Aft^r this he asked that 
a gold rin^smaJler than the rest (for she vor? wv^^mlj^ i^houtd bn ^vt-n 
U> him m a sign *d hor kivt- ; and litr drew it dS jui far as tlw ujp of tTio 
fiiig(*r oil wtiioh it wtut. The lady wuke, &Dd vras alMitiod, Jind nxN>llrct^ 
ID); birr divaiu, elnU thiding tW rn\^ on Ihr lop of hor linger wiu uuofsrtaiu 
whftt to do, but told the dream to bcr husband. At his a<lri9« vbo 
ooktDQ witlioul ilolay to Norvrich aod oflVred St Willijuu tbo ring bo 
l)wl lulcecl fur- And tlicr<viit«r oomm^nding henelf wholly to him, kIio 
flbswed forth Ihi^ Tov« nh<« bore him by h»r devout oarriage ever after. 

viji. 0/ a dropticat tnan cured vAth tvtmderftil noiftne^ft 

I aliio Ukw a luaii from the province beyond the Uumber ootdo \n 
oonaeqneave of a row to tbe Umh of the g;1onoiui martyr Willtuui, 



St WiUiam of y&naich^ 


cere m^sfiam ad caLi^rum iimtAr campActam affereiui, earn summo 
(]euol[iintA studio martim Willolmi snptrrpj^ijit M^pulcra Qui 
HciricitanLibFiB Dobm unde enset, sine cur adueuiaset, Topoodit: 
Natiuum mihi Hohtm EbomccnKiH pmuintie eivL regio, atque hoc 
uoto conatriclus aducDL Fucrflin enim quondoquo J-dropiouB, 
eiusqvio niorbi per annoA multos succiibui moleatie, dirutnque ac 
miBciubils ioluctitibus (.Tauiapecto^utum, Quanta prcscrlim doloria 
torquerer anguatia uerbia nequa4|uam evpriDiere possum. Pius 
utiquc martir Willdmud rmn^ compatierig niHictioni per Docturoum 
mihi mandaiiit iimuiu quod si sanus fieri uellem, uniucraum t^m<K 
rem arni circumdArem, (^nniqiic fubi Xorwicuin afferrem. Mira rea 
ac ualde atupecda! Mox ctcuim ubi luiucniia inferius ab umbicolo 
membra eera circumdcdit^ tumor omniHodifO i^ulsidit ut.cuin pOAl* 
morlum tolleretur oera, Dec luodica paruermt tumoris uestigia* 
Tanto niniinim 6tup<.^fActt)H mimculo, umquG ucloci rucn.-Alus 
beneficio, hue ut iuaaum eat uenire uon diatuli ; et hec est i»iu, 
cuius udut predict ot!icio inc contigit winaii Quo uudito, pltin-^ 
mum aupor his odmlraDU'^ gauki sumus d^umquo in «aiicto auo 
Willelmo mirabilem predicamua. 



He laid on Willum's tomb wtt^ gresit devotion a large maaa of wax 
fij^ioncd in tl^* form of boot^. When mc iksked ^^hcnco he camo and 
whereforr^ he replied, "My native country i^ a di^lricL of the pnivince] 
of York, ard I havi* come hiUicr Ixi^nune of a vow. I was at one tlnnol 
dropsical, nmi etulijoct to tliv attnoks i>f that liiseruw for many yearly j 
and van a hidocua and pitiablo sight to all who baw me* I cannot] 
«3Lprc«a III wortis Lhe mist'ry antJ pain 1 auSerud. Tlic merciful niarlyr 
William, bow«ver, pityiu(^ my afiUctiun, dirt^tecl nie in a ilrcam. if 1 
wished to rcTcovcr, to BUrround all the swollea part with vox and bring 
It to him to Norwich. Wonderful oocurrencii t as aouii lui thu wtvx had 
covered my svollcii liiiibs from the middle duwnuurJa, ilie tiwtlUii^ 
aubndecl »o entirely that on removtu^ the wax not a tmcv of it was 
to be seou. Avlonia}k«d tit thu mirooltr, and rejoiced at the swiflnOM 
of tlie curev I delayed not to cudjl^ liithur on 1 woa bidden : and thta ia 
tlji» wax by meana of whiob» as 1 *rtid, I wtia cured/* On hiMPing thifl 
wu tnihrv«ll^ much, and jftyfiilly prncUinie<l huw v/ond«r{ul OOD woaj 
in William Hi^ ^int. 


St William of iVb?wc?A- 


IX, De decano lAnmlm^nMs prmtincit curttU>. 

VENIT et a Lincolniensi prouintin dccauu8 quidam, Robertus 
nomine* «|iii dciiarios ^tmtuor quw Hancto WiUehno Eungiilis 
ftDnis m daturujn uouerat, attulit, bx aeputchro eitia ciitan dubitum 
ui-ciigal superpopuit. Hie uero nobift tuluentiiK m\ cniisam inqui- 
reiitibujt subintiiLit diccns: Nature uitio in diiilitrnum di^di 
languoi^m, atque ex diuturnitnte morbi cmn cetori:* mombra etiam 
caput incumuit. Tulisquc iiitucntiutn uisibua appaivbam, Uiu- 
quam »i uite limitifl iam iam excederem et mortis iK^stibultim 
Bubintmrem. lauique t^uI) ipso mortist discrimino quasi filiim 
tmhtbam uite. Oimpassus ilaqiie tante ac tam acerbc Ungiioris 
diutuiiiitati, mihi per uUum AanctiA^irmi^ miirtyr Hppaniit Wiliel- 
miift, bUiidi^quc xxw cotitiolaUiic ?3ornii:tnibiiiii» inter cetei-a Atibiiinxit : 
Confortare, Jrat-er, quoniani in proximo eat ul curcn& Curatus 
uero, in rccom|HnFWitioiiiE4 mihi si^ium ip«itii«r dt*tiurios qiiotaDiiis 
eiitfottiVH Qujbus diciis, csput bc cetera ex ordme iiieriibm do- 
mulccnti pt^rcurrit palma. DotnuIcentiH uero roedicabilem illam 
mammi e ue»tigio MibHe(]iK^batitr ^fo^pilatis aiitidottim. Quo Mcto, 
stans ante me ait; Ecce sanus effcciua es; pi-eceptum obsorua, 
Mira res, et fere incredibilia I ExporgefactUA etiim mc BatmiD et 
iiicolumom reppcri, ot pic uiaiooi^ ticrltatem efficaciter seiiei. 

ix. Of a dean o/ t/t^ province ef Lincoln wlu) tw heakd. 

There oame also a certain doan named Robert from the province of 
Lmcoln, bringing four pence wliich ho had vowed yearly to pay to 
St WiUiam, and laid thorn on hin iJiinb &i tribuli? <luc fn>m him. 
Wiflu w« inquired of the caiue of hia cotiiiiifc, he tti!d uk, saying. 
*' From A wreaknefia of oonatltution 1 waa loDf{ iii bod health, and in 
addition to my other linib^, my head swelled. All who naw me 
tJiought that I u'A?t pns!«it]g over tli(^ thri^liold iif Itfr and ^ntmng 
tlio gatM of death- And Iming now in 1^xt^emity my life hung 
oflily by a tliread. Thft mcml holy nurtyr WiUiain, pitying my long 
and wv^re illness, appeared to nie in a dream, and ccmfortwl me wlib 
kind wonls ^ayifig among other things, "Bo of good cheer, brother, 
your recovery £a At hand, and when you are cured, pay me four pmioe 
yoarly on a rvcoiupeiiMO.' With these wurd* he pft*iM*d n Hoothing liAud 
ovcf nty hood and the rntt of my limbic in order: the remedy of hoivlbh 
followed immcKliatcly on tho htudbig htuid. Whereupon he etood beforo 
me And aaid, *Lo, you afu wbolo ; do my bidding/ Wondorful trvont I 
I fLW«k« and found uky^^f whoU aiuI sound and fait In very doed the 



iS^ William of Nortcicli, 

[dk. ' 

Surgcns Kargf> iter moum ililTcrTo nolni, nod aflOMiA6 ^uo bitiufl rej 
cauflft hue odiioni, ititliclufUf|uo michi capitU tributtim cxiu>luo. 
His Auditia, odmimti uimtrum ct guum euuiu&^ikc diuine pietAtis 
1>CQcficia DiQi^iiicauiiiiui^ 

X. Da Oirardv <i ct/npedihtts toluttK 

VIDIMVS ct t|Uf&dntg08iinuli eiu^em anni tempore Qln^nium 
quendAiD qui doruini Eui fuj^cuA tinumidcm od Norvictnaia 
eccie&te confugfit asylum. Hunc im\t» Wilielmu^ Dointti« de Wite-j 
welLe compodibus i^lnctum, ^immijuuni ncpwi vius dicL-retur tw 
Qflvet^ arete deputauerjit custodie, quia scilicet uoLuntati fiue nulla- 
tenus uolebnt aA8ejitire. Deinde tanquam Aibi rebelkro inulto 
iciumo et uudiutc cnidelit^r alllixib, scuuinquc in HMxn limnDidis ■ 
fine uiolentiam exercuit. Cumque fi die purificatioDis iiaqu« ad fl 
sextAED tt^tn aute pa«cha flonim mirLsmW^riUcafiligorcturniodU, ^\ 
Q€C decteretur, tonus miUtfi crudi'lissimu» ^utn iiituens ocuiis ait ; 
Dclibcm lecuai, Oirarde, et i)uam citiun proulde libt. £coe hodie 
Norwicum imdo, roiJituru profcclo cms tin Alums, ffaii ijKvnni 
habeas deliberaodi iuduciafl. Id tramen pro certo teneas, quia ni 

r«&lity of tbe kiird vbion. 1 n>ge and would not d«iaj nxy jaurney, 
hut mnuntin^ my horac bavo come hithor for this purpose, and aos u<ym , 
paying tii(-« IriliuU iinpOHtyl upon m<t for iny Liff*.' Wo hcArtt tKiJs and 
QiAt-velled greAtly, and wit^ joy we«xtoUwl the bcnofits of th« divine 


X. fy Oerard who wot /reed froni hU /«Uvr9. 

In Lent of the aaute year wd sfiw otic Gi;rard who took qanctililTl 
in iho Chureli of Norwich, fleeijijc friini the tymony of bia lord. J 
A knight named William dc WitiMvflll<;* had put him in f^tera— J 
though fie was reported to be hia nephew, and indf-ed vta* — and] 
committed him (/> strict ward, })ecaus0 he would not submit to hira- 
Ho proceeded to a^ct liiai a» iiuubordiiint^ with I0115 fating and 
expiiflurc to c<jld, and exercised a lyruniiouN violiMicn ngainxt him, , 
And when from CfUxdLornnft Day (Feb. 3) lo thtt Friday before ' 
PiJui Sunday the poor wretch liod been tormented fn varioua wayt 
without yielding, that oruc) knight, gn^iug grimly upon Uijn, «aid, 
"Take oounael with yoursdf, Oeraril, aod look out for younidf t^uiokly. 
To-day I km going to Norwiob, aiid I moan to rotum to-morrow. So 
laaoh time you fanve for dociaion : and you tuay bo well aattunxl tbat 

» f^lAtflj WliUvoll, a pAiub 00c railo S.W. of Itocplitm, in Noifolk. 


St William of Noi^ufich, 


gi^ncre penAnini oxijiii'^it'^ p^ribis. Kt hec dicon^, iiiRAJt eum cum 
aitero quoclam oi^mpiKlihMH |iariter ivmaLrinjp, itA Um4>ii ni Gimrdi 
pane ;irt'ifiiriVkKiL cjiirulnm ohfinnAretiir dniii. CUi)«im itero itxnri>! 
thpoA, thecam c|UO(|Uo obHnnntatii at^hii re|>oiuit, H tJuu|uam hoc 
nnn snifficwn^L, iu7h<> rlmi^m Mi^r-iim iiJ<]>r>rtrAnit AMimH tiom nni- 
ncrsos iJomuA &iie fftmnlo^ hiwiBrAt est nocte diligentiim nircA ^iim 
excubare, omnia <lomiiM h^uttU wiHto strirtjiw «b*i*rftrc, H^Annui 
c]m>qii^ «t aliU (guibudibet podti« ohslmere Int^r hoc mifter ille 
Oirardua omnia in arct^ mmo, el uiUim pt^friclitari (TomoiiK, Hdbi 
ninitmm oinDimrtHU tim^bftt, ©t fjwid ageret pror«iia ignorabat 
Mftiebat otenim mori quam iiuurite diiocumborv senututL Qna- 
pniptM" animnm totiim comm iliuinci piotati* nfliiHit «mntpotentia 
sanctosctn^ dei eibi roadiutores affore pet.iit. ao precipu** »incti«imt 
et cJemcntiitMmi martiriF< Willflmi opem implor&nit rlici*nH: 
Qli>rioH9 pncT ct martir WilMm^, m urm mint qu<^ do t^ audiui- 
muN, &t tante iiirtntis us ueliit estirnanui^, mic^irre mihi misc^no. 
fluccun-L' minstt> p(>rituro. Libera me, flornine, a pr^aonti calfLmi- 
tatis angiuttiA, nt tii^ uirtiitia opw lib«rntiiK tibi flffninn ^nm 

iml—a foTi Htibmit to mo at onc« on my ratum you will withoai any 
furtti«r rtapit*' pi^nvh liy tho mnst px<iui«it« torture I fnn duvi***." 
Witb tli«tio n'urtlFi, lir gavt* urdf^rt lihnt he nhoulrl tw faftl4«ntw] in fi^tijbnt 
nluiig with aiiotlier iiinn, ihff iLrraiig^aiBnt bein^ tliat the part of the 
fetU^n occupiod by Uorard moA looked with an clnhornt« kcy> Tho 
knijcbt put the kry int^i bin wifc'^ tr^Licuh^ cIomuI tluit ruid Wcl it uj) in 
A cheat, and a^ if that wer^ not eiioufcU, took the key of the cbe«t away 
with him. Oh departing, be ordered aII the servants of the bouw to 
krop carrful watch orirr (icrard tJiat night, to l^r all the door* of tbts 
buude mure cac^fully than UMUat, and (<> barricade th«tn with beiicliea 
and any i>tber kind of ohfitaole. Meanwhile the wi-etched Gerard saw 
that thingii hru3 coni<f Ui a dcupt^rutc [muu, ami tbat but life wai at ntake : 
liie WON in the i;reaUut fear for himself and knew not what to do; he 
preferred death to fiuhtiiiMJon to an unjnst sUvrry. £fo he poxirod out 
his whole vmil tjcfoix- the morciful and mighty Got> and ^leaought that 
QoDs Mint« vrould help htia : tvpecinUy did he implore Uto aid i^f %\w 
tnuat bidy and mcrdful martyr Willimu, aayiiig: "O gloriuua l>oy mal 
martyr WalkiAm, if the tlitngQ I have hcArd coaooming tlicc l": irufl, 
and if tliou art of muh powar aa wo Udioi-o, bcdp my wnvt«hml plight, 
help mn who ain doomed to die nojuntly. S*?t mc fr**, l»rd, from iny 
c«lamitouK Ktrait, that bviii^ freed liy tby n^ighty aid I may b<wotao 


St William 0/ Nonvicli. 


uiper|>r>tQUni, Qui cum in hunc modiiin onX88Gt atquc cwAom Hie 
tota iniiltju]uc m^ctui [iiirt<- procorclialitur tvpUcuas^rt, turn Iftboro 
uigilic turn doloi-is t^nHcni uchcmcntia obdorniiuit ; ik^ olotifftode* 
uoiucraoH aoiupuo paritcr oppv^eaaoe dormiro contigit- Cum vctq 
iitm n4>ctifi pcrLmnnirvM^t nir^diiim. dormif^nti uidobatur uiQcto 
Haitctum ninrtirrm ([Ucm inuocnuoriht Willolmiitn tuhi unaibt^^re. 
oomp«deaquo claui ucltit dictum oat fimialas rcsomro. »c mhk 
dicoro: Expcrgificetv, frater Girardo, ct uclooitcr nurgciui, tuain- 
quc compcduid pnrtrcm tollcnii* qunm totius hgo^ Eccc mlututt 
ea; f««tioa. Hoatium miatnvlf^ ium tibi jmUH poruiumH Expor- 
gofikiGtUK nd hcc homo trcmcnn obtiUijjiitt ; nod ubi ao M>lutura 
acn^ts reauinpto animo dc fuga co^ttiuit. Ncc mom, ftumpUi ^ua 
oompcdum purtu, nilciiiio Hurrcxil, recloque gr^eaa Ad indictum 
hoftium flibi ct inm patcfjictnm |wnicnicnH, conlmuo jirodiit ac 
volooi ("ngVL salutcm uibi piLrturiuic. Norwicum uoTo mib dliuculi 
ucQicnn orticulo, piituffxctin tMiclcnie iuimirt, atoUm (ul ttAUCti Willolmi 
libcnitorifl sui propcmuit ecpnichmiu, ntquc n)cmonit«m compc- 
duuk purtefu illi obtubt m Hbt-^rationi^ eao i^ignuiu. Et tiun diu 
jMjatinodutu »(^ruiaU in ijoclvnuL quamdiu poruuuieuL in utta. 


thy servant for evor." And whon bo had thus pmyinl, and rcpcAUd 
the prayer from his heart many tiiuea during all th«t da/ and a g^eu-t 
part of tho ni^ht, h« at length fell anlu^ from tbu woari»eAM of his 
watch anJ tli« Bliurpnetta uf UU p&iii : and it waa so tliat all bia guArda 
were Itkewiite overcome with deep. And wheu it waa now paat mid- 
Qight, it ftpi*cftrod to him aa he islcpl in his ironj; tbat the holy martyr 
WillUtn whom hv. Ziod invoke<i M<XKi by him, unlocked thefrtter^ which 
a« I Kiud wtrrti fiiHUrnw) with a. kny^ and «nid to him, *^ Awake, brotJi«r 
Gerard, riao quiokly, Uko your pirt of thn fetUrn, and fly with &11 
apiwd ; you are IcxhhhJ ', makv lia»t« . the iM>uth door is open for 
you." Tlio uinit nwolco am^ trombhid with Amjicomcnt, biit finding 
hiniKolf freed, regained hin witu and thought of flight. At once ho 
took up \i\% ptrt of the feltera, roue wlenOy jitid wont direct to the door 
indicftted, fcnind it opon. wi*iit nxif, «t nuon And gatupd wifety by awtft 
fligikt. Arriving at Norwich at ('arlirnt djiwn, wheii the Church 
doors were opened, ho at onc« haatened to the tomb of hia libemtOTt 
Ht William, unci ijffrred to him the part of the fetter* which I have 
mentioned tw a tok^n of biE loo&ing. And thtuioeforward so Long aa he 
livedf he recaained a sen'ant in the Church. 



St Wiltiam of Noriaich. 


CONTIOIT ptT idem tcmpus >wncto pascho wihlvito mo 
Thomam psalteriura amittere, de cuiUB amissiatie co ruAgis 
dolui i^iiia illiiH nmnihiis propriin ficriped. Cjiiod ciim diiitiuH 
AC (liligontiu!^ mi^uUttnm iK'^iiuufimm inucnirelur, in Gccl<v«i/i 
Undem publicadceo facta est loterrogatio^et excomnrnnicationis 
po^lRKxIuin proponitur Aentcintia. Verum iihi inqiiiAithmiri no^ntre 
Uibor mjllum nttbi* rclulit fructum, post omnia ad uaicum imtronj 
Diei recurrere disposiii patrociniiiin, Facta itaque candela et ad 
aepiilchniiii f^iit-s jKrlat^i, ^stuikina Ibi omtum e»l deuotiono, uti 
pHolteriutn amisaum aanctua martyr diuine iiirtutia itnpulBU reddi 
eogon-t C|iuwi oiururnak iin|iiwiliuiiis kboro ruaij>*?rari nor poaaat. 
Et t'actiitD cMt, div cnu^tmn itonit quidnm itjidutfii^ pix-^biter bancti 
Micha^tis NorniceJi»iia, atquc ea hora cum paalteric mamorato ad 
s&ncti Willolnii ^^pidclinim acccsHit, <]iia iso nomine cvmi cit-<iidit ; 
rsEictoquQ ibi pealterio confestim absce^t. Ego autem e ue^^tibulo 
UmpOTiB orandi gralia illuc adu<Miicrw, p(4a!tL-rJum Tfubito uidi, ut 
prom m pen ti bus pre gaudio lacrimi?*, ilUid gaiidea^ aiisluli. Post- 
itLodiim ncro, rem diligentius iiidagivntt;s plurimi, cognoiiimu« 
quia prcuoininatim presbiter esset qui ad aepulcrum martim illud 

xL Qf the Pgaiter tat and r«cov€r^. 

It hup^nMl jit tho Kiuno tiroo on tbo Holy Saturdiy tbut I, Tliomn^ 
loet A piuUtor ; for wbicli 1 w&8 tbo more grievfvl det^jiuu? T hiul written 
it myNcIf ; and wh«^ after looking for it long &Qd carefully I could by 
no meatu find iv public inquiry wah nt lasit mndfi for it in the chui^;h, 
and Bent«nce of excouinmnitiaLiou tbcityifu^r pronounced. But Kincw 
my pninA and search brought no result, I finally anangfx^ to hflvo 
recourse oidy to i\w i>roljfC'lion of my patron. 1 therefore inwlc a 
candk and took it to liU tomb and piaycd nior^ devoutly that th*^ lioly 
martyr would compul the return of my lost piutltcr by tfic impulse of 
hla divine power, hiuoo 1 had beau uiublti to recover ft by all my painji 
in seeking. And it caint* lo pass ou Ui& next du^ thnt om^ Ralph, 
priMb of St Michnd's nt Norwioli, oame bringing the eaid psalter, and 
approached this tomb of Qt William at a timvr when be thought no one 
would ftee him, and leaving iho pwilti^r went quickly away. But I, 
coming UitthtT nt (rhttt iuumi<itL to pft^y, nuddeidy ttaw tlit? prmllvr, imd 
witJi tears oi joy bunrting forth, took lb up^ Thi9ir«fter itiany of lu 
bivwtigating tho mihttcr with cArc, uccrtAincd th^t it wah tV aforo- 
•ftid pritjHl who IW Uid it o«t tbo m^rtyr'n tomb. Uo had bought tt 

■ '^^ 


St William cf Norwich. 


d^^posuiBfict. Tnbtift ni'juitivin (^ntomt detmriid, sod <|tim fumtum 
et in occl^win eopiiis quoiitiiin ftiidicmtt Descin biuo rubotv ductus, 
uuc rctinondi umorc comiptUH, n.*ddorti dilTt;rcbaU Erut tjmppv 
lib<;r prccioniufi ot CAruaf, ct qui concupUci forot non iDdigrio& 
Ac, uoliit pluribiis ex oau8b« comounuti, ipsurn ncoduin roddidi^Hct. 
niMi nd hoc timorc niiqao oomptilMua cnACt. Ainnt cnim quoruiun 
<riue diei Docte quo oblntAm enncto martiri prodixinius condoLaiD, 
kUmh 1xN%tLA<imiift martir primbitoro illi in aompTiLn itppitrucHt, 
cnmqiio ni« pHxltcrium cnustinf' rc^fdcrot commi- 
DAtiu ait; qua oompuleum noctwoitAto, librum crodimua roddi- 

xii. TU demmiiftcc •meriHn mmcti Willslmi mnatiL 

INVISIEnquidcm o^t sigtiuia diuint; Wiutfttas aIuh oelaru beoe- 
fiuuia ijuud pUii-ibrLH phLriiiium )x>te^t produi^Hr^t ^i plurei cun* 
Uiigat ot no»«u. PulcrifiH <^iiiDi elucesctinl bona si plurimomm com- 
probentur nolicia, VodL' #ilcniio non congniit Kuppiimi ijutkI pluii- 
monim notide ad dt^uotiouis editicaiionem peniule est propalari. 
Kouil tiitjiiiilem belli u ol en ti urn pia simplicita^, ijnoiiiJiiK miditiv 
nun nunijuam fianctoriim miracittlH, iguedccre soleat liSectus pie 


for three ponc^. but ikft^r fimring f.Knt it ]inA liner vt4>)«<n, luvi often 
iiiriuind for in tho Chiiroh. Ii** 'IHflyp-l to return it— wliefJior from 
tfhaint^, or htHwu^^o he was corrupt^] witb the dtwire of keeping it, 1 
know iioU Tt w/u indeed a prrcinux nnd dear boofc. not unworthy of 
being coveted. And, as I conjwtunj ti>T many reaaonn, be would not 
even Uicn hjivo returned its bad ha not \te^n coustrained to do so by 
fear. For thf^y say that on the night before tlic ilay on wfdnh, lu I 
snJc], 1 offerect a candle to Urn hoiy ni^rtyr, that siuua inoht bleHMd 
martyr appeared to the prient in rt drtuini and ullered terrible tbreat« 
against him, nnlcs* he returned the psalter on the morrow; and 1 be- 
lieve he wu^ coriNtraiTtt^l by that nccmtity and gavt^ tlie book Ijack In 

adi Of <■ tiertwniac h^af^d b^ tho ntfrUs ^ St Willian^ 

It ia truly A «ign of j<^rtlclUHy to concml from others the good 
deeds of Uon, which may proflt many, if many come to the knowledge 
th«nN>f: for gooti d^eds i^hinr thf^ hnghUrr if thr^ bv proved liy th6 
kniiwl^lge of maTiy. Hence tt ia not Hglit to Hupprisroi tliat whkh It in 
bmaflcial to publish before all t*i edify de\»tSurL Tlie pious auiipUdty 
«l the vreli-diflpueed is aware that by rfomeliinve Ueimtig of tlw uairaclea 


St WiHinm oj Norwich. 


d^DOtionifi. Sed Hum minwuliit mimouln, niagnuque mAiora suc- 
eeduDt, ita tam^n in ficribondo noflbor toinponindiu oat hIJIuh, n*s in 
Icgoudi) muitifftlicitAtiB extinguatur ffutidio ipie denotioniH tgnleiii- 
lua. Et duin Jidolitor prout »ud]t4i siu« uidu aciro potuiraUB, 
bcAti Willelmi iiiartiris mimcuU donotioni iideJnim cnnmiiiiiiM, 
p«ocat qui noB ii«truit non tiurn pru utria oudero, uol t%'m gefttAm 
figmontiv palJiftre, Nunc ftuteni fiimplici m«Qtia ociilo diligcim 
Uctor «ttondAt, <iuod buatitieimuH dooque accoptiu martyr Willel- 
tnos non solum morbis hoinimiun, u^l ^t u^rnitLtn dcroonum 
ronom unp<TnoKiiM oj(it$tut. Vidimus qtiippe mstioum quondam 
8]inoiii£ de Uomcistiiode p<*r di^m nialtoR a d<iiiioma ii^^Atum, 
Ligatum nituiud ut pvdoe ad iilud niodie^bilc eancti \Villelmi ee- 
pulchrum satiumqui^ ct incolumem Bub ipso croMtino doroum rcduci. 

liiL Le aiiero /arioso curato. 

"TTIDIMVS quoquc el aljum arreplicium in septimaiia pente- 

V cosbof lid muicli WilKilmi sepulchrum diuirui iniw^mlioiic 

euratum. Is quondam 6Viiis Ricardi de Nedhaoi, ctiiiia el mater 

Silarnm dici^-batur, stibttu i|UAdArn die a dumuntu cotreptas, iidoo 

of KAints thu ollbction of Lho devout » kindled. Hut ilh oxitt mirjule 
CollowK aiioth**r and the great are succeeded by ^trvaUrrr my peu m«at 
bo 90 curbed in vriting, thnt th? spark of dfvotion be not quenched by 
tlwfAtigiiftofrcfwItng ton many wondcnt : luid siticc I rein t« the miracles 
of Mo wed WilUam liui m&rtyr faithfully on I hnvo boon able? bo IrAm 
blwm bj atght or b«ArLiig, for the devout b^tiew, bo who would oouutw 
mo of statiipiDg ffilnittoa «« tratlin, or of drt^Mm^ up facte with fiction ia 
gQllty of nn. Now, howovcr, lot th*^ carofnl roador noto with tho nnglo 
oyo of faia mind how the mott blcanod martyr William, Ai>ocptnb]<i vrith 
Gon, not only oontrola the diBoaaea of mtm^ bot alio tho wiToa of dovUii^ 
I have in truth *een a certain p^aJiant, lielongtng to Simon de Henip- 
at4WidV for many daya T<txi>d by a drvi) and brought hound hand and 
foot to tike healiiig tomb of St William, and tdceii honm on the inormw 
sase and whole. 

xui. Of the ew-t af u ^^oml THcu/ntan^ 

1 abo haw another poijcaaed man lituUed at Hi ^Vilham'a tomb by 
the divine pity in Wl])l«un week. Re waa tlie son ol Richard do 
NfolhAm, and hi* niothrr wiw named Silvcrun ; and ono day he waa 
Mxod by a devi) and began tu haitdlo hiinacU bu roughly tltut iwvtni 

■ Thvre ar* Iwo rillago* of thli naia« in Korfoik, oue near Noith WaUhani, Iha 
oQiar na&T Holt- 


St Wiitiam of N&rtvick. 


acnter Be oepit hftbere ut uix eum septeni um uincnlia po«8ciit 
oonoUingiCTc. CoimLnctus uero clivbitB tfcx ita punmuuit, niohilquo 
oomnwden^, fujj^onfce aompno noo ad modicum dormire potuii. 
Qui cam e4c H^ttui a pm-ooltbuH Undein Ad eepe memomlQin 
Addiiccrctar Hcpulchrum, HIJ appropijuu< hnrribili con&tttim uocc 
^xcUiiutuit ct nit; Quod mc uultt^P Quo mc duciliflt Illuc 
nc<|uw)imm i\x>; illno n(^c|imi|uuin ibo! Cunu|uc ilLuo uiolcnttua 
traherctur, noD »iio bod lualigni spiritux ftnoiAu rupii uincula, 
inHurgcnAquc in mntrcm ipNim hum! proircit, dentibudqiir per 
pittur fUTipuit. laniqijo illfun morti dcdissct, nui plclw Accnrrens 
crcptam libtrartict. Turn ilk dpntibua »tridens» toniiaqu* lumini- 
bufl circuEDstAntcH iDtucn«, quo9 contiiigciT^ poluit, mjj^vmbilibcr 
diflcerpHtt. Qua de f« conl!u<-»tibiu* pluriiuia, cnidi^Ub^r Arripitur, 
oIHgaltir, contitrictiM|nc ad pcdf^ miuiibui^, iic^Ht nolit, ah latere 
BADcti scpulcri dcponitur, Mox nt sacruiu locum Attigit, miram 
diclu, tifsc uoce noo uullu ul-) itiimmum furum »dgimm d^inon- 
Bbrauit Pcrtmnmto iicn> horc uniiu^ «pado,bUndc ntquo humilitcr 
ut solueretur expi?teu», h i^uodam cccloaie faiuulo »o1iituH e«t. 
ntque |»fnbmo<liini udt^o pladdc ac mannucto tic hnbuit nc la aichtl 
antfA furorifl habuiMctp Preaertuu po«t iDodiciiiJi concptus 

XOflD were hartUy Able ut chAlii Ijirii. He remAlned In tliLa btate, Wund, 
Cor aix duyw, vAtirtg iiotlung, tuxd nlix^p entirely forsook hiui. Tlion 
btnind ho w&s aI tout broi^ffbt by hia p«rcnU to th« oft-mcntioned 
tonili i aik) lus ]i« »|)pn>Ao}ii>d it \i& *n<U\v\i\y yelW with A t«»rriblo vtAvc 
wid Hflid, '* WhAt do you want with tnol wliiniv ant you Udcing rrw tot 
I won't go thflre I I won't ^> thtTA ! " But ut h& wAd lieiug dntg^fod 
thitb^r with ttonic viulerice he biir>jt liia bot:(la, not by hid ^triTDgth hut 
by that of the evil spirit. And ntUiekintr hw mother, threw her to the 
ground And ffistenetl hi* U-cth in her thnuL And he would ccrtAialy 
havt killn) her, hml Ti»t thtr [XHvpIe ruTi up mid nvcuixl }kt. Thrn, 
gnAvhinf{ hiH teebh, and ^Iai-iti^ flercely ou the byHtAnder\ he uialtreaUd 
frightfnlly aII whom he could rtRch. A crowd Aswnihled ; he waa 
NAVAgely n(^iKC<l nnd bound. Anil with hin hands and Unii tit^fl t^jgothvr, 
WAS put down wiUy^niily beside the holy tomb. As aoon at he touched 
tlt<< KAcn<<l Hpot, wonderful to ha}', neither hy voice nor look did he 
Htiow tbe lc«i!t token of madness. After an hour liad pauded he ^nily 
■nd meekly Aakeil to be loosed, ATid v/aa unboord by one of the Bor^-ants 
uf t\m Chun;h. TJii^reafter he InJiaved himself tis tjuiutly and Ciunely 
OB if lie bad sudered no touch of oittdneaSb lu a abort time deep come 



St Wiiliam of Norwich, 


E»oinpao, (|U> ptiiribua, tit dixi, diebus omnino non ^onnicrnt, at)* 
f]iinin<liii qiiiciiit. Expcrgclftctua ucTo, qui mulbU dicbus sine cibo 
porDmrucrat^ ae tunc multa ceuric fkfBigi dioobat- AllaUi igitur 
cibo ootnmedit el bibit, at oiini |>&rt:util>uA »t amids hatiu^ ct inoo- 
lumU gumma cum alAcntatc recoeeits 

xiv. Dc cojitnicUt mnliere scabeltarui aanata. 

EADE?il pcntecostes scpttitiAnfL, eabbikto anlo f^stum sancte 
IriutiatU, uonil inuHcTCula ad supuWum Aanoti Tnartmn,quc 
a pritncuA cUiU: in mlla sancti En<linundi per mnltofr controcta 
maneorat aanos. Him; manualibus gradieua 8cab^-lUfi, prout potuit, 
per uiattin a sancto Willulmo ammonita Norwicum adacnil. £t 
occtHloiiK, qtuuitum Hibi pre turbn liouit, od Tncmomtiiiri ^^pulcrum, 
tit per aanct) WiUdiiii martirtn inorita Bue misururutur inibocitli- 
tati iliiitnc pictatin cxomuit clcniontiam. Vix oratiouom Icnni- 
Dauural, cum fiubilu t^orivpta dolore acerbe aiiguatiatur, neruiaquo 
orepitu magno distcnsis ct ipea tli^tenditur. Cumquc aJi<iuaindiu 
gmuL mibcubuiaitwt nugustie. sodfito tandem dolorc quiouit, atque 
pcM' uniud horc Apacium aana in conapcctu noatro surgena incolu* 

upon blrn, aitd he who for many d^ys had not slept at all, a» I wid, 
now rvAt^l iuT 9oniv Utile ^imcc On vnkiug, ttiougb he had reiuAiu^HJ 
tiiAii^ dikjrs without food, he now tuud that ho w&« exooediugly huTi^ry. 
Poud wus brQU)|;ht, hi? uto knd draak, Mid rctuntixl tiumo with hi« pan-'ntfl 
and iricndis oaiw and whole, io the groatccit joj. 

xiT. 0/ A tMfU wiBian who walked uith irt*Uu and was A«iML 

In thi* Jiamtf week of Whilauntide, on the Saturday before the feaat of 
Holy Trinity, n poor womui came to the holy martyr'H tont1>, who hud 
irfita infancy dwtflt miny yenn in 8t Edmund'jt Bury, b«nt doubla. 
Bhe, walkiikx ^i^^ trv:<aUeH wliicli ahe held in her hanilA, made tbe bf«t 
of hcT way to Norwich, haring been told Iq rio no by 8t William in a 
dn^tn : anrl corning a* near as vho ormld for the ]^rem to the mud 
tomb, ahe supplicated the divine pity to hare mercy on her weakne*!!, 
for thi' Tneritfl of St WilhJim the niJirtyr Hcarcc had ahe ended her 
prayer wtien ahe wm aeixed with a audden and aoat« pain, her ^newa 
wer« stretched with h loud cracking, and ber»vlf stretched to Iter fall 
lengtlL. After Huccamljjug for n tpaoo to ibc Nevrrv piiiii, il. coamxlt 
and abe rc«t«d, and after aa hoar ixmo whole and voond in our ughtj 


St WUiimti of Nortmch, 


miai dao aanctCK^ue martin aui^ Wit1«Ima pro reddiia aibi sovpitAtc 

XV. De altera Mo corpore imbecilli curata, 

EBAT eo tempore mulier in uilla que Florendune dicititr: el 
ea dolore partiL» alqtic imgiiHtia contractui membroram 
nerub lantam corporis incurrit imbociltitat<^in, ut multiM poatea 
()icbu« necjne !(0 ipsam mnnibii^ pa^^ero nequo pedibut^ ponet 
Ambulare. Hue quamplurinLiH sub hac ualitudine diebus traike^ 
actiH per manuH uiri sui et quonindaTn alinruin <*i|uo imiKMtita ad 
aaocU Wilkilmt scpulcnim iiduuhitur. O^^posita aero prope 
Ropulcrum. ot ilia pro Be et pro ilia sui precee ac uota fuderunt 
Facta denique trium horarum ibi mum* i«aiicli mnrtiriv i^i merits 
ditiina pk^tzi^ mulicri!^ iinbocillitiUi Mibuemt, uirtusque salutifera 
ill uisibi liter ]>cr imbecilles artua membratini di^urren^ uiKtbili 
BoIutiM eAt^ctu pntuiL R«cri:ati» igitur diutBa uirtute membria 
uiacertimque dolore exmanito iam &ibi confideDs mulier Mirrexil. 
dooqiie m saiicUi Willi^Imo pro uibi collAtiO salutLs rcmedia gratuif 
et Uudes eicgit, Et (actum est. que tristis et aliene opis 
aduenemt indigua, leta cum »\us regreditur greasibu-s proprii« 

udgaTe thAtikfl to God and his holy martyr William for her recovery 


%v. OJ a Mcontt wonuin u^9t> uvi* tmtir^y tdiko^i t(renff0i, 
and t«htff hfial«d. 
Tlit^nt WAA A.t tliftt tini^ ft woniAn in Ihn x-itU^ oaII^hI FLordon*, v1 
in f«iisr**|uimop uf tbn puinK of trrLvnil hiul fnll**n into mch u wrjUciini» 
of lior whole body — for her sinews were all cuntrActcd, — that for many 
day^ niier xlie could iiot f<^Kl hr^rself with her liantlfi nor walk on lutr 
ft^tp After reuiaiiung a luug tJmi' iti tliJK plight slu^ vnm ^nt on a horae 
by Uer husbtbnd and others and hroughi to 8t \Vil]|jkm*a tomU SJw 
wMset dowr near the tomb nud there licr frienda pniywl for her: Kh« 
remained tliero for three hours, and then Uie pity of God, by the 
iiierita of hia holy martyr, came u> lit'lp this woman's wf^^hkriAiu; the 
healing powf^r running unseen through her limlis was m^vnifested by 
tho viHJbJc cEfcrot of hcuiling. £er limbs were n^frefihrvl with the divioe 
power, the pfiln in her vitala ce&ne<!, ami slie waa ahh of bertelf to riac 
and giv€ thanks and praise U> Qoi} and 8t Willijim for the relief they 
tiad ouvucUtMi to ht^r. And ao, nha who hod cotno wj^ and in luxxJ 
ef olhcra' help, tret\l awuy In joy truolLng to hf*r own feoL 

> A viUA^ about too niUm from KonvichH 



5^ William of Norwich. 


svi Ih pneUa conlracta «f tnuta ac sanaUk. 

EODGM Aiino feriii cjiunta BnU* paAcha, que a chnHtmnis dies 
ubttolutiunw (licilur, dum poiitifi^x WJIIcIinus niiHsanim cele- 
braret NollenDia, uetiit niulier ad sepulcram «^ncti Wtllt^litii filJAin 
gcsUas Hi^jiU'imim oontractain ac innlani, Hnnt: nmt^^r in cor- 
Mpectu pluiTinorum iuxta sepulcrum dcpcsuit Factaqne num 
lacrimiA omti»Tlt^ fLSr4idT.rnt^ ibid^^m tunc Oodiua nxoix^ Sibaldi filii 
BniD»tiLni e% if^a ci.idmx]]U Ciiin(]uo Aliquiiutam ibi feciaaet 
momm, forte Bompno dt^preeaa obdorraiuit AUato interini nd 
sopiili?nim i>iui. que' iniinqunm »inUui ikI cudtro wine loqui potorat, 
ceraento meODomtA Gcdiua puella surreiit, otium<)iio acdpiens, od 
mntn^m «c cun«i.'rtit, ct inntcma lingua ait: Vide mater, oiium 
habeo, A(i cuiuh »)t)uin excitnta mater, cernens Rliani ]<K]uotitom 
<?t grndK^ntt?m» prt- gundio nimirnm prorupJt in lA€nnia«. lankque 
conftdcTiff fi)ti\ quiint4i diuina ?!;ibi pii-tos mentis sancli Willelmi 
bcTneficia contulerit, astantibiia publice predicftuit N<jbis ucro 
a<M^utTcntib^!4 ot ret g<.^!4te liili^mtiu!^ lUquirDiilibut; negfotiiim, a 
pre&tA Qodiua et ab aliis quampluribus profecto audiuiniuH, et bc 
mutierem renerft cognoscere, et uu-ginom illnm contractatn ac 
mutam se ^piu» uidis&e. 

xvi* Q/a ffift mho %oo* bent and dumb atid vvu h^xUid, 

On Mnujiily ThurawUy of thr aamA y«ir, which ChristJAns oall thft 
Hay of Abttolulion, while Bibhop William waj* aolemnidiig: Uie moai, 
tbtn- came a woman to the u%n\h of Ht Willinni, vrith % dau^ht^r of 
soveu y<^m oUI, boat double and dumb. Thr mothvr put her down by 
tht; toinli in tJie iifibt of many, and aftor praying witfi teara ulie a^tt down 
beaido GodivA the vife of Ribald, iKin of BmnntAJit who wns also s^nud 
thero, Aft«r some littlo timr, it hfl^p^iied tlmt ulift fi'll (wlci'p. Then, 
an ogg happoning to W bruu^ht to the tomb, tUo ]^irl« v)h> hod no^'er 
y<Tt b«f n a^« to Hpmk or walk, arose in the eight of the said CSodivj^ 
took the egg. turnod to her mother^ aJid ^ut in Kngliah ; *'Look| 
mother! IVi* got an egg!" At the aound tlie mother awolcf, and 
seeing her daughter apeakLng and walking, burwt fnto i«ars of joy; 
and being now asanrod of hpr dnught^r, proclruinird publicly to thoM 
preseat how gre»t liciicBtB the pity ol (Iod hnd conferred on her by 
Uio luerits of St Williiuu. I ran itp artd inquired diligently intc tbo 
fuotii, and WAB Ai onoo infortnod hy Qodivm nnd many oth«r» tbat th«y 
truly knew Um wotnan, and bad often aeen the deformt^d and dumb 



St William of Nof^mch, 


zviL Item de altera ceca attrd^t ct mi4a a noHttitaU, 

D1EHVS postmodum non multis interciirreiLtibun, pnupercul^ 
mtiliur qttvtliun lie Gnnti^t.une ]H:r idsum nh ipso !<ancto 
Willelmo atlmonita est, ut si filiam quaiu ab ortu c«cam et mutam 
habebat sanari tieJIet, earn ad se Nonvicuni atferrcU HIk ilia 
inuitttta proiniN^M, cum titiji utiiiiru iion dii^lulit, allaUmque ad 
caput depoD«m« Repalcri, cLara uoco ait: UlorioHc; di*i mnrLir 
Willelme, Gcco ut iu»fl«i»ti filiam attuli. foe ei, (lomioe, sicut promi- 
Bi^ti. Et hec dicen^ fleuit, ac diuinam pro salute filii^ aupplicnuit 
miscncortliikiii. P'actiim uoro <iHt, tiiu|uain mati^niu pietalu^ la- 
crime celos ftttin^^n'nt, at dvuota pn?cuni iDj^ntia tacdem uIt^Jdi 
aalutcni optincrct, Confestim tiaznque cum pietate luatm co- 
openui cvpit uirtu.^ inartiriB. Qiiul plum? Ex tiiiptx>uifi(jalbu£^ne 
que uirginis ocuIoj^ tiiuqmim oui tiicmbnvna obduxerat diasoliita, 
aauguis 8ubito ex ocuIik pronipit. aUiue in jmuimcianm cminuit 
(HTOsiUit Qua nimimin pn? doloris angujsiia clamante, pbrante, et 
pjpAH ticllentcs nos plunes accumraua, quod ne^lii gitrcretur 
cognituri. Et quanquam rei ouenturn prout narrauit mater 
didiciBsemiH, certius tamen ueritalciu scire uolentefi accensain 
sutnuiitati uir^le candclani imposuiiuus. Qun pre ucuUb eiua 

xvn. AUo of anot/vrTt hlind^ Uf-of a/tid duv^ /rofii A^r birth. 

After tb<* IftpHe of not many rfftys a poor voiuan of Grimwton^ wha 
warned iu a dream by ^t Williant liiiiiHelf tliat if she wiabed for tba 
cure of hor daUElitcr, who had lx*rn \xtnt blind and dumb, the was to 
briniz bt^r to liiiii itt Norwic'li, IpviteiJ by ihiti prouuMe, %ho did not 
del&y to oome with Iter dauglitcr, imd putting her down at the hend 
of the tomb, whit) *loud : ** gUirioua martyr af GoD William, heboid, 
aft tliuu didnt liid me, I havt* brought my daugbt«r ; do vato ber, lord, 
aa thou didal promise'^: and with the^e words, sho wept It seemed 
ftfi if the tears of the niolher h piety reached thf? hpjivHnw^ jitid the devout 
fervency of \wr priiy<T obtAiiitxi hi^nling »t lA«t for tbt^ inuitt : for the 
i]ii|(ht of the uiartyr at onoe be;-aii to work with the piely af the mothor. 
What more 1 At once the tilm, which hnd covennl the maid's eyes lik« 
thrr skill of au t^gg, partf^d, and bluiHl Hpuiunl frum thr oyn and fell at 
n dintunca oa tiw pavtMutuit, Slio ciiod out witJi tlitr pain and tora her 
oheekfl ; and umay uf ub ran up Ui aw wbat wwi Uia Jimtt«?r. Aud 
although wo leMm^rd the fAct« from the mother, ytt, being AtudouA to 
know the truth moro cortAinly, we took a lighted onn^e Mtd put it On 
tho «ad of a rod and held it before the girl'd eyea, moving it to a&d fro, 
^ A Urifc vilk^ oKvisn uUub Inui I^aa. 



St Willmrn of Normch. 


AppnuitA. fltijue hue t.*t illuc diHurtn^ uirgo lumc^n intuf»n» ac nolut 
rem ivItninmM kiM rpiiom l^otaai quacuimiuo dedcct^rotur ociilU 
i^ikIHaiti wqnebatar AtifureDtes demqu*- oarulvliuii, ^-xhibuimnH 
et pomum. Qnoij apprvlicnsum oimi admimrptiir, Anglicn liiiguu 
mfltiir nit: Comedo, filia, cojuc-dt' pomuni. Ad hw duni t-undom 
[>iie1lit]ft Rt<mi<in<r]ii rclL*xiTiTt, *w mntrt n^KpoTiJiiu-i? nnsUcUt. Nt>o- 
diim iituifl lo(]fii nouentt, nitd quod ab alio ftudiebftt Vnd^ 
cnnictmiiM rod ilium tuntum eeon,m ot mutam, mirno fuiFitfc' ot 
Murdum. Titnto itaqiic^ C(<rtilioati niirnrulo, diiiino gmlu* gml'iaM 
liLiidnm i>x»4ohiiiiiu0 atqtie ab ea die in r^liquum pia i-*rg& ftauotum 
Willolmuiii d4;t]otio incnxluloruni mdieuuit in curdibuH. 

7LVW, Ds puero quodam mire curato. 

TEMPORE illo puor films Willelmi Polcehart loaxima do- 
pi\*itsiw ualitudine, iftm m*c cibnni suincbnt ncc aliqiiml, in- 
iml<:acente magis nc nia^-"i inorbo, uel mmime quietU solatiuni ad 
horani hftbcr*; p<»tcnit. Onisullis igitur siipiT wilntc pucri iir**!!- 
€18 ncc aliiguid ei proficientibuB, despemtS parentes suncti WjUelmi 
tandem se conlulerunt suffmgiis, Qiia dc re uotnm foct^nint, tit 
»ctlicot, 91 piier moritb «iu9 sannrutur, ttin^lut annb optima nh 
ipso candela in libtTrationli^ sue aigDum illi pencduerolur. Facta 

She looked ftt the light wfth wond^t, aa if ahd had raaTly nov«r seen 
oiK^ before, and Followed il with Jier cyoH in vhnl^vnr diTV^ction it ww 
moved. We tlien put nway tlifi candid, mid produceil jui apple. Shi? 
took it and ndinired it, and wh«n her mcthnr tmii in Knglidi : " Kat tlin 
ftpplfT, daughtcrr, oftt it!" she ri?p<.ntrd the wonls^ under the impre^iuii 
that all© had answen^l her n»ot!iei\ as not yet knowing how w m^y 
linything but wimi Khe liad heard some one cIhc my. H<> thut T con- 
Jcctum thai nUe had not oiily licc^n blind and tlumli, but deuf ua wvll. 
Oi^nitnnvd by bo grant n miroclo wr praisL-d and laudoil thti gmun of 
(3oi>, j«od from thnt day forward a piourt duvution to 3C WiUiiuik took 
root ID tho liPArt4i «^^'<ia of unboliovorfi. 

xviii. 0/ thn nfOJifJ^/ul cttrt qf a hoif. 
Atthnt tim<f a hoy, the son of William Poloehfttt', was ao ill that hfr 
could no lon^iNr tAke food, and a» Iiik dineuHO progresacd, could get no 
nwt or comfort ev«n for an hour. Doctor* wero con»iilt4xl, biit did no 
gtxfd, knd Uie parvntA in dertpdr nt IvQgth b«touk thrninuh^u to thi- 
iDttf^rcroeuim of St Wi]l[H[ii. Aiid tliry vowod that if by hia merits the 
hoj voro healed \\c Hhould o£r<>r a fine oandk tr^rj yoar in tok«rt nf 

> Probably PouDhurd or llilcb&Til. Th« fvailj htril knd« In North CmU, nud 
F pogple of ooQio*|acD<ic U Lbs ilajn of Ruof Bt«phcn' Bfle BIoidqUdIiI^ ^i-ii, 76. 


St William of AWinVA, 


igitiir ad l<^ngitti<linom pocri ct UtittHltnmi nuidcK ct ftd nwroo- 
niti morlyrtii wpiilrmtti «llatA, oontiouo p«ior<|Uft8i mortis AWtrao- 
tn" fjincibus, ad sublUf aalutjjt aduoDtum rutpiiauit, el in breoi 
contra omnium opiDtoncm coniuiliiit. Pnrcnt^n uoro piicri dilig«n-^H 
tittii ucntAUtm indagntitos Incli, ipso tomporis ptiiKrto eiim funitttti ^^ 
oof^iouvruut rcutituif ([uo ctoMlcUun <tiii» noncio Wilk^ino couUgit 

xix. De quodam clericc morti prozimo go^pitati rettiMo< 

NEC muUo port. Adam clericiiA nepr^ KdMardi de Gcro«.-niutAl 
in niaxiiiiam d^cidil (x>Tpunx uMitii<liii<-nk, Ctiii» BanitatLJ 
deAperHiitibiM nii.<diciH, BalutiH euo auchoram dJuiou fixit m>1q-] 
misccTicortlie. Inter hoc monittA sm>rani beatum nLartiremj 
WiUelmutn aninK> o-niiriUr m iioc<r Hiipplicj iiiuoofiuil. eiufique poe- 
tulanif opem iiouit, ut scilicet hi preM^oti sue egritudbi coafcrret 
rein^^itim MTtiiia t'ius ficnrt in iHcrcitTm. Qua deuotiun<^ ductus, 
iuMsit ikI lungitudiiiLs ct latitudinij) sue mcnaumm fieri candclaai, 
et Norwicum od wpulcrum illiiui deferri. Et hctuni est, ut sub 
ipfla bora cgi^r contiiuio coruialca^coret, qtm qui misHiH fiii*mt proj 
ealute viua candelam offerret. Vnde «t cum reuerterstui eumj 

bin dffli^TTunciv Tliry tJwrrpforp mndn a ovndlo i*f ihn li*ngth mid 
t^rctultli of i\w Ifli/ and brought k Ui thr Uiaib i*f thr uiarljrr: tlw l*oy 
wn« 4» it woi'O «iiAt4;l]<rd from t-ho j&ita uf d«Bth| cuid lovntliixl iignm »L 
tho midden &pproAch of heAltli, Aiid, iKiOitiitr^ to tfie cAp<ictAtioii of nil, 
rocovtrrod in « sburt apace Pho p&rcnU, on iorcMtigatia^ tho tiiitb, 
<l£soovered tlint Ji« wiu reKtor^l to hunltb At the prooiJHf inoiii«aii whuo 
thiy oflonvl thn cnndlo for him to Bt Williain. 

xix. Of a iUerk rfMlorrd to haait/i v^Ji at tht pfnnt ^ d^aOk. 

N<>t bug aft«r, Adjiiii \ & clerk, uepliew of Edward cf Yamioutli, fell 
into vnry ImuI hnnlth. Thr <Ioctorfi ^vc hitn up, nnd \\v. flx(*d iIki anchor 
of hiswdviitiotiin tbeilriii p-ouiidof Mod's iwwcy. UrK«J by hiA friendH, 
he called on the biowwl martyr WiUiAm with a contriti^i hr^Art and sup- 
pliant vdou, And beaeeohing hb bolp, vowed tU&t if be would reJicfro ' 
hU pit!S(-ut Hicfcnffts, ho wuuld livcome ld» servaut for ever. In lhi» 
Bj^irit of dt?vutioii hv ur^lm^l w cHudlu tv bu nuwle vccordlag to il»v 
mcaaure of hie lioight and breadth, aitd to b« t^kcu to Morvioh to ibo ] 
totnb. And it oaiac U> powi that th(^ eick mtm got w«U at tlio moment 
when UiH uk«H«(tri|-«r v»h oJTi>ring th« <viiidlo for \\■J^ reoovefy \ and vrli«u 

^ Probftbty thv Mnifr Aduu or Yarnkoulli, vho wm dork of tlw aigiMi In tlie 
Mign of Oeur^ 1., und oroutuKllr bcTgaUKi oao of tho JiutJOvs ItlflvrVkt. fieo Po«ii'a 
Jv^rt (or an MO<ruiit of luw- 



St Wiiliam i}f Norwich. 


HAnitati rtrcitLtiitiiin rcpperit qucm a1>i<Mitf huh ipnu muHis u^^tibulu 

3tx. De vtonachc per nisttm curate 

SE1> nt*<[ii<f luKj .lilotKliim rKtmuj i|riiHJ rt log(.'titii]m laborem 
delectct, et ftuditorum dfuolionem non uu!nerel, Erat 
(jiiippe Norwici time mimnehux r|iiu)nm, >«imp1ox quidum ut mli- 
gi<«iiH, iiiii Pttni?! PoucrcUua nocnbatiir. Hie orga sLQctum mar- 
tireni WilEelmuin multe deuolionm hompiT extit<?mt, (iimquc 
prtH^ipUA iiiciilLh utVt-iiiii dili^lmL Qtii tukUs qiiiukm clominici 
luluciiUiH toinpore durn du matutiiiia rogrediena aanuR fle U*-c.U> 
ci>nmHwt4^t et Aompnn, dormiei)» inUilombili^m f^tibiti di^Lom m- 
(ntrrit jiiigtiHti/im, uliquo fortoKHis Acct(btiUili iDtbrtuma Oeiilum 
enim dextnim uehementi«ajiDiis dolor Inuafiil, et inua^oris diiniini 
quasi Batcllts c iicsti^io tumor HuccussiL ExperfjcfiuXtis pro tonti 
nimirum dolorifi aiigustia monachua, cantinito in iiocis horrendc 
imipit clamant, luleo ut iiuIIuj^ circumiiictntiiini vm hi?ra c^^Mtj qnj 
pro clainoribiis ciua quiedcero pottiisset In^mesccDto magia 
ucTo ac inagifl dolore, tota ftcian dextra intmnuit, ot horribile 
si>octiiciiliiin intuciilibiii«dcdit. Inmqui; iti Umtum per dk*^a1iquot 

tho mranongi^r rctumod he found thr> man whom ho had left at death's 
door rcaitordl to hoalLh, 

XX. Of a TiiCnh eared Ijf a dremn. 

flffre a;p*iii I inuftt not pasft over aii occurrence whiob will iiialco 
thit rrod^VH ivi] ijolightful, and will not wountl tbo devotion of Uie 
lieftrer, Thcrr wa« nt iliin iinio at Kurwicli n monk, a >in]j>]e and 
n^ligiouK nun, ctrdM Peter PeverelP, He )iad idways hiul a ^jtni 
d«votioa to the holy martyr William and a special love towards him. 
One night in the srnJton of the T-ijrd'n Advmt he hml ixatnmd frwrn 
inntins quit4> well, and liad betAkl^n liiDiself to bvd and ideep : wlii-n, in 
]\U Hieep, h« wa« «eued with iiiUilerablo p&ngs, probably in consequeni^e 
of w>ijip Acoidnit. Kor his right <*ye wiw invjwiod by n most violent pain, 
and II ftvii'Uin)^ litmiediately followed, act a faervani foUowH un the lieeU of 
hts master whon he (inters. Tbo monk awoke with the ejLce^ of pain. 
Olid broke iiiUi toud ihiid drntdful crii:«, fH> that iionr of thoju^ then lyii^^ 
near hlio could povnilily go to Hltsfp. T}iv puin iiLcrcfutod and tho vbu]i» 
of tUo ri^ht nido of hui fnoo nvcrllod so na to mAko him a koniJyin|f 
A|ioctiiclc ; and fto luimh worsn did ho continue to get for somo day^ 



St William of Norvnch^ 


vxcrcuit nngiUKtia, i|U(t() iw ni<iri iDftllet, i\i\wx\ ulupuuitdiu alal 
uiuere. ^^L^itipe iuUit JH^cjut'iitoa punctioruiin acuIcHM. frc<|uctitcr 
wiiicLe Mnru? MLiJctiijuv WUMimi miiiitMi rvjiliaiLnL, i^jm|uu citr nibi 
Heruo suo uoD subiirnircnt miimbultir. Cutnqui^ diuUuH mc ae 
)m1jiii?«(^l, mnialu Uimk'iii uliquHTituluin dolure, 11CK^U< aucredvnl« 
quietit, Ciii donuicnti iiisus est nsfiHtere beatus dci marljr^j 
Wi1Mn)UJ< dicens: Ego ille auih AA'iUidiiiUTsqiiem iiiuUuiii dil«;xii4i»^| 
qiieni patronutn ekpsti, et cuiUA opcm inuooasti^ blksxr assum <^i ^^ 
mm nmum oxjxmen^ iidu^^ntuni. QuibuM dictiH, blande (kt rarien] 
litinenUm doxti^min tnucit uir.*t)taibilem. Ad uuniM cuiiLmuu 
tnuTtum tiimens adpo BubBidit fccies, ac si minquam iDUitiiuiNwU 
H(m: Tucto, iiiMo dUpuruit, at<]U4> «ger pt*r mxTtiA rt^ljquum solito^^ 
qtueiior |)enn£iti«it. Vbi auWui lux illtixit craHluui, onirioin faoWi'^^ 
lURiorem itiibAeclisRe cognouil. Veruni quoniam ocidi tumor qui 
miL^M ii»>lt^!*lUM fm^nit, licet <luU>r^' lUiqunnlulmn inii.<rim wdftUf, in 
mio tanien tuihuc sUitn pcnnanobat, aiiimo propen^iori sanctum 
exonuiit WiUelitmici, quatinus dolari suo confcrrol reinediuixL £1 
fttctUEti eKi mdjMiHiueiiLi mx^u?^ duiti iWa qiiii^JKcerot, ueiilt ml (funi 
BanctUK lUTiim Wilkduuis prupiuwjuc acredenH oculo mule hubenli ^i 
crucia Hignuni paUice inipreaBit. Mira. ren, «t adtnii^tione pleruk ^| 
Si^o ciiim ^to, nc id :«ubii]fi pupugisset, cunfcHftim sub oculo ^ 

that Ite pn^fprrwl Ui Jir rntlit^r timn jfi> on living iu llils plight. Araid lim 
frequent p^ingn atkd j>rickiiigB be cunntAntl^ ivptviticd tbc namca of the 
Vir^ci ftfKl 8t WillmWf atiid compluinfMl of thf*ni for not coming to tho 
fti(] iif thoir Aor^-ai)t, Aft4»r r4*uiainiiLg for Honio Unt« in UitA HtHti>, 
l.liv pain vtifjiitly nltiil<^, and the Tii^ht iifU-r bo ii]«pt- Th<>ii Iho 
blewted mjirtyr nf Oon Willi&m appeftr-ed to prewfnl bimMf, ttayltig: 
" I am that WUliam whom yon hnv© rto much loved, and ohown for 
your patrtiii, and whl>nl^ aid you havi^ invukrd, llrn^ I jiiii, and you 
vhall liAve proof of my coiDtnA." Thereu|X)n he ^^iitly pii^M>d hia 
bi^altng right liaiid over tht; Awollaii faco ; and at hij4 l^uch the fiwolUng 
KuUiiI(-d ttfl if it had never l>een. Tlieti the rinlou djiia|>|>mntl, and tho 
ttirk man slf^pt bctu^r for the rest of that night tliaTi usual. When Uie 
mgrrow davrnnl litt w^w that thi; 3(Wc-Jling in hiH focc^ \rai4 ijuito ^Da. 
Y(ft, Hiiioe the awelltuj^ m the eye, whicli liad troubled him moat, atili 
remaiiiod an it wiu, Uiough rathrr hnn pninfut, he implored 8t William 
jrel iiiorc fervently to relieve his pidn. And un thy t/i^xl night, while 
he alept, 8t WilUani caiue to hbu agaiu, axxti drew m-ar uiil niiidv tho 
xigu I'f the crtiMt with Imh thumb upon the aflTecl^d uyu. Wuudroua 
CToixt) yni| full of wondor \ Wbon thts sign woa rnade, tho nkiii bolov 

v.] St William of Nortvich. SI 3 

pc1]]8 crepilit, et ftanies per faciem multa profluxit. Eui|^)ans Ulc, 
foTiiiaiiit]iie ttminnis n;lnLctAnii, Wiiiiuin t?xt<frait, cuJutt imllcio Be 
aanAtiiin es8e coinperit. Qiii.>d nuUMi) hoc nun uiLuitjitiri fuurit 
illuslo, 4cd ui^re uiHionis efficAX demouslrutiop et ^nier« iliobus 
militia profluetiB matiifc^ttiuit, ct rci guste iiiditijm in ciaUnce 

xxu D$ tnatre sandi VmlUlmi moHiris ijrialitffr per ttisum 
mjirmtwt riw ac 7nor^ tib bo dm^tritiata fuerit 

EXCVRSIS uliipinltlii^Uim in uilla Norwici uii;go filia Martriui 
p]'<^cat.nrit, qnn hpnhnin mniijrr^m Willnlniitm tninthiU rliligt^bat 
ct ueni?mbatiir ftffectii, jjer iiisiim noctis clum qiiiEr»c©n?t ciiiuleni 
mbi ASMiHteTiLem iiiiliL (*t iHf^i^nteiii : Cimrortanr. mihi pu^IU kmj>- 
sima, et in amnre nieo oonstank^r penmen era. Vi^lo ut inu uir^n*^m 
ammiM uir^nibLLitt tue floram illibntiim ciistodias, ut ot mihi 
nirgini miindiim uirginr.r ilfimticinit^ pn'&-te» oliMi'ijiiiiim, QiLi> c\\u\ 
cnuitina illiixmt dic^ faiailianA qiie^kin que tibi nunc tniuiiffa 
i^xt^uera mandate. H&a eiqiiiHtim o.x fiartc Aacrinte die Oiulfo 
quAtinuH mihi oni<^em qiinnti mbi plACUerit fieri fiiciat at nd [X^leH 

the eye burst as if il liad been pricked vrilh an hwI, and a great dftil 
of dischargff ran over hi» face, Hv awoke, and remcntbeniig tlie 
manner of i\w vision, he vipcd nwny thtf diBcharge, and hy Uiit 
indioaticn discovered that ho h^d l>eeTL healed. Ai^d tlio uuiitiriued 
(low for sovflml days of tho dijwharge, and the mrvrk of the scar, 
nicnaiiuMl to lihow that thid was no vain illiulon hub an udlioaci<juK 
n|>pearaiioe of a true viaioiL 

xxl. 0/ tM nutther <^' Si Willumt, aitd /kwj in a dream her 
girktv^ and daath toert JoretoUi hy hifn, 

Somo lime alt^r this, there wa* in tlie lown of N'orwieti a msud, 
tiie daughter of Martin the Fisher, wh*> Igved and n^vpred the hltwu-d 
martyr William with surprising affection, and in u dream of thu ai^t 
Mw liim appear to hpr and wiy : " Be of good cbeer, inAJtJeii most dear 
Ui nio, artd continue HteadluMl in my ]m-i\ I will that as thou Icrvwtnie 
vho am vir^Tj, tJiuu Hhuuldeftt kevp Llic llowi?r of thy luaideuhocN] intact, 
and yield to mo tho virgin the puro aervico of a virgin's devotion. 
Now whvn tho morrow dawne I will that thou aooomptiHh c^^rtAin 
Mtmple oomnmnda which now 1 ^ive thee, TeU Giulfns tlw sacnat 
fiuw uie that he is la make mo a cross of whatcvei' siftc ho pteoww, 


St WiUiam of Nonmch, 


sepukri mci repooaL Per dioi Gbonim mi]lt€« kterc einiHtvD iaouit 
uolcrw dominioc cnicbt f^igniim asBidne pr« ocnlifl habere, quod ei 
ipcfO meo portADi non DUDquam m corpoiv. Hoc aiitern i)bt dixi 
ufligntur, tit ftb^ue iillo flecU^ndo ccruide labore ilUm inttim 
liceat. Quod si sacmta locere ncglexcrit, Thome owitoh ei matri 
mec dicito ut i|iie iusHa mint ip^i aaltetn exequantur. Drntqiio 
mfttri subiungAff, nc ^Krilicct niole?tUj fcnit, hi quid illi aduem 
oontingat Eotptc libentiuA ac iDodestiua toleret, quod per tniwi- 
toniini winji» pviium rul purhcriiicm tmriHitiim w*t regni colesrtis 
glomm. His dicti«, uisio ttoctunm dii-paruil. Mane fiwto, uirgo 
uim rotfmctat ei M\\t^r tain uerK^mbili (I(.*l<s:1aU uisione, qnnm 
citiii« poluit quibiLB iui«uin fui;mt tolum ex (irtlim* DegoUiim, 
mtimauit* Porro momoratuH Aacnela f«m paruipcDdeoe Dcgloxil, ' 
«uv idim intorcurrciitibuK Du^otim illud forttuvnis obliuioni per 
inciinam trudidit. Quamt^brcni nuccuHario ego at pre<Ucta Bancti 
iimrtiria mater super maudfttU pariu^r (Xinff^rontoft rem agendam- 
KUM:c|)iiniir4 tt puritcr htiKfri?j>Uuu iKTcgiinu*, Quouiain ucmxiJ 
interim iutercurrit infortunium, paulisper negotium ponniiuidfc ^ 
dilutiiin. I>icbuA etenim illi^ sancti mzutiria inatreni egrotaTBJ 
ooiitigili atijuu j'dropico iii Uuiluiu labomrc copit niorbo, at iani^ 

iMid put it nt thti fofit of my M^puiclinv Kor i have lain fur mjuijr ilajs 
on my left side becauHO i wouM luive tbe UrosH of Uie Lord alw;ijaj 
1wf<)rf> mine eye«, wliich 1 boro inywilf once in my body. Let tL be set 
whcrrn T hii\T mid, tbM 1 ni/iy bo able to look upon it wiUiout tXm 
ynuii of turning tny htviiL If Cbti mic'risc neglf^'t to <lo tlm, thcqi tell 
Ttiujii»a ibo Cikiitiir unJ iiij' niuthur, tliut they ztl k'jiAt nmy cnrry out i 
luy 1iii](1tiig> And furtb&r hh^v to u\y lutjllirT Umt abe in nut to take it' 
ill if ii.ny jninha-p bofivll bcr, Wt l>ojbr it Lho more ^bh<l|y rvnd ni(M?kJy for 
tbikt vim ia to pAsu thi^ugh tho brief juuiiioii of tlio £da1j to tbn ^lory 
of )i««.veii'it kingdom-" Hei-owitK the vinou viuu«bed. In tho morning 
tbn nmiden thouglit oi'Ar whiLt hU^ IiaiI m«^ii» nnd, njoioing at tha 
atlomhUi vljii<iii, m all Ui\6t^ sot forth in order the wTioM inxli^T 
to LhcMO to whom she lind liecn ordcrwl to disclose iu YH 
tba norifit Ujou^Ut little of tli«T ni/ittrr, nnd Tie^leot«d it, either 
beoatae other busineaa intervcnt?*], ur bocnujM? ho care1«»1y for^got 
it Bo I and the aforesaid niotlier of the martyr were oonftrainod to 
take counsel al>out t}i« injunction, took the matter in buid, and oom* 
piloted it, But in conHequeitcu of nn nnfortunnte oocunence, it stood 
ntill ft>r a nhorl tinw j for in those daya it cnaiH altout that tho mothe 
oi th« holy martyr full ill, nnd wu bo aorety affliuted with tlie dropvy] 


St Wittmn of Normch, 


aec pedibus ire nee Wta surgere ni» alleno sufEblla pomet 
^uuiiiculu. Cunu[iiu ju^jiuh inmiliii^'tot uci.<rbiUu4, Ii^cIfO iacenft in 
liun^; oniuit riKHJiitii : HjincU; WiUclaiL'. lili karJMiimi?, mifwrere 
rnitbru tuc. ©t cjue tot <iolorcfl antv g>artuni et in partii pn* te 
MU«tuiui» (luloribuH riJt'w et ipH- c<iiii|wU*r(.'- Qua omMt>nr coni- 
fumus niulri» auy Hngiu^tiis piua puer et martir. ea uocte ilU 
pur nivuin apparuit diccni) : Coiifortare, lUftter.til pncieiitvir MLiiiiii^ 
peuani <|Daiii tibi ilonitniitt piv|Ktnuiib lui coromiru. Auimc si- 
t|Liiik<in tu*; ni|iiiii pL^cctLbricin adheeit rubi^miji, lit e&coijiiaiiir 
iieccfi»e est foruaee mliitindtaLitt. Kxuiitin{.aur ci^u i'jlhiU ^irgvn- 
liiiii lib n?potii ini;n^tar superm regie m tbetiauriini. Noum-U 
lAmcn qiioitmm bao (|ue nunc immtiit^l [>onteeo[(te-'< Hcpttmana 
[ilia ml tniipijs ruIiHuibitur infinnila^, proprii»nno usa grL^^ibu^ 
iul ITU- Uf^DicH. Cura autem uenprift, nuam maiKlaui crucem tecum 
jifToraA. Pi^^Mertim coiiHurnTuiitiH di^liidt; ali<|tiift «lii?biir!i. tua ud 
Umipuit A<l to mjcrltjtur iiitirniitA». <jue licot imdto tibi acHus 
tunc incumbat, earn tam^ii uirilia aiiimua eo niriliuii perferat, quia 
[Zinnia pei:t;:Lt<riiiia (<itc»riirn iiuuTuIa \um; it^iUiiViUtu oxtiirgt^tur 
poiia. Qua luiindata. coiict'«rfit iiiihi domious ut ad mo trauseafi, 
aU|Uo sine Hue foticitalia mee particepn exiataa, Hi>c tlic^ns 

tbat xhc was tinabli^ iny longer iA walk, or even to rise froiu bor Ited 
wjtlioiit buing HujifH>rtiHi ; uml rvt t1i<^ diKCAm: incrtniwd ii]>on hor, ube 
f)rayed thus as ahe lay in her bed: "0 Saint WiUtaio, my vory di^r son, 
Uavg pity oa tby niuther, eonipanMLoaAle my pAiiiH, Ibat before tliy 
birtti ttiwi in thy Injuring havo homo sucb ]ininN for thoe," The morotful 
luy Atul inartyrdidcuiiifNUMiuiuiti^hursttndt ibur»u]Hm, muI in that ni^bt 
■tp^vkitnl to bi^i', «fiyujg ; '* B« vf ^uod t^biwr, uiutbor, and biMti^ thy |juiii 
iiiookly* for tbo l»rcl hnth propAr«<l it for tboc aitto a crowii. If ihcri; 
Lm au);ht of tbti dr\>BH of siit yet cUnj^ii^ to tKy d<>uL. it niunt be pur^p^ 
:iyt».y in the funt»c'<* <?( adv^rnity : tbvrwfore lot th»* wilver of thy flonb 
l>e nWlni^d, tlmt it nuiy lie vortby to ha laid up in tha trtuuank'lioiiiMa 
of tb« King of Hivkven. Bui kn*JW thim thftt in thn WbitMun wnok 
now At hunil tliiut> iiitlrtruiy niiull he ligbtviied for a tiiiJ4<. aiitj Umu 
abalt come to my tomb on thine own feet. Wbon thnti content, then, 
brinjc with thi>c tUa croxn wTiiuh I commanvied. Pn^M^ntly (hcrraftcr, 
wbuii towa tlayi havv ptuMxl, lliine ittfirniity iihall cuiiio upun tli«(i ufcaiii 
for ft time ; aiid although it prma bbee luucb more sharply^ let tUy brave 
KpiHt onduru it thtr moro bravely, inasmuch an ovcrj npot uf kiq u 
bein^ wtjit<d a^v,-ky by tbia p&ia of Uuue, and when it w purely pnrged, 
Lbe Lord hath grant^^ me that thou ahouldwt po^^ home unlo mo and 
be for ever n pnrtAkc<r in my joy-" Thu» ho Hpako and dcpartod ; untJ 


St WUlutm of Norrvich. 


ruc«s»t. Mime liwto, iiuilier quod audierat, tjuod uidemt. sibi 
ii»istcDtibu8 etiarrat, Michi qucxjuo illani rj^tuiilcm ubatAnti, 
id ipeiuiii iatiirLore ctirauit. Quibiis iiequaquam lidcm ndliiberc 
potui, iii>4i mc primitufl va coiivtArct tatuuh. Verum cum illam 
jKinWii iiidt^riin coiinaleflcere, ad Hepulcrum lilii cbdomada prcUixatA . 
tvjupiicm uemrt\ cruccni pro mmidato uffenx! et recurrenle pristina! 
egrilucUne uilam terminare, post hec quid aliiid credi tk>cuit nbdj 
qum uimo ilia tJUliix uau fmti Giii Undem uelut predictuni est.) 
uiUui camm termioanti, oinno humaiiitnli;; rxhibiiimiiH nbAc^uimn, | 
lie deuotioniEi cauaa quam erga tUium habebamu», matruni ini 
ciiDitcm aotftro hi>noriiiGu)W]>ciiuLmu)k 

xxiL Do quadam a dt/hre et tvmutrt gmuum graui ei diuturno 


QVODAM po^l tempore Godavxi/r cuiurutini Ccipmaiint Norwi>l 
cuisU, ijuom dicunt du foiiU?^ lul KJincU WiUuliiii ueuii »!-l 
puJoniin, ut u^itudini j^uu pempiat romedium, Pi^ mulum vtiim^ 
diesdulore rciium bboiauunkt iic, demiuii d*?*iceLdL-iitc Uicoiuuitxlo, 
genua fjuo<|iK; iDWlenibiUH illu dolor inuar^it, ^l bn;ui iialdo 
tumentia reddidit. lamqiie crebredc^Qtibuif punlionum aculeis 
geiiibiiwpiu tauduiii ad uilmuriL grOHfiiludiiiuui redauiUi, adea 

ill tiro paomiii^ the woman told those with ber what nb© bivd «eeti 
aiid beard ; anil sbc took i^ru to tf^ll mo iil»o, when I vi;fitod her. 
could ]i(*vor bivr Iwlti^vud it^ hjui I nirt soun All thcHC tiling 
Jirat hi^mi^ Hut wh*Tp aub&equentiy I jtuw litjr get wtili and comb 
([uiict wlio]»< to her Jtone tomb iu the woek indicated, aijd briii;; tfie 
cro8« bi acconiancc with t,be injunction, nui\ nftcrWArds cod hor life 
uikdoc iL h^^cojkI attjick of tho ilisditK^, vth^it euuUJ my view l>c kavo that 
tho viniiiii wan rm lyuig on*)? When liiutUy fthc ended her ew-tlily Iifi% 
SB wivs proph^usiutl, wo nbuwod hor uvury oourUwy luid mn'vicu ; aiid fur 
tbo dovotion wbiab wo hjul to th« non, wc bonod tho mothor wit 
houour in our c«m<iUiry. 

xxii. Of a wimmn healad of jmin and of a aeven a7id t^tbff-daruHii^] 
itujeUinff of tAt hteea. 

Somo timo after, Ooda, tho wife of onu Copnmn of Norwich, callo 
of tlie Spring, oamo to tlio tumlt of St Willinni to receive relief of ho 
aickneas. For fur a long time nbe liiul bwn opprwi^i*d with paiua in the 
roinjs nnd then tUe all'ectiori doaconded and attacked tho knues with 
unheurabh> pain, and in a nliort tiTue ni»ln Umm swdl. Tliu p<Lii;pi nowt 
grew frequent, aud the knees assumed the »ite and ahapt? uf pots, andj 


St WiUiam of Nonvich. 

excreueral inolosti^ at pedum omnino deperirot inccaiutf, el 
liiminft (|iiietiH refiigorel Bonipnit& Die ac nocte gemebat, claniftbat, 
ct uuii luxTbc ac hribcbat, ut hi lHjiiii oemerv*, uoti uitult .^pihtu 
diu fruitumm et^timares. Acceasit quoquo ad tnali cumtiJum oculi 
Minii^tn dolor tK^hombiilusimu^ adci> ut brcui turiK«cenH ocuEim 
oui «upGrcxc<jderet growdludiuetn. (JTic ^rgo dc ip«iu« dc?8]K^ni- 
balur aalute, ad sanctum Willelmutn qncm preooidiali temper 
dilexi^rat dou3tionc, deti^rh hg focit< Ciimquc iuxtA sc-pukrum 
illius adeaaet, dtuti:^iEne omuit, candelaui optulit, et quo annuu 
pijtuit, scpulcri lupjduiu utiditt totigit ^t<iiibtiA palliurmjiLti^ quo 
wpalcrum opehebatur oculum male tiabentem summa extot^it 
diiigontia^ Atii^ res. Operanto cum fide tuulieris mirilicu uirtuU; 
manim, ad kpidi^ oontiDUO tiLctiitn uii^tLiK oiLaimil dolor ac tumor 
g<3Duiiro, palliique beueficio. pictas diuitia male habcubi Bubuenit 
oOLilo. Quo igittir j^ratii granata ualltudioe trii^ adu^uerat, 
oelnbi cunta mcdicamiiiu gnudcn^ ri;gri^ditur. 

staciii, Ds altera ah aui-ium diutiima mrHiiate curata, 

N1CQVS mullo po<«b qncdaio Aldibha Thocho cvnirii olini uxor, 
quAiii ab ugrltudine diutuma meritU uuicii Willelmi 

HO B«vere wka the nttAc\^ thAt l.ho power of wntking ilinrippMtnvl, and 
tho eye« wenr dcprivtvl of ^Wp. Night aj\t{ t]ny the groaned mv\ criedj 
and WHA ill Kuch a [ilijiht tliat mxn woul<I think to look at hor that 
iihu bad not Iod^ U> li^v. Tf> uther evik wi:rc nuw addnd ajt^iiiaiiiK 
paiua in the luft vyc \ and it shortly swelled up to the alze of an o^ 
In doRpoir of rtx^uvi^ nho hn4 h<rw1f carried to 8t Wllliain, whom ahe 
Imd iJwyj^ dflYQliftd)y Iftv*"* Arrived at hin Lomb, nhfl pmyi^d long 
and offered a candle^ ^.ad, aa beat t^he oould, touoljed the atone of ihu 
tomb with her baro knixapj j^nd with thi? ckith that covered it wipo<l tfio 
dineaaed eye nioiit oan.*fully. Wonderful to («U ! IVt piinujtilouM 
power of the martyr worked together vith the womaa'a faith, and 
innuudiatcrljr uj)un the touch of tho atono all thu pain nnd swelling of 
tlw kuiws dUapjwMii'ed, wJiilti by tilt? btuiliu^ of tliu clutli, the divino 
pity hucvourvd the dia^uiainJ eyts And rHf aho who btulcuuio in viidu^wt^ 
UUruiiii^ uiidi^r 0evor« illuou, wout back m joy <;urW by a divine 

xxiii. 0/ a tecoHft worrMri cursd q/ a hng^tftndiiv/ dftifiiMt^ 
Not )otij{ aftcir, Alditha, formerly wife of TliiKib« the cbandl«r, of 
whoia I told in tliti nccond book' how vJio whh cured by the merits of 
> RmJU in ihv ihii^ book. Soa p, 147. 

St Willuim of Norwu:JL 

[bk. v. 

curutaiD in secundo^ commeniomuinius Eibello, Mei ductn ad 
mcmomltim Hancti martini 8epiilcmni iienib, iic Kurdici<;i nm 
rL^mt'dLum putiit. Ex multo otenim tempore obsurduemot aur«a 
acIeo<]i]e iDunluerat iDcx>min<Hluin, ut jim tniini illiiis nuribiiR Oft 
appJicnrw nh ip<n iioqunf]uam audiri posses. Vndi? et in publicum 
prodire uerebatur, et non nm domoMliconirh nWbatur Al1of|nii3« 
Tiiiicbftt niim unldo dc stird)ci<.'i itiiv; obpTobriiim aliciic quandoque 
noticio prodiret in riHUin. CiiiuR roi gmtia nd Saudi Wtlldmi 
tfuf&n^'a cOTifiigit, ctmdolam optnlit, efriifio<juc Ucrimarum fonte, 
ibidem ali<]Uamtliu oranitv I>Gmf)iie fleKU in omtioiio ^ciubiiK 4?l 
fidoi IncUi fcmore Aiin.*j< ntmiKqiic i|uo «cpulchruni tcgt?l)atur cpplc- 
uit palHo. Quid midUi? Tempom articulo iftcniiiamiu dcuotio 
Ci'lo^ piilAiuiii [H^UtiLtLH tideA diuine pitrLnlis miscricordimn cxtonsit, 
et uuris sunia auditum Kusccpit. 

Nunc quoniujii admia^o laxis habfiiifl eqwo lon^^nif* pn^^ssi 
Bumiia, fuLij^ili cui>u rticoptiii raiiiiiius, Vt<|U(? fc»ia modice 
(juiebiH refrigerio reparemur, labor iDtcrim iateniiittituh 

SIp William of a long-atondiHg illneBH, caiiir, Iwl by fiuth, to the sepulchre 
of lIii) holy inarl/r, itiid iijiplur«.<<t ruliuf fiuiu hcn' dtvitfiiom ^ fi>r during a 
long Uiiin licr i^m had Inwti grvwmg dcN^^ Lo suuh nix <^xt«nl Ihnt you 
oouM only tiirfckfi yourMilf litvird 1>^ putting your lipn cIohc to bcr cur. 
Bho wAH fKimuHiticntly Afraid to go (rut> niK) unly tulkud to lior own 
fAiiiify, fonring Iwit the roproacli of hnr di^Afneett uhouM l>e (totoutiHl by 
citht*ni| atid bring diTuioi] upon licr. 80 uhe hiui rec^turnA t<> Iha inters 
ccHKion uf St Willinm, nnii oHf^rtvl a i^niidli% m\A with A nopiniM fliw nf 
tiutrH pruytN) tlioro for Home time. Theit, wiLEl kiivMn iKrnt in jirnyi^r, 
aiid 8tuii^ by the fervour of Faiths sIk< Htopptn] bulh hi^r i^ini witli 
the eloUi that covered the tomb. What moral At once the 4bvout 
tears sciotc the heavrtw, the fiith of the suppliant extorted the mercy 
of (tou, wild the dejif «ir rm^ivcd lioiiring. 

Nosr, aa I have ^^oiie Home distance at full ttpeiM! with IciuBie rmn, 
wearied with the courwn, 1 Round a retreftt a'ld stop iwy taafa far a time, 
to nifreali my wearinoaa with a abort interval of refit. 

Hkrb bsdeth tiik Fimi Book. 


Incipimtt capihtliL lAri geHi. ^^^^^^^^H 


Dv ifiiartA tniiislnEfkonu suncLi MurLirii* n laU^n^ magni ^^^^H 

altduiK ml aii»tnim ad Iatu8 m]itnonnte, ad altare scilicet- ^^^^| 

quod (liiH'biitur sant^tiMiiiii tiiArtiruiii. ^^^^^ 


De ^lia Iti?gina]d] de Warennia mire curatan ^^^^^H 


De i|aod»in h ueht^murntmimo i>M\n dolort^ t^tuato. ^^^^^| 


l)e qiiodam Kbrardii insaiio et sanalo. ^^^^^^H 


Do f)U(>dain lUutro iiiinibilift ioiiuuiio uiru MinitAli reKtiliiUi. ^^^H 


Dvi mulicre insane simititor sanata- ^^^H 


Dc puero a iiiorbu ciidiico Hbcrato. ^^^H 


Dc cccn mulicro iltumiDuta ^^^H 


J)e Khilipjko de Bella Arhore, atque do fiirTt>o brachii eius ^^^H 

circMilu w\ c^'.ptilchrum ^mcli Willdiiii cuntrocto, ^^^H 


Do quodfim itideic altera a dextrali fen^o ibidem uiirc ^^^H 

liberate). Eiufidem miraculi coiiuiioiiditio, y 



Of the fourtlLlr&ii'^lntfoii of the holy martyr, fruiii tli« Houth / ^^ 

flidr of Ihu high uAtur U> Uic north miK^, imiiuly Ut Uic littrir ^^| 

formvi-ly orvlkwi <jf Iho Uuly UArtyr^ ^^^^H 


Of bh^f d^LugbUrr of HvigiiuUd do Waroiiuu, woiwlorfullj ^^^^H 

hi:ttW. ^^^^H 


Of tht* ■^ttnk i^if A niATi fri>Mk a. Hev^ro pntu ui tlie fooL ^^^^H 


(>f ann Rbrivrd inful, ciiivd. ^^^^^| 


Of amwoiitJ very mvl man nnUnxid Uj btnlth^ ^^^^H 


Of A niAcl womiiti siniikrly curod. ^^^^H 


Of a \Kiy cured of ut*^^*^/- ^^^^| 


Of A blind womuii erdij^hlmK-i!. ^^^^| 


Of Pbilip do BolU Arburt? ami dm iron nng on hiH arm ^^^^| 

IjToktTU at Hi WillininV tomb. ^^^^| 


Of a secottd likewise freed woiKhirTully thf^ro from on iron ^^^^| 


ou }m ami. A diHcouruo ooniiueiidiii^ Mn miracle^ ^^^H 

220 St William of JVbrtrrVA. 

xi. De qtiadam mirabili niodo contractA cl sanaUu 
xii> Do \^\}ero gibboflii contracto <it curato ac deauo contimclo 

atp<{ue it«rUTn ut priUB saoato. 
uil. De miilienj niiro modo inHata et curato* 
jciv. Vo alt^m itidisin gutliinio»L curutJL 
XV. Dc honuDc per afflaluni cotubri turgitJo uc dc^nigrato 

moritifl Aancti Willelmi 8anato. 
ivL De uirgine cuius tnim curaln est mamilla. 
ifii. Dt; T^alitAtis 111 inah, et de letiipefltate sedata. 
xviiL De ditubus fcrrcid coustrictis conL[x:dibuH et it bc&to 
WJUelrao Doctu per uieiim liberatiB. 
xix. De ni»> Albert! Qre»lc uiirc cur%to. 

Inoipii iibar a^xttts, 

L De U'af\ntaliQ}ie sancti martitis a latere viogni ttltafis 
wistmvi lid iat\uf ti^ilonaiet ud altare scUuxt tjtwd dicebatur 
mitctomin inartirwn. 



VM tnirifica saiicti martyris \Villf;lin] uirtua tot ac lAntis 
crebreRceret miraculw, solito ampTiaa populorum frequentari 

xi Of a wotiuui wondorfuUjr boitt and curod- 
xn. Of a hutnplHk^jkoU boy curoc}, and Agiuti bant doubto a»<1 

again ourod im bvforv. 
liii Of A woroiLn woiulerfutl^ rtwullfii that wiui r^uroi). 
xiv. Of a MTSHuid with n ^on IhAt was cured. 
XV. Qf a mail dweUtH! jut<l litjinlcrrici by n vipcr'fl brmtli, cared 

by tho merits of St Williani. 
xvL Of A riaiii whoxo broiwt wa« wonderfully cured* 
xvii Of certain auved at aoa, and of a tcTiiip<^«t ^tilTod. 
zriii Of two that were locked iti iruu foit«nt and freed at ni^t 
by l}luHH(iJ Willimn in avistoa 
xix. Of the falooa of Albert Grmlcy wonderfully curod. 


\^ L Of the trttnMltUitm of thr. Wj/ twtrlyr /rom M* vouM m/U <y ik^ 

hiffh idtmr Ut tit^ fuirlA nd«, n/tmjif^ ti> the tiiuw Jonnftrltf ctdUtl 
cf the iioljf MaHijru. 

A:* (lie wrjTulcr-workin^ |Hiw<»r i»f tlio }ioly niFirtyr WilliAin w»i* v>o 
frotjuontly t»AntfcaU?d in so groat miroclcn, he bc^an to bo wwtcd upon 


St William of Nortvich, 


impruttdocibuB Iocum ijuo simotus iaoebftt rnnrt^^r noii n«pi>ii(lcf1)at, 
imino et 8epe moU>Kta ptaI fuigustia, «uggurente Ricardo pHore 
et c^jouetitii ©xoptanle, congrniis ab c»|>isco|K> docomitiir I<k-*hji, ubj 
ot nifiiori iKJQonitiuni; ri^iink-scat. ut absquo mole^tia pl^ba ad 
M;pu]crutn contiueDK acoednt- Emt dicjiiklom mocrclnida NonvicwiLBi 
portd borculi »ub Utore inagni aIUHs canc^lluA, eanotonim olim 
tniutimm nenomtioni doMi^iulun. Htf* ita^UL^ locu^ pre oetortn 
aiL]icl(> luiu'tiri con^ruus deli^tiir, *]iun amphm» <]ijin in diucrrs^iirio 
quieW podtus, ()uiji el iiuirtyraiQ noiniDi consecrandus. Erat iiero 
ftnnufi ille incAiTLntiontH domttijodr idc, c^uiii<jaaj^imu» t|uiLrtuit, in 
qito Hub pAtsche tMit crtLstina D<:iDibi9 Jwilicel tunc A-priliH nd oxoqii<»n- 
dtim tAutc tranAlationiK nv^tium ocoin^tur pontifux Wilklmua dt 
cum jKintWicfe Bticor ille nionaohorum coimeiitiin Ilac inqiintn clii* 
pliiritna popiiloruiu «tipiuit« catL-rua. sub memorata oaac^llo aunctU 
martiribus dodicAtur nlturo, eoque iH>tlennitor ditdioato, oorpua 
mi:!mc>rEiti nuirlirm illuc auinmA cum uoDeratioiio tjnDsfertiJr. Ibi 
qiiippo roquicsott sepultus oorpuiv, sed cotidiuitb ohorusc&Ds 
inimculi^ uiuit in glorin. Ternim illuslmt membm,c%lvim poasidet 

by unwontedly Iftrge orowda; mid, sinoe the place whurv he 1*y was 
nut adikpt«d to lUU «nonuoii!N throiif^ and preaHuru, and ilie bioon* 
Vi*moin!i? WW* *>fl«« vrry f^tv^t^ it wnn Huj^giut^J by Fri<»r Utohui^l and 
bogged by the convent ami tlcscreed by t\u^ Uiahop, tbal a lit plucp Iw 
fuund fi>r th<» iniLTiyr v^hore He might rovt in f^'rcvitor honour, Ajid tho 
peopL« might iLpprocu^h hin tomb withinut Huk, 

There was iu the Oiurch of Nurwiob on tlio north Bido, undvr th» 
aide of the liigh alt^r a chapel formerty i«ot a|wut for ilm wurahip of 
the Holy Martyrs Thin it|>ot then was iwleclcd before the raat w a 
fitting Hpot for thr holy luurtyr, i%s lM?in^ l^r^^> nM Hitu&tMl in tk quivt 
plac^ out«id€ th<^ procc48ion<path, and a8 being conaeo^ted to t)ie oaino 
of tho Mjutym. 

It wa«in tJw ywoT of the Lord's iDoarnati<jn 1154, whui on IUf«t«r 
Monday, to wit thts N<rtitw of April (Apr. 5), Uwhop William girded 
himself to the aouoaiplUhuient of thiH grntt work ijf tho tranalatioD, 
and with him the holy convent of moiika. On thia day, I wiy, ac- 
coniparii<-d Ity a great throng of people, in tlie oforeHaid chapnl ar» altar 
vua dedicated to the Holy Martyrn, and uft4.T tho M>leniii dMlicatioii 
thereof tho l>otly uf ilit> fonwihl uiartyr waa tranolatrid thithf^r with 
kU rvTcaxiuoo. liter? he auw ix\ttd buricnl in ihr^ iHrdyibui liven lo ^Uivy, 
and fieaplendant with daily mimiL-loB. Hu dignifieB the «Artli wivh hiti 


St WxUiam of Nortvich, 


Toeritis, Vbi a^ToeptinvuiniLs doo m&rtj-r crubrin tuiqnc in hoclicninni 
diiiiii pruliilg<TL mimcultK quAatoqno sit apud doum uirttiti« ac 
meriti ^itidentibiiB patc«ciL eignin. Ibi quippc occtfi oi^mm, cliuidiii 
growum, tnutui Itx^uclain ct Id^&tub ecpc tudimiifl eonstim reetiUii, 
morbMo^ proteruk quai» pluriuiou cunhtrxi, nc nonnutlo;- km 
ouUbtn<?tO0 00iup<ix)ii)iiH alimiluL num<)iic ibi non dcAcinnCi initno 
dt tolttomAiontcax^brtmcAnt minicula, conatat profoolv <|u<kI pn>cipu« 
siDl ijt precioBfi in ct-Vts ipeiua lui^Kto. 

ii, /Jtf filia Riffiiutldi de Warennia mirt curata, 

PAVOIS pJst protnxaUuii tniiislationem djt-biia exactis, pariiula 
filia Reginaldi de Q^areniimtpKt iiHi|iiaiiiIiti iain cgmUucrat, 
Tniialt^woi'nte Uintknii inorbo ad njortcm \m\ne pemeiiit De cuius 
Diiuiruni salute deeporabant uniuersi, (juoniam .4iih ipHio mortis 
confinio, quasi niiniino iiita oiiu^ dv^fK-ndi^bat fito. Nompc mipremo 
filio flUcrimiiii co ampliiis parenteH condoli^bant, ()U0 ilbuii ]iiv 
ceU^ria uniwi i4em]>er diloxemnt Oc4»<itic ex comnlto ninths 
Norwiciim defcrtur b^nti Willelmi cumnda meritia Quo iibi 
p4*rm*nit, est aepuleriim ctim ublatk>no alti^it, coiitinuo ]ter gtunosi 

llinl>j^ but poAMCAAc^ bearen by hu morlM : nnd horo, ncceptod of OoD, 
\i<^ in diMiiiguinhi^i up to Lhid *\Ay \ty (rt^mt^nl mimcl^i, aikI ti u 
majufmt l»y uvitloot Hgna how giviat virtuo luid niorit be portseascn in 
Qoi>'b vight. Oftuu hnvo I ftoon rtighl r<wlorud to ilio bluid, tho power 
i>f vfLlklng to tho lamo, and npnocli to t!io dumb, and rtonAo to tb<9 
nmd ; mnny nJoU iiiony>vor JicmlIpcI, iirid Homo tbiit woro in iron^ fr^^ctd. 
And wli(<re;Lrt Lim inimtiToH fail not*, but mtli&r inultiplj liAjond thntt* 
vront, it is ck'Jir thnt Iiis mcrite are c«poi::ifvl and pn?cioTiK in tbn 

A f<*w dAj-f* ivftPi' the trniiftlfttion junL <inHt:nlnxl, tbr lUtlt' d»ug|it<sr 
of ttvf^iikld do Wuronnc*, ill for noinc timr, came to dcAtb** door ; alt 
ilcvtpfhiroil of lior rooovory ; aho W4i* on dofith's very vt'rifo^ and hung to 
lifrt but by a thrnnd, Hor pitr<»rit.H woro lh<» riK«p« ohivrply ^ovod at 
ibfrir cbild'M p<"n.l, innjiiiiacb a* thoy had alwnya lovod hnr Iv^yond tbtt 
rest of tlieir children. By tho advice of the motlier abfi vmA at lAJit 
broiiK^'t tti Norwich to bp bailed by the meril8 of 8t William. Tlifly 
WTivod, and as s^hr toucht'd tht^ tonih and made an offering, ttie pity tif 

' H* wai A yoanetr son of Willi»in. kocond E*r| Wnicnnit, IatA of Wnnnti|[By 
hi Vorftilk. He and liia -v'tTfi Klkv wen^ Iwur^frulorK lo thr nunnary of Cattow n<ar 
Itewloh whun King Stephen foiimluJ \i. in IU5 : hie dauKhter Muriel »aa a dqh 
there Hcdlcd in 1145' Buc Fon, •/uilffu, fitb nam., BJ&mon^hl, vii. 4M, Bjton, 



St Willictm of Nwmnch, 


hora coniiftluit. et c|ue moribunda aduener&t. Boepefl ctim suis 

iii De qjtodam a ueheTneTUimmo pedis dohre $anato. 

ERAT NoT-wici tuno lorupitm quidiim^ Ooclriciis nomine, trAp»- 
jUiisL officio, qui per niultos adeo i\iea lino egrotAiij^nit pode, 
lit nix iro, uix ittr> liarmzii pOiCHut iil'I contiiigtov. Cum<|nv iam 
tiiultum Tiiukrj <riiin <lo|ori> 4>x*>piw40t U>inpup, tAnH^m in8tinotu 
Kiionim lit pi>tuit, luiculi lM?itL-(icio nd lutncti WilUflmi tteptil^rtim 
pcTiicniL Oblfltrxiiio ilii ywdv ft*trpt> qu?m anto fnMimi Horrum 
fittitlenxt, »w ill *jntti<jnt? no uoto tutuiii nanotu niartirj ooiiiiiioii<likt- 
V<>mm pOMt m<xticum coniiurgcnvt, uun niitigatum imU!c |Hv)iN 
dolurvin HOiitit, dotim>nqui3 ouni gaudio repi:i{n]daDft, ex bolo breui 
con lint mL 

iv, De quodam Ebnirdo infftiw mnato. 

QVADAM itidem di<T *|uidmii EbraHiis rpicm Norwiocnsca 
pbtcjituriiim dicunl, luitnund't uoxutus spiritu, iimmbuh ^>obt 
tcTgiini Ug?Ltis, pcd]bn4(|iJe cumpcde constrictum fcrrcn, od ai^pul- 

(Son at onor (ru(M^jun*(} hiT by thr pmycru <kf His gloriouH nmrt.yr; 
f^r khf- rrcovi^rvH) tin* wliik* liiiur. uikI iifl<«r (Hitninij in n dj^Jitg *-Ukin, 
retunit^d ^vbule wJtb lier friends. 

iii. Of on^ who uja9 fmalr-d of faccmciatiTiff pains m tha /ooL 

There ws* then at trorwioli one ciille<l (iodric, a tUfin*?y-rliiiTi(cnr by 
tnHl(\ wliv haul luJLj; piiiTL<rtxl in one of Iiih fetTl mi Umt lii^ (viulcl iicnrorlv 
wiilk or fvirn jmt it l" tbr ground. Ttt* riiiJun.Ni tliiw t'jc somt' Uiiif, 
Aud at \maK won inituccd to como hh beat lie could liy tUv tirlp 
ill A HtAtf to Ht Williiuna tomb. There ho offi:Trd a wax foot whicli 
bi? hud hiut niiult* and brr»ught with fitiiii ami commrndcM] himjiolf 
wliolJy to the holy umt-ljr with pMtyi»r« oikd x-i>wh. RiKJng nfu^r a little. 
And frdOing thn pnin nf hlA font almidy mufh ilIu4U^, hr V4*nt homn 
joy, luid in a short tune recovered eiitirely. 

iv, 0/ ortA Ehrardt inad, wfto mat curcd^ 

Agnin, on a eertnir day, one Bbrarrl, called Pi«her by thcwu* of 
Ni>rvhricb, vexed by an unc1<inn npiiit, wiim i>roiigtit by a number of men 
to the holy mortyrx toiub with liia liundK tied bt^hirid him nnd fkiH fi^et 


St IViUiam of Normch. 

[bk. I 

fhnim MAnoti uiArtim multornm mnnibun oddubituT. V1>i povt 
liftuliilnin nc^xihiiH fortit dtivutliitiH TimniinlibuM, <intm cAnlingvn- 
potentt, iingiilk ao dentibiis ortidoliter laiii&bAL Se4 conAueiitibiui 
plunmin ivwnmLtur, nrctiiiK caarctAtiir, ot iiixtA fopnicmtn lioet 
niultum reoit^ns tvpooitur. Dunk<)uo ibidotn potnoclart-'t, &ec ad 
modicum Unguu cius gurulinLndo ajnuuit, flml ettAiiquain inulUtii- 
diiUA tiimii)[a]tU8 Adcmet, iu peraotiiiit. Tuiuultuanst ucro lioguA 
Don nisd Inepti^ts |>enM>nikbat i?i blAnpltoiniiui. Subdilticiilo tAndt^ni 
pMilulum <)ui€uit, nc diuirtA minontnto ^^tiei. pvr esuicti Willttltui 
ut crodlnms Buflr^Ur i^ui multiu nocitut iiuiampticfi tmntfej^'fui et 
diea, !?Abibnter d^rmire cc-pit. TrtereoTtis ueru pauculia uigiliie, 
itomui utijuo iturum aompiio tm oonfK-n'hni, doDco i^uictis boni^li<?io 
:iAture corrupts mibnotiin^tiir ot i?ttn>bn:i. Postmodum uMo ^mtrioasj 
nllAto «ibi cibo ot jKiitu oomc^dit ot bibit^ot oumgaudio circiv bonuu 

V. D^ att^o mimbilis in^ant^ tiirtt sanitaii residtti^ 

VIDIMVS qiVHfUt- <!t alio t«injK>i'e alti?rum iiiHani i^pitiH miro 
modo Ante wpulcnim bi^Ati martj-nn fiiribiitidimi (^uondooi 
Robcrtum noiuiiiCp dc jmrrocbia ftaucti MichAclis do CbunigeaTorL 


locked in nn Iron Inlbcw, Hin birndbiuidtt nocide^Ully g&vt? way, and 
hft then wivuigr^ly Uire with t^^tli ftiul nails nil vhcmi ho could IoucJl 
A oit>wd running up, he wjw wciirwl ngnm, nnd Ujund mtyrv tigtitJy 
and Inid by thr uitnb in npiu? uf bL^ viulbiil Htru;cK^^''« While Kpuiultng 
tht! nifcbt tht'rv his Uinguti iii.<vl-i' ki.^pt still fvi' a jjimm-ut, but h^ lAeitl 

oil aa if A Irtr^i i:riiwil of [xK'pIl^ wrii^ (^rr^H*tit , nnt\ in tbiH tumuli uf 
ftpcrcU he utU:rcd Dolhin^ but nuiuicUBv or btiuiphciuicek At IaaI, EkCAr 
dawn, ho waa quiet for a littlo j »iid by tlii> inenjy uf Ood'« gnbco, 
throuj«]i lh<< intc>n:^H«i<iri, lu vt4> ln^h^ve, vt St. William, I10 wbo hod 
|>iuiii#ixl uiJiny aWplcHA flftyji and nijttbt^ Vu^giin to .9iuiiil)«^ who)eA04iie1y. 
With ft fc»w tnt<^rvii!ii of wnkofulnoui, h« nh^pt Agnin and ii^n, till 
his diif^Juu'd coHMtituLiim and bniiii dj>rjve<l li^it^Iit fmm thi* mut, 
Aftvr ibiK lie wftH ver)' huni^ry, anil whc^ri food wju4 hrviught lo him, ttt«* 
and drank, ami jwyfully wvnt away whole alH>ut th« ninth hour, 

V, Of a $eeo7ul wmder/tLlty viod man u^htf wan rtrjrior^d to fi^tA, 

At anoLbcT time aliw wb saw a second man out of his mind who 
was niging Wrfnlly WfoR? the ttunb of the bh<SHOi] mutiyr: bin name 
wftH Kubert, of the imliihIi of St Michael Cojimford' at Norwit-^h. Ho 

1 'Ib« oburoli tfvi pnlW down in lh« rourt««ntb dmiIuv;. 


St Williani of NormcJi. 


^orwioi, Ist<3 nqnidem insini^ ruorbo uictsrlin wjlitti» <;rab ucxiui 
tcmium attjue \>h eum cnuwun iid sauctuni Willclmum cum lualre 
tunc ucnt^.rnl pcrcipicndo scili^x't ^mlia wiuLiidi^ ciiai 
ucDiwct ad eccldttUiiL, bubiUj urrcjjttiH ucjuiri cepjb. Quern mater 
fleas iiiultiH dclirutuiii bUniliciirt liitrui^im traxit, ut comiu martinis 
Mpnlchro cxhibuitn Vbl ut^ixj puuhiliLni iiixUi mutrcDi uiutiU^ui 
quiete coustitiont't, itmLstuiilo ct iaiticiile plurima Hexiui utritii!H]ut; 
tiirbu, ctmfetini t^^to tiviiiebunduH corjwn? qmw iliswoluitiir, oi 
iDo^timabili tuodo t^rt|uuLLtr. Ignoi Bclnlillaiiti oculi, horrentii 
peraouaut aooi. Sonus tiii^liiplicen cw uuum Uiloiiat, humiueai 
oblitiia coDUiil^iJ^ pjinni'^ cv^ipiis deiiuiUt. Pti(Ii-u«Iu ptirt'iil ncc 
piidct, sui itupuh puiuuti uiiiiUt; plutiiuii cxcnx't. Turrure assUteos 
ttirba cvrn|jitur, vliipcQt uuiutnii, nuuouHi licriiimntur, pro salulv 
piLcicDtiit cxomut pluiiuit. QuuJ inulu? S»ik;U Uiudum znartirjs 
lit civduimn tncrili.^i itiLi-nicMaciLtibua, diiinm ini^criLlio n^picit 
ho[iiiiii!incti'XpIcN^d(,^bachaaitrtMpuitUbiumifuji,pi\»ut i»pi>ntonirn 
AUiiitaU-u). ImpUulttr jjijpuli ntuporu miniouJi. diuiniitn que 
uirtul<^m in NiiKto r^uu Wjllelma luirubil^^iu predU^iit^M, aim ^idia 
8iii|{uli ixHlit^ruiil ml pitjpria. 

wtt autpdct to nttAckfl of mAdnoas at unoert&in tntervain, ^iid had In 
COHMquanco ccuh' with \i\» mothor to Ht WilliAm, in thn hope df bring 
cured. On iirriviii|]f at tlie church Ik^ t)f<K'tii al <»ric« tu ht vi^jkiit. Hid 
moUier with U^t^ contrivoil to coax him into tbo hujfding and pre- 
sentfd him b<?fort* thr^ mnrtyKs tomb. Uut when he hnx\ nat <|uiotly for a 
diort time bndde )iU TtioUier, who woa |)myin^ in ihu prvctenc^ of a lurg<* 
crowd of speclnkT'* i>f both w\r», he *iidd(*nly began to tremble all ovtir 
lu if ho wore bn^Aking down allogi^Lhrr^ and \\i: KUlt'rrtHl iiidi wcH I jahly. 
HU «yrM tlju4hi*d tiro ; h<! einittiHl frightful nowM. The lume iivouth 
ffave uttiBr&nce to every tind of ^ouiid : forgetting hU humftnity ho 
tore olf hb clot]ie» nnd vtrippc^l hhnwlf ttukrd ; urinblc! to control 
biniMtt ho vxcrcintKl cnonnouN vbrciigtU. Tlu? crowd of unUvk^m wora 
pmiic-ntnckuii ; &1I were ^utoikiabed. Buin« wepl^ others praji;*! for th^^ 
pnl-ieiiL'h fecovcrj\ What iiiorol By th« intrrvention, oji wo twlicvo, 
of tliP ppaycr* of tho holy martyr, God'» pity looked upon t\w> mftu, 
drove out tho miwinwa uf hU mviti^ Hpirit, riud gave him aanity for th^ 
future. The people wi^i^e tillrxl with ainATement at thr mimolA, and 
|M>ielaiined the Di%-iiie power to he wonderful in hi* «jint William, 
and n^tiirnMl to their hompfl in joy. 

W. H. 



St Wilii<Mfi of 2fot*mch. 


ALIOquoquo toniporL> nntlit^r i{uo<Iain de Belhahe Sieldcware 
nomine mnligDo turbntn spiritu. Norwiciim a aiiia ^aucti 
Willelmi ciiraiida mentis adducitiir. Que cum Jid i?ook^ie jK>nie* 
outset ititroitum, ibi (liicibaM re^titit suls aUjue a fcrltwimij* 
tjuatuor iiirifl uix iutromuro pertndii pntuit. lila iiero admirabili 
€<>niialciK^i*-n» uirtutc Umentium elabi manibus U-^mptAbiit, et clajra 
uoce peTGotianfi dicebat; Qiiifl mihi iiultia ? Quo me trahitifi? 
Ilhm itiac niillait nnw ibi>. Turn tlli collatia iiiribuB »am ittolcntitiw 
ampiuFit peploquc cjtpiti subl'tto, bmcbia et zona, pedes constrm* 
gonL Conatricta, igitur ad itepiilcrum nancti mftrtiru* clanuuiA el 
eiulanH doftTtnr, ao prop<- illud monachi costodia asftensu depo- 
nitur, Ab ea statim horn milium Kt; Iiabult. clamore^ue ineptoct 
ropreuit. Tiirtebat ctODim hofitis ut crodo malignu« suis ilium 
claiTioribtifl inmiietare et inquietatum mmis offcndere, cuins 
utcimu aibi formidabiliti pix^iHirutiair* Hentiebat adcAse. Cim] ergii 
inibi satifl pacific^ se habi.Tet» qui inKatiaiD adJuxerant, iani aanam 
credidemitt, AumuHur liaf^ dv oauwa t-minii^, in i»cc(*.kii>i diner- 
Borio, eoque Becurius quo iam sana creditur, eocjiie iustiuB, quo 


vi. Q/ a nuui tcomrin hetdad. 

At ani^ithor timOi a womaji of Bolrkngh ', by tiAaic Sii^Idowans voximI 
\>y a wiclwd npirit, wna brou^lit by hor Irienda to Norwiob to bo curod 
by tbt' incritB of St Willmm • on arriving nt tbe door of the church, 
ftbe iTia<le a ritand and rould hjinlly tio druggwl iriHtrle hy four Htinng 
men. With nurpming efTorta she etrovp to (iscape thdr hatida, and 
kept crying loudly, **Whftt wouh) yc with me? Whitlier are ye 
dra^l^Qg me? I won't, I woa't ^i> (hffref" Oalherinj^ their Htrefiiflh 
thoy ftej3i<y! brr vtok'ntly^ and t^uirin^ cjIF her heju) Ici^rchii^f bound hor 
aniirt witli that, uiid her t^^i with a. girdle: thus bound, alie voa 
carried crying; and screaiiiing to the holy ninrtyrV UmiU and laifl down 
near it, with tlio i^JLnctiiin of tbe monk who was guarding it. Frooi 
tliat hour nhe behaved more calndy, aud refrained from her foolidi 
cries. For, as I think, tho wict(?d onemy was afraid of distiirbiiij; 
the miint with \i\n cvivK, aud of ofTriidiug htm by ho diKturbing him, 
ilnoe he felt the presence of a power whidi he feared. Since th«D, 
nhc WAN IxfLikviiLg hcnclf quit^tly enough thei^ thoee who liad brought 
the mad woman thought that abc was alreiidy oann ; Jtbo wa« voiiM^ 
quontly takm awAy to a rotirod plaoo with tho more oonfidioaoc aa 
she WAS thought to be now ui\.aa, uiiJ witfi tbo tnumi rMi^on. thfttthe 
' A rtlUgo on iho Da», ci^ht mUot txotih of NDrwioh, 


St William of Nonvivk. 


plehs Ad Hopulcnim mm obUtiombua confiuenA cuih prenentia rum 
impedifbtur. Amotam iien> »tid lulhiic tunien mo(]o quo prediii 
ooDstmtiim, mnliguus itiiiem ut priUH inuafilt, et uexauit Rpiritun. 
Ex quo patent-er conici dfttur. quoDiuni bcAtum tnartirL-m ualdo 
timebat, in cniuM prescntiA oArn ut-xorc ausus tton fuerot, quaiii ub 
motU atwentem preflOD« ipse torquebat. Poiro mulier humi uiceim, 
nimc talb^ Ulliirom ooiioitlcabnt nunc di^nlibua uincula qiiibiie* 
artabatur diAcorporc* cDimtnr, Turn di'testabilcifl mminat ineptios, 
turn iiocibiis huiTendjs complet ecclesiam. Tara misembili spec- 
taculo miilta hommiim conHuxemt inultitudoK t^oqiiocjiK; forte 
intorfui. qui miitere compas»u}4, iterum prope Kepulcrum itiam 
rcponi precepi. (juo factpo, oonteHlim ac w iiicliil anU-a mali per- 
tuJiE«<i.-t. qiiieuit, nallutnipic in <» insanic Hi^um upparuib. Pre- 
sertitii posL {fauliiLum Roinpno o^pta, que miiltiH antva diebua nan 
doniti(.'nit, turn cibuin rtumpHi'mt. dormiro cepit, atqui? iluobus 
wmis diebu» ei una nocte continuo quicuit Borapno. Tercia 
demiim exp(ri^'6ictA die, oibo allato et potu tidii^etitem recn^uit 
ftpirituin. RedJilu itjique saiiiULti pn7<tin6 imlicr, celettte reme- 
dnim percepit, quo corpus mlubntate ti anima fide coniialuit* 

people who assombled at the lumh with their offerings might not be 
hindond by her prcwpucx?. Uut, whon rpir*>VGd from the tonit>, whiltr nhn 
wruKtill bound lu 1 have drAcribcd, the evil on<i came upon hrr jut Muth 
and imubled her. 9o ihat we uuxy plainly coujeoture ihut he wm muoh 
afraid of the blensed rriartyr, in whose prrsciice he Uru\ not ^Inrwl to 
trouble hiH victim, thotigh wIimi nho. wtu p'niavc<fl li« cnine tuid tor- 
intintfMl tier. The woman, however, Uy en the grouDd, sometlmee 
druTiiining with her hiwl\ iwiiK^tiifien trying to l*inr with Jn.^r l4*rtb 
thr tiand* which cpiiHuhI hot, inTittrrrins HPnacliMm mid h'jrrid wottLi 
and HlliafE the ohutxh with dn^/ulful crioH. A largi^ crowd hftd 
alre«dy ik«iientb1ed to w>e the |>itiful flight: I too hnppuncd U> b» thoro 
and in pity for hor hndu thnt iho ihouM SL^Ain Iw Inid by the tomb. 
At oncv hIii! bocfinip quii^t, lui if imthing had ailed her, And sheweil no 
aign of madueaa Id & little while nleep camo upon her, and nhn who 
for many days had neither sk^it nor ent^Mi, nuw ulept for two dayn 
and 14 hiilf, onfl cnr iiij^ht (^ontinuou^y ; Jtnd wakiu|{ on the third dny, 
when food and drink wei-e brought to her, refreshed her exhausted 
sfiirit ; and bo, being reatored to her fomuT lanity, iihtaiued the 
hwvcniy remedy, whereby her body grew btrong in health a&d her 
■ool in faith. 



Sir WiUiam of Normch. 


vjl I>e puertt a caduco mo9'bo Hberota 
TV /TILES qiiidjini tie. Haghele Raniilfui* nomine fiHiini habebat, 
X\-l- <iui caduco morbu pc-r initlto?i aimoa laboraui^rnL Hie ad 
satictum Willnliiiuma suU quandoquu iidductii?*, i»rationeru fiidit, 
oblationom optulit al, iielut poHt«a matris nunlio didicimu^, tnt^rbi 
illiiis mole&tmm iilterins oon scnait Vonit ct aliuft qiiWam de 
Luthingulant cuing nomen animo excidit, cam tiille sue pivsliiUro, 
qui adlicet rusticns vrimilitc-r cadiiou l&V>mbat morba Adeoque 
infestabatur incommodo, ut tkiilln otnnino dip4>i tran«iivt, i|im niorbi 
ilHuH molefltiam non xuKtinvrc^t V\*nim cum nd iieiM-mbile beati 
martyrifl iteDi&tel aepulchrum, nliqtiamdiu in oralion*; pcratitit, 
candclam optuiit, et qiux] pie pfjatiilauil, fid^rJiter optinere meruit 
I>iuiim E>tiim inL*nti;4 ifancti Willcltni propiliatitu gmtia, non 
\iltonii!< ftgniudiniA aenfiit Aalite iDqiiietudinem: atque oiuif rci 
pof^iiMHluni turn ab ipno turn ab oliis, aic se habere coguouiintia 

[I7B ipso tempore ib Lunna in parrochia aaucti Edmundi, 
miilicr quoilam eraX. Qillnia nomine Burcjirdi carpeDtani 


A d^rtnin knight of Hau^hJey' named Kaiiulph had a boy who 
for rnrLiiy ycam tiad stulTi^rHl from f^pilopny. lie wa« brought by hie 
friends lo St WlUiaiii, prayed, uflerr^d, u-ud, h» wo afUrrunrdli Icarnivl 
fn»ii hi* iiiolhtir> felt no furlhur I^urui fruiii die diawutQ. 

Another, too, who^o uftiiic T h«ve fur|jotL«tt, caujh tvotn Lulhtii^- 
ItLcd^ Willi hi» pnrinJi pri«nt ; ho was a ptwiAnt HkcwiAR afiUctMl with 
opilepay, nud to auch a dcgreu Ui»t hardly » day puwd in wrhioh ho 
did Tiut expen@nc« a-n littook. But in\ coining to tlu odornblo iam\> ■ 
of th*< blessed martyr, aikI pmyinit for nonio tinie Aiid niT*irtng » oandle^ I 
he wns ju!counU^d worthy In obtain fHillifully what hti a&kml in piiHj, , 
For C!t>d'-K gnw« uoi]W!nt<t<i to the merit* of 8t Willmm. and hi* Mt 
»o further disturbance of Ijik wuntnd Mcki^esa, We uubuequontly 
oHcortidnod thr tnith of thr#o facts from hUix auii from othen. 

Nrar the eame time, at Lynn in the pfiriHh of St Edmund', 
wnH ft wouuin oidltxJ (.Jit]iv:i, daughter of Bun^rri a carpenter. 

> A vUliMce in Suffolk next titowruarket. ■ X hmidnxl in SulTolk. 

' Tho imrijih (if Ht K Jmund, North Lynn, [h ni»w unilcd "ith th»t ol Si U&r^rvt j 
Mi»d 9t ItJdkvEiLfl, Tlio oborob bw dUupptml, 


Si William of Norwich, 


(ri^tiiiiiiiii oecibiB daiMptiAuit Ail cumulum uero Lnfortunii UntiiJj 
palpebris uiecaslt ilolor, opprosHit AngustiA, ut tf>tpO illn tnonmo 
cilm iiumpcr cIauhu, vi iintuti uiitcu couglutirmta huberc-i, ne^c> illiL 
qiuwdoque aperiro pons«?U fixcnmo tAndom trieonio, nd beatj 
nuutiric WDlulmi refu^'ium tauquam od UDleum ct itiiigulat^ ro- 
tncdium coDiiig^ro diAposLiitt «oquo fiduciatius quo et a.\ioA eimili 
c«eitatc duiii]>natoB, iaiiia pi omulgnuti^ ad Mvpulchrum cJuit curatoH 
djdicit. luuy^tiiH uopiN illiuj^ tnuiito funiciilg pr^uiLLa ducatum 
prubail^ ouiuft illui du^riti b«iu*ticLo Norwi<^iun tondom nd MLnctnm 
Will^liiLUin perutrnit, Aj^t8iJ8 ii<mv cur^iii uluvri, urari> oi^pit, modi- 
i:tU]U(> uratigiUfi vxu^uttL pirtiuiicula, rt'ttqtium Kiibita tloloHn 
uohciDutilia intnrcipitur. Turbntur«iquidom oaput,ocuWut.<^rqao 
uuporo quodaiu i^Dc<o curripitur, unguibui^ fivtiN nt gene uclluntur 
DcAGuicinto linguiitia, hiitni nniitenL dcuoluitur ol quabi furiis 
agitctur per pauimotituui uulutaus, ujimvumei «t horroitdia cliuruH 
ribiui totum roplcuit ct turbauit QC^li^iatn. Vcrum inX,r,T dolorum 
oculcoa uucu uouifcruiifl cWti. Udia iutcrdum uittrBcrebat : Alnio 
pucrct mortir Willclnic. mi^orcrc mihi tuiMirc, quL ct aLiLA &<equoa- 
liamme miaererJB. Coucurnt ud spocbnculum oiultitudu [>opuliuia^ 
que die ilU vd ecclctnibm lurm»ttm proccworaU Viea illiuA doloritf 


IoaI Iict »^lit by jvn nc^cidcnt and Hiiff<.-rY>d Viliadnr^a^is fbr UirOO yoAlSt 
To crown hf^r misfortune, luch paiiii* and aiiguinh «UiM:k«d bv hx 
Iho «jr<flid0 that for tho whole of that time ber loubce wei-o olvrayi 
olosed, and lU it wer« glued togvtliur, rvnd iJiD wn« novur ablo to 
Opon tbwik- At thfl end of throo yeitni Jib^ d^tertiiinwl to fly for 
aiicpour to the bIwiH-d martyr William, aa to h*r ono and oidy rpfnge ; 
and LhU with tha mom <itinfid<ffici« aa mpcirt liorl told her that othrm 
ftimilarly »]TUut<Td had hti^n l-uhhI at biii tuniU Ucr yoting nrph«^w 
put a clew of thread in her liand ajid went before to guide ber, and 
in this way she reachod Norwich and St William, t^landing before 
tht^ attar slii?) hf-^i^an to pray, and had lin]j(hi<<I but a liltir of her prayor 
when Hhe wau iuterruptaJ hy a nuddeii aii<l inataixt attnclc of paiti. 
Her head i^eeted^ her eyea were anitttea with a tlery vapour; sho 
toro her brow and checks vrith her natU, and falling on the grotind 
in agony rollod on tht? pavinncnt like a miul tiling, dlliri;; tbu church 
with loud and ItTrifytng shrieks. Y«t auiidfit her pain she called 
aloud with buuh ejaculutioiiB aa tbeae : "O gentle boy and martyr 
WiUiam, pity mol many are those on whom thou hajit mercy T A 
Urge throng rapidly afaemblixl, who hjid Uiat day oomc to the church 



St William of fforwick. 


noljL'mcfntm, ntittivrsj oompatiuiitUT, nc piL^Uiiia oornmott iiir«ooribiiK 
piXfCOH pantcr fu<1omnt i^t liu-rimiuL Emt m tam taiiGtriibiH iipo<!- 
tflcnlo, sexiis di^pariA par H^tiw, uotntn et ^iiiUtus. Quw enini 
Aideo Upidoufi talia cerneret* ot non ooinputictuif luminjt floUbuM 
QODt]n<>ret ? Poet ta&to« doniijuc Ubore« <>t cnici&tus, diuin^ 
miaenLtiODia intuitu int^meuieiitibuu b«4ai mattiri* ut return 
creHimits m^ritie, pauUtim ccpit tnitesc^re dolor. Turn' ilU 
«4>lestia rt^medii »ODticns adiientunn, o term AurgiMis erectis ad 
otrJum mAnibuH cilia quo Autvu 4>boliiHa. bubu^at nee pre ^loloro uol 
ad modicum aperire pot«rat, tunc apeniit. aUtimquo caDguiniK 
qui^i mdiiu ab utruquu oculo i*iiiinuK pronirnp4?n9 effluxit. Xoc 
Diom, quoMi i^tiotlatii noui luminis rooasooLit^ ihU]x>nL, diutumo 
oecitaiifl uox ilia depolUtur. Videtia iila quum diu iion tiidcrat, «i 
diu dwidoriLUcrat tuocm, Ic^toitur ct ait: Nunc tibi, daus altiSKOHi 
uniuvraomm oomlitor et reformator, tibi ijuoqui-* iMUiciiiainia d«a 
martir WiUtiJnic, dvbita« luudoft ot gwniitut |>on9>luo quonlam ot poab 
taDtofl dolorea qui^tem et, pobt trieDnii ooiitiiiuaii^ oociUUi>ni, 
uiaum ri^cipio. Uie diott« ^^iiguiDvia ab oculis oxtorgooff ot groa- 
turn moaeTi8, aepulcro sancti martiris propius aooeeflit, omuit, 
ailatain tdbi caridolaro optulit, ot ad populuTn bo ooaui^rtcjui, sc 



la prooOMion. AH corapAiuionntnl hor Jiharp Agony ; and, mov<*d 
With pUy, poutvd forth prayoni ftiid tvaru. Both »Qxa« wnpt, firayadj 
and criod ultke xt tUtf pitiful HighL Fur ^'hijuu hiwrt muld lini« boan 
»M> nU>ny M to bnbdd thin iind Pfifruin fnmi j^htHlding teftral At length 
aftor thU lonji t4>rturo, at thu look of Urn divine xntiTcy, by the in- 
UrrveDtion, oh we truly bdieve, of tlie Lle*«ied iwtJlyr'H muriU, Uio 
pain began «l<jwly to nl»ftt*_ Then th« woman, feeliog that tJw 
huuvctdy UkVfHcine witA on iU way, roM*, 4ml lifting her handx to 
hiMvcui, <rpoiied tho8e lid^ which bad t>e«ii W^re clowd, ;uid ocjuld 
uoL b« yponed even for a moment, for the paiu tliey gave her. At 
once A r&y^ aa 1 may call it, of Ijlood shot from eitiior eye, Mid theny 
witli tiko long niglit of blindiicwH iiutIuhJ awjty ha if at tlir dawn of 
a liew light, She tliut hud (or lofig not s«eu, aiul bad dtxtired the 
light, now HAW ; and with joy 8ho said, '* Now luito Thee, O (>od most 
hIgU, creator and aiue^nder of all tliingi, and to tboa aloo, WiULuD, 
ngflt holy luarCyr of (iod, I pay the thaiiki» mid pnuseb T owe, tor 
that 1 now receive? again rcwb nftcr mt gri»t pain, ftiid au^ht Afu^r 
thrbo yearn' blindncoa" With those words ahc wiped the blood froai 
Lor cyoa and drow near to this tomb of tho holj- martyr. She prAyod, 
and o0t>rod a candle that (dio hi&d brgujjbt witii hi»i', uid, turtao^ 


Sc William q/" Norv^ich, 


nimim rcocpiHC prcdicauiu Admimtur ttaamUsim popuhis, Irictiu 
mutatur in gsudium^ |iaH(|uc^ tiuiutfmorum cliuiiorc iv\ kuidem del 
glonoMi ct ntwiifoita boabuwiiiu umrtiiia WilMiui uiiloa tJJiUil- 

ix. J)e PMUippo de Bella Arbore ct de /erreo bj-acfiii eius 
drvuio conJrucCo. 

CRESCEBAT cottdie admiratio, et fiima mxicii mArtJria Con- 
fluebonL ad euin ex longinquia etiam re^ionibiiH pliirimi, 
abat^luobAiitiir tiincti, curabuntiir ititinni, ob qui tmU^ Hilut-iK^mnt, 
rt^^n.^diimHir loti. Christus niniirum gmtiam quam sancto 6U0 
contutcmt inditiiH minihililju^ diliit^bau Dumciuv magnm maioTAp 
ct iniruculis EUCccduDtr miriioulH, [ion iiuTucriW beato martiri cuius 
bvc tiunt mentis, laus creacit, el fame diffusiom gloriji. Que 
uuLuen^i proitt gv^i nuiit si commcmurom, pombit prolixitAa oon* 
EetiU ^tidium. Ga propU'r pie lectoriH deuotioni atilo ^HnpUci 
pcnttricgimus, r|uc relatu di^niom ud famo^bitiiim iudkamun, 
quibim nee percurreotis uulneretur animus, nee deuotionij^ tepescat 
afieotus. IgJtur upere ]>rociuro reor atfectuijAain le^eutiuni ia* 

to tha people, pmolaimed that »lie bad reodved hor light Tlie by- 
st«iid«ra uarveJltid ; tlmlr sorrow wu8 turned to joy, ^Lnd all unit«(! 
tlieir voices in extolliitg the glorious and vridont power of the most 
blmwcd martyr VVUhaui, to thti praiae ol Uod, 

ix. 0/ Philip cU BalUk ArOor^ nnd iha brMkin^ vf Uu «wi ring <m 

Evury day the fame and wonder of the holy martyr continattd 
to ffrow, and many cj^me thronging to him, even frnn romtjtr dwtricU : 
the boond w«re hxuuxl, lh(^ lUck healed, nnr) thuKr who had come 
tn Horro* vri»iit away in joy. Chrij*t waa indeed increasing by wooder- 
ful n\^\A tilt? ^acie He hod conferred on lliu holy onn : and n* grnator 
wonders auccw^ed tho«e aJieady great, and marvel ff>||uw«(i upon 
marrelf it was only reaiioiiabJe that thu prajw? of thtr bleesed martyr 
flhould grow luid hin fame kw aprrail jibrtuwl W«re 1 to relafe every- 
thing a« it liappi7n«d oiy book would l>e bo long a** t-o cmgrrnrier diagusL 
So I m«r«ly tikeiob out tn simple language lor tho piouji rcuuJer snch 
thii]^ AM I Judge bent worth tho tolling or movt widvly known,*^ 
eucb, Uio, iw will n(-ilhcr injuro tU« ftoul of him who peniawi them 
DOT uhiuo devotion to WAX cool. I think il^ tlion, worth whilo to 


St WillMm of Norwich. 


iiitaro, inuitivtftm lurccndcnr, uoooTWAni ampHficrtt^* dotiotionem, 
ilium TOitora odmimbiloni Philippi d<t BrlU Ar>)oro pn>p«Uindci 
c^ucnt^1n. Ih <ic rogiono Luthftrifl oriundits eTSti, tiobiliv goncre, 
roi1<vi prof(v*i<>no, miintiano jutUBiAih* pr^jniueiifl honore. Tormm 
ftrnpUm. ft Cftfltolln phirirrift pntcmo horr^Iitnti* inn? opiineWt., 
Bcd frati^r i]uom luluerBArium habf>bat ao robell^ni, ttim fnuicU turn 
mpino uiol<»ntift, dnbitiun nlhi po«»oMaioncm nuixinm @z portioTK! 
imnunucrat. Vndo contipit, ut frntornc rlibetiotiiK nflTL^ctum n 
gommnia inontibua aubintrjiiLa L<t pitulutim pullulan*! etohi<l<>ret 
odium. Iui]i(|UO In tAntum miccrouorat ixlii mAlitin, iit alter Don 
nisi alterius aitirot cruoroni, Don nisi in altoHim neco niinin iH3iiiib<- 
tero apemnt tuilutcm. Dum<fii<^ oiiiunqtUT ki%Uih oi porix^nlum 
fortuEUi ucraftrotur aloa, forte oonti^t lit Philippii)', dum die 
(|uarlani cum milittbus eiiis itincniret, ex ineperato reooTt^m gt^r- 
mjitinm cuni pauoiii obuium huburot. Qnu o&ku pc<rl4>mtus ille, 
UCT9W froniH, omnom m cdon'tnie fiigo ^pom ealutU po^uit. 
Futons uero nd propiiK^uAm diucrtit oooWiaiu ^junni auh religtonis 
habttu deo rainularitee inhabitabiint catifinicL Hiuic igitur qiinid 
singiilAre snbitiB gue luj^lum cum ^uis tromebundus ing^roditur, 
ibra Horia ob^nintiir Ncc mora, oumi condto purec^picns Pbi- 

frtbTHCt the loving devotion of tlio reader, to kindle it when nttmct^^, 
to fun it wben kindltsd, hy %iittmg forth the truly marvellous auw 
of Philip ilo B(*Ua ArbQr«\ III^ wrw a nntivo id Lorraiinet noble* by 
birth, ft soldior by calling, distuigui»htid in worldly rank. He 
VAN entitled to a largo torritory and many caatles by the law of 
]nht<ritthiK'e ; but a limthrr wh<i wak biH oncn^y and rebelled a^nitt 
luiu lukJ, p^irtly by fnkud, and partly by WQlrnco and rapine, diniiiiiulied 
Mit rightful poasea&iofia by a largr porlioiL Ir conwquence. hatred 
crept into tlio brotlu^ni' inuidit, and stowly ^(^''"■■t^'^ting dn>vr out 
theriQt? broUicrly aff^^ction ; nnd it grew to auch a pitcli that what 
«ach most tliirsted after waa the other's bICKKJ, and bia only hope of 
«ately lay in \ht: otlier'n Ut^tttli. Aud, aa Lho peril and vaforty of 
Caob wfia to&accl in fMituuv^a ^aiiiit, it happeiiixl otke day thai Philip 
whtrti journeyiug with hii* rctiuutr unexpocLixlly full iu with itia btviber 
vf\w vrut iiliiiofit idoDO. Tlio luttcr iji panic tumod )ii« bot«o'< lioiu] 
and pinned bi£ haperi on >^\vih (light. Oit his ooum ho cointf to « 
cburoh hurd by, occupied by «ariond who lived and sorvod God tharo 
u retigiouH ; trembling with foftr he enteral it with hi« men, «a hii 
only refug^v and the dooi's were tuclced. Philip in hot purauit shortly 



St WUtiam of Norurich, 


lippuv ndiiuml, pivclueoui lures ulTeiirlii^ IiLMtt^tucgiK) fiirvti» sibi 
reddi riHjumtiiil. Ciimqu<? pnM^ibii^ mo miiiifi ttiiiliuK |>crH]t«ivrct, 
ct t*c iucfuvium Uiboix* soulin-l, igUfui jjustrt'ino furibtiuduh a/Jmo- 
u«t, ut ud igiiin homir nxU«n|iii?at, i)uim1 inimirum l^ircfr noii 
Uftlebikt. IgHiir mJninto i>^n]«. <'t inciituVrnic fartuin ticiilo, cfx^ltHnn, 
pro Defaal cum (■l)iciiu» ijimliK numu l-L ijiie Intiraitt iiuiuerHiti coq- 
creiiHitnr, ]ociini|ur in plfLiiiticin nurlum rr-tligiliir. IVniipcttdU 
uictor patratuiu fHclDns, quoniiini hoate scilicel, ci^a^umpto iiunm 
prv Icticm ulctorifi unlollitur iiiiinius. ?(tm? rv Uiii cnideliter 
gr«tA dill Isbvru noa poluil. quia c;t Aub i]M«o actianU nrttculo, fiuua 
quod gcr«ituTii c«t, mm circutJiijiiAquv iliuuIgfLuit, i^n di^iniiiu nr- 
cJiLupiHco|>ij Tu-uereiint, ih\ ciiiiiit dkH--i.«i jdt-in Phili|i]iiL» cr»L, rc« 
ipm iDnoUiit, A quo illc teroGL hocuikIo ac turcio euocatiiA, «uper 
Uitito Mcelere conueuilur. Btil ut hm v.l nudiutiiurciun Jiiw>ltfiift 
rvportiis ct c<mliiri]a3;, proul chrijitiani' tvHgioniH deccmit I'i^r. 
exconiiiuuuc-Atiuiiif^ uindt-iu >«TiileriLk p]e(;lihir, l4?i'rH<ju(? «iiiH 
utiiuaiyi, ub mtm Imbvt ecck'^inKUciiir^, iLimthi.-mMz»^ uinciilo iimodEi- 
tiir Vcnini illc iuuciiili feriiore fenieuH effi'tjnm et effi'uijilUH 
uniui^tTii iktchili pcndil, doiim i^*t honitniTS tioii n^noix^tur, furiimiuu 
kiueotu^, in inolitie propoeito quod cepcrab bienoio irreiiocabilta 

up, lound tlw doom sliut. and furiously (lemAndod tlmt liiii foe 
iboold hv giv^ii up to htTii, Thi^aU axul ^ra,yf^n v&tv found «Uho 
nnnviuling; bo at laat in hU mftr* Kn ttat firv Ui the place Jii ordor 
tliAt thn fnur of that ntlj^ht i^itort vhat liia tJireateningB could not. 
Tlie tiro was IcinrllfN^, thoro was a strong wind blowiiis,% tmd, horrihlo 
to rcljitOt ihn church, tho adjoininjc 1>uilduij{H, the imaaten, nay, 
«Tt)rythinfr in Llimri va% contumed, and the aite reduodd to jv wMHto, 
littlo cared the victor for h'ln crinko; he men^ljr cxultod over thfl 
daitnction of hbt oncuny. A ilnnd »o fttrocioua oould not, howfrror, 
long rvmainod concealed; indeed, at the tuik^ of its commiaAion tfio 
rrport of it waa spread everywhere, and came to the ears of tho 
ArchbUhop of Trevea, to whose diocese Philip belonged- Summoned 
by this prelate to answer for thtj offcnoci onoe, twioa, ftnti tlirice, 
bo reinAiiiod from iimt to laat ineioleut and contumacious, and wait 
Lfiaally vistced, us the strict Uw of ChriHtinnity »yi^nH, wictL tlie 
'•entence of <*xcoiiimUDicnt.ign, nnd all \m Uuda laid undi?r th<i ban 
i4 the Cliurcb, vm it* hiw dirrote. Vtrt^ in the boat of youth, un- 
cvrlml fMid uamtnuDed, \w itijvla kigbt of aII, fe«fo<i iieitlii^r Oixl 
figr mno, uid bke m madmnn p«niovorad for t^ opoce of two yonn 


& Wifiiani of NorwuJi. 


poTMUcmt Intorca crc-bris iotordnm auorum mouiti^ dofftti^pjatuB 
ot ULmJcm perEUOAUA, nnlit ad cor deui^miis Jtinjc pmunncftton 
Et <iuofiiaai dim rectum rnyri cc^iapicit ira, ira 06cu:& patrati faci- 
Dom uelnjniuiitiam <ju&ib noociura duudiuftu<jrat, ad tso potttjnodutn 
r€iKimii8 uohcmontcr o;cho!TQ8Ccne doplomt. Qunndoquo t^tur 
humiliatufi, lu; toto ooiUu ooDxtcnutuet, ATchipronuliH pcdibutf lugoiut 
pmuoluitur, Qofiiftm |Kttit promorotur, Ipmim itbqiio cum «>dtn 
CDikli^factonbtm od papam tiirio tviaporia Eugcniutn u^:hi<^pii40opl1H 
diri^t, orirainiH raodiitn htlcrui inncrit c^oMleaiqiic pn|Mk <nim 
ponitcjilio rvecripto od mittcutcm reiiiitlit. Quid mulla? LoricA 
Philipputt niidfvm nd cnmcm urntitiir, gliulio prttprLo cinnimoingi- 
tur, ft^rro brocbiA circiiUnlur. Exilium prctcroa ct pcrcgnnatio 
deconnia indicitur, loci sAori n^punlio fieri tubetur. Quiqao 
nclftndi oonsodalc!* paritcr ^xtitcrant fucti, ct in pcnA hod di*pftri 
ouinptnttt aunt vFTooti. Iixm itnquc fcrro paritcr damptiAiti, pnnter 
exeunt dc tcrn^, el de cogD(vt;oDc sua, tempore profinito pcrcgri- 
nAutcfl in &lioru^ Emcu^tb dvJiifjut.' pluritoid per eeptcEuiium 
rogiombua dining) miAenktioni^ intuitu, Philippns iMc npud Jtim- 
wUciik ooram dumiuico acpulcro diruptm uc di^solutiB tonce sue 

in tho ovil coumo hv b^d bognn. During aX\ thia timo, W04ri«d 
by thn frot^uont warnings of Ina men. and wX Uat pcnoudod, 
th(* ferocious lavlirwiker rt*Uirnt*d lo liin n^iinen. And ftinc« "Mum^ 
•firuCA /iitH« no jjtiih^" a8 long ju he wa# hlindnl with Iiia wmUi he 
hsd nevc^r apprccintcti the ^rmvity of his crimo; but on returning 
bo h]m«[<1f hv iMiiunliJd it witli liomtr HambW nt Itrnj^tlt aad 
proHtntto with terror, he fluna hiniN^lf aL tliii feet of tlie arcrhbiHhop, 
bcgg«d for^veueu And oblihlut-vl it. The bi<c]ibi»hop sent liim nnd 
hilt (M>mpnni»na ip crime to tln^ tlicn piipo, Kugcniui(e IU5 — 53}, with 
A IcHtcr (wtting Uivi\i the* maiiiH-'r «! ttw trimu ; and tlw pr-pc i»ent 
tlieni b&ck whence tliey oaiue with a decrea of peiianctL To bv 
short, Philip wiu ciothed iu a shirt of in&il on liia lirir^ fli^h, girt 
with hiH own nwordi hit nrms ring<*d with iron, and a ten yeara' 
oeutunce ol oxile and vraiicltrnD^T} '^ ^^'H ^^ Enhe reparutiou of (he holy 
place he IimI destroyed, etijoiued upon hiin. ThoHo who liad Stared 
in the nvfui d&ed aharad aljto in the puuLslimenl. Condemned to a like 
wrarin^ of irons, they all went forth from their lands and tholr kindred 
and wandvr^ abroa<l for Ute poriod pn^^Acrilttxl. After imviorwcig 
LiiAEiy 1aiid» in a period of KRVtiu yr«r» UtJciV murcy Icxikwl upon Philtp^ 
uid At JfiruMtJom Ufforo the Htrpulchrti of the Lord the mail of his 



St Wiiliam of Nonvich. 


mactilU, iiiulcle &uc rrmxitim Liberatus cat portions In HiWntiA 
f^ui>|uc aptid MLnctum Breiidunum. dtumt> uirtutie gratia, quo cir- 
cunicingobfttnr inlcrruptiis c«t glnclitii<. In AngUa uom npml 
NorwLcutn, ad boatiaHmi martiris Willclmi iwptilcnim fcntiu* 
bnchii doxtri confroctitA ciil circiilKH. Diim onim jHVft diiitiimam 
penp^natiaDora pluriuias Aiiglio penctraiido rcgionoSi ucnemnHo 
vnticlonim locn rcquircrct Atquc i4uf!ra^a, diutiin ut credimiut 
ilium tmhcntc grutift, Norwicnm ad inni famoflwimtim^gii 
mnrtmn WilKdmi acpiilclirum adueiiit. VW duin pic douotionia 
prec^a effunderot. subito in ocnlis Tio!<itriii dcxtri braohii crcpiit 
fomini, ciLiiin Hoiiitu? numet reddidit uttoiiitfla usaistfLntiuiu. Id 
(jiui rcucrn opcmticne: mniiim, diiiinc nobm patenter clamit 
uirtuH pielAtis. Oiiitis roi lam gloriof^ spcctoculo occurrit saccr 
illc monachoniiu conucntua deumtjiie m satkcto martjru «tuu mini- 
biJciD predicant, Iftudc^ ci dcbitA» exaoluit «t grabijui. Ncmpc JUin 
credGndum oon cenwro, qui hiiiuamodi facta trutaiiuoniui aancri- 
bunt fruiid identic. Qiiio^uid erum malitiozti giroun^ uictWt.-^ 
^TAbia qiicstus o^nt, noa utique quod oculis iiofitii^ reiiera coti- 
epcxiiuiiA* Audacter protc^taiimr. Qiim ad tide! argtimcnluiii 
ccituin iieritatis aooe^Mt test iinnai urn. Erat ^iquidem dicbus 

ahirt burst AAuiiclcrf Jiiid fnwd him from the greater part of hui pon- 
anoe. In Uko uiannt^r in Irf?lnnd at Ht Brondftn's ethriDo {at Cloufort)' 
by Ood^A gmou Uiu aword whcrowitK hu waa girded broke in BUndor. 
Ru( in England, M Nt>rwicli« hI Uio turub of th« niont blcBoud martyr 
Willinnt, tho iron ring on Uis right a-rm wa« broken. For when after 
long vaiidorinj^ hir had trawntfv) mrwt pArU of KnglanH ssc^king 
th** praycirn i>f t\xi\ HaintH and their Hhrimw am] womhtppmg there; 
drawu by God^ grate, &a we believe, he oame to NorwicJi, to thn 
tomb, alrwdy famous if the oxc€<llent martyr Williani, Here. a« 
he wjui pntying with greikt devotion, the iron of hia right arm nuddenly 
«iiappf?df in our night, staitlii^g the e^tru of tho byataikderti with itn 
Bound ; in which tnn^ working of tho martyr tho power of tho divine 
pity wan plainly fthiswn U> uh. At l\\t\ f^loriouH vight the holy 
convent of monks assembled and. proclAtuitn;; OorJ Ut Im wondorfnl in 
Wit, holy martyr, gAVc Ilim due praiAos Jind thank.*^ 1 certainly do not 
think that ore<knuG can l>e given to tho»f w}io attribute occurrences 
of tliib kind U> thr? cunning of im|H^torH: fi-r vhnt^^er eviUliKpJHoil 
iDountebanks may do for the sake of victual, wa ac any rate can boldly 
testify to what wo have seen with our eyes. Yet inoro: thore is 
aouud e\'idouoe to justify belief. For thrre wpa theu at Norwioli u 

■ No trMie df the Hhripe romflUw^ 


Si WiUiafn of' JVortncA, 


illiit Norwici nnensftt^r quidiun Colonk^ivda qui tie r«gionibu8 illis 
natiTgio uiniim altulcrat. Hie tncmorato tiino Philtppo, qu^in 
prouinlitt Trc-twrmw <{tiaiM)o^ue uidi^ml rcco^ouit ct <juc &nm 
tirnUkntc de \jmo pofrtcA didic^vnt, tiobift retullL Vmdo coDMat 
i|U43 dc illo Acripsitniu ol ii«riminiA c«bc, ct <letrectoribiis super faoc 
crcflt noil dolx^ro. 

ju Dt qaodani (dlerv <t dextrtdi fenr^o Hbemto. 

SEJy ijei|(ie ^ileiitio |»x!bereiutHiini i^mo dc Qlewo, qu<-tD ob 
rrattis Eui oluii nosjitn K^ttv daiDpttAtnDi, sanctiquo Wtllclmi 
y^mieti libenitutii corm]xximii# m(<rilifi Hie Liiiixdnienstt pnttjintic 
ituiigciui (.rrui, ct in uiIIjl que IVphiUEi dictlur ftb iiicunt« fniu]vu>« 
etato, doiDoe in ea quaodotjuv tperram et pareitt^^ habuemt Kuerat 
HUtcm ill) fmWr, uatii ipiidem iiiaiur, ^'d hoc wAo fortiur, qiiin 
diti'>r. VovTo qui UiDta porutdctmt qunnt4i Wi »utliccrc* dL-bui»»uiit, 
amplilicandi &gn cupiditate ductua memomto fratri agrum uioleutia 
vurripnit.queiti ^tcilicot sihi ob iiicinmui p^^mtccsmriuin iudicanit. 
Duni uen> fratcr fratrcm affectu fmterno ct satis pUcide sepius 
coram ainiciti et parentibuH Buper ea uiolentio iniuria conueniaset, 
«t ille uiin ituukDB ct eUtus nuUatcmifi adquieHccret. go maiori 

iDorchnni of Cobgnc who had brought wine over in n ship from that 
purt of the w^orld. Thix niaEi on t)»eui^ Fkilip r(HX)gnUcd liini, bavUig 
•eeOQ liim l>efore iii tlie province of Trover, and told ua whiit he bad 
fiflerw^rda Ikeard about him. It is plain then that what ve have re- 
ranl(«d atxiut him in quiu true, and that detractora aro not, in this caao, 
to \n} IJvJtcvisi, 

ae. 0/ A 9tfif>tut jpho wrujrvrti of an iron rin^ on hU riffhl amu 

The twie of OlowuMf too, caunot be paased ov«r, whom we beheld 
ixiTkilrnm<:f(I to wrjir iix>n« for a crime, and thcroaft«r ire«d by the merite 
pf Hi Wtllijiuk, Thin ijtniL vivt n lutiivt' cf thi: pro^tnoo ot Lincoln : 
liu hud li>L<il frutii his ^uuth in Llic t<jwri called ltcphaui\ tuitX jxMHomod 
houACHf Iftnd, and rclAlivtiH tht^ro. He hod a brulilior, oldi^r ihaii liimsLdf, 
hut only Btrongur thivii liu bouauao ho wua riuhor- Kvw, though \iv 
hjhd p4jH«*HHionit amply ndcijuati7 fur ono of hin i-Ank, he %vii4 attnuitwl 
hj (IflKirc! of land violently to steal a portion of it from bi^ brother 
Glowiu. Thf^ )att«r oft««n renionHtr£vt4!d with him on this ut^uit coii< 
duct in a bn>thorly fiwhion, and with due luuk^ratii-m in tim prMcnoc 
of hiH frinndti and n^htti^es; hut he was ao induleiit and overbearing 
u aever to yield. Glewufi wjls Uu* mure intSamod with wratli as he 

' A vilUfpi fuur luJIiM From Lingoln. flvidcatl/ not lh« Rwpbam In Norfolk. 


8t William of Not^ich. 


<l<»)oro ][H]dQin Qlowutf oxiirefit, quo tnaligtinm fititris iiwolontiivni 
omnimodis irreuocabilom con^poxtt. liie Lrritatus, et inogia nc 
magis pauUum e^facerbatiig, iain eo fratrem oblttus. omu^m f<r>a- 
tcmt ajn6riu i^xuit lifTuclum. lam lamc^uo Uiiifjiij^n) hoHlia cxtorntta 
mento turbidft uoluerc? copit^ cniuemodi uindictA iiioknti hcwtih 
uinUicJirvF' iuiiu^m. Dumqiii? in hm ciue u^itiirottir ftniniu8, 
coRtJgit tlio quadiLifi niolontuiu lUum fiumipttiui iiiducto lunlro 
(ixcoIltij iigolluiu, tttquo ibidem cum duobue jMiriti>r filiia ooriaiatporo. 
Quo nttcr niuUto, iirroptA protiDiu ftirett fbrr^a iu agrtim prratit, in 
fratrom oL nepotoa iu^urgit, comjuo cum furcn intoromit. Hi« ita 
g4>Nti». OlowiiB illc t^^m (^xccmndi patmtor fiictiionF' in ootitiotiL^tn 
rapitur, do fratriotdio accuaatus oxilio coikdcnipnaUir. Vndc 
pcnitenliji ductus, Willcltni Lanool Die runft arohidiacuni OHSoiifiu, 
quom Kiipcr rontiia sqi natiBulncnkt coimilio pcremplricis furoc 
fbrro cloxtoram frntricidiLrn oirculauit, haoco citicino so induit 
atquc a patrib in ootonniutn oxul progrodiona, loca Bunctonini 
per lotani Anglinm miecrftlionid optcnlu pcrograuit. ExActo itai^uo 
Aub hao percgrlnationc britDnio, finirti landoni cpiscopii N4>rwL<.'ouaiA 
ingredicno, BfsdriidicAWtirtho pcnicnit, atqitt occIcsiAin in qua 

w*w ihp inHolence <if biH biMthrr t<> b** cntin'ly williout rcmedyi 
Irrilttlwl and provuked iiiotT^ and ttior« hu hooil furj^l hia ivUUuuBhip 
to hia Isrother And lo«t all bi-olhc-rly lovr for him, »iiJ began U> rerolw 
in hia mind what would 1>r Iiia \h-M nx^Uiod of avnn^Tx^ hinviclf on 
bin proud riviil, as if Uu hod iman a f'w of iklittii blovd. Wbilo ho virma 
in thi» frame of mind, it 1iapp4iTi«d onv> d^y Lbai hi> ov^rbenrinif 
brother bmught a ploiij^h into thr f)M hf. liAd iuiirprv)» jutd h«>^An tno 
till it, Ktnaiiiing lUt-ra wilb two nf )uh w^eh, GI^^wuh hr^ard of it, 
anaCched ap an iron pitilifurk, i-iudied out tnta iUc Geld, ntUcktsJ }iifl 
brotht^r and nophr-vs atuI killed tlioiti all with tho fork. Upon thia. aa 
ha^iujf oornimtted iin zilMiiiuiiuUe oriim^QkwuBt wiu broufEhi U> junticn, 
indiot^d for murdering hia brother, &nd coiKJe^iined to bfuiifthmerDt. 
hi a pi^nitont mood, with tUc MLncUon of Wiltiani, ArcJideacou of 
IJitoolu\ whom Iw had cimHult«l in ri^gard of hw guilt, be made a 
ring of the iroa of Ihe murderona pitchfork aiid put it nmmJ ihv. 
right nrm with which hu h^id »lain hia brother. Hieu, clad >n a hair 
ahirt, he left his native pljtce for mght ^cum' axilr-, and viiiitjxl th« 
iihnnee of Uj© milia throughout Engtand to obt^iu mercy. In thia 
lUAnnOT ho pikatod ihrc^^ yoAr«, and eventually oni«red the bounds of 
the dioocve of Norwich, and, ai riviug at Bod richer wo rtti {Uury) <nitcrod 

^ ApparvnLly Wiltlun J« St Clvrc, who huLd the Anhilfluimryof yorthampron In 
111* illuce«w of Unfolit from iMltoUOM, Se« l^Nerti'kfaiif. 


St William of Norwich, 

[bk. ! 

i^gTDgius rox ob iBHrtir ruquiincit Erlmumlttx, onuMit vb ucniam 
|kont<ilamli mana Hubmtmuit. Qui mm in preneiitia mcri luartim 
cnx^ti« ?(iin<i]iit (MLlrni^ pfvctw ainj Iwrnniisi lUiqxuimilin efrii<li.*<ra-i, 
ftiibito ferrum wirtute confVatctuni diuinA crepuit. «d ncscio quo 
lUuiiii KC^rvti <N)tiiii]if>, ltix*Ir nA iiollirm iniTn^^iiniTn fntfrtunt pcinderet 
hiatum, ita taiii«n circa brachium immobile permanait. Sicqne 
rw gcrvbiitiir ut itiui cimfnu^ti nnMili cxtrcrmith^^ cnmi MtriuUfiNine ] 
ae imprimcrct, nltcraqtio ciiti sup«rficicUrnu« wlhurpn*t. Vmlo 
cy>ntigit acerbion^m inferri niL>leAtiai>k cum couft^actuin fiierit, 
qtiJLtn dum ewUtluTii pt^rxhimuiU Tarn nccrlxt igitiu i^in^trictwf 
moleHtJA, so nmlk* prcdicnbat lul anncluin E<)miiti<lu]n nou ucnhvw, 
i|imm uirtiiiiA eiu^ potentiarn Laliter degu^Uucee. Sulxequenti tiero, < 
ut'lub ip»c nobis posit ikhI urn ivluEit, Doctc, a bvnlo E<lmuitdo pvr 
uiBUm ajoniQiiitua esb, quatinus propere Norwiciim transeat, ibiqoa | 
od (wpiilcrutu fiancbi mnrtirH Willdini diuini* i\v- rclitjiio m»curi- 
cordic cx{H;ct«t abe<ohiuoiiviii. Uir^ ille nDimutUK, mox Norvrieuin 
Aduanctum prop«rat Wilfelmum, ubi per dieii aliquot denderabilis 
illiitjf pniinbtai pn<HL<)!jitiir <*tTt.*iatit]i. Quo lldtlitcr in f«pc promifla 
|>r«ritolAiitG, die quadam dim) ad sepulcrum beati Willelmi extenSB 
ad cdurn pnlnii^ Hitppliaux'b, ^ubito iltc ferrous dexterc drcultis 

the cliurch wherein the exoelleni king and martjn' Edmund rMtt, la i 
order to pf^y nnd Ix^g for jmnlim. lUiixing hin liatidit to heaven in 
prflHWoe of tfic holy martyr, he prayed niid wt'pt for hoifil* time Oa ! 
a AUdden the Iron, broken by t\\e power of Uod, snappe<t ; but, in 
piirvuAnce of Hc>m»^ socrot couniwl of Ood, although there waA a g^p ' 
tti H of Ji thatLib'ii brnmltli, ii aiill remaitird ininiovAl>]y flxod round 
th<< nrin^ mid in ftuch a wnj th»b on« md of tlic biiiken ring prrttsHxl 
hjvrd into the floah, whilo the other merely roniAiiKHl In coiitA<ct i 
with the skifL 8u thut greut4,*r diiiooinfort wod oauAcd by it in ita < 
broken stat^ than whon it wm vhikl«, Tn thii unooaiforUbU plif^t 
thfl mun said thnt he hnd mt.kir nctrrr have gon*» t-> St Rdiriurvd than 
have experientwl auch a taale of IIb powir. Itut i.n ihe following 
night, ae ho afterwArds told me him^lf, he watt warit«d by bliwwd 
Edmund in a dn*ain to j^o quickly to Norwich anil there at the tomb 
of the holy martyr Wilbam to wait for r«l<?aHi» at the hantiH of thoj 
divine mercy, Thue encouraged he hastened lo Norwich to St William, | 
and for soma iluys waiti^ for th« fultibnciit of that (kwrablo promiaa.^ 
And M hr wiiitcd in fi»th, on a certain ^ay^ when he was praying at 
Uiu Hi^puk'hra of £jt Willifun with (utadji outxtrotcbcd to heaven, sod- 
d*iiily thftt iroa nnjf upon hia ri^ht arm Jimkr on fhr oth^^r wht ; \ 


St WiUiam of NorivtcK 


4U Aduorso confringituT, itA ut In duaa AciUc«b parteB dioiaiM 
uidcrctur. Vna jvtrjLiidcm par* nirtiitc qtinrlnm dininA lon^ 
retro quaai prolectu disfiiluit, ftltcra coram eo Huper pAuimcntum 
deciditi Otim jipccLaculo multa plebet affuil, et exnoluciuliM diuirus 
gratio gratijks ct Uudcs* conu<^ntTiP» conwcnit. Pontifcx quoqiio 
WlUclinuti widito t*un oxlniio wirtului pivccniio ifcocurrit, &t<jue 
oxAininfttA ucritatc, dominict' li^utiiA jmnum mcinacKin et clcncitt 
«bi uiciaalm respondentibus t^tftieirt prt gfttidto lacriniia iachoAiub* 

^ Miracitli cominemhtio. 

LIBET \w puuHwptT 8uhi!*tcre et in ailniinLlioEKr Uuti niimcnli 
interim apaciari. Sapisntia dei abissu^ mulla. in cjua 
idquulein Jibkno ^i rationi-i humane intiiitus singular rcTUin iii- 
iieHti>^udo ucl (liiudicjLTiilo c-jiukos di«-urrat, con^tab prof&cto, 
quoaiani Hnoni noQ inueaioOH ant in ee redeat, aul per illicit^ 
ciir^it-TLiulo em>rf!iii inourrat Iitcornpreheimbilia simt ouiin dei 
iudiciti. et uie eitis inueitignbileii. Igittir inter cotidiana iK>dtri 
LeniporiH miracula, quai^e hie curY^tar, et Me non exautJiatur, cur 
ibi i»to ab(M:iluatur, *:t alibi non liborutur, doU tielle diaciitere, niai 

niiMn, BO thai it appehred divided htto ivrn parts. One part, hy tho 
power of iUn\, Itiapt to KOint* divtmice boltind him, m if it bad boeD 
thrown; thcoth(.Tr hW in frxmt of him on (bo paremenU Many were 
present at the Ht^ht, and thf jnnnks lissenibltMl to mnrlt^r thfknkH and 
praieee toQod's grace. The Bishop Willi;km also, on htiariiifi; thiM uki^hty 
work prodatmfld, cuiijo bo tlir Np<*t, luid, after iavratignting the facto, 
Ifd th« liymii <if praise t(> the Ijord with t^^ara of joy, while the monkft 
and clerks answered one another in alternate atraiatt. 

A ecTnn^rvlation ttf this miracle, 

HcTTf let UK paasi^ a nioineiit nnd luipatiate for a vdiila in wonder 
at this great miraclo. Thf wUitom oj G&d U a ffrtttt tle^p: and if tlia 
gtaiioe of man'n nuuon taki^ to wandering, tracking out and deciding 
th« cauiMa of all tiling in lIiij^ grxuit docp, it U plain that, Rading 
no nntl it must either return tiptiu iUit^lf or, wandering through 
unlawful paths, niuht fall into error. For the jiuigmeiU^ of Ood 
art utuearchalfU and Hu unyir past Jindin^ otO. Among tlko daily 
oitrao1«ii of our time, tJion, be not carfcful to duouM why this 
man U boalod and thikt jujlh noi hoaled. wtiy another b luo^ed at one 
pUco^ and cJwwhoro not looNial, unl«u you wub tu orr. Wv know^ 


St Wifkam of Norwich. 


udin orrftn. Nouttnu^ quippo ac pro certo UDomu», rogium 
murLirx-m EdTiiunduni Gt beAttun puerum tui nuuiuom Wiliolmum. 
tiiAj^i ixttiuiu jipad dvLtm uautt tnontir qiic« pro oiuh atitorc ooronatOH 
coiutat pnbna martyni. Itio Afitiquoruiik tnumphauit Uimporibuji, 
iaU; uoHLri teiuporu paiwiib i^i iliebus. SiiHLmiiit itlo pogruioe in 
Icjfdiii ChriHti duavuu^iUL'tf, pt^luUt UUt ludow in so L|iuiai martcria 
Cliriati i'eit«r&nt««. Illo iiero u«qu« in etatis iiofttr>» aoncvt tninficn 
cfTiileit »igi\l», it!W eoLidiiuiij^ crt^Lruiccit tnirjicuUi^. VijruDtaiiMJii 
hoc i^utxl inpt^etfti'iitiaruui m(-i]iorauinm& C'lthtiio uiriiitiu oigna 
wixit ipan rxis indioat pari pnrilt^r cuopuruti jMint bvncficio. Fcrrour 
Guilt] ut pro libaui 11111)4 ille clrotiliim una ox partu ooTt£rugii, Uto ex 
altera ilias4>]mL Heo oum ita rtint, ngn Uuncn his hunc ilii^^ 
prDr&rondum A0truo, Deque ilium huic itioijualtnia afiinnix Sod^H 
n<?<pio ex hoo cuuitfpiam in mm montvitiTr imiirlia^ » in minhculoram ' 
dhibitiino boatiseimum marlironi WiU<^Imuiii GcterLi4BajkOtM(|UaEn 
conff^rimuH quomam, cam nuiicti »\ni uicistiim gluric non iniiidcnut, 
Giir prf> ipetonim nitrocaltA tnuidic tnomibujt noe muiocm Ij^ocrcmurf ^H 
Vuum aliquc^Qi iiiduco, ad quemlibot tamcu tmjuor. Si igitur^^ 
ooulttttiu iiustnL por uaiicti itiEu-tiris nu^tri cWoecat T1lonU^ nunquid 

OK ^» 

indool, and hold it oertfiun, that both Uid royfti martyr Edmimd &nd^ 
Uko l>l<!n(td lH»y aiid tnjirtjr WUIIaia are Inxly of gn»l merit in UiftJ 
Ki^ht of ihtd. HiilU wen: t^rownul wjili tho pdlrn of murtyrdcnu for tiie 
Uiw ut Him. Tbo Unti iriuiiiplied in Ih^j Ciuin uf tJio ancicnu; tlkO 
BtMxmd bufl<rr«iii la our own d«y. The one withstwtd the hi^thctt raging 
agaiiiAt iJlc law of Ohri«t, tbc other ctidurod thu Jews rcpcwing vi it 
wcro in him t^L<? douth of ChrlvU Tho anf hon a^iutio tip (ij Uu* d^y 
with woKdi-oot NJgnit, thf other b ^(rowing in froquurit^y of doiJy mirnclco. 
Riti j<»l, in thf> raiw of thin ^ign of pxtvlHiig pow^^r whi<*h wi> hi^vo 
jiut TT*laT4vl, hiith of thrm, aa tfic fac^t^ ^hfiw, work^ tugt^thtr to coiifctr 
an rcjujvl benefit. For 8t Edmund bndcr thit iron ring on orHi nde, 
an ure liave aaid« and 8t WiUlani broke it on the otlier- Now, tJii^ugh 
tJiis i» tho eA«o, ! do not thcrefr>ro assnrt that William i« to be* preferred 
to Echnutid, nor aifiriti that Edmund is uji(*qtial to William. And lei 
not the envy of any 1>e vtimxi agnijist ua beoauAo w«) are compaiin^ 
titr n^nt hliwsnl martyr Wtlliaiii with othrr mintA in rtvp^t of hiA 
AewiiiK wohderM; for aiuce liie iainla tlKmiavWeftareoutjeabuAof «!«4^h 
Other's glory, why should wo bite and dorour ono another iu envy in 
champtonin^ their miracleaf 1 am alnglin^ out one adrcnary 
— yv^t I ani a«ldr^ft«iiig everyone. )f our Ctiurvh, lii«ii, is growing 
famouH througli Uii* ineritc of our \vAy martyr, miut you on tliat 


St William of i^orttwh. 


irfwi uilc«cere cogitur ueatm ? Nunqiiid si iiefltiu in laiidlH contmleH* 
cat augmentuiii, iiuntru IfltHi cfidt-rv CiJ[ii{)t:llit<i]r in tiituptrriuni t 
C^s»*el, ctv-Lsct Jiiioris inordiicttJU* pimijiic (Hirilcr uoto sanctorum 
magnaliii et OiUgendo recolamua el recolendo nmg^ific^emUH. 
QuiM|iiU ea (1enu|iu* cnius lUiimuiii qiii^^tiio pnlifal, qniirt* :4oilic(tt 
gWri<fsii9 rox Edmuudiis et tADto uirtults martir uel Philippuin 
ilium cuiuA jkrciiiist^niiii iiu-iitioii«m iion absuluerit^ uel htuic miILuui 
Gl«wum non ponitiia libomuorit, constantcr rcjipondco, quia si 
uoliiiHHct, credo quia et posset. Sed quia non aunt nustn iuria 
diuiiii QLii.-(« Hocn^ti, iii»lt la uUiiiii v^doUert* Mipieiitie tut' ctrniu, iie 
d ad tKpbrietatcin nan »ipifu4 disvolutufi dLvcipiftSi Quo^l tnmc^ti dc 
Qlewo fidi-lilor n.struure ]x>8.Hijni, breuibu.H ahRohiam, Vehil ex ret 
gestL- modo conicimu^ uel in hex; saltern mimculo gbrio^iu^ rex ot 
martyr Olnuinflus glon<KsiLiii nijirt.yrein Willelmum baberts iioIuiL 
oompfirticipcm qiicin sue ri'fponis contigit iu luartirio habere 
coDEortem, et quod ip^ iticT^cmuit, hiiic pcm^rcudum direxit. O 
qiiatn preclam dei s^timmi uirt.u« et iiaplentia, que ita ia Sanctis 
«uis miriticc opcratur, ut ipse in ipsis et ipsi per ipsuni ma^nifi- 

account he debased? If, ag&in, the praise and glory of yours ia In- 
crcftfied, does oum ^'t ntxcKsity fall into ruprouoh? Coiimlv ocjme your 
enviouH carping, nnd hi uet unite iu recording with love and extolling 
with dt^voticin the niifchty wurkfi of our talntfl. Whoever you itiay 
bo, if the question knocks at your ht^^rl's door "Wiy did tho 
glorious king Edznund, a martyr of guch might, either not fr«e Philip" 
whom I mentioned a little time back, "or at lea^^t not looiw thin Olrwus 
onmpli^lcly 1 " 1 linswer boldly that I believe Uiut, if he hud wUbHl to 
do vo, he could bavo deuu it But, inasmuch u the causes of Ood's 
■corets do not belong to us, lift not up thn horn of thy wiulom on 
Ugh, \i%t, if thou l)e not wise unto sobemeBa, iht/u be bi^jkt'U in thy 
fuulkltocwA. Bui Hfl to Avbat I cau faithfully JWftrrC witti regard to 
Olewuts I ^ill put it fihordy. As I cnnjcctura from the miuinvr <if the 
oocurrcnocj the gloHouB kmg and ifiartyr Edmund wislied, at IcamI in 
ttiis iniraclu, Ui have tli4> gloriouH martyr WilltAm for &n OKsociati*, na 
}w happeiiM) to \w hiM fallow in n«po<!t of the rvgion wlierein he wan 
martyml : and no he tommiMi^mMl biin to Uniith what he himsdlf bad 
iM'goii. O how f^'lonouA ia the power and the wisdom of thr mosit tii^h 
Uot>. that works so wonderfully tn Kia uainte, tlmt He lU litem and ibojr 
through Him niay be inaKiu^LHi ! 

w. S. 



Si Wiliiam qf Norwich, 


xL De quadam mtrabtU mod4> coniracUt et mmata. 

MVLIEK qiu**1aiij M^tildi.t nomine tempore ilio emt,qtiam ab" 
odolescentie tlorc di^biiitFOA dok^iKJa rliiinpnaueniU Ka<!ia 
istft stqiiidem nh ea etatc odeo corpora iTubecillifl, lU cuniatA dor«i 
spina, et ipsa tieret cunia, ot cAiiccUati** cnirihiis innesui uiciniin 
cTolliderentur genUA. Vntle conli^l, quod rti (.juaiidoquc cJv loco oe 
ad I^JCtim tmnsruiT^ uohiiiiHtft, imbecillia baculo membra sitHtect«u»» 
uel grcsBua mofiicum proficcret uvl tir>nniiij*]iiaiii n«; in modico 
preualerel, tianc Pt^lrufi pro«bitcr dc Langi^hain iiilln L^pi^icoiiali 
per mullum tcm]>us de^miKiine gratia' in ijomo siia tenuit, pauit, et 
ucMiiiilL Quam »i ([tt]Ui(I<x|uc ivcupcnLiidc NauiutiA gmtia aacfa 
uiaitare loca concupiaset, illuc equo ad instar sacci pleiii in trans- 
UGTvum dcporUirv InciclmL. Wniin iibi labor! fructu» Don re- 
Bpondiaset, domam qualis fuerat referebatur. Fercrebresc^nte 
tanilt^n nirlutum tiun fnvjutrntium Miiicti Willdmi preoonia, s|K-m 
ilia recupc^rande per iphum sanitatis coDcepil. Vode DOD mcxli<:an) 
ctintideiitio concipivnA alacriLatein, baoiilo a^itumpto ueratw Nor- 
wicum iter arripuit. Forro gradieoH ilia magiH anmi ferueacenlad 
pro£ciebat mDtibiia quani iiialeriali pc^duni obaequlo, modiouii 

xi, 0/tk« hMliftff i^fa f>«riain ttvman who wfw tron<i*i^ul/y bent 

There waa at tliiit liitio n wijiiiMi nAiui^l MAbildis whoui a pitiable' 
wiMi|[n<!a6 h^ afflictod from hor mhrlieet youth. Ever sinco thrin, ui 
frhotf flhe had beeu no ytvaXn of body, th&t owing ta Ui« 4Turvatiir» of h«r 
spine vhtr wiu tinit^ doiiblHl up, her 1o^ wore t.wi«t«d tj^tgnthor, ami 
liBr kn^e^ prenHed ctno u^unnt tTu« niher. T)io CL^tnanqit^nDA vai^ ttat 
when she ^ishodi to j^ fr^tii one place to aJioth«r nhe bad Ut bupport 
her feeble liiulis with a Ktick juul cither auoceedod in ^Htinj: a little 
way, or, sometmes was not able to do eveii tbU, Pirt^r, Uie princt of 
Lnngham', a vill of the Bishop's, had long housed hei' by way of 
oharity, and supplied ht^r with food and clntbing. If nlio ovor dtnured 
to visit some shrine for the recovery of her healUi, he UMed to Imvo 
hnr tnkt^n thrrt^ tnid like n -<4nck ncrosA a hor^p. But ahe was always 
brought buck aa she had gone, and no j^ood roault followed lier painn, 
Whi^n tho fame of St Williams gre^t \irtue waA apread abroad, ifaa 
conceived th<j hope of beiug cured hy hiN rnnnnSf nnd wUh cagnmras 
bom of conAdoiico took her stick aitd alurteJ fur Norwich. Her )iU.*pa 
were helped by the fervent emotions of her [uind nioru Ui4kn by the 
tDAtcriol luuaiiitAnoe *j{ her fL*t, artd she trusted to her own Atrcu^th 
* Firtt lailnH wnt of Hutt, 


St William of I^orttnch. 


propriiH conflsa uiKbiiB, sed plurimuin stistentonte fidens ta bncula 
£nil in ]W3V»i uix ilifritalin iiiii|ilitii(l(), inUir pnsHiiiti mktu vi \nuesnm 
tiKTOMi dil»li(j^ ut, HI gnwUvnttm ccmi.'n'js Lwttuliuum ifirJitiivm 
non iiidicares. Ex quo niminini conligit, ut duodecima dio nute 
Uinr WmfHiris qniiflrtij^rfiiinaEii lU'.r indintn^, i|unrLH]uiHchatem poHi 
soLeiuiitaleiQ ebdonifidu Nurwicum pcTiietiux't Vctiictis uvro tuox 
ut eooletutttu epitfcupaleiii Mibiit, pedum plftotaa qua^i q>UioHis 
quibu?dam acuk^ui |K;nirgt»ii si'iisil, Sfjiiiii aiiU^m imiv^ t4e|>ul<:rutn 
gkinoni martirifi et iinbecillia bHculo nitiinbra HUHtcutons. exteiisis 
ill onLlkiiKriii [.uUiiiiM, U>Umi CAtnuxi ik^i liEiiiitiiiii 4*JTtidJl«, ^tnl nii^iii 
or&tiouiti uerha dolor aiubitus intcrntpil. IV^rurgeuU^ dolcrin 
an^istiB hiimi ileuoluilur huniumque capite, hiinieris, pedlbiiA <?t 
pitEnm contundrnn. cliuiiTiios^iv^Ui? uucibus oomplt-^m crcck^ium. 
miro ac ruiserabili se agebal modo. Quia inquam tani ferreuit, qui 
liilm ocnitrnft astiLiitibiH ccujsiMU'rt!^ ot a lacrimis lutniiia c^ntiiUTct? 
Dctiiqut; poist UJitiu? tortiimutn angu^iaf^, Gstua t^mti quiettil dolrjris, 
uelut, ueutoniDiiiedatarabie, turbati ^euitiaquiescereAoktequoris: 
8ur^t itjV]Uc pont ptitdulum tnulicr, ot quoniaiu €t mJhiic d<.-bilis 
erat uirihu-*, ad iiiJK?enam ae coiitulit, palrnarumqne beneflcio ptr 
cancdlatoi* gmdieDa cQb]ini]t,-11us, nd div<idemtijm bmti umvtiris 
sepulorum tandem perueuit. Vbi uota Boluens et gratiaa, ibidem 

Itttt than Li> tho M<k thnt xupported her. Eocli ntrp vnut hardly a 
finger's length, and thf^re w&b conaidcrAble delay between them, «o 
that ono watching htT progmaw would ju<lgVT hrr to ho ^Jowur thaii Any 
UnrtcriAe. Tbo i^snlt wm that, though she sUvrtcd on thn twelfth <lay 
brforo Tj*nt» shr rtvxchnd Norwirh m tlin fourth wtvk aii^r EoaUrr. 
At tlie uiuiikctit oi hctr tiutt-TJug tlji* catlitnlral cbui'cli, she fultr tliv >lu1o« 
of her fret prickml iw if by thorns: but when she stood before Uio 
touih of tho glorious nmrtyr, and niipp^rtiiLg her feoblo IJmbs on hor 
»lick nUBcd her handtf in prayer, Kud poure<i out Jier whfle souj 
bfffof^ Oou. in tho midfft of her prayer ah* waa interrupted hy n 
■ludd'in ftttfl<*lc of pftin. The nnguish incrp™<>d, and n!»* rollwl upon 
Iho ^(lund, Ix^ating it with head, fihouldt^rM. feet and hands, and filled 
tliD churdi wiU) cnw — bt-Jiaving lierself altogether in a marvdlooH 
mild ptliablo nmnner Wliu, I ask, would be ho ^toayh^rted aa to 
atond and fi>ok npoii this and refrain hij* nyr^n from wn>ping? At hut, 
aJUMT all thii fuiguishc<l writhing tbu violence of the pwn abated, om the 
ra^inx of the Iroahled sea U calmed when tho mad windu Arentill4Ki. 
80 the womn-n after a little ^ot up, and since she wtm hUU in a fi^ble 
condition, ahr inadc httr way to t}ie fscreHii, und passed along it by cling- 
Lng to the tihafta, anrl so finally readied the desired tomb of thu blcMcd 

Hi— 2 


St WiUimn of NorwuA, 


per iLl^UfiEitiim huntDi iliei gmlulAbuiida fH^nnoibiiL Deinde ' 
ueraa ail circu install tin in multiUtdiDi-m, oon^tanti prut^wtAl 
elo<|uiu, ijUHiitu Wuli WkllL-liai meritib m r^ putmta Aiut magni 
Qaitt ueru iiiijilelui i|iil>ipu.iii vL ixicrtrdulupt id iititgin f&llacie aaeicribe- 
bal quarii miracuto, sv ilU Nurwjco riiil1jitunu»i d.i»c(r«wunim iiirauit, 
<J<im?c duiTiiiiuH illv ittiMt* prt^uviiiiimLuH ni^ilRrt-l t\v txui^bau Potrm^i 
uvnitvt, qui ucntiiii tcs-timuniuni pcrhibeiiv gnmilani illam ■O'^H 
fideliUtiH liu?iu diriiiiei-(?t. Que ct iUi ^t4 MunL, fiuoniani et ipea^^ 
Petri iUiu» prcfflolntit vni ndui^Dtum, vt illo tiuiiiuus uonUtli perht- 
buit teHtimoniuiu. 


Dt puero tfMmo ciftUracta et aanaio. 

ERATquoque id uiIIjl que Wurtlmni dicitur quidam Oodiicuv^ 
noiiuDe ex cuiuedam RoWrti GaleDsU nepti filium babens 
deoenncm, qucm iinbi^ciIlitOK iliutuma dAiiipnAuemt. ct dc die to 
dmw niorbi ui^r inoale**cGbat. Percarrente per artus moleBtia, 
arefacti ucnii coritmbiintiir, vt iiicunnita dond spinitdorKo gibbua 
innaficitiir. Fit itaque puenilus de recto contractuft, et adheroniej 
gonilniH iicntre cum rtmbulnrc prop*mctt>t, ftppliwitis nd gy^nua uell 
terre palmiii, ipsa uel ipAom pro pixtio haberet. Medici fni^traj 

in&rijr. Here, in prnjor and thunkagmngt she ftaa^cHl a g;ood part of I 
Iho day; and then tumod to chc throng of onlookem rknt! boldly 1 
totftifiod to thv gr^at thi»^ tluit luul l>t>cQ done for h^* by Ui« uwrit^J 
cf St WiIHato. But, injwniuch ni a faithleaa and nnbeliAvin^ individixftlj 
wui inclined to ascnlM^ t)iA nnm to ^nift rather than mir«i^li\ fth«1 
vowf'ii thttt hIih woiUd nut leave Norwich until her nforiHaid Sir Pntflrl 
of I«&ii^hAiu should couie, and by bearing witue^a to Uie truth put oa j 
end to thtr wordy conlcntionn of unbelief And thiji wim aocom-j 
plitthed; for ahe awaiUd Hit? condug of Peter, and he, vheu he < 
bore witQe88 to tlie truth. 


Of thii cure of a hjimp'haeked <trui dt^formed 6oy. 

There i^aa alw in the town called Wortham one Oodric by iuu&q] 
who had a son by the niece of a certain Hobvrt of Wdn, ji^^i tt^n 
ycAn: and afflic»-iHl by lon« woaknoM*, i^hicb daily increased upoD him. 
The dineiiAe infected all his limbs : tbo sincwH were dn<d up nnd corv^ j 
tmctRd : hia spine was b«nt, and % liump ^rew on his back. FronLi 
lif'inj^ upright the boy became crooked; his stomach wju« prcAKotl iigain«tJ 
biK knees and, when he wanted to wftlk, he had ti plncv bin haiMU Ott] 
\\U kntH-M ur on the ground, and uwo uut ur the otlier for a aupporUl 


St Wilttam of Normch. 


]iiboi-Anto3( adhibcDtur, luctus solus parcnlibu:^ ro«cnintiir, iinclts 
ad gloriuBuiQ <lei nurtyrew Willelmuin hpcs tarda coniiorlitur. 
NQrwiciim ci^o mAnmiili iichitur iirliiciilo v^t iuxta wpuk-rum 
HuptiLlL-lI iimrtirUi ^^puiiilitr, IVter iadulgciis lacrimlfi ^udii^ filio 
nicrciilrur !«nuiliitiK, Ren niini cl m?cidb( liiinLnft jidiiui'aii(J^ ! ^til) 
ip«B eniin adiientvis cius honk nniucniA imh*^i1lil'iiti?« lora mrbu?« 
nicdtcjilnlifl |K3r<:uiTilf uJHulumt^uo preiuAui sanitaa featltiA aub- 
MTquitur. Aridita?^ succuut, nemi oQiciH su»cipiutit. ExUMid<.'iiti- 
bue uero svi ni.Tum uiuxliiun puvr ntFiciL-lirilur duloribiiH, 4uibiui 
aii\iiLtU!4, Un^Ei ptitriH "Fiilrt'in pabrcni" cluinilnbnt; pfiiU^r uero 
baii^ri <wrutiii3 Blium, cauIuU PomI paiiCA m^itur piior, ftt<)ue id 
ounspectu ouinium rL llHtr iiiCdliiiniUui, iMitritpie nituft rinttliiiUir. 
Coti^udob Eiiniirum flHii puU.-r ot proG<?dil cum patru Tdius hilaris 
ut <^tx*c^lun qui Lri.stJH mlufJiumt vt contmcttin. CuiiHiiiiiplu ituUiiu 
Norwici Lriduo, pntor cum 6lio doinum rcgrcditnr cl piic^t dic-^ 
Ji1u|iiiit neaciu quo cjisu t*iiie iiiforlumo priBliot' niulestie ivitt'ratur 
imbc^niitfiv. Super i}uo cuiiBtdlJM [inter umici.s, ml piiMiiuium uuuti< 
n-ui lilium r*?fert imbecilkni ut clemeiiti»*uiia iHiua pictw* iterate 
6Ui luulcatic itcrsta confc-rat n?medi&. O ipiani beuignn diuiue 

The doctor* who ware uuusuIUk] did liini no f^ood ; grit*f ouly rcrrimiiifHl 
to Ilia |>AreiLl4. 8u hi Itriigth Uieir turdy hupt^ luriied to tliv gluriouH 
iDArlyr of Gop, Wjllirtin. TIji? Wy vtto HLM^urdiiigly 1in>uglit lo NoiwicU 
in A bimdbarrow o&d Wd by tbo tomb of tho oflniMnciilion(?d criArtyr. 
Thd fulbur'tt tuam ljruu|*ht tbo jo^'it of huulth for biu non- wonderful 
vviuit, to bo niitfvvlkKj nl by all Our tiiut' I At tho vury tuoiuc^iit uf hia 
Arrival the healing pow«r pouetntt^J all th<» parts idWtwl i^ud eouudneos 
r*{ Ifody followed fnst 4)rL t\ie trAck rif LhH h<ia1irig vi^^I]4.r Hk4 dr^neAs 
Rweivo<l fi^p, bia sittowfi Htreo^-Lb, As tbs ainowE titrrrl^heil thnrnmlveB, 
die boy wiw ttgonisod with pain, luid in hia anguiAh kept cnliing 
*'Fai)n>r, father!" in Ku^IihEl: but the fnthfrr nynioi^d. secmg ibut bis 
SOD wAtf lieiiig hooled. Iii a aburt time he roa^ and in the sight uf nil, 
health ww restored to the sod, and tijo bod to the father. The fatlier 
nijoiced will) bi» son, and the son WAlli«td upnght and joyful by his 
father's aide, who luul coxua wretchinj aod beut They vpent thrw: 
ilayt at Norwich, and then returned hoDie, and after aoiue days, by 
what chance or aciTidrnt I knnw not^ Uie old wifitikn<t»t and troulilc 
retuTTied. Tlie father t'x>k adviue of tiia frienda aud braui-bi buck 
hia wnak child to the mOAt nirrciful amrtyr, that hiu kind pity iid^ht 
atww rcaitxly th<: h^newed ntckneAa uf his hou, U how toviu|^ U the 


-St WUtiam of Natunch. 


utrliiLui ^rulin, iiiiftiu pia *sv^ pm«mii martim WUIelmi elemental 
R4i1ntU9 puiT i]iicmniltn(Khitn |inmo, itA ct nunc ivtiHpitAii nfdilitur 
atfjuc in Iptio itcrum dci niAgiuvlift gl^riliciiDtur. QrirtntuHrcm pAti;r 
prouido u»ufl consiLig^ multi^ ibi dicbus pcrhcndiiuu'c pcnnuii 
filiuin ut|wl« puero ni&tlyri putirllibLib fumuUturuu) ob^tequiia. 
ConicicbQ.t tnqnidcm ex ante gr^bi^ .njiitctum nif^rtiruan «l initrrum 
uelle* ftd Uwi eximie uirtaliA argumcDtum, flaniiti pueri pontuui' 
prcnuitittni ut Icaliiiiomuiu, 

xiii. De muliere mtro modo injlata et tanaia, 

MIRIS ftdtmninda niiooudiint, quo tii uiiiucnu <|uo gccda 
pront gostft sunt taoqimr timeo no ud fiuftwlio \w:' 
prolivitiw {hflioija, ucl iLtoiii-raliouis liaiitcm libi>r exo^rd&t Ea 
propter niiEiicro^itatiia docltnanH ■ilunm> in planiciuin prodvo, flotfioulo* 
pi^rpjvucoa oxoorpo^ quibus montls ucstro demulcoatur oculufl, <ti 
iMJ aiutuipicnduiti iimitotur udV^cstus, Igitur nuilier emt de Brands 
ncia Wtmjirc nutniiiu que regiM Stc-'phani touipuribtiH fjnujido draw 
mali f'ttonuit. prc< uiro sue a prodonibus compreben^o npud Oeiimc^ 
buro data est obsee. X^oco igitnr uiri nub oarociriA urgivitido potiito, 


gr&co of divino power, how pitiful m the kindnoiH of tho morcifai] 
martyr WilliAitii Tim \».ty buifi^ brought buck, tw tit firat, ho n<»ir was 
rutorwl tu KrailUi, nnd the mighty worka of GoD woro gloritiMl in binL. 
Wlierrfon* tho f&tlier bo-ilc wi*o coudka] und allowed bi« bod to«faida 
lu&ny days* to Attend, with suub service aa a hoy could render, upon 
th<i boyniftrtyr. For he divine] from wh&t hod happortfid that th« 
holy buy and rntirtyr wiFtlnsl thnt th<^ boy whom he liiul hmled Hhould 
remain for a t^atuutjny aiiJ proof of Iiim eiuiuerit power. 

ftiij. 0/ the cure t^f a worrvin who wo* vmvl^rfaUy Mtuof^i. 


Cue wonder follows anoUier : and were I to record thoin all m 
they hiippoTied, I foiir that my prolixity would Lire the rcwler, or 
my book grow Iwyoiid dl liniitji. So I nvoid the ttiick forent and oome 
forth inU* tho plain and pluck a wry few blossonit* tonoothc the cj^ 
of your mind and ipvite your iLlTcctJoiia to receive iheui. 

There woe, tlien, a woman of Brardiiey (BardiK^yl) called Wimi 
wbo In the time of king 8t«phpn, when th<? dsya were evU, mTjJR* 
OB j» hotti^Ec nt OiuiiJil^Jmugh for her husband whv luid lx%*n takrn 
bj_^rat<^ In hia atead »ho m^*s c^mautted to priaon with tbrw yUmr 


St William of Nortinck, 


ctim l.ribux aIila muKeribus t?t uiro uno cmrccmU diti pormiuittit in 
ouHUMliA. Qiti cum ptritrr lilgnroK, inoHinrn, fetoivs, bufloDUm 
incarsionefl mulU cum moluatm diutiuH MUKtiuuu»c<tii, du cnittodiH 
mii noGO unfuiitni consensu trflctftro ropomnt, t^nquiXTn in wnw 
morte ipsorum libemtio coodateret, ot in uita poriculum. Qiioniam 
igitur idotn ccltcuHh mugittter et cuAtus cum ein poUiru tujlittift emt, 
qnotionfl illis ceniisie potii8 inferobattir, hiiffuntini ueneDO, quorum 
ut pni-tikisiiniLH h^bundnbiuit (X>piA, sibi de riiore UlHtuiu potum 
mfitiuni c^tio oA poUiidum inuitAto, ciAim pnriter ct mnrUttn 
porrignnt V^rum \\\^ nitie doi nutn con««ruandi)8 siuealiqUA tunc 
saapiciouL- ponnotufl* quod ftibi ]>i>rrox<?rMJit ipsis pn^^islandum 
mdticit Ad hec ilU fn^idi? qiia«] ium ijiUircepta, orubuere cnnfnsi, 
ozpftllucKf purUMTiti, dtrrigiK*ro wtupt^fuoti. Hoo wiso custoB oa 
mdi<?in oumn^ptr iimlitio porccpit fi>tv pTwu^tiin, duin m doprc^* 
hciiKia tnm pAtenft c^mfiiMnniK orrrnit iirgii?ni;ntijm, fn ipnoH itAquo 
|in>pri« flagioiom malilie retordt, omnesqae una eundem potum 
cibftunrv coagit. Ad quod ut^Hont ivilli^nt oompuliti actoro* mortis 
linDt praprio qui tnachiDat'>rt« fuonuit alieni>. Nee mora, eorpente 
per sin^loniia itiagulcui m-tust u^ni^Do. omnes paritur miro ac 
uitJicnibiH modo in t^ntuin intiimuorttnt ubfti iilcDS cururrcDi, cutvm 


womaen ar *^ gnp "*"* and tlwro pihti tvinAiiiutl for lon^. Theaw people, 
«kft«r loing enduring misemljly i*i>ld, bungfrr, fll^nch, and attAirku of 
IowIh. Iwtfun to plan in concort the dcftth ^rf_ t hei r g aolar , btiti^vin^' 
that «v«re h« deud ihoy would be fr^, while, ua long a« he livoti, tht^y 
wcrt; in daiLgicT. And, iaacmuch as the keeper of th<t pmou, who won 
ihn gwvh^ wiifl oocustonicicj to drink with tboin w1u?n lheir_bj2g£^ wa^ 
Lruujjht to thtrru, bhey took a LoiuI (of wJuokt, oa I SAtcl, there wore 
lUAny in tlio p(']Jh.>n) nnd ntiaed itepoifloii with the drink when it wnc 
bronght ah anual. And invited th9 gaolor to drink, banding him at 
oDO unJiuent tbt> c^up and dmth. But he, whutlier J*ecauftc God's 
provid^i(H3 would prvnurve bitUf or becauso he hud sonio tnuoh of 
auBpioiou, bade thfiUL^^dlL .tafiU* whAt thf^y hiwl offcmd him^ Whtrruikt, 
thfir craft being discovered, Uicy gr"W nicl with coiifuaiou, aikI pale with 
fear and ntUI with terror. The gaok-r ai Lhe ^ighl pvivcivwJ Ihat tlir<w 
nigiiA puintod U> BOOie wickvd iuUfution, aud turning tito tAhl<M upon thom 
ftnxvd Uwm all to drink tlie drrbught. Compelled whothur they would 
or no to do thin, thny bocunu compaoBOns of tb^ir owit ileath, hft«r oon- 
triving tbi? d«ath of aoothi^r. IinrnhMiijU^-ly eht* venom oivpt Uirou^ tha_ 
^l1- if I 'i<;Ti, iiud all of tluiui Hwt^tW up iri so wonderful aiul horrid 
A \\\ LiiiiL J I \:.i.{. All)' rii^ti who )4Aw thouQ would bit convinced thai UieLr 


St Wifliam of Normc/i, 


dtAbiin rumpcrc noa dul>it4iFGa. Quid plum 7 Viru« dUfccuirctia' 
uniucroa oticu|>al, quo pi^ualonto, sub mortie uoetibulo uito pori- 
cHtatur. Moriuntur <M>tori : Wimarok uupcTnttc*!! perniaiii?U KSc- 
riiutur itatjuo illi <^ui& moHni, cimttitur ct iIIa quoniAin cmditur 
tit iptia him luiyritava. Vita e^aidt-ioi illi rceenmtur, siuo rjuia 
minuii ci^tijrifi huuifcrut. aiuv <|uiu diuUui com olomouti^ nolutLiidaiD i 
di«ponobAL Polix utiquc, <jaia m^^rtum iinmiiiontcm ^foaiat, vu^l m-^U 
hoc inij*<ira,quia tumoi\^i» prxligiiJom Mjpt<^nmo non omitut- Mom- ^\ 
briH quippt' uiiiuuntiH ultnL qiuhzii cr^fdi podait aanio tumi^ritibu^ uoo 
homiuiHin il)& d^notaroe ofTigiom, sc<i notiiftHctiiujtmonjutri f^imv 
prodiguUem. Vndt» at oorpue illud noDstruoeum b'>rrenduin dabat 
iDlnoDtibtw apcctoculum. Qiiod rouom n ccmt^nv^ cutcm torn 
ualido toneam doq rumpi miiaronA In quibua positA AAgustiis 
rnWru initlicr^ dum tnnti tnmoriei uilium puratiiioruru ovmorct-, rtd 
iUix]ico« 8o GODtulitf iu qijibu>4 <|uicc|nid hAboro potomt oxpoodiL 
Mediuoniiii u<^ro coubuIuub iiidiutriaui, laborem pf^rdidJt ct impen* 
sam. 0cd cxindc nd pictntb diuinc coufiigicDtt oAjlum «aJuhiic 
meruit iim<jnim reriK^diuin. A modicla onini ubi eo deetitutam ti 
decoptum coiiKpcxit, txuictorum putstuloiidu siiflTrogia corumquc l<x«; 
penigraiida ccDjsuit. Qiiibuspcr niultum tempiie pcrngmtis, tandem. 

_ri&ii av ** ^Tlti Wlut nnordf Tlie poison Baiurntcd thr^i tbr 
And througlit nnd thi-ir lifo w&g brought to thi> doorn of doath. Tb«1 
rftSt died ; Wiiiturok AJorko dun'ivMl. The <tt\ten vfHf** Uurivd tw duod i\ 
iinowJU! n li-a'^nl ajc being Ukought to be At the point ta div ; but ', 
life was ^pui>Ml, ^^)K'tlJe^ becAU&e she h&d tak«u lenb (>£ the patMon thjui ' 
tho Twt» or Liii;tii:,r i^K lEicrcy of God wm docrooin^ hor aalvatioD. 
In so far a& alicr h^id t?£c»|x<d deFttli, nhti woa liftppy, but wrctoh«d iaj 
that for seven j'eara upav^ 8[ie wae not rid of the monAtruUft Awrllin^. 
^11 hw- limba wc>m inJla.tMl to AH incredible exteut, fo that one would j 
di<o(im in her not so much the tigutv of n huiojui being ah thoj 
port*'ntou8 form of some new moimU^r, Her l>ody conHoqacntly pr^j 
sented u liiilaou^ ajpfuirnju^B to the Iwholder: uid one ]o<^ii^ at ht^r] 
would wonder that tlie skin au forcibly distended did not br^ak. Inl 
thi* wn^tchwl plight tho poor woraaa, seeing that Uic awcUiMg duj not] 
BubHidi% pjpjiirtfd t o dt>eU»rij and sperit on than what*vcjr %hc had.! 
But the hkbour wtui iuat and tJie aioney vaated^ thou>;h ultimaurly Kh^j 
wa» Hucouii(cd wmth/ t"j find L«ilinK. wlit-n she h'l.(M>k hcrnwlf to thd' 
rcfugo of the divine pity. For »}]i.ri ■^\i': pi']-i_';ivf'd thai nhia buMivaa 
TOOoked a nd left doatitutc hy tho dcfctoi-H, she thuu^^ht ahc <DU«t wjuuLt 
iJ^^Mij^n ^»fl i^^flii Uiuit jjiriiuju. Sho ibcciii'djiigly viHiU^d uiniLj, and 


St William of Nontnch. 


Norwioiim pcriicnit ibiqiio nlicjimnto tt^mpoix^ mrvmri ot iliuinam 
Btuioti luartiriti WUlclmi imffraguutibua tiicritia misoricordiam 
prcntoWi dcci'ciiit. Onmque inm ibi ntulto^ cxngJsiHot diiw, dio 
qu&iUm sollenni dum HoUtimpmtor ante scpulcnim bcati martiri^ 
plurimrt plcbin oonuenl^Edet mnltitudo, ct ipcui inulbitiidini intorcf»ot, 
dcmultitudtnc prodictiBod sanctum etuencTabilcaccceaitecpulcruii] 
ot f&iLinum eiiinitatm pcrccpit rcniocliiini. Mox €mm ubi gviiim 
flcxit brcuiqu« tumt orntionc scpulcr^i labia impros^Lt, umncm illam 
tuuiiuui tiinik-ntam puuiinc-nlg cuoTEtuit. Quale uuli^iii ait quod 
ouomucriti quid nliud dicerem ui&i quaiiiam horribilo, cjuin' immo 
vt uiau iril(>Uen»bily fitit ? Tiiutwiut? ilUun i|uautitA£ omt quiuita 
puniiAxmic CApAciUtir^ iia.-* c-oinplcri potuisJH^t. Quod et continuo 
telerrimua oc intoUerabLUfi coiiaeculujA eat fetor qui et nores 
n«i»tcDtium offenderet, eos(|Uc loco cxocdcrc pcrurgcrct. Qua dc; 
r« louum sacriaUi sacrum apurdtia ilia purgari focorunt, hcrbisquc 
atenii redolcutibuA. Miaeia u«r(> tuuHer eccleaiam confcstim 
t^xicTU, quicquid roeidui uisceribiu infuit totum fiimlituti uuom«iui 
efludit. Vnde vt mimbile illud sub uniujv horc contigit spatio, 
ut que antoa, uclut prcmiJumn.*), ultra qunm credi ptysmt tumona 
fucfBt, sbabiui tfSuAA »ame adeo graciiijf ct 0O«pc« t^pparcrct, ac 
ta nichil uiiquiuu tuuiuris luohJlgue mali pcrtulinact. Cumta 

' quid coi^ 

akt IftiigtJL c«m« L<* Norwioli, tuid there detomitn^ t^ j^*^^t^ *Ttnn\n_ 
tinift juid wait for the divine mercy to be procumd by th<i intiimfuMLon 
of the n»!rita at the holy tniirlyr Willia-in. After alw h«d now xpttni 
ftoirm^djiys there, on it iiol«iiin fenatrduy, when aooordiiig to custom a 
g'^ th rcmg of people had assemblod At the blecMd mrLrtyr'B tomb, and 
she among ihem, she cauie forth from the throng and npproachecl tho 
holy and venerable nopulchre, aud xhc obtjunntl Ji tpe^^ly bt?&ttng. For 
wh1^tl nhi^ Imd kiigaltfl duwu ai^d uttered a short pr&y pL she preaaed 
her L jpe on tho _tQmh, aud forthwith voiaitpd _ftlJ that ^iwnoua da- 
^tlf^Klf "" ^^ pBVciQOnt. I can nnly dcHcribu it by oayiug tl»t It 
Wiut horrible— nay, uubuanihle, that there was enough of it to ftJl a 
vuaHel of the largeet sifc, tliat the kty^tO'adccn vrerv ucm^triuncd to 
lopvfl th e pljw^ Mv\ the MicriHtH to cLvause the spot and atrew it 
with fragrant herba. ThQ |>oor vuJiaan loft tbc church 10 hnsK^ Jvnd got 
rid of jtll.tiiat was l&ft.of^tj^S-pH'i***" TIk' result wua tlmt ii^ one hour's 
tiiEKT, nUv who, AH r hfkvc Hatdf had bccii awuUcti to an incr^diiU- Ui*, 
now appa&ET?d um niiiu aud hfM«Hhy ha if shv LmI tievur suJtortid (ruui 
» ttW4^lliIl^ nt kII- Bomg tliUH uurod, ahc ^v« tliiiiika Ut Ooi» luul 

250 Si Wiiliam uf Nvrwich, [bil 

igitur, dco fic sancto Willolmo gmiiiK ^t^ Ronwun p*tiit, «t 
que sibi coDli^raj)t pApe Adruino cniLnrMiiL Bsdndo 909pcii 
rancttOfl multo tempore aul tcatinioaiucn iiuracuU iu bac lucc 

xiv. De altera ffuUitrwsa curakL 

ERAT et altora mnli^ OiJlilda nomiDe uxor ouiuwilaiii Tiirgori 
dn MiJ(lolb«k< <ju^< li aDu1U> U-nipan> guUurooMa fu^mt, 
«c»que incomtnoHrj mim^-nilnliU^r [ttbihrRbat. pRnirgDnto uctd d«>lonK 
fnoWtia, et ifft^ qutH\ue facie^^ cum mcnto intumuit. V^mhat 
cAm dim tamoriM pnnU'r nl <JolQnK iwvrLiUu, oumulnbnl molMtiMn 
contifiua per biermiuin morbi diiitiimitiw. Dolor ut^hcrm^nji ot 
]H<nK?uomim i;^mt, iugiit iiitor tormc'iiU grKroituu itattuium capere 
HOD sioebat. D«niqii4> \¥i^i tnntitK cl tAtn iliiiturnofl crticiatu^ 
suorum monitis ae glorioAo del martiri Willetiiio uouit. fftctoque 
in iUiujii uomuio L*t bouort* candeU, guttur ut culur^ t^na mtumu- 
erant circumdedit^ Mira res! &lox iit candelfi ^ttur turg^soeiu 
teUgit, outc pluribiis HubitpO locis quasi ezploaa, winiajfl ibi diu 
concrete 4}ffiiJoni copJt. Xuquo fliixim ilk ce^fluit, tpiousqno roulier 

Qt Willijini, jui<] b^bx^JmHaii Up Ktuuo, wJicrv sUu told^o 

whul liiul bup|K]i«] Uj hor j Mid rotutoiug wbolo ab« tctuiiLtivd Imig w 

hh> W bear witntw* tu iIm «d1(«c1«. 

xnr. Q/" M(] curt <^ anoihcr rrcmian rm^ a rfoUn. 

Thnro WAA aim JLn<^ther w^nnan cnlM Oillikln, wife to tano TKurg^r 
of MiVbitiliJiM. will] liiLd long hiul a goilre wbich troubM her Ufrribly, 
It tuL-reA^ed upon hor, causing her face as wt^ll lu^ hor ctiin to fiirell ; 
the sveUing wa« accompAnted aIjso ^ith pjtiniA iiikI, to crown lUl, 
continuot! for two yerir** 8ptt<?e, The p^iiii waa continuous, and her 
couHttkEit jiioaiis prevQfLted her from sleeping. After all this Buflerlii^ 
6ho Anally at tho advicu of her fricndE vowe<t lii^rsnlf U» Uio glorious 
martyr of God WilliAnii and mjide \k candle in hb namtt ami in Kix 
bonour> which j^he put round the swollen throat and parts aU'evt^d. 
Wonderful to Miy, as i^oon as thr. candle touched Ui<^ place, the skin 
burst a« if by forc4» in iiev«ra] plucea, &Dd the dinchargti flowed nut, 
DOr stopped until the womau hjtd heeii freed aliko from pain &ud 

^ Adrian IT. IIM— £U (KloLolu Bnkonpoftiv), 

VI.] St Williavi of NQt-ufich. 251 

ipMt ft Inmoro pruitcr ct dolore UWr&La fuorit. Curate tandoni, 
cum iiiro auo il«r Arripicns Norwicum uonit, uotiun soluit, 
libcmtQri suo grAliuGi u^L, domumc^uc; cum aiiiEt j^tulnbuiLda 

XV, De homim ;«r ajlatnm coliAri Uirgido e£ cwrato. 

ILLVD i)ui>qitc silentio tcgi iDcongruuui duitmiis i)u<x] dui.»bu9 
prcabilcris refcr(*ntibiif*» OnuMdo «ciHcct dc twncto Ghri3t4jforo 
et Rftdiilfo filio quoiidaiji lleniei (luiUirui, atiia qiioque uoimuUis 
id ipsum atUvftaNlibti:* prc>fccU> otrgnridimiiff. ErAl Htf|in<)rm hnmo 
quidaia do Blithebui'c prL'tiominaUft cogmtu^* pft^bitcriA run 
milieus, diutsa 4C nc^PMiunUi plt^iilHtiitnt; hubKiuLuiH. Hie dum 
meDJw Aiigusti post mcwwrcs suoe in a^tq coiiJ!ii»torcb, ex improuito 
coluber mira et inuaiUte tDa^uitudinta aibilia sibilmu terribilibufl 
cr<MH(? in idtiim capiU; ex oduumo in t|)7(utn itn|iciutn focib. Bo 
Uui Hubita primtiuk lite attonitiu el exterribua, reuocatFO ptwt* 
miMlum animo »u ml ;»q cullcj^l, nrr»ptoi|iu; di; iiicinu vcpe pali), 
ill colubniiu surrexit, oumquc qiinntuni itirc^ admiDistr&beint 
pvrcuwitt. Male tactaa culuber. ftirecba quafii parte aui luedU, 
in peictibicntciii impetii fvrvci fcrtur. Bed pdo rc|>t;n^uNfun 

MwrtUin^: whrn Piirwl «h<? stnrtrd witJi hflr hunhitnd and caitx* lo 
tli>rwii;liT nlmro ^hv piuii bur vuw, nod Uiaukcd her UbaraUir, and hj 
nturum) 1ioiil« in jujr witli lirr frieiiJr!^. 

3iv< {J^JAtf CT*rfl of a iHon who vxu mmlkn by ih^ l>reath qfa viper. 

Another matter I cannot paM>t over in Mileage, which I iMcrrtAinwl 
fnm the witn««8 of two prieals, Gaufrid of 8l ChriflCopber'a &iid Rjdpb, 
non <if Hcrvi^y tbo bnkcr, and nmnn othim who boro t^^timonjt to 
Una fact There wba, tlien, h lujiti of Blythburf^h known to the 
prieffto I havn nnmod, dwolbng in th€ country and well provided 
with goodti, In tbd month of Au^utit he wus BUuiding behind hia 
nvipem m the fiojd, when *>n a sudden a viper of unwonted and 
wooderiul BizB nucd itJ^ head witJi terrible himin^ and attacked 
him. Hn wah at fimt Htartled by thu HULldennees of the things but 
w>m n<|{iiiticd bin wiLn, and stiatofiiii^ a sluka Qut of a hedge liftrd 
bjy mi (jpon the IxAAt And Abrack it on hArd aa he could. The viper 
WA0 IjA^lly hurt, but erected about half cf ita bodjr and nuklo Another 
r>croc oAmlAUght, but waa tvpulacd a av<?oud Ufuv with the vUiko. 


St William of Norwich, 


ru|)cUiiur. Vndc cjc ore cam sibilo torribili uoparo quo<)&tu 
ffulphnrco id &duerHuni bontem emiBfto, i|3«im contiuuo pcotlfi^nj 
infcoit aucUUi. Tuin illc mjuori dctfcuicmt tm, in cum wtiiu 
iikflargil, crcbrosijue congciDuians ictua, cum duobua Uuilvju 
qunn vi?iitfv libbcbat gcnmllin malrcm intctx'mit, nt4|iic in nif^uiD 
Liictorie palo punter attijut. Exinde ad inosaorea remeMifl, 
uiz ttb tin puluil aguooci, ifuotuaiii ^uoai eutuflbito ct liif]gwiti 
IqW corpora &c dvnij^Ui iiun Jlhini o-mtigrntt inimutiiri Xt?c 
iiitira, dolore ifraui&aiiLio occupaQtur uittu, Ifuiguir«cunt eutiguU, 
peticliUui ui<lvbAlur uito. Quid uttnt ? Miwmrum manibuK 
domum rofcrtur ; per triduuiu BtDo uoce JAcena et ftejwu mortuus 
<:cvditur Ti^rc'iu dtmum die <)Uiii»i rtmiuiacciLii itwpimuil> l«n* 
guvjitFcn uciilon n|H7ruit ct iu\ miiicoa circum iuwu^dIch lumijja 
couu^^il et- ail; Ecce nioi'iur, tiioi diuius uubl ciliua ttubueuwb 
mi»erioon1bu Nunc vrgu gloriurd niartiHn Willelmi tae Undo 
patrocioiiiS uuiua uttquc uicritu mu «amLri p^jtwc crvdo ct coiifido. 
Ituquti (ju&QiUiLiua uuipub uitiuni in loaguiu el taTuiautarbuui ftlo 
pidisuretur, ad cuiun lonj^ludinem id Ullun Dtmiiiie fiat camlcla, 
qiiam soepitaUr reddita pedes ipse od ipauiD defomiD. His diclid, 
pix^ uelle di^poDtubifi conreAliui tiuut uimiia. Mink dictu^ st&i ia 


It theu, liiBsing, sent fortli from its loouUi ft f^?a.rful Bulpburouti vapour 
ttguinut tt^ toe, and uifix^tvd biui on tho iiiHt«Qt witli iijs jieutifenjuK 
broAih, He attockctl U with jiicn^tuHxl rngy, j*bow<ri-ud bli>w» upon 
itf and jmcoffMl^ in killing both the p&ront nciakG And aUo two jonn^ 
onv# witli which it waa bi^; rknti then put thorn ijl od tho ntuko in 
Uikeii of hiA vic^toi^. He tbeii return^ to t1ii> rvnp«ni ; but tboj 
could sciiredy recognUe bim, for hU aiip«ct wtm nlrwidy h^unxng 
to change, and hJA who1« body to piifl^ hw«I1, and ^row black. Tn 
A moiuent xeverc pains attacked his limbo, and he waa is«uwd with 
wooknesa, and bis life neemoci id jeopardy. To bo short* he wai 
carried home hy tJio reapfira, aiul lay for thnsi tlnyn without voice 
or Gonsciousnesfi, aiid waa tliau>;bt to be ^eiul. On th« third day 
he wwmcd to revive and bi^eathed again; opening his lanjpiid eyMt 
h« turned them ta thn friends at hi» ridT, an<i said : " Behold, I die, 
unlesM God's niorcy suotour me speedily. Now tht^refopA I oommit 
myielf to the protection of tho glorious martyr William, by whoM 
meritn T firmly heli^vn 1 can itn hiWraL JSIcasuro, then, the length 
and breatUh of my body in all htute vith a thread, and let a csandl« 
be uittde of tb&t length, and if I rflcover I will toiku it r»ywU to him 
uu twiit" Uia urxletd w«j-o carried out: thts event wm wonderful 





St WillMm of yonvick. 


re ui>m ufliniratida iielocitaH. Sul) i|>j<iii!!i eriJm lomporiB articiilo 
quo ipse scilWa inensuran ct caiiclela fieri cepit, uniuerAua 
tumor pt^nitiia uxinaniiiiK eiiantiit, at^u<^ ut nia^ft ndmiitrnft, itA 
factum «8t ut iiec miuimuni tumom m eo uevtigium apparerct, 
ac ai niohil antea im^onmifrtii }jortulii*J*et, Quo tiun uoluci Hiiiine 
piclatis cxhilamtus boncficio, surgens. ad glonosum liberatorom 
Hiuin roartireni Willelimim ueaire properauit, uemera aoti pro- 
poeiturn per^lttit, quo solulo ad propria lelu« rvpedauit. 

xvi, Dc uirffine okitw mire cur4Ua eH rnfimitlu, 

EODEM qiioqnc tcmpotv uJrgo qucdain MntiMiu nomine de 
Suathefelt cuius pater Rathe uocabiitur, intollerabili 
dexter? tDamillo dolore ufficiebatur ac tumore. Quippc nd 
cumulLim moieffti& nouem foraiuimbus ex mam U la sanies UMjue- 
quoquc protUicbftt pbmnia. Tanto ilia per dtutumtim Umpu^ 
detenta inccmmodo, multaquc in mcdici« f^ibi nichil proficicntibus 
beta t*xj>etiHa, humane reuuntians ad diuinani se contulit medioi' 
nam. Ajwurncns iUujuo portinnem ctut? non inoriicain, earn wuicto 
Willelmo uouit. ei qua et male habentem circiimdwiit mamillam. 
Quo facto, re8 ut^ra contigit nolde stupenda. Velut enini palrif« 
eiu3 relatu didicimuB, mox ubi mamtlle subtracta e^t cem, dolore 

aikd aurprining in quickneee. For ut the very iiiihtani wLeu Tie began 
tn Ijc Tueodurod, and the catidlc to b« tnod^, th& whole of the AwoUin^ 
subsided and diaappodrod nnd, what ia moro wonderful, it cmmo to 
pikfw thni iiot tlk& loAAt trace of it reinained,— juat a« if b« had not 
vuflVred at «ll from it- CTlnd<lened by th<? swift vnrklng of the 
divine pity, he rf\*e> avid haat^ned to hla gloHoua liberator, Willkm 
UiA martyr, and paid hit vovr : which dona he retunie<1 home 
in joy. 


xvi. Ofe, fnaifJ ic/hw* hreajsi pwi* worititiTfttily heated. 

At thfi aame time attio tliere waa a maid caUKt MatildJL, of Sw»- 
', whose father WAA nnmed Balh»; Jiht^ Hulfnnicl frnm an int'Olfirftble 
iling and pain in her right br^iut accompAnt«id with a diachargo 
from nino operinga- She was long afflicted, and spent much on 
phyidciaun to no purp08i> : so in t)i4? erici ah« aluindoni^d man's hi^tp 
aiid aoagfat Uoi>'ji heiilmg, S5be took a lar^ piaoo of wax, vow«d 
It to 8t William ttiid applied U to tier broA^k The roaiult wmi Auuucing, 
lior fftther Uom told nits ^"^^ *^ mfoii mn tlir wil^ wjwi withtbvwD 
^ A vJllnin^ two niiliv north or North WalnhoiD. 


St Wittiavn ^ Normch. 


»edAlo <fiitt-H AuccciMtt, tumor omiiiB nub^iodit, arcsccQlibuMjuQl 
pmiUtiin fonuniniWe mni^ cxundaiM iiuinmui oepiL Cuitia 
parcnboj^ tAin ftatiDo tiVic oongrutulttnteti brncticio, c«in irtAtini 
KijrK'tciim ad Minctiim dcdiixcnuit Wiltclmunu Quo illandiienieusj 
orfttioue Tiimil ^mtia^ ^K^^> cvjuui o|>Lul;t> maTiiiUttiiiqito cxtnUicusI 
timliiJn ca intcntiouc apifliouit fli^pulcKm, tit scilicet ijuia fora'j 
vuiaibuA adhtic a]i<)uantulum «ft1ueutibufi plunmam tinicbiht»{ 
iiidt- i^uuf|i]u i^(?1ut U« n^tifjuo bt^iiti mju-tirb^ ci[n' spcum rwWfrvtur- 
Prc.*H.-rtim ftcl id figrnduin npc? ttinitniicmt. Iidca cdocucmt^ mide 
et quod tanto tueuti^ AflTectu spenuib et €re<tidit» ooufv^bim 
optiticrc pnjntoniit. Vbi criiu titti^t Inpidcm nminilla, imb ipnnj 
ulfque \i<rTn d^ccaiiL «t clauttu |MimeriiiiL iimuiUli? foniiniiULi' 
SunpiluU? igjtur ad aotum pleiic sustxpU^ domum cuui doia, 
guldens rcgrcdibur. 

xvii Dfl Butuatu in Tnarx et d* t^mpefdtdc «ed<it€U 

CELI, nmrij!(, iic turro moderator dominus quemadmodiim 
f^gregie excellontie nmrtyrem WiUelinum in cdift prx.*eipuo 
digiiilatis liitLrciiluiii pr^rugitliun, inultrimtxlU iuira.cvloram sigruA 
in terra glonticauit, it& eundeni ipmim et in inari magiuficftre 
uoluibn QuibiJMlum namque de proaincia Norfulchctuii pariter cnm 
preabitem quodam de EileAhaiu Radalfo noniine, Diarino od iilU^ri- 

from being &ppUod, tb^ paui ooiued uid rat oiuiuod : tbo AveUiag 
su1lfiid«d and the diechArge a1jLck«n«d- Ovetjo^^d nt th« ap«edj r«Ji«^ 
b*r paronta *t ofioe took her to Norwich trt 8t ll^ilJiAm- Shp cAm*^ 
prftyed, gave thJtnks. ofl«r«l the Wiii, \nrisl her brfiaat &i]d mppliod 
it to the tomb, iu order to be relieved by llie blessed martyr's help 
frcm what still reinainod of hrr disorder. Hope inxnt^d hor, futh 
imtrui;t<^l hcrr in tlir (■xpf^ririiunt, and vhe oonsequt-ntly nurritcd to 
obtain vrhat alie hoped and believed. The cure was completed OQ 
the instant, and bnving rccturiv) to the full her heiklth in rtti^wcr t« her 
vow. jJic wmt j^ladly bonie witli her parentA. 

xvli. (ffccrtain Moveti at ficn antl a *0rm MtiUed^ 

Th(^ Lord, who ia governor of heaveu, sea^ and earth, w Ho hai 
(j^loril^ed the martyr WiltiAm, of eminent excellence, crowned in the 
heavruH with a pnTixjgativp t'f upeeial worth, by niAny minitfli^ on 
the l»nd. has aleo willed to exalt him upon the sea, For when oortain 
of tho county of Norfolk, together with a priest of Aytaham uanied 
lUlph, hod voyaged by M;a to tho fuitbcr pjirt* of England, and, 


St Witiiam of Norwich. 


DHM Auglie portiKi uuuigio proft-ctib 8uuquv ibi pemcto aogotio naiii 
qua ueueraut s,d prt»pnn ruiictt^^Ktibu^, Mih inediu cumu m-^ubiuinA 
mibito i^xi7rtae«t tcmpcifltajf* Iminlcr^ccDtc ncntontm vMc lAbcrnnti 
lithium nciuOiturr liutpcnnc paritor ac rudentos mmpunturr Occmii 
uiolculifim fm^liH ciinbii ulx auBimH« uicLa iiautttrum cedunt 
uMuiiiti^nA. SoliA liinic^n nox ntrn int^rripit, morn imimncnn ex* 
pttitkgacvt &ioit Glamor uniuersaiifl extullitur, ad celura suApiriA 
fundunlur. Illud diikifliiixm Wjiti lunrtiiri-'* Willrhni nmiKn 
ot^ubit^h ac iiiilits repUcJitur, i?iu?M|Ut' in an^UAtiu pi^a^nft adcww^ 
pciitur patnnunLum. OraLione nun uiribna loni iimii^iiirn Tore- 
butur, vt pi^ocellis AciiiotitibiiA orntionio caii^n »Anctii)nu Wilk^hul 
meriui oppiniiiitiir, VoUt illi l^iiiit>, ut nciHct-L m ttfun ciju?<<Tiu-ntur 
ope, pit) tantj riL'c*^ni|K-ni«Lti'^iic l>cncRcii vi nb 4^jj« tribulnria quot- 
ttiuiib holubrvtar rticogititid, l^^^pii^iatiir ad hec diuioa pu^tiis, 
iidc-M rt ctintiniKJ adiUMViti martinrt iiirtut^ ruidctm. qui <ttsi 
ccjrporali pnuwutia, uirliitu tariken uon d^etut. Quieuit eoiiu 
o^ilnniin ruMi;«, (^I'lg^ uioliifntia mxlatur^ vt LnuiquilliUu^ ncrvDn 
0ubH<^^uiuir Naiitannii txiiocatitur aiiimi, i^ucquo mpba fuerant 
rt^^it'iuuLiir. Vtroti contrai'ii iu itiu^ris (xjuimrtiiutur iniumtt^ria, 
nftuij^uni rmnuUtrix pruHc;quitur uiidu. Di^ui^b breui iaimcnnis 
pelagi ^paciuv uoiitea pariter Htoria opUUi ffrata potiuiitur arena. 

haviiLj^ mxfod their business there, were returning homff in the ship 
til which they hod come, ftl>out lti4> [iiidille of Iheir courxn Ji mddvn 
and violent storm arose, Tho rage of the wind inoroa«ed, the litboaring 
■ail vras rent, the ^Ards and Hhn>u<U buiken, and thi? frfiil craft Hcarce 
boro the bru&t of oc^Ati, while all the RoJIorn' vxvrtioru wcra rain. 
Olwtiiiro«t nl|;ht ii)vu1v«fl the ^ky, And thi^ nonr pro«poct of tl«Ath 
drovA the blood from all f»cO*- An iinivorMil crj wadI up, tdghn 
Wiere poured to hcftvcti, the d&KT nnnit ot iht* h1f<H««d martyr Willtiitn 
won repeated a hnndr^J, u^y. a tboiDuind timns* and Kik prnwnt aid 
•ought in their ntrnit. The ship only I1oAU<d by th«ir prayrrn, not by 
h« own atreugth ; tlie pluuling of prayer and St ^Villia1ll'a mmta werts 
aot afCQinnt tho m^ng storm. Vown were mude U> hiirj. that if thoy 
wi&re saved by bin help thry would yearly pay a tnlmld ia at-^kiHiwledg- 
ment of the boon. The divine pity vrns propitious and the power 
of the iiiartjr'Advocat43 at once nho^-n forth; for, if ab«vat in 
body, he waK vi^t pmmnt in might. For thf? rago of tho winds and tho 
violeace of the ocean abated, and a frreat calm followed. The aailora 
rMOvar«d their courage, ^od repaired dftTDAgen. Thn contraiy unn^J^ 
turned to ipeed their course, and the submissive waves followed the 
veanl. In a short Uuje thej tlcw over the brood loa, and nil attained 


Si WaUam ^' N<n^dL 


^;n*ft4ii)Ut^ itKH>luin«« ac loU, mox Norwicum wl beutum martirera 
Willelmum cum uoli^ el obUiioiiibiiH f&tlmant. cuitui »uffrAgiu 
in !<u]>i>r^nici inortia (tuicnmiui? litwniti fuenuit. 

xviiL Dt duolus sibt (bic) /atto emdripfu oc KbenUi^ 

SVD uiMlctn ft;rrao dicbu^ GoilwinuH c^uidfkm cognominv 
dc WimiindehAm poiitcr cum fmtrc suo Robcrtun) qiMmdaAl 
(Ic Charl4>tuno i^uodec unique cauuA i^p^imnt, ntqu^ aub arciA 
poaitiim ciiHlodm, cumpMlibuH Ivireift nHtnnjicinuit. Oompedctt 
qiioqnc oathcuft tcncbantur fcnvA, |>o«ti firmissime obfimia^ 
Diobiia quipiK' ac noctibua miuiibu^ po»t Urrgum liffatia roiaer ille 
tiiti<itiiun pOAti affixiLEi uLocbut» btniquc ac bini nocturnia drcA 
eum horn uutriina cum diligcntia uLgilc« excubabtinL Accusab^tur 
siqiiidcni multtpliciei noxc quasi reu^.mMl, ut pontmodum dulioimoft, 
Huper hia InuimiUB vrat et inuoziuAH Cum igiiur sub lam cnideli 
et inuneritA Hicbufi ivliqtiob tcncrctiir ftngiuiA, ponali quoquo 
hmift tkc niLui fiuguntU dofeciaHCt, in Enenteni forte uettit beat! 
Willelmi martim poetulfir^ auSragiA quibus a pnf^eiitLs augario 
libemn^Lur jwua. ^tur ea die Lota el usque ad uoctin nu^iuui 

the d«Blr«>d 8hor»; where <l)fi«mV}ArWiig in joy and vifHj, th^y toon 
rdpatr^ to Norwich to th© hleucd martyr WillUio with ci4r»rm^ 
iiiniw hy hut praynm they hfo) beea freed from imminffnt peril of 

xriil Qfiwo that were locked in iron felUir$, and toenjtwd. 

Aboul tlie name Imio quo G<»dwin, auniamed Crt^me, of Wymuud- 
ham, wjtlt hlN brother had taken prisoner for aome reason or other 
on<i llobort of Charloton, and ooRiiAittiMg fiim to Rtricl ward, bod 
fajtoned him in iro«i failboee. The hilhoen wer? atfjvohed to an iron 
ehnin wfiioh waa firmly fixe<l into a pout: nnd day iind rtighi with 
hb^ hikndB hound b^ind hink, the miaemble niaii had 1o lie at it 
wcro iioil t4> thf poitt, vhile guards by two and two leapt watdi 
over hiiQ iuo«t carefully tliroughouL tht^ niifhL He wa8 aooviited 
of a tiomW o! rrimes, of which, a.^ I afterwards l<^mcd, he was 
entii«1y ffuiltlcna, AfUr beuif^ kept for nontfl <layN in lhi» paEofol 
and undoserved atrait, and bein;; quite worn out wilb the torments 
of hungrj* Aud thimt, it happon<wi to conie into his hew) U> invokn 
the prayoTTt of th« bIwuM«l niartyr WiHiam^ that he luight tliereby 
\iG freed from hia preaeut puuLshukent and torment. For that whole 


St William of No7ieich. 



in huiaemodi porsietenB precibufi uniuereisqut^ tunc in domo Uan 
todiu <)imm tH>nipnu duuictiA, ot ipse <]uoquo donnitaro oepit; 
dormiUmti idom n^artir quern inuucuuomt Willclmti^ in ui»u 
ivUtitp Qtio compcKlon ftc ct^tcra pcrtmctauto uiocula, acra con- 
stricta diseoluitar, ropaguln furmU ditiailitmi. P«rro picUtui 
diuJDc iiirtuH roBcrat ijuikI crudclitrxtij^ hum&Dc malitia coartarat 
Quibus uwis, immo ot roAlitor gostis, i^ qui eti gcnrbut nublnfcrrc 
uidebatur : Surge*. IraW. uLrge uc-looitor. Ego quippc sum iUc 
cuitiM opi>ni poBtulu2jti, quern pre cctcm tibi patn>num clcgifltL 
Eoco i&m libor o^, nbecodcrc fosliEiA, tollcoaquo quibiut tencl>iin£i 
oumpt^cB, inihi Norwietim affcrrc nc pigritcris. Ad bcc cxpcrgo- 
ftkCiuB illc sccumquo uisioncm rctrActaua, se reutro ^utum 
Honlil, unde ot de fiiga titatim dolibcrauib. Vbi ucro uniucrvos 
dormirc eompijrit, lam pccurior cffcctua eur^t, compcdcs tolHt, 
hostioquo siQo eoritu aporto, quamtotius oxilitp VGraua Norwicum 
itiuore airc-pto, iUuc eub ipao diluoulir pcruoiiit^ nperUtiquc cpift- 
cop(Uu codcmo ukQiJui, intmuit (3t nd booti Willctmi i^cpulcriim 
proFu^it. Tcnone autcm quibud teiitu^ fuerat compedes. in ociti- 
vpoctu plurimorum Libcmtori euo eaa in libcrationis sue obtolit 


daj, tb^u, And until midni^bt, Kq per&iatod in tbcvc praters <«Rd 
when nil in tlir lioatse were overcome witb fatigu« and eltTcp^ and be 
hinifk^lf too htul bo^» to dwcftp thftt Bu-in^t nu^rtyr WilHAnt on wl\oni 
ho bod called «tood by limi in a vision, Hn pjuuwd bia hand dvcrr 
tb^ bilbo(<A And thn oth^r fott«r»; thn Ughtenn) lock wak Inon^d, 
lb* irnn bolU flow apnrt, f«r thft migbt tii diviiiA pity uiilocjcnd wJiaI 
mAii'« cnw^Uy Jiad furitiMitid, After this pb«noinoDon. or ratb<?r, 
rcMility, )ie wbu wan duiii(; tbo deed wcmcfd to Hpcok and wy, " Hise, 
brotbor, nso quickly, [ am he whoM^ aid Uiuu ilidat uk, vhoia thou 
bant choiwn l>nforr otlurrN to b« tliy putropu Lo, tbuu art five ! boMt^ 
to dispart, tak« tlic ivlter& in which thou wast bound, And delay 
not to brin^ them to iijo nt Norwich." The ntan awokr and coq- 
•id«red the vUion, found ho was indeed fre^, and straightway in«di- 
tAt«d JlighL Fercei^iJkg that all were a>.|i^qi, he gathon^d courago, 
rose, picked up tho fotli^rn and, opening the door DOiuelettily, crept 
out M quick M [iLight btt. H« tiha|w<l Jiia course for I^orvich, and 
arriTcd there at dawn : wJien Ute doora of the cath^dn^l cburch were 
opeuied, h« went Sii and fled U> the touib of the bloiwdd WiUianii. 
HokUnii tbe ff'ttera £n which ho had bwn Iwkni iu bin band, tie 
ofiered tliem in the vight of many to hia liberator in token of faia 
Vf. N. 17 


St William of Nortrich. 


(fignum* loteiTDgatus uero. totitw ret gvifie ftcriom querentibua 

De aUero. 

r A niilQTANTO poatmodum inlen4>cto t«mporis int^ntftlto, 
I XJlJ (^uiflam Hugo qu4;m dominufi euu« Simon acilicot de 
Nodariiit compedibm utriDxerat inultimodaqtie attrectauerat pe-rn^ 
tx^ti Willelmi mcntU coii»imili liberHtiu» ost moda 8cilutii» autein 
Norwicuin u^nit, fenreosque ferens quibus ionenuB fiieral noxtu, 
libemtoris sui »epuIchro appo8uit, ibique in focti 8i|[iiuEa et 
memonam diiitUit. 

XIX. J)fl fUto Atberti OrttsU ratr* curuto. 

jNTER tot ct tontw^ cgregiM nainbculcram uirtutca, uirtu^ 
noDnUDquatu diuiuft iu rebuA «li&Aa mjpimi* preiuiDorc 
8olot peiLuaxima. £rat n«!npe Roberto Gr«»1« illu»tri uquidem 
uiro filius Albertus, qui piicr ni^mm habcbal, qiiem nimia nifoc- 

' tftnUOi fad. 


raleaae : wh^n aeked, he told the quc«tion«r» the whole coarae of tbo 
story, and when a aaf« opportuuity offtired, went uway seotinL 

Of a iicond. 

After some cansidi^nible interval had elapsed, a cortain Hugh, 
whom hi* lord, SJinuii D(;« Noy«ni\ h^d bound in fctt^^rs iukI tn&ttroated 
in muLy wayit, wau auuilarly f r«ed by the meriU of the bl«Med WiUiun ; 
ood wheD freed citnke Co Norwich, briiLgiog the iron bands in whicti 
he had been set^ laid ihnsn at tho tomb of hU Hl^rator, auci tfaotQ left 
thom for a token aad uiemorial of the facL 

XIX. (if the iCQWimfut curt of the falcon of Albert Or4$l^. 

Amon^ ao many eminent and migltty miracleji, the powor of Qoo 
b sonketimea apt to show itfielf forth greatly in the amaU^At things. 
Nov Robart OreMley', a nobltrnkan, bad a son Albnrt, who, vhem n 
lad, poB»«saed a ialoon of which he wu exceodiugly fond : and one 

* A broach td thin family |«biah fiiwrD« lo lu^ como from the North %tt ' 
£niclA<id) held laadd al UuvdI^d in Norfolk. Ad Albert de GroBlflj fcr (ir«lt») 
•ppw< aa vttceaa to % oliArter of Qant? II. in 115& («n Eyton'i Itinmry). Th^ 
bMamo eitinot M the death of Thomai de Grasltfy in 1347 (lOo Coruihopa^i 


St WUUam of Norwich. 


tuoBo twmpcr dilcxcmU QuAdam autctn die AUem illam iwati^t 
ail mortem icfirman, de cutua mfortuaio puer &deo copdoluit uc 
id dc mio, Cutnqne iatn auin rem ^^rfreuidcret\irBupprcm4km. pa«r 
ad bcati pucri cl martine WUlclnii se contulit sufiVa^ia oram, ut 
ipso prupitiaute niao inoneriti ^li^ resUtucrctur c^t iiiln. Vtitum 
(|Uoqac uouil, quod aibi dilectam ttueiii A luatituei^t ad euia 
aitigulls annia curu oblationis recognitioEtc uviiircL Paler tntor 
hec (jetericjiie i\x\i ndcmnt inilitcn pacro tan^juam putTilitt dcpo§- 
oeoti tIJudebant, Iuid <jL]i proculdubio aueui btatim moritui^iu 
ikoucraob, turn tjuuiiioin \mi liui tin modi ludicm mncUm uel vxoruio 
ael illis uot4^ uouorc ridicuhini Tore cj^tiuiabant, Factum cat autcui, 
Ofiuile cum lacritulti lu: ^emiLibuH puero, coutm uuluc^muruiu 
Qpuiitmcm rcvipimuil nui.s, broulqiio ptMl inlcniallo si>apc5 lippuruit 
et incoluu)iii> Quo uiao, adiuirati Duniuui utiiuerai, domiuum 
in tBuiclia ouia rtuoru miri^oum glonficmit, siuctu miotic dci 
luarlirum Willi^lmum rcbur* i^tiam iiiiuinils compnli ct cunuu 
exhiborv aduurautur ^t Uudiuit. Pijrrif pueniui pi>»tca l'uui patn; 
Norwtciim uolii aoluemli gratia uentre uidimtis, ipNunimqiKf ix-latu 
rom Lpeam prout gesba fuerat co^ouimus. Qut? uoa audientoe. 

d«y it s»o bappvned tljat tliia bird fell fiick, and the boj wmi im griovod 
foi" ita Riiahap aa if it hod been his own. Tha bird acempd to bo 
»n ATfrvmu, and tbo boy betook hiiDMrlf to titc ifiturowwioiL of tho blvitBMl 
boy and martyr WiLliAiii, praying that by hix kindiuHu tli(» dying 
falcon might be restored to hedttli ftnd lif« : h* vi)W«J, mflr*H>v<^P, 
thfct if the [Munt would rpfitore him hU b»lovi>d bird, htf wnuld utinm 
to him every year with an ofienDg in acknowled^meat. Hiit father, 
meanwhile, and the other km^htM who went present, laughed at the 
boy lui making n cliilditfli request, partly Ihiciiuho thny werro Nure 
ihttt the bird would die directly, and partly txTcauHo they deemed it 
ridiculouH Co praj' to the atiints or make vowh im tEic-m fitr Much trivial 
mattera. Yet it came to pass that, aa the boy prayed with team and 
noba, ooQtmry to tbo expettation of ^wty one, the bird breathed 
again, and in a nhort H]>non Appeared well nud sound^ All marvelled 
At the tight and gloritivd tlie Lurd a^ b«ing truly wonderful in Hin 
holy ones: oiid Ltiey were alike aurprieed and grateful Xa} the holy 
martyr of QoD WiUhini for sympathising in and caring for oven 
the ainallctft mattrra. Now after thbi 1 nav the boy ooeuq with hia 
fatliL*r Iv Nurwicli to pay hiit rovr, am) aacertAined frutu tbcDt lhi3 
foctn a* tlxry happened. And when I bod heard the «tory, I blcaeed 


260 St William of Norwich. [bk. vl 

gloriosnm et tarn piiim dei martirem, immo et in martire domiiiiiin 
qai cuncto6 coronat martires, glorificando benediximua et bene- 
dicentea glorificamuB, qui UDiuersonim conditor ac moderator ticet 
magnua sit in maynifl, mirabilia tameti quandoqne operari non 
dedignatnr in minimia. 

in glorifjing and glorified in bleaHing the glorionH utd merciful mar^r 
of OoD, or rather^ in Hib martyr the Lord who crowns all martyn. 
Who, being Creator and Qoveraor of all things, although He lb great in 
great things, jet does not disdain at times to work in the smallest 

HiBi htdbth thb Sixth Book. 


Indpiuia capitula lAri s^timi. 

i. <D>4? lU^imbcrto dapiforo abbfttu de Bollo et eius molen- 

dinario ab e^tiidine Rua curatiik 

iL Do iuueiio pamlttico ciirato. 

iii <D>e derico fiiribuDdo samtati redditp4>. 

iv. <D>e mulier^ Lkngniilii n kn^irin< fitiitiimo ciirata. 

V. De pucrulo ad solum patris uctum cumta 

vi <Dc>nialiere ni!re bia cancri oiirata inc^ommodo. 

vii. Dc mirabili in ci-m p;irti<-ulaUL inditto. 

viil <D>« conilua mullitudine languentium ciLmtomni. 

ix. l)e puero a natiuitatt^ ceco. »urdo» muto, ac loto oorpore 

imbecilb', artintilo tcTnp>ri3 ciimto. 

X. <D>e Robert! contnuHi curt 

xi, Dft ali«n> toto corpora iml)ecilli sanata 


i Of 





















Rnimbfirt, Hi^nnwhnl Lo thfl Ablttit of TUttlf^ M^ bU EnEll^r, 

who wnm IhmUchI uf their dUeaAtui. 
a youth with the palsy cured 
a mad cleric rmtonyl t<i nanity. 
a wick wouiaii cured of a lon^tandin;; iUueju. 
a little iK>y curcxl by the nwro vow of hi* father. 
A W4im&n twice vfoaderfully cured of m cancer, 
the wofidtirfol sign m thedividiug of ihii wiuc. 
a number of ikiLing pciYOiiK cured. 

a boy blind from birth, dcaf» <luml^ and weak iu body^ 

cured in a momeDt. 

the cure of tlie drforrued Hohert. 

a aeoond who bad lost the use of bU Umb&, aud woa cured. 



St Willmm of NfmmcK 


lii. <I>teiD de mulicre contra^tA abque erects 
xiit. De quwiAm maledioo per iiiHum mire cafitig&ta 

Indpil prologs m fifrrwnt septimunt 

y A \ UQVANTA tflmpnriflTritercnrrcntemoTWMim,b«i.ti*wcifni 
\Xi-/ martim iiirtut<?m ft mirftciilonim Rignu iam r^ftwuMntr 
oxtictimanB, nrma MrnptortA d^poauisa^in mnltofiue Rcribendi labore 
deffttig«iiis qiiietis fiptnto modicum degiiAUreni, forte labom 
itATAti lAhennium incnrri. SuMto ^tonim, inopinnnbibiiit nobiH. 
anno ab inojimtttior** i^^imini H". <T. LV^ qiumi n^nouftta uirtns 
wuicti martins ampltori quam prme wignonjm nfFnlKit fiv^ti^nttii, 
Vnde rofiumeOfl cnlamnm, opita ni>f'Ti« aggrv^dior mtermiaflunt 
V^Tuin quia htnc Uuitu nuraculomm concufrit multiplicitas, indfl 

xiL Also of a durfoniw] woman mado upright 

siiL Of a blaapbemer wonderfully <?I]utt]HocI in a vinion- 

\TK6 Ivrt qf Cha^rtt erula /lare ; btU %tt the Uri ile following 
added, Jor tM^h I 9\t)fpl^ the tiUe$.- 

xiv. Of ft maid cur«t of gout. 
XV, Of A HofnnnrMj girl cured, 
xvi Of another deformed girl, aru] two boya. 
xvii Of cortfkin saved at sea, 
xviil. Of a wircerer reputscMl from thit altar; and of tho wonderful 
experiences of u young kdy in Wurcrrwtor^hini. 
xix- Of the extraordinary cure and wonderful journey of Caufrid 
'«f Oantorbuiy.] 


f A fvttmidnrftbin intervAl of tioio hod aUpnal, Jtnd J b«ig)Mi to ibmlE 
tliat fclifl jMiwiir of the most blpuHPrti martyr ha*! oraAn] from wnrVJng 
Hjg na aiid womierai bo that 1 Lud oaide niy writer's wcmponn, and »x>m 
out by litorary Coil was be^^inning to taate a uiea«urc« of tho roet 1 
lonjfcd for, whon it happtniixl th^t 1 wm plunged cnce mure into the 
lubyriutli of labour- Pur quite auddunly, wlieti w^ were ioast expecting 
it> in the year of the Lord's iaoarnatiou^J,^g^e power of the boly 
martyr aeemed U> ronew iUtclf, and ebone forth with a groatw multitude 
uf iiigns than before. I tlit^ivf on» Utkr? up my |wn onc« moret au<I gladly 
resume the work I had laid aside. But siiiwon the oni^ hand there la a 
great prew of cairacles, and on the other the d^sniandfl of my own private 



& William of Nonvich. 


familiariUTn negotionim argot nec^eaitas, in mediiullio expoaitua 
neccAHe habeo ea sic exeqiii, ut i»la non oeglignir, ct it-ti mt* 
undique expe<ijftin, at tiGquc uel hoc infecta uel ilia [irelermitlam 
illib^a, Qu€ sutem beatiatiuni martiiiif siuc ao« uidcre «iiio a 
credibilibti^ iiiris audire contigit miracula, ex conmilto ita sub 
biTuituK? traiMcum're cumuimu», iit et ea scire hoLgiui cognoecerei, 
et multiplicitaa concarrenB hod fostidirct. Si quid uero ialcrdum 
effiudus oxplunun continent, quia ^ilicet pauds explicnri non 
poBHil, moderationin tamcn hod cxcedcmus rogulom, tie proraiau 
deli«ndHti inciirrii^r nidoainurculpam. 

Eixiplicit prologus, Irtcipit lib^ septimus. 

L Di RatnAartQ dapifero ahbatiA de Belh. 

ERAT igitur in pri>tiiiitui Ha^tingc?ll^i nillc^ quiclam Beiniberttm 
uomiiie, dapifev ubbatm Hiiiuti Martiui de Bello. Hie ijiioti- 
duque pennaxiojci iialvtudluiB luciirrauA mcomuodum, penirgcnte 
molfsLia loquetam ]janter penliOit et uisum. Vbi ueru peraeu- 
eraale incototoodo utiUo leuigEtrt^tur mtidicamiiie, ned ixi die^ 
dotoris ac morbi succresceret uebemeDbia, tnoiiilis suorum diuiue 

duttefi are urj|;ent, I, standing in the mtdat am forced to set the former 
forth in auch vis^ a« not to neglect the Lactor, and bo manage oiatterb 
a« nciithor to leavn Ihi^ dutim untJono nor the miracles untold, Nov. 
tfaiMeHignfi of the mo«t blessed martyr which I have either happened 
to witness mysoli, or to h^nir from men worthy o! credit, 1 h»v« 
puipoiely Kicctcheii quittf shortly, in ordtir thnt tUonn inti^rr4t4Hi might 
be informed of them, aud yet not be tired by Lheir number, Should 
It happen that I niti forced »v>iueiriiuef? to relate & mailer at aomewbitt 
grerttet length, bccauw; it ciluiioI bo oet forth ^Ijurtly, I will btill not 
ovcmtcp tho boundn of modoration, loat 1 ooom to incur the blame of 
brruddn^ » promi«s 



i- €(f Rffimhert, im<^Aai to tt« Mut of B<Mttl«^ 

Th«fD WAS then in the province of VlActinss a knight named 
Ileinkbert, aenu«(;lial to Uie »bbot of St Martin of Battl<^. Hi? had 
At »o[nc time fallen into a serious illnea^, which increaam;; dt*prived 
him alike of npeoeb and sight Finding no remedy, but only a daily 
agfl^avation of hiB diJieajie, he betook hinuelf to tlie refuge of the 


Si WUiiam of iVonwcA. 


ini»prationu a«fle contalit u^Ux Cum etenim amids nbi ftanstent- 
ibuH Kub Unto pericUtoreUir dist^nmine, recordatUMie imnginuift 
be^lt^Riuin maitir«ra WJUelmtiin, cuiti* wjputoura Norwici qvan- 
clo(|u« uidcfBb, ante mcnbw ocuIoh ponena cotdis licguA quA potuib 
<?iu* Kibi opem inuocauit. Nee mora, piJi incntifl cootritio ccUn 
puUaofl, ditiine pt«tatiM remediam pronieruit, atquL* mib ip±o tem- 
porin artjcnla ealutcim &niiM«iii rectiperatiit. Idem ipse pcuiciit 
povtmodum diebu^i molendinarium suuni wl mortem iifiqiie egro- 
UiiUiQ uiNiUuiH €t <]iialiti'-r beati Willelmi curat^is fu^rit litutfVn^is 
cnArrftDs, excmplo suo &d t«0Kpitaii8 apcni cgrolantis inuiuiuit 
fidem, FidelibuB ille monitis pennonitufi, moi ut curam deo beato 
martin orationcm fffiidit ct uotnm, fustimim mi^cepit saaitALw 
remedium. Ilec eiUHJem Ji«imberli rclatu cogDOuimus, dum 
Norwioum poiftcci ad bmtum marlirem exorandum ueturet, ac pro 
«e suoquo fnolE*ntiiturie dujilices rctcxr<?t graiiiw. 



ii, De ptiratitico ouraUK 

ALIO qiioqijo tcDiporc iuueuu quidaiu 8t:het uoinijie in uilla 
Il^c«clia dicitur ile pnLrv Eilmeru daIus, 9ed npud Oerae- 
mutani pimrntoiii gOLtiri ijucntujs aliquamdiu commorans, paralitico 

(living mprcy, at tha iidrl<» orf hla friMidn, For when he was in this 
HtnU?> And his friends bj him, he Tvuilli*^ in imajftnndon th? most bleaiwH 
miirtyr WiDhun, whose tomb he had once seen ab Norwich, and, Hitting 
hiui befom hiH mind'H eye, ho invited his hdp with tlie tongvie of liia 
hearti The ploua oontritioii of liix miml knocked at heaven's gale 
and obtained the remedy of God's pityj and on the inntant he rDgaimd 
fall kit h^th. 

A fvw days Ut«r ho vixit«d hi^ miller, vho was dck onto deatli, 
and UtUi him how h« had bdon cured by the interouAicn of St William, 
and by hi^ own ejiainplt> cnoouraged the sick man's Uaih U> bD]* for 
iKiAlLcg. PireviuJed upon by UUB fatthful jwixioe, he at once poarvd oQt 
before Ooi> pmyui^ and 7owb to cbe blessed martyr and nceirod 
n^pccdy rvcovvxy^ Thii I hvftrd from the lipe of Betobort himMlf, 
wheu lie aftemrards oaiuc to Norwich to piay to the bfearod nkartjr, 
and ruidor Uiauk* aliko for bimBclf &ad for his nuUer. 


iL fy « jMvra/yfh: aw^ ^ 

At another time a youth called Scfael born of one BUsier £d 
town caJkd HKtdiaco«v hut who lirtd at Yarmouth for purpoma of flo^ 


St William of Noneich. 


pi.T inultoe dies luborabat mcomniodci. Qui doniquo dum Norwicum 
ad beati WilleJmi marlim si^pnlGnini ftiiHsot adductitft, ipwi die 
qua u^ncmt, ibi mcrilt?^ h^cH martins 8oIuto Ungue uincnlo s^rmo 
el redditur, membris loualidU salus reAttMiitiir, 8anu»]uc eifectU8, 
domum 8e incolumem regredi 1«tAlur. 

iii. De clerico furibiindo nanato. 

VIUIMVS ct qiicndam Robertum ciericum, Willelmi filiiim 
do Crftcheafort, cerebri Curbiti liibamiik^tn iiisaiiia. pluri- 
morum manlbua hd beati martiri8 sepulcriim ailduci. Dumqno 
ibidifm cum -^ym rocliirniun niUh placidc exegisHet iiiglliam, sub 
aurora soinpno preAKu^ dormir^ cepit, ol circa horam terciam exper- 
gefiictuH, tam capitia^ ini^itiiain (jtiam mvmbroruni dolorcin vvdntutn 
persensit. Gratulantibus ergo mia atque pro salute illius sancto 
niartiri gntlUL» ligt^ntilnin, 3it|>er Unto H tiim 8ubtto miraculo plebs 
aasistem exultal, quoniam sanum ref^redi oocu^picit^ qiii inefuiuv 

in^ v^iu long Afflicted vitK palsy, lie vj» liiinlly brought to Horwich 
to tlip tomb uf St Williiiiii lb« nuirtyr, and on thiit luurw lUy, b^ the 
Eperitfl of tlie aacred martyr, the string of his tongue waa looH«d, 
speech revtorvd to him, and hr-nlth to his vtrongthltNw limbi: bo being 
toodv whole, \m ntjoiccd And roturuixJ homci wtslL 

til 0/a fnad clerk hfol'd 

X nItLO iMw otw lUflxirl, a dnk, wju of Wiltjiuu do Orochefiford ', wku 
wikfl IrvubJud ill hiK wiCa, And iiiod^ dicing brought to tho tomb of tUu 
blcMod martyr by x itunibcr of pcopl<;. After HprTiding Lho riiglit 
thcn^ with his fri«udi9 quiutly onouglin itt dnwn ho won ovcrcamo with 
■Ji^Jp »Tid, wftkin^ iihout Ihn third hotir. folt that bin inJidD?'«« and the 
pftiri in hia liniVm wf>rfi alitp A]»pAai4^. Hin frif^ndtt wer^ Tt*joi(i«(l and 
rvndflrwj tbankn to thi* holy niArtyr for hia rnrov^ry, and th^ ppopl* 
pmuitil alHo (ixult«d at. ho ^reat and Huddeu ft miracli^ for Hmy kaw 
him jfo Away uldo, who had come inacL 

^ Thcro ir$M m fJimlly of tbia rLome who hvod at TDttlri^ton in tha Hundred of 
fibulli Gtpiu);tiaru eiLtly itt the 13th «atnry> iSlomeflald, ti. 3i9. Aooulurj' l*h^ 
ilui^ bpiH^r AA o^nflidumbtc pooplc in Korvioh. 

266 Si WiBiam ^f Norwich. [bk. 

XT, Be mmliert Uim^inda a§raia <i Jw l w o liiaf w ft. 

EI8DEH dietmfiqneduii Leiu^Boror Bogm de Sales, tolo car- 
prjn male haboas, et d<^ore membninuD dfatamo Mwraiw; 
ad nepalcmm beati martins iKnit ibiqae salntem integnm recupe- 

r. i>f pif^rio ad patris tutmm cmrato, 

QV'IDAll fjci'^ne WiJIelmiui de Twnedis nilla "|"*"t^* par^ 
uoJam filiam laDga<H« laiigiimtcm diatomo et iam moti 
proximum babuit^ |nx> caiot salute saocto martiri Willebno uotom 
Helens, eiofldem mox snfiragiis fiUo renwdjum optiiiait wimlatiii 

rL iV muZCere bu a eamcri imeommod^ emr^sta^ 

IN eadem qooqtie qUU epiaoopali molier eiat, caiiu a tnemana 
Domeo excidit, qofi graniter in "mjwHU paiaebatur. Ex ea 
qiu{^ l^ariina proflQebat miia% diiuque iam pi^Hllam quod can- 
cnim nrnniiiant cr>runmpsemt mcommoduoL Comqne hoiuHDodi 
diutiiu Uboraret uAlitudine, oeque ulU illi snbtieEiiretiir ope 
medicomin, de hnmaoa iam diffidens, ad dioinam daiiqne ae 

iv. Of a aidt toOftyM^ et^red of a longMa^ing iUmem, 

In ibeae same dayji, one Leva, uster of Roger de ScaJea, vbo waa 
afllicted in all her body &nd saffered constant pain, came to Uie tomb 
of the bleased martjr and there recorered ber strength entuely- 

V. 0/a boy atrtd by hU/athet'a vtntf. 

One William also of Tfaornag«', a viJt of the Bishop's, had a little 
Acm who was long ill and nearly dead, for whoee recovery he made a 
row to tbe holy martyr William, and by his intercewtm obtained the 
remedy of healing for his soil 

ri O/a tooman iwUe cured qfa ccmtxr. 

In the same vill of the Bishop's was a woman wboae name I have 
forgotten, who suffered terribly in her breast It disdiarged a gr^at 
deal, and was afflicted with a cancer. She was long trouUed with it, 
and got no aid from physicians ; so^ despairing of man's help, she betot^ 

> A ooitfUiTftble Tillage on tbe north wsrt oT Norfolk, formarly a s^hpart. It 
WAS ■ Till of tbs Biihgp'i before the Conqneri, and u so itOl. 


St Wittiam oflfovwieh. 


ountulit maliciiiHm. Arrepta it^ctaecBraet&d ignctn mollificiiU, in 
Qomioe MLDcti [imrtirbi WIKi^lmi nmmill&m inate habentreui circuoj- 
(li^ilil, mm^iui- uli<iunTiidiu sic ilimittciuf, memorttbo mfirUri ura- 
iioQcm cum lacrimis el uoLa effudit. Mira res ! Confcstim Dcmpo 
mitigato dolore, et iierpeaib morbi pnirigo exaruit. et sauiei 
fluor ;:vei«auiL Cuni(|ii« riKsmiJi^lJitn cvmni pixHib uoucnU fciaucto 
Willotmo Norwicuin prcwntArc dc die iu diem diiTcrrcb, ibcnjin 
luamillam reoouabiiD murbuH inuautt, «^[iK|ue ^;nuii>ri quani autea 
dulurc nfHixit £x quo cvnicimuv bualum marLirvm uutiCmgii 
rentum kteraia uoluisse piari pena^ ^t JiegUgealem ad ootueuduoi 
uotiirtk ijiulier^iii iWn^ti doWin tvuuciiri mulcnLui. Mnlit^r Jtttifuc, 
nHxigiiiU iiiftddiUtin nitc culpa, cttniin ixvuiDput, mamilUuD cir- 
cumdodil, ol Id brcui HutiUhloai Aiiu&Aaiu recuperauiu Purro iu 
pufttivruui de ctilero Mbi prtrcttut^un Norwicnin propemuiL, cenuuquij 
od iHUicti marbiris ncpuloruin oSvtcda, uotum pcrvoluit di^mum^uc 
{{ratulabuuda regrueiui ent 

v\L De miro in ecra indiiio. 

ALTERA mulier de Belahhe die quadani ceram quam habuit 
deuotioaia LDatinctu partioulatim (Uui&iU Fartium uero 

btmlf tt^ Ooi>'«. Site took VAX, oooordingl^. solteiiod it at tbo fini, 
anci in iho oAfnv of the \io\y nuirtyr Wdhnin ftppliefl It to h«^r hrMiat, 
and IM' il> ruimnin there for some tiinn. pntying Jtnd mAkiTig vova vitb 
t«Am Ui th(« iiformud mfirtyr^ Womltirful to uy, the pnin itbal^ At 
ODCe, and the crcfrping diseoHo cend<H) U> imtAU? her, while Ui<* diichAqfrf 
aIjk) «iwi HUjiid. But oA from day to daj she put oG presenting the 
WAX I Ivtve ittMitioned to St William at Norwich in ftccordiince vitU 
her vow, the disoofi^ again i^ttAckod her br«aat mone riolfmtly ihnn 
before; llmcfi 1 oonjooturr^ that tlie Uewed m&rtyr waa mindw) that 
h^r kin in braakin^ h^r vovt ahould be expiated by Miverc puiuAhtneut^ 
and that she should bo reminded to pay her vow by tliv InMblo of a 
iscond attAok uf hrrr diMaae. 8he, tlien, reoogrufiiDg her fault, took 
the WAX and once more appli^ it lo ber brmst, and in a short white 
recovered her lont hmlth, Hhv wju moir cartel for the future, and 
mado luuba to fp to Norwich, wh«rd abe offend the wax at tJio tomb 
gf the huly martyr, paid hur row uid ntanmd hoino In Joy. 


Of iSn tamJrov0 «^ in JU vma. 

Another woman of Belaugh one day cut up a quantity of wax 
which she htul, for purposes of dovotion. lod rowed to ofTvr the 


St WiMam 0/ Noneieh. 


mnionrm ekhcu- THnitaLi pL d? minonlKU <3iMba«L, muicUj Willt<liuo 
alteram, vt atu^niui najicu; Fuli m- uouib obUturam. Inierim 
aut«tn, dam tctn[x>ri^ iliuc cuodi suod-dcrrl uportuuiUSt Lri!6 UUfl 
arcba cere reposoit particulaa Cum ergo »nct« FJdi« ftdutiul 
foiUtm, quonuLm ipMu^ tunc ipK» locbt jir^faibi ufferre prupomemt, 
de minoribus una, quum sunL'tc Fidu crvdcbnt, ul iodc cuidelttiD 
eflkeret aaauinpla, mox ut itlaui culcello iocidere incepit, quasi 
Mnguiaew scaturifMiUbus gutti>f crucnlaM pamit'. Obstupeaoeoi 
nimiraitt porumto, f-ii d<f]K>Hica, alu>nun aMninijiAit, atqiie ex ilia 
aancte Fldis caDd^rtam pro libilo offvciu Stmilil«r iDc<>[itiQ«Dli et 
iiltCTU in nomine Kanct« Triniutia effecLa, audatte ductu in Domine 
MDCti WilleLmi prcafumptiit &i de tt^rdo. 8ii1> ctuus tniontioDts 
pmpwiU), cum cere priua cmentaio cult«]ltim liberios imprimcrot, 
nee minima quideni ^anguinei ruboris apparuere ue^tigia. Quo ad- 
miiula miraculo uiiiuensiH f|u<»t ncitivmt NUi^ti martins* WiJIclmi 
magnalia prodicabat* Nos quoque, cum hoc ipsiini uicinia refcreate 
cognoiiiinu», ex ip0tu« ivi euentu qiuu^i nugiirati Humiiii, quod alteri 
ofiferri saDctns martirnoUierit qu^nJ nibi uoUliu^-r promissurn fuit. Ita 
iteque uirtus beati martiris uiaxtmu premiiiebat cliam Id [DiDimit^ 

Iivrger part to the Holy Trinity, aiul of the two fimiiU«r piec«s oiM 
ift St WUliam and the other to St Faith: hot mennwhiJe^ tintiJ » fit 
opporturtity aUauM artfl4< of goi^ig ihttliev, ahe tnid up th» thrwo pieoM 
of wax ii^ A rhnsL Whon^ thon, tlie Umst of 8t FftiUk nATim round, 
nnon >he luul [irorikinrd Ui mako her ot)«rtiig at thu aforeinetitioD«d 
pLacM oik that day, &h& took one of the two smaller piecc«, thinking 
(hat it WM the one )>elotiging to St Faith, in orde-r to roaki? n candlo 
out of it. But OA tMfoii an she bej^ii U^ cut it with the knife, it 
appw&rud to he Ktalued with drc-ptf of blood apriiigiDg from it. Aston- 
iahed at the portent, »hc Uid it aside and took the otirar, and out of 
that made thr caudtn ffir Ht Fibilh, na bIip intended. In likcr u^anner 
ehe proc<M>d(»i to luakL* the nvcoiid candle iii tiie name of the Holy 
Trinity, aad waa emboldened to go on with the third in tha name of 
St WiLliam, Whrn with thin intont kIic applin) th(f knifti to tlu' viuc 
vhi^h had \tar-n pri<vicfU!(ly HUuni-d with bloofJ, not t\w h^iut triioc of 
rednetia or blood appeared in Ic. Slier marvelled at ttie alga, and pro- 
cliiiiiied the ictigtit of \-Uv holy niArtyc Willbm to all her aoc^uainUince. 
I Uxi, oii oacisrtainiiig it from the rdntion of th« uirighbourft, ilivinod, 
ft* I may oay, from the fofta that tho holy mArtyr would ai>t have 
that o6cnxl ta auothor wtiich hrvd In^on promifMKi and vcnved to bimdolf. 
And BO il AppeiLrerl tliat the pow«ir of the bletaed martyr wha pre- 
euiiiient et^n in the amAllent mattem. 


& WUluim of Normch^ 


'VLTIS pretorea bcatisaimi martiriH Willplmi moritiH diuina 
BeiK^ eiubiu'ikit miRericordia. Ad H^puknim nempc illitm 
conHaerunt febncitantt^^ ibii]ti« libemti sunt. VeneniDt 
etnonnulli diutiinio iiiHf^enim ac membronim dolore 1angiit>rLte», 
HODiquo nd propria rodienint et incoliimea Vidimus t>t sepuBime 
illuc iienire claudos, cecos, Hurdoft,ac mutoB, alio^que multos multi- 
plici lAboruiiti^ iDcommodo. ex quibiis plurimov; MuiitAti rcstitiitos 
cognouiraua. PreBertiiii innumeros, tum longinquis positos re^o- 
itibus^ Um\ Wis pruximi»comiiiiun.'Dtc«, uariifl iiexutos liui^uhbui^, 
quorum eiue lamiliam nece^ita«, siue alia grandtM causa prop&- 
didb&t aduentuni, licet absents mentis sancti martim Willelmi 
Mtpitiiti pknc roddiUw, et quain pliireti audiummn, t:t noimullofl 
quandoque uidimus. 

\x. De puero a noHuitate ceco, surdo, thuto, toto corpora inbwlli^ 

ANNO autem ab iDcamatioiie dominica M\ C^ LVl", in 
Hf-ptimariA pntfiw^ttfia mrvjt Mfpnlcmni glnrioKi mnrtiriM Miii 
caulto crebriua solito ditiina uirttia innatuit Ibi etdnim uarii 

mL Of a nultitHdA qftick /wwwm eurttt M i ^ 

To maoy besidea did the divine mercy brin^ Atd by the ueriU ot 
the raoBt blessnd mnrtyr St William. For to his tomb men with fever 
UGcd to oonkci iv be tre«d; aome tuo iiHlicted for long with paina 
in the int«stinee or in tho limba, who returned whole and wrand to 
their homps, [ hnvi? hIho v<iry often seen perMEia oome there who 
were IniiiUt blind, deaf, or (luui1>, luid many othen rick of divurs 
diaeaaea, aad have known most of them to be cured, InTiumcrablc 
easea there were, too, of people ill in vaHoua ways, either iu plaoes 
most rcinote, or near by^ who weru pr^^vuitvil from cnmiiig hy private 
afUn or other fjrave cau^ aitd who, though absents wure conipletirly 
rtfitored tx) liettltU by Uie merit« of thr Luljr uiarlyr WlUiam. Uauy 
of UiVM) I licihrd of, iiikd M>nio f sow ot diElcront times. 

Ix. Cff a htty blind Jrvm Inrlh^ il^i^, i/ui*^ ami Kwut in 
oil hilt hod^, v>ho t0dd eur^d. 


Kow in ths year of the Lord'H lurarnAtiun 1 156, in WbiteQo-wwik, 
the power of Gou wa« nmnifcstcd in more iii£ia]>oes than usual jit thr 
tomb oj His gluriuu« nuurtyr. Fgr it tboD cjune to pasa that very 


St WtUiam of NcrwicH, 


WQA )>ltiri?iK« u&riis lanpioribus detentos optinore tnno f>ont;git 
remodia uiuitiLtiM. Porru <|Uoad&m uitAudo prolixitatifl gratia pre- 
tcTiira, tit noDDulloA, de quibua wdlicet certioret] vumuiJ, presetiti 
pigin^ dodVoimuB iat^reerei^ 

Igjtar tnulier qiiodfim ilo R«ppe8 ad illud rotfdioabiU g1ov4cd 
mArtiris »epulcrum Alium a naliuitat^ eooum, surdum, mutum, 
et toto Goq>ore iinlwcillotu, ao iD^mbrorum impolem attulit, iLtqu« 
iptoi div fjuA ufrncnkt, cutndom HAniun rminibujique moinbria iooolu- 
mem donnum gratulabuada rvportauit 

X- De ftoberti contracti cura. 

EADEM f^ptiniAnft KADCti nuLrtirU onto sepulcruin uoct« >asGt« 
Triniiatia dum mociacorum conuentna noctnmi« inuigjiflrvt 
iiigiliifl, piier qindfltn ab attxin pnui^^uu cuiLtnictim, dinina mentia 
sauoti marttris coopenuittf gratia appaniit crectuti. Hie atutem 
NoTwici iDultis atiuis ocjmmoratutt, genibus innixus et luaQualibos 
giwJiens acabellis, p*>r ttrbeni apud plurim<ifl meiMiicau4;iiit. Ai«- 
^tis ^quidotii Dt^ruiH, ooDtructo poplit^, ac deiacc^atii? tibiuij ukuk 
illi negftbatur gmdiendL Ctti, tic<1ut prelibauimus, uirtUB pia 
miutim remedium contalit samtatis. 

■ - W 


tntuiy vi either iwx oppntfstd with divers disordera obUitaod li«allu^> 
Of thvBO I liavo dcddvd Uf onaiL nvme in oidor t« arojd b«[n|f i«dKiu«, 
mifl to luvuri uthora iiiti> Uitt prvMrat work, coacorntng vrbom 1 am 
better iirifonnod » 

A wcman of R^^ppn' brouglit to the hfyiling tomb of th« gloHoufl 
iTiuHyr bi^r Hon v/hc* waa h1ir>d fram birth, <l<uif, dumb, wc«ik in all btsi 
body, and d»pnvi*d uf tliL* u.hi< of Wih liuibA ; and oti the day of liu 
arrival took huii homo agfttn joyfully, whole and Mjund in all hin limb*. 

X. Of thit ctwiff of ifu defotmi^ Hobert. 

In tbe wuue week, before tlie tomb uf the holy martyr, on the 
vigil of tho Holy Trinity, when the body of monks wa8 keeping Ute 
nigfttly vigil, a boy, who from infancy hoA beuti deformed, appeared 
upright, Goi>'s gmco having worked Along with the merits of the 
holy martyr. He had IJvi^ ii:aiiy years at Norwich, and bvggod at 
maiiy hoiues in the town, kneeling on bia knees and getting about by 
trestles which hn hrld in htn handii: for the power of wnhcing wan 
denied hiiN, Ii]nHmui;h an liia oiiK^wA wer« dried up, bia kut«eH cuutraotvd. 
Mid bin calvoi wutod away. On him, a« I hnve Mud» tlio merdful powor 
of tK© martyr conferred healmt^. 

* One of two p»ri*hoii uflv Cnmior, Norili kud Sooth iWfp«. 



St Wi/Uam of NoruricK 


11. De aUero inbecilli sanatG. 

VENERAT et per iilem tvmpu7« quidam Thomas Ebonvcciisis 
debilia quidem uiribiia et toto imbecillia corpore, duobua 
quoH un\go potviitia.s uociinl baculis gre^u^ ulcumquc dirigens, 
et imbecilleet artua sustentatia. Qui ut ad aanctura nmrtirem 
smnitatift peiripicndc jfnitin iieniret. ab Ebomco prout poterut 
di|(r^i4}iiB. et gradicndo modicum profidotis, longinqud peregri- 
naticu]}( itiD^ro mnltf >s oi^naumpnit dien. Euntein tides siist^ntabat 
dtbilcm, &pe& tr&hebnt inbecillciD His tnnd^Tn ciucibua Norwicum 
ad sancti martirU aepulorum uenit, et optatc salutia remodium 
optinuit. ibique in Mgnum aim podia dimihit 

xii. De mitti^re contractfi fr^ta, 

V[r>]MV8 qtioque et mulierem [>a.upcroulArn cotitractnin do 
Luidci^i'icnei prouiittut uriundunL Ba dict>u« multia Norvrici 
in domo Chole Eabri perbeudioauerat, neque qiiiti4]uain ilLioi nisi 
ointmctain i«c utdu»c tustubatur Huic quocjnu ad bcati martirw 
uenienti Bepulchrum, idem martlr aanitatis plene contulit renio- 

xi. 0/ a Mcond uwoX' p&rapn eurvtl 



At Vws tEme there had come cue Thomas of York, vt^ry u^eak 
tbroughuut hl« hody, who guid«d his st^pa unci supported Lis feel and 
frame on Cvo xtickit nuch on Jirr c^kininuTily (.'Edli!il cmtdLrrn. With tho 
x'ieyr of cQiriitijF tu tlio buljr martyr U* rucdivo htuUlng he wl out from 
Yurk AB \tcnl \\e (loulc] iLn<J| joornojiiig nlowlj, «pf^iit umuy dajA orer 
\u» long pilgrinioge, mipportcd on Iiih wAy hy faitli imcj dmwa on hy 
hope. With thsH for guides) he rvoohod Norwich nad tho tomb of tbo 
holy martyr, uid olitxined them thtt wUhnd-for 1i«ia]ing; ja tok«ti of 
vhich hd th«re left hiK t^rutcheri. 

I abni HAW a poor df*fonne<t womAti who came from the proviiii,<« of 
lAniUey: ^e Jiad flpfrnl many days at Norwich in thd httutm of Ohole 
thd amitb, and ovcryono tcHtt6cd thnt they never bud aeeti hvr other- 
wiae than doubled up. On h«r ultio whvn alio canie to the toinb of thtt 
bl<K»cd martyr, that aaiue martyr conferred the boon of complete 




Si William of Normck. 




idiL De quodasn wtaMieo per inmui mtrv corr&pio. 

SED necjae id ailentio tnjppnnien'Jum c^^ii^'!^, <\iH)d tum ftm- 
plicos ftc beniuolos ioBlruat ad cleuotbQis ampUaUoacm, tom 
iD«le<lko0 prevnoneat ad prouiaioniH cautelam, ut et UK in beniuo* 
k-i)lu< iiik^totom «ior€MULl, ftU]u« b*u n dt^proiundi coD^etadiDt 
rvtupiKcaQt li^tidquideiDquidamGalt€m5, WUlelmi decani cM»tri 
Norwicenaiii qunndoque fAtaiituK, 4111 blue uoluntotis in^tiiictu 
iBem]K!r mqaaLttim potemt beau WUIelmi martiris sanctitati atque 
mitacullB derogabat. Cuuique a domino qiieni dixi 8tio vcpMumG 
commoniuiii, ut a blaAphemie fttie pn>po«iu> nv] nonnunquani desii^ 
t«rH, nuDquam tDoneotia c<4isilio ndquieaoere uoluiaBet, noct« 
qtiAdam idem martir WiIIi-ltntiA in donnieuti Hpvdc Urrribitt appa- 
niit. eutnque interrogauit dicvns : CogDCWCts nw fraUT ? Cuniijue 
i)]e oo^osci^re so dLJcift»et, aubiunxit: Et » me cognoflds; cur tnibt 
tanLij«ficrogn0 bbvcpbL'tniifff Surg« iam i>*t MqitciB mO; ConfoaUiD 
ilia, iielul Hibi per tmum ludebator, exsurgena, eum usqae in 
siluani con««qucbittur prcuium. Cum uero ad locuiu quo priiDtun 
BOpultLiii fuerat peruenisnet. Rt&m super spelunce sue nkarginein ait 
illi; Scit ciuu^nc hcc Hptiunea fuczil r Cumque illc lUiu^ fuissc 

I cutnol, IiowcT^r, poMi over thiA^ which may iniitrUGt tho limpid 
lUid well -diHposed U> iiicn^AMi ili^r deivotion, aiid oAao wm b1a»- 
phomuni to bowurc in timn ; that the fonii<ir chum i\my l^ruw in 
pirrty Aiul liffnctioo, and tho Uttur ilw&1c« to wtidam from their hjihic ui 
corrupt! ]]j( <>thL«rR- 

Th«n^ WHii f>iin Wiiltjir, ttomfrt-im^ a iwrvAnt of oiir d«iui *t }7orwioh, 
WilliATn \ who, promptM hy foolUh perv^mlty, woulH ftlw&ys dijqparago, 
08 fjir 08 ho could, the holincMt uid miraclcn of blessed William the 
mnrtyr. Anri, though hn va* ofton wanifs) by hiH nuuiU;r« whom I 
nieutiuaed, t« deaiat at least ocoasionidly from }ii« cocatAut blaapheuiiea, 
he would never pAy ntU^ttiiMi to hiH advice^ Oii<; night, m» hv was 
ileepin^, the aauie martyr WiUiaiii Appear^ to bira witli a, UfTrih\» 
tBpect,and aak^ him snyin^, ''I>» yon know Tnf% bn>th?r!" On \m 
aoknow1e<)ging that he <]id» the martyr rejoined^ '^And if you know oitt, 
why do you atill di^paraij^ and bla^phrmc mo? Kiso at onca and 
follow n>c\" Mivetily rifling, a» hr (IrMUiiiHJ, ho foUowi^, aDtJ vju l«d 
to a w(Hxi : wlu^n bt Willium had arrived at the apot where be wai 
flmt buHi^, U« Htoud over the brink of hi« cave «j)d said, "Know you 
to whom thin cave Iwloiijipi f The auBwar woo, "It I* ywim": wid tho 

» Cf. py, W, 283. 


St WiUiam of Nontnch, 


dIxbflitft,Lcm1jili(.urdci}iiiminmi(ioHulK]iclit: Ingrederc igltur quam- 
tiitia^, qui m.-Tuj)t^r in me fuisti bla^phetmiK CiHiU-rridif* iIKt tit 
iulwiilbi ui^rlxr iK^jiiiKjitnni i:»>iitniiri^ miMi?^^ ill Mbi iiidcbatiir, spe- 
liirKtfun iiign^mus est. Quo iu^fresso, eom contiuiio 8ancti]t« iniin^ilH, 
ftiHtl^atiit ac (It-nique oiiniibiiH nu'inbri.'i ci^iitriliim dimJsit. Tcn'oro 
iljujiip vxnUtUiH tbrniit'ii-* Gultcma, mcmbris orunibus luihemen- 
lij»uiiaia doloriasenait grauiAlinera, nc st qiiiim jkt iiiHiim uidcmb, 
lii^lHriFt U>ltii^*wvl fiisf]^Ll.ii)n<?[ii. HiW^'jiK* cus^ignlionls pcim, eiim 
(rxinilc a-pit prcconjialittr iienerari ac deligere, cui prinilliis nolo- 
bat diwpicabililer demgare. 3ii1>HcrijMiiTiii.s viv.r qtiiL^i gf^-ncrale 
iininci^ coiiiruoiuUfrii-un. uti hew? *<ciHi.vl- inptruviitc rxciikplo wbi 
qujMjtiv pivukULVU, IK,' diuiniH bcnuficibs ingratiis doprauaUir ox* 
irtU\U TciJicmriuiii emin iialde t^nb in nuiicUh <loi iifrrbis iiijilvinctn 
tain rvudnclor iimuhi, ijuuh nb ]pw> di^iiujio tub ac tat^ti^s miruuiilis 
tajii ijatcnlcr conslat gloriilcari. 


ERAT Nonvici puella octenni/c A^uea numirK* cuius patvr Bondo, 
cc-gnonienlo Hoc, et luaber Guunilda dicebatur. Hec ab ipso 
imtiuitntis cxunlio podagre cim^rL^pjo j^uii lubombat iiicoinmodo. 

martyr with terrible tbrcnto rcpUixl, "Eiilflf it, thm, at onon, you u'lu> 
bavft cotiHtontly b1anpbfani*rl me." Tlie fri^btened man, not d/irbg io 
disobey tbe order, entered tho cave, as he dreamwl : and imnirYiiat^ly 
the saint set on him itrid cudgt^lle^J hini, linJilly [(Siting him go 
vrJinn h<' wiui bruiiwd in tv(rry limh. The nWpiiig Walter awoke in 
terror and folt the araart of severe patna ull over hlni, aa If he had had 
to bear waking; tlie cudgelling lie hud xeen Ui IiIn dreaiti. In &ni' 
AOqu^uioe vf Uii^ cltjuttlitornciit, lji> llintiix:fo['«viud WgAix drvoUnlly (o 
worship Jtnrl love him ^bom at ^rnt he biul dwpliod and dSHpitrnf^. 
I woutd Hubjoin to this a «ort of gcMiiMul wr^rniiig Uf aI1, Uiat ^itb thi»< 
oxainplv bi-^fon" hiTTi, Wioh *}ioiild tiike (.yvre to *^ n'> tmgpfttflful *innor 
agiuiiJit the gnfidnpssi of (JoiJ : for it in the hnlglit «f nuihnertK t<i ftllAok 
the saints of Gi>d thus boldly with abunve word«» «inco wt m pUinly 
pa« them glr>ntied by many and great raimclw by the Lord Hiniaelf. 

ydv. Of o mouf ctwW qf gout^ 

There waa at Norwich a maid eight yrars old called Agn^s, wIiomi 
father was Uondo, MimaiTiod Hoc, her mutti4n-'H iuiuu< lji?Lng UnnniJda, 
From hci' lurtli *X\v Uml ^uITctcmI licvcroly Tn^tu ;{out ill the hands and 
W, N, IS 




St Wiliiam of Norwich. 


Non >e proprim UAlobitt uiribiift eletinrc, neqa4> i%b«quc^ ttJiutuuitiA 
adminiculo a latcro in hitus iitum<l'»qt]c couuoiterok Nvuis ()U«qti4f 
III c«>nii<3i-ii> cc>nLricti><, vml augiueiiiiim inooamiodi, biimefo oniatro 
amistra mala tarn iD^t'^panilnlitor adherehat» ut alteri altcmtn 
incuftrari cimieix^ tiU\nv. in nalliui oiimino partc«t tnflexo huiiK^ro 
oeniUE fificti preualibat. Multiplex igilur incoiuiiioduni, pe<libu» 
podagriciii incesiui, manibuB contractile attactos* capitiquQ humero 
coherceoti consuvUic)Lti;inu^ titdoudi, eiigendj, coniiertendt el co- 
medeodi negabatur uifUH. QuolieikM t^Dim manducandi poriirgvbat 
oeceaMitaLH, cibcr nuper tt^rram uel ns»er^in comminuto, banii procum- 
beiiAp et ad iitstar pecudiA uppetvnat, id solum [u>u^mi miuuIiiGW 
(|UixI tin^m nd dtuitibufi contingobat attiB^re, Toto igitur impo« 
et iinbeciUiH corpora nltuiii>« uvTlvbTilur, urigt^batur, el circutiifcru- 
batur inuiibuft. Hec ai qiinlem tali^ maliitiimU secmide doatinice 
<[rmdm^csiiji»li8 hom tnaivmiH uliiifl Ad Nkrii^ti raartirift Willelmi 
iwliiecta sepulcnim, comtn uiiiuersri ijuc die ULa ad ecclmatn 
fevtitiiiiH cuiiiienenit plebe, suffmgsuttibits ftaucti meriLifi confii^im 
romeclium optiuiiil saniLatLs. Ex his <piippi* pLTp<.^tidcLdiim cMt, 
quantJL <iit> ^uam pia ait Banctorum uirtus, que tolo cmpore 
iinbedllee sub ipso t^ruudcia nditcntu remittit mcolamcA 



fM>rb, hfl\nji unable to miiM^ h(?n(e)f «>r 4>vwi to turn tnnn onn Bode to thfl 
other without lumawiAft To make inatt^rH worao^ ihe Kinews in her n«ck 
wvr« contracted Ktid hi^r Itrft chiN^k M))ii?iTd so ftrmly to 1i«r toft 
riluiuMcTr IliAl yim ulw the one imbt^ldi'd in tho gLh^r, nnd th« neck 
r-oiild not Ik^ ixrcit in uny dirtxiUon whatj^vr.r wit^umt brciding thi^ 
KhouUier, All tliu^e altlictiona tli«reforu shm luiflc^md : wUk Hlie cuuld 
not with h<^r gouty forit, nor touch anytbing wiUi ht-r contmot«d hauda, 
whil« the ndhcrviLOQ of hvr ImiuX to iho shoulder <icpriv<:d hor of Chi- 
wou1«l |)ower of ekwiii^, »taiidiiif^, luriiiii^'^ nay, «utiii]c= ^^^ wbeu hU« 
hftd to take food, it wa« out up on Uic groutid or oji a Lrencli«T, and nbe 
lay down nt\d fod like a biuwit^ able ordjr to <«t wIiAt hor too^»9 or 1 
l4?nth t'ftURbl hold of. In tliiH fibsolut^ly Lelpjooe aUto uhe wnjt tunuxl, 
rftiMvit <Lnd moviHl Jtbuut hy nth«r«' bilp. TIiik poor <jrvAturo wju 
brought in hrr mflthtr^A armn Uk t.lin tomb of thn holy ninrtyr Willtiua 
at the hour of uiAtiiis the second Sunday in Leni. &nd, in pr««enot 
of the crowds who njwimblod in grcat^^r numbers than usual on 
Uiot day, by tho int^iroribution of thr merits of tho saints immediately 
obtained relief aod bealin^'. Henoe wr^ <ruglit bo L'^jnsidrr Ixiw j^iat 
and how merciful is tho powor of tht^ auTitn, ttincti it cvi inuneitb^*ly 
upon their nrrivnl send back whole thoati who arft deHtltute of all 


St William of Norunch. 



ITTDEM Muh <.'rKleni tempore rjuodfim HfttfeoftTs filia Etlmni 
l^ivsbileri do Tftuivb^iiii, cuiiw miui auio sancti Willelmi wror 
fnemb, coutmcta ot corporc? imbecitlm erat. Hec conRangitinilatia 
uttimgi^ crcdiiiins iniftmctn, ad sepulcmm Mincli martins i|ua«j ad 
cogtuitinnii^ fulveiiit f^yluiii, et tomixirift articulo B(|K<ratttiu TtjiltiUs 
pcrctipit remodiijtn. 

HIS dicbuB qucditm HudinA do Kndii^btm'h, clii vx nntiiTD 
uitia pedum tali natibus adheflerant, ad Hi)pulcniin sancti 
marLiris a palrc in uehiculo rotntili fujiichitiir, quod ciueriam 
AppcllAnt Ip«a qiioquc die piier quidam Baldewiaus nomine a 
prouincia LincolDiemu Norwicum a patrc itiileni in ciuma aduc- 
hitur roUitili, cui arufnctis a gtnibuB infra pedum et tibianiin 
neniia, uaija ne^batur gmdiendu QnfUicUK(iic taincn it*.^d ciiui 
utiCtiiMitas iugruubjit, gcniba^) Ltinixu^ scabellia ibat mauualibusw 
Hi oquidem ambo ad sepulcruin »Aneli mJtrtii'iM vinujl luluecU, 
eiusdem suffragantibu^ iiK^Titis suiluti plene j^imul sunt ri'StituU. 

NEQVE ciultifl poat interiectis diebiu paer rpitdam tlerbertutt 
nomine filius cniitarlam Bercugnrii Norwicensis a prinieuo 

xv^, 0/ a iU/orjiicd girl cured. ' ' ■> o 

Also Al>out the uitnii time, IlAthrrwrn, dnughTer of Edwin, pri^rst of 
Tnvorhani, whosa' gmn*lmi>th<?T witt <istnr to t)iP grafi<!mothrr nf S/iint 
WiUibiii, Hjm dt-furuit^ luid wi^ik in hor limln. Hhv, )ii\iui]ilt<d, ns I rikihor 
tliuik, by Ui« tact of hrr rolotioiitilup, cnuio lo the totub ijf Ui«f hol^ m&rtjr 
an W a kindred rufu|^f>, nod irii^tAntly obt^moil tho long«d-for euro* . r 
xvi, 0/ ntiother de/orrti^d tfirl owt tftrte bo)f9. " -^ ^^ 
In thenn dnye one Ifuelinft of llocliesburcb ', whoso htK^ln uUif^n^d 
to h<T biick by natural d(^formity» war brotaght by hur fattier to itie 
boly luortyr'tt tomb in a whvuled vehicle uf th« khiJ caUoiJ ji tUtrr 
{dvU(\<)- On Uic Mime dn^ a bo)* fmui4>d Bftldwin, from the proviniHS of 
Linculii, wa« brought by liiJ* fuUjcr to Ntjrwicb, aUo in a litUir with 
whocriB ^ tlic filncwn of bia foct and tf^ from tlkc^ kofH^ downwardn vfi^ns 
wAfltni and dcprivud him of tho power of wAlIciufi. Howovw, wli^n forovd 
to mow hiiam^lf, he cnrpt nlon^ <fti hin kn<>o*i, l^uuiing On hand'tmtloa*. 
Btith tho«e [lenaoTiit, \mng brought tit tbf« saino lima t^^ tbr? holy niariyr'a 
Lonihj won> rpfitdimd Uj full hi^nlth by ihf? intATvrntioa of his merit*, 

AlflOnol, inAoy dftyn ftft#r, n l>oy onmiyl HiirbcrU ^^n of one llercngftr 
of Norwich, blind and dumb from infiukc}-, Wiw brought by hw paruaiUt 

^ Then in no dDnh ptriHh in RnMt Ani^lia, Wroihain niAy he Tur&ntk ^t tntrrr 
probthlj llookland. Thoro tutn tliT«fi Kookluid* in XorFoU. 

»e«p, 305. 18—2 



St William of tforwiek 


4)eovfl et muMts u<mparr. Ad «^pnknim bcnti mutiris a pai^niibus 
tddudftur, eademque ndiiemu^ sni die mm eisdom nidens vX 
loqiieiifl regraditur. Qui<Urn i|Uoc|U^ RadiilfiiH Rlhm Hicardi de 
Hwli-Miiiit* mombm miinibiiflinibeciJIiflNorvricunt a suu wlnt>ctiL.s. 
miKTtJ Willeltni curaiua eei merilbi. 


DVM bcc ot aim huiafimodi ad Kloriom martina badem et 
gloriam Norwici contingttn^nt inugiiftlu. in tnari quoqiie autUA 
eiuMdc-m tusi^iufl patuit etfrlorioea. Mam etenim fcuicntibufi ni- 
miiirn piv:)cellK qii<*dani I^ju^ ti c^iitineiili periolitabatur TtAma, 
Itiiinan€«Hiqnidi-rru fluctLium |{lobi turn in ima dcprcnd qui-iidam tior* 
ridum faciebant hiatum. tum se in altiim prater morem extolleotefl 
siibJtiirii fni^ili rarm>> inltmbBTilur pn^ipitturn. Viide nuttc qiBWi 
in ccltim offcrebatur oaiiis; aunc ruioe patebat hcrribill I*OTro 
ingnientv iiiAgix ne mugw ucntonim nibii^ tuibriiim inurHJanlia. 
tiirbaitir cehim. turbantur mariLV et mtmtiiin minantnr unineraa. 
Riidi-ntes ot anUsnm* nimpne»tur, m-liun wci*sum dis,vil«itur» nuiiit» 
«gn 80 contiDet, mortem aotam miperatiton nauis titubaDx per- 
RiadpTt D(^p<^mLii9 itaqne iiAtitA* ^nid faciat pronuiit ifpicuat. 

to thf> fiCsmh of the lioTy martyr, and on Hko day wlimi h^ cauw 
retunicci with thmn, np^irig ari^ s|)eak{ng. 

Alttti A crrtnin Italph, son of Richard of llade^toD,' who vae weak 
ia all hifl binba, vfoji bruugbt hy liis frinud^ L> NurH-ieb and cun^d by 
the merita of ^int Williauu 

xvii. Q/* certain WMwd at sfn. 

Wliilsl t!»e#w atid other like miraclm w«?re happ^Dbt^ at Norwich to 
tbr honour ahi] praiw nf the gloHoua martyr, his power wa« also 
brilliaiiity sliirwrt forth upon \\ivt Ana, For i>iicc whiTn a ^ixAt* «t<jrni 
WAS rn^itkf-, A Lvrtain Bhip, fur fi-<mi ifUid, w«n in ^ront peri), liu^e 
muHKW of wav« nometiniiw Hinkln^ Awny oprnf?tl n horrid gulf, and 
aKain risiiLg lo unwanted hi>ightH t1irtviU^iic.H) iimUinl <loAtruotion to tho 
frhil Imrk^ vu tho ubip at ono moment waa raisMl n* I may Hay to 
hMLv^n, a»;d «t i^iv next wow v)ip<dir>d lo ii friyhtful plun^'** 'T'^e rn^ of 
the winds and tlie ptrtiring <\i Lho rain ii)(.Tr4>AMed, sea itnd nky Wfinr in 
oonhinoa a&d everything threatened ditfltruction : oabliSH and yard> 
were »irtappf^, tbi^ nail wam i^nt, thr nmnt hunlly held ita plac«p and 
th(^ rrfiting of the veniel <^onviiictxl ail tliat deulb alono remained; the 
lirApainng captAin was ftt hifl witn' eud. Yet Goming to i^ettcr mind, he 
■ OjuIoiiIod, a hwutot of HunttcJl, ten milet aoulH of Norwiofa. 


Si ^Vitli<xni of Nonvich. 


ntamon uaua ooufuHo, domlictutn uAuta ftppluAtrv nrripicDA, 
Lod oontinvntum conucrttt, curHUiii dfuttiDatiim pivtcirrniult, 
fa« pmumdontibu^ eociifl et maxima pronbitcro qiiod-im Thetford- 
fi t|ui cum L*iH do NorwL-m ftdaoDomt, boati mihTtiriH Willolmi 
op<fni inuixviiiit. Sc quippo omnvfi ct «im omnin paritur cum 
DAui miu oomiuiittiQt patrociDiu) et sic dirt^to curau ad pronimum 
t«ndibur litiiH. Quid pliirn ? InuocAtA wvncti miLrtins opo, oq- 
tinuo uontonini cepit eonquio^^ero nkbioB, iu B<.'roniiru ucr ot 
pulngUT^ in pliknitiom pniilatim ixrdigitiin CurrriiH ut^rn pl^>pcro 
citi^u oauia, v&in aoccdc^iLto imu-ino, non loiigu a coniinvnii promi- 
Qontf-^m arcntinim incnirit mokm, ct abfvirbcnti inMilit vnWlo. 
Fcrc nu^tfiLaiii tuta ut^-curiiaa In itiAi-ift pijrturlmti profuuditfttc 
poriculnm ciuif«cmt, in uodavk plwiitic inciirrcbttt Qug uiw, 
tiirWli coDclaiiiaiit naubc, atquc naui tiiDc luaxiinc diffidcnt<«, 
imiuo (!t ({UJiHKnlrtm f^iimnTiUvi, qunm intii» hnbcKitit ?«cu|>hiuii 
exponuQt, ct solia wdtcm AaluAndis consulLiat corporibiis. Oor- 
poruiu i^tur Niluti conmiU-nUiSi ntia oiimtA el PAUf^m cunt u«lo 
cri?c:to (K^somiit, AiLncti martirio Willclmi tintioni tiniui*nsik Goin-* 
mi blunt, <Tiquu omuiuiti que iuIuh h^bebmit si couat^ruontur, 
dftcimam uoiicntefl rcpromittunt, Ventin, inqu&ni, ot mari uauib 
ciDiEtm OJiponitur, ot nppulwi littori cum DAUtiii dauichIa conjicr- 

•eiKwi tlie t.nier, whicli liwj heen AfiAnrloned, ioPTied hi^r head to land, 
leaving t>)ioir pn:>ject^ courHe* And a! tbe ndvice »f liis comiwlefr and 
fKpr^inlly of a pHcst of Thetfonl wlio hn.d oonu! with Ihviu from 
Ni*rway. cullfvl on the blRSse*! mnrtyr Wjllinui ffir aid. To hia j>rot«ctioD 
»ll u[i bourd coimiiitUid t[i<un»elves, tiieir ^ooda and thcr ship, and so 
h<<Ad<^d straight for land> WTial nkor«! When tho holy inArtjr'n !i«lp 
hjid Ihx'Ti involcrid, tJic mgr of tb^ wiikIk Ixfg^ii to be HOolliud, the air to 
d^tr atid the w-Ni tu Cidiii. The bhip, however, running quickly with 
tlic etching tid«, grouudixl on a saudbfuik not far from the tuMuland and 
iettlod on a <|uiokMiikd. Scarce auywbvro wam there safety: she had 
eac^wd dan^r in the Htormy deep only to run into it in the Kh»llov«, 
Seeing tbis, the sailors cried out in terror, and no longrr truHting tho i^hip 
— nay, bclic^'ing her U* Iw hrrakirg up, — thry got out their boat, and took 
ni4<ttHur<s to save tlidr )jatv Iivl-b. With tliia in view, tliey abandoDml 
thmr girods luid left thu v^asel with hvr aitiU iKrti caniiiiittin^ 4;>cvy- 
Uiing to tlie proievtiun of the holy martyr Wilhrti^i. and rowing him 
a t«uth uf a11 tlicy hi^l, tf it were pcvMrvcd. Tho ship, T uy^ was 
left «xpomd U> windii atkI WAVca, and the boat and Milorc got «iafv 


St WitUam of M»tmcA. 


uatnr Soro &nkt, ot incumbentibus uitu t4»n<>bru nox iinn)in<>lMit 
Him n>fi ot pcnc incrcdibilUi ' Niuiiji Eifguulcni totn nocU< rttictibutt 
ezpcwntA pro fDArini (vftun tiio.iVitiidino niin>o wibiilo impnmttur, 
nacc in alttim toDitnr, ttod d'nima xiirttitu onckoni qitaMi IJUoti 
ftffixa tonetvr. lUusoesoente diluciilo, ad rouw^rtidani naiK^m cnn* 
curritur. at non 8ubmi7rraatii Admimnt^r Ingresai ergn tuiuiciiUm, 
lmnf|mUi mariH fmnuluit« undft. Ad tiauem naiiigio propemit. 
qtiiim sniuam rciporiontos ci int^^mm, ob»ititp<.«0(<nt«a ffxtdtant. 
Kcc nioiu: ^uihiiii; pro uinbux uuanimiter oommimi ferueat i>&* 
gotioL Velo nempo quamtotituK mpari^to n^fiTctiMqui; fiiiiib^tii ad 
ueliliciiiidiim iLwiiigiiutur. Entu tjuoque 6iuento ct juira, portui 
qui Chjirl(!iltiiot dicitiir c!urhu prvwpi'rc> iiiu^hnntun Appulai uvTo. 
d<ro miicUH{U4< Wtllolnio CM>QiieTiiaton mxo gmtias agitnt, ot, ut 
iionomnt, quo tn naiii hixbtbuiit iiniuurwa dcdnmnmt. DcviioarucD 
ooUectutii preoiuiu por itiaDim mt>riiorati Thetford^nns prr^bitc^ri ot 
qnunindnni convKxIuUum Mor«-icuui aonoto nmrtin Lraumuttunt, ^ 
M^ illiuA o<»iiimoDdant pfttirtoiiiiiR. 

QVLDA&I itidun HumfruiKut Nonvioenitifl, poriotitanto gI ^ub* 
moraa in hostio dd Scftrdebiirc nnui ciii inifrttt, sub nio^itn 
diticrimiitu giuioti WiUulmi marlirbi opvm iimocauit, et sicut ex 
oinnibuu in inuooationom^ martim edus cxtiUt, ao1ui« ox omnibuA 

to l&iid. ll wu£ lat^ au<l dftrknea and nigbt were coiuin^ on, WiMt 
bapfK-ueiJ is JiAhily credible. The aliip exposed ail night to U» v&vcs 
WAA now (iA«hcd on th>? sMwnd, now nu«od high ubovu it> nccorcling m Uic 
tide i*1jI)c<1 or flowod, Imt wjttt hi^ld Axod to Uil- tihon^ afl by ih<j andior of 
Gvu'ti pu^i^r. At dnwiL, ult mlei to luuk f^r ilio ahip, uud muvuUvd tli^t 
idii* hjul U'jI Buiik. Tlivy tuuk buut, nud cuJ^l hy » chIiu w^k, Mpwtlily 
rviM^hixl tboAliip: and fitiiling bcr nftfonikd souiiJ were filled with jojr A»d 
nnuuwmoDt. All iti onac net to work, repaired tho oait, rcpIi\c*Hl tho rij{gi»g 
and iwt baU. So, with (avi>uriiig wind and tide, they rcachi/*! Uie 
harbour CttJWCllHr]II<M>t^ On landing th^ygnve tlianlcii to GoDftndlboir 
pTvsener Sninl, Witlinm, ^ntl jxfi tht*y had vowed, t*^i. sKiclft a l*nt.b nf aH 
that wiLsio thr nbip. Thny then urnttht) value of thin tithn Ui Norwich 
to the holy timrtyr Ijy Hit^ hnmJB oi thcr itforcuuxid pritwt of Thelford ikud 
boukQ of tfieir companions; and coiumend^ theiriiielvea to the Fiaint's 

AIho one Huiuphrey of Norwio}i, when Hit nhip Ii6 was in was 

iniperUled and foundering lu the liarbuur of ScArWrou^^b, culled on 

Sn-iiit William tho martyr for aid ^vhen at the point of doath; niul. ilk 

bo bail ifwn thu only one to invokr th<f iDnrtyr, no hts olono tif all wmt 

^ QQory flartlaurf 


St WiUiam of Norwick, 


diiiiDA uiriuU-' 8o<l mtxlo mimliili whluaUir, ot mirabiliua extra 
»pQm oouiitiDi incoluniis litori nxlnchitur. 


SOIjHT tionntinqnnm et ftiiidix 1coU>nbii!< iiifcm^ &uttiilium 
iTkultiplioitoM cougo^tii ininvciilorani. Mimciilnnim fWijuenter 
MUGcrescebfit DUinerui^» qtioniAm in gloriow) innrtire huo diiiiim iicvri 
defiokL'biit uirtUK. Audiro igiiur Don U^doat.quod Chriatim fidolibus 

pugino illtui uxuiti4>ndbiKlatifl miraouKim quod anno ab itionrauLione 

^domini M^ C\ LX VIII'*. iu oi4fti*1lA Mincti Wilkflmi de Hilim in ocuIIk 

FlDultonLm couaifltoDtiutn uiiiori conti^it^ DedicAiicr:ht f|ULppQ iUiun 

Willc^lmuK N(krwio<mi^i»^ epiecopuK m uoiiibiw p(L>s<!ho quiuto Vakndoa 

MnjL Intorcuri'ODto r\utoti\ niodico dii>nim post dinlicati^nom in- 

t^niallo, uuD«ruiit Norwictini ijuidam ex Cantebri^c proiiinoia lul 

tivknctum WillolTUum. Qui <inni Norwicl wmctii circiiis^cnt l<ica, 

aen«nint tamlcm ad tnononitain <*t nouiter dcdicalam painctj 

WUtolmi in Hilim vapullam. Duiuquu mure ptiroffrinauttum ad 

altnrG accodcront., <*t oMationi^vi oflc^nvnt, minim diutu, tmmo et 

luirabiliua ubru, mulier quodani de coneortiQ eorum cum ewdein 

nav^ by Oud'h powv^r m a wuaJerfid lumiiwr, and uuotnuy Ut all 
telMoiatacru wua broagbt safo to Ixviid. 

xviii €(f a torwreas repellrji /torn tlic altar : and y ihs uvm^ 
^xptrwtooM qf a t/oujiy UUy in Wtn^MUrnhire, 

An indiHcriminale heaping toother of miracteH is ajit to tara even 
tlio keenest rwdor; ami thr numU^r of mmuilc^ ktcw, fonumuch tm 
Ooi/!4 p(«w4Tr wai nol found wjintins in ^\^ Kluri<)UH martyr. It ou^fht 
Uien nol to be w^risoiDo to fioai' of wlutt Uhmt does for His faillifid 
Ofies. TherofoTO lot nw bring fi^rward und inwrrt into thi* work the 
mlation of that pr<Mmiin?utly nol&ljlo wonder winch tii([i|K^nod iii the 
y«ttr of tlio Lord*^ iiLcanintiott 1 IG^ in the chapel of ^aint William jn Uie 
wood, in the pnwmon i»f many witnnsftcn. Thin chapo) had boon ood- 
Lwonittxi by William, Biwhop of Norwich, on tin? ocIavu of Euatvr, wJiich 
rwaa Uw &th of tho Kalomi^f of May (Ap. 27). A shon tnten^al bad 
elapwd «inoe the tlvdtcation, when then: canw oortmn from the county 
of Cambridge to Norwich lu Haint WiUtAiUi and aiit-r vmtiiig tho holy 
plaiav of thv city, iliey at lusb »rrito<i At thu nfi^rvruiid tiewly-di^ualHl 
obapvl of Sttiut WiUiiLiu hi Uie wood. Tliojf ftpproAohod the aJtiir and 
pTcacntftl tlicir oifonngn, lu pLlgiiiuh do, wbcii, wondrous to loU nnd yoi 
BnowwondrouA to boo, — « woiuonof their co«np«jiy viAhiog to aaoond lh« 



St WiiUam of Norwich, 


gnulua eoiMoendore uoloiui, inumbili quaddnk uiitQte r^ul«A net 
Iii<loQi ADinioKitut Accuwit, »^t fortiitK rcpittiiA rulro «OMi. Ne^cia 
nem qiiod diuinitus repellerattir, tercio et qiiAtto gmrlibtu «cmMi, 
OAccuKitm atUMiipUuit, >ed xc* nialu> uoh«mentius refK'lli |heru>rMit 
Et f)im AmplinjB mm in ikoiilif* AMbJKtnntitim n}pulMi> jiudiiit^ eo 
Acriiis aU|U(' frei|Uentiu0 coqaIus 6u06 reitenira aflVrUuit. Quid 
mulUif I^bumtuii mulioT ditiiniT uirtiitis igium et roiterande 
pTWHiimptioniK cupifbu Dcniqiic hc incAJwitm tnbomrc pi^netfiittctut, 
preuAnoatrix nd cor rodiit ot fla^iiorum fniora in ooDflcia, in lacnmn«vr 
r|tirn>K< |>rDnipit i^ttlnLiix duxnn: Oh mo mJiWfTnm i-t mbu^mHIctn! 
Oh pprdttnm et mrelic^inl Peccatrtst itnpura tAntorunx^iie flftgt- 
tiorurn <*uiiw:]a, tut uxmh iu^okttGUU, inpurutoDH ut tih(?out>^,d*>%iiu 
n<»n tim<H), homino noii rouoroor. Qua ergo fmnlisi invui^Teri^, 
<j(in nientiM MlHntia inceAto p»x1e et sacrilega mentv wu-ra rontiii- 
gi-n^ pri«uiii|Mi Icn'«? Et n»iu-Tn digix? pm im-ritiK niihi i^cfitigiL 
Sortilc^ga, impudicft ot imiuundft, sAcrati nimiditmni loci togromn 
indebitij iioUui, et culpuruiTL obliui, (?ul[>jirum uiikJic^fni irritaui In- 
diguAiii trpurcitJe nioe oblatii^nGni iii&nti»» et corporis tmcnlt'^po 
pervjuijiitum, uuu mdigtie vaiicttu Wilklmuu roDuit, lurCus diuina 
ropellit, utpote ljuam acceeeiia indigiuun fuliudioaitit Heu itio 


AttAr-flt^pa with thenit was drivoik IulcIe hy Aome invtdilile pawnr: 
»ht\ tlntw near aigtilu m a mAO' rlntorminc^d fiMhion, Init wn* rep^Ued 
with f;rtwt<^r foroi*, atkI ri'troiL^-d. Nut perct-ivJiig tti&t it waa OoD vbo 
was keeping her Away, nhe tried to ukount the steps a third tind a fourth 
Umv, Uit felt herxelf (jriven hack afiain with fn^?ater violcimu ; ixnd tUe 
moTO asharutsJ tJie grew at beiDg rejected btifore uilueiiBeeit the moro 
(igerly ami uftt^ii did ftlie repeat her efforU, What« moref 8b(> con- 
tinued her oxertiom, uncorificioiu of the divirto |)owov, And i^kgnr to renew 
her l>old attempt. Finally tvemg that all wan in vain, the poor nitinar 
nitnnird to her Kenw^, ncknCTw|c>lgT*d ht^r ^uilt, Juid broke fortli into 
ttiarR and criixJ : "O wretched miaerahkf creatture! lost and unhappy 
that I am 1 fi>ul Hianer, canttcieuH of ao uwny crimes, hardenod for fo 
many years, unpenitent^ nnshrivoTi; I frnr nnt (*oi> nor n-;iiinl inAdJ 
How hnuDfrnfaccd, how prmume with polluted foot and profano 
Houl to toucli th£« holy plaOBi Truly I am rewarded according to my 
dwerla. A Hurctirew, of impure htv, I Imvu with unliooiiHnl foot dfd3i«l 
llie purity of thix vr>rL«i-cnit<ii] upritf hitvr fnrgo^tnn my nnrt^ and ilrAwn 
their avon^r on tuyrtelf. Itightly doua Sfunt Williivin refuse tJiO olt<aHn^ 
obtained by dHitnmciit <>f \toi\y and no\i\, rightly d<H» Qort^ power 
rvpel luo b« unworthy to apprcMLch Uioi. Aliu wrvt^luid ineT ahia 


St WUtiarn of Nonmch, 


1, hcu tnfeliccmJ Quid igilur ziguui mfoltx cl initfcni, i^uo 
'diuortam diuiaitiifi repuduilii ? Ht;c pri'fii^L-t itiLor4L'n.^bftb Ijbcriinitf, 
hoc Qomp]c«i» uociioTuWt paluua. IVplu deuupit^ capliui miulwj 
uuftc criiiisH ili^lia i]<:iciji'(hjjiei, tmiic facleiri, nunc pucUi» |>(ignm 
ttiiuUirifi, tjt iivttuLitiijUfini ^>c<libiL!4 tcrnuii j>PjU'reiiP, minibili ot 
nii^crabili »c fbgcbat niodo, !iii; Alii-juaudiu m.- biLbuiL, miiic ul 
ijculwt oKiititcntium m jik; conuvrtiL AccumU igltur (^aiilBun qui 
alUui^ fk?ftrkbfit cu^ttxlie, nb en sciucllau^ cur vm hIg luiberet, iiel cur 
Guui MMijUibuH Allori uuu iu;ci;nsu«huL AU|uc Ikk; dicto^ ei c4uj(1l*Jjuii 
tmclidit, ut cum lumlne ueniecLM Jiccetltiudi gi-uliaiii o[ftiuer«t. 
Cui IHh; bomiiit^, p;u:iitrix e^ni peccutin uiiu^la, uci^xlerti ijiiUKnii 
uuliii iieo puttii, t;L ^uolkum itccr.'iMuii iiLWihgjLiitLJ, Utlictia rvjnil-uim 
porluli Kcpellib me quidaiO] ulogiuiti^ fonu^.* iu»i:]iii4 qui <|uoLitias 
^nulibuti ucct^Iu^ tolitriis t>ix:uiiil, toticiia n^Uudit, lllc sulj uiistiits 
mihi tcrribdi^ nlii^ftjiic ub mihl utdt^tur uppun;! miliN Hie lUctin, 
^luiij ac rv»edii. Dvruuui, utpotu dolor« uiultu ac IrtU^ie IntigAUft, 
uiodicuui i|uItiuiLi i;l ptiuli^jwr dormiuit. rut»laioduiu t^xpurgi^lAUttt, 
(lt'uui> flurrexiU Acccusit i|aam dij^iiitiis cund^Ia, oacuiuurc iuaW' 
gmdibu^ twc^^ttSit, ftUjuti JtidL'iii ia (|ui priiis uiuii viiiiniin ri;p|tuliU 
Vnde lumiruni rubore coofuw turn dolore perrauta, pronipit in 
lacnitia^, hLCrimisipio el ^JngiilUbuH cordisi iiujututt anxit'taa. Auxia 

QiiliHpp^I Wliftt «1ia11 1 dot wliitlnir nhiJl 1 go, Un: ifijfwiWxl of Oa»t" 
Wiir wordjt yi/nvi\ inU^reponied with toAi-# Aud clapping nf hAiidn : bIw 
pullod lior korohiof from her head a&d tore her linir and face and bnai 
\wT hnwHt, iniinpliiig iijioii tlie grfjund, ^nd iM^huving in n tIlAnnIl^r to 
<?Xi.*iU^ wooder nii'l pity. TLik went itri for nomo t.iiu*^ ai»1 nUniot«d 
the eyfV of all- Thff ^i^rdi/ui of \h^. oXUlt caeiic to h<^r, And jwkml whj^t 
ftilcd htft, atk) why sTie })A(1 not lippronclitHl tbu nXUvv wiUi lirr Ff^llowt; 
ftt till! tuuuu liuiu he gavt< li^r a caudle, iik order that sle iiiif*[it <xinie 
provided with a light and tliiu ohUiii ^n'ncr? to Approach. 8h(T Annwcmi 
''Sir, I un A Hinner, 1on<lefl with guilt: I wiidml to draw rnsu', hut I 
oould not : I wak drivim back ju ofttni iia I fttteniptod to do ho. Tliera 
ill M youth of beautiful forok who drivcw me awny, puK^in^ ntc Iwick 
whenever I Approach tlie «tc|itf- He la oidy fomddAblr, aIabI to iqv» 
And to thn ruHt !t<H?niK to bo kind. " She wua then xUeut and sat down, 
ami afl*r, worti out with grief and wwirini^w, fdumlKiTod for awhile, 
then Awoke nnil, nning to her fe«;t, li^htetl tlie caudle of which I Hpokv 
and vent Uy thu Htep« ui if tv mount theui. But the ume p«nivn M 
befoTrt dm* e \vpr biu:k. At lliiM »lie wah covrixd with ooiifuHloii mid grief, 
burst into teans and uobe, Miid thowod orciy ligji <rf dinturhanQti ; Uicili 


St Wittiam of Ifiyrmch. 


eirtum>rpidt, drciimspicir'jih nib: Vooint* quc«>, nquis hie nmit 
mc^nlra, ciii scelcrra scelerftta reuelem, cui chmina cnminowL com- 
Iii4.'in4jri.*in. Vi'iiiftt, ob^ecrn, cui uite cuonnitAtom contitear. qui 
penitentia oonfeenonem 8Q8ci[Hftt, AuddpieR8 atxioliiAt, Kb^>luenH 
fiagillis pcs&m ntc^ignct. Cwtlo titiquv ncc dubitoquod.ubi oon- 
(aem fuero et a presbitero abeoluUi, ot aacri martiro oonnequAr 
Kiifl^gium ct sstcmti aIIilHs prmu^vxTbor ftcocMum. Vuriit iuuitic 
quidam uc-teraniifi j^acerdoe, aeomum abdusit, cotUitenti poiiiten- 
XiBnx indixit, i?t xam de cet^ro oofitid(-n> Aimifinit QiiiJ pLun? 
I&m securior e mamupio atipem protulit, can<telitro reacceodils 
gmdibuK uppropriimA proftiftiiii omuit lAc'rimis. LAcniniut inmiHtmlNit 
denote compunctio luentia Kx c^impimctionis foDU? profiisuA la- 
criiiianini iUc rinuM iktu [x-nHriuw c^lift irHuit. vt iwi notum 
gcrraitnft pentcnit> OratioDe linitA, jte<ic timido axc4^'iL8um nttcmp- 
tauit, et qiieni ex adueiso sibi tKriirrentcin uidere conHueiteral now 
nideiw, iam w<K:iinorgTiKiibut" ptiieiu conlidi'ntiun iufisit. lamque 
rcpuJsunnoDHenticnfl noqucrepolleiitomseuid«na,oonfidetiU pede 
«tmentealiicria2iic(>ndit, atqiicaltari !<ii<? mimus oblatimiiH imiM>Kiiit 
Itiuiuu in hiiiuH lulmirnlioDu mimcub dnm r^i gc^ic quali- 
tRtcm coDHidero, glohofiam illam beate Marie Egyptiaoe peni- 


anxiously looking about hor, sho said, "Lot somo priest oomei I pray, if 
liicrro i* onr pn-wnt^ Ut whom J way confc*» my nini* and criium, «knd all 
tho oiiunuitiaA of my lilt^; hi him lH*ar uiy conf eaftton ^ ^ftbtwt v g nic, tuid 
IDkpuBu pcQAcco. I AiQ Nure tbat when I am confmeed &ndAT86lvu«l by 
a priest I shall obtain tho {irayer^ of tbo holy coartyr, and tio allowed 
to nppTtHich Ihrt huly Altar." Bo thnro cjuilu mi oM pruT«t who t<>ok her 
OKJdu otid iuipuncd petmticu nfUT ooiifeKnufu ^uid LuiIl* bur Iw of g«xl 
cho«r for tpbo future. Tu bv nbort^ shiu wiwi ruvwarodf took h«r looney 
out of her puno, relighted hrr cAiidlo, and drew near to Iho ntvpa : 
hoiT nhc prayod with flowing UuLm, whi<?b bur dvvout repdntofKia prc»- 
duc«d ; OJid that fount ot Umi% punetrnt^d th« air and flowod into tha 
heavcnii iind b<^r groarOTig f'lid^fi in prajtT. Afl«r li&r prayer th** 
ait«nipt«d ibe oAcent with tiniLd foot« and no Irjng^r siting Mm whom 
«bc had i9(^ti Wforo opposing her, now planted herfoot more boldly upon 
tbi> Ht^'pit, I^Ec?4stinjf with no ivptilHt^ and M^ioK no rcp»^!litr, pthfi then 
con^deiktly and e&gcriy aaceaded und laid bar oflenu}; upon the attar. 

Now when I reflect on tho manner of thia miracle, I recall to my 
memory tho glorious ropGntnnce of Sftint Mary of Egypt'. Ghr- wns a 

* Tlw uiHit famoiu of tho fomalo SunU who wro ''pmilODU '' naxt Eo 8t Uary 
Ifoflilftknc. lUt fouvt 11 Oil Ap. 1. tier olory maj b« niosl coiiv«uknUj oopaullod 
m Un JunoiMiii'H Sacred and Lffjentliry Artt !.• p- d6tk 


Sc Wiltui7n of Nonvich. 


tcntmm luctnori mciibo rcuoliiOH IIU <^xituk- iiidolU gcnvroa& 
pocoatrix, itpud Icniiuklciii loon sacra ancrilo^ tomcriu^ lUj^^wiu 
prcfiumpTiitp Hcc fanno ihnili:4 Hftgitiow prciit^iatru npud Nor- 
vricum in ailua nouiter Aocmlam aancti Wtlleltiai capvlhuii podo 
impudico »ubintraiiit. IlLim gl<jrioi«o dci jfcnitncin uirtiu inui- 
idbjJift iiisibilittr ^b omtorii iugrcaaii cohcrcuib: iatam gWiuai mar- 
tins Willolmi uirtud umiiif^fiU TnanifcKtFC a,h ultrtm tnii iicocis*«u 
rctninit. Virobit^uc pudoiis ct daloris hg ingewiii couruHii>j 
oonfui^ionciu HubdccutA cut compuiidio, conapiinctipni .-lUCCrNiit 
pdiitijnLijt ; pciiilcntin Mtivo profiisU Incrimifl multi Uuib inaculas 
GriininJA £^ic itOfiuu p^mteubium butiutioLo l^icriin&nim lUa oratorii 
in^rcoatLiti, ct isU^ socri AlbarJe pi^tueruit HCtxmibuiih FitLel urgu 
<)iiAUte reu^reatie tiit Wun bic i^m a Ututc auctoriUbtin cb roligionis 
€pt9copo ccnusccriLtuA, priTDa^ju? AaDCbi martiris Willeliui tuuitda- 
tionc fuorit maij^uituA. Ibi (jnippe multA ui mullimuda uirUiLuin 
mirocula iiirtun rrrrquciibcr opcnhbur diuiiio. Neoip^: iit argit- 
mo&tum saactitati^ ltK:i wtt turn QalLeii iHiiiiili ulliii Wilkluji du 
U4Uitingc% in nuiiipnu tlng^IIali cuiTcctb, Butildc uxom olim 
Giraixli Ooci cuihUv^, Liiin prtviLi^uitriciB uiidiurculu vjuum prvli* 
batiiuiuh reptdffiu. M]L:Kirnc tiubcm' lout cumujuudsb suieltUttvm 
egregtutii iUud, pre miraculiH ul ita dicaiu miraculuni, i(iiod in 

siiHUT of Tu*l>le birtb and greni beAuty wbo ivilouipl«d vith jwt»fAno foot 
to i<iLt4>r tbp lioly |>lAf«w at Jorujaal**!!*- Tho nthor wmi an oU i wom an, ii_ 
wiwli^ who With |Xjllut4H| kU^h ual^red Llm nowly-dodicalHl <iIi;^|H'I nf 
Bftiiit Willimn iu Itio wood at Norwicli. St Mftry w&s vlubly rv' 
fttnumxl fn>m vTnbcrinK tlir plooc of prnycr by the iiiviAibl^ power of the 
glorioun QiotJior of Cod. T}ie otlt^r wjui evKlf>rtLly tlirutkt b^urk inmi 
ftpproaciiiug bU altar by the iLiaiiiic8t power of the glt^nous niartyr 
Williiun. In l>otb coiww Uioro vra* uonfuiuun tuid grirf, confuKioa 
followed Ljiy oonipuiiction, coinpuiictiuii by repcmUriiC^ : and j^peutMice ^ 
vrit}i V' iUhmIh of UvLi^ M'aHhe<t aw/ky tb« Bt>iins of thoir mAny »ins. 80 
w^ii by tli<_> fbjd of reponUnt tc&mobtAinod, thootioficcc«« to theoratoiy, 
the oLhcr power t4i A]>|inxu]lL tlio oltur. It bi evident^ Uicn, how 
reviOTCttd b Ihta ^pot, coufiecraied by a Bialiop of such authority uid 
caiiDonou lu n>ligii>n, amt diaUnguishod by the tlr»t burinl of ilio holy 
lUArtyr Willinm. OrUihily nwny nitd divent iiiirnclr^ bjivc Utoro bvcrtX 
wrou)-lkt by tlxe pc]w«>r of God- For ei |u~ouf of thv lioUuvsn of the pUun^^ 
w« luay lite tbo cliastiDCELtrnt, ijl a drtwtu, of Walter, num^timc Bcrriukt 
to WilJiani of HoHttagB, th« ouro ofBotiMu^ wifo of Gonu-d tlio Cook, itnti 
tli^ ropubw of tJko M>r4Mtv-Bi9, j U'^t rftlAUwt, Dut rocAt of nil m ita BoncUty 
cocanj«iidod by tliut cxcdtifiit mimclL* of miroclu^ ut I uiuy cilI! it, 
wIliohoiiCA linppvik«d in the county of WurotnU-r, arid was oouitniltifd 


St Wiltiam </ MmcicA. 


Wigunivivt olini pruuiocia couligit, »cripUH{i*e traditum ajuidain 
Pvnwn^vDiiui tnonachus Cbn^tulAUIt nomine, air €r{iiu)nii nrUgiime 
jjult^ua vL iiUvAMiFB^ oubifr Norwi^LiiBibtis trmn»miAit in hid ncrbw; 

Simclo cl (lev »lfx;ciiic railiUuiii ufiiut^ulut NiTwic^uMi, ftuteF 
Chrimiaft"*, rmlnjui Pcnwrcnsium ininiintL-t, uiu pocrattur, Imbltu 
ei DoniuiJ wilo toiiii^tcliiut, vito prvrwiilin ([uieC«ui t^ fuUuv btia- 

QrmuUi U(K CtUtcilaU? prv ciiiirtb toUiiH n^gimutf, ioimo orbis 
aDJUiTivi, JQ nu^Uii liiou Urnipi^fUU^? cUriliamvnt, t^unoW vl i|iijuu 
ftdiiiir&bUi oorrobonucErit pignorv, utfbia etiaoii lotigo a uobi* 
iiitcntullu tiifiUutibuii iliiuuu n;ueUn; Uij^uilUl u»t ujiacvncurdub. 
]S»%vtum inpartibuBUusLris air, DoinimMioltiN fi^>iuL uiNgui^gUDcro 
pn-iclufiLH, pmle bettius, Adaiii de Cmiiiba uuucupacuHv Quem e% a 
ia multis affinos gmticmuDi, pn?cipuc uthuiH|Ue wxi&t pn>pugitic 
pnxlioiiit MicviiL Sunt eaiui buk liU^ri ULooachi reli^oeit hlUjUs 
MnMiui, iuuvii«^ ekgaulL'^fiitiJ, piiolle iiiiiim iiriLiua adhuc uirgiDee^ 
vpecie et pudicilia promDcifliibiu iscompaiubiliK. Qiuuum uul- 
tibuK ^njigiii.'f n.>>;m--s lu'^nbii? pnim pui wiu^tas et matna piidica 
^ciIg innott^hcit clifTcipiiDa. H^ltuhl <]uq mijM>r cvi niftlii Agnw 
numinc diuturrm oxomCil e«t itifinnitA:^, longo b^mporis spacio 



to vritin^ bj CtirbtioQ, b mook of P^jmhor^ & ni&n diarUaguidjed for 
rvti^on luid l<uvniiig, i%nd w^nt to us ol Norwich in tbem tonns : 

To tb« holy oonront of Norvf tuh, c*rti<wtly 5ghting tho good fight for 
(Jots l^roth^T ChrutiAR, tho loant of tiit* hr<iUiron at Porihoro, m uuucr 
in hi* lif^ n tnonk tn Kftbit ttJid nftino nlona, wishcii rnt In thn prviAnt 
lif^ Aj)d bnppinrtHi in thnt whinh U to oornfi. 

1'lk<« inrrcy of (iori hns vnvifhtvji*d Lo rfivtuJ 4tv«?ii uiitO lU who are 
n^iiKJvwi by so It^ng an iiiltirvAl fitjtn you witli huw gr«il happiness be 
hatb blcwwl you, boforci all thnt dwHI in thr country, ii*y in dl the 
world, nt IcAHt in our iiin<% am) with fiow jrnwiouK and admirable a 
pledji;*; be hath ■treiiKthened you. For Uiere is in our ncigbbt^urhooil 
a man diAtinf^uiahed in ttatiiu and fame, of noWe mix*-, and rich in oflT- 
lipring, whoae nanio is Adam of Orooino' : vh'm* ni*ighhooti* auwotiiit him 
favoured in many rc«pe.ct», but particularly in n^pinl of his offi*pring of 
botli mjxv*. He baa uhiUlrrn who are numka in n>[igion, brav*' warriont, 
bandaome youtbs, danisek or I should say maid^t th^ tint in tlie ooujity 
for brnutj and tnodc»*ty, in whow cininl€inrwic<« ia seen their royal d*?awnt, 
uliilw in tlioir tthanwter wo inuic UiU kindly ttmmow of ihclr father, and 
«htet» induing of th«ir luoiliiisn flie youugmt of U^ciw^ nvucd Ajpuo, 
luut long InTon ^-xhnuntcd by ilhic^^ bi^^l ridden for a ounaidf^raldo apaoe, 

^ Tbo adTOviOTL of tlill Croon bctonged to Pomhoro Abbfjr, Adttsa d« Craroln ii 
noticed tn tlw nod book of tbo Eiahciiucr, 8 liiolwrd L N»jili'> IVaremUrMhirtt I. AGi, 


St William of Norurich, 


ctfL Misoro, mifuani, cuiik ^cpiiid in die iioheinculi cooctn iingiuti^ 
bn«chiu t^ictana. KunuiJi circumducoufi, pn>nni» oxaugiiiH tijrtuotKS 
uoluci'ctui'. AMi^t^-DtcA proter »pmtu& «]outjii] uichil coiii- 
iieiuiut. Huic ciun iiMtynixntUy Mjmitw pii^tUitt^ n)<>to, iiiTio doloro 
»ffcct«, cum cnpcIUno cl rniniliA ut tiDciii ludoreut lutHJatei'eab, 
time br&chiitt rviiUHnb, corpora ciJtii|KMiUj, itculiei Kmitor cIaii»L>«, 
dplonj vtijiiiL MipiW nc t*i iitiipn.-iTi iiuiivriitiont; digiiuin conueDire^ 
ot L'idciii iLiutuo cum i>rimi diligeutut itspondi-rot, umu vat, preivr 
<)uafii ouiR ueiniiicm uvl tiidert; tiel niidirc niurcruulur, in^itTupiiiis 
■gjtntiim crcdcrvnt iibi* (pnn uultu:^ et u€;rborui]i gruuilA^ timt 
miu luiuUuu^ Qiijun tmit Ilii din HUHLiuutm<-iiL> taiiduiu DIi tpiibus 
mftiur itiomL prudcolia, t.\iii<l uid<*ret, qiivin conueiiiruL^ cui tatitain 
exhibeuH remTrvjitUiii, ruHjH]iLd<:^rt<t, lie itocultJti'eb, obuixc? iiit|iiinrrc 
agrvmi siiiiU Qiiibii:^ illn; Timaivni uidco pulchcrrimuin crueiiluin, 
crucciii g(^l*iiitexiu CuiJique adinout-nrHt ut iwqueretur: aei|Uor, 
inquit, tit iiiiittuitiM' r^tijuiir^ i:tt e*eduli> obwtjuur. Scd uctnun in^^ro- 
diLur Nunc {Mirtc tieii^orb tmiisitu eupellniu id eodeii^ ^itiuu 
nuQG intrnt Ugiuaiit^ Nuuc uL itiibukin ovt^brvl, uublibun nt: iuduil 

' olinloft €iidfx. * Ito codex: Uge tt\%\. 

and woni dt»wn m wretchedly that her life wba deflpaircd ot Wn^tch- 
eUly, I flAjr^ for severftl times in tho dny slie would bo compelled in h«r 
Aii^isJi to toM her arms alKnit, roll hrr cyw, ftnd writhe ftnd twist, 
while Uki bUiod f^ntiivly loft bt^r ioxws^ TIjohu wbo hUknI by could 
pt^rcvdrti ito ai^n uf \\t^ ?uivt* in Uur Lrt^lluug. On i^utt cjccation, 
wb»ti bar HiHtvrH, inuved by piljr luid touulivd by lii^ aunVriin^ itL^rt* 
ainliouMi by \\vt witti ttii^ vliA|>lfkiiL ukd l.lic houA<?liold to ^(j Uie viuJ, 
sliA iH hrr At'niH unk, compoArd bcr frniuD^ and with grmtly citwnd oyci^ 
fukd fr4M?d frolD |Nuiir Hbu Ik^^ail to Hp^ak iw if uhu u^orv confeTTiri^ witli 
HoiJii* oiip worthy uf reven^iKH^t urid anHWAriiig him with grv*t rMipoot. 
An thny wpm not iwmdttMl bo wii' or h^fur any one oth«r than h^iM^lf, 
t)ir-y wiiuUI ItAVf^ 4U|ipoM-d 8li<> wzm viHittHl by ii dn^iLiii, mjlvi^ IFkAt the 
gravity of \\vi facu and spirecli wiu reiiiurlcublc, \^^ht-n they biu] 
allowed thi» to go on for koioi^ ticnci, tho wiwir of the party begnu 
clcMoIy (o udc hfir to t^Il without (."onovOilinent what Mftn ^^yir, witli 
whoui fthe wft8 epeaking, whom sbe was aimwerinx ^^''-J* "uch nhcw 
of veneraUcn. 8lie replied, " [ see n moat beautiful yonth, fttoim^ with 
bl<Kx], who htMTiA A cn^sH." And whim thi^y Wlu h^r follow him, ** fSo I aju 
doing," Mbe aaid, "and I will follow bini olow^ly and olwy him dili^^ntly. 
But tie ia enteriDg a wood ! l^ow he baa paaaed through pnrt of it, and 
ia going into a, wooden ibiLpcl that staitds in iti Now be in rttting in 


St WiOiam of NormcX 


novrdfrtttliboa, 8ed tie milu miwrc noxai rivc> lirncDlit cam noti idt 
4|ni soflTntgvtur, mini^mrv tum presuioo. Sed ecoe ingr»]>tiir 
liigntor mo oc Hboctior, ut oH MicnMWiota mngiii idoutniH. Hubi^UT< 
ui MidiQ DUDCupama Piw* tu!o inientisaime auscaltnnilo patili?peT 
obticuit, 4*1 Npiritu ub iimi rTwiiTn|jU>. uuc^ MibmbiAa tied adpruiic 
fiuppliei, Jfi'jvnfofur Nevtn otc; rt ('OTr/l^ar rftt*, ct (jir' piM|uanlur> 
rvspovuliis (|ii« Ante mbconim fcnchoiUuiiitau etupplicaDdo dicen 
iiHUtD habel ecdfiriflk AageUce' igiUr qtn.- cunngdiam prvoMb^rr 
soleot perfectiB cam vpsam legvretur, so miwmin damiutis et 
iolDlioeni, cum quid d1bTTu& noD hftbareu Cuitw draolioneni tpw 
aanctus preseDlieiifl, per prebtum Robi-rttim DunnDtiin abi niisit 
auTeuQL Quem iticut Aoide dono dimaDtL' Ictbfiima suaoepit, iu 
dcuotiasime Qt uel oecntiuido iniuiuni ali(]tii<l do oo sic Ungerc 
licerett obtutik Sucmin«titum oti&m oorporU e( san^iQi^ domini 
Dofltrilboftu Chri^i, ortodoxonitn cmninm mluh^ litis MDctis- 
fiimifi nkfiXiibiiA poBl paeem e\h\ datam aoccpit- Ordine i^tur 
fooMittUco quo Unto congnnmt wu-mineiit4> pemcm, lu Uinpa^ 
e»t adopta et locum, timido cum reuercutia «auctum dei nffata est: 



pri«st'ft robw tocokrbratc njwuil But alvi! poor lOft, I f<«r fup tojp »px: 
there is none to niako tho rceponsea, aikL I daro n^ tkct mn wrrer But 
Me^ hc^ cciiHVi oiu* worthier and holitfr than I and mort lit for thtr hoi; 
office: IhearlurucflJJed Kubert^*' At thia pointflbeoeaaed acptalcin^for 
lOduo riionieiitflft and listenrd hit<rnt1y. Tlicn, drmwiDg a ilocp faroaibi riie 
bqgan Agiun ijk a Iuw Aod pleading voice with tho nwpoiufBs to Misenotttr 
n^Mri^V^nJittor dr^ &nd ao on -—being the praj^en which tltn Chmx:h offrir 
before Ukti l>0ginnirig uf thi> nuua — in EngLiah. When, tbcrvforc^ all UiM 
part of U»» ranAt which proofdoA tho Oo*<p<0 hiul boon gone thnmglk, wid 
whrrn tho (J<»p<-1 itftc^ir wftA Iming rm'!, Bh« cried oat nj^on horrself lor a, 
pcMir unhappy on*iit,ijn» Uiat hiu! tujlhnig h> oflW T Thn BAint himacJf 
poruftUiiiff her devotion unt h«r a gntd pipco Ity the lianflfi of Uia aloro- 
IMd Itobert. Thi* nikc n^ceivpr! with (f^gcr joy And offered it fiMMtt 
devoutly, iM if mKl^ tl^irtHl by kiwiinj; Hm Hnint's havid ikt Innxt to touch 
■outewhal of him. Sho also received the aacrameot of tho Ixxly and 
bl<xxl of our L'lid Jc^^iii^ Chriflt, the saKntion of liTI the orlhcxhrx, from 
tlicjMT iniHt lu>ly hiuk<irt, tdter Uiff pnx had hnen given to her. TlieDr 
After till bad lieen gone through AocordmK U> the Clmrch'n order, lliat 
boiongH to thifl grent MujTAnK^nt, when she found a fib op|)ortiinity and 
ptaoi% die timidly urid reven^ntly o^ldn^^wrd tho mint of OoD and tnud : 

■ C«D thin bv lUib^rt tbt^ bojimrtyr of Bory t HIa rniiut«d date ifl U8L, bter, 
W it •HEnn. th&n thin chwLilnrnt. 


St William of Narmch, 


DomUie ml otnni ueuemlione di^niwim^, aaiicte benie, deo care, 

tiuni, qA miAorie tueo iuflrcLgiiiiik^ ad dolorum et angiutmrum 
movuro mfrigi^rium iuuocabu? Tuiu il)e, ul fiu[>tfruurum cre- 
diiiiiifi (?j«<r ciiiisri^nuiu diLiinfuii !«[>ii'ait« du lcodiue[n, cuudi>l<Mi« 
LiilitiiiitiiU, uir^luali GOiiLpulitiu^ mixiii^lftli, hiWm \'a\i\\ giuuilutu, 
bcu^piiwitiio HNipiciciin iiiLuitii, tluluiwttruj r<^]K>i]dil :9cmi<nic, m? 
iUutu, qucm Mhuctiiui iLicuub vnh^, Willt^liauiii. Et UItt [Mxlibtts 
MUkcti pruuohiUi: S^uicte. cUmati, Willduie, iiiiAeixo^: tnui oiniihiin 
DiiMrrnni^'- Snuctc Willclnic, invdcn? mcts iinguatianitu augupflib< 
Siuicte Willtiliut:^ uidu intii [luUilrijci mt^ab^ el cisleii pu^lriU' micciirro. 
BnuaburLs, iiii|uit, si?<l motiitm witiibJiti^ luc dJli^'iiUir utttiide. 
Elciiitrntuiii quo maxima tiuut Hacniuieuta, aquaiu Oicu bviit^iclaiu, 
acuipiL'^, |>edi-Jicnicifixiiti <iiomint-j> di-i |)»Lris <)imiipuluiiliji vbfilii 
pati'i <HfDsub8taDtialiH ul 8piritu» saucti palri et tilio coeterui, laua* 
)>ix In i|im iiii<?uti j»aTiiF(diit)iiiutWr«?L iiidcficJt^ tHJuaiii-nceitHdilulinTic 
HcmolA NUiitiilenk coti»o(]UcrJH. Quod wm Luo htiic mil inHnmlati 
aitnliuimoiL t-nt, geil iiiiiulbuH ^uuciitiiquij lauguore egi'otaiitibiis, nt 
ut diximiia fi^lv buna deuiii inuix^ute^ uni fueniat, i^fri^riiiin. Gt 
at hiDc UGnun specimen compems, febricitaiiti que in noua 

"My Lnr<l, worthy <if all wornliip, lile+wed Rairil, donr to Oon, hy kvlmt 
nnine shftll I caII upon theo la \iA\t my w^Mikiu^ei, t4» comfiirt nay 
londincm, to prnv for myinimrry. and lo relieve my pain and Anguinhr' 
TImmi hf% bnvitlijjiic A froifmnoD such fi>t we boluwe ptM-Uiinn to the 
dtl^eoa of heiaveu, in compasaion for iKe maid^a anxiety, looked upon 
her moHt kindly, uliko wHh chtHirfulncas ant] gravity, anH answered in 
tho AWtN^Uttt toii<w: 'J am William whom they i^all Anint/^ Throwing 
Iteraelf at tite saint's foet, she cnofl : '^Saint William, have nieroy on mo 
thAt n<»ud mttn?y! Saiiit William, heal my an^-uiJih! Sunt William, 
liMtk upon mine inlirinitir^ and airl inn with spwdy kindneflfi." "Hoalivl 
you ahali bo/' 4aid he, "but you muxt mark cim^-fully the inanu«r uf 
yoitr iMVkling: yuu mIioII take uf that element vheruwith the greatest 
sacramont^i are porfonnod, — 1 mean h^jly water,— onJ tlitirrwith va§h 
the fvvt uf tluf urucifix \ix ^the fuuiic> uf Ooi' th« Fr^thtrr Almighty, i>f 
the ikiu of oiro *u1>iUiJcv with thu Fatlior uid of Umi HoIj Obwl 
coH^rnAl with tlic<ir And th^^ Son: hcn^in you eball voak crumbn 
of IxTvod and (rat tb<*tu without d«tay in faith, niul you ahnl] ohtuin 
houHh. And fhia remedy iihall not only mlinvp yrmr <»wn BJckntwa, but 
nhall alun brnfifit nil that nrw »ick, of whttlev^r dimMM^ if, lu I htkx^ 
sAxA, thry nkjiki* umt of it in faitb, calling upon God. To ^rv ymt an 
example uf tJii», jon HhalJ teivc? part of it to one that in itulTerinK from 


Si Wiilittm <f Norwich. 


eockfltt OmnW toit|iictin- iodc impcrcic*, et rcpcntc cuimbintr 
MnUcine quibiiB hiicu«c|ue tu& m^ queduii noeu^niiit, iirofuit aolto. 
In uirginitAtc batnttiJi p<;niuD««i| <a\M eimm <|tiibii9rlun, m ocn- 
■ubus moduRi tcti«Di% dod iDdalg€«& Uandiim, id C9t que muodi 
rant, fuj^ia& D«o ei qti« dei suut ftdheroan. S«?d nr iffoara 
looomru nU cxorbitcn, ncl per dcnia noU njigcrirt, hnnc ubi 
KobcrtuiD liuo^trt tndi> ei cufltodetti. Uu) Miditu, beuedictaone 
•ecepto, cxinrifUK'fv iiinm, r>?^titi&tt<>tir roti)|K-rK)i"«t nulla lam4*ii 
]Mut« taoti itiueris pnflenitbsa, tleueuero OutubaiiL Jbitjue ui in 
luto piMnUt iialudicUi n alncc SU47 <lttDMR wL Et item DuEU ittnoru 
pitrU? prtrteniiitMi, cum julbuc iUtiera dieniui, Ui»vruii) itouiiua, 
fipeckv vL quftlitutm vcirumlvin, a iltifH? ttiio i1icUk> inKiiilu»bt»imr 
liamuvk Bt que DUDquuiu a doino juitrut mii j*1u» srpinii miliariie 
vgn^iNft <9t, nb Hlm ipii Mq^iiui pvdibiui vK «qui4 iter Ulud iiH^tixi 
punl iH-ic ID ucrbi> n^vliu^iii poUvit. Ad nc rrurnm, iimn nbi 
fetttiuare ru^t, [ttruDi, oflemulque p&rala. co(u«?dit, bibib, et cod- 
wdoit. PebncitBDli pt^mtsiaonto impcrlirc moneL Cumque iUi 
DtilliiTn ibi febncit4iniH4!(n jiKwn-rvnt, jlla ecoiitm lUum etiiua cum 
poraute 4Mxl«»iAm rrdeiiiH)<j imnsieB<K.a uidi^<3w, re ipM prbbaott 

fovcr m tlic now church Kii Croocne, and ho bIuUI bo h<al«d forthvrlUi. 
Tlic iiMdidinA you hikvo liitk<>rto uscdhAro matia <jt thctn done you bAmi 
»nH none of tWn gowl. Conlintie liuntbtj En ^i>ur virginity; indukftci 
nol in wiTiio At-licW of fivxl and Y)« vnodemtA {n nil. Fiec from UiA 
wirltf, thftt i», fmni ■iiicb f.tiingfi aa ni^ rtf tJip vnrM. C^AAve to GOD 
and Ui thoM' t)Lin>rn thitt Am tii Ooih But Inrt jrou du>ul<i Atniy in 
iirnurauct^ ttf th<^ vay, nr wnndfT Altinc out of thr poUi, I gire yoa 
Robert hero for & t^tiidi? and (•u^nlijui.'' TTpon beaHnff tliK tth« 
rpociviyl his blewiDK 'lii^J they s«t forth, and hastoniiij; At i^nat speed, 
thoUf(b Uiey ornitt^d no part of i\t^ jouni(<y, ihcy AiriviHl at Crooioe. 
Leaving hor there, as in aafety, her guide badf> her f&rewell, and 
dejMirU^i Thoy had really omitlwl no part of tJio jourwy, for she 
4X>uld Ktill plainly n<|Muit the? xta^^ of i^ach dny, Uht nAiuM of the 
l^ftoeA, tbeir appearunce ^^ikI c1iaract«riftLica a^ they had lieen told her 
by her guide; so that this j^rl, who had norir been ntoro than aeren 
EQlles from hor ^thcrV houvio, oi;iutd not b«t detect^ in a tdngb mistake 
by ihottt vho liad oft^D traversed the dlstaaoe on foot Qr ou horaebftdE. 
When whe ivturnod to hi^rsolf, Ate iwkml that they would hi uncc 
prapan the thingn prfTScribcd: thoy pr^potYd and pnrBcntod l\xart. 
Sh^ftte, drank, ftnd rooovorecl. 8b9 then hado them givo tfao moody 
to tlio fiavor-poiticnt JuaL mcniionrd. Sho wnn told thora wha n<« Huoh 
pi>Tiicif I r but «hi? prowd by tins f Afrtft tbiit ah* had aeon bim olvUf when 
alie hml pikssed through the aforemiid f>hurch on her return juurtiay. 


St WUlUitn of yormck* 



Qui ut gustauit pmt.ine re^titutus eat saDitati. Rogemus igitiir 
tJLDti Mii0nignf.t>riH voljituim, tit qui uere ChriKiiim nocutus est, 
uere cnic^ni bahilans, uere et miscericordit^r nos suia sanctiB me* 
litis Ohrislo rucoDciliot, ut lutea eundentes orgiutula in cetesti 
omtmitfttp facii?m CrpAtone uidentef; collocemur. Cui Un»» honor 
**t imperium p»*r infinita eecula, Ameu, 

HKC nb ijMiv iiirgini* nl uirginb pitre, et a cji|>cllAno ct cet«riA 
ueridicis sepius aiidiui^diltgeDier didici, u^nim comprobaui, 
At uabij; ut potui breuitur Hcribvrv cumuL 

IN flupeme ciuitatis re^o licet molte eint ac diatiticte dui* 
bua man^ioiies, uniuersia tamen uim et indiatincta in ubtiono 
aui rvfrie irmdint ft^licitoB. Qiior» autcm multiplicitcr una fc- 
licibatii^ concludit gloria, ecs uuiformiter et una karitatis con* 
ncctit couconlia. Vndc nonnullcm quoA piU consociari opiiior 
meritis, pariter plcmmquc ooopcrari iion admiror in iDimculis, et 
uniua Don nutiquain contingit eAse miroculi cQrapartici[>a4, Meet in 
mentis non sint p»^rc«. Ijnt^r anoo nb incarDUtiuue domi&i 
Bi^, C^. LIXIL^. quidam OaufriduH nomine Cantuarie maiiaitaiui, 

The siok man lAated the remedy and wan restored to hw former health. 
Let U8 therefore pmy for thrr oomfoii of this great iiilerci?«8or, that h« 
who fpruljr follovrttd Chrisl, ntul truly bitrr tht* oroiui, mny almi truly aiui 
mercifully recoin^ile us to Chmt by hia holy luerits, ao Uiat wlieii vrt* 
conie forth of the^e dungeons of o]»y, wc itiAy be lodged Anioi^g th« 
ploAflUres of henvcn, l>ehnldmg the fnci^ of our Cwntor; unto whom be 
pniiiir, honour tuid dcimmioiL unto inlimie a;^ft- Ainen, 

Those matters 1 havi? aeveml tiincs henrd from v\w mAiden hcrwlf, 
her fatlior, the c-li-ipUin and uthar trufltvrurthy pvnsoun ] have vitcrn- 
tivtJiy IcAmcHl theuif nHctTtniuiyl tlw truth vt ibciu^ Aud tnken puiu to 
writ« to you iL« nhortl/ ah 1 cad. ^ J^. 

lux. Of th« cur* 0/ Gai^rid 0/ CrmftWrni^. 

Although in tlie kingdom of the city above th^re atv innny Ncpftmte 
majwioiu for the citiwiu, yut upon the tacea of n\\ &likt* there HhiucK 
a Uke glory in the vision of their King. And tlioso who, though various, 
are conjoiiiod in one glory and happira-HK, arc likc-wbti- l>ouiul tii^ctlicr 
by one bonri of clwnty. Kt-nue 1 do not iii«rvel that souie^ whoui I 
beliuve lo be aHSociat^d in menta, i^hould Bonietimea share in miraclea^ 
nay, take different parts in one and tlie luxiite luinule, rven though th«y 
be not equaU In merit. 

Now, in the yu«r of thu iuoartifttion 1 ITS^ vao UaufrkJus, tinu^ al 



Si William of HoneicK 


tiAhMnentiMiiiio d^ntinm H'^lnra bilMnilmL Vfidff inionm cctnmlio 
pnnnonjtuA, tres fimi5ti¥ feucis mAxillan« qaibtu maxim* perur- 
gehntar. erui fitcit, lAetnniqnQ mprmiidi; pamipfiiwkavi, cene nocine 

progniiotimuin turn aM%<* aoaerem, gala illectaii ei omnibus ad 
MouftAtem gtuiUnit; G^ruimra TUkooUftra bibil>nad contrari^ djete 
gustam grauimamuin n>ox tiimoru ac doli^ru mb«ceatVDi ^ 
i&oommodunu Nempe gmdattm ftu«c*re6C>ent« dolom angoslift. 
totnm ftdeo cftptit intumnit, iit lAm non hominiA Gndi^tn nod fnon- 
stroomn moDfltmosi Anim&lis pr^teDdoTet «ffigi«in, cutiB andique 
Ad infltAr ii<>»ifv diftt^rndittir, ut inuient^^ nnn rtimpi mirarentar. 
Kaa: ^miDenttA in pUnitt^m redigitiir, oni}) infrMid Ket^tflntur, 
Tiirgi^N^ntibiiii bibrii htx&ok oUiidh'Ur ttt flpinndi iumltAa den^- 
gatur. Vnd^ fi^miluunes ori einn pJuHtivrn qtio neHpirarpt mmit- 
tiiht cAlnmum, n« int^roluAA vpirandi ui» HpiritTim siifFomret. Quid 
nullum ? PttnuNtonto niiriit dolorvt juigiutU^ ul tun glorioAum 
gloriosi martiris et ftrchipre«n)ra Tliotno sepalcrum ab fttnicw 
dudiicitur, ubi pomocUiM, ongiifttie sue remodiunt gemitu quo 

Canterbury, vaa afflicted with a aevero UtoUkaolie, and on tbt? advice of 
his friends, had ih« three t«eth in hu toft jaw which paiiied him the 
iBOMtr extracted. He thought litile of the mutter arid went h) a 
mpiwr— with evil nnult^. For, swing on thfi Uhlc ft dish of mctdlcni 
while pea«, and a taX gooM with gariic, he wu teinpud by glutt^oj 
aiid p[irto<jk of al) of thom to whttcty, and aI»o dnink now nlo : but this 
iut<al, M> illHuito:J to bin cn^ wai follijwLHj by a ACBtrrrt attack of pun 
and liwi^jlbg. This iucreaaed uiitU hta whole h«ad awelM eo mach that 
ho preecmted th*; appciimncc, not of a man but of tM^mc pottentovji and 
horrid mooster: hi^ nkm wjui KtrrtchH lik<T & liladtkr hu tlut tho«e vbo 
BFiw him wondered that it did nut break. The prominence of the noae 
wo* roduood to flatiM^iw \ tlw (tjc8 uerti i^unkou and dimmed : the mouth 
olowd bjr the twdlitjg of tho lips juid th« power of bivalhing %A> 
Ktnictod. Ha thiht hit\ frlon<U initcr-tod t\ reel into bi» xnotith to otiabUt 
him to brentbe^ Ict&t bo uhould bo naffbcntod by tho cboking of tho 
pjuuAg^^. Wliftt morel At hix .inguuh ^oiiiinued, hb «'■>« Ia1e<tq by 
Ilih frinndt to the Alreiu:ly gluriours tomb of ih«< glorioot loiiriyr 
and arobbisht^p Tliomiu', Hore he spent ibB ntght> and with such 
groAuiagB as be €i>u]d utter, bcHoughtp relief from bis pAtn, At 

1 Arohbiihap Tlioiuan \vtkA. beeii nurderecl fo 1170. Ha w» fonuAlljr caoontuJ 
liy AloxAndnr n. iu 11T3: but wai popularly honoured u n luunt dincvl iniiii«diotcity 
tltei lilft death. 



St William of Not*m<A. 


potiiit rlnprecntur. THiidem eub aurora paiihilum obdormutcotu, 
uidet in sompnis sibi iv^Bietoro pi 1*11^1 miitn tnArtrircni ilium et archi- 
pnsulem Thomaiu dicontera: Ganfnde^, quid hio qneris? Et ille: 
Domino, nt tnihi miecrennA (nui\im|uu cured e^tudin«m< Ad hec 
MJiotue ; Non est hio oura tun* Scd no tui nd n;o ftducnttix fr^ictu 
de&nudcrid, oonaliuDi do. Siirgi> i^tiir ot doraum r^gredero, 
fiftotaquo in nomine sonoti Wilk^lmi luArtim Norwicefutia o&nd^Lft, 
€«tdom totum capttt tuuTnoircuhuitcrinuoluctOt fostinum percipioa 
remedium. Oiinvlus uoro, Norwioum propvm, <>andeiu Uberatori 
tuo oblatiLTUM oojidclnm. Ad hoc oxptirgofiictus, tmrgit egoiT, do- 
mum ragroditur, et quo nbi inuineU fuenuit AccolonLntiir. Mint 
roti, tto iioldo rilnpcndo.! Capitu? tuto m uoininu Himcti WiJkhni 
coodoU inuoluto, ubi ipea sub gutturo a Icua finoni copit> cutis 
quasi ad subulmu i^xplosa or<3puit, at sanif.'^ multu proruiiiponrt 
offloxit. Miru qiiidom uolocitjut I Cctntinuo tumor suWdit, dolor 
Abflcomit ot ogroiue conualuiU Curatuu <>rgo poregrinatioois in- 
iunt^lum nolcnn diCTcrrt! ncgotium, HCpulonim boati Thomcudiitr r>m- 
uit> licontirim aocopit, f^tquo iter Airipuit, Cum auloui a Cnntuam 
tongiud abeoo^btfot, uillumquo i\ue OfspruQg dicitur circa hui^aju 
primain pcrlraTi&ifAett wloa uodooa orauit od doniinum, ut bonum 

dAwn he slept A Ihtlo nud saw in n draim that moMt mcrcifQl 
martyr and arobbtHhop Tlkiimuri standing hy him, vlto said, '*G»ufrid« 
wliat Heekeac thou herel" ^' Lord,'* flald he, "c-hfll thou wouMst 
have pity on mn and recover mo of my jicktiow/' Thti Haint 
Ari«w«nxl, *^Thy haaliiij; u iKTt Iwroi but, Iob( thou be derived of 
^1 profit from cotniu^E to tnt?, 1 will give thoo coximwl, Rixn, thrrr^ and 
rotuni home : muko u <;H»dlu iii tli« naino of 8atnl WilUaio tht^ martyr 
of Norwich i put it about all thy hood and tbou fthalt r0Ctfiv« npvody 
raliof ^ whflTi thou art hcuilod, baBt^n to Norwtoh and oflVr thai rjtridln 
to thy lihiiM*nt«r." At thin tho nick man uwoke» rose, PPtunir*ci hi>mr, 
and hru4t<'ned to afloomplinh the matters eiyoinod upon him. WocdoT' 
fol event, and truly amaEing] lie put thr can<!]r M about hU heed tQ 
the mtme of Saint William, and at thp [jomti Qtx the left side of tho 
throat, where the ond of it camo, thf? id^Jn ci^oked and bunt aa il 
pHckml with i^ii awl, and a p-eat deal of discharge cnmo out. The 
fawellmg Huhaitded with extraordiDafy quiokncM? ; tlio pain departed 
and (ho «ick man recovurcd. TIiuh cured, he would not put off the 
prmcribed pilgnma^^Cf but w^nt to the tomb of the bli»«d 'HioQiaf) 
prayod, received a letter of licence and Ntart«d : when he had now 
gone BOinr wa)' from C^nUrrhury mid had passed through the town 
called IJnpriii^ at alwut tlm timl hour, as he wa» joumoylnn alone, ho 

lil— i 


St William of Norwich. 


pcrc^ricifttiont^ mto nibj conTcrrr di^iuvtiir conaootium. Cumque 
paulutum proccdorct atque id if«iim i&f^Antici* onndo repHcarct, 
mbito uiri fluo fiidc ti>u«re»di hab4tu<|ue neDerabiles sap^- 
luniuAii Vnua nitidioribus luuo vplcndcbttt ucstibuii, jUter regti 
«c«nuitiji gcmbttt insignift. Et cuxcdcQtibu« illifi, m% omdidiittts 
ilk ; SaIhc, Cmtcr, ci quo oiuliA ? Ad hco Gaufndtu: Bene deni- 
atift, &atr«v «go Nonricttn tudo. Et Ule; Eunua <trga panUr, 
qnoatiatD ct no« ml rcgio«ic« illon profici--<rimur. Quibus iimbul&ii' 
tibus, roediufi intcrpotutur QftuMi]a& Qxii nctiit nobi--* putmoflum 
GDarrauit, ita dtilcibua eonun dclinitud eal cterbis, ut dog itinoHa 
Uborctn funbulando «cntiret, noc quomodo Tmitc«io tninfiierit 
flum«n, cogno8O0r«t DcJiiquc ipsa die poet noiuun ufgcnt^ od 
ooofunim mAc pcraoU tanU: odroii&tionu podvtftri di«tA, ad spiaam M 
parit«r ucniiint, cjuc tcrcnim n sancto Aodtnundo Icrmmmt mili- ' I 
arium. Vbi conaiatoDlibos illia, ait cacdidatus ille ad Oaufridum : 
N uiKiuid, fratcr, ubi ftia cogitoetoin ? £t cum vc ncfffire r»poiHlcrct, 
ml: Ecc^ quam uidce lurrie ocoleoio aancti Aodmundi eat. Vvle 
igittir in piu!c, vt doinimut sit tecum. Et quc^iiam hodie mane 
bcnum cxopt«6t4 coQsi>rtiiim, cccc toctum C8t sicut )>6lidtL Noueria 
etuin me eaae TboiUAHi arcbipretfukm CWrtuarirn.*fCTn\ atqiic huDC 
■ Its cMb«, L Cajiloftri«veiiu 

prtijrtd tLi« I^rd Uj vaiLchraft? to ^vc biin ^wd coiiipniriioiiiihip for bU 
pilgritiiAgv. Hc" w«* piucv«diug, »iid piajiii^ yet more cmrmwU^ wbcn 
Hudd«nljr twu mtrii of n^vi-reiid nBpfxrt fuid tUgni6cd habit joined hbii' 
Ouo W4J1 eliul in miniont wliiier Ihaii ivnow, the* obhur W(jr« ih(^ bodgvn of 
kiTLgly digcity. Ab Uioy upproiwbodr th« ona in trhit« luid, " H&il, 
hiv>t1ior, witifhtkr goe^t UiotiT^ Gnufrid luiswered, "Welcome, bnrthr^a; 
1 jun going to NorwicK" "Lot us go together," ^d Uia other, "w» 
too are juunieyiiijf in lliat direotioii," They went on, GAufrid \ieang m 
tho luidtt: and, ah he told me aft^i-wardu, »i pleasntitly iM-jfuitod w« 
hv by Ihu sweL*tii(»& of thdr Gonverae, that h& fell no fati^i^u frucD Uia 
journey, nor perctuved how th<»y oronwd the river ThanicL Finally, 
on IhAtr same djiy, near auiiHt;!, having Accomplished this wonderful 
journey on foot, thi^ cikmo to the eUnie whidi marks tlwr third mile 
from (Bur)') St Ediuundii. Hero they halted, and the maa m white 
said to Oftufrid, "Knoweflt tl»ou, bmUuT, where thou art?" Ue 
anxwun-d, ** 1 do not/' " Lo," said the otrher> " the tower whiob thou 
decvHi iii thv t6wer of Hi lC<I]Diind*t Church. Go in peace» therefore, 
Aiul the Lord he with the& And, inaamuoh ua thou dJdst thiH morning 
pmy for good Gompafik>niihtii, lo, it batli txH^n dono as thou didst 
r«^u«Ht. V^r know tb«u, ih<it J hiii Xhoiuae Uiv arcbbialiop uf t;aDtor* 


St WiUiam of Norwich. 


nltorvm. bcnttim At^dmundLJUi regem et m&rtirem. Be&tum ucro 
uiartii^m Willetiiumi Korwicuiu prcniiMinitjf, ibi(|u<; illutn lune* 
tiir^. Quibiu*« dicti-'4, a uisibue Qftuindi utcrquc subitu di^pATUtb. 
Id tic ergo rcucr^ud QAufridue quonto mogis icm gcM^m cxcogitAt, 
tantoaiiipliui) qtt^iter illuo tam cito miuencrit iguuraL Duu)<|ue 
Aiijmf> mctitur iiclorilrnbem, odminttur dcfuiwc taborcm. Nimirum 
ubi Ubor defiitt, ]a«aituda noa ^ucc«aait. Itldem dum duauitatem 
nnrulit nennomim. Urn sncro ee dulct coiuorlio dcj^titdtmn, Agciw- 
qoc gratiioA deo et 8aucliH miirtirlbud, coufealiui fi^tiuo givasu 
Bed rich C9wur die propemt, ecc1o»inin iiitnLt, !wpulcnitn lEinrtinii 
ueoerAiur, ot ad botipitiuiu digivdliur. Mane uoro fiurgona et 
idu|utd LieW^iULti^ h<?Hlcrne in hi^ |H^i'atTiilibict;iiH, reliquuui itiiit^rifl 
pcxlc prcipero percurnt, c^l Norwicuin citUsiiiie pcniCDit, Sanoti 
imtrliriM Willtiliiu »i?pidcruiii aditL, iiuti hui candelmii ciiiii U'lbutt 
drmini^ obtulit, dcr>quc im; prc'ttLxnli^) «a[icti» niEvrliribu?^ gmlijv^ «'git; 
bealo Thtmie et beuto Awlmuudvi aiiper solatio gratt- MKleiatia, 
iwjicto liutotn Wdlvlmo dc bt:£ictitio pn^bitu wuiitHti)^ Nobm 
deuique diligeotiub adueatuB imi cauaam scir^itaullbu^, ex orditiu 

bury And that thin oth^r in blrwwd Kilmund the Ictng nrif! tnArtj^r: 
but tho Ijlpjwcd niartyr Willium we have sent i>efore ua to Norwich, 
And tlieri* thou %\\ik\1 llud hiiu/' And with thfi«i< wordji both of them 
vAtiished in a mon]c?nt from tike eyes oi Gaufi'id. Retuniiog to him- 
m\f, Ihr man* h<i tlipugtit upon ihr niuttrr, tl^t' moi^ wm ho perplexed 
to kiiuw how he h&d come U* thut plucti ho tjuickly; mid lu he 
cfilculAt«d the pAccT in hie mind, ho nuirvellod that be had f^h uu 
ox^rtion. Naturally, iw rxcrtion hod not broti felt, no wearineAfl 
CoUuwihJ. At thv tdLiue titiKv whil« lie n<niomb«rc<l thr KVtcctncw of 
their convent^ he grieved that m hol^ a company hod Itsft liiin. Ho, 
Cbaukin^ God and tl;c holy nmrtyrH, he made hjwt« to go lo Bury \ and 
entering thp churuh, wfomhijiiwd tht tonih of tbt) martyr and w^'iit lo 
bin iuo. lu ihtf jiiOiiiiiig he Kroner, fovUii^ tnjutc Lilblvf I'wult uf yifttvi^ 
day'i^ hnjitf^, but <|uick1y Accompliiihcd the rr»t of the wny on foot nud 
■pcodily rcMichcd Norwi*?b, H« ooine to tho ■opukbn: of the holy 
niHrtyr William, oR^rffd th4> oanrl1« of hi» vow, tuid EhrM^ peiic<>, uad 
gnvi< dutnlcH to Oon ;trkfi tlie nfor«iUiid holy inartyn, tu bli-Msinf Tii^kiriJifi, 
and V^ blcHhed Efimund for the comfort of their gracious couipauiua- 
aJiipi And to Saint Wjliiaui for tho lxK>ri of rcwtorod he&kh. To me, 
moreover, when I inquired the iiauae of hia coming, he told the whole 

' TatI EedricbtAVurehB* i.g. BodriciTorth, Iho Saxon nanto oJ Uory, 

294 St William of Norwich. [bk- vn. 

rem ge&tam enarr&uitj tumoria et explose aigna cutis ostendit, 
sanusque in patriam rediit Quern ego Thomas Cantnariam post- 
modum u