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Full text of "Lincolniana: A Collection of Pamphlets, Booklets, Manuscripts. Magazine and Newspaper Articles Relating to the Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)"

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A collection of pamphlets, booklets, manuscripts, 
magazine and newspaper articles relating to the 
life and times of Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 

Compiled and annotated by 
Gisela Hersch 
with the assistance of 
Lisa E. Landau 

Hugh Thomas Miller Rare Book Room 

IrTvin Library 

Butler University 

4600 Sunset Avenue 

Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 

(317) 285-9265 

February 1983 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

LINCOLNIANA . A collection of pamphlets, booklets, manus- 
cripts, magazine and newspaper articles, mostly from the collection of 
Charles W. Moores (1862-1923) 

Charles W. Moores, lawyer, one-time President of the Board of School 
Commissioners in Indianapolis, life- long Lincoln scholar and collector: 
he began his study of Lincoln at a time when many of Lincoln's friends 
and foes, neighbors and associates were still alive. Moores pub- 
lished several works about Lincoln, most notably an address read first 
before the meeting of the American Bar Association in Chattanooga, 
Tennessee, on September 1, 1910. This address was subsequently pub- 
lished in the American Law Review and also as a separate printing. 
Our collection contains not only the printed text as well as the 
author's profusely annotated typescript of The Career of a_ Country 
Lawyer ; Abraham Lincoln, but also Moores' ensuing correspondence with 
other Lincoln scholars and collectors, and other manuscript material. 

Butler University acquired Moores' collection of Lincolniana in 1925. 
Many of the books are housed in the Irwin Library's open stacks. The 
rare books, those that are limited in copies printed, inscribed by 
their authors; early works, and all pamphlets, newspapers, manuscripts, 
and paraphernalia are housed in the Hugh Thomas Miller Rare Book Room. 
We are especially proud of an early Lincoln manuscript, a note written 
and signed by Lincoln in the suit of Pearson and Anderson versus Bird 
Monroe, filed in the Circuit Court of Coles Co., Illinois, May 24, 
1842. Lincoln represented the defendant. 

This catalogue of Lincolniana lists only the pamphlet collection, 
not the larger books, the Lincoln manuscript, or our collection of 
April 1865 newspapers. 

The pamphlet collection is of special importance. Subjects range 
from eyewitness accounts of the Republican Convention of 1860 to ser- 
mons and eulogies of 1865; from arguments about the suspension of the 
Writ of Habeas Corpus during Civil War times to foreign policy matters; 
from gossip to statesmanship. Lincoln's major speeches, state papers, 
contemporary campaign literature, accounts of assassination and trial. 
Civil War episodes, unionist and secessionist arguments and propaganda, — 
a bit of everything is here, and many of the pieces that Moores collected, 
are not found in larger, better-known Lincoln collections elsewhere. 

Charles W. Moores was not, however, the sole contributor to this 
collection. More recent items came from Donald C. Durman, M.D., of 
Saginaw, Michigan, friend to Dr. Richard Mudd, the grandson of Dr. 
Samuel Mudd. Durman' s files about Lincoln statues and their sculptors 
remain yet to be sorted. 

Manuscript and photographic materials have been incorporated with the 
printed items, to accompany the pieces to which they refer. 
Unless otherwise noted, each piece is in its original binding. 
With a complete name and title index at end. 

Gisela Hersch 

Cataloguers ' abbreviations and symbols 

ads advertisement (s) 

approx aPP^oJ^imately 

c copyright date (as in cl865) 

ca circa 

cm centimeter 

Co - Company 

Corp Corporation 

ed edition 

facsim. (facsims.) facsimile (s) 

front frontispiece 

illus illustrative material 

incl including 

Mo Monaghan number (as in Mo. 40). Refers to: 

Collections of the Illinois State Historical 
Library, vol. XXXI; Lincoln Bibliography 1839-1939, 
compiled by Jay Monaghan. Springfield, 1943. 

Mss Manuscript (s) , i.e. holographs and/or typescripts 

n.d no date (of printing or publishing) 

n.n no name (publisher's or printer's) 

n.p no place (of printing or publishing) 

no number 

p page(s) 

port, (ports.) portrait (s) 

pseud pseudonym 

t.-p title-page 

vol volume 

Abbreviations for manuscript material : 

M.L Manuscript (= holograph) letter 

M.L.S Manuscript letter, signed 

M.N Manuscript note (defined as five sentences or 

less of no informative contents) 

M.N.S Manuscript note, signed 

T.L Typewritten letter 

T.L.S Typewritten letter, signed 

T.N Typewritten note 

T.N.S Typewritten note, signed 


* preceding item number: not in Monaghan (not used for items published 

after 1939) 
[ ] square brackets information within square brackets supplied by 

the cataloguer 
" " — xyz Quoted from xyz , as in "Limited to 25 copies." — xyz. 

This catalogue is limited to 500 copies printed. 

*1. A. L. [A booklet published for the observance of Independence 
Day 1909, by the] Press of N. W. Ayer and Son, Philadelphia. 
32 p. incl. illus. 26 cm. 

Includes excerpts from various sources about Abraham Lincoln; 
arranged in alphabetical order. 

2. Abraham Lincoln and Mary Owen. Three letters: Lincoln to Mrs. 
0. H. Browning; 1. N. Arnold to O. H. Browning; O. H. Browning 
to I. N. Arnold. 

Springfield, 111.: Barker's Art Store, 1922. 

12 p. 21 cm. 

"Limited to 150 copies. Privately printed." From the foreword: 

"The three letters that follow were at one time in my possession 

and I will vouch for their genuineness." Signed in ink: H. E. 

Barker. Mo. 2548. 

3. Abraham Lincoln Association, SpringfieZd, Illinois 

Banquet celebrating the one hundred and second anniversary of the 
birth of Abraham Lincoln by the Lincoln Centennial Association, 
Saturday, February the eleventh nineteen hundred and eleven, the 
Illinois State Armory, Springfield, 
[n.p., n.n., 1911?] 
[12] p. incl. ports. 25 cm. 

Mo. 1993. Compare with Rare Book Room item 973.7/L736W/A159£i/1911 
(addresses delivered at the 1911 banquet) 

*4. Abraham Lincoln, in memoriam. 

New York: Trent, Filmer [n.d.] 

12 p. 21 cm. 

Includes Farewell speech to his Springfield friends; Proclamation 

of Emancipation; Address at Gettysburg; Second Inaugural address; 

A poem ... "Oh! why should the spirit of mortal be proud?" [by 

William Knox] 

5. Adams, George E. 

Lincoln; address delivered at Quincy, Illinois, Tuesday, October 
13, 1908, before the State Historical Society of Illinois, and 

the Lincoln-Douglas Semi-Centennial Society 

Peterboro, N.H. : Transcript Printing Co., 1908. 
12 p. 22 cm. 
Mo. 1562. 

6. Address by the Union League of Philadelphia, to the citizens of 
Pennsylvania, in favor of the re-election of Abraham Lincoln. 
Philadelphia: King & Baird, printers, 1864. 

30 p. 22 cm. 

Cover title. Mo. 360. 

7. Address of Abraham Lincoln delivered at the consecration of the 
national cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, together with the 
proceedings in the United States Senate on the occasion of the 
reading of the address on February 12, 1920; presented by Mr. 
Keyes, February 14, 1920. 

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1920. 

8 p. incl. illus., facsims. 29 cm. 

At head of title: 66th Cong., 2d sess.. Senate Doc. no. 236. 

Mr. Keyes read from Lincoln's manuscript, the fifth version which is 

here reproduced in facsim. , with the facsim. of a letter by 

Robert T. Lincoln. Mo. 2462. 

*8. The Address of the Southern and Western Liberty Convention, 
held at Cincinnati, June 11 & 12, 1845, to the People of the 
United States. With notes by a Citizen of Pennsylvania, 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
15, [1] p. 23 cm. 

Caption title. Printed in double colxamns. Disbound. 
"The Southern and Western Liberty Convention . . . was the most 
remarkable anti-slavery body yet assembled in the United 
States." — footnote p. [1] Distributed by William Harned, New 
York, for $10 per thousand copies. 

*9. Addresses by His Excellency Governor John A. Andrew, Hon. Edward 

Everett, Hon. B. F. Thomas, and Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, delivered 
at the mass meeting in aid of recruiting, held on the Common 
under the auspices of the Committee of One Hundred and Fifty, 
on Wednesday, August 27, 1862. 
Boston: J. E. Farwell, 1862. 
16 p. 24 cm. 

*10. Addresses on the death of Hon. Edward D. Baker, delivered in the 

Senate and the House of Representatives on Wednesday, December 11, 


Washington: Government Printing Office, 1862. 

87 p. 23 cm. 


*11. "Allen Pinkerton's unpublished story of the first attempt on the 

life of Abraham Lincoln. Illustrations by Jay Hambidge. The his- 
tory of the letter [by Pinkerton] by Jesse W. Weik. Introduction 
by Ida M. Tarbell." 

Detached from The American Magazine [no date or no.] , p. 17-22 
incl. illus. 25 cm. 

Pinkerton's account, written August 23, 1866, of Lincoln's secret 
journey from Harrisburg to Washington on the night of Feb. 22, 
1861. This account's history "is told in the introductory note 
by Jesse W. Weik of Greencastle, Indiana, from whom it was secured. 
Mr. Weik was William Herndon's collaborator in his 'Life of 
Lincoln'." — p. 18 (for other works by Herndon and Weik, see also 
the Rare Book Room's book collection of Lincoln materials) 
Mo. 231 lists earlier separate printings of Pinkerton's account, 
the first one with imprint date [1868?] 

*12. American History Leaflets, colonial and constitutional. Edited 

by Albert Bushnell Hart and Edward Channing, of Harvard University. 

No. 26, March 1896: Extracts from Lincoln's state papers ... 

New York: Parker P. Simmons Co., 1914. 

35 p. 18 cm. 

Mo. 1193 lists the original 1896 imprint. 

*13. American History Leaflets, colonial and institutional, ... 

No. 20. The exact text of the Articles of Confederation with the 

Franklin and Dickinson drafts; from the original manuscripts. 

New York: P. P. Simmons, 1917; cl895 by A. Lovell, cl915 by 


27 p. 18 cm. 

Cover title. At head of title: Price, 10 cents. 

*14. Americanization Day in the Indiana public schools on October 24, 

[Indianapolis] : Published by the Indiana State Board of 
Education, 1919. 
17 p. 23 cm. 

Includes "American ideals of Lincoln" by Charles W. Moores. 
Americanization Day was proclaimed for all Indiana schools in 
honor of Theodore Roosevelt. This booklet with its suggested ce- 
lebration program was compiled and edited by Ellis U. Graff, 
Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools. 

*15. Andrew, John A. 

Address ... to the two branches of the Legislature of Massachu- 
setts, January 9, 1863. 
Boston: Wright & Potter, 1863. 
80 p. incl. tables 24 cm. 

Senate pamphlet no. 1. A State of the Commonwealth address that 
reflects the serious economic and social impacts of the Civil War. 

*16. Andrew, John A. 

Valedictory address of His Excellency ... to the two branches of 

the Legislature of Massachusetts, January 4, 1866. 

42 p. 23 cm. 

Senate pamphlet no. 2. The Governor's address dealt favorably 

with the question of universal amnesty, franchise for white and 

black Southerners, &c., evoking the spirit of Lincoln throughout. 

17. Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman 
The counsel assigned ... 

New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1912. 

[4], 43 p. and 1 plate 19 cm. 

One of Lincoln's legal cases in historical fiction. Mo. 2018. 

18. Appleman, Roy Edgar 

Abraham Lincoln, from his own words and contemporary accounts ... 

National Parks Service Book Series Number Two. 

Washington: Department of the Interior, Government Printing Off., 

1942, 1946 revision. 

55 p. incl. illus. 24 cm. 

19. Appomattox. McLean House 

Original photograph, accompanied by two negatives, of the restored 
McLean House where General Lee signed the surrender of the Army 
of Northern Virginia, April 9, 1865. Photograph taken by Donald 
C. Durman, M.D. , Lincoln collector in Saginaw, Mich., probably 
in 1949. 
Laid in : a tourist brochure about Appomattox, dated 1949. 

*20. Art and Archaeology , vol. 13, no. 6, June 1922, "Lincoln Memorial 
Nxmiber". Published by The Archaeological Society of Washington. 
[245]-[292] p. incl. illus. 28 cm. 

Includes articles about Lincoln sculptures, plaques, monuments, 
&c. Contributors include Charles W. Moores, Henry Bacon, Jules 
Guerin, Frank Owen Payne. 

*21, Atkinson, Eleanor 

"The love story of Ann Ruthledge, which future generations 

were destined to read on the sorrowful face of Abraham Lincoln . . . 

Drawings by Jay Hambidge." 

Detached from: Ladies' Home Journal , Nov. 1908, p. 17-18, continued 

p. 76-77, incl. illus., facsim. 42 cm. 

*22 An Authentick exposition of the "K.G.C." Knights of the Golden 
Circle; or, A history of secession from 1834-1861. Illustrated. 
By a member of the order. 

Indianapolis, Ind. : C. O. Perrine, 1861. 
88 p. incl. illus. 18 cm. 

With the original printed front wrapper only. Cover title gives 
imprint as Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson & Bro. This is a pro- 
Union, anti-slavery exposition. 

23. Babcock, James F. 

A noble Lincoln fragment. Commemorating the 150th anniversary 
of the birth of Abraham Lincoln . . . 
[n.p., n.n. , 1959?] 
4 p. incl. facsim., port. 23 cm. 

With the facsimile of a fragment of Lincoln's Annual message to 
Congress, Dec. 6, 1864. The fragment relates Lincoln's reaffir- 
mation of his determination to end the institution of slavery. 
The original of the fragment is housed in the Detroit Public 
Library; the facsimile at hand was an insert to the library's 
newsletter Among Friends , no. 14, Spring 1959. 

24. Badger, Henry C. 

The humble conqueror; a discourse commemmorative of the life and 

services of Abraham Lincoln, preached to the Cambridgeport 

Parish, April 23, 1865 ... 

Boston: Printed for the Parish, 1865. 

18 p. 22 cm. 

Mo. 384. 

25. Bancroft, George 

Memorial address on the life and character of Abraham Lincoln, 

delivered ... in the House of Representatives at Washington, on 

the 12th of February, 1866 ... 

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1866. 

59 p. and port. 2 3 cm. 

Appendix contains the journal of funeral exercises in Congress. 

All pages within single-rule black frame. 20,000 copies printed. 

Mo. 841. 

26. Barnard's Lincoln. The gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Taft to 
the City of Cincinnati. The creation and dedication of George 
Grey Barnard's statue of Abraham Lincoln, including the address 
of William Howard Taft. 
Cincinnati: Stewart & Kidd, 1917. 
66 p. incl. illus. 20 cm. 
Mo. 2289. 

27. Barton, Fred B. 

Robert S. Barton memorial. In memoriam by his brother ... 
Including a list of the writings of Robert S. Barton on Abraham 
Lincoln, compiled under the direction of Kenneth A. Bernard. 
[Boston?] : Published by The Lincoln Group of Boston, 1954. 
[2] , 13 leaves and port. 28 cm. 

Mimeographed essay. Robert S. Barton's portrait on glossy paper. 
Laid in: T.L.S., Donald I. Minnig, of Akron, Oh., to Donald C. 
Durman, M.D. , Lincoln collector in Saginaw, Mich. Minnig is a 
nephew by marriage to Fred B. Barton, son of William E. Barton who 
started his son Robert on the pathway of the study of Lincoln 
as a life-long hobby. 

28. Barton, William E. 

Abraham Lincoln and the American ideal ... A sermon broadcast 
by radio from the Westinghouse Station and the platform of 
Orchestra Hall, Chicago, Sunday, February 1923, and received 
at the radio station of the Casper Daily Tribune. 
Casper, Wyo. : The Casper Daily Tribune, [1923?] 
15 p. 20 cm. 
Mo. 2618. 

29. Barton, William E. 

Abraham Lincoln, Kentucky mountaineer. An address delivered 
before the faculty and students of Berea College, Berea, Ken- 
tucky, Thursday, March 8, 1923 ... 
Berea: Berea College Press, 1923. 

Inscribed [by the author?] : Edition 200. This is no. 83. Signed 
by the author. Mo. 2619 states, "325 copies printed." No 
printing limitation stated in the piece itself. 

30. Barton, William E. 

The education of Abraham Lincoln. An address delivered before 
the faculty and students of Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illi- 
nois, February 7, 192 3 ... 

Jacksonville, 111.: Courier Press, [1923?] 
21 p. and 2 facsims. 23 cm. 

With a facsimile of David Ruthledge's letter to his father and 
to his sister Ann. Inscribed [by the author?] : Edition [blank 
space] This is no. 85"; signed by the author. Mo. 2620 gives 
printing limitation as 200 copies. 

31. Barton, William E. 

The greatness of Abraham Lincoln ... Today's best thought; a 
series of addresses by foremost speakers in North America . . . , 
published each week by William P. Munsell, Chicago [n.d.] 
20 p. 23 cm. 

Caption title. Series title from cover. Mo. 2438. 
With accompanying mss. material ; in chronological order: 
Feb. 16, 1921 T.L.S., W. E. Barton to Charles W. Moores, refer- 
ring to Lincoln's letter to John Bright. 
Feb. 21, 1921 T.L.S., Barton to Moores. 

Dec. 5, 1922 T.L.S., Barton to Moores; about procuring 
additional land for the Lincoln Farm. 

*32. Barton, William E. 

The influence of Illinois in the development of Abraham 
Lincoln . . . Reprinted from the Transactions of the Illinois 
State Historical Society for the year 1921. 
24 p. and port. 2 3 cm. 

*33. Barton, William E. 

"Lincoln and labor." In: Life and labor , a magazine of inter- 
pretation, vol. 11, no. 2, Feb. 1921, "whole nimiber 120"; 
p. 35-39. 25 cm 

*34. Barton, William E. 

The Lincolns in their old Kentucky home; an address delivered 

before the Filson Club, Louisville, Kentucky, December 4, 1922 ... 

Berea, Ky. : Berea College Press, 1923. 

24 p. 29 cm. 

Edition limited to 300 copies. This is no. 35, signed by the 

author . 

35. Barton, William E. 

The man who married Lincoln's parents. An address ... delivered 
at the dedication of a monument at the grave of Jesse Head and 
Jane Ramsey Head, his wife, in Spring Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg, 
Kentucky, Thursday, November 2, 1922. 
Harrodsburg, Ky. : Harrodsburg Herald, 1922. 
[16] p. incl. illus., port. 27 cm. 

Includes biography of Jesse Head, and data on Thomas Lincoln's 
marriage. Mo. 2552. 

36. Barton, William E. 

Old theories upset; being the brief report of an address on 
Abraham Lincoln's lost grandmother ... delivered before a specially 
invited company of scholars and historians at the Chicago 
Historical Society. Reprinted from the Chicago Daily News, 
February 3, 1923. 
[n.p., n.d., 1923?] 

Uncut sheet, folded to [4] p. page size 21 cm. 
About Bathsheba Lincoln and Lucy Hanks. Mo. 2622. 

37. Barton, William E. 

The parents of Abraham Lincoln. An address ... delivered at the 

grave of Thomas Lincoln, Goose Nest Prairie, near Jamesville, 

Illinois, September 18, 1922. 

Charleston, 111.: The Charleston Daily Courier, 1922. 

8 p. 23 cm. 

Inscribed by the author. Mo. 2553. 

38. Easier, Roy P. 

Who wrote the "Letter to Mrs. Bixby"? ... Reprinted from The 

Lincoln Herald , Feb. 1943. 

[n.p. , n.n. , 1943?] 

8 p. incl. facsims. 26 cm. 

Disputes Nicholas Murray Butler's claim that tlohn Hay, then Lincoln's 

assistant secretary, rather than Lincoln himself composed and 

wrote the famous letter. 

Laid in ; facsimile of the original letter, one leaf. "Presented 

by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, 

Indiana. " 

*39. Bates, Edward 

Suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Letter from the 
Attorney General, transmitting, in answer to a resolution of the 
House of the 12th instant, an opinion relative to the suspension 
of the Writ of Habeas Corpus. 

Washington, D.C. : 37th Cong., 1st sess.. House, Ex. Doc. No. 5 

14 p. 23 cm. 

Caption title. Disbound. The letter was dated July 13, 1861. 
"Ordered to be printed Aug. 2, 1861." 

40. The Battle of the giants, by Frederick Trevor Hill. The Parents 
of Lincoln, by Ida M. Tarbell. An Appeal to patriotism, by 
Richard Lloyd Jones . . . 

[n.p. ] : The Lincoln Farm Association, cl907. 
36 p. and plates 17 cm. 
At head of title: Abraham Lincoln. 

"Hill gives a detailed account of the Ottawa debate." — Mo. 1531. 
With accompanying mss. material ; in chronological order: 
Aug. 19, 1910 T.L.S., F. T. Hill to Charles W. Moores, about 

Lincoln's legal cases. 
Jan. 27, 1911 M.L.S., Hill to Moores. 

Feb. 22, 1912 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Hill, about Moores' 
"Lincoln, the lawyer" 

*'41. Beveridge, Albert J. 

"Lincoln as his partner knew him ..." 

Detached from The Literary Digest International Book Review 
[n.d. or no.] p. 33-35, continued p. 51, incl. illus. 30 cm. 
About Jesse W. Weik's book. The real Lincoln, based on rierndon's 
collection of Lincolniana, and about Herndon's credibility. 

42. Bingham, John A. 

Trial of the conspirators for the assassination of President 
Lincoln, &c. Argviment of John A. Bingham, Special Judge Advo- 
cate, in reply to the arguments of the several counsel for 
Mary E. Surratt, David E. Herold, Lewis Payne, George A. Atze- 
rodt, Michael O'Laughlin, Samuel A. Mudd, Edward Spangler, and 
Samuel Arnold, charged with conspiracy and the murder of Abraham 
Lincoln ... Delivered June 27 and 28, 1865, before the Military 
Commission, Washington, D.C. 

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1865. 
122 p. 21 cm. 
Disboiind. Mo. 403. 

''43. Binney, Horace 

The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus under the Constitution. 

Philadelphia: C. Sherman s Son, printers, 1862. 

2 parts, 58 and 50 p. 21 and 23 cm. 

Author's name from preliminary matter. Concerns the right of the 

President, in times of rebellion, "to arrest and detain a freeman, 

in temporary denial or delay of bail, trial, or discharge." 

44. Bishop, Jim 

"The day Lincoln was shot ... illustrated by Louis Glanzman." 
Detached from The New Bluebook , Feb. 1955, p. [84]-[128], and cover. 
29 cm. 
An hour-by-hour accoiint. Published in book form by Harper, 1955. 

45. Bishop, Richard E. 

The Nancy Hanks Lincoln Memorial. An account of the planning 
and development of the memorial buildings, sculpture, and grounds 
by the Indiana Lincoln Union and the Indiana Department of Con- 
servation, 1940-1944, in Lincoln State Park, 35 miles northwest 
of Evansville, Spencer County, Indiana, prepared ... 1944. 
[n.p.]: A report based on authentic records, compiled for and 
published by The Indiana Lincoln Union, [1944?] 
79 p. incl. illus., and a col. folded plate 26 cm. 
With a foreword by J. I. Holcomb, President, Indiana Lincoln 

Laid in: two original photographs, with their negatives, of Nancy 
Hank Lincoln's grave and memorial stone, taken by Donald C. Durman. 

46. Black, Frank S. 

"Address on Abraham Lincoln, delivered at the Union League of 
Philadelphia ... November 28, 1903." In: Golden Anniversary 
[of the League], Feb. 12, 1913, p. [19]-30. 
This issue also includes Lincoln's Gettysburg address; an 
address by William Howard Taft; an essay about the Union League; 
a list of the League's officers and members, with several ports. 
Black was, at the time of printing, former Governor of the State 
of New York; he delivered the same speech before the Republican Club 
of New York on Feb. 12, 1903. Mo. 1399 note. 

*47. [Blacke, Louis Gaylord] 

The life and eulogy of Daniel Webster. 

Rochester: Wilbur M. Hayward, 1853. 

72 p. and port. 2 3 cm. 

Disbound. Pencil note in an unidentified hand, possibly Charles 

W. Moores' : Oration by Louis Gaylord Blacke. 

*48. Booth, Newton 

Oration delivered in the city of Stockton, on the Fourth of 
July, 1860, on the occasion of the celebration of the eighty- 
fourth anniversary of the American independence . . . 
Stockton, Cal. : Conley & Patrick, printers, 1860. 
14 p. 23 cm. 

*49. Boyd, William 

Human rights and King Any; or. The apostate President ... 

Washington, D.C.: J. L. Pearson, 1867. 

71 p. 23 cm. 

Denounces Andrew Johnson as a tyrant, in comparison to Lincoln's 

benevolent rule. 

*50. "A British drama of Lincoln." 

Detached from The Literary Digest , Dec. 28, 1918, p. 29-30 

incl. illus. 30 cm. 

A review article about John Drinkwater's play, Abraham Lincoln. 

*51. Brooks, Noah 

"Washington in Lincoln's time ..." 

Detached from Century Magazine [unverified pencil information; 

n.d. or no.] p. 140-149. 24 cm. 

Mo. 1160 lists a separate printing by The Century Corporation, 


*52. Bryon, Thomas B. 

Stephen A. Douglas on the cause and effect of the rebellion. 
Letter from Thomas B. Bryon, Esq. 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
3 p. 22 cm. 

Caption title. Disbound. Letter caption: Bryon Hall, Chicago, 
111., 1863. Caption on p. 3: "The National Crisis. The 
organization of loyal men. What shall be done for our imperiled 
coxintry?" Page 3 typesigned at bottom: An American citizen. 

53. Buckingham, J. E. , Sr. 

Reminiscences and souvenirs of the assassination of Abraham 

Lincoln . . . 

Washington: R. H. Darby, 1894. 

89 p. incl. illus. 21 cm. 

Mo. 1138. 

*54. Bullard, Frederick Lauriston 

"The New England ancestry of Abraham Lincoln ..." 

Detached from New England Magazine [running title; n.d. or no.] 

p. 685-691 incl. facsim. , port. 25 cm. 

55. Bullard, Frederick Lauriston 

Was "Abe" Lincoln a gentleman? ... 

Boston: Boston University Press, 1952. 

iv, 25 p. and port. 21 cm. 

Limited to 500 copies printed by The Athoensen Press, Portland, 

Maine, Nov. 1952, for The Boston University Press and The Lincoln 

Group of Boston. With a portrait of Bullard, President of the 

latter from 1938 to 1952. 

*56. Bullitt, John C. 

A review of Mr. Binney's pamphlet on "The privilege of the Writ 

of Habeas Corpus under the Constitution" . . . 

Philadelphia: C. Sherman and Son, printers, 1862. 

56 p. 22 cm. 


57. Bunn, John W. 

[Manuscript] T.L.S., Bunn to Hon. Henry Pritchett, Boston, 
dated Jan. 12, 1905. 4 p. 

Bunn's recollections about Lincoln, particula ^ly about the 
latter 's party activities in the early days of the Republican 

58. Burnham, M. 

Abraham Lincoln, oration by the Rev. M. Burnham, D.D. , of St. 
Louis, delivered May 30th, 1895, Memorial Day, by request of 
Ransom Post No. 131, Saint Louis, Department of Missouri, Grand 
Army of the Republic, on the occasion of the pilgrimage to the 
tomb of our martyred President, at Springfield, 111. ... 
[n.p. , n.n., 1895?] 
16 p. 23 cm. 
Mo. 1161. 


59. Burton, John E. 

Abraham Lincoln, an oration ... 
[n.p., n.n.] 1903. 
23 p. and 2 ports. 26 cm. 

Cover title. Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores, 
June 24, 1909. Mo. 1400. 

60. Burton, John E. 

Burton's want list regarding Abraham Lincoln and Lincolniana 1905. 

[Milwaukee: n.n., 1905?] 

4 p. 28 cm. 

Mo. 1453. According to Burton's list, his collection consisted 

of "2160 bound voliomes" at time of printing. 

61. Burton, John E. 

The Gettysburg speech ... November 22, 1907. 

Lake Geneva, Wis.: By John E. Burton, Principal of Schools, 

1870-1873, [1907 or 1908?] 

3 p. 28 cm. 

Caption title. At head of title: "A souvenir. Presentation of 

the Lincoln bronze tablet." Mo. 1523. 

62. Burton, John E. 

Original Lincoln proclamation burned. Reprinted from [the] 

Milwaukee, Wis. Sentinel , of April 3, 1911. 

Salt Lake City, Utah: Shepard Book Co., Bulletin no. 46, [1911?] 

[4] p. 23 cm. 

Shepard' s ads [1] p. at end. Mo. 1970. 

"^63. Butler, Benjamin F. 

Character and results of the war. How to prosecute and how to 

end it. A thrilling and eloquent speech by Major-General ... 

Philadelphia: Printed for gratuitous distribution, 1863. 

32 p. 24 cm. 

Cover title. Excerpts of related newspaper articles printed 

inside covers. 

64. Butler, Charles Henry 

Our leader, [a narrative poem] read at the Lincoln Memorial 
Meeting of the Church of the Covenant, Washington, D.C., Sun- 
day, February 7, and also at the Lincoln Centennial Banquet in 
Springfield, Illinois, February 12, 1909. 
[n.p., n.n., 1909?] 
12 p. and port. 28 cm. 

Inscribed by Mrs. Snorr [?] to Charles W. Moores, Se. 1910. 
Mo. 1683. 

65. C. Hennecke Co. 

The Lincoln life mask, hands, bust, and statuette. 

[Chicago? n.n., n.d.] 

16 p. incl. illus. oblong 13 x 17 cm. 

Caption title. Promotional pamphlet, with price list. 

Mo. 1085 gives imprint date as [1891]; not found in the piece. 


*66. "A Cabinet session." In: The Continental Monthly , devoted to 

literature and national policy, vol. 1, March 1862. 345 p. 25 cm. 

67. Cannon, Joseph G. 

Abraham Lincoln ... Speech ... before the Chamber of Commerce , 

Pittsburgh, Pa. February 12, 1910. 

Washington: [Government Printing Office?] 1910. 

15 p. 24 cm. 

Printed number at bottom: 30992-8796. Mo. 1910. 

With accompanying mss . material ; in chronological order: 

June 8, 1911 Carbon copy of Charles W. Moores' T.L. to J. G. 

Cannon, about the speech listed above. 
June 10, 1911 T.L.S., J. W. Murphy, Secretary to Hon. J. G. 

Cannon, to Moores. 
June 17, 1911 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Cannon. 

*68. Cannon, Joseph G. 

Speech of Hon. Joseph G. Cannon ... before the Middlesex Club, 

Boston, Mass., Saturday, April 30, 1910, on "Ulysses S. Grant, 

the modest, courageous man, the normal American." 

Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, May 1910. 

15 p. 23 cm. 

Caption title. At head of title: 61st Cong., 2nd sess. Senate 

Doc. no. 567. 

69. Carman, Louis D. 

Dr. Abraham Lincoln ... Reprinted from the Journal of the Medical 

Society of New Jersey , 1922. 

7 p. 17 cm. 

Cover title. Pencil note on front cover, in an unidentified 

hand: "100 copies printed." Consists of Lincoln quotations 

that show his knowledge of the human body, in a serious as well 

as humorous manner. Mo. 2563. 

*70. [Cass or Gass, Lewis] 

Addresses on the presentation of the sword of Gen. Andrew Jackson 

to the Congress of the United States, delivered in the Senate 

and House of Representatives February 26, 1855. 

Washington: Printed by A. O. Nicholson, 1855. 

40 p. 23 cm. 

Disbound. Pencilled on t.-p., in an unidentified hand: "By 

Lewis Cass" [Gass?] Cass was Democratic presidential candidate in 1848. 

71. Celebration of Lincoln's birthday and of the twentieth anniversary 
of the founding of Lincoln Memorial University, Cumberland Gap, 
Tennessee, February 10, 11, 12, 1917. 
37 p. 23 cm. 

Foreword by Dr. John Wesley Hill. Includes extracts and notes 
from prominent addresses by Lincoln scholars. Mo. 2292. 
Laid in: M.L.S., Hon. Merrill Moores to Charles W. Moores [his 
brother] , concerning the remarks attributed to him in this pamphlet. 

''72. Chambrun, Charles Adolphe Pineton, marquis de 
"Personal recollections of Mr. Lincoln ..." 

Detached from, or an offprint from an unidentified magazine, p. 
[26]-38. 24 cm. 

Mo. 115 lists a more voluminous and most likely earlier printing; 
this article could be an extract, or a condensation. 


73. Chiperfield, Burnett M. 

Lincoln memorial address, speech ... in the House of Representatives, 

February 12, 1917. 

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1917. 

16 p. 24 cm. 

Printed number at bottom: 81566-1790. Mo. 2300 note. 

*74. A Chronological arrangement of facts of the Chancellorsville 
campaign. May 1, 2, and 3, 1863. 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
14 p. 27 p. 

Mimeographed account in chronological order, with extensive 
quotations from official dispatches. Paper of older quality. 
In upper right corner of each page: 99432. 

75. "Civil War medicine." 

Detached from MD, April 1961, p. 186-197 incl. illus. 29 cm. 
"On the centenary of the . . . Civil War ... MD begins a series of 
medical aspects of the conflict, reviewing medical departments, 
hospitals . . . This first section takes an over-all look at the 
first year of the war, and a closer glance at the first battle 
of Bull Run, or Manassas." — Caption p. 186. 

*76. Clay, Oliver S. 

Claysonian-Lincoln memorial, February 12, 1903. Poem ... in 
celebration of Lincoln's 94th birthday anniversary ... 10 cents. 
Indianapolis, Ind. : Claysonian Piibl. , Feb. 1903. 
[2] leaves 25 cm. 

Two leaves, mounted on black construction paper. Verso of title 
leaf has the author's bookplate with his photograph. Inscribed 
by him [for Charles W. Moores?] : "Yours as an American for 
America. Oliver S. Clay." 

*77. "Cliosophic essays": I. The political revolution of 1860, by 

John W. Appel. II. Buchanan's administration on the eve of the 

rebellion, by W. U. Hensel. III. Abraham Lincoln, the man, the 

solution, by Geo. W. Richards. 

Lancaster, Pa.: Cliosophic Society, 1908. 

30, 41, 40 p. 22 cm. 

Cover title. Each essay is individually paged, with separate t.-p. 

78. Coddington, David S. 

Eulogy on President Lincoln . . . delivered in the Citadel Square 

Church, Charleston, S.C., at the request of the officers and 

soldiers in the Northern District, Department of the South, 

May 6th, 1865 ... 

New York: Baker & Godwin, printers, 1865. 

30 p. 23 cm. 

Fish gives ed. limitation as 500 copies. Mo. 454. 

79. [Coleman, William M. ] 

The evidence that Abraham Lincoln was not born in lawful wedlock; 
or. The sad story of Nancy Hanks, 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
18 p. 24 cm. 

Caption title. Author's preface typesigned Wm. M. C. , Dallas, 
Texas. Not derogatory in character. At head of title: "Copy- 
righted. Price 25 cents." Mo. 1246 gives imprint date as [1899?]; 
not found in piece itself. 


80. Collis, Charles H. T. 

The religion of Abraham Lincoln; correspondence between General 
Charles H. T. Collis and Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll. With 
appendix, containing interesting anecdotes by Major-General 
Daniel E. Sickles and Hon. Oliver S. Munsell. 
New York: G. W. Dillingham Co., cl900. 
24 p. 21 cm. 

Mo. 1280. From Collis' introductory "Apology": "I am constrained 
to put into book form a correspondence . . . because I am constantly 
asked for copies of it ..." 

*81. Concklin, Roscoe 

The Constitution and presidential elections. Speech ... in 

the Senate of the United States, January 23 and 24, 1877 ... 

Washington: [Government Printing Office?] 1877. 

48 p. 21 cm. 

Concerns a bill, S.1153, to provide for and regulate the counting 

of the votes, particulalry the electoral votes; with emphasis 

on Lincoln's and prior administrations' procedures. 

82. Cooper, Peter 

Letter of Peter Cooper on slave emancipation; New York, 

January, 1862 ... 

[New York] : Loyal Publication Society, [1862?] 

8 p. 22 cm. 

Caption title. No. 23 of the Society's publications. Disbound. 

Mo. 125. 

*83. Corwin, Thomas 

Speech of Hon. Thomas Corwin, of Ohio, in the House of Represent- 
atives, January 2 3 and 24, 1860. 

Washington, D.C. : Buell & Blanchard, printers, 1860. 
30 p. 2 3 cm. 

Caption title. Printed in double columns. Disbound. One p. 
at end: Speeches and documents relating to the Presidential 
campaign of 1860, advertised by the Repiiblican Executive Congres- 
sional Committee. 
Also : 

State of the Union. Speech of Hon. Thomas Corwin, of Ohio, 
delivered in the House of Representatives, Jan. 21, 1861. 
Washington: Printed by Henry Polkinhorn, 1861. 
16 p. 22 cm. 

84. Crocker, Samuel L. , Jr. 

Eulogy upon the character and services of Abraham Lincoln . . . 
delivered by invitation of the authorities of the City of 
Taunton, on the occasion of the National Fast, June 1, 1865 ... 
Boston: Printed by J. Wilson, 1865. 
28 p. 23 cm. 

Published by action of the City of Taunton's Common Council and 
Board of Aldermen, June 7, 1865. Fish gives ed. limitation as 
550 copies, 50 of them on large paper. This is an unnumbered 
small-paper copy. Mo. 465. 


85. Croy, Homer 

"The man who avenged Lincoln . . . ; illustrated by Louis Glanz- 


Detached from Argosy , Feb. 1955, p. 37, continued p. 86-89 p. 

29 cm. 

A biographical sketch of Boston Corbett. 

*86. Cullom, Shelby M. 

Address delivered at the dedication of the Lincoln Library ... 

Springfield, Illinois, June seventh, nineteen hundred four. 

[Springfield? n.n. , not before June 1904] 

25 p. incl. illus., and 2 plates 22 cm. 

Appendix includes a history of the Lincoln Library, correspondence 

pertaining to its creation, a list of officers, &c. 

87. Ciinningham, J. O. 

Some recollections of Abraham Lincoln ..., delivered before the 
Firelands Pioneer Association at Norwalk, Ohio, July 4, 1907, 
and reprinted from The Pioneer of December, 1909. 
Norwalk, Oh.: Am. Pub. Co. [1910?] 
20 p. incl. port. 23 cm. 

Cover title. Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores. 
"Personal recollections by one who travelled with Lincoln to 
Bloomington in 1856." — Mo. 1700. 

88. Curry, J. Seymoiir 

Abraham Lincoln's visit to Evanston in 1860 ... 

Evanston, 111.: City National Bank, 1914. 

16 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Mo. 2133. J.S. Curry was President of the Evanston Historical 


Laid in : Two letters , one typed , one in ink , from Curry to Charles 

W. Moores, both dated July 1914, in reference to an exchange 

of Lincolniana between the two collectors. 

*89. Curtin, A. G. 

Message of A. G. Curtin, Governor of Pennsylvania, relative to 
military arrest [of civilians], February 12, 1863. 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
4 p. 22 cm. 

90. Curtis, Benjamin Robbins 
Executive power ... 

Cambridge: Printed by H. O. Houghton, 1862. 
29 p. 19 cm. 

Cover title. Includes excerpts from President Lincoln's Proclam- 
ation of Sep. 22 and 24, 1862; also orders of the Secretary of 
War, Sep. 26, 1862, concerning the appointment of provost mar- 
shalls. Mo. 128 variant. 

*91. Dabney, R. L. 

"Colonel Baldwin's interview with Mr. Lincoln. Memoir of a 
narrative received of Colonel John B. Baldwin, of Staunton, touching 
the origin of the war ..." 

Detached from Southern Histor ical Society Papers , June 1876 [un- 
verified pencil information] p. 443-456, 24 cm. 
P. 445-456: official correspondence of Gov. Letcher, of Virginia. 


92. Dannett, Sylvia G. L. 

Our women of the Sixties, by ... and Katharine M. Jones. 
Washington, D.C. : Civil War Centennial Commission, 1963. 
44 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

93. Davis, J. McCan 

How Abraham Lincoln became President ... 

Springfield, 111.: Press of H. O. Shepard Co., cl908. 

80 p. incl. illus. 17 cm. 

"A factual biography ending with Lincoln's departure for 

Washington." — Mo. 1578. Inscribed by the author. 

94. Davis, Ozora S. 

Abraham Lincoln, the young man. An address delivered in the 
South Congregational Church, New Britain, and before the Lincoln 
Club in Berlin, Conn., February 11, 1906 ... Printed and 
circulated under the auspices of the Men's Sunday Club of the 
South Church. 

[n.p.]: Herald, P\ibl. Co., printers, [1906?] 
16 p. 14 cm. 
Mo. 1497. 

95. Day, P. B. 

A memorial discourse on the character of Abraham Lincoln ... 

delivered at Hollis, N.H., on the day of the National Fast, 

June 1, 1865 ... Published by request. 

Concord: Printed by McFarland & Jenks, 1865. 

20 p. 22 cm. 

Fish gives ed. limitation as 450 copies. Mo. 478. 

*96. Decision of Chief Justice Tanney, in the Merryman case, 
upon the Writ of Habeas Corpus . . . 
Philadelphia: J. Campbell, 1862. 
16 p. 22 cm. 

John Merryman "was arrested by order of Gen. Keim, of Pennsyl- 
vania, and conducted as prisoner to Fort McHenry by his orders, 
and placed in [Gen. Cadwalader 's] custody ... A copy of the 
warrant, or order ... was demanded by his counsel and refused. 
And it is not alleged in the return that any specific act, 
constituting an offence against the laws of the United States, 
has been charged against him . . . but he appears to have been ar- 
rested upon general charges of treason and rebellion, without 
proof, and without giving the names of the witnesses, or speci- 
fying the acts which ... constituted these crimes. And having 
the prisoner thus in custody, upon these vague and unsupported 
accusations, he [Cadwalader] refuses to obey the Writ of Habeas 
Corpus upon the ground that he is duly authorized by the President 
to suspend it." — p. 3-4. 

*97. De Fontaine, F. J. 

History of American abolitionism; its four great epochs, embrac- 
ing narratives of the ordinance of 1787, compromise of 1820, 
annexation of Texas, Mexican War, Wi Imot Proviso... together with 
a history of the Southern Confereracy. Originally piablished in 
the New York Times . . . 
New York: D. Appleton, 1861. 
66 p. 23 cm. 


98. The Detroit News Sunday Pictorial , Jan. 23, 1961: Michigan's 
role in Civil War. Centennial 1861-1961. 24 p. 32 cm. 

99. Dondero, George A. 

Two Congressmen; speech of Hon. George A. Dondero, of Michigan, 
in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, February 9, 1944. 
Washington, D.C. : Government Printing Office, 1947. 
[1] leaf 29 cm. 

Offprint from the Congressional Record; "not printed at government 
expense." A speech about A. Lincoln and Alexander H. Stephens, 
both elected to the House in 1847. Later, Stephens became Vice- 
President of the Confederacy. Lincoln's personal friendship for 
him did not lessen during the war; he secured the release of 
Stephens' nephew, Lt. John A. Stephens, from a prisoner-of-war 
camp at Johnsons Island, Lake Erie, in exchange for a Union 
prisoner. Lincoln was assassinated before the exchange could 
be completed. 

Laid in: T.L.S., George A. Dondero to Donald C. Durman, dated 
Dec. 27, 1960. 

100. Dwyer, James Francis 
The bust of Lincoln ... 

Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, Page, 1912. 
[8], 3-73, [1] p. and front. 16 cm. 
Fiction. Mo. 2023. 

*101. The Educator-Journal , vol. IX, no. 6, Indianapolis, Feb., 1909. 
287 p. incl. illus. 25 cm. 

Includes contributions about Lincoln by William Lowe Bryan, 
Robert Judson Aley, Julia Fried Walker, & Hon. Thomas R. Marshall. 

*102. Elder, William 

Debt and resources of the United States, and the effect of secession 
upon the trade and industry of the loyal states ... 
Philadelphia: Ringwalt & Brown, June 1863. 
32 p. 23 cm. 
Cover title. 

103. The Emancipation Proclamation. [Cover title:] Lincoln Sesqui- 
centennial 1809-1959, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis. 
[8] p. incl. [5] p. of facsims. 27 cm. 

104. Emerson, Ralph 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Emerson's personal recollections of Abraham Lincoln. 
Rockford, 111.: Wilson Bros., printers, 1909. 
18 p. incl. facsims., port. 23 cm. 

Includes a version of the McCorroick case. Mo. 1716. 
*105. The Equality of all men before the law claimed and defended. In 
speeches by Hon. William D. Kelley, Wendell Phillips, and Fred- 
erick Douglass, and letters from Elizur Wright and Wm. Heighten. 
[Boston? n.n., 1865?] 
43 p. 23 cm. 

Unbound, stitched as issued. Printed cover leaf: "Boston, April 
17, 1865. Dear Sir, — I send with this a pamphlet ... I am distrib- 
uting 10,000 copies to antislavery men in all the Free States; but, 
desiring to increase th number to 100,000 or more, invite you to aid . 
Truly your friend, Geo. L. Stearns." 

Penciled on front cover, in an unidentified hand: "From Hon. W. D. 
Kelley. 5.23.1865." With stamp of the Historical Society of Pennsylv. 


*106. Everett, Edward 

Address ... at the consecration of the national cemetery at 
Gettysburg, 19th November 1863, with the dedication speech of 
President Lincoln, and the other exercises of the occasion ... 
Published for the benefit of the cemetery monxjment fund. 
Boston: Little, Brown, 1864. 
87, [1] p. and 2 maps 25 cm. 

Includes the dirge, "01 it is great for our country to die," 
sung at the occasion. Music by Alfred Delaney, words by James 
G. Percival. 

*107. Everett, Edward 

The great issues now before the country: an oration ..., de- 
livered at the New York Academy of Music, July 4, 1861. 
New York: J. G. Gregory, 1861. 
48 p. 20 cm. 

108. Facts about the Civil War. 

Washington, D.C. : The Civil War Centennial Commission, 1959. 
20 p. incl. illus. 22 cm. 
Includes a war chronology. 

*109. Faulkner, T. C. 

Faulkner's History of the revolution in the southern states; 

including the special messages of Pres. Buchanan, the ordinances 

of secession of the six withdrawing states . . . 

New York: John F. Trow, printer, 1861. 

94, [1[ p. 23 cm. 

"For sale by all booksellers." Disbound. 

110. Feinberg, Charles E. 

Charles E. Feinberg will speak on Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whit- 
man before the Friends of the Library of Detroit, on Sunday, 
July 12, at 3:00 p.m., ... part of the University's observance 
of the Lincoln Sesquicentennial year ... free of charge. 
[Detroit?]: Auil & Co., printers, [1959?] 
4 p. incl. illus . 24 cm. 

At head of title: An announcement. Friends of the Library. 
University of Detroit. 

The announcement flyer includes a reproduction of the program for 
Walt Whitman's lecture on Abraham Lincoln, Philadelphia, April 5, 

*111. Fonnan, Allan 

"President Lincoln's unlucky pass ..." 

Detached from Magazine of American History , Feb. 1887 [unverified 

pencil information], p. [153]-162, 24 cm. 

112. Forbes, Allan 

Other statues of Boston. Reproductions of other statues of 
Boston, as a sequel to our brochure of 1946 entitled, "Some 
statues of Boston"; by Allan Forbes and Ralph M. Eastman. 
Boston, Mass.: Issued by the State Street Trust Fund, cl947. 
93 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Cover illus. : Abraham Lincoln-Emancipation Group monument by sculp- 
tor Thomas Ball, in Park Square. Other statues include nxjmerous 
Lincoln contemporaries, such as John A. Adrew, Nathaniel P. Banks, 
Edward Everett, Joseph Hooker, and Charles Simner. 


113. Fortenbaugh, Robert 

Lincoln and Gettysburg; the story of Abraham Lincoln's immortal 

address at Gettysburg . . . 

Gettysburg, Pa.: The Bookmart, 1949. 

56 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Includes the different versions of the address, and contemporary 

newspaper accounts describing its deliverance and acceptance. 

*114. Gipson, Lawrence H. 

The statesmanship of President Johnson: a study of the 
presidential reconstruction policy . . . Reprinted from the 
Mississippi Valley Historical Review , vol. 2, Dec. 1915, p. 363-383. 
26 cm. 

Cover title. Includes numerous references to Lincoln's intended 
policy towards the defeated South. 

115. Graham, William J. 

Abraham Lincoln a tribute. Remarks by the Hon. William J. 

Graham, of Illinois, in the House of Representatives, February 12, 


Washington, D.C. : [Government Printing Office?] 1918. 

7 p. 23 cm. 

Mo. 2364. 

116. The Grand Army Hall and Memorial Association of Illinois. 
Twenty- third Lincoln birthday service. Memorial Hall, Sunday, 
February 12, 1922, 2:30 p.m. Address by William E. Barton and 
Addison G. Procter. 

[Chicago? n.n. [ cl922. 

40 p. incl. illus. 17 cm. 

Mo. 2572. 

117. Gray, Ralph 

"Vacation tour through Lincoln land ..." 

Detached from The National Geographic Magazine , vol. CI, no. 2, 

Feb. 1952, p. 141-154 incl. illus. 23 cm. 

*118. Grimm, Herbert L. 

Human interest stories of the three days' battles at Gettysburg, 

by Herbert L. Grimm and Paul R. Roy; with pictures. 

Gettysburg, Pa.: Times and News Publishing, cl927. 

64 p. incl. illus. 28 cm. 

Includes numerous full-page illustrations. 

119. Guide for the observance of the Centennial of the Civil War. 
Washington, D.C: Civil War Centennial Commission, Sep. 1958. 

15 p. 22 cm. 

Laid in: T.L.S., Karl S. Betts , Executive Director of the Com- 
mission, to Donald C. Durman, dated Oct. 21, 1958. 

120. Hall, Newman 

A sermon on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, preached at 
Surrey Chapel, London, May 14, 1855 ... 
Boston: Bartlett & Halliday, 1865. 

16 p. 24 cm. 

"Hart notes 500 copies." — Mo. 538. 


*121. Hall, A. Oakey 

Horace Greeley decently dissected, in a letter on Horace 

Greeley, addressed by A. Oakey Hall to Joseph Hoxie, Esq., 

republished with an alphabet of notes, by popular request ... 

New York: Ross & Tousey, 1862. 

38 p. 2 3 cm. 

Caption title. Disbound. 

At end: two unidentified newspaper clippings, pasted in; 

1. Letter from Thurlow Weed, about Mr. Weed's appeal to the 

jury; 2. Letter from Horace Greeley to Wm. Cornell Jewitt, 

Esq., dated Jan. 2, 1863. 

*122. Hall, Wilburn 

"The capture of the slave-ship 'Cora'; the last slaver taken 
by the United States ..." 

Detached from Century Magazine , vol. 48, May 1894 [unverified 
pencil information] , p. 115-129 incl. illus. 24 cm. 

*123. Hanby, Alice L. Harper 

"The Lincoln inquiry — John Pitcher." 

In: Proceedings of the Southern Indiana Historical Society , 

Evansville, Bulletin no. 16, Oct. 1922, p. 50-60. 23 cm. 

Published by the Indiana Historical Commission, State House, 

Indianapolis . 

Includes also : Inaugural address of John E. Iglehart, President 

of the Southwestern Indiana Historical Society, at its first 

business meeting, Feb. 23, 1920, at the Y.M.C.A., Evansville. 

Iglehart 's paper deals largely with Lincoln's years in Indiana. 

*124. Harris, Ira 

The expulsion of Senator Bright [of Indiana] . Speeches of 

Hon. Ira Harris of New York, delivered in the Senate of the 

United States, January 24 and February 5, 1862. 

Washington, D.C. : Scammel & Co., printers, 1862. 

7 p. 24 cm. 

Caption title. Printed in double columns. Disbound. 

Sen. Bright was expelled for "disloyalty" and "giving aid and 

comfort to the public enemies." He had introduced Thomas B. 

Lincoln, inventor and weapons dealer, to Jefferson Davis, by letter 

dated March 1, 1861. 

125. Hart, Albert Bushnell 
"Abraham Lincoln ..." 

In: The Mentor , vol. I, no. 52, Feb. 9, 1914, p. 1-11 incl. 
illus., ports. 25 cm. 
Mo. 2144. 

*126. Haworth, Ira 

Reminiscences about Abraham Lincoln ...; also an address, delivered 
before the Washingtonian Temperance Society, at the Second Pres- 
byterian Church, Springfield, Illinois, February 22, 1842, by Ab- 
raham Lincoln. 

Kansas City: Kansas City Sun [not before April 1907] 
31 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Page 31 informs about the formation of a Lincoln Memorial Association 
in Kansas City, April 15, 1907; Ira Haworth, President. 


*127. Hay, John 

"With Lincoln at the White House. From the unpublished diaries 
of John Hay. Compiled and edited by William Roscoe Thayer." 
In: Harper's Magazine , vol. 130, no. 776, Jan. 1915, p. 166-175 
incl. illus. and col. port. 24 cm. 

128. Heartman's auction no. XIV. Two hiondred and fifty-four sermons, 
orations, eulogies, poems, and other panphlets relating to 
Abraham Lincoln. To be sold at unrestricted auction sale, 
Wednesday, February 11, 1914 at Heartman's Bookstore ... New 
York City . . . 

Lancaster, Pa.: Press of the Lancaster Printing Co. [1914?] 
30 p. 2 3 cm. 
Cover title. Mo. 2145. 

*129. Hensel, W. U. 

Thaddeus Stevens as a country lawyer. Address before the Penn- 
sylvania State Bar Association at Bedford Springs, Pa., June 27, 
1906 ... 

[n.p. , n.n. n.d. ] 
35 p. and 8 plates 24 cm. 

Cover title. "Reprinted from the Report of the Proceedings 
of the Association." 

130. Herndon, William H. 

Brief analysis of Lincoln's character. A letter to J. E. Rems- 

burg. Oak Mills, Kansas ... September 10, 1887. 

[n.p.]: Privately printed, 1917. 

Uncut sheet, folded to [8] p. 20 cm. 

Inscribed: "50 copies" and signed by H. E. Barker. Mo. 2311. 

131. Herndon, William H. 

A card and a correction, a broadside on Lincoln's religion ... 

Springfield, Illinois, November 9, 1882. 

[n.p.]: Privately printed, 1917. 

Broadsheet, 28 cm height, folded in a 21 cm wrapper. 

Inscribed: "75 copies" and signed by H. E. Barker. 

"Herndon's reply to the more scurrilous of his critics." — Mo. 2312, 

132. Hill, Frederick Trevor 
Lincoln's legacy of inspiration ... 
New York: F. A. Stokes Co., Oct. 1909. 
[12] , 60 p. and front. 20 cm. 

These papers were "originally printed in the New York Times , 
February 1st to 7th, 1909, and formed the basis of a prize competi- 
tion ..." — Prefatory note. "Written for the untalented, dis- 
heartened majority who grope for ideals in the dust of defeat." — 
Mo. 1745. 

133. Hoard, W. D. 

Abraham Lincoln, address ... before the Icyal Legion, Milwaukee, 
Feb. 6th, 1895. 

[n.p., n.n^, n.d. ] 

[4] p. 27 cm. 

Caption title. Printed on Strathmore paper. Mo. 1166. 

See also manuscript material under no. 361. 


134. Holland, Josiah Gilbert 

Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln ..., pronounced at the City Hall, 
Springfield, Mass., April 19, 1865. 
Springfield, Mass.: L. J. Powers, 1865. 
18 p. 23 cm. 
Mo. 563. 

135. Homestead of Abraham Lincoln; speeches in the House of Represent- 
atives, April 5, 12, 1916, on a bill to accept a deed of con- 
veyance from The Lincoln Farm Association to the United States 

of the homestead of Abraham Lincoln, near the town of Hodgeville, 

State of Kentucky. 

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1916. 

108 p. 23 cm. 

"Includes personal recollections of Joseph G. Cannon and 

others." — Mo. 2248. 

*136. The House in which Abraham Lincoln died, 516 Twentieth Street 

Northwest, Washington, D.C. Contains the Olxoyd Lincoln Memorial 
Collection, consisting of over three thousand articles ... 
Washington: Carnahan Press [not before Feb. 1898] 
[4] p. incl. illus. 18 cm. 

Promotional brochure, printed in light blue paper. Contains an 
excerpt from the Boston Evening Transcript of Feb. 18, 1898. 

*137. Howe, Daniel Wait 

The North in 1860. Development of war spirit in the North. A 
paper read before the 25th annual meeting of the American His- 
torical Association at Indianapolis, Indiana, December 29, 1910 .. 
[Indianapolis? n.n. , 1911?] 
12 p. 23 cm. 
Caption on p. [3] dated Jan. 3, 1911. 

*138. Hutchison, A. P. 

The event on which the great Civil War hinged. An unwritten 
chapter relating to Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ . . . 
[n.p.]: The Butler Publishing Co. [1914?] 

38 p. 19 cm. 

Laid in : publisher's promotional brochure for this work. 

*139. Illinois and Lincoln literature. Many local publications not on 
the general market. Offered for sale by Barker's Art Store ... 
Springfield, Illinois. 
[Springfield? n.n., not before 1922] 
20 p. 22 cm. 
Caption title. Imprints up to 1922 are offered for sale. 

*140. In memoriam William Harrison Lambert, May 1842- June 1912, first 
President of the Lincoln Fellowship . . . Edited by the first 
Vice-President . 
New York: Printed for the Fellowship, Dec. 1912. 

39 p. and port. 24 cm. 

No. 4 of the publications issued by the Lincoln Fellowship of 
New York. Limited to 250 copies. 


*141. Indianapolis Orchestra. Alexander Ernestinoff, conductor ... 
[n.p., n.n., 1917?] 
5 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

At head of title: 1916-1917, Seventh season. Program for a Sunday 
afternoon concert of patriotic character, April 22, 1917. The 
third piece on the program was Joseph Ourdo's "Ode to Lincoln" 
for mixed chorus and orchestra. 

142. Ingersoll, Robert G. 

A lecture on Lincoln ... 

Girard, Kansas: Appeal Publishing Co. [n.d.] 

59 p. 13 cm. 

Mo. 1124 gives imprint date as 1893; not found in the piece. 

*143. Instruction for making muster-rolls, mustering into service, 

periodical pa^Tnents , and discharging from service of volunteers 

or militia. 

Washington, D.C. : Government Printing Office, 1862. 

46 p. and folded table 19 cm. 

Issued under the auspices of the War Department, Sep. 30, 1862. 

144. Irwin, Benjamin F. 

Lincoln's religious belief; original reminiscences and research ... 

Springfield, 111.: Privately printed, H.E. Barker, 1919. 

11 p. 21 cm. 

Cover title. Limited to 200 copies. Mo. 2409. 

*145. Jackson, Tatlow 

Authorities cited antagonistic to Horace Binney's conclusions 

on the Writ of Habeas Corpus . . . 

[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 

8 p. 22 cm. 

Caption title. Disbovind. Binney's pamphlet was published 1862. 

*146. Jayne, William 

Abraham Lincoln; personal reminiscences of the martyred President 
by his neighbor and intimate friend ... An address delivered . . . 
to the Grand Army Hall and Memorial Association, February 12, 1900. 
[Chicago?]: The Association, cl908. 
58 p. incl. 2 ports. 17 cm. 

Inscribed in ink, in an iinidentified hand: "Gift of Dr. Jayne, 
Oct. 1908." Foreword by Francis A. Riddle, President of the 
Grand Army Hall and Memorial Association. 

147. Jayne, William 

Lincoln's birthday, 1907. Personal reminiscences of Abraham 

Lincoln; an address ... delivered before the Springfield Chapter 

of The Daughters of the American Revolution, February 12, 1907, 

at The Lincoln Home. 

[Springfield? n.n., not before Feb. 1907] 

21 p. 24 cm. 

Mo. 1534. 


148. Jenkins, Alan 

Thomas I. Starr: courageous Lincoln scholar. Reprinted from 
svimmer 1963 issue, Lincoln Herald . 

[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 

[7] p. incl. illus. 26 cm. 

Laid in ; holograph note, signed, from Dr. Richard Mudd, grandson 

to Samuel A. Mudd, to Donald C. Durman. 
Also : original photograph, taken during Alan Jenkins' and Carl 
Sandburg's visit with Starr, June 18, 1960; it depicts Sandburg 
at Starr's bedside, and closely resembles the picture on p. [5] 
of the above article. The photograph is inscribed on verso by 
Starr to Durman. 

*149. Johnson, Andrew 

The voice of a true democrat. Speech of Hon. Andrew Johnson, 

of Tennessee, on the War for the Union, delivered in the Senate 

of the United States, July 27, 1861. 

[n.p., n.n., 1861?] 

20 p. 23 cm. 

Note at bottom of p. [1] : For sale at the office of the New 

York Tribune ... [address & price range] 

Caption title. Printed in double columns. Disbound. 

150. Johnson, Edward S. 

Abraham Lincoln & his last resting place. A leaflet, piiblished 

for distribution at the National Lincoln Monument in the City 

of Springfield, Illinois . . . 

Danville, 111.: Illinois Printing Co. [n.d.] 

25 p. incl. illus., and port. 23 cm. 

Caption title. Includes facsimile of a letter by Lincoln to 

Hon. Jesse W. Fell, of Bloomington, 111. Mo. 1408 gives imprint 

date as 1903; not found in the piece. 

151. Johnson, Mordecai W. 

An address on Abraham Lincoln ... before [the] Joint Convention 
of the Michigan Legislature, February 12, 1959. 
[n.p., n.n., 1959?] 
20 p. 23 cm. 
Cover title. 

152. Jones, Edgar DeWitt 

Abraham Lincoln still lives; a talk ... over the network of the 

Columbia Broadcasting Company, on February 12, 1949. 

[n.p., n.n., 1949?] 

5 p. 23 cm. 

"Additional copies free of charge from Burton Bigelow, 274 

Madison Ave., New York." 

*153. Jones, Edward Smyth 

The Sylvan cabin. A centenary ode on the birth of Lincoln ..., 

with an introduction taken from the New York Times . 

Chicago: Edward Smyth Jones Publ. Co., 1922, 

19 p. incl. 2 ports. 21 cm. 

Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores, Nov. 8, 1922. 

Laid in: Publisher's flyer advertising this piece. Also : carbon 

copy of Moores' T.L. to the author, complimenting the ode. 


*154. Jones, Richard Lloyd 

The living memorial to Lincoln . . . 

Cumberland Gap, Tenn. : Lincoln Memorial University, 1917. 
64 p. incl. illus. 21 cm. 

"Reprinted by the University." On front cover: "This book 
is a souvenir issued in commemoration of the twentieth anni- 
versary of Lincoln Memorial University, celebrated on Lincoln's 
birthday February 10th, 11th, 12th, 1917." 

155. Jones, Thomas D. 

Memories of Lincoln . . . with prefatory note by Ruf us Rockwell 

Wilson and reproductions of the author's two busts of Lincoln. 

New York: The Press of the Pioneers, Inc., 1934. 

16 p. incl. illus., port. 24 cm. 

The scupltor's reminiscences about Springfield, 111., in 1860. 

Mo. 3441. 

*156. Junkin, George 

Civil government an ordinance of God. A lecture for the times, 
delivered in the Sixth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, 
October 27th, 1861 ... 

[n.p.]: J. B. Chandler, printer [1861?] 
23 p. 23 cm. 
Cover title. 

*157. Kaine, John Langdon 

"A new story of Lincoln's assassination." 
Detached from Century Magazine [running title; n.d., no vol. or 
no.] p. 555-562 incl. illus. 25 cm. 

158. Kincaid, Robert L. 

Kentucky in the Civil War ... Reprinted from Lincoln Herald , 

June, 1947. 

[n.p., n.n., 1947?] 

12 p. incl. illus. 26 cm. 

159. Kincaid, Robert L. 

The Lincoln heritage in the Cumberlands. An address delivered 

before the Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California at Los 

Angeles, California, October 20, 1950. Foreword by Ralph G. 


[Los Angeles?] : Lincoln Fellowship of Southern California, 

1951 (Los Angeles: Printed by the Institute Press under the 

direction of Melvin S. Wood) 

16 p. and port. 24 cm. 

Edition limited to 200 copies. 

Inscribed by the author to Donald C. Durman. 

Laid in: T.L.S., Robert L. Kincaid to Donald C. Durman, July 

11, 1951. Also ; Mimeographed letter by Kincaid "To 
my Lincoln friends" dated June 9, 1951, relating the origin of 
the above-listed papmphlet, and offering it for sale. 

*160. King, Simeon W. 

"Memories of Abraham Lincoln; a series of recollections by one 
who knew him. Judge Simeon W. King, Chicago, 111." 
Detached from Northwestern Christian Advocate , Feb. 8, 1911, 
p. 170-171 incl. 3 ports. 32 cm. 
(This entry continued on next page) 


(160) (continued) 

With accompanying mss . materials ; in chronological order: 

Jan. 21, 1911 M.L.S., King to Charles W. Moores; with envelope. 

Jan. 24, 1911 M.L.S., King to Moores. 

Jan. 7, 1914 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to King. 

Aug. 5, 1915 M.L.S., King to Moores. 

Sep. 18, 1915 M.L.S., King to Moores. 

Sep. 28, 1915 M.L.S., King to Moores. 

Also ; Judge King's business card for 1916. 

*161. Kiper, Roscoe 

"Lincoln's boyhood days in Indiana." 

In: Proceedings of [the] Fourth Annual Conference on Indiana 
History, held under [the] auspices of the Society of Indiana 
Pioneers, Indiana Historical Society, Indiana Historical Com- 
mission, Indianapolis, Dec. 8-9, 1922. Bulletin no. 17, Feb. 
1923. p. 50-69 22 cm. 

162. Kirkpatrick, Thomas B. 

Souvenir of Lincoln's birthplace ... 
Hodgensville [sic], Ky. : The author, cl903. 
[20] p. incl. illus., ports. oblong 15 x 21 cm. 
Mo. 1415. 

*163. Knapp, G. L. 
"Lincoln ..." 

Detached from Lippincott , Feb. 1909 [unverified pencil information] 
p. 207-214 24 cm. 

*164. Krauskopf, Joseph 

Unveiling and consecration of the John Hay Memorial Window at 
the Temple of the Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Phila- 
delphia, Sunday, December second, nineteen six. Sunday dis- 
courses by Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf, D.D, , ser. XX, no. 5. 
Philadelphia: Press of S. W. Goodman [1906?] 
25 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

At end: a listing of all Sunday Discourses by Krauskopf; also 
a list of his other publications. 

165. Lambert, William H. 

Abraham Lincoln, address delivered before the Union League of 

Philadelphia ... February 12, 1909 ... 

[n.p., n.n., 1909?] 

24 p. and port., front. 24 cm. 

At head of title: 1809 1909. 

"Speech of 1899 ... revised and expanded." — Mo. 1767. Inscribed 
by the author to Charles W. Moores. 

166. Lambert, William H. 

The faith of Abraham Lincoln. An address before the Presbyterian 

Social Union of Philadelphia, February 22, 1909 ... 

Philadelphia: The Sunday School Times Co., cl911. 

[2] , 32 p. 19 cm. 

"A Washington's birthday address ... with many quotations to 

show Lincoln's belief in God and a criticism of Herndon's and 

Lamon's allegations." — Mo. 1987. 


167. Lattimer, John K. 

"Autopsy of Abraham Lincoln; retrieval of a lost report ..." 
Detached from JAMA , Aug. 2, 1965, vol. 193, no. 5, p. 99-100 
29 cm. 
Includes facsim. of Dr. Stone's handwritten autopsy report. 

168. Lattimer, John K. 

"The stabbing of Lincoln's Secretary of State on the night the 

President was shot ..." 

Detached from JAMA , April 12, 1965, vol. 192, no. 2, p. 107- 

114 incl. illus. 29 cm. 

A more medical than historical account. 

*169. Laughlin, Clara E. 

"Lincoln and Booth, a chronicle of their last days ..." 
Detached from Hampton ' s Magazine [running title; n.d., no vol. 
or no.] p. 199-208 25 cm. 

*170. Lehmann, Frederick W. 

Abraham Lincoln ..., an address delivered at Memorial Hall, 

Chicago, February 12, 1908. 

St. Louis: The Mirror Press, 1908. 

31 p. 16 cm. 

Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores. 

*171. Letters from Europe, touching the American Conflict, and acknow- 
ledging the receipt, from citizens of New York, of presentation 
sets of the "Rebellion Record" and "Loyal Publication Society" 
publications . 

New York: Loyal Publication Society, 1864. 
The Society's pamphlet no. 70. 

172. Levy, J. Leonard 

Abraham Lincoln's religion [caption title. Footnote p. 1:] A 
lecture delivered February 7, 1909, before the Rodeph Shalom 
Congregation, Pittsburgh, Pa. ..., stenographically reported 
by Caroline Loewenthal. 
[n.p., n.n., 1909?] 
16 p. 24 cm. 
Mo. 1777. 

*173. Lieber, Francis 

Address by Francis Lieber, Chairman of the Council's Committee 
of Addresses. Read at the meeting of the Loyal National League, 
by their request, in Union Square, New York, on the 11th of 
April, 1863. 
[n.p., n.n., 1863?] 
12 p. 22 cm. 
Caption title. Disbound. 

*174. Lincoln, Abraham 

Abraham Lincoln, his book. A facsimile reproduction of the 

original, with an explanatory note, by J. McCan Davis. 

New York: McClure, Phillips, 1901. 

21 leaves of facsims., [4], 11, [4] p. 13 cm. 

Facsimiles of newspaper clippings and notes about Lincoln's speeches 

on the subject of black equality, pasted by him in a small pocket 


*175. Lincoln, Abraham 

The address of the Hon. Abraham Lincoln, in vindication of the 

policy of the framers of the Constitution and the principles of 

the Republican Party, delivered at Cooper Institute, February 

27th, 1860; issued by the Young Men's Republican Union ..., with 

notes by Charles W. Nott & Cephas Brainerd . . . 

New York: G. F. Nesbitt, 1860. 

32 p. 22 cm. 

Inscribed by Frank W. Ballarz, cor. sec. [of the Union?] 

Mo. 50-57 lists other printings of the Cooper Institute speech. 

176, Lincoln, Mary Todd 

A letter to her cousin Elizabeth Todd Grimsly, September 29, 

1861 ... 

[n.p.]: Privately printed, 1917. 

Uncut sheet, folded to [8] p. page size 20 cm. 

Inscribed: 75 copies, and signed in ink by H. E. Barker. 

Mo. 2318. 

177. Lincoln, Robert T. 

Speech . . . made at the celebration of the thirty-eighth anni- 
versary of the Lincoln-Douglas debate, Galesburg, 111., October 
7, 1896. 

Hancock, N.Y. : Privately printed for Chas. T. White [by] 
Herald Print, 1921. 
4 p. 22 cm. 
Limited to 25 copies; this copy unnumbered. Mo. 2514. 

*178. "Lincoln and Darwin, emancipators." [Also:] "What I saw of 
Lincoln, by Major-General Grenville M. Dodge." 
Detached from Appleton's Magazine , vol. 13, no. 2, Feb. 1909, 
p. 130-140 25 cm. 

*179. "Lincoln and the bridge case." 

In: The Palimpsest , published monthly at Iowa City by the State 
Historical Society of Iowa, May 1922, vol. Ill, no. 5, 
p. 142-154 20 cm. 

180. The Lincoln Centenary. Program of the national centenary cele- 
bration, together with the report of the Executive Committee of 
The Lincoln Farm Association and other matters in connection with 
the Lincoln Birthplace Memorial. 

New York City: Lincoln Farm Association, cl909. 
40 p. incl. illus. 18 cm. 
Mo. 1785. 

Laid in: Prospectus of J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson's The 
Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln; published in a special centenary 
edition by Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1909. 

*181. The Lincoln Centennial 1809-1909. Friday, February 12, 1909. 
[Indianapolis? n.n., 1909?] 
16 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Cover title; at head of title: Indianapolis Public Schools. 
A guide to school celebrations; it includes narratives, tributes, 
poems, selections from Lincoln's writings and speeches, suggested 
readings , &c . 


182. Lincoln Fellowship 

Proceedings at the fourth annual meeting and dinner of the 
Lincoln Fellowship, held at Delmonico's, New York City, Satur- 
day, February 11th, 1911. 

New York: The Lincoln Fellowship, cl911. 
58 p. and port. 23 cm. 

With contributions by Daniel E. Sickles, Horatio C. King, James 
G. Wilson, and others. Mo. 1994. 

183. The Lincoln Fellowship; Digest of Constitution; Application for 

[New York? n.n. , n.d.] 
4 p. 22 cm. 
Mo. 1595 note. 

184. The Lincoln ideals. His personality and principles as reflected 
in his own words. 

Washington, D.C.: Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission [1959?] 
[6], 49 p incl. illus. 22 cm. 
Includes list of sources, p. 43-47. 

185. Lincoln memorials, 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 

16 p. incl. illus. 28 cm. 

Caption title. Possible a chapter detached from a larger work, 
or a magazine article. This is an account of sixteen memorial 
statues or plaques, their sculptors, and site descriptions. 

186. Lincoln selections, comprising the first Lincoln- Douglas 
debate, first and second Inaugurals, Gettysburg address. Edited, 
with introductions, by Samuel Bannister Harding ... 
Indianapolis: The Hollenbeck Press, 1909. 

56 p. 20 cm. 
Mo. 1740. 

187. Lincoln Sesquicentennial 1809-1959. Handbook of information, 
prepared by the Lincoln Sequicentennial Commission. 
Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1958. 

40 p. 28 cm. 

Selected bibliography: p. 37-39. 

*188. A Lincoln souvenir. Offprint from the Lake Geneva, Wis. Herald , 
March 25, 1904. 
[n.p., n.n., 1904?] 
Single leaf 31 cm. 

Pertains to a bookcase made from the oak floor boards of the 
bedroom in which Lincoln slept from 1844 to 1861. At time of 
printing, the case was in the possession of John E. Burton. 

*189. "The Lincoln they saw: I. A boy at Lincoln's feet; a reminis- 
cence of a Lincoln-Douglas debate, by Garrett Newkirk. II. Honest 
Abe and the little giant; a reminiscence of Lincoln's first in- 
auguration, by the late Dr. G. B. Wallis." 

Detached from The Outlook, Feb. 9, 1921, p. 216-291 incl. illus. 
28 cm. 


190. Lincolniana book plates and collections. 
Kansas City: H. Alfred Fowler, 1913. 
[26] p. incl. illus. 16 cm. 

Includes contributions by Judd Stewart, Charles W. McLellan. 
and Joseph Benjamin Oakleaf, all prominent Lincoln collectors. 
With their bookplates mounted. Foreword by the publisher. 
Mo. 2076. 

*191. Lincoln's marriage. Newspaper interview with Mrs. Frances 
Wallace, Springfield, Illinois, September 2, 1895. 
[n.p.]: Privately printed, 1917. 
Uncut sheet, folded to [8] p. page size 20 cm. 
Inscribed: 75 copies; signed by H. E. Barker. 

*192. Lincoln's religion. The great President was not a Christian — 
had a better religion. 

[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 

[4] p. 22 cm. 

Caption title. Traces Lincoln's religious beliefs to the 

thoughts and ethics of Paine, Gibson, and others. 

193. Lincoln's treatment of Gen. Grant. Mr. Lincoln's treatment of 
Gen. McClellan. The taint of disunion. 

[New York? n.n., 1864?] 

8 p. 23 cm. 

Caption title. At head of first caption: "Document no. 12, 

sold at 13 Park Row, and at all Democratic Newspaper offices." 

Printed in double columns. Mo. 326. 

194. Lindstrom, Ralph G. 

Lincoln and prevention of war. Which "blundering generation"? 

What "irrepressible conflict"? An interpretation of the Lin- 

colnian war . . . 

Harrogate, Tenn. : Lincoln Memorial University, 1953. 

25 p. 2 3 cm. 

With a foreword by Robert L. Kincaid, and an introduction 

by Benjamin P. Thomas, of Springfield, 111. 

195. Lookout Mountain 

Three photographs, printed from the original plates: 

1. Gen. Grant, Gen. Rawlins, Gen. Webster, Col. Lagow, Col. 
Killyer, loosely grouped atop the cliffs. 

2. "Roper's Rock, showing first Union troops scaling cliffs Nov. 
25th, 1863." Inscribed in ink, in an unidentified hand: 
Capt. John Wilson, James Wood, Wm. Witt, Harry Davis, Joseph 
Bradley, Joseph Nagers, 8th Ky Co C. 

3. Gen. Hooker and his staff in Lookout Valley, winter 1863-4. 
From 12 persons shown, 5 have been identified: Gen. Hooker, 
Capt. Hall, Gen. Geary, Gen. Butter fie Id, Gen. DeLuc, Capt. 

196. Lorant, Stefan 

"Baptism of U. S. Grant. [Based on the diary of Rev. Dr. John 
Newman. " 

Detached from an unidentified magazine, possibly the early 

1950's, certainly after 1925; p. 90-102 incl. illus. 35 cm. 


*197. Love, Alfred H. 

An appeal in vindication of peace principles, and against 
resistance by force of arms. A review, in opposition to an 
address delivered by the company chaplain, William J. Mullen, 
at th e First Baptist Church in Passyiink, Phi la. , on the occasion 
of a sword presentation to Lieutenant Fink, Company E, Third 
Regiment, Reserve Grays, P.V. , June 17th, 1861. 
Philadelphia: Maas & Vogdes, 1862. 
17 p. 21 cm. 
Includes Mullen's address, p. [3]-5. Disbotind. 

*198. Loyalty; what is it? To whom or what due? 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
12 p. 23 cm. 

An essay denouncing the on-going Civil War, Emancipation, and 
paper money as xinconstitutional , and accusing Lincoln of pre- 
paring the way for despotism. 

199. McBride, Robert Wesley 

Lincoln's body guard, the Union Light Guard; the Seventh Inde- 
pendent Company of Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, 1863-1865 ... 

[n.p. , n.n. , not before 1878] 

[24] p. and 3 ports. 23 cm. 

"By Robert McBride, One Time Corporal and Company Clerk." 

Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores, Nov. 5, 1908. 

With a reference on p. [24] to an April 1878 article in Scribner' s 

Monthly. Mo. 1600 gives imprint date as 1908; not found in the 

piece itself. 

200. McBride, Robert Wesley 

Lincoln's body guard, the Union Light Guard of Ohio. With some 

personal recollections of Abraham Lincoln ... Indiana Historical 

Society Publication Vol. V, no. 1. 

Indianapolis: J. Hecker, 1911. 

39 p. 24 cm. 

A revised version of no. 199. Mo. 1600 note. 

201. McClelland, Stewart W. 

Lincoln prescribes for today. A Lincoln Day address ... 
[n.p.]: The Principia Corp., 1946. 
14 p. 23 cm. 
Cover title. 

"... to the student body of The Principia College of Liberal 
Arts ... In 1943 the School of Government established a prece- 
dent of having on each February twelfth, an address by some out- 
standing student of Lincolniana ... In 1945 Dr. Stewart W. 
McClelland, president of Lincoln Memorial University and a 
member of the Abraham Lincoln Association, delivered the address .. 
Foreword by Clayton D. Ford, director. School of Government. 
Includes Vachel Lindsey's poem "Lincoln Walks at Midnight." 

202. McClintock, John 

Discourse delivered on the day of the funeral of President 

Lincoln, Wednesday, April 19, 1865, in St. Paul's Church, New 

York ... reported by J. T. Butts. 

New York: Press of J. M. Bradstreet, 1865. 

35 p. 24 cm. 

Limited to 2,500 copies. Mo. 616. 


203. McClure, Alexander K. 
Lincoln as a politician . . . 

Putnam, Conn.: Privately printed [by The Observer Co.] for 

Gilbert A. Tracy, 1916. 

21 p. 23 cm. 

Holograph note by Gilbert A. Tracy: "Only thirty copies issued 

for private distribution." 

"A review of Lincoln and the war with personal reminiscences of 

Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. The proposal in 1864 of 

peace and compensated emancipation." — Mo. 2251. 

204. McClure, Stanley W. 

The Lincoln Museum and The House Where Lincoln Died ... 

Washington, D.C.: National Parks Service, Historical Handbook 

Series No. 3, 1949. 

[4], 42 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Profusely illustrated. 

205. McCook, Henry Christopher 

Some characteristics of Abraham Lincoln. An address made in the 
Assembly Room of the Union League of Philadelphia before the Penn- 
sylvania Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of 
the United States ..., on the anniversary of President Lincoln's 
birth February 12th, A.D. 1901. 
Philadelphia: [n.n.], March, 1901. 
16 p. incl. ports. 23 cm. 

"A topical summary of Lincoln's character with the author's 
concept of its evolution." — Mo. 1349. 

206. McElroy, John 

Soul growth of Abraham Lincoln . . . 
Washington, D.C.: The National Tribune, cl910. 
[5] -16 p. and 3 ports. 24 cm. 

At head of title: The United States Intelligencer. "Lincoln 
and Jesus, with list of former's utterances comparable to the 
Sermon on the Mount." — Mo. 1933. 

207. McKinley, William 

Abraham Lincoln, an address ... before the Marquette Club, Chicago, 

February 12, 1896. 

Canton, Oh.: Repository Press, [1896?] 

26 p. and port. 23 cm. 

Inscribed by Charles U. Gordon, Chicaco. Mo. 1199. 

208. McMurdy, Robert 

Lincoln and slavery, an address delivered before the student body 

of Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee, on Emancipation Day, 

January 1, 1920 ... 

[Nashville: Fisk University, 1920?] 

19 p. 22 cm. 

Mo. 2466. 

'209. Mann, T.H. 

"A Yankee in Andersonville ..." 

Detached from Century Magazine, July 1890 [unverified pencil 

information] p. 447-461 incl. illus. 24 cm. 


210. Mannering, Mitchell 

"The Lincoln Memorial University ..." 

Detached from an unidentified magazine, p. 324-331 incl. illus. 

24 cm. 

211. Markens, Isaac 

Lincoln's masterpiece; a review of the Gettysburg address, new 
in treatment and matter . . . written on the occasion of the fif- 
tieth anniversary of the delivery of the address, at Gettysburg, 
November 19, 1863. 
New York: Markens, cl913. 
26 p. 23 cm. 

Includes the various versions of the address, and a bibliography 
of works written about it. Mo. 2096. 

212. Martin, James M. 

A defense of Lincoln's mother, conversion and creed, being an 

open letter to the author of "The soul of Abraham Lincoln" . . . 

2nd ed. 

Minneapolis: [n.n.] 1921. 

76 p. and 2 ports. 20 cm. 

A criticism of Burton's work. With an appendix: the Rev. Edward 

L. Watson's "The conversion of Abraham Lincoln." Mo. 2519. 

213. Mary Todd Lincoln Memorial. 
New York: [n.n., n.d.] 

16 p. 16 cm. 

Prepared and distributed by a newly founded society, "Mary Todd 

Lincoln Memorial , " to solicit funds for a special kind of 

memorial: "... Our plan is to raise $150,000 to be expended 

in a handsome building thoroughly equipped and with a beautiful 

bronze tablet of the two [Abraham and Mary Lincoln] , and $50,000 

put in a trust fund, the interest to forever keep it in perfect 

condition upon the campus of Sayre College. This institution 

is one of the oldest schools in the South for girls, and all of 

Mrs. Lincoln's relatives have been educated here ..." 

Mo. 2042 gives imprint date as [1912] 

Laid in ; a 4-page flyer, 25 cm, announcing the plan for this 

memorial building. Also: T.L.S., Paul K. Ames, Secretary of Mary 

Todd Lincoln Memorial, to Charles W. Moores, March 26, 1912. 

214. Masters, Hardin W. 

Ceremonies at the unveiling of [a] monument to William H. Herndon, 
Abraham Lincoln's last law partner. Oak Ridge Cemetery, May 30, 

1918, Springfield, Illinois Address by Hardin W. Masters, 

of the Springfield, Illinois Bar. 

[n.p.]: Privately printed [1918?] 

32 p. and plates 24 cm. 

Includes also : Announcement by Nellie Browne Duff. "Abraham 

Lincoln walks at midnight in Springfield Illinois" by Vachel 

Lindsay. Introductory remarks by Adolph Bernard. "William H. 

Herndon" by Edgar Lee Masters. 

Limited to 200 copies. Mo. 2380. 

215. Meese, William A. 

Abraham Lincoln, incidents in his life relating to waterways ... 

Moline, 111.: Desaulniers , printers, 1908. 

53 p. and 2 plates 23 cm. 

Mostly about Lincoln's flatboat and ferryman experiences. "Written 

when the trend was strong for improvement of rivers and harbors." — 

Mo. 1608. 


*216. Memorial of the Indiana Society of the Sons of the American 

Revolution; Resolutions of the Grand Army of the Republic; and, 
Address of Hon. Wm. H. English in relation to the ornamentation 
of the Indiana State Soldiers' and Sailors' Monxoment. 
Indianapolis: Carlon & Hollenbeck, printers, 1873. 
15 p. 23 cm. 
Cover title. 

*217. Mentor Association, Inc. 

The Mentor Course. Four single leaves, stiff cream paper, 24 cm. 
Full-page illus. on recto, doiible-column text on verso. At bottom 
of each verso: "Prepared by the editorial staff of The Mentor 
Association, copyright 1914, by the Mentor Association, Inc." 

1. Intaglio gravure of "the"log cabin; caption on verso: "Abraham 

Lincoln's birthplace, on Rock Spring Farm The boyhood of 

Lincoln. Monday daily reading in The Mentor Course." 

2. Intaglio-gravure, captioned "Abraham Lincoln — Lawyer." Caption 
on verso: "Abraham Lincoln, lawyer, showing Lincoln in his 
early manhood ... Lincoln's early manhood, Tuesday daily 
reading in The Mentor Course." 

3. Intaglio-gravure, captioned "President Abraham Lincoln." 
Caption on verso: "President Abraham Lincoln, showing the 
president as he looked during the trying times of the Civil 
War ... Thursday daily reading in The Mentor Course." 

4. Intaglio-gravure, captioned "First reading of the Emancipation 
Proclamation," showing Lincoln and his cabinet. Caption on 
verso: "The first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation, 

one of the most important ... acts of Lincoln's administration ... 
Friday daily reading in The Mentor Course." 

218. Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Pennsyl- 
vania Commandery 

Abraham Lincoln. Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the 
United States, Commandery of the State of Pennsylvania; memorial 
meeting, February 12, 1908. Brevet Lieut. -Colonel John P. 
Nicholson, recorder, compiler, 
[n.p., n.n.] 1908. 
15 p. 24 cm. 

Mo. 1610. Includes "Personal recollections of President Abraham 
Lincoln" by Major-General Grenville M. Dodge, p. 7-13. 
Rebound in blue cloth; original blue printed wrappers bound in. 

291. Millard, Joseph 

"America's greatest unsolved murder ..., illustrated by Stan 

Galli ... A true book-length feature." 

Detached from True , the Man's Magazine , Feb. 1953, p. 34-37, continued 

p. 104-120, incl. illus., and the magazine's front cover. 29 cmm 

*220. Miller, Marion Mills 

"The literary genius of Abraham Lincoln, including two poems 

written by the great emancipator ..." 

Detached from an unidentified magazine, p. [778]-783 incl. illus. 

24 cm 

Printed in double columns. The article was extracted largely 

from Osborn H. Oldroyd's book, "The poets' Lincoln," cl915. In the 

acknowledgment for his book, Oldroyd expresses gratitude "to Dr. 

Marion Mills Miller for his contribution of the introduction and 

also for assistance in the editorial work." 


*221. Milton, George Fort 

Lincoln and the modern world. An address ... on occasion of 

the celebration of Lincoln's birthday at Lincoln Memorial 

University, Harrogate, Tennessee, Saturday, February 11, 1939, at 

10:00 A.M. 

Harrogate: Dept. of Lincolniana, Lincoln Memorial University 


6 p. 23 cm. 

Limited to 500 copies. Mr. Milton was President of the 

Chattanooga News . 

*222. Modtibolt [pseud.?] 

The Republic of North America ... 

Detroit: J. Slater, 1863. 

70 p. 22 cm. 

A fundamentalist's view of society and government during the 

Civil War era. 

*223. Moores, Charles W. 

The career of a country lawyer: Abraham Lincoln. Read before 

the American Bar Association at Chattanooga, Tennessee, September 

1, 1910 ... Reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Bar 


[n.p., n.n., 1910] 

38 p. and facsims. 23 cm. 

Includes Appendix, p. 35-38: "Lincoln's cases in the Illinois 

Supreme Court." 

Also : the author's typescript, with numerous holograph notes 

and inserts; with the full texts of his interviews in the summer 

of 1910 with friends and acquaintances of Abraham Lincoln, mostly 

in Illinois. 

With accompanying mss . materials ; in chronological order: 

Undated M.L.S., C. D. Durkee [?] , Chicago, to Moores. 
2 p. 

Undated M.L.S., Chas. W. McLellan, New York, Lincol col- 
lector, to Moores. 2 p. 

June 29, 1910 Telegram from Sam Houston, sent from Terre Haute, 
to Moores: "Have paved way for Lincoln. Sorry 
can't stay to hear." 

Aug. 12, 1910 T.N.S., Daniel Fish, of Fish & McKenzie, Attorneys, 
Minneapolis, to Moores. Concerns Moores' inquiry 
about books from Lincoln's law library. 

Oct. 12, 1910 T.N.S., Thos. C. Munger, U.S. District Judge, 
Omaha, Neb., to Moores. 

Oct. 12, 1910 M.L.S., John D. Lawson, editor of the American 
Law Review, to Moores. Inquires whether Moores 
would be interested in having his address on 
Lincoln published in the American Law Review . 1 p. 
Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Lawson. 1 p. 
Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Truman H. Bartlett. 

1 p. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Lawson. 1 p. 
Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Munger. 1 p. 
T.L.S., Lawson to Moores. 1 p. 
T.N.S., Lawson to Moores. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Oscar A. Trippett, 
Los Angeles. 1 p. 
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(22 3 continued) 

Jan. — , 1911 

Jan. 16 


Jan. 17 

Jan. 17 

Jan. 18 

Jan. 18 

Jan. 19 

Jan. 19 


Jan. 21 











T.L.S., M. H. Stuart, Principal of The Manual 

Training High School, Indianapolis, to Moores. 1 p. 

(misdated by the writer as 1910, contents indicate 

1911 clearly) T.L.S., C. W. Hough, U.S. District 

Judge, New York, to Moores. 1 p. 

T.N.S., Geo. H. Smyser, New York, to Moores. 

T.N.S., John R. Bland, President of the U.S. Fidelity 

and Guarantee Co., Baltimore, to Moores. 

T.N.S., Frank R. Fisher, General Manager of Alliance 

Coal Co., Terre Haute, to Moores. 

T.L.S., Edward B. Merrill, Counsellor, New York, 

to Moores. 2 p. 

M.L.S., Henry Wade Rogers, Dean of Law School, Yale 

University, New Haven, to Moores. 2 p. 

T.L. , A. A. Thomas, of Thomas & Bronson, Law 

Offices, Dayton, Oh., to Moores. 1 p. 

T.L.S., Thomas Bates, of Bates, Harding, Edgerton 

& Bates, Attorneys, to Moores. 1 p. 

T.N.S., John W. Bunn, of Springfield Marine Bank, 

Springfield, 111., to Moores. 

M.L.S., S. A. Foley, Lincoln, 111., to Moores. 1 p. 

Carbon copy of Moores* typed reply to Rogers (Yale) 

1 p. 
M.L.S., Oliver C. Burpa [?] , New York, to Moores. 

2 p. 

M.L.S., on a card, Excemper [?] McComb, to Moores. 
T.N.S., Murray Seasongood, of Paxton, Earrington & 
Seasongood, Attorneys, Cincinnati, to Moores. 
T.L., A. A. Thomas to Moores. 1 p. 

M.L.S. , Truman H. Bartlett, Boston, to Moores. 1 p. 
Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Bartlett. 1 p. 
T.L.S., Daniel Wait Howe, Lawyer, Indianapolis, 
to Moores. 1 p. 

M.L.S., R. D. McDonald, Danville, 111., to Moores 
(apparently his cousin) 1 p. 

M.N.S., Charles M. Merrill, of the Bobbs-Merrill 
P\ibl. Co., Indianapolis, to Moores. 
T.L.S., John T. Richards, Attorney, Chicago, 
to Moores. 1 p. 

T.N.S., Blenett Lee, of the Illinois Central Rail- 
road Co., to Moores. 

T.L.S., W. T. Alden, of the Law Offices of Alden, 
Latham & Young, Chicago, to Moores. 1 p. 
M.L.S., Clara E. Laughlin, literary editor of The 
Continent , to Moores. 1 p. Includes observations 
about her own mode of writing. 

M.L.S., Gov. W. D. Hoard, Wisconsin, p\iblisher of 
Hoard' s Dairyman , to A. A. Thomas, concerning 
Lincoln and Moores' above Address, and other 
pioblications. 2 p. 

Jan. 28, 1911 M.N.S., John H. Baker, retired U.S. Judge, Citronelle, 
Ala., to Moores. 

Jan. 29, 1911 M.L.S., J. McCan Davis, Springfield, 111. to 
Moores. 1 p. 

Jan. 30, 1911 T.L.S., Hugh McLellan, of Dillon, McLellan & Deadel, 

Architects, New York, to Moores, 1 p. Mentions a col- 
lection of Lincolniana "of several thousand items" 
gathered by his father and by himself. 
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Jan. 23 

Jan. 2 3 

Jan. 23 

Jan. 25 

Jan. 26 

Jan. 26 

Jan. 27 









(223 continued) 

Jan. 30, 1911 

Jan. 31, 1911 

Jan. 31, 1911 
Jan. 31, 1911 

Feb, 2, 1911 

Feb. 2, 1911 

Feb. 4, 1911 

Feb. 6, 1911 

Feb. 8, 1911 
Feb. 11, 1911 

Feb. 14, 1911 

Feb. 25, 1911 

Feb. 25, 1911 

Mar. 14, 1911 

Mar. 18, 1911 

Mar. 25, 1911 

June 3, 1911 
June 3, 1911 
June 8, 1911 

June 8, 1911 

T.L., A. A. Thomas to Moores. Refers to Hoard's letter 
of Jan. 27, 1911, listed above. 1 p. It appears 
that Thomas sent Hoard's letter to Moores, thus 
establishing the first contact between Moores and 

M.L.S., Hoard to Moores. Mentions that he heard 
Lincoln speak at Freeport, 111., during the campaign 
against Douglas , and also at the Wisconsin State 
Fair. 1 p. 

T.N.S., Franklin S. Hoyt, of Houghton Mifflin, 
Boston, to Moores. 

M.L.S., William H. Lambert, of Mutual Life, Phila- 
delphia, to Moores. 1 p. Mentions his own col- 
lection of Lincolniana. 

Carbon copy of Moores* typed reply to Hoard who would 
like to obtain 100 copies of Moores' address. 1 p. 
Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Thomas who also 
wants a large number of copies. 1 p. 
T.L.S., F. A. Durban, Attorney for the Baltimore 
& Ohio Railroad Co., Zanesville, to Moores. 1 p. 
T.L. , A. A. Thomas reply to Moores' letter of 
Feb. 2. 1 p. Includes more information about 
W. D. Hoard. 
M.L.S., H. E. Hinchliff, Rockford, 111. to Moores. 

2 p. 

M.L.S., Hoard to Moores. 2 p. Concerns a recent 

address fcefore the Loyal Legion in Milwaukee, by 

Hon. G. W. Hazelton, on the nomination of Lincoln 

in 1860. 

Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Hoard. 1 p. 

Includes information about a possible reprint of 

his own address. 

T.N.S., George Buck, Principal, Shortridge High 

School, Indianapolis, to Moores. 

T.L.S., Chas. S. Swelt, Chicaco. to Moores. 1 p. 

Mentions his own collection of Lincolniana. 

M.L.S., Cara Dana Wusku [?] , Chicago, to Moores. 

3 p. 

T.L.S., Nathan L. MacChasing [? MacClunny??] , Chicago, 
to Moores. 1 p. Mentions his own collection of 

T.L.S., F.L. Siddons, of Ralston, Siddons & Richard- 
son, Attorneys, Washington, D.C. , to Moores. 1 p. 
Includes some information about Merrill Moores' (brother 
to Charles W.) political career (House) 
T.L.S., William H. Armstrong, President, Indiana 
State Normal Schools, to Moores. 1 p. 
Typed copy of W. D. Hoard's letter to A. A. Thomas, 
most likely a copy that Thomas made for Moores. 1 p. 
Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Hoard, with thanks 
for a copy of the latter 's address on Lincoln, 
delivered before the Loyal Legion, Milwaukee. See 
no. 133 in this catalogue. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to A. A. Thomas who 
alerted Jiim to Hoard's address. 

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(22 3 continued) 

June 17, 1911 T.L.S., Hoard to Moores. 1 p. 

July 7, 1911 T.L.S., J. Peasley, Attorney, Des Moines, to Moores. 

1 p. Includes some information about the 

Moores family. 
Jan. 17, 1912 M.N.S., on a postal card, W. M. House, Memorial 

School Board, Justice of the Peace, Minneapolis, 

to Moores. 
Jan. 19, 1912 T.L.S., Frank Lindley, of Lindley, Penwell & Lindley, 

Attorneys, Danville, 111., to Moores. 1 p. 
Feb. 16, 1912 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Truman H. Bartlett, 

concerning an article by the latter, "published in 

last week's issue of Harper ' s Weekly ". 1 p. 

M.N.S., W. M. House to Moores. 

Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to House. 1 p. 

M.L.S., House to Moores. 1 p. 

T.L.S., Enoch G. Hogate, Dean, Indiana University 

Law School, Bloomington, to Moores. 1 p. An 

invitation to deliever a lecture to the Law School 

on March 10, 1913. 
June 8, 1912 Carbon copy of Moores' reply to Hogate, accepting 

the offer to speak. 1 p. 

T.L.S., Harley T. Ristine, of Ristine & Ristine, 

Crawfordsville, Ind. , to Moores. 1 p. 

T.N.S., Anthony Gross, Lincoln collector, Arling- 
ton, N.J,, to Moores. 

T.L.S., Gross to Moores. 1 p. 

T.L.S., Wm. M'Coffin, U.S. Attorney for the Southern 

District of Ohio, to Moores. 1 p. 
Nov. 17, 1913 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Doctor Stott. 1 p. 

Includes information about the interviews which Moores 

conducted, mostly in the simimer of 1910, "with men 

who had served on [Lincoln's] juries, who had ... 

been examined by him ... who had been associated 

with him in the practice of law." 
Apr. 29, 1914 M.L.S., Albert H. Griffith, Fisk, Wis., to Moores. 

1 p. 
Feb. 26, 1923 T.L.S., J. Rogers Gore, Louisville, Ky. , to Moores. 

1 p. 

224. Moores, Charles W. 

Lincoln, addresses and letters ... 

New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: American Book Co., cl914. 

224 p. 17 cm. 

Mo. 2158. At head of title: Eclectic English Classics. 

Includes bibliography, p. 224. Inscribed in Moores' hand, in ink: 

"To Charles W. Moores with the editor's compliments, Indianapolis, 

May 9, 1914." Inscribed by the editor for his own library? 

With accompanying mss . material ; in chronological order: 

Jan. 9, 1913 T.L.S., M. L. Bell, General Attorney for Rock 

Island Lines, to Moores, in response to the latter' s 
inquiry about Richard P. Morgan to whom Lincoln 
had written in Feb. 1856. See letter on p. 64 in 
the above book. 

May 14, 1914 T.L. , W. T. H. Howe, of the American Book Co., to 

Moores, about 25 free copies of his book, and reduced 
terms for additional ones. 

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(224 continued) 

May 15, 1914 
May 20, 1914 

May 20, 1914 

May 20, 1914 
May 20, 1914 

May 20, 1914 

May 20, 1914 

May 20, 1914 

May 22, 1914 

May 22, 1914 

May 22, 1914 

May 22, 1914 
May 28, 1914 
May 29, 1914 

May 29, 1914 
June 1, 1914 

June 2, 1914 

June 10, 1914 

June 23, 1914 

July 31, 1914 

Feb. 19, 1917 

Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Howe. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Allen C. Brittenham, 

Chicago, concerning Lincoln's letter to the adres- 

see's father during the 1856 campaign. 1 p. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to H. F. Douglas, Jr., 

of the C. & A. Railroad Co., Chicago, concerning 

a former inquiry about Richard P. Morgan. 1 p. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to John G. Drennan, 

Chicago, again concerning Richard P. Morgan. 1 p- 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to W. H. Finley, of 

the C. & NW. Railroad Co. , Chicago, concerning 

Morgan. 1 p. 

T.L.S., A. A. Thomas, of Thomas & Bronson, Law 

Offices, Dayton, Oh. to Moores. Mentions variants 

of Lincoln's Farewell speech in Springfield. 2 p. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to William G. Wheeler, 

of the C. & NW. Railroad Co. , Chicago, concerning 

Morgan. 1 p. 

Carbon Copy of Moores' T.L. to H. E. R. Wood, of 

the C. & A. Railroad Co., Chicago, concerning 

Morgan. 1 p. 

T.L.S., E. H. Ratclift, Attorney, Natchez, Miss. 

to Moores. 1 p. 

T.L.S., Theodore Stein, Jr., German Fire Insurance 

Agency, Indianapolis, to Moores. 1 p. 

T.N.S., Silas H. Strawn, of the First National 

Bank, Chicago, to Moores. 

T.N.S., William G. Wheeler to Moores. 

W. H. Finley to Moores. 

M.L.S., Alexander Gilchrist, Vice President of the 

Old State National Bank, Evansville, Ind. , to 

Moores. 1 p. Includes story of an incident with 

Gen. McClellan, hitherto unpioblished , according 

to Gilchrist. 

Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Thomas 2 p. 

M.L.S., James A. Rohrbach, Dean of Indiana Law 

School, Indianapolis, to Moores. 1 p. 

T.L.S. , Ross A. Nance, Circuit Clerk and Recorder 

for Menard Co., 111., to Moores. 1 p. 

T.L.S. , Amos Whiteley, Muncie, Ind., to Moores. 1 p. 

States that he "knew personally and favorably 

Abraham Lincoln." 

T.L.S., W. W. Linengood [?] , of the American Book 

Co., to Moores. 2 p. Includes readers' comments on 

Moores' book. 

Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Messrs. Daniel K. Dodge 

and Clarence W. Alvord, University of Illinois at 

Urbana, in response to their request for unpublished 

Lincoln materials. 1 p. 

T.L.S., Tom Daly, of the Evening Ledger , Philadelphia, 

to Moores. 1 p. 


225. Moores, Charles W. 

A short life of Lincoln ..., with illustrations. 

Boston, New York, Chicaco: Houghton Mifflin, The Riverside Press, 

Cambridge, cl909. 

(Riverside Literature Series No. 185) 

[4] , 132 p. and 6 plates 17 cm. 

Also published imder titles: The life of Abraham Lincoln for 

boys and. girls; also: A short life of Lincoln, for boys and 

girls. All versions printed from the same plates, except for 

titles. Mo. 1822. 

With accompanying mss. material; in chronological order: 

Jan. 22, 1909 M.L.S., Addison G. Procter to Charles W. Moores, 1 p. 

Jan. 27, 1909 M.L.S., Fidelia Anderson to Moores. 2 p. 

Dec. 11, 1909 Thomas Wood Parry, Kansas City, to Moores. 2 p. 

Jan. 22, 1910 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Capt. John E. 

Cleland, Business Director of the Indianapolis School 

Board, concerning 40 copies of the book and Moores' 

wish that income from royalties should benefit the 

Teachers' Relief Fund. 
Jan. 22, 1910 M.L.S., Robert M. Miller, of Miller & Barnett, Attor- 
neys, Franklin, Ind. , to Moores. 1 p. 
Jan. 24, 1910 Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Miller. 1 p. 
Jan. 27, 1910 T.L.S., F. L. Reissner, Sec. to the Board of 

School Commissioners, to Moores. 
Feb. 18, 1910 M.L.S., H. R. Snyder, Vice President of The First 

National Bank, Petersburg, Ind., to Moores. 2 p. 
June 30, 1910 T.L.S., Albert S. Brandeis, General Solicitor for 

the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co., to 

Moores. 1 p. 
Sep. 19, 1910 M.L.S., Kurt N. Whiteford [?] , Rogers Park, 111., 

to "my dear cousin Charles"; includes information 

about the Moores family. 
Sep. 20, 1910 T.L.S., H. H. Watkins, of Bonham, Watkins & Allen, 

Attorneys, Anderson, S.C., to Moores. 1 p. 
Sep. 22, 1910 T.L.S., F. W. Lehmann, of Lehmann & Lehmann, 

Attorneys, St. Louis, to Moores. 1 p. 
Oct. 11, 1910 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Sister Mary Patricia, 

Convent of Notre Dame, Liverpool, England; he is 

offering his book for her shelf of Indiana authors 

in the Convent's library. 1 p. 
Oct. 26, 1910 M.L.S., Sister Mary Patricia's reply to Moores. 1 p. 

The sister had a brother in Indianapolis, John Price 

who may have alerted Moores to the Convent's library. 

T.L.S., Geo. H. Smyser, New York, to Moores. 1 p. 

M.L.S., Robert M. Miller to Moores (cf. Jan. 22, 1910) 

1 p. An invitation to give a talk in Franklin. 

Carbon copy of Moores' typed reply to Miller. 2 p. 

M.L.S., Miller to Moores. 1 p. 

M.L.S., Lillie J. Davis, Fairmount School, Hyde 

Park, Mass., to Moores. 2 p. 
Mar. 17, 1911 TLS., William Heilman, Grand Praetor, 4th Prov. , of 

Sigma Chi Fraternity, New Castle, Ind., to Moores. 
1 p. 
Mar. 22, 1911 M.L.S., Omar [?] Wilson, Paonia, Colo., to Moores. 5 p. 
Mar. 22, 1911 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Mr. Hoyt, of Houghton 

Mifflin Co., concerning the sale of his book by 
the Indiana Reading Circle, and the possibility 
of another printing. 1 p. 

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(225 continued) 

Apr. 1, 1912 Carbon copy of Moores' T.L. to Mr. J. Omwake, 
New York City. 1 p. 

Feb. 27, 1913 T.L.S., Charles A. Burnett, of Haywood & Burnett, 
Attorneys, Lafayette, Ind. , to Moores. 1 p. 

Apr. 16, 1913 M.L.S., Winifred F. Peabody, of Pitchbrug [?] , Mass., 
to Moores. 2 p. 

Apr. 5, 1917 T.L.S., William Frederic Bade, Professor for Old Testa- 
ment Literature at the Pacific School of Religion, 
Berkeley, Cal. , to Moores. 1 p. Includes reference 
to the "copy of the charming new letter of John Muir 
which you have discovered." 

226. Morgan, William J. 

"Torpedoes in the James ..." 

Detached from The Iron Worker , Lynchburg, Va. , Summer 1962, vol. 

XXVI, no. 30, p. 1-12 incl. illus. , and cover. 30 cm. 

An account of the operations of the Torpedo Bureau, established 

by the Confederate government in the fall of 1862. 

*227. Moses, Montrose J. 

"The Abraham Lincoln we love ..." 

Detached from The Independent , vol. 101, no. 3707, Jan. 31, 1920, 

p. 170-171, continued p. [187], incl. illus., and front cover. 30 cm. 

The cover for this number depicts Borglum's Lincoln statue in 

Newark, New Jersey. 

*228. Moses; or. The man who supposes himself to be Moses, no Moses 
at all. 

New York: American News Co., D. Edwards, 1866. 
24 p. 16 cm. 

Satyrical poem about Andrew Johnson, with numerous references 
to Lincoln's administration. 

*229. Motley, John Lathrop 

The causes of the American civil war ... 
New York: D. Appleton, 1861. 
24 p. 23 cm. 

*230. Mott, Edward Harold 

Lincoln, new birth of our new soil, the first American; a brief 
biographical sketch of Lincoln, fitting appreciations of his cha- 
racter, and a compilation of selections from his state papers, 
addresses and letters, designed to impress the rising generation ... 
Prepared under the direction of [the] Lincoln Centenary Committee 
of the City of New York . . . 
New York: M. B. Brown, printers, cl909. 
48 p. and port. 23 cm. 

*231. Mountaineer [pseud.?] 

The prospect; a view of politics, by Mountaineer. 

Buffalo: Rockwell & Baker, 1862. 

52 p. 22 cm. 

Addressed to Hon. William Claflin, chairman of the Republican State 

Committee of Massachusetts. 


*232. Nadal, E. S. 

"Abraham Lincoln: some recollections and comparisons ..." 
In The Outlook , New York, Feb. 9, 1916, p. 335-340. 25 cm 

*233. Narrative of privations and sufferings of United States officers 
and soldiers while prisoners of war in the hands of the rebel 
authorities, being the report of a Commission of Inquiry, appointed 
by the United States Sanitary Commission. With an appendix, 
containing the testimony. 

Philadelphia: Printed for the U.S. Sanitary Commission by King & 
Baird, 1864. 
283 p. 22 cm. 

*234. The National Guard . Vol. 2, no. 1, Camp Pennsylvania, Baltimore, 
Maryland, June 26, 1861. 
4 p. 2 3 cm, 

"Captain Harmanus Neff, editor. Wm. W. Mayberry & F. P. Donahoe, 
printers. " 

235 The National Lincoln Monument Association ... 

Washington, D.C. : New National Era, Sep. 1870. 

41, iii p. 22 cm. 

The Association was incorporated by Act of Congress, March 30, 

1867. Mo. 922. 

*236. The New gospel of peace according to St. Benjamin. 
New York: Sinclair Tousey, 1863. 
42 p. 19 cm. 
Political satire; anonymous. 

237. New Salem State Park 

Souvenir folder with fold-out picture, harmonica-style. Addressed 
to Dr. D. C. Durman, Saginaw, Mich., postmarked Lincoln's New 
Salem, Aug. 8, 1948; with one-cent stamp. 16 illus. 

2 38. Newkirk, Garrett 

Lincoln life sketches in verse and prose . . . 
New York: Duf field, 1920. 
[10] , 47 p. 20 cm. 
Verse; explanatory "Notes" in prose. Mo. 2473. 

2 39. Newman, Ralph G. 

Lincoln, what manner of man was he ... 

[n.p.]: W. W. Stewart, Publ., Inc., cl958. 

[16] p. incl. illus. 19 cm. 

"Published for GM men and women. Information rack service. General 

Motors personnel staff." 

240. Newton, Joseph Fort 

Abraham Lincoln, an essay ... 

Cedar Rapids, la.: The Torch Press, 1910. 

56, [1] p. and port. 15 cm. 

"An address made before the members of The State Historical Society 

of Iowa and the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, Iowa City, 

Iowa, March 25, 1910." Mo. 1941. 


241. Nicolay, John G. 

Abraham Lincoln ... 

Boston: Little, Brovm, 1882. 

21 p. 20 cm. 

Pencil note, in an unidentified hand, on t.-p. : "150 copies printed." 

However, Fish gives a limitation of 50 copies; he also states that 

the article was written for the 9th ed. of the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Mo. 986. 

*242. Notes on "Southern wealth and northern profit 
Philadelphia: G. Sherman, 1861. 
31 p. 23 cm. 

Thomas Prentice Kettell's "Southern wealth ..." was first published 
1860 by Wood sWood, New York. It was reprinted 1965 by the University 
of Alabama Press, with added material by Fletcher M. Green. 

*243. Nye, James W. 

Reconstruction; speech of the Hon. James Nye, of Nevada, in the 

Senate of the United States, January 24, 1868. 

[Washington, D.C.]: Printed at the Congressional Globe Office 


8 p. 24 cm. 

Caption title. 

244. Nyman, Lloyd G. 

Michigan and the Republican Convention of 1860 . . . 

Detroit, Mich.: [n.n.], April 1960. 

[1], 22, [1] leaves 28 cm. 

Mimeographed essay. Includes bibliography. 

245. Nyman, Lloyd G. 

Michigan and the Republican Convention of 1860. Congressional 
Record, House, May 18, 1960, p. 9846-9850. 28 cm. 
This section of the Congressional Record also contains ; 

1. Van Doren Stern, Philip. 

Cannons fired in joy as Lincoln nominated, p. 9850-9854. 

2. Nevins, Allan. 

Lincoln and democracy. Text of an address ... annual Lincoln 
dinner, Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C, Feb. 11, 1960. 
p. 9855-9858. 

3. Stepp, John W. 

The star story of the events leading up to the Civil War — The 
Repxiblican Convention of 1860. p. 9859-9860. 

4. Lincoln and Wisconsin [no author given] p. 9860-9863. 

5. Lincoln's farewell to Springfield friends, Feb. 11, 1861 at the 
railroad station as he left for Washington, p. 9863-9864. 

6. Smith, Arthur M. 

Lincoln and Michigan. p. 9843. 

246. Oakleaf, Joseph Benjamin 

Abraham Lincoln, his friendship for humanity and sacrifice for 

others. An address ... delivered at Augustana College, Rock Island, 

Illinois, by invitation of the faculty, February 12, 1909. 

Moline, 111.: Desaulniers, 1910. 

45 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores, Nov. 27, 1915. 

Mo. 1943. 


247. Oakleaf, Joseph Benjamin 

National Union Convention of 1864 and why Lincoln was not nominated 

by acclamation . . . 

Moline, 111.: Privately printed, Carlson Printing Co., 1924. 

11 p. 19 cm. 

Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores. Mo. 2724. 

*248. The Ohio Educational Monthly . Vol. 57, no. 12, Dec. 1908, 

Columbus, Oh., O. T. Corson, editor. 596 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 
"Lincoln Centennial Number." 

*249. Old Salem Chautauqua, Petersburg, Illinois. Thirteenth annual 
assembly, August 10-25, 1910. 
[n.p., n.n., 1910?] 
32 p. incl. illus. 22 cm. 

*250. Old Salem Chautauqua, at the early home of Abraham Lincoln, 

Petersburg, Illinois. Illustrated program of the twenty-fifth 

annual assembly. Home coming and Jubilee year, August 9th to 

23rd, 1923. 

[n.p., n.n., 1923?] 

32 p, incl. illus. 23 cm. 

Inscribed to Charles W. Moores by Arthur W. Hamilton. 

*251. On political economy; read and ponder, 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
9 p. 24 cm. 

Contents indicate that this piece was written after the outbreak 
of the civil war but before the Proclamation of Emancipation. 

252. The One hundredth anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. 

Issued by Francis G. Blair, Superintendent of Public Instruction, 

for the schools of Illinois. 

Springfield, 111.: Illinois State Journal Co., 1908. 

45 p. and illus. 23 cm. 

Includes selections from speeches by and about Lincoln; poems; 

facsimiles, &c. Mo. 1571. 

*253. "Our Lincoln Memorial." 

In: The Shield , a_ magazine for busy men. Vol. 13, no. 5, 
Indianapolis, Nov. -Dec. 1922, p. 4-9. 20 cm. 

*254. Owen, Robert Dale 

The future of the Northwest: in connection with the scheme of 

reconstruction without New England. Addressed to the people of 

Indiana . . . 

Philadelphia: Crissy & Markley, printers, 1863. 

15, [1] p. 22 cm. 

Cover title. At head of title: Printed for gratuitous distribution. 

Please circulate. 

*255. Papers read before the Lancaster County Historical Society, 

November 2, 1906: Dr. David Ramsay Sally Hastings, a literary 

grass widow. An early letter by Thaddeus Stevens. Three addresses 

by Hon. W. U. Hensel. Minutes of the November meeting. Vol. X, 

no. 10. 

Lancaster, Pa.: Reprinted from The New Era , 1906. 

48 p. incl. illus., and 2 plates 24 cm. 


*256. Pearce, James A. 

Writ of Habeas Corpus. Speech of Hon. James A. Pearce, of 

Maryland, in the Senate of the United States, July 30, 1861. 

[Washington: Government Printing Office, 1861?] 

7 p. 24 cm. 

Caption title. Printed in double columns. Unopened. 

Author's signed presentation copy. 

257. Peck, George R. 

Abraham Lincoln. A response at the annual banquet of the 
Marquette Club of Chicaco, on the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, 
February 12th, 1895 ... 
Chicaco: [n.n.] 1895. 
16 p. 23 cm. 
Mo. 1175. 

258, Peckham, Howard 

Rare letter on Lincoln given [William L. Clements] Library ... Re- 
printed from Michigan Alumnus Jan. 16, 1937, vol. XLIII, no. 12. 

[n.p., n.n., 1937?] 

[3] p. incl. facsims. 30 cm. 

Corporal James Tanner's shorthand letter to Henry F. Walch, 
dated April 17th, 1865. Tanner took shorthand notes during the 
interrogation of witnesses in the night of April 14-15, 1865, con- 
ducted by Secretary of War Stanton in the house where Lincoln 
died. Mo. 3585. 

*259. Pelleton, Eugene 

An address to King Cotton ...; translated [from the French] by 

Leander Starr . . . 

New York: H. de Mareil, 1863. 

19 cm. 23 cm. 

Cover title. The pamphlet denounces French support of slavery and 

secession as unworthy of the French Republic's libertarian 


*260. Pennell, Orrin Henry 

Religious views of Abraham Lincon, by Orrin Henry Pennell. 

Alliance, Oh.: R. M. Scranton Printing Co., 1899. 

52 p. incl. ports. 22 cm. 

Also : a variant copy, different paper and wrappers; wording on 

t.-p. : Religious views of Abraham Lincoln, compiled and published 

by ... This copy has 58 p. and includes different illus, 23 cm, 

*261. "Personal memories of Lincoln: I. President Lincoln's address 

at Gettysburg, by an eye-witness, Junius B. Remensnyder. II. Three 
pictures of Abraham Lincoln, by Lucy S. Bainbridge." 
Detached from The Outlook, Feb. 13, 1918 [unverified pencil 
information in margin] p, 243-244, 28 cm. 

*262 Phillips, Wendell 

The laws of the Commonwealth [of Massachusetts] — shall they be 

enforced? Speech ... before the Legislative Committee, February 

28, 1865. 

Boston: Wright & Potter, printers, 1865. 

15 p. 24 cm. 

In favor of temperance and liquor licensing. 


*263. Pike, Albert, and Robert W. Johnson 

To the President of the United States [a petition on behalf of 
Mrs. Scarrett, October 7, 1873] 
[n.p., n.n., 1873?] 
7 p. 22 cm. 

Interprets the Act to Grant Pensions, July 14, 1862, and the 
Joint Resolution of March 2 , 1867 , prohibiting pension payments 
to persons "not known to have been opposed to the rebellion." 

264. Portraits and sketches of the lives of all the candidates for 
the Presidency and Vice-Presidency for 1860. Comprising eight 
portraits engraved on steel, facts in the life of each, the four 
platforms, the Cincinnati platform, and the Constitution of the 
United States. 

New York: J. C. Buttre, 1860. 
32 p. and 8 ports. 23 cm. 
Disbound. Mo. 74. 

265. Portraits. Four prints from watercolor portraits: Abraham 
Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee. Artist 
or artists unidentified. In left bottom corner of each print: 

© C.S. Hammond & Co., 1961. Each print 22 x 16.5 cm. 

266. Pratt, Harry E. 

Dr. Anson G. Henry, Lincoln's physician and friend ... 

Harrogate, Tenn. : Dept. of Lincolniana, Lincoln Memorial 

University, 1944. 

24 p. incl. illus. 26 cm. 

Bibliographical notes: p. 22-24. 

267. Pratt, Harry E. , and Ernest E. East 

Mrs. Lincoln refurbishes the White House ... 

Harrogate, Tenn.: Dept. of Lincolniana, Lincoln Memorial 

University, 1945. 

12 p. incl. illus. 26 cm. 

Reprinted from the Lincoln Herald , Feb. 1945, vol. 47, no. 1; limited 

to 250 copies. 

*268. The Prayer of the Presidents; being Washington's "New- Year 

Aspiration", with Jefferson's plural pronouns, etc., and Adams' 

and Lincoln's accretions. From the manuscript of a minister 

of Lincoln's administration. 

Boston: Antique Book-Store, 1887, cl886. 

16 p. 14 cm. 

*269. Presentation and unveiling of the memorial tablets commemorating 
the Lincoln and Burns event, Nov. 19, 1863; held at . . . Gettys- 
burg, Pa., November 19th, 1914. Copyright, 1916, J. W. Johnson, 
Rochester, N.Y. Privately printed. Democrat and Chronicle Press. 
The contents of this booklet in great part from the Gettysburg Com- 
piler issue, November 28, 1914. 
46 p. incl. illus. 18 cm. 

270. The American Civil War. [A whole issue of the] Cleveland Plain 
Dealer , a pxiblication of the Education Service Department. 
Cleveland, Oh. [1961?] 
32 p. incl. illus. 38 p. 


271. Proceedings at the second and third annual meeting of the 

Lincoln Fellowship, held at Delmonico's, New York, Saturday, 

February 20th, 1909, and Saturday, February 12th, 1910. 

New York: The Lincoln Fellowship, 1910. 

56 p. and port. 25 cm. 

Includes personal anecdotes by Daniel E. Sickles, Charles W. 

McLellan, and others. Mo. 1929. 

*267. Procter, Addison G. 

A chapter of unwritten history. By the youngest delegate 

[Procter] to [the] Abraham Lincoln Convention of 1860. 

[n.p., n.n., n.d.] 

8 p. incl. ports. 23 cm. 

A promotional brochure to advertise a ready address by Procter. 

With accompanying mss . material ; in chronological order: 

Nov. 1, 1910 M.L.S., Procter to Charles W. Moores. 

Nov. 11, 1910 Carbon copy of Moores* T.L. to Procter. 

Nov. 12, 1910 M.L.S., Procter to Moores. 

Jan. 19, 1911 M.L.S., Procter to Moores. 

*273. Program of the celebration of Lincoln's birthday and 20th 

anniversary of Lincoln Memorial University, to be held February 
10, 11, 12, 1917. Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. 
Boston: Printed at The Chappie Press [1917?] 
15 p. incl. illus. 24 cm. 

*274. Prosecution of Franklin W. Smith by the United States Navy 
Department. Report of the Special Committee of the Boston 
Board of Trade, including the following papers: Memorials of 
Senators and Representatives from Massachusetts, in Congress, to 
the President of the United States; Testimony of merchants 
and manufacturers; Opinion of Hon. Charles Sumner on the case, to 
the President of the United States. 
Boston: Printed by John Wilson, 1865. 
61 p. 22 cm. 
Disbound; original printed wrappers present. 

*275. Radcliffe, Wallace 

"Twenty-five years in the National Capital, by Wallace Radcliffe, 

D.D., LL.D., Pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, 

Washington. " 

Detached from The Presbyterian Magazine , Oct. 1921, p. 575-578 

incl. ports. 28 cm. 

Includes paragraphs about Lincoln's church visits and the pew 

in which he sat; also Lyman W. Allen's poem, "The Lincoln pew." 

276. "The Rally at Kalamazoo." 

In: Chronicle , Historical Society of Michigan, vol. 1, Feb. 
1964, no. 2, p. 4-5 incl. illus. 22 cm. 

277. Rankin, Henry B. 

I. Our first American, Abraham Lincoln; an appeal to the citizens 
of our state and city. II. The Lincoln life-mask, with some 
comments and corrections on Leonard W. Volk's Century Magazine 
article ... [also the article in question] Reprinted from the 
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society , July 1915. 
32 p. and 2 ports. 24 cm. 
Mo. 2208. 


278. Rankin, J. E. 

Moses and Joshua. A discourse on the death of Abraham Lincoln, 

preached in the Winthrop Church, Charlestown, Wednesday noon, 

April 19, 1865 ... 

Boston: Press of Dakin and Metcalf [1865?] 

16 p. 23 cm. 

"Hart notes 700 copies." — Mo. 689. 

279. "Rare photos of Lincoln's exhimiation: Strange history brought 
to light." 

Detached from Life , Feb. 15, 1963, p. [83]-88 incl. illus., and 

front cover. 34 cm. 

Cover title: What happened to Lincoln's body. 

*280. Raymond, Henry Jarvis 

Disunion and slavery. A series of letters to Hon. W. L. Yancey, 

of Alabama, by Henry J. Raymond, of New York. 

[n.p., n.n., 1861?] 

36 p. 24 cm. 

Caption title. Printed in double columns. Disbound. 

Letters dated Nov. -Dec. 1860. 

281. Reeves, Robert N. 

Abraham Lincoln, his religion ... 

Chicago: H. L. Green [n.d.] 

8 p. incl. port. 22 cm. 

Caption title. A reply to the Ingersoll-Collis argument, 

attempting to demonstrate that Lincoln did not believe in a 

personal God. Mo. 1423 gives imprint date as [1903?] 

282. Reid, Whitelaw 
Abraham Lincoln ... 

London: Harrison & Son, printers, 1910. 

50, [2] p. 28 cm. 

At head of title: "University of Birmingham. 'Makers of 

History in the Nineteenth Century' [Conference] Closing address, 

December 7th, 1910." Cover title: "Abraham Lincoln, by the 

American Ambassador." Mo. 1949. 

Laid in: a printed card "With Mr. Reid's Compliments." 

*283. A Reply to Horace Binney's pamphlet on the Habeas Corpus. 
Philadelphia: [n.n.] 1862. 
40 p. 23 cm. 

Signed by early owner, 1862; author's name supplied in mss. ink, 
apparently in the same hand as the owner's name; both hitherto 
undeciphered. For Binney's pamphlet, see no. 43. 

284. The Republican platform. [Also:] Revised speech of Hon. E. G. 
Spaulding, of New York, delivered at Buffalo and Washington, at 
meetings held to ratify the nomination of Abraham Lincoln and 
Hannibal Hamlin . . . 
[n.p., n.n., I860?] 
8 p. 23 cm. 

Caption title. Printed in double columns. Disbound. 
Includes an extract from Lincoln's acceptance speech, and his 
letter to Dr. Theodor Canisius. Mo. 82. 


285. Rice, Wallace de Groot Cecil 

The Lincoln year book; axioms and aphorisms from the Great 

Emancipator . . . 

Chicago: A. C. McClurg Co., 1907. 

[104] p. incl. illus. 20 cm. 

A Lincoln quotation for every day in the year, and monthly 

mottoes. No sources. Mo. 1549. 

286. Richards, John T. 

Abraham Lincoln at the Bar of Illinois. An address delivered 

before the Chicago Bar Association, Thursday evening, February 

11, 1909 ... 

[n.p., n.n., 1909?] 

Cover title. Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores. 

Mo. 1855. 

287. Robertson, James I., Jr. 
The Civil War . . . 

Washington, D.C. : Civil War Centennial Commission, 1963. 
54 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

288. Rodenberg, William A. 

Abraham Lincoln. Address of the Hon. William A. Rodenberg, of 
Illinois, in the House of Representatives, February 12, 1916. 
Washington: Government Printing Office, 1916. 
4 p. 23 cm. 
Mo. 2267. 

*289. Rogers, Henry W. 

Henry W. Rogers on the rebellion. 

Buffalo: Clapp, Matthews & Waite's Steam Printing House, 1861. 

31 p. 23 cm. 

Disbound. Mounted on verso of t.-p. : Unidentified newspaper 

clipping, a letter from Mr. Rogers to Rochester Committee 

informing the committee that he will be unable to speak at a 

meeting; the letter is dated Oct. 5, 1853, Buffalo. Issue not 

ascertained. At the time of printing of the above pamphlet, 

Mr. Rogers was nominated for State Senator. 

290. Rusling, James F. 
Lincoln and Sickles. 

[n.p.]: Published by the "Third Army Corps Union"; for distribution 
to its members. May, 1910. 
17 p. 17 cm. 

Address of General Rusling at the 46th anniversary of the Third 
Army Corps, held at New York, May 5, 1910. All pages in single- 
rule red frame. Lincoln's port, on t.-p. Mo. 1954. 

291. Russell, L. E. 

Abraham Lincoln, a contribution toward a bibliography ... 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa: The Torch Press Book Shop, 1910. 
24 p. 17 cm. 
Mo. 1955. Paper edition. 


*292. St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England 

Memorial service, held on the burial day of John Hay, Secretary 

of State of the United States, Wednesday, July 5th, 1905. 

Moorfields, E.G.: Printed for ... St. Paul's Cathedral, by 

R. E. Thomas [1905] 

[10] p. 21 cm. 

Inscribed in ink, "To Chas. Moores from M. R. W. , London." 

*293. Saltmarsh, W. F. 

Two manuscript items relating to a Lincoln statue in Edinburgh, 

1. Carbon copy of Saltmarsh' s T.L. to Thos. Cook & Son, Edinburgh, 
dated Feb. 11, 1913. 1 p. An inquiry about a Lincoln statue 
on an Edinburgh cemetery which "a few years ago" had been shown 
to the writer by a Cook tour guide. 

2. T.L., Thos. Cook & Son, Edinburgh, to Saltmarsh, Wilmington, 
Del., dated Feb. 24, 1913. 2 p. An answer to the above in- 
quiry, with full description of the statue. The sculptor was 
George E. Bissell. 

294. Sarah Bush Lincoln, the beloved foster mother of Abraham Lincoln; 
a memorial. 

Elizabethtown, Ky. : Elizabethtown Woman's Club, cl922. 
[8] p. incl. facsim., and port. 24 cm. 

Cover title. Includes Louis Austin Warren's "Last Lincoln 
landmark"; and the affidavit of Squire H. Bush, Sarah Bush 
Lincoln's nephew. Mo. 2602. 

295. Schlueter, Herman 

Abraham Lincoln and the working class, by Herman Schleuter [sic] ... 
43 p. 13 cm. 
Mo. 2739. 

*296. Secession and coercion; the relation between the state and 

federal governments. To the Democrats of California the fol- 
lowing pages are dedicated, by one of the oldest and humblest 
of their Party. 
Sacramento: [n.n.] 1861. 
15 p. 23 cm. 

Tipped in: two unidentified newspaper clippings. 
T. Excerpt from an address by Alexander W. Bradford, delivered 

at Mamaroneck on July 4, on the subject of state sovereignty. 
2. Short article listing ten specific attempts to defy the 

authority of the federal government since its formation. 

*297. Selby, Paul 

Abraham Lincoln, the evolution of his emancipation policy. An 

address delivered before the Chicago Historical Society, February 

27, 1906 ... 

[Cicago?] : The Society, 1909. 

29 p. and front. 21 cm. 


*298. Services in commemoration of the one hundreth anniversary of 

the birth of Abraham Lincoln, arranged by Union and Confederate 

Veterans, under the auspices of O. M. Mitchel Post No. 1, Grand 

Army of the Republic. Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church South, 

Atlanta, Georgia, Sunday evening, February 14th, 1909. 

Atlanta: "Blue" and "Gray" Veterans, 1909. 

48 p. and 2 ports. 23 cm. 

At head of title: 1908 February 12th 1909. 

*299. Seward, William H. 

The irrepressible conflict. A speech ... delivered at Rochester, 
Monday, Oct. 25, 1858. [Also:] Negro slavery not unjust; a speech 
by Charles O' Conor at the Union meeting at the Academy of Music, 
New York City, Dec. 19, 1859. 
[New York?] : Offprint of the New York Tribiine [1859 or 1860] 

15 p. 23 cm. 

*300. Shaw, Elton Raymomd 

"The assassination of Abraham Lincoln; the hitherto unpublished 
accoiint of an eye-witness ..." 

Detached from an unidentified magazine, most likely pre-1940, 
p. 181-192 incl. illus. 25 cm. 

Pages 186-192 contain: "Our American cousin, by Clara E. Laughlin; 
illustrated with photographs." This is a history of Tom Taylor's 
play 'Our American cousin' up to the night of Lincoln's assassinat- 
ion during the nearly one thousandth performance of the play. 

*301. Shellabarger, Samuel 

Speech of Hon. Samuel Shellabarger, of Ohio, on the Habeas Corpus; 

delivered in the House of Representatives, May 12, 1862. 

Washington: Congressional Globe Office, 1862. 

14 p. 25 cm. 

Printed in doiible columns. 

*302. Sherman, John 

Speech, by the Hon. John Sherman, of Ohio, on emancipation as a 
compensation for military service rendered by slaves. Delivered 
in the Senate of the United States, February 2, 1864. 
Washington, D.C. : McGill & Witherow, 1864. 

16 p. 25 cm. 

Printed in double columns. 

*303. Sherwood, Robert E. 

The Playgoer , vol. 14, no. 8, Dec. 4, 1939, p. 13-26: Abe Lincoln 
in Illinois ... Cass Theatre [Program for the] week commencing 
Monday, Dec. 4, 1939 ... The Playwrights' Company; Maxwell Ander- 
son, S. N. Behrman, Sidney Howard, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, 
present Raymond Massey in the Pulitzer prize play of 1939. 
26 cm. 

Includes also the pre-view of "a new play — at the Cass, Dec. 31, 
'The man who killed Lincoln' by Elmer Harris." Compare with 
Mo. 3696. 


*304. Skinner, Otis 

"The last of John Wilkes Booth; the story of how Edwin Booth, 

in the dead of night, burned his brother's papers and costxames ..., 

with illustrations by J. C. Chase." 

Detached from American Magazine [n.d., no number or vol.] 

p. 73-77 incl. illus. 25 cm. 

305. Smith, Arthur M. 

Lincoln and Michigan. Address ... before the Joint Convention of 
the Michigan legislature, February 13, 1958. 
[n.p., n.n., 1958?] 
19p. 23 cm. 
Main title from caption; siib-title from cover. See also no. 245. 

306. Some Lincoln correspondence with Southern leaders before the 
outbreak of the Civil Warj from the collection of Judd Stewart. 
New York: [n.n.] cl909. 

19 p. 23 cm. 

Correspondence of Lincoln, Stephens, and Crittenden. Daniel 

Newhall, New York, gives edition limitation as 100 copies. Mo. 1874. 

*307. Spaulding, Elbridge Gerry 

Speech of Hon. E. G. Spaulding, of New York, delivered in the 
House of Representatives, January 28, 1862, on the finances, and 
the power of Congress to issue demand treasury notes and make 
them a legal tender in payment of debts . . . 
Washington, D.C.: Sammel & Co., printers, 1862. 
16 p. 23 cm. 

Caption title. Disbound. Included are 3 tables showing 
distribution of federal money. Last page: an extract from a 
letter by S. P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, to the House 
Ways and Means Committee, Jan. 29, 1862. 

308. Speed, James 

Address ... before the Society of the Loyal Legion, at Cincinnati, 

May 4, 1887, in response to the toast, Abraham Lincoln. 

Louisville: J. P. Morton, 1888. 

11 p. 22 cm. 

Includes an eulogy for Speed who died June 25, 1887. Mo. 1045. 

*309. Speed, Joshua F. 

Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln, and Notes of a visit to 

California. Two lectures ... With a sketch of his life. 

Louisville, Ky. : John P. Morton, 1884. 

67 p. 23 cm. 

With General Winfield S. Hancock's library label pasted in 

at front. 

*310. Spooner, Lysander 

No treason; no. 1 ... 

Boston: The author, 1867. 

14 p. 23 cm. 

At end, the author proposes further numbers to this topic. 


311. Starr, John William 

Lincoln as President, an oration ... 

Millersburg, Pa. : Privately printed, June 1910. 

10 p. 19 cm. 

Limited to 100 copies; this is no. 28. Inscribed by the author 

to Charles W. Moores, April 21, 1917. Mo. 1958. 

312. Starr, Thomas I. 

"Abraham Lincoln and the Detroit River ..." 

Detached from The Michigan Christian Advocate , Feb. 6, 1964, 

p. 4-5, continued p. 19, incl. illus. 28 cm. 

Laid in: "The Detroit River and Abraham Lincoln, by Thomas 

I. Starr." Bulletin of the Detroit Historical Society , vol. Ill, 

no. 5, Feb. 1947. This was the first printing of the article. 

Also ; an landated reprint from the Michigan Christian Advocate 


Starr attributes Lincoln's invention of a device for easing 

river boats over shoals, patent no. 6469, to Lincoln's observance 

of an incident that took place on the shore of Fighting Island in 

the Detroit River, just below Detroit, on September 29, 1848. 

313. Starr, Thomas I. 

The Greenly Collection; a recent gift of Lincolniana [to the 
William L. Clements Library] ... Reprinted from Michigan 
Alumnus Quarterly Review , July 26, 1941, vol. XLVJI, no. 24. 
[n.p. , n.n. , n.d. ] 
[318]-327 p. incl. facsims. 26 cm. 

*314. State sovereignty and the doctrine of coercion, by the Hon. 

Wm. D. Porter. Together with a letter from Hon. J. K. Paulding, 

former Sec. of Navy. [Also:] The Right to secede, by "States". 

Charleston, S.C.: Evans and Cogswells, steam-power presses, 


36 p. 23 cm. 

At head of title: "1860 Association. Tract. No. 2." At bottom 

of t.-p.: "Read and send to your Neighbor." Disbound. 

*315. Steell, Willis 

"Mrs. Abraham Lincoln and her friends ..." 

Detached from Munsey ' s Magazine [running title; n.d., no vol. or 

no., most likely pre- 1940] p. 617-623 incl. ports. 25 cm. 

*316. Stephens, Alexander H. 

Prophecy and fulfillment. Speech of A. H. Stephens (Vice-President 
of so-called Confederate States) in opposition to secession. Deliv- 
ered November 14, 1860. 

[New York?]: Loyal Publication Society [n.d.] 
45 p. 21 cm. 

The Society's Pamphlet no. 36. Includes also : Address of 
E. W. Gantt, of Arkansas (Brigadier-General in the Confederate 
Army) in favor of re-union in 1863. p. [23] -45. 
Disbound. Caption titles. 


317. Stern, Sara Messing (Mrs. Leon Stern) 

M.L.S., Mrs. Stern to Charles W. Moores, August 11, 1922. 2 p. 
Laid in by sender ; an unidentified newspaper clipping, "Lincoln 
statue~almost unknown. Rosemond Cemetery near Pana, 111. holds 
bronze figure ..." 

The Rosemond Cemetery statue was sculpted by Charles J. Mulligan; 
the donors were Capt. and Mrs. John W. Kitchell, of Pana. 

318. Stewart, T.D. 

An anthropologist looks at Lincoln . . . From the Smithsonian 
Report for 1952, Washington, D.C., pages 419-437, with 4 plates. 
Piiblication no. 4127. 

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1953. 
[2] , 419-437 p. and 4 plates 24 cm. 

The author of this offprint was Curator of the Division of 
Anthropology at the National Museum, Washington, D.C. 

*319. Stille, Charles J. 

How a free people conduct a long war; a chapter from English 

history . . . 

Philadelphia: Collins, printer, 1862. 

39 p. 23 cm. 

An attempt to draw parallels between English history and the 

issues surrounding the Civil War and Lincoln's administration. 

320. Stoddard, Richard Henry 

Abraham Lincoln, an Horation ode ... 
New York: Bunce & Huntington, 1865. 
12 p. and front. 20 cm. 
Mo. 752. 

321. Stoddard, William O. 

The table-talk of Abraham Lincoln, edited by William O. Stoddard, 
one of his private secretaries ... Illustrated by C. Moore-Smith. 
New York: F. A. Stokes Co., cl894, 
[4] , 154 p. and 3 plates 15 cm. 

T.-p. within decorative frame. Mostly excerpts from speeches 
and letters, rather than "table talk." Mo. 1153. 

322. Storrick, W. C. 

The battle of Gettysburg; the country, the contestants, the 

results ... 8th edition. 

Harrisburg, Pa.: J. Horace McFarland Co., 1947. 

80 p. incl. illus., maps 21 cm. 

"Storrick ... Retired Superintendent of Guides. For Twenty 

Years Connected With the Gettysburg National Park Commission." — t.-p. 

First pxiblished 1931. 

323. Storrs, Richard S. , Jr. 

An oration commemorative of President Abraham Lincoln; delivered 

at Brooklyn, N.Y. , June 1, 1865 ..., at the request of the War 

Fund Committee. 

Brooklyn: P\iblished by the Committee; "The Union" Steam Presses, 


5 p. 24 cm. 

Fish 907 gives edition limitation as 1,500 copies. Mo. 754. 


*324. Stradling, James M. 

"The tail of the army calls on Lincoln. An unpublished letter 

of a Quaker sergeant; with an introduction by Leigh Mitchell 

Hodges. " 

In: The Outlook , vol. 138, no. 7, Feb. 15, 1922, p. 256-258 incl . 

illus. 28 cm. 

Mo. 2606 lists a separately published version, printed in 535 

copies by The Riverside Press, 1922. 

*325. Sumner, Charles 

Our foreign relations: showing present perils from England and 
France; the nature and conditions of intervention by mediation; 
and also by recognition; the impossibility of any recognition of 
a new power with slavery as a cornerstone; and the wrongful conces- 
sion of ocean belligerence. Speech ... before the citizens of 
New York, at the Cooper Institute, September 10, 1863. 
Boston: Wright & Potter, 186 3. 
78 p. 23 cm. 

326. Sumner, Charles 

The promises of the Declaration of Independence. Eulogy on 

Abraham Lincoln, delivered before the municipal authorities 

of the City of Boston, June 1, 1865 ... 

Boston: Ticknor & Fields, 1865. 

61 p. 24 cm. 

"Hart notes 3,000 copies on 'poor paper'." — Mo. 756. 

327. Sumner, Guy Lynn 

Abraham Lincoln as a man among men ... 
New York; London: Harper, cl922. 
[10] , 31 p. and port. 19 cm. 

"The material in this little volume originally constituted an 
address before the Kiwanis Club of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on 
February 15, 1922." — preliminary p. [10] Mo. 2607 note. 

328. Sustain the government! — Stand by the President! 

Boston: Headquarters, Repiiblican State Committee, Oct. 14, 

7 p. 22 cm. 

An open letter "To the loyal men of Massachusetts." Mo. 163. 

329. Suthpen, Paul F. 

Abraham Lincoln, a sermon ..., February 1921, Church of the 
Covenant, Cleveland, 
[n.p., n.n., 1921?] 

8 p. 19 cm. 
Mo. 2532. 

330. Sweet, Forest H. 

Directory of collectors of books, autographs, prints and other 
historical material relating to Abraham Lincoln . . . 
Battle Creek, Mich.: Sweet, 1949. 
91 p. 15 cm. 

Includes the extent of individual collections, and each col- 
lector's special area of interest, i.e. photographs, maps, books, &c. 


*331. Tarbell, Ida M. 

"Back there in '58 ... With illustrations by Jay Hambidge." 
Detached from The American Magazine , vol. 65, no. 1, Nov. 1907, 
p. 3-15 incl. illus. 25 cm. 

*332. Tarbell, Ida M. 

"Father Abraham." 

In: The American Magazine , vol. 67, no. 4, Feb. 1909, 
p. 324-334 incl. illus. by Blendon Campbell. 25 cm. 
Mo. 1877 lists the book, published 1909 in New York by 
Moffat, Yard & Co. 

*333. Tarbell, Ida M. 

"He knew Lincoln ... With illustrations by Jay Hambidge." 
Detached from The American Magazine , vol. 63, no. 4, Feb. 1907, 
p. 338-348 incl. illus. 25 cm. 
Mo. 1556 lists several separate printings. 

334. This is Abraham Lincoln. 

Harrogate, Tenn. : Lincoln Memorial University [not before 

19 p. incl. ports. 23 cm. 

A brochure based on Frederick Hill Meserve's collection of 
Lincoln photographs and portraits. Text supplied by Meserve; fore- 
word by Carl Sandburg. All photoes are reproduced in postal stamp 
form, mounted in chronological order, with their respective 
Meserve numbers. 

*335. Thomas, Benjamin F. 

Vote for Judge B. F. Thomas. 

Boston: Printed by J.E. Farwell [1864?] 

4 p. 23 cm. 

Includes the Judge's letter of acceptance; he was nominated by 

the Committee of the People's Convention of the Seventh 

District [of Massachusetts] for Representative to the 38th 


*336. Tomes, Robert 

The great Civil War; a history of the late rebellion , . . Illus- 
trated by F.O. Darling, and other eminent artists. Complete in 
thirty- three parts, containing sixty-nine steel engravings. 
Part I. 

New York: Virtue & Yorston [n.d.] 

Last fold incomplete; text ends in mid-sentence on p. 64. How- 
ever, in complete original printed wrappers. 

337. Townsend, George Alfred 

The life, crime, and capture of John Wilkes Booth, with a full 

sketch of the conspiracy of which he was the leader, and the 

pursuit, trial, and execution of his accomplices ... 

New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1865. 

79 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 

An account of "trial and execution" which, according to 

Mo. 781, was published at the trial's commencement . May 18, 

1865. Disbound. 


*338. Trails and shrines of Abraham Lincoln. 

Decatur, 111.: Lincoln Memorial Piibl. Co., cl934. 
32 p. incl. illus. , map 21 cm. 
Cover title. 

339. The Trial of the assassins and conspirators at Washington, D.C. , 
May and June, 1865, for the murder of President Abraham Lincoln. 
Full of illustrative engravings . . . 

Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson, 1865. 

210 p. and 13 plates 24 cm. 

Printed in double columns. Mo. 784. At head of title: 

Complete and unabridged edition. — Containing the whole of 

the suppressed evidence. 

340. Truth, Sojourner 

Original photograph of a painting, with two negatives. Caption 
beneath photo: "President Lincoln showing Sojourner Truth the 
Bible presented him by the colored people of Baltimore. Exe- 
cutive Mansion, Washington, D.C, Oct. 29, 1864." 
Laid in: unidentified newspaper clipping, same phote; caption 
beneath the printed photo: "Abraham Lincoln and Sojourner 
Truth. The above is from a portrait destroyed in the Sanitariimi 
fire. Sojourner Truth is buried at Oak Hill cemetery." 
Also : original photograph, with two negatives, of Sojourner 
Truth's grave, most likely taken by Donald C. Durman. 

*341. Ulm, Aaron Hardy 

"Lincoln's silent son; the story of the great emancipator's 
only living child ..." 

Detached from Leslie's Weekly, vol. 134, no. 3458, Feb. 11, 1922, 
p. 184-185, continued p. 208-209, incl. illus., ports. 29 cm. 

*342. United States. 46th Congress, 2nd session. Senate, 
Report no. 200. 

In the Senate of the United States. February 3, 1880. Ordered 
to be printed. Mr. Burnside, from the Committee on Military 
Affairs, submitted the following report ... [concerning Mrs. 
Flora A. Darling's petition for restitution for bonds and papers 
allegedly taken from her on a f lag-of-truce boat during the 
Civil War; petition denied] 

6 p. 23 cm. 

Mrs. Darling was the wife of Edmund A. Darling, general in the 
Confederate Army, killed in battle in November, 1863, near 
Franklin, Tenn. 

343. United States. Sanitary Commission. New York Agency. 
To the President of the United States, July 21, 1862. 
[New York? n.n. , 1862] 

7 p. 2 3 cm. 

Caption title. The Commission's pamphlet no. 43. An open 
letter to the President, urging that new recruits and volunteers 
be distributed in regiments already formed and experienced, 
instead of being organized into new units. Mo. 158. 


*344. United States. Sanitary Commission. Philadelphia 

An appeal to the people of Pennsylvania for the sick and 
woxinded soldiers, 
[n.p., n.n., 1861?] 
40 p. 23 cm. 

Cover title. Includes the proposal to establish "A Commission 
of Inquiry and Advice in Respect of the Sanitary Interests of 
the United States Forces," with Lincoln's printed approval. 
Also an excerpt from a Sanitary Commission circular of Oct. 1, 
1861, with Lincoln's printed appeal to support the Commission's 
work. Gives great details about items needed, how they should be 
packed, labeled, &c. 

Laid in: a circular of 4 p. , by the Sanitary Commission; partly 
repetitious of the above pamphlet. 

345. Van Doren Stern, Philip 

Abraham Lincoln, a biography in pictures ... 

New York, N.Y. : Birk, cl960. 

15 p. incl. illus. 21 cm. 

"Published for GM men and women. Information rack service. 

General Motors personnel staff." 

346. Van Doren Stern, Philip 

"The man who killed Lincoln ..., photograph by Arnold Newman." 
Detached from Holiday , June 1954, p. [102]-103, continued p. 
122-129. 35 cm. 

*347. Vincent, Thomas M. 

Abraham Lincoln and Edwin M. Stanton . . . read at the stated 
meeting of January 6, 1892. 
[n.p., n.n., 1892?] 

At head of title: Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the 
United States. Commandery of the District of Columbia. War 
papers; 8, 

348. Walker, R. J. 

Letter of the Hon. R. J. Walker, in favor of the reelection of 
Abraham Lincoln, London, September 30, 1864. 
[n.p., n.n., 1864?] 
20 p. 22 cm. 
Caption title. Printed in double columns. Mo. 364. 

349. Wallace, Frances Todd 

Mrs. Frances Jane (Todd) Wallace describes Lincoln's wedding. 

Edited by Wayne C. Temple. Limited edition. 

Harrogate, Tenn. : Published for the members of the National 

Lincoln-Civil War Covincil [by] Lincoln Memorial University, 1960. 

12 p. 23 cm. 

"References": p. 11-12. Frances Jane Todd (Mrs. Wallace) was 

Mary Todd Lincoln's elder sister. 

350. Walton, Clyde C. , Jr. 

Twenty five books in the Bollinger Lincoln Collection. . . With a 

preface by Harry C. Lytle. 

Iowa City: Bollinger Libr. Found., State University of Iowa 

Libraries, 1952. 

25 p. 23 cm. 


351. Warren, Louis A. 

Address . . . before [the] Joint Convention of the Michigan 

Legislature, February 8, 1956. 

[n.p., n.n., 1956?] 

15 p. 23 cm. 

With a foreword by Louis C. Cramton, Representative from Lapeer 

County. Warren was Director of the Lincoln National Foundation. 

*352. Washington's Farewell address; The proclamation of Jackson 

against nullification; and The Declaration of Independence. Printed 

by order of the House of Representatives, Tuesday, March 11, 1862. 

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1862. 

30 p. 23 cm. 

An extra printing of 50,000 copies "for the use of the House." 

*353. Watterson, Henry 

Abraham Lincoln ..." 

Detached from Cosmopolitan Magazine , vol. 66, no. 4, March 1909, 

p. 363-364. 25 cm. 

Mainly personal recollections of a young reporter at Lincoln's 

first Inaugxiration. 

*354 Webster, Daniel 

"The Union not a compact. A speech ... on the Force Bill, in 
the United States Senate, February 16th, 1833 (in reply to 
John C. Calhoun) J and Jackson's Proclamation to South Carolina, 
in 1833." 

In : The Pulpit and Rostrum; sermons , orations , popular le ctures , 
Sc ; nos. 15-16, New York, Dec. 1, 1860, p. [53]-117. 20' cm. 

*355. Weik, Jesse W. 

"Abraham Lincoln: personal recollections ..." 

In: The Outlook , vol. 91, no. 7, Feb. 13, 1909, p. 345-348. 24 cm. 

This issue also contains an editorial about Lincoln, and a copy 

of the Gettysburg Address. 

356. Weik, Jesse W. 

T.L.S., Jesse W. Weik, Secretary, Indiana Lincoln Route Commission, 
to Charles W. Moores, dated Greencastle, Nov. 5, 1915. 1 p. 
Concerns "the grave of Abraham Lincoln's only sister, Sarah, 
who died in childbirth about two years before the family emigrated 
to Illinois in 1830." Includes also information about the grave 
of Sarah's husband, Aaron Grigsby. 

*357. Welles, Gideon 

"The diary of Gideon Welles, X: The death of Lincoln." 

Detached from an unidentified magazine, most likely pre-1940; vol. 

104, no. 5, p. 586-593. 25 cm. 

Caption title. Footnote: Copyright, 1909, by Edgar T. Welles. 

*358. Whipple, Wayne 

The little life of Lincoln, in short stories ... 

Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Book Store, W.K. Stewart Co., cl909. 

32 p. incl. illus. 16 cm. 

(This entry continued on next page) 


(358 continued) 

With accompanying mss. material ; 

M.L.S., Tarvin C. Grooms, Greencastle, Ind. , to Charles W. 

Moores, Indianapolis, Feb. 12, 1912, relating to a hitherto xinpub- 

lished Lincoln story by Wayne Whipple which appeared in The 

Christian Herald , Feb. 7, 1912. 

Also ; carbon copies of Moores' typed letters to Mr. Grooms, and 

to The Christian Herald , both dated Feb. 13, 1912. 

359. White, Horace 

The Lincoln and Douglas debates; an address before the Chicago 

Historical Society, February 17, 1914 ... 

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, cl914. 

32 p. and facsim. , ports. 25 cm. 

Mo. 2170. 

With accompanying mss. material ; 

T.L.S., H. T. Douglas, Jr. to Charles W. Moores, May 27, 1914; 

concerning a Southerner's (positive) attitude toward Lincoln. 

Also ; carbon copy of Moores' typed reply. May 29, 1914. 

360. Whitman, Walt 

Memories of President Lincoln ... 

New York: Little Leather Library Corp. [n.d.] 

127 p. 11 cm. 

Mo. 1327 gives imprint date as [1923?] 

*361. Wikoff, Henry 

A letter to Viscount Palmerston, K.G. , Prime Minister of 

England, on American slavery ... 

New York; Ross & Tousey, 1861. 

84 p. 23 cm. 


*362. Wilbur, Henry W. 

Friends with Lincoln in the White House; adapted from Nellie 
Blessing-Eyster 's story ... second edition. 
Philadelphia, Pa.; [n.n.] 1913. 
32 p. and front. 15 cm. 

353. Williams, Frederick D. 

Michigan soldiers in the Civil War ... 

Lansing: Michigan Historical Commission, 1960. 

vii, 43 p. incl. illus. 22 cm. 

At head of title; John M. Munson Michigan History Fund Pamphlet 

NTjmber 2. "Dr. Williams' article appeared originally in the 

March, 1960 issue of Michigan History ." 

*364. Williams, Talcott 

Lincoln the reader . . . , reprinted from The Review of Reviews . 

[n.p., n.n., before 1940] 

Uncut sheet folded to [6] pages, of which 2 contain ads. 

Page size 24 cm. 

Caption title. 


365. Wilson, William Bender 

A glimpse of the United States Military Telegraph Corps and 

of Abraham Lincoln . . . , read before the United Service Club 

of Philadelphia (by request) January 16, 1889. 

Holmesburg, Pa.: [n.n.] 1889 (Printed at Meyers, Harrisburg, Pa.) 

20 p. 23 cm. 

Mo. 1059. 

*366. Wilson, William Bender 

A leaf from the history of the rebellion. Sketches of 

events and persons . . . 

Philadelphia, Holmesbvurg: [n.n.] June 26, 1888. 

27 p. 23 cm. 

"William B. Wilson, a military telegrapher of the time." — t.p. 

367. Wing, Henry E. 

When Lincoln kissed me; a story of the Wilderness Campaign ... 

New York: Eaton & Mains; Cincinnati: Jennings & Graham, cl913. 

39 p. and port. 17 cm. 

First published in The Christian Advocate . 

"Rev. Henry E. Wing ... is a member of the New York East 

Conference ..." — Introduction, typesigned D.G.D. The title-page 

identifies the author as "formerly correspondent of the New York 

Tribune with the Army of the Potomac." Mo. 2118 lists also 

later printings. 

*368. Woodburn, James Albert 

The attitude of Thaddeus Stevens toward the conduct of the 
Civil War . . . , reprinted from American Historical Review, 
vol. 12, no. 3, April, 1907. 
[n.p., n.n., 1907?] 
[567]-583 p. 27 cm. 

From July 1861 to his death in 1869 Thaddeus Stevens was the 
leader of the House Republican majority, and he was an unmerci- 
ful advocate of Reconstruction policy toward the defeated South, 
contrary to Lincoln's expressed intentions. He was Chairman of the 
House Ways and Means Committee throughout the war. 

*369. Woodburn, James Albert 

Promotion of historical study in America following the Civil 

War . . . , reprinted from the Transactions of the Illinois State 

Historical Society for 1922. 

[n.p., n.n., 1922?] 

439-459 p. 26 cm. 

Inscribed by the author to Charles W. Moores. 

370. Woodbury, Augustus 

A sketch of the character of Abraham Lincoln; a discourse 
preached in the Westminster Church, Providence, R.I., Thursday, 
June 1 , 1865 . . . 
Providence: S. Rider, 1865. 

28 p. 20 cm. 

"Personal recollections of Lincoln in 1861." — Mo. 826. 


*371 Woodbury Drug Co. 

1860 Golden anniversary 1910. 50 years in one room ... Story 

of a store ... Danville, Illinois. 
[Danville? n.n. , 1910?] 
17 p. incl. illus. 23 cm. 
Caption title. 

Laid in: folded poster about prize winning ears of corn, in a 
Woodbury Drug Co. contest. Also : facsimile of a promotional letter. 

372. A Workingman's reason for the re-election of Abraham Lincoln, 
[n.p. , n.n. , 1864?] 
8 p. 22 cm. 
Caption title. Mo. 371. 

*373. The Writ of Habeas Corpus and Mr. Binney. 
[At end] Philadelphia: [n.n.] Feb. 1862. 
35 p. 21 cm. 

374. Youngson, William Wallace 

Abraham Lincoln, a majestic symphony; the man of ages. Delivered 
before the Optimist Clxob in the Multnomah Hotel, Portland, Oregon, 
Friday noon, February 11, 1944 at the Annual Lincoln Day 
Luncheon . . . 
[Portland? n.n., 1944] 
15 leaves 30 cm. 

Caption title. Mimeographed script for what appears to be a 
work for mixed chorus, with orchestra or organ, and single-voice 
prose narrative. 

Index of names and titles; by number 
Magazine titles iinderlined 


A.L. 1 

Abe Lincoln in Illinois 303 

Abraham Lincoln [by Hart, A.B.] 


[by Jayne, W. ] 146 

[by Nicolay, J.G.] 241 

[by Peck, G.R.] 257 

[by Reid, W. ] 282 

[by Rodenberg, W.A. ] 288 

[by Watterson, H.] 353 

[by Weik, J.W.] 355 

Abraham Lincoln, a biography in 

pictures 345 
Abraham Lincoln, a contribution 

toward a bibliography 290 
Abraham Lincoln, a majestic sym- 
phony 374 
Abraham Lincoln, a sermon 329 
Abraham Lincoln, a tribute 115 
Abraham Lincoln, address [by 

Hoard, W.D.] 133 

[by Lambert, W.H.] 165 

[by Lehman, F.W.] 170 

[by McKinley, W. ] 207 

Abraham Lincoln, an Horatian ode 

Abraham Lincoln and Edwin M. 

Stanton 347 
Abraham Lincoln and his last 

resting place 150 
Abraham Lincoln and Mary Owen 2 
Abraham Lincoln and Sojourner 

Truth 340 
Abraham Lincoln and the American 

ideal 28 
Abraham Lincoln and the Detroit 

River 312 
Abraham Lincoln and the working 

class 295 
Abraham Lincoln as a man among 

men 327 
Abraham Lincoln Association, 

Springfield, 111. 3 
Abraham Lincoln at the Bar of 

Illinois 286 
Abraham Lincoln, from his own 

words 18 
Abraham Lincoln, his book 174 
Abraham Lincoln, his friendship 

for himianity 246 
Abraham Lincoln, his religion 281 
Abraham Lincoln, in memoriam 4 

Abraham Lincoln, incidents in 
his life 215 

Abraham Lincoln, Kentucky moun- 
taineer 29 

Abraham Lincoln, lawyer 217 

Abraham Lincoln, oration [by 
Burnham, M. ] 58 

[by Burton, J.E.] 59 

Abraham Lincoln, some recollections 
and comparisons 232 

Abraham Lincoln, speech 68 

Abraham Lincoln still lives 152 

Abraham Lincoln, the evolution of 
his emancipation policy 297 

Abraham Lincoln, the man, the 
solution 77 

Abraham Lincoln, the young man 94 

Abraham Lincoln walks at midnight 
in Springfield Illinois 214 

Abraham Lincoln we love. The 227 

Abraham Lincoln's birthplace 217 

Abraham Lincoln's religion 172 

Abraham Lincoln's visit to Evans- 
ton 88 

Adams, George E. 5 

Address at Gettysburg, see Gettys- 
burg address 

Address at the consecration of the 
national cemetery at Gettys- 
burg [Everett] 106 

Address by Francis Lieber 173 

Address by the Union League of 
Philadelphia 6 

Address delivered at the dedication 
of the Lincoln Library 86 

Address of Abraham Lincoln deliver- 
ed the consecration of the nat- 
ional cemetery at Gettysburg 7 

Address of E.W. Gantt in favor of 
re-union 316 

Address of the Hon. Abraham 
Lincoln 175 

Address of the Southern and Western 
Liberty Convention, The 8 

Address on Abraham Lincoln [by 
Black, F.S.] 46 

[by Johnson, M.W.] 151 

Address on the occasion of a sword 
presentation 197 

Address to King Cotton, An 259 

Addresses of Gov. John A. Andrew, 
Edward Everett 9 


Addresses on the death of Hon. 

Edward D. Baker 10 
Addresses on the presentation of 

the sword of General Andrew 

Jackson 70 
Alden, W.T. 223 mss. 
Aley, Robert Judson 101 
Allen, Lyman W. 275 
Allen Pinkerton's unpublished 

story 11 
Alvord, Clarence W. 224 mss. 
American Bar Association 223 
American Civil War, The 270 
American Historical Association 

American History Leaflets 12-13 
American ideals of Lincoln 14 
American Law Review 223 mss. 
American Magazine 11,304,331-333 
Americanization Day in the Indiana 

public schools 14 
America's greatest unsolved 

murder 219 
Ames, Paul K. 213 
Among Friend s 2 3 
Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln, The 

Anderson, Fidelia 225 mss. 
Anderson, Maxwell 303 
Andersonville 209 
Andrew, John A. 9,15-16,112 
Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman 17 
Appeal in vindication of peace 

principles. An 197 
Anthropologist looks at Lincoln, 

An 318 
Appeal to patriotism. An 40 
Appeal to the people of Pennsyl- 
vania, An 344 
Appel, John W. 77 
Appleman, Roy Edgar 18 
Appleton ' s Magazine 178 
Apostate President, The 49 
Appomattox. McLean House 19 
Argosy 85 

Armstrong, William H. 223 mss. 
Army of the Potomac 367 
Arnold, I.N. 2 
Arnold, Samuel 42 
Art and Archaeology 20 
Articles of Confederation 13 
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 

Atkinson, Eleanor 21 
Attitude of Thaddeus Stevens, The 


Atzerodt, George A. 42 
Augustana College 246 
Authentick exposition of the 

"K.G.C." 22 
Authorities cited antagonistic 

to Binney's conclusions 145 
Autopsy of Abraham Lincoln 167 

Babcock, James F. 2 3 

Back there in '58 331 

Bacon, Henry 20 

Bade, William Frederic 225 mss. 

Badger, Henry C. 24 

Bainbridge, Lucy S. 261 

Baker, Edward D. 10 

Baker, John H. 223 mss. 

Baldwin, John B. 91 

Ball, Thomas, 112 

Ballarz, Frank W. 175 

Bancroft, George 25 

Banks, Nathaniel P. 112 

Banquet celebrating the 102nd 

anniversary 3 
Baptism of U.S. Grant 195 
Barker, H.E. 2,130-131,139-140, 

Barnard, George Grey 26 
Barnard's Lincoln 26 
Bartlett, Truman H. 223 mss. 
Barton, Fred B. 27 
Barton, Robert S. 27 
Barton, William E. 28-37,116 
Basler, Roy P. 38 
Bates , Edward 39 
Bates, Thomas 22 3 mss. 
Battle of Bull R\jn 75 
Battle of Gettysburg 118,322 
Battle of the giants. The 40 
Behrman, S.N. 303 
Bell, M.L. 224 mss. 
Berea College 29 
Bernard, Adolph 214 
Bernard, Kenneth A. 27 
Betts, Karl S. 119 
Beveridge, Albert J. 41 
Bigelow, Burton 152 
Bingham, John A. 42 
Binney, Horace 43,56,145,283,373 
Bishop, Richard E. 45 
Bishop, Jim 44 
Bissell, George E. 293 
Bixby, Mrs. 38 
Black, Frank S. 46 
Blacke, Louis Gaylord 47 
Blair, Francis G. 252 


Bland, John R. 223 mss. 
Blessing-Eyster , Nellie 362 
Board of School Commissioners, 

Indianapolis 225 mss. 
Bollinger Lincoln Collection 350 
Booth, Edwin 304 
Booth, John Wilkes 42,304,337 
Booth, Newton 48 
Boston Board of Trade 274 
Boston Evening Transcript 136 
Boy at Lincoln's feet, A 189 
Boyd, William 49 
Boyhood of Lincoln, The 217 
Bradford, Alexander W. 296 
Brainerd, Cephas 175 
Brandeis, Albert S. 225 mss. 
Brief analysis of Lincoln's 

character 130 
Bright, Sen. of Indiana 124 
British drama of Lincoln, A 50 
Brittenham, Allen C. 224 mss. 
Brooks, Noah 51 
Browning, O.H. 2 
Bryan, William Lowell 101 
Br yon, Thomas B. 52 
Buchanan, James 77,109 
Buchanan's administration on the 

eve of the rebellion 77 
Buck, George 223 mss. 
Buckingham, J.E., Sr. 53 
Bull Run Battle, see Battle of Bull 

Bullard, Frederick Lauriston 

Bullitt, John C. 56 
Bunn, John W. 57,223 mss. 
Burnett, Charles A. 225 mss. 
Burnham, M. 58 
Burpa, Oliver C. 22 3 mss. 
Burton, John E. 59-62,188,212 
Burton's want list 60 
Bush, Sarah, see Lincoln, Sarah Bush 
Bush, Squire H. 294 
Bust of Lincoln, The 100 
Butler, Benjamin F. 63 
Butler, Charles Henry 64 
Butler, Nicholas Murray 38 
Butts, J.T. 202 

C. Hennecke Co. 65 
Cabinet session, A 66 
Cadwalader , George 96 
Cambridgeport Parish 24 
Campbell, Blendon 332 
Canisius, Theodor 284 
Cannon, Joseph G. 67-68,135 
Cannons fired in joy 245 
Capture of the slave-ship "Cora", 

The 122 
Card and a correction, A 131 
Career of a country lawyer. The 

Carman, Louis D. 69 
Casper Daily Tribune 28 
Cass, Lewis 70 
Cass Thetre 303 
Causes of the American civil war. 

The 229 
Celebration of Lincoln's birthday 

Century Magazine 51,122,209,277 
Ceremonies at the unveiling of [a] 

monument to Herndon 214 
Chambrun, Charles Adolphe Pine ton, 

marquis de 72 
Chancellorsville campaign 74 
Channing, Edward 12-13 
Chapter of unwritten history, A 

Character and results of the war 53 
Charles E. Feinberg will speak on 

Abraham Lincoln 110 
Chase, S.O. 307 
Chicago Bar Association 286 
Chicago Daily News 36 
Chicago Historical Society 36, 

Chiperfield, Burnett M. 73 
Christian Herald 357 
Chronicle 276 
Chronological arrangement of the 

facts of the Chancellorsville 

campaign 74 
Civil government an ordinance of 

God 156 
Civil War, The 287 
Civil War medicine 75 
Claflin, William 231 
Clay, Oliver S. 76 
Claysonian-Lincoln memorial 76 
Cleland, John E. 225 mss. 
Cleveland Plain Dealer 270 
Cliosophic essays 77 
Coddington, David S. 78 


Coleman, William M. 79 

Collectors of books . . . relating 
to Abraham Lincoln 330 

Collis, Charles H.T. 80,281 

Colonel Baldwin's interview with 
Mr. Lincoln 91 

Commission of Inquiry and Advice 

in Respect of the Sanitary Inter- 
ests of the United States Forces, 
see United States. Sanitary 

Committee of One H\indred and Fifty 

Concklin, Roscoe 81 

Confederation Articles, see 
Articles of Confederation 

Constitution and presidential 
elections. The 81 

Continental Monthly 66 

Convention of 1860, see Repiiblican 
Convention of 1860 

Conversion of Abraham Lincoln, 
The 212 

Cooper, Peter 82 

Cooper Institute speech 175 

Cora [slave-ship] 122 

Corbett, Boston 85,346 

Corwin, Thomas 83 

Cosmopolitan Magazine 353 

Counsel assigned. The 17 

Cramton, Louis C. 351 

Crittenden, 306 

Crocker, Samuel L., Jr. 84 

Croy, Homer 85 

Cullom, Shelby M. 86 

Cunningham, J.O. 87 

Curry, J. Seymour 88 

Curtin, A.G. 89 

Curtis, Benjamin Robbins 90 

Dabney, R.L. 91 

Daly, Tom 224 mss. 

Dannett, Sylvia G.L. 92 

Darling, Edmund A. 342 

Darling, F.O. 336 

Darling, Flora A. 342 

Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion, Springfield Chapter 147 

Davis, J. McCan 93,174,223 mss. 

Davis, Jefferson 203 

Davis, Lillie J. 225 mss. 

Davis, Ozora S. 94 

Day, P.B. 95 

Day Lincoln was shot. The 44 

Death of Lincoln, The 357 

Debt and resources of the United 
States 102 

Declaration of Independence 352 
Defense of Lincoln's mother, A 212 
De Fontaine, F.J. 98 
Delaney, Alfred 106 
Detroit Historical Society 312 
Detroit News Sunday Pictorial 98 
Detroit Piiblic Library 2 3 
Detroit River and Abraham Lincoln, 

The 312 
Diary of Gideon Welles, The 357 
Directory of collectors 330 
Discourse delivered on the day of 

the funeral of President Lincoln 

Disunion and slavery 280 
Dodge, Daniel K. 224 mss. 
Dodge, Grenville M. 178,218 
Donahoe, F.P. 2 34 
Dondero, George A. 99 
Douglas, H.F., Jr. 224 mss. 
Douglas, H.T., Jr. 359 mss. 
Douglas, Stephen A. 52 
Douglass, Frederick 105 
Dr. Abraham Lincoln 69 
Dr. Anson G. Henry 266 
Drennan, John G. 224 mss. 
Drinkwater, John 50 
Duff, Nellie Browne 214 
Durban, F.A. 223 mss. 
Durkee, CD. 223 mss. 
Durman, Donald C. 27,119,148, 

Dwyer, James Francis 100 

Early letter by Thaddeus Stevens, An 

East, Ernest E. 267 
Eastman, Ralph M. 112 
Education of Abraham Lincoln, The 

Educator- Journal 101 
1860 Association Tracts 314 
1860 — Golden anniversary — 1910 371 
Eighth Kentucky Company C 195 
Elder, William 102 
Emancipation as a compensation for 

military service 302 
Emancipation Proclamation, see 

Proclamation of Emancipation 
Emerson, Ralph 104 
Emerson's personal recollections 

English, William H. 216 
Equality of all men before the law. 

The 105 
Ernestinoff, Alexander 141 


Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln 134 
Eulogy on President Lincoln 78 
Eulogy upon the character and ser- 
vices of Abraham Lincoln 84 
Event on which the great Civil 

War hinged. The 138 
Everett, Edward 9,106-107,112 
Evidence that Abraham Lincoln was 
not born in lawful wedlock. 
The 79 
Executive power 90 
Expulsion of Senator Bright, The 

Extracts from Lincoln's state 
papers 12 

Facts about the Civil War 108 
Faith of Abraham Lincoln, The 166 
Farewell speech to his Springfield 

friends 4,244 mss. 
Father Abraham 332 
Faulkner, T.C. 109 
Faulkner's History of the revolution 

in the southern states 109 
Feinberg, Charles E. 110 
Fell, Jesse W. 150 
Fifty years in one room 371 
Fighting Island 312 
Filson Club 34 
Fink, Lieutenant 197 
Finley, W.H. 224 mss. 
Firelands Pioneer Association, Nor- 

walk 87 
First Inaugural address 186 
First reading of the Emancipation 

Proclamation 217 
Fish, Daniel 223 mss. 
Fisher, Frank R. 223 mss. 
Fisk University 208 
Foley, S.A. 223 mss. 
Fonnan, Allan 111 
Forbes, Allan 112 
Force Bill 1833 354 
Ford, Clayton D. 201 
Fortenbaugh, Robert 113 
Fourth Annual Conference on Indiana 

History, Proceedings 161 
Fowler, H. Alfred 190 
Friends of the Library of Detroit 

Friends with Lincoln in the White 

House 362 
Future of the Northwest, The 254 

Galli, Stan 219 

Gantt, E.W. 316 

Gass, Lewis, see Cass, Lewis 

General Motors 239,345 

Gettysburg Address 4,7,46,61,106, 

Gettysburg Battle, see Battle of 

Gettysburg speech. The 61 
Gilchrist, Alexander 224 mss. 
Gipsin, Lawrence H. 114 
Glanzman, Louis 44,85 
Glimpse of the U.S. Telegraph 

Corps 365 
Golden Anniversary 46 
Gordon, Charles U. 207 
Graff, Ellis U. 14 
Graham, William J. 115 
Grand Army Hall and Memorial Assoc- 
iation of Illinois 116,146 
Grand Army of the Republic 58,216, 

Grant, Ulysses S. 68,192,196 
Gray, Ralph 117 
Great Civil War, The 336 
Great issues now before the country. 

The 107 
Greatness of Abraham Lincoln, The 

Greeley, Horace 121 
Green, Fletcher M. 242 
Greenly Collection, The 313 
Griffith, Albert H. 223 mss. 
Grigsby, Aaron 356 
Grigsby, Sarah Lincoln 356 
Grimm, Herbert L. 118 
Grimsly, Elizabeth Todd 176 
Grooms, Tarvin C. 358 mss. 
Gross, Anthony 223 mss. 
Guerin, Jules 20 
Guide for the observance of the 

Centennial of the Civil War 119 

Hall, A. Oakey 121 
Hall, Newman 120 
Hall, Wilburn 122 
Hambidge, Jay 11,21,331,333 
Hamilton, Arthur W. 250 
Hampton ' s Magazine 169 
Hanby, Alice L. Harper 123 
Hancock, Winfield S. 309 
Hanks , Lucy 36 

Hanks, Nancy, see Lincoln, Nancy 


Harding, Samuel Bannister 186 

Harned, William 8 

Harper' s Magazine 127 

Harris, Elmer 303 

Harris, Ira 124 

Hart, Albert Bushnell 12-13,125 

Hastings, Sally 255 

Haworth, Ira 126 

Hay, John 38,127,164,292 

Hazenton,G.W. 223 mss. 

He knew Lincoln 333 

Head, Jane Ramsay 35 

Head, Jesse 35 

Heartman's auction no. XIV 128 

Heighten, William 105 

Heilman, William 225 mss. 

Hennecke Co., see C. Hennecke Co. 

Henry, Anson G. 256 

Henry W. Rogers on the rebellion 

Hensel, W.U. 77,129,255 
Herald 188 
Herndon, William H. 41,130-131, 

Herold, David E. 42 
Hill, Frederick Trevor 40,132 
Hill, John Wesley 71 
Hinchliff, H.E. 223 mss. 
History of American abolitionism 

History of the revolution in the 

southern states 109 
Hoard, W.D. 133,223 mss. 
Hodges, Leigh Mitchell 324 
Hogate, Enoch G. 223 mss. 
Holcomb, J.I. 45 
Holiday 346 

Holland, Josiah Gilbert 134 
Homestead of Zbraham Lincoln 135 
Honest Abe and the little giant 

Hooker, Joseph 112,195 
Horace Greeley decently dissected 

Hough, C.W. 223 mss. 
Houghton Mifflin Co. 225 mss. 
House, W.M. 223 mss. 
House in which Abraham Lincoln 

died. The 136 
House Where Lincoln Died, The 204 
Houston, Sam 22 3 mss. 
How a free people conduct a long 

war 319 
How Abraham Lincoln became Presi- 
dent 93 
Howard, Sidney 303 

Howe, Daniel Wait 137 
Howe, W.T.H.' 224 mss. 
Hoxiw, Joseph 121 
Hoyt, Franklin S. 22 3 mss. 
Himian rights and King Andy 49 
Humble conqueror. The 24 
Hutchinson, J.R. 180 
Hutchison, A. P. 138 

Iglehart, John E. 123 
Illinois and Lincoln literature 

Illinois College, Jacksonville 30 
Illinois State Historical Society, 

Transaction 32 
In memoriam William Harrison Lam- 
bert 140 
Inaugural address, first, see 

First Inaugural address 
Inaugural address, second, see 

Second Inaugural address 
Independent 227 

Indiana Historical Commission 161 
Indiana Historical Society 103, 

Indiana Lincoln Route Commission 

Indiana Lincoln Union 45 
Indiana Reading Circle 225 mss. 
Indiana Society of the Sons of the 

American Revolution 216 
Indianapolis Orchestra 141 
Indianapolis Public Schools 181 
Influence of Illinois in the devel- 
opment of Abraham Lincoln, The 

Ingersoll, Robert G. 80,142,281 
Instruction for making muster-roll 

Iowa Historical Society, see 

State Historical Society of 

Iron Worker 226 

Irrepressible conflict. The 299 
Irwin, Benjamin F. 144 

Jackson, Andrew 70 
Jackson, Andrew. Proclamation to 
South Carolina, 1833 352,354 
Jackson, Tatlow 145 
JAMA 167-168 
Jayne, William 146-147 
Jenkins, Alan 148 


Jewitt, William Cornett 121 
John P. Munson Michigan History 

Fvmd 363 
Johnson, Andrew 49,149,228 
Johnson, Edward S. 150 
Johnson, Mordecai W. 151 
Johnson, Robert W. 263 
Jones, Edgar DeWitt 152 
Jones, Edward Smyth 153 
Jones, Katharine M. 92 
Jones, Richard Lloyd 40,154 
Jones, Thomas D. 155 
Junkin, George 146 

K.G.C. 22 

Kaine, John Langdon 157 

Keim, General 96 

Kelley, William D. 105 

Kentucky in the Civil War 158 

Kettell, Thomas Prentice 242 

Keyes, Mr. 7 

Kincaid, Robert L. 158-159,194 

King, Horatio W. 182 

King, Simeon W. 160 

Kiper, Roscoe 161 

Kirkpatrick, Thomas B. 162 

Kitchell, John W. 317 

Kiwanis Club of Scranton, Pa. 

Knapp, G.L. 163 
Knights of the Golden Circle 22 
Knox, William 4 
Krauskopf, Joseph 164 

Ladies ' Home Journal 21 

Lambert, William Harrison 140, 
165-166,223 mss. 

Lamon, 166 

Lancaster County Historical So- 
ciety 255 

Last Lincoln landmark 294 

Last of John Wilkes Booth, The 

Lattimer, John K. 167-168 

Laughlin, Clara E. 169,223 mss., 

Laws of the Commonwealth, The 262 

Lawson, John D. 223 mss. 

Lea, J. Henry 180 

Leaf from the history of the rebel- 
lion, A 366 

Lecture on Lincoln, A 142 

Lee, Blenett 223 mss. 

Lehmann, Frederick W. 170,225 mss. 

Leslie's Weekly 341 

Letcher, John 91 

Letter of Peter Cooper on slave 

emancipation 82 

Letter of the Hon. R.J. Walter 348 

Letter on American slavery 361 

Letter to her cousin Elizabeth 
Todd Grimsly, A 176 

Letter to Mrs. Bixby 38 

Letter to Viscount Palmerston, A 

Letters from Europe 171 

Levy, J. Leonard 172 

Lieber, Francis 173 

Life 279 

Life and eulogy of Daniel Webster, 
The 47 

Life and Labor 33 

Life, crime, and capture of John 
Wilkes Booth, The 337 

Life of Abraham Lincoln for boys 
and girls. The 225 

Lincoln, Abraham. Abraham Lincoln, 
his book 174 

. Address before the Washing- 

tonian Temperance Society 

. Annual message to Congress, 

Dec. 6, 1864 23 
Cooper institute speech 175 
Farewell speech to his Spring- 
field friends 4,224 mss., 
225 mss. 
First Inaugural address 186 

. Gettysburg address 4,7,46, 


. Letter to Jesse W. Fell 150 

. Letter to Mrs. Bixby 38 

. Letter to Theodor Casinius 


. Poems 220 

. Proclamation of Emancipation 


. Second Inaugural address 4 

. State papers 12 

Lincoln, Bathsheba 36 

Lincoln, Mary Todd 176,315,349 

Lincoln, Nancy Hanks 35,45,79,212 

Lincoln, Robert T. 7,177 

Lincoln, Sarah, see Grigsby, Sarah 

Lincoln, Sarah Bush 294 

Lincoln, Thomas 35,37 

Lincoln, Thomas B. 124 


Lincoln [by Knapp, G.L.] 163 
Lincoln, address [by Adams, G.E.] 

Lincoln, addresses and letters 224 
Lincoln and Booth, a chronicle 169 
Lincoln and the Burns event 269 
Lincoln and Darim, emancipators 

Lincoln and democracy 245 
Lincoln and Douglas debates , The 

Lincoln and Gettysburg 113 
Lincoln and labor 33 
Lincoln and Michigan 245,305 
Lincoln and prevention of war 194 
Lincoln and Sickles 290 
Lincoln and slavery 208 
Lincoln and the bridge case 179 
Lincoln and the modern world 221 
Lincoln and Wisconsin 245 
Lincoln as a politician 203 
Lincoln as his partner knew him 

Lincoln as President 311 
Lincoln Birthplace Memorial 180 
Lincoln Centenary, The 180 
Lincoln Centenary Committee of New 

York 230 
Lincoln Centennial, The 181 
Lincoln Centennial Association, 

Springfield, 111. 3 
Lincoln Centennial Banquet, Spring- 
field, 111. 64 
Lincoln-Civil War Council, see 

National Lincoln-Civil War Council 
Lincoln Club, Berlin 95 
Lincoln-Douglas debate 177,186,359 
Lincoln Farm Association 135,180 
Lincoln Fellowship 182-183,271 
Lincoln Fellowship of New York 140 
Lincoln Fellowship of Southern 

California 159 
Lincoln Group of Boston 27,55 
Lincoln Herald 38,148,158 
Lincoln heritage in the Cumberlands , 

The 159 
Lincoln ideals. The 184 
Lincoln inquiry. The 123 
Lincoln Library 86 
Lincoln life mask. The 65,277 
Lincoln life sketches 2 38 
Lincoln memorial address 73 
Lincoln Memorial Association, Kansas 

city 126 
Lincoln Memorial Meeting of the 

Church of the Covenant 64 

Lincoln Memorial University 71, 

Lincoln memorials 185 
Lincoln Museum, The 204 
Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. 

Lincoln, new birth of our new soil 

2 30 
Lincoln pew. The 275 
Lincoln prescribes for today 201 
Lincoln selections 186 
Lincoln Sesquicentennial 187 
Lincoln souvenir, A 188 
Lincoln State Park 45 
Lincoln the reader 364 
Lincoln they saw. The 189 
Lincoln, what manner of man was he 

Lincoln year book. The 285 
Lincolniana book plates 190 
Lincoln's birthday 1907 147 
Lincoln's body guard 199-200 
Lincoln's boyhood days in Indiana 

Lincoln's cases in the Illinois 

Supreme Court 22 3 
Lincoln's early manhood 217 
Lincoln's farewell to Springfield 

friends 245 
Lincolns in their old Kentucky home , 

The 34 
Lincoln's legacy of inspiration 132 
Lincoln's marriage 191 
Lincoln's masterpiece 211 
Lincoln's religion 192 
Lincoln's religious belief 144 
Lincoln's silent son 341 
Lincoln's treatment of General 

Grant 192 
Lincoln's wedding 349 
Lindley, Frank 223 mss. 
Lindsay, Vachel 214 
Lindstrom, Ralph G. 159,194 
Linengood [?] , W.W. 224 mss. 
Lippincott 163 
Literary Digest 50 
Literary genius of Abraham Lincoln, 

The 220 
Little life of Lincoln, The 358 
Living memorial to Lincoln, The 

Loewenthal, Caroline 172 
Lookout Mountain 195 
Lookout Valley 195 
Lorant, Stefan 196 
Love, Alfred H. 197 


Love story of Ann Ruthledge, The 

Loyal Legion, Cincinnati 308 
Loyal Legion, Milwaukee 133 
Loyal Legion of the United States , 

Military Order of the, see 

Military Order of the Loyal 

Loyal National League 173 
Loyal Publication Society 82 , 

Loyalty, what is it? 198 
Lytle, Harry C. 350 

M.R.W. 292 

McBride, Robert Wesley 199-200 

MacChasing [?] , Nathan L. 223 mss. 

McClellan, George B. 193,244 mss. 

McClelland, Stewart W. 201 

McClintock, John 201 

McClunny [?] , Nathan L. , see 

MacChasing [?] , Nathan L. 
McClure, Alexander K. 203 
McClure, StanleyW. 204 
M'Coffin, William 223 mss. 
McComb, Excemper 223 mss. 
McCook, Henry Christopher 205 
McCormick-Reaper case 104 
McDonald, R.W. 223 mss. 
McElroy, John 206 
McKinley, William 207 
McLean House, see 

Appomattox. McLean House 
McLellan, Charles W. 190,223 mss., 

McLellan, Hugh 22 3 mss. 
McMurdy, Robert 208 
MP 75 

Magazine of American History 111 
Makers of history in the 19th cen- 
tury 282 
Man who avenged Lincoln, The 85 
Man who killed Lincoln, The 303, 

Man who supposes himself to be 

Moses, The 228 
Man who married Lincoln's parents. 

The 35 
Manassas, Battle of, see Battle 

of Bull Run 
Mann, T.H. 209 
Mannering, Mitchell 210 
Maria Patricia, Sister 225 mss. 
Markens, Isaac 211 
Marquette Cliib of Chicago 257 

Marshall, Thomas R. 101 

Martin, James M. 212 

Mary Todd Lincoln Memorial 213 

Massachusetts, Legislature of 

Massey, Raymond 303 

Masters, Edgar Lee 214 

Masters, Hardin W. 214 

Mayberry, Wm.M. 2 34 

Meese, William A. 215 

Memorial address on the life and 
character of Abraham Lincoln 25 

Memorial discourse on the character 
of Abraham Lincoln, A 95 

Memorial of the Indiana Society of 
the Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion 216 

Memorial service . . . John Hay 292 

Memories of Abraham Lincoln 160 

Memories of Lincoln 155 

Memories of President Lincoln 360 

Mentor 125 

Mentor Association, Inc. 217 

Mentor Course, The 217 

Merrill, Charles W. 223 mss. 

Merrill, Edward B. 223 mss. 

Merryman, John 96 

Meserve, Frederick Hill 334 

Meserve Collection 334 

Message of A.G. Curtin 89 

Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review 

Michigan and the Repioblican Con- 
vention of 1860 244-245 

Michigan Christian Advocate 312 

Michigan soldiers in the Civil War 

Middlesex Club, Boston 68 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion, 
District of Columbia Commandery 

, Pennsylvania Commandery 205, 


Millard, Joseph 219 

Miller, Marion Mills 220 

Miller, Robert M. 225 mss. 

Milton, George Fort 221 
Minniq, Donald I. 27 
Mississippi Valley Historical 

Association 240 
Mississippi Valley Historical 

Review 114 
Modtibolt [pseud.?] 222 
Moores, Charles W. 14,20,31,40,60, 


Moores, Merrill 71 

Moore-Smith, C. 321 

Morgan, Richard P. 224 mss. 

Morgan, William J. 226 

Moses 228 

Moses, Montrose J. 227 

Moses and Joshua 278 

Motley, John Lathrop 229 

Mott, Edward Harold 2 30 

Mountaineer [pseud.?] 231 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Emerson's personal 
recollections 104 

Mrs. Abraham Lincoln and her 
friends 315 

Mrs. Frances (Todd) Wallace des- 
cribes Lincoln's wedding 349 

Mrs. Lincoln refurbishes the 
White House 267 

Mudd, Richard 148 

Mudd, Samuel A. 42 

Muir, John 225 mss. 

Mulligan, Charles J. 317 

Munger, Thomas C. 223 mss. 

Munsell, Oliver S. 80 

Munsey's Magazine 315 

Nadal, E.S. 232 

Nance, Ross A. 224 mss. 

Nancy Hanks Lincoln Memorial, The 

Narrative of privations and suf- 
ferings 2 33 

National Geographic Magazine 117 

National Guard 234 

National Lincoln-Civil War Coiincil 

National Lincoln Monument Associa- 
tion, The 235 

National Lincoln Mon\ament, Spring- 
field, 111. 150 

National Union Convention of 1864 

Neff, Hermanus 2 34 

Negro slavery not unjust 299 

Nevins, Allan 245 

New Bluebook 44 

New England ancestry of Abraham 
Lincoln, The 54 

New England Magazine 43 

New Era 255 

New gospel of peace. The 236 

New Salem State Park 237 

New story of Lincoln's assassination, 
A 157 

New York Avenue Presbyterian 
Church, Washington 275 

New York Times 97,132 

Newkirk, Garrett 189,238 

Newman, Arnold 346 

Newman, John 196 

Newman, Ralph G. 2 39 

Newton, Joseph Fort 240 

Nicholson, John P. 218 

Nicolay, John G. 241 

No treason 310 

Noble Lincoln fragment, A 2 3 

North in 1860, The 137 

Northwestern Christian Advocate 160 

Notes of a visit to California 309 

Notes on ' Southern wealth and 
northern profits' 242 

Nott, Charles W. 175 

Nye, James W. 243 

Nyman, Lloyd G. 244-245 

O! it is great for our country 

to die 106 
O.M. Mitchel Post No. 1 298 
Oakleaf, Joseph Benjamin 190, 

O' Conor, Charles 299 
Ode to Lincoln 141 
Oh! why should the spirit of mortal 

be proud? 4 
Ohio Educational Monthly 248 
Ohio Volunteer Cavalry 199-200 
O'Laughlin, Michael 42 
Old Salem Chautauqua 249-250 
Old theories upset 36 
Oldroyd Lincoln Memorial Collection 

Oldroyd, Osborn H. 220 
Omwake, J. 225 mss. 
On political economy 251 
On the finances , and the power of 

Congress to issue demand 

treasury notes 307 
One hundredth anniversary. The 252 
Optimist Cl;ib, Portland, Oregon 

Oration commemorative of President 

Abraham Lincoln, An 32 3 
Oration delivered in the City of 

Stockton 48 
Ordinances of secession 109 
Original Lincoln proclamation 

burned 62 
Other statues of Boston 112 


Ottawa debate 40 
Our American cousin 300 
Our first American 277 
Our foreign relations 325 
Our leader 64 
Our Lincoln Memorial 253 
Our women in the Sixties 92 
Ourdo, Joseph 141 
Outlook 189,232,261,324,355 


Owen , Mary 

Owen, Robert Dale 

Palimpsest 179 

Papers read before the Lancaster 
County Historical Society 255 

Parents of Lincoln, The 40 

Parry, Thomas Wood 225 mss. 

Paulding, J.K. 314 

Payne, Frank Owen 20 

Payne, Lewis 42 

Peabody, Winifred F. 225 mss. 

Pearce, James A. 256 

Peasley, J. 223 mss. 

Peck, George R. 257 

Peckham, Howard 258 

Pelleton, Eugene 259 

Pennell, Orrin Henry 260 

Pennsylvania State Bar Associa- 
tion 129 

People's Convention of the 7th Cong. 
Dist. of Massachusetts 335 

Percival, James G. 106 

Personal memories of Lincoln 261 

Personal recollections of Mr. Lin- 
coln 72 

Personal recollections of President 
Abraham Lincoln 218 

Phillips, Wendell 105,262 

Photographs of Lookout Mountain and 
Lookout Valley 195 

Pike, Albert 263 

Pinkerton, Allen 11 

Pioneer 87 

Pitcher, John 12 3 

Playgoer 303 

Playwrights' Company 303 

Poets' Lincoln, The 220 

Political revolution of 1860, The 

Porter, William D. 314 

Portraits and sketches of the lives 
of all the candidates 264 

Portraits of Lincoln, Grant, Davis, 
and Lee 264 

Pratt, Harry E. 266-267 
Prayer of the Presidents, The 268 
Presbyterian Magazine 275 
Presentation and unveiling of the 

memorial tablets 268 
President Abraham Lincoln 217 
President Lincoln's address at 

Gettysburg 261 

President Lincoln's unlucky pass 

Price, John 225 mss. 
Principia College of Liberal Arts 

Pritchett, Henry 57 
Privileges of the Writ of Habeas 

Corpus under the Constitution 

43, 56 
Proceedings at the 2nd and 3rd 

annual meeting of the Lincoln 

Fellowship 271 
Proceedings at the 4th annual 

meeting of the Lincoln Fellow- 
ship 182 
Proclamation of Emanciaption 

Proclamation to South Carolina 1833 

Procter, Addison G. 116,225 mss., 

Program of the celebration of 

Lincoln's birthday 1917 273 
Promises of the Declaration of 

Independence, The 326 
Promotion of historical study 370 
Prophecy and fulfillment 316 
Prosecution of Franklin W. Smith 

Prospect, The 231 
Pulpit and Rostrum 354 

Ramsay, David 255 

Radcliffe, Wallace 275 

Rally at Kalamazoo, The 276 

Rankin, Henry B. 277 

Rankin, J.E. 278 

Ransom Post No. 131 58 

Rare letter on Lincoln 258 

Rare photos of Lincoln's exhumation 

Ratclift, E.H. 224 mss. 
Raymond, Henry Jarvis 280 
Real Lincoln, The 41 
Rebellion Record 171 


Reconstruction 243 

Reeves, Robert N. 281 

Raid, Whitelaw 282 

Reissner, F.L. 225 mss. 

Religion of Abraham Lincon, The 

Religious views of Abraham Lin- 
coln 260 

Remensnyder, Jiinius B. 261 

Reminiscences about Abraham Lin- 
coln 126 

Reminiscences and souvenirs of the 
assassination of Abraham Lin- 
coln 53 

Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln 

Remsburg, J.E. 130 

Reply to Horace Binney's pamphlet, 
A 283 

Republic of North America, The 

Repiiblican Convention of 1860 

Republican platform. The 284 

Review of Mr. Binney's pamphlet 

Rice, Elmer 303 

Rice, Wallace de Groot Cecil 285 

Richards, Geo. W. 77 

Richards, John T. 22 3 mss., 286 

Riddle, Francis A. 146 

Right to secede. The 314 

Ristine, Harley T. 223 mss. 

Robert S. Barton memorial 27 

Rogers, Henry Wade 22 3 mss. 

Robertson, James I., Jr. 287 

Rochester Committee 289 

Rodenberg, William A. 288 

Rogers, Henry W. 289 

Rohrbach, James A. 224 mss. 

Roper's Rock 195 

Rosemond Cemetery statue 317 

Roy, Paul R. 118 

Rusling, James F. 290 

Russell, L.E. 291 

Ruthledge, Ann 21,30 

Ruthledge, David 30 

Sad story of Nancy Hanks, The 77 

Sally Hastings , a literary grass 
widow 255 

Saltmarsh, W.F. 293 

Sandburg, Carl 148,334 

Sanitary Commission, see 

United States. Sanitary Commis- 

Sarah Bush Lincoln, the beloved 

foster mother 294 
Sayre College 213 
Scarrett, Mrs. 263 
Schleuter, Herman, see 

Schlueter, Herman 
Schlueter, Herman 295 
Scribner ' s Monthly 199 
Seasongood, Murray 22 3 mss. 
Secession and coercion 296 
Second Inaugural address 4,186 
Selby, Paul 297 
Sentinel 62 
Sermon on the assassination of 

Abraham Lincoln, A 120 
Services in commemoration of the 

100th anniversary 298 
Seward, William H. 299 
Shaw, Elton Raymond 300 
Shellabarger, Samuel 301 
Sherman, John 302 
Sherwood, Robert E. 303 
Shield , a magazine for busy men 

Short life of Lincoln, A 225 
Sickles, Daniel E. 80,182,271,290 
Siddons, F.L. 223 mss. 
Sketch of the character of Abraham 

Lincoln, A 370 
Skinner, Otis 304 
Smith, Arthur M. 245,305 
Smith, Franklin W. 274 
Smyser, George H. 223 mss., 

225 mss. 
Snorr, Mrs. 65 
Snyder, H.R. 225 mss. 
Society of Indiana Pioneers 161 
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, 

Indianapolis 216 
Some characteristics of Abraham 

Lincoln 205 
Some Lincoln correspondence with 

Southern leaders 306 
Some recollections of Abraham 

Lincoln 87 
Sons of the American Revolution 216 
Soul growth of Abraham Lincoln 206 
South Congregational Church, New 

Britain 94 
Southern and Western Liberty Con- 
vention 8 
Southern Historical Society Papers 

Southern Indiana Historical Society, 

Proceedings 123 
Southern wealth and northern profits 



Southwestern Indiana Historical 

Society 123 
Souvenir of Lincoln's birthplace 

Spangler, Edward 42 
Spaulding, Elbridge Gerry 284,307 
Speech by Robert T. Lincoln 177 
Speech of Hon. Samuel Shella- 

barger 301 
Speech of Hon. Thomas Corwin 82 
Speed, James 308 
Speed, Joshua F. 309 
Spooner, Lysander 310 
St. Benjamin 236 
St. Paul's Cathedral, London 292 
Stabbing of Lincoln's Secretary 

of State, The 168 
Star story of the events leading 

up to the Civil War 245 
Starr, John William 311 
Starr, Leander 259 
Starr, Thomas I. 148,312-313 
State Historical Society of Iowa 

State of the Union 83 
State sovereignty and the doctrine 

of coercion 314 
"States" [pseud.] 314 
Statesmanship of President 

Johnson, The 114 
Stearns, George L. 105 
Steell, Willis 315 
Stein, Theodore, Jr. 224 mss. 
Stephen A. Douglas on the cause and 

effect of the rebellion 52 
Stephens, Alexander H. 99,306,316 
Stephens, John A. 99 
Stepp, John W. 245 
Stern, Philip van Doren, see 

Van Doren Stern, Philip 
Stern, Sara Messing 317 
Stevens, Thaddeus 129,225,368 
Stewart, Judd 190,306 
Stewart, T.D. 318 
Stille, Charles J. 319 
Stoddard, Richard Henry 320 
Stoddard, William 0. 321 
Stone, Dr. 167 
Storrick, W.C. 322 
Storrs, Richard S., Jr. 323 
Stott, Dr. 223 mss. 
Stradling, James M. 324 
Strawn, Silas H. 224 mss. 
Stuart, M.H. 22 3 mss. 
Sumner, Charles 112,274,325-326 
Sumner, Guy Lynn 327 

Sunday discourses by Krauskopf 164 
Surratt, Mary E. 42 
Surrey Chapel , London 120 
Suspension of the Writ of Habeas 

Corpus 39 
Sustain the government! 328 
Suthpen, Paul F. 329 
Sweet, Forest H. 330 
Swelt, Charles S. 223 mss. 
Sylvan cabin. The 153 

Table-talk of Abraham Lincoln, 

The 321 
Taft, Charles P. 26 
Taft, William Howard 26,46 
Tail of the army calls on Lincoln, 

The 324 
Tanner, James 258 
Tanney, Chief Justice 96 
Tarbell, Ida M. 11,40,331-333 
Taunton, City of 84 
Taylor, Tom 300 
Temple, Wayne Calhoun 349 
Temple of the Reform Congregation 

Keneseth Israel, Philadelphia 

Thaddeus Stevens as a country 

lawyer 129 
Thayer, William Roscoe 127 
Third Army Corps Union 283 
This is Abraham Lincoln 334 
Thomas, A. A. 223 mss., 224 mss. 
Thomas, Benjamin F. 9,335 
Thomas, Benjamin P. 194 
Thomas Cook & Son, Edinburgh 293 
Thomas I. Starr, courageous Lin- 
coln scholar 148 
Three addresses by Hon. W.U. Hensel 

Three pictures of Abraham Lincoln 

To the loyal men of Massachusetts 

To the President of the United 

States 263,343 
Today ' s best thought 31 
Todd, Elizabeth, s ee Grimsly, 

Elizabeth Todd 
Todd, Frances Jane, see Wallace, 

Frances Todd 
Todd, Mary, see Lincoln, Mary Todd 
Tomes, Robert 336 
Torpedo Bureau 226 
Torpedoes in the James 226 
Townsend, George Alfred 337 


Tracy, Gilbert A. 203 

Trails and shrines 338 

Trial of the assassins and conspi- 
rators. The 339 

Trial of the conspirators for the 
assassination of Abraham Lin- 
coln 42 

Trippett, Oscar A. 22 3 mss. 

True , the Man's Magazine 219 

Truth, Sojourner 340 

Twenty five books in the Bollinger 
Lincoln Collection 350 

Twenty-five years in the national 
capital 275 

Two Congressmen 99 

Ulm, Aaron Hardy 341 
Ulysses S. Grant, the modest, 

courageous man 68 
Union League of Philadelphia 

Union Light Guard 199-200 
Union not a compact. The 354 
United Service Clvib of Philadelphia 

United States Intelligencer, The 

United States. Sanitary Commission 

University of Birmingham, Eng. 282 
Unveiling and consecration of the 

John Hay Memorial Window 164 

Vacation tour through Lincoln Land 

Van Doren Stern, Philip 245,345- 

Vincent, Thomas M. 347 
Voice of a true democrat. The 149 
Volk, Leonard W. 277 
Vote for Judge B.F. Thomas 335 

W. , M.R. 292 
Walch, Henry F. 258 
Walker, R.J. 348 
Walker, Julia Fried 101 
Wallace, Frances Todd 191,349 
Wallis, G.B. 189 
Walton, Clyde C. , Jr. 350 
War Fund Committee 323 
Warren, Louis Austin 294,351 
Was "Abe" Lincoln a gentleman? 55 
Washington, George. Farewell 
address 352 

Washington in Lincoln's time 51 
Washingtonian Temperance Society 

Washington's Farewell address 352 
Watkins, H.H. 225 mss. 
Watson, Edward L. 212 
Watterson, Henry 353 
Webster, Daniel 47,354 
Weed, Thurlow 121 
Weik, Jesse W. 11,41,355-356 
Welles, Edgar T. 357 
Welles, Gideon 357 
What happened to Lincoln's body 

What I saw of Lincoln 178 
Wheeler, William G. 224 mss. 
When Lincoln kissed me 367 
Whipple, Wayne 358 
White, Charles T. 177 
White, Horace 359 
Whiteford [?] , Kurt N. 225 mss. 
Whiteley, Amos 224 mss. 
Whitman, Walt 110,360 
Who wrote the "Letter to Mrs. 

Bixby"? 38 
Wikoff, Henry 361 
Wilbur, Henry W. 362 
Wilderness Campaign 367 
William H. Herndon 214 
William L. Clements Library 258, 

Williams, Frederick D. 363 
Williams, Talcott 364 
Wilson, James G. 182 
Wilson, Omar [?] 225 mss. 
Wilson, Rufus Rockwell 155 
Wilson, William Bender 365-366 
Wing, Henry E. 367 
Winthrop, Robert C. 9 
With Lincoln at the White House 

Wood, H.E.R. 224 mss. 
Woodburn, James Albert 368-370 
Woodbury, Augustus 370 
Woodbury Drug Co. 371 
Workingman's reason for the re- 
election of Abraham Lincoln, A 

Wright, Elizur 105 
Writ of Habeas Corpus 39,43,56,96, 

Wusku [?] , Cara Dana 223 mss. 

Yancey, W.L. 280 
Yankee in Andersonville, A 209 
Young Men's Republican Union 175 
Youngson, William Wallace 374 

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