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Full text of "Lineage book, National society, United States daughters of 1812, state of Ohio .."

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Volume I 


^L^i^ Oa'h 


1. 1 

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Serena Tucker (Mrs. Francis H. Wagar) 

To Our Real Daughter 

Feb. 11, 1833— Dec. 10, 1915 


FOR ALL Nature and for her Friends will 


Book is lovingly dedicated. 

Compiled by 


The signatures on the following page are 

The Signer of the National Charter, February 25, 1901, 

Founder of the N. S. U. S. Daughters of 1812, 

Honorary Ohio State President, 

1812 Soldiers, 

Real Daughters of 1812. 

JUL il 1916 


•o/iajo^ y^ 


Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. M'ac;ar 
Married Sept. 22, 1853 



1-92 TO 1897, Service from 1775 to 1815 
1900 TO 1915, Service from 1784 to 1815 

Sophia J. Allen (Mrs. Robert Allen). Real Daughter, 

200-49 1 

Birthplace, Amherst Court House, Va. Residence, Dayton, 0. 

2 Robert Allen 

Elizabeth Hutchinson 

ROBERT ALLEN, Private in Capt. Coleman's Co., Virginia 

Lucy D. Ambrose, 1006-33 2 

Birthplace, Carlisle, Ky. Residence, Cincinnati, O. 

2 Mordecai James William Ambrose 
Sophia Frances Patton 

3 Thomas Patton 
Elizabeth Mitchell 

THOMAS PATTON, ENS., b. Nov. 6th, 1778, Westmoreland 
Co., Pa. ; d. Dec. 13th, 1829, Elizaville, Fleming Co., Ky 
Ensign in Capt. Geo. W. Bott's Co., 2d (Donaldson's) 
Kentucky Mounted Volunteers, from Aug. 27th to Nov. 
3d, 1813. (Pension Bureau). 

MARY Amelia Canfield (Mrs. W. W. Andrews) 32 

Birthplace and residence, Cincinnati, 0. 

2 James W. Canfield 
Mary Jane Williams 

3 Nathaniel Canfield 
Urania Green 

4 Ezra Green 

EZRA GREEN, No 1812 record. 


Isabella Hedges Armstrong. 2469-100 4 

Birthplace, Tiffin, 0. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 William Wallace Armstrong, Cleveland, 0. 
Sarah Virginia Hedges, Cleveland, 0. 

3 John Armstrong, New Lisbon, 0. 
Isabella McKaig, New Lisbon, O. 

JOHN ARMSTRONG, SERG., b. Apr. 21st, 1793, York Co., 
Pa. ; d. Dec. 20th, 1866, New Lisbon, O. Residence New 
Lisbon, O. Serg. in Capt. George Gibson's Co., Col. James 
Denny's 1st Regt., Ohio Militia, from Aug. 22nd, 1814, 
to Feb. 1st, 1815. Private from May 2d to Sept. 15th, 
1812, in Capt. John F. Mansfield's Co., Col. Lewis Cass' 
Regt., 3d Ohio Militia ; also in Capt. M. Mossies' Co. from 
May 1st to May 19th, 1813; also in Capt. John Clark's 
Co., Col. John McDonald's Regt. from Aug. 10th to Sept. 
5th, 1813, afterwards became General. (Adjutant Gen., 
Washington, D. C.) 

Catherine Hitchcock Tilden (Mrs. Elroy M. Avery) 

74-41 5 

Bom Dec. 13th, 1844, Dundee Mich.; d. Dec. 22nd, 1911, 
Cleveland, 0. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Junius Tilden, d. March 1, 1861, Monroe, Mich. 
Zeruah Rich, d. 1854 

3 Cahin Tilden 
Catherine Hitchcock 

CALVIN TILDEN, Chairman Committee of Safety, Yar- 
mouth, Mass. Raised money for defense of the Cape 
towns against Adm. Harvey's fleet. 

Emma L. Rowsey (Mrs. Thomas H. Ball) 2508-104 6 

Birthpalce, Cincinnati, O. Residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 Charles Allen Rowsey, Toledo, 0. 
Mary Tranor, Toledo, 0. 

3 Thomas Rowsey, Staunton, Va. 
Mary Rose, Staunton, Va. 

THOMAS ROWSEY, b. about 1770, near Richmond Va.; d. 
Nov. 25th, 1836, Cincinnati, O. Private in Co. command- 
ed by Ensign Walker Stuart, of Mounted Riflemen, 8th 
Regt., Va. Militia from Rockbridge Co., attached to 
McDowell's Flying Camp. Served from July 6th to 
August 16th, 1813. Re-enlisted August 16th, 1813; dis- 
charged Aug. 20th, 1813. (War Dept. D. C). 

Sophia Taylor Doane (Mrs. Claire Ralph Baldwin) 
Birthplace and residence, East Cleveland, 0. 


Edward Doane 1802-1898 

Augusta Chapman 1834-1884 

John Doane June 21st, 1798-1891 

Sophia Taylor, d. 1870, E. Cleveland, 0. 

Timothy Doane 

Mary Gary 1763-1848 

Joseph Doane, Jr., b. Nov. 15th 1693 

Deborah Haddock 

Joseph Doane, b. June 27th, 1669. 

TIMOTHY DOANE, JUDGE, b. Nov. 8th, 1759, Chatham, 
Conn.; d. Nov. 14th, 1828. Served as Private in Capt. 
Calvin Hoadley's Co. of Inf., 1st Regt. Ohio Militia, from 
Aug. 27th to Oct. 11th, 1812. (War Dept. D. C). 

May Harvey (Mrs. Frank T. Baldwin) 2939-121 8 

Birthplace, Palmyra, Mich. Residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 Stimpson G. Harvey, Toledo, 0. 
Deborah F. Wilder 

3 Artemas Wilder 
Fanny Cooley 

ARTEMAS WILDER, b June 28th, 1795, Winchendon, Mass. ; 
d. May 10th, 1866, Palmyra, Mich. Residence, Michigan. 
Private in Capt. Timothy Cronwells' Co., 55th 
(Sprague's) Regt. of N. Y. Militia, from Sept. 9th to 
Sept. 23rd, 1812. (War Dept. D. C). 

LuETTA Milocent Work (Mrs. Wm. Harrison Barger) . 

2218-68 9 

Birthplace, Elkhart, Ind. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Aaron Work, b. May 26th 1837, Bremen, 0. 
Amanda E. Walmer, Feb. 2nd, 1845— Aug. 24th, 1910 

3 John Walmer, Oct. 26th, 1817, Pa.— Nov. 15th, 1896 
Magdelana Hoff, Mch. 10th, 1819, 0.— Aug. 11th, 1887 

4 George Walmer, Nov. 5th, 1788— Feb. 10th, 1856 
Sarah Fisher 


3 Abel Everett Work, June 29th, 1815— Dec. 4th, 1898 
Cynthia H. Larimer, Mch. 21st, 1814— May 22nd, 1882 

4 Isaac Larimer, 1771-1823 

Elizabeth Woods, June 25th, 1773; Oct. 6th, 1851 

GEORGE WALMER or WOLMER, b. Nov. 5th, 1788, Le- 
banon, Pa. ; d. Feb. 10th, 1856, Wayne Co., O. Served as 
Private in Capt. James Todd's Co., 2nd Ritcher's Regt. of 
Pa. Militia, from Sept. 1st to Dec. 5th, 1814. 

ISAAC LARIMER, b. 1771, Pa. ; d. Sept. 1823, Fairfield Co., 
O. Served as an orderly Serg. and Ens. in Capt. Geo. 
Sanderson's Co., 3rd (Cass') Regt. Ohio Vol. and Militia, 
from April 13th, 1812, to April 15th, 1813. Served 1 mo. 
12 days as an orderly Serg. and elected Ens. May 28th, 


Minnie Earl (Mrs. Frank Barnett). 3715-137 10 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Lycurgus C. Earl 
Corinthia Louisa 

3 John Earl 
Mary Perry 

JOHN EARL, b. March 24th, 1792, Jefferson Co., 0. ; d. Jan. 
27th, 1883, Ravenna, O. Citizen Ravenna, O. Private un- 
der Capt. Oliver Scott, State of N. Y. Served from July 
29th to August 21st, 1814. (Pension Bureau). 

Annie Rose Greene (Mrs. Albert Vogt Baumann.) 

770-22 11 

Birthplace and residence, Fremont, 0. 

2 John Lynde Greene 
Emma Elsie Shaw 

3 John Lynde Greene 
Julia Laura Castle 

4 Jonathan Castle 
Francis P. O'Brien 

4 Daniel Greene 

Elizabeth Gilliland Lynde 

JONATHAN CASTLE, LIEUT., b. Aug. 22d, 1788, Essex, 
Vt. ; d. 1834, Cleveland, O. Served as 2nd Lieut, in Capt. 
Joseph Sinclair's Co. of Lieut. Col. Geo. Tyler's Regt. of 
Vermont Militia at invasion of Plattsburgh, N. Y. Ser- 
vice from Sept. 7th to Sept 14th, 1814. 

DANIEL GREENE, b. Feb. 18th, 1777, Bethlehem, Conn.; 
d. Sept. 14th, 1863, Sandusky Co., O. Residence, St. 
Lawrence Co., N. Y. An ensign in Lieut. Col. Alexander 
J. Turner's Regt., under Capt. Solomon Lindsley, Jr., and 
later under Capt. Bester Pierce in 1806 and 1307, N. Y. 
Militia. (N. Y. Mil. Records, Council of Appointment, 
1784-1821, Vol. 1, p. 858 and 930). 

Florence Susan LUTZ (Mrs. Clarke Beale). 2508-109 12 

Birthplace, Ross Co., 0. Residence, Mt. Sterling, 0. 

2 Isaac Lutz, Chillicothe, O. 
Susan J. Barton, Chillicothe, 0. 

3 Samuel Lutz, Pickaway Co., O. 
Elizabeth Fetherolf, Pickaway Co., O. 

SAMUEL LUTZ, b. March 13th, 1789, Lehigh Co., Pa.; d. 
Sept. 3rd, 1890, Pickaway Co., 0. Private in Capt. Wolf's 
Co., O. Militia; served from July 28th to Aug. 26th, 1813. 
(History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, 0., p. 259) 
(Pension Bureau). 


Nellie Gardner (Mrs. Lou J. Beauchamp) 1007-34 13 

Residence, Hamilton, 0. 

2 Jacob Miller Gardner 
Eliza Ann Snider 

3 Jacob Thompson Gardner 
Sarah Miller 

4 Benjamin Thompson Gardner 
Mary Thompson 

5 Thomas Gardner 
Phebe Headley 

6 Thomas Gardner 
Sarah Smith 

7 John Gardner 
Elizabeth Cromwell 

JACOB GARDNER, MUSICIAN, b. Nov. 19th, 1783, in Essex 
Co., N. J. ; d. Sept. 19th, 1881. Musician in Capt. Asal 
Power's Co. Inf. 108th (Britian's) Regt. of N. J. Militia; 
enlisted Oct. 21st, 1814, and his name appears on muster 
roll from Oct. 12th to Nov. 8th, 1814. 

Nellie Agnew Bechtel 662-14 14 

Birthplace, Pine Grove, Schuylkill Co., Pa. Residence, 
Cincinnati, 0. 

2 Henry Horner Bechtel 
Elizabeth Paylor Moore 

3 John Adams Bechtel 
Mary Seidel 

4 John Bechtel 
Magdelina Adams 

5 Christian Bechtel 
Maria Cath. Bollman 

6 Jacob Bechtel 
Anna Babara 

CHRISTIAN BECHTEL, d. Nov. 1814, Cunern Township. 
Private in Capt. Jno. Flanagan's Co. of Findlay's Bat. 
Pa. Vol. (WarDept.). 

Minerva J. Burger (Mrs. Thomas J. Bid well) 

2889-115 15 

Birthplace, Holmes Co., O. Residence, Canton, 0. 

2 Tobias Burger, Holmes Co., 0. 
Lydia Deetz, Shanesville, O. 

3 Samuel Burger, Holmes Co., O. 
Mary Levahn, Holmes Co., 0. 

SAMUEL BURGER, b. about 1790, Summerset Co., Pa.; d. 
May 12th, 1862, Holmes Co., O. Residence, Holmes Co., 
O. Private in Capt. Geo. Richardson's Co. 1st. (DeLong's) 
Regt. of Militia from Aug. 31st to Dec. 1st, 1813. (War 
Dept. ) . 


Mary A. Wilson (Mrs. Geo. W. Bills). Real Daughter 

983-27 16 

Born, Aug. 15th, 1835, Oswego, N. Y.; d. Aug. 1st, 1913. 
Residence, Toledo, O. 

2 Samuel Wilson 

SAMUEL WILSON, CORP., b. Aug. 9th, 1794, Hebron, 
Washington Co. ,N. Y.; d. Dec. 14th, 1878, Noithfort, 
Mich. Corporal in Capt. Nicholas Ernigh's Co. of Vol. 
Cavalry, N. Y. Mil. Was at battle of Plattsburgh. 
(Pension Bureau). 

Augusta Isham Thomas (Mrs. James Hicks, Mrs. 

Stanhope Boal) 328-6 17 

Birthplace, Cincinnati, O. Residence, Piqua, 0. 

2 Elbridge Lawrence Thomas 
Isabella Bryce Isham 

3 Augustus Isham 
Eliza Bryce 

4 Col. John Isham, Jr. 
Elizabeth Gilbert 

5 Capt. Samuel Gilbert 

Deborah Champion, 2 w., b. May 3d, 1753.; d. Nov. 20th, 1845 

6 Col. Samuel Gilbert , 1712-1774 
Elizabeth Curtice, Feb. 7th, 1732 

7 Samuel Gilbert, 1678-1760 
Mercy Warner 

SAMUEL GILBERT, CAPT., b. June 3d, 1734, Gilead, Conn. ; 
d. Apr. 24th, 1818, Gilead, Conn. Served as Capt. from 
Oct. 24th to Oct. 28th, 1814. (p. 55, Conn. Men in War 
of 1812). 

Kneila Roselle Boyle (Mrs. James Carey Bolger) 

1218-45 18 

Birthplace, Salem, 0. Residence, Nutley, N. J. 

2 Wm. Campbell Boyle, Cleveland, O. 
Abbie Williams Rukenbrod, Cleveland, 0. 

3 Jonathan Kneila Rukenbrod 

Rebecca Rozelle Gaskill, b. Nov. 28th, 1813 

4 David Gaskill, b. Mch. 6th, 1778 
Sarah Rozelle, b. Oct. 1st, 1781 

4 John Williams 
Sarah Wright 

5 Edward Wright 
Abigail Elliott 

Record 22. , 

Lottie Florence Brown (Mrs. Hampton Giddings 

Boon) 2381-89 19 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, 0. 


2 Oscar Brown, 1818-1849 

Ebeline Sarah Meeker, E. Cleveland 

3 Stephen B. Meeker, 1795— May 31st, 1886 
Elizabeth Chips, Elizabeth Town, N. J. 

4 Joseph Meeker, d. 1834 
Sarah Parcell 

5 Timothy Meeker 

6 Josiah Meeker, Elizabeth, N. J.; 1658 

STEPHEN B. MEEKER, b. 1795, Elizabeth, N. J.; d. May 
31st, 1886, Cleveland, 0. Buried in E. Cleveland, O. En- 
listed at Randolph, N. J., Sept. 5th, 1814, serving as a 
Private until Dec. 4th, 1814, in Capt. Joseph Budd's Co. of 
N. Jersey Militia. (Pension Bureau). 

Clara Beatty (Mrs. Wm. Clay Bostwick) 3366-132 20 

Birthplace, Fayette Co., 0. Residence, Mt. Sterling, 0. 

2 Isaac Newton Beatty, Fayette Co., 0. 
Margaret Hidy, Fayette Co., O. 

3 James Beatty, Fayette Co., O. 
Margaret Gibson, Fayette Co., 0. 

JAMES BEATTY, JUDGE, b. 1793, Hampshire Co., Virginia ; 
d. 1879, Fayette Co., O. Served under Capt. Isaac Heis- 
kell, of the Vol. Riflemen of Virginia ; helped to erect Fort 
Meigs, (p. 461 Dill's Hist, of Fayette Co., 0.). 

Cora May Daub (Mrs. Robert C. Bowlus) 1748-64 21 

Birthplace, Burgoon, 0. Residence, Helena, 0. 

2 Michael John Daub 
Mary Catherine Siler 

3 Philip Siler, Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Nancy Anne Disler 

4 Jacob Disler, York Co., Pa. 
Catherine Frey 

JACOB DISLER, b. Aug. 9th, 1780; d. Oct. 7th, 1846, San- 
dusky Co., 0. Citizen of York Co., Pa. Private in Capt. 
John Sheffers' Co., 71st (Hutter's) Regt., Penn. Militia. 
Served from Sept. 17th to Dec. 20th, 1814. (War Dept. 
D. C). 

Abbie Williams Rukenbrod (Mrs. Wm. Campbell 

Boyle) 1217-44 22 

Birthplace, Salem, O. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Jonathan Kneila Rukenbrod 
Abigail Rozelle Williams 

3 Edward Wright Williams 

Rebecca Rozelle Gaskill, b. Nov. 28th, 1813. 

4 David Gaskill, b. Mch. 6th, 1778, near Trenton, N. J. 
Sarah Rozelle, b. Oct. 1st, 1781 

5 Zachariah Rozelle 
Mary Waterman 


4 John Williams 

Sarah Wright 
o Edward Wright 

Abigail Elliott 

DAVID GASKILL, b. March 6th, 1778 near Trenton, N. J. 

' Private in Capt. Wm. Blackburn's Co. of Inf., 2d (Hin- 

man's) Regt. of O. Militia, from Aug. 25th to Dec. 30th, 

1812. On last named date he furnished substitute named 

Joseph Jumpse. 

EDWARD WRIGHT, MAJOR. Major in 1st Brig., Pa. Mil- 
itia, commanded by Brig. General A. Tannehill, from 
Sept. 25th to Dec. 31st, 1812. (War Dept.). 

Alice J. McConkey (Mrs. Chas. Hawley Branting- 

HAM) 576-10 23 

Birthplace, Cincinnati, 0.; d. Nov. 20th, 1913. 

2 Benjamin Morsell McConkey 
Hester Cornwall Morsell 

3 James Cornwall Morsell, Baltimore, Md. 
Amelia Rebecca Ferguson, Cincinnati, O. 

4 James Ferguson, Scotland 
Jane Foster Rudee, Virginia 

JAMES FERGUSON, CAPT., b. Feb. 28th, 1767, Scotland; 
d. Oct. 21st, 1853, Cincinnati, 0. As Captain he raised 
and equipped a company of Clavalry. 

Enid Ware Brown 3316-129 24 

Birthplace, Zanesville, O. Residence, Bowling Green, O. 

2 Rev. J. W. H. Brown, Utica, 0. 
Katherine James, Utica, O. 

3 Marion Jasper James, Pike Co., O. 
Eliza Jane Laughlin, Pike Co., O. 

4 Hiram Laughlin, Pike Co., O. 
Celina Brill, Pike Co., O. 

5 Henry Brill, Pike Co., O. 
Catherine Arnold, Pike Co., 0. 

HENRY BRILL, b. Dec. 6th, 1791, Pa. ; d. 1872 Champaign, 
111. Citizen of Pike and Guernsey Counties, O. Enlisted 
Sept. 5th, 1813, under Capt. Thomas Shannon, of Ohio 
Militia. Served to March 17th, 1814. (Pension Bureau). 

Amelia Lucy Bailey (Mrs. George Samuel Burton) 

2257-76 25 

Born Nov. 1st, 1843, Solon, 0.; d. June 16, 1913, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Lemuel Whitney Bailey (Nov. 6th, 1817— Jan. 19th, 1865) 
Lovina Smith Morse (Jan. 4th, 1824— Sept. 25th, 1889) 


3 Nathan Morse (July 24th, 1788— Sept. 21st, 1838) 
Lucy Lathrop (Aug. 17th, 1790— Aug. 1st, 1860) 

4 Lieut. Nathan Morse (Apr. 1st, 1766— Jan. 5th, 1848) 
Abigail Staples (May 28th, 1767— July 29th, 1831) 

5 Nathan Morse (Sept. 16th, 1728—1783) Rev. Soldier 
Mary Jackson (Oct. 23d, 1731— Newton, Mass.) 

6 Joseph Morse (Aug. 19th, 1693-1780) 
Elizabeth Park (Feb. 27th, 1701-1744) 

3 Ephraim Bailey (Buried, Ionia, Mich.) 
Lydia Amsden (Buried, Bedford, Ohio) 

NATHAN MORSE, LIEUT., b. April 1st, 1766, Newton, 
Mass. ; d. Jan. 5th, 1848, Jay, Me. Served from Sept. 13th 
to Nov, 3d, 1814 as a Lieut, in Capt. Aaron N. Phelps' Co., 
Foot's Regt. Mass. Militia, enlisted from Kennebuck, Me. 
(War Dept. D. C). 

EPHRAIM BAILEY, CORP., 1st Corp. in Capt. John West- 
fall's Co. of Riflemen, Hill's Bat. of N. Y. Riflemen from 
Sept. 25th, to Oct. 27th, 1812. Reported to have been 
taken prisoner at Battle of Queenstown, Oct. 13th and 
paroled Oct. 19th, 1812. (War Dept. D. C). 

Olivia Ellison (Mrs. Wm. D. Caldwell) 663-15 26 

Birthplace, Webster, Taylor Co., Va. Residence, Canton, 0. 

2 Robert G. Ellison 
Sarah Cool 

3 William Cool 
Catharine Shane Cool 

4 William Shane 

WILLIAM SHANE, b. in Virginia; d. Feb. 1815. Citizen 
Berkeley Co., Va. Private in Capt. Geo. Halliday's Co., 
4th Regt. Virginia Militia, enlisted April 1st, 1813, trans- 
ferred to Capt. Dulanv's Co. May 14th, 1813, expiration 
of service Oct. 12th, 1813. Reenlisted Apr. 19th, 1814 
in Capt. Wm. Gregory's Co., 4th (Boyd's) Regt. of Va. 
Militia, served to Aug. 3d, 1814. Reenlisted Feb. 1st, 1815 
in Capt. Israel Robinson's Co. 67th Regt. Va. Militia. 

Ida M. Cahoon (Real Daughter) 2221-71 27 

Birthplace and residence, Dover (now Bay Village) 0. 

2 Joel Butler Cahoon 

Margaret A. Dickson, Van Allen, Washington, D. C. 

3 Joseph Cahoon, Dover, O. 
Lydia Kenyon, Rhode Island 

JOEL BUTLER CAHOON, b. Aug. 27th, 1793, Salisbury, 
N. Y. ; d. Sept. 28th, 1882, Dover, 0. ; buried in Dover, O. 
Private in (^lapt. Delaune Mills' Co., 2nd (Cotgreaver's) 
Regt. Ohio Militia ; served from Aug. 12th, to Sept. 12th, 


1814. His Col. was Col. Geo. Croghan. (War Dept. D. 

Laura E. Cahoon (Real Daughter) 2220-70 28 

Birthplace, Whitewater, O. Residence, Bay Village, O. 

JOEL BUTLER CAHOON. See record No. 27. 

Lydia E. Cahoon (Real Daughter) 2219-69 29 

Birthplace, Frederick, Md. Residence, Bay Village, 0. 

JOEL BUTLER CAHOON. See record No. 27. 

Mae D. Carpenter (Real Daughter) 1602-52 30 

Birthplace, Genoa, 0. Residence, Fremont, O. 

2 Alanson Carpenter 
Mary A. Short (2nd wife) 

3 Nathaniel Carpenter, Middlesex and Sharon, Vt. 
Susanna Shephard, Middlesex, Vt. 

4 James Carpenter, Coventry, Conn, and Sharon, Vt. 
Irene Ladd, Coventry, Conn. 

ALANSON CARPENTER, SERG., b. Jan. 30th, 1793, Middle- 
sex, Vt.; d. May 13th, 1882, Fremont, O. Enlisted at 
Middlesex, Washington Co. Vt., served as Private and 
later as Serg. in Capt. Holden Putnam's Co., 4th Regt. 
(Peck's) Vermont Militia; served from Sept. 7th to Oct. 
6th, 1814. 

NATHANIEL CARPENTER, b. Sept. 20th, 1766, Middlesex, 
Vt.; d. 1775, Sharon, Vt. Private in Capt. Holden Put- 
nam's (6th) Co. 4th Regt. (Peck's) Vermont Militia, 
Sept. 7th to Oct. 6th, 1814. Was in Battle of Plattsburg, 
Sept. 11th, 1814. 

Anna E. M. Potts (Mrs. Robert Anderson Castner) 

2400-92 31 

Birthplace, Richland Co., O. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 James Carter Potts, Bellville, 0. 
Grizella Mclntire 

3 Thomas Mclntire, Richland Co., 0. 
Ann Potts, Chester Co., Pa. 

THOMAS McINTIRE, b. Jan. 14th, 1791, Cumberland Co., 
Pa. ; d. Apr. 6th, 1869, Bellville, 0. ; buried Lexington, 
Richland Co.,0. Served as Private in Capt. Andrew 
Mitchell's Co. of 5th (Fenton's) Regt., Penn. Militia from 
Feb. 24th, to Aug. 24th, 1814, discharged at Buffalo, N. Y. 
(War Dept. D. C). 


AiMEE Reah Ross Chapman 10-a 32 

Birthplace, Brimfield, Ohio. 

2 Judge Morris Chapman 
Violice Adlaid Ross 

3 Judge Constant Henry Chapman 
Pennille W. Underwood 

4 Joseph G. Chapman 
Elizabeth Benzard 

5 Capt. Constant Chapman 
Lydia Kellsey 

6 Jedediah Chapman 
Mary Griswall 

7 Capt. Samuel Chapman 
Margrette Griswold 

CONSTANT CHAPMAN, Capt., b. Dec. 27th, 1761. Residence 
Killingworth, Conn. Capt. of a ship of war. 

Margaret H. Adams (Mrs. Alexander Clark) 526-7 33 

Birthplace, Wilmington, Del. Residence, Cincinnati, O. 

2 John H. Adams 
Mary Anna McClary 

3 John Wilson Adams 
Margaret Hyndman 

4 John Adams 

Catharine Wilson (m. 1. Cochran) 

JOHN WILSON ADAMS, b. 1789, Wilmington, Del. ; d. 1853, 
New York City. Private in Capt. C. A. Rodney, 2nd Co. 
Artillery att. 1st Brigade, Delaware Militia. 

Mae Dewees Taylor (Mrs. Nathaniel Stevens 

Clark) 1005-32 34 

Birthplace, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Residence, Cincinnati 

2 Capt. O. H. P. Taylor, U. S. A. 
Catharine Little Dewees, Maysville, Ky. 

3 William Vigneron Taylor 
Abby White 

4 James Taylor 
Mary Vigneron 

WILLIAM VIGNERON TAYLOR, U. S. N., b. April 11th, 
1780, Newport, R. I. ; d. Feb. 12th, 1858, Newport, R. I. 
Appointed sailing master U. S. N. April 28th, 1813 ; nav- 
igated the "Lawrence", Perry's Flagship, during fight on 
Lake Erie. (p. 896 Die. of Amer. Biog. ; p. 51 Appleton's 
Encyl. of Amer. Biog.). 

Caroline Frances Clark (Mrs. Wm. Linius Clark) 

982-26 35 

Birthplace, Geneva, 111. Residence, Hamilton, O. 


2 John Enock Clark 
Frances Ferris 

3 Charles Ferris 

Catharine Marcelus Dusenburg 

4 Jonathan Ferris, Peekskill, N. Y. 
Jane Owen 

JONATHAN FERRIS, CAPT., b. March 8th, 1779, Peekskill, 
N. Y. ; d. Sept. 6th, 1838, Ithica, N. Y. ; citizen of West- 
chester Co., N. Y. Served as Capt. in a Co. of 61st (Car- 
ver's) Regt. of N. Y. Militia, from Sept. 6th to Dec. 7th, 
1814. (War Dept. D. C.) 

Kate Louise McMillan (Mrs. M. M. Clothier) 

1089-42 36 

Bom March 18th, 1849, Akron, 0.; d. Dec. 5th, 1911, Ogden, 
Utah. Residence, Ogden, Utah. 

2 John Wilson McMillan, Wooster, 0. 
Rebecca Beall Spink 

3 Hon. Cyius Spink, Wooster, O. 
Nancy Campbell, Washington Co., Pa. 

4 Gen. Reazin Beall, Washington Co., Pa. 
Rebecca Johnson, Washington Co., Pa. 

5 Major Zephuh Beall 

Kezin White (Wid. of Wm. Pritchard) 

REAZIN BEALL, Brig. Gen., b. Dec. 3rd, 1769, near Rock- 
ville, Md. ; d. Feb. 20th, 1842, Wooster, 0. ; citizen Bealls- 
ville, Pa. Brig. General of 2nd Brig., 4th Div. Ohio 
Militia. (Douglass' History of Wayne Co., O.). 

Antoinette Bingham (Mrs. Leroy B. Coe) Real 

Daughter 2399-91 37 

Birthplace, Ellsworth, 0. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 John Bingham 

Sally Antoinette Fitch, Ellsworth, O. 

3 John Bingham, Lisbon, Conn. 
Tabitha Waldo, Lisbon, Conn. 

JOHN BINGHAM, b. June 9th, 1795, Lisbon, Conn. ; d. Nov. 
17th, 1878, Ellsworth, O. Served as Private under Lieut. 
Lyon, in Conn. Militia, from August 9th, to Aug. 23d, 
1814. (Pension Bureau). 

Mary E. Comstock 3317-130 38 

Birthplace, Sandusky, O. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Thomas C. Comstock, Sandusky, O. 
Martha S. Carr 

3 Charles Carr 

CHARLES CARR, b. 1792 ; d. 1857, Sandusky, 0. ; citizen of 
New York. Private in Capt. Parkhurst Whitney's Co., 


Lieut Col. Silas Hopkins' Regt., N. Y. Militia and also in 
Capt. Conrad I. Wilsey's Co., Lieut. Col. John T. Van 
Dalfsen's Re^., N. Y. Militia from Sept. 11th, 1812 to 
Dec. 3d, 1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

Adah Bertha Coover 697-19 39 

Bom Nov. 13th, 1860, Union Tp., Madison Co., O.; d. 
Feb. 5th, 1915, London, 0. Residence, London, O. 

2 Allison Jerome Coover m. Dec. 1st, 1859 
Harriet Porter (May 21st, 1840— May 17th, 1895) 

3 James Porter m. Oct. 2d, 1834 
Mary Bradley Fingley 

JAMES PORTER, SERG., b. Mch. 3d, 1788, Ann Arundel Co., 
Md. ; d. Sept. 4th, 1850, Madison Co., 0. Private in Capt. 
Amme Maltbies' Co. of Inf., 1st Regt., 2nd Bat., 4th Brig., 
1st Div. O. Militia, Aug. 25th, 1812. Co. was disbanded 
Sept. 29th, 1812. Roll of organization dated Chillicothe, 
Ross Co., O. Private in Capt. Daniel Collier's Co., Col. 
Allen Trimble's 2nd Regt. Mounted 0. Mihtia; served 
from Sept. 30th to Oct. 28th, 1812. Served in Capt. Alex 
Robinson's Co., Major John Willett's Regt., O. Militia as 
4th Serg., enlisted July 28th, 1813. Company disbanded 
Aug. 16th, 1813. (Pension Bureau) 

Elizabeth Rudolph (Mrs. Chas. Henry Correll) 

768-21 40 

Birthplace and residence, Cincinnati, O. 

2 Joseph Rudolph 
Emma Kabe Ramsey 

3 James Ramsey 
Mary Ann Mchean 

4 Thomas Ramsey 
Elizabeth McCain 

THOMAS RAMSEY, CAPT., b. New Jersey; d. Aug. 6th, 
1818, E. St. Louis, Mo. Appointed 2nd Lieut. Rifle Regt., 
Jan. 27th, 1809, promoted 1st Lieut. July 31st, 1810 and 
Capt. Nov. 30th, 1812. He was honorably discharged upon 
reorganization of army June 15th, 1815 and reinstated 
Dec. 2nd, 1815 with former date of rank. He was killed 
in a duel by Capt. Martin on Bloody Island, now E. St. 
Louis, Aug. 6th, 1818. (War Dept. D. C). 

Mildred Lovisa Smith (Mrs. Richard Marshall 

CouLTON) 2935-118 41 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 
2 Major Charles H. Smith. 
Lovisa Johnson 


3 Luke Dewey Johnson 

Lucinda Ely b. Feb. 6th, 1825, d. Oct. 10th, 1912 

4 Merrick Ely 

Lovisa Farnum b. Nov. 20th, 1789, Blanford, Mass. 

MERRICK ELY, b. Oct. 7th, 1793, Granville, Mass. ; d. Sept. 
13th, 1838, Cleveland, 0. ; buried in Cleveland, O. Served 
as Private under Capt. Alvah Day and Col. John Camp- 
bell in 1st Co., 2nd Regt., 4th Brig., 4th Div., of 0. Militia. 
Drafted July 14th, 1812, Deerfield, Portage Co., 0. 
(Record Book Hist. Library, Cleveland, O. Diary of Mrs. 
Alva Day.) Portage Co. Democrat, Mch. 2nd, 1870. 

Hattie Josephine Ammon (Mrs. John Philo Cowing) 

1677-59 42 

Birthplace, Eucild Tp., Cuyahoga Co., 0. Residence, East 
Cleveland, O. 

2 Col. John H. Ammon (Feb. 29th, 1840— Nov. 28th, 1904) 
Josephine Mary Saxton (Jan. 3d, 1844 — June 5th, 1892) 

3 Jehiel Clinton Saxton (July 14th, 1812— Jan. 30th, 1893) 
Emeline Axtell Morse (Mch. 18th, 1821— Sept. 28th, 1898) 

4 Capt. Jehiel Saxton, Newburgh, O. 
Polly SteM^art d., Cleveland, O. 

5 Ebenezer Saxton, Bristol, Vt. 
Hannah Loomis, Old Windsor, Conn. 

6 James Saxton 
Sarah Noble 


4 Dea. Daniel Morse (Sept. 2nd, 1796— Feb. 17th, 1866) 
Lucretia Sawyer (Sept. 4th, 1797— Feb. 16th, 1873) 

5 Lieut. Nathan Morse (Apr. 1st, 1766 — *) 
Abigail Staples (May 28th, 1767— July 29th, 1831) 

6 Nathan Morse (Sept. 16th, 1728—1783) 
Mary Jackson (Oct. 23d, 1731— Mass.) 

JEHIEL SAXTON, CAPT., see record 120. 

NATHAN MORSE, LIEUT., see record 25. 

DANIEL MORSE, Dea., b. Sept. 2nd, 1796, Jay, Me. ; d. Feb. 
17th, 1866, Solon, 0. ; buried in North Solon, 0. Served 
Sept. 9th, to Sept. 24th, 1814, as Private in Capt. Moses 
M. Craft's Co., 2nd (Holland's) Mass. Militia. Also 
served Sept. 25th to Nov. 14th, 1814, as a Private in Capt. 
James Harlow's Co., Col. Ryerson's Regt. Mass. Militia, 
stationed at Portland, Me. (War Dept. D. C). 

Annie Allison Hopkins (Mrs. Geo. Losee Craig) 

1094-39 43 

Birthplace and residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 Col. O. J. Hopkins, Toledo, O. 
Julia Allison, Bellefontaine, 0. 

3 Hon. C. W. Allison 
Sophronia Lee, Bellefontaine, O. 


4 Major Wm. Allison, Harrisburg, Pa. 
Juliana Brandon, Middletown, Pa. 

5 Samuel Allison, Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland 
Lydia Curran, Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland 

6 Robert Allison, Windyedge, Scotland 
Elizabeth Cooper, Avondale, Lenarkshire, Scotland 

WILLIAM ALLISON, MAJ., b. Sept. 18th, 1777, Ramelton, 
Donegal Co., Ireland. ; d. Nov. 2nd 1825, Harrisburg, Pa. 
Citizen of Dauphin Co., Pa. Served as Major in 2nd 
(Ritscher's) Regt. of Pa. Militia, from Sept. 2nd, 1814 
to Mch. 5th, 1815. (War Dept. D. C). 

Mary Catherine Siler (Mrs. Michael John Daub) 

1747-63 44 

Birthplace and residence, Helena, Sandusky Co., 0. 

2 Philip Siler, Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Nancy Anne Disler, York Co., Pa. 

3 Jacob Disler, York Co., Pa. 
Catherine Frey 

JACOB DISLER. See record 21. 

Sarah Hough wont (Mrs. Joseph Deitrich) Real 

Daughter -45 45 

Birthplace, Juniata Co., Penn. Residence, Brimfield, 
Portage Co., 0. 

2 Lefford Houghwont 
Barbara Rothrock 

LEFFORD HOUGHWONT, ENSIGN, b. in Little Jersey, 
lived in Juniata Co. Pa. Private and Ens. under Capt. 
N. 0. Thompson, Pa. Militia. (Pension Bureau). 

Martha A. Long (Mrs. L. H. DeLauder) Real 

Daughter 3734-140 46 

Birthplace, Marseilles, Wyandot Co., 0. Residence, Marion, 

2 Hugh Long, Marseilles, 0. 
Sally Hinkle, Marseilles, O. 

3 John Long, Richland Co., 0. 
Catherine Fry, Richland Co., O. 

4 John Long, Lancaster Co., Pa. 
Betsy Moore, Lancaster Co., Pa. 


4 Michael Fry, Lancaster Co., Pa. 
Nancy Howard, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

HUGH LONG, MAJ., b. April 12th 1796, Lancaster Co., Pa., d. 
Feb. 11th, 1884, Marseilles, 0. ; citizen Marseilles, 0. Ens. 
in Capt. Robert Colvin's Co. of Inf., Colvin's Bat. Pa. Vol., 
from Aug. 30th to Sept. 18th, 1814. Private in Capt. 
James McCullough's Co., of Inf., 3d (LeFevere's) Regt., 


Pa. Militia, Sept. 2nd, 1814. Second Major 64th Regt. Pa. 
Militia, commanded by Col. Robert Colvin, 1814. (Pa. 
Archives, 6 Ser. Vol. 7, p. 317. Pension Bureau). 

MICHAEL FRY, 2nd Div. Pa. Militia, Shafer's Co., under 
Col. C. A. Hutter. 

Alvaretta Bricker (Mrs. Joseph Tynan Dempsey) 

3713-135 47 

Birthplace, Shelby, O. Residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 Dr. Wm. R. Bricker, Shelby, 0. 
Esther Elizabeth Taylor, Shelby, O. 

3 Henry Bricker, Lancaster Co., Pa. 
Rachel Knusel, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

4 Jacob Bricker, Pa. 

HENRY BRICKER, b. Jan. 1790, Lancaster Co., Pa. ; d. 1855, 
Shelby, 0.; citizen Pa. Private in Capt. Philip Fisher's 
Co., 5th Bat., 1st Brig., Pa. Militia, under command of 
Major James McFarlan; served from Sept. 1st, 1814 to 
March 5th, 1815. (Pa. Archives, 6 Ser., Vol. 8, p. 1046). 

Mary Elizabeth Jones (Mrs. Wm. G. Deshler) 

695-17 48 

Birthplace and residence, Columbus, O. 

2 Dr. J. G. Jones, Columbus ,0. 
Cynthia Kilbourne, Columbus, 0. 

3 James Kilbourne, Worthington, O. 
Cynthia Goodale, Worthington, 0. 

4 Josiah Kilbourne, Granby, Conn. 

JAMES KILBOURNE, COL., b. Oct. 19th, 1770, New Britain, 
Conn. ; d. April 9th, 1850, Worthington, 0. ; citizen Gran- 
by, Conn. Col. of Ohio Militia in Worthington, near 
Columbus, 0. (Lee's History of Columbus). 

Sallie Von Phul (Mrs. David T. Desney) 132-3 49 

Birthplace and residence, Cincinnati, 0. 

2 Henry von Phul 
Esther A. Powell 

3 George Von Phul 
Katherine Beakley 

4 Christian Beakley 

5 Christopher Ford Beakley 

CHRISTIAN BEAKLEY, b. Mch. 20th, 1757, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; d. Dec. 1841, N. Y. ; citizen of Philadelphia and N. Y. 
Officer in War of 1812. 


Helen Wolcott Skinner (Mrs. Chas. W. Dimick) 

736-20 50 

Birthplace, Windson Locks, Hartford Co., Conn. Resi- 
dence, Toledo, O. 

2 Dr. Saml. Wolcott Skinner 
Dorianne Fuller 

3 James Fuller 
Pamelia Warner 

JAMES FULLER, b. Jan. 29th, 1788, Hampton, Conn.; d. 
April 29th, 1884, Hampton, Conn. Served as Private in 
Capt. George Swift's Co., 5th Uegt. (Salter's) Conn. Mil- 
itia from June 7th to July 14th, 1813. (Pension Bureau). 

Nina Louise Smith (Mrs. Clarence Edward Dodd) 

2936-119 51 

Birthplace, Cleveland, 0. Residence, Sarnia, Canada. 

MERRICK ELY. See record 41. 

Lucy Sharpe (Mrs. Arthur Clarke Eastwood) 

1064-36 52 

Birthplace, Decatur, Ala. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Henry Augustus Sharpe, Birmingham, Ala. 
Mary May Hansell 

3 John Hamilton Hansell, Moulton, Ala. 
Martha Elizabeth Jackson, Moulton, Ala. 

4 John Walker Hansell, Moulton, Ala. 
Orpha Hite Wood, Moulton, Ala. 

JOHN WALKER HANSELL, CAPT., b. Mch. 10th, 1782, 
Virginia ; d. Oct. 27th, 1866, Moulton, Ala. ; citizen, Green- 
ville, S. C. Appointed 2nd Lieut. 3 U. S. Inf. to take rank 
Jan. 3d, 1812. Accepted appointment Feb. 7th, 1812, 1st 
Lieut. Oct. 9th, 1813. Capt. May 2nd, 1814, resigned July 
31st, 1814. Accepted appointment from Greenville, S. C. 
at Ft. Jackson, La. at time of resignation. 

Anna Mae Eaton 3058-125 58 

Birthplace, Troy, O. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Heni-y Clark Eaton 
Rachel Anna Hartzell 

3 Philip Hartzell 
Elizabeth Swisher 

4 Jacob Swisher 
Rachel Thompson 

5 John Thompson 
Polly Hyre 

JOHN THOMPSON, b. 1786; d. 1841. Private in Capt. Jacob 
Gilbert's Co. Lieut. Col. John Andrew's Regt. 1st, 2nd 


Brig. 0. Militia, from Aug. 25th, 1812 to Feb. 28th, 1813. 
(War Dept. Columbus, O.). 

Margretta B. Laughlin (Mrs. John E. Eldridge) 

988-29 54 

Born, Massillon, 0. Residence, Toledo, O. 

2 William Laughlin, Toledo, 0. 
Eliza Laughlin, Toledo, O. 

3 John Laughlin, Wheeling, Va. 
Nancy Lyle, Wheeling, Va. 

JOHN LAUGHLIN, b. 1790, Pa. ; d. May 5th, 1856, Wheeling, 
Va. Private in Capt. Benjamin Anderson's and Col. Joel 
Ferree's 1st Regt. Pa. Militia, from Sept. 24th, 1812 to 
April 5th, 1813. Enlisted at Washington, Pa. Mustered 
out of service at Ft. Meigs, April, 1813. (Bureau of Pen- 
sions, D. C). 

Diana Amelia Rutledge (Mrs. Albinus R. Fell) 

3714-136 55 

Birthplace, Fowler, O. Residence, Burghill, Trumbull 
Co., O. 

2 Wm. Rutledge, Fowler, 0. 
Mary Coe, Vernon, O. 

3 Michael Rutledge, Vernon, 0. 
Mrs. Lydia Emmons Ackley 

MICHAEL RUTLEDGE, CORP., b. 1777 near Baltimore, 
Md. ; d. Jan. 1867, Johnson, 0. ; citizen Md. and O. Cor- 
poral in Capt. Ambrose Palmer's Co., 3d Regt. (Hayes) 
O. Militia, from Aug. 25th to 28th, 1812, when he was 
attached to Jedediah Burnham's Co., same Regt. ; served 
until Sept. 19th, 1812, when discharged. (War Dept. 
D. C). 

LiDA H. Rogers (Mrs. Cassius M. Fisher) 686-16 56 

Birthplace and residence, Cincinnati, . 

2 Levi Morris Rogers, M. D. 
Anna Ebersole 

3 John George Rogers, M. D. 
Julia Morris 

4 Levi Rogers, M. D. 
Anna George 

5 John George 

LEVI ROGERS, M. D., SURGEON, b. 1768, Maryland; d. 
April 4th, 1815, Bethel, 0. ; came to Ohio in 1804. Sur- 
geon 19th Regt. Inf. Jan. 28th, 1813. 

Julia Therese Foley 1094-39 57 

Birthplace and residence, Toledo, O. 


2 Thos. A. Foley 

Sarah Rowsey, Toledo, O. 

3 Chas. Allen Rowsey 

Mary Tranor, Cincinnati, O. 

4 Thomas Rowsey, Staunton, Va. 
Mary Rose, Staunton, Va. 

5 Sir Chas. Rose, Md. 
Mary Allen, Md. 

6 Joseph Allen (Rev. service) 
Sarah McPherson, Md. 

THOMAS ROWSEY. See record 6. 

Sarah Rowsey (Mrs. Thomas A. Foley) 837-23 58 

Birthplace, Cincinnati, O. Residence, Toledo, O. 

THOMAS ROWSEY. See record 6. 

Clara Alice Stoody (Mrs. Wm. Prescott Fouts) 

2379-87 59 

Birthplace, Carroll Co., O. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Geo. Washington Stoody 
Hannah Maria Crawford Semple 

3 Saml. Semple, Monroe Tp., Carroll Co., 0. 

Jane Love Crawford, Monroe Tp., Carroll Co., 0. 

4 Rev. Robt. Semple, Sr., Glenglush, Co. Tyrone, Ireland 
Jean Love, Glenglush, Co. Tyrone, Ireland 

SAMUEL SEMPLE, SERG., b. Apr. 17th, 1783, Co. Tyrone, 
Ireland; d. July 19th, 1858, Carroll Co., O. ; citizen Lea- 
vittsville, 0. Serg., volunteered at Brandy wine, served 
from Aug. 31st, 1814 to Jan. 3d, 1815 in Capt. Victor 
Dupont's Co. of North Brandywine Rangers, Delaware 
Militia. (Pension Bureau). 

Florence Adell Ingell (Mrs. Wm. Henry Garlock) 

3056-123 60 

Birthplace, Fulton, N. Y. Residence, East Cleveland, 0. 

2 Wm. F. Ingell, Fulton, N. Y. 
Minerva Parker, Fulton, N. Y. 

3 Patten Parker b. Sept. 3d, 1793, Volney, N. Y. 
Sarah Burr b. Apr. 1st, 1793, Volney, N. Y. 

4 Archibald Parker 
Sally Ross 

ARCHIBALD PARKER, b. 1730, Herkimer Co., N. Y.; d. 
Litchfield, N. Y. Private in Lieut. Amos Green's Co. 12th 
(Stewart's) Regt., N. Y. Militia from Sept. 10th to Sept. 
25th, 1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

Laura Singletary (Mrs. Willis M. Goodhue) 

2671-112 61 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, 0. 


2 Anson R. Singletary, Cleveland, O. 
Martha Matilda Chapman, Cleveland, O 

3 Uriah Singletary, Summit Co., O. 
Eliza Bishop, Hudson, O. 

4 David Bishop, Hudson, O. 
Anne Hinman 

DAVID BISHOP, b. Goshen, Conn,, citizen of Ohio. Buried 
in Brecksville, O. Private in Capt. Amos. Lusk's Co. of 
Darrow's Odd Batt., O. Militia; served from Aug. 22nd, 
to Nov. 22nd, 1812. Later drafted for 6 mos. tour and 
was mustered under Gen. Harrison. 

URIAH J. SINGLETARY, b. 1790, Sutton, Mass.; citizen, 
Hudson, O. Private in Capt. Wm. H. Hudson's Co., at- 
tached to the 1st (Beard's) Regt. O. Militia from Aug. 
24th to Aug. 31st, 1812. (War Dept. D. C). 

Ella Elizabeth Townsend (Mrs. Edwin Orville 

Green) 2398-90 62 

Birthplace, Clark Co., Ind. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 George Harmon Townsend, Clark Co., Ind. 
Elizabeth Hart, Blue Lick, Clark Co., Ind. 

3 Thomas Hart, Bartholomew Co., Ind. 
Elizabeth Duncan, Bartholomew Co., Ind. 

THOMAS HART, CORP., b. Oct. 26th, 1791, Marysville, 
Tenn. ; citizen of Ind.,; d. July 28th, 1865, Bartholomew 
Co., Ind. Corp. in Capt. Samuel G. Hopkins' Co., 2nd 
U. S. Light Dragoons and enlisted July 27th, 1812 at 
Marysville, Tenn., for 18 mos. ; discharged Jan. 27th, 1814 
at Watertown, N. Y., was in battle River Raisin and at 
siege of Ft. Meigs, Va. (War Dept. D. C.) 

Harriet Fisher (Mrs. Theodore Lund August Greve) 

47— Penn. State 11-a 63 

Birthplace, Washington, D. C. Residence, Cincinnati, O. 

Rev. service. 

Ethel Beecher Allen (Mrs. James Kent Hamilton) 

330-5 64 

Birthplace, Chillicothe, O. Residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 Edward Herrick Allen 
Agnes Wilder Beecher 

3 Josiah Buffett Allen 
Martha Frances Herrick 

4 Saml. Herrick 
Margaret Davidson 

SAMUEL HERRICK, BRIG. GENERAL, b. Apr. 14th, 1779, 
Amenia, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 4th, 1852, Zanesville, O. In May, 


1814, elected and commissioned Brig. Gen. to command 
4th Brig., 3d Div. of 0. Militia, his Brigade embracing 
Counties of Muskingum, Coshocton, Tuscarawas and 
Guernsey, (p. 57, Herrick Genealogy by Gen. Jedediah 
Herrick and Lucius C. Herrick). 

Eliza Foulk Collins (Mrs. Vincent Hamilton) 

Real Daughter 863-24 65 

Birthplace, Richmond, 111. Residence, Toledo, 0. 
2 John Collins 

Jane Holman, Columbia City, Ind. 

JOHN COLLINS, ENS., b. 1777, Spottsylvania, Va. ; d. June 
13th, 1849, Columbia City, Ind. Ens. in Capt. Whitehead's 
Co. Ind. 1812 to 1813. (Documents from Commissionary, 

Louisa C. Chidester (Mrs. John B. Hampton) 303-4 66 

Birthplace, Moundsville, Va., in 1839; d June 7 1914 
Columbus, O. Residence, Columbus, O. 
(No record obtainable) 

Eva Ellsworth Gould (Mrs. Edward Lansing Harris) 

2333-80 ^ 67 

Birthplace, Beaver Dam, Wis. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Ingraham Gould, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Anne Learning, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

3 Daniel Mack Leaming, La Porte, Ind. 
Mary Tucker, La Porte, Ind. 

4 Judah Leaming 
Thankful Tuttle 

5 Matthias Leaming 
Philathes Gould 

6 Jeremiah Leaming 
Abigail Turner 

7 Christopher Leaming, Emigrant ancestor. 

Hartford, Conn. ; d. Jan. 30th, 1875, La Porte, Ind • 
citizen Broome, N. Y., and La Porte, Ind. 1st Corp. in 
Co. of Capt. Judson Cherritree, Regt. of Col. Van Dolson, 
Brig Gen. Haight. Enlisted Aug. 18th, 1814, Broome, 
N.Y.; discharged Nov. 14th, 1814, Brooklin Heights, 
N. Y. (Pension Bureau). 

LuciNDA Symmes Hunter (Mrs. Lee C. Harris) 

1411-46 gg 

Born March 13th, 1841, Hamilton, 0.; d. Nov. 6th, 1907. 
2 Wm. Noble Hunter, Hamilton, O. 

Hester Woodruff Symmes, Symmes Corner, O. 


3 Thomas Hunter, Hamilton, O. 
Jane Noble, Cincinnati, O. 

4 Wm. Noble, Cincinnati, O. 

5 Robert Noble, Penns. Vally, Pa. 

WM. NOBLE, b. Penns Valley, Pa. Private in Capt. Absalom 
Van Matre's Co., of Riflemen, Key's Regt., O. Militia, 
from July 29th to Aug. 18th, 1813. (War Dept. D. C). 

Adah Lucilla Hunt (Mrs. Barney Davis Harvey) 

2748-114 69 

Birthplace, Rhode Island. Residence, Detroit, Mich. 

2 James L. Hunt 
Betsey Warren 

3 John Hubbard Warren 
Betsey (Warren) 

1775, Killingly, Conn. ; d. Dec. 6th, 1840 in Wis. ; citizen 
Killingly, Conn. Musician in Capt. Ebenezer Kelley's Co., 
11th (Lyon's) Regt. Conn. Militia, June 21st to June 24th, 
1813, and that he was detached June 24th, 1813; also 
served as Private in Capt. Solomon Sike's Co., in 11th 
(Lyon's) Regt. of Conn. Militia, from June 24th to July 
15th, 1813. 

Deborah Wilder (Mrs. Stimpson G. Harvey) Real 

Daughter 1496-48 70 

Bom Oct. 19th, 1836, Attica, N. Y.; d. Aug. 14th, 1909, 
Toledo, 0. 

2 Artemas Wilder, Palmyra, Mich. 
Fanny Cooley, Catskill, N. Y. 

3 Abel Wilder, Winchendon, Mass. 
Eunice Hale, Winchendon, Mass. 

ARTEMAS WILDER. See record 8. : 

Alice Mehaffey Hill 2380-88 71 

Birthplace, Knoxville, Tenn. Residence, LaFayette, Allen 
Co., 0. 

2 Robert M. C. Hill 

Eda Alice Mehaffey, LaFayette, 0. 

3 Caleb Hill, Prospect, O. 
Elizabeth Cratty, Prospect, 0. 

4 Samuel Cratty, Marion Co., O. 
Jane Pugh, Marion Co., 0. 

5 Robt. Cratty, Marion Co., 0. 

Elizabeth English (1st. wife)) Marion Co., 0. 

ROBERT CRATTY, ENS., b. Aug. 24th, 1784, Chambersburg, 
Pa. ; d. Aug. 1888, Marion Co., 0. Ens. in Wilson Caldo's 
Co. Pa. Militia, from Jan. 12th to Mch. 21st, 1814. (Pen- 
sion Bureau). 


Adaline Gibson Hine 2459-98 72 

Birthplace, Poland, 0. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Abraham Skinner Hine, Poland, O. 
Nancy Adaline Gibson, Poland, 0. 

3 Robt. Gibson, Youngstown, O. 
Lydia Marshall, Trumbull Co., O. 

ROBERT GIBSON, b. 1785, Pa. ; d. Mch. 14th, 1863, Youngs- 
town, O. Private in Zachariah Fergerson's Co. 1st Regt., 
1st Div. of Ohio Mihtia from Sept. 23d to Oct. 30th, 1812. 
In Capt. Shelby's Co. from July 28th to Sept. 6th, 1813. 
In Capt. Miller's Co. O. Vol. from May 8th to May 20th, 
1813. (War Dept. D. C). 

Mary Everett Marshall (Mrs. Perry Lynes Hobbs) 

1968-65 73 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Dr. Isaac Holmes Marshall (Sept. 17th, 1821— Mch. 30th, 1895) 
Mary Etta Everett (Dec. 10th, 1825— Aug. 15th, 1875) 

3 Wm. Marshall (Nov. 3d, 1774— Sept. 10th, 1859) 

Rachel McElroy (Dec. 15th, 1780— Dec. 2d, 1871. 1812 Patriot. 
Brought salt in her saddle-bags from Pittsburgh to the 
1»12 Soldiers) 

4 James Marshall (1745— Feb. 19th, 1829) Rev. Soldier 
Lydia Carson (1754—1830) 


3 Samuel Everett (March 31st, 1793— Jan. 2d, 1858) Rev. Soldier 
Sarah Pheil (Oct. 2d, 1802— July 14th, 1890) 

4 Samuel Everett (before 1765— about 1808) 
Mary Barbara Mosser (1765— Sept. 4th, 1811) 


5 Philip Mosser (d. 1817) Rev. Soldier 
Elizabeth (d. before 1817) Patriot 

WILLIAM MARSHALL, b. Nov. 3d, 1774, Co. Tyrone, Ire- 
land ; d. Sept. 10th, 1859, Weathersfield, 0. ; buried War- 
ren, 0. Private in Co. of Capt. Elihu Moses and Capt. 
Ebenezer Benedict Edward's Regt. 0. Militia, from Aug. 
24th, to Sept. 17th, 1812, and under Capt. Hine's Co., 
Rayen's Regt., O. Militia, from Sept. 18th to Oct. 11th, 
1812. (General Land Office, Vol 299, p. 200). 

SAMUEL EVERETT, MAJOR, b. before 1765, Lynn Tp. 
Northampton Co., Pa. ; d. about 1808, Liberty, Trumbull 
Co., 0. 1st Major in Capt. Wm. Craig's Co., Northampton 
Brig., Penn. Militia. Officer of the troop of Light Horse 
attached to Brig., 1794. (Penn. Archives, 6th Ser., Vol. 
5,. p. 422). 

PHILIP MOSSER, Patriot, b. about 1640, Goshenhoppin, Pa. ; 
d. 1817, Mosserville, Lynn Tp., Lehigh Co., Pa. In 1794 
two companies of New Jersey soldiers, returning from 
the Whisky Insurrection encamped on the farm of Philip 
Mosser, 73, whose ovens were opened and Mrs. Mosser 
baked bread for the hungry soldiers, (p. 303 Lehigh and 
Carbon Counties 1884). 


Harriet M. Edwards (Mrs. J. Henry White, Mrs. 

Jas. C. Holloway) 1648-56 74 

Birthplace, New Bremen, O. Residence, Montpelier, 0. 

2 Samuel Edwards, Loramie, O. 
Mary Anne McClure, Dayton, 0. 

3 Thomas McClure, Dayton, 0. 
Sarah Nealy, Miami Co., O. 

THOMAS McCLURE, b. Sept. 21st, 1790, Penn. ; d. Dec. 20th, 
1855, Loramie, O. ; citizen Dayton, O. Private in Capt. 
Samuel McCormick's Co. of Rangers, U. S. Vol. from 
Dec. 30th, 1813 to June 30th, 1814, also from a personal 
paper filed that he was in service from July 1st, to Dec. 
30th, 1814. Enlisted at Dayton, 0. and engaged in battle 
at Detroit, May, 1814. (War Dept.). 

Cordelia 0. Hopkins 991-30 75 

Birthplace and residence, Toledo, O. 


ViRA Marie Kerstetter (Mrs. David Harris Hopkins) 

3367-133 76 

Birthplace and residence, Berea, 0. 

2 Wm. J. Kerstetter 

Amanda Amelia Turner, Berea, O. 

3 John WaldrufF Turner, Granger, 0. 
Elvira Melissa Fairchild, Granger, 0. 

4 John Turner, Granger, O. 
Dorothy Waldruff, Granger, O. 

5 Adam Turner, Sussex Co., N. J. 
E. Wisner, Sussex Co., N. J. 

6 John Turner, Yorkshire, Eng. 
Charity , N. J. 

JOHN TURNER, b. May 21st, 1786, Sussex Co., N. J. ; d. Jan. 
28th, 1873, (Granger, O. Private in Capt. Warren Bissel's 
Co. of Inf., Col. Wm. Rayen's Regt. O. Militia, from Sept. 
17th, to Nov. 30th, 1812, enlisted at Warren, O. ; also a 
member of David Hein's Co., 0. Militia. (Pension Bu- 
reau ) . 

Julia S. Allison (Mrs. 0. J. Hopkins) 660-12 77 

Birthplace, Marysville, 0.; d. Feb. 15th, 1907, Toledo, 0. 

2 Chas. Wm. Brandon Allison 
Sophronia Lee 

3 Maj. Wm. Allison 
Juliana Brandon 


Mary Luella Hayslip (Mrs. James H. Hysell) 

577-11 78 

Birthplace, Guyandotte, Va. (now W. Va.) Residence, Al- 
hambra, Cal. 


2 Thomas J. Hayslip 
Margery Dougherty 

3 John Hayslip 
Margaret Lockhart 

JOHN HAYSLIP, LIEUT., b. 1783, Va. ; d. 1839, West Union, 
O. 1st Serg. in Capt. Thomas Lewis' Co. of Col. Allen 
Timble's Mounted Regt. of O. Vol. and Militia; term ex- 
pired Oct. 1812. In 1814, 1st Lieut, in Co. of Bat. of 
Mounted Militia and accompanied Gen. McArthur's ex- 
pedition into Upper Canada; term expired Nov. 19th, 
1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

Stella M. Hayes (Mrs. John G. Jacobi) 1690-62 79 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Lester Hayes, Cleveland, 0. 
Sabra C. (M2 — Craven) Chicago 

3 Lester Hayes, Vernon, O. 
Matilda Bushnell, Vernon, 0. 

4 Titus Hayes, Lyme and Hartland, Conn. 
Deborah Beckwith, Lyme and Hartland, Conn, 

5 Richard Hayes, Lyme, Conn. 
Patience Mack, Lyme, Conn. 

LESTER HAYES, b. Sept. 20th 1790, Hartland, Conn.; d. 
Dec. 23d, 1828, Vernon, O. Private in Capt. Asa Hutch- 
in's Co., 3d Regt. (Hayes) 3d Brig., 4th Div. O. Militia 
from Aug. 24th to Nov. 11th, 1812. (War Dept. Colum- 
bus, 0. Vol. 1, p. 85). 

Daisy Wilson (Mrs. Daniel W. Janson) 3859-141 80 

Birthplace, Mapleton, O. Residence, Canton, O. 

2 Hiram G. Wilson, Canton, 0. 
Margaret S. Yant, Canton, 0. 

3 Robert Wilson, Mapleton, O. 
Charity Elson, Mapleton, O. 

4 John H. Elson, Mapleton, O. 
Margaret Wiggins, Mapleton, O. 

JOHN H. ELSON, CAPT., b. 1771, Brook Co., Va. ; d. 1822, 
Mapleton, O. Lieut., May 7th, 1793 of 1st Bat., 4th Regt., 
Virginia Militia ; Capt. of 103d Regt., 10th Brig., 3d Div. 
Va. Militia from Sept. 16th, 1812 to April 15th, 1813. 
(Commonwealth of Virginia). 

LuciNDA Ely (Mrs. Luke D. Johnson) Real 

Daughter 2401-93 81 

Born Feb. 6th, 1825, Deerfield, 0.; d. Oct. 12th, 1912, 
Cleveland, O. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Merrick Ely, Cleveland, O. 

Lovisa Farnum (b. Nov. 20th, 1789, Blanford, Mass.) 


3 Lewis Ely, (b. Dec. 9th, 1756, West Springfield, Mass.) 
Rev. Soldier 

MERRICK ELY. See record 41. 

Orpha E. Shaffer (Mrs. Peter Jones) 1689-61 82 

Birthplace, Bellville, 0. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 C. A. Shaffer 
Harriet M. Hamilton 

3 Wm. B. Hamilton 
Elizabeth Lafferty 

WILLIAM B. HAMILTON, SERG., b. April 1st, 1782, Pa. ; d. 
1856 Gallon, O. Citizen of Harrison Co., near Cadiz, 0. 
Serg. in Capt. James Andrews' Co., of Lieut. Col. 
Zumatt's Regt. 0. Militia from Jan. 1st to Mch. 2nd, 1814. 
(War Dept. Columbus, 0.). 

Joan Minor Kennedy 1004-31 83 

Birthplace, Butler Co. Residence, Hamilton, 0. 

2 Robert Kennedy, Butler Co., 0. 
Joan Millikin, Hamilton, 0. 

3 Dr. Daniel Millikin, Hamilton, 0. 
Joan Minor, Hamilton, 0. 

4 James Millikin, Washington Co., Pa. 
Dolly McFarland, Washington Co., Pa. 

5 James Millikin, Dromore Co., Ireland 
Martha Hemphill, Dromore Co., Ireland. 

CAMP, b. Feb. 14th, 1777, Washington Co., Pa. ; d. Nov. 
3d, 1849, Hamilton, 0. Brig. Quarter-master from Feb. 
6th to Apr. 7th, 1813 and aid-de-camp from April 8th to 
Aug. 2nd, 1813 on 3d detachment 0. Militia, commanded 
by Brig. Gen. John Wingate, from Feb. 6th to Aug. 2nd, 
1813. (War Dept. D. C). 

Gratia Dean (Mrs. Wm. P. Lewis) 2506-102 84 

Birthplace and residence, Ironton, 0. 

2 Ezra Van Ness Dean, Ironton, 0. 
Charlotte Weaver, Ironton, 0. 

3 Ezra Dean (d. 1872) 
Eliza Naylor (d. 1872) 

4 Ezra Dean (d. 1842, Lewis, N. Y.) 
Mary Ann Savage (d. Grand Isle, Vt.) 

5 John Dean, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

2 w. Mrs. Rhoda Parson Ashley, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

6 John Dean (b. 1678) Lebanon, Conn. 
Lydia Thatcher 

7 James Dean, Stonington, Conn. 
Sarah Tisdale 

8 Walter Dean came to Boston 1637 

EZRA DEAN, ENSIGN, b. Apr. 9th, 1795, Hillsdale, N. Y. ; 
d. Jan. 25th, 1872, Ironton, 0. ; citizen of Wooster, 0. 


Ensig-n 11th Inf. April 20th, 1814, 2nd Lieut. Oct. 1st, 
1814. In charge of 11th Inf. under Gen Winfield Scott, 
July 5th, 1814, at Battle of Chippewa. At Sortie at Ft. 
Erie. (War Dept. D. C, Hist. Reg. and Die. of U. S. 

Mary Virginia Miller (Mrs. Chas. Peter Lynch) 

3318-131 85 

Birthplace, Canonsburg, Pa. Residence, Lakewood, O. 

2 Rev. Robert Thompson Miller (b. Lindlyville, Pa.; d. Fort City, Pa.) 
Virginia Ritchie (b. and d. Canonsburg, Pa.) 

3 Craig Ritchie (b. and d. Canonsburg, Pa.) 

Mary Ann Chickering (b. E. Dedham, Mass.; d. Philadelphia, Pa.) 

4 Thomas Balch Chickering (b. Mass.) 
Susanna Swift (d. Canonsburg, Pa.) 

5 Jebez Chickering, Dedham, Mass. 
Hanna Balch, Dedham, Mass. 

1788, Mass.; d. June 1817, Louisville, Ky. ; citizen of 
Mass. 2nd Lieut. 3d U. S. Art., Aug. 1st, 1813. Honor- 
ably discharged June 1st; enlisted at E. Dedham, Mass. 
(War Dept. D. C). 

Flora Alice Davenport (Mrs. John T. Mack) 

1746-60 86 

Birthplace, Ross Co., O. Residence, Sandusky, 0. 

2 Anthony Sims Davenport, Ross Co., O. 
Penelope Ritchhart, Ross Co., 0. 

3 Capt. Jacob Ritchhart, Ross Co., O. 
Elizabeth Griffith, Ross Co., 0. 

4 Christian Ritchhart, Jr., Ross Co., 0. 
Maria Elizabeth Pentz, Hoff, Pa. 

5 Christian Ritchhart, Sr. 

Magdalena Wolf, Oberhofen, Switzerland 

JACOB RITCHHART, CAPT., b. Feb. 19th, 1778, Hoff, Pa. ; 
d. Dec. 23d, 1836, Ross Co., O. ; citizen of Ohio. Capt. of 
a Co., of Major John Willett's 1st Bat., 2nd Regt., 3d 
Brig., 2nd Div. O. Militia from July 28th, to Aug. 18th, 
1813. Relief of Ft. Meigs. (War Dept. Columbus, 0.). 

Carrie M. Curlis (Mrs. John H. Macready) 864-25 87 

Birthplace, Clermont Co., 0. . Residence, Cincinnati, 0. 

2 Hiram Curlis 
Willimena Bull 

3 Walter Bull 
Caroline Leeds 

WALTER BULL, b. 1793; d. Apr. 17th, 1865, Monterey, 0. 
Private in Capt. Andrews, 0. Militia from Sept. 4th, 
1813 to Mch. 20th, 1814. (Pension Bureau). 


Sarah E. Van Auken (Mrs. Elijah Madan) Real 

Daughter 2256-75 88 

Birthplace, Sterling, N. Y. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Solomon Van Auken (Van Aiken) 
Sarah Van Fleet, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

3 Daniel Van Auken 

Sarah Carddebach, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

SOLOMON VAN AUKEN, b. Nov. 27th, 1797, New Jersey; 
d. Dec. 10th, 1869, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Private in Capt. 
John Gillespy's Co., Bevier's Bat., N. Y. Militia from 
Sept. 6th to Sept. 22nd, 1814. Substitute for Daniel Van 
Auken, his father (drafted). (War Dept. D. C. record in 
name of his father, Daniel Van Auken). 

Mabel Elizabeth Maltby 2933-117 89 

Birthplace, Omaha, Neb. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Geo. B. Maltby, Cleveland, O. 
Nellie Mary Arthur, Cleveland, 0. 

3 John Whitehouse Maltby, Rochester, N. Y. 
Nellie R. Humphry, Rochester, N. Y. 

4 Seth Murray Maltby, Rochester, N. Y. 
Abigail Beechannan 

5 Gen. Isaac Maltby, Hatfield, Mass. 
Lucinda Murray, Hatfield, Mass. 

6 Benjamin Maltby, Northford and Branford, Conn. 
Elizabeth Fowler 

ISAAC MALTBY, BRIG. GEN., b. Nov. 10th, 1767, Hartford, 
Conn. ; d. 1819, Waterloo, N. Y. ; citizen of Hatfield, Mass. 
Brig. Gen. of Elite Brig. Mass. Troops, from Sept. 12th, 
to Nov. 5th, 1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

Harriet Susanna Thomas (Mrs. James Foster 

Martin) 2332-79 90 

Birthplace, London, 0. Residence, Cook, 0. 

2 Andrew Gardner Thomas, London, 0. 
Hannah Alice Farrar, London, O. 

3 Nahum Daniel Thomas, London, O. 
Susanna Webster Colburn, London, 0. 

4 Andrew Colburn, Champion, N. Y. 
Polly Tamblin, Champion, N. Y. 


5 Timothy Tamblin, Rutland, N. Y. 
Susannah Webster, Rutland, N. Y. 

ANDREW COLBURN, b. July 26th, 1787, Chesterfield, N. H. ; 
d. Apr. 9th, 1873, Carthage, N. Y. ; citizen Champion, N. 
Y. Private in Capt. Asa P. Harris' Co., Col. Tuttle's 
Regt., N. Y. Militia, from Mch. 3d to Mch. 18th, 1813; 
also Private in Capt. Roland Hall's Co., 76th (Tucker's) 


Regt., N. Y. Militia, from July 31st to Aug. 22nd, 1814. 
(Pension Bureau). 

TIMOTHY TAMBLIN, CAPT., b. Nov. 11th, 1756, Holliston, 
Mass. ; d. Aug. 31st, 1845, Rutland, N. Y. ; citizen Thomp- 
son and Danbury, Conn. Capt. of "Silver Greys" Co.,, 76th 
(Tuttle's) N. Y. Militia, from Sept. 9th to Sept. 20th, 
1812. Marched to Sackett's Harbor, where remained 
three weeks and built Ft. Tompkins. 

Clara Giddings (Mrs. James C. Marvin) 2375-83 91 

Birthplace and residence, Jefferson, O. 

2 Joseph A. Giddings, Jefferson, O. 
Mary Curtis, Jefferson, O. 

3 Joshua R. Giddings, Jefferson, 0. 
Laura Waters, Jefferson, O. 

4 Joshua Giddings, Wayne, 0. 
Elizabeth Pease, Wajme, O. 

5 Joshua Giddings, Lyme, Conn. 
Jane Reed, Lyme, Conn. 

6 Thomas Giddings, Hartland, Conn. 
Mary Coult, Hartland, Conn. 

JOSHUA R. GIDDINGS, b. Oct. 6th, 1795, Athens, Pa.; d. 
May 27th, 1864, Montreal, Canada; citizen Jefferson, O. 
Private in Capt. Jedediah Burnham's Co., of Inf., 3d 
Lieut. Col. Hayes Regt., 3d Brig., 4th Div. 0. Militia, from 
Aug. 24th to Nov. 3d, 1812. Records show he was sub- 
stitute for Warren Giddings after Aug. 27th, 1812, (War 
Dept. D. C). 

Ella Susan Lyke (Mrs. Arthur Hale McCabe) 

2460-99 92 

Birthplace Ulyses Tp., Tompkins Co., N. Y. Residence 
Bowling Green, 0. 

2 Wm. Lyke, Waterbury, N. Y. 

Harriet Newell Lyons, Elizabeth City, N. J. 

3 Samuel Lyke, Waterbury, N. Y. 
Sally Teed, Nova Scotia 

SAMUEL LYKE, b. 1768, Germany; d. Aug. 1872, Water- 
bury, N. Y. ; citizen of U. S. Private in Capt. Amasa 
Parker's Co., Col. Putnam Farrington Regt., N. Y. Mil- 
itia from Sept. 8th, to Dec. 10th, 1814; enlisted at Col- 
chester, N. Y. (Pension Bureau). 


JAMES FERGUSON, CAPT. See record 23. 


Laura Lam me (Mrs. Duncan Burton McDonald) 

661-13 94 

Birthplace, Clarke Co., 0. Residence, Urbana, 0. 

2 Wm. Lamme 
Eliza Ann 

3 John Lamme 
Sarah Evans 

JOHN LAMME, b. Feb. 26th, 1780, Augusta Co., Va. ; d. Aug. 
2nd, 1851, Clarke Co., O. Private in Ens. Wm. Lamme's 
Co. of Inf., 2nd Regt. (Dougherdy's) 0. Militia, Sept. to 
Oct. 1813. (Pension Bureau). 

Elizabeth Weaver Ellis (Mrs. Geo. Thorburn 

MclNTOSH) 2448-97 95 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Elijah Ellis, Milwaukee and Cleveland 

Mary Elizabeth Weaver, Utica, N. Y. and Cleveland 

3 Nicholas N. Weaver, Utica, N. Y. and Cleveland 
Elizabeth Shoemaker, Herkimer, N. Y. 

4 Nicholas G. Weaver, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 
Gertrude Dygert, Herkimer N. Y. 

5 John George Weaver, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

Anna Elizabeth Du Bois, Livingston Manor, N. Y. 

6 Jacob Weaver, Jr., Herkimer Co., N. Y. 
Catharine Harter, came N. Y., 1710 

NICHOLAS N. WEAVER, LIEUT., b. July 29th, 1791, Her- 
kimer Co., N. Y.; d. Apr. 16th, 1853, Cleveland, 0. ; 
citizen Utica, N. Y. ; buried in Cleveland, O. Lieut, in 
Capt. Benjamin Ballow Jr's. Co., 134th (Stone's) Regt. 
N. Y. Militia, from Oct. 6th to Nov. 14th, 1814. (War 
Dept. D. C). 

Emma Somers Iszard (Mrs. Geo. Louis Meade) 

2510-106 96 

Birthplace, Elmer, N. J. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Wm. Howard Iszard, M. D., Camden, N. J. 
Harriet S. Irelan, Camden, N. J. 

3 Thomas Irelan, Somers Point, N. J. 
Sarah Ann Scull, Somers Point, N. J. 

4 John R. Scull, Somers Point, N. J. 
Sarah Somers, Somers Point, N. J. 

JOHN R. SCULL, CAPT., b. July 12th, 1785, Somers Point, 
N. J.; d. Sept. 11th, 1835, Somers Point, N. J. Capt. of 
John R. Scull's Co. Inf., Gloucester Brig., N. J. Militia 
1st Bat. 1st Regt. Commissioned May 6th, 1814, enrolled 
May 25th, 1815; discharged Feb. 12th, 1815. (Officers 
and Men of N. J. 1791-1815, War Dept. D. C, p. 143). 


Lulu B. Carpenter (Mrs. Jacob Melchoir) Real 

Daughter 1603-53 97 

Birthplace, Fremont, O. Residence, Toledo, 0. 

ALANSON CARPENTER. See record 30. 

Cora Sprague (Mrs. Wm. Catlin Millard) 2890-116 98 

Birthpalce, Putnam Co., Mo. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Capt. A. W. Sprague, Cleveland, O. 
Helen Walters, Cleveland, O. 

3 Capt. Alonzo Sprague, Henderson, N. Y. 
Urania Osgood, Henderson, N. Y. 

4 Anthony Sprague, Leicester and Spencer, Mass. 
Esther Jones, Hingham, Mass. 

5 Anthony Sprague, Sr., Hingham, Mass. 

3 Peter Walters, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
Susan Norcross, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

4 Aaron Walters, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
Susan Roberts, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

Spencer, Mass. ; d. 1841 ; citizen of Leicester and Spencer, 
Mass. Lieut. Col. 55th, (Sprague's) Regt., N. Y. Miiltia, 
from Feb. 27th to Mch. 20th, 1813. (War Dept. D. C). 

AARON WALTERS, b. Dec. 1775, Newburg, N. Y. ; d. 1820, 
Plattsburgh, N. Y. ; citizen Plattsburgh, N. Y. Private 
in Capt. Daniel B. Vaughn's Co., of Art., acting as Inf. 
36th Regt., (Miller's) N. Y. Militia from Sept. 1st, to 
Sept. 13th, 1814. Name appears on Muster roll dated at 
Plattsburgh, Oct. 15th, 1814, as a volunteer. (War Dept. 
D. C.) 

Alice Evelyn Rose (Mrs. Chas. Russell Miller) 

2618-108 99 

Birthplace, Summit Co., 0. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Wm. G. Rose, Cleveland, O. 

Martha Emily Parmelee, Talmage and Oberlin, O. 

3 James Rose, Pine Tp., Mercer Co., Pa. 

Martha McKinley, York Co., Pa. (Aunt of Pres. McKinley) 

4 Andrew Rose, Bucks, Centre and Mercer Cos., Pa. 
Hannah Chapman of Pa. 

JAMES ROSE, b. Apr. 3d. 1785, Pa., prob. Centre Co.; d. 
Aug. 11th, 1865 Mercer Co., Pa.; citizen Mercer Co., Pa. 
Private in Capt. David Robinson's Co. of Vol. Riflemen, 
attached to 135th (Christy's) Regt. of Pa. Militia at Erie, 
from Oct. 12th, to Dec. 5th, 1812, in same Company 134th 
(Hosack's) Regt. Pa. Militia from July 24th to Aug. 9th, 
1813, and from Jan. 1st to Feb. 11th, 1814. (War Dept. 
D. C). 


Mary Josephine Moran (Mrs. Robert E. Mix) Real 

Daughter 3057-124 100 

Birthplace, Detroit, Mich. Residence, Nottingham, O. 

2 Charles Moran. Jr. (Apr. 1797— Oct. 11th, 1876) 
Julie De Quindre, Detroit, Mich. 

3 Charles Moran, Detroit, Mich. 
Catherine Vessies dit Lafaite 

CHARLES MORAN, Jr. CORP., b. Apr. 1797, Detroit, Mich. ; 
d. Oct. 11th, 1876, Detroit, Mich. Corporal in Capt. 
Jacques Campan's Co. 1st (Godfrey's) Regt., Mich. Mil- 
itia, from July 2nd to Aug. 16th, 1812. (War Dept. D. 

Josephine Mix 2335-82 101 

Birthplace, Cleveland, 0. Residence, Nottingham, 0. 

2 Robert Ebenezer Mix 
Mary Josephine Moran 

3 Ebenezer Mix, Batavia, N. Y. 
Jemima De Bow 


3 Charles Moran, Jr. 

Julie De Quindre, Detroit, Mich. 

4 Charles Moran, Detroit, Mich. 
Catherine Vessies dit Lafaite 

EBENEZER MIX, COMMANDER, b. Dec. 31st, 1787, 
Batavia, N. Y. ; d. 1871, Cleveland, O. ; buried in Cleve- 
land, O. Commanded a Co. of 36th (Miller's) Regt., N. Y. 
Militia, from July 30th to Aug. 4th, 1813; also from Oct. 
29th to Nov. 7th, 1813. 

CHAS. MORAN. See record 100. (War Dept. D. C). 

Catherine Elmira Ricker (Mrs. Harry P. Moran) 

1047-35 102 

Residence, Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

2 Joseph Trimble Ricker 
Catherine Elmira Winspear 

3 Maj. Elbridge Gerry Ricker 
Margaret Foster 

4 Lieut. Thomas Foster 
Sarah Raper 

THOMAS FOSTER, LIEUT., b. Feb. 14th 1789, Va. ; d. May 
25th, 1875, Williamsburg, O. Member Williamsburg 
Riflemen from Apr. 12th to Oct. 24th, 1812; a part of 
3d Regt., O. Militia; in march to Detroit was attached to 
Col. Cass' Regt. of 1st Brig., 1st Div. Engaged at battle 
of Brownstown, Aug. 4th, 1812, where Capt. Jacob Boest- 
ler was killed. Thomas Foster carried him a mile on his 
back away from the enemy. He was promoted from Ens. 
to Lieut. Aug. 12th, 1812. (Pension Bureau). 


Julia Tupper (Mrs. John Frederick Mund) Real 

Daughter 2222-72 103 

Born, Oct. 26th, 1845, Strongsville, O.; d. Nov. 20th 1912, 
Cleveland, O. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Charles Tupper 

Julia Briggs, m. 2. Hannah B. Smith 

3 Samuel Tupper 
Mary Green 

CHARLES TUPPER, b. Apr. 15th, 1799, Barnard, Vt.; d. 
May 3d, 1864, Strongsville, O. ; buried in Strongsville, O. ; 
citizen Vermont. Enlisted May 17th, 1818 to May 17th, 
1814 as a Private in Capt. Asa Aikin's Co. under Col. 
Daniel Dana, 31st U. S. Inf. Enlisted at Barnard, Vt. ; 
discharged at Vergennes, Vt. Moved to Ohio about 1833. 
Applied for pension July 11th, 1851, while living at Al- 
bion Tp. of Strongsville, Cuyahoga County, O. Claim 
allowed. (Pension Bureau). 

Sarah Boyd Nixon (Mrs. Henry McCoy Norris) 

1412-47 104 

Birthplace, Bridgeton, N. J. Residence, Glendale, O. 

2 James Boyd Nixon, Bridgeton, N. J. 
Ellen Madeline Scull, Phoenixville, Pa. 

3 Wm. Garrison Nixon, Bridgeton, N. J. 
Sarah Boyd Potter, Bridgeton, N. J. 

4 Jeremiah Smith Nixon, Bridgeton, N. J. 
Mary Shaw Thompson, Jones Island, N. J. 

JEREMIAH SMITH NIXON, b. Sept. 20, 1794, Jones' Island, 
N. J. ; d. April 24, 1878, Bridgeton, N. J. ; citizen Bridge- 
ton, N. J. Private in Capt. Peter Ladow's Co. Inf. (Cum- 
berland Co.) Maj. Wm. Potter's Detachment of N. J. De- 
tailed Militia stationed at Cape May, N. J., from Apr. 26th 
to Oct. 31, 1813; also Private in Capt. James Burch's 
Co. of Inf. (Cumberland Co.) Lieut. Col. Joshua L. 
Howell's Regt., N. J. Detailed Militia from Sept. 26th, 
1814 to Jan. 4th, 1815. (Pages 31 and 125, Officers and 
Men of N. J. in war with Gt. Britain, 1812-15). 

Mary Colby (Mrs. Willard I. Norton) 1633-55 105 

Bom, Jan. 9th, 1848, Fremont, 0.; d. Aug. 6th, 1910. 

2 William Pitts Colby, Fremont, 0. 
Anna Foote (wid. — Graves) 

3 Enoch Eastman Colby, Richmond, N. Y. 
Mary Hulburd, Suffield, Conn. 

4 Moses Colby, Hopkinton, N. H. 
Abagail Eastman, Hopkinton, N. H. 

ENOCH EASTMAN COLBY, SERG., b. 1784, Hopkinton, 
N. H. ; d. 1828, Sandusky Co., O. ; citizen Richmond, N. Y. 
Ens. in Capt. Hope Davis' Co. Enlisted from (Genesee 


Co., N. Y. Atchison's Regt., N. Y. Detached Militia from 
Dec. 21, 1813 to Jan. 17, 1814. Corp. in Capt. Jesse 
Brown's Co. Sanford's Bat., N. Y. Militia, from Aug. 1st 
to Aug. 6th, 1813. Serg. in Capt. Nathaniel Fisher's Co., 
Swift's Regt., N. Y. Militia, from Sept. 9th to Dec. 15th, 
1813. (Pension Bureau). 

Mary Eldridge (Mrs. Geo. Bell Orwig) 987-28 106 

2 John E. Eldridge 

Margretta B. Laughlin, Toledo, O. 

3 William Laughlin, Toledo, O. 
Eliza (Laughlin), Toledo, O. 

4 John Laughlin, Wheeling, Va. 
Nancy Lyle, Wheeling, Va. 

JOHN LAUGHLIN. See record 54. 

Esther L. Otis 1655-57 107 

Birthplace, Ashtabula Co., O. Residence, Fremont, 0. 

2 Isaac Otis, Bellevue, O. 
Harriet M. Cornell, Bellevue, O. 

3 John Otis, Essex, N. Y. 
Betsy Butler, Essex, N. Y. 

4 Robt. Otis, New London, Conn. 

JOHN OTIS, CORP., b. East New London, Conn.; d. Mch., 
1843, Trimbelle, Wis. Served from Aug. 1st to Aug. 6th, 
1813 ; also from Sept. 2nd to Sept. 14th, 1814. Corp. in 
Capt. Tobey's Co., Sanford's Bat. (9th Regt.) N. Y. Mil- 
itia; also in Capt. Torrance's Co., Unregimented Bat. 
(Sanford's) N. Y. Militia. (War Dept. D. C, also N. Y. 
State for service after War 1812). 

Eleanor McKinley Rose (Mrs. Clement Pearson) 

Real Daughter 2617-107 108 

Birthplace, Mercer Co., Pa. Residence, Washington, D. C, 
2 James Rose, Mercer Co., Pa. 

Martha McKinley (Aunt of Pres. McKinley, who signed National 
Charter N. S. U. S. D. of 1812, Feb. 25, 1901) 

JAMES ROSE. See record 99. Four brothers Rose— (Chap- 
man, Andrew, James) in War 1812 (Cuyahoga Co. His. 
1879, p. 379). 

Mrs. Pearson, Real Daughter, Mrs. Miller, grand-dau.. 
Miss Penfield, great grand-dau. all joined the 1812 Society 
on the James Rose record. 

Marie Rose Penfield 2672-113 109 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 


2 Frank Harrol Penfield 
Marie Suela Pearson 

3 Clement Pearson, M. D., Washington, D. C. 
Eleanor McKinley Rose, Mercer Co., Pa. 

4 James Rose, Pine Tp., Mercer Co., Pa. 

Martha McKinley, York Co. (Aunt of Pres. McKinley) 

JAMES ROSE. See record 99. 

Etta McVean (Mrs. Byron Pope) Real Daughter 

3628-66 110 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 
2 John McVean 

Pamelia Stark (1805-1874) 

JOHN McVEAN, b. Jan. 10th, 1798, N. Y. ; d. Oct. 9th, 1850, 
E. Cleveland, 0,; buried in E. Cleveland, O. Private in 
Capt. Claudius Van Boughton's Co. of N. Y. Militia, en- 
listed at Greece, N. Y. Discharged at Buffalo, N. Y., Nov, 
1st, 1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

Florence Bidwell (Mrs. Chas. A. Portz) 3716-138 111 

2 Thomas J. Bidwell, Canton, O. 
Minerva J. Burger, Canton, 0. 

3 Tobias Burger, Holmes Co., O. 
Lydia Deetz, Shanesville, 0. 

4 Samuel Burger, Holmes Co., O. 
Mary Levahn, Holmes Co., 0. 

SAMUEL BURGER. See record 15. 

Daisy Eliza Poe (Mrs. Norman Christopher Pratt) 

2669-110 112 

Residence, Ravenna, 0. 

2 Alvin Nash Poe, Ravenna, O. 
Lauretta M. Weatherbee, Streetsboro, O. 

3 Adam Poe, Ravenna, O. 
Eliza Laughlin, Ravenna, 0. 

4 Andrev^^ Poe, Frederick Co., Md. 
Elizabeth Rutan, Essex Co., N. J. 

5 George Poe, Antietan Creek, Md. 

ADAM POE, LIEUT., b. Apr. 4th, 1793, Green Tp., Pa. ; d. 
Jan 5th, 1859, Ravenna, 0. Citizen (3^reen Tp., Pa. First 
Lieut. 2nd Co., 1st Brig., 16th Div. Pa. Militia; enlisted 
from Beaver Co., Pa., Aug. 1st, 1814, for 7 years. (Com- 
mission signed by Gov. Simon Snyder of Pa.) Drafted as 
Private Inf. Co. of Militia for 6 mo. Then rendezvoused 
at Pittsburgh, Oct., 1812, then elected Orderly Sergeant. 
Lieut. Robert Walker, son-in-law of Col. Geo. Valanding- 
ham was killed by the Indians Feb. 20th, about 3 miles 


from Ft Meigs, where Gen. Harrison's army then lay, to 
which they were attached. After the death of Walker, 
Adam Poe had command of the Company until Apr. 2nd, 
1813 when they were discharged. (Letter by Adam Poe 
at Ravenna, 0., 1849). 

Philena Jane Prentice 2509-105 113 

Residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 William Henry Prentice, Toledo, 0. 
Clara Waite, Iowa 

3 David Henry Prentice, Jefferson, O. 
Philena Royce, Westfield, N. Y. 

4 Daniel Prentice, Harpersfield, 0. 
Mary Hotchkiss 

5 Daniel Prentice, Cheshire, Conn. 
Mary Billings 

6 Jonas Prentice 
Lucy Dermison 

DANIEL PRENTICE JR., b. 1773, Harpersfield, N. Y.; d. 
Harpersfield, O. ; citizen Harpersfield, 0. Private in Capt. 
Asa Copeland's Co., 2nd (Sanford's) Regt., Conn. State 
Troops, from Sept. 14th to Nov. 1st, 1813. (War Dept. 
D. C). 

RozELLA Margaret Freeman (Mrs. Allan Ross Raff) 

696-18 114 

Born, Cincinnati, 0. 

2 Edwin Freeman, M. D. 
Rozella Ricker 

3 Maj. Eldridge Gerry Ricker 
Margaret Foster 

4 Thomas Foster, Lieut. 
Sarah Roper 

5 Thomas Foster 
Nancy Trigg 

THOMAS FOSTER, LIEUT. See record 102. 

Jennie A. Carpenter (Mrs. Geo. Restle) Real 

Daughter 1601-51 115 

Birthplace, Genoa, O. Residence, Fremont, O. 

ALANSON CARPENTER, SERG. His widow's pension was 
32790, Dec. 9th, 1882. 


Three Real Daughters, (Miss Carpenter, Mrs. Melchoir, 
Mrs. Restle) sisters, all members of the Daughters of 
1812 on the Records of Alanson and Nathaniel Carpenter. 


Louise Gertrude Shedd (Mrs. Alvin Lewis Roberts) 

3717-139 116 

Birthplace, Bourbon, Ind. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Loren Mayo Shedd, Chicago, 111. 
Amanda Rosenberry, Alliance, O. 

3 Benjamin F. Rosenberry, Alliance, O. 
Angeline C. Wean, Alliance, O. 

4 Nicholas Borden Wean, Alliance, 0. 
Mary Martin 

5 John L. Martin, Lancaster, Pa. 
Sarah Loots, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

JOHN L. MARTIN, LIEUT. Lieut, and Capt. in 132nd 
(Dale's) Regt., Pa. Militia, from July 1812, to Feb. 10th, 
1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

AMANDA Burger (Mrs. J. W. Robinson) 3860-142 117 

Birthplace, near Baltic, O. 

SAMUEL BURGER. See record 15. 

Mary Emma Rhodes (1st. Mrs. Frank Ellis) (2nd. 

Mrs. Frank Rogers) 205, joined Ohio 1896 118 

Birthplace, Marietta, O. Residence, Cincinnati, O. 

2 Chas. Rathbone Rhodes (b. Nov. 5th, 1819) 
Mary Elizabeth Ward 

3 Dr. Dudley Woodbridge Rhodes (b. 1792) 
Emma Rathbone (b. 1797) 

4 John Rathbone (b. 1751) 
Eunice Wells 

Mary Sheffield 

5 Rev. John Rathbone (b. 1729) 
Content Brown 

JOHN RATHBONE, JR., b. 1751; d. Mch. 14th, 1843. Sub- 
scriber to 1812 War Loans. 

Harriette Emily Sowers (Mrs. Otto A. Ross) 

2670-111 119 

Birthplace, Lexington, 0. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Lewis strong Sowers, Cleveland, O. 
Rhetta Garret, Cleveland, O. 

3 George Sowers (1885-1888) 
Emily Lewis (1838-1909) 

4 Moses Sowers (1794-1875) 

Susan Bloomer (Wid. Ezra Abbot. 1801-1886) 

MOSES SOWERS, SERG., b. July 27th, 1794, Pa. ; d. Feb. 
16th, 1875, Lexington, 0. ; citizen, Lexington, 0. En- 
listed May 7th to May 18th, 1813 as a Sergeant in Capt. 
Richard Hooker's Co., O. Militia. Also served from July 
30th to Sept. 30th, 1813 in the same capacity. (Pension 

EZEKIAL EMERSON. See record 134. 


Maey Saxton, Real Daughter 2223-74 120 

Bom, Mch. 30th, 1828, Newburg, 0.; d Oct. 27th, 1912. 
Cleveland, 0. Citizen of Cleveland, 0. 

2 Capt. Jehiel Saxton (1782-1858) 
Polly Stewart (1789-1873) 

3 Ebenezer Saxton (1753-4-1828) 
Hannah Loomis (1757-1843) 

4 James Saxton (1729 ) 

Sarah Noble (1730-....) 

5 James Saxton (1702- ) 

Abenena Gilbert 

6 James Saxton 
Anna Bancroft 

JEHIEL SAXTON, CAPT., b. Aug. 7th, 1782, Hillsdale, N. 
Y.; d. Mch. 16th, 1858, Newburgh, 0.; buried in Cleve- 
land, 0. ; citizen, Bristol, Vt. and Newburgh, O. Serg. 3d 
Co. of Light Inf., 2nd Regt., 1st Brig., 3d Div. Jabez G. 
Fitch, Lieut. Col. Comdt., Dec. 27th, 1803, Vingennes, Vt. 
Ens. 3d Co., 2nd Regt., 1st Brig., 3d Div. of Militia, June 
4th, 1805. Lieut. 2nd Co. Light Inf., 2nd Regt., 1st Brig., 
3d Div., June 1st, 1808. Capt. 2nd. Co., 2nd Regt., 1st 
Brig. 3d Div. June 3d, 1811. Also another Com. as Lieut. 
(Pension Bureau), (japt. of an Independent Militia Co. 
of Bristol, Vt., which offered its services to Gov. Jonas 
Galush of Vt., War 1812. Capt. of Independent Militia 
(Vt.) under (IJol. Nash and Gen. Samuel Strong. Par- 
ticipated in Battle of Plattsburgh. 

Louise W. Barr (Mrs. H. S. Seaman) 3912-148 121 

Birthplace, Erie, Pa. Residence, Lakewood, O. 

2 Matthew R. Barr (Dec. 25, 1817— Jan. 5, 1904) 
Laura Wright (June 15, 1823— Jan. 27, 1905) 

3 James Barr, Jr. (Feb. 8, 1782— Apr. 9, 1835) 

Polly Robinson Kelly (Mch. 17, 1792— Mch. 30, 1880) 

JAMES BARR, JR., CAPT., b. Feb. 8th, 1782, Mifflin Co., Pa.; 
d. Apr. 9th, 1835, Millcreek Tp., Erie Co., Pa.; citizen, 
Erie Co., Pa. Capt. in Col. John Phillips Pa. Militia; 
served from Apr. 14th to May 5th, 1813; July 25th to 
Aug. 7th, 1813 ; Jan. 3d to Feb. 4th, 1814. Also Capt. of 
a Company of Volunteers who went to the aid of Gen. 
Harrison in his campaign in the West. (Pension Bureau), 

Emma Wheeler Seek 2377-85 122 

Birthplace and residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 Lewis John Seek (1845—1899) 
Angeline Frances Wheeler, Toledo, O. 

3 William H. Wheeler (1812—1890) Sandusky, 0. 
Martha Parish, Sandusky, 0. 

4 John Wheeler 
Sarah Callaway 


JOHN WHEELER, b. 1785, Fishing Creek, Pa. ; d. Aug. 1849, 
Sandusky, 0. ; citizen, Sandusky, 0. Private in Capt. 
Henry's Co., 138 (Miller's) Regt. Pa. Militia, from Jan. 
12th to Mch. 20th, 1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

Bessie Dake Church (Mrs. Herbert H. Sharp) 

2477-101 123 

Residence, Salem, O. 

2 William I. Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Emma H. Teasdale, Washington, D. C. 

3 Thomas Cox Teasdale, Sussex Co., N. J. 
Delia Lottridge, Hoosick Falls, N. Y. 

4 Thomas Teasdale, Sussex Co., N. J, 
Hannah Cox 

THOMAS TEASDALE, CAPT., b. Apr. 26th, 1779, Durham 
Co., England ; d. May 27th, 1847, Sussex Co., N. J. ; citiz- 
en, Sussex Co., N. J. Served as Capt. of a Company desig- 
nated as Capt. Thos. Teasdale's Co., 2nd (Seward's) Regt. 
of N. J. Militia from Sept. 6th to Dec. 5th, 1814. (War 
Dept. D. C). 

Sarah Anne Stoody (Mrs. Wm. Samuel Shepherd) 

2378-86 124 

Birthplace, Carroll Co., O. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

SAMUEL SEMPLE, SERG. See record 59. 

Mary Elizabeth Humphrey (Mrs. Hugh T. Shunck) 

1745-54 125 

Birthplace, Napoleon, 0. Residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 Daniel Jackson Humphrey, Napoleon, 0. 
Sarah Fairbank, Napoleon, O. 

3 Daniel Abbott Fairbank, Eagle, N. Y. 
Jane Ann Clough, East Pike, N. Y. 

4 Chester Fairbank, Eagle, N. Y. 
Betsey Abbott, Stockbridge, Vt. 

CHESTER FAIRBANK, SERG., b. Nov. 1st, 1788, Swanzey, 
N. H. ; d. July 7th, 1849, Lexington, Ky. Private and 
Serg. in Capt. Chapman's Co. and in Capt. Proctor's Co. 
21st U. S. Inf. from Sept. 24th, 1812 to Mch. 24th, 1814. 
(War Dept. D. C). Served for 3 years in war of 1812, 
fought with Gen. Jacob Brown under Col. Ripley ; was at 
capture of Yorktown. (p. 241 The Fairbanks Family in 

DoRiANNE Fuller (Mrs. Samuel Wolcott Skinner) 

Real Daughter 3014-122 126 

Birthplace, Hampton, Conn. Residence, Toledo, 0. 


2 James Fuller, Hampton, Conn. 
Pamelia Warner, Hampton, Conn. 

JAMES FULLER. See record 50. 

Louise E. Sizer, Real Daughter 127 

Died before accepted. 

Born March 27, 1823, Oneida Co., N. Y.; d. Nov. 3, 1907. 
Residence, Toledo, O. 

2 Asa B. Sizer, N. Y. State. 

Mary Walker Salters, Madison, N. Y. 

ASA B. SIZER, MAJOR, b. June 5th, 1780, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; 
d. Nov. 29th, 1829, Trenton, N. Y. ; citizen of N. Y. State. 
Served during the entire war of 1812, On breaking out 
of war Mr. Sizer lived at Madison, N. Y. He raised an 
Artillery Co. of which he was Capt., offered its services 
to Gov. of N. Y. "Asa B. Sizer is nominated and by and 
with the consent of the Senate, is appointed a Major in 
the 29th Regt. of Inf. to rank as such from the 13th day 
of Apr. 1813," Commission signed, James Madison, Pres. 
and James Monroe, Sec. of State. 

Sara Ricker (Mrs. Wm. Thomas Simpson) 527-8 128 

Birthplace, Pleasant Hill, 0. Residence, Cincinnati, O, 

2 Elbridge Gerry Ricker 
Margaret Foster 

3 Lieut. Thomas Foster 
Sarah Raper 

4 Thomas Foster 
Nancy Trigg 

THOMAS FOSTER, LIEUT. See record 102, 

Gertrude Schoeneman (Mrs. Alfred Ernest Smith) 

2376-84 129 

Birthplace, Lisbon, Iowa. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Jacob Schoeneman (d. 1907) 
Sarah Demott (d. 1901, Lisbon, Iowa) 

3 Isaac Demott (b. 1791) Columbia Co., Pa. 

ISAAC DEMOTT, b. 1791, Columbia Co., Pa. Served 15 days 
as Private in Capt. Benj. Bond's Co. Col, Jas. Montgom- 
ery's Regt. of Pa. Militia from Nov. 12th to 26th, 1814; 
said Co. organized at Columbia Co., Pa. ; discharged at 
Northumberland, Pa. (Land warrant signed by Theodore 
Roosevelt 1902. Vol. 517, p. 306). 

Georgia Atlanta Smith 1654-57 130 

Birthplace, Marion Co., 0. Residence, Meeker, Marion Co., O. 


2 Robt. Smith 
Agnes Nancy West 

3 Ezekiel West 
Sarah Stanley 

EZEKIEL WEST, b. Cambridge, N. Y.; d. May 6th, 1881, 
Nat. Sol. Home, Milwaukee Co., Wis. Enlisted Cam- 
bridge, N. Y., June 11th, 1812 for 5 yrs. ; discharged June 
11th, 1817 as a Private in 23d U. S. Inf. in Capt. Can- 
field's Co. Pension Cert. 2842. Records of National Home 
for Disabled Vol. Soldiers, Milwaukee Co., Wis. 

Mary Poppleton (Mrs. Geo. Stiles Smith) 2403-95 131 

Born Mch. 30th, 1865, Elyria, 0.; d. May 9th, 1914, Cleve- 
land, 0. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Houston H. Poppleton 
Lucinda H. Cross 

3 Samuel Poppleton, Bellville and Delaware, 0. 
Julia A. Smith 

4 Samuel Poppleton, Vt. 

5 Daniel Poppleton, Eng. 

SAMUEL POPPLETON, b. July 2nd, 1793 ; d. Sept. 23d, 1864, 
Delaware, 0. Private in Capt. Fisher's Co., N. Y. Militia 
(Drafted in) at Richmond, Ontario Co., N. Y., Sept. 9th, 
1813 and continued until Dec. 9th, 1813. (Pension Bureau 
Wid. cerf. 35148). 

LOUISA Johnson (Mrs. Charles H. Smith) 2330-77 132 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Luke Dewey Johnson, Cleveland, 0. 
Lucinda Ely, Cleveland, O. 

3 Merrick Ely, Deerfield, O. 
Lovisa Farnum, Deerfield, 0. 

MERRICK ELY. See record 41. 

A Real Daughter (Mrs. Johnson) a grand-dau. (Mrs. 
Chas. H. Smith) and three great grand-dau. (Mrs. Coul- 
ton, Mrs. Dodd, Mrs. Taplin) all joined the 1812 Society 
on the Merrick Ely Record. 

Mary Eliza Pierce (Mrs. Wm. Roe Smith) 1155-43 133 

Birthplace, Maysville, Ky. Residence, Cincinnati, 0. 

2 James Pierce 
Mary E. Wood 

3 Capt. Joseph Pierce, Cincinnati, 0. 
Sallie Hatch, Boston, Mass. 

4 Joseph Pierce, Boston, Mass. 
Sallie Pease, Boston, Mass. 

5 Isaac Pierce, Boston, Mass. 
Miriam James, Boston, Mass. 

6 Isaac Pierce, Boston, Mass. 
Agnes Kent 


JOSEPH PIERCE, CAPT., b. July 30th, 1783, Boston, Mass.; 
d. Feb. 22nd, 1863, Cincinnati, 0. Early in Oct. 1814 com- 
manding a privateer out of Boston "The Ida" Brig, of 
120 guns and east of Ground-banks, Newfoundland, hav- 
ing previously captured three British vessels, he was 
captured by the British frigate Newcastle after a hard 
chase and in the night forced into the body of a British 
fleet of Merchantmen under convoy of twelve British Men 
of War, the whole fleet numbering about 160 sails. (Pierce 
Gen. 1882, record 502). 

Rhetta Garret (Mrs. Lewis Strong Sowers) 

3861-143 134 

Birthplace, Salesville, 0. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Mason Garret 

Harriet Sherman, Cleveland, 0. 

3 Duty Sherman, Paris, 111. 
Nancy Emerson, Paris, 111. 

4 Ezekial Emerson, Guernsey Co., 0. 
Patience Burlingame, Guernsey Co., O. 

EZEKIAL EMERSON, LIEUT. COL., b. July 14th, 1767, 
Glocester, R. I. ; d. July 24th, 1856, Guernsey Co., O. Ens. 
4th Co. R. I. Militia, Capt. Pitts Smith, of Glocester, R. I., 
1794. Capt. 4th Co., May, 1795 ; Capt. 4th and 5th Co., 
1795 to 1800. Second Maj. 4th Regt. of Prov. Co., 1801; 
First Maj. 12th Regt. of first situate Co., May, 1802; 
Lieut. Col. 2nd Brig. 12th Regt., May, 1803; Lieut. Col. 
commandant, 2nd Brig. Prov. Co., May, 1805. (Civil and 
Military list of R. I., vol. 1 and 2). 

Delia Gibbs (Mrs. David L. Stine) 2224-73 135 

Birthplace, Plymouth, 0. Residence, Toledo, 0. 

2 David W. Gibbs, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Sidney C. Westfall, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

3 Harvey Westfall, Plymouth, O. 
Hannah Conklin, Plymouth, 0. 

HARVEY WESTFALL, b. May 27th, 1796, Beverly, W. Va. ; 
d. Aug. 25th, 1869, Plymouth, 0.; citizen, Mansfield, O. 
Private in Capt. Hoshor's Co., of Col. Daniel Collier's 
Regt. 0. Militia, from Feb. 16th, to Aug. 16th, 1814. (War 
Dept. D. C.) 1623446. Upon breaking out of the War of 
1812, he enlisted in Capt. Housker's Co., O. Militia and 
served until close of war. (Graham's His. Richland Co., 

Irene Stout 96-50 136 

Birthplace, Dayton, O. 


2 Atlas L. Stout 

Virginia Thomas Crane 

(Line of descent not complete) 

HENRY CRANE, COL., of Virginia ; volunteered with other 
gentlemen to go to defense of Washington City, 1812. 
(No reference). 

Marjorie Worswick Stowe 2331-78 137 

Birthplace and residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Henry M. Stowe, Cleveland, O. 
Angelina Worswick, Cleveland, 0. 

3 Thomas A. Stow, Cleveland, O. 
Maria MacKenzie, Cleveland, O. 

4 William Stow, Portage Co., 0. 
Lucene Upson 

5 Wm. Stow 

Margaret Gaylord (Peggy) 

WILLIAM STOW, b. Jan. 28th, 1796, Middlefield, Conn. ; d. 
1853, Hudson, O. ; citizen, Stow Tp., 0. A bounty land 
warrant was issued to "Peggy Stow, wid. of Wm. Stow, 
who served as a teamster in the Ohio Militia, War of 
1812. Only record of his services is that said Wm. Stow 
was employed as a teamster by Wm. Wetmore, who was 
under-employed by L. M. Biddle, Asst. L. M. Gen. and 
that he served a period of more than one month com- 
mencing Jan. 1813. He was engaged in hauling grain, 
corn, etc., from the county of Portage, 0. and Sandusky, 
0., the rendezvous for the U. S. Army. (Pension Bureau). 

Edith Roberta Smith (Mrs. Frank Elijah Taplin) 

2937-120 138 

Birthplace, Cleveland, O. Residence, E. Cleveland, 0. 

MERRICK ELY. See record 41. 

Blanche Madam (Mrs. Lisle Terwilleger) 2079-67 139 

Birthplace, Red Creek, N. Y. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Elijah Madan 

Sarah Van Auken, Cleveland, O. 

3 Henry Madan 
Mary Akerly 


3 Solomon Van Auken (Van Aiken) 
Sarah Van Fleet, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

4 Daniel Van Auken, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 
Sarah Craddebach, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

HENRY MADAN, b. Jan. 17th, 1796, Orange Co., N. Y. ; d. 
Mch. 25th, 1870, Red Creek, N. Y. ; citizen, N. Y. State. 
Private in N. Y. Militia, Capt. Alexander C. Burnett's 


Co. ; enlisted at Newburgh, Orange Co., the last of Aug. 
1814, service began Sept. 7th, 1814. Stationed at Staten 
Island for 3 mo.; discharged Dec. 12th, 1812. (Smith's 
consolidated N. Y. Militia). 

SOLOMON VAN AUKEN. See record 88. 

Kathleen B. Seaman (Mrs. Charles Burt Tozier) 

1102-40 140 

Birthplace, Sandusky Co., 0. Residence, Cleveland, O. 

2 Benjamin Daniel Seaman, Sandusky Co., O. 
Estelle J. Cobb (b. Nov. 8th, 1838, Wayne Co., Pa.) 

3 Justus Cobb, Jr. (b. June 3d, 1815) 
Eliza J. Morgan (b. Oct. 8th, 1821) 

4 Geo. Morgan, New London and Salem, Conn, and Wayne Co., Pa. 
Deborah Hendley 

5 Jesse Morgan, Groton, Conn. 
Mathilda Fish, Salem, Conn. 

6 Timothy Morgan, Groton, Conn. 

7 Samuel Morgan (b. Mch. 24th, 1685) 
Hannah Avery 

8 Capt. John Morgan (b. Mch. 30th, 1645) 
Rachel Dymond 

9 James Morgan (b. 1607, arrived Boston 1636) 
Margaret Hill 


3 Daniel Seaman (b. Dec. 25th, 1807) 
Catherine Gross, Richmond, Pa. 

4 Philip Gross (1786— June 19th, 1827) Richmond, Pa. 
Elizabeth Kressler 

5 George Daniel Gross, Northampton Co., Pa. 

GEORGE MORGAN, citizen of New London and Salem, 
Conn., and Wayne Co., Pa. Served under Paul Harvey, 
Conn. Troops, (p. 91 Conn. Militia, War 1812). 

GEORGE DANIEL GROSS, ENS., b. 1757, Northampton Co., 
Pa.; d. Mch. 16th, 1803, Mt. Bethel Tp., Northampton 
Co., 0. Muster Roll of Capt. Lewis Stecher's Co., 6th Bat. 
Northampton Co. Militia, now in service at Wyoming, 
commanded by Col. Nicholas Kern, commandant, George 
Gross, Ens., July 30th, 1784. (Penn. Archives, 5th Ser. 
Vol. 3, p. 475). 

Ada Elizabeth Osborn (Mrs. Christopher Colson 

ViALL) 1600-50 141 

Birthplace, Placerville, Cal. Residence, Painesville, O. 

2 Abial Hathaway Osborn, Cal. 
Caroline Amelia Brooks, Gilroy, Cal. 

3 Timothy Brooks, Painesville, O. 

Eliza Ann Goodspeed (b. Hubbardston, Mass.) 

4 Luther Goodspeed, Hubbardston, Mass. 
Elizabeth Rugg, Lancaster, Mass. 


LUTHER GOODSPEED, b. Nov. 1st, 1762, Hubbardston, 
Mass.; d. Sept. 19th, 1832, Hubbardston, Mass. Served 
from Jan. 29th, to Jan 31st, 1814 and from Oct. 3d to 
Oct. 12th, 1814, as a Private in Capt. Obed B. Nye's Co. 
of Inf., 1st (Nye's) Regt. Mass. Militia; was with Com. 
McDonough at Plattsburgh and Lake Champlain. (p. 74, 
Stowe's His. of Hubbardston) War Dept. D. C. 

Rosalie Griggs (Mrs. Willis Vickery) 3196-126 142 

Birthplace, Monroe, O. Residence, Lakewood, 0. 

2 Hiram Griggs, Monroe, 0. 
Polly Ann Green, Monroe, O. 

3 Solomon Griggs, Sheffield, Mass. 
Achsah Moulton 

SOLOMON GRIGGS, b. Sept. 5th, 1787, Sheffield, Mass.; d. 
Sept. 26th, 1866, Evansburgh, Pa. ; citizen, Jefferson, 0. 
Private in Capt. Warham Brent's Co., of Inf., 3d Regt., 
O. Militia from Aug. 23d to Sept. 3d, 1812. (War Dept. 
D. C). 

Effie Serena Wagar 2507-103 143 

Birthplace and residence, E. Rockport (now Lakewood, O.) 

2 Francis Harvey Wagar, Mch. 15th, 1827— June 27, 1911. 
Serena Tucker, Feb. 11th, 1833— Dec. 10th, 1915. 

3 John Tucker, Dec. 20th, 1792— Dec. 25th, 1879 

Mary (Folly) Ward, Mch. 10th, 1800— Feb. 27th, 1876. 

4 John Tucker, Jan. 10th, 1761— Apr. 3d, 1847 
Elizabeth Lucas, Jan. 14th, 1767— Jan. 29th, 1839 

5 Ezra Tucker, about 1738— Oct. 26th, 1804. Rev. Soldier. 
Hepzibath Pressy, Nov. 5th, 1741— Sept. 22nd, 1801 

6 Ezra Tucker, Mch. 27th, 1706— Kingston, N. H. 
Bathsheba Sargent, b. Oct. 10th, 1709, Amesbury, Mass. 

7 Benonie Tucker, Oct. 16th, 1662— Jan. 1734 or 5. 
Ebenezar Nichols, Aug. 3d, 1664, Salisbury, Mass. 

8 Morris (Maurice) Tucker, settled at Salisbury, Mass about 1659 
Elizabeth Stevens, Feb. 4th, 1642— Oct. 16th, 1662. 

JOHN TUCKER. See record 144. 

Serena Tucker (Mrs. Francis Harvey Wagar) Real 

Daughter 2402-94 144 

Born Feb. 11th, 1833, Monroe Tp., Richland Co., O.; d. Dec. 
10th, 1915, Lakewood, 0. 

2 John Tucker b. Henniker, N. H.; d. Monroe Tp.. 0. 

Mary (Polly) Ward b. Henniker, N. H.; d. Sevastopol, Ind. 

JOHN TUCKER, b. Dec. 20th, 1792, Henniker, N. H. ; d. Dec. 
25th, 1879, Monroe Tp., Richland Co., O. ; citizen Monroe 
Tp., O., 1819-1853.; Sevastopol, Ind., 1853-76; buried 
Palestine, Ind. Private in Capt. Nathaniel G. Bradley's 
Co., 1st (Fisk's) Regt. N. H. Militia; enlisted Sept. 9th, 


1814 for 3 mo. and on the roll of the company from Sept. 
9th, to Nov. 12th, 1814. (War Dept. D. C). 

TUCKER, also served in the war of 1812. 

Ella M. Cochran (Mrs. Albert J. Watt) 1992-66 145 

Birthplace, Niles, O. Residence, Cleveland, 0. 

2 Cyrus Cochran, Warren, 0. 
Eliza J. Gormly, Warren, 0. 

3 Samuel Cochran, Niles, 0. 
Maria Wilson, Niles, O. 

4 Samuel Cochran, New Lisbon, O. 
Nancy Jackson, New Lisbon, O. 


3 Perry Gormly 
Julia Rose 

4 Isaac Rose 

Mary McMillen, b. 1795, Marion Co., Pa. 

SAMUEL COCHRAN, b. 1785, Fayette Co., Penn.; d. 1847, 
Beaver (Jo., Pa. ; citizen, New Lisbon, 0. Private in Capt. 
Luther Leonard's Co., Lieut. Col. David Sutton's 1st Bat., 
1st Re^., 1st Brig. 0. Militia, from Aug. 11th to Nov. 
30th, 1812. (War Dept. Columbus, 0.). 

ISAAC ROSE, b. 1793 Mercer Co., Pa. ; d. 1876, Mercer Co., 
Pa. ; citizen, Mercer Co., Pa. Private in Capt. David Rob- 
inson's Co., of Riflemen, Pa. Militia from Oct. 12th to Dec. 
5th, 1812; attached to 135 (Christy's) Regt. from July 
24th to Aug. 4th, 1813 and from Jan. 1st to Feb. 11th, 
1814. In service at Erie. (War Dept. D. C). 

Mary Louise McLeish (Mrs. Charles Weber) 

1497-49 146 

Birthplace, Clinton, Iowa. Residence, Cincinnati, O. 

2 Dr. John McLeish, Cincinnati, O. 
Emma Elizabeth Cochran, Cincinnati, O. 

3 Lorenzo Hugh Moore Cochran, Melrose, Mass. 
Sarah W. Hooper 

4 Dr. James Cochran, Windham, N. H. 
Jane Moore, Londonderry, N. H, 

5 Hugh Moore, Me. and N. H. 
Margaret Nesmith, Windham, N. H. 

HUGH MOORE, b. 1765, Londonderry, Ireland ; d. Mch. 7th, 
1854; citizen Buxton, Me. 1776 Record. 

Eva Baker (Mrs. Marquis D. Williams) Real 

Daughter 2441-96 147 

Bom April 12th, 1840, Shippenville; d. Oct. 16th, 1913, 
Cleveland, O. Residence, Cleveland, O. 
2 Samuel Baker, Jackson, 0. 

Jane Starr (b. Aug. 12th, 1812) 


3 Samuel Baker (b. 1781 Pa.) 

Mary Beatty (b. Ireland, d June 18th, 1887) 

4 Robert Baker (b. England; d. Pa.) 

5th, 1791, Path Valley, Pa.; d. June 18th, 1887, Jackson, 
O. Enlisted Franklin Co., Pa., Feb. 26th, 1814, as a 
2nd Serg. in Capt. Dunn's Co., Col. James Fenton's Regt. 
of Penn. Militia, May 25th, 1814; joined an expedition 
commanded by Col. Campbell of regular army to de- 
stroy ammunition and provisions. At one time in Maj. 
Jessup's Bat. with Gen. Harrison at building of Ft. 
Meigs. At battles Lundy's Lane and Chippewa Falls. 
Made Quarter-master under Gen. Ripley; was under 
Generals Brown, Scott and Ripley. Discharged at Buffalo, 
N. Y., Aug. 26th, 1814. (Pension Bureau). 

Juliet Guthrie (Mrs. Frank White Wilson) 51 — 148 

Birthplace, Cincinnati, 0. 

2 Col. James V. Guthrie 
Katherine McCord 

3 Gen. John McCord 
Sarah Kenton 

4 Simon Kenton 
Sarah Daws 

SIMON KENTON, BRIG. GEN., b. Mch. 1755, Va. ; d. 1833, 
Urbana, 0. 1813 Brig. Gen. 0. Militia. Afterward join- 
ed Gen. Shelby's troops. Acted as Capt., afterward made 
Major of a Regt. at the Battle of the Thames, his last 
battle. By the efforts of Judge Burnet and Gov. Vance 
of Ohio he received a pension in 1824. Was in Rev. War. 
He was buried with honors by the State of Ohio at Ur- 
bana, O. ; a monument to his memory having also been 
erected by the State. (Butler's Hist, of Kentucky, Mc- 
Clung's Sketches, p. 99-101). 

Augusta B. Blecker (Mrs. David Reed Wright) 

Real Daughter 1090-87 149 

Birthplace, Lisbon, 0. Residence, Cincinnati, 0. 

2 John Blecker, Cincinnati, 0. 
Mary Riechert, Cincinnati, 0. 

3 Frederick Blecker 

JOHN BLECKER, b. July 4th, 1789, Chambersburg, Pa. ; d. 
Apr. 4th, 1866, Cincinnati, 0. ; citizen, Cincinnati, O. 
Enlisted at Chambersburg, Franklin Co., Pa., Aug. 27th, 
1814, served as Private in Capt. Wm. Young's Co., Col. 
Finley's Regt., Pa. Militia. Made application for bounty 
land Mch. 20th, 1855; claim allowed for 22 days actual 
service. (Pension Bureau). 



Soldier and Descendant 

Adams, John Wilson (Mrs. A. Clark) 33 

Allen, Robert (Mrs. Allen) 1 

Allison, Maj. Wm. (Mesdames Craig, 0. J. Hopkins, Miss Hopkins) 43 

Armstrong, Serg. John (Miss Armstrong) 4 

Baker, Serg. Saml. (Mrs. Williams) 147 

Bailey, Corp. Ephraim (Mrs. Burton) 25 

Barr, Jr., Capt. James (Mrs. Seaman) 121 

Beakley, Christian (Mrs. Desney) 49 

Beall, Brig. Gen. Reazin (Mrs. Clothier) 36 

Beatty, Judge James (Mrs. Bostwick) 20 

Bechtel, Christian (Miss Bechtel) 14 

Bingham, John ( Mrs. Coe) 37 

Bishop, David (Mrs. Goodhue) 61 

Blecker, John (Mrs. Wright) 149 

Bricker, Henry (Mrs. Dempsey) 47 

Brill, Henry (Miss Brown) 24 

Bull, Walter (Mrs. Macready) 87 

Burger, Saml. (Mesdames Bidwell, Portz, Robinson) 15 

Cahoon, Joel Butler (Misses Cahoon) 27 

Carpenter, Serg. Alanson (Mrs. Melchoir, Mrs. Restle, Miss 

Carpenter 130 

Carpenter, Nathaniel, (Mrs. Melchoir, Mrs. Restle, Miss Carpenter) 30 

Carr, Chas. (Miss Comstock) 38 

Castle, Lieut. Jonathan (Mrs. Baumann) 11 

Chapman, Capt. Constant (Miss Chapman) 32 

Chickering, Lieut. Thos. B. (Mrs. Lynch) 85 

Cochran, Saml. (Mrs. Watt) 145 

Colburn, Andrew (Mrs. Martin) 90 

Colby, Enoch Eastman (Mrs. Norton) 105 

Collins, Ens. John (Mrs. V. Hamilton) 65 

Cratty, Ens. Robert (Miss Hill) 71 

Crane, Col. Henry (Miss Stout) 136 

Dean, Ens. Ezra (Mrs. Lewis) 84 

DeMott, Isaac (Mrs. A. E. Smith) 129 

Disler, Jacob (Mesdames Bowlus, Daub) 21 

Doane, Judge Timothy (Mrs. C. R. Baldwin) 7 

Earl, John (Mrs. Barnett) 10 

Elson, Lieut. John H. (Mrs. Janson) 80 

Ely, Merrick (Mesdames Coulton, Dodd, Johnson, Smith, Taplin) . . 41 

Emerson, Lieut. Col. Ezekial (Mesdames Ross, Sowers) 134 

Everett, Maj. Saml. (Mrs. Hobbs) 73 

Fairbank, Serg. Chester (Mrs. Shunck) 125 


Ferguson, Capt. James (Mrs. Brautingham, Miss McConkey) 23 

Ferris, Capt. Jonathan (Mrs. W. L. Clark) 35 

Foster, Lieut. Thos. (Mesdames Moran, Raff, Simpson) 102 

Fry, Michael (Mrs. DeLauder) 46 

Fuller, James (Mrs. Dimick) 50 

Gardner, Jacob (Mrs. Beauchamp) 13 

Gaskill, David (Mesdames Bolger, Boyle) 22 

Gibson, Robert (Miss Hine) 72 

Giddings, Joshua (Mrs. Marvin) 91 

Gilbert, Capt. Saml. (Mrs. Boal) 17 

Goodspeed, Luther (Mrs. Viall) 141 

Green, Daniel (Mrs. Baumann) 11 

Green, Ezra (Mrs. Andrews) 3 

Griggs, Solomon (Mrs. Vickery) 142 

Gross, Ens. Geo. Daniel (Mrs. Tozier) 140 

Hamilton, Serg. Wm. (Mrs. Jones) 82 

Hansell, Capt. John Walker (Mrs. Eastwood) 52 

Hart, Corp. Thos. (Mrs. Green) 62 

Hayes, Lester (Mrs. Jacobi) 79 

Hayslip, Lieut. John (Mrs. Hysell) 78 

Herrick, Brig. Gen. Saml. (Mrs. J. K. Hamilton) 64 

Houghwont, Ens. Lefford (Mrs. Dietrich) 45 

Kenton, Brig. Gen. Simon (Mrs. Wilson) 148 

Kilbourne, Col. James (Mrs. Deshler) 48 

Lamme, John (Mrs. McDonald) 94 

Laughlin, John (Mesdames Elridge, Orwig) 54 

Larimer, Ens. Isaac (Mrs. Barger) 9 

Leaming, Corp. Daniel Mack (Mrs. E. L. Harris) 67 

Long, Hugh (Mrs. DeLauder) 46 

Lutz, Saml. (Mrs. Beale) 12 

Lyke, Saml. (Mrs. McCabe) 92 

Madan, Henry (Mrs. Terwilleger) 139 

Maltby, Brig. Gen. Isaac (Miss Maltby) 89 

tMarshall, Wm. (Mrs. Hobbs) 73 

Martin, Lieut. John L. (Mrs. Roberts) 116 

Meeker, Stephen B. (Mrs. Boon) 19 

McClure, Thos. (Mrs. Holloway) 74 

Mclntire, Thos. (Mrs. Castner) 31 

McVean, John (Mrs. Pope) 110 

Millikin, Dr. Daniel, Quarter-master (Miss Kennedy) 83 

JMix, Ebenezer (Miss Mix) 101 

Moore, Hugh (Mrs. Webber) 146 

JMoran, Jr., Corp. Chas. (Mrs. and Miss Mix) 100 

Morgan, Geo. (Mrs. Tozier) 140 

Morse, Dea. Daniel (Mrs. Cowing) 42 

Morse, Lieut. Nathan (Mesdames Burton, Cowing) 25 

Mosser, Philip (Mrs. Hobbs) 73 


Nixon, Jeremiah Smith (Mrs. Norris) 104 

Noble, Wm. (Mrs. L. C. Harris) 68 

Otis, Corp. John (Miss Otis) 107 

Parker, Archibald (Mrs. Garlock) 60 

Patton, Ens. Thos. (Miss Ambrose) 2 

Pierce, Capt. Joseph (Mrs. W. R. Smith) 133 

Poe, Lieut. Adam (Mrs. Pratt) 112 

Poppleton, Saml. (Mrs. G. S. Smith) 131 

Porter, Serg. James (Miss Coover) 39 

Prentice, Jr., Daniel (Miss Prentice) 113 

Ramsey, Capt. Thos, (Mrs. Correll) 40 

Rathbone, Jr. John (Mrs. Rogers) 118 

Ritchhart, Capt. Jacob (Mrs. Mack) 86 

Rogers, Surg. Levi. (Mrs. Fisher) 56 

Rose, James (Mesdames Miller, Pearson, Miss Penfield) 99 

Rose, Isaac (Mrs. Watt) 145 

Rowsey, Thos. (Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Foley, Miss Foley) 6 

Rutledge, Corp. Michael (Mrs. Fell) 55 

tSaxton, Capt. Jehiel (Mesdames Cowing, Saxton) 120 

Scull, Capt. John R. (Mrs. Meade) 96 

Semple, Serg. Saml. (Mesdames Fouts, Shepherd) 59 

Shane, Wm. (Mrs. Caldwell) 26 

Singletary, Uriah J. (Mrs. Goodhue) 61 

Sizer, Maj. Asa B. (Miss Sizer) 127 

Sowers, Serg. Moses (Mrs. Ross) 119 

Sprague, Lieut. Col. Anthony (Mrs. Millard) 98 

Stowe, Wm. (Miss Stowe) 137 

Tamblin, Capt. Timothy (Mrs. Martin) 90 

Taylor, Master Wm. Virgneron (Mrs. N. S. Clark) 34 

Teasdale, Capt. Thos. (Mrs. Sharp) 123 

Thompson, John (Miss Eaton) 53 

Tilden, Calvin (Mrs. Avery) - 5 

JTucker, John (Mrs. and Miss Wagar) 144 

Tupper, Chas. (Mrs. Mund) 103 

Turner, John (Mrs. D. H. Hopkins) 76 

Van Auken, Solomon (Mesdames Madan, Terwilleger) 88 

Walmer, Geo. (Mrs. Barger) 9 

Walters, Aaron (Mrs. Millard) 98 

Warren, John Hubbard (Mrs. B. D. Harvey) 69 

Weaver, Lieut. Nicholas N. (Mrs. Mcintosh) 95 

West, Ezekiel (Miss Smith) 130 

Westfall, Harvey (Miss Stine) 135 

Wheeler, John (Miss Seek) 122 

Wilder, Artemas (Mrs. F. T. Baldwin, Mrs. S. G. Harvey) & 

Wilson, Corp. Saml. (Mrs. Bills) 16 

Wright, Maj. Edward (Mesdames Bolger, Boyle) 22 





fAllen, Mrs. Robert (Sophia J. Allen) 9 

Ambrose, Miss Lucy D 9 

Andrews, Mrs. W. W. (Mary A. Canfield) 9 

Armstrong, Miss Isabella H 10 

*Avery, Mrs. Elroy M. (Catherine H. Tilden) 10 

Ball, Mrs. Thomas H. (Emma L. Rowsey) 10 

Baldwin, Mrs. Claire R. (Sophia I'. Doane) 10 

Baldwin, Mrs, Frank T. (Mary Harvey) 11 

Barger, Mrs. Wm. H. (Luetta M. Work) 11 

Barnett, Mrs. Frank (Minnie Earl) 12 

Baumann, Mrs. Albert V. (Annie Greene) 12 

Beale, Mrs. Clarke (Florence S. Lutz) 12 

Beauchamp, Mrs. Lou J. (Nellie Gardner) 13 

Bechtel, Miss Nellie Agnew 13 

Bidwell, Mrs. Thomas (Minerva J. Burger) 13 

t*Bills, Mrs. Geo. W. (Mary A. Wilson) 14 

Boal, Mrs. Stanhope (Augusta I. Thomas) 14 

Bolger, Mrs. James C. (Kneila R. Boyle) 14 

Boon, Mrs. Hampton G. (Lottie F. Brown) 14 

Bostwick, Mrs. Wm. C. (Clara Beatty) 15 

Bowlus, Mrs. Robert C. (Cora M. Daub) 15 

Boyle, Mrs. Wm. C. (Abbie W. Rukenbrod) 15 

*Brantingham, Mrs. Chas. H. (Alice J. McConkey) 16 

Brown, Miss Enid Ware 16 

♦Burton, Mrs. Geo. S. (Amelia L. Bailey) 16 

Caldwell, Mrs. Wm. D. (Olivia Ellison) 17 

tCahoon, Miss Ida M 17 

fCahoon, Miss Laura E 18 

fCahoon, Miss Lydia E 18 

fCarpenter, Miss Mae D 18 

Castner, Mrs. Robert A. (Anna E. M. Potts) 18 

Chapman, Miss Aimee R. R 19 

Clark, Mrs. Alexander (Margaret H. Adams) 19 

Clark, Mrs. Nathaniel S. (Mae D. Taylor) 19 

Clark, Mrs. Wm. L. (Caroline F. Clark) 19 

*Clothier, Mrs. M. M. (Kate L. McMillan) 20 

fCoe, Mrs. Leroy B (Antoinette Bingham) 20 

Comstock, Miss Mary E 20 

*Coover, Miss Adah B 21 

Correll, Mrs. Chas. H. (Elizabeth Rudolph) 21 

Coulton, Mrs. Richard M (Mildred L. Smith) 21 

Cowing, Mrs. John P. (Hattie J. Ammon) 22 

Craig, Mrs. Geo. L. (Annie A. Hopkins) 22 


Daub, Mrs. Michael J. (Mary C. Siler) 23 

fDeitrich, Mrs. Joseph (Sarah Houghwont) 23 

tDeLauder, Mrs. L. H. (Martha A. Long) 23 

Dempsey, Mrs. Joseph T'. (Alvaretta Bricker) 24 

Deshler, Mrs. Wm. G. (Mary E. Jones) 24 

Desney, Mrs. David T. (Sally Von Phul) 24 

Dimick, Mrs. Chas. W. (Helen W. Skinner) 25 

Dodd, Mrs. Clarence E. (Nina L. Smith) 25 

Eastwood, Mrs. Arthur C. (Lucy Sharpe) 25 

Eaton, Miss Anna M 25 

Eldridge, Mrs. John E. (Margretta B. Laughlin) 26 

Fell, Mrs. Albinus R. (Diana A. Rutledge) 26 

Fisher, Mrs. Cassius M (Lida H. Rogers) 26 

Foley, Miss Julia T 26 

Foley, Mrs. Thomas A. (Sara Rowsey) 27 

Fouts, Mrs. Wm. P. (Clara A. Stoody) 27 

Garlock, Mrs. Wm. H. . (Florence A. Ingell) 27 

Goodhue, Mrs. Willis M. (Laura Singletary) 27 

Green, Mrs. Edwin C. (Ella E. Townsend) 28 

Greve, Mrs. Theodore L. A. (Harriet Fisher) 28 

Hamilton, Mrs. James K. (Ethel Beecher Allen) 28 

fHamilton, Mrs. Vincent (Eliza F. Collins) 29 

*Hampton, Mrs. John B 29 

Harris, Mrs. Edward L. (Eva E. Gould) 29 

*Harris, Mrs. Lee C. (Lucinda S. Hunter) 29 

Harvey, Mrs. Barney D. (Adah L. Hunt) 30 

t*Harvey, Mrs. Stimpson G. (Deborah Wilder) 30 

Hill, Miss Alice M 30 

Hine, Miss Adaline G 31 

Hobbs, Mrs. Perry L. (Mary Marshall) 31 

Holloway, Mrs. Jas. C. (Harriet M. Edwards) 32 

Hopkins, Miss Cordelia G 32 

Hopkins, Mrs. David H. (Vira M. Kerstetter) 32 

Hopkins, Mrs. 0. J. (Julia S. Allison) 32 

Hysell, Mrs. James H. (Mary L. Hayslip) 32 

Jacobi, Mrs. John G. (Stella M. Hayes) 33 

Janson, Mrs. Daniel W. (Daisy Wilson) 33 

t*Johnson, Mrs. Luke D. (Lucinda Ely) 33 

Jones, Mrs. Peter (Orpha E. Shaffer) 34 

Kennedy, Miss Joan M 34 

Lewis, Mrs. Wm. P. (Gratia Dean) 34 

Lynch, Mrs. Chas. P. (Mary V. Miller) 35 

Mack, Mrs. John T. (Flora A. Davenport) 35 

Macready, Mrs. John H. (Carrie M. Curlis) 35 

fMadan, Mrs. Elijah (Sarah E. Van Auken) 36 

Maltby, Miss Mabel E 36 

Martin, Mrs. James F. (Harriet S. Thomas) 36 

Marvin, Mrs. James C. (Clara Giddings) 37 

McCabe, Mrs. Arthur H. (Ella S. Lyke) 37 


McConkey, Miss Aimee M 37 

McDonald, Mrs. Duncan B. (Laura Lamme) 38 

Mcintosh, Mrs. Geo. T. (Elizabeth Weaver) 38 

Meade, Mrs. G. Louis (Emma S. Iszard) 38 

fMelchoir, Mrs. Jacob (Lulu B. Carpenter) 39 

Millard, Mrs. Wm. C. (Cora Sprague) 39 

Miller, Mrs. Chas. R. (Alice E. Rose) 39 

tMix, Mrs. Robert E. (Mary J. Moran) 40 

Mix, Miss Josephine 40 

Moran, Mrs. Harry P. (Catherine E. Ricker) 40 

t*Mund, Mrs. John F. (Julia Tupper) 41 

Norris, Mrs. Henry (Sarah B. Nixon) 41 

*Norton, Mrs. Willard L (Mary Colby) 41 

Orwig, Mrs. Geo. B. (Mary Eldridge) 42 

Otis, Miss Esther L 42 

fPearson, Mrs. Clement (Eleanor Rose) 42 

Penfield, Miss Marie R 42 

fPope, Mrs. Byron (Etta McVean) 43 

Portz, Mrs. Chas. A. (Florence Bidwell) 43 

Pratt, Mrs. Norman C. (Daisy E. Poe) 43 

Prentice, Miss Philena J 44 

Raff, Mrs. Allan R. (Rosella M. Freeman) 44 

fRestle, Mrs. Geo. (Jennie A. Carpenter) 44 

Roberts, Mrs. Alvin L. (Louise G. Shedd) 45 

Robinson, Mrs. J. W. (Amanda Burger) 45 

Rogers, Mrs. Frank (Mary E. Rhodes) 45 

Ross, Mrs. Otto A. (Harriette E. Sowers) 45 

t*Saxton, Miss Mary 46 

Seaman, Mrs. H. S. (Louise W. Barr) 46 

Seek, Miss Emma W 46 

Sharp, Mrs. Herbert H. (Bessie D. Church) 47 

Shepherd, Mrs. Wm. S. (Sarah A. Stoody) 47 

Shunck, Mrs. Hugh T. (Mary E. Humphrey) 47 

fSkinner, Mrs. (Dorianne Fuller) 47 

t*Sizer, Miss Louise E 48 

Simpson, Mrs. Wm. Thomas (Sara Ricker) 48 

Smith, Mrs. Alfred E. (Gertrude Schoeneman) 48 

Smith, Miss Georgia A 48 

*Smith, Mrs. Geo. S. (Mary Poppleton) 49 

Smith, Mrs. Chas. H. (Louisa Johnson) 49 

Smith, Mrs. Wm. Roe (Mary E. Pierce) 49 

Sowers, Mrs. Lewis S. (Rhetta Garret) 50 

Stine, Mrs. David L. (Delia Gibbs) 50 

Stout, Miss Irene 50 

Stowe, Miss Marjorie W 51 

Taplin, Mrs. Frank E. (Edith R. Smith) 51 

Terwilleger, Mrs. Lisle (Blanche Madan) 51 

Tozier, Mrs. Chas. B. (Kathleen B. Seaman) 52 

Viall, Mrs. Christopher C. (Ada E. Osborn) 52 


Vickery, Mrs. Willis (Rosalie Griggs) 53 

Wagar, Miss Effie Serena 53 

t*Wagar, Mrs. Francis H. (Serena Tucker) 53 

Watt, Mrs. Albert J. (Ella M. Cochran) 54 

Weber, Mrs. Chas. (Mary L. McLeish) 54 

t* Williams, Mrs. Marquis D. (Eva Baker) 54 

Wilson, Mrs. Frank White (Juliet Guthrie) 55 

fWright, Mrs. David R. (Augusta B. Blecker) 55 

fReal Daughter. 


. W46 

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