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In the year 1S92 a "Genealogy of the Light Family 
and Connections" was written out for my own satis- 
faction, as also for future reference. By the help of 
the Lord, the original has been re-written and en- 
larged Care was taken to gather reliable informa- 
tion; any doubtful information was not accepted. 
Notwithstanding, error* will be found, because of in- 
correct information. Whenever a occurs, the 

necessary information could not be ascertained. The 
figures appearing before the names, indicate the order 
01 births in the family, as ist, 2nd, &o. (b.) means 
birth, (d.J for death, (c.) for children, (y) for year, 
(mo.) for month, (da.) for days, (m.) for married, 
(Gen.) for generation. Hoping all honor will be 
given to the lord, the "Genealogy" is now respect- 
fully submitted to the public, hoping the perusal of 
this book may afford as much pleasure to the reader 
as has resulted in its composition to the author, who 
is in the eightieth year of his age. 


Afar \rim, Lancastei 'J .. Pa. 


First ^ h, ' s ^ e "°°* £: * 3 a History of the Light 
Gener- Families from the Old Country. The first 

ation. John Light and two of his brothers, natives of 
Palatinate, Germany, left the Old Country for 
America about the year 1 7 l o, one stopping in 
England and one in Baltimore, Md. John 
Light, above mentioned, settled in (then 
m called) Lebanon township, Lancaster county, 
Pa., now I ebanon county, Pa., and secured a 
tract of land o< w 2 part of the city oi Lebanon, 
patent dated April 2, 1742. The same year 
he erected a large two-story limestone dwell- 
ing house, where for many years the old 
Mennonites met for worship, having monthly 
meetings during the French and Indian war. 
It was the place of safety for the women an 1 
children of the surrounding country, and went 
by the name of "Old Fort." This Old Fort 
can be seen yet, though one hundred and. 
fifty-two years old. It is built of lire te, 
French ! , small - lows. It is now 


i Ge I) -'■■".• Can 

be n Tenth Eleve .'. i :ets, in ti - 

cit\ of Lebanon, Pa. A part is still occupied 
as a ter mt ho se. 1 > was built in the year 
1742, having a stock* .. built around it. It is 
said that sixty families at one time took re r uge 
in it, wrnile the m ;n went along the n • itains 
guarding the | or protecting them when 
gathering the cro] . We have no knowledge 
when this John Light died, or the name of his 
wife. They had the follovsins: children, namely, 
four sons : 

2 Gln. Jacob Light, their first son, was born 1723, 

died 1788, aged 65 years: was married to 
Elizabeth Landis; their issue 5 children: 

3 Gex. 1. Anna Light, m. to Jacob Kreidcr. 

2. Barbara Light, m. to Henry Kreider 

3. Maria Light, m. to Henry Light. 

4. Elizabeth Light, m. not known. 

5. John Light, m. to Bar'. : er. 
This second John Light is supposed r o have 

lived at the farm where now the Lane 
county poor-house is situated. He was ' c 
Oct., 175S; died Nov. 30th, 1809, aged 51 
years. His wife, Barbara, was born May 25th, 
1760. Their issue : 

4 Gen. 1. Henry Light, b. Dec. 1, 1780, m. to S. L. 

2. Annie Light, b. July 7, 17"):, m.'Sarn. Eby« 

, 3 - Barbara Light, b. Ap. «i. «7»4. • '■ ' hn 

4 . John Light, b. Dec. 7, 1785,^ "' Busier 

5 . Elizabeth Light, b. Aug. 15, 178?, m. Jacob 


6. Susannah J ight, b. Aug. 15, *7-7> m. John 

St earn in. . . 

. 7 and 8. Abraham and Jacob Light, 2d twins, 
b. and d. Oct. 15, i7«9- 

9. Jacob Light, b. Apr. 20, 1791, "• ^°' l >' 

10. Benjamin Light, b. and d. young. . 

n Magdalena Light, b. Dec. 24, 1 793, m. 
Abe Hostetter. 
The above Henry Light, m. to S. L. Cutter. 

Their issue, 4 sons : 
5 gen 1. Benjamin Light, m. Sue Donley. 

2, David, 3, J^ob, 4, Henry Light ; mamag 
not known. 

2 Gfv 2d Son of John Light, from Germany. 
Martin Light, b. 1725, « Lebanon township, 

Pa. ; d. 1S05, :ged So years ; m. Miss Peifer ; 
Issue S children. 

3 Gev Jacob Light, b. unknown, m. unknown, d. 
unknown. Jacob was very rich, and settled 
near Lancaster City, Pa. 

3 Gen John light, a brother of Jacob, was not SO 
rich in worldly goods, but he was blessed with 
a large family. He moved over the ooua- 


tins (sor \ \ ace west). His brothei 
saddl ' .' ;e one cl i . isit his brother 
John; he found him larg 

Jacob asked John for two I 3 boys John 
agreed to give Samuel and Martin to go \iSi 
their uncle, and he made them his adopted 
sons. Jacob took one behind and the other 
in front of himself on horseback, and started 
east over the mountains foi home, and i '^ 
the two sons very rich ; he made a will, 
described all that each should ha-. . The 
author read the will in the Register :e in 

Lancaster City, where it was recorded one 
hundred and forty years ago. 

i Gkk. The adopted son of Jacob was Si 

Light. He afterwards moved to Lebanon C . 
Pa., below Lebanon City, and buil 
mill at' the Quitcapahilh. He was married 
twice; his first wife was Mary Light, his 
second wife was Annie Light. 

5 Gen-. Sons of Samuel Light. Jacob Light, m. 
Mary Longanecker. Their issu > as fol- 

lows : 

5 Ge.v. i. Eliza Light, m. to — . Cormany. 

2. Maria Light, m. to Oliver Bowman. 

3. Fannie Light, m. to Peter Horst. 

4. Henry J . ' :, m. to Louise Early. 

5. Sarah Light, m. to Abraham Mark. 

6. Cyrus Lig I m. to Martha GrafTert. 

5 Gev. 7. J hn Li :'. t, n Eliza Mark. 

8. Annie Light, m. to George Ellis. 

Henry Light, m. to Louise Early. Their 

issue : 
5 Gen. 1. Samuel E. Light, m. to Laura Bresslin. 

2. Louis Light, single. 

3. Mary Light, ra. to Wm. Pv.esden. 

4. Lizzie Light, m. to John Roberts. 

5. William Light, m. to Miss Daisey. 

6. Abraham Light, single. 

7. Leander Light, single. 

8. Sallie Light, single. 

5 Gen. Cyrus Light, m. to Martha Graffert. Their 

issue : 

6 Gen. 1. Edv.-ard Light, m. unknown. 

2. Jacob Light, single. 

3. George Light, sing 1 . 

4. Corrie -:_!e. 

5 Gsar. John Light, m. to Eliza Mark. Tb eir issue : 

6 Gen. x. Adam Light, single. 

2. Ira Light, m. to Mr. Fisher. 

3. Grant Light, single. 

4. Albert i : ';h:, single. 

5. Henry I gi.t, :»ngle. 

6. Martha Light, single. 

5 Gen. John Light. Sam. son. m. to Sarah Light 

Their iss le. 
€ Gen. i. Ephraim Light, m. to Mary VVideman. 

2. Mary Light, m. to William Meek. 


 . 3 it, m. t< ' ' r y. 

i | . jht,m. to Mary : 

 '•■■■•. i . n Light, i I . 

7 Ges. 2. En t, m. to E - ngler. 

6 G - ,  i. * Maria Henry. Th« r 

7 Ges. i. Henry Light, in. to Emma Light. 

2. John Light, single. 

3. J. Warren Light, in. to Catharine Light. 

4. James Raymond Light, single. 

5. Horace Light, si 

6 Ges. S imuel Light, m. to ' [aria Henrj His 

6 Ges. 2. Mary I \ m. to Levi Uhler. 

3. Elizabeth Light, m. to Robb. 

4. Henry ' it, d. single. 

5. Betsey Light Jesse Reinhold. 

6. Sallie Lig .to Jesse Reinhold. 

7. Ligl t, m. to Samuel Rea. 

4 G Mart. . ' _ ;, the adopted son of Jacob 


Martin ! . m. to Annie Herr. 
* Ges. 1. John Light, m. to Annie Land;-. 

2. Jacob Light, m. to Annie Gall. 

3. Fannie Light, m. to Benjamin Hess. 

4. Annie Ligl r . m. to Cornet. 

c. Mary Li:--, m. to Herr. 

6. Hanr 1 Light, 1 to Miller. 

4 G Martin and A 

T 1 

5 Ckx i. John I lives in I . r ( ity. No 

2. Jacob Light, m. to Annie Gall, lives South 
Queen St., Lancaster City, Pa. Jacob 
b. Jan. 7, 1S12 ; his wife Annie b. Oct. 
1, 18 1 4. They had 6 children. 

6 Gen. i. Elizabeth Light, m. to Joseph Bowman. 

2. Anna Man- Light, m. to William Cottwell. 

3. Fannie Light, single. 

4. John Light, m. to Alice Buch. 

5. Samuel Light, m. to Mary Gardner. 

6. Martin Light, m. to Annie Herner. Their 

issue : 

7 Gen-, i. Charles H. Light, single. 

2. John J. Light, single. 

3. Alice G. Light, single. 

4. John Light, m. to Alice Buch. Issue : 
7 Gex. 1. Frank Bond Light, single. 

2. Minnie Light, single. 

3. Balis Light, single. 

2 Gen-. Martin Light's daughters b. 1725, d. Oct., 

1805, aged So years.' 

3 Gen. 3. Elizabeth Light, m. to Abraha.n Meyer. 

4. Barbara Light, rn. to George Huber. 

5. Annie Light, m. :o Efenry Yordey. 

6. Veronica Light, m. to tlenry Mayer. 

7. Susanna Light, m. to Caspti 51 rk. 

8. Mary Light, no. to George Uhl 

2 Gen-. Henry Light, son of John Light, from Ger- 



2 Gk.v. many. D is Henry v/as b. '7- 1. Jan. il >6, 

ag ; i ; he w m. to Barbara I □ lis. 

Th - lildren. 

3 G Henry n of Henry ' m. to 

Barbara Landis. This Henry , m. to 

Magdalena Funk. Their issue: 

4 Gex. Ken:/ ' er), m. to Barbara Wen- 

ger, a d - :.■ ter of Rev. Christian Wenger, of 
the River Brethren church. 
. i. Nancy Light, m. to Joseph Gingrich. 

2. Barbara Light, m. to John Weller. 

3. Mollie Light, ra. to Levi Light. 

4. H ght Fuller, Jr., m. to Catharine 

The daughters of Henry Light, married t 
M ig • Funk : 

5 Gi.v. 1. Elizabeth! - m. to Martin Wenger. 

2. F&rbara I , m. to Abraham Weng 

3. Christian Light, ra. to Jacob Light. 

4. Magdalena Light, m. to Henry Ho'. 

Second marriage, Marti-: Wenger, as 
above named. 

5. Mary Light, ra. to Daniel Eixlcr. 

5. Nanc) Light, m. (1st time) to Henry t 
Meyer, (2d time) to Mr. Henry, ( - 

I )ondi  
- . C ' . m.- to Jol a L. Mover. ---' 

Light, m. 10 Gct-lciO Kreider. 
• M tin Light, of Henry Ligl 


5 Gen m. to Masrdalena Funk. This Martin Light 

(Fuller) m. to R rb ra Oberholzer. Issue: 
5 Ges. i. John O. Light, m. to Katie Uhler. 

2. Martin O. Light, m. to Betsey Rauch. 

3. Henry O. Light, en. to Catharine GarLerich. 

4. Barbara Light, ra. to Jacob Heisey. 

5. Catharine Light, m. to Samuel Brandt. 

6. Christina Light, m. to John Ensminger. 

3. Jacob Light (Fuller), of Henry and Mag- 

dalena Light (nee Funk). 

4 Gen-. 3. Jacob Light (Fuller), ra. to Lydia Light. 

4. Samuel Light (Fuller), ra. to Catharine 


5. John Light (Fuller), m. to Catharine Shrk. 

6. Joseph Light (Fuller), m. to N incy Wenger. 
Second son cf Henry Lteht, m. to Maerda- 

lena Funk, Peter Light, m. to Barbara Beohm. 
Their issue : 

5 Gex. 1. Jacob Light, m. to Betsy Ulrich. 

2. Elizabeth Light, m. to J. H. Witmeyer. 

3. Hit?.m Light, ra. to Mary Kreider. 

4. Barbara Light, m. t ) Samuel Veagly. 

5. MagdaJena Light, m. to Daniel W. Zeller. 

6. Susanna Light, m. to Reuben L'ght. 

7. Jacob Light, ra. to Sarah Light. 

8. Peter Light ra. not known. 

9. Betsey Light, m. to Rev. Christian PefP. y. 
4 Gex. David Light, 2d son of Peter I ight, rn. to 

B rbara Beohn . This David Light m. to 
Mcllie Hunsicker. ;ir issue : 

2. Ad " " • - ;  

3. Christian Light, m. to I... bella Light. 

4. David Light, m. ; Good. 

5. Annie Light, single. 

6. Pete Light, single. 

John Light, 3d son of Peter Light, m. to 
Barbara. a. This John Light m. to Fannie 
Land:?. 1 le : 

1. Jacob '. m. to Veronica Ellenberger. 

He .Dec. 12, 175S, i. Feb. 2, 1837, 

aged (on stone) ;3 y.' 4 mo. 10 da. 
His wife was b. Sept. ^o, 1764; d. 1834, 
aged 69 y. S mo. 7 da. Their issue v. 
3 sons and 3 daughter . 
o Gkn. 1. Samuel Light, Betsey Stauffer. 

2. Jacob Light, m. t Lydia Zinn. 

3. Joseph Light, m. :o Katie Bomberger. 

1. Betsey Light, m. to Daniel Zeller. 

2. Fanny Light, singl 

3. Annie Light, m. to Jonas Light. 

i Gf.s. Jacob Light, m. to Lydia Zinn, was b. Apr. 
10, 1797.. d. Jan. 30, 1S69, aged 7: yr. 9 mo. 
20 da.; his v.ife b. 179S, d. 1874, aged 75 yr. 
10 mo. " d. Their issue : 


5 Gi-.v. 1. Sarah Light, m. to George - nith. 

2. Catharine Ligi t, : .. to Peter Swope. 

3. Lydia Light, m. to Moses Uri 

4. Elizabeth L'ght, m. to Michael Becker. 


j Gen. 5. Lucetta Light, rn. to Jeremiah Stennert. 

6. Susanna Light, m. to John K. Light. 

7. Rosanna Light, m. to Levi Light. 

8. Samuel Light, b. 1840, d. 1868, aged 28 


9. George Light, m. to Lucinda Capp. Their 

issue : 
6 Gen. 1. Ira Light, 2, George Light, 3, Israel Light. 

5 Gen. 10. Jefferson Light, in. to Sarah Light. Their 

issue 7 : 

6 Gen. 1, Jacob Light, 2, Harvey Light; 3, Wilson 

Light, 4, Sallie Light, 5, Thomas Light, 
6, Lydia Light, 7, Ir.i Light. 

5 Gen. Moses Light, brother of Jefferson Light, 

has 6 children : 

6 Gen. 1, George Light, 2, Jacob Ligh:, 3, Moses 

Light, _}, Simuel Light, 3, Louise Light, 
6, Vinnie Light. 

5 Gen. David Light, 2d son of Joha Light, in. to 

Miss Peifer. Issue : 

6 Gen. t, Jesse Light. 2, John Light, 3, Man* Li^ht, 

4, Lucy Ligh;-, 5, Lucetta I -'grit. 

4 Gen. 3. John Light, son of Pe'er Light, m. to Bar- 

bara Lanuis. This John is c (Han- 

nesly) Light, m. to F m j Landis. Their 
issue : 

5 Gen. 1. Joha Light, m. to M I'ie Welbmer. 

2. Jacob Light, rn. to Barl ara Light. 

3. Joseph light, m. to Catharine Light. 


1. I 

3. Miry L . I ' „' 

! Light, 1 j m. to Sarah Moyer, 

2, m. to Mary Moyer, 3, m. to C 
Light, willow of ie] Light Fullei 

(nee Spigler). Their issue : 
" Gsx. 1. Henry Light, m. to Mollie Bow , 1. 

2. Daniel Light, m. to Barbara Sholley. 

3. Sara . m. to David Light, 2d wife, 

Issue : 
•") Gk.w 1. Mar t, m. to Be- 2I] Kline. 

2. Lydia I m. to Jacob Light (Fuller). 

Children oi the wife < sph Li^ht : 

5 Gen. i. Leah Ligh m. tc . I , : ght. 

2. Ami I  Peter Shollej . 

3. Solomon 1 1 . . ' .. 

trtin \ . 5th of Henry Lig 

rbara Land is. 

5 Gen. This Martin Light, m. to Barbara Ch 

Their issue : 

6 ;_>-.- 1. Orth Light, m. to Betsey Louser. 

2. S.irah Light, m. Samuel Rice. 
Children of Orth Light : 

7 Grv. 1. Cyrus Light, m. to Mac. Bern. 

2. Rose Light, . 1. l>„\\n Wolf, 

3. John O: : , m. to Barl - a Killcaten. 
I 1 ex. Jacob  n of Peter I.; 

b.'ra Be m. fhi ..'.. i '_ 1 t lied 


4 Gen. Ja Br mto M igc!al< na Beohm. 

Their issue : 

5 Gen. i. Jonas Light, m. to Annie Light. 

2. William Light, m. to Barbara Reinsel. 

3. Christiana Light, m. to John Fordney. 

4. Lydia Light, m. to Jacob Lutz. 

5. Samuel Light, m. to Catharine Ball. 
Grand children of big Joseph Light's sons : 
Henrv Light's children : 

6 Gen. i. Maria Light, m. to Mr. Shalk. 

2. Lorance Light. 

3. Phcebe Light. 

4. Light. 

5. Cyrus L'ght. 

6. Isabella Light. 

7. Daniel Light. 

8. Israel Light. 

Daniel Light's children : 

1. Joseph E. Light, m. to Miss Paine. 

2. Lmma Light, m. to M. H. H. Light. 

3. Daniel Light, m. to Kate Strickler. 

2 Gen. The 4th sen of John Light, from Germany. 

This John was b. 1730, m. to Miss Landis, of 
Spring Creek, Deny township, Lancaster 
county, Pa., now Dauphin county, Pa.^Their 
issue, 6 sons, as follows : 

3 Gen. I. John Light was b. Apr. 4, 1750, d. Dec. I, 

1829, aged 79 yr. 7 mo. 27 da. He was 
m. to Mary Dohner. She was b. Feb. 1, 
1755, d. Feb. n, 18 10, aged 55 yr. 10 da. 


- i T . of John Light, from Germai 

This .. I >k up one section of 

Ian i situ ted at the Little Swatara creek, on 
the road leading from Lebanon to Fredericks- 
I irg. The 3d John Light, above mentioned 
(my grandfather), got about one-half of this 
tract of land from his father as a legacy. He 
then built a house and barn on this tract, and 
later he built a large two-story brick grist mi 
which was called Light's Mill for a long time, 
but now Stoever's Mill, located on the Little 
Swatara creek, where the stream makes a large 
bend, almost forming a peninsula. This John 
lived on this farm fifty odd years, and is bun 
on the same land, called Light's Graveyard. 
Most of his family are also buried there. This 
John Light and his wife, Mary Light, their 
issue was n children. 

4 Gen. 1. John Light, unk when b. or d. He was 

m. to Nancy Haws, of Philadelphia, Pa. 

3 Gen. The) had 6 children : 1, Mary Light, 2, 

Michael Light, 5, David Light, 4, Betsey 
Light, 5, Sarah Light, 6, John Light. 
The father and this family moved to 
Richland county, Ohio, many years ago. 
:■; Gen. 2d son of John Light, ra. to Mary Dohner. 

4 Guy. My father was Henry Light, b. Sept. 17, 17 ; : 

d. Dec. 17, 185S, aged 83 yr. 3 n.o. He .. - 
m. to his first wife, Eli . :th Longenecker. 


4 Gen She was b. Apr. io, 1782, d. Apr. u, 1809, 

aged 27 yr. t da. Their issue was 3 children. 

5 Gk.v. i. Daniel Light, b. Aug. iS, 1803, d. July 13, 

1SS4, aged So yr. 10 mo. 25 da. He 
was m. to Lizzie Weaver. Lizzie Weaver 
was b. Oct. 17, 1S10, d. Nov. 16, 1837, 
aged 27 yr. 23 da. Their issue was 2 

6 Gen-, i, Isabella Tight, 2, Amanda Light. Amanda 

was b. Mar. 24, 1840, d. Feb. 19, i860, 
aged 19 yr. 10 mo. 25 days. 

5 Gen. Elizabeth Light, daughter of Henry Light, 

was b. Nov. 14, 1805, d. Oct. 15, 18S6, aged 
'80 yr. n mo. 1 day; m. to Rev. Christian 
Wenger (of the Zion's Brethren church) ; he 
was b. Oct. 23, 1805, d. Dec. 4, 1876, aged 71 
yr. 1 mo. 6 days. 

6 Gen. 1. Daniel Wenger. d. single. 

2. Lydia Wenger, m. to David Wenger. 

3. Catharine Wenger, m. to Benjamin Engle. 

4. Fanny Winger, m. to Elias Long. 

5 Gen-. Rev. George Light, son of Henry Light, b. 

July 2, 1S07, d. Mar. iS, 1890, aged S2 yr. 8 

mo. 16 days; he wasm. to first wife, Elizabeth 

Wenger. She was b. July 3, 1SL3, d. Sept. 

14, 1S40, aged 27 yr. 2 mo. 11' days. Their 

issue : 
c Gen. Israel Light, m. to Mollie Oberholtzer. Their 

issue : 2 daughters, 1, Lizzie Light, 2, Sarah 



6 Gj li I " : : - • '• • liter of Rev. Geori : 

f the Mennonite ch rch. She vas m. to 
Gibbel. Th::ir is ; was i d liter, 
Elizabeth Gibbel. 

5 <;. Rev. George Light was m. (the 2d time) to 

Susan Grot 1. 

6 Gkn. 1. Edward Light, m. to Lizzie Klinefelter. 

Their issue : 
T Gsx. Man) children. 

4 Gen. Henry Light, m. the 2d time to Catharine 

Wolf. She was b. Apr, 21, 1785, d. Sept. 9, 
1S23, aged 38 yr. 4 mo. 18 days. Issue : 

5 Gen. i. Mary Light, b. Nov. 26, 181 1, d. May 13, 

1859, aged -17 yr. 5 mo. 17 days. She 
was in. to Jacob Wenger. 

5 Gen. Jacob V/enger was b. Oct. 2S, 1805, d. Apr. 

10, r88i, aged 75 yr. 5 mo. 12 days. Th- ir 
issue : 

6 Gen. 1, Susanna, 2, Catharine, 3, John L and 2 

twins, d. young. 

5 G n. Catharine Light, daughter of the 2d wife of 

Henry Light, b. Mar. 20, 1813, d. Oct. 21, 
1S67, aged 54 yr. 6 mo. 25 days. She wasm. 
to Henry Wolf; he was b. Mar. 20, 18 10, d. 
Nov. 2 r, 1S76, aged 66 yr. 8 mo. 1 day. Their 
issue, many children : 

6 Gen. i, William, 2, Daniel, 3, Susan, 4, John, 5, 

Llias, 6, Ephraitn, ;, \dam, 8, Annie, 9. 
Elizabeth, ro, Cath; rine, a. Henry, 12, 

5 G  ncy 7 ight, daughter of h 

b. July 4, [815, d. Dec. 16, 17 ! - . yr. 

5 mo. 12 days. She was m. to William 3 
hore ; he was b. Nov. 28, 1815 . :. 23, 

1891, aged 75 yr. j mo. 25 days. ieir issue 
was 8 children. 

6 Gf.v. i, Catharine, 2, Elizabeth, 3. Mary, 4. Franklin, 

5, Lydia, 6, Sarah, 7, Sus ;:. S, Josiab. 

5 Geh. Moses Light, son of Henry Light, was b. 

June 7, 1817, m. to (firstrwife) Elizabeth 
Wenger. She was b. Feb. 1, 1820,. d. Sept. 3, 
1844, aged 24 yr. 7 mo. 2 days. She had 4 

6 Gem. Lydia Light, b. Nov. 28, 1838, m. to Henry 


7 Gex. 1, Man-, 2. Jacob, 3, Lizzie, 4, Harrison, 5, 

Hannah, 6, Henry, 7, Elv .. it-gran 

children of Moses I ight, as :" 3 : 

8 Gkv. Mary Trumbower, m. to Howard Sterner j 

children : 1, Sallie, 2. Titus, 3, Ho! L 
6 Gen. Mary W. Light, b. Mar. 29, 1840, single. 

6 Gev. Elizabeth W. Light, b. Feb. 23, 1843, m. to 

Wesley R. Frck. Issue : 

7 Gen. i, Moses, 2, Jacob, 3. Ida, 4. Emma, 5, Twins, 

Martin Garfield and Arthur. .-grand- 

children of Moses Light, as follows : 
t.s Moses F r i:k, m., has 2 children, lives in 
San Diego, Cal. 
6 Gkv Cornell's Light, b. Aug, 14, T : a-}. d. ( »c:. 
16, 1846, aged 2 yr. 2 mo. 2 d.i. 

2 2 

Light the . r) was i. to the 
wife, Farm) r : T :r. She ras b. Feb. 5, 
1820, d. Feb. S, ged 43 yr. 3 dn. ; I 

7 children. 
Gen. i. Isaac Light, b. Nov. 28, 1846, d. Aug. 2 

i8S3. a £ : ;' r - 9 mo. 
e Gen. Henry E. Light (minister of the German 
Bapiiv: Bretl c ) was b. Mar. 3, 1848; 

m. to Ei/zie C. N< mer, b. Jul} 13, 1S43. 
Th-.i sue, 2 c: n : 

7 Gks. i. Anna M. Light, n>. to M. G. Sheaffer, E^q. 
2. John N. Ligh . 1. single, aged 4 yr. 1 mo, 
1 8 da. 
6G . Catharine E. Light, daughter of Moses Light, 
b. Apr. 15 . 1 50, d. A] r. 22, 1857, age ! - yr. 
7 da. 

Fanny E. Light, b. Oct. 28, 1851, iingle. 
Annie E. Light, b. Aug. 8, 1854, single. 
Aaron E. Light, b. June 21, 1857, d. Jan. 5, 
1862, aged 4 yu 6 mo. 14 da. 

D^nie: E. Eight, b. June 22, 1S59; m. to 
Mahala Erb, b. June 22, 1855. Their issuer 
chil Iren : 
7 Gen. i, Irene 1 . 2 Walter Eight, 3, Ella Light, 

4, Daniel Erb Light. 
5 G Mc - 5 Li< . th athor, was the id tine m. 

— Martha 1 . e was b. Aug. 24, 1830, 

d. Jul} 13. 1889 »ed 58 yr. io rno. 19 da. 
5 Cls Polly L _ . ;hter of the 2d wife of 


5 Gen Henry Light, b. Apr. 4, 18:9, d. May 1, 1845, 
aged 26 yr. 27 da. ; m. to Jacob Wolf. Wil- 
liam Light, a son of 2d wife of Henry Light, 
d. young. 

4 Gek. The 3d Jacob light, a brother of my father, 

Henry Light, Jac -b Light, b. Aug. 6, 1777, 
d. July 24, 1851, aged 73 yr. 11 mo. i3 da.; 
m. to Anna Mary Fisher. She was b. Nov. 1 1, 
1780, d. Jan. 11, 1S48, aged 67 yr. 2 mo. 
Their issue : 

5 Gen. i. David Light, m. to Mary Light. 

2. Sarah Light, m. to Samuel Hunsicker. 

3. Felix Light, m. to Sarah Light. Next two 

are twins. 

4. Elizabeth Light, m. to John Looser. 

5. Catharine L ; ght, m. to Christian Dohner. 

6. Man- Light, d. single. 

7. Philip Light, m. to Q :.-an Deck. Theirissue: 
t3 Gfn. i, Jonathan Light, 2, Isabella Light. 

5 Gen. 8. Nancy Light, m. to George Hunsicker. 

o. John F. Light, m. to Polly Hunsicker. 
Their issue : 

6 Gen. i, Katie H. Light, 2, Leah H. Light, 3, David 

H. Light, 4, Felix H. Light, 5, Annie H. 

Light, 6, John H. Light, 7, Emma H. 

Light, S, Jacob H. Light. 
4 Gen. The 4th son of John Light, a brother of 
Henry Light, Martin L I b. July 17, 17S3, 
d. May 13, 1S39, ago ; 5; yr. 9 mo. 26 ch. ; 


m. to Betsy I 

l ; I .13,1861,2 ; • z f ; . 

da. Issue, • : 

5 Gkx. i. Thomas Light, m. to Betsy Uhri< 
2. Nancy Light, . to John Lentz. 
5. Levi I ight, m. to Mollie Light, 2d time to 
Mollie S 

4. [saiah Light, m. to Catharine Smith. 

5. Mar) Light, p.. to Daniel Brown. 

6. Lc I .. m. to Eoltz. 

7. John Light, m. to Catharine Strohman. 
S. Elizabeth Eight, m. to David H m icker. 

4 Gen. The 5 tii son of John Light, brother oi my 

father Henry I _ .. I ght, moved to 

Snyder county, Pa.,b. and d 1 unknown, 

m. to C - . Lutz. 

5 Gks 1. David Light, m. to Mary Grade. 

2. Amos I : g'>:. m. to nol  1. 

3. Felix Light, m. to not known. 

4. Joan Light, m. to Mary Lehman. 

5. Elizabeth Light, m. to ] 1 Freeman. 
The following are tl - - lighters of my grand- 
father, John Light : 

4 Gen. i. Nancy Light, b. Aug. 9. 1779, ^- ^ i3X - 4> 
1848, aged 63 yr. 6 mo. 25 da. She was 
m. to Henry Longenecker. He was b. 
Mir. 2, 1777. d. Mar. 9, 1843, aged 66 
yr. 7 da. Issue ; 

5C 1, J seph, 2, Betsy, 3, Mary, 4, Fanny, 5, John. 


4 (jf.s. 2. Barbara Light, m. to John Hence. Noi 

3. Mary Light, b. May 17, 1790, d. Jan. 25, 
1870, aged 79 yr. 8 tno. 8 da.; m. to 
Abraham Henry. He was b. July 5, 
1786, d. Oct. 11, 1864, aged 78 )i\ 3 
mo. 6 da. Their issue was 7 children : 

5 Gen-, i. John, b. Sept. 7, 1812. 

2. David, b. Aug. 27, 1814. 

3. Samuel, b. Mar. 24, 1817. 

4. Eliza, b. Dec. 9, 1819. 

5. Mary, b. July 7, 1823. 

6. Abraham, b. Oct. 5, 1826. 

7. Catharine, b. Oct. 27, 1831. 

4 Gen. Catharine Light, m. to Jacob Rauch. Issue, 
3 children : 

"< Gev. i, Sarah, 2, Elizabeth, 3, Mary. 

4 Gev. 5. Bet^y Light, m. to Christian Gingrich. 
6. Sarah Light, m. to Henry Eross. 

3 Gsn. Henry Light, 2d son of John Light, m. to 
Miss Landis. This Henry Light live.' near the 
Swatara creek, on a part of the tract of land 
which his fatuer, John Light, took up. His 
oldest brother, John, the other part of the 
section. This Henry Light b lilt a large two- 
story brick dwelling-house, which srands to-day 
and is occupied as a farm house, where he re- 
sided the remainder of his. days. Henr> was 
b. Oct. 17. 1759, d. Oct. 20, 1S22. ngei 63 yr. 
3 da. His w'.fj's name ii worn away from the 

»it can't be was b. Jan. 

6. i -G i . - . J34 I 73 yr. 9 . o 

d- :e, S children. 

' u Light, m. to Barbara Burkl : - 
Their issue :  

'■ • .. i. Henn Light, m. to Kreider: 2d wife, 

Becky Kreider. 

2. Jacob Light, m. to Nancy Hock. 

3. Polly Light, m. to Samuel Wenger. 

4. Lydia Light, m. to Isaac Fehier. 

5. John Light, m. to Leah Lutz. 

4 G Jacob Light, 2d son of Henry Light. Jacob 

m. to Christiana Light (Fuller). Their issue, 
6 children : 
rE3j. i. Joseph Light, m. to Nelly F r :>$s. 

2. Mar;. it, m. to William Torbon. 

3. Henry Light, m. to Mary Rau 

4. Catharine Light, m. to John Kohl. 

5. Samuel Light, m. to Caroline Deck. 

6. Christina Light, m. to Jacob Long. 


4 Gen. Henry .. 3d son cf Henry Light, \v?s 

called the rich Henry, m. to Man Light. 
Their issue, 5 children : 

5 Ges. 1, David Light, 2, Gottleib Light, 3, Mary 

Light, 4, Jonas Light, 5, Betsy Light. 
4 G Henry Light's 4th son, Abraham Light, m. 

to Ka f L Hoverder. 
• 1 bs. Henry Light's 5th sen. Joseph Light, m. to 

Fannv Pet:--. 


4 Glw 6. Mary Light, m. to Joseph Kreider. Their 

issue : 

5 Gen. t, Joseph, 2, Henry, 3, Miry. 

4 Gen. 7. Barbara Light, m. to Henry Bean. Their 

issue : 

5 Gen. 1, Solomon, 2, Henry, 3, Joseph, 4, Mary, 5, 


4 Gfn. 8. Lizzie Light, d. single. 

3 Gen. 3d son of John Light was Jacob Light, an 
uncle of my father, Henry Light. This Jacob 
Light lived at the Long Meadow Creek, near 
Gingrich's Meeting House cf the old Menno- 
nite Church. 

3 Gen-. This Jacob Light, Sr., b. Sept. it, 1763, d. 

Sept. 5, 1S40, aged 76 yr. ti mo. 24 days; 
m. to Barbara Brandt. She was b. Dec. 22, 
1763, d. Aug. 20, 185 1, aged 87 yr. 7 mo. 28 
days. Issue : 

4 Gen. 1. Christian Light, m. to Miss Cormenny. 

Their issue : 

5 Gen. I. Oliver Light. 

2. Aaron Light, m. to Fanny Ober. 

4 Gen. 3. William. Light, Sr., m. to Catharine Burk- 

hokler. Issue : 

5 Gen. 1. Jacob Light, m. to Miss — — Harnish. 

2. William Light, Jr., m. to 1st wife, 

Miller, 2d wife, Miss Eby. 

3. Amos Light, m. to not Lo wn. 

1 daughter name unknown ; 2d daughter 
name unknown. 


4. d - :• "udI? ' oown, 

6. not knov ; 7. Amai 

Jac >1 ' Jr., at the Long Meadow, b. 

An 22, 1  1 . d. Jan. 2:., 1872, aged 65 >.. 
5 mo. 4. days ; m. to Martha Burkholder. She 
was b. 3 .27, 1808, d. May 21, 1S.S1, aged 
72 vr. 7 mo. 2. days. Their issue was 7 
children : 
5 G«n. 1. Felix Light, m. to Polly W er. 

2. Lydia Light, m. to William Smith. 

3. Barbira Light, m. \o Jacob Hershey. 

4. Ad iii: Light m. to Melia Shalk. 

5. John Light, m. to Lydia VVeidman. 

6. Mary Light, m. to Jacob Swartz. 

7. Betsey Light, m. to CI ri lg. 

tsx. 4th son Martin [ ight, Sr., lived at the Lc 
Meadow Creek, b. Mar. 20, 1 765, d. Apr. 24. 
1S47, aged Sa yr. : mo. 4 days; m. to C '. 
arine Brandt, b. Sept. 5, 1 770, d. Oct. 2, 1S51, 
aged Sr yr. 27 days Their issue : 

4 Gen 1. John Light, m. to Catharine Funk, b. 1787, 

in Cornwall Township, Lebanon Co., Pa., 
d. 1854, aged 67 yr. His wife b. 1793, 
d. 1862, iz-?d 69 yr. Their issue, 8 sons 

5 Gzs. 1, Daniel Light. 2, Isaac Light, 3, John Ligl 

4, Cynis L ht, 5. Mai : ; n 1 ight, 6, Mo 
Light, 7, Andrew I ight, 


4 Ge: Mar In I ight's 2d son, Christ Light, m. to 

Mary ler. 

1 Gex. 3. David Light, m. to Mary Knoll, 

4. Martin Light, Jr., m. to Henrietta Battow. 

5. Abraham Light, m. to Mary Brandt. 

6. Moses Light, m. ist wife, Mary Shirk, 2d 

wife, Betsy Light, 3d wife, Betsy Brandt. 

4 Gen. Daughters of Christ Light, Jr. 

5 Ge*. 1. Nancy Light, m. to Henry Snavely. 

2. Catharine Light, m. to Henry Fox. 

3. Betsey Light, m. to Joseph Kreider. 

4. Sarah Light, m. to Abraham Peffly. 

5. Mary Light, m. John Light; 2d, m. Wil- 

liam Bensingr. 
5 Ge>. 6. Amanda Light, m. to Henry Snavely. 

7. Henry Light, m. to Betsy Seitz. 

8. Christian Li^-ht, m. to Nancv Li?ht. 

9. Samuel Light, m. unknown. 

10. Lovina Light, m. to Lewis Kopenhaber. 

11. Lydia Light, m. to John Beeley. 

12. John Light, m. to Lizzie Shirk. 

13. Emma Light, m. to Daniel Ensminger. 

3 G««\ Jacob Light's 5th son, Rev. W. B. Felix 

Light, b. Nov. ir, 1767, d. Jan. 23, 1841, 
aged 73 yr. 2 mo. 12 days; m. to Barbara 
Shirk. She was b. May 23, 1 771, d. Mar. 20, 
1830, aged 58 yr. 9 mo. 28 days. 

4 Gen. Rev. Felix Light's son, Rev. John Light, m. 

to Nancv HofFer. Their issue : 

;-• ?S'H 

4 Gen. 2. Su I ' ight. 

en! 3 ' . Miss B< .. 

[. Sti Lig • to Miss T in. 

5. Rev. ] >wn. 

4 Gen 6. Rev. Q r Light, . . to Mary Light. 

Theii issue . 

5 Gen. 1. B :, singl 

2. J. B. L : 

3. Felix ] .  m. to Sarah Henry. 

4. Fanny I ngle. 

5. Rev. Joel 1 . m. 10 Lizzie Kreider. 

6. Sarah Light, m. to William L^hni 

i Gen*. Rev. Felix I _ t's ; I son, Joseph Light, m. 
to Lizzie 1 1 r. Issue : 

5 Gfv. i. Israel I ' n. to Miss Mu . 

2. Asaph I •. ."•■ iss Weise. • 

5. Mary Light Mence. 

4. Annie I . : ' Light. 

5. Esther 1 . m. to Mr. Miley. 

6. Dirkes I . rn. to Mr. Maitword. 

7. Deborah Light, m. I Seltzer. 

8. lizzie I. Unas Seltzer. 

9. Benjami Ligl both d. 

3 Gen. Abraham Light, Sr. ; the 6th son of Jacob 
Light, whose father, John LL vas f. 
German}-. This Abraham Light lived at tl 
corner of Seventh & Cu I Sts., in the 


a Gbn city of Lebanon, Pa. He was b. April 16, 

1770, d. Sept. 28, 1850, aged c o yr. 5 mo. 12 
days ; m. to Barbara I. - She was b. 

Feb. 2, 1771, d. Jan. 27, 1847, aged 75 yr. 
11 mo. 25 days. Their issue : 
4 Gen. 1. Abraham Light, Jr., m. to Salome Rigel. 

Abrahim Light d. Feb. 2, :3»5i, aged 

66 yr. 1 mo. 17 days. His wife d. Apr. 

10, 1 86 1, aged 61 yr. 1 mo. 7 days. 

Their issue : 

4 Gen. 1. Abraham Light (the 3d), m. to first 

wife, Margaret Uhrich, second wife, Miss 

Hammelton, third wife, Catharine 


5 6ex. 2. S. R. Light, m. to Catharine Geek 1 ':). 

Issue, 9 children : 

6 Gen. i. Zachariah 5. R. Light, m. to Miss 


2. Clara I ight, m. to Cornelius Burner. 

3. Alice Light, m. to Lorence B 

4. Ophelia Light, m. to Nathan 

5. Lydia Light, m. to W. S. G. Behm. 

6. Lucinda tight, single. 

7. Catharine Light, single. 

8. Sadie Light, singl 

9. Ida Light, single. 

4 Gen. Abraham Light, Jr. Their is-ie, 2 children : 

5 Ges. 1. Miry Light, no. to George Le- jd. 

2. A. R. light, m. to Cassy Light. Their issue ; 

•' I i . m. Mary r. 

>. Cel; I Cyrus ] :\t. 

3. Ernma Lig 

. I ura I ight, m. .0 E ■. I':. 2 -*r. 
5. Elva Light, si igl 

Alice I jht, m. to Henry Gerner. 
3- Gen I -aham Light, Jr.. 

m. to Eliza S Their issue : 

1. I Gri j t, m. t ' nnie Long. 

2. Betsv Light. single. 

: I en. Gract L rcn : 

r. Vicor Light, single. 

2. Irene Lighc, single. 

3. Earl Light, sing! 

5 Gen. Cor;. Lig ,4 son of Abraham Light, 

Jr. Cor 5 Light, m. to B< ~"chee. Their 

issue : 
Gbx. r. Le ght, n. to Peter Lebengood. 

2. Henrietta ^ Light, m. to Henry Lentz. 

3. Sarah Light, m. to Jo:. K r tanny. 

4. Polly Light, m. to Aaron Swartz. 

5. Lizzie Light, re. to William Smith. 

6. Cole Light, m. to John Witmyer. 

4 «'.en. Landis Light, son of Abraham Light, Sr. 

1. Lane - . m. to Miss Meej 

2. Nancy Light, m. tD Michael VV 

3. Barbara Light, m. to Henry Bowman. 

4. Mary Light, m. to ' in. 

5. Mis- Light, m :  Mr. Dubt . 


. 6. Miss Light, in. to Mr. Saylor. 

7. Hannah Light, m. to Valentine Uhrich. 

The reader of this little book will notice, on the 
first page, that three of the Lights from the ( 
Country started for America, but one (whom I c 1 
name) stopped in England. One named H. E. 
Light, of Utica, New York, corresponding for year.-, 
found one of these Lights in England ; the above H. 
E. Light now lives at Saginaw, E. S., Michigan, and 
he, by corresponding, found that the Lights 0: New 
York State came from the State of Maine, and th 
originated from England. I received a letter from 
this H. E. Light, of which I will give a correct coy/ 
to the reader, as follows : 

Saginaw, E. S., Mich., November 3, 1093. 
Moses Light, Manheim, Pa.: 

Your esteemed favor of Sept. 7, was duly received, 

and, being quite busy, neglected answering at the 
time. In the year 1892 and early pare of 1893 I 
followed matter^ up quite closely as to the ante :e I it 
condition of the Light families, , and loc ted 

numbers in most 0** the states, in some much mo 
numerous than in others, and quite a variety of con- 
dition derived; but in Maine, where the origin is de- 
veloped, they are of German descent. A family in 
Maine that represented they were of English extrac- 
tion, as I followed the correspondence I fi 
located a German Bible with family record within. 

. .- dt its • ' ' rough 

e of M line, also o 

>ide, I .-d the data is to his ante- 

ts by transcript from a German Bible, l< iving 
no doubt in my mind th . they were originally of 
German descent grandfather marrying an 

Erglidi woman for his secc e, thus leaving i 

father of German-English extraction, and he in tui 
married a Ho m, my mother. This season 

I have not had time to continue the correspondence 
as exter. as I wished, but shall cont'nur it later 

on. Am pleased to hear, at your advanced age, you 
are permit' . that admits of your continued 

work and c rre p □ e. I have not been able to 
. the t. of my gr her or his imme- 

diate location. As t.» the family, his children were 
scattered, and m r moving fi .he country 

while we were your. ' dying in middle life, those 
cor, >s have not ~d my tracing back to my 

grand : a:aer. I have cl .n located in this city with 
whom I am spending fome time in business matters, 
and you may addre- r ibove. The partic- 

ular data as to brothers . :s, and antecedent., is : 

My grandfather, V»" 5 Light, b. July 7, 1762, d. 
Apr. 11, iS: -. iged 65 yr. 9 mo. 4 da] By trade 
a wheel and mill t. In his later life li\ n a 

farm near She. :, 17 miles fro?:: J y O'\^r 

N. Y. His first \ name unknown. Chi by 

r: 1. Eh .'. . at, b. Feb. 4, 1783 j 2. William 


Light, b. Aug. 29, 1785. Wolsey Light, m. Nov. 2:. 
1780, to Judith Harton, a daughter of General Har- 
ton, of Revolutionary fame. The children by Judith 
Harton were : 

1. Fanny Light, b. Sept. 6, 1737. 

2. Sarah Light, b. Nov. 20, 1 788. 

3. Joseph Light, b. April 4, 1791. 

4. Mary Light, b. April 6, 1793. 

5. Harry Light, b. April 24, 1795. 

6. Jane Light, b. Feb. iS, 179S. 

7. Judith Light, b. Dee. 14, 1S01. 

8. Wolsey Light, b. April 27, 1804. 

9. James Light, my father, b. Dec. 18, 1806. 
Being 5 daughters and 4 sons, children of Wolsey 

Light. I have not been able to locate most of these.. 
H. E. Light ; my father, James Light, m. to Maria M. 
Devine. T teir children living are : Harvey E. Light 
Martin F. Light, George W. Light, Sarah L. Light, 
Edward B. Light, Helen B. Light, Dewitt C. Light, 
two others who died in infancv. 


H. E. Light. My own children are George E. 
Light, Charles W. Light, Manning Light, Wm. Pitt 
Light, Authur S. Light, M. Grace Light. Two of 
them married, one dead, and three single. I have 
sometimes thought that my father might be a descend- 
ant of the brother of John Light, who landed in Balti- 
more, or m: y be of the Light that or lly came to 
Maine. Very respectfully yours, 

H. E. Light. 

3 6 

the help of some of the Lights, the author 
Learns tl . I ere was one by the name of Lichty, 

a left Gei y tor America k vith his family; it . 
thought he died on the sea, but his family came on 
to Philadelphia, Pa. 

Following I v. Ill give two letters from the Lichtys, 
supposed to be descendants from the above Lichty, 
who is supposed to have died on the sea. 


Morrill, Kansas, July 3, 1.S94. 

Moses Light — Dear Sir: By request of G. ' D. 

Lichty, of Myersdale, Somerset Co., Pa., I will 

give you a brief sketch of our ancestry. My great- 

gra * me is unknown. Pie came from 

•rland, located on the Ti ken, between 

• and Millbach, and there ra ; sed a fami 

of six children, three the first wife, and three 

from the second wife, viz., Joseph, Christian, Barbara, 

with their step-brothers, John, Peter, and another 

one. Joseph was my grandfather. He wus born on 

Oct. 15, 175".. and was raised on the Tulpenhocken, 

Lebanon Co., Pa. ; moved with his brothers and 

sister (as we could ascertain* from some old friends), 

toTBaltimore Co., Md., from thence to Somerset Co., 

Pa., and died in 1S47, aged 88 yr. 5 mo. 25 clays. 

My father's name was Abraham 1 v. he was bom 

spt. 12, 1794, and died 12 years ago. There are 
q lite a good many Lichtys still living in Swit 1 ad. 


I asked one and he answered, Abraham, Joseph, 
Christian, Jacob, John, etc., emphatically identical 
with our family names. So you find all those who 
came from Germany, spelled their names Licht, and 
those from Switzerland, Lichty. They all come from 
the same family, I think. My grandfather was a Men- 
nonite. Grandfather Joseph and his full brothers 
raised iarge families, and you will find most of their 
offspring in Carroll Co., III., Blackhawk Co., Iowa, 
Richardson and Shager Co., Nebraska, and Brown 
Co., Kansas. In 1S40 they made 82 votes of Lichtys 
in Somerset Co., Pa., for Wm. H. Harrison. If you 
want any further, let me know. You will much oblige 
me if you throw any further light on my great-grand- 
father Lichty. 

D. A. Lichty. 
Mo rrii/ } Ki 1 nsas . 

Myersdale, Somerset Co., Pa. 
Moses Licht, Manheim, Pa.: 

Of your favorable request of August the iSth I will 
now try as per enc'osed statement. I supposed I 
could give some information of the eld Lichty an- 
cestry. I have had some correspondence with one of 
my old aunts, and a few others living in this county 
who are well up in years and associated much with 
our forefathers. From all .the information I can get, 
it appears our name originally was firs: Light or Licht 
in the old country, afterwards changed to Lichty in 


5 t. From D. A y's 1 it will- prove 

ted. The ancestry; from the Rhine 
of P te, ei ted to Swit; I d, and there 

they changed their name of Licht to Lichty. Some 
of the Lights write Lyte, some Leight, but they all 
originated from the old Licht (English Light) of Pal- 
atinate on the Rhine. 

G. D. Lichty. 




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