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It is necessary to give some account of tliese Pedigrees, whieli I was 
asked to edit for the Harleian Sociel3-. They are the lifeh?ng work of 
Mr. Arthur Staunton Larken, Eichniond Ilerakl, wlio died 1 April 18S9. 
Genealogy had always had a sli-oug fuicinntion for him, and his taste 
■was shared by his brother-in-law "William John, Gth I-ord !Moiison, who 
in 1S28 had married his sister. 

Both visited many parishes in Lincolnshire and made extracts from 
the parish registers; in fact the nucleus of these Pet-iigrees is in the 
library of Burton Hall. 

Lord Monson had the useful gift of being al'le, after reading a will 
over a few times, to reproduce the chief substance in writing— a most 
useful gift in days when the slightest attempt to make notes of a will at 
Doctors' Commons was at once detected by vigilant officials, and when no 
Department of Literary Inc|uiry existed. 

After the death of Lord Monson in 18G3, Mr. Larkeii added largely 
to the list of pedigrees. He regularly "visited" Lincolnshire, making 
his headquarters at the larger country towns, and searching the paiish 
registers in the neighbourhood. 

The result is a large number of note-books filled with extracts of 
births, deaths, and marriages. He also, on the establishment of the 
Literarj- Inquiry Department at Somerset House, made copious abstrui.ts 
of an immense number of wills. 

On his appointment as Portcullis Pursuivant in 1S78 he had, of 
conrse, enlarged facilities of search in the rich stores of the College of 
Arms. His previous labours now boi-o fruit. Ho was able to clothe, so 
to speak, the skeleton pedigrees with flesh by means of his parish register 
extracts and abstracts of wills. These Pedigrees are the result. The 
originals are now the property of the College of Arms, having been 
bought at Mr. Larken's death. 

Some time previonsly, llo^vever, lie had ontortained the idea of priiitin^j 
tbem, and in 1874 a serious atleuipt was made. A large lunaber of 
subscribers jjroniised subscriptions to the amount, so far as I remember, 
of uearly .€800. 

lu writing to me about tbat time be mentions bis rfbietanee to yi\u 
to tbe world what be did not consider was quite as perfect as be wisbrd, 
but be was persuaded to publisb wliat, after all, wnuM br a m>>»i valualile 
geuealogical work, oveu, to use bis own pbrase, " witb all its imperfections 
on its bead." He writes tbat bis cbildren are bus}- copying out tbe 
pedigrees for tbe printer. 

Tbe wbole of letter A and nearly all B was printed, and then tbe 
undertaking collapsed for reasons wbicb I need not enter into. It was 
a great disappointment to bim and bis friends, but tbe remaining years 
of his life were devoted to making tbe pedigrees more perfect. This 
copy, made for publication, came at last into tbe possession of Dr. George 
William ifarsball. Rouge Croi.x, who has most kiiully allowed tbe 
Harleian Society to it. 

I must now, as Editor, say a few words about this copy which 
T undertook to edit. As I have said, letters A and B were in type, and 
copies of tbe pedigrees were sold to people who bad a personal interest in 
tbem. Tbe rest of tbe collection remained in manuscript, copied out in 
various bands. 

In dealing with A and B I found it necessary to condense a good 
deal. Pedigrees bad been drawn out to an inordinate length b}' giving 
tbe descents from heiresses, even when they had passed into other 
counties. A good deal of some of the pedigrees was simply what could 
be read in tbe "Peerage" and "Landed Gentry," and I stmck it out, 
since tbe object of tbe Harleian Society is to print and publish what has 
hitherto been in manuscript. It would be a waste of time and money to 
print what could be found in books of reference within eveiy one's reach. 

But a far gieater difficulty lay in tbe handwriting. Mr. Larken wrote 
a beautiful band, and those pedigrees which be wrote out himself needed 
no correction. Not so with those copied by his children. There are four 
or five different kinds of writing, and it would puzzle any one to say which 
is tha worst. Tbe evil becomes a very serious one when dates are in 
question, and I found very soon that it was a constant matter of 
perplexity to decide whether a figure was 8, or 3, or 5. 

Tbe names of places in Lincolnshire I could, with tbe aid of a 
gazetteer and my own local knowledge, generally guess pretty accurately, 
but tbe names of places in other counties were continually stumbling- 
block'!. I have spent hours poring over maps to see if I could possibly 


itk'iitify a place wliicli in the straiiLTo iKUKlwritiiii^r was a perfect problem. 
I very soon found that a personal visit to every parish rcLtister in the 
county would be necessary if absolute accuracy were denr.nulcil, and this 
of course was out of the question; and althouL;h Dr. Marshall ami 
Mr. Everard Grei'u w.'re most kiml iu supplyiui,' information when 
I sought it, it was impossible to trespass unmercifully on their kindness, 
as I should have to have done had I appealed to them in every ditKculty. 
I have therefore to plead that though numerous errors may be detected 
in these Pedigrees, I had no fair transcrijit to work upon, but v.uious 
specimens of childish, uiifoiuied handwriting. 

I was comforted, however, on finding iu three instances that 
Mr. Larken's extracts from registers were singularly accurate. The 
registers of Great Grimsby and Horncastle are iu print, and on comparing 
some of the extracts with them I was glad to iind hardly a single mistake. 
The Eev. R. E. Cole, Rector of Doddington, who has made copious 
extracts fi-om the Swinderby Register, has found also Mr. Larken's 
extracts relating to the Disney family quite correct. 

But the badness of the handwriting landed me in another ditticulty. 
It was strongly impressed upon nie that. there must be as few corrections 
as possible iu the proofs, as they had to be paid for, and if not kept 
within bounds would seriously increase the cost of publication. There 
was only one way of solving the difhculty. I tried the experiment of 
sending cue of the eoj^ied pedigrees with emendatiuus of my own, and 
the result was a large number of necessary corrections. Obviously, then, 
it only remained for me to rewrite the worst-written pedigrees from 
begnining to end if I wished to ensure freedom from errors. But this 
has seriously impeded me and delayed the publication of the Volume. 
I am just sending letter G to the printer; out of thirty-seven pedigrees 
I liave completely rewritten thirty-three. Members of the Harleian 
Society who may have been disposed to comjjlain of the slowness with 
which this First Volume has been brought out, ought to remember this 

I have taken the liberty, besides condensing and altering, of introduc- 
ing some pedigrees which were not in Mr. Larken's collection. I trust 
the Harleian Society will not think this unnecessary. The title of the 
Volume is "Lincolnshire Pedigrees," and JMr. Larken's list was not an 
exhaustive one. I may quote the Cheney pedigree as an instance in 

During a residence in Lincoln of twenty-eight ye.irs I have had ample 
opportunities of searching tin; Lincoln Probite OtHce Wills, and have 
rcade abstracts of more than 3000. 1 have printed two volumes of them. 


Out of tbcse, with tlio ai<l uf paiisli i>-istois ami the Transoiiiits in the 
Bishops' Registry and other materials, I ha%e been able to put together 
many pedigrees, which, for want of a better word, I will call Familur 
^fino)■llm Gentium. I cannot think these out of place. Let it be granted 
that they do uc>t figure in the Heraldic Visitations; Imt surely genealogy 
does not stop at the year IGGG, when the last Visitation of this connty 
was attempted. After all, the families who appeared in the Visitation of 
1631- were many of them in the ranks of the yeomanry in the preceding 
century; why, then, should yeoman families of the latter part vi the 
seventeenth century be excluded who became " gentle " and " ainiigtreus " 
in the eighteenth V I need not dwell on the fact that some of the 
non-visitation families were of the oldest standing in the county. Take 
for instance the Codd family. I have examined an enormous number of 
their wills, and it is interesting to mark how almost invariably the 
testators in early times were living in two parishes side by side in the 
north of the county — Harpswell and Hemswell — never rising above the 
rank of well-to-do yeiimen : giving a Mayor to Lincoln iji 1500; later on 
spreading over adjacent parishes; planting a branch in County ]Meath 
iu Ireland in the seventeenth century ; finally in the eighteenth becoming 
gentry. The Brownes of Corringham found no place in Mr. Larken's list, 
and it was the fortunate circumstance of discovering an old chest of 
" useless papers " in a lawyer's oliice that enabled me to give the pedigree. 
The Andrews, Gace, Greathed, Mottram, and other families, all possessing 
landed estates in the seventeenth centnry, would have had to be excluded 
had the rule of admitting none but "Visitation families" been rigidly 

I have said that I have omitted a great deal of what was already 
in print, but it was very difficult to be perfectly consistent. Where was 
the line to be drawn '? I decided that those pedigrees which were printed 
in the " Genealogist " and the " Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica " 
need not be reprinted, as they practically incorporated iL-. Larken's work ; 
but there were several which, though they had been to a large extent 
printed, yet had been greatly improved by Mr. Larken's extracts from 
parish registers. These I thought it better to print. Tlien, again, 
though some had indeed been printed, yet the books in which they were 
to be found were often of limited circulation. The question aro,-,e, then, 
whether it would not be better to reprint them. 

Lodge's " History of Scrivelsby " in its second edition contains a 
full pedigree of the Dymoke family, largely supplied by Mr. Larken's 
collections. I was doubtful whether to reprint it. But in the case of 
Burke's "Peerage and Baronetage" and his " L urle 1 Gentry" there 


coxild I'o no (loiilif, as these books are witbin the rtacb of every one wbo 
•wisbes to consult them. 

The Disnej' pedigree is very fully given in YoUinie II. of the 
« Yit^itations of Essex." prinle.] hy the Harleiaii Society, but Ih: Larken 
bail greatly improved it by his eojiioiis e.xtraefs from the S\viii<leiby and 
other ivgistcrs, so I did not omit it. On the other baud, the Cu^^t 
pedigree has been so elaborately ^vorlvcd out by Lady Elizabeth in 
her "Records of the Cust Family " that it seemed useless to re-\vrite it. 

I may now briefly state the principal sources from which these 
pedigrees -were compiled. Of course, the framework of most of them is 
to be found in the great Lincolnshire Visitation of 1631 in the College of 
Arms, MS. C. 23. Two previous Visitations in 1502 and 1592 had been 
held, and these were published in the " Genealogist " many years ago, 
and leprintcd under the editorship of Tslr. C. Metcalfe in ISSl and 1SS2. 
The last Visitation of Lincolnshire was held in 1G06. This also is in the 
College of Arms, MS. D. 23. 

Mr. Larken, having access to all four Visitations, had a splendid 
groundwork ready to hand, but this alone would have been insufficient. 
. Every genealogist knows how untrustworthy Visitation pedigrees often 
are; how frequently it is discovered that a man in producing his pedigree 
for the iuspection of the Heralds forgot his near kindred, and even in 
some cases misnamed them. 

Mr. Larken, with his amjile stores of abstracts of wills, post-mortem 
inquisitions, and cxtiacts from parish registers, was enabled to correct 
mistakes and fill up what had before been a meagre outline. 

The changes through which the leading Lincolnshire families passed 
between 1582 and IGGC are very great. The fifteenth century, with its 
terrible civil war, had indeed broken up the old feudal nobility, and the 
merchants of the Staple, under the patronage of Edward IV. and 
Henry VII., had come to the front when the sixteenth century began ; 
but the reign of Elizabeth \-as peculiarly favourable to the development 
of trade and commerce, and it is impossible not to note the rise of 
families hitherto unknown into the ranks of country gentry. A glance at 
the Visitation of 1502 and another at that of 1634 will illustrate my 
meaning. The number of gentlemen who came forward to shew their 
pedigrees in 1631 is enormously in excess of those in 1562. Other causes 
contributed. The suppression of the monasteries had thrown a vast 
amount of land into the market, and there were plenty of gentlemen 
ready to purchase on easy terms, and plenty of yeomen and merchants 
who had grown rich and were anxious to place their money in the only 
availa ble invest ment — land. 



Had tlie Visitntion of 166G been cordially ■welcoimd, it would have 
lieen oxircmoly interesting to Lave marked the influx of new faniilics, for 
the convuK-^ion of the Civil "War had wrought almost as great a change as 
the Wars of the Rosrs and the Supiarssioii of t]u> Monasteries had 
done. ParliaineiitarJaii familiL'S. wlio had houglit up tli.' .-stales of tlicir 
impoverished Royalist neighbours and then made agretuient with their 
adversaries by joining ^\ith them in restoring the iNloiiare'hy, came out 
of the struggle with increased rent-rolls and a corresiionding increase of 
social status. But a Heraldic Visitation was felt to be an anachronism 
after the Commonwealth. Knight service and other relics of feudalism 
had been abolished. Comparatively few families attended at the 
summons of Bysshe, Clarencieux King-at-Arms, and very few of these 
represented old historic names. The Visitation was a failure. 

Froiu 1G66 to the end of the eighteeuth century is, of course, a blank 
as regards genealogy, but the Lists of Sheriffs for the county to some 
extent reveal the stead}' rise of new families. Thus the Brownes of 
Saltfleetby, who had been simply yeomen in tlie early part of the 
seventeenth century, had a Sheriff in their family in 1G70, and another in 
16 98. 

Ilenry Andl•e^^s, who was Sheriff in 1728, belonged to a. famil}- that 
had hardly emerged from the yeomanry. Coney Tminard, Sheriff in 
1737, was a solicitor. St. John Wells, Sheriff in 1738, was a prosperous 
tanner. These are sufticient indications that the old order was changing. 

These newer families are surely not uninteresting. I liave already 
said that I have introduced some of them into this Volume, and I can 
only hope they will not be looked upon as unauthorized intruders. 

At the risk of being tedious, I should like to say something about 
Lincolnshire and the leading families that played some part in its 
history. Few counties are richer in genealogical materials, and few 
have received so little attention till within the last twenty years. The 
Record Office has a rich mine of genealogical wealth which has been but 
little Avorked. 

Lincolnshire, almost more than any other count}-, was subjected to sub- 
infeudation. This becomes very apparent when the immense number of 
small manors is taken into account. No one would be surprised to find 
large parishes containing more than one manor, but it is remarkable how 
often a comparatively small one is sub-divided. 

Take for instance Great Steeping. The parish only contains 1GS5 
acres — nothing wonderful beside the great parishes of Gedney, Spalding, 
and others — but there are no less than three distinct majiors : the manor of 
Great Steeping, the man.or of Kelsey Hall, and the manor of JMonksthorpe. 

LincoliiFliiro is considered the laifjest. county in England next to 
Yorksbirc. but it is remarkaljle how few families still survive in the 
male line that can be found possessed of landed estates in the time of 
Henry YII. It was said that the estates in the Home Counties ehan-ed 
hands more rajiidly than those in remoter parts owing to the propinquity 
of London, where wealthy merchants were ready to buy land as an 
investment ; but in Lincolnshire, which in days before railroads was 
extremely remote, estates have been so often sold or transmitted through 
heiresses, that very few families now exist who can shew their descent 
unbroken in the male line from possessors of their estates in the reign 
of Henry YII. They are these :— 

The LaugtouSj who undoubtedly possessed Langton in the thirteenth 
century; the Heneages, who were living at Haintuu in the fourteenth; 
the Dyniokes, who held Scrivelsby by Grand Serjeanty in the reign 
of liiehard II. ; the Thorolds, who acquired Marston by marriage in the 
fourteenth century ; the Smyths, who had property in Elkingtou early in 
the following one ; and, most remarkable of all, the Gusts, who, although 
not an "arinigerous " family (for their first grant of arms was made 
in the seventeenth century), yet undoubtedly liave possessed land in 
Pinchbeck from the thirteenth century down to the present day, as may 
be lead in Lady Elizabeth's record of the race. 

Of the families which still continue in the male line, although .their 
early estates have passed away by sale or marriage, there are the 
Monsons, who parted with property that had come down to them from 
the fifteenth century in ISoi; the Massingberds, possessed of land in 
Lincobishire as early as the reign of Edward I., but now represented in 
the male line by the Rev. William Oswald Massingberd, Eector of South 
Ormsby, whose " History of Ornisby " is a model of what such a book 
should be, while the branches at Ormsby and Gunby have only female 
descent ; the Whichcotcs of Aswarby, dating from the time of Henry VI., 
when they acquired Ilarpswell by marriage with a Tyrwhit heiress, hut 
before then seated in Shropshire (Harpswell still belongs to them, but 
ih.-y only gained it by marriage with the heiress of the elder line in the 
eighteenth century) ; the Maddisons, who in the seventeenth century 
parted -svilh property they had acquired by nuiiTiage and purchase in the 
lifteenth and sixteenth; the Craen.ifts, who held the manor of Cracroft 
Ihill in IL>gsthorpe as early as the fourteenth century, though their 
pr.-sent estates only came to them in the early part of the seventeenth. 
These families still sui-vive in the unbroken male line in Lincolnshire, 
the S'jle remnants of the knightly and gentle proprietors of the fifteenth 


It would take too long to recount the names of those families that 
Lave become extinct, or have left the county, or have dwindled down 
into iusiynilicance. A few may be mentioned : The great race of Biissy, 
whose glory culminated in the reign of Kichard II. and then decayed ; 
the Tyrwhit,*, once so powerful in the county, but now, though still 
surviving in the direct male line, no longer in it, and possessing none of 
the ancient proj'erty ; the Copledikes, who quarrelled with them in the 
reign of Henry YIII. ; the Billesbys of Billesby (now spelt Bilsby) ; the 
Meres of Kirton in Holland, in all probability a branch of the great Ros or 
Eoos house, bearing arms which are clearlj^ an adaptation of the arms of 
that Baronial family; the Skipwiths of South Ormsby, wbose history may 
be found in Mr. Massingberd's book already referred to ; the Newcomens, 
as old a family as any in Lincolnshire, spreading into numerous branches, 
including a Baronetcy in Ireland, but now all gone to extinction or 
at least oblivion ; the Angevines, who came in with the race of 
Plautagi'uet of Anjou ; the Bleasbys of Bleasby, the Asfordbys of 
Asfordby, the Towthbys of Towthby, the Moignes of North Willingham, 
and last, but not least, the great Ayscough family, representing the 
Talboys of Stallingborougli and the Hansards of South Kelsey; and the 
Ilusscys, who received a fatal blow in the execution and attainder of 
Lord Hussey in the rising, which was the prelude to the Pilgrimage 
of Grace, in 1536. These and many others must be sought, to u^e 
Lord Chief Justice Crewe's eloquent words, " in the urns and sepulchres 
of mortality." 

VicAKs' Court, Lincoln. 

^ist of ?,3c"Dtcj;vcr5, 

Ad-vms of Tydd St. IIary - 

Alixgto.v of Swixhope 

Allen of Grantham, IIundleisy, 


Allot of Great LviiBER 

Almery of Spilsry 

Ambler of Kirton and Spalding 

Amcotts of AiSTnoRPE, etc. 

Anderson of Broughton, etc. 

Anderson of Dunholme, etc. 

Andrews of Osgodbt - 

Andrew.s of Tupholme 

Anqevine of Theddlethoupe 

Anton of Lincoln 

Appleyard of Hast IIalton, co, 

Lincoln, and Burstwick Garth. 

CO. York - - - - 
Appleyard of Ulceby 
Armikf. of Osgodby - 
Armstrong of Corby - 
Asfordby of Bilsby - 
Asee of WY'BERTON 
AsiiFiELD or Clay'tiiorpe - 
Ashton of Burgh 
A.SKTON OF Minting 

BOURN ... - 

Aylmeb OF Elvesby, etc. - 


At&col'gh OF Stallingborough 
AND South Kelsey - 


BiLDWER OF Sutton . . . 
Baldwin of Winterton 
BAL.rLv OF Stamford - 


Ballett of Woodthorpe - 
Banister of Epwortii 
Barker of Ruskington 
Bard, Yiscount Bellamo.nt - 
Bard of Xorth Kelsey 
Bardsey of Gonerdy - 
Barker of Great Steeping 
Barker of Tf.alby 
Barkiiam of Wainfleet and 

soutuacre . - . . 
Barnard of Caistor - 
Barnard of Spil.sby - 
Barnardiston of Great Cotes, 

Lincoln ; Keiungton or Ket- 

TON, Suffolk ; and of Ryes 

Lodge, P' . - - - 
Barnardiston of Ketton and 

Brigotwell, CO. Suffolk - 
Barne of Grimsby 
Barnewell of Stamford 
Baron of Boston 
Bassett of East Keal 
Bawde of Somerby 
Bawtkee of Boston - 
Bay'ly of Louth - - - - 
Bayly of Cawthorpe - 
Becke of Lincoln and Cherry 

Willixgham - - - - 
Beeston of IIoltox-le-Moor 
Bkllingham of Maxton and 

Bromby - - - - - 
BENNF.rr of Bo.ston 
Benson of North Kelsey - 
Beresford of Leadenham - 
Bfresford of Suderooke Holme 
Beridge of Algarkirk 




Berth; ok Low Laytox 
Bertie of Locxd 
Bektie of Evedox 
Betts of Baui.i.ngs 
Beveueev of Keefham 
Bilcliffj: of Xok.maxdy 
Bileeshy of Bille^by {hodie 


IUngham of Staixtox - 
Bird of Pixchueck 


Bishop of IIemswell - 
Btsnop OF LixcoLx 
Bi,AXCHARij OF Louth - 

BlAWE of WirKEXr.Y - 

Bleasby OF Bleasby - 
1?lewet OF Harlasiux ■ 
Bluxde.stox of West ICeal 
Blyth of Stroxtox 

BOUUX OF I>RIBY - - - - 

r.OLLE OF ilAUGIt - - - - 


Booth of Goxhill 


BoswELL of SoL'Tir Thore-by 



Bi:acki:xuury of Spilsby 
Bradley of Louth 
Brajutox of South Restox 
Braxd of Leadexham - 


Braxstox OF Gain.suoi:ough 
Bp.eckxock; of Lixcoex 
Breckxock of Hoeheach axd Wes- 

TOX ------ 

Br!ggs of Scremby 

Brighouse of Colby - 
Bp.ocklesby of Glextworth axd 
Helprixghaii - - - - 
Broc;rave of Kirkby-cum-Osgodby 


Brookbaxk of Alford 
Browxe of Croft 
l>R0\vxE of Addletjiorpe - 
Bp.owxe of ILu.tham - 
JiROwxE of Pixciibeck 
Browxe of .Saltfleetby 
Bro\vxe of Yawthorpe 


Browxlow of Beltox by Grax- 


Broxholme of Grimsby 
r.i;oxHi.>LME of Owe};sby axd O.s- 


Broxholme of Yawthorpe - 
Bryax of Boeixgbroke 


buckwmrth of 'wlsbecu axd 


];cllixg1iam of lixcolx 
buxwortu of baitkstox 



BuRGH OF Saltfleetby 

Burgh of Skidbrook - 

Burgh of Stow - - - - 

Buuxaby of Barholme 

Burtox of Lixcolx 

Burton of Surfleet - 

PiAYxoE {now Burtox), late of 


Bury of Graxtham 
BcssY of Hougham and Haydor 
Butler of Coates 
Caborxe of Saltileetby 
Caborxe of Bostox axd Tetxey- 
Caldecot of Barlixgs 
Caldwell of Thorgaxby 
Callis of Great Uale 
Calvehley of Gosbebtox - 
Carh of Sleaford 






20 'J 






Carsey of Rkvesby - - - 230 i 

Cauter of Co.Nisr.sDY - - - 231 


CaTKK of liAXGTOX-BY-WlUnUY - 2;;2 

Cawpkon ok IIkckixi^tox and 

Great Hat.e - - - - 233 

CiiAPLix OF Taiiiwmj, - - 23G 

Chapman of Louth - - - 237 

Chapman of Skegxess- - - 239 

Chf.ales of Hagwortuixguam - 240 | 

ClfEXEY OF BnSTOX - - - 2-42 

CniLiiE OF IlARiisrox - - - 244 

Ciuppexdale of Heighixgtox - 245 

Chri.stopheu of Alford - - 24G 

Cjiiu>.tophek of IIeckixgtox - 246 

Clarke of Creetox - - - 247 

Clarke of Leadexkam - - 248 

Cl-IRKe of "Wklbourx - - - 240 
Cl.vymoxd of Framptox axi> Wv- 


Claypole of We^t Deepixg - 251 

Clifford of Rrakexborough - 252 . 

Ci.ipsuam of Cadeby - - - 253 : 
CoDD {now Walls) of Hems- ] 

well 255 I 

COGDALL of FlL'^ROROUGH - - 257 

Colstox OF Braxt Broughtox - 257 



Coxy of Bassixgthorpe - - 259 

Cony of Suttox - - - - 263 

CoxYERs OF Carltox - - - 264 

CorELAXU OF Skellixgthorpe - 265 


CuRBtrrc OF Wixthorpe - - 269 

Cor.iJ'.VYXF. OF XORMA^CBY - - 270 



HOGSTUORPE - - - - 271 

CuEssY OK Blyeorough - - 283 

Ci'.»;sY of Ravexdale - - - 284 

Cri,VERY,-ELL of ."^COTTER - - 285 

Il'.'.KliAM OF COLEliY - - - 285 

1)ali.-:o:; of Laughtox - - - 286 


Daxby of Great Grimsby and 

TnORGAXBY . - . . 2S8 

Oarxkll of Thorvholm - - 2S9 
I'aurkll of HORKsrOW - - 2'.I0 

Davy ok Leake - - - - 2'.U 


Chapel - - - - - 291 
Dawsox of Sutterby - - - 292 
De la Lauxde of Ashey - - 293 
De Ligxe of Harlaxtox - - 293 
Dexe of Barrowby - - - 294 
Dextox of Dextox - - - 295 
Derby of Leake - - - . 295 
DiC'KEXsox of Claypole - - 297 
DifKEXsox OF Gaix-rorougu - 297 
Dightox OF LixcoLx AXD Great 

Sturtox ----- 298 


Dobbs OF Buckxall - - - 314 
DoBSON OF Gaixsborough - - 314 
dobsox of ludborough - - 315 
dol>iax of bottesford - - 315 
Doughty of Louth and Tot- 
hill 316 

Dow\iA_x OF Xewxham, Herts, axd 

Uffixgtox, CO. Llxcolx - - 318 
Di.voKE OF Haltham - - - 319 
Dy'Ox of Tathnvell - - - 319 
Eaule of Straggletuorpe - - 320 
Ellis of Swixeshead - - - 321 
Ellis of Wellixgoke - - - 322 
Ellis of Wyuam - - - - 324 
Elsies of Loxg Sutton - - 327 
Elmes of Stamford - - - 328 
Elwes ok Worlaby - - - 328 
Ely of Great Carlton axd Ut- 

terby 329 

Emeksox of Searby, Gl.vmfurd- 

Brigg, etc. . - - - 330 
Empsox of Boston - - - 331 
Exderby of Metheringham and 

IiINCOLN ----- 333 

Ehsey of Somercotes - - - 334 
Estoft of Estoft, CO. York - 335 
Etton of Firsby - - - - 337 


EvKK OR Eters of Rei.tox in- Isle 



EWEUBY {or IWAROIiVj - - - ; 

Fairclough ah'ii.'i Featley of Li.v- 

COLX ----- 

Fairfax of Su-arby 
Fane of Fulbeck 


Farmery of Caistou - 
Farmery of Heapham and Spring 

THORPE - - - . . 

Farmery of Xorthorpe 
Fawxe of Skendleby - 
Ferne of Temple Belwood 
Ferrers of Skellixgthorpe 
Filkix of Laxcto.x-by-Part.vey - 
Fisher of Tiirkckixgiiam axd 



■ 340 


34 G 
34 S 





.L IX 

WiTHERX - - - . . 

Foi,.ia>[i;e OF Waltox, m. Derby. 

AM. l;iRV, C... L.NVOLN - 


Fowler of Bootiiby II 


Fowler of Skexdleby Thorpe ■ 
Fowler of Wispixgtox 

FraXCIS of LlXCi.tLX - 

Fraxcis of Siesey 
Fraxke of Grim.-by - 
Freestox of Thimuleby 
Fp.i.skxhy of Fr!skxey axi) 1!k\- 



FuLSTow OF High Toyxtox 
Fyxes (or FiEXXE.s) of Little 

ainrolugfittc pciiigvtes* 

^tiams of C^^titi ^t, iHaii>. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Akms. — TV;7, a pale argent btfwee/i tico griffins segreant or. 
CRiir^T.^Oii a torse argent and vert a demi-griffin displayed or. 
Granted to William Adams of Tydd St. ilarie's by Laurence Dalton, Xorroy, 
A" 1559. 

Geffry, sou of William, of Tydd St. Giles, Cambridge,=r 
died temp. Edward lY. I 


I.Thomas 2. '\A illiam Adam of=f=Aguos, dau. of Robert John Robert Adam, 

Adam. Tydd St. Giles, Cam- Wright of Sutton in Adam, a mouk at 

=j= bridge, died 1518. Holderness, York. dieds.p. Ely. 


John Adam=i= Isabel, dau. of Robert Clarke 

of XeWtOI). 

Elizabeth, dau. of=Robert Adam=pKatheriDe, dan. of Robert John Thomas 
Robert Clarke of of Xewton, Adam of Leverington. Adam, Adaui, 
Flete; died s.p. son and heir. 2nd wife. dieds.p. dieds.p. 
1st wife. 

William Adam, s.p. 

mar. to John 
Charles of 


Syi.ion Adam of^Jane, dau. of Robert 
Ty.Jd St. Giles, Hnuston of Tydd .^t. 
sou and heir. ilary. 

ilargaret, Anne, mar. 
mar. to to Lawrence 
Thomas Rands. 

Elizabeth, dau.=Wi]liamAdams=pMary,dac. of HenrT=^Iarearet, dau. of James 
of John Styk- of Tydd St. Topp (or Toft) of Tyle"of Elmingham, Xor- 
ney ; dieds.p. Mary. bur. there * Tydd St. Mary, folk, the widow of Tho- 
1st wiff. 1'8 LLay 15CC. iind wife. ' mas Craneham of Down- 

A ' ham, Kent. 3rd wife. , 

VOL. I. B 


Agnes, bur. at Tvdd 

Henrv Adams= 

=Marv, dan. 



St. Marr 27 Sept. 

of 'J'ydd St. 

of Adlard 



dau. of 


:\Iarv, seised 

Welhy of 

baiit. at 

bur. at 

(if lands there 

Gednev ; 



mar. at 

Sarah, bur. at Tvdd 

18 Elizabeth, 

mar. there 

St. Mar v 



St. Mary 10 Feb. 

1575-(i; liv- 

9 Sept. 

29 Jan. 

19 May 

St. .AFarv 


ing 22 Nov. 

15('9 ; bnr. 



11 Nov. 


32 Elizabeth, 

at Tvdd 


Anne, died s.p. 


St. .^[ary 


13 Feb. 



I I I 

Cassandra, bapt. Ellen, bapt. at Tvdd Jane. bapt. at 

atTyddSt.Mary St.:\rary40ct.l581 ; Tydd St. Mary 

9 Sept. 1571 ; mar. to Richard IG Jan. 1574-5; 

mar. to Clement Welbv ; bur. there mar. to William 

Martin, Clerk. 7 :Mareh 1013-14. Hurst. 

Anne, mar. at Sut- 
ton St. James, 
29 Oct. 1G12, to 
Richai-d Ranton. 

Ml I 

William Adams, bur. at Sutton ^lary, dau. of . . . .=f^Kobert Adams: 

St. James 5 April 1574. Colville, granddau. I of Tydd Sc. 

— of John Colville of j Mary, bapt. 
Henry Adams, bajit. at Tvdd Newton, Isle of I there 2 Dec. 
St. Mary 23 Jan. 1578-'j ; bur. Ely, by Ann, dan. ' 1576. 

there 10 Nov. 1579. and he"ir of Nicho- ' 

— las Pinchbeck of 
Richard Adams, bur. at Tydd Pinchbeck. 1st 
St. Mary 15 June 157G. wife. 

of John 
Butcher of 
AVisbech ; 
bur. at 
Tydd St. 
JIary IG 
2nd wife. 

1 1 

8. Philip Adams, 

1 1 

2. Dorothy, bapt. 

1 1 
4. Mary, bapt. 
at Tvdd St. 

9. Christopher Adams, 

bapt. at Tvdd 


1634 ; bapt. at Tydd 

St. Mary 15 Feb. 

1 Nov. 1G08. 

Mary 8 June 

Sc. Mary 21 Feb. 


1615 ; mar. to 



3. Jane, bapt. at 

AVilliam Sans- 

1. Rachel, bapt. 

Tvdd St. Mary 


10. Pinchbeck Adams, 

at Tydd St. Mary 

15Jan. IGUi-ll ; 


youngest son, bapt. at 
Tydd St. Mary 16 Dec. 

30 Sept. 1599 ; 

bur. there 9 April 

5. Sophia. 

living 14 July 


1627 ; bur. there 21 


Jan. 1631-2. 

1. William Adams of=p'Mary, 

Tydd St. Jfary, bapt. 
there 9 March! GOO- 1 ; 
at. 30 in 1634. 


2. Henry Adams, 5. Richard Adams, bapt. at 

dau. of bapt. at Tvdd St. TyddSt.MarylC June 160 
Mary 4 July 1602. 

i I 

A\ illiara Adams, Sarah, bapt. 

bapt. at Tvdd at Tvdd St. 

St. Mary 'l6 Mary 5 Oct. 

April 1651. 1G52. 


6. Francis Adams, bapt. at 

3. Robert Adams. 

Tvdd St. Marv 1 March 


1611-12; bur. there 13 

4. John Adams, 

Sept. 1G12. 

bapt. at Tvdd St. 

Afary 1 1 June 

7. JoliJi Adams, bapt. at 


Tydd St . ilary 23 Sept. 1 G 1 3. 


2. Joli 

3 Adam of Ely=p ^largaret, dan. of William 


William Adam^pBarbnra, sister 

2. Rowland Adam of 

Alice, mar. to Roger 

of the Isle of 

of Roarer Tor- 


Ton-ell of Essex. 

Ely, son and 

rell of Esses. 



Cecilv, mar. to Robert 

.... mar. to Chris- 


topher Fulston. 

.. k'4 


4. Henry Adam of Skel-=j 

pElizabeth,dau.of Tho- 


lingthiirpe, crantee of 

mas Raudes of liiucoln, 


the Rectory of that 

and Master of Spittal 

2. Eve Adam. 

place 20 April 2 Jas. I., 

Hospital ; bapt. at St. 

Katheriue, mar. 

1604. Will dated 2 Oct. 

Margaret, Lincoln, 21 

3. William 

at .Skelliugthorpe 

1615 ; proyed 29 Noy. 

Sept. 1570 ; bur. at 


12 Sept. 1609 to 


Skellingthorpe 1 June 

Henrv Randes of 




1. Mary, bapt. at 2. Susan, bapt. at 3. Dorothy, 4. Elizabeth, bapt. at Skel- 

St. Margaret's in St. ilargarefs bapt.atSkel- lingthorpe 1 Aug. 159G ; 

the close of Lin- in the close of lingthorpe 4 bur. at St. Margaret's in I 

colu21 Dec. 1590; Lincoln 2 Jan. Nov. 1599. the close of Lincoln 7 Feb. I 

mar. to Thomas 1593-4. ^1611-12. 



5. Anne, bapt. 
at Skelling- 
thorpe 23 April 

Torrell Adam of Skel-=f=Anne, dau. of Edward 2. Henry Adam, 

lingthorpe, son and | Barnes of Soham, Cam- bapt. at Skel- 

heir,proved his father's i bridge ; mar. before lingthorpe 

will 29 Xoy. 1615. I 15 Jane 1615. 6 April 16o3. 

1. Thomas Adam, bapt. at Skelli 
thorpe 3 June 1616. 

2. Torrell Adam, bapt. at SkelbuL: 
thorpe 11 Aug. 1617. 


^liiifjton of ^Unnljopc. 

Anyis.— Salle, a lend engrailed ielirrcn six billets argent. 
Crest. — .4 talbot passant ermine, a 'rescenffor difference argent. 
[MS. C. -23, Heralds' College ; M.S. Pedigree of the Alington Family.] 

The Pedigree of Alington, belonging to j-^ Rev. M. Alington, was made 1639, 
in consequence of a Claim to v= Barony of Argentine, which is mentioned in a letter 
dated 2-2 March 1C40. It wa"s collected by Mr. Will. Darel, Prebendary of Ch. Ch., 
Canterbury, who took tlje sf.tue, as he affirmed, out of an old Book, called Thomas 
Typottus, and also out of certain old evidences remaining then in Alington Castle 
in y= custody of Sir.John Gnildford, Knt. 

William Alington of Bottishaui— Dionisia. dau. of Wi 
Hall, Cambridge. I of Horseheath. 

am ilallet 

William Alingtou of Bottisham Halt, Ti 
of Ireland and Normandy, P.C, temp. 
IV. and v.; died 19 Oct.'l446-8. 

=Jane, dan. and heir of Sir Wil- 
liam Burgh, Judge K.B. 1379; 
died 27 Feb. 144.5. 

Jane, 2nd dau. and coheir of=2. Robert^ 
John Argentine of Hales- Alington. 
worth, SutTolk, and Wy- 
moudley, Herts, by his wife 
Margaret, dau. of Sir Wil- 
liam Calthorpe, Knt. ; died 
s.p. 15 May 1429. 1st wife. 

-Man', dan. 

?K John=?*Iary,dan.and 

of Robert 

Aling- heir of John 

de Brewso 

ton, Anstie of 

of Wen- 

died s.p. Holme Hall, 

ham, Suf- 

parish of Quy, 

folk. 2ad 




Walter Locton of Sals-=p.Tane, dau. and 
ton, Cambridge. | coheir. 

See LocTOX Pedigree, post. 

Anne, youngest dau., mar. to .John or 
Thomas Beruey of Gunton Park. 

Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of John Ar-=f=Sir William Alington of=Mary, widow of 

gentine of Halesworth, Sulfolk, and Horseheath, Cambridge, Henry Hayward 

Wymondley,Hcrts,by hiswife ilargaret, Sheriff of Cambs and of Boxsted, 

dau. of Sir William CaUhorpe, Knt. ; ^ Hunts temp. Hen. VI. ; Essex, Esq. 

ajt. 18 in 1429 and died 1445. 1st i died 38 Henry VI., 2nd wife, 
wife. 1459-CO. 

Sir William Alington, Knt.,=Joan, dau. of John 
Speaker of the Parliament 10 Anstie, Esq., living 
Edward IV., 1470-71 ; died a widow 9 Hen. VII., 
s.p. ; bur. in Anglesea Priory. 1493-4; oh. s.p. 

John Clouise of=Mary. 
West Hanning- 
field, Esses. 

Sir John Alington, Knt., son and heir, of Horse-:^Mary, dau. of Laurence Cheney 
heath, Caiiibriilge, Halesworth, Suffolk, and of , of Fen Ditton, Cambridge, and 
Wymondley, Ib.-rts, all of which he inherited ' aunt tu Thomas, Duke of Xor- 
from his njother ; died 25 Aug. 20 Edward IV., ; folk ; died 1473 ; bur. at Ilorse- 
1480 ; bur. in Wymondley Priory. a ( heath. 


Aling- dau. of 
ton. Robert 


I I 

ilarv, mar. to Julm Newport of Brent Elizabeth, mar. 

Pelliam, Herts; High Sheritt' for to Henry Pigotc 

Essex and Herts 12 Henry YIL, 1496, of Abingdon, 

bv wliom he had an only dau., mar. to Cambridi;e. 
the Lord Morley. 

Elizabeth, =S!r AVilliam Al-=pElizabt-th,daH. of Henry Went- = 

dau. of Sir ington, Knt., worth of Codhara, Essex, by 

Kicliard of Horseheath, Elizabeth, only dau. and sole 

Sapcote ; aet. 31 in 14-SO ; heir of Henry Howard of Xor- 

died B.p. killed at the folk, whose nephew Sir John 

1st wife. Battle of Bos- was created Duke of Norfolk. 

worth 22 Aug. She was mar. to Sir Ralph 

1485. Will Chamberlain before 31 Jan. 

dated 15 Aug. 1516-17. Will, as Dame 

1485 ; proyed Chamberlain, dated 10 May 

31 Jlay 14S7. 1527 ; proved (C.P.C.) 23 Nov. 

1528. 2ad wife. 


:Sir Ralph 
lain, Knt. 
Will dated 
1520 ; 
proved 16 
May 152S. 
Srd hus- 

I I 

Sir Giles Alington of Horsc-=pMary, dau. and heir of 2. George 

heath, SherifT of Cambridge Sir Richard Gardiner, Alington, 

md of Hantingdon 3 and 11 Lord ^layorof London; living 

Henry YIIL ; ''died 25 April died 20 .I'pril 1540 ; bur. 1485"'; 

1522"; bur. at Horseheath. at Wesiley, Cambridge, ob. s.p. 

^lary, living 
1485 ; mar. to 
Sir Edward 
Greene of San- 
ford, Esses, 

Ursula, dau. of^Sir Giles Alington=pAlice, dau. of Thomas Mid-= Argall Wedon 
Sir Robert of Horseheath, 

Drury of Haw- | eldest son ; died 
stead, Suffolk, j 20 Aug. 1586, 
Kul. 1st wife. I aged 80. 

A quo Baron Alington of 
Crichel, Dorset, so created 1876. 

dleton (by his wife Alice 
. . . ., who mar. 2ndly to 
Sir Thomas More, Lord 
Chancellor, beheaded on 
Tower Hill 6 July 1035), 
and widow of Thomas El- 
rin^ton. 2nd wife. 

of St. Faith'i 
the Virgin, 
London ; lie. 
21 June 1564. 
Srd wife. 


S. William, 
died s.p. 

4. John Alington=pMargaret, dac. of The 

of Westley, Cam- 
bridge : died 17 
Feb. 1558 ; bur. 

Hall of Stoke Naylaud and 
widow of .... Lanham ; 
died 1559 ; bur. at "West- 

6. Robert. 
Both died s.p. 

dau. of=Robert A1-- 

.... Duck- ington, son 
field, died s.p. and heir, 
1st wife. 1563. 




Mary, mar. 


I I 

Bridget, mar. Eliza- 

to James beth, 

Piatt of Lou- mar. 

dou. .... 

Giles Alington, bur. in Alice, wi 

Sewster of Steeple ilorden, 

St. Mary's, Cambridge, Cambridge, and 2ndly uf iidward Talkarne of Stokeby- 
23 Feb.' 1564. Clare. ^^1 


7. Richard Alingtoii of Wesl-^Susan, dau. of John 
ley, Cambridire, died 10 Jan. Tasbnr^h of St. 
1599 ; bur. there. Will dated Peter, South Elham, 
30 Jan. 1504-5; proved Essex : died 18 Sepi. 
(C.P.C.) io .Tau. 1500-U'OO. 1557 ; bnr. at West- 

I I 
Audrey, mar. to "U illiam 
Maniiock of Stoke, Suf- 
folk; he died 8 July 1580. 

Elizabeth, mar. to ... . 

ilargarct, living 30 Jan. 
1594-5 ; mar. to ... . 
Miers or ileers. 

Giles .\linc;ton, mar. Susan, dan. of ... . 
Cook of Caiulividge ; she died 14 June 
1594 ; he died 26 April 159-' ; both bur. 
at Westlev. =r 


Giles Alington, heir of his grandfather ; under age 30 Jan. 1594-5. 

2. George Aliugton of FiUsh-^Anne, dau. of Peter Cheeke, Esq., of Pirgo, Esse.x, 
forth, Norfolk ; died 25 .^ept. sister of Sir John Cheeke, Knt. ; died 25 Nov. 
1558. 1557. 

1. Jane, mar. to 
Thomas Belman 
(a Frenchman, 
Tutor to King 
Edward YI.), by 
whom she had a 
dan. Elizabeth, 

2. Alice, mar. to Christopher 
Swinscoe of Ptterb>,irough, 
Northampton ; proved her 
husband's will 11 JIarch 
1C05-6; bur. in Peterborough 
Cathedral 24 Jau. ItJlO-ll. 
Will dated 6 Aug. 1610: 
proved 10 April 1611. Had 
a daa. Agnes. 

3. Susan, mar. to William 
Met h wold of London and 
of Pickenham, Norfolk ; 
he died 29 Aug. 1586, Ect. 
56 ; will proved in Londuu 
in that year; she was living 

Sir William Metliwold, Chief Justice of King's Bench in Ireland, eldest son. 


Alice, dan. of Ptichard El-=pJohn Aling:tou of=Katherine, dan.=Mary, dau. of 
kin of London ; mar. — | St. Antholin's, of . . . ., living . . . ., living 
Jan. 1581-2; alleg. 18 ; London, Draper; 13 Jan. 1605-6. 2 Oct. 1616. 
Dec. ] 581-2, Vicar-Giene- | dead before 2 Oct. 
ral's Office. 1616. 

JIaudlyn= William Wymerswold. 

3. George Alington of Swinhope,=pJane, dau. of ThO' 

heir of iiis brother Hugh's lands 

in Lindsey, and proved his will 

1 Oct. 1618 ; died in St. John's 

Street, Middx., 16 Feb. 1632-3 ; 

bur. at St. Botolph, Aldersgnte, 

19 Feb. Will dated 2 Aug. 

1G32, then aged 82. 

Mary, mar. to ... . Reade, 

mas ilorrison of described as of Ringstead, 

Cadeby, Clerk of Norfolk, widow, 30 Jan. 

" ~ "■ " 1605-C. Will dated 1615; 

adm'on 19 .March 1618-19 

(to Susan Methwold),theu 

described of Northolme 

by Waiufleet,co. Lincoln. 

the Pipe ; died 5- 
15 Feb. 1611-12; 
bur. 25 Feb. in St. 
Botolph's, AlJers- 

L1\C0LNS1I1]U: rr,I)IG]{EES. 





2. Ilugl 

3. Otorge=f Elizabeth, 

Elizabeth, bapt. 



:"har!es or 



dan. of 

11 Aug. 1588; 



m Clav- 

ton, liv 

of Swin- 


bur. at Healing 

It; 10, and 



in- 2. 



5 Sept. 1589. 

ret. 15 in 

James, ot 



of Kew ; 


]r)92: ob. 




child (of 

mar. at 

Ji>ane, bur. at 

v.p., S.p. 


hanipton ; 

2 Oct. 



Healing 6 Aug. 


at Tiu- 

1616 ; 

2 Oct. 





died s.p 

1616; ob. 

28 April 

25 May 1012. 



George Alir 

gton, died 

an infant 

in the life 

Jane, died a 

n infant. 

of his 

fat he 

• and grandfather. 

I.Hugh Alinn 


= Elizabeth 

dan. of 

Anne, dau.=f 

-2. Henry Al- 

=Anne Elkyn, 

Registrar of 


Richard Cecil, sis- 

of Thomas 

ington of St 

widow, of St. 

Court of Requests, 

ter of 


Metcalfe of 

:Michael Bas 

Faith's ; mar. 

died 1G18, 


Lord Burleigh, and 


sishaw, Lou 

alleg. Vicar- 

Will dated 2 


vridow of Robert 


don, 2nd son 

General 2 

161C, then of Tin- 


of Up- 

bur. at Tin 

Jan. 1.573-1. 

well, Rutland 


ton. No 

•thants ; 

well, Rutland 



inar. . . . 

. 1580 ; 

25 Jan. 1509 

proved (C.P.C.) 1 

bur. 6 Dec. 1611 at 


Oct. 1618. 

Tinwell, Rutland. 

Jletcalfe Alington of Boston, ^Middlesex, son and heir,= 
also heir of his uncle Hugh's lands in Holland 2 Oct. 

^Katharine, dan. and heir ( ' 
Abraham Kitsou of Lon- 
don ; living a widow 1C32. 

Elizabeth, under age 2 Oct. 1616, and 
subsequently mar. to ... . Stewart ; 
livinK 2 Aim. 1682. 

I I I 

Jane, ^Margaret, and Judith 
(1662), all livintr unniar. 
2 AuR. 1632. 


Penelope, dau. of Sir- 
Masirailian Dallison 
of Hailing, Kent, 
Knt.,bapt.'at Isling- 
ton 9 May 1611. 
1st wife. 

^Henry Alington of Swinhope, eldest=Mary, dau.of 
son, 1632 ; "died 28 Dee. 1662, tct. ... '. Beale ; 
59 ; bur. at Broxbourne, Herts, livinc; 22 
Will dated 22 April, proved (C.P.C.) Aprif 1662. 
30 Dec. 16G2, described of Hoddes- 2ud wife, 
dou, Herts. 

Anne, only dau.=pHugh Alington of Stenigot.^pJane, dau. of Sir Martin Lister of 
and heir of 1 son and heir, born 163G ; Burwell ; mar. licence dated 26 
Francis Thorn- I died — June 1674, cet. 39 ; ; June 1671, then a?t. about 22, (to 
dyke of Scam- I bur. at Burwell 6 June 1674, : be) mar. at St. Clement Danes, 
blesby, bapt. I then described of Harring- j London ; proved her husband's 
there 19 July j ton; left no male issue, j will 11 ;May 1675; a L-gatee of 
1G42 ; dead be- Will dated 31 May 1G74; j her dau. -in-law Anne 28 Sept. 
fore 1672. 1st proved at Lincoln 11 May i 1681, and then a widow. 2nd 
wife. 1C75. wife. 




Anne, only chikl, men- 
tioned in ihe will of her 
DDcle Herbert Thorn- 
dvke 3 Julv 1G72 ; bur. 
at Rurn-eil -21 Jan. 
lfiSl-2. Will date.l I's 
Sept. ir,81 ; proved 
Adm'oii ''de bonis non " 
10 Feb. 1C02-3. 

Richard=pBarbara, onlv surviving child, Hugh 

Pye, I under IS and unmar. 31 Mav AliiTg- 

younger 1G75 ; unmar. 28 Sept. ICSl, but ton, 

of mar. before 10 Feb. 1092-3. when died 

adni'is " de bonis non" of her Veung; 

half-sister. From this mar. de- bur. at 

scends the Sarah Rowe who be- Diir- 

qucatlied her estate to the heirs well, 
raaleof Henry Alington, on whom 
they were entailed by Henry 
Alington in 1CG2. 

Sir Ro- 
Pre of 

Henry Alington of All Hallows, Bread 
Street, I.ondun, bach., 2;!, and of Swin- 
hope ; proved his father's will 1GG2; 
died 30 Dec. — 25 JIarch 1G90, at. 55 ; 
bnr. at Broxbourne. 

^Elizabeth, dan. of William Gamble ah'a 
Bowyear of Leytoiistone ; died at Barnei 
Herrs, 22 Jan. IGbil ; bur. at Brox 

Penelope, died in 1G95, Katherine, 1. Elizabeth, mar. to Thomas Butler ; 
aged 15, unmar.; bur. living un- died 27 April 175G, .Tt. 02; bur. at 
at Broxbourne. mar. 17-iG. Aston, Herts. 

I I I 

Hildebrand Aling- 
ton, !>.lerchant Tay- 
lors' School 11 
March 1695-G. 

George Alington. 

bapt. at AVare 22 
April 1G71-2. 

llarmaduko Alington 
of liiucolu's Inn, sou 
and heir, born Sept. 
1671 ; Merchant Tay- 
lors' School 11 Dec. 
1C83; M.P. for Ag- 
mondishaail727 — 31; 
Treasurer of Lincoln's 
Inn 1737 ; Patron of 
Aston Rectory, Herts, 
4 Aug. 17-13 ; died 
anmar. 5 Sept. 1749 ; 
bur. at Broxbourne. 

illiam Al-- 
jton, u'led 

31, a?t. 

; bur. at 
ill dated 


^Elizabeth, dau. and co- 
heir of IleinT Winford, 
Esq., sister of Sir Tlio- 
mas Winford, niece of 
Sir Thomas Cookes 
Winford of Glasshamp- 
ton, Worcester, FoundL-r 
of Worcester College, 
Oxford ; mar. 7 April 
1708 ; died 15 Oct. 
1735 ; bur. at Brox- 

I I 

1. Hildebrand Henry Alington=f 
Alington, died of Swinhope, , 

Frances, dau. of 
Robert Baron 
nnmar. 12 Rector of" As- | of Letch worth, 

Sept. 1755; ton, Herts, 4 '< Herts; diedlC 
bur. at Brox- Aug. 1743 ; died | March 1809; 
bourne. 16 Sept. 1781 ; I bur. at Aston, 

bur. at Aston. | 

See Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

Sarah, died 
28 Feb. 
1737, at. 
22, unmar.; 
bui'. at 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at St. Andrew's, 
nolborn,27 Dec. 

1711 ; mar 

Threader ; she 
died 3 Feb. 177U. 

LiNCOLNsnira: pfiugeees. 

^Ilcn of (Dinntljam, ?i}untilcli[>, anti 

[MS. C. -2:% Heralds' College] 

Arms. — Per chevrun ytdes and ermiiu, in chiff two lions'' heads erased or. 

George Allen of Chnrtlcy, Stafrord.=p 

..... d;iu.--pRieharJ Allen of Grantham, died C Sept. 1 Eliz., l.iO'J.^Isabella, dan. 
of .John ; This Jtirhard Allen declared upon his death-bod, to of. . .., living 
Sheldon of ; George Allen his brother and llenr\- his nephew, that 24 Oct. 1 Eliz., 
Bewlev. ■ their ancestors were lords of Chartley Parke, for that 1559. i'nd 
1st wii'e. one of their ancestors did kill bis Barbar by chance wife, 
medley, and did therenpon flee to Ireland, whereby 
I he escaped the attainture and punishment, and there 
I lived nnknown many yeares : so lost the same lands, 
which ye Lord Ferrers lately had and enjoyed, and 
this Kichaid was the first that dwelt in Grantham, 
I and revealed ye same, as he had understood from his 
! Father and Grandfather, with tears, bewailing ye 
I chance. Of this, I, York Herald, wes credibly in- 
formed this 29 January 1578. 

1. John Allen of Grantham, Skilliugton, and Stoke=pAliee, dau. of .... Doe, 
Rochford, mercer ; died v.p. 8 Dec. 4 and 5 Philip executrix of her husband 
and ilary. "Will dated 7 Dec. 1557 ; proved 19 Jan. 19 Jan. 1557-8. 
foUowincr. I 

Elizabeth, dau.= 

=John Allen of Grantbam and=pDorothy, dau. of 

.... Clarke 

of William Bel- 

Stoke, son and 

heir, Alder- 


London, Alderman, half- 

grave of Kib- 

man of Grantham 1594 ; heir 

sister of Roge 

■ Clarke of 

worth, Leices- 

of his grandfut 

ler, at whose 


mdon, saltei-. 

Alderman of 


death, Sept. 1 

Eliz., 1659, 

Bridge Ward; 

remar. to 

he was fft. 24 and more. 


chard Burgess ; living 9 


ly 1607. 

1 1 
Richard Allen, a 

Francis Allen, 

George Allen, 

1 1 


1 1 

Anne, bapt. 

merchant, bapt. 

living 9 Julv 

bapt. at Gran- 

bapt. at 

at Gran- 

at Grantham (3 

1007; M.A."; 

tham 30 Sept. 


tbam 29 

Dec. 1.084; liv- 



12 March 

Aug. 1581. 

ing 9 July 1CU7. 

Ponton ini4 



— 1C16. 



John Allen, bapt. 

John Allen. 

ilarv, bur. 

lapr. at 

at Grantham 28 

Nicholas Allen. 

at Gran- 


April 1586. 

tham 15 

(? 80) Feb. 

Oct. 1584. 

15.'s«-9. A 



A I B 

2. Richard Allen of=^Margaret, dan. 
Skilliiigton, co. Lin- of John Wis- 
coln, under age 7 dom of London, 
Dec. iri.")7. Will merchant, 
dated 28 ilav ICH; ; 
proved at Lincoln | 
26 June 1016. 


3. Francis Allen. 1. Ellen. 

4. AVilliam Allen, 2. Eliz.iUah. 
bnr. at Grantham — 

12 Nov. l.^SO. 3. Dorothy. 

All under age and unuiar. 7 Dec. 

1. Richard Allen=pChris 

. .J.L 

4.Timothv Alien 

,. UJ. 

Jane, mar. 

of Stowting, 



of llundlebv 



Kent, D.D,, 1634. 




Simball of 

Will (to be bur. 

3. Abel 

las, dan. of Rich- 

2. Abigail. 


in the chancel of 


ard Pave of Chip- 

ton, mar. 


stead, Surrey. 



proved 11' ^larch 




Eiciiard Allen of Abel 


1 1 
Anne, mar. George 

1 1 
1. Timutl 

V Allen, a>t. 

Canterbury, sole 



about 18 

n 1634. 

ex'or. 1 



— Christian. 

MarL'aret, mar. 

Anne, ma 

•. at Ruurne 

Reynold Allen. 

AVilliam Culpej>pei'. 

to AVilliara ^loore. 

2. Henry Allen of Buck-^Anne, dau. of Puehard 3. Thomas Allen, Alder-= 
minster, co. Leicester, I Peck of "Wakefield, co. man of Grantham 18 
died 20 Aug. 3 Edw. YL York. March 1.533-4. 

Ueniy Allen of AVilsford,: 
Grantham, and Uraceby, 
ward of Sir .... Griffin 
of Dingley ; sold Buck- 
minster and bought AVils- 
ford and Ancaster ; con- 
veyed a messuage in Lin- 
coln 4 Aug. 1.3'J3 ; en- 
rolled 27 iiay lolU, then 
styled yeoman. 

:Bridget, dau. of 
John Bus^ey of 
Haydor, some 
say Edmund, 
2nd son of Ed- 
mund Bussey of 
Haydor ; living 
27 .May 1.594. 

I I I 

Joane, mar. to Greg, 
ilore of Bourne. 

Joyce, mar. to Tho- 
mas Connv of Burton 
Goggles. ■ 

Anue, mar. to John 
Kelstone, or some say 
Gelston, of Xeuark. 



I i 

Edward Allen, beir= 
27 :Nray 15'J4, said 
to have died s.p. at 

George Allen, 3rd 
or 4Lh son, 1634. 

3. Bcrkelev 
Allen of 
1634 ; mar. 
Joane, dau. 
of Anthony 
Smvth of ' 

Allen, in 
Ireland, de- 
scribed as of 
Wilsford 11 
.April 1618. 

I I 
Anne, mar. to Sii 
Clement Cotterell 
Groom Portt 
King James. 


Elizabeth, mar. to 
William La\4Tence 
of Bridtre, Kent. 





1. AVilliam Allen, 2. Hlmu-v Allen, :Mai7. Brid'^et. Jane. Thomas 

ajt. 20 in 1C34. at. 8 in'lGu4. — -^ Allen. 
Anno. Elizak>th. 

2. Richard Allen=j=Marpiret, dau. of . . . . Lusher of Shorlaud, Surrey (sister of 
of Buekminster , Sir Nicholas Lusher of Putuey ; provtd the will of her mother 
and Skilliugt;oii. ^lary Lusher 7 June IGIO) ; mar. at Jjvudou, Kuchiud, 1-4 
Jan. 15SS-9. 

] ■ M n 

Kiehard Allen of Skilliu^tour^Frances. dau. of Mary, mar. to Elizabeth 

lCo4, a lerjatee of his grand- Richard Clipshani of .... Bluut ; and Jane, 

mother Mary Lnslier 10 Feb. i ;^Lanthorpe ; mai". at living 10 Feb. living 

1617-18. Will dated 19 j Grantham 6 Oct. 1617""-1S. 10 Feb. 

April and proved at Lincoln 1G20; dead in 1040. — 1617-18. 

13 July 1649. ' Anne. 

1. Richard Allen, a>t. about 13 
in 1634, bapt. at Grauthaui 28 
Autr. 1621. 

I I 

2. Charles Allen, 163 

3. Anthony Allen. 

I I I 

4. Leon ILary. 
Allen. — 



4. Richard Al-=p 
len, proved his [ 
brother John's i 
■will 19 Jan. 
1557-8; died 29 
Oct. 16 Eliz. 

5. George Al-= 
len, had land 
in Grantham 
and Gonei'by 
by his father's 
\vill ; died in 

pThomasine, dau. of . . . . 

Ellis of Holland, Line, 

sister and heir of Wil- 

liam Ellis ; mar. settle- 

ment dated 1 Julv 1 

:Marv. 1554 ; living 22 

Oct. 1 Eliz., 1559. 


Richard Allen, eldest 
sou, had lands in 
ijanthorpe by the 
will of his grand- 
. father. 

I I I 

George Allen. 


I I 
.John Allen, mar. to 
Anne,, dau. of ... . 
Kellam of L'elaud ; he 
died 29 Jan. 1578. 

George Allen. 


Elizabeth, mai'. 
to Henry Le- 
verett of Gran- 
tham, who died 
9 May 28 Eliz. 


Jane, dau. and sole 
heir, mar. at Gran- 
tham 23 Mav 15S1 
to Richard" Wil- 
liams of Denton. 

TKOTE. — Eicbard Allej-D, minister and preacher of God's word at Llimdleby. Will dated 
. April lOuS ; proved i Sept. 1016. (Lincoln Wills.)— A. R. M.j 



^llot of 6rtat 2.|nnbcr. 

Arms. — Argent, on a />a!e sahle bet//yen tiro jn lids a denii-lion coiiped or. 
Crkst. — An arm, coiqinl at the shoulder, eiii/'Oired jrroper, vested gules, hohliny a 
sirord piercing a leopard's head. 

Robert Allot of— Jenet, d;i 

Great LTiiibcr. of. 

Will ckted 1, ing 6 Jan. 

proved 1 May lolO-il. 


Richard Allot ofr:pA_2;ncs, dan. of 

Great Lymbcr. i living Feb. 154n-ll, 
Will dated 6 j when i-he proved htr 
Jan., proved 9 j luisl)aiid"s will. 
Feb. 15(1.1-41. I 

Eleanor, under 
age 1535-G ; 
living 6 Jan. 


1. Thomas 
154n-41 ; 
proved his 
father's will. 

2. Robcrc Alloc of Louth.^pKatherine, dan. of 
died 16 Jan. Eliz., ]5ti4, Thomas ^lussen- 
seised of manors of Orby , deu of Healing ; 
and Great Lymber ; | died 17 Dec. 15G3; 
proved his father's will. ' bur. at I.outh. 

Thomas .\llot, son and heir, 
a't. 20 12 Eliz. 


Adam Darnell of Thornholme— Anne. 

3. Edward 4. Sir John Allot, Kut., living 6 Jan. 1540-41,: 
Allot, liv- citizen and fishmonger of London : Alderman, 
ing 6 Jan. Lord ^Layor 1590 ; ilerchant of the Staple in 
1540-41. England; died 17 Sept. 1591; bur. ac St. 
Margaret iloses, Friday Street, London. 

dau. of 

Anne, liv- 
ing (J Jan. 

William AUxany of Oke.steaJ, Suj'rey=^Iargaret. 

^Imcrp of ^pilslij), 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Any\ii.— Or,freltu sable, a chief of the last, three bezants. 
CiiE.ST.— .4 nag's head erased argent, gorged with a ducal coronet or. 

George Almery of Spilsby,=rAgne.s, dau. of ... . Wold, and sister of Sir 
CO. Lincoln. John Wold ; bur. at Spilsby 30 Jnne 1583. 

Nicholas Almery^Dorotliy, dau. 
of Spilsby and | of George 
Conings'oy 1C34, Downe of 
bapt. at Spilsby Nuneaton, co. 
9 Feb. 1563-4. ! Leicester. 

I I 
Thomas Air 
at Spil;bv 

ery, bapt. 
IG Jan. 

George Almerv,bapt. at 
Spilsby 20 Nov. 1574. 

I I 
Katharine, bajit. at 
Spilsby IS Aug. 1 578. 

Agnes, bapt. 30 Aug. 
and bur. 1 Sept. 
1566 at Spilsby. 


George Alraerj of Loudon, born at Si)ilsby,=fMarv, dm. of Richard Glover 
bapt. there iO July lo'Ji. " I of London. 

i \ i I 

John Almery, IC.oL Nicholas Alinery. ^lary. Elizabeth. 

^mliltr of I\trtciu anl3 s^paltiing. 

Arms. — .-1 cros.< lettrcen four JeojhvJs' heads rahos^ed. 

Thomas Ambler of Keddington.^ 


Richard Ambler of Kirton in Holland, =Savage, dau. of ... . Elsdon of Keddinj 
yeoman, bapt. at Keddingcon 20 Oct. ton ; mar. there 16 Oct. 1617. 

William Ambler of Kirton in=pAnne, dan. of Robert Harris of Kirton in 
Holland 25 Aug. 1639. I Holland ; living 25 Aug. 103'J. 


John Ambler of Kirton, only son,=pElizabeth, mar. to ... . Baker ; 
25 Auj:. 1639. ' living 25.,\.ug. 1639. 

William Ambler, living 12 ^lay 1673. Anne, living 12 May 1673. 

William Ambler of=Mary, dan. of ... . Tiffin of Rockland, Norfolk ; mar. 
Kirton. at . . . ., Norfolk, . . Oct. 1654. 

William Ambler of Spaldinir, co. Lincoln. ^!Marv, dau. of Sir Anthony Old- 
J.P. for Holland 9 Queen Anne ; bur. at field^ bapt. at Spalding K Oct. 
Spalding 12 Oct. 1727. 1664 ; bur. chero 23 May 1725. 

William Ambler, 

John Ambler, 

Joshua Amljlcr of Spald- 

Gresham Wil- 

bapt. 27 Aug. 

bapt. 3 Jan. 

ing, son and heir, bapt. 

liam Ambler, 

and bur. at 

and bur. at 

23 Nov. 1C94 ; ^vas a 

bapt. at Spald- 
ing 1 March 

Spalding 31 Aug. 

Spalding 28 

member of the Spalding 


Jan. 1688. 

Society; died 1734. 


Elizabeth, bapt. at Spalding 4 Sept. 1690 ; Anne, bapt. at Spalding Mary, bapt. 
mar. there 5 Jan. 1709-10 to Maurice 2« Juiiel69S ; bur. there at Spalding 
Johnson of Spalding. 5 July following. 7 Jan. 1696. 


^mcotts of ^tstijorpr, etc. 

[Harl. :MSS. 757, l-Jfli;, 1550, lOli', 4135 ; MS. C. -23, Heralds' College] 

Av.'Sis.^Ar./dif, a toii-er Irq^h-turretted azure, beliccen three stundiiKj cups covered 
of the last. 

Ceest. — .4 squirrel sejant gules, collared or, mordant an acorn of the second. Con- 
firmation to Alex.inder Amcotts of Astrop by Sir Christopher Barker, Garter, 
5 Oct. 155i. 

Motto. — Loyaul ex Service. 

Richard atte Westhalle of Amcotts held laud in Gerlethorpe and Amcotts of the 
heir of Eoger de ilowbray, died 3i» Edward I., 1301-2, when his lauds were taken 
into the King's hands. Richard de Amcotts of Gerlethorpe and Amcotts died 
20 Edward II., 132G-7, when his lands were taken into the King's hands. 

Richard de Amcotts of Amcotts.=j= 

Ricliard Amcotts=^.\lice, dau. and heir of Allen Ktiuthorp and of 
•of Amcotts. I Emuia his wife, dan. and heir of ... . AVasthons. 

Richard Amcotts=pJoau, dau. and heir of Geofl'rey llowborough or Hamburgh. 
of ArucotLs. I 


Robert Amcotts of Amcotts=p. . . ., dau. and coheir of ... . Dawtrey 

Agnes, dau. and co-=p'\Yilliam Amcotts^Agncs, dau. and heir of .John Sutton by 
heir of 'William So- of Amcotts, died i Alice, dau. and heir of .John Saxton by 
laye of Astrop. 1st .... 1506. j the dau. and heir of John, son of Wil- 

wife. Ham Astrop of Astrop. 2nd wife. 

Joan, dau.==l. Sir Henry Amcotts, Knt., eldest= dau. of Dalby 

ofGeoflVey ! son, 1 Sept. 38 Henry VIII., 1546, of Loudon, merchant ; died 
Farrand liOrd ilayor of London 154!-^ ; died 4 Jan. 1573-4; bur. with 
of Kent. 5 Sept. 1554 ; bur. in St. Michael's, her husband. 
Crooked Lane, London. 

Julian, dau. and heir, mar. to Sir Thomas Hewitt, Knt., 
Lord ]Mayor of London. 

Joan, dau. of^2. Hamon Ani-=Elizabeth, dau. James Am-=pJoan, dau. of 

Thomas Ni- j cotts of London of ... . Norris cotts of j . . . . Sutton 

cholls of j 1 Sept. 3is of London. London, of Kent; 

Henry VIII., 2ud wife. fishmonger, remar. to 

Essex. Is 


Abel of 






C| Dl 

John Anicotts=pGracc', dau. of 

llanmn Aineott? 

1 1 
^Marearet, mar. to .Idlm, 

of Londou, 

John AViU;.rd 

living 20 Apri 

sou of Thomas Freueh 1 

free of fish- 

of London, 

1 .").") 7. 

of Canterbury. j 

mongers ; liv- 

Alderman ; 


iuE; 20 April 

died 13 July 

Iluinplnv Ani- 

.Toane, mar. to Tijomas i 

1 :.:.;. 

15.J1 ; bur. at 


Green of Sudburv, Suf- j 


Both died s.p. 



Henry Anicotts. Iluruon Amcotts, ditd 7 Xwz. 1 

5ol, and was bur. Grace. 

with his raotl 

er at .Stratford-le 

Bow, iliddlese.'e. 

Elizabeth, mar. to Willi; 
Bowden of London, dye 

Cecily, mar. 1st to Robert Harding of London, 
fi-hmouger ; 2ndly to Kichard Fiudall of Lon- 
don, fishmonger. 

Ale.xauder Amcotts of Astrop (i.e., Aistliorpe), had a con-=pMargaret, dan. and heir 
firmation of arms and crest by Sir Christopher Barker, i of . . . . FiLz-Stephen 
Garter, .'i Oct. 3 Edward YL, 1549 ; died at Aisthorpe alias Stevenson. 
31 Jan. 3 and 4 Philip and Mary, 1556-7. 


1. John Amcotts of Aistlioi-pe, son= 
and heir, at. 47 years C mouths and 
3 days 31 Jan. 3 and 4 Philip and 
Mary, 1556-7 ; died at Aisthorpe 13 
June 3 and 4 Philip and ilarv, 1557. 
Will dated 20 April and 21 :\Iay 
1557 ; proved 21 Julv following. 

Joan, dau. of ... . 

2. Robert Ameotr- 

Knighton of the 

1 Sept. 38 Henrv 

Crown in Cam- 

VIIL, 154C. 

bridfre ; living 21 


Mav 1557 ; adraiu- 

3. Paul Araeutts, 

isti-atrix of her son 

1 Sept. 38 Henry 

.ALatiicw 4 June 

YIIL, 154C. 


I i I 



I I I 

Mary, unmar. Anne, unmar. 20 April 1557 ; Dorothy, unmar. 

and under age mar. to Richard Wilkinson, and under age 

20 April sometime citizen of London, 20 April 1557 ; 

1557; mar. and afterwards of St. !^L^rtin's, mar. to Robert — 

to John Hyde Lincoln; administratri.x of Manson of Lud- Elizabeth. 

ofSwinfleet. her brother Mathew 4 June dingtou. Underage 
1591 ; died before 2 Dec. 1G05. 20April 1557. 

I I 

Alexander Amcotts of Aisthorpe, son^^Snsan, eldest dau. 2. Mathew Amcotts. 

and heir, £et. 20 years Id months and ; of Richard Disney 20 April 1557 ; died 

20 days at his father's death ; died I of Norton Disnev; . . . .1591. Adm'on 

10 Dec. 31 Eliz., 1589. Will dated ! living 10 Sept. 4 June 1591, then 

10 Sept. 27 Eliz., 1585. I 27 Eliz., 1585. describedof Amcotts. 



Sir Riciiard Amcotts of Aistliorpe.— Jane, dan. and 
K.B. temp. James I., sun and ; coheir of Yin- 
heir ; had special livery of Lis, cent Fiihietby 
mother's j\iinture lands 5 Feb. ' of Fiilnetl)v"; 
34 Eliz., 1501-2 ; Sheriff of Liu- Imr. at A"is- 
coln 1005. Adiu'on (C.P.C.) to , tborpe i' :May 
Richard Glover, a creditor, 8 Feb. 
16o3-4, then described as late of 
Lincoln city. 

Alexander Anicotts, execu- 
tor to his uncle Richard 

Wilkinson 2i Ji 
livincr 30 Dec. ] 
Pupi^h Recu.anf 


Frances, mar. to Willi, 
Bellin£;ham of ^lauton. 


Susanna, let. 3, l.'iO- ; mar. Martha, mar. at Aistlior[x; -Maigaret, bapt. at 

to Thomas Hobbes of 28 Feb. ir>08-ll to Robert Aistliorpe 21 Aug. 

Streatham, Surrey, Counsel- Cracroft of Whisby ; mar. 1500. 

lor-at-La\v ; died 2 Sept. settlement dated 7 Nov. — 

aud bur. at Streatham C 1G08; bur. at Duiihulme Anno, bajit. at Ais- 

Sept. 1623. 25 Aug. 1607. tborpe .... Feb. 

_ — lCOl-2. 

Jane, bapt. at Ai;thori>e 12 — 

Aug. 1598 ; mar. to Pere- Sarah, mar. at Ais- 

grine Touthebv (mar. lie. tborpe 11 Julv 

St. Paul's, Lincoln, li;;".;;); 10:17 to Tleorge 

living 12 Feb. 1000-7. Marshall, clerk. 

Elizabeth, mav. to Alex- 
ander Amcotts of Wickenby ; 
bur. at Friesthorp ;.; .Jan. 
1019-50, then a widow. 


I '"" II 

William Anicotts of Aisthor[ic,=j=Aiine, dan. of Ricliard Amcotts, bur. at Ais- 

son and heir 1034 : died 4 Sept Pen- thori,e 22 May 1032. 

15 Car. L; bur. at Aisthor]>e - nett ; mar. — 

14 Sept. 1039. Will dated 27 1021 ; died John Amcotts, bapt. 2 Jan. and 

Aug., proved (O.P.C.) 25 Sept. before 27 bur. at Aistliorpe 10 :\Iarch 

and 2ti Nov. 1039. | Aug. 1039. 1597-8. 

1. :Mildred, bapt. at 
Aisthorpe 18 June 
1024 ; living 27 
Aug. 1639. 

2. JIargaiet, bapt. at Ais- 
thorpe ' S Feb. 1020-7 ; 
living 27 Aug. 1039. 

3. Dorothy, bapt. at 
Aisthorpe 31 Julv 
1028 ; living 27 
Aug. 1039. 

1. William Amcoits of Ais- 
tliorpe, son and heir, tet. 14 
at his father's death, 1639, 
born 2 and bapt. ai Ais- 
thorpe 12 Aug. 1025 ; 
entered at Gray's Inn IS 
Dec. 1015; died "at Rich- 
ard Bennett's, in Chancery 
Lane," Loudon ; bur. at St. 
Andre-.v's, Ilolborn, 9 Oct. 

2. John Amcotts of AistlioriX'.=Rhoda, dau. of 

heir of his brother Wiliiam, 

born at Aisthorpe at 10 a.m. 

21 July and bapt. there 5 Aug. 

1630 ;"" died in Covent Garden 

parish"; bur. at St. .-Vndrew's, 

Holborn, 20 Jan. 1 054-5. Will 

dated 30 Dec. 1054: proved 

17 Feb. 1054-5. (C.P.C.) 

Thomas ilussey 
of Caythorpc ; 
mar. at Great 
Coi-ringham 20 
])ec. 1052; liv- 
ing 30 Dec. 
1054 ; bur. at 
i St. GilesMn-the- 
I Fields 9 April 
ti I 1659. ] 



Sir Thomas Broughton = KhoJa, dan. ami licir, Impt. at Great Corn'iidiam 2 Dec. 
of Broiighton, co. Staf- ICh:) ; mar. lie. dated i', July, mar. at St. Paul'?, Covent 
ford, Bart. Garden, ^Middlese.x, 10 ,july )G72. 

4. Yinceut Amcott.=, 1 Sept. 38 Henry YIII.. l.-,46, of Lon-=pCatherine, dan. of 
don, merchant, and of Stratford Langthorn.e.E-sex. Adrainis- I . . . . Tiodley of 
tration C, May 1.384. " London. 

Vincent Amcotts of Hornchnrch, EsseXj^Elizaheth, dan. of Jane, adminis- 

and of Hildickc, near Boston, bur. at : Xichulas Collins tratrix of her 

Southwell, XoUs, 13 Jnne 1C31. | of Little Laver, father C May 

Essex. 1584. 

I I 

Vincent Amcotts=f=Anne. dau. and heir of x\nthony Xorton Jane, mar. to Ste- 

of Langion by j of Burton by Lincoln; mar. there 9 June pheu Johnson, 

"Wragby and of 1C14 ; pos't-nnptial settlement dated clerk of the connt- 

Ilildieke, died | 4 July 20 James L. 1022; living 20 ing house to King 

2 Feb. 1637-8. | Sept. 10 Charles L, 1040. James I. 

I I 

2. Xichohis Ameotts, 
bapt. at Southwell. 
Xotts, 8 ilarch 
162G-7 ; died s.p. 

3. William Ameotts. 

I I 
1. Elizabeth, bapt. at Bu 
ton 27 Dec. 1015 ; mar. 
John Sheflicld of Cruxby, 

Alice, bapt. at St. ifa 
garct'p, Linculn, Jlan 

Helen, dau. = l. Vincent Ameotts of Harringron,=f 
of .Amhonv son and heir, burn 23 Sept. 1025 ; ! 
bapt. at Southwell, Xotts, next day ; \ 
fet. 12 years 4 months and 10 days \ 
at his father's death ; entered at ' 
Gray's Lm 5 :\Iay 1648 ; described I 
of Ameotts 7 July 1075, of Gray's ' 
Inn ;30 Dec. 10.54, of Xettleham I 
11 Sept. 1009 ; died 25 iFay 1C8C; j 
bur. at Harrington. Will dated i 
10 Feb. 1083-4 and codicil 25 May 
1686 ; proved (C.P.C.) 2 Aug. 1086. 

of East 
died s.p 
1st wife 

I I 

r- 2. Anne, 1634, mar. to 
to Thomas Xethercotts of 

r- 3. iLarv, 1034, bapt. ai 
-■h Soutlnv'ell 15 Feb. 
1027-S ; mar. to Vin- 
cent Lawson. 

■Xmy, eldest dau. of Henry 
Mildmay of Graces in Little 
Baddow, Essex, and his co- 
heir ; born 14 Feb. 1648-9 ; 
mar. lie. dated 7 July 1075 ; 
proved her first husband's 
will 2 Aug. 1086 ; remar. 
to Thomas' Hall of Kettle- 
thorpe, and died 20 Feb. 
1712-13 ; bur. at; Harring- 
ton. 2Dd wife. 

1. Vincent Am-=pp:iizabeth, dau. and coheir 

cotts of Har- ; of JohnQuincyofAslackby; 

rington,sonand , mar. at St. Beliefs, Paul's 

heir; of Lin- 1 Wharf, London, 18 ilay 

coin's Inn ; died 1720; died at Lincoln 12 

20 Aug. 1733, I .Inly 1765, set. 71 ; bur. at 

at. 50. j Harrington, 

n I 

VOL. I. 

Henry Ameotts, ilary, only sur- 

2iid son, born 

viviug dan., 

21 .Tan. 1684-5; 

born 2 Feb. 

died 18 :\rav 

1081-2; died 

1705 ; bur. ac 

18 Nov. 1687 ; 


bur. at Har- 




1 v' . 

1. \ iiicent 

died -2:1 

vet. 10. 

'2. Charles Aincotts 
of nrtiTiti'-toii, 
I.L.V.. M.P. for 
Boston 17 OS: Col. 
of Lincoln ^^[ilitia : 
died 14 April 1777, 
Kt. 47. 

I I 

1. Eliza- 3. Frances, coheir of her brother, 

beth.dau., mar.atKottlethorpe, 1 Ang.1754, 

died 10 Everard Duckworth of Spaldinc, 

^rayl7G2, I,L.B., and r.ector of Washinj;- 

;\.'t. ?.S. jiorongh [see that Pedigree] ; 

died a widow I'l April l.Slii, 

ffit. 83, at the Palace, Lincoln ; 

bnr. at Suifltet 30 April 1810. 

2. Anne Maria,=p"\Vharton Emerson of West Retford,— AmeliaTcresa,= 
coheir of her ; Xott?, took the name of Aincotts ; daii. of l'>un- 
brother, born ' 13 Mav 1777, and was created a 1 can Campbell, 
1 1 April 1725 ; Parone't 1 1 [May ] 790. as Sir AVhar- < Pt.X., of South 
mar. at the ton Amcotts of Kettlethorpe Park. , Hall, ArtrjU- 
ChecjuerChurch Lincolnshire, with remainder to ^ shire, by Sarah 
(St. Mary Mag- , William, 2od son of Dame Eliza- i Hall of Whit- 
dalen), Lincoln, beth Ingilby, wife of Sir John | ley, Nortluim- 
16 April 1702; Ingilby of Ripley, Yorkshire, Part. ; berland ; died 
died 1 Jnly He was born at Hackthorne, co. j at Shipley Hall 
1800. 1st wife. Lincoln, Feb. 1739-40, and died 28 Jan. 182.".. 

= William 
of Carr 
Esq., died 
a April 
ret. 78. 
2nd hus- 

at Scarborough 2G Sept. 1807, bur. 
at East Retford 5 Oct. [See 
Emeksox Pedigree.] 



Elizaljeth, only issue of this marriage and- 
sole heir of her mother, Ijorn at Harrington 

24 June 17C3 ; mar. at Kettlethorpe 

25 Oct. 1780; died 1812; bur. at Har- 
rington. She assumed the additional name 
of Amcotts in Oct. IsOo. 

See Emeksox Pedigree. 

--Sir Johu Ligilby of Ripley, Yorks, 
born 9 Mav 1758 ; created a Baronet 
of Great ISritain 24 March 1781 ; 
Sheriff of Yorkshire 1782 ; died at 
Lincoln 14 Mav IS 1 5, a;t. 58. 

See Burke's " Peerage and Baronetage." 

5. Mathew Am-=f=Mary, dau. of Elizal.ietli, mar. 

cotts of Vera John Hil- to John t'oinp- 

Temple 1 Sept. tofte ; bur. at ton of Willing- 

38UenryYlIL, i Wickenby 22 ham. 
1540 ; living 20 ! Feb. 1577-S. 
April 1557. j 

I I 
Dorothy, mar. to Jane, a nun 
John Sheffield of at Heynini;s 
Croxby, and liv- Abbey, liv- 
ing 21) April ing 20 .\pril 
1557. 1557. 

Anne, dau. of . 


Alexander Amcotts=Elizabeth, 

of AViUiam Osney of of Wickenby, J.P., dau. of... 

Blesby ; mar. at Wickenby ait. about 72 in 1034 ; widow of 

22 Sept. 1000 ; bur. at St. a legateeof hisnephew Anthony 

Michael's on the Mount, Robert Osney 8 April Norton. 

Lincoln, 6 May 102O. 1037. 2nd wife. 
1st wife. 

ilargaret, mar. 
at Wickenbv, 
17 Aug. 1579, 
to William 
Gray of Irlbrd; 
living 20 ilay 




EiizalK'th, dan. nnd heir of=pjracthew Anicott5 = 
Mariuadnke Thirkeld of of Vcre 'i\-iiiple 
llavsthurpe. York : bur. at and WicktiiKv. 
Wickenby 17 Nov. l.'.So. , 
1st wife. I 

:P.nd;2et. dan. of Hugh Grautliam 
of Idmhohiie, widow of ... . 
Xavler of 'I'oi-riiigton ; bnr. at 
Diiiiholme 15 ... . loOG. -Jiid 

I I I 

1. Aloxandcr Amcotts of=pElizahecli,daii. •:?. John Am- 3. ^lathew- 
■\VickeiibT,bapt. there 12 ; of Sir Richard cotts, bapt. Amcotts, 
Xov. 1583; Barristc-r-at- i Amcotts of 5 May 1584; bapt. at 
liaw ; appointed Coniisel ! Aisthorpe, Inir. •_' April Wickenby 

forthoCityof Lineohi 17 K.B. ; bur. at liISO at 12 Sept " 

Sept. IGIS", and Depnty- Friesthorpe 3 Wickeuby. 1585. 
Recorder, with reversion Jan. lG-J:;i-50. 
of theRecordershipS Dec. 
1618 ; bnr. at Wickenbv 
23 Oct. 1635. 

Richard Am- 
cotts, bapt. 7 
Xov., bur. 4 
Dee. 1019 at 

Mathew Amcotts, 
bap. 1 G Dec. 
1621; bnr. 5 April 
1623 at Wick- 

AYilliam Amcotts, 
bapt. 16 March 
1622-3 ; bur. 13 
April 1623 at 

1. Selinf 

2. ^larv. 

SnSiin, dan. 
of Francis 
Velez de 
Guevara of 

3. Susan, mar. 
to George Grey 
of Great Lnni- 
ley, CO. Dur- 

^nticrson of 33roufj:{)ton, etc. 

Ak,m.<. — Aiffcnt, a chevron hilicccn three crc 
CitE.ST. — .1 wafer-sjianiel passant jjropcr. 

sesfonj sable. 

Henry Anderson of Wrawby, Lincolnshire, a younger son of= 
.... Anderson of Northumberland, said also to be a great- 
grandson of Roger Anderson of Wrawby. 

William Anderson of Flixborougli, only; 
son, a legatee of his brother-in-law 
George Clayton 154C ; died 18 Oct. 4 and 
5 Philip and Mary, 1557. 

= Katherine, dau. of ... . Clayton, niece 
of ... . Clayton, .Abbot of Tliornholme, 
.sister of George Clayton, Rector of 
Bronsrhton, and Thomas Clavtou, Rector 

I of W 

addingham 1546. 

Edward .\uderson, probably o.r.p. 

„ I 
1. Thomas .Anders.m of Castlethorp in==Helena, dau. of George 
the palish of Brougiiton. son and heir, I Da'.lisou of Laughton ; 
at. 26 and more 28 Oct. 4 and 5 Philip j bur.aLBroughton 1605. 
and Marv, 1557. .4- 

[Sc'C page 25.] 

2. Richard 
of Roxby, 




3. Sir Eilmuiul Andcvsoa of Brougluon.^pila.frJalen, dau. of Christo]iher Smith of 
Knt., and of Ey\vorth, Beds, Lord^Chief , Annables, Herts, Clerk of tiie Pijie; born 
1543; proved lier husband's will 6 Aug. 
160.") : adni'x of her dau. Dame Grisell 
Sheffield .Ian. ICl'J-lT ; died Jan. 

Justice of tlie Common Pleas 1582 to 
1605 ; knighted 1583; died 1 Aug. 1605. 
set. 75 ; bur. at Kyworth, Beds, 5 Sept. 
following. "Will dated 1 July and 31 Julv, 
proved (C.P.C.) 6 Aug. 1005. 

1622-3, xt. 7'J ; bnr. at E3\vorth. Will 
dated 26 March 1617, theti of -'Charter 
House Chp.rchyard," London ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 21 Jan. 1G22-3. 

Catherine, mar. 
34 Eliz., 1592, 
to Sir George 
Booth of Duu- 
liam Massey, co. 
Chester, Knt. 
and Bart. ; liv- 
ing 1 July 1605 
and 26 March 

Grisell, mar. to 
Sir John Shef- 
field, 1st son of 
Muigrave. Will 
dated 14 Sept. 
1615, adm'un 9 
Jan. 1616-17. 

.1 I 

Elizabeth, mar. to 
of Easton Xestou, 
shire.Knt. ; living 
26 :\Iarch 1617. 

2 dau., died 

3. ilargaret, born on 
the Friday before 
Michaelmas' 10 Eliz., 
1568; mar. to Sir 
Thomas Jlonson of 
South Carlton, Bait. ; 
jiroved her mother's 
will 21 Jan. 1622-3 ; 
died 3 Aag. 1630 ; South Carlton. 

1. Edmund An- 
derson, not men- 
tioned in his 
father's will ; 
mar. Elizaljeth, 
dau. of Thomas 
lukpen, remar. 
to Sir Edmund 
Bell of Upwell, 
Norfolk, Knt. 
He died s.p. 

Judith, dau. of= 
Stephen Soame 
of Loudon, 
Knt. ; died in 
childbed 4 July 
1 60S, bur. in St. 
Pancras, Soper 
Lane, Loudon, 
5 July ; after- 
wards removed 
to Thurlow, Suf- 

2. Sir Francis A nderson of=Audrey, dau. of Sir 
Eywortli, Beds, knighted i John Boteler of 
before 1 July 1605 ; died 
22 Dec. 1616 : bur. at 
Eyworth. Will dated "on 
or about" 12 Oct. 1616 ; 
proved 27 Oct. 1616 ! 27 Oct. 1616, and 
(C.P.C.) ; confirmed by i his administratrix 
sentence ult. Trin., 1617 ; ! 5 Aug. 1622, then 
proof an u ulled by sen tence 
2Asc. 1622; and adminis- 
tration, with will annexed 
(nuncupation made on 
or about — Oct. 1616), 
granted 22 Aug. 1622. 

Hatfield, Wood- 
hall, Herts, Bart.; 
mar. 16 10; proved 
her husband's will 

liady Leigh (hav- 
ing remar. to 
Francis Leigh, 
afterwards Earl of 
Chichester); dead 
5 Aug. 1655. 

Sir John Anderson of St. Ives 
age 12 Oct. 1616 ; created a I 
1628-0 ; died unmar. at Apsco 
on-Thames 1630. 

I I 

, Hunts, under ^Xlury, Frances, bapt. at St. 
iaronet 3 Jan. died James's, Clerken- 

urt in AValton- young, well, Middlesex, 26 
Dec. 1615. 

1. EdmundAnderson=pAlice,dau.of Sir John 2. Stephen An-=f Kathcrine, dau 

of Eyworth, Beds,son j Constable of Dru- dersun of ?>- 

and heir, bapt. at St. monby, Yorks, and worth, Beds 

Pancras, S,jpcr Lane, j sole heir, by Dorothy, administrator 

London, 18 May dau. and coheir of "de bonis non' 

1607 ; ffit. 10 at his 
father's death ; died 
4 April 1638 ; bur. 
at Eyworth.'on 
17 April 16S8. B 

Benedict Barnham, 
Alderman of London ; 
administratrix of her 
husband 1638. 

of his father 5 
Aug. 1655. 

of Sir E.lwi 
Sandys of Om- 
bersley, CO. Wor- 
cester, Knt. ; 
bur. at Eyworth 
8 March 1656-7. 



Dorotliv, only 
dau. and heir, 
Eet. 6 years 
and 7 montlis 
4 Ang. 1633; 
mar. lo Sir J. 
Cotton of Con- 
nington, co. 
Hunts, Bart. 


ilary, dan. of Sir=pl. Sir Srtphen Au-=pJiulitli, dau. of Sir 
John Glynne, dersouofEvwortb, , John Lawrence, Knt., 
Serjeant-at-Law; Beds, created Bart, i Alderman of London, 
mar. at St. Giles'- 13 July KkU ; | Lord Mayor 1065; 
in-thc- Fields 2 tec. '• alx".nt 28 " 5 i mar. at Hackney 8 
June 1664; died April 1673 ; died April 1673, then'wt. 
2.5 Feb. 1667-8; 9 Jan. 1707-8 ; ; "about 23 ;" bur. at 
bur. at Eyworth. bur. at Ersvorth. | St. Helen's, Loudon, 
j 10 May 1688. 

Anne, only dau., 
mar. at Kensing- 
ton, Middlesex, 
11 Sept. 1683, 
Sir Willoughby 
Hickman of 
Bart. ; bur. 
May 1701. 

Sir Stephen An-=p.\nue, dan. of 
dcrson of Ey- | Sir ^lartiu 
vorth, only son 

and heir, 
Bart., bapt. 



St.Helen's, Lon- 
don.'l Oct. 1678; 
died 21 Oct. 
1741 ; bur. at 
Evworth, CO. 

Lunilev of 
Bardfield, Es- 
sex, Bart., by 
dau. and heii' 
of Sir Jona- 
than Davres ; 
died 27 Oct. 
1719 ; bur. 
at Eyworth, 


4. Jonathan An- Anne, bapt. at St. An- 
derson, bapt. at drew's, Holboru, 14 

St. Andrev 
Holborn,12 June 
1713 ; bur. at 
Evworth 11 April 

5. Henry Ander- 
son of the iliddle 
Temple, Barris- 
ter-at-Law, died 
unmar. ; bur. at 
Eyworth 5 April 

May 1704 ; mar. 1732 
to Anthony Ellis, D.D., 
Rector of St. Olaye's, 
Old .Jewry, London, 
Prebendary of Glou- 

Elizabeth, died unmar. 
in Great Ormond Street, 
London ; " carried 
away " and bur. at Ev- 
worth 11 July 1720." 

I I I 

1. Abigail, bapt. at St. 
Helen's, L..ndon, 8 May 
1674 ; died unmar. 29 
XoY. 1733. 

2. Penelope, died un- 
mar. in Great Ormond 
Street, London ; " car- 
ried away" to be bur. 
17 June 1720. 

3. Katheriiie, died nn- 
mar. 9, and bur. at Ey- 
worth 17 April 1705. 


Mary, bapt. 
( from Red 
Lion Square) 
at St. An- 
drew's, Hol- 
born, 3 Xov. 
1707; mar. to 
Justinian Is- 
ham of Lam- 
port, Xorth- 

Judith, died 
unmar. 29 
Jan. 1740-1. 

I I 
Kacherine, died 
26 Oct. 1719, 
tet. 2 days. 

Frances, bapt. 
at St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, 4 Feb. 
1710-11 ; mar. 
11 Feb. 173S-9 
Edward Rad- 
cUfl'e of London, 
Turkey mer- 

Elizabeth, only=pl. Sir Stephen An-="Mars-, dau. of 

dan. of ililes 1 derson of Eyworth, "William Else- 

Barne of Lon- \ 3rd and last Bart., good of Xor- 

don,merchant ; j bapt. at St. An- wich ; reraar. 

mar. 27 Jan. | drew's, Holborn, 15 30irarchl773 

1731-2 ; bur. \ Xov. 1708 ; died to Hon. Tho- 

at Eyworth 21 ; 17 Feb. 1773; bur. mas Shirley of 

April 1769. at Eyworth, s. p. Horkstow, 

I Rear-Admiral, 

j 3rd son of the 

Stephen .\nderson, only son, otli Earl Fer- 

died yonng. rers. 

2. Edninud Anderson, 
bapt. at St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, 7 Dec. 1709 ; 
of Magdalen Colk-ge, 
Oson ; died unmar. 
9 Feb. 1766-7 ; bur. 
at Eyworth. 

3. Henry Anderson, 
bajit. at St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, 2 ilarch 
1711-12 ; died young. C 

LixcoLNsni];!: pedigrees. 

2. Francis Anderson of ilanby, died^pKlizabetli, voun,c:e5t dan. and coheir of 
15 April 170G, an. 03; bnr. at John ].odin!_'ton of Fuhictby ; mar. 
Broiightun. Will dated 27 Feb. ^ Jan. 1674-5"^; died 2 .hine 16iu ; hiir. 
171IJ-G ; proved 20 June 170G. ! at P.ronghton. 

1. Francis Ander-- 
son of JIanby, son 
and Iicir, born 
1675; Sheriff of 
Liucohi 1711 ; 
died 20 Sept. 1747, 
set. 72 ; bur. ;it 

OTary, eldest dan. of 2. Stephen An- 4. Edmund An- 
Charles Pelhani of dcrsou, born at derson, born 18 
Brocklesby, coheir of ]\Ianliy 20 July ilarch 16S 

her brother Charles 
Pelham ; born at 
Brocklesby 21 April 
It; 77 ; mar. 17 ^fav 
1708; died 10 Feb. 
1732-3, and bur. at 

lCi77 ; living 

3. John .Ander- 
son, born 30 
MaylG83; liv- 

iivingl705; died 
1 April 1740 ; 
bur. at Evworth, 
Beds, x\. 54. 


1. Francis An-= 
sou and heir, 
bapt. at Brough- 
ton 29 July 
1711 ; died 23 
Oct. 1758, ffit. 
47 ; bur. at 

See Burke's " Pee 

= Hleanor, dau. of 
Thomas Carter 
of Kinniel and 
Bathavern, co. 
Denbigh, and 
Redbourne, co. 
Lincoln; remar. 
5 ilav 1768 to 
Eobert Yyuer of 
Gautby, M.P. 


2. Charles 
bapt. at 
12 Dec. 
1712; died 
28 Jan. 

I I 

1. Eliza ilaria, born 3 ^fay 
1710; mar. at Broughtou, 
27 Nov. 1729, Thomas 
Whichcott of Harpswcll ; 
died 25 Oct. 1732. 

2. Charlotte, bap.atBrough- 
ton 28 June 1719 ; mar. 
to Charles Reynolds of the 
Inner Temple ; died s.p. 

and Baronetage." 

Elizabeth =pEdwin Ander-=pMary, dau. of Henry 

Smith of Scotter; Dapt. 
19 Sept. 1661 ; mar. 
■26 Nov. 1679 ; died 
and bur. at Scotter 2-j 
Jan. 1715-16. 

AVavin, sonofBrougl: 

mar. at ton, and after- 

Belton in wards of Tho- 

Axholme nock, bur. at 

8 May Scotter 21 Oct. 

1675^ 1717. 

I I 

Stephen An- Edwin Anderson, born 1682 ; of Mor- 
derson,bapt. ton, near Gainsborough, 1741; mar. 
at Bekon 17 Mary, dau. of . . . . She died 25 Dec. 
Aug. 1677. 17-8 (? 1748), bur. at Scotter, then a 

widow ; he died 20 Oct. 1743, vet. 61, 

bar. at Scotter. 


4. Edmund Anderson, 
died 6 Aug. 1674. 
Left issue in Bedford- 
shire. =p 

I I 
Henry Andci'son of 
Morton, bur. at Scot- 
ter 23 Oct. 1738. 

JIary, bapt. at Scot- 
ter 21 Nov. 1681. 

1. Catherine, born at ilr. 
Gerard's house, Rose .Al- 
ley, High Holljorn ; bai)t. 
at St. Andrew's, Uolborn, 
2 July 1640,dicdau infant 
5 Sept. following ; bur. 
at Broughtou. 


2. Penelope, mar. ;a 4. Catherine, 

1 1 

6. Jndith, 

St.Giliji'-in-the-Fields, died unmar. 

mar. to 

12 Julv 1659, to Sir — 


William Glynne of 5. Elizabeth, 

of Bawtry, 

Bicester, O.xou, Bart. died unmar. 


3. Mary, died young. 

7. Frances. D 




Elizabeth, daii. of=3. AVilliain Anderson of Bnuiditon 1 Jnlv-^Jomie.* dan. of 

Sir Tlioma 

s Darnell IGdo ; adn 

of Tliornb 

olnif and : Slufliold ; 

Stickford ; 

living 8 mother's \ 

Oct. 1C3S. 

j Bronghton 

of l,i< sist-r n 
-17 : i.rowd 

Two daus., died voung. 

Thomas Essex 
of Laniboiirne, 
Berks, sister of 
Sir William Es- 
sex, Bart. 

Marj,dan.of Thomas=pSir Edmund Ander-=S_ybilla, dau. of SirEow- 

■\\'ood of AuJfield, 
Yorks, and JIary But- 
ler of the Lanes- 
borough family, his 
wife and heir of Bar- 
nard Wood, of Kiln- 
wick PercT,' Yorks ; 
died in childbed So 
Jan. 1030-7, a>t. 30 ; 
bur. at South Carlton. 
1st wife. 

sou of Bronghton, 
only son, a^t. 26 in 
1631 ; a legatee of 
his grandmother 2G 
^lar. 1017 ; created 
a Baronet 11 Dec. 
12 Car. II., 16G0 ; 
bur. at Brouuliton. 
Will dated 2" Sept. 
] 600 ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 12 Feb. 

land ?"gertun of I'ar- 
thinghoe, Xorthants, 
Bare, and relict of Ed- 
ward Bellot of iloreton, 
CO. Cest. Her funeral 
sermon preached at 
BroughtonSOOct.lCOl ; 
bur. there, s.p. Will 
dated 27 Aug. 1001 ; 
proved (C.P.C.) 23 Nov. 
1001. 2nd wife. 

. . . ., dau., 
a legatee of 
her grand- 
20 March 

1. William Anderson, living 2 Sept. 
IGOO; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 
John BakerofSisonhurst, CO. Kent, 
Bart. She remar. to Sir Jonathan 
Atkins of Yorks, Knt., then of St. 
Martin's-in-the-Fields (Esq.) ; mar. 
lie. dated 8 Oct. 1 661, then st.about 
30, and described of St. ]Martin's- 
in-the-Fieids, Middlesex. 

Sir Edmund An- 
derson, only son, 
ffit. 8inlOG9,3rd 
Bart., of Brongh- 
ton ; died at the 
University, un- 
mar., 17 Dec. 

2. Edmund 
died an in- 


3. Sir John An-:::pElizabeth, 
dersoD, 2nd Bart., ' dau. of 
of Bronghton, Hugh 
eldest surviving : Snawsell 
son, died JIarch j of Bilton 
1670 ; bur. at in the 


Ainsty of 

I I 
1. Elizabeth, mar. 

Collins of St. 

Fields, Middlesex. 

Frances, died un- 
mar. before 1703. 


2. Katherine, bapt. at 
Bronghton 7 Dec. 
1603 ; mar. to John 
Thomp-on of Sd. 
Middlesex, 17 Nov. 
1694 ; bur. in the 
cloisters of Westmin- 
ster Abbey 5 Jan. 
1713-14, ffit. 49, s.p. 

3. !Mary, mar. 
Kobert Vesey 

of . . . ., CO. 

Oxon ; bur. 
at Abingdon, 
Berks, S^Xov. 
1704, a widow. 

Margaret, dan. and coheir=f4. Sir Edmund Anderson,=pEIizabeth, dan. of Sir 
of William Cox of Porters : 4th Bart., of Bronghton, | Anthony Deane of 
in Shenlev, Herts; lic.Fac. I heir of his nephew; entered ' London, Knt.; lie. 
Off. 31 May 1662. 1st at Gray's Inn 1 March • Fac. Olf. 24 March 
wife. 1646-7 ; bur. at Sbecley. j 1680-81. 2nd wife. 

E ■ F I G 

♦ By this marriage of William Anderson with Joan Essex, his family became sole repre- 
scntatiyes of the ancient Saxon family of Essex, descended from Sweno de Essex, temp. Edward 
the Confessor. 




1. William Anderson, 
set. 5 in ICOn ; died 
17 March 1C73, ret. 
" not quite 11 ;" bur. 
at Sheiilev, Ilorts. 

2. Edmund Anderson, mar. Carr, 
dan. and heir of John t;ha^\- ofWy- 
berton. co. Lincoln. She was livinf 
1 7Sept. 1 08.:.. 1 ledied 1 TSept. 1 Os f 
an. 21; bur. at Ph,Ti]cv. Herts, s.ix 

^lary, only dau., 
died 23 Aug. 
li'>(.U, xi. '• not 
quite 1 ;" bur. ac 
Shenlev, Herts. 

Mary, dau.=pSir Edmund An- 
of William ' derson, 1st son, 
Harvey of ath Bart., of 
Rolls " in RroGidUonandof 
Chig;«\-ll, , Kihiwick Percy, 
Essex ; i Yorks. bapt. at 
died 10, ! 8c. Giles'-in-thc- 
bnr. at ; Fields 4 Nov. 

Kibiwick lf;S7 ; died 3 
Percy 22 ! May 17G.J ; bur. 
Aug. 1748. at Kilnwick 10 
I May, set. 77. 


:pFrances, dau. 1. Elizabeth, bapt. at 

of Batty St. Andrew's, Hol- 

of Tadcaster, born,Londi>n(in Dean 
Yorks ; mar. Street, Fetter Lane), 
10Julyl7.".4; 21 Aug. IGSO ; mar. 
died 11 .Sept. at the .Savoy Chapel, 
i 1801 ; bur. London, in 1711, to 
at Kiln wick Stephen Croft of Scil- 
Percy,;ct.72. lington, Yorks, and 

wasbur. 25 0ct. 1771, 

XI. yi. He was bur. 

at Stilliiigton 19 .Jan. 

1733. =r 

2. Susan, 
Row) at 
St. An- 
Hoi born, 
27 Aug. 
109.3 ; 
died an 

1. Elizabeth, mar. 
30 Jnne 173."i to 
Henry Brewster 
Barley of Aldby 
Park, Yorks ; bur. 
at Kihiwick Percy 
18 July 179.3, a;t. 

2. Doi'othy, mar. 
at Kihiwick 

Percy 11 ilarch 
1750 to William 
Burton of Hot- 
ham, Yorks. 

3. Maw, Mis- 
tress of the 
Wardrobe at 
Hampton Couiu 
Palace ; died 

1. Edmund Aiider>on, 
a volunteer captain un- 
der General Hawiey ; 
diedunmar.; waskilfed 
ia a duel with swords 
at Maestricht IS — 24 
Sept. 1747, xt. 33. 
M.L Kihiwick Percy. 

Elizabeth Dorothy 
Frances, only sur- 
viving child ; mar. 
Nicholas Smith, 
ral of Chancerv ; 
died 2 June 1802, 
fet. 40. 

^^Aiine, dau. of 
John iladdisonof 

2. .'^ir William Anderson, Oih Bart., 
of Broughton, heir, in H.O., M.A. ; 

bapt. at St. Giles'-in-the-Fields 31 j Stainton-le-Va'le "; 

March 1721 ; Rector of Epworth, mar. at Little 

Isle of Axholme, 1757 ; resieued . Grimsby 7 Ancr 

about Aug. 1784 ; died at Bell Hall, 1747 ; died 3^ 

near York, 9 March 1785; bar. at Aug., LeaS 

Lea 15 March, ait. 03. | Sept. 1783, xt. 50. 

See Burke's " Peerage and Baronetage," 1890. 

I I 

5. Francis Anderson, mar. 1st G. Charles 7. Stephen An- :\rary, mar. to Tho- 

Frances, dau. of ... . Stares- 
more of Froleswortli, co 
Leicester ; 2ndly, Hellen, dau 
of William Anderson of Hull. 

Anderson, derson, mar. mas'Xortonof I 

died un- :\[ary, dau. of thoni, Yorks, 

mar. Jolin Luckyn, living 2 Sept. 1 

Alderman of — 

Cambridge, and Susan and Fra 

died s.p. both died younr 


Stephen Anderson, mar. Mary Luckyn and died s.p. 



^iitirrson of iDiinljolmc, etc. 

[MS. C. 2:^ Ileral.U' College.] 

Roger Anderson of Wrawby. co. Lincoln, temp. Edward II.,=p 
great-grandfather of Henry Anderson of Wrawhy, a younger | 
son of the Andersons of Xovthuiiilx-rlaiid. /jx 

■William Anderpoii of Flixborongli,--^Kutherine, dau. of Clayton, niece of Wil- 

oiily sou, a legatee of his hi-oiher- liaui Clayton, Abbot of Thoruliolnie, brother 
in-law George Clayton (died IS of Oeorge Clayton, Rector of Bronghton, and 
Oct. 154t)) 4 and 5 Philip and Thomas Clayton, Rector of Waddingham, 
]\Iarr, 1557. 1546. 

Edward Anderson, jirobably o.T.p.= 

3. Sir Edmund Anderson of Broi)gh-=rMagQaIen, dau. of Christopher Smith of 
ton and of Ey\Yorth. Beds, Kilt., Lord I Annables, Herts, Clerk of the Pipe; 
Chief Justice of tlie Common Pleas | died 'J Jau. l(;2-2-3, st. 71) ; bur. at Ey- 
1582 to 16U5; knighted 1583; died j worth 24 Jan.; proved her liusband's 
1 Aug. 1G05, ffit. 74*^; bur. at Evworth, | will C Aug. 1005. Will dated 2G March 
Beds,' 5 Sept. followiug. Wifl dated { 1G17, then of " Charter House Church- 
1 Julv and 31 July, proved CCP.C.) j yard," London ; proved (C.P.C.) ilJan. 
6 Aug. 1G05. ' 1 1622-3. 

See Burke's " Peerage aud Baronetage." 

I I 

1. Thomas Anderson of Castletborpe=j=Helena, dau. of George 2. Richard Auder- 
in the parish of Brougliton, son and Dallison of Laughton ; son of Rn.'iby, died 
heir, a;t. 26 and more" 28 Oct. 4 and bur. at BrouglUon 15 unmar. 
5 Philip and ilary, 1557. Feb. 1605. 

Elizabeth, liv 
17 Mav 16i: 

Mary, mar. to Sir 
Richard William- 
son of Gainsbro', 


ilagdalen, mar. Susan, mar. to Margaret, mar. to Rich- 

to Robert Da- Thomas Tooiey ard Gadburyof Eyworth, 

vci^port; died at of Sonthhouse Beds; bur. at Kywf>rth 

ManbyinlG09. Grange in Leg- 23 Dec. 1630. He died Master of Re 

— bourne and of 16, bur. at Eyworth 17 quests 1612 ; re 

Clement's Inn, Oct. 1624. A brass to nounced adminis 

London, whose their memory. Had a tration of herhuS' 

executrixshewas dan. Magdalena, also baud 6 Sept. 1611) 

15 July 1617. bur. at Eyworth. ^LL 

1. Roger Anderson of=pl>orotiiy, 

Castlethor[ie, purchased | dau.<'f 

Roos ilanor in Elsham L'Estrange 
aud the site and lamlsof of. . ..Xo'r- 
the Priory there about folk; living 
1 Nov. 34 Eliz., 15'.i2 ; 26 ilarcii 
living 17 Mav 1617. 1617. 

.Joan, dau. of= Rol»ert .\nder-=pEliz:ibeth, 

..... widow s(in of Castle- dau. of 

of a rich thorf>e in the .\ugustine 

citizen ; died parish of Earle of 

s.p. ; bur. at Bronghton, Straggle- 

Broufjhton living 2 ilav tlmrpe; 

1618r 1607 and 14 living 20 

Sept. 1615. July 1636. 

accor^line to Co'J 




I I 

I I 


Elizabotli. mar. John Ka- Katheriiic, died 
Tens of Henlow, Beds. s.p. 

Anne, d'wd s.p. ^farv, died s.ii. 

Frances, dau. and heir, a't. 12, 
1(':U ; mar., after 20 July 
lG:Usto Rieliard Williams of 
Denton, and left an only dau. 

J i . M I 

Edmund Andeisein, died s.p. ; Lionel Anderson, died \\ illiam=pJano, dau. 

bur. at Bruiighton 15'J2. in London. Ander- : of 'William 

— — son, 10th I Joliuson 

Eolieit Andei'son, living l(;;-,4 ; Francis Anderson, born child, liv- ! of I-anca- 

die:l s.p.; Inir. at Broughton. at r>rougliton IGOG. inglG34. ' shire. 

Edmund Anderson, died at Lvonel Anderson, living Jan 
Cambridge, s.p. 1C34. ^ 

L\ Dorotliy. Alice. 
All died voung. 

Edmund Anderson- 
of Dunholme, de- 
scribed of Scotter 
25 Nov. 1027 ; 
died at Dunholme ; 
bur. there 14 Feb. 

pFrances, dau. of Sir William Anderson of Dublin 1G34, an 

.... Disney of adventurer iu Ireland; knighted aftei- 17 

Thornby, co". May 1G17 ; after the rebellion came to 

Northampton ; London ; mar , dan. of Dr. J^ake of 

mar. at Scotter Cauterbury ; died at his house in iFill- 

10 April 1621; bauk, Westminster ; bur. in Westminster 

bnr. at Dunholme Abliey 1G48.* 
24 Feb. 1G77-8. =r ' " ' 


I I 

1. Francis Anderson, 
bapt. at Scotter 14 
Jan. 1G22-3 ; ffit. 13 
in 1034; bnr.atr»un- 
holme 21 July 1C44. 

2. William Anderson, 
bapt. 2 Jan., bnr. 7 

3. William Anderson=^Elizabeth, dau. of Chris- 
of Dunholme, bapt. | topher Randesof Burtou- 
at Scotter 9 Sept. j by- Lincoln, bapt. there 
1G20 ; £et. 8 in 17JunelG30; mar. f' 
1C34 ; died at Peter- Dunholme 27 Jan. 164> , 
borough, CO. North- bur. there 13 ilarch 
amjjton ; bur. at 1074-5. 
riunholme 2 Juu 




I. Edmund 2. PJdmund Anderson, born ^Monday, 3. Francis Anderson, 

Anderson, 19 July, bapt. at Duidiolrae Saturday, 3 June, bur. 4 Aug. 

bapt. 5 24 July, 1052 ; mar. in 1078 dau. at Dunholme. 

June, bur. of ... . Allen, and had issue: Ann, — 

20 Aug. wife of Timothy Goodwin, Archbishop 4. William Anderson, 

1651 at of Cashel, died' 1729 ; and Charlotte, at Dunholme 14Aug. 1 

Duidiolme. mar. to Kol^ert Jocelyn, 1st ^'iscount died same year. 
Jocelyn, Lord Chaiici'llor of Ireland. — 

Admitted iliddle Temple 25 Nov. 5. William Anderson, 

1071. at Dunholme 13 Nov. 1 


frilher of Viscountess Joocljn is CJuirlex Anderson 

' Not mentioned in Colonel Chester' 

Inster Abbev R.-g-iEters. 


C. John Anderson, l.oni S. Cluirles Andorsuti, bapt. 1. France^ born i:. \.,v 

at Dunholnie li' April i'7 .Imie, bur. ;;u An?, bapt. 20, bur. Ij Dec! 

lt;.V.( ; bur. there 7 (Jet. IGt^'.t at Dnnholmc. ^ 1049 at Danlidnie. i 

1703. _ _ i 

— 0. Charles Anderson, born 2. Elizabah, bapt. 20 | 

7. Tlioiiias Aniler^on, 5, bapt. at Dunhohnc 9 Sept. ICui:',, and bur IG 

bapt. at Diinhohne 4 Aug. 1G72. Feb. 1G54-5 at Dun- ' 

Jiuie 1G63. holme. I 

I I i \ 

3. Ehzabeth, lioru at 4. ilary, born 5. Katheriue, sole surviving, G. Bridget, 

Dunholme 22 June on Monday 21, bapt. at Dunliolme 9 Apnl bapt. 24° 

1660; bur. there on bapt. at Dun- 1GG5 ; mar. to George Cart- Sejit., bur. 

H(ilyThursday,Siray hohne 27 Oct. wright of Os<inirron, Notts ; G Oct. IGGG 

I''*'-- 1661 ; died died 3 .^ept. 1743, xt. 78; at Dun- 

1C62. bur. there. holme. 

[Linuohi Wills and Transcripts.] 

Henry Andrews of Osgodby, High .Sheriff of co. Lincoln 172S.= 
Will dated 2 Sept. 1727 ; proved 9 July 1731. j 

ilenry Andrews of .John Andrew?.— Mary, dau. and coheir John Booth=pAnn. 

Osgodby, 1 son; 2 son. Will of Samuel Mottram of of Market 

mar. ilary, dau. of dated 17 Xov. ' Addlethoi-pe ; mar. at Ra^en. 

Will dated 1744; proved ; All Saints, Stamford, Adm'on .5 

17 Oct. 1732; 23 Oct. 1753. j 17 Jan. 1711-12 ; died Au". 1719 

proved 23 July 24 Oct. 1728, xt. 31 ; 

1733 ; s.p. bur. at Addletborpe. 

William nairby,=Mary. Anna Maria, died 6 Sept.=f=Eev. Thomas Booth Yicar 
M.D., of Spils- 1779, st. GG. Adm'on I of Market Jtasen ; died 4 

t>y. 12 Feb. 1780. Dec. 1764. 


Mottram Andi-eus, 
1 son, dead in 1789. 
(S,. G, p. 2^). 


Henry Andrews of Alf ird, 
2 son. Will dated 29 Dec. 
1789; proved 12 Xov. 1792. 

John Andrews of Alford,=p 
3 son. Will dated 15 Aug., I 
proved II Dec. 1789. 


I I ('') I I 

John Andrews of Gains-=p Henr_v Andrews of=M;u-th^, dau. Thoina.s 

Wakefield, CO. York, of Jeremiah Andrews, 

cx'or to uncle Henry Xaylor. — 

Andrews in 1792. Mai-y. 

borough and Alford, 
ex'or to nncle Henry 
Andrews in 1792. 

John Maddison of Alvin!:^ham=rElizaI)eth, mar. 1795. 
Sec I^LujDisON Pedifrrce. 

(See ©, p. 27.) 
(?) Lieut.-Gol. Mot tram Andre ws.=p 

Jlottram Fellowes Andrews=p 

William de Mev ilottrara Andrews, died at Ladysmith, 
S. Africa, 31 March 1900, ajt. 2G. 

[Note. — This pedigree, and that of the Aiidi-ews of Tapholmc, I have compiled from wills 
and registers.— A. R. il.] 

^ntrclus of dip!)olmc. 

[Lincoln Wills.] 

John Andrews of Tupholme, yeoman. Will dated=pJane, dau. 
5 April, proved 28 May 1601. I of ... . 

Henry .^ndrews,r^France.«, dau. of Hon. Ed- 

biir. ac Bardiiey warJ^\'illougllby.2adson 

26 Sept. 1656 ; [ of Charles, Lord Wil- 

supervisor to his ^ louojhby of Farliam ; mar. 

brother-in-law I 2nd!y, 23 March 1658. 

AVilliani Martin- I Everard I)ighton,Yiear of 

dale's will in 1649. Croft, RectorofBucknall. 


AnD,=j=William Martin- 

mar, in ' dale of Kirtoii 


1601. : in Holland. Will 


; dated 10 May 


: 1649 ; proved 

; 1649. 

Henry Andrews, Gent., of=f= Alice, dau. of ... . William ilartindale of^Jaoe 

Tiii)hohne,ffit. 3:j in 1666. Ut-a of iloulton ; Bardney. 

Will dated I'lJ ilay 1673 ; mar. lie. 19 June 
proved 3 Feb. 1673-4. 1666, ict. l'1. 

I II I ' 

Rea Andrews. Jane. Juliana. William Martindale, bapt. at Bardney 

8 Jan. 1700-1. 


^nrjc\jinc of Cljctitilttljcirpc. 

[Uarl. MS. Io50. Lincoln Wills and Post-JIortem Inquisitions.] 

AEil.S. — An/mf, tiro hars tjuks, on a chief nrl three herants. 
Crest. — A vine proper. 

William Angovinc of Boston, goldsmith,— Elizabeth William Angevync of West 

claimant along with Lawrence Moigue ; . . . . Ashby, a juror in a Post- 

of Tlicddlethorpie of the patronage of : mortpm Inquisition 5 Ed- 

Theddlethoriie Church 13S0. ; ward IIL 

William Angevinc of==Elizabeth or Katherine, dau. and heir of 
Theddlcthorpe. I Sir Andrew Leeke, Knt., of Boston. 

I I 

Richnrd Ange-=pilargaret, dau. of John John Angevine of=p. . . . dan. of . 
vine. Bradstone. Theddlethorpe. Langholme. 

Roger=Alice. John Angevine of Tlieddle-^f^. . . . dau. of John Lang 

Celey.* thorpe. holme. 

Bernard Angevine of Theddle-^pMargaret, dau. of Patrick Skipwith of 
thorpe. I Uttcrby. 

Michael Angevine of Theddle-^f^Joan. dau. of Thomas Jane, of Great Stmton. 
thorpe and West Real. Inq. (or John) Towthhy Will dated 23 :\Iay 1.552 ; 
p.m. M Henry VliL of Towihby. proved 13 Feb. 1553. 

I n ri 

Bernard Angevine, died v.p.=T=Ann, dan. of Charles Jane, mar. 1st John 

[? mar. 2ndly Joan, widow 1 Sir Gilliert Angevine. 'Williamson, 2iidly 

of John Travers of St. ^fary 
Magdalen, Lincoln, 23 July 

William Woodford. 

Agnes, mar. — 
Gilby. Margaret. 

John .\ngevinc of ThcdJle--^r)orothy. dau. of Jane, mar. BernardAngevine.t 

thorpe, a;t. 2() in 1522. William Hulbecke . . . . Buw- l)ur. at East, Real 

Will dated i Aug. 1572; 1 of Yorkshire. ett. 11 July 1C05. 
proved 24 July 1574. I 

i n ^1 

William Ange-=f Cicely, dau. of Mary. mar. Christopher Ann, mar. 1st Wil- 

vinc, executor Sir Christopher ScupholmeofSomereotes. Ham Meresof (ireat 

to his father's ! Hildyard,Rnt., — Carlton, 2udly Ro- 

wili 1574. i of Winestead. Jane,inar. Robert Bullen. bert Jennison of 

A j CO. Xorfolk. B 

• See Harl. Soc, Vol. XI.III.. p. .i7. 

t B.-'uiard Angevine m.iy possibly hare been a son of Charles Angevine, younger brother of 





Christoplier Am-=p Ellen, 
geviiie of Salt- dau. 
flcctbyAllSaints. of 

Will ■ datod 20 

4 April 1.VJ2. 

Michael .\na;e-=f=Af^nes. dan. Margaret 
vine of Salr- | ot\ . . . — 
fleetbv All Lciuird,; 
Saints. Will widow ,.f ...".Eh 
dated 1 :^[ay liardv.lo- — " 
Itnii; proved mew Ellis. Dorothy. 
■_'7 Juue 1G17. 


Jane, bur. 

at West 
r. Theddle- 
. thuriv 

2 Feb. 


t Saltfleetby 

Frances, bapt. at East Hakon John Ange- Joan, bapt. a 
11 July 15Si. viue. 8 Nov. Ifil2 

Charles An-^Alice,dau. and heir of Nicholas Dyiuoke, son of Sir Thomas Dyiuoke, 
gevine. Kiit , of Scrivelsby, by Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of Sir Nicholas 

Hebden, Knt. 

i I 1 

Nicholas Wilham Au,2;evine of AVest A.shby, co.=piIargaret ^Margaret, mar. 
Ange- Lincoln, and Hebden, co. York ; died .... AVilliamTowthby 

vine. 10 Sept. 1500. Inq. p.m. 23 March ; of Towthhy. 

15 Henry YIL, and again 17 May. j 

l~ \ I Tl 

Charles Angcvine of Wt.-st-T=Marguret died John An- Robert Dorothy. 

Ashby, son and heir, ;et. 25 Feb. 151i;. Inq. gevine, Angevine, — ■ 

10 in 1500 (otherwise 20); j p.m. 7 Heury YIIl. 2nd son. Srd .son. Joan. 
died before 151(3. 

I . _ I 

John Angevine of Ashby =pMargaret . . . ., 

by Horncastle, heir to his , executrix in 1511. 
mother. Will dated lu ! Will dated 1 Sept. 
Oct. 1540; proved 29 , 1546; proved 11 
March 1541. j May 1549. 


Robert Angevine of=j=Margaret 
Laugton by Horn- .... 
castle. Will dated 20 
April 1545; proved 
lu Oct. 1545. Inq. 1 
p.m. 3 ^lay 1546. ' 

Charles Angevine, a-t. 16 in 1546 ; = Anne Wdliam Angevine, had 

sold Hebden in York,-. 
John Tomnesf. in 1555-6. 

land in Hammeringham, 
CO. Lincoln. 

Sir Henry Kochford, Knt., of Walpole,^Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas FLeresby. 
Norfolk, 7 Henry YI. I 2nd wife. 

las Angevine. 

Marg.»ret= Henry Bellinghani. 
" Norfolk."] 

[XOfK. — The atove pediuree I have coiiipleteiy rev.-iitten. as I fouad niui^li matter 
beyond what was in Mr. Laikeu's MS. Tue descent of the An^evines o£ West Ashby fruui 
Cliarle.s A.igeviae and AUi;e Dymoke is taken from Mr. Larken'd MS., but iii douljtful.— A. R. M.] 


Qnton of 2.incciln. 

[Hai-l. MS. K.:,0. Cole's •' History of DoiUh-ugton."] 

Arms. — Azure, n/rfise or, a honfi/re erniinr. 

Crkst.— .4 lion's head (irgtnt issiienit from a nniml eroicii oi 

John Anton, or Aunton,=pElcanor, dau. of ... . Jledbi.x 
of Houghton, Yorks. of :\kdho.\, co 


Tliomas Anton, Chainbcrlaiu to Queen Katbcrine (of Ari-atron),^-Janc dau of 
bur. at Strathfieldsa;,-, Hants. 


Thomas Anton, son and heir. This— Katherine, dan. of James Chamberlavne of 
man was Clerk of the Court of Wards ; Sparsholtc, Berks; remnr. to Thomas Harri- 
and Liveries. ■ Died at Strathfieldsaj j son of Finchampsted, Berks ; died at Strath- 
1 Lliz., 1558-9. fieldtay, Hants. 20 Sept.. 1590 

Anton, j dau. of. . . 
slain in AVhite. 

ilark Anton. 

Isabel, mar. to Edmund Alice, mar. to John Dorothv 

Normanville. Weaver of London, — ' 

— and Pivsteicn, Bad- Joane. 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st to norshire. 
Richard Harrison of — 

Berks, 2ndly to Robert Mary, mar. to Henry 

Marsh of London. Randall of London" 

Joan, dau. of Thomas Taylor^George Anton, Recorder of Lincoln,=^Brideet, dar 
ot Doddington and Lincoln | elected 22 Avs. 1587 ; made free of 
City; mar. at St. Martin's, I the Ciiv 14 Sept. foflowintr ; removed 
Lincoln, 8 Jan. 1589-110 ;: from the Kecorder.-hip 29 Feb 
died in childbed of her son ; 9 James I„ 1012-13, on account of 

Thomas 11 March 1591-2 ; '. his having left tlie city and county, 
bur. at St. Martin's. 1st wife. , 

of William 
of Mable- 
thorpe. 2nd 

Thomas Anton, bapt. at St. ^lartin's, Elizabeth, bapt. at St. Martin's in Lin- 
Lincoln 12 Dec. 1591 ; died young ; coin 15 Jan. 1590-91 ; mar. to Sir Ed- 

bur, with his mother 

vard Hussey of Honington. 

George Anton of Stam-=Anne, dau. of Hamphrey ; 

ford, had lands in Far- proved her hnsltand's will '-'b 
forth ;^ bur. at St. Feb. 1653-4; remarried ( 
Georges, Stamford, 11 publication 22 Jan. 1054-5) to 
Jan. 1C53-4. Will James ilargetson of St. Giles- 
in-the-Fields, D.D., then de- 
scribed of St. Andrew's, Hoi- 
born, London. 

dated 7 Jan. 1653-4 
proved 25 Feb. folio 


Briilget, mar. 

mar. to 



of Messing- 


ham, clei-k, at 


St. Swithin's 



32 LiNCOLNsiinu: ri:i)iGREKS. 

^pplf['arti of (iraGt ?l}alton» co. iCincoIn, anti 
BurstUnch (15avtlj, to. J?ork. 

[MS. C. -■:], IlfHilds' ColK-e. Glowr's "VisitatiM,, of Yoiksl.iip, lo.^-l-:.." 
Ptmlson's " HoldenR-s?," vi'l. ii., pp. Mi, Sr.;..] 

Anas. — Azure, on a chccron or, hefictin three oirh mi/cnt, a mullet. 

William Appleyard of Xorwich.=p 


I I 

Xicholas'-pMary, dau. and Emm;i.= nenrj, son of=Cathcriuc, sister of Thomas, 
Apple- , lieir of 'J'iiomas l.<t ' Thomas Grey Gch liaruu .Mowln-ay and 

yard. : Thoriibury of wife. of Hetoii, Kiit. 1 si Dake of Norfolk", K.G. 
I London, Esq. L'nd wife. 

"William Appleyard, ^Elizabeth, dau. John Ap!ile-=^ AVilliam Apple- Elizu- 
KOQ and heir. of ... . Parker, yard. I yard. Letli. 

Edmiiml .\ppieyard of Santoft, Isle of A.\holme,~I)ioni?ia, dau. of Peter 
Esq., temp. Henry VI. j Luddington. 


John Appleyard^. . . ., dan. of ... . Bilton. 


John Appleyard of=i=iIargaret, dan. of Sir I!..liert Shrfiield, Ivnt. (ami Helen, dan. 
Bntterwiek in the : and heir of Sir Robert Delves, Knt.), who held a command in 
Isleof Axhoime, fo. ■ the Koyal Army, at the Battle of Stoke, and afterwards beeame 
Lincoln ; living I Speaker of the House of Commons, Recorder of Londtm, and 
temp. Ileary VIII. was ancestor of the Dukes of Buckingham. 

Robert .Appleyard, liv- Thf.mas Apple- John Appleyard^f Grace, dan. of ... . 

ing 25 Oct. 14'_iC. yard, the Loi-d of Heslington, \ Pembroke of (irims- 

— Abbot of near York.' j by, co. Lincoln.* 

George Appleyard. Thornton. 

I n I TTT 

I 1. Ui-sula, wife to John ?,. Jane, mar. to 4. Elizabeth, wife of, Ist 

I Bellew of CO. Lincoln; John Goldwell of ilonrford, Yorks and I'ndlv of 

I living i:,7i'. Burstwiek; her Ralph lleadlam ; living K.Tl'. 

I — will i)roved 4 — 

i 2. Anne, wife to Jolin March 15(5 1', to be 5. Clare, wife of Uenry Thnrs- 

I Lewes of York, citizen and bur. in All Hal- cro=5, .\lderman and Mayur uf 

I draper, and Lord ilayoi- lowes, Skeckling Hull. 

I 1550 ;(? mar. also to John (now Burstwiek). — 

Hildyard of Ottringham ;) Barbara, died unmarried. 

living 1572. 

! A 

* Had, M.S. Uml\ fol. 44, gives tbis wife as M.irgartt, dau. of Furtiiam of Grimsby. 



I I 

2. Tliomas Applojai-Ll of \oik, merelinnt, Sheritr=^IsabcI, dan. of 3. .Silvester, 
of York i:>4-2 ; Lord flavor i;.:.! and lOoO. He ; John Sothebv livinic ^hC-2. 

purcljascd Heslingtoii of his nephew John. II is 
will proved 15S0. 

of Pockling- 
ton, Yurks. 

Thomas Aiiplc-=f Margaret, 

yard of York, ' dau. of 

merchant, George 

Sheriff 1575 ; i Jackson 

Lord Mavor | of Bedale. 
1584 ; died" 

Peter Ap--r 
pleyard | 
heir to his j 
brother ; j 
living I 

Anne, mar. 
to Uriah 
of Ottring- 


Phih'ppa, inav. to 
....Reed of Hull: 

Ellen and Jane, 
botli mar. 

William Blades of Sutton-iu-=p]\Iai'garet, dan. and heir, mar. 
Holderness,biir.atSenlcoates 2ndlv, 12 Feb. 1592-3, to 
3March 1591-2. 1st husband. 1 William Barber, Esq. 

Jolin Ap[ileyavd 
of Hcslington, 


Thomas Appleyard, son and heir, admitted to Gray's Inn 7 Feb. 1C30, o.s.p. 

Nicholas Appleyard of North Frodingham^Ann, dau. of "William Meyuell of Hes- 
in Holderness, and lord of the manor. Huston. [Harl. ilS. states her to be a 
Will dated 13 Aug. 1545. dau. of Holdenbv.l 


=John Applevard of= 

-Kathei-ine, dan. to 

1 1 
2. Henry Apple- 

4. B 

dau. of -Sir 

J. P., entered his pedi- 

John Norton of 

yard of London, 



Acclom, Yorks, 

Turkev mer- 


Flower of 

gree at the Visitation 

and nephew and 




of Yorkshire 1585. 

heir to Sir Samp- 

Knt., o.s.p. 

Will dated 27 April 

son Norton. 2nd 

3. Robert. 

1st wife. 




2. John, 3. ^^ illoughby, born after 1. Jane, mar. to 2. Katherine, mar. 

ob. in- 1584 ; bur. at Barton St. Richard Fetlier- to Christopher Par- 

fant. ilary's, Lincolnshire, 19 stonhaugh of Stan- kinson of Slening- 

Juue 1G27. hope, co. Durham. ford, Yorks. 

Anne, dau. of Christopher=Thomas Appleyard of Burstwick=p. . . ., dan. of . . . . 
" ~ - . ^- - - _ . __ . _ _ widiiw, 

. Booth, 
of John 
. 2nd 

l^egard of Barton and Eh 
Haiton by his 3rd wife 
Anne, dan. of Robert Carr 
and sinter of Sir Edward 
Carr of SleatV>rd, co. Lin- 
coln, I'.art. Ist wife. 

Garth, Yorks, and of East Hal- 
ton, CO. Lincoln. y.«., which latter 
property was sequestered by the 
Council of Parliament 30 July 
1(;44 ; born 12 Jan. 15.S0-.S1 ; 
tet. 4 in 15.S4 ; a J. P. for York;. 

1st of . . 
and 2iidly 
Turner of 

• Elizabeth, dau. of Ma 
Sec Booth Pedigree. 
VOL. I. 

Buotli of Killii.el.. 


Li>'COL>"s)iinE i"Ki)iGin;i;s. 

1. John Ap- 


2. Chi-is 

-^(•;ri?el(],Llaii.of 3. Thomas Applcyard, 

5. WiUoiighbv 

plevard of 


.John Overton Captain of Foot, livid 


Burst wick 


of EasinL'toii li;58 ; died in tlie 


Gavtli, M.P. 

vn.d of 

1 riall ; mar. wars in Gernianv, s.p. 

in the Armv, 

for Hecluu 


j iiidly to Tho- — 

died in tho 

16G], o.s.p. 


' mas William- 4. Itobert Applevard, 

wars in Ger- 


son. diedjoiiiiLjiul.ondon. 


Joiian, dau. aud=f=. . . . Salmon, Esfp, Lieut.-Col. of the Parliament and Deputj-- 
lieir. Governor of Hull. 


Appleyard Salmon, son and hei 

6. Sir 


:\rathfw Appl.:'- = 
kni-htod l,y 
Charles I. in the field, 
and for his services and 
loyalty made Governur 
of Leicester ; M.l'. : 
died 20 Feb. IGG'J-TU, 
aet. 63. M.I. 

^Frances, dau. 
William Pel- 
lesby, CO. Lin- 
coln ; died -29 
CO. M.l. 

Jane, a legatee under 
her father's will ; wile. 
1st of James Hanson 
of Fiflinrr. a Captain 
under Lord Widdriua:- 
ton, I'ndlv of :\Lark 
Fliotun of Carton. 
He died ICbS. 




mar. to 

.... Nor- 


tham, Es,i 

Anne, had a legacy of £1800=pBiyan Sunderland of .\ikton, Yurks, ind 
under her father's will. 1st Lant;dale Sunderland, : 
wife. I Thornhill, and xL V2 

dins wife Elizabeth 

I I 

1. Christopher i'. Thomas, bar. 

Applevard, M.D., at Trinity 

of Burstwick Church, Hull, 7 

Garth, died in July 1CG3, the 

London ; bur. at day of his bap- 

Burstwick. tism. 

3. !\Iatthew=pJane, dau. of William Rainsdeii 
Applevard, ; of Hull, merchant, by Anne, dau. 
diedinLon- of Thomas Boynton of Piawclitfe. 
don ; bur. at ; parish of Snaitb ; mar. at Hat- 
Burstwick. i field 30 :May 1U82 ; bur. at 
I Burstwick. 

Matthew Apple- Christopher Ap- Christopher Apple- William Appleyard, 

yard, bapt. at pleyard, bapt. at yard, ba[jt. at St. bapt. at St. John's, 

Burstwick "20 St. 'Mary's, Bev- Marv's, P.everlev, 1 ]5everley, IT, Oct. 

July 1C8-1; died erlev, 28 June l)ec.'lG87; bur. at St. IC'JS, and bur. there 

there, at. SO. 1C80. John's 15 Jan. 1693. 17 Oct. 1C94. 

Francis Apple-=p.\nn, dan. of William 
yard, a Captain, | Taylor of Norwood in 
died at Bever- 1 Beverley ; mar. at St. 
ley; l)ur. at \ ilary's, Beverlev, 14 
Burstwick 18 Jan.' 17]'J-2o. 

Jane, Ann, mar. at-r^John Ijainiiert, 

bapt. Lund 31 iJec. I A..M., of Fox- 

at St. 1713; bur. at j holes 1713-2G, 

Jolnfs Leven2G April ' and IJector of 

23 Get. 173'J. 1 Leven 172G-37. 

1602. 4v 


II 11 I 

Matthew Francis Appleyard, \\ illiain Ap;ilryar'l.liapc. Christopher Apple- 

Appleyard, Esq., b.ipt. at St. 2ii Oct. ITJo." j-aril, Iwpt. at St. 

bapt. at John's ?0 Oei. — John's, BL-verlc-v, 

St. John's 17l'4; diedat Wii- Thomas A|.|.!fyar.l.h.ip;. ?,0 DeP. 17;'>i; ; died 

27 March liani, Essex : hur. at St. John's, IJewrley, at P.everler ; bnr. 

17^;!. at liurstuick, s.p. I'l; Fcl>. 1 7oO. " at Bnrstwick. 

I \ i T"' 

Ramsden Appleyard, Anne, bapt. Jane Ajipleyavd, bapt. at St. ^largarct, 

Gent., bapt. 13 iiarch atSt. John's John's, Beverley, 31 Oct. 17-23; bapt. at 

1737-8; bnr. at St. 6. and bur. 8 mar. to(ieorL;eLa\Yrence,anddied St. John's 

John's, Beverlev, Xov. 17l'i'. 17:i3. M.L Newark. He died 17 March 

May 17G4, wt. 27. 1m.i2 ; will dated b Dec. 1707. 1728-9. 

[MSS. C. 23, U. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Aems. — Azure, a chevron or between three oicls crnjenf. 
Crest. — An owl ari/ent. 

William Appleyard of Ulceby, bur. there in 15G7. 

Thomas Ajipleyard of Ulceby ,--rpI)oroLhy, dau. Isabella, mar. at 

cliurcliwardeu of that place , of ... . Parke Ulceby 2H Jan. 

15C8 and 1572 ; bur. at Ulceby ! of Boston. 1570-80 to Sil- 

12 Oct. 1580. " j vester Bellowe. 

I I I 

Jnraes Applcvard of Ulceby, mar. Thomas Appleyard, bapt. Edward Apple- 
lie. 20 Au'j. 1(;25, ai't. "44, to at Ulceby 5 April 1572 ; yard. bapt. " 24 
ruavry Anne Smith of the Castle bur. there 13 March Aug., bur. 1 1 Dec. 
of Lincoln, widow, Kt. 44. 1G05-6. =p 1578 at Ulceby. 

Kichard Appleyard, bur. at Ulceby 27 Jan. 1508-0. 

Elhai, dau.=William Appleyard of^Alice, dau. of Gil- Elizabeth, Ulceby 

of ,bur. Uiceby,churchwarden , bert Warter of IG Ajiril 1575. 

at Ulceljy of that place 1501 and Hutton Cranswick, — 

21 March 1598; bur. at Ulceby . Yorks. Helen, bapt. at Ulceby 

1582-3. 12Dec. 1C31. 18 Xov. 1579. 

Thomasiue, bai)t. at Ulceby IG Dec. 3. Elizabeth, bapt. at Ulceby 12 Xov. 

1502; mar. there 22 Xov. 1G08 to 1598; mar. there (mar. lie. 27 June 

Stephen Smales ; bur. 21 Oct. IGOO lG2!j) 18 July 1G20 to Xicolas Smith of 

at Ulceby. Elsham, and bur. there 5 May 1G35. 


John Afiplevard of Uloeby, bapt.=pSarab, dan. of Thomas Appleyard, bapt. at 
there 18 April 1095. Gilwrt Finev. Uleebv 10 June H'A'3. 

I I I 

Anne, bapt. at Uleebv 10 March Elizabeth, bapt. at Jane, bapt. 30 Dec. 1G35, 

1619-20; bur. there It; .March Uleebv 10 Sept. and bur. 12 Jan. lGo5-G 

1621--2. 1G2G.' at Uleebv. 

William .\ppleyarcl, iia 
6, bur. 7 April 1G25 

pt. 1 homas Ap 
at Ulceby 21 
45 in 106G. 

ileyard. hapt. at-, 
Dec. 1621 ; set. 

.Mary, dau. o 
Bovnton of 

t i homas 

1 1 1 
Thomas Appleyard. 

William Appleyard. 

IMathcw Appleyard. 

" T 1 

Charles Apple 

Stephen Apple 


Elizabeth, mar. to Sir Richard 
Blackham of London, Bart., 
Turkey merchant. He died 29 
June i728. =p 

1^ ' ' 

1 ranees 


. . . .^John Appleyard, xt. lC,=^Susanne, dau. of. 

Jollance of Lincolnshire. 


William .\pple- Thomas Alexander Apple- Frances, mar. to 

yard. Apple- yard, mar. and (.'jroses)Skepper 

yard. died s.p. and left issue. 


A son, died 

Boynton Appleyard of Ulceby, co. Lin-=j=EIizabeth, dau. of Thomas Strangeways 
colli, heir to his ^reat-uncle Matthew | of Pickering by Jane, dau. of Luke 
Boynton ; assumed the surname and arms "^ '' ~" ' ' "~ 

of Boyiitnn by Privy Seal, dated 23 April 
1701, ill compliauee with the will of his 
ancle Matthew Buynton, and died 10 
April 172.'i, xt. 52 ; bur. at Snaith 13 
April. M.L 

Robinson of Thornton Ri.seborough, E^ii., 
by his Isc wife Frances, dau. of Phineas 
Hodgson, D.D., Chancellor of York ; 
mar. in York Minster 27 July 1G99 ; 
died 29 Jan. 1729-30, set. 70 ; bur. at 
Snaith 3 Feb. M.I. 

I I 

1. Matthew Boynton, 1. Judith, dau. and coheir, bapt.= John Twisleton of Bar- 

bapt. 5 Oct. 1705 ; 10 June 1701 ; mar. 5 Jlay ley and of Rawclitl'e in 

bur. at Snaith 24 Feb. 172G ; died 9 July and was 1745 ; died s.p. in April 

1705-6. bur. at Dras 15 July 1779. 1757, ait. 61. 

Elizabeth Boynton, younger dau. and=pRicbard Hutchinson of Wykeham Abbey, 
coheir, bapt. 19 Aug. 1704 ; mar. at i who assumed the name of Langley on suc- 
Rawcliffe lONov. 17l'4; died in 1760, ' ceeding to the estates of Nether Grimst(jn 
having bad fourteen children, all of by device of his uncle Thomas Langley of 
whom except, three were bapt. at St. Nether Grimston, Esq. ; died Dec. 1735, 
Martin's, Coney Street, York. i aet. 67. 




Ermine of €>5fj;otil)j^. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Ermine, a saltier engrailed yules, on a chief of the last a lion passant- 

guardant or. 
Crest. — On a mount vert an ermine passant argent. 
Motto. — JIalim moiu quam fcedari. 

Gilbert Armiue, Lord of Xewland-upou-xViro, York, 1164.=p 

John Armiiie, 1184=pAnne, dau. of Thomas Xcwbald. 

Gilbert Armiue, =pAuiie, dau. of Sir Thomas Joeelyne^. . . . dau. of Robert 
1200. Polliufrton, Knt. Armiue. Saltmarsh. 

I I 

Sir William Armiue, =pCatherine, dau. of Sir William Skeltou. .Tane=Sir Robert 
Knt., 1224. I Grindall. 

. . . . dan. of . . . .=pCliristopher Armiiic,=j=ADue, dau. of Sir John AuTill. 2nd wife. 
1st wife. 


1. Sir John Armine,=pUr5ula, dau. of John Anne, Prioress of Nun Keeling. 
12G3. I Luddiugton. 

Margaret=pGcrard Usfleet. Ursula^Sir John Fortington. 

2. Sir William Armiue, = 
1285, had lands in 

I I I 

dau. Elizabeth, mai-. Dorothy,mar. Jane, mar. 

of Nicholas to Edward 
ilaulej. Gower. 

to John to Th- 

Waldlv. Ferribj. 

Thomas, also called Sevall Armine, 1209=pEva, dau. of Hamel de Carletou. 

Adam Armine, Lord=f= dau. Cliri-topher=Anne, dau. William=Anne,dau. 

of Scarth, Yorks, of ... . Armiue. of Robert Armine. of Jordan 

5G Henry III. 

of Howlej. 


Richard Armine, Chancellor of Adam Armine, Robert Joclyne=p. . . . dau. 

Salisbury, living 10 Hdw. III., .Xrchdeacou of Armine. Armine. of.... 

I'i.W, and \.i Edw. IK., Norwich, liv- Swyner- 

1339-40. ing 1331. ton. 

dan. and heir= Ralph FitzRalph. 




John a 

mine, S' 
x\.dam,soii of 
Sevall d<2 Ar- 
iniue ; de;ul 
■2 Ivhv. Ill, 

dan. of 


of .... D-.-yvill ; 

living a widow 

\:ii',7\ whon lier 

son trranted her 

' lauds for life in 

j theSokeofDrax, 

I Yorks. 

William Aimino, Bishop of Norwich 13 Dec. 
IS El ward II., 13-2b ; Rector of AVearniouth 
10 l-idward II., 1316-17; Lord Treasurer of 
England: taken prisoner liv the Scots 1310, 
at the battle called the "White Battle;" had 
a charter of fixv warren in North WilloughKy 
and Silkby 5 Edward III., 1331, which manor's 
be purchased from Roger de Mortcva the pre- 
vious year ; died at. Charing, neaV London, 
17 March 1336 ; bur. at Norwich. 

William Armine, Lord of Scarth, Yorks, had confirmation of his lands=p. . . . dan. 
in fee in the town of Avrmyii and elsewhere 2 Edward III., 13i8: of ... . 
guardian uf the lands of his cousin William Devvill 10 Edward III., Harring- 
1336 ; died 12 Edward III., 1338. " : ton. 


3. .James (or= 
Richard) Ar- 
mine, said to 
he a clerk. 

. . . . dau. 

of Robert 

4. John Armine, Parson 
of Newbald and Preben- 
dary of York, Rector of 

I I 

b. Thomas Armine, living 
22 Edward IIL, 1318^ 
died s.p. 

Robert Armine, a monk at 

William Armine, Rector of Castie Ashby, co. Northampton, temp. Richard II. 

Sir William Armine of Osgodby, Knt., did homage to=pJoane.dau. 
Sir John Bussy of Hougham, Knt., for a fourth of a j and heir of 
knight's fee in North ^Willoughby 6 Oct. 12 Ed- | Nicholas 
ward III., 1338 ; had livery of the lauds of Joane Ids | St. Mark 
wife 22 Edward IIL, 1348; knicrhted before Mich. ' of O.-od- 
23 Edward IIL, 134:); Commander of the ships ; by, 4rEd- 
assembled at Boston. I ward III. 

2. Roger Ar- 
mine, Rector 
of Harthill, 
Yorks. 28 Ed- 
wani IIL, 

Sir William Armine of Osgodby, Knt.,=j=Joane, dan. of 

1384, was in the expedition to Spai 
with John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancas- 
ter, 1 Richard II., 1376 ; Treasurer 
of Calais and Guynes :Mich. 9 Rich- 
ard II., 1385 ; living 11 Henry IV., 

loughby (some 
say of John 
Harrington) ; 
a legatee of 
her Son Wil- 
liam 1400. 

I I I 

2. Richard Armine, living 
36 Edward III. 

]\Iargaret, mar. to John 

ilary, mar. to Thos. Sle- 
ford of Kirkbv Latliorf*e 
36 Edward IIL 

I I 

John Armine, HiMir 
a legatee «{' his Armi 

I I 

William Armine. "son of Sir William Margaret, 
.Vrmyne, Knt., will dated 1 lU(.i, called luar. lo. . . . 
junior in the M.I. at Will.Ai::hby :'' Harrington 
died 16 Oct. 1415; buried at .Silk ofPanoton. 
Willoughby, styled " domiuus de North 

Lixcoj-xsumr, pkdigkees. 



heiress of 
and Rur- 


the = Sir William Ai 

Ospoiiliy, Kilt., HIS ; 
n k'fratce of his limther 
AVilliamUO'i; will dated 
4 Henry V., 14]r,-17; 
died that year. 

=^farL^iret, dan. of Sir Adam Everinehani of 
Birkiu. Yorks ; remar. hcfure 3 Hen. Yl 
14i>4-:. to OcollVv PaviicU of Fishtoft and" 
before 17 April If, Heiiry YJ., 14:l.s, to Tho- 
mas .^[eere? ; lastly a nun at Sfmi.rin"liam 
'J Euuard IV., 1400-70. 

Margaret, mar. to Robert "Wood- 
ville ; her marriage granted to 
Geoffrey Paynelf SO Sept. 
5 Henry Y., 141S. 

Jane, ma 
to John 

Anne, mar. 
to William 

]\rargaret, a po-;t- 
Luniuiis ehild, 

Sir Wilham Armme of Osgodhy, Knt.,=rlsnbcl, dan. of Sir Hu-li Wriotbesley by 
his marriage granted to Geoffrey Pay- , Thomasine, dan. of Sir Jolm Gre.sley Knt ■ 
nell 30 bej.t. 5 Henry Y., 141« ; died | mar. before IC Henry Y]., 1437-s ■ remar' 
at Bouthby 2G Henry YI., 1447-S ; | to Thomas Meeres, -jnaior-" liyinc' 
will dated -2 Henry YL, 1443-4. 29 Henry VI., 14.o0, and 7 Edward IY° 


1. William Ar-= 
mine of Osgod- 
by, son and heir, 
22 Henry YL, 

Margaret, dan. of John. sister of 2. Thomas Armyne, Catherine 
William Langbolme of Couis- 22 Henry YL, mar. to 
1443-4; Hying John Bra- 

dated 4 


holme, 11 Edward lY., 147 
mar. about 9 Edward IV., 
14C9-70 ; Hying 4 Jan. 1487-S ; 
remar. to John Stanlow of 
Silkby; died 20 Sept. 150G ; 
bur. at Silk Willoughby. 

9 Edward lY., 
1,4 09-70, and 4 Jan. 

Jolm .-Vrrniue of 


mar. to 

Anne, a nun at Som- 
pringham 4 Jan. 
1487-8, and after- 
wards Prioress of 
Choudham 14 Henry 
YIIL, 1522. 

}t[argaret, mar. 1st, after 4 Jan. 1487-8, 

to James Dene of Banowby ; 2ndly, 

I _ — before 21 Henry YIL, 1.^0.3-6, to Sir 

j Richard Armiiie John ilarkham 'of Sedgebrook, Knt • 

of Walton. died 19 Jan. 1508-9 f"" bur. at Bar- 

I row by. 

1. Thomas Armvne of 2. William Armine of Osgodby,=pE!izabeth, dau. of Iln-h 
Osgoduy, son and heir heir of his brother 27 Aprilj Bussey of Houcham • 
14 Henry YIL, 1499 ; died 23 \ marriage settleme°nt or 
Sept. 24 Henry YIIL, 1532; ; indenture dated 16 Oct. 
bur. at Silk Willoughby. , 18 Henry YIL, 1502. 

1487-8; died 2 Oct. 
14 Henry YIL, 1498; 
bur. at North Wil- 
loughby, s.p. 

Katherine, dau. of=pWilliam Armine of=Dorothy,dau. of Geor<^e 
SirJohulhimelby i O.-^godby, son and Mackwoith of Mack- 
01 Irnham, Knt. ; ' 

mar. 1 
bur. ;:t I 
1st wife, 

525-G ; 

r. died 25 Dee. 
1 Eliz., 1558 ; bur. 
at Layington, ret. 
53. Wilfdated 18 
Dec. 155-. 

worth and Empringham, 
Rutland ; ma'r. settle- 
ment dated 5 r.lav 4 Ed- 
ward YL, 1550;' Hving 
31 May 1 Eliz., 1558. 
2nd wife. 

I I I I 
2. Richard Ar- 
myne, died s.p. 

1. Anne. 

2. :\rargaret. 

3. Jane. 



]. William Ar- 
inine, died 


2. John, 

3. AdlIk 
both di. 

d" of 

the sweating 

1. ilargaret, mar. IsL 
to Francis Armstrniig 
of Corby ; 2ndly, at 
Corbv O"0ct. l')f;s, to 
Johnilen-iilalc; bur. 
at Corby -JO July 

I I I 

2. Elizabeth, mar. to 
William Smitli. 

4. Do 

■nue, mar. t( 

. I I 

o. Jane, mar. 

to Robert 

r.. Thomasino, 
mar. to .lohn 


Mary, eldest^pBartholomew Armine= Catherine. dau.=Anne, dau. of William Dy- 

daii.of Heury 
Sntton o'f 
Lincoln ; 
widow, 1st, of 
George Carr 
of Aswarby ; 
2ndly, of Ed- 
ward Lani;- 
ford. Ist 


of Osgodbv, 4tli son, 
but heir; "Sheriff of 
CO. Lincoln 158C ; 
died and bur. at 
Laving:on 11 Sept. 
I.jy8,a.t.57. Adm'on 
(C.P.C.) 27 Sept. 

of George CLa- 
worth of Crop- 
hill Butler, 
Notts, widtiw of 
Thos. Flower ; 
bur. at Laving- 
tou5 JfayloOl, 
s.p. 2nd wife. 

moke of Friskney, and heir 
of her brother Robert ; 
widow of Charles Bolles of 
Hangh ; died IS Auc 
ICIG; s.p. Will dated 
23 May 13 James I., 1G15 ; 
pro\ed at Lincoln 14 Sept. 
lOlC, then of the Close of 
Lincoln, widow, to be bur. 
in Lincoln Cathedral. 3rd 

I I I 

Sir John .\rmine, Catherine, died Magdalen, mar. at lyavington, as 1st wife, 

died v.p., uumar., unmar. ; bur. to .John Cave of Pickwell, co. Leicester, and 

at Lincoln's Inn. at Lavington dead before 1619 (said to have mar. 2udly 

28 April IGOJ. to Richard Cave, but query). 

Martha, dau. of William, Lord=pSir William Arraiue of=Aune, dan. of . . . . Pretty- 
Eure, by ^Margaret dau. of 
Sir Edward Dymock (si.sterof 
Ralph, 3rd Loid Eure, Presi- 
dent of Wales) ; mar. at 
Ingleby, Yorks,2tJ April 1.090; 
died and bur. at Lavington 
11 March lCOl-2, ;et. 32. 
Ist wife. 

Osgodby, Knt., adm'or 
of his father 27 Sept. 
1598 ; Sheriff of co. 
Lincoln 1602-3 ; died 
22 Jan. 1621, ret. 59 
years and 8 months ; 
bur. at Lavington. 
Adm'on (C.P.C.) 2 
March 1621-2. 

man, sister of Sir John 
Pre tcyman. widow of Chris- 
topher Wase of London ; 
mar. at St. Augustine's, 
London, 9 :March 1606-7 ; 
bur. at Lavington 2 May 
1619. 2nd wife. 

1 I 

1. Margaiet, born at Os- 
godby 15 Feb.; bapt. at 
Lavington 4 March 
1590-1 ; mar. there 29 
April 1622 to Thomas 
liister of Rijipingale. 

2. Martha, born at Os- 
godby 3 April, bapt. i.t 
Lavington 12Ai)ril 1592 ; 
bur. there 15 June fol- 

I I 

3. Aniic, born at 
Osgodby 4 April, 
bapt. at Laving- 
ton 13 April 
1593 ; mar. to 
Xorris Cave of 

4. ilarv, born at 
Silk \Villou,-hbv 
14 Sept. 1597'; 
died young. 

5. Ma.rtha, born at WiUoughby 
12 Oct., bapt. at Lavington 
14 Oct. 1598 ; died 9 Oct. and 
bur. at Lavington 10 Oct. 1600. 

6. Elizabeth, born at Osgodby 
12 Jan., bapt. at Lavington 
18 Jan. 1600-1 ; a legatee of 
her nephew SirilichaeloOilarch 
1C68 ; died in London 17 .\pril, 
bur. at Lavington 30 April 



2. Barthokmiew f!. Evers Arminc of Osgodby, born at=pCecilia, d;ni. of John 
Arniine, born and "VA'illonghbr 19 IVc. lo'JO" (also of ^ Trcdwny of Easton, 
bapt. at Nortli Ketton, co. I'utlaiid) ; J.P. : trustee Rutland; bapt. tlicre 
■\\'illon;jbbT 10 of his nepliew Sir William 19 Dec. 2 Oft. 1003; livinir 
.Tune l.'i9t; ; diL-d 1057 ; proved liis nephew Sir Michaers 19 Oct. 107' 
ICdO. will 4 Dec. 1008. Will dated 19 Oct. atLaviri^t,..ir2u Nov. 

1077 ; adm'on (C.P.C.) .o .Inly 1080; 

proved 14 March 1089-90. 

1. Mary, 
bapt. at 
•27 Aug. 

Elizabeth, dau.=pl 
of Sir Michael I 
Hicks, Knt., 
Secretary to 
Lord Burleigh ; 
mar. 14 Dec. 
1019; bur. at 
Ln.vington 27 
Sept. 1020. 
Ist wife. 

2. Elizabeth, living 

n. Ever 

dau. and coheir, 


bapt. at Ketton, at 

Kutland, 24 April 


10;'U); mar. to.Tohn 

2:, ^lav 

Bullinghiim of Ket- 



Sir William Armiue of= 
Osgodby, son and 
born at Osgodby 11 Pec, 
bapt. at Lavington 1 3 Dec. 
lf)93 ; Knt. and Bart., so 
created during his father's 

I hfe 28 Nov. 1019; M.P. 

! for Grantham 1G20-25 ; 

I adra'or of his father 2 
March 1021-2; Sheriff of 
CO. Lincoln 1030 ; died on 
or aboQt 10 April 1051 ; 
bur.atLavinLTtoD. Adm'on 
(C.P.O.) 10 Dec. 1051. 

4. Cecily, living dau. 5. JIargaret, 
and coheir, bapt. at bapt. at Ket- 
Ketton 12 April 1043; ton.Paitlaad, 
a leiiateo of her cousin 9 Jan. 
Sir'MichaelSO :\rareh 1044-5. 
1008 ; Hiar. to .Samuel 
Saunders of h'eton, 
CO. Derbv. 

=pMary, dau. and heir of Henry Talbot, 
4th sou of George, 0th Earl of Shrews- 
bury, widow of Thomas Holcroft ; 
mar. 28 Aug. 1028 ; administratrix 
of her husband 10 Dec. 1051 ; died 
at her house in St. ^lartiu's Lane, 
i Middlesex, 6 March 1074-5, £et. above 
j 80 ; bur. at Orton, Longueville, 
Hunts. Will dated 12 Aug. 1002, 
codicils 20 June 1074, 3 Aug. 1074, 
and proved (C.P.C.) 20 March 1075. 
2 ml wife. 

1. Elizabeth, "oorn in or near 
London 3 March 1620-1 ; 
mar. to Sir Thomas Style of 
^Vateringburv, Kent, Bart. ; 
died lO^Dee. 1079, aat. 58 ; 
bur. at Wateringbury. ■ 

2. Auup, born at Osgodby 
6 Aug., bapt. at Lavington 
8 Aug. 1024 ; mar. to Sir 
Thomas Barnardiston of 
Great Cotes, I'art. ; bur. at 
Ketton, Suttblk, 25 Aug. 

Tali)ot Armine, 
born 13 April 
1030 ; died un- 
mar. ; bur. at 
Orton, Longue- 
ville, Hunts. 

I I 

Sir Michael Arminc of Osgodby, 3rd Bart., heir of his 2. Tlieophilus Ar- 

brotber, born at Osgodby 21 Sept. 1025 ; entered at Gray's mine, born at Os- 

Inn 18 Nov. 1039 ; proved his brother's will IG Feb. godby 25 June, 

1057-8; Sheriffof CO. Lincoln 1066 ; mar. Hilary, dau. of bapt. at Lavington 

John, Lord Viscount Chaworth, of Armaoh, L-eland. 15 July 1G23 ; 

She died 1067; he died 1008, s.p. Will dated 30 March Colonel in the Par- 

1008, codicil 21 June; proved (C.P.C.) 4 I.»cc. 1608, liamcnt's Army; 

(to Ih;) bur. at Lavington. slain atl'diiti-tVact. 

; Yoiks, 1011. 

LtNC01.yS]lli;i; rKPIGUEKS. 


mi Aniline of OsetikHiv. ind r«r.rt.. horn at=pAniio. ckn. and coheir of Sir 

Kockholt, Essex, 14 July 1 r.i-'. eMest s-n and heir: 
entered at Gray's Inn is Xcv. ]r..v.i ; a 
inissioncr from I'arliameiu July liM:; in in\itr the 
l^cots into Ensiand ; ]\I.P. fur Graiitham 1(148; 
died in London ■> Jan.. bur. at Laviimioa 17 Jan. 
lC57-8,Kt. 85. Will dated in Lincoln's Inn Fields 
19 I>ec. 16;>7 ; proved (C.P.C.) IG Feb. lG.57-8. 

Kobert Crane of Chilton, Suf- 
folk, Hart. ; mar. at Chilton 
L'S Aug. 1(149; died 11 Aug. 
I('ii;2; bur. at St. Giles'-in- 
the-East, London, having 
mar. 2ndly, as 2nd wife, to 
John, Lord Belasyse, of Wor- 
labv. His Lordship died 10 
Sep't. 1689. 

Sir Henry Belas%se, stm and heir of John, Lord= 
Belasyse, M.P. "for Yorkshire, K.P.. at the 
Coronation of King Charles II. ; mar. at 
Kensington, Middlesex, 2n Oct. IGGi' ; killed 
in a duel by his friend Thomas Porter at 
Covent Garden 1GG7, o.v.p. ; bur. at St. Giles- 
iu-the-Fields IG Aug. AVill dated G Aug. 1G67, 
and proved (C.P.C.) IG Oct. following. 1st 




Susan, elder dan.^James 
and coheir, ere- trev of 
ated for life Baro- 
ness Belasyse of 
Osgodby -A] 
March 2G Charles 
II.; died G March 



2nd li 

be fort 

Sir Thomas AVodehouscq 

pAnne, vounger=f=Thomas, Lord = 


3. Elizabeth, 

of Kimli'i-lev. Xorfulk. 

dau. and co- 

Crewe, of Stene, 


born 7 Nov., 

kni-hted by Charles II. 

heir, was 2ud 


bert, 1st 


at Whitehall 18 Nov. 

wife to her 2nd 

1674: and died 

Earl of 

1G.J3 ; bur. 

16GG; o.v.j). 1G71. 

and Srd hus- 

30 Nov. 1697, 


30 April 1G.04 

1st husband. 


ajt. 73. 2nd 

ton. 3rd 

at LavingLon. 




Earls of Ki 

.MBF.ULF.Y. Dau 


^rmstroncj of Covbj^, 

[Harl. JISS. 1436, 1 JOO, GS29. MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Gules, three dexter arms, armed, emhoived, coujml at the shoiddrrs or. 
Crest. — .1 cubit arm, armed, emboired as in ike arms proper. 

Robert Arinestronge^^Jane, dan. of John Burton of P.urton. 

"William Arme-=p. . . . dau. and Coheir of Thomas Ricard of Harlaxton. Xott* 
stroDge. She is not mentioned in the will of Thomas Ricard, 1438. 

Thomas Armstrongs. . . . dau. of ... . Eldred. 

A I 



John Armstroivj of Corbv, Mercliaiit=pJa!ie, d;ui. and coheir of Robert .Stoncshy. 
of the Staple of Calais ; died 30 .Inly • " Jane Arm Sir. mil;- of Corbv, ' vowys' ;'" bur. 
1515; bur. at Corbv. ' j at Corbv. Will dated -.'.s'Auir., proved 20 

1 Oct. 1529. 

Thonias Armstrong of Corby, residuary^Elizabeth, dan. 
legatee of his niotiier 1529 ; a legatee of of John Bawde 
bis brother-iu-law, John Bawde, 19 
Dec. 1513. 

of John Bawde 
of Somerbv. 

William Armstrong, re- 
siduary legatee of his 
mother 1520. 

Anthony Beaumont of Glenfield, eo. Leicester, 3rd son of=j=Anr.e, dan. of Tho- 
AVilliam BeauuKjnt of Cole Ortou (ancestor of the Yis- ■, mas ^Armstrong of 
counts Beaumont of Swords). I Corby. 

Sir Francis Beau-— Cassandra, dan. of Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck, widow of 
mont,Knt., Robert Lacy, bapt. at Pinclibeck 7 Jan. 1564-5 ; died at 
Washingborougli Washingborough 23, and bur. there 25 Dec. 1032, a3t. 68. 
11 Aug. 1625. 

Audrey, dau.^Sir George Yil-==^Iary, created Counte5S=Sir W: 
of William ' liersof Brokes- i of Buckingham 1 July 
Sandei-s, , bv, co. Leices- ' 1618; died 19 April 

Es(i., of : ter, Knt., 1632; bur. in St. Ed- 

Harringtnn, Sheriff of the mnnd's Chapel, West- 
co. Nortii- county in minster Abbey, jet. 72 

anipton. | 1591; died -i years, 11 months and 

1st wife. ' Jan. 1605. , 19 davs. 2nd wife. 

Sir Wil- 

= Sir Thomas 




Knt.,bro. of 


William, 1st 


Earl of 



ton. 3rd 



■ 1 " 


1. William Yilliers 

2. Edward Yil- 

1. Elizabeth, 

2. Anne, mar. to Sir , 

of Brokesby, co. 

liers, ancester 

mar. to John, 

William Washington 

liCieester, created a 

of the Earl of 

Lord Butler, 

of Packinizton, co. 

Baronet 19 Julv 


of Bramfield. 

Leicester, Knt. | 

1619 ; extinct 27 



Feb. 1711. 


3. Frances. 


3. Sir John Yil- 
liers, created 
Viscount Pur- 
beck, CO. Dor- 
set, 19 July 
1619; extine't 


4. George ^ illiers, born 
at Brokesby 28 Ang. 
1592 ; created Duke of 
Buckingham 18 Jlay 
1623 ; extinct 16 April 
1687 ; assassinated 23 
Aug. 1628.=F 

5. Christopher Yilliers, 
created Baron Yilliers 
of Daventry,co. North- 
ampton, and Earl of 
Antrlesev 18 A]iril 
1623; died in 163n. 
Title extinct in 1657. 

4. Susan, 
mar. to 
Earl of~ 



Francis Ann-=^Marsaret, dan. of William Armiue of Osuudhv ; lemar. ilichael 
stron.i; of Cor- I at Corby, 9 Oct. 150.^, to John Mcridulu"; bur. at Arm- 
by lOOo. Corby I'o July 1 .=.80. stroiicr. 

I I 

2. '\A illiam Arni-=pIsaK>l, dau. of 3. 'I'ho 
strong of Corby, j . . . ., bur. at Ann- 
bur, there -JS | Corby 2-5 Ang. strong. 
April 15S2. 1576'. 


Robert Arm.stroiig. Elixabetb. 

John AriMstrong. 

Margaret, mar. 2-1 Aug. 1575 to Richard Jane, mar. to Thomas I>anby of Ril- 
Elam of Corby, parson ; bur. there 2G lesby ; bur. at Thorganby, Yorks, 25 
Dec. 1592. Nov. IGIG. 

Catherine, dan. of John=l. Bartholomew=pAune, dau. of John Bnssev, born at 
Cholmleyof Cbedingley, Armstrong of , Haydor 20, bapt. there 26 Sept. 15G3 ; 
etc., bur. at Corby 8 Corby, bur. there ' mar. at Ilaydor 1 June 1581 ; remar. 
Aug. 1530. 20 May 1592. .to ... . Middleton ; living 26 Dec. 

i 1593. 

Elizabeth, bapt. Agues, bapt. at JIartha, l>apt, 

at Haydor 13 Haydor 26 Feb. at Corby g 

Dec. 15S2 ; mar. 1683-±; mar. o 

to Sir Edward to ... . Castle- 1 

Bagshawe. den. 

Ursula, bapt. at Coiby 15 Aug. 
1591 ; mar. there, 28 Oct. 
June 1616, to John Gregge of 
Harmstou beside Lrucoln ; 
2udly, .... Columbine. 

Bartholomew Arm- 
strong, bapt. 5 Feb. 
1585-C; bur. at 
Corbv 22 Nov. 

Johu Arm- 
bapt. at 
Corby 9 
■May 1587. 

Francis* Armstrong of=i=FraDces, dau. and 
Corby, son and heir, heir of AVilliai 
bapt. there 25 Feb. 
1588-9 ; bur. there 31 
Jan. 1C21-2. 

Beckeof Jfarbury, 
CO. Leicester. 

Elizabeth, borii 17 Mary, bapt. at 2. Anne, bapt. at Corbv Frances, bapt. at 

Jan. 1612-13; Corby 1-* May 29 July 1616; mar. Corby 30 Sept., 

bapt. at Corby. 1G14 ; uuuiar. there, 3 Nov. HM2, to bur. there 1 (3ct. 

1631. Lionel Lamb, clerk. 1G22. 

Edward Armstrong of Corby, son^Mary, dan. of ... . Snel- 
and heir, baf.t. 1 ilarch H;il-12 ; I ling, relict of Sir Thomas 
a3t. 22 ill 1634 ; bur. at Corby | Coney of Bsissingthorpi 
9 Oct. 1G51. Knt."; mar. at Corby 1 

Jan. 1637-8. 

i-by 18 

John .Vnnstrong, 
bapt. at Corbv 11 
Jan. 1620-21 ; 
bur. 26 Oct. 1623. 

' lu hi.-, will, dated il .Tu!y IG21. proved IL' JIaich Ifi21-2. ho rae'.tinns hi^ f.ith.:r-indaw 
Edward ^^tuItou of Xarboruu^-h, gent., his mother Sturton, his brother Erasmus t^turtoii, and hia 
sister Elizabeth Sturton. 




Fraucis Gregory of Rarnby-^Fraiices, dan. ;ind=p?Liv.itiii Kaye, oi 

on-l)ou,Yurks, living IGGG, beir, bapt. 3 July , \Villi:u» Kayeof ^ 

eldest son of Gilbert nre- I 1641 ; mar. to 

gory of Barnby by his I'nd i her 1st husband 

wife Elizabeth, iiid dan. of at Corby 1 Jan. 

Sir John ilolyneu.'^ of : I657-S ; bur. at 

Teyersall, Csvt. ;' bur. 11 ' Barnby-on-Dou -i 

Aug. 1671. ir.I. See July 17(H. 

Pedigree of Grf.gory of ; 

Stockwith. Ist hu.sbaad. i 

son of Rev. 

by Elizalieth, eldest dau. of 
Horatio Eure of Gray's Inn, and 
sister to the Otii and 7th Lord 
Euro ; born 29 Jan. 1641 and 
bapt. 20 Feb. following ; raar. 16 
March 1673. He w;us Vicar of 
Barnby-on-Don, which he subse- 
quently resigned. 2nd husband. 

^iifortib[' of Bilsb^', 

[Ilarl. MSS. 1436, 15.50, 6289 ; MS. C. 23, Heralds' College ; Lincoln Wills.] 

Arms. — Or, a saltier engrailed salle. 
Crest. — ,1 horse's head erased at (he 

ck sable, bridled or. 

Elizabeth, dau. of John=Jobn Asfordby of Bilsby.=pCicely, dau. of John Billesby 
Heneage of Hainton. Will dated 14 Xoy., | of Billesby ; executrix in 
1st wife. proved 21 Dec. 1527. 1527. 2nd wife. 

I I 


Andrew Asfordby of Bilsby,=f=Jane, dau. of Alex- John Asfordby, 

Kt. 13 in 1527 ; died before | ander Laugton of living in 1556. ma-. . . . 

Dec. 1558. Will dated 30 I Langton. Will dated — Skelton. 

May 1556; proved ^C, Jan. i 15 Dec. 1558; proved George Asfordby. 

1561. I 6 April 1559. 

Edward .-\sfordi:iy=pKathariue, dau. 
of Bilsby. Will of William San- 
daled 2 June donofAshby-by- 
1590 ; proved 23 Partney ; execu- 
Dec. 1591. ti-ix in'l591. 

I I t 
Thomas Asfordby, 

living in 1590. 

Francis Asfordby. 

John Asfordby, liv- 
ing in 1590. 

I I I 




Alice, mar. 



John Mary, nuir. lic.=Rev. Christopher !^[ihill Jane, mar. Elizabeth 

Asfordby. 13 Aug. 1614; of Conisholm and Tot- Jen- — 

executrix in hill. AVill dated 16 July, nison. Susan. 

1627. proved 11 Oct. 1627. 

.'rine Asfordby-Anne, dau. of Ch; 
Alford anil i Xewcomen of : 

dead in 1617. 

fleet by ; mar. 2ndly 
Christopher Porrell of 
Halton Holgaie ; mar. 
lie. 8 July 1617. 


George Asfordby, wool- 
len-draper at Spilsby, 
bapt. 1 May 1585. 
Will dated "18 Dec. 
1C16 ; proved 11 Jan. 




Edward Asfurdbv, bapt. at Charles AsfovJbv. bapt. at Cicely, bapt. at Alfurd 
j Allbrd 18 Sept. itUib ; liv- Newark .". April If.lG ; -20 March lGll-12; 
' iug 1630. living 1G37. living 1G37. 

William Asfordby of Sahflei'tby^Eleaiior. dan. of Julm Xcweomen of Saltfleetby 
All Saints and XJwark-on- Trent. I All .~~;aint< ; bapt. 10 Xuv. l.jTO ; tnar. 20 April 
bur. at .Saktlcetby May ir>i'3. 1.'.97 ; bar. at Saltfleetby 9 June 1034. 


Alice, dead = Kev. John Shep- Cicely, mar. Susan, of Salt- Katharine, mar. 

in 1C31. herd of Pantou. Luke Brown fleetby All Marmaduke 

Will dated 12 ofSaltfleetby. Saints. Will Moore of St. 

Feb. 1C30-1 ; ' dated 2UiIarch Martin-iu-the 

proved C Dec. 1631 ; proved Fields, Middle- 

1631. 1631 ; unmar. sex. 

I I 

John Asfnvdby^Aliee.dau. of William :Marv, ba[it. 

of Saltfleetby, Wolley of Cumber- at .Saltfleet- 

signs the pedi- worth, mar. at Cum- by 2 Feb. 

greel634 ; liv- berworth 14 Oct. 1597-8; 

ing 11 Nov. 1631; bur. at Salt- bur. 7 April 

1657. ; fieetby 16 June 1658. 1598. 

I I 

:^^arv. bapt. Dorothv. mar. 
at 'Bilsby Oct. 1631 
23 Jan. Christopher 
1611-12. Newcomeu of 

William A sfordbv=FMart}ia,dau. 

John .\sfordbv. 

Thomas^^Mildred Em"'-- 

of Staine-in-the- 

of William 

ba|>t. 13 Sept. 


son of Kir- 

^rar,h, bapt. at 

Burton of 


bapt. 28 

mond, si)iu- 

Saltfleetby 29 




ster, a3t. 21 ; 

March 1635. 

the-:ilarsh ; 

Charles Asfordby, 


mar. lie. 2fi 

living 18 

bapt. 14 Jan. 

Jan. 1676. 


1640-1 ; bnr. 28 


June 1649. 

Charles Asfordby. bapr. Sa.-anna, bapt. at ^[artha, legatee Alexander As- 

at Mablethorpe 29 Oct. Mablethorpe 3. of her grand- fordby, bapt. 

1668. bur. 4 Nov. mother 18March at Saltfleetby 

1669. 1667-8. 20 May 1681. 

Edward Apfordby. hapt. 4 Marmadnke .\sfordby, ^lary, bapt. Anne, bapt. 12 

April 1644 ; bur. 2 Dec. bapt. 16, bur. 17 April 20 April Dec. 1647 ; bur. 

1655. 1646 ; mar. 4 Aug. 16 49. 

— 19 Nov. — 

Elizabe:h. bapt. 21 1673 Tho- Eleanor, bapt. 

Jan. 1635-6 ; bur. 28 mas Cooper. 8 Feb. li;51-2. 
bnr. March 1646. 


Simeon Asfordby and Ben- 
jamin Asfordby. twins. 

bapt. 10 July 1649 
8 All''. 1649. 

rNOTK. — Tilt- ] C'-iiirreo I h.-i.-e entirely rc-\vri*tijn, correcting tho 
the name. The long ■• s " wa'; taken for an '■ f," and the name apfieais 
•' Asfordby."— A. It. M.] 

ake in the spelling of 
■' Affordhv,- in-stead of 



^5!)c of WBj^nton, 



Anjrs. — Ari/nit. fi'-o rhcvroiix sa/,h\ in rhirf liro crryrnits of the list. 
Crest. — Tiro iireijhoinuts saldr, colltircd or, necl aijiiiiisl a' tree piojier. 

.... (]au.=pHeiiry .\she of Wyber-^Cbristian, dan. of ... . Watford ; mar. at Boston 
of ... . I ton and Boston, bur. 1 29 June l."i0-2; romar. to Barncli Whittiugliam 

at Boston 23 March of Siitterton ; livins; 2G Xor. 1500. 


Ellcn.mar. to Alexander ilargaret, mar. to 
Cliapman : livinc; a Goddard iEeercs of 
widow 20 Xov. 1500. Kirton in Holland. 

Heniy Ashe, 
under 14, 20 
Nov. 1509. 

Barbara, dau. of-^Edward Ashe, cns-=-^[ai-earet, dau. ilarcraret, mar. 1st to John 

ThomasDoughty, I tomer of B 
]y[ayor of Boston Will dated 2( 


20 Nov. 
150"0 ; bur. there I 1509 ; proved 

13 Sept. 1598. I (C.P.C.) 4 Jan. 
1st wife. 


of Jolin Smitl 
of Boston ; liv- 
ing 20 Nov. 
1.509. 2nd 


Fawne of Skendleby ; 
2ndlv, before 10 Oct. 
15S9", to Richard Coney 
of Kirton ; dead before 
2C Xov. 1599. 

Henry Ashe of A\ y-^Rlizabeth, dan. 
berton, 1034 ; only '■ ofAdamKobiu- 
child and under age sou of Long- 
4 Jan. 1599-1 COO. j thorpe in Peter- 


John Ashe, only child, 
under age 20 Xov. 
1599; bapt. at Boston 
24 Dec. 1598. 

Edward Ashe, a 
posthumous son, 
bapt. at Boston 
4 May ICOO 

Edward Aslie, son and heir, jet. 28 in 1633-4 ; bapt. at Boston 2 Xov. 1006. 

- . ^isljfi'clti oi Claj)tf)orpc. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' Colkge.] 

Arms. — Arijent, a trefoil hetireen three mullets gules. 
Crkst. — .4 volf courant ermine. 

Robert Ashfield of Hathrop,^Jane, dau. of ... . Moore of 
Oxon. I . . . ., CO. Worcester. 

Rotx;rt Ashfield of 2. Humphrey =f Elizabeth, dau. of John Trye JIargaret. 
Thorneston, co. Ashfield of Hars- of Hardwicke, co. Gloucester, — 

Gloucester, son and combe, co. Glou- 
heir. cester. 

and of Clavthoi'[)e, co. Ijincoln, 
13 Sept. 14 Eliz., 1572. 

John Ashfieldof Claythorpe, CO. Lincoln, =Abiga 
sou and heir. dinf'it 

dau. of John Johnson of Lud- 
Isle of A.xholme. 


^sfjton of ^paltJtufj; anti (!BrantIjam. 

[Au excellent pcJigrec of this family has been printed by Everaid Green, Esq., 
Ronge Dragon, in tlie "Genealogist," vol. ii., ].p. 3i'7— 33l'. As it «as compiled 
partly from Mr. Larken's collections, I have not thought it needful to reprint it — 
A. R. if.] 

^sljton of Burcjlj, 

[Earl. MS. 1550.] 

Anus.— Aiffcnf, a miilkf sable, a crescfut in dexter jmint gules. 
Ceest. — A hoar's head cuiipcd argent. 

Sir John Ashton of Ashton, Tiancashire.=p 

1. Thomas Ashton 2. Edmund Ashton of=f=.Joan, dau. and coheir of Richard 
of Ashton. Oldham, Lancashire. | liadcliQ'e by the dau. and heir of 
I . . . . Chadderton. 

James Ashton i. Miles Ashton* of Ashton,=p. . . . dau. of ... . Hend (? Ilcrod) 
of Oldham. co. Lancaster. of Lancashire. 

Morris Ashton of Ashton=p. . . . dau. and heir of Ralph Botherheme. 

Miles Ashton of=pElizabeth, dan. of ... . Smith of Stopworth, Cheshire. (Called 
Ashton. I also Dorothy Fidler in Harl. M.S. 1 J50, foi. 24.) 


_Morris=pAnne, dau. John Ash-=f^:i[ary, dau. of Robert Wors- Nicholas Ashton, 

of John ton of Ash- I ley of the Boothes, co. Lan- mar. Anne, dau. 

Hyde of ton, Gent, caster, by . . . ., dau. of Sir of .Vlexander 

Langley, | Thomas Gerard of Bryn. Norton. 

CO. Derby. /[. — 

A quo AsHTOx of Ashton and Anne, mar. Tho- 

Preston, co. Lancaster. mas Cocker. 

Protasia, dan. of:^:Miles Ashton, bur. = Alice 2. Edward Ashton. 5. Nicholas 

Thomas Quad- | at Burgh 13 Dec , — Ashton. 

ring of Irby and I 1012. Will dated G ex'trix 3. John Ashton. — 

widow of Robert , Dec. 1G09 ; proved inir3l2. — Elizabeth. 

Cracroft of j 19 Dec. 1612. 2nd 4. James Ashton. 

Burgh. 1st wife. ! wife. 


_^ j ^ 

Charles Ashton. Marv. Ruth. 

* The deecent of llilcs Ashton from Sir John Ashton aboye mentioneil shouM not be accepted 
without proof. 


^sfjtoii of illintincj:. 

[ilS. C. 23, Heralds' Colloge.] 

George Ashton of Minting, descended from Ashton of=r 
Lever, co. Lancaster. 

Richard Ashton of Minting, son and heir, held huids==Cecily, daii. of .... 
of the Duchy uf Lancaster in Minting loTC— 7'J. I Salfurd of ... . 

George Ashton of Minting 2 Dec. ]. Sarah, mar. to Marv, mar. at St. Judith, 

ICU'and IS :\[arch D^24-5, son Cleuicut Cooke ; Andrew's, Hoi- mar. to 

and heir, J.P. lf:;J-l. AVill dated bur. ac ^Minting born, TiOndon, 22 Thomas 

11 Feb., proved 25 Feb. 1G3S. 5 Aug. 1012, Oct. 1G05, Ed- Gentle. 
No issue. then a widow. nuind Dighton of 


Edward Ashton of Gainsborough^. . . . dau. of . . . ., bur. at Gains- 
3u Oct. 1G22. '" borough 15 March 1G47-S. 

rrr n i^i 

William Ashton, bapt. 21 Dec. 1601. Brook Ashton, bapt. Bridget, bapt. 17, 

— 22 July 1 G08. and 'bur. 22 Jan. 
George Ashton, bapt. 27 Oct. 1605. — 1009-10. 

— Charles .\shton, bapt. — 
Robert Ashton, bapt. 27 ]\Iay 1G07. 26 April 1612. - Barbara, bajit. 7 

March 1G16-17. 

All at Gainsborough. 

^sttrlii> of €ast S^^Iton. 

Arms. — Sable, a lend between three cstoiles or. 
Roger Asterby of Halton, co. Lincoln.=p 


Roger Asterby .=f= 

Leonard Asterbv, East Halton=rElizabeth, dau. of Edward Hornby of Wath. 

Edward Asterby of 

Peter Aster-= 

=Isabel, dau. of 

1 1 

Roger Asterby, living 20 


by of Clee, 


June 101 G ; mar. ac Lace- 

living 20 

well, mar. at 

by,2e Oct. 1G09, Margaret, 

Thomas Asterby. 

June ICIO ; 

Clee 27 April 

dau. of ... . Grantham. 


bur. at Clee 

1013 ; bur. at 


Mathew Asterby 

4 Dee. 1 GIG. 

"Waltham 17 

Marv, mar. to ... . Win- 

of Tetney. 

March 1037-8. 

shopp ; living 20 June 

All living 20 June 




VOL. I. 




Kathorino, dim. of Wil- = 
liam ]MiiRseiiden of 
Henliiit;, wid'^w of Tho- 
mas Pulvertoftof '\Vha]i- 
lode ; mar. after 1 Mav 
1590 : bur. at Alford 
22 May 1C07, s.p. 1st 

^neorge Astorhy of=f=Tabitha, dan. of John= 


East Haltoii, dc 
scribed of Ilcaling 
l.")SO-00 and of 
the City of Lon- 
don. Will dated 
20 June, proved 
11 July IGIG. 

Toulhby of Touthby, 
bapt. at Alford 2S 
June 1587 ; mar. 
at Alford 19 Feb. 
1G09-10 ; bur. there 
9 July 1611. 2nd 

Ellen, dau 


. . . ., proi 


her hus- 

band's will 



r.r.l wife. 

Bcthia, dau. and sole heir, bapt. at Alford 11 Nov. IGIO ; living 20 June IGIG. 

^utiU)' of l&otifil) anti (IBdbmmu 

[Harl. MS. lOoO. Liucolu AVills.] 

Arms. — Quartei-lij : 1 and i, Enninc, a cheiron gvUs, Toucuktt ; 2 ami .3, GuJes, 

a fret or, Auplf.y ; all tcitliin a hordurc <joloivj argent and gules. 
Ckest. — A Saracen's head in profile, couped at the neck jnvper, crowned with a circlet or. 

Thomas Audley of Ashbourue in the Peak, Derby, an=p 
illegitimate son of Lord Audley. I 

William Audley of Welborne- 

Clarke of Welborne. 

Thomas Audley of Hough, supervisor=pElizabeth,dau. of . . . . 
of the will of his " cousin " Richard Warren of ... . Notts. 
Abbot of Welbourne 15 April 1537. Will proved (C.P.C.) 
Will proved (C.P.C.) 1561-2. 15Ci-5. 

of Lead- 


1. William And-= 
ley of Hough- 
22 Nov. 1 Eliz., 

^Ellen, dau. 
and heir of 
Hough of 

2. Christopher Audley=y=Katherine,daii.of John 
" " ■ Lane of Orlingbury, 
Northants : widow of 
Francis Touthby of 
Touthby ; mar. after 
20 Oct. 15G0. 

of Boston 1562 and of 
Grantham, died 5 June 
17 Eliz., 1575 ; bur. at 
Boston 5 June 1575 ; 
escheat 18 Eliz., 1575-6. 

I I 

1. Eleanor, dau. and co- 
heir, rnar. to Sir Edmund 
Thorold of Hough, Knt., 
whose will she proved 28 
Jan. 1601-5. 

2. Agnes, dau. and coheir, 
mar. 1 st to Robert Thorold 
of Lov/ Hall in Hough, 
2ndly to Augustine Eurle 
of Straglothorpe. 

Jane, dau. of=f 
Richard BoUes I 
of Haugh by 
Louth; a lega- 
tee of her I 
nephew Sir i 
Charles Bolles 
30 Oct. 160G; j 
bur. at Gran- | 
ihani 5 June 
1608. Istwife. ! 

Thomas Audley; 
of Hnughton, 
near Grantham, 
1620, 1639, son 
and heir, bapt. 
at Alford 5 
May 15G1; bur. 
at Grantham 1 
June 1642. Will 
proved 21 June 

:Judith, dau. of 
Gabriel Arm- 
strong of Rerap- 
ston, Notts. AVill 
dated 30 July 
1G55, and codicil 
12 Feb. 1G55-G ; 
proved (C.P.C.) 
1 Nov. 1658, then 
of Hougluon. 
2nd wife. 




Christoplier Audlcv. bapt. at Oraiitluun 9 Feb. Arthur Audlev. died young ; bur. 
1591-2 ; bur. there 17 May lodJ. at Grautham "iT Juue 1G13. 

Ill I 

3. Thomas Aud- 4-. George JInrgaret, mar. 1st to Robert (called Ellen, niav. 

lev of London Andlev, a ChristopherinElizaboth'swill l.'.G t-5j tu Jului 

15G1-5. priest' AVel>5ttr of \Vclbournc,-:ndlj to Uich- Middleton 

=f= 3 5G4-5. arJ Worthiugtou of liranstun. ofSwatou. 

Thomas Audlev, sometime of Gray's luu, bur. at St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, 3 3Iarch 1G34-5. =i= 

Thomiis Audley of Houghton (son and heir of Tho-=f:Jaue, dau. of Peter Ashton 
mas Audley of London, who died before 26 ilarch i of Grantham ; bapt. 14 
1 639), styled "captain" in 16.55 ; heir of his cousin i Xov. 16i'2, aud mar. 26 
Thomas Audley of Houghton; proved his cousin i Jan. 1038-9 at Grantham; 

Judith Audley 's will 1 Nov. 1G5S ; bur. at Gran- 
tham 30 Jan. 1G85-G, then styled senior. 

a legatee of her cousin 
Judith Audley 30 July 1G55. 

i^Iargaret, bapt. at William Audley, James Audley, Peter Audley, bapt. 

Grantham 5 Feb. bapt. at Gran- bapt. at Gran- at Grantham 9, bur. 

1653-4. tham 30 Mureh tham 22 Dec. there 15 Sept. 1661. 

1655. 1C5S. 

Thoma.s Audley of^p^Mary, dau. of Jaue, bapt. at Grantham Abigail, bapt. at 

Houghton, bur. at ;...., bur. at 27 Jan. 1639-10 ; a lega- (Grantham 26 

Grautham 1 Feb. Grantham 26 tee of her cousin Judith Feb. 1G40-41. 

709-10. Nov. 1728. 30 July 1655. 

Charles Audley, bapt. ThomasAud- Thomas Audley, bapt. Charles Audley, 

1 Feb. 1680-81 ; bui. ley, bur. at atGrantham 27 March bapt. at Grun- 

4 Oct. 1686 at Gran- Grantham 12 1688; bur. there 29 tham 18 Jan. 

tham. Dec. 168C. Oct. 1719. 1690-91. 

Peregrine Audley, ii.qit. at 
Grantliani 23 Xnv. ir,'.);; (?bur. 
at St. Georire's, Lloomsbury, 
14 March 1738-9). 

^larv, bapt. at 
Graiuham 9 
April 1G84. 

.Jane, bapt. at 
Graiitliam 3 
Jan. 1686-7. 

Susanna, bapt. 
at <i ran tham 3 
Jan. 1686-7. 

5. Walter Audley of Grautham, Alderman of Grantham: 
1580, afterwards of Loudon. Will dated 13 Dec. 1613 ; 
proved (C.P.C.)4 April 1614. 

Judith, dau. of ... . 
Wallis ; mar. at Gran- 
tham 30 Oct. 1569. 




Thomas A ud- 
ley, bapt. at 
Grantham 6 
Dec. i:>S-2 ; 
living 13 Dec. 

Andlev, bapt. 
i'O Jnlv, bur. 
18 Occ". loSO 
at Grantham. 

William Audl-y. Ser- 
joant-at-:Mace30 Dec. 
HUG; mar. Rose, dan. 
of She wa5 liv- 
ing 30 Dec. IGIG. 


John Audley, vonng- son, bapt. at 
Hough am 2 April 
1592 ; proved his 
father's will -1 April 

I I 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Grantham Ellen, 

29 Sept. 1570; mar. 1st to Grantham 

Thomas Denhara, 2ndly to Feb. 1580-81 ; 

Hnmiihrey Smyth of Hack- mar. to .... 

nev.Middlese.x, yeoman, living Garthwaite. 
is' Nov. IGIG. 

)t. at Judith, bapt. Katherinc, Itapt. 

a; Grantham at Grantham 2-1 
19 March Sept. 1587; bur. 
at Hougham 6 

1584-5; bur. 

at Welliourn Nov 


6. Anthony Audley of Welbonrn 15G5 ; settled Let tou=pEllen, dan. 
Farm in AVelbourn ou " Piobcrt Audley and Jane his of Thomas 
wife" 2 Sept. 28 Eliz., 158G ; supervisor of the will [ Kirton of 
of his nephew William Middleton 17 Nov. 1599; bur. ' Leadenham. 
at Welbouru 4 Nov. 1G07. I 

John Audley, 
ex'or to his 
mother's will 

Eobert Audley, named in his=f:Jaiie, dau. Thomas 

grandmother Elizabeth And- ^ of . . . . Audley, 

ley's will 15C4-5 as "son of | living 2 living at 

Anthony Audley"; of Gray's Sept.l58C. Welbourn 

Inn 1581; bur. at Welbourn , 1G12, 1G31. 
24 Feb. 1591-2. 

ibeth= Nicholas Rowc 
of Welbourn, 
called uucle in 
Robert Aud- 
ley's will 1628. 

Anne, dau. of . . . .=|=Robert Audley, clerk, of Wel-=pMary, dau. of William Aud- 

Donman of Uffing- ] bonrn 1622 ; "ret. 30 in 1G22; ' Humphrey ley, in Robert 

ton ; mar. lie. 24 i of Caythorpc 1G28. Will Fish'. 2nd .Dudley's will 

Sept. 1622, cct. 22. dated 3 Nov. 1628; proved wife. 1628. 
1st wife. 24 March 1628-9. ' 

Robert Audley, 1st sou, bapt. at= 
Well.iourn 1 624 ; bur. there 20 
Feb. 17U2-3, ffit. 78. M.I. 

William Aud- 
Icv, 2ud sou, 

Jlary, mar. at Welbourn 29 July=William RuJd of Biggleswade, co. Dedford, bur. 
1703 ; bur. 18 Dec. 1729. at Welbouru 23 Jun"e 1720. 



Auzi?.— Argent, a eross sabk hclirccn four Cornish (Jtovfjhs proper. 
Crest. — On a cap of maintenawe azure, double ermine, Itro ejgJes' wings ^^^s^/(T/i^! 
from a ducal coronet. 

John Avlincrof Aylmer ILi 

ey, Norfolk. 

Sir Ko- 





of Ajl- 




:Jolm Ayjnier, U.n., tutor to Lidy--=pJnditli, d;ui. ofWillinm King 
Jane Grey; Bishop of London 1570 ; of Audloy End, Essex ; widow 
Lord Almoner, elected 12 [March of Nathaniel Treherne ; died 
1557 ; was Archdeacon of Lincoln 17 Dec. 1618, ffit. 77 ; bur. 
27 Oct. 15C5; purchased the manorof at Much Hadliam, Jlerts. 
Revesbv about 8 Mav C2 Eliz.. 1590; ; Will dated 20 June IGIS ; 
died 5"Junc 1504,'Kt. 7:^> ; bur. at jjroved 4 Feb. 1018-19, de- 
St. Paul's next day ; funeral cere- scribed of JIuch Hadhani. 
mony 26 June. 2nd wife. 

. . . . dan., 

Dorothy, dau.= 

mar. to 

of Edward 


Hastings of 


Leicester Ab- 


bey, o.s.p. 1st 

ter of Bal- 




= 1. Samuel AyImerof=pAnne, eldest dan. of f]d- 
Akenham Hall, Suf- ward, 1st I^ord Brabazon, 
folk, and iloglynton ; of Tanner's Court, near 
Hall in Ulting", Es- ; Dublin ; living 20 June 
sex; living 20 June 1618; proved her hus- 
1618; High SherifT band'swill lOFeb.1635-6. 
ofSutl'olkfG20. Will I Shemar.2ndlytoSir Ed- 
dated 2-t Sept. 1632 mnnd Fowler of Ash, near 
(to be bur. at Clay- Wrotham,Kent,Knt,,who 
don); proved 10 Feb. died 28 Dec. 1045. She 
1635-6. Died 12 Jan. died 30 Jan. 1645 ; both 
1635; bur. at Clay- : bur. at Ash. M.L 2nd 
don. 1 wife. 

3. Anthony Aylmer, living 24 
Sept. 1032, and 1655; Couusel- 
lor-at-Law of the Middle Tem- 
ple ; mar. xVnne, dau. of Sir 
Edmund Fowler of Ash, Kent, 
Knt. =F 

.wife of John 
;4Sept. 1032. 


She is also said to have 
been the wife of Tho- 
mas Cooe of Boreham, 


Alice, living unmar. 
24 Sept. 1632; mar. 
to Nichcilas Fowler, 
Esq., only son and 
heir of Sir Edmund 
Fowler aforesaid. 

Brabazon Aylmer, a bookseller in London, published in 1701 Stryjje'i 
of his Grandfather." 

1. Joiin Aylmer, son and heir, 
had Mngdon or Moglynton 
Hall in Kssex ; living 1032 ; 
mar. Lucretia, dan. of Sir 
Henry Clovyle of West Han- 
ningHeld, Essex, Knt. 

2. Edward Aylmer, D.D., heir of=rAnne, dau. 
his father 24 Sept. 1032 ; had : of John 

the Suft'olk estates; owner of 1 Hills, D.D., 
Claydou Hall, Suflblk ; espoused ; ifaster of 
the Koyal cause, and eventually i Catherine 
compounded for his estates ; sold , Hall, Cam- 
Akenham Hall ; died 1655. | bridge. 



Anne, bajit. 
at Xettle- 
Etcad 6 Dec. 

P.raba/.on Aylmer of ^Miiu'don Hall, Ultiiig,=p?i[ary. daLi. of John 
' " " ■ " • • -- ■ ■ Qij^.c.ra of Top- 

pingbro' Hall, Es- 

Essex, J. P. ; bapt. at Nettlestcad 15 March 
1G35-6; admitted of Jesus College, Cambridge, 
10 July 1655 ; of Grays 12 Fob. 1G55-C. 

1. Samuel Ayl- 
mer of Grays 

2. Jol 


3. Anthony 

Both died young. 

=j=Catlicrine, dan. of 
Robert Deale of 
llillingdun, Mid- 
j dlese.x, son and 
I heir of Sir Tho- 
I mas Beale, Knt. 

Anne, mar. to John 
Godbold of Ferling 
Hall, Essex, Esq. 

2. Lucretia, 


Brabazon xVylmer, son = 
and heir. Bencher of 
the Middle Temple, 
Clerk of the Peace for 
Essex ; died 25 Aug. 

-. . . . dau. 
of Kobert 
Brage of 

2. Robert Aylmer,=p 
in Holy Orders, j 
Vicar of Camber- I 
well, Surrey, in 
1727 ; died"l7C9. 

3. An- 4. Tho- 
thony masAyl- 
Aylmer. mer. 

Both died young. 

Robert Aylmer. 

2. Theophilus Aylmer, D.D., bapt. at St. Margai'et's,==Mary, dau. of AVilliam 
Lincoln, 14 April 15C5 ; Rector of Much Hadham, Ne\yeseorXe^yceof Much 
Herts, 28 April 1589 ; Archdeacon of London 15'Jl ; ' Hadham, Herts ; living 
proved his mother's \vill 4 Feb. 1018-19 ; died Jan. i 2u June 1G18 and 29 
1625-6 ; bur. at Hadham. July 1C27, then a \vidow. j 

John Aylnier, Theophilus Ayl 
living 1627, mer, living 102/ 
mar mar 

I i 

i 1 


Amhill, Edward, and Jus- Jane. Eliza- 
tiuian Aylmer, legatees of — beth. 
their uncle Zachary. Cecily. 

All livinj; 20 June 1618. 

3. Sir John Ayl-: 
mer of Reve^by, 
Knt., 1592; bapt. 
atSt. Itlargaret's, 
Lincoln, 11 July 
1568 ; livin? 9 
1 July 8 Cur. L, 

Susan, 4. Zachariah Aylmer, LL.B., 
dau. of official to his brother the Arch- 
George deacon ; bapt. at St. ^Margaret's, 
Sampson Lincoln, 20 Oct. 1572; entered 
of Uork- at New College, O.xon, 21 Jan. 
ston,Suf- 1591-2, then ajt. 19 ; bur. at 
folk. Shoreditch 9 Aug. 1627. Will 

dated 29 July and proved .\ug. 
1627, then of St. Leonard's, Shore- 
ditch ; mentions his cousin ^lary, 
wife of William Booth. 

Samuel Aylmer 
of Edmonds- 
bury, Suftblk, 
M.i). and Pro- 
fessor of Physic, 
1632 ; nephew 
of Samuel, 

'•cousin" of 

1 I 

John Aylmer of Revesby, mar. Eliza- Edward 

beth. dau. of ... . Gostwick ; died 4 Aylmer, 

Sept.' 1632. =^ 1627. 

ilary, mar. to William Booth 
of Goxhill ; legatee of her 
cousin Zachary. 


John Aylmer, a^t. 4 rears 11 months and=p.TaT)c. clilest ckn. of Piobert Thornhill 
8 davs'at his father's death; living :?G I uf Marcliain-le-Feii ; bur. at Alford 
June 1C5:3. I'J Jiilv IG-t'J. 

Elizabeth, living 2G June 1G50, and tbcu under IC. 

5. Nathaniel Ayl- G. Tobel Aylnvn-of London,=^Mary, dan. of 7. Edmund 

mcr, entered at citizen and draper, and ■ John Sauimcs Aylmcr, died 

Exeter College, of 'Writtle, Esses. ^Vill of Toppingbro' 25JulylG27; 

Osou, 28 Aplil dated 26 Julv 1GJ7, and ; Hall in Hat-'Shore- 

1592, Kt. 16. proved (C.P.C.) 1 Dec. I field Pererell, ditdi29July. 

1663. I Esses. 


Eev. John Ayl- Tobel Aylmer of London, ^Margaret, mar. ilary, mar. John 

nier, Rector of Gent., mar. Margaret, dau. to John Grigg, Acton, son of 

Bletsoaiuniekh- of John Cossinghurst of and was living John Acton, 

burn, I'eds, liv- Leatherhead, Surrey. 1G57. goldsmith to the 

ing 1G57. =f= King. 


I I 

1. Mary. 2. Margaret. 

Catherine, Judith, mar. 1st, before 20 June Elizabetli, bapt. at St. ]\Iargaret'.s, 

died 1 Aug. ICIS, to AVilliam Lynch of Lincoln, 30 July 1570 ; living 20 

1627, s. p. Stajile, Kent; 2ndly to John June 1618; mar. to Sir John 

Mordannt. Foliott of Pirton, Worcester. 

[Harl. MS. lojo.] 

Arms. — Argent, a fesse letireen three asses lU'ssant sable, a crescent difference of the 

Crests. — l. An as? passant salle. 2. An. ass's head erased argent, a crescent 

difference gules. 

Mathew Ayscongh of Lacra, parish of Millom, Cumberland.=p 

Richard Ayscongh of Lacra.- 

John Ayscongh of Lacra.=p 

1. John Ayscuugh of Lacra,^ 2. Chri--topher Ayscongh of BIyboroagh,= 
Cumberland. I Lincolnshire. 





Antbony Avjcough of Lacra. 


Hngh Ayscoiigh of La^Ta, 
Cuniberlaiid. beir in remainder 
toMatheu, son of Christopber 
Avscongh, 1501. 

1. Matliew Ajscough of 3. Henry AvscotKrh 

p"-,'!",?" ^^,°"*=' I^''^"-'^ of Seaton. parish °of 

of Milium, elder brother Bootle. Cumberland. 

of Sir Hugh. 

1. Augus- 
tine .Ays- 
cough. =;^ 

'. Chris-^JIargery 




Joan, heir of her 
great-uncle Sir 
Hngh ; mar. to 
.... Hardie, and 
died s.p. 12 July 

dau. and 

heir of 



of Den- 



Some say 




3. Edmund 
heir in re- 
mainder to 
his cousin 
lici : ^liv- 
ing l.iTl. 
1st hus- 

dan. and 
heir of 

= Thorn 


I I I 

an. — 




Edmund Ayscough. 

]. Henry Ayscough of Horn- 
castle 1592 ; heir in remain- 
der tohis uncle Edmund 1561 ; 
heir to bis cousin Joan Hardie 
1565 ; ait. 2G, 23 Antr. 1571, 
6.p., of :\roorby. Will dated 
16 Nov. IGOl ; "proved 25 Jan 

2. Simon 
heir in re- 
mainder to 
his brother 

3. ^lathew 
heir in re- 
mainder to 
his brother 

1. ^Margaret, mar. to 
Peter Cooper of Diss, 

2. Elizabeth, executrix 
to her brother Henry 

3. Mary. 

Henry Ayscough, bapt. at Gainsborough 14 Sept. 1503. 

Sir Hugh Ayscough of= 
Blyboroiigb, Lincoln 
(1561), andof Seaton, 
Cumberland, youngest 
son, knight-banneret, 
after the Battle of 
Pinkney ; o.s.p. 1-2 
March 1562-3. Will 
dated 1 Sept. 1561, 
and bequeathed Seaton 
Priory and lands in 
Curcbcrland to Dame 
Bridget for life. Inq. 
p.m. taken at Carlisle 
23 Aug. 1571. 1st 

= Bridget, dau. of 
Sir John Hndle- 
ston by his Srd 
v\ife Joyce, dau. 
and heirof John 
Prickley of 

Prickley, Wor- 
cester ; mar. to 
William Pen- 
nington in 
1563 ; living a 
widow 1507. 
2nd wife. M.I. 

^William Pennington, Jun., son and heir 
of Sir AVilliam Pennington of Mun- 
caster, Cumberland ; seised in fee tail 
of the manors of Preston-Piichard 
and Parva Langton, etc. ; fet. 14 years 
and 9 months at his Other's death 20 
April 1532. He and all his tried 
horsemen were called out upon service 
of the Borders 1513 ; Sheritt' of 
Cumberland 6 Edward VI. and 1 and 
8 Eliz. ; died 14 March 15 Eliz., 1573. 
Inq. p.m. at Cockerinonth 10 March 
1573-4. Seised of the manor of 
Preston-Pdcliard, etc. M.I. 




2. W;ikcr Ayj^cotifrh of niyhovoiiirli ami Xortlr 
C'ailton, farmed ISlvlioiongh of his lirntliei- 
Sir Hugh ; died at B'lylwroiigh 4 Juno -2 Eliz., 
15C.0, seised of tlic manors of Tiimby, Xorili 
Carlton, Rovcsl>v, jiii-c n\-., ; adm'oul^! June 


=E!izuliet!), dau. and 
heir of John Gur- 
ney by Katherine, 
cousin and colieir 
Duke of S.iUolk. 


. . . dau., mar. 
itall of Ket- 
viirs, Kendall. 

2. Hugh Ayscough^Elizabeth.dau.of Bridget, dau.=3. Walter Avs-^pEliza- 

of Revesby, first | Sir John Xfvill of ' Henry ' cough of Wash- ; beth, 

of Leverscd^e, Skipwith of ; ingborongh, dau. of 

Yorks, Knt., by Keythurpe, \ the elder, geut., John . 

his IstwifeDoro- Leicester; l.'j.SO; heir in Carsey. 

thy.dau.ofChris- livini,'2GFeb. remaindertohis 2iid 

toplier Dauby of loOS-O. 1st. , brother Hu-h ' wife. 

Mashaui, Yorks. wife. i 15G1 ; living 1 'J 

|Oct. IGll. I 


1. Clinton .-Vyscough. 

: heir in reniainde 

to Bridget, widow 

; of Sir Hugh As- 

I kongh loCl ; bur. 

at Lontii 23 Feb. 


Elizabuth, dan. 
and heir, mar. 
toWilli.uu Har- 
rison of ilartin, 

Edward Ayscongh, 
bapt. June, I.^'JC; 
bur. 1 Feb. ](;t)0-7 

Jane, bapt. 
at Washiug- 
l)orouc;h 17 

2. Henr 


Oct. iGi: 

livins 10 

Elizabeth,dau. of:^.Sir Henrv Ayscongh of Blvboronah, Knt.. l.i)C2 ;=:Marcraret, dan. 

Sir Edward Dy- ■' " " 

moke of Scrivels- 
by ; living! April 
34 Eliz., I.:i!i2; 
bnr. at Bly- 
borough. 1st 

ffit. 2G and more 2 Eiiz., 4 June 15G0 ; heir of. . . . South- 

of his father and mother ; adm'or of liis father well ; mar. at 

18 June 15G0 ; knighted at Wliitehall 23 July Islino-tou, 
10U3 ; died 2-2 Oct. 9 Jac. I., IGl 1. Will dated iliddlese.x, 9 

19 Oct., proved C Dec. 1611 ; (to be) bur. at Feb. 1608-9. 
Blyborough ; will declared null and void 14 2ud wife. 
July 1G14, adm'on tliat date. 


Sir Walter Ayscough,===]\atheriue, 2. Clinton Ayscongh, Henry Avscongli, 

the younger, Esq., i dau. of adm'or of liis father 14 appareutlV deail 

1.583; knighted at ' Henrv Julv 1G14; mar. and before l''.i 

Whitehall 23 July Skipwith of had a son Henry Ays- 1611. 

1603, eldest son, Keythorpe, cough 1601. " — 

o.v.p. ; bur. at St. Leicester. — Silvester 

Andrew's, Holborn, | 3. Leonard Ayscongh. cough. 
24 Jane I GOO. I 

Henry Ayscough=pTheodosia, dau. of 2. Edward Avs- 

of Blyborough, heir ; Sir James Har- 
of his grandfatlier, ' rington of Bid- 
whosewillheproved | lingtou, Rutland ; 
6 Dee. 1611 ; mar. at St. Mar- 
executorship re- garet's-iu-the- 
voked M Julv, Lincoln, 
1614;]ivinglFeb. 26 Dec. 1611; 
1614-l."i; adm'on I administratrix of 
9 June 1633. I her husband 9 

c I June 1633. 
vol.. I. 

I I 
W alter .\vscousrh. 

cough, proved living 10 Oct. 1611 ; 

liis grandfatlier's died uuniar. in parts 

will 6 Dec. 161 1 ; beyond sea; adm'on 

executorship re- 22 Nov. 1G22. 
voked 14 July — 

1614; adm'or of Elizabeth, 
his brother Wal- 
ter 22 Nov. 1622. 

dT ] 


C| Dl 

I I I 

^ril.liva, l.apt. at Stix-=Xiohulrts Ann. mar.=lMilk.:' TTunckes EawarJ 
would ]- l>cc. IGi'O ; Xewcoineii at Mable- of r.alwick, co. Ajscough 
bur. at Thcdd'iethorpe of'Tlieddle- thoipe -JT XorUiampton. of Lon- 
22 March IGOO-Gl. tliorpe. Dec. 1 C.?..-.. don. 


I I 

Edward Ays-=He;ter, dan. of Frances, mar. at JIabletborpe=Charles New- 
cough of I<on- Richard Evans 18 Feb. lOr.o-O ; bur. at Salt- conien of 
don, 1G64. of London. fieetby All Saints 27 June 1C76. Saltfleetby. 

4. CharIes=f=Katherine. dan. Elizabetli, mar. Anne. Susan, mar. to Srephen 

Ayscough, i of Sir Richard as 1st wife to — Bowyer ; living 19 

living at ! Skipwith of Henry Fitzwil- :j[ary. Oct. ICll. 

Tumby 19 j South Ormesby. liani of Scamp- — — 

Oct. IGll. I ton ; living 19 Katherinc. Franees,mar. toXicho- 

I Oct. ICll. las Cressey of Fulsby. 

I \ i \ \ 

1. Henry "\\ illiam Ayscough, Edwai-d Ays- AValtcr Ays- AVilliam Ayscougli, 

Ayscough, bapt. 9 Dec, bur. cough, bajit. cougli, bajit. bapt. at South 

living 19 19 Jan. 1C07 at at Leg-bv }b 29 j'une IGl.j Ormesbv 10 Aug. 

Oct.'lGll. South Ormesby. Sept.'lGlo. at South lt;i7. 


[Note. — The marri.ig-e of Mildred Ayscough with Xicholas NewcouipQ is not absolutely 
certain, though most probable. — .V.ll.M.] 

^^jscoufjl) of ^tallint^ijoroun-lj ant! g^oiitl) 

[Harl. M.S. lo.JO.] 

Arms. — Qunrterhj : Sable, a /esse or heln-een three asses passant argent, rnancd arid 

imgided of the second, Ay.scough. 
Crests. — 1. An ass passant argent. 2. An ass's head erased argent, crined or. 

3. A lion's paw erased argent, enrircled bg a ducal coronet or. 4. ^4 lions 

paw erased argent. 
MoTi'o. — Pour le .miveux. 

John Ayscough=p. . . . dau. of Thomas Birdvill. 

Robert Ayscough=pJane, dau. of John Conyers of Sockburn, Durham. 

1 I I 

dau. a!idcoheir=RichurdAvs-— . . . . dan. (.f John Thomas James 

of Robert Aske of cough. ' I Neville oi' Sutton Ay.-^cougii. Ayscough. 
Aske. A (VScotton), EiuC'ln. 



Richard Ayscoiigli 

. . dan. of Sir Richaid Tunst 


Rifhard Ayscongh of Pott Grange 
■which he biuiLrht. 

. . . daii. of Thomas Tliirgh of Christoplior 
lackforth. Ayscough. 

dan. of 




2. 'Williara Ayscough, Bisliopof Salisbury and 
Confessor to King Henry VI. " ^lany of his 
tenants intending to joyne with Jack Cade, 
came to Edeudon, took him from masse, and 
drew him to y' top of a hill, where they cleft 
his head as lie kneeled and prayed, not farre 
fro' Edendou, and spoyl'd him to y^' skin, 
June y" 29, 1150." 

o. Peter 
a Priest. 

Richard Ayscongh, bur. at=p. . . . dan. of Sir .Tc 
Bedale. Bassinsburnc. 

Robert Ayscough, Dean of 

John Ayscough of Cowling in the=j=. . . . dan. of Sir 
parish of ]5edale-cum-Avscough j John Aruclille of 
9 Richard 11., Eord of 'Bedale; ArnclitVe, Knt. 
died 8 Jan. 3 Henrv YL, 1 1:;5-G. 

William Robert Ays- 

Ayscough, cough of Pott 
o.s.p. Grange. 

2. Robert Ayscongli, Doctor 3. Simon 
of Civil Law, .\rchdeacon of Ayscough. 
Colche?ter 14G.J. ^ 


Ricliard Ays-=pMary, dan. of Thn- 
cough of Pott ' mas Ijascelles of 


Simon (? Thoiiiits) 


=Isal.el,dau. of Tho- 
mas Strangways. 


Thomas Ayscough. 
John Ayscough. 

William Ayscough of Pott Grange, Esq. 

See Dugdale's •' Visitation of Yorkshire," p. 1.t3. 

1. Sir William Ayscough, Knt.,=j=EIiza 
Chief Justice of Common I'hjas, j Argu 

;th, dau. and coheir of Jtihn CaytliorfH.- of 
, or Ergham, by Alice, dan. of William 

died 34 Henry VL ; bur. at ' Hnngate, also heir to her cousin William Hun- 


gate of Yorks. 

1 2. William Ays-= 
; couL'h (if Cow- 
1 ling, Yorks, Esq., 
1 died circa 3-'i 
' Henry VI IL, 
1 1544. 

=. . . . one of the 

daus. and heirs of 
a younger sou of 
. .". . Fulthorpo of 
Eulthorpe, Dur- 
ham, and Hips- 
well, Yorks. 

a Priest. 

Knt., of 

1 1 1 

Catherine, mar. to Thomas 

Agnes, mar. to Thomas 

Elizabeth (? mar. to Thoma.s 


Rbi>des. Rokeby of ilortham, Yorks). 



George Ay-icough of Cow- 
Vm^, Yorks. died circa 
3 Mary 155G. 

:A!ice, sister to Sir Christopher Wray of Glentwurth, 
Liiicolu, Ciiief Justice of the Kint;;'s Beiicli temp. Eliz. ; 
bur. ill Richmond Church, Yorks, ii' Oct. i:>bO. 


Christopher Ayscou;,'h (if=p. . . . dan. Three other children, livino: 12 Xov. 

Richmond, Y'ork, died circa | and lieir of I 502. the date of their Rrandinotlier's 

2(] June 1G26, 2 Our. I.; Vk- will, Joan Wyclitle. widow of Tlio- 

execntor of his cousin James \ rigu; of mas Wray, and dau. of Robert Jack- 

Ayscoughof XnthalUilarch Riclimond, son of Gatcnby, Yorks. 
1G25-G. ; Yorks. 


Allan Ayscongh of- 
Skewsby, Yorks, let. 
70, 11 Aug. 16G6. 

:Anne, youngest dau. of Tho- 
mas Bratlnvaite of Burueshead, 

See Surtees Society's Hugdale's " Visitation 
of Y'orkshire," j). 343. 

1. Jane, wife of Ricliard 
Burgh of tlawkswell, a 

younger son of Burgh 

of Burgh, Yorks. 

2. Alice, wifeof JohnCon- 
vei-s of Diusdalc, Yorks. 

Margaret, dau. and heir of Jolm .\ys-=pH;iinor, dau. of Sir Richard 
of Stallingborough, Lincoln. I cou^rh. Tunstall, Knt. 

Edward Elizabeth, mar. to 

Ayscongh. Thomas (? Wil- Ashby,iiear (ireat Grimsby 

=T= liam) Booth of Kuc.,' 7 ilarch lo3:i-4 

Killingholme. Mayor of Grirasijy 1533. 

Sir Christoj.her Avscoush ol'=pElizubeth, sifter 
'■ ■•'•■■• of Sn- John 
Allen; living 7 
ilarch 1533-4. 

Robert Ayscongh, living 28 June Anne, mar. 1st to Thomas Portington of 
1540 ; a legatee of his brother- Roxby, whose will she proved 2U Aug. 
in-law Thonnis Portington. 1540 ; and 2udly to William Burgh of 

Kirton in Lindsay. 

Sir Chris-^Franccs,dan.of Robert Ayscough, Y 

Richard Ayscough, mar. 

of Ashbv. 

lir John ilon- of Stallingborough, had Elizabeth, dau. of Au- 
snn (otherwise a sou Ricliard, bur. at, gustine Purter of Bel- 
Morrison) of Great Grimsby 10 ]\[arch ton ; died s.p. 
South Carlton, 1575-G. " — 
Knt. — Elizabeth, mar. to Hugh 
John Ayscough. Fuller of Itoydon, Essex. 

John Avscough of Asiil.v and of the^Grisell, dau. of Sir Brvan Tukes, Knt. 
L=;lc of Wight. ' alleiration Fac. Oil". 18 Dec. 1515. 

Margery, dau. of Sir— Sir William Avs.-.u-h of Stallingborongh.^Aliee, dau. of 
]iobeit"l!iMvard nf I Lincoln, Knt.," Shenlf of Lincoln 15oo, I Richaid Cop- 
Winestead, "Yorks, 1505, 1508 ; died 2G ilarch 1 Henry YIIL, pingdale of 
Knt. I) 1500. M.L at Stallingborough. e Yorks. 





Robert Ayscongb. 


Jano, mar. tn"\Villi;-i;ii 
^[rtuley of ManK>y 
and Worlaby. 

Robert Avf coiiwli— ;Margaret, dau. 
of Broial>y. Lin- of Edward 
coin. " Sktrne. 

Wilbam Aj-scongb of Bromby, 
Lincoln, Rector of East Raven- 
dab.', CO. Lincoln. Xuncu- 
pative will proved i'5 June 

Christojiber Ayscoiigb of Langton 
by Wragby. "Had "n dau. .Mary, 
rnai'. to William Fornian of Lang- 
ton. Her will dated 12 June 
1G:J7 ; proved G JLarcli 1G38. 

I I 

Joiiu Ays- 

Eli7;abetli,=FSir 'William Avscoti^b = 

dan. of 
ley, Staf- 
ford. 1st 

of Stalliiigborouixh, 
knighted in K.l;; ; xt 
Urn -2 Henry VIIL; 
SheritF of Lincoln 1521, 
Will dated C Aug. 1.54( 

and proved 2S May dnuhk-headed tagU 
1541 ; (to be) bur. iii ili^^phiijeJ sahli 
our lady's ^uire. chanjrd with a tre 

foil or. 

. . dau 

of ... . 





of Xo 



re ; s 

p. 2nd 



Arms : 

Argent, a 

.=pEli7.alietli, dan. of Joh 

Huttun of Tiidho^, CO. 
Durham, and widow of 
.Sir William Hansard ; 
c-x'trix of her said hus- 
band 28 May i:)41 ; bur. 
at St. ilartiu's. Lincoln, 
12jraylor.O. WiUdated 
10 ^lay and proved 2'.) 
June 15.30. 3rd wife. 

Martha, Jane, mar. 1st to .\nne, mar. to Thomas Kynie. 
elder dau., George St. Paul of For her religious principles, 
betrothed Snarford, 2ndly wliich she persistently and 
to Thomas to Richard Disney ojienly declared, she was com- 
Kyrae,but of Xorton Disney, mitted to tlie Tower subjected 
died before and bur. at South tothe rack. and burnt at Smith- 
marriage. Kelsey, S:. Mary, field IG July 1516. 
27 Dec. 1590. 

living 6 .\ug. 

Thomas Ays- 
cough, not 

George Skip-=:\Lirgaret, dau. of Thomas^Edward Avseou-li, Cup-bearer to Kin 
I with, son of Gibson of Cotham " " "'"" " 

Sir William ing at Xun Cotham 
Skipwith of Oct. 4 and 5 Philip and 
South Orms- ilary; died at Kiugstou- 
by. Isthus- upon-Hull9Xov.35 Eliz., 
band. seised of land in Brock- 

lesby ; bur. at Keleby il 

Xov. 1593. 

Henry VI IL, was of the household to 
Archbishop Cranmer, and one of the 
band of Gentlemen Pensioners at the 
Battle of iIus,selborough 10 Sept. 
1547 ; a legatee of his father 6 Aug. 
1540 ; died 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, 
April 1558 ; bur. at Keleby. 

Edward Ayscough of Cotham, born=pUrsula, dau. of 
there 1550 ; aet. 9 years and j Henry Skip- 
2 months 27 Oct. 1558; a}t. 39 and with (sister of 
more at his motlier's death. He Sir William 
was the author of " A Historic of | Skipwith) of 
the Warres between p]ngland and I Cotes ; bur. at 
Scotland," 1G07. Will dated 31 I Kelebv21 
Aug. IGIG, thenof Lincoln; proved I 1611.' 


F(C.P.C.) 17 :\rarch foil 

I . 
2. Francis Avscough, 
living 31 Aug. IGlG ; 
mar. Jane, dau. of 
Thomas Wei by of 
iloulton. She was 
bapt. there 26 May 
15G1, and bur. there 
15 March 1C30, then 
a widow. 1 





]. UeniT Ayscougb, 
bejond seas in 1G16, 
and proved his 
father'swill 17^Iavch 

2. William Aysci'ingh, Gentle- 
man of Privy Chamber to 
Charles I. He and his wife 
are mentioned in his father's 
will 31 Auir. IGIC. 

I I I 

3. Edward Avsconcfh. 

4. Jolm Avscough. 

1. Janet. 

All living 161G. 

•Sir George Aj-scong;h. Admiral of England temp. Charles I. 
and II. ; knighted at Whitehall Aug^ IG-il ; lived at Ham, 
parish of Chertsey, Sarrey ; " returned from a severe restraint 
in Holland, and kissed the King's hand 12 Nov. 1GG7 ;" 
JIary, dan. of ^Mortin Fotherby, Lord Bishop of Salisbury, 
and widL.w of John Bovs. Thev had a son George, bapt. at 
St. Giles-iu-the-Fields 2o Jan. l'cl4-5. 


^lary, mar. 
to Thomas 
Latton of 

Jlai'garet, dan. ^3. Thomas Ays 
of ... . ^lorley ; i cough of Ful 

bnr. at Fulstow 
17 Dec. 1593. 
1st wife. 

stow, bnr. thei 
G April 1G07. 

=Jane, dan. of John Copland Dorcas, mar. to 

of Skellingthorix; ; bur. at John Touthby 

Fulstow 23 Oct. 1G41. of Touthby; 

Will dated lu Sept., proved bur. at Bostou 

1 Nov. lC-11 at Lincoln. i Nov. 1610. 

John Ayscough, 


19 Dec. 1.587- 


10 Jan. 1597-8. 

Edward Ayscough, bapt. 
13 July 1589 T bur. 26 
])ec. 1590. 

Thomas AvscouL 
15 Oct. 1590. 


I I 
Francis .-Vyscough, 
bapt. 26 July 
1593; bnr. 6 April 

Dorcas, bapt. 20 
Jan. 1591-2 ; bur. 
22 April 1595. 

bur. at Ful 
Slow 1] 
June 1611. 

1642-3 ; 
mar. to . 


Mi at Fulstow. 

Ursula, legatee 
of lier step- 
mother 1641, 
and of her half- 
brother 1642-3 ; 
mar. Ist at Ful- 
stow, 26 Jlay 
1604, to John 
Simson, and 

2ndly to ... . 

John Ay.scough of Ful-=pSarah, dau. of 

stow, son and heir, 
£et. 34 in 1634; ex'or 
of his mother 1641 ; 
bur. at Fulstow 6 May 
1643. Will dated 1 
March 1642-3; proved 
at Lincoln 30 ilay 

mder :i 


. . . Newer 
ex'trix of her 
1st husband ; 
remar. at Ful- 
stow, 12 Oct. 
1648, to T. 


2. John Ayscough, 
5 June liU:.' ; bu 
.Jan. 1643-4. 


2. William 


bapt. 10 

Oct. 1596; 

bur. at 

Fulstow 3 

July 1597, 


3. Thomas^ 
bapt. at 
20 June 
1602; of 

of AVilliam 
Skipwith of 
Utterby ; 
bur. at Ful- 
stow 7 Jan. 
1st wife. 



s, bapl 

7 Julv 
.'3 Ma'v 

All at Fulstow. 




I I I 

1. William Ayscoujrli, SOI 
and heir, ivt. 7 in It'rM. 


4. ■\Villiam Av^cough, Eli/.ubeili. bapt. 17 Jiii 
bapt. 30 Jiily'li-li'.j. 1C,:',1 ; living KUl. 

:.'. Tlioiiia- Avfcough, John Avicnngh, bnr. Anne, bapt. 25 Sept. Uj32. 

bapt. G 1V1-. 1(;27-S. ^ 2 Dec. ]G:;8. — 

• — — Jane, bapt. 14 Nov. 1033 ; 

3. Ednard Ayscoui.'h, Snsan, bapt. 3 Aug. liying 1641. 

biipt. :?.s :May U".L';». " 1025 ; living 1041. 

All at Fulstow. 

4. Edward Ayscough, Clevk,=pJane, dan. 
bapt. at Fulstow 12 March i of . . . . 
1G04-5 ; instituted to the | Prigeon ; 

IJectory of Hatcliffe 3 Feb. 
1638-0, and of North Thoresby 
28 April 1042. 

mar. at St. 
Lincoln, 10 
Aug. 1035. 

1. Dorcas, bap. 
at Fulstow 23 
July 1509 ;niar. 
to Philip Hal- 
ton ; living 


"I I 

^lary, bnr. at 
15 Oct. 10^24. 

Dorothy, bur. 
at Fulstow 6 
Dec. 1003. 

Robert Ays-^Jane . 

. ., 2. Edward Avscougli. 

1 i 
4. John Ayscough, bapt. at 

cough, son 

bur. at 

St. — 

North Thoresby 13 Jan. 

and heir, 


c-t's 3. Christopher Ays- 


bapt. at Ful- 

in theC 

lose cough, bapt. at North 


stow 5 July 

of Lincoln Thoresby 1 Feb. 

5. Thomas Ayscough, bapt. 


i Dec. 


at North Thoresby 11 April 1 
1048. He had issue Ed- 


ward, Jolm, and William. 

1 1 1 
Edward Ayscough. 

Jane, bapt. at Grainsbv 


Dorcas, bapt. at Grainsl)y 


24 May 1060; bur. at 

9 Jane 1001 ; bur. at 

Christopher Ayscongi 

. St. Slargaret's in the 

St. ^[argaret's in tl;e 

Close of Lincoln 12 Nov. 

Close of Lincoln 5 Aug. 

John Ayscough. 



I I I 

Jane, a legatee of Elizabeth, bapt. at Alice, bapt. at 

her grandmother North Thoresljy North Tliorcsby 

10 Sept. 1041. 12 Sept. 1042. 1 Feb. 1643-4' 

ilary, bapt. at North 
Thoresby 12 April 
1050 ; bur. there 20 
March 1050-51. 

Elizabeth, dan. and heir of=pSir Franc 

William Hansard of South 

Kelsey ; bora 1 1 Henry 

YIIL"; died 29 Sept. 1558; 

bur. at South Kelsey. The 

escheat says died 'lO Oct. 

1 Eliz. 1st wife. 

Vyscoiigh, Knt., born=rEhzabeth, dan. of 
in 1508 — 18; knighted at the win- '. Robert Dighton 
ning of Boulogne 37 Henry YHL; ; ofSturton; widow 
Sheriff of Lincoln 1515, 1549, j of William Dalli- 
1554; proved his father's will i son ; mar. 2 Eliz. ; 
•28 May 1541 ; died 19 Oct. 1504 ; j died Dec. 1570 ; 
bur. at St. JIary's, South Kelsey, j bur. at Clerken- 
21 Oct. 1504. ' I well. 2nd wife. 


Sir Roger Ayscough of^pDorothy, dau. of William Fit?.- Frances, bur. at South 

Nuthall, Notts, J.P., I William of :Mablethorpe,Lincoln; Kelsey, St. Mary, 4 

living 26 May 1007. living 7 Jan. 1053-4. May 1503. 





, I 

Edwnrd A_v>coiiL'h 
of Hempsall aud 
Xuthall, Xotts, of 
ray's Inn, nnd a 
Icpratee of liis 
cousin Janu's Ay.s- 
coucli of NiUhali 
11 '■.•<e|it. ir,i8 ; 

mar dan. vf 

Sir Francis I!,,- 
berts of Willesden, 


'\^ illiara Ayseoujli, 
Kegistrar in the 
Court of Audience 
in the Archbishop- 
ric of Cantcrbnry 
l(;-2(i; mar. EW?'., 
dan. of Roger Cole 
of 8c. Savionr's, 
.Snrrev, and widow 
of William Owland, 
or Oland, Proctor 
of Civil Law, and 
had a dan. Dorothy. 

I I I 

John Avsco 
student o"f r,i 
Inn U Sept.l 

loijrer Ayscongh, 
bapt. at Skelling- 
thorpo 8 Oct. 


James Ayscongh, 
bapt. at St. Peter 
ad Vincnla in the 
Tower of London 
2i' April 1610. 

James Ayscongh, entered at llalliol College, Oxun, 13 Xov. 
1630, ait. 17, " non subscripsit ;" a legatee of liis cousin and 
godfather James Ayscongh of Xnthall 11 Sept. 1018 ; o.s.p. 

I I I 

17 Jan. 

ipt. af 



liani Ilowson of 
Wigtoff, Lincoln, 
and died in child- 
bed 1>1 April 10 10. 

Dorothy, bajit. ;it 
Thornton Curtis 
25 Sept., and bur. 
there 5 Oct. lof^C. 

Jane, mar. to Ger- 
vas Rosell {T/wro- 

i I 

1. Faith, mar. to 
Edward Jladdi- 
son of Fonaby. 

2. Catherine, mar. 
to Francis ,Mus- 
senden of Healing. 

I I 

5. Anne, nnir. to Fran- 
Ms Manby of Elsham. 

4. Judith, mar. t 
Thomas Hatcliffe c 
Hatclitfe ; living 
April 38 Eliz., 15t)G. 

5. Eleanor, mar. 1st at South Kelsey, 
St. .Mary, 20 Oct. 15G9, to Vincent 
Grantham of Gokho ; living a 
widow y Xov. 1.581 ; mar. 2ndly to 
George Hatcliffe of Hatoliffe ; died 
about 2 ilay 1383 ; bur. at Hat- 

1. AViiliam Ays-; 
cough, ast. 22 in 
C Eliz., 1564; 
died -22 Aug. 27 
Eliz., s.p. ; bur. 
at South Kelsev, 
St. Mary, 24 
Aug. ) 585. 
Adm'on 28 Aug. 

= Ann, dan. Sir Edward Ayscongh=j=Hester, d:i 
of Edward of South Kelsey, J.,in- Thomas ( 
Fynes, coin, Knt., heir and 

Earl of administrator of bis 

Lincoln ; brother 'William 28 
bur. II Aug. 15S5 ; Sheriff 

ilay 1585, of Lincoln 15S7 ; 
s.p. knighted 1 Jac. J. ; 

died 9, bur. at Stal- 

lingborough 11 March 

lCll-12. Inq. 24 

April 10 Jac. I. 

. of 
Thomas Gran- 
tham of Goltho 
and St. Cathe- 
rine's, near Lin- 
coln ; mar. at 
South Kelsey, 
St. Mary, 27 
Sept. 1563: bur. 
there 1-5 Oct. 

3. Francis 
mar. Eliza- 
beth, dau. 
of Thomas 
Ellis of 

I I 

2. Margaret, mar. at St. 
Gregory's by St. Paul's, 
24 Dec. 1595, to John 
(after .Sir John) Hatcher 
of Careby. 

3. Jane, mar. at South 
1593, to Francis (after 
Sir Francis) Metcalfe of 
Louth Park. 

I I 

4. Hester, mar. at Stallingborough, 
18 Jan. lGOl-2, to Henrv Savile of 
Wath, Yorks. she died 12 ilav 
1633 ; bur. at Wath ; her will dated 
same day. His will dated 13 June 
and proved 17 Sept. 1041. 

5. i'aith, mar. at St. Gregory's by 
St. Paul's, London, 5 Dee. 16"05,to 
Robert ^V'illiamson of Markham, 

I I 

6. Lucy, ni;ir. 1st 
to Jtjlin \Velcoiue 
of Market Stain- 
ton, and 2ndly to 
William Bingham 
of Market Stain- 
ton 1634. 

7. Anne, bur. at 
South Kelsey, St. 
Mary, 10 Oct. 




5. Viucent 7. EdwarJ Avsci'iifrli 

; ATscoiigh, of IJncuIu's Iiin.bapt. 

o.s.p. nt Sonth KeUey ;i-5 

i — July 1580 : a IcLratec 

I fi. Koliert of his cousin Janies 

I AysLTiUgh. Ayscoiigli 1018; ox'or 

i of his brotlicr Thomas 
1:.' Jan. l(U5-il. 

1. Eliz:.l,.nli. mar. 1st. at South Kcl=ev. St. 
:Mary,i'.3 Oct. i:>01 ,to George Savile of Wake- 
field, aii'l Si-.dly, as 2nd wife, to Sir George 
Savile of 'I'liornhill, Yorks, and Barrowhy, 
eo. Linci In.Knt.and Bart. He died 19 Nov. 
IGi'-'; hiir. at ThornhilJ. M.I. Her will 
dated 4 Oct. ifii'j, in whieli year she was bur. 
at Ilurl.ury, Yorks. 

2. Francis=j=Kli7.aTieth, dau. 

3. G.eorge 


of Thomas 


of Thoru- 

Hatcher of 

mar. :Mar- 


Carebv, Lin- 


coln, Doctor of 


died circa 

Phvsic ; bapt. 



2 July 1075 ; 

ham, and 

.(? bur. at St. 

died s.p. 


liincoln, 20 

July 1605). 

Skipwith of 

John Avscoush of York C'iiv, ajt. 54, 
John Sh'erwuod of Caml.iridge'. and liad 
Jane, Elizabeth, and Sarali, all diei 
" A'isitation," ed. Surtees Society.) 

4. Thomas Ayscough of=f=Mary, dau. 

Sontli Thoresby, bapt. at ; and "heir of 

South Kelsey, St. ^lary, 

14 May 1587 ; living 

1G3-1, and described as 

of Stallingborough in 

his dau.'s monument at j 

Louth. Will dated 10 I 

:irarch 1043-4 ; proved 

at Lincoln 12 Jan. | 

1045-0. ^ 

See p. OS 

2 Sept. 1CC5 ; mar. Elizabeth, da: 
^ue Francis, John, Elizabeth, Katha 
infants before 1000. (See Dugd 

Elizabeth, dan. nfThomas= William A vscungh 

Taylor of Lincoln ; bapt. of South 'Kelsey, 

4 July 1508; mar. at 

South 'Kelsey, St. Mary, 

27 Sept. 15'JO, and bur. 8 

Nov. following. Some say 

she died Nov. 1591. 

diul 4 Feb. 

K; 10-11, O.V.p. ; 

bur. at Stalling- 
borough next day. 
Adm'ou 7 Aug. 

"Kathcrinc, dan. of William Hencage 
of Hainton ; administratrix of her 
lins^band 7 Aug. 1011 ; mar. 2ndly 
at Stallingborough, 19 April 1012, 
to Sir John Hatcher of Careby, 
Lincoln ; bur. at Careby 13 Aug. 

I.William Ays- 
cough, bapt. 
at Stalling- 
borough 3 Nov. 
1594 ; bur. 

there 14 Dec. 

3. William Ays- 
cough, bajit. 
at Stalling- 
borough 1 5 Dec. 
1001 ; died in- 

VOL. I, 

2. Sir Edward Ayscough 
of Suuth Kelsey, Knt., 
bapt. at Stallingborough 
24 Aug. 1590 ; purchased 
the fianchise of Lincoln 
City 4 Jan. 1021-2 ;Siieriir 
of Lincoln 1032 ; M.P. 
for Lincoln 1028, and for 
Linculnshire lOtO; in- 
dieted at Grantham for 
high treason 1043. Will 
dated 9 .\ov. 1048, and 
proved 1 July 1054. • 


Frances, dau. and 
heirof SirNicho- 
mar. after 29 
Sept. 1 000 ; bur. 
at Stalling- 

borough 3 or 4 
Nov. 1058. Will 
dated 2 Nov. 
1058, then a 
widuw ; proved 
18 Feb. 1058-9. 

Hester, diedyoung; 
bur. at Stalling- 
borough 12 June 

Katharine, baitt. at 
Stallingborough 18 
JLu'ch 1597-8, mar. 

there 14 Oct. 1017 
to Thomas Hatcher 
of Careby, and bur. 
15 Dec. 1051. 




I I I 

1. Anne, mar. to ?.. Kathoriiie, bant, at 
Edward King Suuth Kelsey, St. :Marv, 
(if .\shtiy-dc-la 1-11 Jnne ICiii : 
" ■■ prnved horfatbt-r'swill 

1 July lil.ji ; mar. at 
Grantliam, I'T Jlav 
1C57, to William Ballet 
of "Woodtliorpc. She 
was bur. at Grautliaiu 
U Xua.. 1GS8. 

I I 


1. and wa< 


- .\ov. 


2. Fi 

inces, bur. 




gh lOXor. 


4. Elizabetb. bapt. 

f). Diana, bapt. 

at Ilawvtcd, Suf- 

28 May li!:!!. 

folk, i:. Nov. ICl'T ; 

and bur. at 

niiir. to Jamcf .Vsh- 

Suuth KebcT, 

tou of fJraiitliam : 

St.:\lary. .-, .luh- 

pi-ovcd lior father's 

10;; 1. 

will 1 July ICbi, 

and was bur. at 


(iranthain 28 Oct. 

Stall inc;borouf,di 


6 July 103.3. 

5. Charles Ayscoutrh, 7. Christopher Ayscou?h= Soutii Kelsey, of the Close of Lincoln, 

St. :Mary, -1-0 Jan. bapt. at South Kel.«cy, 

1024-5." St, Mary, 23 Jan. 

— 1031-2. Will dated 3 

O.AVilliamAjscough, Feb. 1G8G-7, and at end 

bapt.atSourhKel.-Tev, 16 Feb. 1090-91, and 

St. Mary, 5 Aug. ])roved (C.F.C.) 4 May 

1029; bur. at SraV 1091. 
lingborongh 5 Jan. 
1C47-8, o.s.p. 

=Sarah, dau. of Bryan Cooke, and 
sister of Sir George Cooke of 
Whcatley, Yorks, Bart., and 
widow, 1st, of John Copley of 
Batlcy, Yorks, 2ndly of George 
Neville of Thnruey, Notts ; 
bapt. at Doncaster 7 May 1021 ; 
mar. Srdly at Stowe, Lincoln, 
18 Feb. ioo.VO ; proyed her 
Srd husband's will. 

I I 

2. Cecil Ayscon2;h, bapt. at South 
Kelsey, St. JIary, 20-22 Feb. 
1019-20 ; entered at Gray's Inu 
li May 1639. 

3. Cliflbrd Ayscon^di, bapt. at South 
Kelsey, St. Mary, 1-0 April 1021, 
and bur. at Stalli'ng'oorouuh 9 April. 

4. Francis Ayscough,=pKatheriue, dan. 
bapt. at South" Kelsey, of John 'Went- 
St. Mary, 13-30 Sept. worth of Giielder- 
1028 ; a legatee of his land (? Yorkb) ; 
brother Christopher 3 ' bur. at Stalling- 
Feb. 1080-7 ; bur. at i borough 29 June 
Stallingborough 27 Dee. 1009. 

John Ays- 

Isabella, bapt. at Stal- 
lingborough 13 Feb. 

Sarah Frances, bapt. at Stallingborough 
13 Feb. 1007-8; bur. tliere"21 July 

Sir Edward Ayscough, bapt. at=plsabel, dau. of John Bolle of Scampton, Knt. 
and Bart.; mar. 11 Sept. 104,') ; was a legatee 
of her brother Sir Robert Bolle 8 July 1003, 
and was described of St. Giles-in-the-Fields 
1 1 Aug. 1008. Will dated 25 Dec. ICS2, and 
proved (C.P.C.) Feb. 1082-3, (to be) bur. in 
St. Swithin's, London ; confirmed on C F..b. 
1082-3. She ^vas "carried away" fmin St. 
Giles-iri-the-Field.s to be bur. el>ewlieie 22 
I Jan. 1082-3. 

South Kelsey, St. Mary, 29 ^e[it. 
IGIS ; J.P.' 1057 ; iiroved his 
mother's will 18 Feb. 10.-,8-9 ; 
knighted at AVhitehall 2 June 1000 ; 
Sherin' of Lincoln 1005; died 13 
Aug. 1008 ; bur. at Stallingborough 
next day. Will dated 11 Aug. 
1008, and proved at Lincoln 8 Get. 

LiKCOLXsuira. tedighees. 



3. Isabel, bapt. at St;ill; 
boroii?li 4 Oct. 1G49 ; 
iiiir 11 Aucr. 1608. 


5. Aune, bapi. at 
Kelsey, St. Mary, 13 .July 
1650 ; mar. there, 2S 
— Aug. 1677, to William 

4. ]>iana, liapt. at South Bcresford : died 24 An:;-. 

Kelsev, St. Mary, 30 Oct. 

1654; bur. at" Stalliug- 

bovoutrh 21 Feb. 1057-8. 

16(8; bur. at SU( 
brooke Holme. 

I I 
G. Marv. bapt. at South 
Kelsey.'St. Mary, 17 July 

7. Elizabeth, bapt. at 
South Kelsey, St. Mary, 
11 Noy. 1064 ; living 
11 Aug. 1608. 

2. William Ayscough, bapt. 3. Julm Ays- 

at Stalliugborough 15 July cough, bapt. 

1652; Lieut. Lincolnshire at South Kel- 

Jlilitia 1680; bur. at Stal- sey, St. ^Lary, 

lingbovough 2 Oct. 17o0, 11 March 

unmar. 1658-9. 

I I 

1. Frances, bapt. 2. Katharine, 

utStalliugborough bapt. at Stal- 

10 Sept. 1646 ; liiigborough 

livin- 11 Aug. 14 Dec. 1047; 

1608. living 11 Aug. 

Joyce and another, twins, dans, (by Joyce, widow of , 
14 and bur. 18 April 1695 at Stalliugborough. 

:^Iundy), both bapt. 

Bridget, dau.=f 
of Edward : 
Skinner of j 

College ; bui'. 1 
at Stalling- t 
borougrh 10 1 
Aug. ~ 1684 
1st wife. 

Sir Edward Ayscough, bapt. at Stal-= 
lingborough 19" Xoy. 1650 ; knighted 
at Whitehall 17 Jan. 1671 ; entered 
at Gray's Inn 28 June 1671 ; Captain 
of Horse 1680 ; Cominissioner of 
Pri/.e Office, D.L. for co. Lincoln 
1680-81 ; High Sheriff co. Lincoln 
1683-4 ; High Steward of Grimsby 
1686; died at Grasby 2 Oct. 1699, 
bur. at Stalliugborough 20 Oct. Will 
dated 20 Feb. 1090-91. 

=^Lu-y, dau. and heir of Wil- 
hara" Harbord of Grafton, 
Northampton, Paymaster of 
the Forces, Ambassador to 
the Grand Soignor at Bel- 

■ grade, P.O.; lived in Bow 
Street, Coyent Garden ; 
mar. at Grasby 1 Aug. 1685 ; 
died there 22 May, and 

■bur. at Staliingborough 28 
May 1715. 2nd wife. 

Ed \vard Ayscough, 1. Anne, eldest daa. and coheir, 2. Bridget, 2nd dau. and 
bapt. at South Kel- bapt. at South Kelsey, St. Mary, coheir, mar. in 1703, as 
BCy, St. Mar}-, 21 130ct. 1074 ; mar. to John Digby 2nd wife, to John Han- 
Jan. 1079-80; bur. of ^Mansfield Woodhousc, Notts bury of Poutypool, Clon- 
al Stalliugborough (mar. settlement dated 24 June mouth, and died 1741. j 
28 May 1081. 1696), and died 17 Oct. 1696, cct. He died 13 June 1734. 
22 ; bur. at Mansfield Wood- =p 
house, Notts. /K 

Charles .\yscough, 1. Letitia, dau. 2. Isabella, dau. and cohcir,=pMatthew 
" the only heir," and coheir, mar. bapt. at South Kelsey, St. i Boucherett 
died at Grasby 1, to St. Andrew Mary, 13 June 1691 ; mar. 1 of North 
bur. at Stalling- Thornhagh of before 1718-19 ; bur. at Stal- j Willing- 
borough 5 Feb. Oobertou and lingborough 23 Oct. 1748. iuiiu. 
1700-7. Fonton, Notts, /{^ 

before 1718-19. See Boucuerktt Pedigree. 



1 1 

3. Gr.iee, l.uut. iit 


li.dvoiini:; bu 

South Kl'Isi-v. Sf. 

lit. St; 

ilin>rlioron<4h i 


Oct. 1 




20 Jan. lG9o-4. 


I, died viiung 

bur. ii 

tile siiiue <:;ra\ 

Katlieiiuc, died 

with 1 

er father. 


:M;i:-,i:;nvt, South KeUey, 
St. ilnry, o July IGi'L'; mnr., as 
1st. wife, to Williatn Friiukland 
(Trcasui-er of the Stamp OtKee), 
2iid soil of Sir Thomas Frauklaud 
of Thirkelby, Yorks, and died 
under age in 17K), having had 
a son and dan., who both died 
in infancy. 

^jpscougfj of ^loutf). 

Tliomas Ayseoucrh of vSouth 'Tiioresby, 4th son of Sir- 
Edward Ayscuiigh of S.jutli Kelscy and Hester Gran- 
tham (see V'^ceding Pedigree), described as of Sial- 

liiigborough in Iiis dau.'.s moniimciit at I^outl 
at " South" Kelsey, St. Mary, 14 May 1." 

dated 10 ]Mareh"lGl:3-4 ; proved at Lincoln 12 Jan. 

:^rarv, dan. 
and' heir 
>A' Gawin 
of Stayne- 

5. John Ays- 6. Robert 1. Jane, 

congh, 1 6.;U ; Ayscongli 

of Jiincohi 10 163-t. 
Nov. IGSS. 

it. at Stal-=Geor- 

lint;borongh i'S March 
in2]-L'; xt. 1-2 in li:;31; 
died 22 Dee. 17i:.. let. 
93; bur. there. Will 
dated 24 Auc;. 1714; 
proved (O.P.C.) 17 Feb. 

lev of 

John .\ys- 

Francis .Vys 

Marv. .\.nne,wa^legatet 
Bradley 10 Nov, 

4. William Ayscongh==Katherine, 3rd dan. of Sir ITeury R; 
of Kingstou-upon- | Knt., ba[it. at Yarborougli 14 Se[>t 


20 July 


Uadley Ays- William .\yscongh, 

couu^h, bap:, bapt. at Yarijorougli 

6 July 1C53; 7 May 1G.37. 

bur. 20 Feb. — 

following at Charles Ayscough, 

Yarborougli. bapt. at tirainsby 

-- 8-15 July IG.J^. 

Thomas Ays- — 

cough, bur. Skipworth Ayscough, 

at Louth 30 bapt. at Grainsljy 18 

Nov. 1GG5. Aug. 16C0. 

l'aine,bapt. at Yar- 
borougli 1 Aug. 
1051 ; lie. (Vicar- 
Gcneral), 14 July 
1G84, to marry 
Oliver Horsey, Rec- 
tor of Wiinborne 
All Saints, and of 
St. Giles, Dorset, 

I I I 
2. ilary, 1034; 
bapt. at Stalliui;- 
borough 7 :\lay 

3. Frances,! C34. 

4. Alice, 1034. 

:of hercousiu George 

dley of Yarborough, 
1G2G ; mar. before 

' N I , 

Katharine, bapt. at 
Yarborough 22 Jan., 
bur. 20 Feb. 1G55-G. 

Katharine, bapt. at 
Grainsbv 2 Jan. 

Frances, bur. at 
Louth 23 Jan. 



1. Thouias Ayscough,Kt. 
10 in 1634, o.s.p. 

2. Edward Ayscjiii;!), Kt. 
9 in 1C34, o.s.p. 

3. Francis Ayscoiigli, ItlSl, of Hornc; 
bapt. at Iin!uini;haiu 24 Jlllv 1G30; 1 
31 Doc. 1G;16.- Will dated 9 . . . . 
1695 ; proved at Lincoln 7 April 1607 


i.=tlf, apothecary, 
iir. at lloriicastle 
7 William III., 


Ldward Ajscoujrli of Louth, and of Gray's Inn= 
and Barnard's Inn, London, ex'or of his father; 
a legatee of his cousin George Bradley 10 Xov. 
16SS ; nephew and heir of Jane Bradley in 
1714 (then of Barnard's Inn), whose will he 
pnoved 17 Feb. 1715-16, under which he liad 
all her lauds in Loat.i, the three Saltfleetbys, 
Skidl.irooke, Theddleihorpe, and elsewhere in 
Lincoln, together with " the residue of all my 
lands and the manor of Bilsby Fee in Louth, 
and all personal"; died 17 Sept. 1720, xt. 55 ; 
bur. at Lontb, ajt., according to the monument, 
52. 'Will dated 15 Sept., proved at Lincoln 11 
Oct. 1720. 

Elizabeth, dau. 
of Brad- 
ley ; cousin and 
heir of George 
Bradley of 

Louth ; died 3 
Sept. 1720, a?c. 
45, according 
to the monu- 
ment ; bur. at 

I I 

Anne, legatee of 
her father 1695; 
mar. to William 
Hodgson of 

Their dau. Jane 
was legatee of 
her great-aunt 
and godmother 
Jane Bradley 

Frances, living 
unmar. 1695. 

Edward Ayscongh=pElizabeth,dau. of Por- 
ofliOuth, executor , ter Chaplin of Tath- 
of his father 15 \ well ; remar., 7 .June 
Sept. 1720; died' 1740, to the Rev. 
20 Oct. 1739, ffit. ; John Sidwell, Rector 
36; bur. at Louth. I ofWelton: bur. there 
3iJ April 1750. 

1. Margaret, under 
age and unmar. 
Sept. 1720; 


mar. to the Rev. 
William Gates, 
Rector of Benui- 
worth, Lincoln. 


2. ^lary. under age 
and unmar. 15 Sept. 
1720 ; mar. to 
Christopher Wilier- 
ton of Louth, 
apothecary ; bur. 
there 17 Oct. 1744. 

it. at Louth 
1 ; died an 

1. Elizabeth, bapt. at Louth 20 2. Martha, bapt. at 3. Anne,li 

Aug. 1728; mar. 1st in 174(; to Louth 24 April 25 July i; 

John Barber, and 2ndly in 1752 1730; mar. in 1749 infant. 

to Nicholas Wrigglesworth of to Bentley Bennett — 

Louth, apothecary ; died 3, bur. of Keddingtou,near 4. Frances, bapt. at 

7 May 1798, ffit. 70, s.p. Louth. Louth 26 Oct. 1732. 


5. Anne, bapt. at LouthT=Thomas Beaumont of the 

8 June 1 4 00 ; mar. in 
1751; died 14 Dec. 1778; 
bur. at Darton. 

OaksinDarLon,Yorks; born 
at Whitley, Yorks, 18 Feb. 
1723 ; died 6 Feb. 1785. 

6. Frances, bapt. at Louth 
29 June 1737 ; mar. to 
William i'loyer of Louth, 
a Captain in the Army. 



33accm of ixct^rjiabr, ttc. 

[The rtdigreo as given in ^[r. Larkeu's ilS. is sulistautially the same as that, 
given in published works, and is therefore not reprinted.] 

Balt^UuT ol button* 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Akms. — Or, a pilr azure cliarged with a grijiins hc<uJ craved or. 
Crest. — A griffins head, as in the arms. 

Jetfry Baldwer of Siit- Richard Baldwer of Gedncy Fen. Will dated 
ton St. Kdu"iunds,tciiip. ;10 ilarch, and proved at Lincoln 9 June 1534 
Heury YJII. by Johane his wife, executrix. 

James Baldwer of Sutton St. Edmunds.=p 

Richard Baldwer of Sutton St. :\rary's, living; 
30 Sept. -26 Eliz., IbSi ; supervisor of the 
Trill of his son Richard 14 Feb. 1619-20. 
AVili dated 25 Jan. 1622-3 ; proved (C.P.C.) 
20 May 1623 ; (to be) bur. at Sutton. 

=Eilen, dan. of Robert Hill of Sut- 
ton ; a legatee under the will of her 
cousin Anthony Edmond of Lutton 
30 Nov. 1604 ; living 25 Jan. 

I I ! 

Robert James Baldwer of Sutton 1 C34, son and heir,=pElizabeth, dan. of Peter 

Baldwer, [)ioved his father's will 20 ^Iay 1023. Will Palmer of South 

2b Jan. dated 9 Nov. 1645 ; proved (C.P.C.) 6 ilay 

1622-3. 1646 ; (to be) bnr. at Sutton St. Mary's. 

Notts ; 

ing 25 Ja 

1. Richard Bald-^Margaret, 
wer, tet. 22 iu dau.ofGil- 
1634; proved his bert Arm- 
father'^ will 6 May I strong of 
164G. i Thorpe, 

I Notts. 

I I 


2. W 

wer, living 9 
Nov. 1015/ 

3. Adlard Bald- 


4. Anthony 
iuf;- 9 Nov. 


5. Peter Bald- 
wer, living 9 
Nov. 16"45 ; 
mar. Ainie, 
dau. of ... . 

James Bald- 
wer, a lega- 
tee of his 
father 25 
Jan. 1622-3. 


=Jaue, dau. of 

. . . . Mingay, beth, 

sister of John mar. to 

Rol.tert Mingay. Robert 

Will dated 11 Twells 

March 1685 ; of Wis- 

proved (C.P.C.) bech. 
18 Not. 1687. 

Henry Bald- 
wer, bapt. 31 
Aug. 1665. 

James Bald- 
wer, bapt. 14 
and bar. 16 
Feb. 1067-8. 

James Baldwer, bapt. 
25 Aug. 1609. 

Peter Baldw^^r, bur. 2 
Jan. 167U-71. 

Richard Baldwer, bur. 
10 Julv 1074. 

1. Richard Baldwer of Long Sutton, died in 
the Inner Temple, a bachelor. Adiu'on to 
John Twell^, Esq., guardian to his brother 
James Baldwer, then a minor. 

All at Gedney. 
James Baldwer. 1 uo d; 

All under age 11 March 


I' rn ~~ 

Richard Baldwer of SiUton=rFrances, firm, of P.n- .... dan., mar. to higdcn ; 

St. James, \W\uz 23 Od. \ IvjrtStiikelevof ll.-l- livin- 9 Nov. IGi:.. 

lfil,s. Will dated 14 Feb. beach, bajit. at Ced- — 

1610-20: proved (C.P.C.) ! iiev 17 May V.'J" ■ Mary. ninr. to .Tolm Proetur ; 

16 Feb. k;l'0-l'1 ; (lo be) | living: i'3 Nov. ICIS; living' -j:, Jan. 1022-3, a widow. 
bur. al Sutton St. James I proved lier lais- — 

17 Feb. 1019-20. band's will 16 Feb dau., mar. to ... . Cooke 

1620-21. or Yorkc ; living UUo. 

1. William Baldwer, 2. Ricliard Baldwer, bapt. at Snt- 1. Elizabeth, bapt. at 

bapt. at Sutton ton St. James 1 Feb. lGlS-10 ; Sutton St. James Feb. 

St. James 8 Jan. bur. there 17 Feb. 1619-20. 1613-14; living 14 Feb. 

1614-15; a legatee — 1619-20. 

of his grandfother 3. Richard Baldwer, bapt. at Sut- — 

25 Jan. 1022-3; ton St. James 17 Feb. 1019-20 ; 2. Ellen, bapt. at Sutton 

livino- 9 Nov. 1645 ; a legatee of his srandfatlier 25 St. James 19 Jan. 1010-17; 

mar ''Elizabeth Jan.^ 16-'2-3 ; living 9 Nov. a legatee of her grandfather 

— 1645 25 Jan. 1622-3. 

William Baldwer, bapt. at Sutton St. James Frances, bapt. at Sutton St. James 
9 June 1042. 4 Feb. 1640-7. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Arms,— Or, a lion rampant mile, gulte'e iVor between three leave." vert, all irilhin a 

lordnre enqrailed of the sei-oml. 
Qr^EST. — .4 (Icmi-lion as in the aims, croirntd I'-iih a cap of maintenance, and huldmij 

a hranch vert. 

John ISaldwiu^Katharine, dau. of Thomas Athall. 

Christopher Baldwin of Wiuterton, described as=plsabella, dau. of Sir Christopher 
yeoman in his will, dated 10 Feb. 1550-7; Hildyard of Wiuestead, Yorks, 
proved at Lincoln 9 April 1557 ; (to be) bur. Knt. ; proved her husbands wdl 
at Winterton. 9 April 1557.* 

i rn TTi 

1. Nichola';r^Joane,dau.of Tho- 2. Christopher Bald- 1. Dyonis, under age 

Baldwin of ' mas Hoc. Will win, 10 Feb. 1556-7. 1550-7. 
Winterton dated 5 Nov. 1017; — , ~~ , „ 

1550; proved I proved (C.F.C.)6 .3. JohuBaldwin,un- 2. Maude, under age 10 

liis father's ■ May 1018, then of der age 1550. Feb. 1550-7. 
will 9 April ' Winterton, widow ; — 

1557. : (to be) bur. there. 4. Robert Baldwin, Isabella, youngest dau., 

1 10 Feb. 1550-7. underage 10 Feb.1556-7. 

• This match is doubtful ; if correct, jxjssibly tLc widow of Rolx;rt Cull^tabIe of Carethorpe. 


A I 

Peter Baldwin of— :Mar-are 

, llenrv Baldwiii=p 

1 1 
Susan, mar. to ... . 


■\Viuterton 163i; ■ ilau. of 

of Winterton, i 

living ,T Nov. li'.lT. 

a loEratee of his Heiirv 

proved his 1 


mother 5 Xov. ! Ashwvu. 

niotli'jr's will : 

Eli/.abctli. mar. t^ 


:May 10L>^. ! 

Place; living f, No 

•. u;i 

1. Henr7=pCassaiidra, 2. 

John 1. Hester. 


1.1 J 

Miriam. ^^ illiam 



Baldwin dau. of Baldwin. — 

— Baldwin, 


ofWinter- Nicholas 

2. Rebecca. 


Ruth. livint^ 5 


ton,liviug or Robert 



1052. j Lownde. 





er BalJuiii. Eliza 


bcth. Ellen. 

Balcjuj) of ^tamforti* 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arii.s. — iYo« prolavil arma. 

JohnBalgnyof Lon-=^Joane, dau. of John Lucas of Essex ; bur. 
don, mei-chant, de- at St. George's, Stamford, May 1G04. 
scended from Bal- i Xnncupative will made 9 ilarcli lC0;J-4, 
guy of the Peak, j then of Stamford, widow ; proved (C. B.C.) 
Derby. 18 May ICOi. 

! i I 

Daniel Balguy of Loudon, citizen and mer-=Margaret, dau. of Elizabetli, mar. 
j cer, overseer of his brother's will 00 April . . . ., proved her to John ^lon- 

1C07; dieds.p. WilldatedlO Dec.4 Jac. I., husband's will 3 ger of Kent. 
I 1607 ; proved (C.P.C.) 3 Jan. 1C08-9. Jan. 1C08-9. 


Thomas Balguy of Stamford, chosen Recorder=j=Alice, dau. of Francis Harrington 
of that town 2'j Sept. 1594 and M.P. 1597— of South Witham ; born at Iloily- 
1601 ; proved his mother's will 18 ]\Iay 1604 ; well ; aH. 29 in 13 Eliz. ; proved 
bnr. at St. George's, Stamford, 3 Xov. 1607. her husband's will 5 L>ec. 1607 ; 
■\Yill dated 30 .\pri! ]6o7; proved (C.P.C.) was dead before 16 Sept. 1657, 

5 Dec. 1607. 

having left a will. 


1. Frideswid", un- 

2. Anne, umler 

1 1 

3. Elizabeth, 4. Margaret. 1. 

l|.t. S..M1CI 

j der 24 and unmar. 

i'4 on 3i.i April 

bur. at St. at St. (ieor 

-e's. livin 

1 30 April 1606; 

1606 ; bur. at 

(ieorge's, Stamford, l'7 

)ec. 16. -,7 

1 mar. to Philip Cap- 

St. George's, 

Stamford, 1607 ; bnr. t 

iL-rc dead 

1 {ler of Wanstead, 

Stamford, 22 

190ct.l6o2. G Sept. 16.)3. 



Jan. 160S-9. 


LixcoLXsniiu: veptgrees. 73 

2. Thomas Biilguy, under i-l on 30=p!Mary .... 3. Han-iugton Balgny, ba]it. 

April lOoG ; Hector of Stoke I >oyle, j living 1G03. at St. George's, Stamford, 

Nortliants, 30 Oct.; died IG, bur. I " 8 Mav 1(J03 ; bur. there 

there 17 May 1G53, n?t. 57. j 3 Dec."lG07. 

I i \ ^1 

Thomas l>a'giiy, Rector of Stoke AH.ianv, Xorthants, AdolpLus Eliza- llary. 

22 June IG.'il ; bnr. there is Xov. IG.jt. Bs^lguy. beth. 

All living IG Sept. 1G57. 

Frances, dau. of Fran-^f^l- John Balgny of St. George's, Stamford, =. . . . (? .';is- 
cis ]Morice, Clerk of j born at Castle Bythaui ; was under 24 on 30 ter of Au- 
the Ordnance; bur. at | April ICUG ; Recorder of St-^mford 29 Aug. drew Bas- 
St. George's, Stamford, i 1G49 to 7 March IGGu-GI. Will dated IG sane); liv- 
10 April IC-JO. 1st } Sept. 1G57 ; proved (C.R.C.) 4 Nov. 1GG2 ; ing 1657. 
wife. mentions his daus. Bassano and King. 2nd wife. 


John Balguy, only son, 1. Frances, 2. Alice, bapt. at 3. Elizabeth. 

bapt. at St. George's, aet. circa 11 St. ^^laitisi's in — 

Stamfoi-d,15Aug. rGfl7; inlG34. Stamford Baron, 4. Theodosia, bapt. at 

admitted to the freedom Northampton, 27 St. George's, Stam- 

of Stamford 23 March April 1C2C. ford, 4 July 1629 ; 

ICGO-Gl. dead in 1C57. 


5. Agnes. 6. Susanna, bapt. at St. 7. ^Jary, bapt. at St. 8. Anne, bapt. at St. 

George's, Stamford, 28 Cleorge's, Stamford, George's, Stamford, 

April 1632 ; proved her 15 April 1G3G ; bur. 10 April 1640. 

father's will 4 Nov. 1GC2. there May 1638. 

[NOTK.— Paul B.ilg;\yo, Rector of Swaby. Will d.-xted 4 June, proved 27 iSept. 1C2-1.] 

iSallctt of (I^lootiriorpr. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Lincoln Wills.] 

Artii.s (Union of Honour). — Argent, a lion rarnpant sable, on a chief gules three 
cinqiiefoils of tlic first. 

Thomas Ballett of=pAlice, dan. of ... . Jay of Suflblk ; John Ballett of London, 
Ufford, Suffolk. bur. at Utibrd 1 Dec. 1588. merchant. 

Edward Ballett of Ufibrd, eon and heir^pUrsuIa, dau. of Richard Saunders. 

VOL. I, L 





Joan, dan. of=i='V\ illiam P.allott of TN oodtliorpo, Lincolnslnre,=FSn>an, clili>?^t dan. of 

Francis Gar- 
ton of Rill 
Inn-st. Sii, 
Ist wife. 

UlliUll Jtitm-IL 111 >» WIUILI.IM I't.', LilIILlMllfMlUL',-T'OU>aM, fl'ic: 

;i and heir, Alde-rman of London, tiucd for Patrick Di 
eritl". Queen's Saddler; at. 85 in 103-1; Westminst^ 
?d and Inir. 10 Mav 1048. tet. 99, at wife. 




Strnlibv, Lincolnshiie 

ick of 

I t 

John Ballett, at. 50 AVilliam 
in 1G34, and then Ballett, 
unmar. ; bur. at o.s.p. 
Struliby 8 April 
1GC9, s.p. 


1 . William I'.all-jt t of Wood-=r^[ary, dan. and 

thorpe, proved his brother , coheir of Itieh- 

Edward's will 21 Feb. , ard Hornby of 

1C50-7; bur. at Stnibbv : Tothill ; bur. 

10 XoT. 167G. "Will dated , at Strnbby 20 

C Xov. 1070; proved 31 i May 1070. 

May 1077. I 

1. AYilliain Ballett of 
liA'oodthorpe, living' 
1G58 and 1000; mar. 
at Grantham, Feb. 
1057-8, Katherine, 
dan. of Sir Edward 
Ayscough of Sonth gent., and Anne 
Kelspy. She was bapt. Conyngsby of Part- 
there' 11 June 1020, 
mentioned in her auut- 
in-law's (Anne Tonth- 
b}-) will 1600, and bur. 
there 14 Aug. 1088. 

2. Richard P.allctt, 
living 1600 ; mar. 
Anne, dan. of . . . .; 
mar. lie. 7 ^lav 
10G3,'a'iichard Bal- 
lett of "Woodthorpe, 

ney, wid." 

John Ballett, 
bur. at Strub- 
bv 3 Feb. 

Charles Bal- 
lett, bnr. at 
Strubby 21 
Jfarch 104.5-0. 

I I 

Su^an, bur. 9 April 
1052 at Strubljy. 

Anne, living 1060; 
had land in Croft 
lell her for life by 
her aunt Anne 
Touthby; executrix 
to her father in 
1077 ; bur. at 
Grantham 17 Oci. 


William Ballett, devisee of 5Iary, bur. at Strubby 
grandfather in 1070. 9 June 1070. 

2. George Ballett, bapt. at Strubby S :\Iarch 1000-7 ;=pEllen, dau. of William 
proved his brother Edward's will 21 Feb. 1050-7 ; bur. Thorie of Thurlby ; 
at Strubby 14 Oct. 1G70. living 20 Oct. 1050. 


1. William Bal- 2. Charles 3. George Ballett, mar. Susan, bapt. at 3. Anne, 

lett, bapt. at Ballett, 

Strubby 7 .June bapt. at 

1632 ;" mar. Driby 

Susan, daa. of 5 June 

.... He was 1034. 
bur. at Strubby 
25 Sept. 1705. 

France=,daa. of . . . .; Strubby 7 July bapt. at 

mar. bond 25 July 1631. Driby 

1071, "George Ballett — 28 Sept. 

of Bilsby, gent., and 2. Mary, bapt. 1037. 

Frances Marshall of at Driby 8 — 

Louth, spr." Will Sept. 1036 ; Frances. 

dated 20 Nov. 1070; bur.atStrubby 

proved 19 Jan. 1070-7. 29 May 1099* 

cl J 



B | 

I I 

George Ballott, bapt. 
at Strubbv 7 Oct., 
bur. Oot.'uioi;. 

Anne, bapt. at Stvubbj 
25 Nov. 1G58. 


George Ballett,^i:ii7.abcth, Strubby , dan. of 
10 .lu!j lt'.72"; . . . . ; bur. 
bnr. tliere G Teb. at >trubby 

[4 .Tan. 

I I 

Bryan Ballett, bapt. at 
Stnibbv -i, l)ur. there 
20 Aug. 1C.73. 

Anne, bapt. at Strubby 
ilarch, bur. 18 Nov. 

Charles Ballet t, bapt. at 
Strubby 80 Jan. 1706-7; 
bur. 27 Autr. 1707. 

Samuel Ballett, at Strab'Dy 
2 Jiilv 1710. 

ilary, bapt. at 
Strubby 5 Nov. 

Elizabeth, bur. 
at Strubby 12 
April 1713. 

3. Charles Ballett of Alford,=f Sarah, dau. of Thomas Newcoineu of Withcrn ; 
draper, bapt. at Strubby 16 . bapt. at Saltfleethy All Saints 20 April 1618; 
Sept. 1610 ; bur. at Alford I mar. at Withern in 1G34. 
2 April 1641. 1 


2. Samuel Ballett, 
bapt. at Alford 3 
Nov. 1G36. 


Edward Ballett, bapt. 24 May 166G ; bur. at Saleby 5 March 1682-3. 

Sarah, bapt. at Alford 
15 April 1638; bur. 
at Diiby 3 Sept. fol- 

Mary, bapt. at Alford 16 Jan. 
1639-40 ; mar. at Saleby, 19 
Oct. 16 62, to William ilason, 

Elizabcth.^l. Charles Ballett of Clement's^ 
dau. of Inu, :Middlesex, bapt. at Wit- 

John Wells ' lieru 10 Sept. 1635; died 27 
of Kent. Jan. 1703-4 ; bur. at Strubby 
1st wife. 4 April 1704, ffit. 68. 

:Anne, dau. of . . . ., widow of Wil- 
liam Tingle of Easton Neston, 
Northants ; mar. lie. dated 5 April 
1672, then aged about 35, to be 
married at St. Clement Danes. 
2nd wife. 

1. Charles Bal- 
lett of St. Cle- 
ment Danes, 
Adm'on to his 
father 29 Jan. 

I I 

2. Thomas 

1. Eliza- 

2. Sarah, eventually only living dau.=Barnard 
and heir-at-law, born 1669: died Halfpenny 
1 Sept. 1746, Kt. 77; bnr. at Tot- of Enfield, 
teridge, Herts, then a widow. Her Middlesex, 
grandson John Ballett, son of John 
Ballett, died 9 Feb. 1755, ast. 21 ; 
bur. at Totteridge. 

4. Edward B.illctt of SLrubby, bapt. there 6 Jan. 1612; bar.=pJane, dau. of ... . 
there 29 Oct. IG.'m;. Will dated 20 Oct. 1G56 ; proved bur. 25 Aug. 16J 
(C.F.C.) 21 Feb. 1G56-7. at Strubby. 

John Ballett, 
under age. 

20 Oct. 1C5C, Susan, bapt. at Strubljy 30 Oct. 1G52 ; bur 
there 17 Aug. 1665. 




5. Kichard ;U Strul)ln-^-=An.lri 
IG ]March 16-2;3-3 ; living 20 Oct. I bur.n 
1G56. 16G1. 

. dau. of . . . .; 
<trubby2 Nov. 

Rose, kipt. at Strubby 
IJ Dtjc. IGUo ; bur. 
theie 12 Dec. IGuG. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Audrey, born Anne, born 3 Ang., bapt. Mary, born 8, bapt. 
Mablethorpe 16 21, bapt. at at ilabletliorpe i Sept. at Strubby 17 :May 

Jan. 1650-51. Mablothorix; 

— 20Dec.lGo-l; 

Audrey, bapt. at bur.atStrub- 

llablethorpe 6 by 1 Aug. 

May 1G52. 1658. 

IGoi'. ; bur. at Stn 
Feb. 1657. 

jy 6 

Susan, born S, bapt. at 
St;rubby 11 ^lay IGCO ; 
bur. same day. 

IGOO; bu 

ID Jui 

Dorotliy, borji 7, 
bapt. at Strubbv 24- 
Oct. 16C1. 

[XOTE.— John Batlett Fletcher. Esq., of Woodthorpo. Lincolnshire, -ind Sussex, 
married, 2 Oct. I6ii, S.irah Vere. youngest dfiu. of John HolKind, Esq., of bkendleby Thortn;. 
"Gent. Mag."] 

Banister of €p\uovtI). 

[Earl. MS. 1550. "Visitation of London, 1G33-4."] 
.... }3auister of the Eank, Lancashire.^p 

1 Banis- Alexander Banister* of=pAniie, dau. of William Standish of Stau- 

terof the Bank, p]p\vorth in the Isle of dish Hall, Lancashire ; bur. at. Beltou in 
Lancashire. Asholme, 9th son. the Isle of Axhohue 2-1 Sept. 154C. 

4. George Dorothy, mar. 1st to Thomas Monson Anue, mar. Margery, 

Bannister of Belton, 2ndly at Belton, 21 Sept. to Anthony bapt'^atBel- 

ofColham, 1580, to Thomas Sleford of Belton; Wilson of ton 23 June 

Middlesex, bur. there 12 March 150G-7. Bcckiugham. 1543. 

1. John=Elizabeth, dan. 2. Henry Banister of Beckin^- 3. Edmund Banister, 

Banister of William Ash- ham, bapt. at Beltou 12 April bapt. at Belton 28 

of Lea, ley of Yarm, 1544; of Stow, co. Liucolu ; June 1545 ; a Captain 

6on and Yorks. mar. Anne, dau. of ... . in Holland; drowned 

heir. =p at Woolwich. 

John Banister of London, grocer, lC34=pEllen, dau. of Robert Cox of London. 




I I 

Elizabeth. Sarah. 

? If son of Ilcnry Banester of the Banke, L.inca'hire, bj his 2ud wife Cicely Woithington. 


Barber of ilue^luntjum. 

[MS. C. 23, Ilcnilds" College.] 

Robert Burber of Hanbock, parish of ■\VUsforJ,=f Ann or Au'nes 
yeoman, dcseenilel from Derbyshire. Will . . . .: proyed her 
dated 17 Sept. 1018 ; proved S ^lav IGIO ; (to , husband's will 
be) bur. at Wilsford. " I 8 May IGl'J. 

\ \ I I 

3. Robert Anne, mar. to ... . :Margaret, mar. to .... mar. to . 

ber, 17 Sept. Thornton ; livinc; 17 Tavlor ; living Fisher; living 

1617. Sept. 1G18. ' 17 Sept. IGIS. Sept. 1G18. 

1. Christopher Bar-=T=Alice, dau. of Andrew Eastwood of 2. Tiiomas 1 

ber of Hanbeck, ; Roughton, yeoman ; living 1 Feb. Sept. 1018^ 
yeoman, 23 Aug. ! 1602-3 ; apparently his only child -r 

1 r.97 i nnd hpir_ A\ 

Eastwood of 2. Tiiomas Barber, 1' 

living 1 Feb. Sept. 1G18. 

_,.-^. „,.,., _„ ----D- - > --, E ^ 'is 'J"ly child =f 

1G27. ' ° j and heir. /K 

1. Christo- 2. Robert Bar-=rKatherinc, dau. of 3. John Anno, uuder=Petcr 

pher Bar- ber of Ruskiug- j Daniel Uardeby Barber, age and un- Loycs. 

ber, under ton 1634 ; uu- j of Evedon ; bapt. unmar. mar. 1 Feb. 

age 1 Feb. der age 1 Feb. there 13 April 1 Feb. 1G02-3. 

1602-3. 1G02-3. t 159-1. 1G02-3. 

I 1 i ^1 

1. Robert Barber, at. 2 in 1034. 2. Mathew Barbc-. 1. Anne. 2. Ehauor. 

33ar"D, ^^tocouut Bcllamont 

[Lincoln Wills, etc.] 

Xu^s.—Qimrtcrli/ : 1 anJ -1, S'ible, on a chevron between ten martlets argent fire 
^lellets ; 2 and 3, Gi'les, a chevron per chevron or and argent hettcecn three 
crescents of the last, Damperes. 

Crest. — A bear's jamh coiq)ed or, holding a horse's foot erased salde. 

Robert Bard of Tevel-^pAgnes, dau. of Thomas Bard, sujiorvisor of his= Alison, 

by, i.e., Tealbv. Will | ; proved her brother's will 10 Feb. 1.^36-7. dau. of 

dated 10 Feb.'l 536-7 ; 1 husband's will l'4 Will dated 23 May, proved 28 

proved 24 April l.j37. j April 1.537. July 1544 (see ©, p. 78). 

.John I'.ard of Tevelby 1- Jnan, undcr=Riehard 2. Isabella, under=. . 

and Lndford, only son ; age 10 Feb. (Jsney of age 10 Feb. Joland. 

ex'or of his father; 153G-7 ; coheir Willing- 153G-7 ; coheir of 

Gilder age 24 April of her brother, ham. her brother, at. 

1537; died 18 Oct. set. 36, 18 Oct. 3i, on 7 Oct. 7 

7 Eliz., 1505, s.p. 7 Eliz., 1565. Eliz., 15G5. 



Thomas Bard of IValby. Will dated I'o Mav.^Alison, dan. of. 
prov.-d 28 July IbU (see Q, p. 77). ' 1 e.x'tnx iu 1,044. 



I I 


I I 


Helen. Marsrarot. 

Christopher Bard of Tcalbv (iran-e, f:onie-=p\dr 
tune parcel of the Priory of Sixhills, which " 
he settled on his son Richard, etc •> 
Jlarch 26 Eliz., 168.5-6. Will dated 'l3 
March 1585-6 ; jiroTed 6 May ]58i5 

George Bard, 
Vicar of 
Staines, Mid- 
dlesex, 2 
March 28 
Eliz., 1585-0. 
Will dated 
proved 24 
Auk. ICltl. 


dau. of 
Dudley ; 
her hus- 
will 24 

2. Christx)pher Bard, 2 
March 1585-G ; living 16 
Oct. 1615; mar. Mrs.Anne 
Gregg of Sotbv (mar. lie. 
30 June 162.5);" s.p. AViU 
dated 4 Aus:. 1 627 ; proved 
13 March" 1627-8. Her 
will dated 19 May, proved 
4 June 1630. 

3. Simon Bard, 2 March 
28 Eliz., 1585-6. 

"4. Richard Bard.on whom his 
father settled Tealby Grange 
2 March 28 Eliz., 1585-6; 
set. 40 in 1621 ; mar. Mar- 
garet Lee of Walesby (mar. 
lie. 5 June 1621); had i.ssue 
Francis and Christopher in 

Elizabeth, mar Clarke ; 

living 16 Oct. 1615. 

1. William 

Jlary, dau. 

Bard, an 

of ... 


Strancre ; 

16 Oct. 

mar. at 



10 Sept. 

1632. 1st 


=2. Maximilian Bard of London, = 
citizen and girdler, worth £40.0u0, 
was also of Caversfield, Bucks, and 
Pallonswick,Fulham, Middlesex; his 
house and shop in Cheapside held of 
the Goldsmiths' Company and called 
the "Three Blackburds"; died 16 
Fcb.l6'J0-'Jl,ret. 85; bur. at Cavers- 
field. Will dated 26 March 1687 ; 
codicil 30 March 1689 ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 8 Oct. 1691. 

= Sarah .... had 
lands in Muswcll 
Hill, parish of 
Borestall, Bucks 
(in lien of dower) 
for life, and also 
in Caversfield, 
Bucks ; jiroved 
her husband's 
will S Oct. 1691. 
2ud wife. 

Thomas Bard 
of Hammer- 
smith, Mid- 
dlesex, and 
of Foxcote 
]\Ianor House 
and Cavers- 
field, Bucks, 
a3t. 8 in 164 4. 


AVilliam Bard=pRebecca 
of St. .John's, I . . . . sole 
Hackney, citi- | ex'trix, 
zen and girdler ' proved 
of London, a?t. j her hus- 
4 in 1644. 
Will dated 17 
Dec. 1694; 
24 April 1695. 

will 24 

Rebecca, only child. 

I I I 

Joseph Bard, luipt. 9 Oct. 
1646 at St. Peter's, Cheap- 
side, London. 

Christopher Bard (?young- 
est son). 

Elizabeth, bapt. 30 JLarch 
1649 at St. pL-tor's, Cheap- 
side, London ; mar. lie. 
Fac. 0H-. 7 May 1670, 
"Neville Poole of Oakcsey, 
Wnts, bach., 24." 




J I 

Samuel ]!ard, hapt. at Ilain- 
niersmith l'LI Oct. liiCS; bur. 
there 19 April IGG'J. 

1704^(? if In- tlif 

Mn.xiuiiii.iu Bard, eldest 
son, bajH. at St. Peter's, 
Clieapside, London, 12 
Dec. lC'i'3 ; living' 1087; 
to have the hmds in 
Caversfield after his 
grandmother's death. 

I I I 

Thomas :^Iarv. 
Bard. — 


All living 
and uiidc 


I I I 
3. Georrje liard, 
10 Oc.t.'^lGlo. 

Margaret, IG 

Elizabeth,* IG 
Oct. 1015. 

4. Sir Henry Bard, Knt. and l^art., S Oct.^ 

lG4t ; Colonel iu King Charles's Array ; 

distinguished himselt'at the battle of Cheri- 

ton Down; created Baron Bard of Drom- • mar. abont; UU.5 ; 

buy, CO. ilcath, and Viscount Bellaraont, ' adm'on SO July 

CO. Dublin, IS July IG-io ; Ambassador 

from Charles 1 1, to the Emperor of Persia ; 

died ou his journey thitlier in IGGO. 

Anne, dau. of AVi 
Ham Gardiner 
Peckhau), Surrey; 

1GG8, then of St. 
Ficlds, Middlesex. 


Chavl'.-s Rupert Bard, 2. Frances (privately mar., so it is 3. Persiana."-=pXathaniel 
2nd Yiscoiuit Bella- alleged, to Prince Biipert, Count Will dated 

Palatine of the Phinc and Duke of 23 June and 

Cumberland, who died 29 Nov. ]iroved 30 

1G82). In his will, dated two days Nov. 1739. 

before his death, mentions his 

" natural sou " Dudley Bard, who 

was killed at Buda 13 July 168G, 

set. about 20. 

mout, born 1 Jan. 
1G47-8 ; slain in the 
Island of St. Christo- 
pher's 16Go, s.p. 

1. Anne. 

Bard of 

I I 

"William Henry llarcourt of Pendley iu Albury, nerts,=fSarah Frances, bur. at 

Bard, eldest son of Simon Ilarcoui-t (bur. 30 March ' Albury 7 Nov. 17G4. In 

bapt. at 1724 at Albury), Clerk of the Crown and of ' the mortuary at Albury 

Cavers- Pendley iu right of his 1st wife ElizabcLh, only , she is called " daughtei- 

field dan. and heir of Sir Richard Anderson of ' of Sir John Bard, hart., 

1G92 ; Pendley, Bart., by Elizabeth his wife, sister of , and Lady Persiana, 

died s.p. George, Viscount llewet of Ireland; bur. at i daughter of Henry, earl 

■ Albury 9 Nov. 1743. | of Bellamont." 

Bart? of i^ortlj lAclsc^'* 

[Harl. M.S. 1050.] 
Arm.S. — Sable, on a chcrron idtccen tm martlets argent five pellets. 
Edmund Bard of Piarforth.^ 

Alexander Bard=p. . . . dau. of John Brigfield of Yaworth or Yawford. 

* Elizabeth Bard, spinster. o£ Maikui R';icii, ageJ 20, her parents dead, and Francis Smyt 
of Market R.-.sen, gent. (luar. lie. 4 Nov. 162a). 




John Bard of Barf'orth-^. . . . dan. of Sir .Tolin lir 


Goslyns; Bard of I'.arfortlr-^ dau. of Thdiiias Dcnl.v. 

__1J I 

Adam Bard of Xortb Kel-=p dan. and l.eir of Daniprar (Bichard Daiim- 

suy, ill right of his wife. pere held a frecliuld in North Kt-lsey I'o Eduard I.). 

Adam Bard-7=. . . . dau. of John Lhirbv. 

Thomas Bard=f=ilargaret, dau. of Biehard Yarboroui^h. 


I ^ 
John Bard=pEli7.abeth, dau. of '\\ ilham Dallisoii. 


John Bard=p Alice, dau. of John Ileucage of Towes. 

Thomas(or Henry) Bard—Eleanor (ur Edith), dau. of Sir Rich- Alicc= John Trues 
of North Kelsey. ard Ilausard of South Kelsey, Knt. dale. 

Ralph Bard=pEllen, dau. of John Mns- Richard Bard,=Elizabeth, dau. of Jol 
of North I Fenden of Healing (uumar. livinf,']!' Aug. Miisseiiden or' Ilealini 
Kelsey. 12 Aug. 1.^04). ^ 16u4t living ]:.' Aug. 1,J04. ' 

Ellen, dan. of Tho-=p William Bard of North Kelsey 15C2 ; died 23=Joane. dan. of 
mas jliddleton of | Aug. 24 Eliz., lo.s2, seised of the manor of .... Bayles ; 
Wintringham ; I East Hall in North Kelsey, which he purchased living 22 Nov. 

1541. 1st wife. 

from Sir Francis Avscough, Knt., and Elizabt-th 25 Eliz., 1583. 
his wife in 1558. "Will dated 2:3 May 23 Eliz., 2ud wife. 
1581 ; proved at Lincoln 10 Oct. 1582. 

Ralph Bard of Norih Kelsey, son and^:\Iargaret, dau. Frances, mar.='William 

heir, rot. 40 at his father's death ; died . of John Gilbv at North lloche of 

25 Jan. 40 Eliz., 1597-8. Will dated , of Staiuton-in- Thoresby 2 Beesby. 

20 Jan. 1597-8 ; proved 17 Feb. follow- | the-Hole. June 1502. 
ing ; (to be) bur. at North Kelsey. i 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st to Susan, mar. to 

AViiliam Ztlarris, liv 

ing 20 Jan. 1597-8 

2nd, Thomas Codd of Kelsey ; living 

Cai.=!ter. 2u Jan. 1597-8. 

Vnne, mar. to 
BLichard Ben- Richard Bate- 
son of North manofBarnet- 

bv ; living 2 
J"au. 1597-8. 

?Jagdaleii, living 20 
Jan. 1597-8 ; mar. lie. 
10 Feb. 1599 to marry 
Edward C'onyers of 
North Williii''ham. 

LixcoLNSiiiin: pkdigrees. 



1. Tliniuas P.ardof Xorth=pElizaV.etli, 

2. John Hard, -JO Jan. 

1 1 
4. "William Bard 

Kflsev, son and licir, ;ot. ' dan. of 

1 ;">'.» 7 -S. 

24 and more at his fatlier's Uichard 

5. Edward I'.ard. 

death; entered at Grav's Rossiterof 

3. GcorL^eBurd, entered 

Inn 11 Oct. 15[il ; proved Somei-l.v. 

at Grav's Inn :.'9 June 

r.oth liviiiE; 20 

his father's will 17 Feb. 

1592 ; unknown if liv- 

Jan. 1597-8. 

1507-8. 1 


ing 20 Jan. 1597-8. 

I I 

1. Bridget, 1034. 

2. Jlarsraret, 1034. 

I I 

3. Anne, 1034. ilary, mar. lic. = James Pennell 

— 23 Ang. 1025, of Killingholme, 

4. Elizabeth, 1034. xL 19. Gent. 


1. Richard P.ard, son and 
heir, died 8 Xov. 1024, 
being killed in Fleet Street, 
London: bur. "ont of 
Fewter J,aiie " at St. Diin- 
stau's-in-tlie-West, Lon- 
don, 9 Nov. 1624. 


2. William Bard of East Hall in=Flsabella, dau. of 
North Kelsey, heir of his brother, | . . . . ; niece 
born 28 Sept. 1015 ; died 5 Feb. of Grace, wife of 
1039-40. AVill dated 1 Feb. Thomas Lane of 
1039-40; proved (C.P.C.) 12 I Bentky ; living 
June 1040, then described of 1 Feb." 1039-40. 
Ilawkeswell, Warwick. 

[elsey 1673, son and heir, 
t. 3 on 20 Oct. 1039 ; 
ied intestate !May 1074. 

ley, Warwick ; post-nuptial settlement 
dated 23 Oct. 1073. Will dated 1 March 
I0.S7-8 ; proved (C.P.C.) Nov. 1089. 


Henry Bard, son and heir, died 
unmar. Willdated 10 April, proved 
at Lincoln 13 Sept. 1084 by his 
mother Susannah Bard, widow. 

2. William Bard, o.v.m., s.p. 

Susan, died=pWilliam 
before her JIussendine 
mother and of North 
Ijrother. '•. Kelsey. 

2. Anne,=j=Arichael 
living 1 Enier- 
ilarch son of 
1087-8. Caistor. 

William JIussendine. 



[JIS. C. 23, Heralds' Collefre.] 

AR5IS. — Argent, (wo bars r/iiks, on a cnn'ion of the second a maunche of the first. 
Crest. — A fox sejmit gules holding a ring or. 

Cliristopher Bardsey of Lavdsey, Lancaster.=p 

I I I 

1. William Bardsey. 

2. Robert Bardsey. 

3. Edward Bardsey. 

4. Jaraes: 
Bardsey of 

:Catberine, dan. of 
Nicholas Beau- 
mont of Cole Or- 
toii, Leicester. 

5. Christopher Bard- 

Jaue, mar. to Sir Tho- 
mas Lee. 

Neville Bardsey of Scalford,=pMargery, dau. of John Jli 
Leicester. Yorks. 

of Warinfiekl, 

I I 

•2. Anthony Bard- 

1. James l^ard-=pElizabetli, dan 

sey of Little j of Richard Clip- sey. 

Gonerhy 1634; \ sham of JIan- — 

bur. at Cxran- ' thorpe ; mar. 3. Edward Bard 

tham 4 May i at Grantham 3 sey, D.D. 

1G40. I Aue. leiL'. 

II Ml 

■1. Geor-eBard- 1. JInry. 
sey, B.i). — 

— 2. Eliza- 

5. Christopher betli. 
Bardsey. — 

3. Susan. 

James Bardsey, Kt. 1. Dorothj-,bapt. at Grantham 2>- J\rargery, bapt. at Gr:'n- 

18 in 1634; bapt. 18 July 1613; mar. there, 8 tham Dec. 1G14 ; mar. 

at Grantham 12 May 1G34, to John Mills, there, 19 Nov. 1035, to 

Jan. 1615-16. Alderman of Grantham. John Proctor of Grantham. 

I I I 

3. Elizabeth, bapt. 4. Hannah, twin with .5. Anna, t^yin with Hannah, bapt. 

at Gi-autiiam 4 Anna, bapt. at Grantham 25 Feb. 1621-2; bur. 24 Sept. 

April 1619. 25 Feb. 1621-2. 1624 at Grantham. 

Barhtr of iHrcat ^ttrpintj, 

[i\LS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Per chevron engrailed or and salte, a lion rampant counterchanged ; on a 
canton azure ajleiir-de-lis or, a crescent for difference. 

ThoniM Barker of Stowe, descended out of Derbyshire.=r 

Katharine, mar. at St. Mar- Richard Batker=pAune, dau. of Henry Sheriff of 

garet's in the Close of Lin- of Stowe. | Lincoln (by Marrrery, dau. of 

coin, 2 April 1597, to Tho- I . . . . Angeyineof Theddlethoriw, 

mas Butler, Vicar of Bicker. and heir of her uncle 'Wiliiam). 


Thomas Barker of Groat=pSnsan, flau. of 2. William Katberiue, mar. at St. 
Stcepiut:, son and lieir, | Roberi Stone of BarkiT. JIargarct's in the Close 
living 1034, described as Burgh-ia-the — of Lincohi, 14 July 
of Stowe 18 Oct. 1C27 ; I Marsh, under 3. Richard 1024, Thomas Mot- 
bur, there 14 April 1G:>0. j a£:e and unmar. Barker. tram of Wiiithorpc. 
lb AuiT. 1C14. 

Thomas Barker. Two other children, died nnchrist<!ned. 

Bailtcr of Ctalb^. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Hugh Barker of Graatham=pElizabeth, dau. of Thomas Audley of Lincolnshire. 


Anthony Barker of Long Ledenham=pEllen, dau. of John Whittington of Louth. 

Edward Barker of Tealby 1634=pDorothy, dau. and heir of John Farmer of Epwnrth. 

Edward Barker,=p^[argaret, dau. and heir 2. Anthony 3. Heury=pRebecca, 
sou and heir I of Solomon Heton of Barker. Barker. dan. of 

1(;34. Cockeriugton. .... 

Anthony Barker, ret. half Elizabeth, ret. 3 in Rachael, bapt. at AValesby 

ayearinlU3l. 1634. 5 Aug. 1G39. 

I II ..I 

1. Eliza- -i= Alexander Caster 2. Ellen. .5. Abi-^William Tongue 4. Dorc 

beth. of Belton, Isle of gail. I of Epworth. ' thy. 


I I I I I 

Robert Thomas Edward "\\ illiam Robert 

Caster. Caster. Caster. Caster. Tongue. 



ijaihDam of cl(Hatnflctt antr ^mitljacrc, 

[JIS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Pahj of sii j>ie,-cs argent and [rules, over all a chevron or. 
Crest. — Tico arms armed, couped at llie elbow, holdinj a sheaf of arrows. 

Robert P>aikham.=p 

Edward Barkhaiu of Soutbacre, Norfolk j^Elizabctli, dau. of . . . . Rolfe 
bnr. there IS Feb. 1599. 1 of Norfolk. 2ud wife. 

Robert Barkham 
of Southacre, 
Norfolk, yeoman, 
born 155i; proved 
the will of his 
Edmund Hudson 
of Castle Acre, 
draper, 26 Aus;. 
1606 ; died U 
March 1629-30, 
fet. 75 ; bar. at 

Sir Edward Barkham of: 
Wainfieet 1617; Alderman 
aud free of the Drapers' 
Company; Lord ^Mayor of 
London 1621 ; created bart. 
28 June 1623 ; called "The 
Pedlar"; sold hobby-horses, 
etc., in London; died 15 
Jan. 1633-1, at. 82. Will 
dated l-l and proved 17 Jan. 
1633-4 ; to be bur. in his 
chapel of Southacre, Nor- 

Jane, dau. 
of John 
Crouch of 
berry or 
Combe ty, 
Herts; liv- 
ing 1652; 
proved her 

Mary, died= 


18 Aug. 


1608; bur. 


at Castle 


Acre, Nor- 



26 Aug. 

1606 by 




Elizabeth, mar. at 
St. Mary Alder- 
mary, London, 6 
May 1611, to Sir 
John Garrard of 
Herts, Bart. ; died 
17 April 1632, ffit. 
39 ; bur. at Whet- 



Susan, bapt. at St. 
Lawixnce Jewry, 
London, 18 Jan. 
1595-6; mar. to 
Robert Walpole of 
Houghton, Nor- 
folk '; bur. there 9 
Nov. 1622. He 
was born 23 Sept. 
1593 ; died 1 May 
1663. M.L 

Jane, bapt. at St. 
Lawrence Jewry 
16 May 1602; 
mar., 1626, to 
Sir Cliarles Ctesar 
of Bennington, 
Hert.s, Knt., Mas- 
ter of the Rolls ; 
died 16 June 1661 
at Great Haddam, 
ajt. 00 ; bur. at 
Bennington 27 

I I 

Margaret, hapt. at 
St. Lawrence Jewry 
16 :\fay 1602 ; bur. 
at Totteubam 15 
June 1603. 

Margaret, bapt. at 
Tottenham IS Dec. 
1603 ; mar. (as 
3rd wife) to Sir 
Anthony L'by of 
Boston ; died 28 
Nov. 1640, s.p. 

I I 

Sir Edward Barkham of=f=France5, dau. of Sir Thomas John Barkham, bapt. 

Southacre, Norfolk, 2nd \ Borney of Rodham, Norfolk ; at St. Lawrence Jewry, 

Bart.; proved his father's ' mar. at TotLenham 31 July London, 2^ Oct., bur. 

will; bur. there Aug. I 1622; bur. at Southacre 25 at Tottenham 16 Nov. 

1667. July 1067. 1597. 

Grace, dau. of Lewis, =Sir Edward Barkham. =pFrancos, 2iid dau. of Sir John 
liOrd Rockingham ; Bart., son and heir, of Napier of Luton Hoo, Bed- ] 
bur. at Southacre 30 Southacre, Norfolk ; ! ford ; re-mar. to Henry, Lord j 
March 1058, s.p. 1st adm'or to 1st wife's ' Richardson ; bur. at Southacre 
wife. will 18 Juuc 1661 ; i 19 Nov. 1706. 

died 1687. B I C 



Penelope, died 1] Jniic Ell«'n, dan. and Susanna, mar. to Aiitliony Sniitli- 

1678; bur. at South- heir, inar. to son of Arniinc, West Kidini,' Yorks, 

acre. Charles Yallop and of ToUenham, Middlesex, son 

— of Reauthorp, of Sir ]{ui,'li Smithsou, Bart, 

ilarv, bur. at Southaere Norf.ilj; ; living- ^ 

22 March 1071. 1G9G. " ^. 

Sir William Barkham,=i=Judith, ■4th dau. of Sir John John Barkhara, bapt. 
Bart., bapt. at Totten- Halsey of Gaddesden, Herts; at Sl. :\larv, Alder- 
bam, ^Middlesex, 26 I ve-niar. to ... . Holworthv, manbnry, 11 Dec. 
Feb. 1G3S-9; bur. at j son of ... . Hohvorthy of 1G43; bur. at South- 
Soutbacre, Xorfolk, 28 ! London, merchant; bur. at acre 29 July 1070. 
Dec. 1695. I Woolwich 19 March 1723-4. 

I I 

Edward Barkhara, born 2, 
bapt. at St. Andrew's, IIol- 
born, 9 Xov. 1092 ; bur. 
at Southacre, Norfolk, 28 
Dec. 1095 on the same day 
as his father. 

Jane, bapt. at All Hallows, 
Honey Lane, 12 Feb. 
1682-3 ; bur. at Totten- 
ham 2G Oct. 1C84. 

I I 
:\Iary, bapt. at All Hallows, 
Honey Lane, 23 March 
1085-6 ; carried away from 
St. Giles-in-thc-Fields to be 
bnr. 28 Dec. 1724. 

Theodosia, bapt. at All Hal- 
lows, Honey Lane, 21 ilarch 
108G-7 ; carried away from 
St. riiles-in-the-Fields to be 
bur. 2 July 1711. 

I I 
Anne, bapt. at All 
Hallows, Honey 
Lane, 25 Dec. 1688. 

Elizabeth, posthu- 
mous child, bapt. 
at St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, 21 April 
1690 ; bur. there 
23 of same month. 

I I 

Frances, bapt. at Tot- 
tenham 16 Sept. 1024. 

Jane, bapt. at Totten- 
ham 8 Sept. 1030; mar. 
at St. ^lary, Aldernian- 
l>ury Within, 22 Feb. 
1618-9, to Antiiony,son 
of Sir Drew Deane. 

I I 

Lucy, Ijapt. at Tottenham 
20 Feb. 1039-40; mar. to 
Francis Wall ; died 30 
June 1081 ; bur. at Gey- 
ton Thorpe, Xorfolk. 

I I I 

Joanna, bapt. at St. Marv, 
Aldermanl mrv, 3 Xov.lOli; 
bur. thti-e 13'Feb. 1644-5. 

Mary, mar. at Tottenham, 
24 June 1050, to Xoton 
Julian, bapt. at Tottenham Curtise of Gatton, Surrey. 
22 Feb. UUl-2 (?) ; mar. — 

at St. Bride's, London, 23 Peneloix', died II, bur. at 
Feb. 1679-80, to Leonard Southacre 13 July 1675, 
Sowersby. set. 8. 


Sir FLol>ert Barkham, Knt.,=j=irary, dau. of Piich- John Bark- Thomas Barkhara, 

of Tottenham High Cross ard Wilcox of Lon- 

and of Wainfleet, bapt. at don and Tottenham ; 

St. Lawrence Jewrv, Lon- mar. at Tottenham 

don, 18 March 1598-9. Will 24 Xov. 1025 ; died 

dated 27 Feb. 1060-61; 7, bur. there 10 Dec. 

proved IS July 1601; to be 1644, a:t. 76. 

bur. in Tottenham Church. 



bapt. 2 .June, bur. 

at '1'. 


29 Xov. lOOO at 

ham 7 




Hugh Barkham, 
bur. at Southacre 
20 Oct. 1628. 




I 1 I 
Jlargaret, bapt. at St. Barcho- 
lomuw tlie Great, Loudon, 15 
Xov. ] 029 ; hnr. at Tottenham 
•2(1 Jan. 1C52-3. 

.lane, bapt. at St. TJartholomew 
the- Great SI Oct. 1 032. 

Alice, bapt. at St. Bartholomew 
the Great 5 ilay 16.34 ; mar. 
(mar. bond dated April 1055) to 
Robert Coney of Walpole, Nor- 
folk ; died 3 Oct. 1070, a-t. 41. 

Dorcas, bapt. at Totten- 
ham 20 Sept. 1036 ; mar. 
1st to Sir William De- 
launo, merciiant, of Shar- 
sted, Kent, and 2udh- at 
Cambcrwell, Surrcv, 2 
Sept. 1069, to Sir' I-^d- 
ward Dering of Gray's 
Idu, London, Knt., com- 
monly called "Red Ned"; 
died 31 Oct. 172U, xt. 
84; bur. at Sharsted, 

I i 

Susan, bur. at Totten- 
ham 20 Sept. 1649. 

iLary,mar. at St. .An- 
drew's, Holborii, 12 
Jnly 1054, to Rich- 
ard Nelthorp of 
Scawbyand had issue 
a dau., mar. to James 
Huxley, who was liv- 
ing 2?' Feb. 1600-61; 
bur. at Scuwby 30 
Oct. 1062. 

i M 

2. Robert Barkham, bapt. at Tottenham 10 Sept. John Barkhani, bur. at Tot- 

1643; entered at Gray's Inn 5 Feb. 1060-61 ; mar. tenhara 10 Jan. 1037-8. 

at Burwell, 2'J Jan. 1000-7, Frances, 2nd dau. of Sir — 

Martin Lister of Burwell, Knt.; died 19 May Robert P.arkham, bur. at Tot- 

1091, a3t. 47 ; bur. at Burwell (described then of teuham 3 April 1041. 
Lincoln) 22 May. =f^ 





Edward Barkham, bapt. at 

Frances, bapt. 

1 1 

Susanna, bapt. at Bur- 


Kclstern 6 Nov. 1073; died 

at Burwell S 

well 15 Dec. 1608. 


4 Mar. 1732-3, nat. 59 ; bur. 

Oct., bur. 6 



at Wainflcet, St. xMary's ; 

Dec. 1667. 

Mary, bapt. at Bur- 


left the Wainfleet estates to 

well 7, bur. 8 ilay 

Bethlehem Hospital. 



3. TMichael Bark-^Jane,d;;u. of Nathaniel Tlmruld of = Daniel Leighton (son of Sir 
ham, described as ! Lincoln City ; born on Tuesday, PJdward Leighton of Wat- 
Captain. Isthus- 1 Nov., bapt. at St. Peter's in 
band. { Eastgate S Nov. 1687 ; Bed- 

j chamber- Woman to I'rincess of 
Wales 1741 ; died in London. 

tlcsboro', Salop, Bart.), 
Lieut.-Col. of General 
Evans' Horse 1741. 2nd 

Michael Barkham, bapt. 8 Nov. 1710 ; bur. 
at St. Margaret's, Lincoln, 9 Feb. 1710-11. 

Sir Edward Barkham of Wainflect,=f=Anne, dau. and heir of Sir Robert Lee of 
born20, ba]it. at St. Bartholomew the ' Billesley, Warwick; re-mar. to John Hodges 
Great, London, 24 March 1630-31 ; j of the Inner Temple, Recorder of Ipswich 
mar. at Tottenham Sept. 105G ; i (licence of re-mor. dated 21 Dec. 1671, de- 
created bart. 21 July 1661 ; Sheriff i scribed as Mrs. Barkham of Sharsted, Kent, 
of Lincoln 1064; died 14 Sept. ' ret. about 28, widow, to be mar. at Ncwnham, 
1669 ; bar. at Wainfleet. I Kent) ; living 1682. 




Edward Sir Robert Biirkliam, Burt., M;\r2;iret, mnr. at St. Bar- Anno, mar. to 

Bark- of AVaiii fleet, mar. Estlier, tlu>lonu'w the Great, Lon- Sir Jonathan 

ham, dan. and sole heir of Tho- dou, to Sir Edmnnd Jon- Jcnniiic^sofRi- 

b;i|it. at ma.s JellVrv of Earlscomlie, ningsof Bi['0n. Yorks. Ivnt. pon, a brother 

Boston Woreeftui, or :\s .^onie say. He was nH. ?.S in ICOa. toSirEdniuiid. 

29 ^[ay of Wigtuft. Lincoln ; died =p =j= 

1G64. about 1:01. ^ J^s. 



Sir Edward Bark-=Mary, dan. and colieir of 
ham, Bart., of John Wollcy of Alford by 
Waiuflcot, died in AnD,dau.andcohcirof John 
London 13, bur. Boswell of South Tlioresby; 
at Tottenham 15 mar. at Louth 11 March 
Feb. 1710-11, s.p. 170i-5 ; bur. at South 
Thorcsby 10 Dec. 170S. 


!Nrarv,mar. Samuel Xew- 


comen of Bag Euderby, 



ob. s.p. 

Hester, mar. James 


Sisters aud coheirs of Sir 

Edward Barkham, Bart. 

Barnart? of Catstcr. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Aejis. — Argent, a hear rampant sable irithin a hordure engrailed of the last. 

William Barnard of Bigby^plsabella .... 

I" i ~~ ^1 

Thomas Barnard of Bigby,=pElizabeth, dan. of ... . 2. Gilbert 3. John 
son and heir. ' I Cragg of Bigby. Barnard. Barnard. 

_- I j I -\ I 

Catharine, mar. to Anne, mar. Jane, mar. to Elizabeth, mar. Isabell, nn 

Thomas Berry. to Robcit 'J'homas to William Wat- mar. lG3t. 

Sawyer. Lawrance. son. 

John Barnard of Caister 1C34 and of Laceby,=plsaliel!, dan. of James Wright of 

J. P. for CO. Lincoln ; an attorney 28 ^lay 
1G39 ; died 24 and bur. at Laceby 2tj April 

Bradley, bapt. at Great Grimsby 
fi Jan. 1004-5 ; living a widow at 
Laceby 16 Oct. 1C7U.^ 


I.Elizabeth, bapt. 2. Anne, bapt. at Caister 9 June 4. Judith, bapt. at 

at Caister 6 June 1C34 ; mar. at Laceby, G Feb. lG.:.4-5. Caister 5 April 1C42 

1630; ai-t. 4 in to William Wetherall of the Bail of and bur. there 

1G34 ; mar. at Lincoln. April 1043. 
Laceby. 14 Aug. ■ — — 

1G55,' to Henry 3. Frances, bapt. at Caister 8 April Isabella, bupt. at 

Cresseyof Hibald- 1G38; mar. at Laceby, 20 Sept. Caister 19 Nov. 

stow. 1654, to Lawrence Stanford. 1C45. 


]. William'cl, Kt. 
about 12, 1G34 ; mar. at 
Caister, 17 Dec. HUT, 
Elizahtth, 2nd daii. of 
^Mcxandcr Emerson of 


3. Tlionias rtaniaid 
of I>aceby, mar. 
there, 19 .\pril H".o4. 
Elizabeth, dan. of 

wid'iw of ... . 

Stokes orLiidford. 

4. James 
I'upt. at 
K; April 

5. Charles Bar- 
nard, bapt. at 
Caister Sn Get. 
and bur. there 
7 Nov. lG3',b 

2. John Barnard of Caister, bapt. there 10 Nov. 1C2S ; Fellow=pLcttice, dau. of 
of Lincoln College 29 Sept. 1048 ; PLector of Waddin:;ton, Pre- i Br. Peter Hey- 
bendarj of Asgarliy, D.T). 16G9 ; died at Newark 17 Aug. 1GS3 ; i lyn. 
bur. at Waddington, ict. 55. ■" I 

John Barnard, entered at Brasenosc College 17 Nov. 1676, a^t. 15 ; Fellow of 
Brasenosc College, O.xon, 16S2; became a Roman Catholic, and took the name 
of John Augustine ; Reader of floral Philosoi'hy 28 March 1087, resigned it 
and his Fellowship 1689 ; went into Ireland with King James, returned, and 
was reconciled to the Church of England 1690 ; Rector of Ludford 1701 ; 
Yicar of Kelstern 1702. 

iSantartf of ^pihl3[>. 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Auyis.— ^Argent, a lend lozengy purpun between sii- jleurs-dc-Us azure. 
Crest. — A (jrijfhi's head erased argent, collared guleii, cliained or, charged iritJi three 
harnde'ts of the second ; on the collar three lezanls. 

A confirmation of the arms and gift of the crest to Archibald Barnard, a 
Gascoigue born, and a free denison, and Lord of the ihmor of HagnaViy, I^iueulii, 
24 November 1580, by Gilbert Dethick. 

Archibald Barnard of Spi]sby,^Katharine, dau. of William Quadring 
called bailitT ; bur. there 31 of Irby, Lincolnshire ; bur. at Spilsby 
Jan. 1595. | 1 April 1602. 

I i 

1. Frances, mar. 
to Lyon Kirk- 
man of Keal, CO. 
Line, and had 
issue John and 

2. Margaret, mar. 
to Robert Town- 
ley of Boston. 

I I 

3. Bridget, mar. to 
.... Avci-y, and 
had issue Anne and 
Castia. Some say 
mar. to John Quad- 
ring of ITagnaby. 

4. Thomasine, mar. 
to George Skarde of 
F;isby, and had issue 
Rachel and Bird. 

Catharine, mar. 
to Richard Tur- 
pin of Friskney, 
and had issue 
Dorothy and 

Agues, bur. at 
Spilsbv 13 Oct. 

Dorothy, mar. Wil- 
liam Kirkman of 
Keal; awidow9 June 
1010, then of '-Eas- 
ter Kele." Another 
authority makes her 
dau., uot sister, of 
Richardof Hagnaby. 
She had issue .\nne 
and Cicely. 


I I I 

Thoinns\Vi[iifiv,l, dan. of 2. llieliavd I'.anmvd of llasnal.y, :!. ll.-iiry 

nardiifSjiiU- I John Svu->ter of bM].!. at Spi!sl>v 10 Nov. l.jili'; I'-ainaid, 

liy, son and ' Steeple .Mordeii, mar. at Eap:!c, L'3 Out. 1588, ilar- bap;, at 

heir, ly'Ji'. Cambridii-fishire ; ijaret (ealled ilary in the register), Spil;by 

j living 2 ^larch 2'J dan. of Rnliort Townlcy or William 18 Aug. 

Eliz.';' l.JSG-7. Townlov of ISoiton. " 15G5. 


Lyon narnard,=pElizabeth, dan. of Kichaid Zobalhena, died Isab-ll, mar. 

Etm and Ijeir, ! Robert Fuller of liurnanl, s.p. at Spilsbv,-?'.' 

I;y,i2; living j Holbeaeh; bur. at died s.p. — Aug. 1504, 

at Spilsby ' Spilsby 20 Jan. Jane, bur. at to Robert 

Kill. " 1^57-8, then a Spilsby 2:3 Feb. Piobinson. 

widow. ■ 1577-8. 

1. Robert 2. Thomas— France?, 3. Jonathan narnanl, Anne, bapt. at Spilsby 
r.arnard. liirnard. I dan. of l)a).t. at 17 15 Sept. IClo; bur. 
I line 1017. ■ there 21 June 1027. 

Charles P.arnard, bapt. at SpiUl.y 1 Aug. 1G3S. 

BaruartiBton of (5rrat Cotes, i.tnroIn ; 
Ixctimston or ixctton, i^uffolk ; ant? of 
±\}}m ilotigc, Cssti.". 

[Ilarl. MS.-^. 1083, 1550.] 

Akms. — Aziire, a fessr indented ermine heftreen six cross-crossleig anjent. 
C'rf.kt. — A stork or, nnwng ruslies j'roper. 

de Barnardiston, temp. Richard I., 1189.-p 

I i ~ 

William de Barnardiston, temp. Henry 111.=^ Simon de Barnardiston,^T= 

I temp. Henry III. 

Walter de Barnardiston, temp. Edward I., 1295, 1302.-p 

I \ 

.Mexand..r " de Walp...le," son and heir of Walter Roger de Bar- 
A de Barnaidiston. . nai'disUm. 

VOL. I. K 



di^u. and 

GeoQ'rey do Bar-=p- • • 
iiardiston, teii)i>. heir of ... . 
Edward ]., liad Novo Jltrcato, 
Kediiigton with or Newniiirch. 
his wife. 

Pctfr de IJaninr. 
Kiii-hc .>f the 
for .-^uttulk 2S 
ward I.. .■) and 
ward IT. 

iston,=iIarparet, heir of the 

Shire family of llodeiinvile, 

Ed- livina: a widow in 

: Ed- 4 Edward III., 1:130. 

Thoijiasde ]?aniardi>tnn of Gi 
CO. lAuco\u,j.i'., died before hi: 

Cotes ,=j=^Iai-L',u-ct. dau. of 
ife. I Hok-rtWiI!ou"hbT. 

Amicia de Bar- 

Sir Thomas de Baruardiston of Kettoii, Suffolk, Barn;ird-=f=Liicy, dau. 
iston, Siifi'olk, and Great Cotes, Lincoln, had a grant of . and" heir 
free warren in Kediton and Barnardiston 21 Edward III., of Uobert 
1347; a Knight of the Shire for Lincoln 1357; in the wai's Havering 
of Edward III.; summoned to attend the King at Pi'.x- | of Xorfcilk. 
bnrgh, bv writ dated fnjm thence 1 Feb. 9 Edward 111. ; 
had Letters of Protection 30 Edward III., as "Thomas 
de Barnardiston, chevalier ;" bur. at Kedingion. I 

John (de 


Walter Barnardiston, sou and heir, temp. Richard II.-rFranccs, dan. of Thomas 

I Kingsmau. 

John Barnardiston, tenip.=Margery, sister=:'\Villiaro Ingham, who presented 
Richard II., died s.p. 1st of Sir Jolin Bns- to the Rectory of Barnardiston 
husband. sey, Knt. in 1401. 2nd husband. 

Sir Thomas- 

Joanna, dau. and coheir of Sir 
William Frank of Grimsby, 
Knt., by a dan. and heir of Sir 
ilarmaduke Tiuistall, Knt. 

I I 
John Barnardiston, Francis 
said to have been Barnard- 
Rector of Gieat iston. 
Cotes, died 140G. 

Roger Barnardiston of Grimsby, paid aid for the marriage of^Isabella.dau.of Wil- 
Blanche the King's daughter of half a knight's fee in G.'-eat 
Cotes, ilichaelmas 5 Ilenry IV., 1403 ; presented to Bar- 
nardiston next after William Ingham 1415 ; described of 
Kedington in 1415, when he presented to that living 1420, 
1422, 1420 ; died circa 20 Heniy YL, 1441-2 ; said to have 
been buried at Great Cotes. 

!am Kelke of Ba 
netby, near to Great 
Cotes and Grimsby. 
Brass to her memory 
at Great Cotes. 

2. William Bar-=f^Largery 
nardiston, proved I l);iry. 
his brother's will 
4 Dec. 14C1. 

3. Richard 4. Walter Barnardiston, Rector of 
Barnard- Kettoii, presented 21 Henry VI. 

iston. Will dated 2 June 14C7 ; proved 

at Norwich 2 Julv following. 

Edward Barnardiston of Kedington, 
legatee of his brother Henry. Will 
dated 24 Aug. 1480; mentions his 
wife Isabella. 

Henry Barnaidiston of Keding- 
ton, bur. at St. Edmund's Bnrv 
K; Feb. 14 (■.9-70. Will dated 
C Nov. 1403, 

LiNxoLysuini: pediokkes. 


Alice, (3aii. of Sii-fThomas Carnardiston off. 

Henry Vavasour 

of Haslewood, 

Yorkshire, hy 

JIargery, dau. of 


witb of Ormesby, 

Lincoln, Knt., 

Chief Justice of 

Eii^'Iand. 1st 


Cotes, son and heir, presented 
his brother Walter to the 
Rectory of Kotton 21 Heiirv 
VI.; d'ied 25 Sept. Hin. Will 
dated Fe.i<t of St. iMatihew 
the Apostle, -21 Sept. 14G1 ; 
proved at Lincoln 4 Dec. 
14G1 ; (to be) bur. in the 
choir of St. Nicholas at Great 

: Joane,dau. of Sir Tliomas Water- 
ton of .... ; died 21 Edward IV., 
1481-2, seised of tlic manor and 
advowson of Great Cotes, then 
a wido^v ; stated in the Lincoln 
Visitation to be the wife of 
Tiiomas Barnardiston, son of 
Thomas Caruardistoa and Alice 
Vavasour, aud mother of Sir 
Thomas, who married Elizabeth 
Newport. ? 2nd wife. 

Sir Thomas Barnardiston, had a--=pElizabeth, dan. of Ge^r 

grant from the Crown of a messu- ' Newport of Brent Pelham 

age, etc., in AVatling Street, Lou- ~ 

don, and of the manor of llollon, 

etc., in Beds aud Suffolk ; died 

29 June 15()o ; bur. at Great 

Cotes, where is a brass of 

Sir Tliomas aud his wife, with 

eight sous and seven daughters, 

kneeling, etc. 

Herts ; bur. at Keding- 
ton. Will dared 6 Sept. 
1.526, (to be) bur. in the 
Church of the Priory of 
Our Lady at Walsingham ; 
proved (C.P.C.) 2C Sept. 

I 1 

Christopher Bar- 
nardiston, ex'or 
of his father's 
will 21 Sept. 

John Barnardis- 
ton, Rector of 
Kedington 1480. 


(? iLargaret), mar. Elizabeth, mar. to "W i!- . . . ., dau., mar. 

to Thomas, Lord Hani Eyre of Great to Jeroiny 

Fitzwilliam of Audley, of AVidJen, Cressingbam, Norfolk, or .Jermy. 

Malilethorpe, son 'of Geoffrey Justice of the Common — 

■ ■ Audley of Earls Pleas. He died 24 Oct , dau., mar. 

Colne," Essex ; died 1507 ; bur. at Great to ... . Style. 

s.p. Cressingham. 


Elizabeth, ma 
to Sir Georij 


3. John Barnardiston, John Barnardiston, had a grant-p" Jenyt," widow of 

Rector o 

' Ketton 150G 

and of 



154fl ; 


sor to 

the will 

..f Jol 

u Bar- 


1 of 


Cotes 1.: 


4. Edmund Barnard! 
ton of Kedint'ton. 

from the Crown " for ever " of 
the licctorv of Ribv, Liucoln, 
3G flenry'VlIL Will dated 
9 Aug. 1549, then of Great 
Cotes, " to be bur. in the middle 
aisle there ;" i)roved at Lincoln 
29 Aug. 1549, aud (C.P.C) -2S 
June 1550. 

.... LacoR (sister 
of Sir George Cooke, 
Priest), 1549. Will 
dated at Bolton 
Percy, York, 10 
Nov. 1573, called 
" Johan ;" proved 
(C.P.C.) 28 April 

JIarfraret, uud-^r age at her father's death ; raar. to Lvon Skipwitl 
and had Kutherine, Martraret, and Ursula, 1573. 

Elizabeth, dan. and 
Thomas Burley of 
Norfolk. 1st wife. 

'.. George Barnardiston= 
;f Nortiiill, Beds. 

:. . . . dau. of ... . God- 
frey and widow of ... . 
Hatclilfe. 2nd wife. 


I I 

.lolin r.:irnardiston, had a '_'rant fr^nn the Crowu=Joaii, flau. of Tlioinius Other 
of the manor of Ickwcll, T.eds, :;;."i Hciirv VIII., ' MfHurnf Lvnii : bur. issue. 
15i3-4 ; Sheriff of that couutv IS Hliz. ;' bur. at ; at. Xonhil'l l'ari>h 
NorthiU -21 March 15S7. I Church -.'T Nov. 1508. 

5. Siyismund 
of Over Cal- 
decott, Beds, North- 
ill, 15 JUQC 
1582, Mary 
Wyneh ; liv- 
inrr 1C05. 

G. Edward P.aruard- 
isti)U of Beestou, 
parish of Saiidv, 
Beds. Will dated 
K; Jan. 1(504-5, (to 
bo) bur. in the Parish 
Church of NorthiU ; 
proved (C.P.C.) l'7 
Feb. 1005-G ; s.p. 

I I 
^[aru'aret, mar. at 
XorthiIl,L':3 March 
]57o-4,to William 
Fvssheof Bigfjles- 

Susan, mar. at St. 
Helen's, London, 
10 Sept. 1570, to 
Henry Skegg's of 
Eynesbury, Hunts. 

I I 

Sarah, mar. at 
Northill. 11 
Juno 15S2, to 
John Stukeley. 

A dan. (? Eliza- 
l.etii), Hiar. to 
.... I>eckett, 
and had three 
daus., 1CU4. 


Geori^e Bnrnardiston, living IGOi ; John Barnardistou. Elizabeth. Martha. 

of Gray's 10 Feb. 1008-0; mar. ^ ' 

Margery, dau. of William Scott of AH living 1004. 
Coniihurst, Kent. 

George Bar-=pl\lary, dau. of Sir 2. Christopher 

ihonias Par 


! cardistou of 
i Northill and 
I Ickwellbnrv, 
Beds, died 
I 1575. 

George Pcrient of Baruardiston, died before 1G04, s.p. 

Digswell, Herts, bur. at North- — 

Knt. ; linr. at ill 17 Feb. 4. John Barnardiston. bur. 

Xorthill 15 Oct. 1592-3, s.p. at KorthiU 1 Oct. 1503, 

1577. s.p. 

Robert Baruardi-ton of=pCatherine, dau. of George ^Moi'daimt, 3rd son of John, 
Northili, only son. 1st Lord Mordaunt ; bur. at Northill 24 Sept. 1504. 

3. Jobn Baruard- 
iston of Yieldiiius 
Beds, bapt. at 
Northill 11 Dec. 
1597 ; loar. Mary, 
dau. of Thomas 
Wynn of Warden; 
dit'd before IGGO. 


4. IJichard Baruardiston, Catherine, mar. to the Rev. 

100 I; of Grav's 7 Aug. AVilliam Chantrel of Walking- 

1020 ; died s-p. " ton, Y. irks. He was bur. at 

— Holy Trinity, Hull, 30 Sej)!. 

5. Robert Barnardistou, 1043. 

1004, "to whom his great — 

uncle left his chambers at Elizabeth, mar. to John, son 

Graie's Innand£50." He of William Wyuch. 

was bapt. at Northill 19 — 

Sept. 150G ; died s.p. ^lary, mar. to Thomas Bolton 
of Tottenham HiLrh Cross. 


I I 

Jlariraret. Mar\ 



C |_E 

I '" I 

Mary,clau.=pIIeniy r);irnardis-:::pKlizal)L'th, d;ui. of ■>. Gem-^'o r.;iriiardi>ton of 

and coheir ton, tldest soil and Tlioinas Aiilahv nf Ijiimlon, Gifdlcr, lia[it. at 

of Robert 1 heir, of XortliiU ;, Ymks' by Xorthill ; mar.atSt. Anne's, 

Hawei of I of Grav's 1 — 10 Sarah Tressv of IJhvjIdViars, U Dec. Id?.?, 

Bedford. i Xov. lOOS ; hv- i;irkin, his " iiid AHce, dan. of K-bert Ers- 

1st wife. I ing ir.04 audioes, Eitou \wll of lioudon ; died s.p. 

; but dead before .rune It:;!.;.. i.'nd Will dated 12 Xov. IGGO ; 

I IGllO. wife. proved 1(1 .A[areli 1002-3 by 

I ! his \vid- 



2. Judith, mar. at St. Aiilaby Mar- lleiirv r.ariiardist. in, Captain of Foot, 

Mary Ahehnreh, Lou- unrdistMn. Co!on\-I in Sir Walter Vant-'sKegimeiu. 

don, 5 ]Mav 10-17, to — 

Gabriel Bristcr. • Catherine, »t. li in IGOS. 

'~1 j"j T^l 

Robert Bar--^Anne, dau. 2. Thomas Barnardiston. -1. Bvnjamin Barnaidistou. 

nardision of of Sir Wil- — — 

Ickwcllbnrv, liani Vans,'- 3. Geortre B irnardi>tnn. 1. IMar^aret, mar. to Philip 

1G38 ; boro ; ban of Ter- u,,^), i^.„^^,,,, ^^ ^i^^.j, Ciarke\;f Edmonton, Mid- 

about 1021. , racoed,Car- nnnln (4onr,r,. i ,-r,n dlese.x. 


uncle George, 1000. 

1 I 

George Barnardiston, livinj:^ 1070 ; mar. Cathe- Robert Bar- = . . . . dau. of 
rine, dau. of Francis Tyler of London. nardistou. (? John) Dell. 

Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Sherifi" of Suffnlk^^Ann, dau. of Thomas Eiicas of Lirt!- 
and Xorfolk 1.311, and of Lincoln I.ilS. .Saxmiindham. StilTolk, Solicitor- 
Will dated Xov. 15-12, then describes him- General to Henry VIL; she]iresented 
self as "Sir Thos. Barnardiston, Knt., the to Ketton Rectory 1555. Will dated 
elder, (to be) bur. in the Church of Ketton," 20 Dec. 1550 ; jiroved 3 'May 1500 ; 
etc. ;' proved (C.P.C.) 8 Xov. (to be) liur. widi her husband. 

Ac];nes, mar. to 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st to Bar- 

!Marv, mar. to 

'^ n 


AViUiam Ayloffe 

tholomew Brokesbv, Esq., 

Willuun Si;rang- 


of Braxted, Esq., 

and 2ndlv, as 4th wife. 

maii of Hadlev 


High Sheriff of 

before Dec. 155'.), to Fran- 

Castle, Essex, 


Essex and Herts 

cis Clopton of Kediugton, 


C Eliz. 



Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Great—^I^ary-'lai'- of Sir 2. Leonard B;ii- 4. John 

Cotes, ?et. 32 in 1541; had a Edv,"ardWal=ine- nardistouof ALiI- Barnardis- 

graiit from the King of the ham of Scad- den. P^ssex, Itee- ton, under 

manors of Wrattinc:, Suttulk.etc. burv, Kent, Knt., tor of Beaumont, 21inl542, 

35 Henry YIIL V,"ill dated 10 Lieutenant of Essex, 1543. 1500. 

Sejit.. proved (C.P.r;.) 2 Oct. the Tower ; mar. — = 

1551 ; leaves his lands to his son 2ndly, as 3rd 3. William liar- Elizabeth 

" Thomas, in remainder to Tho- wife, to Francis nariliston. itec- ....1500. 

mas, son of one John Barnard- Clopton of Ked- tor of Jjangliam, 

iston of XortliiU, P.eds, with re- ingtou, Suifolk. Essex, 1543, and 

maiuder to George Barnardiston," I of Ketton until 

etc. f| 1555. ' 







. 1st 





of .. 









of t'r 




I I 

Amie, mar. to W illiam Clopton llamiali, 

of I.iston Hall, i:<.-o\-. He diVd di.duii- 

■2.J Oct. l(.;ii\ m. lo. mar. 

Elizabeth, dau.=rSir Thomas Bavaardiston of Great Cotes, Patron^p-^'i'ic. dan. of 

of Thomas Han- I of the Koctory lOU, son and heir ; nuder age at 
chct of Hamelis [ his fatlier's death ; a ward of the King under Sir 
in Brauirhing, | John Chceke 1553 to 1557, and afler that of 
Herts ; died l'G ; Lady Cheeke ; knighted at Bury 1576 ; n^t. 42 
Sept. 1584, xt. : in 15S5 ; was included in the list of Baronets to 
39 ; bnr. at Ket- j be first created IGll, and the Patent was "sealed," 
ton. 1st wife. ' but it was " stayed," not given out. ; died i'3 Dec. 
I 1019; bur. at Kettou,"Xorfolk. Will dated 

2S Sept. 16 James I., 1G18 ; proved 2 Feb. 

1G19-2U, then described of Clare, Suffolk. 

I I I 

Giles Barnardiston Samuel Bar- 
of Clare, Snftolk, nardiston, 
under age 28 Sept. diud young. 
1618 ; one of the — 

Assessors for the Grisel.bapt. 
county during the at Totten- 
Protectorate, 1657; 
mar. Pliilipiia, dan. 
of Sir William 
Waldegravc of 


.... Bygrave 
of . . . ., Beds, 
yeoman ; mar. 
lie. Bishop of 
Loudon 3 Feb. 
15S7-S ; 
proved lier 
will 2 Feb. 
2nd wife. 

(as 1st 

Hannah, bapt. at Clare Ann, 

7 Nov. 1G05 ; mar. at wife) at CI 

St.Olave's, HartStreot, Jan. 1610-11, to Sir 

London, 24 :\ray 1623, William Clopton, 

to John Brograve of Knt., of Keutwell 

Hatnels in Braughing, Hall in ^lelford, 

ham 1 April Herts. He was bapt. Sufl'olk. Slie died 

1593 ; died at Braughing 24 April 4 Feb. 1614-15, a?t. 

unmar. 27 1597, aud bur. then 

June 1609. 21 Feb. 1670-71. 

folk. Km. 

and etfigy a I 

20; he died IMareh 
16 18, xt. 27; both 
bur. at Melford. 


1. Thomas 2. Giles liar- 3. GilesBarnardiston,supposedtobehewhosigned 

Baruardis- nardiston, the articles for the surrender of Colchester Ca.-tle, 

ton, bapt. bapt. at Clare which took place 27 Aug. 1G4S at the King's 

at Clare 9 1 ilay 1622 ; Head Inn ; bapt. at Clare 26 Jan. 1624-5 ; died at 

AprillG21; died infant. Chelmsford, Esses, 1 1 of llth month 168ii, liaving 

died s.p. become a (Quaker. Will dated 5 June 1679. 

4. \\ illiam Barnardis- 
ton, bapt. at Clare S 
Sept. 1 637 ; bur. at 
Steaddishall 29 Oct. 

5. Philip 

1. Elizabeth, 

1 1 

2. Jemima, di 

^d s.p. 


bapt. at Clare 17 


ton, bapt. at 

March 1619-20; 

3. Anne, bapt 

at Chire 

Clare 26 Jan. 

mar. to .... 

27 Nov. 1634 

mar. to 


Plumix! of Es- 

.... Johnson 

of Lou- 


don, merchant 

I I 

Edmund liarnardiston. 

William Barnardiston. 

Both ap]jcar to have 

died young. 

Marv, mar. 1st to Ritliard 
Colvile of Newton, I^le of 

Elizabeth, mar. (as 1: 
to Sir Anthony Evei 

»_.oivue 01 .\ew LOU, itie 01 to ou .viiluojiv imei.uu ui 

Elv, and 2ndly to Thomas Great Waltham, Essex, Knt. 

Go'lding, Esq., of Hinck- He died 1614. Monument 

' " 1 

worth, Herts 

and effigy. =r 




Mai'v, dau. of- 
Sir ■ Richiini 
Kni.^htl.-y of 
Xortinuits : 
died 3 March 
loO-l. 1st 

rSir Thomas Barnard ist on of '\Vithani.= 
Essex, lulO ; Hi-h ^Sheriff of Suftblk 

I •2-2 Eliz.. K".80; knighted at White- 
hall 2:5 Jnly 1(J03 Tlmr. at Kttton. 
Nuncupative will made on the day <A' 

I his death, v.p., -20 July 8 dac.' I., 
GIO ; proved (O.P.C.) 1 Nov. follow- 

Katherine, dan. of Thomas 
r.aiiks of London, Serjeant- 
at-law, and widow of 
tholoinew Soamc of London ; 
proved her husband's will 
1 Nov. IGIO; mar. 3rdly 
to 'William Towse, Serjeaut- 
at-law, and died .S :March 
1632-3, s.p. Will proved 
(C.P.C). 2nd wife. 

Sir Nathaniel Barnardistou of Great Cotes KUS^Jaiie, dau. of Sir 
(? knighted at Theobalds 21 Dec. 1G18), knighted i Stei)hen Soame, 
at Newmarket 15 l*ee. IGIS ; High SherilV of i Knt., Lord iL\yor 
Suflolk 1G23, and represented the county in three I of London, of 
Parliaments in the reign of Charles L, and for 
Sudbury in 1025. He was imprisoned for re- 
fusing the "ship money, coat and conduct money, 
and the loan," in the Gate House, etc. ; he sat 
in the Long Parliament from lG-13 ; died at 
Hackney 2.i .fnly lG.i3, xt. 65 ; bur. at Ketton 
26 Mv/. following. 

See Barxardistox of Brightwell. 

Little Thurlow 
Hall, SuBblk; liv- 
ing 2 ilarch 
lGlS-19 ; died 17 
Aug. 1669 ; bur. 
at ketton 15. Sept. 
folio wine:. 

I I 
]. Thomas 
istou, died 

i. Thomas 
istou. died 

3. Arthur Barnardiston 
of the Inner Temple, 
and one of Croraweii's 
Masters in Chancery, 
mar. Ann, widow of Sir 
Koger Thornton of 
Snailwell, Knt., and 
dan. of .James Harvey 
of Dagenham, Essex ; 
bur. at Ketton 18 Nov. 
1G77. ^= 

5. Thomas Barnardiston of^pAnn, dau. of 
Bury, Suffolk, Comptroller I Henry Pol- 
of the ;Mint for 11 years stead of Lon- 
and more ; he is not men- j don, mcr- 
tionedinthewilleitherof his ; chant; mar. 
father or grandfather ; mar. at St. Anne's, 
(as his 1st wife) Ann, dau. i Blackfriars, 
of Henry Austin of London, | 2o^IaylG35. 
merchant ; died 14 ilarch j 2nd wife. 
1681-2, a^t. 88 ; buried at 
Ketton. M.L 

1. Elizabeth, 
mar. to Sir 
William Fish 
of Carlton, 
Beds, Knt. 

2. Mary, died 


Arthur Barnardiston, Ann, mar. to the Rt. Picv. Ed- Cleare, died an infant. 

called Long Artiiur, wai-d Fowler, Bishop of Glou- — 

died s.p.; buried at cester, whodied 26 Aug. 171 1 ; ^tfargaret, mar. to 

Ketton 13 Aug. 1711. she died 19 Dec. 16'JG ; both pLichard Poulter, E^ip 

— bur. at Hendon, Middlesex. — 

Thomas Barnardis- il.L Ann. 
ton, bapt. at Snail- — — 

well, Camlis, 2 Aug. Mary, baptized at Snailwell Elizabeth. 

1635. 21 March 163-. — 

--_ Catherine. 

All supposed to liave died s.p. 



I I I 

Marv. ElizaWfth 


Saruli., iiuir. nt All Hill- Ahiizail, in:ir. at All TLil- ; 

— lows, Stainins-. I.^n- low?;, Stainiiiir, I.ondnti, 

Lydia. don, IS Feb.' nir..S-;\ 1.'^ Feb. li-i;s-',), to ,Io- 

to Thomas ^Moriii. siah Cltrke. 

Thomas r,anianl-= 

pKlizabeth. dan. 

of .lohn 

... xi,i„ 

el ?,a 


n of Dublin 

istoii, eldest sun, 

Clarke, .M.l'. tm 

Buiv St. 

in ir.Ts, 


he nia.l 

■ his wiii : 

of Loiidoii. a Tur- 

Edniuiids in 1 

",40, and 

menticjns 1 

is br( 


key merchant ; 

sister of .^ir 



died 21 C:;i) Oct. 

Clarke of .Siiad\ 

•ell. Hart. 

0. Samuel 


, then in 

17u4,an.Ci ; bur. 

She uas bur. a 

I Ketto[i 


at. Ketton. 

-Slav iron. 


4. John ]} 



Thomas r>arnardiston of Wyvers-^f^ilary, dan. of Sir George, Bart., by 
ton, Sufl'ulk, and Bury St". Ed- Frances, dan. of Sir William Howard of 
miinds ; of Gra.v's 14 June 1 701 ; Naworth Ca?[le,Ouml)erlaud, and sister to the 
born and Hackney, Middle- first Earl of Carlisle ; mar. at ^lelford, Sutfolk, 
sex, l.s AuL'. Ilw7. ' 2bJune UOo; died 17-28, ;«t. 57; Ketton. 

Thomas Barnardiston, bapt. at St. James's, 

Bury St. Edmunds 17oG ; admitted 

to Middle Teiuple 29 January 172o-4 ; Ser- 
jeant-at-law ; called to the bar of the 
Common Pleas, Westminster, 5 June 173G ; 
heir in remainder to the Downing estates, 
which w-ere idtimately devoted to the foun- 
dation and endowment of Downing College, 
according tu the will of the above-named 
Sir George Downing ; died 14, bur. 20 
Oct. 1752, at Chelsea, ]\nddlcsex. 

1 1 1 



^[arv, mar. to Edward 



(ioate, Esq-ofBreute- 

leigh, Sailolk. 


. — 

Elizabeth, mar. at St. 


Anne's, Soho, 14 
Sept. 1743, to Dr. John 

Ail died 

Ewer,Bishopof IJan- 



daffnGJ.andof Ban- 
gor 1708. 

2. John Barnard- 
iston, bapt. at 
Hackney 18 Nov. 
14 Jan. 1700-1. 

T I 

5. Ben 

1 Barnardiston, 
lacknev 8 Mav 

in Barnart 

4. Nathaniel Bar-=j=Bethia, 
nardiston of Lon- dan. <if 
don, merchant, 
bapt. at St. 
James's, Bury, 23 
Dec. 1681. 


All died 

Timothy Barnard- 


iston,Barrister-at- ton (? of Loudon, 
law, admitteil to stockbnjker, died 6 
Middle Temple lo Jan. 1771). 
Mixy 1728 ; died — 

uninar. 174;;, George P>aruardiston, 

died s.p. 

John Bar-= 
of Lincoln's 
Inn, solici- 

=Ann, dau. of Edward 
Leeds of Cro.xton, Cam- 
bridge, Serjeant-at-law; 
sister to Henrietta, wife 
of John Howard the 
philanthropist ; ruar. 
31 May 17;.4. 




is ton, 
died an 

JIary, only cliild=Natli;iniol Eaiuardi~ton=pElizabeth Joanna, only 


sq., of 

• ; mar. 

ed 13 

ir. at 

of Hichard Cooke, 
Esq., of Clicsbunt, 
Herts, mar. at 8t. 
Olave's, Uart St., 
London, 3u Nov. 
1778 ; died s.p. 
1781. 1st wife. 

of Fenchnrcli Street 
London, and of the Kyes 
Lodsc, Esse.x, born 1?S 
SeptT ITaS; died i'3 
Dec. 1837, a-t 
at Ketton. 

cliild of John 

house Styles, Esc 

Kin n;ston, Surrey 

_ 25 Feb. 1783 ; ilii 

bur. ! :\IarL-li 1843 ; br 

I Kettun. ind wit 

See Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

6. Clarke Bar- 
nardiston of 
London, lineu- 
draper, bur. at 
KettoM 7 Au?. 

dau. of 

of Lon- 

Elizabeth, mar. at St. Jr-mes's, 
Bury St. Edmunds, 28 April 
170i, to John Ibbott. 

ilarfjaret, bapc. at Hackney 
In May 1679 ; bur. at St. 
James's, Bury Sc. Edmunds, 
25 Oct. 1G80. 

I I I 

Anne, Hackney 23 
Feb. 1682-3; bur. at St. 
James's, Bury St. Ed- 
munds, 2 May 171 IjUnmar. 

Mary or ilargaret. 


Clarke Barnardiston, born 12 July 1721 ; in Mer- John Bar- 
chant Taylors' School ; bur. at Hackney 20 June nardiston. 

Both died s.p. 

Thomas Barnard- 
iston, Merchant 
Taylor, bapi. at 
St. Peter's, Corn- 
hill, 4 May 1719. 


George Barnardiston, son and heir=pMartha, dau. and coheir of Grace. 

of John Barnardiston of London, 
Vintner ; born in Doctors' Com- 
mons circa 1699 ; one of che eight 
City attorneys ; clerk of the Vint- 
ners' Company ; admitted to the 
Middle Temple 11 April 1713 ; died 
in Jamaica. 

George Wilcox, Hi_ 
Bailitf of Westminster and Elizabeth. 
Duchy of Lancaster ; mar. — 

at St. Mildred's 8 Oct. Anne. 
1717 ; bur. in St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, 7 March 174G. 

1. Martha, mar. at St. Olave's, 
Jewry, London, 15 Aug. 1758, 
to Hickman Young of "Lon- 

2. Grace, 3. Elizabeth, born in Vintners' Hall ; 

died un- mar. at St. James's, Westminster, 31 

mar. March 1751, to Thomas Constable 

Esq., of Chertsey, Surrey. 

2. John Barnardiston, master of= 
Benet College, Cambridge, 1764, 
Prebendary of Lincoln 1769 ; 
B.D. ; Rector of Fulmerstone 
and Thurning, Norfolk; born 
30 May 1719 ; died 17 June 
1778 ; bur. in the College Chapel. 
Monument in Chelsea Church. 
VOL. I, 

Hester, dau. of 

1. George Barnardiston, died 

.... Powell ; 


niece to the widow 

. — 

of Dr. Conyers 

3. George Barnardiston, died 

Middleton ; mar. 


17 April (? 18 

May) 1760. 

4. Thomas Barnardiston, born 

in the Poultry ; died younc 



boni ; 


, only dan. and hcir,=i=Rev. Richard William Yates, M.A. of Queen's Collei^e, 
Mav . . . . ; mar. I O.xon, Rector of Solihull, Warwickshire, only son 'of 
r, An-. 17S3. tbu Rev. Richard Sutton Yates, D.D. ; died "there 2G 

I Jan. ISOJ. 

Two sons and two dans. 

ISavnavtitston of IXctton anti 23i%I)tlv!tll, 

Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston of KettoD, Suffolk, and of=pJane, dau. of Sir 
Great Cotes 1618 ; kniglited at Newmarket 15 Dec. Stejihen Soame 
1C18 ; High Sheriff of Suffolk 1C25 ; represented the ^ of Little Thur- 
countyin three Parliaments; in the reign of Charles I. , low Hall, Ket- 
be was imprisoned for refusing the "sliip money, coat ■ ton, Knt., TiOrd 
and conduct money, and the loan" in the Gate House, Mayor of Lon- 
etc. ; he sat in the Long Parliament from 1643 ; died don ; living 
at Hackney 25 July 1653; bur. at Ketton 26 Aug. March 1618-19. 
following. (See preceding Pedigree.) 

Sir Thomas Barnardiston, eldest son and heir, of Gray's=pAnne, dau. and coheir 

1 May 1635; knighted by King Charles L 4 July 1C41 ; of Sir William Armine 

assessor for Suffolk 1643 and other years; a noted of Osgodby, Lincoln, 

Parliamentarian; M. P. for Bury St. Edmunds 1040 ; Bart.; born there 6, 

M.P. for SutTolk 1054, 1656, 1658-9; created a bart. bapt. at Lavington 8 

7 April 1003; ex'or of his brother Sir W. Armyne, Aug. 1024; bur. at 

Bart., 30 March IOCS ; bur. at Ketton 14 Oct. 1CG9. Ketton 25 An<'. 1071. 

1. Joan, bapt. at St. 
Andrew's Under- 
shaft, London, 10 
July 1043 ; bur. at 

2. Mary, 1008, mar., 
after that date, to Sir 
Joseph Brand of Ed- 
wardston, Suffolk, 

3. Anne, 1008, bapt. 
at Ketton 10 Dec. 
1055 ; mar. to Sir 
Philip Skippon of 
Wrenthara, Suffolk, 
Knt., son of the cele- 
brated Parliamentary 
general ; died 11 Oct. 
1CS3. He died 8 Aug. 
1691. Both bur. at 

4. Elizabeth, 
1668, bapt. 
at Ketton 30 
May 1659 ; 
mar. to Tho- 
mas AVilliams 
of Tendring 
Hall in Stoke 
Naylaud, Suf- 

I I 

5. Armine, 
1608, bapt. 
at Coleby 22 
Dec. 1064; 
bur. at Ket- 
ton lu April 

6. :Martha, 



I I I 

3. William Barnaid- 
iston, o.s.p. 

4. Nathaniel Barnard- 

5. Samuel Baruard- 
istou, bapt, at Kcttou 
20 May 1654, o.s.p. 

G. Michael Bar- 7. John Baiuardistou, merchant, 

nardiston, mcr- bapt. at Ketton 11 June 1058; 

chant, bapt. at styled 1th sou 30 ilarch 1G6S ; mar. 

Stalliiipburo' Hi ^lariraret, dau. of Sir Robert Cordell 

July lt;6G; died of Lonj^ Melford, Suffolk, Bart.; 

at Smyrna un- died s.p. She died at sea (? bur. at 

mar.; bur. at Ketton 30 Nov. 1 087) ; adm'on 19 

Ketton 7 Juue Jan. lOOO-Ol to Samuel Blackerby, 

1079. attorney for her husband. 

1. Natha- 
niel Bar- 
bur. at 
25 March 
1C7S, s.p. 

2. Sir Thomas Barnardistou, succeeded: 
as 2nd Bart.; of Gray's 19 June 10C7; 
inherited Silk Willoughby, Lincoln, 
from his uncle Sir VV. Armine 30 
March IGGS ; M.P. for Suffolk and 
Sudbury temp. Charles II. aud Wil- 
liam and ilary, and for Grimsby 108.") 
and 1G88 ; died 7 Oct. 1698 ; bur. at 
Ketton, Suffolk, 15 Oct., ast. 52. 

:Elizabeth, dau. and sole sur- 
viviug issne of Sir Rol^ert 
King of the Boyle in Ireland 
aud Sophia Zouch (dau. of 
Sir Edward Zouch of Woking, 
Knt.), his wife, relict of Ed- 
^s-ard Cecil, Viscount Wim- 
bledon ; bur. at Ketton 21 
Nov. 1707, ret. 55. 

Sir Samuel Barnardiston, suc- 
ceeded as 5th Bart., of Lyston 
Hall, Essex, and of Ketton, bapt. 
there 20 Jan. 1C80-81 ; mar. in 
Aug. 1730 Catherine, dau. of 
Sir Rowland Wynn of Nostel, 
Yorks ; died at Ketton Hall, 
Suffolk, 4 Feb. 1735-6, s.p. ; 
bur. there 13 Feb. She was bur. 
there 3 Dec. 1757. 

John Barnardiston, 
mar. Sophia, dan. of 
.... Rich of Scotland, 
relict of William Grey, 
brother of Lord Grey ; 
livingin 1714, but died 
before his brother Sir 
Samuel ; bur. at Ket- 
ton 11 Dec. 1731. 

I I I 

Sophia, bur. at 
Ketton 15 JIarch 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
Ketton 2 June 

Armine, a dau. 
All died in infancy- 

Sir John Barnardiston, succeeded his uncle Sir Samuel as Gth 
Bart., died at Melford ; bur. at Ketton 29 Sept. 1745. 


liomas Barnard-=f=Anne, dan. and 
succeeded as 3rd coheir of Sir 

born 7 Aug. 
; M.P. for Snf- 
died 12, bur. 21 
1700, in great 
at Kediton. 

Richard Roth- 
well of Staple- 
ford, Lincoln, 
Bart. ; died 21 
Feb. 1701-2. 

Sir Robert Barnard- 
iston, succeeded as 
4th Bart., of Ketton; 
bur. there 24 July 
1728. Hiswidowwas 
bur. at Long Melford 
20 Feb. 1737-8. 


Nathaniel Bar- 
nardiston, bapt. 
at Ketton 20 
May 1679; died 
in the East 
Indies, unmar. 

Elizabeth, Anna Maria, 2nd dau.=pSir John Charlotte, 3rd=pSir Anthony 

eldest dau. and coheir, bapt. at Shaw of El- dau. and co- Thomas Ab- 

and coheir, Ketton 1 July 1C97 ; tlKim,Kent, lieir, mar. dy of Felix 

born23Jan. mar. 27 Sept. 171G ; ! Bart., died 1729; died 19 Hall, Essex, 

1691-5;died died 3,bur. at Eltham j 4 March Feb. 1731-2. 3rd Bart.; 

unmar.; biir. 12 Feb. 1750-51. | 1739. 2nd wife. died 11 June 

at Ketton 7 /jx 1733, s.p.m. 

May 17)1. See Burke's "Peerage and Baronetage." /[n. 



I I 

Nathaniel Thoma-=Sir Samuel BuniarJiston of Brig;htwell,=]iran-, dau. 

Barnardiston sine, dau. Suflolk,born 23. June IGi'O; created a bart. ofSirAbra- 

of Hackaev, of Joseph 11 May 1GG3. remaind-T to his brothers ham Rej- 

mar., 24 ^lay Brand of Nathaniel and Pelatiah. It is remarkable nardson, 

1G48, Eliza- Edward- that this individual irave the title of Knt., liOrd 

beth, dau. of ston,.Suf- '•Roundhead" to the wliolepolitical party flavor of 

Nathauiel folk; died which he and his fiimily supported. ^l.P. London 

BaconofFris- 165-1. for Ipswieh temp. Cha'rles II. ; Deputy- 1G19. 2nd 

ton, Suffolk. 1st wife. Governor of the East India Company ; wife, 
of Gray's 10 Marcli 1673-4 ; imprisoued 
by Judge Jefl'reys ; died s.p. 8, bur. at 
Brio-htwell 28 Nov. 1707, rei. 88. 

1. Sir Samuel Barnardiston 
of Brightwell, Suffolk, 2nd 
Bart., heir of his uncle Sir 
Samuel; of Gray's 10 Feb. 
1679-80 ; mar., 13 Aug. 
1709, Martha, dau. and co- 
heir of Thomas Uichmoud 
of London, apothecary (she 
remar. at Gray's Inn to 
Charles Edwin) ; died s.p. 
3 Jan. following ; biir. at 
Ketton 11. 

I I 

2. Sir Pelatiah Bar- 
nardiston, succeeded 
his brother as ord 
Bart, in 1709-10 ; 
died unmar. 4, bur. 
at Ketton 13 May 

S. Nathaniel Bar- 
nardiston, died un- 
mar. ; bur. at Kettou 
10 Sept. 1CC8. 

I I 

1. Jane, mar. to 
Robert !Mann, 
son and heir of 
ilr. Alderman 
Mann of Nor- 

2. EHzabcth, 
mar. to Samuel 
Blackerby of 
Gray's Inn. ?^lid- 

Anne, died 
infant ; 
bur. at Ket- 
ton 13 Dec. 

Martha, Ket- 
ton 24 Dec. 

Pelatiah Barnardiston of Hack-^Martha, dau. of Rich 

ney, merchant, to whom the 

baronetcy of Brightwell was 

limited on failure of heirs male 

from his 3rd brother Sir Samuel 

and from Nathaniel his 2nd 

brother ; bur. at Ketton 23 

July 1G79. 

ard Turner of Totte- 
ridge, Herts, and sis- 
ter to Sir William 
Turner of Bromley, 
iliddlesex, Knt.; bar. 
at Ketton 29 June 

I I I 
5. Stephen Barnardiston. 

6. John Barnardiston. 

7. William Barnardiston, 
a Turkey merchant. 

All died unmai-. 

Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston of Brightwell, Suffolk, Martha, bur. Jane, bar. at 

only son, succeeded as 4th Bart. ; heir of his at Ketton 7 Ketton 24 

cousins ; died s.p. at Brightwell 21 Sept., bur. July 1671. April 1C73. 
there S Oct. 1712. 

Mary, dau. of-=,-8. Arthur= 

Sir Richard 
Lloydof Hal- 
lom, Notts, 
Knt. ; mar. 
in AVestmin- 
Eter Abbey 2 
Jan. 1C71-2; 
bur. at Ket- 
ton 19 May 
1087. 1st 
wife. c 

ton of llox- 
ton, Middle- 
sex, bur. at 
Ketton 7 
York, to Sa- 
muel Bar- 
nardiston 24 
July 1700. 

:Mary, dan. of 
Samuel Lnke of 
Her 1st hus- 
band was Simon 
Middleton, her 

2ud Ellis , 

and she mar. 
4thly to Samuel 
Blackerby, Esq. 
2nd wife. 


1. Ann, mar. 
to Sir John 
Rolt of Mil- 
ton Ernest, 
Beds, Knt. 

2. Jane, mar. 1st to 
John, son and heir of 
Sir Robert Brooke of 
Cockfield Hall, Yox- 
ford, Suffolk. He 
died s.p. lG.'i2, and 
she remar. as 2nd 
wife to Sir William 
Blois, Kut., of Grund- 





1. 8amucl Bariiardit^tou of Lon- 

1 1 

■2. Xathauifl Bar- 


]\Iary, mar. to Sir Robert 

don, merchant, mar. Anno, dau. 

nardiston, died 

Clarke of Snaihvell, M.P. 

of Samuel Blackorby of Grav's 


for Cambs, Bart. ; died 

Inn, Esq. ; died 7 Oct. 1725. xL 


Jan. 1732-3. He died 

50. She died 6 Juu,. 17-7, :ot. 

Jane, died uuinar.; 

18 Nov. 1740. 

43. Both bur. at Brightwell. 

bur. at Keitoa 16 



June 1704. 


Samuel BaruarJiston 

only son, died 15 Feb. 1743. 

Anne, d 
coheir of John 
raan's Hall, Es- 
sex, Esq. ; mar. 
1st wife. 

'an. and=j=3. Artliur Barnard-^pMary, dau. of Bichard Jennens of Priuce- 

a merchant 
Smyrna, aud after- 
wards of Brightwell 
rial], died at Siaines 
3, bur. at Brightwell 
11 April 1 737, a3t. 52. 

I tliorpe, AVarwick. aud of Thorp ilatidc 
and Weston-by-Weedou, Northauts, Esq.; 
sister andcoheir of Ilichard Jennens ; bapt. 
13 OcL. 1709 ; mar. at St. James's, Picca- 
dilly, 20 July 1732 ; died at Hayes, Middle- 
sex, 7, bur. at Brightwell 18 May 1788, ait. 
79. 2Ed wife. 

! I 

Anne, mar., 8 Aug. 
1752, to Thomas 
Whetham of Wybos- 
ton, Beds, Esq., and 
of Stagenhoe Park, 
Herts; bur. at Briglit- 
well5 Feb. 17C3. He 
died at Beachwood, 
Herts, 27 Nov. 1806 
(see "Gent. Mag.," 
1807, p. 84). 

Mary, mar. to ... . 
JeflFerys; diedcoel. 29 
July 1760. 

Arthur Barnard- 
iston, posthu- 
mous son, born 
15 April 1737 ; 
died 15, bur. at 
Brightwell 23 
Feb. 1742-3, 
a:t. 6. 

Jane, died 
mar. ; bur, 
July 1737. 


pjsq.. Lord of the Manors 

j of p]ast and AV^est Mar- 

! ton and a moiety of the 

! Manor of Hartlington, 

i aud Patron of the Kec- 

tory of Marton, all in 

] Yorkshire ; also Lord of 

I the iLauor and Patron of 

the Eectory of Hodnet, 

rtt 175G; died I Salop ; died at Marton 

8 IS March 22 July 17G6, <st. 39 ; 

1803. I bur. there. 

See Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

dau. andco- 
heir of her 
mother ; 
mar. at St. 
25 Nov. 

3Garnr of #rimsli^. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

ARii.S. — Azure, three leopards' heads caiossed or. 

Sir George Barne of London,=f=Alice, dau. of ... , 
Knt., Lord Mayor 1552. Brooke of Salop. 

2. JohnrpJane, dau. of 

Langton of 



1. Anne, mar. to Alexan- 
der CarhiU or Garlyeil 
of London, gent., and 
2ridiy to Sir Francis 

2. Rlizalwth, mar. to Sir John 
Rivers, Alderman of London, 
Knt., Lord Mayor in 157 L 
She died 27 Feb. 1583 ; bur. 
at Hadlow, Kent. 




1. Mary, dau. and coheir, mar. to 
J^-aneis Roberts of Willesden, 

2. Elizatuth, dau. and coheir, mar. to Ed- 
ward, 2ud son of Sir James Altham of 
Markes Hall, Essex. 

Sir George Barne, Knt., citizen andT=Anne, dau. of Sir 'Williara Garrard of London, 
haberdasher of London, Sheriff Knt. (who was Lord Mayor 1555), and Dorncy, 
1576, Lord ilayor 15^6, and was Lucks. Adm'on 8 Jan. 1611-12, tlicn of St. 
then knighted ; died 1592. Edumnd's in Lombard Street, London, widow. 

2. George Barne. 

3. Francis Barne, adm'or 
of his mother 8 Jan. 
1611-12; o.s.p. 

4. Thomas 
Barne, s.p. 

5. John 

fr. Mark Barne, mar. Anne, mar. to 

and had two sous, Walter Jlar- 

George and Itichard. ley (?Master). 

7. Peter Barne. 

Richard Barne=Elizabcth, dau. of Sir 
of Tangley, Francis Anngier, 
Sirrrey, died s.p. afterwards Lord Aun- 
6 Oct. 1620. gier, Master of the 
Rolls in Ireland. 

Sir William Barne of=pAnne, dau. of Ed- 
win Sandys, D J,)., 
Archbishop of 
York ; born 21 
June 1570. 

Woolwich, Kent, Knt., 
adm'or of his mother 8 
Jan. 1611-12 ; died at 
Woolwich 7 May 1019. 

3. Thomas 
Barne, 3 


4. Miles Barne,=f=Jane, dau. of. 

Rector of 
died 1 Sept. 
1670, ffit. 70 ; 
bur. at Barhani. 

Travis or Travers 
of Chipping Nor- 
ton, O.xon ; died 
Oct. 1689, a^t. 84 ; 
bur. at Barham. 

I I 

5. John 
Barne, 3 
Aug. 1610. 

6. George 
Barne, 3 
Aug. 1610. 

Anne, only dau., 
mar. after 3 
Aug. 1610 to Sir 
William Love- 
lace of Lovelace, 


Barne of Dunwich and Sotterley Park, Suffolk. 

1. Sir Wil-- 
liam Barne 
of Wool- 
wich, Knt., 
3 Aug. 

^Dorothy, dau. 2. Robert Barne, godson and adopted=i=Elizabeth,dau. 

of Sir Peter son of Sir Robert Remington of Sax- of Thomas 

Manwood of by, Lines., President of Munster in Twysdcn of 

St. Stephen's, Ireland, who bequeathed him his Wye, Kent ; 

Canterbury, lands in England and Ireland on con- bur. at Great 

Knt. and Bart, dition of his taking his name ; under Grimsby 27 

age 13 March 1610-11 ; proved Sir July 1637. 

William Barne, Robert Remington's will 14 Aug. 

o.s.p., only son. 1612. 

I I I 
Frances, ait. 10 in 1634. 

3. ]\Iary, ait. 5 in 1634. 

4. Anne, let. 3 in 1634. 


5. Elizabeth, bapt. at Great 
Grimsby 2s Oct. 1632 ; 
bur. there 17 Xuv. follow- 

6. Elizabeth, bapt. 
at Great Griuisby 
14 Sept. 1634. 

LiNCOLXSiinU'. ri:i>iGra:ES. 


1. Robert Darne, 

2. TVilliam Barne, 

1. Carola, a:t. 11 iii=pSir Ru^er ITavsQett, 

son and heir, 

bapt. at Great 

insi ; bur. iu West- 


R?t. 8 in 1C3I, 

Gnmsbv 24 Sept. 

minster Aliliev clois- 

biir. in Westminster 


1633 ; bur. there 

ters 17 M;iy 107C. 

Abbey cloisters 27 

next day. 

Oct. 1G92. 

Elizabeth narsnett,bur. iu Westmin-— William LoTvnJes, Secretary of the Treasury, 
ster Abbey cloisters 8 Nov. IGSO. | bur. at Winslow, P.ucks, 20 Jan. 17i3-l. 
Ist wife. /j\ 

Selby-Lo'.vxdes of "^Tiaddon, Bucks. 

35arnc\xirll of ©tainfortr* 

[MS. 1). 23, Heralds' College.] 
.... Barnewcll.=F 

1. Francis 2. John Barne-^pElizabeth, dau. of Henry Fitzwilliam of Scampton, 

Barnewell. well of Tixover, 

CO. Lincoln ; bapt. there SO Oct. loSS ; widow of, or 
remar. to, Christopher Blunstoue (? Blomc) of Dene, 

Francis Barnewell of=pSarah, dau. and coheir of William Eliza-=Franci8 Calde- 
Stamford 1GG6. Palmer of Dalby, Leicester. beth. cott. 


Francis Barnewell, set. 

5. Charles Rarnewell, 

7. David Barne- 



in 166G. 

bapt. at St. iLary's, 




Stamford ; bur. there 


Sarah, bapt. 


John Barnewell. 

21 Oct. 1654. 

8. Robert Barne- 
well, bapt. at St. 

at St. Mary's, 
Stamford, 7 


Fitzwilliam Euruewell. 

C. ]\Iichael Barnewell, 

Mary's, Stam- 

Dec. 1GC2; 

bapt. at St. Mary's, 

ford, 30 June, 

bur. there 5 


Daniel Barnewell. 

Stamford, C Oct. IGGO. 


Aug. 1663. 

Baron of JSoston. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Argent, a mullet or, in chief a crescent and decrescent en face argent. 
Crest. — On a torse argent and azure a bird of the first, holding in its clitics a snah 

Stephen Baron, a Frenchman, living=pPhiIippe, dau. of 
at Orleans 1 June 15G4. i . . . . Petit. 


Ll^'GOLNsnIKI; peuigkees. 

John Baron 
(see Baron 
Pedigree in 
the "Visita- 
tion of Lon- 
don, ir)()S," 
Harleian So- 
ciety's Edi- 
tion, p. i)4). 

Peter Baron, D.D., Licentiate in Civil Law=pGuillamette, 

and ]'rofc'S.^or of l)iviiiity, Cambridge ; dt 
Bcoudcdof a Frenchfamily; hornatl-^stanipes; 
Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of 
Bonrges 9 -\pril 155(1, being tlien between 
22 and 23 years old ; ordained at Gerieva 
15GU ; came to Cambridge and incorporated 
there, 3 Feb. 1574-5, Lady Margaret Professor; 
died in Crutched Friars, London, bur. at St. 
Olavc's. He was Kt. CA at the making of his 
^vill, 1 March 1598-9 ; proved 27 April 1599. 

dan. of 
phen Bour- 
gouin, a 
merchant ; 
mar. at Gicii 
! in France in 
Slay or June 


1. Martha, born=Robert 2. Mary, born at Sancerre on 

at Orleans 1 Breart, Friday 26 May. 
Junel5C4;bapt. boru at — 

the same day ; Bouen ; 3. Elizabeth, born at Cam- 

piroved her hus- living in bridge 24 Aug. 1577 at nine in 

l^and's will 27 London the morning ; mar. to John 

Jnne lC0f5. 13 June Locton of Boston (mar. lie. 28 

le.OG. May 1 COO) ; bur. 29 Dee. 1C34 
at Boston. 

4. Catherine, mar. 
to Peter Yandelenr 
of Boston, mer- 
chant ; bur. at 
Boston 22 March 

I I I 

2. Stephen Barron, 3. Stephen Bar- 4. Andrew Barron of Bos-=pHester, dau. 

born at Orleans 4 
Nov. 15C7-8; bapt. 
the same day; died 
at Orleans 4 Feb. 
1568-9, Kt. 3 

ron, born at 
Sancerre 10 Oct. 
1568 ; died next 
day ; bur. at 

ton 1634 ; born at Cam- 
bridge S June 1574 ; bapt. 
the Sunday following; bur. 
at Boston 25 May 1658. 
Adm'on 29 Nov. 1658 to 
George Slee. 


Houbiton of 
London ; 
bur. at Bos- 
ton 1 April 

1. Mary, bapt. 
at Boston 7 
Jane 1606 ; 
bur. there 21 
June 1608. 

2. Hester, bapt. at Boston 
10 Jan. 1607-8 ; mar. there 
23 Sept. 1628 to George 
Slee of Barnstaple, Devon ; 
bur. at Boston 17 Aug. 
1637 ; her husband styled 

3. Mary, bapt. 
at Boston 19 
March 1608-9; 
bur. there 7 
March 1637-8. 

I I 

at Boston 


Judith, bapt. at 
Boston 20 March 

1. Peter Barron of Boston, Doctor of=rSfary, dau. of Nicholas de la Fontaine by 
"'''"" - ■ - - Michek, sister of Erasmus de la Fontaine 

alias Wicart, of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, 
London ; rnar. before 22 May 1612; heir 
of her brother Nicholas Fontaine, merchant, 
24 Sept. 1617; bur. at Boston 26 April 

Piiysic, J. P. for co. Lincoln ; born at 
Orleans 15 Jan. 1566-7 about nine in 
the evening ; bapt. the next day ; bur. 
at Boston 7 Sept. 1630. Will dated 
31 May 1626 ; proved 22 Feb. 1630-31. 




rcRt of=p Peter Barron 

Martha, dau. of Jfiles R 

of Boston, sou aud^pJoane 

l^Iorborne, Ilimts, and of Pctcf- 

heir, Comnii 

sioner of Sewere ; 

sole lecjatec 

borou2;h, Nortbants ; bapt. at 

proved his fatlier'swill 22 Feb. 

of her bus- i 

Moi'boi-ne, Hunts, 3 Sept 


li'..'.i>-;',i : li 

ir. at Boston 31 

band and 

luar. liu. i;2 Aii;j., 

lie Kt. 

An-. I GOT. 

Xuueupalive will 

adni'ix lGo9. 

Tl, she 'it ; bur. at Bt, 

ston 7 

dated ];;, .Jul 

V 1G07 ; proved 2.j 

2nd wife. 

Aug. 1G32. 

Sei.t. 16;>9. 

1 1 1 

1. Peter Barron, bapt. at 


1. ^h 

1 1 

rv, bapt. at 

Philip Barou, 

Frances, bur. 

Boston 7 July ICi':.'; a't. 

Boston 9 April 

bur. at Boston 

at Boston 27 

13, 1634 ; bur. there 19 


19 Nov. IG.jl. 

Dec. 1G53. 

Sept. 1651. 

2. Frances. 

Edward liaron, 


Stephen Baron. 


boru 9 Jan., 

bur. at ]]os- 


3. Elizabeth, bapt. 

bur. at Bos- 

ton 12 Oct. 

Peter Baron, bupt. at Bcs- 

at Boston 11 Dec. 

ton 4 Feb. 


ton 28 Feb. 1G18-10. 



Samuel Barron of Lynn, Norfolk, ]\r.D., Fellow of=f=Franccs, only dau. of Tiionias 
Peterhouse, Cambridge, younger son 31 May 1C2S; Goddard, Stanhow, Norfolk; 
"admor. de bonis nou" of his father 29 Dec. 1664 ; mar. 15 Feb. 1630-3] ; died 19, 
died 12; bur. Tuesday, 15 April 1G73, at 4 p.m. at \ bur. 21 June 1667 at All Saints', 
All Saints' Church, South Lynn, Norfolk. i South Lynn, Norfolk. 

I i I 

1. Samuel Baron, born 
lODc-c. 1633. 

2. Peter Baron, boru 1 
Jan. 1636-7. 

3. Thomas Baron, born 
1 Feb. 1641-2. 


4. Andrew Baron of Lvnn, Nor- 
folk, M.A., Fellow of Peterhouse, 
Cambridge, entered 2 May 1661 ; 
B.A. 20"jan. 1664-5; Fellow 24 
May 1666 ; M.A. 20 March 16G7-8; 
born 18 June 1645 ; died 14 Aug. 
1719, a3t. 73 ;^bur. at All Saints', 
South Lynn, Norfolk. 

I I 

5. Samuel Baron, 
borulG July 1G4G. 

6. Henry Baron, 
born on Lammas 
Day, 1 Aug. 1G51. 

1. Mary, born 1 
Aug. 1632; mar. at 
All Saints', South 
Lynn, 24 May 1660, 
to Simon Taylor. 

2. Frances, boru 15 Oct. 
1635; mar. to Peter 
Pretyman ; died 24 Dec. 
166G ; bur. in St. Nicho- 
las, South Lynn, Norfolk. 

3. Esther, born 
26 July 1640. 

I I 

5. Bridget, born 
24 Dec. 1643. 

4. Elizabeth, 6. Jlartha, born 
born70ct.l641. 4 Jan. 1647-8. 

Mr. ^Maurice Barron of London mar., 24 Aug. 172S (at All Saints', South Lynn ?), 
Mary Taylor of Lynn. 


33aGGctt of Cast lAcal 

Ai!:ms. — Or, tlircc /iik.'> ftiilt!'. a rantoi) Icrrij, van/ of n'.r picrrs arijcnt rind of the 

Crest. — .1 hoar'a hen.f irrri mul rrn^cd gule^. noford tri/h a durnl roronct or. 

ThoniaB I'.assctt of Xonh IjafleDlKiui, Rutl;iiid.=p 

John Bassett of North Luffen-^Annc, dan. of ... . Rouse of 
haiu, Eutlaiid. Eousok-Tich, Worce.ster. 

John Riissclt of North LulTenham, Rut-—, dan. of George I-yon of Rock- 
hind, living 9 June ICli) ; proved his iugliam. Northant.?. yeoman; livint,' I'U 
fathcr-in-hnv's will ;) June IC.O:', and ^ April lCo3 ; ox'trix uf her mother Kliza- 
that of his mother-in-law 11 July lUlJ. 1 beth Lvon of North IjnlTenliam ]1 July 
i 1015. 

4. George Ras- Thomas Bas- Baiiiara, living iin- Wibura, nuir. to Edmnnd 
sett, under age sett, living -20 mar. 20 April ICOo Hnntof North Rudeiihain, 
1 June 1G15. April IWS ; and 1 June 1615. co. Rutland, after 20 April 

— died s.p. — ICO?.; living 26 May 1 054. 

5. Nicholas — Elizabeth, under — 

Bassett, under James Bas- age 1 June 1615. 4. Anne, mar. to Thomas 

age 1 June Eett,living20 — Hereuden of Barkwith, co. 

1615. April 1603 ; Sarah, under age Lincoln, before 20 April 

died s.p. 1 June 1615. 1603. 

Anne, dau. and=pl. John Bassett of=Elizabcth, 2. Francis 3. Edward Bas- 

coheir of John : East Keal 161S, dau. of Bassett, sett, under age 

Kirkmau of 1 also of Scremby ; liv- under age June 1615 ; a 

Keal; mar. at | Will dated 26 May ing26May 1 June legatee of his 

Sl)ilsby 1 Jan. 1 1654 ; proved G 1G54. ' 1615. brother John 26 

1612-13. July 1658. ilay 1654. 

II II I i 

Kirkhara William Bas- 1. Cathe- Anne or Amy, Elizabeth, mar. Mary, a 

Bassett, sett, ait. 14 in rine, xt. living 1618 ; at Spilsby, 27 legatee 

a.'t. 2 in 1634 ; proved 2 in 1616. mar." to . . . . Feb. 1639-40, to of John 

1618. his father's Markham, liv- James l)aye ; Bassett 

will 6 July ing 26 May living '2C, Mav 26 May 

1658. 1654. 1654. ' 1654. " 

William Bassett, Curate of=pLydia, dau. of ... . Adderley 
Harpswell 16U6 ; Vicar of 1 of Chesterfield ; mar. 28 Oct. 
Glentworth 1606; died 10 ! 1697; died 13 May 1720, 
M?y 1729, ffit. 66. 1 a3t. 54. 



rcoLXsinun pedigrees 

A 1 

! 1 

3. John lxisset,boru 30 
Sept. 1708. 

4. Charles RiiKct, born 
24: July 1712. 

1. Elizabeth, born 20 Sept. 

2. Lvdin, born 19 Julv 

1 1 

3. Anne, born 

4. Katlieriue, 
July 1715. 

1. Ralph r.assftt,-l)orn 
14 Oct. 1701) ; Curate 
of Tofl-bv-Newton 
1722 ; Vicar" of Groat 
Corringham 1724; bnr. 
thers; 17 Nov. 1740. 

2. AVilliam r>a<sett. Areh- 
deacon of .'>tow ; born 7 
June 1703 ; Vicar of 
Glentworth 1725; Curate 
of Toa-by-Xowton 1727 ; 
bur. at Glentworth IS July 
17G5, rot. 63. 



Kli.7.abeth, dun. of Geori^'C 
Whichcott of llarpswell, Ijapt. 
there 20 ilarch 1705-G ; mar. 
19 Feb. 1729-30 ; bnr. at 
Glentworth 19 Feb. 1774, ret. 
71, according to the monu- 

I I I 
4. Thomas Bassei.t, born 22 
Jan. 1746-7. 

I I I 

1. France?, born 
Feb. 1730-31. 

5. John Bassett, born 22 
Feb. 1747-8. 

6. Charles Bassett, born 21 
Jnly 1749 ; had a wife liv- 
ing at Glentworth in ISll. 

2. Kathorine, born 14 
Jan. 1731-2. 

3. Elizabeth, born 14 
April 1734 ; bur. SO 
May 1736. 

4. llarriet, 
born! Xov. 
1730 ; bur. 

1. Wil- 2. George Bassett, borii 27 Sept. 

liaui 1740; Vicar of Glentworth 1765; 

Bas- Rector of Toft-by-Xewton 1768, 

sett, reiigned about Easter 1779 ; Vicar 

born 18 of Gainsborough and Willoughton; 

Xov. died at Bath Tg Dec. 1796, tet. 57; 

1738. bur. at Glentworth. 


3. Richard Bassett, in= 
the Army, afterwards 
of Glentworth ; born 
15 Sept. 1744; bapt. 
17 Oct. following ; 
died at Glentworih 12 
July 1805; bur. there. 

I I 

6. Lydia, 
born 17 Feb. 

7. Charlotte, 
born 20 Sept. 

Olartha, dau. 
of Joseph 
Armitage of 
High Itoyd, 
mar. 1 July 

Henry Bassett, Rec-=pCatheriue, dan. of John 
tor and Patron of j Fardell of Lincoln, 
North Tiioresby, j Deputy-Registrar of the 
Vicar of Glentworth j Diocese, etc. ; mar. at 
andSaxby,B.A.; born St. Margaret's in the 
at Glentworth 12 Close of Lincoln 1 Oct. 
April 1778 ; died at [ 1811 ; died at Liucolii 
Lincoln 1 Jlay 1852. • 6 June 1859. 

1. Mar-=pJohn Wilson of 
tha,born i Seacroft Hall 
and Cliffe Hull, 
both in York- 
shire, Esq.;died 
12 Xov. 1836; 
bur. at Whit- 
kirk, Yorks. 

27 Sept. 
died 18 



born 24 
1781 ; 
died 23 

4. John Fardell Bassett, Vicar of Xormaiiby 
andGlenthamlsGl; B.A.; born 24 March 1827; 
mar. 1st at Aberystwvth, 29 July 1862, Ann 
Palmer, dau. of the Rev. Charles Moffat of 
Minster Yard, Lincoln (she died s.p. 25 Sept. 
l.'5C7),and 2ndlyat Fiinugham,28 July 1870, 
Egliutou Mary, dau. of Rev. Joah Bates 
Vi'akefield, Vicar of South Shore, Lancashire. 

Catherine Mary, only dan., born 
at Glentworth 5 Oct. 1825 ; mar. 
there, 4 June 1850, to Rev. 
John Gilbert-Day of Pitsford, 
Xorthants (.^LA. of St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge ; late Vicar of 
Naseby, Xorthants ; born at Ril- 
lington. near Malton, 15 Aug. 
1819). ■ 




1. Iieurv John 
Ba-ssctt, bora 29 
Sept. li^lS; died 
at G'.ontworth 18 
Sept. ISk".. 

->. Richard Edw.ud Ras- 
sett of Lincoln College, 
Oion, B.A. ; born 2 July 
181 ."i ; Rector and Patron 
of North ThorLiliy 187.3; 
liYinsr unmnr. 187o. 

?.. Henry Ba^sett of 
Lincoln, born 18 Ju; 
mar. at St. Pancras, 
1S5G, Emily JIary. 
Henry Wood, Esq., of 

!. 1817 ; 

3 Jan. 

dau. of 

I I I 

Henry John Bassctt, I-abcl Katharine 

born 17 Jan. 1859. Emily. Pliecbe. 

BaUitit of ^omcrI)^>« 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Gules, three cherrcndU argent. 

Ceest. — A liead in profile, coiq>cd at the neeJc and winged setblc, on a wreath argent 
and gules. 

Robert Bawdc of Somerby, Lincoln, J.P.,=pKatb.erinc, d:!n. and heir of John 
died 5 Feb. 1509-10 ; bur. at Soiaerby. 1 Bluett of Somerby; living in UG-1. 

John Bawde of Soraerby=f Jane, dau. of Gilbert Hussey. Elizabeth, living iu IJGl. 
I ■ 

Elizabeth, mar. to ^lavy, mar. IsL to William Berke- Bridget, mar. to Anthony 

Thomas Arm- ley "of "Wymondham, Leicester, Gray of Hallisvell in 

strong of Corby and 2ndiy to Everard Ashby of parish of Deaue, Lanca- 

(.seethatPedigree). Loseby. shire. 

Jane, dau. of nngli=r-Julin Bawde of Somerby, died 8 Jan.=Aniie, dau. of John 

Edwards of ]\Iavey 
Castle, Xorthants 
(sister of John Ed- 
wards). 1st wife. 

Henry YIIL, ] 513-i. Will dated ileeres of Kirtou and 
19 Dec. 35 Henry YIIL, 1543; widow of John Tarn- 
proved 7 May 1545, and another 
will proved Feb. 154C-7 ; (to be) 
bur. at Somerby. 

worth of Leake ; liv- 
ing 19 Dec. 1543. 
2nd wife. 

Frances, under age 19 
Deo. 1543 (? mar. as 
1st wife to Francis 
Trappes of London. 
His will proved 21 
March 157C-7). 

Anne, under age and 
unmar. 19 Dec. 1543 ; 
mar. 1st to Henry 
Hoi-nby, 2ndly to 
Henry Stevenson, and 
3idly to Stubbs. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
to Wi'Iiam Par- 
ker of Cumber- 
worth, Lincoln. 

JIary, mar. to 

Sadler of 


Charles Bavfde of Somerby,^Katherine, dan. 
near Grantham, 15Ij2 ; ail. ! of Edward Bussv 
12 in 3G Henry VIIL, 1544; ' of Hather ; liv- 
1559 and 
lieu mar. 

died 10 April 37 Eliz.. 1595. \ \n{ 
A th( 

2. Hngli Bawde, mar. 
Jane, dau. of . ... Gold- 
smith, and had three 
daiis., viz., ilary; Pru- 
deu ;c, and Elizabeth. 

had a 
son Ed- 




Elizabetb, mar. to William ]\Iar,<:;iret, mar. to Thomas Bridget, mar. to John 
Berry of Willoiighby. Lawrence of Bedfordshire. Staveley. 

I Barbara, mar. to . 


JIary, mar. to William Dorothy, died unmar. 

Maurice Ba\vde,=pDorothy, 5th dan. of Johu Ba\vde,died s.p. Anhur or An- 
son and heir, [ ThomasColtonofCon- — thony Bawde, 
1592; Eet.33in37 1 ington, Hants; mar. Johu Bawde, mar. mar. Jane, dan. 
Eliz., 1505; of ; between 20 April 1558 Joaue, ".rd dau. of of . . . . Ilnnger- 
Somerby, senior, and May 1502 ; living Thomas Cotton of ford of Glouces- 
24iIaylGl9. 3Xov. "l606. Conington. tershire. 




Elizabeth, mar. 
to LyonAValden 
of Bnekworth, 
Lucy, died young. Hunts. 

Frances, mar. 
to ... . Lox- 
den of Hunt- 
ingdon, o.s.p. 

Katherine, mar. ^William 
at.St.Peter's-at- Hone of 
Arches. Lincoln, Fornham, 
11 Aug. lGo5. Suffolk. 

Maurice Bawde of Snmer-= 
by 22 July 1G2G ; called 
junior 24 May 161'J ; 
Colonel in the King's 
Army ; killed at Naseby 
11 June 1615. 

:^Iary, dau. of Sir 
Kichard Coney of 
Rutland ; living 
lG59-fiO; a lega- 
tee of George 

I I 
2. Edward Bawde 
died s.p. 

4. Robert Bawde 
died s.p. 


Thomas Ba 

Johu Bawde. 
Robert Bawde. 

Charles Bawde, 
died young. 

2. Thomas 
Bawde, mer- 

Charles Bawde^ 
of Somerby, 
Captain in the 
Royal Army ; 
set. lOinlGGG. 

1. Charles Bawde, ffil.=r 
12 in 16C6. 

•^Lary, dau. of Peregrine Brad- 
shaw of London and Wymond- 
ham (Page to Queen Anne of 
Denmark, Esquire to the body 
of King Charles L, youngest 
son of Anthoay Bradshaw of 
DutHeld, Derby). 

4. AVilliam Bawde, 

5. Maurice Bawde, 
merchant ; B.A. 
Lincoln College, 
O.Kon, 15 April 

2. ilauricc Bawde, 
born 1C5G. 

I I I 

3. Peregrine Anne. Susan. 

Thomas Bawde, born 1G70 ; died 23 July 1705,= 
set. 2C ; bur. at Oundle, Northanti. 



Balutrtt of ilSoston. 

Arms.— ,lr/7f/;/, on a cfurmn sahle, helween three lions' hi'ads erased gules, three 

/leiirs-dc-lin of the first. 
Crest.— .4 lion''s head, as in the anus. 

William Bawtree of Boston, mer-=pJoau, dau. of William Quadring of Thomas 

chant of the staple of Calais ; ': Quadriug ; ex'trix of her husbnnd Bawtree, 

bur. at Boston. Will dated 4 • i May ]:io4 ; bur. at Boston. Will living 

May 1504; adm'on (C.r.C.) 1-' j dated iJan. 150S-'J; proved (C.P.C.) 1504. 
May 1509. 11 May 1509. 

Edward Bawtree of Boston, nier-=p. 
chant of the staple of Calais ; was 
nnder age 6 Jan. 1508-9 ; proved 
his father's and mother's will. AVill 
dated 6 Feb. 1531-2 ; proved 9 
April 1533 ; (to be) bur. at Boston. 


I I I 

A?nes, mar. to }Iiiui- Margaret. 

of ilartin phrey Bate of Bos- 
Newco- -ton, merchant of the Elizabeth, 
men of staple of Cahiis ; lega- pj^j-i^ 

Sakfletby. tec of her father and ^micj- acre 
in 1 508^^9. 


William Bawtree, 1. Jane, under 2. ilary, under 18 on 6 Feb. 3. ilargarct, 

only son, under 18 on G Feb. 1531-2; mar. to ... .Thompes nnder IS on 6 

age 6 Feb. 1531-2. 1531-2. alias Thompson of St. Ives, Feb. 1531-2. 


Leonard Bawtrie and Agnes Chester, mar. at Boston 25 Jan. 1579-80. 

Leonard Bawtrie of Boston, Serjeant-at-law 21 ]May lGlS.=Mary, dan. of .... ; 
Adm'on granted 17 Feb. 1C25-6 to Kiehard Hooper, a living 17 Feb. 1C25-6. 
creditor, then described of Carlby. 

Hammond Bawtree, Vicar of Friskney lClO-47, at. 17, 8 March 1604-5. 

Ba|>lp of ilouti). 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Or, afessegides, in chief three hearts cf the seeond. 
Crest. — A ialbot's head argent issuant from an earl's coronet or. 

[Note in MS. — " This is written under y= arras in y' visitation in y" office by y"^ 
hand of Clarencieux Lee : ' I never saw any authority for this coate and crest, and 
therefore I never allowed thereof.' "] 

Geoffrey Bayley, clerk. 
Vicar of Louth. .\d- 
ni'or 19 Nov. 1561 to 
William Bayley his 

Robert Bayly=pAnne, dan. and sole heir of Stephen 
of L<iutli,"co. i Parkhonse of Somercutes (son of 
Line, bur. j Thomas Parkhouse by dau. and lieir 
there 27 of Thomas Beverlev). She died IS 

March 1545. July 1558. Will dated 3 Ajjril 1568. 



2. John Bayly, 3. Thomiis Bayly of Loiitli.r^. . . . dnn. ■(. Robert Bayley, 
mar. twice." living o April 'l5f)8, and I of . . . . living 3 April 

bur. there 17 Nov. l."iS>!. South. 1558. 

I I 

John Biivlv, bapt. at Louth 1 Dee. Francos, bapt. at Louth 1 June 157 


Mary, dau. of John; 
Topclifi'e of Souierby, 
widow of ... . "West ; 
mar. at Louth 24 Nov. 
1545 ; bur. there 22 
April 1549. 1st wife. 

:Wilhani Bayly of Loath 
heir of his mother, cet 
more 2 Aug. 1 Eliz., 1559 ; died 
2 Oct. 3 Eliz., 15C1. Adm'on 
25 Oct. 15G1 ; 2nd adm"on " de 
bonis non " 13 July 1591. 

ion and=pJanc, dau. of ... . Clarke 
33 and , of Market Raseu; adm'ix 
of her 1st husband 25 
Oct. 15G1 ; remar. at 
Louth, 14 Dec. 1562, to 
AVilliam Simcotts. 

Anne, bur. 
at Louth 
22 Aug. 

Robert Bayly, 
bapt. at Louth 
20 April 1552. 

William Bayly, 
bapt. at Louth 
30 Oct. 1560. 


2. John Bayly of Louth, = 
udm'or " de bonis non " 
of his father 13 July 
1591 ; living 7 Dec. 
1C02 ; also described 
of Stewton. Adm'on 
(C.P.C.) 19 Xov. 1G03. 

^Elizabeth, dau. and heir 
of Roger Death of Gos- 
bertou ; living 7 Dec. 
1C02 ; mar. at Whap- 
lode, 15 :\Iarcb 1603-4, 
to Edward Skipwith of 
Benniworth, whose will 
she proved 14 Feb. 

Edward Bayly of Stewton, bapt.= 
at Louth 7 July 1562 ; one of 
tbe six assistants of Louth iu 
1611 ; proved bis lather-in- 
law's Tcill 12 July 1603 ; 
adm'or of his brother John 19 
Nov. 1C03. AVill dated 7 and 
12 Jan. 1618-19 : proved 28 
Api-il 1619 ; (to be) bur. in 
tbe choir of Stewton. 

^Dorothy, dau. of Oliver 
Keintborp or Kenny- 
thorpe of Louth, yeo- 
mau ; mar. at Louth 12 
Aug. 1600 ; proved her 
husband's will 28 April 
1619 ; mar. 2ndly Isaac 
Wright of Stewton, 
clerk ; mar. lie. 7 Feb. 

Mary, mar. at St. Mar- 
garet's in the Close of 
Lincoln, 21 Oct. 1546, 
to Richard Smith of 
Lincoln, Attorney to 
tbe Corporation there. 

Anne, bapt. at Louth 
22 July 1553. 

Joan, bapt. at Louth 
8 June 1561. 


1. William P.ayly. 1. Anne. 

2. Edward Bayly. 2. Elizabeth. 

All under 18 yeais of age 7 Jan. 

John Bayly, 
bur. at 
Louth 30 
Dec. 16u5. 

Henry Bayly, George Bayly, 

bur. at Louth living 19 Jan. 

21 Feb. 1611-12. 



Baj^l[' of Caliuliorpt, 

Rose. dan. of . . . .=pMartin Rayly of Ca\Ytlioi-pe. AVill = Eli7.abefli Ilodg- 
Bcccli of Welton ; I dated 1 Sept. ICio ; proved !) Jnne son, mar. lie. 
mar. at Louth 26 i ICif, ; mentiuus his dau. Siiiythe, dated 11 July 
JiilyIo7-l; dead iu \ his son-in-law ^l' Kuhert Sniythe,, 1006; jirohably 
lOOC. 1st wife. j his dan. Frances Austen, and his dead in 102.'). 
I *• untliritty son Ilunston Bayly." 2nd wile. 


William Bayly, Stephen Bayly, William Bayly, second surviv-— An 
bapt. at Loutli bajji. at IjOuUi ing son, bapt. at Ijouth 10 of.... 
20 March 23 Jan. 1.378-9; i\Iarch loSO-Sl ; cx'or to Stainton ; 

1576-7; buv. 1 supervisor to Ids fatlier's will. Will dated 24 mar. at 
June 1577. father's will. Feb. 1628-9 ; proved 22 Oct. Louth 2 

1620. Oct. IGll. 


Martin Bayly, legatee in Rose, liapt. at Loutli Elizabeth, bapt. 

1625 of his grandfather. 10 Jan. 1612-13. at Louth 2 Feb. 

— — 1615-16. 

William Bayly. Frances. 

Ann, bapt. 
at Louth 
10 May 

I f I 

Ilunston Bayly, mar. lie. John Bayley,=j=Katlicrine Richard 

dated 18 Jan. I(;i4-15, mar. lie. 
ffit. 31. dated 4 Xoir. 

= 1623, ffit. SO. 

Mary Pellett of Lcybourn, 
widow, set. 60. 

Hodgson Bayly, 
of P>cesby, young- 
widow, est sou. 
ret. 27. 

John Bayly, legatee of grandfather in 1625. 
[Note.— Thi? ad lition to the Bayly Pedigree is from wills, etc., at Lir 

I I 

Rose, bapt. at 
Louth Feb. 

Anne, bapt. at 
Louth 26 Nov. 

■A. R. M.] 

33cdtc of I^incoln anti CI)crrp (Lfltlliucjljam, 

[MS. D. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Arms. — Or, tn-o bars danccttij sable, on a chief azure three annulets anjerif. 

.... Becke.=j= 

Wiliiara Becke of Saxbv, 
Gent. Will dated 13 Apni, 
proved 13 May 1622; 
appoicis his nephew William 
Beckeof Grasbyex'or; men- 
tions nephew Roijert Becke 
of Selby. 


William Becke, pur- 
chased lands in Scaw- 
by and Sturton about 
2 Sept. 31 Eliz., 

John Bekkeof 
Lincoln City, 
purchased his 
freedom Mon- 
day next after 

Lixco]>xsnirj: ri;DiGiiEES. 



of Scl- 
hy, de- 


"\Viili;iin Bcckc^ 
of Saxliy, mar. 
lic.O Dec. 1023, 
aH. I'l; ex'or to 
uuflu William 
died 3 De'c. 
:iCar. I.,1G27. 


. of Robert 
Baruetliv ; 
marriacje settleniout 

dated k) Oel.21 Jac. I., 
1023 ; Kt. -Jo ill lG-23 ; 
living 2 Oct. b Car. I., 
1020 ; vemar. to William 
Smith of Au.lleliT before 
11 Dee. IGoS. 

John Becke 
of Liucolii, 
bur. at St. 
Jlouut 10 
July 1577. 

William Becke, John Becke of Lincoln, apprenticed- 
son and heir, to John Green of Lincoln, draper, 
fet. 2 years and 1 Aug. 7 EHz., 15G5 ; freeman 15 
10 months "or Sept. 1572, at bis appointment 
thereabouts " styled late of Haltou by Burton 

SDec. oCar.L; Stather ; Chamberlain of West 
bur. at Caister Ward 1580; Sheriff 1582 ; Alder- 
20Sept. 1C55. man 21 >March 1587-8; Mayor of 

Lincoln 1593 and 10o2 ; J.P. 2 Jan. 

leOS-i; died 23 :Mnrch 1020-21; 

bur. at St. Benedict's Church, Liu- 

colu. Will dated 2u Jan. 1017-18 ; 

proved 1 June 1021. 

=llary, dan. 
of .... ; 
died 9 Dec. 
1017; bur. 
in St. Bene- 

John Becke, 
M.A., Rector 
of Kettle- 
thorpe, lield 
lands iu Lin- 
coln ; died 14- 
ilay 1597 ; 
bar. at Ket- 

mar. at St. 
IS Jan. 
to Tho- 
mas Tay- 


7. George Becke, took up=Rosa Bar- Mary, 

his freedom 10 Sept. IGOO ; tilmew, — 

Cliamberlaiu North Ward mar. at St. ilary, mar. to 

^Michaelmas lOlG ; living ilartin's George Kent; 

1C17; had a lease of Water 27 Jan. apparently 

Close, late J. Becke's, 17 1017. dead in 1G17. 
Sept. 1018; Sheriff 1C22. 

Martha, mar. to Xm- 
brose Rycroft of Lin- 
coln, mercer (mar. lie. 
10 July 1 005), Alder- 
man 1G2G ; !Mavor 

2. John 
dead in 

3. Tho- 4. Edward Becke, took up 
mas his freedom 11 iLay 1012; 

l'>eeke. of Lincoln, draper, 15 Jan. 
1614-15 ; living 30 March 
1G21 ; Sheriff of Lincoln 
1024; Coroner 16 March 
1632-3; died 10, bur. 11 '^Irj 
1663 at St. Benedict's. 

5. Roger Becke, 

0. Augu 

took up his free- 


dom 1 1 May 


1012; Sheriff 

1016 ; living 20 

Jan. 1017-18. 

Thomas Becke, living 
1017 under age. 


Martha, living 101 
under age and unmar. 

Mary, a legatee of her uncle 
Robert Becke 28 April 1054. 

Roix^rt Becke of the city of Lincoln, took up hi= freedom 2 April^Frances, dau. of 
2 Jac. L, 100! ; Chamberlain of South Ward 4 Oct. 1004; , Thomas Hntch- 
Sheritf 1610; Coroner Michaelmas 1612, 1615; a draper 27 I inson of Thed- 
Jau. 9 Jac. L, 1C12-13 ; livini,^ 1617 ; chosen Alderman 29 Xov. ' dlethorpe ; mar. 
1624; :Mayor 1625 and 1040. Will dated 25 April 1054 ;' before 1009 : liv- 
proved 22 Jan. 1G55-6 ; (to Ije) bur. at St. Benuet's. B ing 1015. 

VOL. I. Q 




I I 

2. (leort^eBockc, lC17,-;^rrnJenc<; Walker, mar. 3. Thomas 

of St. Benedict's, Liu- at St. Petcr's-at-Arches Beeke.liv- 

colu ; stvled clerk 25 ' IS.Tan. 1031-2. then de- im^iO.Ian. 

April ltf-.4 ; Imr. r.t | scrihed of that parish ; ltU7-18. 

St. :Martin's 12 Oct. | hur. at St. Martin's 27 

IOCS. I llarch ItJCG. 

4. Robert Becke, 
livinc; 20 .Tan. 
ir,17-lS; died 
before lu dune 

Samnel Georfje^Jane, dan. of ... . Smit 
Becke, Becke, mar. at St. Peter's in Ea 

underage ofLin- 
25 April coin. 

gate, Lincoln, 11 Feb. 
1007-8 ; bur. at St. Mar- 
tin's 80 Jan. 1072-3. 

.Tohn Becke of Lincoln, 
chosen Connuou Councillor 
7 Nov. 1608 ; had a lease, 
lato his fatlier's, renewed 15 
June 1070. 

Prndcnce, bapt. at St. r^Fartiu's 29 April 1000. 

John Becke, took up his freedom 15 Sept. 1G28 ; Common Councilman 10=pGrace, 
Jan. 1632-3: Sheriff 1033 ; Coroner 25 Feb. 103G-7 ; ChamlH'rlaiu 103X; , duu. of 
Mavor of Lincoln 1041 and 1050 ; proved his father's will 22 Jan. IG55-0; \ John 
£et."C0 in 1600 ; died 24, Imr. 20 Oct. 1070 at St. Bennet's (Mt. 00, accord- | Allott. 
ing to his epitaph). 

I ! 

Robert Becke of St.^^Elizabeth.dau. 2. John Becke, under age Frances, under 

Benedict's, Lincolu | of . liichard 25 April 1654 ; bur. at Sc. age and un- 

City, Chamberlain Wetherell ; Benedict'.s 26 Oct. 1656. mar. 25 April 

South Ward Michael- I mar. at St. — 1654; mar. to 

3. George Beck, under age George 

25 April 1654 ; mar. 

mas 1658 ; woollen- j Mary,'\Vigford, 
draper. Sheriff, 1000 ; j 2S Mar. 1658 ; 

died 4, bur. 5 Aug. i bur. there 10 dau. of . . . . Baycou. 
1607 at St. Marj's. Aug. 1067. 

ton. Sheriff of 
Lincolu, 1658. 

John Becke, borD=pSarah, dan. of John 

1 July 1666 ; 
chosen Common 
Conncihnan 8 
Aug. 1089; Sheriff 
1690; bur. 25 
Aug. 1005. 

Treese of Boston ; 


Peart , 

Peter-at- Arches 15 

Sept. 1687 ; living 


Elizabeth, bapt. at St. 
Benedict's, Lincoln, 

of Robert 20 Oct. 1660. 
mar. at St. — 

Grace, born 22 Xov., 
bapt. 9 Dec. 1662 at 
St. Benedict's. 

Frances, born 7, 
bapt. 17 May 
1664at St. Bene- 


John Becke, an apothecarv, born 14, bapt. 30=pElizabeth, 

May 1605' at St. Benedict's; Chandierlaiu of 

dau. of 

West U'ard 12 Jan. 1720-21 ; Sheriff 1722 ; 

Alderman 7 June 1727 ; Mayor 1727 ; died 19, 

bur. 21 Oct. 1733 at St. Bencdioi's. 

Thomas Bec'ie, died 
young ; bur. at St. 
Benedict's, Lincoln. 

John Becke, bur. 

at St. Benedict's 8 
Jan. 1727-8. 

Ellinor, bapt. at 
St. Deuediet's 18 
May 1693 ; bur. 
thei-e 14 Jfarch 

I I 

Elizabeth, bapt. Anne, bapt. at St. 

at St. Benedict's Benedict's 17 July 

7 Jan. 1720-21. 1721. 




Robert Bocke, 2. Tlionms Beclc^ of Linculn. attoniev. l>nni--Aliec, Juliii I'.ecke, 

bupt. 19 July '29 :M:irch KV.Ui ; hapi. at, St. BenedicL's, | dau. of bapt. at St. 

1688; bur. at Jjincohi, same day; had licence to practise .... Benedict's 

St. Benedict's in ]>inculn 11 April 1711 ; Sherifl"s Clerk 21 April 

19 June 1689. 1720 ; Chamberlain of South Ward 1720 ; 1691. 

died 19 Oct. 1757; bur. at Cherry Williug- 

ham, Kt. 67. 

John Becke, only son, bapt. at Grantham 13 Nov. ^Judith, dan. of ... . Kellett; 
1710 ; Receiver-General for the parts of Lindsey ; I sister and coheir of Colonel 
Sheriff, Clerk of Liucolu 6 Oct. 17-10; ShorilT ' John Kellctt of Sherwood 
1752; Mayor 1759; died 17 Dec. 1763, ait. 51, '' Hall; died 30 Jan. 1791, 
accordins: to the rcsrister. at. 75. 

Tliomas Kellett Becke, Mary, only dau., bapt.=^Joseph Dell of the city of 
only son, bapt. 20 Aug. 17 Feb. 1740-41 ; mar. ; Lincoln, surgeon; died 16 
1745; died 7, bur. 10 1 Jan. 1767; died at Sept. 1795, aH. 55; bur. at 

April 1780 at Cherry East Place, Lambeth, 

Willinghan:, a;t. 35. 


Cheny 'Willinghara, near Lin- 

JudithT=Henry Hut 

■ah, bapt. at Granthatn 21 Katharine, Ellen, bapt. at St. 
^ Benedict's 9 July 

Rt'Ssiter, bapt 

at St. Bene- June 1706 ; mar. 1st Charles bapt. at 

diet's 13 Jan. Xcwcomenof Lincoln vrhodied St. Bene- 1720; mar., 22 Aug. 
1712-13; bur. 1767, and hadudau. Mary, who diet's 21 1737, to Gervase Gib- 
there 21 ]\Iay mar. John Foxou; mar.'2ndly Dec. 1714. sonofLincoln,apo;be- 
1713. George Otter of Lincoln; bur. cary, Mayor 1749; 
at Ciaerry Willingham 1775. bur. March 1799. 

1. pjdward Becke, died= 
before 18 Dee. 1646. 

dau. 2. Richard Becke, died before^. . . . dau. 
18 Dec. 164G. I of 

Robert Becke of^ 
1G46 ; proved 
his uncle's will 
22 May 1647. 

Bartholomew Becke, liv- 
ing 18 Dec. 1646. 

Katherine, mar. to ... . 
Simpson ; living 18 Dec. 

Edward Becke of Whittou, 
living 18 Dec. 1646. 


Robert Becke= 
of Winterton 
18 Dec. 1646; 
proved his 
uncLj's will 22 
May 1647. 




Robert Becke of Ashby iii = . . . . Thomas B-cke, 

Bottesford, yeoman, diesis. p. dan. of died before l.s 

Will dated" 18 Dec. 161 G ; .... l)cc. ICIG. 
proved 22 May lGi7. 

William Becke,=r 
of died before 18 
Dec. ICIG. 

Martin B':cke of Winterton 
18 Dec. IGIG. 

Dorothy, only child, 
18 Dec. 1016. 

[MS. 0. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Argent, a lend letirctn three been volant sable. 
Crest. — A crescent or. 

Robert Beeston of the house of=p. . . ., dau. of ... . 
Beeston in Cheshire. I Brown. 

Richard Beeston of 
near to Derby. 

^Elizalicth, dau. of George Hare 
of Norfolk. 

Attwell Beeston of London, nierehaut, aud=j=Ann, dau. of Laurence Norton, some 
of IIolton-!e-Moor, Lineoln ; died 11 Aug. say Riehard ^lorton of South Cave, 
S2 Eliz., 1590. Yorks. 

Mary, dau. of=Nicholas Beeston of Ilol-=f=Aune, dau. of George Lynn Ellen, 
. . . ., widow tou-in-le-^Moor 1G34, bur. of Soutliwark, Xorthamp- mar. to 
of ... . in the chapel of Holton ' ton ; remar. to Sir Thomas John 
Kooke. 1st IS Sej.t. 1653. Will ' Ca;-sar, a Baron of the Ex- Wood- 
wife, dated 5 Dec. 1652 ; chequer, the brother of Sir ward of 
proved 29 Sept. 1G53. Julius. 2nd wife. London, 

William Beeston 
a student in Lin- dau. of 
coin's Dm 1622 ; Richard 
a2t. 30 in 1634. P.isli'.p of 
I llemswell. 

Elizabeth, Thomas Beeston, Robert 
living 1652. Beeston. 

John Bee>ton,liv- Nicholas 
ing 1652 ; died Beeston. 
10 Oct. 1653. 


Charles Beeston of 
living 16.52. Will 
dated lo Oct. 
1653 ; pruved 5 
May 1651. 



Anne, living lo Oct. 
1652 ; mar. at Cais- 
ter, 9 Oct. 1C60, to 
Joseph North, 

Douglas, mar. at the chapel 
of Holtou-Ie-iloor, 15 July 
1658, to Edmund Wright of 
Market Raseu, taauer. 

Frances, n 
22 Nov. 1659 
to Francis Rock 



AtweH Hcfston, or rat!)cr=FElizaljetb. 2ik1 M;iry. 
Ottowell or Othowell, of , dau.ufWilluim 
Great, Grimsby ; proved | Brighouse of 
his brother's will ilay i Givat Grimsby, 
ir,54; bur. at GrcMt bapt. there iH> 
Grimsby 11 Feb. 1GG7-8. , So].t. IGiH. 

1 1 1 

Martha. Elizabeth, mar. 

— to Halph Power 

Francos. of Caister ; bur. 

there 28 Dec. 


William Beeston, 1. Elizabeth, Anne, bapt. at 
living 10 Oct. eldest dau., Grimsby 2tj 
1653. lOOct. 1C53. 1C07. 


^lary, bur. at Groat 
Grimsljy 27 ifay 

Jndith, dau. of ... . Bird ;='\Yilliam Beeston of^pLacy, only dan. of John Tooley 
mar. at Boston 13 Dec. Boston, born 1G73 ; | and Isabella ]\[aria his wife, born 
1G9S; died 4 Jlay 170G; died 10 :May 1743, i 1G80 ; died 18 June 176l', xt. 
bur. at Boston. Ist wife. a;t. 70 ; bur. at 73 ; bur. at Boston. 2nd wife. 

I I I 

liichard Bee-=Elizabeth, dau. of IjUcy, eldest, dau., 2. Isal'eUa Maria,mar.lstto 

ston,, Thomas Burtou, mar. to Edward Josejih Smith, Clerk, Master 

died 7 April Town C'lbrk of Parish, Alderman of the Grammar School, 

1792, set. 7o, Boston, born 1725; of Boston; died Boston; 2ndly, to Thomas 

s.p. died at Buxton 19 13 Aug. 1783, ;et. Beaumout, Hector of Saus- 

July 17G6, ajt. 41. 73, s.p"! thorpe ; died 20 Mav 174G, 
Ect. 30. 

BcUtHEiljam of iHnntoii a!it! Bvomb[>, 

[llarl. MS. 15oU.] 

AiirJS. — Argtnt, three hvijJe-hnras sahle, stringed gules, gamixhcd or. 
Crkst. — A^ buck's Itead eouped. 

Sir Robert Bellingham, Bart., of^Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Ptichard 
Enrnishead in Westmoreland Tunstall, Knt., of Thurland 
temp. Henry V. and VI. Castle, co. Lancaster. 

Sir Henry Bellingham. Pichard Belling-^.Jane, dan. of John Thomas Belling- 
hnm, 2nd son, of 
ilautoii, CO. Lin- 


Ex quo the BurnislicaJ coin, bur. 12 Jan. 
and Levens families. 1490-91. 

Harbert, widow of ham. =p 

Robert .Morley of J^ 

Holme ; bur. at Ex quo the 

Bottesford, co. Sussex family. 

.... dan. and heiress of Juhn AVacelyn of-r^Tuoma-s Bellingham = . . . . Hotham. 
Bromby. 2ud wife. 



ird \\'] 

, died 5 C)ct.^Jaiie, dau. of Re 

I I I 

Iloborl Belliiirrbam. 

1;:);")S; M;mton. Im^ 
4 Nov. lyo!^. Will dated l'2 
,Marc!i 15.M-8 ; proved 17 Oet. 
1558 in Arcbdeacourv of Stow. 

Eveis or Euro of — 

Beltoii ill lale of Thomas Bellingliam, IJJS. 

Axhohne ; executrix — 

in 15aS. Alice, mar. Robert Oliver. 

I I I 

Christopher Edmiuid Tristram 

Bolliucrham. Belliufrham. Bellindiam. 

All living 1558. 

Ill I 

Jaue. Judith. Ivatharine, mar. 
— Nicholas Bar- 
Maud, nabj. 


John Bellingham of=pAlico, dan. of Henry Bellingnam. Richard Belliugham. 

Bromby, ait. 22 in 
1558 ; died 2G Jan. 
1015-16. Inq. 
11 Nov. IfilC. 

.Stephen Lod- — 

ingtou of Scot- Robert Bellingham. 

ton ; living 


Thomas Bellingham. 

All living 1558. 

William Belling-=pFrances. dau. John Bellingham Troth, mar. Thomas Santon 

ham of ilanton 1 of Alexander of Bromliv. Will of Santon. 

and I'.romby, ftt. ' Amcotts of dated 27 Aug., — 

GO iu 1GJ5. Aisthorpe proved 14 Sept. Katharine, mar. William 

Adm'ou 11 June and Amcotts. 1608 iu Archdea- Gaunock of Sibsey. 

1620. conry of Stow. — 

— Isabella, mar. Jerome ilark- 

Thomas Belling- ham of Kirkby Mooreide, 

ham, s.p. CO. York. 

Elizabeth, dau. of=pRicl)ard Bellingham. .\dmini3-=f;Penelope, sister of Herljort 

Samuel Backhouse i trator of his father in 1620; Pelham ; mar. in New En^ 

of Swallowfield, co. 
Berks, M.P. for 
Windsor. Istwife. 

Recorder of Bostou in Xew laud 1641 ; died 2S May 
England ; Governor of Massa- 1702. 2nd v.ife. 
chusetts ; died 7 Dec. 1G72. j 

John Bellingham of 
Harvard College, 

James Bellingham, 
l)oru 3, bapt. 10 
May 1646. 

Hannah, bapt. 
14 Aug. 1642. 

Grace, died 
3 Sept. 

Lucia, dau. of=rSamuel Bellingham, born in Ne\v=Elizabeth Savage, widow, mar. 
John Goldes- i England ; of Harvard College April 1695; lost in shipwreck 


1642 ; M.D. of Leyden 
iu London 1700. 

on coast of Ireland 3 Feb. 
1G98-9. 2ud wife. 

Samuel Bellingham, living 1666. Elizabeth, living 170H 


3Scnnftt of BSostiDiu 

[Had. MS. 1L):>0.] 
Arms. — Gi'Je^, a hrzan! three ilpiiii-Jiona rampant or. 
Ill TTarl. MS. l."),"i(:», 17ijB, the coat i^ : Gules, on a lend ariicnt Ihree tenrers !ri/ile- 
toirereii ariunl. 

Thomas Bennett^. . . . dan. and heir of Jolm Bellas of Wigtnft,. 

Jane, dan. of=pWilliam Bennett of Algarkirk, died=A2:iK-s, dan. of .... ; mar. 

Aiitlionv Irl.y ; 1 March 2 and 3 Philip and ilarv, before 20 Oct. G Edward VI., 

of Go?berton. 15o.j-0. Will dated 10 Feb. lao5-G ; 1552 ; living 10 Feb. 1555-0. 

1st wife. (to be) bur. at Algarkirk. 

John Bennett, Jane. dan. of=2. Thomas Bennett,=pKatherinc, dan. Henry' 

son and heir, ....Cater; Cuftomer of Boston ' of Thomas Palli- Bennett, 

a't. IS, 2(3 Oct. mar. at Bos- 10 Feb. 1555-C ; , son of Cransley, 10 Feb. 

3 and -I Philip ton 7 June bnr. there 19 Nov. ' Northaiits. 1555-C. 

and JIary, 1584. ICoQ. I 

I I 

John Bennett 1. William Bennett of Boston,= Anne, dau. of The- 2. Edward 

of Hale, a living 21 Sept. 1013; bnr. mas Hatcher of Care- Bennett, 

legatee of his there 6 April 1C24, s.p. by; bapt. there 31 bur. at 

cotisin Wil- Will dated 3 Jan. 1022-3; July 1577; proved Boston 17 

liani 3 Jan. codicil 5 April 1024 ; proved her hnsbaud's will Aug. 1C03. 

1G22-G. 18 June following. 18 June 1C24. 

Benson of i^ortl} lichcj).* 

[Lansdowne MS. 20 F., A. P. 284. :MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Gvks, on a chevron or three cross-crosslets sable. 

Chest.- — A sun in his sj'kmlour or, irilhin a rainbow gules, issvant from clouds 

Richard Benson of North Kelsey.^p 

Clement Benson of North Kel£ey.=pAnne, dan. of ... . Nele of Wilts ; admiuistra- 
Adm'on 20 April 15>iS. " tri.x of her husband 2C April 1588. 

Richard Benson of North Kelsey, living=pSusanna, dau. of Ralph Bard 
1597 ; administrator of his father 20 of North Kelsey ; living 20 
April 1588. Jan. 1597-8. 

A I 

* Tills ]*iliL'ree was taken by William Cbilloii, Chester, Tliomas Thompson, Rijuge DragoQ, 
ia CO. Lincoln, 1C35. 



Clement Bcnson'-^Rridirot. dim. of Sir llalph ]^al[i!i Benson, Zaclmrv Benson, 

of Xorth Kelsev I ^laJ.lison of FonaKv, liviii- :2ij Jan. livin- "-Jo .Ian. 

IC.M,. ' Kilt. ; livintr l('.n."i: l.a|it. 1.MI7-S. ir.'.ir-S. 

ai Caistor Ki Nov. ]o\K,. 

I I 

Clement Beufnn, Willonghliy Blum, 
divd s.p. dit.-d s.p. 


ChviKtopher Charl.'S Benson, ilarv. 

Benson, old Srd son. — ' 

or -Ith son. Susan. 

33rn50ii of i^oitlj Ildst^n 

Susan, dau. of .JanifS=Clenicnt Ben-on== Bridget, dau. of Sir Pialph lladdi- 
Wriglit, late of Great of Cabonrn and , sun, Kut., of Fonaby, bapt. at 
Grimsby, dee., spr., Xorth Kelsey, Caistor 10 Nov. Iddi) ; mar. lie. 4 
ffit. 18; inar. lie. 28 xt. 24 in 1012. j Nov. 1G14 ; living in lG3.=i ; bur. 
Oct. 1612 (if mar.) ; 1 at Bai'duey 17 Feb. IG.JiJ-T, then 

deadinlC14. Istwife. " of Tupholme." 2nd wife. 

Clemeut Benson, died Christofiher Bon-^pFran- 

Willoughby Benson, 
bur. at North Kelsev 
25 Oct. 1G48, s.p. 

son, bur. at North 
Kelsey 18 Dec. 

I I I 
IJichard P.enson. 

Gervaso Benson. 
Charles Benson. 

I I I 




Christopher Benson, bapt. at North Kelsey 1 Jan. 1673-4 
bur. 18 April 1679. 

Will of Richard Benson, gent., of Brigg, dated 11 July 1740. Beaves a mort- 
gage on lands in North Kelsey to trustees ; mentions nephew Bartholomew Benson 
and nephew Pilchard Benson. "Will proved 16 Oct. 1740. 

Mar. lie. Faculty Office, 21 Dec. 1689: "Pilchard Benson of Brocklesby, 
CO. Line, Bach., aged 34, and Elizabeth Settle of d", spr., aged 25." 

[XOTE. — I subjoin this addition to the Benson Pedigree, compiled from Lincoln Transcripts 
etc.-A. R. M.] 

* HoUis sajs cf this Clement Eeusju : " Vir animi fortis et virilis et fummx Probitatis." 



Hicrrsforti of ^caticnljam* 

[JIS. C. 1':;, Ikr^ilds' College.] 
trrhi : 1 n»d i, An/nif, II hear sulfciit sci/'h: rolh.ucd and chained or 


.<,ihh; Has? < 

Ar.Ms.— (? 

2, Per chri-ron an/ii/t and 
Ci.LsT, — .] iiiiltii'.< Jicad erased a:iire, an arr'iir l/<nist throviih his leak or. 

Sill til 

CliriMdi'lier BcTC^ford of Lea.lenhnm, died 11 Oct. 32 Eliz 
l.'.ltO, (^ume s;iy l".' Oct. 15i)0 ; bur. at Leadeiiliam. 

^Bridg-ett, dan. of 
.... Needham. 

4. John Beresford, Rector of Scop-=pLady Elizabeth Clinton, dau. 
wick, called Gent, in the inscription ' of Thomas, Earl of Liucohi, 
to his wife, and described as of i Lord Clinton and Saye ; 
Gniv's Inn, ]\liddlesex, 14 Sept. | died and bnr. at Lcadenham 
1590; adm'or of his brother Wil- i'O July 1C24, xt. 32 ; dis- 
liam 7 Feb. 1C03-4 ; some time a ' inherited on account of her 
servant of Thomas, 3rd Earl of j marriage by her father 11 
Lincoln. Jan. lGlS-19. 

5. Edward 

I. Thomas Beresford. 2. Fynes Beresford. 1. Mary. 

2. Francis Beres- 
ford of Kowston. 

=Prudenct, dau. of ... . Thornhi 
of Owston in Isle of Axholuie. 

3. George Beresford, of 
Gray's 2G Jlay 1582. 

M'illiam Beresford of I\Iinting 
Bark 12 Aug. lG2(s mar. 
Catherine, dau. and coheir of 
Thomas Riggs. 

Christopher Beresford of Fulbeck^Jane, dau. 
1G26, entered at Gray's Inn 23 | and coheir 
Feb. 1G2G-7; proved the will of his , of Thumas 
cousin Winifred Vaughan 30 Nov. Riggs. 

Christopher Beresford of Ful- Jane, 

Lock, CO. Jiinc, ict. 9 in 1G34 ; living 

mar. Mary, dau. of Thomas 30 Jan. 

Morgan of .Skeiidlebv (mar. lie. 1G3G-7. 
Fac. OtT. [> Oct. icl7). 

Eh'zabeth, mar. to 
William Skipwith 
of Ketsby ; bur. 
at South Ormesbv 
ISSept. 1GG3. 

Mary, mar. to John 
Holland of Swiues- 
head, widower (mar. 
lie. 7 Oct. 1C4.S). 

ham ; of 
died -0 , 



ford of Leaden-=pWinifred, dau. of Sir Bryan Lascelles ; sister of 
's 1.0 Oct. 1585; I Digby Lascelles; remar. at Leadenham, 3 Sept. 
;0 E!iz. Adm'ou j lC04,"to Henry Vaus:han of St. Albans, Herts; 
1 G03-4. j bur. at Leadeuliam 23^ April 1 CSS. Will dated 30 

I Jan. 163C-7; proved 30 Nov. 1G38. 2nd wife. 

of Ik. 
Jan. 1 




Trances, dau. 
of ; liv- 
ing 30 Jan. 
1 G3G-7. 

ilary, mar. at Leadenham, 
5 Oct. 1C20, to Anthony 
Holland of Swineshcad. 

Isabella, mar. to 
Nicholas Rowel 
of Bronghton in 
O.-garby before 
80 Jan. 1G3G-7. 



1. William 

2. Rrjan Beresford. 

3. Edward 

All living 7 Jan. 1G3G-7. 

Elizabeth, dan. of "\Villiam=f L Christophcr= 
Cai-twrijrlit vf Os.-in-tuii : lieresford of 
died 24 Dec. 1C35, fet. 42 ; j Leadenham SO 
bur. at Leadeuliam the ! Jan. 1G36-7 ; 
Patron of the 
Uectory IGIC. 

same dnj. Isfc wife. 

: Elizabeth, daii. of Sir William Wel- 
bvofGe<hiev,K.R. ; wid^.w of Bevill 
Wimberley of Pinchbeck. Will 
dated 12 June IGof) ; proved 15 
June 1G57, then of Stamford, widow. 
2nd wife. 

Winifred, bapt. Christian, bora 23 ilay, bapt. 

]\Iay 1G19 : mar 
at Leadenham, 1 Ge 
Feb. IG 10-41, to 
Dove Williamson, 
Clerk, Parson of 


I I 

ilary, bapt. 22 April 

Leadeidiam 1 June 1C19; mar. to 1G28 ; bur. 

j:e Cartwright, a Colonel; nu- 1G49-50, 
mar. 30 Jan. U;3G-7, but befure 12 
Jane lG."i5. 

Elizabclh, bapt. 

'! Au^ 


Frances, bapt. 3 July 
IG34 ; a legatee of 
lier slepmotlier 12 
June 1G.')5. 

George Deresford, bapt. 
10 Dec. 1G21 ; bur. 19 
Feb. 1G53-4. 

Christopher Beresford, 
bapt. 29 Jan. 1G23-4. 


bapt. G Feb. 
1629-30 ; a 
legatee of his 
stepmiJther 12 
June 1G55. 

Ednumd Beres- 
ford, bapt. 8 
Feb. 1G29-30 ; 
bur. 7 Dec. 

I I . 
Francis Beresford, 
bapt.SAjiril 1G31. 

Brian Beresford, 



Christopher Beresford, bapt. o July 1G58. 

William Beresford of=pMargaret, 2nd dau. of Sir 

Peregrine Beres- 


Leadenham, died 27 

William Thoruld of :\Iars- 

ford, twin, bapt. 


March 16.59; bur. 

ton ; died 20 Nov. 1G55, 

30 March 1G18 ; 

twin, bapt. 

the same day at 

iEt. 37 ; bur. at Leaden- 

bur. 27 March 

30 March 


ham on the same day. 

lGlS-19 at Lea- 


Jane, e!dest= 
duU. of 
Halford of 
Edith AVes- 
ton, Knt- 
land. 1st 



:Christopher Beresf.>rd=I 
of Leadenham, born 
8 June 1652 ; SheriH' 
1700, and J. P. of 
Lincoln; died 16 Jan. 
171G-17, ffit. C5. 

dau. of Sir Fran- 
cis Molyneux of 
Kivecou, Notts, 
Bart. ; died 12 
April 1708 ; 

bur. at I-eaden- 

born 29 
1 G53. 

Anne, born 16 
April 1649. 

Elizabeth, born 
12 May 1651 ; 
living unmar. 
22 May 1C82. 




William Beres-^Jaiie. only dau. and hvk of Je.lm Tyiiiip;- 
ford of Leaden- 1 liani of .Netlier Wiuelifiidt-n. Bucks; 

ham, difd 15, 
bur. 10 Nov. 
1729, Kt. 53. 

died 1771 ; bur. in Lincoln Cathedral. 
Will dated i'O July 1702, leaving her 
estates in Backs to her consin-german 
Sir Frnr.cis Bernard, Bart. 

Cbristojiher Bcre 
died 4, bur. 17 
170S, tet. 6L 

Jane, bapt. 20 



Christopher Beresford. oulv son, bapt. at St. Peter at Oowts, Lincoln, 17 Feb. 
1724-5 ; died 23 March 1740-41, ret. 10 ; bur. at Leadenhain, unniar. 

William Beresford, died lC50=p:Margaret Thorold. 

William Beresford of Sudbrooke^pAimc, dau. of Sir I'.dward Ayscough, Knt., of 

Holme, born 2:) Nov. 1053. South Kelsey ; died 24 Aug. 1678; bur. at 


Edward Beresford, bur. at Sndbrooke^-Isabella died 16, bur. 20 Dec. 172'J 

12 Feb. 1735-0. at Sudbrooke. 

Edwaid Beresford of Lin- Roger Beres- Isaliella, of Lincoln, bur at Sud- 

coln. Will dated 26 Jan. ford, living in brooke 28 ]\L')j 1774. \V ill dated 

1704; probate 10 Aug. 1704. 9 July 1773; probate 13 July 

1778. 1774. 

I 1 I 

Margery, proved=Valentine Catherine, mar. lic.^fRev. John Russell, Ann. 

her brother's will Pyne, dead 24 :\Iarch 1729-30, I Rectorof Fiskerton, 

in 1778. in 1778. set. 20. ffit. 30 in 1729. 

Mary=Rev. Baptist Proby, D.D., Dean of Lichfield ; 
ex'or to will of Isabella Beresford 1774. 

[Note.— I add ibis branch of fuc Bere^-ford family.— A. K. M.] 


IScritifjc of aifjavhtrlu 

Arsis. — Argent, a saltirc engrailed hcfireca four escallops 
Crest.— t>«/ of a ducal coronet a leolfs head. 


John P.everiagc; alias Beridge,=t--r)orothea. dau. 2. Williara^Eliza- 

S.T.P., chanter of I.iueolu il of Fertliuand Bevcridge, ' both 

Dec. 1G21 ; Hector and Patron Feildiiig (bro- D.D.,prc5ented , 

of Kibworth Beuueiiamji, i ther of Sir to Barrow in biir at 

Leic. 1002; signs Yicar of William Feild- 1G20 

Barrow-ou-Soar, Leic, 161, , 
Prebendary of Thorngate 1 
Sep. 1022 ; a Icgateeof hi's auut- 
in-law 2 Feb. 1619-20 ; died 
in London 12 May 1632, tet. 
GO; bur. at Kibwoith 14 May. 

-^ of Xewn- 
ham Paddox), 
a legatee of her 
aunt ^Lary Ag- 
lionby 2 Feb. 

and to 
Kibworth in 
1639-10; died 
at Barrow ; 
bur. at Kib- 
worth 29 Oct. 





3. An- 
to Bar- 

John Bcveridgc, William Beveridn-e, P.D 

D.D. Christ Coll., St.,Tuhu's College, Camb., 

Cambridge, 1684, 1079; bapt. at Barrow 

Vicar of Barrow; 11 Feb. 1636-7; Bishop 

bapt.l2Feb.lG31-2. of St. Asaph 1704 ; mar. 

— sister of William 

Thomas Beveridge, Stanley of Hinckley, 

bapt. 1 Mar. 1631-2. Leic. ; died s.jx 1708. 

Lucy, born 
1629; mar. 
to William 
Stanley of 





h, born 


Ann, h 

rn 1026. 


, born 



William Stanley, D.D., A.B. St. Jolm's Coll. 1660,: 
A.Jl. 1670; Fellow of Bcnet or Corpus Christi Cull., 
and Master 1693 to 1098; Dean of St. Asaph; 
nephew and kgatee of the Bishop. 

iLary. dau. of Sir Francis 
Pcmb'.-rtou, Knt., Lord 
Chief Justice of the Com- 
mon Pleas 1081 to 1683. 

William Stanley of Benet Francis Stanley, Yicar of Thomas Stanley of Benet 

Coll., LL.P.. 1717; oliicial St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, Coll., Cambrido-e, A.B. 

of the Archdeaconry of and in 1723 Rector of 1717 ; A.M. 1719 ; Fellow 

Loudon. Iladham. =p and il.A. 1719. 

Richard Stanley, Esq., :\I.A. Benet Francis Stanley, M.A. Benet Coll., Cam- 
Coll., Camb., 1704; Barrister-at- bridge, 1763 ; Vicar of North Weald, Essex, 
Law ; Recorderof Hereford in 1780. and Rector of Eastwick, Herts, in 1781. 

I I I 

I I 

6. Michael Beridge, bapt. 9. Samuel Beridge, bapt. 
24 June 1614; Uving 6 May 1620. 
1619-20; o.v.p. _ 

— 10. John Beridge, Rector 

7. James Beridge, bapt. of Ma.<iingham, A.B. 

25 July 1615. 

8. Jonathan Beridc 
bapt. 20 April 1617.' 

Christ Coll., Cambridge, 
1040; bapt. 28 May 1024; 
mar. 1st Dorothy Hewett, 
and 2ndly .\nu MiUer ; 
died in 109(j. 

I I I 

Mary, o.v.p. ante 2 Feb. 

Festina, o.v.p. 

Gooditha, b;ipt. at Kib- 
worth 30 March lOuO; 
living 2 Feb. 1619-20 ; 



4. George 
bapt. 25 

Gooditha, dan.^ 
of Sir Thomas 
Brooke, died 
25 Xov. 1G81. 
1st wife. 

d-o of Al.irarkirk, Kector^Anne . . . ., 

and Patrun of Uiat eliuruh ; insticutcd 
to the Rectory 27 Feb. lG3()-7,on the 
presentation of Roger Feilding, Esq.: 
I.iapt. 25 Ai'ril 1G13; died 2 Nov. 
1678, <Tt. G5 ; bur. at Aljrarkirk. 

living 21 
Xov. 1G113 
2nd wife. 

IVo sons, both of whom died young 

I. Basil 
bapt. 5 
1607 ; 




2. "William Beveridge or Beridge,held the manor and=pDorot!iy, dan. of 

advowson of Kibworth Bcauchamp ; bapt. 2-4 April , Rev Sache- 

1608 ; succeeded his father at Kibworth iu 10-32; verell, Vicar of 
bur. at Kibworth Beauchamp 30 Jan. IGSO-iO, and OverTodmortou, 
was succeeded by his uncle William. I Oxford. 


I I 

ridge, Vicar 
of Barrow, 
bapt. at 
12 June 

1. Dorothy, bapt. 22 Jan. 

]\Iargaret, bapt. at Kib- 
worth 26 JIarch 1638. 

John Beridge, 
ob. inf. 


William, Count 
Wilenuu), r.everidcre, born at 
widow of Kibuortli 24 ilay 

1635; was a Col. to 

Barkly of AVilliamlll.; mar. 
Leicester, iu Scotland, and — 

2ud wife, was killed bv Col. ^Marv, bapfc. at Kibworth 
Campbell in'lG90. 6 Jan. 1639-40. 

Anno, mar. to John 
Richardson of Stret- 
ton, Warwick, Esq. 


John Beridge, 
Vicar of Barrow 
1689 to 1695. 

I I 


3. Ferdinand Beridge, Rector of Great Paxton, co. Hunts, bapt. 2G Aug. 1609=rAnne 

Charles Beridge of Algarkirk, M.X.-- 
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1678 ; 
Rector and Patron of that church ; 
died 2 Dec. 1693, jet. 38 ; bur. at 
Algarkirk. Will dated 26 Xov. 
1693 ; proved (C.P.C.) 2 Jan. 1G93-4; 
his fatlier and mother, though not 
named, were both living 1693. 

=Barbara, dan. of ... . Xay- Basil Beridge, 

lour, sister of William Xay- clerk, il.A. St. 

lourofOfford, Hunts, and of John's College, 

Richard Xay lour of London, Cambridge, 

crocer ; proved her hus- 1686; died 28 

baud's will 2 .Lan. 1693-4. Dec. 168G; bur. 

Will dated 28 Dec. 1C93 ; at Algarkirk. 
proved (C.P.C.) 10 Feb. 

Basil Bcridge of=rifary,* dau. of John Williamson 
Algarkirk, Rector 1 of Saltfieetby by Frances, dau. 
andPatroiiof that ; of Jolm Gouville of Ketsby ; 

mar. at St. Peter's, Saltfieetby, 

25 Xov. 1708; died 10 Jan. 

1752, a;t.. 65; bur. at Alirar- 


church, under age 
21 Xov. 1693 ; 
died 13 Oct. 1739, 
set. 53 ; bur. at 


I I I 

Anne, died 27 April 1693, 
a;t. 4 ; bur. at Algarkirk. 

Barbara, under age 21 Xov. 
1693 ; mar. tu .' . . . Wat- 

Mary, wife to ... . Ranby 
21 Xov. 1693. 


Her molber Frances Williamson, ia her will dated 26 Nov. 1737, meutioas her grandsons 
, John, and Charles Beridge. 




1. Hnsil l?cri.l::e of 
Pinc!)Ix?ck, cIilmI 
uiimar. 27 Fob. 
1752, ait. 44 ; hur. 
at Alrarkirk. 

t; [;^f:''^sCe' LL.]).,of Triuit.v=].ettico. dan. of 

Hall, ( ambnJiro. 1740, Rector of Al- i Fo.x ; died 

parkirk: PrebciuIaiTofWeltou Brink- I G Nov. 1778, ret. 
hall 17G2: died at hi.s house ia Trinity G3 ; bur at'Al- 
Lane, Cambridge, 12 June 1782. -arkirk. 

Charles AViUiauisou Duridge, died young 7 Get. 1744 ; bur. at Al^arki 

Ruth, dan of Leonard=p3 John Beridge of Trinity=Sn3au, dan. of Ro-^Honry 

Bury of t^owston, co. ! Hall, Canibrid-e, and of 
Leic. ; died 22 June Buekininster, Lieic., clerk ; 
1739, set. 35 ; bur. at : B.A. Catherine Hall, Cam- 
Buckminstcr, co. Leic. ' bridge, 1734 ; died 17 Oct 
1st n-ife. I 1744, sat. 32; bnr. at Al- 
\ garkii-k. 

bert Butler of Spa 
ding, merchant ; 
died 10 Nor. 1749, 
ret. 28 ; bur. at 
^loidton. 2nd 


2ud hus- 

ofr),M.H. the Rev. Cxer- cis Twigge, Vicar of 1772, to Col. Henry 

'"an Buckstone Tickhill, co. York ; Gladwia of Stubbin- 

of Bradbe.urne ; mar. 28 April 1792 ; Court, Derby, afterwardl 

■"■ died 1821, s.p. 2nd Major-General in the 

husband. Army. =j= 

Trinity" II 
Camb., 17C9 ; 
died 17 Oct. 
1788, Kt. 45, 

Derby ; 


Dorothy, dau.; 
of Henry 
Gladwin of 
Stubbing. CO. 
Derby ; died 
4 Jnue 1792, 
xt. 58. 1st 

= Basil Bury Be-^ 
ridge of Algar- 
kirk. Rector 
and Patron of 
that church ; 
Prebendary of 
Sleaford ; died 
22 Feb. 1808, 
fct. 71 ; bur. at 

Bettina Iilary Elizabeth,: 
only dau. of William 
Chaplain of Thorpe Hall, 
CO. Louth, by his 1st 
wife Isabella J'rances, 
dau. of Sir Richard Sut- 
ton of Norwood Park, 
Notts, Bart. ; mar. at 
Tathwell 30 Oct. 1823; 
died at Clifton C July 
1824, ret. 19. 1st wife. 

=Dorothy, dau. and co- 
heir of John Tanfield 
of Cartliorpe, Yorks, 
bv Catherine, dau. and 
coheir of William Beck- 
with of Lamb Hill, by 
Catherine, dan. o'f 
Charles Liscer, Alder- 
man of Ripon ; mar. 
29 June 1793 ; died at 
Algarkirk 5 Nov. 1840. 

Leonard Beridge, S.T.P., 
of Trinity Coll., Camb., 
1775, Vicar of Suttertoii; 
Fellow of .Jesus Coll., 
Camb. ; died at ilatlock 
Bath4 April 1791, ajt. 53. 

3. Charles Beridge, died 
unmar. ; bur. at Buck- 
minster, CO. Leicester. 

= 1. Basil Beridge, in^ 
Holy Order.^, Rec- 
tor and Patron of 
Algarkirk, to which 
he was instituted in 
1822 ; Prebendary 
and Canon of Lin- 
coln ; born 10 Jan. 
1797 ; living 1876; 
died 21 July 1881. 

:Judith, dan. of John Pukeney | 
(formerly Fawcett) of Norther- | 
wood, Hants, f^sq., and his wife j 
Elizabeth Evelyn, dan. of Sir ! 
Richard Sutton of Norivood j 
Park, Notts, Bart. ; mar. at St. 
George's, Hanover Square, 21 
Aug. 1 828 ; died at Scar- 
borough 10 Aug. 1860 
2ud wife. 




2. Tanfield Be- 
ridge, dieJ in 
South America, 

1. l^orothy, mnr. (as ind wifo) rit=pJames Goodere .Sparrow 

ise of the Bnt 
:\Inrscille.s is D> c. 1 
Feb. ISOn. 



of Gosfield Place, Essex, 
horn 20 Jan. 1770 ; died 
30 Oct. ISCS. 

iided Gentry." 

2. Frances, died 
at Cleve Dale, 
near Bristol, 10 
Oct. 1808, Kt. 
13; bur. at Ab- 
bots Leigh, CO. 

ifarianna Ca-; 
theriue, boru 
Dec. ISOO ; 
mar. 24 Oct. 
1820 ; living 

Charles Boothv, 3rd son of Sir William Boothbv, 
Bart., formerly Captain R.E. ; lost a leg at tlie 
Battle of Talavera ; and subsequently in Holy 
Orders ; Prebendary of Soutlnvell ;" Vicar of 
Suttcrtoii and Picctor of Barnnldby-le-Beck, 
both ill CO. Lincoln ; born at Dublin 20 Feb. 
17SG ; died 10 Aug. lSi6. 


3Sci1uIc[> of £Oj>moni3l)aiu, to. ^ttcrstcr, anti 
|I)tIprin5!)am, to. ILintoln. 

Arms. — Gules, a chevron hehccen ten cinqucfoih argent. 

Crest. — A loar's head coiqml argent, collared and muzzled gulis, studded or. 

Thomas, Lord=j=Joan, dau. of William de Ferrers, 7th Earl of 
Berkeley, died j Derby, by [Margaret, oue of the daus. and 
24 July 1321. | coheirs of Roger de Quincy, Earl of "Win- 
chester ; died 23 Julv 1321. 

Sir Tiir.niHS Berke-^plsabel, dau. and heir 

Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd=f=Eva, dan 

Baron Berkeley, died 3 of Eudo le ley of JiCicester- j of Sir John ILam. 
May 132G. ' | Zouch. ' ' i , t ■, _, -„r 

Barons Berkeley 

u, Lord of Wy- 
inondham, Leicester- 

Sir John de Berkeley of "Wymondham, Knight=j=Joan .... living 
Banneret, 34 Edward I. I 13GS. 

Sir John Berkeley of Wymondham, died 1374^E!izabeth 

Sir John Berkeley of=^ 
Leicestershire 1403. 

Thomas Berkeley.^ 

Lawrence Berkeley, 
lidug 1374. 

Sir La.vvence 15erkeley of Wy-- 
mondharn, co. Leicester, slain in 
France 3C Henry VL, 1458. 

=Joane, dau. of . . . .; 
sifter of Sir Hubert 
Woodford, Kat. 

Elizabeth, = Riehard, 4th 
dau. aud Earl of War- 
heir, wick. 



Sir Thomas 
Berkeley of 


■\Vjinoiul- : ..f Wiiliani 

Ijaiii, died ;1 Itrok' sliy. 

Henry VI 1„ 


I I 


r. A 111,'. 1 I 

Alice, mar 

mar. to Sir John 
llougliam; died 

Jane, mar. to Sir Nicho- 
las I'.owet, Knt. ; died 
on tlie Feai^t of the Ton- 
version of St. Panl 1171; 
tuir. at livpengale. 


Edith, mar. to ^rainiccr 
Slarmioii of l!in,i;jidoa ; 
living 1503 ; died "23 
Oct."l53S; hnr. at Ky- 

Elizabeth, mar. to Sir William .... mar. 

Hnssey, Lord Chief Justice to .... 

of England ; bur. at Sem- Parler;liv- 

pringham. Will dated Aug. ing Aug. 

1503 ; proved 21 Dec. 1501. 1503. 

Sir ilaurice Berkeley of: 
"Wymoudham, died 14 
Henry Till., 1522. 

:!Margaret, dan. of Sir John Byron Lawrence Berkeley 
of Over CoLvicli, widow of Sir Wil- (Leicestershire Yisi- 
liaui Atherton of Atherton. tatioii, ICIO). 

Margaret, dau. and coheir of Thomas De la Laund by^Sir Thoiuas=pPetroi 

Catherine, dau. and coheir of Lionel, Lord Welles, by ' Berkeley of 
Jane, dau. and colieir of Sir Robert Waterton ; sister and | "Wymond- 
coheir of Sir Thomas De la Laund of Xorth Wytham. j ham, o.v.p. 


ilaurice Berkeley^ 
of Wymondham 
and of Htlpring- 
liam, cousin and 
coheir of Sir Tho- 
ma-s De la Laund ; 
died 20 Nov. 14 

■ilargaret, dau. of 
Sir John Harring- 
ton, Knt. Adm'oii 
11 Dec. 1573 to 
Robert Pakenham, 
theu described of 
Buekminster, Lei- 
cestershire, widow. 

2. William Berkeley of=rirargaret, 
Wymondliam, lieir of dau. of John 
his nephew John ; had Bawde of 
lands iu I ward by and Somerliy; re- 
Owsthorpebywiliof his mar. to Eve- 
uncle Sir Thomas De rardAshbyof 
la Laund 150S; died 20 Losebv. 
Heury YIIL, 1536. 

John Berke-- 
lev, son and 
Henry YIIL, 
1522-3; died 

:Anno, dau. of Sir John 
Hussey, Knt., Lord 
Hussey ; re-mar. to 
Sir Humphry Browne, 
Justice of Common 

Elizaljeth, sister and heir, mar. 1st to 
Robert Pakenham, Clerk of the Green 
Cloth, 2ndlv to Robert Livesey, and had 
issue by both ; died 24 Oct. 14 Eliz., 
leaviug Robert Pakenham of Helpring- 
ham, Ewerbv, etc., her son and heir. 

Edward ?.Iaiirice Berkeley of Wymondham, died=pMary, dau. of Francis Hall of 
Berkeley, ICOO, a;t. 70. "Will dated 20 April, i Grantham, Comptroller of 
died B.p'. proved (C.P.C.) 2 June ICOO ; (to be) j Calais ; not mentioned in her 
bur. at Wymondham, Leicestershire. i husband's will. 

Katherine, dau. of=l. Sir Henry Berkeley of'Wymondham,= Elizabeth, dau. 
Nicholas Beaumont born 1500 ; proved his ftither's will 2 of Sir William 
of Cole Orton; widow June IfiOO ; created a hurt. 20 June Myn of Epsom, 
of Anthony Byiou. ICll ; living 1C22 ; died s.p. 



2. Nicholas ]?erkeleT, 20 April 3. John Borkeloy, 20 April Elizabcth,unmar.20 

IGOO, had the manor of Coston, 1000, bad then the manor April 1600. 
Leicestershire, by his fatlicr's of Whisscndiue, Rutland, — 

will (ex'or of it) ; renounced hj his fother's will (ex'or Eleanor, boi 

ci'orship 2 June IGOO 

of it) ; renounced es'orBhip mar. to 
2 June ICOO. field. 

born 15('j3; 
. Wintr- 

Peregrine Bertie, Lord Willnnghby^pilary, sister and heir of Edward, 
de Eresby,y.«!. (see p. 130). " I 17th Earl of 0.\ford. 

Robert Dertie, succeeded as 
]2th Lord "Willoughby 
de Eresby, and created Earl 
of Lindsey. =r 

A Olio Dukes of Ancaster. 

2. Sir Perecrrine Bertie, Iv.B.,=^:Margaret, dan. 

2 June ICIO, described as of 
Belton (in Axholme) 16 March 
1613-14 ; bur. in St. Giles-in- 
the-Ficlds, Middlesex, 13 Nov. 

Nicholiis Saunder- 
son, Viscount Castle- 
ton ; bur. at St. 
Giles -in -the -Fields 
31 May 1G42. 

Robert Ber- 


— i \ \ i . I 

Nicholas Bertie=r^Iai7, dau. Zilildred, Sophia, bapt. Elizabeth, 

of St. Martin- of Edward mar. to at Bag En- mar. to 

in-the-Fields, Ravbone Robert derby 12 Oct. Francis 

died.Jan.lG71-2, of "Chard, Levins. 1C27. Barnard, 
ffit. 50. Somerset. 

I I 

Peregrine Bertie of Lon? Sutton, Lincoln, born=f=Rachel, dau. of Sir John Sophia. 
14 Jan. 1655-6 ; died 1721, aH. 67 ; bur. at St. | l^rnle of Whealham, — 
Margaret's, Westminster. Wilts. 3Iary. 

Ernie Bertie of 
the iliddle 
Temple, Lon- 
don, Recorder 
of Northamp- 
ton ; died 8 
March 1756. 

Peregrine Ber-= 
tie of Low Lay- 
ton, Essex ; of 
the Middle 
Temple 1720 ; 
died 9 Dec. 
1743, n:t. 55. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of John Hun- 
gerford of Doctors' Commons; 
widow of John Fisher of Lon- 
don, merchant ; mar. at St. 
Paul's Cathedral, London, 8 
Nov. 1720, then described as 
of Low Lavtou, Essex ; died 
10 Oct. 1731, ajt. 43. 

I I 


I I I 


— Mary. 



Catherine, dan. of; 
Richard Backwell 
of Billing, North- 
ampton ; mar. 17 
Oct. 1753 ; died 
2 July 1770, a:t. 
36. 1st wife. 

Pereo-rine Bertie of Low=Elizabeth, dan.= 

Lnyton, had lands in 
Gedney, Long Sutton, 
Kirton,etc.,co. Lincoln ; 
M.P. for WLStbury; died 
2SDec.l786,tet.G3. Will 
dated 18 March 1786. 

of Joshua Peart 
of Lincoln ; sis- 
ter to Lady 


; Sutt 
IG Sept. 

:Ferdinando Pigott 
of Abington Pig- 
otts, Cambridge, 
mar. at Bath 2 Jan, 
17114. 2nd hus- 

TOL. I. 




„ 1 1. 



Catherine l'>orothv,= 

=Thoiiias IToar, Captain R.X., who took the 


mar. at Marvl. 41(1110 

name of Tienie and Iveanie Sir Thomas Bertie, 

20 Mav 1788 : died 

Yice-Admiral of the Blue, Knitihl Commander 


at tbePcIviron, South- 

of the Swedish Order of the Swan ; died at 


ampton, 1'3 Jan. 1823. 

Twyford Lodge, Hants, 13 June 1823. 

Elizabeth, dan. and colieir, mar. at ]Marj- ]Nrary, mar.. 27 June 1772, to Frances, 

lebone, 21 June 1788, to llaljili Hoar of Samuel Lichigarry. A last died 

Bath, Lieut. o2nd Regiment, brother of sole heir of this branch took young. 

Thomas. the name of Bertie. 

Charles Henry Bertie of East ^iloalsey, Surrey,^ 
and Long Sntton, co. Lincoln. 

Peregrine Edward Bertie, mar. at 'Wimblcdo: 
28 Jan. 1884. 

^ilarv Gray, dan. of George Clarke 
of Sutton Marsli. 

Otitic iDf ^oimt!. 

Peregrine, 11th Lord 'Willouglihy de Eresby=pLady Mary Yere. 

I I 

Henry Bertie, 3rd son, liv-=pDorothy, dau. of Arthur Robert, 12th Lord AMl- 

ing ICOl ; died 21 Nov. I Corbet " of Clipston, co. longhby de Eresby. (See 

1655 ; bur. at Edenham. Rutland. ©, p. I'Sl.) 

Jerome Bertie of Lound,=pElizabeth, dau. of Launcelot 
CO. Lincoln. I Cope of co. York. 




Henry Bertie of^pMary, dau. 
Lound, bur. at of Thomas 
Edenham 29 Sumnt 
March 1696-7. 

Richard Bertie, 
bur. at Eden- 
ham 20 Sept. 


Robert Bertie, liur. at 
31 March 1701. 

llary, dan.=pJerome=Rath, dau. of Elizabetii 

of .... I Bertie 
Averett of ' of 
Bourne. Bound. 

1st wife. 


was bnr. at 
Edenham 24 
Nov. 1725. 
2nd wife. 

John Pell 
of Eden- 

Marv, bap 

. = Jolm 


at Eden- 


ba[it. at 

ham L'O 



5 Dec. 


1694 ; liv- 
ing 1738. 

I I I 

Jerome I'ertie. JIary. Catharine. 


5Scittc of Cbctioii, 

Eobert, 12tli Lord AVillou!:;libY=^IIoti. Klizaljctli 
de Eresby. (See O, p. 130.) " I IMoutag-n. 

Sir Peregrine Dertie, KnL, Srd gou,=pAniie, widow of Edward Irby ; dau. aud colieir 
of Eredon, y.!'., bur. aL Evcdon 13 I of Daniel Hardby of Evcdoii ; bur. at Eve- 
Oct. 16;>2. don 15 Nov. 1G:.5. 

Eobert Bertie, bapt. at St. Martiu-iu-the- Lawley Bertie, bapt. at St. ]\Iartin- 
Fields 10 Nov. 1631 ; died s.p. 169S. iu-thc-Fields 21 Sept. 1634. 

[Note. — The .ibove pedigrees of the Ecitlo f.iaiily I coniiJered worth printing:, as containing 
matter not already iu print, but I has-e excluded an enormous pedigree of the Dukes of 
Ancaster, which can be found in Collins' Peerage. — A. R. M.] 

3Sctts oi Bavlinp. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
William Belts of Betts Hall, Hants.^ 

■William Betts of Betts Hall, son and heir, came into Lincolnslme- 
and lived at Barlimrs. 

Thomas Betts of Barlings.^^ 

Thomas Betts of Barlings, sou and heir 1631. 2. Henry Betts. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. MS. 1550.] 
Arms. — . . . . a chevron lettveen three bulls' heads cabossed .... 

William Beverley of Worlaby, to whom bis cousin William i\Ianby 
bequeathed the advowson of Elkington 4 Oct. 1540. 

Richard Beverley of Fiskerton= Anne, dau. and heir Christnphcrrp Thomas 

1588; bur. at Fiskerton 19 of .Tohii Sturdivant Beverley 

Sept. 1615. Will dated 13 of Fiskerton ; bapt. of Beverley, 

March 12 Jac. I., 1014-15; 2 May 1548; bur. Yorks. 

proved (C.P.C.) 10 May at Fiskerton 9 Jan. 

1C17. 1577-8. A 

of Selby, 
Yorks, 5 
Sept. 1588, 




I I 

1. Tlio- 2. Robert BcTerlcy of riCcpham,=Frances, dan. of 

mas living '23 Jan. lGlT-18, and 19 

Bevcr- Oct. 1620 ; heir of his kinsman 

ley of Piichard Beverley of Fiskerton, 

Bever- whose will he proved 10 !May 

ley. 1617 ; described of Fi.skertou 
13 Jan. 1009-10. 


Henry Fairfax of 



Bilbrough, Yorks 



(? of Street- 

house.?, York.?) ; 

bnr. at Fiskerton 

6 Dec. 1611. 

1. Edward Beverley of Clicn-y Willingbam, 
bur. in Fiskerton Church. 'Will dated 16 
Nov., proved 16 Dec. 1637. 

2. Charles Beverley of Lincoln, bur. at 
Fiskerton 26 March 1673 ; cs'or to his 
brother Edward 1637. 

Anne, bapt. at Fiskerton Dorothy 

'Feb. 1607-8; mar. . 
Mason ; liviug 1637. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Fisker- 
ton 25 Sept. 1610 ; bnr. 
there i April 1618. 

bapt. at 
6 Dec. 

Bilclifc of i^onuanli^), 

[MSS. C. 23, D. 23, Heralds' College.] 

"Respited" in 1634, and in 1666 the following arms were allowed : — 
Arms. — Azure, a hend nehulee or belireen sixjleurs-de-lk argent. 
Ckest. — xIm arm erect, coupcd at the clbou; holding a batllc-aie, all proper. 

Elizabeth, dau. of ... . Bilcliffe of Yorks 
mar. to George Gibbon of Market Ease 
and Walesbv. 

Thnrstan Bilcliffe, Ptector= 
of Walesby 1553 ; bur. 
there 14 Xov. 1579. 

Elizabeth, bur.==Edward Bilcliffe of Walesby and=pAnne, dau. of Williani Bleasby 

at Normanby '" " " 

iBt wife. 

Normunby-on-the-Hill, Church 
warden of Xormanby 1569 ; bur. 
there 16 Jan. 1607-8. 

of Bleasby ; mar. at Legsby 
Jan. 1583-4; bur. at Normanby 
26 Nov. 1586. 2nd wife. 

Thomas Broxholrao of North; 
Kelsey, mar. at Normanby 
8 Ang. 1603. 

= Ursula, bapt. at=John ]\Iorris of North Kelsey, 
Normanby 30 Osvresby 26 April 1615. 
July 1585. 2nd husbaud. 

1. Anne, bapt. at Walesby 


2. Faith, bapt. at Walesby 9 Oct. 
1569 ; mar. at Normanby, :^5 Feb. 
1589-90, to George Bilclitl'e, 

3. Audrev, bapt. at 
Walesby' 7 Oct. 
1576 ; mar. at Nor- 
manby, 23 Nov. 
1596, to Tliomas 
Cordwiuo of Cokcs- 

I I 

4. Alice, mar. at Xor- 
manby, 17 Ang. 1590, 
to Robert Chapman. 

5. Frances, bur. at 
Walesby 29 May 1579. 



1. John Bilcliffo, bnpt. at 
AValesby 13 Maj liG5. 

2. John Bilcliffe, bapt. and 
bur.atATalesby ib Sept. 1567. 

3. John Bilcliffe, bur. at 
TTalcsby 2 Jan. 1570-71. 

i. Thomas Bilclitle,^Elizabeth, dau. 5. EJwar 

Keclorol'Xonnaaby- i of . . . . John- Bilclitl'e, 

on-the-llill in 1582, | son ; mar. at bapt. at 

and instituted to the I Noriuanby 12 'Walesby 

vicarage of Barton- ^ Feb. 1583-4 ; 13 Jnne 

on-TInraber 1 Nov. ' bur. there 1 1574. 
1025 ; bur. at Nor- , Nov. 1638. 
manby 2 Feb. 1637-8. 

Faith, bapt. at Xormanby 
25 Dec. 1586, and mar. 
there, 5 Feb. 1608-9, to 
Thomas Mussendine of 
Waltham ; livinc; 2 Sept. 
1651 ; bur. at Waltham 
4 March 1664-5, then a 


Jane, bapt. at Nor- 
manby 14 April 
1580 ; mar. there, 
June 1610, to 
Edward Greathed, 
Clerk ; living 2 
Sept. 1651. 


Aune, bapt. at Nor- 
uianby5April 15',I0; 
raar. there, 17 July 
1622, to John East- 
laud of Upton (niar. 
lie. 28 June 1622) ; 
living 2 Sept. 1651. 

7. Fran- 
ces, baj.t. 
at, Xor- 
2 May 

4. Thomas Bil- 
cliffe, bapt. at 
Normanby 4 
Nov. 1604; bur. 
there 6 July 

5. Edward Bilcliffe of Nor- 1. Katherine, bapt. at Xormanby 
manby in 1651 ; bapt. there 21 X^v. 1584. 
30 Aug. 1607 ; mar. at — 

Elizabeth, bur. at Xormauby 18 

Dec. 1503. 

Beelsby, 23 ilay 1630, 
i\Iary, dan. of Edward 
Makerness of that place. 

Elizabeth, mar. at Normanliv, 2 
July 1624, to John Leake, Clerk. 

John Bilcliffe, bapt. Thomas Bilcliffe, Elizabeth, bapt. Anne, bapt. at Nor- 

at Normanby 
Dec. 1634. 

23 bur. at Normanby at Norm 
1 Feb. 1635-6. Jan. 163 




Hving2 Sept. 1651. 

1. John Bilcliffe, bapt. at Nor- 
manbv 1 ]\Iarch 1501-2 ; bur. 
there "l9 Feb. 1502-3. 

2. Samuel Bilcliffe, bapt. at 
Normaubv 8 Oct. 1506 ; bur. 
there 12 Feb. 1614-15. 

3. Joseph Bilcliffe of Normanby,=p]\Iargaret, dan. 
bapt. there 12 Mar. 1601-2 ; mar. i of Edmund 
lie. 17 Jan. 1625-6, he ret. 24, she ! Clipsham of 
18 ; bur. there 13 Oct. 1651. His j Otteley ; mar. 
will, in which he describes himself ! at Walesby 19 
as of Normanby-super-ilontem, ' Jan. 1626-7; 
is dated 2 Sept., "and was proved j bur.atNorman- 
9 Dec. 1651. by5Ang.l683. 

Thomas Bilclifle of Thor-= 
garaby, son and heir, tet. 
39 in 1C66 ; Inipt. at 
Walesby 23 Nov. 1627. 

■Anne, only dau. of 
William Thornton of 
Grantham ; ait. 6 in 
1634 ; bur. at Tath- 
well 4 June 1676. 

Edward Bilcliffe of Kingerby 
in 1651 ; bapt. at Usselby 
12 Jan. 1631-2 ; bur. at 
Normanby 5 Sept. 1672. 

Thomas Bilclifle, bapt. at Bishop's Norton 13 Oct. 1C60 ; a2t. 6 in 1666. 



Joseph Bilclifte. bapt. John BilcliiTe of WalL'sby,=pAniK\ Richard BilclilTo, a 

at Usselby 10 March bapt. at Usselby 1:3 Sept. j dau. of twin with Dorothy; 

1633-i; living, under IGoS; livini; IGJl ; bnr. at I ... . bapt. at Nornianbj 

age, IGJl. " Xorraanby 11 Oct. 1680. 1 12 Dec. 1614. 

1. Joseph 
bapt. -27 

2. Richard Bilclifie 
bapt. 11, bur. I-. 
JIarch 1677-8. 

3. 'J'homa 
baiit. L'l 


All at Walc5bj. 

Margaret, bapt. at 
Walesby 9 Jan. 
167-1-5; mar. there, 
5 Sept. 1710, to 
William Clipsham 
of Gay ton. 

I I 

Margaret, bajit. at 
Usselby i Nov. 

Margaret, bapt. at 
Usselby 19 Feb. 

Frances, bapt. at 
Norraanbv 3 May 
1642; living 1651; 
mar. at Walesby, 
14 Feb. 1666-7, to 
C4eorge ■ Middle- 

Dorothy, bapt. at Normanby it Dec. 
1644 ; a twin with Richard ; living 

Mary, living 1651, then unmar. and 
under age ; mar. to Richard Knight 
of Xormanbv. 

"John Wcntworth of Brigsley, gent., aged 24, and Faith Bilclifte of Brigsley, 
spr., aged 26 " (mar. lie. 11 Aug." 1626). 

Btllc^li^' of 33tllcsbi> (hodie BtlGb^)). 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Argent, n chfvroii between three- steel gads or iill-heads sable. 
Crests. — 1. Ajxoither's head erased. 2. AjKmt/^r''s head erased affrontee. 

John de Bille5bv.=p 

: I 

Robert Billesby of Billesby.=f= 

Endo de Billesby. 

John do Bille>bv.= 


Richard Billesby of Billesby.^ 

JIuriel, dau. and heir, mar. William 
Asfordby of Asfordby. 

John Billesby of^Juan, dau. and John Gregory of Asfordby ,=pJoan, sister of 

Billesby, died ] heir of Thomas Leicestershire, Esq., King's Sir William 

17 Riciiard II., Malherbe. Escheator in Dorset. Billesby of 

1393. Lincolnshire. 




Thomcis I^.illesbv cf Billcsl.iy, 
sou and heir, ;ut. 17, 17 
Richard II., 1393 ; inq. p.m. 
8 Henry \1., 142'J-30. 

Agnes, dau. and 
heir ol' John 
Keuermond, i.e., 


Tliouia?=pE!eanor, dan. of Ricli 
Gvegorv, ard lJille=by of Liu 
Esq. I cohishire, Esq. 

Richard Billc-^liy of Billcsby, ?oii and heir ■,=pElizal'etli, dan. of John Sheffield 
proved his a<_'e 10 Ilenrv VL, 1110; inq. p.m. I of P>utterwiek. 
38 Ilenrv YL, lli»0. 


John Billesby of Billesby, Bon=pEli7.abeth, dan. of Joan, mar. to Sir "William Fr 
and heir, at. 19 in 38 Henry John Eland. uey of Bcniiigton, Knt. 

YL, 14D9. 

Sir Andrew Billesby of Billesby, Knt.,=pElizabeth, dan. and 
Sheriff of Lincoln 152S — 30 ; died [ heir of Thomas 

13 July 31 Ueury YIIL, 1539. 
dated 8 Sept. l'9 Henry YIIL, 
proved 11 Nov. 1539. ' 


Sutton of Sutton. 
AVill dated 15 Oct. 
1539 ; proved 20 
Sept. 1541. 

Cecily, mar. 1st to 
Alexander Lang- 
ton of Langton, 
2udly to Jolm 
AsfJrdby of As- 

2. Thomas Bil- 3. George Billesby, 4. Anthonv Billesbv, proved=pJoane, dan. 

lesby, 18 Sept. 18 Sept. 1537; his father's will 11 Nov. ; of . . . .; liv- 

1537 ^living 15 proved hismother's 1539, and his mother's 20 ; ing 1539. 

Oct. 1539. will 20 Sept. 1541. Sept. 1541. '; 

Sir "William Billesby of London, = 
and of Fnlham, iliddk;e.\, Knt. 
Will dated 24 Dec. 1C07 ; proved 
7 April 1G08. 

=Annc, dan. of ^Villiam Brograve of Wappcn- 
ham, Xoithants ; proved lier husband's will 
7 April 1G08. Will dated 12, proved 30 ilay 
1608, then of Westminster. 

Frances, dan. and coheir, mar. Thomas . . . ., dan. and 
"\Yalker of Warfield, Berks ; proved her coheir, mar. 
mother's will 30 May 1C08. .... Parlor. 

dan. and cohei 

Roger Bil- John Billesby of Billesliy, and of Langton-=^Tylb (Xylle in Yisitation 
lesby, a by-Partney, died v.p. ■\Vill dated 23 Jnne, ; 15G2), dan. and coheir of 
Priest. proved 3 Sept. 1539 ; (to be) bur. in j Sir Robert Lovell, Knt. ; 

St. Peter's Church, Langton. surviving 1539. 

"Drsula, under 23on 18 xVnne, under 23 Elizabeth, dan. of Edward=Thomas 

Sept. 1537; mar. 1st on 18 Sept. 1537; 

atHaburg,4Sept.l541, uninar. 1539; 

Thomas Skiowith of mar. Simon Dan- 

Kabnrgh ; 2ndiy Eus- by of Hull, 

tace Booth. Yorks. 

Skipwith of Habnrgh 
mar. there 13 Nov. 1546 ; 
remar. at Sixhill, 11 Aug. 
15G1, Robert Spaldyng. 





Frances, bnse^pAndrcw lii'JesViy of Bil!esbv,=p]Margaret, dau. of Kolwrt Ifciieage 

dan. of Charles 
of Siiflblk. 

Mt. 12 in ;il IKiiry YIII.. | of Lincoln, Auditor of the Diicliy of 
oaO ; Hving 11 July l.j;.G ; i Lancaster; alleg. Fac. OlT. -20 Feb. 
164G-7 ; living 11 July 1550. 

bur. at Billesby 5 Nov. 15'J'J. 
George liillcsby. 

Elizabeth, bur. 
at>y 6 
Oct. lbG-2. 


]\Iaudlin, mar. John 
Thiniclbyof Irnham ; 
a legatee of her 
cousin Sir AVilliaiu 
Billesby 2-4 Dec. 

I I 

]\Iargaret, mar Parry ; a legatee 

of her cousin Sir William Billesby 
21 Dec. 1C07. 

Mary, a legatee of her cousin 2-1 
Dec." 1607. 

1. Edward Billesby of Billesby, son and hcir,=p. . . .,dan. of ; Elynore, bapt. 

a legatee of his cousin Sir W. Billesby aunt of Sir John at Billesby 23 

24 Dec. ICO-i ; proved the will of his kinsman , Bolle ; living 30 Aug. 15C1. 
Sir John Bolle of llaugh 21 Sept. 1607. : Oct. 1606. 

John Billesby of Billesby, bapt. at Billesby 5 Aug.^ 
1575 ; cousin and trustee of Sir John Bolle 1606 ; 
a legatee of his cousin Sir William Billesby 24 Dec. 
1607 ; Patron of the Vicarage of Billesby 1614 ; 
described of Calceby 26 June 1616, and 8 Oet. 
1622 ; living 9 Oct. 1628 ; bur. at Billesby 18 July 
1651, ffit. 75. 

=Aliee, dau. of 
Roger Boswell 
of Torksey ; 
bur. at Billes- , 
by 20 June 

Anne, mar. 
Forsett of 

Henry Billesby, bur. JIagdalcn, bapt. at Billesby Catherine, bapt. at Billesby 

at St. Dunstan's-in- 29 Dec. 1603. 4 Sept. 1610. 
tbe-West, London, — — 

3 April 1 CI 5. Dorothy, bapt. at Billesby Judith, bapt. at Billesby 

21 Jan. 1604-5. 1 Jan. 1611-12. 

Thomas Billesby of Calceby, bapt.— Margaret, 
at Billesby 3u' Sept. 1599; son dau. of 
and heir apparent 9 Oct. 1C28. 

Richard Billesby, Charles Billes- 

bapt. at Billesby bv, bapt. at 

26 Xov. 1600; bur. B'illcsby 14 

26 :\Iarch 1601. Aug. 1614. 

Robert Billesby, bapt. at Edmund Billesby, bapt. at Mary, bapt. at Calceby 4 

Billesby 13 Oct. 1625. Calceby 2 April 1640. May,andbur. 4 June 1634. 

Thomas Billesby, bapt. 13 Anne, bapt. at Calceby 20 Dorothy, bapt. in Feb. 

jQlylC35; bur. at Calce- July 1631; bur. at Bil- 1037-S; bur. at Calceby 

by Au'^. 1637. lesby 24 July 1631. 25 Feb. 1637-8. 


iSincjbnm of i?tainton* 

[MS. C..23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Or, on a /esse ffiiles three I'nfer-bcnu/els argcni. 

William liingliam of I'an-^pf.liz.'ihetli, d.iii. of Edmund Fiendish 
bury, Essex. I of (iiituii, co. Cnmluidgc. 

1. "William Bing-=Liicy, dan. of Sir Edward 2. Robert Bingham. Anne, mar. 

ham of Market Ayscoogh of South Kekey, — to ... . 

Staintou 1C34. Knt. ; widow of John Wei- 3. ChristopLerBing- Nixon, 

come of Market Stainton. ham. 

William Bingham of Tattershall, died s.p. Will dated 17 Jan. lG5C-7;=Elizabetb 
proved 16 June 1C57 ; (to be) bur. at Tattei-shall. .... 

[Ilarl. MSS. 1-I3C, f. 18, and 1550, f. G9.] 

Arms. — Or, on a dievron engrailed cjv.lex, letween three lions rampant sable, as many 

fleurs-de-lis or, a crescent for difference. 
Crest. — A demi-lion ramjiant ^alJc, guttte de sang, charged with a crescent. 

William Bird of Pireth (? Penrith),=i=Emma, dau. of Sir ... . 
Cumberland, living U'95. I Gospatrick, Knt. 

Adam Bird^Isa!>ella, dau. of Sir John Kirkbride, Knt. 

John BirJ=pJoan, dau. of William Thirkeld. 
. I 

William Bird=r- • • . dau. of Thomas Martindale. 

Ro^-er Bird=r- • • • dau. of John Crakenthorpe. 

James Bird, a priest, died s.p. 2. John Bird.=i= 3. Hugh Bird of Pireth,^ 

I Cumberland. 

Cuddv Bird of=p Christopher Bird of Pinchbeck^r^Iargaret, dau. of Thomas 

Pirecli, Cum- I in Holland, bur. at Pinehbeck I Peirson of Kirton-in- 

bcrlai.d. 9 Aug. l.^tSO. Holland. 




1 Bird, 2 Bird, 

a son. a son. 

Richard P.ird of=pLncy, dau. and heir of Eo- 
Pinohbeck. I bert" son of Thomas Gull. 

Artlinr P.ird^rp Jului Pird. Ranold Dird, bapt. at Pinchbeck 29 May 1583. 

of Pinchbeck. I 

TTilliam Bird, bapt. at Pinchbeck 29 July 1G12. 
Eobc-rt Bird, bnr. at Pinchbeck 8 Sept. 1C7&. 

35ir!tI)iU oi (Dartljijrpc, 

[MS. 0. 23, Heralds' College.] 

John Birkliill of Garthorpe in Luddington,- 
Isle of Axholrae. "Will dated 1 March 
1542-3 ; proved 4 April 1513. 

:Elleu, dan. of 
. . . ., e.x'tris 
in 15i3. 

Robert Birkhill of Garthorixi, ex'or 1543.-^ 

Robert Birkhill of Garthorpe.=p 

Christopher Birkhill of Garthorpe=p. . . . dau. of ... . Farmery. 

I n i \ 

John Birk-=f=Bridget, dau. of Edward Joseph 

hill of 


Shuttleworth of Lin- Birkhill. 

coin, b:ipt. at St. Peter- — 

at-Archee, Lincoln, 23 Frances. 
June IGIO. 










Bilton of 

Betton of 



in Amcotts. 


John Birkhill, ajt. 3, 1G34. Bridget. Elizaljcth. Hester. Anne. 



[Harl. ]\I.S. 1550. JIS. C. 2S, Heralds' College.] 
Arms. — Argent, on a lend cotliscd gules three plates, a crescent for difference. 

Thomas Bishop of Ueniswell=pMary, dan, of ... . Johnson. 

John rtichard =rA;-'nes (or Eliza- Robert Simon Bishop=5Iargarct, dan. of 

Bishop. ]>ishop 

beth), dan. of Bishop of Heraswell, .... Francis of 
John Johnson of of Stur- xt. 26 in Willoiighton ; 
Ketrleby. ton. 1619. mar. lie. 6 Dec. 

1619, ret. 21. 

I I I 

Eoger Bishop. 

John Bishop. 
Thomas Bishop. 

Robert Bishop. Richard Bishop^Elizalieth, Nicholas Bishop. 


of Hemswell, at' 
torney in Court 
of King's Bench 

dau. of 

Richard Dorothy, dau. of 
Skendleljy . . . . ; widow of 
of Stow. Austin Gallicus 
(? Gabbitus). 

John Bishop. = 


Elizabeth, mar. lie. 10=William Bestoe (or Bee- 
June 1C25, EEt. 25. Eton), a3t. 25, 1025. 

Francis Bishop. John Bishop. 

Bridget, dan. of Augnstine, Earle of^Tliomas Bishop of=pEllen. dan. of Sir Tho- 

Stragglethorpe ; died 25 July 1627, 
bnr. at Grantham same day ; called 
" Prudence " in the Reg. 1st wife. 

Hemswell 163-1, ! mas Darnall, Knt., of 
knighted at White- i Stickford; living 1638. 
hall 9 Aug. 1641. j 2nd wife. 

Richard Bishop, bapt. 
at Grantham 24 July, 
died 31 July, bur. 1 
Aug. 1627. 

Charles Bishop, ffit. 3, 1034 ; John Bishop of Stick-^ 

of Gray's Inn 26 May 1640 ; UA-d,jureinatris. Will 

bur. at Hemswell 25 April dated . . . . ; proved 1 

1684. May 1696. 

Helen, born 1064; = Peter Short of 
died 7 Jan. 1702-3. East Keal. 

Sarah, mar. at Authori-)e=Benjamin 
24 Aug. 1693. Smith. 

Thomas Bishop, mercer, of^Elinor, dau. of Thomas Lanf 
Lincoln, Sheritf 1614. worth ; mar. 12 June 1598. 

William Bishop, bapt. T=Sarah, Tboma.s Bishop, born 1612; B.A. St. John'i 

25 .Sept. 1002; Mayor dau. of Cambridge; in Holy Orders ; died 16_36 

of Lincoln 1639 ; ... . bur. in St. Peter-at-Arches Church. 

Royalist sufferer. a | proved at Lincoln 7 March 1630-7. 







.... dan.=Thonias Bisho] 
of ... . Mavor of Lincc 
1st wife. 2G Mrticb 168: 

born IGoO ;~ 
;i IGG'J ; died 
;et. 52. 

. . d;ui.- 

I I 

^Nrartlui, umi. of ^fae- Two 
callous llullis of Hull. dans. 
3rd wife. 


llir^hop, Thoraas Bishop, D.D., of Sidney-=pElizabetli. dau. of Bcv. 
18 Sept. Sussex College, Cambridy:e, bipt. 19 ' John Fuwle, Kector 

of Greeting St. Peter, 

Aug. 1681 ; Minister of St. Mary's, 
Ipswich ; died 29 June 1737. 

Thomas Bishop, born 1713 ; succeeded his father 
as ilinister of St. Hilary's, Ipswich ; died 1778. 

[Note. — The above pediE^ree been compiled bv Dr. Day of Gonville and Caius College, 
Cambridge.— A. U. .M.] ' " - 

3i5lanil)ari} of ILontlj, 

"Respited" 1G34. 
[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Gilbert Blauchard of Louth 21 
Sept. 5 Edward VI., 1551. 

Thomas Blanchard of Louth 21 
Sept. 5 Edward YL, 1551. 

Gilbert Blanchard of Louth.- 

I I I 

"William Blanchard, John 
died liefore 13 May chard 
1615. Loutl 

19 . 

Samuel Blauchard, 
living 13 May 1G15, 
and 24 Dec. 1619. 

dead be- 
fore 13 


Jane, mar. at Louth, 
7 Nov. 1C07, to Tho- 
mas CLapman of 
Louth, farmer ; liv- 
inK 2i Dec. 1619. 

I I 

Blan-=ilargaret,dan mar. to ... . 

of of ... . Buck ; Lowes, and liv- 

, "the sister of John ing 13 May 1615. 

Will Buck ; living — 

13 13 May 1615 .... mar. to 

and 2-i Dec. Rali.h Stubbs, 

1619. audlivingl3May 



; s.p. 

Rachel, bapt. 
at Boston 18 
Jan. 1601-2. 

1. Thomas Blau- 

2. PiOger Blan- 

~\ I I 

-Agnes. 3. Frances. 1. :\Lary, mar. to 
John ilutchin- 

Gilbert Blanchard of Louth, living 1 Oct. i 
1573; mar. Anne, dau. of John Westlid I 
ofBraytoft. Her will dated 15 Sept. 1602, I 
and proved 9 Feb. following, then a widow ; 
(to be) bur. at ]>outh. =j= 

Ail under age 15 Sept. 1G02, 




Judith, dau. of 
Chapmnn ; sister and 
coheir of Sir Petei 
Chapnwn of l.oudoii 
Knt., and of Tinwell 

.^Abraham Blauthard of Loiub.=pFrancts, dau. of Rol>orfc 

living b March lOO'J-10 ; proved 
his brother John's will 13 ifay 
101.-.. "Will dated 24 Dec. 1010; 
prnved 7 July lOi'o ; (to be) bur. 
aL Louth ; Cudicil ^^lay 1020. 

Canimoeke of Malde 
Essex ; proved her hus- 
band's will 7 July 1020 ; 
liviui; 19 Dec. 1G54. 

I I 
George Blancliard, bapt. at 
Louth 3 Sept. 1591. 

John Dlaucliard, bapt. at 
Louth 5 Nov. 1592. 

Judith, mar. to Dvson Cmar. 

lie. 7 Xov. 1618, " Ilenry Dy- 
son of Boston, merchant, aged 
21, and Judith Blanchard of 
Hallington, spr., ai'ed 18"); 
living 'lG19 and 162'2. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
to ... . Whelp- 
dale ; Hving 
21 April 1622. 


1. ^\^illiam Blanchard of Tetford, 
bapt. at South Ormsbv 13 June 16ij8 ; 
living 21 Dec. 1619 and 17 Feb. 
1623-4 ; mar. ^^lary, dau. of Ed. Skip- 
witli of Ketsby. =f^ 

2. Martin Blan- 
chard, living 24 
Dec. 1C19. 

3. Abraham Blanchard, 
living 24 Dec. 1619 ; 
a legatee of his uncle 
Sir Peter Chapman 21 
April 1022. 

Skipwith Blanchard, wt. 8 in 1634.=^ 


Sarah Blanchard, bapt. at Boston 20 July 100.= 

1. George Blanchard, 
under age 24 Dec. 
1619 ; mar. Kathe- 
rine, dau. of . . . . ; 
living 19 Dec. 1054. 


2. Samuel Blanchard, 
under age 24 Dec. 1019; 
mar. Frances, dau. of 
. . . . ; living 19 Dec. 
1C54. =T=" 


3. JohnBlunchardof Greenfield, 
underage 24 Dec. 1019. AVill 
dated 19 Dec. 1654; proved 
29 :May 1655; a legatee of his 
uncle John 13 May 1G15. 

Francis P>!aDcliard, 
livingl9 Dec. 1654, 
under age. 


Abraham Blan- 
chard, under age 
19 Dec. lG54r 

" "I 

Martha, living 
19 Dec. 1054, 
under age. 

Faith, liv- 
ing 19 Dec. 

living 19 

Faith, mar. at Lontli, 1 1 
Jan. 1G2G-7, to Eustace 
White; living 24 Dec. 
1619, then under age, 
and also 19 Dec. 1654^ 

I ' 
2. Frances, unmar. 24 
Dec. 1619, under age ; 
mar. to Richard ilad- 
dison ; living 19 Dec. 

3. Anne, 24 Dec. 1619, under 
age ; mar. to Thomas Lawes, 
Son and lieir of James Lawes 
of Lincoln, " plumoner ; " liv- 
ing 4 Xov. 1639. 


William IMawu of Wickcnhv,-^nannah (or Joanuft), 
died 22 March 10G7-y. Will I dau. of ... . Bab- 
dated 20 Dec. luC5. tliorpo of Wickcnby. 

Johu r.Iawe,=^ 
Kon and heir, I 


Jane, mar. at Wick- 
enl.iy, 25 .luly loG7, 
to .lohu Sheliiuld. 

Elizabeth, mar. at AVickenby, Dorothy. 
22 .lane 150-1, to Giles Han- — 

sard ; bur. there 1 Oct. 1C25. Frances. 

Anthony Blawe, son and heir, njt. 20 in 15G7. 

Edward Blawe, Alderman of Lincoln, of St. Peter in East<:ate. Will dated 
19 Fell. l(.;82-3 ; proved 7 June 1633 ; mentions Lis sou Edward Blawe and his 
brother Mr. John Blawe of Alford. 

Bla^ton of ©orncastle. 

Arms. — Aryenf, two bars sahle, in chief three cocks gules. 
liichard Blaxton (? l>lackiston) of Blaxtou Hall, York3.=^ 

1. Kichard- 

2. William Blax-T=Ellen, dan. of Wil- Thomas Blaxton, Rector 
ton of Sixhills, I liamBlesby; widow of Cuxwold, Lincolnshire, 
Lincolnshire. of Johu Leake. 7 March 1533-i. 

John Blaxton: 
of Blaxton 

:. . . . dan. of ... . Richard Blaxton of=pMurie], dan. of Henry 
and sister of Sir HoruciLStle, bur. | Clark of Xoscel, Yorks ; 
George Bones. there C April 1610. j bur. at Horncastle 16 

i Feb. 16U9-10. 

John Blaxton 
of Blaxton 
1592, or by 
some called 


John Blaxton= 

Anne, dau. of ... . 
Hawley of Tyniber- 
land ; bur. at Horn- 
castle 8 Dec. 1602, 
there called Airnes. 


Susan, mar. to 
William Butler 
of Manstield- 

John Blaxton, bapt. at George Blaxton of Horncastle, mar. Isa- 
Horneastle 14 July bella^Megson, spr., of Langton by Horn- 
castle ; mar. lie. 9 Aug. 1623, he then 
£et. 22; bar. at Horncastle i Feb. 162o-i. 

1594 ; bur. there 2 ilarch 

William Blaxton, bapt. 
at Horncastle 5 Marclj 

Frances, bapt. at Horncastle 30 Nov. 
15'J2 ; mar. there, 8 July 1610, George 

I I 

Anne, bapt. at 
Horncastle 20 
May 1597. 

Mnriall, bapt. 
at Horncastle 
5 Oct. 1599 ; 
bur. there 2 
July 1605. 


Arms. — Argenf, a/esse engrailed leticccn three muUits sable. 
John Bloasby of lUeasby, joins in a deed 1448 and in Mr.G.r:p 

Thomas Bleasby, sou and heir, 1406. =r 

William Bli/asby of Bleasby, had a licence to alienate the=p. . . . dau. of .... ; 
manor of Calcethorpc to John ^laddisou 1532 ; living 2 I living 2 March 
March Io40-4I. 154U-41. 

Philip Bleasby- 
of Bleasbv; died 
2 Xov. 1558. 

Jane= John 'Meres John Leeke.=Ellen ='\Villiam Blaxton 
of Kirton- Isthusband. of Sixhills. 2nd 

in-TIoIlaud. husband. 


Anthony Bleasby, George Bleasby of= Anne, dau. of Isabel, Elizabeth, 

legatee in his Bleasby, Gent.; s. p. Humphrey living 2 = 

brother William's Will dated 4 Feb. Littleburyof March George Por- 

will lus4. 1561-2 ; proved 2G Ilagworth- 1540-41. montofKed- 

March 1582. iogham. dington. 

.... dau. of= 
Leonard Cra- 
croft of Cra- 
croft Hall in 
1st wife. 


William Bleasby =Dorothy, dau. of Piobert Skerne 

of Bleasby, ait. 
24. S0Mavl559. 
Will dated 15 
Oct., proved 4 
Dec. 1584. 

Waltham ; widow of Fran- 
cis Purlev of Farlesthorpe. 
Will dated 16 March 1589-;'0; 
proved 12 Oct. 1591. 2nd 

Philip Bleasby, 
legatee in his 
brother Wil- 
bur. at Wootton 
1 June 1587. 

George Blea&by=pMary, dau. and coheir of 

of Bleasby, es'or 
to his father's 
will. Will dated 
20 May, proved 
G June 158S. 

Edmund Ustwayte; mar. 
at Legsby 25 July 1580; 
remar. there, 18 Aug. 
1589, William Smyth of 

Philip BIeas-=pAune, dau. and coheir 
by of Bleasby, : of John Heueage of 
legatee of ; Kirkby, 2nd sou of 
his father in i John Heneage of 
1584. Towes. 

I i 

William Bleasby, bapt. 22 
April 1582 ; bur. 12 Xov. 
1 584 at Legsby. 

George Bleasby, son and heir, 
bapt. 26 Nov."l583 at Legs- 
by; died 20 April 1598,s.p. ; 
inq. p.m. 17 May 1598. 

Hester, bapt.= 

= William 

1 1 



14 April 1587 


. — 

liur. at 

at Legsby ; 


Jane, bar. 

Louth 3 

found heir to 


at Louth 

May 1593. 

her brother 

20 Feb. 

George 1598. 


lii LiNCOLXsiiini: pediokees. 


AVilliam rilcasby, bapt. AVilliam T.leas- Anne, bnr. 14 :Maiy,bapt.nt EastTor- 

1, bur. 22 Dee. l.'>f<S by, bapt. at Aug. 1 J03 at rington 15 June 1G03. 

at. T>egsby. llnst IVrving- Leg^bj. — 

— tun Aiil;., bnr. — Frniiec?, bapt. at Ea^t 

Nicholas T.lra.'^by, bapt. at Leg'^=by 2.S Annr, bapt. at Toirington .-Oct. lOO,".: 

at Market llascu 11 .Si^pt. lUtc'. KastTurringtun bur. at Lcg.-;by 22 Fcli. 

April K)'J2. 7 Juno 159^1. lGOO-7. 

[Note.— The l;!easby family, thoiijrh one cf the (ilJest in Lincolushire, does not ii\ 
any Visitatiou. The above pedigree is compiled from parish registers and wills. — A. E. 11.] 

BIclDtt of ?Barla|.ton. 

[Hail. MS. 15.=.0.] 
Arm.s. — Argent, a /esse sablr, in chiif three lu:enges (jules. 

John Blewet.=r 

r II. 

John Blewetof Harlaiton=Fjrargaret, dau. and coheir ol Thomas Katherine, 

inright of his wife; called 
" my servant " in his 
fatliev-in-la\v's will, which 
lie proved 143i, and of 

Thomas Rycard of Harlax- Blewet, mar. Robert 

ton ; unmar. 11.33. AVill living Bawde of 

dated 10 Sept., proved 1 Dec. 14C1. Somerby ; 

14G4, then of Grantham ; (to living 14fJ4. 

be) bur. at Harlaxton. 

I I I 

1. Thomas Blewet, John Blewet,=pJoane, dau. of ... . Stone- xMice, living 
1433. living 14C4. I ley or Stonesley. 1433. 

John Blewet=j=Dorothy, dau. of ... . Paynell of Boothby Paynell. 

.... dau. of ... . Brooksby of LiucoInshire=rJohn Blewet^pBridget, dau. of John 

I I Havershall. 

II 1,1 

1. 'William John Blewett of Harlax-^pAlice, dan. Dorothy, Katherine, 

Blewet, Fon ton, heir to the land by I and heir mar. to mar. to 

and heir, conveyance of the law ; of Peter Dunstan Richard 

but disin- died 29 Xov. 30 Eliz., Blaster. Clarke, Berkes, 

herited li)87. yeoman. yeoman. 

15C2. A I 



John Bk 
of llarlii 
and of G 
tliani 17 . 

ig;;3 am 

Juno 10: 

i 14 

^Vclby of Gedney, 
sister of Sir William 
AVelby, K.D. ; bapt. 
at Gcdney 21 June 
i:.G7 ; bur. at Gran - 
tliani ii Oct. 1G3(!, 
tliei! a widow. 


to \\ Uliani 
of Lincoln- 

Dunstan Blewett^ 
of Cawthorjw, 
had licence (with 
John Blcwect) to 
alienate land in 
Dentcii 1 :\Iarch 

?.: Eiiz., i.-.'j4-r). 

: Alice. dan. of 
.Martin llol- 
lingworth of 
mar. at .St. 
Arehes in 
Lincoln 14 
April 1500. 

John B! 
son and 
U22; a 
tee of h 
Oct. 10 





1 lega- 



h 20 

II I Ml 

Cassandra, mar. to Tho- Isabell, mar. to Gor- Kathcrine, liv 

mas Skipwith, a Captain, sett (rather '• Garsyde") injr 20 Oct 

3rd son of Sir William of Lancashire; mar. lie. 1G29. 

Skipwith of Cotes, Lei- 17 Nov. 1019, '"James 


Garside of Skerrode in Susan, livin; 
Lancaster, gent., 20 Oct. 1G29. 

Bridget, mar. to Henry aged 30, and Isabel — 

IvesofCuckfield, Sussex; Blewet of Barkston.spr., Jane, living 2C 
a legarte of her aunt aged 21, dan. of .John Oct. 1620. 

20 Oct. 1020 

Blewet of Ilarlaxtoii, 
Esq. ;" a legatee of her 
aunt 20 Oct. 1029. 

Bluntirstou of (lOcst lAcal, 

[^IS. C. 23, IlerakU- College.] 

Arms. — Argent, ihne cross-crosshts/ifchcc, three, tico, awl one, sahic, a chief vai 
Crkst. — A fox passa)it artjent, charjal with a crescent. 

Nicholas Blundeston.=j= 

Paul BIundeston^Aune, bajit. at North Thoresby 19 April 15C4 ; dau. of William 

of North Thores- 
by, bur. tliere 15 
Jnne 1501. 

Aune, Da[ic. at Aorcn inorcsuj ij ^ipiu uui ; uim. ui n nu.uu 
Roche of Awdeby, and of Beesby, or (wrongly), according to 
some, dau. and coheir of Edward Poche who died 2 July 20 Eliz. ; 
remar. at North Thoresbv, 17 Jan. 1591-2, to Tristram Smith ; 
died 31 Jan. 12 Jac, lGi4-15. 

Nicholas Blun- 
deston, bapt. at 
Laceby C Feb. 
1582-3 ; bnr. 
at Caistor 23 
May 1C02. 

William Blundeston of=r^rargaret, dan. of Thomas Blundeston, 

Wester Kele, bapt. at Thomas Seyton of bapt. 18 ilay 1588 ; 

North Thoresby 11 Asfordby ; mar. at bur. at North Thores- 

Dec. 1585; only .son North 'Thoresby by lu July 1507. 
and heir of his mother ; 23 Aug. IGIO ; — 

ajt. 24 and more at her j living 1654 

deatli. Will 
Jan. 1C54- 
1 Feb. 105.: 


calied in the regis 
ter Margaret Se 
ton, which i 

Lawrance Blundes- 
ton, bapt. 17 Oct. 

1589 ; bur.atNc.rth 
Thoresby 25 :Marcli 





Paal rilnndcstdu,— 
liviii- 4 Nov. i 
IC.l:-;; d.':vl 1 
Jan. lOr.t-o. 


Eiizabeth. un.lo 

] Jan. l(;o-l-5 : miir. 

Birch of Skii- 



Roche rshindoston of Wester Kele, b\- 
his father's will, living 1 Feb. lt;."i.>i'i, 
when he proved it. AVill dated Jit 
Oct. H170 : proved IS Jan. ir.70-71. 



1 Jan. ic,:<i-:<. Rnti, 

and 1G70. | well. 


iu ICli). 


William Blundeston of Xovth Thorcsby, 
byhis fatl'.cr's will ; living :> Jan. li':.!-.^. 


Benjamin Blundeston, 1670. 

I I I 

Anne. ilarg-a 

— nninar 

Amv. inr.J-r 


:t, living: 

1 Jan. 

; mar. in 


BI['t{) of ^^troxtoiL 

[MS. C. n. Heralds' College. Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Or, a chevron heturcn three lions rntnpant sable. Anotlier coat (1550, 
fol. 1171'.), Quartcrlij : 1 and 4, Or, a chevron hetween three lions passant 
sable ; 2 and 3, Or, an eagle dis/dai/ed azure. 

CsESTS. — 1. On a tower a lion passant anjcnt (fier Clarencienx Cooke). Another 
coat is given in Harl. MS. 1550, viz., Qvartei-hj : 1 and 4, Sable, a chief 
dawette or; 2 and 3, Or, an eagle disjdtiged azure, healed and memlerrd 
ffiiles. 2. A slag at gaze or, gorged with a coronet argent. 

John Blylhe=pChristiana, dan. of . . . . Holcot of Northampton. 

William Blythc of Stroxtou=pAlice, dau. of Thomas Cliarnocke of 
Charnocke, Ijaneashire. 

John Blvtho of Dcn-=f=^Iargaret, dau. of Roberi; 

ton and Stroxton, 
died 8 Nov. 1002 ; 
bur. at Denton. 
Will dated . . . . ; 
proved (C.P.C.) 31 
Jan. 1602-3. 

BIyLhe of 

Thorold of Houijii ; reniar 

John Wingfieldof Ticken 

cote, Rutland ; pi-oved her snjKTvi- 

1st husband's will 31 Jan. sor of his 

1602-3; bur. at Ticken- brother's 

cote 3 Sept. 1618. will. 

:. . . . Alice, mar. 

dan. of Charles 

Wilson of 

2nd Navenhy. 

Elizabeth, lst=pl. William Blythe of Stroxton 1634,=j=Mary, dau. of Anthony 
dau. of John son and heir ; ex'or named of his | Eyre of Rampston, 
Tredway of father, but under age at the making of i Notts ; mar. at Ramps 
Hough : under i his will. Will dated 28 Jan. 1C44-5 ; 
18 and nnn'.ar. ' proved 24 Get. 1C4'J ; mentions son 
11 ilay 1610. I William Blythe, ex'or, son Edward 
1st wife. A j Blythe, dau.' Ann. B 

tuu 6 June 1633 
mar. to ... . Hai 
ton. 2ud wife. 



1. Eliznbfth, n^. "2. lUrv, xt. 

10,1034; k-atee O, 16o4 ; not 

of her father's named in her 

uncle ■\Villiaui father's uill. 

Blvth. I 

.lane, a lepa'ce of Willinm f^ali- 
marsh of Strubhy '. S.-jit. lt;.">7 ; 
mar. at Langlon-lly-^Vra'^'ln■, 
20 Oct. 1661.;. to Aiu'houy Saft- 
marsh of Strubbj'. 

Edward IMytli, a log-atcc of his uiiele Anthony Sakmarsli 
of Strubby",o .June'lGTJ ; of (.iray's Inn 1 April 1C7S. 

2. John Blythe, bajit. 3. l?obert Blytlie, 1. Anne, under IS, mar. at Ticken- 

at Grantham 6 ilav under a?e at the cote.lTOct. SirAVilliauiThor- 

1598; of Gray's Inii date of his father's ohl of ^Mavst.m. .Will dated •_>•> May 

24 Oct. 1C20. will. lf;82; proved (C. P. C.)20Feb.lC.S2-3. 

2. Kathcrine, under 18, bapt. at Mary, youngest dan., under 

Grantham 16 Oct. 1507 ; mar. at IS; bapt. at Grantham :.' 5 

Tickencote,30Mayl618,toTho- Mar. 160U ; mar. to John 

mas :Mitchell of South AVitham ; Oldfield of Spalding ; bur. 

bur. at South Withara. at Spalding 2 Sept. 1658. 

t 1 

All under ajre. 

Boss of ^uttcrtou. 

AnMs.—Qitarterli/ : 1 and i. Or, on a /esse mhle three iccder-bouijels arr/rnl ; 2 and 3, 

Asure, three ears of hnrleij or, stalked vert, Graxdorgk. 
CiiE.ST.— .4 bat displai/ed argent, attired or. A patent of these arms and ci-est granted 

to Humphry Bogg, dated 12 March 1602 (per Clarencienx Camden). 

Q'homas Bogg of Comberwash=pJane, dan. of ... . 

William^.\gnes, dan. of ... . 
Bogg of , liewyt ; called in the 
Satter- Register of Siitterton 
ton. 1 " Agnes Sliallock " ; 

I mar. at Sntterton 24 

j April 1540. 

Thomas Bogg of Sutterton.- 

William Bogg. bapt. 
at Sntterton 4 Sept. 

Katherine, bapt. 
at SuttertoQ 19 
May 1542. 

Gyies Bogrrof Sutter-=r-Alice, dau 
ton. bant, at Slitter- | and even 

31" Ang. 1541 ; 
died 29 ilay 16U2 ; 
bur. at Sntterton 30 
May 1602. Will dated 
20 May, proved 3 June 

tually heir 
of Hum- 
phry Gran- 
dorge of 

I I 

Margaret, mar. 1 
to.. . . Raiide; li 
ing 20 May 1602 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
SutterLou 7 Sept. 

Mary, dau. of ... . 
Marsh ; si.^terof John 
Marsh of the Middle 
Temple, London ; 
marriage settlement 
dated Baugh 28 Eliz., 
1586 ; living 20 May 



Ilninphrj Tio.^g of Sat-^I?al..j!, dau. of Fraueis 
terton 1CL»3 ; proved Qiiarlos of Ullord, 
his faclier's will 3 June Xorthamptoii, aud sis- 
1G02. Will dated 6 ter to Sir James ; liviu!^ 
and 18 July ItJu? ; 2ii:Mav I GOl' ; lemar. to 
proved (C.r.C.)li May , Sir William Bodenliam 
1G08, then described '■ of Evlinll, Riuland, 
of DoningtoD, and (to ' Kiit. Adni'on(C.P.C.) 
be) bur. there. j 12 Feb. U;i3-lt, then 

of Boston, widow. 


Joshua Coir,!?, unmar. 

IS July 

ilary, mar. before 
:;o "ilay 1C02 to 
Piichard Quiuey of 
Doninjiton; livitii;- IS 
Jidv 1607. 

to . 



Sir James Bogg. xt. 15 in K.OS ;=pCatherine, eldest dau. of Charles 
knighted at Whitehall ifaroh :Metham of P.uIlJnLton ; mar. before 
1G08-9 ; of Lincoln City 30 Jan. j 1607 ; rcraar. at Walesby,23 Aug. 
1012-13. Adm'or of his mother i 1 032, Francis WhetstoneofCaister; 
12 Feb. 1613-14, then described bur. at Caister 31 Aiifr. 164o, then 
of Peterborough, Xorthants. I styled " Dame Catherfnc Bog." 

I I 

2. . . . 
a dau. 


Anne, dan. and heir, unmar. 9 July 1613 ; mar. to John Wotherall of Spridlingtou, 
Clerk, instituted Vicar of that parisli 29 Dec. 1026 (mar. lie. 22 Jan. 1620-7, " John 
Wetherall cf East Pasen, elk., 25, and Anne Bogg of East Rasen, spr., 17." 

Boljuii of Bnbj>» 

ArM8. — Azure, on a lend arijent, cotlised or, heticecn six lions rampant of the last, 

three escallops gules. 
Ckest. — Out of a ducal coronet gules n cap anient bctvecn tico clcphauts' tusks or. 

Henry Bohun of^Beatrix, dau. aud heir of Ilcury Moignc 
Wragby. of Williugham. 

John Bohun of=p:\Iargaret, dau. of John Ileneage'-, remar K) 

Williughaui. dated 21 Jan. 1559-00 ; proved at liinc(jln 25 Jul 

I I 

1. George= dan. of 2. Robert Bo-- 

Bohun, son . . . ., and bun of Driby 

aud heir, relict of 1562, cx'or to 

died s.p Saclie- mother's will. 


Jane, dau. My 
of John 
of . . . ., 

ret== Richard Cra- 
croft of Cra- 
croft Hall in 

WiUiain Bohun of Driijy. George Bohun. Jlargaret. 
Charles Yarborongh and Frances Bougham, i.e., Bohun (mar. lie. 27 Sept. 1C05). 


Bollc of |I}aufj;!), 

[Harl. MS. ly.-jO. MS. C. i';'., Ikndds' CoUeoe.] 

Arms. — Azure, three ciqis or,jcss(Vif iorow' Jit.iil^ iinjrui. 

Ckest.— -4 ikini-lwar filii^/il cri/cnf. pinreJ icith hrobn spcir of tlic I<yst. 

SriTOiiTERS. — Dcxlcr,a boar nnjrnt, ano,;! or ; si/ii.-iler, n iiuislif i/o,/ sahir, collared 

gules, spliced cirf/ent, vesled icith tiJacLcl azvre, bordered mid hvcd or. 
Motto.— FoY saxs fyxe. 

The supporters and raolto are given in tlie marshallini; of the arms of Bolle by 
Camdeu Clarencieux at the funeral of Anno, daughter of Edward, Karl of Lineoln, 
11 May 1585. 

Alan of Swinshed, Lord of .Swinshed. and of threes 
several manors witliin tlie same called Hole Hall. 

Thomas Bolle of Bollc.=f= 

John Bolle of Bolle in Swinslicd.=p 

William Bolle of Swinshead, esclieator of Li 
colnshire ; his lands taken into the Kin;^ 
liands 20 Edward II., loiG-7. 

Godfrey Bolle of^ 
Swineshead, heir I 
of his brother. 

Cicely, only dau. and heir, seized of lands in Swines- 
head, Coniugsby, and Wigtoit, which wen: taken into 
the Kin2;"s hands anno sujjradieto ; died unimir. o Ed- 
ward IIL, 1330. 

.John=.Ioan, dau. and 
Bolle. ■ heir of Walter 

I Goddard of 

i Moulron. 

Kanuliih Bolle of^pKatharine, dau. and h^-ir of John 
Swineshead. I Pulveitoft of Algarkirk. 

John BoIle--7:Marv. dau. and heir of William .\inj 
I dau." and heir of Dalderby. 

by Eleanor, 

William Bollc^Aniv, dau. of .John Kyme of Friskney. 
. I 

John Bolle, Sheriff of Lincolnshire=rKatlicriuc, dan. and coheir of Richard 
16 Edward IV. ; bur. at .Markby. I Haugh of Haugii. 

Richard Bolle^= Isabel, sifter and heir of Sir Rich- 

1 1 



Joan, mar 

of Haugh, in 

ard Nanfant of Cornwall, and 



.... P.en- 

right of his 

dau. of Jolm Xaiifant by 



nettof Ben 

mother ; bur. 

dau. and heir of Sir itiehard 




at Ilaugh. 

Coles hill. 





William r.olle, livin- 
4 Jan. 1.33-2-3 ; in- 
tended forarinppren- 
tice in London. 

T.yon Bnlle, 

Ocor-o Bol'e, under a<;e 
4. Jan. 1532-3; intended 
to be a Canon at the 
Abbey of Jlarkliy. 

Catherine, under 
ai::e and unniar. 
4^Jan. 1532-3. 

Richard dlle: 
of Han-h, 
proved the will 
of Ilia brother 
John 21 Feb. 
1532-3 ; bur. 
at Loutfi 26 
Jan. 154S-i». 

heir of 
liams of 

.\nne, dan. of= 
John Fitzwil- 
liam, 1st sou of 
Sir Tiioma.s of 
Mablethorpe ; 
niece of Sir 
George Fitzwil- 
liam, Knt. 

=John Bnlle of Monlton and= 
of Stratlbrd-at-Bowe, Mid- 
dlesex, and of Kelvedou 
Hall, Eise.x. Will dated 4 
Jan., proved (C.P.C.) 21 
Feb. 1532-3 ; (to be) bur. 
at Bryiubj . . . . ; s.p. 

dan. of 
4 Jan. 

I I 

1. Johu Bolle, nuir. Katherine, GcorL-'er 

dau. of Sir William Tirwhitt BulleoF 

of Kettlebj, Kut., and o.s.p. Haugh. 

= Katlierine, dan. of r)rian Xcwcomen of 
Saltfleecbv ; mar. 21 July 1559 ; bur. at 
SaltfleelbV All Saints 23 Nov. 1583. 

Jane, dan. of-pRiehard Bnlle of Hangh, 
Sir William ; bornl.^O?; Sherift'of Lin- 
Skipvvith of i colnshire 4 Edward VI. 
South Ornis- j and 11 Eliz. ; died or 
by, Knt. ; 7 Feb., bur. at Boston 8 
mar. before Feb. 15ltI-2, a3t. 
28 July 1535. 

= Aune, dau. 
of ... . 
died sip. 

:;Margavet, dau. of Hut- 

toii, living a widow 1 JIarch 
37 Eliz., 1504-5. Will 
dated U Aug. 1608, then 
of Houghton ; appoints her 
sou-in-law Thomas Audley 
ex'or ; proved 26 July 1615. 

2. Riehard Bolk- of Thorpe Hall in the jiarish of South Elkiugton,=T=. . 
sold it to his nephew Sir Johu Bolle before 3 Oct. 1606. I of, 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Stenigot 8 Dec. 1599. 

Katherine, = 
dau. of 
ilethr-ui of 
Ist wife. 

3. John Bolle, liv-= 
ing 1 March 37 
Eliz., 1594-5 ; a 
legatee of his 
nephew Sir John 
3 Nov. 1C06. 

:Margaret, 1st dau. of Rich- 
ard Mussenden of Beesby ; 
mar. before I ^larch 1594-5 ; 
bur. at Minting 9 July 
li')26, then a widow. 2nd 

Jane, mar. to Tho- 
mas Audley of 
Houghton " in 
Grantham 5 June 

1. Richard Bolle of Theddlethorpe,- 
nnder age 25 April 1606 ; Colonel in 
the Royal army; slain at .\lton, Hants, 
1643; bur. in \\'inchester Cathedral. 

=. . . . dao. of .... 
bur. at Theddle- 
14 Feb. 1654-5. 

I I 
2. John B. 


25 .\pril 161 




St. ikl 

13 ilarch 1627 



l.apt. at Theddlethorpe, St. Helen's, 3 Dec. 
mar. to William Chapman of Skegness. 



1. Marv, mar. Ist to Antlionv 
Tourney of Cavciil.y, iudly to 
Henrv Eltoft of tlie same. 
Will "(latt-a 20 IVb. 1017-18 
and I'.l Nov. KlUl; provet-l 
(C.P.C.) I'S Jan. it_;i;t-2u. 

■2. Aunc, mar. lic- 1503 Leoii.ird 
Cracroft of Cra- 
croft Hall ; Inn-, at 
][firrfrathorpL- Ti Jan. 

I I 

3. Gcrtrntle. mar. Leonard 
Kiikmani.f East Real; liv- 
m'j; I'll Fcl,. 1017-18. 

4. I'rsiila, mar. to Ji.lin 
Kirknian uf Ea.n Keal : 
living: :]0 Oct. lOOG. 

Katlierine,=Rridget,=piIary, dan.=^Charles Bolle=rAiine, dan. of Thomas Dyinoke 
dun. of Sir daii. of , of Thomas , of llauirli, \ of Friskiiey ; rcmar. at Boston, 

Edward George ' Powtrell of died v 

Dy moke of Fane of Derby- ! Feb. 151 






Knt.; died 




E.p. 1st 



12 Oct. 1,")0.:), to Bartholomew 
j Army ne of O.-godby ; died 1 8 Aug. 
1010; Lincoln Cathedral. 
Will dated 23 :\IaylC15; proved 
at Lincoln U Sept. 1016. 


Elizabeth, mar. ai Lonth, 10 April 
I.tOO,, to Thomas Uilby of .^tainton- 
in-tho-Hole; bar. at Louth 10 
March 1632-3. 

I I 

I Catherine, mar. to Sir Edward Carr of 

; Aswarby, Knt. and Bart. ; post-nuptial 

i settlement dated 5 May 31 Eliz., 1589; 

livings Sept. 1604 ; died s.p. before 1606. 


Sir John Bolle of }Laugh, Knt., 15'jO,only=f=Elizabeih, dan. and heir of Edward "Waters 
Eou and heir of his grandfather; born ' of King's Lynn, Norfolk; ait. 7 at her 
1560; served at Cadiz 1506 ; a Cum- j father's"^ death 27 July 1-1 Eliz., 1572; 
mander in Ireland ; died 3 Xov. 16uO, j mar. 1st to Nicholas Killingtree (from 
est. 46 ; bur. at Haugh. Will dated 3 whom she was divorced), 2ndly to Ed- 
Oct. 1600 ; proved at Lincoln 16 March I ward Bacon ; bur. at Haugh 14 Aug. 
1606-7, then described of Thorpe Hall. 1 1647. Will dated 16 Jan. 1639-4(1; 
proved (C.P.C.) 22 Nov. 1647. 

3. Martha, 1 034 ; 4. Catherine, 1 634 
bapt. at Louth 8 
Dec. 1597 ; un- 

mar. 19 Oct. 
1619 ; mar. to 
Edward Doughty 
of Wuriaby. 

II 11 

5. Bridget, 1634; died Elizabeth, bur. 

I'apt. at Louth 10 unmar. at Utterby. at Louth 4 B'eb. 

l»ec. 1602; mar. Will dated 6 Dec. 1599-1600. 

1651; proved (C.P.C.) — 
4 June 1652. 

to Christopher Pal 

mer of Burgh-in- 4 June 1652. Anne, liap:. at 

the-.^Llrsh ; ^ bur. — Louth 29 Doc. 

there 14 Aug. 1640. Bridget, bur. at Lonth 1 598. 

28 Feb. 1603-4. 

2. JohnBolleofBis-^Jane, dan. of 3. Edward Bolle 1. Elizabeth, 1634; mar. 

cathoi-pe 1634 and i John Bradley of Lourion, born to George Cracroft of 

of Lcuth; bapt. at ^ of Louth ; 1603, s.iid to be Fulnetby; bur. at Louth 

Louth25Sept. 1000; . bapt.30 April abroad 16 Jan. 19 April ICOlt. 
1609 ; mar. 163'.i; died Nov. — 

1680, flit. 77. W 

bur. there 19 Jn 

1653-4. Will dated : 25 Aug. 1029; 

14 Jan. 1653-4; bur. at Loutl 

proved (C.P.C.) 29 ' 15 Marel 

Match 1654. I 1649-50. 

2. ilary, bapt. at Louth 
dated 11 Nov., 8 Jan. 1592-3; mar. be- 
l.roved (C.P.C.) fore 13 Aug. 1621 to 
il Dec. 1680. Nathauiel Huut of , 




1. John Bollo, Ki. 3 in IC^.J, a -2. Cl.nrles Dollc, 3. Ethva.d Rullc, bant. 23 
li'.iratL'C of his unclr Sir riiarles I-I Jan. l(;:,3-4 ; July HUH ; bur. at J^oiuli 
•29 Jfay Ifino : living; KISS. liviii- ICsS 

Mavfh k; 


I I I 

]. Jane, a>l. 1 in li;:M ; mar. -2. EhV.alu-th. 1 4 3. ]5ii,I-Li 11 
k'fore Its Svj.t. ICC2 to .Ian. 1(;:,3-1; n;o3-l"; mar. tn at 

Jnnifs lIan-ihiannfS[,;-nii;,it ; mar. to Neweumlie ; 1 F 

died befure 11 Nov. ItlSO. Kccne ; living jtvin;; 11 Xuv! iCJj 

11 Xov. ICSO." IGSO. 

dan. and 
heir of 

Liat her- 
oic- k, 

bur. at 
Louth 23 
Sept. 1643. 
1st; wife. 

^1. Sir Chai-los Bulle of 
Hangh and Thorpe Hall 
1G34, son and heir, 
under age 30 Oct. 1U06; 
born 1692 ; knighted 
at Theobalds 12 Nov. 
1l!1(3 ; proved his 
mother's will 22 Xov. 
164-7 ; bur. at Louth 14 
Feb. 1G60-G1. Will 
dated 29 :\rav 1660; 
l)roved (C.P.C.) 1 June 

=Aiine, dau.= Eli7,abtth, daii. of Sir Anthony 
of....S:e- Chester of Chichelev, Bucks, 
phens;sis- Bart.; bapt. 11 Julv 159G ; 
ter of Lt.- widow 1st of Gervasc"Cres.=ev, 
Colonel 2ndly of Wiiipite of Hart- 

Stephens ; ington, Beds, Srdlv of ... . 
bur. at Dnnconibe of Claydon, Bucks ; 

Louth 7 mar. at St. "Giles-in-tlie- 

July 16.54. Fields, Middlesex, IGSept.l 055; 
2nd wife. reniar. to Francis Layreof Han- 
ningham, Xorfulk "(mar. lie. 
dated IS Dec. 1661, then said 
to bo " fet. 50," to be married at 
St. ^rary-le-Strand). 3rd wife. 


Edward Bolle, bapt 

Anne, bapt. at Louth Elizabeth, born 

at JIartha, bur. 

7 July, bnr. at 

20 Sept. 1650. Will Lonth 2 July 16. 

4; at Lonth 6 

Louth iaDcc. 1653 

dated 1705, then un- living uimiar. 
inar. Xov.^1680. 

11 May 1 656. 

1. Elizabeth, 1634 ; 

3. Jfary, 1G34; bapt. at Lonth 12 Au?. 

Katherine, bur. 

mar. before 16 Jan. 

1621 ; mar. 1st to ... . Ely, 2ndly, at 

at Louth 14 

1630-40 to Thomas 

Stenig(;t, 16 June 1659, to Edward 

JIarch 1624-5. 

Ely of Utterbv; 

Hutchinson, clerk ; living 29 May IGGO. 

living 11 Xov. 1680. 

4. Catherine, 1G34; bapt. at Louth 6 

Jane, younger 
dau., mar. be- 

Anne, 1634 ; bapt. 

April 1625 ; mar. 1st, before 29 May 

fore 29 May 
1660 to Wil- 

at I^outh 2 ilay 

1660, to John Ellis, clerk ; remar. at 


Wispington,2 March 1665-6, to Richard 

liam Radley of 

Brocklesby, clerk ; living 1699 (7 July). 


Ursula,dan. of Guor^e^ 

-A. John Bolle of^ dan. 2. Cliarles 

liolle, 1 year old 
ur. at Louth 2(» 

Bradley of Lonth ; 

Thorpe Hall, 1 of in 1634 ; 1 

mar. 22 Sept. 1652 ; 

son and heir, Rit. j Jan. 1641-2. 

bi;r. at f.oiuh 17 July 

3 in 1634; bar. ! 


atLouthluSeiit. Rutland B' 

ile, bapt. 4 June, 



K , bur. at Loi 

th 31 Oct. 1624. 





Edward Bolle, 
under age 11 
Nov. 1 680 ; 
not mentioned 
iu his half- 
brother's will 
2 April 1609. 

1. Elizabeth, sister and co- 
heir, under a!::e 11 Nov. 
1C80 ; mar. at South Eik- 
ini?ton, T !March ]70>-0, 
to'Thonias Bosville, clerk. 

See Yorkshire Pedi^'ret 


2. Sarah, dan. and coheir, under age 
H Nov. 1680 ; mar. at St. John's, 
Lauuditon, 24 Feb. lGPi:i, Henry Eyre 
of Bramley in the parish of liraith- 
well, Yorks ; bnr. at Braithwell 
21 June 1700. He was bur. there 
2 April 1727. =r 

I I 
1. Charles Bolle 2. John Bolle of Thorpe Hall, born at 
of Thorpo Hall Louth 7 July 1657; heir of his 
and Hangh, brother, whose will he proved 7 July 
bapt. at Louth 1609 ; he had the manor of Jlei- 
11 July 1G56 ; bourn, Yorks, by devise of his grand- 
died unmar. mother Jane Bradley (her will dated 
Will dated 2 24 Aug. 1714, and proved 17 Feb. 
April, ])roved 1715-16) ; died 12, bur. at Louth 15 
(C.P.C.) 7 July March 1732-3. 

John Bolle, bapt. 20 July 
1653 ; bur. at Louth 26 
Feb. 1653-4. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 12 Feb. 
1654-5 ; bur. at Louth 11 
Jan. 1655-6. 

Margaret, dau. of . . . ., 
died''7Feb.l72S-0,Kt. 84. 

ISootl) of ixtUiiicjIjoImr. 

[MS. C. 23 Heralds' College. Harl. MS. 1550.] 
Arms. — Aryent, three loars' heads erect and craved sable. 

Adam de Booth.^p 

■William, son of=pSibell, dau. of Gilbert dc Brerctou, younger brother of William 
Adam de Booth, de Brereton, with whom he had the lands in Withershaw. 

Thomas de Booth.= 

John de Booth=p Agnes, dau. and heir of Gilbert de Barton, Lord of 
I Barton, Lancashire. 

Thomalvn Booth of Barton, Lancashire^Ellen, daa. of Robert Worsley. 



Jane,dau.ofSir=pl. John Booth of= 

Henry TralTord, Barton, Lanca- 

Knt. 1st wife, shire, son and 

A I heir. B 

VOL. I. 

. . . . dau. Alia, mar. Ist to William Leigh of 
of ... . Bagulegh,Cest.; 2ndly to Thomas 
2nd wife. Duncalf .... 



Piobcit r>ootli=f=l)owso, dan. and 
of Duuhiini, I coheir of Sir Wil- 
Ccst. liam Venablcs of 
I Bolk-w, 

BoOT}i of Dunham, Cest. 

■^ir Rosxer Eootl 
ifl'nnham. Knt 

=CathoTiuc, dau. and heir 
of Ralph Halt on of Mol- 
liugtoii, Cheshire. 

Booth of Dunham. 

I I I 

Laurence Booth, Sir Thomas^f I 

Bishop of Dur- Booth of of 

ham, Archbishop Barton, Lan- 

of York ; Lord cashire.Knt. 

Chancellor 20 
Sept. 1-2 Edward 
■. ; died 14S0. 


24 Julv 22 
Edward" IV., 

William Booth, 
Archbishop of 
York 4 Edward 


liam Car- 
rimjton of 
and widow 



I I I I 

Aline, mar. to Sir 
I]d\vard AVever. 

.... mar. to ... . 

Catherine, mar. to 
Thomas Radcliffe 
of Wimersky. 

Joaue. mar. to Tho- 
mas Southworth. 

^larcrorv, mar. 
to John Byron 
of Clayton, 

Alice, mar. to 
Robert Clifton. 

.Toane, mar. to 
Thomas Shir- 
borne of Angh- 

Thomas Booth Heury^Elizabeth, dau. and heir of William 
of Barton, Lan- Booth of i Gascaryk, Lord of Middle Soyle in 
cashire, son Middle ! Killingholme, by Johana (younger 
and heir. Soyle | sister and coheir of her brother 

=f= in the James de Reygate),dau. of William 

/jx parish of j de Reygate, Lord of Steeton, by his 

Booth of Killing- j wife Theophania, dau. and heir of 
Barton, holme, William de Fountayne of Killing- 

Lancashire. jjL, holme, Lincolnshire, by his wife 

Admiral. Theophania. dau. and cvheir of Sir 
William Ingham of Ingham, Lin- 
colnshire, JCnt. 

I I I I 

Mcholas Booth, 
died s.p. 

Richard Booth of 
Shrublan, Suffolk, 

.... mar. to ... . 

.... mar. to ... . 

AVilliam Booth of=pMargaret (? Eliza- Thomas 
^Middle Soyle iu beth),dau. of John Booth. 
Killingholme. Ayscongh. 

Robert Booth, 
a Priest. 

John Booth. 

John Booth of= 
Middle Soyle 
iu Killing- 

=Aunc, dan. 
of Richard 
of Irnham. 

died s.p. 


Died s.p. 

to William 

mar. to 

Thomas .... dau.=William=f=Ursula, dau. of 
Booth, of Eustace Booth, 
died s.p. Booth, .... 

Warcop of 


John Billosby of 
Billesbv; widow of 
Thomas Skipwith 
of Habrough. 

Anne, mar. 
to William 

Eleanor, mar. 
to Edward 
llanby of 

Eustace Booth. 




Jsabell, dan. of Wil--^,To!in Bootli of Middle Soylc^Eloanor, dau.=:\rary, dau. of 
linni l.>alli?oii of bur. at Killin>::h(.line 8 Julv i of . . . . Fitz- Thomas Ei' 

1st wife. , 1.">0G. . Will dated 1 July ; Williams of 
1 loGO; proved (C.F.C.) i Yorks. 2nd 
I Feb. 156G-7. I wife. 

of Pannton ; 
living 1 July 
loGU"; Srd 


i. Fi:incis Booth, 
unmar. 1 July 

. AVilliavn B^ 
July liCG. 

Winifred, unmar. 1 July 
lo6G ; mar. to John Os- 
borne of Grantham. 

2. Geor-e Bonth=pJaiie. dau. 3. Philip Booth, un- Bridget, mar. to Philip 
of Jliddleioxaud 1 of Ivhnnnd mar. 1 July loGG. Gardner of Bishop Norton. 

of Sleaford, un- 
mar. 1 July lo66. 

Radclilfe of — 

Langley, p]lizabeth Eleanor, Anne, mar. to Christopher 

Lancashire, mar. 1 July 15GG. Clayton of Lea. 

i r I I I I I I I 

Dorothy, mar. 1st to Eichard Newell Elizabeth, mar. to Seven other daus. 

of the "Isle of Wight, 2ndly to Tho- Edward Feim of 

mas Sha of Aldinghara, Lancashire. London, merchant. 

2. nolci-oft=pKatherine, dau. of . . . .; 
Bootli of widowof David Armstrong 
SIeaf.,rd, : of Sleaford. ('■ Katheriue 
ait. jl in Dickenson" and "David 
1G34. , Armstrong" are mentioned 

as " servants of my b'ln 
Robert" in the will of Ro- 
bert Cannnock of Sleaford, 
mercer, 19 Jan. lCOi-5.) 

Gerard Booth=Jeri:imina, Gerard 

of G'-ay's Inn dau. of Booth. 

John Boylo — 

of the city Edward 

of Here- Booth, 

and Harrow- 
oil - the - Hill, 
living 7 June 
1607 ; I sou 

I I 

1. Joseph Booth, son and Frances. 
heir, ret. 10 in lGo4. 

Thomas Booth of Swineshead, a Captain, 
bur. at Sleaford 5 Jan. lGGi-5. 

Elizabeth, ^Thomas Booth of KillinglKihne, son aud = Cecily, dan. and heir of Wil- 
dau. of I heir, prov.jd his father's will ulto. Feb. liam Gardner of Bishoj) 
John Ays- I i:-GG-7 ; bur. at Killingholiiie 22 June Norton ; bur. there 28 April 
couuh. I 1581. 1590. 

I Aiithr/ny P.ooth, bur. Robert :\Iurgaret, Eiizaboth, mar. Catherine, mar. 

it Killing!inlio''.=>Ffli. P..joth. mar. to at Killing- at Killing- 

,GlG-)7." Adm'on to — Rubi-rt holme, 4 Nov. holme, 1 Out. 

eliet Mary. William I\roiirktou 1577, to George 1.578, to Wil- 

^ Booth. of Wharam Booth of Go.k- liam Savage. 

— Grange. hill. 

Faitli, bapt. at KiUiugholme 25 ]\Iay 1G02 ; bur. there 18 April 1605. 




1. John==Martiia. dnu. of Elizai'cth. dau. of JoIui=pRoger Booth=Alicc, daii. of 
Booth of 
soa and 
there 23 

. Hiitlcr of Cooke of 'J'honuon Ciir- j of Thornton 
Bedham, Bods ; tis; widow of Edward | Curtis, bur. 
Booth of the same ; mar. i there 1 Dec. 
■20 Oct. 1.">0S : bur. -20 : 1027. 
Jan. IGdO-lO at Thorn- I 
ton. 1st wife. 

bur. at Kiliinp;- 
iiolme l.'j Jan. 

Hartin ; 
mar. 12 June 
IGIO; bur. 
C Oct. 1G26 
at Thornton 
Curtis. 2nd 

Anne, bapt. at Thornton Curtis 17 Sept. IGOl. 

1. W 

Booth of Killint'-=:\Iary, dau. of William Willoutrlibv, 1st son of 

holme, son and heir, baiit. at Charles, 2nd Baron Willoughb}-, of Barbara ; 
Killiugholme 4 Oct. 1580 ; mar. at Gainsborough 5 March 1601-2 ; living 
died SO Jan., bur. at Killing- at Bishops Norton^ a widow, 2-1 May 1C22 ; 
holme 2 Feb. 161G-17, s.p. remar. there, 16 April 1G2-1, to Thomas Fox of 

Matherby, Yorks. 

2. George Booth of Killingholme, bapt.=pp]lizabeth, dau. 

there29 Aug. 1582 ; heir of his brother I of Marmaduke 

William ; died 1 April 15 Jac. I. ; bur. I Moncktou of 

at KiUiunholme 3 April 1617. Will ! Cavill, Yorks ; 

dated 29 March 1C17 ; proved (C.P.C.) ; proved her hus- 

9 June 1618, then described of Cavill, j band's will 9 

Y'orks. . June 1618. 

3. Charles Booth, bapt. 
at Killingliolme 20 Oct. 

^Margaret, bapt. at Kil- 
lingliolme 12 Oct. 1583 ; 
bur. there IGOt. 

2. John 

3. George Booth, 


1634 ; a posthu- 

29 March 

mous son, bapt. 


at Killingholme 

14 Sept. 1617. 


1. Mary, 29 March 1617 ; 
bapt. at Killingholme 19 
July I6117 ; mar. to Ed- 
ward ]*IiJdlemore of Bar- 

2. Martha, 29 March 
1617 ; mar. to Wil- 
liam Scroi.)e of Little 
Cotes. Will dated 
18 Feb. 1660-61. 

1. William Booth of Killingholme 1634, son and heir ;=pElizabeth, dau. of John 

born 20, bapt. at Killingholme 24 Nov. 1608 ; a3t. 8 at 
his father's death ; Captain in the Train Bands 1642; of 
Great Grimsby 1651 ; bur. at Killingholme 26 Dec. 1057. 
Adm'on (C.P.C.) 19 July 1600, then described of East 

Wright of :Market 
Rasen ; mar. there 13 
June 1631 ; bur. at Kil- 
lingholme i'6 Dec. 1059. 

Anne, bapt. 9, Mary, bapt. at Killingholme 2 April 

bur. 11 Aug. (born 26 March) 1633 ; mar. at 

1640 at Kil- East Itasen, 2j Jan. 1652-3, to Wil- 

lingholme. liam Fennet. 

EliMbeth, Kt. ], 1634 ; 
born and bapt. 0, bur. 
13 Feb. 1033-4 at Kil- 


3. William Booth, 
born 17 July,l'apt. 
26 July lC;iO ; 
bur. 28 Nov. 1652 
at Killingholme. 

4. Thomas Booth, born 3, 
bapt. at Killingholme 4 Oct. 
1637; mar. lie. 23 Xov. 1670, 
" Thomas Booth of East 
Rasen, gent., aud Elizabeth 
MiJdlemore, widow, of 

5. Marmaduke 
Booth, bapt. 23 
May 1639; bur. 
2 Mar. 1640-41 
at Killing- 


C. Edmund 
Booth, bapt. 
at Killiug- 
h..lme 12 
Nov. 1037. 




1. George Booth, 
son amlTicir, boru 
8 and liapt. at 
Killingholme 15 
ilarcli 1 Go 1-2 ; 
a3t. 2, 1C34. 

Anne, dan.; 
and coheir 
of London; Kil- 
MaV ir.GS. 

•2. John ] of Harps wcll,= 
born 23 Feb., bapt. at Kil- 
Hngholme H ilarch 1G34-5 ; 
GeutlemanCommonerof Lin- 
cohi ColleL'e, Oxou, 1G50 ; 
adm'or of his father 19 July 
IGCO, then called "son and 
heir;" J.I*, for Lindwy 107?. 
also of Market Kasen, and 
bur. there. 

died s.p. 

I I I 

Elizabeth. Mary, mar. 

died .s.p. to William 

— Osgodby of 

Anne, died Osgodby. 

Martha, bapt. at East 
Raseu 3 Xov. 1 (3(1.5 ; mar. 
to George Fitzwilliam 
of Withern ; bur. at 
Witheru 24 April 1722. 

f='Mary, dan. of John 
I Lodington of Ful- 
! nethy, and his co- 
I heir : born 1650 ; 
! remar. to Edward 

Dymoke of Wad- 
j dingworth ; died 

22, bur. at Market 
I Kascu 25 June 

1740, fEt. 90. Will 

dated 13 ]\Iay 1731, 
! then of the Close 

of Lincoln, widow ; 

proved (at Lincoln) 
; IG April 1741. 
I 2nd wife. 

Elizabeth, Anne, mar. to Edward Mary, born 1G75 ; mar. 1st, at St. Mar- 

bapt. at Tournay of Caenby ; garet's in the Close of Lincoln, 28 Jan. 

EastlJasen ex'trix of her mother 13 1700-1, to Charles Xewcomen of Lincoln, 

(after Oct.) May 1731, then a widow, woollen draper; 2ndly, before 13 May 

1674. Will dated 22 Jan. 1731, to . . . . Halkshaw ; died 17 Jan. 

1743-4; proved 21 Jan. 1732-3, a;t. 58; bur. at St. Peter-at- 

1745-C. Arches. 

William Booth 
of the Close of 
Lincoln, bur. 
at East Rasen 
18 Oct. 1707. 

John Booth of ^larket Rasen, 1st snr-- 
viving son, bapt. at East Rasen 12 
Feb. 1673-4 ; sold Killingholme and 
East Ha'ton between 17(^14 and 1710 
(he lived afterwards at Spittal) ; died 
intestate ; bur. 2G ^^lay 1719, rot. 45, 
at East Rasen. 

Anne, dan. 

Thomas Booth 

of Henry 

of London and 



of Os- 

Hall, f.tctor. 



1. Henry Booth, born 1709 ; entered at 
Trinity College, Cambridge, 1 April 
1727, ffit. 18 ; a legatee of his grand- 
mother 13 '^l&j 1731, then under age ; 
a Major in the Army. He lived chiefly 
at Utterby, and left no legitimat.e issue. 

2. John Booth of Hun,=^. . 
born 1710 ; a legatee of , of , 
his grandmother 13 May 
1731, then under age ; 
Alderman of Hull. 

Benj.amin Haworth of . . . ., eldest surviving son of Tho-— .Vnne, oidy surviving 
mas Haworth of .... by hi.s wife Maiy, dau. and coheir child and' sole heir, 
of Benjamin Blavdes, Esq., of . . . ., anti £rreat-grandniece mar. 175C ; died 
of Andrew Marvell, M.P. (See Yorkshire Pedigrees.) | March 1784, at. 48. 




8. Thomas Booth, bora IT 12 

niotiicT l;?. May 1731, uiulor atre ; Keotor of Thonuon 
lc-Mn,,r Jfav 1711, and of East Kascii April 1742 
did 4, bur. at East Kaseu 6 Dec. 17(U, xt. 52. 

Henry BooUi. 1. Auua .Alaria, 

only son, bapt. bapt. 20 Aug. 

at Alford 15 1743; bnr. 5 

July 1742. Feb. 1743-4. 

a legatee of his granJ-^f-'Anna JIaria, dan. of .Tohii 
; Andrews of Alford ; bora 
' 1713 ; died C, bur. at 
' Mi-irketRasen>JSept.l779, 
I a?t. 66. 

4. ilary, bapt. 
9 Aug. and 
bur. 19 Nov. 
1747 at East 

I I 

2. Anne, bapt. 3. Auua ^Jlaria, 

19 Sept. and bapt. at East 

bur. OOet. 1744 Rasen 11 Mar. 

at East Rasen. 1745-0. 

35ootI) oi iBoxljill 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. :\I.S. 1550.] 

AiiMS. — Argent, three hours' heads erased, erected sable, armed or, with a muscle for 
difference gules. 

Gilbert Booth, 2ud sou of ... . Booth of Bai-tou, was the=p 
first that came into Lincolnshire, and lived at Goxhill. I 

Christoplier Booth of East Halton, sou and heir.= 

Thomas Booth of=^ 
Goxhill. I 

John Booth of-^ 
East Halton. 

Henry Booth of Goxhill, died-i=Mary, dau. of .lohii llop- 
14Jun.301k-uryVIII.,1538-9. kinson of Liiieolu.,dan.ofRo- 
Bootli of j bert (or William) 
Wootton. Xeelc of Halton. 

Nicholas Booth of Gox-^ 
hill, son and heir, aH. 
IG aud more 20 Oct. 
31 Henry VIII. 

Elizabeth, dan. of=p Georcje - 

Thomas Booth of : Boothof 


at Kiilingholine 4 

Nov. 1577 ; bur. 

at Goxhill 21 Dec. 

1580. Ist wife. 

bur. at 
17 Dec. 

Ursula, only dau. and 
heir to her mother. 

^Catherine, dau. Barttiolomew 

of Richard Wei- Booth of Gox- 

by of Gedney ; hill, mar. at 

bapt. at Gedney St. Peter-at- 

28 Nov. 15Uo ; Arches, Liu- Washing- coin, 14 May 

borough 24 Oct. 15'J'J, Alice 

1580 ; bur. at Elward of 

Goxhill 21 April Spalding. 
1599. 2nd wife. 

^\lice, dau. of 
John Poysall 
(or Pisall) of 

W illiam Booth. 

Mary, mar. to 
John Butler of 
Goxhill, "cousin 
to . . . '. Butler 
of Coates," at 
Goxhill 14 May 



1. ]Ieiirv=pEliza- 
Booth of botii, 
and heir, 
bur. at 

4 Jii!y 

dau. of 
port of 

I I 
2. Edward Ik.oLli. 
bapt. at Goxhill 
2 April 1507; of 
ber 3 May ir,2i', 
and of Fcrribv L'O 
April 1G24. 

Alice, mar. at Gox- 
hill, 10 An5:.u:uO, 
to Henry Smyth. 

I I I 

Jane, bur. at 
Goxhill I'JXov. 

Manrari.'t, mar. lie. 
1>0 May K.17, .Tohii 
Ed-erloy of Woot- 

Aiiues. bajH. 

Goxhill i'9 Sept. Elizabeth, mn 


'Slary, mar. to 
S"n of Rartou- 

14 Sept. lOlG, "Wil- 
liam Soincifield of 
geiit., SCi, aud Eliza- 
beth I3ootli,spr., -21." 

1. George Booth of 2. Thomas 

Goxhill, son and Booth of Gox- 

heir, bapr. at Gox- hill 1G34; mar. 

hill 24 June 1017; Elizabeth.dau. 

ffit. 17, 1634; mar. of 

Alice, dan. of ... . =F 

3. Francis Bonth, 

I I 

I I 

4. William Booth, 2. :Magda 
bapt. at Goxhill len. 
10 Sqit. 1C2C. 

3. Eli 

4. Brid- 

bapt. at 
14 Oct. 

1. Lockhart Booth, 
bapt. 1^5 Oct. 1649; 
bur. at Goxhill 10 
Feb. 1682-3. Will 
dated 8 Feb., proved 
6 March 1682-3 at 

2. William 
bapt. 24 


bur.atG ox- 
hill 20 Xov. 

bapt. at 
23 Dec. 
1650; lega- 
tee 1682-3. 

Frances, bapt. at 
Goxhill (born) 8 Jan. 

Penelope, legatee iu 
her brotlier Lock- 
hart's will 1GS2-3. 

1. William Booth of Wootton, mar. at Thed- 
dlethorpe, 13 Jan. 1580-81, Anne, dau. of 
George Pormont of Great Grimsby and 
Theddlethorpe. She was bur. at Wootton 
25 March 1639. (.Mar. lie. 17 July 1627, 
" Eoger Booth of Thornton Curtis, a^'cd 50, 
and Anne Booth of AVoocton, widow.") 

Edward=pElizabeth, dau. of John 
Booth of ' Cooke of ThorntonCur- 
Thorn- ' tis ; mar. at Wootton 
ton Cur- j 10 July 1582 ; remar. 
tis, dead j at Thornton, 26 Oct. 
1634. j 1598, Ptoger Booth of 
I Thornton ; bur. there 


2'3 Jan. 1609-10. 

1. John Booth of Wootton 1634, son 
and heir ; bapt. at Wootton 4 Aug. 
1594; of Gray's Ian 24 May 1614°; 
mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Mas- 
singbcrd of Louth aud Guuby (mar. 
lie. 19 Dec. 1618, he Kt. 24, she 19). 
She was bur. at AVootton 28 Sept. 
1C63. = 


I I 

Huther, bapt. at 
Wootton 7 Aug. 
1581 ; mar. to 
Ptobert llalton. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at Wootton 21 
Sept. 1582. 

bapt. at 
11 April 




I I I 

William Booth, bapt. 
at Wootton 12 Due. 
ICIO ; bur. there 22 
Dec. 1630. 

John Booth, br. 
Wootton 14 


Ti;oinas Bootli, 
at AVootton S 

)t. at 


I I I 

at Wootton 31 Auj^'. 

Kcnrj Booth, bni>t. 
at Wootton 1 April 

Christopher Booth, 
bapt. at Wootton 4 
An":. lG2t). 

I I 

WiUiaui Booth, 
bapt. at Wootton 
21 Get. 1033; a 
Captain in the Lin- 
coln ililitia 1G80 ; 
bur. at Wootton C 
April 1G94. 

Jane, mar. at Woot- 
ton, 20 July 1G53, 
to Thomas Stow, 
Bcctorof Fullabv. Oct. 1C3C. 

I I 
Anne, bapt. 
at Wootton 
mar. there, 1 
Jan. 10.!).5-6, 
to William 

bapt. at 
Wootton G 

Jane, dau. of Bennet Serjeat ; widow^pJohn Booth=i=Annc, dau. of Thomas Thom- 
of Henry Markham ; mar. 20 April of East Hal- son of Thouoek ; mar. 4 Nov. 

1580 ; 

bur. at Wootton 10 Jui 
1st wife. 

1593 ; bur. at Wootton 
Sept. 1G27. 2nd wife. 

1. William Booth of Great^^Mary, dau. 
Grimsby and of Wootton i of Daniel 
and Croston 1G34; bapt. i Aylmer, 
at Wootton 21 Xov. 1.590 ; j sister of 
Mayor of Grimsby 1G35 and | Sir John. 
1 C39 ; farmer of the Parson- 
ag;c of Wootton; bur. at Great 
Grimsby 17 Jan. 1658-9. 

I I 

2. Thomas Booth, 
had a son John, 
bapt. at Wootton 
26 July 1G32. 

3. John Booth. 

]Mary, bapt. at 
Wootton 23 Jlay 
1.590; mar. at 
Thornton Curtis, 
IC Dec. 1017, to 
Thomas Lovell of 
Skeltun, Yorks. 

1. Aylmer Booth of Great Grimsby, ret. 18 
1C34 ; Mayor of Grimsbv 1007; mar. Eliza 


beth, dan. of. ... ; bur." at Great Grimsby bur. at 

10 Nov. IGSO. She was bur. at Great Wootton 

Grimsby 2 Aug. 1078. 2 April 

=r 1C21. 

Mary, bapt. at Great Grimsby 5 July 1044 

Jlary, bapt. 10 
Xov. 1 CSS; bur. 
at Great Grims- 
by 3 Jnne 

bur. at 
14 June 

Theophihis Booth=pGrace, dau. of 

Aylmer Booth, bapt. at Great Grimsby 12 April (born 27 ilarch) 1000. 


William Booth of Xewl.iH in parir^li of Slaintoii. Will dated 2 Feb.=r 
1701-2 ; codicil 2'J Dec. ITOi' ; pruved 2o Jan. 1702-3. 

Rich.ard Boot 

h cf Wvhara. Will datcd = Mildred John Booth— -Hannah, dau. 

2i Dec. 1711 

; proved oO April 171o ; .... of Isling- | of 

. . . ; liv- 

mentions kn 

sniau Thoiuas liooth of ton, living; ini; 

m 1753. 

East Torring 

on. la 1711. 

John Booth, 

William Booth of Grebbv, under age=Sarab, ilary. 

1 1 

bom after 

iul702;s.p. Will dated2 Jan. 1753-i; dau. of 


1702; living 

proved 13 April 17.'. J- ,- mentions his .... 


in 1753. 

brother John Booth, his cousin 


Robert Booth, and his sister Ann 




AVilliam Booth of Stainby in parish of Ashbj- Pncrorum,=j= Anii=rGeorge Story. 

living in 1714. 1 

William Booth=pIsabella, dau. of Thomas Brackenbury of Spilsby Hannah, 
of Aswardly. , by Elizabeth Rogers ; ba]>t. at Spilsby 22 June legatee in 
|169S. Will dated 29 May (then "of Spilsby, grand- 
widow") ; proved 11 Xov. 1732. father's wi 

Isabella, heiress, cx'trix to her mother in 1732; legatce^Carr Brackenbury, bapt. at 
of her uncle Carr Brackenbury in 1741 (see p. IGS). Spilsby 3 Deo. 1717. 

[XoTF.. — The .il>ove pcdiirrce i< compiled solfly fiTim wills at Lincoln. The family may have 
been an ofishoot of the Booths of Gosbill.— A. R."M.] 

BosUicIl of g^outl) Zljoxt^h}). 

Ar^is. — Arr/cnf, five fusils in fcssc yuhs, in chief (line hears' heads erased, 
muzzled sable. 

Roger Boswell of=f Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Thorpe of 
Torksey, dead in I Minting; remar. 1st .... Jackson, 
1 580. 2ndly John Reade of Wrangle. 

Robert Boswell of BilBby=p dau. of ; Judith= Robert Alice=John B 

and South Thoresby, 
legatee of his uncle Rich- 
ard Johnson of Claxby 
15 Sept. 1007 ; living at 
Boston 1015. A 

VOL. 1. 

uxor Roberti Wolby lesby of 

Boswell ; " bur. at ' of Bils- Billesby. 

South Thoresby 20 by. 

May 1C40. 




Judith, bapt. at r.ilsby=Keginald Maoris of Alice, bur. at Katliai'iiic, bapt. at 
14 April 1604; mar. Doniiigton, Kt. 24 Bilsby 19 Bilsbv 10 Sept., 
lie. 28 Dec. 1G23. in 1 023. Aus. ICll. bur. 10 Oct. 1011. 

bapt. at 
8 Nov. 

:Dorotbv. dan. Franccs,=pJohn Boswell of Souths 

of Kev." Hugh dau. of TllOl■e^l.y, bur. there 

ilapletoft, " John Day 20 ilay It'SO ; ex'or 

Rector of of Saus- | of his cousiu Thomas 

North Thores- thorpc ; | Johnson of Claxby 29 

bv ; bapt. 14 dead in ' Aug- ■"''"' 

.June 1C07. IGGl. 1st I 


=Mary, dan. of Ro- 
bat Newcomeu of 
Revesby ; mar. lie. 
ir.Ol ; " bur. at 
S.Dnth Thoresby 22 
July 1C87. 2ud 

I I I 

Robert Boswell, Hvini,' 
5 Feb. 1657-8. 

John Boswell, bapt. 
at Alford 12 March 
1640-41 ; bur. there 
24 March 1G44-5. 

Mary, bapt. at Alford 
19 July 1639; living 
uumar. 1657-8. 

.\lice,= Dvniok-e 
s.p. AVal- 

]ioIe of 

Thomas Lodinr;toii = 
of East Kirkbv, 
died 1673, s.p. 1st 


= Eliza- 

2nd hus- 

Frances, heir to her=T\'i!liaiu Smithson.^I.D., 
mother and her aunt of St. George's, Bluoms- 
Aliee Walpole. bury, Loudon. 

I I 

Robert Boswell, Yere Boswell, bur. 

bur. at South at South Thoresby 

Thoresby 25 5 March 1693-4, 

Feb. 1703-4, s.p. s.p. 

John Boswell, s.p. 
"Will dated 6 Feb. 
1603-4 ; proved 3 
Aug. 1694. 

Mary, bur. at South 
Thoresby 10 July 

John Wolley= 
of Alford. 
Will dated 16 
May, proved 
5 Sept. 1687. 
1st husband. 

:Anne, bapt.= 
at South 
Feb.l 662-3. 

: Henry 

Noah Mot-=j=iIary, bapt. at=pWilliam Mar- 
tram of South Thoresby | woodofLang- 
Cawthorpe. ! 2 Jan. 1670-71. tou-by-AVrag- 
Ist hus- I WiIldated9May i by. 2nd hus- 
band. I 1727 ; proved j band. 
I 11 July 1728. I 

[Note. — The above pedigree is pnrtly Mr. Lnrken's coiiipilation fiom v.ills and registers. I 
printed it vrith largo additions in Giijboiis' '-Notes on the Visitation of 1C34," Parts 9, 10, 
11, 12.— A. R. M.] 



Bottcljcrttt of ilortfj SEltUtngljain auti 

Arms. — A:iire, a code or. 
Crkst. — .1 cockatrice or. 

Mathcw DouchoK-tt of London, apoihe-=pAuiio, dan. and heir of Florcii- 
carj, and of North Williughuiu, a native I tine Taintnrier of Xortli Wil- 
of Franco ; naturalized 1G44. liiigliam. 

Rev. Mathew Bou-=pSarah,dau. of^^atthew David Boucherott. Prn- Jane, 

cherctt, Clerk, of | Iluugerford of Chis- — deuce. — 

Willingjiam ; died ; bury, co. Wilts. AVilliam Bouchcrett. Mary. 


ISIathew Bouchcrett of Wil-^Isabella, dan. and coheir of Sir Edward Ays- 

lingham, Sheriff of Lincoln 
170G; bur. at Stalling- 
borough 2 Feb. 1748-0. 

cough of South Kclsey and Stallingborough 
bapt. at South Kelsey, St. Mary, 13 June 
1691 ; bur. al Stallin^iborough 23 Oct. 1748. 

Ayscough Boucherett of=^Mary, dau. of ... . 
Willingham and Stal- ; White ; died . in 
lingborough, only son ; King Street, St. 
Shenft'of Lincoln 1754; James's Square, 20 
died 31 Aug. 1769. ' Aug. 1788. 

Letitia, bapt. at 
North Willing- 
ham 15 Aug. 
1711 ; bui-. at 
25 June 1747. 

I I 



Isabella, bapt. at 
North Willing- 
ham 27 Sept. 
1715 ; bur. at 
2 Dec. 1716. 

Ayscough Boucherett of Wil-=pEniilia, dau. of Charles 

lingliani and Stallingborough, 
born IG April 1755 ; Colonel 
of tiie Lincolnshire Yeomanry; 
Shei'iff of Lincoln 1795; twice 
M.P. for Great Grimsby 179 C; 
died 15, bur. 23 Sept. 1815 at 
North Willingham. 

> r-T 

Crokett of Lusborough 
Hall, Essex ; mar. at St. 
George's, Hanover Sq., 
London, 17-18 March 
1789 ; died at Harefield 
Place, Middlesex, 9, bur. 
14 Oct. 1837 at North 
WilliuKham, st. 75. 

iLary, bapt. at Stalling- 
borough IG Dec. 1764 ; 
" dau. of Ayscough Bou- 
cherett, Esq., and ilary 
Whice"; mar., 20 Oct. 
1798, to Michael Barne 
of Sotterly and Dunwich, 
Lieut. -Col. 7ch Dragoons, 
M.P. for Dunwieh. 

Ayscongh BoucherettofWilling-=pLouisa, youngest dau. of Frederick John Pigou 
ham, born 23 or 24 Sept. 1791 ; of Dartford, Kent ; mar. at St. George's, Han- 
bapt. at Lancaster ; Sheriff of over Square, London, 11 May (3 or 11 June) 
Liucolijshire 1819. 1816 ; died at Brighton 5 Feb. 1873, xi. 78. 

1. Ayscough Bou- 
cherett, born 22 
June 1817 ; died 
6 Aug. 1832; bur. 
at North Willing- 

2. Henry Piobert Bou- 
cherett of Willingham, 
Chairman of Spilsby 
Quarter Sessions; born 
23 Aug. 1818 ; in the 
17th Jjancers ; died 
unmar. 8 June 1877. 

3. Hugo 
born 31 Dec. 
1819; died, 
a;t. 20. 

1. Louisa, boru 2 Jan. 
1821 ; died unmar. 
21 Dec. 1895. 

2. Emilia Jessie, born 
25 Nov. 1825 ; living 
umnar. 1901. A 


tixcoL>'snirvi; pedigrees. 


1. Emilia ^lary, born 7 Aug. 
1790 ; b;\pt. at St. James's, 
London ; died iiumar. at Ar- 
burv, near Xuiieaton, Warwick, 
29 Nov. 1S70. 

2. Maria, born 30 Oct. 1795; 
bapt. at North Wiliini,'liam ; 
mar., l.j Aue:. 1815, to Charles 
New de-ate of Ilarefiold, Middle- 
sex, and Arbury, Warwick, s.p. 

3. Juliana, bapt. 
at North Wil- 
lintrliam 27 April 
1798 ; died uu- 

^oulton of ISartincj^. 

Henry J]onIton=^Ann .... Will dated S, proved 26 Oct. 1G3S, of Young- Lyon 

of Bardney, wood in parish of Bardiiey ; mentions her brother-iu-law Boul- 

dead iu 1638. Lyon Boultou, sister Helen Brown, " brother Mr. Thomas ton. 
Pinchbeck and my sister Jlrs. Cassandra his wife." 

I I I 


Geortre Bonlton. 

Luke BouUon, 
es'or 1C38. 

Henry Boulton,of Lang- 
ton-by-Wragliy, younger 
son, 1G38 ; bur. at Lang- 
ton 18 June 1C80. Will 
dated G Oct. 1G79 ; 
proved 22 July 1680. 

:Elizabet]i, dan. 
ofAnthouy Gib- 
bon of Langtou 
and Stiswold, 
by Helen, dan. 
of John Cater of 


Frances, ='J'houia8 
1G38. Pinch- 

beck of 
in parish 
of Bard- 


Anne, mar.=Thomas Elm- Frauct-s.bapt. Abigail, bapt. at Grace, bapt. at 

lG'?5;died23 hirstof Boston, atLangtonl7 LangtonllJau. Langton 12 

Feb. 1G93-4, died 2 Feb. April 1066. 1CC9-70 ; mar. MaylG7J:; mar. 

ffit. 32. lC96-7,iEt.47. William Wright Blow. 

Helen, bapt. at Lann-ton C Nov. 
1C53 ; mar. PlBV. William Digh- 
ton,Piectorof Buckuall; s.p. Will 
dated 8 May 1734, then of Horn- 
castle ; proved 1734. His will 
dated 22 May, proved 1 Aug. 1702. 

Elizabeth, bapt. = Jiangley 
at Langton 19 Gace of 
Dec. 1655; mar. Pauton. 
there 31 July 

^laiy, bapt. at 
Langton 25 Feb. 
lGGO-61 (:');bur. 
23 Feb. 1674-5. 

nenry^pElizaboth, only child Anthony Boulton,=pFrances, 

Bonl- of Norton Bryan of bapt. at Langton '. bur. at 

ton of Bolingbroke by Isc 6 Sept.lGGl. "Will i Wisp- 

Stix- wife. Will dated 24 dated 2 May 1710; I ington 

wold. June 1738, then of the proved 25 June j 7 June 

cityofLincoln; proved 1711 (Line.). 
21 Jan. 174f ~ 


ton of Thim- 
bleby. Will 
dated 25 June 
1737 ; proved 
13 Oct. 1738. 


Henry Boulton, bapt. at Wisp- AnthonyBoiilton, Francis Boul- Michael 

iuglon 14 Feb. 1692-3 ; living bapt. at Wragby ton, living Boulton. 

1710; cx'or to his father's will 10 June 1C91 ; 1710. 

living 1710. 

LiXCOLXsnilU; rv.DIGllEES. 


I I I 

Refl)crt Boiiltonof nonica>tle. Will Klizai'Ctli, iiiur. Robert Mar; 

datt^d C Oct. 1748 ; proved 10 Oct. Clarke. Dubi 

1750; ex'uriul734of Helen Dighton. nail. 

Henry BouViOii=pAlice, dan. and en 

Anthony Gcoro'e Bonlfon of=. 

of Stixwold. 
Will dated 28 
Sept. 17S3 ; 
proved 17 Dec. 

of Jaiucs r)Oiton of F>oiikon, 
Monkon ; bapt. there trustee 
12 Aug. IfiOS ; raav. to his 
there 17 Jan. 1716-17. nephew 

Lincoln Close, M.l).; dan. 
s.p. Will dated 14 of 
June 174G ; proved . . . 
9 Jan. 1747-S ; ex'or 
in 1734 of Helen 

Susannah, dau. of=Henrv P..>ul-=f Sarah, dan. of=f :Mary.dau. Alice,born 1 Sept. 

Robert Butler of ton of .Moul- 

Spalding ; widow ton, a minor 

of JohiiBeridgeof in 1733; mem- 

Algarkirk ; died bet of the 

10 Nov. 1740, ret. Board of 

28 ; bur. at Moui- Green Cloth ; 

ton. 1st wife. died 10 Dec. 

Thomas r.uck- of Darey 1722; died 6 Dec. 

worthofSpald- Preston of 1783. Will dated 

ing ; died 17 ' Askham 4 April 1781; 

Jan. 1764, rot. Bryan, co. proved 13 Dec. 

IS ; bur. at York; died 1783. 
Moulton. 2nd : Feb. 1770. — 

wife. I 3rd wife. Elizabeth, mar. 

Rev. JohuLinton. 

Elizabeth=fRt'V. Charles Knight- Henry Boulton, Darcy Boul- George Boulton, 
ley of Presiou Capes, died 11 :March ton, Judge died 16 Aug. 
CO. Northampton. 1828, ret. 71. in Canada. 1843, ret. 82. 

Sir Rainald Ivnightley, Bart. 4-. 4- ^ 

Jlar. lie. 19 Oct. 1619, " George Boulton of Bardney, yeom., aged 35, and Alice 
Creswell of Lincoln, spr., aged 34." 

[Note.— I hnve cotirely rewritten thi; podigroe, with coasiderable additions. — A. K. M.] 

BcuiUapnc of fl^arjiDortfjinfrfjam, 

[Hcrl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Argcnf, a dcmi-eagh clisplayed {the dexter aide) sable, beaked and 
membered guli.s. 

John Boantayne of Hawford, Hereford.=r 

Henry Bountayne of Hawford,=pirargaret, dau. and coheir of Thomas 
Hereford, vide " s:cales and I Blount ; bister and coheir of Robert 
Descent," fol. 48(i'). Blount of Hagworthingham. 




.... d^u.^pFrancis r.ouiitayne of Boston and—Mary, dan. of Kich- Anne, mar. 
of ... . I Ilair\vortl)iu2hara, died K'l Deo. 1 J j ard AVimbisbe of to ... . 
Girlinirton. Eliz. Will dated 13 Eli?,., 1571. r.hmkury. PoUe. 

llaiy, mar. to Tlioiiias Bouutayne of=^Katlierine. dan. of Anne, mar. to Wil- 

Kicliard Per- Hatrworthingham, son ' "William Yaxley of Ham Bradley of 

kiusuf Battes- and heir; xt. 7, 15 i Bosion 5 St-pt. Xaseby, PicL'tor of 

worth. Eliz., 1572-3. i 15G6 ; hapt. there, that place 1585-6. 

Thomas Bountayue, a Edward Bonntayne, 

legatee of his uncle bapt. at Ilorneaslle 

Sir Robert Yaxley 29 29 Nov. 1G02 ; bur. 

May U'28. " there 15 Jan. 1C02-3. 

Katharine, l.iapt. JIary, a legatee of 
at }[orncastIe 4 her uncle Sir Ro- 
Sopt. 1C04-. bert Yaxley 29 

May lf)28. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Argent, a lion rampant heticeen three eross-crosslets fitcJiec guks. 
Ckest. — On a torse argent and azure, i^suanl out of a towtr gules, a denii-dragon 
armed and langued azure of the second. 

(Granted 9 April 18 Eliz. by Sir Gilbert Dethick, Garter, to 
Ralph Bowyer, Esq.) 

.... Bowyer of the ancient house cf AVilliam Bowyer of=p 
Knypersley in the county of Stafford. 

1. John Bo\v-=pBeatri 
yer of Hit- i dau. 
chin, Herts, j Stepln 
Sergeant-at- Tofe of 



2. Ralph B(:.wyer, Sergeant-at-=Margaret, dau. of Lionel 
Arms, Lord of ye manor of Reresby of Thribergh, 
Bottesford 5 Eliz., 15t53; had a Yorks; living a widow 
crest from Dethick, Garter, 9 
April 18 Eliz., 157C; purchased 
lands at Bottesford 23 April 
18 Eliz., 1576 ; died about 

and lady of the manor 
of Bottesford 1590. 
Adm'on G Feb. 1593-4 
to Eleanor Tyrwhitt 
her sister. 

Stephen Bowyer of EastliorjX'^Susan, dau. of Henry Bowyer 
2G Xov. 1C19; joined in ye j SirHenryAys- of Bottesford, 
sale of Brotherhed House and cough of Ely- 
supervisor of his father-in- borough, Knt.; 

mar. before 1 9 

Oct. IGll. 

laws will 19 Oct. 1611 ; living 
1641 ; a near kinsman of 
Robert LillingsLon. 

Henry Bowyer, con and heir. 

sold the Bro- 
therhed House 
in Hitchin, 
Herts, to Ed- 
ward Dockwra 
before 1 March 

^Elizabeth, dau. 
of Francis Bul- 
linghamof Lin- 
coln City ; re- 
mar, at Bottes- 
ford, 2 ilarch 
1G21-2, to Ed- 
mund Morley of 



1. Francis 

■2. Thomas r>ov.-yer, bapt. at Rot t Ox- 


John Bow- 

1 1 
Mary, bapt. at 


ford 13 Jan. 1012-13; mentioned 

yer, bapt. 

Bottefford 20 

of Bottcs- 

in his aunt .... Lillins;5ton's will, 

at Bottcs- 



to whicli he is wirucss, 21 Ans;. 

ford 7 Feb. 

there 29 :Mav 

bapt. there 

1035. (Thomas Bowver of North 

1009-10 ; 


3] Dcr. 

"Willinjiham, Clerk. Will dated 12 

died s.p. 



May, proved 1 June 1041, his 

Beatrix, bapt. 

brothers John and James Bowjcr 

at Bottcsford 


10 Aug. 1014. 

SiLsanna, bapt. at Bottesford 
3 Feb., bur. there 6 March 

Elizabctli, bapt. at Bottes- 
ibrd 7 March 1017-18 ; bur. 
there 2 June 1018. 

I I 

3. Jane, l>apt. at Bot- 
tesford 25 Dec. 1018. 

Mary, bapt. at St.Mar- 
£;aret's, Lincoln, 11 
April 1019. 

4. Philippa, mar. at Bot- 
tesford, d July 1039, to 
Henry Lillingston of Bot- 
tesford ; bur. there 27 
April 1049. 


Anne, mar. to ... . Moutrie; 
mentioned in her sister's 
will 21 Aug. 1035, to which 
she is a \vitness. 

Philippa, mar. to Mary, mar. to Thomas Lillingston 

Edmund Mori ey of Garthorpe. 'Will dated 21 Aug. 

of Holme ; bur. 1035, then descendfth of ilauton, 

at Bottesford 13 Milow ; pi'oved at Lincoln 3 Oct. 

Jan. 1621-2. 1C38. 

BoH^n of BarriDliii)^- 

[Ilarl. MS. 1550. Thoroton's '■ Notts," vol. i., p. 216.] 

Arms. — Argent, three bird-bolts gules. 

Bishop Sanderson has a note : " Forasmuehe as the Pedigrees which I have 
seen of l)ene and Bozon are untrue, I have sat down so much thereof as may 
certainly be proved out of authentic writings." 

Thomas Bozon,=f Anne, dau. and heir of Gerard Ufiiete ; one of the sisters and 
1 Henry VIL coheirs of Sir Gerard Ufliece ; grLht-grandchild and heir of 
Lora, or Loretha, dau. and heir of Gerard de Furnival. 

Sir Henry Bozon, Knt., of Syreston,T=Katharine, dau. of Sir Robert Jlarkham 
Notts. of Gotham. 

I I 

Sir Richard Bozon=pDorothy, dau. and heir of James 2. Thomas 

of Long Clawton, 
Leicestershire, and 
of Barrowby. Will 
dated 20 March 
1524; proved 4 
Aug. 1524. A 

Dene of Barrowby ; remar. to Bozon. 

William Vernon of BarrowVjy 12 legatee in 

Jan. 1525-6 iu the chapel of the his bro- 

Castle of Sheffield, and had a dau. ther's will 

Jane, mar. to Henry Saville of 1524. 
Lupsett, CO. York, 

I I 

Anne, men- 
tioned in will 

Alice, called 
"Dame Alice" 
iu will 1524. 




1. ^laiT, (Inn. and cobeir. had lauds ' 
Becking-ham, part of Dene's njunor, 
suatre in Boothby Payiiell ; set. 1 
father's death; "mar. "to Jolm AY 
Helpstoi), Xortiianis. 

in Sutton 2. Elizabeth, dau. and coheir, 
the mes- living 1 , . . ; had lands princi- 
4 at hor jially'ln . . . . ; ret. 13 at hor 
'orslcv of father's death ; mar. to Richard 
Payncll of Boothbv Pavnell. 

3. Margaret, dau. and coheir, ret. 13 
at her father's death ; had part of 
Dene's manor, Market Deeping, and 
St. .James, Deeping, and some lands 
in Panton ; mar. to Richard Clopton 
of Ford Hall, :\Ieiford ; lier only dau. 
and heir ilaiy mar. to Sii' 'William 
Cordell of :ilelford. PuPfulk, Knt., 
Master of the Rolls to Queen 

i. Alice, dan. and 
coheir, rot. 11 at 
her father's death ; 
had the East manor 
in Bari'owhv; mar. 
to Thomas Lewisof 
Theppertou, !Mid- 
dleses. One au- 
thority says mar. to 
George Poole. 

o. .\gne=, dau. and co- 
lieir, ret. 5 at her father's 
death ; had the manor of 
Wakon-by-Grantham ; 
mar. 1st to Henry Bab- 
ington, son of Sir Row- 
laud Babingtoo of Nor- 
manton, near Derby, 
Knt. ; 2ndlv to Francis 

Bradtcnbur^) of ^ptl5li^>. 

[Arms. — Tliose borne l.iy this family a: 
CO. Durfiam, from which there is not th 

ury of Stlaby, 
.—A. R. M.]" 

the arms of Brack 
ightest [iroofof desi 

Thomas Brackenbury of Spilsby=pEli7.abetli, dau. and coheir of^pCharles 
and Great Steeping, attorney"; I William Boddington ; bur. Roy 
died 10 June 17u2, ret. G5. Will } at Spilsby 24 Oct. 1727. of Great 
dated 13 June, proved C Oct. Will daced C June, pmved Steeping. 
1702. M.I. at Steeping. 2G Dec. 1727 



Ann, dau.=pCarr Brackeu-^Anu, dau. 
of Bangley j bury. Will I ofSirJohn 

I I 


Will dated 

Gace of 
1st wife. 

dated 31 Oct., 
jiroved 2 Dec. 
1741 at 0. P.O. 


Bart., of 
2nd wife. 

James Brackenbnry. 

10 Feb, 
proved 1710. 

Mary. Will dated 
23 "Oct. 1712 ; 
proved 9 June 

Thomas Brackenbury, bapt. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 7 

Isabella, bapt. 22=f 

27 July 17U3 ; bur. IS 

March 1C94-5. 

June 1698; lega- | 

April 1704. 

tee in will of 

Ann, bapt. 10 Dec. 

her grandmother 

Thomas Brackenbnry, bapt. 



29 Nov. 1712; bur. 19 Feb. 






of As- 




iBaboUa, heiress ; legatee=pCarr Brackenbnry. " Carr Brackenbury, Esq., to Miss 
in will of her great-grand- I Booth, with £1500 per annum and £10,000," 
mother 1727. | 19 ^ilarch 1743.— '• Gent, ilag." vol. xiii., p. 1G2. 

See Burke's " Landed Gentry." 



Benjamin BiackL-u.-=p Thoiiras Fo\n!..t. ]ft=^Esthcr=f=Jolin Ilutton. 2nd 

b"iT- I liu^band. I I luisbainl. 


Children meuiioned in Elizalieth. Jolm Hutton. Sarah. Ellen. 

will of Can- Bracken- — v ■ ■ ^., y 

tiKi-y 1741. Esrhor. Legatees in will of their step- 

grandmother 17-7. 

f^'^TE.— Mr. Foster h.-is printed a voluminous pedigree of thi^ f.imilv, but I have contented 
inysclt wi-h jinnting jiist so much as is nut to be found iu printed works, and correcting an 
important eiror at the begiuning.— A. E. M.l 

Bratilt^? of iloutl). 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Arm.s.— 0/-, a chevron gales beti'rci the, croms 'jmU'e fikhte sahle. 
Robert Bradley of Louth.=p 

Thomas Bradley of Loiitli, merchant.=r 

I. . . .. I 

Nicholas Bradley of Thomas Bradley of Lonth, mcr-=pAlice, dau. and colicir of 

Louth and.Saltfleetln-, chant of the Staple of Calais, ind NichoIasEttonoFFiisby; 

1st SOD, died 2(.i Nov. son, and heir of his brother; a-t. 19, ! widow of llichard Good- 

13 Henry YJIL, 1521. 1 Nov. 14 Henry VllL, l.:;22. i ricke of Eolingbroke. 

John Bradley of Louth, one of the-pFranc.-s. dau. of John Fairfax of Swarby ; died 
Assistants of that town ; bur. ai: I 15 April 1G08, at. 84 ; bur. at Louth. 

Ijonth 6 Dec. 1590 

I I n 

Anne, mar. to Mathew Elizabeth, mar. Ditrsory Jlarv, bapt. at Louth 1 7 Sept. 
SutcliUe, Dean of E.v.c- Xichoih, D.D., of ■"?«!- 1542. 
ter, Axhose will she ross, co. Cornwall, ilas- — 
proved 24 Nov. 1G29. ter of Magdalen College, Elizabeth, mar. Solomon Sut- 
Cam bridge. clillc of Milron, co. York, 
brother of JIathew. 

John Bradley of Loutii, Doctor of Phvsic=f=Anne. dau. of John Freeman of Hacr- 
of ilagdalen College, Cambridge; bnr. ' naby and hiscol,eir; widow of Nicho- 
at Louth 14 Jlay 1591. Will dated 5 ' las Ocjle of Bolingbroke ; remar.Jer- 
May 1531 ; proved July follo^ving. vase Neville ; living 30 Oct. UOG. 

2. Iienry= Tltomas Bradley, Matthew Bradlev, bapt. 19 Jan. Frances, bapt. 

Bradley. I bapt. at Louth 158^-9; bur. "at Louth 17 9Jan. 15S5-C 

B 1 30 Aug. 1583. Dec. ICOO. 

VOL. I. , 



oa^^I-f^'^1^, Vrokingham, 2. Thomas Eraclley,=^Frances, ckt,. of Tl:o- 

I nias Savile of co. 


Henry Brad- Johu Brad- Thomas Isabella 
^^y- ley. Bradley. 

Savile Bradley. 


Thomas Bradley of LoiUh, died^^Anne, dau of 

; bur. at Louth. | of Sir Peter Chapman of London and Tinwel 

CO. Rutland, Kut. 

apman ; sister and coheir 

f bnr'Ts f!-t'.n,bapL at Louth Aullrey, bapt. at aIuc, bapt. at Louth 

4, bui. 18 29 April 1j84 ; mar. Lonth 8 An-. ;i Dec 150--> . uiir 
M-.rch there, 23 Sept. 1C02, l.JOO- mar ThZn . /f 

JSlif"^ P^'^^""''}^- '' ''^ FiiioiofL^^^d;;; b^vonshi^^r vi,:^ 

Louth. Pipe Office; living 1G32. mercer; lidnc •>•■> April 16 '^^ " 


Diggory B]-adley, 
bapt. 2.5 Jan. 

Thomas Bradlev, 
bapt. 14 April 

Edward Bradley, William Bradlev. bapt 
in Belgium, bapt. 23 2Iarch 15SS-0 : bur. 
at Louth 6 Jan. at Louth 20 Deo. 1501 
15S5-G; living _ 

22 April 1C22. ' Thomas Bradley, bur. 

at Louth 24 Dec 


, I I 

Pilchard Bradley, 
bur. at Louth 23 
May 1584. 

Francis Bradlev, 
living 22 April 

Sii^t^ :'l^?^:!k^!!:r"' ^^A^.!^-.^ ^P^^^'*^ ■' ^!-^J-e. clau. of Rich- 

of G, ays Inn and Cambridge, and Captain of Pikemeu under 
Sir Francis Vere in the Low Countries ; admitted to Gray's Inn 
22 Oct. lo9o ; heir of his uncle Sir Peter Chapman 17 Mav 
1622 ; one of the six Assistants of Louth ; bur. at Lnnth bV 
night 12 Nov. 164.3, at. 67. AViU dated 14 Jan. lCl-'-3 

Fairfax of 
Aunsby ; died 21, 
bur. at Louth 23 
Sept. 1643, ait. 63. 

Isabel 1 dan. of=Georp Bradley of^Jane, dau. of Thomas Ayseon^h of South 
Sir John Read Louth, admitted to : Thoresby and StaIlinc,bLu"h - bapt at 
Stalhngborou-h 28 ilar. 1622 ; proved her 
son swill 5 Feb. 1688-0. Will dated 24 
Aug 1714, ''to be buried in the Ch. of 
J^outh near mv sou George Bradley " • 
proved 17 Feb. 1715-16. 

of Wrangle, 
Knt. ; bur. at 
Louth 3 June 

Gray's Inn 10 Xov. 
1C23; a5t.28,1634; 
Warden of Louth ; 
bur. there 21 April 

George Bradley of Loufn, born 1 Au- 1C61 • Warden 
w-n '^""' ', '^''^■'^ ""'"'"'• -'^ ^^«°- 1C88 ; bur. at Louth. 
Wil! dated lo Nov. 1688; proved 5 Feb. 1688-0- 
left_the manor of Melbourne-cum-SkorLhin-ton co' 
Yorif, to his nephe\y Charles Bolle. " ' 

Ursula, mar. at Louth, 22 
Sept. 1652, John BoIle 
of Thorpe Hall ; bur. at 
Louth 17 July 1663. 
(See that Pedigree, p. 152.) c 

LiNCOLKsniRi: pedigrees. 


Pctor Bradley of Loiitli, bapt.=pElizahe:h, da 

at Louth 24 Jan. 1G12-13 ; 

wt. 9, lCi?2; entered at Grav's 

InnllMaylG32. Yull dated 

16 Jan., proved 17 :March 


of . . . .; proved 
lier hiisbaiuVs 
vvill 17 March 

I I 

Grave Bradley, son, 
Will dated 

John Bradley, Lapt. 
23 Jnly 1G25. 

bapt. at 
15 Dec. 

.... Bradley, son and heir, under a£;e 
16 Jan. 1G55-G. 

Anne, bur. at Lontli 
14 Oct. 1G41. 

Anne, mar. at Louin, May 
1G2I, Francis Locton, 3rd 
SOD of Sir John Locton of 
Swineshead, Knt. (mar. 
lie. 21 April 1G21, '"Ann 
Brad'ey of Louth, aged 
21 ") ; bur. at Louth 4 
March 1G40-41. 

Jane, bapt. 30 Elizabeth, bapt. Catherine, an. 15, 

April! G09; mar., at Louth 3 Feb. 1C22 ; mar. at 

25 Aug. 1G29, lGlO-11; mar. Louth, 29 Dec. 

John Bolle of there, 25 Feb. 1627, Roger How- 

Louth, 2nd son 1G35-G, Richard son of Wigtoft ; 

of Sir John Bolle Robinson; liv- Wigtoft 20 

ofHaugh, Knt.; ing 14 Jan. Oct. 1654. 

bur. at Louth 4 1653-4. 
March 1C40-41. 

Mar. lie. 12 April 161 a, "Will 
and Alice BraJk-y of Ulceby, spr., 

iani Huitson of Bran tingham, co. York, gent., 28, 
22. ller parents dead." 

Matthew Bradley of Louth. Will dated 18 April— Magdalen , 

IfilO; proved 18 April 1611 ; mentions cosen I ex'trix. 
George Bradley and brother John Wariuf. 

Dauicl Bradley. Jonathan Bradley. Mathy Bradley. David Bradk-y. Phoebe 

Brampton of ^outl) i\cston. 

[llarl. MS. 1550.] 

Robert Brampton of Brampton, co.^pJ'^ne, dan. of Jeffry Cubb of 
Norfolk, bur. there in 1547. I >Sandringliam, co. Norfolk. 

James Brampton, 5tl: son or 3rd, guardian^Mary, dau. and coheir of Sir Edward 
of his nephew Edward in 1558. I BuUen of Blickling, co. Norfolk. 



I I I I 
Joliii Bniinptoii. 

Edward Brampton. 

I , I I I I 

James Iiramptou of=pAliee, dau. Eleanor. Amy, mur. to 

SoiUh lioston, CO. : of . . . . — Thomas Stcnie. 

Lincoln, High i Meyro of Alice. — 

Shcritr of Lincoln 4 : Mt-yre. co. Dorothy, mar. to 

Cai-. I.; descrihed I Lincoln. Zaeliary Locke 

as of JjCL^bonru I'S i of London; bur. 

Sept. 1G12. at Greeuwich. 

Thomas Feme of ]'.el- = Anne. daa.=pJo!in Legard of Rrantingham, co. York, son of 
ton, mar. at Belton and sole Kobert Legard of Aidaby ; slain at Hrigg in 
31 Jan. 1G1«-Ii.). 1st heir. | lU4o ; bur. at Gainsboro'ngh. 2iid husband, 

husb.iud. ^ 

ISianti of ^ca"DcnIjam, 

[Harl. M.S. 155U.] 

Arms. — Argent, on a clievron heiween Onee sinister hamh sable, coiiped 
gides, as many sjiearheads or. 

Thomas Brand of=pMargaret, dan. of YTilliam Chidlcj 
Leadenham. I of Welbourn. 

Jerome Ijrand of Staunton, co. ^Bridget, dau. of Thomas Brand Christopher 

Notts, which he bought 6 Ed- I Antony Staunton of Leadenham. Brand of 
ward YL; living at Westhall or of Staunton, co. Stapleford. 

Staunton Granae. i Notts. 

Piobart Brand of Brauston,=pAnne, AYilliam=Jane, eldest Isabell. Anne, mar. 

sold his I dau. of Brand of dau.ofJolin 

estate in Staunton, Notts, I John Braas- 
to his cousin William j Iligges ton. 
Staunton about 28 Eliz. ; | ofFul- 
assessed to a subsidy in | beck. 
Branston 20 April 1591. | 



Elizabeth. Anne. 

Kigges of 

to Jervase 
Uardlcy of 

Li>:c.OL>;;>niKE pedigrees. 


2Sran5b[> of ©capijam. 

[Had. :MS. J:,50.] 
A'R'iis.—Artjoit, three Irirs salJc, en a canton gules a saUire of the field. 
John riransby of Ileapliain^p. . . . dan. of Bryan Sandford of 
I Tliorpe Salvin, co. York. 

Eichard Bransby of Hcaphain. veoman, Inir.^Aune (or Ai:rni^s), dau. of 
at Heaplmm 27"July loOT. Will daied 23 I Nowell of lleapliam ; bu 
July, proved 5 Aug.'l5C7. ' Uo.,r.v,o„, r. -vrn,.,.!, i=^q-:> 

- . .-, .- pham ; huY. at 

Hcapham 6 Jlarcli 15S2. 


Christopher=f=Anne, dan. 
Brausby of of Ricliard 
Upton and Kilbcck of 
Bransby, Corring- 
dead before ham. 
15C7. i 


Brausby of 

I I I 


I I I 



I I 

Eichard Christoplier 

Braus'jy, Brausby, 

living living 1567. 

Jane, liv- 
ing 15C7. 


1st son, 
bapt. at 
lie a pham 
10 March 

Bi'ausby, i dau. of 

2nd sou, I ;bnr. 

bapt. at ! atConis- 
TTcapham \ holme 
oO Sept. I 1.5 Sept. 
1573. • ! IGIG. 

Richard Bransby 
of Upton 16C7. 

Robert Bransby 
of llenpham and 
iSpringthorpe. Anne. 

Hninphrey Brausbv=rFaitli, dan. of Henry 
of Heapham,bur. 23 i Gardiner of Wadding- 
Jan. 1612-13. ham ; mar. at Heap- 
I ham 22 2^Iay 1570. 
I |-| ^^-| 
Charles Bridget, bapt. Faith, bapt. at Heap- 
Bransby, at Heapham ham 26 Feb. 157S-9 ; 
3rd son, 10 Nov. 1574. bur. 18 Sept. 1625. 
l)apt. at — — 
Heapham Faith, bapt. at Mary, bapt. at Heap- 
21 ilarch Heapham 20 ham 2 April 1581 ; 
1575-6. Sept. 1577. bur. 24 Nov. ICll. 

Thomas Bransby, 
1st son, bapt. 1 
June 1601; bur. at 
Conisholme 22 Jan. 

ilary, dau. of ... . 
Cuttriss of CO. Suf- 
folk ; mar. at Conis- 
holme 14 Dec. 1640. 

I I 
Humphrey Brans- 
by, 2nd son, bur. 
at Conisholme 8 
Aug. 1604. 

Richard Bransby, 
3rd son, bur. at 
Conisholme 28 
April 1606. 


.Vdriau^Anne, .lohu liransby, 5th son, 

Bransby 1 dau.of bapt. 20 Dec. 1616. 

of Conis- I . . . . — 

holme. Faith, bur. at Conis- 

4th son, } holme 1 June 1608. 

bur. at 


Magdalen, bapt. at 
Conisholme 14 -Aug. 
1614 ; bur. 11 Nov. 

Francis Bransby cf^Cassan- 
Couisholme, Istson, j dra. 

bapt. at Conisholme 
25 Nov. 1636 ; bur. 
28 July 1665, ffit. 28 
years and 9 months. 

dau. of 


Robert Bransby, 2nd son, Adrian Bransby, 4th 

bapt. at Conisholme 13 son, bapt. at Couis- 

Nov. 1642. holme 28 Dec. 1651. 

Adrian Bransby, 3rd sou, Charles Bransby, 

bapt. 11 Dec. 1649 ; bur. bapt. at Conisholme 

at Conisholme 20 Feb. 10 Dec. 1655; bur. 

1650-51. 7 Feb. 1656-7. 

Sarah, bapt. at Conisholme 13 Dec. 1663. 



Mary, bapt. at Conis- Elizabeth, bapt. at Coiii.-liolme 10 Faith, bajit. at Conis- 
holme 2 Juue lGo8. Dee. 1G4C. hohne 28 Xov. 1657. 

Jane, bapt. at Conis- Faith, bapt. at Ci'iii^hohne 31 May 
hohne IG Aug. 1G40. IGJl ; bur. GO Jan. IGJi-J. 

Anne, bur. at Conis- 
holiue 13 Feb. 1CG4-5. 

Mar. lie. 28 Feb. 1G17-18. " Francis Tajler of East Keal, yeo., 35, and Frances 
Brausby, widow, of Markby, 35." 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. MS. 4135.] 

Thomas Briggs of=p. . . . eldest dau. and coheir of William 
Sausthorpe. I Bouehier of Willoughby. 

Edward Briggs of=p. . . . dau. 
Scremby, 1st son. I of ... . 

John Briggs of Sansthor]>e, 2nd— Anne, dau. of 
son ; died 23 ]\Iay 155-1. I . . . . 

Thomas Briggs of=pMargafet, dau. of 
Scremby. " John Croft of Nor- 


Richard=Katherine, dau. of Robert 

Briggs of I Overy of Toynton-by- Briggs, 
Scremby. SpiWjy. 2nd sou. 

Thomas Briggs of Sausthorpe, a3t.=p 
3G at his father's death 1554; 
died 19 Jan. 1565-6. 

Thomas Briggs of Sausthorpe, 
held ith parFof a knight's fee 
there 1676-7. 

Sarah, dau. and heir of=Thomas Briggs=FBrid''et, dau. of John Green of Market 

Thomas Bracebridge of 
East Sheen. 1st wife. 

of Scremby 

Overton, co. Rutland ; widow of Tho- 
mas Derby of Leake ; living 1647. 
2nd wife. 

Edward Constantino Briggs=^Iary, dau. of ... . Kathe-=Ed\vard Sarah. 

Briggs, 1st of Harrington, 2nd Ellis" of Boston; rine. Pigott 

son,ffit.ll, son, 1656. mar. there 29 Aug. of Orby. 

1634. 1650. 

* Mar. lie. 23 July 1G17, '-Thomas Overy of 
Briggs, late of Skirbccl;, no'.v of Fishtoft, vrjliw, 2 
Scremby, gout." — (Lincoln Marri.ige Licences.) 

raintliorpe, yeomnn, aged 2 
id 40. Application by Thon 

LT>;coLysniuE pedigrees. 


33rt5!jousc of €o\h^. 

[US. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — S<'il!r,on a /esse hdi'-cm lltrce lions ranqant cr as mcnnj ct csceiils of the fust. 
CliKST. — Out cf a mural coronet or a tigir's luad argent. 

John BrighousG of Bri''housc.=;= 

Richard Brighousc=pAnne, dan. of ... . Wilson of York. 

RicharJ Brigliouse^^Isabel, dau. of Riclmrd Bradley of Hippevholme, co. York, 

ilartin Brighouso of Brighouse= 
and Colby in West Halton, J. P. 
for CO. iiincnln ; bur. at St. 
Dunstan's-in-thc-\Vest, London, 
18 Dec. 1 j;)7. Adni'on 9 Jan. 
1597-8, and 2nd adm'on "de 
bonis uon" 30 June 1598. 

^largaret, natural dau. of 
John Leeds of Colby (some 
call her dau. and iieir of 
Edward Leeds of Colby) ; 
adm'ix of her husband 9 
Jan. l,'J97-8 ; died before 
SO June 1598. 

Robert Brighouse, 
adm'or "do bonis 
nou" of his brother 
30 June 1598; bur. 
at Gainsbiiniugh R 
April 1G16. 

Anne, 1st dan., under 
age 30 June 1598; 
mar. Robert Popple- 
well of Jlisne, Notts. 

Sarah, 2nd dau., under age 
30 June 1598 ; mar. at 
Gainsborough, 29 Dec; 
1613, Gregory Wadesou of 

Ursula, 3rd dau.. mar. at 
St. Margaret's, Westmin- 
ster, 15 Oct. 1C19, Ed- 
ward Norgate, Windsor 

Jane, 2nd dan. of Sir=William Brighouse of Colby, at. 4,=f=Elizabeth, dan. and 

Edward Marbury of 
Louth, Knt. ; under 
age 2 July 1C05 ; 
died s.p. ; bur. at 
Great Grimsby 29 
Jan. 1623-4. 

1592 ; son and heir 40 Eliz., 1598 
mar. lie. 19 Jan. ltJ12-13, he tet. 24, 
she 21 ; of Great Grimsby 24 Nov. 
1C19; of Humberstou 1634 and 
K'l.'il ; died in liondon ; bur. at All 
Hallows, Barkin?, 17 Dec. 1664. 

lieir ot ^lichael .'spen- 
cer of Great Grimsby; 
bapt. 2 Oct. 1G08; 
mar. at Great Grims- 
by 10 Aug. 1625; 
living 1651.' 

William Brighouse, 1st 
son, ffit. 2, 1 634 ; died s.p. 

Llartin Brighouse, 2nd 
Bon, ffit. -f year 1034 : 
living 1 March I63S-S ; 
died F.p. 

Michael=fElizabeth, dau. 
]5righouse 1 of William 

of George- 
harn, CO. 
Devon, 3rd 


Richards of 
Kencsbury, C' 

I I 
Edward Brighouse, 4tli 
son, died s.p. 

John Brighouse, 5th 
son, bapt. at Great 
Grimsby 15 Sept. 1642; 
died s.p. 

Philip Brighouse, 1st JIathew Brighouse, 
son, ajt. 2, Jan. 2nd son, 2 months 
1676-7. old 1676. 

Elizabeth, 1 
dau., fct. 
June 1676. 

2nd dau., a;t. 

1, June 1676. 



Anne, 1st dan., bapt. 

Elizabeth, 2iid dan., 

Ursula, 3rd dan.. 

Sarah, 4th dau., 

at Great Grimsbv 20 



bapt. at Great 

April 1C27 ; an. 7, 

by 26 Sc'pt. 1G29; 

died young, un- 

Grimsbv 14 Jan. 

1C34; raar. William 

xt. 6, 1G34 ; mar. 

mar.; bur. at Great 

1G47-S; died 

Bradfbaw of Grimsby. 

Othowell Becstoc of 

Grimsbv 7 Dec. 

young and un- 




Brocklcsbj) of (Slcntlunrtl) m^ il=?clprtn5l)am. 

[Ilavl. ilS. 1550.] 

Arm.-^. — Gules, //tree birds or, on a chitf of the second t/iree cross-crosshts of ilie field. — A brock proper. 

.... dan.^Robcrt Brocklesby of Glent-=pAnne, dau. of ]\Iattho-n-=pJ;uie, dau. of 
and heir of worth, inq. ad impiirend. i'7 I Wentworth of Bretton, Hamo Sutton 
.... Cus- .Jan. 1553-4. co. York. 2nd wife. ; of Washing- 
foiih. 1st ' I j borough. 3rd 

wife. ' I wife. 

Eleanor, mar Winne. I 


f^.Vnne. dau. 

^ and coheir 

I of Thomas 

Moi?ne of 

North Wil- 


John Brocklesby, 
son and heir by 
3rd wife : Kt. 23 
years and 3 weeks 
27 Jan. 1553-4. 

Thorncc.~of bel. 
1st hus- 

= i;oger 







See Pedigree .!X, p. 177. 


Richard Brock-: 
lesby of Heck- 
heir of his 
nephew Edward 
Bro'klesbv; a;t. 
4G, 15G5." 

dan. of 
of Htck- 

Edward Boliert Brijck-==A!ine, dau. o 
Brock- lesby <,f Glent- ' Nirholas Gir 
lesby. Worth, died 3 lingcon of 
3rd son. April 1557. j Xormauby. 

f .\une, mar. 
Baron or 
Barno of 
Hatch in 
[.arish of 

Edward Brocklesby of Glontworth 
and Normanbv, a't. 10 in 1557 ; 
died 4 May 1565. 

Edward Brocklesby of=p]\Iary, dau. of Thomas= Henry Jeukinson of 

Hcckington. eldest son, j Tirruigton of Gosber- East Wykeiiam, mar. 

died at' Heckingtoii 2 ' ton ; widow of Wil- at Heckington 2 May 

Oct. 1503; bur. there } liam Cawdron of Great 1594. Will dated 10 

27 Oct. 1503. Will I Hale ; mar. at Heck- Oct. lG('4 ; i)roved 

dated 31 July .1593. I ington 27 Sept. 1581. 10 Marcii 1C09-10. 

1st husband. A | 2nd hnsbuud. 





.Toiin Brook- 

Anno, dan. =p Edward r.rockk'?bv,= . . . . dan. of rdcli- 


Icsby, bapt. 

of . . . . 

bapt. at Helpring- ard Belles of Bole, 


at Heckiiif;- 

Cark-11 ; 

ham 16 An?. l.:)>;-t; co. Notts ; xt. 17, 

bj, bur. 

toii 2C ilav. 

mar.nt Bos- 

ret. 10 in 1503; andtheuofDnnsby; 

at Ilcck- 

bnr. 30 June 

ton 2 Feb. 

bur. at Kirkbv Lay- mar. lie. 20 March 


1 r.tJi'. 


tliorpe 9 Auq;. 1G15. UU-1-15. 2nd wife. 

25 Aug. 

1st wife. 




u Brocklesln-, 

bapt. at Buston Anne, bapt. at Bosto 

25 Oct. 1C07. 

12 March lCOS-9. 

PLobert Brock-= 
ington, bajit. 
at Hclpring- 
ham 12 Dec. 
],^.S7. Will 
dated I7.Tnlv, 
proved 4 NuV. 

, lloury Brock- 

:if lesby, bapt. at 

; Heckineton 

X 26 :\Iay, bur. 

at Ileipring- 

ham 7 Nov. 


I I 

.Jane, bapt. at 
28 July 1583. 

at Hecking- 
ton 23 Feb. 

Katherinc, bapt. at Ileck- 
ington 4 .Sept. 1591. 

Margaret, bapt. at Heck- 
ington 22 Dec. 1592 ; mar. 
lie. to mar. Itichard Blawe, 
Gent., of St. Peter's in 
Ensteate, Lincoln, 6 Sept. 

I I 

Robert Brocklcsby, 
bapt. at llcckington 
4 Nov. 1617. 

Thomas Brocklesbv, 
bap!, at Ilelpring- 
liaui 20 Sept. 1610. 

Edward Brocklcsby, John Brocklcsby, Edward Brock- 

bapt. '/,0 July, bur. l.japt. at Ileck- lesby, bapt. at 

13 ilarch 1620-21 ington 16 Jan. Ileckingtoii 27 

at Heckiugton. 1622-3. , July 1631. 

Robert Brocklesliy, Richard Brockles- Charles Brock- 

bapi,.atHelpringham by, bapt. at Heck- lesby, bapt. at 

3 Feb. 1621-2 ; bur. ington 15 April Heckington 23 

tliere 7 Nov. 1622. 1628. Jan. 1633-4. 

Bridget, bapt. at Ilel 

Mary, bapl. at Ilel 
pringham3 Oct. 1613 

I I 
Elizabeth, liapt. at Hel- 
pringham 2 Oct. 1615. 

Frances, bapt. at Hel- 
pringham 14 Dec.1618. Oct. 16: 

bapt. at 
ham 19 

Mary, bapt. at Heck- 
ington 15 April 1625; 
the only dau. men- 
tioned in father's will 

Pedigree a. (See p. 176.) 

Robert Erock-rj^Jane Thomas iloigne of NorthT=Bridget, dau. of 

l"s''y- I Sutton. Willingham, executed for I Sir William Han- 

high treason 1536. sard, Knt. 

Thomas Bre-cklc-^by, said=pAnn Moigne, 
to die 8.p. I coheir. 

Robert B:ocklesby of London, 
cousin of George Alingtou 1613. 

VOL. I. 

Elizabeth Moigne,=pThomas Jloryson 
coheir. I of Cadebj. 

Jane jroryson=f=George Alington of Swinhope. 



Robert I!rockk-sby of Loii-=[=Jano, sister ^[ar'.'aret,= Rev. Lau- i^Iary, mar 

don, goldsmitli uf St. Yt- of Tlioinas 2ud dau., renceFrcc- Rolliiison; living 

dast's, Foster Lane. AVill ! Hall of of Hun- man of 5 Feb. IGLM-i. 

dated 1' Sept. u;i 1 ; jiiX'\Ld I !Mviimi?,co. dlel^v iu Upper — 

22 April 1G13 by his | Herts; liv- IGl:^, a't. Toyiitoii ; Jane, a widow, 

cousin George Alington of ! int: 5 Feb. SO. maV.lic. 11) b Feb. 1U13-14. 

Swinbope, CO. Lincoln. 161o-l-l. AprillGlS. 

Anne, coheir, under Sarah, coheir, r^Iartha, coheir, under age 5 Feb. 1613-14 ; a 

age 5 Feb. ir,13-ll. nnder age 5 legatee of her cousin George Alington of 

Feb. lGl'3-14. Swinhope 2 Aug. 1032. 

AuMs (in ]!erry). — "Arc/rtit, three lions fassnnf (^t'O/'da/tf, in pale (jules." 

Wilh'am lin.gravc of W:ipen-— ilartjaret, dan. cf John Gooderidge of 
ham, CO. Xorthunipton. I Cheltenham, co. Gloucester. 

Anne. Will dated 12, }.roved=Sir William Rilles- Eliza-= William Browne 
80 May 1G08, "of Westmiu- by, Knt., of Lon- . beth. of co. Lincoln, 
ster, widow." don. 

Nicholas Brograve of =^ Jane, dan. of John Bai-ker of co. Jane=i\Iyles Gray of 
Wnf>cnhain. I Salop. Louth. 

I ! I 

Reginald=r Hieronie Brograve of^pChristian, Jane,=Sir Vincent Fnl 

Brogi'ave. j Kirkliy-cnm-Osgodby, 

,js CO. Lincoln, 2nd son ; 

See Harl. Soc, living 1C08. 


dau. of B.p. netby, Knt., of 

John Den- Fulnetby, co. 

bam. Lincoln. 

Panucefort Brograve of London, bapt. at Kirkby-=f Eleanor, dau. of John Reeve 
cnm-0.sgodby 25 June 1508. I of Bucks. 

Isaac Brograve, s.p. Mary, s.p. 

[XOTK. — Tlift.'iboTe pLviicrree was in Mr. I.nrken's collection, but tlie connection with Linooln- 
sliire was very oiipht. I Lave friveu euoufjh to i:i.licato it without printing the remainder, which 
may be found in books of reference. — A. K. M.] 


Bromftclti ol 3So\in(ihvo\\t. 

[Iliirl. MS. Ibbo. Rawliiisoii MS., f. M9.] 
Arms (in Berry). — ''Gitks, thne Iioih<: jkissant gtutrdu/if ari/enL" 

Joliu Bromficld of=|-Jaue, dau. of ... . ]\[ei:calfe 
CO. Norfolk. of CO. York. 

■W'illinm Bromrie]d=r'Tane, dau. Rr.bert Broni- John P.rom- .Joan^William 
of ^Vendliur; (?), I of John field, I'nd sou. field, 3rd Lawrance 

CO. Norfolk. Beverley. sou. ofNorwicli. 

I i I 

Pioliert Bn.mfield, Thomas lii'onifield of=r. . . . dan. of ... . Frances~^\ illiam 

retainer of Lord Bolinebroke ; bur. Batemau of co. Whitton 

Lumley. there 22 July 1580. York. of London. 

Williaui Bromfield. l\Iary. JIarian. Eleanor. 

Bvi}o!tl)an!t of ^IfcirtJ. 

[Rarl. MS. 1550.] 
John Brookbauk.=p 

I i 

John Brookbaiik of Alfurd,— Bridget, dau. of Rich- Laiiccli.t ]3rookbank, 

draper, bur. 21 Doc. 1592. ardson ; mar. at Alford 2 bar. at Alfurd 20 

July 1504. Sept. 1590. 

Christopher Broukbank, bapt. Francis Brookbank, bapt. at-p. . . . dau. of ... . 
at Alford 17 Jnnel5G5 ; bnr. Alford 2u Au^. 1570 ; bur. I Asterby of As- 
10 Aug. 1500. at Newark 9 Nov. lOM. terby. " 

Elizabeth, heiress, bapt. at Alford 2 June 1594 ; rnar. at=Thomas Jennison of 

Newark 21 May 101 C. (Called "Jaue" in the Newark Newark. 


Eli.-'.alicth, dau. of^WiUiam Brookbank, 2ad son, bajit. at Alford=p. . . . 2ud 

Francis For.sett of : 21 March 1571-2 ; bur. 28 Oct. lOlG. i wife. 

Triisthorpc ; bur. | | 

at Alford 20 Sept. I | j 

leil. iBt wife. I Thoinasine, bapt. at Alford Dorothy, bapt. at Alford 

A 24 Dec. 1013. 3 Nov. 1015. B\ 




John Iir(>okbaiik,ba]it. 
at Spilsby -22 Feb. 

William Brookbauk, 
bapt. at Alfurd 19 Dec! 

Bartholomew Brook- 
bank, bapt. at Alford 
22 March lCOO-1. 


Lamicelnt liruok- Elizabeth, bapt. Elena, bapt. at 

bank, bapt. at at Alford 5 Jan. Alford U Aug. 

Alford 8 Nov. 1591-5. 1004. 

IGUS. — — 

— Anne. bapt. at Bridu'et, bajit. at 

Edward Brook- Alford -'5 Xov. Altord 17 .luue 

bank, bapt. at 159S. 1G07. 

Alford 23 and bnr. — — 

24 Oct. ItiOy. Alice, bapt. at Marv, bapt. at 

Alford 25 April Alfo'rd 11 Sept. 

ICOo. 1611; bur. G April 


John Brook-=pElizabeth, dau. Elizabeth, bai)t. at Eleanor, bapt. at Alford? July 

bank, 3rd 
Bon,bapt. at 
Alford 16 
Jlay 1576. 

ofThomasFor- Alford 19 July 1578. 156G; mar., 9 Nov. 1583, T: 

sett and sister — uias Maddison of Tnisthorpe 

of Ed^Yard For- Anne, mar. at Al- — 

sett of Bilsby. ford, 9 Nov. 1583, Bridget, mar. at Alford, -Is 

Paul Cooke. ' July"l599, William .Smith. 


George^Susan, dau. of Simon Candler of Wal- Edward Humphrey Brookbank. 

Brook- singhani, co. Norfolk ; widow 1st of Brook- — 

bank. Richard Eichdale, 2udly of Anthony bank. John Brookbank. 

35rolinic of Cvoft. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

AliMS. — Arijent, three martkls in juik htlicnn liro flauiiches sulk, Ihei 
many lions passant of ihfjirsl. 

Sir Valentine Browne, Knt., of Croft ; died 8 Feb. 15G7-8,=f= 
of Hoggesden, co. Middlesex. 

Alice or Eliza-=j^Sir Valentine Browne, KuL, of Ci-oft, and of=Thoma>ine, dau. of 
beth, dau. of j Totteridgc, co. Herts; treasurer and victualler B.djert Bacon; 
Robert Alex- of B.erwick ; bur. in St. Katherine's Church, jiroved husband's 
ander of Lou- I Dublin, 19 Feb. 1588-9. Will dated 3U June will27 March 1589. 
don. 1st wife, j 1588 ; proved 27 March 1589. 2nd wife. 

LlXCOIASflnii: l>EDIGREr.S. 


Sir Yaleutiue lirowne. Kut., of Crofc,,, dau. of Sir John Monson 

Sheriff of CO. Liucola l.j'jo: bur. 11 
Church 9 April 1G06. Adm'on i Mn 


Knt.,of .SoudiCarh 
IfiGo ; bur. at Croft 

Feb. 1631-5. 

Sir Valen-=Aniy, dan. of Cicelv, dau.= 

tineBrowue, Richard Ful- and coheir of 

Kill., of stow of Eresby; William 

Croft mar. at New- Kirkman of 

knighted at incrtou 19 Feb. East Keal ; 

Belvoir 23 1610-11 ; bur. mar. he. 5 

Aprill603; at Croft 3 May Mar,lG13-ll, 

bur.atCroft 1632. Will thena2t. 20; 

29 April dated 11 Feb. bur. at Croft 

lC-26, s.p. lG-'7-S; proved 10 .July IGU, 

2 Aug-. 1632. fi.p. Istwifc. 

=Sir .John Brovrne,=pFrances, dau. 
Kut., 2nd son, of I of Richard 
East Kirkby ; I Herbert of 
Geut.of thePrivy ilontgomery 
Chamber to Castle, Wales; 

James I. ; ffit. 28 ' sister of Lord 
in 1G14 ; es'orof } Herbert of 
Dame Jane Mon- | Chirbury and 
soniulG22. Will i Rev. George 
dated IG April ' Herbert. 2nd 
11)39. wife. 

Valentine Browne, elde5t=:3\Iar- 
Bou, ffit. 16, 1634 ; entered garei: 

at Gray's Inn 13 Aug 

1039 ; bur. at Croft 10 
July 1649. Will dated 
9 July, proved 8 Oct. 1G49. 

Thomas Browne, 
bapt. at 
Kirkby 18 Feb. 
1C33-4 ; of St. 
Middlesex, 1G51. 

John Browne, 3rd son, 
ex'or of his father 
1639; hving 1651. 

William Browne, 4th 
son, 1649. 

n I I 


Edward Browne, Magdalen, mar. Sir Tho- 

deadbefore 1C51. masEstcourt,Knt.,Mas- 

— ter in Chancery. 

Cicely, born 19 — 

Sept., bapt. at Frances, mar. John ilil- 

East Kirkby 23 uer of Gray's Inn and 

Ang. 1631. of liillingston Green, 

Hamou Upton,=Lucy =George 

.ro:)r. atSt. Mar- Uacres, 

tiu's-in-the 3rd son of 

Fields 25 June George 

1G35. Will Dacres of 

proved 11 June Cheshunt. 

1645 by wife. 2nd hus- 

1st hu=band. band. 

I I ^ 

Thomas Browne, 
3rd son, 10 :May 

William Browne 
of East Kirkby, 
4th son, 1636. 

I I 

Henry Browne, 5th Anthony Browne, 7th son, bapt. at Croft 
son, died young. 16 Nov. 1596. 


6th son, 

St. Margaret's, IjII 

coin, 5 Aug. 1594 

bapt. at 

Robert 15rowne of East Kirkby and 
Northolme, 8th son, legatee of his grand- 
mother I'aine Jane ^^lonson in 1622 ; 
bur. at Croft 19 Jan. 1652-3. 


I I 


Anne, legatee of her grand- 
mother Dame Jane ilonson 
in 1622; bur. at St. Pancras, 
Loudon, over 80ycars of age. 

Isabel, legatee of Dame Katherine. 
Jane ]\Ionson in 1622 ; — 

dicdSJan. 1680-81; bur. Margaret, 
at St. Pancras, Ijondon. 

• Pus=;bly iLe Thomas Browne of AdJlethorpe ■ 
p. 182.) 

East Kirkby in ICIO. (See 



aSrciUmc of <^tit?lrt!)orpc, 

ThoMiris Browne, Oor.t., of Addletliori 

lands in llalton no!y:ato on forfeitui 

Durotliy, heirs of Peregrine Fiilstow, :?S April 1C15; j Audlethorpe 

on tiie Grave Roll of IngolJm.'Us manor for lauds in 1 21 Dec. lOol 

East Kirkby ItMo. 

idmitU'd to=f^Anu, dan. of 
f Ann and , . . . .; bur. at 



Thomas Browne of Add'.cthorpe, bur. at Addle[hori>e=pEllen, dau. of 
9 May 1C88. I Fell. 

Jlary, hcircs-s, bapt. at Addle- = Xicholas Xewcomen of Thcddletliorpe, bapt. at 
thor[ie 4 March 1(;G2-3 ; mar. :Mableihorpe .J Auir. 1G50 ; died 12 Au^'. 1712. s.p.; 
2ndly Hon. Charles Bertie ; died bur. at 'J'heddleihorpe. Will dated l,s Dec. 1703 ; 
4 Nov. 1725; bur. at Theddle- proved 23 Feb. 1712-13. 1st husband. 

[Note. — 1 have added this i>ait of the pedigree from my owu collections. — A. K. M.] 

ISrobjnt of fl)nltl)am. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. MS. 759.] 

John Browne of Lynn, co. Norfolk^ 

dau. of Vincent Grantham. 

Thomas Browne of Branston-^p.Tane, dau. and heir of Thomas Forster of Louth; 
by-Lincoln. aH, 28 at her brother William's death 15 Jan. 1558-9; 

died 10 June IGll. 

Anne,=pXicholas Browne of Hal-^Grace, dau. of Ko- Franeis=Katharine, dau. 

dau. of 




tham-ou-Bain, inherited bert Wilsou of Browne of John J)y- 

property at Coningsljy at WainfleeD ; bur. at of Hal- moke of Cou- 

his mother's death ; bur. Biijton 28 July tham-on- iugsby, Gent. ; 

at Boston 11 Nov. IC41. 1630. 2ud wife. Bain,yeo- mar. lie. 13 

man, tet. Aug. 1616, a3t. 

Priscilla. 40, 161C. 30. 

Niehohis r.rowne, bapt. at Croft 
10 Feb. lCoO-1. 

Rol^ert Browne, 
fct. 30, 1G34. 



25ro\uiu ijf 3Dintptr!u 

[MS. C. -23, ITcralds' College.] 
AKjts (triaiitud ir,?y2). — " Argent, on a fc.^sc tiari/, '''''«'f''i '^-''ee lions' gaml.<: erased 
boiiiltcai/s sahle, armed i/tilcs, as mam/ swans' heails erased proper, teal.ed 

Lroiiiwd Bvownc of riiiclibcek,:^Aiitu'. dnu. of Tliomas Ocrle of 

bai)t. at Siiltllfctby li ilaivh 
1690-01 ; mar. lie. 1 Oct. 1018, 
ait. 24 ; signs tlie pedigree 
1G34; bur. at Pinclibeck" 24 
Oct. 1660. 

Pinchbeck by his L'ud wife 
Frances, dan. of ... . Black- 
biinie ; mar. at Pinclibeck 5 
Oct. 1618 ; wt. 20 in 1618; 
bur. at Pinchbeck 1 6 Nov. 1 657. 

Thomas Browne, bapt. at 
Pinchbeck 27 Oct. ICSG; 
bur. there 9 June 1G50. 

1641 ; bur. there 3 Apri 

I I 

.Tniie. liapt. at Pincli- 
beck 1 Sept. 1624; mar. 
there, 23 Feb. 1657-8, 
Andrew Grasbj (?). 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Pinclibeck 

17 July 1620 ; mra-. Robert 

Bobinson of Branston ; died 
-- 1663. 

Anthony Browne, bapt. — 

at Pinchbeck 5 May Frances, bapt. at Pinchbeck Anne, bapt. at Pinch- 

10 Jan. 1621-2 ; bur. there becklo Juucl626; bur. 

3 ]\rarch 1639-40. there 27 Aug. 1634. 

bur. at 
28 Sept. 

John Browne, 
bapt. at Pinch- 
beck 31 Jan. 

I I 

Sir John Browne, Knt., of=pKathariiic, dan. of Bobcrt ]'rowne,= 

Pinchbeck, bapt. there 6 j Poger llowson of bapt. at Pinch- 

Juuel63(); knighted at 1 Wigtoft by Cathe- beck 24 May 

Whitehall 15 July 1664 ; I riiie, dau.'of John 1632 ; £ct. 2 in 

bur. at Pinchbeck 1 Feb, 1 Bradley of Louth. 1634. 
1666-7. ! 

Leonard Browne of Pinch-=fAnne, dau. of .... ; reinar. to 
beck, only child, bapt. there \ Christopher Fairfax of Pinch- 
2 May 1662 ; bur. there 12 beck. Will dated 15 Feb. 
Feb. 1692-3. | 1716-17 ; proved 4 ^ray 1717. 

John Browne, Edward Browne of Pinch-^Jane, dan. of Robert Mary, es'trix 

bur. at Pinch- beck, bapt. there 6 April Cawdron of Great to her mother 

Iwck 28 May 1692 ; died 28 Nov. 1724, Hale; mar. at Fleet 1717. 

1691. ffit. 32 ; bur. at Pinclibeck. 7 Aug. 1713. 

Leonard Browne, bapt. at=p 
Washiiigborough 27 June I 
1714; legatee of Lewis Dy- 
moke of Scrivelsbv 1747. 

I I 

Robert Browne, bapt. at Jane, bapt. at Wash- 

Washiugborough 28 ingborough 29 March 

Ane. 1718; bar. there 17"lG ; living 1730. 
5 :\L'irch 1718-19. 

Leonard Browne of Pinchbeck, born 1749 ;=pElizabeth, dau. of Thomas Otis of 
Captain in Royal Indepeiident Invalids; died Boston, U.S.A.; died 15 April 
21 June 1821 ; bur. at Pitichbeck. 1839, Kt. 82. 

Leonard Browne of Pinchbeck, J.E'. and D.L. for = Annr, dan. of .... Green ; died 
CO. Lincoln ; died 18 June 1848, a;t. 7). 17 Sept. 1851, a2t. 63, s.p. 



Brolunc of ^altflrttb[>. 

Martin l^rowno of Saltflt-etby^Joan, dan. of ... . Willcs ; rcinar. 
All Saints, bur. there 13 Oct. [ Thomas Newconien at Saltfleetby 
15G?. 30 April lj(>4. 

John Browne, sold lands in Salt.-=pElena, dau. of . . . .; "William Browne,- 

fleetby to John Newcomen before 
20 April 1588 ; bur. at Saltfleetby 
20 Dec. 1502. 

bnr. at Saltfleetby 21 mentioned 
Aug. 1591. Riehard's will 


Edward Browne, bapt. at Susan, bapt. at Salt- John Browne, nephew 
SallBeetby Sept. 150O. fleetby 21 Jan. l.:.S2-;;. of Richard Browne. 


I I I 

^\ iiliam Browne, 1G33. John Browne, 1633. Jlatthew Browne, 1633. 



= Stei 

!;en = 

= .-\.nn 

, dau. of 

of Wi 





s of 









; mar. 

lie. 3 





2 Jan. 



in 1 







Richard Browne of Salt-^^Iari^aret, 
fleetby. Will dated 1\) dan.^of Wil- 
May, proved 28 June liam Thorold 
1033 ; names his uephew i of North 
Bryan Browne; "William, I Thoresby ; 
John, and ]\Iatthew '. bapt. there 
Browne, sons of his 15 Oct. 1570. 
nephew John Bi'owue. 


Bridget, mar. 
Valentine Ogle 
of Pinchbeck 
28 April 1625. 

Elizabeth, ba[)t. Ann, legatee Pi'udencc,=f=Geo:ge Yarbrough 

80 Oct. 1603; in father's a't. 22 in i of Saltfleetby, yeo- 

bur. at Salt- will 1633. 1620, then | man; mai-. lie. 5 

fleeiby 27 Aug. ofLincoln. ! Aug. 1620, k:. 

1605. Q^. 

Ann, legatee in graudfothet's will 1633. 

Leonard Browne. Charles Browne, bapt. William Browne, George Browne, 

(See BuowNt of 2 May, bur. 21 Nov. youngest son, mentioned in 

Pinchbeck, p. 1596 at Saltfleetby. mentToned in father's will 

183.) father'.s will 1633. 1633. 

Cicely, dau. of William Asfordbv of=pLuke Browne, bajit. at^Hester, dau. of 
Bilsby ; bur. at Saltfleetby 14 July Saltfleetby 18 Oct. I . . . . 2nd wife. 
1641. 1st wife. I 1606. 



I I 

Charles F.ruwn- 



Cornelius r>rownc 

bnpr. at Saltfieetl.y bapt. 3 Mny. Imr. at Saltll-jct- 

5 April IGoi. 1 Julv KIT.S at bv 3 .Tan. 

— Saltfleetby. ]i;::i0-7. 

^jrarmadukeDroflne, — — 

bai't. IS Nov. 1C.35, Herbert Erowue, Alice, bapt. 

bur. 24 Jan. 1(139-40 bapt.2 Jnlv KUl, at i^ahfleet- 

at .^alttlcetbr. bur.n.Tan.lGtS-O In- 11 June 

at Saltfleetbv. 1040. 

I I I" 

Jolm Browne, bapt. at 
Saltfleetby-J Aug-. KMJ. 

Joseph Browne, bapt. at 
Saltfleetbv 25 Jan. 

:Mary, bapt. at Salt- 
lleetljy 10 Jan. 1647-8. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Mad-- 
dison of Trnsthorpe ; bur. at 
Saltfleetbv 23 Feb. 1C39-40. 
1st wife. " 

Olartin Browne, eldest sou,=^rary, dau. of . 
residuary legatee and es'or, surviving 1G6: 
bapt. at Saltfi^ccbv 1 2 ^.larch 2nd wife. 

Thomas Browne of Saltfieetby, 
eldest son, bapt. at Saltfieetby 
23 July 1G23 ; High .^hcrifi' 
of CO. Lincoln 1C70 ; living 
1681, s.p. 

Stephen Browne, 
2nd son, bapt. 
lf;2C ; living 

Richard Browuc,=p!Mary, 
ord son, bapt. at dau. of 
Saltfieetby 7 Nov. ' . . . . 
1633 ; bur. there , 
21 Feb. 16G7-8. 

Jlary, bapt. at SnUfleetby 25 Jan. 1G55-C ; bar. at=f^Thomas Pownall of 
, St. Martin's, Lincoln. | Lincoln. 

Humphrey Browne, 4th son, bapt.=f=Abigail, dau. of George Caborne of Boston ; 
at Saltflee'tby 23 Aug. 1G3G. Will ex'trix in ICSl ; rcmar. John Micklethwaito. 
dated 2 Mavch lGt'i-81 ; proved Will dated IG April 170O ; proved 4 Feb. 
15 Get. IGSl. ■ 1701-2. 


Browne. sun, High Sheriff of 

bapt. at CO. Lincoln 1G9S ; 

Saltfieetby es'or to mother 1700 ; 

All Saints died 2 Jan. 1715-16. 

28 Dec. Will proved 5 May 

16G4. 1717. 

Martin Browne, eldest=i=Anne, dau. of Stephen Browne, ^!\Iary, 

George Saun- 2ucl sou,bapt. at dau. of 

dei-son of Saltfieetby All 

Lonth. Will Saints 19 Aug. living 

datedl4Xov. 16G9 ; living in 17uO. 

1745;pi'oved 1745. 
3 Sept. 1747. 

Martin Browne, born 1697 ; 
died s.D. : bur. in Louth 
Church' Will dated 1 Nov. 
1723 ; proved 27 jlay 1725. 

iLary, mar. at Wold Xewton, 
8 Oct. 1713, irarmaduke 
Tomline of Riby ; bur. at 
Iiiby 28 Nov. 171C, s.p. 

I I I 

Naomi, mar. Joseph Gace 
of Braekenboroutrh ; died 
1745, a.'t. 40, s.pT 

Abigail, living 1723. 

xinne, mar. Robert Cra- 
croft of Hackthorn ; bur. 
at Louth 9 Julv 1738, 
ffit. 24. 

Thomas Browne, 
legatee in his annt 
Jlrs. Browne's 
will 1745, and 
ex'or to his annt 
Mrs. White in 




Thomas r.rowno, "rd scni. 

Elizabeth, mar. 



;Marv, bapt. at 

linpt. at Saltfleetby All 


R.bcrt ()sncv. 

Saltflectbv All 

Siiiius :.'7 S^pt. 1G74. 

Clerk, of Sak- 

irent.: a uid^w 

Saints V2 Nov. 


flcctby. AVill 

in 1700; mar. 

1(;G7 ; mar. at 

John',Yne,4tli son. liv- 

dated 1.0 Nov. 

I'ndlv. before 

Lniith, 5 :March 

iiiir lOSO-S] ; in iiiotlu-r's 

1740 ; proval 

171.-., .Tnhn 

liiOii-'jl, Richard 

will iiieiUi.iiied as " beyond 

17 Dec. 174:,. 


Walpole, <:ent. ; 

the sea" 1700. 

living 1700. 

M M 

Hannah, l.apt. at Salt- Don. thv, bapt. 12 

fleetby 1 .Tan. 1 (;-J4-.^ ; Feb. 1 c'-'S-O ; bur. 

bur. }S .Jan. 10o4-5. 15 Aug. 1041. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 7 Justina, bapt. at 

Nov. 1027; bur. at Saltfleetby 8 April 

Saltflecthy 28 Sept. 1030 ; mar. there, 

1C28. ' 8 Oct. 1C50, John 

I I 

Elizabetli, mar. at 
TTiUou^hby, 2 
Fob. 1003-4, Rich- 
ard Toller of 

Anne, bapt. at Salt- 
fleetby 23 Feb. 
1034-5; bur. 10 
April 1C35. 

Amy, bapt. afSalt- 
fleetby All Saints 
23 Feb. lG3;»-40; 
mar. Broxholme 
Browne of Osgod- 
by ; es'trix to her 
husliaod 107S ; 
living 1081. 

Broixint of iJalntljorpc. 

John Browne of Skinuand and Yawthorpo, inq. p.m. 1547.= 

dau.— Humphrey Browne of Yawt]iorpe=rElizabeth, dan. of Thomas Brox- 

in parish of Corringham, bur. at 
Great Corringham. 'Will dated 10 
Dec. 1010; proved 2 June 1C12, 
Cidled "senior." 

holme of Corringham ; eTentually 
coheir. Will dated 1 8 Sept. 1 034'; 
proved 23 Jan. 1 034-5. 2nd wife. 

Humphrey Browne, called^pAnne, dau. of Thoma.s Broxholme of Corringham ; 
"junior," unmar. in 159'J. I sister of his stepmother ; eventually coheir ; not mar, 

Thomas Browne of Yawthorpe, assigned liis=pElleu, dan. of John Mary, mar. 

rights in Yawthorpe to Thomas Browne, 
2nd son of William lirowne of Kirkby-cum- 
Osgodby, and Broxholme Browne, eldest son 
of said William, G June 1054. Will dated 
4 Oct., proved 10 Deo. ICOG. 

Broxholme of Nether Henry 

Toynton, his cousin; Sraitli;Iega- 

raar. soon after 18 teeofHeury 

Dec. 1634; ex'trix Broxholme 

with son Thomas in 1638. 
ICOG. ] 




of Yawtliorix?, 
iiilieriti-d iiuuior 
of Yawtliorpeby 
father's will in 
ICiiG ; marriage 
settlement dated 
10 April lG7i'. 
AVill dated 23 
Sept. I6S7 ; 
proved G Feb. 

Ero\vne=pSnsanna, dan. of 

John Farmery of 
Upper Burnham 
in Isle of Ax- 
liolnie; inventory 
of her goods 
taken 15 Sept. 
1C93. Will dated 
12 Aug. 1G93 ; 
proved 27 April 
1C'J4. ■ 

lands in 
and Spri 
by tath, 

s will 





ealled youngest 
son in father's will 
1GG6; legateeofhis 
brother Thomas in 

1 I 

Anne, n 
her l)rot 
by her 



: to her 

Browne, under 
age in lG>s7. 
Will proved 
1707, but mis- 
sing from the 
Lincoln llegis- 




Thomas Browne, 
under age in 1687; 
of Yav.thorpe G 
March 1707-8 ; 
cut off the entail; 
bnr. at Corring- 
ham 9 Aug. 1718. 

under age 
in 1CS7. 
(See Pr.m- 
(tEF.E 3, 
l>. 188.) 

Isaac Browne of 
Yawthorpe, late 
ofthe city of Lin- 
coln, under age 
in 1G87. Will 
dated 12 iTune 
17G2; proved 30 
Jlay 1770. 

William nuuting- = Elizabsth, cx'trix=Francis Fret- 
ton of West Stock- to motlier's will well of Bieker- 
with, CO. Notts; 1G91. Will dated ton, co. Y'ork, 
dead in 1718, s.p. 11 Aug. 1711 ; s.p. 2nd hus- 
1st husband. proved 2 May 17G1. band. 

Susanna, mar. Yiucent 
Browne, sou of Heze- 
kiah Browne of Ilaxey, 

1693 ; remar 

Foster (?) 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
Kcv. William Far- 

William Browne, nuder^ 

age in 1610 ; ex'or to 

will of Henry Brox- | mery. Rector of 

holme 1C3S. Will dated ;, Heapham ; mar. 

19 Sept. 16.36 ; proved i at Heapham 29 

3 Dec. 1G.37. | April 1G30. 

Anne, mar. Thomas 
Cowper of Y'iiw- 
thorpc ; marriage 
settlement, 20 Aug. 
1615 ; remar. Rich- 
ard Francis. 

I I 
Dorothv, mar. 
Willian'i Thorn- 
hill of Alesby. 


Broxholme Browne, bapt. at Heapham 10 April 1631 ; proved his=p.Amy, dau. 
fatiier's will 3 Dec. 1657 ; bur. at Kirkby-cum-Osgodby. Will i of ^lartin 
dated 2 June 1677 ; proved 8 March 1678-9 ; loaves lauds to his i Browne of 
son, and failing his heirs, to Broxholme, son of his brother Thomas ; Saltfleetby; 
Browne ; leaves lands in Glee, Ulceliy, Faldingworth, and Lis- , ex'trix in 
singtou to Henry Browne. j 1677. 

Broxholme Browne, under age in 1677 ; apparently s.p. 

Thomas Browne, nan; 
ill his brother ]!ru 
holme's will 1677. 

I I 

Henry Browne, devisee of his great-uncle Mary, 

Henry Broxholme 1638; devisee of his underage 

brother Bro.xholme iu 1677. iu 1656. 

Broxhohue I'.rowne, on whom his uncle Broxliolme Browne entailed 
lands iu 1677, failing issue of his son. 



Fkdigkee ^. (See p. 187.) 

]Tezekiiili Browne of Lincoln, incrccr, 4th siin,= 
unikr atre in lOsT ; AlJorniau of Lincoln; Mayor 
1712. 1726. Will diUcJ 25 April, provoj G 
Julv ITS'.l; names his sisters Foster, Fretwell, 
and Llir.abeth r>'jekc. 

-Justin;!, dan. of Tho- 
mas Nicholson ; mar. 
at Si. Petcr-at- 
Arches, Lincoln, 20 
March 1705. 

I I 

Thomas .John Browne, s.p.,=.\nn, 

Browue wedding settlement dau. of 

of Yaw- 27 April 1750 ; .John 

thorpe, r^Iayor of Lincoln Hooton. 

legatee 1756, 17C2; a part- 

of his nerwith Abel Smith 

sister and Paehard Elli- 

Justina son in the Lincoln 

Browne Bank 25 March 

in 1785. 1775. 

Bio.\holrao=pJane, dau. 
Browne of and coheij- 

ilayor of' 
1757, 1773. 

Eaines ; 
mar. at 
coln o Dec. 


Browne of 




legatee of 

his sister 




Hezekiah Browne of the Close of Lincoln,^ 
heir to his uncle .John Browue in 1^00 ; 
residuary legatee of his brother Broxholmc 
Browne in IbOO, and ex'or. Will dated 4 
Aug. 1820 ; proved 27 ^March 1820 ; leaves 
£4000 to each of his daughters; personalty 
Eworn under £30,000. 

dau. of 

Rev. Brox holme Browne, 
PiectorofScotton; matric. 
Liucolu College, Oxou, 17 
May 1770, tut. 18; s.p. 
"Will dated 19 Aug. ISuS; 
proved 17 Aug. 180D ; 
personalty sworn under 

Hezekiah Browne, 
ex'or to father's 

Piev. Tiiomas Browne, ex'or 
to father's will ; devisee of 
the advowson of Leadenham. 

Jane, coheir^pPiev. Johi 
I Cracroft. 


=Charles White, Esq, 
of Branstou. 

Justiua, coheir=pPLev. Bernard Smith. 

Amy, mar. at St. ^ John 
Peter-at-Arches, Davies. 
Lincoln, 29 April 
1742 (marriage 
bond 26 April 

Susauna=Pcv. Gil- 

Benet of 

Justina. Elizabeth, mar. John 
Willdated llaw of South Carl- 
16 Feb., ton, and had a dau. 
proved 26 Elizabeth, mar. to 
Ang.1785. Captain Thomas 

Money of 79 th PLCgi- 


[Note. — I compiled this pcdi'jTce mainly from title-deeds and wills iu the Browne family. 
-A. R. M.] 


Broliutkiln oi 33clton4n=^)i1jcilmc. 

[MS. C. 2o, llcraMs' College.] 
John Hrownlow of Beri^-^Aniii', dan. of John Bols- 
ford, CO. Derby. | worth of IkTisfonl. 

Henry BroTrnlow of=pAnnc, dan. of John .Sutton Kichard Brovrn- Johii Brown- 
Berisford, 1st s.m. I of Dcanc Hall, co. Notts. low, ind son. low, Sid son. 

r n ri . 

Nathaniel Brownlow=^Alice, dan. of Piobcrt James I'rownlow, 2nd Theodosia. 

of Beltou ill ye Isle 
of Axholme 1G34, 
1st son. 

Parkinson of Foston ; son. Belton2?i Aug. — Anne. 

lC4i, then a widow. Luke Brownlow. 3rd sou. 

I I I 

Viiieent Brownlow, Richard Brownlow, bapt. at Cassandra, bapt. at Bolton 
son and heir. Beltou 1 Xuv. 1G2'J. 28 Dec. lG2.i. 

William Brownlow of Belton-— ^largery .... of Dowgood, mar. at 
in-Axholme, Inu-. there 9 B:dion 3 Feb. lf,02-3 ; bur. there 

March 1C15-1C. 20 Aug. 1G17. 

Vincent Brownlow of BL-!ton-iu-Axeholme If. 10,-^ Alice, dau. 
died and bur. at Belton 10 June 1023, seised of 1 of ... . 
lands in Epworth. 

I \ 

William Brownlow, 1st sou and heir, born John Brownlo'.v, bur. at 
1G15 ; wL 8 at his father's dt-ath. Belton 5 Srpt. lG2.i). 

2Svo\ynIolii of Btlton h}) dprantljam. 

Arms. — Or, an inescufelceon within an orle of martlets sable. 
Christopher Bro^viilow of—. . . . dan. and heir of ... . Lee of 
CO. Derby. 1 Aughtou Castle, co. Derby. 

John Brownlow of IIigii=i=Jane, dau. of ... . Bothway by his 2ud wife, dan. 
Holborn, co. Middlesex. I of Sir John Zouch of Staughton Grange. 

Richard Brownlow of Kirkby Umlerwood, protho-^^Katherine, dau. of John Page 
notary of the Court of Common Pleas temp. Elix. I of Wembly, co. ^Jiddlesex, Mas- 
and (Jharles L ; died 1038. ter in Chancery. 

Mary, mar. William Eli/iabeth, mar. John SherarJ Awdrey, mar. John Wors- 
Sanders of Welford, of Lobthorpe ; died G Feb. ley of Deeping Gate, co. 
CO. Northampton. lC.58-9; bur. at North Witham. Northampton. 



Sir John 
of Kirkl 
1st son, 
July IC- 
for ]ii!i;h 
23 Nov. 
8[>. Wi 

Drowulow of Riiigstnn in = 
:ilc IG ilarch lG20-3n, and 
>y Underwood and Belton, 
bom 10'JO; Shcrift' of Lin- 
• JGIO ; created Bart. -26 
il ; indicted at Grantham 
treason April KUo ; died 
li;7'J : hnr. at Belton, a!t. 
11 proved 28 June 1080. 

: Alice, dan. 
of Sir John 
of :Mister- 
ton, CO. 
Bucks ; 
died 27 
June liJTG, 
a-t. 70 ; 
bur. 7 July 

Sir William Brown-=FEli7,alietth 

low of Great Huniby, 
2nd sou, born 1596; 
created Bart. 27 July 
IGll ; M.P. for],iu- 
colnshirelG-iS ; died 
1G6G, ajl. 70 ; bur. 
at Bekon. Will 
proved 16 June 

dau. and 
coheir of 
Sir Wil- 
liam Bun- 
combe of 
CO. Bucks, 
bar. at 


Richard Brownlow of Ringston,=pElizabetb, dau. of John Frcke of Stretton, 
Bart., 1st son and heir,born 1G2S ; ] co. Dorset; born 1634; adm'ix of her 

died 3 Aug., bur. 5 Sept. IGGS at | husband; died 2 Feb. 1CS3-4, ffifc. 50; 

Rippingale, xt. 40. Adm'on. bur. at Somerby. 



Elizabeth, dau. = William Brown-— ilargaret, dan. and eohoir of George Brydge.^, 
Lord Chandos ; born IGJl ; mar. lie. dated 
7 July 16G8 (at St. JIargarefs, AVestmin- 
ster) ; adm'ix of her husband April 1675 ; 
remar. Sir Thoma.? Skipwith of Methering- 
ham, Bart. ; died 1, bur. 8 Jan. 1741-2 in 
the Duke of Orra -^nd's vault in Westmin.ster 
Abbey, " fet. 94," according to the Funeral 
Book. 2nd wife. 

of Sir Erasmus 
mar. afc St. 
James's, Clerk- 
enwell, 28 July 
1664. Isbwife. 

2nd son, born 
1638 ; of St. 
Andrew's, Hol- 
born, 7 July 
1G6S. Adm'ou 
April 1675. 

Elizabeth, only dau. and heir, mar. Philip 
Doughty of Westminster, co. Middlesex. 

Elizabeth, 1st dau., born 9 Audry,3rddau.,mar. Anne, 19th child, l>orn 1652 

Aug. 1630 ; mar. 1st Sir 
Charles ILussey of Cay- 
thorpe, Bart. ; died 25 Dec. 
1688 ; bur. at Caythorpc. 

Anne, bur. at 
IJolborn, Aug. 

,. Andrew's, 

William Thursby of or 1648 : di-d G Aug. 1720 ; 

the ^Middle Temple bur. at Caytiiorpe, a;t. G.*^ or 

and of Abiugton, 72. 

CO. Xorth'ton ; mar. — 

lie. dated 30 April Alice, mar. Walter ITawkes- 

1663, then Kt. about worth of Ilawkesworth, co. 

21. York; died 14 March 1G74-5; 
bur. at Guisoley, co. York. 

! I 

Elizabeth, boi-n G Sept. 1G55 ; 
died 8, bur. 9 ^Nlarcii 1655-6. 

Mary, born 22 Sept. 1G56 ; 
died 15, bur. 17 Feb. 1659-60. 

I I I 

Elizabeth, born Dorothy, born 2s Api'il 1661. 
27 Feb. 16.57-8; — 

died 17 Deo. Elizabeth. bapt. 5 March lGGl-2; 
1659. died 25 .Alarcli, bur. 25 April 


All at Rippingale. 

LixfOLXsnini: ri-.DiGREi:s. 


I I 

Riclifird riiown- Richard Rrown- 

lowjnir. at i;ii>- l..w, liorn T.. dieil 

jiingale 2-t Aug. 20 Oct. ICOl. 
1! low 11- 



Jane, 1st dnii., honi Anne, died 
lO")! ; Aw(\ 1 June voiiiig. 
ICTCi. ivt. It; ; l,ur. 
at Sonicrbv. 

Dorothy, dan. and coheir=pSir William Itvowii-: 

of Sir Richard ;Ma>on of low of IVltdii, -Itli 

Bisboii's Castle, CO. Salop, Bart., horn 6, bapt. 

and Sutton, co. Surrey, at Rijipinpile 10 

Clerk of the Green Cloth Nov. KKJO ;" died in 

toChas.Il.and Jamesll.; Arlinfrtun Street, 

died 13 Jan. 10011-1700, London, G :\Iarch 

a?t. 33 ; bur. at Sutton, 1700-1701 ; bur. at R;t. 36. "ind wife. 

CO. Surrey. 1st wife. Sutton, co. Surrey. 

= ITenrietta, dan. of Henry Brett 
of Cowley, CO. Gloucester ; mar. 
by name of " l^ady Henrietta 
B'rett " at St. ^fartins-iii-ye- 
Fields, CO. :\[iddlesex, 21 Dec. 
1700; rcmar. Henry ^loiLran 
of Bristol; died 10 Ang. 171,^, 

Richard Brownlow, 
1st son, bapt. at 
St. }.[artins-in-the- 
Fields, CO. Middle- 
sex, 12 June 1CS9 ; 
died T.p. 

"William Browulow, 
born 1C08 ; died 
of fever 28 July 
1720, cTt. 2A ■ bur. 
at Beltou, unmar. 

Anne, only sister an'd heir, born 
1604 ; mar. Sir Richard Cust of 
Stamford, Bart., 1717 ; died at 
Grantham 29 Dec. 1779, and 
bur. at St. George's, Stamford, 
11 Jan. 1780, xC So. 

Sir John Brownlow of Beltou, 3rd Bart., heir of his great-- 
uncle Sir John Brownlow ; born 26 June 1659; bapt. at 
Rippingale C July 1G59 ; Sheriff of co. Lincoln 1G8S ; 
died 16 Jnly 1697, £et. 38 ; bur. at Beltcn. Will proved 
2 Sept. 1607. 

^Alicia, eldest dan. of 
Richard Sherard of 
Ijobthorpe ; born 
16o9 ; died 29 June 
1721, aH. C2. 

Eleanor, ." 
and cohci 
1691 ; died 11 
Sept. 1730, m. 
39, s.p. 1st wife. 

dan. = Sir John Brownlow of Belton, 5th Bart.,=Eliza>)eth, dau. 

born 2nd son and heir, born 1601 ; created Baron of 'William Cart- 

Brownlow and Viscount Tyrconnell in wright of Marn- 

Ireland 14 May b Geo. L, 1718 ; K.B. 25 ham, co. Notts ; 

Mav 1725; M.P. for Grantham 25 ilay mar. 24 Jan. 

1722, 1727, 1734; died 27 Feb. 1754, 1731-2. 2ud 

set. a, s.p. wife. 

Elizabeth, 1st dau. 
and coheir, born 
1680 ; mar. John, 
6tb Earl of Exeter; 
died 28 Nov. 1723, 
set. 43. 

Alice, 2nd dau. and co- 
heir, born 1684 ; mar. 
Francis, 2nd Lord 
Guildford; died in Lou- 
don 22 AuEf., bur. at 
"Wroxton, o'i. Oxlord, 6 
Sept. 1727, ffit. 43. 

Jane, 3rd dau., 
mar., June 1711, 
Peregrine, 2nd 
Duke of An- 
cascer ; died at 
Grimsthorpe 26 
Aug. 1736. 

Margaret, 4th dau. 
and coheir, born 
1687; died of the 
sinall-pox ; bur. at 
Belton 9 Aug. 
1710, Kt. 23. 


LixcoLXsmr.E pedigrees. 

[:iIS. C. -;% IIcniKls' CoHcee.] 

Aems. — Arf/ciif, a chevron hcfiricn three Irorls'' hearis crci-HiI a:urc. 

llidiavJ r.roxliohn.- of Owcrslv and Wale=liv.— 

^ Li 

.1 I 

■W illiam lii-oxhuliuc of Xorth=pRoso, dau. and heir of Anno, mar. T>aniel '\^ iokham 

Kclsey 1-2 ilarch ICOri-O, and Robert Gibson of of Caistor ; bur. tbcre 3 

of Walcsby. Little Lymber. Jnne 1C55. 

Thomas Broxholmo" 

pUrsula, only dau. of Edward 


Anne, bapt. at 

of Xorth Keljcy, 

Bilclille of Xi.rmanbv-on-the 


Walcsby 3 

bapt. at Walesbv 1 

Hill, and of Walesbv. by his 

bapt. at 

Sept. 1577; 

Jan. 157G-7. Will 

2nd wife ; bapt. SO July 156o ; 

Walesbv 7 

mar. Francis 

dated 9 April, 

mar. at Xornianby 8 Any-. 

Oct. 15bl. 

:Marris of 

proved (C.PG.) 15 

1G03 ; remar. at Oworsbv, i'lj 

North Kclsev ; 

June 161G. 

April 1G16, John Marris of 

living 9 April 

North Kelsey. 



Richard Broxholme=pFranccs, dau. 'Vi illiam Broxholme, 2ud Elizabeth, 2nd 
of Great Grimsby, of Barthole- son, under age 9 April under age 9 

son and heir 1634; , mew Law 
proved his father's ranee of 
will 15 June 1616. i Keale. 


Anne, 1st dan., nndc. 
age 9 April IGIG. 


..^- . April 

161G; mar. at Great 
Grimsliy, 27 July 
1G05, Thomas Gar- 

William Broxholme, 
1st son, ajt. 4, 1G34; 
bur. at Grim.sby K) 
Way 1644. 

Thomas Brox- 
holme, 2nd 
son, bapt. at 
Great Grimsby 
20 May 1G33. 

Francis Broxholme, 
ord son, bapt. 21 
July 163G ; bur. at 
Great Grimsby 25 
March 1C61. 

Richard Brox- 
holme, 4th son, 
bapt. at Great 
Grimsby 11 
Feb. 1C41-2. 

William Broxholme, 5th Martha, bapt. at Susanna, bapt. 19 Elizabeth, bur. 

son, bapt. 13 Feb. 1C44-5; Great Grimsby Feb. 1C51-2 ; bur. at GreatGrims- 

bur. at Great Grimsby 1 25 April 1G39. " at Great Grimsby by 7 -March 

Sept. 1660. 6 Jan. 1C53-4. 1G54-5. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. MS. 1550.] 
John Broxholme-^Grisill, dau. of Thomas Yarborough of Yarborough. 

Robert Broxholme of Owersby=pAune, dau. of Anthony ilorley of co. York. 



John Broxholme^^Iaiirarct, dan. of Pto- 
of OweisbylJlT; I ]> rt" Wickliam of Os- 
liviiig 15G8. godby; cousin of 

Liishop of Lincoln. 


VTilliain Kroxholme of Osiroaby=p 

(or Robert), 2ud son, bur. a"t dan. of 

Kirkby-cum-Osgodl'V IG Aus: 




1 ■ 


Tuliu Prox-=FJizabctl 
lolrae of dau. of 
Middle William 
Temple. Eawlius. 

, P.,ber; lin-xholme- 
bur. at ClaxV.y 19 
June 1578. 

-Christian, dau. of 
Henry Hansard of 
Cuxwold ; surviv- 
ing 1590. 


William Brnx-=p 
holme of Os- 
godbv, bur. IG 

1 1 

Elizabeth, raar.==Cliristo- Fra'ie<?, mar. 
atClaxbyOFeb. plier at Claxbv ]-l 
1.07S-9. Anlatt. Sept. 1.379. 

= Pobcrt iIeiirv=pAlice, dau. c 
Clarke. Brox-" Oliver Witl 
hobne. ernwicke. 



loline of 
3V, bur. 
there 1 

dau. of 
Iviuc; of 
P.arnetby ; 
bur. at 
Grimsby 3 
Oct. 1G07. 

Thomn-s Broxholmer^ 
of Lincoln and 
Louth, Counsellor- 
r,t-Law. Will dated 
(i ^larch, proved -i 
May 1591. 

Anne, dau. of 

Laughton ; sister 
of Godfrey Laugh- 
ton ; died" 28 ifar. 
IGOO, pA. 55; bur. 
at Louth. 

bur. at Mctcal 
Ked- of Lout 
ding- Park. 
ton 24 

Edward Broxholme of=r Sarah, dau. of Chris- Godfrey Broxbolme of LincolD,=p 
Lincolu 1G34; signs ' topher Copley of 2ud son, bapt. at Grimsby IG Juue 
pedigree lG3i. Adm'on , Sprotboroueh (called 15S8; St. Petcr-at- Arches, 
5 July 1G58. 1 also Su.'.au). Lincoln, 9 April IGoU. 

Susan, =Thomas 
heiress, Hatcliffe 
bur. at; of Hat- 
Grimsby clilTe, dead 
1679. 1653. 

Thomas Broxholme, bap;, at St. Peter- William Brox- 
at-Aiches 1 Jan. lGlG-17. holme, bapt. at 

— St. Peter-at- 
Hundleby Broxholme, bapt. at St. Arches27Sept. 
Peter-at-Arches S March 1C21-2. 1C25. 

:Mary, bapt. at St. Puter's 21 
Oct. 1G13. 

Jane, bapt. at St. Peter's 24 
Jan. 1G14-15 ; bur. 18 Sept. 

Elizal'fth, bapt. at St. Peter's Dorothy, bapt. 

24 Jan. 1G14-15; bur. 28 at St. Peter's 

Feb. 1G14-15. 3 May 1G27 ; 

— bur. 9 June 

Fait!,, bapt. at St. Peter's 2 1629. 
July 1G23. 



35voi1jolmr of J^alndjcirpc, 

William Broxholrae of 0\Yrrsl.y. Will dakJ^pAlyson, dau. 
20 Oct. 1530 ; proved 17 ^^larch 15oU-:31. of ... . 

William r.roxholrao of Owershy.^^Jcnytt, 
Will dated 22 April, proved 1 dan. 
July 1555. 

Roliort Broxholme, supervisor hv 
father's will 1 530 ; named cs'or 
in his son Piobert's will 15G2. 

Christopher Broxholme, ex'or, under nge,= 
in 1555; bur. at Kirkby-cum-Osgodin'. 
Will dated 30 Dec. 1579; proved 12 
Fob. 1579-80. 

^^largaret, dau. 
of Robert Jlal- 

I I 

ilargery, mar. Ro- 
bert Danatt. 

William Broxliolaie. Dorothy. 

Thomas Broxholme, called eldest 
brother iu Robert Broxholnie's 
will 15C2. 

Robert Broxholme_^of Owersby, 
"junior," s.p. '\\ ill dated 5 
May, proved 25 June 15C2. 

William Bros-=p 
holme of Os- ' 
gudby. Will I 
dated 30 Xov. | 
1557 ; proved 
15Feb.l557-8. I 

of . . . . 

I I 
Thomas Broxholme, 
called youngest bro- 
ther iu Robert Brox- 
holnie's will 15(j2. 

Elizabeth, named iji 

Thomas Broxliolme of Yawthorpe in parish of Corring-^^Anne (or :\rary), dau. | 
ham and of Kirkby-cum-Osgodbv ; bur. at Corringhara. of Robert ■\\ ilhamson 
Will dated 3 Sept., proved (C.P.C.) 24 Oct. 1599 ; proved of Walkeringham, co. 
at Lincoln 25 Feb. ]599-lC00. Notts. 

I I 
William Broxholme, 
eldest son, but died 

RobertBroxholme of 
Great Corringham, 
eldest surviving son, 
ex'or. Will dated 16 
Feb. 162S-9; proved 
30Mav]G29; codicil 
10 ApVil 1G29. 

Henry Broxholme Thomas Broxholme, 
of Osgodby in living in 1599, but 
Kirkby" 2ud sur- dead, unmar., before 
vivingson; bur. at 1G31. 
Corringham. Will 
dated3 0ct. 1G38; 
proved 11 Xov. 
1642 ; settles es- 
tates on AVilliara, 
son of Humphrey 

Marv, of Corrimr- 
ham'. Will dated 
24 Dec. 1C32 ; _ (to 
be) bur. at Corring- 

I I 
Elizabeth, mar. 
Browne, senior, 
of Yawthorpe. 

Anne, unmar. in 
1599 ; mar. 
Browne, junior, 
of Yawthorpe. 

Henry Broxholme of Osgodbv. bur.=pAlicc, dau. of Oliver Witli-=Thomas Byr- 
at Kirkby-cum-Osgodby 20 ilarch I ernwick of Claxby ; coheir cotts, mar. at 

1579-80."'Willdated2 Jan. 1579-80; j of her brother .J 
proved 8 April 1580 ; named his ernwick ; ex'trix 
brother Thufnas liroxholme super- husband in 1580. 
visor. 1st husband. 

n With- Kirkby-cum- 
to her Osgodbv 7 

Feb. 1581-2. 

2nd husband. 



Mar-P.rer, bai.t. Kntlierino, bapt. 
at Uf^flln- ' 9 at Ufselby 12 
Juno IM'.O. June 1.;>G7. 

IV. bapt. 


I I 

Jane, bapt. :Marv, bapt. 

at Usselbv at Os-oibv 

■2:< J illy ■ 17 July 

1571. 1572. 

John P.roxl.olme of Nether Toynton,— Anne, dan 
■•lul'^'Mi ba' Ki.-kbv-cum-Osc;odby i Thiuili'ebv 
7 S.'pt. 1575. Will dated U Dee. 
1C40; piwed (C.P.C.) 11 Feb. 1640-41. 

of Robert Freestoa of 

bap:, at Ilovncaitle 22 

Feb. 15s'j-;)i>; mai-. at Thinibleby 

27 Jan. lGOG-7 ; living U Dee. 1040. 

Charles I'.rnxlinlme, 
bapt. at Hoincastle 
8 Ajiiil 1C21 ; cct. 
13, 1G04; legatee 
of hi? sifter Anne 
GounviU in ICSl. 

Ellen, bapt. at 
llorncasile 27 
Oct. 1611; mar. 
her cousin Tho- 
mas Browne of 

Frances, bapt. 
at llorneustle 
19 Oct. 1G15; 
mar Fo.x. 

.\nne, bapt. at ITom- 
eastle 6 Dec. 1618; 

mar GounviU. 

Will dated 12 March 
1680-81 ; proved 18 
July 1681, then of 
Salmouby, v.idow. 

:*Iatthew I'.roxholrae of Scamblesby,=pMarv, dan. and heir of John Cooke of 
eldi'st son Will daced 20 Mav | Scamblesby. Will dated 28 Feb. 1605-G ; 
1596; proved (C.P.C.) 25 June | proved (C.F.C.) 14 Nov. ICOG. 

John Broxholmc: 
of Scarablesby, 
eldest son, un- 
der age 28 Fel). 
1605-6; died be- 
fore 16;;i. 

Thoma5=pMary, daa. of 
Broxholme Erasmus 
Cooi^cr of 
Canons Ash- 

of Stix- 

der age in by, co. North- 


amp ton. 


under age 
in 16u6 ; 
mar. John 
Vicars of 


Grace, mar. " 
norncastle, : 
Feb. 1G13-14 
John Hamcr 
ton of Horn 

F'rance.s, bnr. at llorucastlc 
8 Dee. 1G31. 

Mary, 1st 

Anne, 2nd 

Elizabeth, 3rd 

Robert Broxholine=Janc, dan. of ... . 
of Barlings Abbey, ; Stow of Ne^yton ; 

ordson. Adm'on 
(C.P.C.) 10 Nov. 
1592; adm'on "de 

I.-abel..!au.of Uieh-r 
ard Whorwood of 
Ludlow, CO. Salop. 
Est wife. 

O.sgodby 22 Nov. 
15G8; adm'ix of her 
husband in 1592; 
dead before 1599. 


liol no,ex'or 
to his bro- 
ther Robert 
of Barlings 

Ellen, mar. at Kirkby- 
cum-O-godby, 19 June 
15G4, Francis Thomp- 
son of Boothby. 

Johan,namedin Robert 
Brosholme's will 1562. 

AVilliam Brox-^Anne, dan. of James 
holme of Reep- I ilu-sendeii of Great 
i,eldestsoD, i Limber ; bapt. there 23 


bur. there 29 
April 1633. 


Nov. 1567. 2nd wife. 




AVilliam Brox- 
JI.A. at Cain- 

ir. at bridge lC<■^,i. 

i IG 

I I 

1 1 II 






Roljcrt Broxholrae^pMartlia. dau. 

of lleopliara, oldest , of Elias Keut 

son, aH.. -23, 1034 ; of Scanibles- 

eutcred at Gray's by ; 

Inu 13 Aug. ItJoO; , Sten 

died 20 Jan. '■ Jan. 1639-iO. 

lClO-41. i 

Jfartha, born posthnnious ; xt. 3 mcmtlis 3 days, 12 May 1G41. 

Sirs. Anne ]iroxlioline, widow, bur. at Ileepliain 14 Feb. 1G70-7I. 


)an of ISoIinritrohc. 

[Uarl. :\[S. 1550. MS. C. 23, Heralds' College] 

Aem.s.— Or, l/irce piks azure, a bonier engrailed ermine. 

William Bryan of Buliiigbroke.--f: 

Thomas (or AVilliHni) Bryan of=pJennett, dau. of ... . Cony of 
Bolingbroke. I Basingthorpe. 

I I 

1 lionias Bryan of Bolingbroke, mer-=p!Margaret, dau. of John Bryan of Boling- 

cirant of tiie Scajile of Cakiis, bur. .... Jiede; remar. broke, merchant of tlie 

at Boliiigbroke. Will dated 9 Oct., IMathew; died Staple, living 1521. 

proved 5 Nov. l.!)21. 24 July 155.5. 

I I I 

Robt-rt ]5ryau of Boling-=Anne, dau. of .... ; Jane, .-Mice (or Agnes), mar. 

broke, merchant of the bur. at Bolingbroke 1521. George Fairfax of cu. 

Staple. 7 May 15G2. York. 

Jane, dau. of— 'William Bryan of Bolingbroke,=pThomasine, dau. of Julm Fiiicbam 
John Good- Ciiief Warrener of tiie manor i of Finchain, co. Norfolk ; remar. 

ricke of East of Bolingbroke, died 9 Nov. 
Kirkby. 1st 1573. Will dated 18 Dec. 
■wife. 15G9. 

Thomas Bendish of Bumpstead, 
CO. Essex ; living 1573. 2Dd wife. 

Andry, Thomasine, Robert Bendi^h,= Anae, bur. at=Thon)as Ogle 
Bolingbroke mar. Thomas B.D., mar. at Finch'beck 2G ofPinehbeck. 

Bolingbroke 8 Jan. 1597-8. 2ndhusbaud. 

Felj. ' 1579-80. 

1st huiband. 

15G8 ; bur. 5 Smith of 
June 15C9. Havcrcll, co. 




I A 

John r.rvan, bapt. 
at Bu'liugliroke 
ITiGii; bur. lU Nov. 


Robert Rryan of~Eleanor, d:ui. 
Boliiigbroko, bap;. ^ of Thoinu.^ 
there Veb. 15G7-S: Cendish of 
bur. there S Nov. BumpsteaJ, 
lG-'7. CO. Essex. 

Katlieriue.bapt. atBoliii: 
broke April i:)70. 

Thomasine, liur. at iJoliuj: 
broke 5 Nov. 15GG. 

Tristram Toolcy=E!oanor, bapt.=Thoiiias Dorothy, bapt. 

of Dowood, mar. atDoliiigbroke Bristow of ai liolinsbruke 1 

at Boliiigbroke J[ay lOUG ; Scremby, Oet.loOS ; mar., 

■23 Feb. IgI 0-20; living 1G3G. Clerk. 10 Nov. 1G18, 

dcadbeforelGSG. 2nd hus- John Dixon of 

1st husband. baud. Scrivelsby. 

Judith, bapt. 
at Boling- 
IGUO; bur. 

William Bryan, Richard Bryau,=Anne, dau. cf Rich- Anne, bapt. at Boling- 
bapt. at Bol'ing- bapt. at Boling- ard Carkcoii of broke Jau. 1501-5;^ 
broke 2 Jau. broke 2G July Frumptou in IIol- mar. Samuel Mott of 

1G02-3-, s.p. 




\.ndrew Bryan, bapt. Robert Bryan of Fulletby. bapt.^^Esther, dau. of Edward 

at Bolingbroke July at Boliugbroke Jau. K"(05-C. 
1592 : bur. 19 Jan. Will dated i May, proved 5 
loOG-T. July 1C3G. 

Browne of Horbling ; 
bur. at Boston 29 Aug. 

a3t. 2 lu IGoi. 

John Bryan of Boston,=f=Martha, dau. Robert Bryan, 2nd s 

merchant, bapt. at • of .... ; 

Uareby 27 Oct. 1C2G ; ' ex'trix lGo7. 

ret. 8 in 1G3-1. Will ' 

dated 17 Oct. lG.i.7 ; 

proved 'O Jan. 1G67-8. 

Elizabeth, under 
ao-e 1G36. 

Thomas Bryan, 3rd Esther, uumn 
son, uot mentioned iu in 1GG2. 

Richard Bryan, bapt. 13 Aug. 1C53 
bur. at Boston 18 April 1G54. 

JIartha, coheir, bapt. at 
Boston 23 Ans. lGo5. 

coheir 1G57 

Thomas Bryan of Bolingbroke, =pSarah, dau. of John 
son and heir 1592 ; bur. at ; Xorton of Coiter- 
Bolingbroke 12 April 1616. 1 stock, co.Northamp- 
ton ; living 1G21. 

William r>i'yan, 
bur. at Boling- 
broke 17 Jan. 


RLubert Bryan of=f=jIartlia, dan. of Leonard 
Bolingbroke, bapt. ! Carnock of Boston ; bapt. 
there 2G Aug. | at Boston 5 April 1012 ; 
lG10;bur.y March \ mar. there 4 Dec. 1628. 
1635-G. B I 

I I 

John Bryan, bur 
at Bolingbroke 2) 
April 1G14. 

William Bryan. 

^Martha, mar. at 
Bolingbroke, 2 
ilay 1631, Tho- 
ma.s Welcome of 



Eli7.^ .eth.dau. of Eaward-^Xortou P.ivau of Bolin--=^Aiine, dau 
-Middleiuore of liarton, , broke, sou ;iiul licir of 
brother of George Jliddle- ] bapt. ;it Bolinirbroke Hd surviving 
more; bur. at Bolinghroke ; July- 1G31. \Vill dated JCT;- ^^ 
8 Nov. 16:.S. 1st wife. ! ai .Jan. ir,72-3 ; proved ' wife 
1 3 April U;73. 

;\Iaitha, bapt. at 
Bolingbroke 9 
Oct. u;32 ; mar. 
ud AVilliam.^Iiddle- 
tou of Waudcs- 
lev, CO. Xotts. 


= Henry 

Porothv, dan.^p 

bapt. at 


of ; bur. 


of Stix- 

at Boliug- 

broke 5 


broke 2 April ! 


1700. 1st 1 




=Johu Bryan, bapt. at^Mary,dau. of Lyon 
Bolmgbroke 2 Feb. Clipsham of Gran- 
1GG4 ; bur. there IS ; tham ; bapt. at 
April 1725. Will Grautliam 2S May 
dated 2lJan. 1724-5; 1G67 ; bur. at Bo- 
proved 30 April 1725. liugbroke 30 Jan. 
1732-3. 2ud wife. 

^i I III 

Frances, bapt. Martha, bapt. at Bolingbroke 

at Bolingbroke 27 Feb. 1 G05-G ; mar. William 

24 Sept. 1GS9 ; AVard ; living 1753. 

mar. William " — 

Chapman. Anne, bapt. at Bolino-broke 

— 2G Oct. 1G9S ; bur. there 27 

Dorothy, bapt. May 17S0, uumar. 

at Bolingbroke ' — 

lG8ept.^lG90; Esther, bapt. 31 March, bur. 

mar. William 2 April 1700 at Bolino-broke. 

Henry Bryan, bapt. at Boling- 
broke 30 May 17US ; Rector 
of Bolingbroke and Hareby 
9 Aug. 1739, of Hamering- 
ham alias Dunstrop Grange ; 
bur. at Bolingbroke 12 Sept. 
1757, s.p. Will dated 22 
Dec. 1753; proved 17 Sept. 

John Bryan, bapt. at B 

broke 22 Oct. 1091 ; died of Boliug 

from a fall from his horse broke, bajit 

Norton Bivau^Sn>an- 

19 -May, bur. 21 ifay 1726 there 3 MarcL 
at Bolingbroke. Will dated 1692-3; heirof 
29 Jan. 1725-6 ; proved 
June 1726. 

dau. of 

his brother 
John Bryan. 


Norton Bryan, 
bapt. at Boling- 
broke & Aug. 

Robert Bryan, bapt. 7 Afav. 
bur. 12 .MavlG94aLBoling- 

Tiiomas Bryan, bapt. 29 
June 1697 ; bur. at Boling- 
broke 4 Jan. 1725-6. 

John Bryan, bapt.=pAnne, dau. of Anne, bapt. at Bolintrbrokc 

at Bolingbroke 10 .... Dixon ; IG June 1729. 
July 1732. mar.atBoling- — 

broke C Feb. Frances, bapt. at Boliug- 

1759. broke 31 Aug. 1736. 

John Bryan, bapt. at 
Bolingbroke 13 ilay 

Henry Bryan, bapt. at Anne, bapt. at 
Bolingbroke 5 Feb. Bolingbroke 
170 4. 10 Nov. 1759. 

LiN-coi.ysimiE rKDiGKrr.s. 


35udie of il}amlj^> (Drantjt. 

[ilS. C. -2:), Heralds' College.] 
Auiis. — LoiDhnj Jemhj of i/]/ht or and (iziire, a can/on trminc. 
. BiK-ke=pAnne, clau. of ... . Cuxsnnne ; living 23 JIarcli i:>05-6. 

Sir John Bncke, Iviit., of^ 
ITambyGrange, which he 
imrchascd of riiomas Sid- 
ney about -2 Sept. 1590; 
Provost-^Marshal in the 
expedition to Cadiz ; 
knighted there 27 June 
1590; died 2ii Nov., bur. 
at St. Giles, Cripplcgate, 
21 or 2C Nov. 1596. Will 
dated 23 March 1595-6; 
proved 2 Dec. 1590. 

^Eleanor, dau. and heir of 
I JohnWyniarkof Gretford; 
I proved her Imsltand's will 
I 2 Dec. 1596 ; Patroness of 
Vicarage of Osbournby; re- 
mar., before 7 April 1600, 
Sir "William T.igdon, Knt., 
of Dowsby ; adnfix of lier 
fatherl3 April 1600. Will 
dated 23 Sept. 1612 ; (to 
be) bur. at Gretford. 
Adm'ou 3 Feb. 1615-10. 

23 Mar. 

= Anne, 
dau. of 










i^Iary, dau. of=Peregrine Bucke of Sys-^pFrances, dau. of 
JlilesOxinsof ; tou,"3rd son, 1634 ; i John Porter of 

CO. Xorth- 
ampton. 1st 

adm'or of his mother 
3 Feb. 1015-16 ; dead 
in 1648-9. 

2nd ' 


of Huu- 

]\Iartha, of Barkston, 
uumar. Will dated 5 
Feb. 1648-9 ; j^roved 
6 March 1050-51. 







All living 1648-9. 

Peregrine Bucke,=Mary, dau. of 
1st son, cet. 10, . . . . ; died 7 
1634 ; ex'or to May 1704 ; 
his sister Martha bur. at Barks- 
Bucke 1648-9. ton. 

Sir John Bucke, Knt.,— Elizabeth, 
of Hamby Grange, | dau. and 
nndcr age 1600 : j heir of 
knighted al Whitehall I William 
23 July 1603 ; High j Green of 
Sheriff of co. Lincoln | Filey, co. 
JG19 ; diadin 1648. j York. 

Mary, ex'trix=pJohn Welb, 
to her hus- ofBarkstur 
band 1040. | 

Bight, dead 

Edward or Edmund Bucke^Elizabeth, dan. 
of Aslackby IS July 1019, | of -John Ciay- 
2nd son. 

don of London. 

.... living Elizabeth, bapt. at Aslackby 
^farch Sept. 1618 ; living March 

1619-20. 1619-20. 




Rolicrt Buc-ke=Frkrary, dan. of Ed- 

CO. York, ar.d 
Gray's Inn, 

ward Skipwith of 
GraDtham ; bapt. 
niarriai^e pulilislied 
in Xewfrate ilarkct 
June ICJJ. 

AVilHam Wv- 
bv, CO. York, 
who died 

= EI 


=:Mattlicw BeckwiLh 
of Tanfield, co. 
York, Captain in 
the rarliamentaiv 

lOC.-l.s.p. 1st 

Ariiiv; Tau- 
fie'.d'i Sept. 1(;74. 
L>nd liusUind. 

John lliicke. "Wilh-am Biicke. Ehzabeth. 

Faith. Anno. Mary. 

Anne, dan. of=Sir John Bncke of Hambv=rJrarv, dau. and heir of William Ash- 

Sir Thomas 
Style, Bart., 
of Watering- 
bury, co.Kent. 
1st "wife. 

1 COO; High Sheriffof CO. Lin- 
coln 1GG3. Vrill dated 31 
July 1CG8; proved (C.P.C.) 
21 June 1CG9; (to be) bur. in 
chancel of O.^bournbvOliurch. 

ton of Tingrith, co. Bedford, by ilary, 
dan. and heir of Heniy Ewer of South 
^lymms, co. Herts ; born 1G30 ; 
marriage settlement dated 21 Aug. 
10j2; remar. Lord Chief Baron 
Turner. 2nd wife. 

Henry Bucke, Si'd son, born " near^r>eborah, dau. 
Leaden Porch, Holborn," Oct., of Thomas Sal- 
bapt. at St. Andrew's, Holborn, [ ter of London, 
Nov. 1CG2 ; Storekeeper to Com- i draper ; died 
missioners of Excise; died 9 Oct. 

died 12 


1737 ; bur. at St. Dunstan's-in-the- 
East, London. 

20 March 
1725-6, tet. 

of State 
to Wil- 
liam in. 


Henry Bucke, died 21 Jan. 1730-31, tet. 38 ; bnr. 
at St. Dunstan's-in-the-East. 

William Bucke. 

I I I 

Sir William Bucke, Bart., of=pFrances, dan. of Daniel 
Hamby Grange, High SherifT ; Skinner of Jjondon, 
of CO. Lincoln ICS'J ; died 1.5 ; merchant ; bur. at (h- 
Aug. 1717 ; bur. at Watford, . bournby 5 Nov. 1711, 
CO. Herts. | EEt. 71. 

John Bucl:e, 2nd son, 
born Oct. 16G1 " near 
Hand Yard, High Hol- 
born " ; bapt. at St. An- 
drew's, Holborn, ICGl. 

John Bncke, 
bapt. at Lav- 
ington 1-1 Oct. 
1G8C ; bur. at 
Osbournby 2 
Feb. 1CS7-8. 

William Sir Charles Bucke, Bart., of Hamby=pAnne, dan. of 

Bucke, Grange, born 1C92 ; educated at i Sir Edward 

bapt. at Treves ; entered Fellow Com. at ! Sebright, 

Osbourn- Trinity College, Cambridge, 29 j Bart., of Bes- 

bvl2 0ct. March 1712, a^'t. 20 ; died 20 June ; for(l,co. Wor- 

1GS9. 1729, tet. 37. cester. 

I I 

Sir Charles Bucke, Bart., of Hamby Grange, born=!\Iary, dau. of George Cart- ', 
31 Jan. 1731-2; High Sheriff "of co. Lincoln wriglit of Ossiugton, co. 
1780; died in London 7 June 1782, at. 61 ; Notts ; mar. 20 April 1758; j 
bur. at Osbournby, s.p. died at Bath 21 July 1764. B [ C 

LIXC0I,XS!II1;f, vkiugulks. 


r. |c 


Aiuic, cnl,cir.=.\ni1.rosL-T^t.'a Call 

I'rine, eo- = Sir Tleurv F 



lioni -( Srpf. of Kef. ill. v\ heir 

died ill field, Knt. 

, of 


ITlM ; mar. Northaiit^ Lern Loii 

Ion f,l AVhite Kn 



lOSept. ITIC; G :\Iar. 1717-lS; :\rav 

isoci, a>t. CO. Bcifc, died 25 

died at r.alh diediniaj 17S1. 80. 


21 Nov. 1800. 

Mary, l.apt. at St. 01aveX=C'liarIes 

Frances, Ivapt. at St. 



% bnr. at 

Hart Street, 21 Aiiq-. Tloare of 

Olave's, Hart Street, 


nrnl>v ;, 

1079; mar. lie. 3 June Kisford, 

London, 2?. Ans;. 1 (182 ; 



1('.'J7. CO. Devon. 

died uumar., Kt. 27. 

Aime, l.iapt. at Laviiicr- Alice, hapt. at Osbouruby Elizabetli,=. . . . Pnsey or 
ton20Sept., bnr. at Os- 17 Jan. 1G87-8 ; living living 2 Pasey of Don- 
liciirnby 2,s Sept. 1C85. iinmar. 2 ilay 172G. irayl72C. don, mercljant. 

Budiluoitij of (IMi^lml) anti l^parointi. 

Ai;:\r.s. — Sahlr, a chevron hctirecn three rross-rrossht.-: fitrhJe nrgenf. 
I! iehard r;uck--:T=G race, dau. of P-arthoiraiiew Everard e.f Ij^rwit-h-, A^'i'-e^^ 


heiress of her brother Piichard. 

Puoliard P.nckworth, liv-=pRosc, dan. and cilieir of TJiomas Skegness of Skendleby 
inir .^0 Eliz. mar. at Doston 17 Ang. l.i.03. 

1 t I 

William P.uekuorth = dan. of Anne=Tiionias Hrnry J[ildred = John 

of Piekeidiani, co Nun of Lvnn, Nor- Noone of 

Norfolk, s.p. ofNorfulk. folk." Norfolk. 

:Anthony Pnekworth of I)romore==. . . . dan. of ... . 

in Ireland and Carringham, co. Nokes. 2ud wife. 
Norfolk, 0th son. 

1, dan. of.. 

A Ireland. 1st 

Theophilus Bnck\vorth=pAlice, dan. of Charles John Pnck-=. . . . dau. 

of Wisbecli, fct. 51 in Henry Ferrour Puck- worth of of I,e 

1G8}. of Y\'isbech. worth. Ireland. [fnnte. 

The-ophilns Pnekworth, !ct. 19, 1C81 ; died= 
8 Oct. ]G;M ; bur. at AVisbech. 

Sarah, died 3 Jan. 

Alicia, bnr. infant at Wisbech 1G98. 

Anthony Puckwortli,s. p. Richard Buckworth i;oso=Thoinas Lea of Wisbech. 
of Barbadocs 1G81. 

VOL. I. I) 



Thomas Duckworth of- 
KnajitoD. CO. Norfolk. 1 
Slid SOI). 

TlioiiKi'^ l!iick--i-. 
worth. I 

. da 



Thcophihi.s T!uck\vorth,=p. . . . 
4tlis..ii, llishujiof Pro- I sister 
more; died at AVislicch. ; of Arch 
Will dated 15 Ans- ] bishop 
1(152; proved 21 i^Iay . Usher. 

Thomas Buckworthn 


lIo£C,=Toby Poyiitz of Brcn- 
coheir. nock, co. Armagh. 



Everard or Thcophilus F.ackworth or=pAnne, dan. of Thomas O.xburgh of Lyiui, 
Wisbech, 1st son. I co. Norfolk. 

Barbara, dan. of Sir Francis South,=pEverard Biickworth=pTheodosia_^dau. of 
Kilt., of Kelstern; bapt. there 15 Feb. ! of Whitehall in Wis- 
1602-3; mar. 13 0ct. 1G28. 1st wife, i bcch, Isi son, died 
1G58, o?t. 50. 

Edward Thursby 
of Haveless, co. 
Norfolk. 2nd wife. 

Anne, dau. of^pAnthony Bnck- 

Williaiu Fisher 
of Wisbech ; 
relict of James 
Edwards of 
Wisbech. 1st 

worth of AVis- 
bcch; died.Tnne 
1G7C, ttt. 3C. 
Will dated 10 
June, proved 9 
Dec. 1G7C. 

France.'^, dau. 
of Gerard 
Cater of Pap- 
worth, CO. 
2nd wife. 

mar. Ger- 
ard Cater 
of Pap- 
worth, CO. 


Susanna, mar. 

1st Suamcs, 

2ndly .... 
Sendall, 3rdly 
.... Lay wood. 

Everard Buck worth, 
unraar. 167G ; a2t. 22 
in 1G84. 

Anthony Buck- 
worth, ;et. 21 in 

.\nthony Buck- 

John Buck- 
worth, 1G7G. 


Thomas Buckworth,; 
2nd son, of Wisbech, 
Barrister ; dead bv 

Jane, dan. and coheir of An- 
thony Thompson, D.D., of 
Sutton, CO. Lincoln, Yicar of 
Long Sutton, Rector of West 

Srd son, 

Buck- I dau. 
worth, j of 
4th son. I . . . 


I I ! 

Thomas Buckworth, lst=Eli7.a, dau. of Thomas Ilenis Anthony Buckwurth, ; 
60u,a;t. 28, 1G84. of Sutton, Clerk. 2nd son. , 

Theoiihilus=f Eliz:ibeth, dau. of John Bui 
Buck- ton of Surfleet ; mar. at Finch 

worth. beck 14 Feb. 1G8S-0 ; died 2 

Srd son. Feb. 1705-C, xt. 35. 

bur. at Quadring 13 April 1G85. 

Grace, mar Pell of co. Lincoln. 


Anthoii_v I'.nckworHi, K;ulii 
7tliEon,s.p. - 

I I 

Oraw, mar. at Crcctwcll, 8 Fcli 
1728-'j, James Francis uf I.iii 




John Biicl 

Tliomas Buckworllj of^Elizabith, dan. and coheir of Lot Mad 

}th Spalding, Gth son, dii 
G July 1740, ret. SO ; 
bur. at Spalding. 

of Spalding ; mar. there 6 Jan. 1728-0 ; 
died 10 Jan. 1771, ret. G3 ; bnr. at 

Theophihi:s:^EIizabetli, dau. of ... . Clay of Anne, died G Xov. 1747, ret. IG 

Bourne ; mar. at St. Bennett's, 

Paul's "Wharf, London. 14 April Sarah, mi 

1751 ; died 3 Jan. 1793. Moulton. 

died 3 Feb. 

Thomas Buckworth of Totten-=j=JIary ^Mag- 
ham, died in Finsbiiry Square, I dalen, dau. 
London, 2b April 1803" ; bur. in of ... . 
St. Olave's, Old Jewry, S ilay, | 
ret. 49. ^. 

BucKWOKTH of Cockley 
Cley, Norfolk. 

Henry Boulton of 


Anne Elizabeth, ^ 
boru 12 Feb. 
1752 ; mar. at 
Spalding 22 July 
1779 ; died 3 Jan. 

]).I)., of 
fee Hall, 

Theopbihis EverardBnekworth=pJane, dau. and 

Buckworth, of Spalding, 2nd ; coheir of Hen- 

1st sou, bur. son,bapt. at"Pinch- | ryPellofDem- 

at Pinch- beck IG April 1G9;;; i bleby; died 2 

beckl7Mar. died 1751 ; bur. at I Aja-i'l 1770. 

1G90-91. Snrfleet. 

I I 

John Buckwortli, 
liapt. l],bur. I2M;^ 

>rd sou, 
. 1G98-9. 

Theophilus Buckworth, 4tl 
son, bapt.2iJ July 1700; bin- 
10 Dec. 1700. 

p]verard Buckworth, LL.D.,=Frances, dan. and co- 
Rector of Washiiigborough; heir of Vincent Am- 
Kector of Harrington ; Pre- cotts of Harrington ; 
bendary of Canterbury and sister of Charles Am- 
Lincolu;died30ct.l792,s.p. cotts; died 21 April 
1810, ret. 83. 


of Spalding 
and Gray's 
Inn, attor- 

= AuMe, dau. of 
John Xor- 
tiiam of Hol- 
Dec. ISO I, 
ret. 35. 

Sir John Buckworth, Knt., 5th son,= 
Alderman of Jjondon ; ex'or of his 
nephew Anthony Buckworth in 
1C7G ; knighted at Windsor 18 
June 1C81 ; Deputy-Governor of 
the Tarkey Merchants ; died 1C87. 

I I I 
1. Emma. 

2. Rose. 

I I 

4. JHldred, mar. Samuel Xew- 
comen of Ba? Enderby ; bur. 
there 25 Feb. 1G58-9. 

Mary. 5. Grace, mar. Ralph Astry. 

Sir John Buckworth of Sheen,= 
knighted 2 Dec. 1C93 ; cieated 
Bart. ] April 1G97; Slierilf of 
London 17ij4 ; died June 17U'.l. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
Hall of Yar- 
mouth, merchant; 
died 20 .May 1737. 

iIargaret,=Sir Peter Van- 
died 14 depiit, Knt., 
Slieritl'of Lon- 
don IG'^4; died 
April 1708. i 


20 i 


Sir .luhii lUiekw.ntli. ;, i.Kir. il;u-v .1. 

cLui. of : .liJd 17 

lie died f.U lice. 17.VS. 


•d Ikiek- 
uuith, :',rd iKiit.. 
died L' IVk 177'J. 

^:\[-.irv, .lull, uf Wil- Eli/.al>ftli, 
liam'Dij.i.l' (.1- l)u- 
bell, CO Worcester ; 
died -20 Oct. 17(;-. 


Sir J.4iU Unci 
worih, 4ih 
];art., died at 
L5rus-el.s 10 
June isul. 


Anne, natural dan. of Pas-=pSir Evcrard Biick-=. . . . dau. 
tun llenieuf IIavei-land,co. I worth, 5th Cart., of.... 
Norfolk; greai-graiiddan. of i as.sumed the name ind wife. 
AVilliam Fastoii, 2nd Earl of Heme, 
of Yannonth. 1st wife. i 

Vide IJiirke'ri " Peerage and Parolietage." 


Charlotte, died Hester, died 
5 Dec. 177a. , 1813. 


Elizabeth, mar. Thomas Marv, mar. lie. i'l = Sir William Huss.v, Knt. 
Hartopp, Alderman of Aug". lilsi'.aT.i'i' ; knighted at Whiu-luiU 1 7 Ai,rilir,',)(l ; 
London, pnn of Sir died 17ol; bur. Ambassador to the Porte frmn William 
Thomas Hart. .1.1., Knt. in Chaiaer House, III.; died at AdriaiK.ple 14 Sept. 
Westminster. IC'Jl, tv,>t. 52 ; bur. at Honingtou, co. 

liincoln, IC Oct. IG'Jo, s.p.* 

BuUiiigljam of ^Lincoln, 

i,te,i<jlcdis/>hijnl a,yr,il,iii hi^ huih a aiuig vert : on- a ihirfui-a, 
heliveen fnv rroiti-i-i-offlc/s t/iile-i. 

Margaret, dau. 

of ; bur. 

at Buckdeii.e... 


L'8 Oct. 15Gt;. 
1st wife. 

la. Re 

, Xieh..las Dnllingham, Bishop of Lin-=j=Elizabetli, dau. ._.f 
e.ilii ■_'! .Inne ir..-.0 ; translati_-d to Worcester. | . .. .; adm'ix of 

AichdeacMn ..f Linc.ln ; deprived Died ; herhusbaud.sAug. 

IS .\pril 1.j7iI. Adm'oii gra 

Aug. fol- ; 157tJ. 2nd wi 

..seph BuUiDgham, bapt. 30 Nov. 1570. 

=pPrancis Bullingham of Lincoln City,=^MaiT, dau. of George Fitzwilliam of 

bapt. at St. Margaret's, Lincoln, 19 Mablethorpe ; widow 1st of Uicliard 

March 1553-4 ; purchased his free- Hiltoft of Boston, 2udly of Anthony 

dom 21 Oct. IGOo, then " a suter to Nevile ; her .3rd mar. took place at 

be a burgess"; a lesratee of his cousin Bost.jn 11 Feb. 1500-01; died 27 

ilr. of "^London 18 July Xov. 1007 ; bur. in Lincoln Cathe- 

1005. " ! dral. 

Nicholas Bulling- Eli^ubeth, mar. 1st to Henry Bow- Margaret, bapt. at St. 

ham, bur. at St. yer of IJottesford ; 2ndlv. at I'-.ttes- Margaret'sinHieClose 

Margaret's, Liu-, 2 March l(;21-2, to E.lmun.l of Linclii 17 Feb. 

coln,31 May 1583. Morley of Holme. lGlo-11. 

• See ■■HUu.ry .,f DwiLLa^tou," l.y Uev. U. K. Cole, [>. IMU. 



Kichulus Biillin,i;liain of Kottmi, f, 
PuUlaml; hapt. T.U Sept. loCG 
living i Car. I., lUi'S. 


Dec. i:.G] 

L'4 Susan, liapt. Ki ()(.'t. 
2o KMin; bnr. 1 :, May 

....P.ullingliani, Kielianl BiillinLr-^.Tanc, dnn. of Jane, mar., 17 Dridtjct, mar. 

a son, i1eod l)c;- liam of Kotton, Tliomus l!ru- Ajiril If.i's, to to Tliumas 

fore It") Jan. co. lUitlan.l, 17 tloULHofLon- Thomas ISru- Tampe'r; 

1089-00. Car. I., ] 041. dun; mar. 17 dciu'll of Lon- dii'd .^ Oct. 

April 1018. don. 

JolmDidlinghamuf Kf!--pi:ii; 
ton, CO. ];iUland, 107;! : and 
and ICSo; bapt. at St. Eve... . 
Jfary's, Stamford, 7 Jan. I of Kett 

lC21-i ; rtdm'or of Evers ^^-'^ ' 

Armiiie 5 Jnly 1G80 ; 
Siiei-iff of CO. Eutland 
1CS5. Will dated 15 
Jan., proved 14 March 



h, dan. Nicholas liullin- :\fartha, hapt. at 

heir of iium of Kolton ; St. :^IarvV, .Stam- 

Armync livin- 1.5 Jan. ford, 24 May lOl'J; 

on, Co. lOSLi-'ji.i ; SJK'ritl' living unmar. 15 

Rutland; a Icga- of co. IJiuhmd Jan.'lGS0-9O. 

teeof hcrcon.=in 1703. — - 

Jo. Jlicliael Ar- — Eli/.alcth, mar. to 

myne 30 March Sarah, mar. to . 

1008. Smelt; living 
Jan. 1089-90. 

.... ^mitli; livinL 
15 Jan. 1089-90.' 

Arinyne Bnllingliam of Ketton, nndci 
his (? irrandfatlicr). wIioh- will he pi 
(? proved his father's will 14 .March 
Rutland 1095. 

5 Jnlv lOsi) ; 1 

14 March 1 <> 

9-90) ; Sheriir 

eir of Nicholas Dulling- 
,1-90 ; ham, .'^hcrilY of 
.I' CO. Rutland 1703. 

iSimU^oitl) of ISaihstoiu 

[MS. ]). -3, Heralds' College. Uarl. ilS. 769.] 
AiiMti.—Eniiiiie, on a bctJ colf.^eJ sable three chmrh-helU aiyeitf. 

William Bunworth of Marston. Will=rJ'-'Qttt, dau. of .... ; 
dated 25 Jan. 1534-5 ; proved 19 surviving 25 Jan. 
April 1535 ; (to be) bur. iu ye church 1534-5 ; ex'trix of 
yard of Marstou. her husband. 

Thomas Bonworth, 1st son William IVmworth, 2nd son, had A dau., dead in 
and heir, ex'or of his lather lands iu (ionerlty Ijy his father's 1534-5, leaving 
25 Jan. 1534-5. will 25 Jan. 1531-5.' issue. 

Edmund nunwortli-f=Isahella, dau. of . . . . Tortor of Barkston ; 
of Barksfoii. I mar. theie 2>s June 1573. 


LixcnLKsnini; pkbigkees. 


I I 

ElfMiK.r, ilaii. ofi-^VilliLiiu Buinvoi-th of^Eliz:iK'tli. d;ni. of .... JlatliowPuin- 

TlidniLis.Inckson Barke^ton, let son, Russell of 'J'hreckitig- worth, 2nd 

of Bicker ; dead bapt. at Barkstoii 20 ham : mar. lie. 3 April son, bapt. at 

before IGM. 1st :May loTG ; a;t. 37 in 1G14, a3t. 29. 2ud Barkston 24 

wife. Kill. wife. Feb. 1589-90. 

William Bun-^Dorothy, dan. of Thomas Ash-=Bev. Ephraim Gaithwaite, Rec- 
wurth of ton of Stanton, Notts, bj his tor of Barkstoue, Grantham, 

Barkcston, I wife Elizabetli, sister of Sir son of the Rev. Miles Garth- 
diud 21 April : Ilcury Disney ; living a widow waite, Rector of Fulbcck. 2nd 
ICai. j 10 July 1003. husband. 

Helena,dau.of Abraham ^Markham of Tombe,^Thomas Bunworth=pAbigail, dau. 

and coheir of 
cope of Sut- 
terton. 2nd 

CO. Lincoln ; widow at' .... Izodd ; mar. lie. | of BarksLon, xt. 4 
dated 19 May 1002, then of Lincoln, a;t. | athisfathcr'sdeath; 
about 35, (to be) mar. at liertingfordbury, a^t. 40, lOijG. 
CO. Herts. 1st wife. | 


I I I I 

Abigail, 1st dau. Deborah, 2ad dau. Elizabeth, 3rd dau. Dorothy, 4th dau. 

JL^thew Bunworth of 8tam-=pAnne, dau. of Jane, b?pt. 4, bur. 5 Anne, 1iai)t. 

ford, ajt. 20 in 1022-3, theu I. . . . Titley Dec. 1579 at Barkston. at Barkston 

of North "Witham ; Town I of Uffbrd, co. — 25 Aug. 

Clerk 1034; Clerk of the | Northarap- ilary, bapt. at Barks- 15S7 ; bur. 

Peace 1653; bur. at St. j ton; mar. lie. ton Dec. 15S3 ; bur. there 7 Sept. 

George's, Stamford, 25 April . 12 JLirch there 23 Jan. 1585-0. 1588. 
1667. I 1022-3. 

Ruth, bapt. at St. George's, Frances, bapt. at St. Elizabetli, bapt. at St. George's 
Stamford, 7 Sept. 1034. George's, Stamford, Stamford, 10 Feb. 1037-8. 

13 Sept. 1035. 

Mar. lie. 28 Sept. 1001, "'Thomas Wylcs of Ewerby, yeo., and Jane Bunworth 
of Marston, spr." 

Bmlictt of BSvaittion, 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Edmond Burdett of Braudon.=p 

Hugh Burdett of Brandon. AVill dated 7 July, proved 6 Aug. 1013 
appoints Ralph Burdett supervisor. 




Jolin BiirJett of nniii-=p.T(.aii, dnxi. of William Bur- AlexiuuUTP.nrdott.Srd— 
don, Son and lieir. | RoUrt Rtowe di'tt. i^nd .-..ii. Fun, of T.odlj Beniiincr- 1 

Nnncnpativo w 
Sept. I CcT. ; in-ovwl 30 
Ano-. ifi2i. 

.f Sontli Clif- niar. in ir.i:',. ton, VLcnian. Will with twochil- dal.d "l .Ink, provrd 
dien. SO An-. li;2"l. 

John Bnidutt of Biiindon.son and Rol.ert Tlntrh Katharine, 

heir lt;:U ; living 1C13. Bnrdett. F.urdctt. 

^ur^Ij of Ixivton in I.tnt!£jC[\ 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College] 

John Burgh, temp. Edward IV.=j=Anne, sisfer of Christopher Urswick, 
of Kirton. I Dean of Windsor. 

Thomas Bureh, 9 Henrv Ylll. 

William Bnrgh of Kirton,=pAnne, dau. of Edward Ajscoagh (brother of Sir William 
died 16 Jan. 2 Eli;^., I Ayscough of Stallinglorough) and widow of Thomas 
1559-GO. Portington. 

Mary, dau. of Adam=Silvester Bnrgh 
Darnall of Thorn- of Kirton, l)nr. 
holm. istwilV. tliere 1588. 

-Katharine, dau. of Anthony Tour- 
nay of Caenliy ; reniar. ^Iichael 
lienii,'er of Kirtou. i'nJ wife. 

Mary, dan. of=pWilliam Burgh=pWinifred, dau. of George 

William (?) j of Kirton 2 Get. , Francis llust- 
Angevine of j ICll; ofGrims- J wayte, Serjeant 
Theddle- j by 1C34 ; sold j of the Hawkes to 

thorpe; bur. at . Kirtou ; died at i James I. ; bur. at 
Kirton 1015. i Berwick from ! Grimsby 7 Nov. 
1st wife. I taking opinu). lt;C5. 2nd wife. 

bur. at 


A dau., 

bur. at 



I I 
Henry Bursh, killed 
by Edward Wriglit; 
dead Ijefore 1619 ; 

^lary, bur. at Kir- 
ton "1CU5. 

Mary, mar. lie. 31 ilareh 
1C20, a?t. 17. 

Anthony Ermiiige (or 
Earuinge) of Bisca- 
thorpc, set. 30, 1620. 

age 21 



I I 

Peregrine Burgh, 1st 
son, bur. at Grimsby 
22 Feb. 1019-20. 

.lohn Burgh 
Grimsbv, tet. 

I I I 

Frances, 1 019, 1st dau. 

Troth, 2nd dan., bapt. 
at Griraiby 2 July 

Winifred, 3rd dau. 



Biir^I) of ^altflrctb[>, 

^ [Ilarl. M.^. ir.nO.] 

of Ihr hfst for ,!;<r,rrn.r. 

from Y 

.rk.],iR. (?) 

1 i;u.,.sofSal 






--p:\Iarv. (Inn. of 
1 Will dutal 2o 

^raitin Xewco 
.Ian. l;:>7'J-60; 

lien .,f Salincctby. 
pivveJ t; Oct. 1584. 


I I 

Richairl^Don.tln-. <lan. William r.uv<:;—-Katliariiie, dan. of Robert 

of WalthamJ.t I of Wiiliuni of Sahfloctbv, I llaLlenhy of Hal.k-nl.y, 

son. Littleluirv. 2iid s-n. " co. Ynrk. 

Richard r.iir-h--. ...dan. FJiza- = .\iit!ionv Hansard Rnbcrt— Snsaii. dan. 

ofWaliham.^ I of h-th. ..fWahiiam. liur-h I of William, ba|if. at Waltham 11 March l.".-^i;-7. 

f Salt- I ]-ci-li of 
[celbv. InsekLsbv. 



IMartin I'>ar:;li, in Ire-= 



Donitliv = Fiancis 

Biirgli, iFt 

land, 2nd son, 1C39, 



Cahornc of 

son, s.p. 

no issue then. 




Acriics, mar. 1st Oeorue i;eliecca=}Ini-nplirev Eliza- Priscilla=.Toliu I, one 
Pollanficld, indly Tho- Shcrilfe u'f beth, of Ireland, 

mas .Smith, Brdiy Samuel London. mar. Jlinister. 

ChiH'chmau. thrice. 

John Burccli of Sa!tflcetbv--.\nnc, d 
St. Peter's. Will dated b 
Dec. 1581 ; jiroved 11 Feb. 

.\ni!C, dan. of Chris(n|.iier 


Yarl)Oi-on!,'h; mai-. at Salt- 

.,f r.ave. 

flectbv All Saints ii 


May 1577. 

I':iizabeth, bapt. at Saltfleetbv 14 Dec. ^:^ll 
•24 Oct. 1502 ; l)ur. there 12"]\rarch u;05-G. 

:i[„rton = .Tohn Thorold of 

l\Iary (called ^tary Stanehouse= Han- Elizabeth, At,'atlia= Wcsf- 

in iier moth' r's will 1570->O). field. a nun. rnorland. 



23ur(j!) of ;§^!utibrcnD!i. 

[Lincoln Wills.] 
Burirli of Skidbrook. 

Willi;iin r.iii-li of Ski.ll.r.M.k, liiishanilnian.-= 
Will .iat./.l ;>I Man-l. ; froval iT. Sept. | 
]."iS:. ; inc'iitions his kiusiiiaii Joliu lluigli of 
Sakfleetli}', to wIkhu, failing his son's heirs, he 
leaves his hinds, except those which came by 
inheritance fnim his fatiior, which he leaves 
to liis brethren Kobert and Nicholas. 

I I 

nobert=r(?) Xich( 
Unrirh. l!ur>r 


Kobert Bnr_i:;]i, called- 
nejihew in William 
r>ur>rli's will. 

Henry P>ur,i;h, Bridget, left to the gnardinn- 

ex'orinl5S5. ship of Robert Hurgh of 


William Burgh, legatee of his great- 
uncle William ISurgh of Skidlirook ; 
called "sou of my nephew Robert 

[Note.— This is evidently .1 br.-mch of the Burghs of S.iltflcutb}-, bat the counectinn: link 
ssing.-A. R. M.] 

Btircj;!) of ^tolm 

Arms. — Azure, three flevrs-de-Us ermine. 

Henry Burgh of Stow, younger brother=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Coustautine of 
of Tiioma.s, Lord Burgh, "of Gains- Bewdley, co. Salop, by Beatrix, dau. and 
borough ; bur. at Stow ^2 April 1557. heir of Griffith Hyuton of co. Salop. 

Richard liiirgh of Stow, tet. 1 )car and Y^Amy, duu. of Anthony Jilary, mar. Rich- 
more 5 Oct. 1558 ; petitioned' for the Diilingtou of Knighton, ard Newman of 
LWony of Burgh as'heir male 24 Jan. Isle of Wight ; bur. at the Isle of Wight. 
1606-7 : bur. at Stow 19 Oct. 161G. Stow 5 Oct. 1632. 

Sir John Burgh,Knt.,elde.~^t son,Col.-General of the Thomas Burgh, slain in the 

Forces at the Isle of Rhe ; Governor of Franken- Isle of Rlie 16l'7. 
dale in the Palatinate 1623 ; slain at the Siege of — 

Rochelle 11 Aug. 1627; bur. in St. Michael's Richard Burgh, slain in the 

ChafKl, Westminster Abbey, 23 Oct. 1627. Isle of Rhe 1627. 

Af[nila,=pEdward Burgh of=Frauces 
dau. of I Stow and the Ex- dau. of 
Martyn i chequer, bapt. at .... 

Basill of 
ter. 1st 

Stow 5 Dec. 1590; 
bur. there. Will 
dated 15 Oct. 
1611 ; proved C 
May 1612. 

2nd wife. 

JIarv, bapt. at Stow Jane, bapt. at Stow 

5 Dec. 159IJ. 1597. 

Jlartha, bapt. at Stow Anne, bapt. at Stow 

6 June 1593. 5 July 1599 ; mar. 

— Roger Holbechc of 

Dillington, bapt. at Stow; liviug 15 

Stow 2 June 1596. Oct. 1611. 




Jolni Bnrgh of Stow, Echvard Burgh, lieir of Ins brother Jolin ; Frankcndale 

eldest son, bur. at a:t. 11 years 11 months and 13 days Burpjli, dead 

Stow 2-.' July 1014. if?JnlylC44; died iinuiar. ; bur. at Scow before 1C41. 

Adm'ou 5 Nov. 1030. (or Gainsborough) ]:? Aug. IGoP. 

I I 

Amy, col'.cir, mar. ^^faria, Aquila, coheir. =pRev. John Lillie, Marcha, c^ 
heir, adm'ix of 1 '^ 

St William Tom 
nson of Upton 
ndly Francis 
Eastland of Stow. 

I Rector of "Wiirmo- mar.JoimTaih 
linson of Upton, living brother John i ham-by-Stow. \Vill well of Stuw. 
2ndly Francis 27 Dec. P.urgli 1G50. proved" 2-2 June =f= 

John Lillie of S]eaforJ=rMary 

John Lillie of William Catherine. Anne. Elizabeth. Jlary= John Marris of 
London, wool- Lillie. Newark, wool- 

len-draper, len-draper. 

[I am indebted to the Kev. R. E. Cole, Rector of Doddington, for thi.s Pedigree— A. R. Jl.] 

35tirnati^> of 5SarI)oImc. 

[MSS. C. 23 and D. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Thomas Buruaby of }iIanton, co. Rutland.^p 

"William Burnaby of Barholme, ser-n='^usan, 
vant to Thomas Cecil, Earl of Exeter, dau. of 
Willdated IS April 1.5 Jac. L, 1017; 
adm'on 3 Feb. lC17-li! ; proved 13 Ellis. 
May 1623. 

Jasjx;r Burnaby, 

adm'or of his 

William brother 3 Feb. 

i I 

.... mar. 

.... mar. 

Thomas Buruaby of Bar- 
holme, eldest son, under 
age 18 April 1C17; proved 
his father's will 13 May 
1C23; died 2 Dec. 22 
Jac. L, 1024, s.p. 

Richard Burnaby of^Bridget, dau. 
Barholnie, 2ud son, j of Christo- 
under age IS April < plier Cooper 
of Colly 

1017 ; heir of his 
brother; EBt. 18 and 

Weston, CO. 

Elizabeth, under 
age 18 April 
1017, only dan. 
then mentioned. 


William Burnaby=pElizabeth, dau. of Robert Metham of Bulling- Elizabeth 
of Barholme, a2t. ton Abbey ; mar. at Empingham, co. Rutland, 3, 1034. 
5, 1G34. 24 June 1052. 

Edmund Bnrnaliy, son and 
heir, set. 12, 1600. 

1st dau. 

2nd dau. 


Bunell of t3o\ii5l)[). 

An cxcelloiit Pedigree of this fariilj has l-eea printed by Lady Elizabeth Cast 
ia tlie " Records of tlie Oust Faiuily;' Tart I., pp. 178. 170.— A. K. M. 

Burton of i-tncoln, 

Thomas Burton, Alderman aud Mayor of Lincoln,=f=Joan,dau.of 

living 1530 ; dead in 1532 ; bur. at St. Peter-at- I ; living 

Arches, Lincoln. 1532. 

Tliomas Burton of=pGracc, dau. aud heir of Robert Fishborne by Jane, dan. aud 
Cotes-bv-Stow ; died 1 h-ir of Henry Hansard ; living 15G0, and ex'trix of her uiece 
5 Jan. iaoS-O. Dorothy Whichcot of Lincoln. 

j ri ' \ i 

Ed-vard Burton, Auihony Burton, living 1560. Anne, mar. Ed- Katharine, 

livinw 1560. — '^'^ard Sajxiotts living 15G0. 

Thomas Burtou, living 1560. of Lincoln. 

Biuton of g^uiflcct. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. HarL MSS. 1012, 4138.] 

Ptobert Burton of Siirfleet temp.=j=Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Richard Buckminster 
Edward ]V., youngest sou of I of Buckminster Hall in Billingborough, co. Lin- 
Sir Tiiomas Burtou°of Kinsley, coin ; widow of Cole of Surfleet ; mar. circa 

CO. York. 1-15 1- 

Kolln-t Burton of Buck- Richard Burton of Surflect=f-Jane, dan. and heir of Jolm 
minster. I Stuckley. 

Burtons of Billing- John Burton of Sur-=jr-:Christian, dau. of Richard 

boron-'h. (See " LiS- fleet, died 1 'J Eliz ; bur. at Burton. 

colnslnre Notes and 1576-7. Adni'on 24 Spalding 25 July 

Queries," vol. v., p. UG.) Jan. 1583-4. 1580. 

Lancelot Burton, adm'or of his father 24 Jan. 1583-4. 

Thomas Bnrton of Surfler-t. Will dated 8 March 1 56G-7 ;T=Lucy, dau. and heir of 
proved 18 Marci. follow, ing. 1 William \ assell. 




Zuduni^li F.urton^Susun, dan. of Arthur W:iliK-le of riiidi- William 
of ^^urflcet, soil j beck; widow of. . . . Qnim-y of Surflcet ; r.iutou. 

J I 


and heir, at. 11 in 

mar. ut .St. Pc(t.'r-;it-.\rclics, Linei 
8 M;\y 1568 ; bur. al Surflev.t 10 Feb. 
1603- J. 



I I 

Edward r.nrtoD,bapt. 
11 June loOl. 

Elizabeth, dan. of==.John Bnrton=f=MarL^aret, da 

John Eoote of : of Boston ] of Kit-hard 

Jbirket -Deeping ; ' aud Surfleet, ! Rcadofrinch- — 

bur. at Surlleet ' 1634. I beck; livincr Leonard Bui-tonjiiir, 

17 July IC.-Jb. ■ 1 1633. -iud wife. 17 Oct. 1603. 

1st wife. I 

bapt. 29 


John Burton,- son, en- 
tered Gray's 
Inn 11 May 
1 630 ; Kt. 20, 

I I I 

Zacharv Elizabe 

I 1 

lar. to John Bridget, b; 

dan. of Burton, Foster of Dowsby and Jan. 1618-1 
. . . . 2nd sou, ^Yellingore. — 

bajit. 25 — Ann, bapt. 

Jlay Susannah, bapt. 17 July 1623. 

1621. 1617. 

James Burton, bur. at Spalding S Sept. 1648. 

ipt. 3 

7 Dec. 

Samuel Burton, bapt. at i\Iatthew Burton, Susannah, bapt. 14 Dec. 
Boston 20 June 1633. 1634. 1628 ; bur. 2 June 1630. 


John Burton of Spalding, apothecary, called=pElizabetb, dan. of. 
"senior" 6 April 1681 ; 'dead before' 1688-9. I living 16SS-9. 

John Burton,=f^:\Iary, Antliouy Burton, Elizabeth, Sarah, bapt. at Spalding 

born 30 June, ' dau."of bapt. IS June bapt. at _ 26 Dec. 1667. 

bapt. IS July!.... 1663; bur. at Spalding — 

1659 at Spald"- ! Spalding SO itar. 15 S-.-pt. Mary, ba^.t. 10 Feb., bur. 

intr. I 1G05. 1665. 12 Feb. 1668-9 at Spald- 

, J *°?- 

John Burton, bur. at Spalding Elizabeth, bapt. at Spalding 

13 May 1683. 20 April 1682. 

Tlionias Burton, Vicar of Sibsey, bur. there 12 Aug. 1682=r- • • • Ji^i'- "^'f • • 

Zaehariah Burton, infant, Daniel Burton, bur. at Zaehariah Burton, bi 
bur. at Sibsey. Sibsey 2 Feb. 1682-3. Sibsey 30 -May 1710. 



[iLSS. C. 23 and D. 2:3, Heralds' College.] 

Nicliolas r.nrv of Asliuell (suiiic call=f Edith, only dan. and he 

him William), eo. UuUanJ, " who 
came out of ye house of Berie of 
Collyton, CO. Oevon " ; described as 
of tichinarsh -in IGOO and in his 
adm'ou 8 July 1C03. 

lames (? John) Pickeriug of 
Titch marsh, co. Xovtliants ; 
called Elizabeth in the adm'on 
to her husband in IGOo; dead 
14 Julv 1G04. 

Kobert r.erle [..'/r] of Grant-= 
ham. Alderman 1587 and 
15P6; bur. tliereS June IGIS. 

■iir. at Grandii 
12 Xov. 1587. 

Oraee, mar. at (^tranthain, 27 
March IGiio, to llobert Ilaw- 
ford, Parson of JIaceby. 

bapt. at Grantham 20 Oct., bur. there 4 Dec. 1587. 

Jane, dau. of John Smyth of=Gilbert Bury of Eastou,^Rose, dan. of Fran 

Withcock, CO. Leicester, by 
Alison, dau. of Hugh Dennes 
of Pucklechurch, co. Glouces- 
ter. 1st wife. 

Leicester, and of 
Woolsthorpc ill Colster- 
worth, which he pur- 
chased of John Thimel- 
by temp. Eliz. 

Sherard of Staple- 
ford, CO. Leicester 
2nd wife. 

1. John Bury of 2. George Bury of 3. Henry Bury, 

Easton, co. IJut- TV'hissendiiie, co. mar. Elizabeth, 

laud; mar. Brid- Ptntland ; mar. dan. of .... 

get, dau. of Sir Dorothv, dau. of Higateof Hays, 

Thomas Cave of John Dig'jyofWel- co. Middlesex. 

Bagrave, co. by, co. Leicester. 
Leicester. =r 

Elizabetli, mar. to Ed- 
ward HoUingworth of 
Lincoln city, draper. 

Mary, mar. to Francis 
Goodman of .... co. 

1. George Bury. 2. Gilbert Bury, o.s.p. 

I I I 

Jane. Elizabeth. Susan. 

William Bnry of Grantham, heir of hi,^Emma, dau. of John Drydeu of Canons 
grandfather John (? James) Pickering 1 Ashby, co. Northampton ; under age at 
(who died 23 .Sept. 44 Eliz., 1G02), then her father's death in 1584 ; mar. at Al- 

set. 24 yean 

bur. at Grantham 2a March 

ford 5 Oct. 15'J9 ; living 

Jane, dau. of Sir William^Sir William Bury of Ernwood and^Jane,eldest dau 
Ploinerof Hill, Beds; mar. Grantham, Knt.,bapt.3 JnnelGU4 1 and coheir ot 
atGrantham28AprillGiO ', (aceonling to the register bapt. at i George bills o 
(according to the register I Grantham 3 June 1G05) ; entered ' Wvham. ^nd 
13 April)° bar. at Boston j at Gray's Inn 18 May 1G31 ; vwte. 
29 Uay 1043. Ist wife. ', M.P. for Grantham 1C54 ; ajt. Gl , 

A ! in ICCC. B ; ' 




7. Gilbert Bury, 
trustee of his 
consin Samuel 
nutchinson :! 
Feb. IGOJ-C. 


8. Sir Thomas Bury, Knt., bapt. at Grantham '20 Feb. 
1051-2 ; named Counsel for the city of Lincoln 25 Aug. 
IGSl ; had the franchise conferred on him 25 Feb. 1G9S-9 ; 
elected Recorder 7 Sept. 1700, and resigned 1 March 
i 700-1 ; Baron of the Exchequer 22 Jan. 170\vi ; knighted 
at Kensington 1'3 Feb. 1700-1 ; Lord Chief Baron of the 
Exchequer 11 June 171(j ; died suddenly 4 May, bur. at 
Grantham 18 May 1722. 

Bury of Linwood Grauge.= 

William Bury of Linwood Grange, also of Irby-in-the-ilarsh 
heir of his great-uncle Sir Thomas Bury, Knt., 1722. 

Bridget, bapt. at Grantham 
1 Aug. 1602 ; mar. at Little 
Ponton, 5 Oct. 162G,coJohn 
Huchinson of Alford, wool- 
len-draper ; bar. at Alford 14 
March 1G88-9. Will dated 
2G July 1C71; proved at Lin- 
coln 10 Oct. 1C89. 

Elizabeth, bapt.=pThoraas Rokeby of Emma, 
at Grantham 25 | Woodhonse Hay- bapt. at 

ton, near Ilotham, Grantham 

CO. York, Colonel 6 Nov. 

in the army ; slain 1600. 

at Dunbar in 1650. 

WiU dated July 


Sept. 1C0;3; bur. 
at Coney Street, 
York, 2 Feb. 

Aunc, bapt. 3, bur. Emma, bapt. at Grautham=pWilliam Rokeby of 

8 Oct. 1G39 at 2 Dec. 1G3G ; mar. at Hay- i Ackworth Bark 

Grantham. ton 9 Nov. 1C53 ; died 24- Burnby, co. York ; 

— Jan. 1703-4, a^t. 66 ; bur. | bur. at Owston in 

Elizabeth, bapt. at at Tunbridge Wells. U.l. | the said county 12 
Grantham 10 Jan. Oct. 1700, xt. 70. 

1041-2. is 



4. Godfrey Bury, bapt. 1 John Bury, 2nd Jane, 
Sept. 1G35; bur. at Grant- surviving son, bapt. at 
ham 26 Jan. 1635-6. rnar. Frances, Grant- 

— dau. of Sir Eras- ham 6 

5. Robert Bury, bapc. 24 mus Burrowes, April 
Nov. 1640; bur. at Grant- Bart. ^ 1G34. 
ham 10 Jan. 1640-41. I 


^larv, bapt. at Grantham 
21 Oct. 163S ; mar. to 
John A^scham ; died 8 
June 1704 ; bur. at Fyii- 
ington. Her husband 
died 3 May 1C75, and 
was bar. there. 




1. Thomas 
Bury, bapt. 
12, bur. 16 
at Grant- 

2. William Bury of CistarciusPlace=pDorothy, dan. of 3. Thomas 

in the Grange ia Grantham, son Periaui Dockwra, Bury, bapt. 

and heir ; ixipt. at Grantham Feb. some say Thomas 24 Jan. 

1C30-31 ; entered at Gray's Inn 16 of Putteridge, co. lG31-2;bur. 

March 1647-8; bur. at Grantham Herts; bur. at at Grant- 

4 July 1G78. Grantham 25 ham 26 

u March 1680. Dec. 1633. 



William Bury of=f-;M;iry. 2nd dan. of Thomas Rury, bur. at Grant- Dorothy. 

Gramliain, eldest i Sir George War- liani 11 Jan."] (157. 

surviving sou, died burton of Arlev, — 

17 April ir,s4 ; bur. : CO. Cost., Bart"; Doc.vra Bury. l.a].t. IT, :March 

at GruDthaui 18 bur. at Pantwa' 

April, xi. L'.^). i 13 Jail. 17I;'.-14. 

Ii;:j9-G0 ; bur. at Gt 
2s April UUiO. 


William Bury, bapt. William Bury, bajit. 1. Diana, bapt. 5 2. Mary, bapt. 

20 Jrareh 1G81-2-, at Grantham 'l7 July Antr. 1G7',> ; bur. at Grantham 

bur. at Grantham 2 1083 ; bur. there 2"g at Grauthaui 3 2-lOct. IGSO. 

April 1GS3. March 17UG-7. Aug. IGSO. 

Gilbert Bury of Linwood Grange=pEli7.alx'th, died 31 July 
(? brother of William, p. 21-1). I 1768, then a widow. 

Jane, died 2G Jfay 174G, aH. 24. 

W . . . . n . . . . Bury of Linwood Grange and of Glocester Crescent, Chelten- 
ham, died 20 April 1807," ffit. 74. 

[Harl. ]\LS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Argcnf, three bars sable. 

Sir Lambard^lvucy, dan. of >^\v Gilljert Beningworth, Knt., 
Bussy. who gave her all his laud in Aiterby. 

Sir Hugh Bussy, died 13 Noy. 1278.=p 

Sir Lambert—Elizabeth, dan. of Sir William Dive ; sister and co- Hugh de Bussy, 
Bussy, son heir of .fohu Dive; remar. John D'Albini ; died 2nd son. 
and heir. 22 Edward I., 129G. 

Sir Hugh Bussy ofr:pEli7,abeth, dan. of Thoma.s Colepepper Agnes, mar. Sir Nicho- 
Hougham, died" 34 of Ilartshull ; died 11 Feb. 10 Ed- las Tamworth. 
Edward I., 130G. | ward U., 1310-17. 


Joan, dau. of .... ; died: 
H Edward II., 1320. 
Isl wife. 

-Sir John Bussy, son and heir, ajt.=.\gneB, dau. of . . . 
24, 34 Edward I., 1300 ; died 29 2nd wife.' 
Seiit. 1340. 

21 () 


Sir Joliu r.iissv, died v.p. 17=f=A£:ncs, duu. of Thomas de la Pole, Earl of SuOblk : 
Sept. 1.S47. ' died 1337. 

Sir r.nssy nf lIonclKim, Shcritfof co.-plsal.ell, dan. of Sir John Paynell of 
Lincoln ];;7;! ; died 24 Oct. l:^si). RooLhhv, Knt. 

Sir John Rns?y of Hontrhnm, son- 
and heir, Sheriff of Lincoln 13S4, 
1380, 1391 ; beheaded at Bristol 
30 July 1309 ; attainted. 

^^ratilda, dan. and heir of Sir William Bnssy, 
Philip Neville of Scotton, 4 Pichavd IL, 
jMahneton. and Grimpthor[x; ; 1380-81. 
died (ht-r obit. 3 :\!arch) 1381. 

Sir John Bussy of Hongham, restored=j=^rargaret, dan. of Sir John Cnmberworth 
10 Henry iV., 1408-9; died at of lliindon, Knt. (smaetimes called Kathe- 
Hoaghani"4 March 1458-9. rine) ; dietl i'l Jan. 14G0-C1. 

Sir John Russyof Hongham,npElizaboth, dan 
1st son and heir, born 21 
OcL 1422 ; Sheriff of co. 
I.incohi 1480; died at 
Ilougham 7 March 1497-S. 

of Joan, mar. "Wil- Elizabeth, 
Sir Lawrence Berke- liam Stanlow of mar. IstTho- 
ly of "Wyraondhara, Silkby. masFolking- 
co. Leicester, Knt. ; — ham, 2udly 
died 5 x\ng. 1494. Ciccly,mar.Tho- William Ar- 
mas Burton. mine. 

Hugh Bassy, ]Bt= 

pjanc. dau. of John 

Edward Bus.?v, en- 

son, born on the 

Whichcot of IJarps- 

feoffed ia a messu- 

Feast of St. Chry- 

well ; a widow and 

age at Lincoln by 

sogonns llartvr 24 

vowesse 10 Oct. 18 

his father 8 March 

Nor. 14 53 ; died 

Henry VIL, 1502 ; 

3 Henry YIL, 

v.p. 1473 ; bur. at 

died 25 July 1508. 

1487-8; living 29 


March 1525. 

Sir Milts Bu'sy of Hougham, Knt., heir= 
of his grandfather; living 17 Henrv VIL, 
1501-2 ; Sheritr of co. Lincoln 'l50C ; 
died 27 JLiy 15 . . ; bur. at Hougham. 
Will dated 29 March 1505; proved 
(C.P.C.) 12 Feb. 1525-G. 

William Bnssv, 
field,co. Oeiby; 
died 15 March 


JIargaret, dau. Elizabeth, mar. '\\ il- 
of Henry Fol- liam Armiue of Os- 
jambe of Wal- godby (marriage set- 
ton, CO. Derby; tiement d;ited IC 
died 1513. Oct. IS Henry YIL, 


John Euisy of IIougham,=pAnne, 
son and heir, died 31 Jan. I dau. of 
1541-2. Adm'on granted Thomas, 
toThomasBrndenell,Esq., | Lord 
15 June 1570. Burgh. 

Henry (or Jane, unmar. 29 JIarch 1525; 

Hugh) mar. 1st Thomas Meres (died 

Bnssy, un- before 1 Oct. 1535), son and 

di.r age 29 heir of John ileres of Kirton, 

ilarch and had issue ; 2ndly Wil- 

1525. liam Radcliffe. 

Anne, dau. and sole hei;-, niar. Sir Edmund Brndenell 
of Dene, co. Northampton, Knt, 





John Diis- 
s_v, died at 
Scot ton 
2t; Jmi. 

, I 

Eilnmuil r>iiss_i 
dor, pruvod tl 
his lie] lilt' w ." 
l-> Feb. i:.L\-) 
10 Fel...;;i H.ji 


uf Hay-^Thunuisine. 
will of I dan. of. . ..: 
r ^liles siirviviiii 
5: died I 10 FeU.^n 
y VJII., I llrn.VIlI.. 

Elizalx'th, in; 
Robert Soutlii 

KatliL'i-iiR', in; 
.I,.lm Whicli. 
of lliiri.swcll. 

Anno, mar. 
llyron, bro- 
of 8ir .Jolui. 

Joane, Eistcr=pKdmund (or Edw ard) r.u-^y of TIrty-=f=Katheiiue, dau. of 

and col'.eir dor, born on Saint All«an'.< ])a 

of Sir John June 3 Henry VIII., K'.ll ; hold 

Hercy of : the manor of East, Hall in llaydor; 

Grove, co. ' died at Flaydor 15 Jan. 1 Eliz., 

Notti, Knt. ; 1658-0. \V"ill dated 4 DtC. 105S; 

1st wife. proved (C.P.C.) 2-4 April l.xiO. 

William Bassett 
of Muskham, co. 
Notts ; widow of 
Guy Fairfax. 2ud 


mar. Kich- 
ard Moly- 
neux of 
CO. Notts. 



Francis Bussy of 


Elizabeth, mar. 1st 


daii. of 

Grantham, living 4 

mar. Charles 

John Porter of Bel- 

died at 

Jolm Ylas,- 

]^ec. 1 55.S ; super- 

Bawde of 

ton, livinfr 4 Dec. 


thvj:s of 

visor of his brother 

Soraerby ; 

1558 ; 2ndly, .Sir 1 



John's will 2G Dec. 

livin£:4 Dec. 

John Dawuav, liv- 


dvne, CO. 

1593 ; bur. at Hay- 


ing 2C Dec. 1593. j 


dor i Nov. 15;i4. 



John Bussy of llaydor 1 5G2,^Elizabetb, base 

1st son and heir ; a-t. 20 at 
his father's death 15 Jan. 
1558-9 ; died at Haydor 27, 
bur. there . . Dec. 1593. 
"Will dated 2C Dec. 1593; 
proved (C.P.C.) 12 Feb. 

dau. of Henry 
Poole of Langley, 
CO. Leicester (sis- 
ter of Henry Poole 
of Wythcok, co. 
Leicester), snrviv- 
iiio; 20 Dec. 1593. 

George Bussv, liv- 
ing 4 Dec. 1558. 

Edward Bussy, 
born at Haydor 24 
Dec. 1552 ; living 
4 Dec. 1558 and 
2G Dec. 1593. 

Bridget, nn- 
mar. 4 Dec. 
1558 ; mar. 
Henry Allen 
of Wilsford ; 

John Bnssy, 1st son, born 29=rJane, dau. and sole heir of Thomas Poule or 
'^ "■-" ' ■ " ■■ ' Pole of .... CO. Middlesex ; remar. Sir Thomas 

Mansell of ^largam, co. Glamorgan, Knt. and 
Bart.; proved her son's will IC Feb. 1023-4. 
Ntmeupative will made 24 Feb. 1C23-4 ; adm'on 
to her husband 1 Oct. 1G24. 

Dec. 1559 ; bapt. at Haydor 
1 Jan. 1559-60; disinherited 
and the estates settled on his 
brother Edmund ; died v.p. 

Sir Raleigh or Rawlyn Bussy of Haydor, Knt., only son=pCccily, dan. of Anthony 

id heir ; born 15 April 28 Eliz., 1580 ; a legatee of 
his grandfather 2G Dec. 1593 ; knighted at Bromham 
1 Aug. 1018; afterwards of ilarnfam, co. Glamorgan. 
Will dated 10 June 1G20, codicil 6 Oct. 1623; proved 
(C.P.C.) 10 Feb. 1023-4. 

Mansell of Llantiirithen, 
CO. Glamorgan ; living 
IG June 1620, but died 
before 6 Oct. 1G23. 

Thomas Bussy, 

Paule Bus-sv, 

Anthony Bussy, Kathe- 

Mary, 2ud dau., 

Ist son, 10 June 

2nd son, 10 

3rd son, born rine, 1st 

10 June lG2o. 

1020; under 24, 

June 1020; un- 

after 10 June dan., 16 


24 Feb. 1023-4. 

der 24, 24 Feb. 

102O; living June 

Jane, 3rd dau., 


Oct. 1023. 102U. 

10 June 1020. C 

VOL. I. 

y r 



Sir EtlnimiJ Tlussv of Havdor. Knt., •2\\d sc.ii r-pAnno, daii. of P.riidonoU Rus- 

lioni and hipL at, llnvdor 1.". Maivli i:.t;()-(;i ; . IJoi^.t Cave sv, liapt. i' .Iiilv 

ex'of of liis fatiar \2 I'Vl). i:>'.i;l-4 : kiii-litrd at ' of ' Stan for. 1, ]:<u:' ; die 1 n'l, 

Belvoir -JS April ICO:;: encl..-id and driiopnlafd co. X.iiii- Imr. is Mav 

tlie towti of Havd..r: Imr. iIkjiv n; .Inn.. li-.iC. anipt-.n : liv- l.-,77 at llav- 

Adm-nn (C.r.cV) is Vvh. IClZ-ls, tlim dv- in- It; dan. d,.,-. 

sei'il>.;d of St. I'oter's in East-'ati', Lincoln. 1 lGO:'-u. 

I I 

Edward P.ns- Sir Jliles P.nsf^y of llaydor. Knt., 2nd (but lst=pGrace, 

sy, born ut snrviviiij,') son ; boi'u at Havdor ID, ba]H. 2'J dan. of 

Ramiiton, co. An?. l.'i'J-' (or according to tlm register, 1590) ; AVilliain 

Notts, 4 Nov. described of Havdor ii Deo. IClS^nd 10 Feb. Ilalford 

lf)0O. 1017-18, and of'Oseby 12 Oct. ICIU ; adm'or of of Wel- 

h\R father 18 Feb. 1017-18 ; sold Havdor to baui, co. 

Halford about 1020. ' Leicester. 

Elizabeth, 1st dan., born at Har- Frances, Impt. at iSridi^'ct, hapt. at 
dor 20 j\fai-ch lf.O'J-10; bapt. Havdor 20 Nov. Havdor 21 Jau. 

there 2,T March 1010. 1611. lCl'2-13. 

boi'n and 
bapt. at 
11 Aug. 

Elizabeth, horn Frances, born and 
at Haydor 24 br.jit. at Havdor 
.July 1594; mar. 29 April 159.5 (o 

P.ridcjet, bapt. Jane, born 
at Haydor 15 and bapt. 
j^Iay 159(;;bur. at Haydor 

AVilliam Halford 1590); bur. there at Newark, 
of Welham, co. 4 July 1590. Notts, 8 June 

Leicester. 1001. Kt. 4. 

12 July 


of . . . 

Francis Bnssy of Kosholme, 3rd sou, born- 
at Haydor 20, bapt. there 28 April 1507 ; 
had licence to alienate the manor of PlO.x- 
holme 1 March 37 £liz., 1594-5 ; after- 
wards of North Clifton, Notts, 4 April ■ 1002-3 

10 Jan. 


Christopher Bussy, 4th 
son, born 4, bapt. 11 
April 1508 at Haydor; 
a legatee of his mother 
26 Dec. 1593; of Corby 
4 April 1014. 

Edmund Bussy of North=p. . . . C'hristopher Bu.ssy of North- 
Clifton, Notts, 1st son, I dan. of Clifton, Notts. Will dated 
born at Piampton, Notts, .... 2.s Nov. 1057; proved 7 Feb. 
3 Aug. 1597. " 1058-9. 

Mary, mar. 
Metcalf of 

. . . . dau. of 
. . . . ; sur- 
viving 28 
Nov. 1057. 


Francis Bussy of the Close of= Bridget, dau 

Jiiucoln, 1st Son, ])roved his 

father's will 7 Feb 1058-9, and 

that of his aunt Marv Heneage 

28 Feb. 1058-9 ; a Captain in 

the Army ; slain in Flanders. 

Bridcot, dau. 

Charles Bu.ssy, 

of ilolineu.^ 

living 6 Oct. 

Disney of 


Norton Dis- 



Elizalxjth, liv- 

ing C Oct. 1058. 

Ll^'C0L^•^;UIl;K PKoionrES. 



C'liiirks lUlssy of R;iiil]>t"ll, Xotls, 

5;h Miles Russv, bant. 

Andrew Ba^sv, i;t!, 

gull, IxTii at H:ui.!or 11, h;i|it. tin-re '2 Feb. l.')7:5-4 ; Uavdor 

. . ]Mav 1572 ; adin'or of his brut 

her- bur. at Havdor 28 

4 Oct. 1580; liviii-; 

in-law Henry Pate 18 ]\Iarch ICO^ 

-3. May 1574. 

26 Dec. 1593. 

Eli7.abitli,lsf, .bill., bnn, atWith- 

Anne, burn 2(>, baiit. 

Bridget, born and 

colc, CO. LricO^liT, 1m' (»r!. ITi.-.S; 

2i; Spt. 15i^". at llav- 

bapt. at Havdor 8 

mar. at lJav,lni-, 17 Nov. 1577, 


Jan. 1505-^1 ; mar. 

John l]aKiiiL;i..n u\' ]\KvU, 

1 June 1580, Cartho- 

thens 9 ilav 15S:i. 

Notts (by wlioni she hail but one 

leniew AruisiruuLj of 

Henry Pate uf East 

child John, born at Havdor Jan. 

Corbv ; 2udlv, .... 

Kettlebv,eo. Leices- 

1587-0, and died there April loss); 

iliddleton, livin'.^ 20 

ter ; surviving 19 

bur. at Ilajdor 2C Feb. 1588-0. 

Dee. 1503. 

Jan. 1G02-3. 

Mary, born 2, bapt. at Haydor 20 Aug. Ja'ue, bapt. at Haydui' 8 Jan. 157C-7 ; 

1570 ; unniar. and under 23, 20 Dec. unmar. and under 23, 2G Dec. 1593 ; 

1593; mar. Sir George Heneage of mar. 1st, 4 ^lay 1595, Richard Wald- 

Towes, Kilt. ; bur. at Hainton 27 Oct. ram of Eston, co (afterwards Sir 

1G5S. "Will dated G Get. 1G58; pruVL'd Richard of . . . ., co. Cavau) ; 2ndly, 
(C.P.C.) 28 Feb. 1G58-9, then of the .... Harris, oue of the Justices of Ire- 
Close of Lincoln, widow. land. 

Biitlcv of Coatrs. 

[MS. 0. 23.] 

Akms. — Or, on a chevron ^ahlc hntvpcn three demi-lions pass/inl-ffiiarJ-int rjnUs, 
crou-ned of the rirxf, three covered iiiiis or. 

Huin]ihiy Butler^. . . . dun. of 

FitzwiUiam of :\rabl.-thorpe. 

Anthony Butler of Coates near=j=3Iargaret, dau. and heir of Jlorris Wogan of Blux- 
Stow, adm'or of his cousin ham, co. O.xon ; remar. Charles Dymoke (son and 
George Fitzwilliam 28 Jan. | heir of Sir Edward) before 10 Feb. 1583-4 ; proved 
155'J-GO ; died 5 Sept. 1578 ; j her son Anthony's will IG May IGOO ; died before 
bur. at Coates. 3 March lGlO-11. 

John Butler of Boughiou=p 
in the paii,-h of Asgarby 
25 S./jiL IGIl',, J til Boti ; 
proved hi-: brother An- 
thony'.-, will ir. .May IGOU. 

Henry Butler, 
5th son, died 
11 Aug. IGol ; 
bur. at Boston 
the same day. 

Katherinc, mar. Thomas 
Littlebury of Staiiisbv ; 
2ndly (before 2G July 
1608) Sir John Langton 
of Langtou, Kut. ; bur. 
at Louth 2 Nov. 1(;35. 

Charles Butler, l-.t son, died 17 May 1003, a-t. 7 ; bur. at Asgarby. 



I A 

ler of Coatcs, 
1st Son, diod 
aat. 42 ; Lur. 
at Coates. 

dan. of 
: ilarma- 
j duke Tir- 
' whilt of 

Scot tor. 

William Ilutkr.- 
2nd SOD, died I'S 
April 1500, xt. 
2C> ; bur. at 
Coates bv Stow. 

Elizabeth, dau. of 
George Yorke of 
Ash by in Kest- 

even ; reniar 

Dvmocke; !ivin<i- 
■JC July 1C08. 

Priseilla, only child, died an infant 

Anthony Duller, 
"ivd son, of CoiUes 
25 June 1590 and 
of Howell; born at 
Coates ; died s.p. 
Will dated 2t; July 
1G08 ; proved 16 
May 1009. 

I I 

John Butler, 1st 


Anthony=j=Jaue, dau. 


son, died s.p. 


Butler of of William 





Con per of 

5th son. 

William Butler, 


4th son. 


bur. at 

2nd son, but heir, 


ton, CO. 


living 8 March 



31 May 



I I I 

Kllen, died young 

Martha, mar. John 

Eleanor, mar. John 
Wray of Spridliugton. 


Charles But- 
ler of Coates 
by Stow, Ect. 
10, 1034 ; 
died at Gran- 
tham 22 Jan. 

pSusan, dau. of 


Anthony But- 

Brian Cooke of 


ler, died 9 

Doncaster, co. 


April, bur. at, 

York ; sister of 


Coates 13 

Sir Henry ; 


April 1673, 

bapt. 19 Oct. 


being the last 

1618 ; mar. 6 

heir male of 

Sept. 1648. 

the family. 

Diana, mar. at Coates, 29 
Aug. 1659, as 1st wife of 
Sir'llenry Cooke of Wheat- 
ley, CO. York ; died 6 Jan. 
1608-9; bur. at Old St. 
George's Church, Don- 
caster. =p 

Cooke of Wheatley. 

Sir John Ranisdeii of Longley Hall and Byrom, co.= 
Y'ork, Son and heir, l.iorn April and bapt. at Almond- 
bury May 1018 ; had a charter 1 Nov. 23 Car. II. 
(1671) to hold a market at lluddersfield ; SheriflFof 
CO. Y'ork 1072 ; created IJart. by patent 30 Nov. 
1089 ; died 11 June 1690, ait. 41 ; bur. at Brother- 
ton. Will dated 26 Dec. 1687 ; proved at York 19 
Aug. 109O. 


Sarah, dan. and heir ; settle- 
ment before marriage dated 
22 Jan. 1070-71 ; mar. at 
Armthorpe, co. Y'ork, 7 JIar. 
following, then cct. 21 (regis- 
tered at Doneaster) ; died 14 
Jan. 1683-4, bur. at Brother- 
ton the iie.xt day. 




33ranstou of (!?ainGljorou5!)» 

[Lincoln Wills. N\-lthorpo Papers.] 

,f (i. 



borough, dead in I7o7. 1 dated I'l; .laii. 1 

7-10-50 ; i-roved l;'. Xnv. 1752. 

Eev. Richanl MaiinvariiigUraiistou (if— Susanna, 
Bninstou of I'.artou-on-IIumber, dau. of 
Redbouru. Mercer; s.p. Will dated . . . . ; 
] C May 1781 ; proved :'. ex'trix 
Nov. 1785. 1785. 

William Pranstou^ Leah, 
of lUca-^bv ; s.p. dau. of 
Will dated 22 May ....; 
1775 ; proved 2:! ex'trix 
Nov. 1778. 1778. 




Joseph Woo!- 



ex'trix to 

mer of Barton 




dead in 1740 


1st husband. 

pElizalieth=pSir Henry Nelthorpe, 
Bart. ; indentures of 
marriage 7 Nov. 1 740. 
2nd liusbaud. 

William Branston of Blyborongh, Clerk. Will dated 18 Feb. 1070-71. Dans. 
Susanna and Catherine ; sons William, Joseph, Charles, George, .lohu ; grandson 
William; wife (not named) ex'tri.x. AVill proved 22 March 1 071-2. 

[I corapilc'l tins peili^'rce fruni pnpcrs in the possession of R. N. Sutton-Xelthorpc, Esq.. of 
Scawby.— .-i. R. M.] 

Brtduuicti of iltnroln. 

[Lincoln Wills.] 
Timothy Brecknock of Eve, co. Northampton. =f= 
J. .... I 

'J'imothy Caraelia or Cor-=Cliarles Cartel 

Breck- nelia, mar. 22 of St. George's 

nock. Aug. 1739 ; a Hanover 

=p widow in 1782. So^uare, Lon 
I don. 


Elizabeth. Willdated = Thonias Wills 
27 Aug., proved 29 of Leaden- 
Nov. I7k2, a widow ham, co. Lin- 
in the Close of Liu- coin; dead in 
coin. 1782. 

Edward Wills Brecknock, residuary legatee of 
Mrs. Wills in 1782, under 21. 

asvtduiodt of fl^olbcadj anti (I(Bc5ton. 

[Macdonald's " Historic Notices of Hollieach."] 
William Brecknock of Diddlebury, co. Salop, bur. 20 Dec. 1574.=f= 

Roger Breckn(x;k of Hucknall Torkard, co. Notts, died 10:!9.=r 



James Bi-ccknin.-k, Vicar i>f SpiUiJ^.n, co. Doihy.^pAiinc, dim. of .... ; bur. at Wcs- 
4tb son, born ]f,ii2 ; died loTi. " 1 ton, co. Lincoln, 4 Jan. 1GS9-00. 

James Breckmirk, Vicar of "Weston,^^ ^tary, dau. of John riemin.i,' ; ninr. at West 
burn 12 Oct. lllll ; died 1 April Lvnn, co. Norfolk, S June icTt',; bur. at St. 
1C91. St'ephcn's, Ipswicb, •2G Sept. 1710. 


Anne, dau. of John— Janie.^ r.rccknock=^rarr,'aret, dau. of A^ illiam ]\Iarj. 


of Ilolbeach, M.D., 




Llarv, diiu. of John 

born 31 An?. 1081 ; 

widow of Jacob 



Green of Duusby. 

died 23 Dec. 1746. 

Davey of Ilol- 

1st wife. 

beach. 2nd wife. 


Aune, died ll^Samuel ralnu-r of llolboach Mary=John Bullen Four cliildren. 
Sept. 1781. I and Whaplode. of Spalding. 

[1 add these two pedigrees of Ereckuock as being connected with Lincolnshire in the 
eighteenth century. — A. E. M.] 

i^a[>no^ (nobj 33uiton), latr of ^omcvsI)^n 

[Lincoln Wills.] 

Arsis. — Sahic, on a chevron cwiraihjl anjent, between three oivls ermine inembered 

and dwalhj croicncd or, as many estoiles of Ihe field. 

Robert Burton of=pKaLheriue, sister and heiress of William Jjanghorne 

London. I of Souiersby ; mar. 1705. 

Lanuhornc Burton, = ^rarv, dau. of . . . .Walker of Great Williatu = Kathc- 
dead HI 17S'.I, s.p. Hale; reniar., 17s:i, Thomas C.ltnian nurtoii, vuk. 
of Hagnaby ; died 1821, xt. 11. s.p. 

Robert Burton of the Close of Ijineoln, Coun- = Siisanna, dan. of ... .— . . . . Ray- 
sellor. Will dated 23 Feb. 1814 ; proved 4 William Toraliue j norofLin- 

Fcb. 1815 ; s.p. ofRiby. coin. 

James Barton Raynor of the 70th Regiment 1780, afterwards=rAnne, dau. of 
in H.O. ; dead in 1814. I 

, \ ^1 

' William Burton Raynor,2ud-f Anne, dan. of .'SJarnuel lictitia^p 

son, devisee of Ftobert I'.iir- Andrew Timi- I'.nrtnn Kayuor, I lam 

ton in 1814 of estates in gue of Grant- ord son. | 

Somersby and Bag Endcrby. j ham 

A^~ t I 

Vide Burke's " Lauded Gentry," 1898. Robert Bellamy. Samuel Bellamy. 



Cabornc of ^altflcctb^'. ^ 

[ilS. C. -Jo.' Collo-e.] 

Akm^.— >',/./,. t,r„ rhrrron-^ .in/fnt htn;.-„ thnr hcr„';<s of /■//,. .crrw,/, ''Jrh rhnnird 

irith a riuirth/ s;ht,\ 
VAiv:^\\~Oiit .,fa ili„,il omuat or a h,:(,i,je „r,,,^,tt. cl„ir,jM -ir,ih a ,n,irthi italic. 

Caljonie of SaltBccLbj St. Pi;ter'E.=r 

CliristiiphcrCahoriie of .TohiiC'aI>onie=p. . . . Thomas Cahonic nf SaltflL-etliv,=p 

SaUnoetby St.. Petui-'s, ofSaltfleetby. daa.of yi'oinan, died (! D.c. IGl'1. | 

yeoman. Will dated 

6 Dec. K21 ; proved 

21 Mareh 1022-3. . Susan. 

n Cabonie, lega-^^rarL'aift,i!au. Robert Cabonie, le<,'atee=pElizabeth, dan. 
in 16-21 : living „f.r..\Vilby in lOil. Will dated of . . . . ; liviii- 

John Caborne, lega-^ 

tee in 162 

1 ; living 1 

in 1G35. 

n '" 


1 t 









in 11 







20 1\ 



d 9 


Henry Ca- John Caborne, :S[ary, bapt. at Saltfleetby 

"borne, liv- livine 1C22. 7 Jan. 1C09-10 ; dead in 

ing 1(;22 ; — . 1C34. 

executor in Bridget, living — 

1C:U. 103 i. Katherine, bapt. at Salt- 

— _ fleetby St. Peter's 2 Jan. 

I Dorothy, living 1G14-15; mar 

Elizabeth, living 1657. 1G34. Willie. 

Christopl)erCaborne.=-r(?Trace,daa. 'I'humas Cab.irne (.rSait-'-p. . . . dan. uf 

Will dated 15 April | of ; fleetln', gent. Will dal-J Chester ; mar. at 

1632; proved2S June ex'trix in 13.1nly 1G-.5; proved 



8 April 1636. 

Salt flee tliv in 
lOO'J-10 ;" dead in 

Christopher Elizabeth. 
Caborne. — 


Under age in 1621. 

John Caburnc, eldest son. Christnplirr Caborne, 

— ex'or to lii.s father in 

Thomas Caborne, bapt. 24 1635-6. 

Nov. 1611 ; bur. at Salt- — 

fleetbv St. Peter's 21 July Susan, legatee in 1635. 

Martha, dan. of=Piebard Caborne, wt. 26 in=^T!achel, dan. of William Cxeorge 
llarkworth ; 1616; luir. at. Saltfleotbv i Thon.ld, gent., of North Caborne, 

mar. lie. 2D June St. Peter's 3 Nov. 1657. 
1616, at. 26. Will dated 5 Oct. 1657 ; 
1st wife. proved 11 Feb. 1657-8. 

Thoresbv ; mar. lie. 26 legatee 
Oct. 1620, 33t. 26. 2nd in 1621. 




Richiird C:i-=pFrances, dan. of OharlfS Su.^^m.dau. of . . . .:=pSanuiflC:i-T=Rcbccca, 

boriip, eldest 1 NowcoinonofSaUtieetby bur. at Saltfleetb}- i boruo, 2iid daii. of 

son, liviiiir I All Saints; mar. at Sail- St. Peter's r_' Sept. ! son, proved .... 

Id'ol. ^ I fleetb? 24 Atiir. IGoO. lOCI. 1st wife. I his fatber's 2ndwire. 

I will u;.:)7-8. : 

Richard Ca- Faubard Ca- Thounis Cabonie, Ilcbecca, bajit. at Saltfleetby 

borne, bapt. borne, bapt. S;Utfleetby 7 June 167U ; bur. 2'J June 

atSaltfieetby at Saltileetby St. Peter's 5 April 1G74. 

St. Clement St. Peter's 1072. — 

13 June -ISept. IGGO. — Pebecwi, bajit. at Saltfleetby 

IGGl. ^lildred, born at 10 June 1C7.J. 

Saltfleetby 2 Dec. — 

1CG8. Eleanor, bapt. at Salttloetby 
17 Mav, bur. 17 Noy. 1G78. 

Caiicnic of Boston anti Cttnc|>. 

Caborae of Tetncv.=r 

jet. 64 
1GC7 ; 

Cnborne, pent., of=f= dau.of John Caborne, Tbomas Caborne, lega 

born at Tetney ; 

and upwards in 

Will dated 20 Mfiy 

proved 2G :\rarcii 

....(men- legatee in 1667. tee in 1GG7. 
tioued as — — 

"my wife" Vrilliara Caborne, .... dan., legatee 

only). legatee iu 1667. 1CC7 ; mar Pii 



Caborne, ex'or and residuary^^Bridget, da 
in 1G6S. 

Elizal>eth, bad land 
in Skirbeck. 

George Caborne. 


Humphrey P.rowne of Salt-: 
fleetby. 1st husband. (See 
Pedigree of Browne of Salt- 

Abigail. Will dated lG=Jobn Jlicklethwaite of Wy- 
.\].ril 1700; proved 4 bam. Will dated 3 Ang. 
Feb. 1701-2. 1701 ; proved 23 March 

1708-9. 2nd husband. 

Martin Browne, on whom his grandfather entailed Elizabeth, legatee in grand- 
lands in Boston, Butterwick, and Frieston, 1667. father's will 1GG7. 
[Note. — This petlii,'ree I compileri from wills at Lincoln. — A. R. M.] 


Caltifcot of ^ailincjs'. 

[iMs. c. L^i. iinaias' (:'uii..gc.] 

Ar.}>[s.—J\iiii/ ]>(!■ j'l/If or am! azure, m a ihiif „f tl,e scrnnd three hp/nirils" /leaJs of 
IK'nvv <.';ildccot of I'.assin^'-rpElizabetb, aau. of John lA.rJ of 
fifld, Nous. I r.ovk'itoii, CO. Derliy. 

Henry ColrKct. Will <iated 1 1 Muv.=Ai)iio, .laii. of A.linVm graiUed t., 

liroved ?<e[it. lO.ji^ " li.;r dau. :Mi>;. Grcathed :3 (^ct. IM-J. 

Lund Caldecot, Pierrtpoliit, mnr.' }ilari,'arul, mar. Ed- Anne, mar. ntAVick- 

provcd his Joseph Grcathed ward I Iciislaw, clerk, cnby, 28 March 1G51, 

father's will in of .'^tickney ; liv- of r^Iartou ; living John Blacker. 

1C52. ing ICOi'. lOGO. 

I I I 

Charles Cal-^pFrances, dan. of Robert George CaUlecr.t of Elizabeth, mar. 

decot of 
dead before 

liroxholme of Barling.^ 
Will dated 10 Oct., 
proved It Dec. 1038. 

lloUon Beckering, 

mar AVill 

dated 16 Jan. 

1 04-3-4 ; proved 13 

Feb. 101.5-0. 

. . dau.^pPLobert Caldecut 

Grace, mar. . , 

Winifred, mar. 


1st wife. 

of Barlings, ex'or to his=rAnne, dau. of Robert Ma 
uncle George Caldecot of Ilokon Becker- shall of Fiskerton ; mar. 

ing 1045-6. "Will dated 21 Nov. 1C59 ; 
proved 4 April lOCl. 

2ndly Edward Briggs ; li 
1006. 2nd wife. 

Charles Caldecot^. 


of city of Li 
coin. Will dated 
6 April 1077 ; 
proved 1077. 

of Laurence 
Stamford of 

Fiobert Caldecot, legatee=j= 
in llobei't :Mar?hairs will 
ICCG ; heir to his brother 
Charles iu lands in 1077. 

I I 

Hester. Deborah. 

Lei^atees in Robert 

Marshall's will 


Charles Caldecot of Holton^^Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of Fluni- 
Beckeriug, mar. 10 April I i)hrey Browne of the Close of Lincoln. 

Stamford Coningsby Caldecot, bapt. Philip Gilbert Cal-=pSarah, dau. of Ti 
at St. ilary Magdalene. Lincoln, 15 Calde- decotof Hoi- 
March 10;iC-7; bur. at St. Panrs, cot. ton Becker- 
Lincoln, 18 March 109G-7. ing. 

mas buncombe of 

Sec Burke's " Lauded Gentry." 

i i I 

Mary, died uiiiuar. Isabella, mar. Richard Pilkington of Skendleby. Theoph, 

Will proved ; 1 iMay (.-^ce Pilkingtox pedigree.) 


TOL. I. G G 



(TaMncU of ^Lljorcjauli),'. 

[MS. 0. 1^;-;, JUi-alds- Colk-e.] 
Al-.Mr^. — Azure, a cross furmic jilrlie ari/nil nn nrlc of fslniles or. 
Thomas Culdwdl of KnUcstoii, StatlV^Aliue, dau. of . . . . Toinlinsoii. 

Lawrcnco Caldwell of Lon-=pMary, dr,o. of ■\Villinni Caldwell of Rollcsfon, 

don, citizen and vintner, also . . . . Monnsey Stall's, am! some time of London, 

of Uattersca and the Middle of co. Cam'- grocer. Will dated "2 Aiii;. KJdT; 

Temjile. , bridge. proved G Jan. lClO-11. 

AVilliam Caldwell of Tl,or<:: 

nby, hnr. tht-re 10--.' 

une, dan. of .... Gale of 

Jnue IGK 

. Will dated 18 

and 31 Mayli;4G; 1 I 

ondoii ; bur. at Thortcanby 

proved 14 May 1C51. 


July 1643. 

Bridget, c 

ail. of William=pLawrence Caldwell o 

f Thorganby,= Elizabeth, a 


bur. at Thor- 

only son, bnr. there 

1G61. Will widow, liv- 

ganby IS 

\pril 1C44. 1st 

dated 12 May, proved (C.l'.C.) 19 ins IGol. | 


June 1G:.1. 

2nd wife. 

, 1 1 

William Cald- 

Robert Caldwell, bapt. 

1 1 1 

1. Willuughby, 3. Brid- 


well of Thoi- 

at Thorganbv 11 i\Iav 

bur. at Thor- gut, bapt. 


gauby, ex'or 


ganby 14 Sept. at Thor- 


of hisfarher ; 


1G45. gaubv 


ffit. 5, in?.4 ; 

Thomas Caldwell, 

— May 


living 1G4C 

bapt. at Tiiorganby 

2. Anne, living lG3S;liy- 

16 to and 

and 1G51. 

IG Jan. 1C::;G-7 ; liv- 

1G51 ; mar. to inglCSl. 


ing 1G4G. 

.... Ely. 

Elizalieth, dau.=pMary, dan. of=Daniel Caldwell of Hornden-oa-^pAlicc, dau. of 

ley or Tolder- 
vy of Loudon. 
1st Tvife. 

George Dun- the-Ilill, Essex; of College, John Moyne 

combe of Al- Oxon, and of the Middle Temple; or ^Mayuc' of 

bury, Surrey, died 13 Nov. 1034 ; bur. at , Herts. 

2nd wife. Dunton, Essex. i 

I I I 

Mary, at. 10 Two oti 
in 1C34. o.v.p. 


Two sons 


I I 

Elizabeth. Anne. 

Mary, dau. of=pFlorence Caldwell of London, mer-=SibeIl, dan. of. ... ; born 
Ottowell j chant ; of St. Martin's, Lmlgate ; at Charlton, Stalls ; widow- 
Wilde ; bur. at I citizen and haberdasher 1G07. Will of ... . Will dated 5 
St. Martin's, ; dated 2.5 Oct. 8 Jac. L, IGIO; codi- Sept., proved 5 Dec. 1615, 
Ludgate, Lon- j cils 11 July and 12 Sept. 1612; then of St. Martin's, Lud- 
don. 1st wife, proved 11 Xov. 1CI2 ; (to be) bur. gate. 2nd wife. 
I at St. Martin's, Ludgate. 

Llary, only dan. and l.cir, proved her father's v.ill 11 Nov. 1G12 ; mar. to Tho- 
mas (afterwards Sir Thomas) Guu-ney, Knt., of S:ifi'ord, co. Essex, 



Thomas Cald-=p Joane, mar. to .... Allott of Fcps- .... mar. to 
well. ton, Dcii>ysljirt ; liviiii,' IGIO. pard ; living 



Riciiard Cald- William Caldwell, I.awivnce 

well, heir of his dasher, living i5 Get. Caldwell, 

uncle William, 1010. — 

whose will he =p Paiiiel 

proved G Jan. 1 Caldwell. 

lGlO-11. Florence, a sou, livin- 

gs Oct. lOlU. 


All li 

1 1 1 1 

2. .Mar,i;ery. 

Ahee, eldest 

dau., mar. 

3. Frances. 

t;o Richard 

Watson ; 

-1. Elizabeth. 

livin- 2 

Aug. 1G07. 

5. Dorothy. 

2 Aug. 1007. 

I I 

Thomas Caldwell, livinu in if,:34, when he attested the William Caldwell, living- 
pedigree in the Essex Visitation. 2 Aug. 1C07. 

Callis of (§rcat %)cilt. 

Arms. — Qturterhj arijent mid ijiiks, a bciul intrpure. 
Robert Callis of Little Hale. Will proved 2 March 1533.^ 

Henry Callis died seised of land iu Little= 
Uale and Aslackby 14 Oct. 1557. 

Thomas Calli 
2ud son. 

Robert Callis, Kt. 30, 1557. 

Robert Callis of Great llale.-p 

Robert Callis of Gray's Inn, Serjeant-at-=i=Esther,daQ. of WilliamCal- 

Law 12 April 1C27 ; admitted to Gray's William Fitz- li 
Inn 13 Aug. 1500; of Dalderby. Will williaui of coin, 

dated 30 Dec. IG41 ; proved IG May 1042. ' Mablethorpe. IGIC. 


of. . 


Elizabeth, Isi ilan. 

Su.aii, 2nd 

at <Jlaxby 

and coheir, mar. 

dan. and 

1C08 ; bur. 

John Doughty, son 


at Walesby 

and heir of Henry 

proved her 

l.s Dec. 

Doughty of Thorn- 



l<-y, CO. Lancaster ; 
awidow] Aug.lGoO. 

will 1G4 2. 

William Callis, Robert Cal- 

bapt. at St. lis, admitted 

Miehael-on-the- to Gray's Lui 

:^!onnt, Lincoln, 12 Aug. 1622; 

17 July 1614 ; Counsel for 

legatee of his Lincoln 11 

uncle 1G41. Sept. 1G24. 


LI>"C0],NS1IIKK rr.DlGT.r.ES 

William Callisof Lit!].. Ha'e, veomaii.dicd ■2."=rThoiii?.5inc,dau.of Gibbon ; mar. 

April 1603; bur. ' at Great Hak>. Will I at St. Martiu's, Linculn, 3 Aujr. 1502; 
proTcd 30 ilay 1C03. l>roved her Lasbauds will 1603. 


15. XI. C m 1C03. 

■usan, uiider a:.'e in ICk 

[M.S. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Nicholas Calverlev f)f=p^!arir',-rT, dan. of Gnv Fairfax of 
Calverlev, co. York. GilHn-Casde, co. York. 

I I 


I I I 

John Calverley of Gosberton,=Elleu, dan. of William Laurence Cal-=p 
1st son, s.p. Will dated i-i Eicb.aruHun- Caker- verlev of Ferry- 
May, proved 7 Oct. 1G39 stC'u of Wal- 
(Lincoln) [mentions Samuel soken, co. 
Calverley, son of my coscu Dr. Norfolk ; 

deadinl()39; I 

bur. in | 

Go.sberion William Calverley, devisee of lii< uucle 

Church. Johu Calverlev in 1 C30 ; e.x'or to his will. 

Calverley of Outwell, and 
kinsman William Calverley of 

lev, 2nd 

bridge, eo. 
York, 3rd son, 
dead in 1G39.' 

Ealph Calverlev, Parson, of Ilarlavtoi 

1611 (Lincoln). 

Edward Calverley of B'.ston. Xnnf?ii 
William Calverley of iJoston. Will 


[XOXE.— Tbe first generation sc-enis Terr il 
Viiita'.iuDS.— A. K. M.] 


ited 20 -Tuly, proved 30 Aug. 

pative will 13 .Sept. I'lOr, (Lincoln), 
dated 15 May, proved U) .Sept. 15'.».j 

boruc oat bv the YorksLire 

Carr of ^Icafor"D» 

Arms. — G"!(-s, on a ch'.vron or three eifoiles ^abh. 
(.See '• Genealogist," vol. iii., pp. 193 — 200, for the early Carr pedigree.) 

James Cfirr, George Carr of Sleaford, merchant of the Staple. bur.^Aiiue, dan. of 
Isi sou. at Sleaford 10 Julv Vyil. Will dated 27 March i . . . . Flower. 

8 Henry YIIL, 1517. 

.Kihn Carr. 1st son 


and heir, died ».]>., 

dau. of 

seised of lands in 


Kirkbv, Lathoipe, 


Evcdon, Holding- 

of Hcck- 

ham, etc.: iuq. p.m. 


taken 12 .Tune :.'l 

1st wile. 


• Mr.r. lie. lo.Jnue 
of Long Sutton, tpil;^• 

■ heir of his brother and 

ffit. IS at his death ; 
I purcha-sedthecastleand 
'■ manor of Sleaford, and 

tiiC manors of .Vawarby 

and AsL^arliv, etc. ; died 

11 Sepi.32"Eliz., lo'jx; 
A 1 bur. at .""leaford. 

"E'l.var.l Xewlove of H'.-!priaj.'ham. g€L.t.. set. 2S. aiiil Susan Callis 
;.!•.? I.' 

:A!i!:^. dau.= 

= .Vnue, 

of Sir 

Charles Kne- 


velD ; widow 

Talhovs of 

of Nicholas 

Kvme ; 

R"biuson of 

widow of 

lloston ; 




nard Irbv of 


the sam..-. 

(yiM-^-^ ^^/yt^ Jy^'ur^J' F^Ai-i^ //-T/s-^?, 
- / 

%^4^ c. f^^jr c. Tc4u. C . kUl:^A^ c.~ •■■■ 



George Carr of Sk'aford. lst=pJI:iiy, dan. of Henry Suttun of Itnrto 
son, died v.p. before Jmic I reiiiar. liartliulcuuew Aruiviic of Oi?''-i 
30 Eliz., li.8s. 3Julyl5'.i3. 

-by-Iiiiicoln ; 
\>y. Adin'on 

Robert Cai-r of Sleaford, Anuiek, 
Qiiarriiigton, llaiiceby, Uoldiii-- 
bain, etc., sued out Ins liverv 10 
Feb. o3 Eliz., 1500-91 ; died 24 
Feb. So Eliz., 1092-3, s.p. 

Elizalietli, sister and heir (disinherited on 
aceouut of her niarria>j;c), set. 3i>, 17 April 35 
Eliz., 15t)3; mar. Edward Sissm ; adm'ix of 
her mother 3 July 1503 ; living 4 Sept. 1604, 
with male issue, and 30 Sept. 1618. 

Cassandra, dan. of William Apreeee= 
of Washingliy, eo. Hunts ; widow 
1st of John Roberts of Wollaton, co. 
North'ton, 2ndly of Peter Ash ton 
of Chattertoii, co. Lane, 3rdly of 
Adlard Welby of Gedney ; mar. 10 
May 1574 ; died 22 Feb., bur. at 
Gedney 1 Marcli 1590-01, -xt. CO. 


:Robert Carr of Aswarby, 2iid=: 
son, founder of the Grammar 
School in Sleaford 1604; 
heir of his nephew Robert ; 
Treasurer of the Armv of the 
North; died 16oG,.'=.p. Will 
dated 4 Sept. 1604; proved 
26 June 1606. 

:Jrary, dau. 
of Charles 
1st Earl of 
Worcester ; 
widow of 
Lord Grey 
of Wilton. 

Sir William Carr of Sleaford, Aswarby, etc.,= Rridget. dau. of Sir George Cha- 
3rd son, knighted at Belvoir 1 Jac. "l60:; ; worth, Knt.. of Wiverton, Xotts ; 
proved his brother Robert's will (whnse heir Gentlewoman of the Queen's Privy 
he was) 26 June 1606 ; died s.p. Will dated Chamber ; died 18 April, bur. at 
21 Aug. 1607 ; proved 23 April 16iiS. Ullorl, co. North'ton, 3 May 1621, 

fet. 73. 

Catiierine, dau.= 
of Charles 
BoUes of 
Haugh ; post- 
nuptial settle- 
ment dated 
o lilay 31 Eliz., 
1589 ; liviug 
4 Sept. 1604 ; 
s.p. 1st wife. 

:Sir Edward Carr, Knt., of Slea-= 
ford,4thson26:\Iaich 1501; heir 
of his brothers : proved the will 
of his brother Sir William 23 
April 1608; created Bart. 22 
May 1611 ; Sheriff 1615; died 
1 Oct. 1618 ; bur. at Sleaford. 
Will dated 30 Sept. 16 Jac. L, 
1618; proved 10 Dec. follow- 
ing ; confirmed 8 May 1619. 

-Anne, dau. of Sir Richard Dyer 
of (ircat Stoughton, co. Hunts, 
Knt. ; marriage settlement 
dated 30 Sept. 5 Jac. L, 1607 ; 
mar. 1 1 Oct. following ; remar. 
at Upwood, CO. Hunts, 9 Aug. 
1610, Henry Cromwell of Hin- 
chinbroke, co. Hunts; died 
and bui-. at Ramsev, co. Hunts, 
12 Jan. 1639-40.' 2nd wife. 


Sir Rolxjrt Carr o 
Sleaford, Knt., 1st SOI 
and heir, 2n(l Part. 

=^rary. Sir Pidchester Carr of Aswar- 

daii. and by and Scredington, 5t!i Part., 

coheir of 2nd sou 30 Sept. 1618; found 

under 16, 30 Sept. j SirRich- to be a lunatic by iiujuisition 

1618; at. 26, 13 Jan 
12 Car. L, lt;36-7: 
founded the Alms- 
houses at Sleaford ; 
died 14, and bur. at 
Sleaford 20 Aug. 
1667. Adra'on 15 
Nov. 1675. B 

;nd Gar- 13 Jan. 12 Car. I., 1636- 
-rave of died in Cliun.-.jry Lane, Eon- 
Kings- don,uninar. Adm'on granted 
ley anil 7 May 1605 to Elizahetli Carr 
No.tell, Fox, wife of Ciiaries Fox, his 
CO. York; niece's dau. and liis nest of 
surviv- kiu. 

[juey only dau., 
under 8 years 
of age and un- 
mar. 30 Sept. 
1618; mar. 
Henry English; 
died 18 Oct. 
li;83, ;et. 66; 
bur. in Ramsey 
Abbey, co. 




&ir tivocn uarr 
Bart., born 1 r.37 




a neir, 

• of i 


md F 

C. to Chai 



; M.P. 

for 1 

CO. Lincoli 


to IGSI ; 




foi- ' 

same 1(381 


it Aswarby 

4 Nov 



at Sleaford, 

Kt. 4c 


r>eniiet of Dawley, co. 
Middlesex ; sister of 1st 
Lord Ossulston ; died iu 
London 3, bur. at Slcafurd 
13 Auir. 169C. 

I I 

Sir Edward Carr of S'eaford, Robert, 

son and heir, 4tli Bart., born died an 

16C6; died unmar. 28 Dec. infant. 
1G83 ; bur. at Sicaford 11 
Jan. 1C83-4, act. 17. 

Isabella, sister and lieir, mar. at St. 
Martiu's-in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex, 
1 Xov. 1GS8, John Hcrvey of Ick- 
worth, CO. SnfTolk, afterwards Earl of 
Bristol ; died iu childbed 7, bur. at 
Ickworth IG March 1692-3. 

I I 

Elizabeth, 1st dan., ajt. ."i, Marv, 2nd dan., 
1C3-1; mar. Isc Williaiu, ast. ' 3, 1G34; 
1st son of Sir W. Thorold mar. Sir Adrian 
of Mai-ston, Bart. ; 2ndly Scrope of Cock- 
Sir William Trollope of erington, Bart. 
Casewick, Bart.; bur. at Willdatcd Aug., 
Uffington 27 Sept. 1G61. proved 28 Oct. 
=p 1685. =p 
As _ A 

Bridget, mar. Rieliai'd 
Rossi ter of Somcrby ; 
living 4 Sept. 1604 ; 
died before 21 Aug. 

Luey, youngest dau., mar. in West- 
minsteV Abbey, ■22 Aug. IGCl, Sir 
Fraucis Holies of Winterbourne, co. 
Dorset, Knt. and Bart., afterwards 
2nd Lord Holies. Adm'on granted 
to her husband 22 Feb. 1668-9, 
then described of St. ;Martin's-ia- 
the-Fields, co. Middlesex. 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st Wil- 
liam Fairfax of Swarby ; 
2ndly, before 6 June 30 
Eliz., 1.588, Christopher 
Kelke of Barnetby. 

Anne, mar. 1st Robert Which- 
coL of Dunston ; 2ndly, before 
4 .yane 1588, Christopher Le- 
gard of Anlaby, co. York, as 3rd 
wife; dead 4 Sept. 1604. 

Carscp of i\t\)ccjl)|). 

[Chancery Inq. p.m., 3 Eliz., Xo. 137.] 

Arms. — Per sciHire azure and or, a /esse gules. 

John Carsey.=j= 

. . dau. of Thomiss Car- Richard Car- 
. Hansard, sey, 2nd son. sey, 3rd son. 

William Carscy of March, co. Cam-:^. 
bridge. j . 

John Carsey, held fifth part=Margaret, dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Lovell, Knt., 
of manors and lamls in | of Burton, co. Norfolk, sou of Sir Gregory Lovell, 
Revesby, Tattershall, etc., : Knt., by Margaret, dau. of Sir William Brandon, Knt.; 
1550-60, in right of his wife, ! coheir of Charles, Duke of SulTolk, 155'J-6(i ; died 
deceased. 1 20 Dec. 1557. 

FrancL3=p.\iine, dau. of Sir Francis Car- 

Thuuuus Car- 


1 1 


William Skip- sey, s.p. 

sey, 4tli son. 



died in 

with, Knt., of — 





South Orm-by. Lovell Car- 

John Carsey, 


scy, 3rd son. 

5th son. 




PMwaiil C'ar- 

1 1 

sfv, Impt. nt 

liiipt. :it Sniul 

South ()iiii~-- 

OnuM.v 1.", .luh 

l.v I'O N„v. 




William Carsev 

Anno, daii.of ];fV.^,-Sk)]nvitli = Sai'ali, dau. of 

.Tiilin Clerk of In- C'arsi'V ; widowof 

giMdiiKlls, flcik : l>ui\ at AValtham ; 

Imr. at Soutli f^outh mar. at Win- 

(.)rnl^by IS Sipt. Orm^liy thorpo 10 Dec. 

\G-J-J. ' 1st wife. 8 Sept." U'.l'I. I'ndwile. 

I 1025. 

I I I 

Jjovell Cai-sev, le'j;atec in will I'l-ances, bapt. at Sduth Snsaii, bapl. 2-1 Nov., 

of liis matiirnaltcraiulfatlicr Oimsbv ] 2 .Ian. 1 ull-12 ; bur. 28 Dec. IGIG at 

John Clerk 25 ^I>ec. U'.oS, bur. 1 Oct. 1(522. South Ormsby. 
then undei- a<re. 

Anne, dan. (>f=.Johi 
. . . . ; bur. at Car- 
8(Uith Orni.s- sey. 
bv 4 Oct. 
1014. 1st 

Catherine, dan. of Porting-- Margaret, llary, bajit. at 

ton of Langton ; mar. lie. io mar. 1st South Ormsby 
July lC17,'aH. 30. Kemar. JohnFi-y, 1 Sept. 157G. 
Wiiliani Cha[)nian, yeoman, of 2ndly — 
South Ormsby ; ma'r. bond 7 'Williaiii Elizabeth, bapt. 
Aug. 1C2G. i^ud wife. Galby. atSouthOrmsbv 
13 Sept. 1578. 

Francis Carsey, bapt. John Carsey, bapt. JIary, bapt. at Anne, bapt. at South 
at South Ormsby 11 at South Ormsby South Oimsby Ormsby8Feb.l620-21; 
Get. ir.18. 17 Feb. 1C22-3. 4 Dec. 1617. bur. 8 May 1C31. 

Carter ijf Coiuncj5l3|>» 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Akm.s. — Guks, a ciossjloii/ or, on a chit/ azure three- round hnddes of the second. 

Johu Carter of Nassinglon, co. Northampton=f IslxL-ll .... 

John Ca'-ter of NasRing-=f Isabell, dau. of ... . Fraucais Carter William Carter, 
ton, Eon and heir. I Lane of Elton, co. of London, 2nd 3rd son. 

Hunts. son. 

John Carter of-rElizabeth, dau. of.... Richard Car- Hafe Carter of Thomas 
Coningsby, I Chamberlayneof lioling- ter, 2nd son. Souchwark, Carter, 

1G34, Istson. broke. 3rd son. 4th Bon. 

John Carter, jet. 7, 1C34. Elizabeth, set. 8, 1634. 



CavtUnifjIjt of i^ormanb^', 

[llarl. J[SS. M3G, ir.oO, liHL'.] 

William Cartwriu'ht of ^lalLcck and Norwell, co. Xutts.t^ 


EJimm.l Ciii twrii,'!it of GffrL'c Cartwriulit of Xorinn 
Malbock, 1st son. co. Lincoln, L'nd son. 


George Cartwright,bapL. at Cathevine, mar. to Paul Dovoth.v, mar. to William- 
Easfc^iasen 12 Oct. 1567. Cooke of Somercotts. Watson of Bnttcrwicke. 

'JohnCartwrightofXor-=pjrargaret, dan. of Rowland Cart\vrigbt= Alice, dan. 

ifianby, and afterwards 
of the city of Lincoln. 
Will dated . . . . ; proved 
14 March 1605-G. 

William Swayne of Normanbv, super- of John 

of Kingsell, co. visor of his brother's JIaddisnn 

Notts. will. of Marsh 



John Cart- William Cartwright=p Charles Cartwright, i[illiceut, 2nd 

Wright, of Xormanby, j dau. of 2nd son. daii. 

under age proved his father's .... — — 

at the time will 14 JIarch Frances, 1st dan., Anne,3rddan. 

of his 1G05-G. under age at the — 

father's time of her father's Catherine, 4th 

wiiL will. dau. 

William Cartwright of Xormanby, entered at Gray's Inn 23 Feb. 1G26-7. 

Cater of ^mxQto\uh})-^Miucih}y, 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Arms. — Ermine, on a j-iik r/tdcs a lion jmssrint-guarchnt or. 

John Cat«r^. . . . dau. of ... . F.arnett. 

John Cater of Warwick^pleabel, dau. of ... . Cotterell. 

John Cat.;r of Langmn-hy-Wragby. Will proved 4 Nov. 1G3G ;^Elizabeth, dan. of 
mentions hi« grand=un llalph Iligdon and his brother John I Thomas Berry. 
Higdon. A I 





Ricluird Cater ..f Wdton 

-f Susan, dan. of Thomas Mas- 

of I>:iii£r- dfin. of 

bv-GunbT; niar.lic.i'G Dec 

. : sinijberd of Gunbv; xt. IS 

ton, eldest 1 Joliii 

lliiV), Kt. L'3 ; killed bv; 

in 1G25; mar. at Gunbv 

Eon,Kt.40, 1 'l'o;irnnv 

fall from his horse 10 Julv , 4 Jan. 1G2.5-C ; remar.. 

1G34. ..rCaiiii.y. 

ICol ; bur. in Welton : 1G30, Itiehard Ocdney of | 

Church 11 July 1G31. 
er,^Aniie, dan. of ... . 


1 1 
Jolin Anthony Cat 

Francis Cater,=p John 

Cuter, -211.1 son, of K 


Bishop; mar. IC 

bapt. at Gun- \ Cater, 

eldest ton in Linds 


Julv 1007; bur. 

by 10 Jan. 2nd 

sor,fet.8 bnr. there 


at Kirton 8 Sept. 



in 1634. July 1604. 


Douglas, bur. at Kirton 15 July 1CC.4. John 

Cater, living 24 Oct. 1717. 

Anthony ]\Iargaret, mar. Lawrence Wharton . . . .= 
Cater, of Yorkshire. Daw- 
living — son of 
1G3G. Helen, mar. Anthony Gibbon of Swaby. 

— Stiswold (mar. lie. 8 May 1C27). 1st 

William — Lns- 

Cater, ilary, mar. John Skepper of band, 

living Thorpc-bv-Wainflcet (mar. lie. 21 

1C36. Sept. 1G27). 

:Elizat>2th,= Richard Fil- 

aet. 2G in kin of Bisca- 

1G2G. thorpe; mar. 

lie. 5 April 

1C26, Jct. 28. 

2ad husband. 

Calutiron of |I)rdunfjton auti dpvtat IDale. 

[MS. D. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arjis. — Ar/ji'iit, a chevron Iclirem Uiree marlleta sahle, on a clikf of the second three 
cross-crosslets or. 

Margery, dau.=William Cawdron of=pElizabeth, dan. of . . . . Cantrell ; died 

of Meres. Ileckington, Bailitr, I 29 Oct. 15.=)G. Will dated 28 Sept., 

Ist wife. died 30 April 1544. proved 2 Dec. iooG. 2Qd wife. 

I i I 

Francis Cawdrou of Burton Ped-^Mary . . . ., Elizabeth, mar , mar. 

wardine and Swaton. Will dated ex'trix 15G0. Piobert Carre of Kichard 

5 April, proved G Ang. 15G0. Sleaford. Brocklesby. 

Ilenry Cawdron, under Elizabeth, legatee in her aunt Jane Cawdron's 
age 15C0. will 15S2-3. 

i'OL. I, • B H 



Eliziibttl). widow of=: Anthony C;nvc!ron,=Jaiic. Ann. of James Ashton of Chad- 

Thomas Tirriiigtoii luir. at ileckingtoii derton, co. l^aiu-astev 


of OosbtTtoii ; hiir. L'.'> April l.'i'.io. s.p. Nicliolas Wolriehc of SpaUlinc; ; mar. 

at lIcokiiiirtoM 14 Will dattd 17 April, i:. Aprill 5S1 ; hur. it) April loS t. 

.Inly liSti. 1st ].roved -J Jlav iri'JO. Will dated U ^ilarch loS-'-:'. : proved 

wife. 'JS Nov. H'i07. -iid wife. 

JohnCawdrou of Heek-=pF>ridf;et, sis- 
ingtoii, c.x'or to mother ^ terot Heiiry 
iii" 1550. AVill dated j Repps ; liv- 
8 Dec. 1558; proved | ingloS-'. 
G Aiiir. 15C0. 

George Cawdrou of Heck-=f=Jaiie, dan. of 

iiigtoii and Great Hale 
157<i ; proved Jehu's will 
15G0 ; dead before 1500. 

John Maik- 
ham of Sedge- 





Living in 1; 

I I 

Thomas Cawdron, bur. .'\nnc,ma 

at Ileckingion 4 Sejit. Browne ; 

15Si>. Will dated 1 Sept., iiig a 

jiroved 17 Oct. 15si\ ItilO. 

Bridget, dau. of=FGeori:rc Cawdmn of Heck- 

Richard Brock- 
lesby ; mar. at, 
Heckiugton 16 
Jan. 1583-4. 
1st wife. 

iugton, ex'ur in 15s2 to 
his brother Thomas Caw- 
dron. Will dated ii Jan. 
lGlU-11 ; proved ■22 Jan. 

= Eleanor, dau. of Robert Whichcot 
of Harpswell ; widow of Thomas 
Kyme ; remar. William I'lirton, 
Bailifi; of Sleaford ; living in 
1631. 2nd wife. 

John Cawdron of Great Hale, e.Vor to=Anno, dau. of ... . Farrow ; 
father's will ; s.p. Will dated 10 Sept. mar. at Kirkby Underwood 
1631 ; proved 1031. 6 May 1009. 

William Cawdron of Heck-=p:\rary, dau. of = Edward Brock-= Henry Jen 


ington, mar. there 8 May i Thomas Tir- 
1570. Will dated Jan. , rington, yeo- 
1580-81 ; proved 10 April I man, of Gos- 

lesby, mar. 

kinson, mar. 
at Hecking- 

1581 ; makes his father 
George Cawdron ex'or. 1st 

berton ; ffit. 3 
yeai-s 20 Dec. 

Sept. 1581. 2nd ton 21 May 


1594. 3rd 

Bridget, bapt. at Helen, bapt. at Heckington Elizabeth, bapt. at Heckiug- 

Hcckingtou 5Nov. 5 Julv 1579; mar. lie. to ton G June 1578; mar. lie. 

1572; bur. 13 Sept. marry Samuel Reinger of the to marry Edward Folking- 

1574. Close of Lincoln 22 Oct. ham, yeoman, of Dunsby 3 

IGOO. Sept. lOOO. 

Aiim'on of Henry Cawdron of Heckington given to his Ijrotlier George Cau-dron, Es'j. 

LiNcoi-Nsiinn: i'edigukk.s. 



EdwardCaw- Anne, diiu. of Ivhvard Kins=r RolH'Vt^^Miiry, daii. of William Wi 

dron, bapt. at of A^hliy - df - la - Lauiidc ; 
lIoL-kiniTtoii I'apt. at' ]>cytoiisi..'ne, co. 
2Aiig. ioTt'.: Iv^-^i'X. .s <'ct. lOS",; mar. 
bur/there i' lie. :.';-. Jiilv KJOl : buv. at 
Jan. 157S-9. Great Hale is .Inly IG.'.'.. 
1st wife. 

Cawdioii liams, Rector of Aswarby ; 

of Great widow of Jubu Austin of 

Hale. ■ Walpolc, co. Xuifolk. Will 

dated i?0Oet.] 050; proved 

' 10 Feb. 1CG7-8. -Jnd wife. 

— \ I Ml 

llichard Cawdron,=:Mildred, dau. of William i;ridget,=Thoraas Anne, 

called a mercer in I.ambeit, of Sleafoid ; mar. lie. Cheney — 

his will. Willdated widow of .... Gamon ; 4 Ang. of Great Katha- 

21 June ir.71 ; mar. at Sleaford IS May lf.25, Hal', rine. 

probate torn oH'. icr.L' ; ex'trix in 1071. a,'t. -'1. ajt. 22 — 

iulG25. Eleanor. 

i ~ I I I I 

Katharine,=Robcrt Caw-=Susanna, dau.=Elizaberh, dau. John Cawdron. 
dau. of Ed- dron of Great of . . . . Fal- of ... . San- — 
ward Ned- IIalc,dicd30 conbridgc ; some; widow of Anthony Caw- 
ham of Dec. 1G05, widowofRich- John AYoods of dron. 
listen, CO. a3t. r.G. Will ard Gamble. Sleaford. Will — 
Leicester. dated 11 Jan. 2nd wife. dated 17 Feb. Francis Cawdron. 
iBtwife. 1GG:V4 ; 1609-70; proved — 

proved 2G 17 Oct. 1G70. George Cawdron. 

July IGGC. 3rd wife. 

Augustine or Austin Cawdron of Great Hale, a logatce=f Anne, dau. of John Nedhara 
of his mother 1059. Will dated IS March 1085-6 ; 1 of Ilston, co. Leicester. 
proved IGSC. 

William Cawdron of=f=Marv. dan. of . . . . Beaven ; Anne, mar. at Helpnng- 
Heli.ringliaui,died 29 mar.' at Great Hale 28 Jan. ham, 15 Xov. 1G92, W il- 
Ang. 1720, XL 54. 1GS8-9. 

liam Wish 

Austin Cawdron, bapt. Elizabeth, mar., at Spauby, Anne, bai)t. 24 JLareh 

7 ^lay 1G90. John Craven of Swaton. 1700-1. 

William Cawdron, bapt. Marv, bapt. 12 May 1692 ; Jane, bapt. 20 May 

20 Aug., bur. 7 Sept. bur. 14 March 1719-20. 1703 ; bur. same day. 

Austin Cawdron of Slea-=:Margaret, dau. Edward Caw-=^France>, dan. of John 
; remar., dron, bur. at I Brown of Laughton ; 
"" ■ ' mar. at Folkingham 
21 Aug. 1090. 

ford, Inir. thrrc 3 Oct. of 

1709, s.p. Will datfd 8 Oct. 1710, Great Hale 

28 Sept., proved 2 Nov. Lot Mael. May 1095. 


Edward Cawdron, bajit. at Franw'S, bapt. at Great Anne, bapt. 9 Dec. 1092 ; 
liale 13 Aug. 1G91. bur. at Great Hale 10 Sept. 


Great Hale 24 Sept. 109 



Rr.hcrt C;i\vu:vii of Great Ihile, bnr.==.I:uio, diu. of Sir Chados Dymoke, Kiit., of 
there 20 Jii'.v 1715. Will dated Scrivelsliv: died 2l' iIav,a-t."G7, bur. 2i May 
10 Dec. 1714 • proved 19 Nov. 1715. 17o:) at Great Hale. "Will dated 20 S<-pt. 
oO ; proved 7 A[>ril 1731. 

I I I 

Eobt-rt Cawdron of G reat= Sarah, dan. of .-^ir Ed .vard 1 Jymoke Caw- Austin 
Hale,died lS0ct.,a2t. 4:1, Hiissej-, Bart., of Wei- droii, bapt. at Cawdron, 
bur. 20 Out. 1728 at bourn; mar. 10 Sept. Great Hale G bapt. at 
Great Hale; s.p. Will 1717; remar. Weston Jan. u;y9-90 ; Great 
dated G July 1728; Smith, Esq. ; died legatee of his Halo 15 
proved 1 Jan. 1731-2. 17 I^Iay 17G7, ait. 80; brother Kobert Sept. 
bur. at Great Hale. 1728. =r 1G'J2. 

Dymoke Cawdron, on whom his uncle Robert entailed the estates in 1728. 

Edward Cawdron, Charles Cawdron, bapt. William Cawdron, bur. G Sept. 

bapt. at Great 10 Xov. 1695 ; bur. 1707. 

Halel8Aug.lC94; 9 Jan. 1C96-7. — 

legatee of his bro- — Lewis Cawdron, bur. at Great 

ther Robert 1728. Charles Cawdron, bapt. Hale 1 Oct. 1727. 

=^ 21 June, bur. 11 Aug. — 

1698. George Cawdron, bapt. at Great 
Hale 11 July 1702. 

Robert Cawdron, named in the entail of : 

Jane, bapt. at Great Hale 15 Nov. Eleanor, bajit. at Great Aime, bajtt. at Great 
1688 ; mar. at Fleet, 7 Aug. 1710, Hale 24 Feb. 1690-91 ; Hale 16 Feb. 1703-4; 
Edward Brown of Lincoln, and mar. John Peart ; died mar. William Lomax 
had a sou Leonard Brown. 29 June 1733. of Sleafurd ; died 7 

June 1733. 

Cftapltn of CatijbtlL 

'>!(, on a rhicf indented vert three griffins' 
iffin's head erased or, gorged with a tnuri 

William Chaplin of Seymere, co. Suffolk 

Awsiii.— Ermine, on a rhicf indented vert three griffins' heads erafcd i 
CuEST, — A grijfin's head erased or, gorged with a mural crown vert. 


Robert Chaplin of Bury, Sufrolk=pElii;abeth, dau. of Francis Asty of Bury. 

Sir Francis ClKipIin,Knt.,— Anne, dan. of Roliert Cliapliu = Anne, dau. of Sir Tho- 
Lord Mayor of London, Haniel Hutt of St.Swithin's, masTomkins,Knt., of 
died in Berey Street 27 or Huitt of London, mer- ^Monington, co. Here- 
June IG.sO : bur. in St. I Esse.\; of St. chant. living ford ; widow of R<jger 
Catherine Cree Church Andrew's, Hoi- 1683. Vaughan of Moccas, 
3 July 1680. A I born, 1G89. co. Hereford. 

LiNcoj.xsiiini; rEDicmcEs. 


living in 


Sir RolKTt Chaiiliii, created a^. . . . 
Baronet ]ilSc-i)t. 171 r>; iLP. i dan. of 
fur Grimsliy ; cviK'Hed the ! . . . . 
House of Coinniuus I'S .Ian. ■ Ilar- 
17:-'0---'l ; died 1 duly 17-'S. ' rin<,'tou. 

Annc=. . . . son of Sir James P.atemai 





1 Apr 

at St. 

1 u;s<) 



pin a 11 






■d Mayor of London. 

Frances, dan. of Thomas Archer of=.Toiin Cliaplin, sim, of=pEIizabeth, dan. 
Uuiberslade, CO. Warwick ; widow of Tathweil, Sheriff of co. 1 and heiress of Sir 
Sir Francis Koiise. Bart., of IN.nve l.incohi ICJO ; died 11 ■ John Handn' of 

Lench, co. Worcester ; mar. a 
Hallows, Staining, 3 Feb. IG'Jl- 

All Xov. 17U,a3t. yC; bur. at 
Tathweil 18 Nov. 

Porter Chaplin of Tath-^Anne, dan. and coheir of Pucliard 
well, hur. 27 July 1719. I Slierwin of London ; bnr. at 
Harmston 8 Aug. ll'J^. 

Thomas Chaplin. 
(See Burke's 
"Ijanded Gentry.") 

Sir John Chaplin, Bart., died 23 ]\Iay=f=. . . . dau. of William Jlorris ; mar. 2n 
1730, a3t. 19; bur. at Tathweil G June March 1730 (she was of Feruham, near 
1730. FarringdoD, co. Berks). 

. . . ., heiress, born 4. Jan. 1731-2 ; mar. 3 iFarcli 17J0-51 = .\.rthur Gregory. 

Frances, bapt. at=Charles Fitzwil- toward Ay.s-= ['Elizabeth, = John Sidwcll, 
Alford 4 0ct.l712; Ham, bapt. at cough of ' bur. at Rector of Wei- 

mar, at Tathweil Loath 15 Feb. Louth. 1st Welton ton; niar.4 Jnnc 

23 March 173U-31. 1695-6. husband. So April 1740. 2nd hus- 

1780. baijd. 

Cfjapman of i.outi). 

[JLS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

John Chapman of Thoriie=rKlizabeth, dau. of Sir Peter Uildyard of 
Hall in South Elkiiigtun. I Fulstow, Knt. ; bur. at Louth 1532. 

John Chapman of Thorpe Hall. 

Robert Chapman of=pElizabeth, dau. Martin Chapman, 2nd son. Anne, mar. 

Lonth, son and heir, 
Kt. 22, 3 Nov. 7 F-liz. 

of Recke ; — Arthur 

mar. at Lonth Laurance Chapman, 3rd son. Chapiuan 
20 Oct. 1507. — of Scam- 
John Chapman, 4th son. blesby. 




John C'liap- 

Francis Cliapumn, 

iiian, Wt 

•2ihl soil, bajit. 19 

BOM, I'upl. 


at Jjiiuth 'J 

at Lonth 11 Sept. 

Dec. 1508. 


I I 

AViUiam Cliap- Hubert Chap- 
man, ;5rtl son, man, 4th son, 
hapt. L'.s Oct. bajit. 3, bur. 
ir)7:. ; linr. at -2:, Pel,. 
Lontli L'n 157G-7 at 
Jlarch l.:.7:.-(3. Louth. 

AVi'iHara | 

Chapman, i 

bap^at I 

Mayi:,78. I 

Thomas Chapman=f=Jaiie, dan. and H 
of Louth, taiiiiei', | lieir of Rich 
Gth son, bapt. at 
Louth 8 April 

■d Ciiai 

1681 ; Hviiig 13 
May 1C15. 

rd Bhuichard bapt. at Louth 
of Lonth 7 L'.j April 158G. 

Nov. 1 G07 ; liv- 
inc^ 24 I)i3C. 


I I 


japt. at busaniia, 

Louth 24 Jan. bapt. at 

1570-71. Louth 

— 25 April 

Magdalen, ba[it. 1573. 
at Lonth 8 Jlarcli 

I I I 

John Chaimian, 1st son, bapt. at Aliraliam Chapman, son, Elizabetli, bajjt. at 
Louth 24 June 1C08. living 24 Dec. IGl'J. Louth 27 Sept. IGOU. 

John Chapman of Scamblesbyr 


Arthur Chapman of Sc: 
bur. at Boston 21 April 

dau. of ... . Gray. 

lilesby.-^-Anne, dan. of John Chapman 
300. 1 of Thorpe Jlall. 

John Chap-= 
man of 
by, 1st son. 

^Catherine, da 
of Francis V 
lez de G 
of Rteuigot ; 
living about 







Thomas Cha]i-=f=Elizabeth, dau. and co- 
man of Edliug- heir of Liggory 
ton (?Elking- ' Nicholls, IhU., of Pen- 
ton) 1C34, 3rd, Ma.s- 
son. ter of Magdalen Col- 

lege, Cambridge. 


Arthur Chap-- 
man, Ist son, 
1634; living 

.Vnne, dan. of William 
Weselhead of Grimsby ; 
bapt. at Great Grimsby 
7 Nov. 1613 ; mar. at 
Louth 23 Nov. 1630 ; 
living 1654. 

Frances, only duu., 1 

John Elizabeth, mar. at El- 


Chap- kington, 19 Mayl630, 

bapt. at 

man, ThomasCiarkeof Wel- 


2nd ton. Hector there ; 


son. bur. at Louth 28 Aug. 

4 Sept. 



halfa year old 1636. 



Cljapman of gd.ccjncss. 

Alois. — Pir citrrroii iir(ient aih! iinh a, a crc.ven/ tnlirei/i tiro hi'ihtrih' fares in ji.tlc 


-]'rr chrvroii i. 
<ou)iti ri-}iini(iiil. 
QnY.>T.— Ajhi.r;!r-l,s or ln/nr,,i //ro olive iTanchrs nrf (y;raiilr,l C, M 

John Cliiipniau of Onash}-=pKatht'i-ine, diiu. of Kobert Portington. 
MaiT,dau.ofrapM:ich-=f-AV1lliiim Cliaianaiin-Eli/ahetli. dan. of Rev. "William II 

aril IJolkP of Thcddk- 
tlioipe; bur. at Ski'.iriic.-s 
19 Aug. KITi?. 1st wife. 

.f Skei,Miess, bur. scy, CUik, of Asliby-by-linrncasilc 
brre i:'. April and llareljy ; bin-, ai Skegnes.s 2i 
ITUS. July l('/,)4. " -Jnd wife. 

Hiissey Chapman of Skeg-^ Anne, dan. of Thomas Chapman, 

iicss, bajit. there '27 Ang. 
107 5; died 13 Jnly 1748. 
AVill dated 10 Jnly 1748 
(then of AVintlior]ie) ; 
proved IG Jan. 1748-9. 

I I 

Sarah, bajit. 
6 May 1GS3. 

John Thory of bapt. 11 Nov. 1G7 
Skcndleby ; died bnr.7MarchlG78-9. 
6 Get. 17."i5, a3t. — Susanna, 

GO. Thomas Chapman, bapt. 2 Dec. 

bapt.2GFeb.lGS7-8. 1685. 

of Croft. 

MM Ml M 

ThoryChap- John Chapman, llnssey Chnji- ISridget.mar. 

nian,ba]it. 4 bapt. 1 March man, bapt. 14 . . . . Jbiun- 

Aug-., bur. 8 1713-1-2; bur. Oct. 1715. tain. 

Aug. 1710. Sept. 1713. — — 

— — JohuCbapman. Mary, mar. 

ThoryChap- TVilliam Chap- — North. 

man, man,bur.8Dec. Williaiu Chap- 

Skegness 6 1714, an infant, man. 
June 1711 ; | 

mar St. Jolm AVells, bapt. at Croft 19 Oct. 1744 ; 

legatee in gi-andfather's will 1748.* 

William Chapman=pMargaret, Joseph Chapman of=f=Anne, dan. of Richard 
of Burgh, mercer, i dan. of John Northolme, a't. 44 in I Read of Chatteris, co. 

Willdated 2 ilarch 
1700-1 : proved 
28 Aug. 1701. 

Rowell of 




William CUiapman, fJizabeth. Anne, 
fflt. 4 in 1704. 

William, John Chap-=pNaomi, Robert Cbapman. 

Ml II 

Elizabeth. Mary,liv- 






dan. of 

William C^hapman. Deljorah 
Samnel Chapman. JIary. 

I )eborah, 



Naomi,bapt.atSkegne.ssJulyl7I5. Dead in 1701. 

• St. Joliii Wells of Alfcrd was High .Sheriff of co. Lincoln 1738. 




Kicbaid Cliap-=fKatliciiiio, 

Jolm Chapn:aii,ba{it.r-^=Marv, dan. 

'^InvY, bapt. at, 

man, citizen 

dan. of 

at SkesuLSs 17 Julv . of John 

.Skegness 29 

and apotheuarj 


ICCG ; of Gosport in 

Leigh of 

Juue 1GG7 ; 

of London, Kt. 

lum-, of 

CO. SoutlianiiitoQ, snr- 


mar. Thomas 

41 in 1704. 


iievn : Imr. there 170.:p, 

Court, Lsle 


CO. Beiks. 

IV t. oO. 

of Wight. 

dlcthoriie, CO. 

I I I 

Petluy Chap- Kicliard Chapman, 
man, a?t. 12 horn 1703. 
in 1704. — 


I I I 

William Chap- Leigh Chapman, Anne 

raan, Kt. 5 in a:!t. 10 months in a:t. 2 

1704. 1704. 1704. 

[MS. D. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Anns. — Gules, Oace eagles disjilai/cd or, ducalhj eroicned and armed argent. 
Ceest. — An eagle's head erased or, diicallg crowned argent. 

Anthony Che;tles, pnrchased lands in^f^Elizabeth, dan. 
Hagworthingiiam 1590. of . . . . 


.'. . .=pThomasCheales=Isal)el Whiting, GenrgeCheales. Margaret, 


of Hagworth- widow, mar. at 

ingham, bur. Boston 17Jnlj Susan, bapt. at 

Sept. 1G52; xt. 1G19, then ajt. Hagworthing- tbiugham 

49 in 1G19. 54. 2nd mfe. ham 20 Jnne 22 Jan. 

1573; mar. Wil- 1575-6. 



Jane, bapt. 
bapt. at at Hagwor- 
ITaaiwor- thinshara 

24 Aug. 
1578. ' 

Rose, bapt. at Hag- Ann, Ijapt. 

worthingbani 27 atHagwor- 

May 1599; ni:ir., 30 thingham 

Aprill 635, Andrew 11 March 

"Wiiigod. 1601-2. 

I I 

Susan, bapL. Dorothy, 
at Hagwor- bapt. at 
thingham 8 Hagworth- 
Oct. 1G07. ingham 3 
Oct. 1G13. 

Frances, bapt. at 
5 April 1G16; mar. 
there, 7 JunelG35, 
Edward King of 

Thomas Cheales, bapt. at=f=ilary, dan. of Sir Koger llalton, Knt., John Cheales, 

HagworthinghamlG Feb. \ of Great Carlton; bapt. at Louth 14 bapt. at Hag- 

lefo-ll ; bur. IG July ! Jan. lGOG-7; bnr. at Hagworthing- worthingham 

IGGC. I ham 21 Feb. 1G83-4. 9 Oct. 1617. 

Eliza-=Johii Frances, bur. Mary, niar.=EdwardXew- Alice, mar.=Xieho- 
betli. Pal- at Uagwor- at Hagwor- comeuofSalt- at Hagwor- las 
frev- thingham 11 thingham 31 fleetby, dead thingham San- 
man. Jan. 1G.S8-9. Dec. 1CG8. in 1G81. 15 Jan. som. 





William Cheales,=Elizribetli. 

.lau. of Tl.nn.a 

^' Richard Chealof,^ 

xt. i'-t in IGGl ; Ware 

• mar. at riiealtf 

, Svd son, bur. at 

bnr. nt Jlagwor- llagwonh 

inrliam ^lids'iii 

. lla-u-orthiii-- 

thingliain li> 2 ]\Iarcli 

r.Sl-L> ; 

iiam lo Su^iit. 

Dec. ] 700. bur. tlieif 

21. Ffb. 



Elizabeth, daii. 

of ; bur. 

at llngwortli- 
ini^ham 15 
Nov. 17:?5. 






liam 1) Jan. 


bnr. at lla-w. 
tliingham 2.0 
Sent'; 1719. 


1 of ; bnr. 

I at llagworth- 

1 ingliam 25 

Aug. 1737. 

Eleanor, bapt. at Horn- 
castle G June Ji;71 ; 
mar. at Yarborongh, 
25 July 16;)8, John 
Saudcs of Ilagworth- 

bur. at 
17 July 

Elizabeth, = 


n.-Lcca (or Arabella), bnr. at 



mar. Ect- 


llagworthingbam 17 July 1721. 


of ISuttur- 

May 1715. 


Jauc, bapt. at llagworthing- 
ham 9 Jan. 1723-1. 

William Chcale;;, Rector of= 
Thorpc-by-Xeuark, bapt. 
at HagworLliingliam 27 
July 1712 ; of Magdalen 
College, Cambridge. 

".Vnn.dau. of Fran- 
cis Xoble, Alder- 
man of Newark ; 
mar. 1749. 

Richard Chealus, 
Viur. at Uagwor- 
thinuham G ^lar. 

Peter Pack- 
harness of 

Thomas Cheales, 
bapt. C Jan., bnr. 
ham 3 March 


William Cheales of St. 
John's College, Cam- 
bridge ; Yicar of Jlark- 
hani, CO. Notts ; born 
1753; s.p. 

= Elizabeth, dau. and heiress 
of Thomas Roys of Wain- 
fieet All Saints ; wid.iw of 
George Wright of AVain- 

Thomas Cheales, matricu- 
lated at Worcester College, 
Oxford, 15 Dec. 1773, a3t. 
18; of Christ Church, R. A. 
1777, M.A. 1780 ; died 

Benjamin Cheales, Soli-=f-OiIary, dau. and colieir of 
citor,ofSleaford; Clerk William Spuir of Crcat 
of the Peace ; borji Hale; mar. 1 Jan. 1788-9. 
1758. I 

: Vide Burke's " Land(.-d Gentry," 1898. 


Rt;bccca = R. S. Nevin 


son of G ran 






LiNCOLysnniE pki>igki;i:s. 

CI)C1U^» of ISostoiK 

Arms. — Qi/minii/ ari/mf ami <jiiles, a lend lozemjij sahlf. 

SirJohu Clioiipv. Kii(.,=pKatIinim', dmi. ;m.] colieir ..f Sir Laurence 
of Fell DittOli.Jo. Cam- I Tal. iiliani. Knt., l.y Kii/.alM tli. dan. and 
bridge. of Sir John Hugain.., Knt. 

Lawrenec Cliciiey of Feu Ditlon=f-Eb'zal.icth, dan. of John Cockayne of Hatley. 

Sir Jolin Clieney, Knf.,=pE!izal.etli, d:ni. and coheir iMary=.John Ahn-ton of 

of Feu Jiitlon. I of Sir Thomas ILeuipston, Horslieath, co. 

Knt. Ciunbrid''e. 

Sir Thomas Chenev, William Cheney of Thorngnmbald^p.Vnue, dan. and coheir 

Knt., died 14 Jan. in Holderncss, co. York, /.;/., died 
1513-14. 1 Edward YI. 

of .lohn Holme of Paul 
Ilolmc, CO. York. 

William Cheney,=pFrances, natural dan. of Sir Tlionias Cheney, K.G., Lord War- 
den of the Cinque Ports ; Ijur. at Boston. Will dated 20 Nov, 
1C04 ; proved 4 Aug. IGus. 

cll^r.'-- bnr. at Postr 
' " 43 Eliz. 




Jane. Will dated = 

= William Field 



to her mo- 


17 Jan. 1(13:,-C; 

of Wyliert(m, 



ther'.': will in 

John Killing- 

proved 14 .Ian. 

s.p. Will 

leill of 

1G08 ; dead 

worth of 


dated 1C23; 


in 1635. 


proved 1624. 


Christopher Cheney, bnr. at Grantham.=j=Katlierine, dan. ofThomas 
Will dated 11 Jan. 1615-10; proved Cave of lielgrave, co. 
28 Dec. 1620. Leicester. 


Thomas Cheney 

ex'or^Bridget, dan. of Pio- 

William Cheney of=p. . . . 



bert Cawdron of 


dau. of 

bur. at Great 


Great Hale ; died 

1626 ; under age 

Will dated 18 


1670 ; bur. at St. 

in 1615; bur. at 

1632-3; proved 5 June 

John's, Beverley, co. 

Mareham 9 Sept. 




tic, bapt. 

Anne. Eliza- 


1 1 

Christopher Wil 

1 1 

iaiuChc- Anne. Ja 

= beth. 


Cheney, bapt. ney, 

bapt. at at Mare- 

John = 


at Mareham JIai 

eham 2 ham 20 

Dun- Captain 


11 Feb. Jan 

1630-31; Nov. 1628; 

calfe. John 


162G-7 ; bur. bur. 

26 Sept. hvmgl635. 


2 Oct. 1634. 1631. 




I B| 


eor''e Katiie-=.Tuliii Ilairi 

-iin Frances-- Henry Yarboroii<:jh of 

Smith riiie. of Eust Kl 

d ; 

larborongh, ex or to 

ofNet-'.24 May 

will of Jane Field 

tleton. 1628. 



, dan.=pJohri Clieney of Benii 


, widow of ... . Skinner of 

of ... . 


by-Boston, mar. lie. I'S 

Xov. Frieston ; fet. 46 in 1G14 ; reniar. 



Kill, then xt. 4G ; bur. IG Rich 

ard Kelsev of Fi.shtott (mar. 

and Nov 


March lGL'3-4. 

lie. 10 Aug. 1G27). 2nd wife. 

1st wife. 




Joliu Chciiey of \Vy-=p.\nnc, 


Thomas Cheney,=Mary, 


bertou, bapt. at Beii- 
iiii^tonSOJuiie ItJOO. 



bapt. at Bening- dan. of 

bapt. at 


bapt. at 

ton25JulylC07; ; 


Will dated 9 JIarch 


Kector of Kirton ex'trix. 

ton 5 

1G5G-7 ; proved 11 

20 July 

in Holland ; s.p. 


May 1057. Adm'oii 

1G06; bur. 

Will dated 19 


rjiveii to Thomas 

3 Dec. 

March 1G72-3 ; 

Cheney iu minority 


proved 11 April 

of Henry. 

1C73 byex'trix. 

Henry Cheney, under age in 1G57 ; supervisor to Hannali 
Cheney's will 1G70 ; named supervisor to Thomas Cheney 
of Boston's will 1G90. 

Jane. Winifred. 

John Cheney of Conings-: 
by, bapt. at Benington 
9 Nov. 1G09 ; named in 
tlie will of John Cheney 
of Wybertou 1G5G-7 as 
" my brothc-r Jolin Che- 
ney of Coningsby." 

Till I 

Richard Frances, Jane, Agnes, Elizabeth, 

Cheney, bapt. at bapt. at bapt. at bapt. at 

bapt. at Bening- Bening- Bening- Beuing- 

Bening- ton 20 ton 2.S tonlG tonSJunc 

ton 2'j Sept. Feb. Oct. lG14;bur. 

Sept. 159G. ICOU-l. ICUS. 22 Jan. 

ICll. ^~ ^ 162G-7. 

All livinfrin 1G73. 

Thomas Cheney of I'.os-^Hannah, dau. of ... . Calverley ; sister of Samuel Cal- 
ton, supervisor to John verley. Will dated 9 Feb. 1GG9-70 ; proved 23 April 
Cheney's will 1G57; dead 1(;7». Adni'on given to Samuel Calverley, guardian of 
in 1G70. William Cheney. 


Thomas Cheney, 1st son,=pAniie, dau. of 


ney, 2nd=j 

:=Mary, daii.of.... 

of Boston, apothecary, ' . . . . Butler ; 

son, under 

aij;e iu 

Butler ; mar. at lOilarch ' I'...sti.ii 

1(;70 ; bur. 

at Bos- 21 Jan. 

1689-90. Will dated G i 25 March 

ton 14 JuiR 


1078-9; bur. there 

March 1G89-90; proved 1G75-G ; bur. 

17 July 1720. 

8 May 1G90. Adin'on there 14 Aug. 

to relict Anne. c 1720. 





Thomas Cheney, bapt. Thoiiiiis Cheney, bai^t.. at Bos-=pMary Will dated 

at Boston S Oct. 107(;; ton IS Dec. ieS5. Adnj'on ! 4 Jan. 1718-10 ; 
bur. 9 Nov. 11 July 1710 to his brother j proved 11 JIayl719. 

dolin Chencv, mercer. 

Thomas Cheney, died 11 
March 1788-0, xl. 75. 

John Cheney, under 21 ir 

Anne, under 21 
in ICIS. 

John Cheney of Boston,=pAnn 
mercer. Mayor of Boston I . . . . 
1725 ; bur. 3 March 
1728-9. Will dated 21 
Dec. 1728 ; proved 2 
Mav 1729. 

bapt. at 
15 June 

I I 

Ann, bapt. at Bos- 
ton 13 Oct. 1C7S. 

Frances, bapt. at 
Boston 7 Oct. 

John Cheney. William Cheney. Elizabeth 

I I 

Cliarles Cheney of Boston, =rSarah, dau. of ... . Smith of Thomas Cheney, 

Biiddler, mar. at Burton- Sc. Paul's-in-the-Bail, Lincoln. bur. at Boston 

by-Lincoln 1 Jan. 1703-4; Adm'on given to her of her hus- 16 Oct. 1718. 
dead in 1710. i band's \vill 20 Nov. 1710. 

Charles Cheney, living I't 
Adm'on 174G. 


Charles Cheney, bur. at William Mary. Sarah. 
Boston 1 June 1705. Cheney. 

as good as any in Line. 
:ij it from reffisters and 

Uls.-A. K. M.] 

Cljtltic of H^armston. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Robert Childe of Boston, merchant, bur. Alice, mar John Childe- 

at Bostou 18 Feb. Ifi09-10, s.p. Will — of Woking, 

dated 10 Feb., proved l.^> ^L'lr. 1009-10 mar Gough. co. Surrey. 

John Ch 

near Guildford, co. Surrey.=r 




John Cliildo of HarmstMii, ( 
also ns of P.uston and F.nothbi 

iln, dfScriI'0..1ti:;ElL'anor, dan. of . John Tlioii 
tcdthcesinlvs .<r 

of Robert Childe in Boston, etc., Feb. ICO'.i- 
thcn under n'j,c. 

of Hi.uthbv ; nnir. at Cole 
by April ir.sS. 

I I I 

John Childe, Jst sod, bapt. al St. Thomas Francis Childe, 1 

Margaret's, l,incoln, 22 Dec. Childe, at llarmston 17 - 

1C29 ; .xt. 4, Ui;U. 2ndsoa. 1G38. 

Alice, 1st dan., 
tet. 2, IGol. 

Cljtppcntialc of llfctsljin^ton. 

AUMS. — Azure, scmee of jJenrs-dc-lis or, tico lions' gamhs creel and eraxcd iHileirnijfi 

Crest. — ^-1 lio/i's (jainh ereet urgent, erased giih's, qreispiny a Jhur-de-lis or (granted 
16 May 1594). 
[The early part of this pedigree is printed in IJarl. Soc., Vol. II., p. 157.] 

John Chippendale of=f=Mary, dan. and heir of William Garratc 
Blaekenhall, co. Staf- ; of Heighington in parish of Washing- 
ford, 1619 ; bur. at [ borough ; bapt. at St. Margaret's, Lin- 
Wasiiingborough, co. I coin, 30 Dec. 15S0; mar. at Washing- 
Lincoln, 30 April 1C40. I borough 8 Oct. 16U9. 

William Chip-^Felis, dau, 

pendale, set. 9, 
1619; of Gray's 
Inn 7 ^lav 
1629 ; bur. 
at Washing- 
borongh 31 
Dec. 1G70. 

bur. at 
14 Feb. 

"11 Ml II 

.lohn Chippen- Francis Chippen- Fiarbara, bapt. 

dale, 2nd suti. dale, bapt. at Bar- at Washing- 

— ton. CO. Stafl'ord. borouL'-hS Mav 

ChristopherChij.- 11 Feb. 1626-7. 1624 
pendale, bapt. at — 

AVashingborough Elizabeth. J 

4 Jan. "^1620 21 ; — 

hur.20 May 1621. Catherine. 

, lapt. ; 
W ashiug- 
borough 21 
Dec. 1627. 


as Chippendale, bapt. at Washing- Judith, bur. at Washin 
gh 1 June 1645. borough 16 June 1642. 

Kalph Chippen- Thomas Chipiiendale of Uogstliorpe,yeoman. Will— Mary, dau. of 

dale, legatee in dated 30 June 1608; proved (Lincoln) 7 June . . . .; ex'trix 

1608. 1609 ; mentions his brother -Mr. Edmund Shut- 1609. 

tlewortii of Lincoln. 

I I 11.11 

John Chip^ien- Thomas Chip|ifcudale, Judith. Aune. Mary. Helen, 
dale. ex'or 160'J. 

John Chipi.endale, Clerk, of Ingoldmells. Will dat<>d 29 Sei>t., provwi (Lincoln) 
30 Oct. 1617. 



Cljnotopljn- of ^Iforti. 

[Muniiucnls D. and C, Lincoln. Le Kevo's " Kuights."] 

Stephen Christuplier. lL-sr;ee of^M:ii-gery, dau. of ; 

a house in Lincoln 1 iSU. liviucr IGOo. 

Peter Christopher, yeoman, of Tliorestliorpe in Salcby, lessee of- 
a house in Lincoln IGiJ,") ; died IGOS. 

Sir IJobert Christopher, Knt., of Alford, born ICOG ; 
kuiditcd 7 Jan. lGGl-2 ; died 1GG8. 

Elizabeth, heiress=pBcnnett, Lord Sherard. 

Cljrtstopjjtr of IL^cduncjtoiu 

[MS. D. -23, Heralds' College.] 

George Christoi)her of Po\vick,=pKatherine, dan. of William Cooper 
CO. Worcester, bur. at Flecking- I of Stanton Lacy, co. Salop ; bur. at 
ton 20 Aug. 1590. Heckington IS Aug. IGIO. 

Agnes, mar., 28 Nov. luSG, Myles .... 

Alice, mar., Nov. li>S8, John Co.xe. 

Joyce, mar., 10 Dec. l."i9S, Thomas Wilkinson (?). 

William=pilargaret, dau. of 

pher of 

Stephen Rogers 
of Biddeudcii, co. 

Alice Wors-=j=George Chris- 

ley, mar. at 

St. Mary-le- 
Lincoln, 17 
Nov. 1G3G. 
Ist wife. 

toplier, jet. 60 
in IGGG. Will 
dated 21 July 
IGGS; proved 
2',) April 1GG9. 


=Snsan, dau. of John = 
Humphrey (or Chris- 
John) Haeket; tophei-, 
widow of 
Wilson of 
Manthorpe ; 
living 1G68. 
2nd wife. 

of Har- 

:Jane, dan. 
of Bar- 
Jlahew of 
Harlaxtoii ; 
widow of 
mar. at 
Boston 10 Harhi.\tou. 
June 1G07. 

I I 


Lucy, mar. at 
11 Aug.lGSC, 
John Lord of 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Heck- 
ington 27 Nov. lG-12 ; 
mar., 1GG3, Fiobert Stone 

I I 

Maigaret, bapt. at Hecking- Alice, bapt. at Heck- 

tou 17 July 1643; mar. Charles ingtou 10 July 1G47 ; 

Cracroft of Sleafr^rd ; bur. at mar. John .... of 

Sleaford June 1GG7. Bicker. 



I A 

Gcorc^c, d;ui. 

Mattliins Christ(>iiher, ?n<l 

= ^rarv. 

.loliii riiris- 

to])her iif 


son, b.ipt. at Htt-kinirtou 

dail. of».T, 


gnii ; innr. at 

7 April IWl. Will (lat-Ml 

at Jkckiim- 

a?t. L'7, IGtiC. 

Sleaford Sept. 

:M Jail. ITd;-!--! ; pivvtd 


t(.n Feb 


15 I\Iav 1704. 



John Christoplier, lapt.=f^3ravy, dan. cf . . 
at Heckingtou o May Mmr. at lU-ckiiigt 
1C69. I '2-2 April 17:! 1. 

George Christoplier, ^Anne, dau. lleckiiifftou I of ... . 
2-2 AuL'. 1(J73. " 

I I 

John CbrislophcrT--:\Iary, Elizabeth, bapt. 

of Ucfkiiigton, . dau. of at lleckiugton 

born 1713 ; died ; . . . . 25 Mar. 170C-7. 
27 Aug. 1703. i 

I I 

Charles Cliristo- Aiinc, bapt. at 

pher, bapt. at lleckiugton 

Heckingtou 24 IG June 1090. 
Jan. 1C07-8. 

William Christopher, Kclham Christopher, Kobcri Christo- :\hiry. bapt. at 

bur. at Heekington27 bapt. at Heckingtou pher, bai>t. at Heekiiigtoii 21 

Aug. 174ti, infant. 27 April 1749. Heckiui^ton 31 Feb. 1744-5. 

Oct. 1752. 


Thomas Christopher, bapt. George Christopher, bapt. f^lizateth, bapt;. at Heck- 

atUcckington2uMay 1675. at Heckingtou 18 Sept. ington 31 July IGGG. 

— 1G82. — 

Charles Christopher, bapt. — ilary, bapt. at Hecking- 

at Heckingtou IS Julv 1G77. Alice, bapt. at Heckingtou ton 10 ilarcli 1070-71. 
14 July 1CG4. 

llobert Christopher of Heckiiigton,=pSafanna, dau. of. ... ; died 
died 22 Mav 1S09, fet. 00. I 10 Feb. 1S2G, ret. 70. 

A son. 

Clavlu of Cvcctoiu 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Ar^is.— Gules, a sal/ire enf/railnl hchceen three nags' heads couped, one in chief and 
tiro in /esse or. 

Joan, dau. of Tho-=pEichard Clarke of Lynn, co.=. . . . dan. of 
mas Boston of Nor- j Norfolk, Collector of the Matthew Par- 
wich ; died 8 r)ec. ' Port, Alderman and Mayor ; ker, Archbis- 
1587, ret. 47. 1st died 4 Feb. 1002-3, ret. 07 ; hop of Can- 
wife. bur. at St. Nicholas, Lyun. terbury. 2nd 

A wife. ' ■ 




Sarah, dau. of=r^rattliow Clarke of L_Tnii,=pTrip!i'-isa, dan. of . . . .=Goor(je Estey 
Kic'hard Leech M.A. of Christ's Collo,e;e, Fairclow of St. Ed- of Bury, co. 
of Lynn ; died Cambridge; Mayor of uiundsbiirr. Will dated Suffolk;. 1st 
16 June ]G(i4, Lyiiii It'.oS and uns ; no .Inlv l"(;.S7. then of hiishaud. 
ait. 40. 1st died 1 May ll'-i;-;, ;vt. 50. Witham-ou-the-IIill, 
wife. Will dated 2.3 .Vug. It;i8 ; co. Lincoln ; proved -JS 

jiroved 21 May 1023. ; Jan. 10;',S-0. 2nd\Yife. 

John Clarke, 3rd son,=p. . . . Jo^-eph Clarke, 4th s 
ex'or to his mother ' dau. of — 

1G3S-0 ; of Gray's ' . . . . Robert Clarke, oth s 
lun 4 March 1C27-8. | — 

^1 James Clarke, Cth son. 

Triphosa, bapt. at Castle Bytham 23 March 1C30, 

ving 1037. Elizalx'th, 

ving 1C37. lOIS and 

. I . I I 

Sarah, died 2S June Joan, mar. Tlioinas Snel-=Marijaret.=Ambri 


1599, ajt. 11 ; bur. Edmund 
at St. Nicholas, Barber of St. 
Lynn. Edraunds- 


ling of Lynn. 
IsL husband. 

of Ilornings- 
hcath, CO. Suf- 
folk. 2nd hus- 

Audry, dau. of William Lis-^Matthew Clarke of= 

ter of Ptippingale ; relict of 
Humphrey Hacket of Cree- 
ton ; mar. at Kirkby Under- 
wood 29 Dec. 1629; bur. 
at Bourne 21 Dec. 1G3G. 
l6t wife. 

Creeton, co. Lin- 
coln, 1st son 1G34; 
bur. at Bourne 26 
Aj^ril 1C4G ; heir 
of his mother. 

^ flidiard Clarke,—. 

dan. of 2udson in IGIS; 

. . . . bur. at St. Ni- 

2 ad cholas, Lynn, 


Elizabeth, ret. 2, 1G31 
living 1G70, unmar. 

Thomas Clarke, bapt. at Bourne 
Jan. 1C43-4. 

Richard Clarke of Lynn, merchant, died 1 Aug. 1GS3, xt. 2.5 ; 
bur. at St. Nicholas, Lvun. 

Claihc of iltatJcnljauu 

[Harl. MSS. 143G, 1550.] 

Aem.s. — fJridine, on a/cssc yules three bezants, a canton of l/ie second, thereon a buck's 

fiead caboshed argent, attired or. 

William Clarke of Leadenham.=p 

William CIarkc=pJoan, dan. of Robert Oliver Margaret, mar. John Sturdivant of 
of LcadeuLam. of Leadcnham. Norwell, Notts. 




i III 

^^ illinin ClarkL-==^rarn:ory, dan. of Joaiie. Elizabeth, mar. Gcoree Hrottoii 

of Lcadeiiham. I ^Mlliam Thoinp- — of Lcadenliam. ^ 

Eoii of 'Welliiiirore. Lucv. 

Thomas Clarke, bur. at Nicholas Clarke. Elizabeth. France? dan., baiii 

LeadeuhainO.IuncK'io'J. — — — at liCadi'iiliai 

— Stephen Clarke. Joaiie. Mary. 3u :\rarch 1551 
Thoma.s Clarke. 

John Clarke=pAnnc, dau. of ... . Banke of Notts. 

Nicholas Clarke. Frances. 

Clarltc of (l^lclijourn, 

[llarl. MSS. 410, 756, 75S.] 

nn<;h Clarke of " 'WeUwrii in the=pMargaret, dau. of .... ; widow of 
parish of l^eddenham " {sic, in , Richard Witheruwicke ; surviving 
Visitation, but wrong); a Bencher 1 9 Mav -'0 Henry YJIL, 15£'8: died 
of Lincoln's Inn ; died 9 May 20 j 20 July 27 Henry VIII., 1535, 
Henry VIII., 1528 ; bur. at Wei- | then called in the inquisition "Mar- 
^ouTiie. garet Blyton." 

William Clarke of Welbourn, born IS Henij VIII., 152('; ; died^pElizabeth, dan. 
15 Jidy C Edward VI., 1552. Will dated 14 July 5 Edward VI. of 

AVilliam Clarke of Wei- Robert Clarke of Welbourn and arter-=i=Ma 

bourn, l.=t son and heir; wards of Grafton Underwood, co. North- 

ajt. 20 at his father's ampton ; heir of his brother William ; 

death ; died 20 July aat. 21, 19 Eliz., 1577 ; bur. at Leaden- 

3 and 4 Philip and ham 21 Nov. 1616. 
Mary, 1557. 

of Francis 
Lowes of Clif- 
ton Raynes, co. 

Lewis Clarke of Welbourn, sold the estate=f=Anne, dan. of Samuel Culverwell of 
at Welbonrne ; described of Long Leaden- I Cherry Burton, co. York ; bur. at 
ham 29 July 1612. Fiskerton 15 Dec. 1630. 

Launcelot Clarke, bapt. at St. Micliael's on the Mount, Lincoln, 23 Nov. 1620. 

VOL. I. K K 

250 LIXC01.Ns;ilIUE rEDlGKKES. 

RolKMt Clarke of Oran-=f^Katliriin-". .Ian. Tlionias-,-:SIar;;aret, dan. of EmaancI 

tliam, 5iul son ; Town j of .... I'.;niia- Clarko of Colc^; sister of Sir William 

Clerk of that boronuh :; liv of Lonaoii, Clai-luiin. I Cole, Knl. ; ^N-JJow of Wil- 

biir.nt (irantliaui 2 Nov. j nicreliant. co. Sunvv, , liani .Vshcmlcn of liOndon. 

1C>[)i. Snl son. j 

I I I 

Robert Clarke, bapt. 3 ifay liU.s ; Katlieriiie. Charles Clarke, only cliiM, 

bur. at Oiantliam 17 .Ian. aH. 14, 1C?.:1. 

Claj>mcinli of jframpton nnti SO[>licitoiu 

[Karl. :\rS. 75C. Inq. p.m. 3 and 4 Philip and Mary.] 

.... Clayniond of=^. . . . dan. of .... ; 
Wybcrton. bur. at Wybcrton. 

I T ~~ ' n 

Roger Claymond=pJane, dan. Phili]iClaynioiid,=Agnes,dan.of . . . . ; Hugh 

of WybertoM. 1 of .... ; 2nd son ; proved ' remar. Edward Clayniond, 

AYill dated 1 surviving his brother Hunnyngof Algar- living 1.^.41 . 

June, proved S 1541. Roger's will 8 kirk; livingawidow — 

July 1541. July 1 541. , 5 Oct. 155G. Aliee,1541. 

Philip Clayniond, under 18, 1541. Christopjher Claymond, under 18, 1541. 

Dorothy, dau. of John Oruisby of=f=Adlard Claymond of=pCassandra, dan. of .... ; 
"Withern. 1st wife. Frampton. living 1541. 2nd wife. 

Joan, Francis Clayniond,= . . . . AnthonyClaymond, 2nJ Adlard Johanna. 

£et. a3t. 5 in 1522; dau. son, living 1541; ilayor Clay- — 

IG, provedthcwillofhis of of Boston 15G5. mond, Mary. 

1522. cousin Roger Clay- .... — 4th son, — 

mond 8 July 1541. John Claymond, 3rd son, 1541. Elizabeth. 


John Claymond of=pAlice, dau. of 
Frampton. I . . . . 

John Claymond of Maf^dalen Collecre, Oxford, 1487 ; President of Jfagdalen College 
1506-7 ; President of Corpus ChrisVi College, Oxford, 1516-17 ; died 19 Nov. 1537 ; 
bur. in Corpus Christi College Chapel. 

Alice Clayniond of Kirtonin Holland, widow. "Will dated 12 Feb. 1532-3; proved 
28 May 1533. Mentions her daughters Dorothy and Anne. 



Claj^polc of (IMt^t iDccptnrf, 

Al'.-Ms. — Or, a dtcvion azure h.-'i'-an thric /nnis. 

James Claypole of Xort!il>orou:;;h, co.=p.To;iij, iiau. of . . 
Xorlliainplon, luid a grant of arin? IIlusou ; liiir. 
17 .liino K.S.'i ; bur. at' .\\>rtliboi-oui.'h ' Sonhhovou'^h 
10 Oct. K.nO., I Nov. i.yjs. 

Sir John Clayi>ok\ Knl. -, kiiiLrlited IS June lOOi ;==FrancfS, daii. of Jolni Os- 
Surveyor of the Koyal Suililts of Willmrtoii, oo. borui.' of Kchnarsh, co. 
Cambridge; s.p. Adiu\in 8 Aug. 1G15. Northampton. 

Dorothy, dau. of Ro-'-pAdam Clay-=pJanc, d 
bert "Wingfiehl of pole, 2nd 
Upton, CO. Rutland ; son, bapt. 
bur.atXorcbborough I at Xorth- 
7 Xov. 101 1). ist I borough 20 
wife. June loGS ; 

I died 1G34. 

II II Xortli- Frances. 
of.... IwrougliH July 16G7; — 

Bird ; mar. died .... Dorothy, 

at North- — mar. 

borongh 25 Anne, mar. John Xor- Maurice 

Sept. '] 620. ton of Cotterstock. Blountof 

2 lid wife. Loudon. 

Adam Clavpole of West=p. . . . dan. of ... . 
Deeping ;'bur. there 22 I Whinyard of Chel- 
Jaii. ](;72-o. laston", co. Derby. 


.Jane, mar. . . 

Anne, lieires.s=James Leafield of Longtliorpe in city of Peterliorough. 

Ill II 

James Claypole, John Claypole, ."rd son, bapt.=pMary, dau. T^ ingfield 

1st son, bapt. at at T^Iaxey 13 April 1593 ; of William bapt. at 

Nortliborougli of Gray's lun and North- Angell of borough : 

11 April lo89. borough ; had a patent for a London; 1593-4. 

— baronetcy from Oliver Crom- bur. at- — 

Edward Clay- well IG July 1657 ; Clerk Xorlh- Richard 

polo, 2nd son, ffit. of the Hauaper 13 March borough 1 1 bajit. at 

2G, 1C18. 1G59-G0; living 1GG4. Ang. ICGl. June 15; 



2 .March 


I I I 

John Clay-=Mary, dau. of the Lord Benjamm Claypole, ^lartha, bapt. at 

pole. Protector; mar. li;45-G. bapt. at Etton, co. Xorthborongh 9 

Northampton, IG JunelC39; bur. 

• See Noble's "Cromwell Family," April 1C43. there 14 Jan. 

vol. ii., pp. 370-87. 1GG3-4. 

Robert Clavpole, bapt. at Henry Clavpole, bapt. ai North- Joan, mar. at JIaxey, 

JLaxev20Mav 15;)9; bur. borough g' March 1GU7-*. co. Xorthampton, 15 

there 14 Xov. 1G13. — July 1G34, Patrick 

— Robert Clayiiole, bapt. iti Xortli- Korsland (?).» 

Thomas|>t. at Ijorough 22 April ]GI-->; bur. — 

Northborough 15 March there same day. Dorothy. 

♦ This ninrria^e and tlic Vjaptism of ClaTi.oIc axe not io the rcjdbtcr of Maxey as 
priuteil in " Mis. Cien. et Her.," Second Scrieji, Vol. IV.. pp. 2'y.i, :3S0. 


John Cluyivlc uf XonhlMvou-li-fElu.iIv'th, dan. of. 



Hrikel.bai.t.atlVepinsSt. \L, at l>race- Eli.abctK topt at Bracc- 
Jauiw -Jo April 1074. borough 2^ May 1070. borough 12 I'cb. 1061-2. 

CltfTorti of 35ra!KnI)oroii5l). 

^\P^ji^. — Cheipnj or and azure, a f esse guks. 

Sir llol-rt ClilVord of r.rakeiiborou-h,=r Elizabeth, dan. anJ heir of WiUiam 
3rd .on of John. Lord Clifiord, or, ; P.crkelcv or Barley o .., co. Hert- 
accordinc; to another authority, 4th son , ford; .v,dow of ^ir Ralph Jocebne, 
of Thon-uiS 8th Lord Clifford, by Jo- 1 K.B., twice Lord Mayor of London, 
liauna Dacre. 

Sir Thouia, Clifrord^Ellen.dau. and heir of John E«-erby of Eworby ; died 10 Aug^ 
of Brakcuborough.Tr. and C Philip and Mary, 1058, scscd of the manoi of 
Knt. Kelsterne. 

Thoma-s Clifford of I'.riken-=pEHzabeth, dan. of Sir^Wil- 
borough and KcLtcrne, a.>t. Ham Skipwith of i^outh 

30 years and more 1 1 Nov. 
5 and 6 Philip and Mary, 
1558 ; died 23 June 1 5 Eli/.., 
bar. at Fothcrby 24 June 
1573. ^Yill dated 20 Juue 

Ormsbv, Knt. ; bur. at 
Fotherby 24 May 1595. 
Will dated IG July 1592; 
proved IS Nov. 1595 (Lin- 

George Clifford,-; 
living Jan. 30 
VIIL, 1545. 


Elizabeth, m\\y dan., liv- 
ing Jan. 30 Henry VIIL, 

Jane, dau.=llenry Clifford of:nFElizabcth, dan. of 
of Francis Brakeiiborough,a2t. j John Thimelby of 
18 years 7 months, I Irnham ; mar. at 
30 "Aug. 15 Eliz., Waltham 25 Sept. 
1573; had a licence 1581; adm'ixof 
to alienate the her husband 25 
manor of Kelsterne Nov. 1598 ; living 
3 May 32 Eliz., 13 Oct. 1612. 2nd 
1590. Adm'on 25 i wife. 
Nov. 1593. 

Llanby of 
Elsham ; 
died s.]). 
1st wife. 

Gertrude, mar. at Bag En- 
derby, 24 June 1595,George 
iletiiam of Willoughby. 

Thomasine, legatee in 1592 ; 
ex'trix to her mother. 

A dau., legatee in 1592 ; 
mar Yarborough. 


Ursula, dau. of-=i 



bur. at 

North Lulfen- 


haui, CO. Lilt- 

15 June 

land. 1st wife. 


Georce Clifford of Braken-=Mary, William Clif- 
borough, bapt. at Fodierby dau. of ford, a Priest 

21 S'jpt. 1580; a legatee 
of his godfather Sir George 
St. Paul, Knt., 13 Oct. 
1612 ; bur. at Fotherby 
13 April 1039. 


KiNov. 15!)4; 
died at Paris 
30 April] 070. 

Ursula, half a year old 1018 : living 1C53, "a recusant. 


Jane, bapt. 2i 
March loS34; 
bnr. at Fothcr- 
by 2i Ana;. 



Judith, l:>;ipt. "Jr) 
Oct. 158o ; bur. 
at Fothcvby G 
Not. IJStJ. 

Maudlin, bapt. 
at Fotherby 10 
Nov. losT ; 




Mai-y, mar Ilamnioud. 

Jane, baj^t. 4 July i:>9-2 ; 
bur. at Fotherby 28 March 

Cltpsfjam of Cajacli^>. 

^n^iS.—Azinc, (wo chevrons let in en ihrcf cinqwfoih 

Michael Clipsham of Tliurpc-by-AVater, co. Rut-=r 
land, yeoman. Will dated 8 Aug., proved IGUi". 
(to be) bur. at Scaton, co. Rutland. 

Michael Clipsham of Bis- Nicholas Clip?ham of=pPorothy, dau. of . . . . ; 

brooke, CO. Fuitland, eldest ^lurcott, co. Rutland, , le-atee of her sister Lhza 

Bon, es'or to his father's 2nd son, died t) Feb. I beth Baston of Morcott, 

will ; dead in 1632. lC.32-3. I widow. 

Edmund Clipsham-f^Anue, dau. of ^licha-l Chp-= 

of Fish toft. Will ; ex'trix. sham of Mor- 

dated 28 April, Will dated 14 cott, 2nd sou. 
proved 13 I^Iay Sept., proved 

1631. 15 Nov. 1632. 

Richard Chpsham, bapt. 2 Elizabeth, 
Jan.,bur. at Grantham S Feb. under age 
1C15-16. in 1C32. 

Nicholas Clipsham, 
3rd son, legatee in 
his aunt's will 28 
Dec. 1622. 

Edinuud Clipsham, meutioued 
in Anne Ciipsham's will 1632. 

William Clip 
sham, 4th soi! 
legatee in 

Maro-aret, mar. John Elizabeth, 2nd Catherine, mar. Michael 
Woo'ilstoek of Ounde, dan., 160G. Harrison of Gretton, co. 

CO. Northampton ; — Rutland ; hvmg lt.22. 

living 1C22. Mary, legatee 

in 1622. 

Richard Clipsham of Manlhorpe, 3rd son ; bur. at^Dorothy, dau._ of George 
Grantham June 1618. AVill dated 16 Jan. I6I0-I6 ; Lyon of Rockingham, co. 
proved at Lincoln 12 June 1618. Northampton. 

Richard Clipsham, Ilfury Cli[.sham. Will 
bur. at Grantham dated 15 Dec. 1624; 
2 Feb. 1611-12. proved 9 Aug. 1626. 





•1^. ... do 

Anne, bapt. at Grantham 16 Feb. 1G24-5. 





Richard Clipsham, b.^i.t. ut Ccm-.- Ciip^liniu, Frances, innr. at=Rev. Chris- 

Graiitham I'S .Nov. lirjl. bapt.iitCiMmliLiiu (;raiitliam 14 topluT Dob- 

— 7 Sept. li'.L't;. l\-b. I(;(i4-:) ; sim, liector 

Edward Clipsbaiii, bapt. at — bur. at laid- and Patron 

Grantham 7 Dec. IG-'a. Dorothy, bapt. at boroiiijli a April of Lud- 

Grauthaiii liiOO. IGi^.j. borouirh. 

I'/dniiind Fian'.-e.-;, dall. = Iy^ou ('lip>hain. 

Clip- of....; bur. called "the el.ler " in ;' dan. of . . . . 

sham. at firaiithain 105'.!, then of Maiithorinj ; 2ud wife. 

•20 July 1G32. bur. at Grantham iO Jan. , 
1st wife. lGGO-7. I 

I,-— Katheriiie,=,-^Iarv, dan. 
of . ■. . . 
3rd wife. 

Lyon Cliii^hain, ^--Susanna, daii. of John 

Richard Clip- 

bur.atGrantham [ f^er'_;eant of .'•^outli Curi- 

siiain.bapt. at 

14 May 1G73. 

ton ; mar. there I'O Au>;. 



9 Aug. 1C40. 

Edward Clip- 
sham, bapt. at 
Grantham 24L 
JIarch 1643-4. 

John Clipsham, bapt. Riciuird Clipsliam,=JnditIi, 
at Grantham 1 Nov. bapt. at Grantham Imr. at 
1GG4 ; bur. at South 28 Oct. IGGS ; bur. Grantham 
Carlton Nov. 1671. there 22 April 24 Sept. 

172U. 1720. 

jMary, bai>t. at Gran- 
tliam 20 May 1GG7. 

Susanna, bapt. at G ran- 
iham 14 Feb. 1G71-2. 

Frances, mar. at Grantham, 
6 Oct. 1G20, Richard Allen 
of Skillington. 

P.rid-et, mar. 

,t Grai 

- f^lizabeth, mar. at Grau- 

thani, 3 Feb. 


, thaiii, 3 Aug:. 1G12, James 

Andrew lirow 



Edmund Clipsham of OtbyrpDorothv, dau. of Richard 

Alice, mar.Thumas Holland. 

in parish of Walesliy, co. 

Uridges of Combe, co. 


Ijincoln, 4th son, bur. afc 

Glouccster[ Scamp- 

Margaret, mar. Edward 

Walcsby 23 May 1033. 

ton, CO. Lincoln, 30 July 

Wrii:;ht ; living 1032. 

Will dated Feb. 1032-3; 

1590] ; ]ivin<j ICl.-i; bur. 


proved 4 June 1G33. 

atWalesiiv 10 April 1G4G. 

Anne, mar. llenrv Kins- 

Will proved 4 May 1C4G. 

man ; living 1G32. 

Richard Clipsham of Cadeby and Gayton-lo-^ 
Wold. Will dated 10 Dec. IGl.j ; proved 1G4G. 

-Mary, dau. and heir of Sir Wil- 
liam" Hansard, Km., of Gayton- 

I I I 

William Clip- Fdmuiid Clip- Richard Clii.; 
bbam, 1st son. sham, 2nd son. 3rd son. 

Michael Cli 
4th son. 

Michael Clii^sham of Otl)y, 2nd Fon,=pAnne, dan. of Gcor' 
proved his falh'.a's will 1C33. D | 

Ellis of Conisholme. 




1 1 

Walesl.vL'l VAk \r. 

1 1 

\ValL'.-l>y f. Aiiri! n;i- 

Ellis r'li]'if!iain, 
at Walcsbv !:; 


Michael riipsliani.l.' 
Waltsby 7 .lime IC: 

William f'lip?liani,liai. 
.lulv, l.iir. lb\\vj. ICl 

; at 


Itichanl Oli],^ 
l.apt. nt AValrsl 
April 1G48. 

y i'7 


IIc!iry Clip>hani of=f Rliza- Ann, bapt. 2?. Oct. Ann, bapt. at 

Alford. bapt. al belli, Wale-bv 1:3 IC:;;); bur. atW'ale.- Walesby 2 

Waleshv 5 Maieh dau.of Jan. 1031-5. byliMu. Nov., bur. 3 

1C18-9. Dec. 164i. 

Henry Clipshaiii, bur. at Nicholas Clipshani, bur. at Elizabeth, bapt. at Alfurd 
Alfurd 2,-| Seiit. 1G79. Alford 12 April 1(JS2. U JJay 1085. 


Edmund CI ip-=pSii Fan na, 
sham, 3rd son, I dan. of 
bapt. at Wale: 
buv. there 6 
Oct. 16C3. 

I I I 

Nicho- Margaret, mar. at Walesbv, 19 Elizabeth, mar. 

las Clip- Jan. 1025-0, Joseph Eilcliire at Walcsby, 1 

sham, of Xornianby(mar.lic.l7 Jan. Sept. 1031, 

4thson. 1025-1;, she" ret. IS, he 24); John Sergeant 

bur. at Xormanby 5 Aug. of South Carl- 

1683. ton. 

Michael Clipsham, Richard Clipsham, bapt. at John Clii)sham, Josejih Clip- 

bapt. at Walesby Walesby 4 Feb. 1044-5. bur. lll^ec. sham, bur. 21 

30 April 1043. — 1057. Sept. 1057. 

— Edmund Clijisham, bapt. ^ . 

Edmund Clipsham, 2 Jan. 1050-51; bur. at Twins; bapt. 30 Oct. 1055. 

bur. at Walesby 24 Walesby 15 Aug. 1051. 
July 1044. 


Nicholas Clipsham, Dorothy, bapt. at Walesliy 8 Susanna, Iwpt. at Walesby 31 

bapt. 4 May 1059; Nov. 1041. Jan. 1048-9 ; bur. 1 Oct. foCO. 
bar. at Walesby 18 — — 

Nov. 1715. Elizabeth, bapt. at Walesby Margaret, bapt. at Walcsliy 2 

21 Jan. 1010-7. Jan. 1052-3 ; bur. 1 May 1055. 

Cotfti (no\u (^(Halls) of |L)cm5lucll 

Christopher Codd of Ilemswell. Will datcd=pFrances, dau. 
19 Dec, proved 31 Dec. 1080. of ... . 




Sarah, dan. of=i=EdsvardCodd of Gautby= 
and Waddingworth, 1st 
son ; bur. at Gautbv 'i? 
Feb. 17-27-8. Will 
dated 7 Sept. 1727 ; 
proved C 'May 1728. 


1, aan. 01-^ 
Codd of 1 

Ileuiswell ; ] 


lie. 19 




24 April 


1st wife. 

=Jaiie,dau. John Codd. Catherine, 
of John — — 

Fowler of Christopher Codd P'lizabeth, 

Wispiug- of Blyton, iriar. mar 

ton. 2nd Isabella, dan. of Deare. 

wife. . . . . ; died 170i. 

Edward Codd, born 1GS4. Matthew Codd. Elizabeths John "Wood. Marj. 

Jane, d3u.=pGeorge Codd, bapt.^pElizabeth, dan. of John 

of ; "' "" ' "" 

bur. at 
Gantliy 1 
April 1727 
1st wife. 

at Waddingworth 
3lMavlG95; cx'or 
in 1727 ; died 21 
Jan. 17 Go, tet. C8 ; 
bur. at llarket 
Stain ton. 

Wilson ; mar. Codd, 

at Bardney 24 Dec. abroad 

1728 ; died 20 Nov. in 

17GC, Kt. 63; bur. 1727. 
at Market Staintou. 
2nd wife. 

Christopher Codd, 
devisee of land in 
1727 ; legatee of 
his uncle Christo- 
pher Codd 1704. 

Edward Codd, 
bapt. at Gautby 
19 Oct. 172G; 
died s.p. 

John Codd, 1st sou,=pAnn, dau. of George Codd of Louth, 

of Ranby ; bur 
Market Stainton 13 
Nov. 179G, ffit. 65. 

. bur. 
Ranby 8 Jan. 
1814, a3t. 85. 

2nd sou ; bur. at ^^lar- 
ket Stainton 22 Sept. 
1793, ret. CO. 


Mary,died29=f JohnLoft,died A dau.. mar. A dau., mar. Francis Adau.,mar. 

]\Iay 1829. | 13 July 1832 Wilson. Thirkill of Boston. Henry Con- 



Edward Codd, 3rd son ; devisee of Joseph Walls^p'Mary, dau. of 

of Boothby Hall ; assumed the name and arms 
of Walls by licence ; Rector of Willoughby 
Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral ; died 1815. 

Thomas Booth 

of Wainfleet St. 

ilary; born 1751. 


Richard Codd 
of Louth, 4th 
son; died 1825, 
a3t. 85, unmar. 

Richard Walls, Rev. Joseph Walls of=pElizabeth, dau. and heiress of George 
died unmar. Boothby Hall. | Wright of Wainfleet All Saints. 

See Walls Pedigree. 

Sophia^pThomasHardwickeRawnsley, Eliza-=pSir Alan Bellingham, Mary, died 

Rectorof Halton Ilolgateand beth. Bart., of Castle Bel- unmar. 

I Folkingham. | lingham, Ireland. 1851. 

See Burke's " Peerage and Baronetage." 

[I Iiave added tbis from my own collect 

-A. R. M.] 

LlXCOl.NSlIlRi: rKllIGRKE?. 

Cojjt'all of ziFltjfborouf];!), 

[M8. C. ■2:^, Heralds' College] 
Kielmrd Con-dall of Rickinansworth, co. llcrts.- 

Rk-liarJ Co-aall of Flixboiuu-h lG34-,-Aime, tiau. of Fmucis Wood. 


George Cogilall, son Kicliard Cogdall, ilnd son. Anne, 1st Elizabeth, 3rd 

and heir," ajt. 22, — dan. dau. 

1G34 ; Chaiilain to Nicholas Cogdall, 3rd son. — — 

ye young Lord — Ellon, Frances, 4th 

Sliodield. Edmund Cogdall, 4th son. 2nd dau. dau. 

Colston of Brnnt Brou^ftton. 

[See Harl. Soc, Vol. I., pp. 32, 74.] 

Aims. — Argent, two chtfhins km/riant respecting each other salle, chained together 
by their necks, the chain pendent or. 

I \ I 

Thomas Colston of P.rant Brongh-=pRlizabeth, . . . .= =. . . . 

ton, possibly a son of George Colston | dan. of. ... ; dau.. Smith, dan., Mnn- 

who mar. Elizabetli Coulby of Brant I a widow living living day. 

Bronghton, widow. 1638-9. 1C57. 1657. 

Thomas Colston of Brant Broiiehton, bom 1613;=pDorothy, dan. of . . . 
died 7 Dec. lCo7. "Will dated 18 Sept. lCo7 ; 
proved 3 Feb. lGo7-8. 'M.l. in Brant Brongh- 
ton Church. 

. . . . ; proved her living 
husband's will 3 1607. 
Feb. 1657-8. 

Thomas Colston, nnder Elizabeth, under Dorothy, under 
age in 1657. age 1657. age 1657. 

. . . .=. . . . Uodgson. Elizabeth, bur. at=William WooLhouse of Caunton and 
dau. North ^luskham. North Muskham, co. Notts. 

[Note. — These Colstons have not been attached to the Colstons of Corby in the Visitation 
of CO. Rutland, though the arms on Thomas CoUton's monument in Erant Bronghton Church are 
the same.— A. K. II.] 



Coltljurst of '^un?jb^). 

[MS. C. 2:;, ITfiaWs' College.] 

John Co!tlm.-t of Ai 
cauif cut of Lfiiica^li 

r,— Mary, dan. of 

John Cokhnrst of Annsl.y. dicJ-pJaiic, dun. of (John), si.t.'V of William Lister of 
27 Dec. ICi'T ; Imr. tlieie. Ilippingale ; bur. at Aiinsliy. 

John Colthuritof .\nus-=i=: Faith, 


1 1 
Mary, 1st dau., un- 



by, son and heir 1G31 ; 

dan. of 


mar. in ICrM. 

mar. to 

Patron of the Rectory 


L'lid fon, 



of<j. ICTl; 


Ai. about. 

Elizabeth, mar. to 


died 14 Oct. 1C78 ; bur. 

of Aswar- 

-1, IGOl. 

Edward Foster of 

of Lon- 

at Annsby. 

bv; died 
17 Pec. 

"Snisternerm " [s(>]. 



Faith, Snd dan., b..rn 
died 10 Oct. ]7u7, a.'t. 

ir. to John Oarland of A slack by 
at r.o.,tlibv Favnell. 

William Coltliurst, instituted to the=pMary, dau. 
Kectory of Auiisby IS Aug. 1G71. of ... . 

John Cokhnrst, bur. at Aunsby Jane, bur. at Aunsby iLiry, died 16 Oct. 1CS4; 
19 Jan. 167S-9. ' 2 Aug. ICSO. bur. at Aunsby. 

: Coltman of fl^atjnalij?. 

Arms. — Azure, a cros-^ pntoncc inrrccd of the feU or let iveen four mullets pierred 

argent.— 1-1 naj's head erased sable, mailed and bridled aygeni, tasselled or. 

.... Coltman. =p 

Henry Coki 
St. :Margaret's, 
born 1075 ; pnr- 
cha.scd Hagnabv 
1710 : bur. at St. 
Andrew's Under- 
shafL 18 Jan. 
1737-8. A 



of Sevenoaks, co. Kent ; dau. 

aunt of Sir Henry Farnaby, of 

Bart. ; mar. lie. 18 Oct. 

1709, fEt. 25; (to be) mar. 1st 

at St. I'cnnett's, Paul's wife. 
Wharf, London. Will 
proved 1745. 

^ . . . Colt-=f=. . . . dan. of 
man. j . . . . 2nd 


George Coktnan of the 
Stamp OfKce, London. 





HoiiiT Coltman, John Cultninii, suc- 
boru 1710; Jifd ceeJcd to Ha-naljv 
"iiriiar. 174:, ; died ac I'.atii 


=:\[ary, dan. of llvv. Tliu- Elcaiiui-John 
mas Shaw, Rector of Gil- 

Wylicrton ; mar. 1740; berd. 

dk'd 1755. 

Mary, dau. of . . . .=Tiioinas Coltman of= Hilary, dau. of Walker of Great 

Barlow of Derby; Ifagiiaby, Hale; widow of LaiiLrliorue F.urton 

diedl78G. Istwife. 1747 ; died ISiG. of Somersby ; died 1621. 2iid wLfe. 

George Coltman,=pMarv, dau. of Jobu Preston 
M.D., of Liver- \ of Liv-rjiool by . . . ., dau. 

pool and Chester, 
borii 1752 ; died 


John Colt- 
man, died 

of ]»av 

•Jan. ISOO. 

]\Iary, boi'u 1741 ; 
mar. at 'Wybcrton, 
1703, Uiclmrd Cli- 
therow of Horn- 
castle, solicitor. 

Thomas Co]t-=pMariauno, dau. of 

mau of Hag- 

naby, born 

Dec. 1800 ; 

died April 


James Whitinj^ 
Yorke of Walms- 
gato ; widow of 
David Haliburton 
Dallas; mar. 1834. 

11" I 

Rev. George ^lary, born Charlotte, bora 

Coitmaii, 1803; mar., 1805 ; mar., 27 

Rector of 1827, Fran- Oct. 1829, John 

Stickuey, cis Stone- Davenport of 

born 1811; hewer New- Fox ley, co. 

died uumar. bold, ]J.D. ; Hereford ; died 

1883. died 1835. 7 Oct. 1864. 

Marion Catharine of= 
Hagnaby Priory, mar. 
27 Jm.e 1872. 

: Roger Pocklington, a.?sumed the surname of Coltnian in 
addition to and after that of Pocklington by Roval Licence 
1870 ; born 22 Sefit. 1832 ; died 10 Jfay isj3, s.p. 


Ann, died Rachel, liorn 17-18 ; mar. Naomi, born 1750 ; mar., Elizabeth, bora 

unmar. at Wybcrton, oNov. 1768, 177G, Rev. Henry Sliep- 1751 ; mar. Ben- 

before llichaid Elmhirstof Wad- herd, Rector of Brands jamin Byron of 

1703. dingworth. Burton, co. York. Oaistor, surgeon. 

[Note. — The above family most probably descended from the Coltm.-ins of co. Leicester, but 
the exact proof is wanting. I have added the pedigree from papers iu the possession of 
Mrs. Pocklington Coltman of Uagnaby.— A. R. il.] 

Conj> of iSassiiigtIjorpc. 

[Harl. MS. 1550. MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

AiiMS. — Htlik, on a /esse cotised or betireen three conies argent as many e&-alh/id of 

the field. 

GeoU'rcy Couy^Elizabeth, dau. of William Coplcdike. 

,-- j I 

Aiithony=p. . . . dau. and \\ illiam Cuny,=f=. . . . dau. Robert Cony of Ya.x- 

Coiiy. ; heir of 'J'iio- merchar.t of of ... . ley, Hunts, ancestor 

i mas Wood- the Staple. Bel! of of the Conys of Ya.\- 

A. ! thorpe. 

B Fishtoft. 




A : 


Tliomas Conv of Kiiton iu lIoU 

\nd, died 22 "May- 


, dau. of 

. . . . ; snr- 

Ib'oi. Will dated -Jl May. 

1 viviug 1 


= Francis 


=BridLrof, dan. of 



heir, Kt. 22 in 1554 ; founder of 

.... Hooper of 


thy or 

:Meres of 

almshouses at Ivirtou ; died 12 

Ali^arkirk; mar. 




Xov. 1589, s.p. ; bnr. at Kirtou. 

at; Boston 1 1 

in will of 

Will dated 

Will dated 16 Oct. 15S9; proved 

Dec. 1581; died 


21 June, 

3 Feb. 1589-90 ; confirmed by 

3 April 1589 ; 


proved 20 

seutonce 27 April 1C02. 

bur. at Kirtoii. 


July 1557. 

Eichard Cony of Bassingthorpc, merchant of=pJane, dau. of Thomas Tiumias- 

the Staple of Calais ; bur. at Bassincjthorpe 1 Ellis of Paunton ; Cony of 

12 April 1545. Will dated 29 Dec.'l544. bur. at Bassingthorpc Hanthorpe 

I 5 July ] 549. in jMortou. 

Thomas Cony of Hanthorpe, merchant ; bur. 

at Morton 13 May 15SS. 

at Jlorton 19 Nov. 1588. 

William Cony, 1st Richard Cony of Grantham,= 
son 1C34; bur. 2nd son ; mercer and alder- 
at Morton 13 July man 1636 ; indicted for 
1635. high treason 1643. 

=.\nne, dau. of William Ire- 
ton of Iretou, CO. Derby ; 
bur. at Grantham 17 Oct. 

Thomas Cony, bapt. 9, bur. 
25 Nov. 1620 at Grantham. 

Richard Cony, bapt. 11 
June, bur. 8 Sept. 1624 at 

Sarah, bur. at Gran- Susanna, bapt. at Gran- 
tham 16 Jan. 1622-3. tham 18 May 1626 ; 

— coheir 1634. 
Jancbapt. at Grantham — 
14 March 1618-19; co- Mary, Grantham 
heir 1634. 14 Feb. 1G27-8. 

= 1 I I 

Samuel Cony, Thomas Cony of St. l\Iichaers,=. . . . Nathaniel Susanna, 

bapt. at M or- Stamford. Adm'on 9 Feb. Couy, bai)t.l20ct. 

ton 30 Oct. 1604-5; adm'on " de bonis bapt. at 1586; 

1583. non," 30 June 1614, granted Morton 31 Morton 17 

to his brother Richard. May 1585. April 1587. 

I . I ) 

Thoma.s Cony of Bassing-=pAlice, dau. of William Cony, 

thorpe, ait. 16 in 1545 ; 
bur. at Bassingthor[ie 15 
Oct. 1011. Will dat.'d 22 
ilay 1011 ; confirmed by 
sentence 3 Bee. 1021. 
Adm'on granted to son Sir 
Thomas Cony, Knt. ; 2nd 
adm'on Juue 1633. 

Thomas bur. at B;us- 
Leigh, Knt., singthorpe 20 
Lord ilayor May 1558. 
of London ; 
ex'trix 22 
May 1611; 
dead before 

I I 

Edmund Cony, liapt. 
20 May 1513 ; bur. at 
Ba.ssin^^thorix; 8 Feb. 

Godfrey Cuny, Elizabeth, mar. 1st 

bur. at Bas- Richard Tliorold of 

singthorpe 22 Morton, 2ndly Georire 

Sept. 1542. Cradoekofco. Staiford. 




Elizabeth, d;ui.=j=Sir Thomus Cony, Kiit.,-^Aiine,dau. of llamou^rMary, d;ui. of 
of William Pat- j of liassingthorpc, sou ] Upton of Xorthohiie- | . . . . Snelliug; 
ten of Stoke ! aud beir ; bapt. iu Old | by-Wainflcct; widow i remar. at 

Newingtoii by ■ Jewiy, Londou, 15 Sept. 
Anne, dau. and , 15G1 ; knig-lited at 
heir of Kichard 1 ^Yhitcllall i3 July 1003; 
JohnsouofBos- i bur. at Bassint^thorpe -2 
ton. Ist wife. ! Nov. 1G37. Will dated 
I 26 Oct. 1G37; proved 'J 
Jan. 1C37-S. 

William Tyndall . 
mar. at Xortholmc 13 
March 1591-2. 2nd 

Thomas Cuny. 

1G37-S, IM- 
ward Ann- 
stroug of 
Corby. 3rd 

Eichard Cony of Corby, only son of 8ir=p. . . . dan. of 
Thomas Cony by 3rd wife; bapt. at bur. at Corby 
Bassingthorpe 23 Jlay 1032; a Major 1059. 
in the Army. 

I I 

Richard Thomas 

Cony of Cony, 

London, bur. at 

bur. at Corby 

Corby 22 Dec. 

15 Sept. 1G5J. 


Mary, bapt. 

:Mary, born at 


at Corby 

Corby 1 Aug. 

Cony of 1 

18 Nov. 



1G55 ; bur. 


25 Jan. 

Dorothy, bur. at 


Corhv 23 Jan. 

; Mary, bapt 

il at Corby 2', 

May lC3i. 

Sarah, dan. of 
, . . . Hadley ; 
mar. at Gran- 
tham 5 INIarch 
1674-5; bur. 
at Corby 1 5 
Oct. 1680. 

George Cony, bapt. at Corby 22 Aug. 1078. 

Sir Sutton Cony, Knt., of=f"Sara!i,dau. of Sir 
Bassingthorpe, sou and heir; j Richard W'ortley 
knightedatWelbecklOAug. ] of Wortley, co. 

1619; of North Stoke 1 63-1 ; 
legatee of his cousin Sir 
George Cony 5 April 1064. 

York ; mar. at 
Bassingthorpe 13 
Jan. 1615. 

William Cony.= Anne, dau. of 
son aud heir, John Gore, 


Francis Cony. 

Elizabeth, unmar. 
in 1011 ; mar. 
John Osborne of 
CO. Rutland. 

Anne, mar. 
John Dal- 
touof Scre- 


set. 10,1034; 
bur. at Gran- 
tham 15 Sept. 

Alderman of 
London; sis- 
ter of Sir 
John Gore of 
Sacombe, co. 

Edward Cony of=rRupcrta, dau. 

North Luffen- ^ of Sir Antho- 
Sutton Cony, ham, co. Rutland, | ny Chester of 
bur. at Stoke 4th son ; died in \ Chicheley, co. 
RochfordSept, St. Martin-in-the j Bucks; adm'ix 
1GC4. Fields, Loudon, i of herhusband 

Adm'on 18 July ', 1091. 




Edward Cony, Cap- 
tain in Colonel Caul- 
feild's Regiment of 
Foot at Barcelona 

Thomas Cony, 2nd 

Anthony Cony, 3rd 
son, died an infani. 

William Cony, 
4thbut3rd sur- 
viving son. 
Captain iu UN. 

= Katherine, dau. 




Woitley Sutton Juliii = Anne, dan. of ... . 

Coiij, Coujof LiQtoii, l).uii!i;^t(iii ; widuw 
4th son, CO. Cambridge, of ... . Flacke ; 
died ill- ytli sun; 6'\ud bur. at Ilinxton, 
fant. 13 Oct. ITiS, co. CaiiibiidL; 

a;t. 08. 

. Eleanor, baj^t. 

1 1 

Elizalxth, liv- 

- at Stoke Roch- 

in'T 1705. 

; ford 14 Dec. 


, 10(57 ; died a 

Ruitorta, died 



Sir Richard Cony, Knt., ^Eleanor, dau. of John Harrington of George Cony, 
of Whissendine, CO. Rut- i Witham-on-the-llill ; heir of her 3rd son. 
laud, 2nd sou ; living 10 | mother Rose, dau. and heir of Robert 
April 1G07. i Winter; died 1G-l'. 

John Cony of=pJIildred, dau. 

1C17; sold his 

coheir of Edw; 
Docwraof Hitch 

Sir Tliomns Couy,=j=Andrey, dau. of ... . 
Knt., of Chelsea, i Grymes ; widow of 
■2nd son ; Gentle- .... Oxburgh of 
man Harbinger to [ Folsham, co. Nor- 
James I. I folk. 




Jane, 1618 ; raar. 
Rev. Henry P.ur- 
row. Rector of 
Burrow, CO. Leices- 

I I 
William Con\ 
1st son ]C4o! 

He war. 

Thomas Cony,= Katherine, 

2nd son ; lega- dau. of 

tec of his uncle Wise of 
Sir George London. 


Mary, dan. and heir of=Sir William Cony, Knt., =. . . . = ?tlartha, dau. of 

Tlioiuas Di^'hton of of Little Sturton, 3rd dau. of ... ^ Grey ; sister 

son ; knighted at Lin- . . . 

coin 1.^' July 104-J ; L'lid 

legatee of his brother uife. 

Sir (Jeorge in 1004; 


Little Sturton ; widi.iw 
of Sir Edward Fynes, 
Knt., son of Henry, 
Earl of Lincoln. 1st 

Lord Grey ; 
mariiage certifi- 
cate at St. Giles, 
Middlesex, 10 May 
1057. 3rd wife. 

I I 

Sir George Cony, Knt., of Gray's=f=Elizabeth, Hrid- 
Inn.and \Valpole,co.Xorfolk,4th , dau. f^f get. 

son ; Serjeant-at-law ; kni'j-hted . . . .; sur- 
20 April lOC.l. Will dafed 5 viving 
Apid, proved 11 May 1CC4. i 1004. 

Anne, mar. 
of London. 

1004 ; ma 
I'.awde of 

Elizabeth, =Humberston, son of Sir Fuhvar Skipwith, Lart., 
heiress. of Xewbold Hall, co. Warwick. 

Peiegi-ine Cony, 4th 
son, bapt. at Bas- 
siugthorpe 30 Oct. 

-Cecily, dau. of Arthur Cony, .'^ith=p. . . . dau. of . . . 
. . . .'Dillon of son, bapt. at Bus- i Upton of Xortii 
Ireland. singrhorpe 30 i ohne. 

June 1577. | 


1 _L\ , F I V. ■ ^ ( 

Nathaniel Coii_y, ))0)it. PcroLrrinc Ciuiy, Alice, hapt. Richard Anne, bapl. 

at Ba-;?i!igth(irpe SS liapt. at ^^lortcn at I'.assiiit,'- Cony, at Bassing- 

Jmiclf.lO; liviii? in 18 ])ee. lO-JO. tlinrj.elO hapt. at thurpc -J "" 

1037. " — July IGll. Ba^sing- April 1G07. 

Bichard Cony, ' — thorpe — 

Chawoi-th Cciny, hapt. hapt. at !*iIorton Sn.-an, hur. 2 Jan. Alice, bapt. 

21, hnr. i'2 June 1010 20 Dec. 1627. at Morton 1CO'.1-10. at Bassing- 

at Morton. 20 April • tliorpc 17 

](;32. Oct. If.Os. 

Cha\vortliConyofiIor--pAnne,dau. of Alex- Alice, mar. Jane, mar. at Bassing- 

ton, Ctli son ; hapt. at . ander Shcppard of Jilattbcw thoriie, 12 Xov. ir)7(), 

BassingtliorpeSMaich | Peasenuirsh, co. Ouolie of Vincent Welhy of llal- 

1578-9. I Sussex. .\lvingham. stead in Stixwould. 

1 \ 1 ri 

Peregrine Cony, Snsan, bapt. at Bas- Eleanor, bapt. at Sarah, liapt. at Mor- 

bapt.atRas.sing- singthorpe 17 Aug. Jlortou IC Aug. ton 2 April 1G16. 
thorpe 10 Nov. IGiio ; mar. Thomas 1 G07 ; mar. Thij- — 

160-i. Yorke of Sussex. mas Clarke of Cecily, bapt. at Mor- 

Lincoln. ton 17 Oct. 1G18. 

I \ i \ 

Mary, bapt. Snsan, bapt. at Bassing- Rost^, bapt. at Bas- Francos, bapt. at lias- 
21 July thorpe 1 May. liiGS ; singthorpe 14 June singthorpe 1 March 
156G;'bur. mar. there, 10 Nov. 1573; mar., 16 1574-5 ; mar., 22 Jan. 
at Bassing- 1584, Sir William Snt- April 1595, Tho- 1599-1600, Angustme 
thorpe 13 ton, Knt., of Averham, masButler of Pauu- Earle of Straggle- 
Jan. 15GG-7. Kotis. ton. thorpe. 

/ ';- ■ Cnnp of glutton* 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — &ibk, on a /esse cotiscd or between three conies argent as many 
escallops of the field. 

Thomas Cony of Sutton St. Mary's,=j= 
bur. at Lutton, a hamlet of Sutton. I 

Thomas Couy of Sutton=f Margaret, dau. of Robert Ismey of 

St. :Mary's, died in ICOd; I Gediiey Hall ; relicc of Digle ; 

bur. at Lutton. bur. at Button 15'J0. 


Thomas Cony=pDorothy, dan. and Isabell. Elizabeth, mar. 1st to Joan, mar. 

heir of Robert Le- ..,.• Jackson of Hoi- to Henry 

man of Wulpoio, co. beach, 2ndly Horn- Wright of 

of Sutton St 
Mary's, died 

sey of Uolbcach. Gedney. 



fVaiicis Cony of Gc-(l-^Eli7.abetli. 
11CJ-, born ](;"0 ; now : daii.uf Wil- 
living (1G31) at Wal- lianil'alinei 
polf. of Fleet. 


"William CoT)x-- 
of Sutton St. 
Clary's, bom 

Al:>ic:ail, cLui. of Jonc, mar. 

John Tilton of toJohnllnt- 

Gednej; bur. at cheson of 

Walpole. AVisbeacli. 


Elizabeth, li 
at Wal]...!e 

I I 

];olx-i-t Cony, son and hcir^Alic.., dan. of Sir Tlobert Eliza- 

upjiarent, born liu33; died iJarkliaui.Knt. ; niarriascc butli, 

;') April 1707, ret. 72 ; bur. bond dated April 1(155; born 

at Walpole, CO. Norfolk. died 3 Oct. 1C7G, a-t. 41. 1C31. 

Robert Coiiy, Ist son, di' 
8 Nov. 1CS3, Kt. 21 ; bi 
at '\\^alpole. 

•d William Cony of Wal-=rEdith, dan. of .=^ir Humphry 
r. jiolo, died C Jan. I-^dwin, Knt., Ivord Mayor of 
1742-3, Kt. 82. London. 

Edwin Cony of Walpole, SheriQ'=pEli^abeth, dan. of ... . 
of Norfolk 1734; died 1755, Turner of Lynn, co. Nor- 
»t. G8;, bur. at Walpole St. folk; died 1745, ret. 40 ; 
Peter's. bur. there. 

Barkham Cony, bur. 

at S-;iuthacre,co.Nor- 
folk, 21 July 1713. 

Robert Cony of TVali.iole, born 1718 ; Lieut. -Col. of Nor-=r Anne, dan. of. ... ; died 
folk Militia ; Aido-de-Camp to Sir John Cojx; at Preston I 1802, Kt. 62; bur. at 
Pans ; died 1801, fct. 83 ; bur. at Wnlpule St. Peter's. Walpole St. Peter's. 

Anne, 3rd dau., mar.— John Sicklemore, Esq., of Wetliering- 

25 March 1799 ; died 
at St. Laurence, Isle 
of Thane t, 18 Feb. 
1859, a3t.. 79. 

;ett and Debeuham, eo. Suftblk, grand- 
son of John Sicklemore, M.P. for co. 
Sufiolk ; born 28 Sept. 175C ; died 
5 Feb. 1837. 

Elizabeth, mar. to 
Walter Swaine, 
eldest son of Spel- 
man Swaine. 

Con|>cvs nf Carlton, 

[Inquisitions p.m.] 

Arms. — ^izure, a maunche or. 

Sir Christopher Conyers, Knt., of Castlc= 
Carlton, died 12 March 148C-7. 

William Conyers, died=pAnne, dau. of . 
20 June 1493. 9 Jan. 1532-3. 


Christopher Conyers of Castle Carlton an.d Great Carltcm, co. Lincoln,=r 
died 24 Sept. 12 Henry VII., 1497 ; inq. p.m. 18 May 1500. a j 



(li.n ^T:Tlh.ina> CoiiviT?. ret. 4 ve;)r^— 1^1iz:il'et'-i. 'laii. of ^^i^ J-jliii Lavill... Kiit., 

of I Id his hiihci'6 death ;\liud uf 'J'lion-.hill, co. York ; mar. IS July 11 

Ibl wife. 3 .lunt; 1521. Utiiry Vll]. 2iul wUl: 

George Coiiycr?. a't. 10. l.'.i'J ; heir to his Christopher Coiiyers, xt. 1 month 
gveat-grandmotlier iu loo2. 12 Hciiry YIII. 

Chi'is'tophcr CoiiyL'rs=p]\rarj^aret, dan. of Lionel Skipwith of Caw 
I Covenhani St. Bartholomew 22 Aug. 1578. 

thorpc ; mar. at 

Lcou Cunyers, baj.t. at Wasbiugborougb 3 June 1587 ; bur. there 2 June 15S8. 

Jolin Couycrs acquired the manor of North WiUingham IGOO by purchase. 
Licence to Thoma.s Conyers to sell the manor of North Willingliam IGOO. 
I^Iar. lie. to Edward Conyers of North 'Willingham and Magdalen Barde of 
North Kclscy 10 Feb. 1599-1000. 

' Coprlanti of 0!\tIltn3tI)C!rpc. 

Ar?,is. — Argent, two liars and a ut/iloii gules ; ever all a bend sable. 

Johu Copeland of Skellingthorpe,=pElizabetb, dan. of ... . 
descended from Copx'land of Burdett of co. Staftbrd; 
Ulverstou, CO. Lancaster; died surviving 21 Dec. 155G. 
21 Dec. 1556. 

■John Copeland of Skel-=f=.\nno, dau. of George Cope-=pFaitb, dan. of Hamon 

lincrthorpe,a>t.20, 1550; JohnMc-rin? land of Skel- nVhiehcot of Harps- 

■ ° - of Bilbruke, lingthorpe, well ; bur. at Skelluig- 

co. York. 2ud son. thorpe July 1589. 

bur. C Jan. 158:M. 

Anne, Elizabeth, bur. Margaret, s.p. Robert John Elizabeth, 

bur. at at Fulstow 9 — Copeland, Copeland, bapt. at 

Skel- Nov. 1G29. Will Jane, mar. Tho- bapt. at bapt. at Skelimg- 

ling- dated 21 April mas Ayscongh of Skelling- Skelling- thorpe 27 

thorpe 1020; proved Fulstow ; bur. at thorpc 3 thorpe 3 July 1589. 

13July 1-1 Jan. 1629- Fulstow 23 Oct. May 1583. Julyl58G. 

1509. SO (Lincoln). 1611. 

John Copeland, 




thorpe 20 Feb. 

bur. at Skel 



20 Feb. 


FrancisCope- William Robert Copeland of 

land, s.i>. Copeland, s.p. natcliffel034;mar. 

J. — Elizabeth, dau. of 

Charles Cope- :Markbam John Dymoke of 

land, s.p. Copeland, s.p. Kyme; s.p. 



Coplctiihc ol ^}arnnr!;ton. 

[51S. C. i:-., Ilnaia.s' CoWv^v. llarl. MS. ir.r.O.] 
Aii}i\-i}.—Ar(/i'iit, a clicvron Iclirmi t/u re cio-^s-rrofsldf (iiilc!. 
Roger Copl(;-(likc=f Elinor, cLui. and heir of Ka'ph Spalding. 

Sir Alan Copledike, Knt., of Franipton=p]Iellen. dau. of Ricliard 
2 Edward I., li'73-1. I I.eake of Ecake. 

I I I 

Sir r.o-cr Copldikc of (V,pl,^likp-^Aoiie?. dan. Alan do Cople- William de=p 

in rranii)ton I'd Edward E,lL",il--2; ' and coheir dikei'l Edward Copledyke 

inq. 18 Edward IE, loL'i. : of liapho L, I2'.i5-C. 2G Edward 

Friskeney. L, 1296-7. 

Sir Alexander CopIe-^Joane, dau. and heir of Sir John John de 

dike of Frampton, 
Knt., xt. 24, 18 Ed- 
ward IE, l:'^2-i; died 
8 Edward HE, 1331. 

Ilnntingficld of Hnntingfield Cople- 
llall by Aune, dan. and coheir of dyke of 
Thomas Eocklcy or Rokcley. Framp- 


Gilbert de 
dyke 23 

Ednuind=. . . . dan. of John=f • • • • dan. of William Copledyke of- 

Coplc- Green of Greens Cojile- Sir William Framjiton, son of 


Norton,co. North- dike, 


John 10 Edward HE, 

Pioger Cople-=r. • ■ ■ <lnn- of Sir Cnfh- Ralph Copledyke of Framplon, liv-= 
dike. I bert Tunstall of co. ing 43 Edward IH., 13C9, and 

York. 6 Richard H., 1382-3. 

Cnthbei-t=pAgncs, dan. of Sir Richard William Copledyke of Frampton IG 
Copledike. Tilney, Knt. Richard H., 1392-3. 

John Copledike. 

Sir Roger Copledike, Ijord of Harring-=^]\Iande, dau. and Thomas=. . . .dan. 

ton,;.?/., fet. 18, 8 Edward HE, 1334 ; lieir of Sir John Cople- of Thomas 

living 37 Edward HE, I3C3. Harrington of dike. Cromwell. 

Harrington, Knt. 

LTNC0].NSini:E pkdigre: 



Hir John, Kiit..^Arino, dau. ai,,! lieir 
of ]larrin;,'ron 4 Kichai-d j of llafo (<ir Sir Uich- 
II., 1380-81. ard)Crufi. 


. . dan 

Copied ike. V 



Alice, dau. = Mr John Coj.ledike of Harrin-ton, Kin.,=r^lnvgai-ot, dan. of Sir John 

of ... . 3 }renryIV..14(il-2; Slierilfof co. Lineoln Coiistahle of Flainownm.di 

IsL wife. Moo. -Will dated at Ilarniiirton on Palm ' co. York ; had dower 

Sunday MOS ; proved at Lincoln 3 iluy in lands in Norfolk Suf- 

1408; (to be) bur. in the Charch of " " ' 


folk, and Lincoln 1408. 
2nd wife. 

John Cw:.Ie- 
dike, 1st 
son 8 April 
1408 ; a 
Priest and 
liachelor in 

William Cople-r^^Eliza 
dike of Har- " " 
rington, 2nd 
eon 8 April 
1408 ; livintjS 
Henry v., 

Pilchard CopIe-=Annc, 

beth, dike, Srd son dau. of 

dan. of 8 April 1408; liichard 

left in caro of Bawdc 

his brother ofSomer- 

John ; died by. 


of CO. 


llavEraret, liv- 
ing 1408. 

Anne, living 
8 April 1408. 

Grace, living 
8 April 1408. 

William Copledike^pEfjanor, dau. of Sir Tho- 
of Harrington. mas Ilawlej, Kiit. 

Jolm Cople-=. . . . dau. of John 
dike. Langton. 

John (_ 
of liar 


^Margaret, dau. of ilargaret, mar. Sir 'i'jiomas Llizalietli, mar. 
Frederick Tiluej. ilns.seuden of Healing. Cieofli-y Cony. 

Sir John CopIe-'-^-Margaret, dau. of 
dike of Framp- 
ton, Knt.,and of 
the north-east 
window of Horn- 
castle Church. 

Thomas = . 

widow of Johu Etton. Will 
dated 12 Oct. 1520 ; proved 
18 May 1528, then a widow 
of Iloruea-stle ; (to be) bur. 
in St. Katherine's Quire in 
that church. 

of Jolin 
(or Wil- 
liam) Lo- 
of Scot- 

Anne, mar. 
Moigue of 

dike of 

dau. of Ila- 
uion Sutton 
of F'urion- 
coln ; remar. 
Nicholas Up- 
ton of \\'aiii- 
flete before 1 
Oct. 1525. 

.... dan.= 
of Simon 

inond of 
broke, co. 
Sutfolk ; 
widow of 
dock. 1st 


:Loonard=i=Thomasinc, dan. 

dike of 
2nd son, 
J. I'. 

and heir of Tho- 
mas Gavel of 
CO. Norfolk ; re- 
map., 1525, Ed- 
ward Calthorp ; 
died 1557. 2nd 


12 Oct. 

12 Oct. 




Sir .Tolm rojv, 
k'llikeof liar- \ d:ni. of 
rinjrtoii, eon i IticlKird 

aiitl lieii-, 
Shcrid' of CO. 
Lincoln 1548; 
died 12 Dec. 
1557; bnr. at 
Will dated 10 
Dec. 1557. 

(if Stains- 
bv ; died 
U Mav 
1552-, bur. 
at Har- 

I I 

Knt., of 
2nd son. 

mar. John 
Upton of 


=J<Jin Con--, 

daii. of 

l.Mbke of 


Kirkby, : 


1st son G 

field of 


CalaLs ; 

bur. at 

dicds.p. ! 

bur. at 

Norfolk, 1 


l;3 April 

CO. Nor- 





,1 1 
T- ran 
















Humphry Coplcdike of IIetherset,=pTl!onja=ine, dau. and heir of John Cople- 
00. Norfolk, 5th son ; sold Kirkby. I dike of Kirkby, co. Norfolk. 

lltunpliry Copledike, 
living 1 Sept. 1509 
(probably the Hum- 
phry Copledike, Oeut., 
bur. at Aswardby 12 
April 1G31). 

Edward Copledike, 2nd son, liv- 
injr 1 Sept. 1699 ; named his heir 
by his uncle Francis, bntdidaot 
succeed to the estates, which went 
to the issue of his cousin Tho- 
mas as nearest heir male. 

Fiiehard Susanna 

Copledike, (bur. at 
3rd son, Asward- 
livino; 1 bv 19 
Supt.1599. Oct. 


John Copledike of=Anne, dau. 

HaiTington, son and heir of 

and heir, at. 30 JohnEtion 

years and more 2 of Firsby ; 

March 3 and 4 died 10 

Philip and jNIarv, July 15S2; 

1557-8; Sheritl'^f iiur.atHar- 

CO. Lincoln 1507; rington. 
died 4 April 15s5, 
R.p. ; bur. at Har- 

Anne, = FraucisCopledike=pElizabeth,dau.of 
dau. of of Harrington, j Lionel Reresby 
2nd son, heir of ' of Thribergh, co. 
hisbrother John ; ] Yoi'k; proved her 
died29Dec.l599; ' luisbaud's will 5 
bur. at Harring- i Jan. 1599-1000 ; 
ton. Will dated , Patroness of the 






1 Sept. 
proved 5 
159 9-1 COO. 


Rectories of Har- 
rington and As- 
wafby 1014-15. 
2ud wife. 

I I 

John Copledike, died s.p. Anue, died s.p. 

William Cople- 
dike, 3rd son, 
bur. at Louth 
IG Feb. 1507-8. 

Thomas Copledike, 4th son, of=pEsther, dan. of Thomas Pal- 

Cla.xby 18 Sept. 1590 ; of 
Nether Toynton 1592 ; died 
before 12 Feb. lCOO-1 ; bur. at 
Nether Tovnton. 

freyman, merchant of the 
Staple. Will dated 12 July 
1003; proved 3 Feb. 1003-4; 
(to bejliur. at Net her Toynton. 

Iha, dau. of Sir=Thomas Copledike of Harrington,==Mary, dau. of Rich- 


William Ellis, Re 

conler of Lincoln ; 

died . . . . ; bur. at 

Harrington. 1st 


heirof his uncle, ait. 4, 1592; died 4 
Sept. 1058, net. 72 (according to the 
JLL), s.p. ; bur. at Harrington. 
Will dated 21 June 1(;57 ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 15 Oct. 1G58. • 

Enderbv of ! 

:\Ietheringhani ; ! 

surviving 1058. i 
2ud wife. 


. , Ll ^ 

. I I I I 

Elizabeth, >rai7, sister ami coheir, Hester, sister and cohoir, Antic, youn'^- 

1st dau., linrniruiii: mar. Ivlmund under aire ]•_• July ICik;,; est dan., under 

died before f^llisof Wellin^ore; died mar. at ' DIvton, 13 Oct. ai^'e 12 Julv 

12 July 23 Nov. ir.:;?, ivi. 47; 1612, lluijh Bcthell of 1G03. 

IGOo. bur. at \Veliincrore. Wintrinr'haui. 

Rose, unniar. 10 Pec. 15.^7 ; ilargaret, mar. Thomas Crofte Mary.nnmar. 10 Dee. 

mar Dirike of A iitwcrp; of I'.ardwell, co. Sutt'olk ; died 1 o57. 

liviug 1 Sept. 1590. 1 JuuelSGO; Bardwcll. — 

— — Rythc,unmar. lODee, 

Elizabeth, mar. Anthony Kathcrinc, mar. John Read 1557 and 10 Jan. 

Mecres of Kirton. of Wranirle. 1571-2. 

Edward Coplcdikc of Thrundcston,=p:\rargaret, dan. of Gcrge Cojiledike of ]!ur- 

. . . . ; widow of nard's Inn, London, 

....; surviving supervisor of his brother's 

3 Feb. 1C07-S. will 19 Dec. 1(;07. 

CO. Suffolk(probablyson of Edward), 
^yi!l dated 10 Dec. 1U07; proved 
3 Feb. 1G07-S. 

Ill II 

FrancisCo}v Edward Cop- Katherine, 1st dau.. Prudence, 2nd .\nnc, 3rd dan., 

ledikc, 1st ledike, 2nd mar. Henry Cliit- dau., ex'trix of ox'tri.x of her 

son, under son, under tocke ; ex'trix of her father 3 father 3 Feb. 

17, 19 Dec. age 3 Feb. her father 3 Feb. Feb. 1607-8. 1607-8. 
1607. 1607-8. 1G07-8. 

[Note. — Ct.pleilikcs of a yeoman class, bearing distinctive Christian names, were living: in 
the scveuteentli century. I append a. few wills. — A. R. il.] 
Thomas Coplcdike of Well, hn^niiiaman. Will dated 2S April, proved 13 Oct. 1613. Mentions 

his brother I.p.Kiaid (/upl^'iilc. 
Koljt^.rt Cnp'i-rkr of Kirsl.v. I::!,-' ur. Wiil d.ited G Not. IfiI2 ; proved 15 April 1613. 
William Cople^hke of Thurlby in I'.iMjy. Will d.ated 25 April, proved 16 May 1632. 
Humphrey Copledikc of Fort'hiogton, yc-oman. Will dattd 10 Jan. 1673-1 ; no probate. 

Corbttt of Setntljorpc. 

[Arms of Corbctt in Yorke's " Union of Honour" : " Or, three rool:s sable."] 

Arthur Corbett of Waiilip, co. Leicester,=pirary, dan. of Hugh Brad- 
3rd son of Corbett of Poutesbury, co. shaw of iloorebarue, co. 
Salojf. Leicester. 

I I 

Humphrey Corbett of Tiundon, merchant, purchased=Agncs, dau. of Margaret. 
Clay Hall in Winthorjie, co. Lincohi ; died at Stoke .... George ; 
Newington. Will dated 6 Dec. IGUO ; proved 8 June surviving IGIO. 

270 LixcoLNsunn; ptdickkks. 

Cortiliij^>iu: of i1cirmanl"![>. 

[MS. C. -iC, lloialds' College] 

Thoiua^ Cordwvne of rax--rAiidrv. dau. of Thomas r.ilclilfe 

wold, trustee ofhis brother- | of Xormaiiliy ; bapt. at Walesby 

in-law Thomas firoxholnie 7 0ct.lo7t;; mar. at Xorniauby 

9 April IGIG. i'd Nov. Id'M. 

Thumas CnRl-=pAnne, dau. of 'William Miisseiidine of ]UirE;h on Edward Cord- 

wj-ne of Xor- | Bain; bapt. at Alvinj^haiu -1 Sept. ICOo ; bur. wyne, 2nd son. 


Istson. at Xormanby 1 Aug. 1032. 


Thomas Cord- George Cord- William Cord- Anne. Elizabctli, 


■wyne, 2nd son, wyne,3rdson, wvne, Jthson, bapt. at 


bapt. at Xor- bapt. at Xor- l)apt. at Nor- Normanby 


manby 14 May maiibv 14 manby 15 Feb. 24 Feb. 


1622. Oet. 1G28. 1G29-3U. 1G23-4. 



I I 

Stephen Cord-==Anne, dau. of Thomas George Anne, mar. = Edward ^Yort^■y of 

Dowdeswell of Great Cord- lie. 27 Oct. Swallow (called 

Limber; mar. there wyne, 1G2G, fet. Worsley of Caistor 

26 Xov. 1633. 4thson. 18. in mar. lie). 

VFvne of Gre 
Limber, 3rd 

Thomas Cord^v)^le, l)apt. at Great Anne, bapt. at Great Limber 

Limber IC May 1G37. 12 Feb. 1 03 1-5. 

Coruluallis' of Lincoln. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Alilis. — S(tl'le, ffuflee ifeau, on a /esse argent three Corninh choughs proper. 

Sir Charles Cornwallis, Knt., of=pElizabeth, dan. of 
Botelers, Essex, 3rd son of Sir Thomas Farnliain 
Thomas Cornwallis of Brome. of Fincham. 

Thomas Corn wall i-J of =r Anne, dan. and heir of Samuel Bevereates of Ordsall, eo. 
Lincoln, youngest son I Notts, bv .Maude, dau. of Sir Edward Leigh, Knt., of Paishall, 
1C04. CO. Stafford. 

Bevercotes Cornwallis of Lincoln, bapt.=f Jaue,dan. Anne, 2 years old 1014 ; mar. 
at St. Margaret's, Lincoln, 28 June I of ... . Samuel Leii;h of Bushall, co. 
1620 ; dead in 1073. A Stafford ; bur. there 1GS4. 



11 f I 

Thomas ronuvnllis, hnpt. nt St. ^rar-aret's Eli/.abeth, bapt. at St. Jlaij^arct's 2i> 

24 March ir..'.^-.^> ; eiiteixd at (iravV Inu May HVol. 

28 March 1(;73. ' — 

— Marv. mar. William Bctlicll of Swin- 

Chark-s C-rmvallis, bapt. at St. Mar-arct's dun and Elk-rton. co. York ; died Ui 

28 Feb. IGfc'-S. Oct. 1(387 ; bur. iu York Minster. 

CoticjDtCin of ISur^Ij^c^ii^arslj. 

[P.. TiLS. Quecu's College, Oxuii, F.S.] 
Robert Coiighton^f Katharine, da«. of William Beruakc ; \yidow of Richard Bolle. 

I I I I I 

Thomas ^^ illiaiii Katharine, co- Grace, coheir, mar. Agnes, coheir, mar. 

Conghton, C'oughton, heir, mar. Wil- Jolm Tamworth of William Kyme of 

s.p. s.p. Ham Larke. Leake. Stickford. 

Cracroft of Cracroft 5}aU in g^o^sdjorpt. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Ingoldmells Court Rolls.] 
Arms. — T'o- pale vert and yuJes, on a lend indetittd argent three mnrtkis sable. 

Walter Cracroft.=r 

Stephen de Cracroft, Henry III.^ 

I \ 

William de Cracroft of Cracrnft== Robert Cracroft, = ]\Iatilda 
54 Henry III. and 2 Edward I. 14 Edward I 

Robert de Cracroft of Hoggesthorpe, heir of=p Alice, dau. John Cracroft. of=Agnc£ 

his brother IC Edward H., 1322-3; died of Robert Hogcrcsthorpe .... 

2 Aug. 24 Edward III., 1350. de Guuby. IC ^Edward II., 

I 1322-3; died s.p. 

John Cracroft of Hoggestliorpcson and heir, born and^Katherine, dau. of Robert 


bapt. at ITofrgesthorpe 13 ]\Iarch 9 Edward III., 
1334-5; Kt. '24, 13 March 33 Edward III., 1358-0, 
when he proved his age; living 44 Edward III. and 
17 Richard II. 

Westmeales of Skegnes 
sister and heir of Walter 
de Westmeales 15 Ricli- 

Robert Cracroft of=r-^gnes Tiiomas— . . . . Olive, mar. John Alice, mar. John 
Cracroft in Hog- I . . . . Cracroft. 1 dau. of Atlesay of Stick- JeiTry of Stick- 
ee-sthorpe 11 and ford. ford. 

13 Henry I\ 

Maiy, mar. Thomas Fulnetby. 

LINCOLN ^;^I^vE pedigrkf.s. 

John Ci-acroft=p. . . .dan. William 
of Cmcroft in and heir Crac-vufc. 
Hofrsrosthorpe of ... . 
10 Uenrj Y. .Stickney. 



and heir 


Sara, mar. "Wil- 
liam ilavcndike 
of Wiuthorp 
12 Henry IV. 

Robert Cracrof 
parisli of IIoi; 
Henry VI. 

of Cracrcft ITall in tlK'=pAlico, dan. 

gcstliorpe S, 4, and 1l' of AVillirtii 

of Horsing 


son ami heir. 

John Cracroft of Cracruft in IIoc'f:^esthorpe.=f:^rai-2:arct, sister and cohL-ir of Rich- 
Will dated 8 Feb. 14&t|-90 and 9 Oct. | ard Caletleteof Burgh H Henry VII.; 
4 Henry VII. ; proved at Lincoln 9 April surviving 1-189-90. 
1490 ; (to be) bnr. at Hoggesthorpe. 

William Cracroft of^^^Iargaret, 

Cracroft, son and 
heir, died on the 
Wednesday after the 
Feast of St. Hugh, 
1 Henry VIII., 1509. 
Inq. p.m. taken at 
Alford 22 April 

dan. of 
Topcliffe ; 
mar. before 

Richard Cracroft of 
Ingoldmells, had 
lands in Partncy, 
etc., by his father's 
will, which he proved 
9 A])ril 1490 ; died 
24 Sept. 8 Henry 
VIII., 1516. 

(See Pediguke 3, p. 277.) 

Henry Cracroft 
of Cracroft Hall, 
iBt son, of full 
age at his father's 
death ; died 2G 
July 9 Henry 
YIIL, 1517. 

Leonard Cracroft of Cracroft: 
Hall 1553 ; heir of his bro- 
ther and £et. above 23 at his 
death ; died 3 IMarch 2 and 
S Philip and Mary, 1555-6 ; 
btir. at Hoggesthorpe. Will 
dated 18 Nov. 155:) ; proved 
1 Feb. 155C-7. 



Jane, mar. 

dan. of 







18 Nov. 

berd of 





Richard Cracroft: 
of Cracroft Hall 
15C2, son and 
heir ; fct. 40 and 
more at his fa- 
ther's death; also 
of Boston and 
Claxby ; died at 
Boston 9 July 
15G7. Inq. p.m. 
29 April 10 Eliz., 

I I I I 

^Margaret, ^\ illiara Cracroft, 2nd son, 

dan. of under age 18 Xov. 1553, 

.John to whom his father gave 

Buhun of the lease of the Parsonage 

North of HoiTgesthorpe. 
Willing- ^ — 

hara. Thomrts Cracroft. 

Michael Cracroft, 3rd son, 
living 18 Xov. 1553. 

. . . ., mar. William Bleas- 
by of Bleasby. 

William Cracroft: 
of Mosgate in 
ilarsh, a legatee 
of his nncle Leo- 
nard 18 Xuv. 
1553; died 16 
April 4 and 5 
Philip and Hilary; 
bur. at lUugh 
the same day, 
1 558. 


LlXCOl-NSIllKE l'F,niGUEi:S. 


C I D 

Lccnanl Cracroft of=rAniie, dan. of 

Cracroftl[.ill,»t. 2G : Eicliard Rollc 

and more at bis i of Ilaiigh ; 

fatliev's (Itatli ; a I innr. before 

leirateeof liisncpliew ' loli;-! ; bur. at 

Sir.Iobn ll.ilio ICnC; lloggestlmriio 

bur. at I.oiith Oo ("> Jan.liiTS-O. 
Sopt. 10J5. ! 


Thcimas Cracroft of 
^Marsli, son and heir, 
a3t. 37 and more IG 
Ajiril 4 and 5 Philip 
and Mar3-, l."..").S; 
bnr. at Rnryh -25 
Jnne l.'>77. 

I I 

. ., mar. 

Richard Cracroft of Cracroft. bnpt.= 
at n..pi,'esthorpe \:> Dec. i:.78 ; 
a Ict'atee of his cnii.cin Sir John 
Bolle ICOfi; described of Cotteu- 
ham, CO. Cambridge, 1 Oct. ICIS 
and 1011); said to be " ajt. CO," 
1 C:U. The manor of Cracroft Hall 
ill Ifojrsthorpe was in the pos.^ession 
of Sir rialpli Jladdismi, Knt., of 
Fonab}-, ItloG, who devised it to 
liis 601! Hnmphrey and grandson 
Ralph Jladdison. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Tho- 
mas Reiidish of Bowes 
Hall in Bnnipstend, co. 
Esses, and sister of Sir 
Thomas Bendish, Bart.; 
widow of John Pepvs 
of Cottenham, co. Cam- 
bridge ; mar. at Cottcn- 
ham" IGOS; bnr. there 

I 1 

John Cracroft, 
bapt. Feb. 
1555-0; bnr. at 
Burgh 26 Dec. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
29 Aug., bnr. 
24 Nov. 1559 
at Burgh. 

V>'illiaui Cracroft, 
2nd son. 

John Cracroft, living 
4 Henry VII. 

Joano, mar. Robert Ncwcome 
living 1490. 

Robert Cracn.ft* of Burgh-in-th^ 
Burgh 1535. 

-Harsh, witness to the will of Thomas Temper of= 

William Cracroft uf Rurgh-in-^Elizaheth Howson. mar. at Rurgli ?,0 Jan. 1511-2 ; 
tlie-^Iarsh, bnr. there 2G Sept. I remur. there, 2 May 1558, Anthony Kyme of 
1557. Boston. 

Robert Cracroft of P.iirgh-^ 
in-the-Marbh, 1st son, bapt. 
at Burgh 8 Jlay 1544; 
bur. at Burgh 2 1 Nov. 1 575. 
Will dated 19, proved at 
Lincoln 30 Nov. 1575. 

Protasia, dan. of Tho- Leonard Cra-= Dorothy Ifaw- 

mas Quadring of h'bv crotl, bapt. at sou, mar. 30 

(heir of her motheV BurghlSOct. May 1581 ; 

Margaret, dan. of Tho- 154G ; bur. bur. at Burgh 

mas Dymoke of North there 5 Sept. 8 Aug. 1591. 

Carlton) ; bapt. at 1582. 
Burgh 12 Sept. 1547 ; 
remar. Allies Ashton. 

Robert Cracrofi, bapt. 
9 Sept. 1571 ; bur. at 
Burgh 28 Aug. 1584. 

Agnes, unmar. 19 Nov. 
1575 ; mar. at Bnri:h, 
10 Nov. 15S4, John 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Burgh 12 
May 1575; mar. there, 25 
July 159G, John Kirkmaa 
of East Keale. 

* Kobert Cracroft mar. at Burgb, 21 Nov. 1515, Helen Nelson. 



lluhcit Cra- 
croft, tin] It. 
at l>uv<;li '.) 

■r,,' F 

13 Mn 


isOriicn.ft of lUiri:!:. Fnlii'>tl\v,=pA)nie, ilaii. of Ocurgo .Iolin> 
risknev, son ami In ir. \A]'t. at ; of Tliwaite and Wainfli't 
■2d Oc-t. 1 :)»■,;• ; Ju.i 111 l\h. ituvcmI lier husband's will 
7. Will dated :"J Au'-. K'.U, ! Mairh li'.KMT ; romar.Clii 


X.) , t..i.l...-Pa 
in-- ICl.-.. 

A Dm-irh ; li Hiirr;- 

I I 

Bi-idt:ct. liapt. at P.iii 

L'7 y[-Mc\\ ](;i4 : ni 

there,: Jlay ]('.33,.J( 

North ; ?.rd daii. Id;' 

_ ' — livin.2r ItUJ. 

Elizabeth, hapt. :.'4 Oet. Pivta-ia, hapt. at Burgh ?, — 

159C; hnr. at llin-h 1 Oet. Uaifl ; mar. there, 2 Jane, 4tli dan. lOS 

Feb. 159C-7. Oet.lCiS, Richard Elsnm; mar. Uol.ert Stone 

2uddau.lG04; living li;45. Bin-i;h-in-tlie-Mar,^h. 


Anne, bapt. at Winthori.e ilaruaret, 

30 Jnly \■>'^■^ ; 1st dan. 1 .",;i:)-lfai( 

1G?.4 ; mar. Anthony Pal- May ICi' 

nier ofWintlioroe. Pearson. 

Thomas Cra- John Cracroft of Burgli-=pProtasia, dau. Leoiiaid Cracroft, bapt. 

croft, bapt. at in-the-i\rarsb, 5th son, of .... ; 8 June ICOS ; bur. at 

Bargh25July bapt. there 20 Oct. proved her Bnrgh 8 Nov. IGl J. 

1005; livinc: 1606; 4th sou 1034. ' husband's — 

22 Autr. lGl-4. Will dated 26 Nov. will 14 Nov. Christo],hcr Cracroft, 

1G5G; |. roved at liin- ! 16G1. bapt. 14 April, bur. 11 

coin 14 Nov. IGCl. June IGll at liiirgh. 

Williaru Cracrofc of^Priscilla, 

John Cracroft, Thomas Cracroft=f=^Iargaret, | 

North Coates, 1st 

dau. of 

bapt. at Burgh of Bnrgh-m-the- 

dau. of 


2Jan. 1039-40; Marsh, mercer, 

in-th.' -Marsh- 18 


ai)prenticed in ' bapt. at Burgh 

April 1G:-.S; a lega- 

ing 10 

the Fishmou- 7 Feb. 1040-41 ; 

tee of his father 20 


gers' Company 3rd son 20 Nov. 

Nov. 1G5G. Will 


7 July 1050 ; 1050 ; bur. at 

dated IC 11 ay. 

2nd sou 20 . Burgh 24 Dec. 

proved at Lincoln 

Nov. 1C5G. 1075. 

~ - 

12 Oct. 1G77. 

Anne, only child. 

Samuel Cracroft, bapt. 5 Oct. Anne, baj) 

. 18 Nov., 1 

under age IG May 

1007 ; 

bur. at Burgh-in-the- bur. 20 Dec. 1GG8 at 



20 Feb. 10G7-S. Burgh. 

George Cracroft, Bridget, 

4th son, born 4, bapt. at 

bapt. 12 Nov. Burgh 29 

1040 ; died 15, May, bur. 

bur. 10 ilareh at Croft 

1 040-7 at Pnrgb. 2G Aug. 
1030. ^ 

~T1 II M 

Protasia, bur. Protasia, bapt. at Cathenne, 1st 

at Burgh 9 Burgh Mayl043. dau. 2G Nov. 

Sept. 10 10. — lf!50. 

— Marv, bapt. 18 — Oct.' 1044 ; bur. Elizabeth. 2nd 

JiuighllMav at Purgh 5 Feb. dau. 20 Nov. 

1042. ' 1052-3.^ 1050. 




I I 

Gc'orgo Cracroft,h;iitr. 
at Wiuthorpo Ki Dec. 
159-( ; died IGlo: 
biir.iit St.Giks,(;ri|>- 

tjt itiirgli ■> l\h. 

i I I 

(iLH.rgeOracTofiof Fiil-=pHli7.;ilK'th, dnu. William CiMcroft, 
n.'tl.v and of 15iii-i:h. | i.C Sir .lohu Inipt. at Ruvdi 17 
idhoirlC/U; difd HclkofHangh, Oct. IGOi; ind 
Kilt. ; sole "le- son IC^U ; living 
gatec of lier KAb. 
iiiisbaiid 1 Oct. — 

KI;'.? ; biir. at Koliert Cracroft, 
Louth I'J April l-iajit. at lUirgli 8 
ICGD. Feb. 1(;03-1 ; ord 

sou U'loJ: ; living 

] 1 Oct. li;37 : bur. at 
.\lCord tlic same day. 
Nuncupative will niaik' 
Alford, i.iovc.l(('.P.C.) 
28 Nov. UM. 

Jane, dan. of Chris-- 
topher Skegness of 
Alford; bapt. at Al- 
ford llFeb.Ui-25-G; 
itiar. there I Pec. 
1G4.'> ; bin-, at Louth 
17 March U;5S-il. 
1st wife. 

Charles Cracroft of Louth, lst=F'Margarct, dan. of Hugh 
son, a3t. "12 or 13," 1G31; ffit. j Barker of Newbury, co. 
17 years 8 luonths and 4 days Berks, and Great Hor- 
at his father's death; Warden wood, co. Backs, M.D. ; 
of Louth 1675 and 1G84 ; a } widow of Francis Castil- 
legatee of his brother Tliomas i lion.Yicar of Louth ; died 
10 March 1G;i7-8 ; sometimes I 26, set. 75, bur. 20 March 
called "'Doctor;" bur. atlxiuth j 1712atLonth. 2nd wife. 
21 Sept. 1701. 

Charles Cra- 
croft, ba]>t. at 
Burgh 10 
Sept'. 1G48 ; 
entered at Al- 
ford School 1 
Sept. 16C2. 

I I I 

John Cracroft of Elizabeth, Alford 24 Sept. Anne, 

Louth, enteredat 1G4G ; mar.. 1st, 22 Jan. 1671-2, bapt. at 

Alford School 1 JolmEllerkerofRisby,co.York; Burgh 

Sept. 1G62; died 2ndly (settlement dated 8 Oct. 17 Sept. 

unmar. Adm'on 1G85) to William Gee of Bishop's 1G47 ; 

granted to his Burton, co. York ; she died his bur. at 

father 21 July widow and was bur. there 1 Dec. Louth 

1C80. 1726. =i= 23 Feb. 

^, 1GS2-3. 

Thomas Cracroft, born 
about 1681 or 1682 ; 
of Winchester College 
1694; "son and hrir- 
apparent" 10 ilarch 
1697-8 I Scholarof New 
College, Oxon, 1701, 
B.A. 171.3 ; resigned 
his Fellowship 1715. 



Marijaret, bapt. 


10 May 1672 ; 

bapt. at 

bur. at Louth 


16 April 1C81. 

19 May 



" A child," bur. 

at Louth 9 Nov. 


Martha, bapt. at Louth 24 j 
Sept. 16S4 ; mar. at St. 
Martin's-in-the- Fields, co. 
]\Iiddlesei-, April 1701, 
John Gerard of London, 
merchant ; bur. at Christ 
Church, London, 8 Oct. 
1742. =r 

JIartlia,only child ..f John Gerard and Martha= 
Cracroft; born 20, bapt. 22 Oct. 1707 at St. 
Martin's-in-tiie-Fields, co. ]\ ; mar. at 
St. Mary-le-Bow, London, 6 March 1728-9 ; 
died 19, bur. 2G May 1773 at Christ Church, 


.Tliomas Marsh of Chri-t Ciiurch 
in the City of Ijondon, bapt. at 
St. Lawrence, Old Jewry, Lon- 
don, 12 Nov. 1702 ; died 4, bur. 
11 Feb. 1747-8 at Christ Church 




Martha, only child that siirvived=j=Patience Thomas Adams of Bushcy C,\ 
infiiiicv, born 6, bapt. 18 June j co. Herts, Filazer to tho Court of K' 
1741 at Christ Church, London ; Bench, born 17 Aii?., bnpt. 10 Sept. 
mar. at St. Dunstan's-in-ilie-Wcst, ' at St. Martin's-in-tlie-Fieias,co. :\Iidrlle 

London, IS Au 
Feb. 1705. 

died in Ilatton Oardt 



(1 quo G. E. CoKAYNE, Ciareucicux Kiiig-at-Arras. 

Heni'jCra-"-^. . . . Tliomas Craeroft, 3rd son,Fe!low: 

croft, 2nd ' daii. of ^lagdalen College, Oxon, Proc- 

son lC3i ; I of tor 1G51, B.T). 13 March 1059-00, 

living 11 ! . . . . D.D. bv Koyal Letters ]07« at 

Nov. 1C80. i Cambridge. Will dated lu March 

I . 1097-8, then of Yo)-k,s. p.; proved 

at York 5 Aug. 1704. 

=Dorothy, dau. of John 
Roper, son and heir of 
lianceloL Roper, Alder- 
man of Hull ; widow 
of John Ellerker of 
Risbv, CO. York ; died 
3 Feb. 1703-4; bur. at 
Risby, CO. York. 

.... Craeroft, living 
India 11 Nov. 1G80. 

. . . ., 1st dau., 
11 Nov. 1080. 

. . . ., 2nd dau. 
11 Nov. 1080. 

Edward Craci'oft of=pElizabeth 
Louth, bapt. at Alford 
5 Sept. 1C32; 4th son 
1C34; bur. at Louth 
30 April 1074. 

dau. of 
; liv- 
ing 1080. 

Richard Cra- 
eroft, bapt. 25 
Sept. 1634 ; 
bur. at 
13 May 1042. 

Elizabeth, 1st dau., rot. 15, 
1G34 ; mar. at Bnri,'l), 14 
Jan. 1041-2, Robert Mor- 
ton, Rector of Withern ; 
living 1053. 

Charles Craeroft, 
bapt. 25 Nov. 1000 
and bur. 5 Oct. 
1060 at Louth. 

jMartha, bnr. 
at Louth 20 
July IOCS. 


?"lizabeth, unmar. 
1080 ; mar. at 
Louth, 28 April 
1691, John "Wors- 

Bridget, bapt. at Louth 
30 Jan. 1072-3; unmar. 
1080 ; mar. at Louth, 
19 Dec. 1004, Launcelot 

Hannah, 2nd dau. 
1634; mar. 1st La- 
timer Crosse, Ste- 
ward of the lands 
of Magdalen Col- 
lege, Oxon ; 2lidly, 
Samuel Nicholls, 
M.A., Fellow of 
Ma-dalen ; living 

Catherine, 3rd dau. 1034 ; mar., 
Jan. 1053-4, William Fitzwilliain 
of Withern. Will dated 24 July 
1086, then of Louth, widow. 

Martha, bapt. at Burgh 27 Sept. 
1024; 4th dau. 1034; mar., 
alMiut 1053, Charles Saundersou. 
Will dated 31 Jan. 1702-3; 
proved 9 JNLiy 1704. 

Bridget, 5tli dau. 1034; 
mar. at St. Martin's-in- 
the-Fields, co. Middle- 
sex, 13 Feb. 1671-2, 
Charles Radley, Gentle- 
man Usher to King 
James 11.; died 20 Nov. 
1079 ; l)iir. in West- 
minster Abhey. 

LlXCOLXSllniE rr.DiGKEr.s. 

rKDIGREK :a. (Sec p. 272.) 

Richard Cracroft. of Iiis^oldmellf^FElizahetli . . . 
^ i 


John Cracroft of Iiiiroldniellp, son and heir, wt. U! and more -f= Jane, dan. of . 

at his father'.? deatii ; <lied 14 Jlav 2;i Henry VIII., 1537. proved her husband's 

AVill dated 10 May 1537 ; proved (G.P.C.) luXov. 1538. will 15 Nov. 1538. 


Anthony Cracroft, 
2nd son 10 Jlay 

Katherine, 1st dan. of=f Francis Cracroft of Win-=pAnne, 
Hugh Granthamof Dun- I thorpe, 1st son and lieir, I dau. of 

holme ; sister of Hubert i a?t. -1 at his faher's death; ; died 1537. 

Grantham of tlie Black I died 17 Feb. 12 Eliz., 15SG. 

15G'J-70. Will dated 13 2nd wile. Two dans., li 
Feb., proved IG March 10 May 1537. 


Monks, near Lincoln. 
1st wife. 

Daniel Cracroft of Stalling-=pTJrsula, dan. of . 
borongh and Haltham-on- 
Bane, 2nd son, under age in 
15G9 ; a legatee of his half- 
brother .John 14 July 1C21 ; 
bur. at Waltham 14 Aug. 

Louden of Orrashy ; St.Michael's- 
on-the-Mount, Lin- 
coin, IC Aug. IGOl ; 
bur. at Stallius;- 
borough 21 JIarch 

I I 

Edmund Ci'acroft, 3rd son, 
of London, grocer, under 
age in loGl) ; mar. Eliza- 
beth Howe of Goltho (mar. 
lie. 25 Aug. 1 GOO). 

Jane, under age in 1560. 

William Cracroft, bapt. 
12, bur. 21 July 1G12 
at Stallingborou''h. 

John Cracroft, bapt. at ."^tal- 
lingborongh 18 Get. 1G13; 
living 14 July 1G21. 

Richard Cracroft, bapt. 
at Stallingborough 21 
March 1G15-1G. 

John Cracroft of Whisby and of Duuholme, son=pElizalicth, 
and heir; a:t. 11 at his father's death ; coheir of his I dau. of Wil- 
uncle Robert Grantham 1018, and then described of liam Beverley 
North Grimston, co. York ; died 4, bur. C Nov. 1G22 j of Grimstou, 
at Dunholme. Will dated 14 Julv 1G21 ; jiroved co. York. 
28 Nov. 1622. ' I 


bur. at 
10 Sept. 

.1 I 

Bridgett, mar., 
aftcr^ 14 July 
1C21,.. ..Dick- 

Elizabeth, mar., 
before 14 July 
1G21, Thomas 

Anne, mar., before 
IGlfi, Charles Wil- 
son of .Shee[iwu^h. 
Will dated 17 July 
and proved {C. P. C.) 
2G Nov. 1G5G, then 
a widow, of lleigh- 
ington, and (to be) 
bur. at Can wick. 

Jane, mar. at St. Peter- 
al-Gowts, Lincoln, 22 
Jan. 1C17-18, Jlichael 
Lawes of Lincoln, plum- 
ber (post-nuptial set- 
tlement dated 28 July 
IGIO); Peter- 
at-Gowts 3 April 1G35. 

I . 

Catherine, mar. 
at Sudbrooke, 
30 June 1(;25, 
Edward Monke 
of Broughton. 



WilHain Cnicroft^, J;ai. Francis Cracroft of Wash iiig-^.Taue, dau. of 

of Cold Hrtiv 
worth, 3rd son 
10 IG ; -^nd son 
IGoi ; difd 1 
March lt;;;i7-8. 

of . . . . ; m:i 

before 1 G- 1 
died b ■fore 

boroir^h, 4th sou IGIG ; di 
scribcil of Metliorin£;h:iin "2G 
An-. n;:>.-. ; 3rd s .n li;.;i ; 
bar. M. SpaMinL-- L'.^ .Mav 


.It Wushiuo;- 
borou-h h 
April I Oil. 

Ephraini Cracrott, son and 
lieir, Kb. ■[) years and 10 
months at his father's death, 
only child ; sold lands iu 
Fulnetby to Thomas Lod- 
iiigton 1G51 ; living in 
London 1C54. 

Vcun- Cracroft. ,,f Lin- Rolx rt Craeroft^Anue, 

coin City, bapt. at. of Donnington, 

Metheringham iNov. a legatee of his 

IGi'S ; died v.p. and brother Peter 

apparently s.p. Will 29 Jan. lGf'1-2, 

dated 2*J Jan., jivuved and of his sou 

C Feb. lG.jl-2. 10 Feb. lOSl-5. 


Koliert Cracroft of Grantham, ilied v.p.=Jaiie 'J'omlinson Fiaiicis Cracroft 

and a])pareiUly s.p. ; Imr. at Grantham of Grantliain ; of Leicester, liv- 

IG Feb. lG.s4-.i. Will dated 10 Feb. niar.tliereo Ajiril ing 10 Feb. 

16S4-5 ; proved at Lincohi 4 May 1085. 1GS2. 10S4-5. 

Jane Gibs.'i!,=j=Ciiarles Cracroft^f^Margaret, 2nd dau. of Gcorge=pSasanna 
mar. at Slea- | of New Sleaford, Christopher of Winkhill in Heck- .... 
ford 20 April apothecary, 3rd iugton ; bapf. at Heekington 17 3rd wife. 

I GOO; bur 
there 3 Dec. 
16G3. 1st wife, 

son, bapt. at July 104.J ; mar. there 4 June 

Washingboruugh IGGC ; bur. at Sleaford 17 June 

Jane, bapt. at 
Sleaford 1 Aug. 
1001 ; bur. 
there 25 ilarch 

Anne, ba;it. at 
Sleaford 21 
April 1GG3. 


bapt. at 
12 and 
bur. 17 
IOC 7. 


Cliarles Cra-^Sarah, dau. 2. Joseph Cra- 
croft, 1st sun, of . . . . ; croft, bapt. at 
of Sleaford, bur.atSlea- Sleaford 17 .May 
bapt. there 19-: ford280ct. 1G70. 
July 1GG9 ; ' 1714.. 
bur. there 22 i 
April 1715. 

Sarah, bnr. at Sleaford 13 April 

3. Fra.icis Cra- 
croft, bapt. at 
Sleaford 27 
April 1072. 

Francis Cracroft of Spalding, 4th=p.- . . . Roger Cracroft, Ctli son,=p 

sou, bapt. at Washingborough j dau.of bajit. at Washingborough I dan.of 

14 Oct. 1035 ; a le-atee of his .... 11 July 1039 ; living 29 | 

brother Peter 29 Jan. 1051-2;' Jan. 1 051 -2 ; dead before 

proved his biother John's will U | 23 Aimil 1009. i 

May 10G9. I 

Francis Cra- John Cracroft, Mary, bar. at . . . ., a dau., Edward Cra- 
croft, bapt. at ba])t. atSpild- Spalding 11 bur. at .Slea- croft, living 
Spalding 28 ing 12 S-pt. Dec. 107O. ford 30 June 23 April 
Jan. 1071-2. 1073. 107O. 1009. 



John r'ia.T..rt of Sp:iltlinrr,=pM;irr;aret, dnu. of William .Taiio. liapt. at W:T^h- 

livincr in:.l .iiul l(i.-)7 ; liail ; r.anilic of Spalding, and inglioroiigh 2'^ Dec. 

lands in ('.'!1 ] Ian worth ;' his lieir ; mar. at \\';isliin"- lfio3; linr tlnre -^0 

ditd v.p. Will dated 2;; n.orondi 'ill June ]G47: Dec. u;:;:.. 

April. ],rnvcd at, Lincnln proved h-r father's will — 

1-1 May D^iiO. , s Jan. 3C57-S ; surviving . . . ., mar. John Lod- 

23 April 1G69. iugton. 

I I ri '' I 

Thomas l.amhe Cracri.ft of London, I.a|.t. at Jolm Cracroft, liapt. IG Sept., I 

Cracroft, Spalding ) 6 July 1 'Us ; di.'d there. hnr.2-_' Dec. 1G4;» at Spalding. { 

living nnniar. ; hnr. there 2.0 ^lundi IGG'.K — 

8 Jan. Adm'on 20 Xov. IGGO to William William Cracroft, luir. at ' 

1GJ7-8. Johnson, principal creditor. Spalding 7 Fel). IGiOO-.')! . I 

John Cracroft, oii!\' 
snrviving Fon, bajit. 
at Spalding 22 Feh. 
1G51-2 ; a legatee of 
his grandfather AVil- 
liam Lamhe 1G57. 


William Cracroft, bapt. ]Margaret, bapt. at Spalding 25 
29 Feh. 1G54-.D ; bur. at SeptT lGo3 ; a legatee of her 
Spaldinsr IG ilav 1G55. father 23 April 1GG9 ; mar. at 
Spalding, 14 April 1C75, Tho- 
mas Ogard. 

William Cracroft, born 1, 
bapt. S Feb. 1GG2-3 at 

Jane, bapt. at Spalding 19 Aug. 

I f 

Kobert Cracroft of Whisbv 1G34, 1st son^rilartha, dan. of Sir Puchard John Cra- 

and heir ; jct. 21 and more at; his father's i Amcotts of Aisthorpe, Knt.; croft, 2nd 

death; afterwards of Ilackthorn and ' mar.settlement dated7 Nov. son IGIG ; 

Lincoln City ; bur. at Dunbolme 14 Sept. j 1608 ; mar. at Aisthorpe diedbefore 

1C67. Will dated 12 Feb. ]G66-7;|2S Feb. 1608-9; bur. at 1634. 
proved at Lincoln 19 Xov. 16G7. Dunholine 25 Aug. 1GC7. 

1 1 

Henry Cra- 


JIarv, 1st dan., vst. 

1 1 

, bapt. at Wickenbv 

Martha, 4tli 

croft, .oth 

20, 1634 ; mar. at 

17 March 161.5-16 ; 2nd dau. 

dan. 1C34; 

son 1634. 

Aisthorpe, 22 Oct. 

1634; mar. William Bedell; 

mar., before 

1640, John Shelton, 

living 12 

Feb. 1666-7. 

12 Feb. 

jrary, bapt. 

Clerk ; proved her 


1666-7, Ed- 

at Aisthorpe 

father's will 10 Xov. 

Jane, 3r 

1 dau. 1634 : mar. 

ward Barker; 

28 March 

16G7, tx-ing then a 

Francis I 


a legatee of 



CO. Notts ; living 12 Feb. 

her brother 


Richard 1 1 
Sept. 1684. 

Richard Crac 

roft of the Baii = Su5aniia, dan. 

Thomas Cracroft of 

=. . . ..proved 

of Lincoln, 

bapt. at Cold of . . 

. .; bur. 

Cold ITauworth, 

her hus- 

Hanworth 16 Nov. 1617; at S 

. Peter's 

bapt. at Doddin^ton 

band's will 

3rd son 1G34. Will dated in 


Pi-ot8 April 1(;28; 

18 March 

11 Sept.. 1684; proved at Line 


4 th sou 1634. .\'nn- 


Lincoln bvh 

snepliewTheo- 7 ^Ii 

V 1666. 

cu[)ative will made 


1 8 Feb. 1684-5; 

on or about 23 Feb. 

(to be) bur. 

at St. Paul's in 

IG.SO-Sl ; proved at 

the Bail of I 


Lincoln .is March 



2 so 


Robert Cnicroft of Wliii-by, 1st poip 
and heir, bapt. at Aistlmrjie 4 ^Mav 
IGIO ; entered at Gray's Inn 10 Oct. 
1G29; let. 2-1, KirU"; died v.p. ; 
bnr. at St. :\larj-le-\Vigford, Lin- 
coln, 23 Aui,'. li.'.lT. 

Marparet, 1st dan. of Uicliard 
Kcniington of Lund, co. York. 
Will dated 1-J Aujr. 1G:>-Mben 
of Wbisbv, widow ; (to lie) bnr. 
at Doddifi-ton. Adui'ouyOct. 

Robert Cracruft of Wliisby=f Anne, 1st dan. and colieir of John 

and afterwards of Ha 
thorn, only son, heir to 
his grandfatlier ; bnr. at 
Hackthorn 2 June 1677. 

I.udiiigton tif Fulnctby ; mar. 
ECttleuKut dated 8 Oct. 1GG4; 
remar. Francis Grantham of 
AVragby and Lincoln City (mar. 
settlement dated 5 Sept. IGSl) ; 
living 172G. 


John Cra- 
croft, 2nd 
son, ret. 18, 
lG3t ; liv- 
ing 12 Feb. 

ret, 1st dan., 
age 12 Ant:. 

^vfary, 2nd dan.,nn 
der age 12 Au2 

Jlary, 1st dau., Anne, 2rjd dan., Jane, 4tl) dan., Elizalieth, fith d 

• born at Fnlnetbv living 1G81. bapt. at Hack- bapt. at llacktl 

Hall, bapt. at Rand — thorn 9 April Sept. 1 G75 ; li\ 

4orU Nov. 16G5. Margaret, 3rd 1 G74; living 1 G81. Uisi. 
dau., living 1681. 

John Cracroft, 
bapt. 15 Dec, 
1GG8 ; bnr. at 
Hackthorn 17 
Jan. 1670-71. 

Richard Cra- Robert Cracroft of Hack-=pnrace,dau.of Rev. John 
croft, bapt. thorn, 1st surviving son Baxterof Lincoln ; mar. 
and heir, bapt. 17 Jan. 
1G7G-7 ; bur. at Hack- 
thorn 29 May 1712. 

bur. at Hack- 
thorn 2 Jan. 

at Holly well-cum-Need- 
ingworth, co. Hunts, 2 
Oct. 1701 ; Hack- 
thorn IG July 17U'J. 

John Cracroft, 2nd = 
son, born 8 JLarch 
1704-5 ; bapt. at 
Hackthorn 2 April 
1705 ; died 20 
Junel7C3,£et. 58; 
bur. at Louth, s.p. 
Will dated 20 :\Iar. 
1753 ; proved 21 
Oct. 17G3. 

dau. of 

died' ' 

17G4 ; 
bnr. at 

Edward Cracroft, Elizabeth, 1st 

3rd sou, burn 19 dau., born 13 

June, bapt. 11 Marchl703-4; 

July 1706 at Hack- 

Anne, dau. and: 
coheir of ]\Iartin 
Browne of [jouth ; 
boru 1713 ; post- 
nuptial settlement 
dated 25 June 
1734 ; died G, bnr. 
9 Jnly 1738, Kt. 
25, at 'Louth. 1st 
wife. D 

thorn 6 April 

1703 ; ex'trix 

of her sister 

24May 177G; 

died numar., 

jct. 81 ; bur. 

at Hackthorn proved 24 May 

19Julyl7S4. 1776. 

^Robert Cracroft of Hack-=pRebecca, dau. of Edward Waldgravc 


Thomas Cracroft, 
4th son, bur. at 
Hackthorn G 
April 1708. 

Grace, 2rul dau., 
bapt. at Ilaek- 
tlioni 12 April 
1708 ; died uu- 
niar., at. G8 ; 
bur. at Hack- 
thorn 9 Feb. 
177C. Will dated 

13 Aug , 

then of Louth ; 

thorn, 1st son and heir, 
born 6 Feb. 1702-3 ; 
bapt. at Hacktliorn ; some 
time of Louth and of the 
Close of Linajlu ; bur. at 
Hackthorn 9 Aug. 17G3, 
ret. GO. Will dated 14 
Aug. 17G2 ; proved 11 
April 17G4. E 

of Loutli ; niece of Rev. Bernard 

Wilson of West Keal Hall, Vicar of 

Newark, co. Notts, D.D. and Preben- 

darv of Worcester ; mar. settlement 

! dated at 5 June 174G ; died 4, bur. 

I at Hackthorn 9 Oct. 18u2, xt. 79. 

I Will dated 21 June 1799, then of 

i rheCloseof Lincoln, widow ; proved 

1 at Liucolu 9 Oct. 1802. 2nd wife. 




hum i; .lulv 
17;]2 ; died 


1.1 dan. and col.eir ef Marv, 3rd dan. and colwir ..f 

li.i- iii.ah.T, IxM-ii 1:1 S.'i.t. lirr ii,„r, l.Mi-n 7 .luiK- 17;;7: 

17. ■.■">: ii-ar. at l,..!i li. ls.\irj. luar. at l.ittl- Crinu-I.v, I'.l M.,v 

]7:.7, William .Mai-I,all of 1 7(;i;, .I..I111 XeUlkTliO of Littll- 

'riie.ld!rtli..ii.L' : di-d a. widow Grimsby; di\'d at l.iiicuin 12 

it Lomli 3 June \7W, ;vt. :,:>. Jan., bur. at l.ittle Grimsby 17 

=p Jni). 1800, ret. 73. 

^ =r 


Rf.bLTt. Wilson Cracroft of 
llackthorn. 1st son and heir, 
and of Donliani Court, co. 
Bucks; born G March 174C-7; 
died nt lli'jh AVycombe, co. 
Bucks, 27 Feb., biir. at Hack- 
thorn 15 March 17S7, aH. -10. 
Will dated -21 July 1781 ; 
proved IS :March 1787. 

Jubu Cracroft. of Haek-^ 
tliorn, 2nd sou, heir of 
Ills lirothor ; born Oct. 
1748; Sheritfof CO. Lin- 
coln 1797 ; died 2 Oct. 
1821. ffit. 73 ; bur. at 
llackthorn. Will dated 
311 Aiiril, proved 14 
Nov. 1821. 

=PLnelo]ie Anne, dau. of 
Charles Fleetwood Wes- 
ton of Soiuerby, Rector 
of Therfield, co. Herts, 
Prebendary of Durham, 
London, and Lincoln ; 
mar. at Durham 4 Feb. 
1782 ; died 20 Sept. 
1821 ; bur. at Hack- 

Penelope Anno, 1st 
dan., horn 1 May, 
bapt. 7) July 1789 
atHackthorn; liv- 
iny: unmar. 1857. 

Emily, 2nd dau., 
l)orii 12 July, bapt. 
30 Aug. 1790 at 
Hackthorn ; died 
unmar. Dec. 1828; 
bur. at Hackthorn. 

Lucy, 3rJ dau., 
horn i'.^ April, 
bapt. 11 June 
1792 at Hack- 


Arabella, 4th dan., 
horn and bapt. at 
Hackthorn 22 July 
1801 ; mar. :Ma- 
thew Henrv Lister 
of BurwcU." 

Eliza, dan. of JanicsLewis==John Cracroft, 2nd son,=rJane, dau. of Hezekiah 

Brown of the Close of 
Lincoln ; mar. at St. 
Peter's in Eastgatc, Lin- 
coln, 10 Xov. 1814; died 
1857 ; bur. at Boulogne- 
sur-Mer, France. 2nd 

of Powis Place, London 
mar. at St. Geor!:,'e-the- 
Martyr, co. Jliddlesex, 22 
Dec. 1807 ; died 7, bur. 
14 Feb. 1811. 1st wife. 

1781; Hector of Itiji 
ley, CO. York, and Chaplain 
to the Forces ; died at 
Xeu wied-on-the-Bhiue 2 1 
Sept. 1842 ; bur. there. 
Adm'on to his widow Jane 
2 Sept. 1843. 

Elizabeth Penelope 
Anne, mar. liev. 
John Zilaine of 
Bightou Wood, 
near Alresford, co. 
Hants; living 1857. 

John Edward Cra-: 
croft, 1st son. horn 
at Lincoln 4 Xov. 
1821 ; Lieut. G9Lh 
Ben'jal itounted 
of Alexan- 
der Wilson 
of Bryans- 
tou Square, 

Robert Cracroft, 2nd 
sou, born at Spa 4 
July 1823 ; Lieut, 
in the Austrian Ser- 
vice ; killed at Xo- 
vara 23 March 1849. 

Robert Cracroft, Barrister.=p Beatrice, dau. of Rev. Richard Parker of Claxby. 

Bryan Cracroft. - 



.ft,=Alico:M:iiin.dan.of Eiiiilv. 1st dan. 
l.,.ni" a: Valrn- 

Bcninid Cr» 

3k1 snn. l.cin at C'avltuii Colliti;jr- 

Hpa -';! March \V(»id,('ai.t. iladr 

].^28 ; ol Tiiuitv Aiiillerv'; mar. 

Coll(.-v, Call!- " St. Maryk-bi.iie 

bridgu, M..\. Cliurcli." London 
SO Doc. lbC.8. 


Jaiie, ^iid dan. 
at Ccn-a I'l; 
isiMi ; unniar. 

ISIT ; mar. at — 

Dnissclp. 11 Justiua. ;;rd dan., 

Nuv. ls.-.7.Rev. b-rn at Dieppe I'l 

William Slater Jnly, di^'d tli..-re IS 

Crowdv. Sept. ls24. 

I I 

Thomas Cracroft of West Keal,=pElizabeth. dan. of P.entley Edward Cracroft, 

Srd SOD, born 11 Sept. 1749; i Bennett of Keddinp;ton by 4th son, born IG 

ex'or of liis mother "21 Jnne ' :Martlia, dan. of Edward Nov. 1750 ; bnr. 

1709 ; died at AVest Keal May j Avscongh of Louth ; died at }laekthorn 23 

1813. at West Keal Felj. 1S07. Dec. 17G3. 

I I I 
John^lLarrict, Cliarle.s Cracroft. s.p, 


dan. of 

P>enDett Cracroft, s.p. 
Aj-scough Cracroft, s.p. 

Thomas Robert=f=Isabella, dau. of 
Cracroft of Har- j Willingham 
rinirtoii, died Franklin of Spils- 

suddeidy at 
Horncastle 11 
Jnly 1824. 

by ; survivini: 



Harriet Maria, Sophia Leti- 

mar. Charles tia. mar. 

Rice of Bos- Williams 

ton. =j= Rice. 


I t I 
Henry Cr 
croft, s.p. 

Thomas C 
croft, s.p. 

Sophia, ui 

I I I 

Catherine, unraar. 

Isabella, mar. 
Captain Lucy. 

Emma, mar. G.B. 

I I 



Will dated ifaria 

9 An 


I I 





liCtitia Ann, last surviving Diana, 2nd 

child, born 1778; mar., 4 dan., born 

April 179C, Rev. Robert 1789 ; died 

Brausliy of Hinghani, co. at Derby 4 

Norfolk; died at East Carl- Jan. 18C0, 

ton, CO. Norfolk, 17 March jst. 71. 
18C6, Kt. 88. 

Bernard Cracroft, .5th son,=pMary,dau. of Charles Cra- 

born 28 Dec. 1752; ex'or 
of his mother ; Rector of 
Rippingale and East Keal, 
and Yicar of South Elking- 
ton ; died suddenly in llor- 
bling Church G May 1821. 

. . . . ; born 
1757 ; died 
at Barton-le- 
Street, co. 
York, 19 Aug. 
1837, ret. 80. 

crofc, Gth 
son, born 31 
Mav 1 754 ; 
livin- 1781. 


Francis Cra- 
croft, 7 th 
son, horn 2 
Oct. 1755; 
living 1781. 

GeorU Cracroft. Edward Rebecca, :Mary, 2nd dan., died Harriet, eldest 
_ Cracroft living unraar. at York 13 dau.,underagc 

Robert Cracroft. 1799. Feb. 185C, xt. C9. 21 June 1799. k 




I I I 

\VilliiAiii=pEli7.abeth, il;iii. of Eduiund Ci-acroft,=ir Elizabeth Cleincntiiuv, 

Cnicroft, Joseph llawkfs of iUh son, bapt. at I d:H!. of only dau. l.iy ind wife, 

Ilackthoru 2 Jnly | . . . . born and bapt. at; 

17';:-'; ex'or of his I Ilackthoru 13 Oct. 

iiiothi.T 21 June I 1700; bur. at llack- 

1790. thorn 14 Dec. 1771. 

8th son, ' London, n Levant 
born 14 merchant. I 

"William Walter Cracroll.=^Jane, dau. ITeurv Cracroft, Bombay=r. . . . da 
Cracroft, of Pciiantr C.S. of Eduiiind Infantry, dead before' 
B.C.S. " I Cracroft. 181)7 

.efore 1 of 

General Bernard Cracroft of Bath.^p 

Major Cracroft, H.^M. Prison, Uolloway. 


Elizabeth Clementina, under age 21 June 
171)9 ; mar. Alexander ^Yilson and had Thomas 
issue Enim.L, mar. her cousin Jo!in Broadley 
Edvrard Cracroft. 


mar. Sir 

Trances, mar. 
Poi>e, Colonel 
in Bengal 

[llarl. MS. 1550. JIS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

AitMS.— .flryi/i/, a lion rampant suble, in the dexter point a cinrp/e/oil e/ules, 
irherton a mullet or. 

John Cressyof Blyborough. Will dated=rDorothy, dau. of 

3 Sept., proved 4 Oct. 157G. I 

Pvobert Cressy of Bly-=pElizabeth, dau. and heir of Thomas John Cressy of Bly- 
borough. I Wigan. borough. 

I I I I 

Nicholas Cressy of Fidsby in Kirkby-=rFrances, dan. of Sir Henry Henry Cressy. 

on-Bain, purchased Fulsby of S'ir ; Ayscough, Knt., of Bly- — 

Henry Glemliam, Knt., Sept. 10O3. borougli. Will dated 11 James Cressy. 

Will dated 22 Feb. 1029-30 ; proved , Aug. 1038; proved 2G Jan. — 

■jAug. i03(». I 1C39-40. Walter Cressy. 

Cre.ssy, dead 
before 1037. 

ster of Charles Thomas Cressy ,=rEli7.abeth, dau. of 

Ferdi'naiido Jef- Cressy, 3rd son, lilajor I Sir Henry Glem- 

frevrs. Willdated 2nd in the Army. , ham, Knt., bv Anno, 

5 "Sept., proved son. I dau. of Ihomas, 
3 Oct. 1037. 

Earl of Dorset. 





Nicholas Crcsy. mar. EdwavJ Ferdinand,., Anne, l,cire.s,-Sir Thomas Pav- 
trh^^l:i:\Vl ^'^^^•' f^^^-^-' ._ d,ed 11 Jan.lkyns, Bart., of 

sold Fulshy to Juhn liviiit;' 
Xeltliorpe "li!:.?. ICoT? 

1037. 1725-G,R't.02. | 


Jane^f Sir Edward 
KiiL, of 


mar. lie. 
dated 4. Jan. 
xt. 20. 

Curtis of 
Toy n ton 
by Si)iLsby. 

[MS. D. 23, Heralds' Colk-ge.] 

Arthur Creasy of: 
Sea why IGotf. 

iriehael CVessy of Glamford Brigg. AVill-pEh-zub.'th, d^i 
dated i; Feb. IGSU-Sl ; proved It3.s3; lands | of 
lu Seawby, Ilibbaldsto-ft", Broughton. 

Cressy of 

Richard Cressvof=^Elizabetli. dan. of .John ( 'ressy. Susannali 

Kavendale. Will Michael .Af.. nekton — mar.. ' 

dated 7 March of Thornholnie ; Elizabeth, Gooche. 

1C77-8; proved e.\'trix in 1G78. mar 

18 April 1078. j pyui. Lydia. 


L;etitia,heinj.-s, mar.- 
IC'Ji. Will dated -20 
June 1740; proved 
at Leicester 174G. 

Edward Richard Cressy of=pAlic(.'. dau. Arthur 

of Richard Cressy, 

Thorokl of uuder 

(Uixwold ; age ill 

ex'trix in 1C78. 

Wigley.Knt., Ravendale, Clerk; 

ofSer.iptoft, died 1740. Will 

CO. Leicester, dated 30 .Tuly 1 733; 

/\ provedG.\prill747, 

Richard Cressy, e.x'or in 1747; legatee of=Rachael, dau. of Rev. Thomas Shaw, 
his cousin Lady Wigley 1740, s.p. Will Rector of Wyberton. Her sister Mary 
dated 28 Oct., proved i, Dee. 1757. married John Coltman of Hagnaby. 


. ..Wilhan 














of :\lan 

t.jii 1 

G( !> ; 

under .- 

a-e IG 













[Note.— Thcie two fa 
shirt-.— A. U. .M.] 

^s are prub.ibly offi 

from the Cressyi of Uirkiii ia York- 


Culbfrlnfll of trotter. 

[MS. C. 23, IIcr;t!' College.] 
William Cnlverwell of llo,„lcy, co. Mi,iaiesex==. ?. . dan. of . . . . Berne^-. 

Xichohis C'ulverwell=p. . . . dau. of ... . Joyes 

Samuel Culvcrwell of Cherry Burton =Jane. dan. of Thomas 
CO. York, Clerk. San,pson. 

Jonathan Cul- Nicholas Cnlver^vell of=^rag,lakn, dau. of Sir Ricliard William- 

verwell, 1st Cherry Burton, co. son, Knt. ; mar. at Gainsl.oroii<'-li !■■> 

son, died s.p. York, and of Scotter, July IGOO ; remar. at Scottcr, lO^Au''". 

CO. Line; bur. at ]r,3ij, Gerald Baveiigc ; called in yc 

Scotter 19 Oct. 16?.o. Visitation IMargaret. 

I I i \ 

Elizabeth, Mary,mar..John .Anne, n,ar. Lewis Jane. mar. to loihert Cromi.fou 

mar. to^_ Forsey of Duck- Clarke of Wei- a Clerk in the .Uienation UtficJ 

John Win- well, co. Lcices- bourne; bur. at iu London, afterwards resided 

tringham ter (? Forsay of Fiskerton 15 Dec. at Great Lritfield, co. Yo.-k, 

of Holder- Bakewcll, co. 1630. where he died in Sept. lCi6. 

uess. Derby). — 


€mt of ^Dinrijljrdu 

[This family has liad its pedigree compiled and printed bv Ladv Elizabeth Ciist 
in "Kecords of the Cnst Family," published In- Messrs. Mitchell and Hu.rhc<: 
140 Wardour Street, AY.] " "^ ' 

iSachljam of Colcl)|^. 

Arms. — Gales, three steeple-spires anjcat, two and one. 
.... I)ackham.=p 

Henry Dackham=Dorothy, dau. of Thoma? Wiliiaoi Dackhara of Cole-=Bene- 

of Colcby, /;/., Hawiey ; widow of Kobert by, brother and heir of dicta, 

levied a fine of Brookbank ; held huids Henry; jet. 30,2 Dec. 14 dau. of 

Lis lauds in Cole- of St. Katherinc's fee in Eliz., 1571 : had licence to ; 

by Trinity 9 Eliz., Coleliy o Edward YI. ; alienate the manor of St. mar. 

15«7;died2Dee. surviving SX Oct. IC Katherine's iu Coleby 2 before 

11 Ehz., J.^TL Eliz., lo74. .Sept. 37 Eliz., i:.9L Trinity 


Henry l)a'jkham= Adriana. dan. of . . . . ; had licence to alienate the manor 
of Coleby. of St. Katherine's fee in Coleby 2 Sept. 37 Eliz., 1594. 



BaliGon of ilau^-ijton. 

Anns. — Guks, three cresctnfs or, a canton ermine. 
[The early jiavt of this pciliLrrcc is given in " ^Miscellanea Gcnealogica ct 
Heraldica." Vols. II., III., IV., V., Second Scries, as also in the " Visitation of 
Lincolnshire, loCi."] 

William Dalison of Lang!uon,=rAnne, dan. of George AVast- 
died JG Dec. 15iG ; iuq. ji.iu. uevs of lleadou, co. Notts; 
21^ July luJ7. living 1017. 

George Dalis'^n of Laughton, Is 
June 1549 ; inq. IC Sept. : 

:L>n, died 2t' 

=. . . . dau. and heir of Itobert 
llopkiusou of Kirmin?ton. 



Dalison of Kirmington, Ist^Anoe, dau. of 

1 1 

George Ilalison, bapt. 

son, a3t. 

14, 1540 ; heir to his srrcat- 

Kobert Digh- 

at Habrousrh 20 Feb. 

uncle Roger Dalisi.u, D.D., Precentor 

ton of Great 

1543-4 ; bur. there 2G 

of Lincoln Catlicdral, 15G7, then ret. 

Scurtou ; bur. 

April 1544. 

above 31 

; died 20 Jan. 15SG-7 ; inq. 

at Laughton 


p.ra. 20 
Jan. 158 

April 15S7. Will dated 27 

14 June l.')70. 

Thomas Dalison, mt. 

0-Sl ; proved 7 May 15.S7. 

2i, 1549. 

.... dau 


=Sir Koger Dalison,— Elizabeth, =.-\nne, 

1 1 1 1 
Marraaduko Dalison. 


Knt., of Laughton, 

dan. of dau. and 



knighted at Belvoir 

IMarma- heir of 

Gilbert Dalison. 


1C05 ; created a 

duke Tyr- William 

Knt., of 

Bart. 1 Gil ; bur. at 

whit of Tuthill 

Elizabeth, mar. John 


St. James's, Clerken- 

Scotter. of co. 

Langton of Langton. 

1st wife. 

well, 13 ]May 1G20. 

2ud wife. Norfolk. 


Adm'ou 21 Jan. 

3rd wife. 

Agnes, bapt. at Lautrh- 

1G21-2 toaci-editor. 

ton 8 Feb. 15G7-8. 

Sir Thomas Dalison, 
Bart., of Laughton, 
bapt. there 4" June 
1591; killed at Nase- 
by 1645. 

Edward Dalison, bajit. 
at Laughton 4 Feb. 
1595-gI bur. at St. 
James's, Glerkenweli, 
3 May 1G24. 


Anne, mar. Sir John Wolsten- 
holme ; died in Fenchurch 
Street, London, 25 Nov., bur. 
at Stanmore Magna, co. 
Middlesex, 5 Dec. ICGl. 

John Dalison, Isabel, bur. at 
xt. 12, 1549. Habrough 16 
April 1547. 

Anuc, EEt. 13, 1519 ; 
mar. John Wharle ij\' 


Elinor, let. 10, 15i9 ; 
mar. Tiioraas .Vnder- 
son of Castlethorue. 

William Dalison, 2nd son, Au-- 
tumn Reader of Gray's Inn 
1.548; M.l'. for Lincolnshire 
1550; Serjeant-ut-Law 155l' ; 
King's Sei-jeant 1555 ; Judire 
of K.B. 155C ; died 18 JaTi. 
1558-9 ; bar. in Lincoln Cathe- 
dral ; inq. p.m. G April 1559. 

rElizabeth, dau. of Ro- 
bert Dighton of (Jreat 
SLurtou ; mar. befjie 
23 March 1544-5; died 
GOct. 1578 (others say 
(; Dec. 157G) ; bur. at 
St. James's, Clerken- 
well (but not entered 
in the Register). 

I I I 

t. mar. William 

Anne, mar. Edward Tyr- 
whit of Staiutield. 


"William l>iili<on,— ^^ikcstor. d:ni. cf Rol^ert Penn TJnl.crt Dulison. ■2nd ?oii. of 

1st son. I of Ilnlin^-. c. Ktnt. Grnv's Inn 1 .liino l.".;:. : 

> olCivL-twi-ll : lair. iIkic, 8.p. 

See r.mlr"> " Lniulua dcmvy" Will diitid i>:i An-. liUC ; 

and '■ IvMiiicL liiiromtago." piuveil H I-Vb. l(n0--'O. 


Sir Thomas, dan. of Elizabeth, Joyce, mar. Walter Mary, 

of GreetNYcll, ordsoH, Humphrey Little- mur. Jubn Aston of co.Statford. — 

knighted at White- ' bury of Stain.-^liy ; AValker of — Jane, 

half 1003 ; died 20 ; died May ] Oi'il ; co.Somer- Barbara, mar. Sir 

March 1G25-6; bur. ; bur. at Greetwcll. set. John Jferes, Knt., 

at Greetwell. i of AnLourn. 

William l>aiison of Greeuvell, 1st son in:U ;=^II(-ter, dan. and heir of George 
heir to his uncle Robert Dalison of Greetwcll. Bka>bv of lileu-bv ; baj.t. at 

Lec'sby 11 April i:>S7. 

Sir Eoliert Dalison, 1st son, of Gray's Tnn== George Dalisou, of Grav's Inn 

17 Aug. 1 032. 17 Aug. 1632. 

j I I 

William Dalison, 1st son. George Dulisou, 2nd son. Katharine. 

George Dalison of Bleasbv, 2ud son,=fLucy. dan. of Sir Francis Metcalfe, Knt. ; 
living 162G. ' bapt". at Keddiugtun 9 Oct. 1G03. 

i in n \"\ I I 

Francis William Dalison, bur. Katlmriii.'. Jane, bapt. at Legs- Hester. 

Dali- atI,egsbj24Dec.lG3G. — by 20 June 1G32. — 

son,a;t. — Anne, bapt. — Anne, bapt. 

^ year Thomas Dalison. bapt. at Le--l'V liarbara, bapt. at at Logsby 

1G34. at LegsbySMavlG3s. 21 Julv Leg.sby 12 Nov. 10 May 

1G31. 1G33. 1639. 

I 1 i I 

John Dalison, Sir Charles Dalison, Srd-^Elizabeth, Anne, mar Lawrence 

2nd son, died son, knighted at Lincoln j dau. and of co. Lincoln ; dead before 

4 Oct. 1597; IG 12; Kecorderof Lincoln ; coheir of 1C2C. 

bur. in Lin- 1G36 ; Serjeant-at-Law ! Robert — 

cola Cathe- 1GG4 ; died at his house ' Smith of :\hirtha, mar. Laurence Sty- 

dral. in ISloomsbury 12 Jan. ; Lincoln. n.p „f the Cluse of Lincoln ; 

lGGS-9. ' 1 living 1G2G. 

William Dulison, l=t son, Jol.n Cliai'les Dalison, 3rd Sarah, bur. at St. Au- 

liapt. at St. ilargaret's, Dali- son, bapt. 2C March, drew's,Holborn, 1650. 

Lincoln, 1 JtinelG31 ; of son, bur. at St. Margaret's, — 

Grav's Dm 29 :Mav 1649 ; 2nd I,incoln,20.Sept. 1G42. Anne, mar. SirWilliain 

slaiii at Jamaica in West mmi, — Thorold of Hough, 

Indie.s. s.p. Charles Dali.-un, :et. Knt. 

18, 16CS. 1 




.1 M I M I 

Fili7,;ilielli, mar. nriilc^ct, unmnr. Susanna, lia]it. ^lavv, iinniar. lltciniajiapt.rit 

"William Brails- IC.r.s. nt Nowark-on- l(;i;s. Nev\-ark 2;5 Jan. 

ford of Well ly, — Trent I'G Deo. — lO 17-8: uiimar. 

CO. Xotts. ' Martha, nnmar. 1014. Sarali.nnniar. Mr,.S. 

10G8. 10G8. 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 

AuJis. — Arr/cnf, tlircc (hcrrnnch hrareil in base sahh\ on a chuf of the s'tcond tli rec 
miilkts of thejlrsl. 

\ Sir Robert Danby, Kiit., of Thoipc, co. York.=p 

! I 

1 Thomas Danby, 2nd son, Standard-Bearer tii=pAnne, dan. of . 

Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, at Floddcn. I 

Svmon=pAnne, dau. of 





othy=Ralph Roke- 


John Bille.s- 

had an ille- 


by of Skyres, 


bv of Billes- 

gitimate son. 

of Cop- 

CO. York, 


bv, CO. Lin- 

lev, CO. 






Jane, dau. of \Villiam=pThomas ])anby of Billesby ;=j=HeIen, widow of John j 
Armsfron,!,' of Corby ;] pnrchasod the manor of i Good of Stallingboro' ; 

bnr. at Thorganbv 25 ' Thoreanby 2 IMav a2 Eli;^. 

Nov. 161C. 1st wife. 1 bur. at Bottesford 10 Ajiri 

j 1629. 

I r '\ 

John Danhv, Tln-mx^ Thomas Danbv 

bur. atThor- Danby, of Thnrganby, 

ganliy, in- died aat. 23 in 1G12. 

fant. young. 

at Beelsby 12 Sept. j 
1617. 2nd wi'fe. 




of Mi- 





lam of 

bapt. at 

Newark- ; 


lie. 3 




July 1619. 

Margaret, dau. =f=Andrew Danby=f=Joan, dau. 
of. ... ; bur. of Great Griins- i of . 
at Grimsby 19 by, bur. there i Ifan.s- 
March 1592. 20 May 1596. 1 worth. 
1st wife. 

Grace, mar. = John Es- ilargaret. 
at Grimsby tun of = 

7 May Grimsby. Richard 

1582. Di.xon of 





Thoinas=p. . . 
Pan by, j dun. 
bapt. at j of 
tiriins- I . . . 
by 31 

I I 

Elkn, bapt 
lS<_'pt. 1501. 

I I 

apt. at AnJrow Danbv, liapt.=f irar^arot, Elizabrtli, 
:.'(; a( (iiiiu^by IS July , daii.''or bant, at 

.> i 

real Lim"- 


. . Tan- 


■■'■; bur. 


.1; mar. 






1 ''^' 


! ic. 


Ill M I 

Jane, bapt. Thomas Dauby, bapt. at Lim- LUen, bapt. at Limber Katliariiic 
at Grimsby bei- 28 Oct. 1C27. 27 Aug. 1625. bapt. at 

at Grimsby 
S April 

1613. John Danbv, bapt. at Limboi 

22 Sept. 1G33. 


Jane, batit. at Limber 17 Jan. 
9 Jan. lGoO-31. 1G30-C. 

Sarnrll df (tl)cirn{)0lm, 

[llarl. MS. 1550.] 
itM.S. — Azure, tiro burs hcli'-cen six iniif:rle!!, three, ti'V, an J one, or. 
Sir Aitbur Darnell, Knt.-p 

KicliarJ Darueli.- 

William Darnell. John Darnell.^ 

of . . . 

James Dar-^pChristian, dan. and coheir of Henry Gurney of Lyminp;- 
nell, dead 2 ton, co. Sutl'olk, by Katherine, dau. and heir of Charks 
Eliz., 15GU. Brandon, Duke of Sni'Vilk; a-t. 50, G Kdward Yl., 1552; 
died 8 P^eb. 10 Eliz.. 157G-7. 2ud \vife. 

John=f--Aniie, dau. of Anne, mar. Adam Darnell of^pAnne, dau. and heir of 

Robert Allott by Ka:ue- 
rine, dau. of Thomas 
iliiisenden of Hely ng.f 

JohnDocwraof William Thornholmc, 

Putterid^ebur}-, 'Woodivard. died 3 Aug. 20 
CO. Herts. Eliz., 1578. 



» KO E'JCh 1 

t Tl.cVi.itn 



of ,-^Heleu. da 

Thornhohne and stick- 
ford, Knt.,I50i';bad the 
manor of Helyng after 
the death of his cousin 
Thomas JIussendyne 
and Faith his wife. 

id Mabell, mar. He 


leirof John Stan- of Twyford, co. Jliddlesex. 
low of Stiekfoi-d ; — 

adm'ix of her Uavy, mar. Silvester Burgh 

husband 13 Feb. of Kirtou in Liudsey. 
lGOS-9. AVill da- — 

ted 8 Oct., proved Frances, mar. Ralph Vava- 

8 Dec. 1G38. 

^'C is to be foiiTid in the register of Grimsby .— A. K. M. 
■ ir,')2 makes Ailniu Danicll maiTy Anne, dau. of l"homas Mu^scnck-n of Healing-. 

P V 



Sir Thomas Darnell of=rfvuali, dau. of 
Ilelviitr, created Bart, i Thomas FI-Ikt 
6 Sept'; It; -21 ; sold the 

I I 



llclyii.y; to 
.... Mannings' and his 
brother citizens of 
London ; died before 
8 Oct. ir.cs. 

and sister 1.1 
Thomas F : 

of I-lilll 

CO. :\[iddlc 
livini^ 8 


sister and 

Elizdb, ;1,. sister aiidco- 
heir,mar. William And- 
erson of r.roii.uhton. 
."rdson of Sir Kdinnnd; 
livint; 8 Oct. ICSS. 

Susan, living 8 Oct. ir.38. 

I I 

Helen, sister and 
coheir ; had 
Stickford ; mar. 
Tlioinns Hi-hop 


Barrcll of fl^odtotoUK 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Title-deeds of the Earl of Yarborongh.] 
Arms. — Azure, a lion rampant ar^/cnf, crowned or, armed and Jangued gules 

Sir Thomas Darrell, Knt. ; bought manor of= 
Horkstuw 17 May 1G07. 

Edward Darrell of 
Horkstow, levies a 
fine 1618. 




Christopher Darrell 
of Goole. 

George Darrell, 
D.D., of Westmin- 

Sir Marmaduke Darrell,=pAnne, dau. 
Knt., King's Cofl'erer ; 1 of Sir 
bought manor of Ilork- j Sampson 
stow of Edward Darrell i Eonnai'd, 
1020; settled Horkstow Knt. 
on 2nd sou. 


Sir Sampson Da 



Katherine, mar. 

1 1 

Mary, mar. Robe 

Knt., bur. at 



dau. of Ro- 

James Harring- 

Geor<,'e of co. Sui 

mer, co. Ducks. 


bert Fitche 

ton of Rand, CO. 


of Hork- 

of CO. War- 

Lincoln, author 




wick ; mar. 

of " Oceana." 

Elizal.ieth, born 

2nd son. 


April 1597. 

Marraadnke Darrell=T=Rridget, 

of Horkstow ; sells 
the manor of Hork- 
stow 1CS.J to Ed- 
ward Darrell, citi- 
zen and stationer 
of London. 

dau. of 



of York ; 



2nd son 

Edward Dar-=pAnne, dau. of 

of White- 
chapel, CO. 
3rd son ; died 
17 Dec. 1707. 

George Phi 
lips of St. 
Mary, White- 
chapcl ; mar. 
lie. r. Sept. 

I ! 





ManuarlnkL' Darrell Nicliolas Dan-cll 

of llorkstow, living of Xew Cullogc, 

1GS5 ; joins in the Oxford, 105-2. 



Darrell, dead Darrell, 
in 1715. dead in 


Edward=p(?) . . . 
" u. of 

Edward Darrell of Putney 1715 ; sells Horkstow=pElizabeth, dau. of. 

Robert Darrell of Putney ; joins in sale of Horkstow 1723. 

Babp of ^Ciilxt. 

[}Iarl. MSS. 757, M17. Queen's College MS., F.S.] 

John Davy=pGrace, dau. of Piehard Hall of Burgh by Beatrice, 
of Leake. I dau. of William Larke and Catlierine Cowton. 

William Davy of Leake.^Beatrice, dau. of ... . Cracroft. 
'_ I 

John Davy of Leake. Will dated 26 Feb. 154G-7;^ dau. of 

proved 20 ilay 1517. I 

I i \ i 

Piicliard Davy, ret. 17 in 1547. John Davy. Geoffry Davy. Thomas Davy. 

William=Ellen, .John Davy of Holbeach, Elizabeth, mar Staftord ; 

Davyofllol- dau. of hcirof hisbrother; aat.Sl, called in her brother's will 
beach, s.p 25 Sept. 1557. " Lady Elizabeth Stafford." 

BalDSon of i\ou5ljton aiiti jHarsI) CIjapcL 

Thomas Dawson of Harsh Chapel, living 1GI7- 

dau. of. 

Thomas Dawsou of P.ou'jhtuu.^pMaiv, dau. of Elizabeth, bur. at=Thomas Ya 

Will dated lU Sept., proved I Alviugham 15 borough of 

19 Dec. 1028. April 10:37. Saltfleetby. 

I I 

Judith, coheir=AV'illiam Riggall of Katherinc,^-:Mark Pilkingtou. 
Wrafrholme. coheir. 



Arthur Jhnvco,), Ctirato of Jfarsli Ctiapd l.'iUO ; Curate=p 
of Fiilstow : l.ui-. at Fiilstow S Au'^. H'r.WK 1 

..1 I I I 

AVilliam Dawton, bapt. Georce Dawsrm, Alice, l.a[)t. at Susan hapt at 

at JIarsh riiapcl Jan. bur. at Fiil>tow 4 ^^laifli CliapcU Jlarsh CI-aMcl 

1003-4. Sopt. IGoO. March lGOG-7. 18 April IGos. 

[Note.— I ada this pc-.lij:iL>c. c-'mpiled from wills at LiocL.ln, which is eviileiuly aa offshoot 
of the Suttorljv family. — A. K. M.] 

BaUison of ^uttcvi)j>. 

An-Mii.—Arijenf, two pales saVIe, a chevron giiks ; on a canton of the last a or. 
Crest. — A dccter arm, embowcd, in armour proper, garnished or, hotdinj in the 
gauntlet a battle-cue of the laft. 

John Dawson of .Sufterby. Will datcd^ 
11 Oct. 1510 ; proved 31 May 1541. 

dan. of . 

Arthur George=f Eliza- John Dawson, Aune, mar Hare ; living 1510. 

Dawson, Dawson licth, 1510. — 

proved his of Sut- dau. of — Jenytt, livintj lolo. 

father's terby Thomas Da\\ - ° — 

■will. son, 1510. Affnes, 1540. 


Christopher Dawson of Sutterby, died circa ICIO. 
Imi.p.m. ^ 

Thomas Dawsoii,=f^Eliza- John Dawson of=f= 
died 23 Aug. , betli, Sutterby, 2nd sou ; ' 
1631. Will dated i dau. of mentioned in I 

Eustace Dawson's j 
will 1635. 

16 Aug. 1631. I 

Eustace Dawson of Sutte'-by, 
yeoman. 'Will dated 2 ilaich 
1631-5; proved 9 April 1635; 
mentions his sister Massy and 
brother Richard Sibsey. 

Ill I 

Ihoraas Susanna, John Dawson of Sutterby, Barrister of Christopher Daw- 

Dawson, heiress. Inner Temple 1663, and of Bailyna sun, bur. at Croft 

dead Court, co. 'rip]ieraiy, Ireland ; men- 17 June 160:^. 

1631. tioned iu Eustace Dawson's will 1635. 


Dc la ?lauiitic of Qeiljb^'. 

Auyis.—Aryntf, a fcfsc liancetice licfirecn sir bilk/a ;/iil>:s. 

[See Croasov's '■ History of Sleaford," pp. 140— U"., for the tarlicr 
part of the pedigree.] 

Siniun l)e la I/aunde of Ashby temp. Henry VI.=t= 

Robert De la Lanndc, 11 Dec. 1493.=f= 


Thomas De la Laundo of Asliby (otlier\visc=pKafharine, dan. of William Kymo of 
Delalund), ret. 7.5 in l.'iiO ; siipervisor to Loni; Benin-ton ; heiress of her 
Lis son's will. Will dated 21 Oct., proved motiicr Isabella, dan. and heir of John 
(Lincoln) ?, Dec. 1 JJi). j Batte of Algarkirk. 

j \ r~ \ 1 ^^"1 

William De la Lannde = Marv, Edward De la Mnruaret, Eliza- Joan, 

or Delalund of Ahrar- dan.'of Lauiide, heir of his cx'tri^;to beth. — 

kirk. -^Vill dated 8 ; falher'slandinAsh- her father Dorothy. 

Oct.,provcd(Linculn) ex'trix by; living 1540; 1540. ~ ' 

20 Oct. 1540. 1540. ex'or to his father. Dead in 1540. 

Sir Thomas De la Lannde, K'nt.,of Horb-^Katharine, dan. and coheir 

ling, called aGa^con, but bearing the arms 
of be la Lannde of Ashby ; executed at 
Grantham 15 March 14 69. 

of Leo, Oih Lord Welles ; 
mai. 2udly Robert Tem- 

I "7 "I 

Joan, coheir^William Denton of Denton. Maigaret, cobeir=Thomas Berkeley. 

Sf ^icjnc of |I)arla)iton. 

[MS. D. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Alois.— 0;-, « bend gulcx, a chief duqinj anjcnt and cizure. 

Jean de Eigne of IIainault.=pElizabetl), dau. of Mons. Jau de Faye. 

Anthony do Eigne of^^Magdalcn, dau. of Arnold de Cordcs, Seigneur de :\rautuay ; 
Hainault,livinglG12. I sister and coheir of Nicholas de Cordes; living 1017. 

Sir Dani.'l de Eigne, Knt., of ITarlaxton ;=pElizabeth, dau. of Erasmus IMagdalen, 
knighted at Oatlands 4 July 1G20 ; Sherifl' dela Fountain; died25April living 
of CO. Lincoln lt3;;i; died 20 -March 105G-7. 1(;'>2; bur. at llarlaxton. 1C12. 


LIKC0IXSU1];E tkiugh 

!rSr'%':::i^^:f^:^^^y-'^-^ .. ^■''-- cle^FraaceMau.or 

of Sir hi 11)011 : deLicrne, 

Archer, Kiit., I 

of Tain worth ; i 

mar. nt St. | 

Mary, 'War- | 

wick, G Oct. 


N (,eorge L.giio, i>n,l..on, coi.tnictcd to marr; 

vnt.,onA.t. Bartholomew's, the Middle Temple, 

hern ; bapt. Luudoii; living AVill dated 7 July 

''yJv'i-7 ''''■ 1G98; proved 3 May 

Daniel de Ligne=Frances, Anne, 
of Harliixton, a;c. dan. of — 

10,1G(JO; diedl2 Mary 

Dec. 1730; Imr. Palmer. 

de Li?n( 

Elizabeth, mur.=Edward 
he. i>i'Xov. ]i;71, Glynue of 
to be mar. at St. St.:\rartiii- 
Clement Danes ; in-Fields 
a?t. 21 in 1671. Middlese.x." 

in — 

John de Eigne. 
Diodorus de Jjigne. 
Both livinc; 1C71. 

de ],iu-u 

Jhunia.= Elizabeth, mar. Mary, mar. .John 

Ue l.igne, Scrope Tyrwhit. Ilobsoa of Syston ; 

'^'''° niar. lie. 1^ Feb. 

i^'l- 1660-61. 

Bent ot 35arrobb[^ 

[Ilarl. MS. 1550.] 

Nicholas Dene=pKatherine, dan. and heir of 
of Barrowby. I ^\-aUe^ Pedwardyne. 

hy\^SUcnZ ^^T^^■ vTT^^"'^"'''' ^|;"'-^"^'i'" I'^Jnell ; sister and heir of 


u\7"\u'"". V ^^"'"Y"'''^'' "^''^ -'^ April^Margaret, dan. of William Annyn 
1496 ; bur. at Barrowby. 1 Qsgrxlby ; remar. Sir John Ma/kl 

Knt. ; died 19 Jan. 1508-9. 

WWoiuew Dene, Sir Richard Bozon,= Dorothy or Tho- = Wi!lia,n Ver 

'^''^'•P- l^"t- 1. St husband, masine, heiress. -'ud husbaud 

[Note.— Tliis 
A. It. M.J 

: gives one more gei.eraticu than is fuuud in tl,c Visitation of l: 

the VisiUtion of 1592. 



Benton of iDtnton, 

[Feet of Fines, :Mid!acliiias, 14 Hoiiry VIIL] 

John Denton of lient..ii.-^Elizal«.-ilu daii. of l.'nL.Tt F.-n of Ihir- 
h(ir. at Demon lJ,"i-. I la\to;i, inerL-liaiit of tlio Staple. 

William Dcn-=pJ,.;ai]. dnti. and colicir of Sir Tlio-=Tlion!as Kyi- Aftnesr^rPaibei-t 

ton of Den 
ton. Isthtts 

uias Dfila Laundo, Knt.,l'y Katlia- liam, ma 
fine, dan. and colieir of Leo, Cth before 1522. 
Lord AVelles. 2nd husband. 

of Bos- 

Thomas Denton, son George Den- Eichard Den- John Den- John Upton of 
and heir 1522. ton, 1522. ton, 1522. ton. Denton. 

Kichard Denton, yeoman, of Skillington=p 
and Croxton, died 22 Dec. 1578. I 



Kalph Den- Richard Denton, inherited a moiety Simon Denton, AVilliam Den- 
ton, son and of the manors of House and Croxton 1578. ton, 1578. 
beir. 22 Dec. 1578. 

^txhjy of %.t([\\t. 

[Ilarl. MS. 1550. jLS. C. 2;:!, Heralds' College.] 

AiiMS. — Argent, a chevron letireen three yarhs sable. 

Roger (or Robert) Derby=p Eli /.abet h (or Alice), dan. and heir of 
of Leverton. I Sir Ricliard Wincebv of KL-nington. 

Sir Ralph Derby, Knt.=f=Thomasine, dau. of Ralph Bole. 

Sir ■\Villiam Derby, Knt.=j=. . . . dau. to James Flete of Flete. 

I _ 

I I 

Thomas Derby, lst = Elizabeth, dau. of WUliam Derby ,-f=Elizabetli. dau. of Th^ 
son and heir, died William Cf>lliutt 2nd ion. " | mas Stn 

s.p. (or " Telliot "). 

Ralph Derby .:p Alice, dan. of John P.cad of Wrangle. 


LI^'COL^■s]IllU:; i'kdigukes. 

Thr.inac Dorl.y of Beiiiii-lon. WilI==Alico. <lau. of Join 
dated 11 I'Vl.., (lied 14 Fi-h. 37 I ton or Laiiglituii. 
Henry VJll. 

Alice, mu 

William Dcil.yof Beii---I;avlmra, daii. Tlionuus Dovl.y of-pKose, dan. and lieir of 

iugtoii lJG:.','son and ; of Charles I'.euinL^ton, -^nd : . . . . T.ell of l-eako ; 

heir; Kt. IS, 2 July Yarljoroii;.'!). sun, bar. at Lcakc i bur. at, Boston Jo July 

37 Henrv YIII. " 3 Nov. 15s3. 1 K)ll9. 

William Derby, Anne, dan. and heir, mar. Robert Sands, 2nd son 
6. p. " of Edward Sands of Yaxley, Hunts. 


Thomas=pBridgct, dau. of John Green of 
l^erbyof Jlarket Overton, co. Xorthamp- 

son and 

ton ; mar. at St. ^largaret's, Lin- 
coln, 21 Oct. 1 601 ; a legatee of 
her father 17 June 1G12 ; rcmar. 
Thomas ]?iiiri:s of Scremby ; 
living 19 Octrit347. 

I I I 

John Derby, 

Leon Derby, 
3rd son. 

Elizabeth, mar. Jlichael 
Metcalfe of Otterington, 
CO. York. 

Jlargaret, mar. John 
Thoryof Boston, Alder- 
man and Mayor. 

Thomas Derby of Leake 1G:34. Wilb 
dated 19 Oct. 1G47 ; proved 12 July 

:irargaret, dau. of Nicholas Dymoke of 
Kvme ; ex'tvix of her husband 12 July 

Dymoke Dcrbv, 



Derby of^-Elizabeth, 

1 1 1 
Margaret, under age 

1st son 19 Oct. 

Derby, 2nd 


3rd son, 

dau. of 

19 Oct. 1647. 


son, nnder 


age 19 

.John Mot- 


age 19 Oct. 

Oct. 1647; bur. 

train of 

Elizalieth, under age 

Thomas Derby, 

1647 ; bur. 


<e Nov. 


19 Oct. 1647. 

son and heir, a^t.l. 

at Leake 28 




1634; dead before 

Dec. 1658. 

Anne, under age 19 

his father's will. 

Oct. 1617. 

Dymoke Derby 

of John Der 

by, 2nd 

1 1 
]\Iottram Dorca 

, 1st Elizabeth, 2nd 

Leake, lstson,ba' 

it. sou, died 

of the 

Derby, a dan.. 

died dan.,iuar.Rich- 

at Leverlon 8 An 

g. small-pox 

; bur. 

posthumous nnmai 

. of ard Parlab -an ; 

1675 ; died of t 

le in .St. Lawrence 

son,bnpt.23 the small- died of the 

small-pjx ; bur. 

at Churchva 

■d in ve 

Jlav, bur. pox; b small-pox It 

Leake 26 Jan. citv of Norwich 

25 June Leake 

31 Feb. 1701-2; 

1701-2. Willdat 

•d 2 Aug. 17 


ICSO at Dec. 1 

7ul. bur. at licake. 

20 Jan. previous. 




SidttnsoH of Cla^'polc. 

[MS. 1). -JO, lleialJs'C 

nickciisou's " llistoi y of Suutliuell."] 

E.lwaixl DirlA'iisnn of Clavpolo, ;.'! 
Dickenson ..f I'.i''}-, L'n.'stall'oRl 

ir(.l=j=Frances, Jan. of 
I . . . . Harry. 

Tiionias Dickenson of Claypoie, horn ]630T=^Iiii'g:irct, dan. of James Hervey. 
John Picker.son of Clajpole, born lofil^p^^l'^abeth, dau. of . . . . 

Thomas Diekenson of C'laypole.=[=Susanna, dan. of Thomas=XatIianiel Unite of 
Will ('ated l",) Xuv. IC^il; proved I Watson of ^larkbam, co. Chiypolo. 2nd hus- 
9 Jlarch 1G53-4. Notts. . baud. 

John Dicken--^ 





= Antlio 


coheir of John 



mar. in 


born 1G41 ; 

Lacock of Wood- 

son, 2nd 

son, Srd 


died 1 (IS I.Will 

borongh, co. Notts 

son; under 

son; under 

dated 13 Dec. 

(some say Edninud 

age 1G51. 

age 1G51. 

HJSO; proved 

Lacock of Notting- 

29 Nov. 1G8L 


Thomas Edward Dickenson of Clay-=p.Vnne, dau. and colieir of Edmund Sarah 

Dieken- pole.born ICC:.; died 20April 
son, a:t. 1727 ; bur. at Claypole 22 
3, lOGG. April 1727. 

Bacon of Burton I;atimer, co. 
Northampton ; died 19 Jan. 
]7o9-40, a!t. 72 ; bur. at Clavpol-3. 

Edmund Dick- Edmund Bacon CharIesDickenson, Anne, lieiress, born 

enson, bnr. at Dickenson, Newark 21 Feb. 1711-12; 1703; mar. Samuel 

HnrtoQ Lati- bapt. at Newark died 24 March 1721-2; Rastall of Newark ; 

mcr ; g.p. 3 Aug. 17UG. bur. at Claypole; s.p. died 1775. 

Bichcnson of (Sainsboroucj;!)* 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Peter Dickenson of Woodhouse in the parish^ 
of Clayworth, co. Notts. 

Nicholas Dickenson, Peter Dickenson of Wood-=fR:^rbara, dau. of Nicholas 
1st son. house, 2nd ;iou. I Dickens of East Ilciford. 

Q Q 





Peter Dickenson of fiaiiisl>oroufrb, styltd a Cai>taiii 1045 ;=pi^arali, dan. and heir of 
descvilA'il of AVoodlioiise in the [larisli of Claywortb, co. ' William Lacy of Gains- 
Notts, \Co-2 ; indicted at Granthani for hiuh treason | borough : mar. there 11 
April ItU;!. " j April'usn]. 

George Dickenson, bur. at 
Gainsborough 24 March 

Peter Dickenson, bur. at 
GaiusboronL,'h 5 May 1G47. 

I I 
'William Dickenson, bapt. nt 
Gainsborough 7 Ajiril 1643. 

John Dickenson, bapt. at 
Gainsborough lo April 1652; 
bur. there 23 Feb. 16o3-4. 

William llickeu- 
sou, bapt. at 
Gainsborough 4 
Aug. 16.") 6. 

1 1 

Margrct, let. 

:Mildrcd, bapt. at Gains- 

2, 1634. 

borough .s .June ICoJ 


bur. there 7 Nov. 1636. 



ait. 1, 1634. 

Bridget, l>ur. at Gains 

I I 

Eb'zalieth, bapt. at Gain; 
borou'.'h iJuly 1641; bu 
there 1.3 ilarch 1641-2. 

Jlarv, born 

26 May, 

bapt. 30 

May 16.54 

Gains- at (".'ains- 


Bif^Ijton of Lincoln ants #rcat ^tiuton. 

[For earlier part see " Visitation of Worcestershire," Harl. Soc, Vol. XXVII.] 

Arms. — Per pnle fjules and arycnl an aiu'elojie pasmnt couakrchamjbd ; on a chief 
dividcJ as the field or and azure ivo crosses formee fiklicc, also cuunlerchanfjed. 

Christopher Dighton=pMary, dan. of ... . Conyers. 

AVilliam Dighton, 1st son=j=E!izabctb, dan. of . . . . Gartliorpe. 

Christopher Dighton of=pAgnts, dau. of Hngh Lacy of l>rearlev, co. York. 
. .N . ^ . 583-4. 

«^nristoi>ner lugnton oi=p-\gnts, aau. or jin;. 
Winceby, 1st son. I Adm'on 24 Jan. loS 

Christopher Dighton, ba])t. at Elizalioth. mar. Cassandra, mar. Pichard 
Ilattou 14 Scpt^ 1554. Thomas Moore. Lambton of London. 

KobertDigh-r^M'argarLt. Hugh Dighton, 3rd = Su?an, liasil— Mary, 
ton of Lon- dau. of son, bapt. at Ilatton dau. of fiigh- dau. of 

don, gold- 
smith. 2nd 

iyles. Oct. 1552; adm'or .... ton, : - • • • 
to his mother 24 Jan. Gyles. 4rh , Chap- 
1583-4. son. man. 

Policit Dighton=r^^''Hi'''"t'J, clan, of 
Robert Dichton. 



I A 

Anthony l)i 
sou, tlivd lit 

Susan, dan. of . . . 
Johnson cf Wei 
1st will'. 

, ilau. of Ei]\\:<\\\ Tyruliit uf Staiti- 
.'luar. Edward Littlebmy. 

=Christopbei- r>ij:hton,=:\rary,daa. of 
Ward to the Queen .... Eure of 
15ii7 ; of the Close Tiekliill, cu. 
of Lincoln 1C22. York. I'ud 


I I 

Thomas I ) 

Eli/.alieth. ma 
lieurv Jolniji 

I I I 

Thomas Dighton, Philip Dighton, Humj-hrey Digh- 

bapt. at St. 3\Ii- bapt. at St''. Jlar- ton, bur. at St. 

chael's-on-the garet's in the Margaret's iu the 

Mount, Lincoln, Close, Lincoln, Close, Lincoln, 

8 July 1016. 17 Jan. 1C21-2. 7 April 1019. 

I 1 

Frances, bajit. at St. 
Michael's, Lincoln. 

Anne, bapt. at St. 
Margaret's, Lincoln, 
21 April 1619. 

JLiry, dan. of 
1st wife. 




-Ilein-y I) 




of Ware, 


1st wife 



jljanibe.=pnenry Dighton of Lin--pJoyce, dau. of ... , 
I coin, 2ud son. I Xorth. 2ud wife. 

.\une,dau. Dorotliy,=f= Thomas =rJane, dau 

if . . . 
2ud wil 

dau. of i l^ightou, 
.. .Day. livint 
st wife. ; 1548^ 


2ad wife. 

Henry Digh- Ciiristopher 

ton. ' Dighton. 

Joan, dau. of Susan, dau. 

Christopher of.... Paris. 

EdNvard Digh- 

Jfary, dau. of 

survivinrr ICuO. 

I I I 

^Villiam^Susan, Joan. 

dau. of 

I ' I 

William Christopher 
Diirhton. Dighton. 

Eh'zabefh,^Juhn=p. . . . 
dau. of i Digh- dau. 
.... Read. ton. 
1st wife. 


I I 

William Digh-^AQgc!et,dau. ofXieho- Eliza- 
ton of Alders- | las Tooke ; sister of Sir beth. 
gate Street, Lon- George Tooke, Knt., of 
don, living London, vintner ; 

ICU. incr 1014. 

Robert I > 


William Dighton. 

Thomas Dighton of Xormai:uy-by-Spital, 3rd .son.^pJoan, dau. of ... . Poland ; 
AVill dated 11 Oct. J54S. i) I livini: 1548. BC 



.Tohu I»i_'lit,.ii of llat-^ALinrs, dan. of M:u-L:arot,-=r(-'l>i-i5-: 

ton. \\\\\ dated 1 Williuni Chat- can. of . . . . j topher 

May, proved C May enoa ; ex'uix ]}elliug-lia!ii. Digh- 

lolJ-. " in 1544. Is: ^Yife. ton. 

:Alioo, dan. 

2nd wife. 

TLibn:;\5 r)i"li-=FAnuv, sister Christopher Di:jhton of=|=Eleanor, dan. of 

tou of .\shby 
Clerk 1014. 

of William 
White of 
Coven trv 

Worcester, Alderman. 
Will dated 26 July, 
proved iS Aug. 1G04. 

Thomas Wal- 
of Worcester. 

See "Visitation of Worcester," 
liarl. Soe., Vol. XXVII. 

John Bightnn of Cathc-=Catherine, William=7-Marv, da.i. of . . . . Hey- 
rine Half, Camk, lt;04 ; dan. of Dightun. I wood of Worcester. 

had a lease of land in .... | 

Buckden 1594. | ' | | 

Christopher Dighton. Ellen. Elizabeth. 

William Dighton, liv- Robert Dighton, Rector Richard nighton,=^Agnes, 
ing 1548 ; ex'or to Lis of Ilaitham, ex'or to ex'or to father dau. of 

MhGT. father 154S. 1548. 

William Dighton of Owmby.^ 
AVill dated -iO Jan. 1C1::M 
proved 16 July IC 14. 

Rof.ert Dighton of Xor- Rose, i 
manl)v. Adm'on li'Xov. I-arke. 

Thomas Dighton of Ownibv,— Anne or Agnes, dan. of Robert=p. . . . dau. 

1st son. Adm'on ol J:;n. I . . . . Walker ; mar. at Dighton, ' of. . . . 

lCr3--^U then of Minting. Sudbrooke 12 Dec. 2nd son i 

1599 ; living 1620. 1614. 

Robert Digh- Thomas Dighton, 2nd son 1G14. Anne, bapt. at Minting 
ton, 1st son ' — 31 Aue. lG(.i6 ; mar. 

1614. William Dighton, 3rd son 1614. there, 8Xov. 1638, Roger 


William Dighton of Miut-^pAnue, dan. of Peter Clarke ; Mary, bapt. at Mint- 
ing, bapt. there S March mur. at Friesthorpe 19 ^ilay ing 29 Deo. 16U3. 
ItTuO-l. 1625. 

Thomas Dighton, Ijapt. at Minting Catherine, bapt. at Mint 

9 March 1632-3. 16 Dec. 1626. 

Robert Di-hton of Wollev, co. York, 4th sonT=Margarct, dau. of . . . . Tothby. j 

K I 01 



John DiLjhtoii of Swaby^nd ■Miut-=Mari;aret, CliristupherDii^btonrf-KlizaboLli, 

ing. Will dated 18 I'ljc. IGOO ; daiirof i>ih1 son, liviii,>r 1548 ; I dau. of 

proved? Oct. liJOT : leaves money . . . . ; supervisurtobisunclc . . . . .; liv- 

to the ]ioor of Wnlloy. oo. Y.rk. dead in Thomas Diirhtou ; j in^' lUOC. 

Swaby, 21iuiiui:, llaiiiiii-r. ece. IGt'O. dead in IGuO. 

Thomas Di-ht-.n, nephew of Julm Di-hton of :\Iintinc:.=r 

^ ^ ^1 

John DiLjhton, godson and legatee of Joliu Dighton of Glinting; nnder 11 in IGOG. 

Robert Digbton, I'nd son, Mayor of Lincoln I'ah:, 1510.=f=Aiine. dau. of ... . Dor- 
Will dated 5 April loiu. rington. 

Kobert Dighton of Lin---^pJoyce, dau. and heir of W 
coin and (ireat Sturton, Ham St. I'anl.ord son of Jo! 

died 18 May 154C ; bnr 
in Lincoln Cathedral. 

I I 


mar. Thomas \Vi 

St. Paul of Snarford ; bur. — 

in Lincoln Catliedral. ^Vi!l Jane, mar. Tliomas Killieck 

dated 1 Jan. 1570-71; proved of Corringham. 

U April 1571. 

Edmund Dighton=f Elizabeth, Christ'.^'r Di'^ditou, 2nd^Murv,dau. of Thomas 

of Sturton, 1st 

dau. of son. Will dated 15 Julv, Littlebury of Stains- 

son, bur. in IJaum- 

John Hall proved ;'.o Nov. 1557. by; widow of Edward 

ber Church. Will 

of Hal- Forsett of Bilsby. 

dated 31 Jnlv 

sted in j 

1585; proved 28 

Stixwold. Georce I)i<,ditou, a ward of 

March 158G. 

John Sc. Paul 1558. 

Thomas Dighton of Stnrton,=r^r:ti\'aret, dau. of Sir Ambrose Jermyu, Knt., 

jcL 30 in 15SG. 1 of Torksey. 

Sir Edward Fyiies, Knt., 2nd son of^Marv, heiress. r^Sir William Coney, Knt., 

the Earl of Lincohi. Ist husband. | Gentleman Pensioner. ' 

Jane, dau. of=Ro 

J^ 2nd husband. 

bert l)ir'hton = Marc-aret, dan. of Wil- Faith, mar. Chris- 

Tiioinas Mas- of Branston, liam Meres ; sister of topher Pandes of 

singberd of 2nd son, s.p. Hugh !Meres of Pvver, ]}nrton-by-Lin- 

Bratoft. 1st Adm'on ICOG. co.Chester; remar coin; bur. there 

wife. ILT.sel\vood. 2nd wife. 5 May IGUO. 

I i I 

Anne. Mary=Gcorge Asliton of Mint- 

— ing, s.p. Will dated 1 1 

Wiai- Feb., pruved 25 Feb. 

fred. 1638-?. 

John Thor(je=Joyce=Thoraas Oold- 
ofCIaxby. ingham. 2nd 

1st husband. husband. 



GilKrt r)i-l.-FEliz:ibcth, ,lau. 

Ttol.crt Di-b--TF-Ii7,al.eth, 

William Dic^btoii, 

toil of Dod- 

of lioluTt TO])- 

ton, 5tb son. dm. of.... 

0th son, a lei,'atee 

diugton, -Ith 

clilFc of Souior- 


of liis cousin 




Oeor-e 8t. Paul 

WiUian. Dighton. 

;10 Dec. 15a8. 

Oilbert Diolitoii, Vicar of=pMnrtlia.daii. of : Knlurt 

i 1 M 
Aiiue. Elizabeth. 

Thorpc-by-Wahifleet 1018; 

Ijiii-. ; 

t Croft 11 AuL'-. Diubtoii. 

— _ 

Vicar ol' Croft l(;-2(.!. 


a widow. 

Jane. J[ary. 

Frances, dau. of^^^Everard Diglitoii,=pFrancesSalt- 

Valentine Upton j Vicar of East Kirk- ! marshe, 

of Xortholine ; j by 1U2C ; Vicar of j widow (dau. 

mar. at Croft 23 j Croft. 1030; Rector | of Charles 

.\prd 1038; bur. i of Bueknall ; | Dennis), 

there 3 Dec. 1043. { Bueknall Church. ! rcar.atCroft of Bardiiuv; Croft 

1st wife. j Will dated 25 Feb. ; 8 Dec. 1040. 

I 1G75-0 ; proved 10 | 2nd wife. 

I Oct. 1077. 

= Francosdau.of Hon. Ed- 
ward WiUoughbv, 2nJ 
son of Charles, LoVd Wil- 
loughliy, of rarhani ; 
widow of Henry Andrewes 

23 March 1657-8. 3rd 



Elizabeth, Croft 14 

Frances, at 


Dec. 1047 ; mar. Francis 

Croft -JS Sept. 

bur. at 

West of Horncastle ; legatee 

1050 ; mar. Rev. 


of her grandfather Mr. 

Daniel C4regory, 

21 Jan. 

Charles Deunis ; uuuiar. iu 

Kector of Hors- 




Gilbert ])igli- 
ton, bapt. at 
Croft 3 June 
1040 ; bur. 
July 1058. 

William Dighton, bapt 
at Crofr, 17 .\ng. 1041 
Rector of Donington- 
on-Dain and Bueknall 
s.p. Will dated 22 May 
proved 1 Aug. 1702. 

Anne, bapt. at 
Croft 11 Jan. 
1053-4; bur. 
7 Nov. 1054. 

: Helen, dau. of Jfary, bapt. at Croft 

HenrvlJoulton 4 April 103'J ; mar. 

of Stixwould. Thomas Dobbs of 

Will dated 8 Duckuall. 

May 1734 ; 
proved 1734. 


Anne, mar. Wil- Jane, mar. Sir John William Daly- 

liani Dalyson of Mouson, Knt., of son, the Judge, 

Lauglitoii. South Carlton ; bur. 1st husband. 

there 1624. 

:Eliza-=Sir Francis Ays- 
beth. cough, Knt., of 


2ud husband. 


[For carlicT jian see IFarl. Snc, Vol. XIV.1 


Jolm l)ifiiry,.f Xorion Disiiev. ^lai^ at Towt^m rirM-pKatlnTine dau 
on Palm SiinJav, 20 :\Iarcli a9 Ik-tiry YI., 1401. I of J..!iii L-ake. 

I I 

Ilenn- KatharuK-, mar. William Stauiitdii of Staunton, Xott<; who 
Disuej, ])i.-,iey. slio siirvivud. and ha.l (14;i7) for life his lordship of' Oiia 
•ingtoii and lands ia Old Sleaford and Scrediii-ton. 

6th son 


Edward Disney==Kathcrine, dan. and Richard Disney of=p.Tane, dan. and co- 

of Fulbcck, 4th coheir of Williara Fnlbeck, 5th son ; • heir of William 

Middlelon of Ful- living 1407. { Middleton of Ful- 

Ijtck. I beck. 

Wiiliim l)is-=f=.\Iico, dan. and Einlyne, dan. and Katheriho, dan. and co- 
ney of Fnl- ^ Coheir of AVil- colieir,mar.} heir, mar. 'i'hoinas ]!les- 
beck, died I'o ; liam lUannch of Sutton of Wash- bv of lil.sbv ; livint; 14 
Oct. 14 Eliz. ; Fleet. iugboroueh. itenry VIlL 


Kichard I)ls---f=^rargaret, dau. of John 

.... dan. of= 


ney, son and ' .M"eeies of Auborn and 

. . . ., "a man 

plier 1 dau. of 

heir apparent ; Kirton ; nnniar. I Oet. 

of poor es- 


.... Man. 

1 Oct. l.'>3.:i. lo:J5 ; remar, Edward 

tate." 1st 


2nd wife. 

j Ustwayte. 


Katherine, 1st dan. ilary, inddan. 


1 1 1 
Arthm- Dis- Tho- 

and colieir, ret. -23, and coheir. ;T3t. 


ncy. mas 

15 Eliz.; mar. John -21, 15 Eliz.; 


— l)i.s- 

Skipwith of Salt- mar. Thomas 


Janies Dis- ney. 

fiectby. Curtis. 



Tho.-f^EIi/.aberh. Wil-=f=r.ucv, dan. of 

Thomas Gi 

es= dau. Katlie- 

ma.s dau. of 

Clarke of Le; 

deiiham ; Di 

- of ... . rine. 

Di.s- Hugh I)i,.- 

remar. at fieadenhani, ne\ 

Hntchin- s.p. 

ney, Sandford ; nry, 

5 Oct. loCO, 

Richard 5tl 


3rd sometimes 4tii 

Nelson ; diec 

12 Oci. sot 

son. called son. 

10O4 ; bur. 

at Lead- 



1 1 ^ r 

Anue, mar. Elizabeth, mar. Niel 

olas Disney, 

Ill 1 
:Margaret. "A child," 

1st Anthony Christopher 1st son. 

— bapt. at 

Sladenwell, Aidott. 

Anne. Leaden- 

i'ndly .... 'J'Ik, 

nas Disney, 

— ham 2i") 





July 1.0.00. 




1st son. 

of (i 00 rye 



riicliard Disncv 
2m\ sun. 

,=p:\rary. dau. 
of Simon 






ard Thomas 
icy. Di<ncy. 


I)h- Francis 



John Disney of Xor-=:r:\rar,i:aref, dan. of Thomas William ])is- Thomas Dis- 
ton Disney, 1st son. Neville of Rolleston, Xotts. ney, 2nd son. ney, ?.rd son. 

William Disney of Xor-=p.Mar<:aret, dau. Richard Dis- Edward Dis- = . . . . dan. 

ton Disney, 1st son and of Thomas ney. I'nd son, ney, 3rd son, of ... . I r-,.„.i,.,i,.,.. .i;.^.„ dieds.p. Bassett. 


William Disney of Xort'-'ii— Margaret, 
Disney, 1st son and lieir, ! dau. of 
Shcrill'ofco.Lincoln l."i3?; I . . . . 
a legatee of HnmphryWal- Joyner. 
cott 1537; bur. at Norton | 

John Disney of Carlton-le- 
lloorland, 2nd son; proved 
the will of his brother-in- 
law llumphr? Walcott 12 
Oct. 1538 ; died 12 Nov. 
4 and 5 Philip and ^lary, 
1557 ; bur. at Carlton. 


Thomas Disuey of Carlton-in-^ 
Jloorland, son" and heir ; tet. 
48 and more 18 Oct. 5 and 6 
Philip and Mary, 155S ; :\r.P. 
for Boroughbi-idae 5 Eliz. ; 
died 17 April 1568 ; bnr. at 

-Elizabeth, dan. 
of ... . \Yn]- 
cott of Wal- 
cott ; a legatee 
of her brother 
cott 1537. 

dau. of 
Porter of 

James Disney, 
2nd son, living; 

Anthony Dis- 
uey, 3rd son, 
living 1537. 

I I I 

Anne, mar. John 
Thompson of 

. . . . l>opli 



I I I 
Henry Dis- Thomas Disney— Anne, dau. of William Jfary, mar. William 
ney, 3rd son, of Xewark-on- Thorold of llarinston ; Monson (brother of 
dieds.p.; bur. Trent, Xotts, mar. at Carlton 2C Feb. Sir John of South 
at Carlton 12 4th son; died 1590-91; gave lands Carlton) at St. Mar- 
April 1582. s.p. ; bur. at to the churchwardens claret's, Lincoln, 14 
Adm'on Newark 31 May of Xewark IGSS, then July 1577 ; bur. at 
(C.P.C.) 21 1623. a widow ; bur. at Xew- Owersby 14 March 
Oct. 1584. ark 29 Jfay 1646. 1595-6. 

Edward Distiey of- 
and of Soraerton 
Castle, which he pur- 
chased of Sir George 
Bromley, Knt. ; 1st 
son and heir ; died 
7 Sept. 1595, set. 45; 
bur. at Carltou-le- j 
c Moorland. d 

-Jane, dau. of Wil- 
liam Thorold of 
Hannston ; mar. at 
Jlarin-^ton 1 July 
1578; "Churchwar- 
den " of Carlton-le- 
Moorland 1619 ; 
bnr. at Xewark-ou- 
Trent, Xotts, 1 June 

John Dis- 
ney, 2nd 
son, died 
s.p.; bur. 
at Carlton 
7 S.?pt. 

John Disney, = .\gnes, 
2nJ surviving dau. of 
son, purchased 
(with his bro- 
ther Edward) 
the lease of 
Somerton Cas- 
tle, etc., of Sir 
George Brom- 
ley, Knt. 


LiNCOL\snn;i: rKnioREES. 



Umila, dau. of Robert Pfter-=pTlK.u,a'^T)isucv of CarI-= 

= Elizabeth, 


son of 

n-il Strand, co. 

ton-le-Moorland and 

dan. of 

, dau. of 

Kent: C(.lu'ii 

of her mother 

Soinerton Castle, son 


' Anih<.nv 

Ursula (ihiii. 

of JJetijainiii 

and heir: baiir. at 


1 Xeville"of 

Gouson of Uaddow, uo. Ksscx), 

Carhou 8 Sept. l.-,:;i ; 

of ... . 

1 Matter.sey 
1 Abb^v, 

whose will Bbc pn'Tcd 17 

sold the h.a>e of Snm- 


June K'll : 

mr. at Carlton 

erton to Sir Eduard 

2nd wife. 

1 Xotts. 

22 An- ICl.-, 

. 1st wife. 

Hu--.-ev; liviii-22Auf. 

j ord wife. 

i:dward Dis- 

Thomas Dis- 

1 1 

Thomas Dis- Bri 

dgett, Isfc 


ney, died 

nev, died 25 

ncy, Ist ton dan 

Srd dau. 

15 Jan. 

April 1012, 


1610-11, Kt. 

ret. 1 year and 


■garet, 2nd 

Jane, bapt. 
20, bur. 27 

11 mouths ; 

5 months ; 

— dan 

, liant. at 

bur. at Carl- 

bur. at Carl- 

William Dis- Darmstou 22 

Julv 1C27 



ncy, 2nd son. ]\Ia_ 

• 1G24. 

at "llarras- 




Henry Disney 

William Disney, 3i-d Johu Disney, 

Richard Disney, 5th 

2nd son, bapt 

son, bapt. at Carltou- 4th son, haiJt. 

son, bapt. 

at Carlton- 

5 April 1585 

le-iloorland 2 

5 April at CarUou-le- 

d 12 Dec. 


1588 ; of Gra 

y's Din, :Moorland 20 

1502; of AllimrtonlS 1 

le-JIoorland 8 


aw;li7- April 1589: 

Feb. IGIO 

11 Tbur. at 

June 1588. 

ing 13 Feb. IGKMl. died lt]53,s.p. 


3 July 1027. 

Kathcrine, 1st 
dan., bapit. is 
Aug. 1581 ; 
bur. at Carl- 
land 24 Dec. 


Jane, 2nd dau., 
mar. Isc William 
Jess..pp of Shef- 
field ; 2ndl7 at 
Sht^ffield, 20 Nov. 
1035, Lionel Fan- 
shawof Dronfield, 
CO. York. 

I I 
^fary, 3i-d dau., biapt 
^Fay 15'J1 ; bur. at Carlton 
le-5[oorlaud Sept. 1013. 


Anne, 4th dan., bapt. at 
Carlton 22 Aug. 1503; bur. 
there 19 Oct. 1020. 

Elizabeth, 5th 
dan., bapt. 11 
Jan. 1595-0; 
bur. at Cari- 
land 8 Dec. 

Margaret, 3rd dau.. i, 
Segingworth,* Hunts ; 

r. 1st Je 
?ndlv Ra- 

in Wayte of 
ill Faukener 

Catherine, 4th dan. 
mar. Yincent ^Me 

of ... . Wilts (some say she mar. Richard of Ilolbeach before 27 
Gray of Kingerby and had issue). Oct. 1539. 

5th da 

I I 

William Thomes 

Disney, Disney, 

2nd son. 3rd son. 

4th son. 

dau. of 


^lary, 2nd dau., 
mar. John, ion mar. William 
and heir of John Hardeby of 
liruen. Evedon. 

C William Disney. John Disney. Frances. 

* I can find no place anything tike this in co. Hunts except Needingwortb. Possibly 
' Hunts " luay be na error for " H.ints,"— A, I!, il. 



Xeile, d:iu. aTii1=rLich.irJ Disnc}- of Xortoii^Jane, dau. of Sir \\ illiani Ayscoiit^li 

coheir of 
Wiiliani IIiis- 
Rcv of IVvall, 
X;.ttsKnt. l.M, 

Disnev loi 
Grantham 1 

of CO. ],\\Ki 
].■,(•,(; ; ,li,-,l 

Eli/.., i:.77 ; 
ton Kisncv. 


Dec. L'( 

at Nur 

of South Kel.sfv, Knt. ; widow of 
Sir (ieori^'e St. 'Tanl of Snarford, 
Knt.; bnr. at South Krl>L'v, St. 
:Mary's, 27 IW. ]:.w. AViifiLitcl 
iM Nov. 15'.io ; [.ruveil (liiiiculnj 7 
Jau. 1590-01. 

Sirach Dis-=pBrid,set, dau. 

bur. at Eve- 
don 8 Xov. 

of Uichard 
Skepper of 
East Kirkby; 
bur. at Sale- 
by 31 July 

I I I 
Humphry I)i 
ney, died s.p. 

John Disney. 

Isaac Disucv. 

I I 

2nd dau. 

I I 

3rd dau. 

4th dau. 


Susan, 5th 
dau., mar. 
Ameotts of 
and Am- 




I I 



Vincent Disney, 
3rd son 1C27; "at 
the Bermadsees." 


Edward Disney, 
4th son, " with 
the Duke of 
Bucks at the Isle 
of St. Martin's, 
ucar Uochelle." 


Frauces, dau. of 

Edward Good- 


y. I by; mar. at Bos- 

I ton 26]\ray 1008. 


15 Dec. 

Margaret, liTina: in Ireland 1G27. 

William Daniel Disney of Norton Dis-^ 
Disney, ney, 2nd son, but heir; Sheritl" 
1st son, of CO. Lincoln 15S2 ; died 3, 
died s.p. bur. 5 Feb. 30 Eliz., 1587-8, 
at Norton Disney. 

-Tvatherine (or Mary), dau. of Zachary 

Sir Edmund Jlolyneux of Disney, 

Ilawton, Notts, Knt. ; bur. 3rd son, 

at Norton Disney 24 April died 

1C09. young. 

Barbara,=pSir Ileury Dis-=pEleanor, dau. of Anne, 

dan. of 



haugh of 



ney of Norton 
Disney, born 1 
March 15G9 ; 
knighted at 
AVhitehall 23 

July ICO?,; 
bur. at Norton 
Disney 11 Oct. 

Thomas Grey of 
Langley, co. 
Leicester ; mar. 
at Norton Dis- 
ney 29 Jan. 
1593 ; bur. at 
Swin derby 10 
March 1013-14. 
2nd wife. 

by of 

Hestlier, mar. 
Sir Charlts 
Bariiby of 
Barnliy in 
CO. York, who 
was living at 
Norton Dis- 
ney 16ul. 

mar. 1st 
of Staun- 
ton, Notts ; 


Aston ; 



William Dis-=j=Bridget, dau. 
of Nor- I of Edward 


ton Disney, 

born 3 Jan. 

1589-90; died 


Molyneux of 
Carlton in 
Notts ; rnar. 
1 May 1C12. 

I I 


Guido Dis 
ney, a Gap 
tain in 
killed in 

=Joane, dau. 

of ; 

received a 
from the 
20 Nov. 



5 Feb. 



mar. J 



or Will 


sou of 1 






-.1 I II ^1 

ANillmra Disnoy, William Elizabeth, bnr. at Xorton!:.'; 

6th son, bapt. Disney, Disney G Nov. 1614. mar." at Xortoii Dis- 

10 Jan.. bur. 10 7th son, — ney, 18 .May ICl? 

Feb. lC,-27-S at died Elizabeth, bapt. 21 June Bart!l,.k•nK■^v" Eas- 
Norton Disiicy. young. 1G21 ; mar. Samuel Fisher, cellesof EKton,.\ott.s; 
bur. 8 May 1704. 

Thomas Disney, otii Richard Disney, a Captain in=f Anne. dan. of William 
son, bapt. -25 March the Army ; born 22 :\Iareh Wi^htman of Stoke 
1620; a Captain in 1623-4; bajit. at Norton ] Us- ' Xotts ; mar at XfW- 



the Army; died s.] 

ney .\pril 1624 ; liviui,^ there ark-npon-Trent 7 Dei 
1C82. i 1G57. 

Willia.m DisDcy Eebeeca,=rRiehard=f=Crid-et, dan. Bridget, bapt. 1 May 

of XorLon Dis- dan. of Disney 

ney, to which he Rev. of Xor- 

succeeded at the Henry ton Dis- 

death of his uncle AVycli of ney, 

Jlolyneux Dis- Suttou, Rector 

ney 30 April co. Sur- of Blo.x- 

1694; died un- rey. 1st j ham 

mar. ; bur. at wife. I 170S. 

Norton Disney 21 • | 

Aug. 1722. Anne. 

of Eakins 
Lenton of 
Wigcoft ; 
widuw of 


Anne, bapt. 21 March 
1663-4 ; mar. 1st at 
Swindeibv, 20 Jan. 
1681-2, timothy 
Boole of Xavenbv ; 

1 Dec. 1692. 2ndly John Gilmaii 

2iid wife. of Can wick. 

mas ; mar, 
at Wra-lw 


Richard Disney, 
born 1604. 


"\\ illiam Disney, 
born 1606. 

I I 

Eentun, born 1600. 

I I 

Eakins, Shi 


1700. 17 1 


I ^1 

Daniel Disney, 2nd son sur--n=Eleanor. 3rd dan. of 'J'ho- Francis Disney, 4 tli 

viviiig, bapr. at Xortou Dis- mas, Yi.^count Beaumout sun, bum ]l,"bajit. 

ney2ilayl616; a Barrister- , of Swords; mar. at Xor- 22 Nov. 1618; bur. 

at-Law ; bur. at N'orton ; ton Disney 2 ]\ray 1630; at X^'orton Disney 

Disney 30 July 1661. | bur. there 23 Mar. 1643-4. 28 Xov. 1626. 

I I I I 

Daniel Disney, Molyneux Disney, Sapcotts Disney, 3rd Sapcotts Disney, 

1st son, bnpt. 2nd son, bapt. 20 son, bapt. 10 Oct. 4th son, bur. at 

March 1630-40; July 1641; died 1642; bur. at Nor- Xcwark-on- 

died 1662, s.p. 1663, s.p. ton Disney 22 Sept. Trent, Xotts, 24 

1655. Xov. 1655. 

William Di.s- ;Molyi,eu.\ Disney of Norton Di.s- 
ney, Isd son, 
bajit. 4 June 
1613; Ijur. at 
Norton Dis- 
ney 12 July 

;y, 1st son surviving, burn 1 Au 
1614 ; Eieut.-Col. in Aibemarle^ 
Regiment of Foot ; purchased thi 
franchise of Eiucoln City 2 ilarcl 

1660-61 ; bur. at X'orton Disney \ 1633-4 ; bur. at Xortou Dis 
30 April 1694. " j ney 13 Oct. 1660. 

:ilary, youngest dan. of Si 

Robert .Mon,on of Xorth Carl- 
ton, Kut. ; bapt. at Ilorbury, 
CO. York, 25 July 1616 ; mar. 
t Xorth Carlton 14 .Jan. 

308 L1^C0L^SL[1UE rKUlGllKES. 



■William ni-noy, lst=p. .. . Moiisuii Di.s- John Dii- Mary, born 10, bapt. 

sou, \V!is coiKcrned ; dan. iiuy, born 27 iiey, born 17 Marcli IG^^o-fJ ; 

in tiie Duki.'of Mon- of Dec. 1047 ; Jnue, mar. 1st, 2 Xo\-. 

month's Krbullioii bapt. 1 Jan. b:ipt. 2 IGi'.".. John Stow of 

and excentod tor 1047-8 ; liiir. JulyltioO; NfWton ; 2udly Ko- 

high treason at at Xi.rton died bert Heron of Now- 

Kenningtou2y June ])i.sMey 11 young. ark-on-Trent, Notts. 

1CS5. I Aug. 1070. 

I I 

William ]~>isuey, dit-d s.p. C17:'l')- Amie, Kt. 1], 168.1. 

Penelope, Sarah, l>)in 2", Bridiret, bapL 1 Feb. 1C?.',^40 ; mar. at Nonon 
died bapt. 29 May Disney, 21 June IGGO, Francis Dussy of the 

young. 1G;38. Close'of Lincoln, a Captain in the Army, killed 

in Flanders. 

Elizabeth, bapt. Diana, born 27 Aug., bapt. Catherine, born Uantasia,l:iorn 

8 Oct. 1U42; 1 Sept. DUG; a legatee of G Oct., bapt. 8 17, bapt. 20 

mar. Francis her "aunt" Dame Elizabetli Nov. IGuO; mar. Nov.lGSl; bnr. 

Clarke, Wentworth 2 Nov. IGGG Seymour at Norton Dis- 

of Stoke, Notts. and then unmar. of London. ney same year. 

i I I I. 

Richard Disney, 1st son, Thomas Disney, Henry Disney, 3rd son, Daniel 

bapt. 25 Jan, 15'.)S-9 ; 2nd son, born 25 bapt. 5 April 1G02; bur. Disuey. 

bur. at Norton Disnev March IGol. at Swinderby 7 Feb. 

IS Aug. 1014. ■ 1C18-19. 

Thomas Disuey, died 1719.=p 

I I I 

Thomas Di.sney. Mary. Temple 

Joane, dan. of p:dward=i=Thoinas Disney, 2nd son sur-=Faith, dan. of Nixon ; 

"Willes of Leigh ton Buz- viving, bapt. a't Norton Dis- relict of Jasper Justice, 
zard, CO. ]'.eds ; mar. uev 16 Feb. lGoG-7 : Rector Clerk ; born 102G ; bur. 
1642 ; died 28 Sept. of'Stoke Hammond, co. at Bletchley, eo. Bucks, 

1680, a3t. 64. Bucks, 6 Aug. 1C4C; died 170G, ffit. 80, s.p. 

27 Dec. 1686. 

Sarah, dan. and co-^pilathew Disr.ey, only^:\rary, dan. of Mary, died unmar. 13 

lieirofSamuclIron- son, liapt. at Stoke | . . . .: widnw Aug. lO.'jS, ict. 15. 

side of Heath, and Hanimond,co. Bucks, '■ of Paul Day- — 

of U'Mcli in Lei'di- : 9 April 1050 ; Kec- ' ivU of Lil- Frances, mar. Henry 

ton Buzzard, cd. tornf Bli.-klev. e... ; lingstMi, Day- ILtwes of Pnnces 

Beds;diedorsmall- Btiek^ ; M.A. O.vm ; Ui.dioioiigh, eo. 

po.\ . . . ., Kt. 20. 8 -April IG.S2; living | 2nd wife. Bucks. 

1st wi.fe. , 1724. I 

H I I I 


" ' ' L 


1 i 1 

Elizabeth, difd s.j 

.1 N 

. !■ ranees, luar. Mathew Disnev 




mas Disney, 

I'hilil.LeMaii, died 




Sarah, died s.]). 

aputhecavy and 


eiKMuis,. Had Fra 

leis Disney 


ry Disney, 

JIartha, died s.p. 

i--iie. ,iicd 



Joseph Disney, born i'3 .Tan.=f:Aime,daii. of Thoma> Ross 


, mar. 1st . . . 

1604-5; :M.A. and Rector | of Barbadoes, West Indies 

G rail 


of Cranbrook and 

Applodore, | burn 170ii ; die 

d at Canter- 


lawes of Great 

CO. Kent ; died 3 

Ang. 1777, i burvSl Jan. J 

'82, an. 70. 


iw, CO. l!uck.s, 

jet. 82. 


her c 



Matthew Disney, 

William Disney. 2nd so,k = 

= Anna Mar 

a, dau. 

1 1 

1st .S(.in, burn 17 

burn 2uSL'iit. 1731; I).l)., 

aiid coheir 

jf John 


April 1730; B.D. 

Fellow of Trinity College, 

Smyth of 


and Fellow of St. 

Cambridge, Piofessor of 

Sntton, CO 

Kent ; 

Anne, born 

John's College, 

Hebrew, Rector of Pluek- 

born 1736 

mar. 9 

23 0et.l73t»; 

Oxon ; died un- 

ley, CO. Kent ; died at 

Jan. 1782; 

died at 

living unniar. 

raar. 9 March 

Piuckley 28 March 1«()7, 



17G8, jct. 88. 

a3t.7.i.; bur.atCnuibrook, 

IS :\ray Isi'O, a't. 

CO. Kent ; s.p. 

S4 ; bur. a 

t Cran- 


John Disney of Swiiiderby, 1st surviving son=pBarbara, dan. of Gervase Lee of Nor- 
of Sir Henry by his 2nd wife ; born 30 Nov. well UiJ^i, Notts ; mar. 2.5 Jan. 1 635-G ; 
1603 ; died at Lincoln 10, bur. 1-t Jan. died 18, bnr. 22 Jnue 1703 at Swin- 
1080-81 at SwinJerby. Will dated March , derby, then described of St. Peter's-ac- 
1678; proved SO April 1681. I Gowls, Lincoln. 

Cornelius I)isnev, R 

fbeera. dan. of= 

=Gervnse Disupy of Swit 

-=]\rarv, dan. of 

1st son, born 30 .1 

■hn Spateman 

del by, 2nd son and hei 

■ Serle of 

April 1637 ; of ol 

Rednouk, en. 

born 8 April 1641 ; also Lambeth, co. 

Corpus Christi D 

erbv ; mar. at 

of Lincoln ; j/roved h 

s Surrey ; widow 

College, Oxon, T 

■iniiv (.'iiaijel 

father's will 30 April 1681 

; of Robert 

1654; died 29 Jnne 1671; 

died 3, bur. 8 April 1691 Wriuht ; sur- | 

Stoke Hammniid, d 

ed 7 June 1686; 

at Swinderby, s.p. Wi 

1 vivintcSoMar. 

CO. Bucks, ]\Iay bnr. at Crich, eo. 

dat-d 3(1 March, ].ro^e 

1 1691. 2nd 

1663. D 

erby. 1st wife. 

(C.P.C.) 17 April 1691. 


1 1 
John Disney, liorn 


Elizabeth, bom 


^Lirv, born 10 ihirch 

1 1 

Sarah, born 16 

27 May 1647 ; died 

15 May 1639 

1642-3 ; bapt. at St. 

Oct. 1644; died 3 

and Inir. at Swinder- 

mar., 15 July 

Ptter-at-Arches 12 

Dec. 165i;. 

by21 Mareii 1664-5. 


:\Iarcii 1642-3; mar.. 


tield of Lau-h- 

23 April 1672, Jona- 

Dorcas, 1m. rn 31 

Samuel Di.-iicy, bnni 


than Stanvfurth of 

Auir. 1653 ; mar. 

4 Nov. 1650; died 

tlicii,eo. York 

Rutherliam,cn. York; 

at Swinderbv, 22 

at Liuculu, bur. at 

died 17 Marcl 

died 24 July 1675. 

Mavl 676, Joshua 

Swiuderby 7 Dec 




CO. Derby. j 




Catherine, youngest (iau.=T=DauieI Disney of KirksteaJ aud=^l:irtlia, dan. of Dunet 

and colieir of Heury ; Lincoln,3rdson,heirof bisbroiher Forth, Citizen and 

FynesofKirkstcad; born j of Swinderby, born ]0 ilay 1050 ; Alderman of London, 

11 April 10.")o ; mar. 1 . entered at "Gray's Inn ic Feb. born 1(>5J ; died s.p. 

June 1(;74; died at Kirk- ICTC-T; provcd'his brother's will at Lincoln 27, bur. 30 

17 April IG'.ll ; J. P. for co. Lin- Jan. 1747-8 at Swin- 

coln ; died at Lincoln 2'J Aug., derby, vsi. d2. 
bur. 2 S''[.t. 17:'.4 at ^^winderbv. 

stead 10, bur. 20 May 
IG'.iO at Swiuderby, a2t. 

Henrv Disnev, burn 20 Jan. 

Barbara, born 14 Sept., 

Barbara, born 2 Dec. 

1682-3; died 27, bur. 28 

died 10 Nov. 107ij. 

1084; died Xov., bur. 

April 1083 at Swiuderby. 


22 Nov. 1008 at Swiu- 

Kalherine, born Nov. 


Samuel Disnev, born 18 Feb. 

1070 ; a leiratee of her 

1086-7; died 10, bur. 18 


Jane, bora 7 Dec 

March 1000-7 at Swinderby. 

died 10, bur. 13 June 

1089 ; died 18 Jan. 

1090 at Swinderby, ait. 1 8. 


A snn, 
and died 
17 Nov. 

John Disney of Lincoln, lst=pirary, dau. and iieir of Wil- Daniel Dis- 

son, born 26 Dec. 1077 ; 
JM.A., Vicar of St. Mary's, 
Nottingham ; died v. p. 3 Feb. 
1729-30; bur. in the chance! 
of St. Mary's, Nottingham. 

I _ I . 

Mary, bapt. at St. Catliei'iue, born CI Vug., 

Swithin's, Liucoln, 21 bapt. 11 Sept. 17o6 at St. 

(born 18) Ni>v. 1703; JIargaret's, Lincoln; mar. 

mar. Benjamin Thea- David Houston of Houston, 

ker,CaptaiuinColouel near Glasgow, Cornet in 

Kirke's llegiment of Marshall Wade's Regiment ; 

Foot ; died 24 Julv died at High Wycombe, 

1759, s.p. ' Bucks, 22 Jan. 1702. 

iaiu Woolhonse of North ney, 2ud 

Mnskham, Notts, iLD.; born son, born 

6 Dec. 1677 ; mar. 20 Jlay 21 May 

1098 ; died at Flintham Hall, 1681 ; died 

Notts, 20 May 1763 ; bur. at 16 ilay 

Flintham. 1689. 

Martha, born 20, liapt. 22 
Oct.1711 at St. Margaret's, 
Lincoln; mar. Jletcalfe 
Proctor of Thorfje, near 
AVakefield, co. York ; died 
8 June 1764; bur. at PtOth- 
well, CO. York. 

Gcrvase Disney of PonteiVact, co. York, 0th son.^iLary, dau. of William Thorpe 
born 18 Aug., bapt. 13 Sept. 1709 at St. Mar- j of Nottingham ; born 25 Aug. 
garet's, Lincoln ; entered at Magdalen College, 1716 ; mar. 20 ]\Iav 1730; 
Cambridge, April 1728, B.M. 19 Nov. 1733; I died at Porafrct 17 Fe'b. 1789 ; 
died at Pouiefract 4 Nov. 1786 ; bur. there. j bur. there. 

m rn m ^i 

Clinton Disney, 1st son, Gervase Disney, born 4 June Katherine, born j 

born 20 June 1742; died 


William iii-iicy, 2nd sun, 
born 2 Jan. 1745-0 ; died 

Robert Disney, born 25 
Dec. 171G ; died youug. 

1748 ; died young. 

3 Sept. 1739 ; i 

died Nov. 1744. i 

Martha, 1st dau. and coheir, 

born 7 March 1730-7 ; mar.. 

HIiz.abcth, born 

U'.lulv 1703, Robert Thorpe 

3 1741 ; 

of Rledworth, CO. Notts, 

died yoiing. 


Charlotte, born 

Marv, boni 10 April 17;;s; 

21 Aug. 1713 ; 

died uuinar 'i'J Oct. 1770. 

died young. L i 




Harrieii. 2iid dan. 
and f.jl.eir, bnrii 
4S<.'i)t. 1744; mar. 
at l'i.u:t;fract, 12 
May 17''3. ri..beii 
Alexar.Jcr of Hali- 
fax, CO. York, £111- 
geon ; died in 

horn 4 
May 17:,o. 

born -21 
July 1701. 

1 1 
Henrietta, ?.rd ^nrvivin£r d;in. 
and t'ohcir. born IVl.. ~17:.:; : 
liviui;- nnmar. 17'.iii. 

Lucy, 14th child but 4ih dan. 
and coheir, boi-n Ui April 17.'i t ; 
mar. at I'outetVact., i-i Feb. 
17S4, Thomas Luud, Kcctor 

1 1 

.\iine, iiorn 10 
(let. 17.^1". : 
di.Ml at Pom- 
fret IS ,l;ui. 

KSl, nnmar. 

Frances, born 
14 XoT. 1768; 

childlxnl li' May Both died of Barton-lc-Street, co. York ; died young 
1787. young. living 1790. 

Samuel I-'isnev, 5th son, born 9, bapt. 20 June 170.5 at= 
St. Mar-aref's in the Close of l-incoln ; Fellow of 
Corpus College, Cambridge, Lecturer of Wakefield, co. 
York, and of Great Sandall in said co. ; died 22 July 
1741, ffit. 36 ; bur. on north side of Wakefield Church. 
Will dated 29 Oct. 173S. 

•^largery, youngest dau. 
of Francis Proctor of 
Thorpe-on-the-Hill, co. 
York ; living a widow 
at Wakefield 1790. 

Samuel Disney, oniy=Anne, eldest dau. of Christoplier Wil- 
survivirig son, born - - ~ 

at Wal;eiield :j Jan. 
1737-8 ; Yicar of 
Halstead, co. Esses, 
collated IS Xov. 1708; 
died 10 July 17 sC, 
a't. 4S; bur."at Hal- 

son, D.D., Canon Pt.<identiary of St. 
Paul's and P>ishop of Bristol (by Anne, 
youngest dau. of Edmund Gibson, 
Bishop of London) ; born at Fulham 
Palace 14 Sept. 174.5 ; mar. ] Ang. 
1707 ; died at Kensington, co. ^Nfiddle- 
sex, 8 May 1785 ; bur. at Fulham iu 
Bishop Gibson's vault. 


John Disney, died 

Henrietta iLiria 
Elizabeth, born 9 
Sept. 1739 ; died 

Frances, born 20 
Dec. 1740; died 

William Disney, 3rd son (twin with 
Daniel;, born and bapt. G Jidy 1702 
at St. Switliin's, Lincoln ; died at 
Lincoln ; bm. at Swinderby Se[)t. 


Danie! Disnev, 4th son (twin^Sarah, dan. 

with William), born and bapt. ; of 

1702 at St. Swithin's, Lin- | 
cidn; died at Gibraltar 1744; 
bur. there. 

Daniel Disne}', only son, born in St. Andrew's, Holborn, co. Jliddleses, Sarah, 

26 Dec. 1726; Captain in the Army 4 Oct. 17C0; Major 71st Foot died 

Aug. 177C; Town Major of >[ontreal in the Canadas ; died 24 Jan. young. 

Henry Disney of Xewark-on-Trent, Xotts.==Martha, dan. of Thomas Roebuck 
M.D., 2nd son ; born 15 June 1701 ; died of Heath, co. York ; heir of her 
■4, linr. 7 Xov. 1760 at Newark, then called brother John ; died in Scotland. 
"Cajjtain." I 

: M ! 




Katheriiie, 1st dan. and cf)lieir= Ilonry WooUionse Disney of^Elizahctli, daa. 
of Jolm nussL-n, Rector of Iiiltcss. co. Kent, only *siir- : of . . . . Baylis : 
Stoke, near (Jiiildford. CO. Sur- viving son, inheriLod tlio | mar. at llatli 
rey; mar. at Stamford 17. lunc estate of Xortli :\In>kliam. i 2 Feb. 1774; 
1770 ; died at St^miford 2.S c-o. Notts, and a.ssiiined tiie iiviiiij 17;iO. 

Jan. 1771 ; bur. there ; s.[i 
1st wife. 

name of Roebuck ; born 1 6 
Julv 173:'! ; a Coruct in the 
ScoUGrevs; livincr UW. 

.'od wife. 

.... Disnev 

TbeiaVai, K.B 

dan. of Francis Dekival, natural son of Sir Francis Bhike 

Henry Disnev^p. . . . O'HalloraD. 

Roebuck. ■ I 


. . . ., mar. Tliomas Cobham of Marley 
Lodtre, co. Devon. 

Alice iIary=TIon. Jolni Yivi 

Marmaduke Disnev, 



ha, l)oru 8 Apri 

born 26 Dec. 17?.6 ; 



; also died 

died March 1738-y. 





"A child of Captain Dis- 
ney,"' bur. at Xe\vark-on- 
Trent, co. Xotts, 8 Aug. 

John Disney of Swinderby, 1st son, heir of hi^=pFranf'es, youngest dan. of George 
grandfather; born 3, bapt. 10 April 17uO at Cartwright of Ossington, Xotts; 
St. ^Margaret's in the Close of Lincoln ; .J.P. for bom 11 Xov. 17U'J ; mar. in '^ueen 
CO. Lincoln and Xotts ; Slieriff of Notts 1733 ; StreetChapel, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 
died at Lincoln 2i;, bur. 30 Nov. 1771 at co. Middlesex, 20 D-jc. i; 
Swinderby, xt. 71. at Lincoln 5 .Jan. 1791 

Swinderby, tet. 81. 

ir. at 

John T):Mioy, 
born July, 
bapt. 5 Aug. 
1734 at St. 
Lincoln; died 
18, bur. 22 
Jan. 1737-8 
at St. ilar- 

Frederic Dis- 
ney, born 2.5 
Nov., bapt. 
13 Dec. 173.5; 
died 19, bur. 
21 May 1730 
at St. Mar- 
garet's, Lin- 

Lewis Disney of Swin-^Elizabecli, only dau. and 
derby, 3rd but eldest heir of William Ftytche, 
surviving son ; born 9 Governor of Bengal, E.L; 
Oct.,hap't.llNov.l738 ; born 5 Sept. 1740-50; 
at St. Peter's in East- ; lieirof her uncle Thomas 
gate, Lincoln; as^nuied ! Ffytcheof Danbuiyl'jace, 
the name of Ffvtche ' co. Essex; mar. at Dan- 
27 Sept. 1775; "died ' bury 16 Sei.t. 1775; died 
22 Sept. 18l'2. there 12 Nov. 1787; bur. 

; at Swinderby. 


Diana, born at Dan- 
bury Place, CO. Esse.x, 
19 May 1770 ; died 
10 Jan. 1762 ; bur. 
at Swinderby. 

Anna ^laria, born 
at Daubury Place 
21 June 1780 ; 
died 10 ilarch 
1787 ; bur. at 

Charlotte Lucia, 
born 10 A]iril 
following ; bur. 
at Swinderby. 

A dan., still- 
born, Nov. 
1787, of whom 
her mother died 
in childbed; bur. 
at Swinderby. 


3] 3 

soii,b;i]>t.rtt St. IVtcr's 
ill Eiisl-iiU- 10 Auij. 
1741 ; C;i]il;iin in I he 
FusilcL-is r.) l\li. 
17GG; :\Iajor in die 
Army 14 Nov. ITSu ; 
J.P."for CO. J.inenlii; 
died at l>incu!ii Ij, 
bur. 18 . 1 line 17SS at 
Swinderby, unmrir. 

CO. Esie.s, 4lli son ; boi'n 

cis Blackbtirne, JI.A., 

17 Sei(l.Jiniit. 18 Oct. 17-1 1". 

Rectnrof Kicljmoud,co. 

■M St. IVterV in Ka^t■;ate. 

York, and Arciuleacou 

l.iucdln ; D.I)., Rector .)f 

of Cleveland ; born 31 

I'autnn. Viear of Swinder- 

Jan. 174:)-6 ; mar. at 

bv, C'iKq.lain to ]5ishop of 

Ricbiiumd, CO. York, 17 

Carlisle, MiuiFtcr of E=?ex 

Xov. 1774 ; died at the 

Street Ciiapel,]-oildon; died 

Hyde, near Ins^atestone, 

at the Hvde 20* Dec. ISK";, 

CO. Kssc.K, 2 Oct. 1800, 

XL 70. 

fCt. Co. 

Frances Eliza- Sophia, yonng-^John Disney of the Algernon Disney, j 

beth, eldest est dau.aiidco- I Hyde, co. Essex, and L'nd son, born at j 

dau. and co- heir, born at i ofCorscouibe, co.Dor- Flinthaiu Hall 1 

heir, born 29 Danhury Place ' set, 1st sini ; born at June 17.^0; Major 

Aug. 177G ; 15 Dec." 1777 ; j Flintham IIaIl,Xotts, in the Arinv, and 

mar., 21 Feb. mar. at St. 29 :\ray 1779; F.H.S.; called "Colonel" at 

1800, 'W'ilHam George's, ]Ian- | of the Inner Temple, his death 23 Jan. 

(afterwards Sir over Sqtiare (to i Bavrister-at-Law ; 1848, bnt "Captain" 

William) Hil- her cousin), 22 i Recorder of Bridport; in the M.I. 

lary, Bart. Sept. lso2. Sheritl'of Dorset 1818. 

John Disney, born 28 July Edgar Disney of the Hyde near Ingate- Sophia. 
1808 ; died 20 Dec. 1819. stone, co. Essex, born 22 Dec. 1810. 


Frances IMary, born Elizabeth Jane, EliziJjeth Collyer, Jane, born in Sloano 

at Swinderby 7 Aug. bora at Flint- born in Essex St., Street, Clielsea, co. 

1775; mar.,"29 May ham Hall 19, Strand, Loudon, Middlesex, 19 May 

1818, Rev. Thomas died30Oct.,bur. 18 Jan.. died 10, 1785 ; died 7 :Mareh 

Jervis ; only dan. 1 Nov. 1770 at bur. 14 JIar. 1784 1 78(3 ; bur. at Swin- 

surviving. Swinderby, a;t. at Swiuderby. derby. 
11 days. 

.... Disney, 2nd 
Bon, born and died 
26 Jan. 1739-40 ; 
bur. at St. ilar- 
garet's in the Close 
of Lincoln. 

JIary, born at Oxton, 
Notts, 27 Aug. 1732 ; 
mar. at Lincoln, IS 
Dec. 1753, Edmund 
Tnrnor of Stoke Roch- 
ford; living 1790. 

P'rances, born 12 
Aug. 1733 ; died 
21 Aug. 1734 ; 
bur. at St. Jlar- 
garet's, Lincoln. 

Louisa, born 9 
Jan., died 7, 
bur. 10 Feb. 
173C-7 at St. 


iBolibs of iiuduialL 

Thomns Pobbs of ];i]cknall,=pi^Iary. daii. iind coheir of Rev. Evcrard 
liviiisr 1C75. (Prul.ably SOI) Dighton, Rector of Rucknall, Yicar of 
(if Thomas ])ol)hs of co. Croft, liy his 1st wife Frances, dun. 
AVilts, who was aj,'Kl IS in of Valentine UptMn of Nortliohne ; 
IGIO; RccLor i.f lliasiiJi;- bapt. at Croft 4 April li;^'J ; lef-atec 
ton 1631-G8.) ; of her father IG75. 

Thomas Dobbs, called "jnuior" in 1G75. (Probably^ Jlary, lefcatee 
Vicar of Croft 17o3 ; xt. IC iu IGbl^.) I in 1G76.'' 

Jolm Pobbs, lefratee of his annt Helen Pigliton 1734; of^Mary, dau. of Ilenrv 
Buckna]11741. Willdated 13 Feb.l75G; provedllJunenoG. I Bonltonof Sti\w,.|d. 

I "II I ~ " I 

J.ohn Dobbs, legatee of=^:Mildred, Thomas Dobbs, JIary, Elizabeth, K^G; born 

his aunt Helen Digh 
ton 1734. AVill dated 
IG Sept. 1741, then of 
Waddingworth; proved 
12 Oct. 1743. 

dan. of 

Rev. — 

John Henry Dobbs, 

Brow- 175C. 


175G. 17IC ; died \> 

John Bourne of Dal by 

John Dobbs, mentioned in liis grandfather's will 1756 ; under age in 1741. 

Bemiett Thomas Dobbs of Scrembv=p. . . . dau. of John Wilby. 

. . . .=Rev. "William :jb:.rley, Rector narriet = Rev. Stephen Preston 

of Mavis Enderby. of Louth. 

Ann Dobbs of Bneknall, widow. 'Will dated 4 July 1783; proved 12 .Sept. 

[I have compiled this pedigree frc 

It Lincoln.— A. R.M.] 

Bobsion of t^atn5l3orou5i). 

John Dobson of Gainsborongh.^ 

See Harl. Soc, Vol. IV., p. 130. 

Will of :Margaret Dobson of Gainsborough, widow, 19 April 1541. Dau. Dorothy, 
" to be at the order of John Staveley, S' Rowland Staveley, and William Stavcley, 
my sonnes." Probate 28 April 1541 (Lincoln). 

i,iyco!A',snri:K rr.DiGKEEs. 


JDoijQon of 5lii'Dbciroii(ji). 

Clin'stoplierDobson,KecUir;uidP;itroiiof=^Friuices,dau.()fiIicliaelC'lipsliamof Cade- 
LudbordUgh, burn iu co. York ; induct- I b_v ; mar. at Graiuliani 14 Feb. l(U!4-5 ; 
ed '2i Jnly ICGl; bur. tliert 4 Oct. IdSO. biir. at I.udborough 5 April 1G83. 


1st son, Lapt. at 
Ludboniiigh 20 
5 April IGGG. 


Dobson, 2nd son, 
bapt. 30 Jan., 
bur. 11 ^larch 

John Doll- 
sou, 3rd 
son, Ijajit. 
1-4 Feb. 

Edmund Dob 
son, Jth son 
bapt. 10 Feb 


son, 5 th 
bapt. 24 


bapt. 28 
May 1GC7. 

Dorothy, bu 

It. Anne, bapt. 21 ^lay, 
bur. 1 Aug. lG7u! 

Jane, bapt. 14 Eli7.abeth,b:ipD. 
Feb. 1G72-3. 8 May 1C7G. 

Bolman of Bottcsforti. 

Aii.MS. — Az/'rc, (/ fcsfie danccltee between eight garhs or, handed gules. 
Crkst. — 7'u-o arms emloirtd, the dexter vested azure, the sinister or, the hands projier, 
holding a garb of iiti second. 

Marmaduke Dolman of Millington, co. York,^Ursula, dau. of John 
and Messinghani, co. Lincoln, 3rd son of i Rudston of Hayton, 

Thomas Dolman of Pocklington, co. York ; 
bapt. at Pocklington 7 June lo62 ; slain at 
Marstou iloors, ex parte It^gis, 1645. 

CO. Y'ork ; widow of 
Christopher Langley 
of Milliugtou. 


. . . ., mar Fitzer ; Ursula, mar. Elizabeth, mar Mary, mar 

mentioned in John Dol- .... Bishop Constable of Cars- Jlorley of Bot- 
man's will 1G'J2. of Fockliug- thorpe, co. York. tesford. 


Thomas Doi-=: Magdalen, Marmaduke ])ol-=rAnne, dau. of John 

John Dol- 

man. Will dau. of Ed- man of Bottes- 1 Shawof Bottesford; 

man, bar. at 

dated 1GG8 ; muud IMor- ford, gent. ; bur. ' sister and heiress 


proved at leyofHohne there 20 Dec. 
York 1G71. in Bottes- 1654. 

of John Shaw; bur. 

19 Nov. 

at Bottesford 11 

1G70, s.p. 


April 1652. 

1 1 i 

Elizalj&d), bapt.^f Ccl. Henry Anne, died un- Ursula, mar. after 

= Para- 

at ]'^-odinghani Lilling- mar. ; e.x'trix to 1658; ex'trix to 


11 Nov. 1G28 ; 

ston. her brother Wil- her brother Wil- 

mar. at Bottes- 

liam Dolmau liam Dolman 

ford 'J Nov. 1G52. 

1GC2. 1662 ; s.p. 

Luke LilHiigston, mentioned in will Mary, 1662. Elizabeth 

, 1G82. 

A of William Do 

mau IC 62. 




William l^olmtm of PiTsiila, dau. of Rev.=pJohn Dolman of=Aiine, dau. of Wil- 

Bottosfovd, CfTit. William LiDColii, 
W^ill datrd 8 May, D.l). ; bur. at But- 
proved 17 Ol-1. lOUi ttsfuid 2 .Sept. lt;si'. 
(Liiiculii). 1st wife. 

Rotiesford, gent, linm Wulloy of W( 

Will dated 4Jiinc co. Liacoln ; mar. 

IGOi' ; [irovcd 17 at Scotter ."0 Nov. 

Nov. IG'Ji (Line). 1G83. 2ud wife. 

1 I 

William ]»olman ot==p Elizabeth, dau. of ^larmadiike Pol- 

\nne, bnpt. at Bottcs- 
fordS Sept. IGOO; died 

Bottesford, gent., .... Gary of man of Londo 
bapt. there 1 Feb. Gainsborough; mercer; ex'or to inf. 
1665-G. Willdated ex'trix to her has- his father IGOi. — 
llDec. 1G94; baud 1G'J9 ; living' Will dated 15 rer;;ida, bapt. at Hot- 
proved .June 1699 i a widow at Hull Oct. 1702. tesford lu June IGGS ; 
(Lincoln). I 2 Aug. 1728. bur. 2 Nov. 1G71. 

"William Dolman of Bottes-^Mary, dau. of William John Dolman, 

ford and Doncaster, Attor- Leech of Doncaster, bapt. at Bot- 

ney-at-Law, bapt. at Bot- gent. ; mar. 28 June tesford 28 Jlay 

tesford 24 Nov. 1G92 ; 1719 ; bur. at Don- 1694 ; bur. 4 

caster 21 May 17u3. May 1698. 

Adiu'on at York 2.'> 

Oct. 1755. 

ford and Doncaster, Attor 
ney-at-Law, bapt. at Bot- 
tesford 24 Nov. 1G92 ; 
heir-at-law of hi.s uncle 
jMarmaduke Dolman of 
London; died before 1728. 


Persida, bapt. at 
Doncaster 1720; 
bur. 1721. 

Mary, bapt. at 
Doncaster 1722 ; 
bur. 172.3. 

I I 

Henry Jrarsden= Persida, coheir,=Robci't Clay- Eh'zabeth, 
of Wcnnington bapt. at Don- ton P)ayly, coheir, 

in parish of caster 19 Nov. Major 58tli born 
Melling, co. 1723; adm'ix Regt. 2nd 1724; 

Lancaster; liv- to her mother husband. died 1735. 

ing 1755. 1st 25 Oct. 1755 ; 
husband. B.p. 

[XOTK.— Tlie full pediuicc of Dolman of 1 uckliogton i- printed in Foster's '• Yorkshire 
Pedigrees." I have givcu the Lincolnshire branch only. — A. U. 11.] 

33ou5ljtj> of i£.out!) anti ^citijilL 

[M.8. C. 23, Heralds' College. Title-deeds of tlie Earl of Yarl>orongh.] 

Aujis. — Ai-yent, t":o bars het'veen Ihrcc inidhts of six iioints, pierced sahk. 

For earlier part of the pedigree see " Visitation of liincolnshire, 1592," printed 
in the " Genealogi-:t," vol. vi., p. 148. 

Bubprt Doughty of Louth^Katherine, dau. and colieir of William 
(snii of Christopher Doughty I Kitzwilliam of Louth, 3rd son of Tl: 
ol CO. Derby). | ma^ FitzwUlian; of Mai.lelliurix 




Williain=pAiine or Ague.?, 
Doughty I dan. of . . T . 
ofLouLli. FishcrorLniuli; 

mar. 4 Feb. 


Joan, d;i 


Robert. Douijhty, 
19 Dec. 1573. " 


:rvol><?rt Donghty,^ 
Yiear of I>oiith, 
Inir. at Loiuli 12 
Nov. u;00. Will 
dated 24 April 
IGoO; proved 10 
Fob. lGOO-1. 

=.\niie, dan. of Wil- 
liam Render of 
Louth, phvsieinn ; 
bar. IS :Mav 1501. 
2nd wife. 

bapt. at lioml): 

= Anthony Ogle of Lout) 
and Keddinstuu. 

Doughty, bapt. 
at Louth 15 
Jan. 153S-9. 

I I I 

Thomas l)oiighty=pKathcrine, JLirgaret, Kathe- 

of Boston, 2Dd dau. ofJohn mar., 155ii, rine, 

son, JIayor of Woodthorpe Robert JLar- mar. 

Boston 15G!). of Abey shall of Loudi. John 

Grange. More. 


AnthonyDoughty=Jano, dan. of Thomas 
of Boston, 2nd Ogle of Pinclibeck ; 
mar. 31 JIarch 1G08 ; 
bur. at Pinchbeck Sept. lo 
JulylG44. Will dated 
14 June, proved 13 
Aug. 1644. 

son, living IGOO ; 
mar. lie. 20 March 
1C05 ; s.p. 

Richard Dough ty=?=JLargaret, base 

of Abey Orange, > dau. of Rad- 

bur. at Tothill 3 i clille ; remar. 

proved IS Sept. 

(mar. he. 15 
June 1620) 
Nicholas Wood- 
thorpe of Tothill. 

Richard Doughty, William Duughty, Elizabeth, bur. Katherine,=Thoma.s 

under age 1G17.' bur. ai Tothill. at Tutliill. mar. lie. 28 Moody 

— _ _ Nov. 1624. of Tot- 
Edward Douirhty, Authouy Doughty. Margaret, bapt. hill, 
bapt, at Tothill — at Tothill 
1614. Mildred. 1612. 

Robert Dough ty=pMargaret, dau. 





,1 1 1 


of Sere m by, 

of Andrew 


mar. Ed- 

mar. at ]ios- 


proved his uncle 

Smalley of 

bur. at 


km, 9 Oct. 


Robert's will in 

Scremby ; re-' ' 


Ashe of 

1576, John 


1600 ; purchased 

mar. (mar. lie. 


Boston ; 

Fnskney of 


manor of Ruck- 

11 Dec. 1G15) 



land 1609 ; dead 

John North of 


in 1615. 



Edward Doughty, settled Ruck- 
land on hk wife 1624. 

=Martha, dau. of Sir John I'.oll--, Kut., of Thorp 
Hall ; bapt. at Louth 8 Dec. 1597. 



Cliades^:^Iary, dan. of Ed- 




in 1017. 

id Dandy of D,, 

Soutli Ornitlty. 

id son 

llenrv Daiidv, 


lirolher of 


JIary, wife of 






Edunuid Doughty of Lon- Charles Doughty. Robert Doughty of=pAune . . . ., 

don, merohaiit, bankrupt ; entered at Alford Higiigate, niei-- reuiar. 

sold Ruekland and Wor- Scho'il ]-2 Aug. chant, purcha.sod I Geortre Mar- 

laby to his brother Robert IGOi' ; ' manor ..f Farforth 1 tyn of Lou- 

1711. 1714. don. 

I I I I 

Rev. John Doughty Edmuud=:\rartlia, Jaue=Ibjiiry Mary=Jolni Andrews 

of St. James, Cler- Doughty, dau. of Carter. of vSt. Clement 

keiiwell. s.p. .... Danes. 

Bolumnn of 0t\in\l)mn, |l}cits, ants 
^tftnstiJii, to. ilincoln. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Jolin Dowrnan of Newnbam, Herts=pJane, dau. of Henry Sapcotts of Lincoln. 

James Dowrnan of^f^Joan, dan. and heir of Henry Go\t.4ui11, sou and lieir of .lohti 
Newnham, living j Gowshull of Dedford in Eolderuess, co. York; died 10 Nov. 
29 April IGIO. 1G07. 

Edward Downiaii of-p-Ia 
Swinhojic, CO. Lin- 
coln. Will dated 29 
April, proved 7 Nov. 

I I 

I I I 


i I 

dau. of Margaret. Anne, mar. 

Thomas Hat- — Henry God- 

cliireofHat- Elizabeth, f rey. ' Susan, died youn;. 

clilie, CO. — — — 

Lincoln. Jane. Constance. Susan. 

I 11 

"William Dowman of=rAnne, dau. of Reignold John Dowman, James Dowman, 

Utfiugton, son and Blechington of Kent. hm. Ib02. under aj;e 1 CIO 
heir 1C34. 

I . .1 Ml 

Francis Dowman, Jlildinay Dowman, Jane. EHza- 

Eet. 13, 1G34, son entered at Gray's — bcth. 

and heir. Inn 14 June IG.'il. (irace. 

Anne=John Stokeley 
of UlHiigton. 

Katherine. mar. Tho- 


J. Judith, 

mar. Ri, 

- Anne, mar. lie 

mas Halford, Rector 



r 24 .^ept. 1022 

of Edith Weston, co. 



Kt. 22. 


Welbourn, Clerk, 
at. .30, 1G22. 


Bj)mo!ic of |L}altljam. 

[:\IS. C. 2:\ Heralds' Culkge.] 
Sir Kdwiinl Ihiuoke, Kiit., of SciivelsLy ; ili\J ].-,i;7=pAnii Tall-ois. 

Arthur Dymoke, 4th sou.^p 
' ^^1 

John l)ynioke=pK;itlifriiic, diui. of Julm Broxliolme : Fi'ster of Wilham Broxholme 
of Liiicolu. 

I \ ^1 

Thoiims=p Jolin Dvinoke of Halt-— ^Inrtha, dau. of Ed\vard=f=Faith. dau. of 

Dymoke ham, Clerk. Will dated | .lohn Buckbury Dymoke, Johu' Picker 

of Gray's 8 Sejit. 1G47; proved : ofDowshy; BrJ son. of !Mareham- 

Inn. 9 Oct. 1649. ex'trix. Ic-Fen. 

I 11 I II II II I 

Cres.-?y Robert Dymoke, ]\rary, Martha, under JohnDy- Hester. 

Dyir.okc, 1st son 1G47. mar. age in 1C47. moke. — 

1660. — Richard — — Priscilla. 

John Dymoke, Cable. Elizabedi, under Susanna. — 

2nd son 1G47. age in 1G47. Dorothy. 

[The pedirrrce of Dvmoke of Scrivelsby ha; been printed iu Lodge's •■Historj- of Sciivelsby." 
I have given the above as supplementary to it. — A. R. M.] 

B['on of <Eat1)brIl 

Arms. — Or, a snltire r/nks suniwuntt'l lij another ermine, on a cliirf of the seeonJ 

three salloreh engrailed of tlie Jlr&t. 
Crest. — On the inside of an esratloj) or, the point in base, a lion passant sable. 

Robert Dyon=pJIargaret, dau. and heir of William Marshall. 

John Dyon, 1st son=pMargaret, dau. of . . . . Cnrteys. Robert Dyon, 2nd sou. 

I \ I 

John Dyon of Tath-=f Margaret, dau. of Cliarles Yar- Robert Agues =Robert 
well, bur. at AVel- borough of Yarborough ; bur. Dyon. Weston. 

ton-le-Wold 24 May j at Weltou-le-Wold 22 May 
1575. 1579. 

Charles Dvod. Elizabeth, heiress, =Robert Monson, Judge of Common Pleas 

— ' mar. at Louth 12 31 Oct. 1574; died"24 Sept. 1583, R.p. ; 

Hercules Dyon. Sept. 1559. bur. in Lincoln Cathedral. 



earlc of ^trac^rjktljorpt. 

[.MS. C. 23, IftniKls''ge. Dmlivs •' K.xtiuct IJaroiietuge."] 

Anyi^.~G»/rs Ihrf r^oi/l../,.^, and a honkr (Wjratlr.l aujait. 

AuLrtisfiiK' \Z-M-V- of Stiair-lfthurpe, an Attorney ;=p 
dic-d 2.-. April ;!(! Kliz. 

Agnes, daa.: 
and coheir of 
leyof Hoiisrh; 
widow of Ro- 
bert Thorold. 

=Aiigustine Ear]e= 
of .Straggletlior[ie, 
anAttornov. Will 
dated 20 July 
leSG ; proved 1-1 
Dec. less. 

:irar,s;aret,dau.^Frauce>, dan. of 

of Charles, 
Lord Wil- 
loughby of 

J oh I 



vm? 1G3C ; niai'. llobcrt 

Sir Thomas 
Cony, Knt., of 
Bassiugtiiorpe ; 
bapt. 1 ilarcli 
] 574-5 ; itiar. 
■22 Jan. 1509- 
ir.OO at Bas- 

of Alliii 


= Grant 



Sir Richard Earlcs^pFrances, dau. of 

Bart., of Scraggle- 
tliorpe ; created a 
Bart.2 JulvlC2U; 
SherifTcif CO. Lin- 
coln 1647 ; died 
25 March 1CC7, 
set. 60. 

topp, Bart., of 
CO. Leicester ; 
mar. at Buck- 
minster 8 Jan. 

I I 

Earle, s.p. 

Earle, en- 
tered at 
Gray's Inn 
27 Jan. 
1C2C-7. .- 


Bishop of 
Ilemswell ; 
died 25 July 
1627 ; bur. 
at Grant- 


Augustine Earle, died=Jane, dau. of Charles John Earle of StraL'gle-=p 

4 July IG.'.J ; bur. at Nodes of Shephall, co. thorpe (called by some dau of 

BraugliingChiH-ch,co. Uerts ; died 25 May Richard), died v.p. 

Herts. 1054. , Noy 

ir Richard Earle, Bart., of Stragglethorpe, died of the small-pox, unmar. 

Sir Richard Earle,=pEk-anor, dau. of Wil- Elizabeth, heiress-at-law, ]\Iary, bur. 

Bart., of Straggle- j liam Welby of Den- mar., 1G70, John Thorn- at St. An- 

thorpe, Sheriir of , ton; bapt. at Denton hagh of Osberton, co. drevv's, 

CO. Lincoln 1075 ; : 12 April 1040; remar. Notts; bur. at Sturton, co. Holborn, 

bur. at Straggle- 
thorpe 1684. 

to Edward Payne of Notts, 28 .March 1712. 

April 10 10. 

Sir Richard Earle, Bart., of Stragglethorpe ; died unmar. 
18 Aug. 1607, ajt. 24 ; bur. at Stragglcthurix;. 

[The Earle estates passed by will, aiter tome liligatioD, to the Welbys of Denton.— A. E. II. 



CIlis ol ^Ui lit cgIj rati. 

Eilis of Swiiiesliea.l. dead in \:,n\ ; hur. in ilic Chaix-l of St. ^fary tlieie.=r 

, 1 ■ ' 

Thomas Ellis Juhn I'.llis of Swinesliead, yeiiior. Will dated o Sept. l.-.O-l :^A-ncs 
ofSwinesliead, proved 1:? Dec. l.MM (r.C.C, I'O. llul-rave), to lie l.iir. in 
living 1004. the Cliapel of St. Jhiry, near Iiis father; names IJohert, 
Ellis of (ireat Hale and" Thomas Ellis of London. 

William Ellis, under 21 in loOJ. Thomas Ellis, under 21 in 1504. 

Anthony (? William) Ellis of Swineshead.= 

Johu Ellis of Srtineshead. 

Anthony Ellis, Thomas Ellis of Swineshcad and Great ranntoD,= 
builder of merchant of the Staple of Calais ; living 1537 

Great Painiton (was blind). "Will dated 2(i April 1545 ; proved 
Church. 6 Oct. 154G (P.C.C, 21, Alyn); leaves land in 


■Agnes, dan. of 
Ralph ilarshall 
of South Carl- 
ton, CO. Notts; 
living 1545. 

John Ellis, sou and heir, Anthony Ellis of Suineshead=pAnne, dau. of George 
50 years old and moi-e at and Paunton, mercbaut of or Thomas Sherard 
father's death (inq. p.m.), the Staple of Calais 1537, then of Stainby and of 
when he has children, but a witness to the will of Hum- Staplefordjco. Ijeices- 
appareutly no heir male. fi-cyWalcott. Adm'oulOXov. ter. 


ton,lst=pMargaret, 2iid 


Elizabeth, living 1545. 

son, adm'or of his 


dan. of William 


19 Nov. 15G2, and 

next of 

Durant of Cot- 

2nd son. 

Ellen, livina: 1545. 

kin of William Ha 

£rhe of 

tesmore, co. Rut- 


Wigtoft 21 Oct. 15S4. 


Agnes, living 1545. 

1 1 
Mary, mar. John=f= William Ellis^Jane, 



JohnlJooth Ellis. 

ofSwineshead, | liv- 

head, yeoman. Will 


of Killing- 

yeoman. Will 


dated 2 

3 Nov. 1639 ; 

trix in 


dated 20 Jan. 



2S :March 


15 C 



'ar. I. 


Mary, living 1C39. 

Ellis, under Wil 

1 1 1 

uim lilarv. Frances under 

21 in 1G39. Elli 


21 in 1C39. 

Mary, mar. Thomas 

Jane, mar. Richard Cony 
of iJasingthorpc ; bur. at 
Hasiugthorpc 5 July 1549. 

^Iary,mar. 1st HumphreyWal- 
cott of Walcott, whose will she 
proved 12 Oct. 153s ; 2udly 


T X 


LiNcor.xsnnu: rr,DiGur. 

€IliG of SOdUnrjorc. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' CV4kgc.j 
AUMP. — Or. on a cross suhlpjlrf rr,\^i-i»fs aryfni. 

EUisof Kia.lall.^ 


(Sir Richard Ellis, a priest in the parish of St. IMar- 
tin's, Lincoln, bur. there 20 Oct. 154S. Will dated 
28 Oct. 1548; proved 27 :March 15-19 (Lincoln); 
names his brother Sir Thomas Clarke, parson of 



ivinfrl5-t8. 1 





Joane, dau.=Lyon Ellis, 8rd son. Alderman and ^Sfayor of Lincoln ; a= 
of. ... ; Pewtercr, purchased his freedom 17 Aug. 37 Henry YIIL, 
bur. at St. 1545 ; C"h:>.mberlain 1547 ; cs'or of bmther Richard in 1548 ; 
Martin's, Sheritf 155 i ; Aldei'man Michaelmas 1 5(iO ; JFayor 15G6 ; died 
Lincoln, 1 1 2 Dec. 1 3 Eliz. ; bur. at St. i\Iartin's, Lincoln, 13 l>ec. 1570. 
Aug. 1558. AVill dated 4 Dec. 1570 ; proved 24 Jan. 1570-71 (Lincoln) ; 
names \\ife Elizabeth and his ciju^iu Anihony Ellis. 

dan. of 

Edward Ellis of Chester-^pJoan, dau. of Thomas Stuteville of Bi-inkley ; remar. ' 

ton, CO. Canil)., 1st son. 
Hill Term .30 Eliz., 1588; 
died at Cambridge 20 
Nov. 1595. AVill dated 
2 Aug. 37 Eliz., 1595. 

Othowell Hill, LL.D., Chancellor of Lincoln ; liv- 
ing at Cambridge 6 ]SIarch 38 Eliz., 1595-G ; 
adm'ix of lier 2nd husband 3 JulylGlG ; died 
27 April 1631, a3t. 78 ; bur. in AA'cstminster Abbey 
G May 1C31. 

Robert Ellis of Chesterton, co. Cambridge,= 
1st son and heir, pet. 13 years 4 months 
and 7 davs 20 Nov. 1595 ; also of Grav's 
Inn, CO." Middlesex. AVill dated 17 .Jan. 
1611-12 ; proved 12 May 1G12 (P.C.C, 34, 
Feuner), then s.p. 

:Ursnla, dan. of Sir Richard Pell 
of Dembleby, Knt. ; bapt. at 
Grautham 14 Jan. 1504-5 ; mar. 
before 7 Feb. lGlO-11 ; remar. 
Levis Cokaync of Cokayne Hat- 
ley, CO. Beds (mar. lie. 10 Dec. 

John Ellis, 2nd son, heir^p. 
of bis brother Robert (if 
he had no issue) 17 Jan. 
1611-12; living 15 July 
165C ; had lands in Hough 
by his brother Edward's 

Edward Ellis of Hunts, =p 
Cawkes 3rd son, pmved his brother Robert's i 
of Esses, will 12 May 1012; Cupbearer to 
King Charles L ; of New AVindsor, 
CO. Berks ; died 1G56 ; bur. in AA'est- 
minster Abbey 14 Oct. 1G5C, s.p. 
AVill dated 15 July and codicil 11 
Sept., preved 21 Oct. 1 650. 

Philip Ellis, son, a legatee of his 
nncle Edward 15 July 1G5G. 

.Jane, mar Richards 

living 15 July 1050. 

John Ellis.= 

Edward Eljis of Chesterton, aH. 21 in 1C52. 



Lyon Ellis, 4tli^Briat:t:-t, dan. of June, mar. at Caythorpo, 
son, living' 17 1 ... T; livini,' 15 18 Aug. IGOG. Jo!ii 
Jan. 1011-12. I Jnlj 1G.">G. Thorold of Morton. 

Aiinc, mar. John 
ThorolJ of Wcl- 
liam, CO. Leicester. 

Lyoucl Ellis, son, a legatee of ]ns= 
uucle Edward 15 July lOoC. 

;. . . . dan. of . 
15 July l<'-it>- 

Sir William Ellis,* iud son, of ye Conncc-U at Yorkc ; took=rAnne oij^Agncs, 1st 

np his freedom 7 April 1 5C0 ; had a patent of yc reversion 

of ye Reeordership 5 Oct. 1 586 ; made Kecorder of Lincoln 

29 Feb. 9 Jac. L, 1G12 ; Counsellnr-at-Law; died 19 Dee. 

12 Charles L,lGa(3,cet. bo. Will dated 4 Sept. 1630 ; proved 

(P.C.C.j 81, Goare) 11 :\[ay 10.37. Inq. p.m. 5 Sept. 

1638, seised of land in Swinihorpc in parish of Snellund, 

North and Sonth Somercotes, Scnpholme, Caduey, IIow- 

Bam, and of the Rectory of Cadney. 

dan. of Sir Edmund 
Thorold of Hough ; 
mar. 1592 ; died in 
child-bed 17 Oct. 
1012. Xt. 39 ; bur. 
in Lmculu Cathe- 

I I 

died s.p. 

died v.p. 

Martha, mar. Thomas Cople- 
dike of Harrington ; mar. 
lie. 23 Dec. 1612 ; died 23 
Nov. 1637; bur. at Welliu- 
gore, ffii. 47. 


Mai V, mar. William Lis- 
ter of Down Hall in Kip- 
pingale and Coleby 

15 July 1650 
inff in 1030. 


Edmund Ellis of Wellingore,^ 
mar. lie. 31 May 1017, then 
set. 22 ; described of Welliu- 
gore 22 Aug. IGi'S ; tet. 40 
and more in 1038 ; bur. at 
Welliugore 7 Xov. 1059. 

:Mary, dau. of Thomas Cople- 
dyke of Harrington ; coheir of 
her brother Thomas Cople- 
dvke ; fot. 27 in 1GJ7 ; living 
163G ; died 23 Nov. 1037, ret. 
47 ; bur. at Welliugore. 

Alexander Ellis, 
died v.p. 

Richard Ellis, 
unmar. in 1638. 

Martha, Elizabeth, 2nd dau., bur. 
1st dau- Wellingore unmar., 11 Ji 

Marv, 3id da 

Eleanor, 5th dau. 

William Ellis, 
£ct. IG, 1034 ; 
entered at 
Gray's Lm 
30 April 1050. 

Thomas Ellis of Harrington 

a;t. 23, 1052 (some say Ml. 5 

;34) ; of Wellingor ' 

Anne, 4th dau. Hester, 0th dau. 

,=pJane, dau. of Sir Gervase Xevile 
Haddington, Knt.,co. Lincoln; 
mar. 2nd]y Edward King of Ash- 

atWel'lintrore 19 Ana-.'l07C. I by; bur. at Wellingore 29 Sept, 
Adm'on n Oct. 1G7G. I 1720. Will proved 9 Dec. 1727, 

Edmund Ellis,=Elizabeth,dan 
lstson,hapt. 10 of Sir Edward 

Jnncl055; bur. 
at Wellingore 7 
July 1081, s.p. 
Adm'on to Eli- 
zabetli Ellis, 
widow, 1 Aug. 
1681 (F.C.C). 

• Tl.c Rev. Go ,_ 
iuhis nii! dated 11 JIar.di 
visor.— A. II. M. 

1079 ; 
June 1 


Thomas Ellis, 
2nd son,bapt. 
14 March 
1650-7: bur. 
,... at Wellin- 

at gore 25 Feb. 

11 1081-2, un- 

I I, Piicit-V. 

11-12, uamei h 

■ set 

:\Iartlia, 1st dau. and co- 
heir, born 1652 ; mar. at 
Wellingore, 9 Oct. 1074, 
Brian Xevile of Aubourn 
(marriage settlement dated 
10 and 17 Oct. 1074); died 
30 Jlarch 1710, ffit. 58. 

Piebeadiryof Lincoln Cithcdral, 
V '■ .Mr. William Ellii, Esq.," super- 



C I B 

bapt. Jane, bapt. at AVcl- 

I\atliciiiic,bapt. Elizabeth,* Anne, dan. (by Jan 

atWellingore k; mar one authority' at WlHiu- lin^oVc IS Dec. 

March 1658-9; Rossctor called Jlary) ; £;ore 15 1G65; mar. Antho- 

inar. John Cox- (marriac;e mar. at Welliii- Sept. IOCS; 

all of Lincoln, sottlcmeut gore, 1 April bur. 15 

Alderman. dated 24 1678,John Key Dec. 1GG5. 

Sept.lGTl). ofLeadenhum. 

bald) Jlontgoinery 
of Skelinorlie, co. 
Ayr, N.B. 


John Ellis, 
bapt. at St. 
]\Iartin's 5, 
bur. 15 Deo. 


bur. at St. 
25 Nov. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at St. :Mar-=f=Tlioina 


tin's 13 Feb. 15G4-5 ; mar. 
at Caythorpe IS Aug. 1 GOG; 
living 17 Jan. ]Gll"l2. 


Rector of 


Dr. Tiuiothy Thoro!d=Elizabeth Savile of Newton. Jane, living IGl 1-12. 

Lyon Ellis, M.A., Rector of Fnlbeck and Prebendary of== Jlar^aret, dan. of Thomas 
St. Botolpb's ; mar. lie. 17 April 1619, then £ct. 28 ; Riggs of Fulbeck; ajt. 21 
died 27 May 1635 ; bur. in Lincoln Minster. in 1G19 ; surviving 1G35. 

(Silts of O^^^I)am. 

[MS. 0. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Gules, on a/esse arijent between three crescents err as vianij scallops azure. 

Thomas EUys of Wyham, bore the=pAnne, dan. of .... ; dead U-fore 25 June 
arms of Ellis of Swineshead. I 1C05 ; bur. in Wyham Clnu'ch. 

Thomas Ellis, knighted by Queen Eliza-^Jane, dan. of John Hat- Elizabeth, mar. 
beth, as some say, but dcsci'ibed in his j chinson of Owthori^e, co. Francis Ays- 
will asEsq.; described of '\Vyiianil20ct. I Notts, in 1G05 (rather cough, 3rd son 
1588, son and heir; bar. at Wyham. I dan. of William Hut- of Sir Francis, 
Will dated 25 June, proved 2 Nov. chiuson) ; living 14 Oct. of South Kel- 
1605 (P.C.C., 76, Hayes); names his I 1597; dead in 1605; sey. 
dau. Shipman ; leaves lands in Wyham I bur. in Wyliam Church. 
and Lndboroutrh. 

I I 
20 Nov. i; 

Anne, livi 
Nov. 1570 

I I 

Jane, li 

25 June 1605 

Franee.s mar. WiUian 
ville of O.-cton, Notts ; 1 

So callcil in the register at WelMnrrore. — A. K. M. 


Dt.irotliv, nnmar. 26 Nov. \'.>iO 
mar. William Knight of Kii 
mington, CO. Lincoln ; both liv 
ing 1625 ; bur. at St. JIar_; 
Wigford, Lincoln, 1 Jan. 



France-^, dau. of Williaiu^Gcor^e Ellis of Gresholme, AVold Xcwton, = Al!ce, 

liudley of Yarboroivi 
bapt. isOut. l.ji;i; : uiai-. 
at yarboroii;;li :jO ?ilay 
1010; liviiV 1 -'an. 
1615-16 ; died before 3 
Car. I. 

etc.. L'lid son ; described of Wvliam i Sept. liviii-; 
16-23, -20 Aue:. 1625, 25 Sept. 1627, 19 3 Can I. 
:\larcli 162S->), and 16;U. Will dated 11 and 
Jan. 163;t-40, codicil 1 Oct. 1641 ; proved 1630. 
23 June 1643 (I'.C.C, 86. Ilivers) ; names 
his wife .Vliee and iiepbew William Ellis 
of Gray's Inn. 

1 1 

AVilliam Ellis, pet. 23 in 1634. 

1 1 

.-Vnne, 2nd dan. 1634 ; 

Dorothy, 4t!i dan. 16;U ; 


liyini,'] Jan. 1615-16, 

mar. at St. :\Iary's, Wig- 

Jane, 1st dan. and coheir ; 

then 2nd dan.; mar. 

fonl. 29 Nov. 1(;l'5, Isaac 

1st dau. 16 Jan. 161 5-1 G 

Michael Cbpshaui of 

Kni-ht of Lincoln. 

and 163-1 ; mar. vSir William 



Bury of GraTitliam, Knt. ; Hy- 

Frances, 5th dan. 1634 ; 

ing 22 Sept. 1657. 

Mary, Srd dan. 1634. 

mar. William Thornton 
of Grantliam ; Hying 22 
Sept. 1657. 

Sir Tiiomas ElHs of Grantliam, 1st son and heir ; of G 
Inn 24 Oct. 1597 ; knighted at York 15 April_ 1617 
of the King's Council of ye North ; died at Wyham Sept. 
3 Car. I., 1627 ; bnr. at Grantham 7 Sept. 1627. Will 
dated 13 July 1625; proved 5 Jan. 1627-8 (Lincoln); 
names bis brother and sister Shipman and sister Asbton. 
Inq. p.m. 10 Sept. 1628, seised of the manor and advowson 
of Wyham and land, etc., in Wyham, and Lndborough and 
Great Pantou ; also of the manor and advowson of Conis- 
holme and land in North aud South Somercotes, Ludney, 

,iy v=pJane, dau. of Gabriel 
one I Armstroiigof Wishall, 
Notts ; mar. before 
1605 ; surviving at 
Wyham 20 Sept. 1 623, 
4 Car. I. ; bur. at 
Grautham 25 Nov. 
1661. Will dated 12 
April 1658; proved 
24 March 1661-2 

Thomas Ell is of Wyham, also of Xortliill, CO. Bed-=pElizabeth, dan. 

ford, son and heir ; named in 1 605 ; tet. 22 aud 
more 20 Sept. 3 Car. I., 1627 ; died 6 April 
1040, seised of manor and advowson of Wyham. 
AVill dated 1 April, proved 3 June 1640 ; ("to be) 
bnr. in the Church of St. Dnnstan's-in-ihe- 
West, London. Inq. p.m. 17 Car. I., described 
as of Northill, co. Bedford. 

of ... . Harding 
of Northill, CO. 
Bedford ; inai'. at 
Northill 8 Nov. 
1027. ■ 


Edmund El- 
lis, bapt. at 
29 June 

Sir Thomixs Ellys^.Vnne, dau. of Sir 
of Wyham, Bart., John Stanhope of 
bapt. at Northill , I' Derby, 
8 Oct. 1629 ; \ brother of 1st Earl 
created 30 June i of Cliesterfiold, 
1G60; iiet.lOycars j cousin of Charles, 
6 months 5 days 2nd I'.anm Stan- 
at his father's ■ linpeof Harrington, 
death ; of Great ! co. Northampton, 
Paunton. ; and of Norton. 

Anne, bapt. at Northill 2 Sept. 1628 ; 
mar. Thomas Yarborough of Campsall. 
York; died 3 July, bur. 10 July 1662 
at Campsall. 

Elizabeth, of Cani[>sall, c, 
at Northill 2u Se))t. 1631 ; 
unmar. Will dated 
proved 10 Feb. 1651-2 

. York, bapl 
died 1651-; 
Dec. 1651 
(P.C.C, 2; 



Sir William Ellis of Wyhara.=rl'5;il'clln, dau. John Ellis of the Iniipr Temple 

Bart., and of Nofton"; 
and sole ex'or of his great- 
uncle Sir William ; liviug 
1 G'Jo ; one of the Trustees for 
rehiiilding the Church of St. 
Petcr-at-Arche.=, Lincolu, 10 
July 171 n ; died C Oct. 1727, 
a3t."74. Will dated 13 Sept. 
1727 ; proved 12 March 
1727-8 (P.C.C, 70, Brooke). 

of Richard liOndon, died 2 May, xt. 22, luir. 
Hampden of 11 'S\ay IGSO in Temple Church. 
Hampden, CO. — 

Dnrnthy, 1st dau., bnr. at St. 

.lohirs,"lIampstead, co. Middlesex, 

30 June 1G74. 

Bucks, Chan- 
cellor of Ex- 

Jane, mar. William Strode of Bar- 
rington, co. Somerset. His will 
proved by her 5 June 1G05. 

Sir William Ellis, Knt., 2nd son ; the Eegister says bapt. at Grantham 19 July 
1G07 ; entered at Gray's lun 6 Nov. 1627 ; named in wills of uncle George and 
brother Thomas ; JI.P. for Boston 1G43, and indicted at Grantham for high 
treason in April that year; il.P. for Grantham 1G54, then Solicitor-General, 
also in 1G56 ; Attorney-General to Cromwell, of Common Pleas ; knighted at 
Whitehall 30 A[)ril 1G71, then descrilied of Grantham ; died unniar. at his 
lodgings in Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street, on 3 Dec, in 76th year, bur. on 17 Dec. 
1680, at Norton on ye north side of ye chancel ; left his estates to his nephew. 

William Ellis, 

Elizabeth, daii.r 


=Sir Richard Ellis,= 

= Sarah, dau. and coheir of 

1st son, died 

and coheir of 

3rd Bart., of Nor- 

'J'honias Gould of Ivor, 

s.p., tot. "al- 

Sir Thomas 

ton, M.P. for Gran- 

CO. Bucks ; remar. Sir 

most 7," 23 

Hussev of 

tham and for Bos- 

Francis Dasliwood,Bart., 

Feb. 1680-81. 


ton ; 2nd sou 23 

of West Wycombe, after- 
wards Lord leDcspenccr; 

Bart.; died s.p. 

Feb. 1G80-S1; died 

1st wife. 

14 Jan. 1741-2, s.p. 

died at West Wvcombe 
2 Feb. 1769. 

Thomas Ellis, 

John Ellis, di 

ed Anne, 1st dau. 

Isabell, 2ud dau. Sarah, 

3rd sou 23 


23 Feb. 1680-81; 

23Feb. 1G80-81; died 

Feb. 1680-81; 


mar. Edward 

mar. Richard unmar. 

died unmar. 

George Eilis, died Cheke ; died Feb. 

Hampden. 10 Fell. 




I I 

Gabriel Ellis, bapt. 
at Grantham 6 Jan. 
1608-9 ; 3rd son 29 
Oct. 22 Jac. I., 1624; 
living 10 Sept. 4 
Car. I., 1628. 

George Ellis, biipt. at 
Grantham 8 March 
1609-10 ; 4th son 
21 Nov. 22 Jac. I., 
1624; liviug 10 Sept. 
4 Car. I., 1628. 


Henry P^llis, John Ellis, Joseph Eliis, bapt. at 

bapt. at Gran- Grantham 26 July Grantham 13 Oct. 

tham 13 Jane 1614; 6th son 6 1622; 7th son 21 

1613;5thson5 Nov. 22 Jac. I., Nov.22 Jac.I.,1624; 

Nov.22Jac.I., 1624; living 10 living 10 Sept. 4 

1624;livingl0 Sept. 4 Car. E, Car. I., 1628. 
" ' 1628, and 22 Sept 
1657 ; mar. ii 

Sept. 4 Car. I., 
1G28, and 1 
April 1G40 ; 
bur. at Gran- 
tham 9 April 

Joseph Elli' 
at Grantha 
Dec. IGIC. 


Benjamin Ellis, bapt. 
at Grantham 4 July 
1624; 8th son 21 
living 10 Sept. 4 
Car. I., 1628. C 



Margaret, horn before 1 CO".; 
mar. at nraHtliuin, 7 Oct. 
1G24, William Adams of 
Owston, York (mar. lie. 2.") 
Sept. 1C24, slie tot. 17 and 
he 20). Will dated 22 Sept. 
1057, then desevibed c.f 
Grantham, widow ; proved 
16 Fe'o. 1C58-0. 

See " Yiiitatioii of York- 
shire, 1C12, 1CGj-C." 

[I am iiiaebteil to the Rev. C. W. Foster, Yicar of Timberlaud, for much of the above 
pedigrees.— .-i. R. M.] 

1 1 

Elizabeth, born before ir.o.", ; t!ramhanl. C, An-. 1 CIS, 
Tetcr Ashton (died ir,:,;;) (.f 

.7ane, Gran- 
thnm 14 ilav KHS; 
mar., lllo7, liidije 

Grantham (mar. lie. 2'.i .Inl\ 
1618); died before 27 Sept. 
1C53. T,ocke of CO. 
Herts; died 1 .\n-. 
10;l!t, a.-t. 22. 

Dorothy, bapt. at Grantham 
1 Jane 1012 ; mar. William of Ashurst, co. Laa- 

Juditli, bapt. at 
Grantham 13 Jan. 

€Imcs of S,om;j button. 

[MS. 0. 23, Heralds' College. Podsworlh :\[S. 22, f. .^5. Add. :\rS. 5822 (Cole).] 

Akjis. — Ermine, two bars Siihic, cacli charged irith three clm-Iearcs or. 

John Elmes, from Northaraptoiisbire,=pMary, dau. of William Cockson 
livinjr at Loner Sution. of Lon" Sntton. 

William Elmes of^Elizabeth, dan. of John Payne (or Bayncs) 
Long Sntton. I of Sonthwell, co. Nottf?. 

Grisill, dan. of=fWilliaia Elmes of Lon5;=Anne Smith, =Pri5cilIa, dan. of ... . 
Jlichard Sprat t , Sutton, a't. 3-5 in 1C17; :vido\T, of Wentworth of Waltliam ; 

of Barney, CO. ajt. 38 in 1619; bur. Reepham ; bapt.tlierc 14 June 1594; 

Norfolk; btir. at Long Sutton. Will inar.lic.9 July mar. lie. 28 Aug. 1619, 
at Long Sat- dated 21 March 1648-9; 1017, ffit. 30. ait. 24 ; bur. at Walthara 
ton. Ist^vife. proved 3 April 1049. 2ijd wife. lSept.l019(?). 3rdwife. 

I I I 

Thomas AVilliam Richard 

Elmes, 1st Elmes, 2nd Elmes, tct. 

son,a:t.30, son, Kt. 24, 21,1034. 

1634. 1034. 

Cliristopher Elmes, JIary,= . . . . 
doubtful if alive 21 living Gaps or 
March 1648-9. 1648-9. (?) Gyps 

John=Katliari/ic, dau. 
Elmes. Twdh (?) of ^Wi 

f William 
beach, CO. 

Robert Elmes. 
George Elmes. 


James Elntcs 

328 . 

MxcoLxsiiiiu: ri;DiGi;i:KS. 

ClnuQ of ^tainforti. 

[" Yi.-italioii of Xortlianij>t..nsliire, ],-,(U and n:i>i" p. 18, VA. W. C. Jlotealfo.] 

Aims. — '' Ertniii', tvo bars sallc, each (h^n/,,! icit/if/; din-lcav(s or." 

Sir Jolm Elmos of iren]-y-^^EliV.;iliotli, dau. luul beir of ■\Villinii) Browne of Sfiiii- 
on-Thames, KiiL, died 4 j f.jid by liis wife ilar^'aivt ; mar. in M.'iT. Will dated 
May 1491. 11 Aptil ir.IO ; proved 17 May l;.ll. 

i I 

William Elincs of Inner Temple and^Elizabctb, dau. and coheir ifargaret, died 

of Stamford, ;ut. 2G in 1491. Will I of John Iwardby or Ewer- 1 Aug. 1471 ; 

dated 22 March 1504-5; proved by ; born 24 Au^lt. 1475 ; bur. at Stam- 

1504-5 ; mentions wife Elizabetli and | proof of age 30 Oct. 1518. ford All Saints. 
her mother Joan Ewcrby. J^ 

[I give this scrnp of .i pedi_2ree merely bcci'ise of the counection oi tlie Elmes family \ritli 
Stamford, aad their descent from tJie Evrerby?. — A. I!, if.] 

[JIS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Arms. — Or, a /esse azure surmoitntcJ hij a hen 

' gults. 

William Elwes of Askbam,='pMargaret, dau. of . . . . Eivesey of 
CO. Notts. I West Markhara, co. Notts. 


Edward Elvres of GeoftVcy Jolm Ehves 

Askbam,2udsoD. Ehves, 4ih ofWorlaby, 

— son (see co. Lincoln, 

Thomas Ehves, Burke's 1590. 

3rdson,of .A.pijle- "Landed 

thorpe, co.Notts. Gentry "). 

Mary, dan. of Cuthbert Blackden of 
Langtoft, CO. Lincoln (otherwise 
called dau. of Thomas Blagden of 
Thames Ditton) ; inherited part of 
the rectory and advowson of Lang- 
toll by will of her mother Juliana 
Booth 1581. 

Sir Gervase Ehves, Knt., Lieut, of the^f^^fary, dan. of Margaret=. . . . Jl< 
Tower; executed for murder of Sir I Thomas lirooke ofSoucha 

Thomas Overbury 25 Nov. 1G15. of Norfolk. ton. 

Sir Wil-:=ilartha, dau. of Gervase^pElizalieth, Nathaniel 

liam Sir Edward Tyr- Ehves of 

Ehves, whit of Stain- Gains- 

Knt., of field. Will dated borough, 

Wor- 2G July 1CG9 ; 2nd son 

laby. proved 20 I'eb. 1G34. 

1CG9-70. A 

dau. of Sir Elwes. 
Edward — 

Tyrwhit John Ehves. 

of S-u-n- 

Jlury, mar. 
Thomas or 
boroucjh of 

Tliomas Elwes. Norihorp' 


A I ]t: 

11 II II 

Gervnse I'liilip Eduard (_"rir,rl. s r..nn!iioiit .lolin Khve?. (Uli son. hnpl. 

Ehvcs, Kln\>, Elwcs. Kl\v>:>, l",l\ves nth L';;.lnlv 1G:U ;,(;ni!is- 

1st sou. 2iaU.uii. 3i-d.-..ii. 4tlison. son. Ijor. .nib :, March lG;>i-:>. 


Bridget, bapt. at Jane, liapt. at G":iin>liiruir:,'li Anno, mar. Sir Eh'znhrtli, 

Gainsboi-iincli ];> Aiicr. I GOl' : iiiar. Thomas 'Williani Tark- at Stepney 

13 April l.Vj;.. Skinner, 1st Eon of Sir Ti,n- hnr>t, Knt., IGOS. 

— mas Skinner of Laveiiham, ila=;ter of the 

Troth. CO. Snllolk. Mint. 

€1}) of l^rtat Carlton antf Httcrlj^>, 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Akms. — Argait, a /esse enymikd betiveen shf-Jleurs-de-lis sable. 

John VA)- of Great CarItoii=pElizaljeth, dan. of "William T7ebster of Somercotes. 


George Ely, hapt. at Great RoLert Ely, bapt. at Great Carl- Elizabeth, bai-t. 

Carkou 2 July 1080. ton 27 Feb. 15t:5-G. at Great Carl- 

— — ton 30 July 

William Ely, bapt. at Great Beii.iaraiu ]-:iy, instituted to Ut- 1.588. 
Carlton 3 May 1.583. terby Vicarage 12 Oct. 1C31. 

Francis Ely, l.Kipt. Francis Ely, Thomas Ely of Utter-=pMary, dati. and coheir 

at Great Carkou bapt. at Gi-eat by and Louth 1034 ; j of-Willinm Hansard of 

27 Aug. 1571. Carlton 2 Sept. bapt. at Great Carlton i Langton and Eisea- 

1075. IC Feb. 1577-8. j thorpe ; living 1G27-S. 

i in \ 1 I 

Thomas Ely of Ut-=f=Elizabeth, dau. of William Ely, Mary, Anne, Sarah, 

terby, 1st son ; ret. j Sir Charles Bolle, 2nd son. bnr.' at 2nd bur. at 

20, 1G34; ex'c.r to Knt., of Thorpe — Louth dan. Lourh 

his father-in-law Hall ; mar. before Fviehard Ely, 15 July 1G34. 30 Oct. 

ICGO. I IColl; livinglGSO. 3rd son. ' 1635. 1G3G. 

John Ely of Utterby=Sarah. dan. of Thomas Ycssey of Bridget, living 1C5]. 
I Brompton, co. York. 

John Ely of^Elizabctb, dan. of Thomas Elizabeth, mar. at Little^TliomasSed,!. 
Utterby. Burton of Spalding. Grimsby i'5 Feb. lGt)G-7. wick, Clerk.' 

John Ely of Utterby=j=Kathariue, dau. of Eustace White of Sleaford. 

I I I I 

John Ely, s.p. JIary, s.p. Latbarine, s.p. Surah, heiress^Piiehard 

[Note.— Mar. lie, 2.5 June lO'JI, "John Frauds of Greethnm, taylor, Kt, 24, and Bri.lgft 
Elcy of C.".rlton Magna, spr., set. 21."] 

VOL. I. V U 

330 LiNCOLysnnii; rEinGUKES. 

CmriGou of c%rarlij^n ^lamfcirti^HSvifjfj, 

[MS. C. i';l, llfi-aWs' Cullogc] 
AitMs (Yorke's " Union of Honoiir ")■— " A:i'ir, on a lend un/nil (hnc tc 


— E.lward Emci---f4:ii7.;ibetli 

daii.of 1 suii i.f Scnrhv. dan. of 

Will dutfd 'l ....; snr 

1st I ]\I:iv, proved viving. 
wife. 1 9 May 1554. ; I'lid wife. 


Helen. Kli/.abctb, 

Alison. Dorothy. 



Georire Enier-= 
adm'or of his 
son Edward's 
will 15iM,aud 
ex'or to Ed- 
ward Emer- 
son in 1554. 

John Emer- 
son of 
by. Adrn'on 
given to 
relict and 
Emerson of 
Wrawbv 15 
Nov. 1553. 



George Emerson of Glainford-=rJane, dan. Mary, mar. Elizabeth, A dau.. 

Brigg, bntcher ; Imr. at Wraw- 
by. Will dated 13 Sept. Uloi ; 
proved 18 June 1G02. 

Edward Emerson, 1st 

of . . . 

. . Braye. mar mar. 

Saiythe. Robert 

ing Alexander Emerson 


Alexander Emerson, veomau, of Searl)y.=f=.Tenytt, dan. of John Ilornscy 
Will dated 10 April" 1G04; proved VJ Will dated i'4 May, proved 19 June 
Dec. 1G06. 1G12. 

Mary, =^richaelEmcr-= Anno, dau. Thomas C.^.g-T .... 

dan.of son of Searby, ofMatthew Emerson, Emerson, dau. of 

iBt son, a Metcalfe of ^nd son dead ''- 

solicitor; s.p. Bellerby, 1G04. 1 G04 

Will dated 9 co. York ; — 

lk[archlG4G-7; mar. at John 

proved 19April Kedding- Emerson, 

1C4S. ton 5 Aug. 3rd son. 




JIargery. jMargarct. 

Edward Emersuu of Glamford-Erigg. Will dated 4 :\ray,=p d-.m. of . . 

proved 9 :\Iay 15G7. I surviving loG7. 

Robert Emcr-on of Cad-T-K'len, dau. of 
nev, 4th son, living 1G33. I Liglitley. 

Ale>:ander=i=Anne, dau. of George 
Emerson. [....Harrison. Emerson. 




Judiili, liv- :Micliafl Emersoi) of 

1 1 


Anne, co- 

ing 10:W. Glamfor.l-liriirc;; 

dau. of 

son of Caistor, 


heir, mar. 

— s.p. Will dated 11 

J.P.ICGO; Conn- 



Anne, liv- April, jirovcd 14 




Larke of 

ing 1033 ; Jane 1033. 


Lincoln's Inn, 



mar. Henry = 



. . . . Anne, dau. of . . . .; 

ex'tris 1 Co3. 

bapt. at 

Alexander Emerson, Dorothv, 

baiJt.=Wilfrid Frances, ] 

1 1 


bapL. at Caistor 30 at Caistor IS Smith of bapt. at Caistor 

9 ilareh 

Nov. 1C41. Svpt. 1G3S 

; Me.vMnf;-- Caistor 1042-3. 

— mar. 21 

Aug. ham. IS Oct. 


Micliael Emor.sim, KiiJO ; l)i 

r. at 1G40. Susann; 

, bapt. at 

bapt. at Caislor l'O MeSfinahain 20 Ca'.'^tor 

10 Jan. 

July IC50. Aug. IGCt 


I .- 1 I 

Thomas Emerson,=pr^Iildred, dau. of Thomas Anne, mar. Elizabeth, mar. at 

born 1628 ; bui-. ' 8annderson of Lincoln's John Sands Caistor, 17 Dec. 

at Searby 9 Xov. Inn; bur. at Searby 14 of Goxhill. 1047, William Do- 
1CG7. i Nov. 1G67. nard. 

Alexander Emerson, born lOol^F.-Vlice, dau. of 

Alexander Emerson uf— Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of Rev. Thomas Bosvile of 
West Retford. | Thorpe Uall ; remar. Rev. Stephen Ashton, Vicar of Louth. 

See Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

€mp5Xin of Boston. 

[]\rS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. ^LS. 1012.] 

Arms (Yorke's " Union of Honour "). — " A:i're, a che/.roti helween 
three crosses patltc aryrid." 

Lldward i:mp?..nn-Katharine,dau. of Genr-e :\rethaMi of Willoughhy, Co. William 
of Hooke, CO. Lincoln; widow of Thomas .Sackford, hrother of John Emps<.n, 
York, 1st son. Sackford of Little Dealings, co. Sulfolk. 2nd son. 



Chailts Emi 

-oil, bur, at Hostun— Ellen, 

tan. c.f Robert Beetson of 

20 June 10. 

1. Will dated 14 Sleafn 

d ; mar. lie. 27 Sept. 


June lOls 

proved 1 Oct. 1022, 

;et. 10 ; bur. at Boston 



IG Oc 

. 1039. 






dan. of 

bur. at 
1 J Illy 
1st wife. 

=Juliii=rl''ra'"^'-'*- clnii. of . . . . Stevcn- 

Eni[)- sou ; willow of Cbark'.s Uiish- 

sou. ; worth of Boston ; iiia' Bos- 

j ton 15 May 1070; bur. -25 

Feb. U;7G-7. 

John Empson, bapt. at Boston 
S.Vutr.. bar. 1 Sunt. 1071. 


bapt. 20, 
bur. -21 
at Bos- 
ton. lios- 
ton lu Sept. 1G20; 
living lGi8. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
Boston 13 Oct. 
IGoO; bur. 8 April 

bapt. 15 
bur. at 
Boston 25 
Aurr. 1G5C. 

John Euiii-^ai, bur. 
at Boston G .-\pril 

Tliomas Empson, 
bapt. at [Jo'-ton 22, 
bur. 31 July 1G58. 

Charles Emj 
son, bur. at Bu: 
ton I G 


John Erapson, 
baiit. at Boston 
17 Juuo 16GG. 

Sarah, bapt.= 
at Boston 6 
bur. there 
11 Sept. 

=John Ellis 
of Boston, 
of Medi- 
cine ; dead 
in 1C79. 

Katharine, bur. at Bos- 
ton 12 Jlay 1G54. 

Katharine, Bos- 
ton IG Oct. 1G55 ; bui. 
7 July IGoG. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
ton 27 Juue 10. 
1 July 1GG2. 

Ell.-n, bapt. at 
IS Oct. IGGO ; 
Juue 1G62. 

at Bos- iluscape [^(V], Mary, bur. 
yj ; bur. bapt. at Boston at Boston 
31 May 1GG3. 22 April 
— 1G70. 

Boston Anne, bur. at 
bur. U F.oston G July 

Francis Empson of Boston 1G31 ;=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Wilbam A dan., 
bur. at Boston 21 March 1G47-8. Sparrow of Lincoln ; ex'trix living- 
Will dated 24 March 1G4G-7 ; of her husband; bur. at Bos- 1G48. 
proved 20 Jan, 1648-0. ton 26 April 1G58. 


Edward Enipson, a:t. IG,- 
1634; entered at Gray's 
Inn 4 Ma V 1638 ; bur. at 
Boston 12 Dec. 1648. 
AViU dated 27 Sept. 1G4S; 
proved 2U Jau. 1G4S-9. 

Olartha, dau. 
of Sir John 
Reade, Knt., 
of Wrangle ; 
ex'trix in 
1 G4S. 

Francis Emp- Francis Empson, bapt. 

son, bapt. at at Boston 9 Jan. 

Boston 10 1629-30 ; entered at 

Dec. 1620; Gray's Inn 24 May 

bur. 1 Oct. 16.50 ; bur. 4 April 

1626. 1664. 

Francis Emjison, bur. at Boston 
IG April 1618. 

Anne, heiress, bapt. at Boston 
24 March 1G15-C. 

Sackville or Sack- 

Anne, bapt. 

:Mary, bapt. at 

furd Euipson, 

at P.oston 22 

Boston 7 Oct. 

bapt. at Boston 21- 
June 1637; bur. 

Nov. 1023 ; 

1627; ;vt. 7, 

bur.l :\Iarch 

1G34 ; bur. 5 

10 July 1051'. 


Jau. 1G40-7. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at=Charle: 
Boston 16 Sc'pt. Ptush- 
1032 ; mar. at F.os- wortii 
ton 2iJ July 1C5(> ; of F.os 
bur. 22 Aug. 1GG3. ton. 

LlNCulA-SllIlin I'KUH.KKKS. 

Chnrlcs Empson of Hoston. Will ^latcd=p^rarlriU■e^. dan. of ; 

31 :March ICSS. A.lin'on. -J'J Oct. lOS^, I renounced cxecutorihip 
given to Joliu Buult. of Boston. IGSS. 


Eli/.abeth, heiress, nndcr n^c 1088. 

William En)pson of nilliiii;l>oiougli, scrivener,=rSarali, da 
bnr. at Boston 21) Oct. 1GG8. I of ... . 

Edward Einp- William Empson, post- Anne, bapt.. llavy, bapt. Eleanor, bapt. 

son, born at humous, bapt. IS Apiil, at Boston at Bostuii at Boston 28 

^lay IGG'J at 24 Xov. 28 Feb. 

lG.:i2. lC53-i. 

Boston 10 bur 

Dec. 1C55. Boston. 

Feb. 1G53-4. 

€ntJtrbj? nf jllctfjcrtncjljaiu antJ iltncolu. 

Arms (in Yorke's " Union of llououi- "). — " Anient, tliree bars ditnccltec sable, a pale 
in chief ci-miiie." 

Richard Enderliy o 
entered Gray's Ini 
living 1017. 

' Metlienii,i;ljum ;— Anne, dau. of AVilliam 

23 Nov. 1.581 ; I'istor of ilethering- 


William Enderby, 1st son ; 
entered Gray's Inn 21 Feb. 

Thomas Enderby of St. Benedict's, =p. . . . dau. 
Lincoln. Will dat«d 17 July, of ... . 
proved i Aug. 1C17. | 

Children, not named. 

Richard Enderby, called " junior "=Elizalieth, dau. of Mary, snr-=Thomas 

as witness to his bi'othcr Thomas's .... Bedfonl ; viving Copledike of 

will 1G17; Clerk in Holy Orders; of mar. lie. 1!) Dec. IGOS. Harriugtou, 

Potterhauworth ; a;t. 25 in 1C18. 1018, ait. 24. s.p. 

James Enderby of Eineoln, mercer and apothecary ;^Jane, dau. 
Chamberlain of the East Ward 1583 ; bur. at St. of ... . 
Peter-at- Arches 7 Feb. 1003-4. 


Francis Enderby, 5th Jane, bapt. at St. Elizabeth. ba[,t. Anne, bapt. at 

son, St. Peter's Peter's4 July 1590; at St. Peter's 3 St. Peter's 5 

22 June 1608. bur. 8 Feb. 1C07-8. Sept. 1000. June 10O3. 



I I 

AViUiam En- Hicliard Eiulrvby of: 

derby, Ist Lincoln, 2nd sou, 

son, bapf. at bapt. at Sc. Peter- 

St.lVtcr'sil al-Arches :.';) Aug. 

Dec. 15So. 15Sd ; liviu" 1C15. 

-. . . . Thomas Ender- James Enderby, 4th 

d.ui. by, 3rd son, son, bapt. at St. 

of bapt. at St. Peter's 20 Jan. 

Petei-'s ,:. March 1501-5 ; bur. 7 Feb. 

15S6-7. 1694-5. 

James Enderby, bajH. at Elizabetli, bapt. at St. Anne. bapt. at St Peter's 
St. Peter's 27 Sept. 1G29. Peter's 27 Jan. 1G27-S. 27 Jan. 1G27-S. 

Thomas Enderby of Lincoln.trpElizabeth, dan. and heir of Robert 
Attorney, 1015. I Knsforth of Colcv Hall, co. York. 

George Enderby of=f=Mariiery, dan. of Lancelot Rolleston Percy En- Edward 
Donington 1C34. of Watnall Chaworth, co. Notts; derby. Enderby 

living 1G27. 

"William Enderby, ;et. 7, 1C34, Isfc son. Francis Enderby, 2ud son. Snsai 

James Enderby of Blaukney, gent. Will dated^Aiin, dan. 
23 Aug., proved 19 Oct. 1G32; mentions his of. ... ; 
mother Jlrs. Elizabeth Enderby. es'trix. 

John Enderby, 1st son. Richard Enderby, 2nd son. Mary. 

€rGl)^> of gMDrntrrotts, 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Akms (Yorke's "Union of Honour ").—" 0/-, o/i a chrrron between three a), 
yulef. as mnnij cre-ictnts arijenty* 

Thomas Ersby^f . . . . dau. of ■\Villiai!i Franks 
of Spilsby. of Soniercotes. 

Richard Ersliy of Somer-=pAnnc, dau. of Hamoo Sutton William Ersbv 
cotes, 1st son. of Willoughiou. son. 

John Ersby=f=Susan, dau. Lawrence Er.-,by, 2ud son Nichohts Ersljy, Mar 

of Sonier- of Thomas (mar. lie. 23 i^«c. IGo}, 3rd son. 

cotes, 1st Dalton of Lawrence Ersby and ^lar- — Ann 

Eou. Hull. garec Mountsteven). Elizabeth. 


* Xlie.-e arc turely the arms of Sattou.— A. K. JI. 




I ' I I I I 

John Ersliy of S.ip.icrcotcs aiul^f Elizaix-tb, dnn.of I'lio- Thomas Susan. Aiiiic. 

Ciiistuv liI:Vl ; dcscriboil of mas AViight ff r.rad- Ersby, • — 

Hurnc-asUe Fih. 1053-4 ; bur. ley ; bur. at Caistor IS SiuUini. Hilary, 
ai Caistor IT, l\'b. 10»li'-o. Jan. 1G3-1-5. 


Jolin Ei.-^bv.=f .\iiiit'. dan. of Williain Ersby, .(anies Ersby, 2nd son. Elizahfth 

a-t. s, li;:;i; Jnhn Wick- ba|.t. U' .March — bapt. at 

Cliiircli- har.i of Cais- lGi'S-9 ; bur. ll;ist\Yaite Er^by, 3rd (.'ai.-^tori'f 

warden of t<ir ; mar. at at Caistor 10 son, ba]it. at Caislor Nov.lCS-l 

Caistor Caistor G Feb. Feb. 1C29-S0. 17 June 1633. 

icr.7. lClS-0. 

John Ersby, bajit. at Lawrence Ersbv, bapt. at Caistor Anne, bapt. at Caistoi 

Caistor ISAiig. ir.,-)0. i'3 Dec.lGGl ; li'nr.i'O Feb. 1GG7-8. 21 Nov. lG5-i. 

William Ersliv, bapt. at Wiekliani Ersby, bapt. at Caistor Susanna, bapt. at Cais- 

Caistor 9 Oct'. 1C07. 27 ilay 1G63. " tor 1-1 April 1CG5. 

Richard Ersbv of--^^. . . . dan. of Magdalen, mar. Anne, mar. at Louth, 2 Sept. 
Loutli, bur. there ....; at "Louth, 19 15C6, George Scnpholrae of 

26 Sept. 1590. 

Louth 4 Oct. Dec. 15G2, John Scupholme in Somercotes. 
591. Piercy. 

John Ersby, bur. at Lonth 5 Nov. 1589. 
Lawrence Ersl>y, bnr. at Louth 9 Jan. 15G1-2. 

fetoft of estoft, to, i3oiiu 

[MS. C. 23, Jleralds' College.] 

Arms. — Sahle, six escaUops or, three, two, and one. 

John Estoft=r. . . . dan. and coheir of Sir John Portington, Knt., 
of Estoft, a Judge of C.P. (See, however, St. George's "Vis. 
1468. of Yorkshire, 1G12."> 

Vfilliam Estoft of-rJoan, dan. and cohc-ir of Robert Stevenson, or Robert 
Estoft. FilzStephen of lleldick. 

A I 

.... a;ni. = C!iri>io-^]\Inrv, ilaii. and coliL-ir Jaiic, mar. Sicplicn Elizabctli, 

of ... . tojibrr of liimii.hivy IK-rcy Thorpe, inn Sdii of mar. "\Vil- 

Sniithk'V. y.^nh. - of Grovo, co". Xotts'; John Thorpe of liam Thorpe 

widow of Sir I'raiK.U Thca'j'e Clarth, co. of 'J'horpc 

: Hothaui, Knt. York. Garth ; s.p. 

Jasper Sliefficld of CroxLy. Will = Anne, or Elizabelh,=Christoplier Thorpe of 
dated 29 May ]5:''.G ; proved 4 Jan. bur. at Welwiek, co. Tliorpe Garth, co. 
15SC-7. Istluifband. York, 5 May 15G7. York. 2nd husband. 

Thomas Estoft of E-;toft=p. . . . dau. of Thomas ^^lering ; remar. John Skerne of 
I Portington, co. York. 


Elizal^eth, mar. Alexander Anne, mar. Grace, mar. Alexander Jane, mar. 

Geriug of Winterton. Francis Siockdale of Hull. "William 

Spencer. Stevenson. 

I I I 

William Thomas Estoft=pDit'iiy--i:'i. J^»i- of John Es-=. . . . dan. of ... . Xor- 

Estoft, of Estoft. i . . . . Sympson. toft. mauville of ]5illingley, 

2nd son. f co. York. 

I I 

.... dan. of Tho-=John Estoft=pFaith, dan. of Robert Sannderson of Francis 

mas Gunston. of Estoft. I Keresby ; widow of John Trowsdale Estoft. 

of Ilundon. 

I ' '\ I 

Thomas Estoft of E-:tof[,=pElizaI>eth, dan. of ... . Doewra Francis ilary. 

»t. SO in 1631 ; [ft-t. 23 I of Grantham ; mar. lie. 2] Jan. Estoft. 
in 1G22]. 1C22-3, tet. 19. 

John Estoft of Estoft,=pRosamond, dan. Kathe-=Sir Christopher Xevile, Knt., 
legatee ill Sir Ciiristo- of SandfordXe- rine. of Anbourn, s.p. Will dated 
pher Xevile's will 1G92. vile of Chevet. IG Xov., proved 28 Xov. 1C92. 

Rosamond, coheiress, born=Yarborong!i Constable Anne, co-=Francis Xevile 
1C70; died 175G, n?t. !^C. of \Va.s.-;and. heiress, s.p. of Chevet. 



Ctton of JirQli[>. 


.lu. uf Johu Ettuii.] 
. . . Etton.=T^ 

John Fa 

ton of Firsin 

,(lied S :\Iay l?03;=f= dan. of 


bur. at 

Firsbv. Wi 

11 dated IL' .\i.i-il, 1 . . . . A^^hhv 


proveJ 1 

July ]a03. 

Inq. p.m. 28 Oct. of Leicester. 


John Etton of=p. . . 

. dan. of 

Mariraret, coheir to 

Fireby, under 

. . . 

. Eang- 

her niece .VnoeCop- 

2:., 1503. 


ledike ; mar. Johu 

I I 

3nias ]\lar<,'aret, mar. 
on. AVilliam Co])le- 

dike of Har- 


Alice, coheir to her niece 
Anne Co]ilediko; mar. 1st 
Richard Goodricke, 2ndly 
Thomas Bradley. 

Anne, heiress, =Jolm Copledike of Harrington, s.p. AVill dated 
dead in 16S2. 23 Jnne 1582 ; proved 21 April 1585. 

€mt or €btr$ of Bclton in I-slc of ^x!)oImc 
anl5 £BasI)tnr(ijorotifi{). 

[JIS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] - ' 

Ap.m.s (Yorke's "Union of Honour"). — " Qimrterhj, or and giiJes, on a fiend sahle. 
three flfurs-de-Iis argent." 

Sir Robert nnre,=:pIsabL-lla, dan. and coheir of Roger 
Knt. j de Merlev, Lord of Morpeth. 

William Eare of Beltou in=f=Aniie or Agnes, dau. and heir of 

Isle of Axholme, died Feb. 
1500-1 ; bur. at Belton. 

William Gardiner; died IC Xov. 
1500; bur. at Belton. 

John Eu]-e of^Alice, dau. of .... ; hur. at Belton. Will dated William Ear 
Belton. 21 Aug., proved 7 Sept. 1543. 

Robert Eure of Belton, died 1 llarch=plsabella, dau. of Ralph Reresby. Will dated 
18 Henry VI] L ; bur. at Belton. I 30 April 1511. 

Robert Eure^pilaria, dan. of 

= Richard 

William Eure, 

Jane, mar. 

1 1 


of Belton, 

Sir Peter Va- 


living 1558. 



died 155S. 

vasour, Knt. ; 

2nd hus- 


AVill dated 

bur. at Bel- 


Elizabeth, mar. 

of Broniby ; 


10 Dec. 1558. 

ton 2G March 

.... Farmery ; 
a widow 1541. 

living 1,543. 





William Sir Peter Euic,=Fl'>iirl)ara, dnii. of Sir John l^Icvcs,= 

=William Salt- 

Euro, Kilt., of P.clion Kiit., of Aubourn ; mar. iit St. 'SIav- 

ma rshe of 

bapt. at and Washiiit;- tin's, Lincoln. 7 :Mardi ] 002-3; 

Strubby, cx'or 

I'.clton li.ivniiirli; a-t.";!, n-inar. at \Va<hiiis-boroii:.;]i 8 June 

to stepson 1-a1- 

15 Oct. l."..".s • :M.r. r..r IC.l-l; Imv. at Wasliinglu.rongli '.i 

ward Ell re 

15-13. J.incnlu l."i7]. March 1011--'. 

1 0:10. 2ud 

Eleanor, diiii.=^ 

uisband. ; 



?=RalDh Euro of Washingborough,T=Tlioraasinc, 

dan. of John 

of Thomas , bapt. there Ifl Oct. 1001; described : Adderley of South _ 

Dolmau of 

of Gray's Inn, widower, xl. 12, m ^lyrams, tie 

•ts ; mar. lie. 

CO. York. 

mar. lie.; died 10 Jan. ICOl-.x j 27 July U 

50, xt. 30. 

1st wife. 

Will dated Jan., provenl 1 1 March 2nd wife. 


II M 1 i 

Peter Erne, iair. at 'J'honias Enre, Eleanor, living 1001 : 

Ralph Eure 

Washiiigborough 2:3 li;;'.l. mar. John Leigh, son 

of Washing- 

Aug. lG3i. — <-''■ Sir Fenlmand 


— Barbara, mar. Leigh, Knt. 

only surviv- 

Ptalph Enre, bur. at ; living — 

ing son and 

Washingborough 28 IGOl. Prudence, bur. at 

heir ; under 

Ma3- 1640. Washingborough 2o 
Sept. IC-il. 

age 16G1. 


1 . . 1 , . 

1 ■ 

Edward Enre, bapt. at Wash- Thomas Eure, 
ingborough 13 April 1000; bapt. at Wash- 
bur. 17 Nov. 1030. Will ingborough 2 
dated 13 Nov., proved Dec. Aug. lGo7 ; 
1C30. . living 1630. 

Michael Eure, P>arbara, bapt. 

bapt. at Wash- at Washing- 

ino-borough 7 borough 11 

Oc't. 1010; liv- Sept. loos ; 

in" 1630. living 1630. 

Ralph Eure, bajit. 

Margaret, bapt. at P.el- 

Dorothy, l>apt. at Bel- 

1 1 

Bridget, liv- 

at Helton 22 Jtily 

ton 18 March 1542-3 ; 

ton 22 Dec. 1517; liv- 


living 1558. 

ing 1558. 



.\nne, livine; 

Robert Eure, bur. 

Elena, bapt. at Rclton 

:Marv, bant, at Belton 


at Pelton 28 July 

31 Oct. 1544; living 

5 Feb. 1552-3; living 




eiicriuciijaiu of J$arton=on::?lHnul3cr anti 

Ague.s, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Watertou. Knt., of Wal- 
ton, CO. York ; bur. 4 Oct. 
1570. 3 St wiie. a 

ARiiii.—Gule-i, a lion salient rnir. 

Henry Everingham of Barton-on-=Mand, dau. of . . . 
Hiiniher, '■on of llenrv Everin-- bur. at Barton 2 
hamof .Stuv[diurgh,co.V(irk;bur. Oct. 1010. 2nd 
at Barton St. :\Iary Feb. 1010-11. wife. 



I r 




rham of Oraii-=rElizal.cih, dati. of Richard .M< 

tliam, I'ur. at Jjilslij -23 Sept. 
— l('.2n. Will dated 13 Jan. 

Jasper Ever- lC14-i:> ; pmved 1-1 Feh. 
ingham. IC 20-21. 

of Grantham ; mar. there May 
IjSS (marriage settlement dated 
30 Eli-/,.) ; l>m-. at (irautham 22 
Se[)t. 1035, then a widow. 

I 1 I 

.\dam Evcrii'-ham, Edward Evcringham,= . . . . dan. William Eveiiiig- 

Isf. son, l.apt. at underage 1614; liv- ofJolin ham, under age 

Grantham 14 Jan. ing in Ireland 1U2'J. Hastings 1G14. 
15-J2-3. ^ oflluttoft. 

Richard Everingham, under aue 1014 ; Sarah, bapt. at Gran- lleheeca, hapt. 

living It;-' 1 tham 1.^ March 9 Aug., bur. 27 

_ 158S-9; bur. 9 Aug. Oct. 1590 at 

Thomas Everiugliam, under age 1614. 1590. Grantham. 

Sarah, mar.=Johu Niolls Miriam, bapt. Frances, Anue, under Elizabeth, 

lie. 10 Mar. of Tothill, at Barton St. under age 1614. underage 

1020-21, ait. 36 in Peter's 12 agelG14. — 1614. 

ffit. 23. 1621. July 1G12. Agnes. 

Henry Evcrinr'-=Anne, dau. of ; Isabel, mar. at Bar- Muriel, mar. Richard 

ham,"living ° mar. at Helpring- ton, 6 Feb. 1593-4, Atkinson; bur. at 
1G14. ° ham 5 Sept. 1598. John Proctor. Barton 2.S July IGoO. 

ebm^ton of ^paltiuifi. 

[An e.\cellent pedigree of this family has been printtd iu "The Genealogist, 
vol. ii., pp. 263— 265, by Everard Green", Esq., Rouge Dragon.— A. U. IM.J 

eiiicib|) (or }-Uiar"Dl3j)). 

Akms.— .-l/^^«/, u sa/tirr oiijrailcd salflr, on n rhicf of the sprcid iico uniUet^ pierced 

of the field. 
John IwardbvrpKatharine. dau. and coheir of Barnard Musseuden (or :\Iis3enden) 
(or Ewerl.yj." of Healing, Brackenborougli, and Kelsteru, co. Lincoln, and o! 
Great Jlis.senden, co. Buuks. 

j \ I I 

John Iward- Nicholas Iwardby, 2nd son,=f=Elizal.cth, dau. of Anne. Elizabetli, 
by, Isi; son. of Great .Mi£^enden, Bucki. I Jolm llamiKien. 


LlXCOI->- SII in E Vi-.DIG l\ KKS 


John Iwaidl.y, ditd 2l" Aug. MS5 ;=pJoaii, dan. cf Sir Kobcit lirndoncll. Knl. ; had 
inq. p.m. L'O Jan. 14So-G. dower assign.jJ her in Kelstcrii SO Oct. 14S8. 

Elizabeth, = William Elmes :\Lu-aret, 

coheii-, of tlie Inner coheir, 

a-t. 10, Temploandco. Kt. 8, 

1485. Northampton. liSS. 

Ellen, aH. 0, l-185;=Sir Thomas Cliftord, 
died 10 Aug. 1558, Knt., of Bracken- 
seised of the ilauor borough, y.w. 
of Kelstern. 

#aircIou5{) alia^^ #catlt[> of ilturoliu 

[JIS. D. L'3, Heralds' College.] 
Arms (iu Derr}).— " Or, a lion ranqmut sahlc bel/rcrn three Jleurs-Jc-Iis azure! 

John Teat ley of Oxon City or Fairclough=p:Marian, dau. of , 

John Feat- 
ley of Ox- 
ford City, 
1st sou. 

:Elizabetli, dau. of 
Edward Reynolds 
of Cliarleton, co. 


Daniel Featley, 2 ad 


^Margaret, mar. 

SOD, D.D. ; Rector 


Edward Thrift. 

of Acton and Lam- 


beth ; Provost of 

3rd son. 

Anne, mar. John 

Chelsea College. 

Darloy, B.D. 

John Fairchmgh* alias Featley,=j 

=Anne, only dau. and sole 

Daniel Faircloui;h, 

D.D.,rreceiitorof Lincoln j ];ec- 

heir of Thomas Porwell 

died s.p. 

tor of Lani^ar in the ^'ale of iJel- 

of London, Lieut. -Colonel Notts, 1050 ; Prebend of 

of Foot in the Swedish 

Henrv Fairelou<j;h, 

Meltou-cum-Seainble.sbv 160(1 ; of 

War; ex"trixinlGC6; died 

3rd son. 


in childbed 4, bur. 5 July 

sex, IGGG. Will dated 1 May 

1CC7 at St. Giles -in- the- 

Timothy Fairelough, 

IGGG; proved 23 March lGGG-7. 

Fields, CO. Middlesex. 

4th son, died s.p. 

John Fairelough,^Elizabeth, dau. of 
1st son, of New- , Henry Cam, Ald- 
ark, CO. Notts, . eruian of Newark; 
mercer, there mar. at Newark, 

called Featley, I co. Notts, -.'l Sept. 
afterwards Fail'- i 1G57. 
clongh. A 

Daniel Fairclough, 
Chorister of Lin- 
coln Cathedral 
IGGO ; Vicar of 
Bicker,co. Lincoln, 
16G5 ; ex'or in 
IGGC of his father. 

I I 

Henry Fairelough. 

William Fairclough, 
born 2, bapt. 4 June 
1G52 at Southwell, 
CO. Notts. 

* John Fairclough vnJgo Featley. Preeeutor of Lincoln Catbedml. in 
IGOfi, mentions l.i5 wife's .mint Mis. Sarah .Sunili ns having left by will 
chiKlren. .J„l,n. Sarah. Unruliiv. Daniel. Anna. Pi.-nx-, Kli/al.eth. Hea.v, 
and that, tlireo childiuu, Maltha, Katherinc. and E.lmund. had been burn 




I I 

Johu Fairclougli, l>ofii 
3, bapt. 8, bur. 11 
Sept. 1G5S at Xewark, 
CO. Notts. 

John Fiui-cloUL'li.born 
3j:>apt. 10 Sept., bur. 
7 Nov. IC.JO at New- 
ark, (XI. Notts. 

I I 

John Featley, bapt. 
at Newark 13 Sept. 

Henry Featlev, bapt. 
at Newark, co. Notts, 
20 Oct. ir>S-l; bur. 
there 2 July 1685. 

Hunrv Fair--f Han- 
clou-h, 1st nah, 
son, bapt. ai : dau. 
Newark 7 ' of 
Scjit. 16C0; I . . . . 
Ict^atee in 
KItJC; ; l.inr. 
at Newark 
23 April 


I I 

don.urli, Anno, bapt. at 

bapt. at Newark, Newark, co. 

CO. Notts, 24 May Notts, 27 Dec. 

1CG3. ' KUU ; bur. 

— th.'ie IS June 

Daniel Fairclouj^h, (lO^lay) 1702. 

bapt. at Newark, — 

CO. Nott.s 2 June Elizabeth, lega- 

16G4 ; legatee in tee iu IGOG. 

I r 

Henry Featley. hajit. at 
Newark, co. Notts, 10 Jan. 

William Featley, bapt. at 
Newark 10 Nov. 1 COi; bur. 
there 19 March 1704-5. 

I I 

Christopher Featley, 
bapt. at Newark, co. 
Notts, -28 June 1697 ; 
bur. there 10 ]May 1702. 

Daniel Featley, bapt. at 
Newark, co. Notts, 24 
Jan. 1C9S-0. 

Leah, bapt. at Newark. :\Iary, bapt. at Newark 27 Oct. 1688 ; Anne, bapt. at 

co.Notts,4 Feb.lG85-G. bur.'there 19 Oct. 1721. Newark, co. 

— — Notts, 23 May 

Hannah, bapt. at New- Elizabeth, bapt. at Newark, co. Notts, 1G95 ; bur.there 

ark 13 AuEr. 1GS7. 15 Jan. 1C93-4. 23 Dec. 1760. 


Thomas Fairclough, bnr. at Pierce Fairclough, FLobert Edwanl Fairelougli, 

Newark-on-Treut, CO. Notts, ex'or in 1666. Fair- born at Southwell 

24 Dec. 1695. clough. 5 May 1655. 

Sarah, ex'trix Anne, disia- Doroth}-. Martha, born 23, bapt. Kathariue,bapt. 
in 1666. heritedbyher — 25 April 1C51 at New- at Southwell 23 

fatherinlGGG. Elizabeth, ark, co. Notts. Feb. 1653-4. 

:lfaivfajc of ^kiaitp. 

[Harl. ilSS. 411, 757, 1096, 1436, 1550.] 

^Rjis. — None are given in the Visitation, but Berry gives to Fairfax of Deeping 

Gate, CO. Lincoln, " Argent, four bars and a canton yules.'' 

John Fair-= 


William Fairfax, 

Ralph Fairfax, elected . 

. .=John 

fax of 

dau. of 

Vicar of Mether- 

Prior of Kvme 27 Mar. 



iuKliam, bur. iu 

1511, surrendered 

of Soin- 

lessee of 

Mav of 

chancel. Will 

1539; ex'or to brother 



Su>;ex ; 

dated 2S Sept. 

William in 1535 ; Imr. 




1.^,35; prnved2G 

at South K vnie. U ill 

chant of 

28 S.-pt. 

April 1536. 

dated 25 June 1560 ; 

Staple ot 

1539. k 


proved 24 Jauc 1564. 



A 1 

Williuiii Fuiifax of.Swarliy, lsr==:Eli?.abeth, dan. of Robert 

Garr of Sleaford ; 

son, died :it Gray's Inn i.'2 | reuiar. t 

'hristopher Kclkc o 

Barnetbv ; livinij 

Feb. 1550-7. 



ory AYolmer of Svrin 


abeth, heiress, mar. Greg 

George Fairfax,=r Alice, dan. of Ilumfrcy Fair-^pBridset, d; 

n. Thomas Fair- 

2iul son, mer- 

John Brad- fa.\, 3rd 

sou, of 

of Thomas 

fas, 4th son, 

cliaut of Staple 

lev of Lonth ; London, 


Kighley of 

Vicar of 

of Calais : bar. 

bnr. at ISol- 


Thorpe 1557. 

at r>oliii;;brokc 

int,' 2 

S Feb. 1C05-C. 

Sept. 1G12. 

Margaret, mar. . 

. . . Fox. 

1 1 

Fra!ices,=Tiioma.s Iliitehin- Elizabeth, 

Anne, coheir, mar. 

1 1 

I^fargaret, coheir. 

coheir, son of Theddle- coheir, liv- 

'William ^Lin- 

bur. at Jjonth 4 

mar. at tlioi'iie and I>ow ing 1G2S ; 

sell (?). Will dated 

Sept. 1Ul>i'. 

Little Tovuton. "Will mar. 

31 Aug., proved 5 


Grimsby proved 1 ('. .Tiilv Nicholas 

Sept. 1G23, "of 

.... coheir, mar. 

13 July Iij-IG by wife. Tnplioliue 

Louth, widow." 

.... Daliison ; 

1603. of Boston. 

living 1C23. 

Richard Fairfax—Margaret, dan. Ralph Frances, mar. John Elizabeth, mar. 
of Swarby, 5th j of . . . . South- Fairfax. Bradley of Lonth. John Skiuucrof 
sou. wicke. Thorpe. 

Anne, ilau. of Tliomas=Gcorge Fair-=f=Mury, d;ui. of . . . . 
Boynton of Barnistoii, fax of Swar- Barker. Will dated 
CO." York ; widow of by, died 14 C July, proved 28 
Francis Ya'ighan of liec. 1035, Aug. 1G58, "of 

Satton-iipon-])er\vent. s.p. I Swine,shead, 

1st wife. widow." 2nd wife. 

George Fairfax, Conings- 
by 6 July 
15G4 ; bur. 17 
April 15G7. 

I I I 

Christopher Fairfax^- Katherine, dan. of James Fairfax, Mary, mar. John 

of Swarby, bur. at Roger Howson of ex'or to his Locton of Drayton 

Lomli 23 June i Wigtoft ; mar. 1 mother 1G58. Hall in Swines- 

1C53. Jan. 1G47-8. head. 

George Fairfax, bapt. at=p 
Wi-'toft 23 Jan. 1G4S-C'. I 

Roger Fair 
fax, 2nd son 


Katherine, bapt. at Wi 
toft 20 Aug. 1G50. 

George Fairfax, bur. at Swarby=p]\Iarv, dun. of . . 
12 Jlareh 1715-lG. 20 Sept. 1C89. 

. ; bur. at Swarby 



GeorL;ij Faii--= Frances, 

fax,UfL-torof .iau.L.f.. lull-, at 

bul-oil-li.bu.-. Wa-liui- 

at Washin-- \;>vou'j\ 

horou'^h 1 A[iiii 17; 

Aug. ]7."'..>. xt. .sil. 

Chiisto-^pAiiiic, wiiljw of Leon- Elizaliclli, Imr. at 
jiluT i ard r.rowucuf Piiicli- ■Wa.sliin.-bMn.imli 

Ix'ck. Will datrj 
n; Feb.. proved 4 
-Maidi 1717-1 S, -'or 
Hcii'liintrtou, widow." 

■-".t Sci>t. i; 
Will dated 17;):! : 

I I 

Anne, bapt. at Katlierino, born at Pinchbeck 1702 

Pinchbeck 11 bur. at Washingburuui^di 5 Ma 

Jane 1701. 17'J-2, ait. 80. ' ^ 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
April 1705. 


Katliei-iiie, bapt. at Elizabeth, ba])t. at r)i-idget, bapt. .Jane, bapt. at Coniiigs- 

Coningsby 4 Oet. Coiiiiigj^by 4 Feb. atConingsbyS by 7 ^lay 1580; mar. 

1568; mar. Francis 1570-71; mar. Feb. 1572-3; John Bradley of Louth ; 

Beamond li) Dec. James Collier 2 mar. John bnr. at Loutli 23 Sept. 

1593. Oct. 1502. StiittofLonth. 1G43, a3t. G3. 

AYilliam Fairfax of co. Lincoln. =f 

William Fairfax, under age ; wardship granted to 
John Chevcrmoant 14 Henry YI. 

Jfanc of #ultitclt. 

Akms. — Azure, thnt' (jnuntUls or. 
[For earlier part of the jxidigi-ee see Burke's " Peerage."] 

Hen. Sir Francis Fane, Hrd sou of Francis,- 
1st Earl of Westmoreland; K.B. at the 
Coronation of Charles L, 1C25 ; of Ful- 
beck ; died ICSO, ffit. C8. JI.L in Fulbeck 

^Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of 
William WfSt of Firbeck, co. 
York ; relict of John, 3rd Lord 
Darcy and ilcynell of Aston, 
CO. York ; bur. at Aston. 


1. Mary, bapt. 16 Aug. 3. Elizabeth, mar. 
] 638 ; mar. at Fulbeck, at Fulbeck, 14 
2-2 SepL. 1C7S, Hobert June 1G76, Tho- 
Jlarshali of i'i.-~kerton. mas Wodhull of 

— Mollinaton, co. 

2. Ptachel, bapt. at Ful- Oxford" 
beck 14 Sept. 1G42. — 

4. Katharine. 

5. Grace, died of the small-pox ; bnr. 
in Lincoln Cathedral 1 Jan. 1705-6. 
Will dated 20 Dec. 1705 ; proved 
25 Jan. 1705-G. 

6. Jane, died of the stna!l-pox ; bur. 
in Liiicolu Cathedral 1711. Will 
dated 22 Ang., proved 6 Sept. 1711. 



Henry Fane, Srd=^Amie, dan. 
and coheir 



Joim Fane, Edwavd Fane, oth son ;=Jane,dai]. 
■4th son, boru lC43;diedir>Deo. of Janics 
bonilCl?; lfi7L\ s.p. ; bnr. in Stainer of 
died un- Clmrch of St. IMartiu- Loudon, 
mar. iii-tlie-Fifld>, TiOnd^n. inei-chaiit. 


Edward Fane, bapt. IG Aug. 1G71 ; bur. at Fulbock 6 :»Iarch 1703-4. 


born KUl; 


■27 Nov. 


. ^lA. ill 



Sir Francis Fane, 1st son, Tv.B. at t]ie=[=iraunah, dau. of John 
Coronation of Charles II., IGGl ; died Piushwonh, Author of 
at Henbnry, co. Glouce.^ter, before " Historical Collec- 
1C93 ; Westbury, co. Gloucester, tions ; " mar. 1663. 


William Fane, L'nd 
son, born 1640-}] ; 
died 3 June 1679. 
M.I. iu Fulbeck 

Francis Fane,: 
1st son, of 
Fulbeck ; 
died ilay 
1700 ; bur. at 

:Porothy, dau. of Sir 
Henry Heron of 
Cressy Hall.Surflcet; 
sister and coheir of 
Henry Heron ; mar. 

Henry Fane, 2nd surviv-^pAnne, dau. 
ing son, bapt. at Henbnry of Tliomas 
L'lOct.l669 ; died 19Dec. Scrope of 
1726. Bristol. 

See Burke's "Peerage," under '•'Westmore- 
land," and Burke's "Landed Gentry," 
under " Fane of Fulbeck." 

Henry Fane, bapt. 
and bur. at Ful- 
beck Aug. 1695. 

Elizabeth, dau. of= Francis Fane, bapt.=Jane, dau. of Sir 
Edward Payne of 3 Sept. 1696; died Ricliard Cust, 
Hough. 1st wife, at Cressy Hall 19 Bart., of Pinch- 
Oct. 1758, s.p. beck. 2ud wife. 

John Fane, died Edward Fane, 3rd Bur-=f Catherine, dau. of Elizalx'th, bapt. at 

infant. viving son ; bapt. at Edward Storcr. Henburv 23 Feb. 

'— Henbnry 13 NoY. 1676; 

Henry Fane, died Ilectur of Fulbeck 

infant. 1703—37 ; bur. at Ful- 

— beck 1737. 
George Fane, ajt. 
3 months 9 April 

Edward Store 
SI.D., of Buck- 
minster, CO. Lei- 
cester. AVill dated 
12 June, proved 
C Anc. 1766. 


Rachel, bajit. at 
Henbury 29 Feb. 

Edward Fane, born 13 May 
1760 ; bur. at Fulbeck. 

ro9 ; Rector of Fulbeck 1737—60 ; died 23 Feb. 



:ffanncr of |i}olbcacI). 

[Kail. MSS. 1172, UCS, r.sni.] 
[See Xieliuls' •• LvicL'.>kMs!iiru" f..r earlier part.] 
l!;irtliu!uiue\v Fanner of lla.lcliUe, eo. Leiet'.-fer.'- 

Jciliii Far- Eli/.nlieth. dan. of=pGeorge Farmer of Ilolbcach,= . . . . dau. of ... . 

mer, 1st .•Vntlumj Oldficld i Protliountai-y of Common Meivley ; widow of 

son, bapt. of Spalding; bapt. | Picas; bapt! 23 Aug;. IGOO ; Thomas Gates, 

21 April ibere Ij June I fonnder of Free Seliool at Baron of tbe Ex- 

1502; liv- 1G09; mar. 26 Holbeach ; bur. U Dec. chequer. 2nd wife. 

ing 16iO. Aug. 1629. 1670. 

Sir Edward Farmer,^ 
Knt., of Holbeach 
and of Canons, Es- 
sex ; knighted 1-i 
July 1660; dead be- 
fore 30 May 1706. 

Ill I 

■Mar<;-aret, dau. of Thomas Elizabeth, Mary, bapt. 
Sir Tliomas Ilewett, Farmer, mar. Sir at Spalding 
Bart.,ofPishiobury, 2ndson. Henry Beau- 1636; mar. 
Herts; sister and — mont, Bart., Sir John Eve- 
coheir of George, George ofStoughton, lyn, Knt., of 
Yiscount Hewett ; Farmer, co. Leicester. Godstoue, co. 
living 1689. Surrey. 

Edward Farmer, about 30 years old in 1700, 
then living unmar. in London. 

George Farmer, died 

., dau. 

dfarmerj) of Caistor. 

William Farmery of= 
Caistor,niercer; bur. 
at Caistor March 

•Jane, dau. of ... . 
Will dated 6 Dec. 
1C51 ; proved 24 
Dec. 1651. 

John Far- 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Cais- 
tor 12 June 1613 ; mar. 
there, ILay 1629, Josua 

Prudence, bapt. at 
Caistor 16 April 
1616 ; mar. Paul 
AVillett, Vicar of 
G rimsby. 

^Dorothy, dau. of ... . 
Bucknall ; mar. at 
Caistor April 1628 ; 
bur. 27 June 1631. 

Prudence, bapt. John Far- 

at Caistor 12 mery, bapt. 

Oct. 1630; lega- at Caistor 2 

tee of her aunt May 1629. 
Jane 1651. 

Jane, bapt. at Caistor Anne, bapt. Clifford Farmery,^. .. . William Farmery, 

4 Oct. 1618; mar. at Caistor 30 bapt. at Caistor 2 dau. bapt. 10:May 1628; 

at Grimsby, 7 July June 1624; Xov.lG21;proved , of bur. at Caistor 6 

1642, Robert Willie mar his mother's will j . . . . Feb. 1628-9. 

of Louth. Easterby. 1651. 

Ifary, living 1651. 



ifarmtii' of ibcapljam ants c^pnncjtljcirpc. 

of Pa 

IS F;i 

■ Staudanl-Boai- 
bur.' lit :\I;i 

■chic, 17. 

"William Faniiery. Rcc-tcV uf ircapbaiu ;=rCnssaii(lra, dan. of 
Rector of Siiriiigthovpe 1580; iiistitut- j John Xt^wlaiid of 
ed Rector of Ludboronijh -J Scjit. 1G27; I Hackney ; bur. at 
bur. at llfapham 11 Nov. li::'.:".. I Htaphani 2 Oct. 



of ilar- 
tliorpe 20 ton, died 

Nov.i.yjy. iGU. 


John Farmery of Lin-=pBridget, dan. 

cohi, CLancellor of of William 

the Diocese; bapt. at Xavlor (?) 

Sprinsthorpo 24 Feb. of Flam- 

1590-91. Will dated borough, co. 

June 1C47 ; piroved Yurk ; ex'trix 

Feb. 1C47-S. in 1(U7-S. 

William Far- 
mery, bapt. 
at Spring- 
thorpe May 
1694 ; living 

Michael Far- 
mery, bapt. 
at Spring- 
thorpe 10 
April 1597. 

I I I 

John Farmery ,=r Anne, dan. George Farmery 

bapt. at St. of 

Margaret's, bur. at 

Lincoln, 30 Heapham 

Dec. 1G25 ; 8 Jlay 

bur. at Heap- IGSl. 
ham 1 1 March 

bur. in L 
Minster 19 Fub. 

William Farmery, 
bur. at lleapliain 
18 May 1648. 

I I 

19 Feb. 

29 June 

"William Farmery ,=f=Bridget, dau. 
Rector and Patron of Cecil Tyr- 
of Heapham,Yicar whit of Cam- 
of Blytou ; bur. at meringliam; 
Heapham 29 Xov. bur. at Ileap- 
172G. ham 13 May 


Thomas Farmery, bur. 
at St. Peter's in East- 
gate, Lincoln, 10 Feb. 

John Farmery, liapt. at 
Heapham 9 Dec. 1CG8. 

: Susanna, 
dau. of 
derson of 
Spilsby ; 
a widow 


liapt. at St. 
June 1G30; 
bur. at Lam- 
beth 12 May 

ilary, bapt. and bur. 
at St. Peter's 1GG4. 

Bridget, bapt. at St. 
Peter's 1G6G; bur. 
at Heapham 1679. 

t, bur. in 

bur. in 

Roljert Far- 
mery, bapt. 
at Biyton 
1698; Rec- 
tor of Heap- 
ham 1727. 

I I 

mery, : 

1 Far- 
nd son. 

ilarmadnke F. 
Farmery, 3rd 

bapt. at 
3 Dec. 


Bridget, bapt. at Biyton Elizabeth, 

20 April 1G93 ; bur. at bapt. at 

Heapham 20 Sept. 1693. Biyton 4 

— JnQcl69G. 
Mary, bai)t. at Biyton 24 — 

March 1694-5. Ellen. 

Edward Far- 
mery, bap:, at 
4 Oct": 1601. 

Thomas Farmery, 
bapt. at Spriiig- 
tliurpe 19 March 
1605-6; bur. a; 
ilarton 11 Nov. 

Edward Hilled. 
Hector of Lud- 
borou^'h. mar. 
27 Feb. 1624-5. 
1st husband. 


= Hester, = 
bapt. at 
26 Aug. 

=Th'Juias FLirst, 
Rector of Lud- 
boronijh ; mar. 
21 Jan. 1627-8. 
2nd husband. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
April 1630, Wi 

m Browne 

29 Cassandra, mar. lie. 2=John Anderson, mer 
of Oct. 16:.'l,a:t. 24, then cer, of llorucastle 
of Gatel'.intoii. a;t. 24. 

LiNCOLNsniiiE pr.i)iGi;Ei;s. 


J'armtri) of i^orrljorpc, 

[MS. C. 23, HLTakls' College.] 
.... Faniiciv.=p 

AVilliain ]'\'irmcry o( Nurtliorpc.=pl\lait:cry, dan. of John Farmery, siiiier- 
Will dated It /n!v, proved 20 I . . . >, surviviii'.,' visnr to his brother's 
Oct. 1511. ■ loil. ^ will 1511. 

Henry Faruicry. A son. xVlice. Margaret, colieir, mar. Eleanor, coheir, mar. 
— _ John Littlebnry of George llouson of 

Thomas Farmery. Ellen. Ilagworthingham. North Carlton. 

. Farmery. =p 

I 1 

William Farmery of Northorpc.=f=Margaret, dan. of Itobert, Farmery, Rupcrvisor 
" " ■ Peake. to his brother's will 1558. 
IG May 1558. 


T I I I ,.,] 

William Farmery,—. . . . Anthony Robert Far-=p. . . . Anne. Eliza- 
bur, at Norihorpe dan. of Farmery, mery, living I dau. of — beth. 
oOet. IGlO. .... 1C13. .... Alice. 

William Farmery, 
bur. 1602. 

William Farmery, 
bur. 1013. 

George=p Robert Farmery Anthony 

Farmery, J dan. of Scotter and Fai'uiery, 

legatee of 
bis nnele 
George in 

Northorpe. Will alegateeof 

dated 3 Feb. his uncle 

16-14-5; proved George 

17 June 1054. 1613. 

I I 

mar. Wil- 
liam Raven. 

mar. Valen- 
tine Smith. 

John Farmery, heir to his uncle Piobcrt 1054. 


George Farmery, supervisor of his 
brother John's will 1597 ; bur. 
15 Sept. 1016 at Northorpe. Will 
dated 13 Sept. 1613. 

John Farmery of Northorpe, bur.^Isabella, 
tlitrc 31 Oct. 1597. Will dated 19 ' 
Oct. 1597; proved 3 Feb. 1597-8. 

John Farmery of=r Elizabeth, dau. of Uau^hy ; mar. at Northor[« 

Heapham. 10 Feb. 1013-14. 

Robert Far- 
mery, bapt. 

at Northorpe thorpe ]:! Nov. 
1019-20. 1625; bur. 1690. Browne. 

Richard Faruiery,=Mary, Geoi'ge Farmery ,=i=:Margaret, j 

bapt. at Nor- dau. of bapt.with Itichard ' ' '' 

13 Nov. 1025 
bur. 1661. 

daii.of . 
bur. at Nor- 
thoi-[>c 1696. 



William Far- Margaret, bapt. at Xorthorpe Anno, bapt. 

George Farmery, 

bapt. at Xorthor[>e merj, bapt. 2Feh.lC Jij-7;mar.atScolter, aL N"or- 

1-2 Aug. ICl'.O; bur. at Xorthorpe 20 April 1G81, Thomas. ...of thorpe 22 

140ct. IG'.K'.jUuraar. G May 1CG;3. Aug. 1G5S. 


John Farmery, Ellen, bur. at Northoriic 

bapt. at Xor- SI ilarch 1GI8. 

thorpe 1C22. — 

— Barbara, bapt. at Nor- 

John Farmery, thorpe IGU; mar. at 

bapt. at Xor- Blyton, 21 Jau. 1G25-G, Xorthorpe 1G22. 

Jane, bapt. at Xor- Isabella, bapt. 
thorpe IGIG ; bur. at Xorthorpe 
1G42. 1G24 ; mar. at 

— Blyton, 1649, 

Dorothy, bapt. at Hev. Thomas 

thorpc 1629 ; William Ijacy. 
bur. 1644. 

tcr of Marton. 


Christopher Farmery^ 
of Northorpe, bur. 
19 Dec. 1G59. 

Barbara, dau. of . . 

Margaret, Jane, Xorthorpe, 

bur. at Xorthorpe bapt. at Xor- 161G, William Kogei 
2G Xov. 1G57. thorpe 1593. son. 

Anne, bapt. at Jane, bapt. at Xor- Anne, bapt. at Xorthori.ic 5 Jan. 1G2S-9 ; 

Northorpe thorpe2 t Oet.lGlG; mar. there, 30 April 1GG2, James Trubshaw 

IGll; bur. 4 bur. S June 1G91. of Hatfield, co. York ; bur. at Xorthorpe 

Jan. 1626-7. 11 Jan. 1715-lG. 

John Farmery,bapt.=-T=Anne, dau. of George Farmery, 

at Northorpe 26 
Mareh 1614 ; bnr 
20 July 1C86. 

; bur. at bapt. at Xurthorpe 
Xorthorpe 17 1618 -, bur. 7 Aug. 
April 1691. 1626. 

Christopher Farmery, 
bnr. at Xorthorpe 
Feb. 1671-2. 

William Farmery,^Susauna, dau. of George Elizabeth, Xorthorpe 1 663. 

bapt. at Xorthorpe " 

4 June 1GG3; bur. 
at Northorije 2 
July 1719. 

. . ; mar. at Farmery, 

Northorpe 1G84; bur. at Julian, bapt. at Xorthorpe 1C64 ; 

bur. at IIuws- Willough- mar., 1G82, John ; bar. at 

ham2Julyl715. ton 1661. Xorthorpe 1G85. 

Juhn Farmery, William Fiumcry, liapt. June 1686; George Farmery, bapt. at 
bai)t. 4 Oct. lG8t. bur. at Xorthorpe 20 Feb. 1688-9. Northorpe G Aug. 1691. 

jfalunt of ^htntfUl)i>. 

[i\IS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Nicholas Fawne, Vicar of Skendleby. 
Will dated 20 Jan. 1.017-8; proved 

Johan Fawne of Skendleby, widow.^ 
Will dated 1 Dec. 1548; proved 

20 April 154.^ ; appwiut., Jenytt and 8 Feb. 1518-9; appoints her four 
William I'awne es'ors. sons ei'ors. A 



Fa w lie. 



llobcrt Fawne of:^. . . . daii. of ... . Nerilo of 
Skendleby. llagwoitliingham. 

John Fawiio of .Sken(ilel>y, yco-: 
man. Will dated 7 Xov.lSSo ; 
proved 23 Fi'h. l&Su-G. 1st 

=Mar^aret, dan. of Henry Ashc=Richard Cony of 
of Boston, or Wyberton ; dead Ivirton. 2nd 
before 1590 : ex"'trix 1585-G. husband. 

Roger Fawne, under age iu 1585 ;=rMagdaIeu, dau. of George 
ward of his uncle Edward Aslie 1 White of Markby ; bapt. 
1599 ; [possibly the Eocrer Fawne, tliere 23 April 15S5. 
senior. Will dated 10 May 1G61]. 

I I 

ilargaret, uudei 
age 1599. 



Jane, bapt. at 
Mark by 15 
July 1C09. 

I , I . 

JIatjdalen, bnr. at Kathcriue, bapt. at 

Alford 15 June Allbrd 11 July 1G23. 

George Fawne, =p Jane, 
1st son, ret. 13 dau. of 

1G3-4; bur. at , 

Anthorpe 14 [ 
June 1G42. i 

I I I 

John Fai 

2nd son. 

Robert Fawne, 3rd son. 

Thomas Fawne, 4th son, 
bur. at Beesby 21 Jan. 
164G-7, unmar. 

Roger Fawne of Skendleby, 
called "senior" in his will, 
dated 10 May ICCl; settles 
estates in Skendleby on 
Roger, son of George Fawne, 
and on Thomas, son of 
Roger Fawne. 

John Fawne, bapt. 5 May, bur. 
atEeesby 20 Oct. 1638.' 

George Fawne, bapt. at Authorpe= 
30 Jlay 1G12. 

Roger Fawne of Boston, nievehant. Will dated 1 1 July, proved 18 July 
1G81 ; leavi's money to cousins Roger and JuLu Fawuf. 

[llarl. JIS. 1550. " Visitation of Lincoln, 15C2."] 
Arus. — Per lend or and gi'Ies, two lions' heads erased (ounierclianyed. 

^^'illiam Feme, shin at the Battle of the=p 
I'itts iu France temp. Edward III. 

Sir Robert (or John) Feme, Knt.=j=}5catrix, dau. and heir of Walter Roehford. 

James Fei'ue, Bovz-Beurtr to Henry Y. iu Normandy. -t- 



Sir Jolin Fcnif, Kut. 

Williuni Feino of Fenie Hall, co. Essex, " no\v= 
in the I'O.-bession of the Lord Rich." 

Thomas Fei-ne=f Aliee, dan. and heir uf George Whitgroaye of . . . ., co. Staflord. 

William Feme of Parwicke,==Joaiie, dau. of Adam Beresford of Fenny 
• CO. Derl>y. I r-cntlcy, co. Derhj. 

Tliomas Feme ofGrene, co. Derby, John Ferne=prhillis, dan. of Rol.ert Milward 
andof Hook-Norton, CO. Oxford (?"). of Parwick, I of Eaton, co. IX-rby. 
CO. Derby. 

AVilliam Feme, a servant of=f=Ann 
the Earl of Leicester 2S Jidy 
1579; of Temple Bel wood in 
the Isle of Axholme 15S3; 
leased the Parsonage and 
Rectory of Iklton from 
the Corporation of Lincoln 
1568 ; had a grant of arms 
from .Flower," Xorroy, 27 
April 27 Eliz., 1580. 

lau. of 
John Shef- 
field of Gon- 
nas and Bel- 
toft in the Isle 
of Axholme ; 
bnr. at P.elton 
27Aucr. IGOl. 

John Feme 
of Ci'ake- 
marsh. co. 

.\nne, dau. 
of Roger 
Jackson of 
in the Peak. 

Edwai-d Fcrne, 3rd sou, 
"non compos mentis." 

Anue, mar. John Fitz- 
herbcrt of Somershall, 
CO. Derby. 

Elizabetli, mar. Anthony 
Whorwood of Sandal and 
Rotherwood, co. York. 

Sir John Fcrne of Temple^Elizabeth, dan. 
liehvood, Knt., author of of JohnXediiam 
the " Blazon of Gentry," , of Wymoudley, 
knighted Jac. I. ; Keeper , co. Herts ; re- 

of the Signet of the Couu- i mar. Sir Henry ton t x,^<v x.^^- , _.^. 

oil of the North ; also of j Neville of Holt, Ralph Rokeby of Skyre, co. bur. 
York City ; died ICIO. co. Leicester. York; bur. at 24 Dec 
■' 1 York, 14 Nov. 158G, s.p. 1564. 

Edmund Ferne,l)apt. at Bt 
ton 22 April 1557. 

Douglas Feme, bapt. at Bt 
4 May 15G2 

t)apt. at 

Joane, dau. of Robert^pWilliam Feme of Temple Bel-^ 
Wilkes of Islington, i wood, 1st son, bapt. at Bclton 
CO. Middlesex ; bur. ! 21 Feb. 1592-3 ; bur. there 1 
at Belton 4 Sept. May 1634, then styled "Cour 
IGIC. 1st wifu. scllor." 

=Martha, dau. of Sir John 
Thorold of Corriugham, 
Kut. ; bur. at Belton 19 
March 1632-3. 2nd wife. 

John Feme, bapt. S, bur. 
9 Sept. 1615 at Belton. 

John Fcrne, bapt. at Gainsborough Alice, bur. at 
8 Oct. 1G21; bur. at Belton 5 Gainsborough 
July 1C2G. 12 Dec. 1620. 



I I I I 

.lolm FcTiio, Thomas Fc-nic, -Itli s.Mi.-pAiine, only dan. aii.l Ivlwanl For 

I'ndsoii. of North Kclsrv, ,Vwd heir of.T.iinos linmip- .M h -(m, I.: 

— Sept. C Cnr. 1.,' IC'M : t..u of S,.mh Iteston ; 1 1' Aiiiil, I 

-c \\- 

■n-'. Inn 



•- ni;n-.rttl'ol(,m;ll.ran. 

•O'U, p. 

.. Sv, 

1. 10: 

; l(;i.S-i;); rcmar..Iohn 
j Le-ava. 


Brampton Fcvnc, 1st son Peregrine Ferno, died yonng. Eli;;:iheth, mar. Thu- 
and lieir, a;t. C.i, G Car. I., — " mas Micklethwaite of 

1030; entered at Gray's James Feme, died yonng. Ilessle, co. York. 

Innl8Xov.lG39;dieds.ix — 


pt. at Bel ton 
Oct. loO:.. 

I I I 

Mathcv Feme, 1st Bon and heir. James Feme, ^nd son. Walter Feme, 3rd son 



of Lon-=pFranees 

, d 






d.'n, gi 


;th son ; 






jt. at 


3rd son 







July ] 


Henry Feme, Stli son, born 1000 ; Alastir of Trinity Janies Feme, slain in the 

College, Cambridge ; Archdeacon of Leicester ; l>ean Isle of Khc. 

of Ely ; Bisho]) of Cliester ; died at ^b: Xevill's house — 

in St. Paul's Churchyard IG i\Iarch 1G61-2, being the Anne, mar. John Key of 

fifth Sunday after his consecration ; bur. at St. Ed- Woodsam, co. York. 

mund's Chapel in AVestminster Abbey 25 ilarch IGCi', — 

ffit. 50. Elizalx;th. 

jftri'trs' nf ^Iitllincjtljorpc. 

[Harl. MS. lO'JC, fob 92. " Visitation of liOndon, 1CC4."] 

j^Riis. — Argent, an a lend gvks cotlsnl mbh three horse-shoes of the field. 

Roger Ferrers of Corshani,^^rargaret, dau. of Giles Badger of 
co.^Wilts. I Fiddington, co. Gloucester. 

John I'errers^Kleanor, dau. of Edward Ferrers of co. Warwick ; bur. at Skelling- 
of Fiddiiig- thorpe 25 Feb. 10-10-41. Adm'on 7 April 1041, then "of Skel- 
ton, 1st soil. lingthoi pe, widow." 


Sir Henry Ferrers of Skelling-^r Anne, dau. John William Ferrers, 3rd 

thorpe, 1st son; created a ; of James Ferrers, of London; died 

Bart. 10 Dec. 1028; adm'or | Seiida- Sndson. Skellingchorpe. Adm'on, 
of his mother 1011 ; died more. 21 Aug. 1010, given to 

Iggg I Edward Bert, a creditor. 

. Sir Henry Ferrers, Bart., died s.p. 1C75, ;c't. 45. j 


MNCOLNSUnU-: pedigkeks. 


Anne, dem.=j=\^ illiani Firicrs, 2n(l soii,= 
of ... . Citizen of London and Lin- 

Megs ; si<- I coln,ilrai>er; adiu'orof liis 
terofCajii. j dan. KUi : held ;i niort- 
ilegs. I gage of Skellingthorjic, CO. 

Lincoln, -21 Oct. Itii'O. 

A I 

:^L■nT,diln.=p-.'^^s;U), dan. Roger Fern: 
of \Yilliam j of ... . ^his- ;^rd son. 
Hewet of ! clinnip t'f — 

Jolin Roil idav,=Al ire. Adin'on = 8ir AvtlinrLif;rain,Knt., 
son and heir of 11 Nov. I(_;i4. of .S|. GalirieFs, Fen- 
Sir Leonard clmrcli Street, Ijoudon. 
Holliday. 1st 2nd Lnsband. 

•. dob 

1 Ferrers 

4tli son. 




of Sir 

of Lon- 





William Ferrers, s.p. 
Lincoln mar. lie. 20 !^L^rcll 1G13, "Thomas Ferrars of Kirkby-npon-P.aiii, 
gent., aged bi, and Dridget Palmer of Coniugsby, widow." 

Arms. — Arc/euf, six hiUets and an orlc sable, thereon ei cinqvefoil gules. 
Robert Filkin of Kettering. ^Grace, dau. of ... . Thorlev. 

Elizabeth, daa. of John = Richard Filkin of Lang-=:Piachao], dau, and coheir of 
Cater of Warwick; sister ton-by-Partney, bur. there William Hansard of Bisca- 
ofJobnCaterofLangton- 2C Feb. IG-'io-C [ret. 28 thorpe and Langtou-by-Purt- 
by-Wragby ; widow of 5 April lf;2G, but 32 ney ; widow of .... Davison 
.... Dawson of Swab) ; 6 March 1C2C-7]. of Horncastle ; mar. lie. 6 

mar. He. 5 April 1C2G. Mai'ch 1G2G-7, &t. 3G. 

[Collinson"s " Somersetshire." Tboroton's " Notts."] 
Gilbert Fisher of Bourn, bnr. 3 Feb. Io70-71.=r 

Fuchard Fisher of Bourn, Chief Coustuble,^ 
bur. 3 March 1597-8. 

Elizalseth, bapt. at 
Boston 6 .July 15 — . 


■^G liberty 

dau. of 




at Bourn 


20 Aug. 

bur. 30 

iei2. 1st 






Mi I 

:. . . . Octavian Fisher, Dauiel Fisher, bapt. at .Tohn=i= 

dau. bapt. at Bourn 1 Bourn 20 March 1584-5. Fisher. I 

of July 1581. I 

2nd Richard Fisher, Robert Fisher, bur. LLiry. 
wife. bapt. at P.nurn at Threckinghamll 
15 July 15S2. Sept. 1C51. 

LiNC0LNSini;i; pkdigkeks. 


Gilbert Fi, 




1 apt. at 



Bouru -2 


1 G 1 ; 




bur. 25 M 

ny IG 



I I I \T " II' ■ "I I 

John Fisher, bur. at Anthony Fisher, Gill>ert Fislier, bapt. Anue, bur. at 

Bourn 20 Aug. 1015. bapt. at JJourn at Baurii 2G Feb. F.ourn 20 

— 25 June 1023; 1C.2G-7 ; bur. 2 Oet. Nov. 1G20. 
Richard Fifher, bapt. bur. 4 Nov. 1032. 1628. — 

at Bouru 29 .Tune — — Marah, bapt. 

1618. John Fislier, Thomas Fisher, bapt. at Bourn 6 

— bapt. at Bourn 2 at Bourn G Sept. Feb. 1C31-2 ; 
Henry Fisher, bapt. at Sept. 1G24. 1029. bur. 11 Feb. 
Bourn 27 Oct. 1G21. 1G31-2. 

Octavian Fisher of Threek-=pJane, dan. of Thomas Har- JFarian, mar. Thomas 
ingham, bur. 4 L)ee. 1010, tupp ; bur. at Threeking- Bister of Rij-piDgale. 
set. 09. ham 29 July 1011. 

William Fisher of Tlnvck-=pFlizabeth, = La\Trence 

inghara and Spanby. Will ; dan. of Goodman 

dated and cudicil' proved j William ofThreck- 

31 Oct. 101 G {.will proved ! Whalley iiigliam. 

in Lincoln Register IS of Norton, 2nd liu.s- 

March 1022-3)." co. Leict-s- band, 


I I 

Arthur Elizabeth, mar., 10 
Fi.s!ier. July 1591, Fvr.-,-d 
Goodman of Bias- 
ton, CO. Beicester. 


JIarian, mar. . . 

"William Fisher, 1st son, bur. c 
Threckingham 5 Jan. JG39-40. 

Francis Fisher of Threck-=pSnsan, dau. FJiza- 
in>diam, 2nd son. I of ... . beth. 

William Fisher, Ist son, died Robert Fisher, bur. at Threck-=pElizabeth, dan. of 

6 Oct. 1075, »t. 32 ; entered ingham 17 Feb. 171 1-12; of the I ; died IC June 

at Gray's Inn 12 Oct. lOGO. Grange near Grantham 1C81. 1710, a3t. 65. 

William Fisher, bapt. at Threckingham 28 Nov. 
1682 ; bur. at Grantham 14 April 1CS3. 

William Fisher, bapt. at Grantham 22 Aug., 
bur. at Threckingham 15 Dec. 1083. 

Octavian Fii 
1C84 ; bur. t 

ler, ba]pt. at Grantham 19 Sept. 
Threckingham 1 March 1C8C-7. 

Francis Fishcr^fJ^^'iP, dau. 
of the Grange, I and coheir 
bapt. at Grant- | John Di 
ham 20 Bee. 
1088; ILP. for 
Grantham 1722; 
died 1708. M.L 
Weston Church, 

of Mansfit 
CO. Nott 
dead in 

z z 




1 1 

Francis Fisher, Viiii't 

1 1 

Frnnrv.s hnpt. 

1 1 
LiR-v, b.-ipt. a 


ana, = Francis 

nt GraTithiiin ITi'l 

ni (;i-:, 

Graiitlian-. 12 bapt. 

t Wilhuitrhhy 


K; X,.v. 172o. 

AiiL'. 1720. 


lam of llcilev 

28 Dec. 17:;.-.. 



17 :v. 

V. (? He sic). 


:^^:ll•\^ bur. at 

Jane, bapt. a 

1739 ; 

CO. Notts, 

Eobert Fi>litr, bnj.t 


Grantham 1- 

> mar. i 

father of 

at Grantluira 12 8e]>t 

ham 19 Fob. 

Ang. 1729. 

Jlay 1 

702. 7 th Lord 




Daniel Fisher, bapt. at Lucy. bapt. at Grantham 19 Kathe- Susan, bur. at 

Grantham2SApril]C93; ^March lG8.5-!3; died 1710; rinc, Threekingham 

bur. at Tlireekingham bur. at Threekingham 19 bapt. at 12JunelC9C. 

15 Jan. 1700-1. June. Grant- — 

. — — liam 1 Susanna, bajit. 

Robert Fisher, bapt. at ]\Iary, bapt. at Grantham 30 Jan. at Grantliam 

Grantham SO Dec. 1G9.S. Dec. ir.9I ; bur. at Threck- 1G94-5. 29 April li;97. 
ingham 7 Jan. 1G97-8. 

[Note. — This pedigree is nfillipr iu t!ic Visitation of 1C31 nor that of IfiGG.] 

ffiuljt of iHadut ^Aascn, 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Robert Fitche.=^ 

Tucker Fitche C'f Ashliy-by-Partney^pKatharine, dan. of ... . I/angton of Langlon. 

Robert Fitche of ^Larkct-f=:^rary, dau. of Christopher Hntchinson of Tiied.llethorpo ; 
Rasen 1C25; dead in mar." at Alford 23 July ICO-l; bur. at ]\Iarket Rasen 
1 iMareh 1G52-3. 

I I I 

John Fitche of Market=pEllen, AViUiani Fitche, 2nd son, R.-berL Fitche, | 

Rasen,, of.... bapt. at Mai-ket Itaseii b Srd'^on, 

bapt. 2 June 1*50.5. July 1C07 ; bur. there 1-t ilai'ket Rasen 

1 Sept. 1051. 2].Jan.l 012-13. 

Nathaniel Fitehc, born at ;Market Benjamin Fitche, bur. at Market 
Rasen 21 Feb. 1055-6. Rasen 19 Aug. 1720. 


Elizubeth, bapt. at ^\^,v]:rt Frances, bapt. at Jlarkft :\Iary, bapt. at ^tal■ket, 
Kaseu 1-i l-Vb. li;(is-;i; Kaseu IG June 1C13 ; mar., Ka>ui Vo April lt!-JO ; 
mar., 30 April l(;.;i', ^Vil- 10 Sept. 1038, Wiili.iia mar., 17 Deo. 1G51, Wil- 
liam Vuuley. Thompsuii. liam Stokei. 

Anne, bapt. at Tilarkct Troth, bapt. at ilarket Dorothv, bapt. at :Market 

Ka=cn 17 Jan. ICln-lI; Raan s Jan. ICK-ls ; Kar^en'is An-. IC-i.' ; 

mar., f,0 Oct. 1034, Wil- mar., 9 IM ay 1053, Kicliaid mar., 5 Jlay 1G1l\ Juhii 

liam Fiemau. Cliapman. Tooley. 

Josliua Fitcbe of Wales-=Grace, dan. of .... ; reniar. 
by, farmer, bur. 11 Ajiril at Walesby, 23 Oct. 1718, 
1716. Jobn Hayes of Risby. 

[M8. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Arus (in r»crry). — '■ Lozemjij ermini' amJ gules,''' for I'itzwilliam of Clay worth. 
Fiichard Fitzwilliam of A\'ad\vortli,=pElizabeth, dan. of Tliomas 
CO. York, died U78. Clarel of Aldwarke. 

Edward Fitz-: 

Alice, dau. of Robert Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam.^ 

Wcstby of Raveu- 

FiTZWiLLiAjr of Aldwarke. 

Humiihrey Fitzwilliam of Claywortli,=pAnne, dau. of William Dalyson of Lauj^h- 
co. iSlotts ; died 28 Oct. 15.36. I ton, co. Lincoln; bur. at Clayworth 30 

June 1558. 


Tlioma=; Fitz- E<lward Fitz- Humphrey Fitz- Elizabeth, mar. Ilamon Sutton 

William. william. wiUiam, su[iervi- of V,'a^hiugborouj,'h. 

= = sor to his brother — 

Alice, dau. Elizabeth, Wilham. Aime, mar. Thomas Reade. 

and coheir of dau. and co- — — 

Richard La- heir of Rich- lu g._-r Filzwil- Dorothy, mar. Tliomas San- 

conby. ard Ijaconby. liam, D.C.L. don. 

Williara Fitzuilliam of ^Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Charles Fitz-=pMary, dau. of Tiio- 

Lincnln,bur. at Lower .fohii Harrington, william of mas Littlebury ; 

'J'ootiuir, Surrey. Will Knc, of E.xton, co. Sauiidl)y, widow of Edward 

dated i; June, proved Rutland; widow of Notts. ; F..r^ett and relict 

lU July 15'J7. j William Dymoke of j of Christopher 

A Friskuev. B Diyhtou. 



Kobert Fitz- Sir George Gilbj-,=Elizabeth, mar. 1st at = Kicliaid Bolle, mar. 
\villiani,15ii0, Knt., of Stainton- Clayworth 25 Aug. at Gaiiisborousrh 11 
s.p. (?). le-Hole,co.Lincolu. 158i ; living 1012. :May 1014. ^ 2ii(l husband. busbaiid. 

■\^ illiani Fitzwil-: 
liain of Cli.\b)- in 
("aistor, co. Lin- 
cobi ; bur. at 
Claxbv 14 July 

Elizabctb, dau. of Wil- 
liam Fitzwillinm of 
Slablethorpe ; widow of 
John "Wythernwyke nf 
Claxby ; living 1015. 

Tliuuias ritzwilliam 
of Loiiduu, living 

Kotrer Fitzwilliam. 

Anne, bur. at 
Claxbv 2 Jan. 
1 029-30. Will 
dated 24 Jlay 
1028 ; proved 4 
Jan. 1030-31. 

Fitzwil- dau. o 
liam of 


Sir John 


KnL. of 






liam, 2nd 

son. liv- 




John Fitzwil- 
liam, 3rd sou. 

George Fitz- 
william, lega- 
tee of his aunt 
Anne 1030. 

I I 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Josceline Percy 
of Beverley. 

^lary, mar. John 
ilonson of Nor- 
thorpe ; died 29 
Aug. 1058. 

I I 
Fi'ances, lega- 
tee of her aunt 
Anne in 1630.. 

Anne, bar. at 
Claxby 1003. 

I I I M I 

William Fitzwilliam of^pMary, dan. of Sir Joliu Elizabeth. Philippa, mar. 

Clixby, Kt. 5, 1034; liv- I GervaseNevileof Fitz- — John Wright 

inglC92; legatee of his | Aubourn, Knt.; williani, ]\rary. of Kelvedon, 

lirother-in-law Sir Chris- I dead in 1092. 2nd.-;on. — Essex; died 10 

topher Xevile. Frances. ilay 1687. 

William Fitz\villiain=p Thomas Fitzwilliam, lega- George Fitzwilliam, lega- 
of Clixby. Will tee of Sir Christopher tee of Sir Christopher 

proved 4 April 1717. Xevile iu 1002. Nevile in 1002. 

George Fitzwilliam, 
ex'or 1717. 

John Fitz- 

Elizabeth, mar. Thomas 

I . I 

JohnFitzwilliara=pAnne, dau. of .... Katherine, 

of Clixby. Will : Will dated 12 March legatee in 

dated 4 Feb. | 1723-4, then of the city Katherine 

1710-11 ; proved i of Lincoln ; proved 14 Xcvile's 

1 July 1718. Aug. 1724. vpili 1082. 

Elizabeth, le^a-^pEdward 

tee of Sir Chris- 
topher Xevile 

of Xor- 


William Fit^.will in 1721. 

.NFitz- Elizal,eth,dead 

rgc Jlonson, legatee (if 
uuele William 1717. 



J'it^luilliain of illalilrtljorpc aiiti £(tlit!)cnu 

[Hail. MS. 1550.] 

AuM^;(in V,qvv\).— ••[.<■:> ■inn nnjciil ami ijuhs, in fts.^r a jleur-ih-lis vf the scfon.I 
vithlii a horJi I- s-i/'li- li:,i/ifcd.'' ['rhesL- arms seem to Ije a mixture of Fitz- 
wiUiam and irablethorpc] 

Thr.mas Fitzwilliam of Mable-^:\Iargaret, dau. of Sir Thomas Dyiiioke, 
thorpe, died 9 April 1470 ; Kut^, of Scrivelsby ; died -20 June 1463 ; 
bur. in Lincoln ^Minster. bur. in Ijiucoln ]\Iiu.ster. 

Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam of Mablrthorpc. W)ll^i-:Margarct, dan. of Sir James Har- 
datcd 15 Jan. liyiS-i ; jiroved 2 ^lay 1 194. i riugton, Knt. ; living 1404. 


William Fitzwil-=p Sir George Fitzwilliam of=7=Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Tho- 

liam of Louth 
ing 1494. 

looC ; inq. p.m. 5 Ed- 
ward VL 

mas Darnardiston, Kiit., 
of Great Cotes. 

Katherine, coheir, mar. Robert Margaret, coheir, mar. Elizabeth, died 
Doughty of Louth. . . . . Clarke of Welbourn. 3 May 1522. 

John Fitz-=pElizabetl), dan. of John Pickeri 
William. i of Os\Taldkirk, co. York. 

Jlary, mar. Ralph Thimbleby 
of Poolam. 

Thoma= Fitzwilliam, died under age. Inq. p.m. Marian, heiress, mar. John 
18 Henry \U. Bolle of Haugh. 

Jolni Fitzwilliam of=pJoan, dau. of Britt. Liq. p.m. 7 Edward IV., 14C8. 

Staync. I 

Thomas Fitzwilliam of Skidbrook, a3t. 9, 14CS. Inq. p.m.=pJoan, dau. of Thomas 
28 Oct. 14 Henry YIIL, 152o. Gunby. 

I 1 

John Fitzwilliam of Skidbrook, died^pMargaret, dau. of John Wygersley, Thomas 
28 July 1547. Inq. p.m. 1 Edward gent. ; e.t'trix in 1547. Will dated Fitz- 
VI., 1547. Will dated 20 Jan. 5 Oct. 1555; proved 17 Dec. william. 
1547 ; proved 17 Dec. 1548. 1556. 

George P'itzwil-T^Marv, dau. of Tlionias Fitzwil- Agnes, A dau., mar. Chris- 

liara of JIable- | Sir ' William liam, c.x'or. living topher Scupliohue 

thori-e Stayne ' Skipwith, — 1547. (called son-in-law in 

and Skidbrook. i Knc, of South Andrew Fitzwil- John Fitzwilliam's 

A I Ormsby. liam. will 1547). 



Miirj.mar.Ui. Rich- 


EhV.abcth. Will=ThomasSL.iub 

- Frances, mar 

ard Jliltuft, I'lidly 


dated 11 April c.te of Shil 

Thomas Mas- 

Anthony Wvilf, 


lGi() ; jirovcd liiii;ford St. 

si ngbcrd of 

oi'dlv Francis IJuI- 


2-1 Nov. 1029. George, Oil. 




Thomas Fitzwilliam, 2nd son, ?of George Fit/;v(i!liam=Alice, dnu. of Robert 

Potter (or Upper) Toynton, CO. of Wybertnu. Will ....Palmer; Fitz- 

Lincoln. Will dated' 10 Feb. dated 22 Nov. l.")'Jl ; mar. at Bag- william, 

1617-lS; proved at Spilsby 24 provedS Jau.1591-2, enderby 20 4th son. 

April 1018. His dan. Bridget s.p. Oct. 1582. 

wife of ... . Jackson. 

Elizabeth, dan. of Sir Pu-bert^^pAVilliam Fitzwilliam of Mable-=r)orothy Bnltliropp, 
Tyrwhit, Knt., of Kettleby. I thorpe, bur. at Witheru 1 widow. 2ud wife. 
1st wife. April 1597. 


Elizabeth, mar. 1st Jolm ^lary, mar., 12 Oct. Io90, Sir Frances, bapt. 13 

Wythern-.vyke of Olaxby, Roger Ilalton, Knt., of Clce. March, bur. 18 

2ndly AViiliam Fitzwil- — March 1579-80 at 

liam of Clixby. Susanna, mar. Sir AVilliam Welby, Louth. 

— K.B., of <.!edney ; bur. at Gedney — 
Bridget,mar. George An- 15 ^May 1000. Frances, bapt. at 
ton, Recorder of Lincoln — Thornton Curtis 
1587—1012. Hester, bapt. at Thornton Curtis 11 Nov. 1582. 

— 15 May 1500 ; mar. Robert Callis — 
Dorothy,mar. Roger Ays- of Lincoln and Gray's Inn, Ser- ^lary, bapt. at 
cough of Xuthall, co. jeaut-at-Lau*. Thornton Curtis 
Notts. 20 April 1589; 

bnr. 4 Aug. 1598. 

Edmund FitzwiIliam,==Aniie, dan. and coheir of Lionel Charles Fitzwilliam, 

4th son 1592 ; bur. 
at Grimsbv 18 Dec. 

pwith of Walmsgate ; mar. at 5th sou 1592 ; died 
Burwell 20 Jan. 1610-11 ; bur. beyond the seas, 
at Grimsby 16 Dec. 1025. Adm'on 1009. 

Aime. Mary. Elizalx^th. Martha, bapt. 2 March 1019-20 ; bur. at Withern 
20 April 1031. 

Judith, dan. of Thomas Tailor= Robert Fitzwilliam of-^pElizabeth, dau. of George 
of Lincoln; bapt. 11 Nov. ilablethorpe, ret. 19, : Chewte of London; re- 
1570; bur. at St. ilartin's, 1592 ; bur.atA\'itliern mar. Sir Edward Tyr- 
Liiicohi, 25 A[iril 1598. 1st SSept.lO'rJ. Adm'on ^ whit, Knt. 2nd wife, 
wife. 11 Nov. 1002. 

Elizalieth, died infant. 



Elizabotb, dun. of Sir— Sir Gc 

'V'j^c Fitx.\villi:nii = Eli7.ahetli, dan. 

■William Fitz- 

George Howlaiid, Knt., 


•tlinr|io,k!iii;iiicd and eolieir rif 

williaui. L'ud 

of Sireathain, eo. Sur- 

ICdC ; 

sold Mabl-rhnrpe Giles Diin- 

son. Adui'on 

rey ; iiiar. tlu-re 7 Sept. 

If,]?, ; 

biir. at Wiilieni eonibe nf Loii- 

27 Oel. KMG 

lOK]. l.M, wif'. 

31 .lul 

' li'.:'.7. doii, Citi/.en ; 

to Ansrustine Withcrn 
12Feb. ICSD-T. 

Pearson, a 



Elizabetli, bur. at Wi 

beru. -'id wife. 

Sn^an, mar. at AVithern, 
22 Aug. lGo3, George 
Saunderson of Aby 

JIary, mar. 1st Elizabeth, bapt. 

Thomas Char- at Ronrn IGU; ; 

nock, 2r]dly Eras- mar. Thomas 

miis de Eigne of Johnson of 

Ilarlaxton. C'laxby. 

I I 
Cecily, 1010. 

Martha, bapt. at 
AVithern 15 Nov. 
1G20; bur. 2-1 
March 1G3I-5. 

I I 

George Fitz- Elizabeth, dan. and heir— AVill 

William, 1st of JioberD Creswell of 

Bon, entered Bursh ; mar. there 14 

Gray'sInnlO Feb'.' 1C32-3 ; bnr. at 

July 1622; AVithern If) ■Mar. 1G52-3. 

E.p. 1st wife. 

iin Fitzwilliam,=^Catherine, dan. of 
2nd Son in IG19 ; > George Cracroft of 
AVardeu of Louth Bnrdr ; mar. 16.53. 
1G70 and 1C77 ; bnr. | AA'ill dated 24 July 
at Louth 25 Sept. t 168C; proved IGSG. 
1G78. I 2nd wife. 

Charles Fitzwilliam,=pElizabeth, dan. of ... . Os- 

_ t. at AVithern 23 
Nov. 1G54 ; ex'orof 
his mother ; bur. at 
Louth 10 Oct. 1G09. 
AVill dated 25 :\ravcb 
1G93; proved 1700. 

ney; sister of Robert Osney 
of Louth; widowof Thomas 
Small of Louth ; reniar. at 
Louth, 8 April 1704, John 
Jekyll of Louth ; living 

Thomas Fitz- 
william, bapt. 
at AVithern 15 
May 1C56 ; 
bur. 30 June 


June IG 



William Fitzwil- 
liam of Louth, 
apothecary, bapt. 
at Louth ioXov. 
1G02 ; bur. at 
Louth 17 Jan. 

Charles=Frances, dan. of Yiucent Os- 
Porter Chaplin of ney Fitzwil- 

bapt. at 

15 Feb. 


Tathwell ; ba 
at Alford 9 Oct. 
1712; mar. at 
Tathwell 13 .ALu-. 

Ham, bapt. 
at Louth 12 
Aug. 1G97; 
living 1718. 

Dymoke Fi 
liam, living 

at Louth 31 



Elizabeth, bapt. at Louth 7 July 1720 ; bnr. at Xorth Cockerington 17 Sept. 1720. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at AVithern IS 
July 1C47; mar. 
.... Bowtall. 

John Fitzwilliara, bajit. 
]4:Ara:chl(U9-50; bur. 
at AVithern IG April 

Giles Fitzwilliam, bapt. 
14 March 1G49-50; bur. 
atAVitherno JulylGcil. 

I I I 

Edward Fitzwilliam, 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
AVithern 1G40. 

Elizabeth, bapt. and 

Susanna, bapt. 
at AVithern 1 
April 1G4G ; 
mar., 10 April 
1G73, Jona- 
than SauU or 

j\Iary, bapt. at 
AVithern 1G48 ; 
mar. George 


LINCOLN sunn-: i-edigiu'es. 

liiuii, l^t 
8un, bajit. 
at Bnrgh 
20 :Mai-cli 

(iLH.r<^e Fitzwiiruiiii of:^'M;irUia, dm. of ■^"iHiiim 

al r.lirsli 11 XuV.lCw^O; 
ir,Sl-i\ Will datL'd -24 
Oct. U180 ; proved 28 
April 1CS2. 

Lister of Cokl.y : I'apt. 
at llaiinston 22 .Tune 
1G42. WilldatodC. F.l>. 
lt;'.1-t-u. then of Xor- 
wicli ; proved 8 April 
10 P.'). 





Jan., bur. 
1C;;S-'.I at 



Withcni 21 

Geor£'eFitz\villiain,lstson,T=^Iartha, dau. of John Lister I-itz- 

of Withern, bapt. at St. , Booth of Havpsvrell; Tvilliam bar. 

retcr-al-Arohcs, Lincoln, ' liapt. at Market Kasen al ^^ uhorn 

6 June ir,G5; bur. at , 3 Xov. 1GG5 ; bur. at ICt^i. 
"Withern 11 March 1720-21. i Withern 24 April 1722. 
Adm'on 1 Aug. 1722. 

Lister Fitz- 
at Withern 
7 JulvlGSd. 

Martha bapt. at Susanna, bapt. at AVithern Martha, bapt. at 

Withern 14 Nov. 12 Dec. 1GS9 ; mar., 11 Withern IS Sept. 

1037 March 1715-lG, William 1G9G; mar. at 

_ Smitli; Kedding- Keddington, 1 

Dur. HLx.u- Anna Maria, ton, 10 Aup. 1721, Samuel Aug. 1721, Shad 

hern 13 July bapt. at Withern AVelfit of W est Eavendale. 

1096. 20 Oct. 1688. 

George Fitz- 
at Withern 2G 
Sept. 109:) ; 
bur. at Wit 

worth Hodgson 

William Fitzwilliaui=f 
of Withern, bapt. at 
Withern 13 July 
1673 ; bur. there 
1724. Will dated 25 
Feb. 1723-4 ; proved 
15 April 1724. 

Olary, da 

of ; 

bur. at 
]9 Dec. 

bapt. 13 
Nov., bur. 
at Withern 
18 Nov. 

Mary bapt. at Katherine, baj)t. 

St. Peter-at- at St. Feter-at- 

Arche5l2Nov. Arches 16 Sept. 

ICGG ; mar. at 1668 ; mar. at 

Withern Tho- 
mas Tooley. 

Withern, S Mar. 
1G97-8, Eustace 

r r I 

WillamFitzwilliara.bapt. Lister FitzwiIliam=Mary, dau. of Mary, bapt. at 

a Withern 29 Jan. 1009; of Wi^theni bapt ••••^bnr.a ythern3Apn 

bar. 25 May 1700. at Withern 6 March l;^^^^^^ i^i'iS" "' 

aarlh, bapt. at Withern 3 May Catherine, bapt. at Withern f;!'-^^^'- i^^,^^^ 
1697 mar. at W.thern, 24 Oct. 21 Aug. 1G98 ; bur. 29 Oct. ^ l'^'' "^^ A^^^ 
1734 Samuel Lindsey. 1698. ^.l''''"^'"'' 

rN'OTF..— A V..TV ^ooti po<li-rr 
of Ormsby,- by Rev. W. O. Mas^ingberci.] 

of the Fitzwilli.ims of M.ibletborpe is given in the - Hir 


Jdljamlif of O-^laltou, co, Dciiii>. anti i\il)[>, 
CO. 5LincoIn. 

Arms. — Kihlr. a 

Sir 'iorlfrcY Foljanilie of Kiumilton,==Aveii 
CO. Xdtis.aml ot Ila?so]i nnclDarlcv, 
c... 1 lerl'V. lwu.,diea.-|i. Edwanl 1 II.; 
bur. ht iJaktv.ell. il.I. 

ttircdi six csral/ojis or. 

:Avena. dan. aiul heir of Sir Tlioi 
Iivlaiid of Hartshomo, co. Dei 
Kilt. ; mar. i^iidly Sir Itieh 
Greene, l\iit. 



Sir Godfrey Foljambc, son=pMargaret, dan. of Payn Vilers 
and heir, died v.p. I of Kiiioukon. 

Sir Godfrey Foljambe, a't. Oi at his grand-^plsabel, dan. ^largaret, mar. Sir 
father's death ; died 12 Kiehard II., .-et. 21i. I ofSirSimon Xichulas;Moiiti,'omery 
^1 Leche,Kiit. of Cubley, Knt. 

Alice, only dan. and heir, ret, U at her father's deatli ; mar. Sir Robert Planipton j 
of riunijiton, CO. York, Knt. =p 

A I 

_ ^.^^ ^ 

Thomas Foljainhe of Riby,^Margaret,dan. of Sir John deLond- Alvaredns Fol- 

and of Walton, co. Der'.iy, i bam of Loudharn and liiby, Knt., jaiulie. 
J.V., seised of a third part ' by Isabel, dan. and sole lieire^s of — 

of the manor of Riby ' Sir Robert Breton or De Brito of Robert Foljamlie. 
called Loudhain's ^lanor'; | Walton, co. Derby, Knt. ; sister and — 

died 1-2 lien rv VI., 1 -133-4. 1 coheir of Sir John de Loudham of Richard Foljambc. 
j Riby, Knt. ; mar. 13S7-S. 

1 |~| I 

Thomas Fcljambe of Ribv, son andr:pJane, dan. Mai'uaret, mar. Isabel, mar., as 

heir, a?t. -10 and iip\vards"20 llenrv | and heir 1st Ralphilon- 1st wife. Sir 

YI., 1450-.M : died ] i.Jl-2, seised of of SirTho- bouclier, indly HughWiUongl;- 

Lon-lham's Manor in Riby and of mas Abb- John Co|.;efidd. by of Wollaton, 

half the Manors of Winterton and ton, Knr. — co. Notts, Knt. 

JIartoii. Joan, a nun. 

I i n 

Thomas Foljaml)e, = Margery, dan. Henry Foljambe of=rBenedicta, Anne, mar. 

son and heir, born of Sir Xicho- Riby, 2nd son, and ! dan. of Sir William 

1423, being ;et. 28, las Longford, heir of his brother ; j William Thorpe. 

1451-2; ];ord of Knt.; mar. died 1503-4; j Vernon of — 

Walton, Riby, etc. ; 1454 ; she Chesterfield. M.I. I Xctlier Joan,annn 

died s.p. MG7-8. mar. 2ndly AVill dated 1 '. Ang. Iladdnn, at Seni- 

TlioninsWo(«b 2 Richard III., co. Derby, i)ringl.ain. 

hall, Esq. 1481. Knt. 

RogiT Foijamlie of Lin- 

]. Jlary or Jlarcraret, 

1 1 

3. Elizabeth, 

1 1 1 
5. Helena 

acre Hall, CO. Derby. 

mar. Sir ]\ril.s I'.ns^v 

mar. Richard 

(J. Marga 

SeeBnrke-8 - IVcrage " 
and •' l^anded Gentry." 

2. Diiin'-t. mar. Sir 
John Leeke. 

4. Anne, mar. 
Richard Col- 

7. Joan. 


LINCOLNSHIin-: I'EDir.itr.KS. 

I A 


-Katliariue.d.'ui. of 

■2. Th.mias 

1 1 1 
4. Kicbard ]\ 

Kilt., 1st son ;uiil heir. l">iM 

Sir .l,.l,n I,.vke(.f 





1471' ; (lifcl I'O IKr. l.Hl. 

en. li.ibv; mar.:, 

n. Konrv 

.'>. .John Fii'jau 

Will ckfod 3i> IKmiv Ylll. ; 




desires to be bur. at Chester- 

diedi^-i Jlav loi'O; 

C. Cilbert Ful 

field, CO. Derby. JI.I. 

bur. at Chester- 
ficia. M.I. 


I I I 

1. Benedieta, 1st dan., born 2. Katharine, 2nd dau., burn 3. Anne, 3rd dan., 
1499; mar. .^ir .John Dun- 1509; mar. Thomas Neville born 1518; mar. 
ham of Kippingale, Kiit. of RoUeston, co. Xotts. Francis Lowes. 

4. Gcor'::c- Foljambo,— Dorothv, dan. of 
3rd survivin- son,, .\rtlinr" Barlow of 
of Barlboro!!L;-h, eo. Barlow; niar.i'ndly 
Derby. Had two : at Chest, rlidd, 19 
sons and three dans. Jnlvlot'o, I^ilward 

dfrev Fol- 
nd snr- 
viYiii? Ron, ti'irn 
1512; died 1559, 
s.p. legitimate. 

3. Go 

t, Tounu-cr 

Godfrey I'oljambc alias Browiil(iw,=Joan, mar. her cousin Godfrey Foljamlje i 
mar. Ins cousin Joan Fnljamlie ; alias Erownlow, natural son of GcdlVey 
died s.p. at Croxden, co. Stallord. Foljambe ; died s.p. 

Henry Foljambe, eldest son,=^fary, sister to Godfrey Foljambe, 

lived at Dethiek, co. Derby, John, Lord 2nd son, died s.;i. 

and at Kingston, co. Notts, Darcy of As- = 

during the minority of his ton, and widow Emma,dau.of . . . . 

stepson Anthony Babington of Henry Bab- Tunsted of Tun- 

(the conspirator), whose ington of I)e- sted, co. Derby, 

guardian he was ; died s.p. thick. 

A!ic€, dau.=p2. Sir James Foljambe, Knt.,=pCon5tance, dau. of Sir 

and coheir 1st son and heir, liorn at \Val- 1 Edward Littleton of 

of Thomas ton, eo. Derby, 2 Henry YIJ I., Fillaton, co. Statlbrd, 

Fitzwilliam 1510-11 ; seised of the manor Knt. ; had the manor 

ofAldwark, of Biby and divers lands, etc., of Itiby, and settled 

CO. York, in Ayle>l)v, Stallingborough, on her for life for her 

1st wife. and Walih'ani ; died' 20 .S-j.t. jointure; died lOotj ; 

155.S; bin-, at ('he.-tetlield, bur. at Chesterfield 22 

CO. Derby. :M.L July 1000. 2iid wife. 

1. John Fol- 
jambe, eMe^t 
son and heir, 
died young 
27 0ct."l4&9; 
bur. at Sut- 
Dale. y..l. 

Sir Goiifrev Fol-^=Troth, dan. of Sir George 

jamiie, Kilt., of . William Tirwhit Foljanil 
liiby, son and In^ir, ' nf Kettleby, Knt.; — 

burn I'.i Henry ' mar. 1555-(;; re- Janie= 

VIIL, I527-S; bur. i mar. Sir William Foljaml 

at Chestcifield, co. : Mallory.Kut.jdi.d >^ v— 

Derbv, 24 Dec. : at Aldwark ; bur. Twii;< 
15S5.' M.L ! at Chesterfield 11 

1! i April 1C17. 

1. FranCL-.-;, mar. 1st John 
Thorne, 2ndly Henry Fitz- 
william of Scampton. 

2. liUcy.mar. Roger Green- 

3. Jlary, mar. Yinccnt 
Feaine. ' 





OiKlfirv rnlj;niil.L' i.f= 

=, dv.u. cf .Sir Clirish.iilicr >Vr;,V(.r(;iriitui 

rtli. Knt., 

i:ihv, oiiiv FMii and 

J,orcl (.'liief .liisticc : mar. 1.5M': iiiai-. I'liillv, 

l.V.t'i, Sir 

litir. 1i Mil I'l Xi'V. 

Williuui IS.nv.s cf Kariuir.l ^a^■tlc, Co. Diirli; 

111, Knt. ; 

1,-,:,.^ : SlMTill- nf f... 

mrnti.MKMl ill du' liill in Clianccrv. then Lnd 

V r. • 1 


ordlv. at Clio^icrliold, 7 .Mav li;i7, .luhii, 1, 

.nl l.arcy 

ilicil s.]). ; bur. :u 

of Asioii. Si,L- Jic-a at Aldwark l'7 .laii. h'.i'i- 

; : bur. at 

Chesterfield 14 June 

Rawaiarsh 1:.' IVh. 1022-3. 

1505. Sl.L 

I I 

I I I 

Francis Foljunibe, only— FranceF, dan. nf 1. Barbara, niar. :;. .\iiiic. luar., 13 

son (hi/ir of his nephew ' Thomas Biirdctt John Fletcher of Xov. loUl, James 

Godfrey), mentioned ill of Birtliwaite.eo. iforrey, co. Staf- 'Wahon. 

the Bill iu Chancery ^ York ; widow of ford. — 

concerninp: the manor of ! Francis Wortley — 4. .lane.diedyonng. 

Kiby ; died ICOO; bnr. ! of Wortley, co. 2. Grace, mar. — 

at Chesterfield 27 Sept. j York. Henry M...rguii. 5. Catlierine, died 

ICOO. M.I. I " young. 


1. Sir Thomas Foljaiiibe, 1 
Jst son, died s.ji. ; bni 
Chesteriield lU .Ian. ItJOi- 


e, dan. of Sir James Harrii 

U'ton of Ridlin!^- ! 


PiUtland. Bart. ; reuiar., 

11 Aug. 1G13, i 


ohn Molvncnxof Teversal 

CO. Notts, 


proved 1C44. 

KlizalKih,da.|. of 
Sir Uiliiaiii Wray 
Bart.; mar. 21 
Oct. IGU ; died 
s.p.m.^ and was 

n ■ April ii;!;s. 

=2. Sir Francis=Elizabeth,* dan. of Sir George Rere<by of Thri- 

Foljaml>e, ere- bergh, co. York, Km. ; born 1013; mar. at, 

ated Bart. 24 Botherham 22 May 1G3S ; 2ndly, Edward 

July 1622; sold Horner of Mells, co. Somerset ; 3rdly, Sept. 

Walton, Piiby, 10G5, AVilliam ilonson, Viscount iloiison of 

andotherestates Castlenuiine ; 4thly, before li;7G, Sir Adaiu 

in 1033; died at Felton of Playford, co. Suffolk, Bart.; died 

Bath 17 Dec. at Bury St. Edmunds 20 Dec. 10;)5. Adm'on 

lOlO, s.ii.m. 24 July 10'.J0. 

Fraticcs, onlv dan. and heii-, mar. at Gf.-ntworth, 24 Dec. 1 0}i;, Sir Christopher 
Wray of Glcntwortli, Sid Bart. ; 2ndly, John Troutbeek of Lincoln, .M.D. ; died 
s.p. ; bur. at Glentworth 2 Nov. 16tJ7. 


);:ut., ;, 
Sir .\ I: 
Sir K.J.s 

. issue bj Sir Fr:iu<jis Foljaip.lje. but bv bcT .set.-.>n.l liusbaii'l. CVipt^iiu irornor. 
~..ii Tli'Muns. wlio .lio.l Tuun-. .-ind a .iauglit.r Tauiwortb. who li;62. Sir 
I.uug Mc'.ford, CO. Suffolk, Hart., and died HIL*^ ; aud bv her Ihiid husband, 

I. Ii.ul a dauL'hter Elizal<;th, mar. Ist Sir Philip Hun-_'at'i of Saxton. co. York, 
I.tuis Smiiii .j£ V."r.;tu:i. 0->. Warwick. ?:-.,.: a'.d bv bor fourth husbar.d, 

1 had a daughter Khzaijetb, v.-ho uiar. Ri>t)'jrt Rich, E&i., &jii and heir of 

, Kut., of MuIIbarton, co. Norfolk. 

30 i 


<3ToUun(jljaiu of ^iraforti, 

[JIS. ('. -J-:., lleial.K- Collvu'c. I >.uj-,\s,„tl, MS., Hoaifinn, vol. v. Ulovi 
and St. (avi-'r'^ •• Vi>itatio!i uf Yorkshiiv," eJ. Jos. FcsttT.] 

Arms. — Argrn). a rht^rro/i hiltrcen //inr cinqi'tfoih sable. 

John Folkin-liam of llayaoin-Alico, dan.of Joliu Littlel)iiry. 

=M;.iXaivt, dau. of John Tliouias Folkiii- 
Spauljj of S[jaiili_v. i^iid sou. 

I I 

'I I 


Eobci-t. Folk--f Jane, dau. -Jam.'S Folkiiisliam, s.]). PfttT Folk- Aiicf, s.i). 
intjliara. of ... . — ing!iam,s.p. 

PotlLT. Jolm Folkingliaui, s.p. Jlai'garot, s.p. 


A\illiani Tliomas=pJanc, dau. and heii- of Thomas Elizabeth, mar. 1st John 

Folking- Folkiug- , Figofc of Ulotherau), co. York ; Garwood, 2ndly Thomas 

ham, ham. | relict of Sir Gik-s llu.-5sey, Kiit., Eakestowe. 

s.p. '< of Caythorpe, co. Lincolu ; — 

; bur. at St. Peter's, Leeds, 2'J .Mary, mar. Hugh Trod- 

; Oct. 1597. stone. 

Ill I 

Randolph Johu=f=. . . . Thoma.s=pKatha!in(j, dau. Anne, mar. Ist Janie? 
Folking- Folkiug- dau. Folking- of William Lee. of Killing- 
ham, ham of ' of ham of holme, 2ndly George 
Sleaford. j . . . . Barton Bayldon of Bayldon, 
1 15S4. CO. York. 
1 I 


las Folkini 

Richard Folkingham. :\Iargery. 

Eobert Folkingham-^.Toan, dai 
of Sleaford i(j;li:, of .lohn 

]':du-anJ Fol 
ingiiam of 

= Elizabeth. dau. of William C; 
droll of Great Hale ; mar. of Sleaford, 2ud Ifeckingtou 11 Oct. IGUO. 
Leake. sou. 

John Folkinghaiii=iIargery, dau. of ... . Frances, mar. Mary, mar. Jolm 
of Pomfret, co. Ayre(?); bur. at Sk-aford Robert Tiin- Robinson of Lin- 
Y'ork,deaJinlG.i)8. 1(J58, then a widosv. berlaud. coin. 

AYilliam Folkiugham=Anne, dau. of ; widow John Folk- Thomas Folk- 

of Stamford Barou. of Edward New love of iiiu'ham of iu-^hani of 

Will dat'.l 2 Jan. llelpringhain ; mar. there IleljirinL'-- IWiifui-on- 

102H-!); proved Feb. 1',) Dec. 101;!; ex'tiix in ham 1 i;2.s-'j. Tr-Tit, living 

lG2'J-ao. l(V."J-;ji). l(;2.s-0. 

Isabel Folkingham, mar. at .^le.aford, lo July lt;t;2, to Robert Carr. 


#ortiI)am of Barijolmc. 

[MS. C. in. 1Kt;,1.1,s' CoII.-l'.] 
Wiliiaiii Fonlliain ufChisliill. co. E^.se.x.=F 

I I 

Kichara ForJhanirpDorotliy, dan. of Thomas Osl.oriic of Kirby- :\Iichael Ford- 
of Rarlioliiie. I Bjilou, co. ^oil'olk ; livijii; liUl. hain, s.p. 

Francis Fordham of Barholinc, died^pMargaret, dau. of Henry Co?i2:liara of Wells, 
IG-ll. Will daifd 25 .lulv, jifoved I co. Norfolk ; surviving IG-tl ; proved licr 
27 Sept. 1641. " busband's will. 

I I .1 I 

Richard Fordham, IJoliert Fordham, William Fordham, Aune, under age 

1st sou, living •2ud son, livin'j- ;;rd son, living in IG-ll. 

1G41. IGll. ' IGil. 

jTorsrtt of IVilsb^^ 

[Hart. :iISS. 7GU, 1550, OIIS.] 

Arms. — A/yaif, on a lifnd siiLk three Imcks heads aihoshed of Uie Jiehl. 

John Forsett of Bilibyr^^Anue, dau. and coheir of ... . Chamberlain of Cla.xby. 


Robert Forsftt=j=. . . . dau. of . . . . Ileneage of Hainton. 

I ^ 

" " I 
Anne, dan. of Sir ];aliih=|=-Fd\vard Forsett of=^^ary, dau. <.f Thomas Littlebury of 
Boi.eler. Dart., of Wood- . liilsby, died 24 Oct. Stainshy ; rernar. 1st Christopher 
hall, Herts. 1st wife. : 154'.). Dighton of WainSeet, 2ndly Charles 

Fitzwilliam. 2ud wife. 


Christopher=r Anne, dau. of Augustine Francis Forsett= 

Forsett of 

^lassingberdof liratoft; of Trusthorpc, 

mar. settlement G June bur. at Alford 

1547 ; rernar. Cbristo- 7 Oct. 158;!. 
pher Somercotes. 

I I 

Elizabeth, mar. John 

Cecily, mar. William 
Roche of Scupliolme. 

Thomas Forsett of P)ilsby,=pF,lizal)elli, 
3il. R vears 9 mmiths and ! dau. of Tho- 
15 days C Out. 1559 ; ! mas Quad- 
died 15 May 15110. ringoflrby. 

I'.obert^. . . . dau. Flizabetli, mar. 

Forsett. of Dis- William Brooks- 

j ncy (if Xor- bank of Alford. 
I ton Disuey. 






E(]\vaRl=pAnno, dan. 
Fdiseit 1 of Edward 
of Hilsl.v. 1 nillL->!iT ol- 

Marj, s.i 

1 1 

John=Anne, diui. Elizabeth, mar. Edward Forsott. 
Fur- of Leonard John Brooks- — 
sett. Kirkmauof bank of Alford. Richard Forsett 

. = r;ilbeit B.iun of Hock.-rton, Xott.s Serjcant-at-Law, 
M.P. for Nottingham IGIO. 

i'l^rstn* of ilincoln. 

[MS. C. 


Ids' C'>!lege. Cuip.iratiou Ileeords, Lincoln.] 

Thomas Forster of City of Linen 

dan. of ... . Ramsay of Scotland (?) 

]\Iary,*dau. of Sir ]iohert= Lancelot Forster of Xorth=pMary dan. of. ... ; es'tri.x 

Hnssey, Knt.; widow Isl Carlton and of the Bail of , of her hnsband IGiM ; died 

of .John Mon.son of South Lincoln ; bapt. at St. ifar- 7 Oct. lOi'D ; bnr. in Lin- 

Carlcon, 2ndly of Simon garet's, Lincoln, 2(» Oct. 

Hall of Burton Pedwar- I.JIO; died 14 Sept. IGiO ; 

dine ; died 4 ilurch bur. iu Lincoln Cathedral. 
1572-3. 1st wife. 


Thomas r..r~ter of the Bail of=pAnne 
Lincoln Ifji'D. I of JJ 

Lancelot For.-ter. 1st son, slabbed by a 
soldier, Thomas ^'lcoll^, IG.^G; bur. at 

coin Cathedral. 'Will dated 
G Oct., proved 21 Oct. 1G29. 
2nd wife. 

Richard Smith George Fors- 
ring lGo2. ter, iG2;i. 

John Forster, 2n.l Mnr 

son, let. 14, 1G;D4. Wili' 


Anne, living 1G20; Elizabeth, liv- Bridget,liv- Mary, 1C20; Judith, 1 G2!);mar, 

not, mentifined in ingin20;mar. ing 1G2'.I; mar. The- Mark Levesey (?) 

father's will; mar. Nicholas Ely. mar. Robert mas Cooke. of Jviucoln, tanner. 

.... Morris. Barber. 

ifoQttr of IDolusbj^ anti illoulton. 

This jKidigree has been coin])iled and jirinted in the " Miscellanea Genealogiea 
et Herahlien,'^Vol. 11., X.-w Series, pp. 201-201, pid.lishcd by Messrs. ili'chMI and 

I question this iu;irringt.-. — A. R. M. 


Jfotijcrb^> of Biirton=on=i?tatI)ci\ 

[Berry's '•Kent Genealogies."] 

Arms. — (/ulrs, a nu>ts roiiii>uscl of uiiir hzrivjcs ,- at racli end a t/i iir-ik-Iis or. 

Granted IGoj. 

John Fotlierltv of ]jurton-ou-S[rtthcr.=f= 
[ I 

Robert=p Jlaitin Fotlierby of Grimsby ,=pl>abella, dan. of .... ; mar. ut 

Fotherby. l^Iayor of Grimsby 15tJl. Grimsby I'O Jan. 154G-7. 

Agnes, f]aii.=.Iohn Fotlierby, Clerk,=p. . . . Mar;;erv. bapt. Margery, bapt. 

of Ricliard of IJttle . .". ., co. , ind 1 1 .bnr.'i'niaieii at Grimsby I'S 

F.)tlierl)y. Kent. AVill dated j wife, loiin-l at Great April 15t;5. 

l6t wife." April 1019. Grimsby. 

Henry Fotherby, bapt. at Grimsby Richard Fotlierby, bapt. at Grimsby 17 
25 May ]5ti5. Jnly loOG. 

Charles Fotlierby, 1 ►.!)., Dean of Canterbury ;=pCecily, dan. of Ralph Walker of 

died 29 :\rareli lGli>, ait. 70; bur. in Can- Cambridge ; died IJ Get. lG:1t, 

terbury Cathedral. tet. (iC. I 

I \ \ Tl 

Sir John F(.tlierbv,=^Eltzabeth, dau. Fhcebe, I'liseilla, mar. Jfabel, mar. 

Knt., of Baiham , of Sir .... mai-. R.'bert Moyle Sir John 

Conrt, CO. Kent ; 1 Cooke, Knt.. of llenrv uf Duckwell, co. Finch, 

died IGuC. Gidea Hall, Es- Palmer. Kent. — 

! sex. Elizabeth. 

Charles Fotlierby of Rarham Conrt, Fellow of Trinity Anthony=r Afra, dau. 
College, Cambridge ; Rector of St. Ives and S.mtliwell, Fotlierby. I of ... . 
CO. Cornwall ; died 1C77, s.p. 

John Fotherby, 1st Charles Fotlierby, 2nd son, died=f Tifary, dan. of George 
son. 1 Aug. 1720, Sit. 37. I Elcocke. 

Henry M.Miipess<,n of \Vilts. = irary, co-=-Sir Edward Dering, Rart. Elizabeil 
1st husband. heir.' 2nd husband. coheir. 

I I 

Martin Fotherby, D.D., Bi<hop of Salisbury ;=p}irargaret, dau. of John ilargaret, 

died 11 March ii;i9-2i,i ; bur. in All Hallows, j 'Winter, Prebendary of mar. . ; . 

Lombard Street, London. Will dated 8 March | Canterbury ; mar. at Hearst. 
1C19-20 ; proved 2G March 1G20. | Canterbury Cathedral 


LINCOLNSIIlKi; ]'Il!lGi:Ei;s. 

Charles Fothcrhj, .Tohii Martin Tliomas Fotliorliv, = . . . . d:in. 

sou ami lioir, :i_'l. FotluThv. FoUi'tLv, -Itli s.ui. ;vt. 1 1 i'li of.... 
17 in If.lO. died infant, died inUint. llU'.i. 

I I I I I 

Richard 'S\ar\; Eliznbetli. Marv, niur. 1st. John Cecilia, mar. at All Ilal- 

Fotherbv, died" a.-t. G in P.ovs, indly Sir Geoi-E;e lows, I.nnibard Street, 

died ■ infant. ICl'J. Ayscongii, Knt., Ad- 17 Nov. IGl':?, Henry 

infant. miral of England. Clifford. 

Cliristoplier Fotherby of Normanby in parish of Burton-^ 
on-Stather ; had lands in Fotherby and Kcldinfrton. 
Will date.l 24 llarcli 1540-11 ; proved o Jnne \i,U. 

Francis JIary. Elizabeth. Dorothy. Anne. i\Iari;aret. ]\reriall. Katharine. 

Fotherby, ^ '- ' 

1540. ' All nnder a^e. 1540. 


u Fotlierby of G 

eat Ce 



jnian ; 

(to 1 



at Great Coates. 




23 An 

£■. IC 

Adm'on 5 March 1613-14. 

Thomas Fotherby of Great Coates, Leon.a'd Cur-=:irargaret,= John Foxley of 
adm'or of his fat'her 1G13-14 ; liy- tis (?). 1st living Clee. i?ndhus- 

in" 28 Oct. 1G23. hnsband. 1C13. band. 

George=pMargai'et, dau. of FTeniy Monntford of Gainsborough ; 


bapt. 30 May ]."i77 ; mar. at Gainsborough 15 8ept. 
1507; living" 1020. 

George Fotherby, Curate of Stow 1G34 ; bur. there 1 Oct. 1644=pllelen,dau. of 

Jane, bapt. at Stow 28 Sept. 1C36. 

George Fotherby of Wrawby, Gent. Will dated=j^Ellen, dan. 
8 April, proved 24 ilay 1014 at Lincoln. of . . . . 

George Fotherby,^^: Alexander Fotherby,=p Thomas Ptoger Fotherl)y, 

tC14. I 1C14. I Fotherby, ex'or 1C14. 


George Fotherby, John Fotherby, 
1C14'. 1G14. 

George Fotherby, Thomas Fotherby, 
1014'. 1014. 


Jfoblrr of ^oot!)b[J ?[}all in (ledton. 

Jolui Fowler of r.nntlihv Hall. GuiiL^p 
■ I 

I 1 

Joliii Fowler ofr^-Snrali, dan. of John .Tolm Fculor. sou of=Janf= Moodv 

r.ootliliy Hall, I Wilby of WiY,u-le; Itichard Fouler of ' ofSereinl.y 

Gent.,clied 174 1, died ITTfs a't. 711: Lincoln (see that -^ud wife " 

ftt. ?,-2 ; bur. at I.ur. at Welion. iieditrrce) ; dead in 

^^'t-'lton. 17i,;. isc ^yife. 

John Fowler Ftobcrt Fowler=Elizalwth,dau. Elizabeth, mar. John Ely of 41- 
ofKetsby, of of.lohn Ealand ford, Attorney ; s p. 

died ISO-, York, died ofShefiield.CO. _ 

a^'t. CO, s.p. 1814, ffit. 71. York. Jane, mar. George Brabins of Al- 

ford and Benington-by-Boston. 

I \ 

Sarah, mar. 20=p John Bourne of Dalby,=--Elizabeth, dau. of :\Iary^p George Bourne 
June 1704; : son of John Bourne by (ieorae Fowler of " "" ' 

died 1776, a3t. Elizabeth, dau. of John Skendleby Thorpe. 
54. 1st wife. Dobbs of Bucknall. 2nd wife." 

JTary, dan.=pJchu Bourne=|=:\rary, dan. of George Ten- John Brabin.s=pEliza- 


1st wife. 

f Dalhv, 
died 1850. 

nyson of Tealby ; sister of of Tieasl.yand ' beth, 

the Rt. Hon. Charles Ten- of BaldeVton, dau. of 

nyson D'Ryncouvt of Bay- co. Notts. 
ons Manor! i>nd wife. 


Ma.ry, unraar. ; 
bur. at Dalby. 

Robert Bourne of Woodhall,=: Jane. 
CO. Middlesex. 

George Brabins of Jamaica, Elizabeth, mar. 178 t;=Anthony Floyer of Ketsby 
bur. at Higligate, London, ret. died 8 Oct. 1814, and A'thelhamptou, co. 
20. ECt. 57. Dorset. 

Jfolulcr of ^lAcntilrbj^ (Eljorpc. 

8tej)heu Fowler-f Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of John 
I Colk of .Skendleby Thorpe. 

George P'owler of Skendleby=p^Iary, dau. and coheir of Robert 
Thorpe. a j Hurst. 

VOL. i, B 11 J5 


I I 1 

Robfit Foulor. ]).D., Arc!,l.i?l,o| Sr.Kil,..laii.=Julin ]'.ourne=^Elizabetb, 

(See r.iirkr's " Laiide<l ('.entry.'') of John of Iiall.y, ■■ died 1780, 

— Fuwler of horiil7;;9; | ajt. 20. 

Mary.inar. ITeiiry Wal~liof(iiiuil.Ie;lioriie. llMotliby died 1788. 2iul wife. 

(See Burke's •• Lauded (.M.ntiv.') Hall. 1st 


George Fowler Bourne, died ITOo, xt. IC. 

John Fowler of 'Wispinston, Gent., bur. at=p. . . . dau. 

■\Vispin<rtoii 22 Sept. 1710. Will dated 20 
Sept. 1717 ; proved 23 Oct. 1710; 
tious his sister Grace Oaldccott. 




Richard Fowler^Piebecca, Edward Fowler, cx'or to his fatlier 1717 ;=f= dan. 

of the city of 
Lincoln, Gent. 
AVill dated 17 
:March 1722-3 ; 
proved 24 June 

dan. of 

devisee of land in Brayley, co. AN'arw-ick. j of . . 


Edward Daniel Jane. iLu-tha. 
Fowler. Fowler. 

All legatees iu 1717. 

Richard Fowler of Leadenham, Gent., s.p. Will dated 8 Juno 17-10 ;=. . . . 
proved 6 ]SLuxh 174C-7 ; mentious an estate in " Partney, Wad- dau. of 

dingwortb, Sloothby, and Ilogstborpe, now in the possession of ; 

Moody of Scremby in right of liis wife Jane, late relict of my ex'trix 
brother John Fowler, deceased, which must corno to me on the 17-tG. 
death of Jane Jloody." 

J I I I 

Edward Fowler, John Fowlcr,=Jane, dau. of John Fowler, Elizabeth, mar. 

living 1722-3. es'or to father Gent., of I'oothby Hall in William Cais- 

— 1722-3 ; dead Welton-le-rilarsh ; remar tor ; living 

Robert Fowler, in 1746. Moody of Sctumby. 1722-3. 

Robert=p. . . 

. dau. 


Fow-=p. . . . 



ler, 1 






. . . . dau. Thomas Fowler,=j=. 
devisee of land j . 
in Friskney 

Jane, John Robert Sarah. Ann. 
legatee Fowler. Fowler. 

All legatees in 1717. 

I I I I 

Robert John Samnel Mary. 
Fowler. Fowler. Fowler. 

All legatees in 1717. 

, Aj 

Jauc=EJward Codd of Oantbv and Wadding- Aune^ LoMg-stallc, 
woi-tb, legatee 3 717. Will dated 7 Sept. I devisee of land in Miiit- 

1727 ; proved C. ilaj 17l^'<. ing 1717. 


Christopher Longstafle, John Longstafte, Mary. Susauiia. 

LeiratCfS 1717. 

David Fowler of Dunhulnie, Gent.=p. . . . dan. of 

"Will dated 19 Feb. 1715-C ; ; dead iu 

proved -22 Aug. 174G. 1715-G. 

I \ I 

Joseph Fowler of Goltho, Geut. Will daled=p Edward=f= dan. Richard 

22 Aug., proved 13 Dee. 17C0. : Fowler, of ... . Fowler. 

A dau.=llev. Bonham Laugley of Lincoln. Anne, legatee 174C. 

[Note.— I give these tbrej jieditrrees of Fowler, compiled from Lincolu wills and family 
papers. They most piobaljly came from the same stock. — A. K. M.] 

J'rancts of Lincoln. 

"Wyatt Francis, Registrar of the Dean and=pFrances, dau. of 

Chapter of Lincoln ; called " cousin 
John Frauci.s' will lOOS ; bur. at St. Mar- 
garet's, Lincoln, 27 June 1715. 

bnr. at 
St. Margaret's 30 
May 1715. 

j 1 I I 

Elizabeth, legatee Anne, legatee in 1714; Frances, 1-gatee An.lrcy, legatee 

of James Francis mar Dracott. of John Francis of John Francis 

1744 1C08. 1G98. 

Mary, dau. of=Wvatt Francis, called:^:Mary, dan. of . . . .=pCatlierine, dan. 
Richard Win- "junior." legatee of j Tlioinpsonof the I'.ailof of ... . Will 
Stanley- mar John Francis of | Lincoln; mar. at .South : dated 10 Oct. 
2 Feb. lCsl-2 ; Horncastlc IfiOS and I Carlton :50 July 1 099 ; ' 1752 ; proved 
dead before of Rachel Francis j bur.atSt.:\Lirgaret's29 i 29 Dec. 175S. 

1C99. 1st wife. 1717. July 1707. 2nd wife. .3rd wife. 


Mary, bnr. 
al St. .Mar- 
Uarefs L' 
Aug. 17 !0. 


Anne, bur. 
at St. Mar- 
garet's 9 
Jlay 1707. 

Wvatt Francis, Vicar of I>ittlc r.rick-T"=- ■ • • <!;»'• 
hill. CO. Lucks, and Ilromham, C(,. ] of Ib'V. 
Led- ; matriculated at Exeter Colb-ge, ; . ... Mar- 
Oxford, 2s X„v. 17 U), ;ut. 17 : Fellow : tin; mar. 
of Magdalen College 1744—56. | 175G. 


nc, legatee of Mary Francis 1779. K 




.Maiv. WilMat,. 
7 Feb. 177:1 ; 
proved 1(J June 

17 it:.. 

, rvi.,, 

Mary n 

, living Caibdine, bapt. at St. Anne, bapt. at 
ex'trix Jlatgaret's l'l' Xov. St. Mari;aret's 

>i-ier 17li: mar. JohuLainb .March ni8. 
177:1. of Linculn. 

PvolxTt Francis, 
bapt. atSt..^lary 
Lincoln, IGilar. 

. . . .dau.=f=Janies Fraueis. lecjateo of=Grace, dan. of Thcn- 

of John Francis U'OS ; Ijur. pbilus Bnckworch of 

Pel! (.'). at St. Jlarpiret's 13 Dec. PiuchbGck ; mar. at 
lst^\ife. 17JG. Will dared 31 Aug. Grectwell 18 Feb. 
17i4; proved 8 April 1747. 1728-9. 2nd wife. 

"Wj-att Francis, P..A. of Finmannel 

College, Cambridge, 1728 ; Rector of 

■\Vilsford in 1744 ; Keccor of P.nrtou- 

by-PincoIn ; Prebendary and 

Vicar of Lincoln Cathedral ; bur. 18 

March 178ii. Will dated 20 June | IGO'G ; living 177 

1777 ; proved 10 April 1780. 

Harriet, dan. of John John Francis, bapt. 
Laurence of Barn at St. Margaret's 1 
Elms, son of Sir John Nov. 1708. 
Laurence, Knt., Lonl — 

ilayor of Loudon James Francis, bapt. 
at St. Margaret's 9 
March 1710-11. 

James Fraueis, Jo in Fran- 


1 1 

. . dau. I'atrick Fiancis,=f^. . . . 'W^yatt 

born at 'W lis- CIS, born at 


. . . . born at ^\'ilsford dau. Francis, 

ford 20 Maicli \Vilsfurdl7 


rtky ; 7 June 1747 U.S.; , of born at 

17420.S.: Ree- Sept. 174:5 


2luv of Jliiyor-Elect of ■ Wilsford 

tor of Bn.x- O.S. ; died 

.; sur- Boston 1792; died 27 June 

holm ; bur. at 14 .May 


iiiir 27 March 1792. ! 1748 O.S.: 

Burton Aug. KS(i7, s.p. 

1807. 1 went to 

1774, s.p. 

A dan. America. 

Charles Christopher=r Anne Scot- 

, 1 1 

Grace. bt.rn^Benjamiu Thcodosia,=|=Lient. 

Francis, bjru 1:1 

ton, ddi 


at Wilsford Cuoper of born 31 May, i Rich- 

June, bapt. 22 July 

W. llan 


21 June Sleaford ; bapt. 2 June ' ard 

1/62 at Burton ; 

mar. 5 S 


1745 O.S. ; dead iu 1755 at Bur- \ Goak- 

went to India; died 

1792; , 


mar. June 1812. tou ; died 8 '. man. 

at Calcutta 23 Oct. 

21 Seji 

17C9 ; died Jan. 1831. 1 



Feb. 1S12. : A 
2ud wife. ^K 


Francis Theo-=pSophia 
dore Fnmcis, Lleanor, 
bora at Cal- dan. of 
cutta 15 May Diiniel 
1S03; died :;"l Trin].!e- 
Jan. 1837. ton; mar. 


Eh'zn.dan. of Samuel=T=Cliarles Scotton Fran- = . . . . 

ircilland ; widow of ; cis, born at Calcutta dau. 

B. T. Rose; mar. 20 Jan. 1805 ; died at of 

i:> June is.oo; died Maida Vale 10 June 

:i S,..j)t. isi;:;; l,i,,-. 1^77; bin", at St. 2iid 

at St. :Marv, l.slm-- iLiry, Islington. wife, 
ton. l^t wife. 

Theodosia Eliza, born 5 Jtine^.A. H. 
1825 ; mar. IG March 184!. | den. 


I I I 

C. Wyatt Francis of Two 

Ciiancery Lane, Loii- dans. 
don, 1880. 



Four suns, 

Aiin;i Hnnii- 

dii'd yuiiiig. 

•Is Apnl is: 

I I I 

■aco :\r;irin, Fruuecs Charlotte Poneloi.e, 

III I;', .hui. Ijauren- born 28 April 181:1 ; 

.(.i;) ; UKir., tia, died died uiimar. ('. Aug. 

;.Jiiii. l.siLi, youii'j;. IS-l'J. 

[Note.— I am iiidel.toa to C. \V.vatt Francis, Esq., tor this pedigree.— A. R. M. 

dfrancis of gnijscj^'. 

[Lincoln Wills.] 

. . . . dan. of=pJolin Francis, gent., of Ilorncastlf. Will dated=Ilacliel,daii. of . . . . 
dead 2G Oct. IG'JS T proved i'9 Jan. 1701 -2 ; leaves Tliorold. Will dated 
a gninea each to his eousin Wvatt Francis 27 ]*Iay 1717, thenof 
and his two sous Wyatt and James. Louth ; i)roved l.o 

Ang. 1718. 2nd wife. 

Martha, dan. of ... . Bryan (?) ; niar.=pJohu Francis, Rector of Stick-=f=Mai'y, dau. 
a Sept. U;01 ; bur. at Sibley 2 Feb. I uey 1G8G ; Vicar of .Sibsey | of . . . . 
1GS9 ; bur. at Sibsey. 

before IG 98. 
1st wife. 


I I I 

Martha, baiit. at Mary, bapt. at Sibsey 

Sibsey 9 June IG Fel.i. 169;3-4 ; bur. 

lG92;mar.thcre, there 30 June 1G9G. 
25 jMarch 1718, — 

Thomas 15ooker Elizabeth, born y, 

of Scrivelsby. bapt. at Sibsey 20 
Oct. 1C98. 

I I 

W illiaiu Mary, bapt. at 

Francis, Silisey 20 Sept. 

born 10, 1705 ; mar. 

bapt.' 20 there, G Feb. 

Sept. 1728-9, Mr. 


born 1, 
bapt. 20 

1709 at Richard Shep- at Sib- 
Sibsey. herd. sey. 


John Francis, born 2i>, John Francis, Thomas Francis,— Tuhn Fran- 

bapt. 24 March 1G92-3; l>apt. at Sihsi^'V born ly, bapt. IG : dan. of cis, bapt. 31 

bur. at Sibsey 29 March 19 April, biif. Xov.lG9G at Sib- j . . . . Jan. 1700-1. 

1G93. 16 June 1G95. sey. 

John Francis, bapt. at Sibsey IG Oct. 1729 ; bur. there 9 Aug. 1730. 

Will of Nicholas Francis, Clerk, of Wranc;le, dated 23 Jan. 1G23-4 ; meutinus 
his brotlicr James Francis, his brother John Francis, and his sou Richard ; proved 
24 Sept. 1G24. 

Will of John Franci-s, gent., of Creat, Carltun. dated G Jan. 1G17-1S ; im iitinns 
his wife Jaue, his sous Thomas, Willinni, and Jolm ; proved 13 Feb. 1G17-18. 


LlNCOLNslUllE I'EDlGllEr.S. 

#ran!%c of (!5rimslij), 

[Dodsworth :MS. 'J9. Lansdouue MSS.] 

• Auji.s.— rev/, a Siillirc eiuirailcd or. 

Sir Williani Franko of Great Grimsby, Knt. Will dated Jan. 1340-7 ;= 
(to be) bur. at Asliby-bj-Grinisby in "the Chapel of the B!es.sed Virgin 
Mary. (Some say will dated at Windiolsea June 134C.) 


Alianore, coheir loJG. 

dau. and cohei 

-Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Great 
Coates, Knt. 

Sir Willi^im Franke of Great Grimsby ,=plsabel, dan. of Thomas 
Kut., 21 PJcharJ II., lo9S. I Frauck of Horkstow. 

Thomas Fraiikc John Frauke ElizabL'th = Anlhony St. Quintin of Ilarpham, 
of CO. Essex, 1st of CO. Essex, co. York, living temp. Henry Y. 

son. 2nd son. 

[MS. C. ii. Heralds' College.] 

liichard Freeston of=pAnnc, dan. of Simon Thew 
Briukhill. of Salmonbv. 

Geori{e Freeston, 1ft son,=pMary, dan. of John Huteliinson of Lincoln ; mar. at 
of Alford, bur. thrre 22 St. Peter-at-Go\vis, Lincoln, 13 Se)Ji. 1578; li 
Nov. 15S8. ICU ; remar. to .... Cuthbert. 

Uicliard Frecston,T^Margei7, 
bapt. at Alford I'J j dau. of 
Dec. 1579; woollen- ^ . . . . ; bur. 
draper at Horn- j at Horn- 
castle ; bur. there i ca-stle 28 
4 Jan. 1C27-8. • June 1C20. 

Ptobert Freeston, John Freeston, ^Jlargery, Alford 10 bapt. at Alford bapt. at 

March 1.581-2; 7 April 158i ; Alford 

bur. thei-e 21 bur. there 14 11 Sept. 

March 1. 583-4. Feb. 1585-6. 158-. 

George Freeston, bapt. Robert Freeston, Gamaliel* Freeston.r^Susan, 
at Horncastle 21 Aug. llorncastic liapt. at Hornc^L'-tle I dau. of 
160G. " 27 0ct. I(;i2. 28 Sept. 1617. 

Susanna, bapt. at Grimsby 27 Jan. 1611-2. A ■ b | 

MS. the name is piTen "Samuel." The printed register gives 


A| B 

1 1 

Francos, b;ipt. at llorncastk 
3 April ICus ; Imr. there 11' 
Sept. 1(',08. 

Susanna, bnpt. at IIornca>ti. 
19 :\Iarcli lOtiS-y. 

1 1 

Frances, liajit 
ca-tle l;i Oci. 

Jlarv, bapt. 
castle -j:, Apr 

at llern- 

a; Llom- 
1 li;i:',. 

1 1 




bapt, at Horn- 

11' Nov. ir,i:.. 

et!i. ba].t. at 
istle 17 Oct. 

Kobert Freeston of Brink-r:pFrance=, dau. of Robert Rathbecke of llorncastle ; mar. 
hill, living lO'Jl. before loDl ; bur. at Horncastle 17 May K.98. 


Rol;K?rt Frecstonr:p'Marv, dan. 
i.f Thiml.leby, of Thomas 
1st son, bapt. at Spicer of 
lloriicastlc 31 Marston, 
JIarch irisc, ; co. Beds. 
M.D.I C31. Will 
dated i4 Sept. 
163S; proved 12 
Nov. loss ; (lo 
be) bur. in Horn- 
castle Church. 

:\rarf:ery, bapt. Troth, bapt. at Mary, bapt. at 

at Horncastle Horueastle 9 Horncastle I'S 

18 June i:)87. Sept. 1592; Jan. 1.09i;-7. 

— bur. there 14 — 

Anne. bapt. at April 159n. Troth, bapt. at 

Hornc;\stle 22 — Horncastle 5 

Feb. 1589-90; Faith, bapt. at iMavch 1597-S; 

mar. John Horncastle 2 bur. there 28 

Broxholme of Sept. 1594 ; Dec. 1598. 

Nether Toyn- bnr. there 14 

ton. April 159G. 

I I I 

Robert Free.ston, 1st Thomas Freeston,=j=Grace, dau. of ilatthcw 

Bun, ffit. 11, 1634; 2nd sou, a3t. 8, j . . . . ; bur. at Freeston, 

inherited lands in 1G34 ; bur. at Horncastle 15 Srd son, 

Thimblebvand Horn- Horncastle 24 Sept. Ir377. xt. 6, 

castle 1C38. D^c. ICSS. 1C34. 

ret. It;, 


Thiimas Freeston, bapt. at Robert Freeston, bapt. at Elizabeth, bapt. at Horn- 

Hornca-stle IS Oct. IClU ; Horncastle IC. .Jnlv li;7U ; castle 22 :Mav 1G71 ; bur. 

bur. there 2 Nov. 10G4. bur. there 4 ;\larch'lG91-2. there 17 Jan" 1G93-4. 

Francis Frce.ston, ba]it. at Tliouias Freeston, bapt. at Grace, bapt. at Hornea-stle 
Horncastle 24 July IGGG ; Ht.rneastle 10 .Inly 1G71 ; 17 Jan. 1G74-5. 
bur. there 19 Feb.'lGGG-7. bnr. there 5 Apririt;74. 



#nGunr[' of #ridutr|,^ aitti ^irnintjtciu 

[M^;. C. ;?.% Heralds' Colk-c] 
:«/•(', a saltirc bcti'->;-ii fmir rro^s-crofislds i 

TlioMias Friskiicy of- ;^^nrgar(-■t, dnii. and colieir of Tliuinas 


Leake ol' \Vi 

Sir Thomr.s Frisk-r^Grace, dau. of Un-h Friskney-p dau. and heir of Jolm 

ncy of Friskiicy. John Asfordby. of Friskiiey 

Fnglisli of Wiutliorpe. 

Grace, ohcir, L<al>ul. coheir, mar. J.wic, coheir, mar. Ricliai-d^r-.Joan, dau. of 

mar. Jnhu Sir John Dymoke, Henry Hewitt of Friskiicy. Nichohis Lye 

GohJIineli. K!it.,ofFi 



I \ i 

John Fnskucy olVK^tlit-ruie. dan. of Tliomas Frisknev. William Frisknev 
Friskney. Richard Qnadring. " " 

Alice or Eleanor, dan. of John Reade of=pRichard Friskney=. . . . dau. of . . 
AVrangie ; aunt and coheir of Thomas . of Reuiugton, died widow of .... Ri 
Reade, and let. 24, .April la.iO. L'^t wife, i 1.582. inson. 2nd wift 

John Friskney of— -Mildred, dau. of Thoma-sDouglity of Bos- Roli.rt Jane. 

Benington, bur. at 
Boston Dec. 15'JS. 

ton ; mar. there 9 Oct. 157G ; li 
widow 24 April ICOO. 

nev. Elizaheth. 

Anne, dau.=pRichard Friskney of Ben-=pJane, dau. of Robert Thomas Frisk 

of Stephen | ington, 1st son 1C34 ; ret. 
" 33 in 1614. Will dated 
2S Jan., proved 4 Feb. 

Rogers of 
iBt wife. 

II" I 

JIary, mar. Richard Mildred, 

Stoneof Burgh; mar. ney, 2nd son, 
lie. 14 Dec. 1614, bapt. at Bo.ston 
Kt. 20. 2nd wife. 2 Dec. 1585. 

I I I I I 

John Fri.sknpy, Richard Elizabeth. 

Parker of Benington. William Gard- 1st son, ret. 18, Frisk- 

— ner of Sibsey. 1C34 ; e.t'or in nev, Bridget. 

Anne, mar. John Kel- 164U-7. 2udson. 

Bcy of Benington. Jane. 

I j \ ^1 

John Frisk- William Frisk- Kathcrine, baj^t. at Bo.=- Eleanor, bapt. at Bos- 

ncy, 3rd son. ney, 4tli son. ton 23 Aug. 15S0. ton 29 July 1583. i 


A I 


Mildrcl, bajit. Jliklic.l, Ikij.I. i)t=:Gcors-e I'.Hnkanir, Mar.^aivt, bur. at Uosfou 

at JiosLoii 2 Boston 2tl Dec. yeoman, of Wrau- IG Feb. 158 1-5. 
May 1587. 1588 ; mar. lie. 25 gle, ;et. 2;!, IGlo. — 

May lGl:l,tlRii of ^ Ann.', bapt. at P.ostoii 9 

YarLoroULrli. Anir. 15'.iU. Trifknev of WvJt Keal, .cc 


Elizabeth, bapt. at West Kcal 8 Jan. 1617-18. 

lst=pAntliony Friskucy of West Kcal,=pElizab-nh, dan. of . . . . Hodgson ; 

wife. I bnr. ihc've 1-i Sept. 162G. I mar. lie. IGIO. 2nd Viife. 

I I 

Mildred, baj)!. at West Mildred, bapt. at West 

Keal 20 Aug. 1C15. Keal 8 May 1G25. 

Mar. lie. ]P Dec. 1C17, " liicbard Codd of Cadney, yeoman, and Elizabeth 
Friskney of Wrangle, spiufter, agL'd 21, her parents dead; at Wrangle or AVest 

Mar. lie. 3 Feb. 1618-10, "Anthony Friskney, gent., of West Keal, aged 2G, 
and Elizabeth Hodgson of Lincoln, spr., aged 20, his parents dead." 

[Harl. MSS. 1550, 15C1.] 

Arms. — Guks, three crescents argent, a cJJef ermine. 

Thomas Fulnetby^pMary, dau. of Thomas Grant. 

Sir Jefl'ry Fulnetby of Fu]iietby,=p. . . . dan. and heir of John Ful-=p 
Knt. I . . . . Lambert. nctby. 

JelTry Fulnetby, Sir John Fulnetby of =pMaude,dau. of Sir Tho- Alice, mar. 
died s.p. Fulnetby, Knt. mas Dratofce, Knt. Geofl'ry Cely. 

John Fulnetby, had a charter of Free War-=pAnne, dau. and lieir .... mar. George 
ren in Fulnetby 5 Edward HL, 1001. I of Francis Colville. Snarford. 

Thomas Fnlnttby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire 1355 to^^Mary, dan. of Thomas Cray- 
1358 and loG'J to 1372. I crofte. 

37S LINCOLNSmUE ri;i)lG]lEKS. 


.Tohii Fiilnctl.v, William Fiilnetliv o^^:\Iiiu.lo. dan. ..f Sir Th.v Thomas Fiilnct- 
lPt?oii,(liei.l «."[). Fiilnotliy, 2uil 5.011. m;is JIiisseii(kii, Kiit. l>y, ;!rd son. 

William Fiiliietl.y .,f FulnetbynpEli/.abtili, dan. of. . . . Biugrave or " Dingaii." 

John Ful-— Elinor, dau. Henry "William Fuliietby. Elizabeth, Jane, mar. 

netby. of Patrick Ful- — ' mar. Thomas Joliu 

Skipwith. netby. Thomas Fulnetby. Ijangdale. Borough. 


John Fnl-=^Jane, dan. and Thomas Fulnetby. Francis Fnlnctljy. Jane (or 


heir of Tho- — — Anne), 

mas Toivers of William Fulnetby. Henry Fulnetby. — 

lioothby. - Grace. 

John Fnlnetby=^. . . . dau. of Gerard Southill. Elianor, mar. George Snarford. 

Elizalwth, dau. and heir of=pJohn Fulnetby^. . . . dau. and colieir of Sir Lionel 
John EUand. 1 j Dymokc, Knt. 

Elizabeth, coheir of her Joan, co- 
mother Elizabeth Ful- heirofher 
netby; mar.Sir AVilliam mother ; 

Sand"on,Knt.,of Ashby- raar 

by-Partney (inq. ]\m. Lynsey. 
Robert Eland, 1522). 

Godfrey Fulnetby of^Elizabeth, 
Fulnetby (or Geof- dau. ofWil- 
fry in Visitation), liam Good- 
Will dated 19 Dec. ricke ; siir- 
1 .540 ; proved 1 .5 viving ] 9 
Sept. 1541. Dec. 1510. 


dnke Ful- 



, 1st dau., 

Katherine, i 



liv- . . 





19 Dec. 





Dec. . . 



1540 ; 

mar. Ed- 


1540; mar. 

1 540. 



ward Overton. 

. Wilkes 





I I 

John Fulnetby of Fulnetby, Ist^p^I^iry or :Margaret, dau. Christoplier=Anne, dau. 

son, proved his father's will 15 \ of Vincent Grantham Fulnetby of of William 

Sept. 1541 ; calls his wife JIar- | of Bracebridge; e.x'trix . . . ., co. Bradbury 

garet in his will dated 17 June, ' in 1544; remar. Edward SuQolk,2nd of Tilbury, 

proved 22 Oct. 1544. I Yarborough of Lincoln, son. co. Essex. 

Jane, dau. of Walter=f Sir Vinccut Fulnetby of Ful-^:Margaret, dau. of Robert 
Hcronden of Maid- | netby, knighted at Whitehall | Dymoke ; sister of Sir 

Btone, CO. Kent; died 
1593 ; bur. at Rand. 
1st v.ife. 

23 July 1C03 ; bur. at Ful- 
netby 2*2 Nov. 1G23, or rather 
at Itand. 

Edward Dymoke of Scri- 
velsby ; living 3 ilarch 
lClO-11. 2nd wife. 






1 1 

.John Fulnet- 

1 1 


Kliziilietli, iPt diiii. 


.,„!„<., „.,. 

by, IsL s<iii. 

and culieir, mar. Itt 

heir, luar. at St. 

aud colieir, j 

"died ;i't. 


"\'inefiit Slicllu-ld 

Maix'aret's in ye 

mar., I GOG, 

about. 7." 


of Cn.xby, -indlv 

Close of Lineohi, 

Sir Richard 


Cluulcs Jlethnui ..f 

('. .Iiilv ]:.7S, Pctt-r 

Amcotts of 

Gerard Ful- 

r.ulliii2,ton; died at 

Fliesant of Bark- 


netbv, i^iid 

East Uascn 1 Oct. 

won h, one of the 

K.B.; bur. 


lOi'8, a!t. (17 ; bur. 
al Hand. 

Council of York. 

at Astrope 
2 May 1628. 

Eh'zabeth, mar. Richard (or " Ed- 
\vard") Maistcr of London, Doc- 
tor of Physick, and of All Souls' 
Collejje, Oxon, Physician to Queen 

mar. Tho- 

Anne, mar 
John Fow- 

mas Law- 
son of 

ler or 


Isabell (or 
Jane), mar. 
Tooley of 

[Lincoln Wills. "Visitation of North.impton, 1C18." Ingoldmells Court Rolls.] 

John Falstow, died 3 Feb. U83-4 ;=rirargaret, dan. 
inq. p.m. 10 Henry YIL of ... . 

I I I 

Richard Fulstow, bur. at All Saints,=pAlice, dan. Robert Ful- Elizabeth, mar. 

TojTiton. Will dated 2S .'^'ept. 1541 ; of ... . stow, 1483 Thoi-po. 

proved 8 ^lay 1542. 

I I 

Robert Fuistow, John Fulstow 
1541. 1541. 

, I 

Thomas Fulstow, 

Elizabeth, • Isabe 
1541. 1541. 

Ricliard Fulstow, died 1001.= 

i I 

Peregrine=pDorothy, dim. of Sir Amy. Will dated=Sir Valentine Browne, Knt., 

Fulstow. Thomas Tresbam, 11 Feb. 1C27-S; junior, of Croft ; bur. there 

Knt., of Newton, co. proved 2 Aug. 2i) April 1C2G, s.p. 

Northampton. 1632. 

Dorothy, coheiress^ Edward Middlemore, ex'or to Dame Anne, coheiress. 
Amy Browne 1G32. 

3S0 LixcoLNsiii ra: rKuiGiiKE? 

Jf^nico' (or ificmicQ) of Spittle ^ttirtoiu 

Katlierinc, tlaii. of Fi;ni-=plli;nry Fvncs,= p]lizalietli, dan. of Sir 
ci;:, E;irl of lIuiitiiiirdLU. I i>iiJ Karl of Kicliard Morrifoii, 
1st wife. ^ ].incoln. Kiit. "iiid wife. 

Thomas Fviifs.r.rd Sir Edu-ardr-^farv. dan. and licire^^s of TJiomas Iiicjlitoi, of 

Earl. (I'/Vc Col- Fynes alia$ j Little Stiirton, co. Lincoln ; remar. Sir Wil- 

lins' " I'ucrajii'," Clinton, i liani Coney, Knt., (icntk-mau Pensioner to 

etc.) Kut. Jac. I. and Car. I. 

Francis Fynes Clinton 1034 ; entered Gray's Inn 2C^Priscilln, dan. of John Hill ; 
Feb. lGi't)-30; Hi^u'li Sheriil" of co. Lincoln 1G45; I died 15 Feb. IGTli-SO; bur. 
M.P. 1G64 ; died 5'Feb. lGSl-2. at Baumbcr. 


Sir Francis Clinton. 

[Note. — A verv voluminous pedigree of Ftiies Clinton was in Mr. Larken's MS.,substariti.illT 
the tame ns that in" l'.ry(li,as' edition of Collins' •' Peeraire."— A. It. M.] 


London : Mittbell and Hiiglies, FrinterB, 1-10 Wardour Street, W 

C|)r S>arletau ^mtt^ 

F0U.\P1;D 1869. INCORrORATED 1002 

Cfjc Ijarltian ^^ocictp. 



?Oul)l{catioii of ihirtiitfts irlaiiusciipts 



lirQistrirB OITur aiiB CoiinnI Honm: 


SIK GEOKGE J. AiniYTAGE, Br., F.SA. {n,<,!,;„„,0. 


C. n. ATHILL, Esq., F.S.A., Richmond Herald. 


J. W. CLAY, E.sQ., F.S.A. 

GEORGE E. COKAYNE, Esq., F.S..\., Clakexceitc King-of-Aems. 




GEORGE W. :MARSHALL, Esq., LL.D., F.S.A., Rouge Croix 


W. J. C. MOEXS, Esq., F.S.A. 


J. RAUL RYLAXDS, Esq., F.S..\. 

Srrrftavi) auO fiT.i.sui'fr. 

The Lindens, S,yJeiihaiu Ruad, Crojjon, Surrey. 


21 Lombard Street, E.C. 

M. W. KER, Esq. 

^Juths'fjrri' aiiO ilgnits: 
Messrs. MITCHEEL and HL'GUE.S, 110 Wardoar Street, London, W. 

luications and Sul)M;riptlons should be forwarded. 

i^cpoit for ifjf f>fari90]. 

The Council Imve to rcjiort that at aud since the Annual Meeting 
on tlie lltli Felu-uary, 1001, oIlvch new ^klerabors hare joined the 
Society, of v\hon; four are Suliscribers to the Eegister Section, and 
one IMember has joined the Eegister Section. 

During the sa'uie period the Society has lost nine ^Members (one 
of whom belonged to tlie Eegister Section) by death ; eight ^leinbers 
(two of whom belonged to the Register Section) have resigned ; and 
two jNIembers have resigned the Eegister Section oulv. 

The number of Members now on the EoU is three hundred and 
twenty-two, of wliom one hundred and eighty-two are Subscribers 
to the Eegister Section. 

" Mnsgrave's Obituary," A'oL^. Y. aiid VI., edited by Sir George 
J. AuMTTAOE, Bt., F.S.A., forming the forty-eighth aud forty-ninth 
volumes of the Publications, have been issued to the Members for 

"The Eegisters of Bath Abbey," Vol. IT., containing the Burials 
from' 15G9 to ISOO, and Index to the whole, edited by Aethue J. 
Jewers, Esq., forms the twenty-eightli volume of the Eegisters, and 
has been issued to the Subscribers for 1901. 

Pursuant to the Resolution passed at the Special General Meeting 
of this Society held on the 11th day of February, 1901, the Council 
have to report that tlie Harleian Society Incorjiorated 1902 was 
registered on the 31st day of January, 1902, and in accordance with 
the arrangements made at that Meeting the Trustees of the Ilarleiau 
Society have transferred its property to the Harleian Society Incor- 
porated 1902, which has executed a Deed of Indemnity releasing the 
Members of the Harleiau Society from all liability. 

Consequent thereon a Eesolutiou for the Dissolution of the 
Harleian Society will be submitted to the Members at the Annual 

The Balance Sheet for the j-ear 1901, duly audited, is api)ended to 
this Eeport. 

By Order of the Council, 


Hon. Secretary. 

o o o X 

& ft 




g 2 -- 
■jr. ^ £ 


CO o -- 

o o o 

^ ^ - ^, - - 

S '^. < p p 


ON 20T11 :mai:ch, vm-2, 

Those marked (*) arc Subscribers of an extra Guiiic:i, and are entitled to the 
Publication? of tUo Ke-ijtor Section. 

17 Ait 1S71 *The Ki-ht Hon. Lord Ai.dsxhaM. F.S.A., St. Dunstan's A':Ur., 

Outer Circle, Ke-ent's Park, N.W. 
"9 \rr ISG'J *Th. Kight Hon. Loud Amhekst or H.iCKXKY, F.S.A., 

Didlingtou HalL Brandon. 
31 Dec. 1875. John Amphleit, Cleut, Stourbridge. 

22 Seiit. 1S99. *Gl-stave Axjor, 509 Vauderbilt Buildin-, New York, U.S„\. 
iJulv 1S70. "\Vn,i,iAii SmsEB Appletox, ■102 Be.icou Street, Boston, 

U.S. A. 
27 Mar. ISGy. *Sir C.EOBGE J. AkmYTAGE, Bt., F.S.A. {Chairman of Council), 

Kirklees Park, Bri.u'bouse. 

12 Apr. lSt39. KaLPH Assheto.x (C..'„.ciO, Duunhani Hall, Clitheroe. 

6 Dec. 1870. .lou.v Astley, 4 Mo-eley Terrace, Coundon Koad, Coventry. 
31 Jan 18S7 *Atiie.n-J.usi Club (He.nky R. Tedder, T.S.A., Secretary), 107 
Pall Mall, S.W. 

6 Feb. ISViG. C. H. Athill, F.S.A. (Ccr.iWO.^ Kichmo-ad Herald, College of 

Arms, Queen Victoria Street, E.C. 
■1 Sept.lSSU. *Litut.-Col. F. AV. T. Attkee, K..E., F.S.A., Springfield House, 

21 Oct.' 1SS7. W. H. G. Bagsha WE, Ford Hnll, Chapel-eu-le-Frilh, Stockfort. 

21 Jan. 1.SS2. Fbancis Joseph Baigexi, Winchester. 

SOJulv 1«9S. MV. Bruce BaS.vekmaN, F.S.A. {S,:creiar;, and Treasurer), 1\\c 
Lindens, Sydenham Poad, Croydon, Surrey. 

8 Jan. 18.S9. GrouGE "\V. G. BaKNARD, -t Surrey Street, Norwich. 
IS Mar. isy:^ WilliaJ! Baktlei r, St. Clare House, Sandfield Park, W . Derb^ . 

7 May, 1SS5. tvEEAED Bakto.n, F.S.A., "Warstoue, near Bewdiey. 

13 ■Vpr' 1897. CitABLES Belk, Holmwood, Ecclc^all, Sheffield. 

2->0rt ls7t *KniiNALDSiEV,-AKTBoDMNGlu.s-, 15 Markbam Square, Chelsea. 


27 July, 1S71. M'lLriAM 'Epwxrv Uools, Eink-rbr, Ternon lload, Clanham, 


20 Jau. 1S77. *C. K. B. liowLKS, :\I.A., The Loa^. ^Virksnorth. Dorbysliire. 

10 Oct. 180S. Peecy a. BowYEi;, 65 liric.-tOH-k Koad, Thoruton Heath, Surrey. 

2 Jau. 1S99. Henet Scott Bots, Uulbrook, Shamley Green, by Guildford. 
12 Sept. 1872. EDTV.1ED W. Bbabbook, C.B.. F.S.A., 178 Bedford Hill, BalUam, 

10 Apr. 18S8. Colonel J. A. Bkapney, FS.A., T.aly Toed Court, Monmouth. 

8 July, 1901. W. ToWKLL Bkkach. J.V., .\e«hani, Stcyning, Sussex. 
IS May, 1870. The Yen. Archileacou Bkee, The Rectory, Alle.*loy, Coventry. 

4 Apr. 189S. 'He.nky Bkiekley, Mab's Cross. "Wi-au. 

1 Jau. 18S6. *WiLLiAM Beigg, Harpendeu, Herts. 
2-t Nov. 1869. *Sir Thomas Bkooee, Bt., F.S.A. (Council), Arraitage Bridge, 

28 Nov. 1876. 'J. K. Bkow.v, F.U.G.S., 44 Treguntcr Road, S. Kensiustou, 


21 May, 1869. General "W. E. G. Lyttox-Bctwer, C.B., Quebec Uuuse, East 

1 Jau. 1894. *AsHWOETU Peter BrEKK, 59 Pall Mall, S.W. 

1 Jan. 1891. Fkaxcis J. Cake, Teighuiore, Cheltenham. 
22 Mar. 1895. *Cil.vP.LES "\V. Cadmax, Lei,-h, Essex (care of W. H. Smith and 
Son, Victoria Statiou, L.C.D.R.). 

5 Nov. 1890. ''Rk-hakd Caetekt, Walton House, Walton le Bale, near 

27 Mar. 1879. H. H. Smith CaRLngton, Grangethorpe, Eushohue, Man- 

30 July, 1S98. *JoSErH J. Casey, 28 East 127lh Street, New York, F.S.A. 

1 Sept. 1S84. AY. H. C. Chambeelaine, Bl;,_-dcn Hoiu^e, Keevil, Trowbridge, 
24Mar. 1SS3. »Maior Taxkeuvilee J. Cha>[EEKLAyxe, 80th Reg. (care ot 
Holt, Laurie, and Co., 3 Whitehall Place, S.^Y.). 

6 June, 1887. U. Mapleto.v Chapiiax, Saint Martin's Priory, Canterbury. 

6 Oct. 18S1. *J. W. Clay-, F.S.A. {Council), Rastrick House, near'Brighouse. 
6 Feb. 18SS. *n. J. B. C'LEMEXTS, Killadoou. Celbridge, co. Kildarc. Ireland. 
23June,lSG9. *G. E. Cok.ayxe, F.S.A. (Council), Clarenceux King-of-Arnis, 
College of Arms, Queen Yictoria Streei, E.G., and Exeter 
House, Roehampton. 
4 Dec. 18S3. *Charles F. Cole, Meudou Vean, Mawnan, Falmouth. 

31 Jan. 1S87. *Fbaxcis Collixs, M.I)., Patolcy Bridge, Yorkshire. 

22 -Mar. 1883. Euwabd Coxdeb, Jun., F.S.A., The Conigree, Newent, 

21 Feb. IS'*-. 'Kii-ht Hon. Colonel Edwabp H. Coopee, P.C, 42 Portiuan 

^S luare, W. 

22 Feb. 19(JU. Joiix Hautexville Ojpe, F.R.Hi-t.S., SuUiamstead Park, 

31 Oct. 1900. W. Saxdfoed Cotteill, Na* il Club, Pieferraaritzburg. 
10July,lSsl.. WiLFEKD Joseph Ckipps, C.B., M. A., F.S..1., Cirencester. 

12Aug.lSSl. *F. A. Crisp, F.S.A., In,'lewon.l nnu>-, Grove Park, Tienmark 

Hill, S.K. 
2fl Xov. KSS7. Lko Culi.kto.v. ;!- I'i.vudillN, \V. 
25XoT. TSS2. *Gkry MiLKizK-GlBsox-CuLLrM, F.S.A., 4 Slcrliiv:^ Street, 

Montrelier Square, S.W. 
IS May, lS7r>. *lMy Eltzabftii Ci'st, 13 K.vle-t.m Square, S."\V. 

15 Mar. 1871. *Tbe Kev. G. }I. Daventokt, Fo\ley. Heroford. 
14. Feb. ISSO. Thomas M. Vexst., 15 Ely rh.;e. D::huu. 

27 Dec. lS7r.. *Pi: ISfenahdy and Co.. 25 Bedtord 1I.-.W, W.C. 
31 Dec. 1878. i;. Dt-, 22 Chester Terr.ioe, Regonfs Park, N.AV. 
3June,lS'J9. *Chakles DicnRl-NT,, IR FuUertmi Avenue, Cliicas^o, New York 

(care of Stevnis and Brown, 4 Trafalgar Square, W.V.). 
27 Jan. 180!). Utchaed Sidney Dksdy, Vict..>ria Villa, Bognor. 
l2Maj,l&at. 'The Ki-lit Hon. The Earl of Dfri.v, K.G., P.O. (Rev. Jonx 

Ricoarosos, Libnirian), Knun<ley, Prescot. 
24 Jan. 1S91. *^VALTER DF.R^A^r, 70 Lancaster Gate, "\V. 

18 Aug. 1S94. W. U. DriGx.iN, Gorway, AVaball. 

1 Nov. 1SS2. The Rev. R. E. II. Duke, Maltby Rectory, Alford, Lincolnshire. 
7Junc,lS78. *TnK Dean axu CnAPTFR of DrRi^A^[, The Library, Chapter 

Oflices, Durham. 

SJuly, ISSO. The Rev. Joseph Edlesto.v, 'Sl.X., LL.D., Gaiuford Vicarage, 
near Darliui.'t>:in. 
22 June,lS70. *V. D. H. Caey Emve.s, F.S.A.,I!i!Ui,^' Hall, Xorthanipton. 

3 Api. 18S9. *C. Vt'. Empson, 11 Palace Court, A\'. 
17 Sept. 1SS7. IlE.N-RY Douglas Esiielby, F S A , Mt Shrewsbury Road, Oxton, 
5 Oct. 1895. A. T. EVERITT, Hiu-h Street, Port>;r...uth. 

27 Feb. 1SS5. Edward Gabtiiuaite I'arish, 4 Khu Park Gardens, S.W. 
14 May, 1890. *T. C. Colyer Fergcssox, ludithaia M.jto, near Seveuoaks. 
IGSept. 1SS7. Rev. AV. G. DimuCK Fletchek, iLA., F.S.A., St. Michael's 

Vicarage, Shrewsbury. 
27 Jan. 1902. P. .\PTJI0KP Foster, 15 O.xford Street, Cambridge, Ma=s., U.S.A. 

16 Jan. ISS4. *Edw IX Frf.shfifi.d, IL.D., F..s.A., 31 Old Jewry, E.C. 

19 Nov. 1S92. M..;..r W. A. (Jai i;, RE., Mhow. Central India (per Co.v and Co., 

'liiChariu-Cr..-., S.AV.). 

2 Nov. 1^77. The Duke C vxr.'/i ri. lUaekmore Park, llmWy Ca.stle, V,"orcester. 

17 Feb. 18lit. CinhLEs MiLNi:^ Gaskell, 's HAuse, "Wakefield. 
5 Feb. lS8:i. Charles W. Geokoe, 51 Hampton R-iad, Bristol. 

13 Feb. 1891. *H. Martin- Gibrs, Down Ampncy House, Crickladc, Wilts. 
2 Jan. 1899. Joux ClBso.v, 25 Church Street, Dumbarton, N.B. 
8 Nov. 1890. *Sir \\'aLTE11 Gilcey. Bt., The Pantheon, 0.i:forJ Street, AV., and 
Elsenbam Hull, E-sex. 
29 May, 1899. *Henry G. B. Goldwyer, P.O. Box 327, Kimbcrlcy, South 


24 Mar. 1890. *,Iames J. Goodwin, 11 TVcst 5 llh Street, Nen- YmV, ■Cr.S..A.. (rare 

of J. U. Lipjiiucotl :ind Co., 3G Soutliaiiii'ton Street, Straiul, 

25 Jau. 1S70. *IIesey Gorou, Sandcroh, Kedliill. 

25 Jan. ISSO. Geokge Grazebrook, F.S.A., Sudbury, near Harrow. 
7Ju!ie,lSSS. Thomas, F.G.S., Sea Park, Belfast, and Grove House, 

Regent's Park, X.-\V. 
27May, ISSG. Major" Geo. "W. Gr.icK-nrrcniNSO.v, The Buynes, I'ldon-on- 

Severn, "Worccsicr. 
25 Jan. KsS'j. Major "WiLLOVcnBY Garxons Gwatkix, Tlie Manrliester Ro3t. 

(earc of Cox and Co., IC, Cliariui; Cro.<s,S.AV.), Sittbrev Uou?e, 

:Mortlake, W. 
29 Dec. 1S72. J. E. A. Gwy.vxe, P.S.A., F.II.G.S., Polkington, Polcgate, Su.-^se.x. 

19 Sept. 1900. *JosEi-ii S. Hansom, 27 Alfred Place We>t, South Kensin-ton, 

IC itar. 1S96. Dr. Edw. A. Hardwickf, Pureote, Uowiek, Natal. 

29 Sept. ISSO. Theodore J. Hare, Lyue Grove, A'ir;jiiiia AVater, Surrey. 

30 Apr. 18G9. *William Mausit Hakvet, oS Queen's Gate Terrace, Kensiuijton, 


31 Dec. 1875. *Tlic Eiylit Hon. Lord IlAWEESBURy, E.S.A. (Cc.idl), 2 Carlton 

House Terrace, S.'W. 
C. Arthcr Head, Hartburn Hall, Stockton-on-Tpcs. 
The Kev. EvEi.Y.N- D. Heatikoti;, M..A.,.5G0aklev Street, Chelsea, 

Henry Putt HiOGiNS.Moorside, Heath Vieu Gardens. Putnev 

Heath, S.W. 
PiCHARD A. HoBLYN, F..S.A.. 30 x^bbey Koa.l, St. John's "Wood, 
*KoBERT HuVENDE.v, F.S.A. (Cou.ioU), Hcathcote, Park Hill 
Road, Croydon. 

27 "\[ar isra. »JosEPit Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. (Co„,u-il), Maltravers 
Herald Extraordinary, ilayCeld, Orchard Road, Plackheath, 
12 Jiine,l.SSG. *HrGn Robert Htghes, Kinniel, Abergele, North Wales. 

20 Feb. 1S74. W. Essington Hi ghes, P.R.Hist.S.. 89 Alexandra Road, South 

Hampstead, N.W. 

20 Sept. 1S92. *The Right Hon. Lord Iveagii, K.P., 5 Grosvenor Place, S.W. 

7 Mar. 1898. *W. A. James, 1 Fleet Street. E C. 

1 July, 1809. *Tho Rev. Edmund Jermy.v. M.A., HeNby Vicarage, Warrington. 
20 Feb. 1895. *TnoMAS Morgan Josebh-A\'atkin, F.S.A. , Portcullis Pursuivant, 
College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street, E.C. 

24 Dec 1900. Mary Alice Keach, 120 Conirdon Street, Pn.videnre, Rhode 

Island, U.S..V. 
11 Jan. 1892. Charles Eamek Kembi-:, Old Pl.ioe, Lindfield, Uaywurd's Heath. 
10 Oct. 1889. Rev. F. AV. Kitiermaster, Cayston Hill Vicaraj;e, Shrew-bury. 

8 July, 1895. William Thomas Knight, Canok Lodge, Walton Park, Clevcdou, 


22 Feb. 


2G Dec. 


12 Apr. 


1 Jan. 




1 Jan. ison. •Uev. Y. J. Lanf, llumbor^lonf Virarti-o, Great Grim-hy. 
12 May. '^•■'t. -Tony LiNcuouNE, M.A., -Wai^oi, Villa, r.nn, K.linl.m-b. 
1 Xuv. 1S70. •Thoma? L.vytox, F.S.A., 2?. Kew ISrid^'e Road, KewV.rid- 

8 Nov. 1890. J. Ht.VEY Lka, South Frccport, Mo, U.S.A. 


•July, IS'.iI. 'Aberpefn rxivEKSiTY Libhai:y (P. J. Anpeijsox, LL.B., 

Librarian), Abordocn. 
J-Mav, ISi'l. *Battei,-sea Public Libi;.vry (Li\srvENCE Inkstek, I.ibruriau), 

Lavender Hill, S.W. 
*Berlix Lti!e.s.ey (I'or Aslier and Co., 13 BodfurJ 

Street, VC.C). 
*l?iRKrNHEAD 1'eee FiliLic LiBUARY (JuiiN SiiEPUWiD, Libra- 
rian), Birkenbcad. 
*BiRMi.\GH.i-M Central Frlk Liukary (A. Catel Shaw, 

Librarian), Ratclille Place, Birmiutrbani. 
*i{0DLEiiX Library (E. B. NiciioL.'^oy, Librarian), O.xford. 
'Bl'siox Free Pi'elic Library, Boston, U.S.A. (I'cr Kesan 

Paul, Trench, Triibuer and Co., Paternoster Ilou^e, Charing 

Cross Road, 'W.C.). 
*BRAProRD Prsi.ic Feee Library ( Wooii, Librarian), 

Bradford, Yorkshire. 
♦Bridgeport Piiilic Library. Cnnn., U.S.A. ( Hills. 

Librarian), (care of B. F. Stevens and ISroivn, 1 Trafal-ar 

Square, ^V.C.). 
♦Brighton PfBur Library (F. W. ^L^Dl>EN, Librarian), Church 

Street, Bric'litou. 
♦California State Library', Sa<'raniento, California, U.S.A. 

(care of B. F. Stevens and Bro\\ n, 4 Trafalgar Square, W.C). 

Chief Librarian), Central Library, Peckhaiu Road, S.E. 
♦Cambridge University Library {?. J. H. Jenkinson, M.A., 

Librarian), Caniliridge. 

2 July, 18'J1. ♦Cardiff Free Public Libraries, Cardiff. 

3 Mar. IS'.i'.t. Carlisle Public Library (Aeciiieald Sparee, Citv Librarian), 

Tullie Hou-e, Carlisle. 
12May, 1S'J4. *Chelsea Public Libraries (J. IIenbt Quinn, Librarian), 

Central Library, ^lanresa Road, Chelsea, S.W. 
IS Oct. 1S70. ♦Cuetham's Lideaky (Waltei: T. Browne, Librarian), Hunt's 

Bank, irancllc^ter. 
22 July, lS'.i:i- *Chicago Public Library (|ur B. F. Steven^ and Brown, 

4 Trafalgar Square, W.C). 
22Julv, ISii.'H. ♦Columbia University LiBr.u:v, New York Citv, U.S.A. 

(G. H. Baker, Librarian), (care of G. E. Stt-chert, 2 Star 

Yard, Carey Street, Chancery Lane. W.C). 
22July,lS'j3. ♦Cornell University Library, Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. 

(G. W. Harris, Librarian), (care of E. G. Allen, 2^ Henrietta 

Street, Covent Garden, W.C). 


, ISPD. 

12 .M.ay, 


2 i July. 


20 Jan. 


15 Oct. 


12 May, 


22 July, 


2 July, 

, 1SH4. 

5 Oct. 


2 July 


20 Nov 

. 1873. 

. 1-i 

2 Jul)', 18U4. *CROYnON PrBi.TC LiBnATtirs (L. Stanli;t Jast, Chiet Librarian), 

Central Library, CroyJon. 
2.Ju!y,lS0t. l"lEi!BY Fintic Fhfk Lidkabt (William Ci:owthkr, Secre- 
tary), Derby. 
5 Nov. 1S02. *l)KTi:oiT Pcblic Libbary, :MicUigan, I'.S.A. (per B. ¥. Steven? 

and Brown, 4 Trafalg-ar Square, AV.C). 
12May,lSU4^ *Dlvox aKd Exktee Albert Mehoeial :Mr>LUM and Tbff 

Library (JaMKS Dallas, Librarian), Escter. 
12 May 1S94 Dewsbuey Public Pkee Library OV. U. Smith, Librarian), 

1-^ Mav lb!i4. *Em.NErBGH TrBLic Library (Hew Moekisox, Principal 
Librarian), Geort;e IV. i;ridi:e, Ediiiburirli. 
2 July, ]S;i4. *OoNViLLE AND Caius COLLEGE LIBRARY (J. S. Beid, Librarian), 

18 Mar. 1901. *Geosve>-or Pcblic Library, Buffalo, >'ew York (I'er Stevens 

and Brown, 4 Trafalgar Square, W.C). 
•'2 July lS'J-3 •lliRVAKD College Library, Cambrid..'e, ilasiaoliu.-etts, U.S.A. 
(per Ke-'an Paul, Trench, Triibner and Co., Paterno.-ter House, 
Charin/Cro.-^s Road, AV.C). 
2 July 1894 Heeefohp Free Public Libkaey (James Cockceoft, Libra- 
rian), Hereford. 

19 Jan. 1S93. »HuLL Public Library (Wif. F. Lawtox, Librarian), Hull. 

2 July, 1694. KiDDLRMi.vSTEE Free Libbaey, KidJermiu>tor. 

17 Apr. 18S0. KiXG's Ixxs Library (J as. MacIvoe, Librarian), Dublin. 

12 ilav 1S94. *Lambeth Public Libraries (Frank J. Burgoyne, Librarian), 
The Tate Central Library, Bri.vton Oval, S.'W . 

11 Jan. 1892. *Leeds Libeaey (D. A. Ceuse, Librarian), Commercial Street, 

18 Sept. 1890. *Leeds Public Libeaey (Thomas TV. Hand, Librarian), Leeds. 

9 Mav 1S73 »LiBEAEY Committee of the Coepoeatiox of the City of 

-" ■ London (Chaeles V\'elcii. F.S.A., Librarian), Guildhall 

Library, EC 

3 Feb 1^97 *Libeaey Company of Phil.vdelphia (per E. G. Allen, 28 Hen- 

rietta Street, W.C). 

B Sent 189j *Livcoln's Lsn, The Honoubable Society of, The Library, 
■ "Lincoln's Inn, AV.C. (per J. and E. Bumpus, Limited. 5 and 6 

Holboru Bars, E.C.). 
5 Oct. 1872. The Liverpool Athenxum (George T. Shaw, Librarian), 

■> Sept 1872. *LivEEP00L Free Public Libr.vey (Petee Cowell, Librarian), 
AVilliara Brown Street, Liverpool. 
20 Dec. 1877. *London LiBKiRY (C. T. H. Wright, Secretary and Libraruui), 

14 St. James's Square, S.W. 
16 Mar 1874. *>Hnchest£eFeee LibbaEY (Charles W. Sutton, Librarian), 

King Street, Manchester, 
oo July lS'i3 'Meluouene Public LibeaRY (T. F. Beide. Libmrian), (care of 
" ^' Agent-General for Victoria, 10 Victoria St., W e=tmnL-ter, 


10 Sept. 1877. Mitchell Library (F. T. Baebett, Librarian), 21 Miller 

Street, Glas^'ow. 


2SM33',1SSI. NatU'Nal LiTir.iKY of Ikflasd (care of Hodi:e=, Fiigis, and 

Co., lOl Grafton Street, Dublin). 
25 Oct. 1S99. Newbeeky Libuary, Cliicugo, U.S.A. (care of B. F. Stevens and 

Brown, -I Trufalc;ar Square, W.C). 
23 Dec. 1SS9. *NEWCi.sTL!!-rpoK-TY>-E Public Libbaky (15.asil Axderton, 

B.A., Chief Librarian), Newcastk-upou-Tyne. 
22 July 1S'J3. *New Hampshire State Library (Arthur K. Kimball, 

Librarian), Concord, New Ilami.shire, I'.S.A. 
17 Mar. 18s7. *Neav York Public Library (care of B. F. Stevens and Brown, 

4 Tralalj^nir S-iuare, ^V.C). 
17 Jan ISQl «\ew York State Library, Albany, New York, I'.S.A. (care 
of G. E. StolKit, -2 Star Yard, Carey Street, %\ .C). 
7JunelR75. •Nottingham Free Public Library (J. P. Briscoe, Librarian), 

12 May, 189 1. 'Plymouth Free Public Libeakv (W. H. K. Wright, Libra- 
rian), Plymouth, 
2 July, 1894. *Reai>inq Free Public Library (AV. H. Greenhough, Libra- 
rian), Reading. 
2 Jul-,- 189L *RicHMOND Free Public Library (Albert A. Babkas, 
■ ' Librarian and Secretary), Richmond, Surrey. 

14 Apr. 1S80. Rochdale Free Public Libe.aey (G. Hanson, Librarian), 

Rochdale, Lrmcashire. 
23May,lS69. Royal Library (li. K. Holmes, C.V.O F.S.A., Librarian to 
H.M. The King), Windsor Ca-tle, A^ indsor. 

1 Dec 1S99. *J0HN Rylands' Library, Manchester (per Mrs. Rylands, Long- 

ford Hall, Strettord, Manchester). 
I'May 1891 *St. George's, Hanoter Square, Free Public Libraries 
(Feank Pacy, Librarian), Buckingham Palace Road, S.\\ . 
4 Feb 1801 *8t Martin-in-tiie-Fields Felk Public Library (T. Mason, 

Librarian), 115 St. ilartin's Lane, W.C. 
8 Dec. 1885. Sheffield Central Free Public Library, Siurey Street, 

l-'M-v 1891 *Sign-et I,ibrary (Thomas G. Law, LL.D., Librari.m), Edin- 

"''"•' ' bur^'h. 

29 Jan. 1S7S. *SioN College Library (Rev. W. H. Milman, Librarian), 
Victoria Embankment, E.G. 

2 July, 1894. *SWANSEA Public Library (S.E.TnoMi'SON, Librarian), Swansea. 
9Q n,-t ' 18S7 *Sydney Free Public Library (care of Y'oung J. Pentland, 
29 ua. i :>/. 38^-e,tSmithfie!d,E.C.). 

27 Nov 1889. *Syeacuse Central Library (Fzekiel AV. Mundy, Librarian), 

Syracuse, Nc\v Y'ork, U.S.A. 
n Dec 1S71 *Tem"ple, The Honourable Society of the Lvner, The 
^^ " ■ Library, Temide, E.G. 

in Mar ISSi; *Temple, The Ho.vourable Society of the Middle, The 
10 Mar. 1881,. ''"j.,^^;^^. j,,^^^ ^j Bulter>yorth and Co., 12 Bell Yard, Fleet 

Street, E.G.). 
ooTulv 1813 •Toronto Public Library (James Bain, Librarian), Canada 
'"" - ' " ■ (care of C. D. Cazenove, 20 Henrietta Street, A\ .C). 

9 Tnly 1894 ^Walsall Fbee LIBRARY (ALFRED MORGAN, Librarian), 
■'' ■ Walsall, Staffordshire. 


28 Feb. 1877. *AVASniNGTON Librabt of Congress, "WasliinL'-ton, U.S.A. (care 

^,f E. G. AUoii, 2S Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. W.C). 
2 Sept. 1872. *\Vatkinso.v I<iBEiHY, Hartford, Couuccticut, U.S..i. (care ol 

K. G. Allen, 2S Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, 'W.C.). 
2.1nlv, 1891. *\ViGAN 1-"eee PrBLio Libkaky (He.vry T. roLKAF.D, Librarian), 

2 July, isn-l. *Wir.LiAM and ilAEY College Libkaey (Lyon G. Tylee, 

President), -William-burg. Virginia, U.S.A. 

29 Dec. 18S5. *\VoErESTEK Free Public Libeart, Worcester, Massachusetts, 

U.S.A. (per Ke.;an Paul, Trench, Triibuer and Co., Paternoster 
House, Charing' Cross Koad, 'SV.C.). 

1 Feb. 1895. *WiLLocGnBY A. Littledale, M.A., F.S.A.,26 Cranley Gardens, 

South Kensington, S.W. 
4 Apr. ISCd. Tlieliight Hon. Lord Llangatiock, The Hendre, near Monmouth. 
21 June.lSSl. »G. B. Longstaj^e, M.D., F.S.A., Highlands, Putney Heath, S.AV. 

19 Feb. 1S9S. ^^'. A. MactaRLAne-Gkieve, M.A. S.C.L., Impington Park, 

2S Nov. 1870. *The P.ev. Canon A. R. Maddison, M.A., F.S.A., Vicars' Court, 

29 Nov 1S90. KiNGSMiLL Maers, South Park, Saxonville, Massachusetts, 

10 .Vpr. 1SG9. *Geoege W. Marshall. LL.D., F.S.A. (Cotnwil), Rouge Croi.^ 

Pursuivant of Arms, ColloLre of Arms, E.G., and Sarncstield 

Court, Weobley, R.S.O. 
12 JLir isb5 *Hon. Robert MAESHAJt-TowNsnEND, M.A,, F.S..\., o Chesior- 

field Street, Mayfair, W. 
3 Apr. 1900. *BuRDETT JIason, Chateau Larondouette, Pres Bayonne, Basses 

Pyrenees, France, 
lo Jan. 1901. C. Onslow Master, Bourton Grange, Flax Bourton, Bristol. 
7 May, 1S7S. *Thomas Tindal Methold, 7 Ashburn Place, Cromwell Ptoad, 

South Kensington, S.AV. 
3 Apr. 1.S89. *The Rev. A. T. Michell, Sheriffhales A'icaragc, Newport, .Salop. 
24 May, 1869. The Right Hon. Viscount Midleton, Lord-Lieutenant of 

Surrey, Pepcr Harow, Godalming. 

20 July, 1878. Sajiuel Milne Milne, Calverley House, near Leeds. 

24 Aug. 1870. The Rev. John Mireiiouse, Colstcrworth Kectory, Grantham. 

1 Apr. 1879. *'\V. J. C. MoENS, F.S.A. (CyHnciO, Tweed, near Lymington, Hants. 

7 Feb. 1899. Ales. Moeing, 298 Regent Street, W. 

IG Apr. 1875. *V>'. ALartial Myddelton, Silencer House, St. Albans. 

14 Sept. 1872. N.1VAL AND Military Clue, 94 Piccadilly, AV. 

15 Mar. 1890. Iltvd Nicholl, F.S.A. , The Ham, Cowbndge, Glamorganshire. 
2-' I'eb 1900 *Ui- Grac- thi- DuKE OF Northumberland, K.G., P.C., F.S.A., 

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland (per J. C. Hodgson, F.S.A., 
Ainu ick Castle). 
28 Mar. 1901. »Henry Turton Nokton, 103 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, AV. 


16 Not. 18S5. *V. L. Olitkb, "Wliitmore Lodse, Sunninvrbill, Berkshire. 
10 M;ir. 1SS7. *EdwardU. Owen, y.S.A.,Ty C'ocli, iiearCarnarToii, North Wale*. 
1 IV-b. ISOO. *0xFORD AND CiMBniDGi: Clcb (care of Harri.sons. 59 Pall 
Mall, S.AV,). 

U Feb. ISSO. *Major John W. R. Pakkek, Brousholmc Hall, Clilhcroe, 
The Rev. A. J. Pearman, The Precinct, Roi-hos-'x-r, Kent. 
RiCHiKD Peter, The Cotta-e, Launceston. 

W. P. W. PniLLiMOBE, M.A., B.C.L., 124 Chancery Lane, W.C. 
♦Ekltsman Pixckn'EY, Wraxall Lodge, Bradl'ord-on-Avou. 
AV. Du.vcoMBE Pike, AYiuslaJe, Lowton, Newtou-le-'Willowj, 
*Francis ^y. PisLEY, P.S.A.. 12 Southwell Gardens S.W. 
Edgae Powell, Upper Cross, "Whitley, Reading. 
The Rev. F. J. PoTXTOX, Kelstou Rectory, Bath. 
C. G. PBiDEAUS-BRrxE, Prideaux Place, Padstow, Cornwall. 
PrELic Record Oeftce, Fetter Lane, E.C. (care of Evre and 
Spottisuoode, 5 Middle New .Street, E.G.). 

*Beexard Alfred QciBiTcn, 15 Piccadilly, "W. 

John Radcliffe, Furlane, Greenfield, via Oldham. 
H. C. F. Ri-VDOLEH, M.A., 303 ATe^t 85th Street, New Tort, 
'Reform Clu};, 101 Pall Mall, S.AV. 
Mrs. Rice, Grant-o Erin, Douglas, Cork. 
*Sir Charles H. Stuart Rich, Bt., F.S..\. {Covncil), Lcvyl's 

Dene, Merrow, Guildford. 
»E. PlIDGWat, Huyton, Liverpool. 
*Beooke Robixsox, M.P., Barford House, Warwick. 
*W. P. RoBlssox, 1739 17th Street, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 
(care of B. F. Stevens and Brown, 4 Trafalgar Square, W.C). 
*Abthi'r a. Rollasox, Di-von's Green, Dudley, Worcestershire. 
SiMPiOX RosTROX, J.P., 1 Hare Court, Temple, E.C. 
J. Brookixg Rowe, F.S.A., Ca<tle Barbican, Plympton, South 

Rev. Prebendary Rovvlet, >LA., The Barrows, Cheddar, Somerset. 
Royal Societies' Cleb, St. James's Street, S."\\'. 
TheRev. D.vTiD Royce, Nethersw ell Vicarage, Stow-on. the-Wold. 
Jlrs. CLEiiEXT MoLTXErx RoTPS, Greenhill, Rochdale. 
JoHX William Ryl.ixd, F.S.A., Rowington, near Warnick. 
*JOHX Pacl Rylaxds, F. S. a. (CounciT), 2 CharlesviUe, Birken- 

21 Jan. 1001. W. IIarky Rylaxds, F.S.A., 1 Campden Hill Place, Kensing- 
ton, W. 

2S -Tuly, 


31 -Mar. 


30 Mav; 

, 1S.S1. 

5 Oct. 


15 Feb. 


10 Apr. 


23 July, 


31 Dec. 




2 July 


3 Mar. 


29 Oct. 


15 July 

, 1806. 

31 Oct. 


27 Dec. 


3 Sept. 


10 Oct. 


11 Sept 


13 Oct. 


1 Dec. 


1 Jan. 


3 Deo. 


8 Nov. 


2 Jan. 


28 July 


26 Feb. 


11 Aug 

. ISSS. 

20 Jan. 



24 June,1878. S. Suthbri-anp Saffoep, P:irk?hof, RicUniond, Surrey. 
19Nov. ISSS. John Scott, Jun., GarirTavc. lfn:ul, Skirton-in-Craven, York- 
29 Aug. 1SS7. Joseph Scotv, fiS Albion Street, Leeds. 
26 July ISOS. The Kisjhl ll>in. Lord SnEKBui:NE, 9 St. James's Sjuare, 

IS Feb. 1S73. *C'0N1NGSBY C. SiKTHOEP.Cauwick Hall, Lincoln. 

5 June, 1871. HuBEET Smith, Brooklynue, Willes Koad, Leaniin?ton Spa. 
10 Nov. 1S73. *J. C. C. Smith, I'.S.A., Risttield, -Whitchurch. Reading. 

7 Nov. 1893. *Alec B. Sno\s-, Nestou, Combe Park, Bath. 


SSei.t 1871. *BosTOX ATntx.F.rii, Boston, U.S.A. (per Ketcan Paul, Trench, 
Trubner and Co., Paterno.ner House, Charing Cross Road, 
■y; Dec. 1S79. *Historical Society of PK.NNs-iLVANiA, Philadelphia, Pa. (care 

of B. V. Steven.s and Brown, 4 Trafalgar Square, W.C). 
24 Nov 18S3. *LEeiGn Uxiveesity, South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 
(per H. Sotheran and Co., 140 Strand, W.C). 
*TnE Lo.vG Island Histoeical Society (Esima Toedtebeeg, 

Librarian), Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. 
♦Maeyland IIistohical Society, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. 
Minnesota Historical Society (\Yareen Upham, Secretary 
and Librarian), St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. 
*New England Historic Genealogical Society (J. YTaed 

Dean, M.A., Librarian), IS Somerset Street, Boston, U.S.A. 
*\e«' York Genealogical and Bioguaphical Society 
(H. Calkins, Jun., Librarian), 226 'SVest obth Street, New 
York, U.S.A. 
*New York Historical Society (Robert H. Kelly, Librarian, 

170 Second Avenue, New Y'ork, U.S.A.). 
*Royal Hlstorical Society-, 3 Old Serjeants' Inn, Chancery 
Lane, AV.C. 
Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin. 
^Society of ANTiQrAEiES of London, Burlington House, TV. 
Society of ANiiQrARiEs of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, The 
Ca.stle, Newca.stle-upon-Tync. 
*So>ieesetshiee Aech^ological Society, Museum, Taunton. 
*'S\'iscoNsiN State Historical Society, Madison, U.S.A. 

(per H. Sotheran and Co., 140 Strand, W.C). 
*Yaie University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. (care of 

E. G. Allen, 28 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, A\ .C). 
♦Yorkshire ARCHiOi-OGlCAL Society (the Hon. Librarian. 
10 Park Street, Leeds). 

K. E. Somers, Mendip Lodge, Langford, RS.O., Bristol. 
•rapt;iin A. SoMEBVlLLE, F.S.A., Clermont, Ratlniew, 
CO. Wicklow. 

22 Nov. 


29 Dec. 


5 June, 


7 Sept. 


20 Oct. 


22 July, 


29 Jan. 


20 Jan. 


22 Mar, 


12 Nov. 

, 1.S83. 



30 Jan. 


7 Oct. 

, 1879. 

12 May 


14 Feb 

. 1889. 

17 Apr 

. 18S6. 

7 Mnr. 


IS Ort. 


30 May, 


10 Oct. 


25 Nov. 


10 Sept, 

, isyG. 

12 May, 

13 Apr. 


5 Nov. 


9 July 



, ISTd. 

16 Mar. 


19 Jan. 


30 May 

, iyj5. 


*nERBERT 11. n. SorTli.m. F.S..\., Iniiolhn, S!irew5t)nrv. 
Co!oix! John P. Sti:fl, 1M: , F.K.G.I?., 79 llan-nuVl T.-r- 

r.ieo, S.W". 
Tlie KcT. Fk.incis Stehrt. Chapel Cloeve, "Wasliford, Taunton. 
*Edwabd Stone, 5 Fin?bnry Circus, E.G. 
*Peter Stubs, BlaivJon Uall, Xt-wnham, Gloucestershire. 
Captain G. K. Swettenham, IVS.O., 2nd Eoyal Iri-h Fusiliers, 
South Lodjre, Grange Hoail, Kastbourne. 

llev. TllOM.vs T.iYi.OB, M.A., The Vicanicre, St. Just in Penwith 

K.S.O., Penzance, Cornwall. 
Mrs. Akthub Cecil Tempest, Broughton Hall, Skiptou-in- 

Craven, Yorkshire. 
*Charles M. Texisok, M.R.I.A., F.R.S..\.I., Hobart, Tasmania. 
•John S. Tilxey, 77 Main Street, Oran-e, Now Jersev, U.S.A. 
(care of B. F. Stevens and Brown, 4 Trafalgar Square, "\V.C.). 
Wsr. Ashetos Tonge, Staneclyffe, Bisley, Cheshire. 
»JoHy Harvey Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (books 
to care of Harvard College Library, U.S.A.). 
Tbisity College, Bcelix (T. K. Abbott, Librarian). 
*JosEPH Hfkbebt Teitto.n, 30 Queen's Gate Gardens, S.'W. 
Wst. MuBKiY TUEE, The Vineyard, Saffron Walden. 
Major W. H. Tcrtox, K.E. (.-are of Kev. Z. U- Tiirton, 12 Albcny 
Eoad, Southtowu, Great i'armoutb). 
1 Aug. 1901. *E. T. Tyson-, J.P., TTood Hall, Cockermoulh. 

27 Jan. 1.S99. I'lstes King of Abms, The Office of, The Castle, Dublin 

(..-are of E. Ponsonby, IIG Grafton Street, Dublin). 

12 Aug. 1891. Colonel V. VaX De "Weyer, New Lodge, Windsor Forest. 
9 Jan. 1875. H. F. J. Vaughan-, 30 Edwardes Square, Kensington, ^V. 
1 Feb. 1895. Captain Wilmot Vaughan, 159 Hue de la Ponipe, Paris. 

28 Feb. 1896. *Captain C. L. VAUGnAN-ARBUCKLE (3rd Battalion "West York- 

shire Kegiiuent), Slawell House, Richmond, Surrey. 
10June,lSG9. *Sir Hexey M. Vavasour, Bt., F.S.A., 11 Stanhope Street, 

IS Dec. 1874. *Henby ■\Vag.\er, M.A., F.S.A., 13 Half Moon Street, Picca- 
dilly, AV. 
31 Oct. 1900. *Walford Beothebs, 6 New O.^ford Street, London, "U'.C. 
31 Jan. ).SS7. Jonx Warke.v, 95 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, ^X . 
4 Nov. 1870. *S;r JoH.v \Vat.\ev, F.S.A., F.R.G.S., Mercers' Hail, Ironmonger 
Lane, Chcapside, E.C 
18 May, 1S70. "W. H. Wfldo.v, F S.A , Norroy King-of-Arni.s, College of Arms, 

Queeu Victoria Street, E.C. 
17 Mar. 1900. Fea.vcis U'eee, Gratwicke Hal), Barroii Gnrney, Flax Bourton, 
R.S.O., Somerset. 
3 ;Mar. 1900. ChaRLE.s A. WniTE, New Haven, Counecticut, U.S.A. 
14 Feb. 1SS5. Rev. CHRIS. Hales 'W'ilkie, Kingston Rectory, Canterbury. 

7 July, 1894. Chakli-s MArso Wilson, "WaMci-slinigli, BoUter?tono, Sheffield. 
13 Apr. ISSO. *1!ekjaMin, M.D., 53 Eu-soll Square, Tr.C. 
18 Mav,lS70. *Sir Albest ^V. "U"oops. K.C.B., K.C.M.G., F.S.A.,GarUr Kins- 
of-Ariu5, CO St. George's Konfl, ■Warwick Square, S.AY., aud 
College of .\rm5. Queen Victoria Street, E.G. 
25 Feb. 1899. Captaiu H. S. Woolsych (The Kin-'s Eesiment), Norton Bank, 
5 Nov. 1S',I2. Philip John Woksley, Kodney Lndge, Clifton, Bristol. 

22 Nov. 1895. *YoHE, The Deax and Chapter oe, Offices, Miiuttr Gales, York. 

Annual Sul)3cription : One Gninea. Ditto Eegister Section: One Guinea. 
Entrance Fee : Half-a-Guinea. 

Persons wliose Subscriptions are due wre requested to forward 
them to W. Bevce Bannerma^, Esq., F.S.A., Treasurer, at The 
Lindens, Sydenham Eoad, Croydon, Surrey, who will also receive 
Subscriptions for the Register Section. 

Persons wi.<;hing to join the Hableiax Society should ai^ply to 
Mr. Bannekmax at the above address. 

Any of the Publications "of the Society wliich are in print can be 
obtained on application to Messrs. ilrrcHELL and Hughes, 
140 Wardour Street, "\V. 

WORKS rxn^.Lisrii:D. 

1.— THE VISITATION OF LOM'OX IX l">'o. !lY R. COOKK. Edited by J. J. 

Howard. E-i-. LL.I).. F.S.A.. imd G. J. Akmytagk, E*).. E.S.A. 1^''0 


J. FETHtRSroV, Esq.. F.S.A. F^'''-^ 

3.— THE VISITATION OF RUTLAND IN 1618-Iii, EY CAMDF.X; and other nesccnts of 

Families not in the Visitation. Edited by G. J. Akmytagj:. Esq., F.S.A. 1!<70 


OTFIER DESCENTS OF THE COUNTY. Edited bv George W. Maksii.a.ll, Esq., 

I.L.D., F.S.A. IS'l 



OXFORDSHIRE. COLLECTED BY R. LEE IN 1574. Edited and Annot^ited by 

W. H. Trr.xrK, Esq. 1S71 

6.— THE VISITATION OF DEVONSHIRE IN loJO. Edited by the Rev. F.T. Colby, D.D., 

F.R.S. IS'2 


J. Fetherstox, Esq., F.S.A. 1S72 

[T/tr ahn-e are all out of P,-int. 


ALONE, AND QUEEN ANNE. Edited bv George W.Marshall, Esq., LL.D., 

F..S.A. 21... ■ 18'3 

9.— TFIE VISITATION OF CORNWALL, IfiiO. Edited by Colonel ViviAX and Dr. H. H. 

Drake. 21.--. IS'-l 

10— THE REGISTEKS OF WESTMIXSTEI; ABBEY. 1655-ls7:,. Edited by Colonel 

CUESTEK, D.C.L., LL.D. lU.^-. 6d. L^7o 

11.— THE VISITATION OF SOMERSETSHIRE FN' lf.23. Edited by the Rev. F. T. Colby, 

D.D., F.S.A. 10s. 6r/. 1^.76 

12— THE VISITATION OF WARWICKSHIRE IS liH'.). Edited by John Feti!EK.-:tov, 

Esq., F.S.A. 1877 

^' {Out of Frmt. 

13— THE VISITATIONS OF ESSEX LX 1.5.52, 155^. 1612, AND lfi34. Part I. Edited by 

Walter C. Metcalfe. Esq.. F.S.A. 1?7^ 

\_Out of Print. 
14— THE VISITATIONS OF ESSEX, consisting of Miscellaneous Pedigrees, and Berry's 

Pedi-rees. Part II. With general Index. Edited by Waltcr C. METCALn;, Esq.. 

F.S.A. 10... 6<?. 18"9 

15— THE VISITATION OF LONDON. li;33-4. Vol. I. Edited by J. -J. Howard, Esq., 

LL.D., F.S.A., and Colonel Chks'iek, D.C.L.. LL.D. lO.y. ij,/. ISSO 

10— THE VISIT.VnON OF YORKSHIRE IN ISiiL Edited by the Rev. C. B. Norcliffe, 

M.A. 104-. 6,?. 1«81 

17 -THE VISITATION OF LONDON, 1C33-4. VoL II. Edited by J. .J. Howard, Esq.. 

LL.D., F.S.A. 10.!. t)d. 18»3 

18— THE VISITATION OF CHESHIRE IX lo'^O. Edited by J. Paul Rylands, Esq., 

F.S.A. 10... Crf. 18S2 

19.— THE VISITATIONS OF BEDFOBDSHIRE IN 1500, 13S2, AND D;34. Edited by F. A. 

Blaydes, Esq. lOj. G(/. 18S4 


iS DEPUTIES TO CAMDEN. Edited by .J. Paul Ryland.;. Esq., F.S.A. lO.j. firf. 


LIPOT AS DEPUTIES TO CAMDEN'. Edited by Sir .Jou.v Maclea.v, F.S.A.. and 

W. C. He.v.n-e, Esq., M.R.C.S. Uu.Cd. l^-^a 

2-1 —THE VISITATIONS OF HERTFORDSUIRF. IN 1572 AND 1031. Edited by Walter 

0. Metcalfe. Esq., F.S.A. 10... fi^i. l^^*; 

23— MARllIAGE LICEXCES : D.ian ami Chapter of Westminster, 155S to lOOD ; Vioiir- 

General of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 100m to 1070. E:itr.i.;ted by the late i;olonel 

Ch'.stek, D.C.L. Edited by George . J.' -Akmytage, Esq., F.S.A. lOi. Orf. 1SS6 

"WOlIJiS PUBLISHED— c£);;//7i«fj. 


21.--J[Ar!l!IAGE LICEXCKS ; IV.cultv Office uf the Archb'Miop o( Canterbury, l.->13 to l^-O. 

UV. C„l. 1,<S6 

25.— JIAHRIAGE LICEXCES : Bishop of London. Vol. I.. l.iiO to ItilO. 10s. dd. iSS7 

26.— JIAKIUAGE LlfEXCES : Bishop of LonJo-.i. Vol. II.. ir.ll to 162S. UV. M. 1--7 

27.— THI-; VISIT.\TIOX OF ^Y0RCESTEKSH1KE IX ir.f,;). Edited bv William P. \V. 

ruiLLl.MuKK. Esq.. .M.A.. B.C.L. 10.x-. 6(/. " l.^-^S 

2S.— THE VISITATIOX OF SIIKOI'SIUKE. Iii23 ; with Additions. Part 1. Editc; hy 

Geougk Gi:.\.ZLr.RooK. K-j.. F.s.a.. :iud .1. Paul !;tl.\mis. E^=q.. F.S.a. ]'«.'■, i. 1";i 
20.— THE VISITATIOX OE SlIUOPSHIEE, 1i',l\> ; ^vith Additions. Part II. Ediud by 

CKORr.E Gr.AZLi;p.oi)K. Ejq.,F.S.A., aud J. Paul RyLA.NDS. Esq., F.S.A. lO.^'. M. l^s\) 
30.— :MARRJAGE LICI:XCEs:: Vicir-Geueral of Arcbbishon of Canterbarv, l(i7y to 16S7. 

Edited by Geouge J. Ai:mytage. Esq., F.S.A. 10s. Gd. ' 1S90 

31.— MARPJAGE LICENCES: Viear-General of Archbishop of Canterburv. 1087 to 1034. 

lOv. l',d. ' 1S90 

32.— THE VISITATIONS OF NORFOLK IN 15ti3, I5SP, AND 1013. Edited by Walter 

Rye, Esq. m.--. lul. is\n 

33.— MAlil;lAr:E LICENCES: Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Cant<>rbiny. Vo"i- I.. 

ICOii to 10.;-. Edited by Geokge J. Armytage, Esq., F.S.A. 10.?. 6<f. l-l'i 

34.— MARRl AiiE LICENCES : Vicar-Gcueral of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Vol. II.. lOO'.i 

to 107;i. 10.-. iW. i^tjo 

[N.B. Volumes 33 aud 34 contain the entries not estraetod by Colonel Chester : 
see Volume 23.] 


BISHOP OF WINCHESTER. los;)_is.;:. Vol. L Edited bv W. J. C. Moens. Esq., 

E..S.A. 10,-, 07. ■ ]s,,:j 


BISHOP OF WINCHESTER. 10s;i—l.>37. Vol.11. 10s. 0,/. is;i3 

37.— HUNTER'S FAMILI.-E JIINORU.M GENTIUM. Vol. I. Edited bv JoHX W. ) ^ .^ 

Clay. Esq., F.S.A, Is'.H / .^ ^ 

3.S.— HUNTER'S FA.MILLE illNORUM GENTIUM. Vol.11. isvi.", f _:^--' 


40.— HUNT'ER-S FAMILIAL MINOllUM GENTiUNL Vol. IV.. with Index to th.- \ -? 

whole. IS&i; j ./. ■/- 


W. Clay, E^q.. F.S.A. !0<. 0,?. 1M*7 

42.— THE VISITATIOX OF KllXT IN Ii'.IO. Edited by Ror.Er.T Hovekden. Esq.. F.S.A. 

lO.v. ov. isys 

43.— THE VISITATIONS OF SUKREY IN l.-.;i'.i. 1.372, AND 1023. Edited by W. Brixe 
P.A.V-NEKMAN-. Esq.. F.SA. 21.5. 1S;)9 

Sir George J. Arjiytage. Bt.. F.S.A. Vol.1. 1.S9'.> 1 "'j| 

50.— LIN':'0LN8HIRE PEDIGREES. Edited by the Rev. A. R. Maddiso.v. M.A., F.S.A. 

[/« t/i-- Pr.:u. 

5;._THE VISITATION OF BEKKSHIRE IN 1.J32. 1.50C, 1023, AND 1004-60. Edited by 

W. IUbry Rylaxds, E^.).. F.S.A. [/« the Preis. 




THE VISITATIONS OF SUSSE.'^ IN l.--3's l.->74. AND 103.;. 






"''— TIIK KKCISTEK-S OF ST. PETKir.-^, COIJXIIILI., LONDoX. V.krt I., .^.d. 1;.3S 

lo ItUiG. Kdited liy Gi:anviixk T-kvi;<.i.\ Gowek. Es.]., F.S-..V. 21.s. 1^77 

2.— THE 1;EGISTEIJS of C.\NTEi;ia'i;V CATIIEDUAL. E'likd by Kobeht llovr.v- 

DE.v, Esq., F.S.A. 21^. 187S 


J. L. Chj-:^tee, D.C.L., LL.D. 21s. lb7S 


to 175-}. Edited by Gr.i^w'ille Le^-esox Gower, Esq., F\S.A. 21«. 1879 


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J. L. Chester, D.C.L., LL.D. 21.t. 18S1 


by Colouol J. L. Chester, D.C.L., LL.D. 2ls. 1882 




CllEi&TEN-iXGS, 1551 to 17K). Edited by RonsnT Hovenden, E>q., F.S.A. 21s. 

Chkistem.vgs, 1701 to 1754. Edited by Robert Hovesdex, Esq., F.S.A. 21s. 



Vol. I., 1725 to 1787. Edited by Jon.v H. CH.iPM.iX. Esq., M.A., F.S.A. 10,. C.rf. 



the Rev. JoH.v Henry Ellis, M.A. 21s. 1887 


M.iREiAGEs, 1551 to 1754. Edited by Robert Hovendex, Esq., F.S.A. 21s. 1887 


Vol. II., 1788 to 1809. Edited by Jon.v H. Chapman, E^q., M.A., F.S.A. 10?. Fjd. 

MAY FAIR, 1740 to 1754. Edited by CJeoege J. AKMrT.iOE, Esq., F.S.A. 21s. 



Edited by Dr. F. X'. Mac.vamaba and A. SlORr-MiSKELY.VE, Esq. 10s. 6rf. 1890 


Bl-RIALS, 1551 to 1G05, Edited by ItoBERT Hove.nde.v, Esq.. F.S.A. 10s. r,d. 1891 


CHAPEL, 1670 to 185 

il. F:dited by Dr. Fkanxis Collins. 

I0:it of I' 



LOXDOX. Vol. v.— 

ButiALS, 166G to 1719 

. Edited Ijy Rodlrt Hovenden, E- 

]., F.S.A. 1893 
iOul of P.-UU. 



'"■ ■ ' lii-RlAts, 1720 to 1754. E,i,R.i by Roi.fKT HovKXDEN. Esq., r.S.A. 10s. Od. l,S9-t 


to 1754, Editodby WiLLOi-GHBV A. Littl.i;d.\ie. Esq.,M.A.,E.S,A, 10,;. 6-7. 1S9,. 


1823. Vol. III. Edited by Gf.oege J. Armttage, Esq., F.S A. 10s. Crf. isy'.> 

2.3.-T1IE REGISTERS OF DURHAM CATHEHRAE, ir.OO to JS96. Edited by Geoegi; 

J. Akmvt-vge, Efq., F,S,A. KU, Crf. 1^97 


1837. Vol. IV. 10.^. 6rf. ^^^' 


Edited by Tkom.^s Mi*os, Esq. Ws. 6d. ^^^^ 


Esq., F.S.A. IOj. 6rf. ^^^^ 

27 -THE REGISTERS OF RATH ARREY. Vol. I,-Christenixgs and MARRI.AGE^, 

l.->C,il tolSOO. Editedby AKTHUK J. .jEWLR.sEsq. lO.v. 6if. "'.'00 

28 -THE REGISTERS OF RATH ABBEY. Vol. li -Blhials. 15H9 to ISTO, with Indfj- 

to the whole. Edit.edl.yAKTurKj.jE\sFRs,EM:i. Ku, Grf. 1901 


LANE, Edited by WilluIGHBT A, Litti.edale, Esq,, M,A,, F.S.A. [I<i the Ircss. 


The Puljlications of the Re-istrr Section will bo siipi.lied to Siibscribt^rs 
on payuieut of an extra Sub.scriptiou of One Guinea, and can be obtained 
from Messrs. Mitchf.ll and Hl-ghes, 140 Wardour Street, ^\ ., at the 

prices named. , ,. , 

Forms of Applicatioti f,.r Membership, and all other partictdar,, may 
be obtained by applyin.u^ to W. Bruck Banxekman, Esq., F.S.A., Ihe 
Lindens, Sydenhatn Ruad, Croydon, Surrey.