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Gc if M. 





3 1833 00724 3667 


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Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 


^3 n ii 1 1 c a 1 1 n s 



Folume itl-. 


I . i ''1 

n A>v'';^Q. A-A^i-L, 


K. s-}-^ 







5.i5t of ^^ctiiswcs. 


Gace of Panton - - - - 381 
Gaxxock of Bostox - - - 38?) 
Gannock of Sibsf.y - - - 383 
Gaxxock of Stickney - - - 385 
Gardxer of Bishop's Nortox - 385 
Garxox of Braxt Brougiitox - 387 
Garrett of Heighixgtox - - 388 
Garthavaite of Fulbeck, Bark- 

stoxe, RorsLEY, axd Grantham 388 
Gates of Gosbertox - - - 395 
Gedxey of Axcaster - - - 395 
Gedxey of Bag Exderby - - 395 
Gelsox of Walmsgate - - 398 

Gerixg of Wixteuton - - 398 

GiBKOX OF Walesby, Tealby, etc. 399 

GiBSOX OF LiXCOLX - - - 401 

Gibtuop.fe OF Thorpe-by-AVaix- 

fleet - - - - - 4nl 
Gilby of Staixtox-le-Hoee - 401 

GiLDOX OF Burtox-by-Lixcolx - 403 
Girlixgtox of Normaxby - - 404 
Glover of Wispixgtox - - -105 
Glover of Wispixgtox. (Apfex- 

Dix.) 744 

Godfrey of Thoxock - - - 4n5 
Goxville of Ketsby - - - 407 
GOOCU OF Alvixguam - - - 408 
Good of Owmby axd Girsby - 4(i9 


GOODUAN']) or KlRlIOXD-LE-]\IlRE - 412 

GoouxAN OF Threckln-gham - 414 
GooDRicKE OF East Kirkby - 415 
GoouwYX OF Sleaford - - 418 
GowER OF Great Grimsby - - 418 
Graxdorge of Duningtox in Hol- 
land 419 

Grant of Allixgtox - - - 420 


Grantham of St. Katharixe's, 

lincolx, and goltiio - - 421 
Gravcxor {or Grosvenor) of Mes- 

SIXailAM ----- 424 

Greathkd of Lln'Coln and Stick- 

- 425 

- 427 

- 430 

- 431 

- 432 

- 432 

- 433 

- 434 

- 435 

- 436 

- 437 

- 438 


Gregory of IIarlaxtox 
Gregory of Stockwitii 
Greville of Thorpe Latimer 
Grey of Kingerby 
GitooME of Bitch fip:ld 
Guevara of Stexigot - 
GuiLLiM of Swafield - 
Gustaud of Threckingham 
Hacket of Creeton - 
Hales of Lincoln 
Halford of South With am 
Hall of Doxixgtox in Holland 
Hall, formerly Fitzwilliam, of 

Grantham .... i-io 

Hall of Snarford - - - 444 
Hall of Spalding - - - 444 
Hall of AVestborough - - 445 
Halton of Worlaby and Glee - 445 
Hamby of Tathwell - - - 447 
Hamerton of Horncastle - - 449 
Hansard of Binbrook- - - 451 
Hansap.d of Biscathoupe, Gayton- 

le-AVold, and Humberstoxe - 451 
Haxsard of Cuxwold and Ussel- 

BY 453 

Hansard of Ludborouqh - - 455 
IL'lNsaui) of South Kelsey - 455 
Harbottle of Baston - - - 450 
Hardeuy of Evedon . - - 457 


]Ia RXEIS OF Laceby - - - 458 

•' ' ,- 





LTiT.L Axn South Witham- 


Spalding - - • " ' 
Hakrisox of Norton Place 


Hart of WfvANGLE 


Hastings of Bilsby - 
Hastings of East Kku. 
Hatcher of Carhby - 
Hatcltffe of Grimsby and Raven- 
dale ----*' 
Hatcliffe of Hatcltffe - 
Hawkredd of Boston - 
Hawley of Girsby 
Hawley of :Mablet!1orpe - 
HA^VLEY OF North Langton 


Heardson of Claytkorpe - 
Heneage of Hainton - 
Herenden of East Kirkby 
Heron of Burton Coggles- 
Heron of Cressev Hall, Sukfleet 
Heron of Lincoln 
Hevtett of Ingoldsby- 
Heydon (or Headon) of :\Ioulton 
Heyton of Long Sutton 
Hickman of Gainsborough - 
HoBSON OF Cambridge and Gednev 
Hobson of Scredington 
HoBSON of Spalding - 
Hodgson of Barlings - 
Hodgson of West Keal 
Holbeche of Stow 


Holland of Estovening :\Lvnor 
in swineshead - 




Holt of Clay pole 
' Honyvtood of Cjiaring in Kent, 
AND Lincoln - - - " 




. 479 

■ 480 
• 485 

■ 480 


HoumiTON OF Boston - 
Howe of Sudbrooke Holme ^ 
HowsoN OF Scunthorpe in Frod 

INGIiAM - - ■ " 


Hubbert OF Wainfleet 


Huddleston of Rowston - 

AND WiCKENBY - " " " 


HuNSTON OF Boston - 
Hurst of Barrowby - 

TON ----■" 

Husthwaite of Grimsby and 

Little Coates - 
Hutchinson of Alford 
Hutchinson of Lincoln and Thed 

Hyde of Langtoft 
Ingoldsby of Fishtoft 
Ingram of Bucknall ■ 
Ion of Bareow - 
Irby of Gosberton 
Irby of Suttlrton 


. 511 
■ 515 
. 515 

- u 




. 517 

- 518 

- 518 

- 519 

- 520 

- 521 



- 532 

- 534 

- 535 

- 537 

- 539 

- 540 

- 541 

- 541 

- 543 


Ironside of Nun Ormsby 

Ithell of Bratoft 

Jenkinson of Southrey in Bard- 

NEY ---"■' 

Jenkinson of East Wykeham-by 

Louth - - " ' 
Jenney of Knotshall (Jiodie Knod- 
isHALL), CO. Suffolk, and Horn- 
castle - - " ' ~ 
Jenyson of Keddington - 


Johnson of Bilsby 
Johnson of Claxby 
Johnson of Frieston Hall and 
of Aldborough, CO. Suffolk - 



- 545 



/.a V,, 





- [)02 

' 553 

- 554 

- 555 

- 558 

Johnson or RAiTJinv - 
JuLYAN or Lincoln 
Kay of IIolueacii 

KkLKE ok l^\nNl.TliY - 

Kent of ])onington-on-P>ain 

Kh.\r VI Ivjui'uN IN LiNCSEV 55'J 
Kent of LANCxoN-BY-IIoPtNCASTrE 550 

Kent of Lincoln - - - o'JO 
Key of Leaden itam, ani> ^YATER 

FULFORD, CO. YoiiK - - - 5G1 

KiUDALL OF South Ferriby - 5G3 

King of AsirBY-DE-LA-LAUNDE - 5G5 


Kingston of CiReat Grdlsry - 507 

Kirk.aian of East Keal - - 567 

KiRKTON of Grimsby - - - 5G9 

Knight of Lincoln - - - 509 

Knight of S\yinesuead - - 570 

Kyme of Friskney - - - 571 

Kyme of Stickford - - - 572 

Ky'nde of Coleby - - - 573 

Lacon of Humberstone - - 573 

Lacon of Tetney - - - 57-i 

Lacy of Gainsborough - - 570 

Lacy of Stamford - - - 57 G 

Lake of Irby - - - - 577 

Lambert of PiNcnBECK - - 578 
Lanam (or Lavenham) of Welton 570 

Langdale of Waltham - - 579 

Langholme of Conlsholme - - 580 

Langton of Langton - - - 580 

Larke of Gainsborouch - - 587 

Lawe of Candlesby - - - 587 

Lawes of Frieston - - - 588 

Lawes of Lincoln - - - 589 

LA^VSON OF PiEVESBY - - - 589 

Leach of Biscathorpe and Ranby 590 

Leach of Fulletby - - - 501 
Leake of Leake .... 592 

Leech of Belchford - - - 593 

Leiche of Langton-by.Wragby - 503 
Lely of Greetwell and Lincoln 504 

Lemyng of I^arnetby - - - 595 

Letton of Welbourn - - - 595 

Leverett of Grantham - - 505 

Lister of Burwell . - - 59G 


StAINSBY, and WliAGBY . - 598 

Lland];n of Dalby and IIundi.eby G(i2 


Loj)INutdn 0? FALI::NG^voRlJI and 

Fulnetby C05 

Long of Sleaford - - - GOO 
Long BOTH am of Butterwick ■ GOO 
Longstaffe of Hagnaby and IIal- 

ton Holgate - - - - GIG 
Longstaffe of IIorsington - Gil 


LowNDE OF "Winterton - - C13 

Lowndes of Bratoft - - - CI 3 

Lo^vsoN of Wainfleet - - G14 

Lucas of Fenton - - - C15 


Lyon of Koxby. ( Appendix.) - 74-1 
Lytler of Tatu\vell - - - G18 
Machell of Croft - - - G18 
JL\ddison of Alvixgham . - G19 
Maddison of Fonaly and Grim- 

blethorpe . . - . G22 
Maddison of Grimsby and GpvAIn- 

thorpe c2g 


Maddison of Withern - - G28 

Ma IN waring of Coleby and 

GoLTHO. (Appendix.) - - 745 
Malbys OF Enderby I\rALBYS - C29 


^Ianby of Elsham and Wragby - 630 


Mapletoft of North Thoresby - G3G 
Marbury of Girsby - - - G37 
>\Larsh of IIeckington - - C40 

Marsh of Louth- - - - 640 

I\IaRSH.VLL of A.-I.ACKBY - - 641 

]\L\iisH.ALL OF Boston - - - 641 


Mar-hall of Fihkerton and 

Lincoln 644 

SL\rshall of Louth - - - 645 
^Marshall of Theddletuorpe - GIG 
Marshall of West Lauguton - G52 


i ... 



;MAinvooi) OF LAi'(;jiTOX - - i;r)2 

MAeSINOBEKl) 01' r.UHGir, RrvATOIT, 

AND GUNl'.Y - . - - 053 

jrAssiNinJKKi) OF South Ou>rsnY - 000 


i<iAXL> Vi- i>Liiuii-L.K-jiAU;-U 

Medlkv of ]>i:ltox in Isli: of 

AxnoLMK - - - - - CG2 
^Meredith of HASsi.NGTiiORrK - C63 
]\[eri:s of Great Carltox, Kiinox, 
AND AUliOURX - - - - 603 

]\[etcalfe of liOUTH Park and 

Keddington - - - - G07 

Metcalfe of REVE^^BY- - - 008 

JIetham of Buij.ington - - 009 

MiCHKLL of South Withah - 671 


AValeshy 072 

middlecot of boston - - - 673 


MiDDLEilORE OF liUSBY - - 075 



JIiLNER OF Lincoln ... 678 

JIlLNEU OF WiCKENBY - - - 078 


MoNSON OF Burton and South 

Carlton - - - - - 680 
MoNsoN of Messingham - - 684 
MoNSON OF Newhayen, U.S.A. - G8i 


Moore of Bourne - - - 087 

Moore of Grantham - - - 087 

Moore of Stubton - - - 089 

Morgan of Gainsborough - - 090 

MoiiGAN of Scriyelsby - • 090 

]\10RLEY OF IjIXCOLN - - - 092 

MORYSON OF CaDEUY - - - 093 


thori'E, and Tiiorpe-by-Wain- 

r].EET '"U 


]\Iountford of Gainsborough - 090 


Needham of Gri.msby - - - 700 

Nelson of IIougha.m - - - 701 

Nelthoiipe of SoA^vBY- - - 702 

Netuercote.s of Xettleiiam - 705 

Keye of Hag\yorthingham - - 700 


Nevile of Haddington and Wel- 

lingore 711 

Newcomen of Ingoldmells - - 713 
Xewcoxen of Ivirkby-on- Bain - 713 
NE^vcoMEN of Saltfleetby and 

l0\y toynton - - - - 714 
Newstead of South Somercotes 723 
Xewton of Gonerby - - - 720 
XiCHOLi.s OF Corby - - - 727 
NicoLSON OF Gainsborough - - 727 
North AN of "Wickenby - - 728 
Norton of Sibsey - - - 728 
NoR^vooD ofWickham-by-Spalding 729 
Xottinghaim of Orby - - - 730 
Ogle of Pinchbeck - - - 730 
Oldfield of Dorrington - - 735 
Oldfield of Spalding- - - 735 

OlliLSBY OF XORTH (w Xun) 

Ormsby, Paetney, and Louth- 738 

OSGODBY of OsGODBY - - - 741 

OsNEY of Louth - - - - 712 

■i;!-.'' >' ■■ ;vj,i 

is t; ;■» . i [ , I 



^ ^ f, * )fV 

(©act of 33anton. 

Arms, — O'idrs, three siroriJi<,j)oiiils vpii'ards, in lend ar/jcni, Inlfs and pommels or. 

Granted 15 Oct. 1G49. 

Lancrley Gace of Panton-Ly-Wrag-bj.=^ 

Lang-lev Cace.=f=Eli7.abeth. dan. of Henry r)onlton of Aln'irail, livinfr 1721 ; mar, 

Adni'on Stixwold ; mar. lie. 2n July ir.TTalien AVilliam Wrii^dit, 17-1. 

(O.P.O.) 12 1 of Laiiotnn-l,y-Wrauby; n"iar. thereol — 

Sept. 1710. i Jnly 1077. Will dated 17 Jnly 1721 ; Grace, 1721 ; mar. . . . 

I proved 2 May 172G. Blowe. 

Tiangley Gace of- 
Pant<tn, ex'or to 
liis ])rother 
Joseph G ace's will 
1745. Will dated 
16 Feb. 177U; 
proved 4 Aug. 

-Elizalietli, Joseph Gace of Bracken-=Xaomi, dan. and co- 
daii. of borongh, lleceiver- heir of ilartin 

. . . .; liv- General for the pai'ts of lirowne of Lonth 
ing 17G9. Lindsoy ; Agent fur the andSaltfleetby ; mar. 

Duke of Kina'.ston ; l)ur. 

at Fan ton 1745. Will 

dated 1 :\Iarch 1744-5 ; 

proved 21 ]\[ay 1745. 

1720; bur. at Louth. 
Will dated 2 June, 
proved G Dec. 1745. 

Langley Gace, Vicar of 
Skidbrooke, co. Lin- 
coln, and Ftector of 
Widmcrpool, co. Notts; 
living 1770 ; died iin- 

Joseph Gace of Fan-=pAnne, dan. and heir of Theo- 
ton, born 1735 ; sold jjhilns Smith of Fearsby ; 
Fanton to Carr \ remar., IC Aug. 1770, to 
Brackenbury ; after- i Thomas Elmhirst of Stixwold 
wards of Rearsby • Abbey; died 18 March 182G, 
Hall, CO. Lincoln. | a3t. hi . 

A son, died at Stixwold 1782. 

. dau. 

Clark of Farnslev. 


Grantham=pSusan, Eli/ ibeth, (irace, 177i>.died XiLomi,liorn==Gcorge 

Gace of 
born 173'J ; 
living 177u. 

dau. of J77ii;mai-. nnniai-. 1 71*8. 1712; liv 

. . . . William — ing 1770. 

Scholey. Fetch. Mary, 1770; mar. 

Hubert Ncavc. 






y-il : 

' ■ : ' I in 

%..•... ,!i,:M 


'i .ill)'/ 



I.4loyCaco of the^Eliza, aau. J^^^ 
11 \" L M., Distrilmtnr ol Ucv. Uicc, stock 

;,VstX^intlu.l.omh|.lohnMor- broiler, born 

district ; died 1S28. j ley 

Eliza- Susan. Gruce. 

Of Louth, died unmi\r. 

^ -'• i5ri'^^^,t^n:T"orJ:;^s^^ 

iJglcy JoLph Eli.ilxtlK J^r^uy, died Four other daus. 
Gace. Oace. 


Gacc. living 1887. ^vifc j^ol I^cncik.}. ^,^.^j^,^^^,^ -iud uife. 

A.L,=Carr BracKenbury ELbeth. WUl dated G Jan. ^ildrcdy ^^^^ 
Hvin.' of Spilsby (see 17-21-2; proved 2/ ^laith 1 /^-, I 

172L P.1G8). ^ then of Fanton. ^ 

Thomas Gacc^Rosamond, dau. of Thomas 

of Worksop, 
CO. Notts. 

Lonu-ley ; mar. at AVorksop 
7 Feb. "1607-8. 

LoUlcy G»ce. bapt. at Wo,fcop Jo^ph Gace bapt. at ^Vo,.ksop 
1 April ICIO. 2^MayibiJ. 

Langley G ace, Eector of Sotby, co. Lincoln, 1 041-58. 
[I am indebted to G. W. Marshall, Esq., Rouge Croix, for this pedigrcc.-A. R. M.] 

(6amlj?n of ^paltfins. 

An excellent pedigree of this family is printed in the "Genealogist," vol. ii., 
pp. 386, 387. 

r /'I 


■ i lif 


(Sannodt of 33o5toiu 

Williiun Clnmi vk, iinMcliant of tlu.' Stiqilo of no.^ton.^Ursula 
\\\]\ dated 1 duly ].").S;; ; j. roved 25 March ir.'Jl--_'. 


''.'ili'iuii Ciiiiuock of r.osion, bur.-^ 
dicro 11 Aug. 1002. Adin'on 
((U'.C.) 12 Aivj:. 1G02. Second 
adinV'n irraiitod to Reginald Jlall 
'j'Jt March 1G03. 

Jane. Old)- don. and Iu-ir"of IV^chard T^-idlcstr/a 
of Pinchbeck ; bapt. at Pinclibcck 23 Dec. 1571 ; 
mar. at Bosion 21 Oct. 1585 ; adni'ix of her 
hnsl.)and 12 Aug. 1G02; reniar. Rct^inald Hall 
of Boston; bnr. at Boston 22 ilarch lG02-o. 

William (iannock, lst=f=, living 2.J JIarch 
lt]o:*, and 17 Feb. 

Robert Gannock, 2nd son 
21) .March 1 COS and 17 Feb. 
lGui'i-7 ; desei-ibod of Bos- 
ton 13 May 1623., bapt. at Boston Elizabeth, bnr. at Boston 
7 June 1G30. 23 April 16-12. 

John Gannock. 3rd^ 
i-on 29 :\rarch 1603 
and 17 Feb. 1606-7. 

]\Iartha, bapt. at Boston 
20 June 1621. 

ll-^'inald Gannnck, -ith son 
2:1' March 1603 and 17 Feb. 
1606-7. According to ye 
Register bnr. at Pinchbeck 
27 Sept. 1603. 

Posthnrans Gannock, 
bapt. at Boston 17 
March 1602-3 ; 5th 
sou 29 March 1603 
and 17 Feb. 1606-7. 

Rachel, oidy dan., living 
29 March 1603 and 17 
Feb. 1606-7 ; mar. at 
Boston, 15 Feb. 1619-20, 
Robert Cntlocke. 

(©annocU of g^ibst^. . . 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College] 

AiiJi.s. — Ermine, a. frcl and a chief (juJcs, (hereon three cresccnfs argent. 

John Gannock of Sibsey=p. . . . dan. of . . . . Turner. 

William Gannock of Sib-=pJoau, dan. of ... . Butler of co. 
sey, living in 1578 l)nt j Lincoln; (? widow of . , . . Por- 
dead in 15'Jii; su]>crvis(n- \ ter). Will dated 13 March 
to son Gregory Gannock 1589-90; proved 2-1 June 15;i(j ; 
in 1578 ; })roved his will, names her sons John and Symon 
1 Porter. 

Thomas Gan-=(: 
Will proved 
29 Nov. 1596. 

William (:ani!ock=f=Kaiharine, dau. of John pLol)ert Gannock ofn=^raric, 

of Sib.,..-y, died 7 i BrllinLdiam of Brond)v Skirbeck. Will dated ; dau. oi 

Feb. 1596-7; will j Wood! Will dated 2 Marcli, 20 July, proved 13 

proved 18 Feb. proved 20 March 1596-7. Dec. 1586. ex'trix. 

A B 

» -■,!! .' 

., M..^ 

.') ■'^■■'.1' 

'I -, I 




cohfir. iiMc4: of Cam 

bii(li,M'. named j 

in AVilliam 1 

(ianii'iek'swill | 

\\'illiam (lanndok, 'I'li'tli, liapt.. at .l^lm <iann.n.-k fif ,-Ul•^ula, iMlwanl (lan- 

L'nd sun. SiliM.'V is May Siliv(.\ .(.'klesi son, 

— U)St; ; mai-. bapt. at Sibst'y 
UoIhtl Gaiinock .Idiu ScoU. of .') Nov. l.'tSl ; 
of SiltM'V. AVill IJoston. ;vl. 11, i;»:iii; 
daua Jl i'fb. — .^uj'li v i;>ur t(j i>d- 
1 Ci 1 1-:' ; proved J8 I'ai'.li, mar. Isi^t ward Gannock's 
Jan. KIli'-o. Lawrence Uoh- \vi!!inir);5c). Will 

— inson, 2ndly dalrd 2i April 
Thomas Gannuek. Jolm WliiLini,' Itll?; proved y 

of BusLun. Ajn-il 1U48. 

lo^- >.p. 

Darliara, co- 

Edward Gaii- "\Villia!n Gannock of Sibscy, John Gan- Thomas ^lary, 

nock, bapL. 11 eldest son Klot; called ncick, i^nd GanJiock, nrir. 

Aii«,'., bur, :27 " Captain AVilliam Gannock" son 1G31. ord son. .Mariin 

Dec. IGIG at in father's will lG-i7. =p =P iirowue, 

Boston. =F 

Joshua Ganuock, "William Gauuock, 
uanicd in ji'rand- named in grand- 
father'swilllG-iT. father's will lGf7. 

Mary, named in 
grandfather's will 


Ursula, bapt. 

at Sibsey 17 
Feb. 1GG3-4. 

Gregory Gannock of Sibsey. Will dated 1 Dec.,:^Joan, dan. of Thomas Gannock ; 

proved IS I'cc. ].">78; names his father-in-law 
Thomas Gannock supervisor to his will. 

ex'trix to husljand's will, Ijut 
died before the probate. 

Edward Gannock, bapt. at Sibsey 2 June 1.37G ; named in Robert Gannock's- 
will K'ibG ; living in 1G21, 

Edward Gannock of Boston. Will^Siisan, dau. of Jane, mar. Thomas Tooley 

dated 17 Sejjt. 1G32 ; proved 11 
Mav 1G33. 

; ex'trix. of Boston ; nuir. lie. I'J 
July U;-2-2. 

John Gannock, named in John Gannock's will IG17. 

Thomas (iaiinock, called brother^ 
in Bobert Gannock's will 1.>SG; 
bur. at Sibsey 2C, May Ib'XK 

Richard Gannock, called^ 
brother in Robert (ian- 
nock's will 1,'»8G. 


]\Iary, mar. 

John Au- 

Robert Gannock, (iregory Gannock, named 

named in R,obert in R<.bert (Jannock's will 

Gannock's will ].'i8G ; ijiir. at Sib-ey 10 

15bG. July I'o'JV. 

John Gannock, ThomasGannock, 

naiuid in Bo- iianu-d in Bobi'rt 

liert Gannock's Ganin^ek's will 

will ibUG. loSU, 

> ,■.->. ' 

i! :; f 'V I 

LixcoLNsiiniE rKi>ir.UEi:s. 


Rioliard (Jaimock cf S:i<:knoy. Will jnovcJ IS Juiu' IfiSo.^ 

(lfui.~fChristo|)hor ('JaiMiock of=Sara "Read, widow, of Oreat Stecpinj; ; mar. 
StirkiK-y. y.'o!n;ni,:vr. ^J lie. It IVb. 1('.10-20, thou xt. -1.0; vcmar. 
1,-L wife. in UilU ; dead in itii'i'. .loiiii Lliec&inaii (^aiur. lie. -.J i'ob. lJ22-o). 

2nd wife. 

John Ganuock of .Stickncy, y<-'onian. Will dated^ 
2G Jan. IGoS-'J ; proved IGoi). 

Tli'-inas Gannock.-,- 

liicliaid Cannock of Stickney, yeoman. ^-Ai^nies, dan. of 
Will dated 11 April, proved 1 July lGi'7. . T. . ; ex'trix. 

I'^lizabctli, named Susanna, named John Gaunock,* named Elizabeth. Susan, 
in grandfather's in grandfather's in lather's will asunder Kauied in f^rand- 
^vill. will. age. 'father's will. 

Adra'on of Thomas Gannock of Stiekney given to William Gaunock of Boston 
•JO July JoSO. 

Adm'on of William Ganuock of Stickney given to his sister Avice Goche alias 
Gannock, widow, of Levertou, 27 July 161G. • • 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Or, oii a chevron bciifecn three griffins' heads erased azure tico lions 

combatant aryent. 

Sir Tliomas Gardner,=f ]^Ial)cll, dan. of Xicholas 

Knt., 14GG 


I i II I . 

John Gardner, Stephen Gardner, 4th son, Lord Sir Thomas^Eleanor, dan 

•>nd cr^n ni.o„,.,>1L.,. ^i- V,,-, ),..,.! .,.1.1 r!ni-.7i,r,r rxf <sir J, .1,1 

I'ud son. Chancellor of England and Gardner, 

— Bishop of Winchester. Knt., living 

IJichard Gardner, — loOO. 

Jird sou. Christopher Gardner, 5th son. 

of Sir John 
Savage, Knt. 

Ednuiud Tiiomas=f=Anne, dan. and CO- Henry Gardner, Richard Gardner, 

(iardu'T, Gardiiei', I heir of William 3r«l son. 5th son. 
1st son. 2nd sun, Ilardbene of — — 

of Lin- Bishop's Xorton. Giles Gardner, William Gardner, 

coin. 4th sou. Cth son. 

* John Gannock and Ellen Kyme, both single, mar. at Stickney 20 June 1G65. 

f-.ll ■■ ii, •/ 

'■'.m:;' '» 

•. h,J{i 

,.i":-- ^r.- 

>fv-„,) ...;:, 

I'.;.'' 1..-' 1 ..(•( -j-rr . ; 

:'■' l.:u 




Gardiior j dau. of's I Richard 
Norton, | Fitzwil- 
IsL son. i lianis of 
I Aidwaiku. 

. . . . daii. ami 8iile— Henry Gardner, 2nd=plsal.)cl, dan. of 
heir of .... JiOiig- son, of Waddiiiirhaiii .... Chii)Si;y; 
man (or Lorynier) Snitierl)}' ; died 28 surviving i? 
of Hanon. Jj^fc Aui,'. 1 .Mary. Will ]\rarch l Mary, 
wife. daUd (> .liinc 7 Ed- 16Du-i. 

\\ aru vl., ].i)i)d. 

Cecily, dan. and heir, mar. Thomas Booth of ^Middle Soyie in Killiiigholine ; 
bur. at Bishop's Norton -JS April 159U. 

Thomas Card- Robert Henry Gardner, 3rd son, under=^Joan, \\'illiam 

ner, son and Garduei', age G June 7 Edward YI., 155o; dau. of Gardner, 

heir, ret. 30 2nd son, released liis messuage called Peter 4th son, 

and more 17 living Partney llall in Kirton to triis- Flusher living G 

March 1553-i:; G June tees -1 Oct. 19 Eliz., 1577 ; of ; of June 

mar 1553. Kirton in Lindsey IG March i Lewes. 1553. 


Thomas Gardner, George Gardner. IMary. Joan, 

fet. 28, 1592. — _ _ 

— John Gardner. Eliza- Maude. 

Ralph Gardner. beth. 


Isabel, mar. Rich- 
ard. Lacy of Kir- 
ton in Lindsey. 

Philip Gardner,^ 
5th son or 2nd, 
of Bishop's Nor- 
ton, living 6 June 

^Brigett, dau. 
of John 
Booth of 

Edujoud Gardner. 


Mary, mar. Tho- 
mas Wigan. 

Faith, mar. at Heap- Troth. 

ham, 22 May 1570, — 

Humphry Bransby Anne. 

of Ileapham. — 


Ambrose Gardner=pKatherine 

of G reat Grimsby, Needham, mar, 

bur. there 23 Mar. 

atGreat Grims- 
by 6 Oct. 1591. 

Thomas Gardner of=]\rary, dau. 
South Willingham. of Cuth- 
Will (nuncupative) bert Chil- 
datcd 19 May 1G15 ; toaofDur- 
proved 27 May 1G15. ham. 


Ambi'osc Gardner of=f=Sus:in, dau. of . 
Great Grimslty, bur. Thai'rat ; mar. 

there -1 Nov. 1G52. 

(rreat Grimsby 
Feb. 1C19-20. 

Dorothy, dau., bapt. 
at at Great Grimsby 9 
7 Nov. 1594. 

Anne, l>ur. 
at Great 
Grimsby 10 
Nov. 1595. 

Johii Gardner, 1st 
son, bapt. at Great 
Grimsby 9 Aug. 
1G20; bur. there 
15 Autr. 1G20. 

Gervasc Gard-- 
ner, 2nd son, 
bapt. at Great 
Grimsby 14 
Oct. 1G21. 


= Frances, dau. of 
. . . . ; bur. at 
Great Grim>by 
13 July 1GG5. 

Thomas Gardner, 3rd 
son, bapt. at Great 
Grimsby 2G June 
1G3G ; bur. there 17 
Jan. 1G3G-7. 


liij {) V 




Gervase Cardncv of GrtaL Criiui^li}-, l>ur.=pr(iitli, dan. of 
therc3Jim. ICIU'.-J. I 

ruTViise Cfiviliicr, soli, Ainl)ruse GarJiicr, Anne, })a}it. at i\IargnvL't, bapt. at 
l..ii't. at Givat (!riin,<- son, 1;") j\rarcli Great Grimsliy Groat Grimsbv 10 
l,v J(i AoY. lli/i\ ltjii)-b, :^5 icb. 1(jo5-D. April iCbl. 

Ur.'^ula, bapt. at Anne, bapt, at Great Grimsby TJeltecca, bapt. Sni^annn, bapt. 

Great Grimsby 8 3 Dec. 1C2(J. at Great atGreatGrims- V 

JbiylCiT); bur. — Grimsby 15 by 17 Sept., 

tl;erc 18 May Margaret, bapt. at Great Grims- Nov. 1G33. bur. 23 Oct. 

1(;25. by Jan. 1G28-0. 1G38. 

Henry Gardner of "Waddinghani, a legatee of bis nepliew^ 
Tliomas Mountford of Gainsborough 2 Sept. 1020. 

Thomas Gardner, son, hving 2 Sept. 1020. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Argent^ a hide's head culosheil and in cMef a midUt for difference yules. 

William Garnou^Agnes, dau. of John Cosley of co. Derby 

of Brant Brou2:h- 

(or Anne, dau. of John Crosley, co. Derby. 
See Harl. Soc, Vol. IV., p. 135). 

Anne, dau. of John=rP^it^lifi''t^ Garimn of Brant^Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Brnde 


of Branston. 

Jane. Mary. 

William Garnon of=pMargarot, dau. of Wil- Sarah, mar. Ed- 

Brant Brou;,diton 

Ham Stnrdevant of ward Ayscough 
Carlton-on-Trent, co. of co. Lincoln. 

I I I Ml 

William Gar- Richard Garnon, 2nd = Kli/.abetli, dan. of Jolin Elizabeth. 

non, Jst son, son, Rect(jr of NorLli Alexander Clarke (iarnon, — 

ajt. 13, 1G3-1. Witham ; died 5 Feb. of Ncwark-on- 3rd son. Margaret. 

1C88-9, ait. 04. Trent; died 1728. — 


[The first pencrition is very like the third in the [Kidigrec of Garnon in the " Visilatiou of 
Notts," Iliul. Soc., Vol. IV., p. 135.] 


"VAiK — ..-.yldi: 


i ; " i ■ ! 


LiNCOL>;siii]a: PEincrEi's. 

earrctt of IDcisIjinrjtoiu 

[Harl. !MS. U?>b. Charity Commissioner^' Kci'ort, p. 237.] 

Marv (Ian of ;=pStcp1icn Garrett of=Mar!:arot, dan. of Ilainon 

bur''nt Wosliins:- nuiirhin.ulon, hur. Whiohcot of Dmiston ; 
horou<'li 1-* l>oc. anVashin[,^V>orough Imr. at Wasliinu'buroiigli 

_'7 u.'.. j:>s:>. V', f.'K r. 00-01 


William Garrett=rJiHlitli, (laii.: 

of lIeiy;hingtou, 
borougl) 21 Dec. 
IGIO. 1st hus- 

ot . . . . 
Randes ; 
mar. at St. 
Lincoln, 14 
Nov. 1585. 

-John Cooper 
of Washing- 
Clerk ; mar. 
thoreOO July 
IGll. 2nd 


Thomas Garrett of llcighing- Elizabeth, 
ton and Canwick, founded the bapt, at 
Grammar School at Heighing- St. Mar- 
ton 1G18-19 ; bur. at Washing- garet's 
boroutrh 10 Jan. 1020-21. Will 2i) Sept. 
dated^G Jan. 1G19-20 ; proved 1587. 
28 March 1G21. 

bapt. at 
borough 3 
May 1505 ; 
bur. there 10 
Sept. 1.585. 

Mary, bapt. at St. :Mar- 
garet's 30 Dec. 15^9 ; 
mar. at Washingltorough, 
8 Oct. 1C09. John Chip- 
pindale of Blakiuhall in 
CO. Staflord ; heir-at-law 
of Thomas Garrett 1G21. 

bur. at 
9 ]^Iay 

bapt. at 
13 Aug. 

#avtt)Vuaitc of jTulbctU, Bailsstont, iiopslfj.', 

anU (ipvantljam. 

Arms (ancient).— 6'»/^s, a chevron or. 

Crust.— A mast ijj' proper, chained and collared or. 

Abms (modern).— (?iw;Yt;7//, per /esse indented: 1 

Crest.— yl masfiff of a brindled or variegated mixed 

cluiin rc/hzcd over the hack or. 
Motto.— Fi EL. 

and 4, Gnlc!^, a chevron or; 
colour, collared dovetail, wdh a 

.... Garthwaite, ad-- 
mittedly of the ancient 
family 'of Garthwaite 
of llichmoudshire in 







Daniel D'lsney^ 
of Norton Dis- 
ney, CO. Tiin- 
coln, Sherift" of 
1582 ; died 


:^L^ry, dau. 
of Sir Ed- 
mund Moly- 
neux of 
ILiwton and 
Notts, Knt. 

'i i>\') 



'riionins Ashton or^EIi/.iibctli, eldest clan. ("Williaiii Sir ircni-v Disney, Kiit. 

A-'iiii "f St;iii!)liui, 
r... Noils. I'lidlnis- 


Stiiiinluii el" Staunton, 1st 1ms- ol' Xortun J)isney, co. 
hand; .... lUisev, old huslMiid). Lincoln. 

IJr-v. Miles Ganhwaite, :^^.A.,= 
luTJi circa 1570 ; lieccor of 
F!iil>i'ck, CO. Ijincoln; presented 
Id that living by Queen Eliz., 
instituted 3 April Ib'JS, cora- 
poiiiidcd first; frnits -4 April ; 
niiir. at Hackney, co. ^liddlesex, 
).". .May 1509 (P.ll.) ; died 4 
.iaii. IGIG per his epitaph (Ilarl. 
MS. C,s-20, f. 314), let. 40, but 
f'li .") Jan. per inq. p.m. taken 
at Slealord 2 ^lay 1 3 Jac. I. ; 
R 'ised of lands (Sutton's Fai-in, 
IJarton's Farm, and Catlin's 
Kanii) held of the ]\Ianors of 
I'ullieck and Long Ledeuhani, 
i-'>. Lincoln ; bur, at Fulbeck 
1:.' Jan. 1010. Will proved at 
Lincoln by Ellen ("iarihwaite the 
widow and ex'trix; the date ap- 
pears to have been shortly prior 
tdthebirth of his dan. Elizabeth, 
who was bapt. 21 ]\Iay 1015; 
mentions iiis children as below 
and his "Cozen Roc of AVel- 
borne"; legacy to poor of parish 
of Fulbeck; to be bur. in chancel 
atFulbecke. Agnes Garth waite, Fulbeck 7Dec.lG12,may 
liave been his mother or sister. 

plTelena otherwise El-= 
Icn, dan. and in her 
issue coheir of Wal- 
ter And ley of Gran- 
tham, Alderman of 
Grantham ; bapt. 
there 3 Feb. 15^0-81 
as Ellen ; as Helena 
G arch waite she erect- 
ed the ^r.L in Fnl- 

i licck Church to Mr. 

; ]\Hlcs Garthwaite 
(sec ILiiL :\LS. OSL".), 
f. 314); called Helen 

■ Gartlnvaite of Ful- 

j beck, ^vidow, tet. 3(5, 

, in mar. lie, Lincoln, 
1 Aug. 1021 ; called 

I Elliner in Fulbeck 
Register 14 Aug. 
1021 ; she was of 
the family of And- 
ley of Welborne, co. 
Lincoln ; called El- 
len in her husband's 
will, proved at Lin- 

' coin IGIG, sole 

I ex'trix thereof. 

or Her- 
ring of 
a)t. 30 
in mar. 
in Ful- 
ter 14 
A US". 

Rev. Thomas 
being B.A. 
St. John's 
1000-1; M.A. 
] 004 ; incor- 
jjorated ^I.A. 
Oxford 14 
July 10 12 ; 
Yicar of Co}i- 
docke, Suf- 
folk, 1G17 ; 
licence for 
mar. of ^liles 
Garth waite's 
widow with 
Heron *1C21, 
which indi- 
cates a near 
and he is then 
called of Fnl- 

Eleazer Garthwaite, Anna, bapt. at Fnl- 
ba})t. at Fulbeck 21 beck 13 Nov. 1009 
May 1015 (P.R.); (P.R.) ; not men- 
mentioned in his Lioned in her father's 
father's will. will. 

Elizabeth, bant, at Fulljcck 21 
:\ray 1015 (P.R.) ; mentioned 
in her father's will as " that 
which is now wiliiin y wombe 
of my wife." 

Timothy Gartliwaite, bapt. at Fulbeck 11 
Jan. I(;u0 (P.R.) ; mentioned in his 
father's will. Timothy Garihwaite was 
a printer 1GG5 (see Isaac Walton's "Life 
of Dr. Robert Sanderson, Tiisliop of Lin- 
coln"), and a bookseller 1059 (see ex- 
tract from his letter to Archbishoji Slicl- 
don 7 Xov. 1059 in Bodleian Library at 
D Oxford, MS. Tanueri, Xo. 51, f. 158.) 

VOli. II. 

Ben jam ill Garth- 
waite (IL),bapt. 
at Fulbeck 10 
Nov. 1011 
(P.R.) ; men- 
tioned in his 
father's will. 

f]dward Garth- 
waite, bapt. at 
Fulbeck 27 
Feb. 1013 
(P.R.) ; men- 
tioned in his 
father's will 



,.1 ;ii>,< 


.1.1 ji 



b;»pt. ;it 

FuiiKck •:: 

Sr})t. ]i;()l 

as son in 
liis fallKi's 

Thomas (lartlnvaito. lia]»t. at Fnlbock 17 April r.enj;unin 

1 ('.o:^, (IMM; nn'iuinnc'l as son in liis father's (!arth\vail,c 

will ; matvicnlatod at Lincoln College, Oxford, 2S (I.), hapt. 

.Ian. ItU !•-:?<>. doscril'fd :m sun of a cl-Tiryinan in al rnllnck 

j.iiici'lnsliirr, a'l. K',. Thomas (Jarthwaitc v{ is Xuv. 

ilarmMoiie, <J'.'ui., • .s a ljin(;(il!:.-hi;e P:tr!iann'!ii- ICo!; l»iir. 

arian in the Civil War; indicted for high treason there 1l' 

at Grantham 104:5. A Ijincoln mar. lie. ir.o'.) for May ICO!) 

'i'homas (^larthwait of llaruisii.n ami llt?lrnllar- (IMI.). 
bert tjf Colliy, widow ; snrety, l^dwanl (i art h wait 
of Bluukney, CO. jjincoln. 

? Annc=lk;v. Ephraim Oarthwaite, M.A., cldost son= 
Dixon, and heir (per inq. |).m. pati-is ejus) ; called 
1st eldest S'*n in his lather's will ; bapt. at Fnl- 

wife. beck IS ^Fay IGOO (P.R.) ; Kt. 17 and more 
at his father's death (inq. p.m.) ; matricu- 
lated Brazenose College, Oxford, :?8 Jan. 
1010-20, then described as filius elerici from 
Lincolnshire, a?l. 18 ; B.A. 8 Feb. 1020-21 ; 
M.A. 25 June 1023 ; mar. before Jan. 
1C37-8; Rector of Barkstonc (le Willows), 
CO. Lincoln ; presented to that living by 
John Disney, armiger ; instituted 17 Aug. 
10-il ; compounded for first fruits 13 ]\Iay 
1043 (Thomas Trott was Rector in Ids room 
2-1- Sept. 1052 under Oiiver Cromwell): "a 
godly and orthodox divine," ordered to 
ofliciate at Kiuiiseliire, co. Northampton, 13 
Feb. lG-li(AddV^rS. 15,009) ; dead 10 July 
1003 (iter his dau.'s mar. lie). A mar. lie. 
was granted at Lincoln for P^phraim (Jarih- 
waite of Fulbecke, ^LA., and .\nn Dixon of 
Jtowston, spr., 23 Jan. 1023-i. 

^Dorothy, mar. 1st 
William Bun- 
worth of JJark- 
Btone, Lincoln, 
son of William 
Bunworth of 
Barkstone afore- 
said. William 
Bunworth died 
21 April 1031. 
She was living 
]\Ir. Gartliwaite's 
widow 10 July 
1003 (per mar. 
lie. of her dan. 
]\Irs. Dove,A'icar- 
Genei-al's Olhce), 
then of Barkstone 
aforesaid. Will 
dated 13 March 
1072-3 ; proved, 
Lincoln, 8 April 

in Wil- 
will 7 
April 7 
Car. L 

Elianor,=rRev. Timothy Dove, M.A., Rector of Rippingale, co. Lincoln, which 
bapt. at I living was formerly in three sejjai-ate parts, often with ditlerent 
Rectors, compounded for first Irnits — first portion 4 'May 1057, 
second portion 27 April 1058— in the days of Oliver Cromwell. He 

17 April 
mar. lie. 10 
July 1CC3 
(Jen.) for 
Fulham or 

was in the year of the Restoration, lOOO, instituted to pans 
by Bishop Sanderson, on the presentation of Sir John Brownlow ; 
instituted to the third portion by Bishop Fuller 7 Dec. lOGt), on 
same patron's presentation; ordained by the Bishop of Ardfert and 
Aghadoe in L-eland. Admitted Emanuel College, Candjridge, June 
1(;.')0, St. John's College there 21 Jan. 1053-4, let. 20 ; B.A. befoic 
1059, ]\I.A. 1070. Son of the Rev. Barjonah Dove, Vicar of 

Aslackby, co. Lincoln, temp. Charles L, who was admitted Sizar 
Emanuel College, Cambridge, 30 Ju: 

me lOO'J, A.B. 1012, A.^I. 1010. 


Issue Bftveral children, including Barjonas Dove, Yicar of Croxton, Leicestei-sbire, 
1701 ; B.A. Emanuel CuU-ge, Cambridge, 1090. 

LiNCOLXSiintE ri:irx(;RKES. 


Ki'V. T'pliraiin ("Irn-lliwnilc, :\1.A., lupt. at r.nrkstcMi.' '22 \u<i.- 
ICIT; C(liu-;ueil at (iraiiiham (iiaiiiiuar Scliccl ; admittt-d 
Cliiist's College, Canil'iitluo, 2r, April lt;i; I, a.T. KJ .years, 
r..A. 1('('7, ^l.A. ICTl ; instiliito.l to la.'ctory of Harcston, 
CO. liciccster, 17 Deo. ICTl, t!ioii h.'iiig 21 years okl, on 
|ui-.-eiiuuiuii oi ivint; Charles U. ; LO \ icara-j u." Ci'oxtor; 
Kiriol in same co/? Match IGSO-Sl, on presentation of 
the Earl of IJnthuul ; to Koctory of Ropslcy in the co. of 
Lincoln 1!) Feb. IG'Jl-i, on preseuiation of the Earl of 
K'utland ; vesii;-ned Viearajic of Croxton Kiriel 1002 ; died 
21 day of. . . . 1719, xt. 71, having been Kector of Harc- 
ston 48 years and of Ropsley 28 years ; bnr. l>eforc the Holy 
TaV)le nt'llopsley. :\r.l . on "ilat stone (see Nichols' " Hisloiy 
of licicestershiie," vol. ii., where there are views of Croxton 
and llai-eston Chnrches). Will dated 20 Dec. 1715 ; proved 
at Tiincoln 5 Get. 1719. Legacies to poor of Rr.psley and 
Ifarston. IMentioncd in will of his brother Nathaniel 1702. 


]]lr;)7,ar (!ar- 
at r>arkstune 

Snsar.i.i (?). 
In will of. Tn- 
dith Audlcy 
of Houghton, 
near Graiit- 
iiani, widow, 
30 Jnly 
](;r>5, she 
£0 to Sus- 
anna, dau. of 
T^Ir. Ephraim 

Dannye, mentioned Dorothy, mentioned Anna Maria, men- Son Dannyc also 

in her father's will in her "father's will, tioned in her mentioned, but 

1715 ; ]nar. Tho- ex'trix thereof. father's will, co- i)erhap3 mistake 

mas Johnson. ex'trix thereof. for daughter. 

Nathaniel Garthwaitc, Esq., bapt. at Barkstono, co.:: 
Lincoln, 2 Jan. 1007-8 ; living at Grantham, co. 
JJncoln, U Sept. 1GS2 (Nichols' "Leicestershire," 
vol, i., p. 490) ; a Commissioner for Aids for co. 
Lincoln 1G89 (sec Statute 1 William III.), and 
pubsequentlv had lands at Ilarlexton, co. Lincoln ; 
bur. at Grantham 5 Feb. 1702-3 (P.R.). Will 
dated 23 Dec. 1702 ; proved at Lincoln 21 April 
1703 ; legacy to poor of Grantham. 

:^Iary, dau. of . . . . ; widow of 
.... Coddington ; mar. at 
Graniham 2 April 1GG2 ; liv- 
ing 14 Sept. lG.i2 ; mentioned 
in her husband's will, sole 
ex'trix thereof ; proved s;ime 
1703; bur. at Grantham 18 
June 1716 (P.R.) 

]\lary, bapt. 
at Grantham 
28 0ct.lGGG; 
bnr. there 
21 Oct. 1089 

Elinora, bapt. Anne, bapt. at Grantham Sustinna, bapt. at Gran- 
at Grantham 22 Nov. 1G74 (P.R.); tham 4 Sept. 1G78; 
lONov. 1G72; mar. Eakins Lenton. and menlioued in her fa- 
bur, there 7 had issue Anne and Sus- ther's will 1702; bur. 
March l(;72-3 sanna. All three men- at Grantham 15 Aug. 
(IMi.). tioned in her father's will 1740 (P.R.). 

Ephraim Gar- 
thwaitc (L), 
bapt. at Gi'an- 
tham 9 June 
1 G7G ; Inir. 
there 2<> Feb. 
1G7G-7 (P.R.). 

Ephraim Gar- 
thwaitc (II.), 
bapt. at Gran- 
tham 15 Sept., 
bur. IG Dec. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Grantliam=pSarauel Cod- 
15 Feb. lGGi^-3(P.R.) ; men- dington.mar. 
tioned in her father's will by licence, at 
1702; as Elizabeth Codding- Grantham, 
ton, wi<low, bur. at Grantham 1 St-pt. 1G92 
1 Dec. 1737 (P.R.). (P.R-)- 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Grantham 9 Aug. 1G95 (I\R.). Mary. Lienor. 
All three mentioned in will of their grandfather Garthwaitc. 

1 'i 


Tlioinas Clar- Edwavtl (JniLlnviiito, '2\u\ son who survived, l>:iiit.^Aniic, dan. of 

thwaitoj^i^. at Oranthain U Jan. K^C.O-Tit (P.U.) : l\vin;j 11 ; . . . . M'-nTi-; 

at Craiuham Sept. IdM'.alsoin 1702 ; was of (Tmnthain ; iik-u- , iiruved licr 

9 Fcb.Kir.T-S: lioiied in his fatlior's will ITOJ ; a C'l'mmissioiicr 

bur. there '20 i\<v Aids for Liiu-ohishire (Siatuti; 1 Anne) ; sole 

,T IV ]C,7-2 \lder!n:)n of the t'.-'vna'vi -'ol-e of rs-inHKim 1710; 

(r.ix.). bur. at Grantham 11 .March 1717 {VAi.). 

will 171S. 

Nathaniel (Jartliwaite, Vnqit. at C rant ham G Nov. 
1705 ; bur. there o Jan. 17i'G-l (P. 11.). 

Klizalx.'th, liapt. at Craiitliam 
y AuL,^ IG'.!.") (IMl.). 

Nathaniel (iarthwaite, ckkst son, living 14 Sept. 1 082 ;=p Jane, dan. of Gervis Jack- 
bapt. at Grantham 20 Nov. 1GG-1(P.R.); removed to : son; mar. before Aug. 
London ; mentioned as eldest son in his father's will j 1G89 ; died 2, bur. Jan. 
1702, and as of London ; died Oct. 1721 ; bur. 21 Oct. ' 1738-9 in middle aisle of 
1721 in middle aisle of St. Diouis Oackchurch. St. Dionis, Loudon. 

]Mary, bapt. 
at St. Dionis 
London, 15 
Aug. 1C89. 

Jane, bapt. at St. Diouis 
20 June 1G91 ; died 
unmar. at Shackleford 
Feb. 1703, -xt. 72; bur. 
at Pepper Harrow, co. 
Surrey. ]\LI. there. 

Elizabeth, born 10 ^lay, bapt. 19 ^May 
lG9r> at St. Dionis ; mentioned in will 
of her grandfather Gartliwaitc 17o2; 
died unmar. at Shackleford 21 Feb. 
1773, lot. 78 ; bur. at Pepper Harrow, 
Surrey. !^LL there. 

Nathaniel Garthwaite, 
bapt. at St. Dionis 28 
Aug. 1093; bin", in 
middle aisle there 19 
Aug. 1091. 

Tiiomas Garthwaite, 
1)orn 1 Nov. 1G97 ; 
bapt. ue.xt day at St. 
] )ionis ; bur. iu middle 
'aisle there 5 May 1699. 

Edward Garthwaite, a Commissioner of Land^pElizabeth, 
Tax for Surrey ; removed to Shackleford in i dau. and 
that county ; mentioned in will of his grand- I coheir of 
father Garthwaite 1702; died in Argyll Street, | John 
London, 22 Oct. 1781 ; bur. at Godalming j Douce of 
29 Oct. 1781 (monument disa)ipeared with ! Clarendon 
Church restoratiou, V'Ut buried within the ' inJamaica; 
Church). Will dated 3 Nov. 1780; i)r'ived ■ bur. in 
in P.C.C. ; to Ijb bur. at Godalming by side of j Godalming 
his wife. Left estates at Shackleford, Pepper i Church 7 
Harrow, in co. York, and in Jamaica. 2nd Dec. 177-1 
husband. (P.R.). 

John Douce Garthwaite, only son, born 23 Nov. 17-11 ;=y= Fanny, youngest dau. and 
of Shackleford, which was sold by his means; lord of ; coheir of William Ilan- 
thc manors of Burncyre and Tregayre, co. Cornwall; : cock, ^LD., of tlie Close, 
lived at Chichester ; was for many years a pri.soner of I Salislmry; died in Bernard 
war at Valenciennes in France, where he died -L Feb. j Street, Kns-ell .Npiare, 20 
isM. l).-alh proved in Chancery (see Chancery Becord | Feb. is] 7 ("Gent. Mag."). 
of "Garthwaite v. Robinsun "" and "Gent. iMag.," | lla.l issue six children (see 
vol. Ixxxiv.). same Record). 

I -io/. 



i:,;-.varJ Jolm Douce Gartlnvnite, eUksL son,=Siisanna, yoimirf'st dau. of 

.Im'ooii Itorn l> AuiT. 177."); Ensiuni Roval Siis- Tiioinas Allmiit of Lon- 

(I'ariliwaitc, sex Militia 28 Nov. 17'jr); Ca]itain 

d;r.] I'a, bnr. 1 Mny 1 Sti;] ; lived at Shackleford, Chi- 

L'l; Sept. Chester, Pilinoro Ilall. co. Durham 

:— 7 :.t r.hW r.f that rr,-intv\ ■■v,)>\ l^ipon : 

(indalining I^ord of the Jranors of Ikirncyre and 

(IMi.). Tregayre ; died at Iiipon 13 Aug. 
185o, s.p. 

Tiioinas A 11 mi (t of Lon- 
don, and sister of the Jolui 
AllniUt who mar, ]\Tr. ("iar- 
thwaitc's sister IClizabeth 
]\-,)ii-o : )'-:ar. \]iri! ]7'.i7; 
She died liis widow 18(30. 

IMword llancoek Garthwaite, 
Second Lieut. Royal ]\Iarines G 
.lane 17'J6 ; ]\rajor 27 ^^day 1825; 
Kcrved on board the '" Champion," 
"Prince George," '* Egyptienne," 
and '' Mars "; retired Sept. 1827 ; 
Major in the Army on the Conti- 
mnt 9 Nov. 1S2G to his death; 
]Aiid of the Manors of Burneyre 
and Tregayre, which on his death 
went to his nephew Jolm Allnuit; 
lived at Ripon, where he died 4 
.lune 18G3, unmar. Will proved 
in 0. P. 18G3. 

George Garthwaite, En-= 
sign 2nd Royal Surrey 
]\niitia 25 Jan. 1805*; 
Captain 31 July 1806 ; 
resigned Sept. 1812 ; 
died ], bur. 6 June 
1822 at Sr. Luke's, 
Chelsea. Letters of 
administration granted 
to his granddau. ilrs. 
Farish as representa- 
tive of her father by 
tlie High Court of Jus- 

=Jane Chapel, dau. 
of William Ran- 
dall by Ruth his 
wife ; mar. at 
Appledram, near 
Chichester, 30 
June 1803 (mar. 
lie. Chichester 29 
June 1803; father 
dead, niotlier con- 
sents) ; died 1 
May 1821. 

G. Frederick William Garthwaite, born 
25 July 1814 ; a Solicitor, but did not 
practise ; died at Pilmore House 14 
May 18i0, unmar. ; bnr. at Hurwortl), 
CO. Durham. 


7. Sophia 

8. Edward 

All died v. p., infants and nnraar. 
(proved in Chancery). 

1. ^laria, eldest dan., ob. infans 
iniuipt v.p. (proved in Chancery). 

2. I'anny, liorn IG Dec. 1805 (as 

proved in Chancery) ; mar 

Peinte ; living in i8(;3. 

3. John George Garthwaite, eldest 
son, ob. infans v.p. and umnar. 
(proved in Chancery). 

4. Walter Hancock: 
Garthwaite, born 27 
Nov. 1808 (as jiroved 
in Chancery) ; bapt. 
at St. Lawrence in 
Thanct 28 Dec. 1 808. 
Letters of adminis- 
tration granted to his 
daughter, as sole next- 
of-kin, by the High 
Court of Justice. 

^Georgiana, 2nd dau. 
of William Vaughan 
of Eyton in Alber- 
bnry, Salop ; born 
23 June 1813 ; mar. 
at Alberbnry, co. 
Salop, Christnias Eve 
1829 ; died 23 Aug. 

Walter Garthwaite, only son, Georgiana, Bole=pEd\vard Farish of Fanny, died 
born at Alberbury, Salop, 9 heir, repi'csen- | Ferisland and of let. 18 

tative of the 
Gartliwaites ; 
born 2G Feb. 
1>!37 ; mar. 28 
Oct. 1854; liv- 
ing 1902. 

July 1833 ; of the 5th Dra- 
goon Guards; author of 
'"riie Crucifixion," "The 
Last Judgment," and " ]\Iis- 
cellaiioous Poems"; died at 
Siege of Sevastopol 1855 
(Medal and Clasp). 

London, born 17 
Nov. 1831 ; died 
at Kingsnorth 
liectory, Kent, 9 
Sept. 189C ; bur. 
at Beckenham, co. 


lOmily, died 
when tet. 8 

:v;lnr.i» ,, r'V 

"• 1 

"1 ■:',.') 

♦ •((■ 

t I 


LINCOI.^•SUlllE rr.DlGllKKS. 

EdwfWil ("Jiirilnvaitv Fa- 
rish,* hovu S IVli. is.'.ii ; 
a solicitvT in L.nulon ; 
patron cf Coin\s\irthy ; 
li villi? 1002. 

T..(>nava Waltcr^Valcric Arthur Farish F^irisli 

\u.- lS('l;liv- (Ian. (.f a solicitor, late Lap- 

in/loo-J. H. 10. tain, living ]'J(>2. 


Claude Tlc\zi- 
nnlil Tltorno 
P'uvisli, l»<""ii 
?, Jan. 1870; 
livins 19"2- 

John Farish,=:\lanclA.irnes, 
horn 17 Oct. dan. of J. 1). 

1S71-, living 


riui>cii Vaii-^han Farish, born 1 
Alarch 1871) ; student of Gray's 
inn and of Jcsn^ CoUcire, Cain- 
bridue ; I Jcnt. Koyal War\Yick- 
Bhire Kecriment; livin^^^ r.>02. 

•Oeorgina Eliza, died 
ISOO"; bur. nt F>cck- 
cnhain, co. Kent. 

Mabel, living 1902. 

Florence, n>ar.=rAndors Lindblad, Knight o 
at Stockhohn i tho North Star Order, son of 
8 Feb 188;3 ; ' Anders and Famela Lindl)laa ; 

living 190: 

living 1902, of Stockholm and 
Univ'ersiiy of Upsala. 


Frances,--^Kev. Arthur Snndbach, :M.A., 
mar 10 I of Burton Hall, Clieslure, 
\pnl and Christ's College, Cam- 

1890;hv- bridge; Vicar of Cornwortliy, 
infl'J02. Devon. 

TIilda,^Thomas Henry 
living Howson, F>.A. 
1902. I Oxford ; of 

Gray's Inn and 




179G (G.^r.) ; (l'^'<^ 
1810. M.F in Salis- 
bury Cathedral. 1st 


at Cl.ichestei '^-"'^ ,,j.^^^^,^,y,, ^f Richard Allnutt of South Fark 
Fenhurst, and Susanna his wife. dau. o 
John Fott ; died 1 2 Jan. 1 8G3. ^^ dl proved 
(P.R.) 9 May 18Go. 



Fanny Trelawnv, mar. at=f George A\ il- 
Valenciennes in France 15 I ham Jenings, 
Sept. 180G ; died 1837. | died 18G2. 

Sophia, mar. at Valen--rJeremiah Le 
ciennes in Fraiice P.l Souef dead 
March 1805; died 18il. m 18-il. 

horse-fhicii in ch !<■/ 
AITE, etc. CkEST : 

■ ■ K 




(Sates of (Dc^btitoiu 

fN^c nidvcr and St. Gcuii^i-'k "Visitations of Yorkshiiv," p. CO, cd. Joseph Foster.] 

Ai;ms. — J\f juilr utiles itihl a2uri\ tlivoc lions irnii/ifint i/iuirtlntii or. 

Sir ITenrv nati.s, Knt., of Seaiuer,=^TiUcv, dan. of diaries 
ou. York, ilicil 7 April JOb'J. KnevoL 

Ik-nrv CJates, Sril son,n^^'^li'''!^l-'t;th, dan. and heir of Nicholas Rohinson of Boston ; 
of (io'i^ burton. tet. 3 years and o nioiuhs lOGO. 

Edward Gates=. . . . dau. of ... . Clinton, Esq. Lucy, mar., about Elizabeth. 

[So in Glover and Sl, George's Visitations, but his ]j'^\^'> I]^ 

mar. lie, dated 7 Dec. lG02ris for " Jiobert Gates to }^'^^^ ,^^ ^ ^'tei'- 

marry Elizabeth Clinton of Tattershall."— A. R.M.] borongii 1G16. 

#ttJ]Uj> Df ^nca$tti\ 

[I^ISS. C. 23 and D. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Nicholas Geducy of Ancastcr.=p 

William Gedney of Ancaster. Will dated=p]\rary, dau. of Eicliard Stacey of Castle 

23 April, proved 11 Sept. 1G24. 

Byt^ham and of Stamford Baron. 

lIenry=pFrances, dau. Jliles Ged- Francis Ged- ilary, 

of An- 
1st son 

of Thomas iieyofLon- ney, 1G24. 

South of ♦ don,haber- — Anne. 

Snarford and dasiH'r,2nd William Ged- — 

Falding- son. nev, 1G2.I:. Susanna. 1G27, don, ait, 

worth. ' a3t.23. 23, 1C27. 

Sarah, =TTcnry 
mar. Ward of 
lie. 12 Clieap- 
'May Bide,Lon- 

Henry Gedney, 1st son, Thomas Gedney, twin with 
ait. 37, IGGG. Henry, 2nd son. 

Mar. lie. -1 June lOltO, " Arthur Gedney of Ancaster and Jane Hawton of Stop- 
ford, CO. Lancaster." 

i!5ctintj> of Ban[ €nticrl3j>. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. MS. ].j:,0.] 

Arm.S. — Arijent. lira lucics Sfdtirevaijs azure. 

Robert Gedney of Fkte, co. Lincoln^Agnes, dau. of ... . 


Edmund or Simon Gedney, 23 Edward • • • ^^^- of ... . 

rva-li' *• ...I 

'• I 

r. J. 

J.-. '.u<h ,?-" 




;o •:;■: a 




'\^ illiam <I((]noy,=pAlice, dan. and heir of Thomas Enderliy of liiiderhy ; 

l:» IJiduml II 

ri'iiiar. Tln'inas CJartoii ; living 1 loS. 

l?n!i' rt Ocdin'v of Vlvci 12 Iknry A'l. ; cschz-Y"'^''^''} *^'^"' f'f 
;iiS licnry \ I. ; (.'u-aa in i li. 1. " .... 

Thomas Gcdncy of Bag Endcrby 2 Edward iy.,=pJoan, dan. of .... ; remar. 
sou and heir ; xi. 27 an. 38 Henry YI, 

Eland; inq. p.m. 1 i Hejny YIII. 

George Gedney of Bag- 
Enderljy, died 2-i: Aug:. 
18 Henry YII. ; inq. 
p.m. 20 Henry YJL, 

:^rary (or Anna), 
dau. of John 
Billesby of Bil- 

John Gedney, 
living 1505 ; 
inq. p.m. 1-1 
Henry YIII. 

Robcrt"'T=Alice, dan. of 
(icdney, i . . . . ; living 
dead in i 15U5 ; remar. 
1505. ! . . . . Nevell. 

John Gednev=f-Isabell, dan. of Ed- 

of Bag Ender- 
by, bnr. there. 
Will dated U 
June, proved 3 
Aug. 1535. 

v.ard Grantham of 
Diinholme; proved 
her husband's will 
1535 ; died 1536 ; 
bar. at Bag Ender- 

Robert Gedney of South: 
Ormsby, yeoman. AVill 
dated 1 March 1556-7; 
proved 1 April 1557 : 
leaves legacies to Mr. 
Piichard, Mr. George, and 
Mr. John Gedney. 

:Jane, George 
dau. Gedney, 



Ill II 

John Gedney, Harry Gedney. \Yilliam Gedney. Elizabeth. Frances. 

John Ged-— Anne, dau. 
ney, 2nd '. of Kichard 
son, under ' Roche of 
age 1535. j Grimsby. 

Elizabeth, 1st dau., un- 
mar. 1535 and under 
age ; mar. George Rythe 
of Liss, CO. Hants. 

Katherine, 2ud dau., uu- 
mar. 1535 and under age ; 
mar. Cliristoj)her Rythc of 

John Gedney, bur. at Bag=p!Mary, dau. of John Arden or " Orden " of Sibsey ; 
Enderby C Oct. 16o3. mar. at Bag Euderby 2i Nov. 1587. 

' Andrew Gedney. 

Andrew Gedney of Enderby, 1st son, a?t. 7 in=j=Dorothy, dau. of Sir William Skip- 
1535; SherilT of Lincoln 1571; cx'or of ye | with, Knt. ; died 7 June LJ'.U ; 
■will of John Spenluffc 1588; dead 1501; ! bur. at B>ag Enderby 10 June 
inq. p.m. 10 Jac. I. j 1591. 

Richard Gedney of Ender-^Rose, dan. of 
by, 1st sou, described of \ Humphry 
Clixby April 1501 ; died ; Littlebury of 
20,bur. 26 Aprill2 Jac. I., i Stainsby ; 
1G14, at Bag Enderby. ] mar. at Ash- 
Will dated 1 April 1613; 1 by Pueronim 
proved 1 July 1614. b j 3 June 1577. 

John Gedney, 2nd 
son, bar. at Bag Eu- 
derby 21 June 1602. 

George Gedney, bur. 
at liOUih 30 .March 

Mary, mar. John 
Ash by of Quuu- 
by, CO. Leices- 
ter, 1607. 




'. . -■:■: i 

:; ...;{ 



I " " I 

\V'i'!i.iin (Jcdncy, .Tolin rjoiliioy. n^t. l(n~01ivo, d:iii. and holress of Xicliolas 

.. M. l''.ir. ;it r.;iu" l";'.'-; ofSwai'y r_'Xov. Siitlon ol' Avcrhain, Notts (some 

r.ii'l !'•> Ill Aul;, liil'.t and ]f.;ll ; l:\iiig Fay of 'Hioiiias SiUtoii, co, ('est.); 

i:,;«i;. ' i:» Cluulos, ](;;VJ. livii)<' IGJo. 

i William (Jcilncy, \>a]>[. Siisaii, liapt. 

ii! Xvwaik, CO. Xotts, at Xi'Waik, 

I Ii". March ]r.(i7-8. o. X^tts. :.'»; 

I — j\Iarcli It'.nT ; 

j Jolm Ccdney, liapt. at Istdan. IGoK 

i Wd'j; Eiiderby C Oct. 

' 1GJ7 ; 3rd son liVdi. 

YIom;. I'lid dan. Eli/.alicili, i-ajit. at 

]G;;i. r>i\<x i'^ndiioy iI 

— Juno IGlc"; 4Lh 

i^Iai'v, ;U\1 dan. dan. 1G;"!I. 
lOni ; livino: 21 — 

^larch ]G);VG. ^Fartlia, otli dan. 

Xidiolas Gedney of=pFrances, dan. 

Swaliy IGol, nninar. ; j of Tiiomas 

son and heir IGoO. Pitcliard; pur- 

Will dated 24 jNEarch ' viving 7 Xov. 

IGla-G; proved 7Xov. | 1G46; ])rovod 

IGiG ; (to bo) bur. at j her husband's 

Swaby. will 

I\icliai"d Ged-=pSn?anna, dan. of Tho- 
ncy, 2nd sou j mas ]Massin_i:l'ord of 
1G:-U; do- i Bratoft ; widow of 
scribed of | Richard Cater ; mar. 
Swaby 1G3.") ; ' at Welrou in ye ]Marsh 
livinir lGi.5. j 1G35. 

Olive, only dan. and 
heir, livin.g 21 ]\Iarch 

Thomas Gedney, 1st son, 
livinrj 1C4.S; bur. at Spils- 
by 5 An IT. IGGl. 

Ilcnry Gedney, 2nd 
son, livinc( 21 ^larch 

at r.a<( Ender"by 24 
-Ian. l(;0(;-7. 

Thomas Gednov. 

Andi'cw Gcduoy, bapt. at Coven- 
baui 8t. I5arth. 7 Sept. \bX7. 

Edward Gedney. bur. at Vki'j; En- 
derby 2-1 Sept. l.j'.iS. 


]lo?c-, mar. at Bas; En- 
derb}-, 4 Feb. lGi.5-10, 
Kobert Salvia. 

Katlierine, mar. at Bag 
Robert Hastings. 

Mary, bapt. at Bag 
Enderliy 11 Sept. 
loSO ; mar. there, 
18 Sept. IGul, Wil- 
liau] llnnston f>f 
Leake, co. Lincoln. 

Elizabeth, Truthe, youngest dan., bapt. at Bag Enderby .3 
mar. Ger- Oct. l.'>03; mar. 1st at Bag'Enderby,'3 Xov. IGlo, 
vaseReres- Sir Henry Fowkes of IJulwick, co. Xorthampton, 
byof llun- Knt. ; 2ndly, John Bmxholme of T;inc«ilu ; bur. 
diebv. at r>arrow 18 \u^. ICol. Will dated G A[)ril 

1C54 ; proved (C.F.C.) 23 Nov. 1657. 


• >r: ...„;] 

-. /.' 

. •' I 1 

^ii..') i^M../ 

'.(!i I - : : '< 




(Sthon of aUalmcisatc. 

[MS. ('. :»:'., llcnilils' Ccllriro.] 
l^ichanl (JclsMn.—Elonn.u-. .Inn. iiiul cohoir of f-ionel Slcipwith cf WMmsnafo 

inq. ]>.ni. S .\].rii 
M.liic'. 1. 

TJdIirl Oolsnn,'!' 
1st Fnii,ii;t. 21, I 
bii]>t. at. IJiir- I 
Avell 11 :Murch ' 

ivinar. Uw'.-rt Manl.y ..f Wim'-I'V (mar. He. I'.lfx'jit. H".lf.. 
he a't. ;i4 ami she 31). 

i i 

Pirhard CMsoii. l.a]) Eleanor, l)a|>t. at I'.nr- Anne, l>ai>t. 

r.urwell 11 Mav ICIC. w^'H 4 Jnlv ICll; at r.uiw.-ll 

■ jn;ir. John Maiil'V of 2 Au.l;. 

]\rary, bnpt. at well rpj'ili.L'hani, co. JJnt- iGlo. 

IG Ang. IGIO. land. 

Skijnvitli Cel.^-oii of Walmspate. sold 
Walnisiiate to .John ^Slassingberd of 
Jk-atoft IGGU. 

Elizabeth, mar.=.Tohii :Massinj;berd 
Sept. 1Gj8. of ] Ira toft. 

Arms. — 

©trtna ot WBinttxton. 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 
Gulcs, tiro bars or, each charged with three rnascks of the fiehl ; on a canton 
sahJe a leo/'arcVs head or. 
Richard Oerin£r of Winterton, " XotarY."=T=J^i^n.d-'^"- f'^Tlio- 
Will dated G April 1552 ; (to be) bur. in mas Thncker of 
chancel of All Hallows' Church. Sibsey. 

Peter^Katherine, Cxcorcre^r^Iargaret (?), Anne, mar. John Jenytt, mat. 

Gerin- dan. -f Xi- Gerin- dan. of ... . Morley of A\ inter- 1 1'onias 

of Win- ' chola? Gir- of Win- Pennithorne ton, snpervl^^or of ;\n,^'"t ^^r 

terton, i lington of Lerton, , of Goole, co. Richard Gerin-s Winterton. 

1st sou. i Nornianby. 2nd sun. York. will la.j2. 

Richard Gering, 
mar. Ellen, dan. 
of Edward Ril- 



1 1 

Margaret, mar. 

1 1 1 

Anne (?), mar 

Thomasor Jolui 


John ^bjiley. 

Stevenson of co. 



e York. 


A dan. 

Dion is. 


Gering of dan. of 
Winterton, Tltoinas 
iRt son Estoft of 

1592. Estoft. 

Peter Cering, 1502; 
sold his estates in 
Winterton 1G24 to 
Sir llenrv Saville of 
:Methley,'co. York; April H'.O'J 

Ibjp.rv Geriiig=Katberine, dan. of 
of Uiterby, ' Nich'.'las Sutton of 
Washingboriiugh ; 
mar. 9 May IGUl ; 
bnr. at Washing- 
borough 23 July 
104 2. 

bur. at Wash- 
in gVjorough 27 

N.B.— The Visitation of \r,02, puhlisbed in the '' Gcncaloirist," %-ol. vi., diflers from this. 

\ . .. , ■ V 

it J*',', v; 

'■''<'■?>- .<ji>, A 


„'■>'-:; t'; 

If >l\''-' 

;■• ',;/ :>iirr 

-:f-< i'! 



(©ibbon of £Oalr(5ij)\ €calb[>, etc. 

[MS. C. 23, IT.Talils' Clk-gi?. "Giblums' Fimiily Notes."] 

Akms. — Ayj< lit, two sjicars in f^alfire pro/'cr, headed azvre ; oirr all a lion passanf 


.lolm (iibbdii (if .Middle ivason. Wiii ciaied lortu.'n" 

Elizabeth, dan. of^Geori^e Gibbon=pJoun, dan. of . . . . ;i=.Toan, dan. of . . . . Sem- 

BilclilVe of 
CO. York, 

of Walesbv. \mv. at Walesby 

I June 1570. 

pei-inGjbain ; mar. at 
Walesby 9 July 1571. 

John Gibbon, bapt. George Gibbon, bapt. William Gibbon, Anne, bapt. at 
at Walesby 2u Jan. and bnr. at Walesby bapt. at Walesby Walesby 20 
15G5-G. March 15C8-9. i June 1570. April 1572. 

Grace, dan. of Anihony=f=Anthony Gibbon of Tealby,=plsabe], dan. of .... Brumby; 
Barker of Teal! ly; mar. '. died 7 Oct. 1609 ; inq. ]\m. j mar. at Middle Basen 1G03 ; 
1584 ; bnr. at VValcsby ; 23 April 10 Jac. I. Will j remar. John Presgraveof Xun 

5 Dec. 1G02. 1st wife. 

dated 4 Jnly 1609. 

CoLtaui in Keclby ; died 1627 
2nd wife. 

Edward or Ed- Elizabeth, dau.= George ^Jane, dan. Isalx-Ila, bapt. at Wales- 

mnnd Gi1)bon, of ... . Eroer- Gibbon of .... ; by 2 Felj. 1603-4. 

l) AVales- son; mar. at of Teal- ; died at — 

by 31 March Brucklesby 1 byjjurn | Tealljy Mary, bapt. at Walesby 

1605; bnr. at June 163."!^ ; died 1609. 17o3.' 11 Jan. 1606-7; mar. 

Killinghohnc 6 Dec. 1635, s.p. 2nd wife, at Keelby, 30 July 

1 Dec. 1G39. 1st wife. 1G27, Edward Smith. 

Hester, dan. of . . . .- 
Lowson ; mar. 1650; 
diedlC87. 1st wife. 


=Anthony Gib-=. . . . 
bon of Bin- P^arby, 
brook. Will 2nd 
dated 1G84. wife. 

George Gibl)on of Bin- Three 
brooiv, born at Wales- other 
by 1648. =r children. 

Joini Gibbon, died 1721 (?)^Mary, dan. of . . 

William Gibbr.n, born ^Mary, born 169«; mar. at A<hV'y- = Wi]liam Muddisoa 
1692; died infant. by-Horncastle 10 May 1719. * of Horncastle. 

Eli/.ab. th, ni.ii-. at=Tlioiiias Garlicke A iiiio. Ijapt. at Walesby Anne, bapt. and 

IJnwood (mar. lie. of Leu'sbv, gent., 25 April 1596; bur. bur. at Walesby 

11 Feb. 1612-13, act. 40, 1612-13. 1597. IGOO. 
VT3t. 30). 

'i:> ; •. .< 

''i> ' ' '; x J:' •!>'■' •!(> :ni-.-v. '-H 

)i.i:!i :r-U'>\l 

1 .■ 

"■" ■"''' r<-'^'-: I •;! KT: .S(' 'lO .A;:l 

I / 

.\,v.- j'_«l 


LixcoLNSiu m: vkdigkkks. 

jJlin (iiM-.m, 1st s..iir--^linv, d-.ui. of Ivlwonl Anthcnv CiM.on, rn^;'^'". ^'^'i- ^'J 

l.n.l :.r TrMl.v 17 WilHuiu I!ar- CiM.nn. l.api. :U WiiU'sby .lohn (.:iu-r of 

Nov' ]:.:m.- I,ur. at rison of Hnr- li-n. H July 1 :-■!> : bur. ; Lan-ton-by- 

'IVal'bv. ^Vlll i,rn\v,l i,.,, Siatli.-r : i:.;»l; at T.,alby U'.TC , ^^ raoby; niur. 

12 Jan. l(i;'.!)-l<i. ; mar. lie. IGl:*, dW-d j '"^ -^'=0' ^t'-'- 

a^r.. ];i. 


John Gibl>nii. Crace, mar. at Teal- ICli/.abeili, 

Ico-atee in K'.r.'.t. by, lOflo, iriohard burn 

Kossitcr, Gent. 1(')25 ; 

GodlVcv Gibbon, — i^><-'^l i'^" 

died infant. Margaret, born 1C22. fant. 

JnlmGib- ]]li7.abolli, 

bon, ;^:t. mar. }Icnry 

10, inil ; lionlton of 

dicdlCii]!. Stixwold. 

Anthony Gibbon -William Gibbon of^Margaret, Francis Gibbon T-Llizabeth, 

of Tcalby, Isl StixNvold, bapt. at ^ dan. of <^^ J^?,^;^^"-'"" ! i ^"' . W:;.' 

son, fEt.l.^", 1034: Tcalby ?.0 April' ' '" "" "' 

Captain in Army 1020 ; diedatStix- 

1010; ditdlO-ii), wold 107O. 


and Stixwold, j bur. at Hor- 
born 1028; bur. j singtonJan 
at ITorsington 1007-8. 
3 Dec. 1088. 

John Gibbon, bapt.^. . . . Antliony Gibbnn^^Mary, .John Gibbon of Sr. .lohn's 

at Stixwold 21 Feb. , dan. of Halsted m dau. of [^'^'^' ^''"^'''"^flj^- 

of Stixwold. Will 10.'.); Cmatc of fctain- 

dated 1692. fi^'t'^ 1688. 

1007-8 ; died 1700. 

AVilliam Gibbon=fEleanor, sister 
of Stixwold, bapt. I of William 
there 29 ]\Iay j Gibson of 
1692; died 1735. Boston. 

Antliony G ib-— Elizabeth, dam Five^ other 
bon of Stix- of . . . 
wold. Will 10 Anj 
dated 1705. ret. 72. 

died children. 

John Gibbon or=pElizabcth, dan. of 
Gibl)ons, j . . . . Steemsone ; 
Kelstern 1 Feb. < mar. at Walesby 
1703. '2 Dec. 1710. 

Anthony Gibbon^^^Iary, dau. Five other 
of the Close of of .... ; children. 
Lincoln. Will died 25 
dated 1781. S.p. May 1794, 
jBt. 86. 

Samuel (iibbon or Gibbons, born at Kingerby 28 Oct. 1753 jyElizalH-th dau. of 
died 4 March 1819. ^ "''^^• 

John Gibbons, died 10 April 1850^Eli/.abeth, dau. of Edward Reynolds uf Kct- 

I tleby ; died 25 Aprd 184(.. }_ 

Steihen Gibbons, born 1810; died ls.;;,-pEli/a, da., -f Williau, Suhth ; born 

I 1810 ; died l^^b 

Alfred William Gibbons, born 1853. Author of " Gibbon.s' Family Notes.' 



1 1 ■ ,■ 

I.! ;-) .,.',!. 

LINCOLN sn in v: vKPinrvKKs. 

(&ibci;on of ?lincoliu 

[iT:ul. MS. ir.r.o.J 

Thomas OiVisoii of Staveley, co. York.- 


..i„l,.,v,i.--.F.,ni.r.K il:u.. of Kicliavd Croft of Kobcrt 
Gibson, j My ton, co. York. Gib.son. 

uLt Gibson of St. Mm-arot's^Tsabel, dan. of John rulloinc of Elizal>cth. 
.incoln, and Tydd St. Alary. Killinghall, co. lork, Kceordcr - 

of York. 

William Gibson. Dorothy. Elizabeth. Margaret. 

#ii3tI)orpc of Cl)orpc=i3j>^(l2Hainflcct. 

An^is.—Quaiierl!/: 1 and 4, C/uqui/ or ami azure; 2 and 3, Ermine. 

\ The pedi.n-ce in Mr. Larkeu's MS. is simply ^vhat may be found on p. SO of the 
' Visitation of Lincolnshire, 150-2; printed in the -Genealogist; and pubhsh.d 
sl-paratelv bv George Bell and Sons, London. The following, taken from a Chan- 
n-y Inq! P.'^L, gives a few dates :— [A. R. AL] 

Thomas Gibthorpe, living S Jan. UG6-7n=Margaret, dan. of AYilliam 
and 2;3 Sept. M08. I Qnadring of Jrby. 

A William Gibthorpe, inq. p.m.^Cecilia, dan. of Thomas Stydolfe ; marriage settle- 
1 Oct. 1500. ment 13 Sept. 14 98. 

William Gibthorpe, ait. 7 years, 1500. 

(!5iK}jj of ^tamton4t^lI)ole. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Xv.sin.— Azure, a fr^xe war/j aryent h(lu:ecn (hr^'e csloiks or, 

[For earlier part see Visitations of 1502 and 15'.i2.] 

John Gilby of West.^Agnos,dan. of RolM?rt Brongh of 
Kavendale. Brongh Hall, cu. York. 

Jem-c Gilby of Siainton-le-llule, 1st son sur-^rElizabeth, dau. of Henry Hansard 
riving. Will dated 3, i.roved 21 April 15b3. of Cuxwuld ; surviving lob^. 


•v i '<..•!.>• : 

..1 I. 

^' ,i;!ii /,'»- 

f I ■ ' 

•/r :ii 

■ -■HI';:;/ 
• •r..>l| 




Jolin CiD'y, 1st eon. died vita padis—^Maizdalon, dnu. cf William Wliitc of LoiUli; 
15 Nov, 1580, let. oO. mar. ihcic IG \hv. 157U. 

Tln.iuas Gilliv of Stain-^-^ Elizabeth, dan. of Charles GvorrroOil- Edward Gilliy, 

ill 158;) ; living IGll. 

]]'Ak- of ll.uiirh : mar. ;'.t by.i'nd sou :-;d Bun l.'.S;; ; 
Eouth IG April 15'J(;. l'58o. living 1G38. 

John Gilby, WilliamGilby, :M:iry, bapt. at Stain- Faith, bapt. at 

Stainton -22 Dec. IGOG. * ton 10 Dec. IGOl. iStainton 2-1 Se])t. 

1597. — — 1G15. 

— Thomas Gilby, Jane, bapt. 1 March. — 

Charles Gilbv, bapt. bapt. at Stain- bur. 20 Jan. lGM-15 ^Fartha, bapt. at 

at Stainton ;' l)ur. 9 ton IG Ang. at Stainton. Stainton 17, luir. 

Feb. 1598-9. 1G12. 21 Nov. 1G18. 

Sir George Gilby, Knt., of Stain-— Elizabeth, dan. of Charles Fitzwilliani of Cole, 
ton, 2nd''son ; 'kniirhtcd IGUo ; co. Notts ; reinar. at Gainsborough, May ICll, 
died 8 ]\Iarch IGosly. llichard HoUe of Gaytou Grange. 

John Gilby 
of Gray's 
Inn, 1st son, 
bapt. at 
Louth 2 
Jan. 1588 ; 
died nil mar. 
A dm "on :)0 

Thomas =^.(?) 
Gilbv of ; 
Bole' CO. ! 
Notts, i 
bapt. at I 
Louth i 
24 June i 
1590. ; 

(leorge Gilby, bapt. 
at Louth 29 Dec. 

Margaret, mar. at 
Gainsborouc:h, 17 
March 1G28- 9, Wil- 
liam Lacy, ]\Iinister 
of Bole, CO. Notts. 

bapt. at 
Louth Oct. 
1591 ; 

Mary, lia|>t. at 
1595 ; bur. 3 
Jan. 1G39-10. 

bapt. at Eouih 
25 ^larch 

Anthony Gilbv of Everton, co.=rElizabeth, dan. of Sir William Scroggs,^ Chief 
Notts, Counsellor at Law ; bur. I Justice of King's Bench ; remar. Hon. Charles 
at St. Andrew's, Holborn, 15 i Hatton ; died 12 May 1724; bur. in Lnicoln 
June 1G75. I Cathedral, Kt. 75. 

William Gilby of Gray's Inn, born 1GG9 ; llGcorder of Lincoln 
1721 ; died 10 May i744 ; bur. in Lincoln Cathedral, at. 75. 

Tristram or Thurstan Gilby, 3rd son,=f:Anne, dan. of 
bur. at WaUham 8 June IGll. 22 Aug. 1G17. 

bur. at Waltham 

John <;ilby of \VaUham.-,]\Iary, dan. of FraiKMS Ust- 
bapt. there 18 Max 15!) 1; wavie <it Westminster; mar. 
of West Tlieddiethorpe at "Waltham 8 Oct. 1G18 
1C25 ; bur. there 11 Feb. (mar. lie. 1 Sept. 1G18, xt. 
1C4G-7. 1'); bur. at Theddlethorpe 1G17-18) 

B 1 31 July 1G59. 

.Vnno, bapt. at Waltham 
1 July 1593; mar. Kieh- 
ard Overton of Waltham, : 
yeoman (mar. lie. 1 G Jan. I 


.l'. i •) 


.(;■:' Ui .. 

' : 1 5 7 ■ 

// -; ir f 

,!t..^ I>:-. ■.•.!■;:• ,• 

I (( 

J - 1 N c*,>i.N s T 1 1 K E r i; I ) 1 G u K i;s. 



Williiim (iilliv, .T<']in~fFiaiK'''s, dan. of. . . .; widow Kdwaid Oilby, \)n\A. 
bnpt. at Wal- (lilbv. ci' .... Skit tlo ; mar. atThcd- at Tlieddlt'tli(»r(ic 
(liaiii 1 Sept. " d!etii(.riM.' IS Jan. l(;i:j-4. Marcli 1(;l'C-7. 


Frances, Itaj-t. at TlirddUtlicriir 17 ^Farcli J C 1 I-,"*. 


]|i)]icrL Cilliy, bapt. Tliomas Ciilby, bur. ^laiy. Viapt. at Eliza).>C'tli, ba])t. at 

at TliLddlothorpe 21 at TluHldlethurpc- 17 Tliuddletliorpe Thtddlethorpc 10 

Nov. 1G31. April IG;^7. 31 May 1024. Oc-t. lG;;i. 

Anne, dan. of . . . .="\Villiam=]\rafy, dan. ]\[ari^aret, mar. Ralpli Anne, liajit. 

l^angton ; widow of Gilby of of .... Bardo of North Kc\- at Staintoii 

Thoma.^ Broxliolme; L(nith. Stoke; scy. 10 Ang, 

mar. at Louth 21 Adm'ou adin'ix of — 1595. 

Dec. 1591 ; bnr. 8 Nov. lievhn.-band A<xnes, mar. William — 

March IGOO, a!t. 55. IGll, IGll. 2nd Goodhand of Kor- Snsan. 

1st wife, s.p. wife. moud-le-Mire. 

[Harl. ^IS. 6289.] 

Thomas Gildon of East Kirkby, Escheator of co. Lincoln 1531-2 ;=f=. . . . dan. 
niiclc-in-law of William Sandon of Ashby-lD^'-Partney 1558. of ... . 

Elizabeth, legatee of William Sandon 1558. 

John Gildon. =F 

John Gildon, Loi'd of the Manor of Burton, died 1550. 

Richard Gil- William Gildon^Agnes,dan. Jane, dan. of=^Francis=r. . . .dan. 

don of Bur- of Burton. 2nd ' of . . . . ; . . . .; bur. ' Gildon ' of. . . . 

ton, 1st son. Son, iicir of his bur.atBur- at l>urton Ki '< of Bur- 2nd wife, 

died 1551, Ijrother liieh- , ton 2G May Jan. ]55'.'-Go. ton, Srd ; 

s.p. ard 1551. I 1589. wife. | son. 

Frances, mar. at=ChriB- 
Burton 4 Fel). topher 
1577-8; bur. there Ely. 
3 April 158G. 

Ptobert Gildon, = Faith, dan. of 
bnr. at Burton . . . . ; bnr. at 
1 Dec. 1558. r>urtou 27 Scjit. 

Alice, bapt. at 
Burton 25 
Dec. 15G0. 



f ..i,.:.:i:> iu'.:>i 


!<'■- '> . I.I .^1 I , . II m1 ,(\'> ■ 




riicli;ir(l(]tt. IMavlin Cililon — Eli/nln'tli, dan. of (Jcnvfro "Mon-^William 
iit Duriviu li> Siji>t. ol Upi't-rTuyn- ; sun uf Xoitii Carlioii ; mar. at KdU of 
l.M'.l ; l)nr. C April (un, ba])t. al i St. ^rar<;aret's. Lincoln, HI .Ian. Ijinculn, 
1502. lUuton ]."> Nov. j ITinT-S; int-V'-d licr IiusIkuuI's niorccr. 

— ir)t18. Will j will ](l(iO ; nniar. at St. Marv-K.- l'n»lliu<- 

.T..lin (, I a})r. at <1at'..l 1! Per. | Wi^rorilivinrolii. 1 :.' Sc).r. lildl ; , liand. 
])urtonlOSoj>t. ]."H;r,; MO'.> ; ])rovoLl Inir. there i';; IVi). I'ill-I:.'. ; 

AVill ilated :'. F-L. 1011-12; 

l^ruvcil ;}1 Oci. I(;i2. 

bnr. there (I Jnly 2 1 Ajail l(;(Hi. 
1581. 1st. husband. 

Gcor<,^e Oil- i^Ficliael Gil- William Gil- Mar-rarct.l'apt. at Burton 
(Ion, iPt ?on, dun, 2ncl son, don, 3rd s«"»n, 21 Jan. 15'.)2-o; bnr. r>ur- bajit. at Bnr- bapt. at P)nr- there 2 Ai>ril 15'jo. 
ton 11 Oct. ton l<s Feb. ton 18 May — 

1590. 1593-4. 1595. " .lane, l^apt. at l'>nrtnn 20 

June 1597 ; legatee in 

Kent, Ic- 
f^aiee in 

[See "Glover's Yisitatiou of Yorlvsliire 1584-5 and St. George's Visitation of 1012,' 

ed. Joseph Foster.] 

AiiMS, — Argent, a chevron hcficccn i/irc hidfrrflies sahle. 

John TTaldenby — Katherine, dan. of Sir Robert =f=Williain Girlington, 
. of Haldenby. ' llildyard, Knt., of Wine- ! dead in 1540. 2nd 
1st hnsbtuul. stead, CO. York. Will proved husband. 

5 April 1540. ! 

Anne, dan. of Tho-=pNichola3 Girlington,=pTsabol, dan. and heiress of John 

mas Portington of 

1540 ; died 1552 ; 
ex'or to his mother. 

Nicholas Girlington of Burton^ 
Stather, dead l.j(;5. 

Gi-enville of Barnborongh, co. 

Anne, mar. Sir Christopher Wray, 
Knt., of Glentworth. 

Nicholas Girlington, sold Rectory of Burton— -Jane, dan. of Anne, mar. The 

StatUer to Edmund, Lord Shelfield, 1589; 
livinir 1009. 

; living mas Santon of 
1589. Santon. 

William Girlington, ba))t. at St. Martin's, Lin- William Girlington, bapt. at St. 
coin, 28 Jan. 1577-8 ; bur. 8 Aug. 1578. ;Martiu's 29 May 15b9. 

-.'.". 1 

•i;iV i]\}- 

l-.»: .-■v.,;:;. 

■;i,^i. r(l ivtf 

! ;■.. •,. f' .nnk 

.,„; !,..f 

LlNX'0LN5illIi;i: TEDIGllEKS. 


■\A'illi;uii (iirlinr:U'Mrf Anne. <1,in. uf . . . . ; li\ii)i: Aiitliduv ("I iilini^ton, calU-d 
\'.j\0. l.'iln (': (laii. of Tliciiuis *' iiiiole "" in will of Jolili 

Tort in lit on of Iloxliv). Liiilcburv K")01. 

p y ; I - -; - , 

V; IHiain Oii'liiiirion. nooi-jro nirlinfrfon, Flizn'i.Hli. 

Cliristop]icr=I?iil)el,=i^ir William Tvi- Knthe- Klizabetli. inen-=pfieorf:e Lit- 

Kclke of ex'trix whit, Kiit.. of Sont.- i-iiu', tioncd as sister tk-bury of 

iKirMotliy. 1511. tcr. Will provrd 1540. of William (Jir- fNiniorslty 

IsLhusband. iJiinfKill. I'nd liniitou in 1 fiKi. dicdl.">(;K 


dolm T.itllcbiiry of ]TaLr\vortliinp,liam. Will dau<l 27 ^larcli, pi'oved 11 AjJi-il 
l.")'.)J ; mentions his cousin Nicholas and uncle Anthony Girlin<;ton. 

- 1593259 

(!5Iolitr of £8?a$ptn2ton* 

[" Family History of the Vyner.s," 18S7.] 
Glover=p. . . . dan. and heiress of .... Phillips of Wispington. 

IMiilli|ts Clover, Ui^h Sheriff of co. Lincoln 1727 ;=p]\Iary. dan. of Richaixl Lee of 

died 17 June, bur. 25 June 1745 at Wispington. 

Winslade, co. Devon. 

Phillips Glover of AVispin;4ron,=pRehecca, dan. of William Hilary, l)orn 10 April, 

Colonel of the Pioyal North 
Lincoln ]\Iilitia, died 17'J0. 

Je}ison of Lincoln, a bapt-. 1 G ]\h\v 1701 at 
Proctor. ^\'ispington. 

Laura, lieiress=pPiobcrt Yyner of Eathoi-pe, co. Warwick. 

©ctifrtj^^ of tTDonodt. 

[MSS. C. 23 and 1). 23, IkrakV College. Harleian MSS. 1912, 2118.] 
Cyprian Godfrey of (iainhborough.=p 

Ptichard Godfrey, Cyprian Godfrey, Dorothy, bapt. at Bridget, bapt. at Gaims- 

bapt. at Gains- bapt. at Gains- Gaiusb..rough 27 borough 1 May 1597; 

borough 14: June borouj^h 19 July July, bur. there mar. Thomas Godsalve 

1593.' IGOl. ' 21 Aug. 1595. ofP.artou. 

VOL. ir. 

71 '.nu'. (■■:. M. 

■i'^/ '■• ;ii ' .) . 'l-;i- 

•f • . ,.,v,,f;\ ^. 

(•• /•! 

. I '► '. • 

li I... 1 '» i i, ■:■■■ 

if I.,.; 



William (ir-dtVcy of Tlu'iide-k. bur. iit^.Tiilian, dan. ot'.Tulni Daiiicll uf 
Uainsl>orouu'li I'J Jjiii. ICH'-IL I Mamiiii-^^ton, co. lisscx. 

Edward Tlionia^! (ludfrev, Hrd stui, (.f=.1aiio, dau. of .Idin Doewra of ]\ tlu'- 

(M'llt'ny. iIk- I'riars, near Craiilliam, ridirc c<>. licrts ; widow of Sir llriiiy 

I'nd son. ;cl. 1(1 ill ICl':.' : Imr. at d'raii- I'aki'uliain, Kiit. ; mar. lie. -Ji; Oct. 

!!i;r..i 11 .\ov. ic.:'.^. >,Vi!l l'".:,'!'. rA. !'• ; (•\'*'-i\- d" h"- 'm-- 

datcd LS Ocr. lii;'.7 ; inovcd hand's will ; Inn-, al (iraniliam LS 

27 Jan. ]r.o8-0. Au"' lOJL 

Joseph (Indfrcy, 1st S(>n,^Joan, dan. of Julm Doewra, but. inore ]trob;iMy Dorothy, 
of Tlionoik,dii'd ;i(i Jnne : dnu. of William '\Villoii^i;hliy, eldesL son of Charles. Lord. 
IGoL [The Register says Willouu,-hl)y of raiham ; called Katherinc in the lU\uister ; 
lie was l)ur. at Gains- mar. at Gainsboroniih 15 Jnne D'-d:-) : died 15 Anj(. 
borough 10 Ang. 16o0.] ' U)58, ait. 75 ; bur. at Dcrfield, co. York. 

"William Godfrey of Thonock, ba])t. at Gainsbt^rouiiii^pnarbara, dan. and heir of 
22 ^larel) 1(300-7 ; entered at (4ray's Inn June William Saltmai-slie of 
1(527; bur. ;it Gaiiisboronirh 2 Jan. 1(>."»7-S. Will Strubby ; bapt. at Wash- 
dated 7 >;ov. 1057 ; proved I'J Feb. 10;')7-8. ^ ingborough 19 Xov. 102t». 

ilildred, dan. i'.iid eoheir^William Godfrey (jf= 
of Hubert V>'illiamson of 'J'honoek, bur. at 
llayton, co. Notts; mar. Gainsborough 11) 
at Gainsliorough A})ril ; ^Fay IG'JO; called 
1005; bur. there 30 Jan. | "Captain" in Ke- 
1 007-8. 1st wife. | gistcr. 

-Margaret, dan. of Sir 
John PakingLon, Jiart., 
of West wood, CO. Wor- 
cester ; bur. at Gains- 
borough 1 March 
107'J-k). 2nd wife. 

1 Bar- 

Mildred, born 22 :Marcb 1005-0 ; 
bapt. at Gainsborough 29 ]March 
ICOC ; mar. there, 2"9 Sept. 10^5, 
Hon. Henry Dawnay, 2nd Vis- 
count Downe. 

Elizabeth, l.)orn -1 Jan., 
bapt. 19 Jan. 1007-s ; 
bur. at Gainsborough 
13 Feb. 1071-2. 

Dorothy, bapt. 
8 Oct. 107L "^ 

frey, a lega- 
tee of his 
brother 7 
Nov. 1057. 

=. . . . Willonghby Godfrey of Elderthoi'|)e, co. Yoi-k, inn^Fran- 
dau. 1037, and of Morton-liy-Gainsborough 1058 ; , ces, 
of proved his brother's will 19 Feb. 1057-8; bur. dau. 

. . . . at Gainsborough 17 A]>iil 1077. Will proved at j of 
Gainsboroutrh -1 ]\Iav lt;77. 

Willoughliv Gc'dfrey, Imr. at 
Gainsborougb 12 June 1032. 

Jose] Ji G odfrey, 1 >ur. at Gains- 
borough 22 Ajjril 1019. 

bapt. at 
7 Oct. 


by God- 


Griselda, )nar, 
James Wciod 
of ]Jarnsley, 
CO. York, At- 


til • • .,< 

<-^ .[l . if^-. f/. 

I ',■ 

', ■• ■■'•.•l[ :;«.! -ill 

' ' ' I '" I ! 



YrAu Cincirrey, biipt. nl .Ian(\ mar. :it. (^litis- Man, l.apt. aL C.'ainsl.x. rough 

..ViM-borMiiirh d'Auv,'. lt;i;;. l/unm-li. 1 .laii. ;jO Muirli IC.Ul. 

""_ ■ i(;;;o-;ji. IMiilip — 

J. i,!i<i"'llV'-'V,i>ai>!\s- IJckchy, ith ^oti of lOlizalrt li, bapt. at Cains- 

i .p,i)"ii li '.liino lC)i:». William Kokehv of Iwroupli 18 ^March IGUo-G ; 

lloUiaiu, CO. YoVk. Imu". Lhciu 2S Map' 1(;06. 

Tiioinas (;odfroy=rFrances, dan. of . 
of .Arortoji. ' •2.'=* :March IGTH. 

. ; bill', at Oaiusljoroiigh 

Thomas Clodfrcv, Tiiomas God- James OodiVey, William Oodlivy ]\Iary. hapt. 
baj.t. at Clains- frcy, bapt. at bapt. at Gains- and Al)i;jail.bapt. at Gains- 
borou"li IS Jan. GainslK.rongli boron,f:li 20 at Gaiiisl)ovough borongh 3 

l,;51-2. 2f; Juucicii. April iGtO. 15 Aug. 1C52. March 


.... Gonville.=F 

AVillia-n (ioiiville of Bleas-==Sarah, Thomas Gonvillc of KeU-=pFraiices, dau. of 

by. Will dated 24 April dau. of by. Will dated 20 Feb Will dated 

rti'.t2; proved 12 ]March .... proved 12 March 10^3-4. 

19 May, i»roved 
23 July 1094. 

William^pAnne, dau. Elizabeth, bapt. at South Frances, mar. John William- 

G..nville, of.... Ormsby 23 March 1G71-2 ; son of Saltfieetby. AVill dated 

dead be- Wood of mar. there, 28 May 1C9G, 2G Nov. 1737; proved 4 July 

forel72C. Boston. David Field of Laceby. 1739, then a widow. 

William Gonville, bapt. at South Orms])y=f Elizabeth, dau. and co- Frances,bapt 

19 Julv H;97. Will dated 19 Dec. 1747 ; 
proved 22 Oct. 1748. 

heir of Kobei't Sauudcr- at South 
son of Alford. Ormsby 23 

July 1G98. 

Frances, coheir [administered=Colonel Boardinan Brom- 15rid<,ajt, coheir, mar. 
p'ods of her father 23 Sept. head [see Burke's "Peer- Charles Beaty of 
17t;(;]. age and Baronetage"]. Louth. 

Will of Anne (Jonnvill of Salmcnby, widow, dated 12 March 1G80-81 ; proved 
1!^ July 1G8] ; meiitiuns bn)tlier Chailes Jlroxholme, nephew Thomas Browne, 
Bislcr Fox. 

[I Lave added this from my own collections. — A. K. il.] 

■•. r- : ,) 

■ I ■ ■, I , , . I 

f V 


' :.,,. '» 

. ill , . 'i / 

W .1 .-J 



J J ' 


LI N CO LN s u 1 K 1-: r kd i g \i i : i:s . 

(Poodj of Qlliingljam. 

^\,{>is. — .1:;.;t, ihrcr loars pas-'^anl anjcnt. 

GeonVey Goodie. 

GeoilVy (or ^Iiithew) Goucbe,^:^^al•gal•et, dau. of 
CaDtain of Taukervillc. I Uiehard MuyUie. 


GeolTry (or Thomas) Goocbe=f EIizaV)etli, dau. and heir of Avery 

I Treherne. 

Johu Gooche of Xewland in=f=Jauo, dan. and heir of Hugh 

the Forest of Deane, co. 

James Bridges of the 
Purest of Deaue. 


^land, mar. .lolin 
Earlam of Bristol. 

dau. of 
Sir ^Val- 
ter ]\Ian- 
tell of 
Knt. 1st 

iRalph (? Hubert) Goocbe,=f P:ilen, dau. of 

1st sou, Recorder of Lin- Gadbury of Lon- 
colu ; of Alvingbam and 
Horkstow ; Receiver of 
the Court of Augmenta- 
tions 10 ]^Iarcb 4 Edward 
YL, 1550-:)] ; died 5 ^May 
.3 and 4 Philip and ^Mary, 
1557. Will dated 21 Dec. 

don, goldsmith : 
widow of .... 
Parris ; marriage 
settlement dated li 
Edward VI., 1552; 
surviving 4 and 5 
Philip and ]\Iary, 

Anthony Gooche, 2nd 
son, died s.p. 

Ralph (iooche, 3rdson. 

Richard Got:>c 
living 22 I'lc. 


he, son, 

Barnabv Gooclic of Alving-=rMary, dan. of Thomas 

ham, son and heir -, a;t. 1 o , Darell of Scotncj 

years and 11 months at bis 

father's death ; died at Al- 

vim;ham "about" 7 Feb. 

3G ^Eh'z., 15'j;3-4. Adm'on 

IG Feb. 1503-4. 

Robei't= Judith, dau. 
Goodie of of Henry 

! Castle, CO. Kent ; 
i surviving Oct. 36 
I Eliz., 15"J4 ; adm'ix 
' of her husband 16 
i Feb. 1593-4. 
Notts, 2nd 
son ; nnder 
age 22 Dec. 

Fishe of 
Ci reene 
Norton, co. 

Barnaby Goodie, 4th son, LL.D., Chanedlor Henry (ioodie. Maiy.^ 

of the Di'.ceseof Exon; descrilied of thccity — 

of Ex'-ter ■>! .\ov. H;22. Will .lat^.d 2'.) Oct.. Francis G<...d,c. Ann-, mar >>n- 

1621 ; proved at Lincoln Aug. l.;2<; ; wife - ^^ '' '^';" "^^"- 

Elizabcth ; "dau.-in-law Pascha Parry William Goodie, sard.- Gayton- 

bestowed in marriage on nephew Barnahy le-Wold. 


. MM; 

<( . 

'- li ;1 ■■ I.. 

') ^ l""..vr) 

' (',) 

! ''I.I ' 


J-lNCOl.Nv^lllKi: lEDIGltEKS. 


I A 

M;i(!io\s' (u'Ochi' of Al--^ Alifo. tlaii. Tlnniias rioool)e.=f= 

v;!)::;ii:iin, 1st son and 
li-.'ir,:in.-8 at his father's 
(!.;ith '• about " 7 I'Vli. 

of Thdinas 
(.'oney of 

Baniaby Atme. 

Robert Goocho, 

of . , . ., CO. 

Kent, Follow of 
All Souls 15.SG. 

l>aniaby=Pascha, dan. of Ilonry Parry, Pisliop of Worcester; John Coochc of 

(.MXtchoof only dau. mentioned in her father's will 2G Nov. Long Stanton, 

Alvin.u-- Kill, then under a^^e ; niar. at Alvinghani 13 Jnly co. Cambridge, 

ham, 1031. lOi'l (mar. lie. 12 Jnly 1021). 1631, 2nd son. ' 

A\'il]iain Cooclie 
of Ixuidon, 
bosyer, 1031,3rd 

JeQYy Gooehe, 1th son 
1631; bapt. at Alving- 
ham 3 March 1007-8; 
a factor in yc East 

Thomas Goochc. 
Ptobert Goochc. 
Mathew Goochc. 

Alice, 1st dau. 
1031 ; mar. 
John Bel field. 

I I I . 

■^lary, 2ud dan. 1031; Anne, 3rd dau. 1031 ; Elizabeth, 1th dau. Frances, 

mar. at Alviiigliam, 7 Jan. mar. Philip Dagdale, 1031 ; bapt. at Al- bapt. at 

1025-0, Pticliard Duller (the Ck-rk, of Tarrant- vingham 25 Aug. Alvin^-- 

Visitatiou makes her marry Tlinton, co. Dorset lOOo ; mar. John ham 23 

" Thomas Burrell ")• " (mar. lie. 2 Sept. 1020). Baldwin. Nov. 


John Gooehe of=pKatheriuc, dan. of .... ; Inir, 
Alvingham. at Alvingham 20 Dec. 1050. 

Joim Gooehe, bapt. at Alvingham 19 May 1057. 

6ootr of Olumlj;) rnxD (5i\'^h}K 

AiiM.s (in Jierry). — " Gi/./es, a chevron hciircai tUnc Iwns jampant or.' 

William Good of Caenby and 
Girsby, died 1 Feb. 7 'Eliz., 
1501-5 ; s.p. 

Joim Good, bi'other^Elianor, 

and heir, 9 Eliz., 


dau. of 


= i .;■_) 

"' 'f. *'f;.<i .^ui ,-<;ui) r.: ,(, 


.,»•• .■ ..■,,\ 

'•'» '^ — .((..I )f[ ifi) r-ifj;/ 


LlNX'Ol.NSIinii: rKDlGUEKS. 

Thomas (Jood of- 
bv 2<» Eliz., 

Rubfit (.'o.mI (if Owinhy :',l Eiiz.,Y-M;irg:uvt, (lnu. of 
l.MH-i' ; c'litailcd liis laiuls; in 
Owmliy and CaistiT Moor 10 .hiiie 
27 Klii'.., l.'.S:.. 

livid'^ 10 
.In lie lOS.'j. 

iJ;uojuV(, li.ii:. ur-p\^ ;i!ia!'i'.i'»x',-i^-. . • . 

i. .4 i;i. ii- 

''loiiias riui il, 1st 

.... Jlorris of 


Eliz., 1591. 

ani Parkins of son, living 10 June 

Ashby. 27 Eli/>./l08o. 

Thomas Goode. William Oood=y^Annc,dau.()r Edward Richard -pl^ilizabcth 

of Denton, CO. 

Foster of 'riioruc, co. Good. 

dau. of 

Samuel Good. Sarah. 

William Good. Richard Good. 

John Good of 0\vml)y in=pHek'na, dan. of 


Scavlty, veoman, died at 
Ownibv 26 Jan. 1G14-15. 
Will dated 2(3 May lGi4 ; 
proved 23 May 1G15; (to 
be) bur. at Scarby. 

proved her husband's will Good of i dau. mar 

23 May 1G15 ; remar. at Ashby in of 

Beclsby, 12 Sept. 1G17, the parish 

Thomas Dauby of Billes- ofBottes- 

by aud Great Grimsby. ford. 


Mary, 1st dau. and Anna, dau. and coheir; Elizabeth, 3rd dau. and coheir ; 

coheir; xt, 2^, 2 ret.2o,130ct. 13 Jac.I., xl. IG and more and unmar. 3 

Oct. 13 dac. 1., IGl.J; mar. Edward Oct. 1G15 ; mar. William Parkins 

1G15; mar. Thomas Ba<,^>hawe ; died 3 Feb. of Ashby ; bur. at Bottesford 21 

AVebberley. 1G2G-7. June 1G53. 

William Good, 
liviuj,' 2G ]May 

Elizalx'th, mar. at Bottes- 
ford, -4 Xov. IGUG, Thomas 
Longboihome ; living 2ij 
May 1 CM. 

Isabella, mar. 
.... Bei-ry ; 
living 2G May 

Dorothy, mar. 
.... M arris ; 
living 2G May 

[MS. C. 23, lIcraMs' College. " Yisitaiion of co. Leicester," TTarleian Society, 

Vol. II., pp. 12, .".II, ^". Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Or, a [nk sahlr^ u/i a a'n(n,i veil o f^alHrc enjiailcl aijrid. 

Rol>ert Go<xlhall of Holy well. ^f" 

Robert Goodhall, I,.ai)t. at Castle^Elizabcth, dau. of John Pen 

Bytham 7 April 15C8 ; of Holy- 
well ; called "junior" 8 Sept. 
1G15. ; A 

dock of ToUerton, co. Notts. 
(OLherwise Anne Pcndock of 

Rose, bapt. at 
Castle Bytham 
15 Dec. 15G7. 


1>5 .1-../;; > !rrf),d>;"i 

•, ( 

■...!. ' '■''■"' 

I ; ■ I ; , ;: I 

.f i;.!! 



'I '. 

i' \ 

;;; .').;•?/! 



W^'; .in <;<>^"lli.'tl r^^'"'}'' <^'»'^- "^ •'"''" liiC^'tsla i;<.l.crt (;«'<'(lli:ill. Kllzahotli, 


ofSiuat toll, CO. Xi>rilii(iii)»t<ui. '2ud f^uii, s-ji. mar. Cicrvase 


t; |-..« (;<..i11.:ill t.r ll<ilv-=rH;iiiiia!i, (.Liu. of "William raiicU Aiiiic, liapt. at llnly- 

«.< ii. I'a]a. llicic li Juiy oi ii.iiiil«-ii a.ivi ol '"" '.ul ; l;ai". '.; . li -• ' ^'^"- ! 

}.v:.; ; l)ur. lliere 27 Dec. at Holywell 11 Aug. 1G79. bur. there 2G July 

l.>-.>. IC.OO. 

\^'i:)i.'im (;<iodhall,Kon and heir, born=pj\Iary, Robert Goodhall, ?]lizabeth, bapt. 

i:, tiie Tower Liberties of IahkIou 4, j dan.of 2nd s^oii, bapt. at at Holywell 2t 

|.:tj.'t. 12 June lOii) ; xt. 17, IGGG ; . . . . Holywell 1 Feb. Jan. lc"51-2. 

b!;r. at Jlolywell 19 Nov. 1GS7. 1G54-5. 

John Goodhall, Thomas Good- Charles Coodhall of Incr- Hannah, bapt. at 

hapt. at Holy- hall. bapt. at thorpe, bapt. at Holy- Holywell 10 July 

Wfll 7 July Holywell -1 May well 7 July 1G8-1 ; bur. 1G87 ; mar. Franeis 

1C,78. lG8o. there 29 Aug. 1759. Bovilleof Stamford; 

i died 2 April 172G. 

l:>'l.ert Good-=:p]\rary, dan. and coheir of William Goodhall, bapt.=T)orothy, dan. of 

liali of Holy-; Edniund Bolsworth of at Holywell 11 Oct. William Bcnford 

Well, ba])t. I London; mar. 14 June 1G7G ; of Hipersby, co. of Higersby ; 

llu-re ;U Dec. 1G9G ; bur. at Holywell Leicc.=;tcr ; died 11 Jan. died 29 March 

1071. I 15 Feb. 1703-4. ' 1719-20. 1738, Kt. G7. 

William Goodhall of HolywelK^^Suf^anna, Robert Good- Edmund Bolsworth 

b:il)L there 7 April 1G08; sold ] dau, of 
Holywell to Lady Mary Rar- 
niirdiston 25 Jan. 1728-9' ; died 
in great poverty, and was I)ur. 
at TimwL-11 in co. Rutland 11 
Aug. 17GC. 

hall, bapt. 4 Goodhall (twin with 

Nov. 1700; Robert), bapt. 4 

bur. at Holy- Nov. 1700; bur. at 

well 31 Aug. Holywell 23 March 

1701. ' 1700-1. 

Johu Goodhall, George ]\Iary. 
b.apt. at Tim- Goodhall. 
well, CO. Rut- 

land, 2.^ .March All bapt. at Timwt-ll 1 Feb. July 1 729. 

Grace. James Good- William Goodhall, 
hall, bapt. at bapt. at Timwell 
Timwell 21 19 Jan. 1733-4. 



well'l 9 Jan. 1733-4. 

l-Muiuud liul.crL Good- I^Iary, bapt. at = Gharles Grace, liapt. 13 April, 
liall, l.apr. at Holywell 9 April 1G97 ; died I'S Snow. bur. 15 ]\lay 1702 at 
n l-Vh. I7(i,s-'j. ' Jan. 1757. ' Holywell. 

John Goodhall of Higersby, co. Leicester,=S;irah, dau. of. ... ; born 1710 ; 
born 1712 ; died K; .May 1785. died 28 March 1787. 

». < r 


' 1 '"■ ';i itj;- ,!;■) ji 

"> ; 

.!..:.i. (I i!/. 

412 i.iNcoLNSiniiK pi:digi;i:ks. 

(Sootifjant of i\irinonti4c:^iHtrc. 

[MS. ('. 1':;, irn-alds' CoIIcl:". Harl. :^rs. ir.r.o.] 

AlJMS. — Clii 'pill ariji lit (iiul i/ii/rs, oti (I fcsi^r ozui't ihiic hfl-hdiiil ildunllfh nf the first. 

Aiulrcw < loiidliand -i' MaruMivt. duii. of .Idliii Tlanx'sliy. 

Thomas (Joodhaiidn=.Tane, dau. and coheir of ... . llarvy of Clee. 

Charles^F.Tane, dau. of 


Fotljci'liv of Xor- 

Thomas Goodliand of=pJoaiio, dan. of William 
AVt.ld Newton, legatee Hatclifie of Ilatclillc ; 

of AVilliam llatc-lille 

legatee of her lather 

William Goodhaiid of 'Wold Newton. AVill dated^ElIen, dau. of John Haven of 

12 March loGO-i ; proved o Jan. 1573-4. 

Saltfleet Ifaven ; dead in 15G3. 

Thomas Good-=pRnth, dau. anfi William Andrew Edward Deborah, under 
hand of Wold lieiress of Wil- Good- Good- (lood- age 15G3. 
Newton, under 

age iu 15G3. man of Paris under under under ^Margaret, nn- 

der age 15G3. 

lieiress of Wil- 




liam Bright- 




man of Paris 




Garden in co. 




. Surrey. 




William Goodhand. 

Thomas Goodhand. 


Magdalen, dau. of Ro-=^John Goodhand of Kir-=plsabella, dau. of .... ; mar. at 
bert Plumpton of mond-le-]\[ire and ^lav- i ^Farket Rasen 10 June 15G8 ; 
Plumpton, CO. York. ketRaseu; bur. at Rasen remar. there, 27 Nov. 1591, Wil- 
1st wife. . 8 Sept. 1500. Ham Patrick of Market Rasen. 

i ! 2nd wife. 

John Goodhand,=j=Ellen, dau. of ... . 
bapt. at ^ilarket Sim; mar. at Keel- 
Rasen 25 Nov. by 5 Aug. IGOO. 
1571. i 

Anne, bapt. at Market Rasen 3 Feb. 
15G8-9 ; mar., 21 Oct. 1585, Jlcnry 
Ilooke, D.l)., of CO. Hants ; bur. at 
Caistor 10 June 1033. 

till I 

Edmund Good- Chai-les Good- Thomas Ehzal)eth,ljapt. at Habrough Anne, 
hand, bapt. at hand, bapt. at Good- 7 June 1 GO! ; mar. IstWil- 
Habrnugb 21 llabrougli 2-1 hand. liam (iraingcr of co. York, 

Aug. I(;u5. April IGoS. 2ndly .... Pirkhill. 

Anne, dau. of .\u-~William Goodhand of— .\nne or .\gncs, dau. of George Gilliy 
gustine Waterton Kirmond and P»in- • of S[aintoii-le-H"Ie ; e.v'trix 1G17 ; I'ln-. 
of Jlessingham ; brook. Will dated 12 at Kirmond. Will dated 23 Nov. IGl 7; 
a;t. 18, 8 Eliz. Aug. IGIG ; jiroved i)roVLd 23 March 1GI7-18. 
1st wife. A I 2G May 1G17. u j 

i<r\-')in \ f 

I'ri.. r. 

ido')-) !i));;!i|7/ 

; ■ li-', ' . i 


^'' // 

I'.u A 



rtanj. ! 1 '-'li S'Utli uf Kflstcni : 
j(ciie l';ii»t. ai Keel by 1 

I\rni;(i:ileii, mar. at 
Wa'k-sl.y, July 
Id 1 7, Aiuliwiiy 

^lurj^aret, mar 
. . . '. Brukc. 

C-.rL'i <;'»»il- — ^J:»iy, dan. (»f John Ivlwanl < lood-r^Dorutliy, dau dan., 

! |.:a:id"H 'alee- Micklothwaitc of hand, dead in 
I ti,or|v. 



mar. liogor 

I' I 

William Goodhand, under 12 in 1017. ^lary. 

i J. hn (l<i;)d-=pnuth,dau. Xicliola5;=: Judith, dau. of John Ilai-ncsse of Tiacc- 

! h.-K-.d. ;;rd of . . . . <»f Goodhand, hy ; bapt. at lirigsley 8 ^Farch 15.S(;-7. 

j > •!! It'.lG. I CO. War- dead in AVill dared 15 Oct. IGoO ; proved l(lo9, 

! wick. IGoO, s.p. then of Langton-by-"\Vi'agby, widow. 

I Anne, mar. Thomas Postluimus llok of Holt Hall, co. Lancaster. 

Willi.ini (Joodhand, 2nd S()n=pFaith, dan. of John ]\ricklcthwaite of Kirmond ; mar. 
i.;i(;. lie. o Oct. I0o4. 

Aiidr' w (njodhand, Ist-f-Jane, dan. (jf . . . . Levftt of Melton- Thninas Good- 

y'i\ : a-t. 2',i, ]t;;;i. 

on-the-Ilill, co. Yoik. 


T "" I 

Mary. Elizabeth. 

Vrilliam <MKKl-=j=Elizaljeth, dan. and lieir- John Good-=pTjncilla, dan. of Xicho- 

las Roper of Algar- 


ess of John "Winchc of hand. 

Jdhii Good- Elizabeth, Jane, ]\rar[;aret, Jolm Nicholas Good- 
hand, ba))t. hapt. at hapt. at bapt. at Good- hand, s.p. 
at llawerby Ha\verl)y Hawcrl>y llaweiby hand, — 
1:5 .\ov. * 20 Oct." 20 Xuv". 21 Xuv" s.p. Frances. 
l'-'»l. 1G40. 1G14. 1G4S. 

Francis Goodhand, bapt. at Charles Goodhand, 2nd Christopher Goodhand, 

H.r.vcrby 8 Feb. IGoS-'J. son. 4th son. 

^\ liliani Guudhand, bapt. at Marmadukc Goodhand, Marmaduke Goodhand, 

n.iwcrby 11 Xov. 1G42. 3rd f^on, bnr. at Ifawer- bapt. at llawerby S May 

by 8 May 1G41). 1G50. 

vol.. II. 

. ..t/ 

I -irv 

. =f,/. 

I , . I. 

' I 

i >Uui 


i-. ': 


Ll>>COLNSimU'; rKDlGllCtS. 


Oloiu-ostor I. ■ . 

DovJthy, Uu: July 1 0-17. Sarah, bur. .luly IC. 17. 

. jJhn Goodlmnd of l)inbvook,^llannah EJu^n-a ;^;-';|;--|;;;^^^!;[ ' j.- ;: 
GcMt. Will dated 15 Doc. . . . , ^:^"1^;. ^ ["• ^ ' • .^k St a- 

lG(w ; P^^^^f -T,^ ;^; l^^,;^ Gabriel2uJan. bricl 23 Aug. 

mentions his broLhei L,a\\aia , ,,.^, - ; ir.nn 

(luodhand. I 1^'^-- l^^'^'-^- __ __ 

ThLas Hanlah, mar. at St. Mai- John Goodhand, ''^l.t at = . dan 
J nomas .111, ui Rinbrook '?0 Sept. IGf.o. of . . . • ; 

1737. living 1737. hvmg !-.:.<. .Inl\ Ibb,.. 

Anne Goodhand of^Binbrook, widow. Will dated 22 y.ay 1742 ; proved 2 Oct. 
175o by ^Mrs. Knight of Irford, ex'trix. 

©ootimait of iirijrtclunsljam. 

[MS 23, Heralds' College. " Visitation of co. Leicester," Harl. Soc, 
^ Vol. II., p. 84.] 

.... Goodman of . . . .=r 

Tiima. Good- i-™-;^-'tr<;';i 'ii'°;^^-^ Fo-iT«^.i,;.?:f ;'. 

lGUi-5. CO. Leicesier. 

y scr of ye will of J. Pratt 2 . ^ j,^^^^ 

A I May 1G1>5 

.; ! 


.i"i lUiifii 


n;;:r(l:5 j 


■ \. .' t; 

■ ' ..I ■■■; 




W,;!,,.n, (;o..aHKm,^Mnrpirot .Ian. 
..,,lM.n. laiinar. ir. ol .l.-lui 1 rait 
;;,.^ 1, ;..(.; under of Koytliorpo, 

M-iV 1018 

CO. Leicester; 
])rovetl her 
i-itliov'-- will 3 
Feb. I(;i8-H>. 


,]v]\n Goodman. 
;'.rd son, under 1-S, 
'21 IVb. KUtl-:). 

George Goodman, 
under 18. -'7 Feb.. 

Valantine Good- 
man, ."'til •'^ou, 
under IS.-JT Feb. 

]•"'rauce^^. Istdau. 

1st son 
■2i\ May 
liiis. " 

John Goodman, 
•ind son,c\'or of 
his grandfather; 
under age iJ Feb. 

William Goodman, 3rd- 
sjon •-'<) May lOls ; of 
Threckingham ; bur. at 
Ivirkbv Underwood IG 
Dec. 1G7'.». 

Elizabeth, 1st dau. 
2G May 1G18. 

:\Iary, 2nd dau. 20 
:MaY 1018. 

William Goodman, son, born at 
Tin-eckiugham 7 Sept. 1656. 

Elizabeth, bur. at Threcking- 
ham 30 July 1057. 

,,.„Loe Gooa,nan,l.tso„, j'Jn Good,,.,,,, .nd son, EliJ.',.,. ^r^U^ 

a..,.7,l(;84;"aw,t„osi^o a-t. 10, ll,.i. ^^^^^^^^^ .__^l_^„^ 3^, 
vo induction ot Henry KO}C Alav 1627. 

•into ve Prebend and Parson- \alantme Goodman, old - 

agcof ITaydor liMay 1664." son, rot. 9, 16o-t. A^nc.,. 

[llarl. MS. 1552. MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Lc Neve's " Knights."] 
\;:y,.-Amnt,onaJesse hettceen iico lion, passant-gvanhnt iinU. a jlcur-dc-Us 

hetivcen as iniuuj rrcsrous or. 

John Goo.b-icke of 13olingbroke, co. Lincoln-r dau. of 


Kilard Goodricke of Pull,ng-"Alie,.. dan. of John Etton of Firsby ; remar.,2ndson. I Ti.un.a^ I'.ra.lley ot Louth. 

Pi<.l!ardG.,.,drieke-nor..thy,dau.ofWilliam Bad bye of co Essex ; John Gc..d- 

..1- L..Md..u, Clerk I wi.h.w of George;reniar.>.r And. o>e neke, died 

of ye Augmenta- I Jermyn,Knt.,orPaishOrooke; living 2b March s.p. 

tion Comu ' 20 Elix., 1578. 

' .:h;;;!;' .,(.;.> 

iu 'i:i'^Ur-t\(}t'\) 


j/r.L . . .•->. 


■■I ■ -l.'^l'i.'i-'Of > ifii'ot 

•/ ; 

I I 1. .( 




LiNCOLN'Niiiin: ri:biGin:i:s. 


lliclKini r,o<Hl-=l>on.iliv,* dan. of Sir Ambrose Jermyiu K'nt., Eli/jibcth, 

ricko vl' Tofi, or Joln'i .kTUivu of .•^ulTolk. which IMward _ (;<."• 1- 

LiiHola. is eurroct ; marri:me boalciueiit uatcJ "iy rickc of La<i 

ilarcli :-'0 Eliz., lOTS. Kiikby. 

Edward (or WiHiain) (ioudrickc ot Ea^L :-,-,] ano, dau. and iieir of . 
Kirkl.y, Lincoln, 1:.l son. , -'" i"^---^-" 


of Boston. 

Thomas Goodricke, 
Bisho}) of Ely. 

John (Joodrickc, Shcriirof=r- • • • <^:t"- '»"'! coheir of Sir 
Lincoln laoa. Lyonel Dymocke, Kiiu 

. . . . dan. of=LvonGood-=i=AVinifrcd,=:. . . . dan 

Sir Thomas ricke of , dau. of of Nicliolas Good 

Jermyn of East Kirk- { Henry Robinson ricke. 

JJushl)rooke, bv, died 21) ! Sa[.c»tts of Boston 

CO. Snirolk. Aui];. o Eliz. I of Liu- 3rd Nvife. 

Thomas Katherine, mar. 

1st wife. 

coin. 2ud 


Jane, uuu'. Wil- 
liam Bryan of 

Richard Goodricke=]\largaret, dau. of . . . . ; 
of CO. Sullblk. living 2 Sept. 40 Eliz., 


Auue, mar. Benjamin Bolle 
of Oaberton, co, Notts. 

Edward Goodricke of East Kirkby i:.92 ; had licence ton=Eli/.abcth, dan. of 
alienate the 'grange of Waddiugwortli 2 Sept. -10 E!iz., Richard (Joodncke 
159S; died 20 Aug. lo Jac. L (according to inq.)' l^'l''- • *■''' Eondon ; living 
(probably a mistake for 18). Will dated It', Aug. lo Jac. L, 2 Hept. 10 Eliz., 
h;15 ; proved 9 March 1017-18. [Will proved at Liucolu 1098. 
25 Oct. 1G15.] 


Elizabeth, n^ar. Frances, mar. at Dorothy. Winifred, mai-. .. , 

•RubcrL.Bewytt; Boston, 2 G May — IG Aug. IC.l?. 

mar. lie. 1 Jan. IGOS, William Anne. — 

1G02-;:); living Disney; living — Hester, mar ; living 

IG Anf^ 1G17." IGAug. 1G17. Judith. IG Aug. 1G17. 

liyon ( ioodricke, son and heir ; mar.=pAudrey, dau. of Calthorpe Xathani'-l 

lie. 22 Sept. IGOO, "of Alford;" i cf co. Norfolk; mar. lie. 22 Goodricke. 
irnyed his father's will 9 March ' Sept. 1 GOo, " <>f Alford, spr.,"' — 

IG17-1S ; of full agr at his father's :et. ; living IG Aug. 1G17 ; Robert 

leath, described «.f Suckney ; died Hirviving 2G Sept. 1 Car. I., Gocdiicke. 

last Feb. 1G21-5, 22 Jac. L 

^ lu the '• Vi-il:Uioiis (.£ CO. SulTulk. l.-Cl. 1.577, and 1012/' printed for the Edit-r, 
W. ('. Mrieulfe, !->•_'. by I'olhiid of K.xcter, iL^rothy, dau. of .Sir .\ Jermyn, Kut., is said 
to have uiiuriod I>d\v.iid Duke, E.<'\. — .\. H. M. 

.r i- .'.f •) , r : r 

ci:.' 1 .') {/^ 

■ i t'.-a 

i| . • ;■!-■(! 

.:;.!/. ^>f 





f..!i!i (;.."« ulrirVf of Stirktiev. son", 


, 1 

Thomas Good- 

1 1 
.... mar 

ii'i.i heir, ;v'!. HI v<:irs and -i nionihs 

dan. of 

ricke of St irk - 

\\ i.'.-L ; iivini,' y 

\x-i Tot'. 1'- -Jae. 1., It'.^."); iuhoriteil 


ney, a Captain, 

Sept. IGoo. 

:!;(• iiKinor of Stickiu'V from liis 


[>r<n"cd his 


•r;iiniratIu.T ; iindi'i- i'.. 1 il Aim'. 

of FloeL. 

liruiher'swill -S 

.... mar 

,,.,. \\ :l!'.-'l '.• S-{)i. 1 •;.");) ; 



1 ;..v..(l S ^rarcli U)r»3-4. 

William Goodricke of Sticknoy 

only son, 

Elizabctli, only 

dau., living 

under age i) i>Qpt. IGoo. 

i) Sept. lOoo. 


Ihru-y (icodrieke of Kibston, York,=pirargarer, dan. of P^lizabe;:!), Kathcrine, 

l.'.-li' ; mar. 1st ... . dan. of .... | Sir Christo]jlior mar mar. Thomas 

AiMv, and had a son William (iood- > Rawson, mor- Falnetby. ]\^n^scnden of 

ricke (see llarl. Soe., Vol. XVI., j chant. 2nd wife, ' Healing, 

p. Hi); ^^^^^ 1^66. 

Kichard Goodricke,=j=Clare, dau. of Rich- Christopher Good- Aldborougli, mar. 

Isi sun 1524; Shoriil" ard Norton of Xor- ricke, s.p. Christopher Lang- 

of York ir>79 ; dead : ton Conyers, co. — holme of Conis- 

ITiSl. I York. John Goodricke. holme. 

Ricliard Goodricke, born 15G0 ; Sberitf of York 1591 ;=r:\ruriel, dan. of William, 
died ICul. Lord Eurc. 

Sir Iknrv Good-=frJane, dan. of Sir John Goodricke=Sarali, dan. of Sir Richard 

ricke. Knt., born 
loXO; died July 

John Savile of of Eastoft, co. Hopkins of Coventry, Ser- 
Meihley, co.York. Lincoln. jeant-at-Law. 

Cailicrine, dan.^Sir .Tohn=EIizaiK'th, Savile 

Sir Francis Goud- = Hester, dau. 
rickeof Manby,co. of Peter 
Lincoln; knighted Warburton 
at AVhitehall 3 of the 

and heir of Ste- Good- dau. of Good 

{>hen Norclitl'e. ricke, Alexander ricke, 

Bart. Smith of died at 

. . . ., CO. Vienna, March ir)61-2 ; Grange, c( 

Descent of the Goon- Suilblk. a3t. 32. dieds.p.Aug.l(37'J Chester 
lUCKK Baronets 

at Durham, where 
he was Chancellor, 

Richard Goodricke 
of Alford. 


Mary, mar. at Alford, 1:'. Sopt. ir.UO, 
liohert Rusliworth of Alford. 

l.'iehard < loodrirk',', son, Ijapt. at Alford 
1<; Nov. ICOO. 

Mariraret, bapt. at Alford 
22 June 150'.). 


^y. 1 v,„f. I 

! .■■(■(i.o;o . 


(ipootiluj^m of slcaforti- 

John (^-.odwvn of ].u,a..n. ae.c.nd.d fro.nyAlioe.dau. of -Jo'^l^ack^^"^ 
John Coodu-vi of Wcsion, co. SntVulk. ut (i.nldlorcl, co. 

ThoL.s Gooawvn of SlcaR-ra, IG^i. Will^Kathavine dau. of -^y'';; i;";^^>- [>>;;[ 
dated Oct. 1053 ; pvovcd duly 10511. \\ inchcoiul.c, co. Oluuce^tci , In.n. 


; i>i-'. 
1G56 ; died 1G79. 

John Goodwyn, instituted Rector of East Barnet 24 Oct. 1070 ; died ICSl. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Lansdowne MS. 207, A.P. 275.] 

:Vrms -'^Barru of tea argent and guJcs a cross patonce sM, a nmrtldfor dijj^rrnrc. 
(Yorke's " Union of Honour.") 

Robert GoNver of Meaux,=p. . . . dau. of .^ . . . Atkinson 
CO. York. of--- ., CO. lork. 

Ellen, dan. of ... . oi^WiUiam Gower of=Anne,dau. of . ; eram Ali.e mar. 

Srimhy; sister of Great Grimsby; ^t^^'^^ ^^''^^Y'^^^^- fc!, ^, „f 

Uichard Bratlier, Al- I MavorlG04,]0US, 1027-8, Paul <^,^"l^^'y- ^/-f'f 

i^:i^rof;hattown;|uUl, 1017, aud ^---^ ^^^^'^ >'.;f ^^^;; "^^^^ Great Grimsby 1624 ; bur. at at Grea \'i'"^sb}, -1 . i it co. loik. 

Feb. 1502-3 ; bur. Great Grimsby 8 I03o, Robert Kay Cle k, 

therJ'23 Feb. 1G22-3. Dec. 1025. Rector of Barnoldby-lc- 

Ist wife. 

Beck. 2nd wife. 

Wi Ham Gower of Great^Katberine, dau. and cnheir of An- Theophilus Gower, 

(Vi 'hv 10-Jl aNo of • thony Wilson, AldermanoHirimsby; bapt. at <.... i 

wX n- h Ch-ea \ wid.i nf Michael Spence, an Alder- Gnms^.y s .arch 

l^^^ \uy 1 50S : : n,nu and 'rown CleH. of Gnm^y ; .00. ; bar the.c 

Mavorof(irhn>bylO;;o. at Great .nmsby 2 Oc. l^.llu.e^ .. 

^X txL^a ■-? d Jut 1 1^2;; ; ;;;::v.r h" ■ h;:^iL.:;^s ^^i. Anne, ,.„.. at 

1^39''^ 20 June 1030; bur. at Great [^nmsby N-.;. 1.04; 

^^"^' 1 Grimsby 8 July 1640. ioy? '' 


'.1 !:!■. 

i } 

. i ■ :.■■■ -i '.U 
: n-,, 1 (If 

^>J< I 


I A 

l.lNCOLNSHIlli: VKDIGUKES. " 41-^ 

A I . 

w'T Willumi (iriwcr, Fraticrs, only dan. ami licir, xi. 7 llelon,bapt. 

|. .,,,1 .,;ih' s.Mi and heir, sot. in 1 r.;i 1 ; l-ai't. at, (iivat Crimsby at Great 

■ *\iri'' 1»'.J'.', al.uiiL -J, li;:)l : M iH'^-- K'-';: alliaiiml in mar- Cnnishy^;) 

",.,i l.rr 'i Svpi'. I'apt. at (ileal ria.irr to lAlwan!, sum (>f Sir 'J'li.i- Jan. 1 Oi'T-S; 

h- .(I at Civat (iiinisl.v 10 mas Cowor, Knt. and, of hur. tluTc' ;. 

^••j<L. ir;V.:J; l>ur. Sntton!i:;n\ CO. Yovlc, ] v conytn ; July ll'.ao. 

there 23 Feb. ex'trix of her father 2D June 

lGo8-i»; iet. 7. IGoO. 


(Srantiarfic ot Soninston in ]&oUanti. 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 
^Vrms, — Az}')-e, three gmnea-wheat ears covprd and hlailed or. 
Sir rvichanl Crandovge of Hasley (or Hasceby) in Craven, co. York, Knt. 

Sir Xicholas Grandorge, Knt. 

^Yilliam Grandorc;e.= 

Richard Grandorge.=r William Grandorgc-p 

I I 

Humi.lirey^Jane, dan. of Roger Hulton. (Sec Peter Gran- ^Far-raret, mar. 
(irandorge. llarl. Soc, Yol. XYL, p. IGC.) dorge, s.p. ^A ilham X\- 


John Grandorge.=r Nicholas Grandorge, s.p. Agues, mar. John P.raton. 

Humphrey Grandorge of Donington, 15G2.-r Alice, s.p. 

Charles Grandorge, John Grandorge, George Grandorge of Don-=Dorothy, 
1st son, not named not named in ington. Will dated 20 Oct., dan. of 
in 1571 or 1578. 1574 or 1578. proved 23 Oct. 1574. S.p 

William Grandorrre, Nicholas Graiidor-e of-p. . . . dan. Alicc-j=Gdes P.oggof Sut- 

k-uateeorhishrodier Donington, ex'or to his of....; . terton, ex or to 

George 1574 and of brother George 1574. i dead in j Nicholas Graa- 

his brother Nicholas Will dated 5 Sept., ! 1578. ^ dorge lo78. 

1578. proved 2 Oct. 1578. '; I 

RolK-rt Grandorge, under 10 in 1578 ; Humphrey P.ogg. Mary. Susan^ 

cx'or to father's will ; left to gnaidian- ^- -^ ' 77^ 

ship (,f Giles Bogg. " J.egiitees of Nicholas Grandorge lu<8. 

.''•\ :^v\'.K — .>.i< :u', 

f..i^fv ,i;^ 

' ■'.'f.' ■: A- 

■ ^ i..,.fiM;.[ 

■:■ j'l^fiMjj'f 

I " ■ ^;' ;- (^^ .':.^:''!aif;H 

. «-> !■( >; 

ll) >..:! 


l.lNCOIASllllli: rEDIGKKKS. 

^Xiint of SSllinrjtOlu 

Iitiliert (irant of Allinuton l.S Ifciirv Yll., took a le;isc=f 
(.r a luil of t!io lT:i!l ]".!;'(■." i'l AUini/loii of John M artel, 
luti! in possession of one JUilby, 

Thoniiis Grant of Alliiiorton. 

Helen, dan. of Augu-tiu Earle o%=Tlioinas Gi-ant of=f^. . . . dan. of ... . Britten. 
StraL::i;ictliorpc. AHiniiton. 

Gervasa-Y". . . . Galjriel=Isalx'll,dau. Augnstine^lolizabeth, Elizabeth, 


dan. of Grant. of Kalph Grant of 


dau. of mar. Tlio- 

. . . SaTids. mas Leake. 


I . I, II III 

Augustine Kobert Richard Grant. William Grant. 

Grant. Grant, — — 

"^ . — ^ John Grant, son, Anthony Grant. 

Living 20 July 1G36. living 20 July — 

1G3C. Thomas Grant. 

Tlioinas Grant, 1st sf'U, of Allington,=i=Agnos, dau. 
yeoman, died llil 8. Will dated Aug. of ilichael 

1C17 ; proved IC Oct, IGIS ; to be 
bur. at Alliugtou. 


Anne, mai', 



]\Iargery, mar. 
Helen Yorke ; 
living 9 Aug. 

Thomas=pT)orothy, dan. IMichael Grant,=. . . . dan. A^nne, under Hellen, nndcr 
Grant, of Richard 2ndson,])roved audcoheir age and un- age and un- 
]st son HnrstofBar- liis father's will of. . . . mar. 9 Aug. mar. 9 Ang, 
9 Aug. rowby. IG Oct. 1G18. Smith. 1G17 ; mar. 1G17 ; mar. 

1G17. Edward Still. Edward Bal- 


.. ' II II I 

Thomas Grant, Richard Grant. "W illiam Giant. Dorothy, 

living 9 Aug. — — 

1G17. John Grant. Robert Grant. 

J . • ,. ■ I 

.'.n: ~.» 

: ',:-;i t ;.,». 



(Prantljam of g^t ixatfjartnr'^, Lincoln, 
anti (I\i{tl)o, 

[MS. ('. i';j, IKiaMs' (V.lU-c. llaii. MS. l.-,:,0.] 

Akms. — }-hiiiiiu\ n ijriOiii sci/na/il i/ulc-s. 

Juliu (.i:'an'il)a;irj"-]J>.'aU:L\', uau. oi . . . . , uiuai. Tiiouiab 
Jervnycr ; died before lib'2. 

Isabella, dan.=T=8oinnn Orantham df Liiidln, merchant ; Shc'ri(T=Margaret, dau. 
of ... . 1st of liineolii City li2o; ^^layor 1 li'l> and 1150; of . . . . ; snr- 

had lands in Diinholme. Will dated 2u Fel». viving 2u Feb. 

Ilo2-o. H52-:5. 


Tlioinas OranLliam of l^incoln, Scinan Edwaid Grantham, John (irantham= 

IsL son ]-!52; merchant of tlie Gran- ord son 1452; liv- of Lincoln, 4tli 

Stajile of Calais: Mayor of tham, ing lJtj8, 1-178; sou 1452; died 

liincolii 11G5 ; living 1171, 2ndson under 2-i at his 1170. 

1483. ' 1452. father's will. 

Edward (Jrantham of Lincoln, ]\Iayor=pElizaljeth, dan. of .lohn St. Paul 

of Lincoln ll'.)2, l.')(.»5; merehaiiL 
1509 ; Alderman 1511. 

of Snarford ; described of Dun- 
liohne 1 Oct. 1525. 

Hugh (irantliam of Liin-^ 
holmt', 2nd son, living 14 
June 15;j5. 

Joane.dau.df IsabLll, mai-. John Gedney vi Bag 
. . . . Cowpur. Enderby, whose will she proved o 
Auir. 1535. 

Robert Grantham of the Llack 
Monhs, near Lincoln, and of 
Dnnholme 1 592, only son ; born 
at Dnnholme 17 Aug. 1541 ; 
bur. there 19 Jan. 1G17-18 ; 
Will dated 7 June IGld, and 
codicil 13 Jan. 1(;1G-17; jjroved 
(C.P.C.) 9 Jan. 1018-19. 

1st dau. 
and co- 
heir, mar. 
of Win- 

Mary, 2ud dau. 
and coheir, 
mar. 1st Tho- 
mas ITowe, 
2ndly Tin Unas 
Applt'lty of 

Bridget, 3rd dau. 
and coheir, mai'. 
1st ... . Xaylor 
of Torrington, 
2ndly ]\L\Lhew 
Amc<.>tts of Wick- 

Alice, dan. of=pVincent Gi'antham of St. Kathe-=f=. . . . dau. 
ILimon Hut- i fine's, near Lincoln, made free I of ... . 
ton of Lincoln \ of the City 12 Sept. 152t; ; dis- Gii'ling- 
and Ihirton ; charged from being Sheritf and | ton of 
living 1 Oct. admitted Alderman 13 Se])t. IJatfield, 
1525, being 1527; Mayor 1527 ; bur. at St. co. York, 
then a legaiee ]\rai-tiu's, Lincoln, 4 Nov. 1550. 2nd wif.-. 
of her mother. Will dated 27 Oct., jiroved ; 
1st wife. ! (C.P.C.) 17 Nov. 4 i'dward VL, 

I 1550. 
A I . B 


:Bridget, dau. of Sir 
Wiiliam Hansard of 
South Kelscy, Knt.; 
remar. Thomas Tay- 
lor, who ill her right 
held land in Ijincoln 
Ciiy 2o .\piil 1558; 
bur. at St. Martin's, 
Lincoln, 20 Dec. 

; r 

1 . . , . ) - 


■:'l .-> h , ;v ,. 




LlNCOl-NSimii: I'LDIGllKKS. 

B i C 

^'iIK•t.■ltt (Iiantliiiii), I'nd son, Ii\iiii^' 27 Oct. 1 ."»."» p^Inri^arel, <l:ui. nf 


\ ilicciil. (■i.viiiliiuu. 'iliouius (riuulii.mi. Prlldi-. "«.-/. • 

Thomas rJi'anthain of= 
soil, called "the Yoiini^er'' 
in his fathei-'s ^vill ; un- 
der 18, '21 Oct. 155(1 ; of 
liangron 2 .Mav ]59i) ; 
died' 2it 1-V!). ;;;; Kliz. 
151)1-2. Adui'..n(^-\P.O.), 
1 June 151)2, to Nicholas 
Sanndcrton his ncidicw. 



•Ith son, 
iDidcr IS, 
27 Oct. 
155(1; dead 
issue) iic- 
fure 7 June 
10 1 G. 


Katherine, unniar. 
and under IM, 27 
Oct. 1550 ; mar. 1st 
llol>erL Sandei'son of 
8a\ln- : 2ndly. ;>() 
Ani;-. 15s5, William 
L'okeUy ..f Skiers. 
CO. Vdi-k ; di>d 10 
March 1 (11 5-1 1"., ;vt.. 
74 ; liur. at Saxhv. 

Faith, un- 
niar, and 
under is, 
27 Oct. 
155(1 ; 
mar. Sir 
St. Paul 
(^1" Snar- 


1st son, 
under age 
1 dune 

2nd son, 
under age 
1 June 

3rd son, 
under at;e 
1 June 

"William Graiitliam. 

Thomas (irantham, 
l)ur. aiSt. ^fai'tin's, 
Lincoln, 12 Nov. 
158 a. 

Katherinc, 1st dan., 
under age 1 June 

Anne, 2 ad dan., un- 
der aire 1 June 151(2. 

Thomas Grautham of Goltho and of=f 
St. Katherine's, near Lincoln, 1st 
son and heir ; uuder age 1 Oct. 
1525 ; took up his freedom ALaix-h 
1547 ; ^LP. for Lincoln City 1547 ; 
ex'oi- of his father 27 Oct. 1550 ; 
Alderman 7 Aug. 1557; Mayctr 
1557 ; died 15 Oct. 5 and G Philip 
and Mary ; bur. at St. IMartin's, 
Lincoln, 19 Oct. 1558. 

-Mary, dau. 
aud heir 
of John 
of Kirk- 
CO. Notts ; 
living 27 

^largaret, mar. 
1st Jolm Ful- 
netby of Ful- 
iietby (whose 
wife she was 
27 Oct. 1550), 
2Mdly Ldmund 
Yarborough of 

P ichard 
by of Hals 
living 27 
1 55U. 

John 15 r 
of Lyuu 




, CO. 

Vincent Grantham ofGol-^ 
tho aud St. Katherine's, 
near liinciJn, son and 
heir ; died in London 
9 Nov. 23 Eliz., 1581. 
Adin'ou (CP.G.) to his 
willow Elizabeth 29 Nov. 
1581, and 2nd adrn'on 
"de Ijonis non " 13 ilay 

Jolizabeth, dau. of Sir 
Fraueis AyscouL'h of 
South l\els(.»y, Knt. ; 
mar, at South Kelsey 
St. Mary 20 Oct. 
15(19 : remar. Geoiire 
Ilatelilfe of ILxtcIitle; 
died 15tt3 ; bur. at 
HatclitVe. Adrn'on 
(C.P.C.)13iray 1583. 

J I 

Thomas Grau- 
tham, fiur. at 
Sr. Martin's, 
Lincoln, 27 
Aug. 1551. 

I'raiiciN (jrau- 
iham, bur. at 
St. Martin's, 
Lincoln, 24 
March 1552-3. 

South Kelsey, 
27 Sept. 15G3, 
ICdward Ays- 
cough, 2nd son 
tif Sir Francis 
of South Kel- 
sey ; bur. there 
1 Oct. 1590. 

• h\ 


; '•■")'i l-iUi itoH 
I i i, ■ , r 





il;ui. "1" 
Sir .loliii 

illLT, Kilt., 

Iv roper ; 
dk'tl in 
20 Jitn. 


Inif. at St.. 
1st wife. 

"Sir Thomas rtrantliani C'f St.^Luiv, dau. nf 

Katlicii lie's, near liiiiCMln. son 
antl licir; ;o.L !S }eai;i (i uicnihs 
and 7 days IT.Iaii. l* 1 VMz., 
]:>x\--J; "inhoritrd "the T.hick 
Monks" iVoni his eousin Uo- 
heiL Uraniiiuni; jiuicniiseu 
the franchise of liincohi 11 
Sojtt. l;")'.!? ; ShrrilV of co. 
liinciiln KIUU; knijrhtod at 
lu'lvdir Castie 2:5 April KJO;;; 
died oi) .luly lO^U ; bur. at, 
St. jMartin's, Lincoln. "Will 
dated 4 Oct. 1028 ; proved 
(U.P.C.) 2 Jan. 1030-31. 


ton uf 

Rohert (Iran- 
tli.un, iiapt. 1 




ford, CO ; liur. ai. St. Lo- 

21 April iri7v8. 

widow of 
Henry Sarlie- 
veieii ul Jiiiti- 
CO. Xott.s ; 
surviving; 4 
Oct. 1028. 
2nd wife. 

Fi-ancis (Iran- 
tluun, hapt. and 
bur. at St. Bo- 
tolpli's, Lincoln, 
30 Jan. 1578-9. 

Anne, mar. Edward Marow 
Berkswell, co. Warwick. 

I I 




Francis Grantham of^^Jane, dan. of Tho- 
thcl]lack Monks, near j mas lluLchinson of 
Lincoln, 4th son; bur. j Owthorpe,co. Notts; 

at St. ]\IartiiiV, Lin- ' remar Poul- 

coln, 12 Aug. 1057. ton. 

Elizabeth, 1st dau. 

Jane, 2nd dan., bapt. 
at St.Botolph's. Lin- 
coln, 5 June 1011. 

Mary, dau., 
died 1082 ; 
mond, CO. 

Thomas Grantham, 
bur. at St. Mar- 
tin's, Lincoln, 4 
Mav 1055. 

Arabella, bur. Elizabeth, surviving]; dan. and heir, born 

at St. Mar- 1057; mar. ('harles ^^Fainwarin'^ of ^Fariin- 

tin's, Lincoln, sand, co. Chester, Lieut. -Col. ; died 5 Oct. 

22 April 1050. 1002, tet. 35 ; bur. at St. ]\Iartin's, Lincoln. 

1st Son. 

Thomas Grantham of Goltho,=f Dorothy, dau. of Sir AVil- 
2nd son, but heir ; bapt. at St. i liam Alford of Bilton and 
Botolph's, Lincoln, 5 Xov. 1012; 
xt. 18, 103U-31 ; Sheriti" of co. 
Lincoln 1039 ; indicted at Gran- 
tham for high treason 1043; died 
22 Nov. 105- ; bur. at Goltho. 

;Meaux Abljey, co. York ; 
had the estate of ileaux 
settled on her 17 Jan. 
1038-9 ; died Aug. 1073 ; 
bur. at Goltho. 


Thomas Grantham of GoUho and of :.Ieau.K,=pFrances, 2nd dan. and cohen- of 
CO. York, had the Meaux estate settled on | Sir George A\ entworth of A\ olley, 
him 12 Dec. 1057; died at Fixby, co. York, , co. York; mar. 12 Jan. 1057-8; 
1 April 1008; bur. at Ealand Chapel, near died 12 ^farch 1092-3; bur. at 
Halifax. Will dated 29 March, proved 5 Ealand Chapel, co. York. 

Mav 1008. 

Vincent Gi-an- Dorothea, Ist dau. and Ci-heir, Elizabeth, 2nd dan. and co- 

tliam.onlvson, born 1 5 Feb. l(;58-9; mar. James heir, bapt. 4 Jan. 1001-5; 

mentioned in Ilohe of Lancaster; mar. Sir GeoUry Palmer of 

his father's took the Meaux esta'c in parti- Carlton, co. Leicester, Bart.; 

will ; died tion with her .-.i.-ter 1098. and 

. . . ., ;et. 12 ; j<.'ii!'d with her hu.-bund in coii- 

bur. in Ealand ve} iiig it to James Winstanley in 

Chapel. 1701 on his mar. with her dau. 

had the manor of Sandoii in 
Wraglty in partition 4 ^Liy 
109.^; died22Marchl74U-41, 
ait. 77 ; bur. at Carlton, co. 
Leicester. E 

.■!l -.L i;: ,i;i-, 



t ' 




i 1 ...i/j 


lincoi,n>iium: im.digkkks. 

llnuli ViiKviit nniiitliiun orOoUho.^^rarpiret, dan. of .^ir Richard Fansliauo, 
(!i'an- UK'ntioiK-d in liis l>rutli<r's , Knt., Anilia.-saddr to Spain ; l>oi-n at 
thaiii. will; J.r. i;,i Liiid.ry KiTS; 'I'ankirslcy Pai'k, cm. V,irk, s Oct. ICl):;; 
liviiii;- lil'J:.*-.). mar. before 1G7G; living IMay 1705. 

James (Iran- IJnlMii (Iraniliam uf Ooltlio. pur- Vincent (Irantliam, Ixirn 

tl) eiiased the i'ranehi.<e of the city of 1 ()!);;'. : n benefactor to the 

St. Peter's- Lincoln r,i Sept. 17 in ; Chamber- rei»airs of Lincohi Cathc- 

at-Arehes, hiin of the Sonth AVard ;'> Oct. dral 1 7l'1 ; died lU, bur. 

liincoh), 3 1715; a trn.stee ft»r rebnildini;: tlie 1-J Dec. 17r)S at Laeeby, ;ut. 

Feb. l(;7lt-.S0. ehureli of St. Peter's-ai-Arches, Co, then called the " Last 

Jjincohi, 10 July 1719. male lleir of the Family." 

Francis Grantham of "\Vva<i;by and Lin- = Anne, l?t dan. and coheir of John 
coin City 1073; a Lieut, of jloise in Lodington of Fulnctby ; widow of 
the Lincoln Militia 1C>80 ; Chamber- IiobertCracroft of AVhisby and Hack- 
lain of the South Ward of Lincoln thorn ; marriage sertlement dated 5 
2 Oct. 1(]'J0. Sept. 1G81 ; living 172G. 

John Grantham, youngest Fi-ances, born at ]\Ieanx Abbey ]\)rothy, mar. Henry 

Bon, died at Fi'xby, co. 7 Sept. IGaU. llildyard of Kelstern ; 

York, 7 March lGG7-8,tet. — bur. Nov. 1GG7. 

17; bur. in Faland Chapel. Elizabeth, bapt. -i Jan. 1G54-5. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Azure, a garb or wiiltin a hordvre argent. 

Francis Gravcnor of city^. . . . dan. of ... . Metcalfe 
ofYork, M.D. of co. York. 

Martyn Gravenor of MessiuLdiara, died=j=Eiram (Euphame), dan. of John 

2, bur. 4 June IfilG. Will dat-d 30 
Sept. IGU ; proved 22 July 1C16. 

. of 

Halifax, co. York; mar. l.^su ; died 3, 
bur. 8 Sept. 1 GIG at Messingham. 

EdwardGravenoi-^Anne, dau. John Gravenor Mary, Elizabeth, mar. George 

of Messingham of Edward of the Inner mar. Swan (»f Ijangton-by- 

(rather (loddiinl. ^ Lindsay Temple, 2nd William li..rticaslle(mar.lie. 1 

as he is called in I of Lump- son, proved his Leveii I )cc.l GIG); living 1 (;3'J. 

his father's will) ; stead, co. father's will (mar 

IGIG ; living 


bur. at ]\Iessi ng- Essex ; 
ham2'.i Dec. 1G.")1. aibn'ix of 
Adm'on •_'7 .\}iril her hns- 
1G02. ; band 27 

. . (Ian., mar, 

he. 11 




L'rsida, mar. liichard 
Xi'lLlioi[)e of Scawby ; 
died 4, bur. 5 Dec. 
1 G32, ait. 31 ,at Scawby. 

A 1 April 1G52 Coningsby. 1 G3y. 

,1,1 / 

■/.■• •> V[' 

) -,-,n, -r 

■'[Ui'l 'v.,:- {f 


. :(■ 


. 7' 

i ^ I :!(•;: 

J' [ 

,•■■1 ./. 

7';^ i) I;; 1 

1.,/. A 



A|' Ci'rnv.nor of ^ros--f"Sarali, dan. Maiy. AniH', niav. at "Mos^iiiirham, 
sii)u'li:^iii, ;pt. !. 1<;;M. Will j of . . . . ; Imit. .lait. lii.M-.'t, I'lilward Parkin- 

(laU (1 1'o ^lay l(i'.):l ; proved | at .Mis.-iiii;- sou of Aslilw. 

•J'.l Mauh ICiH : (n. li>) Imr, 
ill the Latly's Quire at Mi 

haul !."» July 

I^n'auKuiar. .loliu Ni'vile, Li(/ut. 
iu the Lincoln ?iIilHia IC.SO. 

Goddard (ivavcnor. l'a])t. at Mos-^^. . . . dau. Saekville (Jraveuor. "Will dated 

piuf,diani t! June 1 llliO ; [irovcd liis j of.... 1 Oct. li'.'.lS; jjioved 10 ^lay 

father's will IC.'JI ; bur. at Mes- | IGli'.) ; leaves l'.". to each of liis 

siu'^haui 11 July 1720. 1 " biuther (n.ddard's children." 

Goddard*=Anne, dau. of John Kayncr of Gains- 
Grave nor borough ; bapt. there o Sept. 1G89 ; 
of Gains- mar. at ]\Iarket IJascn 30 Aug. 
borough. 1718. 

Robert* Gravcnor^pJanc, 

of Messin<rhain. 

dau. of 

Robert Gravenor, Richard=Elizabeth, Roboit i^Iary, mar. at ^le.s- 

1st son, bapt. at Gravenoi- of dan. of Gravenor, siugham, IG Nov. 

jMessingham 15 ^Messing- . . . . ; died ba]it. at 174:8, Thomas Raven. 

Sept., bur. 2GXov. ham, bapt. at Edwin- i\Iessing- — 

1725. at Mossing- stow, co. ham 2 Elizabeth, twin with 

— ham 22 May Notts, 20 Sept., died Robert, l)apt. at ^les- 

Roben Gravenor, 1730; died ]Mayl815, 22 Oct. singham 22 Feb., bur. 

bapt. at ^Messing- 23 Dec. a3t.'88. 1731; bur. S March 1729-3n. 

ham 22 Feb., bill'. 1778, a;t. there. 

8 March 1720-31'. 49. 

Richard Gravenor, William Graveuor, Anne, bapt. at JMessingham Grace, bapt. 

legatee iu Sack- bapt. at ^Nlessing- 25 Jan. 1(;.")0-51 ; mar. lie, at Messing- 

ville's will 1098, ham 30 Oct. 1007; 23 May 1094, to mar. ham 3 May, 

"if he live to come not named iu Sack- Richard Drury of Red- bur. 30 June 

into England." ville's will 1098. bourn, yeoman. IGCC. 

(!5rtatJ)tti of Lincoln aub ^tiduuy* 

Aims (as borne by Dr. Grcathed). — Bnnuhts chargoJ. wiih martlets. 

Rev. Ivlward Greathed, Rector of Suiith AVilliuL'b mi, ^ 
instituted 24 July IGIU ; bur. there 7 Jan. 1002-3. 

Rev. Edward Greathed, Rector of l>ridgefor<l,= 
CO. Xott.s, instiluted 23 Sept. iOG2 ; died at 
U.\bridue 1073. A 

Elizabeth, bin*, at South 
Willingham 24 Aug. 

* I think there oa;i be little donht that Oo<M;u<l .irid Robert were the children to whom 
S.ickville Gravenor left lc''acies as children of his brother Goddard. — .K. R. M. 

V -. . , ; / 

'Ott '>.I- 

^ ffl(i 

• .rl vo .,n 


:^rn^v, aau.^E(hYanU"{reatlu^a,^rM>..==(;ra(x\a;vn.=i-P^.li7,abetlu'lau.=-Elizabcthn;\r 

of ,IuIhi 
of (J nil thy ; 
biir. at. 

15 April 
1701. IsL 

of lluriu-a-tlo ](;;'<;, of John of.... Hone- non, wi<l w : 

aftLTwards of St. M;i!V Ivo^tormaii aire of Cad(/l>y; iiuv.alSt.Mary 

^Mau'dnKMi, Lincoln:" ..f Boston; di.^il 17;m ; .Mairdalenc'j, 

l)iir, iiicliaiu'tluf Jl-'i-ii- died 171:'.. l-nr. in LinoolM Liucolii, i'..) 

(;..-l,> ('1, ;!!•.■'.. '^^i!! i';i.l wifr. ''uh-idral. 3rd ^n^. 17f;-. 

dalcd •2:] Vch. 174-2-;'. ; 
jiroved IS Nov. 174 5. 


W ill dated 
4th wile. 

Edward Greatlied. John Greatlied, bapt. at llorncastle 2?.^Ann, daii. of Horiica-^tle April 17**0 ; devisee in 174-2-0 of lands .... Willjcr- 

lOOet. IGUS. in Friskney and Calcethoriu; ; e.x'or to lurceofllull. 

his father. 

Children, not named, mentioned in Rev. Edward Creathed's will 1755, 
to have one shilling; each. 

Frances, bapt. at Horncastle Mary^Kev. Thomas Shaw, Ann-rJuhn Somer- 

18 Oct. IGDG ; bnr. there 
25 June 1G'J7 

Rector of Wybcrton. 

scales of 

Mary, mar. 1740 ;=John Cohman of llagnaby. 
living 1755. (See that Pedigree.) 

John Somer.^ealcs, 1755. 

Thomas Greatlied, Edward Greathed, under age Eliza- Wini- I\lary. un- 

uiider age and a in 1742-3 ; Vicar of Thnrpe ; both. fred. der 

legatee in 174 2-:> ; devisee of i'im' man.. r of Wrag- ^ v ' 1742-3; 

a' merchant at holme 174 2-3. Will dated lUir. in Linc-lii a legacee. 

Riga; died there 13:Mavl755; proved 7 June Caiiiedral 1728, 

30"Jan. IbU. 1758. ' S.p. infants. 

Thomas Greathed, Joseph Greatlied of=pPierpoint, dau. of Henry Rev. Edward 

1UG9; mentioned as Stickiiey,gent. Will I Caldecot of llohon Greathed, 

having children in dated I'J May, proved Reckering; bar. at 1GG9. 

his brother's will. 15 June IGG'J. Stickney 23 Dec. 1G7'J. 

in "^"1 "I " ' I 

'J'iiomasGreaihed, lGG:t. Joseph Great-^pEliza- l>ion Greathed, John GreaL- 

— bed, bapt. at belh, bapt. ai Stick- hed,ba[ 

Edward Greatlied, IGG'J, Siickii-y;"> dan. of m y and I'ur. 2-s SriekneyU 

2nd son. .Nov. 1G51 Jan. 1G57-8. Feb.lGG4-5. 

Elizabeth, bapL. at SDickuey 12 Dec. 1C77. 

.^^:;J: J'H/ •■{. 

(-:',! .■•,.' 

. ■ f 

;v.l iu: 

.'1 r 

I '; I 




Homy Oronllieil, oallc(>etli, ilaii. of ^larv. hapt. at Sliclcncv M .laiio, 

cldcsl sen in father's ' . . . . K ymo : mar. April ICCi?; ma!. tlierJ, 21 l.i^atee 

will ](■.(!!>: l)ur. at at Siii-kiioyl:: ilay Ai>ril K'.XS. .li.'ini Fh.iucrs in 

I(;S0 : bnr. there of Wainileet. ICt'.O. 

8 Jlllir u;',)]. 

Stiekney J <.)et. lOD'J. 

JnsLi)U Covathed, bapt. at 
Stiekney Oct. 1G84. 

]M'ary, bapt. at Stiekney 
18 Jan. 1G8:)-C. 

June, bapt. at Stiekney 
24 Sept. 1G87. 

Kcv. Edward Greathed, Yicar of Sibsey. Will dated G Jnly,=^Constance, dan. of 
})roved 21 Oct. 1GS7; mentiiMis his brothers-in-law Mr. Zaelia- . . . .; ex'trixlGS?. 
riah lUirton and ^Ir. Kob.rt Hope. 

Edward Oroatlied, mentioned in 
father's will 1G87. 

Mary, bapt. at Sibsey 14 Oet. 1G81 ; 
livinir IG87. 

Rev. Edward Greathed, bur. at Stiekney 20 Feb. 1727-8. 

[XoTK. — I have comjiiled this pedigree from wills at Lincoln and papers in the possession of 
Mrs. Pocklinccton Coltnian of Hagnai^y rriory. The cunuectiou of Dr. Greathed of Ilorncastlc 
with tho Greathcds of Stickiioy is not quite clear. Probably Joseph Greathed was a brother of 
llev. Edward Greathed. the Doctor's father. He undoubtedly had a clerical brother, wliom he 
mentions in his will ]i">fi9 as " Rev. Edward Greathed," and the Doctor's father was of that name 
and did die till lt;73. But there was another •' Kev. Edward Greathed"' in tlic person of the 
Yicar of Silisey, who died in 1GS7, and another who died at Stiekney in 1727-S. (See Burke's 
" Landed Gentry," ■■<nb " Greathed of Uddeus," co. Dorset.) — A. R. M.j 

(Srccn of IDun^stij). 

See "Genealogist," vol. ii., pp. 55 — G3. 

(PrcgoiT of 1I}arlaiiton. 

redi;.,'ree of Cireu'ory drawn up by II. Ik-aumont of Grantham. 

AitMS. — G'xdff:, on a chrvron Ichcdn fai croi-s-crosslcfs or (hire rross-crosslefs 

of the fin t. 

John Gre<,'ory of lironfrhton^Alice, dan. 
Sulney, co. Notts. of ... . 

■;i L!'::-';n 

'' -- .J->'': --^^i.'v..b:i ;i>H 

'■■ I .■: .:i 


'•' -'hf 



J.lNCOLNSlinM", TKDlGKEr.s. 


"William (^ rectory, M.P.^f Ainio, 

for XdttiiiLiliani ]0(»1 ; dan. of 

Foiiiulcrol "(iicgorv's Adam 

lli'Sjiilal '' ; lioii^'ht .lat'kson 

manor of Trenton, co. (lied 7 

Notts. \^':]^ ; Imr. ru M:>'cli 

iSt, iMary'f;, Molting- JCiii-,), 

ham 23 Xw'. KloU. ; xt. bO. 

Iloiiry fJrcgorv of 
Boston in New 
l^itiiland. His 
cliildriii men- 
tioned in his ])Vo- 
will :is Ix'iiiy" in 


luhvavd Gre- 
gory, s.p. 

.Jolni Greijorv, 
'•■'n(. Aoril, * 
diid Doe. 

Ci rcu'oi' 






John (Tregory=f=Eh"zabeth, dan. and coljcir of Francis Gregory, bapt.=Annc, 

of Notting- j George Alt<in by ^laria, dan. and 31 Jnly 1G08 ;'bnr. at dan. (.f 

ham, died j coheir of Jolm Kyme ; mar. at, 8c. ]\Iarv's, Notting- .... 

IGbi. St. Mary's, Nottingham, Feb. ham. 2;M'eb. IGG 1-5. 

1C29-30 ; K'L 02, 1075. 

Francis=!Margaret, dau. 

3rd son, St. 
ham, Nov. 

of lioger Wal- 
dron of East 
Bridgeford, co. 
Notts ; bur. at 
■"IVent 2-i Dec. 

4th sou, St. 
ham, June 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at St. Mary's, 
Nottingham, 14 
Oct. 1C39; mar. 
AVilliam Daven- 
port of Bram- 
hall, CO. Ches- 

I I 

Anne, bapt. at St. 

i[ary's, Nottingham, 
13 July 1G4S ; mar. 
Gervase Shi]»man. 

Laiusford (?). liapt. 
at St. Mary's, Not- 
tiuojiam, 1 Aug. 

George Gregory, jjapt. at St.=pSnsanua, dau. of Sir ]\[ar- 
Mary's, Nottingham, May , tin Lister, Tvnt., of Ikir- 
IGoS ; lligli Sheriif of Nott^ I well ; mar. tliere 21 Jan. 
IGGG ; bur. at St. Mary's, j 1G63-4. Will dated 12 
NotLingham, 10 July 1G8S. Nov. 1713. 

Philip=Elizabeth. dau. 
Ciregoiy, of liicliard 
2nd son. Pliillii)s of Pic- 
ton Castle, CO. 

Susanna, bapt. Elizabeth, Barbara, l>apt. at Jane, bapt. 
at St. :\Iary's, bapt. at St. :Mary's, Not- at St. 
Nottingham, St. ^^lary's, tinizliani', 2!) July ^fary's, 
2a May IGGG ; Notting- lG7iS; mar.Geoige Nortino- 
mar. there, ly ham, 12 Nedham of Wy- liam, o Oct. 
April 1G88, May IG72. mondley Priury, lG81;mar. 
Bartholomew co. Herts ; bur. at .... Thorn- 
Burton. Wymondley 23 bury; living 

Dec. 1743. 1713. 

'Mdvy, bapt. at St. 
Clary's, Notting- 
ham, IG April 
1GS3 ; ex'trix to 
her motiier 17 J 3; 
bur. at St. :\Iary's 
25 July 1733. 

John (ircgory, 2nd son, bapt. 
2 .May I G7 I ; bin-, at St. ^fnry's, 
NotLingham, li Felj. 17 11-2. 

Richard Grcgoi-y, 3rd son, bai)t. 
1 3 Dec. 1 G73'"; bnr. at St. Mary's, 
Nottingham, i'3 Nov. IG'jii. 

William Gregory, ba))t. 1 Theoj)hilns Gregory, 

Felj., bur.27 Fob. 1G7-1-5. bapt. at St, ]^lary's, 

— Nottingham, 13 

Charles (or Chri.stopher) ]\Iarc}i lG7y-80; Jiv- 

Gregory, bapt. at St. lug 1713. 
Mary's, Nottingham, 15 
Feb." 1G7G-7. 

I ..I - 'M 


J'' .-i:.:-';-!:! 

■..• 7 

:■ 'A 


.'. I .' 

' /.!tl. ^."1 

I . i . I i\ 

i r ! 

/i-.'i t' 

LixcoLNsii 1 1: !•: Pi: ni gheks. 


"William riic^vtiT, ]\rartin Oro- (i'(-cr.;:o C;iiL;ury of Lc-ii-=f Susanna, dnu. and 

lin]>t. ;'. Jan. 1:017. 1':;}.!. at U<u, ck Ni41s! ha]^[. 2 . lii-ir of William Wil- 

S[. ]MaiTV, F(b. It.i'.'j-Tc : ] I ij:!) ' liamsol'lJompstonc, 

NoitinL'- Mieriir IC'.'l : at St. ; co. Notts, and Den- 

liam.i;. ^lay Hilary's, XttiiiijiJjam, 10 | ton ; died 5 Feb, 

](;(;7-S; St. 
Clary's, Xoliini:- 
liam, o .March 

Ccorpc Giv.irory of nar-=:-Eli7-a]K'iIi, dan. of John Ore.uory. Impt. II Oct, IGOS; 

laxton, hapt. at St. 1 Scj'opc Tyrwliit by hnr. at St, 'Hilary's, Xottiii^L^diam, 

]\!arv's, Xottincham, li) Elizabeth, dan. o'f JO Jan. IGO'.i-iriu) 

An-i-. 1G07; ShcrilT of Sir Daniel de ~ 

CO. l>incoln 17-IS ; bnr. j Lip:ne, Knt.; mar. Richard Grogury, bapt. 7, bnr. 

at }larlaxton I'O Xov. ! at llarla.xton Sept. 17 Xov. 1(^.1;) at St. ^Mary's. 

175S. 1738. XotiiiiLdiam. 

lary s, 

George de 01ivia,=p"\Villiam Gre-'^Kaiharine, Edward Gregory. Rec- 

Ligiie Gregory, dan. of gory "Williams : dan. of tor of LaiiiraV, co. 

born 1740; JohiiPre.^- ofRempstonc. ' Becking- Xotts ; died there I'j 

,SJ)criir of CO. ton of co. Notts, 2nd j ham of co. Oct. 1824, ict. bO, 

Xotts 171';; ; Fiasby, son ; SheriiV Kent. 2nd — 

dit'd 24 Aiig. CO. York, I of co. Xotts wife. George Gregory, died 

1822, nnmar. 1st wife, j 1800. iinmar. 

Gregory "Williams, afterwards Anne Eliza- 
Gregory Gregory, died at Har- beth, died 
la.xton 18 June 1854, nnmai-. unmar. 

George Gregory of Edward 
HarIaxton,di'd 1"> (Iregory, 
July 18G0, s.p. died s.p. 

TheophiUis Gregory,=pSusanna, Edward <;i'e-=pEiicy, 
twin with Edward, dan. of 
bajit. at St. Afary's, .... 
Xottingham, 10 ^lav Stani- 
17UG. ' ■ , land. 

Selina, bapt. at St. 
gory. Rector , dan. of Mary's, X'^ottingham, 

of Ashwell, ; Sanniel 2 Jan. ]C,'Jb-G] bnr. 

CO. Rntland, Redmore, there 27 Aug. 1703. 
and Widmer- : Rector of — ' 

pool, CO. I Corgrave, Susanna, bapt. at St. 

George Gregory, died unmar., 
set, 29. 

Xotts ; lia])t. 
lo]\ray I70G. 

co, Xott.s. Mary's, Xottingham, 
7 July 1704 ; bnr. at 
Denton 3 Feb. 1781. 

Lucy, bnr. at A^hwell Susanna Rarl)ara, bui'. at Ashwell Charlotte, bur, at Asli- 
12 .March 174G-7. L\j ^March 1717-8. well Uo!'. 


,..' i> I ...iv'jiiHM ,.: 

f,.. • 

'J fp:/...v- 

.j[,30 uscoLXsiiviiK i'i:i)ioia:i:s. 

(Drrsoi'L' of ^torUliutlj. 

[MS. ('. ■?.'<, lloralds' (\.llei:;o.] 

Akms.^C)/-, firo lors ozinc, in rhirf a lion j.t.-sn/if of ihr uro,nI, rroiniai ;/ulc: 

^Villiaiii (!rc.'-ovv cfStM-'v A) i.llli'ton, f". Dorliy.^^ 

Eolev Oiv^urv .,t East Stnck-^-Mar^^avct. dan. of Tho- ^ . ham Uv.<^>^^ ^<>hn 

with, an.ror-llax.y in Isle n,as Xcwbornc .^f < )w- ..i <.l..'..:^ 

of Axhohno, hiir. at. Cains- sLoaeiu ihelsl.ot at (.an.shorun_^'h di..i s.i.. 

boronuh-JlAnrillwCT. Will Axhohiie ; survivmi; 27 May !;.<•., — 

datccr 20 Ainil, proved ;'.o l.Mi7, when pIu- i"'ovcd uninar. A dan. 

May 15(;7. 1 l^n- husband's will. clied s.p. 

i\!'irv dan of Jo!ni=?^Rcaer Gre-orv of Stock-=rI>:^1'fl, (l^i". of Uohert Bruckl.-hy 
Viok'vofMiddleUmJwith. bur. at Gains- , of Gl.utwortl, ; w-aow ot Chrisu.- 
eo/l)orbv; bur. at ! bor.m^h 31 July ] r.i.S ; pher Thornton o !,a,,irhion; . 
Gainsbon'.noh 14 j Will dated oOJuly.proved , at (.ainsborou-h 2- Oct. iM.'t. 
April i:»8'.>. 1st wile, j 15 Nov. lo'J8. 

2nu wife. 

Kereline r.^'Vl V-apt. at Gains- Elizabeth, ha,.t. at Gains- Anne ]>apt. at 

borough ll March 1580-81. borough 17 Nov. 1587. ^.f'^'i"?3 . 

DorothvJ.apt.^Cainsborouoh Mary, bapt. at Gains- mar Barnabv 

If 1^80; bur. 14 bor.u.h 1 7 Nov. 1587. J)j;|;-- ^| 

Dec. 1.88. ^^^^^^ ■ 

John Gre<-orv, Thomas Gregory, Francis Kichard Gregory of Stock-=. . 

bapt.20Ap''^ bapt. at Gains- Gregory, with, '^^^P^. at Gains- dau. 

Inir. 20 April borough 10 Xov. living borough 14 leb. l.)/8-J , ol 

1573 at Gains- 1570 -^ bur. there 1598. 

died 8 July 1025 ; bur. at 

borough. " 10 Sept. 1039. Gainsborough. 

bur, 20 July 1037. , 1C29-30 

ino- 30 July 1029.- 1590. 

Gilbert Gregorv=ElizaV)eth, dan. of Sir :\[ary, bapt. Elizabeth, Anne, bapt. 

of l5ariibY," iet. John Molvncux, Hart., at Gains- living :,n at Gain- 

i.> ](;i-' bur. .,fTever^al,.u.XutLs; borough 4 July 1598. horoii^']'^ 2u 

29'july Voi^. bur. 29 March 1038. Sept. 1592. May 1..98. 


..' -' ).- 

.'\ -i^-lr 



i&rcc3lfj^» of !3en3avl3^>. 

Ml-. l-Mikcn's Pi'.lii:ri'(.' tln'R not a!ni)lify tliat t;ivc'ii in ll;u!. M.'^. irt.-jd, 
•' Vi-italii'ii i«f CO. LiiKohi, !,"(<'.:-'/' I'liiUcd in t lie 'Minicalojrist.'" 'J'lio "■ CJ rcslcys 
III" DiakeKiw" is tlir titlo tif tlio Family lli.-^tt'rv, cuii'.iiiled by Falcoiioi- Madan, and 
printed at O-xTord 18'J'J.— A. 11. M. 

©rtbillc of C^ijorpc 5tatimri\ 

[llarl. :\IS. 4135.] 
Arms. — See Burke's " J''cera2:e." 

Sir Fnike riivvillo, Knt., 

I'nd sou- 

pElizal)eth, dan. and heir 

of Sir Edward Gicviile, 

Knl., of 

of Edward Willoui^liby, 

Milcotc, CO. "Warwick ; 

died 10 

son and heir of Robert ; 

Nov. 1650. 

died 15C0. 

Robert Grevillc of Thorpe Latimer, -^BLinche, dan. of Sir Fnlke Orevillc, .... 

2nd sou, bur. at Helprint^diam 17 ! . . . . Whitney; Kut. (see "Com- dan., 

]\[arch 1G12-13. Will dated 12 | llelpring- plete Peerage," mar. 

Feb. l(;i2-lo ; proved 5 June ham 11) Dec. vol. ii., pp. ;]l-33). Giles 




Fuike Greville=p^lary, dan. of Cluis- 
of Thorpe topher Copley of 

Latimer, bapt. Wadsworlh, co. 
at llelpring- York ; ^vidow of 
ham 12 Dec. Ralph Bosville of 
1575. I Gunthwaite, co. 


Dorothy, Anne, bapt. at Hcliiringliam 27 

mar. at .June 1577 ; living 1G12-13. 
Helpring- — 

liam, 13 BIanche,ba)it.atHelprint:liam I'J 

]\raylG17, Aug.l57S; mar. there 1st, 22 Jan. 

Peter IGU'J-IU, John ]ilacklam ; 2udly, 

Gates. after 1613, Ralph Markham. 



bapt. 2« 


IGOl ; 

bur. at 



hani I) 



n ^ T I I 

Robert Grevillc, born=f=Tvatharine, Edward Gre- Dorothy, bapt. at 

IGO/ ; succeeded his 
cousin as 2nd Lord 

Bi'ooke ; 

slain at 
2 Marcli 

dan. of 
•iih Earl of 

F'rancis Grt-ville (see "Complete 
Peerage,"' vol. ii., pp. 32, 33). 

vine, bapt. at ITelpringham 2G 
llelpringham27 Sept. 1G()5_; mar, 

Jan. 1GI3-1 1. 

Fnlke Grevillc, 
bapt. 30 Oct. 
l(;il ; bur. at 
2S .lime IGIG. 

at All 
Chuich. Bread 
Street, London, 21 
Feb. 1G3I-5, Sir 
Arthur Hazlei-igg, 
P>art., of Xo.Kley, 
CO. Ijcicester. 

': .'-;t;'- ,-.:mvt' 

.-■.•,, 1 /■ 

M ) 

(grcp of ixtuQcvbp* 

[K;!\vli!ison MS. 77, 1'. 1 T'O. llarl. MSS. ] \:]r,, 1 :.:,('..] 

Al{.'\!s. — III mi of six (tn/c/il <uul (i.:i're, a hcivl iidhoiiij or avil tjulcs. 

John (\\\'\ 0^ r>:irt"ii in Kydulc, co. Yui-kp. . . , dan. of Sii- 
(apjniiontly an illcuiliniato sun of llioh- [ Thomas Itukf.slj, 
uul, Lt'H.1 (.Iixy oi UvjJiU'i'j. I i\\\t. 

Richard Croy of Kingerby^f^Ursnla, dan. of William Disuey of Norton J)i.-noy. 

Cloor^c Grey uf Kirmoiid--r]\Iarpa\!t, dan. of 
le-]Mirc. I ncss, co. York. 

. . Ueyue (or Peakc) of lluldcr- 

"William Grev of Tiibrd.—^raroarot, dan. of ^lattln-w Amcotts of Wickijid)y ; mar. 

living 20 May ir.O'.i. 

there 17 Aug. ]:.7'.'' ; living iU ]\ray lOU'J. 

John Grey of Loiidon, died nnraar. AYill dated 
20 ^lay IGO!) : proved 2^ April UUl by his 
intended wife f^lizabeth Tooley. 

George Grey. 
William Grey. 


(©roomt of 33itcl)fi'cltr. 

[MS. 0. 23, Heralds' College.] 
John Groome of Ridlington, co. Ilntland.: 

John Groome of Kid-=f-'. . . . dan. of .... Ross of Fotheringay, Y'illiam Groome, 

lington, 1st. son. 

CO. Northampton. 

2nd son. 

John Gmomc of^ 
I'.ouiiie, ]sL son, 
bnr. there ICO'J. 

Anthony Groome of=pFraJiCf6, dan. of ... . Kirke of 

Hitchfield, 2nd son 

I{i>nrnc : widow of Jolm 
man of co. Nortliamj»ton. 

John rjioome, Mary, Fi-aiiees, ]>onine liapr.. aL lia[it. al 

14 Nov. Kir..'; Ilunrne I5<»iirne 

bnr. [Iierc II 21 Dec. 'M) Nov. 

]\larch lG5:J-4. 1015. 1021. 

Anthony (ir('om'', Maiy, 17 •Judith, 

lsts(m.S(»r|. 10;;]. ()i't."lO;;i. 

— — • IvMirne 

John Groome, 2nd France.'*, 12 ^'-[ti. 

son. Oct. 1034. lOl'J. 

J.».« I 

jr ■'•'■\:\-'*r 

■■VM <i; . \.\ 



(T^ucViara of t^tcuiQot. 

[MS. C. 2;5,' ColU:-o. Hiul. MS. \:,IA).] 
\\;y\,<, — Or, ihrcc hciuUrUcrniinc. 

rruMoi.s Vcl 


\pvil 1586. 2iid wife. 

Ellen, heiress, died 26 Sept. 1.^02 

4th son, 
bapt. and 
bur. at 

(icorgo Guevara, 
5th son, bapt. at 
Loath o April 
1581. Will proved 
12 May 1605 by 
brother Henry 
Guevara ; s.p. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at Stenii^ot 17 
Feb. 1575-6. 


Inir. at 
1 Sept. 

bapt. at 
24 June 
1571; bur, 
there 25 

Catherine, livintr 
1628 ; mar. John 
Chapman ofScani- 

Susan, mar. Mat- 
thew Amcotts of 

SirJohnGuevara,Knt.,— Anne, dau. 
of 8tenig('t, 1st son ; of Robert 
knicdited 23 March Sannderson 
1G04-5. Will dated 18 of Fdhng- 
Mareh 16U5-6 ; proved : ham; 
by Sir Henry Guevara j Stenigot 28 
23 July 1607. j May 1639. 

2n'l son, 
bur. at 
29 ]\Iay 

Captain IknryGue-^Mary, dau. 

vara, 3rd son ; of 
Ik-rwiek 1605 ; 
proved Sir John 
Guevara's will 1607 
as "Sir Henry Gue- 
vara, Knt. ;" s.p. 

Col ling- 
wood of Es- 
lington, CO. 

William (Uievara 
of Grimsby, 3rd 
sou. Will proved 
9 May 1628. 

Thomas Gue- 
vai'a, 4th son, 
l)apt. at Grimsby 
11 Nov. 1594. 

Charles Guevara, 
5th son, baj't. at 
Stenigot 10 Dec. 

6th son. 

Mary, bapt. at 
Louth 1596. 


Susnn,dau.of Nicholas; 
Smylhe of Tlieddlc- 
thorpe; bur.atGrimsby 
22 Oct. 1616. 1st wife. 

Francis = Anne, dau. of Thomas Porting- John Guevara, 

Guevara t..n ..f Sawclitl'- : widnw of Wil- 2nd son, bapt. 

ofStcni- Ham Skipwi;h ; mar. at Orms- at Stenigot 3 

"ot. by 9 Oct. 1623. 2nd wife. Jan. Iy89-J0. 

John Gue-= Frances, dau. 
vara, Isi of llichard 

Willoughby Gue-^Lsther, dau. of Eland ; 

vara,2ndson,bur. ! mar. at Cawkwcll 1-^ J'^"- 

son, pet. 
21, 1634. 

Curtis of 



at Stenigot 3 Aug. 

1639-4() ; remar Cooke 

of Partney. Will proved 12 
May 1660. 


/, -i' ;! I,. 

T'-r f 

r.'- I V oik 

•' ' -•■" to 

•■■^■' ■•;•' ■'' .01.;.' 1 v:!KG 

.'• ! r\ 





"\Villi;mi Antlinny rjucvara of Markct=pAnne, tlaii. cf VniK', innr. 1st 

(iik'vara, IJas-jii, " Ijarlior "; hajit. at Sampson; inai". at .IiTriniah 

lta]it,. at Grinisiiy 10 June KMS ; hnr. al Wia^l-y 1;-; .Ian. I'.l-.w. I'lidly 

Grimsby I\IarkL-t Rasen l'-J Miu-cli It;'.H;-7. ICt^^-:'.. Willdattd Tliuiiias JUiJ- 

1 J April Will datid i:. :\larcli ] «;9G-7 ; , I'o I'Vl). ITol-o; JovantorPart- 

liUo. iii'ovcd Iv' Nov. 1007. j proved 7 -Tilly 17:38. nr'y. 

"William Guevara, Anthony 
bur. at Kaseii '20 Gue- 
June 1G95. vara. 

.John Anne. 
(!iie- — 

vara. !Mary. 

All living U;0G-7. 

Hester, postliumous, bapt. 
at Kascn 11 July ir,'.)7 ; 
mar. there, IV-c. 172;^>, 
Thomas \\\Aky of ^far- 
ket Iiasen. 

Aiinc, bapt. at Steni'zot 7 Frances, bajit-. at Steni- Anprela, bajit. at Susan, bnr. 

Sept. If.os ; mar. .lolin gottlJan. 1 GOi^-lO; bur. Sienigot 18 Mar. at Gi-in-.-by 

Poachell of Carlton Scroop, at Alford 17 Aug. lG12-lo. 4 0cLlG17. 


(!5uiUira of s^toaficlti. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms (as borne ])y lloiige Croix temj). Jae. I.). — Argrnt, a lion rampant 

ennifics, collared or. 

John Guillim of I^ondon, Rouge Croix Pur.suivant.=F 

St. John Guillim of London,^Ui-sula, dau. of "William Crewes of John Guillim, 

1st son. 

Fotheringay, co. Northampton. 2ud son. 

Robert (Juillim of Sua-— Jane, d;tu. of Edward Rult of Bones- Joim Gniliiru, 
field lGo4. bury \ji'\ Dobihurst ?], eo. Beds. 2nd son. 

John (iuiliim, Lst .s(.in William Guillim, Rnli'.rt Guillim, Jaiii'. 
lo Oei. Idol. 2nd sou. ord .son. 

•v. I 

-a rt.Mli];^'l< 

..?v:i Y.i. .'.;^!.-U. 

'•yit .!-'"ji^^l v. iaillisiP 'J.-f. 

-^ .. -' •],■ ,c:-il-p 

.1: l,.r: 

LiNcoi.Nsiiiiii: ri.iiiGi'j:i:s. 


'iMioiniis (^iisinitl of St.-niiiriiii:h:uii. Will-~. . . . (.-x'trix in 1"»?.7 
(iatfil l."i;'.7: juuvn! 11 <irt. 1 ."i;'.7 l^I/iiUHln)- I liad ilien a <);;n. Ijitutc, 

living 1 k)o7. 

luii'tit Guslard, 

TliDinas (.iustard, 
livi:)^ i:>;i7. 

Robert Giistard,=p 
livinir 15r)8. I 

Elizabeth, wife of John Foster of Fulkingliani 
living 1558. 

Jane, niar., i'S ^lay 15CG, Peter Xnstcd 
of Baston, VLonian. 

Robert Onstard of Threeking!iani,= 
yeoman, bnr. 27 June loiU. 

Robert Gustard, bapt. 27 Jan, 15G5-6. Jlilieent, bapt. 21 March 15G1-2. 

Anthony Gnstard of=^Anne I-llwood of Threckingham, 
Threckingham. I mar. G Xov. 1576. 

^largaret, bapt. Agnes, 

9 April 1577 ; bur. 9 

? mar., 1 5 Jan. March 

1GU9-10, Ro- 1500-91. 
bert Sibsev. 

Thomas Gustard of— Barbara Couk, spinster, ret. 10, 
Folkingham,a-t.21 of St. Paul's in the Bail of 
in 1G17, his father Lincoln ; lie. to be mar. there 
being dead. 2G i\Iai'ch 1G17, her parents 

being dead. 

Joan, dan. of (? "\Vil-= 
Ham) "Ward of ^^lor- 
ton, near Bourne ; 
mar. there 20 May 
1578; bur. aL 'i'hrcck- 
ingham 5 Feb. 1588-9. 

VnlHain Thomas 

Guscard, Gu-taid, 

bnr. 9 bin'. 2.s 

April J II DM 

1588. 1591. 

-Thomas^Catlicrine Lathorpe Joane,=p"\Villiam Ward 
(insLard of of tlie city of Lin- bur. at i of I^forton, near 
Threck- coin; mar.aLThreck- ilorton j Bourne, gent., 
ingham. ingham ".Dec. 1590; 31 ^lay > ? son of Wil- 
bur, tlicre 19 Xov. 159G. i liam Ward of 
1CU9. I the same. 

Christopher Gnstard=F Anne Ashmoro. niece of Thomas 
of Ivirkby Uudi^r- Asiimore of ^lonlton ; named in 
\vnud,gent. ; legatee his will o May 1G17; remar. at 
ofhis brother liobert 'J'lireckinghaiii, 2X Feb. lGol-2, 
](;21; l»nr.aiThreck- lliomas Styles ; a legatee of her 
iiigliaui 5 Oc[. 1G:31. brothcr-in-law Robert. 

Chriptoj.h';r Gnstard, bapt. 18, bnr. William Gu-tard, liajK. at Kirkl»y 2 April 
19 ^Larcli l(;o9-10 at Threckingiiani. IGIG; bur. thepj on Monday, 3 F(;b. 

lClG-17. ■ A 

/ , 

-I .i'-" 



■■''MM., '.vh 
■^-U\ I.. 1. !..■// 

■•• 'i.-.'; !,.,.iu 

•«. . .'.. 1 . .. .1.; 

-; ...r,,( 


1 1 N C( H.xsH iiM-: im:i) I r; n kes. 


Eobort CiiK(aid:^".laiK' . . . ,, pro veil liorlius- Siisriiin;i, mar. Ist. at Tlir(cVinc:- 

of UoriiDirti'ii. ' hand's will ; rnnar. Kol'ort liain. .".u .Ian. 1('<»"J-10. Xieliolas 

Will dat(.'(l :?7 ■ Btandish of Don inutdii, 'l\vn)l*(.-i land, an<] :.'iidly "William 

Aitril,i^nn-od r.^ : miit. (niar. lie 1 .'» Oct. Kli' 1. Kay of lloll'iarh ; living I'T Apiii 

N(.v. M,2]. i lo 1h> mar. at i:\v< rliv). IC-'l. 


Roliert Onstni-d, onl^' son, mentioned in his father's will, under age. 

t€t of Crcttoiu 

[Harl. MSS. 7oG, 7G0, 4135.] 
Tiiomas Racket of Colsterworth.— Anne, dan. ul" 

Will dated 7 July, jiroved G Oct. 
1511 ; (to be) bur.'at Colsierworth. 

])roved her hus- 
band's will 1541. 

Tiiomas ITacket, William Hackct, Richard Racket, Joan. Margaret. Anne. 

1st sou loll. 2nd son 1511. 3rd son 1511. -^ ^ 


John Racket of Creeton, died 30 Dec. 1558^. . . . dan. of 

Rumplirey Racket of Creeton, found a lunatic IG Jan. 1576-7 ;^. . . . dan. 
died 18 ^farch 1577-8. of 

John Racket, =p. . . . dan. of 
jet. 11,1 57G-7; ! . . . . ; living 
liviuir 1GI8. ; 1C18. 

Racket=pRL-]en,dau living .... living 

of ;liv- lG28;mar. lG2S;n-iar. 

ing 1G28 Tat- .... Rad- 

tersall. den. 

Anne, living 1G28. 

John Racket, IRimplircv Racket of Creeton,^Audry, dan. of William Lister 
livin" 1G28. act. 22, Oct. 1G15 ; died 10 Oct. of Cokhv ; mai-. lie. Oct. 

1G20. Will dated 1 Oct. 1G2S; | ]G15,a3t. 10 ; ex'trix U;2'J-3«); 

proved 1 Feb. 1C20-30. remar. Matthew Olcrk ; bur. 

at liourne 21 Dec. 1C3G. 

William Xico-=^Anne, coheir, fct. 1 years 10=William Jlaria, coheir, ret. 11 

las of Ral- mnjiths in lG2t); called RaUord years S months in 

stead, CO. Lei- Orizell in her father's will. ofCrce- 1G2:,) ; mar. at, I5(.urne, 

cester. 1st Will dat.-d 2 Nov., pruve.l ton. Ki July 1(;3(;, Andiew 

husband. 21 Dec. lG7U,thLnof Lourne, 2iidluis- Walluid ol' Wibtow,co. 

widow; (Lo be) Ijur.atCreeion. band. Leicester. a 

JO '^1-^ltl-!^i 

■;-i 0- I,;' 

■y^C'J . ; ■,-(:>,_;! I :uUA. 


^i - - \ ■■[ , •) . II. .1 


^■■' M 

I! .* 

o I.. 







Susanna, liviniz 107O ; mar. 1st, Wcllifound Anuf, mar.=IIcnry Flowor 

Wilson of :\Iai.thorpo ; 2ndlv, (k' lie. 7 Oct. ofAurth 

Christuphor ...r Winkliill in Ikckington. KilS, ;ot. ^\, a.'t. 

^ 28. 30 in 1C18. 

?L)aIt5 of a^iucoliu 

A-r:sis.— Gules, three hroad-arrovs cr, feathered and headed (irgent.* 
Christopher llales-r dan. of Thomas Lucy of Charlecotc, co. 'Warwick. 

John Hales of Whitofriars, Coventry, co. Warwiek.-p 

Christopher Hales.-p 


2nd Bon, a 
Merchant of 

Christopher Hales of Lincoln, 3rd=Katharine, dan. of ; bur. 

son, Sheriff of co. Lincoln 1(391 ; at St. :Mar£:arei's m the Close 
bur. at St. Margaret's in ye 
Cluse of Lincoln 3 March 1709-10, 

23 June 172G. "Will dated 
24Feb. 1725-C; proved 24 July 

Sir John IL^les of Whitefriar5,=^Anne dau. of Johnson. Aklerman of London ; 

Coventry created Bart. 28 | mar. lie. dated 22 ^larch 1608-9, then of llford, cu. 
Aucr. 12 Car. 2, IGCO; at. I Essex, at. "about 22"; to be mar. at St. An- 
"about22," 22 March 1C68-9. j drcw's, Holborn, or St. James's, Clerkenwell. 

Sir Christoj^her 
Hales, 2nd Bart., 
M.P. for Coven- 
try ; died unmar. 
7 Jan. 171G-17. 

Sir Edward; 
IL^les, 3rd 
Bart., died 
Sept. 1720. 

:Elizabetli, dau. of ... . 
Thorpe of co. ]\riddle- 
sex ; bur. at St. ^far- 
garet's in ye Close of 
Lincoln 24 April 17GG, 
at. 90. 

Dorothy, mar. ^lichael 
Rutter"'of Burton-on- 
the-Hill, CO. Gloucester. 

.... mar. 
of Lincoln. 


Sir Christuphcr Hales of Lin-- 
coln, 4th Bart., legatee of 
Mrs. Katharine Hales 1725; 
died 17 ^lav 1777. 

:. . . . dau. of Edward Harrison of :Morley, co. An- 
trim ; step-dau.of Sir Cecil Wray; some call her 
Harrison Columbine, dau. of Lady Wray by lier 
1st husband General Columbine; mar. Sept. 173G. 

Christopher Edward Hales, 2nd Sir John: 
Hales, 1st son, son, born and bapt. J[ale«, 
bapt. at St. 21 April, bur. 17 otlil'.art., 
Margaret's, ^May 174U at St. of Lin- 
Lincoln, 28 ;^hlrgaret^s, Lin- coin. 
Dec. 1737. coln^ 

:Anne, only dan. 
of John ' Scott 
of Northend in 
Fulham, co. 
Middlesex; mar. 

!Mary, bapt. 
at St. Mar- 
Lincoln. 3 
Jan. 1738-9. 



MisccUaiieu Gcuca]o''ica et llcmltlica," Vol. I., Xcv.- Series, pp. C'J, 70 

.iV/V, .,/:•[; rui..L 

r.-M . . 

•t> . . . .^v-fli.I „, ■. .U'.il- 



A I 

Kil\v;inl U;iK-. 2n<l^-Sns;iini:i1i. (Tail, of Ji^hii Hales, son. Thomas ITaKs, j 

Pdii, \k\\^\. at St. C'harl.-s r.rrtie of l.:iii!. at Si. r\'(oi-'s liir. at St. Mar- j 

iMar<:avct\<. I. in- UtliiiLitoii ; Ikii.L in I^ihti^ato, Lin- -caret's, I.incoln, I 

(•(ill), r» Sept. 17(ts. I'J Jan. I7in-I I ; coin, N Dec. 17<i'.i; !i .Ian. 1 TO'.i- 1 ti. 

mar. .Ian. 17;;"i-G. living 17i'.!>. 

Elizal)'jtli .Snsaniia, bur. at St. Margaret's, Lincoln, '.) X<>v. 1737. 

\nne, bajit. at St. Mar- Katheriiie, bapt. at St. Peter's in Elizabetli, bur. at St. 

raret's, Linoln, Oct. Kastgrato 31 .Ian. 171 1-12; l)ur. at ;Mar<iarct's, Lincoln, 

St. ?*[ariraret\s, Lincoln, 5 Nov. H> .June 1801. 




|l)aUcirti of ^oiitlj aOitDam. 

\rijcit(, a (jrcyliound passant sahle, on a cliicf azure tlir<r Jlturs-de-Us or. 
William llairurd.=f= 

Roger lIalford=rGrace, dau. of 


AVilliam Halford Richard Halfoid of Edith AVestou, co.^^Dorothy, dau. of .Tdm 

of Welhara, eo. Rutland, 2nd son, bur. at Edith Wes- 
Lcicestcr, 1st sou. ton 25 Dec. 1G27. 

]\bjore of Weld, co. 

Jane, dau. of==Richard Halford of Edith Weston, co. Rut-=f=Anne, dau. and heir 
John Day of land, born 1.384; died 28 Oct. 1075, , of Sherington :Mont- 
Cbard, CO. set. 91 ; bur. at Edith Weston. Will dated .t!;omery of Shering- 

Somerset. 6 Aug., proved 3 Dec. 1G75. ion, co. Bucks. 

Charles Halford of South AVitham, bern^^Elizabcth, dau. and coheir of John Hal- 
1G23; proved his father's will 3 Thomas Mitchell of South furd, died 

Dec. 1G75 ; died 15 or 25 Xov. 1G7G, 
set. 73 ; bur. at Edith Weston, co. 

Witham; burn 1G32; died let. 14. 
17, bur. 2U I-^eb. l(;04-5 at 
South Witham, ait. G3. 

Richard Halford Charles Jane, 1st dau. and coheir; Anne, 3rd dau., un- 

of South AVitham, Halford, mar. Christopher Beresford der 24 and nnmar. 

born 1CG2; a a lo- of T-eadenham ; a legatee of G .Vug. 1C75. 

legatee of his gatee her grandfather C Aug. 1G75. — 

grandfather G of Ids • — Dorothy, 4 th dau., 

Aug. 1G75, then grand- Elizabeth, 2nd dau. and co- under 24 and nn- 

under age ; died father heir; under 24 and unmar. mar. G Aug. I(i75. 

nuniar. 28 Sept. G Aug. G Aug. 1G75; mar. Martin 

1742, let. 80. 1G75. Lluellyn. ■*. 

■l/ .!■< 



r-;i' -•!.. J:,b 


, ,'ix. .i 

'!.■,!.< ..I 



Jclm llalfoRl. 'J'homas lIalf.>i-(l.--=K;\;iicrinc, dan. of E..hvai\l l)olin;iii of 

— 2iid soil. Rector , Swiiilioiv ; sislc-r of William l)olinan 

AViiliani ITalfonl. of IC.liih Wcstou ; i of Ullin;j:ton ; imdcr 17 and uninar. 

-— — ' died 1G4S. 29 April IGIO. 

died s.p. 

Ridiard llalford. 




Ru-cr llalford Jane, mar. ^Yilliani P.nrlou of .... mar. James Dorothy. 
of London, nier- ]k-aunston, co. Rutland ; liv- Oliver of Norton, — 

chant. in-r G Antr. 1075. co. Leicester. Elizabeth. 

|L>aU ox JDoninston in W)ol\mX^. 

[Lincoln AYills, Registers, etc.] 

William Hall,=pAndry. dau. 
le.D:ateeinTho- and heiress 
mas Hall's will 

of Edmund 
of Sutton 
St. Marv. 

George Hall of Don-- 
ington. Will dated 
8 'March 1619-20 ; 
proved 8 May 1C2L 
Supervisor to his son 
Thomas's will 1C15. 

Thomas Hall= 
of Boston 

4 daus. 

.... dau., 



Elizabeth, heiress, mar. at William=^ Aaron 
SpaldiiifT, 2 Feb. 1020-21, Hall, , Hall, 
Richard Hohson of Spald- 1G19. ! 1019. 
ing ; bur. there 12 Juue 

Anthony Hall of= 
Don ington, vdi. 
40 in 1019. Will 
dated •! Dec. 
104-1 ; proved 4 
Dec. 1047; s.p. 

= Phcebe, dau. 
of Thomas 
Love of Kir- 
ton, yeoman ; 
mar. lie. 10 
Julv 1019. 

Jonathan Hall of Qnadring. Win=pEunice, dau. of Rev Haile, 

dated 12 Se])t. 10:59 ; proved 28 
i^farch 104O; mentions his cousin 
Thomas Hall of Don ington. 

Yicar of Quadring ; bapt. at 
Qnadring 7 ^lay 1598 ; remar. 
John Damsou of Quadring. 


I I 

Jonathan Hall, bapt. at Humphrey ILall. Eunice, bapt. at Phoebe, bur. at 

Quadriu'^ 22 June 11:2s, — ' Quadring 1024. Quadring;)! 

— Thomas Hall. — March 1034. 

William Hall, bapt. at ' v ' Anne, bapt. at — 

Qu;<dria<:- Dec. 1031. Bapt. at Quadring Qiiadring2 Dec. PeuelMp-, bapt. 

— 10 Nov. 1038.' 102G. ac Qnadring 24 
Matthew PLill, bapt. at — Feb. 1034-5. 
Quadring 11 July 1G37. Prudence. a 


■.••''•><JC i!l'*<- 

r .(:{.U 


4,40 LlNCOLN!=:ilTr.E mnGKLHS. 


Frances, dan. of AVil-=Thomas ITall of Don--:^:Mavy, dan. of .\lox- d;.u 

liamThoroklofllarnH- inn-ton. Will dated ;n andcr More, ox'trix ; mar. \^ il- 

ton ; widow of Henry Jan. 1011-1;"); proved , rcmar AMict- liam llai- 

Caiuock. l.-f wife. 9 :\Iay U'-IO. | stone. 2nd wite. ryman. 

Anthony^^Iarv, dau. of . . . . of Thomas Hall, M.l'.=fr.lizaV.etb. dan. of An'ne, 

Hall liutiand ; mar. at U>v co. Lineoln I Thomas P>el>,n-avc nndcr 

Donin-ton -27 April 1G:)4 ; bnr. at Don- ' of Nort:b Kilv.orth, age 

165-irbiir. there -1 instonl2:\la.y 1G75. ^ co. Leiecster. U'.IO. 
Jan. lf.80-Sl. 

Ccor-e^Endocia.dan. Cornelins Hall of Prndcnce,=AVilliam Bel- Bridget. 

Hall. of William Donin^ton, 2ad son, mar.lGl-l. graYe,brother 

Belo-rave of entered at Gray's Inn of Eudocia, 

North Kil- 9 Feb. 1GG4-5 ; a wifeofGeorge 

worth, CO. Captain in the Army; Hall. 

Leicester. bur. at Poniugton G 
Nov. 1679. 

Samuel Hall, Yicar of Donington. Nuncupative will dated 2G Feb. Joseph Hall, 
lGll-12 ; proved 30 April 1612 ; everything to his brother Joseph. D.U. 

Henry Hall of Pinchbeck, gent. Will dated 29 April, proved 9 June 1 GlSyEleanor 

Symou Hall. Anne. 
[Note.— The above pedigree is not iu the Yisitation of 1034.] 

fDall, formtrl)^> dfitjtoiUtam, of #ranrt)am. 

["Visitation of Lincolnshire, inG2," edited by W. C. Metcalfe. "Genealogist,' 
vol. iv., pp. 23, 2J. M.S. C. 23, Heralds College.] 

Mi^ia.—Ari/cul, a chevron emjraikd hcticcen three talhots' heads erased sable. 

Thomas Hall of=rAbce, dau. of .John Bramswoll by Elizabeth Fox ; 
Grantham. sister and heir of Julm Bramswell. 

John Hall of Shard--Eli/.ab.-th. dau. of ... . De la Hay Jane. mar. Sir John 
low, CO. Derby. I of Litchnrch, co. Derby. Mering, Ivnt. 

llichard ILdl^A nne ^cwton. 

I A 


tiu:n -[:.'_ 

^i > V If 

:(,.., , 

• >u by, ■>r.'i : t:i '([;»[ 

/'••■ .;■] .ii;v!A ♦;VI.^)/;!. il/-//- .,;t-)^ ,.,.,.; \:.:^C^o li^ll n^nli 

p.'): 1, 

'> iO 

1-> .loii 

I 7..f.-, 


ii f.T,. ;-.,ii 

LT>^COLN^^inKl': IMjDIfJKK.rS. 



Th LcH Hall of B.vloNv Loos, cu.^ l^uL.l, dan. and culuiv ..f ilattbcvv llichard 

Derby. Will d n t od 2 :> ,1 ii 1 y 1 G 1 7 ; 
proved July ItilS. 

r>oix>ruvd of Xcwton (iranuo, co. Hall, 
Derby; bur. al I'.iirlow 7 A[M-il lt;;'.l. L'ikIsou. 

^l.i.Mil,<^al.^U!d^.,bu••c■^Cel•va^e^v-Ch:n•^^sHal^-.fK(■ttlo..-Aunf^da-.o Mr 
l5clhunYofKettlctbor]^e; sister of tborpe ; of Lmeolu's , 'IbuinasTroHope, 
Marv, wifeofGervaseSibthorpuf Ini. ICS-l ; M.P. for l^.art. ; bapt. at 
l.anoham, co. Xotis. 1st wife. co. Lincoln 1(;:)4 ; died ^ Bourne 2 .Inly 

1 Dec, bur. 3 Dec. i H'.llt ; bur. at 


1GG9 at Ketllcthorpe. 

D-abel, died youno^ ; bur. at 
Barlow 1-i April IGol. 

Kettlethorpe 18 
June IGGO. 2nd 

Elizabeth, dau. of Sir=f=Thomas Halh 
Kobcrt Abdy, Bart., i of Kettle- 
of Albyns, co. Essex ; \ thorpe, bur. 
mar. there 8 Feb. i there 15 Nov. 
1675-6; Kettle- • lGy8. 
thorpe 3 Jan. 1677-8. i 
1st wife. ! 

^\uiy, dau. and coheir of Henry 
:Mil(lmay of Grace?, co. Essex ; 
widow of Vincent Aracotts of 
Harrington and Amcotts ; born 
14- Feb. 1648-9 ; bur. at Har- 
rington. 2ud wife. 


Elizabeth, bapt. at Chig- Sarah, bapt. at Ket- 

well, CO. Essex, 21 Dec. tlethorpe 10 Jan. 

167G ; bur. at Kettle- 1677-8; bur. there 

thorpe 30 Jan. 1677-8. 20 Dec. 1707. 

Charles Hall of Washing- 
borough, bapt. at Kettle- 
thorpe 6 :^Lay 1690 ; bur. 
there 29 Aug. 1713. 

I 1 

Thomas Hall, Richard Hall of Barlow Lees, Gill)crt William Anne. 
2nd son. 3rd son. Hall. Hall. — 

^ Isabel. 

See " Farailife J^Iinorura Gentium," Harl. Soc., Vol. XXXYIII., 
pp. 566—68. 


Francis Hall of Grantham-rElizabeth, dau. of Sir John Wingfield, Knt. 

John Hall Francis Hall, Survevor^TUrsula.dau.ofThomasShenncrton ; sisterof 

of Grant- of the Works of Calais . Sir Henry Sheringtun, Knt. (some call her 

ham, died to Henry YIII. ; died | sisterof Sir ILalph Buurchier) ; remar. John 

circal5^y^ July 15.^3. I Banaster ; bur. at Grantham 5 July li>G9. 

Arthur HalL 
of Grantham, 
M.P. 1571 — 
1585: died 
29l>ec. 1G05; 
bur. at Gran- 
tham 7 Jan. 

-^Fary, dan. of 
John Ikiiys of 
London (some 
say dan. of 
.Maurice Berke- 
ley of Wyniond- 
ham, CO. I/ci- 
cester) ; bur. 
at Grantham 
30 Sept. 1582. 


Mary, mar. ^Nlau- 
rice Berlioley of 
CO. Leicester. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
l{al[>h I'oin-chier 
of CO. Statibrd. 

Jane. mar. 1st Fran- 
cis Xeale of co. Tjei- 
cester, 2ndly Henry 
Skipwith of Key- 
thorpc, CO. Leices- 
ter ; died 11 May 
15'.t8; bur. atTugljy, 
CO. Leicester. 

'.i<l'1 Jr;f!/aw;'i '> y-<^ 

■■h)(i q-.i 

Ui :: 


, .i-\ '■ i 

Ki .Jixh .v? 

.'? ■ • I 



Artluir]fall,:.'iul son, 
hnjit. at (iiantlinin \ 
Nov. ]f»7] ; a't. 4, 
lo75 ; "an iiinoccut." 

.loan, ba]it. 11) 
Nov. ir)70 ; l)iir. 
at CiraiUliaui 30 
July 1571. 

Trsula, cx'trix 
to An lie JIall 
in lOoO ; iiuir. 
Arthur Porter 
of (.Iranthan]. 

Anno. WilldMled 
(; Oct., proved 2. '3 

Nov. i»;;X). 

Elizabotli, dau. of .'^ir Ed-^Cecil }lall of Granthain,=pAlice, dan. of Sir Edninnd 

ward Gridiii, luit., of 
Guinley, co. Leioi'Ster, and 
Walkerley, go. Xorthanip- 
ton ; mar. at Walkei'ley 
27 Jan. 151)U-1GU(>. ik 

1st son, tut. 8, 1075 ; 
p:ods<in and servant of 
the Lord Treasurer I)Ur- 
]eii;-!i 15;)7 ; bur. at 
Coluby Mav 1G25. 

Tliorold, Ivnt., of Ilouijh ; 
widow of John Thonijison 
of Boothliy ]\ayu(,'ll ; relict 
of ... . Gregg. Will dated 
29 Nov. IC.hO; i>roved 2-1 
Jan. 1630-31. 2nd wife. 

Griffin Hall, bapt.=f=. . . 
at Grantham 6 dau. 
March 1(301-2; of | of 
Coleby 27 Jan. : . . . 
1628-9. i 

Elizabeth, legatee in her great-auut Anne Hall's 
will 1630. 



-. . . . dan. of .... 

1 1 1 
Cecil Hall, bapt. at 

Hall of 

Poole of Sverston, 

Coleby Nov. 1620. 


CO. Notts, by ... . 


dau, of John 

Mary, bapt. at Coleby 

Thompson of 

7 April 1616. 


Lucy, legatee of Anne 

t-auut A 

nne Hall's 

Hall 1630. 

Tiiomas Edward Hall (called= 

HalljS.p. also Thomas), had a 

grant of the manor 

of G ret ford 15-10 ; 

bur. 24 Nov. 15D2. 

=Annc, dau. of Sir Christopher 
"Willoughbv, Knt. ; sister of 
William, 1st Lord Willoughby 
of Parham ; bur. 25 Dec. 

Alice, mar. Heni-y 
Sutton of Aram, 
CO. Notts. 

Jane, dau. and heir of Francis^Henry Hall, 1st son, bur. at=p^rargarct. dan. of 

Nealeof PrestwouldandTugby, j Grecford 17 Jan. 1615-16. 
CO. Leicester. 1st wife. ' j Will dated -4 Nov. 1609 ; 

proved last Feb. 1615-16. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Sir Tliomas 
Mack worth, 

,. r 

Elizabeth, coheir, 
mar. Sir Hugh 
Middleton, ]3art., 
of Pall Mall. 

Henry Hall of= 
Gretford and 
Will dated 22 
Aug. 1072. 

Frances, coheir, 
mar. .Jolin Wes- 
ton of Ockhani, 

Edward Elmes of 
ampton. 2nd wife. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Edward Harto))p, 
Knt.; widow of Montague Cholmeley ; 
bapt. 21 Dec. 1G15 ; mar. at Grantham 
23 Feb. 1653-4 ; bur. at Buckiuinster, 
CO. Leicester, 29 June 1676. 

^Lii'garet, coheir, mar. 'J'homas Pabiug- 
ton of Potliley ; died 12 Feb. 1723-4; 
bur. at Kothlcy Temple, co. Leicester. 

E 1 F 

Il ■■.. 

V~ V ' 

'- -"-I ' . .: 'J .'!;/.' 

LlNCOLNSUl HE rr.j)iGiiEi:s. 


eI f 

EJimiiul Hall (.r (;i'('t-~8traii,t^(;, dan. of Julm .Kihn ]Ta!l--K:>(liariiie. ilau. 

ford, '2nd smi, liiii-. at lllnics kI' Swinsirai] ; <»!' < Inilnrd ni" . . . .; litir. 

(lii'lfoni l.'i .Inly ICpCJ, Imit. at Crrrk'nl L'ii ICS), ."ird l' 1 .liily Km.".. 

8.p. .laii. J OTD-Tl. sun. 

John Hall, bai>t. .lohu Hall, Katharine, ]\Iart}ia, bapt. T^Iary, bur. at 

23 Sept., bur. i\") bapt. at liapt. at 4 Sept., bur. Gretibrd G 

Sept. 1G70 at Cretl'ord2-l Grotford 20 3 Get. 1G71 at Jan. 1G71-2. 

Gretford. Julv 1G75. Auiz. IGGO. (Trettbrd. 

Aune, 6ur-=:Jcilni Pigott of xVllinciou, llachel, under 10 Alice, under 19 in 

viving in co. Cambridge; called "of in 1 ("(•',>; mar. ] GUO ; mar. Robert 

1G17. Gretford " in his aduiVni Jaqnes ^lallett. Meiham of l>uli- 

11 Nov. 1G17. in^ton. 

Edward Hall, 2nd son,=f=Margaret, dan. Peregrine Hall of Bos- Ptobcrt Hall, 

called Edmund in Perc- i of Christopher ton. AVilldated21 Jan. ]iving2lJan. 

LM-ine's will; livintr Whichcotc of 1599-1 GOO; proved G 1599-lGOO. 

London. April IGOO. 


Edmund Hall. 

Francis Hall, proved Peregrine's Charles Hall, living"-=y=. . . . dau. Pilchard 
will G April IGOO. 

21 Jan. 1599-1600. 



Margaret, living lo99-lC00. Anne, living 1599-lCOO. 

living 21 Jan. Kachel=FSir Arthur Anne, bur. at=FGeorc:e ^lackworth of 

1599-1 Goo ; mar. 
. . . . Biston. 

Eobert^F. . . . dau. 



Hopton, Empingham -1 

Knt. .June 1G12. 

Empingham and Xor- 
mauton, co. PiUtland ; 
dead in 1C12. 

Sir Thomas Mack-=f=Eli/',abeth, dau. of Henry Hall of 

worth, Bart. 

Gretford by .Jane, dan. and heir 
of Francis Xeale. 

Mary— Sir Henry Mackworth, Bart. 


:: .1 

.• - ^;i'(vr' ,! ,.ir ,, ^■v■,\v'} 

I '..,.-. 

A ,*'').' ('• ' , v; ; -^ i i I n I J o'l ti-].\^ ^■ M 

.■f.;tn ; 



,]W,Ii !Kr.^v(,;i,' 


|i>all of friiarfcrti.* 

Am.iry Hall of Snaii'ni\l"r^Kiri:arel, ilau. uf Sir ,T..liii Soiulnvnrlli, Kiit. 

JoluiiralI,=p liiciiard nan(lall=f=I\;itliei-iiio, dan. TlK>mas=Alicc, dan. of 


Anne, died s.p. 

Hall. Hall, I of Henry Barret L Hall, Thomas AVel- 

_'iiu bou, li:J ^uu. e: Hatlicld ],>iad- ll'nson. Vy of ]!^;d- 

died s.p. 

oke, CO. Essex. 

stead ; died 


Robert =f=Alice, dan. 

]Tall, of 

iBtson. .Sutton of 
CO. Hens. 

Katherinc, dan. and 

Jndith, dan.=: Tho!iias=Ursnla, dan. of Richard Ilall, 

and heir of Hall of Charles Yar- 4th son. 

John AValle Y;ir- boronudi of Yar- — 

of Yar- borough, l)oron>rh; widow ]\Iartha, niar. 

borouG^h. 2ud son of . . . . "Wall ; Lancelot Col- 

loo2. bur. at Yar- pottes. 

borough 15 Jan. 


%u\\ of ^paltiincj. 

[Harl. MSS. 411, 788, 4135.] 

Arms. — Argent, a chevron engrailed between three tedbots' heetds erased sabk, uithin 

a bordure gules. 

William Hall of-x"- • • • t^'iu- '^^^^ heir of Reginald 
CO. Notts. Gajtou of Spalding. 

Julian, dan. and heir— Simon Hall of=Mary, dau. of Sir Robert Tlusscy, Knt. ; 
of liichard lioberts Burton Red- widow of John ^Monson of South Carjron ; 
of Donington ; died ' wardine, died remar. Lancelot Forster of the Bail of 
19 Feb. 155G-7. 1st ^ 20 Jan. Lincoln; died 4 March 1572-3. 2nd wife. 

wife. I 1565-G. - 

Mary, dnn.=pReginald Hall, inherited Ays-=pAnne, dau. of Robert=Fllen, dau. of 

coghfee Hall at his niotlier's Walpole ; bur. at 
death ; mt. 23 at his father's Spalding 27 Sept. 
death ; bur. at Riuchbeck 1561. 2nd wife. 
4 Jan. 15'J8-9. 1 

of Holbcach ; 
mar. there 
1583. 3rd 

bur. at 
Spalding 1 
Dec. 15G5. 
1st wife. 

I I ' \ 

Jane, bajit. 4 Robert Hall, 1st son. bur. at=Margaret, dau. of "\\ illiam 

Dec. 15(;5; bur. B(;ston 12 April IG27, s.p Jackson; mar. Hall. 

at Sj)alding G Will dated 8 April, proved at Sj.alding G Feb. 

Jan. 15G5-G. G Oct. 1C27. 1G07-8. A 

• See "Visitation of Lincolnsliire, 1562," edited by \V. C. Metcalfe, and "Genealogist," 
Tol. iv., p. 110. 

M .[ = :/.•.!;.;.-■ ... 





.ii .1.1' 

V. • . . .\A;,t. » 

,-,i,f. ,"{,;/; 

■ U \\ 

'.■■■■' .,h:: 


t. I ' 

•'•'■ :•' .■ r. . / . ..1-11!.. .:t:j ., 1 ui 



.lane, dan. of IJiclKird lln.l-=llfi;inald Hall of Bop-=Alicr, dan.-- Anno, clau.of 

diVton o\' rinohbeck ; widow ton, Ald-rman. :\I;iyor of ; .... ; _surviv- 

ol' William Cannook of Wo?- KMS ; bur. at llosion bur. at Bos- in-1 (..>(.; l.ur. 
ton • bnpt. at Pinchbeck l>o 17 Aui:. lOr.C, s.p. tonloJulv at boston 
Dec 1571 ; hm. at Boston Will dated 8 An-., KMi'. "ind ^lay l»'bi). 
-> ^'areh U;0--;3. l^twife. proved 31 Oct. IGOG. vrifo. 8rd ^vlfe. 

Mice, rnar. Nicholas Anne, bapt. at Spalding 4 July 1 57'J ; Jane, bnr 

SanfordofWi?l>cach; living IGoG ; mar. 1st 'I'homas at Spald- 

died IG Sept. 1 51)0 ; Conkon of Grimsby, 2ndly ... 

bur. at Wi.<l)each. ordly .... Key. 

ing June 

bnr. at 

Thomas Hall, Rector of WeBtborough,=pGertrude dau. of George Beaumont 

born IGSO ; died 7 :\Iay 1754 ; bur 
at AYestborough 

of Chapel Thorpe, co. York ; died 
17G1 ; bur. at Westborough. 

3bert Hall, 1 st son, Thomas Hall, EcctorT=Elizabeth, dau of Robert Cxertrudc 

mniO di.dO of Westborough, Darwin of Elston,co born 1.19; 

aib 1785; bur. bornl722 ; died 19 Xotts; born 172G ; died died 2, 

Westborouih. July 1775. 8 April ISOU. Sept. 1 .98. 




at Wcstbor 

Thomas Hall, Rector=rCatherine, dau. 
of Westborongh, born of . . . . ; died 
1754; died 11 Jan. : 4 Aug. 1841, 
1801. i '*^t- 87. 

Robert Hall, 2nd sou, 
died young. 

William Hall, 3rd son. 


died youuj 


Susanna, born 
died 9 

mas Hall, Elizabeth Mary,=Adlard A\ el- Anne, born 1.82; Susanna ^ 

n 1784- born 1779; died by of South died at Farndon, l'9.>;die 

1 9 Feb. atFarndonXov. Ranceby. co. Notts, 21 Sept. Dec. 1801. 

)9. 1870. lS-^<^- 

|t)altcin of iUBoxUhp anti Clcc. 

rUarl AIS. 1550. See also '^ Visitation of Lincolnshire, 1592," edited by 

W. C.:\Ietcalfe.] 

AR^].<,.—P(r pah azure and (ji'h^, a lion rampant argent. 

John Halton of Woilaby. 

Robert HaUou of Worlaby and Killingholme. 



I. . 1 ' ..,,.r,.<r 

.■i'J-r:.V7 UJ 


.'■11.: .J-iT 
.<i7 ;j 

• Uil. 

.ful. >V \, -,;•(., li ■. , ,! -, ...i.^'ruY/" Vr fr..jL-II f:;!o(. 

M ..lOV 




rjoborf ll;il(i.n of ('1> e ; of tlie=f-Joaii, dati. and liciross v\' .Tolm .... Ilalton. 
Inner 'rimplc ; died -J'.) Aul'. > Draynor of co. 
]i)8l^ ivt. Cti ; hnr. in Linctiiu ; Ilcris ; died .') .May U'.L".*. 
Catlicdral. Adni'un I'X Jan. j 
lo88-i) ; adin'.iu " ilc lionii; non " 

1 (?24. 

Vrili;..iu llall^-ii. .ui.u'.ir of ' 's undc INiU'it 
Halton " do Ijoni:? non " 1624. 

Sir Ro.£(or Ilalton, Knt., of (iroat Carlton,=,-Marv, dan. of "William Fitzwilliam 

ast. IG, ] 582 ; bur. at St. TiConard'-s, Short' 
ditch, London, 26 Dec. 1616. Adrn'on 
30 Oct. 1G18. 

of lyiaMeLliorpc ; mar. at Thornton 
Curtis 12 Oct. 1590. Will dated 
1-4 April, proved 30 May 1634. 

"William Halton of St. James,: 
Clerken\vell, :\nddles':-.\, 1st 
8on ; died 16 Sept. 1624 ; 
bur. at Clorkenwell. "Will 
dated lo Sept., proved 20 
Oct. 1621. 

JTaunah, dan. of Sir "William 
"\Tray, Bart,, of CilcutworLh ; 
bapt. at G lent worth -1 Feb. 
1599-1600 ; mar. at Glent- 
worth 2 "Dec. 1619 ; rcraar. 
Anthony Meres of Bonby aud 
Lincoln ; living 1655. 

Piooev Halton, 
called eldest 
son in his 
mother's will 

Elizabeth, heiress, ffit. 9,=p "William Palmer of Winthorpe. 

1629 ; juar. 2ndly James 

Will proved 5 Aug. 1657. 


Drayner Halton, 
died young. 


I I I 

John Hal- George Hal- Philip Hal-— Dorcas, dau. of Piobert Halton, 

ton, legatee ton, legatee ton, voungest Tiiomas Avs- bapt. at Grims- 

iu 1634. in 1634. son 1634. coughofFulstow. by 7 Nov. 1596. 

Francis Hal- 
ton, bapt. at 
Grimsby 11 
April 1598 ; 
ex'or 1634. 

Thomas Hal- 
ton, bapt. at 
Grimsby 12 
Nov. 1615. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at Clee 20 Jan. 
1599-1600 ; 
ex'trix 1634. 

Mary, bapt. at Louth 14 Jan. 
1606-7; legatee in 1634; mar. at 
GreatCarlton, 10 July 1 633, Tho- 
masChealesof Hauworthinfrham. 

Kobert Hal-^ 
ton of Saw- 
CO. Herts, 

=Hester, dau. of 
William Booth of 
Wootton ; bapt. 
at Wootton 7 
Aug. 1586. 

Sir William Halton, 
died 20 Nov. 1639, a3t. 
70 ; bur. at Abington, 
CO. Canibridtre. 

Frances, mar. Thomas 
Ma.-singberd of P>ratoft. 

I'^Iary, mar. John Ward 
of Ivondon. 

ThomasHalton,ba}it. at Wick- Margaret, ba])t. at Grimsby 

enby 23 March 1609-10. 8 Jan. 1612-J3. 

Mary, bapt. at Clce 11 ^laich Hester, bapt. at Grimsby 

1G03-4. 22 April 1614. 



I I. 




T ', . ./,.- ■■::■]■' 

!. // ^.' .1. .-iM.; ., :J/ 

>^.' '-'ii ' - - I .•> i", i .'. 1 A. 



(-.•(.i ,.' 

u f/ I : V 



John llaltoii— Auno, dan. of Ralpli Wood, Vicar 
of Cloe. of Clce ; mar. at Clce Aj^ril 1G5C. 

AVilliaiu llalLoii^Trotli, dau. of IMiillij^s Wosllyd of Griinsl.y ; hapt. at 
of Grimsby. Grimt;l)y ]\lay lUll; mar. at Grim.sby 2G Fob. IGGU-Gl. 

Pliilli})^ Ilaltoii, bapt. at Tliomas Ilaltou, bapt. at RobcrtIIalton,bapt. at Grims- 
Grimsl)y 11 Jan. lGGl-2. Grimsby L'S Dec. IGGo. by 8 Jan. 1GG8-9 ; bur. 5 

— — ]\larch lGCS-9. 

Charles ITalton, 1)a}it. at William ITalLon, bur. at — • 

Grimsby 2G >AI;iy 1G71. Cirimsljy 26 March IGG'J. Elizabeth, bur. at Grimsby 5 

Dec. 16G7. 

i^aml)j? of CatljtnclL 

[Sec "Visitations of Lincolnshire, 15G2 and 15D2," edited by W. C. Metcalfe. 
" Genealogist," vol. iv., p. 110. MS. 0. 23, Ilcralds'* College.] 

Arms. — Azure, three close helmels or. 
Walter llamby of IIamby=p. . . . dan. of ... . 


Robert Ilamby of Hamby- 

dau. of William Smyth of llackthorpc. 

George lIamby=pMargaret, dau. and coheir of Thomas Green of co. Xorthainpr<.in 

of Brocklesby. 

by Mary, dau. and heir of Sir Henry Sleight, Knt., of Win- 
thorpe, CO. Lincoln. 

Edward Hamby, sou and heir, of Brocklesby, =pEleanor, dau. of George Ham- 

died 29 June 1 Eliz., 1559, seised of the 
manor of Great Lymber and Auford. 

John Booth of by, 1st sou. 

John Hamby, 1st son and heir, a;t. 2G Thomas William Walter 
years and more 30 Sept. 1 Eliz., 1559. Hamby. Hamby. Hamby. 

John Haml»y of ^NFaltby, "2nd=pJane, dau. of Rich- Atrue.s, mar. liichard Reade 

son, auditor <if ye iin[irest to ye | ard Pickering of of Wrangle. 
Queen," the l^scheat says ; died i London ; died 17 — 

2G March 1571; Inir. at St. • May 1753; bur. at Anne, mar. Thomas Dale of 

Giles, Cripplegate. Will dated St. Giles, Crijiple- Alford ; bur. at Alford 8 

20 ]\Karch 15 Eliz., 1573-4. 1 gate, London. Feb. 1578-9. 

A \ 

• t- ■ ■ 

.. t . H- 

!■'' ;u '1. •:. 

.^ 1 

.■■;. I. . f.-iL " ,/ tj 

■ I .'i.i J 


A I 

Judith, ninr. Gc'irLrc Fish 
of Souiliill, CO. 15od>. 

Aiska or Eska, mar. AVil- 
liam Cade of Koiufurd. 

Aiiiic, mar. Uenry Clarke of Ashwell, 
called Cajitain in the will of his 
brother-in-law Edward Ilaniby. 

Arra, i'th dau., mar. William Tlolis 
oflliiuiugLon (.' Orpinglou). co. Kenl . 

Const anco, 
mar. 'Clio- 
mas Marsh 
of Louth ; 
living 2o 
Nov.'] GIG. 

"William llamby, 1st son, un- 
mav.atTathwcll 1502 ; tet. 17 
at his lather's death ; proved 
his brothel- Edward's will IC 
July 1617 ; died 21 Jan. 
1626-7, tet. 72 ; bur. at Tath- 
vell. Will dated 10 ?*Iay 
1G2G ; proved ll March 

Edward llamby of An-=pElizabeth, dau. 
ford. 2nd sou, and of j and heir of 
Tathwell ; born 1556; ! Francis IJead, 
died 8 Dec. 1G16, kL i 4th son of Kieh- 

Ci) v bur. at Tathwell. 
Will dated 25 Nov. 
IGIG ; proved 16 July 
1G17 ; described of 
^Maltby next Louth. 

ardof Wrantrlo; 
died 16 Nov. 
1601, a3t. 45 ; 
bur. at Tath- 

4th son, 
of Tath- 

Ursula, dau. of= 
Sir John Gar- 
rard, Knt., 
Lord Mayor of 
London; living 
8 Nov. 1G27. 

:Fraucis llamby of Tath-^ 
well, son and heir, a2t. 4, 
1592 ; ex'or to his bro- 
ther Edward 1627: died 
at Tathwell 30 Sept. 

-^Magdalen, dau. and heir of Sir John 
Leeds, Knt., of Wap})ingt home (?), Sus- 
sex; Burton-by-Lincoln 14-Oct. 
1633 ; post-nuptial settlement dated 
4 Oct. 9 Car., 1633 ; living at Tath- 
well 2G March 15 Car. L, 1640-41. 

Sir John llamby of Tathwell, ret. 2 years 6= 
months at his father's death in 1639 ; entered 
at Gray's Inn 6 l>ec. 1G58 ; kniglitcd at White- 
hall 26 Feb. 1668-9 ; bur. at Tathwell 13 July 

^Elizabetli, dau. and sole heir 
of Richard Porter of Lamber- 
hurst, CO. Kent, by Martha, 
dau. of ... . Stone of Lon- 

Elizabeth, dau. and sole heir ; mar. John Chaplin, sou and 
heir of Sir Francis Chaplin, Lord Mayor of London. 

John llamby, 
2nd son, un- 
der age 25 
Nov. 1G16. 

William Ham- 
l)y, died s.p. 

Richard Tfamby, 
3rd son, under 
age 25 Nov. 
161G ; legatee of 
his brother Ed- 
ward 1G21. 

Edward Hamby of 
Tathwell, 4th son, 
under age 25 Nov. 
1616. Will dated 
2 April 162] ; 
proved 14 March 

William Hamby, 5th 
son, under age 25 
Nov. 1616; legatee 
of his brother Edward 
1G21 ; of West Ash- 
bv 1649-50. 


Jane, mar. 
John Ilun- 
dleby ; liv- 
ing 25 Nov. 



Elaiii,n)ar. Timothy Kent, Sarah, ^Magdalen, youngest dau.. 

Clerk (mar. lie. 1(1 Aug. under 

1G13) ; living 25 N-.v. 18, 25 

1G16, of Donington-on- Nov. 

Lain ; surviving 13 Feb. 1616. 

under IS, i'5 XdV. Knc ; 
leirate-- of Ipr brother 
Edward li;2] ; mar. Rich- 
ard Reynolds of Manby. 

ijU': I ./: 

.y.- f-.'1 


'!•» Y'-iS'i^!^ wili'i. ni^ 

i„ i-. ;;■ 

■ -I •..!.:< )v::: .i)>:h j' : i.!;^:.ii:'f 

I :• 


|l}nmcvton oi ?i}orura^'tlc* 

[MS. C. 2;3, Iloralds' College] 

Hugh llaiiuriun of Darby iioxt-^lsaljcl, (1:iu. of Ricli- 
l)Urtoii-un-S(.ath(.r. arc! Lnngk-y. 

Nicliolas Ilamcrton, called cousin in Gilbert Ilamcrtou's will J")Sl (? of Walcot.). 

Thomas Ilamcrton ,=pllelcn, dan. of . . . . "Will dated 23 Aug. 

dead in 1582. 

1582 ; proved 18 Sept. 1583. 

Gregory namerton,=Aunc, dau. of James John^Isabcl, dau. of ... . S:dtcr 

ex'or in 15S3 ; bur ; mar. at Hum- Ham- (Smyth in HorucasUeKegis- 

at Horucastle 1 Jan. Horncastle erton, erton, ter) ; mar. at Uorncastle 17 

1590-91. July loGO. 1582. 1582. Aug. 1572. 

Gilbert Hamerton of Horu-^ilargaret, dau, of Thomas Ham-=j=Anue, dau. 

castle, woollen-draper ; s.p. 
Will dated 18 June, proved 
23 July 1581 ; entails lands 
on his brother Thomas Ham- 
erton and his cousin Nicho- 
las, son of Hugh Hamerton. 

Christopher Palmer of 
Winthorpe ; mar. at 
Horncastle G July 
1568 ; remar. William 
Parker of Horncastle, 

erton, bapt. at 
Horncastle 15 
March 15G3-4; 
devisee of lands 
in his brother's 
will 1584. 


Piaithbeck ; 
mar. at 
1 Dec. 

William Hamerton of^pEliza- Thomas Hamerton of=r^Iargaret, dau. of 

Horncastle, crlover. 
Will dated i Feb. 
1C34-5 ; proved 9 
April 1G35. 

beth, Horncastle, tanner, bui'. 
dau. of at Horncastle 16 July 
. . , . 1G28. Willdated26June, 
proved 30 July 1628, 

Harrington ; mai-. at 
Horncastle 7 July] 604; 
ex'trix 1C28. 

John Hanjer- 
ton, ba)it. 28 
Jan., bur. 3 
Feb. 1617-18. 

Thomas Hamerton, 
bajjt. at Horncastle 
13 Nov. 1624; un- 
der 21 in 1C34-5. 

Grace, bapt. 
at Horn- 
10 Jan. 

I I 

Mary, liapt. at 

11'irncast.le 25 
Nov. 1G20. 


Ellen, bapt. 
at Horn- 
15 Feb. 

John Hamci'ton, bapt. at I'l'.omas Hamer-— , . . . 
Horncastk- ^ April 1605; (on, (lent., I'apt. 

bur. 23 March, 

John Hamt-rton, bapt. at 
Uorncastle 20 Aug. 1G08, 

Joseph Hamerton, 

at Horncastle 
3 Nov. IGlo. 
will dated 16 
Dec. 1C34. 


bapt. at 
tle 6 Feb. 

=? Margery 
dau. of 
.... Tay- 

lur ; mar. 
at Horn- 
castle 27 
Aug. 1639, 


•'■;'' ,!■ -:■■.•;.•::''. ■.--('■:on li 

I r J I ».<■ -.i^ J 

I .... !; 

.r!-- !:il 

'J ».'' »l 

,i:;jji .ovd 



A I 

Robert ITauierton, Ixipt. 
li), bur. 20 Au<:. UMl at 

John llamertou, l)a)it. at 
iiOi'licasLiu 20 Ucl. iui2. 

bajit. at 
G July 

liapt. at 
tle ;} Oct. 

Josejih Hainerton, bapt. 
at llorncastlc 3 Nov. 

iMary, bapt. at llorn- 
c.isiie 1 Svpt. JO.jO. 

JIary, dau.- 
of . . . . ; 
bur. at 
11 July 
IGol. 1st 

Frauce-:, dan. of=pSainuel ITaiu-=rSusanna, dau. of . . . 

. . . . ilolbich ; j ertonofllorn- ; Woodthorpc of Mare 

mar. at Bostou , castle, tanner, 

2 Jan. 1051-5; ' bapr. 2o April 

bur. at Horn- \ 102-1. Will 

castle 2 Jan. | dated 1, 

1050-7. 2nd ! proved 29 

wife. ! Nov. 1080. 

liani-on-t he-Hill; mar. 
at RevL'sby Oct. 
1057 ; bur. at Iforn- 
ca,stle 4 Feb. 1072-3. 
ord wife. 

:Anne, dau. 


Brown ; 
raar, at 
1 May 
1673. 4th 

^fary, bapt. at Horu- 
castle July 1049. 

Elizabeth, bajit. at 
Horucastle 14 March 

Samuel Ham- 
ertou, bapt. 
at Horucastle 
13 May 1050; 
bur. 18 Oct. 

Dorothy,== Samuel =]y[ary Rich- 

dau. of 
. . . .; bur. 
at Horu- 
castle 5 
Aug. 1080. 
1st wife. 

bapt. at 
19 April 

widow; mar, 
at Horucas- 
tle 30 June 
1087. 2ud 

Snsauna, bapt. at Horucastle 4 Aug. 1686, 

bapt. at 

bapt. at 

bai)t. at 

21 Sei)t. 
1009 ; ex'or 


17 April 

22 Sept. 

Richard \Vard, CIerk,=j=Susauna,- 
of ]Mareham-on-thc- I bapt. at 
Hill. Will dated 30 
April, proved 15 Oct. 
1711. 1st husltand. 



3 Dec. 



rJohn Las- 
celles of 
2nd hus- 

Contract of marriage between Samuel Hamerton of Horucastle and Frauces 
HoUhcI), spr., publisiied 10, 17, 24 Dec, and married at Boston by John Wliiting, 
Justice of the Peace, 2 Jan. 1054-5. 

Sannu'l Hamerton of Horucastle and Susanna Woodthorpe of ]\Iareham-on-the- 
Hill, ])ubli.'-,hed 0, 13, 20 Sejit. 1057, married at Revcsby by Xehemiah Rawsoo, 
Esq., .lustice of the Peace, and after married by Mr. Williams, Minister of Revcsby, 
6 Oct, 1057. 

[Note. — The .ibove family in all probability dcsccnilcfl from the Yorkshire Hamcrtons. 
I have coiistnictoil the |K'di'.rrce out cf the llorafastle llc;.'ister and Lincoln wills, but it i.s uot 
sjitisfactnrv. I append some interesting contracts of marriage during the Commonwealth. — 
A. K. M.] ■ 


:r-'M-v .f,.;.i 

:a: .'.' 

1 ■-■■ i 


s .■":•( ■ ■■.,'•1 jnij'rji.T'.M 

.1 T'i;':i 

•" If! ;'. 


fl}autjarti of JSinbrooIw 

IIan--rEli>'-;»ljctli, J^i"- of ^^'H ^-^^^'^^ ^^ ^^'^V lOlC. ; 

sard, (lead . proved 12 [March IGUMT; t-alled " (.f IV.ubrook ;" 
in Uiir.. j uK'Hiioii^ Helen wife of lU'licrt llansai'd, and Rich- 
ard Hansard, late of Oworsby. 


Anthony Hansard, ex'or to his=pDorotby, dan. of Knljih Hansard of=:!Mary, 
mother "ir.lG ; ret. 40 in 1('.2;> Fell of Bin- How.sham, snpcr- dan. of 

Will dated IGOl, called 
" senior," then of Biubrook. 

brook iSc. Mary; visor to his mother's 

mar. lie. 28 Ajtril will IGIG. 


Anthony Hansard. John Hansard. Judith. 

Richard Hansard. Faith, mar. Richard Hill :Mar>,^cry, mar. Thomas Robinson 
of Healing ; supervisor in of Owersby, yeoman; mar. lie. 
161G. 17 June 1G17, a^t. 40. 

Thomas Hansard. 

anc^artr of iv;cjcat!)orpr, (gaj>ton4c^2S;loItr, 
autr il?iiiul3cr0tont. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Gn.ks, three muUels arg< ni, a crescent for difference, 

Thomas Hansard of Wickenby.:=p 

Richard Hansard of Biscath(/rpe, sold land in Trus-=pEllcn, dan. of ... . St. Paul 
thorpe jointly with his wife to .John St. Paul 3 Sei't. of Snarford, called by snme 
1545 ; Mayor of Great Grimsby luGO. his coheir; living 'd Sept. 


Richard Hansard of Piscathorpe, 1st son, styled^rChristobel, dan. of ^fathew Sut- 
" .huiior ; " purcliased the manor of Gayton 1 clille ; remar. Herbert Lacon of 
March 20 Kliz., 1577-0. Adm'on 3 ^lay 15'J7 , Humberstone. Will dated 12 
to his son and his cousin Thomas Dightoii. i Dec. IGll; proved 12 Jan. 



. .-...Uij-/. 



7 i.- ' -(^.n ;..'iiM.MlT 

, I .. I 

.'.■ 1 

I 11)1 

I ^ 




Anne, di'.n. of Rich-^Sir AVilliam Hansard of Gaytoii-le-"\Y<)li],^=Aiuu',(iau. of 
ard Fane uf I'cck- i Knt., and of Biscatliorpe ; adnroi- ol" his liarnaby 
liaiii,co. Kent ; hnr. | i'atlicr o ]\lay ]r)'J7 ; supervisor of tlie will (ioocheofAl- 
at r>ui'i;li 2 A])ril | of Ills bi'uthor-iu-law Edwai'd Skipwith i' I viiigliani. 
1644. ^ Nov. IGIO ; liviiit,^ IS March 1G27-8. 

Richard Hansard, AVilliani Hansard, Mary, dan. and heir. liv- Elizabeth, bur. 

son and heir, liv- bur. at Tjouth 3 ing 18 ]\[arcli 1G27-S ; at Louth 2 

ing 18 March ,Ian. 1G15-1G. mar. liichard Clipsham Jan. IGli-lo. 

1G27-8. of Cadeby. 

Ellen, dau. of-7=Hamond Hansard of Scartho, C]erk,=p^rargaret, dan. 

. Tliomp 
sou. 1st wife. 

2nd son, Rector of Scartho. AVill 
dated 28 Feb. 15^4-5 ; proved 25 
]\[arch 1595. 

of Clerk. 

2nd wife. 

:Eme, dau. 
of . . . . ; 
3rd wife. 

Richard Hansard=pHestlier, dan. of Tho- 

of "Waltliam. 

mas Forster of Bard- 

Isabel), mar. at Scartho, 1 May 
1580, John Smith of North Kel- 

Thomas Hansard, l>apL. 2 July, Rachel, bapt. at Scar- i\rary, bapt. at "W^al- 
biir. 17 Oct. 1589 at Scartho." tho 1 March 1587-8. thamlS Feb. 1591-2. 

William Plansard of Humbcrstone, 1st son, Alderman=f=Elizabeth,dan. of Tho- 
of Great (Jrimsby 1G09; dead before 18 ]\Iarch mas Wright of Trus- 
1627-8. thorpe. 

William Hansard of Humbcr- 
stone, 1st sou 1C34; mar. 

Hamon Hansard, 2nd son, bapt. 
at Great Grimsby 30 Dec. IGIO. 

Thomas Hansard, 
3rd sou. 

John Hansard, 4th 
son, bapt. at Clee 
2 Dec. 1621. 

Elizabeth, 1st dan., bapt. 
at Great Crrimsby 19 
March 1G08-9. 

Christol)e]la, 2nd dan., 
bapt. at Clee 2 Nov. 1619. 

William Hansard, bapt. Anne, 1st dau., a.-t. 20, 1G34 ; Elizabeth, 2nd dau., 

at (ireat Grimsby 30 l^apt. ai Great Grimsby 6 tct. 15, 1634. 

April 1623. " Dec. 1615. C 

..^rr /•>.'■ 




/,' , .' I iuy^i 

:</ -1 

■i •, ' 

t , i ,"'_• 

I 111! -' . iif'".' ■ ,fVii'>?r 
1. .■ , ; I'. v^:- iti-r' 

LiNCOLNsiiiin: i']^i)iGiu:rs. 

c I r; 

Tln'iiias Al:iu's, iiia?-. iil Sfartlic. I S\a\ 1."(S'.', Kli/abcth. VMm, Imr. at 
Hansard. Tlioiiuis Critllii or (iritiirh ; iiviii;^ a Sr.irthu ] 1 Ault. 

\vidu\v ]8 ]ilarcli U;J7-b. lo^^T. 

.li'iiii iiaiisar.l, ;;rii suii. ui (iavtMii-H=^i>ii/;ain.Ll.. J.ui. (■! Juliii .Liok.-uu of A^icrbv, 

),-Wo!(l. Will dated r> :\rareh 
l.").s7-8 ; pvDVid 2 Api'il 1C)'.)1. 

Will dai.'d 17 ^larch lo'JU-IU ; proved 28 

Sep!. ].');•!. 

Kdwaid llan>an1, Heiirv ITansnrd, devisee of lauds in ]\Iargaret, lo00-9], 
legatee 1587-8. Ka-^t J>ark\vith lo87-S ; cx'or to his — 

father. Mary, 1500-91. 

William Ifaiipurd, -Ith son=p. . . . dan. of. 

Sir Riehard Christian, mar. William llansai'dof P>iscathorpe,=f=Margaret, dan. of 

Hansard, Lawranee Col- 2iid son. Will dated 18 ^March ... .Leach; snr- 

Knt., 1st lins of Louth ; 1G27-8; eonfinned b}' sentence ,3 vivini,^ 18 ]\larch 

son,dieds.p. living 18 ]\Iarcli ]')ec. lGo3 ; desires to be bur. in \ ] 627-8. 

] 027-8. Lincoln Cathedral. 

Rachel, 1st dan., mar. Richard Filkin of ]\rary, 2ad dau., mar. Thomas Ely of 
Langton before IS March 1G27-8. Utierby before 18 Marcl) 1G27-8." 

Thomas Hansard, Parson of Kelsey St. Mary. Will dated 1535, proved 
1 April 153G ; mentions brother Humphi-ey Haiisai'd. 

Robert ILinsard, Parson of Trusthori-e. Will dated 9 June, proved 18 June 
1538 ; rueutions " cosyn John Mounson, Esq." 

i&ausartr of Cu).*ly olti antr Hs"5idt)j>. 

Robert Hansard, 2nd son.=f= 

Richard lLitisard=f=. . . . dau. of John Hisnev. Robert Hansard. 

Henry Hansard^. . . , dau. of . 

Henry H;tnsard of Ciixwold and Ussclby ;=f=. . . . dau. and colieir of 
died J Jan. 1559-GO. I John Tailbois. 


-:. !•> •■: 

. !^;a 

(<• J.. 

■::' '< ■/ 

,i.v.^^^;:■/>;i■ -;:,fa;.-:!'i-- 

; I ' ■ I ' , . . . I : 

n':. .. ,/^"j.^ la Kf 

:....! i,>i.)ji 

v »,<;'; ,1 

'• • .... 


LiNCOL:>suna': rEi)ioiii;i:s. 


.L-liii l[aiisarc1. wit- Ciles Christian, niav. Pko- Kiizahotli, mar. Ceorge 

noss tu Aiuliouy's llan.-ard. W-vt 13i-o.\holino uf Ciillty of West Ravcii- 
\\\\\ ir)S.s. Claxl'}-. dale. 

Tiiornao ]iaii..-ard,-f.. . . . ' "i. '»Mll,i<iiiy 1! UiSard of '.'nxwdl'V^Rli'/filictlt.dan.of 

1st son, ret. oO, i of William gfiit. Will dated Hi A))ril, j iiicliard iliii-^'li 

11 ]\Iarcli l^riO-dC. i Cracnift jnowd C June laSS ; mentions I of Walthani ; 

i of Burgh, children, but gives no names. I ex'Lrix loS-S. 

Thomas nansard= Alice, dan. of . . . .; bur. 
of Lincoln 4 Islax at St. Martin's, Lincoln, 
1591. ' 5 ]\rareh 1592-3. 

Henr^-^p^rargery, dan. of 


bur. at Usselbv 25 ^lar, 

Francis IIansard=Troth, dan. of . . . . Sharpe ; mar. Kalharine, bapt. at Usselby 
at Usselby 3 April 1592. 28 May 15G5. 

John Hansard of Usselby, bought the=j=Ellen, dau. of 

Eectory 1 Sept. 158G (possibly brother 
of Anthony). 

bur. at Usselby 30 
April 1G2G. 

I I I 

George Hansard, Ralph Hansard, bapt. at John Hansard, bapt.^pSusan, dau. 

bapt. at Usselby Usselby 17 Sept. 15G9 ; at Usselby 21 Dec. of 

4 April 15G7, ' bur. 28 Nov. 1570. 1571. 

John Hansard, Susan, bapt. at Usselby Margery, Margaret, bapt. at Ussel- 

bapt. at Ussel- 7 Oct. IGIO; mar. at bapt. al by 9 Jan. lGlG-17. 

by 17 Aug. Market Easen, 14 May Usselby — 

1C08. 1657, Marmaduke 17 Dec. Ellen, ba])t. at Usselby 

Laynge. 1612. 13 July 1G20. 

Daniel Hansard,=pElizabeth, dan. of ... . Edward Hansard, Elizabeth, bapt. at 

bapt. at Usselby 
12 June 157C. ' 

Brock ; mar. at Usselby bapt. at Usselby Usselby 13 March 
16 June 1G07 ; bur. 5 25 Nov. 1578. 1567-8. 

Feb. 1610-11. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Usselby 7 Oct. 1608. 

! i ■•".■jii'-.i'] 

^r (u'.. i 


• f ' :!^,M 



.DVd! a.:!' I. ^. ( 

./. ■ .Wfj. 

I ..ij'.<;:-.;( ! 



?l}an^iU'ti of SLutiboiongl). 

Sir Tlioiuas llanKaiil, Kut.,-f=TlK)nia?iue,daii. and culieir of William 
3rdson[soiuo[iincscallcd Sir Briis ol' Ludborougb, suu aud licit- of 
Thomas Kansaid of Whit- | Sir Thomas Jims, Kiit. ; ivc. 30, 19 
tint;]iam,co.Su!lolk; ofLud- I Oct, 1-190 (iuq. p.m. William Rriis) ;, co. Lincoln, /.w.]. \ died 17 Jp'v 1-10(1. 

Autlionv Hansard of "WhiLtini^'lwim, co,=f=. . . . dan. of. 
Sullulk, 1st son, died 5 Ang. 1517. of co. Xorfolk. 

Lovoll John Hansard, 
2ud Bon. 

Giles Hansard, seised of tlic^?=Jane, dau. of Thomas Dorothy, mar. William Bcr- 

mauor of Ludborounh 

Skipwith of Utterby. ncrs of Thoby, co. Essex. 

Katharine, heiress, raar. Thomas Ronsc ; died 2G Aug. 1558, s.p. 

[The earlier part of this pedigree may be found in Surtccs' " History of Durham " 
in the " VisitaLion of I;incolnshire, 15G2," ed. W. C. Metcalfe ; alt 


gist," vol. iv., pp. 112, 113.] 

Arms. — Guks, three vmllets argent 

Iso "Gencalo- 

Sir Richard Hansard, Knt., of=f:Joan, dan. of Sir Gilbert Hansard, living lo'JO. 

South Kelsey, Sheriff of co. 
Lincoln Ml'j ; died 1-128 ; bur. 
at St. Mary's, South Kelsey. 

John Hcdworth, 

John Hansard. 

Joan, dan.=| 


=A1ice, dan. 




Tyrwhit ; 



bur. at 


Knt., of 



Bolton, CO. 



1 1 
Thomas Ha 


1 1 

Elizabeth, mar. John Kathanne, mar. John 

Monson of South Kel- Barkworth. 
sey. — 

— Maiy, mar. Sir Wil- 

Margaret, mar. John liam Maulovcrer, Knt. 

Fiicliard Hansai'd. ^fargery. 

Heiny Hansard, Parson, Jane, mar. Robert 
of Bolton, CO. York. Fishbournc. 

Ricliard Hansard of South^pMargaret, dau. Robert Hansard, Thumas Hansard. 

Kel.scy, cscheator of co. 
liincoln 1418. 

andheirofTho- 2nd eon. [See [See Han.sard of 
mas Dclamorc. HAX.'-'ARDofCux- Ludborough.J 

::ji ; :/-■ 


:J/h/^ (::m. 

i' pi'- 

;-i'. c! •f.ji. 

Ir'. -,>-.j .( 

I't- ■.-I'.n k 

.^:0\ :■' .:..,r'-; I.ri:.iM,;; 



( (• ' 

M , "1,1 t. 



liidiard lIan---:pEliz:il)clli, tl:\u. and colair of I'diili, mar. Sarah, mar. K.lprrL 

sard, a't. '^, Tlinmas liloum of Cirsby by Jlcnry Hard ClapLuii. 

UGtl; dird I A^LMios. dan. and licir ot' Sir ofXtirth — 

M07. ,]f7hnIIa\v]ov,Knt.,ofUttC'rbv. KcliL-y. Alice, mar. William 

Tlichard llau- Th^ma-s Han- .... dan., mar. ^lav- .... dan., mar. Tliumu.s 
sard. sard. madukc Tliirkell. llalcliUc. 

]ialph = Isabcl, Sir William Hansard, a-^t.=f=Elizabeth, dan. and coheir of John I Iiil- 
llan- dau. of 10, ] i'.)7 ; Sherilf of co. ; ton of Tudl)oc,co. Dnrhaui; rcmar. Sir 

sard, Kichard Liuculn 1517 ; died 11 
s.p. ClylTe. Jan. 1521-2. Will dated 
•1 Auo-. 1519. 

William Avscough, Knt. ; bnr. at St. 
Martin's, Lincoln, 12:\Iayl550. Will 
dated 10 ]\Iay, proved 20 June 1550. 

Robert Han- William TTan?ard,=rAmic (or Airnes), dau. of Sir AVil- Thomas 

sard, died s.p. a^t. lit, 1521 ; died 
15 April 1522. 

liam Tyrwhit, Knt., of Kcttlelty ; ITausard. 
marriau:e sctilcmeut -iDec. 151G. 

Anne, s.p. Elizabeth, heiress, died:rpSir Francis Ayscough, Knt., 
10 Oct. 155S. j of Stallingborongh. 

Elizabeth, mar. Bridget, mar. Isr, Thomas ^loigne of Xorth Willinghara, attainted 
.... Girling- and executed 15;3G ; 2ndly, Vincent Grantham of Goltlio ; 3rdly, 
ton. Thomas Taylor of Lincoln ; bur. at St. Martin's, Lincoln, 20 Dec. 


|&arl30ttlc of Bastoiu 

[MS. C. 28, Heralds' College.] 
Arm.s. — x\zure, three icicles in bend or. 
John Harbottle of Baston, a freeholder there 15GlT=^rargaret 

Henry Harbottle of Baston,t=pSusan, dau. of 
2nd son. Isle of Ely. 

Coarse of Sutton, 

John Ihirbottle, burn = Annc.dau. Zacliarias=p]\Iargaret, dau. }^Iary, mar. BLich- 

ICOJ ; (,f Baston lOol; ofChristn- Har- of . . . . lint- ard Flood of Bas- 

biir. at Water Newton, pher Wells bottle, chinson ; mar. toti ; mar. lie. oO 

CO. XorLhamptou, H of Sibscy. 2nd son. atSp;ddinuM5 .lulyir.24. 

Feb. l(;4f;-7. ;et. \?,. _J .... H".2;i. 

Will datnl 5 Feb., | 

proved 21 .Nfar. li;jt;-7. Anne, legatee in J<'hn ilaiiiottle's will 5 Fel». lGI»;-7. 

rXoTE.— Soc i"(ii.nee of H.^.iaioTlLi: of IJassiuijtlioipe in the " Visitaliuu of riutlaiid 
1C18-10," Ilarl. Soc, Vol. III., p. 2. seems to have been an offshoot.— A. R. M,] 

.!fi(i; ,. 

•/•)>!■> /I 


1 ..';:; /. V, I 


'- V k( 

,- !->t ;•:.;, i.-l. 



•'-, ■;-',! ■"•■■•i! -r 

; "\ ):■' i I (i.(.jl. 

-.(j.'t;^. Im •■■ :■.(.... I. 

k': ■ I 

■» , <.,( .,f 


•.tl,'. I 

.'('-.' 1 . ' ,■ :. • li :. 


LiNcoLXsiniiH j'lCDir.uioKS. 157 

?i}arl]icbj> of CbctJOiu 

AuMS (ill the '* Union uf llcnunr"). — " A:"i<\ d fcs.^c i/<(nr<'tfi'e bctircen im liJlefs, 

/our, thrc<\ lico, and one, ory 

.... ][ank'by.=f= 

Jolni liav(lL'i»v uf Evcil'Hi, s.]t.=:,)i>iian \\'illiani ilai\le--f 

Will dated 20 Jan. i:»l;M; .... by of Evodon ,! 

l)iuYed G Au;(. ].')ll. 1514. I 

1 O I 

Barilicilomcw ITarddiy of Evedon, seised of the manui-s of Evedon' 
and 'rhin-ll)y ; died U, bur. 21 Ajn'il loiio at Evedon. 

Daniel Havdebyof Eve--^Anne, dan. Bryan Hardeliy, bapt. Susan, bapt. at Eve- 
don, bapt. there 9 March ; of Daniel at Evedon 4 Dec. don 11 Oct. 15G2 ; 
l")Go-4; bur. there 30 1 Disney of 15G1 ; bur. 19 >ray legatee of her bro- 
May 1G30, ret. 67. AVill ' Xorton 15G5. ' ther Daniel 1C30; 

dated 19 May, proved , Disney ; — mar Iliggin- 

17 July 1G30. I ex'trix. Frances, bapt. at Eve- bothani. 

don 27 July 15G]. 

John Hardeby, bur. at William Harde- Charles Hardc- T']d\vard Hardeb}', 

Evedon 1592. by, bapt. at Eve- by, bapt. at bapt. at Evedon 19 

— don 17 April Evedon 24 Dec. June IGIO; entered 

Bryan JIardeby. ba[.t. 1596; Imr. 17 1598; bur. 8 at Gray's Inn 29 

at "Evedon April 1595; June 1597. Sept. 1599. Oct. 1 G28 ; bnr. 29 

bur. 25 March 1596. Oct. 1G29. - 

Elizabeth, bapt. Mary, bapt. Katherine, lega- Mary, mar.=Francis Thorap- 

at Evedon 1583; and bur. at teein lG;j0;mar. lie. 27 Jan. son of Bocthby 

bur.GAug.lG21, Evedon Robert Barber 1G15-1G, Paynell, a3t. 20 

a3t. 38. 1590. of Ruskiugton, a;t. 17. in 1G15-1G. 

Susan, bapt. Anne, coheiress, bapt. at Evedon 21 April Su-aii, bapt. and bur. 

at Evedon 25 1G05 ; mar. 1st, Jan. 1G30-31, Edward Irby at Evedon 1G07. 
Feb. lG(.i0-l ; of AVhai) ; 2ndly at Evedon, July 1G31, — 

bur. 4 Aug, Sir Peregrine Bertie, Knt. ; bur. at Evedon Judith, bapt. at Evc- 

1C02. 15 N^v.^lGGl, a3t. 59. don 27 Oct. 1C08; 

bur. 7 Nov. 1G09. 

.... IIardeby.=p 

Bryan Ilardeby of Bartholomew Ilai'deby of= Joan, dan. of. ... ; .... dan., 

Tlmrll'y, ex'or to his F.vedon, yeoman, ict. 21 widi)W<if Thorpe mar 

brother 1G30. in 1G22-3. Will dated of .Vsg.uby ; n)ar. Xottiiig- 

— 21 ])'C. 1G:;0 ; proved lie. 27 .Ian. 1(;22-;;, liani of 

Reginald Haidebv, 25 Feb. 1G3U-31. tut. 30. Asgarby. 


NoTK.— The filtove i«<^li?rcc is not in tlic Visitation of li;;M. It \v:ts compiled by Mi. Larkcn 
fioiii wilii and palish regialcib. 

'1 .VI ; ■ ■■■ 

■r '.'< /..<■'■••■,!( 


■■/>.:.[■. : ,Kr; 

I 1 

'I !' ■. .' '»i.' .r.r,r >'' 

'-.1 ; ■'■> >:\ '.• 

/ t €. , . 



M . 'I (I 


r Jfit. •; !: ./ fl .It;'! \ , . 


[llarl. ^IS. U7G, fol. 2[)\] 
.... llaiL'Wocxl of Tluirlbv.=r 

u iiliaiu iiurowuod ol'^Elizii'uctli, cutU. Oi\ . . . GiXculuiia. uoha ilaruwood.i- 

Thurl))v. Will dated 1 I 

n Eliz. ; provc<l ;',L) j | 

April IGOO. ^[ary, legatee of William llarcwood 1600. 

Sir Edward Harewood* of Thurlhy, 
Knt., 1st son and heir, sometime a 
Colonel in the Low Countries ; slayne 
at the Siege of ilacstricht 1632 ; s.p. 

George Harewood=pCatherine, dau. of 
of London, 2nd Thomas Plicsant 
sou, heir of of Dublin in Ire- 
brother 1033. land. 

John Harewood, 1st Joshua Ilarewood, ^ud son. AVilliam llarcwood, ith sou. 
son, Kt. 12, 1633. — 

George llarcwood, 3rd son. Thomas Harewood, 0th son. 

Richard Harewood,=p 
3i'd son. 

Elizabeth, mar. AdryanMallory Susan, mar. Richard 
of CO. Lincoln. Draper of Boston. 

Elizabeth, dau. and heir, mar Hertford. 

John Harewood or Harwood of the City of Lincoln, gent.=:Mary, dan. 
Will proved 1 ^May 1701 ; mentious'his cousin Edward of.... 
Harwood and lands" in Partney, Dalby, and Waddington. 

[Note. — This {.ccligree is not ia the Visitation of 1631.] 

[MS. 1). 23, Heralds' College] 

John Harueis of Laceby,=rJ'ine, dan. of William Somerscales 
bur. there Mav 1620. I bur. at Laceby 4 March 1612-13. 

Eliza- ■ Judith, bapt. at Biigs- Sarah,mar.Ed- Anne, a3t.=William Ethor- 
leth, ley 8 ^larch 1586-7 ; ward Chapman 22 ui mgton, Clerk, 

jant. at mar. Nicolas Good- of N'ormanby HiiM ; ast. 3.'» ni ] 621 ; 


Brigslrty hand ( son of Wil- (mar. lie, 3 mar. at 
2-i \)ct. liam of Kirmond-l.> Nov. 1616, ttt. Laceby 
l.i,8L Mire); living 1637. 21); living 12 duly 

1637. 1021. 

♦ His name does not occur iu Metcalfe's " Book of Knights." 

living of I/ang- 

■•■ [-■ . . 

K . :!.r^«V -M ..: :'j'. 



■I ■ 

I'' i .•'' • .• >MA->tsl/'. L. I :>..r •■i(| KVjb '.i:. 



TJc'bccca. (laii. ofn^'J^'i'^"^^'^ llarncis 
Thomas Hum- of Laceby, Inir. 

p]>)vy (if Grains- 
by (Ik was iiiinis- 
uVuft] rat place): 
lr,r. at Lacol'V 
■2:\ j)cc. li'oU. 
Isl wife. 

tliLTc 21 Maivh 
l(;;;('.-7. Will 
datua 10 :^IaroU 
l<;:'t;-7 : ]*rtiv('(1 
1-j Apiii It'i'-T. 

,:lU-.-[or, IsL dan. of Edward 
\ lluu:liin.-«ou of Alford, mof- 
i clt; widow of '^tl..lllas]lisll- 
i woilli, Tvcftor of Laccby ; 
; ),.,,,(. a! Alfovd -J-: July 
' 1.")'.';'. : viiar. at LaccUy ■_''■> 
, i\lai\l. iu:)l) ; 1--. a. in^y 
I 9 Dee. 16G9, tvt. 7G. 2ud 


ley : 



natt ; 

a I r.ri^'S- 
I'T Oct. 


in Uan- 


Samuel llarneis, 

Jclhn IInn.eisl-llt.atLaccbyl9Nov.=^Jmlitl.,aau^^ ^^^^^_ ^^ ^^^^^.^ 

1708-0 atlil.y,wt. 71. 21 Fob. 10:10-/. 

1(;;;3 ; lU-ctor of'lrbv 1007 ; died 17, 
bur. 20 Jan. 1078-0 at Irby, xL i->. 

Thomas Harneis, Cu- 
rate of Brig?leylOS^^; 
Rector of Roth well ; 
bur. at Laceby 9 Feb. 

Samuel llar- 
ueis, bapt. at 
Irby 1 Sept. 

Tristram Harneis, J anc, bapt. at Irby 1 3 

bapt. 27 June Nov. K'wO. 

1074 : bur. at 

Irbv 15 March Judith, bur. at Lacc- 

1G7-1-5. by 21 Dec. 1706. 

Thomas Ilarncis, bapt. 20 
Sept. 1020; bur. at Lace- 
by 8 May 1021. 

John Harneis, 
bapt. at Lace- 
by 7 Dec. 1030. 

Jane, bapt. at Laceby 10 April 1022; 
mar. there, 23 Aug. 1001 John 
Somerscales of Croxton, Clerk. 

Theophilus Harneis of- 
Laceby, bapt. at Brigs- 
ley 19 Dec. 1013; cet. 
53, 1006 ; J.P. for co. 
Lincoln ; died 1070. 

dan. of 
of Hull. 

Thomas Harneis, 
bapt. 8 Oct. 1015; 
bur. at Laceby 
15 April 1077. 

John Harneis, bapt. 
29 :March 1018; bur. 
at Laceby 30 June 

Thomas Harneis, 
bapt. 4 Sept. 
1028 ; bur. at 
Laceby 8 May 

Anne. dau. of Timothy ^el- jTl-nas Han.ds Ist^son bapt 
fitt, D.D., Rector of South ! at Laceby 31 Jan. 10^- o ,^^a.^r 

Kelsey St. Mary ; mar. there 
3 Au"-. 1071 ; bur. at Lace- 
by Sel)t. 1718. 

23, 1000 ; of Laceby and of 
Ashby-cum-Fenby ; bur. at 
Laceby 24 Aug. 1710. 

Timothy Harneis, bapt. 5 
Oct. 1675; died 25, bur. 
26 May 1609 at Laceby. 

James Havneis, born 25, 
bapt. 27 July 1070 at 
Laceby ; bur. 
Jan. 1089-00. 

Samuel Harneis,= 
born 30 Jan., 
bapt. 22 Feb. 
1082-3 at I^ace- 
by ; bur. there 
18 Mar. 1728-0. 


there 22 

Susanna, born 2, bapt. 7 
May 1077 at Laceby. 

Anne, bapt. at Laceby 
27 May 1084. 

Frances, bur. at Laceby 
20 Oct. 1004. 

Anne, bapt. at Laceby 28 April 171i. 

\'. si. I 

i^ '! -:•'/. >>, y>i 

r.-'^L) ; fi; 

I I '■7r)i.--. ,, 

1,,.' ■ ■.< 

1 if/ )' 


! 'T! )..//. 

W: .J...:if ,'.,HfA 


^ ] 

I I I 

Tli(.'(')ihiliis Ilanici.?, 2ik1^ Alice Tiiylor, Piobccca, Inpt. at Eli/.alictli, luqii. 

soil, luini i\") Nov.. liapt. mar. at 1. arc- Lai-elty 12 .Tune at liHcrlty l"j 

7 I'rc. 1 ('.">-! ai Laco- l>y "Jl Sfj.L. ir.2;;;' bur. Micro Dec. IGiT); bur. 

by; bur. tlicie lo Fob. lli'j;). March IColi-iO. there ilarch 

17 1 C- 17. i lG3t>-7. 

I I I 

Thouias llarnci!?, "\\ illiam Hariicisof Laccby,^Elizabctli, Tlionias ITarneis, 

1st son. l)ur. at ]>i snrviviue son, bapt. at i dan. of ."rd son, 1)aijt. at 

Great Coalcs 7 Great Coatos'c July KlDo ;!.... llawerby 1-J .ATay 

July 1094. bur. at Laccby 5 Xov. 1713. j 1G1»8. 

Elizabeth, dau.— Theophilus Harneis of=Anne, Frances, bapt. Elizabeth, 

of . . . . ; bur. Laceby, baj't. there 27 dan.of 9 Nov. 17ol ; bapt. at 

at Laccl)y 14 April 1724; died 24 .... bur. at Laccby Laceby 

Sept. 1751. Aug-. 1782, ret. 58; 2nd 7 May 1743. 2 Sept. 

bur. at Ilawerby. wife. 1735. 

Theopilus ITarneis, 4th Tiuiothy Har- Frances, 1st Anne. 2nd dan., bapt. 

son, bapt. at Ifawerby neis, otli son, dau., ba])t. at Hawerbv 9 Feb. 

10 Dec. 1099; Inn-, at ba]>t. at Haw- at Great 1700-1; mar. at Lace- 

Laceby 9 Feb. 1730-31. erby 21 Feb. Coates 20 by, 21 Aj^ril 1732, 

1702-3. Oct. 1G9C. Henry Jewell. 

Frances, 1st dau., Rebecca, 2nd dau., bapt. at ]\rary,4th dan ,born 3, Jane, 

Lapt. at Lnccljy 20 Eaceby IS ]\rarch lG4(i-41 ; baj.t. II Feb. lGGl-2 

June 1G39 ; mar. Uiar. tliere, 8 March 1G59-G0, at Laceby; mar. there, liace- 

there, 19 Feb. John Manby of Kiby. 29 Dec. 1092, George by 17 

lCGG-7, George " — ' White of Markby; July 

Bernard, Clerk, Sarah, 3rd dau., born 4, bapt. bur. at Laceby 30 Jan. 168*9. 

Rector of Healing. 12 Feb. 1G49-50 at Laceby. 1729-30. 

John Harneis of Lincoln City,=p^Lary, dau. of .... ; died 
Sherifl" 1G97; Alderman 2G | IG 'Oct. 1729; bur. at 
Sept. 1702; ]\rayorl703; died i St. Peter's-at-Arches, Lin- 
1718. I coin. 

Richard ILirneis, Clerk, ^LA. ; !\Iartha, born 170G; mar. Judith.adni'i.xof Rich- 
born 1705; liad a lease in re- William Singleton, Refi'ir ai'd llaineis 15 ]-\.-b. 
verse of ye butchers' shamlde of Doddington ; died 18 1745-G; described of 
in Lincoln 24 ^larch 1724-5; Jan. 1748. a}t. 42; bur. city of London, spin- 
died 7 July 1745, a;t. 40 ; bur. at St. Reter's-at-Arches. steV, 17 Ajiril 175ti. 
at 8i. Peter's-at-Aj-clies. 

[NoTK. — The l.nplisins of the children of Theophilus IT.-irneJs and his wife Fiances are piven 
from Ml. Larken's MS., but there is evidently some mistake. — A. R. M.j 

I ,:. . !. ..I'.-i 

•<ii :y\ X-ViT!; ('4 


• I'-il ^ <-'\f :- >U 

• .' tr 'i .I'") 

^ ,1:/!/. 

LiNCOLKsiiiKi-: I'l- iti(;ii!:i:s. 


'rimnias Ilariicis of llawcrby— Haiiiuili. dan. cf . . . . Uciinet ol" (livat (iriinsliy ; 
and J^u'eby, b(,irii ]7:'>2 : dU-d lioi'ii 17;!7 ; iiiai-. at <!roat (iriinsby !'.< Deo. 17.")."< ; 
10 Antr, I'siu, ivt 78; Imr. dii'd :^^ July LsmC, ;L't. 0;); bur. at Ilawcrby. 
n( lliiworby. 

Thcopliiliis Ilanieis of IIa\Ter-~MavUia, dan. of. ... ; horn 1701 ; mar, 

]>v. burn 17C.() : (lied !) .Inly 
l<s;)'.i, a-t. /'J 

17S-' ; died 'J.s T^hircli IM".), ;t't. OC ; 
bur. at l!:'.\vvibv. 

Tiieoi)hilns Ilarncis of Thorgaiiby, 1st son, born 178;); died 9 July 1811, kL Gl.=r 

Tbcophilus John Ilarncis of=f Maria, dan. of . . . . ; born 1818; died iu childbed 
Tiawerby. D May 181G, a3t. 28. 

dan., born 181G. 

outl) SS;litI)am. 


[MS, C. 23, Heralds' Coll-gc.] 

Arms. — Salle ^ apc-t argent. 

Sir John Harrington, Knt., of Extou,— Alice, dau. of Henry 
CO, Rutland, died 1521, Southill. 

Sir John Har-^- George Harring- Robert Harringlon^Alice, dau. and heiress 

rington, Knt. | ton, died s. p. of Witham-on-the- j ofJohnBoisof Bourne; 

J^ }Iill, CO. Lincoln, died 2o Xov. IDGo ; 

See Burke's " IVrage and died -l Jan. 1558-9. bur. at Witham. 

Rose, dau. of=pJohu Har-=f=Judith (or=rBridL:et, dan. of ... . Davenport of co. 

AVarwick ; died 22 June IGOl. Will 
dated June, proved July IGOl, then of 
Enfield, 3rd wife. 

Robert Wiu 
ter ; widow of 
George Wil- 
liams of Den- 
ton, 1st wife. 

rington of 

dau. of 
Brude- i 
nell. I 

2iid wife. Anne, mar. William Fowkes of Enfield ; 
died 10 Dec. 1G08. 

Frances, ^larv, mar. Richard Wors- Rubrt Harring-=Frances, Alice, 

mar. lev of I Kcping. ton of Witham- i dau. of mar, 

William " — on-the-Hill, 

Sherard Ellen, mar. Sir Richard adnrcii to his 

of Lob- Cony, Knt., of Whissen- son William 

thorpe. dine, CO. Ruilaiid. 5 Dcc. IGOl. 

VOL. ir. 

William Steplien 

Tyrell Rogers of 

of CO. Bui-ion. 


r '/ru 

•I' ... i . .'I 

I .h,j) ,,i< 

» llf....).. r...f. 



.!.■- in]': 


'; A 



AViIli;ini:,-l)ui\'lliy, .lolm llarriiipton, Impt. Su^aii. l-apt. at Fram-o?, mar. 

Harriuii- dan. of" at r>uunie IS ]\laicli I'.uunit l:!.luno at ruiiirne, :;'.U 

toll of" 'J'liomas i:.s4-r>. 1'>S7. Nov. ICO'.t, 

^Vitham- Ctiich.'loy — — Niclmlas IVll. 

on-tlic- uf Willi- Unl'iTi llan-inutonJia]»t. Anur. — 

liiil, liv- i), cu. a; i:.:ur:iu;; I'Ji. i^::;^-!'. -- L-cy, i]i-d 

ing]G25. ' Cam- Willdatod U JulylG34; Elizabeth. uiiinar. 

I bridge. proved 1637. 

Thomas llaniimton, William Harrington. Henry llarring- Anne. Frances. 
! Fellow of All .Souls — "^ tun, Fellow of — 

i College,0.\ford,lG27. John Harrington. All Souls 1G42. :Mary. 

Barbara, dan. and heiress of— Francis Harrington of^?i[argarct,dan.of= Webb 

Julm Sutton, -iiid s<m of Sir South William, Pie- ] ....; diedlG Aug. of Kent. 
Thomas Sutton of A verham, ; eorder of Stamford, j 1.j7 7. 2nd wife. Ord wife. 
CO. Notts. 1st wife. i died -i Aug. 1505. 

Catherine, bur. at I]ourne Sence, wt. 35. Alice, an. 29, 1505 ; living IGl 5; 

2SXov. 15G3. 1505; mar. Sir mar. William F.algny of Stamford. 

— "William Ijoden- — 

Jane, tct. 37, 1505; liv- ham, Knt., (.f Alice, ;et. 24, 1505; living HUo; 

ing 1G15 ; mar. Sir xMex- Ryall, eo. ItUt- mar. William Ainold of Colebj, 
ander Pell, Knt, 


Elizabeth, dau. of=pThomas Har-trpKatherinc, dau.=Tabitha, dan. and heiress 
Henry Skipwith of { ringtoii of j of Sir John of James Spencer of Ale- 
Key thorpc, CO. Lei- South | jMeres, Knt., of ston, co. Derby ; wid(.w 
eester; died 10 Feb. Witham and Aubonrn ; died of William Sachcverell 
1507-8; South Doothby 'b ^May 1G23; of Carton, co. Xotts. 
Witham. 1st wife. Paynell | bur. at Boot!!- 3rd wife. 
1C21. I by. 2nd wife. 




Francis Har- John Harrimrron, 2nd son.^y E<Lher, dau. of Sir 
riiigton, 1st a-t. 33, lG3i; entered at Henry (Jibbs, Knt., 
son 1G23. Gray's Inn 2u ilay 1C27. ; of Ifoniugton, co. 

I Warwick. 

Thomas Harrington of= 
Dootld»y Paynell, Sheriff 
of CO. liincolu 1G77. 

Jolui Harrington. Katherine. Esther. 
Heury Harrington. Elizabeth. 

Anna ?^Iaria, mar. at St. Oiles-in- = Sir Anthony Thorold, Knt., 
the-l''ields 20 Auij-. I(;y3. of -Marston. 

c !d 

I I 

I • 

.1'' .. . .■v>i;/. 

'■.y\'ii . 1 .it! 

.uw'ti msr I 

.1' . M 

t I I- 

V 1 

.'Wl .[ 

J,]XC;OLNr<illHE ri-DiGKKKS. 


.hunts llariini,'l(>n. hIi-pEli/.;il>c(h. dau. Ivhvari.l I[airiiig-=rl")oi\'iliy, ilaii. 
son, a nieicliant at o[' Sir Jolm ton v\ London, I of ... . Hus- 

lainl.niir. Markham,Knt. OLh son. 1 poy. 

'i'liiiinas liar- 

Tlioinas ]Iar- 

(ieorj^^c liar 

dolin Ifar 

.laiiR'S Har- 

Henry Uar- Tlutnias Ciiarles ITar- Mariha, mar. llal[ih ]\rariraro(, s.}). 
rini;Lon, s.i>. llarrin^-- rint'ton.U'.o 1, Cunciian (r). — 

ton, s.p. Llizabcih, s.p. 

Franris llarrin!j:tun==^lary, dan. of l.ucy, calKd Luec Lamley in = . . . . James of 
of Lnndon, livini,' Kiuliard Fox ^Frs. Arniyno's will ir, K', ; i;riu-i:*'nd ; luir, 
ItJli). of Loudon. Iiur. at PickworLh 17 April at rickworlh. 


ll^arrtnfjton of (lO^^hdjam in g^paltsinci. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Sir James llarriugion of Ridling^Tn, co. Rutland, =f=Frances, dan. and 
created a rkirimct 1011. (See Lurke's '■ Peerage coheir of Sir llo- 
and Baronetage.") bert Sapcotc. 

John ilaning-^Frances, dan. of Tyringham Thci'dosia, mar. at St. Mar- Other 

ton I'f Wyke- Norwood of AVykeham ; died garct's, Lincoln, 2(j iJec. issue.* 

ham, CO. Lin- I 1(1:52; bur. at Spalding 27 Icil, Henry Ayseougb of 

coin, :3rd son. I IX-C. 1 t;;j2. Blyljorongh. 

James Harrington of Wyke-- 
ham, died 2i>, bur. 31 July 
ICSb at AVykeham Chapel. 

Anne, bapt. Elizabeth, bapt. Frances, liapt. 

at Spalding at Spalding 8 at Spalding 13 

3 :\Iarcb " Mar. 1 (;23-^ • bur. J )ec. 1 €27 ; liv- 

1022-3. CJulylC2o. ing 103J. 

Isabella, mai'. iJcnjaiiiin . . . . ; died 10 ilareh l()87-8 
bur. at St. ]\lary-le-Wigford, Lincoln. 

See •' Visitation of co. Rutland, ICIS-IO," Ilail. Soc., Vol. Ill,, p. 39. 

-•• '; • .1 

. 'ir^y.^y-. iJhxM 

( .J^M''-'""''^' ^>i!' 

'P ', 

■| , -. •■, ::M 

^-r .'oixj/f 

J'Mi ") 

■ 11. lUi / '• j:,?. 



|L}aiTi^'on of i5orton \^\att. 

irarii.soir-pElizal.t.'lli, tlaii. of ... . Mcdloy ; aunt and coheir of 
.lohu .Modk-y of Liuct'lu. 

tiuiiii ilani.^i.ii v'i l.incoiii, ]^i ..'U, I'orn , "ii/al>cf)K d.-in. 

1703; died ;•. Aug. 1708; buv. at St. 
Martin's, Lincoln. 

died 8 March 1 /C'J 
tin's, Liucohi. 

. . l-.vii 171!' ; 
bur. at St. M ar- 

John Harrison, John Harrison, born^Catherine, dau. of ]\Iildred, died Eh/.a- 
died an infant; 17;)8 ; described " of j . . . .; liorn 17-U; an infant; bur. beth. 
bur. at St. Mar- Thorpe llall " 1771 ; died 20 April at St. Mar- 
tin's, died 7 Feb. 1811. 1807. tin's. 

Catherine Anne, coheir, Elizabeth, coheir, born^pSir ^Montague Frances, coheir. 

born ol Oct., bapt. at ?> Oct., bapt. at South 
South Elkin^ion 12 Nov. Elkinaton 4 Oct. 1772 ; 
1771 ; dicd\\pril 1707. died 22 Nov. 1822. 

ChohuelcY, born 1770 ; died 
Bart., of Eas- at Norton Place 
ton. 4 April 1850. 

[NoTH.— The ah'T'VC pedigree is in Mr. Larken's collection, but it li.-xs no pretensions to 
aTitiquii y. 'J'hc founder is traditioiinlly said to have been a coachuian, who made a large fortune 
by horsing stage-coaches. — A. R. M.] 

art ot 33o5toiu 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. MSS. 150, -111, 1012.] 

Alois. — Argent, three lozenges azure, each charged icith a scallop or. 

Thomas Hart of Folkingham=rJane, dau. of Richard Atkins of Gloucester, 

Tiiomas AVilliam Hart of=Anne, dan. Christopher Hart of Bos-=:pBridget, dau. 

Hart, Dassett ]\Ianor, of .... ; ton, 3rd son, livins: of ... . Cro- 

1st soTi. ]>nrt(>n Dassett, living 18 1^3 i ; of Tattersliall kerof Barton, 

CO. Warwick, 2nd JunelG49. 1030. Will dated 17 co. 0.\on. 

pun ; living 18 April 1G30 ; proved D 

June ICIO. Jan. 1030-40. I 

Theophilns Hart of Tatteishall and=T=Haniia!i, ynungt-r Samuel Hart of Tat- 

Birkwood, 1st son; under age 17 Ajjril dan. of Xrhemiah tersliall, 2iid simi ; 

1G30 ; ex'or of in's brother Samuel Bawson of Birk- under a'/e 17 April 

21 Feb. 1051-2 ; described of Beves- I wood Hall in 1030 ; died unmai'. 

by. AVill ]ir(ived 15 Jan. 1G72-3, Revesby ; living Will dated 18 June 

but not in iJoctors' Commons. | 1057. 1010; proved 21 Feb. 

A i 1051-2. 

Wi':>: : 

"l '- ■'' 






IJawson llarl uf (irant-liam and of 'rmiihy-p Arabella, dan. til' Sii- 'rii'Muas llcsil- 

"WoodsiiU', son and licir ; cntL'red at. (i ray's 
Jmu 11 Sept. lOV.) ; of Kovosby 1G81. 

riirir^-N r>ari.,orXiisvlcy, co. Leicester; 
bur. lU Giantliam LS June 1711. 

L'awson Hart ct 'iranthahi. born l\Mnviek Hart, l-aiu.. Pio' cM Ilari, an >'nicor 
l()Sr> ; di'.d nnniar. ; bnr. at at (iranchani 7 ^lay in ye Army, )iapt. at 
(iranthani 23 Feb. 173:.'-o.iet.4G. IGOS. ' Grantluun^lOct J GO;). 

Nathaniel Hart, .3rd Daniel Hart of T^ondun, yeo-=Abi<;ai1, dan. of Xcliemiah 
son, living LS June man, -Ith sun. livino- 18 June Kawsna o\' Birkwood in 
1G49, then under age. It; 4;t, then under age. llevesby ; living 1G57. 

f&ait of SSSrancjIc. 



Agnes,=j=William Hart of Wrangle,= Elizabeth Anthony Hart, called^pAnne, 
dan. of called son-iu-lawbv Edward Leach- son-in-law by Edward : dau. of 

Aldyc of Wrangle 1611; .... 
supervisor to his will, 
proved 2 Jan. lGll-12. 

called son-iu-law by Edward Leach- 
Aldve of "Wrangle IGll. man. 
Will dated 2 Sept. lC;ja ; 
proved 8 Sept. 1C39. 

Joshua Hart, son and=pLucy, dau. of Ami- Anthony Hart, 2nd Edward Jane, 

heir, a3t. 13 years 2 
months and 2 days, 
6 Aug. IG Car. I., 
1G40 ; of Hoi beach ; 
living 21 ]\Iay 1GG5. 

well Logan, Vicar son. 
of ]\[ouUon ; mar. — 

at; Moukon IG Oct. 'Maw, 1st dau. 
1648.* ' — 

Elizabeth, 2nd dau. 







Joshua PLart, at Hoi- A child, unbapt., bur. at Hoi- Curtice Hart, bur. at Hol- 
beach 5 May 1G58. beach IG March 1G5'J-G0. k-ach 22 Sept. IGCO. 

* lie. 17 Feb. 1022-.3. Amiwcll Loean of Whaplode Drove, Clerk, xt. 1'y, aud ElizaljCth 
Read of Gedncy, spiaster ; to \jq married at \Vhaplo<.lc. 

r ■■{■. .v. 

\r>:': '■; I 

V ■:)' Id- 

.. i.-f 

M); fM-: ,;t!;i]' 

(' ■ :•')'. 

'>;'.' i 

. ( > 

. .1 'I, Ml 

■ ■■ ■■■■ .: :f'! .'I'.A ?| .;„1 ;,.i/ ♦ 


LlNCOl.NSliniK IMilllGUELS. 

|L)ait5m^c of e2.1ilh^li[n - — 

[MS. C. i.>;3, Heralds' Colloj^e.] 

Aem.s. — AziTC, a /(■^f:c arijint fivtii/ ijt'ks bdnrcn thnc hhuh covranl or. 

Job.n lIivvtLrrave of JJ'^lM'.iTbroke.-p 

Kicliar.l ITaitgrave of— Aiiiie. 
Aslibv-cuia-Fciiliy. dan. ol 

Wiildatfd7Sf{)t. 1 r)77; .... 
proved 1 ] July ].">.^',i. 

Geovi:.' Ilariuiavc of lIi.'Vcs1)y,=f=Lucy, daii 

cx'or to his b!\>ther liichard 
i:>8ll ; died at Markbv <!> J\Iay 

of (tcorgo 

Edward Ilartgravo, Frances, Anne, heiress i-ventualiy, niar.== Ralph Townc- 

legatee of lii< nncle legatee at Kevesby 27 June 15S5 ; raw of Ashby- 

Kichard ]r(77. iu 1577. died ■2[) May lol7. by-IIorncastle. 

Anne, dan. of James=:pFrancis II;irtgi'ave-==;Ann.c, dan. and heiress Isa1)ella, mar. 
Ashton of Chaddcr- ; of Wiiksby, living of Thomas PayncU of Thomas Lytlcr 

ton, CO. Lancaster. 
1st wife. 


Boothby Paynell. 2nd of TathwcU. 

Thomas ITartgrave, Poynell=pBridget, dan. Francis Elizabeth, liapt. at 

pro^■edhisaunt.Tane Hartgi-ave, ' of Thomas llartgrave, Wiiksby 11 Dec. 

Cawdron'swill IGIO. ;et. lo in Loft^ ; mar. supervisor l.')70; bur. G Jan. 

— 101;;. Will : lie. 11 Aug. to liis i)ro- 1575-G. 

John Hartgrave, Ic- dated 17 j iGlo; living ther Pay- — 

gatee of ills uncle Sept., | IG-li. nell Hart- ]\rary, Ijapt. at 

Peter Ashton 155S. proved 17 I grave in Wiiksby 11 May 

Dec. 1G3G. ! 163G. 1577. 

John Oeor-e llartgrave of ]\ragdaleu College, =:j--Mary, Samuel Hartgrave, \ 

Hart- Cambridge, 1G34; of Wiiksby IGJi. 

grave. Will dareil 2-J Jan. 1 i'lVo-i ; i)roved 8 Xov. 

1G4-J ; to be bur. at Tattershall. 

dan. of ba[)t. at AVdksby | 
2:) Feb. 1G;]1-2; 
livini: IGM. 

Thomas Hartgrave, 1st son, Ceorge Hartgrave, Anne, 
under IG in 1G14. 2nd son. 

Eastcr,lKipt. 17 Jan. Dorothv, baj-t. at Wilksbiy Elizabeth, bapt. P.ridL^rt, bapr. 

IGlS-l!) ; bur. at 3 A])ii'l 1G2I; mar. to at Wiiksby 2 at Wilksliy 2(> 

Wiiksby 4 Nov Johnson in IGll. June 1G23. Maich lii2 1-5. 



r ' 

fo- , 


.1." ''.M (hi;) 

; I i.'l 

.;'./ t v-i 

1,1 N COI.NSII 1 11 1: ITDKi lir.KS. 



?L}acjtinciC3- of Bil^i3j>. 

[.MS. C. •::,, llor:iMs' ('.'llego.J 

.^rK.lKTt llnstin-sof rilshy.— Eminr. dan. Uii'l.nrcl ll;v<-.- 
Ist I WilUlaU'dlSl-Vl). un.-.-li;; of .... : tiii-s, .liviu- , 

wife. ' I'VuVrJ 1 ! -lar. lOKMT. snivivir'"- 
I , 211(1 w il'c. 


Jklavi^aret, dan. of=William IIas-T=Poli.\ena, 

; bnr. at nils- tings, nnder dan. of 

by 30 Oct. 1G;31. age in IGli'. 

1st wife. -"^^ ^^^^''• 

Elizabeth, liapt. at Bilsby 26 :\[arcli IG 10. 

1 I 

"\^ illiani lias- 
tings, IGIG. 

•Jul in Has- 
tings, JGIG. 


Thomas Has- 
tings, IGIG. 

"William Has- 
tings, IGIG. 

•Mice or Aniie --r(Mr,i:-tophci — Katlievine,dau.of Wil- Elizabeth, mar. William 

' ., ■ ■■ T 1 1,. 1 ., ,rl\.n,..- T. ,,,..1, 

dau. of 
Stevenson ; 
mar. lie. IS, .Tilly 
ICO.J ; bur. a'[ 
Croft IG May 
IGlo. 1st wife. 

Hastings of liam Llanden of Dalby. iHUigli. 

Croft, ret. mar. lie. 2;) Ang. u;iG, — 

:]oinlG)lG; ret. 2u ; lemar. "William Alice, mar. at Bilsby, H 

dead in Xe\vstt;ad of Sianer- Jnly IGO-f, I'eter Chris- 

l(;2-l. cotes(mar. lie. 2o Sept. toplier of Saloby (see 

1G24). 2nd wife. p. 21G). 

Chrivtupher Hastings, bajU. at Croft Katlierine, baj.t. at Croft "20 Dec. IGos; 
IG Dec, bur. 17 Hee. 1GU7. l!ilsby,-j:,Xnv.l GoO,R(,bert Atkin. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Croft 2G Dec. IGoS. Amy, bai>t. at Croft 21 Eeb. lCOO-10 ; 

bnr. at Cilsbv 20 :^rarch 1G30-31. 

Elizabeth, dan. of . . . . Booth of— John Hastings of=Dorothy West of Huttoft, 

Thornton ; mar. lie. 2S SL['t. 1508. 
1st wife. 

Hnttoft, let. :;G in widow; mar. lie. 2 May 
U;i7. 1G17, ict. ;;:). 2nd wife. 

Eli/ab"th, bant, at Hnttofi 12 Jnlv lGol=Edward Everingham, mar. at 

Hnttoft 6 Sept. 1G21. 

Sn^anna dan. of Thomas ^las-^f r.-b-rt Has-^Anne, dan. of \\ ilham Llanden of 

sin'd.r-rd of Bratoft; bapt. at; tings. Is- son, , Dalby; mar. be. 30 Nov IGlO ; 

.Saltlleitby St. Peter's 2't Sept. | a:-t. 3(; in ' bur. at Bil.-by 23 Dec. Ib24. Lnd 

1 r.T 1 . lliv nt Cniibv -'O ,1:111. ' IGIG. I wifc. 

107-1 ; bnr. at Giniliy 20 .Jan. ; IGIG. 
1590-C. 1st wife. \ 

Fraiiecv nuu-. lie 21 = HarberiXe\vsteadof Som- Snsanna, mar. at Bilsby, 28 Feb. 
Oct. IGlo, ;et. 17. ercotes, xt. 2G, 1G15. 1G19-2U, Richard Stevenson. 

Robert Hastinos, Philip Hastinc-. bapt. at Bilsby 2'.) June Aliee. :\rartl,a. bapt. 
bapt. at Bilsby 1G21 ; ait. 1 3, 1G:U ; bur. 12 May MOu. at Bil...y G 

.Taii.]mr,-17:biir. [He seems to liave come f(»rward at the Aug. Ihi.,. 

2(; April 1G.")3. Vi.-^ilaiion of 1G31 as head of the family.] 

• Tl;i.s licriicc was revoked on .iceount of Dalby l.eiiii: wiihiii Ihc juris, lid ion of the Derm 
and Cbai)tor of Lincolij ; it must b.ive been renewed later on.— A. It. -M. 


■J' . ^ ! ,r. I I . 

. ' i;; ' ..s'r :! s 

.Ml,, 1 . . ■:' av m). 

;; .:ij'-... 

•;ii-7 :;-;I 

:i - 1 

:'■ ,:h':.((;';f!^i 

■:iiv J^i 


LT NCOT-Ns II n: K VE Di c n K i:s. 

Cliri?;to])lu'V Ila-iings of An»l<r--=rjnMj,'ot, (.Inn. of .... ("IroMn- 
by. Will dated -J] .hily 17'''.>: iifl5i«liiii;'k(.' ; niar.nt llaro- 
IHuYcd 1';'. April 1711 ; s.p. Iiy 12 Jim. ltl^7-b. 

(ieorge Tlas-^- 
tiiiirs, liviiiLT I 

Jclm llastinys. (Jrorgc ITastin<i;s of Pxilintrbi'i'ko. hcii- of liis iinclc^f-.Taiio, dan. 

— ^ ("lirisicphcr ifn'.t. Will "dated li' .^lay 17;15 ; 1 of . . . . 

JiulieiL liasLiiiu>. juuscd 10 .Maixa 17;jiJ-C. j 


Jolni Hastings, 17G5. 

[No'rr,. — This pcdigret- aiul iLal of Hastings of F.ast Kcal have not been satisfactorily woiketl 
out. I eivc tticm as they arc in Mr. Lirkcu's I^ISS., with additions from my own collections. — 
A.R. M.] 

?&a^tincj[£^ of €?M iual 

. . Hastings 

Robert Hastings of East Kcal,- 
yeoraan. ^Vill dated 12 Sept. 
1C3-1;* proved 1 Sept. 1G35. 



Hngh \{ai 
tin ITS. 

Roljcrt Hastings, 
Itcctor of East 
Keal ltjl2, u;20. 

Robert Hastings of East Keal.=pTheodosia, Agnes, mar. Chris- 

Will dated 25 .Inly 1G8G ; 
proved 7 Eel). 1G89-00. 

dau. of 

tojihcr Leecli of 
Belch ford. 

Robert Has 

Robert Hastings Francis Hastings. JJedell Hastings. Adm'on— Elizabeth, dan. 
of London. — o-iven to his father Robert ! of . . . . : liv- 

— Caisar Hastings. Hastings of East Keal 

William Hastings. 1 Oct. 1G71. 

ing 1G7-1. 

Elizabeth, dan. ^pRodell Hastings of Great=pRebecca, dan. Elizabeth. Deborah. 

of ... . 1st i Grimsby, Alderman, liv- 
wife. ing 1674. 

of . 


Living 1C74. 

Isabel, bapt. at Grimsby Elizabeth, bnr. Elizabeth, bapt. at Grimsby 27 Jnly 
30 Oct. IGOo. at Grimsby 7 1G:i7; mar. there, li) Aug. 171 G, 

Dec. 1G'.)4. John lieader. 

I I I.I, 

Robeit Hastings, bapt. Robeit Hastings, John Hastings, .-Vnn, twin witli 

at Sticknev 17 Sej-t. ba|)t. at Stickney Stickney Rdlier; ila^tines, 
1713; luir. there 14 4. July 1721. 27Jan. I72;M. bapt.4 July J 721. 

Sept. 171 G. 

Andivv;, son of I'.obert Hastings, bapt. at Hnttoft 21 ^larch I'tSl-'). 
Robert, son of Robert Hastings, bapt. at Hnttoft 30 Dec. l.'ist".. 
Will J. roved of liichard Hastings of All'ord 17 Sept. lGt»l. 

* Mentions Lis kinsmen Rotxirt and Roger lla.stings in co. Notts. 


r 1 

.-.';..;;i:J>';it j) I ill I Li 7/' 

.'Jh, I 


LI^'coL^■:^Ill]n: im-.digiikks. 


.Tolui Iliisiinirs of East Kcal, lioni ICls ;--^:Hi'i(lget, daii. 
died 1721 ; buv. at East j\cal. of ... . 


IN.'lK'rt lia^tinps nf l]as( Koal, horn IGS:) ; bur. al ICast Kcal 2() Dec. 17;'0. 

K'olicri irasLii)i:s of l-'a.^t lvoal,;^Ajina Maria, dan. of .... rV'lap of rinhi?1ioi'oiiu;li 
churclnvarden 1757. mar. at liiirton-by-Uiiculn 11 8ept. 1712. 

?I}atc{jcr of Carcbj). 

[:\IS. 0. 2;?., Heralds' OoUcge. ITarl. :\rs. 1550.] 

Arms. — Azure, a cluvroii hcltrecn .sLr (■■scallops arginf. 

John If atelier of Carehy, ^I.l)., .soinetiines=j=A]ieo, dan. of I'Alward 
CiiUed Tiiomas ; livinj:,^ 15G!.)-70. Orecn of Loudon. 

Thomas llatcher^l\athai-ino. dan. and heir of Thomas lU-de, Catherine, mar. TIkv 
of Caieliy, iiui-. | .-on of l.'ichai-d JftH^e of Wi.=ijeaeh i)y .... mas Larkin, ]\I.l).. 
there 14 Mov. ; dan. (;f . . . . Velverton •, remar., accord- Iteader ol" the Physic 


ing to Careby liegister, 2 Sept. 15S4, Lecture at Cam- 
Tliomas Apsly. bridge. 

Henry Hatcher, liapt. Alice, bapt. Elizabeth, bapt. at Careby 11 July 157-1 ; 

at Careby 24 April at Careby 22 mar. Francis Ayscoueli, 2nd son of Sir 

1578. Dec. 1573; Edward Ayscongh of South Kelsey, Knt. 

— mar. Xicho- — 

William ILitchor, btipt. lasGnntes(?), Anno, bajit. at Carel)y 31 Aug. 1570; 

at Carelty 2»! May ^fayoi' of mar. William Dennett of Lnstuii, whcse 

1582; describi'd of Hull Keading. co. will she pi'oved 18 June 1024. 

1022-3; bur.atlioston. Berks." 


Anne, dan. of Jamesr:pSir John Hatc]ier,^^rargaret, dau. of Sir=Kallja]-inc, dan. of 
(Jrewes of Fother- Knc, l>apt. at ; Edward Ayscough, William Ilencage 
ingay, co. North- , Carcljy 14 Dec. I Knc, of Stalling- oflIaintr)n; widow 

a^npton ; bur. at i 1500; Higli j borijugh ; mar. at St. of William Ays- 

Cambridge 1 April SiierilTol" CO. Lin- 1 Grcgury's-by-St.- cough ; mar. at 

1505. 1st wile. 

coin 3 Jac. L ; j PauTs, London, 24 Stallingborough 
bur. at Careby 27 Dec. 1595; bur. at 10 April 101 2;"bm 

July 1040. 

Careby 22 Dec. lOOO. at Caruljy 1 3 Aug. 
2nd wife. 1037. 3rd wife. 

John Hatcher of Emp-^Eleanor, dau. of . . . . Sherard ; Edwaid Hatcher, 

ingliam, co. Kntland, mar. at Castle Bytham 25 April bapt. 18 July l(;o2 ; 

2nd son; bur. t!i<re 1037; bur. at Empingham liur. at Careby 7 

y Oct. 1052. : Feb. 1003-4. April 1010. 

lOlizalicth, heiress, bnpt. at Emjiingham 3 Sept. 1040 ; 
mar. llobert, sou of Sir Tiiomas ilackworth, Bart. 


•• ' 1 

U'.i:'.) U. 

■^rrr. J 

■ fu,/. ^i: 

I . ^.f! 

j .*>!{.« ic.t 


.''"■li ,>'->'lS 
i 1' ■fl''. \:) lU^i . 


LlNCOl.NSlllin; VKDrGUKF.S. 

Eli/alK' Care- Hilary,'t. at Mor-aivt, Faitli. hapl. at C'aivl.y 

hy 11 .liuir l,')'.>f>; mar. Carcl>y S Oct. Impt. at 1 '.i .laii. ICn.")-!'; ii,.,f. 

tfioro, is Afay ICIT, IM- 1 ."''.ts ;' p,iar.llun\ Carehy I'O lluU-rt :\hivs. I >.!»., 

^var(1 Skij.wiili of Cliaii- •2-2 May IT.-JT. ..InlylVttii: < 'lumci'llnr of Lii,.-,,lii 

tliaiii : liur. at Grantliam Ivlwan.l or Wil- Imr. lM Calhodral. Will tland 

2 i>cc. ii..:.:.. 



'2>'' M;\\ . prnvcil i", .liilv 
1058. ■ 

ThoniasHatcherof Care-=f=Katheriiie,dau. of Wil- Anne, mar. at Carcby, li W-c. 

by, !M.1\ for Grantham j liam Ayseoiigh ef ICiOO, James Rerun of Paiifkld 

ll!28, and for co. Lin- j Sonth Kelsey ; bajit. llall, co. Jlssex, IGOI, son ol' Sir 

coin l(i.")l — (111; indictrd j 18 ^far. 15;)7-8 ; mar. Edward Heron, Knt., of Lan^i oft. 

for lii'Mi treason lilt;'; at Stallincborou'jli 14 — 

bni'. 1 1 July i077 

Oct. 1G17; bnr. at :\raiy, ]>apc. at Careby i.'l Awj;. 
Oareby IT) Dec. li;.")l. ]h'j] ; bur. there ;11 May l.'''.i8. 

John Hatcher of Careby, ba]it. 23^Elizabi'th, dan. of Sir Elizabeth, lv\])t. at Caiv- 

Jan. in:;;5-I ; Hii^di Shcrilr" of eo. IJicliai-d Anderson ; by 22 Oct. lCr22 ; bnr. 

Lincoln lC>7t); bur. at Careby 1 bui*. at Careby ;>U Nov. thei-e 1 ]\laiTh (or 1 

Jan. 1078-'.). ' j 1707. ' May) UMl-i'. 

Grace, dan. =Thomas llatelicr of=: Jane, dan. of Sir Charles Hns- Charles Hat- 

and heir Careby, born 3, bapt. sey, Eart., of Caythoi'pe ; cher, bnr. 

of AVilliam 8 Xov. 10(10; Hiirh died 3 June 1735; bnr. at at Card ly 

Ilarbord. Sherifl'nu ; died 0, Careby, Kt. SO. Will dated 7 22 March 

1st wife, bur. at Carcby 10 ^Nlay 1734 ; proved 1735, 1G7G-7. 

Sept, 1714, s.p. 2nd wife. 

Henry llatcher=Lady Elizalivth Dclaval, John llateher, bapt. = Franccs,dan. 

of ]\irk]iy, liapt. mar. at St. Gregory's- 16 July 107O; bur. of....; bur. 

at Careby 23 Feb. by-8t. -Paul's, London, atCareby Aug. 1720. at Carebv 10 
IG03-4;'s.p. 27 April 1C8C. ' I^Iay 1721. 

Anne, born 8, bapt. 17 Oct. Jacomina, bapt. at !Mary,ba}it. 11 June Chi'istian, 

1C57 ; mar. at Hough, 30 Careby 17 Sept. 1008 ; Itur. at Care- bapt. at 

June 1087,. lonathan Goste- 1005; bur. there by 10 Aug. (or 20) Carcby 20 

low of Stamford. 25 Jan. 1707-8. 107O. June 1073. 

Henry Hatcher of Croydon, co. Surrey. John Hatcher, hi-ir and Joan, mar. . . . 
"Will dated 21 ^March 1014- 1 ."> ; pn.vcd ex'or to hi.s brother 4 Nicholson; liv- 
4 July 1015; unniar. July 1015. ing 1014-15. 

.1/. •. !' 

.\l-Z-y~ ,-?if->8 

Tr ■/;■• f ,x 


i<.<Jlli.l.jiCJ jM t'''M 



|I)atcliffc of (©rim^tij> anti Ixatjcntralc. 

.Tames llatc-lifrc .,f (iriiii>l.v, l.m-c'S,=r^r:ir-j:aret. «laii. ,.f='l'ltomasMaa(lis..ii, Aldor- 
inar. l:! Nov. Kvln. WiH' .litcd ID . . . . Wiliaaiod-J 1 man of ( \\ i II 
March 1 r.r»7-.^ : [nowd ■2i> April 

la.JS. 1st hiisbaud. 

SL]n.i:)i)0; proved dated 4 Au;;., i>roved '22 
12 Oct. 1592. Dcc.l.")71. 2nd husband. 

Jolm TlatcdilVe, bai)t. at Grimsby Thomas Llatcline. 
■2b duly ir>12. 

Christopher llatcliffe.^ 

UrsuUi, l>apL at (Irimsby 
4 Anil. 1545. 

David llaU-line of Thoro^wav, clerk. Will-T=Annc, dan. of . . . .; ex'irix. Will dated 
dated 3 July, proved 11 Dec. 1G15. 1 Aug. 1023 ; proved i) Aprd 1G24. 

John Hatclifle, ex'or Dorothy, inar. Riehard .Judi th, mar. Thomas See of G rimsby, 
to his niotlier 1G2-1-. 15allowof Reston ; liv- Alderman ; living 1623. 

ins 1G23. 

AVilliam TTatelifle, Es(|., of Wesi Ravendak-^Dorothy, dan. of . . . . 
. „.n- _. Tr„.,.i:m, „f IT iwr^ K,. -\vjii dated 8 May 

[son of William Hatclifte of Uareliirc by 

Kay ?]. Will dated 17 Dec. 1G31 ; 

proved 13 Feb. 1G31-2. 

1G38; proved 19 Mar. 

Thomas IlatclifTe,' 

Dorothy, mar. . 
Chapman 1G38. 

.Judith, ex'trix to her 
mother 1G39. 

Thomas Hatclifie, 1G38. Dorothy, 1G38. 

[Note.— The above scraps of pedigrees are eompiled from Miicohi wills and transcripts.] 

f7ntcltffe of ll^itcUfff. 

["Visitations of Diucolnshire, 15G2 and 1592."] 
Aioi.S. — Azinr, Ihrcc qnnirofoiJf^ slipiioJ anjcnt. 

Alan do Hatclifle of co. ljincoln.=r 

TIelmund do HatclifTc of Billesby.=r 

Walter do IIatclifTc.=r 



I' [.-i:!!;;:'.!! 




Kcfrinakl ilo KatrliUc.^ 

William (le natrline=r-V^''iC3 

Giles Ilatcliflo of llatcliffe, l;^. Edward 2. 

Alan IlatclifTo. 

Petcv Hatcliffe^pAlicc, dau. of 

Nicholas Hatclifte, Thomas Hatclifte. Robert natclilTo, ?.rd son. 
39 Edward 3. 


William ITatcliffc, 3 Henry Y.^ 

John HatcliQe of natclilVe, 2i ITenvy C-pAnne, dau. of Richard Ilan.'^ard. 

William nat--rAnne or Isahcl. sister of Sir Thomas (or William. 

cliffe of Ilat- 

John) Thimelby, Kut. ; remar. 


William llatcliffe-rDorothv, dau. of Nicholas Jane, mar. Tho- 
of AVaiufletc. Upton of Wainfleet. mas Goodhand. 

Nicholas T 


William Ilatclifle. Mary, mar Richardson. Anne, mar Walker. 

I I 
Thomas Hatcliffe of Ilatclille and of Lewisham, co.=f=Annc, dau. of Walter Hat- 
Kent, Clerk .-f the r.rccn Cloth to Henry 8; died John _ Eci-h chlfe, died 
30 Aug;. 32 IK-nry 8 ; hur. at Addington, co. Surrey, of Addnigton, s.p. 

AVill dated 2.s Aug. 32 Henry 8. 

CO. Surrey. 

Richard Hatclille, Isabella, mar Elizabeth, mar. Ed- Edith, mar. Ed-^ 

3rd son, bur. at Hustwayte of Brad- ward Uowden of ward ^kernc ol 

Rcelsby 21 April ley, 2ndly Niclio- Finchcock in Coud- Bonl'y. 

15(;3. las Aunesley. hurst, co. Kent. 

William llalclille of=pAniio, dau. of Thomas HatchiTc of Lyc,vAiin'-. <lan. of. • • • 

Hatc^litle and Tho- : Sir William ro. Kent, had lands m | E<lniniids of E-w- 

resway 1st son and Skipwiih of Ea.t Greenwich. Will | isliam ; admix of 

heir- ffit 17, 32 I South Orms- undated. Adm'onCC.P.C.) her hu.sband 11 

I[eni78;diedl Eiiz. by, Kut. ]] June 1 508. 

B i 

June 1008. 

c i 

r> ..■:• 

Lr-.' ..:ii!'-;fJl ::.-„; J 

.L^Liihtl hi, ,'<:' ^l .;,,.,', , 

i ' >?';'! 

- ( 

^i:)'..:; ni>i 

:!••;/ ■.' I.I.: 

ll'i'lA ! 

.•,Ml-.,itl/. y;l. . 


■,.m'. ; 11 .■ i 

1 ,1 K coLX.s 1 1 1 K i: V K n i c w i:i:s. 


\Villi:nn Ilati'lifTc of Ea^t Dorntliy, 1st dun., Anne, L'lul dan.. KHzabctli, 

OnH'iiwicl). CO. K'iMi!. only uiulor IG at the iim]<'i' H". at ilic ovd dan., 

soil, iiiulrr a,!j;e m liie liinc time of her lather's tinirof herl'athcr's mar 

of his laLhei-'s will: liviiiix will ; mar. l>t .... will ; mar Seutt ; 

„' April i:''*;: ri.-.l nppa- ^tlathews, -.'ndly Duel: or " Dnki'"; liviiiL,' 

roiillv uiimar. Will dated lemiyii ; liv- liviiii; lo ilay 10 ilay 

15 .^iav, proved (O.P.C.) 8 ini: !•"> Muy Uli'O. IC^O. lt".20. 
July il;i\). 

Thomas HatclilTc of= 
llalclitle, 2iul son 
hut heir,a>,t. 13, 5 Eliz. 
loG3; proved hishro- 
tbor George's will 2 
July 1002 ; super- 
visor of tha t of his sou- 
in-law ]]dward Dole- 
man 29 April IGIO. 



of Sir Fran- 


cis Ays- 

1 lar- 

con [i'h of 

ch lie 

South Kel- 


sey, Knt. ; 


livim,' 2 

April 38 

EHz,, 159G. 

Georire Ilatelille^ Elizabeth, dan. of 

of llatelille 2 Sir Francis Ays- 

Ai)ril 38 Eli/.., cough of South Kel- 

loOG. Will dated sey, Knt. ; widow of 

12 Aug. l.')S3 ; Vincent Grantham 

proved (O.P.C.) of Lincoln ; bur. at 

2 dulv 1(;()2 ; (to Hatcliile. Adm'on 

be) bur. at Hat- (O.P.C.) to her hus- 

cliffe. band 13 May 1583. 

William natclinc,bapt.atSnuth=. . . . dau. George Hat-- 

Kelscy St. ^lary G Sept. 15G8 ; and heir cli tie of Great 

a^t. 2-i, 1502 ; 1st son and lieir- of ... . Grimsby, 2nd 

apparent G April 150 G ; of Great Kay, soa 2 Api'il 

Grimsby 15 March IGUO-IO, Clerk of 38Eliz., 150G. 

and of Hatcliile 24 Oct. IGl 4 ; the Green Adm'on 

supervis(jr of the will of Fresch- Cloth. (O.P.C.) 29 

ville Holies of Great Grimsby * Dec. IGOl. 
29 Jan. 1629-30. 

■Frances, dau. of Sir 
Robert 'J'irwhitt of 
Kcttlelty, Knt. ; 
widow of William 
Thorold (2nd son 
of Sir Anthony Tho- 
rold of ]\Iarston) ; 
adm'ix of her hus- 
band 29 Dec. 1601. 

Thomas Hatcliire= 
of Great Grimsby 
and Hatch fTe, bur. 
at Great Grimsby 
23 Ai)ril 1653. 
Will dated 19 April 
1653 ; proved 
(O.P.C.) 20 :March 

^Susanna, dan. 
and heir of Ed- 
ward Brox- 
hohue of Lin- 
coln ; bur. at 
Great Grimsby 
Nov. or Dec. 
her husband 19 
April 1G53. 

Edmund HatclilTe,bapt. 
at Great Grimsliy 15 
July 1509 ; living 25 
Aug. 1615. 

Vincent Hatclitle, l)apt. 
at Great Grimsljy 31 
Aug. IGOO ; living 25 
Aug. 1615. 

Roger Hatcliile, 
living 25 Aug. 

Dorothy, l.ia}it. at 
Great (irimsby 6 
Xov. IGUl; a lega- 
tee of her "cousin" 
Freschville Holies 
29 Jan. lG29-3i>. 

Thomas Hat- Jane, 1st dau., C.ivat Grims- Dorothy, 2nd dau.. bapt. 2 

cliQe,oidyson l»y 25 Oct. 1631 ; mar. at Lrigsley, Dec. 1G32 ; bur. 15 Aug. 

19 April 1G53. 1G19, Thomas Waters of Drigsley ; 1612 at Great (irimsby. 
living 10 April 1G53. 

Edward Hatclilfe of Raven- Francis Ilatcline, -1th Christopher Hatcliffe, 5th 

dale, 3rd son 2 April 38 son 2 April 38 Eliz., son 2 April 38 Eliz., 1596; 

Eliz!, 159G ; livimr 19 Feb. 150G ; baj)!. at Hreat bapt. at (ireat Grimsby -22 

lGlC-17. ' Grimsby G Oct. 1582. Feb. 15S3-4. d 


7 :( 

■■ •!':;'•. u,, .:(ril>.-. If 

'i /. 

I I 


,,4 . I.M, . 

■■.'■/' ;:iii>ji i' .i: 1 .1 I 

.'■■<». i !•(/.. ''1 ^JdiVll 

■.. 1 . -i .i; 

.1 .'] 


LlKCOLNSin Ki: }'E1)lGIiK):s. 

Siis;iii. l>:t)>t. at Ci'vcat Jane, inar. I'Muai-,! Ool- Fai'.lt, mnr. :U i^t. MarLTiiivl's 

Grimsliv'.^Au^t,'. 1577; 1 '111', innii of .S\viiilu'i»e (and of in the Close of Lincoln, IC. 

then' 17 Aui,'. 1581. Xewiihani. co. llcrcs) ; Si-j.t. IGOri, Thomas (ilap- 

— proved her hnsliar.d's will tiiorne of Whittlesea, co. 7 Nov. 1611. Cambridp;o. 

^Villia^l llatclill'e ol' ("J reat Griinsbv, -^Catherine, dau. of 


died . . . . ; hiir. at Great Grimsby, j dated 18 April, proved 1534 at 
Will dated 2 1 Feb. 1530-31 ; ])rovcd j f^incoln, then a widow ; (to bo) 
lM; Ang-. 1531. • bur. at Great Grimsby. 

Tiiomas HatclilTo, William Ilatclitle, Uiehavd llateliiTe. John ITatclifte, -Ith ! 

Istson, sa|)ervisor 2nd son, cx'or of ord son, ex'or of son, ex'or of his ] 
ofhis mother'swill hisinother 18 April his mother 18 mother 18 Ajiril 

IS April 1534:. 1534. April 1534. 1534 ; of Welhoo ■ 

10 March 1540-41. i 

Jane, 1st dan., mar. 
Thomas Goodhand ; 
living 18 April 1534. 

Alice, 2nd 
dau. 18 
April 1534. 

Dorottiy, 3rd 
dau. 18 A[)ril 

:\larv, 4th 
dan.* IS 
Ai)ril 1531. 

.... dau., 
mar. Guy 

|I)a\uluT0ti ox 33iD0toiu 

[Lincoln Wills and ]\rarriage Tiicences.] 

Francis Ayscoujxh^" Elizabeth, dau. oi"=Anthony Hawkredd of=f=. . . . dau. 
of Thornton -le- Thomas Ilarcher Boston, merchant, vet, j of .... 
i\Ioor, died circa of Careby ; mar, 44 in 1015. Will dated ! 1st wife. 
1C12. 1st hus- lie. 24 .Jiily 1015. 12 Aug. 1020 ; proved ' 
band. ! 2od wile. 7 Juno 1028. 

John Ayscough, ret. 54, Jane. mar. lic. = Anlhony Hawkredd, ret. 18, ir,25 ; 
12 SepL 1005. (Sec 14 Sept. 1025, of Gray's Inn 7 June IG32 ; ex'or 
p. G5.) ret. IS. to his father i02S. 

Samuel Hawk- John Hawk- ^Lary. mar. Tho- J'vli/.ab'.th. i)iar.r=iJoh?i ( ony, ret. 
redd. redd. masCoiiy. lie. 2',i Nov. 102 1. 20,1021. 

[NoTK. — This scr.-^ii of a j.'.diiriee cuiiccl.s an error in ;\Ir. Lnvkcu'tj pediirreo of Avbcough 

p. (;.>.— A. li. Ji.] 

p ,; ,';i;i' ?- i 

]''i tiT^:"'-!'o'"r rjj' 

.»•■,'/. :-i'ji\i>'ri 


;:•, yT'uX.y 

\ iK 111 i<i;'. 1 •'i. r\ > . 1 . 

l.TNCOLXSlll Ui: VKDIGliriKS. 


' |I>aluIrj^ of (Tnr^^bjij. 

[Ilarl. MSS. CSi'H, (;s:;-_».] 

Ali.MS. — ]'i/ I, (I sal/ill tJhfi'dilril OV. 

parish of Jiuri^di -on- P.nin, grantee 
ill IP.UO with lii:4 wil'c. 

of huhl in (iivsliy lidin Ralph Ic 
Mner nf Cu\Liih;uii 1 ottfi. 

Sir William llawlcy, Knt.= 

Sir William Mawley, Kut., of Oirsby, Patron cpf th(; churches ctf AVyhara- 
aiid Cadcby, which were united on his petition 13S('.. Will dated at 
Bayonne in Gascony K) June lo^^O ; proved at Xettleham, co. Lincoln, 
3 Nov. ]o87 ; (lo be) bur. at tlie Friars Pi'cachers at liayonne. 

Sir Thonias Ibnvlev. Xnt., of (Jirsbv,-^OiInr:^nre!. dau. of .... ; had a licence t. 

proved his i'aiher's will ; of Utterby in 
CO. Lincoln. 

have mass said in the riiapd at (Jirsby 
10 Jan. lo9G-7. 

.John Hawley- 
of Giisby. 

Eleanor, mar. Wil- Auiios. mar. Patrick Skii)with of Utterby, 
liam Copledike of :\I. P. for en. Lincoln 1127. ll^:!. 

Robert Sutton of Lincoln. Will dated=A'4nes, heiress, died=ThomasPdonnt,2nd 
23 Feb. llol-2 ; proved at Lincoln 3 14 Oct. 1 KVJ ; bur. son of L-u-d ;^ronnt- 
April 1 152. Isfc husband. at iiuijjii-on-ljain. joy. 2nd hnsl>;ii)d. 

' |l)alulcj> ol iHablrtljorpt. 

[Dodsworth MS. 052. Cotton ^L^S. Faustina. Liq. P.M.] 

Sir Rol»ert Ilawley, Knt., lord of a manor in=pP>catrix, dan. of ... . 
;Mableth()r|ie called ^lohaut Fee, of whicli he Will dated at Piliy 
■was eufeolled bv llenrv l)elves in 1370. 13 Feb. 1389-!)<). 

Sir John (or TIkjuuis) Haw-=p]\rariMret, dau. of. . . . ; Joan, 1380, nnir. Thomas 

ley, Knt. Will dated at Kel- c.x'trix of her hu.sbaiid's .Alussenden of Mussciiden, 

stern 1385 ; proved 1387. will. co. Bucks. 


/ T^-.: 1,)'- ;i;;» Wi I' 

..'l '3 


LiN'C(^LNSuiin: rn)i(;i;i:Ks. 


Kol'crt llawlcyJieirorBoatvix his ir!-;iii(l-=^Iar,i:;i!X't, 'Lui. of 
inorlior lo I'Vlt. 1;; llicliaiJ II., then ....; d'wil 14-_*7, 
uiulor a;^i\ in iho custiKly ol" ^^il• Thilij* seised of uno thinl 
Tihiey. Knr. ; sei-eil "t ^rcliain I'eo in of ^lahh !l',nr|H\ 
^Malilethovpe, am"! ihe Trc hamjuoii I'ee Ayleshy, and lliiiy. 
aiiu the niaun' o\ Uiiiv. 

eventnal I lleillfs- 
heiivs.-, I tun ; 
mar. in ' died 
1 Ih-nrv ' 111.'.. 

!Mnrirarel. coheir, let. 10 in==.Tohn Tyrwliit Eleanor, coheir, a.'t. 15 in 1-11."»; 
1415 ; had respiti' of homage | of KetLleiiy. liad respite of liomage 1127 ; mar. 

1427. /K Christopher Conyers. 

^)alulc;j of ilortf) ilanrjtou. 

[Chancery Iikj. VM. 11 Jlcnry YIL] 

Joan, dan. of Sir Anthony = ria]pli Ifawley, seised of=Eh'zaheth, died = . . . . 

IJrowne, Knt. ; ^vido\v of the manors of North 22]Mar. l-JOl-2. Sec. 

Jolin lleneage ofllainton I>anLiton by 'Wraghy and 2nd wife, 2nd 

who died li;'.5. (rjl-twiie. liarnlok Langton ; died hus- 

10 April 1-lsi, s.p. band. 

|l)calcj> ol i5urrincj|)am. 

[MSS. C. 23 and D, 23, Heralds' College.] 
John ITealey, Vicar of Bottesford, died before 1557, 

James Healey, Richard llealey of I]nri'ing-=j=Elizabeth, dan. of Katharine, 
living 1557. liam. M'ill dated 7, proved .... Leeds of livinj 
2l! April 1 557. AVintringliam. 1557. 

Ellen, dan. ^Ricliard=f Alice, dan. of William llealey, 3rd son, under age 1557. 

of . . 
mar. at 
hamn .July 
1572; bnr. 
there 7 
May 1581. 

llealey .... Emmott ; 

of East^Messing- Agnes, living 1557 ; mar. John Cawond 

Butter- ham IG Feb. or Callwood. 

wick, 1582-3 ; bnr. — 

2nd son, , there 5 April Elizabeth, living 1557; mar. Thomas 

under 1501, then a Atkinson. 



John llealey, 1st son, l)a)it. Richard llealey, 3id 

at !Messingham (» Feb. son, bapt. at Mes- 

1574-5. singhain 21 ^fay 

— 1578. 
j William llealey, 2nd son, — 

j ^Messingham 1 1 Nov. Annet, lia]it. at ^le-- 

i 157G : Inir. there 24 June singham 15 Nov. 

i 1577. 1573. 

(ieoi-ge llealey, 4th son, 
bapt. at Mes-ingiiam 2t> 
:March 1583-4; bnr. 
there 4 ^iarch 15M-5. 

Thomas llealey, 5th son, 
bnr. at ^lessingham 20 
Feb. 1587-8. 


•1 // 

'■-.ii. . Ji^-'' i '•■nn.iA. 

'on: ' i'l' ' 

•■;'i-"ji I ■ . . . . \o 

'< •;■ : 1 .'j.t!! , \> 

'•a. !_ .. .':l\;i:. 

7 jT'Ai 



JmIiii Henloy of l^)iivrii\f:!i;ini. nrliircii— "Mnrv. tlaii. nf Oliver Alibrnll or Attall of 
"tie bo!U^^ lion" I'.'i .Inly lOli.'. I iJurrinuliani ; died iTi July It'ilL*. 

Cioor<:''' Honlry. 1st Itiohard Tii'.ina? ilonlry of l^.l^-=Y"Anlh■.da^.o^Tllo- K'.iza- 
f-.iii. '■[[]■. >.; i'. r- ll'^lfv. i-i!i'.'-!r:!ri. .'.a] >'>\\. Inu'. : im;.is r^-i^jilc <■■ lietli. 

Icsford I'-i Feb. 2n(\ sou. at Bottesford 4 (.)ct. 
IC.-JC.-T. lCro-2. 


Tlionia? Ilealoy, ord^Katliarine, dan. William Elizabeth, mar. Kllen. 

son,A'iear of liaxify, of Sir Thomas ITealcy, llumiihi-eyPo})- — 

Isle of A\ln)line ; Ccc, Knt., of ith simi. i^lewell of ]')el- ^lary, mar. 

instituted 21 dune ^lildenhall.Suf- ton ; bur. at 'i'hoinas 

10-11; bur. at Ilaxev. folk ; died 30 Bclton 25 Nov. Darwin of 

i Aug:. 1C70. 1620. Cleatliam. 

Katliarine, bur. at ITaxev. = . . . . Shore, 
Will dated 21 March dead iu 
ITKt-ll. 1710. 

Elizal)eth, bur. at 
Bottesford 20 Jan. 

Anne, bur. at 
Ante. 1G71. 

John lIcaley,^Anne, dau. of William Bury or Beriy of ^ressingham ; mar. at 
2nd son. ' Bottesford 24 July 1020. 

William Healey-f^Iary, dau. of John John IIea- = Katharine, dan. of Thomas 

of Burringham, i Novile of Faldiiig- ley of John Xevile of Ilealey. 

bur.atAlthorpc I worth; Al- JJoxby. Faldingvrorth ; — 

Dec. 167o. j thorpe John Clerk mar. there 18 June ]\rary. 
of Bottesford. ICOl. 

Nevile ITealev^pUrsula, dau. of 

of Ashbv. 

I'homas Ilealey 
of Burrin'diam. 


William Ilealey of Bur- 
ringham ; l»ur. at 2VI- 
thorpe 27 xVpril 1C51. 

Jane, bur. at Al- 
thorpe 21 ^ilay 

Thomas Ilealey, 1st Xevile }realey=f ]\rary, dau. of Ursula, bapt. at Bottes- 

son, bur. at I'ot- of P>urring- ....;mar. at foi'd 25 Oct. 1 G'JG ; mar. 

tesford IG March hau), 2nd son. ' Bottesford there, 19 ]\lar. 1715-lG, 

1701-2. I 1727. John Clarke. 

Thomas Healey, bapt. at Elizabeth Maria, bapt. at Bottes- 

Altliorpc 10 Oct. 17o4. ford 12 June 1730. 

]Mary, bapt. Elizabeth, baju. at Katharine, bajit. at Botte.-ffrd 22 Jane, bapt. 
at Bottes- Bottesford 13 July June 1710 ; bur. 20 Oct. 1712. at Bottes- 
ford 10 170Sj inar.atScot- — ford Aug. 
Apiil 1G'.'8. ton, 8 July 1731, Katharine, l)apt. at Bottesford 18 1718. 

B Key Dunn. Jan. 1713-14. 


1 I 

.[■■■In' •■ 
-. — ii 

■ V (,• 

• , ■ > ■ t. 

1 . , r ^i~. /- f _.,. f ,..T> 

,VT(J/ i-yj'.VMM 'lif/jX )ll 

a .'.1 .i'jBt. 


! « 

.rl i.i » ! .iij.i. .srciuii 



Ursula, (lau. cif John Xcltlioi-pc ;^Gcorfic Iloaloy of—Eli/.ahetli, flan.— Anne, d;in. 

sister of Ricliaril Xcltlior['f of I*un-iiiL!;haui, luir. of Sir Tlioinas of....: 

Scawbv ; I'lir. at Iiott</sl'iii\l .Iiilv ai I>oilesf«ii'.l s Cce, l\iit., of lli>(- 

KnV). ' IsL wife. * May ir.77, .Tt. 7;'. MildenlKill, co. tcsf(.i-.l s 

I " ' Sullolk. 2ii(l Anir. 1''I7. 

T'sDla, bapt. -: TY^^'osf^j^rd 18 Dec. ^''i^^- ^'"'l "''f''- 

lG;-!2 ; bur. there 1-A Jan. 16o2-3. j 

Thomas Hca-— Ursula, dau. 
leyofBuriinjr- of E'lward 

ham, bapt. at 
Bottesford 28 
Aug. 1G39 ; 
])ui-. there 4 
Jau. 1 08 1-2. 

of Bartou- 
ou- 1 1 umber; 
bapt. at 
Seawby 29 
Oct. 1G39. 

Gcor2;e Hea- 
ley of Fr..d- 
ingliam, 2nd 
son, bapt. at 
,"0 June 

Charles=!Mary, dan. of 

Ilea ley, 
2 ,AIay 
bur. at 

. Stow 
mar. at Ket- 
tlethorpe 20 
Get. 1G87 ; 
died 10 .Mar. 
1703-4, let. 
59 ; bur. at 

mar. at 
ham,3 Feb. 
Br is tow 
of Gains- 

George ITcaloy= 
of Buri-ingham, 
bapt. at Bottes- 
ford 12 Xov. 
IGGl; died Aug. 
1717 ; l)ur. at 

=]'irary, dau. of ... . 
Shaw of Gains- 
borough; mar. there 
27 Oct. 1G85 ; died 
14 March 1723-4, 
iut. 54 ; bur, at 

Tliomns llea- 
ley, bajit. at 
14 March 
1GG2-3 ; l)ur. 
there 8 Jan. 

Francis ITealey, 3rd sou, 
bapt. at P.ot'tesford 23 
Feb. 1GG9-70. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at P>ot- 
teslbrd 31 Dec. 1GG4. 

George Healey, bajjt. 
at Belton in Isle of 
Axholme 24 Aug. 
IGSG; bur. at Bottes- 
ford 8 April 1G87. 

Elizabeth, dan.: 
of .... ; born 
1G74 ; died 1 
Mar. 1740-41 ; Froding- 
ham. 1st wife. 

=John llealey of: 
born 1G87 ; 
died 7 May 
1750 ; bur. at 

-Elizabeth, dan. of Sir 
Iiichard Osl»aldeston, 
Knt., of Ilunmanby, 
CO. York; born 1G93; 
died 7 May 1749. 

bapt. at 
13 Dec. 

George Healey of Bur- 
riughani, bapt. at Bot- 
tesford 2 Feb. 1G91-2; 
died 13 Feb. 1772; bur. 
at Bottesford. 

-Anne, dau. of John Co}>ley Henry Hea- 

of Nether Hall, Doncaster; ley. bapt. at 

bapt. 3 Ajiril 1087; mar. Bottesford 1 

at Doncaster 9 Xov. 1714 ; Nov. 1G94. 
bur. at Bottesford 21 Sept. 

George Healey of Gainsborough and Frod-- 
ingham, Attorney-at-Law, died 18 Feb. 
1794, at. 79 ; bur. at Frodingham. 

^Jane, dau. of ... . Hall of Don- 
caster ; died 24 Dec. 1799, xt. 
82 ; bur. at FroditiLrham. 

Geoi'ge Healey 
of Frodingham, 
died s.p. 28 May 
1824, a3t. 78. 

John Healey, died 
G Feb. 1789, let. 31. 

El iza-=p Edward 

Jane, bapt. at Gains- 



borough 2u Xov. 

of High 

1744 ; bur. there 22 



May 1745. D 

.'•• i' 'i*-;'.iTii.'«i 1 

I .),ivit 

'0 sncnddT 

li J • ■ .' J jt:>i i, jrt 

:■( .a 

; '; ,•:*'> i .))'>•» i) 

LiNcoLysiinn: pedigrees. 








Pairci-.soii Holg 

atc=f=. . . . llcnrv llo]gate,burn=] 


of Brigg, solicii 


dan. of o July 1781 ; 

dan. of Robert 


burn 12 Jan. 

.... assumed the name 

Ilolgate ; born 

30 Ani:. 

1783 ; assunio 


Wal- of Hcaley on (he 

27 Oct. 1782 ; 

1781 ; 

the name of Gcd- 

ter. death of his uncle 

died 22 Fub. 




v-icorgu ^v^^iicy. 1356. 

Tlioinas llealcv. 5th son, 

1 1 

Elizabeth, bapt. at I^Eary, bapfc. 


Martha, bapt. at 

bapt. at 

Bottesford 24 

Eeltou 7 Jan. at Bottcs- 

Buttesford 23 Oct. 

May 1700 

; died 27 July 

1G87-S ; bur. at ford 17 ^lay 

IGOG ; mar. there, 

17-15 ; bur 

. at IJottesford. 

Bottcsford 1-1 Feb. 1G93. 

10 Aug. 1725, 



Magdalen, bajjt. at Bottcsford 13 Dec. Ursula, bur. at Bottcsford l-l Katharine, 

16G7 : mar. at Althorpe, 26 May Aug. 1071. bur.atBot- 

1G87, Fraucis Comyns of York. — tesford 

— Ursula, bapt. at Bottcsford 31 1 April 

Elizabeth, bapt. at BottesfordlS Dec. Oct. 1G72 ; mar. there, 31 Deo. 1G81. 

1G67 ; bur. there 18 April 1C73. 1605, Nevile Healey of Ashby. 

[Note. — The above pedigree is printed, but not so fully, in Peacock's " Church Furniture," 
pp. 228, 229.] 

John Healey, Gent., of SawclifF. Will dated 21 ]\ray,=^Ann . . 
proved 22 Aug. 1GG2 in Archdeaconry of Stow. ex'trix. 

George llealey, ex'or. Ann. 


i&c<^vt{$on of Claj^t{)orpc. 

[Acts of Dean and Cha})ter of liincoln. St. Margaret's Register, 
liincoln Wills. Burwell Register.] 

John Ileardson, Clerk, Priest-Vicar of Jjincoln Catlie-^Gcrtrude, dau. 

dral ; Master of the Choristers 17 Sept. 1634; died 
29 Aug., bur. in Lincoln Catliedral 31 Aug. IGGl. 
Will dated 28 Aug. IGGl ; proved 13 Jan. lGGl-2. 

of . . . .; ex'trix 

John Ileardson, l.)apt.- 
at St. Margaret's 21". 
Feb. ](;n-2. 

dan. Thomas Ifeardson, Choris- Edward Heard- 

ter of Lincoln Cathedral son, bapt. at St. 

IGGU; Poor Clerk 1GG3 ; Margaret's 17 

Junior Vicar 1G79. Sept. 1G4-4. 

Singleton Hcardson, Junior Vicar 1G86. 



': <1 :,-. :.j.; ■•.•-•ji^, 

i K ,_,M), 




.1 -..' . . .1 
.... I 

;»;t>I i«-m"V h:::'.::T. ,jio.-(> :.'.'jH f;oJ»l 




Rhocla,^Tiinothy l^e;l^]^;on of Cluytliorpc. b;)]-it.— Alice, dan. of Antliony llcaii]- 

dau. of at St. ^rari,^iR'L.'s 8 Jiuio i(;50; Clioris- : . . . . Popple- sun, IC.Gl. 
. . . . (cr of i/incoln Catlu'dral licforc HWu) ; \ well of (iains- — 

- in 1(J7S of Sunierliy in (lainsburunL;!!. ' boron<;li; Bridi^rt, b;ipL at 

! Will dal.d IG Sepl. 171-^: l)iovcd 1 ; mar. lie. l*;5 .Sl.>Mar.irarcL\s L'7 

! ";]). 17:n^::. ' !^n)t. KITS. Oct. KJIO. 

Timothy Ilcardson, Klu'da, 
living- 1712 ; bnr. living 
at St. SwiLhin's, 1712. 
Lincoln, 1 Oct. 

'J'lionKisl[eard--^]^[ary, dan. of ^ratthcw Tyist'.T of 
Bon of Clay- I Burwell ; bapt. 1 Xov. 17u4 ; 
thorpe, living mar. at IJnrwell IG Ang. 1722; 
1712. I remar. Franeis. 2nd l-^arl of I)<,io- 

raine; biir.iu Lincoln Cathedral. 

Sarah, bur. at Burwell 5 March 1723-1. Mary, bur. at Burwell 5 March 1724-5. 
[I have compiled the above from wills, etc. — A. K. M.] 

Slrntap of f&aintwt* 

[Harl. ^rS. 1550. MSS. C. 23 and D. 23, Heralds' College. MS. History of 

Heneage Family.] 

Arms. — Or, a greyhound couiant snhje hef/recn three kopards' fares azure; a hordure 

engrailed gules. 

John Heucage, IG Edward IIL (1342). 
William Heneage, 1391. 

Alice, dan. ofr:p.TMlin Heneage, 13t)S ;= Joan, dan. of Sir Antho- 
AValter God- i of Hainton ; legatee ny Browne, Knt. ; re- 
dardof Snetd- ' of .John, Lord La mar. Raljili Hawley of 
sham, CO. Xor- j Warr, 13'J8 ; died 22 Langton-by-Wragby. 
folk. 1st wife. Sept. 1439. 2nd wife. 

John Henc---f=Eleanor, dan. William^Grace, Kobert Heneage. Isabel, mar, 

lilias Henea 

ageofHain- and heir of Hene- dau. 

ton, 1st .son; -John Pre.ston age, of 

dead in i ^A South Kes- mei-cer | . . . . — 

1473. Will ton, co. liin- in Lon- Siam- James Heneage 

dated 4 Dee. coin ; mar- don,2iid , ford. — 

14G9. riagc settle- son. 

A ' ment 1451. B 1 


.loan, njar. 
Ralph Cood- 
Richard Heneage. hand of Kir- 

ill I', 

\i:n ..• '. /- 

' r.'f i 

\ : -^^V .■!< 


. : . f 1 J •■ : I 

ji r, .■;■ I; 

' ■!. -..ti.I 
V' L 

!.i : :;j^ II :> 


■ . ( I 1 .\ 



Thomas ]Ici)cago,=r 
provod his liro- ; 
thoi'\s will is.lmir \ 
Ibis. \ 

JI;irirnret,-j^Willi;uu Uoiicafj.c of ^lid-^.Ioan, daii. of 
dan. of 1 dktou iiinl Alfrit^lon, co. .Inhii l)ii:;-rt-•^^ 
\Vilii:uii ; Siitfvw. Will jiiuw.I IS , of liarham in 
Cawood. '. June lOl^S. i co. KeuL. 

Tlioin;is lIciK'ac^^c, living 1518 llenoage.^f^ Etlieldred, nnmar. 1518. 

William Tlenean-e of Middlcton and Alfris-^p.lano, dan. of Isabella, unmar, in 
ton. AVill dated 1!) Dec. 1554: ; proved 21 'i'homasStan- 1518; mar. John 
May 1555. di.^^h. Lovibond. 

Christopher ]\rarn-aret. ]\Iary. Jane. ]\label. 

Heueage. — — — — 

Katharine. Elizabcih. Alice. Anne. 

John Hene-=pKatlierinc. 
afrcofHain- dan. of 

ton, died 31 
May 1530, 
rot. 78. 

of Nocton. 

Thomas Anthony Her.eagc, Alice, mar. John Darde 

Heneag-e 3rd son. Rector of of Xorth Kelsey. 
of Ben- South Willinghani, — 

niworth, — Elizabeth, mar. John 

2ud son. Nicholas lleneage, Skipwith of Utterby. 
4th son. 

George lleneage, ElizaV)eth, Margaret, mar. Isb Artliur Saudon of Eleanor, 

Dean of Lincoln mar. John A^hby-ljy-Partncy, 2ndly John Dohnn mar. 

7 Oct. 1528; War- Asfordby of D'riby, Ordly*^ Thonias Kyme of Edward 

denofTattcrshall of Bilsby. Friskney (marriage settlement 12 Jan. Skipwith 

College; died at 1531-2). AVill dated 24 Jan. 155'J-G0; of ila- 


proved 25 July 15G2. 


Lucy, dan. and- 
heiressof Raljjli 
Buckton of 
ITemswell, co. 
York. 1 St 

Robert Heneage of city of=^[argaret, dan. of George ]\Ianners, 
Lincoln, SurveyorofWoods Lord Roos of Hamlake ; sister 

of Thomas. 1st Earl of Rutland ; 

widow of Sir Henry Strangwayes, 

Knt. ; s.p. Will dated 27 Jan. 

1558-9 ; -proved (C.P.C.) 12 June 

1559. 2nd wife. 

north of the Trent ; bur. 
in St. Katlierine Cree 
Church, London. Will 
dated 11 July, proved 1 
Dec. 1556. 

Anne, dan. (.f Sir^Sir Thomas Heneage, 1st .Son, ait.=;^^arv, dau. of Antho- 
:Michael(orXicho- 24, ;; and 1 Philip and Mary; Rrivy ny Browne, 1st Vis- 
las) I'oyntz of Ac- (.' ; Viee-Chamb-rlaiii to c<.nnt Montacute ; 
ton I'oyntz, co. (Ju.-en Eh/.atjeth ; dird 17 Oct. 
Gloucej-ier ; died J5'J5; bur. in St. Paul'.s Cathe- 
30 Xov. 1592. dral. Will conlirmed (C.P.C.) 2 
1st wife. Dec. ICOl. 

C 1) 

widow of Henry, 3rd 

s.D. 2ud wife. 

•>r7l ...{■: 

■Ml ■". 

. i!5::»«-S!.X^:ui 

■.l\ ;m 

... ,it .:,..,,>..;■> 

.^:r!C,r -,_; :i.- V u f):^r->;([ 


.['v,.;! .osU 

'^ nil lii.. ■ 

■' (1'. Ml')) 
,■('; l.ltif) . 

'>:>[ .jil 




Eliz;il)eth, hcirof.sciTatcd Visco^lllte^^ :>[ai(l-=:.Sir :\I<^yle Finch, Burt., of East- 
ptono I'l Jac. I, and Countess of \Vinchclsca well iu'co. Kent. Will pruvcd 
•^Clar. r. i Jan. ICU-IO. 

JMichael lIcncai^c=pGracc, dau. ]Iobert Honeai^c, 

of London, 2nd j of Robert under a<:[e 1550 ; 

son ; Keeper of die \ Hollywood died 10 Dec. 

Archives in the ! of Charing, 15r)8, s.p. 

Tower. Will dated | co. Kent ; — 

29 Dec. ICOO ; I living Edward Ilene- 

proved (C.P.C.) 1 j 1G20-21. ai^e, s.p. 
Jan. lOUU-1. i 

died 5 
s.p. ; bur. 
at Hack- 

i\rargarct, inar, 
Sir Andrew 
Billesby of 
BiUesby, Knt. 

Mary, s.p. 

Thomas Heneago=rBridget, dan. of Edward Woodward of 
of Gray's Inn j Lee, near Windsor, co. Berks ; ilaid of 
andBattersea,co. • Honour to the Queen of Bohemia; relict 
Surrey ; died 9 I of Sir Thomas ]>iddell of Ravensworth, 
Aug. 1641. CO. Durham, Knt. 

Robert Hencage, 
died infant. 

John Hcneagc, 
(Jied infant. 

Sir :^^ichael Heneage of Gray's Inir-rPho3l)c, dau. of Samuel Foote of St. :Marv, 
and Hatton (iarden, born 1-4 Oct. Alderraanbury. London : mar. lie. 1 Sep't. 

1632; knighted 1664; Jiving 1696. 

1662 ; died 25 April 1703. 

Charles Heneage, died=. . 
at Hatton Garden of 

• dan mar. John Walker of Had- Two 

ley, Hereditary Usher of the Ex- dans, 

Michael Heneage, 

Robert Heneage, 

Ann, mar. Ralph Gill of 
the Tower of London ; 
dead in 1620-21 ; bur. 
at St. Peter ad Vincnla, 

Lucy, under 
IS in ]600 ; 
mar. AVilliam 
Read of Can- 

John Heneage, 1 6i.tO. Mary, 

Katharine, mar. 
Henry Feather- 
stone of Black- 
friars and Stan- 
ford-Ie- II oj)C, Es- 
sex. He died 

Sir Thomas Heneage of^^Katharine, dau. John Heneaee=f=Anne, dau. and heir 

Hainton, Gentleman of of Sir John of Towcs, 2nd i of Jvlward Cope of 

Skipwith, Knt., son ; cx'or to DenshanL,'er and 

of Soutli Oi-ms- his brother in 

by. Will dat-d l.-;57. Will 

10 Jan. 1571-2; dated 2, puncd 

proved at Lin- 25 July 1557. 

coin 2 Sept. 


the Privy Chamber, 
Keeper (if the Privy 
Purse, and (iromn of the 
Stole to Henry VI IL; 
died 21 Aui:. ']553. tec. 
73. Will dated 28 Aug. 
1552; proved 6 April 
1557. F 

Ilelmdon, co. Xcirth- 
ampton ; widow of 
William, s<jn of Tho- 
mas Love:t of Ast- 
vrell, CO. Northamp- 
ton ; died 5 Feb. 

I i 


...11 '.; 


_t;;.( -\:h 

■ ris:.. 


...Ml -ii 



w.,;i, ■,,>,:.■,.. :-.Kii.ioT, 

. ; /I 


li;ncoln?^hiiih vhdiguees. 



P^lizubetl), heir- Eliznboili, d;ni.=:J>irr;eurfr^^ Tlonc-^Olivo, cLui. of Tliomas { 
CSS, a^t. 'Mk ami iK'ii'ess of air<' el" Ilaiiitoii, ( ? Iviwani) r.r(tt<iii of 1 
l^)'>:^ ; iiKii-. Sir l.'ichanl \'icc-A<liini al, of I'VInun-liaiii, (o. Xu'- j 
"William, L.u-,! S.iutliwilljxnt., im. Lincnln ; folk : widow of Thomas 
"Willoughliyof .if WoodrisiiiLT, kiii-hlfl l.")S;; ; ll.-rii'- di'..! ;". Fel.. 
r.iiham. CO. \orfolk;dir(l died 1 tio.t. 1 :.'.i."i, !(;;'.1-J. a:!. Im; ; hur. 
7l>cc. Io!S:j,s.p. a-t. 71. in St. iNlariiirs-in-thc- 
lst wife. Fields. I'nd wife. 

.Toim llencago, 2iul son, Imr. at I>outh=p.[ane, dan. of Louis Winpfield of (he 

Isle of Wiu'ht ; a legatee of Sir Geoige 
lleneau;e la'Jf). 

8 Ang. ir>.Si, 
March 15S4. 

031. CO. "Will dated l'8 

Mary, coheir, living IGO.") ; mar. 
Georo-c iJawkiiis of Fanbridse, co. 

Katharine, coheir, 
mar. John Ciiil- 

Ann, mar. Philip 
lileasby of Bleas- 

Anno, dau.= 
and heir of 
Ealph Fisli- 
bouriie of 
June 1585. 
1st wife. 

-Williani =Jane, dau. of .... 
Ileneage Brussells (alias 
of Haiii- Hawks), Gentle- 
ton, ;'rd woman of the rri\y 
son; died Charalier to Queen 
29March Elix.abetii ; died 24 
l(;in,;et. Nov. 15'J(;. 2nd 
91. wife. 

Jlary, mar. 1st 
Erasmus Go]>e, 
2ndly Sir 'J'ho- 
lutis Andi'ewes, 
Knt., ordly Sir 
Pobert Lane, 
Knt., of llorton, 

Katherine, mar. 
1st Francis Hol- 
ies, 2ndly Jnhn 
Higford of Hen- 
wood, Srdly Sir 
John Higi'orii, 
Knt., of Dixlon, 
CO. Gloucester. 

Sir Tho-^]>arbara, dau. of Sir Sir George =]\rary, dnn. of 

mas 'J'homas Guildford, Heneage Joim Lnssy 

Hene- Knt., of Hemsted, of Towes, of IJaydor ; 

age of CO. Kent ; remar., 2nd son ; living in the 

Hain- 1022, Sir Thomas died 8 Close of liin- 

ton ; Elliott of Stanford May U;:H, coin. Will 

died 5 Tuvers, Essex ; died at. To, dated G Oct. 

June 20 June IG-ll, let. s.p. 1G58; proved 

1G13, 78; bur. in St. (C.P.C.) 28 

a;t. 5'J. ]\Iartin's-in-thc- Feb. 1G58-1). 

Anne, mar. Nicholas 
Wilson of Sheepwash 
and Strubby ; a widow 
1 G05. 

Katharine, mar. 1st 
AVilliam Ayscough of 
South Kelsey, 2ndly Sir 
John Hatcher, Knt.. of 
Careby; bur. at Gareby 

1;; Au<r. iG;-;7. 

William Hene-: 

= Katha- 


i\Iary, born at 

Martha, died at 

J;ine, mar. Pat- 

age, 4th son, 



St. Omer's, at. 

rick, 'Jth Lord 

born at Six- 

dau. of 

July 1500 ; 

17 [otiiers say 

Dunsanv [so 

hills Gran ere 


mar. Patrick, 

she mar. Thomas 

stated in tlie 

31 Jnlv ]5;'0; 

l*or ting- 

9th Lord Dun- 

Swift, lif'Ctoi- of 

" Complete 

"of York- 

ton of 

sany [others 

Wadtiingtou ; a 


RJiire " in 


say she mar. 

leiratce of Ijer 

vol. iri., 


in Isle of 

Andrew lioyd 

aunt Danic Mary 

p. 22P,]. 



of Scotland]. 

Heneage 1G58]. 

'i. .'"V. ;■ 

. 1 1') 

>[ y I 


•' .'III'! ; ^^■." I 

.(r !' 

MJiw^r =-...• 



1.1 xco]>N sunn; ri:i)iGui:ES. 

8ir Coorirc TToiie-~Elizal)c-tIi, only ilau. of Fran- OiiiMlurcl ir(.'iioagc, "2n(l son, 

ii,fro,knii:ii(rd iCdT; os Tif-iiiaii) oY lliisluon. co. Imrii at East liaikwith I'T Stju. 

.Slu'i-itr of t'(i. Ijii- Xuriluiiiij'i.'ii ; (litd in 11"1- l.'i'.t;";. 

coin li'r2S; tlic.r I'oii), Loll, ].,:). 11 I )<•(•.] t'. 17, — 

in Loiulon 7 I'V'l*. aT. it:\, liavinir l'*'fii mar. ilonry lltii<;in(., :)]\] smu, liniii 

l''nn-;:o : at. ' t!;ir-ty-l'iai- yiars ; Ixw. ai at S^xhills Craniro ;) 1 .Inly 

llainton. i Hainton. la'.'l. 

Constantia or Sclio- ]')rit]i;-et, born at Ann, died in- ^faiL^^aivt, born at 
lastiea, a iinn of IIaint<Mi 3 Sept. faiil. Jiainton I'O Jan. 
Dunkirk, O.S.T,. ; IC.Oo ; mar. Sir — l(;;;r.-(; ; mar. Rich- 
died at St. Onier's Thomas Clii"ton HoroLliy, died ard 1'a.sburf:llo|■Flix- 
2^) June 1 (HM. of riifton in infant. ton, co. Suffolk. 

Robert llenea^v, l)orn at llain- ^faiy, lioi'n at Decne, Frances. Barbara, 

ton 17 Nov, lUi'il. CO. Xorthampton, — born at 

— 1G19 ; mar., 20 May Elizabeth, llainton 

Charles Ileneajie, born at Ila in- 1G36, Sir Francis Man- '^ ^ ' 22 Jan. 

ton 7 April 1G29. nock of Sroke in co. Died 1(;27-S. 

Suflblk. infants. 

AVilliam Thomas lleniy Ileneagc, born George IIeneagc=pFaith, dan. of Sir 

Henoage. Heneage. in Drury Lane, Lon- of Haintun, 7th Philip Tyrwhit 

— — don, 2-i'Feb. 1G22-3 ; but eldest sur- of Stainfield ; 

Francis John died 27 Dec. 1G27 ; viving son ; xt. died in London 

Heneage. Heneage. bur. at llainton. S-i in'lG.J'J; died ' I'.) Oct. 1700, 

■^ ~^-' ^ — at P)ath 15 July \ :tt. 80 ; inir. 

Died infants, John Heneage, born at 1G()7. i in St. Giles' 

bur. at Hainton, llainton 1 July 1G24, Church, 

Eliza- Ann, a Penelope, a Bene- Winifivd, an Angus- Constantia, a nun 

betli, nun at dictine Xnn at tine Nun at Paris. of Pontoise, 

died Saumur. Pontoise. — O.S.B. ; died at 

nnmar. — — Henrietta, died in- Pontoise 1717, 

Mary. Ursula. fant, xt. 59. 

Mary, dan. and heiress of Thomas^George Heiieage=pFrances, dan. John Heiie- 

Kemp of Slimlon, co,, , of llainton, 1st of ... . age, died in- 

aiul of Ipics in Flanders. 1st son ; born IC Moyser. fant, 
wile. I Nov, 1G51, 2ud wife. 


James Hcne- Frances, died infant; bur. Elizabeth, mai'. Edward Greathed, 

age, born at 20 March li;&7-8 in Lincoln :\f.I)., of the Clo.«e of Lincoln; 

Lincoln 13 Cathedral. died 20 June 1737, a3t. 40 ; bur. 

Aug. 1G03. in Lincoln Cathedral. 

1 • ! I-,, 

.lio'.iij i 1 1: 

\ -f,. h:\U ..S. '•!■.!. 





Miiiy. (h\). and lu'iii.-; ^,f Tlioina^, Ctlrf Coor-v lleiio-- 
Loiil l\[)x ; burn in C'uvcnt Cuirdou, ay:e, burn 

Eli/.alutli, dau. of 
Sir IKiirv llnnloko, 
Hart., oi" Winfi;(.'r- 

,, . , , ^ . - worth, CO. Derby ; 

llamton 10 June 1704. 1st wife. 17?,1 ; bur. at mar. -J Auir. 1705. 

I llaintuii. 2iid v.ifo. 

l.ondon, 2;^. .Afarcli ] 070-80; uiar. at ; .CuLr. 1(;71 ; 
Tanliani Hall 11 April 1{VM] ; bur. ai ' died ;;i Dec! 

Georjie Hencai^e uf Haiti- 'Mnvy TbidL-vf, 

ton, 1st son, l)oru ;]0 ^ifay hovn at llaintun 

ICIlts ; bnr. at Ilainbrn 25 7 Sepi. 170;}; 

Ang. 17-1;"), S.J). died at Punfuise, 

— near Paiis, ;Jl 

William IKneage, died in- Dec. 1717. 



1 feneage 


" Ijurke's 


Ilcnry Ilcne- 
age, born at 
Hainton 28 
Nov. 1708 ; 
? of Cadcby; 
died IG July 

John Heneaji^c, born James Windsor Heneage, Eb'zal)eth, born Ursula, died 

at Hainton 29 Jan. born at Hainton 10 Oct. at Hainton 1 infant 1713. 

1712-13. 1715. Xov.l709;mav. — 

— — Cuthbcrt Tun- Katharine, 

Robert Heneage,born Francis Hcneage, born at stall of Burton born at 

at_ Hainton 30 July Ilaiutou G May 1717. Constable, co. Plainton 28 

1'1-i- York. April 1719. 

Thomas= Winifred, 
Hen cage dan. and 
of (Jade- iieiress of 
^\V ('•)> John ]\roore 

Henry Heneage, 3rd son. Winifred, born at Hainton 10 

born at Hainton 30 June April 1(;7G ; mar., SO :\ray 

lG/8; died infant, 1G95, Sir George Barlow, Bart., 

— of Slebech, co. Pembroke. 

2nd son; of Kirtling- John Heneage, ])orn in • 

born at ton, co. Londun 14 :\ray IGbO ; Cecily, born in Paris 1G87 ; 

Hainton Notts; mar. died at Hainton 23 July died '7 June 1G9-' • bur at 

14:\[arch Ajn'il 1720. 1714. Hainton. 


|l)trtntitn of Cast i\irhl)j>. 

[]\rS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. Soc, Vol. III., p. 30. Harl. MS. 1558.] 

Aims. — Argent, a raven sable, bcahcd or. 

John Hcrenden, living 151;3=. . . . dan. and heir of ... . Strickland. 

Stephen Heren-=p 
den, 1st son. 

John Heren-^Agnes, dan. of Walter Herenden=F Eliza- 

den, 2nd son 

. . . . ; widow of ]\Iaidstone. co. 
of ... . Page, Kent, 3rd son. 

Edward Herenden, Henry Hcrenden, 
1st son. 2nu son. 


Eleanor, heiress, mar. Edniond Page 
of Thorne, co. York. 


.11 V- .11 

\L -t)-;:!l 

v;!f . iw -•- :-!• 

> < i : '.; I 

.0-1 ..I'-J ii2 


•.'. I(. i \ '. nf .lioh.i-trj'l tir iL 

,(1 i.s^l. 



.11 .JUV 



"\\ nifor llcrendeii: 
of ^Maidstone, 1st 

Oliristoplier^.Tcan. daii. of Jaiin, ni;ir. Vincent Fnl- 

2iul son. 

.lohii Noi-dc'ii iirthy f>f l-'iiliKtl)}- ; Itur. at 
of (-•(.'. Kent. Hand lo;t3. 

Edward llcrenden of Ivast lvirkl>y, l>t son. Will-^f Dorutl.v, dan. ^• 
dated ITi .Mareh n;-_'^-!) ; itrovod" ITt ]\lay U;2lt. of co. llntlnnd. 


Anne, mar. Uicliard AVond- ^lary, niar. lie. 11 —Richard Coates of East Kirkby, 
\Yard of CO. Xorfdlk. Dec. 1615, let. L'4. gent., xt. I'l' in 1G15. 

Thomas llerendcn, -Jnd son,^Anne, dan. of John Stephen Ileren- P>ai'bara, mar. 

" of I'larkwiih " in " Visita- Dassctt of North den, l)nr. at iiowhuKl Swan 

tioDof liiulaiid, iCls "; "of Luirenham, co. Castle Eytiiam of Xorthfleet, 

Grebby" in 1034. j llutland. 8 Ai)ril lb;];). co. Kent. 

Elizabetli, heiress, fot. 13, lG3-i. 

%)txo\\ of Burton Corjcjlcs. 

[MS. C. 2;;, Heralds' College. Hail. Soc, Vol. XIII., pp. 417, 418. 
" YisiLatiou of Lincolnshire, ir»G2."J 

Arms. — As Heron of Crcssey. 

John Heron of Barming,=rAnnc, dan. of . . . . Chanons [ElizalK-th, dan. and lieinof 
CO. Kent. George Pikenliam or Pakenham of Halstead, co. Esse.x]. 

Edward Heronr:pJane, dan. of Richard Heron=pJoan, dan. of Christopher Rend- 

of Maidstone, , William Pel- of Halstead, co. 
CO. Kent. ham. Essex. 

lowes ; sister of William Rcnd- 
lowes, Serjeant -at-Law. 

Sir Edward Heron, Knt., of Langtoft (see Heron of Cresscy Hall). 

Richard=pElizal)eth , 

1st eon. 

dau.of . ... 

Thomas Heron, 1st 
80U 25 Oct. lG;Ji. 

Edward Heron, 2nd 

Edward Heron, B.A. from Trinity College,- 
Cambridgc, IGuo ; M.A. at Oxford 5 July 
ICll ; D.H.; Rector of Yelling, CO. Hunts, 
1G12 ; Rector of Coston, co. Lcicescer, 
1C2() ; Rector of Burton Goggles 19 Oct. 
1G32 ; Canon of Lincoln IGIG ;" fined .£70 
l>y Commissioners of Sequestrations ; bur. 
at Knipton, co. Leictstcr, 12 March 

dau. of Dr. 
Goard (or 
late Pro- 
vost of 
King's Col- 
lege, Cam- 

''■•■' ,'■> .>■' ,-'>'yn\>ii ,:';■:.,„.;':■; 

^n ,■■';■ .:) .^|;1 

//I'J • ' ' . if.jii -• .•:•. )';-. i 

»1'-J 1 J 




.11 I I I I I II 

'1 Iiomas Tli'ion, lupt. a(. CJreizcM-y Ultoii of Loiulon. Mary, bapt. aL Croydon 

Croydon, en. Sin-i\'y, ir> l^u.itie ul" his Itrulher Wil- 1 Sept, 1577 ; proVL-d 

Si']>t. ir)7o. lianilOlVj. licr sistei-'s will lt;u7-8, 

— — and her brother \X\\- 
Williain Heron. Will dated Frances, bapt. at Croydon 10 Ham's will Ij'.tO-lOOU ; 
:"■■''. Dor. I")!);); irTowd 22 .Tuly 1571. mar. RolK-rt Fonntaine. 
Feb. 1599-1 GOO. ' ' — — 

— Alice, bapt. at Croydon 19 Anne, bapt. at Croydon 
Henry Heron, bnr. ac Croy- April, bnr.tliere2.SSept.1572. 'M ]*Iarch 1579. Will 
don 10 July 1575. — dated 18 Nov. 1007; 

Elizabeth, bapt. 1 ]\rarch proved 21 Jan. 1G07-8. 
157-i-5 ; Itnr. at Croydon 
23 Jan. 1579-SO. 

[It is projiostcrous to suppose these children could be as the MS. pedigree represents them, 
frobablv Mr. Laikeu mennt thoiii to come from the marriatre of Edwr.rd Heron and J.iue 
Pelham.— A. K. :M.] 

[MS. C. 23; Heralds' College.] 
Arms (" Union of Honour"). — ^' Sable, a chevron ermine hctwcea three herons or. 
William Huron, came from Ford Castle, co. Xorthumberlaud.^p 

Elizabeth, =pSir John Heron of Hackney, co. Middlesex,=Margarefc, dan. of Griffith 
dau. of 1 Knt., held lands in Toft and Frislty; Privy i Rees of "Wales, ^Vill 
John ' Counsellor to Henry 7 ; jMaster of the 

Roper of ; Jewell House to Henry 8 ; Treasurer of the 
CO. Kent. , King's Cliamber ; died 15 June 15 Henry 8, 
1st wife. I 1523 ; bur. at Hackney. Will dated at 

I Calais on Friday 11 June 12 Henry 8 ; 

I proved (C.P.C.) 19 May 1525. 

dated . . . . ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 23 Oct. 1532 ; 
(to be) bnr. in Hackney 
Church, CO. Middlesex. 
2nd wife. 

Giles Heron of Rice aj) Rice or Rysing-- 
price* in Fishtoft and of Sbacklewell, 
CO. ^Middlesex, 1st son by tlie 2nd wife; 
ast. 19, 15 Henry 8, 1523 ; sold his 
cjipital incisuage of Rysingprice in the 
parish of Fishtoft, Skirl)eck, and Bos- 
ton to Thomas Robertson of Boston 
G Feb. -l.) Henry 8, 1532-3 ; attainted 
of hicrh tieason. 

Cicely, Edmund Heron, to whom 

dau.ofSir his father bequeathed his 

Tliomas house at Hackney 1 1 June 

Moore, 12 Henry 8 ; a legatee of 

Lord his mother. 
Chan- — 

cellor of Henry Heron, 3rd son 11 

England. June 12 Henry 8. 

Thomas llerou of=Cccily, dau. of Bartholemew 
ShacklewclljCo. Mid- Jekyll ; remar. James Prior 
dlescx ; died E.p. of Colchester, co. Essex. 

Anne, sister and heii' ; 
mar. 1st ... . Hor.sley, 
2ndly .... Osborne. 

• See Thumpsou'b "History of BostoQ,*' p, 492, 

."' I l'y,\:<j ■ ) u; 

^r:-:: -r-- l!.^ ir>n(ff 

.\>'- .:! ;•■■ M ,.;'!' 7 

) -.<:.:('. 

M iU'.r'i',; 

i '/ , • - ;. 

I '../•- ' . 

I > r ,} 


■ 1-.. ,.•,„■-. 

.' '-: : 1 1 1 A 





, Id. 

' ■.nil 

M 'i I' Vr,H 1.* ^>..<^-i' 



01)i-i:<toiiIiev Tlcion, Ith 
son, living 11 Juiii' \:> 
]lcnrv 8 ; a legatee uf 
hi.< mother. 

.John lIoiMii. oth son, liviM£,'=p. . . . d;in. Ursula. 

11 .June 12 Henry 8 ; called of ... . liviiiu^ 11 

"the younger"' in Ills uiolher'.s Cokaineof June 12 

will. j CO. Derlty. Henrys. 

Henry -^-Catherine, dan. of Thomas Sherbrooke of Samuel Heron, Doctor in 


Oxtou, CO. Notts. 

Edmund (or Edward) Heron: 

. dau. of Johu Wood of Lambley, co. Notts. 

Anne,=f=John Heron of Barrniug, co. Kent,^Elizabeth, 

dau. of 


1st son and heir ; living at Foots 
Cray, co. Kent, 1 1 June 12 Ileury 8 ; 
a legatee of his stepmother. 

" Heron of Burton Coggles," p. 4.8G. 

dau. and 
heir of 
kcubani of 
CO. Essex. 

!Margaiv;, mai- 

Rede; living 1 1 .lune 
12 Henry 8. 

Joane, mar 

Dynham : living 11 
June 12 Henry 8. 


RichardHeronof::^Jane. dan. of Christopher Benlosse*; sister Margaret, a legatee 

Halstead, co. Es- 

of William Beulosse, Serjeant-at-La\Y, 

of her grandmother- 

Anne, dau. ofr^pSir Edward Heron of Langtoft, Stamford, and Cres-T= Dorothy, 
David Vincent of sey Hall (uhich last he purchased about IGOO); en- [ dau. of 

Barnack, co. 
Xorthamjiton ; St. George's, 
Stamford, 13 June 
1584. 1st wife. 

tered at Lincoln'.s Inn 12 Feb. Ibijl-b ; called to 
the ]]ar 7 Feb. ir)7J:-5 ; Recorder of Stamford lo>>8; 
purchased fiaugtoft about 1.5 June oG Eliz., 1504; 
Serjeant-at-Law Jan. l.'VJ-t-o ;" knighted before 21 
Sejit. ICiOb : Baron of the Exchequer ; died 4 July 
7 Jac. I., 1GU9. Adm'ou (C.P.C.) lu July 1G09. 

of Bard- 
well, CO. 
2nd wife. 

James Heron of Panfield Hall, 
CO. Essex, 1G34. 

^Annc, dau. of Sir John Hatcher of Careby, Knt.; 
mar. there 12 Dec. 1G09. 

Thomas }Ieron, 1st son, Benjamin Heron, 4th 
bapt. at Careby 7 Sept. son. 

Dorothy, bapt. at Kathe- 


James Heron, 2ud son. 

John Heron, 3rd bod. 

Edward Heron, 5th son. 

Careby 8 Dec, 
IGIO ; mar. there, 
23 Dec. 1G2'J, An- 
thony Hawkredd 

Benjamin Heron, Gth of Boston (see p. 

son. 474). 


William Heron of Sur- 
flcet, 2nd son, died 
unmar. Nuncupa- 
tive will ujade lU 
Jan. 1G23-4 ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 6 May 1G24. 

John Heron, 
3rd Son, bapt. 
at Sc.Geoi'ge's, 
Stamford, 11 
April 1.".84; 
died in Ire- 

Joane, mar. Sir 
Rogei- Smyth of 
Bosworth and 
CO. Leicester ; 
died 1509, let. 

Anne, mar. Thomas 
Savill of Blaby, co. 
Leice.-ter; bur. there 
29 Aug. 1G2<J. Her 
son Geoigc was heir 
to his uncle William 
Heron 10 Jan. 1C23-4. 

I'robably ineaut for I',codlo\vc.=. (sec Harl. Soc, Vol. XIII., p. 317). 

■;.:..' th.-i-.ul 

;jft;p 'I ! 

.;. T. if 

i i ' * 
J ; ■:. \ I Ion; 'J Jit Jcjiff j 

t '.: .u)..-i.t r t 

^.^ i.'"',' 



■'■''. l:rl! 

LiNcoL:x'sn niK n: dig ukks. 



Sir Kdwnnl Hcrou of Crc>sov Hall,=pAniic, dan. of Sir Ilciirv l>rooke alias Coliliain 
Kill., 1st soil and heir; K.V,. at of Cooliii.L;-, c.\ Kent, Knt., 7th son of riooriz-o, 
the coronation of ,I;io. ]. ; adni'or Lord C'obluim ; sisu-r and heir of Sir Jolui 
of his father lo July ICij'.i ; Sherill' lirooke, l/'vd Cobham of lloekinuion ; ex'trix 
of CO. Lincoln JO-l:.' ; \\\\n\: JCLs. of her hroti;cr-in-la\v \V. llerou }tLiv JGi'L 

Eohcrt Heron, died I-Alward Heron, 1st son and=. . . . dan. of Henry Smith 
s.p. before 1 Go 1. heir-appareut, Kt. 2G, IGoJ: ; alias Xoville of Holt, co. 

died .... Leicester. 

Sir Henry Heron of Cressey Hall in Snrfleet, Knt.. 3rd=pl)orothy, dan. of Sir 
son, but heir : K.B. IGGO ; Depiity-Tiieut. foi- co. Lincoln ! James Long of Drav- 
and Lieut.-Col. of the 2ud Cumpauv of .Miliiia It'.sO ; '■ cot C'ernc,'co. Wilts, 
Mayor of Boston 1G85. ' I liart. 


Henry Heron 


of Cressey 

1st son, 

Hall, 2nd son, 

born 12 

bnt heir; born 


lG7o; M.P. 

1G7-1 ; 

for CO. liiu- 

died the 

coln 1722 ; 


died 10 Sept. 

day ; 

17o0, [Bt. 05 ; 

bur. at 

bur. at Sur- 



=Abi>,'ail, dan. and heir Dorothy, sister and coheir; 

of Sir William Heven- mar. Francis Fane of Ful- 

iugham of Ketterin'j:- Ijeck. 
ham, CO. Norfolk, by — 

Barbara, dau. and heir Anne, sister and coheir, and 

of George Yillers, Yis- eventually sole heir ; mar. 

count Grandison ; Sir Peter' Fraser, Bart. ; died 

born 2,bapt. 13 March 2.j Aug. 17G'J, Kt, 92 ; bur. 

1G7G-7 at Kettering- at Surlleet. Will dated 10 

ham ; died 1735. Dec. 17G4. 

Heveningham Heron, born Barbara, only dau., bapt. at Ketteringham 1 Jan. 

IG, bapt, 2-2 March 17iU-2 17<>2-3 ; mar., 1717, against her parents' consent, 

at Ketteringham, co. Nor- .... Frampton, Cornet in the Guards; died Sept. 

folk ; died yonng. 1721. Jt is doubtful if she had issue. 

Elizabeth, 1st dau. ; mar. Edward, Aunabclla, 2nd dan., bapt. at Frances, 

1st son of Sir Roger Smyth of St. George's, Stamford, 10 Oct. ord dau. 

Edmonthorpe, co. Jjeicester ; died IGOO ; mar. Thomas Towthby of mar. . . . 

1629, ret. 31. Towthby. Borough. 

Theodosia, -1th dau. ; mar. Sir Fran- Bona, 
cis Molyncux of Teversall, co. Notts, 5th 
Knt. and Bart., 1(;20 (mar. lie. -1 dau. 
Jan. ]GKt-2(), he xL IS, she 17); 
surviving 12 Oct. 1G71. 

Thalia, Gth dau. ; mar. Bridget, 7tli 
Ezekiel Johnson of dau. ; mar. 

South Lulfenham, co Bere- 

Piutland, Clerk ; died croft. 

■' ."•'■; ."!■ 

< H ^ 

':'.. ■,' i 


.hTJ '[./I.:! 

.J 1 

-A, tHi., ,:i ...; r 

-■, ■>i'M ! -tuii. ; 

li[rl .r 


LJNcnLNsnTin: r iodic iiKi:s. 

|i}tron of SLintoliu 

AiOLs. — Sil>l'\ a hfroii s/al/oit t/ri/c/il, an aiinvht for (Infnrncc. 
John lIcr(M),-f=]]|i/.ali('tli, d;'.u. oi'Juhn Larijfe of 

n.l)., of Lin- 

Lincoln : i.iniu* S]i:tiiu\v ; 

bur. at St. Nicholas, London. 

John ITenm. William TFcron of Thomas Heron, ^[.D., bapt. at.=Elizabet.h, 

— Cambridiic bapt. St. AFarj^arct's 30 ]\L'iv L')73. dan. of 

Robert Heron, at St. ^Margaret's, AVill dated 11 Dec' HUl ; ; sur- I* 

Lincoln, 2o Aug. proved 11 Jan. 1611-12, then viving 

15G9. of London. lCll-12. 

Gregory TTcron,=f^Frances, dan. of 
bapt. at St. ]\Iar- Roger Allaiison, 
garct's t) Xov. i saddler to Queen 
1577; felnionger | Elizabeth ; liv- 
of London IGoo. ing IGll. 

Aline, bapt. at St. 
I^[argaret's7 June 

1571 ; mar 

Rogers ; living 

Elizabeth, bapt. at St. 
^Margaret's 27 Nov. 
1575 ; mar. there, 29 
June ] 598, George Tur- 
ner ; living in IGll. 

Thomas Heron. Henry Heron. Frances, mar. Robert Roys of Loudon. Susan. 

Richard Heron of London, merchant, cousin=rJane, dan. of .... ; 
of Thomas Heron, M.D.. whose will he proved I renounced adm'onof 
11 Jan. lGll-12, then of St. Yed;(St. Foster's her husband's will 

Lane, London. A(bn'on 9 Nov. 1G25. 


Nicholas Heron, .John Heron, 2nd Rieluird Heron, .3rd son lGll;adm'or Jane, 
1st sou IGll. son IGll. of his lather's will 1G25. 1611. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Thomas Hewett of Shardlebury, co. Herts^p. . . . dau. of ... . 

1 J 

Thomas Ht-wett, James Hewett of=pAnne, dau. of .... Hamilton 
1st son, s.p. Ingoldsby. I of Scotland. 

John Hewett of=pEliza!ieth, dau. of Richard Catlyn 
Ingoldsby 1G3L I of Wolverton, co. Staiford. 

;r. A'"Wf ."■ \vv<Vi>-\ 

.f--'!' n-'U: 







J ,;i*' 



Fortnnntns Hcwett, Isl — Kli/.ahetli. dan. ol" . . . . Xailianail IK-wctt, i'lid ?on. 

son,died 21 May ] 7U1, ;vt. Hall; mar. at d'raiit- — 

6G ; bur. at Iiij,a)ldsliv. ham ;jl Doc. IGGl. l-'raiicis llcwott, .".rd son. 

jlczaloel iluwort, 4ch tuii. viaiiiaiicl llewcii, 

— Gth son. 

Thomas Ilewelt, 5th son. 




?l?tj>tion (or II^catiiDri) of jtloultoiu 

Anthony (or John) lleydon, died 1 I^Iarch ]-J08-9=j=Jonnc, dan. of . . . . ; ditd l;j<*5. 

William Iloydon of Watford, co. IIerts,^Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Robert Anljry of 

died 10 Aus;. 1515. 

Dalley, co. ]\Iiddleaex. 

William Heydon of Watford, co. Herts. Will^pAlice, dan. of Alexander Newton 
dated 8, died 21 ]\Iay 37 Henry 8. of Srowell, co. Somerset. 

Henry Heydon of Watford, co.=f=Anne, dan. and lieir of Ed- Jerome=f=. 

Herts, 1st son and heir ; ret. SS, 
38 Henry s ; bnr. at Watford 
11 Jan. 15S8-9. 

ward Twylioe of Chipston, Heydon, 
CO. Glonecster ; bur. at 2nd son. 
Watford 23 Jnne 1558. 

dan. of 

Francis Heydon, SheritT of co. Herts 25 Eliz. Mai-y, dan. and l)eir. 

Elizal)eth (or P^Uanrir), dau.=pAnthony Hey-^Frances, dan. of Thomas Hey- 
and coheir of Thomas Sergeant j don of ilonl- \ ....; remar. Wil- don of North 

of ^Monlton ; bur. at Moulton j ton 15C2, 3i-d 
9 Anj;. 15C9. 1st wife. son. 

liamHaynes. 2nd Cothill, co. 
wife. Herts. 

John Heydon^]\rary, dau. of Thomas Thomas Heydon, Elizabeth. 
of Moulton 1 Welby of Moulton ; 2iul son, bajtt. at — 

and of Jjoston, 
1st .son. 

mar. at Whaplodc 18 ?il on Hon If. Aug. Joane. 
April 1572. 15G2. — 



William Ifeydon, baj't. Anthony neyd<in of^pAlice, dau. Alexander Heydon, 

at Wliaplode 2') June r\Iuulton, bapt. 28 ' (>f . . . . baj.)t. 2 .\i)ril, bur. 

1571 ; bur. at ^loultoii Feb. 1578-'.); bur. i Johnson. at .Moulton 9 April 

19 Aug. 158U. at Moulton 7 Feb. ! 1580. 

1G25-C, let. 47. A I 


V&i :, 


/■!.■/. i-^:in-:. -.i r' :,-. ,;■(.!, .■)■<.! 



.1' :.. 

^?'v ■',' .:n.!y(^U ''(•m i;-i'r 

< :.• /. 

.;.'!■•// .lit 




I I I 

Tliomas llevtl'iii J)nr. at, Ami", liapt. S Dei.'. \{V22 ; Imr. l-y<li:i, l>ur. at M(tul- 

I^lonlton 2-i .May lh-J2. at iLuultoii 22 Sepc. Uii'o. tun i- l>oc. 1G28. 

Edward ITcydon, liapt. "Anno. dan. of William Broxholrae of Daniel llrydon, 
ill Monkoii 21 Xov. 


jiincoln City; ]>:![>t. at St. IVt-jr's- i \p[. atMoukou 
at-Go\vLs, Lincoln, 3 Feb. 15;S0-SI. 2G April 1589. 

Anno, liapt. at St. i"'e(cr'.s-at-Go\vts, Lincoln, ]\laruaix-t. liapt. at St. Pcter'.<-at 
10 Ang. I(;u7. (Jowts 22 April IGIO. 

Constance, liapt. at Anne, bajir. 7, ^lary, bapt. 3 Anne, liajit. at ^fonlton i'.") 

Monlton 1 Xov. l>ur. at ^lonl- Oct., bur. at .Jan. l.JST-S ; mar. John 

1581 ; bur. at Bos- ton 15 March ]\rouUon 19 Soutli of South Somercott.s. 

ton 28 Dec. 1003. 1581-5. Dec. 158G. 

fl^tj^ton of ilonij ^uttoiu 

[Karl. :\ISS. 1096, 1436.] 

Margaret, dau. of John Man of Long^Thomas Heyton of=Alice, dan. of 
Sutton by ]\Iargaret, dau. of Henry Long Sutton, from .... Day of 
Ilnnston of Walsokcn, co. Norfolk, i the family of Hey- co. Oxford. 
1st wife. ton in co. York. 2nd wife. 

John Heyton of=pFlorencc, dau. of John Thomas Geoffrey Margaret. 
"West Keal. j Eeade of Wrangle. Heyton. Heyton. 


Thomas Heyton. Richard Anthony John Heyton. Yincent Heyton, Audrey, 
Heyton. ILyton. ' ajt. 10, 15'.)2. 

George Het(»n of Winkliill in Heckington^pJanc, dau. of . . . . Byfield of Loudon, 


Francis IL^ton of London, goldsmith-::f-Maude, dau. of . . . . Ijiislynes of co. Herts. 


George Heton. Francis Heton. Sarah. 

r-*J-.^^ -'■' ■'•'■'V J'" '■ 


"f rifV;'? 

„.. I. 

■: J:>;i' 

>JV jf .; 

;^;:>.\/i :'i 


';oi,')'l 'vMiMiIT 

> .i.»! 


. , ,,, (, ,,,:. ;|, • ., ^•,l ;■. k! ' : '::,i 'i.i'.V'!.. (K''':.;i ':.Y'"*^*' 

•> ■ !- I ! 


,. .i .'I'l.JljJ *]0 l!.:l.'Ii .;c,:!>;u'i'j 




IDicIunau of cPatncborousf). 

[.^iS.s. C. 2-:> and T). 2:;, lleraias' Colle-.-.] 
Arms. — rariy pfr judv, imJcnUd artjcnl and azure. 
KolxTt lliekinan of Dloxliaiii, co. Oxoii, uG Henry o, 1272. 

Sir Julin Kiclcman of Bloxliain, fiOrd of "Wickliani. 

CO ; iM.l'. for CO. C».\on 12 and 1 ."> Kdwaid ;] ; 

died s.]i. 

William Hickman, brolhcr- 
and h'ir, living 2 Ed- 
ward .", l;;2:). 

John Hickman of Bloxliam, co. Oxen, 1377, M.P. 
for CO. Oxon . . Edward 3; living 1 Richard 2. 

Sir Roger Hickman, Knt., 
liad a command in France 
. . Edward 3 ; died s.p. 

Henry Hickman of Bloxliam 11 Henry -i, 1109.=p 

William Hickman of Woodford Hall, co. Essex, S Henry 5, 1420. 

William Hick man, - 
37 Heni'y (;, 1458. 

Henry Hickman, died s.p. 
5 Edward 4, 14C)G. 

William Hickman of Woodford, co. Essex,^ 
5 Edward 4, 1st son. 

Robert Hickman, died s.p. 

Waiter Hickman of; 
Woodford Hall, 2nd 
son 3 Henrv 7 ; liv- 
inir 14S9. 


Walter Hickman of Wood-=pAlice, dan. William Henry Hickman, Prebendaiy 

ford, CO. Essex, 10 Henry 8, ; of ... . Hickman, of Elandatf ; ^Minor Canon o"f 

1519; a benefactor to divers j Jephson of died s.}). St. Paul's, London ; Doctor 

churches iu 2sortliampton- | Froyle, of ... . 18 ^lay 1530 ; died 

shire. i co. Hants. 28 April 1557. ' 

William Hickman of Woodford, co. 
Essex, 1st son. 

dan. of 

Henry Hickman, 2nd 
son, died s.p. 

Robert Hickman, died s.p. 

Anthony Hickman of^Ro~e, dan. of Sir William Alice, heir to her Jane, mar. 
London 1540, 3rd Locke of London, Knt. ; co- mother; mar. John Ram- 
son, much in favour : lieir of lier mother Catlie- John Waverley. ridge of 
with Henry 8 and I rine, dan. of Sir Tlmuias — London, 
Edward C. j Cooke of co. Wilts; died Dorothy. mercer. 
A ! ....; bur. at Gainsboi'oiigii. 



y^.- ■>^'''. ,• :,■• ,>\'\'\, v»M v,V 


.v-.f ;;•:,;. :': 

-.; :^.ir 

•I .1 

"■>; '• ■;■ I!.,;'"' >^ 1 

i.,,. . ,//: 1, :i>u.,-; -ill 

;/ l: 

! ..,.;* 

,f ; 

■t. .i.-'. .... I A 

.11 ..'.i.y{ 



Amhoiiy Hickman, 
•Uh Boil, n.C.T.. : 
died uniiKi]-. 1 ;; 1 'ee. 
l.'t'JT ; bur. at Sr. 
IkniK'tt's, PaiiTs 
Vi'Larf, Ltindou. 

l^lic/xM- Ififloiiaii (>f >t. Alartin's- 
iii-Llie-FicUl>;, CO. Middlesex, .")tli 
Sou ; a winioss to the will of liis 
bn.tluT Wall or -jn Deo. IT. 17. 
Adin'oti (C'.i'.C'.) ;> Mar. ICls-Jli 
to his lU'i'hcw ])[:•■ \{\:kii\iiii. 

'\\:\{\\i'\v Hickman, r.ili 

Alary, mar. Ist . . . . 
Ausliani of EaliuL', 
•^'.i.lly l!\'hnrd IMiilins 
of . . . ., CO. AliddlcsL'X. 

AValtcr Hickman of Kew, co. Surrey, and St. Dunstan'.'^-in- -p-E!izalK'tli, dan. of 
the-"\Vost, Tjondon, ord son ; ox'or of his In-other Henry's will, j Nicholas Staines 
but died before itscxecution. Will dated i'."] Dec. 1G17; proved ' or llaynesof . . . ., 
(C.P.C.) 5 Feb. 1617-18 ; (to be) bur. at Kew, co. Surrey. 1 co. Essex. 

Dixy Hickman, lst= 
son, proved his 
father's will 5 Feb. 
1G17-18; adm'orof 
his uncle Eliezer 3 
March 1C18-19. 

Lst dau. 
and coheir 
of II cur V, 
5th Lord 

Williain Hickman. 2nd son 
23 Dec. 1G17 ; adm'orofl)is 
uncle 3 Afarch 1G18-19. 

Walter Hickman, 3rd son 
23 Dec. 1617. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
at Gainsborough, 
28 April ]g'i7, 
George Alington 
of Swinhope. 

Anno, dau. of=pThomas Windsor Hickman, =Ursu]a, youngest dau. and co- 
Sir AVilliam ' LordWindsorlG JunelGCiO; heir of Sir Thomas Widdringcon 
Saville of ' a3t. 40 and more 8 April of Sherburu Gi-ange, co. North- 
Thornhill, CO. I 1GG8; Governorof Jamaica ; umberland, Knt. ; mar. lie. 
York, Bart. created Earl of Plymouth granted 8 April 1GG8, then a:'t. 
1st wife. 6 Dec. 1G82 ; Governorof " about 21," to be mar. at Kens- 
Hull ; died o Xov. 1687. iugton, co. Middlesex. 

Mary, born 15, bapt. at Gainsborough 18 Xov. 1C58. 

Marina,mar. Sir Henry Catherine, mar. . J olui Anne, mar. at Gainsborough, 13 

Hunlokc of Winger- Columbell of Piad- Dec. lG-13, John, Viscount Cha- 

worth, CO. Derby, Bart, clille- on-Soar, co, worth of Armagli in H-elaud ; of 

Notts. Wiverton, co. Notts. 

Henry Hickmau, 2ud son, D.C.L. and Cbau-=pAnne, dau. of Piichard Wallup of 
cellor of the Diocese of Peterborough ; blaster | Bugbrooke, co. Northampton ; 
in Chancery IGOl. Will dated 4 Feb. IGl.j-lG; i widow of ... . Eccleston of 

proved at Peterborough 4 Sept. 1618 ; (to be) 
bur. at Gainsborough. 

Eccleston, co. Lancaster; mar. at 
St. Dunstan's, London, 8 April 
1601 ; living 4 Feb. 1615-16. 

Anthony Hickman, Elizabeth, 1st dau., mar. at Anno, 2nd dau., mar. Piichard 

only son, bur. at Gainsborough, 3 Ahuch Dukeson, D.D., Rector of St. 

Gainsborough 1624-5, Sir Henry Fynes, Clement Danes, co. Middlesex; 

12 Aug. 1617. son of Henry, Earl of"Liu- died 22 Sept. 1670,a3t. 66 ; bur. 

A coin. in St. Clement Danes, lioudon. 

i'- J.' 

- : '-;•" ;in.c J .hi . 

■i .iiiii^- 




Ai;ties, dan. of Sir Cliristoi)hcr=Sir William Hickman of=pEliza1n'tli, dan. of Wil- 
l)raper, Kni.- widnw of .Sir (.iainsi^ornugh, 1st son 
Wolstan Dixcy, Knt. ; died and and heir, kniyhted at 
bur. at Oainsburougli '22 Vch. Dclvoir; bur. at Gaius- 
15011-1 000 ; s.p. ^ borough 25 .Sept. 1G25. 

b'am. Lord Willonghby 
of Parliam ; bur. at 
Gainsborough IS Nov. 

Thomas Hickman, 2nd Frances, 1st dau..bapt. 

snrviviug son, bupt. at at (iainsborough 31 

Gainsborough 21 Feb. Oct. 1G02 ; mar. Sir 

1G07-S ; entered at Gray's William Rokeby of 

Inn 21 Nov. 1627 ; died. Skiers, co. York, Bart, 

]\lildred. 2nd dau., bapt. at 
Gainsborough 12 Oct. IGIO ; 
mar. there. 19 June 1G2S, 
Robert Williamson of Fenton, 
CO. XoLts ; died and bur. at 
Gainsborougli 28 Sept. 1G37. 

Sir Willoughby Hickman of Gains-=pBridgct, 1st dau. of Sir William IHckman, 
borough, 1st sou and heir, born 24 ', John Thornhaugh of bajit. 18 May IGUG; 
May, bapt. 3 June IGOI ; created ' Fenton, co. Xotts, Knt. ; bur. at Gains- 
Bart. IG Xov. IGio ; died 28, bur. bur. at Gainsborough IG borough 3 Sept. 
at Gainsborough 2'J :\ray 1G50. March 1G82-3. 1G07. 

Sir William Hickman of Gainsborough, 2nd Bart., son=pElizabetli,'dau. and heir of 

and heir, bapt. at Gainsborough 8 Jan, 1G28-9 ; said 
to be *'ffit. 3G, ICGG " ; bur. at Gainsborough 10 Feb. 

John XevileofMatterseVjCo. 
Notts ; bur. at Gainsborough 
24NoY. IGOl, 

Anne, 2nd dau, 16GG ; 
bapt. at Gainsborougli 
14 Dec. IGGl ; mar. 
there, 4 Aug. IGHf), John 
Rayner of Fenton, co, 
X'otts ; bur. at Gains- 
borough 3 July 1730. 

Margaret, 3rd dau. 
16C6 ; born 14, 
bapt. 22 Sept. 1GC4; 
l) Gainsborougli 
12 April 1737 ; uu- 

Bridget, 4th dau. IGCG ; bapt, at 
Gainsborough 20 Xov. 1CG5. 


ilildrcd, born 2G Sej^t., bapt. at 
Gainsborough a Oct. 1669. 

Francis Hickman, 4th son IGCG. 

Charles Hickman, bapt, 16, bur, 
atGainsborouirh 30 Jan, 1G60-G1. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Gains- 
borough 1 Xov, 1652, 

Bridget, bapt. at Gains- 
borough 8 (born 7) April 

]]li7.abeth,lst dau. 
IGGG ; ))apt. at 
Gainsborough 21 
Xov. 1657 ; bin-, 
there 20 :March 

William Hickman, 1st son, b'lru 11, 
ba})t. 29 July 1G55; Kt, 12, 1G6G ; 
]>ur, at Gainsborough 15 Xov, 168<>, 

Xevillc Hickman, 2n(l son IGGG ; 
born 6, bapt, at Gainsborough IG 
June 1G5G ; died young. 

Sii- Willongliby ]lickman=j--Anne, only dau. <»f 

of Gainsborough, 3rd ; Sir Ste])lR'n Andcr- 

Bart., Srdson IGGG; l)oi'n \ son of j-^yworth, co. 

20, Gainsi)orough ' Beds, Bart.; mar. 

29 Aug. 1G59 ; M.I', for I at Kensington 11 

CO. Lincoln . . . , ; died 28^ '. Sepc, 1 GS3 : bur, at 

bur, at Gainsborough 30 ! Gainsborough 15 

Oct. 1720. B I May 17ul, 


\': ,i 

...i;» ,f:...-.;; 

.?-('.;. 71 

?. rii 



Ainic, V.nnt. L'] .\i;r,e, l>a])t. ;it Cains- Kli/ahcl1i, bapt. iMary, l.apt. at Oauis- 
J;in. JO'.it'-'.t] ; luTPimli '.' All-. IC'JL'; at (iaiiislMM-onirh hor.m-li 17 I'-'w. 
Inir. at liaiii<- luar. " there, o IV'C. 21 \hc KJ'.tl: 1 (IjC-T : mar.l >l•.lIi.•l,- 
li..lou-}l ;;o 1717, diaries ^\\Hxl mar. li. l\vre of aid X.wten, l-uiiiivK;i- 
.March IG'Jl. of Boston. Derlty. and rrincipal of Ihrt- 

r,.ril Coll' ge, 0x011 ; 

died 1753. 

Sr.?p!ieii Hickman, Sir Neville Hickman uf Ciain.ljnroiigli^^pFraiices. (l:m. of Ivl 

i>ai)t.lOl)ec.lGy;i; Jtli JJarr., ckle.^t son snrvivmi;- ; bapt. 

luir. at Gains- at Gainsbc)rouLrh IT* ]\lay 1701; died 

iKU'uUirh ]G Jan, there 18 June 17oi;, let. o2. 

ward Hall ; rcmar., 
Feb. 173(3-7, Sir 
Francis Whichcotc 
of Aswarby, Bart. 

A\'illuudiby Hick- Sir Geor:j,-e Xevillc Hickman of^Frnnces Elizabeth, dau. 

man, died'unmar. ; Gainsburongh and Thonock, : of Christopiier Towers ^ 

bur. at Gains- 5th Bart., bapt. at Gains- i of Hiintsmoro l^odge, i 

bon.uirh 15 June borouah 8 Oct. 1725; died at ; co. Backs ; mar. Sept. 

1752.'"' Thonock Grove Marcli 1781. i 1740. 

Frances, eldest dau. and heir, died Anne, 2nd Bose Fli/.abeth, 3rd dau., 
nnmar. at Thonock Grove 9 .March dau., died mar. Thomas Baker ; bur. 

182G. Will dated 11 Jan. 182G. 


at Gainsl^orough 17 Feb. 

Windsor Hick- Anne, bapt. at (Jains- Frances, bapt. at Anne, bapt. at Gams- 
raan, died borough 15 July GaiiLsboruugh 22 borough 28, bur. 31 

yo^ncr, 1722. April 172-1. Oct. 1720. 

William Hickman, 
bora 30 Sept., bapt. 
7 Oct. 1GS5 ; bur. 
at Gainsborough 25 
July 1702. 

Willoughby Hick- William Hick- Willuughby Hickman, 

man, bapt.'. s, bur. man, :\1.P. for bapr. 18 June IG.^8; 

at Gaiusburuugh East Retford bur. at Gainsborough 

21) Dec. 1G8G. ^ 1710; dieds.p. lG:Mayl712. 

|I}oti^on of CamI)viiDst anti cSttiuty. 

[^rS. C. 2o, Heralds' College.] 
Henry Hub.son of Cambri(lgo.=r 

Christrjph-r Hob.son r.f-^O^labul, dau. and heir of :Marmaauke Bland 


(if ('ambi'idge 

•■ mJ 

1 'I-',, 

.■";-'(■?:... .; 


f/. ..., 




Benjamin ITob-=p:Ca.<:^andi;i. dan. and heir of !^ir Robert William IIoli- Catherine. 

eon of (icdney 

lOoi, Ut. SOI).' 

.lawilivll. Knl., nl" Wvtliani in t'lic Isle sunol'licdney, — 

nf i:iy (^knighted 1 .Inly ItiOl). 2nd scui. ' Mabel 

Chn.^toplKT llo])son. 1st son Vo\ ;; II .l>?i;ii, ;^ir .^on. Mabd. Fincham. 

2i Oct. 1G3L — _ _ 

— Benjamin llob~on, -ttli son. Cassandra. Elizabeth. 

Thomas llobsou, i'nd son. — 

Jedidiah lloliton, .jth hon. 

|L)oi}^'on of ^^trcl^iuflton. 

[Harl. ^rs. 750.] 
Tliomas nobson.=F 

Rieliaid Hobson, died G Jan. 13 Ifcnry YIIL, seised^Pctronilla, dau. 
of tlie manor of ScTedinston. I of ... . 

Thomas Ilubson, son and heir Elizabeth. Anne. Jane. Katharine. Margaret. 
3 Oct. 14 Henry Till. 

[MSS. C. 23 and D. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — &ihlc, a ci/iquefoil argent, a chief chciiuy or and azure. 

William Hobson.=F 

Georf2;c Uob3on,=p. . . . Alice, bapt. at Spald- Katharine, bapt. Julyan, bapt. 

dead before 1611; dau. ini( 31 Jan. 1. 3-1:8-9; at Spalding 19, at Spaldinj,' 

called "batcher" , of mar Dymoke Imr. 2S .^ept. 11 Feb. 

in his daughter's .... of Lynn, co. Norfolk. 1557. 1558-9. 
mar. lie. I 

'J'homas llobson, (leurgc William Anne, mar. at S{)alding=l.shmael Xeed- 

1st son. Hobson. Hub.-on. (» Fei». I(;i2-13; mar. ham of Spald- 

" ^^ ' lie. '26 Jan. 1G12-13, ing, metcer, ait. 

All living IGU, under age. ict. 19. 23, 1G12-13. 


.i;(.J.-i:.: J 


l.i . 

i -:;/:. 



, .\'v I \\ .'A V ■•;* — A\i .t/- 

:i:--'M!l i-:,;;^ 'W 


LJ^x■OL^^sllIUl: ri:DiGrvi:i.s. 

I A 

John Hobson of S]i;ilc]ini:, yfoinan,=pC:itlieriiie, dau. of .... Laurence Tlobson, 

bur. tlioro 7 Nov. ICl 1. Will ilarcd AViiiuu-i'L'; mar, at SjKild- bur. at Spaltiinir 

Nov. Kill; ]ii(i\cd .'> I'Vb. IGll-JJ. inj; lb .May i:»i;:> ; bur. L'U Nov. ] Jo;3. 

i there '2C> Oct. 1008. 

Eleanor, dan. of Piicliard Eviiii:-: 
ton of Ilal.sfcd in Stixwold ; 
mar. at Spaldinii- 21 Sept. 1598; 
bur. there 1;> ^lay l(;u7. 1st 

=Wi!liam Hob.son^pAudrey. dan. of Edmund 
ofSpalding,j,vnt., Thompson of Sutton St. 
1st son. Will Mary's ; widow of William 
dared 15 Aug., Hall; mar. at Spalding 20 
proved 26 Xov. Dec. 1607; living in lOoD. 
1639. ! 2ud wife. 

Edmund = 
bajit. at 
21 Sept. 
lGu8 ; 

=. . . . Thomas Hobson, bapt. 
i]an. at Spalding 25 Nov. 
of 1610: bur. there 5 
June 1620. 

Antliony Hobson, bapt. 
at Spalding 9 July, 
bur. 11 July 1612. 

Bi'idget, twin Abigail, bapt. at 

with Anthony, Spalding 10 Jan. 

bai)t. at Spald- 1613- M. 
ing 9 July 16 12; — 

mar. E'lmund Audrey, bapt. at 

Cremer of Spalding 29 Sej^t. 

Hockham, co. 1616; legatee in 

Norfolk ; liv- 1642-3. 
ing 1642-3. 

William Hobson. Edmund Hobson. Mary. 
Legatees iu UU2-3. 

Elizabeth, -- 
dau.of Wil- 
liam Hall 
of Spald- 
ing ; mar. 
lie. 26 Aug. 
1620. 1st 

=Richard Hobson, = 
ast. 35, 1634 : 
cx'or to father's 
will 1639. Will 
dated 14 Juue 
1653 ; proved 12 
Feb. 1654-5. 

=Jane, dan. 

of ; 

proVL'd her 
16 54-5. 
2nd wife. 

John Hobson, 
bapt. at Spald- 
ing 17 July 

Maurice Hob- 
son, under 12 
in 1611. 

William Hobson of 
Spalding. Will 
dated 20 Feb. 
1642-3; proved 11 
April 1648. 

An U'.'.bapt. at Spald- 
ing 2 ^larch 1606-7. 

William Hobson,=f=Jane, 
bapt. at Spalding I dau. 
IG Aug. 1621 : i of 
living at Wyke- ■ . . . . 
ham 1653. 

Pilchard John Hobson of Wis- 

Hobson, beach, milncr, bapt. at 

bur. at Spalding 23 July 1 63u ; 

Spalding unmar. Will dircd 14 

13 Nov. Aui,'., proved 19 Dl-c. 

1628. 1656. 

Richard Hob- 
son, bapt. at 
Spalding 1 7 
Nov. 1 632 ; le- 
gatee in 1656. 

William Hob- 
son. bur. at 
Spalding ] 5 
May 16-13. 

Rutland Ib-b- 
soii, ba]tt. 1, 
Inir. 7 Aug. 
1643 at Spald- 

William Hob- 
son, bapt. at 
Spalding 26 
Auir. 1644. 

Richard Hob- 
sou, bupt. at 
S|)alding 17 
May 1646. 

Charles Hob- 
sun, bapt. at 
Spalding 30 
Sept. 1619. 

> ■. 


• i,) i 

>;.: r,'/ 


: ..:; ' ,/ ■: .\^r -.7/ i'v.;it;f> 



t ■(< !i 


• .I'liiil -d.; 7 

.•III'? ''.I y.w .'i.rvj^j 



Anthony llul'sun, 
l);iji[. fit S[\il(lin<:' 
l-JJ:in. KMO-n'; 
l)ur. 10 Maicli 

I'li/al.rtl), luil.l. 
at S|ial(]iii,2: .'an. 
1 (;;i,')-(! : cx'triv o\' 
licr hrorl)cr John 
Hobsun in IGbG. 

I'/liutir, bapr. ^lary, bapt. Audrey, liv- 

at Spal(li:i<:!: at Spaluini,'' ins;; Itl")!'. ; 

S Aug'. l»;:iS; ](>, l)ur. I:.* mar. Thu- 

bnr. L'S ?*lar. Juno liW:]. Cooko 

HUG. ufWisbeach. 

Elizabeth, =T=John nob?on of Boston,=Catliarinc,(lan. and cohcir=I)orothy, sii?- 
dan. of I 'ind son, ex'< If of his father ofJohn(.Jk-neof Sjialdinix; tor of John 



lf!ll-ri; Slieritr of co. widow of John Aniplcford Best; sur- 

Lincoln IC-li'.. Will dated of Skirbcck ; bnr. at Bos- vivin<,M(JO; 

31 Jan. IC'ol-'J ; proved ton 9 Sopt. 10o-\ I'nd 3rd wife. 

15 Sept. lGb-2. wife. 

Jlary, dan, of Sir John^William Hobsoii of Syston, Isfc son,=Aljigail, dan. of 

Hatcher of Careby, 
Xnt. ; n:ar. lie. 18 'May 
1G27, a.'t. 21. 1st wife. 

ret. 23 in 1G27 ; l»ur. ar Spalding ....;reraar, 
G July IGGO. Will dated 23 Jan. Underwood; 
1G57-8 ; proved IG Aug. IGGO. living 1G7G. 

2nd wife. 

JohnHobsonof Syston,=]\rary, dau. of Sir 
only son, entered at Daniel DeLiuue of 
Gray's Inn 22 Jan. 
1G52-3 ; ret. 34, IGGG ; 
bur. at Spaldino-13 Dec. 
1C7G. Will dated U 
Aug. 1C7G ; proved 19 
Jan. lG7G'-7. 

llarlaxton, Knt. ; 
mar. lie. 14 Feb. 
IGGO-Gl, then ret. 
2(1 ; surviving 

]\Iarv, mar. .Tames 
Parke of St. Ste- 
phen's, Coleman 
Street, London, 
Skinner; mar. lie. 
24 Sept. 1G72. 


wood ; liv- 
ing 1G76. 

John HoVtson of Boston. 2nd=pJane. dau. and heir 
son, adm'or of his brother- ! of William Kaye of 
in-law Adlard Stukelev in • nollicacli ; re-t. 21, 
1G39. " 1G34. 

Elizabeth, =Adlard Stuke- 
under age lev of Boston, 
in IGll. Adnron9^rar. 

I I I 

"William Hobson, 1st Nathaniel Ilob--^. . . 

son 1G34 ; bur. at son [probably dan. 

Boston 31 Aug. 1C;!7. of Syston], 3rd ' of 

— son I G34 ; liv- . . . 

John Tfobson, 2nd inglG7G. \ 

son 1G34. ' . - j 

Stephen ]lob:^on, Susan, bur. at 
4th son 1G34 ; Boston 14 
living 1G7G. Oct. 1G37. 

Elizabeth, liv- 
ing 1G7G. 

Jane, eldest dan. 
2G .March IGG". 

Anne, heiress, niariiage settlc-=irenry Xelthorjie, eldest son of Sir 
nient 4 Oct. 1G'.,)4. " Goddard Xelthorpe, Bart. 

Edward llobson 
3rd son. 

,— Anne, dau. of William Walc'tt of Walcott ; bajit. IG Oct. 1584 ; 
mar. at Walcotl IC Dec. 1G'»9. 

'I I 

f n 

,r.- ' ,,.,- .rr ■ ^ ..,, -.i,.f.r 

•If/". ;i';> 1..^ 

•'ti,- •• 

j.ii. AJii^ ,11 

^ :.Ii':;m: 



.Tolm Hob- 
son, umk'r 
aire IGoo. 

AVilliam llobsou of— Maw, (laii. of ... . KUis ; Katlutrino, bapt. 

15osLon, nicivhant ; ! mar." at I'.osioii 11 .lutic iit Uosi'-u i:> Air^'. 

bur. there 2 April , 1(U^> ; bur. there HJ Xuv. IGlo. 
1G68. i 1080. 

William Ilob^on, bur. Samuel llobsnn, Charles Hob- Tabitha, bur. at Boston 

at Boston 20 Sept. bur. at Beaton 1;-! son, bapt. at 2;; Aug. H'.GS. 

lO^O. ]\larch 10.')o-l. B>.'Ston 10 — 

June, biu'. It: Deliorali, bap:, at Bos- 

Jolm llobson, bapt. at .loscpli Hobson, July 1 COO. t.ui 20 .Ian. Kl.-.S-!) : 

Boston 20 Juncl<;:)2 ; bapt. at Boston bur. there C ^lay K.t.l. 

bur. 10 Feb. 1052-3. 11 Jan. IGJy-l. 

John Hodfrson of Croft and Metherin^iiam. 

Philip Hodgson, son and heir, a^t. 7 years 9 months o June Elizabeth, Agnes, 2nd 
15 Car. 1., 10-10 ; entered at Gray'^ Inn 26 Jan. 1G5G-7. 1st dau. dan. 

Robert Hodgson of Barlings. Will dated=^EdiLh, dau. of. ... ; cx'trix of 
2 Aug., proved 10 Oct. 1C;37. l her husband 2 Aug. 1G;37. 

Daniel Hodgson, lst= Jonathan Hodgson, 2nd^ 
son 2 Aug. 1037. sou 2 Aug. lGo7. 

Joseph Hodgson, ord son; 
1st son 2 Aug. 1G;j7. 

John Hodgson, 1st Daniel Hodgson, 2nd 
son 2 Aug. 1G:37. son 2 Aug. lGo7. 

M'.sanua, hvmg 
2 Aug. 1 037. 

Benjamin Hodgson, 4th son- 
2 Aug. 1C37. 

Josiiua Hodgson, 5th son 
2 Aug. 1037. 

William Hodgson, bapt. at Bourne 30 April 1G20. 


L .:,.:<- .• 

:>■-'; .,.1 /- ':: 

' •»/-. *>;: '.in/j.v.' •/ , v/n M i.iiuliiV/ 


fi)olitimin of aOc^t i\cal 

[Hail. :iS. -111.] 

Thomns IKulusou of Dent, co. York.=p 



James Hodgson of Lcn(lon,^Elizabeth, dan. of Simon Needles of 
Citizen. Acton, Middlesex. 

Richard Ilodoson, M.A. 0.xon 1G20 ; of=rEliz:ibeth, dan. of 1()23 ; B.D. Surro- i Richard Reding, 
p;atelCoO; instituted to Rectory of AVcst Esqnire-Redell of 
Keal8 Ang. HMO ; living 1 Jan. 1GjI-5. Cambridge. 

James Hodgson of 
Gray's Inn, 2nd 
son II Aug. 1619. 

James Hodgson, 1st son, a;t. 7, Elizabeth, 1st dan., ret. 12, Catharine, 8rd 
1634. ' 1631. dau. 

Richard Hodgson, 2iid son. 

Anny, 2nd dau. 

Anne, -Ith dau. 

Richard Hodgson of Hannarnill.=f=Elizabcth, dau. of. ... ; .Clement Hodgson, 

Will dated 9 Jan. 1652-3 ; 
proved 25 May 1G55. 

ex'tris of her husband dead 9 Jan. 1G52-3. 
25 May 1655. 

John Hodgson, only son, ex'or of Sarah, 1st dan., ex'trix of Susan, 2nd dau. 
his father 25 May 1655. her father 25 May 1655. — 

Frances, 3i'd dau. 

Clement Hodgson of Roughton and Bardney, Clerk. Will dated 20 May, 
proved 2 July 1614. 

John Hodgson of Dalderby, Clerk. Will dated 21 Dec. 1612 ; proved 17 Nov. 
1614. ilentions son Clement Hodgson, 

%^o\htdjt of Bto'm. 

[See "Visitation of Lincolnshire, 1562 and 1592," for the earlier part.] 

Arms. — Vert, five escaUoj^s in salt ire argent. 

Thomas Holbeche of Fillongley, co. Warwick^. . . . dau. of ... . 

JohnHolbeche, bur. at Stow 27 June 1573, s.p. William' P.arnaby Alice. 
A Holbeche. Holbeche. 


' Ml;: Li.l; ,1: H^!)-;! I 

I }•■ :i 

' • 'I ■ ;. I 

:.rji{ lo r. 

'II '.i;..y.. 

' . . . ' .■■J / i^.fl l/'-i V. r,.' 

J - — 

'>■■'■ ■ *' .(•'' .u ■ ■.! ' • '. 7- v/v^H ie .111(1 ,• 

.^^ >^ 




.Tolni lltill>;'cllC = . . . . widnw of ... . 

of Filloni;loy, Diibritlgcoiirt of Soli- 
s.]j. luill, CO. Warwick. 

Tlioiiins llnlluH'heof^pAnno. flan, of . 

Stow, Inir. at St<»w 
IT) A}u-il l.")'.*!. 

Yaxley of '^'axky, 
CO. SuH\)lk. 

Edwani ilolbcciie of 8tow=f:tiulyaii, daii. of Julru i\)ilingLon of .JawcliiTe. 

Charles TIol- Edward Holbeclie, Thomas IIo!- Kofror IIol-=Anne. dan. of 

beclie, bapt. bapt. at Stow 1(} Ijcche, bapt. at bcclie,l)apt.. liichard Burgh 

at Stow 3 3 Mayir,8n;ofStur- Stow 14 Jan. at Stow 29 ofStow;bapt. 

Jan. l.^jSi-f). ton-bv-Stow 21 15SS-9. Aug. 1500. there 5 July 

Aug. 'lC18. ' 1599; living a 

^^^ -^-^ ' widow G Sept. 

These arc all named in the Visitation of 1592. IGGG. 

Richard TIol- Francis TTol- Donglas ITol- Henry TTolbcche, IVFichael IIol- 

bechc, bapt. beche, bapt. bechc, bapt. bapt. at Stow 11 Itcche, bapt. 

acdbur. Feb. atStowSJan. at Stow 13 Nov. 1595. at Stow 21 

1587-8. 1592-3. June 1591. June 1597. 

Anne, bapt. at Stow 25 Oct. 1579 ; only l\rargaret, bapt. 
dau.inl592; mar.atSt.]\rarearet's, Lin- at Stow 4 Jan. 
coin, 8 Oct. IGOG, Francis Askeof York. 1581-2. 

Elizabeth, died nn- 
mar., bur. at Stow 
Feb. 1G58-9. 

George Holiwell of Selkirk, N.B., born about 1590, 


George Ploliwell. born at Selkirk 28 July 1G28 ; Epis-= 
coj'al ^Minister of Pulwarth, N.B. ; ]\I.A. of Edinburgh 
University 28 July 1G40; collated to Hilton 16 Ok. 
1GG2; instituted to Polwarth 1GG4; tutor to Patrick, 
1st Earl of Marchniout ; died 21 Aug. 1704. , 

=Margaret, dan. of Rolxrt 
Home. ]\Iinister of Green- 
law, X.B. ; a cousin of 
the ]\rarchmont family ; 
born June 1G48 ; mar. 
23 Oct. 1GG3. 

4. Thomas Holiwell, 
born 1 Nov. 1G7U. 

5. George Holiwell, 
born 21 Feb. 1C71-2. 

8. William Holiwell, 
born 22 June 1C75. 

9. Walter Holi-=p.Tanct 
well, born 13 Duns 
Oct. 1G77 ; or 

10. Julian Holi- 
well, born G Aug. 

6. Agnes, 
born 24 
Oct. 1C72. 

a])prentice to a Duusc. 
])eri\vig maker i 
in Duns. ' 

John Holiwell, 
1 1th child, born 
24 June 1G81. 

7. Agnes, 
born 25 
Oct. 1G73. 

.,.-. •• 


I , 

-i vK ..i • Vvi 






1. Christian lloliwell, 
l)orn 27 .hily ]()(M ; 
mar. 8 Hoc. Idst!. 

2. Patrick lloliwell, 
born ^ Nov, 1 (;c.r>. 

Kobcrt lloliwell, V)oriV7=Mary, only dan. of Arthur Dal- 
ai l\>]war[h IS Feb. \ f^anio, i^vbeiulary of Ulleskelf, 
l(>f>7-8; of Ediiibursrh \ Hector of Etton, co. York, by his 
University; Vicar of. Isr wife .^^ary, dau. of John Dome- 
Great: Limber lt!'JG; low, D.D, ; baut. 2 .Inne Ids'); 
ilicd 1710. ! mar. 1707 or 1700. 

George Holiwell, only son, bapt. at Great^^Mary, youngest dan. of Fran- ^lary, 

Limber 21 June 1708; of Lincoln College, 
Oxon ; lieetor of Somerby 3 July 1731 ; 
Vicar of iKarnetby 1730 ; Vicar of Great 
Limber 2 Doc. ]7-irl ; died 15 .-\pril 1787, 
ret. 79 ; bur. at Great Limber. 

cis Jiocklill'e of Horncastle, bajU. at 

grocer, by Frances Dalgarno (rreat 

his cousin ; born 1724; died Limber 

at Brigg 27 Dec. 1801, at. U May 

77. ' 1713. 

Robert Holi- George Holiwell, born at Great Limbei"^ 

well, 1st son, 20, bapt. 29 Oct. 17-15 ; matriculated 

born . . . . ; at Lincoln 17 April 17C3 ; Demy of 

bapt. 19 May ]\laudaleu College. Oxon, 1765; 15. A. 

1744; died" 11 .Ian. 17n7;'ir..\. 17 Oct. 17G1) ; 

at Swallow; Fellow] 709; Uector of Swallow 1 775 ; 

bur. at Great ^'icar of Riby 1775 ; P).D. 23 June 

Limber 24 1779; Rector of Swaby 20 Jan. 1780 ; 

Feb. 1790, Rector of Irbv-on-Humber 20 Jan. 

fet. 45, un- 1794 ; Rector of Ri])ley, co. York, 11 

mar. ]\Iayl814; Rector of Farforth ; Vicar 
of Maidenwell ; Chaplain to Prince of 
Wales; died 28 Nov. 1820. 

-Anna Maria, 
dau. of AVil- 
liam ilar- 
sliall of Tiled- 
dlethori)e St. 
Helen's ; 
dlethoi'pe 23 
Nov. 1700 ; 
died 21 Julv 
1819 ; bur.' 
at L'by-on- 
U umber. 

Mary Ann, 
only dan., 
born 15, 
bapt. 17 
April 170G ; 
died at 
Rectory 27 
Nov. ]851, 
ajt. 85 ; 
bur. at 

George Marshall Holi-- 
well, born at l>rigg 22 
April, bapt. 1) May'] 794 
at Wrawby ; of St . Job u's 
College, Cambridge ; or- 
dained without a degree 
Rector of Swallow 9 Jan. 
1822; diedatSt. Ileliers, 
Jersey, 7 April 1854, fet. 
59 ; bur. in St. Saviour's 

:Diana Ann, 
only dau. of 
Edward Cur- 
rer llolgate 
of Thornton 
and ^lelton 
Ross ; mar. 
at Mekon 
Ross 13 Aug. 

1. Frances 
Grace Mary, 
born 25 Oct. 
1783 ; died 
at Louth 29 
Nov. 1809, 
ffit. 8G; bur. 
there un- 

Anna Maria, 2nd dau., 
born 25 Aug. 1785 ; mar. 
John Nicholson of Swal- 
low Vale ; died IS :\ray 
1850, jet. 05 ; bur. at 

Georgiua, 3rd dau., born 
24 March 1790 ; died 8, 

bur 1800, a3t. 10, 

at Irby. 

George Edward Iloliwell,- 
1st Son, born at Irliv 27 
Dec. 1820 ; re^idenc in 

Lssuc died youn< 

Charles Edwin lloliwell,=pJ .... dau. of 
2nd son, born at Trl)y 28 .... Collins of 
I'Y'b. 1828; of Toronto, ] l]eaconslield,co. 
Upper Canada ; Lieut. | Bucks. 
Toronto Volunteer Artil- 

Isabella Alma, 1st dau. 

. . . child, died an infant. 


\L -,-;<L., H..;.; V..A;:Ki^L. 

- I 

./■•.'.■! .\..i. 

,»if f. 

,'•; . I i!. .•!.:!', 

.Uhi) J^I 



Walter Cnrrcr lloliwell, ord=Geort^ina So{)]ua, Anna Maria, dau., born at 
son, born at Swallow ;i(i Xov. dan. vi (1euru-o Irby 2.S June 18i'l; uiar. 
ISiii) ; of ^Magdalc!! CoUofio, l^nrant Cum- at Swallow IJol tort Carr Brack- 
Oxon, 8 Xov. Ibl I ; ]>.A. 28 mins of Up].K'r cnbnrv, IJoetor of lirockleslu-, 
Oct. 1858; Curate of Fri^by- Tootiiijr. co. 8ur- l?tsoii of Sir John Urackcn- 

rov. and CV^iirhall 

(.'Oiii I, 1 joiiuuu ; 

mar. iSG8. 

on-Wroak»\ co. Leicester. 
iSOv) ; oi aLaiik'id liall, I'lii- 
Tcrsityof Durliam. Oct. 1SG3; 
Curate of Nua Orin<bv 187-J. 

Gcorgina l^iana, 2iu\ dan., 
born at Irby 17 Sept. 
1825 ; mar. at Swallow, 
10 Nov. 1853, G.-orLre 
AYilliam Gordon, LL.D. 
of Jesus College, Cam- 
bridj^T, 2nd son of F. R. 
Gordon, ]\cctor of Scamp- 
ton; died at Cambridge 18 
I\ray 1855, ret. 29 ; bur. at 

Fanny .lane, 
3rd dau., 
born at 
Irl)v 17 
Xov. 1820 ; 
died unmar. 
20 Aug. 
1849, ret. 
20 ; bur. at 

bury. Consul at Cadiz ; 2ndly, 
o Ui.i. UtIL', at St. Mary's. 
"Wimbledon, CO. Surrey, William 
Pye of Lancaster Gate, London. 

Julia Maling, 4th dan., 
borti at Swallow Vale 8 
Sept. 1831 ; mar. at 
Swallow James Fairlio 
Thomas Dipnall of 
Beckenham, co. Kent ; 
died at Hastings 0, bur, 
IG Xov. 18G7 at Beck- 

Augusta ^lari- 
anue, 5th dau., 
born at Swal- 
low 18 Sept. 
1830 ; mar. 
William Brand 
of Hasclden 
Villa, Wal- 

fi}ol{auti of €^4tolicntns jlilanor in 

[Flarl. MSS. 1097, 1550.] 

j^^R3ij<. — Pariij })(r pah imlenkd or and yules ; and Azure, semi'e of fleurs-de-Us, 

a lion rampant argent. 

Otho nolland.=f= 

Stephen Holland, Lord of Estoveninge temp. Edward the Confessor. 

Ealph Holland, living temp. William the Conqueror. 

Ralph Holland^Sibilla, sister of Sir John Welles, 

John Holland. 

Juhu Holland, 13 Henry 2. 


Tiiomas Holland, died s.p. 

.Or'; ' .'iff;"' ' 

'1 I. 

\ ^\\.W\—.;:.iiL 

'•..•'.,'.; . . :I 

:/:.:»'hri .''ji: ^ 

'ir.'t .::.(\'. 

A /K'luUAi THlq;-^ 

rn .f , f '• Oii; MiMffrV/ .;.! ■ v;;*! . ..:djc;f ricfnJT 

1 ''■! /• Ml' I. "1-^ ]., -J » 

I H .\iilv..A. 

' fi 

:i ■•Mtl":rt 

111 '» : .:i .biii-iiuH lid' r. 


John IToliand, IIGG.^ 

Jolin Uolhiiul, living 1200.=^ 


Sir Pialph Holland, Knt., 1st son l Ivlwaid 1, 1272; bur. 
in the Abbey of Swin-'shcad by the- IIi;^h Altar 12S-_', 

Sir Jolin IIollaiKl, Knt., bur. in tlic ncilland=f=^birgaret 
Qwore in Swincslicad Churi'h. 

John Hol-- 

dau. of Cicely. 

Thomas Holland. 

John Hol-~ 
land, 1st 

Henry Holland,^ 
2nd son. 

In^eram Hol-^ 
huul. I 

Henry Hob 
land, 2nd 


Robert Holland of Swineshead. Riciiard Holland.^ 

John Holland,=p 
1st son. 

Roj^er Holland, 
2nd son. 

Elizabeth, dan. and heir, mar, 
Richard Bell of Bcnincrton. 

Thomas Holland, . . Henry 4.=p 

John Holland, 1st son, died s.]i. 

Thomas Holland,- 
2nd son. 

Leonard Holland. 

Thomas Holland. =f 

Thomas Holland.=F 

Sir Thomas Holland, Knt., "spent his life in=f Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Piers Tern 

the Holy Land, and came home but every 
seventh year." 

pest ; " called the Devilish 


Sir Thomas Holland, Knt., 1st son ; dwelt two^. . 
years at Croyland, then at Boston, then at dau. 
Easton, and at I^ynn ; bur. in St. Xicholas of 
Church, Lynn, co. Norfolk. 

Jolm Ralph Holland. 
Hoi- — 

land, Henry Holland, 

2 lid died s.p. 

Thomas Holland of Estovening and Quadring, died 9 Oct.=f=. . . . dau. of ... . Snt- 
7 Heury 8 ; bur. at Bourne Abbey. tou of Burton. 


'•' ?') 

I .('!, 

'I f; 


]' .-. '<[</■[ 



.*jr..ri' ■ .r;^.;-a>>^,. ^^>f ^(.'i;;!:v)II 

rr" I 

! !V' »: 1 

i ..1. '. Ml 



David Tiollaml, a Jolin Holland, a monk of Bailings and New- Anthony 

monk at Kauiscy. liorough, "the i\rA pei'son Hen. 8 dispensed Holland, 

— with ; he became a Secnlar Priest, and I'ars^on twin l^ro- 

I/awrence Holland, of Felt well, co. Norfolk, and was killed by ther of 

a monk at llam^ov. J)'3IackereK Abbot of Darlvntrs." Heisstvled John, a 

"of .Swineshcad, Priest, 1 Feb. lo3t]-7." ' priest. 

P>lasc Holland=^Christian,dan. l^anicl Holland, a monk PJehrud Xicliola.s 
ofHowell;died | of Robert at Croyland. Holland, Holland, 
. . . .; bnr. at Kead of — a monk B.I)., Par- 
Boston. "Wrangle. George Holland, a monk at "\Val- son of 
I at Croyland. singham. Thnrlby. 


Blase Holland of S\vineshea(l, {i?t. 2, 22 Henry 8;=pAlicc, daii. of Sir Giles Hus- 

died 12 Jan. 7 Edward 6. 

scy of Caythorpe, Knt. 
Daniel Holland, ret. 4, 7 Edward C. 

Jane, dan. of William= 
Hardclty of Eve Jon ; 
died . . . . ; bur. at 
Swincshead in the 
Holhind Qwere. 1st 

=Thoraas Holland of Estovening, Swincshead, =pJane, dan. 
and Spalding, Ist son and heir ; ret. 30 at his of Henry 
father's death ; Comptroller of the Honsehold Smvth of 
and Treasurer to the Dnke of Pichmond ; died 
12, bur. 15 Jan. 5 and C Philip and ilary, 
1557-8, at Spalding. AVill dated 7 Aug. 155G ; 
proved (C.P.C.) 10 Feb. 1557-8. 

CO. Nor- 

Hemy Holland, a legatee= Joane, dan. James Hol- 

of his father 7 Aug. 155G; of .... land, a 

of Gonville College, Cam- Fox ; mar. legatee of 

bridge; ]\I.A. 15G3 ; Yicar at Boston his fai:her 

of Boston 1571 ; bur. at 28 Nov. 7 Aug. 

Boston 20 April 1581. 1583. 1556.'^ 

Christopher Holland of:: 
Pembroke Hall, Cam- 
bridge ; bapt. at Spald- 
ing 26 Aug. 154G ; a 
legatee of his father 7 
Auf;. 1550. 

Edward Holland, student at Cambridge 1601. 


Thomas Holland of Estovening, 1st son^pElizabeth, dan. of Henry Smyth of 
and heir ; a;t. 16 and more 27 Oct. 5 and 6 | Walpole, co. Norfolk (sister of Jane, 
Philip and ?>lary, 1558; a legatee of his ' above); a legatee of her father-in- 

brother George 7 ~S]'dy 1567. 

law 7 Aug. 1556. 

Ralph Holland, 1st son, a Thomas Holland, 3rd Dorothy, a legatee of hci 
legatee of his grandfather 7 son, a legatee ol' his uncle George 7 ^lay 

grandfather 7 Aug. 

1556 ; living 7 ^lay 


Aug. 1556 ; adin'or of his 
uncle Georjre 12 Oct. 1568. 

Richard Holland, 2nd son, a 
legatee of his grandfather 7 
Aug. 1556 ; living 7 ^lay 

1 567 ; mar. at I'oston, 
16 Feb. 1573-1, Simon 

Florence, a legatee of 
her grandfathei- 7 Aug. 

Jane, a legatee of her 
uncle George 7 May 1 567. 


% -IM.'. X . - -• I 

.;•■:.■ - ^'- '.* 

>• l.'/ll. ), 


i..;>i •-.'.[ i-io'.-i(.''.> 

<■. t 

r( 1., 
. ■>- 1 


LiNCOLNsnirtE rj':DiGnin:s. 


(u'(«v.l:-o Ilullaiul of Crovlmid. -211(1 Pc^n,r=l>!, 
lioni'at SwiiK'shead on Si. ^Mattliew's dnu. of 

Day 21 Sept. IT. 14- ; Secret avy to Tho- TiOWO.> ; 

nvas, Duke of Xuiiblk ; died fi.p.l. liviiiji;? ]May 
"Will diitod 7 y\-d\ 1507 ; adm'on 1567. 
(C.P.O.) 12 Oct. 1508. 

Dorothy, only dnu., uiiinar. 
7 Aug.looC ; mar. "William 
IhniKton of I'oston ; a le<j;a- 
tec of her brother (leor'j:e 7 
jMny 15(J7 ; bur. at Boston 
30 Au-. K>.1. 

Elizabeth, base dan. of Oeorgc Holland, and his heir by his will ; born 
23 Nov. 1555 ; living 12 Oct. 1568. 

Antliony Holland, a cousin of Elizabeth 
"Waller "of Swineshcad 28 Dec. 1 Eliz., 

Francis Holland, a cousin of Elizabeth 
Waller of Swineshead 28 Dec. 1 Eliz,, 

. . Holland.^^ 



:Anthony Holland of Esto-- 
vening in Swineshead. 
"Will dated 10 April, proved 
29 May 1G30 ; appoints 
his " good mother-in-law 
M" "\tiuifred Yaughan " 

-!Mary, dau. of AVil- 
liam Beresford of 
Leadeiiham ; mar. 
there 5 Oct. 1C20; 
died before 30 Jan. 
1G3G-7. 2nd wife. 

Grcgory=f=Ursnla, dau. of 






Frances, called 
"only child by 
my first wife " 
in Anthony's 

John Holland of 
Estovening, 1st 
son ; heir of his 
grandmother Wini- 
fred Yaughan 30 
Jan. 1G3G-7 (see p. 

Thomas Holland, 2nd 
son 30 Jan. 163G-7. 

Robert Holland, 3rd 
son 3'-) Jan. 1G3G-7. 

William Holland, 
bur. at Leadenham 
16 Nov. 1G31. 

Winifred, only dau. 
30 Jan. 1636-7. 

Kobert Holland of Westbv in Bassingthorpe ; snpervisor=:^Iary, 
to Anthony Holland's will 1G30. Will dated 17 Aug., dan. of 
proved 9 Sept. 1636. . .... 

[Much of the above pedigree is in Thfjiiipson's '• History of Boston," \>p. 375—81.] 

.1. ..J ;il.7' :^i ! 

' ■ i :.!v.!'.* 

.r^i •-. 

■/;•_:,! nW,. i'i 


./■(7J ;;^i 

^1 :vi..-) 

■ ■;.-l- (i:,7 l.-ot 

'•^'/.■■<.> f. 

yky.:i ' . --v j-5'll •• ^' 

I .' -: -..•»i-^m.-.f ^7odR-'J.'i} lo lirisilfj 


LT>:coLNsnirvE pi-digi^ees. 

[jMS. C. ??., llcrald-s' ColKgo. llarl. :\I8. (;8-20. Additional MS. 5S31.] 

ATv^\<. (•' Uiiicm of ITonour"). — " Krmine, tvo jn'Ics, poinfs in hase, sable, a crescent 
/. .■ '■■•',/ ' '(T." (T:^ l""..''!-!-}-) : '\S^'^''r^ a br'>'f heti'ren //m ta//>ofs v/issant an/i /if." 
'Granted 21 May ITioO. 

Jolin Holies of Stoke, co. Warwick. =f= 

Thomas Holies of Stoke Edward lY. 

Sir AVilliani Holies, Knt., Tjord Mayor of= 
London, bonirht lands in Bur<zh-le-^[arsli 
of William Disney 1537. AVill dated i^8 
Dec. 1541; proved 18 Dec. 1542. Adm'on 
"de bonis non " to William Holies 21 
May 1580. 

"Elizabeth, dan. of 
George (or John) 
Scopham ; surviv- 
ins: 1512 ; died in 

Edward Holies of 
West Thnrrock, co. 
Essex, 1541. 

Thomas Holies^ lega- 
tee 1541. 

Francis Holies, Srd son, had the manors=Katharine, dan. of Anne, mar. Sir 

of Yoxall, CO. Stallord, and Garton, co. John Heneage of John Whiddou, 

York, Will dated 28 May, proved 21 Hainton ; surviv- Knt. ; dead before 

Jnne 1543, then of Hainton. S.p. ing 1543. Dec. 1541. 

Sir Thomas HoUes,- 
Knt., son and heir, 
S3t. 30 in 1542; 
supervisor of his 
brother Francis 28 
May 1543. 

^ . . . Anne, dan. and^f'Sir William Holies, Knt.,=Jane, dau. 

dan. heir of John of Hanghton, co. Notts, of ... . 

of Denzillof Den- I 2nd son, inherited the 

. . . . zill, CO. Corn- | manor of Irl)y-on-Hum- 
wall, Serjeant- ber and his father's lan<ls 
at-Law. 1st in co. Lincoln ; died 18 
wife. Jan. 1590-91, Kt. 87. 

venor (?). 
2nd wife. 


Deozill Holies of Irby, son and heir, born=^Eleanor, dau. of 

1538; died 12 April 1590, v.p. ; bur. at 
h-by 23 April. 





John Holies, 1st Earl 
of Clare. (See Lurke's 
" Extinct Peerage.") 

Sir George Holies, Knt., bapt. at Irby 1 Sept. 
1577 ; died unmar. ; bur. in Westminster 
Abbey 23 May 1G2G. Will dated 13 May, 
proved IG June 1C26. 

Sir Gervase Holles,- 
Knt.,bnr. at Grims- 
by 7 March 1 027-8. 

Frances, dau. and heir of Peter Fresch- 
ville of Stavoley, co. Derby, by Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Sir Gervase Clifton, Knt., 
of Clifton, CO. Notts. 

Gertrude, mar. Wal- 
ter Stanley of West 
Bromwich, co. S:af- 

-."/• 1.1 .-v':! v; ,rfoJrir- .. 

' -.;; i/'i^ 

M I ,• . M 

I I.I 

.li:-AA w'.VvtJ.'ii 

;.I ,< M ' 

(I ' ■ t , r 



.1.1 t iir.' J»ilf. k ■(;| 

I A 

LiNCOLysnn? k pedigrees. 


A I 

Klizalictb, dnn.-y-FivsclivillL' ]lollo.v,-rl),,r(iiliv, d 

juul heirolMolm 
Jviimston of 
(iriinsljj- ; mar. 
•20 Nov. IGou ; 
(lied ill C'liikl- 
Ik'J 31 Oct. 
1 COS ; i)ni-. at 
(Iriinsby 2Xov. 
1608. istwilb. 

1st sou, I will wiih 
^lai\fraret ; !Mavoi" 
of (Jriinsliv 1 {]-J7 ; 
bur. there' 1 -J .\[av 
1G;X>. Will dated 
-".) Jan. ]r.2U-oO ; 
IM-dved 19 Aug. 

ofllerln-rt I/i- llolle?, 
con of iluni- 2nd Bun, 
berstone ; luir. of .M;iii-- 

thero 1 1 Ari'4. 

icr.). ji^r 


field, CO. 

•20 Jan. 


twin with 

William llolle,«, killed at the Battle of Newark 1 C-13, s.p. 

John Dorothy, only dau.- 

IloUes, of John Kirton of 

bapt. at Grimsby; mar.tiiere 

Grimsby 17 June 1030; died 

13 June in childbed at her 

1G02; house in Jfansfield 

bur. 1 8 Jan. 1034-5 ; bu!-. 

there in Mansfield Church, 

12 April CO. Notts. 1st, wife. 

-Gervase lIulles,C*Jonel- 
of Foot to Charles I. 
and Louis XIV. ; bapt, 
at Grimsby 13 March 
lGOG-7 ; Mayor of 
Grimsby 1G3G, 1G38, 
1G63 ; " Secretary of 
Petitions to Charles 
II. ; died 1G74. 

of J^icut.-Coi. 
Molesworth ; 
mar. at St. An- 
drew's, Hol- 
born, -i Dec. 
1G37. 2ud 

23 Oct., 
2G Oct. 
IGUS at 

George Holies, bapt. 25 Elizabeth, born 8 Nov. 1G31 ; Frances, died an infant 
June 1G33 ; bur. 11 Aug. bapt. at Grimsby 14 Nov. with her mother IS 
1G35 at Grimsby. 1031 ; living in 1G47. Jan. 1G34-5. 

William Holies, Sir Freschville Holies, Knt., born=Jane, 4th dau. of Strafford 

1st son, bapt. 11 8 June 1G42 ; Captain of a man- 
Oct. 1G3S: bur. of-war 1GG5 ; killed in tlie naval 
at Grimsby 15 battle of Sonthwold Bay 28 ^lay 
Dec. 1638. 1G72, s.p. ; bur. in Westminster 

Abbey 29 June 1G72. 

Richard Lewis, Holies, 

son of John Lewis died an 

of Llarr, co. in fane 

York ; mar. lie. 1G47. 
24 Nov. 1GG2. 

[ilS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Auiis. — Snhh, on a bend argent ihrec hoUj-Jcaics proper. 

James Holliiigworth of Bullingt'iii, co, Lincoln, =p 
keeper to Sir George Tallboys, Knt. Will dated 
3 ]^Iay 1533 ; jiroved 9 May 1534. 

Robert Hollintrworth 

John Ilollinirworth. 




;.i .tf -• r; 

!:.[ ;^Ml i, \<y./iui 

.' ] ; _ i 
1 !' ' ^". 

3a f::'>')a/;ora]iO(;i? 


il'i.U juk>! AlUui>)\.i'M"ll JtoImII 

.U .JOY 



llolliii-wuctli v{ Mottraiii, riic?hirc. 

IJ-.iili ll..llin'vw..rilir^-Tsali.'ll:i. ^Ma'.lin llollinuw.ntli .'f I.iiiouln. , Amy. <lan. of 

urUu.-^ dun. uf dn-i.e-r, appivniiml to TlMMna. ^ H-Miiy Nip- 

Lmk-v.Im (see ■• Vi<i- liniron ..f Lincoln l.V'.s ; Mayer > oMts u L,n- 

LaiM.ii ..1 Loicc....- Siunv. nf Lincoln 1 :.(;o : l,nr. m S: . . ...n ; luir. at 

BhiuV' llarl. So<-., IVteixit-Arclics. Will .late ;. ; M 1 ctc-ai- 

Vol 11) Deo. 158It ; proved Ti .Ian. Arclscs 24 

1580-90. jApnllGTO. 

Leon IloUiiio-worth of Lincoln, draper ;--== Edward Hullin--pLhzal.eth, 

ex'or to his father's will ; Alderman dan. worth, Inipt. at dan. ot 
1591 ; Mavor 1594, 1604; died 15 April of St. Peter's 14 
1 (;•''••* ;et C5. ?.p. : bnr. at St. Peter-at- .... Sept.. 1501; 
Arches. Will dated L^4 Feb. 1019-1*0; Shcritl' of Lin- 
proved 30 April l(.2i\ coin 15'.'4. 

Bury of 

ALu-tin-^^Iarv, dan. of Edward llol- Snsanna, bapt. at Dorothy bapt at 
Ilolling- . . . : Free- lingworth, St. Peter's 1 May St. Peter s 9 ilay 

bapt. at 
St. Peter's 
28 March 

man; mar. at bapt. at St. 1599. 1005. 

St. Swithin's Peter's 24 — . ,~. .c. 

•>0\prillG->5- Oct. 1009. Elizabeth, bajit. at Anno, bapt. at St. 

a widow in — St. Peter's 25 July Peter's 10 Au-. 

lGo5 ; reniar. .Judith, bapt. H)0\. 1G07. 

atSt.Switldn's, at Sc. Peter's — -^ T i. . 

22 :March 10 April Sarah, bapt. at St. ^^ inifred, bapt. 

lG39-40,Juhn 1597. Peter's 5 dune at St. Peter's 2 

Hadnoy. 1C03. Nov. IGll. 

James HoUiu^worth, bur. at St. Swithin's 29 Jidy 1C88. Will dntcd-- 
27 July, proved 18 Sept. 1GS8. 



James Hollinowr.rth, bur. at Mary, bur. at St. Elizabeth Un. at S . 
St. Peter-at-Arches 9 July* Peter-at-Arches 9 Pcter-at-APT.csl. .^blrch 
1G81. July 1G81. 


Jr'hn llollincr- Michael Hollin--^P.ridcret. dau. of John Ilollingwortb, bapL 
worth, bapt. at worth, bapt. at St. Robert Timber- at SL Peters 12 Sept. 
8t Peter's 3 Peter's 24 An- land of Sleaford. 15G8; bur. at St. .Mar- 
March 15G5-G. 15G7. ' caret's 7 March L.G9-.0. 

Gabriel Hoi- Leon IToUinicwurtb ofr^llelen, d;tu. of Thomas Jennisoti of 

liii'nvorth, St. Swithin's, Lincoln, Newark-on-Treut ; mar. at .^t. Peters 

bapt.atNew- L->t son; xL 2G in 4 Dec. 1025 (niar. he. 2G >«ov lOi.., 

ton 12 Jnly 1G25; bur. at Wash- xL 10). Will dated 4 March 1008-9; 

1598. ' in^dtorough. j proved 25 Oct. 1090. 

A I 

"J'J "'.0 ..;.■. 

■/. ('i 

I .ti; nil >; I [..■(•/(.-,,{ _ 

.10.1 .;)- 



lincolnj>}Iiuk PEuia];Ei:s. 



'J'huuKis HoUinLTWurih. ^Iich;K-l IIullinLr-=f^Esihor, Chri^ioplicf Ilulliiig- 

l.ia))t. ar Sr. Switliin's wuitii of Ilciiriiini;- ; dau. of worLli. living Itii'..*^. 

IS DiT. K'.lM. Kill, an. ;">, li;;;! ;;.... — 

— bur. at Washing- Anthuiiy llolling- 

Lcon Hollingwurth nf borough. WilUlaLed worth, living 1G08. 

Li! ,'oln. UviP • KvN. ] Jau^' '"'^^-H. ! 

Leon lloUingwurtli, 

^Michael Holiiiigwoi'th, 

James lIolIingworLli, 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Bridget, bujit. at St. 
St.Svrithiu's G Xov. Swithiu's 20 Mav 


Jane, 1G34, i'lid 


ITrlen, bapt. at St. 
Swithiu's 7 Nov. 1C35. 

Mary, bapt. at St. 
Swithiu's 15 Dec. 1G;)8. 

Elizabeth, living 1GG8; 
mar. Thomas ^lilling- 
tou, gent. 




James Ho]lingwuif!i,=l)orothy, Andrew 

B.D., bapt. ^U. St. dau. of.'... Holling- 

Poter-at-Arches Mar. Holmes ; worth, 

1569-70 ; Rector of mar. lie. bapt. at 

Claypole ; supervisor 1 May St. Peter's 

to his brother Leon's lG-'2, 29 Nov. 

will 1G22 ; tet. 52 in jet. 40. 1571. 

Jane, mar. at St. 
iMartin's, Liueoln, 
n Feb. 15G2-0, 
Thomas Taylor of 
Doddiugton ; bur. 
at St.Martiu's,Liu- 
colu, 12 Xov. 1583. 

mar. at 
St. Peter's, 
29 Sept. 

Thomas Chippindale= Mary, =Robert Cooke, Alice, mar. at Elizabeth, bapt. at 

of Ilugsthorpe, yeo- bapt. mar. at St. Sr. Peter's, 1-1 St. Peter's June 

man. Will dated 30 at St. ^^[argaret's 21 April 1590, Lj75 ; mar. there, 

JunelGO.S; prove<I Prtcr's Feb. 1G19-20. Duustan Feb. 1592-3, Ed- 

7 June IGiVJ. 1st ^Liv 2nd husl>and. Blewett of mund Shuttleworth 




of St. Swithiu's. 

fl?olt of Cla[>pcilt. 

[:\LS. D. 23, Ik-raids' College. " Visitation of Lancashire, 15G7."] 

Ar^MS. — Argent, on a bend tngraikd sahlc llireejJeurs-de-lis of I he jk' hi. 

Francis Holt of AVhitwell, co. Lancasier^pKh^.abeth, dau. of Arthur 
[? 2nd son of Pmger Holt of Whiiwell]. Ashton of co. Lancaster. 

Charles Holt <;f Xaiinton,-=pLettice, dau. of Thomas Knarles of WhiitingLon, 
CO. Ciluueester. co. Gloucester, Clerk. 

Thomas, Nathaniel Ho]tr=Suh^anna, dau. of Thomas "Watsun Lettico, mar 
1st son, s.p. of Claypole of Markham, co. Notts : relict of Thomas Dow- 

IGGG." Thomas Dickenson of Claypole. deswcll. 


.i:i.U'),\ ;■■,'' 



Crl .'l .-^-/.P Ml 

I. '.I i' /I, 

•i/'i., il<,II ^■A-u.A") 

.!•' -I ' .•!•;' ■ 

»f '»<( 


].iX(()i>NJs]nRE ri:j)iGj;Kr,s. 

|[}onj;lnociti of (CDartng in ixcnt, auti ?iinrcln. 

[MS. 1). 28, lloralJ-s' College.] 

liobert Hollywood of f^^NIarv, dan. and colu-ir of Robert 
Charinir, co. Kent. Atwaleisof Lenhani, co. Kent. 

Dori'tliy, dan. of . . . .=f=Ro1tert Hoiiy-=j=Klizabetli, dan. of .Sir Thoma'; ^lary, luar. 
CiX'oke ; mar. 3 Jnly I wood of Roy- j Rruwiie, ]vnt., of Ik-ecbworch GeorgeMor- 
15G9; died IG Dec. j ton, eo. Kent, Castle, eo. Snrrey; mar. at tbe ton; died 

1580. 1st wife. 

bajK. 18 Sept. 


Blaekfriavs, London, 9 Jnlv 18 April 
1581. 2nd wife. ' 1034. 

Peter ITony- i\Iicliael Honywood, D.D., 0th son by 2ud wife, born at Great St. 
wood,cet. 77, Helen's, London, 1 Oct. 159G ; J)ean of Lincoln IGGO ; died 7 
1G66. Sept. 1G81 ; bur. in Lincoln Cathedral. 

[Note. — Mr. Larken had copied the Visitation pedigree of IGGf), but a much fuller one is 
given in the " Topographer and Gencalogi?t," vol. ii., pp. IGU — 85. — A. R. M.] 

fl^optunsou of Slforti. 

[llarl. :\ISS. 1550, 4135. MS. C. 23, Heralds^ College.] 

Arms (in Berry). — "Azure, on a chevron orijcni hetween tJiree esfoihs or as many 
hzengcs c/ules, all wiihin a hordure of the thirdy 

Abigail, dau.r:pRobert Hopkin-=pIsabel, dan. of Anthony Girlinglon 
ofHogh^Iau- son of Kiruiing- ; of If ackforth, co.york'[or Frances, 
leverer of eo. ton, co. Lincoln. : dan. of Jolui Burlington of Kirk- 



William lIop-=Frances, dan. Edward IIopkinsonofMes-=Elizabeth [Doro- 
kinson of j of Richard singham, died 19 Dec, thy],dau.ofTho- 

Ilnttoft and CaryllofJ'ang- 3 Jac. L, 1GU5, s.p ; bur. mas Littlebury 
?.Iablet!iorpe, ] ley, co. Surrey, at Messingluim. Will da- of Hagworthing- 
died 17 Dec. ted IG Dec. 1G05 ; proved ham [Humphrey 

11 March 1605-G. Littlebury]. 


Anne, coheir, mar. John Teoman, Tilargaret, coheir, mar. . . 
Citizen of London. Lrailsford ; living 1G05. 

I I I ^ 

Ellen, mar. James Mns- Margaret, mar. Edmund A dau., mar Bax- 

senden of Great Liml^er. Mork-y of Holme. ter ; living 1GU5. 

«, ..,11. -'.I'l;^ I J.'... 

l\\ -ui^;^j:-\\§' 

.>) 10 V 

VMI / 



I A 

son of 
bur. 2 



-^farv, dau. 
of . ■. . . 
LetsoiJic ; 
mar. at 
Boston 2'.> 

(jjics ITi'ji 
Isr. luis- 

'Anno, dan. of Sto-rTpCliri>to-: 
piion Salnioti of ; plicr 
Anncslr-y Wood- ; !hu- 
honse, co. Notts. ■ chiiison. 
WiildatedllJunc, i L'nd Ims- 
prowd 27 .Milv I band. 
161G. */iv 

John Hopk'inson of Tiin-^^pEHzabeth, dan. of 
cohi's Inn, Connsellor-at- George Xcvile of 
Law; ex'or to his mother PiagnalKco. Notts; 
ICIG; of Boston 1011. widow of William 
AVill dated 3 July, proved Hardiui^e of 
31 July IGU. Fosse ; bur. at Al- 

fordl3Nov. 1638. 


:Bicliard Mad- 
thorjie. Will 
dated U IX^c. 
lo'JG ; proved 
'^^ Jan. ].')';iG-7. 
ord husband. 

Thomas llopkinsou," 

Ic'jatee of his mother 

A\ illiam iropkiuS'iui, le- 
gatee of his uncle 1C4-1. 

George Hopkinson. 

Anthony Hopkin- 
son, bapt, at Alf ord 
21 Oct. 1610. 

Kichard Hojikinson, bapt. John Hop-=pAnne, dau. of Am- 
at xVlford 9 July IGU. kinson of , lirose ]\Iarsh of 

William Hopkinson, bapt. 
at Alford 6 May 1G18. 


Hill ; bur. at Al- 
ford SOOct. 1C35. 

John Hopkinson, 
1st son 1G34. 

Edward Hopkin- 


Elizabeth, legatee of 
hergrandfatlier 1 G44; 
man at Alford, 19 
Aug. 1647, Richard 
Graves of Alford. 

Anne, bar-t. at Alford 
■4 July li'i33 : mar. at 
Keddington, 24 Aug. 
1G54, James Ostler of 

Bridget, bapt. 
at Alford 2.5 
June 1G34 ; 
bui'. 6 April 

Anne, legatee of her 
grandmother 161G ; 
mar. at Alford, 3u 
Jan. 1629-30, Piich- 
ard AUott of Hague 
Hall, CO. York.* 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st at Al- 
ford, 15 Sept. 1G31, Christo- 
pher Pearson of Crofl ; 2ndlv, 
at Croft, 9 May 1G50, Jolm 
Dropc ; bur. at Croft 21 ?ilay 

Katherine, ba]")t. 
at Alford 14 
June 1612; bur. 
2S July 1G34. 

]\Iarv, baj>t. 
at Alf-rd 20 
May 1615 ; 
bur. 26 Aug. 

Il^onit)^ of CottjilL 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Richard Hornby of Hornby, co. fiancaster. 

William Hurnby of Heai)han),=p:MargarL't, dau. of IJifhard 
bur. there 8 Jan. 1584-5. Bransby of Bransby. 

* I ran fiiul no trace of thi* marriar^c in any AUott poli'Mec. Tlie n.ime in John Ilopkinson's 
will might be Abbott.— A. 1\. M, 

;: J <. 

,.rl,.-/I < t. 


■ ' ' r.n-. yni 

:j,i rf!i;:'; .;.!. I'-i.-. 





•" J 

1 1,. •:-... f o • f ..-• ."l. I • 


Ll^'coL^" ^11 1 1: i^ ri:i)iG ukes. 

pllifluinninrMbv uf=r>r'ul,uct. Chfistoplior MatthowUOni- William lI-Tnl-y, 

! Tothiil im.l South dan. <»f Ilunil'V ul' by, I' Trufr s.p. 

Rc?ton,]sisoii,luir Hoapham, i' 1 Nov. K'.ll, — 

at ToLhill 1.^ .July Tlui- I'lul m.ii, uu- s.p. lluui].lnvy Honi- 

1G08. " 11^:'^- mar. U'nVI. •^.V> •''•P- 

Edward Hornliv of ^Nlarv, coheir, mar. Anno, colieir, mar. at lothill, 2 Nov. 

Grav'< Inn a't.'iS, ■Wilfiam r.allett of 1 0:15, Richard Towthby of Towthhy ; 

10;!} unnvir. \Voodthor])e ; bur. bur. at Stnil>by 20 Dec. IGGG. ^\ lil 

' _ at Striibby 20 May dated 27 Oct. 1GG6 ; proved 10 Marcli 

Elizabetli. coheir. 1G7G. lGGG-7. 

fI)orn^^cp of dfishntoiu 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
John llornsey of 13oul)y.=r 

Janetta, mar. Alexander Emerson of Sear1)y. 
Robert lI<)rn?ey=pEllen, dan. of . . . . Hunter of Blackmoor 

of Ronby. 

Foot, cc. York. 

John lloruFey, 1st Nicholas 

son. supervisor of IToi-nsi'y, 

the will of Thomas 2ii(l son, 

Higus* of Xetile- s p. 
ton 8 Jan. IGl'.-U. 

Edmund Hornsey=pAlice, dau. of Anne, mar 
of Lincoln, ;-;rd Francis:^rorris JohuWim 
st)ii. Willdated2o of Coxwfll.eo. 
.Nrareh 1 G2'.i-?)0 ; lierks ; bapt. 
proved 22 Feb. there 18 J)ec. 
IGSO-ol. 15GS. 

hush ot 
Uwston ill 
Isle of Ax- 

Hornsey i dau. of 

of Fis- 

of Market 
Stain ton. 

Hornsey ' belli, 
of Liii- I dau. 
colli, 2nd of 
son. i . . . . 

John Francis Thomas llornsey, 

ITornsey, llornsey, bai)t. 10, bur. 20 

lstsou,'ii;t. 2ndson,iCt. Nov. 1 Go8 at ]''is- 

0, IGSl, 8, IGol. kertoii. 

Robert Horn- Anne, mar Ril- 

sey, 3rd son. clilfe. 

ThomasHorn- Elizabeth, mar. Wil- 
sey, tth son. Ham Parker of the 
Close of Lincoln. 

Elizabeth, bapt. Frances, bapt. at 

at St. Michael- St. ]\Iichael-on- 

on-lhe-Monnt s the-. Mount 2G 

Oct. IGoG. Dec. 1G38. 

* Mar. lie. ;i Sept. IGir., •' Duiiicl Honisey of Cadney, geal., ait. M, and Judith lli^-gs, spr., of 
Cadney, iet. 21.'— A. H. M. 

I I 

i'--,-|"'> -111'!/' 

V ') 

-•iiMrlOM .:'U 

^- ...■.':no(j| 


,,. !i 

if ■;( 

,;. 'ii ,'• ir /. 


1 /..-■',: I'. !: 


: 'i.v 

1 'i,' 

.'.M> I 





.li..M ,1^ 



|L}ouii!jton of 33o?5toiu 

[MS. C. •}?>, IhraKU' (;ollc--o.] 
Thouvas lIoiiL,'bl<>n, fiom the lloufrlilons-f^Elizab.'Hi, (Ian. of 

(^f llMuoIitnii. fo. liaiioa?;ter, sdiiu-iinu' \\ iiui;^(.)i uiiij). Eii>„ 

.Icliii llakr, siTVaiiL 
lO lieniv VIII. 

Jane, dan. of^Tlminas IlongliUtii, ^[ayor of Pjostoii and Custonier^Mary, dan. of 
John West ot of the Port IC.iU ; bnr. at Boston 7 A]n-il 1(M5. Francis Chiy- 
nnttoft;bur. Will dated 4 A]>ril, proved IT) April lG4r». Mentions ton of Crdj)- 
at ]>ost(in 8 his nephew 'J'honias I>linekharne, son of Georj^e ; \vell,co, Xi'tts. 
Jnly 10:?4. lUinekharnc, hue of London, deceased, and his sister . z-'nd wife. 
1st wife. ]\rrs. Susan Mayehanke of Braywick, co. lU-rks. ! 

Thomas ITonn;hton. l)apt. at lioston 21 April IGOo ; 
ret. 4, 10:14 ;" bnr. at Boston 1 March lCl;i-4. 

|l)oli3t ol ^uttbriDolxt |I)oImt* 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Ardent, a /esse hetircen flirec icolres'' heads erased salde, langued gidfs, 

a mullet for difference. 

Thomas Howe, from=p!Mary. dan. of Hui,di Grantham ; sister and colicir 

Suflolk ; of Goltho, 
CO. Lincoln. 

of Robert Grantham of the Black Monks and 
Dunholme ; remai-. Thomas Appk-by. 

George Howe of Edmnnd Cracroft, niar.=:l->lixabeth,=Thoinas Jolly of !Mnm- 
Sndljrooke lie. 25 Aug. IGOU. 1st IGIG. by, living IGIG. 2nd 

Holme 1C34. husband. husband. 

Thomas Leech of Langton-=Anne, IGlG; inar. = Francis Wheeler Jane, IGlG ; 

by-Wragl)y, yeoman. Will lie. 21 MuylGoi^; of Langton-by- mar. William 

dated 27 S'_pt. JGIO ; ))roVid ex'trix in icil. Wragny. 2nd Langli-y, liv- 

SAprillClI. 1st husband. husband. ing loiu. 

i.^ -!.:[» -t 1 ■'. ■..(: 




II iV/ ., ^ 

.f.':li.i'.-c,i . 

aI ^;;:rio !'!■ 

-Ji ;. :'j/-. u 



|I)oli)^ou of s^runtl)orpt in Jfn:il:iinsl)am. 

[^]>. 1>. L';;, Heralds' College.] 

Arms (in Bm-y). — '• Qiunicr/// arycnt and f^ahk^ four mundlrs coun/'rchnni/eii.'' 

"William H(»\vsoii of Wold Xe\Yton=T=Eli/,:ibetli, dan. of ... . 

Matthew llowson, Joan, l-apt. -i Dorothy, bapt. Tsaljcl, bapt. Anno, bur. 7 
bapt. 21 Si'pt. k;;;;]. JulylCoO. J Xov.'lGa2. 'J ])ec. 1(^;;.8. April 1G40. 

All at Wold Newton. 

John Ilowson, born in St. Dride's Parish, London, circa=j=Jane, dan. 

L55G; I]ishop of Oxford IG IS; Bishop of Dnrhani IGi'S— 32; 
died G Feb. 1G31-2 ; bur. in St. Paul's Cathedral. 

of . . . . 

A dau., mar. Thomas Elizabeth, bnr.^Marmaduke Blakiston, Clerk, a3t. IG in 

the famous gram- in Durham 1579; Ptcctor of Sedgefield, co. Dur- 

marian and school- Abliey IS Oct. ham ; Canon of York IGDS ; Canon of 

Piaster. 1G34. Durham 1C20. 

John Howson, Kt. 18, 22=pFrances, William Nicholas TTowson, ret. IG, 31 Jan. 
Juno 1G27 ; Rector of dan. of Ilowson. 1G2S-9 ; Fellow of Merton College, 

Tof r-by-Newton 1 G35, 
and of Thoruton-le-iloor 

Oxford, 1G30— 4:9 ; died Jnne 
1653, unmar. ; bur. in St. Aldate's 
Church, Oxford. 

John Ilowson of Froding-=f=Katharine, dau. of Edward Anne. Jane. 

ham 1G6G 

South of Frodinfrham. 


John Ilowson, 1st son, Thomas Ilowson of Lincoln, born=Anne, dan. of John 

a!t. 5, IGGG. 1GG8 ; Registrar of the Bishopric Reckc (?) of Mark- 

— of Lincoln ; died 23 May 1737; ham, co. Notts; mar. 

Edward Ilowson, 2nd bur. in Lincoln Cathedral. 1G99; died 15 Mar. 

son. 1728-9, ret. 4G. 

Francis Howsou of U]ce-=^:Mary, dau. of Charles Ilowson, Inir.rp dan. of .... ; 

by, born 1G74 ; died 26 j . . . . ; bur. at St.:Margarei"s,]iin- bur. at St. Mar- 

Oct. 1742; bur. at Clceby at Ulceby 23 coin, 19 June 1732. garei's 18 Dec. 
28 Oct. Dec. 1720. i 1729. 

Francis Howson, bapt.=pSusan, dau. of , 

at Ulceby 24 Julv 

died Feb. 1790, 
ret, 81. 

Dorothy, bur. at Anno, bapt. at 
St. Margaret's 22 St. Margaret's 
July 17o4. IG June i704. 

Thomas Ilowson, bapt. at St. Margaret's, Lincoln, 3 May 1732. 

. . r ■ "/ 

• ) . ;--i.i 

!>' n. ■ 

.sjj ...-.iU.i 

, ! •/ t I ft" *• 

I :v,r;.^7,r!i 

2 ;.u,/:'i 1. 

'l>:. j!") IO 1: 


.{•'r-jftiJ , .'. /f/^or..!.: .. '. ■■'';■< tf' 

1 .1 N COI.NS 11 1 11 K r ET> I G II 1 . KS . 

|l}oUv:ion of ilOigtoft 


.IV "). — '" S'^'!'\ n /(•■^■■^c hcfircrr 
ii la aiiisc or."" 

Willi;uii Hdwsoii of Wif:iort^::F. . . . ddu. of . . . . Fyckley, 

AiiMS (" Union of Ifoiiouv"). — ^"S'^>l'\ a fc-i^c hctircrn thrrc cai/Ics'' hgs crasctl 

ii la (ndsc or."" 

Tliomas=pAiiiie, dmi. nf Philip Loct-.n ; bur, 
ITov.soii. at AViuMoft 7 Feb. 1044-5. 

Frances, mar. Sir John T,octoii, 
Knt., of Swineslicat.1. 

Sir William IIow-^Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Rotrcr Ayscongh, Knt., of Xntliall, co. 
Bon, Knt., of Wig- Xous ; ]jai)t. at Thornton Curtis 17 Jan. 1 jS4-5 ; died in child- 
toft, bed 24 April ICIO. 

R( ger Howson of~('atherine.dan.of John Bridget ,= William Ellis Elizabeth, of 

Wigtoft.bnr.rhere Uradley ; mar. 21) I''ec. mar. lie. of Swines- ^vhom her 

9JnnelG44. \VilI 1(')27 ; exirix to bus- 23 ^lav head, yeoman, mother died 

dated 29 :&rav band 1044; bur. at 1027, " ait. 20, 1027. in childbed. 

1044 ; proved I Wigtoft 2u Oct. 1054. ait. 22. 

John llowson, GeorLre TIo\v.':on, 2nd son, ait. 1, William Jane, bur. at 

let son, ait. 2, 1034^; bnr. at Wigtoft 21 Aug. Ho\v.son, AVigtoft 13 
1G34. 1043. ^ 3rd son. Sept. 1030. 

Elizabeth, bur. Katliarine, Wigtoft, France?, n^ar. at Wig- Anne, 
at Wigtof[ 11 1 Jan. 1047-8, Cliri.'Stopher toft. 10.'.3, Robert ..'. . Wigtoft 20 
Jan. 1040-41. Fairfax of Swarby. of Wrangle. March 1639. 

.... IIowBon. 

Ilowson^p. . . . dau. of ... . George Howson= Agnes, dau. of 

Charles Howson of Boston, ^lej-chant of the Staple of Calais \^. . 
died 14 June 1538 ; bur. in the White Friars of Boston. Will 
dated 31 ^lay 1537 ; proved 1 April 1540. 

dau. of 

Alice, coheir, under 20 in 1537 ; i>roved Elizabeth, coheir, under 20 in 
her father's will 1540. 1537 ; cx'trix in 1510. 

John ]Io\v.son-F. . . . dau. of 

Margaret, mar., 1528-0, Robert Brig of Wigtoft. 


1 •»! ■: ■ j< ; ': i.' ■'[ I 

'. i.{ i 

\\(yu-'. .s) /;;;!(, .=•■! .[ t-C 

. ]. 

'•. .iiiih . . . .^-n'>>//--H . 


!0 f.'Url,' 

I .;. ' 

■J- .,'tr'/ . . 

il ui'A, 

J.'tVi''^ i ' ;;;in ;i>c.fri:i ,..••''..'. I ,.ii,mi 

518 LiNCOLNsiiuu: ri:i)iGui:KS. 

|I)ub{)crt of ^elninflcct ^U ^aiuto; 

[Ilarl. :\[S.^. 7.M;,, TCO.] 
William ITiiMiert, Virar «(' Fri^kncv ]:)!>< — l(;oi.:r:p 

Adlard II iihh.'vl. ocpf.. of Wiiiiiflrot All Saint';.--- 
"Will dalci.l Nov. 1 C, 1 j ; provrd 7 .March 1 G I C-l 7 

.Toliii IhiMiert, in Adlatd's 

Hnmond ITuLbert^Franccs Clerkson of Wainfleet Pa-bccca, mar. Robert Wilson. 

of _ Wainilcct All j St. ]\rary's ; mar. lie. 2:3 Sept. — 

Saints, a-f. ;]0 in ]G17, rot. 20 ; lopitee in her Frances, mar. TIi(inia> Dalliv. 

1('.17. Will dated rnother ]\rari^aret Sharped will — 

2] Jan. l(;;i()-;il ; | 1«;38 ; sister of Kel.ecca, wife Elizabeth, mar :\K11. 

proved 22 Dec. of Benjamin Storr, Viear of 

1031. Wainfleet. 

Adlard ITubbert, under age in 1G31 ; ITamond, ]\rariraret, legatee in Rebecca, 

legatee in his grandmother ^fargaret Hnbbcrt, her grandmother living 

Sharpc's will 1G38 ; bur. at Wainfleet living; Margaret Sharjie's 1G31? 

All Saints 22 Oct. 1076. 1G3L wiiriG38. 

?^utitrk^ton of ilincoln 

Robert ITuddleston, Mayor of Lincoln 1341. 

John Huddleston, „ „ 1374. 

Nicholas Huddleston, „ „ 1405. 

John Huddleston, „ „ 1424. 

John Huddleston, „ „ 145G. 

Ralph Huddleston, „ „ 1474. 

Rowland Huddleston, „ ,, 1501. 

Andrew Huddleston, „ „ 1534. 

William Huddleston of Lincoln.=p 

George Huddleston, Clerk, Priest-Vicar,=r^Iary..dau. Oliver Hud-=Sicil j, 

Sacrist, and Prebendary of Lincoln j of . . . . ; dleston of 

Cathedral ; Rector of Rurton-by-Lin- j mar. at Lincoln, 

coin; bur. i)i Lincoln Cathedral 7 Am:. I St. -^Far- tailor. AVill 

1G13. Will dat.;-d 1] .Maieh li;i]-12; gaivt's G dated 2(i 

proved 2G Aug. IG13; mentions his; Nov. April, proved 

brother-in-law".MMVilliam Ellis, Esq." ' 1572. IGdulylGOi. 


Tris--=p^Lary, dan. of 


.... Osborne 


of Cromwell, CO. 


Notts ; rcmar. 

John Ewait, 

:\LD., of the 


Bail of Lincoln. 

Robert Huddles-^ 
ton of St. Bene- 
dict's, liiiu'oln. 
Will dated 22 
April, proved 23 
:\lay 1G35. 



mar. at St. 
•J Junel5!^t'J, 
Robert .Mil- 

of Lin- 
coln (?). 

Martha, mar. 
Rev. Nicho- 
las Silver, 
Clei'k, of 


li! .: 

I -■<:[']■ . I 

Alt ; .' ■'. 




\- ■ 

■ ! ,"• /■ 

■V ! .1! ',) 

•i.l.' IM 

:■ i. ! 

', ,11 

. ..:.■■ -M : . ^■ 1! I * /corf/!-', -hWV 

->■:.'' ...^ "I .' • ... iiiHtl 

.,ii. M-,i . : .1.. . I'l 'to : -{•i\l\ 

' •■: : ,:,, ' Im w' .liivv.-i' • '.').'/; ' M<'\r )'[> 

Jl .111"- 1 



Tristram ITiiddleston, RiolKinl .hiiu', Inipt. :^0 Mav ]\rarv. bapt. 21) Juno 

bapt. at St. M;iruari.t\s lliulillrs- JiUo. ' ICi'o. 

i» Julv liii'3 ; Lay Vicar ton, ba])t. — — 

of Lincoln Cathedral; 8 June Alice, bapt. 29 April Alice, bapt. ;Vi Jnlv 

bur. V jiaj l(j72. 1G26. IGU'. i:;i']. 

George lIiiddleston,=pElizabGth, dan. of Tristram Hnd- Hamlet llud-^ 

Eector of Wadding- .... Farmery of St. dleston of Lin- dleston of dan. 

ham, Prebendary of Peter's in Eastgatc, coin, goldsmith, Horncastlc. of 

Lincoln Cathedral ; Lincoln ; mar. lie. 1674. 
dead in 1GS5. 25 Nov. 1G74. 

Tristram Ilnddleston. Rnrghcrsh George Iluddleston. 
Chanter of Lincoln Catliedral -1 " — 

March 16t)0-yL Sarah. 

Tristram Iluddleston, 
bapt. at Horncastle 13 
Dec. IGGS. 

Henry Iluddleston, Clerk, bur. at=y=Joan, dan. of 
Addlcthorpe 1-1 March 1G5G-7. 

Joan, bur. at Addlethorpe 21 Aug. 1G.3C. 

[I coiDpiled this peiligree of a family which is probably a branch of the IIu>ldlostous of 
RowstoD.— A. R. M.j 

?LnititiIt^ton of i\obj$5ton. 

[llarl. MS. 155U.] 
Amis. — Gules, a fid arijcnt. 
Sir John Iluddleston, Kut.=p 

Sir John Iluddleston, Knt. 

Sir William Iluddleston, Knt. 


Piobert Iluddleston of Rowston, a legatee of Robert=r Alice, dau. of 
Huddleston of Lincoln 10 Aug. 14H7. John Savile. 

Godfrey Iluddl'.ston, held the manor of Rowston ;r:f=Elizabeth, dau. of 

iiiq- I'-i'i J Liiz., lo5.>5-9.. I . . . . Beache. 


:i'..l-i;V -.:.;[{ 

5/ ;i t. 

T M,-/. ... . 


=, .i.j/l .1;. :.- i. .H iiii^^'UV^ 

plii^l ,ni'.v 

"i:l'H ■' 'i- 

.'.!.v .' .: :oi. 

.■.-»• ■;•»/. '•! M,...':;iJ 

n.ij^v'..:! 1' 



liubort Undilk'ston of Pinclil>cok, 'Rowsl -n. ;iiul Dorrintrtoii, ]mr-.-T--Alicc, dan. of 

chased iii;iiu>r of Huwtr Hall in l)i,iil)y ; luir. at PiiR-liliL-rk 31 Oct Wiutcrof 

loiU. Will dated 28 Oct. ir.C,-}: ; proved 31 Oct. G KHz. Swiucshead. 

Richard ]rud--f P-k-IioI, dan. of Ricl...rd Fii/v,illi;i!; , : rcn::ir. 1:i Hall ; 

dlcstonofl'incli- I ^iidk, at l^inchbeck, 1 Ajiril 1002, John Rep|)er of Tylin^, 
beck, ivt. 18 at his ' co. Norfolk, and aft.or\vard^J of Pinchbeck, whose adni'ix she 

father's death : 
bur. at Pinch- 
beck 15 Antr. 

\va.s 27 Ajiril 1G05 ; 3rdly, at Pinchbeck, 12 April IG^S, Rich 
ard Care of St. Helen's witliont Teni))le Bar, liondon, npliol- 
sterer ; adni'i.x " de bonis non" of her .sou-in-luw William 
Gannocke i June 1603. 

Jane, only dau. and heir, bapt. at Pinchbeck 23 Dec, 1571 ; mar. 1st at Boston, 21 
Oct. 15S5, William (-iannocke of Boston ; adm'ixof her husband 11 Auj^. 1G02 ; 
mar. 2ndly Reginald Hall of Boston ; luir. at Boston 22 ^larch li;02-3. 

John Huddleston, Emma, bur. Joan, Pinch- :Millicent,bapt. Jane, bapt. 
bai)t. at Pinch- at Pinch- beck 26 Jan. at Pinchbeck at Pinch- 
beck 1 Feb. beck If Dec. 15G0-G1 ; bur. there 26 Jan.l5G3-f. beck 24 
1501-2. 15S5. 19 June 15G1. Aug. 1564. 

l^owhind ITuddleston of Pinchbeck, ficnt., Lord of the-=pAlice, dau. 

manors t^f Rowston and Dorrii\c,'ton. Will dated 
28 Oct., proved at Lincoln 23 Xov. 1504. 


Richard Hud- John Hud- Elizabeth. Beatrice. Emme. Jane. Millicent. 
dieston. dleston. 

fL^ulton of JSoniufltcin. 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 
Adam IhiUon.=F 

Roger Hultou of the Park, co. Lancaster.- 

Rogcr Hnltun John (or William) llulton (or Hilton) of the Park,= 

of the I'ark. co. Jjancaster, 2iid Bon. 

Roger Hnlton"Y=. . 

. d^\u. of \myas. 

i ; -MM. ,;! I . /ii •!. 

r. ,,i->'' 

llf:!.: .'.)•,'•' 

. uoJo'-ilii 

. a: .Mil' ,71^ i. 

i( ••-..>;{ 

(' IiM : ) 

1/ . . . 1. i.i 

■ •).« 1 1 ■: j4,if 



AlexamlcT HuUon. Ul^-U.h^W, dau. of ... . Rrcer HuUon, 2nd 

I .\n«lev son, died s. •. 

son. AHsif>. 

C:nn. of==Gc.U IlnUon of nonin,ton,-.Vli.o, dau. of . . . R.lph llulton, 
■ ■ ■ ii:™-. 1 = : ^.., died .1 Oa. -i i:ii:^., I Sr,.^]a.-n. -rd 2nd >on. 

1st wife. 1561. 

Alice, dan. and hciv, a^t. 2 yeavs and 3 mouths 4 Oct. -1 KHz., InOl, 

ll^umlirv^ton of By ton, 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. Soc., Vol. XXII., p. GO.] 
ArM=. - In/ent three bars mhk, in clmf as many unmikt, of i^^ f^ond. (In the 
"L^ntuf of Honour ") Barnj of six argent and sallc, in rhuf ihr.e ogresses. 

.John Hnmberston of Walkern, co. Herts-p. . . . dan. of ... . Stnbbs. Hnmhcr.ton of Wal-'-f Anne, dan. of John Welch of co. Herts (or Agnes 
^; 1?2 "May 1^88 ; bur.^^dan. if John AV^nch) ; remar. George Chauncy uf 
at Walkern. Gedleston, co. Herts. 

-h/'-^SrS(^-.iSLS'^ |:ii!;"|::t;;; a"- 

lG3i, 1st son. 

CO. Herts. 

XXII., p. CO.) 

HUvHumbcr.ton,lstson, George f^'y-^; I;-. ^^^?i;!r ^" ''^ 

B3t. 29, 1G34._ Hum-^^ borongh 20_Apnl 10-. ^^^_^^_ ^^^.^^^ 

William Hnmberston, 2nd 3rd son'. Elizabeth Uir. at Gains- 
son, in Ireland with the borongh 8 bcpt. 1C_3. 



l&umbtvstonc of |l)umi3cr5tour auti 

dan of^Willi^^ui Hnu.ber.^tone of=Jndith, dan. of Stephen Gentle 
: 1st Methevingham, yeon^an. ^^^^^^l^ ''::,'::tf^' 

Mil mar lie.= Ambrose Lambert Susan, mur. lie. 2U=Willinm TlK-mj^n of 
^^^biGl^-M. of Sleaford, a^t. Feb. lGlG-17, ict. Osgodby in Ivnkby, 
30. ^'^- *''■ 

lif'^ I . \' :.' j .}>o 1 >,'.•,. 

t':ii5 .;r.:l. ,:, 

■•i;^ (.! 


■: . ) .y-C 


w:- ; C^':l ,,;.: 



> . . . t 

.*/li // 

■.■• .I."i ,f 

!• : .'. J -'I (.11 


LINCOl.NSlil liE l'j:i)lG]n: KS. 

John Ilnmborstuno of Wickciiby.^ 

JIattliew ITumberstoiic, l)iir. nt Wickenliy I July 1710. 

EdwarJ Jliinihersidiie of lIiiinl'ersLuiio, died 'Jo ]\lai\'li'^. . . . dau. 
17;)U-.". 1, ;i.-t. C)0 ; bur. at Uninbor&tor.o. ! (4' . . . . 

Matthew Tlnniberstone of lTamT)er.stonc, died 3 Jan.=j=. . . . dau. 
173iJ-G, xl. ol \ bur. at, 1 luniberstone. of 

Matthew Humberstone ; died 5 'J'homas lluiiiberstune, i\rary, died 10 ^laix-h 
May 1735, iet. 7 ; bur. at Hum- bur. at lfuuibcr.stoiie 17i'7-8 ; bur. at Iluni- 
berctonc. Auir. 17^».j. bcvstone. 

Jane, dau. of=^ratr!ie\v Tlumberstouc, born in London ;=Maiy, dan. of Jolm Wysc 
James lloste founder of a seliO(;l and in of London, merchant ; 
of Sandi'inj;-- liurn'oerstone ; died there 28 Aug. 170'J, died 27 Jan. 1727-8; 
ham,co. Xor- s.p. ; bur there. bur. at Walthamstow, co. 

folk. Esses. 

2 Feb. 1^10-17. Judith Ilumbei'stone, widow, renounces adiu'on of her late 
husband William I luniberstone of ]\Ietlieringham, gent., in favour of his daughter 
Susan Humberstone. 


It is diilicnlt to know why ]\L'. Lai'keu inserted this pedigree, wliich does not 
aj>]X'ar either in the Visitation of 103^ or that of IGOO. It may bi,' seen in the 
"Visitation of London," printed by the tiarleian Society, Vol. XV., ]i. 421, and in 
Burke's " Extinct Baronetage." 

Sir AVilliam lluml)le, Bart., of Aswick (? Anwick) Grange, co. Lincoln, was 
High Sherilfin 1G72.— A. K. :\I. 

Thomas Hunuings of=pAnn, dau. and coheir of Edward Xew- 

Whaplode, bur. there 
17 ^Lirch 1707. 

comcn ; mar. 2ndly John Crowdcr of 
Whaj)lode 22 June 17C8. 

John Huunini:s^E!izabeth, dau. of . . . . Saunders of Elizabeih, Aim, l)ai)t. at 

ofHolbeach;died Sjialdinu' ; njar. by lie. at Holbeach bapt. at Whaplode 

2-1 Feb. 18i>l ; 12 Oct. 17S(;: niai-. 2ndly (i-'i,rL'-e Wlia|)lode 17G7 ; bur. 

bur. at Whap- Harvey .;f Holbeach ; died -J April 17G0. there 13 Sept. 

lode, fct. 45. 181-1- ; Inir. at Whaplode, iet. 7'J. 1707. 


,1. .. 

-. 5/: 

•' . ''M' i' 





•■'• ./. [ill- "f'.i 10 liv 


: i 

Jt I ; t MI 

I -' 



,l;i!ncs John l\.ilicriiiirli;mi-7 Snsninm, daii. of IMward Xewcoinlillmuiincrs, 

Saniulers llnniiini^s nf Dmi- Pn.oirr; iiiav. 1 ii|.i. 1 ti .Inly, Imr. 1 1 Aiiir. 

Ilmmiim'^. iiimcm. l-ajn. !tl Hoi- ai Sr. Martin-iii- ITiKi at lloHicarli. 

ha]il. l'-_> luMrh IS April ]7."^'.i: thi'-l'ii-Ws. Lnii- — 

Oct. 17s7; Imv. at Dniiinirtoii d-ii, 1 7 1 >ti'. 1 >1 1'; Mlizalwili Am: SaiiiKlcrs.dii-il 

ti, :.. ill- i.i Dc-v. lh__\:i.'t. ;U). iivif. L'nilly 'i'iid- iiifai.'' ; I'lir. nf. lloU'oach 

laiit. I mas AyJill". 1793. 

John A^ncs Saunders, Dorothy Susanna Mary, ^MarLrarct Eli/.al)ftli, 

(Jcor_i:e mar. at Ikiilicnch ]\rai-ch, iH.rn at ]'>riniii,L^- niai". at Holhuach 

IlnnniiigP, rliark'sllanship; mar.atllol- tnn ; mar. at Xewt'omL' lio.i^crs ; 

died infant luir. in London. l)eacli C^afv HoUteai-li, 18io, Inir. in IloUx'ach 

at Doninj,^- ^r ^'^"^ "^^ • ^- Thomas Foster. Cemetery, 

ton. /k Clarke, s.]). =r =t= 

^ A< 

[NOTK. — I am iiulebtcd to W. E. Foster, Esq.. for this iicnliproe. — A. K. M.] 

'iinston oi ^o^ton. 

[MS. C. 2;^., Heralds' College.] 
Arms. — Salle, fo^ir lozoigrs, one, Itco, and one, ermine, tvithin a lordiire engrailed or, 

Richard (or Henry) Hunstou of Walpole, co.=p. . . . dan. of 

Norfolk, and of Whaplode and Holbeach, 
died 1 Edward (5, 1547 

of Deeping. 

AViliiam Hunston=pDoroihy, dan. of Tho- I'lioii!;,,-; I fun- Eleanor, mar. Robert 

of Boston and of masHollandof Swines- ston, died s.p. Bryan of Boston, iler- 

. . . ., CO. Norfolk, head ; living at Ijoston — chant of the Staple, 

died Eliic. ^ 7 ^lay 15G7; bur. Henry Hun- — 

Adm'on b Feb. there 80 Aug. 1571. stun. mar Lawrance 

15CG-7. of (Sutton) St. James. 

"William Hnnstfm of Boston, ait. 20, Eliz., 1500: Sheriff of=rAlice,dau. of An- 
co. Lincoln 157:.'; died 21) Aug. 24 Eliz., 15.'-12; bnr. at thony Foster of 
Boston 4 Sept. 15.S-J. Will dated 28 Aug. 1582. Adm'on Notts; 
" de l)onis non" 4 .July 1580, and 2ud adm'on 4 Sept. 1587 to bur. at lioston 20 
Francis ^Fanby. Nov. 158u. 

Thojuas Hunston — Anjie, dan. Ri..bert Hiniston, Alice, mar. at Pinchbeck, 10 

of Boston, bapt. of Thomas biqit. 25 Xnv. .Jidy 15911, John Coverlie. 

thei'e 29 June Cave of 1570; bui'. at — 

1572; ret. 10, 25 Bairrave, Boston G July Dorothy, niar. at Pinchbeck, 

Eliz., 1582; difd co. Leices- 1577. 23 Sci>t. 159o, Adlard Ogle 

s.p. ter. of Pinchbeck. a 

vr; 14^.-; i — ,.fl ! 



i'. ,.:'' ';i.- ) 

} ■<]> 

->(■; .■' '-! i j)'3i 

r-- . .:;if/. v't. M^ 

!*^l': ,n<!-<'l["t(; U'->'i:-:ni)\\ w.i. 


J /■ ; 

• -I .■■■/i. 



Etlwiivd llunstdii of Bust' 11. '-'ii'l suii.^Faiili, dan. of Francis Manby of Els- 
liviui: 7 ilav Ifn'iT; iltowiK-tl at Don- liain ; adin'ix of Ikt liusl-and June 
ton in saviiiir a child ; bur. ilifiv ;'. Jtmo 1.">m".. ami aclm'ix "du' bonis nou" of 
lt>St;. Adin'cn dnii'-' ir)8i>, and -nd Willi. iiii Ilun^t'in 4 duly l.^si] ; l)ur. 
adm'on '" dc bonis noii '' 4 SoiH. 15:s7 to at llostim :5 Sept. ir)87. Adin'on 4 
i'liincli; M.iiiby iu-- uuher-in-law. Sepi.loS7' ■ FraneisMaiiby ht'ifather. 

"William Hnuston of Boston=?^raiT.dan. of Richard Anne, mar. TTenry liodini;- 

1G34; under ap:c 4 Sept. 1587; <;edney of Enderby ; ton of EaldinLrworth ; 

described of Eeake 28 Oct. : mar. at Somcrsby 18 under age 4 Sept. Iu.s7. 
1C18 ; dead in 1G;39. ! Sept. 1G04. 

Mary, dan. of Ro-=Ed\Tard Ilimston of Leake, lst=Eli7.abeth, dan. of . . . . ; 
ben Smith of Salt- sonlG34: Fonndcrof the"Hun- widow of ... . l^ydall ; 

stoii Charity" ; died at Leake, 

bill", at Boston 21 Xov. IG.')"), 

s.p. Will dated 3 Xov. 1G55 ; 

proved 12 Feb. 1G55-G. 

fieetby ; bur. at 
Leake 7 Jau. 

reinar. at Leake, 5 dan. 
IG.tG-7, Lawrence Pick- 

"William TInnston=p . Truth, bapt. Jio?Q, died unraar. "Will Faith, legatee 

of "Wisliecli, 2nd atSpilsl>ylG dated 9 July, ]iroved 4 of her sister 

sou.living2lNov. April 1 GIG. Dec. 1G39, of Barrow. Rose lGo9. 

Edward ITunston, living 3 Xov. IGoT), under age. 

"Fleiny Ilunston, :'i'd Pon,=j=. . . . dau. 
adm'orof his father 5 Feb. of .... 
ir»GG-7 ; living 7 May Hoptou. 
1567. /k 

Jane, mar. at Boston, 21 
Jidy 157 2, Ed ward Knight- 
bridge; living 7 May 15b7. 

.... mar. . . 
'J'uphohne of 

m-^i of I5aiTobyoj>. 

Richard Hnrst (sou of William Hui'st of co.=rAlice, dau. of ... . 
Leicester), purchased land in Barrowby 24 \ Steele ; bur. at Bar- 
Jan. 37 Eliz. ; bur. there Feb. 1 C28-9. ; r.Avby 9 March 
Will dated i^G Jan., proved G :\Iarch 1G28-9. : 1G41-2. 

Tlinnias Hurst, r>.D., of=7=Anue, dau.aud 
Barrowby, bapt. there 21 I heir of Jjcwis 
Sept. 1598 ; nector of Somcrsall of 
Leadenhani 1C27 ; ex- Grantham ; 
pelied 1G46 ; rt-stoivd j mai'. lie. G June 
IGGU; RectorofBiannee- i 1G27 ; died 2C 
ton 11 Dec. 1G38; died ^Farch 1G89, 
17 March l(;79-80; bur. [ct. 8G ; bur. 
atBarrowI)y. "Will dated at Bari'owby. 
•2iJ Xov. 1G71. A I 

"William Ilurst, 2nd Susanna, mar. Ist 
. . . .Clifton, 2i;d!y 
Thomas William- 
son, D.D. 

son 1G28-9. 

Frances, under age 

Elizabeth, mar. "Wil- 
liam BristvAvnf Ijecs- 
thoi-pe, CO. Xotts. 

Dorothy, mar. 
Thomas Gl-ant of 

I J ;. „ 


-''• .If.'ii ■ -.iUil. 


.'■.I h^ : ..-■„• 



i" :'7/.;r 



A I 

Ccrd-iulc, daiu cf William— 'I'lu^mas lluivt, l^t-- Klizalunli, dan. of . . . . ]]<>(]<:- 
rcrkiii.sci"<''i)'ant.iiaiii ; mar. f>onJ>a]tL,at Loaduii- son; ri'iiiar. at G rani ham, :27 
there 1^1 Srpt. H!;»;>. 1st ham I'T Se[.i. Uii'O ; ^[ay inoO, .... ShJLtlewood 
^vit■e. died 1 (;.".;». ' (^Shuttlewurtli). -lul wife. 

Lewis llnrs^t, son and heir, Elizal)eU), bapt. 7 ]\rarch 1057-8 ; bur. at 
ast. 11, nUlG. (;ranthani 1 J<ept. IGol). 

Eicliard Ilurst of Great Gonerby=pKatharine, dan. of Richard Fancourt 
and Bennington Grange, 2nd son. of GLai&Lon, co. Rutland. 


Lewis lhii'st,=;A]iee, dan. of 

; widow of Thomas ITurst, 

bapt. at Go- "William Bagpe, Barrister; ])aiit. 12 ^lar, 

iierbyllJune died Xov. 1717, ret. 48 ; bur. 1CG7-8 ; bnr. 

1GG5. in St. Nicholas, King's Lynn, at Gonerby 24: 

CO. Norfolk. " Nov. 1009. 

Mary, bapt. at Grantham 19 April 1C93. 

Charles Hurst, bapt. Anne, bapt. at Gonerby ^NEarch j\lary, bapt. at Grantham 
1 Aug, 1G79 ; bur. IG.GG ; mar. at Grantham, 18 19 Oct. 1G7G. 
at Grantham Jan. Feb. 1G92-3, Thomas ]\raLhis — 

1679-80. of Glaston, CO. Rutland. Hester, bapt. atGrantham 

11 Auril 1G78. 

Robert Hui'st^ 
of ])arrowby, 
3rd son, died 
Nov. 1G80, 
a2t. 'IC; bur. 
at Bairowby. 

-Anne, dau. and co- 
heir of Thomas 
Briggs of Buck- 
minster, CO. Leices- 
ter, yeoman ; mar- 
riage settlement 2 
Jan. 1G55-G ; mar. 
atGrantham 3 Jan. 
lCo5-G ; died 15 
Dec. 1G78, ajt. 50. 

Lewis Hurst. 

Charles Hurst. 


All bur. at 

Anne, bapt. at Leadenham 21 
Sept. 1 C28 ; bur. at Barrowby. 

]\Iarv, bur. at Leadenham 30 
Nov". 1G40. 

Sarah, bapt. at Leadenham 1 G 
Dec. 1C41 ; bur. at Barrow- 

Thomas Hurst, born IGGG ; lived at ^kFarket^pFrances, dau. and heir of Ed- Anne. 
Harborough, co. Leicester ; died Nov. 171G ; ward Lambe of Market liar- — 

bur. at St. Mary's in Arden, co. Leicester. 

borough ; mar. there G April Susan. 

Thomas Hurst of SLam-= 
ford, bapt. at 1 Lii'ljorough 
14 April 1G93 ; bur. at 
St. ]^lichael's, Stamford, 
28 July 174G. B 


-Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of 
James Wright of 
HnntinL'don; bapt. there 22 Aug. 
1G94 ; ^bur. at St. :\[ichaers, 
Stamford, 4 Aug. 177u. 

Edward Hurst, bapt. 
at Harborough 18 
Dec. 1702 ; bur. at 
St. Clary's in Arden 
25 May 17 J 2. C 


U ,' 

•;...: ;--:.-, 't •'.> '' 

,) 1- . 

.1 '• 

.' ;.'f.! ii. ■' .■■': 

M ; - - . . 

KJj! :-t 

. 1 

. ' ,1 

v,a ( 


Lii^C'oi.Nsiinii: VKi)iGiiEt:s. 

""'"• ""'"r"', H-^i (rr :■ U J;,nU..rAll Willi-." 

bar. IS 



Manm.m, :';^'^; ".;;;:. :;;;;;■ saims', stumioi-a ; ; Toiler, 

17-J7-S-, ;1700; b:u-. tlitiv ,.v,..,u.a. , c.cJ i i - • 

bur. 21 1 8 xVug. 1793. 
Juiicl7S7. i 

-See Blorc's " Rutlan.i;' p. 52. 




See Dlore's " llutlana;' 1'. ^2 

Stamford, 1 Nov. 1790. 

JimelC92. ^^^^_ 

^nmty of l&lcnforti nuti IDoniuston. 

rjIS C ^'3 Hovaia,'' Cik-e. "llislory of Doddington," by Ilev. !!. E. G.Colo.] 

and gules. 
William TIn^sey=- dan. of Lumley. 

John Hus.ey of Old Sleaford^Elizabeth dan. of . . Xeffield or 

19 lleury 6, MIO. 

Kesfield of co. York. 

Gilbert^ dan. 




Jane. mar. .Tolm 
Baude of Soiner- 

Anne, mar. lier- 
nard An'^evine 
of Theddle- 

Sir William Ilnssey, Knt., of-| 
Gray's Tnn ; Commi>sioiier | 
of Sewers for Tvesteven 7 Ed- 
ward -1 ; :\I.P. for Grantham 
14G7; Attorney-General 16 
June U Edward 4, 1171 ; 
Serjeant-at-Law U Oct. 17 
Edward -1. 1477; Chief Jus- 
tice of Kin',''s Bench 7 ^lay 
21 Kldward 4. 1481 ; Com- 
missioner of Array in co. Lin- 
coln 2:i Dec. 4 1 f enry 7, 14!S9 ; 
died 8 Sept. 11 Henry 7,1 4 9r>; 
bur. at Semprinfiham. ^^ iH 
dated 1:") Dee. 10 ll«nry 7 ; 
proved (C.B.C.) i July 14'jG. 

dan. of 
of ^Vy- 
c<i. Lt-'icfS- 
ter. Will 

dated Aug. 

loOii ; 
I ])roved 


1) jc. 1 .00 ! ; 


at Sem- 


Thomas TTussey.^ 

Peter Hnssey, 
Arclidrafua of 
Xnrthamptnn ; 
died 14 'J'.'. 

Gilbert Hussey, 

mar dan. 

of Richard 

Whethili of 

".!■: •..,;( 

v-v/; r 

V. ,o *;'■ .. i: , VvLi 

/ v: :-:i ::!.;;•; I 7/ 

.our ,() -rin-Al V.i, 


■ iu.h^. . . .^|^^,li:>Ljfi;) 

,A\ ...;.,• 

i . 

1 J I .tr'tjl. 





Maru:nivt, ilitii.aiid , Sif .Idliii lliisscy of Sli-afoi-il. Kiit., Isi >nn atnl 7-Aniie, <lau. 

Iieir of Siiiion ' lioir ; Sliciill" of eo. Jjiiiculii ',) Ik-iii-y 7 ; a?t. • of Cleorge 

J)lunn(- of Man- I ;!o at hi? I'allKT's dcatli ; Kiii-,di!; of (he Kinrr's '. Oivv, I'ud 

'" " " Karl of 

gotslield. CO. (ilou- I Jlody .') Henry 8; Chief lUitlor of En<rland 
ce-rer : widow of I 10 Henry 8; siiaiinoned to Pai'lianient o Xov. 
Mr John iJarr ui' 21 iLeni'y 8, K"»:."J ; attainted and l)eheaded at 
Han's Conit. Lincoln 20 Jnne 20 Hcmy S, lo;')?; his child- 

ren restored in blood only 5 Eliz., 1562, 


Will i>roYed 
11 Feb. 

Sir "William Husscy, Knt., of Reauvall, co. Xof.ts, and of=pUr.<nla, dan. and 
Leake, Leverton, Skirbeek, and Holywell, son and heir; j colieir of Sir 
restored in blood S Edward 0, 1510 ; died 10 Jan. d and 1 j K-ibLTt Lovel 

Philip aud Mary, 1550-7, 


Nele, 1st dan. and coIkmi-. ivt. -41 Anne, 2nd dan. and coheir, jyt.. 40 at her 

at iier father's dfath ; mar. llich- father's death ; mar. Francis Cohimbell 

ard Disney of Norton Disney, who of Darley, co. Derby; living his widow 

died 1577. loGS. 


Sir Giles Hussev of Cav-'^Janc, dau. and 



1 1 

Thomas Hussev. 

thoi'pe, Knt., 

kniirhicd 1)V coheir of Tho- 





the Earl of Snrrey at the '• mas Fic^ot of 


• . » 


Becrinald IIus- 

Sackinir of 

Morlaix in : Clotheram, co. 





France 1522. 

1 York. 


Died s.p. 

1 1 
Francis Hus- 


Tho-^Bridget, dau. of 


Alice, mar. 


zabeth, mar. Fer- 


mas 1 Itichard Bowes of 



al Lnmlev of Kew, 

Hus- 1 Aske, co. York. 




je Sun of the Lord 


sey. 1 




John llusseyof lIonington=Elizabeth, dan. of 

a n d C ay t h or pe , \V i 1 1 d a t ed 
11 Aug. 25 Eliz.,sl58i) ; 
proved" (C. P.O.) 5 Sept. 
1587; (to be) bnr. at Ilon- 
ington,s.p.; left his estates 
to (Hiarles Hussey, jun., of 
Belioii, his cousin, with 
divei's remainders. 

.... Meccaire ; sis- 
ter of Tlionias ^[ce- 
cal fe; widowof Tho- 
mas Tri u' ire of Stam- 
ford, will dated 28 
:\[ay oO E!iz., 1501; 
proved (C.P.C.) ;U 
March 1507. 





mar. Tho- 
mas Stv- 
d..lf of' 
CO. Snrrey. 

John Hussey. 

Eli/.altfth, mar. 1st 
William, Ivjid Hun- 
gerford ; 2ndly,Sir 
Jb'b'jrt 'J'in-urk- 
mortun C'f ('<uigli- 
ton, c<'. Warwick, 
Jvnr. ; (bed 2;j J.ui. 
1571-2 ; bnr. at 
Weston Underwood. 
CO. Bucks. 

Bridiret, mar. IsL Sir Uichard iforisuii of Dorothy, mar. 
(.'ashi(jbury, CO. Herts, Jvnt. ; 2ndly, Hei>ry, Edwaixl Duc- 
2rid Earl of Untland ; ordiy, l-'rancis, 2nd wray. 
liarl of Ik-dlwid ; a legatee of Juhn Hus-^ey — 
of Hoiiiiigton, \\\\t) entaiit.-d his estate on Mary, mar. 
hi.r >oii CiiarKs .Mnri.^oii, his cousin, in d-j- Humphry Dy. 
fault of in.«ne of Charles llus.scy ; die<l I- mock of War- 
Jan. 1('.U0-1, let. 75 ; bur. at; Watford, co. wick. 
Herts. Will d,Atod 2 Jnne IGuO; proved 
(C.P.C.) 12 Jan. lGOO-1. 

!- !'i [<■}. \\M>\-M-.^^.<,'\'V 


\- ■•!.(> 

, ^^.; .'y'!i>^;j! 

fi • ' ' i •rem .l')-;f»i'i5( 

.i-','u J : 



Sir William Ilns.-ey, 2na--f^Aiino, tlau. and lieir of Sir John Salvaine of Thoii.e, 
son, hvuii: Au.i,'. 15u3;|c(.. York, Knt. ; mar. before Aug. 1503; rcmar! 

died 1531. 

liulith 11 ungate. 

^^r^nrgc Hr.?sn.y of Ilarswcll and Xovth P-f>le]J, co.— Ainie, dau. of Sir Rob-Tt 
lork, son and heu- ; died 10 Aug. 20 Henry 8, 1537. Conslable, KnL 

.lolin llnsscy of^^Iarv, 
North Dullicld, ! dau.of 
CO. York, and of I ... . 
liars well ; died I Xor- 
10 July 31 Eliz., ton, 
1589. ' 


AVilliam ifussey=pAnnc, 
(if Harswell, co. j dau. of 
York : ret. U William 
years and 9 Bab- 
monLhs at his , thorpe. 
father's death. ! 

France.'', mar, 
.Afonktoii of 
CO. York. 

Anne, only dau. and heir ; ait. 20 at her father's death, Robert Hnssey 1580 
and wife of Robert Constable of Flamborough, co. _ " ' ' 

l^ork ; reniar. William Skipwith of Suuth OniisV- John Ilnssey. 

Anne, 1st d;ui.- 
and coheir of 
William Say of 
Lyston, co. Es- 
sex (Sir Tho- 
mas Say, Knt.); 
ret. 20 at the 
taking of iier 
inquisition 1 
Henry 8, 1509, 
then mar. 

f Sir Robert Hnssoy of Lin- 
I wood in Rlankney and of 

Mahon Holsate. Great 
; Hale, Little'' Hale, Bas- 
' singham, etc., Knt., 2ud 
; son ; Sheiitf of co. Liu- 
i coin 1542 ; died 2u ^Liv 

38 Henry 8. 15 H". ; bur. 

at Blankm_n-. Will dated 

20 May 38 Henry 8, 154G. 

=.Iane, dau. of 
Thomas Stv- 
dolf of . . .\, 
CO. Surrev. 
15 Oct. 1561, 
then called 
r>ame Jane 
Hussey of Lin- 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Richard Grey, 
3rd Earl of Kent ; 
living 1503 ; died 

]Nrary, mai'. Wil- 
liam, Lord \\'il- 
luughby do Eres- 
by, who died 1525. 

Thomas Uu>h^-y of Hakon, = . . . . 
Little Steejiing, etc., 1st son dau. 
and heir ; a3t. 37 and more of Sir 
at his father's death ; died William 
31 May 1 Eliz., 1559, s.p. Hopton. 

Margaret, 1st sister and coheir ; mar. 
1st Ifenry Sutton of Wellingore, 2ndly 
William Thorold of Marston ; set. 30 
and more at her brother's death, then 
wife of W. Thorold ; died 1577. 

Anne, 2nd (biu. and 
coheir ; mar. 1st. 
3Iatiicw Tiiimelliy 
of Powlam, 2n(ily Sir 
Robert Saville, Km.; 
a;t. 30 and niuic at 
her brother's deatii, 
then wife uf ]{. Sa- 
ville ; died 150-'. 

^Tary, 3rd sister and 
Coheir; n/ar. Ist.b.Jin 
M()n.<Mi of South 
Cai'lton : a-t. 3i> and 
more at her brother's 
dfarli, then a widnw; 
reniar, Simon Hall ; 
died 1 March 15 
Eliz., 1572-3. 

Dorothy, Jth sister 
and eolieir; mar. 1st 
b'alph <^>uadriittr, 
2ijdiy John .Mas- 
si ngberd ; iCt. 30 
and more at hei- 
l)ro[her's(]eath. then 
wi!c of John Mas- 
singberd; died 1580. 

Elizabeth, 5th 
sister and co- 
heir ; mar. 1st 
.... Ays- 
cotigli, :.'iidly 
Thomas llnis- 
inan ; died 

.i;.l lo 

., ., r,.,f, - ', ., , 

• . • .-I . , , ■ i 

fU.,-1 3r 

1 ii< 

:<c,i\ .r>'.L 

,,mUI { 

1/ 1,1,,- ,..J. f...^- .r:!:/. 



Cliailos llu-^sey llic voun^fr. Williiini lliis-ry, ,l..liii JIu.-scv, C'ailici-inc, :?tKl 

4[h sun •20 .May i.M<!, to oth sou ^i^) May 7th son -jo daii. I'n .May 

\vlu)ni his (.vnisin John 11 us- ir)4(). .May ITili). 15IG. 

sey lofi his lands in lluninc;- — — — 

ton and Caythoi-[»o ; styled Niclinlns llnsscy, Elizahcth, 1st Alveit.'d, 3rd 

of I'olton i-L Aug. IT'^^o; Gt; son I'o May <lan. 20 May dan. 2(i :\Iay 

died s.p. IbiG. 154G. ' 154G. 

Robert Sir Charles Hussey, Knt.. 3rd sun 15IG ; heir in (ail-f-llclen, dan. of 
Hnssey, of his half-brother; inbn'or of his mother 15 Oct. John Direh, 
Hudson loGl ; described *'oi" Liinvo kI, the elder," l-i Aiiir. llaron of the 
20 May laSo; inherited Ilonin^-ion and Caythorpe after the I'jxcliequer ; 
1546. death of his brother Charles; ShcrifV of eo. Jiincohi mar. G .Inly 

1590-91 ; died 29 Jan. G James 1, 1G08-9. Will dated 15fs2; a lecjatee 
20 Jan., proved 9 Feb. 1608-9 ; (to be) bur. at Hon- ' of John Hussey 
inffton 30 Jan. 1608-9. I 14 1583. 

Sir Charles Hussey, Knt., 2nd son ; of-^Margaret, dan. and Rol)ert Hussey, 

Cayihorpe 10 Feb. 1C17-18; of Haydor coheir of Samuel youngest son, 

12 Oct. 1G19 ; of the 15ail of Lincoln 15 ; Bevercotes of Ord- underage; bur. 

Aug. 1626; of Dunham, CO. Notts, 1G34; \ sail, co. Notts; mar. at Honington 

bur. at Newark-on-Trent 14 Dec. 1645. i 15 Jan. 1611-12. 24 Julv 1G15. 

Matilda, 1st dau. and co- Anne, 2nd ^Margaret, 3rd Helen, bapt. at Hay- 
heir ; an. 17, 1634; died dau. and dau. and coheir dor 6 Jan. 1619-20; 
7 March 1635-6; bur. in coheir 1634; died be- 4th dau. and coheir 
Lincoln Cathedral. 1634. fore 1646. 1634. 

John Hussey, Sir Edward Hussey of Honington, = 
1st son 28 May Knt., son and heir; [jruved his 
1594; bur. at father's will 9 Feb. 1608-9; created 
Honingiuu bart. 29 June IGll ; SheritT of co. 

1598. Lincoln 1618 and 1637; died 22 

March 1647-8. 

-Elizabeth, dau. and heir of 
George Anton, Recorder of 
Lincoln ; niece and heir 
of Thomas Taylor of Liu- 
coln ; boru Jan. 1592-3; 
died 1658. 

Thomas Hus-= 
Bey, 1st son ; 
entered at 
Gray's Inn 
11 "March 
1G30-31 ; a-t. 
22, 1634. 

=Rhoda, dau. and co- John Hussey, Edward Hussey of Cay^ 
heir of Thomas Chaj)- a Captain, thori)e, a legatee of his 

slain at (iains- 

luirongh 2o 

<'ar. 1 ; bur. 

at Honington 

28 July i(;45. 

man of London ; mar. 
11 D-'C. 1633; remar. 
Ferdinando, Ijoiv! 
Fairfa.x ; ilieil 1] Oct. 
168('>, jet. 70 ; bur. at 
Ayidio, Co. North- 

cousin " George .-\nton 
7 Jan. 1653-]. Will 
dated 7 (Jet. 1658 ; 
provetl (C.P.C.) 2^', Jiui. 
1G5.S-9 ; (to be) bur. in 
the North Quire of Hon- 



.!,! L 

■i- J ?,:v;iira 

:. .f ..,1 
-.1 • ■ 1, 

I • ' ,1 


/.c'l f.i;W . .i>: 


j-iNCoLNsui KK pEi)i<;i;ni:s. 


SirTlioinas IIn.s.-eyof IIiMiin^^ton, l'ii.I lKU-t.:=pSiii:ili. d;ui. <if Sir .Idliii Lang- 
born 1(!;;7; i)Ui(,'liascd ilie I'laiicliisc ut' lianj of JiOiuloii and Cottos- 
LiiiL'cln City I'l .Mardi KiCo-l ; Siicrill' of : brooku, c;o. Xortiiainpton, Bart.; 
CO. I^iiuolii IOCS; Dopnty-Licm. ]('><(); mar. L'l l\h. 1 Ctlo-H] ; died 10, 
died r.i, l)iii'. l'('> Dl'C. 170() at ll(.iiiiu,i;U)n, iuii-. iM duly J G'.IT at lloning- 
ict. OS. : ton, ret. GJ.' 

1 1 



1 1 


1 1 

Edward st>n. 

born 2(; 



Dec. K; 

il ; died 

Ijnr. a I 

died ( 

4 Feb. 

l(J7(J-7 ; 


s.p. ; 1 

bur. at 



bur. at ] 


4 Oci. 

Iloiiiu-- ^ 



insi ; 

ton -7 





a3t. 10 

, 1(;S7; 


bur. at 


dull 11 

— t 

ton 2'J .] 



Henry c 



rius-^ev, 1 


died s.p. ( 

Sarah, 1st dan. 
and cuheir and 
evenLually sole 
heir; mar., 1700, 
Wiusiiingley, co. 
Hunts ; died 2o 

Rebecca, 2nd dan. 
and coheir ; died 
uninar. 21, bur. 27 
An^. 1711 at Hon- 

Elizabeth, 3rd dan. 

April, Ijur. G ilay and coheir ; mar., 

171'J at IIonin<f- ^^lay 1711, Sir 

ton (see '' History Richard Ellis of 

of Doddington," Nocton, Bart.; bur. 

y Rev. R. E. Gr. at Honiugtou 27 

Cole). Aug. 1724. 

Sir William Hussey, 2nd son, merchant, boru== Mary, dan. of Sir John Buck 
1G12; knighteii at Whitehall 17 April IGOO; worth of London, Knt. ; liv 
Ambassador from William 3 to the Ottoman 
Porte; died s.p. at Adi'iano]jle 1-4 Sept. IGDl, 
Sit. 50 ; bur. there, and afterwards removed to 
Enoland and bur. at Honiu'jton li'> ATay IGlJ.j. 
Adm'on (C.P.C.) I'J .Nov. 1G91 to John Buck- 
worth of JjondoM, mei'chant. 

mo- at Constantinople 19 
Nov. IGOl ; mar. 2udly, 
IGiJo, John Evans ; died 
10 June 1731 ; bur. in the 
Chapter House of Wcstmin- 
st er. 

Rhoda, bapt. at Hon- .Jane, bapt. at Hnn- 

ington 21 Se])t. lG:;."i; iiiirton 1;'. Xnv. 

mar. at (ireat Coi'iing- lG;;t;; die'l umnar, 

liam, 20 Dee. 1G02, 24 April 1 72o ; Imi-. 

John Ameotts of Ais- ac Aynho, co. Xorth- 

thor[)e. ampton. 

^Fary, mar. Thomas Ball of ^Marn- 
head, co. Devon (mai-. lie. granted 
7 Jidy IGGS, then a3t. 24 ;"(to be) 
mar. ar. .St. Paul's, Covent Car- 
den, ^Middlesex) ; living a widow 

"William Sir Charles Hussey f)f Cayt!iorpc,^I']lizabcth, eldest Robert 

Hnssey, 3rd son ; entered ai Cray's Dm 31 dan. of Sir Wil- Hus^:ey, 

bapt. 23 Oct. ]t;iG; jiroved iii< ln-'-thfr I'd- liam IJi-owmImw hapt. (Man. 

JunclG20; ward'^ u ill 20 ,laii. 1 C.'iS-'.) ; cfated n\' Pm'Iioii, jiart.: lG2'.>-:;0; 

bur. at l)art. 21 .Inlv iCi;] ; M.l'. |nr c... burn '.t Aug. 1G30; bur. at 

Honing- Lincoln l:;('iiarlr^ -J; ( Jem l<iiiaii die.l in London llMniiiLrtou 

ton 1.) of the I'rivy Chamber and I'rivy Dee.. lO'.ix ; Imr. .'Kt .Ian. 

March Coni'cilliir lo Chaiies 2: died in ai Caythoi'pe 20 1G;'.U-31. 

1G20-21. liondon 2, Inir. IG J>ec. 1GG4 at | Dec. 
Caythorpe, a-t. 3'J. 

E D 

I : l^'J'f 

:>.<,i; 'i-ii/ i,...i(. 

1 ,;'^ -Mii 

,., f 

r.'k \o .. 

...,r ^.,lM,iin "tV?. n 


I,TXC()]>NSin UF. rKDlOV.r.KS. 



.lolm lIu<M-v. ivt. 22. :Nrarv.i)inr.;it r.;i!- Anno, ilii.l i'. I'uv. Catliorinc 

lOsT; ai'.d "s.p. ten ' C\'t:-ks I'.i K', Anj. 1727 at .lali./, I'Ui'. at 

CVt. lt;7(NT!ionia.s Ci.viliniiic. aM.72, Cavi ln'riK- 12 

,lan;\ umnar. ICsT; IV.chiii uf Darkby. inniiar. Mar. li;0-l-.">. 

nia.r. 'rh'inias llatclu'i- oo. LciL-fStor; tlicd — 

, ;• i';i; 'v: di ' il 'v 1 IC'.'": Vuir. '''^'.ab'.tli. b-!,-. at Hi-i'li^i.-t, bur. 

oJuiie l^;5r),s.i>. Will aiWatttnuco. Lei- Caythorpe 1 l>cc. at Caythorpe 

dated 7 :May 17"! ; ccstev, a^t. -1 1. lOG:;. 2j Feb. 
jtroYcd ]7;u). 


Sir Obark'S Um- 
sey ofCaytliorpe, 
2rKl Bart., 1st 
son and beir ; 
diednnmar.; bnr, 
at Caytborpe 21 

Cbarlottc, only- 
dan, of Uanii'l 
liivvint, Oean of 
Lincoln; died 30 
Anir.jbnr. 2 Sept. 
IC'.i:) at Cay- 
tborpe, ict. ?.0. 

-Sir Edward ILisvoy of Cay- 
tborpe, urd Bart, of Cay- 
rliorpe and ;3rd of Uoning- 
ton, 2nd Pon; a't. 2'>, 1067; 
])nrebased tlie franebise of 
Lincobi City 25 ^May 1GS9; 
^[.P. forLiiicobi lGi)0; died 
10 Feb. 1724-5. 


dan. of Sir 

Cliarles De 

Yic, Bart. ; 

' mar. 31 ^May 

' 1098 ; died 

, 2lJan.l75U, 

! a3t. 78. 

r I 

Sir Henry Ilussey, 4tb Bart, of Robert IIus- 
Cnytj)urpe and j'tb of Honing- sey, 2nd 
ton. 1st son and lieir ; born son, born 9, 
1702-3 ; entered at Trinity Col- died 31 May 
lege, Cambridge, as a Fellow 17O0 ; bnr. 
Commoner 1 duly 1720, a2t. 17; at Cay- 
died 11 Feb., *bur. 7 ^^larcb tborpe. 
1 720-30 at Caytborpe, ast. 27, s.p. 

Edward Ilussey, 
3rd son, born 
17oC ; entered at 
Trinity College, 
Cambridge, as 
Fensioner 1 July 
172u, iut. U; 
died v.p. 

bur. at 
9 April 
ait. i. 

Edward Ilussey, 
hapt. at St. Hilary 
^Magdalen, Lin- 
coln, 6 March 
1 083-4; bur. at 
Cavtborpe Nov. 

Cbarles JIus- 
sev, born 
1088; bur. 
at Caytborpe 
4 ]\Iarcb 


[cL 9. 

Daniel Ilussey. 
bapt. at St. Mary 
^lairdalen, Iviu- 
coln, 9 July 1093 
(born 5 June) ; 
bur. at Ca^■thol•])e 

Tliomas Ilussey, bapt. 
at St. Mary Magdalen, 
Lincoln, 10 June 10;t5; 
died v.p. and unmar. 
30 May 172(», an. 25 ; 
bui'. at Caythorpe. 

Robert Anne, Sarab, mar. 1st at Kirk!>y 

Hussev, V)ur. at Underwood, U) Sept. 1717, 

bnr. at Cay- Robert Cawdron of Great 

Cavtborpe tliorpc Hale; 2ndly, Weston John 

1 June 22-Marcb Smith; died 1 7 ^klay 1 707, 

170i 1080-81. an. 80 ; l)ur. at Great 

Charlotte, bapt. at St. 
Tifiiry .Magdalen, Lincoln, 
7 Feb. 1G8-1-5; mar. Tho- 
mas Pocliin of Barkby, 
CO. Leicester ; died of the 
smail-po.\ 2 Dec. 1720, 
a3t. 42 ; bur. at liarkby. 

Anur-. bapt. at St. Elizabeth. Anne, liorn 1 091 : Catherine, liapt. at St. 

Marv' Ma'^dal.m, bur. at Cav- died April, bur. 2 Mary Magdalen, Lincoln, 

Lincoln, 23 Dec. tborpe 20 May 1G90 at Cay- 10 May 1092; bur.atCay- 

1(;S5. Jau.l0><5-0. tborjie, a't. 5. tborpe 3 Jan. 1094-5. 


,1...:-.:) . /;,(;: 

"•) i ) "l ,'■■..■ 
. ' ' i ' ' ' ' > ;. . ''• i 

,1 ' . ■ 


i: ;i ; * -.'.-iu I 


.1: , 1 ,,.' 

■ .■'V-li ■.»,'■) 

i J-: 


•X-. .; ;■ 

.;l .11, 'I .- .. ..H 

. liiili •-•(I't'ilj ■'.>»;•■;(■,[; , i:') 

; ■:»! .[H-itX.'ii' J '171 


A'-. :.■■ .;. 

' .-t.iA 

" 1 ; ' 
, , , 1 


_.,,,[ V,'. 



LiKC0L>;s]iri{E rKDimiEi'S. 

Jnne. !,;,],(. -j; J;,,i. M:,i v, l.apf. k; July 1 t;i 7 ; Sanili, l.apt. Susan, 

]t;il-lL^ ^ mar. ai n..ii- mar., II < k-t. 1 Cm .'Sir i;..- l :, .Imir, l-apt '•' 

inpton.--', An-. ](;;',;:,Sir ]mi Bulk-,s of Sranipton,'^' xi.v. All'^J,m• 

Tlu.nias AVilliaMisnn of liart. : a k'frat.'O of luT ICi:) al i';] ~i')ec 

]\Iaikliaiii, X.,us. i;art. tlier lOdwani 7 OrL. U;i)S. JLniington. ICi'l. 

Rebecca, bant, in Ocl. 1(^22: r>ridoet, bapi. l \ov. Anne, bapt. at llnn- 
.mar., 21 April 1(;4l', Kol)frt. ]ti2t;; mar. .^ir Thomas iiioton i;i June IC;;;!- 
Markham of .Sodgebrook ; a Ch'fton of l.vtham, co. mar., 1608 Cliarles 
leo^atce of her brother 7 Oct. Lancaster, after 7 Oct. rdliaiu of 'jJrocklcs- 
1^558. 1G58. by. 

[XOTE.— The Rev. RE. G. Cole has printed an excellent pedigree of the Ilusseys in his 
'•History of Doddington. — A. R. >[.] f - j 

litstfjiuaitc of (SriniQbj) anS atttlc Coatrs. 

Anns.— Pal// of six or and azure, on a chief an/cnf a lion posutni sahk rOnartered 
with Wright of Bradley. See " Visitation of co. Lincoln, 1592," p. 74.] 

Robert IJusthwaitcof Thornton-=pAgnos, dan. of . . . . ; devisee of 

on-IInmber. Will dated 13 Ang., 
proved 19 Dec. 1544 

land in Adlingfleet, co. York, for 
life by her hnsbaud's will. 

William Hns-=pElizabeth, dau. Edwards, 

thwaite, de- of Robert Hns- j dan. 

visee of land Smyth of Wal- thwaite ' of 

in Kent. tham ; bnr. at of Little 

Waltham. Coates. 


mar. John 
of XlHl 


Eliztibeth,= James Wright George Rleasbv of=Marv, coheir, inar.= William 

coheir, of Bradley. Blea.'^by. Will dated 1st at Legsby 25 Smyth of 

extnxof Wdl dated 15, 20 May, proved G Jnlv 1580, 2ndlv Honin-- 

her hns- proved20Xov. June 1588. Isthus- 18 Aug. 1580. ' ton. -^nd 

bandlGlO. ICIO. band. husband 

Dorothy, dan.-f=Robert Hnsthwaite=Elizabeth,==.Anne, dau. of. . . . Edward Ifus- 

of .._..; mar. I of Grimsby, bur- dau. of ' Jackson ; mar. 2 thwaite of 

atGnmsbyll gess, bur. tliere 25 . . . .; bur. Feb. 1503-4; bur. Miningsbv, 

Oct.lo.,S;bur. Dec. 1G15. Will at Grims- at Grimsbv 21 Clerk.^tnmar. 

here C 31 ay dated 22 Dec. Mi 5; by 8 April Jan. 1598-15. 3rd Will dated 13 

15/0. Istwilc. proved 5 Jan. 1501. 2nd wife. Nov., proved 

101 5-1 G. wife. I 12Dcc. 1G20. 

!/::. .' 

;>. ;,,f VI] i? V!-.,!'lT| 


.oiiir .0- 

,vl i '/ 




Gcoi'ize Ilii.-tlnvrtik', Imr. Klizab-'tli. liapt. at (irinisby 

M Jan. ],')7i^.sO. 17 Awj,. Iblil 

Frances, bapt. at Ofiinsliy Mavv(('alk-tl nirv in IMwaivl 

15 Jan. lotH^-0; mar. llustliwaite's will), mar. Wil- 

iiuberi TliOrin.'. liam 1^'y oi'ilivat Carltnn. 

Anne, mar. at Grims- 
by, 7 Xov. ]G1], 
Nathaniel Hansard of 
T(':uo,v ; bur. r, .lunc 


Susanna, dan. of=pT.conard lIastlnvaite,^ElK'n, dan. 
.. . . Atkinson ; I bapf. at Grimsby 12 ; of . . . . ; 
mar. at Grimsbv ! Nov. 1575. AVilldated i bui-. at 

June 1 Oil ;bnr. 
there 1 5 Sent. 
1(521. 1st wife. 

3i) Jan., ])roved G 
March 1G40-41. 

20 Xov". 
lGo7. 2nd 

Thoma.'i Hustlnvaice, bur. 
at (irimsby 20 Sept. 1570. 

Michael Hustliwaite, liv- 
iuu' It',15-1G and 1G20. 

William llnsthwaite, bapt. Alice, bapt. at Grimsby Ellen, bapt. at Grimsby 

at Grimsby 4 Feb. lGo4-5; 27 April 1G2G. 17 Oct. IGoO; bur. there 

bur. there 4 March 163G-7. — _ 31 Aug. 1G34. 

— Elizabeth, Grims- — 

Hester, bapt, at Grin^sby by 28 Mar., bur. 15 April Frances, bapt. at Grims- 

7 Dec. 1622. ' 1629. by 14 Oct. 1G32. 

Susanua,~RobertHus-=^Alice, Edward llus- Dorothy, bapt. at Grimsby 10 

thwaite, bapt. April 1G15 ; mar. there, 30 June 

at Grimsby 7 1G3G, AYilliam Waterhouse. 

Oct. 1G20 ; — 

bur. there 31 .Judith, bapt. at Grimsby 20 A n.sf. 

Aug. 1G34. IGIG ; mar. there, 7 ^lay lG-10, 
Marmaduke Pickwell. 

dan. of 
Gardiner ; 
mar. at 
Grimsby 3 
1st wife. 

thwaite, I dan. 

cx'or to his ! of 

lather's will. | . . . . 

I 2nd 

I wife. 

Robert Hustliwaite, Susanna, bapt. at Grimsljy 28 
bapt. at Grimsby 2 Sept. 1G45 ; mar. at Grimsl)y, 
June 1G42, 20 May 1GG5, Kobert Horby. 

Holies Husthwaite, bapt. 
at Grimsbv 24 ]\Iarch 
1 G47-8. 

20 Feb. 1G14-15, a licence to William Burgh of Ivirton in Liudsey to marry 
Winifred, dan. of Francis Husthwaite, Esq., Sr-rjeant of the Chandlery of His 
Majesty's Household, aged 17. She was bur. at Grimsby 7 Xov. 1GG5. A Francis 
Husthwaite was bapt. at (irimsby 9 Sept. 15G4, who may have beeu her father, son 
of lloberc llu-thwaice by a previous wife. — A. 11. 'SI. 

[Note. — 1 lave coinpilcil th.: .ibove pedigree from wills and tbe Crim-bj Register. It docs 
not .ippear iu the Vi^it.'llions. — A. It. M.] 


. ■-. • \ 1 ; I r 

^^ '.' :! -'• I -.s-H t : .rr i«' 

■;.l i ' . '.'I. . ■, ; .1 

.fir// .-.'iV...! .. 

,'■•1 fiiA «;'c .i:{'vii. 



?i}utcIjiiKion of Qlforli. 

Jtilui Ilntcliinsoii. Sherifl". Ald'-rniaii, and-T-. . . , 
]jvvd Mavov of Yuik circa K'),")0. ol' . . 


•^.Iward Hutchinson of= 
Allbrd, mercer. 

-. . . . dan. of ... , 
?ou John in KM t. 

Iptratee of her 

AViiliam=Anne, dau. of Rev. Fran- John Ilntcliin---^lirido:ft, dan. ofWilliam 

HuUliiii- cis Marlniry of Alford ; son of Alford, 

son, cmi- bapt. at Allbrd 20 Jnly woollen-draper, 

grated to 1591 ; murdered b}- In- "Will dated 7 

Bostonin dians on Lonj^ Island June 1614 ; 

America. 1G43. proved 1C44. 

DuryofOrantliani; bapt. 
there 1 Anu;. U;02 ; mar. 
at Little Ponton o Oct. 
102(5. Will dated 20 July 
1 07 1; proved 9 Oct. 1689. 

"William Edward 
Hut chin- Hutchin- 
son, son. 

son, le- 

Eichard Samuel Hutchinson. 
Hutchin- — 

son, ex'or Susan, mar. Jeremiah 

in 1689. Brig2:s. 

Anne, mar. AVilliam 

Emme, living 1671. 

All under asfc in 1644. 

Richard Hut-=. . . . 
chinson of dau. 

London 1644; of 
supervisor to . . . . 
his brother 

Rev. Tho-=Hester, bapt. at Alford=Thomas 
mas 22 July 1593 ; mar. Harneis 
worth, at Laceby 26 March ofLaceby; 

Rector of 1633 ; legatee of her bnr. there 
Laceby; brother John Hutchin- 21 l\Lirch 
dead before son 1 644 ; bur. at Irbv- 1 636-7. 

1633. 1st on-Humber 9 Dec. 



2nd hus- 

Susanna, legatee in 1644 ; 
mai- Storr. 

. . . ., mar. Ralph Levit, 
witness to Jolm Hutchin- 
son's will 1644. 

]\rary,^=Kev. John Wheelwright, 
Icga- Yicar of Bilsby ; de- 
tee in prived and emigrated to 
1644, Boston in America 1636; 
legatee in 1644. 

..... mar By- 

ard, legatee iu 1644. 

. . . ., mar 

Iiouksbie, legatee iu 

"William Hutchinson of St. .Mary's, Lincoln, draper. Will dated 15 Aug. 1540 ; 
mentions sons Ro!)ert, Richard, and Beunet Hutchinson, all under age ; wife 
Margaret ex'trix ; proved 9 June 1543. 

John Hutchinson of St. ^Mariin's, Lincuhi, citi/en. "Will dated 21 May 1545 ; 
meiition.s Robert, son of William Hiiichinson, and sister Agnes Grene ; proved 
3 Aug. 1545. 

John Hutchinson, nu\r. Mai'y, dau. of Gilbert lihuichard of Louth (see p. 140). 

[XOTE. — The above pcdii^Tco is ik.I quite ?:itisf:ictoi y. It i.s not iiicludeil in Mr. Lnrken's 
coUeftion, but \v:i-- <.'iven to me by au American antiquary. Any one who luoks at tlie }K.dii.'ree 
of the Ilutchinsotis of Linc'.>ln will note that an ICdwaril Hutchinson has a dau. ffestor. and is 
tie sfjn of a John Hutchinson, who was Maynr of Lincoln in l'>'>i'>. I cannot but sus[>cct that 
the .Tohn Hutchin- m who heads this pe(li<_'ree was not the Lord Mayor of York but tlie Mayor 
of Lincoln. The .'-up)iOsition is strengthened by the fact that the Lincoln Hutchinsons were 
connected with Alford. — A. It. M.j 


I. » 



. ■-■ ',"i • ,r- 

-..[ .!. H 

;-^ ••-;•:, 1 ^hi 

/•)■'- ^l 

.•,li>i!. • 



t l')L fii • •')'): »! ,t\i:\;imiS 
■ '■^'■''■' 

fr;-.. ( 

i':. " . -i/i , .bf .1 ill .n -. lul-r.:;: 


■r'/ul'^U-'i i 'f •';'i;77 


x .;i ..■- .ii;..:i- 



IDutcIjincjon of iCincolu anti 


Ghn'stopluT Hutchinson, Jlargaret,- 

Rector of Seremby 22 dan. of 

Oct. ] 526 : Pavson of Mio . . , . ; liv- 

Sonth ilcJiety of Leas- lug 15')]. 

ingham 1535. Will 1st wife, 
dated 18 XoY. 1551; 
proved 8 July 155G. 

:.John Ilntchinsou of Lin-=Anne, widow of 

coin, ]\rayor 1556 ; bur. 
at St. Mary-le-Wij^ford. 
]>incoln, 2-1 May 155(>. 
Will dated 21 April, 
proved (C. P.O.) 14 June 

.... Clint. 
Will dated 25 
March, proved 
18 Sept. 1586. 
2nd wife. 

William }Intchiiison= 

of St. :\Iarv-le-Wig- daa.of 

ford. AVill'dated 2G 

Feb. 1582-3 ; proved 

13 Feb. 1583-4. 

Thomas Hutchinson. Edward^. ... Susan, 

John Hutchinson. 
Arthur Hutchinson. 


John Hut- Anne. Jane, 
chinson. "-■ — 

Margaret. Susan. 

Living 1582-3. 

dan. of ; 

legatee of 
Mrs. Xeale 

Hester, lega- 
tee of Mrs. 
Xeale 1611. 

George Free-= Mary, mar. at St. Pcter-at-=. . . . Cuth- 
ston of Al- Gowts, Lincoln, 13 Sept. bert. 2nd 
ford. 1st 1578 ; bur. at Alford 22 husband, 
husband. Nov. 1588. 

Jane, mar. Edmund 

Alice, mar. Thomas 


AVilliam Hutchin-- 
son, !Mayor of Lin- 
coln 1552. Will 
dated-4 Jan.l55t]-7; 
proved (C.P.C.) 6 
March 155G-7. 1st 

"Dorothy, dau.^ 
uf . . . . ; bur. 
at Horucastle. 
Will dated 31 
Jan. 1591-2 ; 
proved 5 April 

: Robert Hun-: 
ter, mar. at 
2nd husband. 

: Thomas 
mar. at 
13 June 
1575. 3rd 


dan. of 

Margaret, liv- 
ing 1557. 

William Hutchin-^. . . . 
son, 1st son, Mer- dau. 
chant of the Staple, j of 

Thomas Hutchinson- 
of Louth, died 4 Feb. 

^Anne, dan. of Thomas Palfrey- 
mau of Lusby ; bur. at Louth. 
Will dated 5 April, proved 4 
Aug. 1G15. 

--.tii'-HV..'.' ,, i\ 


;,. .-nil ,V'hT/:^ ■--;■;'■! ,M..--.0 

- Hi i 1 

'. .-. -! ■ -Vu.l '!. 


1 )•• 


LixroLysniiiE pedigTvI-ks. 



Jlar^cry, bapt.=: 



at llorncasilc 



21 Xov.l :>:.') : 

of Green- 


legiitee of Mrs. 

field in 


Xeale I Gil ; 

Abv, bur. 

. . . . 

bur. at Lloru- 

a I Kod- 

If. I 

castle 5 Dec. 

diuuton 25 



:Mar. IG-li;. 

=Thoiiia5 lIntchin-=lMaiK:es.daii. and 
son of Theddle- t'ohcir of (ieorn;c 

I thorpe, 1st son, 
' ex'or to liisinorlicr 
I 1615. AVill dated 
, IG dan., proved ;5 
I Feb. 1643-4. 

Fairfax of Roling- 
bruko; mar. at 
LittloGrimsby lo 
-Tidy li"03. 2iid 

William IJiitchinson. 

I , I 

John Ilutcliiuson. Elizabeth. 

Legatees in 1615, but not named in their father's will. 


^Yi^liam^. . . . 







of :^Irs. 



Christopher Hut- 
chinson of Scup- 
holme in Son\er- 
cotes. Will dated 
20 Jan. 1G15-1G; 
l)rovod 3 Feb. 
1615-lG, uiiinar. 

Frances, mar. Robert 
Becke of IJncoln. 

Margery, mar 


Durothy, mar. Tho- 
mas ]\[addis<jn of 

Awdry, mar. William 
Newport of Scup- 
holme in Somercotes. 

Bridget, mar. Daniel 
Waldgrave of Fother- 
bv ; mar. lie. 9 Feb. 
1615-16, JBt. 26. 

Thomas Hutchinson, ex'or to his uncle 1643-1. 


^Annc, dau. of Stephen Salmon of ^Mary. Margery, l)nr.=JohnXeale 
Anii':>ley Woodhouse, co. Notts ; at Horncastle of Horn- 
widow of Giles Hopkinson of Al- 8 Oct. IGll. castle, bur. 
ford ; remar., 3rdly, Richard :\rad- Will dated 16 there 3 
disou of Mablcthoqic ; bur. at Al- July, proved Jan. 
ford. Will dated 11 June, proved 12 Oct. ICU. 1594-5, 
27 July 1C16. s.p. 

Christopher^pMargart't, dau. of 
Hutchinson | .... Pcake ; mar. 
lie, of Horncastle, 
29 Dec. 1G14, ait. 
20 ; mar. at 
Somersby 3 Jan. 

of Al ford, 
tanner, fet. 
2J, IGl 1 ; 
dead in 

Robert Hutchinson=pFrances, 
of Horncastle, ex'or j dau. of 
to his aunt iMrs. 1 . . . . 
Neale 1611. Will 
dated 15 July 1634; 
proved 9 April 1635. 

JIary, mar. at Al- 
ford, 23 July 
1604, Robert 
Fitche of Mar- 
ket, Rasi'U ; !• i:a- 
tec of ]\lrs. Ntale 

Christopher Hutchin- 
son, living 1G34. 

John Hutchinson. Anne. Frances. :\rargery. .Alary, 

.I'll v/ 

'. ■ ]. . 


... .,.,t 

'U n? 

'tni'A .jt;. ,. ..'... !j)!' ,• ' .1 


?i^j>i:it of S^ana'toft. 

[Blove\^ " Rutland." Harl. MS. TOO. Le Neve's " Knights." 
Hail. Soc, Vol. YIIL, p. 138.] 

\<-«>rp. — Gt/Irt, n saJfirr nr, hrf/rcfn fo>'r hcrjints a chiff crminr. 
Crest. — A vnicornf; head coupcd argcni, anmU and mailed 0)\ vuuarcd vair, or 
and gules. 
(Granted by Sir William Sogar, Garter, IG Sept. 1G09. College of Arms, C. 24.) 

Hugh Ilydc of Thnrgartou, co. Xotts.=r 

John Hyde of Thnrgarton- 

. dau. of ... . Leigh of Addingtou, Surrey. 

Bernard Hyde of London, merc!iaut.=pAune, dau. of Humphry "Walcot of Walcot, 
and of Little lllbrd, Essex, and a renter co. Salop ; died 1640 ; bur. at St. Duusran's 
of ve Customs under James L; de- iu ye East. Will dated 13 Jan. 1G37-8 ; 
scribed of Burton Starher 27 Sept. proved (C.P.C.) 20 May 1640; leaves 
lG2o; died 1 630: bur. at St. Dunstan's legacies to poor of Langtoft, Lutle Ilford, 
iu ye East, London, under ye altar. , Chesham, aud Bore Place. 

Bernard Hyde of Bore Place, co. Kent (ancestor of Savile John— Hester, dau. of 
Hyde of- Quorndon, co. Leicester) ; proved his mother's will John Trott ; 

20 May 16-10 ; died 5 Jan. 1655-6 ; bur. with his father. 
Nichols' " Leicester," vol. iii., p. 109.) 


died 17 Jan. 
1645-6 or 1G49. 

Sir Bernard Hyde of Bore Place, Knt.,=f Margaret, dau. of Sir William Morley, 

30 April 1661 ; died 1674. 

Knt., of Halnaker, co. Sussex. 

Bernard Hyde, died an 

Bernard Hyde of Perry Court, 
CO. Kent. 

Humphry Hydc" 
of P>aston and 
Langt'ift, CO. 
Lincoln, 2ud 
sou ; died 31 
Oct. 1637. 

-Sai-ah. dau. of Thomas Gibson 
of Barley, near Oakham, co. 
Ptutland ; ex'irix of her hus- 
band's will ; remar. Bernard 
Walcot of cit. Salop ; died 24 
Aug. 1651 ; bur. at Langtoft. 

John Hyde of Sun- William 

drish, co' Kent ; pur- Hyde, 

chased the manor of died s.p. 
Sundrish in 1641 ; — 

died 1677 ; bur. at Anne, 

Sundrish, a3t. 66, s.p. died s.p. 

WiUiam Hyde of Langtoft ; the escheat on his= 
father's death says born 10 Xov. 1635; M.P. 
for Stamford ; Captain of Horse, Lincoln 
Militia, 1680; died 21 Xov. 1694, set. 59; 
bur. at Langtoft. 

=Mary, 1st dau. of Sir Thomas Trol- 
l()]^e* of Casewick ; mar. at X'orth 
jAill'enham 18 Aug. 1658 ; died 21 
:\larch 1671-2, a3t. 35; bur. at 
Langtoft the same day. 

(.t? .'1 ,9an/. Jo •'•i':i>\' . -;•! ;t 

•)- .i,.,l, 

:.:;n'r \j ^^ i\l :uu^ 


'J .'. 

■ ■' -■',■'■[! ! ;,, '. .' ''; ■( ', • ' ■ 



,:•';].,' ' /rt.T ' 

•ri: ; 


;1. .1 

Ml ••.. ,'.:)(; : >' 




William Ilvdo of Laiifrtnft, born 2, bapt.^pJudith, dau. and heir of Alban Pij,'- 
6 Jan. lG:.0-()Oat North Lnnonhain ; died ?ott of Hatford, l-.eiks ; died 12, 
P, bur. 11 May 1703 at Langtoft ; the , bar. 1-1 Sept. ITuii at Langtofr, a't. 
register there says born 20 Jan.^lC50-G0. | -i3. Will dated IS May 1700. 

James Piirgolt ITvde, born 
10, bapt."28 Feb." IGS-j-C ; 
bur. at Langtoft 6 Nov. 

William IIydeof=Elizabeth, only dau. of Sir 

Langt<ift, born John Dugdale, Novroy King- 

at Stamford 20, at-Anns ; widow of Thomas 

bapt. 27 Nov. Skeffington of Skcnington, 

1684 at Lang- Leicester ; mar. in or about — 

toft; died?) ]^1 ay iLuvh 1712-1:5; died at En- Humphrey Hyde, bapt. at 

1719, Kt. 35, fields 23 April 1739, ret. G4 Langtoft 15 June 1G87 ; 

s.p. ; bur. at (some say a^t. G6) ; bur. at died s.p. AVill dated 23 

Langtoft. Langtoft. April 1727. 

I I I 

^Mary, bapt. 23 Sept. Anne, bapt. at Langtoft 2G 

1688; bur. at T>ang- June 1G91 ; mar. Thomas 

toft 13 June IG'JO. Vivian, Clerk of ye Chan- 

— eery ; had issue Thomas 

Judith, bapt. 12 June, Vivian, Eecorder of Lincoln. 

bur. 29 July 1690 at =t= 

Langtoft. /jv. 

Rachel, bapt. 19 Feb. 
1G02-3 ; bur. at l^angtoft 
11 ]\Iay 1709 ; the register 
says ilay 1707. 

Mary, bapt. at Langtoft 2 
or 3 May 1G95; died unmar. 

I I I 

Humplirey Hyde, Clerk, liec-=rJudith, dau. of Red- John Hyde, born at Langtoft 

tor of Dowsby ; born at 
Langtoft 2 J^an. 16G2-3 ; 
B.A. 1G81, M.A. 1GS5; Fel- 
low of Magdalen College, 
Cambridge ; bur. at Dowsby 
30 April 1727. 

mayne Burrell of 6 Nov. 1GG4. 

Dowsby, CO. Lincoln; — 

bapt. at All Saints, ^lavy, born 3 Jan. 1G65-6 ; 

Stamford, 20 April according to some authorities 

1G73; bur. at Dows- born 30 Feb. lGG5-<') ; bur. 

by 9 Nov. 1706. at Langtoft 5 Oct. 1G71. 

William Hyde, Clerk, A.]\L, Vicar of Long Sutton ;=f=Philippa, dau. of John 

bapt. at Dowsby 1 Feb. 1697-8 : of :Magdalen College, 
Cambridge, B.A. 1719, M.A. 1723 ; died 12 July 1735, 
a3t. 37 ; bur. at Sutton. 

Wake, Clerk ; bur. at 
St. Mary, Stamford, 28 
Oct.. 1763. 

I I 

Anne, dau. and coheir ; mar. at Philipi)a, dan. and coheir; mar. at St. Mary's 
St. Mary's in Stamford, 20 Dec. (or St. MichacKs, see p. 52G), in Stamford, 14 
1754, Rev. Brownlow Toller. Aug. 17G0, James Hurst, Esq., Ma3'or of Stam- 
ford 17C8. 

Humphrey TTyde, Clerk, Rector of Little Caster-=pMary,dau. Thomas Hyde, 

ton, CO. Rutland ; liapt. at W<jst Deepini: 1 Aug. i of Gilbert bapt. at Dows- 

1701 ; died 17, bur. 19 March 1754 Itt Little .... by 20 Nov, 

Casterton, act. 52. 1703. 

! ^ 

li' ' :iU:A 


.. ;.,! J, 

. 1 L . «. l; .'i /. Lu 


.1'. 1. 1 .- 




ITiini)iliit.'y Hvde, Clerk.-f 
IJcctov of Di'wsby, Yicar 
ofBounic (17(10—1 807); 
bapt. ui l>o\Y*by 14 Feb. 
]7;^>7-.S : oi' Queen's Col- 
legi-% L'ambi'iJ^'i.-, B.A. 
17 GO, :M.A. 177-1 ; died 
18, bur, 23 J;\n. 1807 at 
DcuYsby. Kt. 70. Will 
dated it; .Ian. 18U7. 


Katharine, (Mily dau. Mary, V)apt. at JudiLb, l)apt. 

and heir of .lohn Dowsi^ylOOct. at Dowsby 2 

Hyde of r.uuriic, fjur- 17o'.) ; diid 2, ]\Iar. 17-tl-2; 

treon (descended from bur. G Feb. bur. od .June 

Ilyde of Thrcckino:- 181 1 at Dows- 17-12. 

i.\-, ioi. 7-"^. 

haul), by Aiii'.c, dau. 
of William Ives of 
r>ourne; widow of Wil- 
liam Hussey ; juar. at 
Bourne 4 Sept. 17i"'G ; 
died 1], bur. 14 :\lav 
1790, xt. 'JG. 

Sarah, bapt. 28 
Oct.l 740; died 
IG, bur. IS 
Jan. 1740-41 
at Dowsby. 

bapt. at 
Dow.sby 15 
June 17 lo ; 
bur. 14 Oct. 

John llyde, Clerk, Minor 
Canon of Peterboroui^h ; 
bapt. at Bourne 22 July 
17G7 ; died 9 Feb. 1803, 
s.p. (inarii;in of regi.ster). 

Catharine, dau. and heir, ba|it. at Bourne 20 ]\ray 
1773; mar. there, 28 July 179G, James Digby of 
Bourne ; died 29 Feb. 183G, njt. G3, s.p. : l)ur. there 
8 March foUowinii:. Will dated 2") May 183.5; proved 
(C.P.C.) 9 ^lay TsSG. Pie was bur. 12 Xwj;. ISll. 

!Mary, bapt. 
at Ijangtofc 
mar. Samuel 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
Dowsby 5 Feb. 
1C98-9; bur. at 
L;ing-toft 2 July 

Su.'^auna, bapt. at Dows- 
by 21 March IG99-17O0; 
mar. there. 9 April 1728, 
"William Hardy of Wis- 
bech St. ]\Iary's. 

Judith, mar, at Byhall. 
4 Xov. 1722, Richard 
Grene, Rector of Little 
Casterton ; bur. there 
2 July 1735. 


Jhisolt^^by of #i5|)tiDft. 

[Foster's " Alumni O.xonienses." Lincoln Wills.] 

:Anthony Inp:old.<by of Bucks, matriculated=Dorcas, dau. of Rev, 
at Clirist Ciiurch,'0.\ou, 20 Xov, ].58n, ajt. F/r. Bulkelcy ; mar. 
20 ; Rector of Fishtoft 158G. Will dated lie. 10 Dec. 1598. 
22 April, proved 17 Oct. 1G27. 2nd wife. 

William Ingoldsby of=pAnne, 
Friestou, gent. Will dau, 
dated 28 Aug., proved of 
4 Oct. 1C2G. i . . . . 

Anthony Ingoldsby of Fishtoft,Clerk,=[=Esther, dau. 
Rector of Toft-by-Xewton ; matricu- j of Ralph 
lated Christ Church, O.von, 10 Xov. ' Towneraw 
1G15, a.>t. 20. Will dated 19 Feb., , of Ashby. 
proved 19 :\Iarch 1G32-3. \ 

John Ingoldsby, 1G2G; liv- 
ing 1C37, 

Grace. Will dated 11 Jan., 
proved 7 March 1G37-8. 

Tabitlia, living 1G37; mar. 
Richai-d Hall of Fries ton. 

Martha, living 1G37; mar. 
John Pisht'V of Friestou. 


Anthony In- 
tioJicd in 
will 1G27. 

[The a\xj\e family possibly came from the Tngoldsbys of Lcthenborougb, co. Bucks. — A. R. M.] 

,^:i VI 


■ 1 !.'^/-.( I 

•yi! :;t^:!»f ,^,^'. 


.flj.l ■ ' 

i' A ■ 

^f I .,(• 

.1 ■•' :' ..:ii iM'ji) ^r.-c-ji^K/.-v:.^ /_!(i:.r\ fi,yU: j:(Tl 



):nfjram of 3$ucluiaIL 

John Ingram of Bucknall. Will dated Dec. 155rv,-- 
provod 20 Ang. ir>.")8; (to be) l.ur. in St. Anne's 
Chapel in the Cross Aisle of the Quire ef l.iiicolu 

John Ingram of nr.cknall. Will^-^^Iarv, dau. of Elizabeth, mar. A dan., mar. 

dated '20 'Mny, proved 27 An^r. 
1682 and 3 ilay loST.' 

; living Thomas Ilodg- Xichulas 
1582. son. Pitcher. 

John Ingram of Bucknall, ex'or to his=f^]\rary, dau. of William Ingram, Alice, 
father; bur, there 27 Feb. lG20-i. ...'.; iivin<r ex'or tohis father. 
Adm'ou 15 May 162-i. M June 1644. Jane. 

Robert Ingram, citizen and ironmonger of London. AVill dated=i=]\Iary, dau. of 
14 June, proved lu Dec. 1G44. 

Elizabeth Chamberlain =Sir Arthur Ingram, Knt., bapt. at=j=Anne, dau. of . . . .; 
of St. ]\Iar3''s Under- Buckuan2U April 1G17; knighted died 29 ]\[arch, bur. 
shaft; mar. at Sr. Dionis 5 Xov. 1664; bur. in church of \ 8 April 1702 in St. 
Backchurch 10 Feb. St. Dionis Backchurch, London, | Dionis Backchurch. 
1G56-7; bur. 29 March 21 Sept. 1G81. Will dated 28 ! 2nd wife. 
1C59. 1st wile. Feb. 1C79-80 ; proved 1G81. 

Ptobert Ingram, bur. in St. Dionis Back- Arthur Ingram, bur. in St. Dionis 
church 18 June 1744. Backchurcli 8 June 1749. 

Rowland Ingram. Adm'on= 
given to his widow 1G93. of 

dau. John Ingram, citizen and=pAnne, dau. of 
Alderman of Loudon. .... Gale. 

A dau., mar. Captain Perry. Robert Ingram^pTheodosia, dau. of ... . Gascoigne. 

Robert Ingram, Fellow of=f=Katherinc, Theodosia, mar. Tho- Sarah=f=Sir Cuth- 
Ciirist's College, Cam- i dau. of,... mas >bieke of Colling- ! bert S!iaf- 

bridge; died 3 Aug. 1604. Acklom. ham and Beverley. to, Knt. 

Robert Acklom Ingram, Fellow of Queens'=^]\raria,dau. of . . 

College, Cambridge. Will dated -J Ajnil 1808. 



* Adm'on of his gfx>ds v/as grantcl ou 27 Aug. 1582, but probate not till .3 May liJS7, on 
account of tlie ei'oi^ lacing under aee. 

f'riS --t;;!!^ 1 ■ h 'i( li 

■r.[ li^]i: 01 lu: 




■ .:;:;(. '\ i 

vl'.,! •■.•;;:. >• lU .■^;.T:,i;l.:■■v;>T,:l•);;.••i.. 
.■i:■{ V ' LMfij i. o L iW\:\:\-i 

K.) . . . !o .•' 

!; r=i.... 

VC'^.1 ;i ;(.!.[/;'), rx;;;! ,.iji:!! A 

r >.-c I .;iv.^ 

! ' 

-^ I 


Robert Tnuraiii, Malili];r^~. , . . Kobin- I'owlnnd-pMary, Sai'ali, mar. Ca|)- 


Callu'ii no, inar. 
.1. ' '^nson. 

sou cil'C'litlie- liiyrain. ilau. tain Corscllis. 
roe Castle. cC. ... — 

; A\- ^larv, mar. llev. 
I Kton. IT. Keinjisoii. 

Arthur. fie.M-ge Sii>anna=pW. E. Mussoii. 

Robinson. Roliinsoii. /fs 

Rev. l\>laval Ingram, Rector 
of Great Oakley. 

[NoTK. — 'J'hc .nbovo pedigree is taTcen fioni a MS. loft by the late Cniion Nevile of Lincoln. 
I c.Tunot vfuuli for the .icciuacv of all the iletail>. — A. li. >I."i 

Arms. — Sdhic, a chorron. engraik'l or beiu'ecn Hirer doves argent. 

Joiiu Ion of^AniK', dan, of ... . Rayner of East Draytou, co. 
liavrow and j Notts ; living ]570; remar. Ormiind Hill of 
ofRami:iton, I Tlioriiton-oii-Huiiiber, whose will was dated 19 
CO. Notts. Aug. 1570, proved 2 April 1571. 

Gregory Ion of Fil!ingham,ex'or to stepfatber Ormund=j=Ciee]y, dau. of John Brox- 
IliirioVl ; an unsucce<sfnl candidate for t'.ie Recorder- i holme of " Loug Kirtoii " 
ship of Lincoln 3 Nov. 1572, but appointed Counsel { (ratherLongOwcrsby); died 
for the city at an annnal fee of £10; died C April j 13 Feb. 1. 1)80-81 ; bur. at 
20 Eliz., 15711 ; bur. at St. Mary Wigford, Lincoln. i .St. Mary "W'igford, Lincoln. 

\\ \ I I 

William Ion, John Ion of P>arrow,J.P. loilS; Anne, mar. John ]\rargaret,mar. 

died s. p. died s. p. AVill dated 8 April AVelcome of Lin- Anthony L-e- 
— 35Eliz., 1593; proved (C.P.C.) coin. Will dated landof Filling- 
Gregory Ion, yo April IGll ; (to be) bur. 1 March loSI'-CtO; ham. 
died s. p. at Barrow. (Adm'on " jien- proved 13 i\Iay 
dente lite" 20 Oct. IGll.) 1590. 

Thomas, son of Piuland Ion, Clerk, bapt. at Aswardby IS March 1G26-7. 

}:rbj) of (!5ost)trton. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' Colkge. Hail. MS. ] 550. Thumpson's " History of 
Boston," jip. 301—98.] 

A RM s. — A rijfiii, frellij aa hlc. 

Ro])(jrt Irbyof^— . . . . dau. of ]Ierl;"rt Flinton by his wife . . 

I rby-on- 11 um- 
ber (?). 

dau. and coheir of Sir AValtor de la Lynde, 
Knt., Lord of Laceby. 


• .j'> 

..).' '- :> .. .^ -, V 

\{.h I 

■I' ':» : Ot"> •■ • ■'-;.:'l-. '.'<:) ill I i. tl. 


! :',ij. ]/ ■<. ri;-!..^.><-: .1. :;:■( ,.rf-f'' , /^I [.ui:;!' "JI 'ti; r;i)t< .JiijaU); 

i-.n >: ! .0, 



Li:\coi.xsiiiiu: tedigkeks. 


Robert Irby-rpJauo, tlau. ol" Sir John T.owaiinm, Kut. 

iH'iineL Irby=r. . . . diui. of Sir .John Gain-by. l\nt. 

Robert Irbvn 

dnn. of Jolm Hansard. .fulin Irbv 

. (Ian. of ... . Brouiili. 

Robert Irby^Joan, dau. of Robert (Thomas') Thim- Antlmny Aliee, mar. Rich- 
bleby of PooUiani-by-Horncasrle. Irby. ard Qnadring. 

Anthony Irbv of Gosberton. died 21— Alice, dau. of John P.onn- Thomas Irby, 

June lbh-2. "Will dated 20 April 
2 Edu-ard YL, loiS. 

tayp.e (or Bunting); died died s.ji 
1 bb'i 

John Irbv, 1st son, Lord=Rose. dau. Leonard Irby.— Anne. dan. of C!iarlt'.s 

of the ^ianor of Leisrh- of Cutler 2nd son, M.P. : Knevitt;sisterofRich- 

thorpe in Cawthorpe and (? Cuth- for Boston j ard Knevittof Prince- 

of lauds in Reston, Sutter- bert) 1552, 1554— i thorpc, co. Warwick; 

ton, and Bicker; died 10 Overton. 1557,1503. Uvidow of Nicholas 

April 1553. I Robinson. 

I I 

Edmund Irby, died s.p. Alice, mar Gates. 

I i I I 

Edrnuud Iiby,^ Elizabeth, Thomas Irby of=f^Eh'zabeth, dau. and Odes Irby, 

3rd sou, s.p. dau. of \Yhaplode, 4th coheir of Thomas died s.p. 
Adm'on 13 .... son ; bur. there Serjeant of ^Moul- — 

May 1563. Bright- 30 April 1561. ton (some say Se- Edward 

man; liv- Adm'on May grave); adm'ix Irby, died 

ing 1563. 1573. 



Anthony Irbv=f=Aliee, dau. of Audrey, mar.. 

of Wha])lode 
and Moulton, 
lands in iloul- 
tou 13 Oct. 
1538 (?); bur. 
at Whajjlode 6 
Oct. 1625. 

Thomas Welby 22 Apri 
of Moulton ; ' 1560, Tiio 
widow of ... . 
■"I'ash ; mar. at 22 
Dec. 1575 ; bur. 
there 21 Aj^ril 

mas Tt-rril. 


mar., 25 June 30 May 

1565, John 1588. 


Anne. mar. Beatrice, mar. at 
at Whap- Whaplode 3 Aug. 
lode, 26 1586 ; bur. at 

Sept. 1583, ]\Ioulton 30 Dec. 
Simon 15138. 

Eger; bur. = 

George Walcot, 
dead in 1598. 

Sir Anthony Ir-— Elizabeth, dan. of Sir Thomas=Anne,dau.ofSir Daniel 

Dunn, Knt., of St. 
Ikitolpii's, Aldersgate, 
blaster of H.:M. Court 
of Recjuests ; mar. lie. 
3o ^^lay 1609 ; remar. 
Iknry Dawtry, 

by, Knt., bapt. 
9* Jan. 1576-7; 
knighted 1603. 


Juhn }\-yton, Bart., of Irby, bapt 
I.-elham, CO. Cambridge; 5 March 
mar. Feb. 1602-3. 1579-80 ; 

of liin- 
culnV; Din 

Burke's " Peerage and Baronetage," 
sub " Boston." 

b; c 

.h'.'A ,y(' Mi..'.' -m' 1. ■'.: 


■■ ' a:v.U -rv.Ml iiiM. 


.'-■);.L , 

, ■■') 

.:■ '..I !(;; ; '^a 

: I 

I. .,". I 




'-|-;,.t I 





B I C 

Leonard Irby, KoiU'lin Irby, I'apt. Alice, twin with AiiiK' ; Anne, mar. llo- 

bai>t. 27 June 1 8rpl. 1.".83 : bur. bapt. ;> .Ian. I08I-0 ; bert lialainy of 

K>82. at, Whaplodo 21" mar. Sir Francis South, tlic Isle of Ely. 

Dec. 1585. Kill., of l\oli<iorn. 

Keiieha Irby^Mary, ^Nfargarct, mar. Henry Jane, mar. Rose, mar. 1st Juhu 
of Suttertou, dau. I)eatli ol" Gosbertoii. William P)o11g of (losbertoii ; 

of — Bennett of 2ndly lln^'h Brady. 

.... Catherine, mar. Tho- Algarkirk. — 

mas Peari^on. Dorothy, mar. John 


gent.* Will 
dated 8 Jan., 
proved 2o 
Feb. 1584-5. 

A son (not named in the will). Mande. 

[Note.— This jiodifrree i^ most unsatisfactory. The cnrly jiart is vcrv doubtful. Most 
protjably the family derived its name from Irby-on-Humber. not Irby-by-Burgh. The pedigree 
is entered in the Vifitation of 1562 under the name of Carby. — A. R. M.] 

Yivh}) of ^nittcrton. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
William Irby of Sutterton.=p 

Joim Irby of Satterton=pKatherinc, dau. of Richard Ani^'ers of Cambridge. 

Anthony Irby. AVill dated 24 April, proYed= Elizabeth, dau. of Anne, mar. 

2 ]\Iay IG08 by Edward Goddard of London, .... (enceinte in Francis 

clerk. 1638). Parratt. 

[Note. — This scrap of pedigree was not in the copy. — A. R. M.] 

I-rtmonscr of 33ootpj> in UJBtlton. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
William Iremonjjer of Chattle Hill. 

James Iremonger of Buothby 1C34, 2nd=Eleanor, dau. of Robert Wiugfield of co. 
son. Worcester. 

* This Keuclm Irby is not named in the Visitation pcfligrcc. His will is in the Lincoln 
Probate Office. 

M) i:' V /. 

. • .. .. ,) ^^l'.] 

.-■■■'. JV' 

1/ .a / 

!.9^9(:..) .MV...H j 

,i:i\.. t/f t- 

;mi /iii!;uoJl ' 

/' ..iJ :'ii) 111 .. i'.:*t t If ,'r.»i:i'!l'k'j ti..-'! : i'' •• >: nl 


l.INCOLNSIlllir:; I'liDIGHI^ES. 

3:rou^roc of ftun 0nmh^. 

[Uarl. ,MSS. \\-:,\,] 
Williaiji Irou>idi?.=F 

Richard Ironside of'-^Agncs, d;ui. of Gilbert Orinsliy, 

Nun Onnsby. 

son of Arthur Ormsbj. 

William Ironside. =^ 

John Ironside. 

Agnes, heiress, mar. Henry Ingleby, 

M)tll oi 23ratoft. 

[MS. C. 2.% Heralds' College. Willis MS., W y/j.'] 

Arms. — A)r/cnf,a cross cnDvcilcd ^flory hcfwccii four Cornish choughs sabk, leaked 

and legged gides. 

Geoffrey Ithell of Tu2;by, co. Leicester ; bur. 

there 11 ]\Iarch 1.597-8 (see "Visitation of 
Cambridgeshire," Harl. Soc.,Yol. XLI., p. 02.) 

dau. of 

Leonard'll,Rec-==]^Iildred, dan. of .... Geofi'rey Ithell, Xeele, bapt. at Tug- 
tor of Bratoft lGo4. ; Dittuu of Coningsby; bur. at Tnu^by by ]'J Feb. 1574-5. 
Will dated 21 Aug., widow of .... Ciiain- 27 April 1588. — 
proved 1 Oct. 1C34. ■. berlain; mar. atSpils- Jane, bapt. at Tngby 
I by 28 Dec. 1594. - 31 Jan. 1575-G. 

Richard Ithell of Bratoft, devi-=pPrudence, dau. John Ithell of Lon- Elizabeth, 

see of land in Coningsby from of William don, 2nd son ; un- mar. Wil- 

Jobn (? Ditton) of Boston, mer- Westland of dcr 18, 19 Xov. liamDayof 

chant, 19 Xov. 1G14. Leverton. ICl-i. Gunby.' 

Priscilla, fct. 10, 1634. 

^enltin^on of ^outijrcj^ \\\ ISartinrj^- 

[ilS. C. 23, Heralds' College. "Visitation of Xorthamptonshire," 15G1, J<J1.^-19.J 

Anthony .lenkinson, purchased manor and advowson: 
of Sywcll, CO. Xorthampton. Will dated 13 Xov. 
ICIO; proved 8 March IGlu-ll. a 

d.. r: 

;i:i3;{;:ni:i'f ;• 

[J6..;i .!..; [ r^.h'. Au.ii] 


,','.'' !i 

;,. I 

■/ ! 

A -,. .. 
■ ■■:*.:: . /•:•• 


A 1,1! 



,MI '. /liOil III/. 
• "to 





Ilcnry Jcnkinson of Teigli, co. rauhinLl.-^^rargar(.'t, dau. of. ... ; adm'ix of bcr 
Adni'on I June IGll. husband IGli. 

Henry -Tcnkinson- 
of Sywcll, heir of 
his grandfather ; 
under age IGlO. 

Katliarine, living Alice, living 

IGIO; mar. John IGl'J; niar.'L ho- 

Xewportof Wcltou, mas Aprice 

CO. Northampton. (? Aprcece). 


"William Jenkinson of Southrev 1G34.t= 

^laryjiving IGIO. 

TiUcy, living IGIO; 
mar "Wilson. 

Philip Jenkinson, 1st son. fMward Jenkinson, 2nd son. Mary. Frances. 

• [MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Lincoln Wills.] 

Arms (" Union of Honour"). — " Azure, a /esse vcinj and in chief three estoiles or.'' 
Jenkinson, descended from Norfolk. . . 

Faith, dau. of= 
Fdnnind Yar- 
borough of 
Lincolu. 1st 

Henry Jenkinson of Easfc- 
Wvkehara and Lincoln. 
"Will dated 10 Oct. IGOl ; 
proved 19 March 1G09-10. 

-Mary, dau. of Thomas Tirrington of 
Gosberton ; widow of Edward Bruekles- 
by of Heckiugron ; mar. at Hecking- 
ton 2 May 1594. 2nd wife. 

Kobert Jen-- 
kinson of 
Louth. Will 
dated 22 
May, proved 
20 July 

=]\rary, dau. and coheir of 
Gervase Bellamy of Ket- 
tlediorpe ; widow of Ger- 
vase Sibthorp of Lane- 
ham in CO. Notts ; mar. at 
Croxbv 17 April 1G27. 
Will dated 18 June 1652, 
then "of East Wykeham, 

Henry Jenkinson 
of Welton-by- 
Louth. Will dated 
3 March 1642-3 ; 
proved 1 July 
1643 by "William 
Cooke of Wei ton, 

Philip Jenkinson. 

1 1 

^larv, mar. 



John Smith 
of L'ford. 




mar. Tho- 
mas ^lickle- 
thwaite of 


Henry J'likiiison of=p 
East Wyktham, son 
and heir 1G34. Will 
dated G July ] n^a ; 
proved 1 5 J une 1702 ; 
makes his brother 
Robert ex'or. a 

Robert Jenkinson 
of East Wykeham, 
2nd Sun. Will dated 
5 Dec. 1701; i>roved 
15 June 1702 ; 
makes his brother 
Henry ex'or. 

J"hn Jenkinson of: 
Munton, y(jungest 
S"n, under age in 
1602. Will dated 
Feb. 1680-81 ; 
proved 5 Sept. 1 681; 







.nr/r. .•,:,!;. 

-iU V- 

'.M-r: ,;,._'r 

I. -n>;^ :.r;-: 

■ v,;. ( 

:d }f: 

\'..A- ,•. 


•I'j >•) 

/i ■' 


. ., . <V 

« A 




Robert Jenkinsoii* of East Wykehain, Ist^Katheriue, dau. of John 
soil, died ao Oct. 17i'7, ivt. 07 : bur. at Sr. ; Smith of Snellaud ; bora 
Fetei--at-Arches. Will dated IH July iTiMJ ;; Ib'OG ; mar. 1(>87 ; died 
proved 13 June 17 J8 ; leaves his manor of I 10 Oct. 1725. a^t, bd \ >uv.c: 
\\ eltun-cum-Grainthorpc, land in Kecpiiain, { bur. at St. Peter-at- Arches' 1701 
lea.NC 111 St. Swulnii .s, etc. Liiiculu. 


AVilliam Smith = l!ebecca, 

Jeiikinsuii,died daii.of. . ..; 

10 July 1717, bur. at St. 

a3t. 2(5 ; bur. Peter-at- 

iit St. Peter-aL- Arches 23 

Arches, Lin- April 17o3, 

coin. a3t. 45. 

Francis Smith Philip Jeukinson,=pElizabeth, 

bapt, at St. 
Lincoln, 13 
Aug., bur. 
Sept. It; 9 8. 

bapt. at St. Swi- 
thin's, Lincoln, 7 
Sept. 1701 ; died 1 
Aug. 1720, ;ct. 27; 
bur. at St. Peter- 

dan. of 
; liv- 
ing 172C. 

Catherine, dead before 1760 ; bur. at St. Peter-at-Archcs, a3t. ?>i 

Robert -lenkin- 
son, bur. at St. 
Swithin's 3 
Sept. 1701. 

John Jeiikinsonr^Frances, dan. of Thomas Thoro- Elizabeth, 

of East AVyke- ; ton of Screvetoii, Notts ; mar. 172G. 
ham and Lin- ; at South Carlton 10 Dec. 1716 ; — 

coin 1716; liv- ; bur. at Haiutou 2 June 1732, Frances, 

ing 1726. i a3t. 40. 1726. 

John Jenkinson of East Wykcham. Will dated=Emcrentiana, dan. of 
28 Oct. 1752 ; proved 5 Jan. 1754. . . . • ex'tris. 

son, alive 
in 1698, 
not in 


\\ illiam Jenkinson,: 

dead in 1701 ; men- 
tioned in his uncle 
John Jenkinsou's 
will 1681. 

Broxholme Jenkinson, youngest son 1701 ; died 
•26 Oct. 1730, a3t. 56 ; bur.atSt.Peter-at-Arches. 

^lartha, mar. John Bradley of Lincoln ; died 
18 June 1707, xt. 35 ; bur. at St Martin's, 

WilHam Jenkinson, called " son of ray nephew^(?) Jane, dau. of .... ; bur. at 
William Jenkinson, dec," in Robert Jenkinsou's I l^anfftou-bv -Wra^bv 14 Feb 
M-ill 1701. 1705. ' - ^ 

William Jenkinson, died 6 Dec. 1726, a3t. 9 ; bur. at Langton. 

William Jenkinson of Lincoln, gent., widower, and Mary Curtise of Hncknall 
Torkard, co. Notts ; mar. bond lo Oct. 1690. 

* Robert Jenkins :.n mentions in bis will his frranddaucjhter JIartba Jenkinson, but does not 
say of which of his sons she is the daui^hter. 

■■••.■'/ 1 

.u€ jr.s 

1 •■ 

■.. ' I ■ 'J 

,-i ^.;i";.I h: J ail ; '^ 
;'i!j /iiii^ 1)1'. 

.:■ ) h>ib ,noaiiv(a?l. "-■■''^V^ 

1,1 1.. fK 

■f- I . ■ .,• 1." 1 .'li ,1'. I '■ •.'!:, 



5Jtn}it[> i:if SXitotsljall (jiocue SXiuititoIjall), 
CO. g^iiffoll., anlD ?L}ornraotlr. 

[" Visitation of Liucoliishiic, l.')Gi\" ''Visitation of Xoiiolk," llarl. Sue, 
Vol. XXXIl., pp. u;9— 72.] 

.Ar^!>'^. — AVw;/.','/', a hcnd rotised guJos. 
Edauiml Jeuney of Knotsall, co. Suflolk.^ 

"William Jenney of Knotsall, co. Snflolk.^ 

Juini Jenney of Knotsall, co. Suffolk ;==!\ran(le, dan. and heir of . . 
bur. there. Bokyll. 

Buckells or 

Sir William Jennoy, Kut., Judge of the=pElizabeth, dan. of Thomas Cawse ; widow 
King's Bench. of ... . Calthorp, 

Sir Edmund Jen-=f=K;it-Iicrine, Richard Jen- ]\rargaret, mar. Eleanor, mar. 

ney, Knt. (by 
some called Sir 

dan. and heir ney. Christo])lier, ]st; Sir Ro- 
of Sir Roger — Lord "Willough- bert Brewer, 
(or Rol^ert) Xicholas Jen- by. 2ndly Sir Ro- 
Boyes. ney. bert Fines. 

John=pIvatherine, Anne, mar. Tho- Elizabeth, Rose. Jlargaret, 

3rd son. 

dan. and heir mas Billingford mar. Richard 
of AVilliam of Blackfordhall, LiUlebury of 
Fillet t. CO. Xorfolk. Stainsby.' 




Edmund Jenney. William Jenuey=f=Anne, dan. of John Littlebury of Hag- 


John Jenney of=f=Rose, dan. of John Langton of Langton; Ilumjihry Thomas 
llorncastle. mar. at Horncastle 7 Oct. 1583. Jeuney. Jenney. 

John Jeuney, bapt. at IForncastle 19 Sept. 1585. 

"William^. . . . dan. of Sir Sir Ciiristoplier Jenney, Knt.,=f:Eli/.abeth, dau. of 

1st son. 

William Warren, 2ud son. Judge of the Commun 
Kut., and his heir. Fleas 30 June 1538. 

William Eyre of 
F>ury St. Edmunds. 

Francis^^Iargaret, dau. Edmund John Jenney ,-=pElizabeth, George Jen- 

Jenney. of Sir Robert Jenney 
Feyton, Knt., 
of Iselham, co 


1st son and dau. of Ro- St. 
heir. bertSpringe. ]\Iary-!e-Wig- 

ford. Lincoln, 
William Jeuney. 18Aprill578. 

•I »:-?[•>:/- :/rf .... ■(.. v'.l Jfv 

V ! .V ;;!:;•/:/;') 

\ ,: "•■( 

.■M,t(t. ,'.'r^J^ 

.. if ■;•., nin'-j'tiifA .ti 

.VJias .>l. hij; 

, V'.'j; ;;•>' 

>;■; r:^^! it: .Ki-^vjni'ioT. i/tiol, 

/••111' " ;i;/,il.i ti 


A I 

AVi Ilia m. Ten - 
"fj, liviiii^r 

inOJ-r. anrl 
2 June 1008. 

LINC0LX;s]|1j:k n-BlGRlTES. 

Cliristophor .J(2m)oy of Tlio- 
borton, co. SiUUk, lacvcd 
Ins brother's will ];5 .^r;lv• 
IGOo.-s.p. 'Will dated i> June 
J<''l'^ ; i-roved (e.l'.C.) •';3 
April IClO: (to bo) Imr. at 
Tiielx'iiuii, CO. Suljolk. 

ArtJiurJenneyofKnoa-^EIev, dan 
dosha]], CO. Sulfulk. • 

\\ili dated 10 Marcli 
IC'Oi-:,: proved (0. P.O.) 

1.:) .A[ay l(]u.-,; (to he) 
biir. at; Knoddeshall. 

Praiicis=^An„e, dan. and colieir of Ocor-e 
Jenney, i Eeade ; niarria-e settlement 
dated 25 May 28 Eliz., loSG • 
remar. William Jenuey ; Jivin<^ 
10 Marcli 10(14-5. ^ 

1st son, 
died s. p. 

of George 
liani of 8o- 
CO. Sik- 

George Jenncv,2ud 
son, proved" Lis 
father's will 13 
^lay 1C05 ; living 
IS May 160'J. 

Arthur .Jcn- 
ney, .3rd son, 
living 2 June 

Arthur Jenney, living 10 March 1G04-5 and 2 June 1G08. 

Francis Jen- 
ney, -itli son, 
Jiving 2 June 

bara, mar. 

mar. "Wil- 
liam Ram- 

J)orotl]y,.grd dan., un- 
der age 2 June 1008. 

Margaret, 4tli dau. 

Anne, 5tli dau., 

underage 2 June 

Edmund Jenney, 
Jiving 10 Marcli 
1604-5 ; proved 
bis ]>rother Chris- 
topher's will 23 
April IGKJ. 

Thomas Jenney, liv- 
ing 2 June 1G08. 

• • • . mar. . . 
Browne ; living 
June 1G08. 

. . . . mar. 
. . . . Sher- 
man ; liv- 
inc'2 June 

^^_KichardQuadring, gent., and Frances Jenney, mar 

• • . . mar 

Veysey, Parson mar! * 
of Ramsden Bel- 
house, CO. Essex; Smvtli. 
living 2 June 

at Gunl)y by lie. 8 June 

Scni)Son of Ectititntiton. 

[Harl. M.S. 1550.] 

ton, ^00. .-„,,,,. eo. ^Jl^'''^^^'^ b.^i^f ta^i^' ^'"'"- 

' '*5ee "Visitation of Xnrfolk." 

See " Visitation' of Xorfolk " 
Harl. Soc, Vol. XXX II., p. '1:2. 

CO. Xorfolk. ■ L'nd wiVe. 

Alice, mar. (leor'^e 
ileres of ^farkljy. 

I Anirevine 
of TheJ- 
3rd wife. 


li :3oiv'! 

nl V 

ii?') .'>•) 

".>i!v,. ■'. . .. . - -i'/ " '•'•'■' 

It I If: .Ai'ii'.'- 



LINCOLN'S HI 111: rj-.DIGllEKS. 


James Joiiyson^Ellen, dan. of .... ll'ilnu-? of XtTtli Francis J(?iiyson,^. . . . 

of Kc'cldingi.()n, ' iK'Stoii ; \vi\k'W IsL oi'lviclianl -Mctcitlfc bur. aL Tlialdlc- dan. 

4th son; linr. of Loulli Park, L'ndly ol" Xicln.lus Cniu- ihorpo in Hic of 

tlioreSO rilarch \ man ; mar. at, Kcddin^^ion 21 .Ian. Xnrtli (^iiirc of . . . . 

IMii^!. .\(lm'(.ii , i:.;il-2; adm'ix of lior ;)rd hnsl.iand in the Church of All 

2r» Ai>ril lb[)s. lo'j.s ; mar. lie, :."J ,luue 1M)'J, lo mar. . ..inis 12 .\larch 

I liobert JenLleul'CockoringLou St. Mary. 1G11-I2. j 

Robert Jonyson, hai)t. "William .Icnyson,ba])t. Judith. 
at Keddington 2it at lvoddin<]:Lon 2o May 
Sept. 151)4. ^ 1595. 

Robert Jenyson, l)ur. 
at A 1 ford G March 

gCS'^Up of i\C\)C^l)P. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' Colle-e.] 
Edmund Jessup of Colby .=p 

John Jessup of Revesby=j=Frances, dau. of Humphrey 

and Conin^'sby 1G34. 

Littlebury of Stainsby. 

John Jessup of Coningsby ;^Anne, dau. and coheir Catherine, mar Skeg- 

of Gray's Inn LS Xov. ICIG. 

of Ko]>ert Sandfurd of ness of Sausthorpc. 
Cliapcll, CO. Essex. 

I I ^ J I I , 

Robert Jessup, 1st AVilliam = Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Jolm Jessup, 3rd sou. 

son, (ot. 11, 1G34; Jessup Wolby ; bapt. at Alford — 

admitted Pensioner of Con- 12 Aug. 1C31 ; mar. lie. Elizabeth, 
at .St. John's Col- ingsljy, 8 July 1CG3, " to be mar- — 

lege, Cambridge, 2G 2ndsoii, ried at S. Dunstan's iu Anne,mar. at Coningsby, 

May 1G42. ^ 03t. 30 the West, London." 28 Aug. 1GC3, Nicholas 

inlGC3. Dymoke of Wood En- 


John Jessop, " senior," of Doningcon in Holland, yeoman. =p 
Will dated 3 April 1G74 ; proved 1G75. 

John Jessop, "junior." 


Alice, heiress. Will dated 25 Dec. 1742 ; proved 24 Jan. 1743-4: 




-■ ''■ ) 

.... : % ■ . ■ 

.f'''.*"ii r f-; t VI ., ■ ', i" i-Yw ■ . : I Tr .if.d ■^': 


]jNc:oLNsuirj: vrDininiES. 


golju^'on of iSilcvtijn 

Thomas Jdhnson of I'ilsl.y. ^'ciit., Lur. i'l Dec. ir.'JS.n-'.Iut^itli, cx'trix 

Will datcil IC. Nov. Ki'JS ; proved 8 ]^Iaix-h ICD.s-'J of her hus- 

(r.'v'.C.) -, Uavt's his lamls, etc., in Siitioii-in-thc- hami's will ; 

Mai'sli, ]\raiil)V, ]\lnnibv-i.'uin-('hapel, ]lou>iliori.o, adin'on of her 

Orby, TruMhJMpe, llua'uft, Bilsby, Tluul'v, "^Vell, --oils to Kar- 

]\ranthorpc, and ][aniiah-c;iini-llai^'naby to his nieee dolph Wast- 

Jiulith and her heirs, and in default Lo his son-iu- neys ITU.'J. 
law AVilliam Duncnmbe. 

Jndith John.son, bapt. = Sir llardolph 
1 2 Fob. 1 G81-r» at Bils- AVastneys, 
by; mar. there 3<i I'.art. ; died 
April Ul'.t'J. s.i>. 1742. 

Thomas Johnson, bai)t, 
7 Sei)t., bur. 9 Sept. 
1072 at Bilsby. 

joI)n^on oi Clajibp. 

[:\IS. C. -23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms I'espited in 1G;M. 

Piichard dohnson, Esq., of Claxby near Alford, co. Bin- 
coin, Bencher of the Middle 'i'emple. Will dated 1,') 
Sept. 1C07 ; proved 20 Feb. 1G07-S {V.C.G., G, "Winde- 
banke) ; leaves lands, etc., in Sloothby, Ilogsthorpe, 
and Claxby, and the manor of Percyhall ; names his 
cousins Robert Boswell, Alice l^illeslne, Samuel and 
Katherine Thorpe, Bobert and Elizabeth Crisall and 
John their son, and Robert Creswell. 

Judith, bapt. 2 
i\Iar. 1G7U-71 ; 
bur. 7 Dec. 

-Judith, dan. of 
Robert T 
Lincoln ; 
befoi'c 1 
lo8() ; I 
in 1G07. 





Catherine, dau.=f I-'^'^^^c Johnson, Esq., of the= 

of Thomas 
Johnson of Lon- 
don (see John- 
son OF Raith- 
by) ; dead in 
1C24. ] St wife. 

Middk- Temple, Councillor- 
at-Law ; ex'or of his 
father's will ; Patron of 
the Vicarage of Claxby in 
1GI4 ; signs the pedigree 
in the Visitation of 1G:J1 
by proxy ; bur. in Claxby 
Church (riWr his son's willj. 

. . . .* dan. of 
. ... of Fleet 
Street, London; 
widow of ... . 
ing 1G24. 

2 nd 

2. Richard Jolinson, 
living lGu7. 

Alice, wife of ... . 
Smart, both living 
in 1GU7. 


Katharine, dau. of=Thomas Johnson of Claxby and^Eli/.abeth, dau. Frances, 

(Roger) Deardsley Pinchbeck, Esq., son and heir, of Sir George mar 

fot. ]!) in IGol- ; died s.]>. Will Fit/.william of Deardsly; 

dated 1 ;3 Aug. IG'w ; jiroved 29 !^^ablelhltrl)e, bur. at 

Aug. 1GG8 (i'.C.C, 103, llene); Knr. ; ba])t. at Pinchbeck 

(to Ijc) l.'ur. in Claxby Church ; Bourne 28 Aug. 7 Sejit. 

leaves his lands between his IGIG; IG^l. 

cousins (ieorge Fiizwilliam anrl forelGGl. 2ud 

John Boswell equally ; names wiic. 

liis sister Frances JJcardsly. 

ofco. JCssexbyFran 
ces, eldest dau. of 
Sir Ptiehard 0[;le, 
Knt., of Pinchbeck. 
AVill datfd ]o Aug. 
lGo9 ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 2o July 
IGGO. 1st wife. 

* Tliis marria^'C is iu the i.edi^Mce in ^tl. L.-iikcii's cullcctioiis, but not in one supplied by 
Itev. C. W. Foster.— A. R. M. 

'' ■ ' 1 ■ 

^j4w •: 

•O .TU. 

..n-:' .,: . , ^\^\. 

.! .1. i.'ii;5 .l.M)? M.'iW /lllol, 

.f3^;H< I 

,^. I .1^ I .•.;:.([;■„, 




nc^on cif J'rtc^tcm fDall anti of 
?tlul3oroiirri), to, g^niffolh. 

Joliii .To!ni.-,oii-f-Aniie, daii. uf Edmund (ur Thdiiia.-) 'i'liiinblciliurpc 
of AVood Xor- of Foul&liaiu, cu. Noi'fulk ; widow of Tliouins An- 
ton, CO. Xorfolk. ?:nish of F<i;:' Iiani. 

Elizabeth,"-=pGeorge Johnson ofz 
dau. of ! Thwaitcinthe pai'ish 
of Wflton-le-Marsh; 
Chief Steward of the 
manor of Spalding 
temp. Phi!i[) ;tnd 

thorpe of 
Ist wife. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Quadring 
of liiiy ; widow ol" 
Thomas For sett 
of Bilsby. lind 

]^Iargaret, mar. Thomas 
lUundevill'j of Xevs'tou 
FloLman,co. Xorfulk ; 2ud 

Anne, mar. George Hriggs. 

Susan, mar. at "Welton, Amy, mar, 1st Richard ]\Iaddisoa of Trus- Dorothy, 
19 Xov. 15[)S, Christo- thorpe; 2ndly, at Trusthorpe, II Oct. IGoo, 
plier Dighton. Christopher Skegness. 

Henry John-- 
60U of Fries- 
ton Hall and 
of Ah;l- 
borough, 1st 
Bon, ffit. 19, 

of Anthony 
Dighton of 
Winceby; mar. 
at Wekon 20 
Xov. 1598. 

Arthur John- Franeis John- 
son, 2nd son, son,livinglG16. 
bur. atFarles- — 

thorpe 24 
April 1G28. 

Owen Johnson. 

Gerard John- 

Aiuie, mar. 1st Tho- 
mas Cracroft of 
2udly Christopher 
Pahnor of Burgli- 

Francis Johnson of Aldborough,=pMary, dau. of Peter Pett 
sold Frieston Hall. | of Darweut, co. Kent. 

Sir Henry Johnson, Knt,, of Blackwall, ship-=p])orothy, dau. and heir Francis 

l»uilder, re-purcLased Frieston Hall; bur. in 
Po])lar Chapel, JJlackwall, X'^ov. 1GS3. 

of William Lord of ^fel- Johnson, 
ton, CO. Kent. 2nd son. 

Anne, dau. and=f:Sir Henry Johnson, Knt., of Draden-^^Martha, dau. and co- 
heir of Henry ham, co. bucks, and Frieston Hall, ^I.P. heir of John, 3rd Lord 
Smithson. 1st for Aldborough ; died 1 Oct. 1719. Lovelace; died s.p. 

vNife. i 1745. 2nd wife. 

Anno, heircss^-Thomas, 3rd i^ord Piaby, created Earl of Strafford 4 Sept. 171L 

. . . . Ist^Col. William Johnson, Governor-^Agneta, dau. of Angel Baron of Crov- 
wifc. I in-Chief in Africa; died 1718. di'n,eo.Surrey; BerkhampRteud, 

A B 2ud wife. 

rl'.'JrJi; . >ii;r /^ 

v;f;. •• '1 

■I r 

.i?i;o: .vo/ , ,t^( 

.•\ h^ .vt!!')^ :-i.'JnT]"i 


r;u i:o: :, t. -i :>.>.»-. 

■ . ,41., ., ,i,y...> 1 ,. 

.: : ; I .", V-. : f,-,<;fi, 

!-....'•..,,■,/,,{ ! 

. I ^ . • ..# 

;/. I. 
•U'J ; 


LlNCOl.NSlllKE ri:inGiiEKS. 

Eli/.al)ctli,=Sii' Richard ^lannina:- Cntlici'ine. Dorothy. Aone. 

died s ham of Chester, Kiit., mar. WW- — — 

July 1771, M.]>. ; died -Ji) ]\Iarcli liarn Loo. ^lary. Susanna. 
:et.*flO. 177)9, xL 7-i. 


TleniT J(^linson of Great Rerk-^. . . , dan. of. ... ; WiUiam Jolinson, Af^niota. 

l)aml)^.Lcad ; died ilay 17G(i, a3t. 

died Nov. 1784. 



Agneta, colicir.=f=IIou. Cliarles Yorke. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Azi're., on a chevron argent three pheons sable, in ran /on a si'n proper. 
Crest. — A cock argent, leaked and armed or, waitkd gides. 

Thomas Johnson of co. York. 

Thomas Johnson (if Tjondon and Podington, co. Middlesex, mereliant^.Mary, dan. 
tailor. Will dated 3 Sept. 1624 ; proved 28 Aug. 1626 (P.C.C., 107, of William 
Ilele) ; to be bur. iu the Church of St. l)nnstan-in-the-West, London ; Abraham 
leaves lands in Iver, co. Bucks, Last Ham, co. Lssex, a sixth pan of of Win- 
Thurll)y and Hnuufc Granges, co. Lincoln, lands, etc.. in Candlesby, ' grave, 
Sutton, Hogsthoi'[)e, Claxby, Pinchbeck, ^L^rsh, near Alford, Ptaithby, i P>ucks, 
Hundlel)y, and liie manor of Spalding, co. Lincoln, and stock in the ; gent.; dead 
Virginia Co. ; names his brother and sister Evereit, his brother | in 1624:. 
fiercer and sister Prudence ^Mercer, sistei' Rayner, godson John Ray- j 
ner, cousin ^Ir. George Johnson and his wife. 

1. AVilliam Jolin';i>n of= 
the Middl.' Tonij-lc, 
PairisttM', and '^>f I vi-i-, 
Bucks ; mai-. circa 17 
Jauics L ; living 1634. 

-^^lary. dan. of Samuel 
Coleman of iJrenc or 
Ihcntley, co. Suffolk, 
jjent. : liviim- 16:.^4. 

2. 'I'homas Johnson of- 
Sl. Giles, Holborn, Lon- 
don; mar. circa 20 J;imes 
]. ; leceives Virginia 
Stuck under his father's 




V -.[-i;;.!'.; 

■> ..'..''•^u:[i/. 

-Yu.l lir -I, 

> , ■^'.■ 

•It^r ;o^. *(^ ^<-lJ -i. ...;-'n!|T 

"?<• TMJt;'|f. i, ^-i-,;! <l 

', ./h.l/: -:!.. /,.<K::ir 

..i .n^'.r. 


3. rdcliai-a Johnson of K;ti(lihy, o..=pJoa,i, (Lui. of Elizabeth, widr.w of 

Luioohi, M.A., Clerk in Jloly j Kichaid Ornni Wri-hr of Kiist Ham in 

Urders ; si-ns the pediirivo in the ; of tiic C'itv of ir.->J 
Vishation of Lincolnshire, 16;-;-l. I Oxford. 

Joaue,aH.8 m Llizabeth, icL ;] William Katherine. 1- lizaheth AfaiLha 
"■'■ Wri-lit, 


ui 1\]U. 

., „ "T . — unddLM All under 21 in 1G24. 

tathenne, ;ef. Anne, a^t, 1-^ in inlO-24. 
5 in 1G34. IGol. 

Catherine mar Isaac John^^on, Esq.,of Claxhy, Mary, liv-^Christonher Fnllwood, 
CO. Lincoln, bcc Joiixsox of Claxby. ing 1G21. I Esq., livini^^ 1G24. 

1. George. i>. Awdley. Anne. Elizaljeth. .^larv. 

All living 1G24. 

[Thi^ pedigree has been fully worked up and printed in the ''Genealogist,' 
vol. i., lip. 105—15, by Everard Green, Esq., Rouge Dragon.] 

Sulj^an of Lincoln. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' C<;llege.] 

Arms (" Union of Honour ").—'• Arr/pnf, a Julinu cross sahk: 

John Julyan of=^. . . . dau. of ... . Nicolas 
Swafield. ' I of Swinstead. 

John Julyan of=pJaiie, dau. of ... . :\[edley of Chrisloph-jr Jnlvau=. . . .dan. of 
Elsham, clerk. Belton in the Isle of Axhofme. of Swafit-ld. ' Baines. 

mar. John 
Matley (?J. 

John Julyan of St. Dunsta.n's in London, born AVilliam==^Aune, dan. Elizabeth, 

at Elsham ; purchased the franchi;.e of Lin- Jnlyan 

coin 30 .Aug. lGi'3 ; ^^\vorn Town Clerk of Lin- of Lon- 

coln 1-1 June 1G25 ; Ijvfore that .servant of don, 

Lord Chief Justice Sir Jlenry Hobart, J>art. ; haber- 

Steward of the Courts of the Cicy of Lincoln dasher, 

26 Sejit. 1G2:) ; unmar. Will daced 11 Mav, 2udson. 

proved 3 June 1CC3. 

of . . 

Sauntoii ; 

living a 


1 GG3 in CO. 


John Julyan. 

i; ml'. 


' ' J 

,. . • 



Tlo .Mof) /K.iil, V 

' V i; .,1 .:■ 



l\(i}^ of ?I}iirorat{). 

[]\rS. C. 2o, IToralds' ColkH^^e. (JIovlt's and St. George's " Vir^ihilions of Yorkshiiv, 
158-1-0, Uil2." " Visitation of Kuilaiid,'" IJarl. Soc, Vol. III., pp. 23, 24.] 

AiiM.s. — An/c/ii, iiro loiiUcls sable. 

Artliuv Kav of ^Yood-=p^e;.h■^\^ d.ui. of Matthew ^VtiiLworth 

some, CO. York. 

of J>ieiton, CO. lork. 

John Kay of "\7ood<ome,~I')orothT, dan. of Robert Manlevcrcr 
died 27 July lo9-L 

of Arnclinc, co. York. 

Robert Kay of^Annc, dan. of John Flower Arthnr Kay of Ifack-- 
Woodsouie, Ist of Whitwell, co. Rnthind. n^y, co. ^Middlesex, 
sou. 2nd son. 


of . . . 

John Kay of^Annc, dau. of Sir John Feme, 
"Woodsome. Knt., of Temple Belwood in 
Isle of Axholme. 

Arthnr Kay. Peter Kay, 

F]-anci.s Kay. Paul Kay. 

Thomas Kay of Coatham Mandeville, co. Durhani~Elizabeth, dan. of . . . . Tracy 

of CO. Durljarn. 

Slary, dau. of John^pWilliam Kay=f=>Susanna, dau. of=Xicholas Timberland, 
Cleasby of Cleasby, of Holbeach Thomas Gustard mar. atThreckinsham 

CO. York. 


I of Threckingham. 30 Jan. 1C09-10. 1st 
2nd wife. husband. 

Edward Kay=j=^Beatrice, dau. John=f^ dau. of ... . Jane, mar.=T=John Hub- 

of Staveley, i of . . . . Xevile J\ay. i Haynesof Hack- at IJoston sonofBos- 

co. Derby, 


of Ragnall,co. 

ney, co. :Middle- 24 Oct. 
sex. 1034. 


Nevilc Peter Kay. John Kay. Thomasine. 

William Hob- John Hub 
BOii. son. 

Anne, dau. of= Richard Kay^pMary, dau. of John Edward-^Annc, dau. of Sir 
Jamt.'.s Speght of Edith We.s- ^ Flower of Whitwell, Kay, Robert Tyrwhit, 

of Ely, CO. ton, CO. Rut- I co. Rutland ; widow 4th son. Knt., of Kettleby. 

Cambridge. land, ir.18. ! of John Caldecot of PtUtlaiid. 

James Kay, 1st son. 
John Kay, 2nd son. 

Anno, mar. Isaac 
Inman of I^inch- 

Robert Kay of Glatton, co. Hunts. 
(See ''Visitation of Hunts, IGIo," 
by Camden, p. ;'.3.) 

.^i:i.i..i:'r^'; i, 

•r';N;) ' 




,;.■.-, w. 

• ■,.fr 


■h v- tr 


f' I v/ 


.i / 

! '. ,'■:.( iit,'i>! 

iii>>C0LNSun;i: rKinoiiEES. 


Mattlicw=Fnuicos, .lolin Francis Jane, mar. iSryaii Thoriihill Dorotliy, 

Kay of dau. of Kay. Kay. of Fixl'y, co. York. mar. Tho- 

Kast .... — — ■ — masBlytlie 

Combo, I'a^l^s- 'i'liomas noorgc Aiiiu', mnr. Kiclianl ^larkes of Qiienbv. 

CO. Kent, croft. Kay. Kay. of liewrley, co. Yoik. 

%\t\\\t of i5anutbj>* 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Aims. — Sahle, a lend flory argcnf. 

Goddard Kelke of Fulmarbeckc, co. York.=7= 
I . 


Goddard Kelke^^^p. . . . dan. of Sir John Colville, Knt. 

Goddard Kelke of Kelke, co. Y''ork=p. . . . dau. of Sir Thomas Roche, Knt. 

Simon Kelke of Kelke===. . . . dan. of Sir John Hnntlell, Knt. 

Piobert Kelke of Kelke^. . . . dan. of John Pavnell. 

Walter Kelke of Great=p]\largery, dan. of Sir AVilliam St. Quinliii of ITarp- John 

Kelke, co. York 

ham, CO. York, Knt 


William Kelke of Barnetby-=f=. . . .dan. and sole heir of Pialph Wellwicke of Wel- 

le- Wold. 

wicke, CO. York. 

Koger Kelke of narnetby=f=. . . . dan. of Sir Heniy Leyborne. Mary. Anne. 

William K'-lke of r»ai-netbv^. . . . dan. of 

. . . ., mar. Piichard Dallison. 

William Ktlke of liarnefby. Will—. . . . dan. Isabella, mar. ^largaret, mar 

dated at lieverley, co. York, on the of John lloger IJarna- Jliimphrey 

Feast of St. Mathias 1118; proved Monsoii. distonof Great Littkljury of 

at York 14 Nov. 141 'J. , Cotes. Stainsby. 

;- -loY .>...' 

,.^M>[ !/^.:.^^ 

vJ!-vi i.u:Ll...; = 

t' .'O 

w..'; I: :>;m .■[ :^-;;;i;fv:)i) 

■'^ ..t.-lM--if:-;r-f-Nl,.j/> 

>/f . ]«>srrt'[y/{ U'rYir'-'l- 

f'j .<< 

«4.'j}l )•• !^'^Jf 

J>i,.; .7/ ri,)!*-".! t'' wflil '''■ 

*, ' ) , »/i'^ I 

--y.|jMtf:.^i] To O/ii ;/i 

.'.li.-. i ./'«'!■ 

I ' 


i) .' -r ."(ft ;il liiJi 



A I 

Ko^r Kelkc ori^nr-^ElIen, dan. of Si,- W.llia.n Isaloll, ,nar. Sir Robert Ti:- 
''■'•^ ^■^^-- \illiainJnylcUTt, Kdko. whit ol" Koltk-l-v, Knt ,Ius- 

lice vi' K\u<j:'ii l^ciicli. 

iiogcr Kc.kc ol' narnctbjrpK lizabctli, dan. and coheir of Sir M.;r- YloLn Krlke 
I tin de hi .See. 

^ n ' of^Tsabell, dan. Of Robert Girlington of ; marriar^o 

Eanctby and T.rear settlement dated 8 Henry S l.MC ; livin- 3 \, ri] i-,!.? 
veike; died2Feb.I5 nnn.r. Sir William Tvruhi of S or te K t ^ 1 eld ti J 
Ienry8,152;^4. Will .nanor of Uarnotbv ir, dower 25 Sq> 4'am^ o 'Phd -^n 
dated 3 pnl I^IH; ■ ^lary, lo^w. Will dated 18 Dec. 559 ^ ^oved (C P C 
proved at Lincoln. i l Feb. 1559-GO. - ^« . 1 '^veci [^^.i .l.; 

Christopher Kelke of Croat Crimsby,, on and heir ;^Jane, dan. and coheir of 
nnder aj,e 3 l.j.,; of BarneLby and Kelkc^John' St. Paul of SnarLd- 

and M r^' iV- ' ' '^'"-^ '' '^"=- ' '"^^ ' ^^'''^'l^ '''■ -5' 3 ^"d 4 Philip and 
auu ..\jai_y, loot. AT..,.,. i ,- - /< - 

^ d mo V - ^ 7 f ^^^r'^S'-f ^ '"? ^T' -' ^^- ^^^Elizabeth, dau. of Robert 
T T^ "f 1 ' i"'^^'* -^'^'l'" '^"^ ^^^"■>'' 1^^" ' ^'="''- t>f Slcaford ; widow 
m rrlf P ''' j:;;;Hidmother IS Dec. 1 559, and of liis of William Fairfax ; dead 
uucle Sir Robert Tyrwhitt 11 Xov. 1581. before 4 Sept. 1 Goi. 

HnfS^rlf Y ^ 1' ?' f^'^^-^l^^y^ <^^^u. of Gabriel Fairfix Edward Kelke, 
Mutton, CO. lork, Ivnt., hv- of Sceeton, co. York ; widow 2nd ..on. living 

of Thomas Gower of Stittcn- 4 Sept. 1G04. ° 
liam, CO. York ; renounced 
adm'on of Iier husband 19 
May 1G08. 

ing 4 Sept. IGOL Adm on 
(G.P.C.) .^ranted to Francis 
Fairfa.v of Sherilf JTuLton 19 
May IGO^. 

Robert Kelke of I]ar-:=^l).rothy, dau. of Anne, mar. Ro^^er Lem- Elizabeth 

iietby; bym.4 Sq.t. i William Methani yn,^ of Parnctby before - 

004 2 Aug. 1CU7, of BulHngton; 4 Sept. 1G04. ' Alary 
13 0et.]Gl2, 20 Oct. : living I'.j June _ " 


Piobert Kelke, son 
and heir, under 
age 24 JunelGd?; 
entered Gray'.s Inn 
C July IGL/; bui-. 
at Barnetby 21 
Aug. 1C30. ■ 



William Kelke, 

Eliz.abeth, mar. 
Richard .Skep- 

Bridget, mar. Ist William Beckc of Saxby, 
marriage settlement dated 20 Oct. 21 Jac. 1.' 
1G23 (mar. lie. 9 Dec. 1G23, he let. 2], "she 
2:y), .surviving 2 Oct. 5 Car. I., U;2:t; 2ndlv, 
before Dec. 1G38, Williani Smyth of Audle- 
by and Barnetby ; bur. at Caister 3 June 

■ yl nvvl' 

!'■ ' ii 

;: • /'V ] [-it] 

■/,,, •'.■.•■flH'i 'l U' 

1 nvv f' 

. '.( ., ,■•« 1.. r .'I ,M ».,.., 


.)»• '•.'M«;t 

I .:' . .;(ir7/ - f 

.11 M>! i,'. i!!i"h' '-'^ .a,'i:tyl r: 

yil '!i- ii-i 1 'f.- . • 




Francis Kdko of TTclton, 2nd son ; undcv airt' ?> April l.'ilO ; living: lS;=pAnno, 

Dec. looO; liur. at Welton 21 Jan. i:)8U-00. 
loS9 ; proved ;i Feb. 15S0-0O. 

Will dated 28 Auir. 

dan. of 


Kelke, liv- 
ing: li>89. 

\\'iliiani-i-Margai'ei, dan. of llicliard Finpringliam ■. f Great 
Kflke I Grimsby; widow 1st of . . . . Gonsell, 2ndly of John 
v\' Great ' Kiiiijston of Grimsliy ; mar. at Great (!rimsi»y 22 Oct. 
Grimsby. lo52 ; reraar. Edward f^apcott of Lincoln City ; died 
13 April 11 Eliz., 15G9. 

Magdalen, dan. of=f=Wi]liani Kelke of Great Grimsby, bapt. there 10 Jiily= 
.... While of i ir);")! ; according to the inqui-sition xt. 12 years and 
Towes ; bnr. at ; 11 months at his mother's death; ]\Iayor of Great 
Great Grimsby 28 j Grimsbv 1591; Alderman lo9-l- ; a legatee of his 
Julv 1593. " "consiii" Sir George St. Paul 13 Oct. 1G12. 


Elizabeth, bapt. at Great Grimsby 20 
Dec. 1585 ; mar. there. -1 Jan. 1603-4, 
Arthur Drooke (mar. lie. 2G Dec. 1603). 

Dorothy, bapt. at Elizabeth, bapt. 
Great Grimsby 5 at Great Grimsby 
Aug. 1599. 28 Jan. 1603-4. 

William Kelke of= 
London, mer- 
chant ; not born 
at the date of his 
father's will. 

-. . . . Roger Kelke, D.D., of ;^^agdalen College, Cam-=j=. . . 
dan. bridge ; not born at the date of his father's will ; dan. 
of Archdeacon of Stow 13 May 1563; Yice-Chan- of 
.... cellor of L'niversity of Cambridge ; died G Jan. . . . 
1575-6 ; bur, at St. Marv's, Cambridge. 

Cecily, mar. John Farrer of London, merchant 
(mar. lie. 26 Aug. 1574, described "of St. 
Sepulchre's, spinster "). 

Abigail, dan. and sole heir; mar. 
Xiciias Farrer of Pinner, co. 

Richard Kelke of Scartho. Will dated 12 Sept.^ 
1557; proved 16 Feb. 1557-8 ; leaves money 
to Barnetby Church. 

I I I m 

Richard Kelke, ex'or 1557. Robert Kelke, cx'or 1557. Anne, mar Taton. 

Anne Kelke, gentlewoman, bur. at Welton (? liy Louth) 24 Xov, 1590. 
John Kelke, clerk, of Xun Ormsby. Will dated 29 Feb., proved 17 March 

[NOTK. — Richard Kelke of Scartlio names in his will (besides his Pon<) Christopher, Richard, 
and James, Hou'^ of Richard Kelke; Rieliard and Mars^'aret, childreu of Robert Kelke ; AliS'jn 
and Edward Kelke ; and James Kelke of Scartho.] 


A A 

> • r ' 



:;'a' ,, : -J: 

"I ./ 

• ,.—<,■.>;;- 

^;':;!.:,' v.! !..!;•: fit! .^j 

; 1 r.:i. K ."I'Ol •o'.'.it ,1'); ■)/[ 

.11 .JOV 



ixcnt of 3onin2to)i:^on::i5aiiu 

[/:-> inj'orhi. P. Ramsi'y-lCtut, I'sq.] 
Lvon Ivont.=f= 

Kdward Kent, i^apt. at Bcnni^Yonil iMi A])ril 1G1>!. 

Tlionias Kent of Sciunblesby, Ck-rk. Will (lateJ=^:\rary, dan. 
2o .July, ]>rovcd 15 >smv. 1023. of . 

Timothy Xi'iit. CMerk, of ])o-^ElaorElain,daii.of Eiias Kent of Scain-=pEliza- . I 

nii)0't(>n-on-l>aiii, a?t. ?><) in 1 Ivlward llainl)y of blesby, irent. "Will , both, } 

IClo; ex'or to his iatlier i Maltby and Tath- dated' 13 Feb. j dan. j 

1(J23. Will dated 13 Feb. ' well ; 'mar. lie. Ki ir)2r)-(5 ; proved 10 | of 

l(j23-i; proved 2.^ May IG34. : A^^^^ IGIS, at. 20. Dec. 1G2.S. 

Thomas=f=Rebecca, Wi]liain=r. . . 
Kent. dan. of Kent, i dan. 





Hector of 
ofSteni- | . . 
got after 

Edward Kent, John Kent, died infant, 

dead before — 

1G54-. ^lartha, nnder 15 in 

— 1G25 ; mar. at Stenigot, 

Elizabeth, IG Jan. 1G39-40, Robert 

mar Broxholme of Reepham 

Pinchbeck. (see p. lOG). 

Thomas Keut.=F 


Timotliy Kent, gent., of Mareham-on-the-Hill. Will proved 1673. 

I I 

Thomas Kent, Clerk, of Doning-— Mary, Abel Kent, ex'or to Thoma.s=r- • • 

ton-on-Bain. AVill dated 1 June. dan. of in 1638 ; Rector of Stenigot ; 

proved 25 June 1G3S. .... bar. there IGtl. 

dan. of 

. . . . dan., mar. William Barwell. 

Anne,--1023; mar. — Rev. John MiltinL'ton, Lydia, Penelope, 1C23; Marie, 1G23; 
lic.8 Feb. l(;ili-20, Parson of B.;leiiford ; 1G23. mar. John Den- mar. James 
tet. 19. »t. 40, IGIO. nis. Martindale. 

[Note. — Thoma.- Kent, in Lis will 1023, leaves 20.s. to -'every one of my brethren and sisters 
dwelling in Yorkshire." — A. R. M.] 


. ■■■■ : ■■ ■■ >v (,.., ..iM \ ..■ 

A \vU-!![-:\ 

■ :;-■;/ 






[:j"// .11:^:-' 

,.:n'i^ ,1;.t)y{ 7''^'^"-!' J' 

,i-i ii : ..n'x)' . ■ '1 

.hi.5,» i :rii:i .1 <.^ i."iv<.'i'j 

.lIlV/TM'i I •..■ .''■ i "' t'''.f> . .'. . 

,. .' i ,i.l'i,.ri:ii! 

1 . -»l' I V 1 *»'<■' .i-'V >■ 

Lincolnshire pkdigkees. 550 

luut of ixiiton in ^xn^U}^. 

[DibcUiiincr in 1G31.] 
John Kent.^- 

Elizabeth. dan. of=Geoigo Kent of Kiriun iu=rl^;'i1)<?ll'''. 'l^^n. of=Vincc-ut Kiiowlcs 

.... Biiyuton ; Limlsey, uj)h<ilstcivr, and j John Xfvile of of Boliugbruke, 

mar, at St. Islnvy- of Waddintrliani ; apjircn- j Faldiugwortii ; ycumaii; nKir.Iie. 

le-Wigford, Lin- ticed to Vriiliam Kent of l proved her lius- 211 ]\Iay IGlii, 

coin, 17 Jan. Lincohi.npholsLerer: made j band's will 17 a?t. 50. *2ndhus- 

1570-71; bnr. a freoniaii l-i Dec. 15G8; j Aug. 1014; let. band, 

there 2G June bur. at Kirton in Lindscv. 1 50 in IGIO. 

1581. 1st wife. AVill dated 17 Oct. Ifil3 ; ' •2nd wife, 
proved 17 Aug. IGll. | 

. . . .=Gcorge Kent of Kirtou= Jane, dati. of ... . Stephen Kent of Kirton in 

dau. in Lindsey, 1st son; Jenkiiison of Old Lindsey, upholsterer; pur- 

of ex'orlGlJ-; disclaimed Sleaford in Quar- chased the franchise of 

.... at the Visitation of vingron ; mar. lie. Lincoln 11 May 161-4 ; 

let 1G34 ; bar. at Kirton 5 March 1G14-15, Chamberlain of the South 

wife. 1G48. a^t. 24. 2ud wife. Ward 1G15. 

William Kent, Joan, 1st Elizabeth, Mary, 3rd dau. 1G13 ;=TTobert Manckuall 
Srd son, under dan., mar. 2nd dan. proved her husband's of Kirton in Lind- 
age 1G13. in 1G13. in 1C13. will 29 Xov. IGIG. sey, yeoman, 

[Note:. — The pedigrees of Kent of Lincoln and Kent of Kirton are probably connected, 
altboiigli the connecting link cannot bo found.] 

i\ent of -J^mxt^ton^h^^^onnmth. 

[:\LS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms, — Az>./rc, a lion statant guardant o)\ a chiff erminois. 

John Kent* of Wells, co. Somerset=f=Marv, dau. of . . , . Chelsam. 


William Kentof Langton ; bur. at Langton=pJanc, dau. of A dau., mar. Bishop of 

21 Jan. 162G-7. Adm'on to his sun An- 
drew 22 Oct. 1C29. 

John Hall of Bath and Wells (? Still). 

Andrew Kent. Will dated 20 Feb. 1G39-40 ;^Anne, dau. of Anthony Elizabeth, 
proved Felj. 1G40-41. Eyre of Lincoln. 

Margaret, bapt. at Horncastle 19 Aug., bur. 24 Xov. 1032. 

*'It is probuble that thio John Kent w;i.s the 4lh <oa of Randall Kent of Coppcuhall, oj. 


i:..,/ -'1 K.' 


'^ ]a :Jmi?i 


Y fMfi 

^ v;, t .-/. 7 i.v I wl , . ,,y ;• : .'i - - ,..,n i,, 

. lill ill , ,.H liJ'<>» ,,.mI ai 


irxcoLNsiiiuE ri:iuGKKr.s. 

3L\cnt of ^.tncjoln. 

William Ivciu VI J.iiioi'lii. iijiliolstcrcr, 1i;k1 lii.s:^l'jllen, d;ui. of. ... ; 
frcedoia l.y ^ift G Juiiu K")-l(; ; flavor l.')(!2, hur. at St. Marv-le- 
1572, and 1581 ; huv. .-it St. ^klary-le-Wiglbrd, ; Wigford, Lincoli), 
Lincoln, l,s March 15S4-5. { 11 An;,'. 1580. 

Kiehnrd Kent, apprenticed to his father 1 May=pAlice, dau. of Anthony Oldfiold of 
158o ; called 'Mioer-brewer " :.'l Oct, KU-i; Motherin.iihaiu ; bur. at St. !Mary- 
bur. at 8b. iMarv-lc-Wi.t,'ford 15 Xov. 1G18. le-Wi.L^ford 10 March 1G29-30. 

"William Jvent, 1st ,S'>n, Mcrcliinu Adventurer of liincdln; piir-^, . . . llobert 
chased liis freedom ;> .March 1(J17-18 ; Sherill" Ki^i ; Mayor 
IGLiU. Will dated -i June HMo ; proved 15 Nov. 1G18. 

dan. of ]\enr, 

Thomas Kent, only son mentioned, lloliert Kent (called "son of William Kent, 
proved his father's will lG-i:8. Mayor"), bur. aL St. Benedict's IG Feb. 


Anthonv=r^^'i''f^i'i» ^'<^^'^- of 

Clodd ; 


mar. at St. Pan l-in-the- Hail, 
Lincoln, 1G22 (mar. lie. 5 Feb. 

Thomas Kent, bur. 
at St. ilarv-le-Win'- 
ford 3 Aui;:. lG2o! 

Katharine, bur. 
at St. ^farv-lc- 
Wi^'lbrd 21 
March ]5i)l-5. 

Richard Kent, bapt. at Thomas Kent, bajit. at Geoi'i^e Kent, Itapt. at 
St. Swithin's, Lincoln, St. Swithm's 7 .]unc St. Swithin's 23 Sept. 
16 March 1G25-6. 1627. 1639. 

Thomas Key of=Aiine, dau. of . , . . Kent of Lincoln ; 
Leadeniiam. marriage bond 24 ]\Iay 1678. 

John Kent of Lincoln, dead 1 600-1. =p 

William Kent of=f=Elizabetli, dau. of George Monson of South Carl-^Martiu Gild..n 
Jiincoln, mercer, ton ; mar. lie. 11 Sept. IGOl ; mar. at St. Mnvy- ■ of Upper 'J'oyn- 
took up his free- le-Wigford, Lincoln, 12 Sept. 1601 ; bur. there ton, dead in" 
dom 21 .Ian. 28 Feb. lGll-12. Will dated 3 Feb. JGll-12 ; lGuu-1. 1st 
IGuo-l. 2ndhus- proved 31 Oct. 1612. i husband, 

band. ! I 

i I 

Robert Kent, called h.-r son 1611-12. Jane, 1611-12. 

ll lilll.I 

.<!\ ■< L 


i' "4:: • 

Sih-l Jr 


I-l'-UlI li/. 

J I- A ,=!..(, 

.'i ; l'.i j!fj/[ 

:•! .J-j« ■' :• I 'I'l 

,t. , :!;ii<j 


.Hi >y( tiytlnJt 



%\t}> of Xtatitnljain, auti £Oatcr jfiilforti, 

en. i?oi1u 

[IVdijrroe drawn up by John Kev, ami dated 171)8. with additions in a later 
hand, in tlu- possession of Captain William Key oHVater Ful.lbrd.] 

Arms (granted to .lane, wife of 'A'i!!ia! . f?,.eve).— Ar I>e>ul ,.;• an,! arornt two 

be/ullcis ermine. 

Thomas Key of Long Lcadenhani, yeoman ; had a grant fi-om-f= 
2s;icholas Upton of land theiv ?> :\[arch lal^-iMj ; named in a 
deed 23 Jan. 1538-'J ; inq. p.m. 3 and 4 Edward VI., lo.JO-ol. 

Thomas Key, juniui', named in deed 23 .Tan.=p.Juhanna, dan. <>f .Tohn Slattcr of 
1538-*J ; bur. at Leadenham 23 July IbTb. Stragglethurpe ; dead in 1538-9. 

William Key of Leadenham, senior, named in^Aunable, dau. of Edward Kev 
deed 1538-'.). AVill dated 27 March 1581; 
jjroved 1 Feb. 1581-2. 

ex trix 


named in deed 

William Key,=f=Elizabcth, dan. John^Agnes, Thomas Key, i\r.A., living 1581. 

ex'or 1581. of ; living Key, dan. of [Possibly of Ciirist Churcli'College, 

L5S1. ex'or .... Oxou, B.A. 1568, M.A. 1572.] 


Thomas Key of=|=Eleanor, dau. of Jaue, 
Leadenham. liv- ....(? p]nd- living 
ing 1581. Will berge); a widow 1581? 
dated 22 April in IGltJ, 

Alexander Key, bapt. at Eleanor, 

Leadenham 157'.i (?) ; legatee 

legatee 1581 ; Church- 1581. 
warden lGo3. 

Anne, dau.=Thomas Key of=pEliza- 
of . . . . Leadenham, mar- beth, 
Challner riage settlement dau. of 

of Weston, 29 July 162.s 

CO. Notts. Will dated 9 Feb. 2ud 
1st wife. 166(J-7. ' wife. 

Winifred, lega- 
tee 161G. 

Susannah, lega- 
tee 161G. 

Elizabeth, — Richard 
mar. lie. Likersoll 
15 June of Brant 
162G ; liv- Broughton, 
ing IGCG. veoman. 

John Key of Leadenham, admitted=p.Marv (also called Anuc). dau. of Thomas ; 
Pensioner at St. John's College, ; Ellis of Wellingore; sister and coheir of 
Cambridge, 11 June 1CG2, xi, 17. ! Edmund Ellis ; mar. at Wellingore 1 April 
Will dated 9 June 1712 and Jan. , 1G78 : liviu"- 1718. 
1718. I 

Ellis Key, bapt. at Leaden-=pAnna,dau. of Edward Storer, Thomas^. . 

ham 27 .June 1G82 ; bur. 
there 12 Feb. 1723-4. Will 
dated 5 Dec. 1723. 


MA)., of Buckminster, co. Key, 
Leicester ; bur. at L-adcn- bapt. 
ham 17 June 17G5, tct. 79. 1C83. 

dau. of 


'"---. Oil f) 

."i;h •■•>; 

."'iOI t'jJ 

•jii .; 


i r » , %■ 



A I 

C 1) 

John Key, bapt. 
at Li.-adoiihaui o 
June 1723; Hijrli 
Sherill" of co. 
Lincoln 1773 ; 
uicd 1 Anvil 

John Kay. 

Tliomas Koy. 


Died infants. 

Jane, born- 
171G; mar. 
173S : 
iieiicss of 
her brother 
.' Aii\ Koy 

Ree\e of 
Mel ton 
CO. Lei- 




Mary, mar. 
.■iej.ilii.n i God- 
son, living 
near Peter- 

William Key of— Anne, dau. of John Key, liv- Katharine, bapt. =Jo!in ]^[ark- 

Kottingham, ;....; bnr. at ing 171i^ ; pro- at Leaden!)ani hallofl5rant 

died ilay 17o2, ; Lcadenham bablv died be- 21 July 1G80. Broughton. 

set. 64. ; 21 Oct. 1721). fore'l7l8. 

Thomas Key, 
died SO Aug. 
1730, a't. 1.5; 
bnr. at Lcad- 

I'Jlis Key, possessed 
Fulfonl, CO. York, by 
a mortgage from the 
Oates family ; died 
at Xc'ttingham 25 
Dec. 175G. 

John Key, had 
Fill ford by be- 
quest of his 
brother Ellis 
Key ; died 
1778 ; bur. at 
Fill ford. 

Katlicrine, living at- Bath 
17;)8; died 13 Mar. ]7'J'J. 

'Sldry, died at Fnlford 
1718 ; bur. there. 

A dan., bur. at Fulfurd. 

Key, born 
l(!f.2 ; had 
land ill 
Will dated 
28 April 
1 Gil It. 

:Annc, dan. 
of . . '. . 
Kent ol' 
Linculii ; 
bond 2^4 
May 1(;7S. 

Frances, born IG.'jO ; 
mar. Joseph Clarke 
of Lough boi'uugh, 
CO. Leicester : jiost- 
nnptial sertk-menc 
27 April lGO-1. 

.Susannah, legatee of 
her sister Anne 1 6GG. 

Elizabeth, lega- 
tee of Anne 

^lary, legatee of 
Anne IGGG ; 
mar. at Leaden- 
ham, 13 Aug. 
1G78, Christo- 
pher Pym. 

Anne. Will dated 
18 .Inly IGGG; 
left lands in Blyth, 
Styrruji, Tor- 
worth, etc., CO. 
Xotts, to her bro- 
ther .fohn Key. 
[Possibly dan, of 
the 1st wife Anue 

Annt-, born 1G82. Mary, born 1G94. :\lartha, born=p. . . . Clille of 

— — 1GD8. I Lincoln. 

Elizabeth, born 1G84. Frances, born 1697. J^ 

Tlionias=? Anne, dau. of ... . 
Key, born Kedford of Ijinculn ; 
1C81. mar. at Coleby 1 Jan. 


, I 

Key, born 

William Key,=p Eliza both, dau. 

born 1602; 
died at Alfurd 

of ... . Cow- 
lam ; died 17G1, 
ffit. 67. 

Thomas Key.=p 1 )ot othy, 
bora at Allbid 
10 Aug. 171 G. 

William Ivey, Yuivu 21 Fcl>. 
dau. of 1710-2U; of Magdalen Col- 

. . . . Hill, lege, Cambridge ; died un- 

inar. at Downham. 

Susannah, born 'Jb Xov. 
1717 ; mar Thomp- 
son ; died 170U. 


/( -ri'i .7 

:;i' ,", -,!:-;■ 

.1'' . . . .---'.■■'' Aiili itAf. 
.•i;...jfii.l I .H'lai 

1^ A-^:U lii^J .i!' 

", J ' 

LiyCOLNSlllliE PE1)TG1U:ES. 



AVilliam Key. born John Xov,liorii 2i' I'VK Elli> Key Suniui'l Ktv,^-^Franccs, 

?. Dee-. ITol ; died IT.V.i ; compiler of this ol' }*;irt- liorn 11 April \ dan. oC 

1788. ])cd"igix'0 ; »;odt^on and ni.y. Imrii 17i".:3; diedat ' ....Cnn- 

— Ih'ir of John Key. who M .Inly Water Tnl- '■ dfllol'tlio 

Tlio!nas Key, horn died 1778. brother of 17(iO;lnir. f\.rdl8 dan. j ]\Iiii(irit..s 

iol)ec.l7;j7; uietl a>!; a.- i'artn.-y ISu'o. Londun. 

at AVaLer Fulford died at "Water Fiilt'ord 19 Feb. ' 

May 1838. March 1814, s.p. 1700, s.p. 

John Key. Rev, 8amnel=f^Harriet, dan. Dorothy. Catherine. Elizabeth. 

— Key. j of William — — — 

Thomas John " j Lnmb of Frances. Eleanor. Mary 

Key, died a 
minor 170s. 

WhiU'havcn. — — Harriet. 

Anne. !Maria. 

I I I I I I I 

William Tlenrv Kcv,=p!Marv Catherine, ^nd dan. of Cliarle? Rev- Six childrei). 

late Captain of .^stli 

nard of Xether Hall, Xail'erton, co. York ; 
mar. 187L 


[Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Sabk, a lend raguly anjeni. 

Thomas Kiddall of Boston. =f 

Adam Kiddall of South Fen-iby, had a grant of- 
free-warren in Barton-on-Humber, Ferriby, and 
Yarboronorh 1:^19. 

John Kiddall, Thomas Kiddall,^Elizabeth, dan. and coheir of Sir l^obert Davill 


2iid bon. 

by Margaret, dau. of Sir Laurence Ilolbeche, 
and lieir of her brother John. 

Philip Kid- Sir Thomas Kiddall, Knt., in wardshi[)=p^ra)"garet, dau. Elizabetli. 

dall, s.p. of John de Waltham, ckrk, 1381-2; 

proved his age is June \.'6^>i. 

of Sir Tiiomas — 

Monlton, Knt. Juliana. 

Philip Kiddall of South Ferriby^^Lsabel, dau. and heir of Thcunas Lambert of 
1410. Bevertev. 

Thonias Kiddall of South Ferriljv, died 14Cl-^Joan, dau. of . . . . 


;..(l ,'. 

■<-r i, -; *• , \ : . . •. -fM.'. 

; I ' ' ' . • ) : 


^ .''.■, I 

,> ]'..[ i:\j. ..aouifi'i 

t ■. /* i'.i '.( /I ; I'll '.! I 

; nhUl/ 

I I' I. 


'•( Awu.--', '!.. ■u^^^■.'^ 

i. .M , J \:-i •'•{ il .';;0'''. !' 



Thomns Kiddall. born at Sontb FtiTiby on Ascension Day,=j-Ellon, dan. of Tbo- 

'2 ]\ray l-i48; I'luwd his a^iro 1!) Juno UC.) ; died 12 Juno 
\b\)b ; ill'], p.m. 1'.) .July irdul. 

inns , . . ., Mayor of 


Ed'«vai-d Xiddali, living 
1527 ; s.p. 

M'ilh'am Ividdall, livintrn^ 

-'.Fargarel, bvinir 

Oliristopher Kiddall. George Kiddall. Philip Kiddall. Margaret. Ellen. 

John Kiddall, Thomas Kiddall, heir to his^^Fargaret, dan. and heir of William 
a3t. I7in loOG; brother John; died 24 Xov. ; Barkworth of Langhton ; remar. 
died s. p. i:)27. AVill dated 2 Xuv. I Anthony Saltmarshe of Strubljy in 

1527; proved 10 Feb. 1527-8. Langton. 

Charles Kid-=j=. ... dan. of Philip Ellen, mar. Richard Anne, mar, 
dal!, ui'dson. 

Pcake Kiddall, ^Mann of Yorkshire. Estoft of York- 
of "Warton. 4th son. shire. 

William Kiddall of Barton, Margaret. Jane, 

Dorothy,dan,of Tho-=William Kiddall of Sonth={=]\largaret, dan. of Wil- Thomas 

masWentworth, 1st Ferriby, AVill dated 21 \ lianiDalyson of Laugh- Kiddall, 

wife, April, proved 15 Sept, ! ton; ex'trix in 1549, 2nd son, 

1549. I 2ud wife. 

John Kiddall of South Ferriby,— Anne, dau. of John Eland of Carlton, co. 

under age in 1549. Will dated 29 
May, proved 1 July 1581, 

York ; ex'trix in 1581. Will dated 31 
]\rarch, proved 10 ^lay 1596. 

William Kid-=pPiOsamond, dau. Thomas Kiddall. Adam Kiddall. Elizabeth 

dall of South 

of Edward Skip- — — 

withof Habrough. Edmund Kiddall. !^^argaret. 


Edward Kiddall, Lst, son 1592. John Kiddall, 2ud son. Priscilla, Petronilla, 

William Kiddall, Thomas Kiddall of Higham=pElizabeth,dau, Anne, mar. Ralph 


Ferrers, co. Northampton 

of .. . 


Robert Kiddall of Higham Ferrei-s,=Pliilippa, dau, of Anthony Goddard 

Adm'on 28 Xov, 1C08. .... Kiddall' Kiddall, 

William, eon of Thomas Kiddall of Grectham, clerk, matriculated Magdalen 
\ Hall, Oxon, 17 July 1G35, tet. 18. 

^ '^iii fii ,;'.:.;■. .1 

. in V 


•ai.:.Y ' 

. I, .,1 t ....( 1 

1.V*I fi'li v.'i .fli« {'f!'- .f / • . '^ .. '• ■.■ <. f K.-fl )-^! ,!It^ 

.'i::i i 

•t . .< i .1 < n(itl3- 

I .- 



[MS. C, i>;5,' (.'olk-gc] 

Ajiy\s.~Sal<k, on a chn-nm (nr/raiM cmicnl three escallops of ihc ficU. 

AVillimn Kinnr of T.on- :\[Hlu,rd, co. SuHV-lk, temp. Ileiuy MIT..^ 

John Kinjj; of-p 
Long ]\lc'l- 1 
ford, died 

Mary dan. of Mr Wil.-Ridiard Cloptonr^=:^rar-aret, dau. and 
ham 1 layters, Knt.,of | of Ford Hall, , coheir of Sir Kidi- 
Sotterley, co. Suffolk. .Aleliord, co. .Siif- | ard Bozon, Knc.,of 
folk. Barrowbv. 

Elizabeth, dan. and coheir^pEdward Kiu?, rehniIi--^Marv dan of 
of Henry Jveble of Hnm- Ashby Hall ] 5«)5 ; bnr. Kicha'rd Cl'op- 


Will dated 23 Jan. 

16U-I5; codicil 

June 1617; proved 2G 

Sept. 1G17. ' 

berstone, co. Lciccstei 
widow of Anthony Colly 
of Glaiston, co. iTuLland. 
2nd wife. 

Edward King, born Dec. 1595; died 15 April 159G. 

ton ; residu- 
ary legatee of 
her half-sister 
bnr. at Ashby 
7 Oct. 1593. 
1st wife. 


= Sir Wil- 
Knt. ; 

^lary, bapt. at 
Hackney 19 
Aug. 15^82. 
AVill proved 2 
Aucr. 1G39. 

Anne, bapt. at Leytonstone, 
CO., 8 0ct. 15S3; mar. 
Robert Cawdron of Great 
Hale ; bur. at Great Hale 
13 July 1G25. 

Elizabeth, born at Amy, born at 

J>uke'sP]ace,Lon- Duke's Place, 

don, 29 Xov. 1587 ; London, 12 

died at Ashby 22 Dec. 1591 ; 

Aug. 1593, died v.p. 

Richard King^Elizabeth, dau. of Anne, dau.-T--John King of^Marv.dan.of Petei 

of Ashby, bapt 
at St. Olave's, 
Silver Street, 
Loudon, 30 
July 1581. 
Wifl proved 29 
June 1653. 

Anthony Colly of of Anthonv 

Glaiston, co. Rut- Colly of 

land, by Elizabeth, 

dau. and coheir of 

Henry Keble of 

Huinberstouc, co. 


Glaiston ; 
bur. at Sal- 
munby 6 
July 1618. 
1st wife. 

bapt. at Ley- 
tonstone, CO. 
Essex, 24 Xov. 
1584; bur. at 
Salmonlty 6 
Nov. 1C33. 

Daniell of Over 
Tabley, co. Ches- 
terj widow of. John 
AYoodnat of Shen- 
ton, CO. Chester ; 
surviving in 1633. 
2ud wife. 

Richard = Anne dau. Edward King^pErances, dau. of Thomas John King, died 

King of 

of .fohn 
King of 

of Salmon bv, 
let. 20, 1634 ; 
bur. at Sal- 
monby 13 

Aug. l^Ai^y. 

Cheales of Hagwurth- at Salmonbv lU 
iugham ; mar. there 7 Julv 1618. ' 
.lune 1635 ; bur. at ' — 

Salmonby 8 Aug. 16-16. A dau., mar 

Need ham. 

Edward King, bur. Frances, bapt. Anne, bapt. at Salmonby 17 Xov. 1644. 
at Salmonby 12 May atSalm<mby31 _ 

May 1641. Mary, bapt. at Salmonby 3 Jan. 1645-6. 



B B 

■.!i:7 /;:r ]\ ., 

N' ..ii 

/.' :i ■•-.v'.:U ^ .i;.. / 

Jr :' ; ,.' .V 


■ .■ .■':■ l ■ > 

<jt»i> i 

■' . ';. ': 111 


,11 .JOY 



Antliony Iviiii:, :i't. luiliort^p. . . . (iau, John Kiiifr, ]\[atlhc-\Y King, l>riiijret, 
27, \G:U, s-.j). Kini,'. (>f . . . . 1058. 105:'.. lCi5;5. 

'::..;t>i'S Kinir, M.r. f\)r rirwi.Mi ; killoa: E!i:::iliot!i. (hv.. of Si, Jolm Corddl, 

in a duel aL At 1 1; n boron uh Nov. liiO'.). 

Bart., of Mel ford, co. SutVolk. 

John Kin"-. 

Eduard Kinp; of Ashby, a" 
ColoDcl in ih.e Army of the 
Parlianipur ; ]\I.r. fi a- (i rims- 
bv ; died at Ashbv IGSO. 
^Vill dated 28 Nov. ICT!) ; 
proved 15 Feb. 1G80-81. 

-Anne, dan. of Sir 
Edward Ays- 
oon_<il), Knt., of 
Stallinirborough ; 
liviiii;- in 1G07. 

Roirer Kinpf^called^r. . . . dan. of 
2nd son in 1()53. | . . . . 

Had is-ue called "the rif^ht 
heirs," after the issue of his 
nephevN- Edward King. 

Judith, dan. of Sir^Edward Kin^^f^Eridgct, dan.= 
William, of Ashby,died and coheir of 
Knt., (if Osgodby, 10i)2. "Will Sir Gervase 
CO. York ; mar. Oct, dated 5Mai-ch Nevile, Knt., 
1604; died s.p. 1686-7; of Anbourn ; 

1665. 1st wife. proved 12 , mar. 1667. 

Dec. 1692. , 2nd wife. 

-Elizabeth, dan. and huiress 
of Ricliard Williams of Den- 
ton ; ^vidow of Hon. Fran- 
cis, -Ith son of William, 1st 
Lord Sherard of Stapleford ; 
mar. 8 Jan. 1G84.-5. ord 

Edward King, Gervase King, Jane, Anne, mar., 1699, 
bapt. 23 July bapt. 8 Jan. died William Ashton 

1676 ; s.p. 1677-8 ; s.p. 


of Grantham. 

Bridget, bapt. 24 
Feb. 1688-9; bur. 
25 Oct. 1733. 

Nevile King=pMary, dan. of Richard ]\riddlemore of Soraerby TIall, Grantham, 

of Ashbv, 
bur. 7 Feb. 

by Elizabeth, dan. and heiress of Thomas Saunderson, ]\I.D., eldest 
son of Piobert Sannderson, D.D., Bisho}) of Lincoln ; mar. at Gray's 
Inn Chapel 12 April 1717 ; bur. 25 Oct. 1763. 

See Bnrke's " Landed Gentry," 1898. 

Clitrord King, 
a merchant at 
Alep}to ; died 
v.])., s.p. 

Elizabetli, mar. William Thomjj- 
son of Koxholme (mar. lie. 31 
Aug. 1670). 

Frances, mar. li'ibert Maurice of 
London ; living 1679. 

Diana, mar. .John Bancroft of 
London ; living 1679. 

Anne, of Bower Plall, Digby, 
ex'trix to her father ; died 

:.VA J'-.lI'.M.' 

JW---^ ... . ,l.;..:i '.; ... ,.yi, :i I .i^^;)) .v. 


> iv-iirtv,; " ^';>N :ii'I 'Vi^ 

I,/ i. .:rn.-. lii'frth'- 

L ,i./-. ; - [.-■■■..I 1 . 

i:,:#^: ;:^- '>!i .vj'hX InoIUl',) 

) . -'n 

!.■"! .■^■•vn'i.i'T 


iuncfnt^ of amMnfltct. 

[MS. at Burton IIMI. Har). MS. liSo.] 
William Kinger})j of co. Liiioohi.-F 


W„li.m Kingorby of ^Wunneot^pKathenno, dan. of Tho.uas Ma.or of X. nl 

Ijl^en Ki„.orl.y of Wain- ThLs Kin,cH..y of=Faith, dan. of WUl 
' ^' ^'"^^> i^'-'i- son of Wainil.ot. 

iani Clark- 

lAinaston of arrat (!§rimsb['. 

["Visitation of Lincolnshire, 1592."] 
Amis.-Azurc, a cross or heliceen three JcopmW heads anjent 

. . . ...dan.-y-John Kino-ston,=pMaro-arot dm of Pu.l,n,vi r • i 

of .... . died at Grhnsbv Grim: y • ridow o P "^,7"'^^''^ ^' 

1st wife. \\^^ Mnv innfi Griim.v 1- n r\- . <^ouselI ; mar. a 

(^nm.b 1, Oct loi3; remar. there William 
emar. Ldward Sapeotts of Lincoln; died 1 
xoOU. I'nd wife. 

\2 May 1556. 
Will dated 11 
May 1550. 

f Great 

t Great 

Kelke ; 

o xlpril 

Eleanor, mar, 
John Skip- 
with of 

Elizabeth mar at Grim.sby 20 Xov, ICOO 
died in childbed 31 Oct. 1C08. 


2\u1tiuan of Ca 



[Lincoln Wills.] 

W^TlTte^d'^T '\ Vrf ^■''^■•pc.^Eliznbeth, dau. 
y\n\ fiatea lo .March Jolo-H. j ,_,f 

and called ...„„;.^ '•""' I'i^'i "^^^t^l »r Thcddlothcpo, 



'--.f , .'. .'■ 

J .j„i^iu/\ A .li .<{, .'Xiti' 

V. y I 

.•''.01 HI 

.;) Ill /;) 
K-UA ■< 




Joim Kirkman of East-^-Ursula, dan. of 
Keal, 1st son. Will Ificliard Bolle 
dated lo May, proved of Hau<,'h ; liv- 
27 May IGuS.' hvr IO08. 

Lyoii Kirkman of=f Frances, dan. 
West Keal. Will j of Archibald 
dated IC Oct., proved | Barnard of 
U Nov. 15S0. llagnaliy. 

dan. of 
. . . . ; bur. 
11672 May 
1st wife. 

T=Augustiue Kirk-^pFraiices Kdwardes,* 
j man, sou and heir, ' widow ; mar. lie. 12 
j xt. -lU in 1G18 ; I April ICl.S ; mar. 
! bur. at Hundlebv I at Boliiiobroke 21 
; loMaylOol. Will 
I dated lo 

proved 10 

IGol, luincupa- j 

tive. s.p 

April 1(518; dau. of 
May, ' Henry Skinner. 
June ! 2nd wife. 

Ann?, mar. 
Wray of 
(some say 
Wollcy of 

John Kirk- 
man, ex'or 
in loSO. 

bur. at West 
Keal 17 
Nov. 1C22. 

Isaac Kirkman, ex'or 
in 1G31. 

Lyon Kirkman, bapt. 
at P:ast Keal 16 Oct. 

John Kirkman, bapt. 
at East Keal 1 June 

]>ri(]get, bapt. at East 
Keal 9 March 1599- 

Anne, bapt. at 
East Keal 2 
Oct. 1602. 

Dorothy, bar. 
at East Keal 
28 June 1605. 

Frances, bapt. at 
East Keal 1-1 
Nov. 1608. 

Katharine, bajjt. 
at East Keal 28 
Mai-ch 1610. 

William Kirkman of East- 
Keal, ex'or to his brother 
Lyon in 1580. Will dated 
10 Sept. 1597 ; proved 8 
Feb. 1597-8. 

= Uorothy, dau. Leonard Kirkman of East=pGcrtrnde, 

of Archibald Keal, bur. there 4 Auf];. j dau. of 

Barnard of 1604, Will dated 1 Aug., I Richard 

Hagnaby; liv- proved 1 Oct. 1604. ! Bolle of 

iiig 1597. i Uaudi. 

Cicely, uiar. Sir 
John Browne, 
Knt., of Croft ; 
mar. lie. 5 ^lar. 
1613-14 ; s.p. 

I I I 



Katherine, bapt. at Haugh 
11 May 1562. 

Margaret, mar. at East Keal, 
30 Dec. 1604, John Forsett 
of Bilsby. 

Jane, mar., 23 Jan. 
1 606-7, Lionel ]\Iassing- 
berd of East Keal. 

Elizabeth, mar. Thomas 

Pioger, son of Thomas Kirkman, bapt. at Partuey 14 Jan. 1620-21. 
r r,„ ,,. , , ^^^^^^ ^^ Purtney 25 July 1619. 

mar. at Spilsby 16 July 1617. 

William, row of Thomas Kirkman, l)apt. at Partuey 25 July 1619. 
Thomas Kirkman and Anne Cooper, ma 

[XOTK.— l^iis family is unaccountably oniittcl in 1G;5{, tliough quite as ctockJ as many of 
those included. 1 liavo compiled it from Wills and Registers.— A. l\. M.l 

Roger Edwardes. gcut., bur. at Colingbrokc 16 Sept. 1GI7, 

:. (I [ 


I I 

1 ! 
■u\L -I 

:.!:. ; jUvi.j ;o .Jr. A 

Y .'..m "r. .'„, 

• ft 'ill. J' f\i' •'/ 
[ '-■-. .A A. 

•i ;, II .1' .b.ifjiii V ;.(i.* 

ilod :• .; •' , ia3". ■■! 


SXiilUou of i!5rimsjlii>. 

[M.S. C. I'S, lloialds' C\.lK-e. Harl. MSS. 70l», G8i>9.] 
Thoina^^ ]v!i]:iu!i ul'LtjU'l'-'iilium ((.Icseeiulcd'pAiriK's, dnu. and 


from Sif Jolm l\irkton, Ki;l. Dauiioroi) ; 
died 7 Doe. IJ^S. 

colieif of 

AVilliam ]virk-^Eli/abeth, dan. of ... . Need- 
ton of Leaden- liain of Derln" ; sister and lieir 
]iani, ret. 2-i, of William Need ham ; bur. at 
7 Dec. lo58. . Wukham ■J.2 April lo'JS. 

,)ohn K' irk ton, 
Kector of .... 

Thomas Kirk- 
ton, old son. 

Eleanor, mar. 
Anthony And- 
ley of Wel- 

John Kirkton=f Francc^:, eldest dan. and co- 
of Grimsby, I heir of I)ig2:ovy Xicolls, 
163i. " Master of Magdalen College, 

Cambrid2:e ; bai>t. at lioutli 

26 Oct. 1581. 

Bridget, mar. John 
SutcliOe (if Grims- 
by; bur. at Grimsby 
25 May 1G2-1. 

Ellen, mar. at 
(irimsby, 10 
.Jan. 1587-8, 
Anthony Tongc 
of Grimsby. 

AVilliam John Kirk- William Kii-k-=f=Susan, dau. of Dorothy, mar. at Grims- 

Kirlcton, ton, bapt. at ton of London, Tlionias .... l)y, 17 June 1030, Gcr- 

bnr. at Grimsby 25 1st son, bapt. '. of London ; vase Holies ; died at 

Grimsby Sept. ]<J0o; at Grimsby 27 ' bur. at Grims- Mansfield, co. Notts, 18 

12 Feb. bur. there 19 April 1GU6. 'by 19 Feb. Jan. lGo4-5. 

1603-1. Oct. IGIO. ' 1638-9. 

John Kirkton, 1634. 

Gregory Kirkton, bapt. at Grimsby Frances, 1634. 
5 July 1638. 

IXniflijt oi 2.incoIn. 

Jane, dan. of John- 
Hnlchinson of Lin- 
coln ; dead in 1571. 
1st wife. 

=Edmund Knight, Alderman of Lincoln=pRnth, dau. 
15G9 ; a mercer. "Will dated 16 Jan. of . . . . 
1583-4 ; proved (C. P.O.) 31 Oct. 1584 ; , 2nd wife, 
(to be) bur. at 8d. Benedict's, Lincoln. 

William Knight of Kir-; 
mingt:on(? Keddiugtun), 
1st son. Will dated ]G 
Nov., {iroved 7 \)v.c. 
1629 ; mentions his 
manor of Welliugore 
and Spittlegate. 

^Dorothy, dan. 
of Thomas El- 
lis of Wyham ; 
bur. at St. 
ford 1 Jan. 

Robert^Persis, dau. of. ... . -Anne, 
Knight ILiydock of London; under 
of Lon- remar. Lewis Marbury age 
d'in,L'nd of riiObrd'K Dm, 1634. 

son, un- whose will she proved 
der age 8 May 1633. 
1583-4. I 

Jane, died let. 6 weeks. 


i . . I 

'I .T-',. 

::>:M ;;,;of. 

"\-]\ .rW) 


■vivK:i- -tci. 

.•MU ,l1;!I; 

.Ml»J ... 

'.J-r-.^v.,.i. 'i 


> .•111. .onn! 


..; -.,i; 

.,1- '■ ! '\', 
■ '. ' ■;(! 
1 ■ !.'• .-M) ! 

.'j-Ji V 


* - 

••. ../ ■• iv\U ,',M'y(. 




Isaac Kuii^^ht, Iieir to his half-=Fl) 
uncle Wiliiimi ; proved his 
step-father's will 1033. 

orothv, dau. of George KUis of Wvliaiii ; Dorothy 
nr. at St. ilary-le-Wigford 2y' Xov. — 



tK^oigi. Kniglu hapr. at St. IJoI-M Kni>rht, Kc-c(or uf^Ahcr-,d:.,. -f Richard 
Jlaiy- e-A\ igiord is Nov. 1 C42; AVcIbourn ; died 18 Sept. Riley of Welbourn : 
bur. there 6 May 1 .uu. 1703 ; bur. at Welbourn. died 4 Jan. 1GS8-9. 

George Knight, Rector of W-Jbourn ; died A dau., A dau 
2-1 Sept. 1720 ; bur. at Welbuuru. 1703. I7u3. ' 

Edmund Knight, lessee of William Knight, entered Isaac Knight of Lonth, en- 
Kxddington; bur. there at Gray's Inn 22 July tered at Grav'. Inn 10 Dec. 
Ih June IGoo. IGCI. 



dead in 


Alexander Knight, WilhaniKuightof Kin-^Lucy,dau of 

mar.. ._ . dau. of gerby, gent. Will dated Jennings bvLucV, 

.._..; living -27 Jan. 1 726-7 : proved dau. of . . ". . (en- 

^'~^-'^' ol May 1728. cein/e in 172G-7). 

Christian. Elizabeth. William Knight, Richard Edmund Eucy. 
Eegatees of their l^^ ^^n, ex'or, Knight. Knight, 

uncle 172G-7. 

under 21. 

John Knight, living=. . 
172G-7. of 


.... mar. Peter Penny- 
thorn of Fonaby. 

Anne. Margaret. 

Eegatees of their 
brother 172C-7. 

iviufjljt of ^VoincQ|)cati. 


John Knight of Swines- 
head, dead before 1G03. 

Elizabeth, coheir, Sarah, coheir, 

living Hi Xuv. II n mar. 2-1 

1C03 ; mar X.,v. 1603. 


. . . .^Elizabeth, dau. of .... ; remar., 
Knight. 24 Xov. 1603, Mark Saltonstall. 

John Knight of Swines-^Mary, dan. of . . . . 
head, yeoman. AVill Still ; proved her 
dated 24 Nov., proved \ husband's will -^8 
28 Dec. 1G03. i Dec. 1603. 

Elizabeth, lioircss, under age 1C03. 

I I 

I * 


"r !i:ImI, 



.i;( , <../. 


-;> ■•;.Mi, 

.1- ": i ;" 

■1 •.'.-,; I 



3Aj>mc of jfrtdutc^n 

[Oiaficld's " llir.tory of the Wapentake of Candleslior;' pp. 170, 171.] 

AitMs. — Ouh's. a chrvron J'Ctvccn ten cross-crof'.'^Iefs or. 

Thomas Kymc of Fi-iskiiey, Oommissionor of Sewevs for=T= 
Framptou 1-150 ; Farmer of the I'orL of W:a:.iloit l-IG;;. 

John Kyir.e of Friskncy,=f=Fidit]i, dan. of A;::nc?, mar. "Wil- I^raude, mar. Pvich- 

dicd 4 April 1501 ; inq. 
p.m. 30 June 1505. 

.; siuviv- liam Qiiadrin<;-of ard i\ra.ssiugbevd of 
ing in 1505. Irby. Burgli. 

.... daiu^r'-^htimas Kyme of Friskncy,=^rargnrct, dan. of Jolm ITeneagc of Hain- 
of . . . . j jet.-lO in 15U5 ; had a grant ton; (mar. Ist John P>ohun of Dril)y, 
1st ^vife. of hauls in Frisknev 20 Jan. 2ndlv Artlmr Sandon of Asliby-by-Part- 
1528-9 ; died 9 Aug. 1547. ney)". Will dated 24 Jan. '15''jO-GO ; 

proved 25 July 15G2. 2nd wife. 

Thomas Kyme of Fri^kney, son and heir, a^t. 30=f=Alice, dan. of John Touruay of 
and nioie at his father's death ; cousin and lieir i Caenby ; uumar. 21 June 1543; 

of Jolm Kyme 2G Ajiril 1555 ; lord of the 
manor uf Wainfleet 155G. 

a legatee of her uncle George 
St. Paul 30 Oct. 1588. 

JoJiu Kyme of Friskney, living 1562. 

. . . .=f=Elizabeth, dan. and heir of William Anstyn of "Winthorpe ; widow (1515) 
Kyme. of Thomas Thetoft of "Winthorpe ; died 10 Dec. 1529. 

John Kyme of Friskney, died 17 Oct. 1554. 

Thomas Kyn:ie of Friskney. bur.— EIea!iur, dan. of Pubert AYhichcot of Ilarpswell ; 
there 27 July 1590. Adni'on to remar. 1st George Cawdmn, 2ndly William P>ur- 
his relict Eleanor 3 Aug. 1591. ton, Bailifi" of Sleaford ; living 30 Sept. 1618. 

Thomas Kyme of Friskney, a feuflee of Thomas Kyme of=p. . . . dan. 
Blankuey 30 Sept. 1579 ; living 11 June 1591. 

Doruihy. mar. 1st ... . Pacye or Patye of Siickford ; 2ndly, at Dolingbroke, Xov. 
1588, Paphael Throckmorton, Clerk, of Polingbroke ; 3rdly, at Bolingbroke, 
5 Nov. 1GI8, Lawrencf Freeman, Clerk. 

[Note. — Neitber this nor the pcdij/ree of the Kyrnes of Stickford is at .^11 complete. I have 
given what I found in Mr. Larken's M.S.] 

:r ' ' I...'-.. 

i .1;:-,^;': ■> lo 

.Iht'i .'vO ".I fi I .V ■ .-[■•'! lo 'I'T/yl ailuf. 


", t,. ; ;. .; r. ^t, W\ lo -i 
••■mI. ' i -."itiviV; *; ..-1 .: jj8 

,... .'1 »;, I 

» I -li-i/tK-' i:-) Ja a t'i'>> I-. : ' ^■ •-•■» . '■ lit 

>:■ ! -i-Mi i-.d' Til- 



%\}^mt of ^ticliforti* 

[Oldfiold's " Wapentake of Candloshof," pp. 170, 171.] 
John Kyine of Stickfovd~. . . . dau. of . . . . 

Elizabeth, mar. John Taniworth of Levcrton. 

William Kyme=p Agnes, dan. of ... . by Tvalherine, dau. of Gilbert 

of Stickford. 

llernake ; uidow of Richard Bell. 

John Kyme of Burgh-le-^Iarsh^^Jane, dau. of John Craeroft. Katherine, mar. 
I Wilh'am l^radford. 

John Xyme of Stickford, ltnr.=pBeatrix, dau. of AVilliam Juwytson of Stickford ; re- 
there. Will dated G IVb. mar. John Salter of East Keal ; marriage seitleraeut 
1550-51. 18 July 1551. 

John Kyme,=p Thomas Kyme, 2nd Augustine Kyme, Joan. Margaret. 

1st son. son. Will proved 12 3rd son. — — 

Feb. 1570-71. Dorothy. Beatrix. 

Thomas Kyme of Stickford^pJulian, dau. of ... . John Kyme, called " senior." 

John Kymc^Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of Robert Quainby of Nottingham. 

Philip John=Gertrude, dau. of John .Anne, coheir, mar. John Hunt of Ash- 

Kyme, Kyme, Ptossell of Piadcliffe- ton, co. Derby, s. p. 

2nd son, fet. 20 upon-Trent, co. Xotts ; — 

died iulGlG, mar. Ho. 3 April IGIC, ^tlary, coheir, mar. 1st George Alton of 

unmar. s.p. a3t. 2-i. Nottingham, 2ndly Thomas Hodgson. 

William Kyme of Stickford,=r]\rary, dau. of . . . , Chamber- 

renounced adm'on of his 
son William Jvvme, 

layne ; sister of Thomas 
Chamberlavne of Westminster. 

John=pJrelen, William Kyme, bur. at Stickford 17 Jan.=(?) ^Mary, dau. of, 

dan. of 1015-lC. Adm'on given to Thomas bur. at Stickford 2G 
Chamberlain of Westminster, cousin and June 1G."31. 
creditor, 21 Feb. 1C15-1G. 

.f!n>3f':f7'j.T Vi 

• . ( ..'/;<.)'' V.'- a.!-'-', '}.» 

, j,:iy ,; ; ^/ /..,; 

<;i 'IDi'-l '': .:t(l\-/ ./'. 

, , ,ij. 

nffo I. 

i'» .-i ■ :) ). 

:r.:-Y>i'^L^/io ■^;MY:i .-. 

.11 . .^ lij!''/ ' . {'jMf\u(i> li'>^loU V' ^' w :' f.Mu .iji;'' .(iJ3;(:;';i^'i -.^oar^X m'oT. 

t j: Jiliiii' 1 I I •■Ayi 

; A 


Thomas Kvmo of Stick'' •nl. 

Julin Kymc, l»;iin. uf SLic'l<foi\l -2 .\\n\ ICi'I. 

Jiicliard Jvynie, Imr. ai >i\ckio\\] iO Ajuii ir.i'O. 

Christ oi^lior Kyiiie, mar. at Stiokncy, 10 Oct. Uilo, Ahce liOvell. 

Viuct'iit, .so!! of Vincent Ivynie, l':i|,it. at Siixwold 21 .Jan. 1(10 !-.'». 

Kobert Kyine, bur. at StixwoKl lo Sepr. U!25, 

Alice Ivyme, widow, bur. at S[ickncy 12 April in-20. 

Christopher Kyme, bur. at Mareham-lo-Fou 27 Jau. 1G15-1G. 

[:MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
William Kyiide of co. Oxou^. . . . dau. of Sir Robert Cotton, Knt. 

William Kynde of Coleby=f . . . . dan. of . 

William Kynde of Colebv, lG34^Alice, dau. of Georoe Starke of Thorne, co, York. 


I II 11^ J. I I II I 

Geor<]^e Kynde^. . . . *"John Kynde, Nicholas Kynde, Elizabeth. Dorothy, 

of Colebv, At- dan. 2nd son. 4th sou. — — 

torney, 1st of — — Jane. Ilannah. 

60U, a3t. 15, • • • . Gervase Kynde, AVilliam Kynde, — — 

1634, , 3rd sou. 5th sou. Mary. Frances. 

Elizabeth, mar Ashley ; died 27 June 1727, 

jet. 75 ; bur. ;it St. Swithin's, Lincoln. 

SLacou of |L}umbtr£atont. 

[Harl. :\IS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Same as Lacox of Tetney, with a martlet for difference. 

George Lacon=pJoauiia, dau. of ... . 

Andrew Lacon,4th son, died 10 X^v. 13 Henry Ylir., 1521 •,^Jaue, dau. of Au<rns- 
lield the manor of iJalby and lauds iu IJiutuu-in-Stather. tine Porter. 

A I 

i': i; ri •; 

,1 ■ ,/ 

. . ' ■ . I ;> ' 

■> .V' 

■ ii ,■/ 

i - . j:- -..'i 

1 j 


'":'.' i.-T Jv! 

a .I'J ^'i;-::i:j 


..l ?.i: i.iTLii— <:".:\/\ 

I ';■;.>■,;) 

.' . I ■ / 

.11 ..Iu7 


LlXCOJ.Nsnilll] rKDlGRKKS. 

Richar(lr:pElizabeth, dan. of AVill 

A I 


G'ooi'ge CrakL' 
CO. Norfolk. 


r\vo,-' u^-^- l7^^">^^voia in Williain'SMn-tl.of 
^lo^eI s A i.Kation, 15SI). UumlxTstono. 

t'ol'eir. I):nnof(;iaywortl,,co:Xotts. 

r?nM,:.-.E.] -ar.! ritzKillian,, 
coheir, brother of Thomas. 

Hnll! ' ' ''^ > ^^""'^^ thowSutdiire of Great,, ofHn.u. Grimsby; u-ido.- o 

^ott.. UUvile. j ber- Richard Hansard of 

I stone. Biscathorpe. I'ndwife. 

l")orothy, mar. 
"Williani 1 Tors- 
lev of Skirpen- 



^1 Aug-. ]G]i>. there 20 Jnne 

pton 11 An*^. 


Hallom, CO. 

^mon of Zttmi>. 

[MS. 0. 23, }lc.i-alds' College] 
Ams.-Qua.icr,,: P.- Me MnM cnninc „„,, „:ure, a iualrcfoU for ,,iffer,„a. 

CO. Salop ; dead it' Fori ■ o t^'f-t' , ^"" ''"''■<' '' '^"K- P'-^-l 2:i 
fore 16J9. 1st lH,s- : Cai.lor (y ;,, T 'i':'," ' l!:!"''^ ■"""'■•'■ '" '"'^ "'■f"'^ f'""' 
i CO, Li," o^,„!' S„:'"'-;, ,^.i^™-. I'-'-O. -c. Geo,,e 







IJichard Lacon of:^Chrisn-an, dan. of ^\'^\ 

Ltiby, bur. there 
7 Jan. 15G9-70. 

of North wold, co. Nor- 

George Lacon=;= 



bnr. at Somh Somercotes ^fl^^rT'' ''''^'''' '^ ' ■ ■ ' '^^'"pl'^'Ime ; 

18 Nov. ina:,-.;. ^^^ i? 1 ^'^"^^'"^-^f .^^ ^^i"- loo;) (mar. lie 

thorpe" ^^' ^'-■"'■'^'■- '^^^''^ ^^"^'^'^^ of Addle- 

John Lacon, legatee of Ifobert Newstead 


f. ^' »-.• A • . 





,,,,!.T'-,'n': i.:i7/ i.-A ;.fi-;i!.-ii;i 

y.' ) -t'.tisi /f' I .>, 1 1. 1 vj"i 

0.^ WiliKl 

./. hf 

\ r.i'^^l 



John Lacon of ]\Ininby-f=Anno, dau. 

Cliapel, supervisor to 
Ro]>ert Xewslead 1011. 

of William 

.Taiie,=l'JuberLXewstea(l of South 

livinii,- Soniercoti.'.s. Will dated 

101 1". 23 Dec. 1011; proved 

16 Jan. 1012-1:). 


Joliu Lacon, unJer age 1017. Marj'. 

John Lacon of Tetney. Will dated 17 Jan.— .Tane, dan. of William Anne. 
lG3u-l ; proved 2 Jan. 1035-0. I Galle ; Fulstow 
I 2 Jan. 151M-5. 

Mary, bnpt. at Ful-= Robert Xcwstcad of Soinli Somercotes (Itli son of Robert 
stow 2 Nov. 1595. X'cwstead and Jane, dau. of George Lacon). 

Elizabeth, dau.=pEd\vardLaconof Tet-=Mary, dan. of John Wright of Skipton- 
of John Trows- 1 ney. Will dated 25 in-Craven, co. York; mar. at .South 

dale of Tetney. 
Ist wife. 

Oct. 1012; proved 20 
July 1015. 

Kelsey 2 Feb. 1591-2. [? Widow of 
John Wright ; dau. of George Lacon.] 
2nd wife. 

Thomas Lacon, ^^linistcr of=]\Iarc:aret, 
God's AVord, of Waith. Will dau.^ of 
dated 28 May 1017 ; proved .... Lam- 
21 Aug. 1018. S.p. ing. 

Christian, mar. lic.=Tbomas Covell of 
14 Feb. 101o-14, Great Steepinu", 
a2t. 23. xt. 20, lOlS-uT 

Humphrey Jiacon, 
bapt. at Riby 25 
Sept. 1508. 

George Lacon, Itapt. 
at Riby 17 Dec. 


Elizabeth,=pFrancis l^acon of=:Aune, dau. of Edward=Ellen, 

dau. of Riby and Great Brather, Yicar of Keel- dau. of 

William Lacon, 
bapt. at Riby 
24 Aug., bur. 
U Dec' 1597. 

. bur 
at Riljy 
7 Sept. 
101-1 (?). 
1st wife. 

Coates. Will 
dated 31 Jan 
proved 20 


by ; mar. at Keelby 
2U April 1020 ; l)ur. 
at Riby 24 Sept. 1027. 
2nd wife. 


(Jcorge Lacon, 
bapt. at Riby 
18 June lOOO ; 
ex'or to father 

Anne, bapt. at Ril>v 
29 Aug. 1590 ; man, 
19 June 1020, Ro- 
bert Frow, ex'or to 
Francis Lacon 1035. 


Elizabeth, bapt. 
at Riby 1 iK-c. 
lOitl ; ' bur, 10 
Oct. 1008. 

George liacon of=Catiierine, dau. of ... . Turner of South Somercotes ; mar. by 
South Somercotes. licence at St. ^Margaret's, Lincoln, 27 Aug. 1G02. 

William Lacon, gent., and Anne Cooke, mar. at Bolingbroke 2 Feb. 1020-21. 

J i 


11 il/. I)l!/V ,. 


LI^;coL^-sllll;l•: rr.i)iG]:KL.s. 

^ar;j of (DaiiKoborouQlj, 

[MS. ('. o;3. Heralds' College] 
Thomas Lacy of CainslKuougli-f . . . . dau. of . 

T;.onia? :.:ioy ui 0^\mbij:vv.2}i^Zl.vgam, daii. of William D:!; .vin of :\[ai-t 


William Laey of (":ainsl.orough,--pSaral). dan. of Kichanl Elshai 

bui-. there S April IGoT 

of li'ciford, CO. Notts. 

William Lacy, Clerk, of=:\rai'<:aret. dau. of ....; Gilbv ; mar. at Gains- 
l)uv. at Gainsborough U borough 17 March 
April lGo2. ICi'S-i;). 

Sarah, lioircss, mar. at Gains- 
borough, ] 1 April 1631, John 
Dickinson of Gainsboroui^h. 

at[) of ^taiufortJ* 

[MS. L). 23, Heralds' College] 

Amis (in llcny).— " Ayffcn/, on n saltirf cncjralhd azure, lelvcen four lions passant 

{/ulfs,/ive bezants.''' 

Thomas Lacy of Str,mford.=F 

Henry Lacy of Stamford, 
died 1 Jan". 1558-9. 

. dan. and heiress 
. . . Po\vdis:e. 

I homas Lacy, A^ ilhuin Lacy^Joan, dau. and heiress Frances, mar. John P.cville 

lstson,a?t.22, of St. James' ; of IJobert Ti^rhe of of Sawtro, co. Hunts 

looS-O. ])eeping. Will ; St. James' Deeping; — 

"7 ^'if'^'^'f IS Feb. I bur. at Grantham IG , mar. :\hiuricc John- 
Henry Lacy, lGll-12 ; | :^Iay ] G2u. sou of Stamford, .Merchant 
B.p. proved 5 June j of the Staple. 
1G12. ! ^ 

Lobert Lacy of Waslnng-=Cassandra, dau. of Thomas 0-lc of Pinchbeck • bapt 

borough, lstson,s.p. W lil there Jan. L^>G!-.^ : remar., before 1 G] I), Sir Francis I 

dated 2G Nov. 1C12 ; Peaumont, Knt. ; bur. at AVa^hingborongh 2:, Dec. I 

proved 2y ihiy 1G1;3. lC;j2. - c j 

Edith, dan.--,.Nathaniel Lacy -f SLamford = :\[aruraret, dau. and=.-Frances, dau 
of J)eodatus and Melton Moubrav, co. h.^iress of William of Put- 

Stalfertou Leicester; Ifigh Shcriirofco. Lacvof Melton Mow- ler; widow of 

ofco.Lerks. ; Leicester 2 Car. L ; a legatee br;.v ; widow of Pi<rott 

j of ins cousin Archdeacon Phi'lip Serj-ant of 
A , John.M.n ]G2.-.. Londoni livinglOl'J. ] 

>'■ 0<- » ) 


'tu}]i-:0n Vi '\rt\M 

'\ h.' 

■ I > ■■'Uf.'i 

Mi H 

I I 

. , ■Ai.V 

.1- 1 ■ .1 [ 

•, 11 ti ., ' < i»! ' ij-1 ; 

I .;;f;ti 

;;ur i- 

!••( •. M ■ ■ f ' i- 

..,. ... ..,<.^>t. /. 

LI N'coLN.^ II ii: i: r i:dig iiees. 




lleiirv Lacy of Stam-^]'>lixnl>o:l'., dan. of .Ti.lm ^hiim Etliih. 
ford, ivl. 5J, ]0G(.;. of Clerkonwell, co. Middlesex. 

Natliaiiiel Lacy. a)t. I'lI, ICOi',. Sarah. Elizabeth. 

Katherincmar.CleinciitToolce Franco.-:, mar. Ceoigc Horn- Snsan, mar. against 

or Tooky of South I^un'ouliam, hy of West Dcej>inL^ her fatlicr's consent. 

CO. llntfand. " — ^ Will dated iM Dec. 

— Alii'M.mar.SirllciiryChdlnic- 10;;'.!; proved oU. J un-j 

Anne, niai-. Alexander ]\forc ley, Knt., of MurLon Coggles. li> I'), "of Siiimford, 

of Grantham. -widow," 

[:\IS. 1). 2S, Heralds' College.] 
John Lake of Irbv=p. . . , dan. of .... OsLrodbv, 

Anne, dau, and coheir (if Edward =pliiehard Lake=f=Anne, dan. of Edward Moi'i-aly of 

Wardcil of Keelljy, 1st wife. 

of Irby, 

Claxby-by-Noruiauby. 2nd wife. 

Sir Edward Lake, Kut., LL.l)., of the^Anne, dan. Thomas=f:]\rary, dau. John 
Close of Lineoln ; Chancellor of the and coheir Lake, : of Stephen Lake, 

Diocese of Jjincoln ; Advocatc-CJcneral of Simon 

for Ireland ; had a Patent for a Baro- Bibye of 

netcy dated ?.0 Dec. 10 Car, I., but did Buckden. 

not take it out ; died 18, l)ur. :.'() April co. Hums 
107-1 in Ivincoln Cathedral, xL 77. 

1st son. Goodyear 2iid 
! of fjondxn, son. 
! jroldsmith. 

died in- 

Thomas Lake, Barrister of the ^iliddle Tem-^Elizabeth, dau. of John 
pie, nephew and heir of Sir Edward Lake, Story of Kneeton, co. 
IJart., died 22 ]\Iay 1711 ; bur, in the Temple .\otts ; mar, there 30 
Church. Nov. 1070. 

Sir Biijye Lake, rn\rt.,^/Mary, dau. and heir of Wil- Sim<.n Lake, Mary, bapt. 

bapt. at l5i>hoi)'s Xor- liani Atwell of I^ondon ; died ba])t. at at B'ishoj»\s 

ton 10 Ajn-il lOsi: in Chancery fjane, London, Bishop's Nor- Xorton 17 

created a J'.aronet 17 20 April 1702, ait. 05, ton o Jan. Dec. 1085. 

Oct, 1711, ! lO.sO-7. 

See Burke s " Peerage and Baronetaire." 


•■/_:.< -i : .-.■■■A 

.<; .!.ni •.,;;■: I :■'••• ;: 

r . t .J 

•'» T >:-m: .,, T I) 


;(:; •.;:;; .■'•j'l " «• 


J;1NC0LNS11IUE rr. DIGliEF.S. 

?lamtint of ^Oincprriu 

[The caily ]K\vl of thi> pediuTco is prinled in tlio " Vi>it;iiioii of Linculnshirc, 
laliL'," oditul l)y W. (,'. :\Ietcalfo.] 

\r;MS. — Gt'h^, a rJifvron arfjoni, a chief daq^nj or and azure. 
Chnslopher Lambert-^Agnc.?, dan. of Richard Bucock (? or Bullock). 

John rja!n-^]\r;iru:\ret, dan. of Aniory Carr of Thorntiin, co. York ; died 8 June 
bert. ICI;') ; Imr. at Pinchbeck, kX. 84 (accordiuu' to the Register, 2(J May 

1 008). 

Sir Thomas Laml»crt, Kut.,=pSusan, dan. of Sir Edward 1\vmoke, Knt.,of Scrivelsby; 
knighted IOOTj ; bur. at , widow of Arthur Walpolo of Pinchbeck ; bur. at 
Pinchbeck 2G July 1G13. Pinchbeck b July 1620. 

Charles Rambert, Tailboys Lambert, l)a]it. "William Lambert, 8 monthsr^, . . 

3 years and at Pinchbeck 22 ]\larcli old in 1592 ; I)ur. at Pinch- dau. 

mouths old 1 51)2. Lj88-0 ; bur. 9 ^R\y beck 22 :March 1C65-G. ! of 

1591. * I . . . 

William Lambert, bapt. at John Lambert, bapt. at Isaac Lambert, bapt. at 
Pinchbeck 8 Aug. n;i9. Pinchbeck 17 Jan. 1G2U-21. Pinchbeck 12 Nov. li;2G. 

John Ijambert, bajit. Samuel Lambert, baiit. at Pinch-=pRachel, dau. of Thomas 
3 May, luii'. 13 ]\lay l)cck 13 July 1595 ; bur. there \ Rayley of Pinchbeck ; 


15 May lG4o. 

bur. there 9 May \\jo\!). 


Thomas Lambert, l^eonard Lam- Jane, bapt. at Pinch- Susan, bui-. at Pinch- 

bapt. at Pinchbeck ])ert, bapt. at beck 5 Xov. 1G20. beck 2 Jan. 1G52-3. 

3 Aug. 1G23 ; 1st Pinchbeck U — — 

son 1G31. ]\Iar. 1G29-30; Susan, l.iapt. at Pinclibcck Elizabeth, liapt. at 

— liur. 8 Aug. 25 Sept. 1C31 ; bur. Pinchbeck 14 Sept. 

William Lambert, 1G3'J. there 2 Lee. 1C31. 1C34 ; bur. 8 Oct. 

2Qd son. 163G. 

d i:- 

io;i.:.;;-i -^1. 

/.■;l:-4 .^; 

'.. n 

••[•■■' .ri'uij;,!!.! a/lol 

I • ..I. v;' V , 

.. 1 1 

■>:.r- ( 

.(li ,ji 


itanam (or itabcnljam) of 20cUidik 

[liari. Mss. 11 no, i:.:.o.] 

Philip Lanam of Lauain (Lawiiham), co. SufTulk^f-Alico, dan. of .... 

I I 

John LaiKim=p^Iargaret, dan. of llciiry Petcho. "\Mlliain I.auain. 

Thomas=. . . .dan. William Lanam of=rE]i7al)etb,dan. Jane, mar. JiJin 

Lanam. of 

Stratford, co. Suf- 

of William ber of Barficld, Sudblk. 


Ricliard Latiam of Wel-=pAlice, dan. of fieor!i-e Charity, mar. Edmund Smith 
tou, CO. Lincoln, Shcfrield of Tothill. of Barlield, Sufl'olk. 

Dorothy, only dnu. and heir, 1502. 

grangttalt cf SSlaltljam* 

[Chancery Inq. P.M. 20 Henry YIL " Visitation of Lincolnshire, 1562."] 

ARiis. — S(ihle^ a chevron between three mullets argent. 

Patrick Lanc'dalo of Waltham=F. . . . dan. of . , . . 

William Lano:dale. Tiiomas Lam^dale of Waltham^p. . . . dan. of 

William Langdale of Wal-=i=. . . . dan. and heir of Stc- Cecily,=Thomas Towers 

thain, liviu^L;- 1 Aug. 14'J3;| phen Waltham of Waltham, living of Tetney, liv- 

iu(]. p.m. 31 Jan. 150i-5, by , dau. and heir of 1 Aug. ing 1 Aug.1493. 

PLHvensall (.' Piavensworth), 1493. 

Anne, coheir, mar. Agnes, coheir, mar. ^Matilda, co-"=pJohn Yavasonr, 3rd son of 

Henry Skerne; ait. Thomas Hamby ; heir, dead in 
34, 15^4-5. aJL. 'Jb, 1504-0. ' 1504-5. 

Sir Henry Vavasour, Kut., 
of Hazlewood, co. York. 

James Vavasour, ait. G, 1 504-5. 

iA:-, -IV'/ ^^ 


■5o.j:i:') . . .— ..Mi.ll!/ '; 

.an: i' ..^^;ri>;;fTi;v]' rrt/iilJiV/' 

•>' ^ f'- .'. .'' 

I \. 

.'si! i" ■.I;L..o,\I r:: 

.)■,: .-'r,i.r;»:7'. / 



]JXCc)iA-8iintK ri:Dioi:]:i:s. 

Xanctfjolmc of Conioljolmc. 

[Ilarl. MS. 1050.] 

[For (he onrlivr part see '" Yi>it;Uioii of Liiicoliisliiie, 1.ji;l>;' in tiie ' (Jencalogist.'] 

Ai;ms.— .-l-//y7>, ti rhd-roii ciuhallkil on lltc vpicr luni httircni Ihrcr <n,,f,Kf,>ih „,■. 

Jolm Laiiu-liolaie of ( \niislu)lme,^]=Aa:iif;.?, (Lni. iuul heir ol' 
livin- MJ2, 14 iO. ifobert AVcstineale.-. 

"William Lann-lioline of Couis-rtpElIen. dau. of Sir John 
holme, livin^i,' IMH, 1450. Vavasimr, Knt. 

Agues, mar. John Skip- 
wiili of rne)liv. 

Jo!ni Lan^liohije of ConisIiolme,^pAtino, dau. Peter Lan--- Isahel, mar. "William 

iiKj. i).m. 7 lleiny YIII., 1,51." 

of . . 



John Langholme of Conis-=p>raiKle, dan. and heir of Thomas Anne. Elizabeth 

holme, ret. 22, in 1515. 
"Will dated 27 Feb. 152G-7 ; 
proved 1527. 

Sir John Gilliot, Knt., Lang- 
liord flavor of York ; holme, 
living 1527. 


Humphrey Langholme, Chri.stopher Langholme of Conis-^AIdborc-no-h, dan of 
1st son, died s.p. 1541 ; holme 15f;2, 2nd son, bm\ at Henry Goodricke of 
inq.p.m.SSHenryYIlL Louth ^4 Jan. 1570-71. Kibston, co. York 

Henry Langholme. Katharine. Lncv 

George Lang- Henry Langholme, Franeis Lang-- Anthony Langholme, bur. at 
holme, 1;,27. dead m 1577. holme, 1527. Conisliolme 28 Jan. 15D2-3. 

[Edward Knight, mar dau. and heiress of . . . . Langholme aliaii Conis- 
liolme ot Louth.— "Yisitati(jn of Xorthan]).toii.s]iire, IGly-]'.)."] 

^.ancfton of ?lan(itoiT. 

[MS. C. 20, Heralds' College.] 

A JIMS.— (;>//«/•/<?;•///.• Sahle awl or, a bend argent. 

John Langton of Langton-by-SpiLsby=r dau. of Sir John Greene. 

William Langton of Langtun-p dau. of Robert de Tatershall. 

"William Jjangton of Langton.— 

:l'f7/ :i. 

■} >M 



v ■'■■'■^^ :i\ -. rT-'^n'- 

,;),! Vuioli 

.'■■ • -">\] 

.'.•I -UM 

':>;/•'■ .lit, .>J '\j V. ■ 


o. .f 

'." ■•!> J 1 ^:\'-'',i U> ''i '» . . 

1 t . itoJ>,iu;J (iiiiiliiV^ 

-•, .(I )'.■:■.': 1 '' ■■ M ;:.,ii . ii'ilMiV^ 



John Laiig(on=r. . . . dan. of Sir Robort Asho, Kiit. 

John Laijgton of Langton^p- • ■ ■ «1:ni. of ... . llnrdinsbod. 

William Laiigton of LancrtoiL^ 

John Langtoii of Langton^. . . . dan. of William "Bratofc. 

John Langton of Lnngton^p. . . . dan. of Sir John Fitzsimons. 

John Langton of Langton=p. . . . dau. and coheir of ... . Muml)j. 

John Langton of Langion=pJoan, dan. of Sir Xicliolas Tamworth of Lcak^', Knt. 

... I ' - 

Sir 'Jhumas Langton, Knt.=pAnne, dau. of Sir Simon Rochford, Knt. 

John Langton of Langton=f=Elizabcth, dan. of ... . Portin^'ton. 

Thomas Langton of Langton=p:\Largaret, dau. of ... . Harrington. 

John Langton of Langton=f=Katbcrine, dau. and coheir of John Mewter of 


John Langton of Lan.-;ton. Will dated 2;";=f=Elizal-etlu dau. of William Qnadring 

May 1533; proved at Lincoln 5 Feb. 1.533-4 

of h-by ; died before 2o May IbZ'Z. 

AViliiam Langton of=pDorothy, Cassandra, 1st dan., Alice, 3rd dau., mar. 

Cumberworth,3rdson; dan. of mar Staynton: Thomas Darbv of 

ex'or of bis father 23 '■ John Lit- living 23 ?iravl5:;3. Bennington; livinir 

May 1533. Will dated ; tlebury ; " — ' 23 May 1.533. 

10 Jan. 1557-8, then ' e.\'trix to Catherine, 2nd dau., ' — 

"of ]\Iumby;" proved ' her bus- mar. James Packe ; Elizabeth, -Ith dan., 

7 Feb. 1501-2. band\s\vilL living 23 May 1533. nnmar. 23 May 1533. 








1 557 

B c 



Thomas Anihonv William James Ellen. Marv. Anne. 

l^angton, Lam^tun, Lang- ^^ ...^ 

1557. 1557. ton, Under age in 

1557. 1557. 

D D 

.la}! ...J,... 

■:r., J 

• 1. 

; -i.ii:..:! [■ . ••! 

.'i ..-:-;!i!iJii 


I (ifii. f. 

\ , 

;ii.-\m:i;J . A-:i\'i^J ii 

(■ ' : ■ • .''I- 


! ■-,! !>./..-:. 


.7 ■:.■•. I 

•J a 



I • ' 

.John Till npf ton of= 
Bristol, 1st son. 

Laiitrtoiis of Somerset. 

Thomas Langton of Loudon, =f--Joan, dau. of 
inerchant taylor ; came of I John Dowucs 
the family of J.aiiirtoiis of of London, 



Tljoiiias Langton of Lfiulou, lG33T=Barbara, dau. of Thomas Allen of London, 



Thomas Lang- Kuht-rt Langion, Barbara, mar. William :\rargarot, mar. 
ton, 1st son and 2nd son. Lane of Gloucester. WilHam Bald- 
heir ; ait. 30, — _ i-on or Baldwin 
^^^•'•'^- John Langton, Mary, mar. John San- of London. 
3i"d son. ders of London. 

John^ Langton of Lang- Alexander Langton of=pCVeily, dan. of John Bilk-sby 

of Ijillusby ; vemar. John As"- 
fordbv of Asfordbv. 

ton, IsL son and heir l'3 Langton, 2iid son 23 ]\ray 
May 1 j:j;j. 1533 ; l)eir of his brother. 

Adlard Langton, Parson^ 
of Sansthorpe. Will 
dated 5 JLarcli, proved 
2G April 1585. 

John Lang-=pRose, dan. of John Jane, mar. An 

ton of Lang- 
ton 1502; 
died 1572. 

Liitlebury of Hag- 

drew Asfurdliv 
of Billesby. 

John Langton.^ Andrew Langton. Anne, mar Cowper. 

Children, not named in grandfather's will. 

Anne, Isc dan., Rose, 2nd dan., Elizabeth, 3rd dau., 

unmar. 29 April unmar. 'I'd April mar. Ptobeit Geyton 

1512; mar. 1st 1542; mar. 1st of Hull. 

John Portington Nicholas Upton — 

of Sawclifle, 2ndly of Wainfleet, 

Edmund Skerne of 2udly William 

Wakham. Yaxley of Bos- 

Frances, 5tli dan., 
mar. John Skip- 
with of Stayne-in- 

Katherine, 4th dau., 

mar. Tucker Fitche Mary, Cth dan. 
of Ashby-by-Part- ' — 

Mc-y. Sithe, 7th dau. 

William Lang-=pJoane, 
ton of Winter- , dan. of 

ton, 3rd son. 


4tli son. 

ton, 5th 

Andrew Langton of= 
Withcrn. Adni'on 
U ilay 1597. 

Tohn Langton, described ofWin---^J;.no. dau. of Michael Lang- Elizabeth 

terton 7 June 1010; of Keadby 
in the Isle of Axholme 1031. 

D E 

William IJayls- 
t(tn of Hull. 




,1 lb .»:!/:. ■'^muoi^'i \ 





! Ml /. r;''^ 

mV. •f\T.;/'iol 

fl .!ii. :l.>;iM'; 



:rj /.'••:..< I 

1 1- .l.iJl ; .fio-' l)i" .no)' 

f, ..(i-.^, ,f, „„•- ., J p;(,>i. 



Roboyt Laugton of Keadby. 1st son ; xi. about 20, ^p 
l()o4 ; bur. at AUhoi[tL' lu .May H]7-2. 

Jolin Lautrtoii, 2ii(3 
son ; a)t. 13, 1G31. 

l^ohovf 1 r>'i<^tou=^'^''.r'^!ll"Ot, 
oi Koadoy in _ dan. of 
the parish of Al- 

Davi'.l !,anfxfoT"i-pT~ "^r'H Pilswovtli of Epworth, 
of Kcadby in Isle of Axholmo ; mar. at Al- 
the Isle of Ax- , thorpe 8 Nov. 1080. 

Robert Lansftoii, bapt. at Samuel Lani;ton=llolen Kcedes of Cottell Hall ; 
AUhorpc 13 Sept. l(;72. of Keadby. ' mar. at Althorpe -L Auj;. 170f. 

I I 

David Laiigton ui KLadby,—]\rary Fowler Samuel Lansj- 

1st son, bapt. 8 ^March of Scan- ton, 2nd son, 

1687-8 ; bur. at Althorpe thorpe; mar. bapt. at Al- 

14 Nov. 1723. at Althorpe thorpe 4 Nov. 

130ct.l715. 1093. 

Roljert Langton, 
3rd son, bapt. at 
xUthorpe ] 5 Feb. 
1G95-G; bur.there 
1 May 1097. 

John Langton, 
4th sou, bapt. 
at Althorpe 30 
April 1698. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at Althorpe 22 
Dec. 1681 ; bur. 
there 7 March 

]\rargaret, bapt. at 
Althm-pe 18 Oct. 
1684 ; mar. there, 
iFeb. 1704-5,.Iohn 
Young of Keadby. 

Sara, baj^t. at Althorpe 
5 Jan. 1689-90; mar, 
there, 11 June 1717, 
Robert Harrison of Mis- 
terton, co. Notts. 

John Langton of Lang-- 
ton, 1st son and heir. 
Will dated 4 :\ray, 
proved 18 Sept. 15-^3 ; 
calls his v.ife "xVu)y." 

-Anne, dan. and heir of Law- 
rence Palmer of Boston and 
Vriiuhorpe, merchant; icr. 14 
years 1 month and more at her 
father's death 29 Nov. 1557; 
mar. before 2 Mai'ch 1557-8. 

YincentLang-r:r^. . . . dau. 

tun, 2nd son. 




Elizabeth, =pSir John Langton of Langton, KnL, 1st son- 
dau. of i and heir; Sheriff of co. Jjincoln 1612; de- 
William ' scribed of Boston 21 Oct. 1613 ; in his will, 
Dallisonof I signed at Belleau 25 Sept. 14 Jac. I., 1616, 
Laughton. J he styles himself "late of LauL'tun." Will 
1st wife. ; declared Oct., i)roved (C.P.C.) 5 Dec. ICIG ; 
(to be) bur. at Laugton. 

=Kathcrine. dau. of 
William Builer of 
Cuates ; widow of 
Thomas Littlt-bury ; 
bur. at Louih 2 
Xov. 1635. 2ud 

Jolin Lang- 
ton, bur. at 
Boston 14 
Aug. 1GU3. 

John lianirton, ba))t. Robert Langton, youngest son, undiT age 

3 .htn. 16u4-5 ; bur. 25 Sept. 1616; matriculated at Broadgates 

at Boston 7 Oct. Hall, Oxon, 5 May 1620, tet. 18 ; Demy 

1605. of Magdalen College ; B.A. 10 May 1620. 


' ri:'"i;:>:i:'i 

;j: ifu; 

, .. .< i 



A^^ltMltine PL-iv^n-ine Laniztun, !Nrar<:aret, uninav. 25 Scjit. Elizabeth, mar. 

Laiigton, •lth?uiiL>r»Sc])r.i('.ir.; lOlC); mar. Oliristoplier William Loc- 

3rd soil matrieulalodaL ]\[a>i-- llolip.o of Paul ITolme, co. ton of Swines- 

'2:i Sept. dalen Hall, Oxun. J- York, who died lCt;:> (mar. head; liviii<>-25 

ICIO ; Dec. K'.u:, lot. 14; lie. 23 Feb. 1019-20, he Sept. 101 o'. 

dicu >.ji. ul' Lv;;;!: i ;.:;;;;;. :i?t. 2S, sb.e 21 ). 

William LangtDii of Jjang-=f 
ton, 1st. son and heir; 
proved his father's will 5 
Dec. 1010; living 8 .Tulv 

"Troth, dau. of 
Th.-mas Little- 
bury of Stainsbv; 
mar. at Boston 12 
Feb. 1009-10. 

Ivoger Langton, 2iul son- 
25 Sept. 1010; matricu- 
lated at ^Magdalen ITall, 
Oxon, 22 "Xov. 1005, 
a)t. 18. 

dau. of 


John Langton, bur. at Belleau 27 xVjiril 1011. 

John Langton. 

William Langton, 2nd son, a legatee of his brother Sir Jolm^^fSusan, dau. of AVil- 

25 Sept. 1010 ; D.D., President of ]\[agdalen College, Oxon ; 
died 10 Oct. 1020, a3t. 54; bur. in ^^lagdalen College Chapel. 

ham Stonehouse of 
Had ley, co. Oxon. 

Agnes, dan. =fCeorge Langton of ]\rareliara = Dorotby, dau. of William Abbott 
of William | le-Fen 1034, ord son ; a legatee of IIaiiden,eo. Suflolk. AVill dated 
Smith of j of his "cousin" Robert ThMi-ii- 2 April 1054 ; proved (C.P.C.) 
Algaikirk. | h!llof]Mareham-le-Fen2G<liine 14 Feb. 1055-0 ; described of 
I 1053 ; died . . . . ; bur. at Ox- Oxcombe, widow. 2nd wife, 

George Langton, bur. at George Langton, 2nd Anne, 

Boston June 1599 

William Langton, 1st son 
and heir, bapt. at Boston 
25Mar. 1013; Kt. 20, 1034. 

son, a legatee of his 
mother 2 April 1054. 

Susan, bapt. at Bos- 
ton 21 Dec. 1000. 

ha J it. 
at Bos- 
ton 10 

Katherine, bapt. 
at Boston 15 June 

Amy, bur. at Bos- 
ton 27 Sept. 1015. 

Henry Anne, 

Langton, eldest 
4th son. dau. 

Piose, mar. at Ilorneastle, Elizabeth. Thomasine. 
7 Oct. 1583, John Jenney — — 

of Ilorncastle. Mary. Bridget. 

Si the. 

1st son. 

George Langton of Langton, 2nd son;=pAlice, dan. of Charles Hollo- 

died 21 Feb. ir,95-0, rot. 79 ; bur. in 
Peterborough Cathedral. 31. L 

way, Serjeant-at-Law ; died 
lo'April 1714, tut. 88. 


John Langton, born William Langton, bornatOxford=f=. . . . Anne, mar. Tho- 

at Oxford 1050; ma- 1001 ; mati'iciilated at Wadham ' dau. mas Davison, 

triculated at Queen's College, Oxon, 13 July 1077, ast. i of irent. ; bur. at 

Collpge, Oxon, 18 10; Barrister-at-Law of the | . . . . Langton 10 Feb. 

July 1073, let. 17 ; Middle Temple 1087, 1004-5. 
Demy of 3Ia'_'-daien | 
College 1074—79. William Langt..ii, born 3 Jan. 1082-3. 


ul L^h:;!. .r;iM..::i. 

ii r.aU 

; j^ 

•-»• i I ,1 inci/ UL 

(';.ji mOO"J'0*/J 

i I 

(,- ■ • 'i r!;- . :, .1. 

.,M.I m'm:i.7/ 

. C t — r I ' ' 



George Laii^ton of LaiiLrton,— ^fary, dau. and 
bom 1C47 ; l>aiTistor-at- ! lieiress of Tlio- 
Law Middle Templo Itwo; mas Tvndale of 
Inspector of Oi)tj)orc Colleo- 8t. ^^ar_ir■,^rot'?, 
tors' Accounts Feb. 171 i-K"); i "Westminster, 
died 1 7i^7, rrt. 8(\ ! 

Peroicrine Langton, born at Ox- 
ford 105^); matriculated at 
(^Uieen's Coilfg'e, Oxoii, 22 'Shxy 
1<^7:?, a?t. 17; Barrister-ar-Law 
^liddle Temple lilso ; liviut^r 

.... Lanii'ton. Dean of= 
Cloghcr; killed in Dove- 
dale, CO. Dei-l)7. 

^ . . . dau. of ... . Percs^rine Laimton, "William 
Roberts : sister of sailed for the South Lano-ton. 
Colonel Roberts. Seas 24 Julv 1725. ° 

George Tiang-: 
ton, of the 
Post Office. 

=. . . . dan. of . . . , 

Vo wler ; n iece of A icl i - 
bishop of Dublin. 

William Langton^pElizabeth, ^Mary. 
of city of Dublin, ; dau. of 
Clerk, Vicar of 

Charles Langfcou, died Oxford. 

Longford, co. 


George Lang- 

Bennett Lang- 

Wenman Henry Langton, matriculated AVad- 
hain College, Oxon, 1 7^3, ast. 1 9 ; sinecure Rec- 
tor of Longford, co. Derby ; Rector of "War- 
ham St. Mary, co. Xorfolk; died 4 Nov. 18o6. 


Wenman Cavendish Langton, matriculated Wadham 
College, Oxon, 29 Xov. 1810, ^t. 17 ; B.A. 1815. 

John Lang- 
ton, ])orn 
14, bapt. 22 
May, bur. 2 
Aug. 1C9U 
at Langton. 

Thomas Langton, 
born IGOl ; died 
21 Nov. 1712, a?t. 
21 ; bur. at Bath- 
ford, CO. Somerset. 

ba]-)!;. at 
19 Aug. 

Bennet Langtou=rDiana, dau. of 
of Tiangton, born j Edmund Tur- 
6 May, bapt. 15 j nor of Stoke 
June 1690; died Rochford ; 

17G9, ECt. 73. 

mar. 21 March 

Bennett Langton of=f-Mary, dau. and heir 

Langton, IjL.D., 
born 1737 ; Cap- 
tain iu Lincoln 
]\Iilitia; died JSUl, 
jet. 64. 

Gresham Lloyd ; 
widow of John, Uth 
Earl of Rothes ; mar. 
24 May 1770 ; died 
10 Jan. 1820. 

Juliet, mar. 
to Rev. Wil- 
liam ]ji-ac- 

Diana, mar. Robert 
Uvedale, D.D., Rec- 
tor of Langton, 
Vicar of Swincs- 
head ; died lb09, 
a3t. 67. 


Algernon =f-Mary Anne, Isabella. 
Lauston. dau. of Sa- — 

muel Drew. Elizabeth. 

Bennet Langton, mar 

Margaret, Jane, died at Richmond, co. 

died un- Surrey, 12 .Vug. 1854. xt. 

mar. 23 78,unmar. Shewasgoddau. 

Nov. 1821. of Dr. Samuel Johnson. 

Yi; 7/ 


.' i.-=;";'^ 

■ U^:r.) 

,- /• 

.; ^ lacii •■ji''i.i ^ ;■ 

•> 3H 

.11 1'* 

;;■..... f 



' i :::.■. . t 

I' >'.'j 


ilU. it: 

:\, -, 

: :;, .1 

. -;.. 





- 1 : .m' 

:, V -. 

.;::■■ ; 


v.A ':( 

■ '. [■■ 

, ,'\ 

.:;v!.' [ 

.n ,i V :'. -ii-.Z 

I'. /.■■ 

■f .-■:-. 

.•i);'-iJ ,no)^'U'iu jOai!t»-l 




Georg-o — Elizalioth. dim. of Thonins 
Lany-- .Alaiiiwa!):)^- of Gdltho- 
ton of haj.l. at >S!. :\rar-aivfs iii 
tlie Cluse of Lincoln IG 
April 1773 ; mar, at Lin- 
coln r, ^Farch 1794; iii Jiei- 
issue, coheir. 


Povogrine Lnnp:-; 
ton of Gunbj, 
took the name 
of Ahissin<rl">pr(l ; 
died at Exeter 
2S Sept. 1S3(>, 
jet. 70. 

. Mary Anne, 
' dan. and 
' sole heir of 
; Henry .Mas- 
'. sinirberd of 
j Guuliy. 

ton, in 

berd oV 
1st son. 

^Caroline Golds- 
udrtliy, youn^-fst 
dan. of William 
Peareeof Weascn- 
ham, CO. Xorfolk; 
mar. at Scrivclsby 
6 Xov. 1827. 

Charles— -Harriet, vounrrest Alarr^aret ' 

Lanirton dan. of Sir K„bert voniH^est' 

William Xewman of *dan.,"died at 

Marnliead, CO. Devon, St. Peter's 

Part. ; mar. at St. Port,Gnern- 

damcs's, Piecadillv, sev, 1 Jul^ 

London, 19 3Iayl8f;;5. 1837,Eet. 10. 

K'erd of 
Gun by, 
2nd son. 

^\Jaii,Miets, Lincoln, U July 1798; died 

ton of Langton, 1st 



George Ben- 
(See Burke's 
" Landed 

John Stephen Lauf- 

Algernon Langton. 

Charles Thomas Laugton, 

Thomas Hamilton Lang- 
ton, in H.O. 



nfT/'i;- V "iV t"'^^'^"'"'"-' Lang-=Emily Cache-=Emma An-us 
otJosiah \\cd"-e- ton. ;^rd cnn ,;,.,. .i.,„ ,r . , ,.-^"o'^==> 

of Josiah AVedge- 
vrood of The 
Grove, Cam- 
bridge. 1st wife. 


ton, 3rd son, 
born ISOo ; in 
H.O. ; died 26 
Aug. 18SG. 

See Burke's "Landed Gentrv," 
S7(b " Massingbeid of Gunby.'" 

line, dan. of 
Darwin, :\LDr, 
died 2 Feb. 
J8(;6,s.p. 2nd 

ta Juliana, 
dau. of Henry 
Dawkins of 
Over Xorton, 
CO. Oxford ; 
mar. 1883, 
3rd wife. 

4th son. 

Washington Lang- 
ton, 5th son, died 

Francis Langton, 
6tli son, died voun^^ 

Elizabeth, mar. 
James Clarke, 
Rector of Por- 
lock, CO. Somer- 

Fanny Frances 
Diana, died 

Augusta, died 

Isabella. Louisa. 


widf :rG, -Jo^dl!;:- '""• " ^'""'■'- ^'="="»" "^ '-g'™- g-^- -^ j»o Bo,sto„, 

. -'O ; 

f,;-'.;.; . 

■>^■l .-.:,. i.r.- .,.., 

.(ic J 

. K: J, (li'i"!'; 1 . 

, ■::] <4-\'''\'^ 

r'.-'-: .'.'-J 

; .0.1! I /iij;'J ,jvu..J 


Mid .>"'-' 

'-H •.-■', :■•.■<■. , i '. .:i'--;-! 


JA\ COLNSll 1 ]\ K PET) 1 G KEK S. 


[MS. C. 23, lleniMs' Collej^o.] 
Riclinrd jjarkc cif Xonr;;iiibv=r ^'^;^fli^i"iiie, ilau. of ... . Martin of Kirton. 

John Luike MrXoi'iiiiUili\ aiui liaiiifiMiiuuuh. soii=r Liizaucth. uau. ol' Anuc Thomas 

and heir ICo-i; bur. at Gaiusborough 2o Aj)ril 

Taylor of Thorne, co. Larkc. 

Joseph Larke=pAnnc, dan. and co- Jothna Anne, 1st dan. Sarah, 3rd dan. 

of Gains- 
borough, Isfc 

heir of Alexander Larke, 

Emerson of Glam- 2nd Mary, 2nd dan. Elizabeth, 4th dan. 

ford Bricfg. son. 

2. Joshua Lai'ke, son, 3. Benjamin Larkc, bajit. 2. Anne, bapt. at Gainsborough 
bapt. at Caister 26 ac Gainsborougli 15 Nov. 15 June 1G12; bur. 24 Nov. 
Sept. 1643. 1046. ^ 1642. 

Marriage bond 28 May 1G80, John Codd of Hemswell, husbandman, and Mary 
Larke of Normanby, spinster. 

S.aUie of Cantilts:ii)j>. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 


Edmund Lawe,=p. ... dau. of 

Lancelot La^ve of Candlesbv •,=^ 

=ADne. dau. of 

dead 26 April 

. . . . ; livintj 

supervisor to his brother 


1614. i 


John's will I(;i4. 

livinL'' 26 
April 1614. 

Anthony Lawe,n=]^L^rgaret, dau 

Francis=Alice, dau. of 

Anne, mar. lie. 

Yicar of West 

of ... . Trewe 

Lawe of Iiiehard Whel- 

22 Sept. 1619, 


of Winthorpe 

Candlesby, dale of Great 

oat. 19. 

St. Helens; bur. 

mar. there 2t 

2nd son. Steeping; mar. 


at Strubbv 11 

Nov. 1637. 

a^t. 22, lie. 20 Sept. 

William Fetch 

Jan. 1654-5. 

1627. 1627, ret. 23. 

of Friskney, 
ajt. 3U, 1619. 

John Lawe, bapt. at Theddle- 

Edmund Lawe, bapt, Adeodatus 

Lawe, bapt. at 

thorpe 27 Feb. 164U-41. 


Theddlethorpe 10 Strubbv i; 

■ Sept. 1652. 



Iv 164 5 ; bur. at 


^\'iI!iam Lawe, bajjt. at Thed- 


•ubbv 24 Feb. Ani;e, bap 

t. at Theddle- 

dlethorpe ] G De 

c. 1643. 


58-y. thurixj 26 

Jan. 1639-40. A 

• ••, ,' ■ > 


"tU .:jiO. i 

' ':I^ 


•'i j; 

;]/ ^~ ■, 

. 1 

.liV; ;,; 

:-.;> r 

.'. >. '^jv 

.1. '.•.■>! 



I 1 \ 

JohnT.■l^Yeo^i>cIVlnby.:=:.\liLV, dan, of Vnthony:^. . . . dnii. Joan, livin;,' 

Actuary in C.r.C. and Ifayward, brother Lawe of ' of .... ; UiH ; mai-'. 

Proctor of the Arches, (^f Thomas Hay- Stoke Xow- ; died Oct. Christoplier 

AVill dated -JO Ajail, ward; proved hei- in2;toii, co-. loO?-. Yowte of 

proved 22 Oct. U:\ I. li;>^band's will :\Iiddlesex. j London. 

S.p. IGI-!. Notary. 

Lancelot Lawe, 1st son. John Lawe, 2nd son, living IGl-L Bridget, livinii: 1011. 


dan. of 

George Lawe, gent., of Y\^elbonrn. Will dated 8 Aug.,— Isabel, dau. of 
proved 15 Sept. 1G30 ; mentions his brother Christoplier ' . . . . ; ex'trix 
Beresford of Leadenham and his cousin CMiristopher 16:50. 
Beresford of Fulbeck, supervisors. 

William Lawe. 

Charles Lawe. 



[Note. — Welbomn is near Caudlefby. and George Lawe may have been a son of Lancelot 
Lawe. His wife Isabel was probably a Beresford, and mar. indlv Nicholas Rowel (see Vol. I., 
p. 121).— A. E. M.] 

?CabJc^' of dfi'tc^toiu 

Richard Lawes of Frieston. Will proved 1543 — 45. 
Agues Lawes of Frieston. Will proved 1551-2. 

John Lawes of Frieston and Bntterwick, died 28 April=f=Jenetta, dau. 
38 Henry 8, 15 46. Will dated 23 April 1546. of 

Richard Lawes, son and Robert William Lawe--, Agnes, 1st dan. 

heir, fet. 25, 28 April Lawes, 3rd son. Will — 

38 Hen. 8, 1546. 2ndson. proved 15S4. Jcnnetta, 2nd dau. 

Richard Lawes of Boston, innholdcr.- 


Simon Lawes of Frieston=Agnes, dau. of . . . . "\^ ormc of Butterwick 

mar. lie. 2 Sept. 1622, fet. 18. 

Thomas Lawes of Boston, Alderman and thrice Mayor of that-= 
town, born 15SG ; died 3, bur. at Boston C Oct. 1657, xL 71 

Thomas Lawes, 1st Bon, living 10 Aug. 1G59. 

;:,;-{ 'V; 

:] .-'n^l :r']vu 



i .- .■■••) 

.1-. -^ /-.(^t;i.,, 


;>|f'; :'(.i^ ,■'■/. J-.' :■• 

'ia^u ,fi.: .1 



i I'l -^ivr:, I noi;i;>; 

, :-! ■ .■ f ^i:,>-. :' V 


E.atocc^ of itiiuoliu 

[Lincoln Wills and Ecgisters.J 

James l.awos of St. Pi.hM--ot-Gn\vrs, Lincoln liv--^ 
iiig 1(;17 ; hur. aL Si. lV:cr's IJ Nov. l(;;;ii. I 


Michael Lawos of=pJane. dau.of John Cracroit 

St. Peter-at-Gowts, of Hacktiiorno ; mar. at St 

plumber, [ft. 20 in Pcter-at-Gouts i^i> Juik' 

I6I7; bur.inChoii- lOl? (mar. lie. 21 June 

of St. Peter's. Will l(il7, ret. 20) ; bur. at St 

dated y Jidj 163G ; Peter's 3 April 1035. 
I»n)ved Jl'rdG. 

JamL-bija\v«-.S(.i'Liijcul!j,=T-. . . 
plumber. Will dated 30 dan. 
Aug., proved 11 Sept. j of 
UI13 ; (to be) bur. at 
St. Peter-at-Go\YLs. 

Anthony Lawe.s,l8t son 1G3G. Anne, 1(]3C ; mar. MarAia, 1030. Ja'nc, bur. at 

T T Robert Wrosse, — Stl'etcr'slT 

James Lawes, living 1030. ex'or to James Frauces,lG3G. May 1031 

Lawes lGi3. 

ThomaK=.Aniie, dan. of 
Lawes, Abraham 
eon and Blauchard of 
heir. Ivouth; nndcr 

(See p. age in 1619 ; 
141.) living 1C39. 

MichaeI=pEIizabeth, dan. of William Jane, 1G13 

Lawes, .... Osgarby ; Lawes, — 

bur. at St. , mar. at St. Peter- IG4 
Peter's ' at-Gowts 14 Oct 

12 March t 1044; bur. 1 May 
1009-70. i 1C59. 

Anne, 1C43. 
Mary, 1043. 

AVilham Lawes bur. at St. Michael Lawes, bur. at St. John Lawes, bur. at St 
leter s 2.. March 1055. Peter's 12 July 1G52. Peter's 7 Feb. 1G5G-7. 

S.ali3S0u of Erbrsbj). 

.. Poger Lawson of Appleby, descended from=pElizabeth, dau. 
the Lawsous of ]\L^rstoD, co. York. I of ... . 

Adam Law.son,Btyled=pChristian, dau. Brvan Lawson of Xcw- Joan, mar Wil- 

of Koxby, yex)man," , of William ton, 1st son 1634. Ham Gray. 

1624; of Eevesby I Snowden of _ _ 

^^^■^- WintertoD. Eli/.abcth, mar. William Anne. mar. Wil- 

llewetson. Ham Ilotch. 

Peter Lawson of-T-Posamond, dau. :\ratihew Lawson, 2nd Mary, mar. John ^^ns- 
Kevesby 1G34, , of JohnDowmaii sou. crrnvp r'^W.f Pi-ouh. 

let son. 

of Leverton. 

^rave(?) of Crowle. 
Adam Lawson, 3rd son. Faith, unmar. 

Nicholas Lawson, 1st son 1C34. Peter Lawson, 3rd son. Elizabeth. 

Thonjas Lawson, 2nd son. 

Jervase Lawson, 4tli son. Rosamond. 

.>.;:> i ,.\.>\Mi!\-;-i 

.;>;;ai :;.,;v;i .--i.^'^A- 


; (; ! I' I '.II •.■'\-ii* .<( 

.t;;;;' ,::•■ 


1/ ■>.. 

ill. , -oW.,. I 

. ,M . 1 

'.)', I , ji: IV., 

,:i .JOV 


LINCOLN >niuE ri:i)iGUi:LS. 

5ltadj of iai^catljorpc anti l\antij>. 

OTeury Leatli, clerk, of Hiscn-^^Alice, dan. of Clirie- 
1st thoi"pe. "Will dated -JO Jan., Io]->1kt Cliainbers of 
wile, proved U Feb. 1G2G-7. Filliiigluim. 

wife. ■ 


Timothy J;Cach=pUrsula, Thomas Charles Edward Leach of=T= Elizabeth, 

of Sak'by. Will ) dun. of Leach, 
dated 25 Feb. 
1C71-2 ; proved 
22 April 1072. 

bur. at 
ex'trix. Kanby 



Children, not named. 

Leach, Ranby, bnr, at 

— Coningsby 28 

Nicliolas Jnne 107 o. 
Leach, Adm'on given to 
4th son. his relict Eliza- 
beth G Oct.lG7o. 

dau. of 

William Leach, bnr. at Ranby 6 Jan. 

]\Iarv, bapt. at Ranby 20 June, bur, 
2 Dec. 1656. 

William Leach of Bisca-=f^Anne, dan. of Wolston Baxter of Burton Latimer, co. 

thorpe, yeoman, xt. 24 
in 1G27 ; bur. at Ranby 
4 Feb. 1657-8. 

Xoithampton (called Anne Baxter of Ranby in mar. 
lie. 24 March U;2G-7, xt. 26); bur. at Ranby 4 
Sept. 1655. 

Martha, dan. of . . . .- 
Billesby ; mar. at 
Ranby 6 Jan. 1658-9. 
1st wife. 

=William=j=Susanna, dau. of 


l\laiT. Anne. 

Tooleyof East Kirkby; mar. — — 

lie. 16 Dec. 1670. 2nd wife, Ellen. Margaret. 

William Leach, ]\Iartha, bapt. at Anne, bapt. at 
bapt. at Ranbv Ranby 16 Feb. Ranby 10 Oct. 
26 Nov. 1661.' 1659-60. 1660. 

William Leach, bapt, at 
St. Peter-at-Arches, Lin- 
coln, 10 Dec. 1672. 

Henry Leach of Donington-on-Bain, ex'or=f=^rarv, Peter Leach 
to father 1627. Will dated 26 Dec. 16:54 ; 
proved 8 April 1635. 

dau. of — Leach, 

Richard Leach. 1627. 

Henry Leach, Richard Leach, William Leach, 1634. 
1634. 1634. — 

Mary, 1634. 

Thomas Leach, Anne, 
livinsr 1627. 1027. 

.;.. -I'lf: ; '■'':( , ) ■ : i.:'.') 

.0''i-'i i 

•■;•'■> :t[.iv;i 

1.; r,:"rA ,Fho'>J ,:,»r!l£7/ 

... •.-..[ 


' "^.r, ::■■ •,/! '/-ti'iifT 

.^i!; VaU 

,t :.. t ,y .W/ 



John Leach of Fnlletlty, senior. Will dated; 
9 Jan. 1GJ5-G ; proved 1 July 164G. 

Robert Leach of=p. . . . 
FuUetbv. Will I dau. 
dated 28 Jan. : of 
lG7-'-3 ; proved . . . . 
17 April 1 07 G. i 

Thomas Leach, JOdward^^-^'i'^c, dau. of Llizabctii, 

supervisor to Leach. 
John Leach's 
will 1658. 

Catter- mar. liobcrL 
ton of Claxby ; Learie. 
mar. lie. 14 
Oct. 1625. 

Robert Leach, 1G72. Edward Leach, 1672. 

Four (iaus., living 1616. 

Richard Leach of S[)iIsbv,=pSarah, dau. of Jolin Leach of Fulletby.=f=]\lary, dau.of 

woollen-draper. Will dated [....; bur. at Will dated 1 Sept. 165G; . . . . ; Fur- 

1 March 107-1-5; proved ■ Ilorucastle 18 proved 12 Jan. 1658-9. viviui^ 1658. 
4 Feb. 1675-G. 1 Nov. 1667. 

Richrrd Leach of Horncastle, woollen-draper, bur.=pKatheriue, dau. William 
there 16 May 1696. of . . . . Leach. 

Sarah, bapt. at Horncastle 9 Elizabeth, bapt. at Horncastle 17 Sept. 1687 ; 
Sept., bur. 14 Oct. 1685. mar., 29 Dec. 1712, Robert Parker of Horncastle. 

John Leach of Horn-=f=Anne, i\Lary,=Thory Todd of ... ., mar. Luke Bur- 
castle, woollen-draper, dau. ex'trix Spilsby, wool- ton of Horncastle; k-g- 
bapt. there 5 ]\Iarch of 1702. Icn-draper. Will atce in Tiiory Todd's 
1653-4 ; bur. 13 Sept. .... dated 29 Oct. will 1702. 
1707. 1702 ; proved — 

27 Dec. 1703. Sarah. 

Thory Leach, bapt. at Horncastle Anne,bapt. at ^Lirv, bapt. at Horncastle 

1 Dec. 1696. Will dated 2S Feb., Horncastle 3 7 Dec. 1700 ; mar. there, 19 

proved 4 March 1750-51. Sept. 1699 ; June 1722, John Sherrifle 

ex'trix 1750. of Horncastle; ex'trix 1750. 

John^. . . . Thomas Leach of^Elizabcth, liichard Anne, 1658, mar. AVood- 

Leach, dau. Stickney 1658. j dau. of Leach, thorpe Harrison ; living 

1658. of Will dated 20 .... 1658. 1684. 

j . . . . June, proved 3 ! — 

July 1684. I Mary, 1658. 

Elizabeth, 1684. — 

Martha, living 1684. 

John Leach of SpiNliy, tallow-chandler. Will dated 11 Feb.= 
1718-19 ; proved 19 Sept. 1737. A 

dau. of 


.UV.', l/i.'A 71 

■::;:i ,.f'r;'.' j->k.5I 

>- ! 

, r rl.M. 

. .'J I 


., . v,.i ii.' 

.:•• .^V'l .■■: ■ ' 

t>--ii ,1:1... I, ':'! 

; ; I 




John Lcaclt of Spilsby, tallow-fbaudler. Will— Deborah, daii. aiul coheir of Wil- 

datcd 2 July, proved 20 Dec. ]7o7, 

liaui Marwood of South Thorcsby, 

William Leach. Mary. Elizabeth. 

[Harl. MSS. 757, 1550.] 

.... Lcake=p]\rargarct, dan. and coheir of Alexander Bate of Wrangle ; 
of ... . ex'trix of her sister Ajrues Redd Nov. 1512. 

Alexander Leake, sou and beir.=:p Katherine, living 10 Aug. 1511. 

Margaret, dan. and heir, living 8 Aug. 22 Hen. 8, 1530. 

John Leake of Leake. 

Thomas Leake of . . . .=pJane, dau. and heir of ... . Thorpe. 

Andrew Leake of Boston 15G2. 

.... Leake of Boston=p. . . . dau. of . . . .; living a widow 10 Feb. 1609-10. 

I I 

Andrew Leake of Boston, 1st William Leake, 2ud sou 

son 10 Feb. 1G09-10. 10 Feb. 1G09-10. 

x\ndrew Leake of Boston. 

idrew Lcakc 

Andrew Leake, son, bapt. at Boston 30 Oct. 1G40. 
<e of . . . ., mar. at Boston, 30 July 1581, Ma 

Edward Leake, son of .... ; bur. at Boston 2o Aug. 1G25. 

Edward Leake of . . . ., mar. at Boston, 30 July 1581, Margaret, dau. of 

..i:'i;rnM ■•.!'( :i; 

•..!■' .'.■■■■■■.] ft' ;:!; 


.' *..^(r:rr .i 

.[. '.-i;! -.0 C'/. I.! 


,f .) I ..':.' 


>' }n .i:;'f 

■)u •i.h.:/.l fcMV;';:! 


'•I ihiy. (OtI'T.'i. ! [)'rr,7/(i') 


TxobevL Leech, hold lanJ in Dolchfoid and Fullctby.=^ 
Will dated li Oct., proved 2 Nov. 1592. 


l^Ifinde^ThAnias ?irn.rp:aret=f=Wi)li;uii "Mary^pJobn Magdalcu=p. . . . 

SniyLlic. H;ui>aiJ. j (.lardeiier. i Harrison. 



Jolin Gar- Rose. Jane, 

Robert Harrison, 
ex'or 1592. 

John Leech, liviug looS.^p 

Thomas Leech of Bolchford. Will dated 13 Xov.-rEUen, dan. ]\rylcs Nicholas 

1558 ; proved 11 Jau. 1558-9. 

of . . . 

Leech. Leech. 

A dau. 

William Leech of Relchford, yeoman. Will dated^Agnes, dan. of 
18 Feb. 1589-90 ; proved 8 April 1590. . . . . ; ex'trix. 

Christopher Leech. Rachel!. Elizaber/h. 

^tidjt oi S,an(jton:^I}^>:^253ra5by. 

Thomas Leiche of Laugton-=pAnne, dau. of Thomas Howe of Gol- William Leiclie 

by-Wragby, yeoman. "Will tho ; mar. lie. 21 May 1G02; ex'trix of Coventry, co. 

dated 27 Sept. IG 10; proved 1611: remar. Francis Wheeler of AVarwick, lega- 

27 Sept. 1611. Langtou-by-AVragby. tee 1610. 

Thomas Leiche, Robert Frances, mar. = Rev. Josias Simondcs, Elizabeth. 
1st hon, under Leiche, lie. 24 ilay Vicar of Langton-l\y- 
agc 1610. 2ndson. 1619, a3t. 17. Wragby; a3t.22'ii] 1619. 

[NoTK. — I comjiilcd tljis pedigree from will? at Lincoln. — A. li. M.] 

: -a.»ifl 



!a 3(bh-S 

1 . .u;h 



■-M /::!-:.. I 

:■! ' .nc.3 hub' 

, ' :■•>;' j.'i.' ■ J-- .M'jr". 1 



2.tlj> of ^rtrtlurll anti Sincoln. 

Sir Pc'tor Lely. Kiit.. born in \VesL]ilialia 1G17 ; Court paiutcr 
died IGSO. ■\^ ill dated Fob. 1670-80; proved IGSO. 

John Lely, only sou, uuder age 16S0.=p 

Aunc, only dau., under age 1C80. 

Richard Lelv of Grcetwell, bur. tliere^Robecca, dau. of 
14 Oct. 1736. 6 Jau. l'73-l-5. 

; bur. at GroctwcU 

Fi'aucis Scrope Lely, bapt. Conradt Wech Lely, bapt. at St. Peter's Anne, bur. at 
at St. Peter's in Eastgate in Eastgate 7 Jan., bur. 27 Feb. Grcecwell -20 
27 March 1733. 1734-5 at Grcetwell. Dec. 1733. 

Peter Lely of Lincoln, Attorncy-at-=pFrancc?, dau. of. . . . Mapletoft [sister 
Law, bur. at Fiskerton. probably of Styles Mapletoft]. 

Edward Lely,=f=Katherine, dan. of Richard Lely of Hnns- Peter Lely, bapt. 

bapt.atSt.Mar- i Kenelm Digby of don, co. Herts; bapt. at 11 June 1736; 

garet's 8 Sept. ! North LnfTenharn, St. Margaret's 2 Aug. bur. at St. ^lar- 

1733; died 11 ! co. Rutland; died 1735; bur. at Fisker- garet's, Lincoln, 

Feb. 1795. ' 12Junel811,a3t.7G. ton Sept. 1762. 19 May 1737. 

Peter Lelv, bapt. at St. Mary Magda- Robert Lely, bapt. at St. Mary Magda- 
lene's 14 July 1763. lene's 14 Sept. 1764. 

Backwell Lely, Robert Lely, Rowe Port Lely, bapt. at St. 
bapt.atSt.Mar- bapt. at St. Jlargaret's 31 Oct. 1738. 

garet's 22 Auj 
1737 ; died ^9 
April 1781. 

10 June 

Peter Lely, bapt. at St. Mar- 
garet's April 1740. 

Mowbray Lely, 
bapt. 1 Feb. 
1741-2; bur. at 
St. :\rargaret's 
27 April 1744. 

Styles Lely,= 
bapt. at St. 
Mary ^Mag- 
daleue's 21 
May 1748. 

=. . . . Joseph "\Voolmer=f Anne, bapt. at St. = Jonathan Field, 
dan. of of r>arton-on- Margaret '.s 13 June mar. 1771. 2nd 
. . . . Humber. 1st 1723; died 11 Dec. husband, 
husband. 1797, Jet. 74. 

William Lely, bapt. at St. :\rary Sarah, bur. at Fiskerton 5 July 1798, fct. 25; 
Magdalene's 17 Sept. 1771. called niece of Roljert Lely. 

Frances, ba[)t. Bridiret,ba{.t. ('aruline, bapt. 8 Elizabeth, Henrietta, bapt. 

at St. Mar- at St. Mar- Jan. 173 1-5; bur. bur. at St. at St. Mary Mag- 

garet's 7 Oct. garet's26 Feb. at St. Margaret's Margaret's 26 daleiie'?, Lincoln, 

1726. 1727-8. July 1741. May 1737. 25 June 1745. 

[Note. — Mr. Larkcn was unable to trace the exact connection bctweeu the Lclys of Greet- 
well aud the Lelys of Lincoln, but it ia evident they belonged to the s.iaie coniuion stock. — A. R. M.] 

'r J * -'Lf- "i ' '■ '■ i .:''■ .) 

k <ij<- I- ..:; ,'1' 

■i;> J:: 

uTf ; 


' f 

',).■.' Ul< 

) . '. ^ '■ 


K. ! . 

•;. F 

' i'T' 



■ <] 



; • _ 





• r . 


i '• 

-i: "x 







[:\IS. (\ 23, HoraUls' College] 

Simon Loinynu" of ]>anu'tliy. Will [iroveil l.'>52 — 5G. 
Tliomas Lemyng of Baniotb}-. AVill ])rovc'd 11)^2. 

Ro2:cr I.cmynji: of Banietbv.-^ 

Roger Lcn^yng of Ear-=pAriie, sister of Robert Kelke of Barnctby; dan. of Cliris- 
netby, son and heir. to]>lier Kelke ; living 4 Sept. ICO-i. 

Roger Lemyng, Edward Leniyiig, 
let son. 2nd son. 

Arthur Leniyng, Thomas Lemyng- 
3rd sun. of BarnetbylOS-t, 

4th son. 

Joseph Lemvng, bapt. at Aslackby Dorothy, bapt. at Caistor 
1 Jan. 1C31-2. 20 Sept. 1C09. 

Susan, 1st dan., mar. at Bridget, 2ud dan. Anne, mar. at Caistor, 5 June 1G04, 

Caistor, 20 Sept. 1009, — William Wolley of Cumberworth ; 

Richard Sampson of Ire- Elizabeth, Srd dan. bur. there 27 July 1G14. 

%.ttton of aOtliouriu 

[Harl. MSS. 1350, 14S6.] 
Thomas Letton of Welbourn=F. . . . dau. and heir of 

William Letton of Wclbourn=i=. . . . sister of Sir John Denhanckt. 

Tiiomas^Elizabeth, dau. of Henry James Letton, Agnes, mar. Thomas Thur^ 


Thorneholme, co. Ebor. 2nd son. 

land of Gamston, Notts. 


James Letton. Christopher Letton. George Letton. Rachel. Anne. 

2.cbtvttt oi i!5rantl)anu 

[Harl. MS. 75G.] 

Henry Leverott of Grantham,=f Elizabetli, dau. of Richard 
died 9 May 28 Eliz., loSG. Allen of Grantham. 

James Lcverett, son and heir, wt. 26, 28 Eliz., 158C. 


;i • .• ■ '-i/;'..-! i, -':''] 

r( 'I 

.. ' lfl-)> \ .; ;:rCli 

V " '' 


''■■'. \^"> ..'H •■■>.■ /^-'ali^t 

uiuin^:^^'":' i- j;'<";:KijL>i? 



ilisttr of 23uiUirlL 

AitMs. — Ermine, en a fi^S'' si'J'Jf Ihrco I'liiIUfs or. 

Sir ]\I;itthe\v Lister, Kiit., of lUirvvil], co. Lincoln, IMiysician in Ordinary to 
Qnoen Henrietta Miirin ; luir. at Lurwell, co. Lincoln, 11) Dec. li'.oG, an. 0:^, ^^.p. 
AVill dated IS An;^-. liloG ; proved L^O Jan. UIOG-T. 

Michael Tiister of Friar ITcad in Ciaven,-f-Mary, dan. 
CO. York ; died circa IGIO. of ... . 

.=rSir ^[artin Lister, Kiit., of Thorpe--f:Snsanna, dan. of Sir Alexander Tem- 

1st Ei'nald, co. Leicester, and of Bnr- 
wife, well ; heir to Sir Matthew Lister ; 
bur. at Iknwell 2d Ans;. 1670. 

pie, Knt.; widow of Sir riillbrd Thorn- 
1 hnrst. Hart. ; bur. at Burwell Nov. 

i IGDO, 2nil wife. 

nannali,dau.of T}io-= 
mas Parkinson of 
Carlton in Craven, 
CO. York ; bnr. at 
Clapliam f) Aug. 
1695. Ist wife. 

-^Martin Lis-^^. . . . 
ter, M.D., dau. 
l)ur. atClap- of 

ham 8 Feb 

1711-12. 2nd 


Jane, mar. nnph Al- 
ington of Stcnigot, co. 
Lincoln, who died 3 
June 167-1, fet. 39 ; 
remar. James Thynne 
of Egham. 

mar. at Bur- 
well, 29 Jan. 
1660-7, lio- 
bert Lark- 

Jane, bur. in "Westminster Abbey 10 Oct. 1G88. Susanna. Anna. 

Ann, dau. of Abraham Burrell of Medloe,==p]Micliael Lister of=Catherine Perkins of 

CO. Hunts ; widow of Thomas Peers of 
Alverstone, co. Warwick ; mar. at South 
Ormsby 25 Aug, 165i) ; bur. at Burwell 
18 April lG7o. Isc wife. 

Bnrwell, ret. about 
38 in 1C7G ; bur. 
at Burwell 20 Oct. 

Pinchbeck, co. Lin- 
coln, widow ; mar. 
lie. 20 May 1G7G, 
ffit. 25. 2nd wife. 

Buriell Lister, Jane, born Elizabeth, born 4, bapt. 

bapt. 11 Aug., 11, bapt. 10 7 Xov. 1GC3 at South 

bur. 18 Oct. Oct.. 1662 at Carlton; mar. Charles 

1672 at Bur- South Carl- Knollys, titular Earl of 

well. ton. Banbury. 

Mary, bapt. at South 
Carlton 7 Jan. lG6i-5. 

Susanna, bur. at Burwell 
19 July 1675. 

Matthew Listei-, bapt.- 
at Aisthoj'pe 27 April 
1GG6 ; bur. at Bur- 
well 2-J June 1700. 

^Eleanor, dau. and eventu- 
ally coheiress of Sir Charles 
Dymoke, Knt., of Scrivels- 
by ; bur. at Burwell 28 
Dec. 1707. 

ilaitin Lister, 
bapt. 10 Aug., 
bur. 26 Sept. 
1GG7 at Ais- 

]\L'chacl liister, 
bapt. 8 April, 
bur. 3 July 
1669 at Ais- 

Dymoke Lis-^ 
ter, bapt. at 
Burwell 20 
OcL 1689. 

=Faiih, dau. of . . . .; 
bur. at St. Mar- 
garet's, Lincoln, 16 
April 1759. 

^Lirtin Lister, 
ba})t. 1 Oct., bur. 
2 Nov. 1693 at 

liichard Lis- 
ter, bur. at 
Burwell 2 
Nov. 1097. 

mar. John 
Thorold of 

Elizabeth, bur. at St. i\rargaret's, 
Lincoln, 20 Jan. 1724-5. 


Eleanor, l)aijt. at St. 

Margaret's 13 Aug. 

Faith, bapt. at St. 
Jlargaret's 29 Nov. 

. ■•::{, 

I -.1 }l. 

\-,l-. \) 

:,;i))i.!'' l; 

.;■ J 

'' ;.;::.'ir..;'^ 


. •■• .r.l.) bL .-.0.; 

\f .l;_u,! :f^ r.l; 

'1 ••i-rt3!, f ^•■l(i I Mx\fi 

•J'J \ I :jn li -.1 i . I IV ■( 

1.; .!■ 

i'.:7 [ .Mill. 



l^rattlicw Lisicr of 13nr\vi.'l],"-R:iva!i, ]\viiU)ko Lister, Clunks Li>ter, Micliael 

bapr. n .Ian. lC.8:'-4 ; hv.v. ilau.of l-apt. 17 Doc. bapt. l» .hiii. Lister, 

at l^urwfll 1 .lune 171-1 ICSl; bur. at ICSTi-O ; bur. bapt. at 

Will dated ."> Aiii:. 1 7 IJ ; I'.iirWfll (I Jan. at liiirwcll 7 rjiirwfll I o 

lirovoJ K; Juno 17-U. | IG^:!-.".. Jan. 1GS7-8. May 1 CSS. 

John Tii.^tev, I\larv, ba])r, at ]>iir\vell 4 X<iv. 1704; Eltant'r,=Kev. William 
bapt. at St. mar.*lstatr.iir\vell,lG April 17-J2.Tlio- dead in Bowes, Rector 
]\Lar,i,^iret'K, mas Jlcardson of riaythor]ie ; i'ndly, 
Lincoln, 11 2i) Oct. 1732. Francis, 2nd V^arl of 
April 17oy. Deloraiiic ; died IG June 1707 ; bur. 
in Lincoln Cathedral. 


of Scrivelsbv. 
AVill dated 2.^ 
June, proved 9 
Oct. 1751. 

Matthew Crace, dan. and coheir of Sir John=Matthew Lister of^'Nfary, dan. of 

Lister, bur. Shuckljurgh, Bart. ; widow of Sir ' Bnrwell, i)apr. there .... Tlionip- 

at Bnrwell Edward Buughton, Bart. ; mar. at ; 11 April 170(>; bur. son of Brant 

15 May Castle CarhoD 9 July 1723 ; bur. ' at Brant 15ronyhton Brourrhton. 

1705. ' 4 March 1779, n3t. 77. 1st wife. 15 Jan. 17S6. 2nd wife. 

IMatthew Lis- 
ter, bapt. IS, 
bur. 20 Jan. 

Matthew Dy-^pLydia, only dan. of Joseph John Martin Pierre- 
moke Lister, j Bancroft of iranchester, point Lister, bajtt 
bapt. at Xew- } merchant ; mar. there 9 at Xewbold 8 Oct 

bold 30 Auir. 

Aug. 17G4; remar. Thomas 1738; bur. 4 April 
Livesey of Stnrton. 1741. 

INFatthew Bancroft Lister, bapt. at John Lydia Bonghton, mar. John Tip- 
Manchester 11 June 17GG (vide Joseph j.i'ng of St. Clement Danes, Lon- 
Burke's "Landed Gentry"). Lister, don, 13 June 1793. 

John Slmck- 
bui'gh [iister, 
bur. at Xew- 
bold 2G Xov. 

Thomas Lis- Grace, bapt. 30 ifary Elizabeth, Grace Bough- 

ter, bur. at April 1724; bur. bapt. at Bur- ton, bapt. at 

Bur well 1 at Burwell 15 well 4 April, Xewbold 28 

Sept. 1759. June 172G. bur. 12 Xov. July 1730. 


Barbara Jane, Mary Rachael, bapt. at Charlotte Shuck- Susanna Eleanor, 

bapt. at Xew- Newbold-on-Avon 1 Xov. l.urL'h, bapt. at bur. at Burwell 

bold 28 Jan. 1733 ; mar. at Bnrwell. 19 Xewbold IG A]>ril 10 July 1747. 

1731-2. May 17G3, Thomas Elm- 1736 ; bur. 14 

hirst of Stixwould. Jan. 173G-7. 

^i^ttv of Colttij). 

This pedigree lias been fully worked out and printed in A. \,\ Gibbons' "Xotes 
on the Visitation of Lincolnshire in 1G34," by Mrs. Tempest of Broughton. 

■. ■ .'1 

( ;i.-'-if..i -•/■■'■■ 

. 'f. 1 :, 

.':-,. wTl .:UiK 

ii/t ..I- Kf KJi'l vvir")'! Hill T 
.11 L;-.i/.-.i:[ J ".I '•'" '1 


l.lNCOLNSiriKi: nniGREES. 

3littltburj> of ?'OasUicirtI)iusI)Hnt, ^tatn^^bj^, 

[:\IS. a 23, lloruias' Cullc^ie.] 

AuMb. — Aiijciit, iico Uuiis /laFiyUiii-guardani t/alcs. 

Jlnmon Littlebury of Little-bury !^^ano^ in=p 
Tidd St. Giles, co. Cambridge, 1138. I 

Ilumfry Littlebury=i=. . . . daii. of Simon Montfort. 

John liittlebury, 1105=fJ'^^^p5 ^^^^- ^'f Kobcrt Goulsall of Gedney. 

Richard Littlebury, 1215=^. . . . dau. of John Lambert. 


Sir Jlartin Littlebury, Knt., Chief Justice ofT=Anne, dau. of Sir Henry Koch- 
Eugland 28 ITeiiry 3," 1243. ford, Kut. 

Sir Ralph Littlebury,=p. . . . dau. of William Shirley Sir Robert Littlebury, Clerk 
Knt., 12GS. 

of CO. Notts 

and Master of ihe Rolls. 

Sir Ralph Littleburv, Knt., 1346 ; purchased the^Isabell, dau. Jane,mar. Rich- 
manors of Holbeach, Whaiilode, etc., of ]\Largery of Sir John ard Welby of 

Angevine, widow of Sir Hugh de Gorhara, 1320. 

Daw nay, Knt. Frampton. 

Sir Hnmplirey^Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Marian, mar. Ralph Isabell, mar. Sir 
Littlebury, ' Kirton ; sister and heir to Pulvertoft of Whap- Lawrence How, 
Knt. Sir John Kirton, Knt. Icxle. Knt. 

Sir RoUrt Lit-=rAlice, dan. of Sir Philip Jane, mar. Ro- Anne, mar. Thomas 

tlebury, Knt. Tylney of Boston, Knt. bcrt Celey. Braunch of Fleet. 

I I I 

Sir John Little--^Alice, dau. of Humfry=. . . . dau. of Robert=Anne, dau. 

burv, Knt., 1st ; BapheCam-Uof Litile- Sir GconVy Little- of Sir Tho- 

Bou! Rayeningliam, bury. Paynell.Knt. bury. mas :Mou1- 
co. Norfolk. ton, Knt. 

^ I' ^1 

Sir John Littlebury, Hcnrv 4,=pMargaret, dau. and Thomas Little- Jane, mar. 

Lord of Gorholme, ./.?/.; Sherilf heir of (about 1400) bury, 2nd son, Sir John 

of CO. Lincoln 13'J'J. Thomas Gorholme mar Pjnchbeck, 

or Gorham. Knt. 

,;i-/;.^ !'' 

•> t,j..> 

;i) - ■;:•.!■■ 'j-'^i' I ' .vrrfd 

'A IntM-nn 

:i ir' ::■ /u,i)nr ^-ah 

lixcolnshiiit: rrDIOlELS. 



Elizabeth, clan, of Sir=IIuinphry- 
Jolui Colville, Km. ; Little- 
died s.p. 1st wife. bury. 

^. . . . dan. of 
Sir Rocer 
Kelke, Knt. 

Jane, luar (Arms of her 

husband : .-1 lion''s head erased 
heiicccn three crosses-cross let or.) 

Sir Ru^'.rt Litilo- 
bury, Knt. 

f-Anne, dan. of Thoraa.? ^^.leies Barbara, mar. Roger Meeres of 
of Kirton. Kirton. 

IjitMebnry of 

^Margaret, dan, and 
heirof William l)al- 
lison of Staiusby. 

John Mnssen- 
denof Healin£c. 

Anne. mar. John 
Frew I all of 

^rarv, mar. 
Welby of 


bury of 

dau. of Sir 


Jenney of 




Hagworthingham, ! dau. and heir 
2nd son. Will j of Richard 
dated 22 June j Gaily of 
1535 ; proved at i Bieker ; 
Lincoln 12 Sept. | proved her 
153G; (to be) bur. husband's 
at Hagworthing- will 12 Sept. 
ham. 1536. 

Rose, mar. Sir John Eland 
of Hull, Knt. and mer- 
chant; proved her hus- 
band's will 11 Dec. 1542. 
Adm'on granted 18 July 
1555 to her sister Helen 
Middleton, widow, and 
Thomas Littlebury of 

Humphry Littlebury- 
of Hngwoi'thingham 
and East Kirlcby, Isc 
son and heir 22 June 
1535 ; died 3 Xov. 
11 Eliz., 1569. Will 
dated 1 Dec. 1568. 

^Ursula, sister and coheir 
of Sir John Hcrcey of 
Grove, co. Xotts, Knt. ; a 
legatee of her sisterKathe- 
rine Meryng 1-4 Sept. 
1551, and of her father- 
in-law 22 June 1535. 

Thomas Littlebury, had 
lands in Keal by the will of 
his father 22 June 1535. 

Peter Littlebnry, had lands 
in Orby and Skegness by his 
father's will 22 June 1535. 

John Lit-^ 
tlebury of 
Istson and 
heir, a3t. 
26,11 Eliz, 

dau. of 
John Far- 
mery of 
North - 
or|ie and 

2nd son. 

^Bridget, dau. of 
Thouias G old- 
ill gh am of Bel- 
sted, CO, Nor- 
folk; bur. at St. 
the-West, Lon- 
don, 9 ]\Iarch 
1612-13, '^out 
of Fewter Lane." 

Elizabeth, mar. Charles 
Yarborough of Yar- 
borough ; bur. there 7 
Sept. 1593. 

Anne, mar. George Bleas- 
by of Bleasby. 

Dorothy, mar. Edmund 
Hopkinson of Holme. 

Henry Lit- Elizabeth, dan. and heir, a legatee of Philip Little- Gilbert 

tlebury of her uncle Francis Yarborough 13 bury, Littlc- 

Hagworth- July 15:)5; mar. ]<t Leonard Wray St.l)unstan's- bury, 

inghau) of S])ridlii)gton (marriage settlement in-the-Wesi, 15'.'1. 

1591; liv- dated 2i' July 1613),2iidlySir iJarthu- London, 22 — 

ing2UJuly Icmew I'ell of Jjincoln, Knt.; died in March John 

U;i3, " Chancery Lane; bur. at St. Dunstan's- 1589-90. Litile- 

in-the-West, London, 25 July 1631. bury. 

i.'r.r". :•■> r.<'^.:i 

.:1 ■: n 

'. 1' 

■ i,!i-,i\ , .-^V-.i 'J-- 

'; 'Q k. 1 , .i( :: ■•:-,: 'u: • .iJj:-> .liJ-i-'i^^al-l l^. 

. '"■■■.1 

' i: 1 ', I'-Jl' 


. « ' . 1 ' ' 

" 1 





(Jot'i-iie l.iKlt'ljury of— I'llizaboth, 
Somersbviincl Tctl'oid dan. o\' 
by his failii'i-'s \TiIl 22 .... Sid- 
Jnne looo; bur. at liii>;ioa. 
p. Miersbv '',') An~. 

Eh', mar. Wil- 
liam Lancfionof Clim- 
ber worth. 

Ro.ic,inar..T(i)iii Laiig- 
tou of LaiiiiLuii. 

.\niK', mar. William 
Gurney of Walt ham. 

Ursula, uiar. Libfus 

Thomas Littlc-= 
bury of Staius- 
by 156-2; flit. 42 
at his brother's 
death 1-i March 
37 Henry 8, 
1545-6; Sheriff 
of CO. Liucolu 
1557 ; died 9 
Feb. 7 Eliz., 

dau. of 
John St. 
Paul of 
living oO 

Humphry Little- John Littlebury=f=Eli/.a- 
bury. of Xortholme j beth, 



William LitLli'bury. 
Robert Littlobury. 
Edward Littleliury. 

of Xortholme 
and Waintleet, 
died 14 i\rarch 
37 Heurv 8, 
1545-6. MVill 
dated March 37 
Henry 8. 


sole dau. and heir, mar. Nicholas Upton. 

Humphry Littlebury of Stains-= 
by, IsL son and heir; xt. 41, 
7 Eliz., 1564-5 ; a legatee of 
his uncle Georfre St. Paul Sn 
Dec. 1558 ; died 12 Oct. 22 
Eliz., 1580. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Wil- 
liam Tyrwhit of Kettleby, 
Knt. ; widow of Robert 
Sutton ; died 17 Eliz., 
1574-5, seised of a mes- 
suage in Filliuffham. 

John Lit ilebury,2nd 
sou, living ^larch 37 
Henry 8, 1545-6. 

Pilchard Littk-bury, 
3rd son. 

Thomas Lit-- 
tlebury of 
Stain sby, 
died 2:5 April 
32 Eliz., 

Jvathcrine, only dau. of An- 
thony Butler of Coates, near 
Stow; remar., before 26 July 
1608, Sir John Langton of 
Langton ; bur. at Louth 2 
Nov. 1635. 

AVilliam Lictlebury. 
Robert Littlebury. 

I I I 




= Anne, 

Philip Little- 

Florence, died 

Littl -burv of 

dau. of 

biirv, living 26 


Stain--by, liv- 


July J 608. 

iuu: 3 ^larch 



Elizabeth, liv- 


of Fona- 

William Little- 

ing 20 July 


bury, died B.]). 


'J'roth, umnar. 26 
July 1608 ; mar. 
at Boston, 12 Feb. 
1 600-1 U, William 
Langton of Lang- 


Rose, heir of her mother 

17 Eliz. ; mar. at Ash- 
by Puerdrum, 3 June 
1577, liicliai'd (iedney 
of l>a'r Enderljv. 

Anne, mar. Sir 
'j'humas Dalli- 
s<m of Greet well; 
died 'J May 1626; 

Troth, unuiar. 1 1 Xov. Frances. 

15.S] ; mar. Xicht-las mar. Joim 

Suiiihill of Redbonrne; Jessup of 

bur. at, ML'.->inghaui 8 Revcsby. 
Dec. 1588. 


! f^ CO} 


.'■■■■I ':l ':, ,!; 

..".;■■. "f.; '■■..■u ;• 


-Mi'f ^ 

, . • ;i 

1.1 .'-I .U.'-'ll' 

• 'I 

■; ilj-xil 'i-*;! "i) -H >if •■ .M' 



Anthony T>ittlvbary,r:pDorothy, dau. Piohcrt Little- r.LM.riic Littlubnry of 

■ith son, liad tho : of .lellVy Wash luiry, .")t.h son. .Son'iL.', 7th sou; died 

Grantfoof Yarbuiough : of ]M)i;ton : — ir.iinar.; bur. at Somcrs- 

for life by will o\' iiis ; widow of ... . ChaiKs Iviitlo- by, a't. '* about 7'J." 

uncle Georg-e Sc. Paul ; Dauun ; mar. luirv, dth son, Will dated 10 Sept. 

30 Dee. 1508. j at l^o^for. ::G livi;;''' -1 Pept. ■'(>12; [>roved (O.P.C'.) 

i April 15i]tK lolj. ' L'O Jan. lGi2-lo. 

JcllVy l>ittlt',bury, nephew and heir of Gertrge 10 Sci)t. 1012.=^ 

Robert Littlebury, bur. at S[\y 19 Frances, bapl. at Souicrsby 7 June 
May 1G27. ' ' 1G1l\ 

Edward Lit-=T^P.arbara, dan. of Edwai'd ]\rary, mar. 1st Katiieriiie, a Elizabeth, 

tlcbury of Tirwhit of Stainfield ; Edward Forsetfc legatee of her — 

Soracrsby, widow of Anthony Di<i:h- of I>, uncle George ?]dith. 

8th and j ton of Winceby: a lega- 2ndly Ohristo- .St. Paul 30 — 

younge.^t ^ tee of her brother-in- pher Dighton of Dec. 1558; Margaret, 

son; living4 law George Littlebury Waiufleet,3rdly mar. John — 

Sept. 1545. ' 10 Sept. 1612 ; bur. at Charles Fitz- AVitherwicke Piose. 

; Somersby 27 ^lay 1035. williams. of Glaxby. 

Thomas Little-— Triphoya, 

buryol'Somersby | dan. of 

1634; proved hi: 

uncle Gcorire's 

will 26 Jan. 


of Mor- 
ton, CO. 

Edward Tjittlebnry. 

Robert Littlebury. 

Catherine, living 10 
Sept. 1612. 

]\rartha, living 
10 Sept. 1G12. 


A niv, living 10 
Sept. 1612. 

Elizal)eth, liv- 
ing 10 Sept. 
1612 ; mar. at 
Somersbv, 26 
Oct. 1615, 
John Englishe 
of Boston. 

1st son ; 
set. 25, 
1634; a 
Iegat<:'e of 
his cousin 
5 June 

dan. of 
Lownde of 
a legatee of 
her uuclc 
5 Sept. 

John Lit- 
2nd son. 

bury, 3rd 
son, bapt. 
at Somers- 
by 5 Oct. 

AVilliam Little- 
bury, 4th son, 
bapt. at Soraers- 
by 25 AjM-il 1634. 

Trotli, 1st dau., 
bapt. at Soraersbv 
31 Jan. 1611-12.' 

Rose, 2nd dan., 
bapt. at Somersby 
16 April 1615. 

Elizabeth, 3rd dau., bapt. 
at Somersby 29 March 

iLiry, 4th dan., bapt. at 
Somersby 2 July 1620. 

Anne, 5th dan., bapt. at 
Somersby 2 Sept. 1623. 

Margaret, 6th dan., bapt. 
atSomersby 18Ang.lG25. 

Edward Littlebury of AVragby, bapt. there 4=pFranccs, 
Feb, 1612-3; a legatee of his grand-nnclc | dau. of 
AVilliani SaltuiarsJi 5 Se]»t. 1657, Ijeing then an ; . . . . 
appreiiiice ; afterwards of Cftckeringrt-n. ^\"\U \ 
dated 20 Feb. 1708-9; pruvcd 25 Jan. 1714-15. 

.... Tjittlebnry, a lega- 
tee of his grand-unclo 
William Sallmar.<h 5 
Sept. 1657, being then 
an apprentice. 

.(, r -.. J J 

!a(. V 7 

'•: C-i,!'--. '■,•■ .);.." 

i'^ .1^ .1<1. 

v ■■ ', ;•■ 





I I 

. in-' .Vhi.}');,! 'i- 

; ' 

.i»l.. 1.. 

. n^ ■ 7 i I J n < 

,, IV. t7^ ]., 



Tlu>ina> Lit iIo-~ Jane, dau. 
biirvorWraulty, ' of .... ; 
incrccr, hapi. 10 ] l>ur. at 
Oct. ICOG; bur. \ Wrajjby 
at Wraijbv 15 I 9 Xov. 
Jan. 17G0-!f>. j 1732. 

EJnniiid=Sarah, *lau. John LiLtk-bnrv, ?>rd son, 

l.ittlobmy, ol" lint- bapt. at Wragbv 15 Dec. 

2nd son, ton; mar. lOT'.t ; cx'or of liis falhijv 

bapt. at at "\Vragl»y l~oS. 

Wraghy 14: 2 (^ June — 

}.I;5y"](U;'.). 1(')!>0. Knthorine, bnrn 10, bapt. 

at Wragby I'J Aug. IGOl. 

Samuel Littlubury, 1st son, William Littlcbury, ;^rd Thomas Littlebnry, olh 

bapt. at Wragby 30 Dec. son, Impt. at Wragby G son, bapt. at Wragby -1 

lGb7. ^ " Feb. lGOG-7. ^ Aug. 1703. 

Dymoke Littkbury,2ndsi)n, Thomas l^ittiebury, -Ith John Littlebnry, Gth sou, 

born 2G, baj^t. 30 June 1GI»5 son, bapt. at Wragbv 21 bapt. at Wragby 29 Mar. 

at Wrat:l)v. Feb. 1G98-0. '" ' 1709. 

Jane, bapt. at Wragby 23 ^lar. Frances, bapt. at Wrag- F>lizabetli, born 18 Feli., 

168G-7 ; mar. there". 8 June by 21 :\Iarch 1G91-2. ^ bapt. at Wragby 3 Mar. 

1709, Vincent :Maur. ' — 1G99-1700. 

— Wrag- — 

Mary, bapt. at Wragijy 3 June by 23 ^larch lG93-i. Alice, bapt. at Wragby 

1690. ^ 3 Dec. 1701. 

^lantitn of 53all}?> anti |l?untilcl3j>. 

[^rS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms (" Union of Honour "'). — " Gules, a lion rahipani or, a canton per bend sini^-/er 

ermine and sable." 

William Llanden of Dalby, called " senior "^Alice, dau. of Robert 

30 Oet. IGll ; died 1G21. Will dated 27 
May, pi-ovcd 23 Aug. 1G21. 

lludyard; mar. 1581. 

Eleanor, dau. of"^William Llanden of Dalby, eldest son,=]\rargaret Abbott of 
Henry Mainwar- died 1053; bur. in ."^^i. J>ride's Church, Loud'tu, mar. IGJl. 
in.£r. Lst wife. Loudon. Xephew Edward his heir. 2ud wife. 

Dorothy, mai*. Richard Uiclie. Elizabeth. Anne. 

Thomas Llanden of^EUen, dau. ]5encdict Llanden, 3rd Pon,=pMary, dau. of 

Grebby, 2nd son. 

of Randolph died before his brother Wil- 
Roche. Ham, 

. . . . ; sur- 
vived him. 

Sarah. Edwai'd Tilanden, lieir of Williain Llanden of Middle 

Dalliv in 1G53.* Temple. A 

* From the: Rciri.stci of Ka.lfor.l. o. Notts : " 170-1, M' William Laiiucr [sic] of Dulby in ye 
County of Lincoln anil M" M:iiy Clay of yc paii.4i of S' IVtcrV, Xottiut,'ham, wlic married 
December 21"." (" (Jeiiealogist,'' vol. iii., p. 1.',*;.) This William wfts probably (Ictccn'lcd from 
Edward IJauikn or his brother William. — A. K. il. 

' 1 •>; o>. o;_. 

I .. : :t.:i. .:n>>f 

'■.■i.i . .(;a._t.w 


^ .-t/uft ,7[<)n-iofI 

•: . ,.■.(,.), -J -■ .H.v/ 

tl-.M' ,t^ 




Julian, diui. or=pSir Philip TJaiulen, Knt.. of==pAlieo,(lan. = Annc, dau. of Giles 
JauKa Main- llundloby, 4th sun; o\"or of William Cotton (tf Paulicld 
^variI)^•o^C^ox- [ of his fatiier's will iri2l ; IK'Sl- of Hall, co. Essex ; liv- 
ton,co.Chrstor; : knigLiod at AVhitehall i) London. inir Sept. KI.'U (? of 
died 11 June ; June IGoO; died 2 Aug. ; 2nd wif.;. llarston, co. Cani- 
U'17. :.l wife. I'JJi. \ Vridgo). T.rd wile. 

Philip Llanden, Charles Llanden, rot. 8 in IGol ;^. . . . dau. of 


died s.p 

entered at Gray's Inn 14 Aug. 
1040 ; of Dalby in loG2. 

of Puvdon, CO. Essex ; u 
widow in 1GG4. 

Katharine, bapt. at Dalby 2 July 1GG2. 

Eleanor, died young, Eleanor, ex'trix of her father's will = John Ilareby of 

— 1G2I ; mar. lie. 27 June 1G23, Ilogsthorpe, 

Katberine, died young. ret. 30, tet. 45. 

Christo{)her IIast-=Katherine, mar.=: "William Newstead Anne, mar. = Piobort 

ings of Croft, lec. lie. 23 Aug. of South Somer- lie. 30 Nov. Hastings 

30. 1st husband. 1 GIG, jet, 20. cotes, 2nd bus- IGIG, of Bilsb'y, 

band. Kt. 3C, 

Benjamin Landen of Middle Temple, Bencher, died 1 March 1G31-2 ; bur. in 
Temijlc Church, 

[Mainwaring Oldfiekl, geut., of Lincoln, bj' his will, dated 23 Jan. ICGO-Cl, proved 5 Oct. 
16G1, leaves £300 to bis uncle William Llandon's three daughters.— .-\. R. JI.] 

iLccton of ^tomc^ijrati anti Bostoiu 

[MS, C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

AR^rs. — Argent, a chief azvrc {sic, in Visitation 15G2, Harl. JIS, 1550). In " Union 
of Honour," Argent, a cJievron azure. 

Thomas Locton of Cambridgeshire.=F 

Thon^as Locton^. , . . dau, of ... , Paris, 

Walter j.octon of Sawston, co. Cambridge^, . . , dau. of Pobert Allington. 
Jeffry Locton=f=Anne, dau, of Jolm Peyton of Iselharn, co, Cambridge, 

I I I 

Robert Locton=r Alice, dau. of William Mor- Edward Locton, 2nd John Locton, 

of S'.vineshead. dauiii of Hcmstcd. co. ]>sex. son. a Priest. 3rd son. 


'il'i ; - 




■f :.-tV, -^I'.jri ^-Itf-v:^" uU^Mx 

i .,^:- ;:» .^^M] 

-ub tt ,\\rAV''^-- 

) t, 

:.!. ■^:i:tmiV 

lo .: S . . . . -;f ■•'■.' .'iUUodT 

lA iyj'''}j: I'i .i;i.l) . 

;i!'-i V, 

ti.-'Wv;i;< !'> 

.»D ,rr. 

>!. >" ., 




John TiOC-^-Alico. dan. 

ton of 
lifiu], liv' 
ing- IS 

of Piul>«.rt 
II until! g- 
tou of 

Philip T.octon of- 
.Swini.'sht'ad, 2nd 
son. "Will daicd 
10 Aj>ril, ]uovcd 
(C.P.C.) U' May 
i.M'.f : (to be) 
bnr. at J:>\vini.'S- 

-.Jnnc, dan. Audry, 1st dan., mar. Tho- 

of .lulm mas liayinan. 

Diglitdnof — 

T.incoh), (irai\',-2nd(lan,,niar..)anu-s 

diajxir; Haunan. 

inar.licfoi'o — 

2".) ^larcli MarL'aret, ;ird dan., mar.'J. Ist ; . . . Serjeant, I'ndly 
John (lainlyn of Spaldiiig. 

John Locton- 
of Boston, 1st 
son 12 ]\Iay 
loOSI; bnr. 
at Po?ton 20 
April 1G19. 

Elizabeth, dan. of Peter Thomas Locton of^pAnue, dau. 

Baron, D.D., Lady ^Margaret S\vineshead,2ndson, ' of To- 

toftc ; died 
before, her 
l(;iO;provcd(C.P.O.) husband. 
3 Dec. 1611. 

Professor of Divinity at 
Cambridge ; born at Cam- 
bridge 24 Aug. 1577; mar. 
lie. 28 May 1600 ; bur. at 
Boston 29 'Dee. 1634. 

proved his father's 
will 12 Mav 1591). 
Will dated 25 Oct. 

William Locton of Bos- 
ton, bapt. at Boston 30 
Dec. 1607; son and heir 
163-4; bur. at Swiues- 
head 2 Feb. 1651-2. 

Dorotliy, bapt. at Bos- 
ton 5 .Sept. 1601. 

Mary, bapt. at Boston 2 
Feb. 1605-6; 1st dau. 163-1; 
mar. at Boston, 19 April 
1634, John Harriman. 

Jane, bapt, at Boston 1 Oct. 
1609; 2nd dau. 1634; mar. 
at Boston, 10 Xov. 1634, 
William Browne. 

William Locton, son 
and heir, under age 
25 Oct. 1610 ; died 

Anne, bur. at Quad- 
ring 21 July 1597. 

Robert Locton, t 
3rd son, died 
before 10 April 

:. . . . dau. Anne, mar. Thomas 
of. ... ; Howson of Wigtoft ; 
widow of bur. at Wigtoft 7 Feb. 
May. 1644-5. 

Margaret, a legatee of her 
father 10 April 1599; mar. 
William Balderston ; bur. 
at WigtofL 2 July 1644. 

Jane, dau. and heir, living 10 April 1599 and 25 Oct. 1610. 

Sir John Locton of Swineshead, Knt., son and=pFrances, dau. of William IIuw- 
heir; died 19 Jan. 1610-11, tec. 56; bur. at son of Wicrtoft ; proved her hus- 
Swineshead. Will dated 11 Jan. 1610-11; proved band's will 3 May 1611 ; living 
(C.P.C.) 3 May 1611. 1628. 

E]izabeth,dau.of Sir John Lang-=f=William Locton=pAudry, jlau. John Locton, 
ton of I>angton, Knt. ; mar. at i of Swineshead, 
St. Margaret's in the Close of 1st son 1634. 
Lincoln 31 Dec. 1606. let wife. 

of . . . . Pied- 2nd son 25 
ing. 2nd Oct. 1610 ; 
wife. living 1634, 


George Locton, died John Locton [of Drayton Hall in Swineshead, bapt. 7 

young; bur. at Swines- Ai)ril 1624; mar. Mary, dau. of George Fairfax of Swarby 

head 10 April ir.i^S. (mar. lie. 6 Xov. ]648, he Mt. 24, she 20). Had issue 

B Frances, bapt. at Swineshead 4 July 1654, and Anne]. C 

,'V-.'i ;.!• , .,!;,;?! 


, : // 

'T 1 ., :.' 7/ V, .. :, ... 

;,, ,,| ,..V-I, .r',^ 't ,4.,,, T ,rJ.1 .. 

icsi, x«i/; ij i^.'j/i.u; 

r , .. ( (• 

M.. 1, 

.. ' ■ I 



John Loctdii, 1 >b son rtml 
lioir-;ii']i;iixiit. liviii^C Itl 17 ; 
died S.J). 

iJulx-'i'L Locion. di'.'d p.p. ; 
bill', at Swiii.j^ucaii i ,\iav 

Tliomas Locio?i of Swines- 
liead, son iuul heir, jet. 20, 
1G34 ; bur. at .Swiiicsliead 
9 Au":. 10 19. 

William l>'>c- 
ton, l^apt. at 

Si. :\rar- 

jiarct's. Lin- 
coln, lo Feb. 
Itil ]-l'2 ; 
died ?.]). 

Philip Loc- 
ton, died s.p. 

ICii/.M.h'tli, IstdaiL.liv- 
iiiLT jJoOct. IGIO; bur. 
at Swincshead An^. 
1617. Will datrd I'-J 
.hil\ It] 4-7 : proved 10 
A]M'il ir.jy. 

Rose, 2nd dau., mar. 
at Swincf^head, 7 (.^ct. 
10o8, Thomas Dickon - 
son ; ex'trix to Eliza- 
beth in 1G17. 

Anne, bipt. 
at Sr. :^lar- 
j^arct's. T/in- 

Fi-ances, ord 
dau.. liviutj 

Francis Locton of Swincs-- 
head,3rdson25 0ct. IGIO; 
a3t. 24 in IGIG ; lie. to 
maiTV Tilary, dau, of Ed- 
ward Skipwith of lienni- 
worth, t\2t. 19 ; Justice of 
the Peace 163-1. 

y=Anne, dan. of John 
■ Bradley of Louth ; 
mar. lie. 21 April 
I 1621, ret. 21 ; mur. 
i at Swincshead ^lay 
1 1G21 ; bm-. at Louth 
! 4 :\ larch IG 10-41. 

Frances, mar. 
.... Skipwith; 
died v.p. 

Oct. 1610; died 
before 1628. 

Anne, bur. at 
Quadriutj; 22 
Oct. 1599. 

Five more chil- 
dren, died v.p. 

Joim Locton of^pFrances, oth dau. of 

Swincshead Abbey, 
1st son, fet. 12, 
1C34; entered at 
Gray's Inn 9 Feb. 
1641-2; compounded 
for his estate 1G48, 

Christopher Hum- 
phrey, Hector of 
Piuchbeck ; mar. 
there 6 Xov. 1G49; 
bur. at Swincshead 
21 April 1G56. 

"William Locton, 
died s.p. ; bur. 
at All Saints, 
Stamford, 9 Feb. 

Thomas Locton. 

PLobert Locton, bur. 
at Louth 2 4 Aug. 

Fran ces, 1st dau ..died 
nnniar. ; bur. at Louth 
28 Jan. 1640-41. 

Thomas Loc- William Locton, John Locton, jMary, bapt. at Elizabeth, bapt. 

ton, 1st Son, 2nd son, bapt. 19 3rd son, bapt. Swincshead 30 13 Oct. 1653; 

bapt. at Dec. 1654 ; bur. atSwineshead Aug.l650;bur. bui-. at Swincs- 

Swineshead 3 at Swincshead 15 19 Dec. 1G54. there 7 ^laich head 18 Feb. 

June 1G52. Jan. 1G54-5. 1650-51. 1655-6. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms (in Berry). — "• Pahj of six argent and azure, on a due/ gules a lion ^jassanl- 

guarddnt or.''' 

.... Lodinfrton.=F 

Stephen Lodingtonr 
of Scotton, died 27 
Nov. 4 and 5 Philip 
and Marv, 1557. 
Will dated 2 1 Nov. 
1557; proved 
(C.P.C.) 12 Jan. 
1557-8. A 


^Joane, dau. 

of ; 

proved her 
will 12 Jan. 

Robert Lodington, 
living 21 Xov. 1557. 

John Lodington, liv- 
ing 21 Xov. 1557, 
and a legatee of his 
brother 15. May 1564. 

William Lodiug-^^far- 
ton of Scotton, j garct, 
bur. there 3 June | dau. 
1564. Will dated | of 
15 May, proved j . . . . 
at Lincoln 4 July j 
15G4. ^ 

G G 

I" '*ft. 

rr . I 



'•!..' ,r;o-' \>(]?. 

.f://-'..i» n Ik . 

^'iial!j"\i: iJKh 

■.:, ..,.\.. .• .■> V-- 

i;.."'^-- ]o HO'iviiimM 



•-•-.•'.;, v^ii'A-*— .(vr>;f ri!}:-- 

M 7/ 

• I. ' ! 

;> /. IV 

■t;;i ,>.1J. 


K- \ .> 






.l«ilm l.c'iliMiitoi), 2iiil 
son, h;id hinds in 
Criiiiisboronnjh l\v his 
I'ftthcr's will, -wliifh he 

IJoherl. TiniliiiixtuTi, 
")]\\ son, had laiid.-^ 
in I;:uight(in hy his 
fatlior's uill ; ]\y- 

pvoved]i!Ja-i.lo57-8. ing 7 April loSl. 

Alice, mnr. Jolni 
Bellinrrhiun of 
l>ronibv Wood ; 
livin;;- ill Xov. 
1 ">r»7. 

Anne, nini- 

Clerk ; a lofratoe 
of her father -Jl 
Nov. ir).">7. 

Thomas l.odiiigton of Scotton, son ;ind heir, a-t. 2-i and" 
more 17 Oct. 5 and 6 Philip and Mary, ]558 ; proved his 
father's will 12 Jan. 1557-8; died on Saturday 3 Dec. 1580; 
bur. at Scotton 4 Dec. following. Nuncupative will made 
28 Nov. 1580 ; adrn'on (at Lincoln) 7 April 1581. 

-]\rary, dau. of "William 
]\ranby of Elsham ; 
adm'ix of her Imslnmd 
7 A{)ril 1581 ; bur. at 
Scotton 21 Mar. lCOl-2. 

TTilliam Lodington; 
of Scotton, 1st son, 
Student at tlie Inns 
of Court 8 Dec. 1580; 
of Gainsbcirough 3 
Nov. 15'j0. Will 
dated 13 April 1615; 
proved at Lincoln 
12 July IGIC. 

=^[ary, dau. of John 
Williamson of Gains- 
borough ; sister of Sir 
Richard Williamson, 
Knt.; widow of George 
Nevil I ofG rove, Notts. 
Will dated li Dec. 
1637; proved at York 
2 Mar. 1637-8, theu of 
East Retford, widow. 

Thonias Lodington, 
2nd son. Student at 
Oxford 3 Dec. 1580; 
Fellow of Lincoln 
Coll., Oxon ; Rector 
of North Winufield, 
CO. Derby. ^ Will 
dated IC Nov. 161 6; 
proved (C.P.C.) 27 
May 1617. 

John Loding- 
ton, bur. at 
Scotton 12 
Oct. 1567. 

Stephen Lod- 
ington, bapt. 
at Scotton 21 
Nov. 1568. 

Frances, only child, mentioned in lier father's will ; under age 13 April 
1615 ; bur. at Scotton 28 July 1615. 

Robert Lodington, bapt. 
27 May 1570; bur. at 
Scotton It Oct. 1571. 

Marmaduke Lodington, 
4th surviving son, bapt. 
at Scotton 23 July 1571 
(possibly of Lincoln Col- 
lege, Oxon ; matriculated 
10 April 1588, £et. 1-i ; 
B.A. 1502) ; died P.p. 

Anne,=pHenry Lodington of Fa]dingworth,=f=Eliza- 

of Ed- 
of Bos- 

5th surviving son, but heir 1634; ' beth, 
bapt,atScotton26 Oct. 1572 ; lived | dau. of 
at the West Hall in Faldingworth i John St. 
1502; a servant of Sir George St. \ Paul of 
Paul of Snarford, Bart., who be- I Camp- 
queathcd him a lease of a farm in sail, co. 
Faldingworth 1612. Will dated 26 York. 
Feb. l>,37-8 ; proved (C.P.C.) 24 2nd 
April 1638. | wife. 

See Pedigree 21 (p. 607). 


William I;odington of Lin-= 

coin's Dm, 1st son and heir 
1634 ; of Faldingworth 
] 638 ; after of East Kirkby. 
Will dated 15 June 1014 ; 
proved 1644. 

'Anne, dau. of Edward 
Cuwper of Kirtou in Lind- 
sey ; sister and coheir of 
Francis Covrper ; mar. 
J 636 ; mar. 2i)dly Thomas 
Browne of East Kirkby. 

Faith, mar. John Bishop 
of Scotter ; bur. there 
24 Jan. 1671-2, then a 

llesther,mar Road. 


I . I . 1 


'1 iil.'.fl "i'.'.!.' ,. ' 

- (^-::Jur>H iii .'in,! ; 6V^t 

1 *• 

:i .'■ 

I .7 

'> ..JrjKif .noj!)?};'' 

„,,.,,-.^.! ... 1 

! ••!/■: 

.( "''■' '.. '. ;<•-' :';.!.].- i m^, 


William Thomas Lodincr.— Elizabeth, dau. Prances, only dan. l.'t June 1G44; 

Lodin;;- ton of EasLKirk- and coheir of coheir oi' her lu-odu-r Thomas; 

ton, Ut by, i'nd son 15 .John Boswell of mar, liobertXeweC'mcii ofScrem- 

son 15 .Inne ir.44 ; died South Thoresby by; died 13 Feb. 1715-16 ; bur. 

June apparently s.p. by his 1st wife at 8cremby, xt. 75. 

±'6il. V.i;! dc.ccd . . . .; Fi\..iCOS, dau. of 

provedat Lincoln John Day of ^lary, born after 15 June 1 01 J, 

15 April lG7o. Sausthorpe ; posthumous; coheir of her bro- 

ex'trix 1G73 ; ther; mar. at Uleeby-cum-Forth- 

mar. 2ndly . . . . iun;ton, 25 April 1GG5, George 

Overton. Saundcrson of Louch. 

John LodingLon, Kobert Lixlini;- Stephen Lodinqton, bapl. at Scotton 8 Feb. 

bapt. at ScoLton ton, bapi. at 1578-9 ; a lei^atec of his brother Thomas 

27 Feb. 1575- G ; Scotton 2 Aug. IG Nov. IGIG, and of his brother Heury 

living IG Nov. 1576. 26 Feb. lGo7-8 ; of East Ivirkby 15 June 

161G. 1G44, uuraar. apparently. 

Frances, bapt, at Scot- Catherine, bur. Faith, bapt. at Scotton .... mar 

ton 12 Oct. 15G1. at Scotton 25 23 Feb. 1581-2 ; mar. Hotchen. 

— Oct. 1572. .... Dowdeswell ; — 

Jane, bapt. at Scotton — proved her brother Tho- . . . . mar. 1st 

26 March 1563-4 ; mar. Mary, bapt. at mas's will 27 ]\Iay 1617 Mark- 

. . . . Kelham ; living a Scotton22XoY. — ham, 2ndly 

widow 13 A])ril 1615 1573; mar Tlesther, mar. John ... .Smith; 

and 16 Nov. IGIG. Kelliara; living Withernwickof Snelland; living 1 6 X<->v. 

26 Feb. 1637-&\ living 16 Nov. IGIG. 1616^. 

Pedigree 31. (See p. 606.) 
Henry Lodingtou=pElizabeth St. Paul. 

John Lodington of Fulnetby,=f ]\rary, dau. of Edward Cowper Henry Loding- 

2nd son, xl. 10, 163-4 ; ex'or | of Kirton in T^indsey ; sister ton, a3t. 15, 

of his father 26 Feb. 1637-8 ; ; and coheir of Francis Cowjicr ; 1631 ; 3rd son 

a legatee of his brother Wil- ! surviving 15 April 1675 ; bur. 26 Feb. 1637-''^; 

liam 15 June 1644. Will i at Ptand'll Feb. 1678-9. Will living 15 June 

dated 15 April 1675; proved : dated 31 Aug. 1G78 ; proved 1644. 

(C.P.C.) 10 ilurch 1677-8. | at Lincoln 12 Feb. 1678-9. 

Henry Lodington, Anne, 1st dau. and c.iheir, ilary, 2ud dau. and coheir, mar. 
living 15 .June mar. 1st Ilobert Cracroft IsL John Booth of Harpswell, 
1C44 ; died v.p. of Whisby and llackthorn 2ndly Edward Dymokeof Wad- 
— (marriagescttlementdated dingworth; died 22, Mar- 
Thomas Lodington, 8 Oct. r664), 2ndly Fran- ket liasen 25 June ] 740, a^t. 90. 
bur. in the Quire cis Grantham of Wragl^y — 
of liand Church 1 and i^ineoln City (njar- Elizabeth, 3rd dau. and coheir, 
March lGG9-7(.t. riage settlement dated 5 mar. Francis Anderson of Man- 
Sept. 1681); living 1726. by Jan. 1G74-5 ; died 2 June 

1694; bur. at Broughton. Aj 

-•fll '<•' 

I • 





'Mlii . .'i:, 



., ' [ .<■ .,. . I ' 

•'' / ,i)iM-„ 



^ I 

Thomas L<xlinn;;un, born iU~Elix.abeih. dau. of Eli7.:iV)t*th, Ui lim., ret. 16, \C.'.]{ ; 

FalvliutrwonlKUnll.'apt. there . . . .; f;ur\ iviiiL; 

G .May ICi'l ; ;vt. l.'J, IGol ; • L".' Jaii. ir.01-2. 

■llh son :.'») Feb. 1^^7-8; i Will (latc'd 1 1)<.'C. 

IJcctorcf WelbylfMS. Will ! 1709; proved 'JC. 

(.Iaied29.)n!i.] Jin-:?; provoJ , .^I'vil ITiO. 

afc Lincolu 20 Apiil 160'2. 

mar .Sourh ; a IcpUee ff 

lier brother lo April ]G7o, and 
olhcr si-ler-iii-l;t\Y 12 Feb. 1 ('.Jb-O. 

■' vy, 2iul ''riu.. ;-t. 1], ICrJl ; 
living 20 Feb. 1C37-8. 

MarY,=pThoma.s Lodinirton of TTorncastlc, lst=Prudencc, dan. of 

East ; 



son, I>.A. Cambridfro 1G72, ^M.A. 1G7G, 
LL.l). liISo ; Vicar of llurncasile 1G79 ; 
died 21 or 22 March 172o-l ; bur. as 
Horiicastle 2o !March 1724, a3L. 73. 
Adm'on 18 April 172-4. 

mar. at Wykeliain Chajiel 22 
April 1708; adm'ix of her 
husband ,- reiuar. at Ilorn- 
castle, 4 Feb. 172G-7,Vanghan 
Bonner of Al ford. 

Thomas Lodington, 1st son, born 1, 
bapt. at Ilorncastle 8 July 1G8G ; PlCc- 
tor of Fleet ; died 12 Ang. 1729 ; bur. 
at Fleet, unmar. AVill dated 29 :\[ay 
1727 ; proved at Liucobi 23 Oct. 1729. 

Pickering Lodington of=Alice, dan. 
ILirncastle, Clerk, bapt. of .... ; 
at Horncastle 29 ]\Iarch surviving 
1G88. Will dated 13 15 Xov. 
Nov. 17-11 ; proved at 1742 ; 
Lincoln 15 Nov. 1742. ex'trix. 

I ! 

Henry Lodington. bapt. 30 Aug., 
bur. at Horncastle 7 iSept. 1G92. 

John Lodington, bapt. 20 Feb. 
1G93-4 ; bur. at Horncastle 2 
July 1C95. 

]\rary, bapt. at 
Horncastle 30 
April 1G83; mar. 
.... Richars ; 
living 13 Nov. 

Anne, l>n})t. 30 Nov. 1 G84; 
bur, at Horncastle 2G June 

.... mar Bell ; dead 

apparently before 1727. 

Piictiard Lndington, 2nd= 
son, B.A. Cambridge 
1683, M.A. iC'^7; insti- 
tuted to the Picctory of 
ham 25 ]\Iay 1G84. 
Adm'on 21 Aug. 1712. 

■^lira- Elizabeth, mar. lsL,be- 
bella, fore 29 Jan. 1G91-2, 
dau.of . . . . Thornhill; 2ndly, 
. . . . before 10 May 1699, 
.... Bawdrick. 

Anne, mar., before 10 
May 1699, Samuel Fos- 
ter, Rector of Welby. 

Susanna, unmar. 
and 1C9'.). 


Frances, 4th dan., died 
unmar. ; bur. at Horn- 
castle 16 May 1G99. 
Will dated 10 May 
1G99, then of Horn- 

William LndinL'ton, bapt. 
15, bui'. at Horncastle 23 
AjM'il 1687. 

i i M . 

Henry Lodington, 1st son, William Lodington, bapt. 

baj)t. at Horncastle 28 ]\Iay at Horncastle 21 April 

1688 ; au apprentice 1709. 1691. 

Thomas Lodington, bapt. Williiun Lodington, bapt. ^lii'abella, bapt. at ll-rn- 
15, liur. at H'jrncastle 23 1 ^fav, bur. at Horncastle castle 30 April, bur. there 
April 1687. 2 J Oct. 1690. 29 Dec. 1689. 

[Jol.ii Loili:i;iton of Laviiifrtou. clerk. Will diitel SO .Au-^., prove 1 -1 X')V. 10S7. Meotioas bis 
prau'lsfin John Srniih. sun of .Jdliii Smith of Folkiii^hani by .\Iar_v bis late wife ; brother btopben 
Lotliiiiilou ; JuhuLeigbof Silk'or. I cannot attach him to the pedigree. — A. it. M.] 

•|!;. ■: :.'v* :;: 

.! ';■:. :.:u 



/.:TI .^^J;/. il:^ 


/ •. ',.. ..,.f -It (.; I,,.. I. l;7/ ■'. 


?^0!i3 of l^lcaforti. 

[:MS. I). 23, Ilcniia.s' College.] 

Robert Long: of SuJln-ooko.-"^-Priuleiu',', dan. of . 
by-AncasLer. laiiie of co. Norfolk. 



!Mylcs Lon<:, instituted to Rectory of Lcasin.^liain Aiistralis=pKnt!ievinc, daii. of Rieb- 

16 Xov. 1638 ; bur. at Spil^by 17 ]\Iarch ]G13-i 

ard IJurtoii of iSpilsby, 

Myles Lonir of Sleaford. Atiorney— Faitb, dan. of Robert Garland, D.D., Rector of 

of the Cuniinon Pleas IGGG -, bur. 
at hjleaford •2-[ June 1G80. 

Kirkljy ; raar. at Slcaford _ Jan. lGCl-2 ; bur. 
there 10 ifarch 1G84-5. 

Mylcs Long, bapt. at = Bridget, dan. of .... ; Richard Long (called Robert in 

SleafordlOJX'C.lGGi; bur. at Quadring 19 the Register), 2nd son, bapt. at 

bur. there 24 July xVpril 1C97. Sleaford 1 Feb. 1G63-4 ; bur. 

1716. there 1C79. 

Robert Long of=f=Mary, dan. of .... ; died 29 
Doningtou. Jan. 1716-17, a^t. 30. 

Robert Long. i^Iyles Long. Mary. Penelope. Elizabeth. 
Died infants ; bur. at DoniugtOD. 

iloncjbotDam of 33uttcrb)icU. 

(Disclaimers in 1C34.) 

[Harl. MS. 759.] 

Thomas Longbothara of East Butterwiek, died 24 Dec. 161 G ;=f=. . . . dau. 
bur. at Bottesford 2G Dec. 1616 ; inq. p.m. 14 .June 1G17. of 

Edward Longbotham, Thomas Longbotham of=Dcborah, dau. of William Mus- 
1st son, a Disclaimer Bntterwick, 2ndson,bur. senden of Great Coates ; bapt. 
in 1634. at Messinghaui 10 Seiit. at Alvingham 5 April 1612. 


,r • ' 

1 , I 

I, :,K ^<-;mij 

.'!!'.• 1., 'i ,t' 

vj ;-ro>j.>a 

lo I 




JaiiKS Lon.LTJ^tiilTe, bajit. nt ITorsiiiLrton^Anii, (l;in.=:=. . . . Tii^bit of 

]•!■ March lO-lG-7 ; bur. there 8 l\b. 
1700-1. Ist husband. 

]laji:iuibj. 2nd 

Henry LongstaHe of Wisp--T=Susanna,= Daniel Fowler of 
ington, bur. there 10 Jan. ■ ? dau. of Biicknail, 
1733-4. "Will dated 2-J: . . . . Waddingworth 

Dec. 1733 ; proved G Oct. ' Twells. 21 April 1737. 
1734. 1st husband. i 2nd husband. 

James Loug-=j=Mary, 
stall'e of Hag- tlau. of 
nabj, bur. 
there 25 Feb. 
1738-9, a3t.59. 

Ann, bapt. at Wisp- 
ini{ton 21 Jan. 

James Loiig- 
stalYo of llag- 

^Hannah, dau.ofThomas Hall of Stick- i 
ney by Elizabeth, dan. of Thomas • 
"Willingham ; mar. at Sticknev S June 

John LongstaCfe, bapt. at Hagnaby 8 Jan. 1743-l.=j=Mary, dau. of 
Adm'ou 15 i\Iay 1799. son '(?). 


John LongstafTe, Willingham Long- Hannah, bapt.— "William Margaret, 
bur. at Halton stafle, born 12 July at HaUonHol- i UUa- died yuung. 

Holgate 29 Dec 

Thomas Long- 


Christopher Long- 
stafle, bapt. at Hal- 
ton Holgate 4 July 

gate 25 Sept. thorne 

1781 ; died 14 i of Scar- Mary, died 

Sept. 1860. 

borough, young. 
co.York. — 

Eleanor, died 


William Bernard Ullathorne, Roman Catholic Bishop of 
Birmingham, died 1SS9. 

Cuthbert = Ann, dau. of Thomas Hall of=pThomas LongstafTe of Ash by, bapt. at 
Blythe. Sticknev; bapt. tliere 2 July Hagnaby u" ;March 1717-18. Will 
1st bus- 1708. Will dated 9 Oct. 1773'; , dated -JS Feb., proved 17 Dec. 1772. 
band. proved 20 Xov. 1775. i 2nd husband. 

Thomas Longstaue of Spilsby, mar. thereof Grace, dau. of Carr— William ^larshall of 

18 Feb. 1773. Will dated 14 Dec. 1780 ; 
proved 3 Jan. 1781. 1st husband. 

Brackenbury of 

Spilsby, mar. 2G J iily 
1783. 2nd hus- 

Susanna, l)apt. at Spilsby^llev. William iJawden, Vicar of Hooton 
17 Nov. 1778. Paguell, co. York. 

[Note. — Tlii> jicdiirrL-c and the following one are not in the Visitations, but ?et.-m to me worth 
inserting as Familice Minorttm Gentium. — A. R. 31.] 

■ . i '. • , ' ■ 

• ii.; . 

,iw.t i:: 

^ -^i.M ,.-n 

'li'f "to .(!,;f.) .i;:i /.-^- !•; ;>i jjii') 

, 1 .■; ..' 

■ •y, ,: 

. •i-*'i'/ J.:! 



S^onQ'^taffc of fi}ors5tnstiDn. 

]\Iargarct, dnii. of-^Arthur LoiiirstriiTe iif"-pJaiio Taylor, inav. at TT(ir>infjtan R Oct. 

; biir. at ll"i's- i Tlorsiii.uton, senior, | IT.] 1 : iv'inar. liicliard lIiiL'L'-in oflMank- 

iiigton ?>l March yeoman, i.nir. there .j j nev, \vateriiiaii(niar.lic. 11 Fel>. iciii-iM, 
1(111. If^t \vif\ .^rxn. KM^-'JO. lie'ivit. i??, she :3J). 2ik1 wife. 

Joyce=Arthur Longstaffe: 
Sharpc, of Uor.singtoii.yeo- 
mar. 4 man, bapt. tliere 
June 22 Dec. 1583 ; bnr. 
IGll. there 2 April 104?. 
1st Will dated 9 Jan. 

wife. 1G48-9 ; proved 13 

April lC-19. 

-Mary Walkerley,:: 
widow, mar. at 
Ilorsiufrton 11 
Feb. IGIG-IT: 

-Anne Browne, 
mar. at Ilors- 
incrton 3 July 
1G21 : bm-. 

bur. there 29 i there 12 July 

:March 1G19 
2iid wife 



Elizabeth, bapt. 
at Ilorsington 15 
June 1G15 ; mar. 
there, 30 Xov. 
Hills ; bur. there 
29 March 1G33. 

Arthur Long- 
staffeof Hors- 
inu'Lon, bapt. 
22' March 
1G17-18; bnr. 
9 May 1018. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
1G18-Ilt; mar. there, 
14 :MaylG39, Rich- 
ard Cheale.s of Ilag- 
worthingliam (see 
Vol. I., p. 2-41). 

Christopher Long-: 
statue, bapt. at Hor- 
sington 22 July 
1G25 , bar. there 
G Feb. IGuO-Gl. 

^Dorothy, dau. of Edward 
Dyinoke of Haltliam-on- 
Baiu ; mar. at Florsing- 
tou 2 June ICiG ; bur. 
there 4 Dec. 1693 (see 
Vol. L, p. 319). 

Arthur Lougstaffe of Horsing-: 
ton, farmer, bapt. there 1-4 Mar. 
1640-7. Will dated 15 Aug. 
1687 ; proved 30 April 1688. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of ... . 
mar. bond 28 April 1G76 ; 
ex'trix to husband. 

Juhu Lougstaffe, 
bapt. 1 0, bur. 20 

John Longstuffe, legatee ^fary, mar. at Horsington, 6 Xov. 1696, Elizabeth, 
in father's will. John Eb'.ewhite. 

Christopher Long5taffe=pAnne, dan. of John John Long- Faith, bapt. at Hors- 

of Wispington, bapt. at ': Fowler of Wispiuj^ 
Horsington 13 Nov. ton ; bur. ac Hors- 
1651 ; bur. at ^Visping- i ington as a widow 
ton 15 Aug. 172;!. Will 5 Sept. 1723 (see 
dated 27 Dec. 1722 ; • Vol. I., p. 371). 
proved 1723. 



at Hoi'sing- 

tou 3 Feb. 


ington 12 Xov. 1G48 ; 
bur. 2o ]\Iarch 1653. 

Susan na, bapt. at Hors- 
iuKtou 20 Mar. 1652-3. 

John Long-=f:Eliiior, Christopher Long- Christopher Longstafi'e of Wisping- 

stafle, bapt. j dau. of staCfe.bapt.atHors- ton, bapt. at Horsington 23 Aug. 

at Horsing- ; . . . . ington 4 April, bur. 1703 ; bur. at Wispington 2o Feb. 

ton 23 Oct. ■ tiiere 23 June 1696. 1723-4, uuraar. 

Ellen, bapt. at Waddiugworth 7 Xov. 1727. 



'11 •• 

fi/, .;. ;i.,:,''^;:i' 

1 )/» .k(..i 

!T :■ ,M ,.' .1.-7 - ; mil 

to .lliij 

r .7. . . 'i-: . /^ ; ' ..'cV/ Jji 



ElizalH'th, bnpt. :it ITors- 
ington 10 March l('.s.^-0 ; 
mar, .hAxn Muddison. 

Ann. b;i^->L nt Horsitivrtoii 
4 AuiZ. liiOu ; mar. iuch- 
ard Twelves. 

1 I 
Jaiio. bapt. at ITors- 

in<:u«ii 10 Marcli 

ir.ii]-2: mar. li^lvrt 


bapt. at 
tun o .hily 

Tilary, bapL. at llr.i-.v- 

in2;ton 9, bur. 29 Mav "Windgad 


^lary, bapt. at llors- 
iii<,doii 21 Julyir.99; 
l)ur. tlu;ro 4 Marcli 

Susai'.iia, bapt. at. 
Horfiington 2 Dec. 

?Lobttiaj> of JSavtinrj). 

[Ilarl. MS. 1550.] 
William Loveday of Essex^. . . . dau. of . . 

Appleby of co. York. 

William Loveday of Bardney Abbey 

Christopher Loveday of Barduey— Ai:ue, daii. of ... . Cooper of ... . co. Lincoln. 

Thomasine, dau.^^Tobias Loveday of Stam-=Phillis, dau. of=Mary, dau. of 

of Thomas Barker 
of Peterborough, 
CO. Northampton. 
1st wile. 

ford, Alderman of that 
town 1587, 1601, IGU; 
adm'ur of his wife Felicia 
16 June 1613. Will dated 
14, proved 27 Aug. 1624. 

. . . . ; widow 
of Hugh Fran- 
cis. Adm'on 
16 June 1613. 
2ud wife. 

AVilliara Browne 
of Horton Kir- 
by, CO. Kent ; 
surviving 1624. 
3rd wife. 

.... dau. of Colcotts=Christopher Loveday of Stamford and=p. . . . dau. of 
Chambers of . . . . co. London. Will dated 22 July, proved [....; dead 
Oxon ; died s.p. 4 Aug. 1626. ' 22 July 1626. 

Christoplier Loveday, only son Thomasine, only dan. and eventually sole heir; 
22 July 1626. Adm'on 10 took out adm'on as being of full age 8 Oct. 
Nov. 1629. 1638 ; Smith. 

Thomas John Loveday of Carlby. xVdm'ou 24 May= Anne, dau. of .... ; adm'ix 

Loveday. 1 GIG, revoked and re-granted to Edmund of lier husband 24 May 

Rossiter, gent., 10 Dec. 1611. 1610 ; living 10 Dec. 1611. 

Jerome Loveday,* chorister of Lincoln Cathedral 154' 
mar. at St. ILargaret's, Lincoln, 28 Oct. 1567. 

Robert Loveday, Jerome Loveday, Elizabeth, Dorothy, bapt. ^lary, bapt. 
bapt. at St. :Mar- bapt. at St. :\Iar- bapt. at St. at St. :Nrar- at St. Mar- 
garet's 22 Aug. garet'B 19 Jan. ^^Farizaret's 7 garet's 12 Dec. garet's 22 
1568. 1575-C. Jan. 1570-71. 1571. Nov. 1573. 
* It is quite possible that Jerome Loveday was from Earduey. 

i .■■ 


•1. I, J .. 

! •><■ 

■.:•})■' J 

.1 . ■', 

■ \\>i .;*■! 

«l-0 '■<, AM-.h 

< • , I • I .» , 

'1 f:.i..Muj..i i-i ;. ■ 

' . V ' -I' 

■ f .Ir fKkJ .iJ.i ' '( '• i.'.-i**..,; jjjlip «, )T • 

i.ixcoLNSHii:!:: I'hdigriuES. 


itoVontJC of CS^lintntoiL 

( Ihul. >[SS. m:;(;, i:,.-,(i.] 

Arms. — Azi/re, a J'rcl (nyctl, a Iwrdnre or, a ncsreut f.jr diffcrcitre, 

Tlh'inas LowiidcT^.Miiigoiy, only duii. of Jiicliiird Kvntou 
(.f Wi'^torto!!. of St. Swiiliiii's, Linculii ; liviii'_' \WM . 


Chrij;tnpluM=pJane, dan. of 
T^ownde of Robert Clay- 
Winterton, ton of Flix- 
livinfjloG?. borouuh. 

Vi'iliiani Jjownde. 

Margaret, unmar. 

.lanr. m;)';. 
Antliouy Teii- 
naiit of CO. 

Elizabeth, dan. = Robert Lowndc— Cas?andra, dan. of Ed- Katharine, :\raigaret. 
of AVilliam of AVinierUm ; ' ward 8ahinarslie of rnar. Ed- — 

Smyth of ilon- living 10-7. 

Strnbby ; mar. lie. 17 wr.rd liolle Anne. 
July 101)9. of Ilaydor. 

Alex- Edward George Lownde. Katharine, mar. Ellen, mar. John ]\Ior- 

ander Lownde, — John Liitlebnry ; leyof Winterton; ex'trix 

Lownde. f^on and Cassandra, mar. living lil.:.7: lega- of" her husliand lOll. 

heir Henry Baldwin teeof hernncleWil- — 

1G27. of Winterton. liam Saltmarjshe. Hester. 

SLoUmtirs of l$ratoft. 

[M.S. C. 1^3, Ik-raids' CV'llege.] 

Arms (in "Union of Hononr").— ".4/y/«i/, a fret of eight pkrca mile, on a canlon 
gules a Jion's head erased or." 

Richard Lowndes=f:. . . . dau. of ... . Lawton 
of Overton. of Lawton, co, Chester. 

"William Lowndes,^I.'^ahe]Ia, dan. of David Idander [sic] Isabel, mar. :^rorris Lee 
son and heir. I of Williugton. of Stoke, co. Stafford. 

William Lowndes of Bratoft=f=Anne, dan. of Thomas Massin2l.)erd of Bratoft ; bapt. 
1C31, 2nd -'-n, |)iir. at Ki-a- tliere 1'.) .May JOnu ; widow of J i^Jjert Stevenson ; mar. 

at Lnitoft 21 July 1GU3 ; bnr. tiiere 2S April 1(J33. 

toft 28 Dee. lO.^C. 

Thonjas Lowndes, 1st son, ait.r:p:Margaret, dan. of William Lownde?, bapt. 

20, 1G3-1; bapt. at Bratoft 3 Sandon ; mar. at Bra- at Hraioft 28 Ang. ] C.l.j; 

Oct. 1G13 ; bur. there 8 Ano:. tuft 10 Oct. 1G35. 

Anne, bapt. at liratoft 21 Feb. lt';3S-rt 

bur. there o Aug. 1G2G. 



v'rr'W 1.^ 

, ! J t ' 


^\.W.. -, 

.' .'.W..J 

:.,ff !u a...fr7-^' 


I. ••( ! . •Il'i 

'. : . UM ; ."ti / . '• :j , '■> i 

'■'<■■ 'i .'V.'I i', l^ur■^i J; ,1. 

.., .(t 



.lohu Lo\viuli.'s,~|=. . . . Jan. llritlizct, bapt. at Bratoft Oct. 1G17 ; Kathariiif, bapL. 

2ik1 son lC>o[. 


iiKir. ilicre, 2S April \C,'">>^, IJicliard at r.ratofr.iiScpL. 
Donaby; hnr. Urtc '2o April li'.:.7. inio. 

liol»ert. Lo^vIK]•'?, joins \viih his lailu-r in the surreiKler 
'.•f a house and laud in Inrjoldmcll.-j KiiiU. 

^oUi^on of £23atnflttt 

[.AI8. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

AYilliam Lo^son of Waiufleet St. :\rary's. Will^ 
dated 25 Dec. 153i ; proved 12 ^lay 1535. 

Robcri liowsou. Tiu<j.h Lowson of Waiiifleet. "Will proved 158k 

Thomas Lowson of=p]\rar(2:arct, dan. of John Fulnethy 


of Fnlnetby, 

dau. of 

bur. at 



1 Oct. 




2 June 

= Frances, dau. of 
. . . . ; widow of 
Leonard v^^keg- 
11 ess ; mar. at 
Addlethorpo 29 
JalvlGlO. Vnll 
dated 23 :Maich 
ir.38-9; proved 
30 March 1039. 
2nd wife. 

dan. of 
Smith of 
Boston ; 
mar. lie. 
5 Dec. 
1st wife. 

:Thomas Lowson of=Elizabeth, 
Scremby, ex'or to his dan. of 
father-in-law Rich- Vincent 
ard Smith 3 May Shellield 
1G2G. AVill dated ofCro.xliy; 
24 March 1612-3; livini,^ 
proved 15 April 1(;12. 
1G13. 2nd 


John Vincent =Mary, dau. of Vin- 

Lowson, Lowson, cent Amcutts of 

1st son ; 2ndsori; Langton-by-Wraj^;- 

{Ct. U, let. 9, by; bapt. a't Sonth- 

IGSi; 1G3-1; well, co. Xotts, 15 

legatee legatee l'\'b. 1G27-8. 

1G38. 1G38. 

Th<'>mas=f^Elizabetl), dan. of Samuel 

Lowson, I John Brown of West Lowson, 

3rd son; Langluuii ; mar. at leoalce 

'Ml. 5, Billingl)orough 27 1G3S. 
1G34 ; Jan. 1G53-1 ; bur. — 

legatee i at Horbling2-l Dec. ^Mary, 

1G3S. j 1GG2, ait. -18. legatee 


Esther, mar. at Ilorbling, 25 Oct. 1077, Nathaniel Brackenbiiry of Wainflcet. 


•• '.-' 

I':"'' .;■:■ "'■;:.;'7 

:/.>:;■...' IV.(,/1 

,:.l -'.;'. '*' 

I I . r. . -.f'T .. 


. .■;-; fl'vf 

,1 ,:rl (/I;!;' ').;;' ,:V"I f : ' '" ,-^iTf(,f ;,>][ ',jn 

.KUii .tjuJh.'^ 

LiNCOLKs u I in: 1' j: di g r ees. 


^Lmm of Jftntou. 

[MS. (!. L>o, Heralds' Colle-e.] 

Arms (iji " Union of Honour''). — " Aiyoil, a chevron f/i/lcs [irttacn three ot/ressrs ; 

on a cJtIrf azure a cod- bctirecn two cross-crossfels Jilr/ti/ or.'' 

liiohaid fjucas, boised of piopjiiy in Xe\v;irk-on-Trent ]Jo7.=f~ 

liichard Lucas of Fcnton, bur. 20 Feb. 1587-8.= 

Bryan Lucas, xt. 19 years and 7 months at his father's death^pJIary, dau. of. . . . 

Anlhoiiy Lucas of Fcnton, ^pEHzabetli, dau. I'^lizabetli, ba[)t. 2 Au;^. Aj^ncs, bapt. 
bapt. 12 iihirch 158S-1) (.^j. ofTliomasWar- laUU; bur. ar. Fcnton at Fenton \y> 
Adm'on 7 .luno ](;];3. cop. 1 Jan. 159 1-5. Jan. 1501-2. 

Sir Gervase Lucas, 3rd sou, bapt. at Fenton 28 July Bryau Lucas, Posthunius 

inil ; created a BaroncL 2() May 1G44 ; Governor 4ih son, bapt. J^ucas, 5ch 

of Belvoir Castle ; died uiiniar. in the East hidies at Fenton 21 son. 

circa 1CG8. Oct. 1G12(?). 

Timotliy Lucas, lst=p]\lary, dau. of George Nevile of Aubourn ; mar. at Thomas 
son, bur. at Fenton ; Soutii Wykeharn 2 Dec. 1027; rcmar. Richard llol- Lucas, 

30 Nov. 1G52. 

land, Picctor of llascomb, co. Surrey ; died 30 Apiil 2ud son. 
1064, ffit. 57 ; bur. at Hascomb. 


Gei-vase Tyuca^, Timothy Lucas, bapt. Timo'Jiy lyiicas, Llizabeih, r)ap". 2 

bajjt. 27 Nov. IG. bur.' at. Feuton 25 bapt. 8 Aug. Jan. 1G40-U. 

1G32. Feb. 1C35-G. IGIG. — 

— — — Jane,bapt. 24 0ct. 

liichard Lucas, Anthonv Lucas, bapt. ]\rarv, l)apt. IG IGll. 

bapt. IC Feb. 8 Sept. "lG-i3 ; bur. at Mav 1G37 ; bur. — 

1G33-4; Fenton 7 Feb. 170G-7. 12 Nov. 1G41. Mary. 

Penelope, dau. of Sir=j=Gcorgc Lucas, =Eliuor,da.u. Christe-pher Lucas^Aune, dau. 

"William Thorold, j bapt. at Feu- of .... ; of Brandon, bapt. i of .... ; 

Bart. ; mar. at Gran- j ton 7 Feb. bur. at Fen- 8 Oct. 1G31 ; bur. 

thamlG April 1G57; i 1G29-30 ; bur. ton2uJinie at Fenton 20 Dec. Fenton 

bur. at Fenton Sept. i there 31 Jan. 1C81. 2i)d 1700. 24 April 

1G5S. 1st wife. ! 1C90-91. wife. 1G9; 

Anthony Lucas^Arme, dan. and co- 
of Fcnton, ba|)t. heir of <'harles ll;d- 
July IG.-iS : lord of IMitli \Vl— 
bur. 27 June ton. co. Hut land ; 
IGOG. bur. at Fenton 17 

Jan. 1712-13. 

Katherine, bapt. 17 Feb. 

Anne, mar. at Hough, 19 
Aug. 1G97, Thomas Por- 
ter of Leadenham ; bur. 
IG Oct. 1705. 

]^Iary, mar. 
at Hough, 
24 Nov. 
1C91, Tho- 
mas Nel- 

[jiU: -.ijt'r/ 0.f J'-i 

:^-H:C'i .111.1. 

I .'■: i''i > '>!Jf.-. V t'O 

- ..f. 


.1. ■■ ■jj Yi'r.i.'.T ,<';'i|'.f 

, 1 ., I- ,. I 


1 :; .'.; 

'?i// .K'-''n;w 

.!/' .11 



Goiiro"o Lucas of Grantham, l)apt. = F.li7,:\lx't]), (l;m. of diaries Lucas, bapt. I'l ! 
*J May K'.sj. ; bur. at IVnloii 10 . . . . ; l>ar. at l-Vn- Doc. li'.Si; ; bur. at Fon- 
]\hiic!i J Ti's-'J, a.:t. ■; I. tnii ;i Miiv JTT."). ton .". Jan. 1 (;!>:»-{;. | 


Amiiony Lucas oI-p.Mary, ^lau. c-f Au'.'O. liapt. Peuelopo. bapl. at l-^outnu 28 Jan. 

Fi'Jilli AW'ston, co. I . . . .; bur. at 2o Scjit. 1087-8; lived at Stamford; bur. 

liullaud, bapt. 10 ' Fcnton ID 1085 ; bur. at Fonton I'l Nov. 1777. 

July 1000; bur. ! Feb. 170-', at Fenlon — 

12 April] 7 !0. | ret. 0;3. 20 Dec. l^Lary, bapt. at South Witliam 

1C8G. Sept. 1006. 

Richard Lucas, D.D., son. Prebendary of Lincoln and=7=Martlia,daa, of Tho- 

Canterbury ; Kector of Great Casterton, co. lUitland ; 
died at Sl. ]\Iartin\^, Stamford, 17 Jan. 1780. 

ma.s llurst of I'arrow- 
bv; diedlXov. 1700. 

Richard Lucas, Rector of=p. 
Great Casterton. I . 

. dan. of ilartlia, mar., 2 June 1771, Charles 
Verc of Loudon, banker. 

Richard Lucas, Rector of Great Casierton ;==p]\rary Dorothy, dau. of Rev. Jacob 

Patron of Edith "Weston ; died 13 Feb. 

I'vh Ibuke'.^ " Lauded (! entry.'" 

Palliser Costobadie, Rector of Weus- ' 
ley, CO. York. 

Anthony T>ucas of^Christian, dau. of John George Lucas, /ird son, Elizaljeth. 

Ancaster, 2ud son, 
died 20 June 1780. 

Vide Burke's " Landed Gentry,' 
• ■ snh *' Calcrafi." 

Calcraft of Grautliam ; bur. at Feuton 10 

died 2-1 Jan. 178 1. March 1801, wt. 70. Penelope. 

Arms. — ? Same as Lodixgtox. 

Katherine, 2ud=Siuiiuel Luddiu:i-ton of^Frances, dau. of^!Nrary, dau. of Sir Richard 
dau. and colicii- lir;ic>;brid,u'e, purchased George Sunn- Halford of Wistow, co. 
of John Wilson the freedom of tiie City dersonof South Leicester, ; widow 
of Shet_'p\v;ish ; of Lincoln 23 Sept. Tlioresby; mai-. of . . . . Fauiit ; mar. at 
died ;i, I, III-. ];; IC.i:" ; died s, hur. 11 there 21 Dec. St. .Alaiy's, Nottingham, 
Oe(. 1(;70 at Jan. 1712-13 at iJrace- 108U; died and 27 April 1703 (then of 
Rracebridge, bridge. Will dated 22 Ijur. at Rrace- Xorth Collingham, co. 

{tjt. 27. ist Feb. 1710-1 1 : proved bridge 3<i June Notts); di-d 2.s Nov. 

wife. (C.P.C.) 20 March 1088. 2nd ; 17U'.i. Adm'on granted 

1712-13. wife. i at Lincohi 17 Jan. 

1 1700-10. 3rd wife. 
A B i 



■ . .• ■ J 

■f , 

M ■■ • 1111, 

:r...:; ■Sa^ 


.. , 'Mfl 

.•ill ', 

A I B I 


Bauuiel Liul- 



IGSl-i' ; Inir. 

cii, iiiaC'o- 





Cu'oi'irc Liuliliiiuton^l-^innKi, daii. of (!illi«-'ii 
of r>r;KX'brii]o;o, bapt. Oharlion (l»y AiuuMlan. 
tlierc rj April IGs?: ; ami heir of Harvey 
died i, )';;:•. > ,I;m. , Staunton of Stannic!'., 

C'>. ->uiio; «. i iiiiv»iOi\l, 

CO. Hereford ; mar. at 
StannLoii, co. Xutt?;, 4 

proved at Jjinoohi 9 j ^raylTlG; died It.liur. 

Jan. 1715-G. IG Aug. 1730 at Brace- 

bridge, fot. 34-. 

bridge, ;i-'r..".0. Will 
dated 7 Sc]it. 1745 ; 


















George Luddington, Ist 
mn, bapt. at Brace- 
bridge 7 April 1722 ; 
a legatee of liis fatlier 
7 Sept. 1745 ; died be- 
fore 6 Sept. 1702, leav- 
ing a natural sou George 
Foster, by Aune Foster, 
then livino:. 

Samuel liUddingtoii of Brace- 
bridge, 2nd son, heir of his 
brother, bapt. at Bracebridge 
20 :\tay 1725 ; Clerk ; died of 
consumpdon on board ship on 
his return from Lisbon to 
Bracebridge 17G4, unmar. 
Will dated G Sept. 17G2 ; 
])roved at Lincoln 16 July 

Gil Staunt<jn Ludd 
ton, 3rd son, l.)a}) 
S'.pt. 172G ; bur. 
Pel). 172G-7 at Br 

Job Luddiugton, 
son, bapt. 14, bur 
Oct. 1727 at Bi 




. IS 

Frances, bapt. at 1 5 race- 
bridge 31 March 1717 ; 
proved her brotlicr Sa- 
muerswill IG .July 17G4. 

Anne, l»a})t. at Brace- 
bridge 17 .April 171S ; 
living unmar. 6 Sept. 

I I 

Emma, ba]it. at Biacebridge 

13 April 1721 ; mar. George 
Fairfax. ClL-rk,1)cfore 7 Sejjt. 
1745 ; living G Sept. 17G2. 

Letitia, bapt. at Bracebridge 
2'J Oct., died IG, bur, there 
17 Nov. 1723. 

Letitia, bur. at Bracebridge 
11 Xov. 1731. 

•Jane, ba}»t. at Bracebridge 
10 Aug. 1733 ; mar. at 
Staunton, co. Xotts, 17 Jan. 
17G0, John Fairfax of New- 
ton Kyme, co. York. 

Williatn Ste[>hen Ludding-^Susanna, Francis Ludding-=Judith, dan. of Gil- 

Lud- tonof Leadenham, dau. of ton of Grantham, bert l^awrence of 

dington, (Mcrk. Will dared ....; woollen-draper, Leadenham; mar.lic. 

102G. 1 Dec, jiruved 18 ' ex'trix. iut. 26, 1 G14. U) Dec. 1614, ait. 22. 

Lee. 1(;2G. i 

Samuel Luddingtcn, Aldei'-~. . . . Nathanitd SlejJien Lnddinglt.'ii. Su.sanna. 

man (if iJncdlii. \Vill dated i dau. Budding- — — 

12 Aug., proved 11 Nov. of. ton, liv- Joseph Luddington. Elizabeth. 

1684 ; leaves land in J^ud- ! . . . . ing 1G84. — — 

dington, Lsle of Axliulme. | Timothy Luddiugton. Mary. 

A ! 

! u 

r-iX- , i 


i •• 

r i' 


,!J' .1 

■.'■■ I 

7. Ti 

• -; ((11 

■!.(.!; ,,• t 




iSiephoii LiKLliiiLrton of Waddiiiiiton. Will dal«,'il-:,--Hliziib(.'tli, daii. of 
18 Nov. 17I;3 ; proved 1 May 1711. . . . . ; ex'trix. 

Elizabcf!i,niar Hill. 

YxQW Stoplicn LnddiiuTtoii, Clerk, of the city of Lincoln. "Will datod "0 8opt., 
proved 2i> Oci. IGSi) ; sister ^Mrs. Dlanchc Wheeler, sister }>l\\<. Ann Fox, cosen 
Stephen liuddington, Alderman of Lincoln ; (to be) bnr. in the Cathedral "as near 
unto Ihe gi'ave of iny grandmother !^[ceies as may be." 

[Note. — I add this scrap of jiedicrree which 1 have co'.upiled from wills at Lincoln. These 
Luddiiv^'toiis arc evidently a branch of (he family at ]5raccbridge. — .\. R. M.j 

?L|)tIcr of (Tatijliu-IL 


.l?v/r/,'/, firo bar.i azure, in c/def a f/r/jftn passanf [/ulcs, all ivilhi/i a hordure 
engrailed aalde. 

liandall Lytlcr~]\rar<;-arct, dan. and heir 
ofTathwell. of Eiehard Jeunev. 

Richard Lytler=f^Edith, dau. of Sir Tliomas Margaret. 

of ']\tth\vell. 

Afap.singberd, Knt. 

Thomas Lytler of^Isabidl, dau. of John Randall Lytlcr^p^Iargaret, dan. o 

Tath\Yell, Isi son 

Ilarfgrave of Boling- of Orby, :fnd 
broke. son. 

Lnmingham of Ll.>In)< 

John Lytler of Tath- Jane, heir of her uncle Thomas Lytler ; 
^vell 1562. mar. Edward Pi"ott of BratofL. 

illacljcll ot Croft. 

[Had. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — S'/lde, f/trec greij//oa/id-<! com-a/d anjeni, roUared fjules, a hordare engraihd or. 

[This I'cdigree is given in the Visitation I'f 15;>2, printed in the " Ceneal"'," 
and n.piinied separately, edited by W. C. Metcalfe. ^Ir. Larkeu has added dales 
to the last generation, which I give. — A. It. ]\L] 

]iob"rt ^rachcll mI' 1 )iibvT=Annc, dan. of Rie'iard .Mlin-on ofSaK- 

-1 May l.'.s;) ; bnr. at 
Croft So Jan. IGoO-l. 

iieetby; remai'.at Cr.ift, 1 1 J-'eb. loIJ-l 1, 
Jiichard A vres. 

Richard Mach.U, 1502. Dorothy. Alice. Appoliue (? Appollonia). 

. .' J 

■• ^.-, \\ ,^'\\y, -.-.l':!. 

1/ ;! 






il-latititcj-nn of ^Ibtngfjam. 

[Liu coin Wills.] 

Akms. — As ^VadI'ISOX of Foiial>y, willi du' dilVeri'iioe. 

Sir llalpli Maaai<.iii, Knt., uf Fu!U:l>y, co.^pMa.ry, uan. of ^^•l•L Wil- 
Lincolii, )>ur, nc Si. ]\l;iiy Aldi'i-niaiy's iiains ui nf ^Vail<r^ill^•llalu, 
rhmch, I.nM.lon. t'l Oct. i"!;"m;. " \.^tt--. 

Edward Maddi- 
fion, Ist sou, 
bapt. at Caistor 
2-4 Xov. 1504. 

(Sec Maddisox 
of Foiiabv.) 

Cornelia. dau. of . J ohn=p TIuniplircy=pnelcn, sislcr^^V^li/.abctii.dau 

of Jesns ColleL'o, 
Cambridge; widow of 
Kev. Robert Tryce ; 
mar. lie. 20 Oct. iV. 25, 
xt. 27 ; bur. at Con- 
1st. wifi.'. 

of Alving- 
ham Ablicy, 
ord but 2nd 
son ; died 
19 Jan. 
1G71-2, ait. 
71 ; bur. at 

of Henry 
Wapstalf'e of 
Tlasland, co. 
Derby. 2nd 

of ... . Ay.s- 
eouah; legatee 
of Humphrey 
ICSO. Srd 

Cliristo])]ier l\Iaddison, bapt. 
at Alvingham 6 Oct. 1670. 

Ralph ]\Iaddison, bapt.==FTheodosia, dau. and Edward ^laddison, bapt. at Con- 

at Coningsby 8 Oct. coheir of Nicholas 

162G; from whom tliC Xewcomen of Thed- 

]\raddisons of Stain ton dlethorpe ; mar. at 

Vale aTid suhseqnentlv BagEndeibv 1'' Jan. 

Partnev. " : 168 1 -2. 

ingsby J ^Fay 1628 ; bur. at 
Southwell ]\linstcr 22 ■\r;ireh 

Humphrey Maddison, bapt. at 
Conimrsby 7 Julv lOoo ; bur. 

(See Rurke's " Landed Oentry," 0th ed., 1 808.) there 1 7 April 10-12. 

Benjamin ]\Iaddison, 
bapt. at Coningsby 
20 July l(;i;3; died 

Edwai'd ^Taddison, 

Humphrey ]*Iaddison, l>apt. at Priseillo, bapt. at Con- 
Ci'uingsliy (> SejU. 1052; s.p. ingsby Feb. 1G57-S; mai". 
\Vil!dated7 Juno 1(58(J; pi'uved lie. 16 April 107-'^ ; lega- 

16 June 1682. 

Katberine. liapl. at Conintisby 
18 Julv 1611. 

Ral|)h Maddison, died Helen, bajit. at Coningslty 2 
young. Sept. IGD-'J. 

tee of her brother Hum- 
phrey ]\Iaddis(in in 1680. 

John Tiehborne of St. 
Peter's within the Tower 
of London, ast. 24. 

Ann, dan.=^Xat]ianiel Mad-- 
of . . . . I dison of Alving- 
Foster ; ; ham, 3rd liut 
mar. at : eldest surviving 
St. James, ' son, born 1649 ; 
Clrrken- i of Grav's Hm 
well, 11 I 1068. Will dated 
Aug. 1672. I 22 Oct., jiruved 
1st" wife, i 10 Xov. 1700. 

-^lary, dan.^Eleanoi-, dan.- 
of . . . . ; (if John X el- 
legatee of thorpe ofLit- 
ilnm- , tic Ci'imsby, 
jiln-ey ■ mar. 19 Feb. 
.Maddison . ]682-:'> ; Ijur. 
1C8(J. atAlvini,diam 
2iid wife. 22 J idyl 603. 
1 3rd wife. 

Humphrey ?*raddi?on, ba])t. ' /|n 

at St. James ("lerk-nwell, See Pi;dioui:k 3t (p. 620) 

13 Oct. 107-J ; s.p. : 

= Katherine, =f-^Iargaret, 

dan. of ... , , dau. of 

^fure; mar. ; Wriglit ; 
2o Feb. j mar. at 

1695-6; bur. Louth 30 
at Alving- ; Aug. 1702. 
ham 23 July j 5th wife. 
1702. 4th I 
wife. j 


Elizal)eth, bapt. at Al- 
vingham 22 Aug. 1703. 

j Priseilla, bapt. at Al- 
1} I vingham 9 Sept. 1708. 


LiNCoiAsimii: rj:i)iGiii:Ks. 


Eilward ^lad- T7alph Mad-— Frnuc-s, dan. 

disoii, bur. al dison vi i of . . . . ]\lor- 

Alvinu-liain IG Loiuli, ukt- ' tun i>(' IJeos- 

]\lay lOSU. ct'i", l>a]U. at liy ; iivir. at 

A 1 V i 1 1 l; 1 1 am ]\ cdd i n ul on 

■J.]' }'..y 17Aug.l702. 

lliSO. " j 


]Cli/.aliC't]i, bur. at Jdaniin, bapf. 

Alvinghani :?S Sept. al Alvinirhani 

ITUO/ -J Xov. If.'.'s. 

Tht'odusia-, bapt. at ^Fai'v. baj-t. at 

Alvinaliani I'l' ^fay Alvin^liani 7 

ir,;)7. * Juiic 170:.'. 

Natliain\'l ^laddi.-xm, bajit. al, Louth 'J2 Oct. Ann, bcii-css Eleanor, ])nv. at Loutli 
1711 ; bur. at Alvingiiain 27 April 1737. 17--M]. 5 April 1710. 

Pedigree ^. (See p. G19.) 
Natlianiel ]\Iaddison=pE!eanor Xelthoi-pje. 

Nathaniel :Maddison, Ann, died Eleanor, bapt. 12 Feb. 1G90-01 ; mar. Charles 
bnr. at Alford 29 infant. Xelthorpe, Picctor of B'rougliton ; bni". 20 

Sept. 1G95. Oct. 1770. 

Benjamin ]\raddi5on, Francis ^laddison, John ]\raddi.son.=pAnn, dan. and coheir 
died infant. died infant. bapt. at Alving- • of Koliert Yarbi'ouuh 
— — ham G Se[H. : of Cockei-ington St. 
William jMaddifeon, Edward ^laddison, 1G87; bur. thei'e \ Clary's ; mar. at ^Ian- 
died infant, bapt. 2G Mar. 1085. 27 Dec. 1749. by 13 :Marcli 1710-1 1. 

I i I 

Nathaniel Maddipon, Unmphrcy Maddison, "William ]\raddison, bapt. at Coven- 

bapt, at Alvinyham bapt. f)cc., bur. at ham St. ]\l'ary 15 Oct. 1717; bur. 

11 Feb. 1711-12. Alviugham 17 Dec. at Alvingham 29 Feb. 1719-20. 


Sarah, dau.=.lohn ]\raddison of=f'Elizabeth, dan. of 

of "\^'iiliam (iainsborough 1708 : (Ji'ifllth Xclthorjic 

Tawer (?) of bajit. at Covenham ' o\' Little (Irimsliy; 

llnll; died 25 Oct. 1718; High mar. 10 May 17(;8 ; 

7!May]707, Sherifr' of co. Lincoln Ijur. at Alvin<_diam 

(>.]). 1st 1779 ; bur. at Alving- 23 Jidy isol, :ot. 

wife. liam 13 July 17'S5. 53. 2nd wife. 

Ellen, bapt. at Al- 
vingham 2G X'^ov. 
1711; bur. 1 Feb. 

Ann, baj)r. at Coven- 
ham 17 April 17i']. 

John Maddison of Gainsborough and Alving-n=Elizabeth, dau. of John Andrews 

ham, baf)t. at Gain.-:borough ■! Feb. 177<i ; 
died 4 Jan. 183S. a 

of AUnrd ; mar. there 25 ilarch 
1795. B 


> -::b 

>• !n-';;of"';/^ 

■I li 

i lo 

,l''i", i li.'./. ? 
.-.At fi 




Elizalu'ili ]\ravi;i.:=i^ir rj(ib''vt ^laivli ^lary Ci'IiiIh', liovu at Liftlc—'Ricliard 
Ixtpl. ar T,"iuh lli'isiuvd. l\!il., (iiim-l'V 1 MaylsiO; mar. llaii', 
IS ,]\\\]^^ l.s't;'; rhi.f .liisticc (if 1 s .1 uiii; 1 S;;,"! ; died lU 1 !a( li (.Vnn- 
mar. ]s;;o. Aiii!::iii:;. Iti S^ii!. ls7'.i. , mandor 

! K.X. 

Itichard Thomas ITavo, Tiieui.-Col. lloliert PowoU Tlaro, ]\Iar)- Ihnuliy, 
ludiaii Army. Ijieut.-Col. K.A. deceased. 

John ]\laddison,~Geor_iriana,dan.(if Tho- 
bapt. at Louth > mas Cni'tis of Bath ; 
25 ^larch 1802; : mar. at Walcot, near 
died at Ack- | Batli, -25 Aug. 1S24 ; 
^Yo^tll, CO. York: \ bur. ar St. Lawrence, 
bur.atHitzliLTide, Piam.sgate,o April 187 L 

Richard Thomas :\rad--rElizabeth De- 
di?ou of Earnsliill, CO. ; h'cia, dau. of 
Somerset ; bapt. at 
Louth 10 Oct. 1813 ; 
assumed the name and 
arms of Combe 1819. 

(General Sir 
John Micliell, 

liionei Du 
Marie ^Fad- 
disou, died 
au iufaut. 

Katharine ^rary,= 
bi.irn ^1-4 ]\Iay 
1827 r niar. lb 
Anril 1855. 

=Iiev. Edmimd Elizalietli, 

Hal!, Rector died un- 

of Myland, co. mar. 

Richard Thomas 
Combe of Earns- 
hill, CO. Somerset; 
born 185L 

Georjxe C]ement=T\atharine, l)asil Edmund Mary llelcu Anne ^Mildi'ed 

]\Laddison Hal 
born 2-4 Ap 

dau, ot 
Cope ma II. 

Horslord .Mad- 
dison Hall, born 
2-1 Dec. 1S57 ; 

boi-n 29 Oct. 

Elizal.K^th, born 
15 July isnr. ; 
mar. Rev. J. IL 

George ^laddison, bapt. ==Elizabeth, Ann, bapt. 
at Gainsboroufi:h 18 ^ dau. of Rev. at Gains- 
Sept. 1775 ; Vicar of Ivinf;;sman borouL,di 
North PiC-ton and Baskett of 25 Sept. 
Little Gi-imsliy; died Pockling- 1772. 
at Ackworth, co. York, < ton, co. 
1827. York. 

George ^ladilison, boi-n 9^Jane, dau. of Rich- 
June 18o9; Vicar of Gran- ard Philpott of Chi- 
tham. Prebendary of Lin- 
coln Cathedral, A rclKleacuii 
of Ludlow, Rector of Rich- 
ard's (Castle, CO. Salop; died 
oO Jan. 1895. 


Chester ; fiistei" of 
Henry, Bishoj) of 
"\V<jrccster ; mar, 12 
Oct. 18:59 ; died 5 
March 1891. 

Elizal)eth, bapt. at 
Gainsborough 1-1 
Jau. 177-4 ; mar. 
Tliomas Fansliaw 
^Eiddleton, ]).!)., 
1st Bishop of Cal- 

]\Lu'y, bapt, 
at Gains- 
borough 20 
Nov. 1778 ; 
bur. at Al- 
vinghani 14 
Jan. 1802. 

born 1804; 
mar. 4;52; 
died 1878. 

=Rcv. Charles Green, 
liorn 179() ; Hon. 
Canon of Norwich, 
Itector of Bnii^h 
Castle, CO. Sullblk; 
died 1857. 

1 I 


' ). 

.'I ..JOY 



C I 

(ieor^o Ilcury^^rniy. dan. df 
]Ma(]i1i<on, horn Iicv. .lului Toni- 
^laivli L"^.').') : jiK-, Ivccior of 
A'ieavcir'J'uokliill. . r.oiln'iiliainiiton, 
CO. Salop; died 'J ! CO. l>orM;d; mar. 
^j'aich ] -■:■.;. : ir. Juno 1885. 


Rcv.Charlc.< E(hvard=pEIlen Dovoton, dan. 
^raddi.^ou (Irotu, . of 'Williaiii ^Icy- 
lioni lM July L*»o('. ; \ boliin llidor Ilacr- 
rnl^'iulary of Here- ! izavd of liradcnhani 
lord. Kfctor of Led- I JIall, Xorfolk; mar. 
bury, CO. Hereford. I 20 July LsC.i. 

George Lionel Eloisa i\rary, born 
]\[addi>on, () March 188G. 

born G Oct. — 

1 888. G ladys Mabel, born 

30 March 1887. 

Cliarlcs Arthur 
Gi'con, born 27 
June 1877. 

Edward Koland Maddison 
Green, boru 5 ]\rarch 1887. 

Ella Frances, born II Feb. 

frlatitjison of iTonalij^ auti (Srimftlttljorpc. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Harl. :\rs. lOf.O.] 

Arms. — Quarterly: 1 and -1, Anjent, tivo ImttJc-axes in saltire sable, ;^^AD]•>I.sox ; 
2 a/id 3, Argent, on a chevron between three martlets sable as many multets 

or, j\rERLEY. 

Note. — The Merloy arms were borne in the 1st and 4tli quarters till 1035, 
■when Sir Lionel T^Lnddison of Xewcaf^tlc obtained leave from Sir William le Neve, 
Norroy, to bear liiem in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. 

Thomas ]\Iaddison of=f:Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas 
Allergill in "Weardale. Belasyse of Belasyse. 

Fiobert Maddison of AlIergill=pAune, dau. of Robert 
iu "Weardale, co. Durham. Delahav. 

William Maddison, Piichard -ILaddison of John ]\raddi-=j=Eleanor, dau. of Brvan 

murdered 1378. South Bedbui'u in co. son of AUer- 

Durham 1380. frill. 


AVilliam I^Ierley, senior, of Unthank Hall in Weardale ; inq. p.m. 130r». 

John ^^leiley, died v. p., seised of the Yill- 
of Satley, co. iJui'ham ; inq. p.m. 1303. 

William ^^lerley, junior, of Unthank Hall Agnes,= 

and Satley ; inq. p.m. 1417. heiress. 

William Maddison"7=Joaii 
of Unthank Hall, 
j.v., living 1428. 

., fouml niece and co- Label la, found nii.ce and co- 
heir of William Merley, junior, heir of William Merky ] 117; 
of Unthank Hall in Weardale mar. Robert Home. 




John ^Faildisoii, William Mruldi- Kichnril MHd(li-~^,Toan, dan. of llohcrt llno-- 

liviiifT 14i\s 

.soii,livii]gl Ji'S. sou, (lend in l-lGo 

thorpe; inq. p.m. 14(;cJ 
then a widow. 

.]olui Maddi.son, AVilliam ?*Iaudi-:^.uar.-;<.ry, daii. of TJary, mar. Tlioina.s DaUon 
s.p. poii* of Uiithank , James (or Joiin) of ^Vcst Auckland, co. Diu- 

— Hall ; inq. p.m 

Thomas IMaddi- 1100. 
son, s.p. 

Wyclifie of Wy- ham. 

clilVe, CO. York ; — 

mar. circa ] 121. Anno, n:iar. John Freville. 

died v.p. 

rAnne, dau. of Thomas "Ward Thomas ]\Iaddi^on,-=|=I']leanor, dau. of 

of CO. Durham (otherwise said 2nd son. | John Nesfield. 

to have Iteen the dau. of Sir i 

Christopher DncketL). Thomas Maddison. 

.... dan.- 


of Wear- 
dale. 1st 

^Lionel ^laddisou^ 
found heir to his 
li09, n3t. 20 and 


. . . . dan.= 

= dau. 





lon. 2ud 

Imrnc ; 


s.p. .3rd 


Percival Maddi-=p Joan, 
sou. (See Glover's 
"Visitation of CO. j 
York," ed. Jos. , 
Foster, p. 274.) ' 

SIaddisoxs of Kirkby 
I\Ialzard, co, York. 

William ]\raddison, 

mar dau. of 

.... Tunstall and 
had two children, 
who died infants. 

Rowland ]\laddison.= 
(See " Visitations of 
CO. Dui'ham, 1575, 
1(315, and IGCC") 


William ]\[addisoii of CliOurd's 
Inn in Fleet Street, hur. in 
Church of St. Dunstan-in-Llie- 
West, London, 15 Sept. lodO. 

Maddlsoxs of Unthank Hall, NeW' 
castle, and Saltwellside. 

"Robert ]Maddison,=^. . . . dau. of John i\raddison,=. . . . dau. of Anthony ^lill-j- 
3rd son. John Pears. 4th son. of co. Nurthumberland. 

Avisa, dau. and coheir=f Christophcr=A.irncs, dau. of Jenkin Mad- Henry Mad- 

of Uicliard Angevine ,Maddisun, Juhn ^\■yclill'e. dison, died dison, died 

of Saltflecthv ; mar. 5th son. 2ud wife. infant. infant. 

1452. 1st wife. li 

* Sir Ralph Ma'Mison in l'">10 n'Mcl a note to the f.iinily pcdiiTCC : "This William at 
the r.atUe of Ajincoun, a fulluwcr of Gilhi-rt do I'mfraville. L'jid of Kynie : Ui'i saitu:; was 
deliveri.-'l in tra-litioii by .Sir Iviward to iii.'; dau. Alioe. and hy her to nn" Kal|ihe Maddi-on. lUlO."' 
As .Sir Edward Maddi-ou die i in his louih y*-ai-, l';"):}^ and as hi-: L^randfj'thi.r William smvivcd 
till li'J'J. the lo'i'.'cvity is reraarl:ablc. Alice, who iiiariicd Edward Mu-;ienden, was born after 
1529, .and .Sir U.ilph was bora not later than 1.070, so the chain of evidence is complete. — A. R. il . 

:f' : ., ,v /. 

■'.■'.* "V !■' ' 



. . . . Slie-=pSirlM\viirinrad(lisoii,Kiit.,- 

ucr, a v\' I'oiiahy in Tai.-ior, Itoni 

l\>rtu- circa 14.:);) ; a merchant. 

gncse[.</V, (if llnli and (.'alais ; held 

in a note lands of the manor of 

wnircnin ; l,iiiLC;ifUon, temp. Henry 

thcfamily i YJI.; knighted at Anne 

pcditrrce ' l>ule\-n"s C<»ronation l."):j;j; 

by Sir ^1.1 •; for llidl 1.:.29— 3G ; 

IJalpli died 1-1 Feb. lo5o-l, "cen- 

]\laddison tesimo anno a^tatis sncc"; 

IGIO]. bnr. at Caistor ; iivj. ]).ni. 

1st wife. , -20 iSept. 1554. 

8ir William ]\raddison,T\nt., 
knijihted at the taking; oi' 
Teroneiine and Touriuiy 
1513 ; s.p. 

John ]\Iaddisun, a Cai)tain 
in the Army, died at the loss 
of Calai.s tern}). .Mary. 



,=pAnno, dan. of .lohn 
I lloper of I'.Uham in 
' en. Kent, Altniaicy- 

. ' ({cncral to Ifcnrv 
■ VI 11.; sistcrof Wii- 

, j liaiii K'lper who mar. 
I ]\Iargaret, dan. oi'Sir 
Thomas More, JiOrd 
I Oiiancellor ; mar. 
I 1529 ; bur. at (Jreat 
I (i)-imsl)y 8 !Marcli 
; 1572-0. ord wife. 

Juhn Maddi- 
s<»n, Yeoman 
Usher to 
wife of 
HenryVlH.; 1510 
and 155:) ; 
had no i.s.-no 


Genrtre ]\racldiRon= 


sonaudheirin ] 553; 

of Fnlstow, livinu' 


;oi. 32 in 1553 ; de- 

153G []\l.l\ for 


forciant of a moiety 

Hull 1529— 3 ()(?)]. 

. . . . ; 

of estates in co. 

Will dated 30 .Mar. 


York 1 50 1-2, and of 

1519 ; proved 7 

the manor of Calce- 

May 155U. 

thorpe, CO. Ijinct'ln, 


:\ - 

Edward Maddison,=pFaith. dan. of 

devisecof themaniU's ; Sir Francis 

of Fonaln', Calce- 

thorpe, etc., in 1553. i 

Will dated 20 Aiilt., 

proved 30 Oct. 1500; 

inq. p.m. 21 Oct. 


Knt., of South 
Kclsey and 
St alii ug- 
1552; .surviv- 
in<r 15C0. 

son, 2nd 

:l\rargaret, dan. of 
Humphrey ^lus- 
sendeii, 3rd 
brother of Sir 
Tliomas ]\rns>en- 
den,Knt.,of Ifeal- 
ing ; mar. at Salt- 
fleetby All Saints 
16 April 15G3. 

John Maddi- 
son, 3rd son, 
living I5G0. 

Alice, mar. 
senden, son 
and heir of 

Henry Maddison of Caistor.^ 

numi>hrcy ]\Iat]dison, bapt. 
at Caistor 2.S Nuv. 1G04. 

freorgc ^faddison, bapt. at 
Caistor 19 Feb. 1G08-9. 

Katharine, dan.^^^Edward ^Maddisoii,^ 

(.f lialph Bos- 
ville of l)iad- 
bourn, co. Kent, 
Clerk of the 
Court of Ward.s 
and Liveries ; 
mar. 1571 ; died 
1591 ; bur. at 
Cai.sior. 1st 
wife. C 

a!t. 5 in 1 ."iGO ; a 
ward (if Charios 
Bolle vi' Thorpe 
Hall; Escheatorof 
CO. Lincoln 1590 ; 
died at Ashbourne, 
CO. Derby, is Dec. 
1019 ; inq. j).m. 21 
.Vpril 1G20. 

:]\Liry, dan, of Robert ]\Iof- 
fatt of Barnet, co. Herts ; 
widow 1 ^t of James Huyshe 
of London, grocer, who 
died 2<J Aivj:. 1590, and 
2ndly of Sir William Jlowe, 
Knt., Lord ]\Iayor of lion- 
don, who died 3 Oct. 15;i;). 
She was Ix.w. in St. Pan- 
eras, London, 25 Sept. 
IGOl ; s.p. 2ud wife. 

Francis ]\Iaddi- 
son, 2nd son, 
Captain in the 
Army; killed at 
the siege of Ost- 
end, IGOl, in 
command of 1 5o 
f«j'>t nnd"r Sir 
Francis Verc, 
Kut. ; s.p. 

>i !>'A 

1 1 i ,■• 



Edward ^^laddison, 4i]) son. a 
'Monk ill Sjiiiia of tho Ordor 
of St. iK'Hiica. 

Anno, niar. ITinn- 
pliroy Litilohiiry 
of Stainsby. 

.Taiio, mar 
"Win- " 


Sir l>a!{)h !Maddi.-.on, K,w., of=f:}.I.;.y, dan. < f 

Fon;iliy, Is:, son. kn.iirhted liobortWilliani- 

at Wh"itcli;di i>3 July 1000; son of Walker- 

cmiduycd in tlio }ilint ; a insxlnini, c*. 

writer on the curroncy ; a>t. Notts ; mar. 

4-1 j-ears and more in lt>20 ; 1502 ; livin<;- 

bur. in chancel of Si. Mary IGls ; dead in 

Aldermary, London, 24 Oct. 1G5G. 

C'l'Meenl. T'li'in-i' T^r-ildlsoii. ,"rd 

Maddi- s<in, a Lieutenant in 

son, 2nil thi- Army, ;et. 21, in 

son, died command of a company 

of the without a Captain ; 

pla^nie killed at thesiej^i! of Ost- 

in Lon- end IGO] ; had served 

don. under Sir Arthur Chi- 
chester in France ; s.p. 

Anne,dau.ofRich-=^Ed\vard ^laddison of=^Elizabeth, dau.=f=Eli7.abeth,dau. and 

ardSedk-yof Dies- 
well, CO, Herts; 
marriage settle- 
ment 10 dan. 
IGlo-ir. ; died 20 
May, Inir. at St. 
Clement Danes 
1633. 1st wife. 

Foiniby and Grimble- 
thorpe, Istson ; 
Caistor 24 Xov. 1594 ; 
of the ]\riddle Tcniple 
22 OeL 1G22 ; lli-li 
SherilT of co. Lincoln 
1G4.S-U ; bur. at Cais- 
tor 30 :^rarch 1G72. 

of Sir Hen cage 
Finch. Knr., 
Ilecorder of 
Speaker of the 
House of Com- 
mons. 2nd 

coheir of Sir John 
Ilea, Knt.,of Kicli- 
inond ; rcmar. at 
^Vestminstei" Al>- 
boy, 30 April 1G73, 
Sir Thomas Skip- 
witli,Bart. ; bur. at 
Caistor 19 March 
1G97-8. 3rd wife. 

Arthur Lomax of=pFranccs=Jolui Ar- 
Habrough and j noj)p of 

Grimblethorps. \ Kensini;- 

JM. Will dated 22 j ton. 2nd 

Ang.. proved 80ct. ' husband. 

1G94. Isthusband. 

Henry Lomax of 
Oi'imblethorpe and 
Calcethorpe. Will 
dated 15 June, 
proved 18 Xov. 

Elizabeth, heiress- 
of her brother. 
Will dated 31 July 
17-JG : proved 24 
April 1747. 


Eliza!)cth,=j=^ThomasSturmyof the 
mar. lie. ■ Inner Temple, of Xet- 
21 June I tleton, _/.?/. ; borji 15 
1G71. JulylG42;sonofTho- 

masSrurmy, Attoi-ney 
of Kinir's Bench. 


=Henry Anne, mentioned in the will 
Walsh, of her grandmother Lady 
duadiu Skipwith ; mar. Sir John 
174G. Cooper, Knt, Patron of Xet- 
tleton Church 171d,J.iL 

See Walsh of Grind.)lethoriie, Burke's " liandcd Gentry." 

Anthony ]\raddison of the ]\Iiddle 
Temple,' 1 st son. b'.rn 1 G 1 9 ; liv- 
ing IGGo ; deails.p. before 1G7-. 

Jolni Maddison, 2nu sou, bapt. 
at llornca<tl(;:;i D'.c. 1(;27; s.p. 

Elizaljcth, mar. Iioi^er 
Laiuben of White- 
and embr()id<-rer (mar. 
lie. M Xov. lG72,;et. 
51); s.p. 

Frances, bapt.-pPeter 
at (.'aisLor 20 
.Jidy 1G20 ; 
mar. at All 
Hallows, Lon- 
don Wall, IG 
Dec. 1G17. 

! cockoi 
; Bar.l- 

Peter Handcock of Bardney, bur. there 19 April 17os, unmar. 


• r 

., >-!i 

I ..■■■.:: li -lii 


LiNCOLNsiiii;r. i'i;])i(;]n:r.s. 

2nd son, dead ia 

Fraticis Maddi.-'^n,"?=. . . . dam of ITiiniphrey Maddison, Thomas Maddisoii, 
.... Siuirli ;'rdsoii. (See .Ar.VDUi- Itli son, hapt. at 
of Lincoln. .so.v of Alvingliain.) Caistor II June 



T^;l)•ll ^^addi^^Cln, ^vc•ni to the l'',;!.-"! Indies in 

an J'lxpi'dition of the States of Zvahuul ; s.)). 

Tljcudore ]\Iaddip(>n, 5tli son, Bridget, mar.^^Clenient Benson of Faith, mar, 

bapt. at Caistor G Mar. 1G05-C. lie. ^1 Xov. North ]velsey,a:-t. 2G, Dr. .Sydney. 

— 1 G 1 1 , ret . 2 1 . 1 fi 1 4 ; indieted for 
John Maddi^^un, Gih si;;). liigh treason IC-iS. 

illatitiieioa of ©rim^bj^ antJ ©raintfjorpc. 

[Lineoln Wills.] 
. . . . Maddison=F 

John ]\Iaddison, grantee of lands in=p 
Grainthorpe and Wragholme 1511. '■ 
Will dated 20 April 154u ; proved i 
8 March l.j41-2. i 

George Maddison of Gi'ain- 
thorpe. Will dated 20 July 
15-48 ; proved 31 Aug. 1549, 

Thomas ]Maddison of Grinis-=Margaret, widow of John ■\raddison*— Ursula, 

by; ex'or to his brother John James Ilatelifte. of IMarsh Chajiel. dau. of 

loG9. Will dated 4 Aug., AVill dated 24 Sept. Will dated 17 Feb. 

proved 22 Dec. 1571 ; s.p. 1590 ; proved 12 15G8-9 ; proved 

Oct. 1592. 2G Xov. 15G9. 

Tlioraas ^Maddison, devisee of his Elizabeth. Alice=:=PtOwland Cartwright of | 
uncle Thomas ]\Iaddison iu 1571. Normanby. 


Richard ^raddison of Grain-^Eliza- A\ illiani Maddi-son. !Margarct. Jane, mar. 

thori)e. Will dated is Dec. ■ beth, — — .... Hol- 

15(;2-, jiroved 18 Jan.]502-;i, ' dau. of Fidmuiuniaddison. Hannah. land. 

George ^Maddison, devisee of his uncle Thvma- ^Taddison in 1571. ^fargaret. 

* Jnliu Ma'l<li-on of Mnvsli Chapel is called -'cousiu" in the will of Edward .M a- Id i son of 
Fon.aby liO Aug. lo'JO, aud hold a under Lini. 


'M 1 

:/ , '. ..'I", i 



John ^[a'Mison of ]\Iarsh Cliaivl, ycn--:f;. . . , K«i1hm'( ^laildisun. ilcvisoe of lauds 

man. \\'ill dated 2 Ai>ril. pr.ivod 7 dan. in l-'iilsl<i\v fiMui liis hrntht-r 1 '»:)0 : 

Oct. l.'i;)!!; (to bo) bur. in ^ of ex'or with a ooii.siii John ]\[addison. 
Chapel Cliurcli. . •. . . 

'.L^\ti eiiiidren, uoi nanied. 

ilnatititsjon of Cni$t!)orpc. 

[MS. C. 2a, Ilci-alds' CoUe-e. Lincoln Wills.] 

Arms. — Arijcnt, a clicvron hcliceen tlircc riuoihts sable. 

.... ]\raddisou.=p 

Thomas ]\Iaddisoa of=f^l?abel, John MaJdison, liv-^Janc, Nicholas ]\laddi- 
Fulstrop in [lari^h j dan. of in^i- 1583 ; le_i:^ateeof dau. of son, living l.jK;]. 

of Trust liori)e. Will 
dated 29 June, pvovtd 
3 Auo;. lb6o. 

his nephe^Y Ifiehard 
i\Iaddison 150G. living 


Elizabeth, mar 
Roljert Emerson. 

Richard ]Maddison of ]\lablethorpe, ex'or in 1583. Will^^pAnne 
dated 1-1 Dec. 15'JG ; proved 8 Jan. 159G-7. 1590. 

., ex'ti'ix 

Dorothy, heiress, under age in 150G ;=Thomas Saunderson of Gainsborough, 
legatee of her uncle Thomas Maddi- V\'i!l dated i March IGiO-ll ; proved 
Bon in 1G37. 3 Doc. 1G12. 

Ellen (or Eleanor), dan. of=pThomas ^laddison of Traslhoi-iie,=pDorotliy, dan. of 

John l>rookbank of Alfoi'd; ex'or in 1583; supervisor to his Thomas Ilutch- 

bapt. there 7 July 15GG ; brother Piichai-d 15'JG. "Will dated inson of Louth ; 

mar. there 'J Nov. 1583. 29 Sept. 1G37; proved 7 ^larch living lG2tt. 2ud 

IsL wife. i 1G37-8. ■ ■ • . - '' wife. 

I ■:■■ ■ ■: >i ' 

Richard }iIaddi-=pAmy, dau, of Oeorge Thomas ]\raddi-~-[-^rargaret, dau. of 

6on,lstson,bapt. Johnson of Thwaite son of Trus- .... Ileaton of Cas- 

at Trusthori)e 23 llall in Weltou; mar. thorpe, Snds'tn. tie Cai-lton ; mar. lie. 

Jan. 15sO-'.)U ; ' He. 17 Sc))!. 1G14 ; let. 3-1 in Udi. ^ 13 Aug. lG24,ict. 21. 
tut. 24 in IGM ; njmar. Ciirist'>j)her | 

died v. p. : bur. Slcr-Miess of Ab'Wrd I "^^ 

at Alford 25 July > lu Uct. 1G33. JCsther, bapt. at Trustliorpe 21 Aug., 

1C30. A 1 hur. 18 Sept. 1G40. B 



.('■■■) i 



A I 

Thoiiia?— Amy. (1:ui. of .lohn ^M'aililison of Pkvso, luipt. I'illeii, livin;:,' lO:;;?. 

Miului- .... ];;i<>iMr; M;il.lffl)(.rivli".;;7, at Alf<. rd 

son. ! ivinar. IsiWil- I'lid son. 11 July h..rMtliy,livin;4 IC:'.?. 

]M s-'<u, li'ini Sinyilio — h",:',!). * — 

livin;:- of Tlicidlo- Oc'orp,e ^l;ul(li.<on, — Amv, inai-. at Alf.'i'.l. 

Jt.o.. ' ili..,y,-. „ii.]!y luir. a!, All'.ir.l 1.") I'.livalirlli, 1 s !■'■ I>. I <; i I-,".. Wi!- 

j Uulk-rt :\la!k- .March lt;:."J-;j(). liviiii;- liaiii llnl!iiisl,.(]. 

linm. lGo7. 

Amy, colieir. Theodosia, coheir. 

Wilh'ani .Maddi>fon of Trustliorpe,— ]\rary, dnn. of Robert Xcwslead of Somcr' 

r>vd son ; :vt. 21, Ifilo ; livinir 

cotes; mar. lie. 17 July 1G15, xt. 21 ; living 

Thomas rJoberl^Mad-=Elizabcth, dan. of AYilliam "William John Eh'za- 

j\Iaddi- disoii of 8kijnvithof SnuthOnnsby; ]\Ia(ldisun, jMad- both, 

sou, 1st 1'rustlioi'pe, ba])t. there 3 Nov. 101 1; Srd son, dison, — 

son ; a?t, 2ndsr,n; ;ur. widow of John Newcomcn bur. at ith Jane.. 

1G,1C31; about ;38 in of Saltflc-elby; mar. lie. 12 Ain.rd snn, — 

living IGGO. Oct. IGGO ; 'bur. at Tnis- 7 Aiu-il living ]\Iarv. 

1687. thorpe 28 Nov. 16G8. 1G7'J. 1G37. 

John^raddison,=f^Eliznbeth, dan. of Thomas Elizalieth, bur. a("=pT^rartin Browne 

4th son, a^t. 23 i Veale, Clerk, Rector of 8alineetl)y 23 Feb. of Saltfleetby. 

in 1G20. : I\[ablethorpL' r<r. ]\rary's ; 1G30-40." 

I mar. lie. 9 Julv 1G20, ajt, ^ 

1 22; died 1 Oct.*lC38. (See Vol. I., p. 185.) 

Thomas ^Maddison, 1st Richard Maddison, 2nd son but=(?) I'^rances, dau. of 
son, l)ur. nt Louth 4 heir ; a-t. 13 and more at his Abraham Blanchard 
June 1C37. mother's death in 1G3S. of Louth, 

[Note. — This line lia.s never boon attached to the !Maddisons of Fonaby. though the hcraUIs 
in 1G34 f^ecni tu have allowed the same anus. — A. R. M.] 

iHaiiitii^on of (lEIitfjcrn. 

[Lincolu Will?.] 

John Ma'blison of WithiM-n.t==Margaret, dau. of. ... ; ex'trix 
Will dated Jnm' I.'.Gl': in IMw. Will dated 11 June, 
proved 10 July 1.0G7. jjrovi-d 18 June lobU. 

< •• ..■ ■: \ 

■, ,1 .1 

r.\.<\ ti 

) ; i 

In fU^ 


■ ,1. 

LiNGOLNsn nil: pedigrees. 




pon,PiOctor .'CWjilicn 





sniiefV!sor to 

\\\.> broihcr William | of .... ; 

S(^ii. W 

ill daled i dan. of 

ir.ys. Will da 

ud 11 ,)an.. jTuved i' 

J j died U.L'I. 

7 :\Iav, 

pirovod ' . . . . {rn- 

Jan. 1G07-8. 

y Oct. 1 



Georu;e =Aiiii. 


Thomas ^raddi-= 

: Ellen, dan. of 


\ 1 
Tlichard ^laddison 

JIaddi- dan. 

soil. Will proved 

Cramer. Will 



son. of 

20 April 16 10, 

li Apiil, proved 22 




April IGIO. 

John Maddison, 


Cliristoplicr 'Maddison of YVithern, cx'or to hi>^^^raroarct, Joliu ]\rad- Elizabeth, 
mother. Will dated 22 r*ilay 158o ; proved dan. of di.son. 
9 July 1585. 

^lark Mad-=r-Alico, dan. of . , 
dison. .l(Viiuson ; mar. 


Xiciiolas=!Mary, dan. of John ]\Iad- Isabel. 
i\raddisoii Smith. dison. 

Nicholas ^Maddison. George ^Maddison. Dorcas. 

[Note. — I have been unable to attach this line on to the Maddisons of Fonaby. T compiled 
it from wills.— A. R. M.] 

[Episcopal Registers at Lincoln.] 

Eichard de Ponte.=p 

William ]\ralbys, presented to rectory- 
of Euderby- Malbjs in 1219. 

Gilbert do ronte=j=Christiana, dan. of . . . . Robert Malbys^ppjeatrice, dan. of . 

Peter de Ponte, ilatilda^Alan ^Malliys of Enderliy ^Malbys, nnder age in 1272 ; 

died s.p 

Lord of the I^lanor of l^nderby Malbys 1290. 

Robert ]\Ia!bys. .]o\\n Richard ?krarovs, l.jlG, presents to rectorv of 

]\Ialbys. Enderby 2^Lalbys. 

Henry Malbys, Rector of Wilionghby-by-Alford 109G ; institnted ^larch 1CG5-G 
by Sir AVilliam de linntiugficld, Knt. 


[NoTK. — Enderby Malbys is now Mavis Endeiby. This family was probably a branch of 
Malbys or Malebisse family neatcd at Aca^ier Malbys, co. York. — A. 11. .M.] 


K K 


? I jdi 

M '. 'r 



. ti .]'/■' 



.Toliii Mail of till- I'cak in l).'il)v>hire.n= 

[?] :^ra^gil^l;(, (Ian. of Ik'iiiy Ilunstuii -,-.Tn!in^. , . . dan. of ... . button of Lonrr 
of Wa!s>kcn, CO. Norfolk. Ahuj. Sutton, co. Liiiroln. 

Martrarct, mar. Tlxunas Rioiiard ^lan of-^Katluirine, dan. of Ilobcrt Nicholas 
Heycon of Long Sutton Bolin-broke. Joini Poroor Tory ^ilaii. Man «= u 

(see p. 492). . - . . 

of .Sntton. 

Jolm ^fan of Bolingbroke, bur. there 4 Jnne=j=^rar[,Mr.t, dau. of William Dubbvn 
loCO. jofGedney. 

John :Man of Bolin^r.-^Aiidrej, dan. of Richard Og!e=:Sir Vincent Skinner Knt 
broke, 1st. son. 1st of Pinchbeck. of Bolingbroke. 2nd hus- 



Richard Man, Samuel Beatrice, Frances, heiress, bnr.=rSir Williain Welbv 
died s.p. 11 Man, s.n. at Bolingbroke 5 May K.B., of (Tcdney ' ' 

Nov. 1585. s.p. 1591. 

Margaret, dau. of Laurence=Richard-Cecily, dan. of Robert^pJane, dan of 

Codd, exciseman, of Sut- Man, Marbowe of Bu.-tun. Man, Thomas Al- 

ton. 1st. wife. 

2nd son. 2nd wife. 


lett of Lon- 

Audrey, co-=Nicholas Brome of the Anne, coheir, died= Anthony Sandvs of Ea^^t 
heir. V ent, CO. Oxford. 1591. Thwaite. no. LancnstPr 

Thwaite, co. Lancaster, 

iHaiibj) of CMjcim anti 2eratji)[n 

[MSS. C. 23 and I). 23, Heralds' Cullcge.] 

Aniifi.— Arc/en f, a lion rampant sable icithin an orle of eight escallo/js r/ules. 

Petroncll de Manby, Lord of r^Ianby temp. Henry 3.:^ 

John Manby=p dau. of Sir John Boys, Knt. 


Robert Manby-f=. . . . dau. of Sir John Gartingbridge, Knt. 

■■^ -r : •»-: 'm!^ 

It -•■- J'J- lln- 

I'. I . . : 1 



Sir AVilliam Maiiby, Kiit.=rA!ife, cLui. and heir of Alan ^Iallacal)e or :Malkake, Lord 

j uf Elsham. 

William :Manbvn=I.'^abell, dan. of ... . Muulton of Frainpton. 

Robert ]\Ianby=f-'. • • • tiau. and heir of Jleury Kcasford of Worlaby, 

John Manby^Alicc, dan. of . . . . liuttou of Iloldorness. 

Thomas ^laiiby of Wrawby^Matilda, dau. of William Smith of Ilacklhorpe. 

William ]\[anbv of ]\raltbY. Will=f.Tanc, dau. and coheir of William Johaiie, 

dated i Oct. i)2 Henry <^\ 1510; i Au.stvn of Little Steepiuir, Merchant living' 

proved (C.P.O.) 25 :Mav lotl ; (to 1 of the Staple of Calais ; ex'trix of 4 Oct. 

be) bur. in the Church" of St. John \ her husband 25 May 1541. 15i0. 
at Maltby. 

William ^^laniiy of-rAlicc, dau. Lvou Ilfanby of Anthony ]\Iauby, Thomas 

of Tliomas Kaithbv, 2nd son -1th son 4 Oct. Manby, 

Gibihorpc; 4 Oct. 15-10. 1540. Gth son, 

„ _. _„ widow of — — "^'i^^r of 

May 1541 ; died 5 John Da- George Manby, JamesManby,5th Haughara 

March ]5 Eliz., combe of ^rd sou 4 Oct. son 4 Oct. 1540. 4 Oct. 

1573-1. Fishtoft. 1540. 1540. 

Worlaby 15G3, 1st 
son and heir ; ex'or 
of his father 25 

Francis ^Tanbv of Els-T=Anne, dau. of Sir Robert Manby, ^lary, a legatee of her 
ham, son and heir, i FrancisAyscough 2nd son. (See irrandfatlier 4 Oct. 
a3t. 35, 15 Eli/.., I uf South'Kelsey, Glover's "Yisi- 
1573'; SherilV of co. | Knt. Will dated tation of York- 
Lincoln 1578 ; died | 12 Jan. ir.09-10 ; shire," pp. C24— 
2G Aug. 29 Eliz., 1587, provedat Lincoln. 20, Foster's 


1540 ; mar. Thomas 
Lodington of Scotton ; 
bur. there 21 March 

Francis ^lanby, 1st sou, had 
licence to alienate the 3rd part 
of the manor of Elsham, etc., 2 
April 31 Eliz.,158'J. Adm'on 
(C.P.C.) IG Dec. 15'JG. 

William Manby of Els-=^Anne, dau. of 
ham, 2nd sou", heir of Robert Wil- 
iiis brother, whose liamson of 

adin'or he was IG Dec. Walkering- 
15'jG ; living 1G12. 




= Gem^o 

— . . . . dau. 



■= Elizabeth, 

Robert ^fanby. 

dau. of 


n\- . . . . 


dau. of Tho- 


Henry Al- 

l.-^t son, 


2nd son, 

mas Scuda- 

Mary, mar. Gcrvase 

ford of CO. 


of CO. Suf- 

died s.p. 

inorc of CO. 

Nevile.R.D., Rector 

Berks. 1st 



of Grove, CO. Notts. 



'■'' ;:'''iM. 

■•., .,, . tt 


I ,.,v.:. 


B I C 

]\Ia!-v. d;iu. of Thoinas.^Franci? ^Faiiby of liilty,- 
YiM'i.ant Ixatiinour, of oiil but oiuL^st surviviiiu' 

Swor.l'^Jrohiiul: born 1;> 
Fib. li;u7-8. 1st, wifo. 

soil, ivt. (■.;>, liWUi ; bur, 
at liiby G y\u\ 1G71. 

-^iFary, dan. of. . . . Bradley of 
J)m'c<iiri]i.eo,Xotts(r Wilts); 
widow of.Iobii Munibyof JJi- 
bv; inaf. Llicrc2l J unci Goo. 

Thomas !^^anby, 1st si'U 1G(U;, 
not iiauiid ill bis fatiior's will. 

Kli/.abetb, eldest dan. IGGG, 

mar I>ukc ot" l.oudou ; 

liviiitr 1<'.71. 

William Mauby. ^nd son K-GG, Fi'ances, 2nd 

b,.r!-. I'l Dec' IG.j.") ; Viapi. at dan. IGGG, 

Tk'iiiy 11 Jan. 1G.')5-G. boni 5 b>cc. 

— IGal ; bajit. 

Joliu ]\raiiliy, .')rd son IGGG, at Riby o 

baj»t. at Kiby 2G ^May IGJO. Jan. 1G54-5. 

Joane, dan. and luir-f-pioliert ^Manby of=pElk'n,dau. of := Alice, dan. of Jn 

of Tb.omas ^lanliy of 
W'rauby and oT St. 
JIanin's, Lcicesixi-, 
Alderman of till' town 
of Ivcicestcr : died 
. . . . ; bur. at 'Wrag- 
by. 1st wife. 

Walmsgatc lGo-1, 
4th son, proved the 
will of liis father- 
in-law 24 Feb. 
IGlS-i:.) ; bur. at 
AVraubv 10 Oct. 
1G45; 'Vrill dated 
10 Oct. IGi5 ; 
proved at Lincoln 
17 ]\rareh IGlo-G. 

Lyon 8k ip- 
with of Wal- 
mesgate ; 
widow of 
Richard Gel- 
son of the 
same place, 
2ud wife. 

Xewcomcn of Salt flee t- 
bv; ba])t.atSalt(leetbv 
x\ll Saints 11 Jan. 
lJSl-2; mar. at Stal- 
ling borough June 
1G21 ; widow of Ga- 
waine Skipwith of 
Stayne-in-thc-Marsh ; 
ex'trix of her husband 
lOOct.lCla. 3rd wife. 

I'rancis I\rauby. 2n«l sou, of St:. Cathe-^ 
riiic's near Lincoln, which he jnirchascd; 
indicted for high treason at Grantham 
1G4;; : Citizen liiid ^[erchant Taylor of 
London ; settled his estate on las 
nephew 'J'homas by Lideuture 2() July 
1(;77 : bur. at Lracebridire ;]n April 
IGlUi. Will dated 1 July ] il'j.^ ; proved 
at Lincoln IG'.iit. 

^Elizabeth, Robert :\ranby of :\reere, 
dau.of.... Mrd son, btipt, at Bur- 
Waters of well 2o April 1G20; died 
London ; s.p. Will daled S .Jan. 
marriage lGGO-70 ; ])roved at 
settlement Lincoln 1G7U. 
dated 15 — 
July 22 Car, Jane, mar. at Wragby, 3 
1, ICIG. Jan. l(;3G-7, Xichohis 

'I'horaas ^faulty, bur. at Hannah, only survivingchild and ex'trix Frances, 

Lraceliridge 10 Nov. of her mother ; mar. AVilliam Tyldon of mar 

1G7G. ^Milstead, eo. Kent; mar. lie. granted Basse. 

— 18 Xov. 16G3, then described of Christ 

Iv-tlier, bur. at Brace- Church, London, Spinster, a't. "about 

Itridge 23 Xov. 1G73. 17," and to be mar. there. 

I i II " M III 

Alice. Jaiie, mar. Ijeury Anuc, mar. "\\ il- Judith, mar. John Bercsford. 

— Ciifl'oid of lirakeii- liam ()uadriug — 

Ddicas. buioijgh. of Lby. Llizab.-th.mai-. 1st John Pres- 

— — cott of Driby, 2ndly Jjdwanl, 

I'aitb, mar. Lduard Hcstlirr, mar. 3rd son of the JiOrd Wil- 

lluuston ol' Bo-ton: l']dward Pistonif luughby of Paiham. 

bur.thereoSepi. 15>;7. Ab.ahcringham. — 

IJ Jane, mar. Poljcrt Wolby. 

I ' . I 



Thoma-^ iFanby, 1st son and heir, under af!;o 14~^rarv, dan, and coheir of Daniel 

Doc. lt'.18 ; lieir of hi^ malernal irvaudfather 
ThiMuas ^fanhy, some tinic of Lincoln's lini ; 
pnrchascd the manor uf l>o\vn?cU ILill in Sonlli 
Weald, CO. Essex ; dicl "J 1W>. KuS-O, ajt. Go; 
))ar. au Souia 'xcald, co. Ec^ex, 

Caldwell of llornckm-on-tlic- 
II ill and Canti.s, co. ICssex, rot. 
Mtathir father's deaih 11 Car. 1, 
ICoo; bur. at South Weald 4 
Xov. iJOl. 

Julian, dan. and coheir^^^irTlioinas^Ianl^yof Saint-pFilizabelli, dan. of CaUluell 

of Sir GeoriTc Selby oi 
Windlinnton, co. Xorih- 
niuberland,and of Whitc- 
iionse,co. Dnrliam, IJurt.; 
mariM'aire settlement 
dated 80 June 1 1'.8;]; bur. 
at South Weald Au<,^ 

CatheriiiL-'s near Lincoln, 
Knt,, heir uf his uncle 
Francis H)77 ; knii;-hted at 
Whitehall -Jo :\Liy ]i\Si]; 
Sheriil" uf ci». Essex 1G88; 
died 21, bur. at Suuth 
Weald, CO. Essex, 28 Aug. 
1729, cTi. 75. 

Jtobert, Ma'.iby of Lincoln's=:]vIary, dau. of ... . 
Inn, died s.p. ; bur. at South Carey; bur. at South 
Weald, CO. Essex, 7 Xov. Weald i Mar. 17(;7. 
1737 ; adm'ou 22 Xov. 17o7. 

Sir George Carey !Manby, 
ofTorr Abbey, CO. died 
Devou ; niarriage young", 
setrlenient dated 5 
Sept. 1(504 ; bur. 
at South Weald, 
CO. Essex, 24 ]\ray 

Edward Manby, George 
adm'or of his Manby. 
brother Ivobert 
22 Nov. 1737. 

Francis ]\rauby of I)ownse]l=f=Anne, dau. of .... ITickiiis; mar- Thomas ^lanby, 

Hall, Islson, born 1G84 ; died 
intestate 14, bur. at South 
Weald 22 June 1755, tct. 71. 

riageseiilement dated5Sept.]728; died young, 
died 1 0. bur. at South AVeald, co. 
Essex, 22 Feb. 1757, a:t. G2. 

Frances, mar. John Petre 
of Bell House, CO. Essex, at 
Suuth Weald 7 Feb. 17 GO; 
died a widow 30 Aug. 1787; 
bur. at St. Paucras. 

Catherine, unmar. 1774. 

Anne, died unmar. ; bur. 
at Suurh Weald IG April 

Mary, mar., 31 Aug. 17G2, 
William Colegravc of Cann 
Hall, CO. Essex; died at 
Kensington, co. Middlesex, 
4 Feb. 1810, wt. 82, s.p. 

Francis 3[aid)y of-— ^fary, dau. of Anthony Thomas Man-; 

Bracebridge and Wrigtit of Si. Paul's, by of Brace- 

Coveut(iarden, banker; bridge, 2nd 

marriage settlement son.heir of his 

dated 10 April 17G1 ; brother; bur. 

diiMl 13, bur. at SfHith at South 

W.'ald, CO. Essex, 14 Weald 15 July 

May 1782. 178G. 

of Downsell Hall, 
CO. Essex, 1st son, 
born 1732 ; died 
s.|>. 2^rarch 17.'-^U; 
bur. at Soulli 

:Aunc, dan. of William 
Colegraveof Cann Hall 
in Wanstead,co, Essex; 
sister of William and 
Robert Colegrave ; 
died 18 Sept. 1803 ; 
bur. at St. Pancras,co. 

(.^atherine, iiiar., 
IG Aug. 17'.) 5, 
Richard Walmes- 
ley ; living his 
widow 181'.J. 

Frances, mar. at liittle Biu'stead, Essex, Anne, mar., 1 Api'il 

G Felt. 1707, Mark .\nthony llrowne, 17!)0, Philip Hugln.s, 

la-t Viscount Montague; 2ndly Henry Lieut. -Colonel Royal 

Slaughter i;if Kingsdown, near Bristol, Engineers; died 19 

CO. Somerset ; living 1819. June 1815. 

(. . : • 

■■/ 1 

■•/^ ii.;r'.N' 

l/l[ iV, 



Jolm ^liinbv <if r>!aee- = lT;uriott Francis M;in- 

bridjro aiul Downscll Maria, Ity of Lisle in 

Hall, 1st. son and lioir, dau. of France 17s7, 

died 6.}). Jan. 1810 ; .... Clifl' 2nd s >n, died 

bur. at South Weald, of Jirii^ij ; in Holland 13 

< D. E«,-eXj 12 Jan. Tol- living Dec. 1701. 

lowini^. 1819. 

-Tsaiieila, dan. of Thomas Ilur- 
nall of li'indon, nicrchai^t ; 
mar. at St. Brido'.s, Fleet St rtet, 
London, 7 Jfa)' 1787, ti^Mi 
described of Marquette iu 

Frarxe ; vernar Gaw- 

thorpc of Ifnll, merchant. 

William ^fanby of Bracebridge and Ulcere, ^Catherine, eld- 
and of Downsell Ifall and Caini Hall, born ; est dau. of 
24 Feb. 17S8 ; heir of his uncle John ; took i Lieut.-General 
the jiame of Colegrave 111 Feb. 181',) by will ; John Fraser, 
of his gri-ai-unele William Colcgrave ; a ', Colonel of the 
Major in the Army ; sold Downsell Hall, \ lluyal York 
Meere, etc., and the ]\Ianby estates in ' Kaiigers; mar. 
coin and Essex ; of BryaiisLon Square, Luu- , ai (Jibraltar 12 
don, 1800; died in BruuKwick Square, ' June 1810. 
Briyhtoi], CO. Sussex, 27 IMay 1808 ; bur. at j 
South "Weald, co. Essex, 8 June following, j 

Piichard Manljy, 2nd 
son 1793, died an 
infant at Cottiughan), 
CO. york ; bur. there. 

Bridget, only dan., 
mar. at Kensington, 
CO. :\riddlescx, 1818, 
John Davies of Ber- 
bicc, West Indies. 

John "William Manby, 1st son, born at Ceuta in^pLouisa Maria, only dau. of John 

Africa 20 Oct. 1811 ; some time an officer 3rd 
Light Dragoons, tiien in the Civil Service ; took 
the name of Colcgrave 14 July 1868. 

Matcham Isaac of !Marchfield, 
CO. Cloucester ; mar. at Dun- 
das 28 Sept. 1835. 

William Colegravc, Ist'son, Clerk, born 
at Tinahely, Ireland, 21 An?. 1840. 

Thomas Colegrave, 2nd son, born at 
Rathangan, Ireland, 30 Dec. 1841. 

Eleonora, 2nd = 

, 1 
-\A illiam ^lau- 

= . . . . dau. 

Francis Coleirrave >\ran-= 

=ilarv Eliza- 

dau.of Charlts 

bv, 2nd son. 


bv, 3rd son, born at 

beth, Ifit 

Walmesley of 

burn at Kens- 


Lincoln 25 Sept. and 

dau. of Ro- 


ington, CO. 

ter of Ar- 

bapt. there 31 Dec. 

bert lirace 

House, CO. 



1824 ; died at Gncrn- 

of Chiches- 

Lancaster ; 

29 :\Larch 


scv 29 Jan. 1854, a3t. 

ter ; mar. 

mar. 4 Aug. 



29 ; bur. there. 

14 July 




Everilda ILu'i-iut, 1st dau., born 
on l)oard H.^L Ship "Tortoise" 
at Portsmouth 7 Sept. 1813 ; died 
at the (.'onvent of the Sisters of 
Mary in Gieat Ormond Street, 
London, 7 April 1800, a3t. 40 ; 
bur. at Kcnsal (ircen, nnmar. 

Catherine Frances Eleonore, Isabella, 3rd dau., 

2nd dan. ,l:ioi'n at Kensington, born 6 Sept. 1820; 

CO. ^Middlesex, 7 Oct. 1817; mar., 11 Juno 

mar. at Hove, co. Sussex, 28 1838, Eben W'W- 

Xov. IS.oU, AVilliam Sergi- liarn Rol)inson of 

son, Rector of Slaugham, co. Chilestree, co. 

Sussex. Derby. 



ilrlaplctoft cif :|3!daiicati). 


William ^rapIetort,n^Elizal)cfl),diva. of. . . .; ^vidow 
Kcctor oirickworih. i of .... Ikiry ; mar. lie. 2 
.lime li'.OO. ilo?.rihed as '' of 
<'ic:!t llaie "' ; iaiir. ni i'.i. I;- 
worth 9 June 1000. AVill 
dated 3 July It' 3 -J ; jjrovcd -1 
May 1033/ [hcu "of Little 
I In ml) V." 

AVill d.-.ted 2.-) Ocr., 

mentions his brothev 
Avthni- ]\rapletoft 
and his kinsman Ed 
ward Maploioft. 

Arthur Mapletoft: 
of SystoM, yeo- 
man; mar. lie. lo 1010, thc'ii 
let. AO ; named in 
William ]\raple- 
tuft's ^Yill 16i>i. 

widdw I if 
iuaiis: a't. 
40 in 

I\rarcraret, bapt. nt = Cordell Berrv. RLctor of 
Fickworrh 17 Aw-. Newton ; called " school- 
master " in mar. lie. 10 
June 1G19, ret. 3l>. Will 
dated 27 April, proved 
4 Sept. 1G38. 

1002; mar. July 
1019, Kt. 20 in 
mar. lie. 

Cordell ]\raple-=p;Mary, dau. of 
toft, bapt. at i . . . ."^IJlumes; 
Pickworth 8 ! mar. at I'iek- 
Dee. 1020. ! worth 30 

April 1040. 

William ]\lapletofi, bapt. at Pickw^v-th 
28 Feb. 104U-50. 

Samuel Mapletoft, bajit. at Pickworth 
29 May 1G53. 

^yil'''!"^. ^.^m^^^t'"'!*'.' ^'^^^''' '^^'''- ^^•'^P^^'f^f.t' bapt.=j=Anne, Samuel Mapletoft, bapt. 

at Pickworth G July lOoi ; at Pickworth 31 Mar. 
bur. 27 Dec. 10u2. . IGOO ; livimr 1632. 

dau. of at Pickworth 7 Nov, 
1609 ; living 1G32. 

William Mapletoft, bapt. at John :MaplGtoft, bapt. at Anne, bapt. at Ropsley SO 
Kopsley Dec. 1034. Ropsley 6 Jan. 1G4U-41. Jan. 1G37-8. 

.... Mapletoft.^ 

John Mapletoft of City=Aune, Styles Mapletoft of Newark, Eichard Elizabeth, 

of Lincoln, Clerk. Will dau., Maple- livin^' 

dated 2 Feb. 1749-50 ; of 3o March 172.^ :\Iarv, dau. toft, 1749Mnar 

proved 24 Mar. 1751-2; of Burnell of Wink- dead in Henry 

leaves land m Fisker- burn, co. Notts; living 1749. Ptice. 

ton. 1749. 

i'> ■ 



AnMt^. — A:h'rr,a cWrron hvlii-iiii Ihrtc r/osst-^-crosslcf or, on a cliicf argent a lion 

[M.^. 1). L>r,, lloi aids' Collc-o.] 

Alex:iiuli.'V iiiiii'h Mai«lriufL,-;-J.Iari,'aift, daii. of ... . 
Maplt'iulr. ii'fctor uf Nortii . Siennett of Wainfleot ; 
dead \n Tiioresby ; bnr. ! mar. at St. !Mavtcaret's, 
1022. at, Tliorosbv Feb. Lincoln, 3u Ainil i:)y?>; 

}G-22-:). \Vill widow of . . .'. Dow of 

dated *28 May Ewcrb}' [really the dan. 

1022 ; proved 12 of. . . . DewvorDeawy]. 

T\[areh 1622-3. i Will doted 11 April, 
J proved G Oct. 1G51. 




Daniel !Mapletoft. l)apfc. 
at Xorth Thoresbv 13 
April 15'.!. ■)(?). 

William }.rapletMrr,bapt. 
at Xorth Thore^^bv 2-1 
Feb. IGO-l-r). 

Joseph ?<[apletoft, 
ba])t. at North 
Tb.oresbylO Anril 


Aune, bapt. rit 
North Tliorei>by 
April 150S. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at North Thores- 
by 1 ^Mareh 
1(301-2 ; mar., G 
ard Freuch. 

pElizabi-th, dan. 
of ... . lietlcs- 
worth ; mar. at 
Noi'th Thorcs- 
by 20 June 
1501 ; bur. 28 
Jan. 1G3.^-'J. 

North Thoresby 
15 Sept. IGll ; 
m;ir. at East 
Fiasen, ^larch 
1G35-G, Edward 

Joshua - 
bapt. at 
by 16 

^Siisan, Timothy David^Elizabeth, Robert Mapletoft, D.D., 

dan. of ]\Iapl>jtoft, ]Ma}ik- dau. of bapt. at North Tlioresl)y 

John bapt. at toft, . . . . ; liv- oO Jan. lGOO-10 ; Master 

Cullet. North bapt. at iniilC.JT. of Peml)roke IFall 1GG4 ; 

Tlioresby North ])ean of Ely 1GG7; Sub- 

11 ]\Iai'eli Thores- Dean of Lincoln 1GG8 ; died 

1598-9 ; !.»y Dec. 1C77, nnmar. AVill datrd 

btir. 28 I'r.OO ; 10 July 1G7G ; proved -22 

Oct. 1599. living Aug. 1C77. 


Peter ]\Iap]etoft of= Abigail, John Mapletoft, born 1G31 ; ex'or Anne, named 
Stamford, Alder- dau. of of his uncle Robert 1G77; Vicar in her grand- 
man, ex'or of his .... of St. Lawrence Jewry, London, mother's will 
uncle Robert 1G77. 1G8G ; died 1721. ' 1651. 

Solomon Maple-=p Judith, 
toft, bapt. at I dau. of 
North Thoresby '' John Col- 
27 Nov. IGll ; '• let of Lou - 

beneficed in co. 

don, oil 

Rebecca, liapt. 
at Noith 
Thriresby ^Lar. 
1595-6 ; bur. 
11 June 1597. 

Rebecca, liv-: 
ing 1G57-.S ; 
mar. lie. 27 
Ajn-il lf;27, 
ait. 2C. 

= Edward Thorold of 
North Thore-bv, 
ajt. SO, 1G27. will 
proved 1 1 April 

Hugh ^iraplctoft, born 1G51 ; died 26 Aug. 1731, ret. 80; 
bur, at St. illary's, Huntingdon. 


]\Iargaret, living 

1C57-8. A 

i ; ;:'!': if .;.i ; 


Ll^'CC)L^'^lI 1 II i: i- i:i) i giieks. 


■A I 

Anne, liiijil, at.^llov. .Triiius l)i>r.)thv, l>aiit.= Ro^er M;irt::ii'oi,lt:i]>t.;i( Xurtli 

Xortli 'JMkml's- (Jix'cnc of at .\<'r;!ri'liMr,.s- Don- 'riioivshy l' I Urt. Mil :'.; 

hy 17 1\1>. Ilriiikiii!!, liy 1 I .lunr ICoT; well. livr^l al' Alicia. Will 

]'i;ul-.">: mar. Clerk. liviiiu" li^')7->'. d-iieJ ■"» FeK. H'-'J-s ; 

lic.OJulvli;:.':). liiuNccl IGR'b. JiiOs-D. 

illarl)iu'j> of (Str^ti^n 

[MS. C. 23, Ilcraltls' College] 

Arms. — An/<-nl, on a /esse cngralkd ijtdes three yarhs or. 

William=Anne, ciaii. of Thomas Blonnt, son of "Walter, Lord :MoUMt joy ; 



sister and colicir of Iloberi Blount of Gir^by 

Elizabctli, raar Margai-et, a nun. ^fary, mar. Jane, mar, 

Goldsn^id ; liviiig l.J — • • • • Bur- Nevill. 

Anir. 151a. Anne. ton. 

Agncs,=f-Thom;iS ]\[:irliurv of Lon-=f=Jlck-n. dan. of .... ; widow of . . . . Ifnl- 
dan° of don, hab-rda-her. ^Viil tun. AVill dated 0, prnved (C.P.C.) -•"' Jan. 
. . . . dated l.j, proved (C. B.C.) l.^(;L>-:i, then of the parish of St. Trinity the 
Lynne I's Aug. 1545. | Less, London; (to be) bur. there. 2nd wife. 

of CO. i I 

Nortli- ^ I i 

ampton. Thomas ]\Larbury, bapt. at St. Bancras. Soper Lane, ^Martha, living nn- 

1st wife. London, 7 ^lay'ljiu ; proved Ids mother's will. niar.G Jan. 1502-3. 

I I r ~ ! 

John :Marbury of^Aliee, Hnmphry=Anne. dan. Anne, mar. 1st, before | 

Uleeliyand:\Iark- dan. of Marbnry' and heir 15 Aug. 1545, Edward ' 

by Briorv, Istson ; of London, of .... liradley of London, ; 

Will dated 20 Jan. surviv- eitizen and Jlanbes, haberdasher; 2ndly, | 

1552-0 ; i)roved ing 20 haber- Alderman Armiger Wade of Lon- 

(C.B.C.) 2iJ Oct. , Jan. dasher, of London, dun. 

1553. 1552-3. 2nd son. 

Thomas Mar- Cliarles ^ALirbiiry of Mark-= Frances, Katlierine, 1st dau., 

bury, Istson, by, 2nd son, under age dau. of under age 20 Jan. 

under ai^e 20 20 Jan. 1552-3; " Scr- .... 1552-3; mar. (^eorge 

Jan. 155l'-3 vai.t to the <,»ueen's Angevine; Cal^; living 20 July 

(? Ijur. at :\lajesty"; dieds.p. Will mar. at 15'J(. 

South JJcs- dated ^20 Jnlv, proved Healing — 

ton 23 May (C.i'.C.) 1 2 Nov. 1 5'.»7. '.» Sept. Susan, 2nd dan.,under 

\(]2\). 1581). age 20 Jan. 1552-3. 


L L 


iviNCOLNsiiiKii i'i:niGKi:i:s. 

Thoniazinii iiinr., lief(»ro ITt Chri:-tiana, mar. Fran- .... imr. IJicli- 

luar., luforo An:;-. 1 .">!.".. .l-iliii Star- cis Wytliers. arcl KllY^^. 

] .') AiiLT. uidiKil'l.on.loii, li::ln'r- — — 

]r)|.">. \\\i>- (iaslior. I'^.li/.alxnli, mar iriai'. l;i.;J)- 



oi iiiiiiuoii, Alio', liiar. .ijhn -Mar- .Ian. J.'k'i'J-o. 
uirdler. bniv. 

llayw.Hxk- ; liviuL;- I'l; ard Coflo (.1 
Loiuluii, haliCT- 

Roliert ^Farluiry o(%Kallu'rine.dau. and 
Burgli-iijion-Baiii, )ieir of .... ; died 
Girsby, etc. AVill 11 Aii;4. 17 Henry8, 
dated 28 .lidy, ir)2;"),soisedof lands 

|irovc'd (r.l\r.) in Lcakc and llcni- 

28 8ei')t. lai J. '"n^J}'- 

]lnin]diry La\vranco^=. . . .dan. 

^Tarbury. ^larbnry and beir 

— ol' London, of . . . . 

Jobn]\Iar- citizen and "\Viiliani- 
bury. drapci- 2G Fon of 

Autr. lool. "Winsbie. 

William ]\rarbnry of Girsby in Burgli-npon-Bain, only cIiild^Agncs, dan. of Jclni 
mentioned in bi> lathei-'s will ; lieir of bis morlier, and ict. 1 ! Benton ijf Old Wyii- 
at her death l.'t2."t. AVill dated 2o Jan. 15So-Sl ; ])roved kill ; liviiii; iO dan. 
(O.P.C.) K> Nov. i:.Sl. 15bt)-81. 

bnry, die 
and s.p. 


ll V.J), 

]\rary, mai". Tho- 
mas ■\Iiddleton 
after 20 Jan. 

Katlierine, mai'. 
at St, Pfter'.s at 
Gowts, Lincoln, 
19 Awj-. 1588. 

Anne, mar., befoi'c 1580, 
"William Bi-oxholme of 
Lincoln City ; living IG 
Dec. ICll. 

dan. of 


Francis ^[arbiiiy of Alford, ord son 20 Jan 
1580-81 ; ex'or of the uill of John Spenlulle of 
Alford 1588; instituted to rectory of St. i\Iar- 
tin's Yintry, Jjondon, 28 Oct. >Gu5 ; to rectory 
of St. Pancras, Sopcr Lane, 29 Feb. 1007-8; and 
to rectory of St. ]\Lar caret's, New Fish Street. 
15 Jan. i 009-10. Xuucnpative will made 25 
Jan., proved (O.P.C.) M Feb. lOlO-ll, then 
called Pector of St. ^lartin's Yintrv. 


Bridget, dan. of Jolm 
Dryden of Canons Ash- 
by. CO. Xorthamiituu ; 
sister of Sir Erasmus 
])i-yden,Knt. and Bart.; 
under agent her father's 
death 1584: ]iruved her 
hu>band's will 11 Feb. 
1010-11. 2nd wife. 

Susan, ba]it. at 
Alford 12 Sept. 
1585 ; Isl dan, 
25. Ian. 10 10-11; 

mar Twy- 

ford of ... . CO. 

luir. at 
29 Dec. 
1 585. 

.b'lin ]\lnrbiii'v,bapl. 
at Alford 15 Feb. 

Francis Marbnry, 
bapt. at Alfoi-d 20 
Oct. 159 J. 

I'ra-mus ^larluiry, bapt. 
at Alford 15 Feb. 'l 590-7; 
Cullege, Oxon, 12 April 
1010, rot. 19 ; Fellow of 
Brasenose College 1017, 
:M.A. 1019 ; died 1027. 

Antiionv Mar- Jeremutli ?tl:'vbin-v, Daniel 

bnry, bapt. 21 
Sej'i. 159S ; 
bar. at Alford 
9 April lOul. 

I'ajtt. at Ahold ;;i Marbnry, 

^lareli lOoJ ; ma- bapt. ac 

tricnlate'd n: I base- Alfnrd 

nose ("'jlleg<-. Oxoii, 14 Sept. 

11 Juneicr.'.a.t. IS. 1 coj. 

Anthony ^fai-bury. boi-n 
in St. Martin's Vintry, 
London, ICos; matii(;n- 
lated at Brasenose Col- 
at. IS. 1) 

i:' 'J I !'J 



]\hu_v, UKir. Jjartiiolenitjw Jjridu'ct, bapL 8 ilav Bild^i:!. Iia]»t. at lOliz iltcth, 

Layton of LouiliMi. ].")'.M; bur. ;it Alfurd Alfoid !'.■> Nov. hapL. at 

— . 15 (-)ct. l.j'.ts. l.:»'v»;i. AllurJ 

^-.Auue, liapt. at Alf"i(l -n ^, — — I'o .Jan. 

JnlyiriOl; nw, Willia'ii Enun:!, V»api. ar AI- T"b'-/alii.'ni, hiir. at li'-nl-.'). 

Ilntchin.son of Lincoln. lord 21 Dec. I5:»y. AitordJ June iGul. 

Robert Mai'bnvY, Sir Edward Morbury of Girsby and'x=]\[aiT, dan. of John Wcl- 

1st pou, born at Ijonth, ind sun bin heir; proved liis i conieofTjinc.oln; niar.atSt. 

OldWynkillJnne father's will 1(> Xov. 15'^1; ktiiglitcd ■ Mary Wit^lurd, Lincoln, 11 

37 ricnry8,lol5; at Whitehall 23 Jnly lG<.t;5 ; Shcrilf ; JnnelOS2;.survivin[^2.)uIy 

disinherited by of co. Lincoln IGOl ; bur. at Louth \ KiO.j; reniar. Charles Fitz- 

his g-raiidfathei''s 5 Ju'v ](\03. AVill dated 2 Jnly, ' willianiuf Ilayton.eo.Xntts 

wilL proved (C.P.C.) 10 Ault. 1605. " ! (mar. lie. 3 April lOOG). 

Sir George ]\lar- 
bury of Girs- 
by, Knt., 1st 
son; proved his 
lather's will 10 
Aug. 1005 ; 
knighted at 
Greenwich 23 
May I6U6 ; a 
legatee of his 
"cousin" Sir 
(i Gorge St. Paul, 
Bart., 1612. 

Willi;nn Marbury of^ 
Utterby, 2nd son 2 
.Inly 1G05 ; also of 
Gir-!>v and of Louth 
24Xo"v. 1C19. Adm'on 
(C.P.C.) granted to 
William Brighonse 28 
April 1G25, then de- 
scribed of Loutli ; 
adm'on given to his 
dan. 'J^roth, wife of 
IJcnrv Wilson, Clerk, 
26 Aug. 1632. 

-Margaret, dan. 
and coheir of 
Edward Dy- 
moke of Lin- 
coln City, 3rd 
son of Sir Ed- 
ward Dyniokc 
of Scrivclsby, 

1st dan., 
and un- 
der age 
2 July 
1G05 • 
mar. Sir 
of Bisca- 

under age 2 
July l(;o5 ; 
mar. William 
Brighonse of 
Colbv (mar. 
lie. ]0 Jan. 
died s.p. 

under age 2 
Julv 1605. 

1st son 
ing ; un- 
der au^e 
•2>^ April 

dan. and 
coheir of 
^ let ham 
of Bulling- 
tnn ; diid 
26, l)ur. 27 
July 1657 
at Imming- 

-Edward ^^larbury of Im-^Mary, dan. of 
miugham,2nd son ; under 
age 28 April 1625; Inir. 
at Immingham 27 <->ct. 
1681. AViil dated 10 Aug. 
1670 ; proved at Lincoln 
25 Xov. IGsl. 

.; widow 
of Christopher Bird of G ox- 
hill. Will dated 25 June 
1683; adin'on granted 30 
Oct. 1680 to Dorothy Hi Id- 
yard ; (to be) bur. at Gox- 
hill. 2nd wife. 

Jlary, only surviving dan., proved her 
father's w'ill 25 Xuv".' 1681. 

bury, l)a]>r. ] 
Aug. 1650 ; 
bur. 6 Jan. 

Edward ^far- 
bury,died 21, 
bur. 22 .Tune 
165s at, Im- 

born and 
Itapt. at 
hani 16 
and liur. 
there 26 

boru and 
bapt. 8 
1655 ; 
Ijur. at 
ham 30 

Pobert Marljury, born 
and baj.t. 6 A[)ril 1657; 
dieil 31 Jan., bur. 1 
Feb. 1G57-8 at Iiu- 

bapt. at 
ham 14 

Selina, l)aia. 
1651 ; divd 
16 Jan. 1657 


•8 at 



:;.^M:'r;i '.(.;■- 

n 10 

MscoLXSiiTrj: rr-DiciiKKS. 

Ceovgc M:\r- Ti\>th. l.-t. dau.. I'.li/ah.'ili, I'lul ^laii.. uikLm- ;\uo Fraiicc^ bapt. 
liuvvri» unacv ap:L' I's "is AjmH li'.iTt: difil unmar. ; at ^ St. .Mar- 
St. "^laniaV, April lG2b: mar. bur. at lininingham Sept. tin's, Lincolu, 
Lincoln, 20 ar .^t. Poier-at- K'.oJ. -Jl Doc. KXH) ; 
Julv .li>*.s : .\rclKs. Linctiln, — ' died bt-lure 28 
died bcf.nv 12 Oct. l(j;)'\ ^Yinifled, ;lrd aan., nndor age 28 April 1(;20. 
28 April Henry Wilson, AiirillG25; difd unniar. ; bur. 
1(;2.'). Clerk. at Iinniinuham 26 Any. 1078. 

jl-lar^l) of fi^tduncjtoiu 

[MS. C. 2n, Heralds' College] 

Arms (in " Union of Honour"). — '' Argc/if, t/fo bars, a canton mhlc^ Ihcrcon a 

■muscle qf/hejlrst." 

Kichard ^larsh of co. Lancaiter.^f^ 

"William Marsh of Kyme. 

Ambrose Marsh of Heckino-lon and of^^Snsan. dan. of ... . Thompson of Long 
Marebam-on-ve-Hill. AVill pruved Kirkby ; mar. at Heckingtoii .July l.'.S8 ; 
(C.P.C.) 22 ]ilay IGOt) ; (to bo) bur. proved her husband\s will 22 May IGO'J. 
at ]Mareham. 

Edward :Maisli=Anne, dau. William ^Farsli, 2nd son. :Margarct,bur. Anne, mar 

of ;^L^reharn- uf Stephen — atHeckington .... 

on-tlie-lHll, , Phillips of Francis Marsh, bapt. 3 5 Aug. 151)1. — 

Captain of tlie Wisping- :\[ar.l.o91-2; Heck- — Blauche, 

" " " ■ " ... - ;jilary. eldest bapt. at 

trained bands ' ton 
in Lincoln ; 
under age in 

ington 20 April 1502. 

William ?ilarsh, bajit. 27 
Dec. 1594; bur. atHeck- 
ington 4 Jan. 1595-6. 

dau., bapt. at Hecking- 

lleckington 3 ton March 

Oct. I5I13 ; 109G. 

Ambrose Marsh, xL 11, lGo-1. Robert :\Iarsh, 2nd son. Bridget. 

iHar^Ij of 2,oiitlj. 

'JMioMia-: ;Mar.sli of Louili,=r(.'onslaiiee, dan. of John Hamliy <A' Malil>y ; 
CiiniiH'!lo!-, bur. at. Li'iiih afhu'ix cf her husband 1:; May 159'.): a 
1 Oet.1598, Adiu'cn 1:5 l(.-gatee of her ljrotli"r IMward 25 Xov. liilG ; 
May 1599. A living 19 Aug. IGH. 


U.iJ-' '. u [lCIi,. ' 


. ■lliT-l 
.I'll.) ' 

■I. !/;■!/ 

LlNCOLNsilllll-; rEJjrGIlKlL.S. 


A I 

Edinuiul Miirsh of :\[;i!il>y. Will dated 7. Mary, dan. of . . 
I'J Aug., i>ruvi-d :.'i' St'pt. liilT. e.v'tri.x li;i7. 

,; (leoi't^c Mai>li. liv 
inj r.i An.^ ](:i7. 

Thomas Marsh: 

of LMUiii.iis iiii^ 
]0 Aiiir. It; 17.' 

Eii/.abeth, K'athovinc, liviiif: 10 Aug. U!17 ; mar. ;ic. to 

Vw'uv^ 11^ ^oiivvy Rich -d i-'idiio wf TT,i:;^vorl!iinir.iani, 
Xwj,. 1G17. yet. man, 2 .Se])t. 1017, he loL 31; slie 'o2. 

. . . . i\rarsh, only son, .... 1st dan., 2nd dan., .... ^iddau., under 

under age li) ' Aug. under 18, 19 under 18, 19 18, 19 Aug. 1G17. 
1617. ' " Aug. 1G17. Aug. 1G17. 

llumfrev :\rarsh of [.ittle P.ycham, Clerk; Lord=rAlice, dan. 

of the :\lanor of Tattle liythani. Will dated 
23 Dec. 1G3J ; inovcd 14 April 1G35. 

of . . . ., 
1 G34. 




Elizabeth, coheir, mar. John Lea Alice (?), coheir, mar. 
of Braceborongh, Clerk. William Thorpe. 

Th'unas .Marshall of A.slaekby. Will=^Alison, dan. of . 

dated 2 Oct., proved at Lincoln 23 
Oct. 1533; (to be) bur. at Aslaekby. 

e.\'t:ri.v: of her hus- 
band 2 Oct. 1533. 

Richard ^Lir.diall, only child mentioned, ex'or of his fatlicr 2 Oct. 1533. 

jHarsiiall of 35iD$ton. 

John ]\rarshall, 2nd son of Robert Marshall of Lincoln City \-=^. . . . dan. 
look up his freedom 14 ^fav 1G21 ; Chamberlain of the West of Edward 
Ward of j.incoln 1G22. Will dated 31 July, proved 2G Xov. Tilsou of 
1C39, "of Boston, mercer." (See :\Li.uS]iall of Fiskerton Boston, 
and Lincoln.) j 

Samuel Marshall, under agc=rEsther, dan. of. . . . Whiting ; mar. at 
1G39. Adm'ori at Lincoln P.o.-ton 2 Oct. 1G57; jiroved her son 
7 Mav l(i90. William's will 1G:»2. 

I I 


Samuel Marshall of William ^I;o>hall of Mary. mar. at Button, 18 Fob. 

Boston. Will dat-d iiosf-n. Will dated 1G90-9I, Henry pL-rkins. 

20 Oct. 1 G9 1 ; proved 29 April, proved \'.'> — 

13 Feb. 1G91-2. Oct. 1092. Estiicr, proved Samuel's will 1691-2. 



iHar4^-tU of iJraution. 

[MS. C. -;:, MS. i:. I., lo. ^7, i[,n,Ms' ('ol!o-o. - Mi.c.lla.K-a Maivsculliaua," 
vul. II., |i;iit ii., pp. ,s;;_87.] 

Akms. — S'a!>J'\ iliric bars ii/yinf, a caiifoii rn>ii/ir. 

John ]\[ar,slial! of ])(.'rlivsliii'e.=F 

AVilHam Marshall, 1st Pun, John Marshall, l'ikI son. 

Kichard :\rarsliall.^ 

Jo.m Marsliall of Brandon in parisli of lIouqh.-f^MarLrai-ct, dan. of .... ; 
\\'\[\ dated 21 J)ec. 152;) ; proved 7 Mav luoO. ex'lnx 1521). ' 

Johan, dan. of=f^:Miles Mar-^lsabel, ITnc^di :\rarshall = . 

John Lou-h- shall, 1st dan. of of I'loni^rh i;-)-jn. dan. 

borrow of Folk- son 152:) ; irn.ijfh AVill daied 22 of 

ingaain. lit living Burdet Sept. 1512; re- Alex- — 

^''''^- l'o4:2. , of Bran- gistered in Con- ande.r Jennet, 15^2 

|don.2i)d sistory Court of Bur- 

wife. Lincoln, Vols, det 
for 15-15-G. 

Elizabeth, 15 12. 
Margaret, 1512. 

Agnes, 1512. 

Miles AFarsliall (-f— Snsan.daii.of DennisSpend- Isabel. Will Aliee. 

Marston, liviiig ; hid' of llinighatn ; mar. at dated G Feb., 

15/0. Willdaied Haydor 12 Dec. 15s2 ; proved 5 

8 Aug., proved 7 ex'trix in 1020; bur. at March 

Ocr. 1C20. Marston IG Mar. lG?.6-7. 15lK)-91. 




Thomas Miirshall=^Mary,dau.of Winifred, mar. at ITonirh, 22 ^ilarv mar.l'ho- 

ot Mar.tun, i,:,pt. ^ (ieorgc Mav 1G15, Thomas Allen of mas^Good'hiirne 

there 11) Dec. . Baynes of Coleby, Clerk (mar. lie. 8 of Marston ; liv- 

loSo; enteredhis Lincoln April IGl 5,he ret. 3G,she 2G); in" lG-0 

jiedigree at Vi^i- (called Tho- he was Colebv 18 Aug. ^ — 

tationof 1G;]4: of niasiu'- Visi- IG-M, she 10 March IGIO-L Isabel mar Kd- 

Bloxholm IGoI; tationof _ ward Downer of 

died^ 22 Jan. ^ Yorkshire, Anne, mar. William Charl- Great Ponton ; 

'^^'•y'>-i- 1GC5"). ton of Hougham. living 102u. 

I T ~ 1 

Gcrvase Marshall, let. IS in— Elizabeth, dan. Benjamin Mar-=E!izal)eth, dan. I 

1G3-1 ; of Whatton-in-the- : and coheir of shall of Don- of John Earn- j 

A ale, CO. Notts; bapt. at i William ^lun- caster, xt. 41, ley of Thorn- i 

M;n-ston 4 Jan. lGlG-17 ; ! dy of Bellow 11 Sept. 1GG5 ; hill, co y..rk • I 

iiisti luted Viear of What- | Park in Bils- :\rayor of Don- widow .J Wil- ! 

ton 11 S,'pt. 1(;G2; bur. ' thorpe, CO. caster ICG'J ; liam Maddocks 
there 21 .Mandi 1G75-G. X<,tt^ ; 
Willdaied is .Mar. l(;7o-l; Whatton MO 
l)r.n-ed lo.July lG7i;. Nov. ICC.;;. 

bur. there IG of Doncaster ; 
\ov. IGGD ; S.J), bur. there 3U 
Oct. 1GS7. 

* I have not c-iiried o:i the {K-ai-rec as the f.imily pmcticallv cc-ased to be a Lincolnshire onr>. 
The rest can be secu at pp. 80, «7 of " ilisoellauea MaicicaUiana.''— A. R. M. 



I i 

1. ,...1..', ;, 

LI N CO L N s 11 1 ] : I : V J : ] > i c; n v. ]:s . 


I "T 

PiicliMid :\r;ns];nllj npt. Alice, Im].?. ul ^\■.\^■- Mary, I.nj.t. nt Mni-lon ]r> Apii! 

ai Mar.-! on lM; A uir. I r-.J-J. sion .".1 Mar. Idl;^; K'.i'S. 

— mar. Oliadiali Mar- — 

Tlioina-; Mar?lial1. i'api. liii. flavor of l).'ii- Hli;'.al;i'(li. mar. l;(.l..rt AV;.U(.t 

at. I'.loxluilin 18 .luiie castor KWIn : Imr. (.)1" Si-reilii)<j:ton ; I'lii-. at. I)nii- 

it';l.-i ; iJiii/Xii t.; i.oil- ui 1 'I ;!<:.i.:;.ci ,- r\iai'. La>U;r ',] ojju. itjii!), then a 

dr.n 1(U)5. IG80-I. widow. 

.Tulm Marshall (called Barnar.niar.^hall, 2nd son,=Elizal)(th, dan. of ... . i 
eldest soil in Visita- livinir ] .^70: llongh I\Ieiiesfurile of Iluna-li. Will j 
tion of U;;M). !i April lODo. ' proved i. Aug. IGUG. 

Eilen, dan. of Edninnd=pThonia-; ^rar.-iuill of nran-r^Kaiharine, rlau. Elizalk-th, 

Enrdct of I'ran'ion. 
1st wife, 

don. Will dated 17 ^lay, i of John ]]ye mar. l{o1)erl 

jU'oved IG June ]o70. ! of ]Ton;j,h ; liv- ]\rencsforde 

ing K">7(i. :;nd of llongh. 


^lai-garet, living IGOT, 

Augustine :\Fa!sIiall of— Margery, :\[ile.s :\rarslial], liv- Pai'iiell ^^rarshall, living 

liraiidou, 1st son 1570. dan. of ini;lGo7. 1012. 

Will dated 21 Jan AVill ^ — — 

l(;i2-l:i, eo'lieil 11 .dated 17 William jrarshall, ]\Iary, mar. at St. Peter- 

Se])t. IGIG; prnved at : June, bni'. at Jlough IG at-Arehes, Eiiicoln, 12 

Lincoln l>y widow 1 ;-; ! pi-oved June 1GU7. Will (Jet. 1589, Francis Wal- 

Nov.lGlG,aiidinl'.(J.C. 17 Nov. tlaivd 11, proved 24 cot of Erieston in Cav- 

18 Feb. 1G21-5. ; IG08. JnnelGit7. thorite. 

Augu.s- Alc.\ander=. . . . dan. E'lward Piehard Mar-^f^Elizabeth, dau. of 

tine Marshall, of .... ; ]Mar- shall of Pian- Thoma.s Shipman 

ilar- ba])t. at bin-, at shall, don, bapt. at of Searrington, co. 

shall, Hough 3 lluugh r.rd .-on llongli 18 ; Notts ; bajit. there 

Istson, Oct.^lo'JU; L",) March 1012. X<.v."lGO.>; ■' IG Feb. IGO.J-G ; 

lt;]2. bur.theie2U 1 (U'.o. -H h son 1 G 1 2. mar. tliei'e l\rav 

June IGGG. j 1G27. 

Frances, dau. of Ko-='J'homas ]\rarshall, admitttd to St. .Iohii's=pAiinc, dau. of 
bert .Sauuderson of College, Cauibridiie, 1'.) .May 1 G-48, tefc. 18; .....; bur. 
iSerlby, co. Nott.s ; living at M;dtby, co. York, 1GG4, and ' at Newark 15 
bur. at Newark 22 Stirrup, co. Notts, l(;7.s ; bur. at Newark July 16<8:j. 
Dec. lG5o. 1st wife, o Sejit. lGs;j. Adni'on 23 Sept. 1G83 to 2ud wife. 
his dau. Frances. I 

Thomas ^larshall, It.ipt. at Plyth, .\nn, liur. an in- ]*'rances, adm'i.K to her 
CO. Notts, 22 (2;)) March IGG.s-!); fant at :\Ialtby father 1G83; mar. Timo- 
bur. there 3 May IGG'.t. 10 Ucc. 1GG2. thy Ellis of Newark. C 


1 / >,'J 

'1 tL 1 




Thomns ]\IaTshnll, 
bapt. at ]fon::li 
r> May IlU] ; liv- 
intr Ui08. 

Eli/.al'Cili. 1):\].>t.. at 
Houjili 'J'-) . I line 
L'i'.iT ; luar. tlicre, 
n Fel'. ini'l-ri, Ko- 
bert SeamcT. 

]-]l(anor, ha]it. at IToii^h 
IG Sept. IC.OG ; living 

:\rary, living 1G12. 

Joan, l-ajit. 
at llc.n-h G 
May l(;us ; 
livinjr ](»12. 

itlar^ljaU of ^id^cutou airt Slincoliu 

[MS. 1). I'.O, Jlcrakls' College] 
Augustine I^Iarshall of llampLon, co. Xotts.=r 

Caiistopliei' !Mai--=pC'aLherino Jns- 
shall, bur. at tit-e, mar. at 
Eamptou -4 July Rampton 28 
1C32. " Sept. 1590. 

Robert "Marshall of Lincoln City, mercer, pnr-- 
cbased the Franchise 1 2 Oct. 15'JO ; had a lease 
from the Corporation 1599 — 1000 ; Sherilf 
1C08. Will dated 9 Feb. 1009-10; proved 
21 April ICIO. 

Robert Marshall of Lincoln and Fisker-=f 
ton, 1st son, ttt. 74, 1CC6 ; took up his 
freedom 10 May 101 ;3; SiierilT 1019 ; 
Alderman 20 Sept. 1029 ; :\Iayor 1032 ; 
Alderman and ^[.V. for Lincoln City 
1058-9. AVill dated 27 Feb. 1005-0'; 
proved 23 March 1007-8 ; (to be) bm'. , 
at Fiskertun. ! 

^Elizabeth, dan. and sole John Mar- 
heir of Robert Bccston .shall. (See 
of Wakefield, co. York ; ;Mar.«;uall 
bur. at Fiskerton 11 of Boston.) 
Aus:. 1077, then a widow. 
Will dated 23 March 
107-1-5 ; proved 30 Nov. 

Anne, dan. — Robert ]\Iarsliari of Lincoln City. 1st son, ait. 41,=r-^f''^n', fkiu. of 
of Edmund 1000; bapt. at St. Pcter's-at-Arches 14 Sept. . Sir Francis 
1022 [sic] ; entered at Gray's Inn 17 Feb. 1 040-7; : Fane, K.B., of 
chosen one of the Counsel for the City of Lin- ■ Fulbcck; mar. 
coin 17 July 1050; chosen liecorder Nov. 
1058; lemoved apparently at tlie Restoration; 
elected Steward of the Courts of the City 31 
March 1077; Imr. at Fiskertoii 1 Xov. 1088. 

EHis of 
Fiskerton ; 
bur. there 
Dec. 1077. 

1st wife. 

i2 Sept. 
bur. at 

there : 


Fiskertun 20 
April 10K5. 

Robert Marshall, baj.!. 27 Sept. 108- ; biir. at Fisk.rtun Oct. 10s8. 

William Marshall, 2nd Richard Marshall of Wragliohnc-in-'-,7-:\hiry, dau. of 
son, bapt. 23 <)et. lOi^O; Orainlhori)e ; l^apt. at St. Reter's-at- Nathaniel Ile- 
bur. at St. Peter'.--at- Arches 12 Feb. 1 03<)-31. Will dated ton of Grain- 
Arches 19 June 102b. 5 Aug. 1(;07 ; proved 17 Sept. 1G07. thorpe. 

mar. Gcorirc Ifollome 1007. 

A D 


. • ! i r: 

.; ■■/ 

hiNXOLXj^ii [Ki: rj:i.)i(:.TU%K8. 


Eli/.abotli. 1>:ipt. at S!. r^'toi's-at-Arcno?, Ks'thor,,. at St. PitcT'.s-at-Arclics 

l.iiK'oln, b Auii., bur. tluix- H Oct. IOl'I. 1-i Dec. IG^-S. 

Kliznbetli, bajit. ai Si. P-.tcr's-at-Aicli- s Anne. ba].t. at St. PLter's-at-Arelios ;;o 

15 Aug:. lOi'l: mar. at Fiskeiton. ) .Ian. l(;2;)-uU ; mar. at Fiskenou, I'-i 

]*•:.•. ur.v2 (r hi'in. .lohn VdlU. IK- :\l:iy KMs (or TiM:i\ Kolvrr rVildccifc 

is said to marry Ann in Fiskerton Pui'isii (in the Visitation she is i^aid to marry 

Kogister 1(;G2. ]->d\vard r>ri_L'gs ; mentioned as his 

will' in Ka'.O). 

William Marshall of Lincoln; 3rd son. took np hisrp]\Iargaret,dau. Geori,^ ^Lar- 

Freedom i^; Oct. ] 024 ; Chamberlain of the South of . . . . Till- shall, Jth son 

"Ward 2 Oct. l(iL^7 ; of St. Peter's-at-Arehes, ]An- son ; mar. at (possiblvJJcc- 

eoln, 20 April .l(i2'.t ; Sherilf 1(;32 ; flavor 1(;42: Puston2iFeb. tor of *Fish- 

]\r.P. for Lineuln City Klof ; Aldorman 1 June 1027-8. toft 1012). 
1057. Will dated 18 June, proved 2 July 1072. 

Benjamin ^NTarshal! uf l.incoln=Judith. dau. and heiress of William ^lnv- 
City, 1st son and heir, pnix'liased ; ^^fark Piig-gall of South Somei- shall, ba))t. 2 

messuage m liincoln 20 April 
1661 ; M.P. for Lincoln in the 
Long Parliament. A\'ill dated 20 
Aug. 1604-, proved ;J1 Jan. follow- 
ing. Will in C.P.C, Hyde, 6. 

cot es : mar. at Can wick 1 5 A pril Nov. 1 028 ; 

l('>tJ2; remar,, 10()7, Gervase bur. at St. 

Sibihorp of Laueham. co. Petcr's-at- 

Notts, and after of St. ^Lark's, Arches Feb. 

Lincoln. =p 1028-0. 

William ]\Larshall, liapL. at St. Peter's-at-Arches, Lincoln, Feb. 1662-3. 

John ^Marshall, Imr. at Joseph 

St. Peter's-at- Arches :\Iarshall, 

10 Aug. 1620. bapt. at 

— St. Peter's- 

Jolni ^Marshall, bapt. at at- Arclius 

St. Peter's-at-Arches 20 July 

10 June 163U. 1031. 

Sarah, mar. Samuel Wal- 
ton, citizen and mercer of 
Lincoln; both livinglOOJ. 
She remar, Joshua Key of 
Norwich, merchant, and 
was bur. at St. Lawrence 
there 1 07-s. 1 ler will i)i-oved 
1678inC.P.C., Ml, King. 

[Note. — Much more infoiniat ion tlmn hercj-ivcn will bcfmuidia "Mi.scellanea ilarescalliaiia," 
by (t. \V. Mar.-ball, vol. i.. pp. \'.'<''< — 1 KS ; ii., ['ait i., p. 7:5. j 

ILmnah, mar. 1st 
Juliu Scrimshire 
of Lincoln City, 
2ndly John Jack- 
son of Xewland, 
Lincoln ; living 17 
Sept. 1600. 

jlrlai^oljaU of 51outI). 

Jolin Jhirshall of (ireystonegill, o. York. 

Hov. Jlenry ]\Iar-"Ma!y, daii. of 

shall, Pector of 
Orby and Sal- 
monby. a 


liottomley of JiOuth; 
mai'. at West Thed- 
dlethorpo 160L 

John ]\rar,-hall. Curate of~lIeIen, dau. of 
Slaidburn 10.s7— ]7<i] ; . . . . Ycadon 
Vicar of Mumbv 17"] ; uf Slaidburn. 
died 3(1 Oet. 1732. r. | 



>..-. , :!l •■ 

.i: A 

G I G 

iJNCOLNSimiE icuigui;j:s. 

.loslill:! .M:ir- 

sliall, born 

'J] .111 110 

Cur:itc t.f 
Orl.y 17-':. ; 
1720 ; Inir. 
at Orby. 

Mary. dim. and- 
licriix--^: of 'riMtnias 
]5iowiii' of A'ldle- 
thorj-e ; widow of 
Xicbch'S XcWC'i- 

lucu of 'J'h'ddle- 
thor]ie; died 1 Nov. 
]72."),:ci. tlL' ; bur. 
rd '■.riuddlrihorpe. 
]\I.I. Ut wife. 

lion. ('liarli>s Px'i-tio, sun of llo-- 
liert, :'.;d Karl of Idndsrv. by his 
3vd wiff Lady Eli/.abcih Pvpo 
(dau. and bc-iriss <>1' Thouia<, I'nd 
1-^.arl of Uowno), widow of Sir 
Francis llonry Ix'C, Hart., of 
l>itclilev, CO. Oxun ; died ?.p. o 
Aug-. 1 7;:)7 , Kt. 11 ; bur. at AVest 

:\lay 17 
?..]). 2 


li; ; 

Jane, dan.^r-Tolui :\rarslia]l, Sur-=Sarali. dan. of Henry :Marsliall,=rKatljerinc, 

of Cliristo- (.a^.iti in the Army Job.n Sopford born HI!) 'J ; dau. and co- 

pher llild- levnp. Anne ; "Warden of Uiterby, Curate, and then heirofWil- 

yardoflvel- of Louih four times ; Pc.X. ; died Rector and I'a- , liam :\rar- 

stern. 1st \ died 17 April 1750, s.p. 29 Nov. tron of Salmon- ; wood of 

April IToO, s.p. 
wife. 1 a3t. C85 bur. atLouth. ]70'>. 2nd by; died 1778. 

A wife. 


Henry jMarshall, Rector of Salmonby 1779 ; died 
1812 ; bur. in chancel of Salmonby Ghnrch. 

[Glover's "Visitation of Yorkshire, 158-1." ".Miscellanea ^rarcscalliana," by 
G. V\\ Marshall, Rouge Croix, vol. i., pp. 1—27, o2 ; vol. ii., part ii., !>. 137.] 

Alois. — Barnj of six anjfnt and sdhir, a ci'iifon enninc. 

John :\Iarshall of Pickering^^Anne, dau. of Richard Kempc. 

Richard=:p.\gnes, dan. Edmund— Jane, dau. of William Halyson of Langhton ; 

]\Iarshal! | of James As- :\larshall, widow of Iloi-kinson. Will dated 1.0 Aug. 

of Pick- i laby of South 2nd son, 15C8. ''of Holme in j.arish of Bottesford, 

cring,co. ! Dakon, co. dead in ' widow''; proved 10 :\Iarch 15<;8-0; (to be) 

York. j Y^ork. 15',;.^. 1 bur. in Bottesford Ciinrch. 

Tklar'raret, mar. ]\rary. mar. 
Richard Regard of AdaniSmaH- 
Anlaby, co. York, wooil. 

~1 I 

Rogi-r :\IarshalRf^^rary, dau. Susan, mar. 

of Aislaliy 
(I range, co. 



of Tiiomas William 
Cnrtes of liassett of 
Clee. Normanbv. 




■.i t'. 




Thomas ^^aIlei^^ M;^r^h•.lll-|-^Ia^L:arl•^. dan. of IIlmii'v pTrsula, dau. 

Mai-sbali, or^^iainlin-holine , Oliwr Uvliicr o\' ]\Iai>liall of C'lii-i.s((^i)lier 

IsL sun, ill |> iii«-Ii of Wat- UvIIkc, co. Yc>rk ; of Stand- 'I'iioipe ol'Tiiorjn; 

(■■n. CO. York; ', widow of Cliiisiophci- inyliolnif. l.y Mai'crari't.dau. 

enriivd pedigree | 'rhorpeof Thoi'po, co. of OlivtM- liyilirr; 

al vil«'.\'rc. Vibi- I Yo'/a ; uku'. ;u. Wat- \u:<v. ;il. Walton 

tatiou lOSo. i tu!i 8 Oct. Ib7]. !'.• ^v\>l. l.').Sl. 


Nathaniel Mnv- .John I\rarsliall, ba]>t. at ElizabL'th, 

shall, liapt. at WrsL TiicddlcllioriH- ;J1 l-apt. at 

West Theddic- Jan. ]:.8;i-l. West Thcl- 

thorpe 1 Jan., — dlethorjH' li' 

bur. ilure 11 L=;alK-l, bapr. at West Anii'. l.'.M: 

Feb. 1.579-Su. Tlicddlcthoi'p'' 1 Jan. biiv. thriv' U; 

1578-9. Oct. lf.84. 

Francis Dorothy, 

.Mar,-,hall, b:ipt. at 

bapt. at \\'attcin 

AVatioii, ;-) Dec. 

Co. York, ]')So. 
I!.') Nov. 

lk'atriee,dau. of^^^-lialjili Mai'shall of— Elizabeth, dan. AVilliam -\rarsliall, died 

, , . . ; bur. at | Theddk.-thorpc, of ... . Sale ; unniar. 

TlieddlethorpL- , bui'. at Theddleilioriie proved lier hus- 

St. 'Helen's 2U St. Helen's 2 Nov. band's will J 7 

Aiisr. IfioO. ! 1053. Will dated 7 Nov. 1G54. 

Fel). lGb-2-?j ; proved 

(C.P.C.)17Nov. 1054. 

liichard ]\larsliall, l)a]>t. 
at West Theddlethorpe 
3 Anix. 1570 ; bur. liicre 
17 Oct. 1577. 

]\rarniadukc ]\[ar-= Frances, dan. of ]\raij;aret, Beatrice, mar. at ^Farsh 

I shall, bapt. at . . . . ; bui'. at Tlieddletliorpe St. Ciiaiiel, 20 Jan. 1 G;>;-7, 

I Theddlethorj)e St. Theddlethorpe Helen's ]7 Oct. Henry Cubornc of Sah- 

j Helen's 20 Api'il St. Helen's 1022; niai-.. before fleelbv ; living 7 Feb. 

! 162-4: 5tli son 7 .March ICSj-G. 7 Feb. 1052-3, 1052-:i. 

Feb. 1G52-0. \^■iley. 

Thonuis ]\[ar-ha]l of Kinir- IbJ-ert ^MarsliaJl of Trusthorpe, Clerk, baiit.=j=. . . . 

stoii-on-Hull, mariner, 3rd at Theddlethorpe Sc. Helen's .Tan. 1021-2; ' dan. 

son, bapt. at Fast Theddle- 4th son 1052-3. Will dated 23 ]\Iarch of 

thorpe 20 Julv 1020. 1058-0 ; proved 10 Nov, IGOo. • • • ■ 


^\i!lianl Koberi .Mai'shall. citizen and=f Susanna Ibdpli John r^larsliall, 

Marshall, <:i:dlerof London, liviiiLT 23 . . . .; ^Marshall, liviiij;- 23 .Mar. 

1st son, March 1058-9; bur. at St. !jur. at St. livint,' 23 105S-9. 

underage Dunstan's AVest 2<,> Jan. I)un>tan's March = 

23 March 1725-0. Will dated 20 April 14 Dec. 1058-9 dan. of....; 

1058-0. 1725 ; adm'on to his dau. 1730. living 1090. 

]"eo. 1725-f,. 

Elizabeth, mai'. Heoi'ge Holmes. 

Ibilph :\Iarshall of East 1'lied-=,:Abi,i:ail, dan. of IbJ.ert Uotrers John Maishall. 2nd 

diethoi-pc, I.-,t sou 7 I'eb. ; oj" Xeihertliorpe,co. York; l>iir. s^ii 7 I'Vli. it;52-;;. 

1052:'.: lei. <;;;. 107;'. ; died at 'l"ii.'(ldlctlioipe St. Helen's Adni'oii to his relict 

11 Jan. I0S3-1 ; ijur. ai 25. May 1001. Jane 2 Dee. 1058. 
Theddleihoi'pe. u j 


,t ! 


LiNCOLNSiiiui: pj:i)iGRi:i:.s. 

Iinlph ]\Iarr;liall (»r Sr. P:ni]"s. (V.v.Mil nnvdrii.-i^lpiibc'lln, tlaii. uf Sir William 
CO. ^liiMIc'sex. 1st poii; liajit-ut 'riK'tlilU'tliiirjn' Lambton df liamliroii, vo. Diu-- 
Si. lUl'ii's ;;l .laii. l('.;'.(;-7 (l>on! -J.) .laii.); ham, Kiit. : mar. lie. 11 Xov. 
;vl. .">7, ]i',7;;; prowil his laotlifr John's \vili Hli'io, ai. -'J; surviviiit;- l(".'.i'.>; 
1.") Sept. IC.Vii: liviiio- in St. (.'lenioiit Dane- ' hnr. at St. I'aurf:,CovenL (ianlen, 
li!!>:»: bur. ai M. Paul's, (,'ovent Uaul. ii, iu ci^. iiiddk-' x. 1',' .'vi'-ii 1710. 
Jan. lG;i9-]7(M>. Will ilate.l 1 April lO'.i'J ; j Will dated :.'7 .lulv 1700; pn»vcd 
inoved in V.C.C. 22 Jan. lOO'.i-l 700. 8 ^h\\ 1710 and 30 Oct. 1712. 

William ^larshall, 1st 
son ; lut. b;, ]f'7o. 

JIalph ^larshall, 2nd 
iiou, ba]'>t. at St. 
PauTs, Cwv!it Car- 
den, lo AllL,^ 100 'J ; 

JUL. J, 107u. 

. . . .=pThomas Mar.'-liall o[ the jjarish of=Elizaliet]i, 
dan. , St. i\lichacl Jiassishaw, London, dan. of 
of I merchant ; b;:pt. at St. Panl's, .... 
. . . . I Covent (rardon, l:) Dec. 1070 ; a (? Paw- 
1st ' legatee of his nncle Pobert A]iril storne) ; 
wife. I(;!:t9 ; bin-, at St. ^^rartin's. Iron- died 18 

! nionuer Lane, London. AVill dated Nov. 

I 27Aiig.,proYed(C.P.O.)l Oct. 1712. 172;i. 

2nd wife. 

Isabi'lla, mar. at Westminster Abbey, 13 Oct. 171'.), ]Montau-ue (larrard Dralie 
of Sliardeloes, eo. Ciick.s ; bur. at Agmoudesham 30 July 17 Jl. 

John Marsliall, born Palph i\rarshall, bapt. Charles ^tlarslndl, Ptobert ]\Iar- 

lii71; died 1<), liiir. at St. Panl's, Covent baiJt.atSt.Pani's, shall, bur. at 

13 Jan. lOi'b-ft ai (iarden, 27 July U;7'»; Covent Garden, Sr. Paul's, 

Theddlcihoiiio St. bur. at Theddlethorpe 22 Oct. 107(1; Cnvent Gar- 

llelcn's, a;t. 25, tlien Si. jk-len's 17 Jan. bur. there 4 IMuy dL-u, July 

called "2nd son." 1GS3-I. 1G77. ' 1083. 

:\ St. 
Paul's, C(i\ent Gar- 
den, 17 Sept. 1C08 ; 
luar. at St.ilargaret's. 
Westndnsier, 17 ifay 
lC;i2, Samuel lUiek- 
nall, mercer ; died at 
Wi'exliam, co. Den- 
bigh, befoie 8 June 

I>abLlla, mar. at St. 
]\]argaret's, AVestmin- 
ster, 15 May 1088, 
Jolm EnglebertTesh- 
maker (mai-. lie. 11 
]\lay lOsN). 

Katharine, mar. at 
St. ;Margaret's, AVest- 
minster, Sept. lO'Jn, 
Cliarle.s AValley. 

IClizabctli, mar. 1st at St. 
i\Iargarei's, \\'estminsLer, 4 
A jiril 1087, Thomas Alcliorne, 
who was bur. at St. Paul's, 
Covent Garden, 1 9 June 1 G'.)5; 
2ndly, Peter Lavigne, J.P.for 
West nn'nster (mar. lie. 3 Feb. 
1090-7). He was bur. at 
St. Paul's, Covent Garden, 
1 Feb. ]71(;-17, and she 23 
Jan. 171 s-l'.i. 

. . . .— pfili( it ]\rarslia!l of St. Clement ])!ines,=p^Iargaret, dan. of Sir liieharJ 

dan. CO. Middlesex, 2nd son ; ba]>t. at 'i'hed- Ptla.-yse, Lnl., of Owtun, co. 

of dlcll.'nipi; St. llelen'.s l".i Dec. lOlO; Duihani: mar. at St. ]\Iary ! 

. . . .; lni!-. at Si. I'liul's, Covent (lardcn, 7 Somcr.-ct, bfindoi), 1 Sipi. 107'.'; i 

s.p. .\piil lii'.i'.i. Will dated .\pril I"'.".''.'; biu". at Si. Paid"-, <'., vent Cur- i 

IsL ai!ni""n.\\ ith will annexed, to liifc i^ioihei" den, co. Alii!d!<-sex, 18 Jan. 

wife. Jialph -s April 10;iO. ' C; 1093-1. 2nJ wife. Bl 

LiNTOLXbiiliJi: ri:i)iGKr,i:s. 



IJoborr ?\[;ir- \]<my ?il;ir>h:ill. w.nit to the E;isl ]\r:irgTiivt, 1>a]>t. at St. T\inrp, 

shall. l':!{)r. Indict mIhuil It'.;)? ; :i l-\i:aioo of Covriit (iurd'-Mu l;". ]\l!U-ch 

at St. I'anrs. his fathvr April ]C.'.';i: a cap- l(;s:-l: a loi^atro o\' her 

Covent (iar- tain in i\\o ivizimoiu "I" the li<in. 

den. 1;; Scpr. Colour! Chureliill : died in Spain. 

It.uSi: ; uicd lUi.ii.ii". Adm'iiii giMiltcl to h;. 

yoiinj:. lieCoro sisior ^Margai-cL Helasvsc ;i March 

1009^ 1707-8. 

('(I wilt (iarden, 1 ;'• ]\Iarch 
l(;s;',- 1 : a lei^ateo o\' her 
I'atii'.T Api-il It'.'.i'.i ; mar. nt 
St. Tanl's .Cathedral, ;'• March 

17(10-1, I' 

d r.-i. 

Liiu>>ln's Inn (mar. lie. 11 
Feb. 1700-1). 

fclohn ^rarshall of Pattana. Williani ]\Iar-=j=(Jrace, 

liindostan, nu-rchant. ord 
son; liapt. at "^riieddlerhorpc 
St. Helen's 1 :klareh KM 1-2; 
n.X. rln-ivi's Collep\Cain- 
luidu'e, ]C('i;^). His diary 
is in British ^Lnseinn. 
llarl.MSS.4L>:)0— 5(3. Will 
dated 5 Jtine 1(373; proved 
(C.P.O.) 15 Sei)t. 1G79 by 
his brother Pialpli Marshall, 

shall of I'ast 
4th son : b.ijU, 
at Theddle- 
tliorpe Sr. 
Helen's I's Dcc. 
1G43. ^Vill 
dated 21 Aug-, 
1700 ; proved 
(C.P.C.) 5 May 

dan. uf 

of 11 um- 
bers tone; 
mar. at 
18 May 

Thomas ]\rarslKill of 
L(»ndon, eiti/.en and 
apothecary, 5ih son ; 
St. HeiLirs k; .fuly 
Ui !i) ; bc(jueathed a 
communion cup to that 
church 1G8S ; of St. 
Clemout Danes, Lou- 
don, apothecary. Will 
dated 10 Mar. 1G87-8; 
proved (C.P.C.) 12 
April 16S8. 

Charles Marshall of London, .crro-- 
cer, Gth son ; bapt. at Theddle- 
tliorpe St. Helen's 2 Feb. 105] -2; 
entered his picdigrec in the Visi- 
ttdiou of London 1G87. Will 
dated G, proved 12 Jan. 17nS-0. 

=Marf,'aret, dau. of Henry GcorgeMar- 

Loades, Chamberlain of City shall, a lega- 

of London : niar. at St. tee of his 

?>Iary-at-Hill 18 July 1G78 brother Po- 

(mar. lie. IG July 1 078, a!t. bert April 

about 20); bur. at St. Mary- 1090. 
at-Hill 4 Feb. 17UG-7. 

Charles r^rarshall, William Marshall. Charlos ^lar- John :^rarshall, 

bajtt. at St. :^^arv- born 4, bapt. 15 shall, bai)t. at bapt. 30 Se]^t., 

at-Hill 13 Xov. Anu-.l GsG; bur. at St. :\rarv-at- bur. Oct. IGtM 

1G80; bur. there St.'Marv-at-Hi!l 22 Hilll2":\Iay at St. Mary-at- 

29 March 1C81. Sept. 1G87. 1G89. ' Hill. 

Sii' Henrv ]^Iar-lial], Susanna, bapt. at St. 

Knt., Lord Mayor of :\Iary-at-Hill 22 :\Iay 

London 17 15: kuiLjliiid 1G7'.I; bni'. there 15. Tune 

1715 ; died 2, bur. 15 1G82. 

Feb. 1753-1 at St. — 

^lary-at-Ilill, urmia)-. 

Will' dated 21 Jan. 

1753-4; proved 4 Fel». 


Aliiirjioiii ;;() April, bapt. 
14 .May ]t;si' at St. Maiy- 
at-liili; bur. there 30 
Jan. ICO 1-5. 

Elizabeth, ba])t. 27, died 
28, bur. 29 July 1G83 at 
St. :\Iary-al-Hill, tvf. lu 

K'athariu' , boili 17 Apl'il, 
bapl. 2 -May lG.s5 ; livini,' 
170S ; bur. at St. Mary- 

U . |. 

■J. .;•<■:; 

■I I 



Al»ii:;iil. l»;i))i. ;it 'J'lu'cldlt!- Kli/.alioMi. iMjtt. Knthei-iiie, iyii>:;ihctli, iiKir. 

tJiorpc St, Ih'lcn's 7 .Ian. at Tlunldli'tliuiiio liapt. To, l)ur 8alisl)urv; 

ItJo^-l) ; a lo^atei.' o{ Ikt St. lIcloJi's '.'. bur. ol ]\Iay KWo a le^'atec of li"r 

brotJKT ,lulm :• June ir.7;l; there 1(5 Sqit. at 'IMicddle- brother Kulj'jrt 

inar llamers. 1 (>;]'.>. Lliorjx'. A)iril li't'.V.K 

I I I 

lialj h :\Iarsliall. ith Eh'/abeth, bapl. 21 Fc!i. Catherine, bapt. at Thoddlo- 

son, bapt. at Ti:ed- 10715-7; bur. at Tiiod- tliurpc St. Helen's 9 May ICst'.; 

dlethorp"-.' .St. Ilelcifs dlerhnr[.e St. llelorrs I'o living,' 170(> ; innr. Thomas Od- 

12 Oct. 1{]S3. July KuS. liiiLco uf llarainersinith. 

"William ]\Iar- .loiwi I\Iarshall, 2nd s.iu, Vv'illiani ]\b:r-liall ofr^Fiauces, dan. of 

shall, l.<i son, bnj»t. at Theddletliorpe St. Ka.-^t TheddlL'tliorpc, I ■• • . Willcrtiu 

bapt. 20 Mar. He!cn"s2;;Xov. 1 67'.)-, bur. ."rd son ; bapi. 2;; Mar. of Alford; l)L.rn 

1G7S-!) ; bur. at St. I'anl'.s, Cuvent Car- IOsI-l'; bi;!-. al 'J'lied- H'.87 ; niar. at 

at Theddle- den. as "Ca]>i:. John j\Iai'- d'ethorpe St. [lelen's rJ'lieddlethorjic 

thorpc St. shall from St. Dnnstan iu 17 ^lar. 17 1")-*:. ^Viil I St. Helen's 20 

Helen's no the West," 22 Dec. 1720. dated 2 Mareli 17 J .J-(>; Jan. 1710-11; 

Jlarch 1G71). Will dated S Oct. 1719 ; j.iovcd (C.r.C.) 25 bur. there 2 Jan. 

proved 4 Feb. 1720-21. June 1740. 1757, a3fc. 70. 

AVilliain ]\Iarshall, William ]\rarshall of=pGracc, 2nd dan. of 

1st son, bur. at East Theddlctliorpe, ' Robert Cracroft of 

Theddlethorpc St. r.rd son ; bapt. at 

Helen's 10 Jan. 'J'hcddletliorpe St. 

1714-15. Helen's 2o 'M;\y 

— 17:^3 ; died :'., tjur. 

John :Mar>hall, s Oct. 1770 at Thed- 

2i)d son, bapt. at dlethorjie, itt. 47. 

"■J'heddl'jtleii-pe St. Will dated 2S Dec. 

Helen's 2 July 1705 ; proved o 

1710. " A]a-il 1773. 

Haekthorn, coheir 
of hi-v mothei" : 
born i;) Sei>t. 17;>"); 
n:ar. at Louth iJ^ 
Aui^f. 1757; died at 
Loutho,bur, 7 June 
17'J0 at 'J'hcddle- 

Frances, bapt. 21, 
bur.23 Jan. 1711-12 
at Theddlefhorpe 
St. Helen "p. 

Fi'anees, ba]it. at 
Theddlethorpc St. 
Helen's 20 July 
1710 ; mentidiifd 

thorpc St. Helen's, in Sir Henry ^\ov- 
ict. 55. shall's will 175o. 

John :\rarshall. 3rd 
son, bajit. at Thed- 
dletliorpe St. Helen's 
I'J June 17(;3 ; u 
captain in '' Prince 
Ernest's Own Feuci- 
ble Hi fan cry" ; died 
10Julyl802,a3t. 39. 

Charles Robert Marshall, 4tli son. bapt. 
at T!ieddlethor]K' St. Helen's 2 Sej-t. 
1704; of Lincoln Cdlleire, Oxon, ^l.A. 
30 Ajiiil 17s'.t, L.D. ;i May 1799; Rec- 
tor of Cold Hanwortii 1802 ; Vicar of 
Exiling, CO. Sun'ulk, 18O0 ; died at 
(Jrecnliithe,co. Kent,10 April 1823, a.'t. 
58; bur. at Evcrsley, co. Southampton. 

Anna Maria, ba[it. 
at Thcdilleihor|>e 
St. Helen's 23 
Xiiv. 17 GO ; mar, 
(rcorirc Holiwell, 
R.D., Rector of 

Heiny Cracroft ^Farshall of AVilliam ]\I;irsha!lof Great Grim=-^Oraco,dau. of Can 
]]ast Theddleth(>i[>e. l.iapt. at by. 2nd sou ; bupt. at Theddle- ' Rrackeidjin-v '4' 

" ^ thoipe St. Helen's 23 Sept. 1759; 

8"nietime ofl-ast Tiieddleth('r[ie, 
afterwards Collector (4' Cus- 
iuuis at (Jriin.-l'V: J.l'. for Jiind- 
sey and De jnny-liieut. fur co. 
Li^iculn ; di'.d 9 Fei>. 1>4 7, au. 
88 ; bur. at Hby-on-JIumber. 

Theddlelhorpe St. Ifeleii s ;, 
Oct. 1758; joiiird with bisbro- 
Iher William in ruttiii;_'- nllthi 
entail of the Theddiethurp' 
estates and >.ellin;.,'^ them: die< 
9, bur. 13 Juno 17^9 at'J'hed- 
diethorpe St. Helen's, tet. 30 

li'aituby : li'iin 
1 755 ; wid'iw of 
TlmiDa.s Loijf- 
stair- <4' Spilsby ; 
mar. at Spil.sliy 20 
July 1782; di'.^llO 
Mav 1820, a;t.71. 



Williiim V-dY- Ilniry Cr.ifn.ri ^lar-'-pAuMe. dan. of Rev. Cliark-s luthcrt Mar- 

sluill, iM soil, t^lial! ( r AlilcInjr^Mi, William l',a\vdu\'ii . shall, ;'.r(l son, lioni 

l)oiii -Jl Nov. CO., -Jiul Sun ; of llootoii rai,Mi'll, 1 1'. Minrli 17ss; 

178;.;; ill liorii ;j Fi-b. 178('i; cd. Vuik ; mar. 17 K.X. ; m tho 

Taiyal Xavv, (Hl-iI at Aldcl»nrL:h. May 1811 : dieil Ciilf uf .Moxicu of 

iiuinar. ; Imr. co. Sii Hoik, IJ March L'.'i Sept. 18:.',"i. yellow fovcr. 

at ]ii)y. IS.")?. • , i 

William ^Iar-^}ilary Anne, 
shall, 1st son, ; dan. of Rich- 
born at Grinis- ard Srephen- 

by 21 A]>iil 
ISIG; died at 
Dnblin i) Feb. 


Siow : mar. 
Lincoln, 21 
April 1812. 

. . . . dan.-|-Cliarles liawdwen ^rar.<liall,= 

of .... 2nd son, ]\rajor in the Cape 

McDonald. ]\Ionntcd rtilio?,8unth Africa; 

1st wife. Civil Commi.ssioncrand Kesi- 

■ dcntial Mafriscratoof (iriqna- 

. land West'; died M Sept. 

! 1880, ffit. 57. 






William Mar- 


ITetiry IJ 



Anna Alaria, 

Lonisa, born 

Bhall.burii 11 

shall, horn 3 


born 1 

Iioni 3 Sept. 

S Jan., died 

INfarch, died 

Sept. 1844 ; 

Oct. IxVi 

" ; died 


7 Feb. 1849; 


lost at sea 4 

5 'May 

1 848 ; 

Jan. 1847 ; 

bur, at Gains- 

Dec. 18C3. 

bni'. at 


bur. at Gains- 

borough. i 



boron trb. 


Charles Robert Edward Brack- 
Marshall, died enbuiy Mar- 
17 Sept. 18G9. shall. 

:Caro]iue Alatilda, dan. of 
R. H. Hcathcote of Grahams- 
town, Ciipe Colony. 

Eight other 

Carr Brackenbuiy Alarshall, 4t]i 
son, born 7 Feb. 1700 ; bapt. at 
Theddlcthorpe St. Helen's same 
day ; Rector of Ri'igsley ; died at 
Waltliam, near Great Grimsby, 29 
Sejjt. 185C, a?t. GG, unmar. 

(irace, 1st dan., born 2 
Xov. 1784 ; mar. Vice- 
Admiial George Hewson 
of Topsh;im, CO. Devon; 
died 1853; bur. at Tup- 

Anna Maria, 2nd 
dau.. born 9 Oct. 
1787; mar. John 
^Myddelron, Rec- 
tor of Bucknall. 

Charlotte, 3rd dan., 
born and bajjt. at 
Theddlethorpc 17 
June 179:; ; mar. 
James Abanitford, 
an Independent 

Sophia, 4tb dan., born 
2G July 1793 ; bapt. 
at 'I'lieddletliorpe St. 
Helen's the same day ; 
mar. James Bi-eston 
ol" Baitoii-oii-Hniiiber ; 
died in Xew Jei-t-y 5 
Jan. 1850. 

TsHbolla Anne, 
5th dan., born 
and hajit. at 
St. Hclen\s 1 
.Ian. 1 797: mar. 
'riiumas Leigh 
of Grimsliy. 

Janetta, Gth dau., 
bapt. at Theddle- 
tho)|>e St. Helen's 
19 Dec. 1799; nnir. 
James Warburtun 
of Giimsbv. 



liioliaid ^riu>iiallor ^A'c^t LaiiL^-liton T-lvaLlioritio, dan. of ... . lic^'istcr 

]'•• May l."'',il ; iu(]. p.m.. ruurt of 
Wai\ls." 1(;]7. 

of ,\ slack nv ; mar. at Aslaukby 
]."> .lull'- I. ■.711. 

l\ietiaid ,\liirsliall, sou and brir-apimrent 10 ^day—Ilrid^Li, dau. vl' .... Rossolcv ; 
la'Jl ; ol' Aslackln- 11 Xov. 101('> and 3 Cct. cx'trix oi! her IuhIkuuI. Adrn'oii 
IGiH). (See".A[iscJ'Hanca Marescallia!ia,"vol. i., 18 Xuv. ic.;;i. then ol" West 
Aj)p\. 0, Ad.) ljau<,'luon, widow. 

il-lavluooi} of 5Laucj:I)ton. 

Arms. — Gull'', a cJicvron cruurtc hci/rw/i ihrcc goati Jiendfi erased argeni. 
Ileiuy .Marwood of GreaL=f=Anne, dau. of Jleiu'v (r Jolm) Constable 

Ayton, CO. York, and 
Little Bnsbv, died IGoO. 

of Dronianbv ; di^-d 2li .Sept. IGGd, 
t\?t. 8'J. 

Sii- George ]\Iar- Deborah, dau. of ;"-^AVilliain— ?k[arilia, dau. of .Vnthony Eyre of 

Nvood, created a widow of Thomas 

Ijaronct {ri<h Jackson, clothier, 

Burke's '" Ex- of Leeds ; Inir. at 

tiuct Baronet- Laiightou 8 Se|)t. 

age "). lGc)7. 1st wife. 

Mar- Kampton, co. Xotts ; widow of 

wood of 'William Saltmar.she of Strubby. 
Laugh- CO. Lincoln; bur. at Langton-by- 
ton. Wragby 2-1 June IOtI. A^'lll 

dated 10 June, proved 22 Auc^. 

1G71. 2nd wife. 


]\Lary, dau. of Sir=-pWiiliam =FFrances 

John Xewton, ^Marwood, 

Bart., of llaydor; bapt. at 
bap 1. 1 ;3 ]\1 a}- 1 G 1 8 ; La n gh- 
mai'. at Ilaydoi' 2r) ton 10 
July 1G71 ; bur. 
at Laaghtou ol 
July lG78,s.p. 1st 



Frances,=f=^ra!-y.dau. and coheir of John Deborah, 
dau. of i Boswell of South Thorc.sby ; bur. ;ii 
' widow of Xoah Mottram of,)i_ 
Cawthorpe ; mar. at Louth 
20 April IG'JC. Will dated 
10 June 17G0; proved 20 
^Mareh 17G3. 3rd wife. 

bur. at 
ton 8 
2nd wife. 

ton 2 

John JIarwood, bapt. 
2G Aug., ])ur. \:\ Xo\'. 
1G73 at Jvanghton. 

William Marwo k1, 
l)apt. IG Sejjt. 1G75 ; 
bur. at LauglitoM 10 
Dec. ]G7S. 

Deborah, liapt. at 
Lauirhton 1 July J 078. 

Henry Marwood, ba]-t. at Frances, bur. at Laugh- 

Lang'hion 30 June 1GS2. ton 11 Dec. IG80. 

Thomas ^Farwo'-id, bapt. at Barljara, Lau'_!h- 

Laugliton 17 Xov. ](\x"i\ ton 12 May 108."). Will 

cx'trix to his sister Baibara dated 2'.i Afril ]7l'.i: 

iMarwood 1752. proved 8 June ]7.")2. 

— then " of the City of 
William ^VLarwoud, ba]jt. at Yoi-k, spinster." 
liaughton ]0JnnelGsG. — 

— Frances, l)ai)t. at Laugh- 
GeerL-r; Marwo^.J. bapt. at (on 17 S<M,r. IGOl ; bur. 
JjaiiLMitMii 17 Oct. ]t;s7. L'7 Mareli l<;'jv>. 


:)i /i.d. 

LiNcoi-NMinii; i'i:itiO)iKi:s. 


r>o5\vo]l :^Tar- Gc-onjo :Nr:ir\vcKul. Fram-es. Deborah, ^-.Tohii Lcncli of Spils- 

\vood,lnipL. at ^ ^^ ■' c.>lK'ir,l.a]tt. by. tiilluw-cliaiiuk'r. 

Lanfr' 10 \\\\\a. ;if l/inir1.t(.n at I-auu^h- Will daLnl 2 July, 

\n'-? ](;'J0. i- Jail. 1705. tnii 27 Ucc. pruvod^u Dec. 17;;7. 

'""'"" • 1(;'J7. 

"WiHiain Lcarh, s.p 

■^lary, co-~Jolni 
lic-iv.' \Vri<:lit. 

Elizalk'th, cnheir, mar, .Tu.-eiJi 

Juhn Wri-ht, RichanlWri-ht. :\rary—Kov. Thomas Bootb,Yicar Elizabeth, 
mar. ami bad mar. and had j of Friskncy. 

issue. issue. ^^ 


Jane coheir, bapt.--rTlc-v. Lucas :\rorrall Catherine, cobcir,^Rev. Henry :\rarsball 
at Lau2;iton 17 of lUirgb-le-Marsb. died 17!i7; bur. at of Salinonby,__born 

Sept. 1702. 


IGO'J ; died 177b. 

Eev, Henry :Marsba]l, Rector of Salmonby 1779 ; 
died ISI2'; bur. in cbancel of the Church. 

iHao^iuQljcrt of BursI), 33ratcift, aiiD 

[:\IS. C. 23, Heralds' College. '• HistuiT of Ormsby," by llev, W. 0. ^rassingberd.] 

^Y.yi^—Qu'uin-lij : 1 and -1, .-12?//^, Ihrrr qihiircfvih and a hoar pasmni in chief or, 
charyed v:iih a cross patttc (juks. 2 and 3, Or and argenf, on a cross guhs, 
letwcenfour lions rampant sahUjh-e escaUops of the second. 

Lambert Massingberd of Sutterton, living 1288.=p 

William ^^lassing-^Cecilia, Aban :^rassingb(•rd— AMielina, dan. of William 

bcrd of Sutterton, 

dan. of 

of Sutterton, living 

1 O- I 

Sourale of Siitteilon ; had 
dower in 13a'.i. 

Roger Massinglicrd, 

Hugh Massingberd,^. . . . dan. Lambert :^lassingberd, 
livin'' 13G8. I of . . . . 1308. 

Thomas :\IassinL^berd of Burgb-le-^Iarsb,— Juliana, dau. and coheir of TImmas Ber- 

living ]13r>. 

nak of iiurgh. 


N X 

.n . i'V/ 


LI NCoi.N sii 1 \{ K r r, DIG i; i: is. 


"Wiiliiuu !Mn^siiii:!'ord liohort M:ii:>Miip:-"=f=Ai,Miop, dan. and hoir Kliznbctli, ni:ir, 

of SkoiriiCSs(?). 111,"). l)eid of r.iui:;li, 


urUnl-ert lla!lid:iv(.f J..lm llai 

TliOiiiits ^i:ls^ill^•-::::, iViizahoil., (iai'i. and Cv'liL-ir Katlia- ----Jt>liii M;!~-=^rati!<la, 

herd, citizen and I of Tlionia?. Loid lloo and rinc, singboid dan. uf 

niercerof London, j llasLin^-j. K.(i. ; reniar. Sir dan. of (d' P.oston, .... 

2nd son. | Jolm j'evonisli, ]\iir., of IsL J17r> and 2nd 

! Hclliiig'lci^^ii. CO. Susacx. wife. lOlC. wife. 


Anne, lieiress, living' 2 July 17 lleniy "\ II., 1502. 

Piobcrt ^ras^inuberd. William ^las- Piichavd ^lassinfj-^^Waud, dan. of Tljomas 
dead in LJIO. singbord, 1510. berd of Burgh. Kyme of Friskncv. 

llngli ^fassing- William— Jane. dan. Chii.^lopher ^Massingiterd, Chancellor 

berd, FcIIca; of !Mas>ing- of William of I^incoln 1502 ; Arclideaeon of Stow 

Magdalen Col- b^^rd. ' Cracrofiof 1513; died S ^larch 1552-3; bur. 

lege, Oxon, { Hogs- in Lincoln Cathedral. ^Vill dated G 

I-ib'.). tborpe. March 1552-3 ; proved 28 April 1553. 


Cl'jmence, dan. and heir of ITu::i-"r-.]riIin ^ifassimr-^Jane, dau. of Edward Lewk- 

phrey Sonlhworthofco. Lanca--i_'r, 
1st wife. 

berd of Calais. 

nc>r of CO. .Sussex. 2nJ wilb. 

Richard Massing- Tliomas ^las-^^. . . . dau. of Juhu Clarke Christopher 

berd, s.p. 


of London, merchant. 


Richard INIassingberd. William ]\rassinuljerd. Thomas ^lassingberd. 

Sir Tliomas ^lassingberd, Knt.. of Bratoft. /.?/., 1495 ;=pJoan, dau. and Juliana, 

knighted at Anne Boleyn's Cur'^natiou 30 May 1533 ; heir of .John mar. 

died 25 May 1552 ; iuq. p.m. 27 Oct. 1552. ; Bratoftof Bra- John 

toft. Leeke. 

^rartin^L'rsnla. dau. Cecily, mar. Thomas Alice, mar. Thomas I).»roihy. 

Mas- ofPi(.i)erl(?) ^loore. Thor]je of Frii-ston, — 

sing- Elringtonof — son of Tliomas Tn<ir]ie Grace. 

berd. lloxtou. Editli. mar. Richard d Wisjtington ; iiuj. — 

Lyiler of 'J'aihwell. jmu. 28 Sept. 15l'3. Chrisiian. 


I I I I 

B O.-wald Massingberd. 'J i."nias Ma-^sinL'berd. William ^lassinirberd. Joan. 

LiNcoLKsiiiUE rj:iUGiii^]:s. 


I ~ ' ~ "■ I " . "I 

Auguscin M;'.>s;iiit;--^^l;ir;r;irL't, dan. of SirO.<\\;iM M;i.ssiii,i;bei(l. :?ii(l Ahm ^r;t>- 

btitl, died 17 Fci). Rubt.Tt lOIfiiiLrton sdii, Km'uliL i.)^ St. John ol* siiiirlifid, 

la-Jli-oO; ii!']. ] ul' lloxtnii, O'. .K'ni>al(.M;i, Grand Trinr of dit'd uu- 

9 Aug. lbh\}. ]\liddlcsc.v. Ireland; living 1000. mar. 

(!racc, mar. .Sio Elir.aliL-tJi, bur. at liratuft C"!iristuj)]K!r= Auno^Christoijhei- 
phen Si>ackmau. IS Oct. KtS.s. Forsott of .Somercotcs 

— — l>il>by. 1st of Somer- 

Ursula, uiar. Edith, m:u'. Augustiu husband. cotcs. 'ind 

John Daw. Caundish. liusband. 

William ]Ma?--y^Anue (or ('hristopher Joh'.t ^bis- -pDoi'uthy.dau.orsir lioberc 

singberd. 2n(l Cocilyj, Classing- sinirbvi'd, l[iiss«.-_v, l\nt., of Linwood, 

sou, bur. at dan. of berd, Tu'd 4th son, 

Sakflectlty .^r. Ivichard son, Clerk l)ur. at 

Peter's;'! Nov. Clayton ofthcCoun- Gunl-y 17 

157'i. of Lou- cil of Calai.s April lOSO. 

: don. i:>-bs. 

coheir to her mother Anno, 
dan. and coheir of Sir 
Thouias Say, Knt., of Eys- 
ton, CO. Essex. 

Augnstin ?irassiugberd=Anne, dan. . . . .=Edith,=f^. . . . .Vune, mar. 

of Suttci-ton, s.p. Will of....; ]3aker. , co- Nicholls. John Booth 

datud To Aug.. proved living Lsthns- • heir, j 2nd hus- of Kyiuc. 

17AUU-. lOM. ' 101 1. band. I : band. 

Thomas Baker. John Baker. 

John Nicholls. 

Oswald ]\Iassingberd of London, gold-=pMary, dan. of 
smith, and Farnham, cu. Surrey. Slii;'li\vright of 

(irav's Inn. 

Elizabeth (?), mar. 
llobcrc Beaumont 
of London. 

John ]\[assingberd of London, ^Cecilia, dan. nf 'J'honias Pertit of London, m'.r- 
merchant, Treasurer of East chant, ord son of Cyriae Pertit nf Shalinc-ford, 
India Com[tany, died _;) \ov. co. Kent. Will dated :in Mai-eh I("..jf: proved 
ICJ.I ; bur. in Screatham Sej>:. lO.'f.'i bv .Mary, Ladv "Willoughl'V. 
Church. M.I. , ' . ' 

Thomas -Ma'^singberd. J"lin ^la-sing- Elizalnth, coheir .Mary.coheii'.mai-.Ko- 

— " berd, s.p. ^ 11 Aug. 1010; bertjvord Wilhiu'/h- 

Robei't MassiuLfberd. — mar. George, 1st by dc Eresi'V, eldest 

, . Cecilia, uinnar. ICari ot Berkelev. S'l.'i of .MontaiiMi. i^nd 

^^'■'''•^' ^-P- ■ Earl of LindsX-y. 

Alice, dan. and heir of Piel!aid=pThoma> "Mnssinglicrd, Isr^Doroihy, dan. and 
P.evercotes of Xe\v;irk-nii-Treiit, son, a'L I's rml more 1 .')."»2 ; j h-'ir (if Biciiard 
Pieeeiver-dcneral of the l)v-an an<l M.P. fur Cdais '.> Feb. j Ballani ofOrby. 
Chapter of Linei.b) ; marriau^e set- 1 .").:>l'-:; : b:)r. ut Gnidiy :J i Will [.i-oved -2'.) 
tlemelit 10 Feb. l.");;7->^. Isi wife. .S-pt. \b><\. \Vill dated 27 i Nov. l.j'j-l. 2nd 

j Aug., proved 2.J Nov. 1.J84. j wife. 
C ( " D 

I I I, 



LiNcoT.KsuiiiK PKi)ir,i;i:r.s. 

William^llc'lc-M, dau. of . . . . ,]ani\ mar. Frances, mar., Dorotliy, liajiL at 

^las- Quadriiiir of Hiir-h ; jjubert I Oct. l."»7'.t, Bratuft 2i July 

sing- m;»r. there '-'.t Nov. of Samuel New- 1;'»7G ; ex'tvix to 

lierd. 1570. Branston. oomeu of Low lier mother l.'dU. 

, ! J. I . I . 

IMwaid MassiULrlH'id, ^\ illiam Mas- Jolni .^fassinLT- 1 U nry Ma>siugl"-M-d, 

I'ajil. at IV.atol't -J'J sinulitrd,ba[>t. huvd, liapt. at liajit. at Biaujl't o 

Nov. I'ls!) ; bur. there at r.ratoft :!.s Bratoft lOJan. Aug. 1.5'.t0;l)nr. there 

:.'l Jan. i:)8'J-'.)0, s.p. Fel*. lOliO-'JJ. ir.!>i;-7. 10 bet. Joli'J, g.p. 

Jane, ba]it. at Frances, bapt. at l^)ratoft 7 Tsabt'l, bapt. at Elizabeth, bapt. 

Bratol'c y Sept. Dee. loSo : bur. there 10 Brafcoft 23 Aug. at I'raioft 21: 

ir)8?. ; mar. at Feb. 1585-(). 1588. Aug. 1595, 

];urgh,21 Xov. — — — 

1G12, IJichavd ^lary, bajir. at Bratoft 2o Margaret, bai)t. Protasia, bur. at 

AVliitiiig. May 1587; bur. there 11 at Bratoft (I Bratoft 11 An ir. 

May 15'J2. May 15f)3. 1599. 

George r\Iassing-=pAlice. dan. of Angn.stin Massingbri'd of Kathariiii', mar. 

bcrd of i^ratoft, } . . . .^lilies Gunby, bur. there 25 May Thomas Call. 

2nd son, living , of Abingdon, 1580. Will dated 18 ]May, — 

H'iO'j. i CO. Berks. proved June 1580. Grace, mar. Alan 

I Iiaithby. 

Lionel ]\ra?singberd,=i=JanL', dan. and coheir of Ed\vard=p.Juditij, dan. of Ar- 

died s.p. Sept. 1G09. j Leonard Kirkman of East ]\rassing- I migill Sharpies ."f 

"Will pruvcd 20 Oct. j Keal ; reraar. John Kol- herd, Louth ; mai-. 11 

lC(i9. j leston ; died June 1G24. bapt. at Xov. 1011 ; bur. at 

I Bratoft Louth 19 Aug. 

I :') June 1032. 

!Marie, bapt. 8 Feb., bur. In March lijn7-8. 1589. 

Ai>raliam-f:G race, dan. Lionel !^LlSsing- Frances, Elizabeth, liapt. at Louth 

^Li.ssiii;f- ; of. . . , l)(.rd, bapt. at bapt. at 23 .Mai'ch 1(121-2 ; bur. 

Ijerd of ; Pennyston ; Louth 3u Sept., Louth there 5 Aug. 1G32. 

Louih, mar. at bur. 1 Oct. 1G27. G Dee. — 

1st son, Bauudx'r2G — 1C12 ; Anne (twin with Li'inel), 

a3t. 2U in ^lay 1G34:. Gharles ]\[assing- bnr.there bapt. at Loutli 3U Sept. 

1G34 ; j herd, bapt. at 8 Feb. 1G27; bur. there 2 Aug. 

died be- { Louth 2U Xov. 1G12-13. 1G32. 

fore IG 19. • 1G28. 

.lames ^Ias<ing- Edward Massing- Frances, bapt. at Louth Juditii. b;ipt. 

lierd, bapt. at herd, b.i|.t. at Louth 17 .^Llr(•h lG35-(;. at Loiiih 23 

Liinth 2 ;^^arch 7 -ALiy ]r.40; bur. — .Ian. 1(M5-G; 

1G3G-7. there 30 Oct. 1G43. J-iiizabeih, V)apt. at liOiuh bur. there 27 

C 8 ()ct. ICU. Aug. 1G49. 

' ' ' ! 

I,tNCOL^^>^llHn•. I');i)]uki:i-j>. 



Tlioiuns ]\l;i<siin2;l»oril of SuUfloetby. aficr-^Fnuioet;. dan. of Ooorqo Fii/.william 
wiinls of BratolV, Isl s .n, died 11 Sept. . of Mablelhorpc : hnr. at (iuiiliy o May 
IGl'1 ; iiK]. p.m. •_*;] Jnivj \C.2-J. 10U7. 

Frances, bapt. at Sa>aiuia,l'aj)t. at Salt- Afuio,bapt. at Salt 

]3i-atoi't S Jan. 
1503-i ; mar. 
Francis Cavo of 
Inwrsby,co. Lei- 

Mary, bapt. at 
BratofD 1 1 .luiic 
15C)8 ; mar. at 
Gnnby, 12 Oct. 
1597, Edward 

lleetby 20 Scpr. 1.J74; 
mar. at Gnnby. •_'!>. Inn. 
l.'.'.ti-.'), FtoberL llast- 
iniTs of Ijilsbv. 

fleet In- 1'.) ^r:iy 
].'»S0; mar. 1st. 21 
.July liiii;], Willi im 
Ijowndes ; 2ndlv, 
12 Feb. IGOO-lb, 
liobert Stephenson. 


l.")S. ")-('. 

, bapt. at 
10 Feb. 
: l>nr. 20 
Ai)ril 15'.'2. 

jiridget, Viai)t. at Salt- 

jloetby 28 Sept. l.')77 ; Gnnby, 20 Oct. Eleanor, bapt. at 

ir,i2. "Williain Thory Salttloetby 7 Sept. 

of Winthorpe. 1582. 





bur. at 
4 :\Iarcli 

th,bnr. at 
IG .Inly 

Thomas MassIn<j;berd,=pFrances, dan. of John Mas- Hcury ]\ras-^Alice, dan. 

1st son, bapt. at Bra- Robert Ilalt.m of singberd, singberd, , of . . . . 

Glee by Joan, dan. l);-.p:. at bajn.atBra- j Bnsshcy ; 

iif-fohn Draner of Bratoft 7 toft 1 Feb. ; mar. 5 .Inly 

Hoxtun,co.;>riddle- April 15G5; 15GG-7. j 1502. 

sex, sister and heir l)nr. there Will proved 

of Thomas Draner; 10 Aug. 27 July 

bur. at Gunby 23 150G. IGIG. 
Dec. 1G38. 

toft 30 Aug. 15G2 
a3t. 5C an.d more in 
1G22 ; bur. at Gnnby 
GXov. 1G3G; iuq.p.m. 
5 Oct. 1630. Will 
dated 3 June 1635. 

Massin<i'- dan. of 

herd of 
l)apt. at 
25 Jan. 
1505-G ; 
of Thorpe 
in 1G20. 

David ?*rassiim- 

lierd (twin with 

Bridget), bapt. 

at Braioft 1 

.\rarch 150G-7. 

John Wad 
of Addle- 
thorpe ; — 

mar. lie. John ]\[assing- 
June 1G20, herd, Ijapt. at 
fet. 16. Bratoft G Aug. 


< Trace, bapt. at 
Dratoft 30 April 
150;>; bur. 5 Nov. 

Alice (twin with 
Grace), bapt. at 
Bratoft 30 April 
1503; inar. Fran- 
cis Jjangley of 
lie. 17 July 1610). 

Ehzabeth, bapt. at 
Bratoft 20 Sept., 
bur. 6 Oct. 1504. 

Bridget, bapt. at 
Bratoft 1 ^larch 

Katharine, bapt. 
at ]>ratoft 24 June 

. I J 

Anne, dan. of. . . . Langley^pJohn ]\[as-"^Elizal)eth, Lliza- 

(j)0ssib!y his first-cMUsiii. sini'l-erd daii. of betli, 

dan. of l''r;iiu'is Langley); ; of Grolu ^ Skip- mar. 

mar. at (;un!)y 14 June ! | with (?) .... 

1648; remar. Edwtird Dropc j j GeLson. Thew. 
of Croft. 1st wife. i 2nd wife. 

Ma!V. mar. 1st 
John ('ater ; 
2ndly John Jolly 
of Candlesby 
(marriatre bund 
1 Xuv. 1671). 




Xatliiiiiii 1 Ma-siiii:- I'^aiicis Ma<-iiiL'- .lulm Mai;<in>;1>vid, Eli/.abetli, bapt. 

l)eiHl, l)a](i. at Dia- boinUtapt. ai. lira- bapt. .il Brattifo f. J .Mar. ICol--: 

tuft. 1:.' April ItMl! ; tuft .". .1 uly I (i.'m ; Xov. in:.;;; buf. biir, ai I'.ratoft 

bur. 8 Jul) lO.'i."'. bur. 11 Apiil 2') Mav IG.M. L'8 , Sept. 1 COO. 

Skipwitli ^lassiiii^-berd, bapt. Tlu-uias ]\ras?iii_<r- Jjioncl ^Tas- John Mas^iug- 

at lirat'ift u; Feb. l(v)0-(H) ; bonljiajit. at Bra- siiipjbcrJ. berd. 

bur. i; Mdy icon. toll 10, bur. 11 ' — — 

— Aug. l(:(ii\ llfury ]\las- William ^Mas- 

Joliu Massinfj'bci'd, bant, at — siniibcrd. singbeid. 

Brat'if't, lo Sept., bur. 10 Oct. Anin,', born and 

lf»()l. bur. at (,'roft. All .s.p. ; l)orn and Itur. at 


Alice, bapt. at Ounby=Thomas Mary, bapt. at ]\ravtraret,ba]it. at^fiConard 

18 Sept. 1('>10; mar. Day of Guiiby 21 Aug. Cunby 28 Xov. Purley of 

there 27 ]\ray 1034. Sails- ItUl; bur. lo lillo; mar. there Farles- 

thorpe. Feb. leii-K). 27 Jan. 1G;30-;31. thorp-j. 

Anne, ba[)t. Joan. bapt. IJicliard Cater of \Ve!-=:Susauna, — Richard Oedn'-y, 

fitGnnby21 at Louth (! ton, mar. 4 Jan. bajit. at 2nd son of John 

Dec. li;o2 ; Xov. IGo;?.; lG25-t; ; died lu July (iuuby Gedney ufSwaby; 

bur. 3 Dec. bur. 2;) July 16.'.1 ; b:ir. at Weltoii. 2u Oct. mar. o"Oct. 1()30. 

1C.20. 1G04. ' 1st husband. IGoO. 2nd husband. 

l)ra!ier ]\rrissinubt_M-d, born Frances, bapt. at (iunliy Susanna, bapt. at Ounby 

11, bapi. 17 jiec.lGlOat 17 Feb. 1.0:>(;-7; mar. 22 Feb. lOJt7-S: luir. a't 

Guuby. (See Massint;- 1st. 5 Jan. IGIS-IO, John Lontb ?ilarch 15:t0. 

BEUD of South Ormsby.) Day of Saustlioi-pe, who — 

— ' dictl21 AjH-il IGol ; 2ndly, Eli/.abcth, Ounby 

^Magdalen, l^oru 7 Oct. 11 Jidy \''oi>. Tnonuis 2o ^[arch lOO^i-O; mar., 

l.'j'.iO ; bur. at Sl. James's, Pitchei' of Trumpingtou, 5 Jan. 1618-19, John 

Clerkeuwoll, ki. 

CO. Cambiidiie. 

Thomas ]-]lizabeth,=pSir lleni-y ^Massingbeid, 

Massing- dan. of Bart., bapt. at Gunliy 

berd, William 2S Aug. IGO'J ; tot. 27 

bapt. at Lister of in IGiiG ; admitted to 

Gnnby Coleby ; Christ's College, Cam- 

29 June mar. "l3 biidge, 18 April 1G27 ; 

1GU8 ; Dec. 1G:32. entered the Liner 

died an l^t wife. Tein])le 7 June 1G29; 

infant. i indicted I'or High Trea- 

! son IGio ; ILgi'i SherilV 

i of CO. Fiincoln lG.')4-0 ; 

' ereatt.d a Baronet IGOS ; 

, re created 22 Aug. IGGd; 

I HighSheritfof c. Brd- 

i ford 1GG7 ; bur. at 

: Gnnby 18 Sept. 1080. 


Y'Ann-'. dau. aiid-^Elizabeth, dau 
heir of William of Timothy 
Evans of Lon- 
don ; relict of 

.Stouglitun of 
Stuughtoii; bur. 
at Stoke, CO. 
Surrey, lo Jan. 
1071-2. 2nd 

CO. York ; mar. 
27 Xov. li;79 ; 
re mar. AVi'liam 
Ash of Pas'on, 
CO. Xonhamp- 
ton. 8rd v.ife. 

Ifeory }iL'ts.singlterd, boiTi p 'Sf- 
huuious ; bapt. at flunby 8 Oct., 
bur. 20 Xov. 1G80. 

,'. ; v.- 

■;'i." ■ 

in.' I. V.< 



I I II II " " 

l^hmna-i .M:i<-.inL;lu-i-.l. 'I"!n'iii;i? .M;issiiiLr!>''|-i1, ll'.-iiiy .M:i^>iiiLrlt r^l, lt;i]>t. ;it Ciiiiln- 17 l»L'c. la).!. 1,". M;.\ 1 r,;;s ; (.niil'y .•".n .\/.v. ICII ; dic.l 

1(1:'.."); Imr. :'. I'Y-b. bur. (,; IVli. l('..'i l-j. iinii::ii-. nt Iiiiicr 'IVnii'lc : 

l"'-"'(;-7. — l.'iir. ill Tt.Tiiplr <."linifli li'CC. 

— William .MassiiiLtliL-rd, — 

TTcnry !Massin<:l>pn1, bapr. II A})iil liWVJ; .Toliii iriHsiiijfbord, boin at 

bapt/tit (luuby i'7l>rc. bar. l^O Apiil 1 C li). lioston in KMi]; bur. at, 

]()ot); bur. -J June lianict, co. Herts, l(!71. 

George >nnii']erson = France>, bapt. at G unity — John Buuil^Tiinothy llild- 
of South Thori'Pby, •jC. June l(io4 ; died 21 of ]a'VL',sl)y. yard, sin-vivini; 
bni". there ('> Dt-c. 'Mayl71'.>; bur.atS.niLh 2nd bus- ']71ii. ord bus- 
1080. Isl. husband, Thoresbv. band. band. 

Eli/.abeili, bapt. at Gu!d)y 1 Oct.:=Str Xicliola? >tuU[ili- ^larL^aret, ba])t. at St. 

KHO ; mar. at I^ Barnet, co. ton, lkirt..of StdUgh- lH»tul[)h's, .VkU-r.^gate, 

ller;s, 2 June U'it;2 ; bur. at ton in Stoke, co. Sar- Ijonduu, IG 12 ; 

Stok.j lo Sept. 1GS2. rev. Gunity JO Dec. IGia. 

Sir William ]\Iassiug-=pElizalK-tli, dau.of Ricli- Thomas Massiiigbcrd, Margaiet, 

berd, Bart., l)orn at , ard Wynne of the City Lajit. at Southill, co. born at 

Liucoln'sInnFields2;3 ., of Loudon ; mar. at St. Bedford, 28 Feb. Stougli- 

Jan. l(U'J-oi> ; liigh James's, Clerken\Yell. l(;5G-7; bur.atSandy, ton circa 

Sheriil' fur CO. Bedford 11 July 1073; co. Bedford, 15 Jan. 1053. 

1G94-5 ; died 1711b I Gnnbv 30 July 1714. 1G71-2. 

Sir AViliiam ^ilassingberd, Bart., bapt. Henry ^Massing- ITeiirvMassingberd, 

at Biatoft 2 J Sept. 1G77 ; :\r.P. for berd,' bajit. at l-apu' at Gunby 5 

CO. Liucohi 1722; died at (iolden l^inuer. bur. at Aug. 1082 ; died at 

Square, London, 1 Dec. 172;;, niimar. G unity « July Arcliangel in Russia, 

(See Burke'.s *' Extinct Baronetage.'") 1082. unmar. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Elizaljoth, Ijapt. at=f='.lMioraas P.arbara. Ainio, bapt. at 
Bratoft 22 Dec. ]>raLoft 1 Sejit. 1G7G; , Meu.v. l.iapt. at Gunby 22 July 
1G74 ; l:)<Tun- eventual heiress of Piniifr,co. IG^;); bur. a't 

by 7 Aug. 1G75. her brother. 

iliddiesex. Littleton, co, 

AViliiam Meux, took, the name and arms of Ma-singberd 173s, from whom the 
^lassingljcrds of Gunby descend. (See Burke's " Landed Gentry.") 

Arabella, bapt. at ^lariruret. bapr. ^Ln-gan-t, ba])t. Pliiladeliihia, ]MaiT, bapt. 
Gunby 11 Sept, at (junby 23 Feb. at <;iinby 20 bapt. at (Jiin- 3oAiav.bur. 
lG><-i; bur. there IGn.j-G ; bur. 27 Mayir,>7;bur. by Id Xov. OJnnJlCOU. 
9 Oct. 1710. Sept. 1G8G. C July 1713. ]»;88;bur. 5 

June IC'JO. 


LlNTOLNNllI i;i: rKniGlll^.KS. 

E!iz.i!nMii.'l;!n.a:iil----Sir UraiKTov I Jniyii'i- ?^ras>iiiL;!)enl," — Aiuu'. <]aii. and ciilicir (A' 

Cdiifir I'i' Al)iahuin ]\nt., (luit!>y 17 Dec. ]i;i.'i: ll(;in yMiliiniavt.f (irai.\s 

lUirrell (.if ?il(\lliH\ aliuiitcl to tlio Inner 'iVniiik' 11 in vo. Essex by his 1st. 

ci). llmiis; mar- May ir.;{:;!: imivliasod the manor <)!' wife, <lan. and C'-h'-ir (A' 

riaii't'suuIeiMi'Ui lid S.:;i!!i OrnisI'V ]i;:;s; llij.ii S'|. •;.';' . . . . IVirk ■••id" I lammond, 

jMay Ib.'il; dinl id' cc Linr'iln 1 1',:),")— -r,7 ; knijjfiitcd C". SaKip; niaiTiau^' scr- 

](.!77, s.|.. ; hiir. 17 Fil>. Kltai-Ci ; di^J n .May, UcnicnL :.':» Xov. 1078; 

at Ornishv. 1st. bur. at Onu=by 1^ .May IG-sD. , remar. IGity William 


White. 2nd wife. 

Bnrrell ^rassin,[;lierd of Orms- Henry I'ilizal'i.'th. mar., 27 July 1007. Anne. 

by, bapt. ai llarrin^-ton 2b ]Massini;-- Hdwai-d llyrnc of St. Leonard's, 

April iGSo, from whom the herd, Shorediteh. 

Ma=<sinpl.ierd-Mundysof Ornis- bapt. at — 

by and tlie Rev. William Os- Ormsby Amy, bapt, at Onns!\v 1 1 A]iril 

wald ^Mussingberd, Hector of 17 Oct. I(;.s2 ; bur. lu dan. lGs;i-4. 

Ormsby, descend. (SeeHnrke's lOsfl; — 

" Landed Gentry.") died nn- Fi ances, bur. ar, Ormsby ] Feb. 

mar. 1G88-1). 

jHautitt of 0rtat ^tuitoiu 

[MS. C. 2.3, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Gules, ihrcc pallets indented etrgeni. 

Richard ]\Iandit of eo. Devon. ^^f 

Robert ]\raiidit of Exeter. 

Johni^raudit. Ricliard ]\Iaudit. Otho Plaudit of St. T)nn-=j=Eh'zal)efh. dan. of 
— — stan's-in-ilje-West, Lon- William iX-yiies of 

George Maudit. Isaac Maudit. don. Will dated 1016 (?). St. MartiiVs-iii- 

Adm'on i; }day IGU; ; 2nd the- Fields, Lon- 
adm'on 2 June lCli>. ■ don. 

Otho Maudit of St. Dnii^tan's- Richai'd ?kIandit=pAlicc, dan. .bi'in Maudit,s.p. 
in-the-AVcst, citizen and mcr- of (ireat Stur- of Robert — 
chant tailor, 1st son, adm'or ton 1(»;)4, 2nd Smyth of Arthur Maudit, 
of his father's will IGIO. Will son, ex'or of his Honing- 4tli son, adm'or of 
jiroved 'J April IGl'J ; (to be) brother IGl'i. ton. ^' liis brotlier Wil- 
bur, at St. ])uns:tan's. i liam 1 Aug. 1G25. 

tet. la, 1G;:!1. 




Elizalioth, let. 
2, JG31. 

A dan., nnba]itiz',d 
IGOl. A 

i • .;-.. ; 

I . :■' ' -1 

1.. ,,!,, .f i.fy 


L]N'C0L>:>1U11K ri:i>lGKi:KS. 




■anl M'amlit. 

1 1 
A\ il!i;ili) ;M:uiirK of St. M:ilV ifaL^'la- 

1 1 

IK'iiry Miuulif, 8ih .son, 


fon. uwd^'V 

Icno. Fish Suvcr, l>.'i!<l'Wi, C.tli son; 

UlldlT a£,'(.' ll'.lO. 



iWvd niiiimr. Adin'oti 1 Au;_;. lOi'.'). 

TI'.Mt'.ias Matulit, lull son, 

Benj:iniiii MaiiJit, 7l1i coii, uiidi.1- 


uiulfi' a^e IGl'.i. 

Elizabeth, ninnar. Ill] '■) ; l\atliarino. mar. Isr Kicliard ^larv. of St. Oiljs witli- 

niar.dolui Kvernrd. 1 ).!)., "Watsini : i?iidly . . . . Gai'ilncr, out C'rij"inli."j::itt>, Lon- 

Preachcr at St. Martin's- S'.eward to I. did ^rountjoy ; don : died unmav. 

in-tlie-Ficlds, London. ^rdly .... AVat-son I'l' St. Dun- Adm'on O^t. 1(118. 

Stan's- i;i-i lie- West. 

Artluir Plaudit of S[. James, Clei-kenwel!, living April ]('.GO=p. . . . dan. of 

Elizabeth, mar. iMlmniid Clay of St. Andrew's, Ilolborn ; mar. lie. 'J April l(Jiii>, 
aH. 17 : (to be) mar. at. Sr. James's, Clcrkenwell. 

Piobort INfaxey of Bnrgh,^Aliee, dan. of John "Westlyd 
dead in ICOo. of Ib-atofr. 

liicliard ^laxoy of Dnrirli, son and heir (called nephew^pSusan, dan. of 
in the will of Joliu Westlyd of iJratoft, daied 8 Sejit. John P.nylev of 
IGUo); living IG::! I. ' Xormaiiliv. 

"William ^faxey, xt. Anne, Isc dan., Eiizabeth, i>iid dan., Francx-s, r.r^l dan., 

about 2ij, IGoi. legatee of John legatee of John mar. Jolm Hall of 

— Westlyd lGn;j ; AVe>tlyd JGuiJ; mar. linrgh. 

John j\Iaxey, 2nd son. mar, Jolin Pat- John Sibsey of — 

cheit of Poston. Burgh.. Susan, -Ith dan. 

. . . , ?^ra\ey.~Aliee, dan. of John Westlyd~. . . . Yater. 
1st husband, of Ib'atol'r. 2n<l husband. 


]\Iarie. Cathc- Avisse, mar, lie. 2.'»=Uiehard Cooke 
rinc. Jan.lCl:Ml,a't.-J3. of Winthor|>e, 
-' labourer, let. i'7. 

legatee in 

Legatees in 1C03, 

[Note.— Ill tl.c will of John Westlyd of P.r.itoft. d.itcd !< S.-pt. ]C,(r^. proved 2 .\iiiil ]f>*.*'^>. he 
app"iiit.s liis niphtw ltii-hrii<! M.ixo.v c.X'jr and lrii>t<;'0 for hi.s <.^iaiid.S(>ii Williinn Westlyd and llic 
children of )iis dan. .Mioc Yater, viz.. .J'.hii, Marie. Calherine, and .\vi<.-e Ma.xey ; but if the 
pedi'^rcf; above friven i.s eoncct. Riciiard Maxoy wuui<l be bi.s ijianiUnii. J appciul a pedigree 
constructed from .John W. -ilyd'.s will.— A. K. 31.] 

VOL, II. ' 


LI Nco 1 N s 1 1 1 1; 1 . V i: 1 >T0 1! I ;i:s. 

( Larkcit :\IS.l 

William M.-llry ..f I'-olt-iu : Klizal.rth. il:m. of. . . . : Imr. 
linr. till rr 1:'. .M;iv 10;lt!. I al I'dinn iT, An-j-. IC;*.!. 

John Thoinas'M'iHlli.'y,— i^nsnnna, dan. ot'(TcrYase .loim 

^Mcdk-y, bapr. at In'lron j Silnliorp of Lamiiam, ^ifedlcy, 

bur. at. lo A]tril ir.O."). j co. Xi.rts, and Lincoln ; 1ia))t. at 

iH^lion Will daied 20 niarriauo Imnd 1 :! June D'.'lton 

22 :Mav ,laii. ]i;,m;-7: M C.-'.s. ' Will dated ]■] C TVb. 

.vniii'. oahi. at 
Bolton 1 2. July 

Frances, bajit, 

IGOy. proved 7 March <)ct., proved 22 Dec. Idlo-M. at r.eltnn if, 

IG GO- I'll, 


Apiil IGlo. 

Charles ^ledley, Isr eon, Elizalieih.^Piol'ert ^[ed-— -lili/.abeth, dan. of Ste- 

ba]it. at lielton G June dau.i>f....; Icy of liel- jJien Mason of Lincoln; 

IGo'J; I'Ur. there 10 ]May Inir. at Lei- ton,3idson; i.'a[)t. at St. Petcr-at- 

1GG2. ' ton 21 April bapt. there 2 Arches ;i Ani,'. ]i;."i:t; 

— IGSil. l.vt April lGf8. , mar. there 27 ?\Liy I Gs".. 

William ]\Iedh\v, 2rid POD. wife. \ 2nd wife. 

Thouias Susanna, 

Medley, ])ur. at ]v:'l- 

bapt. at ton 1 Oct. 

Bel ton ]GSL 
3 June — 

1G80 : ]\Liry.liapt. 

bur. 24 at Belt- mi 

Sept. ?, April 

1G8J. lG7it. 

John Jolni Robei't ^Fedley, bur. Frances. ])a] it. 

;Medley. ^Fcdley, at Belton I'.t .May at Belton 1, 

bapt.".:* l^api. 22 ] G'.'o. " bur. 10 April 

— 1G80. 

Anne, b;ipt. at St. — 

Peter-at -Arches, Agnes, \n\\)t. 

Liiieoh), G ]\L!reh at l>elton id 

lG,s:i-l ; bur. lu Aug. lGit7. 
April IG.S-Jr. 



bur. L; 

1 GSS ; 


bur. at 



•1 April 


TIenry ^[edley, John ]\rcdley, impt. at Bel- ThMnias:\rcd- Liizaljcth, Bel- 

bapt.' at Bel- ton 14 l)ec."lG."):>; 4th sui ley, fjih sou. ton 2;) Feb. lG40-oO. 

ton 22 Feb., iiilGGO.* [? Whether this Inir. at liel- [? Whetlier she was 

l)Ur. :^ ]\rareh can lie the John Medley of ton 2.") ;^bly the wife <if .... Ifar- 

1G51-2. Lincoln. See below.] IGGO. i'i<on.] 

Eli'/abetb, coheir of licr John r^Iedley of ] Jncolu, lega-=pMartha, dan. of Henry 
nejihcw John iledley ; tec of IbJiert Jenkinsoii 17<il Jeukinson of Wykeiiam ; 

niai" Harrison, and of <lei'vasc Silitliorp 1 7i):;; [ legatee of Rol>ert Jeu- 

fniui wlioiu the Hani- died 8 May 172G, lOt. 72; ' kins-m 1701; died 18 
sons of Bishop'b Xditon bur. at St. ]\Lirtin'e, ]jiucoln. i June 17ti7, a:;t. ."■'> ; bin*, 
(see p. 4G4). | at St. .\[artiu's. 

John :\Iedley of Line,,!.), died 2s Ajivil 172s, a-t. 21 
(M.L at Bi-li'ipV XMitnu -ays he- ili"d in I7G2). 

* It wouhl .it first jioeiii proljahli- t)i:it iho .Jf)'riii M(.'.il<-y of Lim-cjl'i \vh i <licrl ii) 17-'<1. voi. 72, 
wns tlio .Icj^ii Mf-ili'.y b.ipt ;it iJu'i im in \<'i'''.^ ; iiui liis -isicr I']!i/.ri!)ctli. vv1k> m;iiii'j'i a Hrirri-'Mi, 
1 ;i'l )<.>v i-l<h-i >'in h'<ni ill 1 7o:{. wliil-.- accirlin'^ i' tin; D'-:!i'.)ii n.'u'i-^tcr sue was Ij.ipt. in 

iGi'.'-.-'.'.— A. j:. M. 


■' ■ i I { 

■ '■:) 

3AxcoTA'sini;i: j'i:])i(;in:ns. 


[MS. 0. i.';;, iroral(l6''go.] 
Owoii MoiodiLh of-pn.'roihv. dan. of John Bone 


.'t' H;i.->in;^lliori)t.'. 

TiKimjis Meredith, Jt-iim ]^[civdiiii ui" liuiton-pi^leraior, dau. vi' Mon-is Davcis 

[>■[ son. 

Cogglos, :?nd sou. 

of Bnrtun-by-ljincohi. 

llriny I\Icivditli, 
:o(. 6,' iG3i. 

Elizalieth, 1st dan. Jano, L'nd dan. Eloanov, oi'd dan. 

jllcrcs of (Drcnt Carlton, ixirton, antr 


[^^I.-^. C. 2o, IlLi-ahls' ('(>I1l-o.] 
Arms. — Gnks, a/csi^e Iclicccn three ira/er-l>oi/fjr(s (rmino, 

Kog-or ]\Iore?, Jn?;tice of llie Common^pEh'/.abeth, dan. of Sir Tiio- 

inas l>assctt, Knt. 

Pleas lo71 ; died 1385. 

John ]\Ifrc« of Kirton,=. . . . dan. and heir of . . 
inq. p.m. lo'Jl. bury (? Liitlebury). 

. Wliittlo- 

John ]\Ieres of Kirton^p. . . . dan. and heir of ... . Dai'oy. 

J'Ji!i ]\[eres of=p. . . . dan. of Tho- ]\Iar<;aret, mar. Tho- Jane, mar. 
Kircui). mas SLurk-y. mas Welby. Watcrton. 

Nicholas Meres=p. . . . dan. of .... Wihnesfiy, 

'I'homa.'; ^^ere^, ^rei-chaiit=p. . . . Carherine,-^Christo])hcr ^Iere.s^Janc,dan. and 

"f the of Calais. ' dau. dan. of C)f (iioat Carlton, heiressuf Thu- 

Will dated U.S4 ; proved \ of Ciiark-s 

(C.i'.C.) s M;,y M(.).-, ; I Yar- 

"Will dated 2s Jnly mas Iloltuft,; 
l.'io!) ; provc'tl lo widow of Ni- 

(to be) bm-. at Kirton. Shel- boroug-h, March 1539- Jn. cholas Pnrley, 

ley. 1st wile 

2nd wife. 

^ inct.MiL I Caihcrinc, dan. 
.Nb-rcs of \\ iliiaiii l»is- 
'■t < Ireat iicy of XiMion 
<'ariton. J)i.-ney ; mar- 
A I? ;il Jan. 1517-18. 

Thiiiiias ^lercs, I'Jizabeth. Parnell (orPetro- 
ex'or l.Mu. — uilla) of Pilsby. 
— l"'raiuLs. mar. Adin'oii, 1 ."» .Mai'. 
Xichohis ?\lcrts, Kiciiaid IN p- 1 ."i7u-71. given to 
cx'oi 15 lu. ii'-rofThuics- hei- sister Pran- 
l^y. CCS Pepipcr. 

./ I. 


LTXCoi.Nsmni: vi i)U.iii;r.s. 

William ^l.Rs of ThL<l.llo--f=Anno,.1:m.of John An-cvi.ic of TIivhI- AntlK-iiy 
ihMvpo. WilMa'ol -s Julv, : «lloihor|.e; t x'lrix (r//-7',;^ ) ; rcmar. Mcrt/s. 

Uol.L-rt .k'lnivs.Mi of IJuriiliain U ot- 

L,'alo, CO. Noi't'i-ilk. 

,v(l -21 All--. 1. "»■••-'. 

(^i ,;,uv Al,.,vs,= Alicc, dan. of MoW-vt Jein.vM.n -.f Biiniham Aiine. •mncf 
livir- ]-.:■' , AVc'st-aie. CO. Xnriulk, by his :;rd wife Umso. livin- hvni- 
V ' dan. of IJali'ii Svnionds. (Sev Jlarl. J>oc., liu-2. lo<2. 

^'/.<. \n\. XXXI 1., p. 17-2.) 

1 '" ?v ■ 

Jane, dau.---pRir John :Mores, Ivnt.,=f^Tano, dau, 
of..'.. i ofKirion. Willdaied of William 

Pioccr ^Icres. 

IKiiiv Mercs. 

IsL wife. 

] Oct. ir)3r>; proved Bleashy vf Kiehavd :\Icrc<. Anue. 
(C.P.C.) -i July U>oC'. Hlcashy. — 

^ , 2nd wife. Philip :\reres. 

Katharine, dau. of Sir^^Anthony Meres of Anbouriu==Ehzab.tli dau. c^ Sir 
p-verard Di-bv Knt., 2nd son. devisee by will of the Jolm (.oplediKc, Knt.. 
of])rv,sK)kc.'"c'O.Leiccs- greater parLof the estate; died of llarnngu>n ; s.p, 

H'r. 1st wife. 

11 March 1587-8, let. 7ti. 

2iid wife. 

Barbara, dau.=r^'i" J^^'" :\reres,=fP'^vbara,dan. of 
iif.Iolm Xevile Ivnt.,of Aubourn, AVilliain Ihdy- 
uf the (irove, High Slicrilf of , son, Justice of 
CO Xi>tts. IbC CO. Lincoln 15'.H.;; j tlie Common 
wife. bur. at "Washing- [ Pleas temp, 

borc.ugh IG May Philip and 
ICSO."^ ]^Iarv. 2nd wife. 

Kenelm ^leres of Ber- 
wick-nii-Tweed, 2iid 
Sim, s.ji. AVill dated 
17 March l.JSO-7 ; 
j'vovi-d by his uncle 
Lawrence ^leres 22 
Julv i:»87. 

Elizabeth, mar. Sir Katharine, mar. Barbara, mar. Isr Mr letc-rLnrc, 



May 1020. marshe of Strub'oy, 

Elizabeth, mar. Sir Katharine, mar. Barbara, mar Isr Mr letcrbnrc 

Francis South, Thomas Ihirring- Knt., of Bclum m the Isle of 

Knt., of Kelstern; ton of Bnothby A.xholir.c (mar. \n;. h March 

died 1 June lGn4. Pagndl ; died b 1Gm2-0); 2nd v ^^ iHiam ^ah- 

P,)-a-F^Liry, dau. of Sir John Peyton, :^lary, mar. Sir Thnmas Edulphc, 
Meix-s., of Isham, co. Cambridge. Knt.,of St. Bad.gnnd Kent. 

William ^rcrts. Thomas ^leres. Edward Mercs. Barbara. ^Liry. Alice. 

.),.s'ph Cc^trlide, mar. Jiobcrt Mary. Katha- = SirUiel,ard Pell Knt 

Meivs, Watsunof Bo>t.m. - .-n,., oflMnUlcby A\ ill dated 

;;,.j ' _ Anne, ex'tri.x 20 March H-'i- ; pruAcd 

Eon. Jane, mar. Bob-rLf)rme l»''o7. an.)ct. 1(;;;7. 

c of El.stoii, Co. Notts. 

.;• i ;;■ :f 

•n. • ',,) 

L I xcoi .Ns 1 1 1 \i i: n: i > k ; ii i:i:s. 




('on.stancOj^liinvrencc troves of Y(ivk, ;5rtl~Faiih. dan. ol' Sir WilHinn Tyr- 

(laii.Mf". . . . soil, Clio ofilic Q"'''"'^ ^"»'i'"-"''l wliii, l\tit.. (if SrntUT ; \\vo/ 

Sictrlf. lor tiio Xdiili ; \>\\v. in \ov\i Amlin't;!' Suiioii (>[ WclliiiLToro ; 

I IsMvifc. .Minster. \Vill(1,ih(l I May s.]>. Will daifd 2:5 Jan. ltUi4^-.") ; 

l.'i'.H : pi'ii'.'-il -27 .\iay I."i'.<;;. jiruvul at York 1 Juno ] ()(ir>, 

'2nd wife. 

1 1 anil '11 U|i(-'in-7--l'rancf.'?,: 

i of Nortliolnio. 
i liUsband. 


:Joliii Ski)>\viili («f S;aine, s.i>.rm. . . . Ayscongli 
Will ilatcd L'sSvpt. 10(17 ;))ruved of Sot by. Srd 
I'il .March lGU7-b. 2iul llu^5balld. liiisl.taiid. 

Vinci'iil. Wolby of Tli('rpe-by-AVainflcet.=p]\rarii;areL,=Kobert Pnrli-y of l-^irls- 
.Ulnron f> .July 151U to his relict ]\rar- j coheir. tliorpe. 2iid Im.sband. 

'^^irot. Ist liu.-^band. /|\ 

Holder ]\rere.s of Xaviuby, itli son. = Alice, dan. of .... ; widow Christopher 
"Will dated (> Ajn-il ir)riS ; pruved df ?iratthcv," "Wil.'^on cif Xav- Meres, oth 
2 Aug. 15 JU. eiiby ; livini: 1559. son. 

'i'iiuina.s ]\Ieres, 1st soi),=T=Joan, dau. of ^liles Bnss}'-of Houu'iiain, Anne, mar. l<t 

died v.p. before ]5;;5 ; ' and in lier issue heiress of that family ; .lohii Tamworth 

(lisinheritedby his father '■ e;dled an adventuress in Sir .luhn of liCake, •imlly 

"f the greater ]iart of | Meivs' will ; surviving 1557. .John Dawde of 

ihe estate. 


I'liinithy, dan. of Hiomas Coneys-Francis ^Invs, died 25 .Tnne=Anne, dau. of . . . .; 
of Kirtoii ; sister of Anthony , 1557. Will dated 21 dune, surviving 1557. 
Cuney. 1st wife. j proved 20 July 1557. 2nd wife. 

Antlmny Meres of Liu-=Xatherinc, dau. C oddard .Meres of— ]^Iargaret, Sai-ah, 

colli, under 18 in 1557; of James Crewes KirtonandSken- dau. of lefttolier 

^\'ill dated -1 Sept. [ of Fotheringay, dleby, nnder ai^-e Ik-nry 

l''I5; proved in Lon- co. Northain])- in 1557; Imr. Ashe of 

•h'li 18 Oct. Klin, in ton; bur. ar St. atKirtoii. Will Wyl)er- 

IJncoln 21 June ]f;i7; Swithin's, Fin- dated 8 A{.)ril, ton. 

(lo be) bur. at St. ■ coin, 12 Dec. proved (C.P.C.) : 

SwithinV, liincoln. I 100:3. 12 May 1587. 

care in 
1557 ; 

Anthony -Meres of Kirton and".\nne, dan. of Oeorge^^Pev. John Chippingdale-, 
Strnbby, devi^-e in Llic will of \Vhit(; of Markljy ; Hector of Ingoldinelis ; 
his i:<jdf:ither Antlmny (\^ny Ijapt. there 5 July : mar. at St. ^largaret's, 
"f Kiili.n K; O.'t. 15>',i ; bur. 158i; ; adm'ix of her liinchi, 21 Sept. lG\:i : 
at Maikby 22 Aug. I(;i2. IsL , hu<baiid 5Sept. I(;i2. dead belbre ir,;JG-7. 2ud 
Imsband. i husband. 

.' : ', 1 • 

i ' . ; '11 f 
</. ..; ' f 
;■ ; -[ .-111 
. . " 1 i . 

i 'I 


i-ixcoi.Nsmni: ri:i)ir.iM;i:s. 

I ti'ouriro ]\Ieio.''i.aOt:;i-k- Sn^aii, I'nr. at Maii-;l»y is Jnlv 'rhuiiia>(;iiii)- 

i by Auir. liil't: s.p. : hur. JCd'.K ' ' piiifrdalo,loi;a- 

I at Maikby ](;:;s. — tee "in George 

i Will dated 1^1 Jan. ](;;:;(;-7 ; Mar,i;a!x-t.l.apt.;.( ^laikliy I'J Di-c. .Moix-s' will' 

I proved lU Nov. lOGy. iilj i ; bur. thuio I'C Sep't. IGJl'. 1CoG-7. 

Thomas Meres, 
1st .sou, bur. ai 
St. vSwi til ill's 
1'2 April KlD'.t. 

.\iUlioiiy ;^^eres or=pTfan:!ah, dau. of Sir ^rarmadukcMcri's, 
]>unby IC.;]!, :.'ud Wiiiiaui Wrayol Gleiit- o:-d sou, devisee oT 
sou ; died lGr>:j--I ; ■ wovth, Bart.; born -1 land in Nassiuf^- 
liur. in ]]i>liop Feb. I.jO'J-ICuO; widow ton,eo. N'ortliamp- 
I.ouglaud'sCliapel of William llaltuu of ton, 1G15 ; s.p. 
in Lincoln Cathe- Cloe ; livin'' J0J5. 

Anthony ^[cres, died s.p. 

EjizaUoih, dau. uf C'a[ttain ITngh-^^RobciT ^deivs, l).D.,=rFai[Ii, 
AViiliams of WoL'-g in Co. Carnal-- : 4(.ii son, devisee of dau. of 
von, by Dorothy, dau, of Edmund j land in Kirion IG15; 
Williams of Conway; sister to j Chaneollorof Lincoln 
Joliu Williams, Archbishop of Cathedral; Rector of 
York; relict of William Dolbcn, j Honi;hani; Archdeu- 
D.D. ; bur. at St. Margaret's, j con f)f Xottiughani ; 
liincoln, 28 Jnly 1 (Jo'J, accoi-ding died 7 Nov. 1(152, ajfc, 
to Sir 'J'humas ^Meres. 1st wife. 5G; lloiiahain. 

Si)- John 
Knt., of 
Careby ; 
s.p. 2ud 

J I 

ICdward ATercs, 
otli son, devisee 
of laud in Lin- 
coln IGlo; s.p. 

ilary, mar. Ro- 
bert Palmer of 
Castle Scrojie. 

Sir Thomas ?iler>.s, Knt., bapt. at St. ?klargaret's, Liu-- 
coln, 17 Sept. IG:!!; knighted at Whitehall 11 June 
IGGO ; died at his in Great Kusseii Street, London, 
1> July 1715 ; bur. at Ivirby Belers, co. Leicester. Will 
dated before IG'J-s ; proved 11 May 171 G. 

-Anne, dau. aixl coheir 
of Sir Erasnms de la 
FcKintain, Knt., of Kir- 
by iielers, co. Leicester. 

Thomas Meres. 1st Sir John ^^lercs, Knt., 2nd son, of Kirby William Meres, ! 

son, died unmai-.a.t Belers, co. Leicc.-ter, knighted 2G Dec. 3rd son, .s.p.; j 

Paris ; bur. theic. 1 700; High SheriU'ofco. Liucoln 171o; legatee in his I 

bur. at Kirby Lelers Feb. 17oG, unmar. father's will. j 

^lary, coheir, mar. Frances^f^George Which- Elizalieth,^=Sir Horatio Pertir^, 

William Hayley, Kathe- cot of Harps- coheir. Part.,.if Packheath, 

JJeanofChicliester; rine, co- well. | co. Norfolk, 

died 170G. heir. A y^ 

I 1 1 I 

Anthony ]\Ieres, bapt. at St. ^Mar- Anne (or Hannah), bur. Katharine, bur. at 

garet's, Jjincoln, 1 .May lGo7; bur. at St. Margartt'--, Lin- St.^ilargaret's, Liu- 

in liincoln Cathedral according to coin. 2r> July IGG'.t. cflu, 2.s Julv lG;ii.t. 

Sir 'i'honias Alerts' will. ""-- ■' .^ _J -- 

— Twins, bapt. 2.'» July ]G:')lt ; bur. in Linciln 

jfobert Meres, nam-d ovi-rst.-t'r in Cathedral, accirdiug lo Sir Thomas 

Sir 'J'homas Meres' will. Merrs' will. 

Francis ^\-:\:< of I-.^uth, Esq. Will dated 2 ^^larch ]72:)-G; proved 17 Oct. 
172G ; mentions his cousin Lister Fitzwilliam aiid his "uncle .Meres." 


■:■/■ I 

■I' • ;:, ; [-1.71 

jJM'Oi-NSiTTUi- ii:ni(n;T:Ks. 


il-lctcalfc of iLoxitl) .parh anti ixctitiiustcnK 

[II;. 1 1. MS. 1 1 •_-:,.] 

I'rius piiliiino ill >Tr. [,;ukeirs culkoii.'u diirers from the one i^iwu in Fos(-i's 
f,litinii .a-(;i,,v,.rV Vi.-i!aiion of Yovksliiiv/" p. -Jl'.t. in \vi^\)<H-i to tlie oarrK-r part. 
1 li;ivo (uken Mr. l>arkoirs eoin" as the uih.r i< in print.— A. U. M.J 

Akms, — Argeni, ihrcf ralr($ yw.^'7»/ mhlc. 

Lucas ]\[eLea]ro.T= 

Dorothy, (Itni.r^Thi.maOIetcaire^Kntlirrine, dau. of ... . (? Uohert Jack-on of 

,.f "Dian- of licUerhv. co. , Bodale); dc->ci-ilK-.l "of I'.edale. wi.low," ] o Aiiir. 

jichl. ls[\vi!o. York; dvad in ' loSl; ex'trix to lier pon Xichohi>; M.'tcaif" ; 
].-,M. i died 'J dune loSs. -'nd wife. 

Kichokis :*l.-tcalfe of Lonili Mark :Nrctcalfe of Benerby, co.^Eh'zabcdi, dan. j 

Park and of llrlh-ri.v, one Yoik, I'lid s^n : Vicar of Xortli of Anthony ■ 

of il:e Six Clerks of"Chan- AHertoii, co. Y^rk, 1.:. An-. 1 ."^si ; Thoinlmson, j 

eery; made an entail J 3 heir of his l^rotliLT Nicholas ; J'.aihn'ot Caies- 

An'<^'ir)81 ; died s.p, Sept. bur. at Xor;h Allerton 24 :\Iay ^ head, co. Dur- 

15.;"]. 1580, XL 51. ; ham. 

Mary, let. 8, 1585. :\rartha, itn. 7, 1585. 

:Matthe\y Metcalfe of T,oiith-f^ John ^let- Anrliony ^let- Simon :\ret- 

Park.;;rd son; heir by entail dan. calte. 1th calie, 5lh son calie, Gth 

of his brother Nicholas; died of son 15 An-. 15 An-. 1581. son 15 An^L^ 

10 April 15'J2. 1 . . . . 1581. 1^81. 

Katlmrine,dau.of . . . .^Rieliard :Metcake of Lonth-fEllen, dan. of .... : ex trix 
Boine (:) ; mar. at T^u'k (7th son uceordin.L,' of her husband 1 5'JO; remar. 
Kcddiii" LOU 2.S April to the email .'f 15^1). 1st Nicholas l')atenian, ^ndly 
1580. "1st wile. Will dated 25 April, j.roved James Jcnison of keddini,^- 

; 13 May 1500. ton. 2nd wife. 

]\Iylcs^Iet- Thomas ^-fotcalfe, hapt. 

caifo, b;ipt. at Keddint^ton 11 Frb. 

atKeddiUL;-- 15S2-?>; liyin.u' 1 5'.ui. 
ton C) I >ee. — 

1581 ; liy- Anne, liyinj^ 1500. 
iii<r 1500. 

Anthony ^letcalfc, born at ]\Iary, 

Louth Park; bapt. atKed- bapt. at 

din<4toii 20 Au<:. 1587 ; Ked- 

liyini: 1 50O. ' dinj^rton 

_ 12Ai)ril 

Ell(;n, liyini;- 1500. 150o. 

SirFrancis^rctcalfOjKnt.,— Jane, dan. of Sir Edward Anne, mar. at Mary, mar. 

of J.onth Park, a:- 1. 22 Av.sctniLih, Knt., of S..111I1 Ke<ldin,i,M..n, 5 at Ked.Iiii,^- 

and more at Ids I'ather's Kelsey • mar. ihrre ;;o An--. ICol, ton, 20 June 

death ; Inir. at Keddimr- An<r. 150:>, i.-m-. at Ked- :Michael Kmcr- lOuo,^ 1-rau- 

ton 30 .Se{.r. liMi. a dington 1 Dec 1(;57. son <d" Scarby. cis A\ alker. 




Tlioinas Mi-lcalfe of— Anno, d;in. "William ^[froalfc, bapl. :it, Kod-^Klizabctli, 

I^outli Talk. 1st sen; df ('.'nycrs, (]ini,'tin (1 Ort. li.'til; oall-d dan. of 

luir. at. Ki,ddin!i;ton Is! I>"rd " cltrk " in liis falli-r's will 

20 .Inly ]t'..".-_*, s.p. nWi'iv. of liiit ''Mm|.'' ill rc:ri<ti.T ; cx'ur 

"Will dated l.S Julv ilcjritl.y uf liis l)rntluT Thomas IC>:)S ; 

loT):.'; proved fj June C'astk', co. l'Ui\ at Koddin^'ion oU Jan. ' 

IGTio. Yuik. IGaT-S. ' j 

Thomas Metcalfe, bapt. at Keddinirton 22 Jan. 1(!57-S. 

John Mcu-alfe, Adrian ^Metealfe of LincMln.~Annc, dan. Lnke ^letcalfo, j 

bapit. at KeddincT- bajit. at Keddington 8 ^laich , of . . . . liapt. at Jved- j 

ton 1 Jan. Klo.-i-i;; KioO-T ; Iiocior of Physic G ', Salmon ; dincrtoii 22 Oct. 

bnr. there 2S Mav ,\ravlG45; bur. at Keddino;- ' mar. lie. 28 IGni^lmr. there 


ton 8 April U)58. 

Sept. 1G49. 1 Jan.lOO'J-n.). 

Adri;in ^^lerealfe, bajit. at, Sr. 'Slav- 'J'liumas ^Fetcalfe. bai)t. Anne. bapt. at 

garet'p, Lincoln, 22 Feb. 1G51-2. at St. ^[argaret's oU St. Margaret's 

=^ Dec. IGoJ). " 28Fcb.lG5G-7. 

AVil'liam ]\IeLcalfe of Louth = Su?an. dan. of ... . Rankin ; mar. at St. l\Iarg-aret's, i 
Park. Lincoln, 7 Sept. 1 703. 

Nicholas ]\b.'tcalfe, bapt. Edward ^Matthew Metcalfe, liv- Frances. Anne, bajit. 

at Xeddington 2.''t ,^^arch Met- iiig 18 July ] Go2. — at Kedding- 

]Go2(?lGl2); Rector calfe. — Hester. tonllJime 

of Anderby8April 1G;J7; Francis !\Ietcalfe, bapt. 1G14 ; bnr. 

Rector of 'Calcethorpe G at Keddington 15 Feb. there May 

Dec. IGil. 1G17-18. IGK^. 

"Will <.f :\rvles Metcalfe of Crowlc, gent., dated 20 June, proved 9 Oct. lo.Mb 
Will (-f Christopher Metcalt\- of Gayton-le-Mars!i, Clerk, dated ."» Xov. 1G12; 
proved 28 Feb. l(;]2-i;;. 

Will of Roger .Aretcalfe c>f :\Livis Enderbv, Clerk, dated 18, proved 20 July IGoG. 

il^ctcalft of Ktbc^bjn 

[?*IS. C. 2?>, Heralds' College. " St. Ocorge\s Visitation of Yoikshire." 
Foster's J'd., p. yo.'^.] 

Atims. — Argent, ihne calves pa^i^aul sable, a crescent for dijl'erencr. 
Richard Metcalfe of Otterington, co. York^^. . . . dan. of ... . Mackeridge. 

Jolin Metcalfe. ?>?, Heurv VI II.. I.". 12.—. 

A I 



J^ixcoi/NsiiiiiK pi:v»r(;uEi:s. 


Kliznl.ctlK ,l.n. nf--.-.\nrh;„,l McU.ilfeuf OKu-- Fnuioes, dnn. of . . . Wc-ldoii of 
. . . . \ nis.'.v. 1st 111-ton. (lied L'l Kliz., Cicveiatid. L'n.I wile. 

^^• i fi 

•i-'lni :\Iv;c.illV.-,-. 
1st sou. 


. . uaii. (if IVlizniK^tli, in:ir. r>oi,,thv. inar. Isahrl, niar, 
• • I'.verK"}- Wyll.yo \Valkrr Waytc, 

Michael MLtcallV of Ottcringtn;i,^Elizal)etli, dan. of Thomas l^aiil)v of I.ouke 
IGlo. I • " ■ 

Thomas :\retcalfc, xt. 1, 1G13. Ellen. 

Kicliard-^FJizal)Ci]]. (Jan. Anthonv Chns^o|ihcr= dan. of IJo-n-,- 

I^fftcallb. of .lohii Cwii- ^letcalfe, :\IetcalfL', Conycrs v{ Lay- :MLTcaire, 

.^''-■'■^- 1013. IClo. ton, CO. York. " IC.l;]. 


^licliael Metcalfe of IJevesby, ICrU^^Iary, dan. of Edmnud Bti.ssy of Xorth Clif- 
ton, CO. Xotis, 

iHctI)am j^f ^SuUinston. 

[.MS. C. '25, Heralds' Colleire.] 

JVny]9i.—Q>/nrfc,Ii/, Azure and argenf, in tin first a Jlcnr-de-Jis or. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Kobert=pSir Thomas :\rclham^:\Iaad, dan. of Sir 
Co:istai>l-of Flamborongh, of Metham and Cave, John Hotham, 

CO. York, Knt. 

CO. York, Knt. 


Thomas Robert=pAnne, Peter 
Metham, ;Metham dan. of ]\Iet- 
1st son. of Bnl- Seth ham. 
lini,^ton, ; Snaw- 
2nd son. sell of 



Ge.or<{e ]\retliam=:pAnne, dan. of "William 
of AVillon^hby, Whirtiii,i;-ton of Xew- 
near Allbrd, 3rd boron£:h, co. Stalford (sis- 
son. Will dated ter to the wife of William 
10 Jan.'j; 3Ietham), and widow of 
proved 1 Oct. ' Hen 17 Eirerton ; Imr. at 
iij^'l- ; Willou'dibv? Jan.l5s.'j-(;. 

:\Iary, dan. of Sir \\ ilHam Skinwith^Ceorire ^fetham of^Certrude, dau. 

of South Oinisby; mar. theiv 2:. Willunnld.v, di.d 3] of 'J'homas Clif- 

July ]:)7t; bur. at Will(.u;J,by 5 ^fav 31 Knz.; bur. at furdcf Jirackeri- 

Dec. l.V/C l>t wiff. ; Wiiloiin],|,y 1 Jmie borough; mar. 

! Ihii'j. ! at Bag- ]]ndfrby 

I j ^-i June loT'J." 

Anne, mar. at Willuughby, I'O Sei)t. 1502, Edward Bcresford. ' 

B ! c 

* In "Glover's Visitation of Yorkshire." cd. Joseph Foster, p. 2.-2, Sir Thomas Metham is 
said to many Elizabeth Cuiistabic and be the father (.f another .Sir Thomas, who marries Maud 


P P 


i.iNcoi.NsjujLi: im:i)]gui:ks. 


rioor[;;o j\lothnni, 1st poii niul=p. . . 
lioir, )>ui'clia';i'(] lanns in ('<'ii- dan. 
iiiirshy 7 Aiiir. ''<- Ivli/... 1. "»;•<'; <>r 
a Icjialoe of iiiscuu.siii Francis . . . 
Einp'son 1 r.lG. 

llichanl ^Tethani, a k'<:raloe 
ct' his ciusins Fraiii-is and 
I'ldward l']m]ison 1 (!!('> and 
icis ; ],u!-, at Ijoslon 10 

Xov. lono. 

Ad ail. 

C Gorge Oldham of Conini:.=bv, Adm'on 25 Sept. 
Jl'oO to bis dau. Anne Oivsbv alias Mciliam. 

Richard Mct- 
liani, bapt. at 
bnr. til ere 20 
Dec. 1558. 

bapi. at 
25 Sept. 

Susanna, Katlierine, mar. 1st Thomas Sackfoi-d 

ba])t. at (lirother of Jdlni Sackford of Litilc 

AVil- Beabngs, co. Suflblk), 2ndlv E(b,vard 

]on,c;hbv Enipson of ITooke, co. York [called in 

;]1 Oct. the will of George ]\retliain "wife of 

155-4. Christopher Bcrcsford," who is ap- 
pointed supervi.^or]. 

Ttobert ?^ietham, bapt. at South Onas1)y 5 Oct. 1577. 

. . . .=AVilliain ]\Ietham" 
don. of of Ibillington, 
. . . . ; adm'orof liiswife 
widow Frances 20 Oct. 

of 1571 ; Sherilf of 

Good. co.lJncoln 1575; 
1st died 12 Jan. 

wife. 1590-111, let. C5; 
bur. at liand. 

=Ellen, dau.- 
of William 
Whit ring- 
ton of Xew- 
CO. Staf- 
ford. 2nd 

:Frances, dau."-=^ 
of Edmund, 
1st Lord 
of l)Utter- 
wick. Adm'on 
(C.l'.C.) 29 
Oct. 1571. 
3rd wife. 

=]\larv, dan. of 
William, Lord 
Willoughliy of 
Parham; proved 
the will of her 
lieneage 2 Sept. 
1575. -Ith wife. 


wit!) of 
fleet, CO. 

Susan, 1st dan., 
mar. William Wel- 
come of ]\I;aket 
Stain ton. 

Anne,dau.of Rn-= 
bert r)3'moke of 
Scrivelsby ; mar. 
at St. ]\IargareL"s, 
Lincoln, 10 Jan. 
1585-G ; died 2:1 
Xov. lGU-1; bur. 
at Rand. 


Anne, 2nd dau., 

mar. Henrv Wing- 
field of " Potter 

Catherine, mar. 
John Rulle, 2nd 
son of Richard 
Bollc of Ilangh. 

Dorothy, mar. Ro- 
bert Kelke of Bar- 
nciby ; living 24 
June 1CU7. 

Charles ]\reLham= 
of Bullingron, 
living 2u Oct. 
1G19. Will dated 
10 Aug. IGoO, 
29 :^^areh ]i;;51 ; 
[iroved 15 June 

^Dorothy, dau. of Tho- = 
mas Flower of l^an- 
gar, CO. Xotts; widow 
of Sir John l^eigh 
of IngoldsVty, Kut. ; 
died at BuUington 21 
Aug. lGl;j ; bur. at 

:Elizabcth, dan. of Sir 
Yineent Fulnctby of 
Rand, Knt. ; widow 
of Vincent Shelfield 
of Croxbv ; mar. lie. 
10 Oct. 'iGlS; died 
at East Riisen 1 Oct. 
1G28 ; bur. at Rand. 

Alice,dau.of^Rnbcrt]\rcthamof Bulliugton,=fSelina, dau. of Robert Bachell or 
Henry Hall ; .S'.n and heir, living 10 Api-il ]>askett of Dewlish, co. Doiset ; 
of Grctford. 
1st wife. 

lOMG. Will date.l :5 March 
lGll-5; proved 14 Dec. IGIG. 

ex'trix in 1 CAiJ. Will dated 21 Aug. 
1G73; proved lG7o. 2nd wife. 

LIN CO LKs u u; i; r i:dtg rees. 


ElizabeHi, Anne, 2nd duii., ^rarirarot, Ixq'it. at Enii- baiu.atSiJJL'ur.Lro's, St. iJcorue'.s, Stain- 
ini'hani, co. Siamlurd, l'') April iV'fd. l'<» Oci. It!-? ; 
Jutland, -1 ICJG; mar. ricasdU 
dune ir>52, ^IcUish of South 
WilliiiM! I'ur- Ca.-)ron(v^in of llo- 
naby of Bar- berLMtdh'^h of Rag- 
holm, nail, CO. Xotts). 

mar. Edward ^far- 
burv ol" Imniing- 
I'lni ; died lM'. l)nr. 
27 July lGr>7 at liu- 

^Vllliam Mutbam, 
only sou and heir ; 
at Constantinoplo 
in 1073; mar. Anne, 
dan. of ... . 

Selina, died nnmar. 

William !Metliam, Tailboys^ 
2ud son, died s.p. ]\Ietham, j 

— 4-th son. 

Charles Met ham, 
3rd Bon. 

Jvatlierine, mar. 1st, IxTore ^Mildred, 

G July 1007, Sir Jamo^^ St. Petcr's-at- 

Botrg of Donington, Kut. ; Arches, Ijincolji, 

2ndly, utWalesby, 23 Xw^. 15 Oct. 1G18, 

1032, Francis Whetstone of James Leake of 

Caistor; bur. at Caistor 31 Balderton, co. 

Aug:. IGIO. Notts. 

William Metham, bapt. at East Ruseu 16 April 1020. 

[MS. 0. 23, Heralds' College.] 
John Michell of Coston Grange, co. Leicester,=pAlice, dau. ;ind heir 

yeoman, died 13 ^lay 1G02 ; inq. p.m. 7 April 
1603. Will proved 5 June 1G02. 

of Thomas Carpen- 
ter ofCostou G ran ire. 

Thomas Michell of=^Isabel, dau. and 
Coston Grange, a3t. j heir of Thomas 
40 at his father's | Smith of Aslac- 
death ; proved his ; ton, co. Notts ; 
will 5 June 1002. \ living 1G03. 

John Michell, 2nd A'jnes,]iving 1003; mar. 

son. ^Mlliam Jason. 

J o.seph Michell, 3rd Sn.^an,deadl>efore 1G03; 

son, unmar. 1003. mar. John Flower. 

Katharine, dau. of John= 
Blythe of Stroxtoa ; bapt. 
at Grantham 16 Oct. 10'J7 ; 
mar. at Tickencote,co. Rut- 
land, 13 :\ray 1618. 1st 

Thoinas = 

= .lane, dau. 



. . . .; bur 


of South 






1634 ; 

Oct. lOSO. 


2nd wife. 


Lsabel, mar. Richard "Wil- 
cocks of Knossingttm, co. 

Alicv-, mar. Philip Branl.iy 
of ^Mellon Mowbray, co. 

John Michell, liorn at South "Witham 
1020 ; 1st sun 14 Oct. 1034. 

Thomas :Michell, 2nd 
South Witham 1024. 

on, liorn at 

Anne, coheir, born April Elizabeth, coheir, 

1023 ; mar. 1st Luke born IC31 ; mar. 

Norton, 2ndly Henry Charles ITalfoid ; 

Sr(uicof Skellingthorpe; died 17 Feb. 

died 2 l)ec. 1073; bur. lODJ-.". : bur. at 

at South Wilham. South Witham. 

William ^lichell, 3rd sju, lioru at 
South Wiihani 1G2S ; bar. there. 

Xk- 1 


07 --i 

LlN'COL^x.siiiK): ri:i)]G];i:i;s. 

illidUrtijliiaitr of iJinbrooivt anti Sillalc^^bj;. 

[.MS. C. -J;-;, UcraKW Culk-gc] 
AiiMs. — Chcqiiij arrjtiU mill (juks, a chv'J iiuhnliil azure. 

Agnes, mar. ;it. "Wal'.sUv, Jolm MiV-kloniwaitc of~Eli/.abot)i, dnu. of rioboii llain- 
i'l .Inly l.'iTs, 'riiiiin;i< S\v;ith Hall, i-i\ Yoik, j moil of Lomid in paiasli of Siit- 
nia))man. aiul Kinnund-le-Mirt-, Loii, Notts; mar. at Walesby 11 

Co. Liiicuiu. I Nov. lGi(5. 

Thonias ?Ji^k1t.'---=:l-''ranc'es, d.iu. l-\ii(li, mar. Mary, mar. ("leorgc Anii,mar. 11o- 

llnvailo of of Henry .Ion- William (loodh^iid of Calcc- l)ert llicf; of 

brookc 10;>1. kinpun of f']asL (Jondhand tliorpe. Claywortli, 

Wykcliam. ofKirmoud. Notts. 

Ilebccca, dan.:=^r,Iohn ^^ficklctliwaitc, born at= Abigail, dau. of George A dan., mar. 

of....; bur. Lndford; ca!led''coscn J.M., Cabornc of IJoston ; .... Wil- 

atWdldXcw- senior," in Hubert Jenkin- widow of llninijliivy son; called 

ton 2 July son's will ]7<'l. Will dated Drowne of Saltllcctbv. sister in 

Hm8. 1st , ;jAug.]7Ul,thenofWyham; I'nd wife. ' 1704. 

wife. j proved 23 ]\lurch 1708-9. 

John i^Iiekleihwaite^ilary, dan. Thomas ^fickle- Rebecca, bapt. at Wold Xew- 

of Tlioi'^aiiby, bai)t. ' of. . . . ; tbwaite, Ijapt. ton 28 ]ilarcli \.'6i')'>') ; mar 

at Wold Xewtnii 14 bur. at 1 ], bur. at Wuld Poole; legatee in ] 704. 

Jan. liW;i-2: ex'cr I I'lmrgauby Xewtun 10 Feb. — 

in 170!; bur. at 8Xov. H){:,2-o. Margaret, ba])t. 10 .lune 1 iwO; 

Thurganby G ilay ]72U. bur. at Wold Xewton 25 .Jan. 

1715. ' ' 1G74-5. 

John ?>Iiekleihwaite, lega- Ibibci't ]\rickl-tliwaitc, bajit. at Thor- AVilliam ^lieklc- 

iee in 170 1 ; s.p. (.'). Will gaiiby 7 May 1 ('.;) I : legatee in 1 70 1 : tliwaitc, called 

dated IG M;iy 17-;i,ihrn a legatee in .bplm ]\Iiek!ctliwaite".- will eldest grandson 

of Wyham: proved o May 17;'>1 ; e.x'or to lii.s brother John in in 1701; living 

17G2. 17o2; mar. and bad a dau. M ildred. in 1 715; s.p. (?). 

Tb'ury ]\liekleth\vaite' of Thoma- Micklethwaite, bapt. at ^lary, bapt. at 

Tliorganhy, (ieni., liapt. Tljortranbv 12 Am:. 1G'J2 ; ieiratee Thoruanl)V 8 

there 2n Oct. IGs'J. Will in 1704 ; 'living 1715. ^ Scpt.'](;88; lega- 

dated 2(1 June 1715; provefl tec in 1704. 
l;3 .Alarch 171G-17. 

Anthony ^lieklethwaitc of \Valesby,-^Magdalen, dau. of William 

bur. at Usselby oO Dee. IGlO. 

Goodhand of Kirmond. 

AVihiain :\rickletliwait^\ born at Walesbv 20 Oct. IGlll ; living 1G47, 

Tlit)iiia> Mii'klethwaite of East JJavendale, 
called kill-man in doiiii Mickhjthwaite's 
will 17U1. 

Elizabeth, mar Hurman ; lega- 
tee in John .Mickleihwaite's will 17U4. 

.If;. ..< . "' 

LlNcoi-Nsiii i;i: iM;i)i(;iii:i:s. 


IMwiuil Mii^'kl'^thwaiic of 1 1:i'j:iuil.y,T 1''li/;il'«'tli, of HcrmMs'l-', 
(k>ut. Will diitcd 10 IMt. 17;'.-J-;i ; will.. v:. Will aiucd I'T 
priAVil ]7;;o. 1 AiniKpruved l.'tMr.y 17;'.(', 

Ivlwai-.l Micklethwiiite. 

jHititrlccot of Boston. 

[MS. C. -2?, TTcraltls^ Or'.lo-c] 

Arms. — Aziin\ an caglr (li>i/)/'fi/i''l enni/io. on a cJii'ffnihs ilnco r.^calluiis or. 

William Mi<l<]k;n)t cf DisiiopstrMw, AViks.^-j- 

IJichard '.MiJdlccot of Bishopsiruw,-— !Mai-,2aivt, dan. of 'J'homas Stokes 

clot-liicr, luGS. 

of JjislK)p.slro\v, 

John Middk'col t'f Bisliops-- 
trow, clothier, I.jTO. 

William ]\Iiddie(:nt nf=?-Kliii()i-, dan. of . 

Warminster, Wilts ; 
Inir. there 1598. 

(_'iilkui,i:,'i<.)n ; hnr. at 
Wai'iiiinster IGUS. 

Edward ^liddle-=r^[ary, William ]\[id-=pAnne, dan. Atiue, mar mar, 

cot of Warmiii- dan." dlecotofWar- ; of Edward 'I'honias . . . . Lam- 

feter, Isr sn;. of minstL-r, hajit. I Coles of ctx Skidmore. iiert. 

Will dated \{;':)-2. .... l.")7o. D..r.?et. 

Edward liichard iriddlecot, luir. 

]\Iiddlecot. at Boston IGi'c). 

William .Tojm ]\Iid- ^lary 

Jliddlecot. diecot. 

Sir Thomas ]\IiddK'e<it, Knf.. of— ^fartha, daii.of Sir Ivlmnnd "f^AVilliani ^ifiddle- 
Boston ; llii;-li >heriti' of co. Thorold. !\nt., of the JIi,u!i et^c of Warmin- 
J.incoln ]('.•_';; ; hnr. at Bo.-i.'H Hall in 1 ton'j;h, l>y Kleaneir, ster, Wilts ; Inir. 
3 May 1020, s.ji. Will dated 27 dan. and coheir of Wdliam at Boston Dee. 
Sei-t.' 1G25 ; provr.l 2o May Audley of lloni^di ; living 1 (;.">2. 2nd hus- 
H;2(;. ]st 1G12." "" i band. 

Thomas :Middlecot, bapt. at Boston Anno, bapt. .Inly, bur. 22 Sept. 1G2'.) 
1G30. at Boston. 

John Iticliard :\riddl.- = ?krary, dan. of William .... dan., residnary le^-afcc 

]^riddle- cot of Al.^ar- Wilk<j< of Wislieach : to Sir Thonia^ Middh'C««t 

col. kirk, a't. Is in mar. lie. 2G ]\lay ir,17, !(;2t'. : mar. Kii'hard Kilcyof 

1G17. a^t. 20. * Wclijomn. 

07 1< 


jllfOiJlriumx of i!5u'aiUljam. 

[" 'I'lie Faiiiily oT ]\lidJleinoi-o." privatcl}- printed, i>p. li*8 — M'>.] 

Alois. — Per fJuvron /n-r/cnf afid ^ab/c, iiro )/}oorcocI,-f< in clticf of Ihc second. 

(Jcori^e Mid(lleinorcof-=f=}ir;uy, d:iu. oiMohu 8lior:ird of LiOlj- 
Londun, merchant, thorpc in Xurtli Withaui. 

Elizabetli, dan. and colu-ir oT Tho-=p]Aiciiard Middlcmore^Frnnccs, dan. of Ann- 

strong Gregory ; Imr. 
at CJrantliam 10 Dec. 

mas Saunderson, ^^IM)., of Grant- ; of Grantham, born 
ham, ehk'St sun of Robert Saimder- \ circa IGTiS ; of tlie 
son, liishop of liincoln. 1st wife. Inner Temple 23 j ]70'J. 2nd wife 

, Jnne 1077. 

Mary, mar. at Grays Inn Cliapel 12-— Xevilc King of A.shliy-de-ha- Five sons, 
April 1717 ; bnr. at Ashby 25 Oct, ] Lannde. (Sec that family.) three dans., 
17Go. /j\ diedynnng. 

John Francis Rich- Arinsrrong 

ard Middlemoi'e of Rieliard 

Somerby llali, l)apr. :\[iddle- 

at Boston 12 I'elt. mure, l);ipt. 

170:'.- i ; called to at 

the I)ar 2."> June ham20^ray 

172G ; s.p. Will 170.^ ; bnr. 

dated 28 Jnly 17G8; there 1,". 

proved 10 ]\iay 1770. April 17oG. Grantham G ]\Iay 


Rrowiiknv Richard Richard Mid-=pEliza- 

MiddloPiiore, bapt. at dlemoreof the l.ieth, 

Grantham 27 Oct. Inner Temple dan. and 

1707: bnr. there o0]\Iayl720; coheir of 

Feb. 1707-S. of tlie Six William 

— Clerks' Oflicc , Rrydges 

Sherard Richard 1720 ; died , of the 

]\riddleMiore, bnr. at before 17G8. I\Iiddle 

I Temple. 

AVilliam Rieluird ]\riddlemore of=f=^rary, dan. and coheir of John Richard ]\riddle- 

Somerby Hall, liorn cii'ca 17;''>1; ■■ James Douglas, ]\I.I)., of more of Gi'aiitham, 

lieir-at-la\v of his nncle ; dieil j Carlisle ; reniar. Jolm Clerk in Holy Orders ; 

7 March 1772, k\. -J2 ; bur. i .Storer, M.D., of Xottiiig- of Clare College, (,'am- 

in Grantliam Church. M.l. ' ham; died 10 July 1803; l)ridge; B.A. 17Go,M.A. 

"\Yill dated IS Ai)ril 1771 ; bur. at Grantham. 17G3; s.p. Adm'on :;i 

proved 8 ]»[aich 1772. x May 1771. 

John ]\nddle- William Richard Middlemorc of Len-=Susanna, dau. of John 
more, kI. 13 ton, co. Notts; died G Oct, 1815, ajt. 18, ^latlicws of TyneiiKnitli, 
in 177G. s.p. ; bur. at Orston, co. Notts, co, Northumberland, 

George .M iddIo-—Fhillis Sophia, dan. FJizub th. Cathe- ]\rary, mar. at St. 

moil', C.i'.., I-t.- ol' . . . . liol.ib; dircl — rine. ]\Iary's, .Xotiiiigham, 

(Jen.; dii-d at at Soiithltm-ougli IT) Ilebn. I .bin. \1\)X, Rev. 

TnidM-idge Wells I July 1854. 'Will — Richard Wols-ley of 

18 Nov. 1850. I proved 1855. Jane. co. Down, Ireland, 

" I ' 

i.i>coLN«iiiiii: rr.i)i(;ui:i:s. 


I ■' " Ml II 

■Roix-rt I'lvdciickr^Eli/.a ]^Ian"ii. (Inu'o riiyllis, dird 1K-1»mi ('athcri?io, mar., IS 

jMiddlomoro of da\i. and c<>- unmar. l.'~i'.»L\ tvt. 7n. April l.^.M, Kcv. (lorgo-s 

'J'horngrL've. co. heir oi' dolm — Uicliard Dallas Walsh of 

AVorcestor, (.'ol. C'liadliuni : Jeinima Honor, died SontliiH>roULdi. 

of the 91?t \\v'/\- 
niout:. ; uied 16 
Oct. 1890, ojt. 
80, s.p. 

Ciiadburn ; 
mar. lo Jnne 

;50l)ec. 1807, 
a>t. 82. 

— Ifichara I'alki 

.leiniiiia Honor, died Sontliiu'rough. 

unrnar. 18s7,a;t. C8 

]\Iary Don2:lns, died 
lunnar. 18AnLf. 18."io. 

'atliL-rinc J>oplii.;, mar., 1 
uuno ]8(];5, Captain lioltei 
Henry Crampuin. 


[" The Family oi' :\Iiddlcmorc," privately printed, pp. 211— 2.J3. ^r>^. C. 23, 

Heralds' College.] 

A r:\is. — Argent, a chevron Icticecn three moorcocls sahlc. 

Henry ]\Iiddlemore of^Elizalterli, dan. of Iioliert Fowkes; 
]']nfield, (Iroom of the \ remar. Sir Vincent Skinner, Knt., 
Chamber to Qneen of Thoi'nton Curtis; bur. there 10 
Eliz. 1.003. Dec. 1033. 

Robert ^^Hddlemore of En-=f Doi'othy, d;tu. of Richard Fnlstow ; sister and coheir 
field, Equerry to Charles I.; , of Peregrine Fnlstow of Keal ; died 20 May IGlU : 
of the Close of Lincoln 20 i bur. at Enfield [nuir. lie. to marry Dorothy Fulstune, 

]\rarch 1629. 

i.e., Fnlstow, 21 Oct. 1001]. 

Edward ]\Iiddleniore of=T=iraiy, dan.of Geoi'ge Elizabeth, fct. 25= Jolm Sandes of 
]jarton-on-Humljer,heir j Booth of Killing- in 1027 ; bur. at ThorntonCurtis; 
to Dame Amy Bi'owne 1 liolme ; Ijiijit. there Thornton 2 July mar. lie. 28 April 

of East Keal J 027-8. 

19 July 1GU7. 



, iet. 3-1. 

Richard !Midd!emore, 

Henry :\ridd!e-- 

=Elizal)eth,^Thomas Booih 

Edward ■ 

lja[)t. at Barton St. 

more, bant, at 

dan. and 

of East Rascii : 

Middle- , 

Peter's ]\lar. 1027-8; 

Killin^rhulme 21 

coheir of 

mar. lie. 23 Nov. 


bur. at Killingholmc 

March 1030-31 ; 


1070. (See Vol. 

bapt. at 

30 May 1020. 

bur. at l^usbv -^ 


I., IJ. loG.) 2nd 



Nov. 1007. IsL 



2 Mar. 

Robert ]\Iiddlemore, 



bapt. at Barton and 



bur. 1020. 



J ,' 


1..;,' ,ll.'.:i/ 

■.)!.!. •.' i 



lli.iirv AliMdlo- -f-Aniu'. d:nj. ami Cdlu-ir of Willi;un Savillt' of CiL't-ri^'c ^lidOle- 

U\i>\\- t'\' l,i;sl<y X*\vl.".ii : li;i]H. tiioiv 1 ('• S'.']»t. Ii'.t'.M; in:ir. liiuii', li.ipr. :u 

and t!!(' Iiiii.r iIk-ii- L'2 Mari'ii lt".sr.-7 : iviii:ii-. ("ucil ('(M.j.or lai-'ny :.'.s Ai'iil 

'IViiij'If, (linl of TliiirLiar!-':!, CO. Nulls, ainl siu vivctl liim ; l<'>r>."». 
It'.'^T, ;or.. :M. liviiitr 171(;. 

Alice, heiress, Impt. af. S>ontbwell,=i=8ainpion Parkyns, eldest son of Sir Tlioinas 

CO. Notts, "28 Aug. 1()88 ; niur. at 
Tlmrgarton -1- Sept. 17('7 


Parkyns, Bart., ol' IJuniiy Park, co. Xotts ; 
I'lur. al I'Uuny v.ji. 17 April 1718. 

Frances, dan. of=pOeore:e ^NFid- — Anni?, widow Pliilip^Iiddie- Dorothy, bapr. at 

Jose]>h BilcliiTe dleniorejuipr. of Xurton more, liapt. at Barton lOoo. 

of Xorniaiihy ; a: Barton St. Dryan of Bo- Barton '2'2 — Walosby Peter's Feb. lin"irbroke ; Feb. li;;;7-8. Klizab-th Jnipr. at 

1-1 Feb. KICG-t'; 1(;:'.2-:3 ; Cap- bnr.arBolino-- — Jjnsl)y 25 July 

bnr. at linsby 8 tain in the brukell Jniie William ]\rid- UMO. 

]\Iarcli U;G8-9. ' Lincoln ICSo. 2nd dleniore, bapt. — 

1st wife. Militia 1GG8. wife. at Barton and ]\rarv, P)ar- 

bur. IGP.'J. ton i Jan. 1G52-3. 

Frances, bapt. at Lusby -27 Don ^thy, bnpt. at Busby 7=pJohn Biyan of Boling- 

Sejit. 1GG7 : mar. at P.oliiiu^- March ]GG8-'J: Imr. at j broke,bapr.2Feb. lGi;4-.'»; 

broke, 29 Xov. lO^'X, John Bolingbroke 2 April 1700. bnr. there 13 April 1720. 

Norton Bi-yan of Boliiigbroke. " son and heir of Dorothy, 
dan. and coheir of Geuige ^nddlemore,"' 21 ^lav 17oG. 

iHititilcton of ^UiatoiL 

[Barken Collections.] 
Grace, dan.^William ]\Iid(ileton of Swaton,=pJane, dau. of . . . .; mar, 


died 1-1 Feb. 3 and 4 Phili}> 
and ]\rarv, 1 ^<:iU-7 

before 2(J .May 3 and -1 
Phihp and Maiy, l."i.")G-7. 

Jolni ^liddletnn of Swaton, sr,n— Mhiia. (bin. of 'J'lionia> And- Henry Middkton. 
and lieii-, a;t. 3L 13 May 3 anil 
4 I'liilip and Maiy, lOOG-7. 

ii.-y of Ibiu'^h : mar. l)efore 
27 Aug. y>') Henry s, 1.")I3. 

.fohn Mi(MI*tou of Anne, nnmai-. 17 Hugh Middleion of London, goldsniini, 
8jialdin<r, liviii'^ 17 Nov. I.')'.J'.,i. supervisor of the will of WiUian) Miildlo- 

Nov. lo'J'J:' ton J 7 Nov. l.o'J'J. 

1 '■'■■'-■-' = '-' 



I ■ I 

A\ illiain MiJ(lle---r. . . , Thuinus Middlotcii ol Lonildii, citiy.on and Fkin-=p. . . . 

toll of Swatoii, I dau. ner, 2iid s-nii.a ouiisiti of Marcfarof Aiidlev; proved dan. 

L^(. sou, of his iiopliew's will C Jan. ] ."I'j'.i-Kino ; diod lu'liirc of 

.... IH Nov. IGJG. . . . . 

William ^['Lon^ 
of Swaton, son and 
lieii'. "Will dated 17 
Nov, 4 2 Khz., lo'Jl); 
proved G Jan. 
1 509-1 nOO ; (to be) 
bnr. at. Swaton. 

=.Tane, dan. 
of . . . . 
Buolc ; sis- 
ter of 
Boole ; liv- 
ing 17 Nov. 
15 'J 9. 

llumi)hrv ■\[id- 
dletoiiJiviiiL;' 17 
Nov. 1599. 

Daniel Middle- 
ton, living- 17 
Nov. 1599^. 

'I I 
Anne, living 

17 Nov. 1599; 

called the 


Elizabeth, nn- 
mar. 17 Nov. 

Anne, a lega- 
tee of her 
Aud'ley 18 
Nov. ic.ii;. 

"William ^[iddlelon, sou Susan, cx'trix of her ]\rary. under 18, 
aud heir, under age 17 l^ither ; under age C 17 Nov. 1599. 
Nov. 1599. Jan. 1599-1600. 

Elizabeth, under 
18, 17 Nov. 1599. 

[Larken Golloctious.] 


Ellen, dan. of . . . . ; ex''ti-ix=f=Thoraas ]\Iiddleton of= 

dau. Edward ^Middlc- 

of her husband 21 Dec. 
1541 ; adni'ix of her nteiine 
Bister Dame liose Eland 18 
July 1555. 

Winteringham. Will of ... . 

dated 31 Aug., [iroved l)ur. at 

21 ])ec. 15 li; (to be) W'inter- 

bnr. at W^interinirham. ingham. 

ton, a legatee of 
his brother dl 
Awr. 1541. 

Richard i\riddle- Edward Middlc- 



ton of Wintering- ton. — — 
ham, Lst son, — Ellen, mar. Williaiu Margaret, mar. Edward 
proved his father's Thomas ]\Iiddlc- Bard of North Kel- Eeecles of Wintering- 
will 21 Dec. 1541. ton. sej. ham. 

Liviu"- 31 Ausr. 1541. 

Edward Middleton of Winterton. Will dated=p. 
SO Jan. ICO] -2 ; proved 23 dune IG02. of 


Thomas ^Middleton, Katherine, 1st. Helen, 2nd Bridget, 3rd dau., mar. Henrj 

only son, mentioned dan.,mar.AVil- dan., mar. Ivillingk-y. 

in his father's will, liam (.'ookc. .... — 

and api>arently dis- Margaret, 4th dan., mar 

inherited 30 Jan. ^~ 7V7"~77^r ~Z:~^ " 

jQ(j2.2 Living 30 Jan. lGOl-2. 

One of the daughters mar. John Kirkiy of lluwden, co. York. 

VOL. II. ' Q Q 

,!l'. : r-i,/. 


',- T f. ;.■ ,■•,'■ I 




iVlilncr of Dttncoln. 

[MS. D. 2.\ lltriihls' C'.'llc;:e. T.iiu'oln Curporation Records.] 
Richrtrd Miliicr of SuUon-in-iluklcrncss, co. York.=f= 

Juhn MiliiLi- of Siuton:^:Thoraa>inc, dan. of ... . Parkins of P.rawitli, co. York. 

Richard :\Iilner of City of Lin-::^Annc, dan. and coheir of Jolin Stutt of T-incohi ; 
cohi ICOO. ' iviar. at ]\Iarion 20 April 1G31. 

Eh'zabeih, born at Marton 1-4 Feb. 1G34-5. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — SctiJe, a chevron hctivcen three snaffles or. 

George j\Iilncr, came out of Yorkshire=f=. . , . dau. 
with the Eai-1 of Surrey. I of ... . 

George !Milner, 1st sou= 

dau. of . . . . Henry Milner. Michael ^lilner. 

Henry Milner of Harlington,=pCecily, dan. of Edmund Gostwicke of 
CO. Bedford. Willington, Auditor to Henry VIII. 

Henry Mihier of Wicken-^pAnne, dan. of William Hard- Edward :Milner, 2nd son. 

hy, described " of Little ; in<: alias Cawdc ; bapt. at — 

Sturtoi)"!! .Tan.lG18-19; I W'ickenby ; remar., -1 Feb. Anne, mar. Rev. Philip 

died31 July l(;3r. ; Inir. at I lG35-(;, Anthony Walcott ; Lewgar, Yicar of llarl- 

"\Vickenbysameday,fet.G5. \ bur. at Wickeuby 12 June ington. 


:iinton Milner, ret. 19,1 G34 ; :\rarv,bur. at Elizabeth, mar. at Wickenby, Anne, 
ntcred at Gray's Inn C Feb. ^\■icla■nby ] 7 30 April 1 G-i'.t, William G ilby 

of Stainton-le-llole. 


Dec. 1G:;.^. 



I. ,7 

- 'I'd;' ;!;■ ,: 



[Liiiculu Vrills. Boucberett Title-Dcods at Wiliiaghnm.] 
Arms. — S'iliJ(',o fcssc diinrdtt''^ hciircm six nudlcts argent. 

K;\t.!)cn'ne. dan. of 

Andrew le Vavasor, Lord of the ^lanor of 
Thfuiilothoipe ieni}.. Ldward ii. ; liviii. 
I08O ; dead in l-il2-lo. Est wife. 

; descended froiu^Eawreiice Moigue of^pKlizabetli, 

TheddlcthorpeM April j dau. of 

a licence for an oratory 

mg 1431. 
2nd wife. 



Thomas IMoignc of Clec, Shcrif}' of co. Lin-=pBeatrix, dau. of John 
coin 11 it. Thoresby. 

ThomasI^Ioigncof Wi]]iiigham,145C=pJoau, dan. of Robert Sheffield of Butterwick. 

Henry Moigne of Willing- 
ham, iuq. ]).m. 20 Get. 

John Moigne. 
Nicholas Moigne. 

Christopher Moigne. 
Thomas Moigne. 

George ]\roigne, son and heir 1503. Beatrix, heiress=j=Hcnry Bohun of Wragby. 
Will pro'^'cd 19 Jan. 150G-7. ^ 

Charles iNfoigue, Lawrence Moigne of= 
Rector of Gates- AVillingham, inq. p.m. 
wvde 1506. 16 Dec. 1527. 

Alexander Moigne of=pAnue, 
Sixhills. Will dated ; dau. of 

4 ]\[ay 1528 ; proved 
21 May 1529. 

]\Lary. Katherine=pThomas Crathorne of SaUfleetby. 

dike of 

of Waith, 

William ]\Ioigne 
of Waith, son 
and heir, s.p. 

Simon Moi'jne of= 
Waith, Bailifl' of 
North Willingham 
fortheCrown. Will 
dated 1557; proved 
27 May 155S. 



Thomas jMoigne^Bridget, dan. 
of Wiilingham, '■ of Sir William 
Recorder of Lin- I Hansard, Knt., 
coin ; executed ; of South Kel- 
for high treason sey; mar. about 
1537. 1531. 

Francis Moignc=p. . . . .-Vnne. 
of C;ideby, died dau. unmar. 
25 AuL'. 1578. of 1557. 

Will dated 11 ! 

Aug., proved 1 
Oct. 1578. 

Anne, mar. Elizabeth, 

Thomas mar. Thomas 

l>rocklesby of I'^Ioryson of 

Glcntwortb. Cadeby. 



John Moigne, died 15, bur. IG^. . . . dau. of ... . 
Sept. 1589 at East Raseu. remar Hj'do. 


Thomas Moigne, Susan, 
2ncl son. 

.' u;t 

i'-. '-ir-iOi'T 

■. ;/ 



Tliuma? Moi;,rno. Ftlluw of JVt(jr=p 
llotisc, Canihriilgc ; livan of Si. j 
Patriok's, Duliliii; Arohdoacon of ' 
^Tcaih ; I'islu']) of Kilinore ; died j 
1 Jiiu. U'>:.'^-'.i; bur. at^t. Patrick's. ; 

(HxiUVoyMoigiieof^^Joan, dan. Susan, mar, 

Li6>^ini;tAin ; Ijapt. | of . . . . ; Simon 

at l^ast Kasou ] romar. Patrick 

Nov. J.itSG; died j ^Yilliam of Caistor 

.18 Dec. U;i8. I ])ios. IGK".. 

Abiuail, mar. Jane, mar. An- 

AVakcr Cojicol' thonvCo))e (died 

Drnmilly, co. IGls") of l^orta- 

Armagh ; died down ; divd ;51 

1(;58. ' Dec. ICK^ 

John Moicrno, 1G18 ; 
admitted Pensioner at 
St. John's Collew, 
Cambridge, 18 ^lay 
IGoo, reu ]8. 

(! itVord Moic.nie,bajit. 
at i^issingion 11 
Dec. 1G17 ; bur. at 
Lin wood i) Sept. 

iHi^ii^on of ISurtou auti ^ontlj Carlton. 

[MS. at Buiton Hall.] 

Aims. — Oi\ two chevrons gules. 

John ]\[onKon of Owersby and East Piascn, loTS.^f^ 

John i\lonson, followed Henry V. to-^: 
France l-ilS. 

Judith, mar. Sir Richard 
Eepiugton, Knt. 

John Monsou, Merchant of the Staple li-i). 

Maru-aret,=John Monson of South Kel-=rElizabeth, dan. of 

dan. of 
; liv- 
ing 1449. 
1st wife. 

sey 1457; died 8 Dec. 1473 ; 
hur. at St. Nicholas, South 
Kelsey. Will dated 24 Xov. 
1472 ;' i)roved 'J Pel). 1474-0. 

Sir Richard Han- 
sard, Knt., of 
South Kelsey; sur- 
viving 1474-5. 
2ud wife. 

Robert i\ron,?iMi,= 
merchant of Hull 

Agnes, living 1472. 

Beatrix, dan. of John=f Sir John Monson, Knt., of South=f Dorothy, dan. Joan. 

Hurst (or Thirsk), j Carlton, born 14G7 ; Eschi'ator of of [Mercs — 

merchant, of Burton- I CO. Lincoln 1505-G; knighted of the Marsh. Edome. 

bv Lincoln, 1st wife. 

about 1541 ; died 2G iluy 1042 ; 2nd wife, 
bur. at South Carlton. ; 


Thomas Monson of=pElizabeth, dan. of Sir Ro- 

Sonth Kelsey, died , bert Sheffield, Knt., of But- 

14 April lOOT". ^Vili , terwiek ; bur. at Jklton 28 

dated 7Mar,155G-7; May l.".7i;. Will daicd 10 

proved 10 July 1557; "^(lay 15G2 ; proved l» Xov, 

inq.p.m.4 Oct. 1557. 1573. 

Geoigc [Monson of lii-aze- 
nose College. O.von, 1534 ; 
Parson of Claywortii, c<i. 
Notts; Chajilain to Anne 
of Cleves ; attended lier 
funeral I'J July 1557. 

( •.■.•:f 

-! \ ■ - i- 



I II ,. M 

Uobort=. . . . d;ui. .loan, inai'. ,lati)<-'S A\ ri;(lit of Dnulley. ^farLMiet, mar. 

Jlonson ui* . . . . — I'iiichbcck. 

of Loii- Katliariiic, mar. AVilliani Lacy. — 

don. DoruLliy. 

John ]\ronson of:^Mary, dau. of .... ; ivniar. Thomas Monson, ex'or to his 

South Kf.'l soy, a^t. atSt. ^Nrartin'.s-in-thc-FiLld.-, fotlier 1^)57 ; died s. p. 
32 in 15o7. London, 29 Jan. i5G7-8, — 

Richard Nevile, Ucnry Jlonson, died s.p. 

Robevt.=p3[argarot, dan. 
Monson ; and heir of 
of Belroa j Sir Francis 
in Isle of ! Belwoodjvnt., 
Axliolnie, of Bolton; bur. 
died Aug. there 2^ July 
1555 ; 1570. 

bur. at 
Bel ton. 

William Monson of=i=I->Iizabcth,ilan. Anne, mar. TUo- 

for Totnes 1547 ; 
High Sheriff of co. 
Lincoln 155;) ; bur. 
at South Carlton. 
Will dated 18 Aug., 
proved 17 Dec. 

of Sir Boljorf. mas Bygge of 
Tyrwhi t, Kn t.. lk)othby." 
of Kettlcby ; — 
died 8 Oct. Frances, mar. Sir 
154G ; bur. at Christopher Ays- 
South Carlton, cough of Ashby, 

of Bel- 

^Dorothy, dau. of Alex- 
ander Bannister of 
Beltou ; remar. there, 
21 Sept. 1581), Tho- 
mas Sleford ; bur. there 
12 March 1595-0. 

John ]\ronson, 
bur. at Beltou 
15 July 15-45. 


William ]\ronson, bapt. at Bel- 
tou ol Dec. 151'.). 

Agnes, mar. at Beltou, 13 
Jan. 1560-7, Richard Caister. 

Margaret, bapt. at Belton 
10 Oct. 1502. 

Dorothy, bapt. at Belton 10 July 1574 ; mar. there, 
4 Feb. 1590-4, William Turner. 

Gilbert ^lonson. Pre- 
bendary of Welion 
Westhall, Lincoln 
Cathedral, 25 Sept. 
1548 ; Proctor of 
ChrisL Church, Oxon, 
1552 ; died 1555. 

George Monson, Pre- 
bendary of Wekou 
Paynshall, Lincoln 
Cathedral, 1 Oct. 
1549 ; died 21 Mar. 
1578-9 ; bur. at 
South Carltou. 

=Eleanor, dau. and lieir of Thomas 

George Farmery of Xor- Monson. 

thurpe ; mar. 15 Sej^t. — 

1505 ; I'cmar. Francis Anne. 
Yaiborougli of Weston ; 
bur. at Northorj)e. 

Robert ^Ionson = Mary, dau. of 
of Northor])c, William Tyr- 

bapt. at Xorth 
Carbon 27 Jan. 
157U-71 ; Ijur. 
at Xoriliorpe lu 
June 103«. 


whit ; widow 
of liobert 
Bradford of 
Stanley, near 
Wakelield, co. 
York, about 

George ^Mon- 
son, baj)t. at 
North Carl- 
ton 21 June 
157^ ; living 

Hilary, mar. at Burton, 1 Dec. 
1595, Alexander Stowe ; bur. 
at Burton 20 Feb. 1595-0. 

Elizabeth, mar. Ist, at St.. Jfar- 
garet's, Lincoln, 10 Jan. 1580-7, 
>Martin Gildon of liurton ; 2ndly 
William Kent of Lincoln, mer- 
cer. (Sec p. 404.) 



,1 I 




\" ' 

John j\[oii-- 

fc«u!l of Ik'clc- 
onhain and 
Bovlo, CO. 
Notts, ];')-}( ); 
diofl 17 
Xuv. 1552, 
V.p. ; bill'. 
at South 

f-^Fary, clan, of Sir 
I TiolHTt llusscy, 
j Knt., of Linwood 

and IJlankuoy: co- 
I heir of her moiher 
I Anne, dan. of Sir 

ThoniasSay, Ivnt. ; 
j rcmar. Simon Hall; 

died 4 ilarch 


Robert Monson, ;5rd: 
.son. M.P. for Lincoln 
temp. Edward YI., 
Mary, and Eli/.. ; Ko- 
cordrr of Lincoln 
J5t'7; Justice of Com- 
mon Picas 31 Oct. 
1572; died .s.p. 25 
Sept.l5S33 bur.inLin- 
colu Cathedral. M.L 

-Eiizaltcth, dan. 
l)yon of 'J'ath- 
wcll ; mar. at 
J^outli 12 Sept. 
1550 ; living at 
Linsied, co. 
Kent, 15b4 ; 
rcmar. John 

George ]\ronsou 
of Soniham. 

William ?»ron-=Jane, dan. of Thomas Disney; Elizabeth, 
sou, Clerk. mar. at St. ^MurLraret's, Lin- — 

coin, U July 1577. Mary. 

Robert Sir JoliU i\i;onson, Knt., of South Carlton, Ilighr:pJane, dau. of Ptobcrt 

IsUm- Sherilf of co. Lincoln 1577; »t. 37 in 1583; ; Dighton of Little Stur- 

Kon. knighted at Greenwich 2-1 June 15sr. ; died 20 1 ton ; bur. at South 

Dec. 15'J3 ; bur. at South Carlton 12 Jan. 1593-1. I Carlton 17 Oct. 1624. 

John Sir Thomas ]\Ion6on, Knt., of Burton and=f 
Mon- South Carlton, born 156G ; M.P. for i 
son. Grimsby 1585—89, for Lincoln 1597, for i 
Castle iiising, co. Norfolk, 1G03 ; High 1 
Sheritf of CO. Lincoln 1597; knighted 1597; ' 
created a Baronet 29 June IGll ; Gentle- j 
man Usher of the Privy Chamber ; bur 
at South Carlton 25 May 1G41. 

-]\Iargaret,dan. of Sir Edmund 
Anderson, Lord Chief Jus- 
tice ; born 10 Sept. 15G9 ; 
]jady of the Privy Chamber 
to Queen Anne, wife of James 
L, 1G19 ; bur. at South Carl- 
ton 3 Aug. 1030. 

Ludowick Mon- 
son, entered at 
Gray's Inn 1C17. 

William ^lonson, 
4th son, entered 
at Gray's Inn 

Bridget (the cider), 
mar. Sir John Leeds, 
Knt., of Wapping- 
thorue, co. Sussex. 

Mary, bur. at South 
Carlton 29 June 

Atmc, bur. at iJromley, 
CO. Kent, 29 Oct. 


Magdalen, mar., 24 
April 1632, Thomas 
Cotton of Gray's Inn. 

Sir John Monson of Bur-- 
ton and of Broxbourne, co. 
Herts, J.I'. ; born in St. 
Sepulchre's, London, 1599 ; 
M.P. for Lincoln 1625, for 
CO. Lincoln 1(;2G ; K.B. at 
Coronation of Charles L; 
died 29 Dec. 1G83; bur. at 
South Carlton. 


-Ursula, dau. and heir 
of Sir Bobert Oxen- 
bridge, Knt., and heir 
of her mother Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Sir 
Henry Cock, Knt., 
of iiroxbouru'.', co. 
Herts ; mar. 1G27 ; 
Inu". at South Carl- 
ton 10 Dec. 1G92. 

Thomas ;Mon-= 
sou of Gray's 
Inn 1G17; bur. 
at South Cai'l- 
ton 27 Dec. 
1GG2 ; S.p. 
Will dated 17 
Feb. 1657-8 ; 
proved 7 Jan. 

Bridget (the 
mar., 28 May 
1G32, Sap- 
cote, Vis- 
count Beau- 
mont; bur. at 
Burton 1 
June 16 10. 

=Jane, dau. of 
.... Dobson ; 
bur. at South 
Carlton 2 
^Lar. 1670-71. 
Will dated 
22 Dec. 
1669; i-troved 
14 :March 

See Burkc'8 " Peerage and Baronetage" and Collins's " Peerage. 

I "... 


. ; 1 li 1 


:■ f 


Sir Willi.un >r(inson, Tviit.. Ijoni-^Dorolliy, divi. of Hicli 
IfxJO; M.A. Oxon D .luly l.Mt-l; aid AVallo). uf liiiu: 
knighted at Cadiz • Admiral of the 
Narrow Seas 1 (iu-i ; died at Kin- 
iiei'^Iev, CO. Surrt'v; bur. at Si. ]\Iar- 
tiii's lu-liie-i icids ia rob. r.il_'-:5. 


liriioko; wid-'W uf llicli- 
ard Smiili, son of Sir 
Walter Siiiitii uf Shcl- 
ford, CO. Warwick. 

Monson, liiir. 


dii 1 vontv/. 

Jane, mar. Sir 
Franci^ Howard 
of liookliaiiijCO. 
Sn rrov. 

Anne, bapt. 
at r>o-;ton 
27 Feb. 


Katharine, hiapt. 
IS Sept. K^.ih ; 
mar. Jolin Savil'.e 
of Wakefield, co. 

Elizabeth, liapt. at 
St. Dunstan\s-in- 
the-West, London, 
27 June 1G05. 


Margaret, dan. 
of James. Earl 
]\Inrray; widow 
of Cliarlcs, Earl 
of Notting- 
ham ; mar, 
1625 ; died -i 
Aug. lf;;;;i. 
1st wife. 

ATilliam ]\Ionson, born= 
10U7 ; knio-ht'.'d at 
Theobald's ^12 Feb. 
1022-3 ; created Tis- 
count Mouson of Cas- 
tleuiaine and Daron of 
Ecningard, Ireland, 22 
Aug. iG2S ; Con.stable 
of IJoliugbroke Castle ; 
Commissioner of High 
Court of Justice 1 048 ; 
degraded 12 July IGGl. 


of Thomas 
I Alston of 
I Portstead, 
j CO. Suftblk ; 

mar. ]\Iay 
I IGIG ; died 
I IG.'jOorlGol. 
I Adnvon 20 
I Feb. IG 50-51. 
; 2nd wife. 

■Elizabeth, dan. of Sir 
Gci^irge IJeresby of 
Thrybergh. co. York, 
Bart. ; widow of Sir 
Francis Foljamlic, 
Knt., of Aldwarke, co. 
York, and relict of 
Edward Horner of 
!Mells, CO. Somerset ; 
remar. Sir Adam Fcl- 
ton ; died 26 Dec. 
1695. 3rd wife. 

Stewart Mon- 
son, bajit. 31 
March 1C28; 
bur. at Chel- 

Alston ]\Ionson, born at Co- 
vent Garden 1G47 ; died in 
Di'ury Lane ; bur. at St. 
ilartin's-in-the-Fields 15 
Jan. 1074-5. 




Elizabeth, mar. 1st 
Sir Philip Hungate 
of Saxtou, co.Y'oik, 
Part.; 2ndlv Lewis 

John Monson, born at 
Bugbrooke 10 Sept. 
151*7 ; died young. 

John !Monson of Kin- 
nersley, co. Surrey, 
born ioOl. 

:Anne, dan. of Jarnes Mayne; 
born 1 G 17; died 29 A n^^. 1 G G 7 ; 
bur. at Conghton,co. Warwick. 

Anne, heiress, born 1G3S; mar., about 1G59, Sir Francis Throckmorton, Bart., 
of Coughton, CO. Warwick ; died 23 July 1728 ; bur. at Coughton. 

Sir liobert Monson,=pSarah, dan. 


Faith, dan.^Anthony 


= Katharine, 

Knt., of North Carl- 

of William 

of Pobert son of 


dau. of Wil- 

ton ; knighted at 

Clayton of 

Smith of thoriK,d 

ed 1 7 

liam Clojjton ; 

Wliitehall 23 July 


Lincoln. Nov. IG 

■18 ; 

widow of ... . 

1G03; M.P. for Lin- 

Co. York ; 

Ist wife. ])ur. at 


Dickenson ; 

coln lG:i5-G; died 

widnw of 

i tiioi-pc. 

died 1G71; bur. 

15 Sept. l(;;;s; liur. 



at St. Paul's, 

at North Carlton. 


iMO-VsoN <;f Northor] 


I-incolti, :.'i]d 


wife. D 


.r.:r I 



08 L 



Jolm ]\Ionst«ii, liv- S:\rali, culicir, mar. Sir ilar_Y,cnlieir, .laiio, colicir, mar. 

inii; IGol, s.p. ^'inc•(.•llt Corbet of M'Tc- I'ajit. at liur- IJoirer Mctlyneux, 

— ton CurlxT, CO. Salop, bury L'o Jiilv (.'olonel in Army; 

Anne, culuir, mar., Dart.; croatril Viscount- ]c»li>; m:u-., ditJ 10-18. 

13 Aug. It'.oO, o^f^Ourbet for liro'ioOct. It Jan. — 

AilliiU- iitJiii.iid uf ;-;7;J ; r^iijar. a; X.>v- J !';'..'> -n.^roiv- Cafliarin'?, coheir, 

HoM 'U, CO. "^'(trk, intrton,18 Dcc.1079, Sir ncux Disney mar. .lolin Povey 

and Colby, CO. Liu- Charles Lee; died 4. Tunc cif Norton of Ely and ilouus- 

coln. 1(]82; l) EdnionLou, Disucy; bur. low. 

CO. :Midd!esex. LM Oct. 1 009. 

Elizabeth, born 28 Joyce, died yonng. Anne. mar. Sir Ed- Katliarine,mar. Sir 

Sept. l.:)0o; mar. Sir — wardl>ymoke,Knt., l]d\vard Grillin of 

Valentine Ijrowue ]\Iary,mar. Sir Tlio- of Scrivcisby. Din,<:iey,co. Xortli- 

of Croft, Knt.; bur. ma=! Keresby of — ampton, Dec. L')'.)9; 

at . Crofc 28 Feb. ''I'hryberL,^}!, co. Jane, died young. diedl()U3. 

1031-5. York. 

[^rS. at Eurtou Hall.] 

William Monson of Barlings in !Me5sing]iam.=rDougla.'5, dau. 
"Will dated 5 April, i>roYcd 20 xVpril 1G32. of . . . 

Robert Mou-=Jennet, dau. Isabel, mar Clarke. Anne, mar. Ellen. 

son of ]\Ies- of ... . — Broud- — 

singham. Somercotes. Mary, mar Wilkinson, bankc. Christian. 

I'homas >\Ionson of Xewhaven in Connecticut, one of the^. . . . dau. 
original Proprietors in IG-iO ; died there 1GG5. of ... . 

Samuel ]\ron.Hon,born Aug.=r^f<^i"V, fLin. of William ]3radlcy; ILmnali. P^lizabcth. 
lG-13 ; died 1002. mar." 2G Oct. lOO.J. 

II II II. 111^ 

^latthew ^^onson. Thomas T^roiisoii. TheophiluH ]\ronsou. Joseph Monson. 

Samuel Monson. John Monson. Steplvm ^fonson. Caleb ]\ronson. 

•Joshua Monson. 

[The ahovc was cornmuiiior\te'l to William John, Otli r.ord >ri..:)soii, bv IF. G. Sornciln', 
U.S.A., 3 July 1«S.] 

' • '. 

•■ '.t 

■• ■ 1 ,^ 'L. >. , .:.•■, ? 


jltlcn^j'on of i^ortfjorpt* 

Sir John Munsnij:^-,Taiie Diirlttoii. 



AiithoiiY Monson 



= Failli, a 





of 1 







coin ; d!< 


5 1> 



; l.nir. 

at X. 




Anthony ^ron?on,bapi. ChristopheiOIonson.haiit. 8tei>]icn I\ron- Thomas 
18 Jan. 10u7-8 ; diea at North Carlton o Nov. son,aiea unaer ^^lonson, 
1614. 1G15; aied unmar. IGaa. age 1G18. living 1G22. 

Dorothy, aan.~John= 
ofCliristopher | ]\Ion- 
Anaercon of son. 
liostock, CO. 
1st wife. 

"Mary, dwu.- 
of William 
of Cli.xby; 
died -29 A np-. 
1G38. 2nd 

d-'ranccs, dau. of William Clopton of Dur- 
ham ; mar. al»out 9 May 1G41 ; remar. at 
St. Peter, Paul's Wfuirf, 27 Sept. IC,'}?,, 
Noi-reys Fyncs, 2iid son of Sir llcnry Fynes 
of Kirkstcad, Knt. ; bur. at jMincing 5 
April 165G. 3rd vrife. 

William :\ron- 
son, died 28 
Feb. 1638-9 ; 
bur. at Nor- 
th or pe same 

Jane, a?t. 3, 1034 ; 
mar. Richard Bur- 
naby of Piucrby. co. 
Warwick ; died 27 
March 1G53 ; bur. 
at Claxby. 

:\rary, bur. at Eagle 29 "Several 

Oct. 1033. daus., 

— nuns." 
Catharine, born about 1035. 

Anne, born about 1G36-7. 

Francis ^^lonson of Minting, born 10 1-4 ; bur. at St.=j=]\rary, dan. of. 
Giles-in-the-Fields 15 March 1685-G. Adnvon 30 
March IGSG to Ilonora Monson, mother of his niece 
Anne Monson. 

bur. at ]\linting 1-i 
Feb. 1080-81. 

Frances, bur. at Minting 27 April 1C75. 

Jane, born 22 May 1002 ; :\Iary, legatee of Jane, legatee 1G22 ; mar. John 
bur. at North Carlton 29 her grandmother Osbaldeston of OsbaldesLou, co. 
May 1G21. 1022. Northumberland. 

Frances, dau. of Sir Philip-^Anthony= 
Tyrwhit, Bart., of Stain- Monson, 
field; ?3t. 3, 1034; mar. ' 1st son ; 
7 May 1019; died IG April xt. 9, 
1058; bur. at St. Pancras. { 1034. 
1st wife. I 

A I B 


=ITonora, dan. of Sir Piichard Weston, John 
Knt., of Sutton, co. Surrey; bur. Mon- 
at ?i[adelev, co. Hereford, 15 Feb. son, 
170 !-5. Will dat-d 13 Aug. 1087; a)t. 7, 
proved G May 1709. Adm'on to 1G34. 
lier dau. AntiC Wilton 17 .luly 1705 
revoked. 2nd wife. 

R R 


LIN cot;:c s II Hi i: v i :i » i c r ees . 
A I i< 

riiilip ]\I(in?(>ii"S:ir:ili, dan. ainl lifiress (;.'or;,^o MniiM-)!!, 

(»f ^lilliaiik, I (if Sir ,)ulm Sriidauiore, li\ in;4 lim; ; dwd 

"Wi'StiiiiiistLr : l'..i!t.. of l5ariin_i:lK\ni,co. s.p. 

1>nr. at Sr. Mur- ' llcrd'onl ; bapf. there — . 

gavcL's, V»vSL- I 1 OoLlOi;!; widcw of Uidiavd "Moi:si:ii, 

luinster, 18 Si'']i, ' Jame? llolinvs of Car- said to have gone 

1700. "Will I wardineiii ?>T:i']i^!ey,\vlio lioydiid seas lieforc 

dated 8 June- I di^d 2 Aj^r;'. ITOi); 1 ('.s7; oall.^d "Aii- 

1721 ; proved i ]M-,(Vcd licr I'lid lius- irohis ]\Ionsoij," a 

2 Oct. 17o0. I haiur^ will ]7;;i». iriar. 

Ami', iiiar. Wil- 
liam WiltdU of 
Ma.loloy, "an at- 
torney c»f Uo 
foitune,'' airains: 
lu-r motlier's Con- 
sent ; ]irovod Iilt 
husliaiid's will ,s 
:\ray 172."); hur. 
28kpt. 172S. 

riiilii! Monso]), oidy son, bapt. at ^Madeley i Jan. 1702-3 ; = Anne, daii. of ... . 
admitted at Liiieoln's Inn 22 Jan. 1717-18; legatee of his Scudamore of Kent- 
cousin Mrs. Anne Weston 21 Pee. 171.'5. churcli,co. Uercford. 

Anthony j\ron-=^Dorot:hy, dan. of ... . Withering ; niece of CJcorgo Mouson, 

son, son and I William Withering ; mar. about 1072 ; bur. died 2 Jan. 

liGir,dead before I at Xorthorpc 1-1 Xov. 1G87. Will dated 17 IGol-o; bur. at 

1686. I Aug. 1086 ; proved 2 June 1688. Northorpo. 

Monson, 1st 
Bou, bapt. at 
Xorthorpe 7 
Sept. 1077; 
died 30 Oct., 
bur. 1 Xov. 
1687 at Nor- 
th or pe. 

John ^kfouson, 2nd 
son, boi'u 1, bapt. 3 
Aug. 1082 ; died at 
Eton ; bur. at Xur- 
thorpe 3 Aug. 1093. 
Istadm'on to his aunt 
Mary Symcs 16 Aug. 
] 003 ; 2nd adm'on 
to Henry Tasburirh 
2-1 l^ec. 1 693. 

]\Iary Frances, 
coheir, bapt. at 
Xortlior])e 10 
April 1074; 
mar. lieni'j 
Tasburgh be- 
fore 1093; died 
10 :^ray 1706 ; 
bur. at St. Pan- 

Clare, colioir, bapt. at Nor- 
tliorpc 1 Api'il 1081 ; living 
in France 13 June 1095; 
mar. Sir liichard Guide- 
ford, Bart., of Hemsted, 
CO. Kent, (marriage settle- 
ment 15 Xov. 1095); sold 
the manor of Xorthorpe 12 
June 1705. Will dated 10 
July, jiioved 11 Xov. 1738. 

Edward ]\Ion-=pFlizal)etli, dau. of William Fitz- !^Iary, mar. P^dward .Symesof St. 

Bon, dead be- , william of Ciixliv ; l)nr. at St. Dnustan in the West, liondon 

fore 1702. : Giles-in-thc-Field"s22Feb.l7o]-2. (mar. lie. -1 July 1670, au. 21, 

I Will [iroved 18 June 1702, then a to be mar. at St. ^lary Savoy;; 

i widow. a widow in 1093. 

Allen i^Ionson, 1st son,= . . . . dau. of Cenrge Monson, 2nd son, living aliroad 

devisee of his mother's . . . .;legateeof 17oi-2 ; called eldest son by his unele 

right to the parsonage of her inothor-in- William Fitzwilliam ; died before 

Xorthor]ie 1701-2. law]7t»I-2. 1723-4. 



jllooiT of Bourne. 

[Hurl. MS. n;;.] 

Gi'itroiy ]\I."Ml' i>f lloui-uo, BailiHVv'^"''"N <^>^"- "1" H'-^nry AU'jii uf 
iMir. tlu'io :.'i» .laly ]c>;U. Diukiniiisler, co. Loioester. 

(ire<;ory iMoorc^AiHie, dun. of Edward Moorc-p.Iuililh. dan. of Ann(.',Tnar. Fraii- 

of ]>(nirnc and 

Fisher ; of P.uurnc,l>ur. 

bnr. at l*inch- tlieiv. l'u -lune 

beck 7 :\larcb 1G32. 

bur. at cis Shcrard of 
iK^nrnc 10 8Lai)leford, co. 

Jan. lGol-2. Lcieostcr. 

Richard ^[oore, bui'. at Pinch- 
beck 8 April 1090. 

Thomas jMoore, bapt. at Pinch- 
beck Feb. 1590-91 ; bur. at 
Bourne 28 July 1591. 

bur. at 
21 Oct. 

Williaia'-^^Anne, dan. (Irc^ory 
]\Toorc, ! of 'J'imothy i^Ioore,bapt. 
Allen of ' 

bapt. at 
21 Jan. 

and bur. at 
Bourne Jan. 

Henrv IMoore, bapt. at Bourne Edward JMoore, bapt. at Bourne 
13 April 1G;;;2. G Feb. 1G33-4. 

jlloorc of ©rant!)am. 

[Harl. xMSS. 75G, 7G0. MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Aiisis. — Argent, hro greyhounds courani sahlc, on a chief azurb three estoites or. 

AYilliam Moore of Lichfield (?) 


dan, of . . 

. . . . dan. of Gabriel=j=Richard Moore of Grantham, J. P. 1581 ;=r^5odetha, dau. of 
Armstrong. Jst j M.P. for Grantham 1585; died 10 Aucr., . . . . (ireen; bur. 
wife. I bur. 11 Aug. 1595 at Grantham. "\Vill at (irantham 2i) 

dated 29 March 1595. , Sept. 1G08. 2nd 

Hugh !Moore. 


Thomas Gal'iiel ]\Ioore, ]).I)., 4ih son, bajit. Susan, bapt. at Eiizalietli, bapt. 
Jloore, atGraniliam 18 AjiriJ 1585 ; Pre- (irantham 10 at (Jraiuham 
3rd son Ijendary of Westminster ; died in Oct. 15^2: mar. ]\ray; mar. 
1 ]\Iarch his lodgings in Clement's Bane, Sir Richard Fiancis Ever- 
1591-5. Westiiiiiister ; bur. in AW-^tminster (irecii, Knt., ingham of Bar- 
Abbey. .Will dated ] 2 Oct. 1G52 ; Clerk of the loa-on-llum- 
provcd 2 Nuv. 1G52. Cheque; dead ber. 

12 Oct. 1052. 

}]i'll}uik Vj -I'lOiil^ 


• 7/ 

J -■ 

t' ! 


LlKCOLNtiltir.i: rKBIGllEKS. 

Aloxiimlor JIoovo^pAnnc, dan. of Kichard Moore, 2nd son, livinc? 12^=^. . . . dan. 

of Cli'aiitiiain, lot. 
25, VoOb ■ Akler- 

AViliiain Lacy Oct. 1052. 
ol' Deeping. 


Adam l^Ioore. bapt. at Grantham 23 Jlay 
loo;) ; iiviiig i_; Ucl. 1002. 

Moore, Is L 
sou, ba]>i. 
at Grant- 
ham 18 
Dec. 1097. 

Alexander ]\foorc of^Katliarinc, dan. of Richard William ]\[ooro, 

Grantham, Counsel- 
lor- at- l>aw, bapt. 
there 17 Dec. 1598; 
^I.P. for Grantham 
1G20; bnr. there Jan. 

Oliver of co. .MiddKsex ; 
remar. Peregrine Mack- 
worth, son of 8ir Thomas 
;Maekv,-orth of Normanton, 
CO. ]\utland; bnr. at Grant- 
ham 17 Feb. 1G52-3. 

bapt. at Grant- 
ham 27 ^larch, 
bnr. there 21 
AuL'. 1002. 

1st son, 
ait. 6 
years 2 
at liis 

Gabriel Moore, Rector of Elton, co. Anne, ret. 

Notts, bapc. at Grantham 2G Oct. 4iulGol; 

IGol ; heir and ex'or of his great- bapt. at 

uncle and godfather Gabriel i\Ioore Grant- 

12 Oct. 1G52 ; bur. at Grantham ham 26 

1 March 1G9S-9. Will dated 16 Dec. 

Oct. 1G97 ; proved 16 June 1G09 ; 1G30. 
left his estate to charitable uses. 

Katharine, cct. 1 year 
and a half 1034; liv- 
ing unmar. 12 Oct. 

Jane, bapt. at Grant- 
bam 14 Jan. 1G35-G. 

John ^loore, 
baj't. a! 
Grantham 4 
Dec. 1603. 

Gal)ricl ]\Ioorc, 
bapt. at (i rant- 
ham 24 July 
IGOS : bur. 
there 27 Feb. 

William j\roore, 
bapt. at Grant- 
ham 10 July 
1G09; bur. there 
8 Nov. 1657. 

Iknrv ^loorc, D.D., of Clirist's 
College, Cam])ridge, ba|jt. at 
Grantham 2G0ct. 1G14; Rector 
of Ingoldsby(instituted 19 June 
1642); died 1 Sept. 1687; bur. 
at Christ's College, Cambridge. 


Godctha, bur. 
at Grantham 
15 Sept. 1596. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Grant- 
ham 1 June 1600 ; mar, 
Henry Calverley of Cal- 
verley, co. York. 

Anne, bapt. at 
Grantham 1 Jan. 
1604-5; bur. there 
21 June 1607. 

Joan,bapt. at Grant- 
ham 21 Juno 1612 ; 
mar. there, 28 Sept. 
1631, John Colby. 


[^I.SS. C. 2o .•111(1 0. -23, ITerulds' (College] 
Henry Moore of Snltl.v, co. LciceskT^EIizabctli, dan. of ... . Bayles. 

J : I 

Thoiuas Moore of Saltby, lO;M=pElizabeth, dan. of Julni Ijuiu ui'Saliby. 


Thomas =p John Moorc^E!eanor,daa. llonry :Moore, in-=Annc, Stephen 

inir IGil 

Moore of 


CO. Lciees- 

ter, livini; I 

ICil. ^ I 

Thonjas ^loore, 
liviucr 10-11. 

of Stnbton, i of liiehard .stiruted to Lhc dan. of Mooie of 

1631 ; liv- j Fancourt of Yicara?:c of Long . . . . ; Yonl- 

Gamloy(?), Benini^Lon 8 .^^ay sur- fri-nYC,co. 

CO. Leicester. KVii;. ' AVill dated viving D'-'rby, 

1-4 May, proved 2] IGll. living 

May IGll. 1011. 

ThomaSnrSnsanna, John Moore, 2ud son. Anne. niar. William Jar- Sarah, mar. 
Uoove dan. of — mon. William 

of Stub- ' Thomas Stephen ]\roore, 3rd — Bov.ieth. 

Ellen, mar. .John Sole. — 

Susan, mar. 

ton, jet. 
about 7, 
1634 ; 

William- son, bur. at Boston 31 Ellen, mar. .John Sole, 
son of dan. 1071-2. — 

Ailing- — Elizabeth, mar. Rieh;ird 

ton. ' Wright Moore, bur. at Fancourt of Gumlcy (?), 

Bostmi -1 Oct. 1071. co. Leicester. 

John ]\Io^re, 

-Williamson=pJane. dan. of Ed- Tliomas=r^Iary, Susanna. 

set. 7, 1006 ; 

dan. : 

living 1C8U. 

of i 





}iloore, Rec- 
tor of Carl- 
ton Serope, 
" of Stub- 
ton" 1710; 
died 1724. 

Anne, died 
20 Oct. 
1775, ;eL. 
70 ; bur. 
at Slea- 

mar. Wil- 
liam Lo- 
max of 
Sleaford ; 
died 18 
Oct. 1793, 
jet. 84. 

mund .... of Moore, t dan. 

Granthani ; mar. Rector { of 

there 2 Xov. 1710; of Carl- : . . . 

died Oct. 1782 ; ton 

bur. at Sleaford. Serope. 
2nd wife. 

j\roore of 
1st son, 
died 18 



Riciiard ]\bj'ire, 
died ] 1 May 
1771 (some say 
ret. 40) ; bur. at 

Katharine, died 12 Nov. 
1737, xt. 13 ; bur. at 
Tydd St. Mary. 

Frances, mar. .John 
Brooke, Rector of Col- 
ncy, CO. Norfolk; died 
23 Jan. 178li, tet. GO; 
bur. at Sleaford. 

' ... .1>1. .;;.; .< 

f ' ' 


LlN'COLXSllHiE ri;.l)IGREF.S. 

iHorcjau of (13aiu^:3'bcirou2{). 

[II;n-l. MSS. 1 UiC, MS. Queen's College, Oxuu.] 

]\l(iiice=i=Elizabeth, dna. of William Foi-mnii of (i;uiisborou;j;li, 
Mor- yeoman ; si.-ter of Sir William Forman, Kiit., Lord 
gan. Mayor of Loinlon Ib'oS. 

William ^lor^an, Ivichanl ^rurcan^p^yiargarct, dan. of Roljcrt Mor- ^Margaret, 

died in London. of GainsbovoU'']!. 

. . . !Maliby. gan, s.p. diud in 


William ^loigan of Crain.sborongh=rAnne, dau. of Edward Harlcy of the Noi'lli. 

Francis Morgan. Elizabeth. 

illorsan of ©cvibchtiy. 

[:\IS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Jobn Morgan of Little Oakley, co. Northampton^p. . . . dan. of 


John ]\rorgan of Little Oakley^Ellen, dau. of ]\[ichael Catesby of Scaton, co. Rutland. 

Elizabeth, dau. of=Thomas Mor-n=Anne, dan. of Rev. Tho- John I\ror- Anne. 

Charles Curtis of gan of Scri- 
Aswarby. 1st v.ifc. velsby 1C31. 

mas Greene of Wilksby. gan of co. 
2nd wiff. Ikicks. 

Slary, heiress 4 Oct. 1C34. 

jllorltj> of %)olmt in JSottce^forti. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
AiiMS. — Aifjcni, a lio/i rcrrqjanf saOIe, rrovriied or, a mullet for difference. 

Henry Morley, descended from Thoraas,=p. . . . dau. and heiress of ... . 
3rd son of ^Villiam, J^ord ilorley. Holme of Holme in lioitesford. 

John ilorley of Holme and=p. . . . dan. of . . . 
Colby, died 10 Oct. 1057. I Lacou of Derby. 





^Yillialn ^lurlov, died \\]k alioiit '27> Oct. iri."»,"),=pEleanor. dan. of Edward Skijiwith 

ulieu liis son Edmntid ^^•:l? prcientod lii.s lioir 
by tlic inrv of Hotirsford M.iiior. 

ofHabroiii:!! ; i<'iiiar. at Haliroiijjli, 
•I ^lay ].j."iS, .Tulm iJ-iXf. 

Augii-iii;., l-^.liiiuiid ^\Iorn'y, said il^■=p'^^:v.■l:•■!rot. dvui. oi "'.Vijilain 


the E.=c!ieat of 1557 to 
be 20 yciii-s old. 

]'iu!iertHopkiiison Moiicy, 
of Kirmiiifjtou. 

xVutlioiiy Saii- 
ton of tSamon. 

Philippa, dan. of Joliu^l^dmund ]Morley of noline,=pElizabotli, dan. of Francis 
Bowycr ol' Hitfhin, bapt. at Barnoldby-le-ljcek liullin(,-hani of T>incoln ; 
Herts; bur. at lioUcs- 3 May 1575; proved his widow of Henry Bowyer of 
ford lo J'du. 10-\--2. nncle Edward Hopkin.son's Botiesford ; mar. at Ijorte.s- 
1st wile. will 11 March IGOo-G. Will . lord 2 March 1G21-2. 2nd 

dated IGoG. i wife. 

Edmund ^lorley, 5t]i ?on, 
l)apt. at Bottesford oO 1 )ec. 

Henry Morley, Gth son,bapL. 
10 Julv, bur. at Bottcsfurd 
8 Nov.'] G 20. 

Su.'^anna, bapt. at 
Bottesford 23 ^Fay 
1023; livinc(lG3G. 

I I 

Jaue, Beatrice, bapt. at Bot- 

1034. tesford 20 Jan. lGOC-7; 

mar. there, 25 Jan. 

1.022-3, John .Shaw, 

Lord of the ]\ranor of 

Bottesford, whose inq, 

]3.m. was taken 1032. 

I I 
Frances, bapt. 
at Bottesford 
19 Sept. 1012. 


I I 

Jfagdalen, 1034 ; mar. Thomas, 
son of Mannaduke Dolman of 

Elizabeth, mar. "William Par- 
kins of Ashby in Bottesford. 

Thomas ]\rorley=pEli7.abeih, dan. of ]\Iarma- 
of Holme, bajit, ' duke Dolman of Messing- 
at Bottesford 25 ham ; Ijapt. tliere 3 July 
JunelOoS; bur. , 1010; bur. at Bottesford 
there 10 Sept. Wednesday 5 Jan. lOG'J-70. 
1002. j 

John Morlev, 2nd son 

William ^lorley, 3rd 
son 1031 ; bur. at Bot- 
tesford 27 ]\rar. 1050. 

^lark (called 
in 103G),-lth 
son 1034. 

Edmund ]\ror-= 
ley, legatee of 
liis consin Wil- 
liam Ddlman 8 
j\Iay 1002; bur. 
at Bottc.-ford 
May 1708. 

Marnwdnke=pMai-y. dau. of William ^lor- John !Morley. 


I\lorley of 
Holme, x\. 
], 1034. 

.... Brewer of 
Hurr-.tall; mar. 
at Bottesford 
11 Nov. 1000; 
bur. there 3t> 
July 1701. 

ley, legatee of 
his cousin 
William Dol- 
man 8 ^lay 


Bajit. at Bot- 
tesford iid 
Mar. 1044-5. 

Marmaduke Morley of Messingham. 
Adm'on June 1715. 

-]\bny, dau. of .... ; bur. at 
Bottesford 18 Jun-j 1710. 

^larmaduke Morley, bnpt. at ^Fessingliam 10 A}>ril 
1713 ; bur. at BotMsford 19 Jlay 1705. 

Ai)u<^, ba]it. at Messing- 
ham 20 >Mareh 1722-3. B 


LINCOL-NSm IIK rv.niGKKi.s. 

ThLasMnr- An Movl.y,-r. • • • M:,vv,l>:,pt. utl^ottoslV-vd KlizaV.oM. Lji-Lat 

(l;ui. ^'.^ Muivh lt;ul-L'. lioiu-sford I Mny 
KiTl ; ninr. tlu-ri', 

Lcslonl ;i March Hif.TS. 'lM)..iiias lliulsoii 

of Harrow. 

ley, IvSL soil, bapt.iuliolus- 

bnpt. al, r>i.t,- ford :.'l Scpi. 

tosfonl -2'.) U;70 ; a uoii- 

Juiie lC.i;i. juror 17J.'). 

.f 17 ford 25 April 1702; bur. dan.ol bap 1 ot 
Oct. IGOo. there 2i) April 17(;7. .... 1^' l'^^'^- l'^''^-'- 

I'.dmiuKl ^^lorley, buv. at Bottesford 17 Jan. 175?>. 

17 r^- 

lliam Morlev, \nn. Mary, bapt. at Anne, bar. at Bottesf^Drd 20 May 17 


atBottesford 17 April Bottesford 5 , p f ,...f.rl - Tnn TlOU 

- Feb. 169.J-0. Amie, bur. at Bottcstord < Jan. i < lo-ii. 

Jane dan of .... ; died 5 Sept.n-Jamcs Morley of=Anno, dau. of . . . : bur. 
I-Sg S 30 ; bur. at JMtesford Scotter, died '2^ at Inttestord 2 Aprd l.GO. 
27Sep.l7GG 1st ^ife. May 1701, .et. 7G. 2nd wife. 

James Morlev, bur. at Bottesford Marmaduke Morky, bur. at Bottcs- 
24 March 1745-G. ford 31 Jan. 17o0. 

Henry Morley of Lincoln, apothecary, 1 April 1G58;= 
cho'^en Chamberlaiu of the South Ward IG../ ; 
Senior Alderman of Lincoln ; died 20 ieb. lC/8-0, 
set. 48 ; bur. at Sc. Pctcr-at-Arehes, Lincoln. 

Edward ^^lorley, Henry Movley, 2nd^ 

1st sun, bapt. son, Alderman of 

at St. Peter-at- Lincoln, bapt. at St. 

Arches 4 Oct. Peter-at- Arelies IG 

IGGO. Sept. IGGl. 


Tiiornas Morley, bur. at Si. Peter- 
at- xVrches 28 March IG'.i;'.. 

lOdmnnd Morlev, Thomas :Morley, 

;]rd son, bapt. 4 th son, bapt. at 

at St. Peter-at- St. Peter -at - 

Arches 1 8 :*rareh Arches March 

lGGo-4. IGG.-.-G. 

Samuel Morley, bur. at St. Peter- 1 

at-Arches 27 Au'\ 1702. A 

. .-.'Tf 


' -Ml/;/: 


Stoplicn John [Morloy, 0th son, l)apt.=Aiinc, c1;\u. Thomas ]\Invlcy, 7tli son, ' 

Moiloy, ai. 8t. IVter-iit-Aivhts -JO v\' J)avi<l bapt. at St. l\'tcr-at- '. 

iith son, Anjj;. lOriit ; uiatrieuhuoil at ]lt>biii.-:<'U Arches ^Farcli 107 l-i'. 

bapt. at Tiini:y CciHol,^c, Oxon, I'O uf Fisk-T- — 

St. Peter- l\-\). 'lOs:>-0 ; Hector of ton; bur. Samuel ]\r<irley, 8th son, ' 

aL-Arcli'js l.!i;.j.'lii College 171'»— 0] ; i\t ScuLi^:: bapt. a: >L i^ier-at- ! 

12 ]May Iiector of Seotton 1711; 18 Jan. Arches 21- Auc^. 1077. 

16G8. * bur. there 4 Juno 1731. 17ol-2. 

Dorcas, bapt. ^larp-aret, liapt. at Susanna, bapt. at Elizabeth, bapt. atSt.Petcr- 

at St. Peter- St. I'eterai-Arehes Si.Peter-at-Arehos at-Arches ^larch 1075-0. 
at-Aichcs lu C .Ian. U;7;'.-l. Jan. 107;J-1. — 

]\rar. lGGl-5. ^ ^.^- ^ Mary, bapt. at St. Peter-at- 

Twins. Arches 2'J Sept. 1078. 

[Harl. MS. 1550.] 

Arms. — Or, on a cross salJe five Jlrurs-dc-h's of ihe field. 

Thomas -^loi-yson of Cadeby, Clerk^pElizabetlj, dan. and coheir of 
of tlie Pipe; ^Fayor of Grimsby \ Thomas Moigne of North "Wil- 
1570 ; died at St. P>otolph, Alders- lingham; legatee of her uncle 
g-ate, 10 Feb. 1501-2. j Simon Moigne 1557. 

Edward ^Morypon of=pEli7.abeth, dau. of Poberr "Wingfield of Upton, co. Xorth- 
Cadebv, Ist son, a;-t. ; am}>ton ; living 1010; ren:ar. Calybni ])o^Yning of 
35 in' 1592 ; died 2o Stamford ; mar. at Tinwell 13 Dec. 1004. 
July 1508. 

Thomas Moryson of: 
Whitefriars, London ; 
s.p. '^A'ill dated 3 June 
1045 ; proved 'I'^ ^lay 
1047; (to be) bur. at St. 
Potolph, Aldcrsgate. 

^^lbert ]\rorvson, died 
.^lay 1592, s'.p. 

Edwai-d M ( 'ryson , l.iapt. 
at Healing' 20 Jan. 
1501-2 ; s.p. 

Frances, mar. at Tin- 
well, CO. liurland, 16 
Dec. 1004, AVilliam 
Trowsdale of Llun- 
don in Caistor, co. 

Elizabeth, bajtt. at Dorothy, mar.=Tobias I'liius- 

Louth Feb. 1500-7 ; 28 Aug. 102O cro.sso of 

mar. Thomas ])ayne (mar. lie. 15 

or Francis Dynn of Aug. 102u, 

Inner Temple. a?t. 22). 

Towthbv in 
A 1 ford, a:t. 22 
in 1020. 

Anne, mar. 1st Gresham 
llogaine (living 1010), 
2ndly Rogei" Townshend 
of Jlorstead, co. Xorfdk. 

Thon^as Moryson of Sandon, co.=p}]llen, dau. of Edward Pulter of Cottered, o. 
Herts, Clerk of the Pipe, Herts ; mar. there 21 Sept. 1587. 

A I B 

YOL. II. 8 S 

= : 1 1 

.i: .j'>-f 





John Frrinoe?, <1an. of . . . .=fCli:!rlos Moryson of ?^nn-= Anne. clan, of Anne. 

:M(.!V- NoiiV>rt ..f Walshiill. I don, (.-o. Herts, 10:J2 Alkii. 

son.' Ist wifi'. I -Jncl wifo. 


^ (Ian. of Jano, niar. George Aling- Faith, mar. 1st Francis ]\yns- 

.Mory- ' "sir Iknry ton of Suinhopo ; Imr. at sendtMiof llealin^r.i'nilly llich- 

ITarring-' St. Botolph, xVldcrsgate, ard'J'owilil>yuCTo\Yihby; bur, 

ton. ° Feb. llU 1-12. at AUbrd 9 April 1G22. 

Sir }virh--r 



Ftobert iforyson. Sir Henry liiehard Francis ifory- FynesMory- Lctticc. 
^Moryson. ^lorvson. sou. son. 

jHottrara of Stitilttljorpc, CnUitfjorpt, anti 

Arms (on a shield on Cavrthorpe ^^lanor House). — Sahb', on a checron argent hciiceen 
three- cross-crosslefs or as many cinquefoils gules. 

Thomas !MoUram,pref;ented liv the Crown to the 'Rec-=f=^Iary, dan. of ... . 
tory of Addlethorpe 4 Feb. 15.SU-S1 (called "gentle- j Will dated 27 :\Iar., 
man" in his will, dated 7 Feb. 161-1-15, proved 2 Jan. | proved 18 April 
1G15-1G); (lo be) bar. in Addlcthorpe Church. I 1G27. 

John Mottram of=p^rargarL-t, dan. of John Thomas ;^^ot-^lvatharine, dan. of 
Addlethorpc, Gent., I Newport of Scnpholme- tram of AVin- j ....barker; mar. at 
ba)«t. there 6 July j in-Sornercotes, yeoman ; thorj^o, 2nd j St.^rargaret'Sjl.iii- 
loSO; ajt, 30 in mar. lie. ?.l July IGIS, sou. j coin, 18 July 102:). 
ir.18. AViil dated ' ast. 3(.i, then widow of /jx 
11 Jan. 1G28-'J. j Lion Lacon, Gent., of John ]\Iottram of Xor- 
Tetuey. ^vieh (?). (See note.) 

Samuel ^^fottram of Thorpe-b}-Wain-==Sa?au, dan. of . . . . Jeanes ; widow of 
fleet, 2nd .'^on, bapt. at Addlethorpc 10 William Hanson of Croft ; mar. at Croft 

June 1G2.S. AVill dated lU March 
1 G7G-7; i>roved(C.P.C.) 21 Feb. 1 G78-'J. 

7 May ir.71 ; rt mar. at Thorpe, 2iJ Auj. 
1G7'.>. John liowell. 

Hcborah, C(ilie!r,=f=]lieliard Crackanthorpc of NeW' 
cx'trix 1G78-0. j biggin, co. Westmoreland. 

Elizaljeth, coheir, ex'ti'ix 

lG7.s-'J ; mar i'at- 



'j i' ■•'■>' •".■/'! ^I' ■■ .r,:.ji 

■ ■■--'■:■' i .■'1^1 li 


LiKcoLNSiii ui: ri:DlGui:i:s. 


!Mar^£:fiivt, dau.--r.)o!ni ]\rottram,* Clout., of AdflictlKiipe ainl=j=Eli7--^^'t'f-^i, <1;^"- of 
(>{....; living Cawihoi-pe Martin, bant, at, A(lJlotlK)ri)e 12 i ; Ijur.atAildle- 
lGlO. 1st wile. ])l'C. IGl'J; died a Jan. K'-SO-OO ; biu'. in j tliovpe 11 Oct. 

"quiro of Addiethorpc Chnrcli." Will dated I0b6. 2nd wile. 

10 May lOsa ; proved 21 May ICOO. 

Mary, bapt. at Thorpo-by-AVainfleet 12 ]\Iarcli^-nenry Newstead of Xorth 
lGlO-11 ; mar. lie. 22 Dec. 1G71. Sonicrcotcs, Gent, 

John Newstead. 

Stephen NcW' 



Daniaris. ^Sfary. 

Livinf,' 1G80. 

John ^lottrani, 
"juninr, bur. 
in woollen " at 
2G Oct. 1080. 

Avis, dan. of John Ample-^ 
ford of Boston, woollen- 
draper; mnr. at Addiethorpc 
ol Jan. lGOl-5 ; bur, there 
28 June lOdS. 1st wife. 

iSaniuel Mottroni of Addle--T=]\Iary, 
thorpe,died9 Feb. 1710-11, dau.of 
ret. 59 : bur. in .Vddlc- .... 
thorpe Church. ^I.I. Will 2nd 
dated 2i Jan. ITJo-ll. wife. 


bur. a 


t Addle- 

11 Oct. 

John ]\Iottram, 
bur. at Addle- 
thorpe 7 Feb. 

Thomas Mottram, 
bur. at Addle- 
thorpe 31 May 








Avis, bapt 
tho]-pe 1 

. at Addle- ilary, coheir, died 21 Oct.- 
5 March 1728, ast. 81 ; bur. in Ad- 
diethorpc Church. ]^>I.]. 


^lohn Aridrcws, son of Henry 
Andrews of Osgodby. (See 
Vol. I., p. 27.) 

Noah i\Iottram=p]Mary, dan. and coheir of John 

of Caw thorpe, 
bapt. at Addle- 
thorpe 15 Jan. 
lG5-i-5 ; died 

Boswell of South Thorcsby ; 
marriage settlement 23 June 
1691 ; remar. "William Mar- 
wood of Laughton between 
169-1 and 1G97'. 

John Derby of: 
Leake, bur. 
there 5 Nov. 
1G79. Isthus- 

mar. at 
thorpe 5 

SceYol. I., p. 29G. 


John ■\Iottram of Cawthoi'pc and= 
Staniford St. Martin's, leiratee in 
will of his uncle Samuel Muttram 
1710-11 ; dead in 17G1. 

Olenrietta, dan. and coheir of 
Rev. Henry 'J'yH'Pf-'i'^n, Rec- 
tor of .Market Overton, co. 
liutland ; mar. before 1722. 

Noah Robbins, 
living 1 089. * 

Persis, living 

Margaret, mar. Thomas Rrackcnbury [Mary, died 9 June 1814, ajt. 92, unmar. 

of Scrembv ; marriai^^o setLlemcnt 4 — 

Dec. 1761'; s.p. ^ Henrietta, dit-d 9 Dec. 1817, leL. 93, unmar. 

* He iDcntioQS his cou--in John Motlrr.m of Norwich, his d:iu. Xewmuu, and his son John 
Mottram, also his cousins Isaac and Enoch Mottram. 

,1. iV, 


LixcuLXsimii: ri:i)iGiiEKs. 

Richard !Mollr:un of Addict horpe, );ibomov.=^. . . .dun. of 
Will dated ('. Jan. ]Ol\'.-G. | . . . . 

Christophoi' ^rottram, bnpt. at Dorothy, mar. nt Addle- r^Iary, nuir. u \\- Rose. 
Addlciiiorpe -1 March Jifl)0-7. Ihorpc, 'JS .hxna 1G1:.>, liain Todd. 

"William Graves. 

[Note. — The above pcili.irrce I canpilcl from Lincoln \Vill^-, Rcgi.stcis, and p:\pcrs in tbc 
po^sesiiou vi Friinci-s LootLi, Esq., of West Ashby. — A. ll. M.J 

jlTiDulrsUiortl) of ?lancitoft. 

[MS. 2011, Heralds' Colh^L^e.] 

John ]Moulcsvrorth of lTolp>lone, co. Xcn'thampton, eschoator^ 
for CO. Rutland ; died 1-1 May 1512. 

John ^loulesworth of nelp-^]\Iargarct, dan. of William AVilliain Monies- i\Iary. 

stoue, 1st son ; xt. 26, 

Wcstcotc of Handsaker, worth, s.p. 
CO. Staflbrd. 

Jkvill ]^Ioulesworth of=pElizabcth, dan. of .... ; lega- Winglleld ]\Iou!es-=f^. . . 

Langtoft and of Lon- ; tee of her mother Grace Dorell worth of London, dan. 

don, proved his bro- j of Westcheap, London, widow, Will dated 11 Oct., of 

thcr's will 1C13 ; held : 'J May 1612; died 4 May proved (O.P.C.) S ... 

the Rectory of Lang- i 1618, rat. 43; bur. at Lang- Nov. 1013. 
toft 1611. ' ; toft. M.L ' i 

. . . . (rrace, only dan.. Pari' ^lonlcsworLh, WingdchnioulL-sworth, I^lary 

Monks- mar. Thuma.s 1st son 1613. 3rd son 1613. 1613. 

worth, Hill of Lewis- — — 

onlv ham, CO. Kent. John Moulesworth, William ^Moulesworth, 

son. 2nd son 1613. 4th son 1613. 

iHountforti of (Sainsboroucjlj. 

[Harl. MSS. 155u, 1912.] 

.... !Mountford of Kinghurst, co.=f= 
AVarwick, a younger son. 

Thomas ^lonntfui-d of=j=Isabel, dan. of 

Kirtoii in LindMV. 

Chip- Jane, mar. at Gainsborough, 17 

ley of CO. X(jrLhani{itoii. Aug. 157^, Robert Swift. 

' i t 




Dorolhv, (laii. of . . . .= 
CurlcYs. of CO, Xotts ; 
bur. at Gain^boroimU 
9 Sept. i:»7i. i.^t 

^ITenry Mount-^Ab'cc, dan.' of Robort=. . . . dau. of . . . .; 
ford, a Govor- "Wliurre uf Clixby; bur. bur. at Gains- 
nor of Gains- , at Gainsboronuii 14 borough 12 May 
borough i Aug. 158'J. 2nd wife. 15'J;5. 3rd wife. 

Sc-llOul. i 


ThoiJias Mouu Lford=pI)ovcas, 






Mount- I\Iary, 

iving a 

of Gaiusborou!]:h, 

dau. of 


liapt. at 


bapt. at widow 

2 Sept. j 

bur. there S Jan. 




borouu'h 1G20 ; 

mar. i 

1G20-21. Willdated 

; sur- 

12 Jan 

. 15G7-S; 


1st Richard ' 

2 Sept. 1G20: proved 

■ viving 


25 Feb. 



15 Juue 1G21. 

; 1G21. 




Jolin ] 



Thomn.s ]\rount- 

Henrv ]\I< 





Priseilla, bapt. 



ford, bapt. at 

fold, liapt 

. at 

Icn, bap 


at (lains- 


Gainsborough 10 


"h o 

at Gains 


borongh 1 G 


July IGOS : en- 

:\laroh lGM-15; 



Juue IGIG ; 


tered at Gray's 

liviusr 1G2C 


Xov. 1G12 ; 

bur. 25 ]\Iay 



living IC 




"William Mountford, b:ipt. Charles ]\Iount-=j=^rargart.'t, 
at Gainsborough G I\lay ford, bapt. at : dau. of 
1575 (?). Gainsborough 5 . . . .; bur. 
— Nov. 1581; liv- at Gains- 
Henry ^lountfurd, liapt. at ing2Sfpt.lG20. borough 1 
Gainsboroutyh G Dec. 157'J. I Oct. 1G08. 

John ]\rountfurd, bajit. 
ac Gainsborouu'h 11 
Aug. 15S3. 

Jane, ba))t. at Gains- 
borouii;h 17 Aug. 1577. 

Anue, under age 2 Sept. 1G20. 

[Note. — The Mouutfords or Montforts of Kineburst wore an illcg-itimate olYsliool of the great 
barouial house of Beldeicrt (see ilail. iSoc., Vol. XII., pp. 54 — 5G). — A. K. M.] 

[Harl. MSS. 758, 1J:3G, 1550. Lansdowne MS. 207. Dodsworth MS., vol. -12.] 

Arm.s. — Or, a cross engrailed yvh'$, in the first jioint a Cornish chovjli. sahlc. 

Johu Marsliall \sic\ of Mussendeu, co. ]kicks.=p. . . . dau. of ... . 

Sir Tliomas ilussfudon, Knt.,— Lady Isabella Gullofoe of Kindred, and lieir to Sir 

of ]\Iuss'juden, co. Jiucks, died 
13C0. A 

William Mussendeu, who founded the Abbuj of 
Mussfudcn lo3G. 

TUllI',-K.i>; ]:' .:r<f:K\!Ul 

r ^[ 



Sir Kdnmmln-"-Inli;im-\.iluii.('f liichaiil Mii.s.scii- Ibaliclui. Joan. Marirarct. 


Sir John (-irt'Y, den. 



Bcniavd .Mus^endcu, liO^-a of ICoU -ris.ibulia, dan, iT JJni Fro!:ic ; rcmnr. 1st 

tern and Braokeaborongh ; in.|. \\m Mortimer, indly Joiiii Clicnoy ; liv 

1421. i^-- l-i-i-^- 

C'athariae, died 14oG ; bur. at Great Musicnden, co.=Julin Iwardby. Alice. 

Ikrnard !Mii.s- 
sendcn. son 
and liuir. 

Thomas ;Mn??endcn of, 2nd son.-y^Joan, dau. of Sir Jolin 
died 1410. AVill dated 20 July 11()2; Ilawley, Knt.; r-.Mnar. 
(to l)e) bur. in the Friars Mijiors'at Great ^Villiam lliiLon. 
Grimsby. I 

Alice =:Tlioma'? Mussenden^:\rary, dau. and coheir Arnold Isabella. Joan. 

dau. of of Healing, died 


of Sir James Cotes, Kut., ]Mussen- 

of Little Cotes. den. Beatrix. 

Berniud :Mu^send(;n of TIea]injr,=f=Katharine, dau. of Jolin Thomas Mus- 

14G7 ; Burgess of Grimsby with : Tailbois of Stalling- senden. 
his sJyt'U sous 13 Edward IV., ; borough ; mar. 14-16. — 

U75. <^i"acc. 


Margaret^ John Mussenden = . 

Edward Mussenden. Edmund ^ilus- 

(or Anne), 
dau. of 
of Somer- 
by. 1st 

of Healing. AVill 2nd — senden. 

dated 12 Aug. wife. Thomas Musscnden. — 

15U4 ; proved ^4 — Robert Mus- 

Jan. 150-1-5; (to Richard "Mussenden. senden. 

be) bur. in Grey — 

Friars, Grimsbv. Christopher Mussen- William Mus- 

deu. sendeu. 

I I I 






Alice, dau. of John St.^Sir Thomas :Mu.=senden,* Knt.,=Katharine, dau. of Wil- 
of HealiuL', died 10 Sept. 1550, liam Goodriche of East 
" plenus dicrum ;" bur. at Heal- Kirkby. 2nd wife, 

PaulofSnarford; mar 
1502. 1st wife. 

Thomas Mussenden, legatee of his uncle James Mus--^Margaret, dan. of Xichnlas 

senden of Great Limber 1529; died o Feb. 5 Philip 
and ]\Iary ; bur. at Healing. B 

Girlingtou of Hackfurth, 
CO. York. c 

» According lo Hollos he left .'in i!lci.'ii;in,itc son Tliomas, whose son Thomas .Mus-cn.lon of 
Waltham h'ft as^ii Jol-.ii Mus<cii'le.j of Wnlthaia. who left a h-.h Thomas, and grandsons Ci.ns- 
tophcr, \ViUia.n, Thumas, James, and Joseph. lli.s will, dated 9 Aug. 1G3;J, was proved 2o July 
1«J4.— .\. U. M. 



LlNCOL^■su^Jn: pedigukes. 


Francis ^rus^-Katharine, Nicholas^ 

son.lcn of i dan. of Sir Muiscu- , 

Iloalinjr, died I Francis don of ' 

C March ; Ay?cou,i:li, Ayle^by. ' 

1500-70; bur. ] Knc, ot 
vt Healing. ' ^.M-\:h Kel- I 

I sev. I 

. . . . Ciuiiariiii:, mar. 
dan. ]i...bert AllolL of 
of Orbvand Lonili; 

. . . . died 17 Doc. 
laCo ; bur. at 

.M;iii:arct, mar. 
.... >kip\viih. 

Anne. mnr. 
Joim Daruallof 
Th': ihoiine. 

Francis I^Ins>en-=:Fairb, dnii. of Tbomas Catharine, mar. 

doii of Healing-, Morysou of Cadcby ; 1. st Thomas Pal- 

bornlJ58; died remar. RiehnrdTowth- vertoll, 2udly 

12 Nov. 1G12, by of Towthbv ; bur. George Easter- 

B.p. at Alfordl) AprillG22. by. 






M US- 
sen - 

Fiiclinrd 3Insscnden. Anthony ]\[ussenden, :Marniadiike Humphrey -y-. ... , 

. — Serjeaut-at-Law, Kc- Mussendcn .Mussen- , dau.of 

William Mussenden. cordcr of Lincoln. (? Clerk), dou. i 

living 1529. 

Francis ^ln?scnden,-=Alice, dan. of Sir Edward Margaret, mar. Christopher Mad- 
son and heir. Maddison, Knt., of Fona- dison, sou of Sir Edward, 

dau.^.Tames Mussenden of Great Lim-=p dau. Elizabeth, mar. Ellen 

of ber. Will dated 21 ilay 1529 ; of Eichard Bard — 

1st wife. proved 22 June 1530. 

2nd wife. 1505. 


. . . . dau. of^rEcrnard :Musscnden of Great Limber (called in James=. . . .dau.of 
' • ■ Cra- Mussenden'swiil "Barnard :\rys^enden, otherwise called . . . . Ani^e- 
Barnard Spenser "). (See note.) 



James :Musscnden of Kirmington=pEl!en, dau. ofRoliert Ho}ikinson of Kirmiuirton. 

Kichard :\!u?seuden, Ist son, of Great Limbcr=^Car.harine, dau. of AVilliam Frce- 
and Beesby. Will dated 25 April, proved 3 i man (called Harrington 1031) ; 

survivino: 1C06. 

Dec. IGoC.' 

William !\russendeu of Greats 
Cotes, son and heir ICiii; ; of 
Burgh l(;3l ; supervisor to 
William Eadley 1C15. d 

•Elizabeth, dau. of Wil- 
liam Badley ; bapt. at 
Yarboroiigii 11 July 
15.S3 ; living 1C15. 

lOOG; m;ir. 
.... Eolles. 

Anne, 1000 ; 
mar. Tliomas 

1-; -. .11 

'/( "\i' .:-ih\\ .^^;jIC ••::!Mi.I. 

!'• r,i :m;'.'/ 


LiN'coLysiuiu: rr.DiarvEEs. 

Williiini ]^lu!?soiitIcn, bur. at Francis ^Mus^enik'n,* l>apt. at Anne, bapt. at 

Yarborou</n i Dec. IGIO. Alvinoliani -1 Sept. 1G05 ; tvL. Alvin^-'bani t 

— 28. Itio-l. >^ept. li'AV.). 

RicharJ ]\la-scndoii. bapt. at — — 

YaHx.ron'.'li :?1 July 1G02; Edward Mn^seu^k■n, 1G15. Doboi-alijlC.i:*. 
bur. there 2 Juno loOo. — 

William ]\russcnden, 1G15. 

James ?*Iussen--pCarhai-ine, dan. of James John :\russeii- Anne. Jane. Mary. 

den, 2nd son. 

Uarrinuton of York. 

den, 1592. 

Edward Charles Mnsscnden, 2nd William :\rus- Margaret. Anne, 1020 ajid 

Mnssen- pod. of Barnard's Inn sendcu, not 1034 ; mar. Wil- 

den, 1st 1G2G. WilldatedlSJune, mentioned liam Broxholine 

sonlGOG. proved 30 Oct. 1G2G. IGOG. of lleepham. 

[Note.— The arms of Mus.senden of Great Limber arc the same as :\Iu.=5endeu of Healing. 
" Within a borduro azure charged with ten plates." — A. R. M.] 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Christopher Needham of Thornsett, co. Derl»y, 

OtwcU Needham=pElizabeth, dau. of Nicholas Cadman of Colby. 
George Needham, Cth son=rClave, dan. of Jasper of Antwerp. 

Sir Thomas Needham, Knt.=f^Rehecca, dan. of Robert Withers 

(of Needham, co. Snflblk). 

of London, merchant. 

Thomas ElizaVjcth, dau. of Tho-=f=George Needham of Grims-=rSnsan, dan. of 

Need- mas Tylney of Shelley, | by, 2nd son 1G31 

ham. CO. Sull'olk ; bui'. at j 

1st son. Grimsby 21- Nov. 1034 

2nd wife. 

1st wife. 


John Needham, bapt. at G rim.sby 5 Dec. 1G37, 


* The Antinuarv. Gervasc Holies, who lived at Grimiby near the Mussenden scat .it Ilcaiing, 
s.ays as follows: '• Xota denique quod nullus iru=^sondcuoriim jam extal qui nou ex ?purio et 
dami'ato coitu cmanavit. Franciscus cnim .Mu=sonden de Louth in com. Line, Lo-i.-ta. ex Idio 
nothf. J'.cniardi Mu.s.endon et cujn.sdam femin-o (Alicia: ^f pcn-cr nomine) ori^'incm huaiii d(.- luxit. 
Thomas ctiara Musseiulcn nupcr de Waltham in com. Line, luit lilius Ttiomaj qui filius fuit 
nothus Thomic ilusscndtu militis." 

A I.) 



Francis Xecdlinm, Cvovjc^ Xoodhain, Onl son, bur. AniiC, l)ai>t. at Griinsl>y 9 

lstson,a^t. 7, ICU. at (Irinisby 21 Feb. 16o(l-7. March 1G33-1. 

Tliomas Xccdham, ]Jcbecca, bii})t. at Grimsbv 10 Eh'/.abcih, (irimsby 

2ih1 son. Jan. ]i;;i2-3. " 22 Julv Kl;;?. 

Henry Xeedhani, Piobccca, mar. Juhn Wisemnn. Ann, mar. John Wcnhan.i. 
3rd son. — 

— Elizal)cth, mar. I'iiilip Tvlney Frances, nnmar. 1C31. 

Otwcll Xeedham, uf .Shel'.vy, co. Sullblk. ' _ 

'i^'^ S'^ii- ' Clare, unmar. ] 031. 

.... Xeedhani of co. I)eiliy.==p 

William X'cedhani of Vrakliani, Elizabeth. si<f,er and heirc?s, mar. AVilliam Kirk- 
bur, there 12 Feb. Ijb8-y. tun of Loadenham;"\Valtham 11 Mar. 151)3-1. 

Cliristopher Xeedham of TTalthara, yeoman, bur. at WuUham 10 June lG12.=p 

William Xeudham, liobert Xeedliara, Ellen, bapt. afc Susan, bap[. at Walt- 
bur, at Waltham bapr. at Wahhara Walrham 22 April ham 9 Xov. 1595. 
18 Aug. ICll. 1 July 1600. 1593 ; mar. there, — 

— — 19 May Ifjl 7, Rich- Barbara, bapt. 19 May, 

John Xeedham, Allan X'eedharo, ard Mountain of bur. at ' Waltham 11 

bapt. at AValtham bur. at Waltham Humbersione. Juno 1598. 

12 June 1588. 12 Mar. Iuu9-10. 

[MS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Jolm Xelson of co. York.=F 

Millicent, dau._ of=pHenryX'elson,B.D.,rLector=pMary, dan. John Xelson. men-^ 

Humphrey Wal- of Hougham and Patron. ' and'coheir tioned in Henry 

cott of Walcott ; Will dated ] 2 June, proved 'of ... . X'elson's will IGKJ 

bapt. there G ]ilar. 17 Sept, IG-lO ; (to be) : Watson of as living in the 

15G3-4;mar.there bur. in Hougham Church. . Boston. Xorth. 

25 Xov. 1591. 


Anne— Bobort Saunderson, D.H., Rector Mary, mar. Jane, mar. John Xevile 

of Boothby Fagnell, Bishop of Robert of Faldingworth ; heir 

Lincoln, born at; Rotherham 19 Wilcocks of her mother and of 

Sept. 1587 ; ex'or to his father- of ]\Iiiston, Piobert, Watson, Recor- 

in-lawlClO; consecrated Bishop co. Leices- der of Boston ; remar. 

of Lincoln 2s Oct. IGGO ; died ter. AVilliam Clarke ; bur. 

29 Jan. 1GG2-3 ; bur. at Buck- June 1C9G at Falding- 

dcn, CO. Hunts. worth. 



I : . . ■ I 



I A 

IXMiorah, dan. and liL'ir=r.enjaiiiiii Xolson of^pGraco. dan. of" Cliarlcs llomv Xrl- 

of George liako of Dull- ]Ioiifi;l!ain, Ibt son 
iiiu-ton. 'iGoi. 

Si.-.uravc of Dirstall, CO. snn, liviiiii 
Leicester. IC-iO. 

ijcnj.iuiiu Xclsoii, son arid heir, Jct. 2, Grace, 1st Cliristian, 
1031 ; liviiif;- lOJO ; cx'or. dau. 2ud dan. 

[JIS. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

Arms. — Ari/fiif, on a ■pah salle a sivord creel of fhejleh.J, In'll a^ul pommel or. 

John Xelthorpe of LondC'ii andAYaghen in=pAnne, dan. of Rieli- 

Holderness, co. York, yeoman; died loSO. 

ard WharlleofClixby. 

Richard Xel-=pUrsnla, dan. of Martin Gravenorof Ed^vard Xelr!ior])e of=p. 

th'ji'pe of 
Sea why. 

^Fessingham ; bur. at Scawby 5 Beverley, co. York, 2nd | dan. uf 
Dec. 1032, ret. 51. son: Mayor 1011; died 


Edward Xel--^. . . . John Xelthorpe==Aune, dan. of Sir A nne=(?) Richard 

tliorpe, 1st dan. of Little Griins- William Rnberts, Tliomp-nu 

son, entered of by, 2ud son ; Bart., of Willes- of Kilhain, 

at Gray's Lni .... entered at Gray'.s den, co. ^liddle- co. York; 

13JunclC31; Inn 12 Xov. sex; mar. there 15 died 1003, 

M.P.forBev- ; 103-L March 1G52-3. R?t. 70. 
crley 1640. ! 

I I I 

Edward=]*lai-garet (? Elizabeth), dan. of >rai'y=Thomas Liddell, son of | 

Xel- Riehaid (? Edwanl) Xeltliorpe Robert, 4tli son of Tiiu- | 

thorpe. of Seawby ; wid.j\y of George mas [.iddell of Raven.-- 

AVallis of Brigg. \vorth. 

John Xeltliorpe of Mary,— "William Gi!)bs of EIeanor,^XathaniLl ]\r;id- 

Litile Grinjs'jy; bnr. coheir. 
1737, s.p. 

Ilor^ley Park, coiieu'. 


dison of Alviiig- 

Jane=f=John X'elthorpe of P)igby. I']leanor, mar. Rev. Charles X'cltliorpo of 


Mary, c-jhcir, mar. Griflith X'elthurpc of IJttlc Grimsby. 

.'/]:'■; v.. •10 

';:../ iU'.J. 

IJ' " .V 



Edward XcUborpc of r>avloii-=j=]\r;it:daleii. dan. Sir Jolm Nclthurpe, 2n<1 son, 

on-llnnil)Cr, ;ot. SO in ll^S-1 ; of Hen ry Sand- ciiter.'d (.! ray's Inn 1'.) Nmv. IC:!!; 

bnr. in S«.';!v,by Clnircli. Will \\iLh of i'.arrow; cioaiod a liaronct JO May] GOG ; 

dated 20 T)oe. lG8i ; proved bur. ]07«. died HJC:*, ?.\\ li'eniaiiider to 

28 Oct. IGSG. } nepliew Goddard XclLliurpe. 

Francis XcUliorpe, IG^i, iner- iM'Suln, mar. I'^lixabotb, mar. ^Fai^^lalcn, niar, 

cliant. Tbonins Thomas Jubn- Jicv Wil- 

— Ilcalcy of son of Hull. son, Hector of 

Ileury Xidlhorpe, IGsl-. Burringliani. lieverley. 

I ■ "I I . 

Sir Ooddard Xel- Jiihn Xellhor|ie^70raeo, dan. of . . . .; James Xelrliorpe of 

Lli'irpe, Hart., 2nd cf Barinn, 3rd remar. Thomas llrox- London, -Irli son, 

soil. (See Pedi- fson ; dead in . holme o[ Darrow. baberdaslier IG-S-i. 

CrllEE n„ p. 701.) ItiSi. I 

E'lward Xchhoi-pe of P)arton. John XeUliorjie, l)apt.=j=Sara)i, (Ji-ace. Eliza- 

V.'ill dated 17 Xov. IGQ::) ; aL Hiirton 2-i Jan. 
proved 14 March 1G'J3-1. JGGl-2 ; bur. 1G02. 

dan. of — betb. 

. . . . ^lag- 
Kirke. daleii. 

JohnXelthorpeof^pJane, dan. of William Gibbs of Hor.sley Park by Hilary, dau. 
Bi2:by 1717. and coheir of John Xelthorpe of Little Grimsby. 

Mary. dan. of Sir ra)-=f=Richard Xel-=pElizabeth, dan. = Snsanna. dau. of . . . .; 
bert* Larkham, Knt., of thorpe of of .... War- bur. at X'ortli Kelsey 
Waindcet ; bur. 1CG2. Scawby, Ist , ton; bur. 15 Jan. 1G88-9. 3rd 
Isfc wife. son. 1 2nd wife. wife. 

EdvrardXelthorpe=fMary, James Xelthorpe of Little=p(?) Frances, dau. of 

of Scawby, bapt. dau."of Grimsby, ba|>t. at Scawby , Gcoi-ge AVhichcotof 

1 Dec. 1G58. . . . .; 14 Marcli ](;GO-70; bur. a't i ITarpswell; died 31 

i bur. Scawby. Will dated 23 :\Iay ! 'Slavch 1720. M.L 

I 1713. 175o; proved 29 April 17'jG. ! at Wrawby. 

I I i 

Rev. Charles Xel-=pEK.anor, dau. of liiehard Griffith Xelthorpe of=rMary, 

thorpe, Rector of 

Xathaniel .Aladdi- Xelthoi-[ir', I>ittleGrimsi)y. Will co- 
.':oii of Alvingham. livini,^174o. dated 10 Sept. 1740; heir. 

proved 10 Oct. 1705 
Eleanoi-, mar. William Hollinjrworth. liv relict. 

John Xelthorpe of^Mary, dan. of Robert Craeroft of Hack- Eli/.alietli, mar. 
liitlle (irimsby. thurn; coheir to her mother Ann, dau. and John Afaddisou 

coheir of ^hutin Bi'ownc of Louth. of Alvingham. 

lilaria Janetta, mar. Williain, 8Lh Duke of St. Albans. 



Kic1i;uan^C('vneliri, dan. Kilwara-^FMncos, :Mar\\ uiav. Rev. iJi.-liard r.nni- 

oniali/M Mad- XcUiu.ViU' ; clan, of stem ((lead in ITMt) of (Jams- 

di;:on of Srain- of Lincoln. William boroniih. Will dated 2t; Jan. 

tun-lo-Valo ; M.D. Will I Stroni; ]7i;)-0i>; prove! lO Nov. IT.'):.', 

by, liv- I bapL. I'O July d;ii«,a i.'.") j of 1/m- then of I'.artou-ou-llmnlier, 

of Scaw 

and in 

at rtlinaiou proved 11 
17 ^lareh Feb.l7;37-8. 


Edward XeUliorpc of Scawby, died s.p. 

Elizabeth, mar, George Wallis 
of r^-igg, attorney. 

Maryn=i^<-''»'- Hugh Palmer. 

Frances, died unmar. 

Sir Gc.ddard Xelthorpe, Bart..^ 
of Clerkenwell (2nd son of 
Edward Xehhorpc of Barton); 
bur. in Sc. James', Clerkenwell, 
28 Jan. 1703-4. Will dated 
11 July 1G93. 

Pediguee 3. (See p. 703.) 

Doreithy, dan. and h'ir of Ilngb. 
llenne'of Kooksnest, co. Surrey; 
widow of Xicholas Pnltoney of 
]\Iisterron, co. I^eiccster ; Itur. 
in St, James', Clerkenwell, I'J 
Oct. 1715. 

Edward Xelthorpe of Qneen=Anne, dan. and 
Square, Holbovn, 3rd .son ; heir of Sir Wil- 
died 4 Dec. 1728 ; bur. at lian.i Gostwiek, 
St. James', Clerkenwell, 8 Bart.,ofWilling- 
Jan. 1728-y. Will dated 13 ton, co. Bedford; 
Xov. 1727. s.p. 

Pit-hard Xelthorpe of Lom-^ 
bard Street, London, gold- 
smith, -ith sou ; bapt. at 
St. James', Clerkenwell, 6 
Dec. 1GG7 ; bur. 25 Fel>. 

Henry Xelthorpe, bur. at St. James', Clerkenwell, 9 Xov. 17 


John Xelthorpe, Henrv Xelthorpe of CharterhonserpAnnc. daii, 
born 17, bur. Yard," London, born 30 July IGMl ; j and heir of 
29 Sept. 1G59 marriage settlement -1 Oct. 1G9-1- ; I Xathaniel 
at St. James', died vita patris. Will dated 7 1 Hobsou of 
Clerkenwell. April 1G98 ; i)roved by fatlier 2 ' Syston. 

Dec. 1099. ! 

Julin Xelthorp<3, 
2nd son, bapt. 
at St. James', 
Clerkenwell, 30 
April IGGo. 

Sir :^Iontaouc Xelthr,rpe, ]5art., died 21 Feb.,^Eli7.abeth, dan. and heir of Henry 
bur. 1 :\rarch 1721-2 in St, James', Clerken- Coxwell of Turk's Dean, co. 

well. Will dated 23 Dec. 1721. 

Gloucester ; died 1718. 

Sir Henry Xeltliorpe, P>art., died IG, i)ur. 25 .^larch 
1729, let" ] 1, at St. James', Clerkenwell. 

> ■ J ? 

' 'l' \ ■ :.;,(, 


I ,r: ■(; 

(i;'.J, .i > 

1 -v. I 

I ^ • vv 

LiNcoLNsiiiJiE j'i:niaREP,s. 


Joannn, sistLV of Tho--y-Sir Henry X(;1--,-l'ii^:'^'^tli, dau. of llev. Aniic, luir. 

niasScaniMn of St. An- Lliurjie, Hart..lK'ir Uicl-atd liranstoncf (lains- at St. 

dre\Y'p, SuiViiik; diod ; to his hcjiIk'w ; Iioimd^Ii; \vid(jw of .lusepli James', 

died:.'8JuiR'17n!. ^^'<>!!a'■;• cf ('astl'-tliciriio ; Cicrkoii- 

A'hn'ou lii-anu'd man-iago settlomon.L 7 Nov. Vi\-ll, 1 

to ;-v::a. !Vj(t. -;;;i\vile. ^'.iit.iruG. 

Olerkenwcll. 17 Julv 
1710. li;t ivil'j. 

Elizabeth .AFa.o-da- 
len, mar. John 
Smith so 11. 

Harriet, ninr. Tho- 
mas Brooke, ^\.\). 

Sir John Xel-=Charlotto, dan. 
tliorpe. liart., of Andrew Wil- 
of Inirton and lonuhby l.'V Siis- 
Scawln-; born anna. dan. of 
."> ^lar. 17-Jo-G. Tliomas Carter 
I of Itcdbourn. 

Charlotte, born Cathc- 

2:1 Jan. 1742-3; rine, 

mar. Kev. Ro- born 29 

bertCarterThcl- S-]it. 

^vall of iicd- ]71o. 

Sir Henry XeUliorpe, 
Bart., born 2;") Dec. 

]\ [ary A u n , = J o h n X lA - 
dan. of thoriie of 

1773 ; died 12 Mav 



1830, P.p. 

Brooke of 




1.1 or n 

Margaret, dan. of 

Hall, CO. 


James Dntnie of co. 

Y*wk : s.p. 

Stirh'ng, X.IJ, 

1st v.ifu. 

Anna ]\[aria Charlotte, 
mar. John PlomerAVard 
of "Wclton Place, co. 
Xorthanipton ; s.p. 

dan. of 
of Lon- 
don. 2nd Frances ]\rary,mar.Eev 
wife. Sir Charles John An 

dersoii, Bart., of Lea. 


Xel- ' 



Sir Jolm Xel-=^Franecs, dau. of Charlotte, heiress^rUev. Robert Sutton 
thorpe, Bart., Rev. Sir Charles of Scawby,y.i/. 

s.p. John Anders(jn, A 

Bart., of Bea. Sec Burke's " Landed C entry," 1S08. 

[XOTE. — Thi.s pedigree wa? copied by Willinm John. Gth Lord AFonsnn. and r\rr. Artliur 
Larkcn from one in the po?s:.-siou of a ^Ir. Ilesleden. attorney, of B:\rton-oa-Hnniber. Tiie 
original has long since disappeared, and cannot be traced. — A. R. M.] 

ilttljtrcott^ of i^cttlcljam, 

pis. C. 23, Heralds' College.] 

AiJMs. — Erndnc, a lend iravi/ gichs, a cliicf ('Zirre. 

AValter Xethercotes of Loudon=j=Martha, dau. of ... . Salloway of Xewton. 

Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Rands ;=^Waltcr Xethercotes of===Thomasine, dan. of. 
mar. at St. ^Margaret's. Tiincoln, \ Xettleha.m, l)ur. there mar. 2ndly at Xettle- 

10 Jan. l.")ai-2; died 21) June I 28Jan. 1G12-13. Wil 

1G03. ]\1.L at Xettleham, 


dated 21 July IGll ; 
proved 17 ;^Llrch 
1G12-13. B 

hain, ]."i Jan. IC 17-18, 
Peier AVaiers,* Clerk. 
2nd wife. 

* Query ^Valtcr. 





LlXCOLNbillJiE i'LDlGllEES. 

Walter Xcrlicrootcs. l(;il 
bnpt. -20 Jan. IdlO-ll. 

Francis Nfllieioctcs, bapt. 1 ?ilav ](;]2 ; luir. ;it 
Nettlrliaiii M Dec. lillO. 

xllOlUas. .NUllKlVOiC: 

,\i:.iLl;a. Www, 


■..:l;^- ,.lai-y, uap!. 

of Jscttlcham, bnpt. i Yinct.'nt Am- Imin, 21 Aug, IGl:^ -Margaret's, l-iii- 

1 Nov. 1(101. Will i cousoi" Lang- Thomas liands, son o!" coln^ 10 r^Luvli 

dated oO Jnly lOGO : ' ton-bv-AVrag- AVilliam Rands of Bar- loOu-T; diednnmar. 

proved 18 April by ; Imr. 12 to;'.. iPt. 22 (mar. lie. 23 1C15; bnr.aiXurtlo- 

IGGl. ._ Aug. Uii'.li. Aug. 1013, iot. is). ham 2'J Dee. 1015. 

\ incent Nether- Thomaf5 Xethcrcotes of=pElizabeth, granddau. and John 

cotes, bapt. at Xcttlel)am,bur. 20 ^^lay j coheir of Anthony Wei)- Xetiier- 

Xcttlehamo Get. 1070. Will dared 3 i berley ; l-nr. ac Nettle- cotes, 

1G12; dL-ad in ^fay, proved 17 Sept. ; ham 19 Jan. 1067-8. 

1070. 107*0. ! 

Elizabeth, bapt. ai Nettleham 10 Jan. Elizabeth, mar., 10 June 1084, John 
1607-8 ; died infant. Toller of Billingborough. 

"Waiter Ncth-=Chri<tian Harding, Anne, bapt. at Nettleham 20 Elizabeth, mar. 

ercote?, bajir. widow, of Sud- Jan, 1046-7. at Nettleliam, 

at Nettleham brooke Holme; mar. — 22 April 1080, 

22 July 10 J5. lie. 10 May 1073 ; Mary, bapt. at Nettleham 11 William Tom- 

liur. at Nettleham Jan. 10.07-8; mar. George linson of Braee- 

8 Dec. 1723. Cooke of Louth (mar. lie. 17 bridu'e (mar. lie. 

Dec. 1084). 21 April 1080). 

0tht of l&asUiijrtljingljam. 

[Larken Collection. Lincoln Wills,] 

APl:ms. — Arfjciif, on a cross sahle five flex'rs-de-lis or. 

Robert Neve of Hfigworthini^ham and Asgarby,=r. . . . dan. 
Will dated 3 Mav lo53. ^ * of 

Henry Ni-ve of .^fi-ivelsliy, y-.'^man, ]-t=p.Joan, dan. .Marmaduke=f= Philip Neve, 
sou. Will dated 12 Nov. 10<Jo ; proved of ... . Neve, 2nd ; 3rd ton. 

5 July 1008. 

Neve, 2nd 

B • 

V. , . 

Ll^•coL^'SIunl: tedigkeks. 


Galiricl Xcvi; of Wis-=f-. . . . ]\liii\v, livin;^ ^hiniiriduke Xovc^"^rai\<xaret 

bocli, k-f;-al0L' of I'.is -laii. lt;i;);!iiav (if Co. Xorfuik aiul AValixde, 

kinsman IMannadiskL' uf DhA. AVilk-liv, en. Lin- [ widow. 

Xovc ]C>V2 ; sujier- .... — coin. C'lrrk. AVill 

vi?or to liis brotliLV ; Dorotliy, living: dated I'U Oct. l(;ui>; 

r!:n;.. XoYc liiiu. ' lf;i3;!;;ar \ a.:;n"ij!i 11 Nov. 

1 Lrimpson. 1G02. 

Phiiip Xeve, living 1G13. Peter Xeve, only son, died v.p.=. . . . dau. of. . 

!^^avnlad^lko Xeve, lieir to liis giandfraher of lands ;Mai';i:an?t, under ^lary, under 
in AVilkiby and Candlesby l(;u2; undcv 1 i, lOu:?. 18, IGui*. 18, 1GU2. 

Phili]) Xeve of Great Sleep-: 
ing. "Will dated i> Dec. 
1013; provedSJan.lGlo-M. 

:Susftnna. dau. of Thomas Kent of Scainblesby, Clerk ; 
enceinte in 1G13 ; reuiar. William W'olley of Cumber- 
worth (mar. lie. 3 June 1G15, a^t. 30) ; bur. ac 
Cumberwurtli ]G16. 

Philip Xeve of Croft, 3rd son, born poptbumous, bur. at=pAnne, dau. of. ... Bolt ; 
Croft -21 Pec. 1GG4. AVill dated 12 Dec. IGGl ; proved bur. at Croft 18 March 
y i\Iareh IGGi-f). lG5J-a. 

Pliilip Xeve of Croft aud Hag-^. . . 
worthitigbam, Gent., ex'or i dau. 
IGGJ ; of the Inner Temple ' of 
1G74. Will dated 3 Oct., 
proved 5 X'ov. 1G87. 

Crabriel Xeve of IIagworthing-= Elizabeth, 
bam, Gent., devisee of lands dau. of 
in Saltfleetby and Theddle- .... 
tliorpc IGGi. AVill dated IS 
Jan., proved 7 Mar. lG^O-81. 

Mary, ex'trix 1GS7. 

Tlenry X'eve rif iJelchfcrd, Clerk, devisee in = Anrie, Gabriel Xeve of=pElizabcth, 

1G13 (jf land in Gi-eat Siceiung, Pratoft, and dau. Scamblesby, dau. of 

Asiiby. Will dated 2'J May 1GG2 ; proved of Gent., bad lands ! . . . . 

at Lt>uth 15 Aug. 1GG2 and at Lincoln I'G .... in Ib'atoft and j 

May 1GG3, s.)). ; bought land in Theddle- Saltfleetby. Will j 

thorpe and Saltfleetby ''of my brotlicr dated 18 April, 

Charles liroxholme of Salmouby." proved 4- Sept. 


Pobert X'fcve of West Tlenry Xeve, 2nd s^iu {2 of Skidl.»i ook).- 
Ashby, 1st son, ex'or AVill dated -i Xov. 1712; proved 11 
1G7-1. May 17 IG.* C 


dau. Gabriel 
3rd son. 

* It is not absohilcly certain that this Iloniy Neve is the'dor in 1712, but tlicre is great 




Ixobort Xcvo cf". . . . Philip Xc've=T=. . . . Ik'iiry Xcve Aniic. of Skidbru-V. 
.^kidbroiik, ex't'i- i (lau. c>riiumh; | dun. of Ivuuth. \\'ili uaiod 2{'> .J;i'i. 


vi' ileaJ ill 

1 7l'7-^ ; }^r.jvc'.l L'u 
July i7o7. 

]lciiry Gabiicl "William Eobort ITimiit Xcvc, Icga- Philip Mary, legator 
Xcvo. Xevo, Xgyc. X'eve. tee 1727-'^. Xevo. 1727-8. 

[Note. — Tlie iihcvc pcdierco I liave compiled partly from Mr. Lnrkcn"< MS. pr^rrlv 
from wills at LiucDhi. The arms on the scali of the later Neves are the ^ame as thojc of ihe 
Baronet family of Xcave, viz., '- Argent, on .a cro<s ?able live lleurs-dc-lis or.'' — A. R. M.J 

iltbilc of ^allniisluortl). 

[Saundcrson :\I.<S. pears Mr. Cki'ke. IFarl. :\IS. 143G. MS. C. 23, Heralds' Collcg-; 

Dodsworth IMSS.] 

Arms. — Or, a htnd gidcs, a chief indented veri. 

Thomas de Xova Villa, held Faldingworth by gift=p 
of his brother "William temp. Henry I. 

Sir Tliomas Xevile, Knt.=F 

Thomas Xevile of Fakliiig-— Christian, dan. of Henry de Paldingv/ortli 

\\orth 34 Henry III. 

(others say Piobert de Jjrannt). 

Thomas Xevile of Faldin^r^orth 10 Edvrard 11. 

Peter X'evile, a:t.=pOon- 
2r> ; escheat 40 stance, 
Edward III. dan. of 

Tiiomas Xevile, a:-t. 19,^Piiilippa. dau. of Pu'ger 
10 Edward II.; died X'evik; of Piedbonrii ; aunt 
3G Edward III. , and coheir of lloia-r Xevil:- 

i ISGO. 


Poger Xevile, ret. 

3 at his father's 

John Xevile, bapt. at Faldingwortli 3 Xov. 1341 ;= 
))roved his age on ]\londay after Feast of Si. 
Michael 1302. 


John Xevile of Faldingworlli, died 1 J27-8=.Tohauna, dau. of .... 20 Richard II. 

Tliomas Xevile, 5 Henry 1Y.= 

., , ( 

LTXcoLNsnir.E rEDTCrrvr.ES. 


Jolin Xovile of Fakliiij^-wuvih 38 Tlcnry YT.-T~Filiz;ibelli, dau. of ... . 31 Iltniy VJ, 

.Tci!ni Xcvile of I'liluincrwonli. dit'd ll88T^"Elizabeth, dau. of 

John Xevile of Faldiiiu;\voi-tl) 21=f 
Henry Yll. 

. . dan. of Alice, mar. Edward Skyii- 
. . ncr. 

"William (icorge Xevile of Faldiiiurworilu"=^K!izalieth, dan. of ]\oliorb l.]liza- 

Xevilf. dicd'o Ike. 1.3-18. AVil'l daf^-d ' Willi^im .'. . .; siir- Xcvile. l-eth. 

lo Oet. 15-lS; proved 11 dun. vivini;' 11 Jan. — — 

loJ8-0 ; (to he) bur. at raid- l.jlS-'.t; provod her Thomas Agnes, 

inewoi'th. husbaiuVs will. Xevile. 

Robert 2Sevile, ^nd Thomas Xcvile, =f=i . . . dan. Margaret, Agjie?, mar. 

son, Hector of Fald- ord son, ]iroved nf .... 
ingworth ; proved liis his fiither's will 
father's will 1.318-9. 1018-9. 

John Xevile. 

mar Har- 

Lromby pham after 

before 1,318. 15-1:8. 

Joan, dau. ()f=:^.Tcilin Xcvile of Faldingworth, Rnpcrvisor--f:Tsal}ella, dan. of Piichard 

of his father's will 1548-9 ; aecurding to 
gome died 20 Jan. 1552-3. 

Xavlor of Snai'ford; mar. 
28 Henry VIII. 

Geoi'gx'=Isabel,dan. John Xevile=pJoan, diin. of J(;net (or Jane), mar. Jane, 
X'^evile. of ... . of Falding- > Jlobert Tresse at Fiskerton, 30 Sept. mar. 
Dickenson; worth.Ward ■ of Fiskerton ; 15G2, AVilliam Har- 

died s.p. to Queen 
1579. ]\raiy; died 


mar. tiiere -I pham of Fiskerton ; CVillis 
June 15CI. bur. there 30 Sept. of Lin- 
1572. coin. 

Rol;)ert=p;Margaret, Isabel, mar. George Margaret, mar. Roltcrt ]\Iarv. 

Xevile, i dau. of Kent of Kirton in Kendall. — 

Gthson. ' .... Red- Lindsey, njtholsierer ; — Ellen, 

bourn. proved her husband's Elizabetli, mar. Jolin — 

will 17 Aug. 1C14. Greene of Xettleton. Jane. 

.... Xevile. 


Thomas Xevile, John Xevile, 4th son, bur. at=T= Anne, dau. ilatthewXeyile, 
3rd son, died St. Margaret's in the Close, of ... . 5t!i son, died 
young. Lincoln, 20 Oct. IGOO. Johnson. young. 

George Xcvile, bapt. at St. Petcr-at-Gowts, "William Xcvile, bapt. at Sr. Peter- 
Lincoln, 15 Sept. 1G02 ; s.p. at-Gowts 8 Feb. 1GU5-C ; s.p. 


V V 

, I ! . ■;' V 



]\raiT, fliui. of=fCloor[ro XeviMo or^-Katli;iriiic.<1an. of John Smith Wiiliain Xovi]'.' 

John Stowe FaUlin<r\vortli. 1st 
of Xowtoii- fcon, biM'u l"((i9 ; 
on-Trcnt. ; died 1007. 

ol W(.'lto]i; roinar., ir.08, John '2\u\ suii, ilii.-.! 
Siiiith of Snai lurd. young. 

Tiiomas Xovile, died Isabel, mnr. Thomas AA ilson of ^^ iuifred, died Anne, 
young. Roihorliam, co. Turk. young. s.p. 

Islixry, mar. ]?t . . . , Pravon ; Ellen, inai'. 1st Edmund Aliee, mar. Anne. 
2ndly at .^t. Peter-at-(!i>\vt.>, Lucy of Roehdale, co. I^an- "WiUiam — 

l^incoln, oO Xov. ](i:V2, Rich- caster; 2ndly .... Butter- Ba^warde Jane, 
ard Lilly uf Lincoln. worth of Koehdale. of J )i-iHield, 

CO. York. 

Juhii Xevile of Fa!ding-~.Tane, dan. of Henry Elizabeth. mar. l?i .John Chadwick ; 

NYorth, born lt'.0."» : bur. 
there oU r>ec. 1 (Ji'l, 

Xfl<on,B.T)., Rector 2nuly, Robert Dixon, lieeior of 
'f lloimham, Faldingworth li'.oC. 

George Xevile of Faldingworth,=p!Nrary, dan. of Thomas Riehardi^on, }iIayor of 
fcou and heir ; xt. G, 1G42. Hull ; bur. at Faldingwortli 5 July 1G88. 

George Xevile, 
baj'jt. 14 Jan. 
1G74-5; died 
at Faldiug- 
^vorth 1.!) .Inly 

Jane, bajit. at Faldingwoilh 5 Jan. Katharine, ^fary, 

1GG3-1 ; uKir. Ist Edward Houston of itapt.atFald- bapt. at 

Wales! ly, heir of Dr. Houston of ingworth 2 Falding- 

Spaltling ; rt_n;ar. at ^Market Rasen, Oct. IGGG; worth 

4 Xov. 170o, John Robinson of ]\Lir- bui-. there 18 18 Xov. 

ket Rasen, draper. Aug. 1GG7. 1GG8. 

Anne, dan. of J''hn= John X'evile, 2nd=pEiranie, dan.of Ed- Henry Tiiomas 

Morley of Winter- son, Lieut, in ward Gravcuor of Xevile, Xevile, 

ton; died s.}\ 1st Lincoln ^lilitia ; ^ilessingham. 2ud 3rd son. -Ith son. 
wife. 1680. i wife. 

Anne, dan.of=i= John = 
.... Dow of Xevile, 
Bcvcrlev, co. '■ 1st son. 

"Jane, dan. of Robert Saundorson, 2nd son of 
Roi.ert Saunderson, liishop of Lincolu; bapt. 
at South Carlton IS Jan. 1G7G-7; rcmar. 
William Ckrke ; living 17o7-S. 

2nd sou. 



John Xevile, 



liam Hale of 
CO. Bedford. 

lair, at 
8 June 

mar. at Fald- 
ingwurth, 18 
June IGGl, 
J.Ln Healey 
of Roselev. 

"Mary, mar. 1st William 
Ib.aleyof Burringhara; 
2ndiy'at Althoipc, 10 
July'lG7fi,John Gierke 
ol' JJoLiesford. 



bur. at 


Fald ing- 



5 Sept. 






0i:\nU of J^atJtiiuston anti SE^rllinaorc. 

[MS. C. 2;^-, Jlcrakls' College] 

AT\}.it^.~Qi'ar/crh/ : 1 cni^I 1, (riih.^, a S'lUirc cniun^ ; 2 oivl 3, Or.fiftfij f/ulcs^ on a 
canton 2^(1' p'-dc ofthvjiri^t and argent a (jallcij mblc. 

[The earlier part of this pcdi-rrcc is fully given in the " Visitation of co. Xotts, 
1509, 1 n 1! ," pnblish.ed V)y tlu; 1 [arleiaii SiX'iery, \(A. 1 V., w\ ^— OG. A very com- 
plete pedigree is also givm in ]')Urkt;\s '" Landed Gentry," 180S.] 

Barhava.dnn. and eo-^pGeorgeXevile^^Iary, dan. of John ■WiUianis.-.n of Cains- 
heir of Sir linmphrcy I of Thorncy ' borough ; si>rer of Sir liiehard U'ilhamson, 
Herevjvnt., of Grove. ' andWe^tBur- | Knr., Master of Rcque.sts, and Steward ufJiet- 
co. Xotts: sister of i ton, (W. Xotts. i ford, eo. Xotts; mar. at Saxilby 14 Feb. 
Sir John IJercy, Knt. | 15G0-C1 ; remar. William Ludington of Scot- 

ton. Will dated l-f Dec. lCo7 ; proved at 
York 1 ;\rarch 1G37-8, then "of East Ret- 
ford, widow." 2nd wife. 

Theodo^ia, dan. of Somer-=Gervase Xevile, D.D.,=:\rary, dan. of William 

Ball of Leadcniiam ; mar. lie. Rector of Grove, co. 31anby of Klsham; mar- 
G Sept. 1G22, tet. 21. Isd wife. Xotts, Kt. 35 in 1G22. riage bond 10 April 

lGo;3. 2nd wife. 

1st wife. 

Elizabeth, mar. 1st William Porotliy. mar. Beatrix, mir. William Farnham 

Hardinue of Fosse and Tork- John ShoiL of of Quorndou, co. Leicester. 

sov, 2udlv Jidni Hopkinson of Claxby. — 

A)f(ird ; "bur. there 13 Xov. ' ^lary, mar. George Eyre of 

1G36. Xewbold. 

Gervas.' Xevile of lUyth Abbey, bur. there 2-f Elizabeth (or:rp Deunis^Lettice 

L)ec. lOol. Will dated 11 Sept., proved 31 Su<au),dau.of , Xevile Watson, 

Dec. 1601. John Jermyn ofThor 

— of \ ney, co 

Francis Xevile of Grove, Clerk. Will dated Sutlblk. 1st : Xoits 

IGOG ; proved 23 May IGll. wife. I 

2nd wife. 


Gervase Xevile, ait. 22 in 1014; mariiagc bond, 10 Oct. Anthony John 
1035, to marry Margaret .... of Xewark, widow. Xevile. Xevile, 

John Xevile of^Gertrndi'. dan. of George Anthony Xevile of=:Mary, dan. of 

West Burton. Richard Whalley Xevile, SkLdiing;horpL-,bur. George Fitzwil- 

Will dated 28 of Sereveton, co. died there 10 Apriil5'J'», liam of ^^lablo- 

March, proved : Xotts. Adm'oa s.p. s.]). Adm'ou 29 thorjK-; widow of 

18 July 1588. ; 15'Jl. 1582. April 1590. 

Richard lliltoft. 

ridgei, dau. of Sir Henry Saville,—HtiTy Xevile of=Ruth Jcssop of llayton, 
iit.^of Lupsei. 1. St will-.* I Grove, CO. Xotts. co. Xotts, widow. 2nd 

A wife. 

Xkvile of Grove. 




Jane, clui. of Mariua-^H curiae Xcvilc of yuiplclonl,— ^fary, wiilow cf Charles 
diikc TvrwhiL (it'Scot- inirclia^oil Thornoy from liis r.ovcll of Spridlinirton. 
tcr ; ])a|>t. llioro ?.U iinelc Dennis Xcvilc\s son; Will datMl •". Aui^, K; li* ; 
]\Ioroh i:>77. 1st wile. ' of Aubuurn ] (MO ; died ICj- ; jirovcd -Jl dan. l(',lJ-o; 
i bur. at. Aidjourn. s.p. 2nd wife. 

Piieliard Xcvile. Robert Xevile. r>arbara=q=Sir John ^ilt-^re-^ Knt., («f Aid)Ourn, 

bur. at Washingborough IG ]\lay 
William X'evile. Gcrvase Xevile. IGoO. 




Alice, dau. of=pGcorgc Xevilc: 
George Stowe ; of 'riiorncy, 
Avidnw of Rich- co, Xotts. 
ard Rothwellof 
Stapleford. 1st 

:.Sarab, dan. of 
Bryan Cooke of 
Doncaster ; 
widow of John 
Copley. 2nd 

P)ridgct, mar. at Anbourn, 1 
Oct. ^1(539, William Stowe of 

]\Iaria, born 1GU7. 

George Xevile, from the X'eviles 
of Thorucv descended. (See Burke's 
" Landed Gentry," 1898.) 

Brvan Xevile, from wliom the Neviles 
of \Vellingi.'ro descended. (Sec Burke's 
"Landed Gentry," 1898.) 

Sir Gervaso Xevile, Knt., of=pKatliarine, dan. of Sir Ricliard 

Haddington in Aubonrn, 
bapt. at Scotter 2G Sept. 
IGOl. Will dated G :\Iareh 
IGTio-i ; proved 28 April 

llurton, Knt., Lord Chief 
.Inscice ; marriage settlement 
13 Dec. IGls. Will dati-d IG 
Sept. 1GS2 ; proved 12 Oct. 
1G83, then " of Harmstou, 

Anthony Xevile, born 

John X'^evile, l)orn 
1G08; killed by a can- 
non ball 21 JnlylGJro; 

Katharine, dan. of Tho-^SirChristoi.her=Katliarine. dau. of Sir Arthur Ingram, 
mas Estoftof Estoft, co. Xevile, Knt.,of Knt., of Temple Xewsomc, co. York, 
York ; raarriaue settle- Anbourn. Will by his 2nd wife Katharine, dau. of 

dated 1-1 Xov., Thomas, Viscount Fairfax. Will 
]jroved 28 Xov. dated 20 Xov. 1714 ; proved 20 April 
1G92. 1715. 2nd wife. 

mas Estoftof Estoft,co. 
Y''ork ; marriage settle- 
ment ];j April ]i;.V) ; 
bur. at Anbourn 19 Dec. 
1GG8. 1st wife. 

Gervasc X'evile, died young ; bur. at Aubourn 11 Xov. 1CG8. 

Gervasc Xevile of Sidney 
Sussex College, Caui- 
bridire, bur. 1GG7. 

.Tane, co-T=Tliomas Ellis of Wellingorc, 
bur. there 19 Aug. 1G7G. 
(.See Yd. L, pp. o23, 324.) 

Alice, co- 

'1 .••] 

' ii;_f)r 

■; ,.) 



Mnrtlia, colicir of hor In-otlior EiliiiunJ -r.rvun Xtvilc, p^n of iicuriro Xovile of 
Ellis of Wcllin-oiL'. I 'l-liorncv by his 2ii.l wife. " 

(See Xevii.e of AVellincrovc in limke's " l.and...] ("eulry," 18!)8.) 

Bridget, coheir, mar. Kd- 
vrard Kmg of Asiiby-de- 

Elizabeth, I\rary, colieir, mar. Wil- Anne, co- 
colieir. liani Fit^williani of lieir. 


.... Xcwcomen-^. , . . dan. of ... . 

ilartiu Xcwcomen of Incrddraells. Will 
dated 16 Feb., proved 11 March 1578-'J. 

AVilliam XeW' 

-=p. . . . dan. 
oomen. of ... , 

Thomas Xewcomen of=f=. . . . Jolin Xewcomeii. William X'ewcomen. Mary. 

Ingoldmells. Will | dau.of — 

dated 2s :\Iarch 1508 ; I . . . . Andrew X^ewcomen. Xicliolas Xewcomen. 
proved 2(3 Feb. 1598-9. I 

Robert X'ewcomcn, E L.D.-,lci:;a- Mar-=pG rep:ory Cicely 

tee of Martin Xewcomen 1 578 ; claret. Warmoutii mar. " 

Burrender? land in Inofoldmell? 
1G08 ; bur. at St. Bordph's, 
Cambridge, 21 Feb. 1G20-21. 

Dionysia, dau. of ... . 

' of Hannah- Martin 
cnm-llag- ITohien, 
naby. Clerk. 

Jane, bapt. at In- 
goldmells 17 Xov. 
15G5 ; legatee of 
Martin X'ewcomen 
1578 ; mar. . . . 

Eebecca=pThomas Xewcomen of "Withern. 


(See X'ewco-MEN of SaltflLctby and Low Toynton.) 

[Note.— The above pedigree I have constructed out of wills and Court RolLs of the Manor 
of lnf:oIdmells. It is Lfiidlv p'ossiblc to make a coiitiimuus pedigree, but the Newcomens were 

in Ingoldmells from the fourt-eutb century.— A. K. M.j 

i^cVocomcit of iui1tljj)^on::33auu 

William X^'ewcomen of Gantby. 

RichardX'ewcomcn(-f Kirk-— Frances, dan. .Tobn Xewcomen of^.Toan, Thomas 
by-on-Bain. Will dab.-d I'j j ofJohnTt-m- Spilsby [?], super- 
Dec. 1502 ; proved 2.s March I pic ; m-ir. at vi.>or in 15'J;J. Will 
1503; names his cou.sin j (ianrby 10 daLed2I Sept. 1500; 
Samuel Xewcomen of Low Aug. 1501 ; proved 20 Feb. 
Toynton supervisor. a cx'irix 1503. 1500-lGOO. B 





. . . . 



of 1502.) 

f •• 

■J ,M 



liioncl Xcwcomen of Thomris Xo\v-== Ellen, diin. of llvder; Cicely. Joan, 

Ilalioii;). comenof l\in- in;iv. at Parliicy, •_':'. .Tan. ' ■ 

— lU'V lo'JO. ](;n;M; l.uv." there G l.yjO. 

John Xcwcomeii. Ajn-il 1032. 

Charles Xo\voomoii of'Y^l'^liza- EJwarJ Xewcomcii'r^Marv, dan. 
Kirkny-on-Dain. Will l)ctli, of ]Maichain-le- of .... ; 

dated" 10 April 1(J50 ; dan. of Fen, yeoman ; bur. ])rovod lier 

proved (C.P.C) ]5 June 
1654 ; devises land in ex'trix 
Srrnbby to his grand- 1050. 
daughter in lieu of £oO 
bequeathed by her father. 

at St. James', Bath, ; hu^band's 
1-2 June IGU. , will IGM. 

Xnncnpativc will ! 
proved'l July IGIA. \ 

baiit. ac 
(Tauiby 10 
i^Iay 1 rx')") ; 
John Tem- 

.... Xcw-- 


Robert Xcwcoruen, k'tratee of^ 
Charles Xewcoinen 1 G50. Will 
proved 15 Aug. 1GG2. 

dau. of 


John Xewconien, 

Edward Xcwcomen, 

Dasy Xewcomcn. legatee of her 
grandfather 1C50. 

[Note. — The above pcditrree. constructed fvnn wills .tikI ici:i>lcrs. must be accepted with 
Bonie cantii.n. It is piobable that William Ncwcmcn of G:int!)y is the piotrcnitor. but not 
absolutely certain. A elance at the following pc.lieiee will shew that William and bis bruthcr 
John botii have sons called 'J'homa?, and both mairy wives from Scrivelsby.— A. R. M.] 

iJxlucomcu of ^altfltttby antr ^oU) Coyuton. 

[llarl. MS. 1550. ^IS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Rawlinsou MSS.] 
Ar^ls. — Argent^ a lion's heed crascJ sable hciiccoi three crescents gutcs. 
Hugh le Xewcomen of Saltflcctby. 


le Xeweomen 



le Xcwcomen 




le Xewcomen 


le Xewcomen 


Robert le Xewcomeu, liviug 


Robert le Xewcomen, living 131G-17 




AVilliani le Xl-wccmiumi, living 1305.^ 

Robert Xe\v-=f^Joaii. dan. of Kobcrt Cracruft of Cracrofi Ifall William Christian. 
conKMi, dii-d ( in Ho<rj;!l'or|io : niontii)nod in will of li*r New- — 

in ii.JJ. biuLlici .luhn Cracroli Uot. 1-16'J. comcn. EiizabcLli. 

■\Tilliaia Xewcomcn of SaUfieL-lbv,— Alice, dan. and hcire^^s of William King of 
died in 1 \bC>. Gainsborougii, meix-liant. 

Martin Xcvcomcn— ^Tarv, dan. of Br) an AVbliam Xo\vfomen, died— (?) 

of Salrllcvtby. Will Saiidrord of Thorjic s.p. (^so in the A'isitation of 

dated 1 ]\[ay 1580 ; Salvin,co, York. Will loO:.'); probably the father 

proved i'8 April dattd 15-bi ; proved of ]\icliard Xewcomen of 

1510. ; 1 Sept. 1515. Low Toyriton. 

JTargaret, dan. and co-=pBryan Xewconien=pAnne, dan. Christopher Xew- j 

heir of John Greentield. of Saltfleetby, , of Xicho- comeu, legatee in 

1st wife. ex'or to his father ; las Pnrlev. his father's will 

i 1510. i 2nd wife.' 1536. 

Elizabeth, mar. Isi: 
Robert Tavern er of 
CO. Essex, 2ndly 
.... Ilulcotes. 

Jane, mar. Alexan- 
der CuUis of Lon- 

Edith, mar. 
Swale of 

Mary, niar, 
Rev. John 
Potter of 

Katharine, mar. 
at Saltfleetbv, 
20 Ang. 1559, 
(ieorL;-c Bolle of 

Chu-a, mar. Tho- 
mas Hawkins of 

George X'ewcomen, 
legatee of his grand- 
mother Jane ^Meres 
13 Jan. 155' 1-51 ; 
bur. at Saltfieetby28 
Jan. 1585-G. Will 
dated 20 Jan. 1585-C; 
proved 29 ]\rareh 

John Xewcomen of Sakfleet-: 
by, bur. there 2 ]\]arcli 
15S8-9. Will dated 20 April 
1588 ; proved 1589. 

rAlice, dan. of John Charles=rJ*'-'^"> ^^^^- ^"^^ co- 

Gascoigne of Las- Xew- heir of Richard 

ingcroft, co. York ; comen 

bur. at Salt fleet liy ofLon- 

2h ]\larch 1559. ' don. 

heir of Richard 
Xightingale of 
Bourne or ])rent- 
wood, CO. Essex. 

Elias Xewcomen, Lst- 
Kon, legatee of his 
half-nnele George 
Newcomcn 1585-G ; 
Chajilain to the I^crd 
Treasurer ir,u2. 

tia, dan. 




Xewco- dan. of 

2nd son 

' (or 
( I'tggt). 

.Sir Robert Xew- Wini- 

comen, Knt., of fred. 
]\( naghjCn.Long- — 

ford, Ireland (sec Alice. 
Bnrke's "E.xtinct 

Thomasinc, mar. George Pott of Stanclifle, 'J'wu 

CO. Cliester ; died 27 Xov. 1G20. sous. 

A dan. 


IJX COLN S H 1 11 !■: r K D I G K i: K s . 

John Xowco-- 
men of SalL- 
floolby l.jl)-:; 
Inir. llicrc 1 

\\ ill natcd i''J 
Jan. 101 0-1 Tj 
proved 15 
May 1621. 

"M"ary, dan. 
of .K'bn 
SkiiAvith of 
AVill dated 
IJ jslarcu 
1020-7 ; 
proved "JO 
Oct. 1027. 

Thomas Xowcomon, ^latthew NcNvco:v,cn luir. 
r!^;^; 2nd son, living a^ Salineotl>y^ May k-.l.. 

^■"'^'■"■'" __ A[avv, l.apt. at Saltflectby 

StepbonXoweomcn,:)rd o Mar. ir,:.8-l. ; ';'''';;!'^''^. 

l,.cke of AVakefK'ld, c.i. 
York ; s.p. 

bridiro ; of CoIcbe>:er, 
CO. Essex : proved bis 
father's will IbSd ; liv- 
in<^ 1010-17. 


Eleanor. baiU. at S:dt- 
fleetbv 10 XuV. LMO ; 
nior. there, 2ti Ai-nl 
1597, William Asfordby 
of Asfordby- in -r>ilsby 
and Xewarlc : bur. at 
Saltfleetby Nov. 10:34. 

:Mavv, Salifleet- 
byS'Jan. 1570-80; mar. 
there, 4 J unelOU5, Tho- 
mas Hayward. 

Mice, Saltfleetby 11 J<in. 
l.-.,vl-2 I mar. 1st at SaUtleerb.y 
Gawen >kipwith of Stayne-in-ihe- 
Marsh ; 2ndlv at SLallingboruu;:,!! 
ilobert' :Stai\by ; living a widow 

Anne, mar. 1st at SaltileetVty, i 
.Jan. ir.O'j-lu, Xicbolas Xewco- 
men of Salifleetbv, who died :May 
1010 ; 2ndly, Oct. 1017, George 


Elizalv/th, bapt. 
at Salttljoiby 18 
Nov. 15S'.»; mar. 
George Itogers, 
rine, wife of 
Richard Xevrco- 
rnen (marriage 
bond IS Sept. 

John Xcwco- 
men, bapt. at 
Sabilectln- 8 
Julv 1578 ; 
bur", there 11 
Xov. 1570. 

Rieluird Xewcomen-Cathannc, daii. o. Ro- 
of Saltfleetby, bapt. bert Rogers ot ined- 
"eldest son and heir- 
apparent " 1502 ; 
diedv.p.; Salt- 
fleetby 25 :\lay 1017. 

dlethorpeandof Ever- 
ton. CO. Xotts ; mar. 9 
Julv lOU) ; remar.,25 
June 1018, Robert 
Woibv of Bilsby. 

John Xewcomcn, 
bapt. at Saltfleetby 
30 Xov. 1585. 

George Xewcomen, 
bur. at Saltfleetby 
28 Dec. 1591. 

John Xewco-= 
men, bapt. at 
Saltfleetby 20 
June 1011 -, 
heir to his 
grandfather ; 
bur. at Salt- 
fleetby 29 
Aug. 1057. 

=Eli7.abeth,dan. of Wil- 
liam Skipwith of South 
Ormsby ; bapt. there a 
Xov. 1011 ; mar. there 
12 Feb. 1 032-3 jremar. 
at Saltfleetby, 25 Oct. 
1 ICOU, Robert Maddi- 
I sonofTrusthorpc(mar. 
lie. 12 Oct. lOCO.) 

Bryan Xewcomen, 
bapt. at Saltfleetby 27 
Dec. 1013; Imr. there 
27 May 1015. 

:Martin Xewcomen, 
bapt. 1-1, bur. at 
Saltfleetby 19 Jan. 

Bryan Xewcomen, 
bapr. 23 June, 
bur. at Saltfleetby 
22 Dec. 1010. 

:Mary, born post- 
hnmuns ; bapt. at 
Saltlketbyl2 0ct. 

John Xewcomen, bapt. 11 July 
1(;30 ; bur. at Saltfleetby 5 
Tcb. 1030-7. 

Richard Xewcomen, bapt. at 
Saltfleetby 30 June, bur. there 
Au'^ 1011. 

Saltfleetby 3 
Jan. 1031-5. 

Saltfleetby 2 
Sept. 103S. 

Katharine, bapt. at Saltfleetby 
1 Jan. 1039-10 ; mar. there, 7 
Ai>ril 1070, Xicliolas :\Iudd. 

Elizabeth, V'apt. at Saltfleetby 
]n Aug. 1012. 

) ■ T'l 

f if> 

1 ..i 'i 




Gocrcc Xowcuiuon ofSaUfloof- Wiliiani — 

by, dork, loj^atco in lO;')!'. ; Xewco- 

ex'or (ii liis iiiotlu'r l,"ii'>. ^Vill men,* 

(liiteJ 27 Feb. lolS-'J; proved ilicd 

22 Jiilv IC.JO. lolo. 

mav. Charles 
of Yar- ^ 

Marv, mar. Kobjrt 

.Marj-ar.r. nanh'd 
in l;)li and i:.i;i. 

I.I J I I I 

JoliuXovr- Thomas William GeorgeXew- Jame>Xo\Y- Pn'brrtX'^C'Vi"- 

coiucn. Xewcomen. Nowconiou. comen. conicn. cumen. 

xVll in the Visitatiuu of 1592. 

.... dau.=RJchard Xewcomen of I.riw Toynton. yco-- 
of . . . . man.. Wid dated o Sei^t. 1540; proved at 
Ist wife, lloriieastle .jU ]\Iay 1511 ; (ro bo) bur. 
in Church of St Peter, Low Toyntoa. 

Ofarirarct, dan. and heir of 
Thomas ^laydenwell of IjOW 
Toynton by ... . dau. and huir 
of William Duwcher. 2nd wife. 

William Xew- 
comen of 
G an thy, 3rd 
son. (See p. 


Richard (or 



-. . . . dan. of 
.... Hemp- 
shaH (?) of 

Riehard Xewcomen of^pFrances. dau. 

Kirkby-on-Bain (?), J-th 
.son ]510. Will dated 19 
Dee. 15:i2 ; proved 28 
]\rareh 1593. 

of John Tem- 
ple ; mar. at 
Gantby 10 
Xuir. 1501. 



Edward Xewco- 
men, under age 

William Xewco- 
men, under euro 

Charles Xcwco- Eliza- 
men, under a,:re beth. 
1592. (.Seep.714.) 

Thomas Xewcomen of=r= Elizabeth, dan. John Xewcomen of Spils-=pJoau (?), dau. 

Low Toynton, ex'or ofTliomasAu- by (r), 2iid son; named in of.... llan- 

in 1541. Adm'ou 5 drews of Red- his father's will. Will dated shaw of Seri- 

June 1579. j ditch, co.Wor- 21 Sept. 1599; proved 20 velsbyor Spils- 

' ccster. Feb. 1599-lGuO, i bv ; "cx'trix. 

Thomas Xewcomen, ex'or John Xew- Lionel Xew- Cecily. 
1599. (See p. 714.) comen. comen. 


Samuel=pFrances, dau. of 
New- ; Thomas !Massing- 
l)erd of Bra toft l)y 
his 2nd wile 1 )()ro- 
thy, dan. and heir 
of Bichard 15al- 
lard; mar. ai Wva- 
toft 4 Oct, 1579. 

of Low 

-Joan, dau. of Xicho- 
las Thorndyke of 
Greenfield ; bur. at 
Saltfl.-etbv June 
ir.;J7. Will dated 
17 ^farch 103G-7 ; 
proved 18 Sept. 

I I 
Edward Xew- 
comen of Ply- 
mouth, 3rd 

coujcn, 4th 

Charles Xew-: 
comen, 2nd 
son, bur. at 
Salt flee tby 28 
Sept. 1G30. 
Will dated 17 
►Sept.. proved 
12 Oct. 1030. 

D I K I 

* AVilliam Ncwconien, in the Visitation of l."02, is eiven as the second ton of Martin Ncw- 
comea aiul Mary t^aiidforti, and is ffaid to hnvc died in 1">15. It Eeems mricli more probal^Ic that 
he was the William Newcrmon of the previous genorutioii. viz.. secoud son of Willintn Xewcomen 
and Alice King, who in the Visil.ition of lo'c' is said to h:ive died s.p. It is most unlikely tliat 
Richard Newcoraen of Low Toynton. who dicl in 1"j41, should liave omitted all mention of bis 
father. It is still more unlikely that Martin >'cwcnnif;n, who died in l.^li'. and Mary his widow, 
who died in liJlj, shoiil i have taken no uoiiee in their wiiis of a nunieroi:s family of grand.^oiis. 
Richard Newconien, too, in his will uir^kts jiO njcntion of any relations at ^-altlieeihy- — A. 11. il, 






Tliomas Xew- 
coinon, 1st ?on 

"\Villi;im Xew- 
hmd, I'nd sciii. 



Nicholas Xc\vcoiiK'n.=f Anne, dan. of .Tolm Xowco- 
l>apt, at Saltilcctbv men pf .Saltnectl)y hy Mary, 
dan. of Jubn Skipwiih of 
\Valni;i_<:aU'; mar. at SaktRVt- 
by 2 Jan. lGoO-10; ex'trix in 
l*'l C; vvinar. at S'/iltOc-frby, G 
Oct. 1G17, George Atkinson. 

10 April loSa; died 
Y.p. ; bur. there *J1 
May IGIG. Will 

da', .d ] '2 Mnyj^iioVLd 
8 Oct. IGIG'' 

of Salt fleet- 
by, bapt. 
there i) 
June IG 12; 
ret. 22 in 
of ICOl. 

^Prauccp, dan. of 
Uenry Ayscongh 
of r>ly boron irh, 
afterwards of 
at r^Iablethorpe IS 
Feb. IGoo-G; bur. 
at Saltfleetby 27 
June 1G7G. 

Jonathan IMary, bapt. at Saltfleetby 14 Oct. 

Xewcoinen, IGU); mar. Cliarlcs Tealby of 

bapt. at Thcddlethorpe. 
Sah licet by — 

7 April Alice, bapt. at Saltnectby 2S Xov. 

1G14; bur. 1G15 ; mar, at Withern. IGo-l, 

at liable- John AValker, licctor of "Withern. 

thorpe 10 (The Visitation of 1GG6 makes 

May 1GG8. her wife of John Fish). 

Henry Xewcomen, 
bapt. at Saltfleetbv 
11 Feb. 1G37-8'; 
son and lieir in 

Charles Xew- 
comen, ba]it. 
at Salifleetby 
Sept. 1G52'; 

Frances, mar. at Saltflect- Anne, bapt. 

by, 25 Aug. 1609, Kk-h- 9Dec. lOil; 

ard Caborne. AVill dated bui-. at Sak- 

28 April, proved 13 Oct. fleetby 1 

1GG9, then a widow. Sept. 1G02. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 10 May 
1G43; bur. at Sakfleetby 
20 Xov. 1GG9. 

Mildred, bapt. 28 Oct. 
1045; bnr. 15 Dec. 1G73. 

I\Iarv. bapt. at Sakileetby 
20 Xov. 1647. 

Alice, bapt. 13 June 
1048 : bnr. at Saltfleetby 

Lney, bapt. at Saltfleet- 
by 28 j\Iay 1055 ; bur. 
there 9 April 1073. 

Theodotia, bur, at Salt- 
fleetby 2 Sept. 1CC2. 

Xewcomen, I dau. of 

2nd son, 
ba})t. at 
13 Dec. 

bur. at 
31 Dec. 

Thomas Xewco-^Ilebccca, dau. of Gregory Warraonth 
men of "Withern, ! of llannah-cnm-lla'^naby by his 
3rd son. Will I 2nd wife ^Margaret, d;iu. of Tiiomas 
dated 10 ]\Iarch : Xcwcomen of Ing(.)ldmells ; bapt. 
1G41-2; i)roved \ at liagnaby 22 April 1599; mar. 
81 Jan. 1042-3. at Saltfleetby 21 April 1017 ; bur. 
at Withern 11 June 1052. 

Hannah, Ijapt. 
at Sakfleetby 24 
Aug. 1024. 

Two cliildren, 
legatees in their 
■will 1030. 

Xicholas Xewcomen, 1st son,= 
bapt. at Sak fleet liy St. Cle- 
ment 21 Oct. 1021 ; matricu- 
lated at Gonville and Caius 
College, Cambridge, 1 June 
1038; bur. at West Tiieddle- 
thorpe 28 Dec. 1080. "Will 
proved at Lincoln 7 ^larch 

:!NHldred, dau. of Henry 
Ayscou^rh of ^Fidjletliorpe 
(formerly of IMyborougli) 
by Theodosia, dau. of Sir 
James Harrington, Burt. ; 
bapt. at Stixwould 12 
Dec. 1021 ; bur. at West 
Thcddlethorpe 22 March 

G E 






Kcbecca. colioir, 
bai^L. lit Theaaie- 
thorpe 21 .Tuly 
1G55 ; unmar. 

Francos, coheir, bapt. 
at Tlu'dillothorpo -1 
Xov. liioS; mar. there 
31 Jan. 1004-5. 

^Thomns AVallis 
of Aliurtl (^'.c 
Wallis Pt'di- 


^lihlroil, bur, 
at IJag Eii- 
dorbv 1 SejH. 

Tliomas Xewco- 
uKii, liapt. at 
31 July 1G5(J ; 
dead in 1703, 

}.Iildred, bapt. Thcodosia, coheir, bapt. at=p]Ralph !M"ad- 
27 ]May, bur. Thcddlethorpe 22 Dec. | dison of 
27 Dec. 1G52 IGOS ; mar. at Bag En- \ Stuiuton-le- 
at Mablc- dcrbv (marritige settle- i Vale (see 

thorpe. ment,19Jau.lC81-2). Will j p. OlO). 

dated2-lJulvl725; proved ' 

27 I\b. 1720-7. 

Nicholas Nevrcomen of Theddle-- 
thorpe, 1st son, bapt. at ]\[able- 
thorpe 5 Au^. 1050; matriculated 
at J^incoln College, 0.\oa, 5 ^ilay 
16G8 ; died 12 Aug. 1712. Will 
dated 18 Dec. 1703 ; proved 23 
Feb. 1712-13. 1st husband. 

=:]\Iary, dau. of Tiionias: 
Browne of Addlcthorpe ; 
born June 10G3 ; mar. 
lie. 11 June IGSO; 
cx'trix 1712-13 ; died -1 
Xov. 1725 ; bur. at 
Thcddlethorpe. M.I. 

aion. Charles 
Bertie, son of 
Robert. -Ith Earl 
of Lindscy; died 
s.p.3 Aug. 1737, 
Kt.4-1. 2ud hus- 

Nicholas Xewcomen, l>apt. at ^Yest Theddlethorpe 8 Xov. I^Iary, born 30 

1081 ; niatiiculatcd at University College, Oxon, 22 Juno July 1G84; 

1G9S; of the Inner Temple 1090""; died in London of the died 20 :May 

small-pox 15 Xov., bur. i Dec. 1703 at Thcddlethorpe, s.p. 1G94. 


^Thomas Xewcomen^ 
of Maltby, 2nd sur- 
viving son ; bur. 
there'l 5 Jan. 1087-8. 
Will dated 12 Jan. 
1087-8 ; proved 25 
:May 1G8S. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
George Cracroft of 
Burgh -le-^Iarsh ; 
widow of ]iev. Ro- 
ller t ^Morton, Rec- 
tor of Withern. 
2nd wife. 

Samuel Xewcomen, bapt. S 
Feb. 1034-5 ; bur. at Wi- 
thern that year. 

John Xewcomen, bapt. 14, 
bur. 17 Sept. 1630 at Wi- 

Sarah, bapt. at 
Salt fleet by 20 
April 1018; 
mar. atAVithern, 
1G34, Charles 
Ballett of Al- 
fui'd, drajMir (see 
Vol. I., p. 75). 

Troth, under age 1041 -2 ; 
juar. at Withern, 25 Se]it. 
1045, Edward Palmer, Clerk, 
Vicar of Bilsby. 

Anne, under age lO-Jl-2; 
mar. at Withern, 9 Sept. 
10-17, William Palmer. 

Elizabeth, mai-. at 
Bag En derby, 3 
Dec. 1G08, her 
cousin Charles 
Xewcomen of 
]>ag Enderliy ; 
bur. there 10 
Feb. 1082-3. 

bur. at 
13 April 

Tliomas Xewcomen of !Maltby and=p^rartha, dan. of Rev. Robert Morton, Roc- 
the ^liddle Temiile, born 1055; tor of Withern, by Elizabeth, dau. of George 
ex'or to his father 1088. Cracruft of Burgh ; mar. 1078. 


■i: 'i\' 




Tlicoji]iilns Nowcoinoii o[ the Close of Lincoln, ^Solin;^, d;ui. of AVaUtT rannl of 

bajtt. at ]Makl)V i". Oct. 1GS7 ; died 20, bur. in Xorth CoUiuijjhaiu, co. Xott^; ; 

Lincoln Cat]ic.lial 2r. Feb. 1710-n. Will dated died 15 Jan^ 1725-G, a^t. 20; 

13 Fob. 17o7-8. Aduj'oQ ii April 1741. j bur. in liincoln Catiicdral. 

Thomas Xewconien, only surviving son, Prie.sL- ^lary, bapt. at ;Sg. ]\largaret's 

Vicar of Jjincoln Cathedral, adni'or of his father 11) May 17:.'2 ; died nnuKir. l';), 

171] ; died nnmar. 8 Feb. 17 in-oO, an. 28 ; bur, l.)ur. 25 Juno 1701 in Lincoln 

in Lincoln Cathedral. Will dated 17 Dec. 17-18 ; Cathedral, 

adin'ou granted to his sisters 1 April 1750. — 

— Catharine, bapt. at St. ]\rar- 

John Xeweonicn, l)npt. at St. ^Margaret's in the garet's o^Iay 172-4 ; diednnrnar. 

Close of Lincoln If. July 1725; ^died 25 Feb. 2 :\Iarcli 17;)3. Will dated 21 

1725-G ; bur. in liinculu Cathedral. Jan., proved 12 June 1703. 

Samuel Pioberl Xewcomen of=^]\Iary, dau. 

New- Ilannah-cuni-Ilag- of IJobert 

conien. naby, 5th son; bapt. Guising 

(See at Saltfleetby -1 July of Alford; 

Pkdi- 1597;pnrchasedland mar. there 

G11ke3[., in licvesbv 161S. 5 July 

p. 721). AVill dated' 10 Oct." 1G27. * 

i . 1G72; proved (C.r.C.) 

• ^ 17 May 1C7G. 

Christopher Xew-^Dorothy, dau. of 
couien, bapt. at William xVsford- 

Sakfleetbv 7 Sept. 
IGOO. AV'ill dated 
7 :March 1080-81; 
proved 15 Aja'il 

by of Bilsby by 
Eleanor, dau. of 
John X'ewcomen 
of Saltfleetby ; 
mar. at Saltfleet- 
by 2 Oct. 1631. 

Robert Xewcomen of Scrcmby,= 
1st son ; died 2o June 1G'J8, 
a;t. G5, s.p. ; bur. at Scrembv. 
Will dated 27 :\lay 1G'J5; 
proved (C.P.C.) 13 July JO'JS 
by li(^bert Boswell ; adm'on 
granted 20 Xov. 1711 to Fi-an- 
ces Smithsou, sister and adm'ix 
of Robert Boswell. 

:Frances, dau. and co- 
heir of William Lod- 
ingtou of Falding- 
worch ; sister of Tho- 
mas Lodington of 
East Kirkbv ; died 
IC Feb. 1715-16, wt. 
75 ; bur. at Scremby. 
"Will dated 16 July 
1713; proved 1716. 

Ivathai-ine, bapt. at 
Hagnaby 12 Oct. 
1628 ; mar. William 
Skefiper of East 

Anne, bapt. at Hag- 
naby21. Ian. 1629-30; 
mar. at Revesby .... 

Mary, bapt. at Uagnaby 
25 Aug. 1031 ; mar. 
John Loswell of South 

Margci-y, bajit. at TLig- 
naby 13 F.Jj. 1033-1 ; 
bur. there 21 Feb. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
Hagnaby 14 May 
1035 ; bur. there 
16 May 1038. 

Faith, bapt. at Hag- 
naby 2'J Oct. 1637; 
bur. there 1-4 Ajjril 

Hester, bapl. at 
Hagnaby 15 
April 1639. 

Rebecca, bapt. 
at ILiguaby 5 
Sept. 1641; bur. 
at Revesby 12 
Xov. 1653. 

Troth, bapt. at 
Hagnaby 24 
June 1G43 ; 
mar. at Reves- 
bv, 16 Oct. 
1C62, Edward 
Towthby of 

Edward Xew-=j=Mary, dan. of Thomas Dorothy, bur. 

comen, bapt. j Chealcs of ILigworth- at Saltfleetby 

at Saltfleet- | ingham ; mar. there 103G. 

by 2 ]^Iarch | 31 Dec. J 00^^ (mar. lie. — 

1632-3 ; died ' 26 Xov. lOOsj ; hving Jane, bapt. at 

v.p. befuie j awid(j\vatli'jlingbrokc Saltfleetby 15 

1680. I 1081. Dec. 1636. 

Anne,=William -More 

mar. at 
by 15 Feb. 

of Louth. 
granted to 
his widow 
2o Jan. 




Edward Newco- 
mcn of ScTcmliy, 
bcu'ii at Ijuiuh 
circa 107i?-o: do- 
visceof hiscousiii 
Itobcrt Ac\\\',;- 
meu 1G9S ; died 
e.p. 13, bur. 10 
April 17-:i at 
Scremby. ^I.T. 
1721 ; proved 

;Mary."Kov. A'illiain-; 
dan. of I Newcomon, 
. . . . M.A. JcMis 
Towue- (\>!loi:o, Cani- 
ra\Y ; I brid!:^e; Rector 
a,ar. at '. oi CoVcv;.;.-iiu 
Kcd- I 1 June 1097; 
diiu:;ton ! bur. there 19 
•2 ?.larch , Sept. 17-J'). 
1701-2. ' Will dated 1 
1st v,-ife. Sept. 1717 ; 
proved 5 Sept. 
: 1721. 

-Anne, dan. of 
Rev. Tlidinas 
Vicar of Ived- 
ii,.ie 2w Xov. 
1 70i ; bnr. at 
June 1733. 
2nd wife. 

Tiioinas Xeweomen of 
I.omli, bapt. at V>o- 
linL^bnikc 21 April 

Z\l-:.v\, bapt. ;.t Bolin;'- 
broke 8 April ICSO ; 
died at Scremby nn- 
niar. 1707. Adm'on 
3 May ]7u7 to her 
brothers Edward and 
William Xcwcomen. 

Edward Xcwcomen of Louth, born at Coven-— Hilary Brans^y, widow, mar. at 

ham 5 ^larch, bapt. there G April 1701. 

Anthorpe 7 Oct. 1725. 

Thomas ITunnings-^Anne, coheir,— Joshua 


coheir, of Whaplode, bur. 
bapt. at there 17 !March 
Spilsby 1767. 1st husband. 
20 Sept. 

bapt. at Au- 
thorpe G Xov. 



bapt. at 
Coven Viam 
28 Xov. 
1705; died 

(See p. 522.) 

Crowder of 
mar,22 Jnne 
17G8. 2nd 

Elizabeth, coheir, 
b:ipt. at Anthorpe 
27 Oct. 1732; mar. 
William Smith of 

Boliert Xcwco- 
men of Louth, 
bapt. at Coveu- 
hatn 24 Oct. 
170G ; died un- 
mar.1730. Will 
<lated 15 April, 
proved 2 I)ec. 

]Mary, bapt. at Cov-nrD^^vid Field of Ulceby, bapt. 
enhani 23 ^larch at Swinhope 4 April 1705 ; 
1707-8; mar. at died at Ulcebv 20 Feb. 1771. 
Louth 20 April 1732; Will dated 12 Xov. 1719; 
bur. at Ulceby 19 i proved 17 April 1771. 
June 1782. ' | 

- (See pedigree of" Field of Laceby" in 
Burke's " Landed Gentry.") 

; Pediokee ^. (See p. 720.) 

Samncl Xewcomen of Bag Euderby, 4rh Bon, called^Mikhxd, dau. of Theophilns 
3rd son in Visitation of IGGG ; bapt! at Saltfleetby All Buckworth of Wisbech in 
Saints 7 Feb. 1594-5; bur. at Bag Enderbv 2 Sept. Isle of Ely; bnr. at Bag 
1GG7. Will dated 28 Aug., proved (C.P.C. and at Enderby 25 Feb. 1G58-9. 
Lincoln) 2 Xov. lGi;7. 1 (See Vol. L, p. 203.) 

Charles Xewcomen, bapt. at Bag En-= 
derby 20 Sept. 1033; a trustee of his 
cousin Herbert Thorndike of West- 
minster 1072 ; bur. at Bag Enderby 
4 :\larch 1707-8. Will dated IS July 
1707 ; proved (C.P.C.) 19 Juno 1708. 

-Elizab-'th, dan. of 
Thou:ias Xcwcomen 
(if Withcrn ; mar. at 
Bag Enderby 3 Dec. 
10 08. 

l^mme, legatee 10C7 ; 
mar. William Coulton. 

Mildred, legatee 10C7; 
mar. Piobert Qnadring 
of Firtjby. 




Eliznlieth, Ixipf. Mildred, bnpt. at P.:i2: Knderhy r» Xov.=pRov. Thomas ]-,..:;. 
at IJao; Knderbv 1G74: ; mar, at Rt. Piiurs Cathedral, TiOU- nolt, Rectorof liar- 
12 M;iv 1(;7;3. ' d(.n, 21 Oct. 1712. AVill dat-jd 10 :\Iarch , rinn:tou. 
1728-0 ; proved 21 April 1730. I 

Thomas Bennett. Sanmcl Bennett. ]\[artiii Bennett. Mildred. 

Called in mother's will "ray own children." 

Charles Ne\vcoinen= 
of Lined n, woollen- 
dra))er,bapt. at Bag- 
End er by Mayl 071 ; 
Alderman of Lin- 
coln 170;^ ; Mavor 
17U7. Will dated G 
June 1714 ; proved 

-]\rary, d;ui. of John l>ooth 
of Hai-pswell ; born lG7o ; 
mar. at Sl. ]\rargaret's in 
the Close of Lincohi28dan. 
1700-1 ; reniar-.Tohnllalk- 
shaw of Lincoln; died 17 
Jan. 1732-D ; bnr. at St. 
Peter-at- Arches, Lincoln. 
(See Vol. L, p. 157.) 

Samuel Xcwco-=]\rary, dan. and 
men of IjUiT En- coheir of Sir 

derby, 2nd son, 
bapt. 4 Sept. 
l()7(j ; bnr. at 
Bag Endcrby 
1730—32 ; s.p. 

Kobert Bark- 
ham, Bart., of 
Wainfleet. Will 
dated 27 Nov. 
171] ; proved 

John Xewcomen, 
heir in reversion of 
his cousin Nicho- 
las Xewcomen of 
Theddlethorpe 18 
Dec. 1703 5 bur. 
at St. Peter- at - 
Arches 8 Feb. 

Charles Xewco-^Sarah, dan. of Tho- 
men, bapt. at St. \ mas Becke of Lin- 
Peter-at-Ai'ches, ! coin and Cherry Wil- 
]jincoln,10Mar. i lingham ; remar. 
170.J-G. Will I George Octer of Lin- 
dated 11 .June, coin; bnr. at Cherry 
proved 21 July Willingham23 Mar. 
17G7. * 1775. " 

Richard Xewcomen, 
bnr. at St. Petcr-ac- 
Arches 3 April 1708. 

Xich'jlas Xewcomen, 
bapt. 25 Xov. 1 70S : 
bnr. at St. Pcter-at- 
Arches 18 Sept. 1711. 

Thomas Xewcomen, bnr. 
at St. Peter -at -Arches 
9 Dec. 1732. 

Charles Xewcomen, Inir. at 

.... dan. of . . . .= 
1st wife. 

!Mary, cventnab 
heiress, bapt. 2 
Xov. 1720; died 
23 Feb. 1810. 

=John Foxou 
of Laug- 
harne, co. 
died 1790. 

Alice, bur. at St. 
Peter-at-Arches ' 
27 March 1739. 

Sarah, bnr. at Sr. 
30 Dec. 1742. 

:Charle3 Foxon, died=pMaria, dan. of . 
25 May 1813. liams. 2nd wife. 


John Scvmour Cock of Bris-~ClariFs;i, born at ])ath=DaYid Boast of Blackfriars 

tol, died 23 April 1847. 


11 April 1810. 

Koad, Surrey, died 1 1 Xov, 
18C8. 2nd" husband. 

Charles Foxon Cock. 

Edwin Auirustus Kin^r Cock. 



V ,. . r 

'. -•■ ' . ) 




John Xcwcumon, bnpt. at Cloonze Xcwconion, bupt. at Estlic-r, l>apt. 17 Scjit. 1707; 

St. IVt.T-;iL-Ai('lus i:., St. IVlor-at-Arclies 20 Feb. bur. at St.' I'cter-aL-Arches 

bur. there, k; . I line 1710. 171;;-11. 10 April llO^. 

Samuel Xewcomen, bapt. Mary, bapt. 17 Nov. 1702 ; Ann, bapt. 4 Oct. 1712; 

ft St. Percr-at-Arches -1 luir.'at Sr. Pctcr-at-Archo?, lir.r. af Sr. Potcr-at-Archos 

July 1711. 30 April 1710. 13 Sept. 1717. 

[:^IS. C. 23, Hrrakls' Cullege.] 
William Xcwstcad, came from Silkstoiie in co. York^. . . . dau. of . 

Clu'istopher Anne, dan. of : 

Newstead, bur. at South 
Somercotes 2C 
:\ray 1084. 1st 

1st son, 
died s.p 

=liobert Xewstead of South^pJane, dau. !Nrargaret, 

SomereoLes, yeoman, bora of George mai- 

atXether Siitori, CO. York. Lacon of Watson. 

Will dated 23 Dee. IGll 
proved IG Jan. lull -12. 

William Xewstead, bapt. 4 June 1582 ; bur, 
at South Somercotes 27 Feb. 15S2-3. 

Coates ; 
2nd ^vife. 

Robert Xewstead of= 
Tetney, 4th sou, bapt. 
at South Somercotes 
18 April 1G03. Will 
dated 23 Oct. 1G41 ; 
proved 17 Feb. 1641-2. 

=Mary, !Mary,bapt. at South Anno, living IGl 1; mar. 

dau. and Somercotes 22 Oct. HeuryGoord of London, 

heir of 1.592; mar. William — 

John Maddison of Trus- Elizabeth, bapt. at South 

Lacon. thorpe (mar. lie. 17 Son:ercotes27JnIvlGoO; 

July 1C15). bur. there 8 April 1613. 

Lacon Xew- 
stead, 1G41. 

Anne, nnmar. 

Jane. ^larv. Rebecca. Sarali. Elizabeth. 


Christoipher Xewstead, 3rd son, bapt. at South Somercotes=rMarv, dau. of Rev. 
13 Xov. iri07 ; matriculated at St. Alban's Hall. O.von, 22 Anthony Fulhnrst 
Xov. 1616 ; B.D. 1631 ; Yicar of Abingdon, Berks, 1620 ; of Grea't Oxenden, 
Rector of Stisted, co. Essex, 1642; Prebendarv of St. co. Xorthampton ; 
Paul's Cathedral 25 Aug. 1660. Will dated 22 Feb., j.rovcd mar. lie. 3 Sept. 
16 ]March 1GG2-3 ; (to be) bur. at Edmoncon. , 1C31; livinglGG2-3. 



son, died 

=. . . . dau. Christophei' Xewstead, 2nd son, Fulhurst Xewstead, 
of .... of King's Colk'ge, Cambridge, 3rd son, jwoved his 
1662-3; [.roved liis father's will, father's will. 

i\Iary, under 18, 1662-3. 

, I 



I A 

Hf'i-bort Ncwstcail, P'Ui nnd^, dan. of 
lioir, ii:!].t. at South Suracr- . lii/Dert Hastings 
coles 1':; Oct. l.".,s() ; bur. \ of llilsbv ; unr.ab 
there li> Ai>ril ir.J;3. Will j Huttoft 2o Oct. 
dated u i)ec. 104:2 ; proved j IGlu (mar. lie. I'l 
■i Aug. lG4o. Oct.lG15,o:t..J7). 

Williaiii Xe\v-~Kat!iariiio, (l;i;i. 
stead of IJils- ■ of William Id. 111- 

V)y and South 
iiid .son, liv- 
i;i'; 1(J12. 

dvn of J)alln- ; 
widow of Chris- 
topher IIasiill'_'■^ 
of Croft (see 
p. G03). 

Eolicrt Xew- Llanden Xewstead=pKatha- 

Bt<::;id,bai) (twin with liobert), j rine, 

BilsbyGJune bapt. at Biliby C ' dau, of 

IG--':..' June lG2r). " I . . . . 

Cln-istopher New- Jane, bapt. at 

stead, bur. at South Somer- 

South Somercotes cotes 25 Jan. 

2 Sept. IG U. 1G30-31. 

William Xewstcad, bapt. at South Somercotes Philij) Xewstead, bapt. at South 
4 Xov. 1G47 ; bur. there 1) Aug. 1G87. Somercotes 24 ^laj 1G49. 

"William Xew- Robert Xewstead, 1st son in 1G34 ; Christopher Xewstead, bapt. 

stead, bapt. at bur. at South Somercotes 28 June at South Somercotes 20 

South Somer- 16GG. Mar. 1C22-3 ; Srdson lGo4:. 

cotes 13 Oct, — — 

IGIC ; died VTilliam Xewstead, bapt. at South John Xewstead, 4th son, 

yc>ung. Somercotes 13 Feb. 1610-20 ; 2nd under age 1C42. 
sou 1C34:. 

Henry Xew-= 

.stead of South 
5th son, under 
agelG42; liv- 
insr 1710-11. 

=?>Iary, dau. of 
John ^lottram 
of Addlethorpe; 
mar. bond 22 
Dec. 1G7] ; liv- 
ing 1710-11. 

Gth son, un- 
derage 1642j 
bur. at South 
20 June 

:Faitli, dau. 


of South 
cotes; mar. 
bond 22 
Dec. 1G71. 

Herbert Xewstead, 7th 
sou, under age 1G42. 

Susan, undei' age 1C42. 

]\[ary, bai)t.. at Soutii 
Somercotes 9 Aug. 

Herbert Xew-=f=Anne, Soutli Somer- ]^Iary,l)apt. at South Somcr- 
stead, ba})t. at dau. cotes 22 .March 1G73-4. cotes 22 Oct. 1G7G. 

South Somer- 
cotes 1G72 ; 
l)ur. there 11 
Feb. 1725-G. 


Frances, bapt. at South Elizabeth, bapt. at South 
Somercotes 1 July 1G75; SomercoLes24Mar. 1C77-8 ; 
bur. there 8 ^^larch 1G78-9. mar. there, 17 April 1704, 

Steohen Harri.son. 

Herbert X'ewstead of the Close Anne, bapt. at South Somercotes 20 Aug. 170'.». 

of Lincoln. Will dated 11 April, — 

{proved 21 April 1757. Elizabeth, bajit. at Suuth Somercotes 2! Jan. 

— 1710-11. 
Hastimjs Xewstead, bapt. at — 

South Somercotes 23 Dec. 1715; Frances, bapt. at South Sumcrcotes 7 April 

ex'or to his brutli(;r 1757. 1718. 



■11^ ■•] 'ii. / 



Tfcnrioiia "^^;ll•i:l, l);i)M. l);un;irip, l;;i|it. at Dnisilla, li;i|il. 1:5 I'di. K'.TS-!'; 

n( Sniiili S( iiicrmtrs I'l South Somcicotes-J!) luii-. at Suiitii Scunorc'itcs i'? .\"V. 

A]i)il K;?:; ; in;ii-.[hri\\ April H'-Ti": liiai. IKTO. 

2 .fun. ]7i(i-I, Sainiirl liioiv, 1;') ."\l;i\ K'.'.*?, — 

liobiii.soii (>l" Hull, liiciiard Xiiiuilis; ^raty, bapt. at SuiiLli Soiiiercotcs 

\voo]Ieii-u'.\.]: T ; IMul: liNing 1 710-1 1. 'i' Dc-.. ]i'.>'\ ; mar. nuTc, '2'J 

1710-1]. ^ ^Mav 1700, Jc^liii Sa.iliiclL'l'soii. 

Mot tram Xew- 
Btcad, bapt, 7 
May 1074; bur. 
at South Somer- 
cotes l;j J line 

,K)hu Xewslcacb^RaclicI, 

bapt. at .South 
Sonicrcotos 10 
Ajiiil lG7o. 

dan. of 

Stephen Xcw- 
sLead, bajjt. at 
SoiUli Sonior- 
cotc^; 11 Dec. 
1G77 ; liviiit,' 

Cliiistoi)ber Xcw- 
stead, bapt. at 
South Sunierooti'S 
1-4 June IGS^. 

Henry Xewstt-ad, called=T=(?) Mary, dau. of ... . Mari^aret, l^Ji/.abelli, bapt. at 
son (.if Jolm Xewstcad ! Xapier ; mar. at Siauh bapt:. at South Somercotes 6 
in Sr.mucl .Mottram's Snmercote.* 2.") Feb. South April 171(i. 
Avill 171(»-11 ; bur. at 1724-5; Ijur. 7 Jan. Somorcotes — 
Soutli Somcreotes 2G 1751-2, a3t. 4 J. I'J, bur, 21 Kebecca, bapt. at 
Marcii 1777, ffit. 7G. j Oct. 1708. South Somercotes 15 
' i Xov. 1711. 

I ^ I 

Rachel, bapt. at South Somercotes Bevrlev. bajit. at South Somercotes 
15 Jan. 17:31-2. 8 June 1752, 

Bassett Newstead of Louth, Gent, AVill dated IG Sept.^. . .. dan. 
1743 ; proved 9 Aug. 1744; devises land in Trusthorpe. of . . . . 

John Xew- 

Samuel Xew- 

Henry Xew 

Herbert Xe\v- 

Bassett NeW' 


Henry Newstead of South Somercotes, called " junior,"=pKatharine. dau. of 
bur. there 12 May 1747, fct. 5:3. Will dated 1 ^larch i . . . . ; bui". at 
1741-2; proved 27 May 1747. (Possibly a son of i South Somercotes 
Henry Xewstead and Mary ]\Iottram.) 2G April 1740. 

Hilary. Katharine. Anne, bapt, at Frances, bapt. at South Elizabeth, bapt. at 

"^ ^ South Somer- Somercotes G Xov. 171 7; South Somercotes 20 

Proved th(ii- cotes lOMarch bui-. there 23 Fel), -Nov, 171'J ; proved 

father's will 1747. 1711-15. 17:35-0. hcrfathcr'swill 1747. 


y Y 



i^tVoton of ^onci'ljjn 

[:^I8. 0. 2o, JlcraWs' Collo-v.] 
Ai;.Ms. — S(ihli\ I'CO shi/i-loius i» .^aHirc arijcnl. 
.Toli'i Xewton «{ WcsH-y, from liaiic;isliiie--T=. . . . dnii. of 

John Xcwton of- 

TlioinnsXcw- "Wiiliam Xcwton of^Annc. dan. of 

Wt-.-tbv,]>iirclin>':'d dan. ton. --Mid son. Gor.erl)}', -1th .-on, 

an estate in Col- of — UipL. at Wi:^cl»y Cu 

sli,'VWor;h ; l)nr. at .... llicliardXcw- An.!'. 15-il. 

AVcsibv 2-' IK'C. ton, ;JiJ son. 4^ 

1503. ' (Sec Collins'" ])arontta<^e," vol. iii.,i». 117.) 

]\elhani of To.}..- 
ky ; widow of . . . 

Kichard Xcwton of Woolsthorpo, Ist 6on=p dan. Oeor<,^o X'cw- RobcTt Xew 

laOo, bnr. at ColsicrworLh lH) April 15S8. 


ton, 2ud .son. ton, Ord .son. 

Pioberr Xcwton ofWoolsthorpe, 1st son, 
bur. at Colstcrworcb 2U Sept. IGil. 

-. . . . Ricliard Xcwton of Wools-^. . . . 
dan. of tiiorjic, bapt. at CoUter- dan. of 
. , . . Worth 17 June 1562 ; . . . . 
livino- lCi2. i 

Thomas Xcwton, bapt. at Cobstcr- -lohn Xcwton, bapt. at Ayilliam=T^Elinor, 

worth 3 Anu^ 1017; bur. there Colst-rworth 2 Dec. 1G21. Xcwton. 
30 Jan. 1G2G-7, 

dau. of 

Dionysia, bapt. 11 Sept., bur. 1 Oct. 1G12. 

Isaac Xcwton of "\Vools-=f=Pfanna]i,dau. of James Ays- Robert Xewton,=p. ... ' 

thorpo, 1st son, bujit. at cough of jlarket. Overton, 2nd son, bapt. at dan. of 

Colstcrworth 21 Sept. co, Rutland; remar. at Colsterworth 27 .... ;' | 

IGOC ; bur. tliere G Oct. Xortb Witham Barnabas Sept. 1GU7 ; ii 

1G42. AVill dated 1 Oct., Smith, Sector there; died lived at Conn- \\ 

proved 31 Oct. 1G12. at Stamford 1G80. Will thor]je 

dated 21) May 1G70. 

Sir Isaac Xcwton, Knt., born 25 Dec, bapt. John Xewton=^ dan. of 

1 Jan. lG-12-3 ; died 20, Inir. in "Westminster | 

Abbey 28 :March 1727. John Xewton of Lincoln. 

Alice,dan. of .... ; bnr.n=Riehard Xewton of=j= dan. Elizabeth, Ivapt. 2'"' Nov. 

at Colsterworth 20 C"lsterworth, 3rd " "' " 

Sept. IG 12. l^t wife. SMii, baj't. '.i Api'il 

f . . . . 150>! ; mar. William 
L'nl wife, Worsbrough of Skilling- 

Anne, bapt. 11 Sept. 1G12 ; Uichard Xewton of Col.ster 


Ictratee o(' Isaac Xewton 

wortli, dead in 1705. 

of . . . 

Robert X'ewton of C(*lsterworth. Richard Xewton of Colsterworth. 
Richard Xewton of Branston, Clerk. Will dated '.) May, proved 22 June IGIO. 




l^itljolUo of Corlip. 

[:\IS. (". 2:5, HcraKls' Colleirr.] 

liichard Xiclioll.s of Curbv. Will dated -pJanc, dan. of 
30 June ]:)'.U ; iiroved 4. Oct. 1000 ; (to . . . . ; Jivinj 
be) bur. at Coiby. lo'jl. 

liobert Xic'liolLsY-Dorv'tliy, dan. Ainhony Nicholls, pvnvcd .lane, J.'j'.iJ; intir. 

of Seraneld. t.f .... liis father's will lOOO; died Tliou)a< Arnold. 

Adm\.n G Fel;. Adni'ix of li.n- unmar. ^May IC.i^fi, ;ut. 70 ; — 

IGuO-T and 8 hu-band IGO'J. brr. at Scridield. Adiu'ur A<;ncs, 1.">'.)1. 

•July IGOL). ■ of his brother Robert " — 

! 1G06-7; renounced IGU'J. .\ dan., 1.".'.'] ; mar. 

i Fraueis Lounde. 

Eobert Xicholls of Sendleld.^Joan, dau. of Robert Ciodlv. living ]:,'jl ; under 

AVill dated 3 :\larch IG.M-i ; 
proved 15 June 1G52. 

Xcwtou of Scrafield ; aize lGOG-7, 
liviuir lGol-2. 

Richard Xicholls, Robert Anne, dau. of=Anthony Xicholls=Anne, dan. of 

1st son, proved liis X'icholls, . . . , Camock 
father's will 1G52. 2nd son of Stamford. 

of fcorafield, 3rd Jolin Curtis j 
son, a2t. 33, IGGG. of J)eeping St. 


Francis Xiehulls, -Itli 
son 1 Go 1-2. 


Mary. Elizabeth. Lydia. }Iann;i 

1 Go 1-2. 

i^icoboii of iSatns'tiorouciI). 

[^IS. C. 23, ]b;ralds' College.] 
Thonjas Xicolson of Carlisle=F. . . . dau. of ... . 

Adam Nicolson of !Marn-~Katharine, dan. of Jolin "Whitehead 

liam, CO. Xott.?. 

of Sunthwell, CO. Xotts. 

Edmund Xicolson o.f"=p Abigail, dau. of Thomas 

Gain.sborou<rh 1G34. 

(frisbv of Gaiiisborough. 

Edmund Xicolson, ba])t. at Gaiu.sborougli 29 April IGlo. 

i' ■.. 


1 ■ 1. 


LiNcoi.Nsniui: rKDLGi;i:i:s. 

[MS. C. ■2'^, Ilfi-alils' Collo-c] 
jtiehard Xoithaii "f Iln-oU^cnoliri-Katliavinf.'. (I'ln. < f . . . . Oiycnc 

CO, N(ii'tliaii)p(oii, lair, at ^Vick- 
fiiby i7 Aug. It' 17 

of Uu?clbeacli.; bur. at W'kk- 
euby IG April liii".'. 

rranci? William Xortlian of AVick-"Anne,(lau.of lluirli James V>, 

Nor- ciibv, C.Mit., bur. tl.oro 21 Osborne of Croin- than Vicar dan. of 

than, Jan. IG-Ki-fl. AVilKlalullO well, co. Notts; ofA\ra-by ; 

men- Jan. 1 C tu-i 1 ; proved IG 11 ; bur. at Wickenby lG;V.);bur. "nv^vut 

tioned appoints his cousin Mr. 4 Sept. 1 GIG; there Jan. \\ v±,:n. 

in Wil- r.iclKirdXorthun supervisor, ex'trix to her hus- ]G.)/-S. by i 

lian.'s band. fc 

will. ^^■^'^• 

Joseph Xor- Richard Xorthan,^ 

than, V>apt. at called "eldcslson" 

"Wickenby 9 in will ; JCt. 11, 

]\rav 1G20 ; 1G34 ; bnv. at 

not" named in Wiekcnby 22 Juno 

^ill. 1G7G. 

^Mar- Thomas Xorthan, 2iid Anne, bapt. at 
garet, sou. bapt. at Wickenby Wickenby 2 


2 Oet. 1G27 

Sept. IGoU. 

}Jary, bapt. at Wicken- Elizabeth, bapt. 
by ao Oct. 1622. at Wickenby G 

Xov. 1633. 

of Wickenby. 

William Xorthan^f Elizabeth, dan. of ... . Standish Mar-aret. bur. at Wickenby 
of Wickenby; mar. there 13 17 Aprd lG7tt. 
June 1G82. " \ 

Elizabeth, bapt. at Wiclienby 8 Sept. 1GS3. 

[:\rS. C. 23, Heralds' College. Karl. MS. inlO.] 

AValter Xorton of Winthorpe and Sibsey, purchased^ 
land of Thoma-s Caandish 2 March 1585-G. 


Henry Norton of Chcdiston, co. Snflblk, son find heir l.o85-G.=p 

Sir Walter Xorton, Knt., of Sib-v-Marv, dau. of Edward, 0th Lord Stourton ; died 
1631- lli^di Sheriff of CO. Lincoln I in childbed; bur. in St. (Jiles-in-the-l lelds, 
Kjor, ' = - j,\ London, 24 ^Fay 1G38. 





Sir Eel ward Norton,* Ktit., of 8t. Dnustriii's-in- Iknry Xortoii, Frances, :vt. 1, 

tlic-AVest, London, and .Sibscy, son and liclr, ict. liiul son. ]GoJ. 
G, 1C.;M. Will dated 21 Xov". IGf.'j (?) -, adin\pn — — 

'I Jnnc ]G7;J to Ooor;j:o lliimc of Sr. JH-lolj-h's, riTargaret. T^rary, aH. 1, 

Aldj::atc, clothwurker/ " lG-3i. 

[:.IS. C. 28, Heralds' Culicgc.] 

Eobcrfc Norwood of Midd1esox.:=p 
^ I 


Thomas Xorwood=pEllen, d;'.u. of Thomas . 

Joirn Xorwood,=pAnne, dau. of Sir Thomas Tyiingham, 

Gth son. 

Knt., of Tyringliam, co. Berks. 

Thomas Tyringham Nor-=f=Anne, dau. of Sir Tleary Edward or Edmund Nor- 

Nor- woodof Wiokham, Butler, Knt., of Brant- wood of Coginham, co. 

wood. CO. Lincoln, died field, co. Herts ; liur. at Northampton, living 30 

16 Sept. 1G21. ; \yickham 21 Aug. 1G3:';. Dec. 1G13. 

Anthony Norwood. Nicholas Norwood of Wickham, 3rd son, and of Fric-ton, 
— CO. Lincoln ; indicted for high treason at Grantham 

Henry Norwood. 1613. 

I I I 

Charles^Bridget, dau. of=Matthias=Piev. Wal- Grizell, living 1613. 
Nor- Christopher Brown of ter Slyc 

wood, Randcs of Bur- Horb- of Dos- 

a!t. 30, ton-by-Lincoln ; ling ; 
1-313. mar. at ]jurton mar. 22 
1 5th us- K) Aug. 1616 ; Jan. 
band. bur. Fg Aug. 1G55-6; 
16.b2. 2nd hus- 


3rd lius- 

Anne, mai-. at Spalding, 5 Sejit. 
IGoD, Lev. Bobert Puun ; bur, 
26 April 16S1. 

Frances, mar. John Harring- 
ton ; bur. at Wickham 27 Hec. 

* Daniel Noilon of Lou. Ion,, and Henj.iiniii Norton of llulborn. Lomloii, saddler, 
were named cx'ois in Sir Edward's will, but rcnoiincc<l. 

f . [ , ■ r 1 ; _ ; • <■ 

\ ,1 

7^)0 iixcoLNsiiiin: i'hDiGJiP';i:s. 

^otttiuiijam of Oxh)K 

Ma'-o-arct ThoriH-=N:UlKi;i!cl Xottiimhnin ..f Or-— I^f^1'<^^,'^='"- tjf I'^^'p'' Townon.w 
ofOrhv iiKir lie. l.v. (lout. ; bur. i!v iv 17 ! i.e. uf Ahliby-by-llunicastlo ; bapt. 
•>Jnlv"l';,'i') isL l-;-".'. Will cbittd 24 Av,j. iit Ashl)y I .Vpnl UjSO ; livm.j 
wife ' 1C.-20 ; luuvoJ 22 Oci. 102.". l.-;2l) ; cx'irix. 2nd wife. 

Xallianiel Ricbard Xut- Isaac Not- Piichard Xottingham,=:^ral•y, dan. 

Nottin'^ham, tinirhaiu, tingham, 2ijd son, bapt. at Or- of....; 

1st son. un- bapt. 7 Oct., bapt. S Feb. by 5 March l(;i'.i-20; bur at^Or- 

dcra^'ol029. bur. 8 Dec. 1017-18 at under age 102'.); I>y 1 Aov. 

Adm""on 27 10l2atOrby. Orby (c\Yin adm'or to his brother 1007. 

Oct. 1001. with Anne). lOOi. 

Isaac Xottiu- Su!;anna,lst dan. Anne, 3rd dan., Susanna Te.ster,bap ^,tO^- 
h.,mbapt7" — bapt. at Orby 8 {^ic), Uh byDMar.l01'V20; 
bur ' 17 Feb. Ro>e, 2nd dau. Fob. 1017-18. dan. bur. there 30 May 

J ;.;o 4 .^t -^-^ — " ^^-^ (^^"^ ^'^'' 

'""' ' All under ac;e 1029. Richard). 


Adni'on of Roixer Xottin,Q;hani of Lincoln M Jan. Iblb-C. 
Will proved of'^Thomas Xottiugham 10 Jan. 1000-1. 

[I coDstructe.l the above pedigree from wills at Lincoln.— A. 11. M.] 

iBv^lt of piudjlitclu 

TMS. 0. 23, Heralds' Collecre. Pedigree compiled by Everard Green, 
F.S.A., Rouge Dragon.] 

Akms.— ylrycy//, a fc^se guUs hetwicn threr, crescents jessant Jlturs-ik-lls of the 


Sir Robert Ogle, Knt.=f= 

Riclard Ogle of=^Mary, dau. of John iM^xwil- A ^-^--^^?^^ "^"^ 

Pinchbeck; liv- I ban. of Milton, co. North- n g^ Itt^^^A Ma ! 

in" 1504. ampton; widow of Thomas L.oo-b, p^o^ea _J mm. 

Waddinu-ton. 1^30. 

Richard Ogl-^ d,cd 25 Xov. 1555; bur. injBcatri., dau of John Klizabeth ma, 
Pinchb'.ck Church. Will dated 8 Sept. Cooke of Gidea Hal , .... ^xijtau 
S); proved (C.P.C.) 2 Dec. 155G. co.F-o.x; ex'tr..x 1550. of Whaplude. 

:;iO ki 

,! '>A. 

LINCOLN S mil K V Kl) K ; U KKS. 

A I 

TlioiijasOL^lccr l^inch-=pJaiu\ diin. of XiiOicilas Oglo of Jio-^Aiiiic, dan. ainlcd- 
beck, biiv. ilitTc I ]\Iay Adianl \\\]- liii-Lvvike/Jiidson; l>iir. licii- of .lulm I'^i-c- 
L"»7-l-. Will dated -Jo 1 lyoj" CI oil ncv; there ('. Seji:. l."if<L>. man of lla;iiial>y 
]\lay L"i7:^ ; iHMVid di'.'d 'J Sept. ^Vill daied 1, pruved andofC'iliii-'i- luiw, 
(C.i'.C.) 1 duly 1J74. 157 J. ((.'.P.O.) -'0 Sept. \:>:^:i. co. Essex. 

Alice, dau. of licv. Rohert=f Aiithniiy 0,u:le of=pAniic Papc, (Minton Ofrlc, 
Doiiiiliiy, Viear of Louth; ' l\ediliii.ircoii, Inir. i mar. at li\ iiiii; ] OtH't. 

hapt. liiere ] ;) .Tan. L'lSi -2; i here 1 <» All!J:.l(;(U;. 
mar. there lb Oct. lO'JG. Will }/roVed -1 Dec. 
Itvt wife. : IGui!. 

Loiith 8 

Aii>r. ].");)8. llasiiiifrsOgle, 

2iul wife. liviiiLc 1582. 

Dorothy, heir of her 
maternal grandfather ; 
bapt. at Louth 5 ]\Iarch 

Jane, ba])t. 
at TiOnth 
150'.); dead 

Anne, living 

^lary, living 


Audrey, ba])t. at Kcd- 
dington 21 April 

Frances, living IGOG. 

Thou-ias = E]i7.abeth, dan. of Leonard Ogle, riichard Frances, Elizabeth, 

Ogle. Knight; mar. bur. at P)oliiig- Ogle, living living 

at Spalding 28 broke 1 1 March living 1582. 1582. 

April 1G03. 158'J-'JU. 1582. 

Sir Iiichard Ogle,Knt.,of Pinchbecl:,knighted:^l^orothy, dau. of Thomas Ogle, 

23 April ] Gu;! ; High Sheriff of co. Lincoln | Ilobert A^hfield 2nd son. (See 

IGOS; died insolvent in the Fleet Prison. | of Stowlangtoft, Pi:r)im;Ei: H., 

Adm'on 20 Nov. 1G27. co. Suffolk. ]). 733.) 






Thomas Ogle of=f=Aiine, dau. Frances, Jane, bapt. at Pinchbeck 

Pinchbeck and of Sir John bapt. at 23 T^Iay 1590 ; mar. .LJin 

of "Wickens in Reade, Pinchbeck Jolmson of Ayscoughfee 

Bardwell,co.Suf- Knt., of 2G Sept. ILdl, Spalding, 

folk. Will dated Wrangle; 15:)-l;mar. — 

10 June 1059; ex'trix Dears- Anne, bapt. at Pinchbeck 

proved (C.P.C.) IGCO. ley of co. 22 Jan. 1597-8; mar. Sir 

14 July IGGO. Essex. John Hales, Knt. 

As' field Sirl'homa3 0gle,Knt.,of Pincli-^Anne, dan. of Sir Anthony Hasle- 

e, beck, ^Fajor of the King's ; wood, Knt., of ]\hiidwell, co. 

1 ing Holland Picgiment; knighted 15 Northampton; widow of Sir Wil- 
](;;'>!; Jiilv IGi'.iJ; cx'or to liis wife liam Kingsmill, Knt. Will jn-oved 
dead in IGGl. Adm'on G Mar. 1G70-71. (C.P.C.) 12 July 1001; adm'on 
1059. , 8 Aug. 1G7L 

Dorothy, a minor March 107<i-7], unmar. Will 
dated 8 Aug., prnvd (O.P.C.) 12 S.-pt. 1G92. 



I I 

I I! • ' I ■ , 



.Ic.lii! Od'' , Fii'iicc^.dn!!. -Nramla- Anne, }*Iai(l ot'-Cravoii TIuwavdofKovcs- 

of Sjal.l- 
son ; liv- 

(if ^^ii:!i<ila!^ K'ni>, 
J^viiiutuii of livin<( 

mar. there 20 dead 

Aim. lO-i-t. 



lldiKtiir ti> ]va- l)y Alibey, sun t'l' linn, 

tliarine, wife of Williaui Uoward, Itli .son 

Charlrs 11. ; of 'I'liuma?, 1st Earl of 

mar. in West- Ijeil^siiire ; died 7 June 

HwL.:Ler A^'r/y IT^'O ; I-ir. i^; riturd 

29 July 1073.* Cliureh, co. Statrord. 

Elizalieth, l-npt. at Spaldinc^ 2-1- March lClC-7; bur. there Anne, died 

1 Jan. lul7-8. ^ nnniar. 

Dorothy, dan. of^Adlard Oi^le of Ged-=7=Mary, dan. of— Anne, dan. of .^. . . 
Willian"i llunston ncy, 3rd son, liapc. • . . . . ; bar. at PLose; mar. at Ced- 

>f Boston ; mar. at at'Pinchbeck G Sept. Gcdney 4 Oct. ney 30 Oct. IGIO ; 

Mnchbeck 23 So))r. ir.G2; bur. at Ged- IGOl. 2nd bnr. there S Feb. 


Pinch hecU 23 >e} 

1500. 1st wife 

iiev 9 Jan. IGU-lo. wife. 

IGlo-ll. 3rd wife. 

Thomas=f=Dorothy, dan. l>ridgeU 

Ogle,bapt. ! of . . .'. V>on- bapt. at 

at Spald- ; nail ; bnr. at Gcdney 

ing23l)ee. I ]\ronltou G 1 July 

1593. I April 1626. 1506. 

William Ogle, bapt. at 
Gcdney 30^Sept. IGOi. 

lilary, bajit. at Gcdney 
17 Xov. 1602. 

bapt. at 
Gcdney 3 
Xov. 1610 

Thomas=f=:\Iary, dau. Constance, bur. at Moulion France?, bajit. atWhaplodc [ 
O'de. of ... . 24 Xov. 1617. H J^"- 1618-19. j 

Thomas Ogle, bapt. at Pinch- Anne, bapt. at Pinch- Elizabeth, bapt. at Pinch- !/ 
beck 5 Xov. 1663. beck 3<J April 1 655. beck 21 Aug. 1G6G. jj 


Ptobert Oo-le, 4 th sun, bapt. at^^Jane, dau. of ... . Loughton (called "Jane j 
Pinchbeck 1 April 156G; bur. Loaves'^ in parish register); mar. at Pinchbeck 
there 27 July 1627. 2 May 1602 ; bur. there 18 Xov. 1G37. 

Thomas Ogle, baj^t. at Pinchbeck 27 ^^larch 1603; bur.=rElizabeth, dau. of 
there 20 Aug. 1638. I . . . . 

A B^ui, died infant ; b'ur. Thomas O^le, bapt. 6 Aug., Elizabeth, bapt. at 
at Pinc'.ibeck 24 April bur. 11 Oct. 1 638 at Pinch- I'inchl^cck ;;1 .Ian. 
1G3G. beck. . 1636-7. i 

Sir John Ogle, Knt., 5tii .son, bapt. at Pinch-=rKlizabeth. dau. of Henry Ogle, 

beck 25 Feb. 15G8-9; kni^^hted 10 Dec. Cornelius deVries 6ih-.n,baiit. 

1G03; bur. in "Westminster Abbey 17 :\rarch of Dordrecht in at Pinchbeck 

1639-40. Will dated G Dec. 1628; proved Holland; ex'trix 28 May 1570. 
(C.P.C.) 15 July 1640. D 1610. C 

.;..-.) r 

.1 : ,■■.[-!' !.■■■■; ;[ 


: '('.•■■ a (.Vt/») 

LiNCOLXsirnn: rrinciiiKES. 


Sii- .IpIiu (^ul'-, Kr.i., of PinclilnH-k, Sii- Timnui^; OL;lo,=f=Soiicc. (1;ni. of 
kui^'htcd a( (jNl'trd J lVi». lC.J.:)-t; ; (lird Kiu., of C;iicl<r;i .K'hn Wi)atlo)i 
niiiiiar.; lv,; St. Jclin llajnisf.^ Cl:a]xl, Hospital, ■Jiul son; of Xowiuk-on- 
'Wesfininsi'.r Abb'.'V. i'('. ^^al■c•h I'-tlo. dii.;] at ClK'l:?ca TiontpiVar. lie. 
Adni'on (<. I'is brollirv TJ)onias Oelc 8 1702. i 2 Dec. 1GC8. 
A[)iii iuOJ. i 


Thomas 0-le, 1C90. 

dau. Julius Livina, mar. ll=f^Sir John ^ilanwood, Knt., 

Chief Jnstiee of Common 
Pleas ; died 1032. 

Cornelius =:. 

Ogle, ord and heir of O-ale, Dec. 1(;27; ditd 

son. Saun- -Ith 1'.) Feb. KM 1-2, 

ders. son. Ki. 00. /, 


Vtricia or Eutrefia,mar. 
Sir AVilliam Swan of 
Southfleet, co. Kent. 

Henerica,mar. 1st Cap- 
rain Bridiros, 2ndl}' 
Caj)tain Xoble. 

Trajectiun, living 1C2S. Sophia. 

Susanna, mar. Ous- 
lou" Gardiner. 

Dorothy, mar. AA'il- 
liam Kin £!■■•: mill. 

Leonard Pnrey of Kirton~Beatrice, bapt.=William "Walcott of Mary, bapt. 

in Holland; mar. at Pinch- 
beck 28 Xov. 1587. 1st 
husband. A 

at Ocdiicy 11 AValcoti; mar. at Kir- at Pineh- 
JuncloGU. ton 23 July ICll. beck 19 

2nd husbajul. 

Dec. 15G3. 

Ptobert = 
Lacy of 
Ist hus- 

^Cassandra, baiit. 
at Pinelib-ck 7 
Jan. 15fii-5 ; 
bur. at Wash- 
ingborouc'h 25 
Dec. 1G32. 

:Sir Francis Beau- Helen, 
mont, Knt., of bapt. at 
"Washingborough ; Pinch- 
bur, there ] 1 Am,', beck 
1G25. 2iid hus- 21 Sept. 
band. 15G7. 

Jane. bapt. at Pinchbeck 
8 Apa'il 1571 ; mar. 
there, 31 March 1C05, 
Anthony Doughty of 
Boston ; bur. at Pinch- 
beck 5 July lGt2. 

Pedigree ^. (See p. 731.) 

Anne, dan. of William Bryan of Boling-=f=Thomas Ogle of Pinch-^Frances, dau 

broke ; widow of Kcv. Robert Bendish, 
B.D. ; bur. at Pinchbeck 2G Jan. 15D7-8 
Isfc wife. 

beck, 2nd son, Ijur. there of . . . . lilack- 

20JunelG18. Willdated i bourn of Lin- 

25 June, proved (C.P.C.) coin. 2ud 

17 Aug. 1G18. wife. 

Thomas Valentine Oglc^pBridget, 

Ogle, of Pinchljeck, dau. of 

dead bapt. there 12 

before March 1 GOO- 1; 

20 June bur. there 2s 

1G18. Feb. 1GG1I-7U. 

of .^alt- 
n-etby ; 

John Ogle, bapt. 
at Pinclibcck 21 
Jan.lG07-8 : bur. 
there HOct.lGOS. 

John O'_'lo, l)apt. 
at l^iiicidieck 21 
Dec. lOuD. 


^Margaret, bapt. at 
Gedney 1 Jan. 1G03-4; 
dead in 1C18. 

BridL'et, Ccd- 
ney 9 ^far. ICO I -5; 
liur. ihcie 15 ,M;iy 

Z Z 

1 .-. 

■/ ,,:. iT 

.(I .Ju7 



1 1 

Thoinns Ol'Io. 1st 

1 1 

■\Villiaiii 0<,'lc,r)th POii,bapt.rif Pinch- 


lutin. at Piiiclilicck 

beck 'J July, I'lir. 22 Sept. l(l;;(;. 

bcek 4 Aug. IOlm;. 

2 IVc. ir.;u. 

Tiobcrt Oglo. C.[h fnn, bapt. at Pincli- 

I^iclianl 0'/lo/2n(l 

F.rvp.nOL'l'.-. llliR..n, 

bcck2 Dec. 1G37.; l>ur.n.)an. lUoV'-R. 

soii,ba)) I'iiK'h- 

i»a]u.. ill iiiicliljei.k 

beok '25 Nov. 

5oNov. IGoo; bur. 

France?, l)apt. at Pinchbeck 20 Mar. 


there 25 :M:-iy lOll. 

1G27-8 ; bur. there 7 ^lay Kill. 

Dorothy, b;i]»t. at 
Pinchbeck 20 Fe1>. 
lG(>5-n; mar. there, 
]0 ^vlav 162.5. :\rat- 

Francc=5,=r^'''^'- Chri?to- 
mar. at i jther 11 um- 
phi'ey, Vicar 

2-1 June 
theie 17 
July IG 57, 

of Pinchbeck; 
bur. there 4 
May 1G52. 

Anne, niar.=pLeonard Browne 
at ]^inch- , of Pinchbeck, 

brotlier of IJrid- 
get, wife of Val- 
cutiuc OkIc. 

beck 5 Oct, 
1G18; bur. 
tliere 16 
Nov. 1G57. 



Jane, mar. at^f^DymokeAVal- 

Dec. 1G08; 
tliere i 


pole of Pinch- 
beck, bar. at 
Spalding 23 
Au- 1G42. 


Cassandra, bapt. at Pincli- Rachc], bapt. at Pinch- 
beck t XoT. 1503; bur. beck 25 April 150G; 
there 2S July 150G. bur. there 28 Mar. 1 003. 

I'rauce-?, bapt. at Pinclj- Aune, bayit. at Pinch- 
beck G Oct. 1591. beck .i Jan. 1507-8. 


Pilchard Ogle, bapt. at Pinch- 
beck G Jan. 1588-9 ; dead iu 

Thomas Ogle, bai)t. at Pinch- 
beck 1 ^larch 1580-90 ; bur. 
there 7 Oct. 1500. 

Robert Ogle, bapt. at Pinch- John Ogle,bapt. 

beck 4 April, bur. 15 June same day as 

1501. Anthony ; bur. 

— at Pinchbeck 10,' 

Antliony Ogle, bapt. at Pinch- March 1501-5. 
beck 10 Sc-pt. 1502 ; dead in 

Alcthca, dan. of Roger— Thomas Ogle of Pinclil)Cek,=f!Millicent, dan. of Sir Tho- 
Sniith of Edmondthorpe, j 1st son, ex'or to his father j masTemple,Knt.,of Stowe, 

1018 ; bur. at Pinclibeck 8 

June 1G5G. Will dated 10 

April, proved (C.P.C.) 30 

June lG5i». 

CO. Leicester ; bur. at 
Pinch l.ieck 15 July 1G27. 
1st wife. 

CO. Bucks; fcx'trix 1G5C ; 
liur. at Pinchbeck 10 ^lav. 
1G70-71. 2nd wife. 

Edward Ogle, 
bapt. 7 July, 
bur. at Pinch- 
beck C Aug. 

Anne,bapt. at Pinch- 
beck 1 April 1G24. 
Will dated 11 Feb. 
1GG2-3 ; proved 17 
March 1CG2-3. 

Thomas Ogle, 1st Temple Ogle, 2nd 
son, ba{) Pinch- eon, bapt. at Pinch- 
beck 17April 1G30; beck 3 Dec. 1010; 
living ICO 1-2. bur. there 2 Feb. 

lGll-2. D 

I (. 




Temijlo Ogk', :jrd=f-'-^iiie. Ch:ulos OgK;, 

Boii,l)apt. at Pinch- , tlan.uf -ll.h Ki.m.bapt. 

lieck27Se|it. KMG; j . . . . ;U Pinchbeck 

Vicar of TalhwcU 7 Nov. lG-17; 

1C81. bur. Ihevc l'5 

' Oct. 1C!9. 

Chaile?.OgIeof St. ^rartin-; 
in-tlic-FicKls, c.i. Miildlc- 
sc\', bapt. at Pinchbeck 
~3 April li'.jO. Adni'on 
granted to his brother 
Tar.plo Or^le 17 Nov. 1G80. 

dun. of 

Tompk- Ogle, Ixipr. at Talh's\-oll 5 Aug. 1008. 

llcs-tcr, mar. lie v. 
Rector of Fleet ; 
bur. at Fleet 2r, 
Feb. IG 70-71. 

}irillicent, bapt. at Pinchbeck 
12 April 1G32 ; bur. the)\- 2 
June IGGl'. 

Rachel, bapt. 
13 Aug. 1G37. 

at Pinchbeck 

Roatrico, ba[)t. at Pinchbeck 
2 May 1G12 ; died unniar, in 
St. Gi!c.s-in-the-Fields, co. 
^Middlesex. Adni'on granted 
to her brother Thomas Ogle 
24 Jan. 1G91-2. 

[]\IS, D. 23, Heralds' College. Saundcrsou r\ISS.] 
Authony Oldfield of Metheringham, 1 57-l.=p 

Robert Oldfield of Dorrington=p]!iIargarct, dau. of ... . Bowatcr of 
and London. Coventry, co. "Warwick. 

Anthony Oldfield of Dorrington,=pElizabeth, dan. of Richard Brig- John Oldfield, 

died 30 Sept, 1GG3 ; bur. at 

ham of Coven t Garden, London ; 2nd son, s.p. 
died 16 Jan. 16GG-7. 

1 I I . . I , 

Mary, coheir, Elizabeth, coheir, mar. Lucy, coheir, died ^[argarct, colieir, mar. 

mar. John James (iroundman of nnmar. 31 Oct. Samuel Anderson of 

Lowe of Den- ^Middle Temple, Lon- 1715; bur. at Lincoln's Inn; died 

by, CO. Derby, don. Dorrington. 25 Oct. 1G91. 

©IXiftcro of ^paltiincj. 

[:^LS. 0. 23, Heralds' College.] 
Ar:*[:<. — Or, on a pile vert three garbs ofthejlchl. 

John Oldfield of co. York, temp. Edward YL^Alice, dau. of Rogers of P.ingley, 

1 CO. York. 

Anthony Oldfi' Id of Spaldina', attorney, born at=r^Largaret, dau. of Richard Reade 

Ringlcy, co. York ; purciiased the Rectory of 
Spacing; bur. there 2G Xov. IGoO. Will 
proved (C.P.C.) G Feb. 1G35-G. a 

of I'inchbeck; inar. there 17 .June 
15()G ; bur. there 12 Xov. 1G57. 



7 30 


^ifarv, liapt. at Si'aldina: JanK? 'rrol-=Alieo. l';ij>t.-7^Sir SiuKm Jaiio, haitt. 

I'U Kt.1). ir. 1 1-1 L' ; mar, l(ij><,-vrT!iiirl- at SjuiKliug Hfjiua-, Iviit., atSpalcliir^f 

IsL ]ia!-nalKi> IIHUkcIic ])y, Ijur. tin re I'O .June 'of j)rrliy; 7 Dec. 
of FilloiiL'-k y. c^-. War- l"l .lunelGl'J. 1014; mar. I mar. at' 
wick, •Juiilv .Sir Arthur 1st liu;^baiKl. tliere o i Tlmrlby 7 

c'a,...-;., kU., v,r :Ne\v- ;;-pi. iiu>2. ; Jtce. ]'g:.::. 

land, CO. Warwick. ! 2iicl busbaud. 

Margaret, mar. Sir John Oldiield, 

ir.l7; bur. 
there 15 
:nay lOlS. 

rtobert==:^rargaret,=Sir Christo])]ier Clapliam, Elizabetli,=Gcorge Far- 

^loyle of bapi. at Kiit., of lij-amsiey, co. bapt. at merofSeele, 

Hammer- Rpaldiiig Yurie; High Sheriii'of co. Spalding 1.3 co. Leice:>- 

smith, CO. lo April Lincoln 1082; bur. at St. June Idol); ter; bur. 11 

Middlesex. 1GU7. Mary's, Stamford, IG Aug. mar.there2G Dec. 1G7U. 

Isthusband. 16S8. 2nd husband. Aug. 1G20. 

]\Iatthew Old- 
field, ba])t. a.t 
Spalding 1 8 
July 1GU2; bur. 
there 1 I\lay 
162G, s.p. 

Anthony Old- 
field, bapt. at 
Spalding 7 
June 1G05 ; 
bur, there 18 
Feb. 1G05-C. 

Anthony Oldfield of Pinch- 
l)eck, bapt. at Spalding 9 
3[ay' IGIG. AVill dated 
31 :\Iay, provrd (C.P.C.) 
23 June ICGO. 

:p Alice, dan. of John 
; Wingfield of Tick- 
, encotc, CO. Rutland; 
, ujar. there 2 Deo. 
j IGil; died at Pinch- 
beck 10 Xov. IGGJ. 

Picv. Anthony 01d-=pElizabeth, dan. of James 
field, Hector of Tai;'ge, citizen of London, 
Croyland; Yicar of by Margaret, dau. of Ralph 
Pinclibeck 28 July Crewe, citizen of London; 
IGCtO. "Will dated livin(r'lG08. 

31 Jan. 1697-8 ;'j ^ 

proved 15 May , | 

1G08. j John Oldfield, bapt.atPinch- 

; beck 11 Feb. 1G77-S. 

John=pElizabeth, dau. of. 

field of 

Payne of Ilough-on- 
the- Hill ; bur. at 
Pinchbeck 19 Feb. 

Elizabeth, bur. at Pinch- 
beck 2G Jnne 1C79. 

Joii n Oldfield, born at^Mary, dau . 

UDuigton 23 ^larch 
1G81-5; bapt. G April 


Anthony Oldfield. 

Anne, dau, = Antliony 01d- = . . . . dan. of 
of Thomas field, bapr. at Very Itev. 

Shadwell, Tinwell, co Hes- 

Poct Lau- Rutland, 11 kcth. Dean 
reate. 1st Feb. 1089-90; of Windsor, 
wife. s.p. 2nd wife. 

Alice, born at Pinch- 
1C77-8 ; mar. Rich- 
ard Pygrave, Master 
of the Compter. 

Mai-gari;t, born at 
Spalding 2G Sepc, 
bapt. 10 Oct. 1079. 

Eliz;'belh, born at 
Spalding IG ]\[arch 
lGSu-81; bapt. 8 April 
1081 ; mar. John Cade 
of Fleet, grazier. 

]\Iary, born at Ufllng- 
ton 1, ba[it. 2'J Sept, 
1082 ; bur. there 24 
June 170 J. 

Isabella, born 
at U in ng ton 30 
Aug,, bapt, 19 
Sep^t. 1C83 ; 
mar. at Quad- 
ring. 4 Auo". 
171S, John" 
Wolmer of 

Katharine, bapt. 
at Tinwell, co. 
1G87; St. 
Lawrence Jewry, 
London, 14 IKc, 
1710, Hon. JM- 
ward Moles- 
wort ii. 



Julm OldiirM, Jo!m OMfirld, J.ajiL ;a=r^Iary, dan. of John IJicliara OKHi-dd, 

bap!. at Pinch- .riiichhcck 22 UlT. 1598; Hlythc of Stroxtun ; Ijaiit. ;!t Tineh- 

beck 17 Xov. signed jiedi^M'oc at the j bapt. at (Jra'.itliaiu IjcoI; 27 May 

ir/J7 ; bur. Visitation of U;;jl ; bur. i 25 Marcli ICOO ; IGOl; bur. at 

tlicrc 19 Feb. at SniMinir 21 Nov. It'oO. ' b\ir. at Sj.aldinjt 2 Spaldin'j 2 t'^upt. 

la'.»7-S. Ada'ron i Nov. 1001. j bcpt:. 10o8. 10Vi». 

?>rary, bn}tt. at l^lizabeth, ba]it. at Spalding Alice, bapt. Anne, bapt. at 

"Whaplodc 15 
Nov. 1G27 ; 
mar. John 
Jobson of 
Tiondon, at- 

10 June ICr.O ; bur. there at Sjialding 

10 June IGo-i. 10 Nov. 

— 1034 ; mar. 

I\ria\iraret, bajit, at Spalding William 

15 June lOij] ; bur. tliere Savilo of 

26 Oc't. 1C3G. Newton. 

Spalding 10 Oct. 
1037 ; mar. there, 
31 Jan. 1002-3, 
Samuel Cu?t of 
Fulncy Hull in 

I I i 

Robert Oldfield of Spald- "William Oldfield ofn=Anne, widow Elizabeth, bapt. 

ing, bapt. thei'e 2 June Saxlingham,eo.Xor- i of .... 11 Mar. 1021-5; 

103G. Will dated 27 June folk; bapt. at Spald- Ward of bur. at Spald- 

1005; proved (C.P.C.) ing 22 :\Iay 1039. Saxliugham. ing C June 

July 1007. ' 1025. 

Captain William Oldfield of Sax- 
linghara, living 1722. 

!^^atilda or Magdalene, mar. . . . Elizabeth, 
Sare of co. Norfolk. unmar. 

. . . . dau.=j=Anthony Oldfield, attorney. l:ia])t.=pElizal'eth, dan. of Sir Edward Gres- 
of . . . . at Spalding 27 July 1G2C; created ham, Knt., of Tit.sey, co. Surrey; 
Parke of a baronet 6 Aug. 1000; Hidi : bapt. at Bctchworth, co. Surrey. 15 
Fleet. SherifTof CO. Lincoln 1001 ; bur. i July 1020; mar. at St. Bride's, 

1st wife, at Spalding 5 Sept. 1608. AVill \ Fleet Street, London, 11) June 1058; 
proved (C.P.C.) Oct. 1008. j died 22 Jan. 1082-3. 2nd wife. 

John Oldfield. 

Anthony Old- 




Sir John Old-^ 
field, Bart., 
born 29 Oct., 
bapt. 3 Nov. 
1059 at St. 
Fields, CO. 
Middlesex ; 
biu'. at S))ald- 
ing 2 Sept. 

f=]\rargaret, dan. 
; of Sir Simon 
i Degge, Knt., of 
; Derby, 1 A- Alice, 
I dau. of Antho- 
I ny Oldfield of 
I Spalding; bajit. 
i at St. Petei-'s, 
I Derby, 4 .May 
I 1058 ; died 3 
i ilarcli 1737-8. 

Anthony Old- 
field, bur. at 
Spalding 19 
:\Iay 1003. 

Edward Old- 
field, bapt. at 
Spalding 12 
July IGOG ; 
bur. there 30 
June 1007. 

Anthony Old- 
field, bapt. at 
Spalding 18 
April fcG8 ; 
bur. there 2 
Sept. 1093. 
Will dated .30 
Aug., proved 
(C.P.C.) 7 Dec. 

Anthony Oldfield, ^Fargaret, coheir, bapt. at Spalding=Beaui)re Bell (jf Beau- 
l)apt. 2l' July, bur. 19 ])ec. 1081 ; mar. there 1 April jne Hall in (')utwell ; 
9 Oct. 1084' 1703 ; bur. at Outwell, CO. Norfolk, luir. at OuLwell 13 

20 Oct. 1720. April 1737. B 




Alio.'', colk'ir, l'a]>t. ;:t~r Ivlward llursc- Klizal'ctli, colieir, lta])t. at SjialdiiiLT 10 

S|ial(liii<: iL' .l;i;t. man of Stict- Jiiii!.' KlSi',; mar. John WiiiLrtH'Ul of 'J'ick- 

Jd^^i'-o; mar. 1 ',) A li::. tuii,co. Kin hiiul; cnouLc (.'<i:e lUu'ke's " Latulfd (ientry''): 

IT'i"; (li(.d 1:.' .hiiv di' d 18 Nov. bur. aL Tkkcncolo, co. llutlaud, 7 March 

17.1:>. ' 1 1720, ;y[. -M. 17G0. 

]\lari,^iret, born 12 Dukiliella, born Alico, born IG Sept., Anne, bovn 22 Sept., 

July, bapt. 10 Ant,'. 24, bai>i. 2',) bapt. o Oct. 1710; bajif. I'l Got. KIT) ; 

170*8; mar., ol Jan. Oct. 1700; mar., died 27 Jan. 1772, died r. 1770. 

172y-oO, Edward 22 March 17.")G, nnmar. — 

Smith of Edmond- Dr. Bedford, — Jane.born 24]\larr]i, 

Ihorpe, CO. Leiccs- Pliysiciaii ol' Anne, born 28 June, ba])t.21 .\prill717. 

tor; died oU }Jarch Durham. bapt. 7 Jidv, died 

1780. 11 July 1712. 

James Oldneld* of Spaldinir, Gent. "Will dated=Frances, dan. of 

12 Nov. 1G'J8 ; proved 2b Jau. 1G98-'J. 

...; livinuloOS. 

John Oldfield, ex'or 1698. Elizabeth, legatee lG98=f=Thoma3 rslills. 

- ... - ■ I ■ 

Frances, legatee lGi)8. 

©vm^I)^) oi flovti) (or 0mx) Gnmh}), 

^3artury, ana Sloutlj. / 

• . [Ilarl. MSS. 1187, 1550. :^rs. C. 23, Heralds' College.] [ 

Amis. — Gi'.ks, a lend heiwccn sic crosscs-crosslct fdchu or. 

[There are pedigrees of thi.s family in the Visitations of 15G2 and 1502, priiito>.l 
and edited by W. C. ]\retealfe, and a voluminon.^- one has been printed in "Mi^. 
Gen. et Her.'," Second Serie.^, vol. ii., pp. 173 — 170. These are all mf>re or le-'- 
nn.=atisfactf>ry, and diller consid'-rably. I have tried to give one tolerably antlient 
from ilr. Larken's collections, .supplemented l)y liiiicoln v.-ills. — A. Ii. ^I.] ] 

Thomas Ormsbv— Margaret, dan. of John (or Gost- Richard (or Roger)=r- • • • tlau. 

of North Ormsbv, 


lin) iJarde of North KeKxy. Ormsby, 2nd Son. 


* I caiHiot attnch liim to the pcai'.'rec. but he evidently be'.oagcd to it. Tusiibly he wr.^ a 
eon of Anthony Oldfield, who died in lo'iy. 

J) ' 


'.r, - ,1... V>/,, 

LiNCOi.NSiinir: pri)iGiu:KS. 


Cswiild Onnslty of Xorfli—^Mrirtraivt. dan. of ... . Yar- 
Onnsliv. ' ltor<int;h of Yiultoiv.n^^li. 

Tlv>M-|!is Ovmsl.v f.r \nriii^;=Arnn-, dan. of Thoma.^ Bleas- 
Uniisoy. i i->y <->i ijieabijy, 

John Orn!>l>y of Xortli Ormshf=f Joan, dan. of John 

I BfirncsLon. 

iJki.arJ Orrn«1iy.— 

Eolicrt Onnshv.t:; 

"William Oruisbv. 

Anna.=.\vthur Orm.^-^Idonia, John = 


dan. of Viy of Xorth 
.... Ormsby. 

dan. of Ormsbv. 





Mp . . . 

Arthur Ormsby of=r. . . . dau. John Ormsby of=^Anne, dau. of Thomas 

North Ormsby. 

of . .. 



Arthur Ormshv of Xorth=pDorothy, dan. of Robert 

(,)i-msby. AVill dated JO 
April, prowd D ]\lay 15-11. 

Hamby of I'rocklcsby. 
Will dated 3, proved 17 
May 1511. 

John=f=Ro.?c, dau. 
Ormsby and heir of 
of Louth. William 

: "Woodford. 

William=:Alieo. dau. 

Ormsljy of of .... ; 

Louth, 1st bur. at 

son ; biu", Louth 30 

there 27 July 15SU. 
July 1581, 

Ormsby of I dau. of 
Louth, 2nd | . . . . 
son,''I)oro- \ Smyrh of 
phorus " to ! the Ex- 
Qiiocn Eli- chequer. 

Thomas Ormsby, 3rd 
sou ; killed at Leith, 

John Ormsby, 4th son; 
killed at Xewliaven 

Ileury Ormsby of Robert L'rsula. ]\rary. Frances. Ellen. Eleanor. 
Louth, 1st son 1580. Ormsby. 
__ j I j 

Thomas JuhnOrmsbyof XorLh=j=Dorothy, dan. of Ro- Arthur Agues, mar. 

Ormsby, Orm-by, 2ud son. , bert Hustlr.vaite of Ormsby, (leorLreWym- 

let soil, Will proved 10 June Thorntoa-un-llum- 3rd son bishofBrink- 

B.p. 15C2. ber. 1541. hill. 

Robert Ormsby of XorLh^^^Iargaret, dan. of Thomas South, messenger to 


Queen Elizabeth 

HenryOrmsby of XorLh Edward Ormsby, ex'or William Ormsby of Xorth j,s.p. 'Xnncupa- to his brother' Henry Ormsby. Adn^'on (o his bro- 

tivo Avi'il dated 26 Sept., 1G12; adm'ortu his h:o- thor Ivl ward Ormsby of Xorth ' 

proved 13 Oct. 1C12. ther William 10] 7-18. Ormsby 2 March 1017-1^'. C 

,1 » '(••-'■■;/ 


(,1.1 :0 :i'' ■!. 

1 , .,, ;^.,,.o 

;•, i' * VIC 

,1 : , • • ,/ 

1 . .sIV '1 I J ^ 


LiNCOLNsniiu: rr.DiGKEES. 


"William Orn:^bv."f^Tvntliarine, dnii. iiiid=^Thoiii:is Ilawcs. Tliomas^Joan, dan. 

l.sL husband. 

heir t.rJuhii Asfordbv, 

I'lul liupbaud. Oi'iiisl)}'. of 

j Stover (or 

i; I I Tytover). 

Philip Onnsliy (aiiciitor of the Ormsbys John Ha.\vcrf.=f- ! 

ia liclam-ij. | 

MargarGt,=p--riichard Ormsliy (called " Oi'msby 
heiress. alias Dicconson " iu ]C,oi). 

lioberb Ormsby alias Dicconson-fJoaii, dan. of Joan, mar, 
of Logbourii, husbandman. Will i Geoi'ee Wliiteof John Skip- 
dated 22 Sept. loSi ; proved 7 I.onth ; ex'trix witii of 
I\[ay laS5. 15t^4. IIa<,'naby. 


Oliver Ormsby, under age 15S-1. Elizabeth, under age -Agnes, under age 15S-1. 



dan, John Ormsby of Partney, _;.?<.; styled in"-7=Katharine, dau.and 

of ... . his v.'ill "John Ormsl)y otherwise Diceon- 
son," "Will dared G June I.jTG; proved 3 
July 1577. 

heir of Tlioina^ 
Greene of Parinoy, 

Rol)ert Thomas Orms- 
Ormsby, by, 15S4. 
I58t. ' — 

Agnes, 1584. 

John=pAnne, dan. of Xicho- Nicholas Ormsby 

Ormsby I lasThorndikeofGrecn- ofPartney. Will 

of Part- j field ; remar. Chrisro- daied 20 Dec. 

neyjdead j pher Waldgravc; liv- 150O; proved 14 \ 

iu*1590. I ing 1595. April 15'j]. \ 

Lucy, dan. of William^x'Andrcw Ormsby=f=Annc, dau. of Cliristo- ^Margaret, men- 
Palmer of Winthorpe; of Partney Ulo4, , pher Palmer of Burgh; tioned in her 
bapt. Feb. 1585-G ;; Will dated 7 Oct. bapt. there 8 Nov. uncle ]S'ichf.Ia= 
mar. at V.'inthorpc 10 IGIO; proved 1 ' JGul; widow of John Ormsby's will 
Feb. 1G05-G. Isc wife. April 1G41. j Holden. 2nd wife. 1590. 

Anne, l)a})t. at '\^'inthorpe Bridget. Christopljcr^p. . . . dan. Jane, under 

27 Sept. JG27 ; bur. there — Ormsby. of ... . a^'e in IGUtL 

lyDec. 1G28. Lucy. 


Christopher Ormsby, bapt. at Spilsby 1G55,' 

Jolin Ormsby, bapt, John Ormsby,=pAnne, dau. and heir Valentine William 

atWinthorpe G SejU. son and lieir 
ICOG. 1G34, Kt, 25, 

of John Elward of Ormsby. OiTn.-,by_ 


Valentine Ormsby of Partney, bur. at Thorpe by AVainfleet 15 March 1G53-4. 

■ .; ',:7 

LiNcnLNSHiui: ri:i)irTUEES. 7'1'1 

William 0>^godl>y of Opgodby in tlio parish of KirkiiY=rAiico, dui. c^f . . . . Nelson. 

"\^ illiiim Opjiodby of Oscjodljy,— A;_cnc'S, (Inn. of Anthony— .Tano, dan. of ... . 

I'VT. in iho chaiK'cl oi' Kirkl)y- . . . . ; l>nr. at Osfjodby ll.ire; niav. id St. 

cnni-O.-goclby 17 I'ec. iob'.). . Jvirkny-eum- vt ini\- JVaci -al-Aiclies, 

Will dated lo, proved 19 JJcc. O.^godby 8 coin, 2nd I>incoln, 12 Xov. 

loSO. , Nov. 15S0. son. lo7('). 

William Osgodby of Os-=p^raroarct, dau. of llic-hard Osgodby of^^Iargaret, 

godby, bapt, at Kirkby- 'I'homas Peirsoii Ospv.dliy, bapt. at j dau. of 

cuni-Osgodbyo Oct.l5(!S; of U.>soll)y; mar. Kirkl)y-cnm-().«godby | . . . .; 

diod IGTdarch lt;20-21. at Kirkby-cinn- o Anu. 1571. MVill cx'irix 

Willdated23 Feb., proved Osgodby 4. June dated 2.') Xov. IGli; ' Kill. 

1() ilarch 1020-21. ll>[)0. ' proved 6 May ] G 15. '■ 

Nicho- William O&irodby of=pAnue, dan. ElizabeLh, Antlioiiy Alice, 

las Os- Ojgodby, bajtt. at ; of Philip mar. Simon Osgodby. 

godby, Ivirkliy-cum-O.sgod- Wright of Xightsealcs. — 

cx'or 1)V 26 April 15112. Owmbv- — William 

1020-21. Xnncupative '.vill 28 , by-Xof- Edith. O^godby. 

Feb, lGlO-20; proved i raauby. — 

12 May 1C20. | Agnes. 

I \ I i ^1 

Anthony XieholasOsgodby, 2nd Phili]) Osgodby, Srdson. Jlary, ^Margaret. 
Osgodby. son. 

Katharine, dau. of^pThomas Osgodby of=Bridget, dau. of .... of Helen, 1580; 

.... ]!ob.son; mar. Tetney, Gent. "\\'ill Tetiiey; marriage settle- mai- 

at Kirkby-cnm- dated 20 April, meut ;-) March 1G22-3; Xoblc. 

Osgodbv 27 Feb. proved 3 June surviving at Tetney 

159i-5.' 1st wife. ,1629. 1G29, s.p. 2nd wife. 

'~~\ J ~ I ^1 

jElizabetli, dau.=Thornas Os-=Anne, widow \\ illiam Os- Piobert Os- Anne, 

of ... . ^iorra- godby, son of . . . . ^Mar- godby, bapt. godby, bapt. mar. 

Icy of Claxby ; andheir,bapt. tinofSniiter- at Kirkby- at Kirkby- John 

■nar. lie. It at Kirkliy- by; mar. lie. 5 cum-Osgod- cum-O.-god- Ilol- 

'Dec.lG21. iBt cum-Osgodhy May]G27,:ut. by 23 March bv 7 Ang. laud. 

wife. SOMaylGOl. 20.' 2nd\vife. 1004-5. 1C07. 

William Osgodby of Osgodby. Will=pMary, dau. and coheir of John Booth of Harps- 
dated 17 June, proved 2 Sept. 1G9<S. well and ^Market IJascn (sec Vol. I., p. 157). 

I ^1 i I 

Clinton Osgodby. AVilliam Osgodby. John Osgodby. Slary. 

William Osgodby of Osgodby, butcher. AVill dated 1-4 Dec. 1G81 ; proved 11 
Oct. lGb2 ; mcLher Margaret 0.-g<jdby ex'trix, brother George Osgodby, 

William Osgodby of Osgodby, husbandman. Will dated 14 Feb. 171H-19 ; 
'noved 20 Oct. 1720; witnessed by Clinton Osgodijy ; wife Bridget ex'trix, son 
Thomas Osgodby, dau. Bridget Osgodby. 



1 ■, . ■' , ■■> 

V. 7 

• a 

712 i.iNCOTA'simii; rrj>K;iM:i:s. 

0mt}} of iloutlj. 

Akms (Yurkf's " Union of Uomm-'').—''A::'re, ft lion rampnnt >junnlanf vlihin on 
orJe of hcUs (iiijrni, crniwncil or.'''' 

7 March l->71-2 Tr^^vca 21 Juno ];.72. I oxuix m li..-. 

James O.^ncy, servant to— 
John llencago of llain 
ton ; living 1572. 

Simon lliohard Opiu'v of^plMary or Joan, dan. 
Osney, Willin^ham, liv- of KobcrL Barde of 
1572. \v.^ Mu-l. Tealby; sister and 

coheir of John Barde 
of Lndford; let. oG 

George Osney, bapt. at Louth loC4. 

in 15G7. 

AYi liam Osney of Blei.,shv=Anne,-Aloxandor Am- Ambrose Os-^pFJizabeth, 

in Bc.-^bv s.p. ^Viil dan. cotts of Wick- n.-y of Lm- j dan. of 

proved '""l GOG. 1st bus- of cnby. 2ndhus- cob, 3rd son. I . . . . 

hmi\. • • • • ^^"^'• 

James Osney, student at Cambridge ; inherited lands in 
AVillinc^ham'from his uncle "William Osney IGOG. 

GeorJ 0=nev of L.--^bv, 1st son; bur. there=r:Mary, dan. and coheir of Robert 
23 Jiily 1G31. Will dated lu Xov. 102^; Camock of SysLon ; bur. ac Legs- 

proved 5 Doc. 1G31. 

by 25 June 1C27 

Robert Osney of Stewton J St son ;n-Anne, dau. of William lU^dley of Yai-borough ; 

ffit. 28 in 1C18; AVardeu of Louth mar. lie. 25 Sept. IClb, then oet. lb. 

1G27. I 

Elizabeth, dau.=rOeorge Osney of^pDeborab, dan. of . . . .; cx'trix in 1G73; 
of.... Ib-owne; i Louth, bapt. there remar. Rev. John l>abb of Louth, 
bm-. at Louth ! 1G2G. Willdated24 , Clerk (mar. be. 2o^Iay lGs2) ; lega- 
1CG2. 1st j Sept. 1G73; proved , tee of her son Robert m IG'.i.i. 2nd 
wife. 15 :May lC7-i. | ^\'if(^- 

I . 

Elizabeth, legatee in 1G73 ; mar. 
1st Thomas Small of Louth (mar. 
lie. 7 July lfi82), 2ndly Charbs 
Fitzwilliam of Lourh, 3rdly John 
Jekyll of Louth 17(JL 

Robert Osney of = Abigail, .... mar, 

Louth, s.p. Will dan. of Charles 

dated 7 Sept Willerton 

IG'J'J; proved 29 of Louth. 
March 17uO. 

nJnrv Osncv, inherited Margaret, bapt. Marv, bapt. at Anne. bitr. at Louth 
lands' in North Somer- at Louth 17 Keddington o July K...... 

cotes by liisgrandfather's .May HijG 
^vill l^'rl'd ; under age — 

1G37. Frances. 

It Dec. 1G31 

Anne, living 1G38. 

■| :•• if 

\ •■ '' 

■A J.' : ■ , 

LiNCOLNsuun: rKDiGJ:i:K.s. 


Iiicii;n-il=j=Eli:'.;il»otl). d.iu. Matthias 0.-n'\v of=ira!niah, dan. of l-^raiiccs, only 

Osuey of , oflvl\vnr(lSki|> I'liluctliy,?.]). Will Ilicliard Intrk-lty; dau., locratoc 

JiOnth, j with of lU'iini- dated IG Fob. inov. 11) March in KlaT; mar. 

2nd son , Avoith; nnnuir. 1G:37-S ; jMovi'd 13 liilo; ex'trix in .... r>t.'ai-d- 

1G3-1-. IGl'J. April 1G;>8. 1G37. hliaw. 

GcorgcOsncy,lst William Osney, living 1008. Anne, .Tt. 10 in ^Margaret, a-t. 5 

son, bnpt. at — IGOl. in 1G31. 

Louth 21 Sept. (lodtVey 0?ney, bapt, at — — 

1G22 ; dead in J.uuth 'J July iG2G ; living Eli/.ah(.Lli, lut. .s KaihciiuL-, bur. 

1G38. 1G38. in 1G3J. ut lA)iuh 1G33. 

. . Osney.=r 

.... dan. of ... . Anderson ;=pITamlei; Osncy of ^liddle^Ellen, dau. of 
mar. at Linwood 8 Aug. 1C3G. j liason. Will proved ]G58. \ surviving . . . 

]\rarv, dau. of .... ; mar. at Xorth^Wiiliam Osn.'v=i=]\Iarv, dan. of 

; l)ur. 

"Willingham 1G7G ; Inir. there IGTT. of Xorth Wil 
1st Avife. liuLdiam. 

at Teal by 23 July 171 G. 
2nd wife. 

Hamlet Osncy, bur. at North Wil- John Osney, 2nd son, bapt. at Xorth Wil- 
■■ngham 21 July ]G80. linghara Feb. 1G80-S1. 

George Osney of St. Olavc, South\vark,=pUrsula, dau. of IJichard — Elizabci!i,dan, 

Clerk; matrfculated at St. John's Col- Thomas Turnor Osney, of ; bur. at 

lege, Oxon, 12 Nov. IGl'J. {i3t. 18; ofPieading; mar. living I\Iarket liasen 

Fa-ctor of Langdon Hills, Eisex, 1C38. lie. 21 March Feb.' 1 Oct. 1G.-)1. 

Will proved lGo8-y. . 1G32-3. 1G38-'J. 

Thomas Osney, under age 1C38. 

Godfrey Osney of ]iIarket=pAnue, dau. of .... ; bur. at Market 


Kascn 18 Au''. lG.jb 


ichard Osncy, bapt. at Market Rasen 10 Dec. 1C40. 



■ >':■. ; ••li 




[Tho fuUowiiJg pedigree slightly amplifies that on p. -iOD.] 
.... Glovcr=F. . . . dan. of ... . 

C!lovcr=plili:'-alH'th (?), dan. aiidheirc>s of John Glover, a Hani-—. . . , dau 

Koburt rhillips o\' Wisj)ingtou ; burg incrchaut, died 
bapt. there 21) :May 16G4. "" 28 Dec. 1728. 


Phillips Glover of "WispingLonj^pMary, dan. and lu'iros.? 
heir of his unele John Phillips; [ of Jlichard Lee of Wins- 
High Sherilf of co. Lincoln i hide, co. Devon ; cousin 
1727 ; died 17, l)ur. 25 June ' of Elizabeth Chudleigh, 
17'15 at Wispington. \ Duchess of Kingston. 

Phillips Glover,=pRebecca, dan. of Mary, born 16 April,: 
Colonel of the William Jenson bapt. 10 May 17ol 

Eoyal North 
Lincoln ]\Iilitia. 

of Lincoln, 

a at Wispington ; mar. 
1-1 Sept. 1758. 

Picliard Glover, born 
in London ; author of 
" Lconidas"; M.P.for 
AVeymonih 1750; died 
25 Nov. 1785, an. 75. 

:John Plumtre of Not- 
tingham, ^LP. ; born 
17 April 1731 ; died 
10 Feb. 1702. \ 

Laura, heiress, mar. 10 Feb. 17y'Jn''P^ubert Yyner of Eathorpe, co. Warwick. 


[MS. at Burton Hall.] 

Ptichard Lyon of Roxby, Lord of=p. . . . dau. 
the Manor o Nov. 1579. of ... . 

Henry Lyon of Poxby,- 
1st son ; of Jilyton oO 
March 1590. 


dau. John Lyon, Anne. Dorothy. Etheldrcda 

2nd son '^^ ^ 

1579. 1579. 

George Lyon of Koiby, living Priscilla, mar. Ralph Rokcby, 3rd son of Williau" 
31 Xu<'. 1013. Rokeby of Skiers, co. York. 

.1 ; 

, . „ .1 


; ' • • 1 



illatiiVoartuQ of Colthjy anti ©oltljo, 

Cliarlos M;iiu\vai-ii)_ir (.'f .Mertoi\ Ora!igo^i;iiz;il)otli, dnn. and lioiross of Fniiit-is 
alias Martiiiirand in I'nrish uf Vriiiteway, CJraiitliain of Linooln ; died ;'> Oct. IC'j^, 
CO. Chostcr, ].ic-iit.-(V.!. in the Army; ict. o:k ^lA. at St. Manin's, Lina.hi. 
died -20 Feb. lG9;%i. ■ (Sec p. -123.) 

1 JlUllKib i\ialU\sai Ur^ oi' L/iil-"x'Aiillt.-, liiui. ciUu Cu- 

coln and Goltho, bapt. at heir uf John Qnin- 
■\Yl-:i'Cgate, co. Clicsier. 9 ' coy of Ashv.-kliy ; 
July 1G83 ; died r>, bur. . born IG'JO ; died it 
9 Dec. 1734, let. 01, at St. Aug. 173o; bur. at 
Martin's, Lincoln. ! St. ^Marcin's, Lin- 

■ coin. 

C;.<ir]e.i ^'.lainwaiii.,^-, i'rane'j.-, 
bapt. at Whitegatc bapt. at 

27 Xov. 

Aral)ella, bapt. at 
Wiii legale 21 Aug. 

25 Julv 
1685. ' 

in^-, bur. 
Ur Dec. 

^lary, bapt. at St. Peter E'izabetli. niar.^Hobert Taylor, Francos, 
in Easr;iate 24 Sept. at St. Mnry ^r.D., of Win- bur. 8 
Magdalene's, tliorpe, Xofts, 

Lincoln, 4 Xov. died 15 r^Iav 
1709. 17G2. 

1723 ; died 10 June 
1748. M.LatSt.^Iar- 
tin's, Lincoln. 



Thomas Mainwaring of Lincoln=pl'1Ieanoi 
and Oollho, born 21. l.iapt. 23 Fenton 
Oct. 1724 at St. Peter in East- 
gate, Lincoln ; died 30 Jan. 
1789 ; bur. at Gultho. 1st 

dan. of Williain = Vei-y Pev. Sir lii:'.,- 

of tiie Glass ard Kaye, Ijart., Dean 

House, Leeds, co. York ; of Lincoln ; mar. '2d 

died at Coleby 14 Julv Auir. 1791 ; died I'o 

1S41, c€t.. 96. ' Jan. 1810, s.p. 2ud 


Thomas Charles ]\Iainwaring of Anne, coheir, bapt. at St.=pPenjaminPur- 

Main^var- Ijincoln and Coleby, Margaret's 29 Xov. 17G9; ton of Lurton 

ing, bapt. bapt. at St. Margaret's, mar. 15 Dec. 1794 ; died Hall, co. Car- 

9 Aug. Lincoln, 10 Aug. 1777; at Lincoln 18 Xov. 183C. low, L-eland. 

1774; s.p. died unmar. at Coleby _^ 

19 July 1850. ' (See Lurke's " Landed Gentry.'") 

Maria, b:ipt.=^John Lee Elizaljcth, b;ipt, at St. Mar-^pGeorge Lanj 

at St. JIar. 
garet's 2 
April 1771 ; 
mar. G Feb. 

of the 
CO. Yoik. 

garet's IG April 1773; mar. 
3 March 1794 ; died IG 
Aun-. 1819. 

(Sec p. 58G.) 

ton of Lang- 
ton ; died 10 
Aug. 1819. 

bapt. at 
St. ^[ar- 
garet's 10 
Aug. 1777. 

Charles Benjamin Lee-^Hon. ]\Liry Forbes, dan. of James, 
JiLainwaring. \ 18th Lord Forbes. 

(Sec "Massy — ^L^dnwaring" in Burke's "Peerage and Baronetage.") 


London : Mitchell )Inphc3 and Clarko, Tnnt.'rs, 140 Wariloiir Str»<t, W. 

-' 1 , ;■■ 

-idf/ " : /r) 

■ ! ' :r ] Vf 

c Harletau ^octct^. 


Cl)c i^arlcian ^octft^, 


iNSTirrTKD von rnr 

pulilicatioii of I-iiclHtrt! il^amiscripts 



Ixcgtsirirtf OfTirr niiti (fnunril l^a^m: 


SIR GEORGE J. ARMYTAGE, Ex., F.S.A. (r/iairnuin). 


C. H. ATJIILL,, Esq., F.S.A., Etchmond Ueuald. 

SIR THOMAS 13R00KE, Bt., F.S.A. 

J. W. CLAY, E.SQ., F.S.A. 

GEORGE E. COKAYNE, Esq., F.S.A., Clakexcevx King-of-Akms. 



GEORGE W. [MARSHALL, Esq., LL.i)., F.S.A., Hovgk Ckoix 


AV. J. C. MOENS, Esq., F.S.A. 



:5^frrfta^■l> anO jTrrasiurfr. 

*AV. IJliECE B.VNXEi;.MAN, Esq., F.S.A. 
The Liiideiis, Sydeiiliaiu R^ud, Croydon, Surrey. 



21 LoiuLard Slruct, E.G. 


M. W. KER, Esi^. 

i3iibIis'Ijri-5 aiitf 'Zlrjfiits: 
MkssKs. MEJ'CI11:LE and Hl'CllFS, 1 lo W.-.rdunr Strc-t. Londr-t), W. 

• To whom iill Cotiuiiimicifions and Sub-^criiitions .>;hould ho for'.vardeJ. 


iUiJorl fnr tftr Ocnr 1902. 

Tin: ('(Miiifi! Imvc t() V(>|'Ovt tlmt nt llie fir<t (k-ucimI Mcc tin;^ of tlio 
iiavieiaii >n.-ici_\. i iii-oiju'raicu limJ, lula on uu- i:lsi uav «)L .\Lii\-li, 
1002. tluvo luiniiK^I and reii ^Mt-nilH-rs of tlx^ <lissnlvi'<l llarlt-iati 
Soc-ii-lv, wliose naiiu's and ad-ht'^^'cs wt'ic ^(■l onl in the jirinU-d Hoport 
and List oi SuIi<i-rilK-vs I', j- l!)ii2 (of uliom one Iiiuulrcd and Iwrntv- 
soven wfio Sulisi'iil^ors !(• llic lu-'^i-lor v*>oction), woi'o nnaniincntly 
(dec-led Snbsi-ribei's 1o this SMciety. Siiu-e thai period two Subscribers 
liave joined tlie Society. 

During the same period the Sooietv luis h^.^t four Subscribers (three 
of whom belonged to the Ivegi.ster Section) by deatli ; i>ne Subscriber 
(who also belonged to tlie Tvegister Section) has resigned. 

The lunnber of Subscribers now on the Koll is three hundred and 
seven, of whom one lunulreil and seventy-three are Subscribers to the 
Kegister Section. 

" Lincolnsiiire Pedigrees," Vol. 1.. edited by tlic l?ev. Cauou 
A. ]v. Maddiso", ^NF.A., 1'\S.A., forming the fiftieth V(dume of tlie 
Publications, lias been issued to tl'.e Subscribers for 1902. 

"The Visitations of Ikrkshire,'" under the edirorship of W. If. 
]\YLANDs, Esq., F.S.A., is progressing. 

" Tiie Pegisters of St. Yedast and St. Michael le Quern," Foster 
Lane, E.C., Vol. L, edited by AViLLOroHKY A. LiXTLrPALE, Esq., 
M.A., l'\S.A., forming the twenty-ninth volume of the Pegi.ster 
Publications, lias been issued to the Subscribers to the Pegister 
Section for 1902. 

The second volume of "Lincolnsiiire Pedigrees " and the second 
volume of " The Kegisters of St. Veda-t and St. Michael le Quern "' 
will be issued for 100:3. 

The Balance Sheet for the year L002, duly audited, is appended to 
this Keport. 

P.v Order of the Council, 

w. ppr( i: p.\NM:imAX, 


f ii)^L 

O O 1- 
O '-: II 

—1 ^ 'T) 

^ ^ 



I ! 







£> ) 















r— ! 










»♦— > 




>— * 
























^ >-. - t? ' 

r" o o "i -^ S 

C ^- A, ^ ^ S, ' ■? 

.- '" r? =5 S ^ -5 3 ^ 

I 2 ■•! J 1 ^ -^ I ;?^ 

R .-^ . i g 5 § -^ 's --' 

x; -t 

p o i ,/ 

^ "^ ^ - 

i^ ^ ^ 

t_ ~ -^t 

• r n cr ? 


CO "^^ — ' 





i s ?^ 



7t ^ t^ 

y > 


C5 P— ' f^ 








t— t 





r-l CI 

cc c: o O c; 


— o 

o — • 

►-1 O r-, 

1-1 fj 

r ! ! 


o o o t- o 

CO v.-J -^ 

o i> , >'^ 


i> — 

.i .£ .1 i o 

p", p; ^ p; 

-< ;^ 

o o o c ~ a 

^ r-l ■>» IJ I- 1— ■ 

cc C-. o r-< CI ^:• 
n c; o o o o 
cc X cr. o c; —. 



O •= 

p' y^ 



^i « 



c^ O 





O 2 t; 

z> c> o t^ o 
o r. -r ^ r. 

o — t i ^- 

-J- c jo 

=<! -. C' 

o ^ q 

O - 


— - x yj 

^ 'j; s 


O -M 






















- 1 



;£' :^H 

cc C-- o — t CI 

r2 c o c o 

: cc X -. o c. 

D ^ 

— Vv 

ox 1st JANFAllY, U<r>:$, 

T'no-e innvkod (^) are Siibsoriliers of iiu cxlni Guinen, aud are entitled to the 
Piiblicaiions of the llegister Seetion. 

17 \]T 1S71 -^The Lord ALin-xnAM. F.S.A., St. "Dini.^tnn's Yilla, Outer Circle, 

Regent's Park, Is.W. 
29 Apr. 1S69. *The Lord AiUlEHST OK nACK.NKY, P.S.A., Didliii-ton Hall, 

31 Pec. 1S75. .Tons Ampjilkti, Clout, Slourbridge. 

22 Sept. lS9i>. *Gr.-5TAVF. Anjou, 509 Yauderbill Puildina^, New York, U.S.A. 
1 Julv 1S70 William Svm.vku ApPLrxox, 4G2 Beacon Street, Boston, 
• ' . U.S.A. 

"7 Mar. ISni*. *Sir Geouge J. AkmytaGE, Bt., P.S.A. (Chairman of Council), 

Kirklees Park, Briijhouse. 
12 Apr. ISnO. Palph Assukton {Council), Pownham Hall, Clitheroe. 

6 Dec 1S70 Jonx Asilky, 1 M..-^cley Terrace, Coundon Poad, Coventry. 

31 J'tn 1SS7 *\TiiEX.EU.M Clt-b (IIknuy P. Tr.DDEU, F.S.A., Secretary), 107 
Pill .Mall, S.W. 
nPeb. ISSO. C. H. Atjiill, P.S.A. (Co,/,,c<7), Richmond Herald, Cdlcge of 

Arms, (^iieen Victoria Street, E.G. 
4 Sept.lSSO. *Lieiit.-Col. P. W. T. Atti:i;k, R.P., P.S.A.,The Khns Pembroke. 

21 Oct. 1SS7. W. IL G. Bagsiiawk, Pord Hall, Cl.apel-en-K-Prith, Stockport. 

21 Jan. lbS2. I iiANCis JosLPir IJAIGENT, AVinchesler. 

30.1ulv ISOS. MV. Bruce Banni;i:man-, F.S.A. {S.c-olan/ and TrKit>urer),'Y\\Q 
Linden-, Sydcnhani Road, Cruydon, Surrey. 

8 Jan. ISS'J. Geokgk W. G. Baknaud, -1 Surrey Street, Xorwich. 
IS Mar. ]s'.,t2. William IJAUXLErT, St. Clare IIou>e, Saiidtield Park, W. Di^rby. 

7 May, 1SS5. Kvekakd Balto.v, 1".S..\., Warstonc, near Bewdlcy. 
13 Apr. 1S07. Charles Belk, Ib^lmwood, Eccle.-all, Slieffield. 

2'> 'o<t lb7 1 ^Beginalij Stewaut Boodingto.n, 15 Markhaui S^juare, Chelsea 

r ■/• 


.(. , 


27 Jnlv.lSTl. Knw.vun V^)HL«, Vji-Iirbv, Viiiion liorul, C'l;»]'l.:iin, 


::n Trtii. ^ -7. "^. T: !• ;• .',vi r:, ^r. \ . N. ih.T llnn-c. Wn-V^\vnrl!i. TiTln.^hivi.'. 

10 Oct. iNiis. l'r.i;cv A. I5(iu vn;, i'.!. Mri^slnck lu):i«l, Tiioiiili.ii lli.:r.!i, SiirrfV. 

1! J:in. \S'.i\). Jlrsiiv Sc.'i r 15iivs, llulbro.k, Sliuulcy Cncn. \>y Giiil'ifor.l. 

12 Sej.t. lf»72. KnwAi;!' W. Huaukdok, CD., l-'.S.A., 17S I' Hill, i:.illi;iiii. 


10 Ajir. ]^^S. C'olr.ii.j! ,1. A. Kicadnkv, 1v.S..\., T;ily ('(ni! Court, Moimioutli. 

SJuly, liKil. W. TowKLL J>i!i:.iCJl, .1.1*., >.o\\liaii), .Steyniiib', Sus;-fx. 

IS -May, 1S7M. Tii'' Von. .Vrchdeacon Bukk, TIio Kectory, Allc.-lcy, C'nv. utiy. 

■J Apr. ]Ni.tS. *1Ii:nry, ^Fah's Cro.-;s, ■\Vii,'an. 

1 J.aii. 1SN6. *^\ li^LLVM BiMGG, Cowlhorpo Hall, Wotlicrby, Y'nrk^. 

2tNov. 1S09. *Sir 'I'rroMAS 1>i:ooke. l]t.. F.S.A. {Council), Annitai(c Bricl;_'e, 

28 Nov. 1870. '^J. R. Bitowx,, 11 TrciiUntor lioad, S. Koii-inut-jn, 


21 May, ISr.'J. (Iciicral W. E. G. Lyttclx-Bulwek, C.13., Quebec IIou>c, Esisl 

1 Jan. 1S91. «Asnwoiirii Tetkh IU-hki:, 50 Pall Mall, S.W. 

1 Jan. 1S91. Francis J. Ciur, Tci.rlimore, Choltcnhaia. 

22 :Mar. 1S05. ^Cji.ahles AV. C.AD>tAX, Loi-h, Essex (care of AV. II. Sinitli and 

Son, Victoria Station, L.C.I). R.). 
5 Nov. ISOfj. *^Pl,icita1!D Caivkrt, "Walton House, "Walton le Dale, near 
27 >[ar. 1S79. H. 11. Smith, Gran.c^ctlinrpe, Rusholme, Jlan- 

30 July, INHS. *JojEPH J. CAsrv, 2S lust 127th Street, New York, U.S.A. 

1 Sept. 18S4. "W. II. C. CiiAMBKKLAiNE, Blagden House, Kcevil, Trowbridire, 
2-l]\rar. 1SS3. ^.Major Taxkervim.e J. CnAMprui.AYXR, 801h lle^'. (care of 
"Holt, Laurie, and Co., 3 "Whitehall Plaec, S.W.). 
G June,]s^7. II. Mapi^ktox CiiAPirAX, Saint Martin's Priory, Canterbury. 
G Oct. 1881. *.]. W . Ci.AV, F.S..\. (Council), liastrick IL.nse, near I5ri';lu.ii<..-. 
<; Feb. ISSS. ^11. ,). H. Ci.i.vucNTs, Kiiladoon, CVll)rid-f, cu. Kildare, Ireland. 
2:?.Jnne,18i;;). *(L E. Cokay.vk. J'.S.A. {Council), Clarenceu.x Kin_'-of-Aruis, 
Colleije of Arms, (.hucii "\'irloria Street, E.C., and K.vetor, Uoehani]iton. 
4 Dec. lss:5. *Ciiaklks F. Cole, Meudon Vean, Mauiian, Falmouth. 

31 Jan. ]SS7. *]'"kaxcis Coi.lixs, M.I>., Pitcloy IJrid'je, Yorksiiire. 

22 -Mar. 1^'33. Edwaud Conder, .Juii., F.S.A., The Conij,'ree, Newent, 

22 Feb. IdOO. Joiix Havtexvilee Cope, F.lMli>l.S., Suibanistead Park, 

31 Oct. 1900. AV. Sandfobu Cotxrilt,, IIeidel!<erg, 'l"n:nsva:il, South Africa. 
)OJuly,lS.Sl. A\')LFKEi> Jo.sEPii Chipps, C.IJ., M.A , F.S.A. , Cirencester. 
12Au.f. 1881. 'F. A. Ckisp, F.S.A., In.'lewuod Hou^i', Grove Park, Denmark 

Hill, s.i:. 


•2G Nov. 1SS7. LiM Culm-ton, 02 l'ic<-:uiilly, W. 

25 Nov. 1882. *t;LKY MiLNniJ-GiKsoN-Ci'LLtM, r.S.A., 4 Sterlinpc Street, 

IS May, 1S75. "• L:i'ly Eliz.\iu;tii. ('l'.st, 13 hcclostoii 6411:110, b.W . 

IS 'Mm: 1S7-1. *Kev. a. 11 . Dvvr.NrouT, Foxlcy, Iloroford. 

11 Feb. ISsrt. Thomas :M. r)i-:.\M;, 15 Ely Plaro, Dublin. 

27 Dec. 187(5. *!))■; 1)KRXahi)V ami Co., 25 Bodlord Row, W.C. 

31 Dec. 1878. 1>. DK Bi: iitouano, 22 riies:ter Terrace, Jie-enl'.'- Park, N.AV. 

;-i.Tune,lS;)y. *Cii.v«i.i';s Df.i:rixg, Ifi Fullerloii Avenue, Chicncjo. Nrw York 

(care of iStevons and J>ro\Mi, -1 Trafal^car Square, W.C). 

27 .Trill. 18:1'). riicifAKD SiDNiiY Dkndy, Vict')ria Villi.. Boirnor. 

l2May. I8LII. *Tlie E.vEL OF Dkrky, K.G., P.O. (L'ev. John liicHAUD^ON, 

Librarian), Kno«>!ry, Pre.^coi. 

24 Jan. 181)1. *^\^u.TKK DEKfiAM, 7<> Lancaster Gate, "\V. 

IS Aug. 1891. AV. li. DuiGNAN, Gorway, AYalsall. 

1 Nov. 1882. Rev. R. E. II. DuKE, Maltby Rectory, Alford, Lincolnshire. 
7Jiine,lS78. *l)uRnAM, TuK Deai^ and Chapter of. The Library, Chapter 

Oliicos, Duriiaiu. 

8 July, 1881). Rev. Joseph Edleston, :\LA., LL.D., Gainford A^icara:.,'e, near 
22 June, 1870. =*^ V. D. IL Caky Elwks, F.S.A., Billing ILUl, Xortliam].ton. 
3 Apr. 1880. ♦C. "\V. Empson, 11 Palace Court, W. 

17 Sept. 1S87. Henry Douglas E.-^HELBY,F.S. A., 80 Shrewsbury Road, O.xton, 
5 Oct. 1895. A. T. EvEKiTT, High Street, Portsmouth. 

27 Feb. 1885. llfWAPaj Gakthwaite Parish, 4 Elm Park Gardens, S.W. 
14 ;May, 18i)0. *T. C. CoLYEK Fekocsson, Wombwell ILill, near Gravt-sond. 
10 Sept. 18S7. Rev. W. G. DiMOCK. Fletcuek, M.A., F.S.A., St. Michael's 
Vicarage, Shrev.sbur}-. 

12 Sept. 1002. Rev. C. 'W . Foster, M.A., Timbcrland Vicarage, Lincoln. 

27 Jan. 1002. F. Apthobp Foster, 15 O.xford Street, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. 
IGJan. ISSl. *Ed\vin Fkesheuld, 1 1..D., F.S.A., 31 Old Jewry, E.C. 

19 Nov 1802. Major AV. A. (4ale, li.E., 30 Harold Road, Upper Norwood, 

2 Nov. 1877. The Duke GaN[>oli 1, Bla.-kmore Park, Hmley Castle, Wnrcesttr. 
17 Feb. ISOt. CiiAKLKS MiLNES GaskELL, Thome's House, Wakefield. 

5 Feb. L^s:). (.'iIARLKs W. Georgic, 51 Huiiiptou Ivnad, Bristol. 

13 Feb. 1801. *11. Martin Giuhs, Down Ainpney Hou<e. Cricklade, Wills. 
2 Jan. ISDD. .loiiN <.iinsi).\, 2o <'liuph Street. J.)uMibart'iii, N.B. 

S Nov. 1800. *Sir Walti:i{ Gili;e\, lit., The Pantlu-uu, O.xford Street, "W., and 
El^enhaui Hall. E.-^sex. 
29 May, 1809. *Henry G. B. Goeuwyer, P.O. Box 327, Kimberley, Snith 


24 M;ir. 18!iO. ".Iamts .1. H.k.i.w i.\. 11 Wc-1 ') 111) StclI, Nt w Ydrt, U.S.A. (tMn- 

ff .) . I!. T.ii'i'i!:'' ill ;iii'l Co.. Soulliaiiii^tciii .Slrc-.i, .Slruiitl. 
•Jo J;ni. lf^(('. ■■11i-..m;i i-uLCH, ::-.i.i.I..iw;>, Icvdhill. 

25 J;iu. 18s:). Gkokok Gu.vzFnKooK, P.S.A., Smlbury, iit-iir 1 furrow. 

T.luitf l-^^-^ 'rH"M\.s Cki-ki;, I'.C.S.. .Si-a Tark, Ikll'ast, an.! (jn'vo lldiKo, 

KouviitVrark, N.W. 
27 May, KS'-if.. Major Gko. AV. (xinci:-Jlru2iiNso.v, The r.oyuo";, I'liton-oii- 

.Sovirii, Won-isU-r. 
If) DiH-. I'.hC. S. a. (;i;rNnv-!Ni;w.M.\.N, Liitleton I'laco, 'Waball. 
■Ti Jan is.s'j. Mnjur AVii LoruiiKY (J vrnons (tW.vtkik. Tlio Maiu-liostor Ki-u't. 

(rare of Ccx and Co., lO Chariiv.,' Cru.-s,8."\V.), Suilircy ll..u^o, 

Morllake, W. 

29 Der. 1S72. ■'. F,. .1. Gwvnnt. F.!^.A.. r.Ti.G.S.. I'olkiu-t.m, Pok-u-ate, Sussex. 

lOSi-pt r»^iO Mo.'^KPJi S. Il.vxs.iM, 27 -VU'rc.l rkM-e We>t,Soii1h Koiisinglon, 

IC Mar. 1SPI>. Dr. Edw. A. II.vkpavicre, Haverint-re, Ilowick Tails, Natal 
20 Sept. ISSU. Tjikodokk J. II.Mm;, T/Viie Grove, A'ir-iniu "Water, Surrey. 

30 \i>r ISG'J *Wii,i.lAM M.vusu ILvkvky, 5b Qvn'cu's Gate Terrace, KeiiMiiirton, 


31 Dec 1875. *The Lord 1Iawkisbvi;y, P.S.A. U'or'ncil), 2 Carlton House 

Terrace, S.W. 
•'2 Feb. 18S3. C. AiiTHUK TIf.aI). Harthurn Hall, Slockton-on-Tees. 
'^6 Dec IWl. Kev. Fvkiyn D. Hi;vrncuiL, M.A., 5G Oakley Street, Chelsea, 

l-> \v,r ]^•'n IlENKY Pl.vtt Hi-.gins, Moorsidc, llealb View Gardens. Putney 

Healh. S.■^V. 

I Ian 18^:-! lluiiAKi* A. IIov.LY.v. F.S.A., SO Abbey Poad, St. John's AVood, 

IG. June, -1872. ^P.OBKKT IIovr..VDEN. F.S.A. (Cou„cil), Heathooto, Park Hill 

Road, Croydoii. 
1-^ June 18M-,. *Hv(.Hi Poukut HrGincs, Kinniel, Abercele, North AVales. 
20 Feb. 'lh7 t. AY. EssiNG ion H rcnrs,, 89 Ale.xandra Road, South 

Hanipslead, N.W. 

20 Soi't. 1892. *The Lord Ivi'AOt, K.P., 5 Grusvenor Place, S.AV. 

7 Mar l8'.iS. *^V. A. .1 amks, 1 Fleet Street, F.C. 

1 ] ulv 1 sr,:. *Rev. J r.KMYN, >LA., Helsby Vicara'.^e, Warrinrton. 
20 Feb ' 1S'.'5. n-MO.MA.s Moi2<;an Joski-h-Watkin. F.S.A., Portcullis i\u>uivant. 
Colle.^'O of Arms, Queen \ ictoria Street, E.C . 

94l)c.c inf.0 *M\jiY Amce Ki:ACn, 120 Con-don Street, Provi-knce, Rhode 
Island. U.S.A. 

II Jan 18;.2 Cfl vKi-Ks i:on.K Ki:.mim:, OM Place, Lindtield, llay^ard.^ Heath. 
10 Oct ISSM Rev F. \V. Kmi.i:MASTF.R, IJnyston Hill Vicara^'O, Shrewsbury. 

«July,lsu5. WiLr.iA.MTnoMv«KNi.wir.C-anokLodu'e,AVaUonPark,Clevedon, 


1 .Tun. ISSiG. *\l''\. V. .1. InNT, Hmnticrstoiio A'icinicjc, Hrent Grimsl'v. 

12 :\!.'iy,isr)!. .ioiiv Lanoiu>i;.ni:. M.A., AVn'<;.ii Villa, IVun. Edinluir-li. 
) N'nv. 1S70. ^Thomas Layiun, I'.S.A., i'2 Kcw IJiid^'e Road, Kcw 1^-idgc, 

8 Nov. 1890. J. llKXKY Lka. Elmlca, Scnitli rroop^.rt, Mc, U.S.A. 

LI 15 li ARIES. 

2 July, ISO). *Ai'.FnnF.KX U.nivi:ks;ity LlHi;*.UY ( T. .1. An'I)i:i{son-, M.A., 

LL.R., Iiihrari:m), Aberdeen. 
12 M:iv, 1S91. 'Baitkuskv Ti'iiLic T-ibuauy iLvwkknce J.nkstik, Librarimi), 

1/ivoiidor HilL S.W. 
15 Julv, ISH9. *l)Kr;r.].v iJOYAL LmUAKY (per A.-lier and Co., 13 IJedford 

Street, W.C.). 
12 Ally, 180). *ljiKKK.\H}'An Fi;i:k I'uiu.ic l,nti!Ai;v (John SumiruD, J.ibra- 

riaxi), Hirkenb.enu. 
2tJuly,lSS3. *i5iHMiXGHAM Cr.NTKAL Fhek Lii!i;auy (A. Caiix Siiaw, 

Librarian), Ratelille Plaee, Cirmintrliam. 
20 Jan. 1S71. *r>or'LKiAN LiPiuKY (E. Ij. Nicholson, Librarian), Oxford. 
lu Oct. 1875. *l!o<TOx Fkuf. Libr.*ky, P.ostun, L'.S.A. (per KcLran 

Panl, Trench. Trubuer and Co., ratcrno«ter House, Ciiariug 

Cro.'s Road, M'.C). 
12May, ISOl. *'Ri;ai>ford Free Library (DrTi.Ea AVood, Librarian), 

Bradford, Y"rk>hire. 
22July, 1S93. *15eu)GEPORT PiBr.ic Library. Conn., U.S.A. (Ag.xes Hills, 

Librarian), (e-.uv of JJ. F. Stevens and Brown, 1 Trafal^^ar 

Square, AV.C). 
2 July, 1S91. ^'Brighton PrBLic Lirrary (F. AV. AIaddkx, Libmrim), Cburcli 

Street, Briirht.-n. 
5 Oct. 18'Jo. *CALiroRNiA State Lihrary, Sanramento. California, U.S.A. 
(eare of B. F". Stevens and Brown, i Trafal>_'ar Square, AA'.C). 
2July, isiM. *Cam]!euv.-ell Pcrlic Libririe.s (Edward Foskett,, 

Chief Librari-^.n), Central Library, Peekhani Road, S.E. 
20 Nov. 1S73. ^'Cambridge Uxivejisity Library {V. J. IL Je.nkinsos, ALA., 
Librarian), Caiubridge. 

2 July, 189-J. ^Cardiff Free Public Libraries, Cardiff. 

3 Alar. 1899. Carlisle Pc);lic Library (.Vechibalu Sparke, City Librarian), 

Tullic Koui-:, Carlisle. 
12AIay, 1894. *Cuelsea Public Libraries (J. Hkxuy Qri.vx, Librarian), 

Central Library, ALanrosa Road, CheLsoj, S.AA". 
18 Oct. 1870. *Chktiiam's Library (Walter T. Browxe, Librarian), Hunt's 

Bank, ALim.diester. 
22 July, ISOo. *C}UCago Public Libualy (per B. Y. Steveu.> and Brown, 

4 Trafalgar Square. AV.C). 
22 July, 1893. ^'CoLUMuiA University Librai;y, New York City, U.S.A. 

(d. H. Baker, Librarian), (care of (J. E. Sieclicrl, 2 Star 

Yard, Car..'y Street, Chancery Jiane, AV.C.). 
22 July, 1893. ^Cornell University Library, Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. 

(G. \y. Harris, Librariuii;, (care of E. G. Allen, 28 Henrietta 

Street, Covenl Garden, AV.C). 



'2 July, ]S9i. *C!;oYr)ON ri'.'i.u- l,ini:Ai;)i;s(l-.SrANi.i;Y Jast, Chivf Iii!>r:iri:in), 

C'oiitral I.iiinnv, ( 'iin-.t'iti. 
2.1uh. ISMk T>):iiHY Pri'MC I'RKF. LlXKVliY (WlfJIAM CliOWTHKl;. Sccrc- 

5 Nov. 1892. *]ji:tkoit rm.ic ].iiiKAi;'i, .Mi>iiiL':m. U.S. A (jlt 1!. F. t<k'vens 

and Brown., -] Ti:i(:iluar Jiiju:(rc, ^V. (.'.). 
12 May, 18Ut. I)i;\vsBrKY Prr.LTC Fkkk Libuaiiy(\V. 11. Siiirn, Lihrarinn), 

12 May, I8'.»k *Ki)lNl5VJ!Gir I'l ulu LnuiAltY (Ili;\v MoKiilsuN, I'riiioii'.il 

Librarian I, (;ci>i;.;c IV. JJriiJ.Lio. Ediiilniru'li. 
12 May. ]8;)-l.. *Exi:rKU Uoyai. .VbLsiKT Mkmokiai, Puhlic LimiAUY 

(H. Tai'Ii.v Soi'KK, City Ijibrarian). Exeter. 
2 July. IS',)-!. =*■(_; o.N'v I r.Lr. ANi> Cau"s Collkok LnniAin {J.S. 1^EIU. Librarian), 

]S Mar. 1901. HiitOsviCNOK I' liU'.RAifi, lUiffalo. Now York ([fr 15. E. Ste- 
vens and JJruw n, 1 'JVat'abjar JS'iuuro.. W'.C). 
22Jiily, 1SU3. 'n\KV.iRD CoLLKGi: JjTIUiaKY. (."anibrid_,'o, Mai-sadiusetTs, U.S.A. 

(perKei,Mn I'anl, Trciicii. Triibner and Co., Patcrnc-tcr, 

Charing Cro<> Pond, \V.C.). 

2 -Itdy, T-'j!. lIi:in:FOKD Tnr.r. Pvi'-lk- Liukaky (James CoCKcr.OFT, I-ibra- 
rian), Ho re ford. 
I'J Jan. 1895. *JIi i.L PuBlic LIBRARY (Wm. E. Lat^-ton, Librarian), Hull. 

2 July, 1801. ]viDPt:EMixsTKR Vur.v. Library, KidJormiTistor. 

17 Apr. 18^n. King's Inns Library" (Jas. MacIvor, Librarian), Dublin. 

12 -Mav, 1>'J4. *Lambkth PruLic 1/1bkakies (Fraxk J. Ik'RGOY'KE, Librarian), 
The Tate Contral Library, Brixton Oval, S.W. 

1 1 Jan. 1892. 'Lktiis Liukary CT). A. Crvse, Librarian). Conimori-ial Street, 

18 Sept. 1890. *Li:i;ds PUBLIC LiUKARY" (TnoMAS "\V. Hand, Librarian), Leeds. 

9 May. 1873. *LntRAiiY CoMMiTTi;K OF T/iE Corporation of the City of 

LoxuoN ( Wklch, E.S..\., Librarian), Guildliall 
Library, E.G. 

3 Feb. 1.S97. ♦Library Company of PiiiLAUELriiiA (per E. G. Allen. 2s Hen- 

rietta Street, W.C.). 
GSepl. 1895. *LiNroLx's Inn, The Honoi-rable Society of (A. F. Ether- 

IDGE, Librarian), The Library, Liuculn's Inn, "W'.C. 
5 Oct. 1872. The LiVEnrooL Athen-Ei-.m (George T. Shaw, Librarian), 

Liverpool . 
2 Sept. 1872. ^'Liverpool Free Pl'blk Library (Peter Co\vell, Librarian), 
AViliiam Enmn Street, Liverpool. 
20 Dec. 1877. *LoNi)ON Library (C. T. H. Wright, Secretary and Librarian), 

14 St. James';- Square, S.W. 
k; Mar. is7 I. *M ANCHE.'iTER Free FjIBKary (Charles W. Sutton, I>il)rari:ni), 

Kin;.,' Street, Mancliester. 
22July.l893. "Meluourne T'uiti.ic Library (T. Y. Pride, Librarian), ('-are of 
Agent-GeiK-ral for Virtoria, 112 fjueen Street, E.<".). 

10 Sept. 1877. Mitchell Libiivi:y (F. T. Pakuktt, Librarian), 21 Miller 

Street, Gla^trcju. 
2SMav,l><S4. National Library of Ireland (care of Hodges, Fig;;is, and 
Co., 10-1 Grafton Street, Dublin). 


25 Oft. 1899. > N'Kwni.KnY T,iim:aky, Cliiruizo. T' S A. (rare of 1). T. iilovons and 

l>ri>\vn, I 'i'niiul.<ar .SiiiiaiX', W'.C.J. 
2.*^ I)o.\ IS'^n. *NK".virvsTT,K-ri'(.v-TyNK I'rri-iC Liukm-.y (TWsit, Awkfctov, 

J>.A , L liit'l Liiniiriiu), Ni.a> :;>i!i.--ui'.iii-T.Mi". 
22 Jiilv. IS',1.). '^Nj.w HAMr>-niur. Statk Liukahy (Ainnii; \l. Kimhvll, 

Librarian). CuncorJ, Now llanq.^liiro, U.S.A. 
17 M:u-. IbS7. *Ni:\v Yokk IwiikaKY icarc ol l>. F. Strveiisainl Uiown, 

•1 Trafal-arS'iinrc, W.C). 
17 Jan. IS'Jl. »^Xi.\v YoUK StaTK Ll)!KAliY, All)aiiv, New Vtnk, I'.S.A. (rare 

of (i. E. yiorliort, 2 Star Vara, Cartv Street., W.C). 

7 J uno,ls7ri. *XoTTiNOUAM Vkick PfULic IjIBuaky (J. r. Kiu.-^coi:. Jiibrariaii), 

12 Mny, 189-1. *rLY.MorTir Fhee PrDLic LmUAliY (\V. II. K. W);i.;iit, liiln-a- 
riaii), Plymouth. 
2July, ISDi. *Ekading Pkei: Pcblic Libi:ai!Y (\^^ II. Gi;i:f.\iioigh, Lilira- 

rian), Ilcralinis'. 
2July, lS9i. *IvicnMo.vD Fh>:e LnniARY (Ai.HKni A. IJakkas, 
Librarian and Secrc-tary), Ki< Innuiid, Surr'-'y. 
14 Aj)r. 18S0. IJociiUALE Fkee Public Ltchauy (G. IIanson, Librarian), 
Eoflidale, l-anca^hiro. 

28 ?vIay,lSG9. Koyal LiBiUEY (li. E. Holmks, C.V.O., F.S. A., Librarian to 

H.M. The KinLf). Wind.sor Castle, Windsor. 

1 Dec. ISOO. *Jonx Ryi.ands' Libkaky, Manchester (per .Mr.<. Pyland.'^, ].,ong- 

ford Llall, Slretford, Manchester). 

12]^Iay, ISQk *Sr. Gdorge's, nA>-ovER Sqcakk, Frkf. Punuc LisnAiuFS 
(Fkaxk PaCY, Librarian), IJiickinghani Palace Puad, S.W. 

4 Feb. 1S91. *St. M.iRTix-ix-TnE-Fiti.n.s Fkf.e PrBLic Libiiaky (T. Mason, 
Librarian), 115 St. ^Martin's Lane, "W.C. 

8 Dec. 1SS5. Sheffteid Cextkal Fkee PruLic Library, Surrey Street, 

12 ]^Iay, 1S91. *Sign]:t Lickaky (Tuo.^rAS G. L\^v, LL.D... Librarian), Ediu- 

29 1S78. *Siox College Libeary (Rev. AV. XL Milmax, lyibrarian), 

Victoria Eniljanknient. E.G. 

2 July, 1894. ^ Swax.sea PrBLir LiBRAliY (S. E. Tl!()MP.'^ON, Librarian), Swansi-a. 
29 Oct. 1887. *Sydxey Free Public LinRARY (care of Youn:: J. Pentland. 

3S \Ye.-;t Sniithfield, E.G.). 

27 Nov. 1889. *SYRAcrsE Central Library (Ezfkiel "\V Muxuy, Librarian), 

Syracuse, New York, U.S.A. 
11 Dec. 1871. *Temple, The Uoxourablf Society of the Inner, TJie 

Library, Ten)ide, E.G. 
10 Mar. 18SG. *Temple, The Honourable Society of the Middle, The 

Library (care of Hntteruorth and Co., 12 lieli Yard, Fleet 

Street, E.G.). 
22 July, 1S93. *ToROXTO Public Library (James Bain, Librarian), Canada 

(care of C. D. Gazenove, 2r. Ilcnriella Street, "W.C). 
2Julv, 1891. *"\Valsall Fi;EE LlBiiARV (.\lki;FIj Morgan, Librarian), 

"Wahall, StaiTord^liire. 

28 I\b. 1877. *WASjriNGTOX Library of Congress, "Wa.-hinLrton, U.S.A. (care 

ofE. G. Allen, 28 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. W.C). 

; i 

I L 


2 Sept. 1S72. *W.vrKiNso\ f/THRAr.Y, llnrtrorcl, Conned idit, U.S.A. (fvtrc of 

i;. C Ailun, 2S llcnricUa Streol, Coveiit Ganltin, "W.C). 
^.Julv.isnt. *\Vu-.'.^: r-MK rr!;r.:r l.i;;)A!r: (III \i:vT ]'.m ka;p.>r;iri;n.'), 

2. 1 II. \, is: '1. *\ViTiJ\M AND .M\i:v ('.III i.ii-: I.tukmjv (Lyon (;. Tvi.rii, 

I'ro.MibN-.l). M'illi;:iii-hur,% Viririiii;., U S..\ 
2^) Dec. iss.'i. *Wui<ri:.^TKU Fin-r I'lmu.ic LinnAUv. Woivc-trr, ;Mn^.-nHniM-'U>, 

U.S.A. (per Ki'.-.iii l':iiil, 'I'n.'H'-li, 'rriibiii-r Mint ('o., l':iI(Tiiu<lt r 

House, Cluuiiiy Cru.-<s Jion.l, AV.C). 

1 Fl'1>. Ib'Jo. *\ViLT,ouoiiTiT A. LiTTrroAiA:, IM.A., r.S.A.,2r, Cr:uili\v O.'^.nioii.'!, 

South IvcnsiriLrtoii, S.AV. 
4 Apr. ]S'.t5. The Lord Llanc.attock, The llcndro, near Monmouth. 
2iJnno.lSsl. *G. 15. Longstaff, M.A., M.l)., F..S.A., lli-hluuds, Pulni-y Heath, 

19 Feb. IS9S. W.A. MACFART.A.NE-GiUKvr, M.A.,S.C.].., J.P., impin-ton r:irk, 


28 Nov. 1870. *Rev.Canon A. K. Maddt.-^ox, JI.A., F.S.A.,Vic:ir,s' Court, Lincohi. 

29Nov. ISyO. KiNG?MiLL Makks, Suutli Park, Sa\onvil!e, Massachusetts, 

10 Apr. 1869. *Geokge "W. MAKSiiALL, LL.D., F.S.A. {Couucil), Pu.u^c Croix 
Pursuivant of Anns, College of Arm.s, E.G., and SarnosCold 
Court, Weobley, K.S.O. 

12 :Mar. 1^S5. *llon. Robkrt Maksiiam-Tou-nsiikxij, M.A., F.S..\., L Chester- 
field Sireet, Mayfair, A\'. 
3 Apr. 1900. *lJrRDETT Masox, Chateau Larondouette, Pros Payonno, Passes 
Pyrenees, I^raace. 

IG Jau. 1901. C. Onslow Mastek, Pourton Gran^-e, llax Ponrton, Pristol. 
7 ^lay,lh78. ' ^'Tjiomas Tixual Mftiiold, 7 Ashburn Place, Cromwell Poad, 

South Keusin.::U)n. S.W. 
3 Apr. 1SS9. *Pev. A. T. Miciiell, M.A., F.S.A., Sheriifhalos Vicara-e, New- 
port, Salop. 

21 Ma V, 1869. The Vi.«corXT ^Iidletox, Lord-Lieutenant ot Surrey, Pepor 
Ilarov.', Godahning. 

20 .Inly, 1878. Sami'KL .AIilnf. Milne, Calverley House, near Leeds. 

21 AuLC. 1870. liev. John Miklhovsi:, Colstcrwortii Ilectory, Grantham. 

1 Apr. 1879. *\V. J. C. Mulns, F.S..V. {Council j, Tweed, near Lyminu'ton, 

7 Fib. 1899. Alkx. Moking, 298 RcLreut Sireet, W. 
10 Apr. 1875. *\V. ^Lvutial MYrjiJi:LTON, Spencer Hnu<o, St. .\lban.s. 

14 Sept. 1872. Naval and Militauy Clt-e, 91 Piccadilly, W. 

15 Mar. 1890. Iltvd NicnoLL, U.S.A., The Ham, Cowbridu'e, GlainorLranshire. 

22 I\b. 19n0. *Tbe Utkk of NoitTuriMJiKKLANn, K.C, P.C., U.S.A., Alnwick 

Castle, Nnrlhumberland (per J. C. Hodgson, F.S.A. , Alnwick 
28 MhT. I'JOl. *Henky Turton Nokto.s, 103 Lancasier Gate, Hyde Park, W. 


10 Nov. I'^SO. '\. T.. Oi.ivt:r. \Vl,it!iu>ro Lod-o, Suniiiiurhill, Borksliir.'. 
10 M:tr. is;s7. ^1:dward U. 0\vi:n-, F.S.A., Tv Codi, near Caririrvcn. Xnitli 

I V'.Ak lo.'O. -'v)-;! ":.!!• \M' '"w, •!,.iiH.L: CiAu (f;;iro cf IJ irrisuns. '!> PmII 
Mall, S.W.). 

14 l\h. ISSO. *(\)l.'ii(l John W. M. PAKKri!, llrou^iclmo H.i!l, Clitlirroc, 

2S July, IKGP. Kov. A. J. Pkakman, Tho Prorim-ts, l;.,i'lif-f<r, Kent. 
31 Mar. iss."). KinrARD PiTKif. The Cottat'o, ]/ninco>1oii. 
:^0 :Nr.i\-, issi. M'. V. W. ViiTLMMonr:, ]vr.A.. H.C.L.. 121 (.'Iruicerv Lano, 

5 Oct. IS'Jo. -^Eklysman rixCKNTY, Wr:i\:i!l Ln-iu'e, r.ri'lfor(l-oii-.\vnii. 

15 Feb. 1S73. W. DuNCOMiiK Pin'k, AViusliuU", Low ton, Xewtun-lc-AVillowj:, 


10 Apr. 1S',I2. *I-'kaxci? "W. Pixlkv, I'.S.A., 12 Snullr.voU Gaidciis S.W. 
23July. 1S85. i^DGAK PowKLL, Ui'i'tr t'ro.~s, ^\■llillc_v, Heading. 

31 Deo. lS7o. Picv. F. J. Poynton, Kel?toi! Pcctory, Bath. 

12Juiie,lS71. C. G. PRiDKArx-l>i;rNK, Prid^iuix Place. Padstow, Cornwall. 

2 July, 189-1. Public Kfcokd Otfio:, Fetter Lane, Jl.C. (care of Kyrc and 

Si>otti>\voode, 5 Z^liddle iSew Street, K.C). 

3 Mar. 1900. *Bi:exaed AtFRrD Qi-akitch, 15 Pic-adilly, AV. 

29 Oct. 1SS7. Jony PlADCLIFFK, Furluu-, GrcenfielJ, via Oldham. 

15 July, IS'Jij. II. C. F. Paxdoi.I'H. M.A.. :-X(;M\o^t 85th JSt root, New York, 

31 Oct. 18Si. *1;f.fokm Clcd, 101 Pall ilall, S.W. 
27 Dec. 1890. ^rr>. Rice, Gran;'e Erin, Douglas, Cork. 
SSepl. 18SG. *Sir Cuaf.les H. S. ]fiCH, Uaionet of Shirley, F.S.A. (Cou.icif), , 

Devizes Custlc, and the Coii.sorvuiivo Club, S.W. 

11 Sejit-lSSO. *l>RooKE PoBixsox, M.P., Barford Ilou-e, Warwiek. 

13 Oet. 18S3. *\V. P. llowiNSOX, 1739 17th Street, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 
(care of 13. F. Stevens and Drown, 4 Tir.lalgar Square, W.C). 
1 Dee. IK'.tC. *Al:TurR A. Rollasov, Dixon's Green, Dudley, Wo^Jf•ster^hire. 

1 Jan. 18S3. Simpsox Rostrox, J. P.. 1 Hare Court, Temple, E.G. 

3 Dee. 1873. J. Brookixg Rowe, F.S.A., Castle Barbican, Plympton, South 

8 Nov. 18-89. Rev. Prebendary Rowi.ev, M..\.., The Barrow«, Cheddar, Somerset. 

2 Jan. 1901. Roval Societies' CLrn (D. Lewis Puole, Hon. Sec, 

63 St. James's Street. S.W.). 
20 Feb. 1890. Mr-;. Clemext .Moeyxevx Kuvds, Gr. enhill, Roi.-hdale. 
11 Aug. 1888. J'HIX Wn.ElAM Rvland, F.8.A., R<n\in_'ton, near Warwiek. 

20 Jan. 1S71. *Jo}ix I'aTE Ryeaxus, F.S.A. (Co7>iri7), 2 Charlesville. Birken- 


21 Jan. 1901. "W. ILm:ry Rylands, F.S.A., I Campden Hill Place, Kensing- 

ton, \V. 


IG Nov. ISSo. 'V. L. Ol.n>:R, Wliitmorc Lod'-^o, Smminirhill, IJorkshir.'. 

10 "Mtir 1SS7. ^IIdayard II. Owi:n-, F.S.A., Tv Codi. iienr Carnarvon, Nortli 

!'•••!) Ib'O n>\i":(r \NP C\\\v..iiK-i: Ci.vv (caro vt ITurri.^o'.is, '!> Fall 

Mall, S.AV.). 

14 Feb. ISSO. ''('uloncl Jonx W . K. rAliKDE, nrou--li(,liiip |[rill, ("lit Ik- roc, 

2S J ul\', 1SC3. Ivcv. A. J. Pe.vkm.nn, The Prorim-ts, 1to.-lK"-t«r, Kci.t. 
31 Mar. 18S5. IJicn.vRD rETEi?, The Cof.ago, l/iuncc>ton. 

30 ^fav I'^Sl W. V. W. ViiTLT.JMORK. U.A., P.C.L., 121 Clrincpry Lane, 

5 Oct. ISiJo. *K!;t,vsman- PixCiCNrv, Wraxall ^M-^o, Ilr:i'lfurd-on-.\vr>ii. 

15 Feb. 1873. W. Duncomhk Pin'K, AViusIade, Lov.lon, Ne\vton-l('-"\Villowi=, 

10 Apr. 1S'J2. *I-'R.vycis "W. Pixi.i:v, F.S.A., 12 SoutlnvcU Gardens S.W. 
23 Ju!y,lS85. Edgae Powell, Ui'i'tr C'ro.~s, Wliillcy, Kcading. 

31 Dee. 1S75. Picv. F. J. Poynton, Keblon Rectory, Bath. 

12 Jinie,lS71. C. G. PKiDEArx-BurxK, Prid^nux Place. Padstow, Cornwall. 

2 July ,189-1. PuBiac Pfcoi;d Offict;, Fetter Lane, E.C. (care of Eyre and 

Spottiswoode, 5 Middle Xe'.v Street, E.C.). 

3 Mar. 1000. "^Bkexakd Alfefd Qtakitch, ir> Pic-adilly, AV. 

29 Oct. 18S7. John PlAIX-liffk, piirlnuc, GrLcnficld, via Oldham. 

IjJuh- 18'iG H C. F. Paxdoi.I'K, M.A.. KOaAVest ssili t^treot. New York, 

31 Oct. 18S1. *]:m Clcb, 101 Pall Mall, S.W. 
27 Dec. 1890. Mr>. Jl\CE, Gran;'c Erin, Douglas, Cork. 
3 Sept 18SG. *Slr Ciiakles II. S. Picii, Baronet of Shirley, F.S.A. {Cotmcil), , 
Dt'vizts Castk, and the Cnn.=orvuiive Club, S.'\^ . 
1 1 Sept. 1880. *Brooke EoniNSOK, M.P., Barford llou^e, AVarwick. 
13 Oct 1883 *\V. P. RoBiNSOX, 1739 I7th Street, Washineton, D.C., U.S.A. 
(care of B. T. Stevous and Brown, 4 Ti-nlalgar Square, AV .0.). 
1 Dec. 18'.>G. *Ai:THri: A. RoLLASrix, Di.\on'« Green, Dudley, Worcestershire. 
1 Jan. 1883. Simpsox Rostrox, J.P... 1 Jiare Court, Tcuiplo, E.C. 
3 Dec. 1873. J. Brookixg Rowk, F.S.A. , CaMle B:\rbican, Plympton, South 

8 Nov. ia89. Rev. Prebendary Rowi.f.v, M.A.. Tlie Barrow-, Cheddar, S-.mer.set. 
■> Jan 1901 Royal Sociktik.s" Ctrn (D. T-fwis PootE, Hon. Sec, 
63 St. James's Street. S.W.). 

20 Feb. 1890. Mrs. Clement .Molyxeux Royus, Granhill, Roehdale. 

11 Auii. 1888. J"HX William livuND, F.S.A. , Rowin^'ton, near Warwick. 
"0 Jan. 1871. *.lonx Paul Rylaxls, F.S.A. {Cou>icU),2 Charlesville. Birken- 

21 Jm 1901. W. IlAi'.r.Y Rylvxps, F.S.A., 1 Campdcn Hill Place, KLnsing- 

ton, W. 

;- -- ( ' I. ■ r 


2i Jane,lS78. S. Svtiii:ri.\\d S.v.rKiM:n, I'.irksliot, Hichnioiivl, Snrrc\-. 

I'.i Nov. ISSS. John SC'.itt, Jiin., Crot't lloti-c, Skiptdii-in-l'r.iVfii, Yorkshire. 

20 Au^-. IS.sT. .li'Si IMI SruTT. i'S AilMnn ^^irevl, Lwds. 

:j;.h''v, (^;^-:. i:.- !,.'<;! S.!i:;;i;"Un;., Ci ■', .1 im,- V *< s-'v ■. *^ "\\'. 

18 I'cb. ls7;5. *(ONlNG.snv 0. .SU!Tlloi;v,C:iii\vii.k ll;il), Liip mId. 

."jjiui , 187 1. lIiUKRT Smith. I'r.Mikiv luic, M'ilKs lloni. L. :imiii;.,i<iii S|.a. 

10 Nu\. lS7;i. ^.1. C. (.'ini.i.i-.vur. S.Mirii. I\!>.A.. IvisiiUld. U Iiilclmr.-li, llt/mHii. 

7 Nuv. 1^',»3. *Ai.v:( I). vS.vow, Nisl.^n, (\>m!ie Piirk, Bidli. 


S Sc'i't. 1S7L *lkxsTO>' ATHrx.rrxi, lie-^ton, U.S.A. iper K-j-.m I'linl, Tn-u.h, 

Triilmer .•lud (n., l';il,riiO.-tfr llou^e, Cii;iriiiu' Cros.< Kt.iai.1, 

27 Deo. 1S79. *IIisTorvic.\L SociKTV or rEN.v.sYLV.^MA, ]'h;Uidelr>lii:i, Ta. (caro 

of u. F. Su-vc-Ms ami lirowu, 1 Trrifalcar ?»']uarc', W.C.). 
2JX'i\.1SS3. *Lr.iTiGH U.xiveksity, South Belblehein, Poniisylv n;i:i, I'.S.A. 

(per II. S'ltheiau and Co., 140 Slraud, \\ .0.;. " 

2J Nov. lliOO. *Tur Loxo Island IIijtokicai. Socitty (Kmiia ToF.orrr.rKC, 
Librarian), Eruoklyii, Now York, U.S.A. 

29 Doc. 1898. *3Iai:yland liiSTOUiCAL Socikty', BaUiniore, ^Maryland, U.S..\. 

oJune, 18S6. MiXNESOTA Historical Society (WATHirx Upiiam, Scerviary 

and Librarian), Si. Paul, j.linue.-otu, U.^.A. 
7Sept.lS7S. =*=New Exgland Historic Gexealogical Socikty (.1. "\Vai;d 

Deax, M.A., Librarian), 18 Somerset Street, Bo-ton, I'.S.A. 
20 Oct. 1891. *Ne\y Y'ork Gexealogkal axd Emgkaphical Society 

(IL Calkixs, Jan., Librarian), 2i'G \^'c<t 58th Slrooi. Ni-w 

I'ork, U.S.A. 
22 Jidy,189;3. *New Yokk Uistouical Society (Koheet IL Kelly, Librsrian), 

170 Second Avenue, New York, U.S.A. 

29 Jan. 1878. *PtOYAL Histokical Society, 3 Old S.rjeinls' Inn, Ch:incery 

Lane, AV.C. 
20 Jan. 1871. TIoyal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin. 
22 Mar. 1871. *Society of Antiquakies or London, Burlinijton House, "\Y. 
12 Nov. 1SS3. Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, The 

Castle, Newcastle- upun-Ty no. 
7 June, 1872. *Somersetshiiie Ancii.i:oLOGiCAL Society, Mu.«euni, Taunton. 

30 J di. 18SS. *^VI.vC0NSIN State Historical Society, Madi^^ou, U.S.A. 

(per H. Sotheran and Co., 110 Strand, AV.C). 
7 Oot. 1879. *Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. (care of 

K. G. Allen, 28 Henrietta Street, Coveui Garden, W.C). 
12^1av, 1891. *YoRKsniRE Arch.eolooical Society (the Hon. liibrarian, 
10 Park Street, Leeds). 

It Feb. 1SS9. 11. E. .SoMFliS, Mendip Lod-e. Lan-fup!. II.S.O.. IJristol. 
17 Ai'T. 1886. '^Captain liELLiNGHAJl A.SuMEKVlLLK, r.S..V., Cienuonl, II itiinew, 
CO. ^\'icklow. 


7 ^[:ir. ISOS. •Hi-niti:RT M. If. Soitjiav, F.S.A., h)in.'U,ui, Shrt-wsbiiry. 

IS Oct. ISiil. Colonel John P. Sthj.l, 11. E., F.U.C.S., 7'.t Jlun-ourt. Tor- 

30 M;iv, 18.SI. Kov. FitANCl? Sri^miY, Clniol Clocvc, W:t-hfor.l, Tniuituii. 
.1(1 u, ;. iss4. I.nw vuD .Sionk, r.S.A., b riii^lniry (Jil•'.•ll^, L.C. 
:.'."> Nnv. ]SS5. *l'Kir.K Srrrs, lJi:ii>tloii 11 ill, Xrwiiliam. (Jlouct'st.Tshiio. 
li> Sei>t. IS'.K). C':i|ilain (J. K. SwirrTi'Nil vM. D S.O., :2nd It 'y:il Irisli ru-ili<iv, 
SouUi Lik1i,-o, (.; range ILki-.I, ]]:i>lljourne. 

.S.liily, 18;'5. llov. Thomas Tayi.ok, -M.A.. The VicaniLV, Sr. .liisl in Pcnwilh 

lv..S.()., I'tn/.anco, Cornwall. 
2N(>v. I'^ST. r^Irs. AuTiiru Ckcil TK.':ri:sT, IJrou.liton Mall, Skii'ton-in- 

Crawu, Yorkshire. 
}-2 May, TSUI. *CUAi;i i:s .M. Ti:ni.<on, MIMA., r.U..S.A 1., lli.harl, TaMiiania. 
^'^ Apr. LSilT. '.John J?. Tilnuy, 77 Maia Str.^el, Onui_-e, New Jersey, U.S.A. 

(care of 15. F. Slcvi-r.s nn-l r.rnwn, 4 'i'rifal-ar .Sijuare, W.C.). 
5 Nov. \^W. Wm. A^H) to.s- TdXGic, Stancelylle, D^isley, Ch.eshire. 
i)July,lSS7. «,loii.\ 1Iai;vlv Tkkat, l.;\vrence, Massachusetl;;, U.S.A. (bi«ok.«i 

to c ire ol Harvard ColLje Library, U.S.A.). 

8 July, l.Sii5. TRi.NirY CollkoE, Uvui.ix (T. K. Aurott, Librarian). 

10 Mar. 1871. *J'.isi:i'U IlEKEr.KT Tkitxcn, SO Queen's Gale (wardens, S.AV. 
19 Jan. 18S1. Wm. :MukkaY Tukk, The Vineyard, SalTron "Walden. 

30 May, 181*5. Major W.. 11. TCRTON, U.K. (..aro of llev. Z. il. Turten, 12 Albany, .SoLithtown, Grr:u Yarmouth). 
1 Aug. 1901. *E. T. Tyson, J.P., "Wood Hall, Cockcrniouth. 

27 Jan. ]Sb9. ULPTr-R King of Arms, Tjik Orricv. or, Tlic Castle, Dublin 
(care of E. rousouby, ilG Graiiou Street, Dublin). 

12 Aug. 1891. Colop.el V. Van Dk WEYrn, New Lodu'c, "Wiiid-or Forest. 

9 Jan. lS7o. IL F. J. Vatghan, 30 Square, Ivensington, AV. 
1 Ffb. ]8!jr>. Caj'lain '\VilMOT Vavguan. 159 Rue de la Poiupe, Paris. 

2S Feb. 1896. *Major C. L. VAUCHAN-.Xi-iirrKi.E (.Trd liatlali-m West Y'ork- 
shire ReL.Mnient), Stawel! House, Hiehninnd, Surrey. 

10 June, 1809. *Sir Hf.nky M. Vavasouk, Bt., F.S.A., 11 Stauhojie Street, 

18 Doc. 187L ^IIenky "Wagnek, :\LA.. F.S.A., 13 Half Moon Street, Picca- 
dilly, W. 

31 Oct. 1900. *AVai.7-ord LuoTnrii.s, c, >,'.,-\v 0.\ford Street, London, W.C. 
31 Jan. 1S87. JOHN \VAKiiEN, 95 Laiica.-ter Gate, Hyde* Park, W . 

1 Nov. 18/0. *Sir John "Watney, F.S.A., F.ll.G.S., Merccr->' Hail, Irunmon^'er 
Lane, Cheajiside, K.C. 
18 .ALiy, 1870. *W. H. AVeldon, C.V.O., F.S.A., Norroy Kin.Lr-of-Ari'.is, College 

of Arms, (^ueen Victi^ria Slreel, K.C. 
17 Mar. 1900. Fkancis Wehe, Gratwake Hall, liarru'.t Guniey, Flux IJourton, 

li.S.O., Somerset. 
3 Mar. 1900. CUAUI.ES A. U'jiilF, New Haven, Counecti'ut, U.S.A. 
H l'Vl>. 18S5. llev. Cliuis. Halts AVilkie, Kingston lioctory, Canterbury. ' 


7 Julv. isni. CuaKLKS !^^\Cl!o AVilsox, AVali]tMs!i:iii,'l!, llolstcrstono, SlieHlfld. 
IS Muv ISTO- ''Sir Ai.i!Ki;T NV. "WooD^;, K.C.lj.. K.C.^l.<;., F.S.A., Ciarior KiuLr- 
of-.\nas, O'.i ??l. Gi'ur-r's JJ.'ini, AV;ir'.vi.-k Scjuuiv, S.AV., .-iihI 
C<)!1<"_'0 fil' Anus, Qiioon Virturia Strck-t, K.C. 
•>o J'i'lj iS'.i;". C:ii«tMii il. S. v't uot.KM II v'l'i.c Kiii;^'.- U. -iiin'in), N.'it.,!! r.;iiik. 
5 Nov. iS'.fJ. I'm LIP .li'iiN Wousi.l.v. K'nliifv I.(>(1l;i'. Clif1«tii, I'.ri-tol. 

22 Nov. is'.i.'i. *Voi;u, Till: l>i an axp Cii vriKit ok, iriu.^^tor C!:iti.---j York. 

Anunal Sa"'o-<cviplioii (payrble in advarcc and due on the 1st of January 
in each year) : One Gninea. Ditto Register Section: One Guinea. 
■ ■ Entrar.ce Fee: Half-a-Guinea. 

Persons ■whose Suhscriplions arc due :irc roque.stod to l"oi\v:\rd 
thcni It) W. P)I:l-ce, Esq.. F.S.A.. Treasurer, at Tlie 
Lindens, Sydenham Eoad, Croydon, Surrc}, ulio will also receive 
Subscriptions for tlie Register Section. 

Persons -wishing to join tlie ]L\nLi:rAy Society should apply to 
Mr. Baxnkumax at the ahove address. 

Any of the Publications of the Society which are in print can 
be obtained on application lo Messrs. Mitchkli- and HrcaiEs, 
110 Wardour Street, AV. 


7 Julv. 1S;>!. CiiAKLKS ^^^CKo ^^^ W;il(kMsli:\iu'li, Ik.lstorstoiu-, Slit-iTifld. 

IS M;iv 1S70- ''^^i^ Amu'ut \V. Woods, K (MJ., K.C'/M.<i., r.>^.A., Gartor Kin-- 
of-Anas, 0'.' ^^l. Gi">r .;.'■> INoii, AV:.r\\irk S.iikhv, S.W., .■iii-i 
Colloji' M' Anus, Qiiccii \'ir(i/ri:x Slrcn-i, K.C. 

•\") J'l-li \s['\K C:ii>1;iin U.S. V> < n't.i;'* i n ^'li,,.' Km-".- U._iiiii in), Jx.'itoii l]:tiik, 

;j NnV. IS'.I-J. rilU.lP .1"11N WuKSI.l.V, i;.Mlllry l;i'. Clil'l. HI, liriMol. 

:i2 X()\'. l.s'.t.">. *Voj;u', 'Tiir l>i a.\ Asn Cii virint oi', ^riiislcr C;:itf-, York. 

Annual Sn1x<cviption (payrhle in advarcc and due on the 1st of Jannary 
in each year) : One Guinea. Ditto Register Section: One Gninca. 
• ' Entrance Fee: Ha]f-a-Guinea, 

Pcnvons whose Sul.isoriptioiis arc due arc roquc^tod to forward 
them to W. r>i:vcK BaN-VEKMAK, ]-^.;=(i.. r.S..\., Treasurer, at The 
Lindens, Sydenham Eoad, C]-0}do)i, Surrey, who will al^o receive 
Subscription.^ for the Jk^gister Section. 

PersoHi; wisliing to join the ]].^l;Ll;t.\^■ SotiETY .should apply to 
Mr. 13A>r>"F,ini.vx at the ahovc address. 

Any of the Pulilications of the Socioly which are in print can 
be obtained on ajiplication lo Messrs. >[itl1!);l]. and llrcaiKS, 
MO Wardour Street, AV. 


l--TITr V!S1T\T10\ or LONDON- IN i:..>. I'.V n. c'OOKK. V-dnci hy •' .'• 
Ik.WAUP. l>.,., LL.]\. r.S.A.. ati.I <;. .1. Ai:myta..i:. l.-i.. 1 >.A. ' - 

...Till. Vi.irAii-N - ,,:i. .>rrus>nRK IN :.!.. 3;- tammox. Mitci^^_y 

J. Kinni:u>TON. E?'i.. r.^.A. 
•i-TFlE V1<IT\TI0N OF lU'TLAND IN Kll.^-T.., HY CAM I'EN ; .-uul otlier D.-.c-.i::^ o 

I-.^.nlu> nut in ihv V>4uuion. K.iitc.l hy'i. J. A;:MYTAf.i:. Ls.,., ^>-^- ' ^ ' 

4_Tlir V]^IT\T1<A-S OF NOTTlN(;HAMSlirKK IN l...;-.* AND l-jFL ^\11H >..VNi. 

- Tnr vi^TT\nON^ OF OXFOKn>lIl KF IN F".'".''. F-Y W. UAHVEY. F'.TJ KY K- LEE. 

^••~''' ;N0 iV' by' "FIIILmrr AND W. i:VLEV: WFIH THE U ATllEinNGX.F 
OXFOKlXHinF. COlXErXEl) i;Y F. LFK IN i:.7L L.luo.l uml Anuot u.. Jj} 
\V. 11. TruNi:!;. K<q. ^ "' 

(;.--TltE VF<IT.VT10N OF DEYONSlllKE FN' l.'.^O. Ediu'J by ihc Kev. !•. 1. Loi.u^. yP.. 

7.-T11e'vISIT.VTI0N OF CUMUKRLAND IN 1013. BY K. ST. CIEOKOE. l^^it..:^y 

J. FKTHi-.r.sTON. E^q., F.S.A. „ , . n ■ T 

[/"//'• «/y.'rr ///r «» out of I'-ra. 



AL(JNE. AND QUEEN ANNE. Edited by GKOU-a; W ., Esq.. LL.D.^ 

F.S.A. 21.S-. " , ^, , n ^r Vi 

<>.— THE VISITATION OF CORNWALL. Di-'n. Ediu>I by Culon-'l \lvi.\N ami Dr ... 11. 

l.)-THlf'REGISTEi;S OF WESTMINSTER ABLEY. lo^5-IS73. Edited by C^onol 
Chestkp., D.C.L., LL.D. IM.*. 'W. _ ' '• 

ll._TIIE VISITATION OF SOMERSETSHIRE IN 102:^.. Edited by the Rev. F.1.<-...^a^ 
D.I).. F.S.A. lu.s-. <;./. 

12.— THE VISITATION OF WARWICKSHIRE IN \uV.K Edited by JouK 1 j:T}iF.:>TO>^ 
Esq., F.S.A. [Out ,•/ I-nnt. 

13_T1IE VISITATIONS OF ESSEX IN 153-, 1^5S. ICl^, AND lG;i4. Fart I. ^dit^ni^^y 
WALTKK C. 3iETCAIA-E. E-q.. F.S.A. ^^^^^ ^^^. j.^^''^ 

1'— THE VISIT VnONS OF ESSEX, consi.^tiu- of Miscfllar.eous Pedigrees, and Barry's 

■" Pedfcrci;^ Fart II. With general Index. Edited by Walteu C. M.:tcali-k. E.q., 

F.S.A. ia>. 0^. ,."" 

15.-THE VISIT-VTION OF LoNDoN. 1G3::-L YoL I. ^-f ted by J. .1. llowAKD. ^^q.. 

EL 1) . F.S.A., and ColonLd Chestek. D.C.L.. LL.D. l'>-. M. i • ^' 

1,;._TH!-; VISITATION OF YOUKSHIRE IN lo.U. Edited by the liev. C. iJ. NonCLirrE, 

17.-TIIE VISIl'-VTION OF LONDON. D;:i:;-1. Vol.11. Edited by J. J. Howakd. E^^ 

LL.D.. F.S.A. lUj,-. y;d. 
n._TllE VISITATION OF CHESHIFE IN i:.y>. Edited by J. Paul Rylam-. Vq.^ 

I y._TIIE VISITATIONS OF BEDFOl:DSHIRE IN l^Gu, 15S2, AND 10:^4. Edited by R A. 

Blaydes, Esq. lu.v. W. v-T. T ,-v-v- .T... 


■ AS DKl'UTIES TO CAMDEN. K.lit-d by J. PAuMivi.ANns, Esq., h.S.A. F^^ 

LIFor \S DFI'FTIFS T') CAMDEN. Edited by Sir -Iohx Maclkan. K>.A.. and 
W. C. lii.\Ni:. E^q.. M.R.C.S. in.v. i\,l . l^"^'' 

•"-THE VISlTAilONS Oi" HERTFORDSHIRK IN l".;-' AND WS\. IMited by V. altek 
C Meicaeke. Esq.. F..<.A. H'.'. •;/. . '^^^ 

•'<_M\RI1IVGE LI<:EN< ES: D,an and Chapter of We^tmin-f-r, LV.S to D.'.v.' : \ icar- 

- ■ g' m'a! of the of C.uu-rbury, V.u.> i> IsTl^ Extraet.d >;y ^ho hue . >:.nel 

Cuesteu, D.C.L. Edited by GEOKUE J. Ahmyta--;e, Esq., l-.S.A. Vh. M. I'^^b 


W < >J: K ^ IT I]].] S I IFA) —continue J. 


i;^. — .MAl;UL\(i!; L1CI:N(.'1:.S : la..-u!ty Otiice of ili..- Arohbishoi. of f:nit.TU)ry, ir.KUo l^'V.) 

iV..— M,\lM;i.\(ii; 1,I(;i:N(M:s : Ui.-hop of l.omlon. Vi,!. I.. ir.^o to ]''.10. ]Ox.t;j. 1S<7 

:2(;.— M Vl:i;JA<Si: I.ICKNCI.S : i;i-.!K.p. of Luihln,. Vul. II.. l(>n to K<-_\s. 10.V. M. 1S.S7 

27.— tin: visiT.vTio.v vr \V()i:( i;sTLi;snji;j:: i.\ hv;:*. Kdnoi by Wh.m.vm p. nv. 

l'iili.LlMui:i:. i:.^.].. .M.A., ll.i'.L. lo.>. t;,/. " jj;^,; 

•?^.— TUK VI-I-|"\Tfn\ or S;!!nOP:-^~]MrK. I.-.-.: v.,". .'.,!,i;-.i,, ... r ri. (. riK-.Ily 

UpoU'.k OliAZi:rvi:0(>K, i;.-..).. f..S..\.. nuu J. i'.WL [i\h\si>-,. Ej.^., F.S.A. 10.v. M. ISSi* 
2'J.— TIIK VISITATION OF SHllOr^llIUE, ICl'" ; with AtUlitious. I':ni 11. E.litud by 

Gicoiit;!; Gr..\zi:i;i;i.inK. i:-;.i..F.S.A.. umi .1. V.WL Uyi,anL'.-, K.-ij.. f.S.A. in.v. (>/. i.ssli 
30.— ^lAbMUAGK LTGKXlTO.S : Vic;ir-G^uoi-.xl of .\rohbishop oi Caaiorbiiry, lOT'J to 10*7. 

E lil<'.] by (tKuI-wGC J. AliMYTAGi:, L'.<(i.. F.S..\. lOx. Of/. JSI'O 

31.— 3IA1{I;1AGE LICFXCK.S : Vkur-GoiicTal of Archbiirhop of Canterbury, Ii;-7 to IC'Ji. 

10.V. M. ,,y.„, 

32.— THE VISITATIOXs OF NOKFOLK IN IM\:\. l,->s;.. AND 1.J13. Editcl by W\i/rKK 
I!yi;. )•:-(). UK. C/i. 1,<.,1 

33.— MAFJUAGK lilCEXGES : Vicar-Geuorul of the AruDjishup of Canterbury, Vol. 1. 

liir.d 10 lo'J^. Kdito'l liy Gkokue .r. Ai;.mvt.\(jI'. i:.-;(l., F.S.A. lO.v. <;</. )S;)2 

;Ji.— -MAlM'JAGE LICENCES : V)\-;ir-Geufni! of ibc Aichbisbop of Canterbury, Vol. U . ICCl' 

to li;7'.). lO.y. V>tL ' ]>,.,2 

[N.B. Voluruf.s 33 ami M courain the f-niries not extracted by Colonel Cni;sTi:K : 

sue Volumo 23.] 

lUSHOP OF WINCHESTER, i.;.s:)_i,si7. Vol. L Ediu-d bv W. J. 0. MoKXS l>n 
F.S.A. 10.V. G./. • jgyij 

30.-11 A:\frs[m;E allegations for marriage licences issued by the 

BlSHOr OF WINCHESTER, ](;s:l—l^:;7. Vol. II. Uu. (W. 18'J3 

37.— HCNTERS FAMILLE MINORU.M GLNITU.M. Vol. I. F.dited bv JoHV W 1 «'-• 

Cl,AV. E<q., F.S.A. ' Is'.M / =- 

:;i,s.— HUNTERS FAMlLI.i:: :\nNORUM GENTIUM. Vul. II. 1S9.5 ( Z.^> 

3;t. — HUNTEKS FAMILI.i: MINOKUM GENTIOI. Vol. HI. ls;i,%f'i'c 

10.— HUNTi;irs FAMILI.L MINOUUM GEXTIU.M. Vol. IV.. with Indkx to (be I 2 - 

41. -THE VISITATIOXS OF CAM BRIL'G ESHIRE IX \:,7:, AND ir,]D. Edited by John 
W. (r.AV, Esq.. F.S.A. lO--. M. ' 1SH7 

12.— THE Vl^llATION or kkxt IN lhl'.t. Edited by BoBEia" HOVEXDEX. E-n.. FS.\. 
]...o;-/. ,,oy., 

13.-TIiE VISITATIONS OF SURKEY IN l.-,3i. 1.^72. AND 1023. Edited In- W. Itju'CK 
r.AN.NKICMAX, E.>'i.. F.S.A. 21.«. ' J.^yy 

Sir Gi:ori;e -L Ai:mvtac:e. Bt.. F.S..\. Vol. I. isii'j 

50.— LIN<-0LNSHII;E pedigrees. Vol. I. Edited by the Rev. A. R. Maddj.sox. m'a.. 

F.S.A. 21.V. ]y^,0 

-,!.— LINCOLNSHIRE FEDK; KE KS. V„l. IE Edited by the Rev. A. R. Madui.<o.v, M.A.. 

^■■■^••■^- [lathe Pir^-K. 

THE VISllATLiN <iF HEIIKSHIRE IN l.-,:!2. i.-JjC, l(;i.'3. AND ICCl-Cr, Edit-d by 

W. llAUUV RvLANJ)^. E-,.. F.S.A. [Jn (he y'/v...:. 


Till, \ isiTATDXs ()!• ii.\Mi'sjin:j; IN i.-,;ii. u,;:,. .\.nd 1.^-2. 




THE VISliATloN OF H i;i:KF< UIDSH I i;E IN l.i31. 


WOiiK^s l?U]]Ll8liKI). 





11 — 

11. -^ 





-TIIK l;K<.lSTKl:s (»r ST. IT.l i:i;'S, (•)|:M1II.1„ L()Mm)N. T.uiT L. a.p. ir.HS 

in lOti!'.. Ijdii. '1 !)y (ii.'.v.w iLii; Li vr^ic, (m>\\ i j;. Hmj., |".S.A. L'l.v. 1877 

-TllF, i;i:(;is'r):i;s oy C.WrKKIUU'V CA'rilKIMiAI;. Kditcd l.v lIonrRT lIovi:.s-- 

Pi:N, i:-]., J- >. V. I'lv. ■ 1S78 

-THE jn;i;J.STi:KS of .ST. DIoMS ILVrKrilUJidl, L()N1)0N. IMUod by CV.IomcI 

J. .L. Cnr.sTKJi, l).C'..l.., LL.l). l'L-. 1878 


lo 1751. EdiieJ by Gu.vnvilll Ev.vksov fJown;, Iv-^cj., F..^.A. 21.v. Ib79 

-THE ]i]:<^ISTKi:.S OF ST. MAl:\' .VLDCK.M Al,' V, EONIKjN. Edited by Colonol 
J. L. CifKSTLK, D.C.E., LE.D. :>A.s. 18S0 

J. ]j. CuKsxri;, D.C.L., I-L.D 21..t. 1S81 

by Colonel J. L. Chestkk, D.C.L., liL.l). •2]s. 18S2 

ON WALLlUiOOK, LONDON. 21*. ]S8c( 

CilinbT]-MNr.<, ir.51 to l/tH). Edited by IIoblut IIove.nuk.v, E^.]., F.S.A. 21.v. 

CnKIhTiwlxo^f, ]70i to 1751. Fyiiled by li'.jj;i::i!r IIuvi-.ndkx, E<(]., F.S.A. 21s. 



Vol. 1., 1725 to 1787. Edited by John H. CuArMA>-, Es^q., .M.A., J-'.S.A. lO*-. M. 


■THE REGISTERS OF STOURTON, CO. WILTS, fkom 1570 xu ISOO. Edited by 

the Kev. Jojix HrxEY Ellis, M.A. 2U. 1SS7 


Makimagks, 1551 to 175-1. Edited by RoiiKKT Hovi ndk.n, Es^., F.S.A. 21.s. 1SS7 


Vol. IF, 17^'S to JbOJ. Edited by Joiix H. Ciiai'Max, Esq., M.A., F..S.A. 10s. 6d. 

MAY FAIR, 1710 to 175k Ediied by Glokgi: J. AitMvr.uir, E-^.j., F.S.A. 2U. 



Edited by Dr. F. N. Mac.vamaka and A. Stokv-Maskixyxk, E<i]. 10?. G'i. 1890 

-Tin: rj:ois!fi;s of st. jame.s, clerkenuell, London, v^i. iv.— 

lifi.iALs, 1551 t<i 1(;.;5. Eliicd by Rubi m H'jvj.m.i;:,, E^.j.. F.S.A. 10.?. ud. 1891 

ClIAl'i;!., ]i;7M I.. 1S51. Edited by Dr. Fjiamiv Coi i.fNs. 1892 

[Oaf of I'liiil. 

-'1II1-: i:e(;ister^ of st .l\mi;s, clfi:kfnwfll, london. Voi. v.— 

liUKiALS, Djlio to 1719. EdiL.d by UuBKici 1I(jvi;mil.v, Emj., F.S.A. 1893 

[Or.l of I'riut. 

'.I ;■' ; • r.i '■ rr 
.; t ■ ;. •[ 


2o.-Tin; iMOtiisTiiKs OF sr. jvmiis. (•i.r.ivKi:N\vi:M,. t.ontion. Voi. vi.— 

Ill i;i\fs, 1720 ti, irr.l. In K..!:i,Kt llovr.N-i»i n. K-.i.. F.S.A. 10*. r.,/. IslU 

21.-TUI'. Ki;«:iSTKKS OF ClllilsT (.UliUi il, N KWCJA'IT. S'11;1:I:T, 1/>N1)(^N, 1G38 
lo 17'>l. Ivlii'jil Jn A\'jLi.or"..iniv A. Iji i vi-i;. V.-\.. M..\., l-'.S.A. lOs.C</. )^9o 

2J.— Tiij; ^;.\ri.'i.\;;F, i^r'iisTr.i;'^ >'',v rv <;r.o!:(;K. 1!a:v«>\'KR sor.AUK. isio to 

1S;;23. Vol. 111. Iv.lilod li> (Jkoi;.;); ,) Akm vv.\Gi;, i:<').. F..s A. ]0;r. 0(/. isyti 

23.— Tin: lainiSTKRS or DUIMI.V.M CATllKniMTi, li.OJ i.« \s06. IMitvJ by Heoiuje 
.1. Akmyt.vok, Ks.j., F.S.A. lO.v. C,d. ISJ7 

21. -Tni: >r.\i;i!r.v(;K iri^ta.sTKiv.^ oi- st. ceouge, iiaxoa'kr squaim:, iR2t to 

1S.S7. Vol. IV. Ids-, t;./. 1807 

25. -TilK lO.VULV K F.« JIS'lMlli OF JvT. .M.Viri'lX IN 'rili: i'lELDS. looO to 1019. 
Iviiicd hv TiioMv.- .M \so.n, E^.j. lO.v. ti,r. lb9S 

20.— THE KEOISTEKS OF ST. I'AUL'."!; C.V J'llEDRAL. Editcl by JoH.v W. Cl.o-, 
Esq., E.S.A. 10.s\ Orf. 1899 

27.— THE EEGlJ^TEKS OF OATli AEJIEY. Vol. I.— CHnisTrNiXGS and M.\i;i:t.\ges, 
l.".i;'.> to IsOu. Edited by AKTiluit J. jE%Yi:rv5, Esq. 10.--. Grf. 1900 

23.— THE IIEGTSTERS OF EATH AEl^EV. Vol. II.— 13rKi.iL?, 1509 10 iSOO, with Ixpkx 
lo tlKMvliolc. Ediu-J by Akiiich J. Ji;v,-i;k5, Esq. ]0-. r.rf. 1901 

LANE. Vol. I.— CiiRisTE.viNGs, lo.'iS lo 1S30. Edited by "WiLLoroHBT A. Little- 
pale, E.sq., M..V., F.S.A. 2U. 1902 

LANE. Vol. II.— ?d.\RRUGES aud Buki.vls. Edited by "WiLLorGHBT A. Little- 
UALE, E.sq., .M.A., F.S.A. [/« (he l^ress. 


Tlie Pul>lieati(«ns of the llej^nster Soctioii will be supplied to Subscribers 
on payment ol' an extra Subscription of One Guinea, and can bo obtained 
from Messrs. Mitchell and IIuohks, 140 "Wardour Street, W., at the 
pric>'s namt.'d. 

Forms of Applieation for McMubeiship, and all <>tlier particular.-;, may 
be ubiaiiied by a[']»lyin^' to W. J3rl'ce liAN.N'};i:MAN, Esq., F.S.A., Tlie 
Lindens, Sydeuhaiu lioad, Croydon^ Surrey.