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Full text of "The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth, extracted textually from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French, and English"

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Amy Homans 





Extracted textually from the Gospels in 

Greek, Latin, French, and 



With an Introduction 




1 nfc 



THE so-called Jefferson Bible, more accu- 
rately " The Life and Morals of Jesus of 
Nazareth," is now the property of the 
United States National Museum at Washington, 
having been obtained by purchase in 1895. The 
following is a description of the volume: 

Measurements: Height, 8% inches; width, 
4II inches; thicknessatback, i %. inches; in middle, 
i^ inches; at edge points, i inch. 

Binding: Full red leather with gilt tooling. 
The back divided in five (5) panels ; in second (2d) 
panel from top title in gold: "Morals of Jesus." 

The margin of the covers of all four sides on 
the outside, and on the three outer ones on the 
inside, as well as on the edges, are tooled in gold. 
Inside of the upper cover is on the left side top a 
label containing the words: "Bound by Fred A. 
Mayo, Richmond, Va." 

The cover inside as well as the fly-leaves are 
covered with gray paper in marble designs. 

Order : Upper cover; two (2) manuscript leaves 
in the handwriting of Jefferson, containing on the 
first two and a half pages the table of texts; the rest 
is blank; fly-leaf; three (3) blank leaves; title 


page in manuscript in Jefferson's handwriting, 
reading : 

life and morals 








folded printed maps of Palestine and Asia Minor, 
taken out from a book; that of Palestine 
has on top in print: "page i," and that of Asia 
Minor "page 414;" blank page excepting for a 
black line in its middle, running from top to 
bottom. Then come, on numbered leaves, begin- 
ning on the left side of the first (the reverse of 
the page just described), and closing on the right 
side of the last, the extracts arranged in two 
columns, separated by a black line, on each page, 
in the following order: On the left hand page 
Greek and Latin, on the right, French and Eng- 
lish. The sources are indicated in the margin in 
Jefferson's handwriting. The numbers of the 
leaves, which run from i to ^^i-^ ^^^ on the left 
side top of the left hand pages. Leaf ^^i has 
extracts on the right hand page, the left hand 
page has only the black line ; it is followed by 
three (3) other blank leaves, the first of which 
has the black line on both sides; then come the 
fly-leaf and the cover. Between each of the 



leaves, with the exception of the blank ones, there 
are alternately one and two narrow strips of paper 
bound in. 

That Jefferson had in mind the preparation of 
such a book, and that he actually prepared it, has 
been known to students of his letters and writ- 
ings, and especial attention was drawn to the fact 
in " The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson," 
by Henry S. Randall, published in three volumes. 
New York, 1858. 

It was, moreover, brought to the attention of 
the Government very definitely in the form of a 
report. Fifty-first Congress, First Session, Senate 
Report 1 365, presented June 14, 1890, by Senator 
Evarts of the Committee on Library, and ordered 
printed. This report was with reference to a bill 
relative to the proposed purchase of the manu- 
script papers and correspondence of Thomas 
Jefferson, which does not appear to have been 
followed by favorable action. In it the following 
description is given of the book in question, which 
was written by Mr. Ainsworth R. Spofford, then 
Librarian of Congress: 

""'The Morals and Life of Jesus 0/ Nazareth^ 
extracted textually from the Gospels in Greek, 
Latin, French and English. Title and very full 
index in his own hand. Texts were cut by him 
out of printed copies of Greek, Latin, French and 
English Testaments and pasted in this book of 
blank pages, which was handsomely bound in red 
morocco, ornamented in gilt, and titled on the 
back in gilt letters, 'The Morals of Jesus.' His 
original idea was to have the life and teachings of 


the Saviour, told in similar excerpts, prepared for 
the Indians, thinking this simple form would suit 
them best. But, abandoning this, the formal 
execution of his plan took the shape above 
described, which was for his individual use. He 
used the four languages that he might have the 
texts in them side by side, convenient for com- 
parison. In the book he pasted a map of the 
ancient world and the Holy Land, with which he 
studied the New Testament." 

In 1886 I was engaged, when a fellow at Johns 
Hopkins University, Baltimore, in cataloguing 
a small but very valuable Hebrew library gathered 
together by Dr. Joshua I. Cohen. Amongst the 
books were two copies of the New Testament 
mutilated, which contained on the inside of the 
cover a newspaper slip giving an account of what 
Jefferson had undertaken, and referring to a letter 
to John Adams, dated October 13, 181 3, followed 
by the words here given: 

" This and the corresponding vol. are the iden- 
tical copies alluded to in the above article. They 
were purchased by me at the sale of Dr. Mac- 
aulay's Medical Library^ by whom they had been 
bought at the sale of Mr. Jefferson's library. 
"See letter to John Adams, 

"Jefferson's Works, vol. vi, 217. 

"Joshua I. Cohen." 

I N T R on U C T I O N 

The following is the title page of each of these 







ORIGINAL greek: 








With the approval of the family I did not in- 
clude these books, nor others of general interest, 
in the privately printed catalogue, which was in- 
tended to describe only the contents of a special de- 
partment of the library. But I undertook to search 
for the volume, first through Miss Sarah N. Ran- 
dolph, who, just as I was about to call on her on 
the subject, died, and, after a lapse of some years 
and with steps that it is not necessary to detail, 
obtained it from Miss Randolph, her sister, then 
living at Shadwell, Va. The latter, in a com- 
munication dated July 27, 1895, states of Jeffer- 
son that " the idea he had at first was to compile 

I N TR on U C T I O N 

a book which would be valuable for the use of 
the Indians." 

This little book was one which occupied a 
great deal of Jefferson's attention, and the fol- 
lowing statements and extracts from his letters 
directly bear upon its making. 

On April 9, 1803, he wrote from Washington 
to Dr. Priestley, referring to Priestley's compar- 
ative view of Socrates and Jesus, that in a con- 
versation with Dr. Rush in the years 1798 
and 1799 he had promised some day to write a 
letter giving his view of the Christian system. 
This letter he had as yet only sketched out in 
his mind. It was evident that he considered the 
Gospels as having much extraneous matter and 
that by careful pruning there could be selected 
out those sayings which were absolutely the 
words of Jesus himself. After discussing the in- 
justice done by these later additions, he says to 
Priestley, " you are the person who of all others 
would do it best and most promptly. You have 
all the materials at hand, and you put together 
with ease. I wish you could be induced to ex- 
tend your late work to the whole subject." 

In a letter of ten days later, April 19, 1803, to 
Edward Dowse, he writes that he considers "the 
moral precepts of Jesus as more pure, correct and 
sublime than those of the ancient philosophers." 

Under date of April 21, 1803, Jefferson 
wrote to Dr. Benjamin Rush, sending him the 
syllabus of an estimate of the merits of the 
doctrines of Jesus compared with those of others. 
This is the communication to which he had referred 

I N T R on U C T I O N 

in his letter to Dr. Priestley. In the letter 
accompanying the syllabus he tells Dr. Rush that 
he is sending this for his own eye, simply in per- 
formance of his promise, and indicates its con- 
fidential character in the following words: "And 
in confiding it to you, I know it will not be 
exposed to the malignant perversions of those who 
make every word from me a text for new mis- 
representations and calumnies. I am, moreover, 
averse to the communication of my religious 
tenets to the public, because it would counte- 
nance the presumption of those who have en- 
deavoured to draw them before that tribunal, and 
to seduce public opinion to erect itself into that 
inquest over the rights of conscience, which the 
laws have so justly proscribed. It behooves every 
man who values liberty of conscience for himself 
to resist invasions of it in the case of others, or 
their case may, by change of circumstances, 
become his own." 

On January 29, 1804, Jefferson wrote to 
Priestley from Washington that he was rejoiced 
to hear that Priestley had undertaken to com- 
pare the moral doctrines of Jesus with those of 
the ancient philosophers. He WTites : "I think you 
cannot avoid giving, as preliminary to the com- 
parison, a digest of his moral doctrines, extracted 
in his own words from the Evangelists, and leav- 
ing out everything relative to his personal history 
and character. It would be short and precious. 
With a view to do this for my own satisfaction, 
I had sent to Philadelphia to get two testaments 
(Greek) of the same edition, and two English, 



with a design to cut out the morsels of morality, 
and paste them on the leaves of a book, in the 
manner you describe as having been pursued in 
forming your Harmony. But I shall now get the 
thing done by better hands." 

This is the first definite statement of Jeffer- 
son's purpose to prepare such a book, which 
he apparently at the time abandoned in the 
hope that Priestley would take it up. In the year 
1808 Jefferson was greatly interested in the trans- 
lation of the Septuagint made by Charles 
Thomson, the Secretary of the first Continental 
Congress, and wrote several communications to 
Thomson on the subject. In 18 13 John Adams 
began a voluminous correspondence with Jeffer- 
son on religious subjects, the letters following 
each other very closely. Adams had access 
to a number of Priestley's letters written to 
various persons and in a communication dated 
at Quincy, July 22, 181 3, he reminds Jeffer- 
son of his intention of preparing the work which 
he (Jefferson) had handed over to Priestley. He 
writes: "I hope you will still perform your 
promise to Dr. Rush. If Priestley had lived, I 
should certainly have corresponded with him." 

On August 9, John Adams again writes to 
Jefferson, sending further extracts of letters of 
Priestley and saying that he did so because " I 
wish it may stimulate you to pursue your own 
plan which you promised to Dr. Rush." 

In a letter to Adams written from Monticello, 
October 12, 18 13, Jefferson gives a description of 
the volume as follows: "We must reduce our vol- 

I NTR 1) UC T I O N 

ume to the simple Evangelists, select, even from 
them, the very words only of Jesus, paring off the 
amphiboligisms into which they have been led, 
by forgetting often, or not understanding, what 
had fallen from him, by giving their own miscon- 
ceptions as his dicta, and expressing unintelligibly 
for others what they had not understood them- 
selves. There will be found remaining the most 
sublime and benevolent code of morals which has 
ever been offered to man. I have performed this 
operation for my own use, by cutting verse by 
verse out of the printed book, and arranging the 
matter which is evidently his and which is as easily 
distinguished as diamonds in a dung-hill. The 
result is an octavo of forty-six pages." 

It would appear from this that Jefferson made 
two such books, one a volume of forty-six pages 
which he later enlarged to the book which is 
here given. 

Under date of January 29, 18 15, Jefferson 
wrote from Monticello to Charles Clay: "Prob- 
ably you have heard me say I had taken the four 
Evangelists, had cut out from them every text 
they had recorded of the moral precepts of Jesus, 
and arranged them in a certain order, and although 
they appeared but as fragments, yet fragments of 
the most sublime edifice of morality which had 
ever been exhibited to man." In this letter how- 
ever Jefferson disclaims any intention of publish- 
ing this little compilation, saying: " I not only write 
nothing on religion, but rarely permit myself to 
speak on it." 

Again, in a letter to Charles Thomson, written 


I N TR on U C T I O N 

from Monticello, under date of January 9, 18 16, 
he says: "I, too, have made a wee Httle book 
from the same materials, which I call the Philos- 
ophy of Jesus; it is a paradigma of his doctrines, 
made by cutting the texts out of the book, and 
arranging them on the pages of a blank book, in 
a certain order of time or subject. A more beau- 
tiful or precious morsel of ethics I have never 
seen; it is a document in proof that /am a real 
Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines 
of Jesus." 

Later in the letter Jefferson makes a statement 
which indicates that he is not describing the 
volume now in the National Museum, but the 
preliminary one of 46 pages, for he adds: "If I 
had time I would add to my little book the Greek, 
Latin and French texts, in columns side by side." 

In a letter dated April 25, 1816, written from 
Poplar Forest, near Lynchburg, addressed to Mr. 
Fr. Adr. Vanderkemp, Jefferson gives further 
details as to how he made this preliminary vol- 
ume. After telling his correspondent that he 
was very cautions about not having the syllabus, 
which he had prepared, get out in connection with 
his name, being unwilling to draw on himself "a 
swarm of insects, whose buzz is more disquieting 
than their bite," he writes: " I made, for my own 
satisfaction, an extract from the Evangelists of the 
text of His morals, selecting those only whose 
style and spirit proved them genuine, and his own. 
* * * It was too hastily done, however, being the 
work of one or two evenings only, while I lived 
at Washington, overwhelmed with other business, 



and it is my intention to go over it again at more 
leisure. This shall be the work of the ensuing 
winter. I gave it the title of ' The Philosophy of 
Jesus Extracted from the Text of the Evangelists.' " 

Vanderkemp was undertaking a publication and 
desired to use Jefferson's syllabus and extract, 
which Jefferson agrees to, with the following con- 
dition: " I ask only one condition, that no possi- 
bility shall be admitted of my name being even 
intimated with the publication." 

October 31, 1S19, he writes from Monticello 
to William Short, speaking of the extract from 
the Evangelists and his desire to see a proper one 
made: " The last I attempted too hastily some 
twelve or fifteen years ago. It was the work of 
two or three nights only, at Washington, after 
getting through the evening task of reading the 
letters and papers of the day." 

This concludes the references in Jefferson's 
writings that bear directly upon the little volume 
in question. They are brief extracts from a col- 
lection made from all sources, published and 

Randall, in his life of Jefferson, already quoted, 
volume 3, page 45 i, says: " It was in the winter 
of 18 16-17, it is believed, that Mr. Jefferson car- 
ried out the design last expressed. In a handsome 
morocco-bound volume, labeled on the back, 
' Morals of Jesus,' he placed the parallel texts in 
four languages. The first collection of 
English texts, mentioned in the letter to Thomson, 
is not preserved in Mr. Jefferson's family, but his 
grandson, Mr. George Wythe Randolph, has 



obtained for us a list of its contents. That, in 
different languages, is in the possession of his 
oldest grandson. Colonel Thomas Jefferson Ran- 
dolph." Randall gives a list of the passages of 
both volumes in his appendix, and adds, " It is 
remarkable that neither of these collections were 
known to Mr. Jefferson's grandchildren until 
after his death. They then learned from a letter 
addressed to a friend that he was in the habit of 
reading nightly from them before going to bed." 

It would appear from the letter to Short that 
Randall's deduction as to the date of this larger 
compilation is not warranted and that it was 
actually made in 1819 or subsequent to that year, 
although it is true that in the letter to Vander- 
kemp (April 25, 18 16) he speaks of the larger com- 
pilation as being the work of the ensuing winter. 

In Appendix No. XXX to Randall's work, he 
gives the list of the contents of the first com- 
pilation of forty-six pages as well as the list of the 
contents of the present book. These are not 
exactly identical. It is interesting to note the 
title of the first compilation, which reads as follows: 

"The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth" 

"Extracted from the account of his life and 
doctrines as given by Matthew, Mark, Luke and 
John. Being an abridgment of the New Testa- 
ment for the use of the Indians, unembarrassed 
with matters of fact or faith beyond the level of 
their comprehensions." 

The National government had purchased Mr. 
Jefferson's papers and had published an edition 


I N T R O D U C T I O N 

of his writings. Considerable interest was ex- 
pressed in the so-called Bible after it came into 
the possession of the United States National 
Museum, and it was in consequence of this inter- 
est that the present compilation is published. 

It is printed in pursuance to the following con- 
current resolution adopted by the Fifty-seventh 
Congress, first session : 

" That there be printed and bound, by photo- 
lithographic process, with an introduction of not 
to exceed twenty-five pages, to be prepared by Dr. 
Cyrus Adler, Librarian of the Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, for the use of Congress, 9,000 copies of 
Thomas Jefferson's Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, 
as the same appears in the National Museum; 
3,000 copies for the use of the Senate and 6,000 
copies for the use of the House." 

Cyrus Adler. 


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frtrfE^^K tfc 'l£J'^"^''^V^) ^it/Jv- 

cjuxTeiites cum. 

•Tff airo'v. 

I"X N cp tcnis-lu, on juiiJiaiui 
li Edil dt; Ja purl ilc Ciisar-Aii- 
If^uste , pour laire uii dcuoiiiIjK- 
nuiit tics lialjilans de toulc la 

2. Co dt'n'>rri)rcin<ni m' 111 , a\ am 
que Quuiuus iVu (juiuciutur dc 
Sjac. ■ 

5. Aiiisi tons alloicnt pour t^tie 
eiircgisires , cliacun dans sa \ ilic, 
-4. Joseph aiissi muiua dt (iali- 
'Ice en .ludt'c , de la ^ illc do 
|^a7a^(.•(l^, a la ville de Dai id, 
jnoinim- lielli-lehein , paici' mi'il 
cloit de la iiialsuu cldc ia laniille 
dc David'; 

,). Ftmr ("'tic cnrcj^istits avrcAia- 
rie sou tjKjusc, qui eloii tncfini*-. 
* 6. El pi'iidam qn'iis t-loieiit la , 
le toms aiiqiid elk- di;\oit aciou- 
'iIk r ani\ a. 

7. Kl cllc luit ail monde son I'll? 
ipri'iniei-ne, et tile I'l'imnailloii.i , 
et le coiu'lia dans luie ci'i'dn,- , 
parcequ'il iV\ i\\ u\\ \\'mi\ di pluce 
l>.)iir evui. dans I ik'iIi, lU rio. 

21. Quaiul !■ rs lurint 

accoinplis ])i ' ,e I'l-d- 

i'ant , il fut ;.;.).. .. ; -I S , 

■ 5(j. El apiis ijuils lUK.Ji ;u--^ 
coiuplis tuiii ic qui t'si oiJornc 
J.'ar la Lt.i du t^ciaiienv , ils r,.- 
lourn(!-(rit •< u Calilec, a ,\;i/a- 
retli , qui cloit kill- vih\'. 
4o. C( pend;iut rtui'ai'it croissoit 

.el ss roriiliijii tn c^jiiii , ttaui 

jlrennpU de sagessp 

4-.1. I'^t quaud il eut aiuini Tagp 
<le douze aiis , ils monltrtnt a 
Jerusalcin , scion la cuutui7ie de 
Ja tVic. 

45. Loi'squu Ics \oiivs delqf 
fureut aciK'N cs , cnumie ils ■ 
rcloui'iioicnt , rtulaut Jesus ■ 
incura dans Jerusalem ; ciJo - ^ 
<et -sa mere uc s'eu aper?uicut 

44. ]\Iai's pensani qn'il rlpi't ci! 
,Ja coinpaguie- de ceux qui I'ai- 
.«oieiil le vo\'an;e avec oiix , .ils 
maicKercut uue jouniec , ctiis Ic 
jf hcrchcrcat panni /eii/s paieu ; 
[ct ecus de leur coanoissancc ; 
L 4.5. Et ne le trouvant point , ils 
r)-elouinLr«nt a Jerusalem , poar 
J'v clterclicr. . _ 

C li \P. II. 
7V;'' RoiiiCh ' 'i-d. 

AND il ciiiM - - ill tliose 

(;la\s, lluiL liiLic uciit vaw a 
(lecrcf iVoiii Cesar Aujmislus, ll.ul 
nil the world slioiild he Uixicl. 

■2y.///(7tjiis i:',X!ii;';\\iis iii'sl mude 
wiicn (^yrc ,ii.^ v ..s i^o\criior ol. 

;"; And all uxul lo he iii'xcd, every 
one into his uwn ( iiy. 

4 And Josejjh also ucnl up.lVoni 
Galilee,- out ol" llie liiy ot Naza- 
reth, into .hidea, unto tiie city of 
David, which is called iielh-lehem 
(because he was of the house and 
linea;^c ol David.) 

5 To i)e taxed with Maiy iiis es- 
poused wile,l)iin!j; ureal with child. 

G And so it was, that, wiiile they 

were there, the days were accom- , 

7 Andshe broui^^ht loi-th h .1 hrsi- j 
born son, and \vrap[)ed him in ■ 
swaddlin;.^-clolhes, and laid him 
inaman.j;er; bccau-c there wasr 
no room for them in the inn. j 

21 Ami when ei-ht days were, 
acconi|V'''^^^^'^ ''''' ^'''- ciixiinic!^;- 
i'v;; of the cliiid. his iumir- w ■ s 
r-livc! .li'iSUS, 


'' i ■ 1 'i- was twelve 

lip to J^'nu..a- 

■■■..., .-::,i!cd- 

Ml' , I ^ ; ui'ii'.iU tlie 

■ :■■( .j iijiiiiid in Je- 

' ■ ;)!i a'.id his luo- 

- in ',' Iiini to 

■ ' upauy, went 

a d.,} "o j(y.,. ..e_\ : .i!.t! ihc y sou lit 

him anion; ;ii:\r kui^iijik and uc- 


4.5 And when they found him 
iKjt, they turned back a.^ahi to .Ic- 
rusalem, seekinir him. 



fcHf ei^ov atTCiv fv tj^' ijriif x<x- 

CKCi'o'-Tsf t'-vr'o, ETri T>) ytVEJfi >^ 
i'xi'y «t;.;s ; i-: . ---at:'.- c:; 



■' IXi 

i xjiT'-; r":; + hy:f'i.o\iu; 

itS*' rio'.Tia l:i> ' la t':.; 'lei I'a;, 

rj'tf T»),- 'Af A»)V.~c rs'/jc^ vale's*', 
l££L^? , ' __ .',._"-- ,. - 

4 A;,j;, It i 'l.vauiic £.;^6 TO 

£■■''■ IX -t, aiTQu dvo r^iyjov Ko-ijih- 
^>.ey. >^ ^>n);v X'jj-aaTiinv tEj; Tr.v 
oc-4>.';' ei'Tjir r, of Tji'^;'; air;:- 
>:!■ ay.^ilt; ^ y.='>,i a^,-(6i. 

>■; 7r33-.-i ;, 7rE:iy/,.'5>- Til 'l:£^i'K- . 

6 K- 

:' j"^)'^ 

— y 


13 T;'t; 



. ■"^"<5:'^Ct fidlnm cfl, pfYd' (Iks 
tresinvcneruni illnm in tcmpio 
ftckntcm in mcilio dodr.runi, 
& audientcm iiluSj & iiitcrro- 
gantcr^i COS. 

47 Stuptibaiit autcni omnes 
.Mitliortes cam, fupt r intclli- 
gcntia i?c r.rycinfis tj';';. 

48 }^t viJcritcs ipl'um, atto- 
I i', i^fii-iuiit : F-t ;ui ilium rip.- 
tvf tjiJ.'. dixit, : i'iii, quid fri'll 
luiiu-, fi.' ? (■:■'(• |-r',t; r Iniii I's" 

i I -rode, i'liilij i c j^:cni ir; ; le 
ejus tca-;iiclr.i Ui". .-.;;v, >'>; 'I'm-. 
ciionitiJis r..oioni^, & Lylania 
Abilcnr^; tclrurdiu, 

2 Sub princiuibiis .SSicrtlo- 
luni Ahiiai.<'c Caia^^ha,. 

4 Fuit Joannes br\ptizans in 
dcfcrto/ •.*.^ - 

4 1] l"e .lutein Jiwnucs i. i!)c- 
bat iiiiJuineiitum luuin c pilis 
caimli, & zoiium pelliceam 
circa lumbum fuunj : cicu ju- 
teiii ejus trat U'cull.c Ik niti 

5 Tunc pxibat ad euin Hie- 
ri)i"olyma, & oinnis Jud.ea, &. 
(iiDifi-. clrcuin viiinia Jorilanis.' 

6 Kt bajiti/.uhaiitiir in joi danc 

irrrr.r- \\ 


,A y 



12 VlETft TKT5 Kfiif't) |if pj'^- 

jZ, <.( a5iX;;! n.l~.'a »^ oi ^.•. SiTru 
jitiTa- >^ EKti' r.'.'.civaV w -»cXX.c, 



12 Toll boc dtfve;u!ic in Ca<, 
pi rii.uini, ipfc & niatrr ejus, &i 
Iratrcs ejus, A <!iljipnli ijus, 
& i'li nianftiiint i;<iu niultis' 

'"46. Et au bout dc tiois jours , 
ils le trouvereut dans Ic Tetriple , 
■ nssis au milieu des Docleuis , les 
jecoulaut et kurfaisant des ques- 

j: 47. Et tous ceux qui I'entC'tfi- 
'doient etoieut i-avis dc sa sagesse 
et de ses ic'ponses. 

48, Quand Joseph et ^larie le 
viicnt, ils fuveiu c'toniu's ; et sa 
inriT iuidit : Mon enfant, iiuur- 
quoi as-tu ainsi ai^i avec nous : 
Voila ton pere etmui qui te chcr- 
cliio'-is etjTiiU loct rn p^inc. 

.5i. II s'lu alia ensniie avcc eux, 
et viii.t a Nazareth , tl ij^kuntml 

• .52. ,Et Jesus croissoii en sagtss": 
jen siA.lnre , et en grace. 

It a quinzieme annee del'empire 
I idc 'I'ihtrc Ci'sar, Poute Pilule 
[elant Gouverneur de la Judte 
jHerode eiant Tciraique dc la Ga^ 
lilce jPlilli^ipe son lVtre,'l\'lrarque 
de ritui\:c el de la province de la 
d'AI)ileue ; 
2. Anne et CaYphe c'tant Souve- 
rains Sucrilicaieiirs , 

46 ,\nd It came to pass, that af-Lj?. 
ter three days they found him in 
the t jniple, sitliiiL"; in the midst of 
the doctors, both hearing- them, 
and askint-; tliem questions. 

4.7 And all that heard him were 
astonished at his understanding 
and answers. 

48 And when they saw him, they 
were amazed: and his mother said 
unto him, Son, why hast thou thus 
(ieult with us r behold, thy father 
and 1 have sought thee sorrowini^. 

5 1 And he went down with them, t 
•ind came to Nazareth, and \\as^' 
S'lyect unlo thcin: ~^ 

52 And Jesus increased in \v'isr_ 
doin and stature* 


\^ ^^' 

an !)r.pllsoit daus le desert 

'"4. Ce Jean avoit un iiabit de 
poils de cliameau , et uue ccin- 
ture de cuir aulour tie ses 1 tins, 
et sa nouniuire eioit des saute- 
relles et du mie! sanva"e. 

5. Alors ceux de Jerusalem, et 
de tout le pays das euvirous du 
Jourdain , veuoient a Uij. 

6. Et ils etoieut baptises par lui 
dansle Jourdain, 

;"i3. Alors Jesus vint de Galilee 
au Jourdain vers Jean , pour ctie 
■bnptisf' par lui. 

! 23. Et Jesus eloil (i/u/-.v age d'eU- 
viron treutikiJus . 

12. Ajji't-s cela , it descendit a 
Caperuaiim , avec sa Mere , ses 
[Freres , el ses Disciples ; etih n'v 
Idcincurcrenl que pen de jours ; 

()\V in the year of 
tlie i"ei:;n of '1 il,erius !, 'csar, 
i'onlius Pilute l;'^l!i,: • i)\^ nio;' of 
Jiidea, and ilero:! l<jinj, letr.uch' 
of Galilee, and iiis brother I'iillip 
tctrarcii of Iturei' f)f the re- 
;j;ionof TrucIiouiiU. .,;a1 l.ysahlasj 
the letrarch of 'L-iiciie, 

2 Annas and Caiaph.>s bciu^^jhe^ 
hisjh priests, 

• 4 John did baptize in the_A\^^;;^J^y 
derness, m ' 

4 And the sume John had hIs'^'^-3 • ■■ 
roincnt of c;aneis' iiair, and a 
leathern L-ir'lle about hisloius; 

and his meat was locusts ami 
v.'ild honey. 

5 Then vvcnt out to him Jeru- 
salem, and all Judea, and all the 
reijioii rotuid about Jordan. 

6 And were baptized of him iit 

i:r']"hen cometh Jesus frora/??-'^- 
! ''^■'■'.■',' 10 ,;o!';li;a unto JoJ-.n, to^ 

I ;■!■:''•'.-■.'. i i]i-": I. . 

io 'iutl Jesus himself began V.ti^-^' 
'■ be about thirty years of aiye,.J 

12 After this he went down toCa- ^2. 
pernaum, he, and his mother, and 
his brethren, and his disciples; 
and they continued there notmanyi 


I^ K'« fyy"-? >iv TO VaTya. 

• I 4 Kai E; f sv Iv Tw '«,."■" Tyj 

X=v I* Ttf (!jtf, T« To -rup'ala Xj 

T«f; fis's?' ^ Twv XoXXi,"o;ci5v f '£- 
;)^£= Tc "f" xjj/Aj, >^ Taf Tjajre^af 
wVIC-ai if • 

• 16 Ktl T0~? TOf rOiiiTifi' 

'BTwXKnv £?«■;»• 'Afi's TjJj-a 1»- 
TEuSe^" /"ij ■STOlUTi TO/ o7;;cj Ttf 

^22 ^Meto Ta~ra «>,?£■/ 'l»- 
ffSf, 5 oi ^^ae.,1al a;',Ta f.'f rh 

11 'Axovcai; ^i i 'lureyc or; 
laanr,; na^e^oBn, dve^to^tt^SY £i< 

Wi^ElXtt; £KfaT>I3-£ Tov 'iuiavvviv, 
K, i;»)«rfv oirov Iv t^ ^-i/Xax?, 
tf<a Hfajoia'Ja t«v yvvaTKa <>(- 
Xtwwa T« aJtX^a akTtfj on ai- 

iS EXE>^ ya{ ii]t(£vv)]f tj; 

Trv yv\aAiLx r5 o'JtX4'B sra. 

19 'H Je 'a^xhci; ii(~yjv ah- 
Toi, li, r.GiXiy avrlv ftVsx.'eTvar k, 
»fX riyyVa/o' 

20 'O .yttf 'HfaJ^nj lifoSETro 
rov 'laJa'vyijv, JiJo)? auTiv av^^a 
Si'xoiov 1^ ayiov «^ a-t^tTaja aii- 
Tov >5 a'xsiraj atirs, "taoXXa 

£5r<i(£l, >i WtiJC a'JTOU 'IXaE. 

airrtf JETirvw ETr.'iei to"? /ntyi^a- 
iriV^ aurS, j^ ts"? ^''''''fJC^'f* S 
ToX^-w^SroK; Tf;c r«KiXai«f, 

yaljof ouTJij Tti' H^t'Jja?^, 
^ 0f;^>)e"a;aE»D?, >^ a^ssraj-nj toS 

tiTTfy ^otjrjXEUf T« Ko^atritiJ' 
AiTcs-oV (U£ Eov SeXuj^ »^ {'aS^-ft^ 


23 Kai ifXi^tv avrri' ''Otj 
lav fjt.1 aWirri;, WriW ru;, iwf 
hixiT'di Trii ^asriXE^ai; /*tf. 

I s Et propc erat Pafcha Jj^^ 

tl.Tornm. & afcctidit Hicrofoly- 
iiTiain Jefu^:. 

1.^ F-tiiivcnit in tcniplo vcn- 
fJcnros bovcs, (Sc (jvi-s, i«^ cium- 
oas, Si luiniuuuios fcdtnres, 

X5 Et faciens flac^-clliiin ex 
funiculis onines jlj^cu o; ttni- 
plo, <Sc ovcb &; bovts : & in- 

mni.^iioriim cffii;]it monetaii'), 
& incnia, lubvcrtit. 

\f< Et cclumbas vendentihm 
(Vt : AiiR-rrc ifhi hiiic : nc fa- 
cile doniiim puiii .-nii douuinj 


^zz Pofl Ii.-sc venit Jrfus & 
clircipuli ejus in Judiani ttrmm: 
& lilic morabacur cum eis, Sj 


Joanne, traduuscfitt,fcceflu in 
O.ihlrcam : 

17 Ipfe enim HeroUes mit- 
tens prehendit Joannem, & 
vinxit eum in cudodia, propter 
Herodiadcm uxorem Philippi 
fratris fui, c^juia cam duxerat. 

18 Diccl)at enim Joani.e* 
Hcrodi : Quod non licet tibi ha- 
bere iixorcm 

19 At M rodi.Ti iufidiabatur 
illi : & v-lcbatcumoccidere, & 
nort poterat. 

20 ISiam Hcrodcs metucbat 
Joannem, fcieos euiii viruni 
juftiim Xc fan(^lum: & conferva- 
bat emu, &. audiens cum,- mult.T 
facicbat, & fuaviter eum audi- 

2r Et fafta die opporttma, 
quum Herodes natalitiis fuis 
coenam faciebat principibus 
fuis, & tribunis, ^ primis Ga- 

22 Et inpjrelTa fili.i ipfiu^He- 
fodiadis, &. faltante, & placcntc 
Hcrodi & una rt^cumbcntibus 
ait rexpuellx : Pete a me quic- 
quid velis, & daho tJbi. 

4'3 Et juravit illi : Quia quic- 
qutd petieris, dabo tibi, uJque 
dimidium rcgni niei. 

i."!. Car lu PacjiH! dcs Juils ctoit 
proclie ; ft Jusus nionla a Jeru- 

1 «. 11 tiv.nva dans le Temple 
des gens qui vontloient des tau- 
reaux . des tirchis ct dos |)i^eons. 
avec dts cliangeuis qui y e'toicni 

10. Et avniit Tilt un fouoi di. 
pi'tiies coides, il !es < lui.-sa tons 
du Ttinplc. et les i.reMs < l Ir; 
taurcaux; il rt'pasidii la moniiuio 
dcs cliangeurs, (.t n uvei sa Ii urs 
ial)les ; 

i6. laildita r(n\ fpii vandoirnt 
ks j.igeous : ()(i / tout ctia d'ir.i , 
el nc failes pas de la Mais.m de 
nioii I'eie, mil- luaisoii demarche. 
72. ApW-scela. J.vsus s'en alia 
en Jndee avec sts Disri|d.s . et if 
V demeiua a\ tc ■ "\ . ( t v 
lisuiu ' 

12. Or, .T('';ns nyaritappiis qne 
lean nvoit etc mis en puson , se 
letira (laiis la Galileo. 

J 7; Car llerudc avoit ciivnye 
prendre Jean , et I'avoil iait Ik r 
dans la (ni'-on, a cause d'Hero- 
dias , lemane de Philippe soa 
IVire , payee qn'il I'avoil epous. C, 

18. Car Jeau disoit a IK rode 11 
ne I'est pas permis d'avoir lu 
lemme de lou IVere. 

i(j. C'est pourcpioi llerodlas Uii 
en vouU/il , tl ells desiroil de ie 
i'aire mouhr ; rjais elle ue pou- 

I 20.. Parcc qu'llerodc cralgr.'jit 
Jean , saehantque c'etoil un liuin 
;iue jiisle el saml ; il le cou-. 
'deruil , il I'aisdit menie Leauioujj 
de clioses selon ses avis , et il 1 e- 
coutuit avec ])laislr. 

21. Mais un jour vint a ])ropos , 
aiiqucl llerode I'aisoit lelVitin du 
jour de sanaissance , aux Gvauds 

de su cour , aux olVuiers de ses 

troupes , et aux priucipaux de la -was come, that ' 

1.5 .\iul liic Jews' passrncr ua'j~at'''2. 
hand; ancLlcsus went up to Jeru- 

14 And found in the temple 
those that sold oxen, and sheep, 
and doves, and the cliansi;ers of 
money, sittint^: 

15 And, wlien he had made a 
scourp.e of small cofds, lie dfove 
them all out of tlie temple, and 
the sheep, and the oxen; and 
poui-ed out the chan;reis' money, 
and ovei-threw the tables; 

16 And suld unto them that 
sold doves. Take these thinL',s 
htnce; make not my Father's 
house un house of merchaiKlise. 

~- After tliese tliin,;s came Je- Xs. 
sus and his disciples hito tlie land I 
of Jiidea; and tiieie he tarried 
"itii them, and Iniptizcd. 

1 2 Xow, wl. ' \ ad h e ard ^ ^ ■ 

that John wu . [)iison, he 

departed into (.jiikv : 

ir iror iicrod Jumaclf hud stlLt/^.^ 
forth, and laid hold upf.<n John, and 
bound hi'ai in prison for llcrodias", his brother Philip's wile; 
for he had married her. 

18 lor John had said unto He- 
rod, It is not iuv. fui for thee to 
have tiiy brother's wife. 

I'J Tlare'r),!- i ;..r. ;('... s !iad a 
(quarrel a /ain-.; 1 ,111., .■;.! v.oviki 
have killed him ; but ^' .<_■ could ns- 1. 
i' or i lerod feavcd .'* uujk knov, - 
in>^ that he was a just man, ar.d 
Ian holy, arid observed him ; and 
wlieu he heard him, he did many 
lliines, and heard him ;^kidly. 

2 1 And when a convenient day 
' or, hisbirtii- 

22. La fiUe d'Hcrodias eiant kw- "r^y.' 

made a 

; his lords. 
22. La iille ilHcroiiias elant tn- —v 7 — -— - 

tree ,etayanidanse , et a) ant pin hu;-h captams, aiicl cniel cHianiiG: 
a Herode'el a ceux qui eloienl i Galilee ; 

tahle avec lui , le Uoi dii a la 22 And when tlie dau!;hter of the 
jeune lille : Demande u.oi ce qu« ^^j^ Herodias came in aiid danced. 
lu voudras , el le tc Lc doniier.'.i. , , , , .1 ,. 

25. Et v\ le lui jura , dtsant .,and pleased ilerod, and th.em that 
Tyui ce qujC tume i'.*;ia;vuil';i-i\ Jsat with him, tne knv^ said unto 
iL> tc Ze'^»n'v'^5#^-'1«-'l'^'^'' Ic'. the damsel. Ask of me whatsoever 

y de ino'i r\Ova\'!n<'._ 

thou wilt, and I Aviil f;ive // tliee 
23 And he sware iii»to her, What- 
soever thou shalt ask of me, I ^^ ill 
jrive it thee, unLo the lialf of my 


i) 2 4 "H ?£ i^i\B3cra, sTm t? 
f^rj^l air'''' T' aWr.S'Of/.at ', H 

•ra cTra^ ? «7'j';V '''''■' S'-s-i'f.i^, 

e'iTt E* ai<T^',- fTrl n^t'-ctxi t.-.v x.s- 
^aX^v 'l-j-c'vitf Ttf Bttwiiftf. 

c-L'Va^axs<;^iE'vac ov>c JiSaXis-si av- 

i \ Sa.Ti\il><; .\ {T^sxaXaTs.'^.t, 

* 28 'O J'E aTTEXSiwu- I' BTTEHE- 
^a'Xls-EV o'JT^v Iv T>i <pv>.-ty.^' ^ 
^y£y«£ T«v-xE^-tX>;v aiiroD 5771 ■!iri'- 

21 Kai ei3'wef£ve>la« ti? Ku- 
d-(V Etcr£>Ji'V £('; TflV a-utayuiyhv, 

ainriif if i^Hfiay ixj^ii, 5 m;^^ <v; 
c2 ypufAfXitUT' 

Ke~p, iB'. 12. 

I *j7N wm'voo t^ xa<ff3 t7r9fftS« 

Incrw; <roi; ^attas-j Sta 

T«3v e">ra^ifAtk.y el it /uafliilo} du- 

;«rd i'!i£ivttff-av, >^ >)f|avT» WXXEtv 

2 Oi ?£ 't'a.fiJ-a.Tot iX:'vJ£j, iT- 
woy aiTw* *l8», «i /u-aflnlai c-n woi- 

3 'O S£ iTwsv otroff' Oix o'v- 
i^'VaJls »/ litoinat AaCiJ, ot£ «»£»- 

4. n«i? £i<rnx8;y «if Ti» oZxov th 

Wli ToTf /(«T awrS, ii /ui i-j^k i£- 

5 *H »» aysj-yajTS e» TiT »5/ttw, 

jKjy TO Qei^ZaTW BitnhuTi, 5 

24 Ilia vero ci^rcfTa,' dWit 
matri lu;i.' : Quid pt-t^ni? Hli 
lit : C.'put Joannis Cap- 

till .1. 


i',t inr;r',fr,i ft.tini cum 
,'.'l i(;j,Ti''i,prtivit, dicc-ns: 
dt inilii de^ ?K ipt'.' in diico 
Joaunis iJaptilbe. 

16 T.t contriftatus fa.-'lu'. rcK, 
propter juramenta, & iiniul dil- 
cNailientes, non voluit cam ic- 

27 Et ftatim mittens rrx 
fpeciilatorem, injunxit afft-ni 
caput ejus. 111c autcni aLieiiS 
decoUavit eum in careers : 

28 Kt attulit caput c-jns in 
dil'co, & dedit illud puellx, 
& puclla dedit illud matri 

29 Et 

at Et ingrediuutur in Caper- 
naum : & ftatim Sabbatis in^ 
grellus in fynagogam, doccbat, 

22 Et pcrcellcbantut fupet 
doftrina ejus : Erat cniiii docens 
eo3 quafi au<9;oritatem habens» 
& non IicutScrib;e. 

I TN lllo tempore abiit Jefus 

Sabbatis per fata : at dt- 
fcipuli ejus efuricrunt, & coepea 

2 Verum Pharifxi videntes, 
dJxerunt ei : Ecce dif'cipuli tiii 
faciunt quod non licet facerc in 

3 Ille vero dixit cis: Non Ic- 
gilljs quid fecerit David, quan- 
do efuriit ipfe &. qui cum ecr? 

4 Quomodo intravit in do« 
mum Dei, & panes propofitio- 
nis comedit, quo^ non ficituni 
erat ci cdere, neque his qui cum 
CO, nifi Saccrdotibus folis? 

5 Aut non Itgiftis in lege, 
quia Sabbatis Saccrdotcs in fa- 
cro Sabbatum violant, & incul- 
pati funt ? 

:■• i. Lt I l;;iJl -urUf , tile d\\ a sa' 
jui-re.-Que UeinaiKlcral-)c ? \',\ .sa 
incralmuM : J^i.-mande la lile \\<- 
Jcau-Bapii<le. -*..- 

'J.J. Et elaiil lacontincnt rcnlii-f 

a\ ec emprusseruciu vers Ic Uoi . 

< !!c iui fit sa deinaiiJc , cl liii dit , 

Ji.' vondiois quo lout ti riifuic lu 

iiic doniiasses dans iiii bu>>siu la 

ti'.j de Jtan-Bapllstc. 

■J.h. Et le Roi cii I'm,' ; n,- 

pi'udaiit u , cause du seiiiiLut , 

et de ceux qui ftoicni u table 

rtivc /wi , il uc voulut pa» la 


117. Kt il envoya incontinent un 

de ses gardes , et liii commauda 

dappoi ter la tite de Jean. 

• 2ii. Le garde y alia , et Iui] 

coupa la lete dai.'.s la prison ; et' 

1 ayant ai)j)(>i-ic'e dauiuii bassiu , 

il la doana a la jeuiie liile , el la 

jeiiae jille la presenla d sa mcie. 

'21. Ensuite ils enirejent a Ca- 

peruaiim;et Jesus etaut d'aboiJ 

cntie dans la Synagogue le juui- 

du Sabbat , il y enseignuit, 

, 22. Et ils eioient e'lonnes de $a 

doctrine, car il les enseiguuit 

comine ayant- autorite' , et nou 

jpa^ coinme les Scribes. 

/ XT' X ce tems-Ui; Jo'sns passoilpar 

jIj dos bles uu \<.>m- de vSabbal ; 

ft ses UlscipU-s ayaiit faim , se u\\- 

rent a arraclier des epis , el a en 


2. Lcs Phavisiens voyant cela , 
Iui dirt-nt : Voiia tesDisciples qui 
font ce qii'il n'est pas perniis dt 
lairt le jour du Sabbat. 

5. Mais il leur dit ; IS'avez-vous 
pas in ce que lit David avani Faini. 
taut Iui qucceiix (jui eloic/it iwcv 

4. C'onV'Ticnt il entra dans la ma 
son de Dicu , et inangea lcs pains 
de proposition, dont il n'eioil p 
perinisile manger, ni a!ni , ui a 
*:cnK t\m ^toient avcc Ini , luais 

' aax seals Sacrificateurs? 

5. On n'avez-vons pas In dans la 
Loi, que lesSacrillcateuiS, an jou 
du Sabbat, vioKnl le Sabbat dans 
}f Tcsnple , sans lirc conpables ? 

24 And she Avent forth, and said Ak , 6. 
xinto lier mother, What shtill I 
ask; and she said, The h tad of 
John the Baptist. 

25 And eihc Cunie in sti-aii;htv.ay 
with haste ur:to tht kin.;-, and asi> 
ed, &ayra:.5, i will lha^ thou :.^ive 
■me, hv and i)y in a^er, the 
head Jf John the Baptist. 

26 \'.i'l ■^h- hi;v.: V -s exceed ". ■ ' 
sovrv ; -/ t'.r-iU- <x. -:':^ '--'^c, i-aw 
'l-.c vxjiii.l not yjjc.t her. 

' 27 And inuucUcitely tl^e khi 
sent an ^v:;:.- 
nianch-d his head to be brou '\d : 
and hi \\ ent and beheaded him in 
tlie prison ; 

^'y And brought his head m a 
charger, and e;ave it to tlie dam- 
sel : and the damsel gave it to her 
uiotlier. ' 

21 And they went into Caperna- jtx. Y- 
irni ; and straightway on tl^e sab-, 
bath-day, he entered into the syna- 
gogue, and taught. 

22 And they were apccnisljed at 
his doctrine : for he taught thera 
a,s one that had authority, and not 
as the scribes. 

AT that time .lisus went on 
the sabbalii-day throuirh 
the corn; aial his cVisciples were 
an hvmgered, and began to pluck 
the ears of corn, and to eat. 

2 But wlien ihu I'liarise-s saw 
i.\ lin-y said luito him, Behold 
th) disciples do that v.hich is nu{ 
lawfid to do upon the sabbath-day. 

5 But he said unto tJK'nt, Have 
ye not read what Da\iddid wiien 
lie was an Innig-ered, and thevj 
that v.'t-re with him ; 

4 Ihnv he enti/rcd into the house 
of Ciod, and did eat, the sliew- 
bread, which was not lawful for 
liim to eat,neitherfur them ^vhich 
w:ere with him, but only for the 
priests ? 

5 Or, have ye not read in the 
law, how that on the sabbath-days, 
tlie priests in the temple profane 
the sabbath, and are blameless : j 



9 K«M fxtlaiac ixiTSlV, V,x9iv 

l«v i'v. <^ sail t/^iricri tuts ro"( 
ru alro »J lyt^u; 

c ti.t&e'-"^'^ ^*a TO trdSialcv. 

14 Oi Js <taftj-a"o( tru,aJ«X(5V 


ijf 'O 0£ 'ivc-Q: -/itJ; av£;^i'«;cii- 

* 12 'f; ; ? 3 

9 Et traniiens iiide, vciiit in 
fynagcigam corum. 

10 Etcccf homo cratmanuiTi 
habens aridam,^ iiUcrrog;al>ant 
mm, diccntcs, Si licet Sabbatis 
cur.iro } ut acci'farciit cum. 

1 1 Ipfe autem dixit illis, Q^_us 
crit ex vobis homo qui habcbit 
ovcm unam, h ii cccidcrit h:ec 
Sabbatis in fovfum, nonnc ap- 
prchcndct cam & txiiret ? 

la Qiianto ij^iturprxftat ho- 
mo ove ? Ita*^ue licet Sabbatis 
bona ficere. 

27 Et diccbat : Sabbatiuti 
pru'pttT huniitum faoUini eii, 
lion homo propter Sabbatum. 

14 At Pharifxiconfiliuinco- 
peniiit adverfus cum, cxcuntcs, 
ut turn perdereiit. 

rif At Jefas cogiiofcens, re- 
ceflit indc : & ftquuta; iunt cum 
turbx multx, & curavit co:; 
oinucis : 


::1 ■; ' . ivvai- 

ii'.'it r.i'x..';.;, V- .'i',.''i"t :i;n Ira-- 

Kf OTA!;- j 

;n, i,.;i .'': J''. it t^'adi- 

' ' . "ni ii!i'i, 
^■'■-•i I .>;'.|v I . . Ov ;urf:a 
.ni'.i. I ,n , .V .~;ii!titndo 


I (). iMaut paili (lo-lu, il vlnlilaiVS 

lllll- S\ lKig:iglU'. 

Uf. lu il V irouva uii lionnnc ((iii 
;^^l)il i!iu: mtiin scclie ; cl ils liii 
(U'lnantUreut, pour avoir lien ilc 
I'acciiser .• l".>ii-il pei mis de 
dims !es j;)urs lit- Sabbal? 

n. Elil Iciir ilil , Qm sera cdui 
d'eiiirc vuus.qui ayaiituiie brt'Lis, 
si ilk- tonibf an jour du Saliliat 
dans niie Fosse , ne la preniit; 1 1 ue 
\\u reliio '' 

1 ?,.I!t coniliicn iiuliomme iic vaut- 
il pas iniiiix (pinni- hitlus^ II est 
done |)eiinis dc lairedu l/icn dans 
les )oiir.s itc, 
1 27. Puis il leur dil ; Le Sabliat 
[a r'le I'ail pour I'liomme , et iioa 
'|>;is riioiuuie jiour !e Sabbat, 
j 1 t.La-dossus lesl'liai isieiis I'lant 
Isoriis, di'lilx relent cnlr'eux coni- 
nient ils le leroiLiil pirir. 
j i5. Mais Jesus coniioissant cfia, 
ipartit de-la , tt unc grande mul- 
titude ie suivit 

12. Ell ce tems-lA , J^stis alia 
siiV nue moiitagne pour [n-ier ; et 
il passa toute la unit a prior Dieti. 
i5. Et desque le jour tut vcnu il 
appela ses Diseipks, et il en choi- 
sit douze d'eutr'cux qu il nomma 

1 4. Savoir , Simon , qu'il nom- 
ma aussi Pierre , el Andre sou 
jfrire , Jacques et Jean , Philippe 
et Bartlielemi ; 

i5. Matthieu et Thomas, Jacques 
fils d'Alphee , ct Simon ajipele le 
Zele' ; 

ifi. Judc,/;YA?iIe Jacques et Judas 

Iscariot.qui I'ut eeluiqnile trahit. 

17. Etant ensuite descendn avec 

eux , il sarrcta dans une plaine , 

avec la troupe dc scs Disciples , et 

une, grande multitude dc penple 

dc toute la Jude'e et de Jerusalem , 

/et de la conlree maritime de Tyr 

|el dc Sidon , qui etoient vcnus 

.•pour I'enieudj-e .' 

, 9 'XruT wKen,' lie was departed'???-./ 2. 
thence, he went into their syna- 
gogue : 

10 And, behold, there was a 
man which had his hand wither- 
ed. And they asked him, sav- . 
in;^, Is it lawful to heal on the i 
sablxith-days T that they might 
accuse him. 

1 1 And he siiid unto them, 1 
What man shall there be among! 
you, that shall liave one sheep, 
and if it fall into a pit on the sub- ) 
!nith-day, will he not lay hold on * 
it, and lift it ovit ? 

12 How much then is a man' 
better thanaslieepr Whereforeit^ 
is lawfid to do well on the, sab-< 

bath-davs. _ _ .,^ -^ — j j/ 

27 And he said vmto theni, 'i he,/IK.2. 
sabbat'.i was made for mun, and 
not man for the sabbath : 

1 4 Then the Pharisees went out,^ '^'^' ' ^ 
and held a council against him,' 

how they miglit destroy him . 

1 5 But when Jesus knew zV, he : 
withdrew himself from thence : 
and great multitudes followed.- 

12 And it came to pass in those i-. 6. 
days, that he %\cnt ^i|> into a 
niouiUiiin to pray, and continued 
all nii^ht in prayer to (iod. 

1 3 And when it was d..-\ he call- 
ed imto him his disciples ; and of; 
them he chose twelve, whom also 
[he named Apostles ; 

14 Simon, (whom he also named ! 
Peter,) and Andrew his biotlier, 
James and John, Philip and Bar- 
tholomew, , 

1 D Matthew and 3'homas, James 
the non of Alpheus, iuid Simon ' 
called Zelotes, 

16 And Juda* the brother of' 
James, and Judas Iscariot, Avhich 
also was the traitor. ■ 

17 And he came down with 
them, and sl(X)'J in tlic phiin ; u'k' 
tlie company of liisi cliscipltK, ar;;:; 
a ^great multitude of people out 
of all Judea and Jerusalem, and 
from the sea-coast of Tyre and . 
iSidon, which camef to hear him. 

a,r:i -?;;:; •,.'.C';v «;,-,-«,' 51 [A:'.Br, 
TJkl an ii; 

l^.'.ari'.i- ai-.r.v;, ?,f;-a-V 

^ M.'.'/aVin c; 7r£i9:L'VTE;' Tri 
ru r-{ 7r«jiX>.i)0»;':vTai. 

5 M.;K;'jI:( ci -tt/I'TV' o't( cv- 

•vf-a-vTE; Trv oixaii/j-umj' cti auTjj 
7 Maca'^-ioi ol IXsii/xSvij' c't» 

ti I Maxa»(oi 0; -t eifnv»7ro«e»' 
cr» atTOi fioj ©tsii xXr.flijj-ovTat. 

10 Maxfl'^(9( »i Miyyfxiict 
itty.e* JiXaijyi'mj- ct( airiv 1-iv 

I I Ma«a\-i;i tfi "rav ottiJiVi- 

vei, tytXEv i^o". 

12 XaijfTS >^ aj-aXXiayflt" ?t» 

vci;' c[!r>- ;af iJi'^^av tcLj ttjo 
^>)Taf Tcl; ■TTj: i'xiir. 

24 n\r,V olJfli ^^f/fv to'- c;rXy. 

Cfi iy-uv. 

* 25 I Ojfli L/^.'.'y ci \ ly.Ti- 

26 Ci'-ii i;'.',i\ i';i-.v xaXw; t-^uaj 

V. A i' I J -I" -v. 
f V Ilk lis aiitcm turlias, af- 
ctndit ill nioiittiu : ^ 
fcilrntf ID, advcnccunt il!i dilci- 
pi:li tins. 

2 y.t .i]>icrcns 03 fuum, tloce- 
but cos, dio.ii'i : 

;, BiJtipuujKn.- .iViritUiqiidni- 
ani iplonmu ll rv ^miinc.i lin-'jnj. 

4 i>i\iti lugcutcs, quiiiipi 

5 Bc.itj inites, cjuoni;im ipfi 
hwrcditabiuit terram. 

6 Ikiiti clurjentes & fitkn- 
tes juilitiam, quonlum ipli f*- 

7 Beati mifiricordcs^quonlam 
ipfi milericoriii.t aflicii-ntiir. 

8 lieati mundi corde, quo- 
niam ipli Dtuin vidibiiiit. 

9 Htati pucificj, quoniain 
ipG filii Dei vocabuntur. 

10 'cati pfrfecutioiic aflr».'*5^i 
proj'tfr jiilHiiam, quoniani ip- 
forum cit rcgmim carloruiii. 

1 1 Beati fUis (juuni maled.'X- 
crint vos, & pcifoi:ijti-fueritit, 
& dixtriiit onine nMliiin vir- 
burn advcrfuni vos, niciiticntcs, 
proptir me. 

12 Gaihktc & exultate, quo- 
niani incrces vcftra multa in 
c;'.-li«, fie ciiiin pt-ifcquuti funt 
Prophi tas qui ante vo». 

I •^ Tms"; Ice to oXa; rrg 

ynx' lav ^ TO aXaf fxui^uvOSi, ^ aXijfliij-fTai ; ^'c cvJiv is-^i'Jj 
fXt, si ,uh JsXrSiivai ;^iu, ^ xar* • 
WaTir<r0ai Itic Tcev a'v9jaJir4'V. 

14 T"MS~f f^i TO i^-iT; -rsD XOJ-- 
^ou, oil Juva-rai ttcXi; jcjv^j.v.ii 
IWaVd; Josi/f XS1,'''.£>)»- 

C.4 \\ii;i.t;,mL'ii v.T vi^bisdi- 
vitih;;-, iji 1.1 ii..b.tij coi.l'oLl- 
ti.)i).- :ii V. ;'. rain. 

.'5 y.^ viniis ini[il_'ti : quia 
cfuriai.. \';x; vobib rid; iuls 
lUiiK- : quia hijTL-bitis cc tici.i- 

i(: Wi iMi'.ni Ir, !K'di\..rii:t 
vobi h i:Mii^.-: I'.ir.iiduat \vxc . 
tii'iiii l; b.':;t plludopropluiii, 
patn- • -iini). 

13 Vos fit is fill terrae ; fi au- 
tem lal infatratum iir, in quo 
I'al erur? ad nihilum valet ulti-a, 
li noil (■jiv-i fnras, & coiicukari, 
a!) honiiuilitis. 

14 Vos cftis lux mundi : nun 
pottft civitas abfcondi fiipra 
motitem pofita. 

chapitre; v^ 

Sermon sur la Montague. 

JESusvoj'ant tout ce peuple,rnon- 
ta SUV une montagne ; et s'ctant Disciples s'appiocherent 
de ]ui. 

2. Et ouviant sa boucLe , il les 
cnseignoit , en clisai)t ; 

3. Hemeuxlcs pauvres en esprit; 
carleRo3aume descieux est aeux. 

4. Heurcux ceux qui pleuient ; 
car ii* seront consoles. 

6. Heureux lesdebonu;.ircs ; car 
ils li^rileroiU la terre. 

6. ileurciu; ceux ^ui sout aCTumes 

et alteres de la justice ; car ils 
seroni rassasies. 

7. Ileurcux Ics luist'iicordiciix ; 
car ils oluiciidionl misi'ricordc. 

I 8. lliureux ceux qui out If cuur 
pur ; car ils vcrioni Dieu. 
c). Heureux ceux qui piocnreut 
la paix ; car ils serout appeles eii- 
faus de Dieu. 

10. Heureux ceux qui son t per- 
secutes pour la justice ; car Ic 
Rojaume des cieux est i eux. 

1 1. Vous screz heureux, lorsqu'i 
cause de moi on vous dlra dts in- 
jures, qu'oa vous persecultra , et 
qu'ou diralaussenieut coutre vous 
loute sorte de nial. 

12. Rejouissez - vous alors , et 
tressaillez de joie,parce que voire 
recompense seia grande dans les 
cicux ; car on a aiusi persecute les 
Froj)betesqui ont eleavani vous. 
j 2i. Maismalheur a vous, riclu^!; 
Iparce que vous avcz deju rcvu \ o- 
;U'e consolation. 

, aS. Malheur a vous , qiii ftcs 
rassasles 5 parce que vous aurcz 
luim. Malheur a vous , qui riez 
maintenant ; car vous vous lu- 

eulercz et vous pieurerez ! 
26. MaUnur a \ ous , lorsque 
tous les honiuus diroiit du hien 
jde vous J car leurs peres en lai- 
soieiit de meme des luiix I'lo- 
Ipbetes ! 

p.l5. Vous etes le sel de la terre ; 
mais si le sel perd sa saveur, avec 
,quoi le salera-l-on ? 11 ne vaui phi* 
rien qu'a ^ire jelc dehors, et a etre 
I'oulc' aux pieds par Ushoinmes. 
^ i4. Vo us etes \n lumiere du mou- 
1 (le ; Une villcsiiuee sur unc mou- 
lagnc ne pent etre caclfet. ^ 

"^A I^D seeing- the multitudes, ^.-^ 
jLJL he went up into a mountain : 
and when he was set, his disci- 
ples came unto him : 

2 And he opened his mouth, 
and taught'them, saying, 

3 Blessed are the poor in spirit : 
[for their's is the kingdom of hea- 

4 Blessed arc they that mourn : 
for they shall be comforted. 

5 Blessed are the meek : for 
they^shail .inherit the earth. 

6 Blessed are they which do 
hunger and thii st after righteous- 
'ness : for they shall be iilled. 

7 Blessed a7-c tlie merciful : for 
they shall obtain mercy. 

S Blessed arc the pure in heart : 
for they shall see God. 4 

, 9 Blessed f/rr the peace-makei^: 
for they shall be called the chil- 
dren of God. 

10 Blessed are they whicli are 
persecuted for righteoiisness' 
sake : for their's is the kingdom 
of heaven. 

1 1 Blessedarf ycwhen/w^^w shall 
revile you, and persecute you, ' 
and shall say all manner of eviU 
against you falsely, for my sake J 

12 Rejoice, and be exceeclingj 
( gTacf; for great is your reward ini 
I heaven: for so persecuted they thc^ 

* jnxjphets which were before you. . 

• 24 But" woe untoymf th'at "arel ^-^ • ^ 
rich ! for ye have recei\ed your, 
consolation. " ;' 

25 VVoe unto you that are full!'' 
for ye shall hunt^-er. Woe unto" 
you that laugh now ! for ye shall 1 
mourn and weep. j 

26 AVoe unto you when all men ^ 
shall speak well of you! for so did } 
their fathers to the tlilse prophets. ^ 

13 K- are the salt ortTie eaith :' HhS 
but if the salt have lost his savour, 
wherewith shall it be salted : it 
is thenceforth j>ood for' nothing,!: 
)>ut to be cast out, and to be trod- , 
den ui\der foot of men. 

14 V e are the light of the world. 
A city that is set on an hill can- 
not be hid. 


IV. TV : 


«, >.a]u7rn 'r.aci 

1 6 Oura) X»«-<|-a'T») to 4^a;c w- 
fcwv £|Ct T^so'flsv Ta'Vc'v6;a7ra'»,c'7rii;f 
Uajff^n i./xA TO xaXa Bfj/a, »<j Jo 
^a^iiai T5V ttcL-et^a, ufxuv -rev, £V 
T^r? oijavoif , 

17 Mfl KJ|U;sriiT6 on rXflr-vxa'a- 
■i'M^iti Ttini/xcv. h rat, Tr^oi^BTa;" kx 
iiXBov XaTaX~crai, a\Xa TrXufwrai. 

* J 8 t 'A/UAV J-a^ Xij-ai tiftO, ioi? 
ev OTttf£ >.8t; oif a>Of >^ fi )-r, f lira 
-^ £V ^ h fx'.a \ Xf^aia ov l-f-h 
I TrasEXfl?) are tou \ vofAOu, !•; 

19 "0{ lav oZv'^iifn fxti-v Toiv 
i?vtoX»>v , TWToJv TaJv eAc;(iVsjv, >^ 
oj^^l It/Til) Tiuf a'lS^WTSc/f, tXa- 
■yjr®' XXn909"ETa( iir tJi Saff-jXtta 

J'tt^'n oiT^ f*iy*< H'KnBha'trtit h 
ifffi SatriXiia, Tajf cli^ayii. 

10 AiyiM >'«t^ v.iXvy OTI lav /un 

»rX6~o> T»v rfi,W|UaTl<ov j^ ^ajj- 

.«-*l3DV, oil y,ci £lir£X6nT« «l'j T^» 

^aj-lXEi'av TMy eifawy. 
; 21 'HxJU^-aTt o'r« iffi^l ToTc 
«f5rai5i;' Oi ^ovtsjff'fK' 0? ^ «» 
^ovEi'^)), !yc;;^5>- £C"at rn n^iirli. 
■ . ♦ 22 '■ >•« Je XeJ/w i';"~i', "ti 

avTcZ I Etx^, lvo;v-o{£V'--'( tSxjiVec 
,Cff J,' a» 4 '^""l TiW aJiX**' atiT«u 
•}■ cixa Evsj^'^ Efat Ta) ff'yvsJjW*' :< 
■i' cv fiTT)) f /uajs, \ ho^'^ i^ai 
tl; Tfi? f yiivyan Toy ^ .wogo?, 
. ^3 'Eavevv Wfo»-<f'l^»CTa)S'ii)f5'f3-tf 

Iffi T^ ^t'S-JI^BflOV, XaXf" jU»H3-9?;, 

•iVl aJeXvpOf o-B f;^=i t; x</a S^oy, 
.- • 24 "A<fE; ixEt TO Jfifo'virou E^-t- 
VoocSev ToZ &Lyii7i;'w, ^ Lwaye, 
WjiKTpv f J'(aXXa)/>;9l TW «j£Xf>--; 
Ccv. li roTt IxSiMV WfOC^-f'ffE To 
J JsJj' f j-ou. - 

15 N'jquc acceucUint iiicer-| 
niiiR, I'x |i( !!ui:t cjm Till) ,nio- 
(iio, ic'\ fi'jior •.undtlahrum, & 
Ivxn ■;ii:j;!hi . ill uoiuo. 

)6 Siclucen^Iu:-: vedra coram 
hominihus, ut vickant vc-llra 
pulchra opera, & glorifictnt Pa- ■ 
trem veftrum qui in c.tlis, ^ 

1 7 Ne putftis (juod veni dif- . 
folvcrc legem, aut Prophetas; 
uon veni diffolvere, fed ;idim- 
plere. ; 

iS Amen quipp<^ dico voliis, 
donee praitereat ca:lum & terra, 
jota uDum, aut v.rn^s apex nnii 
pra-teribit a lege,- donee omnia 

19 Q^n cr«;o folverlt ununi 
mandator um iflorum minimo- 
rum, & docuerit fic homiues, 
minimus vocabitur in regno cae- 
lorum : ijui aUtem fecerit & do- 

, cuerit, hie magmjs vpcabitur in 
rigrio c.xlorum; 

20 Dico cnlm vobis, quod fi 
non abundayerit juftitia vcftia 
plusScribarum & Pharifeorum; , 
non intrabitis in regnum'ca;lo- 

a I Audiftis quia pronunci> 
tuni'eft antiquis : Kon occides: 
qui autem o;cIderit, obnoxius 

22 Ego antem dico vobis, quia 
omnis iraf<;eii5 t'ratri ftio Kn:n^- 
rito, obnoxius erit jndieio ; qui 
au'tem dixerit fratri fuo Raca, 
obno:-.iug erit confeffui : qui ;ui- 
tem dixefit fatue, obnoxius erit 
ill pehennam iojiiis. 

73 Si ergo offers mimus tuum 
ad altart, & ibi r|;cordatus fue-^ 
ris, quia frater twus habet ali- 
quid adverfum te, 

■;4 ReliAque ibi munu5 tuum 
ante altare, <k vade, priu^ recon- 
cili.tre fratii tuo, <!'<;tunc veniena 
offer mutius tuum. , 

ilj. Et oh n aHume poitit on* 
'chantlelle pour la intun' s<ju's im 
Ihoisseau , iriuls on la nu t sin tin 
chandelier cl elle iclaire loas 
ceuxqni sont dniKs la niaison. 

i6. Que votreliirnicie luisuains'l 
devunt les lionunes , alia qu iis 
voient vos boruus o' f(ii'ils 
gloiJieat voire, Perequi est dans 

>7. INe pcnsez point qnc Je soI<j 
Venu aboliria L.oi ou Ics I'roplii— ■ 
tes ; )(• suis vciui,nnu pour lisa-. 
boli'i' , mais pmir les ati:oni[)ltr. 

18. t"ar jfc vous dis en veiile , que 
JHsqu'a ce que le liel et la Ui re 
passeut, il n'y aura rien d:i\is !a 
Loi qui ne s'acc<>ni])lisse , ju'.qti'^ 
iin s(ul iota , tl a uu seul trail dc 


tg.Celoi doncqni anra vinlil'urt 
d-3 cesj)liis potilscommamU'inaens, 

Cl qii'i aura ninsi cin"teignd lii-jl'.om- 
llii s, st'ia eUiiiK- Ic pllispclit (laii\ 
le Kuvaiiilie d( s < iruK ; irxii ; i .Im 
qui les aura olisci ■,)■■. cl cu ,■:;;, i- •, 
celui-fiiscia esliine jiraiut daus 1'' 
RojailOJe des tieux. . 

20. Carje vous dis , (|ue si voire 
justice ne surpasse celle des Scri- 
bes el des I'harisiens , voirsri'en- 
trcre:! point dajis le lloyaume de.s 

21. V'ousaVes^ eiU'-udu qu'il a (■'( 
dil aux Aneiens ; Tu ne tini,. 
poinl ; et eiliii {|oi lU'^ra Mia [hi- 

JU^^able ,KU lr,,|M:M.s. 

'j.-> . Mais iiuii , j.- V on ; di-- , que 
quieolu(iic ^r iikMCU coleie eoulre 
son t'leic , saus cause , S('ra [mm 
par les Ju;',es ; el ceiui ([ui il.ia a 
syulVerc, l\aciia, sera puni par le 
Conseil ; el cehii qui lui diia.Kou, 
sera punissabU par la gelicnne du 

25. Si done tu apportcs ton orTra ti- 
de a raulel , ct ([ue la tu te sou- 
vieniie, (|:[( i<);\ fri-re a quilqie 

C!U)\< ( '1:11 1 , til; 

21. l^u ^( L; lull offrande d( vaui 
lauirl, it va-l-en premieremt :ii ii 
111 <)jii ilier aver. loulVere; 1 I. ij.u 
cela.vieiis el oUVe Ion ollVandii. 

15 Neither do men Vi^l't a can- fHs^. 
die, and put it ,i;n\crubiiHlKl, but 

(.11 a candLstii k, i."'l >t givcth 
lii^ht unto all tliat ;ui' in the house. 

16 Ia'I your lij^Iit so shine be- 
Ibrc nien, that they may see your i 
i^ood woiks, and ti;;loi-ify your 
Father which is in heaven. ■ 

17 Think not that I am come 1 
to destroy 1)k- law, or tlie pro- 
phets : ] am not come to destroy, 
!nit to i\dhl. 

1.^ For vi-rily I say unto you, 
'Fill jieaven and earth pass, onet 
jot Of one tittle slutll in iu> wise i 
pass lV(jm the law, till all be ful- 

19 AVhosoever, therefore, shall 
break one of these least coni« 
niandnKnts and shall teach men 
so, he sludl be called the least in 
thekitv^domol lua^en: but who- 
si'cver S:!i:i'l do, riiui lijirh ///r;?-, 
llu-' ;.lu,il !k- ■, . !': li •.■ical in 
ll;e l.inLciom of ^ . . \ i n. 

20 For 1 say uuin yon, That*' 
except your rjyhkc'iisness shall 
exceed ilir yii:;hfcoitf,7irf:s c>i the 
scilbes and r'.ari,secs, ye shall' 
ill no case enter into the kingdom; 
r,f heaven. ■ 

~'l Vc have heard that it was 
s:iid ijy them of (<!<! lime. Thou 
sluiil not kill; and, \v hosoever 
shall kill, shall he in dani;-er of 
t!:e jufl'^nient : 

i:2 lint I say unto you, That: 
whosoever is ano-ry with his bro-'" 
ther without a cause, shall be irt-j 
dant^er of the jndtjjment: and', 
Avhosoever shall say to his bro- 
ther, Raca, shall l>c in dani?;er of 
the council: but w Ip ax \ ;:■ sludl 
sav, Thoti ibol, sli..'il he lu dan .er 
of h. I! lire. 

2.; Fherefore, if llioti brin:; thy 
gift to the altar, und there re-, 
membcrest that thy brcAhcr hath', 
aur^iit aoainst thee ; . " 

24 Leave there thy ;.,irt btfore 
the altar, and j^o thy way ; fir.-it 
be reconciled to l!,y bi-olher, and' 
then come and oli'i c (liy liilt. 



'(■//■r r-.V Xi.t^r.'lTl^V. 

iS 'l >-« St \iyt,) ifA.'iv, ?T( w«{ 
t fi/.flTJDV J.i;>a'i'xa ffj'of to swifiii- 
l*,r.7^t avTC,-, ',?»] «juci^lu;lv oi. 
T»JV IV Tfl Xr.'5^l'l BLT D. 

^«5t 5-Ka Je > i^Si ;i,«^iXl ai-TBV. »^ 

tXo» TO si/^a, ciu £Kr,dp t.( yi- 

■SaXi'^ii at, ixHi^l-iy ainnv, xi /?«'A( 

?.-p?.i, raj iv .ai» |>>n>vvv :rm, ^-^ t^'^ 


"jnv yuKii'x* ai/Tci/, Jsta; otT>; a- 

^i 'f)'V ^f >iyv i,urv, JVi Of at 
BtrcXuytj Tnv yi nTxa ai> reiJ, Tra 
flxTc; J.o'yoi; ■n-sjin'ff, Trcui" airPiv 
u'Ay_a7bar K, f lay aVoXi^bjuiytiv 

yi'AvTV. /tii^oTaj. 

* 1 ^ n«X(V r,X0l5«-a T( CT( ^ t?^!- 

■"ou; c'fX'L'; ycy. 

'«! oK-ti;' yr.-ri iv -roiJ n'vavu, en 
V) Mors iv th' ^ii, on iw^wo- 

5 <; M- 'I !i^ 111 1" utii ir. iwl vt'ff.n- 
riii f ■ii> iilo, iliiin 1 ir ■■ 1 i rnni 
t'o: ii':f..'ti tc. I la'li) .i'!v..tJ,ii HIS 
jujici A i;^li' •, t I i .(lii iiiinif- 
tr'>; ik ill ■ cdiiiuMiM. 
j6 Arucn (liio iii.'. n'»n cl:* 
iiidi., ii"iin iLil'ia-. lu.viliiiimni 
mr,\(fr.iiit« m 

17 Atulilii>quj;ipr!.-'])!!.'!oa!'.l.'n 
crt :uitii|uis : Non nmv Ii^iIkii-;. 

28 I'lgo autein dico \-(A>v:-, qui.i 
ximtiis L-oiir|>icii.iiH nuili' rihi nd 
conni|iilVii)ilnn) cam, j;un n\a"- 
.li;it(l'it*(f <,iiii in con'.f (ti'i. 

-My Si iiiiti. in (M ulu^ tiiu- devtiT 
f aii(i;ili/.it ti-,i ! lu iiim, iv pro- 
]kc ali'.tr: ciiiikrt ciiim ti'.ii ut 

JiLfrat milllU Mm llll)l<iHllP tUD- 

tuiii. <S; mill idtuin loipiis tiuiiu 
luiijici.itiir in ^( lu nnani. 

,]o l".t (i dixtiti tiia mnmis 
fcaiKializat tv, -alifi iiidc cam, <S: 
pnijicc ubsfc ; loiil. rt iiiliu tihj 
lit jnrcat uuuin nu'iiilnoriiin t u- 
oliiiM, ■I'v mill tiitmn i.iiijmi* 
tuuin foniii iatiir in j;i:ln'iHiaiu. 

^^ 1 I' \nn ( 11 autt in, 
iliiotl (Hiii ii;iii|w ahiolvi rit ii\o- 
n in liiani, »U t 1 1 i\)iiidiuni. 

■^^ I'.jro aiifi in (ill vohis.iiliia 
quiiuiiqueaMolvirit u\ lu- 
am, «x('ij>ta ratioiic furnitati')- 
nis, fai-it oain nnvcliari r ik. <[ui 
ablciIiUani (iti\crit, adultiiat, 

.^.? itcnini audi His quia jiro- 
/unui;rtiiin cii aiiti<)iil-> : Kiia 
pcrjjiraliis : icddis autiin Do- 
mino jiu'amcnfa t«a. 

;!4 l-K*^ auti-in dico vobis, ri' n 
jurarc omniiiv, luquc in litK), 
(|uia tlironus Hi Dei : 

Ti<; Ntque in t rra, quia Aa- 

■2.0, Acc^'i-'de-toi au pluiot avcc ta 
partie adverse, pendant que iii\s 
en cliemia cile , de {leur que 
ta parlie -fidv^i-se ne tc livre au 
Juge , et que Ic Jage ne te livre au 
Sergeat, et que tu ue sois mis eu 

26. Je te dis en vt'rite', quo tu ne 
sortjras pas dela, jusqu'a-ce que 
tu aies paye le deruicr qiiiulrain. 

27. Vousavez cntendu qu'il ai'te 
dit anx Ancicns; Tu ne coinmel- 

itras point adultere. 

28. Mai^s moi , je vons dis , que 
qniconqae regarde une femine 
pour la convoiier , il a dcja com- 
mis I'adulieve avec elk duns son 

29. Que si ton reil droit le fait 
tomh^T dansle peche, arrache-le, 
;J5ijeue-le loin dc loi ; car il Viua 

25 Agree willi thine advtfrsary 
quickly, whilst thou art in the wav 
with him ; lest at aiiy time tli'c 
adversary deliver thee to the 
jud;ve, and the jiidj^e deliver thee 
to the officer, and thou be cast into 

26 \'erily I say unto thee, Thou I 
shalt by no means come out 
thence, till thou hast }xud the 
uttermost forth in :\ 

27 Ye have heard that it was 
said by them of old time. Thou 
shalt not commit adultery : 

• 28 But I say unto you, That 
whosoe-ver looketh on a woman. 
to lust after her, hath committed 
adultery with her already in his 

29 And if thy rig-ht eye offend 
'thee, pluck it out, and cast /' from 
thee : for it is profitable for th(;e, 


imieuxponrioiqu'on dctestnenv ^^^ ^^^ ^f ^j jt,,,,^^,,^,.^ should ■ 
ibres pcnsse , que SI tout ton corps . , 1 ^ ; . ,, 1 i li 

etoitltfidanslagehenne. perish, and not that thy v.hole j; 

body should be cast into hell. 

30 And if thy risjilit hand offend j 
thee, cut it off, and cast /' from }: 
thee : for it is profitable for thee, j' 
that one of thy members should |' 
Si'.llauttdiiaussi: bi quelqu'uii perish, and not that thy whole! 
rcpudiesaremme , qiv'illui douue ^^^dy should be cast into hell, 
la leure de divorce. 3 j j^ j^^^^ ^^^^^ said, Whosoever i 

32. Maismoi ^ )e vons dis , que ■ 1 • -r i ^ u- I 

■ shfill put away his wiie. let him II 
:;ive licr o.writingof divorcement : 

32 Jkit I say unto you. That 
wliosoe\er sluill put away his 
w]fe,;^ for the cause of fcr- 

55. Vous avez encone eniendii nication, cauiieth her to ccinmit 
qu'ila ^le dit aux Aticiens.- Tu ^(I,,It^,I.y: m^j uhosccvir shall 

marry Jierthat is(ru(^roed, com- 
mltteth ad'ihc i-y. 

33 A'^-ain, ye have hccrd that 
•it hath hccn said by th-^-ni of old 
time, Tiiou shalt nut foisv. car 
thyself, but shall perionH unto 
the Lord thine oaths: 

34 ]>ut I .say unto you, Sv/ear 
iiiot at all-: neither by hetwe'! ; for 
it is God's ihroiic : 

35 Nor bv.the ear'h ; for il is his 

5o. Et si ta main droite te fait 
'lomber dans le jiechi' , coupe-ia, 
et jetie-la loin de loi ; car il vaut 
mieuxpfjur loi qu'uu dt les mem- 
.bres pi;rissc,que si tout ton corps 
eloit jeld dans la gehenne. 

quicouque rujiudiera sa t'cmme, si 
ce u'esi pour cause d'adiilu-ie , il 
I'expose adcvcnir adulurc; etquc 
'quiconque scraariera a la lemme 
'qui aura etc repudisic, comnictua 

ne te parjureras point ; mais lu 
t'acqnitteras envers le Seigneur 
;de ce que tu auras promis aveo 

' 5i. Mais moi, je vous dis.' Nc ju- 
.rez point du tout; ni par le ciel , 
icar c'esi le irone de Dieu • 
j 35. Nipar la terre, carc'e'itson 


36 MiJTS tV T? X£4'«>'^ 4"5y 0- 

>vH3)(w S (uiX9i»3V irci)it-fli. 

37 'ecu Js Xs'y©- i/yoer, Nai 

»1<, O^' o'- TO Ji TrffiSTSV TOtJ- 
Ti'/, lit ToD wwr^ou ic'*' 

^n;ai rai rrcm^w « >.?!.' cctf « pa- 
f jrvj-ov aiTo- >ij rfv aXX»)V. 
Van, Kj TCJ p^iTjJK* iTM; h.a<»iTv. 
* 41 Kii I ori-f »■* } aV>"'ff'5='" 

42 T«) aiToiiyTi ffS JiS'oy ^ 

43 'Hxauyare art 6pp:3»* 'A- 
j'tfTT^rti; rdv TrXicTKV aou, >^ /iw- 

44 '£;. * Js Xij^iii i.;U.v, ayaro- 
« TJuf £>^^ci/; iiwdiiv, tvXsj/Eia-j 

*«v i,v,a5 >^ ?(0«X5VTaJV J,u«{' 

4,S' Ovrac yiviirBi lAol rev TraTjo- 
»^<«>Tsv lvoy^av»rf,'Ti T3V 'Ai^naiN 
TCi^ avarjXXti Iwi wavfjju? )tj aj/a • 

46 'f av).af aya7riis->!Te Tsy' «- 
j'aTraJvTaf h/Aa;, Ti'va fxirSiv sjf • 
ITi; ci^i *^ »; TfXiivai T3 tt'JTa 

47 Kai lav aVTraa-lTSt) T'li/? 
• JsX^cti; U/ui-v fAO-tty, Ti Trs^irCBV 
woijiVe ; ovivi j^ ti TiX»vai «i.TSD 

in H i.Tofolynvd, quia civitusclt 
miif^ni regis : 

36 Ncquc in capite tiio jurd- 
veris,<]uia non pnrcsunum capiU 
luni allnim aut nigrum factre. 

37 Sit autem fcrmo vcftcr, 
Etiam, ctiam, Non, non : quod 
aiittm abundant his, a malo til. 

38 Auilidis quia pronuncia- 
tum eft : Oculiim pro oculo, & 
Jciitcm pro dcnte. 

-<9 F.j';o aulimdicovobin.nori 
obfiftcrc malo : fed quicuniqiie 
tc pcrcuHlrJt in dexteram tuam 
inaxillum, vcrtc illi &. aliani. 

40 Et volenti tilii judiiiuin 
parad, & tunicam tiuoni tolltre, 
diiuitte ci & pallium. 

4t Et quicunquc tc anf>;aria- 
verit milliaic mium, vade cum 
i Ho duo. 

41 Pttenti te, da : & vokn- 
teni a te inutuoi-e, ne avertaris, 

43 Amlillis quia prouuMcia- 
&. odiohabebisiiiimiiuni tuurh, 

44 Ego auttm dico vobis, Di- 
niaiediccntes vos: bcncfacite 
oditiitibus vos, &. oi-atc pro iu- 
ftfUntibus vos, & infiidiwitibus 

4; rt fitis fili; PaMs veftri 
qui in cailis, qiii.i fokn\ fuum 
producit fupcr malos tt bonos, 
& plait fuper jullos & injuPos. 

46 Si cnim dLk\< litis dili- 
^enti s vos, quani nurccdtni ha- 
bttis? ijonnc & publicani idem 
faciunt ? 

4; El fi falutaverifis fra'trcs 
vcliros rantuni, quid abunJans 
facttij? nonnc & publicani lie 
faciuut ? 

marchcpiiJ , ni liarJciusaltuijCai" 
c'cstluville du griiuJ lloi. 

5G. Ne jure p.j non plus par ta 
Ittc ; cur-tn lie peux fuire devtuir 
Mil sen I rheveu blanc on noir. 

S-T. ^Nlai"* que voire parulesoit, 
l)tii , Oiii , Noil , Non ; ce qu'oa 
<!iitlc p'lH vieiit du malin. 

.'iS.Voii'! avezeiUfridii f^vi'ilnelc 
dii.- ail pour <jjil , el deut pour 

i 59. .Mais moi, jc vous dis , dene 
pas resister a cclui qui vons fait 
du in il ; niaissl quclquun tolVap- 
pe a ia jotie dioile, prcsente-lul 
aus i laiihe. 

4o. ¥1 si qnelqu'nn vrut plaidcr 
cor. ire toi, el luler la robe, laisst- 
lui'.ncoro I'lialiit. 

+1. F.t '■■i (inc.'qu'H'V te veut c"n 
traiiuiie d'aller uuelieue avtclui, 
vas-eii deux. 
, 'i.2. Douue a cclui c^ai ic dcmau- 

de , cl ne te di,'t(mrne point de ce- 
lui qui veulemprunter dc loi. 

43. V'ous avez euteiidu qu'ii a etr 
dit .• Tu aiineras ion piociiaiu^ et 
tu ha'iras ton eiinemi. 

4i. Mais moi, je vous dis.- Ainiez 
vos cnuemis , lieiiissez ceux qui 
vous maudissent , laiies du bieu 
a ceux qui vous lia'isseiit , et pricz 
pour ceux qui Vous outragent et 
qui vons perst'culcnt ; 

^:). Afin que VOUS so^ez enfans de 
voire Pire qui est dans les cleux: 
car il I'ait lever son soleil sur les 
medians et sur-les boiis , el il hiil 
pleuvoir sur les justes et sur les 

iCy. Car si vous n'aimez que ceux 
qui vous aiment , quelic rt-coni- 
pense en aurez-vous ? les [leajjfrs 
meine n'en lonl-ils jias aulaiu V 

47. Et si VOUS ne talus aecuell 
qu'a VOS freres, que l'aites-vou> 
d'extraordinaire ? Les pt'agers mt- 
tnv n'eu IbiU-ils pas ;uUaiit ? 

iViotsti/ol: ii./ithei- hy Jerusalem; lTh-.S-. 
foritis the v'-Ay of the ^iviit K iiu; : 

.HI j%'c!V!v:r shu'.t tliou sweiir by 
thy head ; beciusc thou cuiist not 
ivinke ou'j hair Avhi'-. or i.luck. 

37 Ikit !jt your coiiin.'.niu ;uion 
be, Yva, vcci; Xay.ii.iy: fcr wliat- 
soevti" « more thun these conitth 
of evil. 

3H \q have heard that it hath 
been said, An e v e for an eye, and 
a tooth, for a tooth : 

;>.' But I say unto you, That ye 
resist not evil: but whosoever 
shall smite thee on thy right 
cheek, turn. to him the other also. 

40 And if any mail uili sue tliee. 
at the lav/, and take a'.\ ay thy coat , 
let him have ///" clci.k aho. 

41 And vhosoever shall com- 
pel thee to go a mile, go v. ith hi n' 

42 Give to him that asketh thee; 
and from hira that would borrow 
of thee, turn not thou away. 

45 Ye have heard that it hath 
been said, Thou shalt love thy 
neis^hbour, and hate thine enemy: 

44 But I say unto you, Love 
your enemies, bless them that 
curse you, do jrood to them that 
hale you, and pray for them which 
despitefuUy use you, and perse- 
cute you; I 

45 That ye may be the children I 
of your Father which is in hea- 
ven : for he maketh his sun to 
rise on the evil and on the good, ■ 
and sendeth rain on tiie just and j 
on the unjust. 

46 For if ye love them which . 
love you, what reward have yc ? ; 
do not even the pubUcans the 
same ? 

47 yVnd if ye salute your breth- 
ren only, M'hat do ye more f/utn 
others? do not even the publicans 
90 ? 


ft<-< -r . a:.',- i:>.-.£i^i/ru, iVa aTro- 


CTI aL'-i; i ;)t^')r5,- iriV £7.-* Tuf J 


J j-jPo;£;^STt T^v £h*),uorvv>]V i- 
/jciyyh TrniEiv f.uWjOrfilV T«Jv 

tl Ji /•'•'•/'El /•*i'''3ov o:'>c EX'Tt Trajtt 

TJ. TTO'-'S' i'/-^<»'V Ty i» TO E oufovo";. 

.2 "orav oi!iv »rci?c (Mtyc^iiiv/, 

(I i-TTOX^lTal •TfAHCTiV Iv TaTj criva- 

e-S/7riV iVo Ta?> c'i6;'.'-,Tiv'A,Uf-.v^£- 

3 2«u Jf vor.tyr^ i^8■;,M^t^u• 

4 07ra; li trcf >) E? ;>;uo»-iJvn 

tV T^ XniTTTM' ^ ■JraT.'p J-JU 5 
^XtTTOUV EV TW' Xfl'TTTM, £tL-T:{ a- 

5 KcM oVav 'Tr^-ireiyi, t:l« Es"!) 
».r7r£3 ol LTTOXp.Tai" iir; ;pi^£>i/s-ii» 
£1' Ti". .■; ru'/.'.j'Wj'tt!'; li sv Tof; yau- 

wQfiiTrtii' 'Afjihy hiytu if*7v, cVf 
i^iyov:rt r'.v (wiirSov auTaiv. 

6 si/ -Je cVaV 7rp<50-E-J/»Ii £ij-£>.9€ 

Sic TO Ta|Uj£rif srou, >^- XAfkr^j 

••51; liAECTi-v = , aTO- 

, * 7 t n;^-;J^'--;.'.EV:> rtf ^^« 
f ^aTTO>.o;^'.;'»Ta, i-yTTfj :I i c6- 
wxoi' f. So":*/;-! 5-ap c-ti 6v tji 
•}• ■TJ-oXyXiy.'a Kirm f Eijv.jtouj-Sii- 

8 M^ oi'v i5y.ii;.j'5j'TE edttn;' 
till ya^ waTj^g i.ui'i', a.-v X5E'''" 

• 34 Ki ii muttiiiin i\' .!' li !?' i 

3uihus fi-.natis rvcip;i'c, <iu.ii 
bbis gratia cIl.? Etcnim pt;c:- 
c;it<'r(:^ ].c: foencran- 
tur, ut rcc!p''..!it .•'.: juiili.i. 

"; 5 \\ri;i:r;iri., 11 i;ll'_:i!c i:u- 
niko': V' !i ro.-, ^'v: ir:nr!acitc, iS; 
imit;;;:;.! rl.itc nihil d-.-rjicraritcs : 
tc ' ;■i^ Dri 11.. vflba niuira, & 
'. IV . 1. .1 .1 : hnii : (JUM iplc: 
!.'_iii;.;:i!;:, Lit iiiji'jr iiigrut^Ji Sc 


.•?6 LHote orwo mifcriccrflcs, 
flcut ii I'ater vcllcr niift-ricors 


I A Ttenditc ir.iii ricordiam yc- 
(Irain nun iintc lio- 
mincs, ad fpcclari li?- : ii aittcin 
iion.mtrccdLDi nonhaboti;v.ijnid 
Patnin veil rum qui in ca:tis. 

2 Cum ergo fa; is ek'timofy- 
nani, nc tuh.i dai.xcris auto te, 
licut liypoL-ritx faciuiit in lyiia- 
oogis & iji vicis, ut fjlorlliccnuir 
ah iioniiiiibus : aircii dico vobis, 
excipiunt mcrccdcni fuum. 

3 Tc auteni faciciitf clotmo- 
fynani, n.'iViat iiniilra liiaqyid 
facial df \t!.ra ttia. 

4 Ut fit UVA tlci-moryna iit 
fecr'to : .•?: Pan r tuus vidciis in 
ficrcto, ipfj reddct tibi in- ma- 

5 F.t qnnm ores, noii crir, fi- 
ci!t }iypocrit:B : quia ai^Kait in 
i"vna(i;(i;ri?, & in angulis p!a- 
t'.-arum if-aiitii<; orare, ut appa- 
rcant hujninibus^ ani«n dico vo- 
bis, quod excijiiimt mercedftit 

6 Tu autcm rum ores, intrx 
in cuhicidvim tuum,& claudeh* 
oftium tuum, ora Patrem tuum 
qui in leer- :•.) : ^'c Pater tuus 
coni'vici' : ''\ rc'^'cr 
ti'')i ii'i a; ; 

7 Oraii-.L- .• li''. iiiania 
liAjur.iniai, ru'iic ithi.i.i, arbi- 
traiuv.r entm qi.od in mukilo- iuo e:audicntur. 

8 Nc igitur affimikhiini eis : 
novit enim Patc^* veilcr quoruni 
ui'um habctii, ante vos peterc 

54. Et si vons ne preiez qu'u ecu 
Ac qui voiis csperez tie ircevoir ,1 
quel gre vous en saura-t-on ^ pais- 
que les gens dv mauvaise vie pie- 
unt auiu aiix gins dc mauvaise 
vie, alin d'en rccevoir la paieillir. 

Z'b. C'est piiitrquoi , aiuicz vos 
ennemis , I'aites du bien , et pre- 
tcz sans ca lien espt-rer , el voire 
vccompeuse sera grande , ct vous 
sertz les enfans du lies -haul ; 
paixe qu'il est bon envcrs Its in- 
grals et les nieclians. 

56. Soyez done misericordieux , 
coninie aussi voire pere est inise- 


PRENEZ garde do ne pas faire 
voUe aumune dcvant Itshoili 
mes, afiu d'cn tire vu; antreniciil 
vous ii'en aurez point dt- recom- 
pense de voire Pere qui est aux 
cieux. ■" 

2. Quand done tu feras fan'mone, 
ue faisj)a> sonner la tronipeilf de- 
vant toi , coniine font Ks hv|)u- 
crites , dans les Synagogues et 
dans Its ruej, alin qu'ils pn soient 
lionort's des homnies. Je vons dis 
en veritc , qu'il revoiveni leur re- 
compense. , 

3. Alais quand lu fais raum<*ne , 
que ta main gauche ne saclie pas 
tc que la it ta droite. 

4. Afinque ton aumuue se fasse 
eusecitij cl itu rire ^ui tt voil 

dansle secret, te le rendra piibU- 

5. Et quand tu pvieras , ne faxs 
pascoinme les hypocrites; cariU 
aimcnt a pricven se tenant debout 
dans les Synagogues ct anx coins 
des rues, afiu d'etre vns des horn 
mes. Je vous dis en verite , qu'ils 
refoivent leur recompense. 

G. Mais toi, quand tu pries, rntrf; 
dans ton cabinet; et ajant Icrivi^ 
la pone, prioton pt-re qui r.?/ dans 
ce lieu secret 5 ct ton pt-re qui tc 
vojtdans le secret , te reconipcn- 
sera publiquement. 

7. Or, quand vous pricz , n'u'tz 
pas des vaines redile". conime lea 
Paiens ; car ils croient qu'ils sc- 
ronl exaiices en parlant beaucoup. 

8..Ne leur resseniblcz done pas; 
car voire Ptie sail de quoi vons 
avezbesoin , avant que vous Ze lui 

34 And if ye lend to them of 
vvLoMi ye. hope to receive, what 
thivnk have >'e r for sinners also 
lend to sinnerb. to receive as much 

35 But love ye your enemies, 
.iud do !j,cod, and lend hopiiv;; Tor 
nothins.:; a:-aiiv: and your reward 
shall bt- L^reat, and ye sl.allbethe 
children of the Hi^jhest : for he 
is kind unto the unthankful, and to 
the evil. 

•:->Q> lie ye, therefore, merciful, as 
your father also ifj merciful. 
'"I'^AKE heed that ye do not 

JL your alms before men, to be 
seen of them : otiierwise ye have 
no rew;ud of your Father v/hich 
is in heaven. 

2 Therefore, when thou doest 
tldnc alnri, do rioL sound a trum- 
pet before thc^-, as the hypocrites 
do in the synay:o:;ues, atul in the 
streets, that they may have glory 
of men. Verily 1 say unto you, 
Tb.ey have their reward. 

3 But when thou doest ahus, let 
not thy left hand know what thy 
right hand doetii : 

4 That thine ^ alms may be in 
secret: and thy Father, which 
seeth in secret, himself shall re- 
ward thee openly. 

5 And when thou prayc^t, thou 
shalt not be as the hyi^oc-iles «■•,-; 
fp.' they love to pray standins^r in 

the sy na!o;^ues, arid in llje coi- 
'■v^rs wjf the streets, that t!iey may 
be seei^ <^f ni-i>- ^'erily I say un- 
;to vou ,i"hey have their reward. 

6 liut ihou, when thou prayest, 
eut^v i»>^<^ ^i^y closet; and, wheo 
'thou hast shut thy door, pray to 
,ttiy Father which is in secret; 

and thy Father whicli seeth in 
secret, shall reward thee ojienly. 

7 But when ye pray, use not 
vain repetitions, as the heathen 
do: for they think that they shall 
be heard for their much speaking. 

8 Be not ye, therefore, like un- 
to them: for your Father know- 
eth what thin:^s ye have need of, 
before ye ask him. 




9 OZru:; cl.v 'Tr^-rt's'x^'^s "■ 
^cTc' HA'TEP ;i/xi;, i h t;?; iy- 

10 *iv>5E'T.v >; £l:<yi}'.ix c-iV 
yB'.tjj'.TV 'TO ^iXvfia, <riv, ci; Jy 

11 TJV «.-.-■;> JiV.a;' T3V ETTICy- 

12 Kat iJIs; >;/.'."v ra o^eiX^- 

13 |U' E^ST'f. )/>■«? r.yAi; ei; 
nilciCf-'.h, aVXa pvrai hy.rt^ airo 
ToZ '!!'^-V''-j' on ciu i^r/ >i Ha^i-- 
xila,, Kf h eivTUi;, 1^ h &.^a si; 

J4'£xv yip a^JjrE Tii"? • avOp^. 

I^ 'faV'Si jui a^ijT£ ToTf aV- 
ovll warip iijUAJ* ei^is-tt ra 

16 "OTttV Ji VUfEUITE, ^^ yi- 

Ks^S, aJiTWtp oj iwoxp»V», fKvQfX- 
Woi" a'4>avi^oy<ri yaf to, irfCiiTtt.<aa 
tdjrav, 'wok; <f)(tva;iri yTotf o>9p«B- 
frcir vni-'£y«VT£;' dytx^v \ij/£» i.^fV, 

17 2u 5s mj-suouv aXe(>f'ai ir« i-fl» 
jCE'^aX'iVf 1^ TO wptrwxiy en vi'-i-aC 

! W«(? v»f£u4!V, AXXtt Ta? Ttarpi <THi 
toil h Ti» kfoTTTx' Ki i ira/rfip vw 
o ffkiiraiv Iv ri >cpi/rrl(2, i'rroiei-ii 

foi ev T(a<^av£p«. 

' ' * I9 MJ) I ^^avfi^^irt, vfjd* 

^ XXS77T0Utf-J' 

'ftivi Iv ovpayS, OTTOV oCrB y»; oiIts 
^paJc-if tt<5>avi^ei, 5 oTTcu x>£7rT«i 
, -tv ^lo^vtrrovs'ty outi x?if7rT0t/trr/. 
41 "Ottou yap eciv Srnc-aup; 
ifxZy, Iw l?ti ^ h x-ci^lla. Itxav. 

Ij-iV i<p9a'^fJi.oC E'iv ct/v J^OaX- 

.9 Sic cr{>;o -orr^.te V - ; : P;^:r 
nofter qui m ca-Ii-;, iciiu'tilJc.-nu- : 
nomcn tuum. \ 

- lo- Advcn'ut i\'p;niim tuum ; 
Filit voluntas tun, iicut jii c,ilo» 
& in terra. 

Ti Panem noflrurn fun.Tfub* 
ftantial-iu da noljis hr,C:i'.\ 

la Kt dipilttc iioliib debit! ' 
noftr;-., iicut <i< n(.s diaiittimus ." 
dcbjtorihus noilri'!. ; 

13 Ef ric in f.'ras nos in tenta-: 
tioncm, led libera nos a male; 
Quoniam tiunn eft rcgnum, &; 
potei-ti;'., &.- gloria in fcdula. A-,j 
moil. ■■^•4 

1 4 Si enim diroifcritis homii? 
nilrj-i l;i)-,fus eorum, dimittct 8t\ 
vobis Pater vcfter cxlcliis. 

15 Si autem non diniiferiti* 
hominxbus laplus ipforum, ncc 
Pater vefterdimittet'lapfus ve- 
ftros. . 

16 Quutii autem jejunatis, ne 
fiatisficiit hypocritae, obtriftati; 
obfcurant cnim faties fuas ; ut 
amen dico vobis, quii recipiunt 
mercedem fuam. 

17 Tu autem jejunans, Wge 
tuimicaput,& faciamtuam lava: 

iS Ut ne appareas hominibiu 
jejunans, fed Patri tuo qui in fe- 
creto : & Pater tuus vidcns in' 
fecreto, reddet tibi in niarii- 

19 Ne thefaurizate vobis the- 
fauros in terra, ubi asrugo Si 
tinea exterminat, & ubi fores 
perfodiunt, & furantur. , 

20 rhefaurizate. autem vobis 
thefauros in caslo, ubi ncquc 
xruG;o, neque tinea exterminat, 
& ubi furei non efibdiunt, nee ' 

a I Ubi enim eft tbcfaurus 
vefter, ibi erit & cor veftrum. 

-7/1 T 11 '■'"•"■> roriinris eft OCU- 
lus; ft rgitur ociilus tuits iiiTi-< 
plexfuerit, totum corpus tuuml 
iucidum erit, I 


q. Vou? done , piiez ainsi .• Notre 
Pt'ie qui f.s auxcitux, ton iiom 
soil snnclifie- ; 

10. Ton vigne viennt ; ta%'o1ont^ 
suit faile siir la tcire coinnu- au 
cit'l ; 

11. Donne-nous aujouid'liui no- 
tre pain qiiotidicu ; 

12. Pardouue-nous uos peclu's , 
comme aussi nous paidonuons a 
ccux qui nous ont oftunses ; 

]5. Kt ne nous abandonue point 
a la Icutation , mais delivrc-uons 
dn malin. Car ti toi aiipailicnt le 
rcgiie , la puissance , et la gloiit h 
jamais • Amen. 

i4. Si vous pardonncz aux hom- 
mes leursoft'cuses , votre Pcrc ce- 
leste vous pardounera aussi IfS 
totn^i ; 

i5.Mais si vous ne pardonuezpas 
aux hommes leurs offenses, votre 
Pcre ne vous pardounera pas non 
plus les volres. 

it>. Etquaudvous jeunez, no prc- 
noz pas un air triste coinmc les 
livpocrites ; car ils se rtndeiu If 
visage tout detail , a(in qu'il pa- 
ioiss« au,\ iioimnc^ qu'ils j«uncut. 
17. Mais toi , quand tn jei'mes 

oins ta t( te ct lave ton \isa 

9 After this mamier, therefore, 
pray yc : Our I'atlier which art in 
heaven ; Hallowed be thy name. 

10 Thy kinirdom come. Thy 
will be done in earth, as il ia in 

1 1 Give us this day our daily 

1 2 And forgive us our debts, aS 
we forgive our debtors. 

1 5 And lead us not into temp*' 
tation; but deliver us from evil: 
For thine is the kingdom, and the 
power, and the glory, for ever* 

1 4 For if ye forgive men their 
trespasses, your heavenly Father 
will also forgive you: 

15 But if ye forgive not mea" 
their trespasses, neither will your 
Father forgive your trespasses. 

1 6 Moreover, when ye fast, be 
not as the hypocrites, of a sad 
countenance : for they disfigure 
their faces, that they may appear 
unto men to fast. Verily I say un- 
to you, They have their reward. 

1 7 But thou, when thou fastest, 


anoint thine head, and wash thy 

18. Atiu qu'il ne paroisse pasaux face; 
hommes que til jeuues, mais .v«,- 18 That thou appear not unto 

lement a ten Pere qui est on se- „ * r ^ v. .. \ ^\ t^ ..i 

,cret; ct ton Perequi^. voit dans ."',^." .*°.^^'^' ^"^ '^"*^ ^^'J F^^t^'' 

le secret , te recoinpeusera publi- '^^'"^^^^ IS in secret: and thy Fa- 


ig. Ke vous amassez pas des ire- 
«ors sur la tene , on les vers et la 
rouille gatent tout, et oii les lar- 
j-ous percent et derobeut ; 

20.:^rais amassez-vous des iresors 
dans Je cicl,oi'i les' vers ni Ja rouil- 
le ne gatent lieii, et ou les larroiis 
ne. percent ui ne dcrobeni poijjt ; 
, 21. Car oi'i est votre Iresor, la 
sera aiisii voire caiir. 

22.L eeil est la luniiere du oor|),>. est sain, tout ton 
Corp; sera ectaire ; 

ther, which seeth in secret, shall 
reward thee openly. 

19 Lay not up for yourselves 
treasures upon earth, where moth 
and rust dotli corrupt, and where 
thieves break through und steal: 

20 But lay up for yourselves 
ti'casures in heaven, where nei- 
ther moth nor rust doth corrupt, 
and where thieves do nut break 
throu!_;h nor steal: 

21 For where your treasure is, 
there will vour Iieart be also. 

22 The li-Kt of Llie i.ocly is tr 
eye: if, thcrefoiv, thiiie eve be 
sinf^le, thy whole body shall be 
full of lisrht. 


ireli. li* « 

V. i; Tt Jy ST., r;iJ- 

24 Oi?£;; fi/,aTlll S'j'3-i ^lyi'otj 
>~ Tcv iT£,;v aj/tt'/tncTEj' ?, ho; av- 

3J Ai-t T i'r: >,roi,' I'ulv, /.'.>" 
fj,i^if.'.'"rs -in 4''/'^' 'y'S Ti if>;i- 
J"1T£ ^ •. / •il;.'':Tf • ^r,3£ 1 « <J-i',UflTi 

ta, 'l-Ti V fHiipovff-ty, edit 
ciixa;, >^ 9 Ttairi„ vi^iv s cwan'^ 

27 Ti'c J'j ki iy.m (X!fif/.'.iy 
Jtv^raj w^or-Seup.j Im tw nXi- 
Jitay auToD yn^vv 't;a j 

t i!(;iv« TSu't d^^jtl; f waif t al^i- 
*£(■ ;i( f KoTTM, I OL/Ja | vijflei' 

{it'.a>{T3 if £V TCjT{<jy. 

* 30 £f 0£ T4V J Xh'''"'' '^''" 

ay^v, jrnyi:-.)/ l-.-va, 5 | at;iov ii'f i 
I ollTitf j a'|U^lE>»t>.r,v, oil T.oAXi' ' 

31 )t5n o^v (xtfif/.\nTnr(, Xiysv- 
«n-£j' Ti <fi'-iyj.y.e», Q fi rnlui/AtY, 

J T» TrjpiSaXoo.utfia ; 
. 32 1 !(ivT» yaf Tavra, Ta l6vn 

fri^DTtr 0.J5 ^af TrarJip i|t*»'V i 

••iXstaip ToD €£cD, 1^ 7nv SjxaiC- 
«r.»«y 01'Tc.D K, raZrA ■aravTa 

TTpSrECriTlT;!! vv~y. 

34 M>) «:;> fxipt/Xits-riTl il; T^v 

Hay.iu a^T-f 29. -f- 3. 

23 Si aiit.-ni ociiliis f.iu'; my- 
itis f\Hrit, totiim cdrj U-- luiiin 
t-nairof'^ni crit. ft ti';'-" li-'ncn ' 
quod intc, tencbnt i'l.i.t, unc- 
btiU qu;int;c / _ „ 

24 Ntmopoteft cUioljud clo- 
miiiis 1"< rvirf :v:iiit Miiiu ununa 
odt-rFt, & iiltcruin lUligtt : aut. 
uniim anijiU-Nubitur, u'< altcriau 
f!(.r})ii i-t. iK'Si i (ii(.uis Deo fci"- 
virc & ni;iimiu>ii;e. 

;.S Projnir hoc dico vobis, ne 
jnxiiiuiiii .'.liima" v.ilr.f, quid 
' Jinctis & qirulbibatii : nc- 
I'lv- corijori V(r0ro, (\\nd iiuhia- 
iw'w.i. niJiiiK' p.iitmu )ihis cll; tic,', 
£c corpus inUumcnto i 

26 Infpiciteifai volatilia c.tli, 
qiioniam iion feminanr, ncqiio 
nictilnt, neque congregant in 
horrca, & Pater vcfter c.-v;lcili»;' 
pafcit ilia, nonnc vos m3^;;i5 ex- 
cJlitis ijlis? 

27 Qj-iisantcm e ; vobi=i nnsin- 
tU3 pott'it aclji':. re :id fluuiruiii.. 
fuam nibituni iiui!!i) ? ^ 

25 Et circa vclHi^.iciiriwn qin'd 
anxiamiiii ? Obfirvntc lilia aj^rt 
quomtxlu augcnntr : non fati*'ri 
gautur, ncipij iitnt. ", 

2i) Dko aiitem vobi ■, qv.o- , 
niain ncc Sulonuin in <inuii- 
trloria fua amidus <:'! iicut 
iiiiiun iihjrum. 

30 Si :^ittcin frt'iuni r.n;r! ho- , 
die cxiflcnf, 8--,'('x-, in rjiljanatu 
injti"'i!in, 1'' M- lir circMir.-T-i it, 
lion n.ultu niagi» vos, cxigux 
fidei ? t 

31 Ne igitur anxicmini, di»f 
cetites : (^id manducabimas, 
aut quid biliemus, aut quid cir- 

3i Omnia cnim h.TC gcntfi 
itiqiiiiuiit. Novit enim Pater 
VL-licr cxlcfti? quod opus ha- 
bctis horum onin>uni. ^ 

:3 Qn:erite aut<;m prinium- 
regnuni Dti, & juftitiam eju-s, 
^ha;c omnia adponeiitur vobis,, 

34 No igitur anxiemini in" 
eras : iiani eras cur-abit fua ip- 
<\u=. : fufficicns diei malitia fua. 

23 But if thine eye he evil, thy 
whole body shall be full of dal-J-L- 
ness. , If, therefore, the li;^-ht t\y^. 
is in thee be darkness, ho'vV grei.t 
is that d?"'-ness ? 

24 No man can serve two mas- 
ters: for either he will hate the 
rie, 'and love the other; or eke 
he will hold to the one, and de- f 

2 1. Nnl ue. [loat servir ucux mai- spise, the Other. Ye cann:it serve 

est rnaurais, 
teneljicax. Si 

25. ■\Iais in tmi o 
tout toil corp-j str 
done la iMiuicre qui csr mi U>i,//"c>l 
^^ucieticbrcSjCoiiibicu seroiit yiaii- 
j.-<-'s Ic'iitbrts 

tie coi i><, de quoi voussort/. vi tn --. 
La vie nest - el!e pas phis que !a 
iioiiriitiiie , fcil»; corps pluscpule 
vttiintiil ? 

afi. l<e;;aidez]es oiscaux del'air; 
car lis lie semciit , ni iic muisson- 
lunt , ni u'ajnassent rien daus dc- 
greiiicrs ,. el voire Piie ci-Iesle les 
.jKiinrit; NiHcsvuus pas beuucoiip 
plus eNceileiis (picnx ? 

27. lit qui est-cc d'eiitro 'vons . 
qui . par son smu.) . puisse ajinittr 
Uiie toudee a sa laille .-' 

2.y. El pour CO qui est dii vi'ti- 


tres ;car uuil I'aira I'lui, cl aime 
ra Tautre; ou ii s'atiarliera a 1 iiii, 
etmeprise4-a I'autre.- Vous ne pou- 
vez servlrDieti ct Maininou. 

25. C'est pourquoi je vons dis ; 
I>ie soyez ])oint en souci de vouc 

vie , de Ce que vons maii^erez, oil, , ^ 1 n ^ r i 

de ce q..e vous bolrez ; ni pour vo- ^^y-"-^ X^ ^'^^11 put on. Is not the 

ite inori' than meat, arid the body 

God and mammon 

2 J Therefore 1 say imto vou, 
Take no thought for yc^n- lifc, 
what ye shall eat or what ye shall 
Irink; nor yet for your body. 

than raiment' l 

26 Behold th.; fowls of the air: ' 
or they sow not, neitiier do they ' 
eap, nor gather into barns; yet ' 
.'om- heavenly l-'athcr fet'dcth ; 
hem. Are ye not mueh better , 
han they ? I 

27 ^^'hich of you, by ta'dnj,- ' 
hou-^ht, can add one cubit unto 
iis stature ? ■ 

28 And why lalcc ye thouL};iit for 

souci ? A pprrii^? comment li .s lis 
de tiuanps croissent; ils ne lra\ ail- 
kill ni ne lileul. 

'.'■I. Cepeudaiii. , je vous dis , que 
t'aloinoii nn'ine , daus loule j.a 
^loire , n"a point etc vetu coniinc 
1 III! d'eiix. 

Di>. Si done Dieu revet aiiisi riei- 
bedes cliainps,qui esi aujoiii i( iiui, 
et qui demaiii sera jeiee daus le 
lour, ne vous rfi-etira-t-il p;is 
beaucoup plulol , 6 geiis de peiilc 

.'^i. Ne ?o\ cz done point m souci, 
disaut .■ Que niangtroiis - nous .-' 
que boirons-nous ? Ou de quoi 
scrous-uoiis \ elus? 

5?. Car ce sont les Paiens qui 
reci:ertbeiu. toutes CCS clio-ies ; et 
voire Pere celeste sail que vous 
a\ ez bcjoiii de tou Usees clioses-la. 

,")5. Alai-i c'iere.'iiL' pit luiereuieiit 
!e lioj. auiiie tie l^ieu el sa jus- 
lice , el luiltes CCS choses vous 
seront do'uu'ts par-dcssu,s. 

.5(. Ne sovez done point eu 
souci pour Ic iend"inaiu ; car le 
!i 'idemain aura soiii de ce . tjiii 
■le rej^aidc ■• A t.^aque joursuHil ia 

' * ;aimentr (.onsider the lilies of 

he he'd how tht;y erowi-tliey 
oil U'jt, neitlier do they spin ; 
29 And yet I say unto you, That 
Veil Solo lion in all his ;^16ry 
vas not arrayed like one of these. 
50 Whcreloixs if God so clothe 
he grft-jb of tlic Held, which to day 
is, and to morrow is cast into the 
ov(jn, shall h- not inuch more 
d'dlw y(^\\ .? O ye of little iuith ; 
3 1 Therefore, take no tiiouj^lit, 
sayin;^, What shall we eat? or, 
"vVhat shall wc drink ? or. Where- 
withal shall wc be clothed? 

32 (For aftc-r all these tp.iii.q,- da 
theCientilcs seek:) for your hea- 
venly lather know-th tliat ye 
have need of all these 

33 But seek ye first the kint--- 
dom of Ciod, and his ri<^hteous- 
ness; and all these thin- s shall 
be added unto you. 

34 Take thereiore no thoup^ht 
for the morrow: for the morrow 
shall take thousfht for tlie thins^s 
of itself Sufficient unto the day 
is the evil thereof. 


'.<■■■ t. . -I. 

' " v.. ^ Xji'auTi ^pi'.STs,. 
^ E» ft.' //£.;-; ^S- 

C-'^V" { <c-rj5V Ko7iv, "(• "tt/rTf.S- 

iijC, ..>:.aXu.' TJ Xnff'O- «;r» 7 4? 
fS o4-0c'.>«t<) cot'; 

* i; f 'TTTOXflTi, f)tSc;>l£ TT^.v- 

rof, >-^ 7(.7fc J;ciC^E4:>? sxCaXEa 

\'>l oWTE TO tyiOV T017 Xl):ri, 

5To,-E xarrtTraTiic-aij-iv aursi? !v 

7 Airi.Tf, x, JuS'jrjTfti v/aTv 
RKOl)<riS-£Tc<l i/X(», 

« V . I > r. ^ ! r ru , 

.i'-'Tjv, jv.ij X.C:v i7ri?^';si iiirJ: ; 

* r I F; i,i'ii vfxs'.'i, jroyn^ol ovtsc; 

TOi's Ttxvo/f j|Vti'i', ffoVw /AaMov o 
WuTi;,!; ;.<■;". ; f/ TCI J ci-f avoi';, Ji!- 
#£lrj.:.'. 7. ' ■Ircij'tv airiv ; 

12 ir,;,Tt cvv ';Va ay 9.-iXr,Ti 
hct croiii'm j(*?v ol av6fi7roi, oL'ro; 

C A 1' U T Vil. _ 

I "j\J E jiidicAic, ut nun jiuU- 

a In (jiK. eiiim jinluio jiidica- 
vtriti-, juJicuhiitiini : i'<. hi 
qv.\i nu'iiriuv- ipciili I'ucritis, re- 
ri.eiii t\u' vobis. 

-y, [).\U-, 6c. dabitur vo'ih : 
jMcnriii-.uii bonam, conftrtam, 
.«< cocij^it^'.tam, & I'upc-i- JIirh- 
tun ariiuiit ill iimim vclbuni : 

(icu'.oti ;Ui< w i'onntii.n,;ilvcni-.? 

4 A\it (inmuiido I'.ii'cs frntri 
tuo ; Sine cjicijm fell ac a mile 

Ariilo tun, i?c cote Ira'js iii ocv.ld 
tuo? _ _ • 

5 ffypocrita, cjice primrim 
tral) ni dc oniLi tiio, & tunc 
iiuucb; I'is ciiccre fcflucam dc 
(jculo fiMtiis'iui. 

6 Ni'dcli'^ far.i^um raJiibitij' 
ncque mittat^'j.nrlta'; \'i;f- 
tras ante porcos, " - lu'tr ron- 
cultci^t cas ill pc.i.iljus i\us, c< 
coiivtru diranipaiit vos. 

7 Petite, & dtibitur vobis : 
([\in.jit<-, & iiivniietis : rmlfitc^ 

ci aivrlrtur voliis 

!•'. C):inii3 ciiiDi ■,' !'■ '■:- n::!- 
Jiit : 5 r,n:-ri'l.'. ill ..•: -,)]< , c< 
jiuil',,ii[i i-i 1 ■ ur. 

() All' 'i;:! -, I ;i : '.■•■M^ honi.i, 
<[uc;ii ii I'l I i'-ril i !iu i;ii' ■■ jm- 
iieni,numiiii(l l.ipi ! -ii ('a'. tit ( i ? 

I - I^t ii jiiKci-i [i^ li 1 't.iniii- 
cjuiii f.^rijciiteni dabil ci ? 

II Si eigo vof. ni:i!i exiften-' 
tes, nofti; (bita bona dare flliis, 
veilris, qunnto luugis Pater vo- 
der qui ill c.e'ii, dabit Lon i j<c- 
tentiblis fe ? 

Ii Omnia ercro quTeiiiniiuc 
vultis lit I'.uiarit v<)!m n'>iriii--3, 
ita & viKfacitc llli;.. ciihn 
ell Lcx & Propbctx. 

- C H A P I T R E V 1 1. 

Fill du Sermon aur la Moit- 
, tagne. 

jVj'E jiigcz point, afin qoc ^ous 
_ l!)c siivcz point juges. 

2. Car on vous jo,l;c!Ti rfn nifme 
jiic;enicnt que vous anr»'z jiigr ; ft 
on VOI13 int>>incia dc hi niune 
•msnie que vous aurtz incsurc l,:s 

'■ 53. Donncz, t-t on \ ous donntra; 
on vous ilonufia dans Ic sein uiic 
Loiiue rnesure, jiussOi' el srcouf'c, 
tmui se itpaudia jiar-dissus ; 

5. lit ponvquoi legardoR-tu line 
paille qui Ci/ dans I'o-il d • toa 
irt-ri; ; tHJidis t\ni: tii we vois p:is 
unc pouhe qui c.s! vians ton dil V 

I (.)ii (lis - In ;'i- Imo 

'.. I <-;< Crtlr I 

^[111 a unt j. 

Idc Ion (111 , I 
dans 1.- li.ri > 

:'. 1 1 \ |)iii rilf , ulc piiniit-n jijc'ii 
dt loa uii la poutii . it aiuis in 

1i^:ispvas a oil r la j;ail!f liois dc 
'(. U di; I'ju iitif. 

('. Ac (1(^10)^/ point Ics rli'iscs 
"•amies aii.\ fliiiui, cl lie jlIl-z 
pi lut \(is pi rivs dtvaul ics poul- 
ts aii.\ . lii: pini- quils ne lis luu- 
Itiit a kills pl< ..k , it ([lie sc loui-'' 
iiaiil i!s lie \ i.iis ih t liirciil. f 

7. ]Jti..alKliv , tt oil \ou.sdou-ii 
li.jia ; < lii-rtiK /: , tl \ ous li 011- 
I'.iezj liuurtcz, Ll on toii . ou- , 

b. (.'ai (luiconqui donaiulc , rc-i 
•roil J ^; qui thiifiii.- , troin r ; ct' 
J'oii oiuica tclni qui In iirlc. 

f). lit qui sera niiiiu: I'lioiiinn' 
d'tiiiK- \ ous (|ui donuf niif pn iic ; 
a son Jiis . s'il lui dtinaad'- iln 

IKlill?^ .. ■ 

io. 1.1 s il liii ('..■liiaildi' diiiini,- 

SOD . lui l''i|.;i. I a -l-ll ml SlTpi lit ?• 
II. ^i diiin , \ luis , qui Olr-> iiiau- , 
>a'-. ^a\(z hir'i domn.-|- a \l.^■ 
't-nlui-. d. 1 bvniic^ clmsi/.s , ( 0111- 
l>u a p!ii, votrt J'.'ic iju.i estdnis. 
Jci t'ii ii.\ , donu(ia-l-il dcs Imiis 
a ttu.x (pii /, ., lui d( inaiiili ill. 

I.' 'J'oat's 1:-, idio'as ([uc \ mis 
VO'ilrz q-io ics lioniinub vou-, la-. 
Sfai! , I'ait' s-/<-.v-i< iiv an- 1 
ni' !!!( ; ',;(! c'l-sl )a la Lo: rl 


JUD(;E not, thut yc. be naitli.y_ 
2 For with what juclfjment ye 
jud-e, ye shall be judged: and 
wiui what measure ye mete, it 
sliall be me- ui'ed to you again. 
■'>S Give, and it siudl !)e f;i ; en tm- | L -^^ 
to you ; good ni.-asure, pivsse.l 
do-.vii, and shaken toiretiiL-r, ' 
running over, shall men -i^e i„Lo I 
your l)oso3Ti. 

.3 And why belioldest tboii tlic Tf^.y. 
mote that is in thy brothc-r's eye, 
but considerestnot the beam that 
is in thine own eye ? 

4 Or liow wilt thoti say to thy 
l)rother. Let me pull out the mole 
out oi'tliine eye; and, behold, a 
beam /v in thine own eye? 

5 'i'hou hypocrite ! first cast out 
the beam out of tiiine own eye; 
and then shalt tho\i see clearly to 
east out tlie mote out of tlsy bro- 
tlier's eye. 

6 (live- not that which is holy 
unto the do:-;s; neitlier cast ye 
y(;ur pearls befoiv swine, lest they 
trainpletlier.) undertlieir feet, and 
turn cigttin and rend you. 

7 Ask, and it shall be oiven you ; 
seek, and y<-* shall find ; knock, 
and it siiall be o-peiied unto you: 

8 For every one that askt tli, re- 
cei\ el!i ; and he that seckellu fiiid- ; 
elb; and to h;ii» that knockelh, it 
sliuH be opened. 

'.) Or \\ hat man is there of yc^u. 
wlioin if his soi; ask bixad, ^^ill 
lie gi\e him a sU)!ie ? 

10 Or if lie ask a fisJi, will lu- \ 

' i\!.' him a sl iMiv-iil? i 

* ^ • * 1 

.11 If ye then, bemg evil, know 1 

how. to give good gifts unto your I 

< liili'reii, ]\uw mnt h mine shali 

voiir Father,'. ii is in in'iacn-, 

;;i\e |.'()od iliingsto ll'.eni tiial ask 

1,; fi'her. fo'.'c all iliings v.dK'ts';- 
ever ye would (hat men ■ liotdd do 
to von, do \'.\ veil .0 lo liiLin : ibr 
this is the lav.- lU;;! the 

■ri':-i :■ Tn i ^.--/.vrira ,', ] .-JX)), >„ 

I '■■-.■/. t. •" '' ! '^'--^ '' 1 "iTra- 
> i-T-. £.,' -;r;. I «-:i'X:;-iV, ^^ -,-cX- 
?,:i '."j.v c! il:r!px,-y-l''OI vi' alri,- 
I.J ' 0-( rr; ; h TTuXr.j J TEGXijCt- 
/u£i» h oo:: h aTti.y'.v7a £:; tni 

. «'(;~^i^-»)Ta'V, o.TivE; J^^ovrai TtrOi; 
1 6 'a wo Ta'V x.a^nMV alrmv 

1" ri'T'j; .TTttV o'EvJjov dyacov 

1 ii Oy «JvaTCi oE'.o'/c^ «-'a:ov 
xacTicyj Trr.Jiriu; ttoiei/, cjo; ffsv- 

Wiv xaXov, £Kx;'7rr£rai, ^ Si; wlj 
■20 "/,^.-'.j/E aVo T»v x:!j!ira;v 

5 5 'O a'^/aS"? aiSjiW®' Ik tu 
aya65 ^K^au^S rr,,;i Ka^iiuf ix 
faXXEi Ta dya&ii' 1^ ■ajcuijcj 
cv9{a,'7rl§^' EX TM WO'/Dftf &E »■«;{« 
£)tCaXXli tETOVoja. 

gt AEyiu Si i/wlvj ""< "^^^ f'>' 
ua. aVyov, la.'/ XaX^s-a'Tiv ol aV- 

■77 'Eit yaf ruv Xiy».-» oTi «(- 
itai«9>irii, ^ t" "J^ liy^u'vcru HA- 

Xoyo'.f nvTOv:;, K, wcisV ovTsi',-, 5- 
fA.OiCori> alriv a'vS-jl ^.jOviV^w^ oV'f 
ti;:c^Q{M3-i T«v Oixiav airoD -r,Ti 

21; Kai KuTitn '» S^oxh, ^j '^^' 

F-<"/ ^ 7r^53-£7rEsov Tn slxia £X=l- 

t;;'ii. quia );'.ta yuiita i'k fjiu-. 
tiijl.'. vin (Uit(.iisau]-c!-i';liornni,. 
& imilii finit iriV^rniicDCcs jivr 

14 CiuKi angufta porta, & 
ftiii.^la viii ducciis ad vitam, & 
pauci fant iijvtiiictitcs cam. 

15 Attcndite vrro a falfis 
projilii. th, quia vcnlunt ad vos 
in injiinui'.ti^. oviuni, intrni- 
fcciis ;aii(. ir. funt liipi Tapaces. 

16 A fru^^^ibus coruin aj^no- ; 
fcctiscos. MuiKiuid.colligutit i; 

^l'ini^ uvani, aut de tribulis fi- 
oirii ? 

1 7 Sic omnis arbor bona fruc-' 
riis l).,i!u- tacit : at cauolU ar- 
I'or tVui:;i;:j nulos facit. 

1 S Nonpotcflailxjiboiia fruc- 
tu", mj! li fi-.ccrc, nequc arhor; 
carioia i'rudlua pulchrOs faccic- 

19 Omuis arbdr non facicu$ 
friK'-tiiiu pulchriim.'cxfcinditur, 
oc ill igiiiin iiiiicitirr. ^ 

20 hackle c; iVudlilnis coj-uiii • 
ajji:olcttir, t oi. 

3 5 Bonus homo dc bono thcr 
fauro cordis ejicit !)ona : .& ma- 
ins homo de malo thtfimro ejicif 

36 Dico autetn vobis, quiid 
omne verbuni dtiofum cjuod ki- 
quuti fiierint l)on3itt<;s,,redd?nt 
de eo rationcm in die judicii. . 

37 ¥.:i enim verbis tuis jufti-- 
ficaberis, & ex verbia tois c«>n* 

J, demnaberis. 

24 OmhU or;j;<i quicunqiie 
audit ima v rba, i'c iacit 
ta, aflimilabo ilium viro pni- 
dcati, qui adilUavit dominui 
fiiani riii>tr pctraai. 

7.5 I'.t dclccndit plnvia&: 
vLMLiv.nt ikunina ^ flavL-runt 
v< ati, i'^ procubcrunt domul 
illi, & noil cccidit : iuadatii 
cratcuim fupcr pctram. 

i3. Entrez par Tci porte otroite ; 
carlaporielaige eile cheniin sjiii- 
citux nicncnt a la perdition , el 
il y en a bt-aucoup cjui y eiiireiit. 

It. Mais la povle tiroile, et Ic 
clicmin e'troit menL'nl a la vie, 
;et il y en a pen qui le trouvent. 

i5. Gardez-vuus des Cuix Piu- 
plu'tcs , qui vieauenl u ^ ous en 
liabils de brebis , mais qui au de- 
dans -sont des loups ravissans. 

i6. V'ous les reconnoitrei! u Icurs 
fruits ; Cueille-l-on des raisins 
sur des epincs , ou des ligues sur 
des chardous ? 

17. Aiusi tout arbre^TMi e^f bon 
•porle de bons fruits ; mais nn 
rn'auvais arbre portc de mauvais 

^8, Ua boa arbie ne p.eatpoiierj 

(le mauvais iVuiis , ni nil man- ' 
V ais arbre )>urter de bons IVuils. | 

IQ. Tout arbre qui ne porte point 
de bons fruits , est coupe el jele | 
au feu. 

20. Vons les connoitrez done i 
leurs fruits. 

21. Ceux qui me dlscnt ; Sei- 
2,neur, Seigneur , n'entreront pas 
ions ail floyaunie des cieux ; 
mais celui-lu seulemeiU qui fait 
la volonie de mon I'ere qui est 
dans les cieux. 

•22. riusieurs me diront en ce 
jouv-la ; Seigneur, Seigneur , n'a- 
Tous-nous pas proplieiisc en ton 
nom ? JN'avons-'nous pas cliassti 
les Demons en ton nom V L'.t n'a- 
vons-uous pas fail plusiturs mi- 
racles en ton nom ? 

25. Alois, je lenr dirai ouver- 
tement ; Je ne vous ai jamais con- 
uiis; U( tlrez-vous do inoi , vous 
qui faites metier d'iniqnite. 

21. Quicijnque done entend ces 
paroles que je dis -, et les met en. 
pratique, je le comjuirerai a unj 
lioinnie priulejil , quia bali sa 
maison sur le roc. 

25. Et la pluie est tombee , !esi 
jtorrens so sont dcbordts , et les 
Kentsont suniTle , el- sont v enus 
jfondre sur celtc maison4a ; elle 
'n'est point tombc'e , car elle eloit 
.fondcc sur le roc. 

13 Enter ye in al tlie strait pate; fVi .y 
for wide it the oate, and broad ?.v 

the way, that leadeth to destrtic- ! 
tion, and many there ^^e wljich ' 
go in thereat: > 

1 4 Because strait is the gate, ' 
and narrow /v the way, Avhich ' 
,leadetli unto life, and few there '< 

be that find it. : 

1 5 Beware of false prophets, ', 
which come' to you in sheep's 
clothing, but inwardly tliey are 
ravening wolves. 

1 6 Ye shall know them by their 
frints. Do men gather grapes of 
thorns, or figs of thistles ? 

17 Even so, every good tree 
bringetli forth good fruit ; but a 
corrupt tree bringeth forth evil 

ISA good tree cannot bring! 
forth evil fruit, neither ran a cor- j 
rupt tree bring forth good fruit. ' 

19 Every tree that bringeth not j 
forth good fruit is hewn down, 
and cast into the fire. j 

20 V\'lK:refore by their fruits ye ! 
shall know them. 

3 J A ti,ood man, out oftlie good vTt^'^- 
treasure of the heiat, bringeth 
forth good things: and an evil 
man, out of tiie evil treasiire, 
brinticth f(>rth evil tilings. 

35 But 1 say unto you. That 
e\ery iille word that men shall 
speak, they shall uive account 
thereof in tiie day of judgment. 

3" Tor by thy words thou shalt 
'oe jtistified,and by thy v. ords thou 

shalt be condemned. _ 

I 24 Therefore whosoever hear-/H:. /! 
' eth these sayings of mine, and 
Ij doeth them, I will liken him un- 
to a Mise man, which built his 

house upon a rock : 
2.5 And the rain descended, and 

the floods came, and the winds 
j i)lew, and beat upon that house; 

and it fell not : for it was founded 

upon a rock. 


"K'jynv- to'toXi;, ^ fJ-n OTciaJv oi- 
Ti.; o,u:. jsiif ETtti avJ^i (jix^m, 0- 
Ci; s.'x;;;y.i;£r£ . T/,v oiaiiy ail-. J 

io Ko; i/i'ttTi 5/; c"c/v;Te>;<r;v 

lj;rct; J Til/; Xi^tff T tT-.vj, e:'e. 
<7rXrr:o:ri oi 3v>,o; £^1 T>)' St. 

-9 '■■''' y^i 5t' ajKi't alToh; it; 
((*aT£,V. 22. f 2. 

Ki.p. n. ?,. 

1 I/'Arc'aiTi ii '->r~ aTT: too 

.i'_;-> »( '/:> ^■.^. ^ _ - xtJtX-.j, fioaVxiiv. 

J^'. A lv« cr^ ;<,'■<£ 'S7a;1ff ci 

-9 1 "-'^;='''* '"■*■'' J ^yy^'v ^«i? 

i'j;' 1//.3.Z, ^ . J fxd^lil C4,T* t.'.ldf, 

CT. t ■3^f"_: + '•'"'', ^j "TT 

IWC Trj' xc: '.f :■, iV^KTt.C i ii /Ct - 

yj 'C ■ •', ; >:? it^i^/^r-?;, >j 
TS <f o^Ti'sv /US lX»|:f f-iv, JO. f 2. 

I.'- ;. .■^. ' ' .'vj '?^/;i f-^-'''' «VTt/' 
>; £.'--f, c'kv £.'; -.-r,y cixi'av Ta 

"^7 *"■■■• '''*', yi^'i £v "Ti' "JTS- 
>:i, i: r. : ;.v'»'Al; k:Ti- 

£.ij airii v/Vi'j-.'-', KAa.'tfj-a, r^- 

T£')4>,£i vij^- 'orco'af avrS, ^ >;- 
>v£('Ji£ T"-' yv^'i. 

a6 Et on.nis audicas mea 
verba hKc, & uou fatjens ca, 
a^lrmitabitur viro iLttito, qxil x- 
uiiicavit domum fuani fupsr 
arcnam : 

-7 Et uefcMidit pluvia, & 
vcaerunt li'imiua, tSc fiuvciui-.c 
vcaci, <k jruracrant Juiiiui iili, 

<fc Cccidij, <k iuiC 'vOiUS i'.ii'l.- 

2<:5 Et f.i'.^uni cfl, q'uuni con- 
fuinniiiUct Ji.'ru5 IVrnudic.s l;os, 
:'upchaiit ilium turbas fupcr 
iioi:triiui iju5. 

29 -;>at en ni .loccns cos ut 
auclorif.-.tem liabc ns, t<. iion fi- 
cut Scrib;;:. 

r T'^Elcc■IKLL•ntc autcin co de 
moiitc, ivcuta; I'unt cum 
turbre piukx. 

,(Sc circui- 
j bat vicos in orbcni, doccns. 
i8 Vctiitc ad nicoiiMies labo- 
mjirf!, & onerati,.^ ego rccre- 
alft vos. 

7.:j ToUitc )uj;:iim moi!fri fu- 

pfr vrt?, 3i diiVitc a mc, q\iia 

rijiti'i Iu;n,^'-huinili? corJt; : & 

i iavenietis requiem ritii;na!)us 

I vefb-is. 

I 30 N-ain ji!jj«)n mcum bl:i'i- 

I dum, & onus mcuin levc eft 
I ^6' Rog-abat autcm quidani 
' ilhim Pharifajoruin, ut iuanJu- 
caret cum illo : Et ingrefi'n^ ill 
domu'.ri Pliarifa:i, difcubuit. 
\ 37 Ei etcc niulicr in civitatc, ' 
quK eiat peccatiix, cognufccns 
(juod accubuit in ilorao Phuiri- ' 
1 Ixi, affercus alabaflruni un- 

I ,",S Et ftans fecus pedes ejus 
I retro, Kens, co-'plt rigar^ pedua 
! tjvH lachryniis, & capillis ca-., 
i pitls fui ey.terp;ebat, & ofcula- 
I hutur pedes cjiis, &i un^'cbal uii- 

3.G. Mais quicouque enicml ces 
paroles que je dis , el nt k.s mtt 
paS-cn pratique , sera cuiii|)arc 
^a uu Iiofiime inseusp , qui a biili 
isa maisuii sur le sable. 
' 27. El la pluie esl tombee , Its 
.lorrews se sunt debordes , et les 
jvenis onl .soume , otsoat ^ enus 
[fondle sur cette itiaison-Ia; elle 

est tombe'e , ct sa ruiae a ttc 

28. Et quand JESUS etu achcve 

ces discours, ie peuplc fut <Jloini« 

de sa doctrine. 
2f). Cai il les enscignoit coniinu 
lajaniauioviie., el uou ^Jasc^WUiie 

les Scribt:.'. 

j/^TANn Jesus fut desteudu de 
V^ la niomagne ; uue grande 
wuitilude de peu])le Ic suivii^ 

et ilpareuurut lesHtoui- 
gadesdes env irons, en tnseif^uaul. 

2^. A eiie/ ;'i iiioi , vous t(iiis(ini 
tics li u\ ailit > el eliaigis,rt je \ uu . 

:?(). l'h;u-.',< z-^ OU3 de mon )i/u5 . 
ft appret'cz lie moi , que je siiis 
ddux et bumble de eour, cl \ oui 
ir(niveie7. le lepos de vos anus ; 

Sc.Car nvon jouj^est aise, el inon 
fardeau esl leper. 

' 3ii. L'u riiaiisirtia} ant irney.'.w? 
de inaii{;er clu'Z lui , il eutra daii^ 
!_a niai'on du riiaiisi<n, et il se 
mil a lable. 
.1". I'.t uur rcmme do la vil!e , 
qui a\ (jit e!e de inau\aise vie , 
a > aut su quil elnit a laL'e ilaiis la 
niaisou du l'li;ii i-iei\ , elle y a;i- 
j>oria uu\ ased albatie pie in d'liuc 
liiiilc odoi ill raule. 
58. Kt f,f tenant den'iere , aux 
pieds de Jt'siis , elle se mit a pleu- 
rer ; elle lui airosoit le* pieils d^ 
s larmes, et les cssuyoit aitc 

jses clieveux; die lui baisoll lc% 

jjiieds, et die li-s oi^uoil avecctttc 


26 And every one that htixrcth ?Th .-7 
these sayiiuijs of mine, m^l doelh 
Ihem not, shall l)c likened unto a 
foolish man. Avhich built his house 
upon ilie sand : 

27 And the rahi descended, ahd 

tlie floods came, and the winds •>- 

blew, and beat upon tliat house ; 
and it fell, and great was the fall 
of it. 

28 And it came to pass when 
Jesus had ended these sayings, 
t)ic people were astonishod at his 
doctrine : y^.*, 

2y i-"or he taught them as one 
haviui^ authority, and not as the 

WIIF.N he Avas come doA\'n /^^•° 
from tlie moinitain, great 
multitudes followed him. ' 

iS. And he vv ent round M^- " 

about the villa :cs, 

28 Come unto me, uli vv that la- ^- /' 
• oiu- and are heavy laden, and I 
will j.'i\e you rest. 

29 Take my yoke upon you, 
and learn of me ; for 1 am meek 
and l(j\\iy in heart: and ye shall 
find rest unto yoin* souls. 

o'j 1 or my yoke i-^ easy, iukI 
my burden is li:jht. 

56 And one of the Pharisees (ie- f ■ 
sired him that he would eat uitli 
him. And he went into the Plia- 
risee's house, and sat down to meat. 

57 And, behold, a woman in the 
city, which was a sinner, when 
she kne'v that .A.v/w sat at meat in 
the Piuiiisee's house, brougiit an 
alabaster box of ointment, 

38 .'\nd sloful at his feet behind 
/ii/)i weepinL';, and began to wash 
his feet v.ith tears, and did wipe 
t/ic))/ A\ ith the hairs of her head, 
aiid kissed his feet, and anointeii 
f/irni Avith the ointnient. 



39 'lieu/ il '^«f ta-.iTof 5 xa - 

JiTij a,ifii]o.i alrS' cVt d/xafx- 
4< Ka: rtVcxjifljij o li;-??, 

T( eiTTii'v. 'O Ji 'JllS'l' A'lJrt- 

* 41 Al'u J p(^^^£ft;i^:iX£T.-ti li- 

I JT;;©-' I ITSlT/lXjila. 

41 M^ s;<^i,.iv Ji alroiv a- 
T»; -it a^Ti'V, t^r/fj WAsru^ av- 

tl„-eV rr.vX^jl,iCa » CTi fill TO 

44 Ka; r; I ; ;..; ■".. ; t'v yv- 
*aTfta, T/7 .-I'/.t.-.i -.f,)' I./.i/,-2i 

try £if t;,v c'xj. vJ u5w^ stti tu,- 
Ifijay //a :■ ' £^ •, : ; ;• a"T>) 5: 
TOi; Jax^i.-' . / ^. ; "-^ Ta; ari- 

al-.'i.; . "c ;.c ■'■. 

' ^5 I V./r,;-,-'; MSI 'A,K eJv- 

;e-:?' r^.L'.-n ci',' •-•'/ '-; ilj'oSi'.j, 
a \ hihiTji I ncl i^^i? StcI jAU Ttit; 

4> 'fXfi'.) T ?,v vE^j'^x'v /xy 

A£iJ i 7'. < Tvi': ■— . r- -. 
i) ;w^T>lf aCru- i;^ i^ii £C«T£,' 

CiTOV £'.%;V J; aLTv.- 'iW, fj 
(.ihrr:^ ca tij 0; a5£A<f,i ca s,;*' 

^^5 Kai kV:K^i1>] u'toT;, Xe 
yi'V- Tl'c EJ-iv 'i f/-'^'~';i /'"^J >■' «' 

34 KoiAdZrEjieXE^f-aV-*^''^ , ''"^- 
xXm Tt)? W^i «i/TC> Xa9»!/A!va?, 
Xe; £1* "iJe h fJihTi^ y.a {^ "• «^^«^- 

"Ij " O? >'af a" 'C!rotr)Tr> to &EX);- 
^a Ta esa, aTO? aJfXt'J f*" & 

39 Vitk'ns r\utem Phaiineuf' 
vocans cum, ait in Icipfo, di- 
ccus : Hie fi effct Piophcta, 
icirct utlque qua; & qualismu- 

li.r, qu;L tangit cum, quia pec- 
catrix tfl:. 

40 Et refpondens Jefus, dixit 
ad ilhini : Siinon', liabeo tibi 
aliquid dicere. Is vcro ait : ; 
Magifter, die. " 

41 Duo dcbitores crant foe- 
neratorl cuidam : unus dcbebat ; 
dtrarios quiiigciuos, at alter 

4i In on habcrtlbus axitcni 
illir. reddcrc, ambobus donavit : 
(,Uiis urgo eoruni; die, plus cum 
dn i^ct 'i 

43 R(T;H);uli.':ii aiitcm Si- 
y.\<u,'t : lubi'iinir. 'Miid cui 
(^!l!s (ioiittvit. LI.' aiiU-ui dixit 
J: R . -■ i-ilic'lH. 

-I • V : . _ rfus ail !u'il!c- 

1". PI . i !■' 1 ''•. .ii- : id' s jianc 
:-.'i;i'i r ; n .' Ji,t:';'-: Vaj.wi ill 
i':o.'.i;:"u, iiq.ijin Lid i'c'l-^ ineos 
ni.n .k.'.illi : W.'.c autcm l-icry- 
mis rij^^ivit nico< pedes, & ca- 
pilli;. c;\nit's Aii cvterfit 

4; Oicid ■ni miiii nori dediT 
r, i : h.-L'C airtcm, ■.•:< quo iutravi, ctlTavit ofcidans nicos pe* 

,\^> Oleo caput m^nni non^ 
uiix-idi : Iv^c :uiuia ungucnto* 
unvit moju5 r.cdc-.T. 

31 Vtiiiunt igittH" fratrcs & 
matcr ejus : <Sc foris Jlunte>i, 
uiil'^runt ail cuni,vocaiiUi cum. 

^Z Et fedthat turba circura 
cum: diccVanf vcro ci ! Eice 
niatcr tua, &:. Jratrcs tui, foris 
quicrunt to. 

33 Ju rci'jordit eis, dicensj 
Oiix cfl niatcr iiica, aut fia- 
trcT mci? 

•:;4 l-,c circutid'piciciis circulo 
circa f<; fclcutcs, ait : llccc ma- 
ter nua, & iVatrca inci. 

35 Qui cnini fetcrit volun- 
tatcm Dcr, hie fratcr nicus, & 
foi'or nica, k. mater cfr. 

39 Now, when tlie Pharisee whicU **-< -7- . 
had l)i(!dcin.iiim»saw eV, he spake« ' 
!xvithin himself, sayin[>;'. This m^iv 
if he were a proi)!iet, wouklliave, 
known Avho amd what manner of 
woman t/m is that toucheth him; 
for she is a sinner. 

40 And Jesus, answerinj^, said 
uftto him, Simon, I have some- 
what" to say unto thee. And he 
saith, Master, say on. 

41 There was a certain creditor, 
which Iiad two delators : the one 
owed five hundred pence, and the 
other -S.fty. 

42 And when they had nothing; 
|dc quoi payer, il l«ur (jumu it ^^ ^^^,^ ^^ frankly' forgave them 

tmis clfiix lenr tletie. Dis rmui bQ^j, 'pgij ^^^^ therefore, which 

, of them will love him most ? 

43 Simon ans\\ered, and said, I 
siipposc that /ir to whom he for- 
gave most. And he said unto 
him, Thou hast rightly judged. 

44 And he turned to the woman, 
and said unto Simon, Seest thou 
this woman ? I entered into thine 
house, thou ij-avest me no water 

e la.'mes, el les a essuves^vcc ^«'' ?^>' ^^.^^V '^^it she hath Washed 

my leet with tears, and wiped i/ieni 
Avith the hairs of her head. 

45 Thou gavest me no kiss: but 
this woinan,since the time I came 
in, hath not ceased to kiss my feet. 

46 My Jiead with oil thou didst, 
not anoint : but this woman hatli 
anointed my foct with ointment, 
; 3 1 'There cauu then his brethre^ Jn< ■ X 
and his mother, Li:id, sitar.ding with-^ 
out, sent unto him, calling him.. ,v 

32 And tlae multitude sat about 
him, and they said unto him, Bej_- 
hold, thy iiiother and thy brethrentj 
witliout seek for thee. ^ 

33 And he aUfiwered them, say-,; 
ing, Who is my mother, or my 
brethren ? 

34 And he looked round about 
on them which sat about him, aiid 
said. Behold my mother and my. 
brethren 1 \. 

3>i-or v/hosoever shall do the; 
ly.lH oi" (;od, th 

Sg, Le rliarlslcn qui ravoit con- 
vie , voyant cela , dit en lui- 
uifioc : Si eel hoinme etoit Pro- 
pht-tc , il sauroit ^ans cloute qui rst 
cette femme qui le louche , ct 
qu'elie esl de inaiivaisc vif. 

4o.'Al()r.sJc'sus prtuanlla pan-le, 
lui ilil: Siinou, j'aiquelqiii; cl <)se 
u te diie : el il dil : MuiUe, dis- 

'^- ■ A ^' 

4i. Un cn'ancier avoit denx (i<— 
biteurs, doitt Fun lui devoa < ii;q 
cents doiiiei-s, el I'anlvc cinquanie. 

42. F.t coiiinit; ilsn'avoii-iU pas 

done lequel des deux Tairacra Ife 

. 45. Simon lui repondit : J'estimc 
qne c'esl celui a qui il a le plus 
qnitle. Jexua lui dil : Tu as I'ort 
bien juge', 

' 44. Alors se touinant vers la 
fcmme , il dil u Simon : Vois-ui 
celte I'ernine ? Je s\iis tntre dans 
ta maism , et Ui ne m'as point 
donni; d'eau pour 7ue later Ics 

' eds ; mais eilt- a ariose mes pieds 

le larmes , el Its a essuyes avcc 
ses ciievtiix.' 

4.T. Tu ne m'as point donnr tlr 
baiser ; niais elk- , dcpuis qu'eile 
[est eatrte , n'a cessc'de me baiser 
jles pieds. 

46. Tu u'as point oint ma ihe 
cl'Iiuile ; niais elic a oinl mes 
piedsd'une Luile odorilVrante. 

'6 1 .Ses li;r('i I I ';o iii('-it riiil\('- 
rcnf (liinr ; cl ^ niianl ('• liois , 
ilsTeni n_yere:i! ri|i|.( N r ; ii hi mnl- 
lilndo I'loil ;;-,;'i-: ;k loin lU- lui. 
; 5i. I'U on hii liit .• \'oik'' l;i iiic.r 
el tcs IVirts 501U l;i dflior'> tjiu It- 

■ 5.3. Mais il r«'pnndit .■ Qui est in;i 
.m<'re, r>u qui nouI hks frurcs? 
I 5i. En jt-iani hs ymx .siir ceii.\ 
qui c'toitiil Jiu'unr (if lui , i! dit .• 
\ uila iiri !!■,( • 1 (J nil s ti f'-n s. 

0,T. Car , (|Ui( 
JonU- d(; l)i, 11 . 
frcie , et iru ,•.. 


ther, and 

id, the s:une is my liro- 
mv sio'.er, and mother.^ 


\ 'TTN cT« |7r(3-uvap(^9ji5-3v T.VV 
Wr'iJ3-ay8?s EauT3~? ttW) tH^ C,x>- 

3 'Av9' (bv oVa ev Ttif Tfcr'tt, 

• ,ua' Mil (f"^''^'^'''- '*''''° '''^''' ■''•' 
*-o)£T;(Vo'v7(aV to tra/f^a, ^ f/-Trk 
vaZra y.h eyo»t4iv ^cjiststJ^'iv 

* i; I 'TttoS's/^w Js v/aXv T.Va 
1 4)0o':fl)i'TE' <{)-C.')9>i'S r-jy f^t~c: 
rl I aWo;<'!tiVai,' \ ifyriav r;(^o-('ia 
•f- l,u?aX6i'> Si; 'i>)V j'-j.'/ay V«i 
Aej'K vun', -ry cov ^•cir,9'Pt, 

6 0.';r;i 'mirri Cja^'^ '3:'«X«i'- 

*Jw; 'v'. .^, 

* 7 'AXAit »5 a! J •r{t;^Ef rn? 

I 3 I.'tTE 51 TlT"«UTW^~i« Tjy 

o;^Xa' Ai^arxaXt, SiVf ji) d- 

* t4 'o Sb aTwEV auTM- "Af- 

1 5 B.lne H -srjoj airuj. 'o^ars 
^ ifyXaa-irJcrQe awi rnf "SErXso- 

n^iai' on ovK iv TOO "az^ts-a-iviiv 
Ttvi ^ ^aiij aiiTou Ij-jv |;« tm» 

l6 EiTTS Ji -arafaSoX^/V ttr^i 
ftuTov;, Xey»v' 'AsS^aJxTB Tjvsf 

I jN <iuibus adcongregatis my- . 

X rii'.uihiis turbii;, ut conctil^ 
careiit alii alu)^>, ca-pit dkere ad 
djYcij)ulo-3fU')3primuni: Atten- 
dito vobis-ipfi'j a fcnr.eiito Pha« 
rifjcoriim, tpod eft hypociifis- 

2 Nihil cnim coopertum cCt, 
quod non rcvclotur : & abl>.on» . 
dituni, quod non fci:\tuP. | 

.-^ I'roptcr quj'i qux in tene<»^ 
brib dixiiUs, in liuniuc aiidicn- 
tur : & quod ad aurcm loquutij 
ellis in cubiculis, prxdicabituf- 
fupra doilios. 

. 4 Dico autem vo1)is amicis 
meis : No timcatis ab occideh- 
tibus coi'pus, & poft hiec non 
h;lbtntibud abundantiijs quid 
faccrc. ' . 

5 Oilcndnm autem voliis 
queni timeatis : tinii.'tc ilium 
poft occidtri-, aui.'loritatc!n ha- 
lv?ntcm injicorc in gxlicimam : 
it:i dico vobis, hunc tiiViJie. 

Nuiii.e qiiinquc pafilies 
v.xneiint aJFariis duobils, & uniis 
ex illis non eft ia oblivionc c~>- 

7 Sed & CiipiUi capitis veftri 
omnes numerati funt, no erga 
tinicte : muhis pafi'cribus pra;-; 
ibatis TTOS. «>% __Li*' 

13 Ait aiitem g^i^^iit^PPri^^ 
turba : Magifter, die fratri mco 
partiri cum mc |ia;redit3tcm. 

14 Ille autem dixit ei : H(V , 
mo, Quisnieconftituitjudicem 
aut diviforem fuper vos ? 

1 5 Dixit autem ad illos : Vi-" 
dctc & cavcte ab avaritia : quia 
non in redundare ciiiquam viw 
ejus eft ex fubftantia ipfius. j 

16 nixit autem fimiiitudineia] 
ad illos, ditens: Hominis cu- 
iufdarn divitis bene tulit reeio. 


Je.w; -C/iri.'-t in.^iiult sat Dift- 
ciples dd so ganicr d Lypocri- 
sie , de I'afarice ; de veflLtr el 
d'etre prJtsu la r,'co)iciuatt</n. 

Cr.ri;.N dast le jjcnple s'.-tam 
assi-inbk- par Diillii'iN; cu sorle 
fjii'ils Si pie^ioit'iit les uii.s Jos au- 
trts , il St.- nut a due a tes DIm i- 
yiles : Gar(ltz-\ mis sur !■ >u :'■ . ri.o 
SC'5 ilii !t'\ain dc-s PliaiiNAn^ . 4.1I 
est 1 liypoci isie. 

2. Car il ii'v a rion dc caclii- ipii 
lie doi\(' ili'f ili'eom I It ; iii riiu 
de secret qui iie Uoi\ e iivv. couiiii. 

5. Les cliDsi's iloiic (pie vous aii- 
rez ditcs dniis !(s tJiit'-bies , seroiii 
eniendiits duii> l;i lumierc ; ft co 
que vuus anrc7(lit a I'oii lllc dans 
les cliaiiibies , stra prcclie sur ie-. 
xnai oas. 

4-. Ic\(>iis (lis done, aAuuscpii 
^tes nie-. aiais : >e craJ-iHZ |)iiini 
ccux qui lu'.iit Ic c'ji-ps , el (iui 
apres ccla lie peuveiit rien laire 
de plus. 

5. I\lals je vous moiilrcvai qui 
vous de\ ez naiiuhe ; ( rai|;uez ce- 
Iui qui, apits awiir ott- la vie , a 

[le pouvoir donvover dans la o,.-- 
' eune ^ oui , je \ yas le (iis ; ccat 
l'cclui-I:-'i quo vons Je\ez crnimirt ! 

6. A'e \ cad -on pas ciuq i,t;.i.s 
j|lSis'eraux deux pites ? (.'epeu>iaut 

Uieu n'eii oullie pas uuseul. 

7. Et laOitie luus Ici clicv Cds de 
Votre ifif sout coiiipltis, iie crai- 
guez done point , vous vaiez plus 
que beauco.p de (la-i^eiaux. 

i5. Al(Hs qiiilqu nil iie a troi'jie 
Iui (lit : iVlaiire , dis a inoii Ir. re 
qu'i! partagc avec moi DuUe lurl- 

n. Mais Jrsus !ui r.'pondit : O 
lioninie ! qui est-icqui in 'a elabli 
pour ttre \ utre Ju^e , ou ' poui" 
i'aiie vos pav' ? 

i5.1'uisil leur df Gardcz-vous 
avcc soiu de i a-arice ; car qiioi- 
qiie /<?5 bitm abondent a quel- 
quun, il n'a pas la vie par sis 

K). 11 leur propo=a la-dcssus- 
celte paiaboie: les tcrres il'ua 
Loinine r.elie a\o;eal rapporte 
avec aboiulance : 


IN the mean time, "\vhen there i, . il, 
were gathci'erl t^jrether an ia- 
nuniery,i)le muititude of peopltS,' 
insomuch that tlK-y troue one U[)-; 
on 'tinothei', he began to suy 
his disciples first of all, Beware 
ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, 
wirich is hyp('Cnby. 

-1 ] Or ihtre is nothina; covered, > 
lli-iL shall not he revealed; neitiier' 
hid, tiiat sliaii hot be known. . 

3 Tlurefore whatsoever \e have 
! spokeJi in darknt as, sliall be h.eard 

in the li:.;ht ; and that Avhich ye, 
have Kjioktn in the ear in closets,: 
shall be proclaimed upon the. 

4 And 1 suy nnto you, my friends, 
Vii: r.ot r.lVaid ol them that! (h.e 
body, and alter '. luit have rio more' 
that they can do. 

5 Ikit 1 will forcAvarn you^vhom 
ye sliall fear: I- ear him, which, 
aft',-r he hath killed, halh power 
to cast ijito hell ; yea, I say urito 
)ou, \\o\ him. 

(') .\ie not five snarrows sold for 
tv. o ha things:' anil not one of them, 
i : , u 1'; ;;(. tteii l)efore ■( 1 ocL 

7 lUit even, the very' hairs of 
yom head arc ali unmbered. Fear' 
n't, therefore ; ye are of mtii'e 
val'iU- than many spaiTows. 

] . 1 3 And one of the company said 
unto hinu Master, speak to my 

ibrother, that he divide the inheri- 

■tance v,ith me. 

\ 14 And he said unto bim, Man, 
■who made me a judge, or a di- 

1 vider over you ? 

^ 15 And he eaid unto them*, Take 
heed, and beware of covetousness; 
for a man's life consisteth not in 
the abundance of the things ^Yhich 
he possesseth. 

[ 16 And he spake a parable ivnto 
them, sayii^jg, The ground of a 
certain rich man brought forth | 
plentifully. I 


^ 17 K«t S'(6>vOJ'i^5''a 6V EflUTW, 

18 v.a) tliTf T3~} irotna-D* 

^ liyaSi fjia. 

ig KBi iga? T? 4"PC? i'''"' 

Yuy>i) i'.YEK tECiXX* a^(t;I-. :'. 1 • 
tct\<t iit '•'^'' '"■"'^ '*■<•" 4"'3';'.-y, 

* ZO'ETfi ?= aur-7i Osj'r 

vw era t *l'a!'-''-^" *'''''' *"" " ^' 
'nTtiixn.3-a<;, Ttvi «rM ; 

oiT»' A(i T»T9 6,«r» ?.eyv, ju.-) 
(KS^ijUvaTi T? 4v;^^' i'/'t*''',^ _Tt 
<fl»)«jri* /l*>)St T« O-ttl'-icCIt, T4 «»- 

frtxtt'j, en oil | yTTcijuriv, wJJs 

SJv^lai Jjfor'li'vai tTrl -rijv i'vi- 
■ xiav aira oinj^uv £V2 ; 

z6 El wv eirs IXtt;jif ov Jy a- 

trfli, Tt OTEfi , T<tV XoiTTtUV jl.tEg(,U- 

17 tCHTttVOll.ralf Tl K^iva, 3.-W," 

J<M Jj i/t*!"*, ci.Vf SoXo,Wi'V ^v 

28 El 5i t;v yocTW tv tw 

tf,'XY>iE!'vyc-i, -arvVw fxiiX'hov ii/-<.aj., 
* 29 Kai ii/^t"? /A?) i^i)'tiire t/ 

17 Et rariocinabatur in fe- 
ipfojdicens: Quidfaciam ? quia 
noh haheo quo congrcgabd fru- 

18 Et dixit: Hot faciam : 
Deftruam mea horrea, ik majora 
redificabo, & congregabo illuc 

omnii nata mea, & bona mea. 

19 Et dicam animx meas : 
.iuiiv..i/h2.1^-'s mii'ta boDJ pdu- 

coni'.JV- Lilif., f)^:Iei':Ure. 

ao Di it uutcm iJli Deus { 
Stulte, hac noftc aniraarnt«am 
re}i -tunt ;\ te : ^\ux uutcm pa» 
rafti; cui trniit ? 

ii Sic the.fuurizans fibiipfi, 
& lion i Deum dittfceus. 

^2 ■ -i it auttm ad difcipwios 
fuos : I'roptcr hoc vobis dico : 
Ne fpljciti litis animae vtftrap, 
quid manducetis, nequc cor- 
pon,quid induamhii. 

, 2} Ani^iaplus eft alimento, 
& corpus; Tellimento. 

24 Confiderate corvos, quia 
Bon fuminant, neque nietmif, 
qiiibus non eft cellarium,' ne- 
que horrc-uRi, & Deusalit illos : 
quanto magis vos pneftatis vo- 

25 Quis autem e: 
itans fiTicUc poteft ; 

tetarem fmm cubitum unum ? 

26 Si ergo ntque mlDiraunl, 
poteilis, q'lid dc cietcris f-i>liciti> 

a7 Cwifiderate liliit, quonwdo 
cre'ftunt : uon laboraut, xiequ^i 
.nent : Dico autem vobiR, Neque , 
Solomon in orrnii gloria fua/ 
circuinamicicbatur licut ununat 

s8 Si autcm fuenum in atrro 
hodie CKiftens, Ss eras in cliba* 
nun niifrum,Oeus fie circuma- 
•micit,<|uarito magia vos exigiiae 

29 Et vos nc qurerite quid, 
manducetis, aut quid bibatis, 
<Sc nc liifpendamini ex fiibiimi. 
. 30 Hjcc eniin omnia jjentes 
muiidi qujeru'it : vcftcr autem'- 
pater fcrt quoniam ifldigetif. his. 

uis autem ex vobis co- 
gitans loTicUc poteft apponere ai 

1?. lit 

istiit en liii-m"me : 
(';ir je n'ai jias assi-z 

Que ff ,•; 

(Ic jiiatc ]l<}^\l■ bciTii- luuu- nii) re- 


ii , 18. Void , Jit-il, cequf je feiai ; 
Ij'abatliaimcsgicuiers, et j'en ba 

• tivai de jjlus grands , et j y amas- 
serai loute^xia recolte et lous mes 

19. Puis je diiai a mou ame 
Mon ame , tu as beaucoup de 
biens eu I'eserve pour pUvsieur.s 
annc'es ; repose-toi , mange , bois , 
et te rejouis. 

20. Mais Dieu lui dit : Insense , 
cette rat"me uuit tou ame te sera 
redemandi'c ; et ce que tu as 
amasse, pour qui sera-t-il? 

ai. 11 til P^t ainsi de celui <jt1i 
amasse des biens pour soi-meuie, 
et qui n'est point liclie eu Dieu. 

7,2. Alors il dit a ses Disciples : 
C'est pourquoi je vous dis , ne 
soyez point eu souci pour votre 
vie , de ce que vous mangerez ; 
ni pour votre corps, de quoi vous 
screz vetus. 

23. La vie est plus qne la nonr- 
riture , et le corps plus que le ve- 

24. Considcrez les corbeaux ; ils 
jie soment ni ne raoissounent , el 
ils u'unt point de cellier ni de 
greuier , et toutefois Dieu les 
nounit ; c(t>mbien ne valez-vous 
pa<; p!ii'« q'le des oiseaux? 

25. El qui de vous pent par ses 
inquitludes ajouter uue coudee a 
8a taille > 

2G. Si done vous ne pouvez pas 
mOme faive les phis pelltes cho 
: ees , pouiquoi vous iuquielez-vuus 
y^l- roiisiderez comueiU les lis 

* croisseiii ; ils ne trasuilleut ui ue 
5'fileut; cependaul je ^ollsdi^,que 
1 Salomon nu'me , dans toute 
'gloiie, n'a point eie vein tomuie 

Tun d'cux. 

28. Que si Dieu rev/t ainsi une 
Iierbe qui est aujourd'hui dans les 
cl ami's . et qui 'iesa lirmaiu jeti-e 
da;!S '<•, con li't'i plus \oms 
/■( I t-ri: t-tl , gens de peii'.e 
35. Ne vous mellea done poitii 
'■■ta ^itiut; Uc ce ?^ue v uus luafigciez, 

Ibn de ce que vons boirez , et 
>U^ajez point I'e-.prit inqui et. _ 
3o. Car ce sont les nations da 
tnoude qui recbcrehent toules ces 
clioses ; mais votre Pere sail que 
vous en avez besoiu 

" 17 And he thought within him- j jL . /2. 
self, sayinj):, What shall I do, be-{ 
cause 1 have no voonl where to 
bestow my fruits ? I 

18 And he said, This will I do : I 
I will pull down iTiy barns, and 
build greater ; and there will I be- 
stow aii my fruits and my goods. 

19 And I will say to my soul. 
Soul, thou hast much goods laid 
up for many years: take thine' 
ease, eat, drink, and be merry. 

20 But God said unto him, T/wu' 
fool ! t!iis night thy soul shall be 
required of thee ; then whose shall 
those things be, which thou hast 
provided ? 

21 So is he that layeth up trea- 
sure for himself, and is not rich 
toward God. ^ ♦ 

22 And he said unto his dis- 
ciples, Therefore I say unto you. 
Take no thought for your life. 
•what ye shall cat^ tieither for 

the body, v.hat ye shall put oft. 

21 I'hclife is more than meat, 
and t!ie body /.s iii'jrc than raiment, 

2 t Consider the ravens : for they 
neither sow nor re:;]); vvliich nei- 
ther have storehouse norb.irn ; and 
God feedeth them : How nuicli 
more are ye l)etter than the fowls ? 

25 And wliich of you, with tak- 
ing thought, can add to his sta- • 
tare one cubit .' 

26 If ye then be not able to do 
that thing which is least, why 
take ye thought for the rest ? 

27 Consider the lilies how tliey 
grow: they toil not, t hey spin not ; 
and yet I say unto )uu. That Solo- 
mon, in all his t lory, was not ar-l* 
rayed like one of these. f- 

28 If then God so clothe the 
grass, A^ hich is to-day hi tlie held, 
and to-morrow is cast into the^ 
o\ en ; how much more ivill he 
do: he you ? O ye of little faith ! 

23 And seek not ye what ye shall 
eat, or what ye shall drink; nei- 
ther be ye of doubtful mind. 

30 For all these things do the 
nc tions of the ^a orld seek after : 
and your Father knoweth that ve 
ha\e need of these things. 


ja «E</, ^ 7.c;Dr.; «-^>7« «r«5-£- 
31 Mn -"f'-'-i, TO jMixfov "arci'-- 

ii'^oijv, )^ MTS i>>£>:|'a')7Jn;v. nci;- 
t:» iv T5~i; CIJ719T;' ;Ttf j;/;7r- 

• voi^unv av-T'2, 

3 7 Mctxa^-m <ji J^>^( iKfTw, 

^Cfl«'.laj. x'/uJiV ^E'j,a) i,cciV, ctj 
•58 Kai inV ix9>; Iv T? J"£mTe'j^« 

39 7 crro Je yr.MTXiJt, tri it 

«?.;" >!,■ Ei;;i;5iffi, iy^'.yitnnv ay, 
J^ (ax aVftY^"' JiCji/, Jivai TiV Oi'^JSV 


40 Koi i.'xtTf ciJv y'i\%T^i j'toi- 

Ttf a-.6;i-7ri,' 

41 t.TTE ?5 a-jT.l, rTET^-CJ* 

K'JfiE) ic^oc >),uaV -r/iv '!r«(aS(i>))v 

TauT/jv Xt'^Eic, J ^ r\;Jc -nrdilffi ; 

* 42 firiTE Ji Ki^i'2>'- 'I'/c 

£t'^ Efff -liij :f ^EfttTrE.-^c airw, 
Ta J'iJc'val £> I xa(j« to J <ri70- 


4 J .MaKuji(S>' e Jsx^ ixE"- 

31 Vcrutntajnen quteritcre- 
gmim Dti, S5 h«c omnia adji- 
cientur vobjsi. 

3a Nc time, i>ufillu'- grec, 
quia l)ciic vifutn cL\ Putrl vcftro 
dart vobis rtj^niuii. 

33 ViiKlitc uibHantijs vo- 

flias, & date clccmoryn-im, fd- 

c:tc vohis ciumtnas non vttc- 

rafc'-iitts, tln.l;'.uruni non dtii- 

I ciiii (.ni in crclis, quo fu*" ♦* 

I a; prc'f riat, iicciuc tinea cor- 

I ruiii^i-.t. 

I ;.; Uhl rn'm eft dufLiii^is 
1 v^iUr, ibi *v c r veRium <.iit,. 
3(; Siiit vcilri iunibi fr:!3- 
ci'.iCli, &c lucernrt acconfx. ' 

36 Et vos fimilcs honilnibus 
expc(5lar.tibus dominitm fuunn, 
quando revertatur a cuptiis ; ut 
vcnicnte & pulfajite, confcfiiin. 
aperiant ei. 

37 Beat! KTvi illi, quos vc- 
nlensd. minus inveneritvlgllan- 
tce. Amcu dico vobis, quod 
fuccingciur, &ficictdifcunil)cre 
i!!<js, &i. prodiens niiniftrabit 
iilis. \ 

3? Y.t fi vtnerit In fecunda 
viji,iiia, k. in tcrtia vigilia vtnu- 
rit, & invcneiit ita, bcali funt 
fervi illi. 

39 Hoc autcm fcitote, quo- 
nlamfi fuiret patcrfanjilias qua 
riora tnr vcnirrt, vigibret uti- 
quc, Jc non lu^que linertt pLr- 
fodi domun-: fuani. 

40 Et vos ijitxir eftotc pa-^ 
r;iti : qiiii qua hora non putaiis, 
iiliu;- bianinij vcnit. 

41 Ait autcni ciPetrus: I)o- 
nilne, ad nos purabolarn banc 
dicisj ?.n S< ad ( mncs ? 

42 l)i,\it aiittin Doniinus : 
Quifnam cfl fidt-'lij difpenfator 
& prudcns, qucna conilituit do- 
niinus fuper faniulitio fno, ad 
danduni in tempore trilici niou- 
fuiam ? 

.^ 43. Be.atus feryus iUt, quern 

facicntcni ita. 

3i. Mais cherche?; plutot ie iojaTi- 
me de Dieu , et toutes ces clioses 
vousseiont dountes par-dessus. 

32. JNe crains poiut, petit tvott- 
peau ; car il a plii a votie Pere jde 
vous douner le Rovaunie. 

35. Veudez ce que vous avez , et 
le donuez en aumones ; laites- 
vons des bourses qui ue s'usent 
point, ua tresor dans les cieux 
qui ne manque jamais, d'ou les 
volears n'approclient puiat , et 
oil la tigne ne gate vien. 

34. Car oil est voire tresor , la 
anssi sera voire coeur. 

55. Que vos reins soient ceints, 
et vos cliaudelles alluinees ; 

36. Et soyez comme ceuxqui at 

31' But rather seek yc the king- 
' doni of God; and nil these things 
' be added unto you. 

32 Fear not, little ilock ; for it is 
your Father's t:ood pleasure to 

'give you the kin.^doni. 

33 Sell that ve have, and eive 


tendent que leur maiire revienne ,/"^".f}'^^\^^'^i'-.|Pl- their lord, when 
Ides uoces ; afin que quand U vien- ' ^'^ '''''^^ •'^turn trom the weddino; ; ) 
dra et qu'il heuriera a la parte, that when he Cometh and knock- i 

Is lui ouvrent incontinent. 

57. Heureux ces senitcurs , qne 
le maitre trouvera veillaus quaiid 
i! arrivera ! Je vous dli en vciite, 
qu'ii ne ceindra , qu'il les lera 
mettre a table, et qu'il viendra 
les servir. 

38. Que sil arrive a la seconde, 
on a la troisieme veil!'', et q« il 
lestrolive dans eel etat, heu- 
reux ces serviteurs-la ! 

3q. Vous savez , que si un pere 

eth, tliey may open unto him im 

37 Blessed are those servants, 
whom the lord, when he cometh, 
shall find w^aching : verily I say 
unto you, Tliat he shall eyird him- 
self, and make them to sit down 
to meat, and will come forth and 
serve them. 
08 And if he shall come in the 
de" famiile etoit averii a quelleUecond Match, or come in the 
.*'!"[!.."!' !.f-!°l:'!?.'!.ul"A':..!^' third watch, and find l/ie-m so, 

blessed are those servants. 

39 And this know, that if the 
good man of the house had known 
what hour the thief would come, 
he would have watched, and not 
have suffered his house to be 
bmken through. 

40 Be ve, therefore, ready also : 
42. El k Scigu€ur lui dit : Mai* fo,. ^i^^ t^^^ ^f y^^^^ cometh at an 

•[ui G't U di^pensa;tlu• Tid-ijk- rv[hour when ye think not. 

iveiUeroii , et ne laisseroit pas per 
cersa maison. 

I 4o. "V ou-> done aussi soyez prets ; 
'car le Fils de I'homme viendra 
ia rheure que vous ue penserez 

• ti. Alois PieiTe lui dit : Sci- 
'fTn>-ur, est - ce sculemeut pour 
liions que ;u dis ctte paiabole , 
.'ou est-ce aussi poxir tons? 

prudent, que ic maitre a eta'o 
sur ses dutnest-ques , pour Icur 
doiiTicr dans ic Icnis la incsure 
Oi'dinaire dt bled? 
45. Heureux est ce ?erv i!Pur-k\ 

41 Then Peter said unto him, 
Lord, speakest thou this parable 
unto us, or even to all ? 

42 And the Lord said, Who then 
que fO'.i maitre U-ouveia laisaul is that faithful and wise Steward, 
ninsi ^son cle^-cir, quaud il arrl- whom /i/.v lord shall make ruler 

j over his household, to give (hem 
I ///f/?- portion of meat in due season ? 
.43 Blessed z's that servant, whom 
his lord, when he cometh, shall 
find so doinu". 


alms ; provide voui'IjcI'v cs ba;.^ 
wiiicliA'. ax not old, a ticasure in 
t'l-i iijavens that faileth not, where 
•lO thi'jf approacheth, neither 
moth corrnpteth. 

34 Lor w liere your treasure is, 
there v. ili your. heart be also. 

oj i.ui your loins l)c uirded 
I'.boui, a'.;(! your lights hurning: 

3G And ye ypui selves like unto 


4 4 A?));-^.; Xlyiu tyiV, on 

Xiiv-, -;;,:;;. XL I iV. 

^ a_;^>;7.-.. tlT £.v TcL; irai'^a;, ^ 
tA; I -xj;, £ri'ii,v -r£ J^ 
'E,-i;:(V )<, f /vr£3yx!<£r9aj' 

jU ,^£1 aiT ; . y. -rl /U-'S' aLViU 
(U; 7X T-t . ,. : ■ ^. '.:.,: A. 

TO $i\>J,ua t1' xyji'-^ faiTbr, >^ 
/All irii/iaya^, /^i;}! tirii'lcra; 

46 '0 o£ ,64?! ^'Vac, taoir.raf Si 

^:3:V C7a>L;, t5-S^177&T£^3> olrft- ! 

• 54 '1. Xej'E Ji 1^ To~? ''x'^''»' 
"O-: jv iV T£ t;-.v V£>f:'t\>iv avariX- 

>K..iv ■j.-.l o-j.-iJ-xV) UJij.i X;- 

55 Ktti cVnv voTsy itrvtovTrt, 
>.£yc7e- "Ort xauj-*'» trot' 5 yi- 

T>f; >■?? »^ T'jD Kjavu o'J'a'le Joxi- 

fl Kxflcv; 

* 58 'sit ya^ irrayitt fxirk 
TB avIiJixa ctf £7r' a^;^sv/i, jv -rn 
cJm Jo; l^j/sij-iav oTTdXXap^Soi on'' 

ClTtf" f XlJTTols J X(tTa3-Uf>) ITS 
«7jO; TOV -^ITr,!! ^ 3 XflTll? 5-S 

«;pj:;c7*)j J'E /oiXXi £17 >;i;Xtt;(iiv. 
'9 Asyi' "'01, ct iW^ £^£x9_i; 

IXtTf'jV, EWJ Ct} >^ TO £.";^ A£;r- 

44 Vcrc ilico vobis, tjuouiam 
fupiT oninibus fubilaiit;;-, ijj{ius 
coDlUiu^t il'.u'.u. 

45 Si iuULiH ..Hxerit' firviis 
IHl- in cord-- iiMi : '('iirdat (J.iiiii- 
nus inci:^ vctilic, <S', c'L'Jinrit 
imxiitci-c piRTus, fc ancill:is, 
Lclti'i '.|ui^ ."^c hibrr. 'S; iiujhri.iri : 

46 \'._!:i t Irninus f'crvi il- 
Ku-- ; 1 .ii : i'U,'. I:.'!! cxi"ji'.-''r,ir, 

,^< ;- ■ _ .; ,. I.:.!! C-Mioici: : 

f.;;;. - )i.)i;(.'t. 

4; HI',- a'.'tcm 1" rviis iiollciiS 
vo!ii';:.,am dmiiii.i Cui, ils. iion 
..i^|)u;-aii?, ncque faLJcns aJ vo- 
luiitCit(jn ejus, ca'dctiiv ni'iltis. 

48 Q^ii autcni non in)rocns, 
fuciciis uut» m di^ii.'^ pliigi^j cx- 
ilctui" paini^: ouini anteni cui 
datu'u cii; nuiltum, nuduuii 
qu:t:i-i-lt;i:<il)CO : ix cui dciinhu- 
runt m\iltiim, abuniJuntius rc- 
polc'-iu ciun. 

54 DicJjat ai;tcm &; tur- 
his': Qium vidcritis iraheni 
orlcnt-n: -b occaiib-.:?., fla'::ni 
dicitis : Imbcr vcnit, & fit 

5i Et AuRrum flan- 
tcm, dicitis : qiiia xilus erit s 
& fit. 

56 Ilypocritrv), f:',ciem csell 
&: tcrrre iioftis jirobarc, at ttm- 
pus hoc quon^)Jo non proba- 

57 Quid autcm & u vobis fp- 
Gj non judicatis quod julhim .' 

^8 Quiim cnim vadis cum 
advcrfano tiio ad principcm, in 
via da opc-rani libcrari ab illo : 
ne forte traliat tc ad judicom, & 
judex tc tradat c.xaOuiri, &: exr 
:n5lor jaciat tc in cai ccrcni. 

59 Dico tibi : Nnn c^renierls 
illinc, ufquequo ' fi.,in r.ovi.Ti- 
iiiuni mimittmi red. la .. 

44. Jc vous t!i5 en vtritc' . qu il 
Veiahlita siir UuU ce quU a 







• 1 

lit en 


ni<"iiK- : 



re ! 




pa-i <;ii 






cUl i 


re lc3 ,s 
a ii)aii 



ur.s ft 

1. •. 

i\ an- 


.C'j'.i'.r.i la 

el 11 ;iuia 
sera batlu 


46. Lc niaitrc cle cv fcvvjtcnv 
vicii'lia au jour quil iic -^y at- 
tend pas , ft i'l I'hcurc qu'il ne ^sail 
pao; cl il ie si'jiarcra . et lai u jii- 
ncra sa poilion a\ ( r 1 

47. Le ^crviteii:' qui 
' voloiUe de sou luaiLr; 

sc sera jias teuu prct 
pas fait cttle vo'.outc 
de plus de coiij's. 

48. Mais ceiui qui nc I'a polnl 
' conuue , et qui a lait des cho3c-s' 

di-^nes de cliatimcut , sera baUa 
de° moins d«' coups. Et il sera 
beaucoap redeuiandc a cjuiconqut 
il aura ote beaucoup donnt ; et on 
e.xinera plusde celui a qui on auia 
beaucoup tontid. 
j 5k Fnl.s il disoit au pcupl 
JQtucid \(jusm)vi;/ nne nut'e qtiL 
ise- iC've du oUc d'Orcidcul , vou5 
iditcs d'abord, il va plcuvoir; cl 
cela nirive ainsi. 

I J,5. Et quaiid le vent de Midi 
sbiiflle . lou-sd'tes t^u'illeia cbaud 
iCt ceia airii-e. 

i 56. liypocntcs , vous savez bioi 
jdts.ccnier ce qui paroit au citl et 
sur la, icrre ; et conimfut uc dis-- 
C!'rncz-vous pa? ce leins-ci ? 

57. Et [)ourqiKii lie disccrneT;- 
'.Oiis j)a^aui-4 '-oas-xiii-iiies ce qui 
esi juste ? 

, 58. Or quaiid In ras ilcvant lo 

Mfigi.slrat , avcc (oil ad\ ersc pai- 

lie . tache en cliemijj de soriir 

dairaire avcc t'ie ; de pcur cju'* lie 

,ne te tiic ilcvant U' .', u y^^: , qii _ !'; 

uu:?,c lie i.e livre a'l oei-g:_'ai , >:t 

' ' : iitue tesricHc en j)ri .i-^. 

dis que tu ne s.)rii.a> 

I'^i ■ .1, .i.. la , que lu :i"aio» payti 

Ijur.qu'u la deniLere oboie. 

44 Of a truth T say unto you, )-..n-. 
That he will make him ruler over 
all that he hath. 

45 But, and if that servant say m 
'his heart, My lord delay eth his 

^, comini,' ; and shall be^in tobeatthe 

'■ '^'' .*;" 1; men-servavils, and maidens, and to 

eat and dnnk, and to be drunken; 

46 The lord of that servant will 
come in a day when he looketli 
not for hiniy and at an hour \\hen 
he is not aAvare, and will cut him 
in sunder, 

~47 And that servant, which knew 
his lord's will, and prepared not 
hhnse!f, neither did according; to 
his will, shall be beaten with ma- 
ny striju'fi. 

48 But he that knew not> and did 
commit things wortliy of stripesj 
shall be beaten with ix:w .strijns. 
lor unto whomsoever much is 
given, of him shall be much re- 
quired : and to whom men have 
committed much, of him they will 
rj ask the more. 

54 And he said also to the people, 
When ye see a cloud rise out of 
the west, straii^htway y e say,There 
Cometh a shower, and so it is. 

5 5 And when ye see the south 
wind blow, ye say, There will be 
heat; and it cometh to pass. 

56 Ye hypocrites! ye can dis- 
cern the face of the sky and of the 
\ earth ; but how is it, that ye do 
■ not discern this time ? 
j 57 Yea, and why even of your- 
1 selves judge ye not what is ritjht? 
58 When thou goest with thine 
adversary to the magistrate, as 
I thmi ajj^ in tlie way, crive diligence 
that mo\x raayest be delivered 
ii'om hini ; lest he hale thee to 
the judge, and tlie judge deliver 
thee to the officer, and the officer 
'cast thee into prison. 

59 I tell tiiee, thou shalt not de- 
part thence, till thou hast paid the 
very last mite. 


KecS. ly', I-?. 
tai^i Tvv r'aXiXai'it'Vj a)y Tc ai,u;£ 


S Kaj aTTOMfiSsJc i 'luraj trTrs'/ 
oJtoT?" AoxsI'tc oTi c-i TrtXiXaTci 

raXiXa.'tf? syiviMlo, on TOjiuTci 

5 Oi-X'> ''-/'■*' i'/u"v* oXX' Eav 
/lAfl jW£Tav;JjTE, •ajdvlii; u:ravTx<; 

4 *H ix?~vw oi Jsxa j^ oxra;, 

XiX^itiM, jj aTrixlliyev avTa,-, n'o- 
XUTE oTj 0-toi ovpEiXETai lyivo-flo 

TSJXotivia? £V l:fSj-aXii|U ; 

5 Oly^i, Xtya) -IfxTv a'xX* liv 
(Utj /I'.ETai'Oii'rf, WaVTE; l/Aoiccg d- 

6 "tXfyE Jl TcuTMv Tiiv "ara- 
fiStXiiV 2i;xr;'v t7^i ti; £>■ tjT 
tt^TTtXa)!'* aljiv rot'ti/iSiyxEi nv* )^ 

^xSi Ka^TTiV i^r.rut iv civrf., Kj 
>tffj/;*' iSoy, Tfi'a etd 6^;;^5,u3i 

^ ivrtTt >c, rnVyrn }: xaTr^j-tT; 

*, 8 'O Je aVeXfiSfi? XEySi ai- 
•r»' Kvjis, «^;? oiriiv jj toUto 
TO ST®-, £o)f o'tw 3-xa'vt*' tcfj' 
aSxiiv, >5 0aXv ^ Kow^iiv' 

9 Kav /t*£v rooi^trr xajwoV ll 
ffl ^r,y£, si't tJ /*£XXo» IXK5 j-tit 

"5 7 H» de Tw Xa'Xr'craf, r^i'Ta 

?-)•; • :^-'~^' auTu' lWi>.0(uV So 

35 sir.'. E Js Kvoii^ TOfJ; aj- 
£|-i'9;V Ta 'sroTr,:',u (j tu 'Sr/va- 

If^sj.' y'=l^lt dfTT-yn; rJ rooV'-.i^ :, 

EilSeV, xi 70 iVo-'Si'/ l-KOilTi t 

* 4I IlXnv ,Ta t £Vvv/a Sots 
I eXe'I.usj-i.'iijv' Kf liu, 'oua-ilu. no.-. 
$3^d vu7v £{-iV. 

c A 1' ti 'i- An. 

I ADrrnilt :lin. 'ii (i::vl,ini in 
ij'fo ! I ■ . 'I iti;ii)tcs 
ill' dc (•..:■ ;n f.m- 

guincin ri:,. ,., i.,.i.,.iL Linnfa- 
ci'ilii-jis eoriini. 

z Et ivfjio iJens ycfu? dixit 
ilii', : Fntati; f]uod Calil^ii hi. 
pcccaton.^ pra;oni!.iiln:sGulllrtis 
fucriiit, qui talia pafli funt ? ^ 

3 Non, dico vobi5, ft^d fi non 
pccnitcamini, o:nncs fimilitcr 

4 Vcl illi decern i^- oi5lo, fu- 
praqtios cecidit turri- in Si loam., 
^ octidit cos: purutis qnia ipfi 
dcbitorcs fu-jrjnt prxncr omncs 
Iiomiiicj. hahitnntcs in Hicrufa- 

5 Non dico vobis, fed fi non 
pitiiitiR'ritis, onir.cs fiiniliter 

6 Diccbnt ;iur: m banc firnili- 
tudiiinn : Ficiini habebat qiii- 
ilam in vinca Aia plantatam, ^ 

vcnJt fruiSum qn.xrcns : In ilia, 
& non invcnit. , . 

7 Di\it autem aJ viuitorem: 
£cccs tres annos vcnio quxrciii' 
fru(flum in iioulnea hic, ^ non < 
invenio. Exlcinde illam : ut 
quid etiani ten am occuj^at ? 

8 Is autera rcfponJcns, dicit 
illi : Domine, relinque earn & 
hunc annum, ufqucdumfodiam 
circa illam, & miltani fleicus. 

9 Et fi quidem fecerit fru- 
<5tum : fi vcro .non, in futurum 
exfcindes earn. 

37 In anteni loqni, rogavit 
ilium PlVarifaus quidam ut 
vralidcret apud f; : iiigrclTus 
dutcm recul«uir. 

38 At Phiu-ifeaj vldens ad- 
miratus ef^, quod non prius 

"aWutus efitt ante prandium. 

.J5 Ait autcm Domjnus ad 
ilium: Nunc vos Phnrifa;iqaod 
dtforl'; culicls & catiiii inunda- 
tis : ^liod autcm in tus vtiham 
ji'tnum eft rapinn & malitia- 
43 'Stuki, nonne fiicicns quod 
djfoiij, & quod deiitiis fecit ? 

41 Vei unitamen incxiftentia 
ii.Ue clcc'inor) T.aBi, &. ccce om- 
i'.id munda vobis funt. 

C II A P 1 T R E Xin. ^ I '^IIERE were present at that j 
Jems-Chrkt cxhnrte a la mr-.n- X season some that told h'nn of; 
tanre , ct entier par la jrjilc W^i^ (ialilcans, M'hose blood I'jlate 
<-'^'oiie. i^^^i niingled with their sacriiires. 

Ex ce im'rae terns, quelqnes ' 2 And Jesus, answering;, s.iid un- 
,. ' ., .^. T- -to them, .Mippose ve that these 

•iU,[i arrive a lies Galilccns, doiit iGalileans Mere sinners above ad 
I Pilate avoitmrh- le sa'ii"avtc ce-|the Ckdileans, because they suf- 



!iui (If leius san ifices. 

j 7. Et Jtsus rqjoudaut , leiir (lit : 
I'er.sfz - votis que cc? (jaiilt'i-ns 
liis^t'iit pliis gvaiids picliiiirs que 
tous les aiiires (}alil(.'ens , parce 
qu'ils oiu soufierl cr-; clioses? 
3. Kon , voiis <lis-jc ; iv.aU si 
vous lie vfrus aiiieiiiltz , \oiis [tt'- 
rirez tons aussi bicn qu'eiix, 

■ 4. (in. peiisfz-vous que ces dix- 
Iiuit pers.oimes "^nr (\\\\ !a ion de 
t^iloe est 1(11. be , e'. qu'elle U 
tuees , I'ussent pins eou;iab'i'S (|ue 
lous les habitans de Jerusalem? 

5. Non , TOUS dis - je; mais si 
Yous ne vous amendcz , vous pe- 
rirez tous nussi bien qu^eux. 

6. II leur dit aussi celte simili- 
tude : Un homme avoit un figuier 
plaute daus sa vigne , ct il y vinl 
chercher du fruit, et u'y eu trouva 

7. Et il dit an vjgneron : Voici , 
il y a deja trois ans que je vieiis 
chercher du IVuit a ce liguier , et 
je n'j en irouve point ; coiipe-le ; 
pourquoi occ«pe-i-il la terre iuu- 
tileinent ? 

8. Le vigUiTon lui re'pondit : 
Seigneur, laisse-le encore ceitc 

vjcjgueur , laisse-ie encore ceitc j 

annee , jusqu'a-ce que je I'aie dc- "^^^'? *. 

fered such things ? 

3 I tell you, Nay ; but, except ye 
repent, ye shall all likevrise perish. 

4 Or those eighteen upon whom 
the tower in Siloam feil, j'.nd slew 
them, think ye that they were sin- 
ners above all men that dwelt in 
Jerusalem ? 

5 I tell you, Nay ; but except ye 
repent,ye shall all likewise perish. 

6 He spake also this parable : A 
certain mem had a fig-tree planted 
in his vineyard; and he came and 
sought fruit thereon, and found 

7 Then said he unto the dresser 
of his vineyard, Behold, these 
three years I come seeking fruit 
on this fig-tree, and lind none : 
cut it down ; why cumbereth it 
the ground ? 

8 And he, answering, said unto 
him, Lord, let it alone this year 
also, till I shall dig about it, and 

chausse , et que j'y aie luis du 

g. S'il pone du fruit , a la bonne 

heure ; siuon, tu le couperas ci- 


.37. Coranie il parloit , uii Pba- 
risien le pria a diner chez lui ; ei 
Jesiis y etitia , el se mil a uiblc. 

58. j\Iais le Piia;isien s'etonn;; 
de ce qu'il vit qii il ue s't'loil pas 
lave av atit le diutr. 

5^. El le Seigneur lui dit .■ Vous' 
aut1:e^ Plia'is;eus , vous nilt ez 
)e dehors de la coupe et du i)lai; 
rnais au dedans, vous etcs pleiu; 
de rapine et .le jnc'chaneeie. 

4o. luseU'jKS ! ctiui qui a fail le 

dehors n'a-t-il au--,l f.iji It 
dedans ? 

n. Mais pluic'it dounez en an- 
jnuues ce que vous avez , et loutts 
cliost's vous serout pure 

9 And if it bear fruit, rjell u and 

if not, then after that thou shalt | 

cut it down. I 

o" And as he spake, a certain 
Pharisee besotriht him to dine 
with him : raid he went in, and 
sut down to meat. 

08 And when the Pharisee saw 
/ , he marvelled that he had not 
first washed before dinner. 

39 And the Lord said unto him, 
Now do ye Pharisees make clean 
the outside of the cup and the plat- 
ter ; but your inward part is full 
of ravening and wickedness. 

4 i> fools ! did not he that made 
that which is vrithcut, make that 
which is within also? 

41 Hut rather aive alms of such 
things as ye have ; and, behold, all 
things are clean unto von. 




* ^2 AX/. asLi Ly.iv Totc ^d.f . 
ficraio.;, ct( , aTrojiXa.'tfis ~o »; 
5u3!r,'-/-cV ^ TO -j- •sjii/xvov >^ israv 
^ y.a-^xyov, j^ tzra{£-;:^:3-Si t>;v 

TetZra, ISsi zuitris-ai, xaxEaa y.h 

43 Olal l:/."y To7c .fajir.a'oi-, 
o'rj dy^ntUn rh'/ 'Oiji.'Ic.Ka^tojWv 

44 Oi'a; i/<~v, y^i/^y.a.H; i^ 

ifapicraTii cTTjtfi'W, ' 'It* SCf 'J' 
Ta {XVnfAi a t« aJnJvij, J^ oi eiv- 

45 'ATraxjiSilf Ji tic T<il«» v«- 
uMitrj xivsi avttf AiSacxa^s, 

Titf t vouixer; tuat, cTi t '}J<>;''i'- 
Cac-aK''i. '1 auTOi iyi Ti»» Jax- 

Ja OJai UiaTv TO~t vo,i{»xiTf, 

^€fxivu; iKxXvTit s. 

* 5 ^ A£>'«tS>' Ji auTU Tsi/- 
Ta TiT^of aiiTiif, npfi>?c oJ yja'x- 

J ivip^Etv, ^ -f aTTjro.aa'i^iiV oi" 

• 54 I 'EvsJ^eusvie; auTov, ^ 
I ^Jj-ravTEf -f- ?>i|ti/yai *l £« TU 
rs,ua1'^ airs, I'va xari} o>',7 »>- 
CIV dirtf' 45. ■}■ IX. 

I pN 5*4 Ti) Sjixi^a ixi:yn l^£X. 

tXiiSn'.o Trajc- Tr,» SaXac-o-av. 

2, K«; j-f/iiyy^rcy iTfij airlv 
«;^^/.oi •a;3>>.ci, oJj-j au-rov il- to 
tuAj'i'ev i/jili:']a y.!t(iricda.t' >c, era; 
o;i:X@' 1,t; tov ttij'i«?.ov sij-ii- 

3 K«i jX4x>!(r£v atrsTf uraXXi 
iv CTaf.x?3>,aiV, Xeyuv 'iSh, i|- 
>, a9£v fi Q'sni^MV rti QTCtLti,-!. 

4 Ka.1 tv j^T £ OTii^EC/ airJy, a" 

Ttt ^irt/Sive:, J, .laTSsJjaJiv «.vTa. 

42 Scd vre vobis Pharifa;is, 
<\mi decimati> mcntliam, &: rii- 
t-.uH, i!'c omiie olus, & prxteritis 
jniiiciiim & clraiitutcm Dei; 
lu;;c <j]iortcbut faccre, & ilia 
lion omittcrc. 

43 V.x VoUis rh;irifa;i5j quia 
(liligiris priniam fclliontm in 
lyujgogi.Sj <Sc id hi t at i one sill fo» 


44 Vx vo'ns, Scri!);t & Pha- 
rilici hypociita;, quia clHsi ct 
Knonumenta «ou aiifwrcntia, & 
Jiamines dc4fnbul\uitc3 fupra 
uon fciunt. 

45 Rcfpcnticris autem <juixlarR 
Legifpcritorum ait iUi: Miu-. 
gi!;t;r, h.-EC <iiceijs & iws notas. 

46 lUc autom ait: E^ vobip 
l^egiT-pcriti* v-ai, quia .oqerati^ 
feojTfJine* .ontrihus UiffiiaJter 
poitabilJtbus, ii: il)<i uno digl^o- 
lum veftrta-iyu ixon iutiiigitis 

5Z Vre, vobis Lfgifperitisj 
quia tuli!!::; clavom fcientia: : 
ipfi lion introifbis, & intro- 
euntcs prohibuiftis. 

53 Dicente autem rllo h;cc 
ad illos, coeperunt Scribae & 
Pharif;ci graviter iiififtere, & 
ill tern )garc ipfuin de multis : 

54 Infidiantes ei, <?; qujeren« 
tes venari aliqutd de ore ejus, 
ut accufarcnt cum. 

c A p u T, xm, 

iTNf verodi;' illofxieui Jcfus dc 


a F,t coiigrcgat.i; fant ad '.uiu 
turbo; mu'.i.x, ita n\ ipfc hi na-. 
viealani alccr.dcus fedirct : <k\ 
omnisturba i;i littore ftaliat. 

,•5 Et locutns eft (.'is tnulfa in- 
p;ir.;b<-!is, dictiis, Ecct C'.iic fcr 
a;i:utor f. in;;r.ic. 

4 Et in fciniiiare itifum, h.xc 
quidiin cccidcruiit fcius vjuin, 
<!^ vi lurunt volucres & coiuc- 
(Jprvviit era. 



42. Mali mailiear a vou« , Plia- 
lisiens , qui paycz la dime tie !a 
mertiiit.cle la i ue,eldc toutessortes 
d'lierbes , laudis que voiis npgligez 
ia juslice, et Tainour de Dieu ! Cc 
sont la les clioses qu'il lalloii I'aire 
sans neamnyius utgliger-les au- 

43. Malheur a vous, Pliaiisiens , 
qui aiuiez les premiers raugs 
daus les Synagogues , et u ctre 
salnes daus les places pubU- 
qucs ! 

44. Malheur a vous , Scribes et 
Pliarisieus hypocrites ; parce qne 
vous ressemblez aux sepulcrcs qui 
ne paroisseut poiut , et les lioni- 
mes qui marcheat dessus u'eu sa- 
veut rieu ! 

45. Alors un des docteurs de la 
loi priila parole ct lui dit : xMaUre, 
en disaot ces"cboses, tu uous ou- 
trages aussi. 

46. Et Jesus dit •• Malheur aussi 
a vous , docteuis de la loi ; 
parce que vous c!uirj;eE Its iiom- 
iiies de lardeau-x qu'iis ue peuveut 
porter , et vuus iiuiues n'y tou- 
chez pas du bout du doi^tr! 

52. Malhi;ur a vous, dycleurs de 
la16i ; parce qu'avaui pris la clef 
de )a couuoissance , % oiis n'y etes 
point eutrcs vous-nicuies , et vous 
avez encore empeche d'v enirer 
Cfcux qui vouloieui le laice! 

55. Et couiine il leur disoit cela, 
les Scribes et les Pharislensse mi- 
rent a le presser lortement , tn le 
faisani parler sur plusieurs cho- 
se s ; 

54. Lui tendant des pic'ges , et 
lachaul de lirer clioses 
de sa boache , pour avyir de quoi. 

CEMifine jour, Jesus etant sortil 
de lanutisou , s'assii au bordj 
de la mer. , 

2.Et unc grandc Foule de pcuplc 
s'assemblavers 'iii , en sorlc quil- 
niouta dans urn. barque. I I's'y as- 
sil , et toute la muUiiude se teuoit 
sur le rivage. 

5. Et il leur dit plusieurs choses 
par des similitudes, elilleur parla 
ainsi ; Uu seraeur sortil pour se- 

4. Et comme il semoit , une pai- 
tie de la si'infiice tomba le long 
duchemin, el les oiseaux vjnreut 
.jBt la raangerent toute. 

A 2 But woe unto you, Pharisees ! 
for ye tithe mint, and rue, and all 
manner of herbs, aiid pass over 
judgment t.nd the love of God : 
thess ought ye to have done, and 
not to leave the other undone, 

43 Wof unto you, PhLrisees ! for 
ye love the uppermo;?! seats in the 
synagogues, and greetings in the 

44 Woe imto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites 1 for ye are 
as graves which appear not, and 
the men that walk o\"cr t/wm we 
not aware of thnn. 

45 Then answered one of the 
lawyers, aiid said unto him. Mas- 
ter, thus saying, thou reproachest 
us also. 

46 And he said, Woe vmto you 
also, ye lawyers 1 for ye lade men 
'with burdens grievous to beborne, 
and ye yourselves touch not the 
burdens with one of your fingers. 

52 Woe unto you, lawyers f for 
ye have taken away the key -of 
knowledge: yeentered ixit in your- 
selves, and them that were enter- 
ing in ye hindered. 

53 And as he said these things 
unto them, the scribes and the 
Pharisees began to urse him vt- 
hemently, and to provoke him to 
speak of many things ; I 2 

54Laying-wait for him, and seek- 
ing to catch something out of his 
mouth, tltatthey mightaccuse hira 

Tli E same day went Jesus out m". /3 
of the house, and sat by the' 
sea side. 

2 And great multitudes were 
gathered together unto him, so 
that he went into a ship and sat ; 
and the whole multitude stood on 
the shore. 

3 And he spake many things vm- 
to therii in parables, saying. Be- 
hold, a sower went forth to sow ; 

4 And, when he sowed, some 
set(h fell by the way -side, and the 
fowls came uki devoured tl^m 




Xj eudio)^ tJav-TEiXe, &a to (^h 

6 'HXi'k Jt a*«IsiXav?<g>' iKati- 
fjialia-6ri ^ 5ia TO jM^ ';iC««i' |>'4*>'> 

7 'A^.Xa Jf tiriTiy In-i Ta\- a- 
x:t\9a.;, ^ an^rtJcLy a\ dnccrda;, i^ 
dniTrvi^a;' ai/rd. 

8 "axXs Js hriciv ijri tw j<?v 
Tiiy «aXr;v, i^ ISiJif x«fff9v, o (Utiv 
ixix-rov, 3 Jt f|iixoyla, 3 Jt Tgia- 

l8 'T,us"j «i;y dy.^iVSTtle tw 
«r>sjc€&X'!» t5 C'^^k-'^^' 

T^f jSas-iXEiaj, 1^ /Jin Quynvi©^, 
i^y^Ccci arovif^c, ijj' QfTra'^fi to 
l;riTa:ukicy iv ^n Kd^iia xvr3' a- 
to; tr'' wcja Tnv oJov Qna- 

20 'O Jt Ittj Tit •arf'ifa^n ^7ra- 
■j£ij, orT;j i^iV Tj* Xo;^ov di.ii-t:y, 


21 0:'h £;(f( S's pi'av Iv layTW, 

Sf SXi4s;-:f r. ^iji.\C«y Jj* T^y Xiyev, 
tv3l( ^>itt»JaXi'{il3». 

2i "O Jt Ei; TSf a'xatfla; ^•?ra- 
PE^f, ouTt'j trf 9 Tov Xo'yov axtf'i 
<»)>" )b n /txt{i,«Va t5 ai»>(^ Twra, 
j^ r) affaTn T« ir\aT» C^fA.v\iiyu 
nh XJyov, Ik axajw'^ )•»•/£!«». 

23 'o o«' Itti t»)v ynv T^v xa- 
Xr,v ^TToffic, e:.To; Ifiv to» Xo- 
j-oc a'xHi'V, (^ Qimdiy Of ?n xajwo- 
^P{t7, K) TftteT, 6 ,a£v IxaTov, , Ji 
i^iiAfvia, Jij TfiaKovla, 

5 Alia autcm cccidtrunt in 
petiofa, iibi lion liabcbaut tcr- 
ram multair. : & contiiiuo ex- 
orta Aint, propter 'Hon hubere 
ahitucrincm terriC. 
. 6 Sale uiUtrn orto, .xftuavc- 
runt, & pt ojtcr noii habtrera-i- 
diccm, cxaruciunt. 

7 Alii uiittm cecldcrimt ia 
fpinas, & infurrexerunt fpinas, 
& fiiffocaverunt ea. 

8 Alia autcm cecidcrunt In- 
terram bonam, & dabant fruc- 
turn, hoc centum, hoc auteni' 
fexaginca, hoe autem triginta. • 

9 Habensauresaudire.audiat. 

10 i>auni auteni fatTus eflet 
folus iiitcrrogavcriijit cum qui 
cii'ca LUlu cum duodeciin para- 

18 \,os ergo auditc purabo- 
lam iVminantis. 

•9 Omnis audicnt's verbum 
fegni, & non intclligcntis,vcnit 
malus-, & rapit IcmiiKitum in 
corde ejus : Kic eft <jui fcciis 
viam fehiinatus. 

20 Qui autem fuper petrofa 
feminatus, hie eft qui verbum 
audicns, & contiiiuo cum gau- 
diofuraens iilud : 

21 Non habet autem radiccm 
in fe ipfo, fed .temporalis eft; 
f;;(51a autem tribulatione aut 
perfcquutione propter verbum, 
llatim 'fcandalizatur. 

i2 Qui autem in f])inasfenii- 
natus, hie eft qui verbum audi- 
cns, & anxietas feculi iftius, *c 
deceptiodivitiarumfufFoeat ver- 
bum, & infriiftuofum fit. : 

23 Qui vcro in terram pul- 
chram feminatus, hie eft qui 
verbum au'ditns & intelilgens : 
quique frudlum fert,& facit,hQ<; 
quidem cerftum, hoc autem fet- 
agiii ta, hoc vcro triginta . 

6. L'antrc partie tomha sur (K s 
endroils (jicniiix, oi'i enen'.noii 
que pen (k- tcne , el elle leva aus- 
sil(")t , parce quelle n'eiUioit p:is 
profi)iul('nuiit dans la terre; 

6. Mais le soliiletant I eve , ellc 
futbiulec; etpavce qu"elle n'av(j.t 
nuiiucle rarine, elle seclia. 

7. L'aut\e pariie toinba pai'mi 
des ej)ines, et les epiugg crureut, 
€l reioufleieuU 

8. El Tautre panic tomha Jans 
line bounc terre , et lappoiia da 
fruit ; un gia'iii en rapporia cent, 
uu autre soixaulc , el un auUc 

trenie. , ... 

celui au\ a des oreilles 

c). (^)ue 
pour ouir : 


10. Et quand il fut en particu- 
lier, ceux qui elvient auiour de 
lui , avec Its dduze --t'pi'/rcv^ I'ln- 
teriogtrenl touchaiule sens de cctle 

iS. Vdus done , ecoiltcz la simili- 
tude du scmcur. 

19. Loisqu'ua Iiomme euicndla 

parole (lu Rojaunie ^/<^ Dwu , et 
qu'il ne la ct)nipreiid point, le ni:i- 
linvieiit, etravitcequi tstsenu- 
dans le creur; c'est celui qui a rci,'u 
laseineiice !e long ducli'-'inin. 
ao.Elceiui qui a reeula scmence 
dans des endroits pierreu.\ , c'csi 
celui qui emend la parole , et qui 
la re^oit d'abord avec joic ; 

21. Mais il u'a point de racine en 
lui-raeme ; c'est pourquoi il n'tst 
^ue pour un terns ; et lorsque i'al- 
fliclion on la pcrsccutiotisur\ ient 
a cause de la parole , il se scan- 
dalise aussitot. 

22. Et celui qui a veiju la semen-^ 
te parini les epines, c'est celui qui 
€ntendla parole ; naais les soncis 
de ce monde el la seduction des 
ricliesses «?tourrent,la parole , el 
tile devient intVnctueuse. 

25. Mais celui qui a vcfu la se- 
mrnce dans une bonne terre, e'esi 
icelui quientcudla parole et qui la 
tomprend, et qui porie du i'ruit ; 
en sorte qu'un grain enproduii 
"^^ent , un autre soixanlc^ et un 
■»ulre ireutc. 

5 Sonic fell upon stony places, 
wlu-rc ihfv iuul iJi't nuich earth: 
unci Ibrtlnvith tivjy sprung ujj, l)c- 
causc they had no deepiiehs ot" 

(VAnd when the sun was uj),they 
vv eie scofched : and, because thty 
had not root, they witlnji-ed away. 

7 And some fell among- thorn:<; 
and the tliorns spt'ung up and 
choked them : 

8 But other icllintoooodgrtnnKl, 
andl)rourht foitli fruit, some an 
huiWred-loUl, some siNty-fold, 

I some tliirly-iold. 

' 9 V\'ho hath ears to hear, hi 

[ him hear. 

10 And when he was alone, they 
that M'crc about him, with the 
twelve, asked of him the parable. 

18 Hear ye, therefore, the pa- 
rable of the sower. 

19 When t-tiy one hcareth the 
word of the kingdom, and uiider- 
standeth it not, thnj cometh the 
wicked one, and catcheth away 
that which was sown in his heart. 
This is he which received seed 
by the way Ride. - 

20 But he that received the seed 
into stony places, the same is he 
that hcareth the word, and anon 
with joy receiveth it ; 

2 1 Yet hath he Tiot root in him- 
self, but dureth for a vhiIe;^fori 
when tribulation or persecution i 
ariselh because of the v.'ord, by 
imd by he is offended. 

22 lie alKo tliiit received seedi 
amons^^ the thorns- is he that hear- 1 
eth the m ord ; and the care of this I 
■woi'ld, and the deceitfulnes& of; 
riches, choke the word, and hej 
becoir.eth unfruitful. j 

2.S But he that received seed in- 
to the trcod .Lrrcund, is he that hear-'T 
etli the Avord and understandeth; 
ii ; Avhich also bt areth fyuit, andj 
bringeth fortl^some an hundred- 1 
fold, some siNt^-, some thiily. 



y.v^y^ (^)i^tlai. I'vct iira tov /Lto- 
mov T£B)]i, >] i.7r5 Tnv xXuny; «y 
JVa tTTi TJiv Xl^-. iiv l7r('ii).i; 


24 'AXX>!V wc{«"oXny wrtjt- 
6ilX£v aKTSK, XEj-i'V' 'ilfA,</ieuQy] >> 

QiTil^ayli xaXov ^tte^^x* I» tw 

^5 '£v Ji Tap «a9£L'?£(V~ry? a'v- 
£ir7r = i;£ C^i^alia dvi ^ii ijV t5 

26 'O f Ss lfXcf»!<r£V a p^s'^Ttj, 
^ xajrfO'/ £7roiiir£, t»t£ i'^dvr, k^ 
T;" ^(^a'na. 

27 rTj5j-£\9oy7£j J'£ 01 J'aXoi TU 
c'xoJsj-WJTa, eZTTov alriH' Kilju, 
a_;(;i K-iXov C'^'i^^a. £j-7r£ijaf £V 

28 '0 3i £^1) a.lro~;- £^^5'' 
ai6ja)7r©' t5t5 lwoit)5-tv. Oj Se 
Si'Xoi elwov aiTJtf' ©IXfif a> a- 
TTEXSi'vlff yi^XXlJi-'.uEV airaj 

2g 'O Jfe e'4»)' Ol" ixnTcoli cvX- 
Xiyovisc Ta ^i^avia, £X^i{aVn''£ a'/cta 

* 30 |:"A<f>£''l -^ ^uvay^avEyflai 

>^ £> T*; Kfi^aJ TU v£;(5'/w.« I f^i 
To~; J Sf^icajj- J 2i;X7,t*a7E | 
Wfircv Ta ^ ^((fa'via, >^ I S'lij-ole 
ftira ^ Eij + S'ir/xac, W^o? to 
XoiaKai'S-ai aira" T5V Ji | itTtov 
J j-uva^ayf^E £1; T>iv J aiicSr.Xfi 

36 Tote a^Eif TtJf o;^Xtf;, ?^- 
6ev £''; T)jv oixi'av 'itirSi' >i' tiTf 0- 

Xiy.vlsf • ' C>faVov fc/uiv T^v -aa^a- 
€oXflv TJ5» ^(^/iviwv Tfcf oypa, 

, 37 'O Jf aVoapi^EiJ, £?T£V ail. 
l-off' 'O QTni^aiv ro xaXov Qnkg-' 

(Aa^ efo VIO^ TU avPp^TTB, 

38 'O ^£ aypcy, sf<v, xo.^;/.^' 

11*91 T^f (3a5-»XeWf' Ta Se {j^a'vja, 
£;j-iv 01 ulo; t3 wot))?5. 

SI Et (licebat illis: Nuiiqiiid 
luccriia yeuitjUt luh modio pn- 
lUUur, aut ful) IcOh) ? noniie ut 
lupia candelabrum iinponatur ? 

21 Noil enim cil aliquid ab- 
fcoiKlitum,qi!od non niaiiifcftc- 
tiir: iK-c fadura eft cjtcultum, 
led ut in palain veniar. 

a^ SI quis habctaurcs audire, 

•24 Aliuui f araboUm propo«. 

fuit illis,diccn5 : AfuniilatunicH; 
rcgnunv c;el(«-um honiini Tcmi- 
tiaiui pukhrum i'cnien in agro 

25 In vlto dorniirc homines, 
vonit. I'jiis inimicii';, & ftminavit 
iiizania in niedit) tritici, & abiit. 

26 Qnuni auteni trcvit her- 
ha, & IViie^uni fecit, tuncappu-,- 
niciunt ?< zizania ? 

27 Accedcntes autem fervi 
patiis families dixerunt ei : Do- 
mine, nonne pulcbnim f( )nen 
luuinafti in tuo ajfio .'' L lide 
eii';o habot zizunia ? 

28 llleveruait illis; Inimiciis 
lioino hoc fecit. At fervi dix- 
ennit ei : "VU igliur abeuntes 
colli gamus ea ? 

ay Ilk veTo ait : Non ; ne 
fo'te colligcntcs zizania, cradi- 
cctis fimvl eis triticum. 

30 Sinite crefcere utraquc nf- 
que ad nieircm : Sc in tempore 
nitllis dicani mefforibus, Colli- 
(;;ite primiim zizania &. alligate 
ca in fafciculos, ad coml)urc"n- 
diini ea : at triti'jum congregate 
in ln)rreum mcum. 

36 Tunc dittiittens turbas, 
venit-m domiun Jtdus : & acccf- 
fcrunt ad cum dil'cii)uli ejus, di- 
centes : Explica nobis parabo.- 
lam zizaniorum agri. 

37 Ille verb rcfpondens ait il- 
lis : Sominans pnlchrum femeni 
eft Fibus hominis. 

38 At aget cl\: mnndus. Ve- 
rnm pnlchrum femen, hi funt 
lilii rcgnl. At nizania, funt filiii 

■21. Ji ieiir disoil encore / Ap- 
jK.rle-t-on uuc chandeUe pour la 
iiietire sous un boisscau , ou sous 
»mlit?iV'est cc pus pour JainiUr', 
6ur un chandelier? 

23.. Car il n'y a rien dc secret qui 
Jie doivp elre irianitesie, et il n'y 
a rien de cachd qui ne doive veuir 
en evidence. 

23. Si quelqu'nn a des orcilles 
pour entendre , qu'il cnlende. 

24. Jesus leur proposa unc autre 
similitude , en disani .• Le Royau- 
me des cieux est scmblable a un 
homme qut avoil seme de boune 
semeuce en son clianip, 

25. Mais pendant que les liomme.'' 
dormoient, son enuemi vint , qui 
sema de Tyvraie parrai le ble , et 
s'en alia. 

2^. Et apres que lasemence eut 
pousse , el qu'elle eut produit du 
iVuit , I'yvraie parut aussi, 

27. Alors les serviteurs du pcre 
de famille lui \iurent dire; Sei- 
gneur , n'as-tu pas seme de bonne 
semence dans toncliamp? D'ou 
Tient done qu'il y a de lyvraie? 

28. Et il leur dit .■ (Vest un enue- 
mi quia faitcela. Et les serviteurs 
lui re'pondirent : Yeux-tu done 
quenous allionsla cueiilir ? 

20. Et il leur dit .• Nou , de pour 
q^u'il n'unive qu'eu cucillaui ly- 
vraie vous ii''arracliiez le froment 
en meme tems. 

3o, Laissez-les croilre tons deux 
ensemble , jusqu'a la inoisscm ; et 
au terns delamoisson, je dirai aux 
nioissonueurs ; Ciieillez prLmie- 
rementl'yvraie , et liez-la euiais- 
ceaux pour la bruler , mais asscm- 
blez le iVomeut daus mou grenieiv. 

5G. Alors Jestis ayant renvoy^ 
le people , s'en alia a la maison , 
et ses Disciples etant venus vers 
lui , lui dirent ; l''.xp!iq'\e-nous la 
similitude de I'yvraie du cluunp. 

57. II leur vepondit et leur dit; 
Ceiui qui seme la bonne semence , 
c'est le Fils de I'liomme. 

58. Le champ , c'est le monde. 
La bonne semence, ce sont les 
enfans du Royaurr.c. L'yvraic, 
ce sont les enl'ans du malin. 

3(). L'eunemi qui I'a semee , 
c'est le Uial)le. La muisson , c'est 
la fin du monde ; et les moissou- 
ueurs, sont les Anges. 

"Si And he said unto them, Is a N\t.4, 
candle hrburht to be put under a 
bushel, or'undcr a bed, and not to 
be set on a candlestick ? 

32 1 or thei-e is nothing- hid \v'iich 
shall not be nv.nifested ; neither 
was any thinr; kept secret, but that 
it should come abroad. 

23 If any man huve'cars to hear, 
let him Jiear. 

^4 Another parable put he forth /7?- i'i 
unto thtni, saving;. The kins^-dom 
of iKuven is- likened unto a man 
which sowed g-oodsecdinhisliekl: 

25 But, V, hile mer. slept, his ene- 
my came and sov/ed tares among 
the wiieat, and weiit his M'ay. 

26 But when, the blade ' was 
sprunp^ up, 2nd brout^ht forth i 
fnik, tjK-n appeared the tares also. ; 

27 So the servants of the house- 
holder came and said unto him, 

I Sir, didst not thou sow good seed 
in thy field r from whence then 
hath it tares? 

28 He said unto them, An ene- 
my hath done this. I'he servants 
said unto him, Wilt thou then 
that we go laid gallicr them up? 

29 Biit he said, Nay ; k^st, w hile 
ye ;<atlK-r up the tares, ye root up 
also the wheat Avith them. 

30 Let both yrow tot^ether until 
the harvest; and in the time of 
haiwest I m ill say to the reapers, 
Gather ye tot^ether first the tares, 
and bind them in bundles to burn 
them : but gather the wheat into 
my barn. 

36 Then Jesus sent the- multi- 
tude away, and \vent into the 
house : and his disciples came un- 
to him, saying, Declare unto us 
the parable of the tares of the field. 

37 He answered and said unto 
them, He that soweth the good 
seed is the Son of Man ; 

38 The field is the world; tlie 
good seed are the children of tlie 
kingdom ; but th.e tares are the 
children of the wicked onr ; 


* 39 'O Je ix^r'' ° <l'i'£iV*^ 

^{ana, Jj tci'fS KoIaxaiETaj* c'j- 

41 A7rc5-£/.Ei' k'o; ra d\5;M. 

TJ. Ta Q>iavoa>.a, ^ thj 7r:iJ('ic; 

42 Kai BaXSjiV flirt?? s'f Tf.c | 
Kaufjov Ta ■tri^-^c'r* £>£" f{-a/ : 

* 43 '1 iT£ oi I JiXaj;i ■}■ eyXdfjt- ] 
>.£.'» rS -TTol-k ahrSiv. O f'/^^y ' 

44 iu'>iv o/^;.'.-i f-l-j •' ^?iri- { 
I; 1 " ' 

/^ = 




' . . a sriv J) (?AS-i- 

_/ a7rsXJa»v, tBiK^s-ne 

'Or J. ;a i;a ti'/J, >^ r-.j/ipcj-lv ftu- 

* 47 t na.\<v ]. i/Jiia sr-v i 
/?ari\£.'a i icv t 'javw* f irayr,- 

Ik •aravre; yivt; Cuvcy.nyfa'ff-)!. 

" 48 ' Hv, i OTE tj:\r,^ti:ni, -f 
cva'otJaratlE? | Iff! TW ^ alyia- 

ac'Ka. £i{ J d^j-eTa, ra 5i | Qa- 

49 Ol'rj.f £,-»' l» T>i ^^-.IeXji'* 
Tfa- a.'iiJJ-' E^EXsu'S-otiai cl a'jJ'E- 
?>c<, }^ a^'jj'iCrt Taj roow^-'aj l« 

50 !-;ai iSaXia-iv ■KLTa; Si; Tf/V 

51 AEyw auT^rj 'lijo-a?-. I'l;- 
Viixa^s reaZra. 'OjaVTa; Aiynfiv 
HVTM' Naj KiJ|Ji6. 

ca 'O ^6 eTwev airsK* Aii ra- 

tl; T>iV ^-icrtXcia* Tajv ajaviv, 0- 
;(.«cj:'- ETiV av3;i;77» ilKo^ia-vorri, 
cViC EXoi^'^c' Sit ''■a 5>iC-aLij5 ay- 
Trf ;£aiva ^ CTaXaia. 

39 At inimicu* fcminans r;i, 

eft cliubolus. At nidiis, co;i- 
fumrr.Htio Icculi ell. At niciiu- 
res, antjeli fuiit. 

40 Sicut ergo col!';r',intuvzi- 
zania, J^ igr.i cimiliuniiitiir : fs'i 
crit ill conl'iiinniationc llxuli. 

41 Mittet Filius hotnipisan» 
polc^s iuos, & loilij^ein dc ri^ijno 
ejus omaiii fcmviala, & fid- 
tiites iniciHitatcm : 

4; Ef iTiitt<>iit eo5 in camlnura 
iuFiis ibi erit fletus & fi-emitui. 

di. tiliu'il. 

^1 ; 'J'uru- jufli fulgelmnt {"n-wt 
^. I ill K ;;!;(, Pati is eorunj. IiJa- 
b'. f!.-, -jiir^= audux', atidiat. 

J J liirum fimili' (.-ft it^mi'jivj 

,■; VI, : iiU'-ni ilIV< :ti. MS liuiiiu* 
ahkondit, & ptni i; i!!-!;-' iliai^ 
■vadit, & uiiivcrl'.i iju..- ha!i..r 
vtfidit, ik emit agrum ilium. 

45 It'Tiuii finjik' til regnuiu 
i-.'cloriini hoinir.i iicj^otiatori, 
qua •■«.•: Ji ijonas niargaritas : 

46 Qiil iiivi-iiiv-iis uiiiuii pre- 
tiofuni niurjraritii-n, ahitiis vcii- 
didit oir.aia qux liabuir,ct LOiit 

47 Ittium fimiic eft regnum 
cxilonim lagciia' jaAa; in mare, 
Si ex omni genere cogenti. 

48 Quam, qiium imp!, ta cf- 
iet, ])roduccrtGS fuper littus, i?c 
fedcntes, colltgcruiit pulcia in- 
rcccptiiculu, at vitioi'a foiu» ejc- 

4') Sic crit in conl\nTnn;\tione- 
fecuii : exibuat ungcli, T-c Kgic- 
gabunt malos de medio jufio- 
rum : 

:;o Et proiicient eos in cami- 

nism iguis : ibi crit Actus & fre- 
mitus dciitiuni. 

51 riicit illis Jefus : Intcllex- 
iftis hnec omnia r Dicunt ei, uti- 
t]uc Doinine. 

32 Isautcm dixit illis : Prop- 
ter hoc omnis Scril>'.i doifVus in 
regnum ca:loruni,fimiiiseft ho- 
miiii parrifamilias, qui cjicit de 
thtfaiuo fuo nova & vctera. 

' '39 The enemy that sowed them i/^ 
is the devil ; the harvest is the end 
of the world: and the rcupcrs are 
'the angels. , 

'10. Comme clone on amasse ly-|, 40 As, therefore, the tares are ga- 
viaie ct qu'ou la Li ule 1. ji^gred and burned in the fire ;' so 

feu , il eu sera de merae a la tin ■ , ,, .^ , • ., j r^i • i i 

dii mouae. ^^^^' ^^ ^^ '" ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^'^^^ WOlid. 

41 The Son of Man shall s^nd 
forth his angels, and they shall 
gather out of his kingdom all 
things that offend, and them 
which do iniq 'ty ; ■ 

42 And shal ast them into a 
furnace of fire, there shall be 
wailing and gna- hing of teeth, j 

43 Then shall the righteous 
"hme forth as the sun in the king- 
dom of their Father. Who hath 

ears to hear, let i . n hear. j 

44 Again, the kingdom of hea- 
ven is like unto treasure hid in a 

et veud^toiu ce qu'il a, etachtie field; the which when a man hath 

f 5o. t'cniiciiii qui Ta ■^rinc'c , le^UiabJe. La iiioisi;»ii . < 'est 
jla llii (Jaiijoiule ; et Its mijiiica- 
'uL'Uis, som Ics Angts. 

4i. Lc I'ils de rbomrae euvoyera 
ses Anges , ((ui oteront de son 
Bovatinie loiis les scaudales , el 
ceiix qui (oat I'iniquite. 

42. Et ils les jfttrutit dans la 
fournaise ardcnie ; c'esi Ja qu'il 
y aura des pleurs et dcs griucc- 
mcns de dems. 

45. Alois les jiistesUiiront cora- 
nie le soleil , dans le Royauine 
de Icur Fere. Que celui "qui a di'> 
oreilies pour ouir , ciUeude. 

44. Le Koyaume des cieux est 
encoi-e semblable a uu trc'sor ca- 
che dans un chain p , quun hom- 
me a tiouve , et qu'Jl caclie; el 
de la joiequ'il en a , il s'eu va , 


ce chanip-ja 

45. Le R()3aume dcs cienx est 
eucore semblable a unnuirchaud 
qui cherche de belles pciies; 

46. Et qui ayant irouvc uue 
perle de grand prix , sen va , el 
vend torn ce qu'il a , ci I'acbtte. 

47. Le Royaume des cieux est 
encore sembiable a un jiiet , qui 
etant jeie dans la mer , ramasst 
toutes sortes de chuses ; 

48. Quaud il est vempli , les pp- 
cheurs le lircnt sur le livage ; ti 
sVtant as';!?, ils nicttcnt ce qu'iJ 
y a de bon a part dans It'tir.-; 
vaisseanx. et ils jetUut ce qui 
He vaui ritn. 

4r). 11 eu sera demcmf>u la fin 
da raoude.Les Anges viendront, et 
separerout les intclians du mi- 
lieu des jusLos. 

5o. El il-jt teront Z^s mec/tan.s 
dans la luamaisf ardente ; c'esi 
laquil y auta des pleurs et des 
grincdiiens de dents. 

que tout Doctcurqni est LifTi ins- 
iruit dans ce qui regnrde Ui 
Royaume des cieux, est semblable 
a ua pcre de tamillc , qui tiie de 
soy tFesor des choses uouveiks 
el des choses vieilies, ■ 

found he hideth, and, for joy 
thereof, goeth and selleth all that 
he hath, and buyeth that field. 

45 Again, the kingdom of hea- 
ven is like unto a merchaSitman, 
seeking goodly pearls : 

46 Who, when he had found one 
pearl of great prite, went and 
sold all that he had, and bought it. 

47 Again, the kingdom of hea- 
ven is like imto a net, that was 
cast into the . sea, and gathered ' 
of every kind : 

48 Which, when it was full, 
they drew to shore, and sat down, 
and gathered the good into ves- 
sels, but cast the bad away. 

49 So shall it bs at the end^f^ 
the world : the angels shall come^ 
fo!-th, and sever the wicked frum , 
among the jusl. 

50 And. shall cast them into the 
furnace of fire : there sliuU be 
wailing and gnushiu!:: of teeth. 

5 1 Jesus saith unto them. Have 
ye understood all these things? 
They say unto him. Yea, Lord. 

.,.'" '^'?^" ^'^''' '1^ uiito them, 
rhcrefore every scribe iihich is 
instructed unto' the kingdcm of 
heaven is like unto a man i/iai is 
an householder, which bringeth 
forth out 9f his treasure lUn^s 
new and old. 


, * --7 ''^«; '^fi«^5v.', j; iyilf^<ai 

«■£?, eifiii-J a7r!-rEX?.EI TO JfJ. 

30 Kai l^sj^r Ti'u c/xoiiri- 
til Twy Ittj.t?! ;/?f, 

32 KaJ qr.iV arirctjn, o»a?ai- 

Try 3"Xii» aura Ta "Srs^sivi la 
<Erc\Xsr; 6>.aXEi aJiToVj TOV ^.:- 

UM-b-s^oLiq airS iTriKvi ■ro-av'a. 

57 '£>!>'£''« Je ■aror^iuofA.ivci.'v «u- 
•rolv £V T? oJc?, tiTTi ri: 'ET^o? "i'- 

At J aXiiTnui^ \ <}>coX£!/;' I;^tf- 

:f XetlairxiIV:^?!/?* Se . tic,- t5 
aiO^anea a* sp^Ej wS T^v XE^'.iXiiii 

xXivr. ■ ■ ■ 

59 ElTTE- Je 'B'jjf ETEJOV 'AxS- 
Xou6lt /vlOl. O 5e »i?r£* Ku;(6, 

«7ri-r;£4°' ^"" '•TsXffji' t Wji-rov 
dfl4<" To/'sraTEfa fca. 

60 CrTTS 5e ayraj 'jBrtf 
"A<f!c; "/a? VEXftff Sfa^f-ai tsJv' saw-- 

ysXXE rh SacriKtiav t5 <=)£3. 

61. iTvrr.S'J )^ ET£^©-' 'axo- 

£1} Tov o?kov /Xtf. 

- * 62 eTtte JI ts^l; avrh 

'lur^j* Ci^Ei; % ETrifcXa-v -r^v 

^Xlwi-V EiV tA OTfl-Htl, tUjirif 
Ir"' £.'? Tl".* /3«riX£.'-V Ta ©iS. 

26 Et dicebat : Sic c!l ivo-- 
mini;l)ci, <]uem;n.ini<Ktuin ji 
liotno jyciat icnicjucui in tcr- : 

27 Kt dormiaf, <i5c excifctur 
noctc (?: liie: .s^ Anutitrcruiimt 
& aug-catur ut udlit illc. 

2% Sj)(jntaiu'a tnini terra 
fniclum iVrt, piiniuni htil.ain, 
Jcinde Ipicaii], dc'uidc pkijuiii, 
Irunitiuviin in l']>ic,\. 

29 Qjiuni vu'o ulidiTit fruc-' 
tus, Uatiiu niittit faktni, quo- 
niam adefl lucllis. 

30 Et dicebat : Cui affimUa- 
bimusrcjrjium Dei ? aut in qua 
parabola comparabinni? illud ? 

31 .Sciit ^naiio liiiaiiis, quod, 
quiimrcniinatumfuiTit in terra, 
minus oninihus fcminibus ell 
qua; in terra ; 

31 Ft qmsm fem'r.atiini fne- 
rit, nfc;'ii(iit, & lit omnibus' 

c'.j.!' •.- ir.'::5, 5: facit ramos 
)u . . , ; 'ir p iilint Tub un\- 
b;., jui vt -vtilia" cxli nidulari.' 

33 Tt t lIi'Ii-.i^ pnra'HoIis mul- 
r if (.\-. l'< rnioncn 

34. ."ine auiL-m j^araholanoa 
loquiibr.tur f_is : privatim auteni 
d'kipubs fuis lulycbai; nniaia.; 

57 FaSum eft auteni ainbu- 
lantiluis ilUs in via, dixit qui- 
I'r.m ad iUum ; Seqiiar., te que- 
cumquc abieris, Doniine. 

58 Et dixit ilHJcfus; Vul- 
pes foveas habcnt, t'; volu- 
crts cxli niuO!^ : viruin filius 
hoiTiinis non habct ubi caput 

59 Ait autepi ad altrritm : 
Sequ<;re me, ■ lile aDtcm dixit : 
Domine, pcrmitte r.-iib.i ab- 
cunti primum fcpclirc patrcm 

60 Dixit autf m ei Jefus : 
Sine rvmrtuos fcpelii e funs mor- 
tuos: tu autcmabiens annuncia 
repnum Dei. 

61 Ait asitem cV alter: St:- 
quar te, Doniine : prinmm au«.- 
tem permitte rniJli rcnur.tiare 
his qui addomum meum. 

6z -1:'. aT;tcm ad ilium Jefus : 
Nemo imniittcns n-.anum Juiin 
ad aratiur.i, &rerpiciensi.n qux; 
retro, aptus eft ai rcgnuiH' 

af\ II dit encoie.ll en est d'l 
Ht'jaunifc <l\i DicU; commc si uu 

hoinnic a\ oil jetJ de la scmence e)1 
lerre ; 

27. Soit qu'il dormc on qii'il se 
Icve , la miil on le jour , la sc- ,' v-.ijim! 
meiice gernu' ct croit bausqii'ii sa- 1 
die coimneiit. ' 

I 28. Car la terre prodiiit d'clle- 
meme , premierement , I'litrbe , 
ensuile I'cpi , et puis le giain lout 
tonne dJlns IVpi. 

I 29. El quand le fruil est dans <;a 
matuvile, on y met aussiiol la 
laacille , parce que la moissou est 

3o. 11 disoit encore .A quoi com- 
parerons - nous le Royaume de 
Dieu, ou par quelle simililude le 

-2b And he said, So is the kin??;- 
(lom of (iod, as if a man should 
ca:st seed into the ir round ; 

27 And should sleep, and rise 
iii'cht and day, and the seed should 

ud \:vo\K up, /.e knowcth 
not l\u\',-. 

28 i'o!- ihc earth bringelli forth 
fruit of hcrsdf ; iirst the blade, then 

the ear, after that the full corn in 
tlie ear. 

29 But when the fruit is hroug-ht 
forth, immediately he putteth in 
the sickle, because the harvest is 

30 And he said, Whereunto shall 
we liken the kinij;dom of CJod l oi' 

shall we 
compare ' 



represenierons-nous i ^ 

01. 11 en ei-^comme du grain dc with what comparison 
moularde , lequel , lor^qn'on 1^ j^^j^^p^j.^ jj_? 

shne, est la phis petilc ^l.e toules, .^ .^^ .^ ^^ mustard- 

les semeoces que Ion jctte ea -"> . 

. ■ ^ seed, which, v.hen it is sown m 

32. Mais apres qu'ou I'a seme , 

11 monie et devleut plus grand qn< 
tous les aiitrcs legumes . el p</us<< 
degrandes braiiclics ; dc sortt- qm 
les oiseaux dii ciil p( uveal dt- 
nieurer sous son oinLi e. 

U leur auiionv'iil aiixpi la pa 



the earth, is less than all the seeds 
that he in the earth : 

32 But when it is sov.ti, it t^row- 
eth up, and becometh tireater than 
all herbs, and shooteth out threat 
branches ; so that the fowls of the 

•ixjIo par pUisle.ns siivilliuules'de air .nay lodge under the shadow 

celU" soi'le , S(lon qnilb itu;LUt ofit. 

rap-.l.icsde I'cnt.H.ire 33 And with many such parables 

sans s.n-.ilitud.s; k.,!q„ ,1 sp^ke he the wordunto them, as 
Koit cu pani'ulm , il tA|iliqtH.;i they Were, able to hear it. 
if'Mi ;) sts Diiciults. . 34 But without a paVable spake 

,^. he not unto them : and when they 
par-ioui 0(1 'Vrere alone, he expounded all 
things to his disciples. 

,V7 vncl It came to pass, that, as 
t!-,ey went in the way, a certain num 
sjici unto him, Lord, I will follow 
thee whithersoever thou goest. 

58 And Jesus suicruAto liim. 
Foxes have holes, and l)irds of the 
air /utTc nests ; but the Sod of Man 

, hath not where to l;fy hia head. 

59 And he said vuitoanotlicr, lol- 
low nie. But he said, l.ord, sufier 

. me first to go and bury my father. 

60 Jesus said unto him, Let the 
dead bury their dead: but go thou 
and preach the kingdom of (iod. 

61 And another also stud. Lord, 
I will foUoAv thee: but let mc first 
go bid thein farev.ell, which are 
at home at my iiouse. 

62 And Jesus said unto him, N() 
, man having put his hand to i!k 

plough, ar.Cl looking back, is fit 
for the kingdom of God. 

mm , uii hiinin.' iiu <lit : J( 
.siii\rai , 8cigueiir 
Ui iras. 

'■' 5S. 3lais Jt'sns I'.ii r.''pi>ijdii 
renards o\ii d;,s lan.i il-, . c 
oiseriux da cit-l out (l^> ui'', ; 
le Fils di' I'iioniuK; 
■rppospr sa li'le. 

59. 11 dil a nil an-rr : Stii; -moi, 
El'il lui r(>s>nivlu : Svi'^iicnr, p( r- 
meu que j'ailk av-paravaui cn!;e- 
velir inon peic. 

Go. Jesus lui dit : Lalssc lei 
imor'is en.evtbr leiirs moils ; mais 
jloi , ra cl aimoncc le Ilegnc do 

! 61. Un autre lui dit : Je le sui- 
vrai , Seigneur ; mais p*rmel^- 
moi de prendre aupaiavani ronge 
deceux qui soul dans ma maison. ' 

♦).'.. Slaii Jesus lui n'ponu'/t . Cc- 
jui qui met la main a lacliarrne. 
et rciarde de;-rii'iuliii , ire;!|)i)iiu 
propre pour le Royaume de Uieu, 



l-j K«< /J-tTo. TaZra. i^^X^t, 

*) i3ta.yalo T£A«J>r;> 'i'.i,ua}i AEutf, 

*a8r,uevsy sw: to teXwvicv, k, il- 
~ > //I 

38 Kaf itaTaXcTraJv aTrayla., 
«va;-aC riXoXaOrcrEV avTM. 

X»;v 9 Alui? otToi) Iv T>) oiKia ail- 

■EcAXcs TtXivnl Kj df-f-a. f^ltuXOi 
wt/vaVEJC'jvIa T* l»i£r»/ 5 Tc~; ^a- 
£ij1a?i' aura' r;ra> yi^ tPoXXw, J^ 
rxcXtt'Sij-av «^ to;. 

tX;yr.v tck (UtiSifoK ai-ra* Ti 
en |U€Ti TiV T!>.aviv >^ a/^a.; :i- 
?.»■> ia-5i£i )^ •xr.ft ; 

FVoi7ec' ^H ?X9cVX.iX£Sral JiHfliV?, 
•tfXXa 4,ua£x'Ay^ s>c /UlT«'voiav'.~~ 
36 "EXtj/E Je j^ "crajaSoXiiii 
rr^oi; avrai' "Oti kJci? In-ifXn^xa 
lyaria r.e.i>u l~:^a\Xii iTri If^i- 

TiOV ■EfaXttiOV Ei Ji (^^•"/'J ^ ''■' 

J-" Kai a.5£t; /S.t'xXEi cTvov VEov 
Elf ds-na^ ■STisXaiyj' £1 Si /wiij'f, 


38 "AXXa c7vyV >s':v £if aVxiJf 

53 K«' i/iiio, oTi IriXEs-c'v 
o 'liij-Uf Ta," wajaoiXaf Tai;T«;, 

*' 54 Kat £x9i» t'f -r^v J -ara- 
•r^;^a uLtS, E'^-Jas-XEf aura; iv 
1^ (^LVay/yT atretv airs IxwXnr- 
TfrSai auTa;> >^ Xtysiv rioSnv 

rr 0'''X «■'''■ «CIV TS TEXTO- 
v'S>' vii; ; MX' ^ jW'iTij <3i~a Xl- 
j-tla; ,VIc^ia,«*> 5 '^ ttfiXf a) aura 

^6 Krt! «! t!viX|i! «Ct8 a>^i 

27 Et port h.xcexiit. & con- 
■fpexit piihlicannm nomine, l.c- 
viii, fcJcntcm ad tclonium, & 
ait illi : Scquerc me. 

a8 Et rclinquens omnia, fur- 
geiisfcquiitus crt eum. 

29 Et fecit coiivivium rmg- 
mim Levis ei in 4oit.o lua : Sc 

multi publican! & peccatores 
Cmul difcumbobant Jefu, k, ilif- 
cipuliscjus: crant enim multi, 
& fcqut'bantur fium, 

1 6 Et Scrihx ^ Pharir^i vi- 
dentcs ciiin edcntem cumpi;bii- 
canis ■'',: p.ccdtoribus, diccbant 
difripuHscjus: Quid, quod cum 
pu'ilicaiii^ & peccutoribus man- 
ducat & bibit ? 

1.7 Et audiens Jdus ait iiHst', 
Non ufuni biibent vakntes me-' 
Hicrt IV'd iri'ili* habcntcs, non 
I vtni vocarc jultos, led pccca- 
I tores ad ronitcntiam. ,' 

36 Dicfbat autcm & fimili-i^ 
tudincm ad iilos : Quia nemo 
adjccSlionem veftirm nti novi ad- ■ 
jicit ad vcllimentum Vctus : fi , 
vero non, &; novum f indit,- & 
vcttri nonconvcnit coimiulVura 
a novo. 

3- Ec nemo conjicit vinum 
novum in utrcs vctcrcs : fi au- 
tcm non, ruri^pi.-t novum vinum 
utixs, & ipfuiTi effundctur, &(, 
utres periinuit. - 

38 Sed vinum novum in utres 
novos injicicnduni, & utraquc 

53 F.t factum eft, quum con- 
fummanit Jefus parabolas iftas, 
tranfiit Indc. 

54 Et vcniens in patriam fu- 
am doctbat eos in fynanoga eo- 
rum, ita ut obllupcfieri ipfos, f^ 
dicere : t'nde huic fapientia 
hxc, & efiicacitates? 

55 Nonne hie eftfabri filius ? 
Nonne mater ejus diiitur Maria, 
^ fratvcscjuB Jacobus, & Jofes, 
& Simon, &. Jiidas? 

;;A Et r<Torc';.cju=,no!ine om- 
i!cs api'd UQi funt ? wndc erg-o 

1']. Api'ts ctla il sortil, el li vit 
■uu ptag,er n(>r>une L^'^i, a'^.'is .u. 
tiureau clei imp*jts , tt il lui till 

28. Et lui , qviiuant tout , ■ 
le\a et ]e suivit. 

■29. El Levi Jai fit iin p,ran'.l l'^^ - 
tin .'lans bftiiiaisi.i'. , ouii ?fr tr.nii :i 



et ses l)isc;>,>iu-s ; ecu' li 

beaucoup qui la\(;uut 

iG. El les Sl'i1!)(;-. < I 


;; \iid he left all, ros^ up, and 
;iM^>^^od him. j 

:..> .'.nd Levi made liini a.^reat; 
Uca^jLin his own house : und)^/j^^ 
hmny publicans and siiiners "k-dif/A^. 
Kilso together with .lesus and hiii 
idi«5ciplcs: for there were many,' 

des p:^a,eis et des gens'de mau-P'''^ ^^^^ fol owed lum. '\ 

16 Ai\Q v/hen the scribes andf 
Phai-isees saw him eut wilh pub-'' 
licans and sinners, tliey said unto 
his distiples, flow is it that he 
eatcth and drinketiv with publi- 
cans and sinners? 

17 When Jesus heard zV, he saith' 
unto them, They that are v/hole^ 
have no need of tlie physician, but 

'. 36. II leur dit aussi une slmili-lthey that^are sick rTcame not to^ 
tude : Persunne ne luet une piece{call the rii>,hteous, \^\. siimers to 
dim bablr ncui a nil vicux 'ia-;i*epcntance 
bil j autrement ce qui tst ncul lit -; .^y "^ > 1 
'eliiieroit J et la piece dii tU..p 

ucuf ne convifnt pomt an vieiix. 
, 37. Personne aiissi ne du ; I'e vin 
moiiveaudaiis devieux va-fMau-i: 

aBlreaiciulevinnouvtauromnrou ^'^^ niakcth a rent, and the piece 
lies vaisstaux , et se rt'paudr<.it, '^ ' ' ■- - 

d^s pc 

Taise vie , disoieut a ses DUci- 
plcs .•Poarquoi ^ol^e Mailic uiaiv 
ge-t-il el lj<-)it-il a\i;c Its p,a;_;L-rs, 
ct les geijj di,- inau\aise vii- ? 

17. Et Je.siis avaiit oui c('/</, leur' 
dil ; Ce ne sunt ji;;> cciix qui sont 
tn saiile qui oui Im^uiu d^ JMede- 
ciu , maii ce soul leux qui se por- 
tent inal ; Je suis veuu appeler 
a ia repentance, iiou les justes ,! 
inais les pecheurs. i 


also a parable *->..^ 

jetties vaisseaux seroient perdus. 
j 58, JViais Je viu nouvcau doiti 
'elreinis dansdes \ais,eaux ncuis. 
etainsi touslesdeuxsi ci)n<ti\ oit. 

i ?•'■' .'( !i(i he spal; 
'uMo llioni; Xo ni;iii pu;tctu a 
piece of, a new lairnient ir()on an 
Old; if otherwise, llien both the 

the new 

thai, was takn: out oi 
ae;)'ec-th not with'tl^e old. 

.17 And no man puUctli new wine 
into Old boll les : else tiie new wine 

55. Et il an iva que qunnd Jcjus I will burst the l)ottles, and be spill- 

eut acheve ces siaiiliiudcs , il se I ed, and the bottles shall perish. 1 

retira dece Ueu-\ii. ' 33 j^„^ ^^.^^ ^^^.5,^^, „^^^^ ^^ ^^^ r 

01. Et etant veuu en sa pntrie, '• , , ^^, 11 .1 ' 

U les ensti"uou d.ins leur sv- ,,.„ . „, „ 1 

nagogue : de suite qu'ils etoi.nt 
etouues , et qii'ils divoiciu ; D'oii 
vienneni a cet liomme cctle sa- 
gesse et ces miracles ? 

55. IS-'est-ce pas le Ills dii cliai'- 
pcntier? sa nuie ue s'appelie-t- 
elle pas Marie , et ses IVties , 
jJaques , Joses , Simon et Jude ? 
I 36. El ses suiurs ne soat - elies 
Ipas toutes pavmi nous ? U'oii lui 


53 And it came to pass, tkat '. 
when Jesus had finished these 
parables, he departed thence. 

54 And when be was come into 
his own coimtry, he taught them 
in their synagogue, insomuch that 

j they were astonished, and said, 
Whence hath this ?)ign this wis- 
dom, and t/icsf mighty works ? 

55 Is not this the carpenter's 
son? is not his mother called IVla- 
ry ? and his brethren, James, and 
Joses, and Simon, and Judas ? 

56 And his sisters, are they not 
\all Avilh us? Whence then hath 



T,>,. () ni Imrug iVnuv air'A'c. 

luiic ilia nmnia ? 

5 7 Kt k-andiili^abantiir i'l eo". 
At JtiLi.-. dixit cii : (i(i!i fU i'ro- 
]!lu i;:. iiilionwrdtii-,, li non hi pa ■ 
triaiiia, & jn cioinij iua. 

, mil 

fertus eft de cis, quia erant vex-^ 

ati, & difptrfi ficut ^ovcs noQ^ 

^habeuies patlQreni,,... '■■;•. ,■..,; 

7 Et a'dvocat duudccim : &j 

^ n^^a\<>' alriuildms^'_\S^^^<^^^^^^A''>'S^A^'>^' & 

,^6»l^ 0U9 Wo* 

TiEpftiv'- Kf oJov I3>2i- jw>) flTjIXSi)- 

.'Xs-jtt^X. . _, _ 

9 Mii XT^riii-Se ;^vf3-ov, ywv.-^E 

Jjo ;)f«Ti'V'a;, ^iiJe iiTTsJ'i/'xaTa, 
/ntiM pa'^^cv • a|i®' j'e'j e fJJ'a- 

I [ Ei'f Vv S'' av ecs'Xiv r^ Kw,a>;v 
a^i3* Iri' xaxsT fXitvan ix; ai 


13 Kai lav ,utv r >'i ■'' ■ ' ■ 

(xrZX aK9-.'cr» Tcu; >i;/oif liy-i; 
{fs^YoltcEvij T?; oiX4a; ?, T»; ■. -- 
?.fa'; EXjivic, £»iT(Va*.tT£ TW y.;- 

I<; 'A/:«r,V Xi)/iD li/XiV, «W'£XT)1<£- 

iv >;,uJja xjiVev;, w ta^ tToXSi e- 
«£;•/_»;. , •, 

)E<r9c ouv <tp:yi,us( a'C '' %£<;> Jj 

i'7;^£r5 SI ttVj t^sv a'l- 

Eij «-M'5?-ij, y^ h Tti,"; e-vi3.yo>yaTi^ 

dcinuuians cis, dicoisi In'via'ni 
gentium ne abreritis, £i in civi- 
tatcm S.'.mLU-itanorum ne inu'a;'' 

6 If; r.utcm nag-is ad ovei 
perditus donius Ilruel. 

9 I>ic paslidcatis aynv\i, ne-: 
que ar :>iirnn), iicque xs in zo-| 
iiis VI- ill is : .': 

loNoii pcram in viam, neqnftj 
diias tunicas, nequc cakeamen-2^ 
ta,nequc virgam : dignus enini:? 
opcrariu'i allnitntrt fiKT efV. 

1 1 In qiii(ii!Ci::u|;i. riuicm L'i- 
■vitatemai'.t c:\.'\ ;!\ini ii-j?ravcT5-' 
tis,inr'-'-rop;;uc v;'.ii^ inxa di<;i'.lu 
lit ; &. i':>i n-jin t-; di)n:'L 1 \<:<;t is. 

12 intra!. t-'s autcm in do- 
niiini, i":',lutut ; eain. 

13 Et (1 qiiidcn-i fucritdomiis 
.li;4'iia, ing-rediatur pax v-'Iim 

I'lcr cam 

ii aiit-eni iion hk; 

I,' llz (iui n'<!-! roci-'pcrit voi 
11 r; /.Uvi:-. lit l-imoncs vcllroBjj 
cx-u.'t-'^.domo vcl civit^tc ill,)-,' 
(. .'Utite pulvcrem pedum vc'f-^ 
crorum. ,' ' 

r <; i\mcn dico volns, Tolera*- 
Liliui crit terrx, Sodouiorum &."}. 
GonniirliaLonan in die judiciV' 
quam irivitati illi. ' ". 

lu F.ccc f.n) initto vos ficut o^l 
V':-; in n-iod;i> Iiiponim. JEftoteaj 
(Vf^o p. iKk-iu'es- iicut I'crpenteij" 
5^ liniplicos ficut cokin-iLa;. 
J 7 Cavctc autein abhominilms :' 
Tradcntcnini vnsiii conri'irus,&' 
in fynacnogI?3 ui»''ijgtll'abuntiVo.< 

viciincnt done toiues ces'choses ? this man all these ihinGS? "' '^- fi, 

07. De sorie qii'ils se scacdali-. c-r a „^ ♦k, .- ,. a- j j • 

soient do lul. Mais Jesus Uurdit.-,^^^"^"^ ^^^> Were offended m 
Ua Piopliote u'est meprisc que '""^- ^JUtJesuS said unto them, 
dans sou pays et dans su maisou. A prophet is not without honour,' 

58. lit il lie fit la que peu d» save in his own country, and in 

miracles , a cause de kur incre- j^i^ own liQUSU. -_^ ' 

L^"''"-'- . . -SSBut wIiI^Tiesaw^themulti-rW^.n- 

oG. El vo>a.u Ja luultUHde de ^ .j^sjiewasmovedwithcompas- ^ 
•^ "^ ' ' ■• • ,jj.,i, sion on them, because the) taint- 

id, and v/ere scattered abroad, as 

enveis eux , de ce quils et' 
disperses et eiiaiis, coiniuc de> 

biebis qui nont point de belter, ^heep having no shepherd. 

7. A.ors il apuela les do«ze,cA f-Atta-te ^^iflcth muo him the.Al^-6. 
)nimenca a les emoyer deux a! ^ , , - 


'illeur donaa ses ui'dres , en di- 
saiit : N'allez ])oiui vers les Gcu- 
'tils; el n'emrtz duns aucuue vilie 
dcs 8amaritaius. 
f). Mais allez jiluiVit aux brebis dt 
la Maison d'lsiatl , qui sont pcr- 

Jups. \ 

9. Ne 4>ieaez ni or , ni«h;gent, ni 
»ui>iiuoie dan!» v os cciuiui'es j 

Itwetre, and bt;;an to send them 
j fbrtn hy two and twp 


saying, 1 3'||(St./^- 

^Id commanded them, 
Go not into the Avay of the Gen- 
tiies, and into aiiy city of the Sa- 
maritans enter ye not : ., 
6 But go rather to the lost sheep 
gfthe house of Israel. _ _^ 
lo.Ni sac pourlevora^ deux j' « I'roNlde'l^cither Ho!d, nor sil- 
hablts, ui soulieis , ni baton : cat ver, nor brass in your pluses ; 
rouvvieresidignedesauouniiurc. ' 10 Nor scrip for your journey, 
ii.EtdausquelquevilleouJu«s! neither two coats, neither shoes, 

quelqiti^ bourgade que vuus en- 
liiez, informez-voHS qui est di^iie 
,0?c vous receuoir; et demeiutz-y, 
jttsqu'a-ce qne vous pailLez </e ce 

i. 12. Etquaad vous entrerez dans 
quclque maison , saluez-la. 

i3. El si la inaison en est digne, 
que voire paix vientie suv e!le j 
mais si elle u'en est pus diguc, que 
votic pal.v retoiune ;'i vous. 

I'l. Et par-lout ou Ion ne vous 
leccvva pas , et ou Ton n'ecouteru 
pas vos paroles, en sortant do cette 
maison ou de cette viile , secoues 
!a poussiere de vos pitds. 
, i5. Je vous dis eu verile , que So- \ 
dome elGomorrhe seroiu. Uaiteesj 
moins ngoiueuscnicut an jnur du | 
Jugemtni , que ceue vilie-iu. 

lb. Voici , je vij:is ca\ ii;t; euninie 
des breliis au niilitu (les luups ; 
soyezdonc prvidcus coiuinc dts sei- 
pens , et simples comme des co- 

17. I\Iais-donnez-voiis gnrde des 
lioninies ; car ils vous llvreroiit 
aux'l'ribunaux ,et i!s vcm-. frioiit 
foi/ctti^r dans les s^ iiaL^o.,!;;;; ,• 

nor yet staves : ibr the *vprkman 
is worthy of his meat. 

1 1 And into whatsoever city pr| 
town ye shall enter, enqup; whoj 

in it is woitliy ; and therTabid?" 
ti^l ye p,o thence. ) 

12 And wlien ye come into -au, 
house, salute it. 

13 And if the house be worthy, 
let your peace come upon it : but 
if it be not worthy, let your peace 
return to you. 

14 Ai^d ^vhosoever shall not re.; 
celve you, nor hear your words,' 
when ye depart out of that house, 
or city, shake off the dust of yotir- 

15 Verily I say unto you, It 
shall be more tolerable for the, 
land of Sodom and Gomorrlva, in* 
the day of judgment, than forj 
that city.- 

16 Behold, I send you forth i\s\ 
sheep in the midst of wolves : bej 
ye, therefore, wise as serpents,* 
and harmless as doves. 

1 7 But beware of men : for they 
will deliver you up to the coun- 
cils, and they will scourge you 


fiOTU-lOV .1 

2-; "Or- 

26 Mm oiiv i^i>-:r>inri airouc 

27 "O Xij/w y/^irv Iv T^ 3-XOTia, 
iVaTE Iv T*) <})i)Tl' -^ '. £lf TO af 

axoZ-n, xng-J^aTE STft t** S'a;- 

18 Kai /ui) 4)0?E6nT£ a5T9 t<wv 
BTTOXTEtVCVT^y TO ffmjxa, T>;v J= 

vov >i 4'^'X'^ b ^'^t** <»WoX£5-ai s« 

yiv.iin. _ 

* 29 Oi ;^i Si-'« f^jOwSia. I aCTS.- 

PIW X Wi'AiiTcJI, »5 iv 1; allTtiv ol 

TTi^iTrai Itti t.-.v ^-i'^j J a'vfu tsD 

3 ( Mil ouv (fxjJsflnTE" 7r;?\?v£<;v 

12 Kai efjXSotTf; Ixn^'i'trcrov, 
rva /UE7avin9'»i5'j* 

30 K«f (Tuyiyoilat 01 <j7r.;-j- 
X«i 'E'fOj T0> *Ir,<r5y, »J &7ri;;/- 
j'UXiW aJroS 'rcttvla, 5, cc-rt Ivo'.r,- 
*•«», 1^ ««■« tJ'tS'aJav. 

KEt- r. 7., „ 

I V Al' ■arijie'n-a'Tt* 'U^u( f^t- 
TO, tavra ev Tn raXi^aia* 

J? j-ttf ^■Sf>IV Iv Tfl 'itfSal* WIJ4- 

•rralrv, 5T( i^iiTev auTSV oi "le- 
iaTti tt'woxlEuat- 

Kt^. ?'. 7. ^ 

01 ♦afircT'Ji. xai Titff TiV 

* 2 KaJ 'i?'.v7ej .Tivjif rjjv 

(t5t' Ir-'v I avirliify is-SiW'aj 
a^^af. ^ l/^tf/t^lailc, 

* ■? (^*- y'-? *a^ira"i)i >^ 
«ra»7«j oi 'ls?a"oi, J eiv ^^ -j- 

vrvyuri I' vivf-u^vltti ric ^^^''j' f hx 
I £i'a-i, XjarSvIti rnv •a?a?a5fa-(V 

Ta* Ti.-^EJ-fl/T{^-»>V. 

l5? F,t ad prx-licjcs autem ?c h- 

gcs agemiiii propter me, in tef- 

Jlrjiimmm illis, J^ i;i,iitibt;- . 

l.T Qjixim imlrni iiijjqiiriii r.i 

V'v: ir, ( Lvlt;'.tc i'^'. fir^'iic j:i n- 


26 Nc ergo timueritis eoj. 
Nihil enini til occultum, quod 
non rcvchbitur, & abditum, 
quod noil fcietur. 

27 C^od dico vobis in tene- 
bris, (licite in lumine: & quod 
in auicin auditis, predicate fu- 
pcr domos. 

a8 Et ne tlmcatis ^b occidcn- 
tibus corpus, ut animam non 
vakntibus occidcrc : timete au- 
ttm magis potcntem & animain 
& corpus psrdere in gehcnna. 

29 Nonne duo paffcres affe 
vicncunt ? i<. tinus ex illis non 
cadet fuper ttrram, line Patre 

50 Veftri autem <.^; capill' 
capitis omnes numcrati funt. 

^ I Ne ergo timcatii : multis 
pafT'iribiis prxflatis vos. 

12 Et exeuntes prsdjcabant 

30 Et coguntiir ApoftoU ad 
Jcfuni, & rcnuntiavcrunt tn oin- 
nia, & quanta egerant & quantii 

C A P U. T VII. 
I "PT ambulabat Jefus poft 
hiEc in GaliUea: non e- 
nim volebat in Judaea ambulare» 
quia qu«Etebaut eum Judiei io- 

I T7T convenimit ad eunt 

l'hr.rila;i, & qtiidnm Scri- 
barum vcnicntes ab Hieiofo* 

2 F-t videntcs qucf.'ani liif- 
cipul'inim ejus c<iivr. uiiilius 
nianihus (luic cV:, illTt!.,") t.iii.n- 
tcs p^inr-s, incufaruiii;. 

3 Nam Pharifoi ^c oninea 
Jutkti, fi non pugillatini lavc- 
rint nianus, non manduc-^-.n, 
tcncntes traditioneni lenioruni: 

itl. Et vous serez niencs d 
Ics Gouvcnieiuvs , cf (levant Ics 
Uois , a cause do nioi , pour nsc 
leiidre timoignage dev aai vu\ ct 
,k\anl ifs )'.ati()ns. 

[land lis vous persccH 
s Hue ville . fnvtz dan 

U in their synagogues 
ant.r-i^^And^-e-ghttti be broug h t be- 


2.\ (_)! , 

l<Tuui d.t: 
line awlit 

car II u \ a ii 
dolve ii!C d'.' 
secret qui lie d' 
Ce que 

:■ (line [)omt ; 
. 1 aelie qui lie 
ri j ni lien de 
live etre contui. 
vous dis dans les 
tenebres, dltes-h dnnsla luniierc; 
et ce que jc vous dis a I'oreillc , 
pi'ieliez-lesur le haut desmaisons. 
28. El lie craigiiez point ceux qui 
•'tent la vie du cu; ps , et qui ue 
jieuvent Hiire nioaiir I'atne ; niais 
t iLti^nez j.lai'U i elui qui [)eut pei- 
(!;'■ tt i\uuc et ie corps daus la 

:' '. i; .!\ iia'sseraux ne se ven- 


? I'.t nean 

ii!..;,.i il 11 a uunbera [tas un seul 
.1 If 10 sans la permission dc v 0- 
J.e I'eiT. 

5o. Les clieveux memo de votre 
tele soul tons cojnptc's. 

5i. Ne cvaigncz done lien ; vous 
Ta3ez micux que bcaucoap dc pas- 
se laux. 

12. Eiant done partis , ils 
clu'iem ciu'iiu s'ainmdat. 

5... L' i' •■ A;..:;' . ■ ■ i-asitMii!'!;- 
"M ;:,. i; !';pii''i (_, ^ J ■: ,u ■ , el, hii ra - 1 
roniir<.at tout ce qu'iis avoienij 
lail , et loal ce qu'iis uvoieat eu- j 

choses , Jesus se le- 

Galilee ; car il ne 

denuurer dans Ja 

parce que les Juils clier- 

d Ie laiie inourir. 

i- i:s et ((Uel- 
;ni eloicnt ^ e- 

Ai'RK.s ces 
noil en 
vouloil pas 
Judee , 

clioieu; a Ic 

4 1.,,..,: 

i-l.ques .Hi, 

nus de Ji'rusa 
vers Jl'sus. 

2. Et vovant que quelqnes-uns 
de ses Disciples prenoleiil I' ur 
repas avcc >XiS mains sonillees,. 

fore governors and kings for my 
sakc,for a testinicny againstthem 

land the Gcnliks. 

' 23 But when 'they perjecute 
yoti in this city, flee,VQ.]nlo ano-' 

-6 '"car them riOt, therefore: 
for there is nolhiii/ covc-rech that 
^siiall not b-,; twcrled ; and liid, 
(that shall not he knoM n. \ 

' 27 What I tell you in darkness,' 
t/iat speak ye in light ; and what 
re hear in the ear, fhu! preach ye 
vir-on the housetops. 

-H And fear not them which 
'kd! the body. btr,:'are not able to 
kid t!ic soul : but rather fear him 
n hich is able to destroy both soul 
and body in hell. 

29 Are not two sparrows sold 
for afarthinu? and one of them 
iihall not fail (,n the grcund with- 
out your Fatlier. 

1 30 But the very hairs of your^ 
head ai"e all numbered. ,, 

I 3 1 I'ear ye not, tiigrefore, ye are ' 
l".*"" of more value than ntany»spar- 

1 2 X\:<\ iw-jx w ^\\i on I, aad preach- /W.P- 
ed tiiut inen s'notdd repeiit. _„ 
3(J ,\nd the apostlj;s gathered 
I together unto Jesus, 
and told him all things, both what 
they had done, and what they had 

1 ER these thiiiQ-s 


assemble rent 



. (pil n 

avoienl pas 


lavees , 

:-■ '. 

s tn 


3. Car 

1, .^ 


lens el Ions 


.luils n; 


ai;'^, 11 

t point sail' 


|laver 1, 

~ ill 

ll<:s p 

squ au eon 

1- . 


1 ii 

eeiu 1 

a tradition 




Malkcd in Galilee : for he ; 
would not walk in Jev/ry, because 
the Jews hought to kill him. j 

THEN came together unto, 
him, the Pharisees, and cer-' 
tain of the scribes, Avhich came 
from Jerusalem. j 

2 And when they saw some of 
hi'i disciples eat bread witli defiled" 
;(tlrat is to say, with imwashen) 
hands, they found fault. 

3 i^'or the Pb.arisees, and all the 
'ews. c;xcej'/u they was!) ■/uir hands , 

ott, eat not, holding the tradition; 
of tlie elders. i 





^a t:» c^)^A9v, ?;.s^s» airorf 
B ■^'-jvi'.i'ai auTiv Ko;vjj-oi c'.>>.d tu 



'16 ur ■rig i-x_ii w-si ir.';;i;iv, 

]8 K -i l^iyet aiT3~f' Oltii,' 
eT( iray to £fi6;v ilTTT<!:t'ojxi\o-j 

* 19 "Oti «'« tlff-nrcjf'.Elai 

TJiv KoiXi'av >^ £?; tov \ a^i^^m^ 
\ inTio^Vjlla.1, j<a,9a{i^«v cra'f'ia Ta 

ao "EXfyi Js, ?Tt tJ e« Tit 
avQjfWTtf IxTOjaoz-tevcv, IxiTvo 

Ji'aj TWV avfi5a;;ra.'V 0; S'laXoyic/xoi 

*i Kaxoi ixTTOflSIyOl'aj, fAdl^ilat, 

•■ 2i f KXcirai, f '3T>E'.v«i<'a(, 

25 nail* TaCra ri •ojcujfa 

•* 24 Kai ekS~9ev c'vafac o- 
W?X>Ei' E.'f Ta t ^sS^s''* Tufa 
J^ 2lJi?l^- K,'a'v Elf T'i>' 
o'.y.'.a.v, a'Styo. »i'i£>.E j^vsJv.ti' >^ bX 

4 Et a fnrojii non liaptizen- 
tnr, Don comedunt : <&■ siUlv. 
multa fant, qiix ulTuinj.ffrinit 
tenere, lotioncs poculorum i^ 
fcxtririortun, h Ki-amentontm 
&i kiflonim. 

5 Deinde interrog.5nt currl 
Phiirifcti & ScriboE : Quare iHl- 
cipuli tui non ambulant juxu 
craditionem feninr-uni, fed iU 
letis mauibus manduiant pa- 
nt ci ? . 

14 Et advocans omncm tur- 
brm, dicebat Illis: Auditc mc 
omnes, k. inteUigite : 

15 Nihil eft extra homineitx 
mtroiciis ui'luiu, quod potctt 
( um cinimunirarc : i'cd cxcun- 
li I ab CO, ilia fant coiuinimi- 
ciiiina lioiiilnem. 

16 Si qais habct aures ad 
audicni'uai, audiat. 

17 V.t ijuuni intro-ilct in, 
dmr.uni r tui'.ra, int;n-ogabant 
cum (iifcipuli ijus dt: pura- 

tR Tt ait nils: 5ic & V03 im- 
prnd.ntcs ell is? Non confidera- 
tis,quia omne extrinfccus Intro- 
icns in hcnvncm, non potef^ 
euni communicare ? 

19 Quia' lion intrat ejus in 
cor, ftd in ventrem, & in fe- 
ct(ri;m exit : purgans onines^ 

ao Dicebat aiitcm, quod e.t 
homitie egrefTiim, illud com- 
municat homineni. 

21 Imup enim, de corde ho- 
minum ratiocinationes malaj 
I grcdluntur, adviltcrin, fofnica- 
tioncs, csedes, 

22 Furta, avaritl.x, malitiae, ■ 
dolu?:, lafcivia, oculus main?, 
bJalphemia, fuper'. ia, amentias 

33 Omnia base mala 4b intus 
eo;'rLdiunt\ir, & coirai.unicant 
homing.' na. 

24 Et indc futi'^cns, ablit la 
confmia Tyri icSidonis: k. in- 
ijreflus in domi.'iti,ntminem vo- 
luit fcire, & nua potuit latere. 

•+. Tu lorsqinis r.ivieiincnt u\? 

|(>:acesi)ublif,ues, ils ne manoeut 

pojiU iu,n ,,lns sans sVire laves. 

1 y a aussi beaucoiip d'antres 

Closes qn'ils out recues pour ]cs 

observer, commc de laver k-s cou- 
p's , Its pots , les vaisseaux d'ai- 

laui , ft Jes liis. 

i 5. Ld-dessus les Pliansiens eties 

Scribes lui dejTiauderent • D'oii 
em que, tes Disciples ne sni vent 

pas la u-adiiioii des anciens , et, 
|qu lis pix'unent leur repas sans se 
'laver Jes mains ? . I 

' i4. Alors ayant appele toute lai-\-;^*2^H!V -'^^Si*-i u i- n ^T^if 
mul.iiude, iilenrdit; Ecoutez-: ^4 Ailfd, ^:^len he hadcalleTall 

nioi lous , el comprenez-ceci .• the people u:itO /urn, he said untp 
i5. Rien de ce qui est liors de them) Hearken unto me every oue* 

4 And -li'/ir?-/ they come from the^^'H\,'7 
market, except they Mash, they/ 
eat not. And many other thing4.- 
there be, which they have rec0iv-| 
ed to hold, as the ■vvashinfj of cups^ 
iind pots, and of brasen vessels, ana5 
tables. .^.. . I 

% Then the Fharisees and scribes ' 
asked him, Why walk not thy dis-« 
ciples accordin.^ to the tradition off 
the elders, but eat bread \vith un-i 

rhomme , et qui eutre dans lui 

A of i,ouy and understand : 

ne le pent souiller ; mais ce qui) ^ ,^-, ■ ,^.^ f^,^^ ^^^ 

son de lui, -voila ce qui souule •'. • . , • 

I'honime. ' |out a man, that entering into him^ 

i6. Si quelqu'un a des oreillesjcan defile him: but the things 
pour eniendrc , qa'il entende. 

ly.'Quand il I'ut enlre dai'.s la 
maisou, aprcs s' etre retire d'avec 
la multitude , ses Disciples I'iuter- 
logeient sur eette paiabole. 

i8. Et il leur dit ; Eies-vous aus- 
si sans intelligence ? Ne compre- 
nez-vous pas , que rien de ce qui 
entre de dehors dans I'homme ne 
le pent souiller ? 

10. Parce que cela n'entre pas 
dans son cceur , mais qu'il va au 
ventre'; et qu'il sort aux lieux 
isecrets , avec tout ce que les ali- 
mens ont d'impur? 

20. 11 leur disoit done .* Ce qui 
j^ortdel'liorame, c'estce qui souil- 
le I'homnie. 

21. Car du dcJaiis du coeur dc-s 
lioramcs J sorieut les mauvaises 
pensees , les adiilteres , lc5 lonii- 
catioas , les meurtres. 

22. Les laviins , les roauvais 
mojens , pour avoir !e bieu d'au- 
trui , les mechaucetcs , la tVaudc , 
limpndicile. Fail tuvieux, lu me- 
disauce , la ticrte , la folic. 

2.'5. Tous CCS vices sortent du de" 
ilans , et souilleut i'iiomtne. 

24. Puis etaiit parti de la, il s'en 
alia atix t'rontieres de Tyr et de 
Sidon ; et etant entre dans line 
maison^il ne vonloit pas que pcr- 
sonue le siil j mais il ne put etre 

■which come out of him, those are 
they that defile the man. 

1 6 If any man have ears to hear, 
let him hear. 

17 And, when he was entered 
into the house frf)m the people, 
his disciples asked him concern- 
in;^ the parable. 

18 And he saith unto them, Ar^ 
ve so without understanding- also?" 
Do ye not perceive, that whatso- 
ever thin.'^- from Avithout entereth 
into the man, it cannot defile him ; 

ly Because it entereth not into, 
his heart, but into the belly, and 
.?oeth out into tlie draught, purg-; 
ia=;- all meats.? ,' 

20 And he said. That which com-: 
eth out of the man, that defilethj 
the man. , ! 

2 1 \ orfrom within, out of the heart' 
of men, proceed evil thoughts,; 
adulteries, fornications, murders,^ 

22 'I'hefts, covetousness, wicked- 
ness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil-' 
eyesblaspliemy. pride, foolishness:! 

23 All these evil things come' 
from within, and defile the man. . 

2-1- And^from thence he arose, 
and Ment into the ijorders of Tyre 
and Sidon, and entered into an* 
house, and would have no man' 
kiKjw it:h\\X he could not be hid., 


K:cj>. in'. l8, 

rSj iFaiS'toy, sVi^'Sv OLTO Iv /"£»'»' 
. al~mj 

3 K»' jTwEV* 'fi.fxh Xe; a i/uTi', 
tav wn ;-jtt<})»Tf, »^ yivn^Si aJj to 
•flratS'ia, tJ /un elj-lXSn-re £»; twv 

4 'Ori; «► TciTnimati iaullv ^i. 

rHivJa'Aa)V avdy^V ya^ Iri* t'^- 
bfU T* ^JiavJaXa" wX^iV aat TaJ 
fcvo|ii5ww btuv«i, Si' 5 Tfl c-Xfl'vJ*- 

8 El li h X^k '^''' '■ ' ''''*'• "^'^ 
<rxa>JaXi'{ei o-e, e*ito4='' «vTa, >^ 
(oaXe ftTTo CH' xaXo'v o-oi Ifiv fi- 

e-l\9ii* El? T« ^oinv^ ;)(^lX3V, h 

E;/MTa, ^XriSvat iU TO WlIj to 
-^ 9 Kai «! J(}>6aX/u.oj «-a j-xov- 
S'aXitEJ tf'fj £5£^« auTiv, >^ i^*''' 
ciro cru- xaXov crui Id ^ovo^iSaX- 
ft'ov £1? TW ^s.i» £irtx9£"v, « ^!Je 
4>j>6aX,ui)c EX'*''''* ^^"3''''"' ''> ''■'■'* 
yisvvav Ttf Wffif. 

.■- ii i^JA'! l.;:t" \ £civ JEVH- 

Tai Tin av9ja,7ra ;itarov •zsii'^xldf 
X) 'ro-Xavi)9ri £1" 1^ ai/TtfV a;^i o- 
4 tic Ta |. enitnxw-acnect, l/ri ra 

Og)) "SrojSl/Scif, (iVlX TO "SlhAtci' 

fji.tit>>t ; '~ • 

I 3 Kai ea'v j/lmrai fv^iry auTO, 
a</t^V XEj'ai ijfjiiv, on X'-H^^ '"'' 
cuT« /jiaK'Kov, » Itti toi? Ivvev>i- 
JcovTaEvvIa, toT( f/.h WEwXivn^s'- 

14 OL'Ti'j sit sri '^EXuiua £|Ci- 
V^0f9tv Ttf waTjo,- ii^ijov, Ta ly 
.tjavcTj, Tva awiXsrai- {ff Tac /ut- 
xjiv Tan*. 

1 5 '£ay fe a,ua^T«a->) flj e-£ 
«JEX<f>5; j-tf, "Traye, J^ eAe^^ov 
aixJV |0tET3^) (Ta itj auTC'U /wo'vw 
lay s-a anoZfn, 6X6^ Jflcraf Toy a- 
J'£X4'3V ya. 

' c APUT xy.ui. 

I tN iila liora acceffcnuit dif- 
■*■ cipuli Jflu; diccritss : QiilT- 

nam major eft in regno ca;lo- 
rum ? ' 

' 2 Et advocans Jcfiis pucruluni, 
ftatuit cum in medio corum. 

3 Va dixit : Amen dice voV\\ 
fi n<<n convcrli fueritis, &. eHici- 
amini ru^.t pueruli, ncijuatjuam 
intrabitis in rtgnimi c.elrfrum. 

4 Quicumque ergo humilia- 
vcrit I'cipluin lit puerulus Tile, 
hie oil niiijor in regno cslorum. 

7 V:e n-iundo a fcandalis : 
Neccffe enim eft venire fcanr 
dala : veriimtamen va; Jiomini 
illi, per qucm Icundalum vcnlt. 

8 SI autem manus tua,_ vel ; 
pes tuns fcandalizat te.abfcinde- 
ea, & jace abs te : pukhrum 
tiliieftingredi ad vitam claudum* 
vcl maucuni, quam dua^ manus 
vtl duos pede= habentcm, jaci in 
ignum at\;rnum. 

y Et fi oculus tuus fcandalizat 
tc, crue eum, & jj^ce abs tc ; 
pukhrum tibi eft unocuUim in 
vitani intrare, quam duos ocu- 
lo3 habentem jaci in gehcnnani 

IT, Quid vobis vidcUir ?■■ 

futrint, alicui hominl centum ' 
oves, & erraverit una ex eis r 
nonnt rclinqiiens nonaginta no-' 
vem, in montes vadens quxric 
erraritem ' 

13 Et fi fiat invcnire earn,' 
amen dico Vobis, quia gaudet ' 
fuper ca magis, quam fupef' 
nonaginta, no ver noQ aberran-'- 

14 Sic non eft voluntas ant&' 
Patrem vcftrum qui in cxiisfl 
ut pereat unu3 parvulorum hd- 

15 Si autem pecfaverit in te 
frater tuus, vadc, & corripo. 
cuni inter te & ipfuni loluni : 
Si te audierit, lucratus cs fra- 
trt-m tuujn. 

EN cclte mcnip licnro-]a , 
l)lscii)ics vinKjil a Jc'sii^ 

hii ilircm .- Qui cs! le plu 
flaus le Hoyaiuiic ilf s cieux ' 

-.'. Et J('sns avaiU I'aJ! \tiiii- ur. 
iiJaiil , ie mil an iiiiiicu d cii\, 

~i. r.t dii .• Je v(ni>: Ic dis tii m- 
x'ih' , q\ic si ^()us ii'c'les cliaii'^'-. , 
<^t «i Yous ne deA eiicz conmic des 
♦"ulans , vous n'enlicrez puiiil 
dans Je Royruime des cieux. 

4. C'est pomquo'i , quieonque 
s"!)uniilicva soi-im'jne, cujtune eel 
enTftut , fclui-la est le plus grand 
daiis le Iiovanmc des eiem;. 

7. Malheur au inonde a (nvisc 
des seandales ; car il e.l 1 
saire qti'il arrive d 
mais iDaliicur a Ihomin 
le scandale arrive ! 

8. Que si ta main on ion pled tc 
lau tombcr dans le pechc, eoupe- 



ctjette-les loin de loi 
I \ aut inieux que lu eulres 
leux ou ji!auel:ot dans la \ ie 
d'a\ oir deii\ picds (<i! (!( ux iiiaiiK, 
et d'etre jele dans ie ten tUriiil. 

9. ]U si tun (J il te lait 
duns If jH-cJu', avraclie-ie, ct 
jelle-le loin de Un : car il \aiU 
mienx que lu entres dans la vie 
u'ajaui qu'un ail^ que d'ax oir 
deux yeux , el d'etre jele dans la 
gel: tune du feu. 

1?,. Que vons en senil^le ? Si 
lutnuue a eeiu Inel^i 
ea ail uue tgane , 
pas les quaire-\ in^ 
pour s'en alter par les ir.ouiagiies 
clicrclier celie (>iii s"e^l egarte V 

i5. El s'il arl■i^e (|u il Ja ll()u^ e. 
je vous dis en verile . (lu'd m a 
plus de joie , que des qiia k -\ iii;;i - 
dix-neiil qui ue soul point t;.a- 

j4. Ainsi la volonte' de \(.tre 
Pere qui est aux eieux, li e<i jias 
quautun de ees pelils pt-risse. 
! i5. Si ion frere a j)eche contre 
iloi, va , ct I'epreuds-le tnUe toi 
etluiseul; s'il I'eeoute , lu auras 
caani; ton Irerc. 

AT the' same time .came the 77?./^ 
disciples unto Jesus, sayiiv^* 
Who is the tj;i-eiitest m the king-j 
dom of heaven ? ' , 

2 And Jcsiis called a little child^ 
unto him, and set him in the midst 
of them, 

3 And said, Verily I say xmto 
you, Except ye be converted, and 
become as little children, ye shall 
not enter into the kingdom of hea-' 

4 WhosoL-ver, therefore,, shalH 
humble himself as this little childJ 

:l'se-uidale^- 1:^^ ^^^^^ ^^ t^reatest iu tlieking^ 
mine i)ar qui |go^' of heaven. 

7 AVoe tlie ^vorld because 
of ofiences! for it must needs be 
that ofiences coi^ie ; but >voe to 
that by v.hom tlie oilence 
cometh 1 

8 Wlkrefore, if thy hard or thy 
foot offend thee, cut them off', and) 
cafet them from thee : it is better 
for thee to enter into life halt or 
maimed, rather than having two 
hands, or two feet, to be cast into 
everlasting fire ^ . 

9 And if thine eye offend thee, 
pluck it out, and cast it from thee : 
it is better for thee to enter into 
life with one eye, rather than hav- 
ing tAvo eyes to be cast into hell- 

12 How think ye? if a man have, 
an hundred sheep, and one of them 
be gone astray, doth he not leave 
the ninety and nine, and goeth in- 
to the mountains, and secketh that' 
which is gone astray ? 1 

.1 3 And if so be that he find it, 
verily t say unto you, He rejoicethi 
more of that f/ict/i, than of the; 
ninety aiul nine which went not! 
astray. ' •< 

14 ILven so it is not the will of 
your leather wliich is in heaven, 
that one of these little ones should 

1 5 Moreover, if thy brother shall 
trespass against thee, go and tell 
him his fault between thee and 
him alone: if he shall hear'thee, 

M ua 
>, el iju'il V 
ie !aisse-t-il 
U-dix-neiii , 


10 'E:iV Jf an'.iTn, rffued- 
Xafei fj.iTa. i-ti £T( iVa (J S'llo" ^va 

ret islTTr^ Iflvj^CC J-^ C T£Xs;,hj. 

* 22 Aiy=i i 'l»ruf Oi' 

«13 Ale raro u!f/,otti!)8ri h Baj-i- 

Xsi, oj ii6£X>)3-6 srina^ai ^.oj'ov 
^£ra T»y ^uXarv ctJtb. 

• * 24 I 'Ajlu/xivt.' J; oltS 
I ffUvaif'SlVj '37^03-f)!£p^;;^9l) ai.Ti) El? 

^ a<J>£4XETiif J /wufiwv I raXavTajV 
25 Mil £;^cv7®' J'£ aina dirt^ii- 
*at, ix£>,£^3-6v auTov xiy^i^ ol- 
Taf w^aSfivai, <^ T'li' yuvafxa aina, 
^ Tit TEXva, >^ 'SrdiTa. cVct E^C^J 

?6 riia-AiV 3v J'oX>®' 'BTfi7t- 

iifA.r:s{tu In' i{Acl; i^ ■isdrra. a:i 

(1*^ Ta JaXtf SKiiviS,' ar,-r'X!J7:V 

«Ctck, ^ to •}• Javijjv a'.I'>i'i!£V a'vro), 

28' 'Ei'eXJaJv Ji J'aX'i^ ixer. 

.»©■•, eif£'/ £va t^yj truvJa'Xav aiira, 

>^ XfO^iis-aj «iiT2v iTTiiys, xiyxv 

AKoi^ /XCt, o'.ri '3^,^£l^£l-, 

*i^ riEj-aJv av cC^tt'h®^ alru 
U( Tac -arcjaf airo'C, rsct^ati^ei 
al'Tcv, iKiytuV Muh^oSuukJ'CV irr' 

3 •> 'O o'i dx >i9cX£V ttXX' d- 

K^v, £a.'j a aVcJa) TO -J'|) = (Xo,af vov. 

16 Si I'.uttm iJon aiidierit, af- 
fiime ciun te adliuc ununi vol' 
diii:s; ut in ore duonun tciUum 
vci trium fttt omne vtrbum. , 

17 Si aiitcm n.'g;li.':a'rit eo3, 
die cccl'Ji.e : i\ ante m & cccle- 
fiani nc^^lcKcrit, f.t tibi licut" 
cthiii^;!!? >*.: pubiicanus. 

21 'I'unc accedciis ad euni 
Pcmis, dixit; Domlne, (juotie.i 
pcixuliit in mc fratcr nicus, & 
diniittaia ei ? ufque fcpties? 

2i Die it illi Jcfus: Non dico' 
tibi, ui'^iue feptii:s, i'cd ufcjuc 
leptuAg-ifS fcptcin. 

53 Propter hoc afTimilatum 
cA rtgiium ci-loruni honiini rc- 
gi, tjiji vdluit confcrrc rationcra 
cum fcrvis I'uis. 

24 .Incipic'iite vcro ipfo con- 
fcrrc, o'latu", cfl: ei Unas debitor 
dccit's miilc takntorum. 

25 Non Iiabente autcm illo 
redderc,'jullit tuin domiiais eju.s 
vtnuiidari, & uxorcin ejus, & 
fiHos, & omnia qiue luibcbat, & 

' 26 Protldfiis autem fcrviis 
adorubat cum, diccns : Domiiic, 
10i-i>ai!iini-^ olio crga me, d<, 
oiT.nia tiln rcddam. 

27 Coiiiinotus vlfccril)iis au- 
tcm domiiius fcr^vi illius, abfol- 
vit cum, & mutuuni dimifit ci. 

2l-; EgrcJTus autcm fervus illo, 
invcnituiiuni confcrvorum I'uo- 
nim, qui dcb'.bat ei centum dc- 
iiarios : & appreliendcns cuiti 
fufroc'.ibat, dlcens : Redde niiJii 
quod debes, 

29 procidens-ergo confcrvus 
ejus ad pedes ejus, rogabat turn, 
diccns: Lonj^aniiriis cflo in nie, 
& omnia reddam tibi. 

30 llle autcm noluit : fed 
abicns ronjccit cum in cufto- 
dium, donee reJdcret dcbituni. 

t ^^- -^*iais s> ij nc iVcoutc pas ; 
pvcnds avec tol encore iinc ouj 
deux pcrsoniies , a!;ii qiic touti 
soil couliniie sur la parole de 
deux oil de trois trmoiiis. 

17. Que s'il ne daigiie pas Ics 
t'COiUcr , dis-le a I'Eglise ; et s'il 
ue daignc pas r'couler I'Ej^iise , 
regardc-k coininc un paitu el iiii 

21. Aiurs Pierre s'etnnl appro- 
flie , lui dil .' Sei_a,neiir, coiiiiiiiu 
de i'ois pardonucrai - je a nioii 
frere , lorsquil in'aura ofl'tuse 
j usques a scpl Ibis ? 

Jesus lui r/'pondit : Je ne te 

des eieux est compare a un Roi . 
qui voulut [aire tomj)te avec ses 
servitcurs .- 

thou hast gained thy brother. 

16 But If he will not hear ih^n. 
f/ic/f take with thee one or two 
more, that in the mouth of two 
or three' witnesses every word 
may be established. 
' 17 And if he shall neglect to hear 
them, tell /'■ unto the clun-ch: but 
if he nec;,lect to hear the church, 
let himbe vmtothee as an heathen 
man and a publican. 

2 1 Then came Peter to him, and|; 
said, Lord, hovr oft sliall luy bro- 
ther sill against me, and I fory-ive 
him ? till seven tunes ? 
2:^ Jesus saith unto liim, I say 
dis pas jusiiues a sepi fois , mais jnot unto thee, Until seven times ; 
jusqucs a st-piante inis .sept lois. Ibut, Until Seventy times seven. 
2.5. Cest p<.urqnoi le Royaimic | 23 Therefore is'the kingdom of 

heaven likened' unto a certain 
kinp;, whicli wovdd take account 
24. Quand ibeul commence a of his servants, 
compter , on lui en pnvstuia uiij 24 And when he had be^un to 
cjui devoit dix m.lle laleus ; reckon, one - was brou-ht unto 
• 25. tt parce qu il n avoit pas , . . <J 

de quoi paV-r, son Maitrc com- 1^1"^' ^^'h^ch owed him ten thou- 
manda qu'il futveudu, lui, sa'Saild tideilts. 
femnie et ses entans , ct toot ce' 25 But forasmuch as he had not 
qu'il avoii, afiu que la deite I'lit ^q p^y, j^s j^rd comnumded him 

26. Et ce servitenr sc jetant a 
terre, le supiilioil . en lui di- 
sant / Seigueur, aie patience eu- 
vers moi , ct je te paierai lout. 

27. Alors le Maitre de ce servi- ^^ ^^^^ worshipped him, sav- 
tpur , emu de compassion, ki. , , , K^ . . ' 
laissa aller, et lui 

raS. Malsce servitcur c'tant sorii , 
renconira un de ses compaguoui 
de service qui lui devoit ctul de- 
luiers 5 et rayaui saisi , il I'eli ati- 
gioit, en lui disant .• Paie-jnoi ct 
I que til me dois. 

20. Et son compagnon de ser- 
vice se jetant asci pieds , le sup- 
iioit , eu lui iLisant ; Air patience 
enver, moi, et je le paierai tout. 
5o. Rlais il n'en voulut rien 
faire , el s'en etaut alle , il le fit 
niettre en prison , jusqu'a ce qu'il 
cut paye la dctie. 


to be sold, and his wife, and chil 
dr n, and all that heliad, and pay- 
ment to be made. 
26 The servant, therefore fell 

c'ulna la '"&' '°'''^' ^'^^'^ patience with me, 
^ and I will pay thee all. 

"27 Then th.e lord of that ser- 
vant was moA cd with compassion, 
and loosed him, and forgave him 
the debt. 

'28 But the same servant went 
out, and found one of his fellow- 
servants, which owed liim an hun-( 
di'ed pence : and he laid hands on: 
him, and took M!;? by tlie throat, 
suving, Pay me that thou ov.est.' 

29 And his fcllow^servaiit fjll 
down at his feet, and besought 
him, sayin?;;, Have patience Mith 
me, and I m ill pay thee all. 

30 And he would not : but Went 
and cast him into prison, till he. 
should pay the debt. 


•iVu Ttt j/6»ijw!»<«, IXvTTtl'na-av 

«CA» rw "f »tu^iy airitfy waina 7a. 

• ' S3 '^'^^ ^^•* *"*' ""' £^6>I''*» TOV 

'" ' , ' , , \ : 

tirai"?) Ei^'f " awooi) way to 
o<,'£iXOjUevcv cuTv. 

re r'xof©- TK ttleX^i.? oCtu awo 
Txv xaf^i'-'^v u^tiui' Ti lEraiKTirTai- 
(jLa-ra. airxv. Id, f 5. 

K£<f>. * . TO. 
I TV/rKTii ?e TaDra oveJfi^-rv 

jU^xoy'a, ^ 'd'7t'i~t.Ck2v floras ava 
Ji/j WjO ttr^oiToiiTrs uLtj, £1; wa- 
^av oriXiv ^ TO/TO* J 6/M.i>.XEy 

2 "I'.At^Ev av ■STfcj auTciJf 'O 

trat oKiyof J£i'j5i)/e ai' t5 Kt/^i'a 

j-ttTaj el; tov ^Jfirv.jy airv. - 

4 M>i ^xrilf.l ^iXtv^ioy, ^^t 

5 Ei{ *v >' ^v oix/sy fics^x- 


6 ICai l-ty |<.t2y ij JxeT i^'oc 

h t\ny.r, l^iv ti cl f^hyi, i ]■' 

7 'Ey oCr? Is rn oIh'^o, i^LiIb, 
Ifo.cyltr Kj TO.'voilsf ra •«?«;' ai- 

8 Kai £1; V,t 5' ttV -sroXjy i're^- 

3 r Vidcntes auteni confcrvl 
fias fafta, contriOati fuiit val-.k". 
& veril ntcs dcclar^vcrunt do- 
mino Aid omnia faiSlva. 

32 Tunc advocans iilum tld- 
mJuus fuus dicit illi : Serve n<i- 
qiiurn, omnc dchituni illud di- 
miii tibliqv.oni.'.in advocafti me. 

X^ Noiine op'crtuit & te mi- 
feri-ri conlVrvi tui, ficut it ego 
tui niilVrtus funi ? 

14 Ft iratir- dominus ejus 
tradi;iit ciiin lortori'jus, qiUKid 
ulquc.ri ildertt uiuvcrl'uni d'.bi- 
tuiii ci, 

15 .Sic >^' Pater mens creldHs 
facict vobiv, ii noti r^iiiiU'ritis 
UiUifquiiqUo fratri fuo dc cordl- 
bus vcUrislapfus coju:n. 

I pOST autem hxc dcfignaVit 
Domiiuts & alios i ptua- 
ginta, & mifit illos p?r binos 
anie faciem fiianj, in oiiiuem 
civitatcm &,]ocunt tjub futurus 
crat jpf'e venire. 

a Dicebat igitur ad illos : 
Ipfa quidtm mefiTis multa, at 
opcrarii jiauci : rotate srgo do- 
niinum mtflis, ut cniittat opc- 
rarioB in mcll'em fuam. 

3 Itc, ecce egn mitto vo»- 
ficut agnos in medio laporum. 

4_Ne portate maifupium» 
noiiperam, neaiie cakcamenta: 
& ncminem jicr Viam faluta-^" 

5 In quamcmique domum 
intraveritis, primum dicite ; 
Pax doraui huvc. , 

6 Kr a quidt-m fuorit.fbi 
filijs i'aci<, rt-quiclcct ftiper ij- 
lunl jvix ve!lr.i ; fi vtro non, ad ' 
vos rcverrctur. 

7 In fiidtm iiufcin domo ma- 
ii'jte, edentcs Sc hibinus cuis 
a])ud illos : d.'trnu^ eaini opera* 
rius Irtrcf-lt A;;; eft, nt trdiiGtC 
de dome ill ilomarn. 

8 Et in quamcumque civ'ta'- 
tera iritravciicis, ic fufrci^trint 
vtis, maiiducate api>ilfi'ta vobi?. 

Si.'Ses autres compagnons tie 
service voyant ce qui s'etoit pas- 
se , en fiu'cut J'ort iuc'igiic's,. et lis 
viiiicDt rappoitcr a Itiir ftlaitre 
lout ce qui etoit anive, 

52. Alors son Maine le fit yenir, 
et lui (lit ; ]\lecl'.uiU serviteuv, je 
I'avois quitte toute (5eUe delte , 
parce que tu ra'eu avois prie ; 

53. Me te iallolt-il pa"> aus'5i avoir 
Ipilie de ton compaguou de service, 
jcomme j'avois eu pilie' de toi ^ 

5i. Et sou I\failre eiaut irriie , 
le livra aux serpens , jusqu'a ce 
qu'il lui tut paje tout ce qu'il Jui 

35. C'est ainsi qne voiis fera mon 
Pere celeste , si i ous ne parJuniiez 
jias chacun de vous , de tout sou 
cceur, i swi IVcre scs I'autes. 

31 So when his fellow-servaiits /??■. /<P^ 
saw what was done, they were ■ 
very soriy, and came and told; 
unto tlieir lord all that was done. 

32 Then his lord, after that he 
had called him. said vmtohim, O 
thou wicked servant 1 I fors^ave 
thee all that debt, because thou 
desiredst me : 

'33 Shouldest not thou also have 
had compassion on thy felio\v-ser-| 
vai"it, even as I had pity on thee? I. 

34 And his lord was v/roth, and 
delivered him to the tormentors, 
till he should pay all that was due 
unto him. 

35 So likev.'ise shall my heaven- 
ly Father do also \into yon, if ye 

bfrom your hearts for;<';ive not every 

one hisbrother their trespass 
i rni:,s ccla, Ic Seigneur aal.Iit; A FTER these thintjs the Lord 
/Veucorc soixante el dix autrc^ Ll~\. appointed other seventy also, 
Di'^'siplef! ; et il Its en v ova deux j^,jj ^.^.j^t them two and tv/o before 
jideux devaullui Ics j^j^ ^^^^ j^^^^ ^^.^^.^. ^,5^^. .^,^^, j^^.^^ 
vil eset dau'' tou9 le:> iieux ouliu- - . , , ,• 'ir ' i 1 
nl^me dcvuit allerJ ^^hitner he himse f would come. 

1. Et il leur disoit: La molsson 2 Therefore said he unto them, 
'e-'t <;raudt' . maisr'j)' a pni don- The harvest truly i< i real, but the 
IvriiTs ; prio/, dune le !^^»i"". '^^ hibourers «r^- few: prav ve ihere- 
ila molsson d\nvoyerues ouvners ^^_^^ ^^^^ j^^.^^ ^^ ^,^ . imvvest, \ 

3. Allez , jc vous envoie comrae he womd send tortn labourei s ni- | 
di-s agnea'nx aa milieu ties loups. to his harvest. 

, 4. Ne portez ui bourse , ui sac , 3 (;^ your ways: beho^.d, I send 

you forth as lamb-j amonij wolves. 

4 Carry neither purse, nor scrip, 
nor shoes : and salute no man by 
the way. 

5 And into whatsoever ye 
enter, first say, Peace be to this 

6 And if theSonof I'eacebetliere, 

your peace shall rest upon it : if 

est di^ne tic son salaire. Ke pus- not, it shall turn to you again. - 
scz point d'uue ir.aison a une 

ni soviliers ; ct no saluez personne 
on oheniiu. 

5. Et dans quclquc niaisoufjuo 
vous entriez , tlites eii tniraiit : 
La paix soit sur ccUe inaison. 

6. S'il 3' a i;'i qiielqim enl'aiU tie 
paix ; voire paix rcposera sur 
lui ; siiion elle retovirncra a vous. 

7. El demeurtz dans cette inai- 
.son-la , man;;eanl et liavaul d( cc 
qii' doniieia , car I'oux vicr 


8. De rat me , dans queltjue v illc 
que vous entriez, .<:i on vous •) 
I'cvoit , matigez de cequ'onvous 

7 And in tl\e same house remain, 
eating- and drinking- such things 
as they v(i\c: for the labourer isi 
worthy of his hire. Go not fron^ 
house t(i house. ''" 

8 And into whatsoever city ye 
enter, and they receive you, eat 
such things as are set before you ; 



f i^'^>.7 r,5:'lcL r,u7> in Yr.c, ■:,:':.■■ ivr 
'■."'•■"•') \ a TO '/.aj-ai'/. ifl.; ^ iT.' 
TOA^jy Tar J - ;VSjrX£'':, 'r; •,....■> 

* 2 Hv ^£ SJ')^? '' ^OjJ'J Tits 

3 E?Toi' av TT^C'f auTOV 01 o- 

Dray; £i; t^» 'l«5a;ay, I'va ij oi 
fxa$>ilai era S£a.j>:c-tiS-> 7* Ejya 
ea a moiUi' 

itrctti, K) ^>i1ei oi.TC5 ev <aTa^^ne-nx 
tTvai. il to-vTA wok";, 4j!»»£f4i- 

IttiVei'OV t'; a'rr.. 

Ij-lV ET5:u'^-'. 

7 Ol'SvjIu xirfA^ fxis-i7y 
-i/xof £,"-i ^i y.iTii, cTi Eyii) 

tfCra ■tirovr^a irr.'. 

8 "T|U£T? aui-'>r; f^C Ti!V JOJ- 
T^v T«uri;v' sy.v HiTi> ava^aivw 
j!c tJ;v to^nv T.-iiTr.:, en o xai^o; 

O t,UC; ilT^iO CTi") -Niirtl. 

9 Tavta >~E 'ivTiiv aiTo";, £- 

auTti, Tort k, aiTo<; ctviSi Eij t^v 
S(?fl»iv, « (J)iv£ji'c, aXX aj £v 

11 Oi »v 'lao'a~5( l^/jT!fV «'- 
t'v ev t? £5^>> ^ eA=}'5V ria EC'V 

12 Kai j'o; 7' 'y-'J? '^''Xm; Tict 
al-rS Iv EV T-oi'c !j';i^Xiij. c. /ytiv 
?Xe-/:v, CTt aysiSo; Eri". a^'^J' 
Je eXe>cv, O-y aXXa wXava t;V 

» . . •',,■>.. n ~~. 4 :--7?- + »,.. 

©TJc, l.'.r, I.LllJ.:S:y.u>; , ^ 

16 'ATTiKfiGn ;<i'To'i'c J ;t?s-oi^? 

10 in cjTnnicumque aiitem 
civiuttcin iiitraverhis, $c lyia 

fi.fccperh.r ■..;..: ;_ .ijuntcs in 

:•. .u'ii vtcn- 

ttm r, :!j:^ 'il 

c!.' 'i-LC Yc(-.ra, 

;!'-'li:c;-'ii ..iv, \ 

!i;.' ' ! t.'.nicn bcc 

J - 

■- " ! . r;-:ia 

;'.;•..... ,\, 

'^ :;..u:!;as 

2 Erat autem ptope feflum 
Jud:eoruin, Scciiopegia., 

3 Di.erunt igitur ad eum 
ftatres ejus: Tranfi hinc, 6c 
vade in Judjeam, ut & difcipii- 
ii tui videant op^ia tua qu» 

4 Nemo qvnppe in occulta 
quid faclt, & qusrit ipfe in ma« 
nii'ello elTc. li iixc facis, mani- 
fcila teipfum mundo. 

5 Ncquc enini fratrcs eju* 
cred'-'baiit in cunt. 

6 Dicic cr^oei^Jcfus : Tcm- 
pU3 nv.uni uo.'.dnin adeil : at 
tcnipus vcitruni I'tinjar cil pa- 

7 Noil poteft nnindu^ odilTe 
V05, mc aiifLin o^lit, qi. . ctjo 
ttibor dc illo, quia' opera ejus 
mala faut. 

8 \'os afcciidite ad f.jftuni. 
lioc ; t'l'o noinluin al'ccndo ad 
fcihini iilu'i, quia tcni|nis niC' 
uni nouJuiu ii'.ii Icuim cfl. 

9 autciii dicins eif, man- 
fit in Galihta. 

10 ['t autcni r.fci-T.derunt fra- 
trcs cjuf, tunc & ipfe afccndit 
ad fclUini, non maiiifclle, fed. 
quafi in occulto. 

1 1 Ipfi ergo Jud:ci quxrcbanC 
eimi in fcflo, & diccLant : Ubi 
elt ille ? ■ 

i: lie murmur nudtum de co 
crat in turbis. hi quidcm.dicc- 
baat, Quia lionus cih alii dice- 
bant, Non : fed fcducit turbam. 

33 Nerno tamcn palam lo- 
quebntur de illo, propter metum 

14 Jam aiitcni itll;o median- 
te, a!xri;dit Jel'ub in tcmplnui,, 
& doiA-ha^ 

i.T i-t niirabantur Jud;i.i,di-, 
f(:ni:L■^ : Quomodo hie lit.ras 
fcit, mm docius ? 

16 Rt fj-ondit crpo eh Jtui.''. 

ib. Mais dans cjiifiquc ville que- 
vous enlviez , si on ne voiis y re- 
coil pas , sorleii liaus Ics rues , etj^^ 
elites : 

11.- Nous seconons ronlre vouc 
la poHSsicre qui s'est allachc'e a 
nous dans voire ville ; sacliez 
■pourlam que le Rij^ue tie Dieu 
s'cbl apjnochc do vous. 

1?.. Jc vousdis qu'en ce jonr-la 
teux de Sodonie scront traiU's 
XHoins rigourtuseincut que aiH 

2. Or , la IV ic (Its J (Ills , tippel- 
/('c' dcs Tube iiKulfs , a])[iri)iiM)il. 

5. L'.t seslri-ii-s lui ilireul : I';)!-- 
d'ici , cl I'cu \a (11 JiiiltC' , af'iu 
que U's Dlscipli'i \ oicnt iiiisii It^ 
tL'Uvrcs quf tii lais. 

4. Car persouue ne fait ricn en 
ratlicUe .quaiid il \cul agir Irau- 
fliciueat. Poisqiu' lu lais ces 
clioses ,. iiioMtre- toi loi-niiinc au 

■pas fu lui. 

(). ..U'sus leur dit : Mon Urns 
n'cst pas eucore vtnu ; mais If 
ttms est tuujourS {)ru[i,c pour 

7. 1-e moudc ne vous ptut Lair ; 
mais il ine l;ait , parci' que ji- 
rends ee lfnu)l;^i!a^e eonlre lui , 
que ses U'U\ie^ soul niau\ aiscs. 

ii. Pi.m ■^ ous , niiji;u-j! a lellc 
file : Pour nioi . \r n'v uionte \\\.\> 
enron , pa-ic quu muii leuis n'esi 
pus i-ncuro ^tuii. 

(). lit li-ur avaiii dit cda . ii d.- 
ii;tufa (u r.aiil/i.'. 

10. Mais J!,!- qiu' >.( ■. Trvres I'lP'ont 
partis, i! Ui<Mi;:i :iii^si a la IVti.' . 
iiju pas pi;!,i i|ii'.:i:i-m , mais 
Commt en ticl.etU'. 

11. .lui Is done l< i litu hoii nt i 
pendant la lite, el disoieut : «.)ii 
esl-il ? I 

IV.. -Kl on tenoit pinsieurs dis 
cours de hii painii !•: pinpli'. 
Les luis disoienl : (.I'esi tin .loimiicl 
de bien ; el les aulrts disuiiiit : 
!N»n , mais il .ss'duit ie [u u;'lv. | 

i3. Toulelbis persyuiu.; U',' par- 

Hoit liLrenienl de lui , a caiisi; de 

ila crainie qu'on a-.o.tilivs Juil's. 
n. Ci)i>init on c-li)ii di'ja au ini- 
;lieu ds hi U'le, J. uouta au 
'reni])!ij . ft il } (.iLMi^^iioit. 

1.'). \Li Ifi Juils ctuii ni I'tonnt's , 
el disoit-iit : Cciiinicni cellionime 
isuii-il les F.iriuucs , ne les ajaut 
[)oiut apprises ? 
' I'i. Jesus leur repondil 

10 But into Avliatsoevi^- city yel-> 
enter, and they i-eceive you not, 
go your ways out into tlie streets 
of tlie same, unci say, 

1 I Even tiie very dust of your 
city, wliicli deavetli on us, we do 
wipe oft" against } ou : notwith- 
standing, be ye Sure oftiiis, tJiat; 

i,Ult IHL'll 


T!;at itl 
i:! iltut 

the kinc'dom of Clod is 
unto )ou. 

12 IJut I say unto v:; 
shall I)e more loleia! 
day for ,So(le.m, tlian fur \\,ix • ]'■■■ 

3 Now tl;e .fcws" feasi of tj^ber- 
bacles was at hand. 

I:is brethren, tlierefore, said 
unto him. Depart hep.ce, ar.d i^ 
into Judea, that thy disci]:iles also 
may see tht v orks thai thou doest. 

4 For fhrn' is no man t/ial doeth 
any tliin?^ in secret, and lie him- 
sdf Siekevii to be" kno'>vn op.vniilv 

If thou do these things, shew thy^f 
self to the world. 

5 lor did his brethren 
believe ha him. 

6 Then Jesus said unto them* 
My time is not yet come : but 
yom* time is aiway ready. 

7 The world cannot bate you: but 
me it hat"th, hecattse 1 testify oj 
it, that the v. orks thereof are evil. 

8 ye up unto least: I gc 
not up y;;t unto t'lis feast; for my 
time is not yet full c<jme. 

9 AVhen he had said these words 
unto them, he alxKle utiilm GaHlee. 

10 Hat wlun bretl:ren were' 
goric up, then went he also up un^ 
to the feaj.t, not openly, but as it 
were in secret. 

1 1 'i'lien the Jews sought at 
the fea^t, and said, V\'here is he ? 

12 And there was nuich mur- 
muring amcng th.e people con- 
cerning hini : for some said. He 
is a 'jood man: others said, Nay; 
but he deceiveth tiie people. 

ISlIov bcit no man spake open- 
ly of him for fear of the Jews. 

1 4 Now, about the midst of the 
feast, Jes'is vrtnt \sp into the tem- 
ple, and taught. , 

1.5 And the Jews marvelled, say- 
ing, Hov/ knowetli this man let- 
ters, liaiing ne ver lea rned ? 

16 Jesus atisAvercd tlieni, and 




19 Oil Moti<r?f ^ettixtv vfA,7y 

ttivat I 

Aai/xOKOV t;(S*5' Tl'f at (liliT a- 

«iiTi)7f* "Ev e^yot Iwciijya, >^ urav- 

»y;*':V Tr,y tai^Hifjihv, (sijp^ Jrt Ix 
ToD Mxa-Ei'f Iftv aXX' Ix Ti» 

J'(7e iiQ^xTrey, 

^aT£, cTi o\ov atd^ctwin vyj) i- 
Vouiya iv a-a^Sa.rciJ ; ' 

,24 Mn n^Utli nar' J'^jf, oAXi 

25 'FX«3^»» oJy Tt«c Ix rSy 
iffOToXou/Jiiiv" OCy e^T^c i^iv 

>j owJiV ftuTy Xfywcrj* (jihitat a- 
X»i6ouf iyvtuff-av 01 ^^^(t-Hn; ori 

TaDra* Kj dntfiiXat 01 (f-afitraToi 

ftUTtV -tinoy. 

4'? ^)(tTfA.a oiiy iy tS op(\!)i 

■ iye\flo Jt' auTov. 

' 44 TiVCf Ji kSiX^v f| auTay 
fiTlas-ai aiiTOV aVx' B^ilj ette- 
CaXtv £jr' ouToy Taf ^(^Er^af. 

45 'HXSjv uv cl iTr'n^iTai ar^of 
TtJ; a'f;^f£jerf »^ <f>a5-iirai«f • ^ t7- 
TTif aiToTj EKETvei' Ala T»--i'* Ji- 
ya-jf:i aitoy ; 

46 'A7r<K{l8l3craV 01 LTTdjETai" 
OiJi-TiTE «Tf«!; EXaAwa-EV avSja; 

47 AwEXfiOflrav av atiToTj ^i 
^a.-(Ta"c«' Mm 1^ i./x:r; •n7£T.Xa- 

_ V>;:r6c ; 

40 Ml) TIf £X TOlV u^^yjivmi 

iTi'.irii'<ny eij aijoy, S ek 'Tuii 

49 'aXX' ovX©' ar^ fA>j 
j/iVstc-'xjty 1CV vt/wov, EOTiK^iTa^a- 
Toi £>5-|, 

19 Non lyiofesdedit vobisle*-; 
gem, & nemo ex vobis facit le« ; 
gem? Quid me qua;ritis inter- ( 
licere ? 

ao Refpondit turba & dixit ti 
Da;ruoniiim habes : quis tequs--; 
rit intcrficere ? 

a I Refpondit Jefus, & dixit' 
eib : Ununi opus feci, & omnes 

22 Propter hoc Mofes dciit 
ex Mofc eft, fed ex patribus) fc- 
iu fabbato circumciditis homi- 

23 Si circumcifionem accipit 
homo in fabbato, ut non fglva- 
turlex Mofi, Mihi iiidignamini- 
quia totum hominein fanum,:. 
feci in i'abbato ? 

24 No judicate feciinduni 
fpeciem, fed jullum judiciunr 

23 Dicebant ergo quidam cjr 
Hierofalymitaiiis : Noiine hie 
eft quem quaerunt intcrficere ? 

2$ tt ecce palam Ibquituf-, &■ •' 
nihil ei dicunt : numquid vere 
cognoverunt principes, quia hie 
^eft vere Chrillus? 

52 Audierunt Pbaxifxi tur-' 
bam murmurantem dc illo hiec: 
Sc iniferunt FhariCti & princi- 
pes Sacerdotuni miniftros, Ut 
apprchendcrent euni. ,_ ^ 

4-! Diflenfio itaquc in turba 
faifta ell jiropier eum. 

44 Quidam autcni volcharrt 
ex ,ipCs apprehendtre eum : fed 
nemoimmifitfuper turn mai)U»., 

45 Veiierunt erjo miiiiftri ad, 
Puiitiflccs & Pharifxos: & df- 
xcrant eis iili': (l^are non ad- 
diixiftis ilium ? "• 

46 Refpondcrunt miniftril 
Nunqiiam fic Joquvtus ell ho- 
mo, ficut hie homo. 

47 Rcfpodeiunt ergo els 
Pharif.xi : Numquid & vos feV^ 

duaic-ais? . _;^: ■■■. ,• 

48 N\imquidaliquis ex pri» 
cipibus crcdidit'in cum, aut eX 

4() Sed turba base non no^ 
ccns legem, maledidli funt. ' 

ig. Mojso rp 1 
iloiiiu: la Lin :> ct iirjanniyius :"iu- 
ciiii de voiis iiobsene la Lui. 
Poiirquoi cherchez - vous a me 
I'aire inouiir ? 

a t-il pas 1 .IS I)iclnotMor-;cs.e;!veyouthefaiVj J. ■ 
ant] yet none of you kcepeth tLef 
lawil Why yo yc about to kill uie?: 

20 The people unsv/ered, and 

20. Le pcu'ilt Ini rcpojidii : Tii J&kl, lliou hasl a clevil: who eo- 
es possvde du D.^inon : gui est-cc etU about to kill thee ? 
qui cbtrclic a le lane niuunr? . o'l r^^, i i •, 

21. Jesus lepondii, et leuv dit :! ^1 Jesus ansv.'ered, and said un- 
J'ai fait line oiare, el vous cu 1*"^^ tlicni, I have done one work, 
eies tuns etoiines. "land ve all marvel. 

22. Movse vous a ordo..n,< la '■ 2'2 >..'oses, therefore, t-ave unto 
cnconcision ( mm pas nu'tlle .,.„,. • • • , \ , 
vienne do Moy.e , inafs e/Ie^'ent ,>0"^CU-Cuincisum, (net be'cause it 
des Peres ) , et vous ciicoiuistz p '^^ Mos.^s, but of tne fathers,) 
un horuine au jour du SaLLat. ^^1^1 y^ on the cir- 

23. Si done uu lion:me recoil la cumcise a man. 

eiicoiicislon au jour du Sal. bat , 
alin que la Loi dc Mo^se iie soit 

23 If a man on the sabbath-day 
receive cireuiMcision, that the law 
of ?vIoses sliouid not be broken ; 
tare ye an,'rA- at mc. Ijccause I have 
anafie a man evciy \v'hit whole on 
the sabbath-day? 

24 Judge not accordinfj to the 
25. Et qnelques-uns do ccux de appearance, but judge rigiiteous 

will c nl L, >-t.i .1 '. ! ^ ■ . "N'l J ' • 1 

pas violte , pourquoi vous irri- 
lez-vous coutie irioi , parce que 
i'ai gueri un huiiur.e dans tout 
son corps le jour du Salibal ? 

2i. ISe ju_£;<z puint selon I'appa- 
i-ence , mais juj^tz selon la jus- 

iJerusaieni dlsoieni :.IS'est-ce pas mudu'mc'it. 
'mom-ii-^'''^' t-herclKut u ftuie 25 Then sa 

, 26. Et le volla qui parle libre- 
fnient , el ils ne^Uii uiseut rien. 
fljcs Chefs auroient-ils en efl'etre- 
jconna qu'jl est verilablement le 
Christ ? 


Ice que le peupl 
aneni de lui , ils eiivo\ ereiit , dc 
(Concert avec les priiicipaiix Sa- 
[trlCcafeurs , des Screens pour set 
tsaisir de lui. 

id some of them of 
Jerusalem, Is not this he whom 
tjiey seek to kill ? 

26 But, lo, he speaketh" boldly, 

arid they .say nothing- unto hitn; 

I>o tlu; rulers know indeed that 

Les Pliarisicns ayant apprisKj^j^ j^ tlie very Christ? 

ue le peuple disoit sourde-: • >■ -J~--^-- 

"53. Le peuple eioit done partage 
sur "SOU .sujet. 
44. El quelques-uns d'enlr eux 
\ vouloieul ie saisir ; mais per- 
sonne ne mit la main sur lui. 
; kb. Les Sergeus retournerent, 
jdoue vers les pvliicipaux Saen- 
fieaicurs et ies Pliarisiens, qui 
Teur direut : Pourquoi ue I'avez- 
vous pas amene .' 

46. Le.s Sergens repoiidirent : 
Jamais homrae na purle comme 
cet hommi. 

47. Les Pharisiens leuv dueut : 
Avez-vous au>si elf sedaits? 

48.Ya-i-il que qaLS-uiis desCUefs 
on des Pliansieus qui aienl cru en 

4g. Mais ceue populace , qui 
u'emtud poiul la Loi , est exe- 


I >;. I :^ -1 ai;iojifj 

Ci lb era wcdUij 
but no man laid' 

2 Tlie l-'iiiii-isces heard that the 
'people murmured such tui)\!;b 
concerning him ; a:,<' 
stes, aiid the , < iiief \ 
officers U) tal.i' (''ni. 
the people Ir. ruu ^ ■■ X 

-It Ar'd soTiu, 
have taken him 
hands oji bin. 

4 5 Ti:tn c:.;:i-,-thv CiTicerr. to tiie 
chief prl.MV; H',(I Fhu'-i^ees; t.nd 
they said UKto tb-rn, Why have 
ye not brought I M 3. ' 

4*6 The officers answered, Ncver| 
mah spake like this nmn. 
47 Then answ^er ecf them the Pha 

rees, Are ye also deceived i 

8 Have any of the rulers., or of 
c Phai iyees, believed on him ? 

9 But this people who knoweth 
it the law are cursed. 


1 l!^c, i?i(3av iuxll; •izrjcj alrm, 

5 J 'A9r£Xji6>)3-av, <^ erTTov aii- 

^ajaf £?; l;£>'iJ;3"0V ;^ iS's cti 
TTj'j.J'Tnf lit vJ,'; TaXiXainf un 

T-v (/("juv ci/Tti. a. f 5. 
K£4>. >]'. 8. 

I 'THe-ttj Ji £»"'|;.6!/Jfl £ij to og®' 
Tocv 'i Xaii'>. 
2 'OjSfa Ji'OTaXlV •OTafE>'eV£''<J 


>l, ci"rn h j/uvii J xalti\i<fSn f 1- 

nii/i"/ ii|T£.Xa.'io Ta,- r3i:ilitd( >i- 

6 TtfTo v^i sXEyov ■JPcifa'^olt; 
«iiTov, i>x i)(^'Ct xa?n,(!{aT'v ai- 
TS. *0 Ji 'inci' x.-iTtu Ku-l-a.^, 

(AKy, ir^aJt^ tcv Xi'flay at' uur7\ 

8 Kat liaXiv xdrm Xi-^-ttf, t- 

9 0» it, ax»ic-«tvJff, 5 iffc •»?? 

ye>7o i»V xoS' £■?) tt^^d/^s\oi dno 
tit vr^iaCvli^-^v ixi; root i'yd- 

rwf, (^ n j/W» iv /xiaai 't<:£im. 

10 'A»a)(uj-a{ .^1 « 'iflfl'Sf, »i 
/uiiJiva &£ao-a';UEv(^ wf^^r t5j 
jt;»a«*s;, £?■»•£» aJiTj)* 'h yvih, 

'■'BrailfiV iKiiyot el XaTiij-o^oi era; 

^ 1 1 'h a Tvi-- qlhki Ku- 

fi«. ETwi >i OUT? 'lijo-af Ov- 
^nxiri d/xdfa-.t. ^ ^ '^ 

50 Picit Nicodemus ad eos^ 
exillciis ex ipiis : 

51 Niiir.fiuid lex n- flra jxidl*- 
cat hominem,ii np» audierit al> 
ipfo prius, & cognoverit qtjii 
faciat ? ' ,' - 

52 Rtfpondtrunt & dixerunt 
ci : Numquid & tu^ex Galila'a 
cs? i'crucare, k vide, quia pro-: 
pheta in non furrexit. I 

53 Et pcire:dc unufquifqUCj 
in don:i:m fir.ini. ' "' 1 

C A P U T Vlil. 
I TEIus autem perrexit ill 
■ J montcm olsarum. , 

2' Diluculo aiitem iterum ae- 
ccfTit iii teiupluni, & otnnis pd* 
pulus vtnit ad euni, & fedcili 
doccbat eos. 

3 Adducunt autcmScriba- & 
Pliarilki ad cum mulietcm ia 
adultcrio dcpichenfum : &i il'<*- 
tuentes ia medio^ 

4Difuntti: MngifU'r, haiic. in ipfo faiflo adulte.' '■': 
rantcm. - " 

5 In autem Lege noftraMo-| 
fcs m.ndavit hujvifnindi japida-l 
ri : Tu ergo quid dicis ? J 

6 Hoc autem diccbam ten-' 
taiiCts euiTi, ut hab«ri:nt accufa- 
tioium adverfus eum. At Jefus : 
dcorfum inclinans, di[^itofcii-| 
bcbat in terram. . * - j 

7 Ut autem prcfeverabantin-:; 
terrognntes cum, cretS us ait ud ! 
eos: Quifincptccati cO-vcflrura,j 
primus lapideni in iliara jaciat.j 

8 Et iterum dcorfum incli-1 
nans fcribeba't in terram. ] 

9 li autem avidientes, Sc ii 
coiifcicntia rcJargiiti, exibaiit 
unus poft unum, inripientcs a 
fcnioribus ufque extremes : & 
reliiSlus eft folus Jcfus, & mu- 
lier in medio exiQens. 

10 Ered^us autem Jefus, & 
'nemjnem fpeclans prxtcr mu- ■ 

lierem, dixit ei: IMulier,nbifunt 1 
illi accufatores tui ? nemo tc 
condemnavic ? 

11 llJa autem dixit : Nemo, 
Domine, Dixit autem ei Jefus 

Nee ego te condcmuo. Vade^& 
lion amplius pecca. 


(5or Niiotltine ( celui qui etoit 
vttiu de nui; vers Jesus ,- el qui 

.' 5i. Notre Lo! comlamue-icllo 51 jjoth our %\\' judge any man. 
«n honimn sans la\oic oui ixu- c -^ 1 1 • j i ' 1 ^ 

«i,Mv,.,t n. A., '-1 • r . jfore It hear him, and knowwhat 

j)ai.i\Mnt. , ct sans s tue lulount , , -, »^«. 


ue ce qu il a lait .' 
^ 52. lis hii ii'|)!jiuluent : Es - lu 
lOusbi GaliU-cn ? luruinie-toi , et 

lu vcrias qii'auc uu '.'loplutc ii"a 

eteSHSciit de la Oalilc'.'. 
jt 53. El fhacuu s'tu alia dans sa 


Esus s'en alia cnsiiile sur la' 
iiiontaniie dcs Oli\ iti-s, 
2. I'll a la jjoiutc (Ju jouiv,il rctour- 
liaau Temple , el tout le peuplo 
villi a lui ; el s'titaul assis , il Jes 
' 3. Alors les Scribes el Ics Pha- 
rislens lui ameuereut uue femfce 
'qui avoilele surprise en udullerc, 
et ravanl mi^e au milieu, 

4. lis lui dirent : Maiire , Cette 
femme a etc surprise surle fait , 
coinmettaul adufliVe. 

5. Or 

' de jtersonnes 
dis-tu ? 

(0 Nicodtmus saith unto them, 
le thut came to Jesus by night, 
;ing one of them,) 


t doeth ? *»■•' 

52 They answered, and said un- 

» him, Art thou also of Galilee ? ] 

earch, and look : for out of Cia- ' 

lee ariseth no prophet. 

5j And every man went imto his 

s\n house. 

TESUS went unto the mount of 

1 Olives. 

2 And early in tlie morning he 
mie again into the temple, and 
;i the pcop'e came unto, him: 
nd he sat doA\ n, imd taught them. 

3 And the scribes and PI\arisees 
rought unto him a woman taken 
1 adultery ; and, wl.en they had 
et her in the midst, 

4 They say unto liim, Master, 

l^crlvoit sur la lerre. 

g. Quoud ils euleudi rem re/a , 
se sentant repris par leitr coiis- 
jcience , ils sorlireut I'lm apres 
jj'auire , commcucant depuis lesj 

lus vieux jus(^u'au.\ dcruieis* 

et Jesus demenra seul aycc la 
lernme qui eloU la au milieu. 

10. Alors Jesus s'ciant 1 edrtsse , 
et lie volant, personne que la , il lui dil : remine , oi'i 
sont teux qui t'accusoieul? Pe%- 
Sonne ue t'a-t-il coudaiuuee ? 

11. EUe dil:Pcrsonne, Siigueur; 
Et Jesus lui dil : Je uc le con- 
dam ue point nou plus ; va-t-cn, 
el ne peclie pKis a I'aveuir. 


, Moyse uous a ordonne . / 'v » , ^ ' 

Loi, delapiderces sories '^'s womau was taken m aduitc- 
toi done , qu^en y, in the very act. 

5 Now Moses in the law com- 
fi. Us disoiem cela pourl'eprou- ^janded \:s, That such should be 
h-er,annae le pouvoir accuser. , , » ' . ^„,„ c* tV^,. ? 

Slais Jesus s'elaut baisse , ecri- l«"«l = but wuat savest thou ?^ 
>oii avcc le doi^t sur la icrre. 6 This they said, temptmg^him,. 

7. Et comnje ils continuoiini that they might have to accuse 

« rinterrogcr , s'etant redresse , j,-j^ ^iWX. JesUS Stooped' dowh, 
il leur d,i : Que celu. de vous ^ .^ j- ^ ..^^ote on the 

qui est sans iperhe . |eite le pre- '"'^ "^ , , °, l • ^ w ,., 

piier la pierre coiiirelle ; ground, as though he neard them 

8, Et s'elaut encore baisse , il JKO,', 

7 So, Avhcn they continued ask- 
ing him, he lifted up himself, and 
said unto them, Ke that is -with- 
out sin among you, let bim first ' 
cast a fttone al her. .^ii^ 

"^8 And again • he stooped down, 

and wrote on the ground.- 

9 And they which heard ?V, bc;- 
ing convicted by their cwn con- 
science, went out one by one, be-; 
ginning at the eldest, (n>cn unto tlie, 
last; and Jesus Avas left alone, and 
th^ woman standing in the_ midst. 

1 When Jesus had lifted ,up him- 
self, and saw none but the wo-' 
man, he said unto her, Woman, 
where are those thine accusers r 
hath no man condemned tlxee ? 

1 1 She said, No man, Lord., And 
Jesus said unto her, Neither do I 
condettinthee: go,and sinnomore. 


o'^tSV '/•;«« ^Iev, e"TE 01 y'j-iit; ay- i 

'r-'C ©sal' ;v • i :■.' ■ I 


* 1 ' A ^''V, fi/X^V, >S)1,' ;U~», e 

(J.n E;r=;y:>.;/3>- fix 

€iT:i)V, ixXX^^ a'lar'j.'ijv -J- aA- 
>.a;^5'£'<v, IxiT;'!^ KJ'.Er/u:- £s"i 'C 

Z 'O Js l'i-!^)(^:/j.i:^ Jia r>;f 

3 TwTcd SujijOf ava-yn, >i 

xax'svOiCta, >^ i^iyii, avta. 

4 K^i CTttv Ta j'la •w^i'tal-x 
tXiaXfi, siAv^orhv alyoiv isn^stE- 

osr, OTi o'iias-i Try <f>vv)jv airS. 

5 'AWoi^Iio ii u f^h dxo\tS'i- 

thv <{>».'Vr,V, 

II t>'J Si.ui T:iu'i> i y..t- 

j^nv otrrw TiflijtriV v'lrl^ ra;/ tpjj- 

•■ II 'O X fXiTQ-S^: It, Xj VK 
iv TO:i>"V, a UK, lljl Ta •5D-fio«'» 

Hia, Sii-fji" TO/ Xi'xcy ef:^o/it£toy, 
1^ d'^ir^ji rd, w^i^dlnf 1^ 'fiiytt' 

■ X 1 'O "f ■-■-..- '/5; '^■^iyit, "ti 
Y<;;3:'T;: E;-l. >(( tf (XiXn alrx 

14 P; j' £1 -'. 6 5ro;,u>v l'.a> :c, 

^ ^i'*"'- "■' ''"' ^ y. -^^t^'-- 

(ytai UTTB Taj-/ ilj.s-.'. 

16 Ki! aXX.t tc-j-.fa?^ Ejyw, a 
«« Eriv Ix TFf at/X^; Ttiurn;' xd- 

V:i:i/.u aKncti3-i- K,yi\rts-g;ui fxia 

I "pT prxterk-:u vi.i'i hoirl- , 
ncm c;eciini ■ x ii.'i:ivit;'.t(;. 

2 Et intClTo;;;.iv.rii;-.t i u'.il 
clifclpuii ejii>, div.ciit'-s : l<.i')!)i, 
qui^ pec'.'uvit, hii- aiit j'arcntcs , 
<:jii5, lit 'Oaicui iwilx-rLtur ? ; 

3 llflpo'sdir J.l'a;: N\-(|iK'h!c ■ 
pccviivit., U'/iii:.- p ,t\'i]t'. . cjii-. : 
led ut aiiiijfcik'iitur opLva Dei ! 

'- ''-'• ;_. ■ _,..-■ -^ • 

I A Men, aincii, dicfi vo!)!'!, • 

iioii iii!:r:uii fiT odium in 
•ivilo oviiuii, led ;iftoiidtiir, ali- 
unde, illc fui- t(l i>c Jatio. 

a Intrans voro per oftium, 
pallor efl ovium. 

,1 Huic olH.iriu'! aperit, & 
oves vocem lJI'.s audiijnt,,& pro- 
prias oves vocat juxta nomcn, 
& ediuit cai. 

4 Et qnum proprias oves c- 
mifcrit, ante eus vadit : Si. oves 
ilium fciuiiutur, quia fciuiitl 
voccm tjiK . 

5 AliLiuiin auem non fe- 
qiuntur, fed fu;^ient ab eo : 
quia non novcrunt alicnorutn 

1 1 Ego funi pallol- bonus : 
paftor bonus animam fuam po- 
nit pro ovibus. 

iz Merceuariusautem,&non 
cxiliens pador, cujus non funt 
ove^ propri.i;, vidit liipuni vc- 
nienton, h dlmittit oves, jS; 
Uvzit : • & lupus rapit cas, & 
<iilper^:;lt ovt s. . 

13 At merccnarius fuj^it, 
quia mercenarius t!l, i^ non cu- 
IX clt ci di; (ivibiH- 

r4 Ego funi paftoi bonus & 
coj^Rol'co mcas, & cognoleoi" a 

16 F.t alias oves babeo, qu.-e 
non Tuiit ex catdu hac : & illas 
me optnt.t •■.dducere: & vocchi 
mcaiu audi'-ut •• .Sc liet uiium 
ovilt:, u!iu-> piidor. 

(lOMME Jisus passoit , il vitua 
,'lioinnjc av eiigle (Its ^a iiais- 

2. Et ses Disciples lui demaiult'- 
reut : Maitre , qui est- ce qui a 
pecbe ? Est-ce cot homnie , ou 
sou pete , ou sa mere , qu'il soil 
ainsi ue aveugle? 

3. Jesu'* rcpundii : Ce n'csl point 
qu'il ait petlie , 111 soiipi'-re, ou sa 
inere, mais c'est afiu queiesoju- 
vres de Dleu soieiil muuifestees ea 

1"J^N verite , en vc'ritejo vonadis. 
_j que cc\iu <[vii n'entie pa^^iar 
l:i porte dans la bcrgeiie des brc- 
l)!s , mais qui y ivnUue par un au- 
tre endroit , est uu larrou el nn 

2. Mais colui qui entre par la 
pi);te est le r.erger des bi'el)is. 

5. Le poilier lui onvre , les brc- 
bis eiitendeat sa voix , el il ap 

pelle ses proprcs brcbis ))ar Iri/r'. 
iiiom, et tes ineue deliors. ' 

4. Et quand 11 a mis deliors se«! 
propres brebis , il marc'ie devaiit' 
elles , et les brebis le suivent J 

. parce q-n'elles coiinois'^cnl sa'voix. 

5. Mais elles ue sulvront point 
nn eiranoer ; an contraire , ellesj 
le fuiront ; parce qu'elles ne con- 
noissent point la voix des etian- 
gers. I 

11. Je siiis le l)on Beif^or : Lc 
bon Rerger doune sa vie pour S'.s 

12. -Mais le rnercoiiaire , ce'ui 
qui n'est point le biMS^er , et ;'t 
qui les Ijiebis n';. pparticiuu-nt ))as. 
voit Venii- le loup , vt il hImp- 
donne les bitbis , et ' eiilnii ; rt 
:le loup ra\il les brebis et les 


i3. Le mercenaires'enruit, pares 
.qu'il est merccnaire , et <|u'il ne 
se soncie point des brebis. 

i4. Je suis le bou Dcrgcr , et je 
connois mes brebi-, , et mes brebis 
nie connoissenl , 
iG. Jai encore d'antres brebis 

qui ne soni pas de cctte ber^erie ; 

il fant aussi qup jo les amine '. 

et elles entendiont ma voix , ct 
jil n'y aura qu'un seul troupcati 

et qu'uu scul Ber;;er. 

ND as ./f. i/v passed by, he J.q 
sa\v a mail \vhich was'blind ■^' 
from /??■? bii'tJi. 

2 And lits disciples asked him, 
spying, MasteiV ¥ho did sin, this 
man, or his parents, that he was 
Ixirn liliad ? 

3 Jesus aifswered. Neither hath 
this man sinned, nor his parents;' 
but that the works of God should 

1 be made manifest in him. . 

VERILY, verily, 1 say unto] J. i(f- 
you, He that entereth not 
by the door into the slieep-fo!d, 
but climbeth up some other way, 
tlie same is a thief and a robber. 

2 But he that entereth in by 
th. door, is the shepherd of the 

3 To him the porter openeth ; 
and the sheep hear his voice : and 
he calleth his own. sheep by name, 
and leadeth them out. 

4 And when he puttttb. forth his ' 
own sheep, he g;oeth befor.e them. ! 
and the sheep follow him: for they J 
know his voice. i 

5 And a stranger will they not j 
follow, but Avilltftee fiom him: ] 
for they know not the voice of j 
Stranf-ers. _ J 

1 1 I am the good shepherd: the 
good sliephtrd gi\eth his life for 
the sheep. 

1 13 But he tliat is an hireling, > 
and not the shepherd, whose own 
the slieep are not> seeth the wolf, 
coming, and leaveth the sheep, 
and fieeth : and the wolf catcheth 
them, and" scattereth the sheep. -* 

13 The hireliiig flceth, because 
he is an hireling, and careth not 
for the sheep. 

14 I am tlie good shepherd, and 
know my shtr/i., and am knoun of 

IG And other sheep I have, 
uhich are not of this fold : them 
"also I must bring, and they shall 
li-^ar my voice; and there shall be 
.oile foki, atn' one shepherd. 


5l6 '0 Ji tTne -ajjoc aJray' 'Ev 
27 *0 Jf aVcxfifif'fj eTTEv' 

-Cfi' Kf Tov'wAfiri'ov 3-a oJ; ceaiT.y. 
29 'O Jf, &=>iay Jixaicliy eaJlov, 

* 30 f 'TffoXaSdov Jl 'itis'otJf, 
J Xfjcai"? t 'ST:j;£7rE3-£y 0? K, Ik- 

6aj« ^ Tiyx.^votln. 

* 31 Kala + QyyY.'j-^M-t Ss 
f iSfSwf TK xalJEac.EV £v tJ? oo« 
IxE.'vJi* »^ i5a»> auToy, | dthira^- 

yi 'O/xalvi Je >^ Aeuitc?, yt- 
yo.uEvl^ xala t3» Towoy, ixflaiy'j 
iJav, e'vliTrajRxfliy. 

* 33 Za/*2J?lTWf 3i Tij f 0- 

*eu4iv, ?x3s xaT* ai'Toy, >J iJ'av 
ttiiTov, t l3-Tr>^xy)(]>is-9n , 

* 34 Kai w^5;"£x9iv f xa7iJiir£ 
Ttt f Tfay,w2,1* ati'.tf, "> ETrip^iajy 
I £Xai:v ^ orycv :f 'cnt^iQic-si; Je 
nuTov Erj TO }■ i^?y t x'^v'^, 
nyayfy auTOv fi{ + iFavS':;(^£rov, *■ 

* 3 5 Ka! ETTi Tnv aiJjiOV l*£X9ii5v, 
ix?aXa!v Jt'o Jnvajia eJ-jxe Ta 
•f- iravJo;^!", J^EiTTEV airi'- 'E- 
9ri/^2X>i?>i1( 'tlTa- K) 5,71 ay 
+ 'a^cr^i-avnry:;. iy^ sy Tw J 

36 Ti? <Zv TObTiV TaJv T^is;v 
Saxsr Qui •SEJXti^r.v j/Eycvivt-.i Ttu 

l/M.'8-E7cv]@>' Ei; Touj x>)rac; 

37 'o tl eTttsv 'O wsi^tra; to 

25 Et eccc LegifperituJ qui- 
dam furrexit, tcntans ilium, & 
dicens : Miigifter, quid facitns 
vitaiu .Tternam pofTidcbo ? 

26 lUe autim dixit ad eum ; 
in Lc<;e quid fci iptiim eft ? quo- 
mode legis? 

27 Illc aiitcm rcfporidens di- 
xit : Diliges Dominuni Peum 
tuuiB ex lottrcQide tuo, & eS; 
tota aninia tua, & ex loti I'orli- 
tudine tua, &: ex omni coi^ii-.- 
tionc tua, ic proxinium tuuiu 
ficut teijiiiun. 

28 Diyit av.tem illi •. Rcl^c 
rcfpondifti : hoc fac, & vives. 

29 Ille auteni Volens juUift- 
care feipfum, dixit ad Jcfum : , 
Et quis ell nieusproximus? 

30 Sufcipiens autcm Jefus,i 
dixit : Homo quidam dcfcendt- 
bat ab Hierul'alem in Jericho,; 
& inlatrones incidit: qui ctiani' 
exucntes euni, & pla<^as impor^ 
nentes, abierunt, rolinquentcs 
femivivurji exiftenteni. 

31 Secundum fortem aiitem 
faccrdosqiiidam dcfcendit iii vij^ 
ilia, & vidons ilium, piaeterivit. 

32 Sin^.ilitcrautem &c Levita, 
faift us iccundum locum, veniens 
& vidtns, pcrtranfiit. 

33 Samai'itanus autem qui- 
dam iter faciens, vcnit fecus 
cum, & videns eum,vifccnbu* 
coinmotus eih 1 

34 Et acccdcns alligavit vul- 
iicra ejus, ii:fuadens oleum & 
vinuni': afcendere faciens au- 
tem ilium in proprium juiYiea- 
tum, duxit in divcrforium, & 
curam egit ejus. 

35 Et in crallinum exiens, 
ejiciens duos denarios dcdit ta- 
bernario, & ait illi : Coram 
habe illius ; >^ quodcumque ad- 
infumpfcrin, igo m icdirc me 
redf'am tibi. . 

36 Oui- i;iitur lionim triuni 
vidctdr tibi pro>;iniiis fuill'e in- 
ciJentis in htroncs ? 

37 lUc autem dixit : Faciens 
mifcricordiap'.cunililo, nit ergo 
illi J^^fas : Vade, i'- tu facUml- 

25 And, bchol'i, a rertaiii law- 
yer stood 11]), and it-mpted him, 
s'i\ in :;, Masl^-r, \vi,:it sliall I do to 
iidierit tUmal life ? 
2 61 ] e said unto hiiT), \\'hat is writ- 
ten in iheUiw? how readest tiiou ? 

27 And he answerino-, said, Thou 
shalt love the Loid thy God with 
all tliy herrt, and with all lliy soul, 
and with all thy streii-th, and with 

m, i-if ^^^ *^^y '^"'^"^ ' '^'^*^'- ^^^y "t-ighbour 

28 And he said unto him, Thou 
hast answered right: this do, and 

25. Alois ixn Docteuv tie la !c>i 
se k'va , ct (lit a Jesus pour i'c'-- 
prouver: Maine , que faut-il que 
je fasse pour beritei- lu vie eitr- 
nelle ? 

2G. Jesus liii dit ; Q'csi-ce ^ui 

rst t'ciit dans la loi ; ei qu'3 
lis-tu ? 

•z7. 11 leponiTit : Tu aimeias lo 
SeiiTiitur ten Ditii dc lo'ii Iom 
ccvar , lie 1(j:i anu- , Je louie 
ta force et (Ic toiile la pensee ; 
<-t ton procliain coinme toiint'm 

28. El Jeiu'! lui dit 
J)ieQ reposidu ; I'uis cela , et lu 

-•9. M;aisce^^o,727«cTrmlampa-t{,o^ gj,^jt ij'^.^,_ 
joiire jasic , dit a Je«us : Et qui 
CnI mull proehaiu ? 

5o. Et .U'sus iiretiani la parole , 
lui dil: Un lionime desceiuloit de 
Jerusalem a Jeiico , et toiubaen- 
trc Ics mains des volems , fjui 
ie depouillerent ; et apre; 1 a\ oir 
l)lesse de "jjlusicuvs coups , ils s'eii 
alicreiu , ie laissaat a dcnii - 

3i. Or, II se rcncontra qu'nn 
■Sacrilieateur descendoil par te 
vhemln-la , ci a) aul vuct//.o/;i- 
mn , il pasut oui'.c. 
• r>i. \'a Leviic eiant aussi venn 
Anns Ie mtiiie eiulruil , ct It 
voyaiit , passa outre. 

55. Mais iin Sauiaritain passant 
«0[i riieinin , viut vers cct liom- 
»jfne, et ie voyaut ; il fut touclu 
de compassion. 

34. Et s'approcliant , il banda 

ses plaies , et il y versa de I'lmilt 

,«t du viu ; puis il Ie niit sur sa 

•amonture , et ie ineiia a uiie IkV 

tellcric , et pvit soia de lu 
Lc lenuemaiu 

en ))ar;ant , 

d'ai\i-r,if ^ ,.1 
L-l la, dl; : .\i'' 
Ci- (['iL' tu Ay 

tc Ie reudrai 

il lira dv!ux dcnieri 
ics d'jinia a ! hole . 
soiiv de !i:l : el tou' 
■penscras dv plus , j 
a niou rei ju,'. 

56. Lequel done de res trois te 
seu'.ble KV(/ir cte ie proeluiiu di' 
celiii qi\i etoit toinbc entr..- lc ; 
mains des vu'eu -■ ? 

on: Le l)Oi:ti;:!r d.t : ("est i<'liu 
qui a exerce la n'ijt rieMr.U- fu- 
vors Ini. 3esus lui dil ; 



la iQi'ine 


Va , clj 

iis tloient en clu- 


29 But he, willing- to justify him- 
self, said unto Jesus, .And who is 
my neighbour ? 

30 And Jesus, answering, said, 
A certain vum went down from 
Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell 
among thieves, which stripped 
him of his raiment, and wounded 
fdm, and departed, leaving him 
half dead. 

3 1 And, by chance, there came 
down a certain priest that way ; 
and when* he saw him, he passed 
by on the other side. 

32 And likev/ise a Levite, when 
he •\vas at the place, came and 
looked 0)2 /uin, and, passed by on 
the other side. 

33 But a certain Samaritan, as 
he journeyed, came where he 
was : and when he saw him, he 
had com}>assion on him. 

3-b And Avent to /»>??, and bound 
up his wounds, pouring in oil and 
wine, and set him on his own 
beast, and brought him to an inn, 
and took care of him. 

35 And on the morrow, when he 
departed, he took out two pence, 
and gave them to the host, and 
said unto him, Take care of him : 
and whatsoever thou spendest 
more, when I come again, I will 
repay thee. 

36 Which now of these three, 
thinkest thou was neighbour unto 
him that fell among the thieves ? 

37 And he said, He tliat shewed 
mercy on him. Then said Jesus 
unto him. Go, and do thou likewise. 


Ksf. itt'. II. 
V5V, Wf e'7Tav:ra}o, llni T»f tojv 

a eTtte Se aJtoTc' "oT'V wjot- 
£u;)(;.iiree, \i;{\v n A' T E P «• 
/yiv Iv ToT; bWvoT?, o.y:ac-(ihra> 
as ovo/^ttt a-H' IxSira) n SacriXei* 
c-a' y£viifliiT») TO &£\tiixa s-tf, w; 

' * -^ Toy a^o^ hfJ-oiv Tov | £fri- 
jjs-icv 5iJ» »:,"^v TO Ka6' tjjuesreV 

. »),uSv' 1$ ^a^ auTOl a<{>iE,«£V 'Cr;<v7i 
ri^af cTTO t5 OTO'.tija. 

« 5 Kttl eItTE 1!750C«L'T5^'c' Ti'c 

{| t^fxi'v I'^E* 41V0V, >^ tB-o^EU-E'aj 

■CT^o; airov jxejovv/liv, K) e'ttji 

atViJ' Oi'Xe, f pc^njov ^ci I T^iTf 
J a;,Ttff 

iE'5 ;t rJi? -ar^.'c ,as /^ «'» i';^a' 

nht h bvia xixXEirai, ji Ta •Erai- 
tf.a jutf (Uir CfXij iif TDV x;tTi;v 

* 8 Asyo) I'i"""} ^' ^ *' ^^'- 
ffE; ai,Tjj aVacaf, ^ia to EiVaj 
o'jTa <})iXcy* 013. \ yi Tr.v f avai- 
S'Eiav aiiTtf fj/JjSii; JaJ^Ei atT'Ii 

9 Kaya) u/.tiv XEyro' aIteTte, 
>^ ioSvcrfiat v{x7f>' ^mIeIVe, j^ eu- 
gfinli' x^iiile, y^ a-iotyiis-ilai vfjiiv. 

10 TTac ya.^ airlJv >.a.y.Qa:ii' 
K ^riTuiv li^l'SKCi' 1^ tw Xj-aovJ( 

I I TiVi Je i/(«»;v TO/ Walffa, 
oitAs'EJ vloq a^.ov, /xii Xi5ov 

(*.h ftvrJ i;^9i,'®' o>{nv imSiti^rii 
air2 ; 

* la 'H j^ E'V aWfijp -f- «ov, 
^^ £7riJx'T£( aiTiw s-xsfWiov; 

C A P U T XT. 

I pT faAum eft in efie ipfum 
■ in loco quodam oranttm, 
ut ccflavit, dixit quidam^ifil- 
pulonmi ejus ad cum : Doniine, ^ 
doce nos orare, ficut & Joanuei ' 
docuit difcipulosfuos. 

a Ait autem illis : Quum 
oralis, dicite : Pater jipfler qui 
in cx]h, fanilificetur nomen 
tiiuni : adveniat rcgnum tuum: 
fiat voluntas tua, ficut in,cxlo, 
& in terra. 

3 Pipem noftrum quotidia- 
num da nobis>juxta diem. 

4 Et dimitte nobis peccata ■ 
noftia, & enim ipfi dimittinius 
omni debenti nobis : & nc in- 
ducas nos in tentationeni, fed 
libera nos :; malo! 

J I'.t ait ad illos : Qu's ex 
vohi^i babebit^ amiciira, & ibit 
ad ilium media n'>iilc, &: dicet 
illi : Amice, con unoda mihi 
tres panes : 

6 Quon iam "amicus meu"; vc- 


nit de via ad me, k non habco 
quod apponam cj. 

7 Et ille deiiitu^ rcfpondens ^ 
dicat : Nc milii niolellias ex-^ j 
Iiibc : jam odium claufum ell, , 
& pueri mel mecuin in cubili j 
funt : nou polTum furgens dare | 
tibi. ( 

8 nico vobis, fi 5c non dcdc- 
rit ti furgens proptci' effe illins 1 
nmicum, propter improbitatera 
ejus cxcitatus dabit illi quot-! 
quot hdbet opus, 

9 Et ego vobis dico ! Petitff, 
& dabitur vobis : quasrite, & 
invcnictis ; puliate, & aperietur 
vobis. I 

10 Onini.i cnim petenn acci-[ 
pit, & qu;Ercns invcnit, & pul-*, 
fanti aperietur. , 1 

1 1 Qucm nutem veftnmi pa- 
trem pettt filius panem, num 
lapidem dabit illi ? fi ic pifcem, 
num pro pifce ferpentem dabit 
illi ? 

la Aut & fi petierit ovum, 
num dabit illi jf orpioner 1 ? 

UN jour que Jesns eloit en 
pri^re en uu certain lieu , 
apres qu'il eut acheve sa prici , 
un de ses Disciples lui (lit : Sei- 
gneur , enseigue-nous a piier , 
comme Jean I'a aussi enseigne k \ 
jses Disciples. 

i 2. Et il leur dit : Quand vous 
Ipilez, dites : Notre Fere qui es 
'auxcieux: Ton nom soil saiiciilic. 
iT.on r^gne vieane. Ta volouie suit 

fdite suY la terre -comme an ciel. 
, 5. Donne-nous chaquc jouruolre 

pain quotidien. 

'4. Pardonne-nous nos pochcs , 
'car nous pardonuons aussi a tons 

cenx qui nous ont ofTcnsi's. ILi ne 
|dous abandonue point a la lenta- 
ttion , mais di-livre-nousdu nial. 
I 5. Puis il hurdit:Si quclqn'uti 

de vons avoil un ami, qui \int 
lie tiouver u ipiuuit , el q;tU lui 

3lt ; Men ami, prelc-moi troisj 
. pains. 

i b. Car un de mes amis est venu 
ytne voir en passant j el je n'ai 

rien a lui pru'senter. 
J. Et que eel homuie qui est dans 

sa maisDU lui n-p-Midit : Ne m'ini- 

povlnnepas; ma porte est lermee,! 
I ct mes enFuns soul avec moi auj 
;lit ; je ue sauroiS me lever pour 
|t'en donner. 
, 8. Je vuus dis que quand nit'nic 

il ue se leveroil pas pour lui eiij 
fdonner, parce qu il est son ami ;' 

il se leveroit a cause de son im-|j 

poiluniii- , el lui en donncroil au- 

tctiU qu ii tn uuiuit besoin. 
g. Et nicji je vous dis : Deman- 
j dcz , et il vous sera doune ; clier- 
jcl.ez, et vons H'ouverez ; heurtez, 

el il N ous sti a ou\ ert. 

10. Car quiconque dcmande , 
I'ecci; ; el qui clierclie , trouve ; 

■ el ii sera ouverl a ceiuiqui lieurte. 

11. Qui e-it lo pure d'entrc vous, 
qui dotinc a son Ills une pierre , 
lorsqii'il lui demande du pain ? 
On s'/i lit I demuiide du poisson , 
lui ilonuera-t-il un serpent au lieu 
d'uii poisson ? 

12. Ou s'il lui demande unoeuF, 
lui donuera-t-il un scorpion? 

AN 13 it caiiie to pass, that, as r j^. /; 
hv was pviiyino; in a cei tuin | 
place, ^^ hell h(- c.-asc'd, (yiu- ot"hi.s i 
di^c'ipiirK said unio hlni, Lord, 
teach us to i I'i-y, ci3 John al^o 
tavij^ht l.i« tii'oi ijiLs'. 

2 And !:e s;.ii'. unto thrra, When 
yc pi'uy. say, Oxw Father, which 
a;"tin heaven: Hallowed be thv 
name. Thy kincjdom come. Thy 
■vvi!] he dvine, us in heaven, so in 

3 Give us day by day our daily 
bread. ' 

4 And forgive us our sins ;' for 
we also forgive every one tliat is 
indebted to us. And lead us not 
into temptation ; but deliver us 
from evil. 

5 And he said unto thetn, Which 
of you sliall have a friend, and 
shall go unto him at midnight, 
and say unto hiin, I'riend, lend 
mc three loaves ; 

6 f'or a friend of mine in his 
journey is come to me, and 1 have 
nothing to s^t before him ? 

7 And he from v. ithin shall an- 
swer, and say, Trouble me not : 
the door is now shut, and my 
children are with me in bed ; I 
cannot rise and give thee. 

8 I say unto you, Though he will 
not rise and give him, iiecai'ise he 

is his IHcihI; yet hec.uise of liis 
inipoitunity he \\iil ri;ie iinci !.lve 
'iiiiii ;is nuiiiy as IjC nctdctii. 

y yVnd 1 say unto y.u. ."^ >.k, and 
it siu'li i)e ;c;i\i.n you ; seek, and 
yc .siu/lKll/id : knot k, aiul il sliall 
be ope'.i^'.' ini'r) yim. 

10 i'o!' evri y ().:e iiKit ;isl;Lth. re- 
C'-ivel;h; ai.d i.c ll\;t s,' 'kt.lii. iiud- 
. ■.;) : I'i'U tv; l:U'i thf L ki.(/c\cth, it 

1 I 

hi. a 


liic '■ u.', J I //( 6 A a ii.Mi, 
will he i(>r a fisu give hihi a ser- 
pent ? 

12 Or, if he sIkli! ask an eag, 
wiil he oJTeV hlr.i d seori.ion : 


I ■J El Sy l/jtu; tffJVifol tmaf- 
;^0''^£f, OiJalf »ya&a li[j.a\a ij^i- 

ki* to"" TtXVOIC IfAU^y, VBOTb) fJl.a.\- 

<!rvfu/ua ayiov to"; o(T5a-iV aiiov ; 

' TV eXSeTv n-j- 

'.fl;w7''<''f TIC 

\iyx-r "El j^sr< 'fa' a-aoSirw 

* 4 Oi Jl J >icri';;(;:t3-2v. 

7 I'v"?^ i\uiJi' c;'^ ^ 

Eiaiij T a'tar7r:/r-ri cvrov tv •; i; 
».y. rf 7 7 :.; .-a t ' i i e l 

\\a. rx.v. 'l^yvr •■.1 d\l^vcxit- 
Ciiui c Lf/, ■crcj T i/Ta. 

T.t? 'r!Tf'/l'>y.A::rlx; i^>.i-/'StO) 'hi- 
'j'X/ •;.-^5; 3tr'3-Jc. 

b ''Oral- x?.ii9/?j iJTrs T.v^ t'f 
5/a,u«f, fAtt xalaxXifljjf tic Tnv 

€ti « xfKX»]u£v©^ iff' alra. 

9 Kai i\S*v s-£ >^auT3VXa- 

TT'/V" rjTOTi a'j*)J ^£t' «irp;^!jv«j 

T /V =^pcaiev Towcv j<aT5;^£iv. 

10 AX\' oTav y.Kr,:.r,i, rxto- 
jfuSsij ttvarej-ov eij tcv £V;\;ol4V 
TOTTCV iv.i JVav eaSh X5;iX»:'Xci5; 
»"£, i'tt)) <roi' <t)i>.i, f ly^orava- 
>f>;vl J .a-.4;T£fOV T0T5 fV'^i c^* 

II ' Oti Waj l^J.i■» invT-ly, 

lau'cy, i4*6io;Elai. 

* 12 ' fKiyt Sf >^ tS xtJtXxxoTt 

»ov, iwfi t tj^a'.si Tci,- \ t;t\Hc (Ttf, 

^tyfeveff ca, fxnli \ yiirovai; 

'+ a-AxaXfS-J.ri, ^ yi-.r^.ui rii 

13 ^i crg-o vosmali fubiiften- i 
tes, noOis bona dona dare filiis 
veflris, quanto magis Pater <lc 
caclo dahit Spiritum fanilum 
petentibus fe ? 

C A V IT r XIV. 
I T? r iacliim cfl ill Venire 
cum ui dcununi cujufiluiu 
jirincipiira l';!.u il;vnrur.i y.'ih- 
bato ni:in<iiu -.lic pancni, fc'ipli 
erat obll rva'Ucs lum. 

2 lit cccc horno tjuidajn erat 
liydroiiicin jinte ilium. 
- 3 Et ri fpondcns Jcliis dixit 
ad Lcgifpcritos (Sc l'harila'o5, 
diccns ; Si lin t Sabb;ilo curare ?' 

4 llii 

t m tacU'.runt. 

Ciijus vefirum nimii^-, ■.v.t 
bos ill ]iatcum cadet, Sc ur.n 
Ci-iitinuo LXti-Ldu't illiiin in die 

6 }t lion potLiaiUrefpoiid.-re 
illi ad bxc 

7 l.)i::baf autim al v i; ■! i; 
paraholani, attt'iidcn- ijv !; ' ■ 
jiri iKi- ;ucubitub l1i[';l; . i.. . ■ i- 
cms ad illos : 

H C^ium vocatus fuel is ab 
alic^uo :id nuptias, ne difcumbas 
in primo accubitu, iie quaudo 
honoratior te fit vocatuo ah illy. : 

9 Et venien.s tc ik ilium vo- 
cans dicat'tilii: Da hui;: lo- 
cuin : t^ tunc ir.cipia? cum \<\i- . 
d jre ultinium locum obtlntrc. 

10 Scd qiium vocatus fiicris, 
vaden* rc.umbe in novlflimunx 
locum, ut quum venerit qui tc 
vocavit, dicat tibi : Aniitc, a- 
fcende fuperius, tunc ent tibi 
cdoria coram fmiul difcumben- 
tibus tibi. 

1 1 Qiiia cmnis extollen* 
iVipfum humil'a' itur, irliumi- 
lians IcipTiim f xaltabittir. _ . 

\2 Dicebat aii'cni 'i vocanti 
ipfum -. Qaiim facib prandluiu 
3\it, nc vo.t. amicos 
tuos, H'-quc frutres tuns, ncque 
cop^^ato^ t^tos, n :quc v;ciiio'5 dl- 
vites, lie quando it i;-! te vi- 
cilini voccnt, c^c fiat tibi rctri- 

i i5. Si done vous , qui etes man- 


"vais , savcE donner de Lfmucs 
choses a vos eufans , coinbien 
plus votie Pore celeste , dounera- 
-t-il le St. Esprit a ceqx qui le lui 
deinandent ? ' 

K jour de Sabliat. Jthux ctam 

eniro dans la maison d'uu des 

oei" , ceux.qui eloicut la I'obsei— 
> voictit, 

2. Et uti homme bydioplque so 
troava devaut lui. 
j 3. El Jusus pivnant la parole , 
Idii aux Doctcms de la loi et aiix 
il^iiaiisiens : Est-il ppiinis de guc- 
ta' au jour du 

4. El ils doineuicieut dans Ic -■-. 
,l€nce. Alois prenani le malade , 
A le guerit el le ie"vova. 

5. Puis il leur dit : Q^u e»'. celiii 
d'entre vous qui , voyaut son ane 

jOusouboeuriombe. daus un piiiis, 
ne I'tn retire aussiiot le jour du 

6. Et ils ne pouvolem ricn ri- 
pondre a ccla. 

7. 11 propooit aussi aux convie's 
uue parabolc ; remarquaut qu'ils 
iliois-issoicnl les premieres places ; 
et. il leur disoit : 

8. Quaud quelqu'un I'invitera k 
de:; n<*ces, ue le mats pas a la per- 
miire place , \ix: pcur qa'il ne se 
troiive parniiles coavit-s laic pcr- 
sonne pius cousidt'rable que loi, 

9. El que celui qui vous aura in- 
Mle , et loi el lui , ne vieiine et ne 
te dise : Cede la place a celui- ci ; 
el qu'alors lu u'aies la bonie deUe 
mis a la dernierc place. 

10. Mais qunad lu seras inviic , 
va te mettre a la deniiere place , 
afiu q;it quaud celni qui t'a invite 
viendra , il te dise : Mon ami , 
monie plus haut. Alors tela le IV la 
liomieur devaut ceux qui serout a 
table avcc loi. 

11. Car quiconque sVIc-ve sera 
abaisse ; ct quicouque sabuisse se- 
ra eieve. 

12. il disoit aussi a celui qui t'a- 
volt iUvite : Quand tufaisun dincr 
ou uu souper , uiuvile j)as tes 
amis , ui tes tV^res , ni tes parens , 
ni tes voisins qui soul riclir-s , de 
p- ur quils ne tiuvilcni u leur 
lour, el qu'ou ne le rcnde lapa- 

13 if j;c llien, Ixins:^ evil.- know L 
\vy\ lo yivc uoocl L'.jfcs v.--Xc- your 
cluldren ; how imu Ii ni(;i'e siuul 
your liL-av-fiUy Favii.r ;.,i\ c Uic Ho- 
ly Spirit to tlieni t.'u.t a^k iiiru ? 
AND it came to pass, as he 
went into the house of one 
of the chief Pharisees to eat bread 
on the sabbath-clay, that they 
watched him. 

2 And, behold, there was a cer- 
tain man befoi"e him, a\ hich had 
the dropsy. 

3 And Jesus, answering, spake 
unto the lawyers aiid Pharisees, 
say in. L;-, Is it lawful to heal on the 
sabbath.-day ''. 

4 .\nd they held their peace 
"Which of you shall have au ays' 
or an ox fujien into a pit, and will 
not straightway pull him out o 
tlie sabbath-day ? 

6 And they coilld not answer him 
a-rain to these things. 

7 And he put forth a parable to 
those which were bidden, when 
he marked hsow they cliose out the 
chief rooms ; .sayin'^- unto them, 

8 When thuu art bidden of any 
! Dian to ^ ^veddinu-, sit not dowii in 
the iui'h'jst. roum ; lest a more lio- 
inoUi'uble man thaii thou be bidden 
of i'.ini ; 

9 And he that bade tkee and him, 
£ome and tiay to tiiee. Give this 
man lilace ; and tliou be.^in \vith 
shame to take the lowest room. 

10 But wiKU thou art bidden, go 
r-nd ',ii clou'n in the iGV.L-si: room ; 
that whin lic thu:balj l.'i.-ccom- 
eth, he iiuiy say unlotl; -,., Iriond, 
go up higher : then siialt thou 
have worship in the presence of 
them that sit at meat with th.ce. 

1 1 For whosoever exallcth i:im- 
self shall be abased ; and lie that 
hu:.;-il)letli himself shallbe exalted. 

12 Then 3.;:d h- al';o to h:;-ii that ^ 
ibadc him, When thuii ni.d-cs!. a i 
jdiniic" a Hup])er, rali i.": *' ■ 

frit;iKls, nor thy brcthr.u, r,v ;lhei- , 
thy kinsmen, nor thy rich ucigh- 
bom-s ; lest they alsobidtheeagain, 
and a recompense be made thee 





Sii Tx: c.xai' . 

i> -r>; cva^a- 

t _ T jU • 

*0,- Tl{ SS'ii'iyi J:'...-,J» /yi-^.yt. K, 
17 Ku arr£C£i"''£ T0» J«X3v a:- 

TCLI ""! .'>';;i Til- '*:j~'y sIttjUi TCi^ 

KS'';Xr'--:V' f "l-^yirit, Itl 'r,'(,ri 

1 1, ^ X. f^iVo aTTO ,u:a- ■cr-!- 
fHt%(j<3Xl 'BTXy.if '0 'C^iT©' 

fyw aj' iloJz.Zt, x, liir. 
B' T.v i^.iirj} ct, iy^s jj-i 'ajd^-:- 


iq Kci srff'^ sTt!. Tivyn 
20 f;--!. irj;''l- frTf IViaT'/t* 

lx& Tv. 

«uTdf TauT^ Tots ofVil-L-St,' 3 
fc fvua^ rf.; .vi' £ ■ ; >^ TOLT K'.'ii- 


:: 5 Va'. £7Tr:' v v ';'5' ■ETr^'- t;> 
5«^ov ' ; j; '. • 1 1 I ,■ ^ ^ ; '. : - ; it, 
^nyu.y;( li a;x . y.^iv llsi'vJ.T), 
l-.b. yiyitif, 3 o~K5C u;- 

■ -Wuf^ov oi;t3J'5,u^rttt, oif;^;! -Er^itTsy 

£1 IvEI Ta 'ETjOj f air^";Ti:r,«3'' ; 
.:9"lVi y.r,Tr)li, biil'i^ airoZ 

I'a.'vla,! SjxTTxi^e.ii.alTai, 

X^, Sc'J qui'in'fucis uniiiuii, 
VDCipaupcrcs, uiaaco>, cLiud:-'.-;, 
cxcos. ■ 

T4 Etbcatu.T tris quia non! 
li;io(.-iit retrilni^ii. 'i'.-i : rctrilnic- 
Cur enim tibi in icfurrtiflionc 
iuUoriim. ._ __ .._ 

J 6 I;'l- ;uit;ir. i'.ix'.l ci-: Ho-,. 
:i:-> oijiilnni fecit rc-nani ma , 
',i':.:ii :v voci-vic iniiltos. ' 

J y y.t ni:i';t iVrvumfmim ho- 
1;. iip;: ('i^cre viioaris : vriiite, 
H'.in jam jiaruta liint (imi:ia. 

I I Ji £t coepcrunt ub i:r.:i ( vcii- 
I fa-e timnt^R. dixit ti : 
I iA»rrr.m enii. &, habeo iieccfle 

' (. : i -L. ^ vii'i re illum : rogo te, 
; juip'j mc LACuhitiim. 

10 ¥t aUcr i'ixit : Ji'rr.i b'^niT! 
.-ni; i]-jn'<.i'ic. ^: co prub?rL- ilia • 

I loi'o tc, l.ul/L' jnt- cxctilutum. 


1 ''.7 T-.t nlt^is divit ; Uxnrem 
("txi & 'jroptcr hoc iion poiuiiii 

4 1 Et EC'ven'ens fcrvus iUe 
nDiitiavit domino fvto h.TC. 
Tunc irat;is pst-irfamiliaf dixit 
I'ervo ; Exi ci^o in plateas f< 
vicQS civitaris, & pauperes, & 
niancoj, <Sc claudos, & crccos in* 
troduc hue. 

c a Et ait ferviis : Domine, 
rHdum eft lit imperafti, & ad- 
liuc locus tit. 

7] '£: :6t <5rminu« ad fcr- 
I vrtM : Exi i:; vias ?•: fi'pe?. & 

2. E'-'i er.!-i v'-Vis, oii?a 
.1 • n. '., I ! :ii vorjito- 
i:; . ;.' •: > . ; r. i;'; -.i.i ((^-.^am. 

1 '■' Quis (.tiim ex vobis vulec.s 
turrini ;i;dific;irt, iionnc priii^ 
ledcfts computat lumptimi, il 
lu'.hcateiL qii.xad pcrfcciionem ? 

2')V'i !)(. cpiiiicio pon(."iiti-i]-'fi> 
fuiuhuncntuin, & ilOU j-.otciirc 
•]H'ificcrc, oiniies vidcutcs iiicl- 
pinnt ilhulere li, 

I ta- 
les boUeux et les aveii- 

' i3. Mais quaud tu feras vm fes- 
jt'in , cuuvie les pauvre? , ;]ie 

ri4. Etlu sci'as lienvcax , Jc -ce l-*^ '^^""^ "i^m ohuil uc uicssea 
qu'ilsne ueuveat pas tc Icixndie j lor they. cannot recompense thee 

"16. Mais Jesus lui dit: UnLoianie 
fit un grand sou|)ei- , el il y con 
via bcaucoup de gens ; 
17. Et il envoya sou serviteur , a 
lieure du souper , dire aiix con- 

'Vies : Venez, car lout est prct. 

1, j8, Mais ils se mireut lous comme 

Ide concert, a s'cxcuser. Le pre- 
mier lui dit : J'ai achete une ter- 
re , ci il me faut necessairemcnt 
partir pour aller la voir ; je le prie 
de m'escuser. 

ig. Un autre dit: J'ai achetii cinq 
couples de boeuFs, et je m'en vais 
les eprouver ; je te prie de m'ex- 

20. Un autre dit : J'ai e'pouse une 
feinme , ains^ je n'y puis aller. 

21. Le serviteur etant done d 
retour, rapporta cela a son mai 
tre. Alors le pere de faniille, en 
colere , dit a son serviteur : \ a- 
t-en promplcnieiit par les places, 
et par les rues de la ville , et ame- 
Tie ici les paiUres , Its inipotens , 
les boileux et les aveugles. 

22.Ensuile le serviteur dit : Sei- 
gneur , oil a Tail ce que tu as com- 
mande , el il y a encore de la 

23. Et le rnailre dit aa serviteur : 
Va dans les chemins et le long dcs 
Jiaies, et presse dVnirer ceux que 
tu trouvcras, alin que ma maisou 
soil remplie. 

24. Car je vous dis, qu'aucun de 
ceux qui avoicnt etc couvies , ne 
gouleia de nion .souper 

28. Car qiii est tclui d'cnire 
vous , qui, voulaui baiir uiie 
tour , ne s'asseve preiniircnieui , 
et uc suppute la dvpeusc , iiour 
n'oir &\\ a de (pioi Tache', erV 
I ^9' ^<^ pf'^"' qu'apres qu'il en 
laiira pose les foudemeus , el qu'il 
u'auia pu acl.e\ei-, tons ctux qui 
leverront ne vienueui a se mo- 
jquer de lui ; 

1 3 But when thou makest a feast, f i-.. /4. 
call the poor, the maimed, the 
laque, the blind : 

1 4 And thou ohalt be blessed ; 

^ for thou shalt be recompensed at j 

\ the resurrection of the just, J 

• 16 Then said he unto hmi, ai 

certain man made a great supper, 

and bade many : 

17 And sent his servant at sup- 
per-time to say to them that were 
bidden. Come, for all things are 
now ready. ^ 

18 And they all with one coment 
began to make excuse. The first 
said unto him, I have bought a 
piece of ground, and I must needs 
go and see it: I pray thee have 
me excused, 

19 And another" said, I have 
bought five yoke of oxen, and I 
go ■ to pro-, e them : I pray tliee 
have me excused. 

2:) And another said, I .have 
.nmlTied a wife ; and therefore I 
cannot come. 

.21 So lh;it servant cainc, and 
;,Iiewed his lord these thin ;s. 
Tiien the nnsterof the house, be- 
ing ;in:-)'y, s.:i:l to his scrvaiU, Co 
out quiti.Iy iiito the strceU and 
lines uf the city, and brin^ in hi- 
tl-er txie poo;-, and the nuunieJ, 
and tiie halt, and the bii.i.i. 
_ 22 And the serrant suitl. Lord, 
it is done as thou hast comtnand- 
ed, and yet there is room. 

23 And the lord said the 
servant, Go out into the highways 
and hedges, and compel tJn'm to 
come in, that my house may be 

2 t For I say unto you, That none 
of thcst Y.-.-cw Vv-hloh were bid Jen, 
shal^ taste of my supjier. 

28 For u-uich of you, iiUendin'^r 
to build a toMer, situ;th not down 

[.hrst, and counleth the cost, wlie- 
-ther he have ^^uf^ldnit to finisii Z- ? 

29 Lest haply, after he hath laid 
ibe foundation, and i.s not able to 
finish it, all that behold it bcein 
to mock him, ^ 



■i Y. d 5.£> :'//-•-'■' 

cuircrc cumviginti rai.iiini&yc-' 
iiieiitl au Ic ? ■ ] 

•5?. Si -.nit', ni 1.011, adlnic lun- 
',-fili(icx;.ur,ir,k;;.iti. MOinnilc-' 

i" •> i' (I T ■•:^'. 

: nti'iu ;'.;■[ rapiii-. 

. i i-:,inr: [in'ili. 

; .vLnlirt" il!i:m. 

"^ - , ; ii ^ " Qwj. !nc 

,), i\ . '1:1, ,'■'-; nnindiicut ; 

i 1^ 

iiTciJEusat £7rt TO a7raXa;Aoj, eo.'? 

TsL; i -jcy-iji; iavT-Z yji.^'j-j ; 
XciXer Toi/? -fiXu? >5 Toi/; yiinMsq, 
J'ti tOjov TO tjrjcSj.iV |W« TO a- 

7 As^iU i'.'-'i'i'} iTi u-ro) X'^f* 
{{■CI 5V TW e'jaVM Iwi IvI a/xcf/w- 
A* {AtratcZCii, r, iirl in£;r,xoi1asv- 
)ra J.xai'ciC, 'oiViVE," « Xi"'"'' '" 
(•^tf 7( /.i.lrai'Aa;, 

*■ 8 'a Ti'f ^w?!, X-ja;)^af 
£;^f5-a S'Exa, iav a7roXESr>i t S'$a;)(;- 

jC I ffa^oi thv o'xi'av, )^ ^iiT£~ 
t-j- EWl.UEXii-, saif f c'tk Ei'f^i; 
I 9 Kai th^aiast. t7vy/.a\iiTai Taf 
f^i'^a? >^ Taf yiiTovof, Xij/«ff-a' 

Ivyxi-^mk (M>t, or I |:jov liiv 

lo OL't*), Xr. a; iiUrv, X"?^ 
^ imuTTi'^v Tiv aj-}/cXav Ta 

p_ ;ul ilicjs parabo- 

.; ' :■ , ,1 I >: v'j'ji l!:\lvrs 
,. , ,-, . ). ■•■ .o i!n-.inv| 

' ... .:...:. K. . A J, i^, v.'.-' 

ditud perditam, donee invcniat'^ 
cam ? 

5 £t invcnicns imponic in 
huincios fuos gdudcns. ; 

6 £t veniens in doiiiuin, con- - 
vocat amicos & vicinos, dicens 
rllis : Congrutulaniiiii mihi, 
quia iaveiii oven^ nieam perdi- 

7 Dico vohi-, quod ita gau- 
dium erit in crcio luptr uno 

' peccatorc panitcntc,quanifuper 
: nonaginta novtni juftis, qui non 
I opus habcnt panitcntia. 

8 Aut qua' mulic-r'^rachmas 
haben'i decern, fi perdiderit 

I drachmam ui am, nonne accen- 
ditluccrnam, &cvciritdomum, 
& qu;crit diligcntcr, ulqueqgo 
inveniac ? 

9 Et invenicns con vocat arni- 
cas & vicinab, dictns : Con- 
gratulaniini mihi, quia inveni 
drachmam quam pcrJideram. 

10 Ita, dico vubis gaudiuni 
fit coram angelis Dei fuper uno , 
peccature poenitente. 

3i. Ou , qui est le Rdt, qui, 
maichaut pour livier' baiaille a 
nil autre ,Kol , lie s'asseye pre- 
oait-rcment , vt ne consulte s'il; 
pouna , a\ cc dix iniUe Jioiiunes , 
Siller a la rnuonirc de celu 

0B. Et »e A'sont tct liomme a[ •»« Spying, This man beo-an to L 
Sw«v'^ ^ ''^'''' "' ''''' l"*'^'^^/''^' ^^d was not able to finish. 

3 1 Or what kint^. going to make 
wju- against another king;, sitteth 
motdown first,audconsuItethMhc- 1 
'«iej: he be able with ten thous uid ■ 
to meet him that cometh agamst 
vient coutie lui avec vingt niUle ? j '" ""^^ ""^l^^^ twenty 'thousand ? ! 

32. Autreriient , peiulaut que' ^'^ Or else, v^iile the other is'' 
celui-ci est encore loin , il lui J'C't a preat way oft; be scndeth 
envoie une ambassade pour lui an ambassai^e, and dcsir lb Von 

* tntions of nftarf j i 

'^^i'EN drew near unto hini j 1,. 

JL all the pniblicans and sinners | 
for to hear him. j 

2 And the Pharisees and scribes | 
murmured, saying-, This man re- I 
ceiyeth sinners, aiid eateth with 


Tors lc> pt'np/'is et Ics gen; Je 
niauvaisf vie i'approchoieut 
(le Jt'fu.s pour renleudrc. 
I 2. Et les Pliarisieus et les Scribes 
^J*ii minunnrnl£UL^_et.disoient : Cet 
I lionime recolt les pens de m'au- 
I - vaise vie , el mange avec eux. 
j, 5. Mais il leur proposa cette them. 

■patabole : 3 j^^^(\ j,e spake this parable un- 

1 4. Qui est riiomme d'enlre vous ,jto them, sayins^, 
qui, ayant cent brebis , s'll eu 4 What m'an'of vou, havim-- an 
peruune, ne laisse les quatre- 
vingt-ueuf an dosert , et n'aille 
apris celle qui est perdue , jus- 
qu'a cc qui! Fait trouAoe 

5. Et qui , la^'ant irouve'c , ne 
la melte sur ses epaults avec 
.joie ; 

I. 6. Et elant arrive dans la mai- 
p\ou , n'appfdle ses amis el ses vol- 
rsiiis , et ne leur disc : Rejouissez- 

1 vers avec moi , car jai trouve' 6 And when he cometh home, 
[^ma brebis qui etoit perdue ? ihe calleth to:j;ether //?s friends aiid 
Je vous dis , qu'il y aura d 
i po 

(mende ... 
ilix-neuf jusics , qui n'ont pas >/ \ say unto you, That likewise 
' besoia de ri;peutance. j^^ ^y.^^ ^^^ ;,j heaven over one 


hundred sheep, if he lose one of 
them, doth not leave the ninety | 
and nine in the wilderness, and ] 
go after that which is lost, until jj 
he find it ? \ 

5 And when he hath found zV, he | 
layeth it di\ his shoulders, rejoic 

7. Je vous dis , qu'.l y aura .<i'; ',,^i„.hbours,' saying unto them, 

naeme plus d- loie dans Ic ciei ^ ;^ . . , r ti r ^a 

pour Urn seal pecheur qui s'a- Rejoice With me ; for I have lound 

'; , que pour quatre-vingt- my sheep which was lost. 
;uf jusics, qui n'ont pas 7 J gay untO you, That li' 

qui , 
le eu 
el ne 
avec soin , jusqu'a cc 
ait trouve sa drachme 
^ui , I'ayai 
pelle ses amies e 
ne leur disc : Rijouissez - vous 
avef; moi , car j'ai trouve la 
dracbme que j'avois perdue ? 
'; 10. Je vous dis , qu'il y a de 
bic'me delajoie devaut les Auges 
He Dieu , pour un scul pecheur 
6t»i s'amende. 

dinner that rcpentclh, more than 
over niiicty and nine just persons, 
whith need no repentance. 
8 Either what woman, having^ 

8. On, qui est la remme 
j •ajaut dix draclimes , si e 
perd une , n'allume une 
delle , ne balaie la niaison 

qu'elle ait trouve sa aracnme ; ■, ^^,^ pieces of silver, if she lose cn'e 
q. Et qui , 1 ayant trouvee, n au- . » , ,, ., r 1 . ,,,,n „,i 
^- ^ • t ses voisins , et i^iec^, doth not 1l:,IiI a ci.n(de, and 

sweep the house, and seek aili- 
gently till sb^ P'-id / / 

9 And when she 1 utl' ^ovsA it, 

she ca!Ictl) /?. r f.itnds uvA her 

ncii,lib'nirs torcihcr, savin;:-, I^e- 

■ ■ " ' ' n.e -, for I licive found 

.],i;h,I had lost. 

.e, I say, unto you, 

(;v in Ibe pre'jence of 



the j 


'\ hvM .' i:-' 

ner ui:vt r 

:pt n 

:od, over one sm- 



m'h- t'j'. TT-. r^f nirc'', ?■:: .■.■:( 

KaJ ^;V-viv :(i-T;'{ TO, V.:v. 

^'i.: r v: ;- ;:"'•' .- — ■•-i ; ;£iTE- 

1 6 K 3 

■ ;'^^o.'. 

5aTiw», ail) iia-Sioy oj | pj'oTjoc *i 
aJsij Eul^a auTiB. 

17 Elf iOLVTiV 5g IXSiv, £T;ra' 

TloToi jMiVfliot Toy -nrttT^o; ywa 

• 18 Ava^-ij 'sro^ tspog 
Tov, nraTi^a, fxu, >^ Jji5 avra' 

* 19 Kat a'xETi Eiftt f o^t^ 

20 Kal aya^af «Xflg WfOf rov 
ir-tt-rtja EaoTw. '£t< Je auroli 
fxaxjav aw£;(;ov7©', eTJev auTcv 
tpaTiij avT.v, Kj iav'KayyyiaBr)' 
^ i^a/xo^ 'miviaii inii lov tpo.- 
;(^Xov aiiToDvi^ xals'f t'Xualv outov, 

21 Eiffi ^£ eiraJ fjof ria- 
TEf, ri/xafiv tt( TOV iJjawv ^ i- 
v^'ttiov o-y, 1^ vKiTi ilfxi a^i®' 
xXfiflin-ai Dio'f o-tf. 

2 2. £»7rs Jt i maTr:^ ttrplg 
rclf JsuXsj aiira* \ 'E^niykals 

TIJV I roXiv T^» UT^COTnV, K. kt^V- 

I <rals ainov, 5 Jo't£ f iaK^v^icji Ely 
T^v Jfjr^a a^Ttf, 5 uiroiti/xaJa. el( 
Toi/f ®oJaf 

" 23 Kai Iwyxai^Ef tov J fxc- 

pci:i.;i:( tc pirtlitt--tc. 
I 11 Ait raittm: Ii(.nio qui- 

j iLlll! lial.uit dUl'S flil,;s 

j 12 r.t t'is't i'niior corum p.1. 
' ti : : P.ter, tia miki C(in;pcttn- 

! ttm part.;:-. iuintaiuL".", & di- 

■ viiK ijlis V)t:ifii. 

; I ; Kt • :inn t-.-iu!tos dk's 

j;:c. Ljans onn:ia jiui'or fjliiis 
5' '^f'''.: iiroiccln^eit la rc^io- 
i^ '. :' :-'"'^ii).|Uum, tv liii dii]-pa- 
V iuliil.iiiiiamluam viv^nspror 

i I.; C'lnfuniente autcrr, ipfc? 
, on;aia, ia£h til fam^s valida 
I per regionem i.Iam, <k ipuc ca- 
p;t lictici. 

I 5 Er ahicns adhalit uni cl- 
vium r^gioiiis iLius.: & mifit 
ilium in agros fiics pafccre porr 


16 Et defiJerabat. iiT.j Icre 
veiitrcm faiim cie iilupis ouas 

manducabant porcl: & nemo 
dabat iili, 

17 In fe aucem veniens, di- 
xit; Quot mercenarii patrismei 
abundant panibus,. ego autem 
fame pereo ? 

18 Surgens ibo ad patrem 
meum, & dicam ei : Pater, pec- 
cavi in cxlum, & coram te : 

19 Et non amplius fum di- 
gnus vocari filius tuus, fac me 
ucutunummercenariorum tuo-. 

20 Et furgens venit ad pa-, 
trem fuum. Adhuc autem eo 
longe abfente, vidit ilium pater 
ipfius, & mifericordia motus eft, 
& currens cecidit fuper coliura 
ejus, & ofculatus ell eura. 

ii Dixit autem ei filius .'Pa- 
ter peccavi in caelum & coram 
te, <& non amplius fum dio-^ius 
vocari filius tuus. 

22 Dixit autem pater ad fer- 
vos fuos : Alkrtc flolam pri- 
mam, & induite ilium, & date 
aiinulum in manum ejus,.& 
calceamcnta in pedes. 

23 Et afferentes vitulum fa- 


11.11 leurtl it encore: Ln liomnie 
lavoit deux {lis ; 

Li2. Dont !e plus jeane dlt a 
i-sott pore : Mon pere . cloiiin.'-!n.)i 
la pait chi bien ciui me cloii 
eclieoir. Ainsi /« p^,-,? leur par- 
ta^ea sou bieii. 

K-). Et pen <le jours aprcs , re 
■plusjeuiie His ayaul amas-e . s'tn 
£ila dehors dans im pays eloigne, 
let il J disslpa son bi#u CQ vivaiu 
idaas lijlebaaclie. 

i4. Aprei qu'il enf tout JTpni- 
se, il siirviin iHi? graiide iamiae 
en ce pavs-!a ; el il comincufa i 
^tre dans J 'indigence. 

i5. Alois il s'en aJla, et se mit 
au sei-vice d'un dL's liabiiaus de 
ce pays-la, qui i'cuvoyu duns se« 
possessions , poiirpaitre les pour- 
ceaux. , ^ 

16. Et il edt bien vouln se ras- 
sasier descaiTouges que les pour- 
ceau.\ maugcoient ; mais personne 
ne lui en dunuuit. 

17. Jitant done reatre' en lui- 
meine, il dit : Combieu y a-t-il 
de gens aux gages de moii p^re , 
qui oat du paiu' en abondance , 
et moi je mtuis de faim ? 

i8. Je me leverai , et m'en irai 
vers mon pere , el je lui dirai : 
Jlon pcre, j'ai peche contre le 
ciel , et contre loi ; 

ig.Etjenesuis plus digne d'etre 
appele ton fils : Traite-moi com- 
me run de tes domestiques. 

20. II partit done , et vint vers 
son pcre. Et corame il e'toit en- 
core lom, sou pere k- vit , el lut 
louche de compassion ; el courant 
ji 'ui , il se jeia u son cou et le 

21. Et son fils lui dit : jlfoiz 
P'-Tc , j'ai pe'che co;ure le ciel et 
eouuetoijetjeue^ais plus digne 
dcHe appele ton lib. 

22. Mais le pere dit A ses scr- 
viteurs : Apportez la plus bell^ 
f'^^be, et I'ea levttez, et m^-ttev:- 
lui vn anneau au doigt , et dc< 
souhers aux pieds ; 

20. Et amenez un vcau gva?, n 
(e tuez ; mangeons , et rejoui>son3- 

1 1 And lie said, A certain rnan 
had two sons: 

12 A'lidttie youn,;ev of them said 
to /?.- fiithcr, Futhtr, give me the 
portion of i.oods that hdleth /o me. 
And he divided unto them /i/.v liv- 

13 And not many days after the 
younger son gathered a.n together, 
and tc(^k his joiirney into a far 
country, and there wasted his sub- 
stance with riotous living. 

1 4 And when he had spent a,ll, 
there arose a mighty famine in 
that land ; and he ^hegan to be in 

1 3 And he went and joined him- 
self to a citizen of that country ; 
and he sent him into his fields to 
feed swine. ' 

1 6 And he Avould fain have filled 
his belly with the husks that the 
swine did eat : and no man gave 
unto him. 

17 And when he came to him- 
self, he said, How many hired ser- 
vants of niy father's have bread 
enough, and to spare, and I pei'ish 
with hunger ! 

18 I will arise, and go to my fa- 
ther, and will say unto him, Fa- 
ther,! have sinned against heaven, 
and before thee, 

1 9 Ar.d am no more worthy to 
ht called thy son : make me as 
one of thy hired servants. 

^ And Tie arose, ahaTcame to his 
£»ther. But, when he was yet a 
^reat way off, his father saw him, 
and had compassion, and ran, and 
fell on his neck, and kissed him. 

2 1 And the son said unto him. 
Father, I have sinned against hea- 
ven, and in thy sight, and am no 
more worthy to be called thy .son. 

22 But the father said to his ser- 
vants. Bring forth the best robe, 
and put it on him ; and put a ring 
on his hand, and shoes on /lis feet: 

23 And bring hither the- fatted 
calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and 
be merry : 





24 "OTt «T^ "o Ul'of jUtf V£- 
• 2 5 'H» J'6 o' tltof ttiTOU 

p^c/wev©' nyytirt tS oixi'a, ^xao-e' 
■j" e-u/M'fa'n'oj jj t ^c^ir 

27 'O Ji tilTSV fliTa) "Ort 
cJlX4'($C <rtf ii'xE.- >^ £0i;3-ev o 'Sra- 
"T^f oa Toy f*otT)(cv tcv irircvioy, 
«Ti lytaitovla avTCV aVtXaCEV. 

£>EX9iv VTO-^iXaK'.; aLTi'v 

* 2 'O ^i aTroKJiSeS; Ei'ire -ri 
•araT^i. 'iJ'a, Tjral/ra et^ 5j- 
Xfji) c-c(, k| uYcTTcl! £vT',X>:v c-a 

I E^ifcv, I'va jUETx T»v (f>i?.aiv ;i'.a 

30 "Ot£ Je 11-^? C-if C\,T<^, 

"Cjvvi'', ?x9iv, £'9u-a; aLxi: T'-v 
uoyvov TOV j-iTEuiov. 

31 'O S-E erTTEV avTK- Tixif., 
fl wj.VT:'ic ifxST' £|U5 Ei, 5 tirivJa 
Tic i^-<---'., C'J s-r'"- 

3a ti;jav9Svai U k, p^^fi'vai 
IJei, on ah\<fU ^^ a-r'^ H- 

;?-./>^ ELv = 5». 57. t 6. 
~ Keji. ir'. j6. 

* I'pAEj.fS'i)^ -isr^tf Toy; /wa- 

TiJ i)V CTAOlIj-t'^, Of f'X^'' <""'"'■''- 
^.OV J^ oiT®- f JlEoAlifll) aiiTW 

* Z Kai (|>vviis-ac at'Toy, eTttev 
ft'jTx' Ti tjUto dx'.UM tTEfi (Ttf ; 
I dlTo)'^ T/y Xsyoy tK; f oixoyo-, 

:fA.lai; ew a ya.> ^w-r.-rn eti f c.'- 
J «OTo;t*ETy. 

, * 3 e'W/ Se ly EttLTW 01x0- 
.yi(xl§>'' Ti •aj'uhs'a.i, on Kufii^ 
' u,ti dipai^l~'ra.i rhv ol»'.wiji.i3.v cm' 
\ilj.vj] (\ktf\ii7 ovx la-^-Ja, f £- 

24 Quia hie filius meusmor-' 
tuuserat, &revixit: &perditus 
fuerat, & inventus efir - & cot- 
perunt obledari. , 

ij Erat autem filius ejus fe-l 
nior in agro : & ut veniens ap- 
propinquavit donxui, audivit 
fymphoniam & choro • i 

a6 Et ad^'ocans unum pueroH 
rum, interrogavic quid efTentj 

27 Is autem dixit illi; Quia! 
fratt-i- tuus venit : &i occidit pa- 
ter tuus vitulum faginatum: 
quia valentem ilium rccepit. . 
^ 28 Indignatus eft autem.. &i 
non volcbat introire, ergo pater . 
illius e<>;re(Iu^ advocabat iilum. 

29 Is autem rcfpondens dixit 
patri: Ecce tot annos fervio ti- 

I bi,&.nunquammandutum tutml ' 
; prrEtcrivi, ^rnilii iiunquam do- 
; difti hoedum, ut cum amicis 
j meis olilcdarer. 

30 Quum autem fiiTiH tuus. 
Lie, devoraiis tuam vitam cum ' 
merctricibus,veiiit, occldifli illi 
vitulum faginatum. 

31 Is autem dixit illi: Fili, 
tu llniper cum me cs, k omnia 
mea tiia funt. 

3 2 Obledariawtcm St gaudere 
oportebat, quia frater tuus hie 
piorluuserat, &ravixlt : &: per- 
ditus erat, ^ inveuuis ell. 

I 'Tjlcebat autem &. ad difci- 
pulos flics : Homo qvi- 
dani erat dives, qui habebat di— 
fpenfatorem, & hie delatus ell' 
ei, ut dillipans fubftantias illius. 

, 2 Ft vocans llliim, ait illi ;, 
Quid'hnc audio de te ? Redde; 
cnim poterii adluic dilpcnfare. 

3 Ait autem in ft-ipfo difpen- 
fator : Quid faciam, quia do- 
minus mcus aufcrt dif^tnfatio- 
nem a ntc .' fodere non valco, 
mendicare crubefco. 

■J.I. P:\iTo que mon -fils 

■"^ For this mv son was dead, and f i_.. }$■, 

^t. ..^,<u fjue inon -ftts , qnr- *«-imji "hs my son was oeaci, ana i 
vorci ct<)it inuit, et il en rfevenu h's alite again ; he was lost, and is 

LrMlrVuv/' eI '/r'^" ' "''' ^'^ iV^«-'A"citIiey be-antobetiiciTv. 
rent a se rciouir. ^^ ^ow, his eluer son Was in tne 

25. CepcnJant son (llsaJiie, oni 
etoit a la cainpngnp , revim ; \.t. 
COiDinc il Kpjirociiait de la lO-rti- 
*on , il entcmlit les chants ct les 

■ 26. lit il appela un des servl- 
'teiirs, a qui il dL-manda ce qiu- 

27. Et le sert-iteur lui dil: Ton 
ficre est de rt'lour , et luii pere a 
tuc un veau gras, paice qu'il I'a 
r«cou\ re en bona,', same. 

28. Mais il ie mil cii colere , cti 
lie voulul point entree. Son peit- 
done soitii , el le pria d'fntrcr. 

2(). Mai-i il ri'poiidit a sua p re : 
Voici , il Y a lant d'annees que 
je te scis , sans avoir jamais con- 
trevenii a ion eominaiuiiiaent, et 
tu ne mas jamais doiine uu clic- 
vreau pour nie rejouir avec uses 

-3o. Majs quand ton fils qne 
voila , qui a mange tont s<jn bien 
avec des ftmincs debaurhees , est 
vevenu , tu as I'ait titer uu veau 

tficld: and as he came arid dixw 
ni;;h to the house, he heard mu- 
iirk and dancing. 

I k And he called one of the ser- 
vant?, and asked Avhat these things 

27 And \vi said unto him, Thy 
Jbrother is come ; and tliy father 
hath k^\\ed the fatted calf, because 
he hath received him safe and 

28 And he was angry, and would 
not go in : therefore came his fa- 
ther out, and entreated him. 

29'And he, answering, said to 
his father, I.o, these manj' yeais 
do I serve thee,neither trHns..;res3- 1 
ed I at any timp tliy command- 
ment ; and yet thou never gavest 
nic a kid. that 1 might make mer- 
"Y with my friends : 
30 But as soon as this thy son | 
gras pour lui. jWas come, which hath devoured 

3i. Et son pere lui dit : Man thy living with harlots, thou hast 

fils , tu es louiours avec moi , el jjjjj-^jj fo,'. j^j^l the fatted calf, 
tout cc que i ai est a tot. oi<...iu • \ .. \ ■ o 

01. Mais il Calloit bien faive un ^l And he Baad unto him, Son, 
festin et se njouir, parce que thou art ever With me, and all that 
ton frere que voil;\ est mort , ell have is thine. 

il esi revenu a lu vie ; il etoit 32 It was meet that we should 

perdu, et il est retrou\e. - \' - - ^ __ 

t; H A P 1 T R E XVI. Zt^ "Jf '^' ^"'\^' f-"'^ '• ^^' ^^"^' 
U 11^ /'/' . thy brother was dead, and is alive 

.Les paralioles de l J:conoine in~ ^^..-^ „, , , , . ^ 

' jiJc, da Rufu- ct de Lazarc. ^o^"" ' ^"^ Was OSt, aiicl IS foiuuh 

4, V •► • ' IV I ! CHAP. XM. 

Tksus disoit aussi ascs iJisi ijilis: 

J Un liomnie riche avoit un cco- 
jOOinequi I'ul ticcuse devaut lui de 
Jdissiper son bien. 
J 2. Eiravantlait veiiir, illuidii 

Qu'est-ce que j'eiUends dire d 

tol ? Rends cjinptede ton udmi 

nistratiou ; rartu ne pouirai plus 

[desoiinais adrniriisirer inori />/ci/. 

o. Alors eel I'tonipnu; diteu lui- 

mrme : (Jue firai-jc, puis(^Uf 
iinon maltrc tn'i'jte radministia- 
|tioiiV/<? sou in^^ii ■ -If >'<-' saurois 
jtravailier a la tcrre , ct j'aiirois 

houti^ de nK'udier 

Of the unjuHt. slcivard. 
ND he said also unto his dis- 
ciples. There was a certain 
rich man, which had a steward ; 
and the same was accused unto 
him that he had wasted his goods.. 

2 And he called him, and said 
unto hiin, How is it tliat I hear 
this of thee? give an account of 
thy stewardship; for thou mayest 
be no longer steward. 

3 Ihen the steward said within 
himself, What shall I do, for my 
lord taketh away from vac the 
stewardship ? I cannot dig ; to beg 
I am ashamed. 



j.'.i'.a^aOlo'rr,^ o'-Aovofxiai;, Si^xt- 

fltf iavrQ, eXej/E T»i 17^XfM' 
' * 6 'O J££r7rs»- I 'Ekctcv 

" ? iT.'-.itfi ETSj'ftJ Eire Jt. ^£ 
Xa,5v -j- Ki'jtfj cri'rif. Kai ^£^£t 

* 8 K«( :f £7ri5lEa-£V o xuj.®' 

t5 ciaJv©-" tol'tB vf>jOK;wa;T£tfOi i- 

J-EVEaV T^V itil T.7V ilcri. 

E.-it"; ;.' ', cX Tou ^aa.uwva tJ;'? 
il!)ii.-:,' .,-; I'rnv Ix>.i7r>;"£, Je- 


10 'O -iiriro; EV 'O.ayJ^x, 1^ £V 

11 eI ai' Iv T« li^ty.n /Lia/n^na, 
OTif ii tivit i;'£V£irS;, to «X:;'Jiy.V Ti'j 

12 K«t £4 t'v TM fI?.?>orf 'm 'CCi- 

{pjui'i' J»;'a£i; 

* 13 OlSei';' oixc'tc; Jm.J^'( 
S'yri Kujf'cij Ja^EUEiV J ya^ rlv 
ha, fi.tchs'lit ^ T'-v ire^ov i.ya- 
7tr,Til' « itOJ avl5<^£TV(, j^ tcD 

©Ew + JuXel'ei* ^'j fj.3[xwa. 

14 'Hxuov Se TaZr-J. or k, 

TJ Kal ElTTEV,-' 'XfAiiQ 

Twv d:d.^Mria;v Je (^JEOf p/r.a'rx:i 
Taj xacJ'iaf v/xZr 'Vj to Iv av- 
Q^MTtotg i|>jXov, ^^e'KvyfJia. lid- 

4 Scio i;iild fac:;'.)'",, lit C|lium 
am it us fiuro I'lifpLiiI^itioii'.', rc- ir.e iii C.^'nw-. Ituw. 

5 jLt coiivocans luuii-.n-iuum- 
qiij cUl-.itorirn l")i:ir.!ui I'ui, di- 
cchiU piin-.o: Quuntiun dc'jusi 
clumind 111 JO ? 

6 Is ;'iU':'iiv (; CtT'rin 
b-jros 1 l,i, .V I'M' i'.H : .vcri- 
]■;' tiuMT. '.Mij-f-i'.'. .'. ; - '-'i.i;o tito 

7 Dcii'iU. al:i 11 .u : Tu vrro 
quantum debes ? is autcm ait: 
CciiLum coros tritici, & ait 
illi : Accipe tuas litcras, & 
•fcribc oftoginta. 

8 Et luudavit dominus aifpen-i 
fatorcni injuftitiaj.quiapruden-' 
tcr fcciilct : quia filii feculi hu- 
jus prudcntiorcs fuper filios lu- 
cis in geiierationem I'uam funt. 

9 Et ego voliis dico : Facite 
vohis ij-fis ainicos dt maniona 
injuOJtix, ut quum defcceritis, 
recipip.nt vosin xtcrna taberna- 


10 Fidelis in minimo, & in 
mului fidclis eft : ^ in modico 
injuiluc, cLiani in muito inju- 
ftus eft. 

Ii Si ergo in iiijiiftomamona 
fidelcs non fuiftis, vcrum quis 
vcbis credct ? 

17. Et fi in alier;o fideles non 
f;ii!i:;, veftium quis voLis da- 
bit ? 

1 3 Nemo fervus poteft duo- 
bu, (.iominis fervirc atit enini 
unu;ii odict, & altcruni diligct: 
aut i:ni adhierebit, <?; idttruni 
coniLninct ; non pcteftis Deo 
fervire & mamona: 

•4 A; d'tbniir tnitcm h.TC b- 
miii.i .""c li,;!.;i.' i civari liibli- 
ilcnti'-, ^-c J ri'i.iijiu iUiini. 

)< F.tait ii! - •. Vos ct;s ju- 
fti'!>anti.s \o- i|.i').^ c(ii;;riiho- 
n^.inilus: at Dtu; i:M'.it corda. 
veiira, quia quod in l^nniiiMl us 
altum, abominaiio untc Dcutn 

j!qa«<inaiid on m'ama ote mon ad-* 

*ii?inKstiatioii , il J ait desgeus qui 
me reiy-oiyeiit ilaus ieiirs uiaisous. 
5- Alois il lit venir separt-incnt 
cliacuu des deLiitturs de son mai- 
tre ; et il dit au premier : Com- 
bien dois-tu a inou mailre i* 

6. II repoudit : Cent raesuies 
d'huiie. Ell'eronomelai dii -'Ile- 
preuds lou billet; assieds-toi la , 

Tet ecris-eii promptemeut un autre 
de ciiiqiiaute. 

7. Il dit easuite a un autre : Et 
toi , Conibieu dois-tu ? 11 dit : 

I Cent mesures de tVumeul. El I'e- 
't curiome hii dit: Repreiids ton bil- 
let, et ecris-en un autre de qua- 

• 8. lit Ic niaitre loua cet econome 
intidele de ce qu'il avoitaj^i avec 
habilete ; car les eiilans de ce 
siecle soiit plus prudeus uaus leur 
generatioap que les enfans de lu- 

g. Et moi , je vous dis aussi : 
Faites-vous des amis avec les ri- 
chesses irijustes , alia que quand 
vous viendrez a manquer , ils 
vous recoiventdausles tabernacles 

10. Celui qui est fidele dans les 
petites clwses , sera aussi lidele 
dans les grundes -, et celui qui est 
injuste dans les petites clioscs , 
sera aussi injuste dausles grandes. 

11. Si done vous u'avez pas ei6 
I fidele duns les ricliesses injustes , 
"qui vous conlierales verilables rt-' 
' chesses ? 

12. Et si vous u'avcz pas I'te G- 
deles daiK ce qui est aautrui ; qui 

(vous doiiuera cc qui est a vous ^ 
\ j3. ISul serviteur ne pent servir 
'deiix)iiaiu-es ; car ou ilba'irarun, 
!ci aimera lanire ; ou il s'attacbera 
a Tun , c; meprisera I'antre. Vous 
i ne pou) ez ^erv ir Dieu el Mammon. 
' It. Les I'Lansiens , qui etoient 
ja\aies , tcoutoient toutcela, et 
jse nioquoient de iui. 
i 1 3. El il leur dit Pour vous , 
I us vouicz passer pour justes de- 
vani Ic-linmmcs , mais TJieTTcou- 
lioit VO-; eo'urs ; crir ee qui est 
c'lcve ile.ii'.it les lioi'.nnes est une 
' aboininalioa devanl Dieu. 

' i'.'l ^m resolved what to do, that L. / 6, 
Avheril am put out of the steward- 
ship, they may receive me into 
tjieir houses. 

. 5 So he called every one of his 
lord's debtors unto him^ and said 
linto the first, How much owest 
thou unto my lortl ? 

6 And he said, An hundred mea- 
sures of oil. And he said unto 
hiiB, Take thy bill, and sit down 
quickly, and Avrite fifty. 

7 Then said he to anothei", And 
how much owest thou ? And he 
said, An hundred measurcs oi 
wlieat. And he said unto him, 
Take thy bill, and write fourscore. 

8 And the. lord commended the 
unjust stev/ard, because he had 
done wisely : for the children of 
tliis world are in their generation 
wiser than the children of light. 

9 And I say unto you, Make to 
yoiu'selves friendsof the mammon 
of unrighteousness ; that, when 
ye fail, they may receive you in- 
to everlasting habitations. 

j 10 He that is faithful in that 
I vfluch is least, is faitliful als o ta 
much ; and he that is unjust in 
the least, is unjust also in much. 

11 If, therefore, ye have not 
been faithful in the unrighteous 
mammon, who will commit to 
your trust tlie true riches ? 
. 12 And if ye have not been taitii- 
ful in that which is another man's, 
who shall give you tliat which is 
your own ? 

1 3 No servant can serve two mas- 
ters : for cither he will hate the 
one, and love the other ; or else 
he will hold to the one, and des- 
pise the other. Ye cannot serve 
jGod and mammon. 
I 14 And the Pharisees also, who 
were covetous, heard all tiiese j 
tlun(;s : and they derided him. j 

1 5 And he said Uuto them,- Ye ■ 
are they which justify yourselves ■ 
before men ; but God knoweth ' 
your hearts : for that wiiidi is 
highly esteemed among men. is ( 
abomination in the sis>:ht of God. I 


* 19 'avS^utt^ .Vi -rtj?? «rXa- 

•■t(.~va< a770 T*V ^ -^tj^icbV tSv 

srXas-iV aXXi* >^ ol | xyvec ff- 
p(iutvoi -f ajTEXEivoy t« J eXxj 

* ai Ej/£vj1o li aTTeSavsTv tov 
<|lrT4)j^(>v, »^ "i aTTlve^SJi'iai avrh 
vno rx-y dyyihaiv il( tok xaXwev 
Ttf 'AoJaa'iU' aTliBave ^i ^ i 
<WX«<ri@-, )^ ^ ETa4»), 

43 Ka» iv TM «J>i ETrijaj T«uf 
•.jjflaXjtAi)? ai<Ttf, iiTi.^yj>:i Iv 0a- 
ra'Jon;, of« Tov 'A^^aai* am fxa,- 
XjoSeV, *^ AaJ^a^JV £v to~; xsX- 
W9»; avra- 

noTEf 'A^^aa/M. |XE))7iV /U.t, Kf 
vri/x^iy Aa^ajov, I'va f 0a^ri to 
^ aK^o/TOU :f SaMTuXw OtITV J U- 
Jof®', >^ f xaTa4'>'£? ''■'"' y'^^^7- 
#a'v ^a' erj ^ oJi/voj/xai l» t? 
J <f>Xoyi TavTn 

25 ETtte Je ''A^^aafX' TfXvou, 
fivnad'ili OTt ctTrsXaCEc a"u Ta a- 
yiiSd a-B £V T? ^a-n cw, >^ Aa'^a- 

<W^i!axaXirTai, at, ?£ oXi/i'oVai. 
* a^> Ka. £7r* "nracTf toiItok, 

fj-iya \ sfn^itlat, ?7r»i? si Sr^Xcv- 
T£; :f JiaSJjvai ^ brsZQiv m^o; 
ifxif, f/ii Wvajvlai, fjt.n^£ ol tKiT- 
61 y «r^o; hy^cif SfaTrjjcus'iv. 

27 ErrrE $£• 'il^iilai t,Z» <Ti 
'kdrt^. i'va "arf'^ .{f^c a-TiJ £;< tsv 

aS 'Ep^Ji' yaa -K-fvlf a^eX^sJf, 
o'.'.ij ?i;:|U3jT,--i;'ai a^Tcr,-. .Vtt 

TOUTiV Tr;{i3a5'iV-^.> 

29 A6}£: ai.TW 'sZ^xAfj.- ' E- 

a'xas'jTo.'trav atTa'v. 

18 Omnis repudiansAlxoreni 

fuam, & duccn? alteram, nut- 

chatur : &; omnis rcpvidiutam a^ . 

viro ducens, mttcliarur. 

■ 1 7 llonio aut«m 'cjuukm c rat 

dives, & iuduebatur juirpuruiui. 

&. byllum, obledlatiis quotidie', 


■20 Paifper autem qul'um 
crat nomine L^arus,f(uicjec^u» 
crat ad }anuam;t'jus ulcerofusv- 

2 1 Ec cupiens fatur.-.ri de- . 
micis cader.tibusde menfa divi- 
tis : fed ^ canes vtniientes liri- 
gcbant ukcra ejus. 

2 a Fadum eft antem mori, 
pauperem, & afportarl eum ab 
angelis in finum A.brahx : Mor- 
tuus eft autera- $i dives, & fe- 
pultus eft. 

23 Et in inferno clevans ecu- 
los fuos, exiftcns i,n tormtntisj 
vidit Abraham a longo, & La- 
zarum in grenilis ejus. 

24 Et ipfe clr^mans dixit : 
Pater Abrahani miferere .mei,; 
& mitte Lazarum, at: intingat 
extremum digiti lui aqaa, & 
refrigeret linguam mcam : quia' 
crucior in flamma liac. 

25 Dixit _autem Abrabam : 
Fill, recordare -quia roccpifli tu 
bona rua in vita tu3, c<. I.azarus 
fimilitcr mala : nunc aut^^m hie 
canfolatur, tu vero cruciaris. 

26 Et oniiinis lis, inter 
n05 Sc vos l.iatus magnus fir- 
matus eft, ut volentes tranfire 
hinc ad vos, non poHint : ncque 
q'^u inde ad nos tranfnieent. 

27 Ait auteni : Ro^o ergo tCj' 
pater, ut mittas'euni in domum|' 
patrls niei. ■ l^ 

z'i H abec enim qainque fi'a- J> 
trt?,' ut ttftetur illi?, ut "nonr'"^ 
& ipfi vcniant in locum bunc 

29 Ait ill! Abra!,:mi: .Ha- 
bcnt Mofcn, k. Prophctas : au- 
diant illos. ■■ :. 


its. Quiconque vepudie saTeinme^ 
€t en epoHSfc line autre , cominei 
adaltere ; et quicouque epouse 
celle que son mari a^ repudiee , 
commet adulteve. 
,19. 11 y avoit un horame riclie 
qui se vetoit <le pouipre et de fin 
lin .etquise trajtoilbien et ma- 
gniCqucmeni tons les joars. 
30. II y avoit aussi un pauvre , 

Inonarae Lazare , qui etoit couclie 
A la povtc de ce riche , et qui 

' eloif couvorl J'ulceres. 

21. II (iesiroit de se rassasier des 
mieltfcs C[ui loniboienl de la lal)lt 
du riche ; et mi?nie lescluens ve- 

.noieiit l^clier ses ulcues. 

22. Or , il anivaque le pauvr>' 
mourut , et il flit porte par k-s 
Angos dans lo seia d'Al.irahiini ; 
le riche uioiuul aussi , el ful e,n- 

23. Et etant en enfer ot dans 
les tourincns, ii leva les \cnx , el 
Vit de loin Abraham , et Lazare 
dans son sein. 

24. El s'ecriam , il dit : Pere 
Abraham , aie pitie de luoi , ct 
envoie I^azare , afin qii'il trempc 
dans I'eau le bout de son doij^t , 
pour me rafraichir la langue ; 
carje suisextrememcnttourmente 
dan? cette flainme. 

25. Mais Abraham lui repondit : 
Mon fils', souviens-toi que tu as 
cu tes biens" pendant ta vie , et 
Lazare y a cu des maux ; et main- 
tenantil est console', et tu es dans 
lies tourmeiis. 

2G.. Outre cela , il j a. un grand 
abyme entrc vons et nor.s ; de 
sorie que ccux qui voudront 
ipasser d'ici vers vous ne le piu- 
vent ; non plus que eeux qui 
^i^oudroieiit passer de la ici. 

27. El le rir/ie dit : Je te prie 
done , Pere Abraham, d'envoy'er 
Lazare dans la maison de inon 
Pere ; 

28. Car jai linq Trtres , afin qn'il 
les averiisse , de peur quils'ne 
viennent au^si eux-miroes dans 
ce lieu de tourmens. 

29. Abraham lui repondit : T!-; 
out Moyse ct les Prophetes; qu'ils 
les ^content. 

is AVKosoever piilTetli away his | 
wife, and marrieth another, com- 
mitteth adultery: and whosoever 
'man-ieth her that is put away frotn 
her husband, comrhitteth adultery. 

1 9 There was a certain rich man, 
which was 'clothed in purple and 
line linen, and fared sumptuously 
eyery day : 

20 And there was a certain beg- 
<Tar, nametl Lazarus, which was 
laid at his gate full of sores, 

2 1 And desirine: to be fed with 
the ci-umbs which fell from the 
rich man's table : moreover, the 
dogs came and licked his sores. 

32 And it came to pass-, tliat the 

beggar died, and was carried by 
( the angels into Abraharh's bo- 
som: the rich man also died, and 
was buried ; 

23 And in hell he lifted up hia 
eyes, being in torments, and seeth- 
Abraham afar ofi', and Lazarus in 
his bosom. 

24 And he cried, and said. Fa- 
ther Abraham, have mercy on 
me ; and send Lazarus, that he 
may dip the tip of his finger in 
water, and cool my tongue ; for 
I am tormented in this flame. 

25 But Abraham said, Son, re- 
member that thou in thy life time 
receivedst thy good things, and 
likewise Lazarus evil things: but 
now he is comforted, and thou 
art tormented. 

2>6 Ami, besides all this, between 
us and you there is a great gulf 
fixed : so that they which would 
pass from hence to you cannot ; 
neither can they pass to us, Uiat 
uittld come from tltence. 

3^ Then he said, I pray thee, 
therefore, father, that thou would- 
esc send him to my father's house: 

28 For I ho.^'e five bre'ihren; that 
he may testify unto them, lest 
they also come into this place of 

29 Abraliam saith unto him^ 
They have Mose'S and the pro- 
phets; let them hear" them. 



31 lAVi y^ clrZ. Ei ^rvr^i,- 
flCS's £t'v Tfjix isyjai; o>.t?-?, 'STjit- 

to; -f Al£V)exTCV £{■( 

* 2 f Au^iieXs" alnZ, Si f /ocu- 

Triv &iAa3-j--av, r, ivt ^'xttv5aXiV>) 
tVa Ti^V fXlK^xV TjliTi.Y. 

3 n^ Tf^li iavToT;. Edv Si 
aya^Tt fi'f a":' c oJEX-fi'^ ca, £,:(- 

4 Kai fav 'nrrdxn; Tr.i; hi^k^a^ 
ayd^Tr, tij rf, Kj iTTruKi; Tr,'c 

M£T;'V5a;' a.;-/!:: EiC ni'~.'- 

7 Ti; Ss fc^ I'lUav Jo^'Xcv syjiv 

jl7fX9'vTl d TCV ^y^iu f^s~ tl- 
flsi'C" na^iXScov a.;a.TiiTii ; 

)^ AXX Oi/(,' Sf='' aLTi>^., *£- 

j/4; y^ T»'.;' i^ /xjt.i rxZra <pzyi 

' 9 '''''' PCS'*' ^X-' '''*' ^'^^^ 
ixSi'vM oTi 'crToir-.Tl Tx Jia r:t_^9iv7a 

* 10 Ourw (^ it-tE^J) "t.-.v 
WCtrfcrn!! tffx.-la ra Jiar.x p^Ctv' s 
ii^rv, >>syiTi' "Oti 5:CXoi t a- 
p^^jm fS'jU-v oTi S a'.f>eiXO|U£v 
wci^Tai, •n/ETSii'i/Caj'^-y. 

Xa'x T.'O iii', a E;<^t6T auT'/ c, 

f-'V i--l.'^ |W£r< 

f tsr ;;a;j?^iire;vc. 

3' !s autcm dixit: Non pa- 
ter Abraluni: led fi quis ex 
ir.or;ui» icrit ad to?, pa-nitc- 

^r Ait autem illi : Si ATofcn 
>^ Froplictas noil aitdiunt, nc- 
<]ul' il qtiis ex mortuis rtfuirc- 
xerit, credent. 

I A IT autcm ad -difcipulos: 
Inipolidulc elt Don ve- 
nire fcandala : va; autcm per 
quern A'tnuint. 

2 E.\pecit illi, f. mola afina- 
ria circun.ponatur eiica eoilUm 
ejus, & projieiatur in mare, 
quum ut fcandalizct par- 
vorum ift rum 

3 Atttnditc vobis ijifis : li 
verij peecaveric in tc fiater 
tu\i-, incrip.i ilJuni. lit fi pa- 
nitucrit, dimittc illi : 

4 Er (i fcpties die peccsVcrit 
in te, i^ Icptles die converfus 
fuerit ad te, dictiis : Panitto, 
dimiti: ,'^ iili. 

7 Quis aiucm ex vobis fervura 
liabcns araiucni aut (^alcenteni, 
qui regrelTo de agro dicat fla- 
tim : Advenicns recumbc. • 

8 Imo nonnc dicct ei : Para 
quod cuenem, I't circumeiniSlu-s 
niiuiftraniihi, donee manductm 

& bibam, fc pod h3:c manduca- 
bis ^ bibes tiu? 

c^ Num gratiam habet fervo 
illi, quia fecit prwccpta ei ? non 

10 Sic & vos qutim feccritis 
omnia pr3:ce 'ta vobis, dicit'.', 
quod fervi iiiiitilos fumii'', quia 
qirod debuimus faocre, fecimili. 

ao Interrogutvis uuteni a Vhn.- 
rifpils, qua.uio venit^ rcg,nutn 
Dei, r. ipiMii'it el^ t"<. dii-u : 
Non veu'.i i-o;^uinn Dei. tuin 


:)o. Le Tiche dlt : Non , Pert 
Abraham ; mals si quelqu'un dt- 
;tQar!s va vers eux, ils s'amen- 

3i. Et Ahraham lui dil : S'llt 

nVcoiilent pas Mojse et les Pro- 

phctes, ils ne seroietU pas non 

pi us persuades , quand memequel- 

.nn'ua des iniiiis lessusciteroiu 

Jesus-Christ entretient du scan - 
dale, du pardon, des serin- 
tears iiuittle's ; guerit dix l^- 
pretix , et parle 'du jour du 
JUs de V lion Line. 

Jisus dil aussi a so* Disciples : 
II ue se pent Ibiie qu'il u'ar - 
rive des scaadale-; ; toutelcis inal • 
lieur a celiii par qui ils arrivciit \ 

1. II vaudroit iiiieux pour lui 
qu'on lui mit au cou luie men ti- 
de niouliii, et qu'oii ie jetat duui 
la mer , que de scandaliser un 
de ces petils. 

5. Preiuz done garde a vons. Si 
toa.frere I'a ofl'ense , reprends-le; 
et s'il se repent , pardonne-lui, 

4. Et s'il t'a olFeuse sept lois le 
jour , et que sept Ibis le jour il 
revienne a ers- toi , et le dise : Je 
(uie re[)fcns ; pavdpnne-lui. 

7- (^ui de vous ayanl uu servi- 
tcur qui laboure ou qui paisse les 
troupeaux , et Ic roj ant leveuir 
des champs , lui dise aussiiot .■ 
Avanre-toi , el le inets a table ? 

8. Ne lui dira-t-il pas pluiot : 
Prepare-xnoi ci souper . el ccins- 
toi et me sers, jusqu'ace que j aie 
mange et bu ; et apres ce'a tu 
mangeras et Ui boiras. I 

g. Sera-t-il rcdevabie a ce ser- 
viteur , parce qu'il aura I'ait ce 
qui lui avuit etc coiuriiaade ? Je 
lie le pense yiai. 

10. 'Vous aussi de mune , quand 
vous aurez fait loul ce ((ui vous 
est commande , dites ; Nous som- 
mes des sevvitcurs inutiies ; parce 
<^ue I10U3 u'avons fait que ce que 
^|ftou3 ^tions ob'.iges de [aire. 

20. PI arisiens'Iuvavfint d?- 
maude quand le Ivj^^ne de Ditil 
vitndroit ; il leur ripouuit : Le 
Regne de Dieu ue vieudra point 
avtc eclat. 

^oi rttstic'o d< 

30 Ancjhe said, Nay, father Abra- 
ham : but if one went unto them 
from the dead, they Avjll repent. 

3 1 And he said unto him, If they 
hear not Moses and the prophets, 
neither Avill they be persuaded 
thou.t!:h one rose from the dead. 

To avoid giviri/; offence. 

THEN said he unto the disci- 
ples, It is impossible but that 
offences will come : but woe untn 
\Jiini through whom thev come? 

2 It were better for him that a i 
mill-stone were hanged about-his 
neck, and he cast into the sea, 
than that he should offend one of 
these little ones. 

3 Take heed to yourselves : If 
thy brother trespass against thee, 
rebuke him; and if he repent, for- 
give him. 

4 And if he trespass against thee 
seven times in a day, and seven 
times in a day turn again to thee, 
saying, I repent ; thou shalt for- 
give him. 

7 But which of you having'a ser- 
vant plowing, or feeding cattle, 
will say unto him by and by, when 
he is come from the field, Go and 
sit down to meat ? 

8 And will not rather say unto 
him, Make ready wherewith I 
may sup, and gird thyself, and 
serve me, till I have eaten and 
drunken ; and afterward thou 
shalt eat and drink I 

9 Doth he thank that servant be- 
cause he did the tilings that were 
commanded him ? I trow not. 

10 S6 likeAvise ye, when ye shall 
have done all those things which 
are commanded you, say, We are 
unprofitable servantsrwe have done 
that which was our duty to do. 

20 And when he was demanded of 
the Pharisees, when tlie kingdom 
of God should cdnme, he answer- 
ed them, and said. The kingdom of 
God co»eth not v if" observation.'^. 



4 p. 

Jicijj-'ai; ToD Nie, ara'j cca( >J 
E» -ra"; ijuij^i; ~:i/ i/Isii T:i! av- 

£iri:>v&£ Nkj tic Ti;t' Xi(ei>T;'v' >L 
rXSsy xaTaxXi?,wcj, Kj aTi-^S- 

T-tTf r.i.ii^at; Ax'T' y^'ji'.'/, fTTi-. 

>■■., > •>:■ .-'^?v, i77.vXi^, £;:Jt£;ov, 
a X -,.'.. .'.av 

29 'Hi 5"] hixi^a i^^\^i AfcT 

'O K.iTa T.«~r» fr^i r, '■■;J-i^Ji 

jiirtf Iv T'. c'.»-ta., f.'.h XiTa'arii 
<xfai ai/Ttt' }^ ty tji ayfic, s- 
/*CKtf jW'i ETJir^cvaTs; fi{ Ta 

31 '.:v':y.c', :;.'£ E T?r j'VV.-tixs; 

I'f lev a'.T >.£.-- «iT>IV, {>v^5H1?-£( 

I 54 A£;^») iiuT'.-, Tj'.'jr -tj? vLX 

tJ Ircvlai Sijo fffi K>.i'irf /ui."{ 
» fTf crajttXn^Siis-l/a;, »J et£;(^ 

31; Ai^o [fl-ovlij a>i;9yj-3i Etri 
"TO aiiTO' rj jUia '5rafaXi;y£ii;£''ai, 

36 Au: EJsvIa! Iv Ta ay^v' 
Ki<}> »n 18. 

ToXt 'OJ^h T3 JsTv -XaVTOS 

Wjoi7£i.';^!ir9ai, K, l-t-n IxxaxeTv, 

wo'Xii t'» 0;OV ^ii <()!)?a|MEy'^, x^ 

^ X>i;tt Je T(f ?v Iv TJj 1!T:^E; 
ixEi'vi* 5 ''fX^'° '''>'' "^TOV, X£- 
yac-i" 'Ex^.x>j5-ov f*c aVo t5 «v- 

26 l-t iicut iadlum eft in die- 
bus Noe, ita & ciit in dicbut 
lilii hominij. 

iy Edeliant, bibcbant, uxorej 

ducebanr, mibtbaiit, u!'quc qui 

■ die iiitravit No"::' in arcam, & 

', vcnit diluvium, & perdidit oin- 

i lies. 

j 2-8 Similiter & ficut fa<£lu« 
I e?l in dicijus Lot : tdcbant, bi- 
bcbant, euitbant, vciidcbant, 
piantabaiit, ;rdifi(.abant. 

29 Qu2 aiitcm die esiit Lot 
a Souoniis, pluit ignoni & ful- 
phuf de cxlo, & pcrJidit om-. 

30 Secundum haec «r!t qui 
die filius hoininis revelatur. 

31 In ilia die, qui fuerit fu- 
per doiiium, h v.^Sd ejus in do- 
nio, nc dcfcendat toUcre ilia: 
& qui in agro, finiilitcr noa 
redeac iu qua; retro, 

3a Memorcs eflot-e uxoru 

.VI Quicumque qu.cficrit 3- 
iiiraani I'liim fcrvarc pcrdet iU 
b'.in; I'k quicumque peiuidcrit 
illam, vivitieabit cam. 

^4 DJco vobis, iU.i uocte <•- 

ruiit duo in bi^'^o^uno : uiius 
alVuinotur, & alter rclinquctur. 

2<; T>ux cn.nt mel-ntfs in 
idem : una aTumotur, &i altera 
riliiiqtu-iur. * 

.^6 Duo erunt in afjjrb, nnns 
affumerur, 5c alter rtlinquetur. 

I ■Qlctbatautem AiparaboIatTji. 
ijlis, oportere famper ,o<' 
rare, & non fegnefcere: 

2 Dicens : Judex quidam cria^ 
in quadum civitate, Deum noiR 
timens, & honiinem non reve- 

3 Vidua autem erat in civi- 
tate ilia, & veniebat ad eum, 
dicens : Vindka me de adver- 
fario meo. 

26. Et ce qui avriva da" terns de 
Nod, avrivc-ra de incnie au tcins 
dix Fiis de I^hoinrae : 

27. On mangeoit , on buvoit, on 
ji'enoil ct on donnoii cii manage, 
usqir'au jour que Noii ciitra dans 
•"arche ; cl le Deiuge n int qui Ics 

tit tous pcrir. 

28. Uc meme , coniir.e dii 
terns dc Lot, on mangeoit , on 
buvoit, on achctoit , on vcndoit, 
on jilantoit et on balisfoit ; 

20). Mai? I c ion I- que Lot sorlii 
de Soilomu , il plntdn eiel du Uu 
ct du soufre , qui Ics lit tous 

5c>. n en ,seia de mcnicau jour 
quo Ic Fils de I'lioniine i)aioi(ra. 

3j. Ln cc joui-la , que celai qui 
sera an haul dela inai'iou , cl (lui 
aura ses meubies dans la'm;>is(,n , 
ne descenue j)as jionr les tnijiur- 
le^'V el que celui qui sera aux 
cli'ainps xic revicnne pas sur sts 

'■ 32. Souvenez-vons de la [emm 
de Loi. 

53. Quiconque chercliera a sau 
versa vie la perdra ; etquieonque 
I'aura perdue la reirouvcra. 

54. Je vous dis qu'en cette nuil- 
la , de deux Iionimcs qui seronl 
dans un meuie lit , I'uu sera pris, 
et I'autie lal.«se. 

55. De deux Jcinmes qui mon- 
dront ensemble , Tune sera j)rise ,. 
cl TauirH laissi'e. 

36. IJt- deux lioiniiiPS qui seroiit 

anx'cliamps , I'un se.apiis, ei 

iratilre iaisse. 

! CHAPITllF. XV!!1. 

J^oire Seigneur ])ro[io'c la parn 
hole du Jiige inujuc -. < t lie <Li 
I'/iariswn et du l'-;a;j;i-r ,■ i-t il 
j/jip '-i,! les inaiiii a dc jx-iti.'- 
enjc/is qu'o7i licr jur L',.ir. 


I 26 And aS"it was rh'tlt6.'daj&pi ^17. 
Noe, so shall it be also in' t'he , 
days of the Son of Mian : 

27 They did eat, the/ drunk,they ' 
married wives, they wet C given in 
'inari"iap;e, until the day that Noe 
[entered into the ark ; ai\d the flood 
came, and destroyed them all. 

28 Likewise also, as it was in 
the days of Lot, they did eat, 
they drank, they bou;<ht, they 
sold, they planted, they builded : 

29 But the same day that Lot 
went out of vSodom, it rained fn-e 
and brimstone froiri heaven, and 
destroyed f/icin all. 

30 Kven thus shall il be intl\e day 
when the Son of Mati is r-vealed. 

3 1 In that day, he whicli shall be 
upon the house-top, and his stuff 
in the house, let him not come 
down to take it away : and he that 
is in the field, let him likewise not [ 
return back. 

32 Remember Lot's wife. 

33 Whosoever sliall seek to save 
his life shall lose it ; and whosoever 
shall lose his life shall preserve it. 

34 I tell you, in that nif^ht there 
shall be two men in one bed ; the 
one shall be taken, and the other 
shall be left. _ . 

35 Two women shall be !?;rindine 
t03,ether ; the one shall be taken, 
and the other leit. 

35 Two we7i shal! be in the fi^-ld; 
the one shall be taken, and the 
other left. 


bole., ]io:ir mo/ttrer quil 
toujours prier , el ne se rtlaciKi' 
point : 

2. 11 y avoit dans vruo. vilje nu 
Juge qui ne craionoit point Du u . 
et qui n'avoit aucun egard pom 

5. ]1 y avoit aussi dans cetie 
ville-la luie vtuVequi vend'.t {;(in- 
rciitiiUu , et qui lui disoii : i''a!^- 
moi,ju<tieii di nui \)arlic adver ( . 


The ii>i}ior!unatc roidoiv. 

AND he spake a parable tmto 
them, to ifiii end^ that men 
:>u always to pray, and not to 
aint ; 
2 Saying, There was in a city a 

judge, which feared not God, nei- 
ther regarded man : 

3 Arid there was a widow in that 
city ; and she caiiu unto him, say- 
ing. Avenge me of mine adversa- 



ixni. 5'£ T-jXna, ti-nit l» laxyrZ' 

5 A»a ye TO waj£;^£iv /Met xo- 
wsv W ?(;''€'" TauTiv, ExJixnrai 

«IIT11V IVa j(A»i £lj TSK©' lf^O,M.t- 

6 ETtTe i; ■ Kugi'^' 'AkujoIc 
t; 6 x{tT»:f tS? tt)iKi3, JiE;,jr , 

IxJixwriV T-iv l)tAtXTiJv avrS 

K. n**TO{, ^ fAaK^oOvfxm iii av- 

Ixoi'-tniTiv auTilv Iv Ta^=r wXic 

»ny£t Tflv iDf.Vt* ■•'»■' !^^f >'^T5 

o eTtts Si ^ iPjej. Tivaf rwf 

J/x3»oi, ^ ijtf9£vav7ttf ToL{'Xoi7rcwj, 


JKTtii'oj, >^ 6 irt;^ TEAaJ.D;' 

1 1 'O yajicaTjc {""^'''S 'S'J'f 

UT©- TsXwii;; 

12 i^nftvm J!,- Toy QhZkcItj. 
a7T<jOix.alca wav a oja K-riy-m, 

Iii" TOV otjavtv iwopr aXA' ?- 
'rinll.v ilg to f'^(><^ a-j re' ., >iyx*' 
'O ©£9; iXaffliTi ^'.fj Ti '■/'-■^f 

ee"'ixaii-/[*£*©- ti'c Tov tTxov ai- 
Tci, i; £;>Erv'3>-- o~< Wa; o v-^oiy 

Cfjv&v saviiv, t/-.|-a6.'c-«?a»" 

3"S 'Kj/ne'o Ji Iv -raj •nrofSi/E- 
irSai aiiTiii-, }^,aiTic Eis-iixSsv ei? 

Ma'j3a •JTr;^!;;^^} aiTOV eJj tov oi-' 
xc:' 2L.-ri;f. 

' ^9 Kai J TJiS's Jv &?£?v4)), Ka 
>'7^;'.»; \.'j:j.'a, *!.*)' Cva-'itxaSi- 

nxos T^v Xoj^iv alia' 

* 4- 'H Js MajOa -t-«E'jj(£:nra- 

' 4 Et not! volebat ad tempus : 
poft autem hxc dixit in fcipfo : 
Si & Deum n«n timeo, & ho- 
minem non revejeor : 

5 Propter prcebere milu mo- 
iefliam vidiiam haric, vindi- 
cabo iftam, ne in finem vcnicns 
fugillct me. 

6 Ait autem Dominus : Au- 
dita quid judex ini(]uus dicit : 

7 At Deus non facict vindi- 
(flani elcdorun.-.fuorum cl-mian- 
tium ad fe die & node, & lon- 
ganimi^ fuper iiios ? 

8 Etiam dico vobis, quia fa- 
cict vindictam illorum in cele- 
ritate, vcruiitamcn filius homi- 
nis vcnicns uum invcniet iidem 
in terra ? 

9 Dixit autem ad quofdani 
perfuafiis in fcipGs, quod eflcnt 
jufti, & nihilifacientes cietcros, 
parabolani iftam : , 

jO Homines duo afcendebant 

in ccmplum orarc, Phan* 
fans, & d'ter i>uhlicanus. 

II Pharifa:>is Hans apud fc 
ha;c orabat : Deus gratias ago. 
tibi : quia non fum iicut cateii 
hominum, raptures, injiilU, a- 
dultcri, auL &. ut liic publii:a- 


I z Jt juno bi<, dcci- 
mo omnia quse poflidoo. 

!3 Et fuMicanus a longe 
P.ars ricn volebat nee oculor. ad 
c.i iuni i-varc,fcd pcrciiticbat in 
p;!'vr, fuum, dicciis : Dcus'prd- 
pitius tlto iviiiii pcccatori. 

14 Dico vobis, defccndit hie 
jiifiificntus in domura fu.ini, 
quam i';'j : quia oninis exaltans 
fcipfarn hun>ili:vbjtur; at humi- 
liariS iliplum, exaltabitur.' 

33 Fadum eft atitcm ia ire 
eo9, &■ ipfe intravit in vicum 
qucndam.: mulicr autem qnx- 

dam nomine Martba cicepit 
iihim in donnim fiiam. 

39 Et huic erat foror vocata 
Maria, qua; etiam ftdcns ll cus 
pedes Jefu, audiebat verbura ii- 

40 At Mariha diflrahebatur' 

4. I'eiulanl long - tems i[ ir"t!i 
vo.ilul lien Uiife. Ccpciidaat iliiU 
eiiliii en lul-iin*ine : (^)uoiqiu' je 

, ne ciaiyue point Ditu , it qiui 
j je n'aie nul cgaicl pour aucun 
' homme , I 

5. Keai'.muins , parce que cettp 
veuve in'iinportuuc , je liii Cerai 
justice , atln quelle no vicnnc pas 
loujouv; iiic roiupre la tcte. 

G. Et !e Seit,r.eiir dit : licoute/ 
ce que ilil cc Jup,o iujusle. 
7. KlDieu nc vci:gcia-i-il poimt 

scs elu,s , qui cricnt u lui jjur 
et iiuit , quoiqu'il diiiere sa ^ lU- 
geanee ? 

8. Je vous liis qu'jl les ^ r ngtra 
Inenlot. INlais quuud le FiK de 
I'honinie \iendra , peusez-vous 
qu'il trou'. cile la loi surla tcire? 

(J. 11 dit aussi eetle paiabole, au 
sujet de quelqucs-uus, qui pte- 
suiiioieul d'eux-menies , cojuivie 
s'ils I'loieut jusles , et ineprisoicnt 
les aiitte-:. 

10. Deux homines moult-veut nii 
Temple pour prier ; I'uu etoil Plia- 
lisicii , ell'auti e i'eagcr. 

11. Le Phaiisieii se Itnani di- 
boiit , piioil aii)5i en lui-memi : 
O Dieu ! je te rends graces de- co 
"que je ne suis pas coinir.e b. rt'-'.e 
des homnies , ijlu soitt la^ i-' > a; -. 
iiijusles, adulteivs ; ni inei:.t :;a.-i 
coinnie cc peager. 

12. Je jeune dettx Cols la se~ 
raaine , je doune la tliiue de lout 
fle que je possede. 

i5. Mais le peager se teuaul <\(,\- 
gae , n'osoil pas meine le^ er ics 
yeux auciel ; niaisilsc t'l aii|ur, iia 
puitiiuc , en disaiit : U Di< u 1 -^(^s 
appaist- en\ irs inoi qui suis pc- 

i-i. Je vous declare que celul-:i 
s'eu relournera justilit? dans .-ix. 
nialson , pieterablenient a I'autrej 
eai-quicyiiques"eleve sera abaissej 
ct s'abaissc sera elev :. 

mm, il entra flans un tioiir" ,' 
et une leiijiue nominee .Marilfc 

.'e rcfut dans sa inais.ju. 

! 39. Ell.' a\oit une sour nom- 
mee Marie, qui se (enaiit assise 
aux picds de Jesus , eeoutoit sa 


' 4o. Mais coinme Martlie etoit 

4 And he ,wovil'l not for a while : \_,. )9, 
but ai'terwai'd he said wiliiin liiin- 

sclf, 'rhoUi.;h I fca^' not God, noi- 
re j;ard man ; 

5 Yet, l)ecansc tliis widow trou- 
bleth me, 1 will avtn ■;e her, lest 
l)y her continual comino; ^''hc wea- 
ry me. 

6 And the Lord said, Hear what 
the unjust judi,e salt!'.. 

7 And shall net CSod avenf'C his 
own elect, which cry day and night 
unto him. though he bear long 
with them? 

8 I tell you, that he will avenp;e 
them speedily. Nevertheless, 
when the Son of Man cometh, 
shall he find faith on the earth ? \ 

9 And he spake this parable un- 
to certain which trusted in tliem- 
selves, that they were ricjhteous, 
and despised others : 

10 Two men went up into the 
temple to pray; th? c"-:' ?. Piiun- 
see, and the other a publican. 

1 1 The Pharisee stood and pray- 
ed thus with himself, (^od. I thank 
th.ce, that I. am not as other men 
o/T, extortioners, unjust, adulter- 
ers, or even as this publican. 

12 I fast twice in the week, I 
give tithes of all that I possess. 

13 And the publican, standinty 
afar oiT, would not lift wy, so uuK-h 
as //?.9 eyes unto heaven- but snoly 
upon his breast, sayin-, C.oa l^e 
merciful to me a sinner. 

14 I tell you, this man went 
down to his house justified rather 
than the other; for every one that 
exalteth himself shall be abased; 
and he that humbleth himself shall 
be exalted. 

38 Now it came to pass, as they 
went, he entered into a cer- 
tain villa;4e: and a certain woman, 
named Aiartha, received him in- 
to her house. 

39 And she had a sister called 
Mary, which also sat at Jesus' 
feet, and lieard his word. 

40 liut Maltha was cumbered 



(TOi c't* /) I o'S'fX^"' A*" ^ /"' I- 
/tf« \'Xi5rl t ^<2«i>vE;y; 6;7r£ 
«v airn iva ^o( ^ 3-u»av7iXafr]"a(. 

* 41 *A-?roxfi9Eif Je eliriv a{i- 
T? o 'l>i3-3f^da., Kli^Ba, 

i . ij \ TVf Ji^ij «-fji 

4i £»tf Je Ic< Vffi'a. Maji'a 

K£4>. l9'. 19. 
* I !/■ Ai iyhcTO, ?T» It:X£5-e> 

>L ^X&£y £;; T« ctia tS* 'lirJ'«i'ofj 

a K"' >ix.XaS(ij-av autv o^^-ot 

3 Kal tirj'^criTxSw aura; oi Oa- 
gfs-at'M,' isTEi^a^i^TE; aCiTCV, ;^ Xi ■ 
yovTEj auTai* £1 £^£^;v dvO^unfi 
uwoXijirat rhv •ymsuaa. alra Karet 
■KeaTaf a'niav; 

* 4 'O Ji aVcKfiSsi;, £?»■£» av- 

toTg' OvK aviyvcure, cti ■moih- 
ca; oV af;(?j, J ajcrav >^ | S-?Xu 
I7rciii7£v atT'^s ; ■ 

5 K."» fr-irEV "Ev£)t£v TttTK xa- 
•raXEivlu «v6^a;7j©^ Tov warEja '>J 
tP;*' (UtjTSpa, >^ Wf:sJ'XuXX»)6nJ'eTe» 
T? j'yva.Ki avrQ' >^ EyoVTSJ ot S'l/O 
llf fd^ii3. y.Uv. 

6 "i7^c ax ^r( e'jI SiJiJ, aXXa 
ra^^ /-^laj av 6 ©£0f irt/Vf^Eu^ev, 

7 AE).'^riv aura' T* av Mi);-)7c 
IvfTEiXcTO Jarat ^;?Xiov eTror^- 
c"i'a, i^ diro'^vrai avrnv ; 

* 8 Aej/Ei oJiTi;";" . ' Oti Rlaj-?; 
WjJj T^v J a-xXdjjxaj^i'av vy.>i 
I IttEt/E-J-''' y/-'''" aVsXD^ffi Ta^ 
yvidTxa^ ly.ocv' aV a'jX'"'' ^^ '^ 

9 Aejv o'c' iYxrv, "ti cj av a- 
TToXyj-i; -T)// ^nvarna airy, £i (U^ 

^c(;H;aTa(' >^ e d.Tio'Ki'Kvjji.i\r.y ya.- 
fji.{\3-ai;, fXOii^rtTat. 

10 Ai^-ej-iv auTa) ol (j.aQr,Tai 
alru' El ara'f tfiv >'; aiVia Ta 
avSftt-Tra /uet* T«f yyvaixif, a 


c:ica iiiujtuni minilkiium : 
ftans iuitini ait : Domino, uon 
cur.-« cU tibi quod foror mfa i"n- 
lani me rcliquit miiuflr.irc ? liic 
ergo iUi niihi ut finiul fufcipiaf . 

4r Relpondens auttiii liixit 
illi Jcfus: Martha, Martha,fo-' 
Hcitae^^ &s.turbaris circa mu!-' 
ta. ■ 

4Z Unitis viroeil ufus Ma- 
ria autciu pane:i} elegit, 
(Jua; noil auferetur ab ca. 

I pT-l'a<5tuni eft quum con- 
fununaffi t Jefus |eim6nes 
iftos, tranftulit le a GalihcS, i< 
vtiiit in fines Ju<i;v;.»; trans Jor- 
dancm. ' 

2 Et fequuta; funt eum turbaj 
multa; : . 

■}, Ht accefiVrufttaJeumPha- 
rifei tenraiites euni, & diccntes 
ci ; Si licet homiiii abfolvere 
lixorcm fuani jur.ta omneni 
catil'ani ? 

4 Qui vero refpondens ait 
cis : Kon kgifVis, quia faciens 
ab initio, mafeulum &: .foemi- 
nam fecit tT>s ? ' 

5 Et dixit ; Propter hoc di- 
niittet hon:o pattern, "•; ma- 
trem, &: adIutuV/it u\ori lux : 
& erunt duo ir. carneiu uuam. 

6 Itaque non anipliu' i'luit de.o, 
fed eanj una. Qu' ! ^.r;,o Deu-j 
conjuiixit, V.iAv- !■• .1 U}:.tret. 

7 Dicuut ili: : v^ud er^-o Mo- 
fes mandavit liaic lihellum «lif-' 
ceflioiiis, &i al.'olvere tarn? 

8 Ait ill; : Quod Mofes ad 
duritieni eordis vellri perniific 
voLis al-1'olvere -ixores veftras : 
ab initio auteni ncii ticluiii eit 

9 Dito aatctii vi i is, Quia 
quieviniqui-' alii' Iv'.rit u;:oreni 
liuim,n (i i"u;)er fornicuti'one, t^c 
duktfit aliam, nutcliatur ; (?i 
diiailiiiia ducenoj inir.'liatui-. 

10 Dicunt ei difeijndi ejus : 
Si ita eil caiifa hominis luni 
uxore, non coiifert nuberc. 

distraite par divers soiiis , die Af'Otlt^^^'*c5l Serving-, and civme to 
vint et dit a /(?'5m.s ; Seigneur , Lim, aiicl said, Lord, dost thou not 
,ne consideres-tu poiut que mai ^arc that ]7iv s^.Ut h.i!:h left my 
Sfeuriiae laisSe servir toute seuler ,-.,.,, , ^. ^ 

jDis-loi doncqu'eltem'aideaussi.^f ^^^^^'^ '^^'^i^'-- Oid Uvr, Incrcioiv, 

4i. Et Jesus lui.repondit : Mar- ti^at sh(j help me. 
[ihe , Martlie^au te mets en peine . 41 Arid Jesus, answered, imd sidd 

unto lie r, i'-iav'iii, AiiTilia, iJiou 
art cirjf.d, and troujicd ubou'c 
many thi;i:,s : 
*2 ;:ut ore ti'iiV'- 's needed : und 
d.^:•.- h...t;i ;;.-; \.;..: ..I I --d ]:A:t,- 
vid.:!, .,iu:d ro. :..■ a :..■. ..v/ay 
from iier. 



let tu t'erabaVrasses de plusieurs 

1 42. '"Mais tine seule chose est 
■. n«fcessaire ; or , Maiie a choisila 
Ibonj^e part ^ui ne iui sera poiat 

C n A P I T R E XIX. 

Doctrine de Jesus-Christ. Da 

Divorce et des Ilichesses,. 

OUAND Jesus eut athcve ccs 
discours , il partit de Galilee, 
ft s'en aila dans les qnartiers de 
la Judce , au-dela dn Jourdain. 

2. El beaucoup de peaple i'y 
suiTat , 

5. Des PLarisiens y vinrent aussi 
pour le tenter, el ils Iui dirtut .• 
ivst-il permis a un homme de ve- 
pudier sa I'eirnTie , pour quelque 
tsujet que ce soil ? 
'. 4. El il leiir rtpnudlt. .*]Vavez- 
(^ou3, pas lu c^ue rHJni c^ui cri'a 
I'homme, an fommem ( j.icn! . iii 
"un Lotiiine et uut leuiiue : 
\ 5. Et (jn'll est dit .- Cest u ciinse 
tie cela que i'liojiuue quitteni son 
jiere et .va ini'-re , et (jiil saiia- 
chera a sa feinme , el les deu.v ue 
seroiit qu'une stule cluur ? 

6. Aiusi ils ne sout plus denx , 
mais ils sorit unc t.(.iile cliair. 
Que i'lioninic ue s^pare douc 
ipoint ce que T)ieu a uui. 
' 7. Us hn di.ent ; Pourquoi d(t;n 
Ivlovsc a-t-il count. au(u- de iloii 
ner" la kltre de divorce , quand 
on veut rcpudier sa fenime .■" 

AND it came to pass, that^ 
when Jesus had finished 

these sayings, he departed from 

Cardee,'and came into thx coasts 

of Judea beyond Jordan : 

' 2 And ureat multitudes followed 


3 The Pharisees also came unto 
him, tenipting fcim, and saying 
unto him, Is it lawful for a man to 
putav.'ay his wif^ for e\ ci-y cause ? 

4 And he answered and stud linto 
them, Have ye not read, he 
which made them at the begin- 
ning-, meidethem male and f :maler 

5 And said, For this cause sliall 
a man leave father and mother, 
and shail cleave to- his wife; and 
t'ley twain shall be'one ilesh. 

() Wherefore they are no more 
twain, but one desh. What, there- 
fore, God hiitli joined together, 
let no man piii asinider, 

7 They sr.y unto him, "Why did 
Mosefi I'lVcw command to oive a 


writing of divorcement, and to 

8. 11 Icur dit . C'esl a cause dr la ; put her away ? 
durete dc ^<'Uc cour , (jiH- -viiivst' « He saith unto them, ? loses, 
Tous a de r.puvlier n''-- because of tlie hunbess of vour 
I'l'mmes • n;ais il n en eioil pas.-i rr 1 ^ » ' 

i-mrnes, u.a -L [hearts, suftered you to put away 

ainsi au commencement. l '. . ■'. > j 

9. Mais moi je ^ous ri.s , que y^^'f* ^^ives : but from the begin- 
quiconque vrpudicra .a lemuic , HUIg it Was Rot SO. 

si ce u'esipour cause dadiiltcre . 9 And I savuiitovcu. Whosoever 
et en C-pousera uue" autre com-Lj.^ii ^^^^ ^/^.^^ j^j^ ^^.j'fv.^ except // 
met uu aduUeri' ; et cehu qui , c'r ■ '• 111, 

SHm-^a c.lle q-u'a e,e rc-.-ucu'e . |^^ ^^'^^ iormcat.on. and shall mar- 
tomirxt aus.i un a;!uuerc. ^)' anoti'.er, coir.rmtteth adultery : 

10. Ses Disciples Iui divvut' : /i ^"^l vdioso nl'arrieth her which is 
.telle est la condiiion de IMu^i'.-ViuJput away doth commit adultery, 
iavcc la ferume , il ue comieutl 10 j^ (|;,.(,;pj^.g shv unto him, 
j^l^ ^fe_ se raarier. _ ^j^^^ the man be so Mitlj 

j^'j^^iaglgtls not good to marr^r 



/TTEV avTCii' Oy -crav- 

Tij' xaj 610-iv i.v\Qx'-"' '=''~"'£f f '^' 

iai/Ta? Jia TJiV ^ain>.Ei«v tojV «- 

'I3 Tote ip^o^rinx^n aurv 
•SiraiJia, i'va -ra? X^~^a? 'jWiflif au 

iriTal ETTETijUna'ov cvtik;. 

14 'o J"€ 'lira? eTttev "A'^ete 

'ixBiHv ar^o; irxf to!'/ j-a^ To«ttTa:v 

15 Kci ETrtflE-c ttuTc?; rei<; ^iX- 
ja;, iTrojSiSi Ex^rjEv. 

16 Kal iJtf, f7f Trgcc-EXSa'V, eT- 
?r£v aJri^. iiiJoVxaXf dyx&l, tl 

17 'O ll iiiriv avrS- Ti /!^E 
>i£;Ei; -ayaSai^ sja; ayafis;, e» 
/^>] sr?, 0EOJ' ' El J: S-fXii? fiiT- 


18 AeVei aiTa;' not'tc; 'O Jt 
'ino-aj ePb-E' To* Oi tJ>cvEurEic' 
Ou f^oi)(iv7eii' Oi xJ.E'lsiC' Ou 

19 TJii-ca Tov OTaTE^a j-a, >^ rriv 
/uiTEga" x.-tj* ' Aya'Ttnalii tov 
tJ^^r.iriov (Ttf ftj? aiavriv, 

20 Atyst aixju .0 VEancrX©-' 
riavTa TitDxa J.J yXa^a/wni' i* VE^'- 
•xijTo; j"u* t/ et< irsfi' i 

ZI "E*^)! atiTaJ 'l>irtff' Et Se- 
>£!{ teXei®- Ei'vai, iJ7raj/£, wcJXn- 
<rov ira ra i7raj;;(^ovTa, 1^ Jo? 
'ajTt»)(^o7;' 1^ i'^fij &>io-at,^9y Iv 
edijavw' *^ ocDfo, duoXuBii fxoi. 

•2,2. 'axuVis? Je ieavi3-x©< tsv 
Xo'j.ov, ottSxSe ■ Xt)7ra,u£V^" 'ri' 

2t 'O Si Wac eTtte tc"? mo- 
fi/iTa"? a,li(Z' A'-t'V Xiyii i|'x'.v, 
ST4 ^uffxixcu; crX.v^i'i?' £.V;>.i.-..rE- 

T«( El? Try /3iX5-(X£iaV T»V JjdVOOV. 

* 24 rfa'XiV ?£ xi^i iwrv, ^ iV' 
v.07!Mri^iv in + xdy.n'Kcv | 5(» 

va 8£a Eis-i/XslV. 

2.5 'Axijr.ttVT£? ^i Ol ^yiiTJii 

li 111, v.To .'i'v,: i;;i-- : N^oti 

oiiii,';, cu]Miitit ' vt I .Jiiin iltuil, 
11.'. cji;l)'i^ d.'.tuni lU. •' 

12 bunt cnim (iHiuchi, qui 
dc iittio riKitri^ nati funt Cc : &. 
I'uut cunu^^hi, cjui caflruti I'unt 
abhoniinilius : t-c i'unt cunudii, 
(|ui calhavervint fi-ipfo:. propter 
rcgnum c.tlorum, potens ca-. 
pcre, capiat. 

13 Tunc o])l'atJ funt ci puc- 
ruH, ut marais iniponcrct cis, & 
oraret : At Dilsipuli increpa- 
bant eos. 

14, At Jtfus ait : Sinite pne- 
rulos, & nc prohibetc eos ve- 
nire ad nie : nam talium elt 
rcgnum ca'lonim. 

15 Et impoucns tis manusj 
abiit inJc. 

16 Et tcce uniis accccle^is,ait 
illi: Mai:;;iler bone, guid boni 
faciam, ut habeam vitaifi a;tcr- 
nam ? 

17 Ipfc vcro dixit el : Quid 
jne dicis bonum ? CLir.o bonus ii 
non uniis, Dcus. Si autem vis 
inwredi ad vitam/fcrva man- 

18 Didtilli: Qu.-e .' At Jc- 
fus dixit : hoc, Non Decides : 
Non adukcrabis : Non furabe- 
ris : Nun falfo teftaberi.s : 

19 Houoni patrcm tuum & 
matrcm: & : Diligesproximura 
tuum ficut teiplum, 

cO Dicit illi adolefcens : Om- 
nia h.'cc cuftodivi a juventu- 
te mea : quid adhvic de6cio ? 

a I Ait illi Jefus : Si vis per- 
fe<flus cfl'c, vade, vende tuam 
fubllantiara, & da pauperibus : 
& habebis thcfaurum in cselo: 
& vcni, fcqucre me. 

2j Audiens autem adolefcens 
vcrbum, abiit triilis : erat eiiim 
habeas pofiefliones multas. 

fills: Allien dico voj'i.s, qui^ 
diiheikuivefciiitrabitin regnui:;iJ 

24 Itcrum autcm dico vobis, 
faciliv.s cfl: canicluin per fora- 
r.icn acus tranlire, quam divi- 
leni in rei^iuim Deijutrare. 

25 Audieiitc.', autcmdircipull 

'iir^Iais il leur (lit ; Tons iie 
'?oiat p3.s capabies dc ce!a , •niais 

ccu.\-la sti'K'iuuut a qui il a ele 


12. Car il y a dcs (um'.qiies , qui 
soni His uK dt s le vtriiire de /c-;/;- 
nitio : il y I'll a qui oat cte iaiisj 
eumi(M:t"i paries l.uDu'ncs ; ct il v'. 
( n a (jiii sc soul lails fiiiiuqiK'.s tux- 
puiues pour le Royauu.c dis 

, cicux. Que cclui qui pent com- 
prendre ceci , le coiupreniie. 

13. Alors on lui preseuia dc pc- 
tits en aus, alia qu'il Icnr iiuposai 
le-i mair.o , el qu'il ptiiit pour 
eux :. mais k's Oisciidts repic- 

•^olcnt rcux qui ten j>r.'.<dii:o.r:,t. 
li. Mais J.-, us teur A\\ : i aisst/ 

tes peii'.s culan'! , et i;o •!< s t-u;- 

nf'alitz DCiul de veuir a luo; ; <.ai 
!c Eoyaurup des cionx e;-t poar 
coux (pii leur rt'sstiuhieiit. 
I 10. lit Itur ay ant impose Its 
maius , il partii de la. 

16. Et \oici, quL'lqu'un s'appro- 
ciiaut , iui dit ; .Mou bou j\iaare , 
que dois-je I'aire pour a\ oir la Vie 
eleriicHe ? 

17. il lui ri'pondit : I'ljurqiioi 
in'appellOs-tu bun'.' II ij'y aquun 
Sful bull ; ( \\f Uifu. (hic si tu 
\ eu.\ eatier dans la ^ it' , garde 
les coiniuaiuleiucuy. 
j 18: U leur dit ; Quels ro;«;/U/;?- 
^(ie/iiens ? Et Jesus iui ri-pondit : 
Tu ne tueras point ; Tunc com- 
mcttras point adulu'rc .• Tu ne 
derobera.i point ; Tu ue diras 
point de laux lemoignage ; 

If). Honore km pt-re el la mire .• 
Ellu aliiK las vm procbain coniuie 
loi-nii iiif. 

20. Le jiune liomme lui dit .■ lai 
obserxe Kjiiics ces choses-la di s 
ma jeune^se ; que me mauque-i-il 
encore ? 

V21. Jesus lui dit .• Si In vcux e!re 
'pnrlait, vejids ee que tu as, et le 
dtmne aux pauvrcs; et !u auras 
ipri-s ccla , 

jUvi Iresor tians le rici 

viens , ct him-moi 

22. Mais q;uiad le jeune iioinme 
eut euttudu cette parole , il s",:!i 
alia iuiu iri^te, car il po-..i!i,;r 
de giaiids lit us. 

20. Alois Jl.sus dit a scs iJrc:- 
ples ; Je ^ous dis en •. erile. qu'ua 
riclie cnlrera diiViciieir.eut daus 
le Royaiune de* cieux. 

2'f. Et je vous dis encore .- J] est 
plus aise qu'un cliauieau jiassc 
par ie trou d iine aiguille , qu'il 
lie !"ei| qp.'un I iciic eutrc daus le 
i'.o^aaii.e dc l)au. 
_ 2X bf^ Disciples ayant enicndu 

11 But he said unto them, All /7?-. 
nini cannot receive this saying, 
save theij to whom it is given. 

12 For theve are some ennuchs, 
T.hich were so lv>ni from '/ub- 
of lieaven's sake. He that is able 
lo fcccivc//', let him receive //. 

1 3 Then were tluMv broiiL^h^^ inK<.» 
him little children, that he should 
put /'v'.v hands on them and pray : 
and tlie disciples rebuked them. 

14 But Jesus said, Sutter little 
children, and forbid them not, to 
come unto me : for of such is the 
kingdom of heaven. , 

1 r> And he laid hifs hands on them, 
and departed thence. 

16 And, behold, one came and 
said unto him, (Jood blaster, what 
i^ood thin.g shall I do, that I may 
have eternal life ? 

17 And he said unto him. Why 
callest thou me good? there is 
none good Ijut one, tlmt r?, God: 
ijut if thou wilt enter into life, 
keej) the commandments. 

18 He saith unto him, Which? 
.Testis said, 'I'liou shalt do no mur- 
der, Thou shalt not comntit adul-< 
tery. Thou shak not steal, Thou 
shalt not liear false witness, 

19 Honotir thy father and thy 
mother: and. Thou shalt love thy 
nei ghboiu" as th y sel f. 

20 The young nian saith unto 
liini. All these tl-ings have I kept 
from my youtli u]). \- liUl lack I yet? 

21 Jesus said unto hint. If thoir 
wilt be perfect, go and sell that 
tliou hast, and give to the pool', 
cind thou shalt have treastire in 
heaven ; and come and follow me. 
22 Hut when the yoi tng man heard 

that saying, he went aa ay sorrow- 
ful : f'>r he iuid 'j:v-:tx possessions. 

-3 'I'lien said Jesus vitito iiis dis- 
ciples, \ei'ily I say unto you. That 
a rich man siiali luf.ciy enter into 
the kingdom of lieuven. 

24 And again I say unto you. It is 
easier for a camel to go throu^rh the 
eye of a needle, than for a rich man 
to enter into the kingdom of (icd. 

2i Vv ken his disciples heard ?'/, 



ycviii' tI; ii^a, Jui.-^ftt (rci;Br,\ai ; 

WSV auT^Jf' Ilfl^a av6{si~ci; tuto. 

•JwiTa Ej-i. 

Ks^). «.'. 20. 

Tiv a^avMv d\t^!^7rM ol- 
xcSfa-woTj), cVi; J f:;i;>>0£V a/^xa 

£ij Tov afxTTihrnt alra, 

Z Iu/Lt<f oiyiis-a? Jt ^xETa Tav I;- 

alTf^WKiv avra; si; tsk a^WcXw- 

»« fttTtf, 

4 KaKE.voic E~7r:V 'TTtdyfl »^ 
t',t<s~i SI J .OS a,u7rfX»;ya" )^ £*» , 

5 Oi Js a-,Tff\3!ii'. nAivl^sX- 
6iv WE^J IxTijv . j^ E.-.aTW oi^a.y, 
E7roti!r=v a;3"ouTa.'?. 

6 riEfi cE rriv EvJe'xaTdv i'^a^ 
|J;>9stv, £tJj-£V aX>.«c £r*T«f af- ' 
j/i/;, >^ Xlyji auToTj' Ti a'fs EfW- 
XCT3 iXnv Ti:v (i/^i^av a'^yoi ; 

7 AEj-yyiv atrjij* "OT;eW?»i- 
fxS; iuic-Siiralo. Ae-/!i alroTg' 
'T7raj'i7V Ki'vf^Si; tl; tov a/xTrthS- 

■*a^ f^.i £«•/ « J.K^.itv, >.)',sL;r!?£. 
S 'O^l'aj Je ^;vo/^:i»;;, A=;/£i a 

WJJ aiiTa' KaX.Ec-cv TiJi :'j)/aTa?, 
J^ aViJo? airor? tov fXisBn, B;^- 

9 Kat IXflaVTEf 01 «7-£jJ T»» £V- 

)0 EXSo'nTcf 5s 01 ip^uroi, 1- 
va^uij-av 5'tj arXs/ova X')^l(;^Ta^• 
>^ EXafov {^ avToi dvd ^r.yd^tov. 

^11 AaSovrSf ?£ £, oyyv^^ovxard 
rrS olKo^tTTrora, 

12 Aeyo-JTB;' "Ori aT« 01 f. 

r-jja-rot ^.i'a> ii'^av iitolnyav, k, 
is:ui »|Ut>i alra; tTToCtj^ai;, to~{ 
^ug-da-aa-i to ^a'j©' tS'j h,uif>ag, 

Quis tigo potcll Itrvari ? 

26 Al'piciLiis auteni Jcfa>;,' 

■<dlxit il'is: Apud liumines lioc 

impollibile eli.up ;d aiitcm JJc- 

um omnia poiiaalia font. 


I Connie cijim eft regnum cce- 

^ lorum hoinini patiifami/- 
lias, qui e.\iit cnmdiiuculo.con- 
ductre operarius in vineam 

2 Conveniens autem cum c» 
perariis fx dtuario diem, milij. 
>eos in viotiiai luani,- 

3 Et egrcffus circa tevriam h(v»» 

ram, vidit alios ftuiitcs in loro 

4 Et illis dixit : Afyite & vos 
in vintam : & quod futrit 
jul>uni dabo vobis. 

5 Il!i autcm n*bierant. Iteriun 
cxiens circa iVxtani ^'' noiiarn. 
horam, fecit limiliter. ' 

6 Circa vcro lindccifnam ho- 
ram e:\iens, invcnit alios Ibintcs 
otiofos, & dicit illis : Quid hie 
ftatis totani diem otiofi .' 

7 Dicunt ei : <!Juia nc.nlo nos 
mercede conduxit. iJicit eis; 
Ite & V03 in vineam, & qiioa 

fuerit julHun. Hnnttis. 

8 Vefpere auteni fa6to, didi 
doniinusvine;e procurator fuo ; 
Voca opi.rarlo< & rcddc illis 
nTercedi;m, incipicns a novifli- 
mis ufque ad primos. 

Et veuientcs qui circa un- 
decimam horam, acceperuntfin- 
guli denarium. 

10 Venientci autem- primi. 
arbitrati funt quorl plus eifcnt 
acccpturi : (k aLCcporunt & ipfi 
finguli denarium. 

1 1 Accipicntes auteni muf- 
murabant adverfus patrem-fa- 

l2Dicentcs: QuodhlnovilE- 
nii unam horam fecorunt,'& 
pares nobis illos fecilK, porfan- 
tibiis pondus diei, & .titum. 

"^^ -^^ isaying, Who then can be saved ? 

j 26. El Jesus Ics regarilani , leur ' 26 But Jesus liehelcl /"/^ew, and 
dlt .Quant aux homines ,_ce!a t-t jsaid unto them, With men this 
impossible •, luais quant it Dieu, His impossible ; but with God all 

jtotaes choses sout possibles. ^things are ]wssible. 

CAR le Boyaunie dcs cicux est 
semblable a un pi'-re iTe la- 
rtiille , qui soi'iit lU-s la pointe flu 
jour , alin dc lom-r lUs ouviiers 
pour traradler a sa vigne. 

a. El a\aiU accorde avtc les 
ouvricrs a uu deuitr paf jour , il 
les envojaasa vigue. 

5. 11 soi'iit euro: I" environ la Ivoi- 
isieme lu'uie du jour , eL il eu vil 
d'antres qui t'loieol dans la place 
saus rieu fa ire ; 

4. Auxquels it dit ; Allez-vous 
en aussi a ma vione , el je vous 
donuerai ce qui sera raisounable.' thu'd hour, and savv otiieis stand 



The labrnirera in the vineyard. 

^OR the kingdom of heaven 
is like unto a man that is an 
householder, which went out ear- 
ly in the morning to hire labour- 
ers into his vineyard. 

2 And when he had agreed witli 
the labourers for a penny a day, 

'he sent tlicm into his vineyard". 

3 And he went out about the 


iei toul Ic joursans limi t'aire ? 
, 7. Et ils hu r<.[)<jndirent ; Paiee 
que personnc ne nuns a loiies. Et 
il leur dit ; Allez-vous-en aussi a 
uia vii;ne, vous rece\ rez ce qui 
sera raisunuable. 

8. (Juand le soir fut veuu , le 
iMaitre dc la vigne dit a c<lui qui 

a\ oil Ic suin de ses aO'aires .■ Ap- 
pelle les ou\ riers , el Iclu' paie. 
l/eur salaire , en coninieuiant dc- 
puis les derulers jiisqu'aux pre- 

9. Et ceux (jiti eiroicnt ('tr loiies 
■sur I'ouzienie Inure ,ilanl \enus, 

ils recurentchacun un ueuier, 
j 10. Or, quand les pi en.iers I'urent 
ivenus , ils sattcndoii tu a rieti oir 

da\aniage; niais i!s rtiuieni aussi 

chacun un denier. 

11. Et lax anl rern , ils murrau- 
^roient conire le piiJ^de laniilie , 

12. Uisaiii ; t'e> derniers n"()nt 
travaille qu'uiit lieure , et tu les 
e'gales a nous , ([ui a\ons supporte 
la fatigue de tout le j(uir et la 

5. Eiils y allerent. II sortit eu-;ing idle in the market-place, 
icore environ la sixie.neet la ueu-j 4 And said unto them, Go ve 
I'Aunie lieure , et il Lt la nieruej „i^^ • , ., . , , , •^ 

cliose. also nito the vnieyard; and what- 

6. Elvers l'on7i^me Ware, il Soever is right I wjll give you. 
sortit , et il en trouva d'auues qui' And they Went meir vc^y. 
^loient saus vicu iaiie, auxcpels! 5 Again he went out about tlu" 
il dit •■ Pourquoi vous lene7-vous sixth and ninth hour, and did 


6 And about the eleventh hour he 
yent out, and foimd others stand- 
ing idle, and saith unto theniaWliy 
stand ye here all the day idle ? 

7 They say unto him, Because 
np man hath hired us. He saith 
unto them, Go ye also into the. 

, vineyard; and whatsoever is rigJit^ 
j that shall ye receive. 

8 So when even was come, the 
lord of the Aineyard saith unto his 
steward, Call the labourers, and 
give them their hire, beginning 
from the last unto the first. 

".) .\nd whv;n they came that '!vere 
■lirrd about the eleventh hour, 
they received every man a penny. 

10 But when the first came, they 
supposed tha^^ th^7 should have 
received more ; and they Hkewise 
rccelv. i every man a penny. 

1 1 And when they had received 
/^ they murmured against the 
good man of the house, 

12 Sayjaig, These last have 
ij wrought bid one hour, and thou 

hast made them equal unto us, 
which have borne the bi-U'den and 
heat' of the day. 


in alrvV 'I 'EtoI'^!, tfX ]f nJuaJ 

ft'> > 

i4''Afoy TO s^ov, jyTTSje' 91- 

Jtaf ^01. 

Tj *H ax. f^f-i fA-ot itcinfftti 

* 16 OSrf? E(r>PTai c; fcj^ti- 

oX.'yoi $■; i>.Xi;tT,.. 

K.=t- '«'■ '9. 

* 2 Kai ;ftf ttV J Jvi^uo"! xa • 
^Ti; !;■»• 1^ cvK i.i'jviiin aiTQ toZ 

1; Kal »i( 1 Xfliv Itt. t:v TtVov, 
I^Ttly^.i- ■'it' C^y,-^ov yi^ 

Iv T^ sFxCt' 5-U S'el' JU6 jUervci. 

6 Kai Q-TTivtra.; «,-iTeC»j, ^ i,- 
yoyfv'ov, >.iyo{ls;' "Ot4 'Wap\ 

"J-iv/c T(. lc-uxofa^f;j-a, dTToli^xy.i' 

g EiTTE J't •arjuf ahrov I1- 
"«■»;' 0T< (TiifUE^ov QuTn^la. tS 

e'Kil TOUTfc) eyltilo, X>9.T» xl ai- 
TOJ vioj AS^i:a,'X £r(». 

-lo ^H^.^E yn'j oui:? T» RiSjftj- 

ir 'AxaovTti' ?£ avTi^v Tat^Tt. 
lyj'i; fluTov £.Va(,, 'ii|a5;it>5>!«, x, 

13 lile vero refpondciis dixit 
uni eorum : Amice, non facio 
injurlam tibi: nonne denurio 
coiive ni-lH niecum ? 

14 Tolle qyod tiium, & abi, 
volo autcm huicnoviflimo dare 
Hcut &. tibi. 

15 Aut non licet mihiTacere 
quod volo in nicis ? an oculus 
tuus malus efl, quia ego bonus 
fum ? 

16 Sic crunt noviffimi, pri- 
mi ; &^ prinii, noviliimi. AJul- 

ti enini funt vocati, pauci verb 

C A P a T XIX. 
i gX ingrcffiis pertranfibat 

2 Et cccc vir noniiue vocatus 
ZacJiicus, v*^ i.ic crat priiiceps 
r.ublicanoruni : #4 ipli: crat di- 
Vi-3 i 

5 Et quxrcbat vitlere Jcfunij 
qnis cCet, &; non po'crat prse 
vurba: quiaftatura^pufiliuserat. 

4 tt pnecor (ins coram, a-, 
fccndjt in fycomorum,- ut vitje-' 
ret cunt; quia.ilik enittrai;£., 

5 Et ut vtnit ad loeuni, fix- ■ 
fpicicBs Jefus vidit ilium, ,& 
Ji-cit ad cum : Z.icli^e, fcdi-; 
nnns d-fecn;!.' : hodie 'cnim ini,f 
domo tua oportct mc mancre. 

6 Rt fcOin;:ns dcfcendit, &i 
cxcc]iit iHum gaudens. . 

7 Et vidcntes omnts murmu-' 
rabaiit, diccntes : quod ad pcc- 
catorcm iiomineni introivitdi- 

8 btan.^aufcm Zach.i;u5 1'iicit 
ad Dominum : Ecce dimidia 
fubftantiarum tncarum^ Domi- 
nc, do paupcribu?, & fi aliqncm 
qtiid defraudavi, reddo quad- 

9 Art auttnt ad eiini Jcfus : 
Oi^iia hodie laius domiii hiiic 
fac4a eft, co cued &. ipfe fdius 
Abrahx in. 

10 Venit cnin; fdius Icmirds 
quarere ci^ icrvarc pjrd;tum. 

11 Av.diciitlhus aurem illis 
h.TC, adjicici's di.xit parabolani, 
pr<iptcr pr:~pc euni clTc Hicru- 

I i5. Mais i1 rcpondit al'nn cVcux, 
et lui tlit ; Mon ami , jf lie le fais 
nyiiil do Unt ; ii"as-Ui pas accoide 

•avfc iroi a nil di-nii I' jun' joi'.rl 

1 l-i. 1 rciids te qui t>t a toi , et I'ea 

'va ; laai^j^-• vi'u\ douut'r a ce dcr- 

Iiiicr an Unit qua loi. 

■ i3. iVt. nii-l-il jKV> povmis de 
I'airc cf Clue je \oux ;le cr (|ui < st 
a nidi '.' Toll (^1) est-il uia'.iii dv le 
qiu je 'ui> bou ? 

if'.. Aiu'ji li.'i dei uicis sirinji 1-- «; 
jircmlcr-i , ft !c^ p.cir.icrs Krrout 
les i!( IS ; i'ui il } ma h'.au- 

!c(iap J apj)f!os , niais pen d'elus. 


La (:oni.-ersioii de Zaclue ; lapa- 
rabole des dix marcs. Jistts 
fait son enfre'2 a Jerusulcin ; il 
ri'pand de.s larme.s sur elle , ct 
purge le Temple. 

JESUS etaut enire daas Jt'iico , 
pa^soit \>i\v la villt. 

2. Et nn Iiomme appele Zacliee, 
diet des peagers , qui etoil liclie , 

3. Cljerchoil a M)ir qui tdoit Je- 
sas ; innis il oe Ic pouvoit pai a 
cause de la foule, parce qu'ii eloit 

( de peiite taille. 

4. C'est pourqiioi il counit de- 
Tant , et monta sur un sycomore. 
pour le voir ; paice qu'il devoit 
passer pai-ia. 

5. Jusus oiant venu cu cct en- 
droit , et regardant en liaut , le 
vit , et lui dit : Zacliee , liate-toi 
de descendie ; car il taut que je 
loge aujourd'liui dans ta maisoii. 

6. Et il descendit proiixptenicnt , 
et le re^ut avec joie. 

7. Et tous ceux qui vitent cela , 
munnuioieul , disaut qu'il titoil 

iCntre cliez un homme de inauvaise 
vie pour y logor. 

8. Et Zacliee se prcsentant de- 
vant le Seignenr , lui dit : Sei- 
gneur, je doiine la moitie de mes 
bieiis aux pauvies , et si j'ai fait 
tort a qiielqu'un en quclquc cliose, 
Je lui en rends qualre foisautant. 

g. Sur quoi Jesus lui dit : Le sa- 
lut est entre aujourd'liui dans cclte 
maison, parce que celui-ci estanssi 
enl'ant d'Abraham. 

10. Car le Fits de I'liomme est 
veuu chercher el sauver ce qui 
^toil perdu. 

11. Comiue ils ecoutoient ce dis- 
CQUrs , Jesus continaant, pruposa 
line pai"ai)i)le , sur ct qii il etuii 
pres de J-^rvisalein , et qu'iN 

1 3 But he answered one ofthem, TJir la 
and said, Friend, I do thee no 
wrong: didst not thou agree with 

i me for a penny ? 

14 Take hiu thine z.^, and go thy 
vv:ay: 1 Av-ii ..[ve unto this last, 
tvci; as niU(j thee. 

lo Is it not ia-.viul for me to do' 
pvhat I Aviil vuh mine own? is 

chine t) e ev'-i because I am f.;ood? 
j 16 So the last shall be first, and 
.the first last : for many be called, 

but few cliosen. 


The fiiiblicon Zciccheus. 

AND Jisus entered and pass- 
ed through Jericlio. 

2 And, behold, tht^-e ivas a man 
named Zaccheiis, which was the 
chief among the publicans, and 
he was rich. 

3 And he sought to see Jesus 
who he was ; and could not for 
the press, because he was Uttle of 

4 And he ran before, and climb- 
ed up into a sycamore-tree to see- 
him; for he was to pass that wet/. 

5 And, when Jesus came to the 
place, he looked up, and saw him, 
and said unto him, Zaccheus, 
make haste, and come dovvii ; for 
to-day I mus^.abide at thy house. 

6 And he made haste, and came 
doAni, and received him joyfully. 

7 And when they saw it, they all 
murrnuredj sa) iii;^, That he was 
gone to be guest with a man that 
is a siiintr. 

8 And Zacchetis stood, and said 
unto the Lord, Behold, Lord, the 
half of my "a.oods I eive to the 
poor ; and if I have t.»ken any 
thing from any man by false ac- 
cusation, I restore him fourfold. 

9 And Jesus said unto him, This 
day is salvation come to this house, 
forasmuch as he also is a son of 

10 For the Son of Man is come to 
seek and to save that which was lost. 

1 1 And, as they heard these 
things, he added, and spake a pa- 
rable, because he was nigh to Je- 


12 Er-Jj-jy lit' AVfWTij; t;V 

."■:vtS, 5^v>'£v aCToT; Jixa /t'a;, 

* 14 0< oe OTcXTrai ayrtf 

/,lL:r.i 1,1' r.',-.^,-- , 

^■' i^, Ka.1 iycVilo SV T^i tTTav- 
J'A?-Vv tvr.v Ni'cv.c T>;V Sit7t 
\;ii-. »rj ji;:; <J)i;v>;3i7v'l ai/Tft- 

i'j/4'-'-^ iv3^ >vr5 Vi': Ti t fi;- 

• 16 naetyi'Jiio Je w{vt©^, 
Xiyjiv Ki'jiE, ^ t ('''■'» era f WfJ- 
ffH-yctTah ii:ta /u.vj. f. 

6s ^d\i' cr< , Iv tX»X'"?' croc 

Jtxa «7:X-.-i,v. 

18 Kai rXSj* JsuTE^!^, Xe- 

19 ercE J's Kj tb'tw' Kai VL 

20 Koi ete«'^ »:>9e, xlyuv 

21 't'~f-^?i,f-'iv j-."!^ ct, on or^ 
fl^SJCT''©- a; -rj^'c El' ai^Eir S »IC £- 
fitjJtaf, rj C-ff;^ IJ " '«« {«-W£ljaf. 

Xe* 15'1'EiC OTi h/^ t a>^f>.""^ 
i ai^flj'i; lifji-i al^'MV UK (CiKa, 

^f^/jifioV ,a» ETTi -rnv TfiwE^xv, >^ 
E i £\fli» cly To'xw /»V ETr^a^* 

l"alcra,& vidcri eisquod confeX- 
tim cfTet ixgnum Dciapparitu- 

12 Di.M':ergo:HoraoquidanV| 
p.o'.nlis ainit in rcp,u)ntra Ion- ' 
o-iiH^ua-.n accipere iibl ipG. rcg- 
riim, h revertj. 

I 3 Vocan? ;iutcm decern fer- 
voG fuos, deJic eis decern minas, 
& ait ad iHos : Nogotiamijii 
dii;n vciiio. 

14 Atcivesejmoderanteum^ 
& miferunt Icgationem poU il- 
hini, diccntcs : ri!t>n volumus 
htmc rcgn^r^ :iirper no5. 

15 Et fai5him eft ia red Ire 
ipfiim ^ci-ipieiitcmrcgjiuni, ait 

• vocari iihi fervor hos, quibii«" 
>dcd!t argcntiim, ut fcirct qul^- 
quid ne^otiacus tiTa, ^ 

16 Adfiilt autem prttnu?, fli- 
cens : Doniine, mina tv^a ac- 
quifivit decern minas. 

17 Et ait illi : Euge bone 
fcrve : quia in niodico fiddis 
fuilli, elto potellatem habens 
fuper decern ■ ivitates. 

lo tt venit fccundus, dicens : 
Domine, niijia tua fecit quin- 
qwe minas. 

19 Ait autem & huic: Ettu 
efto fuper quinque civitatcs. 

ao Kt alter veiiit, dicens : 
Doinine, ecce mina tu_!i, quani 
habiii jV-pof;tam in fudario. 

21 Tiniui tnim te, quia I\0-> 
nio aulleiuses : toUis quod non' 
pofuifti, & rnctis quod non fe- 

z2 Dicit au'f in ei : Ex ore 
tuo judico. te, fcelerate fcrve : 
fciebas quod cgohbnio aufterus 
fum, tolkns quod non pofui, &', 
metens qu 'd non feminavi. 

a J. Et quare non dcdiiii ar- 

gentum mvum meiifariis, & ve- 

niens ego cum u:«ia utique ex- 

' egfiiremjllud-? _ , 

croybienl que Te~rigae Je Dieu 
alioit paioiire bienint 

12. 1) dil douc : Uu liomme tit- 
•graude uaissance s'eu alia dans uu 
pays eloi^ne , poar preudre pos- 
session dun royaumc , ets'cii re- 
veuir ciisiiite. 

13. Et ayant appelc dix de se-; 
servileurs, illenr donna dix maic . 
d'aigent , ei Icur dit : raites-les 
vaioir jusqu'a-ce cjuc je revieuue. 

, 1 i. I\lais les gcus de son pa \ s I'- 
tai'isolent ; et ils eavo\ creiit uue 
; aiubussadc apres lui , puuc diic : 

jNous ne voulons point que celui- 
jci regue sur nous. 
j i5. II aniva done , lorsqu'il fut 
jde retour apres avoir pris pos- 
'ses'-ion du royaume , qu'it com- 
manda qu'ou Fit veuir ces servi- 
leurs anxqnelsil avoildoune I'ar- 
.geul , pour savoir combieu chacuQ 
I'avoit fait valoir. 

i6. Et le premier se pre'senta , et 
jdit : Seigneur , ton marc a produit 
dbc autres marcs. 

17. Et il lui dit : Cela est bien , 
bou serviieur ; parce ([ue tu as 
ete fidcle dans peu de chose , tu 
auras le gouveraement de dix 

, 18. Et le second vint , et dit : 
iSeigneur , ion marc a produit 
cinq auti'es marcs. 

19. Et il dil aussi a celui-ci : El 
toi , commandc a cinq viiles. 
, 20. Et un autre viut , et dit : 
Seigneur , voici ton marc que j'ai 
garde en\eloppe dans uu huge; 

21, Car je le ciaiguois, parce que 
tu es un liomme severe-, lu prends 
ou tu n'as rien mis , et tu mois- 
somies oil lu u'as point seme. 
, 22. Et .son maitre lui dil : Me- 
^chaut serv iteur , je le jugerai par 
ftes propres paroies : Tu savois 
que je suis un liomme severe , qui 
prends ou je u ai ritn mis , el qui 
luoissonue ou je u'ai point seme ; 
I 25. Et pourquoi n'as-tu pas rais' 
juiuu argent u ia bauque ; eta mon 
[ retour je I'eusse retire avec les iii- 
terels ? 

rusalem, and because they thou.T,ht J^. / 
tliat the kingdom of God should 
immediately appeal*. 

12 He said, therefore, A. certain 
nobleman went into a far comitry 
to receive for himself a kingdom, 
and to return. 

13 And he called his ten ser- 
vants, and delivered them ten 
pounds, and said unto tliem, Oc- 
ciipy till 1 come. 

14 But his citizens hated him, 
and sent a message after him, say- 
ing, We will not have this 7nan to 
reipn over us. 

15 And it came to pass, that 
when he was returned, having 
received the kin;2;dom, then he 
comfnanded these servants to be 
called unto him, to whom he had 
given the money, that he might 
know how much every man had 
gained by trading. 
^ 16 Then cam! the first, saying. 
Lord, thy pound hath gained ten 

1 7 And be said unto him, Well, 
thou good servant ; because thou 
hast been faithful in a very little, 
have thou autliority over ten cities. 

1 8 And ihe second ctime, saying, 
Lord, thy pound hath gained five 

.19 And he said likewise to him, 
Be thou also ovei- five cities. 

20 And another came, saying, 
Lord, beho\d, here is iJiy poymd, 
which I have kept laid up in a 
napkin : 

2 1 For I feared thee,because thou 
art an austere man ; tlioti takL'st 
up that thou layedst not down, and 
reapest that thou didst not sow. 

22 And he\saith unto him. Out 
of thine own mouth will 1 judge 
thee, thou wicked servant. Thou 
knewest that I was an austereman> 
taking up tliat I laid not down, and 
reaping that I did not sow: K2 

23 Wherefore then gavest not I 
thou my money into the bank, 
that at my coming I might have 
required mine own with usury ? | 


• ss 

"Afalf air' alrQ rh fxyav, Kj SC~t 
aq Ktti li'TZZV avTx' Kt'fiE, 

^>: f;k^ov]<^, )t, <. 'f/ii, d^iir,ci\ai avTa. 

* ay n^»iv Tar ^/l^^**' f"' 

M%lj JL -J- xaT«'r-J)i^ai£ £,0.77^0- 
fBE? ,Uif. 

2.8 Ka' CiT'uv Ttti/Ta, i7rt|.--i's 
T» Iv F^'O-Se)', aVi,viaiv».'v £.'f l£- 

Ks.j''. Xa' 7.1, 

Xyat, >^ i^x9iv £;.- B'iSvfa^f; 
Wj'^? TO c^5j Tiwv eXciav, Ti;t£ 3 

2 T70Jei'5-,r6 £ij T^;v V.-SiiiVi, Tr.v 
oTTEva'.Tt ly.Si;' i. ilMjoi; ilfiiTir- 
ov:v SjJf^e'.n*, ;^ iriiXoY fjt,ir av- 

3 Krti si'/ Ti: v/xVv ET-rij ti, 
Sj'frrs CTi Kui^('!5- a-i.-TO'v v.'Eiav 

1<7'o;>;£ra>Ij; Xftfii-; W^JJE rc^Ei au- 

* 7 'Hyayov Tni ovov "^ Tiv wai- 
Xjy, )L £7r£9>;Kcv ItuVj: civtx'j to. 
ifX3.Ti:i. avTxv, K) ■]• fTnusbijzv 
4 tvcii^ avTcuv. 

8 'O Je '■sXi'i^:; ?\;>o{ ir^xirxv 
tavcjjl Ta '.fA.a.Tici. t\ T»; oSi' cX- 
>.oi Je exjWtcv xXao'af awo Titv 
Ss'v^^rv, >^ Jr^rvvfcv £» Tj; o5a. 

10 Kaj £i<7£?v9(iVi'S>' aLTa^ eTj 

"*"i 'i r, .^. ; ^ira.:i!.'7:a'i --^l; ! 
j. x;',-y. 5>- V7;i;.'..- ci- 
■20'ii5-'V J~-: race "i ^?,j;v;f £^ 

2 ; Kt aitantlbuB (lixij: : Au- 
f<.'rre ab illo mi nam : & date 
decern miiiv, hubcnti. 

2j Et dix' riiii't ei : Dominc, 
habcc ■iuccin minus. . ' 

26 Dico f-tn'm vohis, quia o- 
mni !:;'!.. riti duhit'ir: ;'.li ;r-.tcni 
lion ii.i!-. r;--, cv ipiijJ!>.t, 
auLrciur ;i!i cd. 

27 erui;tamsninimicos:r!C- 
os i!!ii<;, iirui V -Ic Ht(.s nic rc- 
l^> :\rc Iiij-f.r Ic aiiuui-i.te hue, ^: 
ju;j;ui.iLi- jiitf me. 

z>i iu dice s h.-EC, ib:U ante 
af':'nd-:r.s in Hicrofoiyn a 

I TnTquu.'ii appr«)npquafri'nt 
in jtliciX'fclymii, ic vcnif- 
fcnt in Bct'i phage ad mor.tem 
Olivaruni. tunc Jt.fusmilit,du S 
dilVipii!c<;, d'lceiiseis: 

2 Ite in vjr^mqiii advciTuni 
vo";: <x flatim invei>it;ti5 afinanx 
al'igatam, !<. pulluni cum ea : 
folvcntcs audiicite mlhi. 

.■5 Et fi qvis vol>i5 dixerit n!:- 
q-Md, diri"^, quia Don^ eo- 
rum uloi.a habct : llutim aiite-u 
di^.)ittt;^e js. ■ 

6 liuntci autcm difciruV. .'t 

f,ici..'iues fuut niandavit illis 

7 Adduxcrunt afinam., h pul- 
liim, & imjv)f'icrimt fujier eos 
vcitimciita I'lsa, c<. coUocarurit 
eum delupcr cos. ^ 

8 At plurirna turba flrave- 
runt fua vcf.imenta in via : alii 
autcm ciedcbant ramosdc arbo- 
ribu5, & ftcintbant in, via. / 

3 litintranteeoinHicrofo- 
IvRia, commota eft univerfa 

civita;-, dicens : Oiiisidihic? 
i<l Kr''o I'li.'./iLc! diri'.'riJl:^ ■ 

ad lVi\ivtq.i">s: Vid. tl? qfi,! ivi 
Tl'^ ii^'ti: cj: ii.q;.ar.i .'' l^,_ ;;■,, n- 
(lu- j.i>!t cur.i abiit. 

10 EraiiC awXk m quid i:n C^rri:. 
ci c.-. ;if..\.;idi:.rii)U:, ut.lidofa- 
ix-nl; ir die f.fto. 

qu oil 
a ; ft 
, cela 

24. Et il ilit u ccux qui ctoitnt 
prt'seiis ; Olcz-lui le inarc , tt Ic 
Jouiu'z acelui qui a ks liix inaics. 

:',^>. El iU liii diit'ui : JDcigiicui- , 
il a dcja dix maics. 

?.(). Auisivoiis dis-je , 
domic, a a quiconqae a d 
que podi' ct'.iii ([tii n'a y,iii 
tiirmc qu ii a mi st'ia ol.>. 

2~, Qr.ant a loi-- ciuifrnis . qui 

a'olll. pas vuu'vi que jr li'giuisse" 

<ureux, aiiiPiioK-. in , ei I'aitcs- 
les luuuiir en ma [Htstiicc. 

p. 28. Et apve-i avoi>- dii ccla , i! 
Iijmarclioit dcvaiu eux , niuiiiant a 

24 And he said unto them that 
stood by, Take from him the 
pound, and give it to him that 
hath ten pounds. 

25 (And they said unto him, 
Lord, he hath ten pounds.) 

26 For I say unto you, That un- 
to every one which hath, shall be 
given; and from him that hath 
not, even that he hath, shall be 
taken away from him. 

i 27 But those mine enemies, 
which would not that I should 
reign over them, bring hither, 
and slay tht'7n before me. 

28 And when he had thus spoken, 
he Avent before, ascending up to 




U'esus-C/ cntre dans Jeru- 
\ salein, chasse les marchands 

et repond aux 

[ du Tt'inpie 
l/^03iME ils appi'oclioii nt d 
Vyrusalem . tt qu'iis tlouiitvKja 
a ik'tliplia-;!.' , pixs du ii'.onl dt!» 
Oliviersj Jtsas euvova deux Dis- 
ciples ; 

2. l^ewv disant .• AUez a la bour- 
gad<-' qui est devaut vous ; vous y 
trouv eicz d'aboid line aiiesse at- 
tacht'c , (;\.so}i aaonavec clle ; de- 
tachez-les et amencz-k's-iiioi. 

5. Et si quelqiiun vous dit quel- 
que chose , vous dii ex, que Jc f^ci- 
ueur en a besojn ; et aiissilut il 
jIl-s ei^voiera. 

''^ 6. Les DiscijiU-i stn allcrcnt 
doac , et flieui (.onaue Jisus leur 
'avoit (mioniic, 

1 7. El ilj Uineikicut J^nicsse et 
jrauon . ct a\auL mis liun? s 1 ic- 
(mcns(ie>sus , i'.s 1'^ liuui ;\ , t.i.r. 
' y. Aloi's I'f- pt-iis tu ;^ia'.r,l Ui,iu- 
:l)re o-eiidoiciil Ifu'-s ^L^cl;u■ns nar 
[l^ cliciuiii j et-duiiUcs cjupoicut 

.f!es lirjancLss d arljifs , et ks'cteii- 

tioieurjiar k'-ilitiijiu. 

Xo. V.i qiiaiid il fut eiUi'e dan^; 
Jerusalem, toutc la ville fut e'mue. 

len thev drew nigh 

' in, De ^<v, 
disoieiit . 
que voU' 
que tout !'• ; 
20. O}' qrii 
qui etoiei.i 
'peadani la ! 


\cs Phansicns 
Vous xovf.i 
rieii ; voiid 

\ a apres lui. 
ecs , de c( ux 
i;<;ai- adoifci- 

AND wher 
unto Jerusalera, and vv'ere 
co;actoI'cthpage,untothc mount 
jf '. >liVvS, then seat J esus tv\-o dis- 

2 Saying ■ xlnto them, Go into 
the village over a^-ainst you, and 
straightway ye sliall hiid an asS 
tied, and a colt v/ith her : loose 
//i"?;,*, and iji.-in;,'- !h nn unto me. 

3 And if any man say au«;ht un- 
to you, ye shall say, The Lord 
hiilh need of tl\eni 5 end straight- 
way he will send them. 

. 6 And the disclpks went, and 
did as Jesus con^pr. aided them, 

7 Andbro-j^-lu the ass, and the 
coIt,andpiit on theni theirclothes- 
and they scl him tlieredn. 

8 And a scry great multitude 
spread tl^ielr garuicnts in the way; 
others cut doMU livanches from 
the. trees, and strav.^ed them in 
tlie wa}'. ' i 

10 And A>"he;i he was come into' 
JerusaL-m, all'the city was moved, 
saying, Vvi'oi.^i this? 

I 1 9 The Pharisees, th ■.: rtioreVsaid 
among themselves, • crreive ye 
how ye prevail '-.ti,;, .^; beheld, 
the world is gone airei- him. 

207\nd there were certain (Greeks 
among tiiem, tiuit came up to wor- 

II ship at the Hasl: 


J. /2. 









• K 

'■ A!'- 

■ «» 





.T ;. (;■ 


4 T 




"O li 






'i .\ 





1 1 1"' 


••»X6£V t^a.- tr.; 'ST'J'Ki-j.; I,; Mr,Qa- 

■klxv K) r.vXij-in sy.t'i. 

" ^ ' Su - ", ' /^-" — r <. * A /"*'•* 

Twv nuTiiv aVj Ei]9avi.!f,'t ."^ ' 
Sta-sX-.lwv 6 'ir,:ri': £?? 

•wa.Xav)»)y Taf 'ss^^ti'i^.t; xa- 

1 6 Kill a;e >:<(]|iv iV,t tij Jit- 

' 17 Kol e?.'5tt7X£, Atyvv ay- 
I «. ' , / - « . -.- 

, 6"1ff-£?i'l CTa;-! Tvi"? i(3i£-iV, ij'.lft'j 

i iS Kai >'iy.y'3.v ei y^af/.^ua' 

t^aJ? avrh aTTo'MJtiTiV' i-f'O 

yXOS- ;^6vtX?!7js'?o £ffi tJ) J'i5'a;;^^ 

19 K./i I'tz c4'£ lyinlo, it^t- 

27 Ka( Efj^M'aj "sraAiv £;; 

ICai 7£)E1 ''A^' 
fijJV T'^ -STjMTW, ElTTE' TEX*3V L- 

-Traj;, i-ii|W£j3» i^ya^n iv r-y afX- 

29 '0 Je a.'KO-A^i'ili^, El7I£V. Oi 
9eX4J. LV^S'" S'S (U=1a/tA6X>;9£;f, 

i 30 Kai 'm^irO-^m tm SeJ^Efw, 
{Tttev ajya^Tii;. 'O Je a'JroH.-i^Eif, 
'£i77-£v' 'Ej-a) xi'j.E' j^ yjc aTTtixSs. 
3 1 Tif Ix Tiv Si'o iTTOirtJ-i TO 

TJ;' 'O iST^rr®^" Aij-Ei ayTOK 
^IncrS;- A/xhy Xsyx vjaXv, ot( 01 
TEXa-vai )^ ai -sro'^val ir^o.-i^-ycriv 

cigo acciiu 

& roj;;ib.-.ut C-uin, clin lU < : l''o- 
mii;e, volunius jciuin viilcic^ 

i2 Viiilt Philiiij'iis ^ <licit 
Aiulita; : & iurl'in>i Andvcaa 
& rni)ip()us uiuunt J'.lii- 

23 At Jcfus i-clpond't (V-,, 
dicLils : \'(.l!it liura ut c,loiiriCC- 
tur i'.iiu' luur. iuis. 

,".4. .Allien, „inrn, dico vobis,, 
f, n-iii ;;f;iiunu I'luiiiuiti catloiH 
in tcrr.iin iiiortui'in fuLiit, ip- 
I'um' J'oii'.ni ip^iiici : ii autcm 
nioiuiuni fiii-iir, luakuin fruc- 
tum iifTctt. ^ ijtit. 1. ,^.^ 

17 Et reliuquens ipfis^nbiit 

cxtni civitatoni in Kctlianiam, 
, 4c div^fatus eft iT)i. 

illis dt Bctlinnia^ ' _ J 

* 'iii^'TT'lTus Jcfus ill tcm- . 

p!um,atpit tjiccrevcnJtnres Ik. 
emcntc-. in tciuplo : li mciifas 
T;iminiiil;;rionun, & catlicdros 
VLni.;oi:'iiim Co^;nil>as cvcrtit. 

16 Et r.on iiii' bat v.t qnif. 
q;iam tranacrrut vas ptr tcm- 

17 Et doccbat, dicens tis: 
Nonne fcriptuni eft, Q^.ia do- 
inur- luea, di-.nuis orationis vo- 
catiif gentil'us ? vos 
luitcin f^;fi(iiA cam Jpeluncam 

18 Kt audieiunt Scril^x, <?i ! 
prlnG^)cs Saccrdotum, c^: qii.t-l 
nbaiit quomodo cum pcidc- 
rcnt : timcbant cniin ci!ni,qiu,i ; 
omni'; turba admirabatur fiipcr 
dodrina ejus. 

i<) Et quum vcfpcra faiSa^ 
cflct, ijriedicbatur ex civitate.' . 

. ? ' * , - •.. ,,— .. ■ . ....- 

2.7 ]£t3rcnlunt rurrus- in Hic- 
rofolyini'.m : Et iiitcmpIoHcam- 
buRuitc i'jil'i), aci:cdunt ad cuiii 
fmiUtii I'uci^riloles, 4c Scribx, & 
I'ciiiorcp. ' 
Et dicit CIS; 

2K Quidautem vobisvldetur? 
Homo quidam liabebat natos 
duos: iJc accedcns piimo, dixit ; 
I'ili, vadc, hodic opcrarc in vi.- 
Ilea inca. 

29 Ille aiUcm rofpondens, 
ait ; Nolo. Pollea autciii puc- 
nitcntia airciSliis, abiit. 

30 Et accedcns alteri, dixit 
fimilitcr. Hie vero refpondcns^ 
ait : Ego Domiiie, & iion abiit. ' 

31 Qui.s ex duobus fecit vc- 
luiitattui putiis? Dicuut ci : 
Primus. Dicit illis Jclns : A-' 
men dice vobis, quod publicani' 
5: mcreU^ccs praieunt vobis in 
rctrnumjpei;..,.,.^ . 

St^'Vnirent vers Philijjpe , rmi 
etoit dc ucliisa'ule en iTulil-Je , (.t 
ils lui clirtJit cu le pnant : bi^i - 
gueui-, iioas vouJrious Lien \oir 

22. Philippe vint ct le d:t a An- 
dre, et Audre elPlijlippu le diruit 
ji Jl'sus. 
25. Ht Jesus lour icptvulit : 
'lieurc csl voiuie quu ie L'ils du 
'iioniino dull eiic gloiili!.. 
24. i-'ii %'i'nte , en ^l•l■i(l■ je vous 
lie dis .- S\ Ic Lorain de (Vkiiu'iU dc 
mciirl ajir.' ■■ '.[.i'uu 1 a jtu- d; 
tene, il ».Uii;vU'.e seul 
i^uri, il pone boaiK oup dt i'ruit 

Philip-, which v/oh of r 
CciUl^ie, u'.id desired i.iia, 
>''ir, we would see .icsus. 

22 Philip raid telleth 
Andrew; and aj^aiii, x\ndtcwand 
Philip tell Jesus. 

23 And Jesus ausv/ered them, 

24 Verily, verily, i say uhto you, 
'■'xcept a corn of wheat full "into 

nsVd '■'^^ yiouud pd die, it itl)ideth 
alone: but ii it die, it bringeth 
forth much fniit. 




^7. Et lcs~avam h/is'^es", irsciriu 
iielaville,eis\u alia a Btihaiiie.f' 1/ And he left them, and wenti ^^ 
xmJA^^U muL __^_^ _ j ^^^^ ^.f ^j^^. ^ -^^^^ Bethanv ; -.xna 
12. Le lonatmam , coinme ils he lods^cd there. ' | 

j[ 12 And on the morrow, when y^^^. /;r 
it they were come from Bethany 


ortoiciu do (uiliaiiiu 

Jesub ttaul 
Je Temple , sc mil a cliassi \ ciux 
C|ui vcuduitnt et tpii •aclieloieiU 
daiiilc Temple , el il rt-uvei'=a !es; 
tables des ciianr;cii>s , et les suges 
ilect'iixqui veiidoieiil desplgeuiis. 
Kl il nc perni."tt<)Il pas que 
j)ersoinic porlal ai'.cnn vai-'seau 
par le Temple. 

17. Et il les iu'siniisoil , tiileiir 
diiant : Ts "est-il pas. ecrit : i^la 
mai^on sera a\)peU''t' , pav Km is 
les l!al':()!;s , uiiemaise)i> dfpi.le:C'; 
mal-^ VDUs en avezlaituue ea- 
veriie ile voUur* i. 

\<. (\ ciue ies Srribi'S ct 1 

Sacrilicatenrs avant 

etntU veuu 

. Je<n> 


cnt" luiii.'ls clicrelioi" iit'ie-imo> ( ns 
jdc iv IVviic ^Oiii- \ c ay il^ i^' ^^'>-^ 
Ipiinrnt , pnvfc que lou! 1 
itioi^l, lavi d 
'I'yij^- r/e sdi 

JS^Mtil dp la^ville. _ , 
■"'2'^!, Pais i!-^ i-i'vinitnt a .T(\u- 
fealein ; et cuiiimc U alluil l^avl. 
fTemple . Ies {^ijjuipaux Saciili- 
iratcurs , Ies Soibes , el le? J;("a- 

teuvs , .s'appiocliereut dt liii ; 
Et il Iruv (lit 

ons sf inl>le- 111 dr 
me avoit denx lil^ ; 
et s'adve-isaiit an preuiin', 1! !"i 
dil .■)/«/; Ills, va . et iraNaille au 
)!>nrd'luiidaiis nia \ ig'ie'- 

■21). Mais 11 vepondit ..le n"\ \(u\- 
point ciIUt ; ce;)e!Hlanls\;at;l le ■• 
priiti ( n-niie' . il V a'.la. 

.ou. Puis il \ inl a raulie , el lui 
dit la uiOmc cliobc. Cclui-ti vc- 

/S. Jesus went into the temple^ 
and began to cast out them that 
sold and bought in the temple, and 
overthrew the tables of the money- 
changers, and the seats of them 
that sold doves ; 
16 AnA would not suffer tjtai— 

[28. ^lais que v( 
freci ? I'n honim 

pon.lil V\' '\i:S , Seigneur 

s ilenx fit I.I 
1' re ^ llslui (!i : 

any miui should carry amj v« -o ^ 
through the temple. S '^_ 

1 7 And he tought, saying ■ -5 
them, Is it not written, My h| 5 «« 
shall be called of all nationsi ^ :; 
house of prayer? but ye l.^-<. 
made it a den of thieves. ! H S ^ 
IS And the scribes and "f *^ ^ i 
priests heard /r, and sought r;;;^ - 
they mi;.^ht destroy him: for ' "a,.? 
feared him, because all the p4 C <^ 
was astonished at his doctrini <^ , 

ly And when even was c<! St-?) 
he went out of the city.-f-27 -■ -^ - "^^ 
28 But what think ye? A certain 
man had t^^o sons; and he came 
to the first, and said. Son, go*ork 
to-day in my vineyard. 

2 J He answered and said, I will 
not: hut afterward he repented, 
and went. 

30 And he came to the second, 
and said likewise. And he an- 
swered and said, I ^-rj, sir: and 
went not. 

31 \Vhether of them tv.-ain did 
the will of//M' father: They say un- 
to him, The first. Jesirs saith unto 

. them, \^erily I say unto you, 'I'Jiat | 
the pu!)iicans and tr.e harlots 



Juuh- lie ■•"'• 

C"e-t le pveuiK V. .ti'M;> i 

'3e vous dis ei! VI r.le,qu( 

n,.rs'etleslemmesdcnnunai>e\ le, "'^ (^"■"I'-a.ia uueu !.e nanots;;o HI 

^(.us dev:anceni iui iloyaurac deto theki;igdom of(- odb. fore yoli 



<%■>»;, >8;'>.V Rtv'nlf TaT( X-KXr,. 


|.X = V 


'a: Kj ttni 

Ob i.; TK: I ,;"-7.---- 1?.'. 


• 7 'AXtfVa; ?"£ C' ^-i;-i>>SL.r I 

ivsjr. ii<r£. 

'S 1 :-: y.iyu Tci'j J'aXciC ai^e' 
'0 '-•''■ > -, -S-' ':tO!y-J; ST'S *' 5e 

• 9 X IJc-f:->;^E J ^V i#l T.^: 

"I 5.£4»fy,- TcTv C'^jy., k^ o;a? a> 
' ;r s, K::'Kira:i il; Tyj; yey.J',, 
IC Kttl f|£N'J;v.£; li ci,X;i i ;s'.'- 

•rej os-«f £-;•«»•, 'XVir.i^ii; T£ . xl 
(tyafia?* »^ tvXr.s^n '/ yay.l^ d'-a- 

I J EtrtXfiwv Ji •« ^ariAil; 
$■£. rcrb.-:; Tour c a;ti!i.««'-^,' 6.- 
ft; £>;:" a;?^£'TC. a;-. i;5i3:Yx;".j' 
■ t);^,'xa yiyt/. 

12 K.-J X£Ve; a'2.-c' 'i'raTj=, 
UTi;; £is-J./.6:: >.!'i ^■■■i ■/■:•■ iVi:.y^ct 

13 TinCri ;rari'£'; T.i; 

?>£'; £:? TC a-i-.i;'^' ri '.lyri^y.' 
tKi'.' ;{-fi. yKr.icy.'.^ >. ^■.:,;-/^,( 

\.\ llv.Xoi )-io l.ri »tA>.TC<.. 

• 15 Tj'te are'ii-^ivk: -A la- 
' fiToici, f 5-ff*-.otAioy eXatOv ;,T>.'; 

I 6 Kn.'i &7ri-i'>.'\iiTi'i ffira' raij 

^la iv, Xiyo'.lf;" Aj5i"!4«X£, 9^- j 
JauEv oTi «X/-,S>if tT, li rnv-cJiv j 
Ta fo£tf iy aXr.ic^fi Si&irKEi;. *; : 
B /U.£Xsi fi-Oi ■b;:^; tt^EVij' a j/fl^ . 

w"; E^iri ^Sim xnvj-cv KaiVaji, 
fl oil ; 

4 iKTiim milit alios lervos, 
dicciis: l>icitc votatis : Eccc 
prauJium mcum patavi, tauri 
inci & altiiia octifa, & oiti-: 
niu 'expcdlta : vcuitc ad nap-| 
''^ -■•*' 

nint : il'.c (|i'.i<rfni m | rnnriiini 
:i;^'rur.ville vcio i.u ir.cixuutiaai 

(> At rtlkjuipri ^!<;t7 !.'!Uc>'.tT- 
vos cjii'., coii'aunch:- id.cccniiu, 
(Is. occiili-i'unt. 

7 Auditii. uiitcm rc-x illc, 
irati!^ til : ^ initu ns cxcrcitu> 
i'lu-.s, jKrdidit linn'iciiluri iilo-, 
ik civi;,:icni illoju'.n iiicciuiit.. 

8 1 uiu- ait iiivii liiis: (^,'1- 
tlcm iH'i tia' ixpf^iuv.- iujit :«nit 
aiiti-ni vocatrnoa li'crunt di^ni. 

9 ltcirj.(),ra viaruin, 
.'•■■ i]'.i.;i'-uiiu;iu- invvn.rhih, vt,- 
tait ad UU(-ti..s. 

ic ]-t Cji^lu firvi il!i 111 v'cis 
cu!ij>rfiiavcruiit omucs i^xn^^ i"- ' 
vcDorunt, mal(»iv;i>c & bonostj 
^ iir.plttic iuut niiptis difcum- ' 
biutiutn. , 

II Ingrrffn.sautotnrcx fjH.c» 
tare dllannbci'tLS, vidit ibi lio-, 
tnii;< in uoii vdlitum ioJairtCBf 
nun liuj'tJaruni. 

I J Kt iih iili I Ajnicf, quo-' intratti hue, n-iii halnns 
vflt<»i-i lutptialcni ? llle vcruurtf 
()^clulu>- cl't. 

It, Tunc i1i?-.!t rcx minlini- '• 
Li^aiiti-) cjvis ^hJvs & luuiii., 
taliiu' .iiin, iS; cjii-iti' .i:i tmc- 
■lu-.ii isu ru rt'^ : ibi cfi\ tjOiu& 

i;j MiiUi fiiii-.i tuiil Viu.iti, 
pami V' I'D t IlV^iI. ■ - ■ 

I.S, TuiK uhiiniH- HTiavifri'i. 
co'jiiiliiMii iimit; tit (. u;u 
lU.njiu'aif.nt in i'enuoiii.:. 
■ 1 6 K'r miituiit ci ^UlVipulcv^ 
("uo^. cifiii Iln ('(.Vianis, il'Ct uii,i :/ 
,!Maj;iiuT, <;ina V!,i ;ix t^,' 
&. vuiin-J^fc; ill Virit;!tv; doces : 
& lion cli cuu'. t:l)i dt aliijuo'?* 
ncii or-iin •'Upi.cis ja fuclcti|' 
liorai.'.u!';'.. ■ ■■ ^ > .. 

17 l"i;'c c;rp;o nobi«» quid tit^J) 

videtur .' Licet dare cchi^Brf' 
Ca;fari, an non ? 

18 Cognofcens autem Jefus 

o.-). i:c<.uifz une autre sinuljmcif: 

Uii horn-me , f///^- 
l/7,-piaut:i niie \igiu- . il reiivironna 

dune liaie , il y til un crcux poui" 

un pros-o,r , ily balit line tosr , 

i-t ilia ioua a lies vigiicioiis , \t 

•s'ea alia. 
2. Et daus la saisoii , il rnvova 

un tic ses scrviteur.s'vers les \igtjc- 

rons, afin dc reccvoir d'cnxdu 

fruit de la vigae. 
I 3. Mais rayant pris ^ ilslebat- 

lircnt , et le rcuvoyinciit uvuide. 
; 4. 11 leiir envoya encore uu 

autre serviteuv ; tnais ils iul je- 
, lerent des pierres, et hu nieur- 
•irirent toute la ti'tc, et le \-cn~ 
jvoy^rent , apres r:i\ oli' iraile ou- 

5. Et il eu envova encore un 
[autre qn'ils tiiercut; el piiisieurs 
fautces . dont ils battircut les uns , 
let tuercnt les aiitrcs. 
jO. Enlin .a\aiU uu fils qu'il clie'- 

rissfiit , il le leur eii\ nya encore 

le dernier . disant , ils auroiU dii 

respect pour r\^w^ Ills. 
~. Maiscs ; -.j^nirfi is dire .11 fa« 

ir eux ; C est iei llurilier ; ventz, 

tuons-le, etl'lieritage sera a nous, 
8. Et le prenant , ils le taerent , 

et le jetert nl hors de la vigne. 
t). fv-.n cioiic Ic mniirc dc I;i 

vJgTic ? 11 viendra , et fcra periv 
ces\icnerons, et i"l dounera la vi- 
■ gne a d'anUes.. 

- Tof'iH qiiand les prinelpaux Sa- 
crificateurs ei les Pliarisieus eiirent 
lentendu ce:j similitudes , ils re- 
iconnurent qu'il parloit d'enx. 
j 46. Et ils clierclioient a se saisir 
•de lui ; mais ils craignirent le 
'peuple, parcequ'il regardoit/e'5M5 
'comme un Prophete. 


Esus , prenant la parole, con- 
tinna a leur parlereuparabo'eSj 
^t lear dit .' 

2. Le Hoyaarae des cjeux est 
■SSmblable a. un Ilui , qui lit iei 
Hoces de son Fils. 

3; Et il envoya se* serviteur% 
ptjur appeler ceux qui avoieut ete 
jiuvilcs aux uoccs ; njais ils u,'y 
Ivoulurejit point venip'. ^ 

Hic ^- ^ ^- tl/)CL f-fe. ixe.-n-^ 

33 Hearanot!---r ■ ^^ ' - : A crmimM.-/ 
mun plantctl u vnieyard, and set A^. ix, 
an hedu'e about /', unci dip;'f,cd a 
(ilac'e fjr the winr-fat, and built a 
tower, and let it out to husband- 
men, and ^\'ent into a far country'. 

2 And at tlie season he sent to 
the husbandmen a servant, that he 
might receive from the husband- 
men of the fruit of the vineyaixi. 

3 And they caught /urn, and beat 
him, and sent him away empty. 

■ 4 And again he sent unto them 
another servant; and at him they 
cast stones, and wounded him in 
the head, and sent him away 
shamefully handled. 

5 .\nd again he sent another ; and 
him they killed, and many others ; 
beating some, and killing some. 

6 Having yet, therefore^ one son, 
his weU-beloved, he sent him also 
last unto them, saying, They will 
reverence my son. 

7 But those husbandmen said 
among themselves. This is the 
heir ; come, let us kill him, and 
the inheritance shall be ours. 

8 And they took him, and killed 
/iz/rt, and cast him out of the vine- 

9 What shall, therefore, the lord 
of the vineyard do ? he will come 
and destroy the husbandmen, and 

will give the vineyard unto .others.' 
4v.\ha v.hen the chiet priests ; 
■\iv\ Pharisees had heard his para- 
1,'', s, they perceivedthat he spake 
oi" tP.em. 

~45 Lut when they sought to lay 
! ands on, they feared the 
multitude, beciuLse they took him 
fora prophet..,^-' ariswelvd,^ ami VTi- 22. 
J~\ spake unto thcni again by 
parables, and said. 

2 The kingdonr of heaven is like 
unto a certain king, v\-hich made 
a marriage for his son, 

3 And sunt fortli lus servants to 
call them that were bidden to the 
wedding; and they would not 




Z Knt d'ne'iiM «?jof Taj 
j-eajjj-lj; TO? Xai^a; JT/Xov, iKi 
isra^a TO'v jji-^viv >va>i>i awo Ta 
xojTra Ta'-<i/^7''£^i>^i'^. . 

4 Ka.) Wa'Xiv cTrfrEiXs Wf 9? 
euT»; aXXsv JtXoV | Krt;t£;nv 
XiSoJcXii-^avls; -f IxtpaKaiijo-av, 

^ aTrErElXlV -f" »lT(/xa)/U£!»OV. 

5 Kai "aja'Xiv 'aXXcv awiff'^E" 
JxheTvov aTrixlgiVftV >i tFiXXtfc 
«XXyf, TKj lUav S'e'j^ovij;, Ttff S's 

, a,-jroxlemv'ii;. 

6 "£t( bv e'»« uloy EJ^wv aya- 
.^riTcv aura, owsrsiXs »^ auTOv 

'itf^^ avryi sf}^alov, \iy.vy "Oti 

^ViiaTTBiTOy'^OI T.^V UiOV/ua. 

7 'ExsTvci ^i 0; ytie^yo) Cttov 
C7JC? iawTtft* Ot» uTOf if" ff 
»X»if5VY/,@-' JfvTS> air:)illiya>- 
fAiv airit, Kj hf^aiy ti'cu h xX»- 

; 8 K<«' Xafovljf «iiTc», ^w- 
"fxljivflv, »J l^sSaXcv i'^iM t5 «/<*- 

9 Ti Jf. tsroin^tt 0, xufi^ t« 
e/u.TTsXaJv©' 5 'EXtyjf'ai 5 ^■wo- 
Xtj-n Taf ysaifysCj ^ J'oocret tcv 
c/t*TeXa)»a aXXstf. 

;>^ 01 (li.tJ'-:r.;T;i -ric 'C7.-t.-ji '^ci> jj j 
airS, iy.xa-oM cT( "arij". aufiv 
t^-.y'A. , 

«r=iof! iw^ 'zr^;4>;.T:;y airiv. l>^ov. 

24.J_2^^ - ^_ 

~~ Ks^. Ji^s' 22. 

XiV i.-jv ai^rs'i',- sv V7:-i::Zt- 

Xa'i'j, xi^wv; 

2 'iiy-ci*?'; r oas-i>.«t'a VWv y- 

?.-;.':r £,)-='-•.!?< tv,Ttf' 
j, ^ Ka.'. aTTir «•'"'= TPij JaXu; a'j- 
<t'^ y-j.>--z7ai. T-.v; >;-xXntt£V,vf £(f" 
' Tii; >»;'il-;' r^ oCx ?5£X«V 5X;ft'*, 

J2_AliaiTi par abolam .111 j jtCj 

^ fVil^aai plan' 
tavit homo, & .civcunipofuit 
lepem, & fodit lacum, & a;di- 
ficavit tnrrirn, Sc elocav'.t cam 
ao-iicolis, & perv'gi-e profeAus 

2 Et niifit ad agrlcolas tem- 
pore fervum, ut'.ab agricolis 
Mccipcret de fniftu vinex. ; 

3 Illi auteni (unK'iHes eiinv 
ccculerunt, & diiuifciunt va- 
cuum. _.-..-■ 

4 Et herum mifit ad Hlos 
alium fervum : & ilium lapi- 
dantes In capite vii'ncraverunt^ 
& ablcgavcrunt inlionoratum. 

5 Et rurfum alium mi fit : & 
ilium occiderunt, & pliirt!sali<is, 
hos quidem c.tdcntes, hos vcro 

6 Adliuc ergo unum lilium 
habeus dik^ftum fuum, mificj 
k. ilium ad eos noviifimum, di-' 
cens : Qniareverebunturfiliuiu' 

7 Illi ver6 agricolae dixerunt 
apud leipfos : Quod hie eft hne- ^ 
res: venite occidamus eum, & 
noftra erit haercditas. 

8 Et apprehendentes cuni, 
occiderunt, & ejecerunt extra 

9 Quid ergo faciet dominujB. 
vineje ? Veniet, & perdct xo- 
lonos, & da bit vineam aiiis. 

4^ V.t audit^^ntesprincJpesSa» 
cctdotum (!•< Pliarii';ei parabolaj. 
c'lus, cognoveruiU quod de ipii* 

46 Et quaercntes eum prc- 
hcuderc, timucrunt- turba,s quo- 
niam ficut Prpphetam eum ha- 

bcIxint./^;:.x-_ -"■-— ^^' 

I pT rcfpondeiT? Jcfu', ite- 
rurii dixit cis in par-iboJ 
lis, die ns : 

1 Simile faduih eft rcsinimi 

1 , . . . ?r ■ I 

creloru-uliomuu rigi, qui kcit 
niijnias ftlla fuo: ' 

3 £t rniiitfcrvos fnos^vocare 
j vocatos ad nuptius : Si nolcbaiJt' 

J 'ij.- jo-rinxxi>.^ pity C.<£. 

jiteurs, avec cet ordie ; Dites :i' 
'eax qai ontet<' invites r J^ai/a/f 

4 ^ariXj^e^ent-forth othei-Te^i ^- 1iJ 
va'its, say in.^. Tell them waich ar4 
.,. ,«'^cien, Behold, I have prtpiU'ed 

t iesWie^gtftssossoat lutes, -et J")' dmner : my oxen and /«;/ fat- 
«tmt est pret ; v'^z aiix upces. lingij ar^ killed, and all thin is arc 
[5. Mais eus d-'^ tenant compt*^ cady : come unto the marriafie. 
- g-'en atlerent , fun a sa metaine ■, 5 But they made light of /', and 
( et I'autic a soa.u-alic. -\vent their ways, one to his farm, 

■ 6. Et lei auties pi-ireut ses sei- ^Q^l^^j. ^Q j^-^ ^^^.j.^j^j^^j-gg . ^ 
' yjteurs, et iesqutiagerent, et ks ^ . , , ,. * 1 u- 

(iicrent. ^ ^^^ ^"^ remnant took his ser- 

*i. Le Roi I'ayant appvi's , se mii|' vants, pnd intreated t/iem spiteful- 
j^a'coleie, ti VjiijaiU envoy (i sesj jy^ ^^^ gj^^y l/inn. 
' ;iroupes , il fit pejirxes men ilne<^ „ ^^^ ^^.^^^^ ^^^ ,^. j^^^^,^ ^^^^ •,^,_ 
' «t brula leur ville. , .-f 

i 8. Alors il- dit a ses seryiteurs . v} he was wroth: and he sent forth 
Jjc festiu des noces est pret, maisi Jiis armies, and destroyed those 
ceuxqui etoient invites ii'enetoient I ji-^ucJei-gi's^ and burnt up their 

pasi. dignes 

g.-Allez done dans les ovrePours 
des cKemius , et iuvitez aiix noces 
loas eeux que vous trouverez. 

10. Et ses serviteurs etant alles 
dans les chemins , assembKrent 
tons ceux qu'ils troiweveut, tant 
mauvaisque bons, en sorte que la 


8 Then saith he to his servants*^' 
The wedding is ready, but they 
which were bidden were not wor- 

9 Go ye therefore into the high- 

salle des noces hit lempliedegeus Ways, and, as many as ye shah 

find, bid to the marriage. 

10 So those servants went out 
into the highways, and gathered 
together allasmany as they found, 

qui etoient a luble. 

11, Et le Roi eiaat entre pour 
voir ceux qui etoient a table , 
apercutun homme qui n'avoil pas 
XXJX habit de noces 

12. Et il hii dit ; Mon ami, both bad and good : and the wed- 
comment es-tu euire ici sans avoir ding was furnished with guests. 

un habit de noces ? El il eut la 
bonche fermce. 

i3. Alors le Roi dit auxseni- 
teurs .• Liez-le ])ie(ls et mains , em- 
portez-lc , el le jeie/ dans les le- 
iii-bres de dehors ; c'est la qu il y 
aura des pleiirs et des griucemens 
de dents. 

i4. Car il y en a beanconp d'ap- 
pelcs , niais pen d'eius. 

lb. Alors les Pharisiens s'etant 
retires , consulterent. ponr le sur- 
prendre dans ses discours, 

16. Etilsini envoverent de Icnrs 

1 1 And when the king came in 
to see the guests, he saw there a 
man which had not on a wedding- 
garment : \ 

12 And he saith unto him, 
Friend, how camest thou in hi- 
ther, not having a Avedding gar- 
ment ? And he was speechless. 

13 Then saith the kin;-; to the 
servants, Bind him hand antl foot, 
and take him awav^ and cast him 

disciples, a\ec des ilerodiens.qwi into outer darkness ; there shall 
lui dirent -• Maitre , nous savonsbe Weeping and gnashintc of teeth, 
que tn es sincere , et que tu en-j 14 yf^y manv are called, but few 
s.eignes la voie de Dieu selon lal ^^ chosen ' 

verite, sansnvoiregard a quiqnel ' ' ' ^ u r>u • ^^ 

re soil ; car tu ne regardes point 1^ ^ hen went the Pharisees, anCl 
I'appareuce des hommes. |took counsel how they might en- 

17. Dis - nous done ce qui tejtangle bini in /li; talk. 
*enible rfe ceci .-Est-ilpeniiis de jg -^j^j ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^j^ ^j^.^ y^-^^ 

li^ver le trjbut a Ces ar , ou nou r , , . ,. . ,•' .., ., „ vr ,.,, 

■"^^^"^^ _» 'their discipics, with the iiero- 

. -iscipie 

18. Mais J^sns connoissant k_m^ jj;^,^g^ saying, >,Iaster, vrc know- 
that thou art true, and teachest j 
the way of God in truth, neithL-r| 
carest thou for a.ny ?nan : for thou j 
regardest not the person of men. j, 
.l7Tellus,therefore,What think-! 
est thou? Is it lawful to give tri-| 
bute unto Cesar, or not ? j 

IS But Jesus perceived theirj 

Ary- 14t^ b^,"^ i/iJ.- te/x-t, ycjj. 


(ir.v aCriv, EiT/;- '1'. ,U£ WSkfa^liE 

* 20 Kai Xi>E; a-' to"-* T;v©' 

TiT£ X£>'£» aursK' 'A'Srcoi^E Jv ts i 
Ti<5 <-^£^'. 

-21, '^ ' i/.i.'v>) T>: 'K,u?(a "Sr^'sr- 

. , ■ I 

Tnrav -- t'.':, . • I 

jt'iX:!-; .!..•« T',v j.-jv,a~Ha aiirS, } 

25 ''Ue-ttv Se •5735' ^.i*?!/ Iwli 
aJ^'-Ki TV. >vyi'i'xai «ut'5 ^!p aS'fX.t-i? 

;7 "Tte-'v Ss •ar4>'T3i'v aT£3av£ 
t >; >-;■)• _ , , , 

2S V; T~ liV ttya^irtt, r!i'^ 
>av s-;^-. f,"ai J-t/ni j turtvis; ;.a^ 

-<Sif aLra7i;' I'.XaviicOl, y.h il^ort^[ 

>ay,a^v, a-f* |x;, 2.-.t.«i^ci»ii;v'a>.>/ ' 
li; ayyi\tt Ta 0S^ Jv'i^ : 

iroTa &«w, Mvs&j; ■ i 

•52 'Ej-J) £i,U( &£Sf 'A«j-aA«, 
>(J 5 0:5; Iraix, )^ Pjeo;: la.- 
y.x^; vx. It^'' » GsO)') &£'-; Vcx^xi, 

fffXvc-j-ovio ETT* T? S~i5a;^;>; ftdxi?. 

Tiequitiaiac<)rum,nit: Qtiiil inc 
tctitatis liypocrita: ? ' 

9 ^ULiidite vnihi numirma 
c^afeUk Uli vcro obtuicrunt ci 

«Jb Er ait illi> : Cuju? lm>%0 
ASOC^ !& fi;povj'cri])tio ? 
^■-'J.rDiciint (ri : Ctlaris.-Tunc 
aitiUte : RtJiirc ergo '\\\x C';t-' 
li(i^, C:\;f.iri : & qiiaj Dci.Dto. 

2,z Rt ;ni i crtcs mirjt' lunt : 
&: rtlinq[;i iitcs rum ahicrunt. 

2.^ Ill illo flic acccUt; ant aJ 
cum Su'-i'liK ;i-i, iliccntc^ iion cUc 
roiurrecl 10:1cm ; iSc iiittiroga- 
verunt cum, 

24 Dicentcs: Magille^, M'l- 
fcs di\:t : Si ijui' in^rimrs Hicrit 
nonhubcns g-cnitos, I'b atliiiita- 
tcm diicet iratcr ejus n>;i'ronT 
ill'u'-, tk,fuUitaliit fcnftn fratxi 


. .2-j *EVant autem apud n-s 
feptenT fxatrc : ^^-j pr.m'is ux- 
ors dMuta, obiit : .S; iio'i habens 
iciilcn, rcliqwit uxortin I'lrain 
fratri fuo. 

26 Similiter & fcciindus, tz 
tcrtius iiJ'quL' ad repti.-nct. 

%y Pdilrcrnum r.utim om- 
.nttiin dtimiL^fA ell 5.;inulit;r. 

.28 In crj;o ici'iirixclioiie, cu- 
jiis I'timiu iiit u\oi- r .oinncs 
cainT na'ucruut earn. 

29 Rcfpondcns autem Jelus, ^ 
ait illis: I^Tati-;, lufcieiitcs 
Scripturas, ncqvic ctiicaciuiu 
Del. _ ■ ■' 

.^o In enim refurrc<flio'ne ne- 
qtic; luibtnt, nequc dantur nup- 
tui, fed ficut angeli Dei in ca;k> 

?r De_ antejii re!'urree'^it>ne 
ni()rtuorura,non legiftiscnatunx 
. vobis a Deo, dice'nte : 

32 Ej^rj funi DlU'^ Abiv.b^iu, 
.<c Deiw ilaae, & Deii^ j^F^"''? 
NiMi ell I^iiH, DcUi Jiiij.ituo-. 
rum, fed vivciitium. . „_■ - '1 

•5-^ 'lit auJtctitc5 turb.-E, per*; 
ccllebaiitiir in Uoifiriiia ejus. 

malice, I ear. Sit .■ Hypocrites', 
pourquoi me tentez-vous ? 

] 9. Montrez-moi la monnoie dont 
onpaiele tribut. Et ils lui pre- 
s«uteicnt Liii denier. 

20. Et il leuv dit .■ J)e qui est 
cette image et cette ijiscriptiou ? 

2i. lis lui direut.- De Cesar. Alors ■, ,,, .... , 

il leur dit ; Reudez done a Cesar :>^' ^o^e i^ tnis image and super 

ce'qui appavtient u Cesar ,• et i 
"jDieu ce qui appartient a Dieu. 

22. Et ayant entendu cetle re~ 
ponse , ils I'admirerent ; et le 
laissnat , ils s'ea allerent. 
a3. Ce jour-h\ , les Sadduccens , 
qui diseut qu'il n'j a point de re- 
surrection , vinrent a Jesus , et 
lui fir.ent cette question ; 
; 24. Malt^-e, Moyse a dit /Si quel- 
qu'un meurt sans enfans , son 
Irere e'pousera sa veuve , et sus- 
citera iignee a son freie. 

25. Or , il y avoit parmi nous 
.septlVeres, donlle premier s'etant 

^'marie mournt ; et n'ayant point 
eu d'enfaus , il lalssa sa ferame 4 
son irere. 

26. De meme aussi le second , 
puis le troisieme , jusqu'au sep- 

■ 27. Or, apreseuxtouSjlaTemme 
mourut aussi. 

2S. Duq(»el done des sept sera- 
t-elle I'emme dans lare'sn rreclion; 
car tons les septV'owi eue? 

29. Mais Jesus rcpoudant , leur 
dit ; Vous eies dans lerreur , par- 
ce ■ que vous n'eutendez pas les 
Ecrilnres , ni quelle est ki puis- 
sance de Dieu. 

00. Car apres la resurrection , 
les lionimes ne prendront point 
de iemnies, niles feuimes de ma- 
rls ; mais ils seront comme les 
Anges de Dieu , qui sont dans le 

3i. Et qnant u la resurrection 

wi^^^r aSi^^a^i'Why ten^^TRr.a'Z . 
ye me, ye hypocrites t j 

-19 Shew me the tribute-money.'j 
And they brought unto him a;^ 
penny. - 

20 And he saith unto them,' 

scription ? 

2 1 They say unto him, Cesar's. 
Then saith he unto them, Render,", 
therefore, imto Cesar the things; 
which are Cesar's; and unto Cod^i 
the- things that are God's. '1 

22 When they had heard these} 
■vvords, they marvelled, and left- 
him, and went their way. . 

23 The same day came .to him 
the badducees, which say tliat^ 
there is no resurl^ection, and ask-- 
ed him, ' 

24 Saying, Master, Moses said,; 
If a man die, havin'g no children,^ 
his brother shall marry his wife,;' 
and raist up seed unto his brothe^ 

25 Now, thei'e were with us se-' 
ven brethren : and the first, wheftj 
he had married a wife, deceased ; \ 
and having no issue, left his wife 
unto his brother: • 

26 Likewise the second also,; 
and the third, unto the seventh. - 

27 And last of all the woman 
died also. 

23 Therefore, in the resurrec- 
tion, \Yhose wife shall she be of 
the seven Mo r they all had her. 

29 Jesifs answered, and said ua- 

to them, Ye do err, not knowing 
des morts , u'avez-vous point la t»e scriptures, nor the power ot 
ce que Dieu vous a dit ; ^^od. 

."52.. .Te suis le Uieu d'AbraliatTi , 30 For in thj resurrection they 
k Dieu d'Isaac, et^ Dieu de ^^i^^^^ nu.ny, nor are given iiv 
J;^ob. Dien u'est pas le Dieu de3l{marria.;e ; but are as the angels 

of God in heaven. 

31 But as touching the resur- 
rection of the dead, have ye not 
read that Vviiich was spoken unto 
you by God, saying, 

32 I am the God of Abrahan^): 

'■and the God of Isaac, and tlie Godj 

of Jacob ? God is not the God of 1 

the dead, hut of the living. 1 

33 And when the multitude 

mw.s, jnais il est le D:eu dcs 

'.^3. Et le ppuple'enteadant cela , 
'admiroif i <'oclrine. 

heard i/ih^ they 
at his doctrine. 

^vere astoriibhed! 



28 'Ka; Wjio-eXflcJv efg t5v 
, ygafxfA.aTBuv, axaVaj al-rcSv o-y- 

rie/a ?!'» WfWTi) tsacrZi sv?oXii; 

29 O Je'Ibs-oS^ a'3-£Xj('9(j au- 
*?»• Ot< vt^ajTtr martiv raiv Iv- 
ToAiwv "Ak« 'l<roa.ri\ Ki^i®-, 

30 Kaj dyaTrhfiti li6;iiov 'tvy 
^eh ffu (^ S^wj Tv; x-a^ita; en, 

^ If ox»r T^f 4y?c»» <^«) {^ s^ 

: 31 Kai S?»TEfa SfJ^oia aurn' 
A.ya7fn7ti; tov nuXn^Uv s"tf <i5; 

(TSouTov fx'.l^cef TiirM «AX« 

svroXn «K Iri. ' 

f'.Wj cK^i >rj^u©- ^ a 5?;^ ;^,Tat, I 

:.^i5Ma^a<. _ ^ I 

' ^2 IC(t2 «<*?» aJrw 6 ^att- 

ftuleu;* KflXcS;, Jt8*V>caX£, I-tt' 
'ftXn^Eiaf iTTra?, oti e?< tr. ®i9f, 

- 33 Kfl? TO ay;t5rav avriv i; 
oXt!5 T^f xaf^tac, ^ £$ tX>if T^f 
fft-«iTta>f, >^ i^ «Xt){ >?■? 4'"^f' 
^ 1^ oXtjf iff t^^u"^, ^ TO 
«ya7ra!v • TOV -arXo'j-iJv iwf eaurov, 
WXtroV 1^1 iPti-wiDy Tiov oXoxau- 

;^^* K£^. xy', 23T' 
I 'T~'0't£ i 'ir.C-Z^ £Aa'Xi)i7E 70?; 

Z AEyjur* - Ej»-4 rn; MoDria); 

3 nav/a av os-a a»^ti7r*'<riv 

xala ?£ 13, i^ya, aiiT(wv^.fcu «rei- 
iTTS' \i.ya<ri ya^, 5 a -spoia*"!. 

4 ht'/J-ixtUffi ya^ <fo^ia B''-^i<t 
^ SuyoaVaxIa, j^ fcwi/iSiatnv ewl 
.Tt; aifAb'; TaJv a»$j£^T4;>' -ri! St 
iaxTL'X») aiz-riv a &iXas-t Kw^at 

* 5 na'via Jl Ta E^ya auTctv 
«P5iaa-i ir^; to | Sfaflwaf -rcu; 

-j^ 'fv\a)tiA-^ia auriv, >^ J f(^f}/aXiy- 
wwi Ta xgaJTTeJ'a toJv Ifju^itov 

* 6 ^ ^iXaa-i f T£ Tw I ttrjttf- 


ya^iij aif , 

ixXiyiav £y Tor? | JiiVvoi;, t 
»j \. «7jiii1a»a6£jfiaf £♦ i-aK cry 

28 Et acceJens onus Scri- 
barum, audiens illos conqui- 
rentes, videns quod pulchre illis, 
rtfponderit, iiiterrogavit euni : 
■quod eflet primum oniuium 
mandatum ? 

29 At Jefus refporidit ei, quia 
primum omnium mandatorum : 
Audi IlVael, Dominus Deus no- 
ftcr, Dominus unus eft. ' 

30 Et diligesDomlr.umDeum 
tuum ex toto corde tuo, & ex 
tota anima tua, & ex tota cogi- 
tatione lua, <5c c.\ tota virtutc 
tua. Hoc primum mandatum. 

31 El fecundum finiilc huic : 
Diligesprosimum tuumutteip- 
fum. Majus horum aliud man-', 
datun^oh £(l._^ ,.. _, .- ^ , J- 
I 4;' Iiu'hri, dn'bu'; man^a'ig,- 

U<,llt,_ - "^ ,•: ',,, 

3^fet ait illi Scriba :. Pulchre ' 
Maglftfrfn ygVitate dixifti, qui* 
unus eft Deus, & non eft alius 
prxter eum. 

3 5 Et diligerc eum ex tot<^'. 
corde, & e,s toto intelle<fti», &. 
ex tota anima, & ex tota forti- 
tudinc : & diligere proximum 
ut feipfum, plus eft omnibus 
holocautomatibus, & facriliciis. ; 

C A P~u'T XXIIl. " 
T n'Uiic Jefus lotj^oiitus . tit 
- turbis,' & diicipuiis' 

2 J3icens : Super Mofi ca-' 
thedram federunt Scrjbse & 
P harlfati : 

3 Omnia ergo 'quscumque 
dixerint vobis-. fcrware, fervate.. 
& facite : fecundum vctjj opera 
eorum ne facite : dicunt'^m, 
& non fociunt. 

4 Alligant enim onera gi'srsria 
& imporialiilia, &imponuntin 
humeros hominum : at digito 
fuo non volunt movere ea. ; 

5 Omnia vcr6 opera fua fa- 
ciunt adfpeiSari hominibus, di* 
latant vero phyladeria fua, 6c 
niagnificant fimbrias vellimen<^ 
torum fuorum, 

6 Aniantque primos recubi- 
tus'in cirnis, & primas cathe- 
dras in fyuagogif. 

28. Alois »in clcs Scribes , (mi 
Ics'avoit oui dispiucr ciiscnib!(' , 
voyanl qu'il Jiiir avoit bieu ri.'- 
])onilii , s'apjirociia , ei lui tlo- 
manda .- Quel esl le prtniicr de 
lous Jrs rominaiuk'int ns? 

2(j. Jesu^ Jai i'('i)')iidit ; Le jirc- 
mier de lous Ics C()ru)iiaiid( lutjis 
e.<!t cclui-ci : ErouU- Jsraid , le 
Seigneur uotre Uieu est Ic stiU 

r^- Tu airoeras le Seignenr ton' 
Dieu , de lout Ion cceiir , de tonte 
ton arne , dc loule (a pensce , el 
de tonte ta Force. C'cst la le pre- 
mier comuiandeinent. 

procbain coreme toi-meme. II 
n'y a point danlre commande- 
meili , plus grand fpie ccux-ci. 

UieQ, et qu'il n y en a point d'autit 
que lui ; 

55. Et que I'aimer de tout son 
creur , de toute son inielljoenee 

2S'':^nd one of the scribes/:ame, M<.11. 
and havin ; heard them'reasoning 
together, and perceiving- that he 
had answered them well, asked 
him, Which is the first command- 
ment of all ? 

29 And Jesus answered him, The 
first of all the commandments /.?, 
Hear, C) Israel; The Lord our. 
God is one Lord: 

30 And thou shall love the Lord 
thy God with all thy heajt, and 
with all thy soul, and with all thy 

c. p, ■ . , , . , . mind, and v/ith all thy strent^th; 

.01 lit voiei le second , qui lui r^, ■ ■ ^^ c j. a ..^^^ 

St semblable ; Tu aimeras „,„! This is the first commandment. 

31 And the second i-^like, namely 
this, Thou shalt love thy neighbom 
as thyself. There is none other 

4o. Totue la loi et les Propli^.tc? ' commandment'^reaterthan these. 
deracT"'"' " "' '^'"•'" ^■°^""^""-j 40 On these two commandmems] Z^- 

32. Et-le Scribe lui repondit .f ^"-^ ^" ^^^^^ '^^'^"^ ^^^^' P^P'^^^^i. , , 
Maitre , tu as bien dit , et selon' 32 And the scribe said imto him,Ai<./2^ 
la verite , qu'il nV a qu'na scul Well, Master, then hast said the 

truth: for there is one (iod ; and 
there is none other but he : 

, ^. _ ^,.._ . . 33 And to love him with all the 

do toute son ame , et de toute sa heart, and with all the understand- 1 
force, et aimer son prochain com- • ^^\ ^.j^th all the SOUl, and with ] 
K.e soj-meme , c est plus que tons jj'' gt^enyth, and to love /;» 

les holocaustes et que tons les sa- *"•" "-'^ siicui^i-u, 

■ %% 


A tons J^sns parla au petiple , 
et a. ses Disciples, 
; 2. Et leivr Jit ; Les Scribes ct le» 
jPiiarisJeas sout assis sur la cliaire 
'de Mojse. 

' 3. Ohservez done , et faites tout 
ce qu'ils ^ ous diront d'ob>server j 
mais lie faites pas tomme lis lout ; 
paice qu'ils diseut el ue font pas. 
•i. Car ils Ueiit de> Fardeaux pc- 
■ saas <;t iusuppo'rtable.s , et les 
imettent sur. les epaule; des liom- 
jmes ; mais ils ne voudroient pas 
lies rerauer du doigt. 

5. Et ils lout loutfcs leurs actions, 
atinquc lesboinniesles voient ; car 
ils portenlde larges phy!a?teres , 
et ils ontde plus lougues franges 
i leurs habits ; 

6. ll.s ainieut a avoir les j)re- 
mieres places clans les Fcstins j et 
les prcmiei^i sieges daiis les S_) na- 
Soauea ; 

neighbour as himself- is more than 
all whole burnt-oiTerhigs and sa- 

CHAP. xxin. 

T/ii' P/iw^hecfi ex/iosed, ^V. 

THEN spake Jesus tp the mul- 
titude, and to iiis di;-.cipli:i> 
2 Saying, The scribes and the 
Pharisees sit in Moses' se;\t: 

5 All therefore whatsoever they 
bid you observe, i/uru observe and 
do; but do not ye after tlieiir 
yv'orks: for thev rjav and do not.' 


4 For thev !)ind h(. 


and grievous to b- bcrne-. and lay; 
[t/rsm on mens' shouliler:,; Lu.t thev 
thcfusdves wi'd r.ot mo'e thern 
v/ith one of tlieir fin=^ers. 
■ 5 But all their wcrks tliL-y do for 
to be seen of men: th-jy nia!<je 
broad their phylucteric:-;, lind en- 
large the borders of their 

6 And love the uppermost rooms 
at feasts, and the chief seats in 
the synagogues. 



7 Kaj TsL; u.s-'na.c(Ji.^J% Iv tok 

• lo MiSe I y.\h6>;rB J xaSn- 

II "O Jj ji.«»'Jaiv UjMWi', sral 

I a 'Oci; 0£ Livf'aSs-St l.-tJiov, Ta- 
•7rc'lVi;9;s-£la(" >^ C^li Ta7r£lVi»V£l 

5 <Pa^iTu"ot imx^ilai, on xXeie- 

J-cij Bit il^'i^'^iT&l, Qli TOVJ eT- 
*"'f/C°/*^"'f a>fi£^E tlj-tXOei'v. 

Tt Taj oiXirtj T~v ptijSv, »L 'isr^o- 
(f-aa-El f^aHea "ETfsa-ji'j^oy.Evoi" Jia 
tSto X)i4--c9E -ZriJlS-J-OTrjOV x^i- 

* 15 OJa» iyM.T» r^a.ixuali~q 
jj (JajiraTot iwox^iTai, S'ti \ •mt- 
jiay£/£ T^v &aXacrtrav ^ t»:;' | ^>)- 
faV, OTOincai EVa | izr^oyriXvloy' 
^ cVav ys'vv^.-ii, woi-Vte a;^TO» yiov 
•ytirmi 5i7rXoT£^5v l/xZy, 

16 Oi-aj Li.oirv o^nj'cl Tt'4'^oi, 
9i Xi^ovlf j" "Of av ofyioyri iv rS 
\aZ, aJsv E;-iV' c; 5' av lixirn IV 

17 Mk^oi k ti;4>Xo/ Tij j/aj 
jUEJ^MV iir»>') p('{i':r5j, n e vcc; 
tt^ia^av T',v ^^v^h; 

18 KaJ" "Of Say Ifxitrn Iv Ta 
Siijiaf t;^ia.", tfStv ef»v Of a «v 
IfxQo'n iv TM Joi'^ii Tw swavii au- 
Ta, cifeiXii, 

19 Ma';"Oi >ij TU^Xo^, Ti yaj 
./LtEr^ov; TO Japov, ii , Ta S^cja- 

fiifiov TO ayia^cv to J^Jjov j 

7 Et lahii.itiones in foris, & 
vocari ab hominibus, Rubbi, 

8 Vos autcrti 11c voc'emiiu 
Rabbi : amis enini clb velKr 
doiftor Cbrillus : onvnes auteni 
vos fratrcs eftis. 

9 Et patrcm nc vocutis vc- 
(lium fiipcr terrain : umiscnini, 
clt Pater vcflcr qui in caulis. 

10 Ncc vocemini dotilorcs : 
uiius tnim -vcftcr ell do(5tor, 

I r Qui vcro major vcftrum,, 
crit vcllcr minifter. 

^^ Qni autcm cxaltaveritt 
llipfum, humiliabitur : & qui 
hunwliaverit fcipfum, exaltabi- 

1 3 Vie autem vo1)is Sanb.'e 
& Pbarifki hypocrite, quia 
clauditis regnum cxlpriira ante 
homines : vos cnim non intra?- 
tis, ncc introcujites linitis ^ri- 

14 Vae vobis Scribx & Pha- 
rlfiei hypocrite, quia comeditis- 

domos vidiiarum, & prretextu' 
prolixa orantcs : propter }iqc ac; 
cipietis abundantius judicium. 

15 V;c vobis Sci'ib.x & Pliari- 
ix'i hypocritre, quia- circuitis 
mare & aridam, facere unum 
profelytum : .?< quum fuerit 
{'a6lus,. facitis cun\ filium ge- 
hcnnai, dupliciorcm vobis. 

16 V.'C vobis duces creci, di» 
centes : Qiiicuniqucjuraveritin 
tcmplo, nihil ell : qui autem 
juraverit in auro templi, debet. 

1 7 Stulti ii c.xci : quid enim 
majus eft, aurum, aut templum 
fancflificans auruni ? 

18 Etquicimique juraverit in 
akari, nihil eit : q\iicumquc 
auteni juraverit in dono quod 
fuper illud, debet, 

19 StuJti k. cajci : quidenini, 
majus, domim, an altare fandi- 
ficans donum ? 

I 7'. Et u ttre salnes dans les places 
jpiiblique'i , et j» etre appeU-s par 
'les hoinmes , Malire , Maine. 

8. Mais voas , ne vous t'aites 
point appelev Maitre ; car tdus 
navcz qu'un Maitre, qui est le 
Christ ; ct pour vous , vous elea 
lous fVeres. 

9. Et n'appelez personne sur la 
letre voire Pere ; car vous )!"a\e/j 
qn'un seul Pefe, aat-'oir, celui e^ui 
est dans les cieux. 

10. Et ue vous faites point a])- 
t)eler Doctenv ; car vous n'avez 
qn'un seul Docteur, qui est le 

7 Andgreetin is in the markets, /71.1'i. 
and to bex'alled of incn-, Rabbi, 
Wabbi. ' ■ 

8 But be not ye called Rabbi ; 
for one is your Muster, ez'C7i 
Christ ; and <i\\ yc are brethren. 

9 And call no tra/i your Father 
upon the earth : ior one is your 
i'ather, which is in heaven. 

' 10 Neither be ye called masters: 
for one'is your iua.itcr,rt'.// Christ.; 

1 1 But he that is sj^reatesc among 
you shall l;c ycur servant. 

i2 And V, !::Aoever shall exalt 


11. Mais que leplusgrand d'cn- .... 
:tre vons soit votre servitcur. j -.uniaeli sluJ.l i/t abased; and he 
;. 12. Car quiconques'elev era sera |i that shall auuible hiaiscir shaU 
abaisse , ct quiconque s"abaissera 1 1,^ eyalted. 

ISlMaTsraalhenr Avous, Scribes'! 13 3ut woe uiito you, scribes and 
et Pharisienj hypocrites ; parce ; "hansees- hypocritct,! ior y .: shut 
que vous ierni«z anx hommes le up the kin.^-dom of heaveii against 
lloyaume des cienx ; vous u'y men : .for ye neither 10 m nour 
entree point, et vous ny laissez ,;^,.,., neither suffer vc thim that 
nas entrer ceux qui vouclroieut y 

i4. Malheur a vous , Scribes et 

Pharisiens hypocrites ; car vous 

Ao'vorea ks luaisoas des veuves , 
«fl aRcctanl de faire de longuesi 
prieres j a cause de cela vou^Sie-; 
lez punis d'autant plus se'vere- 

i5. Malheur a vous, Scrihes et 
Pharisiens hypocrites ; car vous 
courez la mer et la terra, pour 
faire \n\ proselyte ; et quaud il 
J 'est devenu , vous le r^udez digne 
de ia gelieuue deux Ibis plus que 

16. Malheur a tous , Conduc-' 
tears aveugles , qui dites .■ Si quel- 
On nn iiivf nai- lo <^».nl« __?_ 

'■''•''>• nuo you, scribts and 

^ - hypocrites ! fo,r ye de-'s' houses, and for a 

pretence make lou;.; prayer: 

therefore ye shall ' receive tht 
! gTctiter tkmmation. 
; 15 Woe unto ycu, scribes an^l 

Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye 
1 compass sea and land to make one 
proselyte ; and when he is made, | 
ye make him two-fold more the ' 
child of heil than yourselves. I 

1 6 Woe unto you, yt blind guides! ' 
•which say, Whosoever shall swear 

qn'un jure par le temple /cela "'' ^;' 7>' ^•^/l«^5^^^«!^^''s^^'^ar 
n'est rieu ; mais celui qui aura ^ ^ temple, it is nothing; but 
jure par Tor dn temple , est oblige ""^'^osoever shall swear by the gold 

of the tenxple, he is a debtor. 

17 Ye fools and blind! for whe- 
ther h greater, the gold, or the 
temple that sanctifitth the gold ? 

18 And, whosoever shall swear 

de tenir son serment ! 

17. Insense's et aveugles ! Car 
lequel est le plus considerable , 
on i'or , on le temple qui rend 
Cet or sacre ? 

18. Etsiquelqu'un . f///t;.j-ff)W5., , ...^.v.^ oiicm ^vvti^- 
jure par Tautel , celan-cstnen :!by the altar, it is nothino- • but 

3;r,;f.- r /w?w':;:.':t'„ '^ ;;"-<>"- -'-ret., by^tsj ^k 

'de temrson serment. ° '^''^" IS upon it, he is guilty. 

J 19. Insenses et aveugles ! Car '^ ^'^ fools, and blind ! for whe- 
flequel est le plus grand , Je don , ther h greater, the eift, or the al- 
oti 1 aniel qui .end ce don sacre ' tar that sanctifieth the gift? 



21 Kai i O(uoj-a{ Iv Tiio vaaJ, 
ifjinei IV ai/Ti) ^ Iv TO) Jtd'i'cwtfvji 

22 Kai ofxirai £v t* u^aiiiy 
l(A.viii If Ta? &()o»a) Ttf ©e5 ^ Iv 
To^ XftSBjulVaJ iTTttK* avrS. 

* 23 OCai i«.~v rpOjUiUojErj ^ 
4faf(a-ari>i Imay^flaif dti \ airo- 
iinLcCiSn tl \ tyiiaajAoy h^ to \ 3.- 

Ta £ajuT£^a. t5' V0(, t»v «{(- 
fjv, 1^ tov Ixeov jj T«v «"iV(.v' 


* 24 ^- O^nyal 'rv<^\a\, , e! 
•)- SiiXi'JovTEj TOV + xjivjjwa, Tiiv 
Vi Kii/^»)Xov I Kola.'rrviodt;. 

* 25 Ou.«< i)|Cc"v r^ai(xixaii!i 

J yef^ag-iv 1^ J (ijiraj'rf >^ ^ a- 

26 <J>2^ij-a~| TO^Xs, Ka6afi- 

^ T?? 'Braf0^^lJ®•, Tv* yiynJat i^ 
yo l>tJo; auTaiv xa.9a^V. 

• 27 Oiai ti,ury Ppafjt.[AaiiT; 5 
4>itp^a7oi vvox^tlalj on y ■wajo-^(h X Ttt^JOif J XEKOna/MEWf, 

CnvVfS l^ajfliv /ttlr ifaA'Ov'ai J oJ- 
fttrai, !■ i^ioQiv ^ yi/ivcriY ^- 0- 

■"28 02t<» 5 v/xeif i^aiQiv fxh 
^ainirQi ToTi; avSfaJTrfif ^ixawi, 

29 Oust 6f*7» rfaftjUflkr; »^ 
♦a^(a-ar<n uffoxj(7ai, ?tj o7xcJ»- 
fX^lTt T»f ra<f>irf t£v urfCKfijlM/, 5 
*33-/A£rT£ Ta f4,infxB"ct Taiy ■ }i- 

" ^O malXfyilt' EI ?/b«V SV Ta7f 

av «/xsv XMViiivot aiT»'V Iv tm al'- 
p,ah yScv ur^oif »))3y. ' 

Sri vlit (ft T»v •^»Fci*liiv TWf 

Jl Kai ijUEr? flrXDjsIj-ale TO 
/UItjo* t*v walljsiv i'/*£y. 
- * 33 'Of{/f, t yEW^jUaJa I I- 

«j»Vea>f T^j )^lw>j J ) 

30 Ergo jurans in altari, j^urat 
in eo, & in ongnilws quas fup«r 

21 Et jurans in teraplo, jurat:- 
iu illo,^ in habitante illud. 

22 Et juransin cjeIo, jurat in 
tlnroiio Dfi, & m fedentrfupet 

23 Vx vobis Scribs, & Pba< 
rifei hypocritx, quia decimatis. 
mcntham, & ancthuro, Sc qr-s^ 
nununi, & reliquiftis graviorat 
Legis, jivdicium, & miferjcbr-' 
diam, & fideni, hxc oportuit, 
faeere, & ilia non omittcre. 

24 Puces csEci, cxcolantes cuc 
liceiH) atcamclunigluticntCB. 

25 Ve? vobis Scribae & Phi??' 
rlfei hypocrite,' quia m^n<Jatj*,: 
quod , dfforis poculi & patina, 

intus autem plena fuht ex ra- 
pina fic intern p'er^ntia. 

a6 Pharifjce c:tce, wunda 
' prius quod intu§ poculi, & pa-, 
tiiix, ut fiat & quod dieforij 
ipforam mtindum. 

17 Vx vobis Scribae & Plia- 
rifti h)'porit.T:, quia adffmila- 
n^ini fepulchrij dcalbatis, qua a 
■ foris quidcm apparent fpeciolaj 
intus verb plcnu funt olHbi\s 
mortuorum,. & omni immundt- 

28 Sic & vos a foris quidcm 
paretis hominibus, Jniti: intus 
auterh plcni cftis hypocrifi 8i 

^q Va vobis Scribes <?c.Pha,- 
rifxi Kypocritx, quia aedific;itii 
fepulchra Prophetal'um, & of- 
natis monumenta jurtorivni : 

30 Et dicitis : ^juod fi fuifle- 
rau3 in die]>us patrunl noftrd- 
rum, non effemus communicA* 
tores eorum in faiiguine Prc^ 

31 Itaquc tertaniim vobifmet- 
ipfis, quia filii eftis occidenr 
tium ProphetaS. " ' 

33 Et vos impkte mcnfurati^ 
patruDi vellrorum. 

33 Serpentes, genimina vijie- 
raj-um, quomodo fugictis a.ju- 
dicio gchiinnse ? 

20. Celui done qiiijiire par Tau-' 20 Whoso, therefore, shall sv/ear 

by the altar, sweareth by it, and 
by all things thereon. 

2 1 And whoso shall swear by the 
temple, sweareth by it, and by 
him that dwelleth therein, 

22 And he that shall swear by 

tc! , jure par I'autel , et par ce qui 
. est dessus. 

■' 31. Et celui qui jnre pa'.- le tein- 
f pic , jure pai- le leniple et p 
celui qui y halite. 

22. Et celui qui jnre parle citl , 
jure par te tione de Eieu et par 

celui qui est assis dessus. 'heaven, sweareth Uy the throne 
2D. Alallieur a vous, t-cnbes eti,.r /■■'„,i j u.. i-:_. ^i_.^ _?^. .i 

Ph. 21 

Pharisieiis hvpocrifes ; car vou 

payez la dime de la meiite , de thereon 

J'apet , et dn cumin , et vous ue- 
gligez les choses les plu5 impur- 
tantes de la loi , la justice , la mi- 
sericorde , et la fidelite. Cescnt \k 
les clioses qu'il falloit Eaire, sans 
Beaunioins oir.ettre les autrcs. 

24. Conducteurs aveugles , qui 
CO ilez u*mouclieron , et qui ava- 
leiwti clanieau, 

-'._ aS, Malheur a vous , Scribes ct 
|?liarislens bj'pocrites j car vous 

of God, and by him tlrat sitteth 

23 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay 
tithe of mint, and anise, and cum- 
min, and have omitted the weigh- 
tier matter fi of the law, judgment, 
mercy, and faith : these ouf^ht ye 
to have done, and not to leave the 
other undone. 

24 Yo blind guides! which strain 

neitojcz le dehors dc la conpe et at a gnat, and swallow a cameL 
du plat, pendant qu'au-dedani 25 Woe unto you, scribes and 
vous etes plcius de rapines eld ill- pi^arisees, hypocrites! for ye 
temperance. make clean the outsideof the CUD 

26% Pharisien avcugle , ncttoie p , ^, ., , - vu- *■ 

premioremcnt le dedans de U and of the platter, but Within tney 
coupe et dn plat , aKn que ce qui are full of cxtcfrtion and excess, 
est dehors devieunc aussi net. 26 Z^ou blind Pharisee . cleanse 

27. IMalhenr a vous , SciJbes etfirst that whkh is within the cup- 
Phans.ens hjpocrites; car vous ^ .^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^jj^ ^f 
a des scpulcres blan- . • . , , 

• them may be clean also. 

ressembiez U des scp 

chis , qui paroisseut beaux par 

deJiors ; mais qui , au-dcdans , 27 Woe unto you, scribes and 

sent plcins d'ossemens de itioris.Pharis^^cs, hvpocrites I for ye are 


ct de louie sorte ue pournture. 

28. .De nierhe aussi au-dehors , 
Toifs paroissezjustcs aux lioinnf.Ci, 
mais arti-dcdans, vous eies reiupii* 
d'iij.pocrisic et d'injustice. 

29. JMalhenr a vous , Scribes et 
Pliarisiens hvpocrites ; car voui 
hutissez les torn beaux des I'ru- 
phetes, et vous oruez les sepulcrei 
des justes ; 

5o. Et vons dites ; Si nous eus- 
-sions etc du temps de nos pi res, 
nous ne nous serious pus joints ci 
eux pour repaudre le sang des 

Si.Ainsi vous etes lemoins conire 
vous-nu'mes , que vous t-tes Ks 
eulaus de ceux qui out lue ki 

52. Vous done aussi , vous achc- 
vez de comblcr la mesure de vos 

53. Serpens , race de 
comment evitertz-vous 
taent de la otiieme ? 

le juge- 

like unto whited sepulchres,whi*h 
indeed appear beautiful outward, 
bift are witWn fall of dead memi\ 
bones, and of all unclcanness. 

28 Even so ye also outwardly ap- 
pear . righteous unto men, but; 
within ye are full of hypocrisy 
and inifU'^ity. 

29 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites ! because' 
ye build the tombs of the pro- 
phets, and garnish the sepul- 
chres of the righteous, 

SO x\nd say. If we had beeii in. 
■the days of our fathers, we would 
.not have been partakers with* 
them in the blood of the prophets,- 
ol W-hcrcTore ye be witnesses 
unto yourselves, that ye are the 
children of them which killed the 

32 Fill ye up then the measure ^ 
of your fathers. 

33 Ife serpents, ye ■generation of 
vipers 1 h<}w can ye escape the 
damjaatlon ©f belli 


^aXxov eli TO ya^o4)L;X«/tioV Kj 
'WoX^-dl wXtfo-101 sSrtXXjV »IioXXa. 

>arlxx}> ISixXe I'-XtTTTa Syo, ? Jc 
^ jtsJ'jiv/i)?. 

43 Kal 'sr^OfKa'Kia-jifXty^ T»f 
*/ix«6r,Ta; aiToZf Xiy6< auTcT;' 
*A/^^y Xtyju w/mTv, ot» « ;)fr:fa 
oSt?! h 'xfltD^K nr'KtTov rBa^lccv 

44 riiylli ya.^ ix t3 ■trffiy- 
o-SuovJ<§>' avToTf eSaXov alri 5s 
Ijc t>;'c v^l^'iTeiei; autki; <ravla 
etra Srj^SV l?«X£v, cXoV Tcv ^I'cv 
«UT?{, 45. t 6- 

Ki«>. jtX-' ;4. 

I T/Al J*8X5l"/ 'l>) rbj fTTOf £■-'«■ 
'■ TO ifrc t5 t£jU" )^ TO^sr- 

. J|XS»V 01 //.ft(5»1a;' oiT» E7riJE;Pai 

i Ji Inrtig liviv auT/ij' Ol 
B>ini!( OTav^a -Tal'Ta ; a'junv >.{'- 

■fTTt Xi^ov, 5; a f/.ri xalxXvQn.-i'lxi. 
J 6 ToT: ol h T_? 'laSoi'a ifeu- 

J^T/WcTttV iwi Ta op«. 

tutlaicinnai oifai Tt ix Tn; elxi'af 

iS Kat 9 IV ToS aV??* Z'^" ^'''*' 
Cl;S^J-aT») inio'!!) a^a< ri i;uaT(a 

«•«!< ^ TaK 3>iXa^ec"a»; iv s^i.- 
Vflif Tar? i:/CtE^a(f. 

V))?aj i <})i-^>i u_uia» p^tJ/ziv®', 
(M,>iJi Iv craCbaTi). 

al 'f faj yk^ TOTt -^Xivfi; ^£- 
j-aXn, 'Aa u ylyotiv aT ff;>^'i? 
»i<r;xu £(v; Ta v»*, «^' a fxr! ysm-. 


29 EiiBiuii; ?£ /ueTix tv/ SXt^-iv 
T-aJv ijttf^iVV iKEivaJV ijX)©- ^'xo- 
rifdrnTilai, X, v a-£Xiivtj « JcJ^-Ei t» 


ui aTTO TJ Wravy, 


tE(; Ta'v «ja'.a,'V ^aXEuS'irovlai 

41 Et fedens Jefus eontris 
gazophylaciuiji, afpickbat qiio-i 
modo'tiirba jaiSaret a;s in ga- 
zophylacium : Si multi divites 
jattaljant niulta. 

4Z Et veniciis una vidua 
pauper, injecit minuta duo, 
quod eft quadrans. 

43 Et advocans <iifcipulof 
fuos, ait illio : Afticn dico vo- 
l)is, quoniam vidua hjec pau- 
per' plus omnibus injecit inji- 
cicntibus in gazo] hylaciurai- 

44 Omnes enim ex redun- 
dunte fibi injecerunt : hxc 
vcro ex penuria fua omnia qua 
habuit jccit, totum vivfluni 
fuum. . 

I pT egicfTus Jefus ihat de 
timplo: & acceiTeiunt 
difcipuli ejus oftetidcrc ei sdifi- 
cationes tcmpli, 

2 At Jc-l'us dixit illis: Non 
intuemini hxc omnia ? Anien 
dico vobis, non rclinqucti,ir liic 
lapis fuper Lpidcm, qui tton 

16 Tunc qui in judjca tu-, 
giant ad montcs. 

17 Qui fupcr domum, nfojj- 
defccndut tolkre- quid de xde.. 
fua. * 

18 Et qui in agro, non re-- 
vcrtatur retro lollcre vilkm. 

19 Vx autcm in utcro ba- , 
bciuibus, & laciantibusiu illis,' 

20 Orate autcin ut non fiat. 
fuga vclira byeme, ri,cque in. 
Sabbato. * _« 

2 J Erit eiiim tunc tribu]atIo 
magna, qualis non fuit ab iuitiO,' 
mundijUJ'quc modo, ncque ngii. 

29 Statim autem pod tribu- 
lationem dierum illorum Sol 
obfcurabitur, & Luna non dabit 
lumen fuum, & llellx cadcpt 
de ca-lo, '& efficacia: couloru^i: 

4i, El Je$«s e'tant assis viTa-vis 
du trooij , re£;ardoil cbmmcrit le 
peuple mettoit ile I'aigeuL duns Ic 

^3. Et plusienr,sj3c7-.w//«,",<f riclics 
J mettoient beaucoiip ; ct nnc pan- 
vre veuve vint, qui j mit deux 
pentes pieces , qui font un qua- 

43. AJors ayant appcle' scs Dis- 
ciples , il leur dit .■ Je vous dis on 
vente , que cette pauvre veuve a 
plus mis au tronc, (|ue tous ceux 

jqui y out mis. / 

■*4. Car tous les autres y tnt mis 

|de lenr superflu -, mais celle-ci va 
mm de son indigence, tcut"cc 

(qu Pileavoit , tout ce qui Kii res- 
loit poui- vlvre. 

<OMME Jesus sortoit da Tem- 
, y pie et qu'il s'eu alloit , s 

41 ^fvd /esus sat ov^ agaiasi Ak. /2- 
ttre treasury., and beheld how the i 
people cast' money iftto the trea- \ 
survj and many>^-that were rich 
cast jn much. 

42 And there came a certain poor 
widow Tid she threw in two mites, 
^bich mat a farthing. 

43 And he called unto him his 
disciples, and saith unto them, ■ 
Verily j say unto you. That this 
poor \vidow hath cast more in 

than all they which have cast into 
; the treasury : . 

44 For all they did cast in of their 
a])undance ; but ;she of her want 
did cast in all that she had, even 
■ all her living:. .,.^^ 

CHAP. XXIV. - fh. 

JtTuial' ni\^ dcffrucricn forctrAd. 

AND Jesus v/ent out, and de- 
parted from the temple ; 
:and his disciples came to hinu for 
to shev/ him the buildings of the 

j2 And Jesus said unto them, See 

Disciples viuieut poui' luieufaii 
coiisidi'rci- les edilices. 

2. Et Jesus leuv tlit ; Voyez-vous 
toils ces batiineus ? Je ^ ous dis en 
veiite , qu'il ne res' era ici pierrc 

sur pierre qui ne soil veuversee. j ' 1 iwi ,i • 5 -^t -i i 

■ r . , ' lye not all these things? V erdy I 

10. Alors, que ceux (lui serontl ^ ^n 1 n . .1 

dau|ia Me^'e^fuient^aux mou: I ^^ "^^o you, 1 here shall not be 

tagnes^; . left here one stone upon another, 

17. Que celui qui sera au liaut that shall uot be thrown dow n. 

de lamaisoa, ne desccnde poiut j 16 Then let them which be in 

17LI ^"f^l i '^^\ ^^'^^ J"dea flee into the mountains : 

que ce soil de sa raaisou ; 
f 18. Et que celui qui est ans: 
>,cliamps, ne reiourne point ea 
■arriere , pour emporier ses ha- 

19. Malheur aux femnies qui 
seront enceintes , et a celles qui 
allajteroni en ces jours-la. 

20. Pricz que voire luitc a'arrlv^e 
pas enhiver, ui en un jour de 

21. Car il y aura line grande 
affliction , telle que , depuis le 
coauueiicemeiitdu myade jusqu* 

|)rf'^etlt , il ri v eii a p(jiiit eu, et 
qu'ij ii'v eu aiua janiais do scin- 

17 Let him which is on the' 
house-top nof come down to take 
any thintj out of his house : 

1 8 Neither let him which is 'nthe 
field return back to take his clothes 

19 And Avoe m*ito them that aro 
with child, and to them that i;ive 
suck ir :hose days ! 

20 But pray ye'that your flight 
be not in i!ie v,-incer, neither' on, 
the sabbath-da? : ' ' 

2 1 For then shall be great tri- 
bulation, such as Avas not since 
the beginning of the world to this 
thne, no, nor ever shall be. 

29 Immediattlv a.fter the tribu- 
lation of those days shall the sun 
.,.,', . f^^ ^^''^i-t-i^^cl. and the moon shc.ll 

du ciel , et les puissances des Inot give her li(.-ht qnrl th^ cf 

Shall fall from heaven,andthepow- 
ers of the heavens shalj be "shaken: 

2<). [^i aus'iiti'.t <iprf!s^J allfiction 
de ccsjours-h't, 1^ .solei'T s'obsciir- 
cira, la lune ne donueva point 
lumiere , les etoHes toiuberont 


Ji:« if';' JTrl Viijti;. 

36 nSjt S'£ T?? >)|U|jaj SXEl'vMf 
li T?C ^f^C U^£1C SfJiV) «J'£ 0> 

/UB /U.9V(^. 

N1K6, aT4Jf Efaj >^ >] tcaftfa-ta t5 

3S "iio-TTE^ ya^ ^ff-tfv |y T^rf >)- 
/xljaif Tar? flrjo t5 xalaxXftr/WB 

Sa9c Na;l Ei; ti'jv xiCftiljV 

39 Kai jjx 5yV4;j-av, £4JC i^xSsv 
xalaJtXu-jUOf, »^ >;j$v aVavla;' 

40 TjtS Juo Ij-oviai Iv TM a- 
ysv' Elf •aa.^aXa.fji.Qa.tilfti Kj i 

• 41 Au5 I aX/iStfo-ai tv Ti; f 
lxC>o:;i' (j.ix v:n.:i\ay.'ta.-/llai, 1^ 

4i I'^ti^/e^sTrs fcV, oTi alt 01- 
Ja'f croi'a ftija 9 X'jji©' i,Ui;)f ej- 

43 fxs.vo 61 j/iva'5-xe/f, CTJ £* 
tfl'Ei eliLol'iiT'rro'rnt; rzont iffXaxti 
o xXsTTT";; Ef;^^''^', iy%»yii^!riv dv, 
K, 4x. dv tta^l J'iC{i'/''iva( thy «ixia» 

44 Aut Turo Kj vfAs"'; ylns^e 

45 Tk «{<* fr'* » w(f oj JSx*^ 
ftyTa ettJ tSc SEjaTTE.a; uLtu, 

46 MflXafi"^ s Ja>®- |y.£~>©-, 

cv {XSaJV xu^i'^ aura £;/^MrE» 
wsiovia t?TWC. 

48 'tj:> .Ji tlifr. xax:,- SoJX^ 
lx£~;-^ sv Tp X£if5i« ai.ToD' Xj-a- 
»i:![£i ni^io; [A.OU ikSiXr 

49 '^*'^ a^.^^lrtl TlJTTTElV Tct; 

cruo.-i-'Xouf, E<r3ijiV o£ j^ 'SrivEiv ^rxsli 

. 32 A vcro ficu tiifcitc para- 
boliim : ••uum ium nunus ejus 
fucru tciiiT, .^ fuliu giuiiiua- 
vcriiit, fclils quia prOpe xUas. 

\i, lu i^ vos, i[ir.iru Viiloriri? 
h.'ec o:niii.i, ffllotc (|u;;i propd- 
L-fl ill 't.Lim'.s. _ _ 

36 De autcin die ilia & lior; 
nemo fcit, ncque angcli ctlo 
rum, fi non Pater meus I'oliis, 

37 Sicut autem dies Nol' 
ita crit Si advcntus Filii ho 

38 Sicut cnim crant in dicbu 
ante diluvium, comedcntes I 
bibentcs, nubcntd k nuptui tra 
dcntcs, ufquc quo die intravi 
•J>Ioe in arcam : 

.39 Kt non coj;;novcrnntdone 
vcnit diluvium, (Sc tulit omnes 
ita erit & prxfcntia FlHi ho 

40 Tunc duo erunt in agro ; 
unus afi'umitur, & unus relin- 

41 Dux molentes in molar 
una affumctur,.& una rclinquc- 

4J Vigilate ergo, quia ne- 
fcitis qui hora Dominus vefter 

43 lllud aiitcm fcitote, quo- 
niam fi fciret patcrfamilia.i qua, 
cuRodia fur vcnit, vigilarct n-i 
tique, & nnn fineret perfodi 
doiniim I'uam, 

44 Propter hoc & vos cftote 

45 Qi"^ putas eft fidellsfer- 
vus iK prudenS, qucm conlUtuIt 
dominus fuus fuper familiam 
fuam, ad dandum illis cibum in 
tcnij'.ore ? 

46 Btatus fcrvus ille, quern 
vcniens dominus ejus, invcnerit 
facicutcm IVc. 

47 Amen dice vobis, qno- 

nic!m fujier omi.i'nis iubfcintiis 
I'uis coniHiuct euni. 

4S Si autem dixerit malus 
fervus ille in con'e iuo : Tai'- 
dat dominus meus venire. 

49 Et cccperit percutcre con- 
fcrvos, edt-re -autem & biberc. 
cum ebrioGs : 

f 32. ]^jpi"eiicz ct'ci pav la simili- 
fttHiie till lignier .■yuaudses bvau- 
lu's comineiueiit a ctre len- 


!33. Vous aussi (}e mi*me, quaiul 
voiis verrez toutes ces cliusis , su- 
cUvi que fe Fils de I'iiuiinne est 
'proche , et i la porte. 

5ri. Poilvce qui est ilu join- et de 
riiem-e , personue uc le sail , uon 
ipas meme les Angcs du ciel,inais 
mon Pi-re seul. 

S2 Now learn a parable of the 
fig-tree; When his branch is yet 
dns.etqu'ilpoussentdesfeuines. •^-"^er, and putteth forth leaves, 
vous conhohsez que Tttc est pro-, y^ know that summer r? ni'^h: 

33 So likewise ye, when ve shall 
see all these thinos, know that it 
is near, nyen at tlie doors. 4 

36 But of that day and hour 
knoweth no man ; no, not the 
angels of heaven, but my Father 

37 But as the days of Noe v^n^e 
5-. Mais comme 1! en o>)ii dan? 'go shall also the'comfa^£r of the 

les jours de Noe, il en s^ra de g^^ of Man be. 
mc^nie a ravenemenl du Fils de 

I'lomrae ; ^^ ^^^ . ^" ^he days that were J 

38. Car comme, dans les jours before the flood they were eajjing I 
avant le Uc^lu^e , Us hommes (, ^^^ dunking, marrying and giv- 
ing in marriage, imtil the day that 
Noe entered into the ark, 

39 And knew not until the flood 
carne, and tqok'them all away ; 
40 Then shall tv o be in the 
field ; the one shall be taken, and 
the other left. 

• 4 1 Tmo i()owcn shall he grinding 
at tlie mill ; the one shall be taken, 
and the other left. 

42 Watch, therefore; for ye 
know not what hour your Lord 
doth come. 

43 Eut know this, that if the 
good man of the house had known 
in what watch the thief would 
come, he would have watched, 
and would not have suffered his 
house to be Broken up. 

44 Therefore be ye also ready: 

45 W'ho then is a faithful and 
wise servant, whom his lord hath 
made injlerover his household, to 
give them meat in due season? 

46 Blessed zV that servant, whom 
his lord, when he cometh, shall 
find so doing. 

47 Verily I say unto you, That 
he shallmake him ruler overall 
his goods. 

48 I.Uit and if that evil servant 
shall say in his heart, jVIy lord 
debyeth bis coming ; 

49 And shall begin to smite /n» 
•fellow-servants, and to eat and, 
drink ^vith .the drunken ; 


ma:igeoitnt ei biivoient , se ma- 
rloieul et doniioient en mariage, 
jnsq-i'au jour que Noe cuira duns 
!'arc!ie ; 
59. Et qu'ils ne pensi-rent an 
Deiugc , que lorsqu'ij yiul et qu 11 
les eniporta tous ; il en seia 
'anssi de meine a i'avenenieiit du 
Fils de I'lioinme. 

I 4o. Alois de deux liommes qui 
seront dans unci. amp, I'uu seia 
Ipris , el I'au-re laisse. 
I 41. De deux feaunes qui mou- 
'droni an mouUn , Tune sera prise, 
let I'aulre laissee. 
j 42. Veillez done ; car vous ne 
'savez pas a quelle lieure voire 
Seigneur doit veuiv. 

43. Vous savez que si un p'-re de. 
lamille eioil averti a quelle vejile 
\cle la nut un larron doit veuir , 
jil ve-Ueroil, et ne laisseroil pas 
percer sa aia. on. 

4*. C'e^l pourquoi , vous aussi 
tentz-\ ous p'.'t'ts •, 
; i.T. <^)ui est done le serviteur 
jfidi'-le ei prudeni que .son Maine 
[a etab'i sur ses dovnesiiqnes . pour 
lleur doniier la nourriture duus k 
icins (/u'il Jaut ? 

4G. TTeuretix ce sewitear que 
sou Mai Ire trouvera iaisant aiuii 
quaud il arrive:a 1 

47. .fe vous dis en verite, qu'ii 
I'^tabUra' sur tous ses biens. 

'iS. Mali si c'est ua mdclinnt ser- 
riteiir , qui di«e en lui-mtrae , 
Mon Mciilre larde a vc.iir ; 

4(). Et qu il s.-' ineite u batlre ses 
compagnonj de service , et a man- 
rer et a boire avec des iviXKrnes ; 


50 "h|si Kv^i'^ yZ J'ouXow 

51 Kai tiyj>\oy.i;c-ii aires', k, 

TicV Sf,j-er inH 1~ai; 

t 2. 

Klcf). ke', 25. 

S 'T'O'te ifAoSsewiTcii ri Sag-t- 

'Kf.a, tSv olcaviiv ^iy.% 

naa^^ivotg, alVivE; XaCcvrctt raj 

Z rft'v/c Ss ^<rav E? aijTav >f>p3- 

Taj Xa/'-T'xl/j L-rJi-y, ci;t tXa- 

6 MS^-ilj 0£ \"j:iil; x^tar/') -/■- 
yo:iV 'Ihv, vi-ft-J;;©- c^^y€ai, 

. 7 Tots nj'jjuijrav -Zxrac-Ki al 
^ara^Civoi huTvat, -^ iHctrf-myav 

8 Al J'e fAaieat ru"; cf-fsvi^uoj; 
sTttW Ao'te tj/^i'i' l» ro'j iXai'ou 
ly.Sy art ai ^a/^Tra'^Ej Jj^i'y 

.'.tfi, ?.£^ciiirai' M»!7rciE oi/K cj- 
fjidXXov ■BTjij Touj ccrw^ji/i'laj, ji 

10 'A7r5«;^o^Evwi( J-= ft,iTmJyii- 

faj-cti, nX^EV Hiyu«f)t#'* '^0,1 

i'Tfll//CCl siirnxSov />l£']' auT» ei^ Toiif 
J'o./xoi/j, ^ EitXEiVS)) h ^u^a. 

I I "Tj-E^cv OB i^)^o{!ai li, al 

Hv^is, a'vei^cv hfjZv, 

IZ 'O Js aVcxjiSslj, trTTEV 
°A/WJ)V Xiyoi ii//.Ty, ci:< oi fa vfA-aq. 

I J r^nj/oferTE oiJy, 

^r,/A,civ iKciKicrt rev; l^.cv; Jsu- 
ii'iTd^'yovlci aiiTGu. 

15 ICaj » ,U£V fJallE •ZJTEvl: Ta- 

50 Vi^niot domluus fervi il- 
lius in die (^ra non cxpc<ftut, &z 
in hora qn'i noa fcit. 

51 Er diviclet cum, & par- 
tem ejus cunj hypocritis ponet : 
illic erit fli-tus, & ilridor deu-' 


I 'T^Unc fimilabitur rfgnum 

cxlorum decern virgini-' 

bus, qu<-E accii)ientes lainpn- fuas, exlcrunt in occuriiuii 


. z Quinquc autem erant ex 
eispnulcntcs, Si quinquc fatu;-e. 

3 Q«ai I'atuqe funientes ]am- 
padr.5 iiias, nun fumpfcrunt fe- 
cum oleum. 

4 Vi^Tom prudentes accepe- 
niiK ol-um ill vafis fuis cum 
lumpadil'Us i'uis. 

5 Tardar.te autcm fponfo 
dorniitaveiuut omncs, & dor- 

6 Media autcm nofte clamor 
fa'ilu'^ eft : Hcce fponfus venit : . 
exitc ill occurl'ura ejus. 

7 Tunc furrexerunt omnes ill;e : & ornavcrunt 
lampadas fuas. 

8 At fatua.* fapientibus dixe- 
ruiit : Date nobis de oico veftro, 
quii lampadcs noltroj cxtin- 

9 Rcipondcnint auteni pru- 
dcates, djccntes : Ne forte noa. 
luiliciut nobis, & vobis : ite au- 
tcm potius ad vendentes, & 
cmiti? vobis ipfis. 

10 Abcuntibm autcm i'lit 

mercari, venlt fponfus ; & ex- 
peditx intraveiunc £um eo ad 
nuptias, & claufa cfl janua. 

11 Polleriiis vero veniunt & 
reliqua; virgjincs, diccntes : X>o- 
niinc, Domine, apcri nobis. 

12 Ille vcro r.efpondens, ait.: 
Amen dico vobis, non novi vos. 

13 Vigilatc itaque, 

14 Sicut enim homo percc^re 
proficifcens, vocavit proprios 
i'^TVos, i^ tradidit illisiubllan- 
lius fuas : 

15 Et huic quidenidedit quin- 
quc talenta, illi autem duo, illi 

5o. Le Ma'itre de cc serviicar-la 
vieudia le jour quil ne I'atiend 
pas, et k I'lieme qn'il ue sail pas: 

5i. Et il le sp'pai'era, et il lui 
doimcia sa pj.iiua aveclesliy- 
pociiies; c\ u ia qii i! y auva Jes 
pleurs et des griucLiueai di; dcnis.! 


LaPurabo'.e des Vicr^?s et ctes 
I. a descrijjtiua du 


Juge.mnt dsmier. 

AtOP>3 le Iloyanrae des cieuv 
seia se;nb!ub.e a dix vier;;e< , 
quiayajt pris Icuis lainpes, alit- 
reat aa-Jevant de I'Epoiiv. 

2. Of , il y en avoilciiKj dVmrc 
e".ew/MJ etoieiU sa^jes, et ciaq 
qui ptoieiit folles. 

5. Ce!le5 qui cVo/ert/ folles , (ii 
p'.cnap.l lear-. Iu'thjCj', navoicai 
p;»;Dl Jills d'liuile a\ ec elles. 

•i. ?iiai> \v> <a,c.i avoieut pris dc 
1 h:u!c dfiijs Icurs vuisscaux avec 
Iturs launjcs. 

0. Et coiuine I'eponx tardoit a 
vealr , e!Ie> s'assoupireiU loutt-j 
et s eudo. mirent. 

6. El suV le miuuit , on enlendil 
criei- : Voici I'epoux qui vicut , 
sorlez au-devant de lui. 

7. Alois ces viergej se levercnt 
toates , et prepaiereul leuis 

8. Et !es foUes diient aax sages ; 
Doanez-nous de votrp Iinile ; car 
Mos lampei s'eieigneut. 

9. Mail les sa.;es ii-po.idircnt ; 
h'ous ne. le jwui;oii.'; , tie pcur que 

jlous u'en-ftjojis pasasocz yuu)-, 

Qous et pour vons ; allcz plutot 
vers ceiix qui eu vcndent , et en 
achclcz puui" vons. 

10. Mais pculaat qu'elle? en al- 
loicut acheier, I'Epoux viut ; et 
cellesqni ctolenl picLes tiiicL-i-i.-ut 
avec lui aux uucfj , et la poiie 
tut fennce. 

11. Apres cela lei auins vierges 
viurent aassi , 1 1 dueiu / Seigneur, 
Seigneur , oiivrt' uon-. 

i.'.. Maisil tear tt-poudit.'Jevons 
dis en vcrlte, que je ue^ voiis coa - 
uois point. 

i3. Veillez done : 

i4 Car il en est comuie d'na 
liomme, qui.s'ea allanten voj age, 
appela ses scrviteius el leur re- 
mit ses bieu5. 

lb. Kt il donna cinq talent k 
I'un , a i'uuire tleux , et a I'autre 

50 The lord of that servant shal^^. 2-A. 
come in a day when he looket 
not for hhf!., and \n an hour the 
he is not aware of. 

5 ! And shall cut him asundei 
aTid appoint hhji his portion wit 
the hypocrites: there shall b 
wc;t'pin!> and gnashing of teeth; 


Parable cf the ttn rirq'i?ifi. 

THEN sJvdU the kin-dom of 
heaven be likened unto ten 
virgins, which took their lumps, 
and went forth to meet the bride- 

2 And five of them were wise, 
and five ty,- /v. foolish. 

3 Tliey thiit --rn-c fooKsli took 
their lamps, and took no oil with 
them : 

4 i5ut the v.'isc took oil in their 
vessels with their lamps. 

5 ^Vl)i!c the bride%rro(>m t n-ri- 
ed, they all slumlierL'! .I'-U iiv[;t. 

6 And at midni-^^nt il < re a\ us a 
cry made. Behold,; ill; liic'.c; room 
Cometh; go ye out .0 meet him. 
, 7 Then a!l thosj vir/iins, arose, 
and trimmed tieir lanips. 

8 And the foolish siii urto the 
"wise, Give us of yquv cil; for our 
lamps are j;one out. 

9 But thc-wisciu^sv. :;;■■•: 

AT;r w; lesi "■ 

for us and ; 

to them t,;;l :x:i, .■ : 




t K ■:> , ' .: ^ : '■: • . 

that \\\:.\- : •, ■' ; ■"■ ■ 

toti. n^Lr;'.Ljv . l.i;.' . .^..^m v.,,, 


11 Aftcr-vard caine also the 
other virgins, saying, Lorrl, Lord, 
open to us. 

12 Eut he answered and said, 
Verily I say uuta you, 1 know j 
ypvi not. - 1 

13 Watch, therefore 

^4 ktJiga'c!)! (J' lu avert is 
as a man triivellinc?; into a far coun- 

Ury, "jho called his own servants, 

' md delivered unto them his ^^oods. 

1 5 y\nd unto one he gave five 

.aleuts, to anotlitr two, 'and to 



17 'ilrttiT.i'j >^ 7« Ko, 
Wi-l'^yi ;i) fcirJc o"A>.a Sua. 

iS 'O S{ -TO iv XafiWV, aJTeX- 
v/Iai Xl{(®* T^f S'wXiV £XSl- 

TaiaQa. T^a'wv, 'Wjos-i'nyxev aX- 
Xa OTSile tuKa.y^.a, XsyiiV Ky^ie, 
•xivlE Taha-Pa. f-^n <ara{£Ja;xaj' 
«?£, , a'XXa "STivIs ya.'kai'ia i*i»- 
J>!c-<t' £■»■' at'TOlf . 

a I "E^))) Js aira Ku^i©' flti- 
■roS' Eu, JillXe flj/aSf >^ TTiri' 

Ql Koiairr.ri,' U7S\Si il{ T^v 
yaedv Toy Ki/jioi/ C/w» 

Z2. ITfOj-EXSav Sf >J Ta Jus 
ToKrtvla XaCi»y> fTTTf Kujie, X'uo 


f;',v TO? i;t ■•.'1-" sg. 

.■' Lj. rfjj'rtX'lry ?£ )^ c TO h ra- 

\ifev ri cri c-;i.Xi!^3; si' Cil3^.v7r<S^, 

f^^^a TO TttXaircv C3U Iv Ti7 y?' 
Us tX-'' ''■^ ''*• 

t;, , i:T:i-t airai' n«'.»]{£ JorXe 

vero uni'm : unicuique I'fcuii- 
(lum proprinm f.icultutciii : &r 
pcrcgrc prufcduscft (lutim. 

16 Profc>51us autcm <iuinquc 
takiitd acclpens, oporatus cft.'ni 
eis, & fecit alia quinque t-jltnta. 
. 17 Similiter pc qui duo, lu- 
cratus cit &. ipfc alia duo. 

18 V'eruni uiiuni accij>ieiis, 
alliens fodit in terra, & abfcon- 
dit pecuniam domini fui. 

iq^VrH vcro tcmpusmuhum 
veiiit domiiius ilrvorum illo 
rum, & confert rationcin cuhi 

ao Et accedcns quinque ta- 
lontaaccipieus, attulitaliaquili- 
que talenta, dicens: Domine, 
quinque talenta mihi tradidifti : 
eccc alia quinque talcnta lucra- 
tus funi fupcr illis. 

zi Ait vero ilH dohilnus 
ejus: Bene, fetve bone & nde- 
lis, fupcr pauca fuifti fidelis : 
fuper ninlta tc conftituani : in- 
gredtTc in gaudiuni domini tui. 
%i Accedens autcm & qui dcro 
talenta accipiens, dixit : Do- 
mine, duo tilenta mihi tradi- 
difli : ecce alia duo talenta lu- 
cratus fuxii fupcr illis, 

2"? Ait ilH do^iinus ej\ii-: 
Bine, fvTve hone. Sc fulclis : l"u- 
j-.L-r paufa f'tiilii iidclis, Av{.«i.r. 
iniiitu tc coiUiiniam : ingredcrc 
ill gaiidii'.ni tioinini t\ii. , 

2 t Acce<ii:nfl autcm 8< uniini 
talentum funiensjalt : Domine, 
fcio te quia duric* e? honio,nu- 
rens irhi ncMi feminafti, & con- 
grcgati."- undo iiati fparfifti : 

25 Ht t!m';re ]vrcuirus, alli- 
ens ahfcomli talentum timm in- 
terra: cc~2 habes tuurn. 

26 Rcfpondens atit-^m domi-* 
PUS ejus, disit ei : ?»Ialc fcrve 
& pip;er, Iciebas quia meto ubi 
no!i ieniinavi, & congreg-C' undc 
non fnarj^. 

liui ; a chucun se'ou ses i'orcej ; et 
il pa nil aussUot. 

i6. Oi- celui qai avo'it rcca cinq 
talens s'enalla et en traruiua ; el 
ii oagsia ciiui aulres lalens, 

17. Ue inCme celui qui ea aiolt 
rciu deux , en. gagna aussi deux ' 

18. Mais celui qui n'enavolt recu 
qu'uUjS'en alia el creusa dan? la, 
lene , et y cacha Targeut de sou 
Ma lire. j 

1 ;j. Long-iems apres , le i\Iaitie 
de ces serviicuisievint , et il Icur 
lit reudre com pie. 

20. Aiors celui qui avoit rcca 
cinq talens viut, et presonta cinq 
autrcs talens , el .dit; Seigneur , 
lu ni'avois reini* cinq laleus; eii 
voici ciuq aulres que j'ai ga^^ues de 

21. Et son Maitre lui dit • Cela 
va bien, bon el tidele servileur ; 
tu as ete fiddle eu peu de cbose ; 
je leiabiiiai sur bfeaucoup -, euUe 
duns la joie de ion Sei;i,iieiir. 

, 22. Et celui qui avoii lei.u deux 
ialrns.vint el dil .• Soi>neui-, in 
''^'avols reinis deux la.ens ^ eu 
void deux au lies que i'ai ga^nes 

25. Et son Maitre lui d,t.(e!a 
va b:cu , bon cl lidMe servitour ; 
lu as ote lidile en pen de tbose ; 
je t'ltablirai suv bcauccnip ; entre 
dans la joie de ton Seigneur. 

2t. -Mais eeliii qui n'avoit rccu 
qu'un talem,NinteuUl..Seignvur, 
Je savols que tu elois uu lioinnie 
dur qui moissonues ou tuii'as pas 
seme , el qui lecueilles ou lu u a> 
pas fopandu ; 

25. C'est pouvqiioi /ecraignant. 
je suis alle , ct j'ai caclu- lou la- 
Jtnt dans la icrre ; vbici , tu a; cc 
qui est ^ toi. 

26. El son Maitre lui rt'pondit ; 
Mechaut .-t paresfeu>. stix iuur . 

itn savois que jc u;ois-onnois oi'i ji 
n'ai pas seme , el que ^e lecuerilo,'. 
Oil ien'ai pa* n-p indiji 

anotrrSf one; to every man ^c-fJ^-'LS- 
cordin^^to his several ability; and 
St ra i ^ ht \v a:}' toolv h i s j ou rn e 7 . 

lo'lhi^n he that had receivetl. 
the five t'^k-nts went and'-traxled 
with the same, ami made them 
other five talents. 

17 And likcv/lse he Xh^A had v.e-\ 
ciirtcl two, he i.lso gained other' 
two. ^, 

}8 But he that had received one, 
went and dijj^ged in the earth, and 
hid his lord's money. 

19 After a long- time the lord of 
those servants cometh, and reck- 
oneth with them. 

20 And so he tlrat had received 
fivt; talents came, utkI brought 
ether five talents, saying, Lord, 
thou deliveredst unto me five ta- 
lents: behold, I l.uve gained be- 
side tiiem five talents more. 

21 i:;s lord s.\id u; to him. Well 
done, h'.u gcocl ViV/i I": ithTul ser- 
vant: thou!\_' !• i\i': hfti! over 
"a few things, I v. iil mukc thee ru- 
ler over many thihjrs : eVittr then 
into the joy of thy lord. 

22 He also that had received 
two taleivts cc me, aiul said-. Lord, 
thou deliieredst unto n-.e two ta- 
l-.-nts: bel;o!d, I have gained two 
olhe!* talents beside t};em. 

23 His lord saiil unto him, "\'\'eil 
dt)ne, good and faitl^ful servant : 
thou hast been faithful over a few 
things, I will make thee ruler 

. over rn; ny ti.ln-^s : enter thou in- 
to 1;he joy of th\' lord. 

2 '• 'l"h rn he \'. hie !i had received 
tiie one talent came, cmd said. 
Lord, i knew thee, 'that thou art 
an liard irian. reapinir where thou 
hast "not sown, a'ul ga'l-crhig 
where thou hast )'ot stiawed : 

25 j\nd I was afraid, and v, ent 
and hid thy toknt in the earth: 
lo, thin' thou hast ihcii /. tliine. 

26 His lord tUiswered, and said 
unto hihi, T/L-m w icked iuid sloth- 
fCd servant, thou knewest that 1 
reap where I sowed not, and ga- 
ther where I have not straw ed : 


Til',- y~ j?,6i» f lya) I iH'/iMs^a- 

3i ." ^:j.Ic iCy an' alT'v to 
n.s.'.rj., ;,, ^:, OS-re Tw t^oi(7j t* 

ti toil (^n i/ovi^, K, i'^ei, «j- 
Cnffiiat a7T uinov.) 

* 30 Kai 1-iv «.';^jsT(H' ScUXsV 

Ix^aWsIs £jf TO I «-)C»T^ TO ^ 

J /Jf VZ-to; TKV i (>5c>?a,'V, 

Kf I fxt^/Jiytott \ BialiuidZt, J^ 

36 *A^fUW»{rT£ t», o •5;<XI'7'i 

6iv alro". 'tc^.-iv'a TO. f9v«' li, uyo- 
f i^£l i3i.T:i.',"tt T aXXrjTiCu'V, »).- -TTi ■ » 

' * 33 K»i ;t rnrji ra. fxlv 

^ <Si^Xula- X tM. i Jf JiaJv t a^T^D, 

Ta ^' Js t e^;^«a t ^- I eLaju//«v. 

34. Tots Ijir 9 ^u.srOi''j; Ti7f 

tH oi^iif aiTiv' AsiTc St {iXt- 

>>),M«VOt TsS «Ta7(Sf /WOti' KXtJ- 

(cvojWiiTalj T^v nT4(u«!rafvrv i/A7i> 
<J-(<riAf4a» ajro xa'JafcX^f *Ov|Ucy. 
35 'E'TiihfaTa. yi^, j^ ttixKali 

yeyfli fAf 

•{l/Xax>i >)/t*>ii', >^ riXCf'le tff^; fxt. 

a; Opoituit ergo te jaccre ar- 
gent um JiK'um menCarii-. : & 
vtniiin? ego reccpiiTem uti'pc 
meum cum r.fura. 

28 Tollite ir-ique ah en ta- 
Ifntum, (St date habeiifi dccenr 

29 (Nam habenti omnJ dnbi- 
tur, & augebitar : a vero non 
hahente, & quod videt^r ha- 
bere, aufcrc-tur ab eo.) 

30 Et inutilem fervum qidte 
in teaebras exteriorts : illic cvit 
fictus & fienijiui. dehiium. 

34 Attendite autem vobis 
ipfis, ne forte graventur ycftr^ 
corda in Crapula, & tbrittate, 
& ctiris vitalibuH, & repcntitfa 
in vos fup(?iveniat dies ilia. 

35 Tanquam.laqtiais cnim. 
fujjervcnict in omnes fcdcntes 
fiipLT facitim omiiisterrse. 

36 Vigilate itaque in onihi 
tempore rofrantcs, ut digni ha- 
beawim eflitgvre iHa omnia fu- 

31 Quuni auum venerit Fi-- 
lias honiiiiis in gloria fua, &' 
omncs l"an(5li angtli cum eo, 
tunc ll'dcbit i'upcr throno glorue 

liut : ■ 

3 '. Et cogcritur ante eum 
oninos gentcs, &: IVparabit cos 
a iuviccin.ficnt pallor It^rc gat 
ovcsab hadis. ' 

3 3 Et ftatuet quidcm ovcs 3 
dextcris fuis, at hoedos a fi- 
ll ill r is. . 

34 Tunc dicet rex ]ii<; niu 1 
deicrie ejus : V*niEe bcncdic- 
ti I'utris nnci,pofrKlete paratuni 
vobis regnum a fiuiddniLnto 

3; Efarivj enim, &dediRi!> 
mill! manducare : fitivi, Ic po- 
tuftis me : hofpes eram, &i 
■.ollt j;:rf)< 'iH- : 

';6, ci amicivif^ is mc : 
a-gro-iavi, & v iitaftis me: in 
carccrc cniiii, & veniftisad me. 

'-'-!■ 11 tc laliiiil duiU' iloniR'i 
inoii argint an\ banqiiieis; ct ;i 
nioii reloiir, j"aurois ri-iirt' ce qui 
C't u ii«)i a\ c-c riuhii't. 

r..S. Olr:/-liii <iouc le la', ft It- 
domie/ u cc-iiii qui a ilix talciis. 

3'j. Car (111 (lomii-ra a cclui qui 
a , et il aura 1111-0:0 (lavaiiia!;c • 
inais a cclui qui 11 a pas, ou'lui 
otcra mi'ine tc quil a. 

5o. Jcicz (louc le sciviicur inu- 
/•le dans Its U'lubrts tle^ichdrs ; 

, ^t lu qu'i! y aiua des pieuis it 
grinctiiifus de deuis. 

04. Prenez done garde a voiis- 
Eiemcs , de jjeur que vos conns 
ne Solent a[H)csantis par la f^onv- 
m^ndise , pai- les exces du viii', et 
par les inquioludcs de cetie vie ; 
et que cc jour-li ne vous sur- 
prenne subitement. 

53. Car il surprendra comme uii 
filel tons ceux qui liabitent sur la 
i-ace de la Icire. 

5ij. Vtillez done, et piiez en tout 
terns, alin que vous soyez irouve^ 
diunes d'eviter toutes ces clioses 
qui doivcnl arriver , el de subsis- 
ter devant le Fits de riiommc, 

3i. Or, quand le Fi!s de Hioniine 
vieudra dans <.a gioire , a-.i-c inu- 
Its saints Ani;fs , a!ors i! sjs- 
sticra suj- le Irone de sa j;loue. 

02. Et tonics lt> nations seron' 
asscpiblc-es dc\atit lui ; el il ss'pa- 
re;a les nns d'a\ cc les autrcs, 
co'.niiic unberger scpate les iireljis 
d'avcc les bones. 

5"). El il mettra Ir 
druite , cl les boui s 

3 i. Alors le !>oi ih 
seroni a -^a 1! <iik ; 
qui elei b in ^ ic no 

du iiiondc. 

53. Car j'ai eu faini , ct\ 
^ e^ doiiue a n)anf;er; ]v.\ 
et vous ai'a\ ez do);Uf a i 
lois elian^ei' , et \oiisi; 
cutiili , 

56. J'etois utid , el\on 

> elu ; j Vtois Uia!a'!" : '•; ^ 

\ ez visile ; j *■!<■; <^ ; 
^ ous inetes v enu \ • . . 

27 Thou oiightest, thei't fore, to 
have put my money to the ex- 
changxTs, aiid thin at my coming; 
I should have received mine own 
Avith usury. 

28 Take, therefore, the talent 
from him, and give it unto him 
which hath ten talents. 

29 I'^or unto every one that hath 
shall be given, and he shall have 
abundance: but from him that 
hath not, shall be taken away 
even that which he hath. 

30 And cast ye the unprofitable 
servant into outer darkness: there 
shall be weeping and gnashing of 
teeth. " I 

34 And take heed to yourselves, 
lest at any time your hearts be 
overcharged with surfeiting,- and 
drunkenness, and cares of this life. 
and 80 that day come upon you 

35 For as a snare shall it come 
on all them that dwell on the face 
of the whole earth. 

36 Watch ye, therefore, and 
pray always, that ye may be ac- 
counted worthy to escape all these 
things that shall come to ^ass, and 
to stand before the Son of Man. 

31 When the Son of Man shall 

come in his glory, and all the ho- 

'ly angels with liim. then shall he 

;sit iipon the throne of his glory : 

; I o2 And before him shall be ga- 

s| hered all nations: and he shall 

- separate them one fn^m another, 

stdez en h,.-nu,-;<. ic ior. uume ^jUil^g ^ shepherd divideth his sheep 

oi.s a .■t.: prepare dcs la crca[;(Ki|£,.Q,-,^ ^j^^. ,^^.^^^ . 

v^, ' 3,3 And he shall set the sHecp on 

1 his right hand, but the goats on 

c- tiie kft. 

*-■■ 34 Ther* shall the Kin.;: say un- 
to them oil his ri:,ht hand. Come, 
ye blessed 01" my Father, inherit 
t tlrj kin';!iojn ptvpuved UM- \-n\ 
from ilic ('.-uiuAatioti ci'tlie wo: !■:! : 
3.') For I WHS an hn!);;-civd-. und 
ye gave nie nuat : I v, a;, llilrst}, 
and ye guve nic driiik: I A\as a 
stranger, and ye tcjok nic in: 

00 Xakcd, and yc clothed nic : I 
was sick, and ye visited me : I 
in prison, and ye came unto me. 



ni a" ez 

"- iiTa- 





^n^u- ( /■..■,! iitc-M, ic a!i!i-' 
i niu'-. r vcl litKiitJin, l\ putuvi- 

IllUS ? 

3^ Quando ri'itiiu tf vcJirr.U'- 

hrlj-.uciii, 'ic ti.!\;;;iiin!;-, r aul 

i luiJ.uni, &: amiciviiiiub ? 

I- .-.t) Qjjiindo vcro le 

intirni.n-j aut in carccrt, <'< 

veuinui"- cul tc ? 

, dice: ii- 

40 E.t rtipordenf fc 

''?' S 

41 ToT! t^;i' >;) TCK f^ uW.'j- 

TO ' -.••'-,,waj-|.ufvci' TW S'laQiXc 

41 't/T;f..'i.-r„. j.^.f, >;,;;,•: £?,j- i 

-1 ;£ '.(.-■ ;.;•■,('..■-, ^ cO C7:,-i£'--i'.- 

4.1 'li/; ..Vt'.X; :' .'; -:v7ai aiTW 
X, aii-j;, >-i,, :N.' K;';-r, tJts 
£■= ciCc^MSV, T;;n/..'-i, '< o ;■>:■.-.' i-' , 
^ 'Hov, T j/i,y, !v, ., .-('-i'.;',., ■; tv 

^5 Tots diryA I'^r.^d-ii :ilri7^, 

46 Kci KTtAj-ja-j'.lai <i.TOi £1? 
}(:X-,.-:i .i'^KJV ci of JiKttIti cI' 

* 3 V.ui -.V S>- KVT . £v En 

h? : An>.eil dico vohi;-, 'jU.-.t<:i us 

fooifci? iini iioroni frati uiiunvc-, 

nun minuhonini, mihi feciltis. ' 
41 Tuiic tiicct & his qui a 

finiftris; Ite 11 me hia'edid'r irt- ' 
Ijpiieiii .■Bter'nUr:'!, prxparatlnh' : 

tiiaboio & an<j'-.'l;K <'.'!us. I 

47. J-fui'!VTrTUiV!, 5«' noil qi-- 

vliirts inihi m;;nd:;care : iitivi, 

& noli- jintaftis ine : 
' if, I'T.r^'^ ■•••■ '11 f-f n'oa col- I 
'■ 1 •>■■;:;<■ m: : luulu-, fc i;on ti- 
;nit'virti:. int : itii'rnuis, & in 
I<;crc, & iioii vifunrLts mt: 
j 44 Tunc rclpondfbunt ei & 
I iiifi, aiccntes : Doniinc, quanao 
1 1: vidimii--. ei'iiricntcm, aut li- 

tlinLcrn, aiu hofpit'-m, :.nt nu- 
duM, luit, ant in car-" 
ccrc, & urn miniftruviniuitibi? 

45 TuTic ill!?} 
aict'iis : dico vobis, qua- 
tciiv.'i nun fculti-. u'.ii horum 
niihiinorum, net milii fcciRis; 

46 Kt ibv.ntlii in IV.pj.'i'^''^'" 
;viernum : at jufti in vitam se-' 
tcHKiin. . '_ 

I "pp. at auton rafclia, & A- 

zyina poll duos dies : 
c^ qua-rebant fummi Sacerdotes 
S-: Scriba; quomodo eum dolo 
ir,xii'-ii''tntc= occi.lcrcnt. _^ 

a Diccbant aulcm': non in 
fefto, ne quando tumultus fit 

'3 Ec exlftcine co in Bctha- 
rtia,in itoiuo Siip.onis lepi;ofi, 
ftcfumbciitc CO, vcnit ihulicr 

Sy. Alois, les justes lui it'pon- 
di'out' .• Seigueur , quand csi-ce 
,que nous t avous vu avoir I'atui , 
cl que uoiis t'avons iloiiae a niau- 
ger ; ou avoir soil', et que -iious, 
jt'avohs d'oiitu- a boire ? 

p8. Et qiiaud est-te que roiis 
t'a\ ous vu t-tiaii.ei- , et que i;(Kiis 
t'avoas recueilli; ouuud , ct que 
nous t'avons vein. 

Ag. Oil quand esi-ce que nous t'a- 
vons* vu niaiade , ou en prison , 
^t que nous sojnnies venus le \ oil? 

4o; El lie lioi rcpondaut , itur 
idira .• Je \ou.s dis en verite . qu'm 
:tant que \ uus ;i\ e/ I'uil ees i l.u-es 
la I'uu de ces plus pelils ile nics 
Ireie; . \o\i% nie k-s a\ ez lales. 

ii Eiisuite il dira a cenx qui 
seront ii sa gauche ; I{etiiez-\ ous 
demoi, inaudits . et allez dans le 
sieu etemcl, qui est prepare- ail 
fDiableel a se5 Ange.. 

42. Car i'ai eu lairn , el vous ne 

I ai 

ei que nous 

ui a\ vi pa< itouiie a man;; 

fu .soil , el \oas ne ma 

ilouue a boire. 
45. J^tftois eTraiiper , et ^oasne 
im'avez pas recucliii ; j'clo.s ni.d , 

fl\0us ne ni a\ e/ pas velu ■^j'l-lois 

malade el en p^i^o•.i , ct vous no 

m'a\ ez pa< ^ i-ii<-. 
•ii-. Ai(jr^ ceu\-l;'i lui ri'p'ly.,;;! ont 

aussi .'SeiL;neiir , cjuanJ cM-ceqiie 
jnous t'avons vn avoir taini , on 
l^oil". ou (treetrau^e.- , ou nuitj, ou 
I uia!at;e . ou eu \ 

ne l'a\ iiii^ I'o.ii 

45. !.ti; il ui- i-. [■■aii'.i a ; .k> vous 
dis I'H A . nil' , ijii > II ii' (jiie mhis 
ue I'uvez pas iail a I'uu de cts 

pluspeiits , vonsne mel'avez pas 
laii noil plUK, 

46. El cciix-ci s'eii iront aux 
poine-i ^^ici-uelle* ; mai* le^jusltj 
S en irontii 'a \ Ic ek'i i:e;Ie. 

Jesus-Christ oint d'unc femm 

mort par de tres-ardeatd 
prieres. II est saisi dans I 
jardiri , ainene au proces ct 
renic da l^ierrc. 

IX fete de Puque et des jjaips 
^sans levasn etoit d-'uv jonrs 
apres; et les Scribes c!:t;:c!M.;'-iil 
comment ils pourroient s( susi, 
de Jejus par liuesie , ct Ic luire 
' j». Mais ils disoicut ; Ii ne faut 

fpas que ce soil durant la fete . de 
jpeur qu'ilne se lasse du tuxnulte 
Iparini le peuple. 

5. El Jesus etaut a Be'thanie , dans 
jla maison de Simon le lepreux , 

'hi par Judas ; inst.lue Ui 
inte Cc-ne; se prepare a In 

37 Then shall the righteous an- ft^.n.f^ 
sw'er hinm, saying, Lord, when saw 
we thee an hungered,and fed i^/icf'.? 
■or thirsty, and gave thee drink I \ 

38 When saw we thee a stranger, 
and took thee in ? or naked, and 
clothed thse ? 

39 Or Avhen saw -we thee sick, 
or in prison, and came unto thee? 

40 And the King shall answer, 
and say unto them, "S'erily I say 
unto you, Inasmuch as ye have 
done it unto one of tl'.e least of 
these my brethren, ye have done 
i( unto me. 

41 Then shall he say also unto 
them ou the left hand, Depart 
from me, ye cursed, into ever-, 
lasting fire- prepared for the devil' 
and his angels : 

42 For I was an hungered, and 
ye gave me no meat : I was thirs- 
ty, and ye gave me no drink : 

43 1 was a stranger, and ye t ook 
me not in : naked, and ye clothecf 
me not : sick, and in prison, and 
ye visited me not, 

44 Then shall they also answer 
him, saying, Lord, when saw we 
•'i:e an hungered, or athirst, or a. 
stranger, or naked, or sick, or in 
prison, and did not minister unto 
thee ? 

45 Then shall he answer them, 
say ingA' erily I say unto you, Inas-- 
auiop. r.s yc did i'- not to one of the 
least of these, ye did /' not to me. 

46 .Van thjse shLill go away into 
everlasting punishment: Init the 
righteous into life eternal. ^ 

■ CHAP. XIV. ,/^.M 

Ci^./dracu ogaii/-i.i Christ. 

AFT LP. two days was titr feast 
f the pussover, ?nd of un- 
kcivened bread: and the chiei 
priests and the scribes sou: ht how 
tiiey might take him by craft, and 
put him to death. 

2 liut they said, Not on the feast- 
f/ay, lest there be an uproar of the 

3 And being in Bethany, in the 
house of Simon the leper, as he 
sat at meat, there ctmie a woman. 


x.a.Tiyii\ o'. Ta xaTJ t»'; x = - 

4 ''Hr::v 5e t.v£; ^y:i: .-.l; 



.. /^~ 


6 'o ■"■= 'l --,v- :.-r:V 'AcJeTe 
eL.-;,;; ■ ri a.' .->- k;-^!; ■:ra;-;;/;7E ; 

'j6 Kai fcVo T4r= l{/,T£( £u- 
17 Tn 6£- ir^ijTij i<i;> dlvjx',:v 

fA.u-c-;y.h c-ct s^ !; a'.V Ti ■KsV^a ; 

^ UTTols i.-.vro'y O itlx:rxaX<^ 
f'lytf O Kaifji; f/.u lyyuf ij-jv, 

•raiv fxa.SiJxy /.m. 

>;TSY-iacrav to 'srd-yx, 

10 'O^i'ac 5i 3-ev;/xe';>;; a) £- ' 

X = i;3 ^tslti T(i-V oS-'-JeX^-. , . 

xeT Ei'iai I /(.tEi^i'V. 

' 25 'O Ji E.TTiV fliTc'l';' Ol 

Saffi>.E.~f Tiv t5;xv -{■ »:{iEi«(;tv 
ftlrtuv j> 01 I .'Ivria^r/s,- altHy, 

!;,i])jii, ;ilc'.l)ur;rniii unguenti, 
uaiili piobiici imilti jirctii : "&. 
loiilVingcns alabalhrum, cflud'.t 
ci juvtu caput. 

4 !-":\iiit untciii quidani in- 
i ■' |i i :>_'ml i'l. Jlleti jitb', & di- 

i.'i;.-? Ad (juid pcrditio lila 

5 i'urciat cnim ifh'.d vr;;un- 
d.ui I'ujici treLcntis.dciiariis, oc 
daii jiaiipcribuvS. Ht frcmcbant 

6 At JtTus dixit : SiiiitL' :^ 
Q_uld iili moltrlti'is c-.liili-.nis? 
Piikhvuniojuis opera tacit iiinie. 

7 Semper (.ni;;i p.aipcrts ha- 
bctis tiini vol)!:-, ik (pjirn vo- 
lueritis poteflis idi^ benclV.ccre : 
inc auci-in non fenip'jr l-.abetis. 

8 Quod h.ibiiit ha'c, i'^cit : 
pr.cotx'iip.'.vii u;;;4'.rc lULLra. 
(TOi'pusiii Ivpultu a'.ii. 

14 Tunc V3.dcns unus daode-* 

ciinjdich:., li'da^ Tilariotx;;, ad'* 
I^ Sit 
.'arc, ,^ . >, >T:, 
nil \.u/^n.,j-i, 
j;iiita aJ;;cntL-os. 

16 Et exindecjuccriLbaloppor-' 
1 tuuitatcni iit eum tradcrti.. 

17 -•^t prima Ar.ynioru-.n ac- 
ccffcriuu.diLipuli jUu.diccntJs 
e: : Ubi vis parcmui ttbi tomc- 
dcrc l'ulch.i ? 

18 lUc autcm dixit: Itc in 
civitatL-m ad qucndam, &dicite 
ci ; Mr.gidcr dicit: Tcmpus 
nu uni prope eil, apud te facio 
Falcha cum difcipulis mcis. 

i<) Et fcc.ruiu dilcipiuli licut 
ordinlvcrai iliis Jcius, & para- 
vcruiir Pallha. 

20 Veljicrc autem fado, dif- ' 
cuin!K-h;a cum duodecim. 

24 iac(a cfl aiit'jm <k co;i- 
tentio in cis, hoc, quis eoruni 
vidtrctur efie major.. 

25 Is autem eis ; Reges. 
j^cntir.rri dominaauir meos: Sc 

potellatoin hahjp.t'.-s iplbruni, 
bcuciici vocautur. 

Qn;d vuiiis mi.'.i 
■> '■■■'-• :i\;:l.,iu cum ? 

liine femnie vinl a'ltti , lovsqw-'il 
eiuit a table , avec un vase d'nVba- 
tre , i)leiu d'uiu' huile oilorift-iaiite 
et do grand piix , qu'elle liii ve- 

ipandit sui- la tele , ayaut ronipci 

'le vase. 

4. Et quelques-uns en furcnt m- 
dignc5 ein eux-mOroes, et dirent: 
Poiuquoi i>eidre aiusi ce parfiim ? 

5. Car on poiivoit le veiidre plus 
de trois cents den'ieis , et les dou- 
iicr aux pauvrcs. Aiusi ilsmurmu- 
roient conlr'clle. 

G. Mais Ji'sus leur dit / Laissez- 
la ; pouiquoi lui laitcs-vous de la 
peine? EUe a fait uoe boune ac- 
tion a mon egai d. 

r, Cai- vous aurcz tonjouis des 

pauTves jjarmi vous 

et loules Ics 

Raving an alabaster-box of oint- 
ment of spikenard, very precious 
and she brake the box, and pour- 
ed it on his head. 

4 And there were some that had 
iiidignation within themselves, 
and said, Why was this waste of 
the ointment- made? 

5 For it might have been sold for 
more than three hundred pence, 
and have been given to the poor. 
And they murnmred against her. 

6 And Jesus said, Let her alone, 
■why trouble ye her? she hath 
wrought a good work on me. 

7 For ye have the poor with you 
always, and whensoever ye will, 
ye may do them good ; but me ye 
have not always. 

8 She hatli done what she could ; 
she is come aforehand to anoint 

. ;'my body to the buryini?. 

l-tThen one ui" tl/.-. tv/^clve call- 
ed Judas Iscariot, went unto the 


luis que vous voudiez , vous poui-'» 
icz leur Taive du bien ; iiiais vous 
ne m'aurez pas tuujours. 

8. Elk- a fait tout ce qui etoit en 
son pouvoir ; die a embanme par 
avance inou corps pour naa sOpul- 

11. Ai'ors I'liu desdouze, appele' '"^ """-^ >■">•'—•'"' .'"■^- • , 

Judas Iscariot, s'eu alia vers les i -i. Thon nnr of t!:- tv/clve call- Tit -It. 
tpriucipaux Sacrilicateqrs , 

i5. Et leur dit .• (^ne vouiez-voits , • ,- • . 
medonner, ct ie xous le hvrerai ? f""'^'^ P'"1'SIS, 
Et ils couvinrent de lui doauer 
trente pieces d'argent. 

, \i5. Eidcpuisce teins-l.\,ilclier- untoyou? And they covenanted 
chou une occasion propre pour le ,vith him for thirty pieces of silver. 

17- 6r,le premier jourde la f^te 1 6 And from that time he sought 

Opportunity to lietray him. 

17 Now, the iirst (:/'«;> of the /•c";/! 
o,^unl«avcned bread, the disciples 
came to Jesus,. saying unto him, 
Where wilt thou that we prepare 
for tiiee to eat the passover? 

1 8 And he stud, Go into tlie city 

1 5 And said ?/??'o ,'//('.•.•?, What will 
vo give me, and I v/ill deli% er him 

des pains sans levain, les Dis- 
ciplei viurent a Jesus et lui di- 
leut .-Oil veux-tu que nous prcpa- 
rioas pour manger la [';iquf ? 

i8. El il reyoiidit: Aiiez di^ns le 
village chcz ua lei , ei lui diie< .- 
Le iMaitre dil . },\nn terns e;t 
proclie ; je reiui la I'uque cliez !oi 
a\ CO nies Disciples. 

19. El les Disciples firent couiroc 
Jwsus leur avoil ordouuL-j, el pre- 
parereut la Paque. 

20. Qnand le soir fut venu , 11 se' 
mil \ [able avec les douze ^dpotres. 

24. II aiTiva aussl nne contes-l 
laiion enu'eux , pour savoir le- 
quel d'entr'euxdevoit etre legarde 
cotn me le |)lns grand. 

25.' Mais il leur dit : Les Rois 
des nations les raaitriseut: €tcpax> 
qui usent J'antorite sur elks sent 
nonimes bienfaiteurs. 

to such a man, and say unto him> 
The Master saith^ My tijne is at 
hand ; I will keep the passover at 
thy house Avith my disciples. 

19 And the disciples did as Je- 
sus J^ad appointed them ; and 
they made ready the passover. 

20 NoAv,when the even was come, 
he sat down with the twehe. 

24 Arid there was also a strife 
among them, which of them 
should be accounted the greatest. 

35 And he said- unto them, The 
kings of the Gentiles exercise 
lordship over them ; and they that 
exercise authority upon them are 
called benefactors. 



ay Tif j-aj fAH^^aiy, ayiXilfxt- 
|uiv®' ;• kyv a tlfA,t hi fjiirai i- 

* 5 ETra i3a^^El EJ'iJf tif -rov 

WsJ-if TiV /tAa6«1i», »^-J in/xaiX- 
triiv TOJ I XflJt'w cJ r.V Jit^ifl-^XE- 

Ji£) nil fxn nVIt:? Tjjf oriJaj j 

»JTi, j/Va;j->j,JI /uili TaZra.. 

8 Afyfi auTJa nirj©*' Ou jU« 

Ts. 'AtteXj-.'Sij «iiTa? iiicrSc Ea.)/ 
/x^ vi'-ij'i) fi, . Ml l;t'*f /*«£<^ 

/kit' l/Auf. 

9 AEJ/£t tfuTa) 2ifA,'j)V IlETf©-' 
To Aiiysj ai/TJj o Iijirouf" O 

joj Jx©'" >^ ii/Mii x«9aj«» Irs, 
«tT£V ?(* THT9 £iW2r* Ou;^t 

12 "Ot5 ttV f (vf'E Ttf{ t!To'5"a? 
tiTo.'l', ^ fXaC.E Ta ifxaria ai- 

TsV I'lVldJXE.J Ti WEWOlUXtt i/uTv; 
14 El «> £J«c) EM^tt U,W«I' TBf 

I& 'au'.v, a/Av, Ktya) !jfj.~i/,dt 
J 7 El TaDra oTX'oll, ^axajfOi'/ 

26 V'oj autem non lie : fed 
qui raajoi in vobis, fiat fitut 
junior : & ijui.jicxccilor, ficut 
miniftrat- r. 

27 Quis enim major, recum^' 
bens, an minillraris ? nonnc rt-. 
curabens? ego autcm funi in 
medio veft^-um ficut nriniArans.^ 

•:•.- a Et ccsn'dla^a;!''' 

4 Snrglt a cfcna, k ponit vc- 
ftinient-.i : & aculpicnb lintcuni, 
prxcinxit feipfum. 

5 Deiiide iiijicit aquam in 
pclvim, ^' capit lavare pedes 
difcipulorum, ^ extergere lin- 
tco quo crat prxcindus, 

6 Venit ^rgo ad Simoiiem 
Pctrum: & diciteiille : Domi- 
ne, tu meos lavas pedes? 

7 Refpondit Jcfus & dixit ei: 
Quod ego faciojtu ncfcis modo, 
fcies autt m poll hxc. 

SDicit ei Petrus : Non la- 
vabis pedes meos in aternum. 
Refpondit ci Jefus: Si non lavc- 
ro te, non habcs partem cum 

- 9 Dicit ei Simon Petnis; Do- 
mine> rron pedes meos tantunx, 
fed &maiius k eaput. 

To Dicit ei Jcfns : Lotus non 
opus habet quam pedes lavare, 
(cd c[l- mundus totus : Et vo« 
mundi cftls, fed non omnes. 

1 1. Scicbat enim tradenteni 
fe; proptir hoc dixit : Non o- 
mnejj niundi eftir.. 

1 z Pcllquam ergo lavlt pedes 
corum,^ acccplt veftimentafua, 
recumbcns itcnnn, dixit ei.. : 
Sciiis quid fecerim vobi,^ ? 

13 \'os vocHtisme ; Magifter 
& Domiims: &: pukhtc dicitia: 
fum eteuira. 

T4 Si ergo ego lavt 've{lrfi<: 
pedes, dommjis & magiftcr, &., 
vos dcbecis a^i alionim lavare 
pcdys.-!- — ^ - ' ■ , 

15 ExempTum enim dedi vo- 
bis ut quemadjTiudum. e^o fee:. 
vobis, & vo: faeidfiE, 
' 16 Amen, amen, dico ■v^obi^7, 
non eft fervus major domino 
fuo, neque Icgatus major init- 
tent<i ilium. 

17^'Si hsec fcitis, beati cilis 
fi fecevitisea. 

26. II n'uii doit pa^ iirc Je mo- 
me cntre vons ; niais quc.cclui^ 
qui est le plus grand [»anni vous , 
soitcomme lu muindru ; fit coiiii 
qui gouvei'iie , coiamc ctlui qui 

:37. Car qui fst le pUis grand , 
celiii qui ct ;'i table , ou cclui 
(|ni scit ? iS't';t-ce pa.<i celtii qui 
(.".t ;i lahl;- ? Ut cepcndaiit jo Miis 
an inili'jii de vous comme celui 
'qui sert. 
2. El Jiprts Ic suup^'r 

4. Se leva du soiiper , el utu sa 
robe j' ct axaiit pris un Huge , il 
s'eu ceiguit. 

5^ Eusuite il mil de I'eau dans 
un bassiu , et se mil a laver Its 
pieds ill: scis Disciples, ti a Ics 
(SMiycr avec Ic liiigc duiil il liiiut 

6. II vijit done a Simon Picne , 
qui lui dit, Toi , Seigneur, tu- 
niela\eroi>Ie.s pieds.! 

n. Jesus repouilit, et lui dit: Tu 
ne sais pas inaiuleuant ee que je 
fais 5 mais tu le sauras dans la 

8. Pierre lui dit : Tu nc me la- 
vrras jamais les pieds. ,lr>u-i lui 
leiJ'indil : Si je ue ic la\ r , tu 
ii'auias point de pai i avei- uioi. 

rj. Slmou Pierre lui dil : Sei- 
gneur , uou-seultinent les pieds . 
mais aussi les mains el la tete. 

lo. Jesus lui dit: I'elui qui es 
lave J ii'u bcsoiu siuou quvu hn 
lla\e les pieds . puis il est oniiCi t - 
jmeut net. Or vous eles nets , mai 
jUon pas tou3. 
I 11. Car il savoit qui etoit celui 

qui le traliiriiit ; e e^t [icMir eclak 

qu'ii dit : Yc-us u'ctes pus tous 

12. Apvts done qu' 1 leur cut 

lave les pieds, et qu'il out rt-jiris 

sa robe, s'jetant renils a tal/lc , il 

leiir dil : Sa\ e-^s-votis ec que je 

vous ai {'ait? 
lo. Vous in'appeiez Maitre et 

Seigneur , el vous diies vrai , car 

je le suis. 
i4. Si done je *otis ai lave h"? 

l>i'ds, iiioi qui jiuis le Seigneur ct 

le iMaiue , ^ ous devez aiissi \ cms 

laver les pieds les uns au.\ auli es. 
la. Car je vous ai donuc uu 

exemple , alin que vous I'assiijz 

coniree je vous ai Fall. 
iG. En Virile, en ve(ite' je vous 

dis : Que le Serviicivr ii'esi pas 

plus que son Maitre, ni rEuvy^re 

plus que celui (jui I'a euvciye. 
I 17. Si vous savez ces dioscs , 
jVous eles bieubeurcux , pourva 
ique vous les praliquie;!. 


26 But yo. shali not be so : but he 
that is greatest among you,' let 
him be as the younger ; and he 
that is chief, as he that doth serve.. 

27r"or whether is greater, he 
that sitteth at meat, or he that 
Serveth ? h not he that sitteth at 
meat? but I am among you as he 
that serveth. 

2 And suppey being ended, J. / ' 

4 He ristth from supper, and laidC| 
aside his garments: and took a 
towel, and girded himself. 

5 After that he pourtth water in- 
to a bason, and began to wash the 
disciples' feet, and to wipe them 
with the towel whe\e»silh he was 

6 I'hen ccmeth be to Simon Pe- 
ter: and Peter saith unto liim, 
X-ord, doiit tl.ou wash my feet? 

7 Jesus ansM'ered, and said imto 
him, What \ do, thou knowt&l not 
liow; but thou sliait know hercafier. 

S Peter saith unto liim, Thou 
shalt never wash my feet. Jesus 
answered him, ] f I wash thee not, 
thou hai.t lio pavt '«vith hic. 
, 9 Simon Peter saith unto him, 
Xiord, not n>y feet only, but also 
my hand§ aTjd my liead. 

10 Jesus saith to him, He that 
fe \vashed, needeth not, save to 
wash his feet, but is clean every 
whit: and ye are clei'ji, bxit not all. 

11 For he knew wlio should be- 
tray him ; tlierefore said he, Ye 
are not all clean. 

i2Soj after he had washed their 
feet, and had t<.\en his garments, 
and was set doi^ii again, he said 
unto them, K.iov. ye what I have 
done to you ? 

! 3 Ye call me Master and Lord: 
•and ye say v/;.il ; for ho I am. 

li If I then, your Lord and Mas- 
•ter. have washed your feet, ye also 
f u.Tht to wash one another's feet. 

15 I-'or I have given you an ex- 
ample, that ye should do i.S 1 have 
done to you.. 

1 6 H eri]y, verily, I say tmto you,^ 
The servant is not grentn-r thaiT 
his lord:,neithti; Jie that is sent 
greater than he thlit sent him. 

1 7 If ye knov/ these things, bap- 
s' ^gj!&Jf ye do theiA. J 


SI Ta.Zia. d-rraiv i 1>IJ-0^C e- 
,^r,c-£, lif il-JT'A- "t^fJ-h, ay.r.v, 7-.vyji 
erii l-'-i- ^ ■ , 

24 Hiuii (.vy t'jVtoi ^ifj-xv TlE- 
'e. >.Ey£(. 

'to ffjS©^ TOU 'l'7«"SU, X£j'et avt'J)' 

26 'ATTOXfivs'st UcrSi^ £- 
xi~io4 sCfP i E}'*' 5a4"^f ''■^ V-*-'-- 

JT ''OT£ ^ 

34 'LviiXi'.v y.uiinv '<,:->xi/.i f|Miv, 

. .7va a.yanxi'^f. dXKiiX^c KaO-Mf >;- 

yi'rrt)(7a iy.-i:, iVa >^ iy-xs"? a j/a- 

■^ I Tors Xfj'Ei civTo'i^ 9 'lij^-a;' 

' , V ' - 7% - -*"■ • - 

r 33 'Ayojt^iSst; Je nETji^-i 
. fiTTEV c-UTf* Fi xj wa'isEj cruavfa- 

V_*-Xfi vJa X i r £ »; J- 1^« c. li... ^ 

Xoxt)V .^c.-; Z'rl'jaliv •nre^iuErfiai. 

34 '0 S'E i^Tj.i' Aiytrj Qoi, 

■ •"" - - ~ . -/■ -^ ■ . 

35 Kiyti avru! njTf®'' Kav 

Je)] (it£ juv g-oi «7rcSa',£lV, « |«n 5-£ 
cwagvvjj-o.aal, OfAoix^ jo 'Oja.ilii 
01 j«.*6>)1tti eTttov, 

36 Tots Ijj^elaf /uet' aurajv 
'l>icrtf{ El? pfiVjiov Xf}/o^£vov 

r£93-«;uav>)* ^ Xej-ei tjT? juafljiTaTf • 
KaSiVals alrS, ££uc « oW£X9a)v 

2 1 Hsc dicens Jcfus turlia- 
tU5 eft fpiritu, & protcHatus cit, 
ii dixit : Amen amen dico vo- 
bis, unuso: vobis tradct me. 

22 Afpiciebant ir^x) ad iii- 
vlccm difcipuli, ha'iuantcs do 
<iuo dicerct. ' ■ 

23 Erat autem recumbtn; n- 
rms difcipulorum ejus in IImu 
Jcfu, qucm diligcbat Julus. 

24 Innuit ergo huic "imon 
Petrus pcrcontari quis elict Cvi 
quo dicit. 

25 Incumbcns autcm illc fu- 
pra pe<51us Jcfu, dicit ci : De- 
ntine, quis c!l ? ; 

26 Rcfpojidit Jefus : lUe eft 
cui ego iiitingensbuccellam de- 
dc-ro. Lt intiHgcns i.iici;t.-lkm, 
dat Judx Simoiiis Ifcariota.-. 

31 Quum ergo cxiffct, dicit 

Toius : 

34Maiidatum novumtlo vi- 
bi3,Utdili<v,tisinviceni: ficutdi- 
1-xi vos, ut & yos diligatib'iu- 

35 In hoc cognofcent omnes 
quia mci difcipuli cftis, fi dilec- 
rti'oiiMn liubuerilis aci uiviccm. _ 

3 1 Tunc ^icit illis Jcfus J 
Omncs vos- ofiendemiui in ra, 
in node ilia./. 

3 3 Refpondeiis autem Petrus, 
ait ilii : Si & omnes Icandalizati 
fiierint in' te, ego nunquai\i 

tecum jiar'atub funi &. in 
carcercm, &, iji mortem ire. 

34 llle autem dixit-. Dico 
tlhi, IVtre, not} cantabic hodlc 
gallus, priu5 quam tcr abiK^t:;^ 
nofTc me. 

35 Ait illi- Petrus :^Etiaht fi' 
oportueritijiecum te mori, non 
te negabo. Similiter 5c omnes 
difcipuJl dixeiunt. 

36 Tunc venit cum illis Jc« 
lu^ in viliam di<ftani Getlife-* 
mani, & dicit difcipulis : Se-^ 
dcte hie, ufquequo vadens oremj 
iUic. • ! 

21. (hiariil Jusus ciuilit cola , "il I 21 Whcu Jcsus hadthi;3 Sulci, hc^ ,Ji, 
lut rimi CM sou esprit, el il tlit [ was troubled in siMrit, ami tc-sti- 

.myerle,nen, : Ku veritc. en v,:- ^^,^ ^ Silid, Verily, Vcliiy, I say 

MK; traiiira. 

22. lit Ics Disciples sf ic^ar- 

dolcnt les uns Ics autres , t'tau; 
eii pii'ie (if qui il purloif.. 

25. Or if _v aiult nil ilts Discip't'^ 
tie J('sus. cclui (tin: JtsusaiiiKiit . 
qui I'toil coucln' vers son stin. 

2t. Simon Pienu lui tit signc do 
dcniandcr ([ui tloil celui de fpti il 

20. Lui done s't-iant piiicln' sur 
]e soin dc Jtsus , lui dil : Sei- 
gneur , qui esl-ce? 
0.6. Jesus vcpuudit : C'est rcliii 
« qui je donupiai tin. tnoictau 
trenijJc'. I*"tavant ireuipe uii luor 
ccau, ii If doinja a Judas lsi:t- 
rlol , IJls dc Siinun. 
ni.Quaudii InlMuii. Jtsiis <lii 
5-1. Jev'jtts donnc ini eyauuan- , 
dcmfrUt nouviau , que m)Us \oiin 
ainilez Ics un'i Its aiUrC' ; qm , 
cuninie je vous ai aimt's , vousj 
33. C'cst a cda que tous con-; 
noit iojjf*lue vous.eics inci Dijci-l 

jjiles, stvous avoz Je Tamour les 
|uns pour Ie?-auties. 

5i;Alors Jesus !ear dit ; Je \ on - 

%eiai cciieuiiita tousime oci a%i<)n 

de ili'vie.;' 

.33. Et Pierre pvcnaut la paioie, 

lui dit ; Qiiand nii'ine tous /c.'v 

ck/a^'s ,se scaiulaiiseioii^iy eu loi, 

ie ue serai jamais Maiiilalise. 

je suis tout pret d'aller avtc loi , 

et en prison el a Ja niort. 

i 34. Mais J(';siis lui dit .• Pieirrr, 

Ije te dis que le coq nc clinuteru 

poiul aujourd'liui , que tu u'aic« 

:ine trois foij de nie eonuoUre. 

i 33. Puis il leur dit : Lorsque jo 

vous ai tnvoyes sans bourse, san-. 

sac , ct sans souliers , avrz-\ ous 

inanque de r|uelque cliose ':' ]u i!s 

r^poiidirent : Ue rien. 
SC), iMais mainleiiaiit , lour dit- 

il , que celui qui a uiie bourse In 

prenrjc , et de iiieme celui qui a- 

iiQ sac; et que celui qui u'a poiiit 

d'epce vend^-^a robe , el euaclie^ 
ne urte. :,,v'j p 

unto you, that one of you shgil be- 
tray me, 

22 Then the disciples looked one 
on imoLher, doubting of whom he 

23 Now there wo.s leaning on Jef 
sus* bosom one of his disciples, 
whom Jesus loved. 

24 Simon Peter, therefore, beck- 
oned to him, that he should ask 
who it should be of whom he spake, 

25 He then,lying on Jesus' breast, 
saith nnlo him, Lord, wlio is it ? 

26 Jesus answered, He it is, to 
whom I shall give a sop, v/hen I 
have dipped il. And ^*'hen lie Kadi 
dipped the sop, he gave /.* to Ju- 

' das^^cariot, thc^f '>f Simon. 
\ 31 Therefore, wlien he was gone 
\ out, Jesus said, 

34 A n-jw commandment I give 
unto you,' That ye lo\e one ano- 
ther; as I have loved you, that 
ye also love one a,iother. 

35 13y this sliail all mtn know that 
ye are my disciples, if ye have love 
one to another. ' _..' 

3 1 Then suUh' Jesus unto them, 
AH yc shall be oQcnded because 
■ of rrie this 'night: 

33 Peter u owered, and said un- 
to him. Though all men shall be 
offended because of thee, yet uill 
I never be oftended. y^ . 

I^am rewly to lo with thee, both -^-"^^^ 
into prison, and to death. . 

31 • i.J Ic 1 tell thee, Pe- 
rcr the ccck shall not ciow this 
day, beioi-e that tlou thrice 
deny t:at thou knowest me. .frx^L 

35 Peter said unto him. Though W^ zo. 
r should die Nvitb thee, yet will 
not denv thee. Likewise also said j 
all the disciples. 

3 6 Then com eth Jes\is ^vi•.h them 
xinto a place called Gethsemane, 
snd saith unto the disciples, bit ye 
here, while l ^o and pray yonder. 



-:;8 Tots X£y£i oiroTt* IlEji- 
29 Kai iErjO£X6(U» |UiXj5v, ?W£- 

40 Kal igx,^a.t leci; rai f*a- 

^St' lya ; 

41 r^i)>'OJE"TS 5 'SefOfl-£u;^8T9s, 
?»a /x>i £iVbX&>; £ tl; Wit^j.a>x6r 


4Z naXiv Ix Jiulefs «7riX0«y 

eI » SovaJaj Taro TO 'srslij^iov «7a- 
flXSsri' aV* J /M,«, Iftf /iti) fti/To -arta", 

J'Et'iSllTlW TO S£X>);Ua ya. 

43 Ka« £X9av auftVxEi ouTtif 
flfoXiV Xtt0--i5?'ovlaf' ?ff-av j'fl^ au- 

44 Kol Oi^uf auTuri aVeXOa^v 
"traXiv, i!7^ijvv^a% Ik TjiVa, tc;' 
auTOV Xaj^o* ilviuv. 

_ . 45 ToTf ?[;^£7ai ar^oc tsc ^a- 
G'iIt-; airS, K^ Xiyii alroit' K«- 
6£-J5'6''s T3 Xo.TT^v, )<) av«7rfli'£j-6a' 

,Kj<{). tn. 18. 
* I ' I 'Aura ilvtvt 'li;3-BC, f^- 

■ Jra X TOf^.tV TH f ^Si"ap':u Ti;> 
•(• XsJfMV, JWa ^'v X K?""'^, £IC 
'•» fJa-nXfifV o^Tcj >^ 01 iMafirjIai 

2 "Hjt4 Js 1^ Mtj-af, •arajrt- 
• )i5'f'^ aiTO~, TOV To'.'ov 0T< tcoX- 

* 3 'O Sv 'laJa? Xnfti'ii th 

^ficraiCDW t7r«j£T(;;, |j>£7ai exEi" 
/usla "^ <})«va;/ ^ ^ 'KafJi.itixiaiy ^ 

'37 Et alTumens Pctnim, & 
duos fillos Zebed.-ui, capit con- 
triftari & gravifiime angi. . 

38 Tunc ait illisj.Dndique 
trliiis eft aniina mca ul'que ad 
mortem. Manete hie, & vigi- 
latecum mc. 

39 Et progreffus |)ufillum, 
procidit ill faciem f^^^'^^ 

ran?, & diccns: Pater :rij, ft 
]'<)l!ibilo eft, traiifcat a mc ca!i< 
iftc, vcruntanicu non-licur ej>o 
vok>, i'cd ficut tu. 

40 Et vtnit ad difcipulof , fi 
Invenit eosdormientes: &.djuit 
Peno : Sic non potaiftls una 
hora cum mt ? 

41 Vig late & orate, ut non 
iiirrctisintentationem: Quidem 
I'piritus promptus, vcrum caro 
infirma. « . . 

4i Iterum ex fctundb abiens 
oravit diccns : Pater mi, fi non 
poteft hie calix tranfire a me, 
ii non ilium bibam, fiat volun- 
tas tua. 

43 Et veniens invcnit eos 
rurfus dormicntes: erant cnim- 
coruni oculi gravati. 

44 Et relinquens illos, alliens 
iteruni, oravit ex tertio, eun- 
demfermonem dicens. 

45 Tunc venit ad difcipuios 
fuos, & dicit iili&s Dormite 
C£etcruni, & rcquiefcite : 

CAPUT XVtll. • 
I Tl-J.i^JCclicensJcfiis, egrefTiis 
eft nnn difcipulis fuis^ 
trans torrentem Ccdron, ubi' 
erathortus, in quern introivit 
ipfc, & difcipuli ejus., 

2 Sciebat autem & Judas, 
tradens cum, locum, quia frc- ■ 
qucnter coiivtncrat Jefus illuc 
cum difcipidis I'uis. 

3 Frgo Judas accipiens co- 
hortem, & ex ]irincip;bu-'Sr'.cer- 
dotum h . Pharifaeis miniftros, ' 
venit illuc cum laternis & faci- 
bu5, & :irmis. 

k S?- Eiayant pvis avec lui Pierre 
«l le-; deux lils de Zdbedee , il 
conuuen<;a u etre Ibrt trisle, el 

37^nd he lodk with him Peter 
and tie two sons of Zebedee, and 
began to be sorrowful and very 
.38 Then saith he unto them, 

sais.e de tnues^e )usau'a la "»ori; -^j^ ^^^^j j^ exceeding SOrrowful, 

even unto death: 

, 38. Et i{ leur dit : IVfon ame est 

saisie de triple 

demeurez ici , ei \ eillez avec iiioi. 

39. Et eiaiu alle im peu plus even unto oeam : tarry ye hfere, 

avant, il se jeta le visage couue and \yatch With me. 

tene , priauiei di.uui .- iViou Pure, 39 ^nd he went a little fartlief, 

que cette coupe passe loin de moi ^^^^ f^jj ^^ j^is face, and prayed, 

sil est possible ! loai^iois , (lu tl • ^v r ^l -r-^ 1 t 

en soit , nou je le voudrois. Spying, O my f ather, if it be pos- 
luais commu tu !e \ cux. sible, let this cup pass from me : 

40. Puis il vim vers ses Disciples, nevertlieless, not as I will, but as 

et les troiiva endormis ; ei A dit a thQ^ lyj/f • 

Pie,re .- Est-il possible que vou* ^^^ ^ j^ ^^ ^ig.,| 

nayez pu veiller iiue heure avec -t^ -f*»*'^ "<- 'i;"'"^ 1 

moi ? ciples, and findeth them asleep, 

41. Veillez et ptiez , de p%ur que and saith unto Feter,\V hat! could 
vous ue lombiczdaus ia tentaiiou; yg ^ot Avatch with rpe one hour? 
car lespra ../ ^)ro.upt , mais lu' 4 i^Vatch and pray, en- 
chair ej.-floible. . • ^l • -^ 

42. II s'eii alia encore pour la temot into temptation : the spirit 
Iseconde fois, el pria , disaui- Mon indeed is wilUug, but the flesh is 

,'Pere , s'il u'esi jvis possible que weivh- 

cette coupe passe loju dc moi sans ,42 He went away again the se-, 

que )e la boive , que ta voloule , ^ 1 „.,„., „,i „„.,;,^~ n' 

soil laite ! cond time, ajnd prayed, saying, O 

I 43. El reveoant a eux , il le3 Hiy Father^ if this cup may not 

trouva encore endormis; car leuTs pass away from me, except I 

vcux eioieni appesaniis. drink it, Uiy will be done. _ 1 

El les a> am la.^ses , .1 s'ea 43 ^j^^j j^^ ^.^^^ ^^^j f^^^^j ^^^^ 

asleep again : for tlieir eyes were 


44 And he left them, and went 

away again, and prayed the third 

T, ,. ..time, satins: the same words. 

4 PEES que Jesus cut dit ces , » '■-. .11 ^ 1 • v • 

Achoses, a s-en alia avec seal f ^ ^ ^^" ^°™^t^ '^^ [« ^'^ ^f^^' 

pies, and saith unto them, Sleep 

on now, and take your rest : 

'cn\p. XVIII. 

Judai hctratie'th Jesus. 


alia encore , el pria pour la iroi- 
sieme I'ois, di»aut Ics im'-mes pa- 

[ ^5. aIots il vim vers ses dirsci- 
ples, et leur dil ; Vous dorinez 
'eucoi'^ , el vous, vous reposez ! 
PEES qtie Jc'sus cut dit ces 
^choses , il s'en alia avec ses 

Disciples an-dfla tin torrent de 
Cedrou , o.'i il y avoit un janliu 
dans lequel il cntra avec ses Dis- 

•2. Juda^ qui le (r.nhissolt , con- 
-iinis;jpit aui-ii co litu-la , parcr 
que Jt'sus s'j ef<jil souvcul as- 
srtublti avec ses Disciples. 

?i. Judas ayant ii^t^c pris une 
corapagnie de soldats et des ser- 
geus , de la part de? principaux 
Sacrilicateurs et des Pharisiens , 
viut 1^ avec des lanterues, des 
flaiTiheaux el des annes. 


WilV.^ Jesiis had spoken! 
_ these words, he went forth j 
^yifh his disciples over the brook'; 
Cedron, where was a gai'den, in-: 
to the which he entered," and his ; 
disciples. j 

2 And Judas also, which betrav- 
ti\ him, knew the place : for Jesus 
oftrtimes resorted thither with his 
disciples. | 

3 Judas then, having received a 
band of mm and ofnccrs from the 
chief priests and Pharisees, com- , 
eth thither with lanterns, and \ 
torches, a^ weapons,., , .'.^^^ \ 

I 7^ 

__4« "O U c;r,-if«J;^y. atrw, 

'inirS, CiVf A'ar^'i paSJt, K«i 
50 O $i 'Ji5^tff a^wEv ai-rii- 

5 Ar-:«;,6,,^aV 



ij-'-jaiiV. A£; £1 ai/Tci 

' . /^ ,^' ■■' "' ''^^'' "WTOK- "Ot( 
i-/v -il/Xt, aV?>.99v £ij Ttt intern, 
K) ernjav X'^f^ai. 

£;<ij.vaj rhv X,= '^^j a?r£J7rrtr£ T^v 

5i 'J'CTE Xe^£1 «i,T:t> Ir.'ti;' 

. TOV TCTTov a'>r,'j- OTfl'.vlfj j-a? el 

«7r;Xi ■//.-! ( _^ 

'- $^ 'Ev £;(c''; T;j a.-j.;- ti'mv 
;'l>tJ-?J T5~c 5;^X'>;i;' Sig £7rt X>i- 

^•JX»v s-uXXafsu iJi' XaS' >l/-t«- 

x--;v iv Tw .'£;?, J sK c;s^a')ivj-cl£ 

; . Tots 0'.' /xa.'iniai •Krav/EJ, 

~I Ktu £.; Tij VfaniTK©^ rixo- 
^al/0£; ahrS, 'ST£^i?s?X))/x£v'^ ctiv- 
oova £7ri j-iy-iva'' >i XJa.r;iZj-iV at- 
TOV oi VicfAjr-Aoi,- 

52- 'O S'i XoIoXiWw'/ T-fjf <r(I'- 
, cava, yi)!xvc; '(•pvyvj dn' iih~m. , 

48 At tradcns eurm, clertit 

ciimqucofcu!atustuc!o,ij feeflrT 
prchcnrlite euni. 

49 Et confellim accedcn'; ad 
Jffum, dixit : Gaudc Rubbj. Et 
ofcuiatus^fl: cum. 

50 At Jefus ait illi. Amice, 
in quoades? Tunc acccdcntcs 
injecerunt majius in Jcfum, &c 
prclniDdcrunt cum. 

4 Jcfus itaquc fcicns omnia 
vestura fupcr fc, oicns dixit 
cis: Qucin quairitis ? 

5 RcljK'ndcnint ti : Jefuni 
Na?.arcnuni. Dicit tis jifu?: 

Y-Mo fum. Stabat autcm & 
/•'das ille tradcns eum cum 


6 [Tt prpjo dixit cis : Eo-o 
fum, abicrunt in ca qua poft.. 
U ct'Giderunt humi. 

_ 7 Iterum ergo eos intcrro^a- 
vit: q^uemqu.-tritis? Atdise- 
runt: Jcfum Nazarenuai. 

8 Refpondit Jcfus: Dixi vo- 
bis, quia < go fum. fi erjjo mc 
qu;eritis, finite hos abire 

51 Et cccc unus eorum qiu 
cuin JcAi, cxtciiikns inanuiu 
exemi' gladiumfuum : iS: ptrcu- ' 
ticns fervum principis faccrdd-; 
tum, amputavit ejusauriculanii 

<,! Tunc ait illi -Jcfus, Con- 
vertc tuum g^ladjum in locum 
Arum : omncs enim accipien- 
tes gladium, in gludio peri- 

$S In ilk; hora dixit Jcfus 
turbis : Tarquam ad lationem 
prchendcrc me : quotidie apud 
vos'ftdebam doccns in tcmplo, 
& non prehcndiflii me. 

; Tunc difcipuli 
omncs rclii5io co, fiigeni"J;, 

^l Et unus qtiidam juvcnis 
fupcr nudo : & tencut cum ju- 

5a Ille nutem reiinquens fiW'* 
drincm, nudus pi'ofugit ab cis. 

f 48. Et. -celui qui le traliiss oit , 
Tluur avoil doiiuu ce signal : i.tlui 

que je buiseiai , c'est lui ; sai- 


4f). El aussitiit s'approchaul dc 
Jesus, il lui clit .- Mallie , je n 
sa'uc ; et il !e baisa. 

60. Et Jcsus lui clit .■ Mon ami . 
pour quel s\ijet es-tu ici ? 

4. Et Jc'sus qui savoit tout ce qui 
lui devoit avl■i^ cr , s'avauoa , et 
ieur dit: ()ui clierchrz-vous ? 

5. lis lui ii'[)oudircnt : Ji-s is dc 
jNazareth, Jesus Icur dit : C'est 
moi. Et Judas qui le trahissoit 
ctoil anssi avec cux. 

6. Etdos qu'il Icur eut dit : C'est 
moi , ils veculereut, et tombcreut 
j)ai' tcire^ 

■7. 11 Ieur d*manda encore vnie 
fois : Qui clierchez-vous ? Et ils 
ii'pondiient : Jesus do Nazareth . 

8. Jesus vepoudit : Jc vous ai 
dit que c'est moi ; "^i done c'est 
Dioi que vous clieii-hezj laissez 
iillci- ceux-ci. 


ils s'approcluvcut^ et jcliiTiilks! 
mains sur Jidus^ et le saisitiat. | 
5i. Eu nnhne-teiDS , uu de ctu.\ 
qui r/</i<'«^ avcc Jesus , portaiit !a 
<niain a I'epee , la lira , et en IVappa 
iiu s(.i\ itt'ur du Suuveraiii !Sa- 
crificaieur , ct lui euipoita iiue 

r'52. Alors Jesus lui dit ; Remris 
ton epee dans le loiineau ; car 
tons ceux qui preudront I'epee , 
periront.par Tepee. 

bb. En niirtie-lcms Jesus dit a 
telle troupe; Vous eles sorlis avec' 
des epoes ct des baions , <<i;nnu 
aprcs u!\ brigand, (xmr iv.e |)!eii- 
die ; jV'iois lous ies jours assis 
jjjaimi vous , eoscignaut dans le 
temple , et vous ne m'avez point 

Alors tons ies j 
Disciples Tabaudouuereut ci s'eii- ( 
fuir eut. 

/5t. Etily avoitunjeune hommel 
Iqni le suivoit , ayaut le corpsi 
Vjuven seulement d'un liucul ; .' 

et quelqucs jeanes gens I'ajant 

• 5?.. 11 Ieur laissa le linceul , et 
s'eul'uit nud de leurs mains. 

48 Now he that betrayed him ^^^^ , 
tfave them, a sign, sayuig, Vv'hom- //•'2-0- 
soever 1 shall kiss, that same is 

he: hold him fast. 

49 And foithwith he came to Je- 
sus, and said, Hail, Master, and 
kissed him. 

50 And Jesus said unto him, 
Friend, wherefore art thou, come? 

4 Jesus, therefore, knowing all, ^/S. 
things that siiould come upon 

him, went forth, and said unto;' 
them, Whom seek ye? j 

5 They answered him, Jesus of' 
Nazareth. Jesu3 saith imtothem, j 
I am //(?, (And Judas also, which 1 
betrayed liira, stood uith them.) ' 

6 As soon then as he had said; 
i unto them, 1 am /«-, tliey went 

backward, and fell to the grpu!ul. 
• 7 Then asked he them again, 

Whom seek yej And they said, 

Jesus of Nazareth. 
8 Jesus answered, I have told 

you, that I am hf : if, therefore, 

ye seek me, let these go their way ; 
j"hen came they and laid hands TTt.l^- 

on Jesus, and took him. 

5 1 And, behold, one of them, 
which were with Jesus, stretched 
out Ms hand, ai.d drew his sword, 
and struck a servant of the high 
priest, and smote off his ear.- 

52 I'hen said Jesus unto him, 
PiU up again tliy sword into his 
place : for all they that take the 
sword shall perish Avith the sword. 

55 In that same hour said Jesus 
to the multitudes, Are ye come 

out as against a thief with swords, 
rjKl staves for to take mc? I sat 
daiiy with you teaching in the 
tempie, anfl ye laid no hold on me. 
^^- Then all the' 

disciples. forsook him and lied. | 

51 And there followed him al-erTI^^^ //. 
turn young man, having u linen 
clotii cast alwut /ils naked dr.di/ ,- 
and the young men laid hold on 
him : 

52 And he left the linen cloth, 
and fled from tiiem naked. 


i>i^--_v. _ _^ ._ , 

^= T.I 'lr^.5 £;j TV/ aiXiiv Ta 

t "O TiTlET^O l' rciV, 

c! Crr;£TJ'.i r!i5pX(«v C7E-^Sir,}t3- 

ixad'i'iiiy l( Ttf ava;'i;7ra T3TU , 
AEyfljKlL*'^* Oix EiUU 

cf ''Hv'i^ Zi'.aa.'. nET|©- ic^J 

^ r -,, /t 'O'x-V'^ eTttov yv abTs;' 

. f.:^ yjrv U TOt-v ixaBrri^y al-TH ili 

eV-*'* - V' 

TTEilcT/nEr;^ Tat^r.-.V C.x 

l-c^ o-E. e::>.v £v t? «-^-^ ;^^-»- 
i 27 n.;x<v Jv ^;''^-'/ ■^-- 

• p-r/xal^ TcZ 'inro'v, EifuitOT©- avz 
■7X- "CTf -arjiv aXt'x ;e/j<t <f>4)ir3'«i, 

tru, Kj'T^l,^- ':':;c.luy:q^l-[y. 
. 2O Awe*!;;;!] avi-a' 9 'l»j-aj' 
i J^o^ 'aa^'^r.^ta EXaX>;j-a Tw «)5-- 

cyva-ytriyp 1^ n tcj 'EfW, f'^a 
'S7avio5iv ,r'i 'leJatci trv;i^yp\la.iy 

^ |v XjVO''.- fX .?.>,',-« t."Jc'v 

57 1tfi vero taier:tes .Jcfum, 
r.dauxcrimt ad Caipham princj- 
' pcin S-accrv!otimi, ubi Scribs, & 
foniorcs ccnvciiciaiit. 

15 Scquclintur aut-im [cfuni 
Simon I'L-tru'-, & r.lips oilc'pu-' 
lljs. At uii'.:ij ulu- ;!:■ .i^.rno- 
ti'S principi Sac, rf'ciuna,- fc I't- 
nuii Introivit J^ ^'i in utr;um 

iCi At: 

C-t\ um. 

-, ii;;^ ;;t a.l oAium 
' ':,'Ti!iki]-,uIus a • 
iiii-, I;.!' :• ;,< ,11., principi Ai- 
cor^i. '*■;:!, >v ;:: . r oRiiirl.'j, ^ 
i:i;rou4;:-.;t K '^ ■''■'• 
"^ J 8 Stabant autcm fcrvi ^mi-. 
niflri iiriinahi fucientcs, quia 
fiigus erat, & cakfucitbant ii : 
erat autem cum tii Peirusllaris 
Si calcfacicns fo. . •-, 

i-j Dlcit ergo ancillaoiliana 
Tctr.) : Nuuquid & fu cm difci- 
pulis e--. hominis iltiuc^? Dlcic 
illc : Non fum- 

1^- i'.rat raitcm Simon PftriiS 
ftans '-^' cakfacitii? 11-. I^Ikc- 
nmt .r-'-i ci : Num & tu ex dif- 
ci]n'li;r^:-e.r KcgavitiUe, & 

26 Dicit unuitxfciv.spnn- 
cipisSaceraotuni, cc-'n-tusexi- 
fiuis cujiis abfciderat IV'trubUu- 
ri;:'.ikira : N^-n ego te vidi in 
Tiorto cum illo ? , 

"7 Itcrum tro-.i ntgavit I e- 
tnr;, & Hatin ^. lU^s rantavit. 

75 Et recordatui eft Petrus 
verbi Jefu, dicciuis ci r Quod 
anre p^alluin vociftrari, ter ab- 
lugaliis mt:. Et eg'reirus foras, 
flcvit R!iJ;vre. 

T9 Ero;o princeps Sacerdotum 
iiitcrrogavit Jcium de dilcipuliS 
fuis, & dc doiSlrina ejus. 

20 Ril'pondit ei jc-fus : Ego 
pal.u-n liHi'autus fum miindo : 
' e>;o llmp.r docui in lyiia.go,ca 
j Sc in tcmplo, quo im-diqiie Jii- 
' dxi convtniunt, ui in occulto 
'1 loqnutus fum nihil. 

67. Mais crux qui avoient saisi 
Jesus , rcinnKiu'ti-nt c!:ez (.'aVplK- 
le SouvLi-aiij Sacrificateur, ou li-.s 
Scribes et Jus Scnateurs ctoic-iii 

I i5. t)r,Su'.i<)U ru'ire, avfc \in 
'aiure Discipic , avoil suivi Jesus •, 
'ctce Disciple clolt coniiu clii iSoii- 
veraln Saciilicatinu' ; et il enlia 
a^ ec Jesus dans ia i:niir do fa. iruii- 
so'i da Smivei'aiu Sacrilacateur. 

16. Mais Pierre etoit demeutd 
ileLo'.s- a la jjofle. Et cet autie 
Disciple qui eloit conuil du sou- 
veiaiu Sacrilicateuf , soitit , et 
'parla a la'porlieie , qui lit culler 

'li^. El les seiv.uu'.-s ct U-V ^er- 
oeus eloieiit ia , et ayanl lait du 
leu , parce qu'il taisoil iVuid , ils 
se tlianHoieut. Piene eloit ausji 
a\ ec cux , et se cJiaulFoit. 

I 1-'. hi cclte servautc , qui eloit 
la poriiere , dit a Piene r l\ 'es-lu 
pas. ausii de, Uiscip'cs d:/ eet 

Ihoniuie? 11 dit ; Jeii'eusuls ps/uit. 

2,'). El Siuiua riurre rioit la , et 
se cliaiifToit'j et Us lui (.tireat^.- 

N'es-tn ^as aussi de ses Disciples? 

II ie nia , et dit ; Je u'eu suis' 

* 26. Et Tun des serviteurs du 
Souvcraiii Sacrilicaleur , parenli 
de ceiui y qui Kerre avoit coupe! 
I'oreille , lui dit .• Ne t'ai-je pas vu 
dans le jardiu arec lui ? 

27. Pi ne le nia encore une fois : 
et au.. ,t le coq clianla, 

75. Alors Pierre se souvint de la 
parahole de Jesus, qui lui avoil 
dit ." Avaut que le coq ait cluuite, 
tu me lenieras trois fois. Et elaut 
sort! , il pleura ameremeiit. 

19. Et le souvcram ^acn)icateul• 
interrogea Jesus t(»ueiiaut ses Dis- 
ciples , et loucliaut sa docuinc. 

20. Jesuslui rt'jiondif : J'ai purlc 
ouvevleiueut a tout !e r.ioude , 
i'ai loujo-ars eiisei;',:!'; Jans la Sy- 
naj;o!;ue el dans !c; Ti isiplt' ou les 
Juil's s'r.sseaiblenl lic liutc-i parts, 
et je n'ai vieii dit cu 'cachette. 

57 And they that had laid hold lTc.%i 
on Jesus, \^d,Mfn away to Caia- 
phas the high priest, where the 
scrihcs and the eiders were as- 

15 ,'Vnd Simon Peter followed J- /^ 
Jesus, and .vo did iinoilier disciple. 
That dliiciple v/as knov.'n unto the 

high priest, and v.v-nt in v.ith Jcsu.s 
into the palace of the high priest. 

16 But Peter stood at the cioor 
without. Then wtnt out tliat ot -ler 
disciple, which was known i;nto 
tlie high p;'iest, and spake ur.tb 
her that kept the door, and brought 
in Peter. 

IB And tlie servarils aj;;d ofTicers 
stood there, v/ho had made a ft'-'e 
of coals, (for it v/as cold,) and they 
Avarmed themselves: and Peter 
stood v/ith tliem, and Avavmed 

IZ'i'h-n saith the damsel, that 
kept tlie door, unto Pet-^r, Art not 
thou also cr:' of t''is man's disci- 
ples? He saith, I am^ not._ 
26 Ai)d Simon Peter s^.ood andj 
wanned himself: tliry ^c id, there- 
fore, tmto hiln, Art lu-i tiiou alsoi 
one of his^ disaiples r 1 ie denied zV, ! 
and said, I voii, nQt.> 

26 One of the servants of t^.^ . 
high piiest, (being /u^ ki^n.tyvr,^ 
whose ear Peter cut oir,) saith%. 
Did not I see thee in the garden j 
with himi j 

27 Peter' then denied again; andj 
inimecaatcly the cock crew. 

75 And Peter remembered the 
words of Jesus, which said unto 
him, Before the cock crow, thou 
^halt deny me thrice. And he 
went out, and wept bitterly. 

19 The high priest then ashec 
Jesus of his disciples, and of his 

20 Jesus -answered him, I spake 
openly to the world ; I ever taught 
in the synagogue, and in the tem- 
ple, v.h'ither the Jev»s ahvays re- 
sort; and in secret have I said 


J. /a 


27, Tavrx 06 airy circ', 
! T.I' 'liij-a, £ix-iij>' 0: 

i TVjitti b-;< r.7a.y. 

S"! K.a' TiVE; a'-aranE?, ENf-Eu-. 
o(y/.a;T:j^yv ;<aT' avrS, Xcj'SvE;" 

* 58 "Ot4 ':/M:iV ),*«- a^EV 
«^Tb( Xej/OI?©-' "Oti l)^a) I xa- 
Ta.hvi'Ci) Toy I taov tbtov ih 

{av aXXov ap^^Ei^-OTt/ifjIui/ otltoS'a- 

Tl'fi'a »-.>T.vv. 

60 Kai ava-aj dpyjz^iu; v.; 
TO y.iav, hr-.-KTi-l t:v 'i:;- 
<!■;?>, xi;/ v»' OiK ari-.'ijr." a- 
o-: ; Tt b'To; era >ta1a,«ajri;- 

6[ 'O 52 L-io;7ra, >() tihv d- 
TrjK|;'va7o" ri.iAiV d^yii^lh'; 6- 

Iv iT Xj'C'^f ylcj Toii £i.X«- 

•'Eat iaiv Sr/Tx;, </ ,'^>i lOi^iurt.ii' 
68 '£i» Je j f ;»Ti(rv, oil fxii 

^J^■JX::B^ri fjtoi, k e7ro>.v->:'!«. 

' ti" 3 w;c; Tu 0e5 ; "O Je -ETjoc 
.■<i>i fi.ui. 

'■ ■ (yi'^oYldiyj'.^H.^, ^-'I'l-t; 

j 2 I C^'.iJ )iic iiuerro;:-.;-. ? In- 
I t ! r..|,>.'. ,;u.!i'jiufs, quid Icijuu- 
I iiis !ini i]);is : tcct in iciuut ciii.'S, 
I ui'.L'j'im cij'o. ' I 

! :2 tl.c ;;u*tni 'CO iliccntc, 
. r.ii':s 'iMwfhoriiniafiifh.-ii.s (wdlt 
;ila]) uii Jcl'ii, iMccns; Sic rcf- 
! pcndespriiiciiil Sac-j;\!otinn ? 
I ",^ Pvifroii'Jit C! j'.ius: SI 
\ ii":.l', k'fjur.tus luni, tcUarc de. 
; rv ! ) : i; auli.m I'^iie, quid me 

55 .vt Uiinini Saccrdotes, & 
omnis c(in!Lit"iH qii.-Ei'ebant ad- 
vcrfus J'fum telUnioaium, ad 
mortc a.'iioii-ndum cum, &: non 

c;6 Mult: cnim teftimnnium 
fali'um diccbant adverfus eum, 
& paria tcrtiraonia non crant. 

i;7 Et quidani furgenics fal- 
fuiii teftinionium ferebant ad- 
verfus eum, uicentes : 

jS Qiumiam nos audivimus 
eum diccutcm : Qiiod ego dif- 
folvam tcmplum hoc nianu- 
fadum, t^< per tres dies aliuJ 
non manufac''l:rim .xdificabo. 

59 Et ncc iic par erat tefti- 
monium illorum. 

Co Et exurgcns fummus Sa- 
ccrdos in medium, intcrrogaviti 
Jclum, dicens: Non refpondes 
quicqviam quid hi tc udvcrfum 
tertantur ? 

61 Ille autcra taccbat, & ni- 
hil refpondif . Rmfum lumnun 
Sacerdos intcrrogabat cum, & 
diclt. ei : Tu ell Chrillus lilius 

bcnt'dicli ? 

i\k auttm illis; 
■ Si yt.'bih diMio Tiou crtcetls. 
68Siiiut(.in .'(^ jnt( ircgavcro» 
non rel'i'ondebitii mih),aul dr- 

/cl^ixcrunt aatcm on.ncs i 
Tu ergo a filiiis Dei ? is auttn% 
ad ti's ait : Vos dici;is, quia 
ego l\un. 

() ■■, .-Vl f:;n:;-ji:t, '^■••.; : nv - '- 
I lunipcn- v_i '■•s.iii.i , lit : (>^,iid 
i C',i'!h k: Mii.a»j] iheiiius :-.-;liiini? 
; ' 1 ATviT;:? b" (,'':. MU/STm; 

liO V,,;, ■■ viuftur f li r'ilr;;il. 

3.^. Pcurquoi 

[111 out eiiteti;! 
dil ; Ces t;ens-l 

21 Why askest thou me? ask 
tlicr.i which heard me, whut I 
have said unto them : behold^, they 
kiiow v/hat I s?jd. 

22 Anci, when he had tlius spoken, 
one of the oiTicers which stood by 
struck Jesus \\ ilh the palm of his 
Jjand, hi^;.\ing, Ansvverest thou tlie 
hi;, 'i ';;'iest so? 

cc quo )t' _ 

saveut cc ciuc i";ii <lil. 

22. Lorsqu'il eiit d'tt cela , >iit 
desser»ensc;<ii ctoil present doiiaa 
iin soutOel u Jt'sus , oil lui di.'--aiu : 
Est-ce air,si que . lu repouds an 
Souverairt Suciiiicaleur ? 

25. Jesus lui rqxjudit .• Si j^ii 
raal paile , I't'^ ^ <''<' f e que j'ai dlt 
de inal ; el sii'ai Men pstrlc, pour- 23 Jcsus ans^ve^ed him, If I have 

quoi ine I'lappi-'S-tu > 


55. Or les principaux Sacrifica- 
tears el lout le ('onseil chercluneut. 
quelquf temoi^uaoe contrc Jesus 
Ipour !e fairc mourii' ; el ils u'ea 
trouvoienl point. 
• 56. Car plusieurs rendotcnt de 
faux tcmoij;nage3 centre lui ; mais 
leurs deposiiioas ne s'actordoieal 

57. Alors quelques-uns se levi— 
rent , qui porterent un faux Ki- 
moignage contre lui , disant : 

58. Nous lui avons oui dire : Jo 
detruirai ce Temple , qui a ote baii 
par la main des homnies , et , dans 
trois jouvs , i'en rebaiirai un autie 
qui ne sera point tail de main 
^homme. ■ 

5g. Mais leur de'positioo ne s'ac- 
cordoit pas non plus. 

60. Alors le Souverain Sacrifica- 
teur se levant an milieu du Con- 
seil, iulerrogea Jesus , et lui dit : 
Ne vppoad^-tu rieu? Qu'e>t-te 
que ces gens di-poseut centre loi ? 

61. Mais J/'ius se tut et nc rc- 

pondit rien.Lc SoaverainSacriii 

cateur i'lUterro-ea encore , c: lui SWered nothm.S; 

dit : Es-<u le Clirisl , le Fils du 
*)ifU beni? 

Ll il 'our 
"repondit .Si jo vous le dis, ^ ous 
ue Ic croiiez [loiul : 

6S Kt si iC [•o.v..<; interrogr^ . 
vous ue ino vO;.;>udrez pou.t , m 
ne me bisserez point alUi- 

70. Alors ils dirCPt tons : Tv,-tii 
dooc le Fils de Dion ? El il bur 
dll': Vous le dites vous-memes 
Je le siii.s. _ _ 

63 Alors le Souverain Sacvifica- 
tj;ur de'hiia scs veiemeus^ei da : 

Qu ViViJns-iK'US plus a I'aire du U:- 

iii. Vous avez cnteudu !c bla'^- 
-.^ht-uie ; que vous en stmble ^ 

spoken evihbear'.vitnes'icrthc evil; 
but if well, ^vhy smitest t'.ou me r 

53 And they led Jesus away to 
the high priest; and with him were 
assembled all the chief priests, 
and the elders, and tlie scribes^ 

5 5' And the chief priests. andalT 
the council . soufi;ht for witness 
a;? ainst Jesus to pu^ hint to death ; 
and found none : 

56 For mi'.ny bare false Avitness 
against him, but their witness 
agreed not to;.^ether. 

57 And there arose certe^in, and 
bare false witness a,i:,ainst him. 

58 \Ve heard him say, I will de- 
stroy this temple tbat is ni<idc v.'ith 
hands, and v/ithin three ('ays I will 
build anothtjv made without hands. 

59 But neither so did their wit- 
ness at'-ree tOi;ether. 

60 And the hi.;h priest stood up 
|in the midst, and askod Jesus, say- 
in^-, i\nswerest thou nothing; what 
is' it w/ikh these \\ itness against 

6 1 But he held his peace, and an- 
Again the high 


priest asked him, and said unto 
him, Art thou the Christ, the Sou 
of tiie Blessea ? 

67. And he said unto them, If 
■ 1 tell you, vc will not believe : 
v" 68 \nd If 1 al.;(; ask you. ye wdl 
■' not answer n^e- xrrc let me go. 
; 70 Then said they all. Art thou 
(then the Son of God ? And he 
' said unto tliem, Ye^saxtUat 1 atn. 
63' Then the high priest rent his 
clothes, and saitli, What need we 
any further witnesses ? 
(■)■! Ye have heard the blasphe- 
niv : what think ve ? And they 





ii'ovov &a»a'T». 

^■' ;• '5 AyafiM u* tot ir,:b\ 
«»T.t TS l'.c.'.n<f-a t\; TO 'Srgu/IljiO*' 
CV e-ii '37J.-..C ^ »iT5i b'X fi'- 

I . ■'' ■.•/ fc' - ,.' .- ■-. ; 
^.jO .'A,-.i^(.j6»,yay x^ C-Ki'd al- 

tK <JV crct W«J;0£(,'jta,«£V oi.i5F. 

^ ! EiWiv ev alri.Ti' lU\ti- 

■ff^ •^'. ■ !■■■■■ ■-.■hx.: -^'i cl-..;. 
i. -iv >., c.i~..: I Ur'^.-^Qr 'i;.,^ V 

,'?,■? Bij-'jX'jEv i'v e'; to -tr-.-i- 

,;^>i!vrs^£' rev in- Zy y^ ilTiit av- 
ao!' ih n Q ^ac-f/.tv? Ti» 'la- 
ta I'j^v; 

j 34 'attsx^i^j) avr£ 0. 'ifirSi;' 

35 \\-nry^'iQy, riiXa'-r©- .\'.';ti 

e c'v xi 0: c'.^j^.c^irf vru^i^'xiicn <7E 

,^6 '/. rrtKji'On e ')>ia-tff 'U !3a- 

Ci ly.s: r,- >,v,'^ov 0, iV'. //Ji wa^a- 
c' " ' -■'■_• ''r?.i3;c. >i;v Si h (5j- 

« . >. X £f iV SV'fSSt'.'. 

., vtv ti avT^ KiXa.- 

T<?>-- -f- Oi'x.uv Sr>i-0~d<: :'. v; 

.'i .■.•5!';ifl>) 'ItI/J' it Xi>;:; 

.^ c . 1 ^^-.•-l>.?-; s) i( .y-.'- \ ^ ■': '. : 

-tJ.-: : :v;v. ','.; u. k, il; ■; ' ■ . i>. 

«J.(;ta Si.,- TuV v.irjAtiV, ivj /•''=t- 

T^^'hO'Cii TK cr.i-.riBsla. Tlaf i av Ik 

Tr; «Xii9£l':l{, dxyit (Mf TJic <f»Vr< 

38 Ae>ei aiiTo; 6 DiXar®'- 

1/ IriV cX'':?t":a ; K.n» tSto el~ 

\ -7 vv, TcaX.-, < ,-'X;-; ■57jij Ti); 'l;J- 

XfVM /;.i Tf,??' 'Ejw a,i- 

cnisRs coDdemr.avtrc'.it cum 
obM();:him cfl'c ran: vs. 

6< Et C(ep..--.;r,t cj li.lin: con-^ 
(...uv^ ci!:r^ -'< v:-J;r: r..;.in' 

:o AdducuDt ergo Jefum a ^ 
Caj .ph;i in pnctoriuni; eratau- ' 
ttni m.'iic; &. ijli i)on introic- 

runt in prstoriiim, ut noh coii- 
tumirnirtniur, ftd ut manduca- 
rcnt Pafcha. 

2y Exivit ecjxo 5 ilatus ?d cos^ 
& di.\ir: Quar.:iuon;aMoii'jnia]5- 
fc-i ti; uuvu ius huuancin hunc ? 

.•^oRcfpr)ndeni:it<Sc. Jixeruqt ei: 
Si i.un t iTrt liic raalefactcr, nonj 
utiquc ti'bi ti'auidiirtniur, eun. 

;I DixitcrgoiisFilntus: Ac- 
ciphecum vos, & Icvundum le- 
;.2i.iii vdlrani judicate turn. I):- 
.aru;:C ti-i^o ti Tuda-.i : Nobis 

'< r IntrcMvit ergo in prn^tcri- 
um j-cnm Pilatus, <k vacavit 
jsfum, & dixit ci: Tu cs rtx 

3J. Refnondit ci Jcfus : A te- 
mctipfctu hoc dicis, an aliitibi 
dixcrurt rie mef 

-^5 Rcfpondit Pilatus: Num- 
quid igo JUilaAsb i'um ? Gens tua 
& piincipis Saccrdotum tr.idi- 
dcTUXit te inilii : quid fceifti ? 

3^ RcCjcudit Js^f'us : Regiium 
mciimhcn efi;<dcn'Uhdoi)oc : fi 
ex rmindo hoc cirttitgniim me- j 
um, miniHii i.tiqric mti dect-r-i 
tartht, u'c lion Iradercr Jiidais :1 
ij'ir.t auttni iTgnvimnitrumfjon 

;■ 5"1m' itaq")'.' ci PiLnus: 
■"■'1 ir. ci-i.c r.\, (.s '.u ? Kv-'lpondit 
1- n:- ; lu 'lie :•, O'-iij : ■ ■. lum '■ 
:'■■ ,, ; K.;> i): ].:<■ n-:u- i\lM. ^c 
;.' li').: Villi i;- iiiutii'iur. , lit ti- 
i'lct vmltau : on:ni^ e.Niiltajs ex 
veritalc, audit meum vcceni. 

38 Dicit ci Pilatus : Quid efl 
V'jritos? Et iiiic dicens, iteruni 
cxiviL ad juda:CS, & di.^it ti:. : 

Iv't. n.ii :. ii cii raajiav>:'nio irf> 

;AIois tous Je condamuercut com- 
»ie etant digue de m,oil. 

65. Et quelques-uns se inirent a 
n-acher lontre lui , a lui couvrir 
if visage , ct ii lui donncr des 
coops dipoing, fi lis Jui diioieiif^ 
l^fvine rjm t'a frappe. Et les 
^croeIls lui donuoic-iii dc3 coups 
de iturs batons. 

28. lU meiK-reut ensuite Jesns . 
tie Ca'i'jjiie au Pit'toiif ; c'ctoil K' 
matin ; el lis n'eiUriii-ut [njiul 
«lao> le Pieloire , do prnr dc sc 
soailler , et aiin de pouvoir inau- 
ger la Tarpie. 

29. Pilate done sui til vers tux , 
et leur dil ; Quelle acca«ati<A 
poiiez-vous cuiitse cet Loniine ? 

30. lis lui i-tp:)(ullrent ; i^i eel 
hointne n'et'/ii p.i- mi inairaiitur, 
iioiis ue te I .uii i' I'-- [ill > ii vi\', 

5i\ viur quoi i'l^i'.L U 111- dit ; 
Preucz-ie vous-ni. im.s, tt It- ju;_;e7. 
seloa voire Loi. 1-e-. Juifs lui di- 
reiil .•N0U.5 ij'a'v o'ls pa- It- jDin ./ir 
de iaire mouiii' [; :■ miuc, 
33. I'ilaie nuiri J.aus le Pie- 
l(]iii- eta au' .ait \ <,i)iv Jesus , 
il iui dit .-K^-tule Roi des Juil's? 
5f. .it -us 111! i/puudit ; Dis-tii 
ceci de tou [jiojiie iiiou\ tnii'it . 
ou si d'autris te lOul dit ile iMoi :' 
5vj. I'llate i-.-po!inil .-^uis ic.luii :' 
Ta uatinn et lt<. pniitiiiaux Lacii- 
ificatturs t'uut li\ le a inui ; cpi a-i 
tu Tail '^ 

3 i. JiMis repondit ; Moil re^ac 
liesi p;u de ee uiunile ; '^i iin/ii 
I'lgcie eloil de ee ir.i)nde. nics geu'*! 
c<jinbaltr(jieiit, al'iu fjiie je ue tusse 
pas !i-. f' aux .hiil'i ; iiiais inaiu- 
tenaut inoa li :;iie u'est poiul d iCi- 

3-. Aliu< i^liaie lui dit ; In e 
'1 ■ ■ )'■ ' 1 -v~ ii'iioiidii ; Tu 11 
I , ji s;iis III p.'ii 
i ■ _ . . : -, enu uausie lauu- 

ide , pour lendre le'moignage a la 
veiiie. Quicoiique est pour la ve- 
lite t'eoale ma \ oix. 
38. Pila'.c lui dit .■ Qu'est-cc que 
eelte vi'riie ? lit quaiid il eul «..'it 
cela , 11 sortil eueme pour alltc 
vers Ics Juils , et hur dit .- .le ue 
trunve aiicuti eviiueeii lui. 

all c6ndemiiccl hFtn to be uuillv of 
death. ^ ^ 

p. 5 .Vnd some bec^an to spit oti 
hini, and to cover bis face, andto^ 
buiFtt him, r.^id to say unto him,, 
v'ropjiesy: and the servants did' 
stnlLc him with the i^alms (Jf their. 
>anc:.Sj^uidit M'as earl) ; -and the v I 
Vhemf^n .:s went not into tlie jud"-'- 1 
ment-hall, lest they should be de-j 
hied ; hut that they mi-ht eat the 
passov>;r. j 

^29 iiiate. then we!it out unto' 
them, and said, W^hat accusa- 
tion bring ye a.s^ainst this man.?' 

30 1 iiey answered, and said un- 
to h)m, li he were not a malefac- 
tor, we would not have delivered 
■mm up unto thee. 
^3rrhensaidlil,.te imto them, 
1 ake ye hmi, and judge tnm ac- 
conhng to your la^v. The Jews, 
there>.lore, said unto him, It is not 
lawful for us to put any n<ian to 
33 Then Pihue entered into the 
jiidgment-hall again, tuid called 
.'esus, and said unto him. Art 
thou the of the .lews ? 

o'l Jesus answ,ered him, Sayest 
thou this tiling of thyself, or did 
others tell it thee of me ■' 

35 Pilate answered. Am fa Jew? 
lliine cv.n natioii and the chief 
priests hi;ve cielivcri.^d unto 

M^ ./4- 


Wlut h. 
is \\)\. of 
(loni A'.\ i\ 
mv S'.;i"> . ' 

i)e d<. 
is mv 

ni iioi 
■;-i 'or-.' 

ana !■ 

Jt^' ,1, ; ■ 1 :■ .'■■ :,;r ; 
in him no iUiUt at all 

\- > } Ivingdo.m 
I. If i>.v king-: 

. . ; -:■ '3 i tiot 
V V :, : 1 -a i.OW 

.iv'v^ Icnce. 
(into him, 

■ ;■.■.;.: 3>Ms an- 

^1 am a 

I horn, 

, c.v.uc I irito the.; 

'nid'bear vritne.-is' 

:v one that is 

u-v voioc. 

' ■■;■ What 

1 ' ■ liud said 

■ ' v; ■.;;) viiito the 
'. iil, 1 X\cx\ 





c c 

-' V 

c- o 



■^50; Je f i-^lc-^^.oY, Xi. 



J 3 Tots Aej-fi airx UiXd- 
1©^' Ou« axa£j; ijoVa au xa.a- 

(> rr.-Aa'rV>- j; nx-i.-ac I't>(- 
7 Kr.l {-riyrj: c'ri ;x -rr,; 

e-av, e;^»j" -»../ ■■ ;- <-■■ -'rtXctv 
1^ (Hav!/ .'1^; I air.'., "it TJ a- 


9 'Effnfx'ra Js airov {» Xi- 
^oif !xa>e~f atro; Js WW" o- 
WfXfiVaJo oirw. 

JO ZWriKtiTcLV ^1 cl a'fvirj-!?,' 
if 01 y(ifA,;JLa.'.i'i( {iiTJViwt ItiTi)- j 
J-C»«v.t; airu. | 

11 'K{t9Evl)S-«,- Je OUTOl' 3 'H- I 
fx^n: chv TO.'; {-^ iTfi'yLtaj-.v oi-rtf, I 
j^ f^7r.ji*aj, iptfiC-tXiiv aurov ' 
i~6r,T-x Xu/nv^iv, dvi'rtfx^l* avrit 
Tj)' ' iXfltia). ( 

12 'Ey?vov7o Js if>i\»j 0, TI 
rijXaT®-' j^ 9 'h^iv^ii; (y civTn rji 

X'^ y^^ sv '/C'^?? o»T£{ wjof lau- 

X-""* J > 5 TC> Xaoi-, ^ 

a;; a7r;r;f'f'»^''< '^ ii''v >,~, ^Ta, 

«:j>;v i> 7* ii:0^ivM tiutv aimi-j 
<uv KcJ^ycJiTre K-n' cirD. 

I.; "aXX* aJf 'Uivh;- d^t- 

"TTS/^yn ^,a^? i/««; ^TjX rtl'~o», xj 

(Jay, uhv AjiOV vavaru t'-'. ■x,-- 
16 IIu.S'£L(ra; ci'V aorjv aTo- 

5 Illi aiucm invakfc.bai". 

(lu-in.tfs : Chiij coiiur.,'V't po- 
puluni, duCiii-- jH i\ univi Tiaiii 
Ju(la.;\'n, inci^> a C.'.li'-^-i 
ulqtic hue. 

I ! '■'1*44.. i'l' l'i!«iUW 

!ll;van), itit' !•i•<'^;J.■^\lt Ti lionia 
Gaiil.-«u.« dUt 

7 Et coj^i f 11- <iuu>! lie '.10- 
ttfhuo JSii-ii'.i^ lifct, rcmifit 

&. iivi'vin ill i iiciofolyiiiis, ii» 
illis ilii luis. 

8 Ai H.TOiles vit' Jcdim , 
jr.ivirus eft val.le : t rat cniin 
Vv)It us cx nv.i'/.') vl«'.< ic cum, 
proptvrta ijuod audir.t nnilt.i 
tie co: 5: Iperabat aliquccl iig- 
num vidort ah eo iaoiuni. 

9liitti roojabrt aiitcni cum In 
ftrnionihusnniltis: iplc auti-m 
nihil re fpondcbat illi. 

10 Suikuit auttm prhicipe* 
Sacirdotum & Scribae conflau- 
tei accufantcii eum. 

n Nihil fncicns antcni ilium 
Ilerodcs uim cvcifitilm^ liiis, 
f>:illudt-ns, aniicit^n-- cuniveflt-iu 
i'plcndidaui, romilit cum Fila- 
to. ; 

12 F.H^i fun? autcm amict 
hicquc Pilitus i?c llcrodts h.c 
ipfa die cum inviccn^ : pr.T-cx- 
titcraiit cnim in iiiinui-itia cx- 
ilU'ni<.-5 ad leicftis, 

I ^ PilaHis auCi m coiivocans 
piincipeslaceidotum, (?<. niagi- 
ihatus 5c pojiuhim. 

14 Dixit iui illos : Obtuliftis 
niihi homiium Kunc, quai} a^^ 
vt rtciitem populiun, & cccc .-go 
coraiiivoliisiiit(.-rr<).:aii?,iiulUira j 
iuvciii ill lioniitic \J\o caiifani,^ 
quoi um accviiati^advcvlusc-um. 

15 Scd m-qiic- 1 1. 1 'Kirs': IV- 
mifi cnim vos adi'ilirn, ^"^ ticc 
nihil di;.^uum mortc cjl J.',v~!uni 

16 Calligaiis crjro ilium ili- 

- ■ / 

5 And they were the more fierce, ' i- '2'i. 

saying, He stirreth up the people, 
teaching throughout ail Jewry, be- 
ginning fromGiiHlec to this place. 
I loThen'said Pi5ate unto him. n^'^'/. 
IHeartst thou not how many 
things they witii'.ss against thee ? 

#t_^iaii(i Pilate «-iue.ulit f.ailer' 6 When Pilate heard of Galilee, /.l-^ 
[e la Gafilee ,'*il -''■- — '- - ... » 

lems etoit Galilecn. , ,, ... 

a Galilean. _ ^ 

7 And as soon as he knew that 
he belonged unto Herod's juris- 
tliction, he sent him to- Herod, 
who himself also was at Jerusa- 
lem at that time. ' 
-..-.. 8 And when Herod saw Jesus, 

direbeaucoup de cho&es d? lui;fhe was exceeding glad: for he 

et il esperoit qn'il lai verroii fairc -was desirous to see him of a long 

j«|ue!qne miracle. {sfcsorz, because he had heard ma- 

19. 11 lui fit done p|usieursque.-| ^.j^- ^f j^j^ . and he hoped 

uons , mais Jtsus-Lhnst ne luii ^ , - • i 1 

repoadit lien, 'to have seen some nnracle done 

10. Et les piincinaux Saciifica-jby him. 

iteurs et les Scribes ctuieof-la , cpu 

laccnsoieut avec la plus graml^ 


I U. JNIais Herodc , avec les gen? 

de la garde , Te iralla avec ire- 

piis ;~ et pour se inoquer de Joi , 

il Ic lit vitir d'tui habit eclataut , 

et le renvoya a Viiato. 

I 12, En ce mOa-.e jour , Pilale et 

iHerodo divinrciit amis , car au-« 

par^TAiit its eioient emiemis. 

5. Mais ils iusistoient encere 
plus forteraeat., en disant : II 
souleve lepeuple, enseiguant par 
toiite la Judoe , ayant commence 
depifis la Galilee jusqn'ici. 

i5. .Mors Pilate lui dit .■ JN'eii- 
tead.?-tu pas combien de choses 

ie la Gafilee ,-il deinanda s. j^g asked whether the man Were 

,^7' Ayant 3pi>ris qu'il eioit de la 

"]aridiciiofl 'Alierude , il le ren- 
voya a He'rode , qui etoit aussi 
alors a Jerusalem, 

8. Quand He'rode vit Jesus, il 
en cut une grande joie ; car il y 
avoit long-tems qu'il souhaitolt 
de le voir , paice qu'il avoit oui'- 

9 Then he questioned with him . 
in many words ; but he answer- 
ed him nothing, 

10 And the chief priests and 
scribes stood, and vehemently ac- 
cused him. 

1 1 And Herod, with his men of 
war, set hin\ at nought, and mock- 
ed him^ and arrayed him in a gor- 

i3. Alors Pilate avatu assemble pt;ous. robe, and sent him again 
es prlncipaux Sacrilicateurs , et ' pM^+p \ 

12 And the same day Pilate and 1 
Herod were made friends toge-l 

homme comme soulcvant le pen- ther: for before they were at en- 


les Magisiials , et Ic peuple , ieor 
dit : 
i4. Vous in'aveE prcsente cet 

pi$ ; et cependant Tayaut iuter- 
j^oge en votre presence , je iie I'ai 
irouve coupabie d'aucuU des ci-l- 
mes dont vou.s I'accr.sez ; 

i5. Ni Herode noa plus ; <^ar je 
vous ai renvoyes a. lui , et on ne 
Ini a rien Tail qui niarqiid qu'il 
soit digue de nioiti 

16. Aiusi , apiLsFH^oir faitchi- 
tier, je le relucherai. 

mity between themselves. 

13 And Pilate, when he ha.d call- 
ed together the chief priests, and* 
the rulers, and the people, 

14 Said unto them. Ye have 
brought this man unto me, as one:f<^ 

\ pervertf th the people : and, 
behold, I, having examined him 
before you, have found no fault in' 
this tnan, toiiching those things 
whereof ye accuse him : 

1 5 No, nor yet Herod : for I sent 
you to him ; and, lo, nothing wor- 
thy of death is done unto him: 

1 6 I will, therefore, chastise him, 
and release hhn. 

■V n\\J-Vr nu.'iiomefn. IkUj OLi. StAjOrUr^v*'{,^ c/ncj.t/m'tM.' 
/■ .e/ie^\di, e_ujrr, 39JXfrutA SvJJXjL^tt. eltu/^ulcnti,- 1 


Ic Kara Yi iijT^y tlxJil o 

1 6 Hi'x'^''' ^^ '^'"''^ j£3-/^<oy ini- 

ly livnyfjiiiw §y avrdi;', 6.'- 
"B-EV cJtj'c niXa'r©'' Tiva -"■;- 

1 8 "Hca vri\: ;ti J.a ^-Ui'isv 

>^ T.-T ^i:<3.>c E^Sf;.;" 'ro-;A>..-, ^ .. ^ 
iTTcfiov :•'':,.'. a- ;•/ h;;t ^■.c:j t; «j- 

2 1 'A7rcx5iC£^c *^£ hyiytv, 
tSv ^uo a-KoyiC'CL' i/-ii'v J Ol S's £1- 

22 AEyEi aJ'TcTc ^(^aT©-'' 
Ti »v ti7<.i>is-a' 'lij-av, tcv Xiyo«£- 
*«» Xf<C5>; Aiytiei* avr-Z -E-avrE;' 

• 2Tai'^a'6';Ta». 

23 'O 5s »)y=,aa'» £<J»f Tj yas 
xaxov iTro'iKTtv *, Ol Ji wsfiiryajf 
Jxfc^5V, \eycili;' lTav^'ii6r,rx. ^ 

• zb Tore oViXis-EV oi-ro~r Tov 

. 27 ToTj oi C;'3''iTat t2 >fy6 
sif TO Brj-i''i5i'-', ^-iriyayo* ilT 

5nv i? ajtaifij^v, iiriBr.icav eri -rijv 
ltS4«X'V fliiW' ^ X-aXafioV iiTi 
thv St^liv tttTtf' >^ I J»V.»£T'l- 
'tf«vl£J l/<7rji2-6£V nL/T», ^ £»£• 
.Va;^6» altZi >.iyv?il<;' XaTjE e 
^flc-iXEiJC t2v 'la^a/av. 

30 Kai s/xWi'iira-lfc t'f airov, 

T^v xf<J>aXiv aiiTU. 

* ■^I Kat sVe £v£7:'ai^*v ai-Toti 

' avfi' Kf ci'Jfhyityov eixsF tit^ t9 

I ^"Ter''aufcni ftfl'uni confue- 

verur ]^r;v.ri'' u'liolvcre 111111111 

viiiiitum tuvb."-;,<]U';m voluiflent. 

. i6H;iaeb:uitriUtcmtuncvinc- 


T 7 Coadii. cTjTo illis, dixit 
i'.'.i; i i^aiii^ :, Ql1''iu vukis ab- vobis ? Jianibkim, am 
Jcl\ lu I'.iOiuin Chrillum ? 

i:-; Scidiu:. tllim quod per, 
invidiam ti-adi-iiilciu euin. 

19 Scdciitc- autem il'.u fuper 1 
, ■" i :':, inifit cu! L<:n\ uxuri 



,111 . ;...,,;,. cjianpaila It'.m.hoiiic! 
per lomniuni jiropter cum. 

20 At piiiicipcs Saccrdotiim 
Sc fcuiori's p^ riuafcrisnt tiirhis, 
ut pctercnt Baiabbam, at Jcfum 

21 Rcfpoi,;d^l)5aiU:.m pi; 'ft ^, ^ 
ait illi- : Qn.m vulti;- dc ■'•.i.i'.v.o' 
ablolvaiu vobi? r llii vjiij dixc- 
riiiit : Barabbi.m. 

22 Dicit 11 ro illis Pilatin : 
Qxjid igitur Liciam Jcliim dic- 
tum Chiiftum ? ('icuat ci or.i- 
iies: Crucifigatiir. 

23 At })ra-lts ait i, Quid cniin 
mall Iccit ? lUi autem magis 
clamabant, dicentes : Crucili- 

26 I uuc abfolvit iilis Barab- 
bani : At Jefum fiafcllans, tra-! 
(iidif T;'- crjici/^p;cTCtur. ' 

27 Tunc ni'lites ]->rar.iii^is af-' 
fumenres J'i;rv.m in prxtorium, 
coctjcrunt ad cum univcrfam 

29 fit pleiScntes coronam de 
fpinis, impofuerunt fuper caput 
ejus, & arundinem in dextcra 
ejus : & genu fie<3;ente3 ante 
cum, illudcbant ei, ditentes : 
Gaudc rex Judarorum. 

30 Et irifpucntes in cum, ac- 
ceperunt arundinem, k. percu- 
tiebant in caput ejus. 

31 Et poftquani illuferunt 
ci, exuerunt eum chlamydcni, 
& induerunt eum vellimentis 
ejus : & abduxerunt eum ad 

i5. Or le Guiiveiueiir avoii ac-» , 

1 5 Now at that feast the gwef^ 

coulume , k chaqae iV-te de Pa— 
ques , de lelacher an peiiplc celui 
des prisonalers qii'ils vouloient. 

16. Et il y avoit alurs un prisou- 
uier insigne , nomuie Barabbas. 
i-iy. Comme ils t'toleiu done as- 
sembles , Pilate It'iir (lit .- Lcqiiel 
voultz-vous que je vons'riluclio ; 
Barablas , ou Jesus qu'oa appcU©. 
Christ ? 

■• 18. Car il saroit bien que c'etoit 
jjar envie quils ravoleut livie. 

19. Kl pt'iulant qu'il etnii asii'J 
sur le tribunal . sa Icimne lui en- 
voya dire ." N ale rieii ;i laire 
avtc cct homme de bieu ; car j'ai 
beaucoup soun'erl aujourd liui en 
songe a sou sujel. 
} 20. Aioi's les piincipaiix Saci'ifi- 
'catjeurs et le> Scnnieiirs peisnade- 
reiii au peupU- dc diniaiukr Ba- 
rabbas , el de laire pt'iir I su^;. 

21. bit le G mvenieur p:i-\i:iut la 
paioje, leurdil : Ltquel de^ deux 
voulez-vous que 'y vous relacbe? 
Et ils direul ; Barabbas. 

22. Pilate leur dn ; (^)ue ferai je 
douc de Jesus (ju'oa appeile CbiisL/ 

Tous lui dirent ." Qu'il solt ciu- 

23. Et le Gouverneur /''.v/- (lit . 
]\lais quel mat- a-i Ji tail? jMors 
ils crii; e!U cin.ure plus lorl ; (^u'll 
soil era till I'. 

2r}. Alois il leur rclaclia Barab-i 
bas , et api/s avoir lait Ibueiier 
Jesus ,1 ic leur iivra pour etre 

27. Etles soldafsdu Gonverneur 
araeuircnt Jesits au Prctoi.e , ct 
ils asseiuLlerent autour delui 
toufe la toinpagiiic chssoUhits. 

29. Puis aj-ant, fail xriie conroniie' 
d'cpiucs , ils ia lui niirtn; -iii- lu| 
tele, et lui aiiri::lt w\ r()-.c;,u a la' 
main dioiie , et s"a_;'juouillant 
devaut liil , ils se moquoicut de 
lui , eu lui dlsant ; Je te saliic , \ 
Roi des Juits. I 

5o. El cracliant contre lui , ils 


i nor was wont ta release unto the 
people a pi'isoner, Avhom they 
would. ' 

1 6 And they had then a notable 
prisoner, called Barabbas. 

17 Therefore, ^hen they were 
gathered together, Pilate said un- 
to them, \Vhom will ye that 1 re- 
lease unto ycu? BaralAas, or Je- 
sus, which is called Christ? 

1 8 For he ki;ew that for envy 
they had defiAcred him. 

19 When he was set down on 
the judgment-seat, his wife sent 
unto him, saying. Have thou no- 
thing to do ivith that just man: 

! for I have suffered many things 
this day in a dream because 9f him, 
- 20 But the chief priests and el- 
ders persuaded the multitude that 
they should ask Barabbas, and 
destroy Jesus. 

21 The governor answered, and 
said unto them, AVhether of the 
twain will ye that I release unto 
you? They said, Barabbas. 

22 Pilate saith unto them, What 
shall I do then with Jesus, which 
is called Christ? They all say unto 
him, Let him be crucified. 

23 And the governor said. Why, 
what evil hath he done ? But they 
cried out the more, saying. Let 
him he-crucified. 

26 Then released he Barabbas^ 
luito them ; and \\ hen he had 
scouri;ed Jesus, he delivered him 
to be crucified. 

27 Then the soldiers of the go- 
■vernor took Jesus into the com- 
mon hall, and gathered unto him 


5i. Ajiit's s'cire ainsi nicqius 
lui , ils Ini otercnt le niaiUeau , 
lui remireut ses habits , et 
rtuiuuiicreul pour le cruciJi<i 

I .11" the u'hole kind c^"so/c/itr*. 

prenoieui le roseau , et lis Ini eu ,, . -.- , , ,1 •'• • t- r rr— i — • 
llounoiem des coups sur la tete. ' '- ^^ Arxt when thev nacFplatted . 

cfown of thorns, tiicv put /' upoi 
liis head, and a I'ted in his .i^i't 
land; and they l)(»v-ccl the knet 
jcfore him, and mocked him. say- 
ng, i^il, king ,a the Jews ! 
■* 3" Vnd they spjt upon bim, am 
took the reed, and smote iiimon , 
the head. 

'51 Antla'^e- that they had mocK ■ 
him. hey took th^ rube off 
un him, and put \;^ own i-ai- 
ment on him, and led. hnu uw ^ 
to crucify Itim. 


3 T.T5 ;.j."v 'l<?vTaj' wa^tt- 

' al^ua aiiwov. Oi ^£ £i7rov. Ti -5:55; 

6 oi Sj «?X'M-''5 '^''^"^■' ~f 

• 7 2:y/u?a>-i:V S'a Xav-.civlE?, 
J «y5^^ttS-av 6* aiTKV TOV oVfM 
-r5 i XEJK|WJVJ, lU t Trt-f^V ToTf 

b Aio IxX-iSi) oyj:; sxEivoj, 
Z6 Kai Wf fi'nnyny'.'' aircv, i 

•2 7 'HKcXs'JJii Js a' TV ortXt 
"SJXf.C'SV TcD >.f;ci' K. Y •/■■ii'KiiV a, 

K) IXiTlCV C >^^ lO^livHV olTCV. 

'in'tfc, fiTTE" fOLiyaTEjjj 'l£.-a- 

mXh E-^' JiiTa} xXa«l£, ^ 'etti 
Ta TExva if/i'v* 

fv C.J EParc M.xxa'jisi al ^i~^a.i, 

r] H-iXiai a? <Jit lyU'.iTxi, 5 /a«- 
<-•/( «r ax ES'Airctv. 

.} ) J ore a!^^o»7.-ii Xr/fjv To'f 
ejsrc Uiri E t^' Jfjui; i^ Tsi; 
fiouri".;' K,^^.■.^!■ Ui »i,ixac. 

* 31 "Oti fi tv tJ5 -j" iyfw 

31 'tiy-tP.'y Se v^ frEfSi J1J9 xa- 
Jia^/'il ri/» •'UTa; jtiai|;£S?»a<. 

■' 3 Time vidt-nsjuilas qui tra- 
cHns rfuit] cum, quod 
f uct,''i=anittns, ntulit triginta' 
■Avn iiuo'i j-rliu-ipibui Sactrdo- 
tum, & feniorilMis, ^ _ 

4 Diccns,Peccavi,tradenslan 
guincm innoxium. llliverodix- 
U-unt, Qnidad nos? tu vid^ris. 

5 Ct projicions at genteos in 
templo, rcceflit: & abiens fe 

6 At princ-pcs Eacerdotum 
Non licet iiijicere-ecs in corba- 
nani : quiaprctiumfangu-riiseit. 

7 Confiiiumaiitcm funicntcs 
mercati lunt cxillisagrumfigulL 
in fcpuluiram percgrinis. 

8 (^aproptdr vocatus eft ager 
illc, Ager fanguinii, uique hodie. 

;6Et quum abduccrcrit euni, •' 
ap])rc'iv in!cn"esiim(.ncin qu; n-' 
ihun Cyren.ijvmi vi'iiienrein ub 
a;no, irr-poftjcruiit lili crucem, 
ut icrrrt poil Jefuni. 

r. 7 Si-q'itb.itur autcm ilium 
nuilta turi;a pcj.uii, v'v. nuilii.'- 
rum, qii;t & plaagcbant, & la- 
nicntabantiii cum. 

r.H C:'iiverrub3utem ad il'as 
Jcfus, dixit: I"jli;v; Hitrufahm, 
ne flcte fupc'r ine,fed fupcr vos 
ipfasiicti-', & fupcrfiliosvcUros, 

2y<.hi<iniam eccc vcnicntdics, 
in quibui dicent ; Bfatic flcriic;, 

f: ventres qui non genucriint, 
& ubcra qua; non la<tavcrunt. 

30 Tut.c incipient dict-re 
montibus: Cadife fupcr nos: 
& collibu-i : Opcrite nos. 

^ ( Quia fi in viridi ligno hare 
faciunt. in arido quid fict ? 

^1 Duccbaritur autcm & alii 
duo niuletici ut cum eo tolle- 

j.^«'Alors Judas , qui I'avoit ti'ahi . 
Vojani qii'il eluit condamne , se 
repeniit . et reporta les treute 
pieces d'argeul aux priucipaux 
SacrlGcateurs ct aux Senateuvs ; 

4. Disant .• J'ai ])eche en tralib- 
sant le sang innocent. Mais ils 
dirent • Que nous imporie? tu y 

5. Alois apres aToir jete les pie- 
Cgs d'argont dans le temple , il sc 
retira , el s'eu alia , et s'etrangla. 

6. Et les priiicipaux Saciifica- 
tpurs aj'ant pris les pieces- d'ai- 

tgent , diient ; 11 nest pas pcvmis 
deles nieitr^dans le tresor «acrt'; 
fc.av c'est le prix du sang. 

7. Et ajanl delibeie , ils en aclie- 
tirent le champ dun porier, pom 
5ta sepulture des etiangers. 
■'8. C'csl pourquoi~ce champ-la a 
' ete appcle jusqu'a anjourd'hui . 
iXe cliamp du sang, 

26. Et comiue ils le menoient nu 
aupplice , ils privent nn homme 
de Cyrene , nommii Simon , qui 
revenoil des champs, et le char- 
g^rent dd'la.croix, pour la porter 
apres Jesus. 

37. Et une grande rattltitude de 
penple et de femmes le snivoient , 
qui se frap[)oient la poiliine , et 
se lamenioient. 

28. Mais Jesus se tonrnant vers 
tiles , kur dii : Filles de Jern;a- 
1cm, ne plenrez point sur moi , 
mais pleurez sur vous-mtmes et 
sur vos enfans, 

29. Car les jours viendront aux- 
quels on dira : Heurenses les ste- 
lilcs , les femmes qui n'oni point 
cnfante , les mameUes qui n'oni 
point allaite ! 

00. Alors ils se Kiettront a dire 
aux montagnes : Tumbez sur nous; 
ft aux crtteaux, couvrez-nous, 

3i. Car si Ton fait ces clioscs an 
bois vert , que fera-t-on au bois 

52. On menoit aussi deux antres 
Iwmmes qui etoicnt des malf'ai- 
tenrs , pour les faire mourir avec 

^fT^hert^udas Which had betray-, /^- 'V- 
ed him, when he saw that he was 
condemned, repented himself, 
and brought again- the thirty 
pieces of silver to the chief priests 
and elders, 

4 Sayino;, I have sinned, in that 
have betrayed the innocent 

blood. And thev said, What /v 
that to us ? see thou to that. 

5 And he cast do^\Ti the pieces of ' 
silver in the tei^iple, and departed, 
and went and hanged himself. 

d And the chief priests took the 
silver pieces, and said, I* is not 
lawful for to put them into the; 
treasury, because' it is the pric^i 
of blood. f 

7 And they took counsel, an^. 
t)OUght with them the potter's 
field, to bury strangers in. 

8 Wherefore that field was call-_ 
ed. The field of blood, u^to this 

lay. / 

26 And, as they led hira awajr,/-'- CL-J 
they laid hold upon one Simon, a 

Cyrenian, coming out of the coun- 
try, and on him they laid the crossy 
that he migl\t bear it alter Jesus. 

27 And there followed him a 
great company of people, and of 
women, which also be^railcd and 
lamented liim. 

23 But Jesus, turning unto them, 
'said. Daughters of Jerusalem, 
Weep not for rae, but weep for 
yourselves, and for } our children. 

29 For, behold, the days are com- 
ing, in the wJ-ich they sha.ll say, 
Blessed are the barren, and the 
wombs tliat never bare, and the 
paps which never gave suck. 

30 Then sliall they begin to say 
to the mountains, Full on us; and 
to the hills, Cover us. 

;>1 For if they do these things in 
a greert tree, what shall be done A 
in the dry ? 

o2 And there were also two 
others, malefactors, led with him 
to be put to death.' 


17' Kas Bj.fd^iiV Tov ^ai'civ 
uvTii c^h'Kdsv el; -rev hiyouv.ov 

j jwsr' CLT,.- itWh-,- oi;, ivrrj^EV >i, 
.{•-•■■ ' ' :•• c: Tov 'l':rfc'v 

: i"; y; Tir^cv J rij- 
? ( ■ ■ ■'■■,y.iv i^'i t'ii (;:i.::.i',: 
i,V J£ >e; ia.v/y.fVCV 'l H >: (> r" i 
'O N A Z :. P A I O i 'O E A- 


Ojyu^erj TaJv IwJ'ai'i'** r,t>i yfa- 

S;,uj -jOJv 'laJ'awv. 

j/Ej»^a^a, yiy^a<fa. 

* 2 5; O! tfV CfaTiaJTcti, ore 

li"cy'*-'yv ''■'-'' !>;-*■•■> eXafcoT rd 

aa)v f aii'j,:®^, £« T»v | avaS.-v 

CXas".})n^av alrh, Mvavtt Taf 
>M.faXif airaiv, 

40 Kal Xsj/ovlfif. 'O XalaXu'i'V 
70V vaov JL IV t^itU h^ue^aii; 01*0- 
o'CiUitv, a-Zs-oy o-sauroV ei niac 
li" Tuf ©Etf, Kara-tiSi am rS 

41 'O/xotaif ie k, 01 a^;;^ie5SiV, 

'iiajv ^ wjia-SuJi^a*'/, £X£j/OV 

4.2 'aXXk; Iff-ajysv, Eaur?v tr 

«:j»ar7«l j^is-at" tl 5ar»Xe; f 'l^- 
'^)X ifj, Kalatarti vSv aTTO ra 

f tt„^if, K) 'ajifiiiToy.iv alrS. 
43 niTTotfisv iv\ TO)' ©eo'y ^u- 

Taff^u vuv cCtsv, tl &IXti avTo'v" 

iim yk^' "Ort ©£« si/wi ulo'j. 

ry l-'.r nortans crucem luam, 
(:\ivlt ii; fii;$luni CiK-arix !n- 
cuin, (]:ii dicitur HebiaiceGol- 

:!! l''ii cum cn!i:ifivcnir.t,5e 
( liir, '.o alio-^ duo<!,Miic ii liinc, 
i;)CGi';iii :uuem j(:i'ii;n. 

ly S.T.'pht aufctn >x tituluni 
rilati'.-, ^c j;oluit iujur cmccm. ■ 
Ivrat;tn\ni Joriptum : J£S!'S 

i-^ ffiuir iTj^ntitnltim mu'tJ 
1' oeruiif 1 111 '.:•'.-• :im : 'I'l'.! f^i j'^e^ 
crut iovijs i) .'i ...(iiiuji Liucia- 

xu'; cfl; Jefus, Et^irat fcriptun^ 
Hcbraitc, Grace, Roniaue. • 

21 Dicebant crgoPilatoprin-' 
cipes Saccrdotum Jud^orura : 
Ne fcribc : Rex Judaeorum : fedi 
quia ipfe dixit: Re>: fum Ju-j 
Useorum. ' , j 

1^ Rcfpondit Pilatus : Quod; 
fcripii, ftripfi. 

2,1 lirgo milites quum cruci- 
fixiiTentJffum.accepcrmjt veiii- 
mcnta ejus, (& fcceiunt quatuor 
& tunitam: Eral aufem tunica 
iiiconfatilis, ex iis quio dclupi-r 
coutt.-.ta y.;r tDtiirn. 

2^ I);^: t Uiitcrgoad ilivicom: 
Noji iciiidanuis cam, iVd lortia- 
ruir dc ilia, cu:;,-- trit. 

39 At pr:etcrc'untcsblafphe-' 
hnabaiit innu, moventes capita 


40 Et diccntes : Diffolvcns 
tcmpli'.ni, & in iribus diebus 
ardificaus, ferva teipfum. Sii 
filius cs Dei, defccndo de crucCcj 

47 Siniiliter vrro & princl-' 
pes Sacerdutum illudentes cum j 
Scrtbis,, & fenioribus, dicebaut: 

4: Alios fervavit," fei[>fun^ 
non potcft fcrvai e : Si rex If-j 
ra'el eft, dsfcendat nunc dC; 
cruce, & credemus ei. i 

43 Confidit in Deo, liberet ' 
nunc eimi, fi vuk eum; dixit 
enini : Quia Dei fum rtlius. 

17- lit Ji'Siis , po lant sa croix , 
villi aa lieu a|)i)elt- le Calvaire 
<[ui sc nomine en hebrcH , Golgo 
tlia ; 

18. Oil ils le crucifierent , el 
tlrnx aiitres avec lui , i'un d'u 
•"■Vie , et l\i7itre de rautre , ci 
Jeius au milieu. 

19. Pilate fit aussi faire un e'cri 
lean , et le fit mcllie au-dossus 
«^C' la cioii J el yu y uvoil tcril 

20. Plusifiivs done dc^ Jnli-i lu- 
reut cet ecrileaii, pavct; que le 
lieu oil Jesus eloit ciucifie etoit 
[ires de la viile , et ii eluit ecrit 
en llebieu , en Giec , et en La- 

I 21. El les prlncipaux Sactifica- 
teiirs des Juifs direnl a Pilate : 
N'ecris pas , Le Roi des Juit's ; 
mais qu'il u dit : Je suis le Roi 
des Juit's. 

11. Pilaie repondit : Ce que j'ai 
ecrit , je I'ai ecrit. 
I -iS. Apres que les soldats eureni 
crucifie Jesns , ils prirent ses ha- 
bits, et ils en fireni quatre parts, 
June part pour chaque soklal; ils 
\prirent aussi la robe 5 mais la 
[robe eloit sans couture , d'uu seul 
tissu , depuis le haul jnsqu'aa 

24. Ils direnl done entr'enx : Ne 
la mettons pas en pieces , mais 
tirons au sort a qui I'aura ; 

' 59. El ceiix qui passoiciilpar hi, 
lui disoicul des outrages , brau- 
lant la ttie ; . 

I JO. El disaut .• toi qui detruits 
'le temple , et qui le icbatis en 
irois jours, sauve-loi toi-mi'iue ; 
si tu es le Fils de Dieu, deictnds 
de la croix. 

4i. De mome aussi les priuci- 
paux SanlfiraUurs, avec les Scri- 
bes et 1?> Sciiaieurs , disoieut en 
se moquaiil-; 

42. 11 a sa'ive les autres et il ne 
-se pent sau\ cr lui-meme .- s'il est 
ic Roi d'lsrael , qu'il descsaule 
maiiitenaitt de la croix et nous 
croirous cu lui. 

j3. ]! se cuufie en Dieu ; que 
iJieu w dt'iivre niainlcnaut , s'il 
lui tst agi eable ; car il a dit .• Je 
suis le I'iis de Dieu. 

17 Ai^d he, bearing his cross, Xm ' 

vent frn'th intr» u i^ln^j ^^\\r.A fU„ y 

went forth into a placti called ths 
'^I'iicc of a skull, uhich is called in 
the TIebrcw, Colgoiha ; 

l?5-\Vh'ore they crucified him, 
and two others \nih him, on either 
-:ide one, .and Jesus in tl.e midst. 

1 9 And Pilate wrote a title, and 
put it on the cross. And the writ- 
'.n^;. was, JESUS OF NAZA- 

20 This title then re?J many of 
the Jews : for tlie pluce where 
'esus wab crucified "was nigh to 
the city: and it was written in 
'f ebrew, and Greek, (ind Latin. " ;- 

2 1 Then said the chief priests t 
of the Jews to l^ilatc, Write not^ 

The King of the Jews ; but that 
'le said, I am King of the Jews. 

22 ' ilatc answered. What I havg ;• 
written. I have wiittvih. ' 

23 TJieu tixe sol-iiecs, Wheij thejir 
had n-utified Jesvis, took his gar- 
ments, u]id made four parts, to 
every soldier a part, uid also .hist 
coat: now the co;it was without- 
seam, wo\ en from t lie top th rough- 

24 They said, therefore, among 
thems2lres, Let us not rend it, 
but cast lots for it, whose it shall 

39 And they that passed by re- /''-'Z.^ 
viled him, waggin;< their heads, 

40 And saying. Thou that de- 
stroyest the temple, and build- 
est it in three days, save thy- 
Iself. If thou be the Son of God, 

come down from the cross." 
A 1 Likewise also the chief priests 
mockisig ///w, with the scribes 
and cUiei-s, said, 

42 tie saved others; himself he 
cannot save. 1 f he be the King of 
Israel, let him now come down 
from the cro'*s, and we will be- 
lieve him. 

43 He trusted in Ciod ; let him 
deliver him now, if he will have 
him : for he said, I am the Son 
of God. 



30 J-J'V Ji Tiv ;(p£'/.f'.ff-8sv']wv 
^wv ' £» rj £.' Aviri,-> S'*''!" 

JO 'Ar5xei9-=if «£ ere^'^ 

iTTc'i'-Aa auT», A£^»y Pu^£ ij>05_>) 

34 'O J« 'l»)r»; i^ej/f TloTt^, 
*p !);«?( 

jC- '. ; ■ T.' '!>:?» h fxiiTV-; c-vr^ K 
'i £. e t'K rti; fxJ^^'.Q alr.j. ".^ix 
;>! Ti- i'^Xxna, y^ M-.^ta -; ': ; -- 

».-t(. ."')-■ ; I-!': a-a. 

%~ >i'ri >.t^£J Ti tj.clfiiriiV.- )■ 

-rf.j 9'.:-.: 'O.r'liV al-Ti' (As-i',., 
i>(j ricji s£ TW Iv-arijv w^av 

>-:^tt.:- 'UX?, 'H>:. >.x,ua la-^/- 
i-.ivt; '. i^T'ic-. ^- '-- y-'-) &'•'= y-ti, 

mtilejlccruni bbfpl.cinab:-/ e- 
I'.in, diccns: Si tu ts Chiillus, 
fifva temutipl'uni i< n s. 

40 RcfponJens ;iiitcm alrer 

incrcpahat eum, dicens : Ncque 

times tvi Dcum, 'juod in eadtni 

1 dainintione e^ ? 

' 41 Et nos quidcni jnfte : di- 

j gua eniin corum q-ix f-.innis 

lr>_cM)";;n'ts : Iii: vcio nihil ia- 

34 At Jrfus diccbat: Pater, 
din-.!tte illi^ : non enim fciunt 
quid faciui.t. 

■25 Stahaiit autcm juxta cru- 

cenT Jcfu, muter ejus fe foror . 

niatns.e^u^, Mr.riu CIcopa-, (J^: 

' Mari;i Magdakr.e. • 

i6 Jefui cr^';o vi.'in^ :r ."- -i- 
& difcipuluni : d-lant;.:'. 
(iiiip^, ('licic ii.;it vi li. . , ... 
i.i.r, '.•'■■,,. iiiu!^ L ins. 

T'. , . iiiLit'jr tiia. iittxil!. U-,--:t 
.'x tarn dikipujus iiij in 

i l">r'i-- - 

146 Circu wro nf>:iain horam 
clamavit Jtfusvocc r.ra;jni>i, di- 
c..!).4 : Hii, r.!i, Ii'va fa!)acht]\a- 
1 i:i? ]k)C 0'.''., I-'-'i. mens Dews 
I meus, ut nn-d n:c dcrelii]uiiH ? 
! 47 (>_'iuia:M aiit'.-'.T'. il1ic llaii- 
niir.i, a-.d:oatc.'^, c'.iccbant, Quod 
Eliar.i vocar. iilc. . 

48 Et cuntiiuio i'urrens unus 
ex cis, &: accipiciH Ipongiaai, 
iidpkiifque aceii, & circumpo- 
ncDs aniudi. i potabat eum. 

49 Vcium ctti-'-i dicL-hant : 
Slue, videar.uis at: vcr.iat lihas 
iihcratuius eum. 

At Telus iterum .cla- 

5;, ''iiTav II Ixi'i J-WaTjsE? 

56 '£v alq iv' Mafirt K "«.-.■>" 

50 iu Je 
mans voce magna, emifit f' ■_:•;■ 

5^ Erant autem il)i mu'iere> 
reultic a longe fpcil. antes, (luvc 
l'tquut;e erant jel'uraa vJulil:?.'., 
minillrantes el ; 

56 In quibus crat RT:^ri « 
Ma<;-dalene, <St Mr.rh jac-bi x 
Jole mater, Sc muter lilioruiii 

3c). [/iiri (Ifs uiallailnirs qui 
I'toieiii ciacifl(>\rouna!:couaussi, 
I'll disant : Si lu cs \v C.Iirisl , 
saiu't-toi loi-m<Hne, it noxis nussi. 

•fo. jMais I'aiUre le jutTuint , lui 
ilit : INc eraius-i« poiiil Dint , 
puisqr.e tu es couduiniU- an mf me 

41. Kl pour nous , nous 7e scjn- 
rius arte justice; car nous sout- 
Irutis ce que nos crimes mcriteiit j 
mais cclni-oi n'u lait aiuim mat. 

>> I. Mais i (•sus Uisoit : Moa pi-re , 
pardonncleur : car iis ne savcni 
cr •ju'lis foul. 

25. OV, la Mt'-re de Jesus , et la j 
sceur do sa Mere . Marie ,f\-mine j 
de Cleopas , et Marie MHj;delaiue, 
'so tenoioiit pres de sa croix. | 

a*). Jesu^ done voyant sa Mere , i 
et piis d'elle . le Dicip'e qu'il | 
aimoil , dit a sti Mere : Femiue , 
Jvoili Ion Fils. ^ j 

27. Puis il -lituu Disciple : Voili 1 
ra Mere : Ht dos cfUe lieure-lu, ce ! 

Disciple la pril chez lui. ■ 

■ liK'T'.t environ la neuvunic Inn- ! 
re, Jesus s'eeria a liaiiir \<) ;\ , 

jdisanl .- VW, lili , lannna saiiaeu- 
ltliani ? T/est u-dire , won Dien , 
'mull Dicn , piUuqiKM m .IS - la ! 
lahaiulomu' ! | 

i -*7. Ill quehiiKs-iiiis de ctu\ qui , 
e'toieni pri'sciis , ay;nH oni ecLi , ; 
lUsykui .- il apjielic Jiiic. 1 

.48. Et aus.'^ilul quclqn'uu d'eu-jf 
lr\nx culivu! ei \n\\ une eponge ,| 
ct I'uvant rcmjiHe de vinaigre , ill 
la mil au boVu d'uue canne , el' 
lut'en douna a Loire. 
4q. I'.i les auircs disoleni ; alteu- 

■ dez . voyons si Clie vieudra le du- 
lly re r. 

. 5o. Et Jesu.s ayant en.rore crie a 
haute voix , reiidii IVsnrii. 

.').'>. 11 y avoit an>:"»i la plnsicnrs ( 
femuics , qui renavdoieni de loin, I 
et qui avoienl suivi Jesus , depuis 
la Galiler j ei« !e strvaul ; 

56. linlre le.squetUs i-loitnt M'*- 
rie-Magdelcine , et Marie, mere 
de Jacques et de Juses, el la mere 
de-^ fils de Zvhedee. 

ai-t ill Uie 


V} Aval one of tile niaitiaincrrs, / . i--y. 
niiicli wei-e fr.iiic^od.i-aifeci on him, 
suym-, Iftiioii be C'Li-ist, save thy- 
self and us. 

40 f5ut the other, answerin'^^ rc- 
biiketl hhii, saying,. Dost northou 
lear Ciod, seein;^ tlicu 
siinie condemnation I 

•il And Me indeed justly; for 
we rerei\e the due'of our , 
deeds : but this uiun hath done 
noticing amiss. 

3! Then said Jesus, Father, for- 
give flVein'; for tliey know not 
V. hat they do. 

2 j Now there stood by tlie cross J. 
of Jesus, liis mother,, iii^'d h-is mo- 
ther's sister, Mary the r/v/r of Cle-. ' 
ophas, and INiai-y MagdbleDo. 
. 26 When Jesus, therefore. s;'.\v | 
his mother, and the discij)ie stxind- 1 
m^ by wlioni Im. loved, he saith I 
unto his mother, Woman, behold 
thy Son ! 

27 Then saith he to the disciple, 
Heboid thy mother I .Vjidft'om 
that h:our that disciple took her 
unto his ov.'u home. 

4(> .\nd a!>out the ninth hour, 
Jesus cried w ilh a loud voice, say- 
ing, Kli, Eli, lama sabaclithani ? 
that is to say, My (;od, my (-od, 
why hast thou forsaken n\e ? 

47 Some of them tliat stood 
the;'e, when they heard that^ said, 
This r,:cm calleth for Elias. 

4 8 And straightway one ofthem 
ran, and lOok a spunge, and filled 
if M-ith vinegar, and put // on a 
reed, and gave him to drink. 

49 The rest said. Let be, let us 
see whether Ehas will come to 
save liini. 

50 Jesus, v/hen he had cried 
again with a loud voice, yielded 
up the gliost. 
5 5 And many women were tl lere, 

beholding afar off, which follow- 
ed Jesus from Galilee, minister- 
ing unto him : 

.56 Among which was ^Tary 
^lagdalene. and Mary the mother 
of James and Joscs, and the mo- 
ther of Zebedee's chikh'en. 



?», (nVJ/stK- fJiiya.>.rt h hl-CtPO. tX£»'- 
*f) t2 tra^raTa) hg-jiTVi-av -rev 

3'; 'Etti S's Tov Inrav IxSsVlsc, 

* 34 AXX' sT; tIv :f ^j-aTJW- 
ToiJv "f" y^oyyn aim tJjv | iirA£i;jiy 
'f hvli, Kj X ilSvi e^ilxiev . a'.t/.a. 

3 1 Ergo JimKi, utnoif ' rt" 
m^nercnc in cruc'e corpora is 
Sahbato, quoniam Paraiccve e- 
rat, (eratcnim magnus dies illc- 
Sabbati) rogavcruntPilatumut 
f>ans:^rer.tur eorum crura, Se 
toll^rentiir. j 

3Z Vcncrunt ergo milites, & 
quiJcm primi frcgerunt cnirai^ 
& olterius concrucifixi ei. , i 

. 33 Ad autem JeCum venien- 
tcs, ut viderunt eum jam mor- 
tuum, Bon frcgerunt ejus crura. 
34 Scd UHus nitliconi lasicei 
ejus latusfoclit, & continuo eii- 
Vit fuDguis k. aqua. 

38 Poll hxc rogavit Pilatuni 
Jol'eph ab ArimatliKa (txiftei'S 

ov <r''^;i' ' propter nictum JuJivonim) ut 
r- c-i'xa iol!erc-t,cori us Jefu : & pernii- 

f.'.:iT.:ix(;, {xvf^a:>-r.; ~ij Jtrs, j ^ijcipulus Tclu, occultus autem 

f.lX.piA.ty.i\^ Js J-," -' ' ■' ' 

-rS 'j^ra- ^, £^Erf:-/v i ]'.:>.:,- I jlr Hiatus: Vcnit ergo &: tuUt 
-'^^•^ =:;v;-5v i/* ^ r^f li c-i,-'-'' -'' corpus Je.u. 

* 4.0 HXafoV «v t5 iru';j.SL tb 
{^•/r,j.<.iia-y xat_jiv, iy » sJiwi; «'- 

Kf^ iva^ '^Mo"! fjiiyt'av 

■59 Venit autem <*c NIcor'i.v 
mus (llle venienaadji-fum 110c- 
le primuni) fereris mivturain 
myrrlia; &, ulol-s, quaii iibrai 

. 40 Acceperunt ergo corpn^ 
Jefu, & iigavcTiint iliud liutcis. 
cam aromatibus, ficit riiTis'e^. 
Judajis fepelire. 

4 1 Erat autem in loco, ubi 

crucifisttscftjhortc'a, & in i'lorto ^lovuui, in quo 

ilonduntxiuil'qiuim poiitus crat. 

^: TbI ergi) pomcrum jc- 



3i. Or, les Jaifs , de i)enr que 
les corps lie demenrassent sur la 
croix le jour du Sabbat (careen 
etoit la preparation , et cc Sabbat 
etoit un jour tort soleanel 

3 1 Tlie Jews,- therefore, becsTttse 
It waa the preparation, tliat the 
bodies should not re«iaih upon 
the cross on the sabbath-day, (for 

pnerent P.late de Ie„r lane vom- that sabbath-dcly was an hijrli dav.) 

pre le.? jambes , et qu'on les <*,tat. [besought PJ'^t,. f W \i: • i "''^ 

52. Lessoldatsvinreatdonc, ell •,:*!'' t ^^^^ ^^^ t^^^r legs 

ronipirentles jambes au premier Jl'^jS*^^ ^<^ broken, and that they 
et ensuite a Taulre qui etoil ciu-T^^g^t betaken av/ay, 

cifie avec lui. 32 Then c^me the soldiei-s, and, 

oo. Mais lorsqu'ils vinrent A i hi-«L-P +1,. i r , v. 

bake the legs of the first, and o£the 


oo But when they came to Je- 

Jesus , vojaiu qu'il etoil dep 
niort , ils ne lui rompireni point 
Ics jambes. 
:;' -IT • 1 n . . i «^ ■•.^.. iijty came 10 Je-- 

O^.Ma>sundessoldat5luipercH SUS, and s^w that he Was dearl' 
>le c; e avec une lance , et auss.- alreadv. ^\.L K.„i„ _ . .^^ ^^^ 
1 en sortit du sang et d 


58. Apres cela , Joseph d'Ari- 
malhee , qui eioit Disciple dt 
Jdsus , mais en secret , pan e qu'il 
craignoit Jes Juds , pria Pilaie 
qu'il put oter le corps de Jesus ; 
et Piiate le lui permit. Jl viul 
done et empoila k corps de Je- 

Sq. Nlcodeme qui , au comnien- 
ceiui'nt , etuit veuii de nnil vers 
Jdsus, V vintaussi., apportant en- 
viron ceut liv>es d'uiie composi- 
tion de myrrbe el d'aloes. 

4o. Ils pvirenl done le corps de 
Jesus , el I'eiiveioppcieut de liti- 
ees , uvee des drogues aroniati- 

qnes , 

omme les Julfs oat accou- 
tume d'ensevelir. 
4i. Or , il y aToit un jardin au 
lieu oil it avolt ele crucific , et ^^^ 
dans ee jardin un sepulcre neuf, 
on pers/)une n'avoit- ete mis. " "' 

42. lis mirent done la Jt>.su« . 

, - . , , et nvnnt rouli; une grand. 

fiene a leniree- dii,5epalcre , £ 

already, they brake not his le^s. 

-4 But one of the soldiers with 
a spear pierced his side, and 
forthwith came thereotit blood 
^r»d water. 

3<i And after this, Joseph of Ati- 
muthea, (being a disciple of Jtsns, 
but secretly for fear of the .^cwa,) 
btr,ought Pilate that he might take 
av/ay the body bf Jesus : uull F ilatci 
gave /nm leaA'e. He came there-^ 
fore, and took the body of. .Testis.' 

39 And there came i"<lso >"icode- 
mus, (which 5.t the (i;mi. lo- 
Jesus by night and brougl\t a mix- 
ture of myrrh and a^oes, about an 
hundred pornd ving/ir.. > 

40 Then took they. the tcdy ot. 
Jesus, , and wound it in u^cn 
clothes with the spices . ns the 

inner ox*i' : J lavs is to l;ury. 

41 Now. in the i)r..ce whtrche 
v.'as cruciiicd, there Aras> a fTcr- 
den ; and in the i-aide'i ariew se- 
pulchre," Av^hercin was never man 
yet laid. 

42 There _la|d tl^ey Je^us, 
io . . ' and Jjg rolled a great 1 ^- ^7- 

itone" to the door of the sepul- 
chre, and departed. 

; &3 

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The life and morals of Jesus 
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