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M. L 






833 01328 8664 


■ '•T^f^lf:vvijlf!^^Ji~.^_f—^Xtf^'-~^-'. -.'r^nf-j-- .. ■"'", '^--:"-.^,^-?^5'^j™y=J>.-r 

/licliuurJ ifi^in. 



T\ o' 


Jl\^v. "RiCHAED Mather 

[ BY 


I Hartfokd, Cokv-, L' S. A. 

'• Rememb'ir the days of old, tVi:; ye.^^^^ nf ni;vny !;i ivirritiou^; *«sk tliy fatber jt!i1 
he will shew thee: thy elders and they wiii tell thee.' — Pkl'T. xxxij, 7. 

Press o" Toe C\^k, Lockwood & Bhaikaud CoMrANsr 








Epitaph from Rev. Joux, Bishop ok Stamfokd. 

"To the Pious, Liiirned, ami Rfuowiicd Mather of Don In ster ": 

" Here lies great Mather Ti.iio so uobly wore 
Reliiious honours and its hurdens bore: 
Who in tile Synod, stayed by God alone. 
Its Counsels led, ami made its nets his own; 
And elsewhere aidetl — great anionLT the great — 
Tile Chureh's woltare and tlie eivil state. 
His solid judgment, learninsr.'m. skill. 
He made subservient ti_) liis Master's will. 
Prudent, etiieient, lient on human weal. 
For all good works he Icept a ready /.cal: 
Resolving tlu-ough the power of faith and prayer. 
In C'hrijt all things to do. ail Things to dare. 
In thoughts like thesi; my >pirit seeks relief. 
This trib\ite rendering i_<\ its lovi_- and grief." 


2oTn Day, lO'.lT. 

" O venerable Mather! li)ved of God, 
Rpjoiee to see that wliere tliy feet have trod 
A. blessed train of (liri^ sons are seen. 
Still pres:,ing nn ti> b. what tliou hast bei'ii. 
God grant that endless be tli'' Ywi' 
Of those wlio love and dn His work divinf! 
Thou C'oiiori, shining fmiu such luMveidy bights. 
Amid a bniiiicrhood of kimin-d lights. 
FV)lli(W tliy sires, wiioni God batli iruidfd homi'. 
Thyself a niorning st.-ir to tho.<e who yet sh;ill ( i.ine. ' 

"^ O'pjri-ht, is'.t*! 


<V n<)UV(F, K .\| \T!u:r 

•V, ^- 


Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2009 witii funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 


Index to nin^^trations 

Prefave, . 



2^Iather clf^rg-y. 

Desceailaais of Rev. Richard "Mather in female lines not in t 

record.-* in tlie book, 
Accouutii of Englisli and Scotch blather families, >il^o of lu 

,>ijai:ii.'n>, ..... 

Placed of int>.>res.: co the Mather family, 
The ?Iather cliair at Worcester, Mass., 
Pastors of churches and graduates of colleges, 
Mathpr Arms, ..... 

At:c!i.::t B'bies. ..... 

Wiiiwick Parish church aud Gramniur school, 

1st, 2d. aud 3d gener.itious of Mather family. 

Fourth geutrutiou of r>lather famil}'. . 

Fifth ' " •' '■ ■ . 

Sixth " " " . . 

Seventh " " " . . 

Eighth " " " . . 

Ninth " " " . . 


Eleventh •• " " . . 

Twelfth " 

Thirteenth " " " 

Acccuat of Lo-wton. of Winwick, and of Toxteth P; 

Foreign Letters, . 

iLi'ii-ers and the >[auso!eum at Mciklt Earnock, Scotlan-L 

liidtx o'i ',M.dfher descendants from Ki"'". Richard >lather, 

index !'f other nacnes, descendants of Rev. Richarl jiather 

Addenda, ...... 

Errata and omi-Saions, , . . . . 


\e later 

er t nil- 





... i 








Rev. Kichakd ^rATHER, ..... Frostisi'iece. 

Horace E. ^Iather, ...... facing 10 

JIather AR>rs, . . . . . ' -27 

TViNwiCK pARisn Church a>.d Grave Yard. ..." '.^9 


Rkv, fvcREASE Mather, D.D., ,...." 61 

Rev. Cottox 3Ivtuer. D.D., . . . . •• 79 

JIather ToMii, . . . . . . . " S8 

Rev. Samuel Mather. ......" 100 

Rev. Sa-mfel .Mather. D.D., . . . . . ■•110 

Dariex C Hi'Rrti, . . . . , . "120 

jLvther House at Windsor, . . . . . " li-" 

Elias W. Leaven^vorth. LL.D., . : . . '• 186 

Oli\-er ;Mather Hvde, ......•' 303 

Elias Mather, . . . . . . . " SB4 

Dr. William 3[ather, . . . . . . " 273 

Gen. Frederick E. Mather, ....." 312 

Rev. Oliver Wolcott Mather, . . . . " 317 

.Joshua ]\[ather, . . . ' . . . . '• 340 

.Joseph W. ]V[ather, . . . . . . " g.'JS 

Rev. Richard II. ^Mather, D.D., ....•' 372 

He>rt B. Mather, . . . . . . •■ 381 

Samuel Holmes Mather, LL.D., . . . . " 382 

WiLLiA>r T. Mather, . ' . . . . . "387 

Capt. Samuel W. ;>[atiier, . . . . . " 394 

Aloxzo C. M.'lTher. . . . . . . •' 4f>0 

WuxiA.M Hexrv 3L\ther, M.D., . . . . " 435 

Frederic G. ^Iathi:r, . . . . . . " 4T.j 

Mather House ljt Lowtox, Eng., . . . . '• 490 

Rev. Richard Mathers Church at To.xtsth Park, Liverpool, '■ 4^)2 


The Mather Gknealogy, povtainiuL!,- cliiefly to the dcscoinl- 
ants of E;'v. Ri(^hrt'\i ^lattiev, wlv) came from Eng-laiid and 
lauded in this ooimtn' ui llioo. while not as complete anil 
thoroiioli as could he desired, is resue'Ctfuiiy suhmitted to his 
nimierous th.^soendants, as the most satisfaetoiy vrork tonchinir 
the historv of this remarkable farailv that has ever been o-iven 
to the public. Tlie history of this family covers a period of more 
than tvro hundred sml iiiry yeais, nuz reckoliing one hinidred 
years enii«raoed in the lives of the ancestors oi Eev. Rie'hard 
ilather, who lived in England. 

The author has been some thirteen vears engaired in irather- 
ing' tlie material for this v.-ork, and has reason to believe that 
very many names and families are left out oecause of his inabil- 
itv to reach rhem, Phe labor on his part of collectino: the mate- 
rial hiTL'in v.-as one '.f love and pride rather than with the 
expectation of having it published and realizing any adequate 
remuneration for his outlay of both time and means. The 
statistician and genealoiiist know from ex[)erience the extreme 
difficulty of compiling works of this kind free from errors. This 
work has been carefully revised wherever practicalde, and the 
promoters trust that in this respect it will be found a<.'ceptable, 
and in the nriin. free from mistakes. 

To the student and intelligent historian this wQrk will be 
acceptaldc. Xo brighter names stami in Massachusetts' early 
history than those of Rev. Richard Mather's immediate descend- 
ants, Dr. Increase ihither, Dr. Cottt>n blather, etc., who were 
instrumental, not only in shaping the institutions and character' 


of that renowned commonwealth, but in giving tone to the 
liberal sentiments that finally culminated in the adoption of 
the principle of self-government. 

This is not the place to defend these worthies from the 
attacks made by narrow-minded thinlcers and writers, who would 
do well to read carefully what Professor Pond and Rev. Chandder 
Robbins, as well as other prominent authors, have testified re- 
garding this noted family. One of the most precocious students 
ever known Avas the son of Rev. Increase Mather, am! Harvard 
University may well be proud of the name of Rev. jN'atliauiel 
Mather, who graduated fr(.)m that institution at the head of his 
class at the early age of sixteen years, having taken a full course, 
and delivered his. valedictory in the Hebrew language, takiuir for 
his theme, the condition ui' Hebrew learning througrhout the 
world. At the age of seventeen, he was in correspondence Avith 
the savants of the ditferent civantries of Euro|.>e in their respec- 
tive languages on scientific and learned subjects, and but for his 
untimely death at nineteen years of age, the world might have" 
enjoyed the benefits of one of the most gigantic intellects '"hat 
ever lived. 


Some thirtrm yoars sinrv I iieciiu a con'L'spniulcuce with 
those of my unnn' in onler tn Icjini Avhal I iMniM ol the histoi'V 
of tho family in diffcivnT parts of rhr a\-oi'1(1. not at all realizing' 
the immense work on liami until after I had issued a cireidar in 
the ^[ather family whieh resulted in a great nnniWer i>f letters 
full of interest and of informati(»n from many who lu'longeU to 
other lines than tliose of New En-^land origin. I had Sii|ij>osed.. 
[)revious to this time, that the name in this country wa^ eontiii*'!! 
almost entirely to the desc.uidants of Rev. Richard Mather. 1 
found, however, that emigrations from England and Scotland, 
dating: from li3>>2 down to the present time, have been very 
numerous. As 1 had taken hold of the work in earnest, I did 
not feel like giving it up, alth<a,idi I have very often siiu-e felt 
that it was too vast an undertaking, for one situated as 1 have 
i«een. to pursue tlie Inhor to its com{)letion. It has been a 

I source of great satisfaction that in my efforts to bring tln^ work 

to a successful issue, sym[»athy and encouragement have heeu 
so freely extended by great numbers who have liidden uie 
''God S[)eed" in the undertaking. I wish especialiv to mcntinu 

I here the names of a few among the many who have aided me at 

times when it seemed as if I must abandon the whole thing : — 

Gen. Frederick Ellsworth Mather of New York. Joseph W. 
Mather of New York, Messrs. Chas. M. and Geo. M. Mather 
(i)rothers) of Nevr York, A. D. Mather of Albany, and th(.' lat' = 
Ffon. E. W. Leavenworth of .""^yrarusc, whose luother was a 
ilather, bcsidi's many others, have liecn helpers in this enter- 
prise. To the Mathers, as w<.'ll as to those of other names who 


hare so kiii'Uy assisted, I wish ti> expLcss my <lei'p sense of obli- 

The task nf uvttinir tlie matui-ials foi' a work of this kind is 
necessarily aidnons, and re([uires patient and painstakiiiji' search 
in a great niuulM-r ot" lM:)oks, cliurch and town records, cemeteries, 
etc., etc. I will not weary my reaiicr liy recnuntiiig my experi- 
ences, in this countiw and also in England and Scotland, in ettorts 
to uniTtvel some of the mystcrii's. I will say, however, that 1 
ha\c written ni')re rhan 3,000 leiTers, ai.1 Itearing on this sul>iect, 
about one-tenth of which have been to England, Scotland, and 
other parts of the British Dominions. 

The wills of Lancashire and Clieshire. p]nglan<l, are all pro- 
l)ated in Chester. I have had th.' names <>f all the Mathei's 
whose wills were pntbated before the time of Kiclnird ^father, or 
about l)is time, sent to me in the hope thnt thcv wonld give some 
clew to otlier members of his fatlier's and grandfather's family. 
I had fonr of these ancient wills copidl and sent to me, but nn 
assistance was ro be obtained from them. A large book ot 
records of the Pari>li of Leigh, a adjoining Winw ick. liy 
Rev. J. H. Stannin'^-, ^L A., containing a record ^'f all the chri>- 
tonings, nmrrinu'es. ;ind di'aths from the year li)')H to lb:25, was 
sent to me. Li these records the name is often spelled Mathar 
instead of ^[ather. At an earlier periotl >[r. Stanning tbitdcs it 
was spelletl ipiite differently from either of the above. 

1 visited families of imr name in l^HT in Knglan<l and Scot- 
land, where the name is to be met with ([uitc fre'inrniix. They 
all treated me very cordially, and expressed ureat interest in 
those who liore the name in the L'nited States. I met at " Ohl 
Hall Jlnnor," at West Perliy, Ellis Matlier, who vras a descend- 
ant of Ellis Mather, one of the first settlers of Toxt-'th Park be- 
fore Rev, Richard i[athers time. Some members of this faniilv 
have bec-ii ccnnected witli this nM chiu'ch at Toxletli down to 
1830. I itlso eall(.-d npon Edward 31. — 's fanuly in Ldinlmrgh, 
Scotland (another brother). In Wales, at Lrolywell. their 

INTRO dl'ctof:v. 9 

mother, Mrs. Tii' Matiier, rcsidcii. I rallei]. bur uiii'uitii- 
iiatc'ly for uic she Inn] beeii iuvitt-il i>ut t" liino. uiul I mi-^sed sec- 
uig her. Thi;> was the laaiilv uhu luiiL arms ufanteii iu liS-tT. 
. Jn ijni.rl.j. near LiverpiKil. I met Rev. Herl>ert Mather, a 
(l<'scenilanr ni >\[- (Christopher ilatlicr of Yorkshire,' v. ho hail 
arras grauteil 1575. au(i was treated \erv iioliteiy. [fc has 
several i^rothers who arc ehrLiymeii iif the ehareh of EnuUiml : 
it was his bi'Other. Rev. Edward L. M.. that wi-ote me the letter 
iu 1877. Mil paire 493. 

At X<'wcnst!e-<jii-Tvm?. iu NorthiuuMerlaml, I called to 
see Miss Jaue MatliL-r. quite an elderly lady, who was rhe uieee ■ 
[ of Rev. John Mather of Beverly, and Kr\ . William Mather of 

I Dover. Emiland. This fr.milv were fi-oiu Iniali', in the north of 

i ~ 

I Scotland, rhe last eenturv.- ^liss ifather had. hi her itarlors, a 

I • • ' 

I large oil ]iaiurin;j of our Rev. Dr. Inerease Mather of Boston, 

{ also another of his son Rev. Saiuuei Matlier of Witney, iu O^lord- 

i shire, England. ^liss M. died the followinu' winter. >he p-ive 

me six very aneient Mather liooks, also jiietures of hei- uiuh'S, 
I Rev..J<)hn and William ; her iirother, Joseiih M.,a banker of New- 

i castle, also sent to me one of herself and sister, Sai-ah R. M. 

I After her ileath. all thoir projicrry was given to charitable insti- 

I tutions. They were ^vealthy. Miss Jane wiis the last of that 


In Scotland. I visited the family of the late Rev. William 
Matlier. at Pf.-rth. Rev. ^Villiaui Mather was a dergyman in 
Stanley, Scotland, for fifty years. At Glasgow, \ visited Dr. 
(xtMirge ifather. the son of Dr. Matthew Mather, iiu-n of pronii- 
neuce iu that city. I alsi> went down to Dairy, in Ualloway 
County. Scotland, to visit Re\. Jami's Mather, who had Itet'u a 
eorrespoudenr. Wliile in Scotland I very much regretted not 
.tiiidiug John ifather. Esi]., at his pla.-e of business. Ht 'vas 
from Xewtoii ilearns. where the Mathers huit, for a long pei'iod, 
resided. Mr. M. had irathered much material of the Mather 
i'amdy to which hf belonged. I regret, exceedingly, that I am 


unalile to iii(?oi-porate into this work the '^ F;iiuily Tree " of 
mnuy irenerati'ais thai he had iciu'lly {>ri'p;u-cil t'tiii- me. They were 
familie;* that oriuinated iu ^heflield, Ensiland, who wei-e noted 
for their fttrontr reliuious characters, and many jjhices in Scot- 
laud to-,Iay will testify to their u'reat inffiienee for p;ood in that 
country. Thosr- vv-hom I met in Perth, Glasgow, and Dahy, 
wex'e of this " Tree," with few exceptions. 

I met in Toxteth Park, Liveri)ool, Mr. Richard Mather, 
who resides near the ohi rhurch. He said his faniih- were fnjui 


Mathek is derived fnuu tlie Anglo-S;iXoii imitlt, hoiKjr, !e\cr(;uce. Fiirste 
maun derives a stern mad. mat, math, which also appears iii the (jid Fraukish 
form as med. In the naiiies uf women, the sense miu-jit be that of the .^ugJo- 
kSaxou Ma-rh, a maiden. m<erhie, modest. A ■word veiy liable to intermix in 
Old High German, maht, might. Old German, mcdard, sixth century: French, 
medard; Old German, mather. ninth century; Eugfish. mather. mailer. miiihtM-, 
meeder ; French, ma ire, mattar, meder. 

b stands for birth. //* for marriage, d for death, iu the records. 

All by the name of ^latlier in the Cnited States, descendants of Rev. 
Richard 3[afher the emigrant, that are now living are deseemhd from his 
son Timothy and Katherine Atherton Mather in tiie line of their three sou.-,, 
Rev. Sanmel who settled in Windsor, Conn., Richtird who settled in Lyme, 
C(inn.. and Atherton who settled in 8uffie;d, Conn. All of the later genera- 
tions will be found in that order in the book. 

There are very many descendants of llicbard M. from the other sons, 
but all that are living are of other surnames. 

The name of each ancestor, in its order, is placed at tjie head of the 
family record. 

Tn the index following the family rt'cords are: lirst, the year of liiith ; 
second, name ; third, genealogic d uuniber ; fourth, page. 

There will be found a few omissions wliicli are noted at eml of the book. 

I very much regret the nece.s.sity of liaving to note mistakes that have crept 
into the work. I liave tried to be very careful in compiling the materials, and 
am surprised that some iA the mistakes escaped my earlier notice. 









Rev. RtcnAnD Mather, 1.396-160S), of Tdxtt^th Park, Liverpool, Eng., :in<l 

Dorchester, .Ma^.<. 
Rev. S.V.MIKL (son of Rev. R. ~Sl.), \&2'.)-Uul. of Engiuud ;i5ui In-laml. 

K'^v. N.sTiiAXiEL (:<oii of Rev. R. 31.), lOnD-lfJOT. of Lor,;!i'U. Englinid. 
Rev. Elk.vz.vk (sou of Rev. R. M.), l(>:5T-lt>i)J(, of X'trth-miproo, Miii^^. 

Rev. Dr. I.vckease (sou of Rev. R. M.). i0mi-17:}3. of Bo.-toa. jlas.s. 
Rev. Samuel (gd.-son of Ri v. li. .\r.). 16j0-1728, \yind:?or, Coun. 
Rev. Dr. Cottox (gd.-son of Rev. R. 31.), lf.(i:2-o-172~-«, of Boslou, M;isi,-=. 
Rev. WARETAii (gd.-son of Rev. R. M.), 16()t)-lT45, of "Westchester. N. Y., 

and N(Mv Haven. Conn. 
Rev. NATii.\.xrF:L (gd.-souof Rev. R. ">[.). 16'i9-lC8S. of Sstl'MU, Mas;;. 
Rev. Samuel tgd.-.sou of Rev. R. 31.), 1074 . of Wituty, OxfordsLue, 

Rev. Az.vKiAH (gt. gd.-son of Rev. R. 31.), ir>><5-17utj, of ><ayhrook, Conn, 
Rev, Nathamel igt, gd,-son of Rev, R. 31.), 1(I'.'>-174..':<. of Lov>-ei- Agueboiiiie, 

L. L 
Rev. Dr. Samuel (gt. gd.-son of TJev, R. 3r.), 1706-1783, of Boston. 3Ja3s. 
Rev. Dr. 3[o«es (gt.-gt. gd.-son of Riv. R. 3[.), 1719-180G, of Darieu. Conn. 
Rev. .Vi.LYN (gt.-gt,-gt. gd.-son of Rev, R, 31.), 1747-1784, Fair Haven, Coau. 
Rev. EiiKNEZEU (gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-son of Rev. R. 31.), 17Sij -l,s,)3, Ohio. 
Rev. Daniel A. (gt.-gt,-gt,-gt. gd.-son of l?ev. R. 3[.}. 180:^1848, of ]S. Y. 
Rev. AxsEL (gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-son of Rev. R. 31. >, 18:23 , of Clayton, 

New- York. 
Rev. \YiLLL\M (gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-sou of Rev. R. 31.) 1809-18C6, of Jasper C o . 

Rev. WiLLL\M LooMis (gt. -gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-son of Rev. R. 31.), 1806-1860, of 

Fond du Lac. Wisconsin. 
Rev. Oliver WoLfoXT (gr. -gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-.son of Rev. R. 3f.'i, i81o-ls70, 

of Ohio, !ind Windsor, Conn. 
Rev. Joseph II. (gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. -gt. gd. son of Rev. R. 31.), 182(V-1832. of 

Deep River, Conn. 

Rev. Dan-icl D. (st. -gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-son of Rev. R. 3L), 1S2': , of Ohi... 

Rev. Dr. RiciiAKn H. (gt.-gt.-gt.-gr.-gt. gd.-son of Rev. R. 3L). Isa.Vl.siiO. of 

Amherst College, 3Iass, 


Rev. Frank D. !gt.-gt.-gt.-gt.-irt. gd.-sou of Rev. R. M.), 18-")1 , of Now 

York .'^tuto. 
Ri'V. FoiiTNER C. (gt.-gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-sim of Rev. H. 31. >, 1836 . cf 

Luvonie, Minuesuta. 
Rev. Dk. Ashee Ei.iuc 'gr.-gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-son of Rov. R. M.). 1S23 , 

of Buttle Creek, Mieh. 
Rev. Wallace E. igt. -gt.-gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. ga.-.-,ou of Rev. R. M.), 1849 . of 

Piiris. N. Y. ^ 
Rev. Yernum p. 'gt. -gt.-gt.-gt.-gt.-gt. gd.-son cf P^cv. R. "Si.). 1.S-V3 , of 

Benton Center, ;iud B:tt)i. X. Y. 


Rev. Ei.EAZAR ^VILLIA-M? (\>t gcti., gt.-gdson). 1088-17-12, of >Liiisrie]J, Cour. 

Rev. Dr. Stei'Iiex Williams (1st gen., ,gt.-gd.son), 1<JU;!-1T82, of 
3[eiido'.v, ^Li.^s. 

Rev. WARnA.M Williams d'^t gen., gt.-gdson), Ifi&D-lT.'il, of Wtdtham, 3I;i5i.'<. 

Rev. Tno>L\s Walter (Isr geu., gr.-gdson), I(ii)»)-n-,'.">. of Roxbury, ]Vl;i.-^s. 

Rev. Dr. ^rATHER Byles (1st gen.. gt.-gdMni), li0t>-7-1788, of Boston, M;is.s. 

Rev. XATnANiEL Walter {1st gen., gt.-gdson), 1711-177ri, of Ro.xbury. Masft. 

Rev. ilATHER WiTmxGTON cM gen., gt.-gd.'^oui, 1714-1737, of Dorchester, 

Rev. Dr. Stephex i2d gen., gr.-gd>.oni, 17'3'2--17"J5, nf Woodstock. 

Rev. Wauiiam Williams (:2d iren.. gt.-gd.suni, 17-t)-17s8, of Bnmford, Conn. 

Rev. Cotton Matuer S>riTii rJd geu., uf.-gdson). 17;U-1800. of Sharon, 

Rev. Dr. Mather Bvles. -Ir. ('2d gen.. gt.-g<lsou), 17:14-1814, of Xo\v Lon- 
don, Conu., ilalifa.x, X. t?. 

Rev. Dr. X.vthvn Williama {M gen., gi.-gdson), 17:j."i-lS20. of Tolhind, 

Rev. WiLLLV-M Walter (2(1 gen., gt.-gdson), 17;j7-18tiO, of Roxbnrj. ^-fass. 

Rev. Sa-Meel Wu.llvm^. LL.D. r2d gen., gt.-gdson), 174;5-1817, of Rutland, 

Rev. Dr. Xatiian Strong t.;^d geiL. gt.-giison). 1748-181(1. of Jl.irtford, Conn. 

Rev. Stephen Williams Stkhiuns CM iien.. ut.-nd.son). 17.")8- , of Strat- 
ford, Conn. 

ilcv. Dr. Joseph Strono (3d ::en.. ,gt.-gdson). i^^'.-^^l(j, of Xorwich. Conu. 


licr. Dr. Thomas Mathkr Smith ;-i-th ffcu.. gt.-sidson), 1707-lSiU, of Port- 

li,u(i, Me. 
Rl'v. Richaki> Stmrrn '4rli ireu., gt.-gdson). 176o-1811), ot Long 

Meadow. }il:is<. 
Rev. Dr. TnioTir/ ^[ather Coulet '-tth gen., gt.-gdson), 1772-1 •^•"iO. of West 

C'rauville, ir;iss. 
Ri.'v, Ira ^Iather Olds i-irh gen.. irt.-gd>.iin). 17S.j- , of Vermonr, 
Rev. IIarvey F. Leavitt i4tu gen., gt.-gdson), 171)»)-1874. of Vergt-nne-.. Vt. 
Rev. Joro." 3lATnER Arsrix iith gen., gt.-gdson), 1805-lssO, of X^w York 

Rev. 3lAiiij:R Bvles Dks Brtsav (4tli gei>.. gt.-irdsoii). 1S03- , or Nov.-i 

Rev. Xathax Stron(; ITuaT (4th gen.. u-r.-L'-ii.-if.n), ISOO- . of Pomfi-ei. 

Piun;'.ni. ;ind Bozrab, Conn. 
Rev. Wii.ii.\.\i A. Des Brisay (otii gen., gt.-gd'^on.t. b.orn alxmt is?."), of 

C'iinaan. Conn.. Halifax, X. S. 
Rev. JlrcitARD S.vlter Storrs (otU ^en.. gt.-gdson), 1787-1873. of BmitiCree. 

Rev. Dr. John Cotton Smith (5th gen., gt.-gdsou^, 18C'(>-1S82, of B.,ston, 

.^■lass.. and Xew York City. 
Rev. Henry Jone* (oth gen., gt.-gdson), 1801-1878, of New Britain and 

Bridgeport. Conn. 
Rev. Dr. A. P. 5Iarvtn (.■>th gen., gt.-gdsonl' 1813-1889. of Lancaster. Mas?. 
Bishop Enoch ^[athee Marvin (.Itb .uen., gt.-sid.-on). iS-2:i-i877. of St. 



Rev. Dr. Jonath.uv Brate (.otli gen., gt.-gdson), 1810-1877. of Hartford. 

Rev. .foHN Mather Ai.lts (-"ilh ,sren., gt.-gdson!, of Ohio 
Rev. Dr. A. T. SeuArFri.i;r; toth u->;u., gt.-gd>on). 1^40- , oi Bililc Houm', 

New York. 
Rev. Charles Ruhakiis i.^th gen., gt.-gdson). 1S14- , of Toledo, ( )lno. 
Rev. Charles G. Selleck {'nh gen., gt.-gii.sou), 180-2- , of Xor^\alk, 

Itev. Heman LATi.^tER (oth gen., gt.-gdson), of Buffalo, X. Y. 
Rev GEnRf:E Alpha 3Iiller (Oth gen., gt.-gd.son), is^l- . of Port Ley- 
den. X, Y.. and Bozrah. Conu. 
Rev. Chuuj> Biokl^ Storrs toth gen., gt.-gdson). 179-^-18:^8. Pii-idcut 

\Vi->t!Tn R.r.-^irve College, Ohio. 
Rev. John M. ^v^u'Sf. Peuuv ("(fh gen.. gt.-gds..n;, ISOfV-IS^^Js Mis-.ioii.'iry to 

Rev. Dami:> C. Perry I'lth gen., gt.-ijilson), 1810- . of Barlow and C(!- 

Imuhns, Oliio. 


Rev. Dr. Richard Salter Sturrs ((JLli .i,'en., gt.-irilson), 1S:21- .of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Rev. Dr. Mat.sox ^Cltr Smitfi (Qxh •j.en., gt.-gdsou), 1826-18S4, of Llartfonl. 
Conn., and Philadelphia. Pa. 

Rev. C'BAKLE? Bates i>irh uieu., gt.-.sdson). 1860- , of Bow 0:ik. Mich. 

Re% A2<-^0N PiTELrs Tinker (0th .yen., gT.-gdsou). lS4-t-18SS, of Ar.ljuru, Me., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Rev. Edavaud L. Beckvvith v(>ch gen., gt.-g<l:«in), l)orn ;ibo\ir lsr).j, of "Sew 
York State. 

Rev. GEORtiE Arorsirs Strong irtth geu., gt.-gdsi>n), ISH'^- . of Kenyon 
College. Ohio. 

Rev. Hf,>tiv Strong HrNTiNrtTON (fith gen., gt.-,gd.sou), 183G- , of ',Yar- 
ner, N. H. 

Rev. Dr. Henry ^iartyn Stort?s (6th gen., ^-t.-gdson), 1827- . of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y,, Onuige, X. J. 

Rev. Georoe J. Ely Richards (Oth gen., gr.-gd.son), 184i>- of Jlnrdock 

and Goshen, Ohio. 

Rev. Charles Lewis Richards (6th gen., gt.-gd.son). 1851- , of New- 
bury. Mich, 

Rev. How.\RD A. Xoye.s Ri'.n.iRDs (fitli ,gen., gt.-gdson>. 18-">7- . of Hump- 
deu, Ohio. 


Rev. John 3Iatii£r, D.D., President of Corpus Ciiristi College, Oxford, 

Eug., 1715-1723. 
Rev. Ro<iER Mather. M.A., Public Omtor, Brasenose College, (").\ford, 

Eug., 1749. 
Rev. F. VAriiHN Mather, Canon of Bri.^^tol, Eng. 
Rev. IlERKf.RT M.VTHE1{, formerly of Godmam-liestL-r, Eng. 
Rev. Edward LrsiriNc; Mather, fonnerly of Ilnotle, Eng. 
Kev. F. A. Mather, of Coalhrookilaie, Eng. 

The above are four brothers ot the Churrh of England, ijesceiiilitits nf Sir 
CLrisiopLer Matlier, of York^hire, wlio liaii arms gr:iiited in li'u'). 
Kev. Edward Mather, Rochdale (Lancashire), E\v^.. of Chureli of Eu^iland. 
Rev. IIenuy Sneyd ^Iather, of Bassingstoke, Eug., s<iu of Re-v. George 

Mather, of Freeha\ , Chtireh of England. 


Rov. Geoiice ^[ather, of Frt'eluiy. Eiig.. (who uuirried daughter of Ailinira,! 
Sneyd, i>f Eiii:.) 

Kev. liEXitY J. ^Iatiieu, uf Norti^u Bury, St. Edmunds, Eng., who died 
1835: Church of Eiigland. 

Rev. R. CoTTos Mathek, LL.D., oi Loudou, Eng., and of Iliiiihintan. 

Rev. "W'm. Moetox ^lAiirER, late of So. Lamlxth, Loudou, a Coiigrcgatiou- 

Rev. Geuiige ^Iather F.L.S., of Liverpool aud Southport, Eng.. au author, 
prondueut in ^letiiodist Church. 

Rt-v. John M.vthek, of Bury, iu LaucasliLrc, was Pre>idtm of 3iethodisf. Freo 
Church iu ISB;). 

Rc'V. .jA.Ar&s MA^.^a-VLL ^Lii'UEK. of Raw.stentail. sou of above: ancestors 
were of Derby and Yorkshire. 

Rev. Aleslo-'der M.\ther, of England, who was converted luider Wesley. 

Rev. .JouN ^[.vTHEK, ot Bcverlv, "i'orksliire. a Congregatioualisr. 

Rev. TViluam >Li.THER, of Dover, Eug.. brother <.>i above, a, Congregation- 
al ist. 

ivcv. \ViLLL\M ALvTHEK, tiftv vcars clergyman of Free Prcsbvierian Church 
in Stanley, Scotlaud. 

Rev. Ja.\ies ilATiiKK, of Dairy (^Galloway Co.). Scotland, of United Presby- 
terian Church. 

Rev. BEX.rv-Mix ^LvTHER (Presbyteriani, of Knowles, near Li\erpool. of mst 

Rev. Jeremiah Mather wi Xouconformist), buried at Bunhill tield^. London. 

Rev. James Mather ui Congrcgationalisti, who was born iu Leigh, iu Lauca- 
shu-e, 1773; died in London. ^lay '2d, l'^40; his father died wlieu he was 
two years of age; his mother died v^hen he was 10; he then went to War- 
rington to learu tiie trade of weaver; was afterwards converted, and 
preached (after he was educated) in the following places: Xe v AViudsor. 
near ilanchester, for three years, and at Hcward Street Cliaoel. Sheffield, 
for 20 years, and later at Birmingham, also at Upper Clapt.)U aud Isling- 
ton. L('nili)u: twi> of his sous were clergj'men. 

Rev. Joseph >L\ther was another Coisgregatioual clergyman, who was set- 
tled at Cuckleworth, Cumberland Co., Eng. 

There were four Mather clergymen who came over from England, and 
were preachers here iu the Methodist Church: 
Rev. GEOii(;E iLvruER. of Ohio, came from Derbyshire, 18-1!); has been Pre- 

sidiiig Elder 1^7i> to IsnO. 
Rev. P. S. iLvTUKR, uow of Nebraska, from Golborne, Lanta.slHre, Eng. 
Rev. Jamk> ^Iathek, of Hyde Park, ilass. ; has been Presiding Elder. 
Rev. Charles Puescoxt 3Lvtuer (sop of James Matlier), bc^ru iu 3Ianchester, 





Later iJ'"''n tJnia fhove phuwJ in thu ijciicnif fiUiiili/ rtronh, irl'irh, irith hiryf 
; iiii:itfxri< of ot/iri'S, icefe I'luitttd /'//• ifd lit "f riifiiii : 

Ju'lye Matfieu Byles Des BRiJiAY. of BriilixcwiitLT, Xuva Sculi.i. 

Itev. .Matiiek Bv-les Des Biusay, ivcror of Epi-^copul Churcli. Dariinoutli, 
N. S. 

JuJ^iv J. Vi. Johnston, Halifax. 

.l>r. OoTTON JLviHEK Ai.MO^', llalifux 

Dr. William Jv^jiin-^ton Axmo.n" iSenator). in DominiDii P.irlianiciit. 

lii'V. WixErwr .\.emox. Protestaut Episco])a] CIiurclE Xova Sci'tia. 

iLm. Dr. WtLLi.^.M Bkece Ai.mon. lialifa.x. who died 1^40. 

Hon. rilAiHEK Btee.-* .\.lmox, iiicrchaiu and bankiT, Halifax. dii;d l>-70. 

x\. B Ai,M<ix, £•;'(.. Nfwport. R. T 

"M ij. Thomas Bic/.i-nER Hahe. nf Eniilish amiy; is livini; mar Lmidou, Enir. 

AAu.LiAM Hake, Esq., Halifax. 

3Iatueii Brown, Esii., portrait paiuti^r to George lY. of England; died in 
London iu is31. 

TiioM.v.-' Di-:.^ BiirsAY. Esq., Dartniotirh, X. S. 

Tie abcu'e are di >ce!id,ints of Dr. Increase Mather, by daughter Eli.sabetb. 

Hon. Artema^ Ward, of Bo^tou. Trowbridge family of (Iroton. 

Biiif;u.s.M's of Westb^To. Di'iiny of Slin-wsburv. 3Iass. 
; Kev. E. W.;i<s fam'iy of Reading, and Dr. Tracev's iamily of Middle 

1 . to>\iu Conn., ;tre 'K->c rndi'd'froni Sarali Matlier Walli r. auntiiei' da>i''-liter 

j of llev. Dr. Increase Mather. 


I Eenice >[atiiek, th'- daughter of Rev. Plleazar ^Lather, who married 

; Rev. John Williams, of Dcerrleld. Mass.. anil who was massacred by the In- 

dians in 1704, was the aueestros of many noted perso(i.<.who have not bien 

, plaee<l in family records in the work: lh<n. Charles KiU)ourne AVillJams, 

LL.D., of Rutland, Vt.; Col. .Sainm-l Leonard I'itkin, of East Hartford. Conn.; 

' Dan Storrs. Esq., of -Manstield, C'lmn.; Abigail Williams, who married Rev. 

Sanuie] Woodvvard, of W.. -ton, Mass.; Abigail Woodward, who married Rev. 
!>!•. SuiJiur] K;ui!j11. of W<'-,rou, Mass.; the family of Dr. Jonathan Fuller, of 
?.[an,-i!el:! ; of Abner Woo.lw.ird. of A-^hford ; Dr. A.shbcl Woodwr.rd, the 
Oenealoifi.s: f.od Anti'|uarian of FmnkHu : P. H. Woodward. Esq. iSec. 
Boanl i'f Tni-.le, Hartford. Coiai.i. Aue. ihcr (.f Eunice .Mather Williams' 
descendant- -tiouhl be noticed here: Mary l{eyn-<lds (daughter of Simiuel 
Reynolds;, v jki -s ;;.)W living at gri-it lua'. hhi.- married Rev. Wm. G. 






^ Sthaurtler, D.D., LL.D., of Coustiintinople. where tliey have done u great 

scrvite in the cause of missions. She is now in New York C ity. She sbould 

. have a iarjrer notice tlian I can give here. Rev. A. F. Schautfler, D.D., of 

i Bibli- House, New York, Is one of her .sons. tSee )iai;es T7-~f). i 

i Mrs. Elizabeth Storrs Billings ^Nlead, who has been chosen, in 1>".)0. Presi- 

I dent of Mount Ilolyoke College, was de.scended from the blathers in the follow- 

I ing line ; IJev. IJichard' blather: TJi-r, Eleazar- Maiher; Eunice^ Mather, wife 

i of Kev. John Williams; Euiiiee* Williams, wife of Col. Shubal C'on.-uit; Eunice* 

I Couant, wife of Rev. John Storrs ; Rev. Richard'" Salter Storrs of Long 

k Miiidow, ;Ma>s. ; Sallv' Storrs. wife of Charles Biliiuy;s. who were her parents. 

i She ix the widuw of Rev. Dr. Ilirani Mead. I\Irs. Mead's gnindfather, Richard 

'^ ■ S. >t<irrs, was the father of Rev. Richard S. Storrs of Braintixe. Mass., and 

the latter the father of Rev. Dr. R. S. Stf^rrs of Church of Pilgrims. Brooklyn, 

X, Y. Miss Harriet S. BillinLzs of Northampton, Ma.sji., is her twin sister. 

Tlie wife' (if Professor II B. Edwards, of Audover Seminary, is a sister. A 

child of Grace if. and Ezra Chqip was ,Iolm. of Leicester, ]\lnss. , whose 

daughter. Julia >[atlier C., marrieil Dr. Joseph C. Pyucheon of ,^[iringficld. 

I 3Iass.. and had four children. Grace had other chihlreu, Jo:?iiUa, Horace, au't 

J Charles Clapp. the latter of Lebanon, Ohio. 

I Jenislm Mather, daughter of Athertou M. t>f Sufliidd, was t!ie graud- 

i ojother in the line of her son, Rev. Cotton Mather Smith, of Gov, J»i!'.n Cottoi: 

J Smith, of Connecticut. Others of Jerusha 3L's descendants were Judge Luther 

i Looniis, late of Sullield ; Jnd-e Wm. L. Looniis ; also the family of the late 

J Harvey Bi>sell, E?-4.. of Siiftield ; Rev. Henry F. Leaviir, of Vergennes, \'t.; 

J Rev, Dr. Jalin Cotton Smith of Bo^ron and Xew Y'ork, who died January It. 

f lS'J-2 : Apphia Mather, rlaughter of William and granddaughter of Atherton. 

f was the ancestress of a large number of J^ui-h.dd famili(,'S, She uiarricd Charles 

I Hathaway. Their granddaughter Eliza married Alien Loomis. Clara married 

I Xeland Loomis. and Emily, Parkes Loomis ; the latter were the parents ..f 

f Frank Loumis, 3[rs, Western Gilbert, and Mis. P. Wadswortli. Mis. Gilbei-^'s 

I daughter ^linnie married Lcavett. P. Bissell. and has a daughter, Emily Bisseil. 

* 3Irs. Henrv Curtiss of Oraniie. N. J., is also (if tliis line of ant.-e-strv. 

|. Samuel >[ather, M.D,, of Lyme, Conn., was, in the line of his daughters, 

t the ancestor of Dr, Convenor Mather Smith: Dr, Jos.'jdi ^L Smith; Dr. 

I Albert Smith; and Charles Smith, Esq,, of New York: the Hon. Geor^re 

I Mather Brckwifh, of Plattsbiirgh, N. Y. : Dr. Cliarles Mtither Beckwith, of 

K Gr^.tou, 2^. Y. Mehit:i))le Mather, daughter of Richard -Mather of Lyme, and 

I great-great-great-grauddaughter of Hicharii M,, the emigrant, married M;ij.- 

Ger;. Sanuiel Hilden Parsons, of Revolutionary fame, ami has had many 

»ies<.'cnd!Uit.s of influence, anu>ng tliem Enoch Parsons, Esti., I'f Middletowu. 

Conn.; S;imuel Holden Parsons, Jr., of Lyme, Conn.: Lucia Parsons, who 

married Chief Justice Stephen T. Hosmer of Miildletown, Couu.: .Mehitable 



Parsi'U^, who iiuuTit il l)r. W'ni. Hmitiiii ILill ; Lmia P. lLi--invr. \\\ii-> ni:irricil 
Sctli 31. Xoyes. of ihiil'^Dn, X. Y.; {?nr;ili M. IIositut, wlio iharrii'd M. A. 
Andrt'w.s. ot Bul!";ili». V. Y.. wIkivi' (lauirlilcr, Liu-ia II. Aiuiil-ws. i.-. i)ie wife 
of Hon. Srei)lu"ii \Vri>:lii Kcllnu'cr, of \^'atc^hlu•y, C'duii. Dr. Geo. Alfred 
Lalhrnp, who ilii'd in Sajidwicli Island.*^, ScptciidH-r I, ISTT, was the .ffrandson 
of Mehi'al'li- jiathi-r aud IMaj.-Gen. S.iniuol H. Parsons. I>r. Lutliiop was 
the father of Goo. Alfred Lathro[\ wIkv married Rose Hawthorne, dauirhter 
of Xulhanicl Hawthorne. 

Charh.'s Mather Henderson. Es((.. of ("hieago, III., the eminent Christian 
worker and extensile manufacturer ami nierehant. was a great -2 ran d son of 
Charles ilather. the grandson of Atherton Matlier of Sufiicld, Conn., hrunch. 

Tiie Harden families of Essex, Conn., di;seenu from Cott>ju Matiier of 
Windsor braneli. the great-grandson of Rev. Samuel ^i. of Windsor. Henry 
Mas>>n Ellsworth, of Rochester. N. Y.: Timothy Etlward Eilswortli: Joseph 
W. Ellsv.'orth. of Xew York; Timothy Ellsworth, of San Franeiseo, of satne 
line. Aiiyn Alather ColLrrove, of Middietown. Conn., is a descendant of Rev. 
Samuel Mather of Wind-or. 

Frances J. Jones, the vvife of Rev! Thomas K. Beeiju-r, of Elnilra, X. Y., 
was daughter of Rev. Henry Jones and Eliza S. Wel^ster, and gnindthiu^liter 
of IJhoda blather, of Windsor branch, wlio married Maj. Daniel Jones. Tlie 
mother of 3Irs. Beeeher was the daughter of Xoah Webster, LL.D. Lucy 
.Mather, the 'lairihter of Dr. Satnuel 31., of ^^'t•sttield, .^^ass., -.Nho married 
John Lee, was the ancestress of the Brace. Bunoe, and Pratt families, of 
Ilartf'jrd. ( onu.: I>. ^^'a!te^ Smith. R. H. Chittenden, and Elijiih R. Kennedy 
familifs, of Broi;kIyn, X". Y., and of Atwood Collins family of Hartford, 
Conn. ^lany of the Whittlesey families of Connecticut, and some of the 
l>ooniis families, descend frotu Elizaht-th blather, t'le daughter of Rev. Azariah 
blather of .Sa}"brook. who was sf'U of Rev. Samii< 1 Mather of "^Viudsm'. 

The Rev. Dr. Ml's;.-s blather, of Datieii. has large nunthi.'rs of descendants 
in tlie female lines, whose family d.ita 1 have in the work oiily f(;r one genera- 
tion. Among Dr. 3L's descendants are many of the following names : Betts, 
Selleck. Richards. Bell. Street, Bi\by. Morgan. Roberts, Bates, Gedney. \Vee<l, 
Dinijee, Hoyt. Wuitnt-y. Clock. Lockwood. Walker, Hiufclnugs, Watkins, 
Carjieuter, ^Vhite. ILiulenbeck, Parks, Faulkner. — X. B. I liave added some 
of these families. The deseendants of Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather .arc oniy ui 
female lims, aud tliere are but a few of them: J(\-eph Crocker. Esij. (tlie son of 
Rev. Samuel blather C rockert, of Fort Hamilton, wlio has lately ilied in 
W'>rcester. .^Liss., was a grau<lson of Hannah Mather and Joseph. Crocker. 
3Ii-s Elizalterh Mather Hooker of Westtield. Mass . is th(; daugiiti-r of the 
hite Dr. Anson Parker Hooker of Cand)rid.Lre. ^lass., aud the granddaughter 
of Dr. An-ou Hooker and Elizabeth Parker, in the Mather. Crock' i-, l':u-ker. 
line. Her ancestors are luiried in the blather Tomb at Coi>p's Fliil, lioston. 
3Iisb Hooker is the last of her line. 


Lucy M:\tlii_-r. datmhii.-r of C':ipr. Timcrln- ^lariuT. iliu cand-nn of 
Richard yi.. of Lyme, wiio inurrifd Jared Buckini;liani. has a nuinerous Jim.' 
of desceuiianis ia the followLui: names: Buclviniiham, Post, Panier, Russell. 
Smith, Conklin. Pratt. Child, and Wilcox fauiiiie.s. 

There are .some Mather families in the Uniied State-, that I tlrok are 
descendants of Rev. Richard Mather, rhe emiirraut. but after ye.irs of search 
I have not been fully able to est.-sblish all tiie liuk.s in the cliaiu. 

Mr. Cliarles 5. .Mather, a merchant in Lawreuceville. Penn . vrhose fatiiec 
was X. B. C. Mather of Bath. N. Y.. and he the bou of Saiuuel and Dorothy 
De Forrest Mather, was, without doubt, in the line of Rev. Nathaniel :\[ather 
of Lower Aquebogue, Suffolk C'd., L. I., a ,UTcat-grand,-«(>n uf R^-v. R. M. 
Rev. X. M.'.s descendants s'ettled in Xew Jersey, also in Oranjre C.... X. Y. 

'Another family. Aaron .JLither. now livir.iir in lioneuye Falls. >.'. Y., .-on 
of Henry Wintield !>[.. doubtless is another descendant of Rev. X. 31. 

In Campbellsburgh, lud . resides Rufus P. Mather, sun of N'atuanii-l 
P. M., who was the son of Abner blather, who was born in ITi^o. I think tJi.-ir 
this Abner was a s^n nf Abjicr 31.. of Lyme brunch of 31.. v Ll.. was in tli. 
Revolutionary Army, .-nid went from Farmimrton. Conn. Aou.i-, the tirst. was 
son of Joseph M. of Xew Rritain, Conn., the stm of Joseph or Lyme, who was 
son of Richard of Lyme, ^vho was -;ou uf Tiuiothy of Dwn iiesrer. who w:.- 
the son of Rev. Richard Mather, the i-migraut. of Dorchestt-r. .Mass. AkJiou^rii 
many years of search have been made, the missing: reconls which would make 
sure the line have ucvit been found. 

Jeremiah blather, of Roxbury. 3Iass.. who .lied 3[;ui.h L 1718. was 
doubtless a near kinsman of lie v. Rieh.ird Mather, but I cannot find anv 
records to establish his ancestral line. He married ilunuaii liiiras, dauiihter 
of Jo.scph and irrandi laughter of Ldw-arU R. Rig^s. and l;ad four children : 
Mary, born July ;J1. ltj.^4 ; Hannah, born .Tauuary 2, Kiwi! ; Joseph, iK.rr, 
October 11, l(>i)T ; Susannah, born February o, IToO. 

Susannah married Wm. Warren, June 2(1 1T'2T. Thv ir children were: 
Susannah, born 172x : AViUiam. born 17:5:2: Thomas. 17;>i] : Hannah. 17;]!>: 
Mather, 1743: J.).;eph, born 1747. Mather W.arren. who was horn 1743. was 
the father of Cotton ilath'-r \\':u-n-n. born 1770, who was tlie father of Mather 
"Warren, born in 16W, who ha.s a son \Vm. F. Warren, D.l)., LL.D., t, •_ 
President of Boston Univefsitv, Boston. Mass. 

Mather families who .iro not descended from Rev. Riih.iri! M.ather. nianv 
(*f whom I have been in correspondi-n( e with, and of wii,.m 1 have a hiicv 
amount of family records, which 1 c:innot tind room for in tins work. 

Hon. Wm. .^Iafher. 31. i'.. who i- for the second time in the House ,)f 
Parli.iinent. Hi.- is a very extensive iron manufacturer in So. Salford, M:i;i- 
chesttr. England. ^V'm. Mather. Esii.. ,Meid<ni Hoij>e. B.irn.ird Castle, Eii'.; 


has furnished me with records of his family lino who were from Scotlaml. 
back to 170S. John >[;ither. Esq.. from Gla>;row. belonged to an ancient 
branch of the M;ither family that went up fr< in ShetHeld. Eng., to Xcwton 
ilcarns, Scotland. The heads of this family were John and WiJliani. Mr. 
31. s''ut nie a lartre family tree of these blathers, wliich sho\\s that he ha.s 
given miuh time to the genealogy of these families. 

John Ciaytun blather, bouks^'!li.'r, 2ej8 Walworth Road, London, Eng., tv 
sou of John B. Math'.T, •*\ iio-;e father wa.s Thi^iiui* Matlier, a naval oCricer of 
England. Edward J. ^Luher. Esq.. the founder ol the Deep Sea Mis-ilon (a 
grand, work dinug irDaieuse gt)odi. was a merchant iu London. Ui-^ native 
place was 'Warnngton, n'^ar the bona- of" tiie eniiijfrant R. M. 

Qeiu-y James Matlier. a London merch.'int, wlin was a son ot J.'.me-^ ^L, 
whose ancestors came to Nottinghamshire, Eng., from Scotland, in seveni-enrh 
century. Thomas Mather of Lowton, Eng,, sori of Isaac, grandson of 
Thomas, great-grand-son of Charles >I. Dr. Mattlicw Mather of Glasgow, 
Scotland, whose ancestors were from Sheitield, Eng. Dr. George ^latiier, sou 
of above, a very noted physician in Glasgt)w now. Joseph Benton Mather, of 
Australia, was from Scotland. 

Hoiace Matlicr of Liverpool, and John ilathr'r of Lon<len. were sons of 
Dr. Horati(! ilather, who wus sou of Dr, John Mather of Warrington, Eng, 
An ancient branch of the Mather family were .seated at Jleikle Earnock, Scot- 
land, to which Win. ^lather, of Barnard Ca.stle, belonged. Another earlj' 
branch were seated at RitclLffe. Lmcaster t'o., Eng. Some of the Mathers 
who came to America were Hon. John M.. etc. 

Hon. John Mather, late of La Crosse, Wis., came from [,owton. Lancaster. 
Eng., when a boy : died April 15, 1S8T. His father was William M.. the son 
of Richard blather, who lived ne;tr the ancient home of Rev. Richard blather. 

The tlaughter, S. I. 31.. married Mr. Falvey. the Mayor of Racine, Wis. 
Both are now dead, leaving two sons. Mr. Mather was very much interested 
during his last years in this family history. Capt. John Cotton Mather, who 
came from Liverpool, about the first of this century, settled in San Francisco, 
C'al., and lived to be about ninety-eight years old, has children now living in 
San Francisco. 

James blather, of Ladentown, N. Y., whose ancestors came from Castle 
Wine, Scotlaad. and settled in Xew York City. 

John E. blather, of Providence, R. I., came from Kincardine, Scotlaad. 
John Mather, of Alton, Bl,, represents a large family of Mathers in Scotland. 
Jolm A. Mather, of Titusville, Penn., and his brother, Eilnuind M., of 
Hanishurgh, Ponn., came over (,l8")7) ft-pm Manchester, Eng. Their father 
was James, the son of Peter M., in the Peninsular War. Thomas Mather, 
of firm of Green & Mather, of Lowell, 3[ass., manufacturers of rugs and 
mats, and the late Joshua M.. carpet manufacturer, were from Lanca-^ter, Eng. 

There were Thomas. John, and James Mather, l)rothers, who came over 


from Irelaml, 17:20, aud sertleil iu Pennsylvania, wi-rc in Radnor, Pa., fi<r 
several ■lent-ra'-ions. Amlivw Lindsley blather, of Pliiladolphia, is one of that 
line. I have met him. Tlf is a very line man. \Vni. >[nther, wlio lived at 
Fall River. :Mass.. vias from a laniily of Perthshin.'. Scotland. lie \Ya.s the 
voungebt of fourteen ehildren. lli> father was Andre->v, the son of Jauics. 
whose futher was it clersynian. 

In the Sutfolk Co., L. L. nciird>. 1 tind the niarriaq-e of Robert Mather to 
^lary Smith. St-pteiuber i"). 1T"20 ; dii not know his "line. 

Jaaies W. Mather, dry iroods bnkei- iu ^■t•w Y^rk City, and Thimias W. 
Mather, a merchant in California, are sons of Rev. '\Yni. >Iath< r. late cleriry- 
mun of !?tauley, Scotland. 

There were John and Geori^e blather, of Indianapolis ; also Jobu. James, 
and ■SViliiam E., of Chicago, III., who were from Scotland. David Mather, a 
prominent bii> man of La Grange. Ind., was the grandson of Alex. M., 
■who came from near Ediubursrfa, Scotland, to Province of Xew Brum-witk. 
in 1819. 

Andrew Mather, who wa- Ijorn in 1690. in Jedburgh, ScotLind, -vrjio 
married Isixbella Davidson, had several children: Tiioma^. who wa^ t-orn in 
1731, at "\\'eM..-n. Xnrthumberland Co., Eng.. and married Jeaitrue Davidson : 
John, Georire. Mary, and William. Mnv} married G.iviii Scott, the grand- 
parent of Daniel 0. Scott, Esii., of Newark. X. J. Thomas catiie to Boston, 
Mass., in 179^, with his sister Mary, an^i his two sous, George axid Andrew. 
Thomas died at Elizabeth. N. J., 1S15. His sim George, boru 17SH. was 
married in Xew York, in ISlfi. to Sarah 'McDonald. He died in New York. 
1861, leaving a son. George, who died unmarried, and a daughter, Sarah, who 
married P»;ilph N. Perlee, who have Mary, Louise, and Clarence Mather 
Perlee. George Mather was marrii-d a srcond lime, in 18*24, to Mary Van 
Derenter. iu New 'York, and have the following children: .Xiidtew, James 
V. D., Samuel Talmadge, De\Yitt (."lintou (of Bound Brook. N. J.), Thomas 
D., who married Sarah B. L. Smith, a descendant of Rev. Richard ,Ma.ther of 
New England, in Hue of Samuel Mather. M.D., of Lyme ; Jeannic. Mary. 
Louise, John. Georgeana. and Yv'illiam. The George blather & Sons, e.xteii 
sive ink maiuifacturers. in New Y^rk, are 'of thi> branch. James ^. D. 
Mather, .a sraudson of George, at the L. S. Nayy Yard. :»Iare Island, Califor- 
nia, is of this branch, which came over iu 1798. 

There was a James :\lather. who came to New Orleans, iit 1775. from 
Northumberland Co.. Eng., many of descendants are settled uo>.v in 
New Orleans, and in the Gulf States, and have been families of prominence 
there. I had an interesting correspondence witli different member.s of the 
families, some years since. 

Joseph Mather came from Bolton. Eng., as early iis 1082, and settled ii> 
Pennsvlviiuia. 1 have had a great deal of data sent to me by Charles Matlier. 


Esq., of JenkiDtinvu, Pa., and Cliarles E. Mather, tirni of Mathrr it Co., 
instirance ajrents, in Pliiladt-lphia. These gentleman are outerprisinii mt-n, 
and belong to a large branch of the blather family, who are well known 
throughout the State of Ponnsrlvania, as well as other portions of our 
country. I am'r.nder personal obligation to C. E. 'M., for favors received ou 
:i \isit to Pliiladelphia. and at his home in Bryn IVIawr. where his family 
extended to me Iheir hospitality. 

Alexandei- blather came from Scotland to America, about the middle of 
the last century, and settled on Long Island, where are now many descendants. 
"William Henry blather, Esq.. of Hobokeu. belongs to this line ; also John R. 
3Iather. the ship biiihler, at Port Jefferson, L. I. I have been entertained 
very cordially by the family of Wilhum H. blather of Hohoken. 

Charles E. JIather, of the firm of blather Brothers, Springd:de, Iowa, 
and William ^Mather of Rupert, also ^ViUi-nn ^Mnrher of Rohrsburgh, Pa., 
are of Welsh origin. They :ire of the <i'me family as Henry, Jesse, Samuel, 
and Jolm Mather, of Philadelphia. The emigrant of this family came over 
before the Revolutionary War. 

The Mather name is very numerous in some parts of England and Scot- 
land to clay. In July, 1887, I found in the Liverpool. 3Ianchester, and Bolton 
directories, about one hundred ^Lathers. In Lo.idou, and Xewcastle-upon- 
Tyne, in Northumberland, in Edinburgh, and in Gla.sgo'w. I also found very 
many of the name. At an earlier time they hilve been numerous in several 
sections of England and Scotland. 

Samuel Mather, the son of Rev. Dr. Samuel Mather, of Boston, in a 
letter written to his father from London, Eng., September 23, 1783, says : "' I 
dined a few days ago in the city with a namesake, who is an eminent 
merchant, but not in any way related to our family. He was born in North- 
umberland, and acqiu^ints me that our name is very common in that country, 
and that in one very large town there are not above eight or ten persons of 
any other name. I am in hopes, if I should be obliged to go into the 
mercantile way, that this gentleman may be of great service to me ; but how 
Providence will dispose of me it is impossible at this time to say.'' 

I have the following record : 

From the register of St. Peters, Cornhill, London : " Roland Mather mar- 
ried April 1-4, 1B35, Elizabeth Gibson, ].er license, Lonilon."' Mr. R. blather 
was of St. xVlbans, Woodstreet, Loudon. This marriage occurred but rwo 
days before our Rev. Kichard Mather started from Warrmgton, en route for 
America. Itolaud Mather is an uncommon mime hi America, but tliere is one 
of that name in Hartford, sevi;nth gent ration frotu Rev. Rirhanl Ma.ther. 

In July 14, lti7i). there was a David Mather, in Brignier, ScoHand, an 
elder in the church, wlio was banished and imprisoned for iiis religious 


In l-').">:2-;^. Ft-bruary od. tliere was an AlexainkT Mather, ::IiitTiuaii of 
Korwioli. Eui;-., and later, member of Parliament. » 

In the p:iri>h neonls of Sr. Mary's Church in Leigh (whieh is rmiy about 
two miles from Lowt<in). prepared by Rev. J. IT. Stanniug of ti'.at church, 
(<f near (500 pages, we tiud the names of all persons christened, married, and 
buried, from the year looS to 1025, in that parish. In th'>se records are the 
namo-s of 131 ^latliers chrisiened, 43 married, and 78 burials. We find ten 
John Mathers christened, four married, si.x burials; we tirul four Tiiomas 
Mathers cliri^teued, three burials; we rind eight Richard Mathers christeaed, 
tiiree U)rirried, fiiur Viurials. As these last are in the order of the ancestral 
lim of Itn-. Richard ilather. it will be very difficult to run the iiro e-'rlier 
witii the lack of data at hand. In the year 1(510 there was a John Aiathsr, 
warden of St. IMary's. probably not the grandfather of Richard 3Iather, as he 
doubtless attended church in Winwick parish. I am uot/ so fortunate as to 
owu a iv bur the Leigh records. I cannot tell much about early data of liic 
Wiuwick parish. 

The first church at Dorchester, Mass., where Rev. Richard Mather was 
pastor, stood on the corner of Pleasant and Cottage Streets; after hi,-, death the 
church edifice was built at some little distance from there, on fleeting 
House Hill, in 1676. The next church building was raised, on the -iilih and 30th 
of June, 1743, at which time Ephraim Wales, son of Zorijah and Sarah \\ ales, 
a young man 19 or 20. fell from the cross beams and was killed. I think 
there has been erected another structure between that ;iud the present one, 
which stands at the same place. Rev. Mr. Elliot is the present pastor. The 
ilather school, named from Rev. Richard Mather, stands on 31eeting House 
Hill, beside the church. The principal is Mr. Soutliworth, who has the assist- 
ance of a line corps of teachers. This school ranks among the highest in Bos- 
ton. Dorchester is now a part of Boston. 

Uphiim's Corner, ancient burial ground, is an interesting spot; a monu- 
ment is erected there beside the remains of the emigrant, Rev. Richard 
Mtither, and near by another monimient is to Maj.-tn u. Humphrey Atherton, 
■who died in 1661, and who, on the maternal side, is the ancestor nf all of the 
Xew England Mathers that settled in Connecticut. There arc many places of 
interest f,ir a Mather to see in Boston, among them Copps Iliil, the place 
vi here .^o many of the Mathers were buried for nu)re than a century. The 
" Ti>mb of the blathers"' is a spot visited by many from other lands who come 
to X'-w England. Miss Parker was the last btiried here, only a few years 
siaco. The Crockers and Parkers were descendants of Cotton M.ather, and 
many of them are placed in this vault. The great fame of Increase, Cotton, 
and Sam.uel Matlitr, who were all buried here, has made the tomb quite 
noted. The liead of Xorth Square is where four of the Mathers jiroaciied. 
Thai; locality is uow used for stores and dwellings. The ^lassachusetts His- 


torical Socitty have a tiue oM puiuting of Rev. Dr. IucrL;i.s(.' .Mather, puiiited in 
IQijS. I have a copy of it. Yi>u can uIm' .<ee tlien- the famous work in manu- 
script, ■' Bihlia Arae'ricana." which tooli Cotton 3[aTher over thirty years to 
complete. It i.> in rliree s-'eptirate paits, and is iuiine condition. The "■ Prince 
Collection" in Bo.stnu Public Library contain a very large .number of the 
pubiished vvurks of the blathers, I think ratliet aiiae th;in the Massachusetts .Society or Xe^v £ni:lai\d Jlistorical and Genealogical Society. I am. 
however, unable to tell which have the large-st number. Ktv Dr. Incrpasc 
Mather lived., at one time on Xorth Strwt, near Clark, a which after, 
ward became a ^e;iuien"s bourding-house. He iived at another time near 
the head of State Street, in the hou--<e that haii belon.ired to his father-in-law, 
Rev. John Cotton, near where Joy's Buiklingrj are now located. 

lii::v. Dr. Corton Mather iised in Ha.'iover Street, in a house built by 
Tnrell. nearly opposite Cockrell Ciuir.h. afrerwards ooctipied by Alasttr Hitr- 
ris of Nojth Grammar School. His later residence was 2SS-30O Hanover 

Rev. Dr. Sarnuel Mather ii^ed on the east side of Moon ^'treec, iibout mid- 
w.iy from Sun Court to Fleet Street, on the corner of what wa.s formerly 
knov%-n as ]Hoon Court. 

The Antiquarian Hall at Worcester cimtaius a rare collet't.ion of paintings 
of the Mathers, one of Richard, one of Increase (his .son'), one of Cotton (son of 
Increase), one of Samuel (son oi Increase), and one of Samuel (son of Cotton). 
Here we liud a irreat number also of AInther pui>lications; also the manu- 
scripts of the Mathers. And last, though not least in interest, is the willow 
chair which Rev. Richard Mather sat in when a child, and his descendants for 
many generations in rlie line of iiis .son 

Tho?e ^vho visit the mother country will nut f.-iil ti- visit tlie churcliat 
the Dingle. Toxteth Park, Liverpool. By going tliere soaie Sundtiy morn- 
ing, you may attend service and sit in tlie old thither pevv- (which is sijuare in 
fonn), on the rail of which you will tind in metal letters and tigures " D 1050 
?I." for Daniel M;illier wlio s.-^r in pew. I60O. From there you will wish to go 
to Lowton. about twenty miles distant, and see the verj" old house of R. 
Mather, with " R. -M." on gable end : thence to Winwic-k, .-ind visit the ancient 
Winwick parish church and ci'nietery close by, which is tlie old gramhuir 
school which Kichard Mather attended and of wiucli he became the master. 
About two miles from Winwick is Warrington, where Richard started on his 
journey for Bristol to sail fi>r America, in I'ioo. 

If you t:o to London you will want to go ti.> Bimidn Fields Cemetery, 
where Rev. Xiitbaniel blather, tlie .son of Rev. Richard .\Iat!)cr, is buried. In 
Dublin lewjk up tlie old cliun h ot Sr. Nicohls. where K-.v. Samuel, another 
son of Rev. Riihard, is biu-ied. .Vt Witney, in Ovfordshire, Ilev. Samuel 
Mather, brother of Cotton, is buried in the St. Mary's church yard. .Vr Ox- 
ford notice Bra.seno^e College, of uhich Rtcharl was a nKiuber. 


In r!n> ?Si"'\v Enirland GeiK-.ilogiiiil and Ili.storioal Records, July, 18T8, 
"The iiuc'stitin was asked v.h:i[ evidpiiee is tlit-ro a-? to the statement of tlie 
lati' Saiimei G. Drake. Esq.. that riio father of Tliomas ^^lather. ancestor of 
t!ie .MatlxTS of New England, was Jnhn."" Wo rind in a later issue, relative to 
the above, tliis: '" Amon* sonic tnanuseripts .^f '^Ir>. Hannah Mather C'ro<:ker, 
(wife of Josiab CYncker and youni;est daughter of Kcv. Samuel ^Father), 
author of '• Observations on the Rights of Woman," formerly belonging to 
the latij -T. ^Vi^gafe Thornton, Esq.. aud recently presented by his heirs to the 
New England Ilistorir Society, the following sintcment, in Mrs. Crocker's 
h.-Uidwriting: '■ Mr. Richard M;ither was born in Lancaster, in a small village 
-called Lowt.m. in the year 1506. The family can he traced to John, Thuma;5 
being his son. :md Richard Mas the son of Thomas. (Richard, when a little 
chiM, sat in the lirtli chair that is in the antirjnarian rooms at Worcester, 
.N[ass.) lie was married in 1624: his children that were born in Euroy)e sat in 
this chair before th.ey ••ame to tliis cdunfry. — Stunuel. Timothy. Nathaniel, and 
Joseph. The latter sat in it when be brought the cliair to America. Eleazar 
and increase were b«]rn in Auirica. They boih >at in the same chair. The 
ihair de'^cended to Increase, mid all hi^ children sat in the same cliair. It came 
in line to Cotton Mather: his chililren ail ■^at in the same. It descended to his 
-^oii Samuel, and his ehiklreu s.)t in the same ch;ur. His youngest daughter 
vvas the only one c^f his ihiidren that had a family, and she lu\s had ten child- 
ren and several irrandchildreu who .sat in this chair. As the regtilar line of 
Mathers has run out. she wished the ch.dr to be deposited in the antiquarian 
rotiins with tlic venerable shades, that those who come after her may look to 
tile ruck from whence they were hewn, and lind an auciimt .seat to rest any 
chip of the old bliK-k iu. As she tiatter^ herself , there ma,y in some future day 
a sprig spring from the Root of Jesse and the trii)e of Levi may return to 
their rest after she is at rest iu another world." 

If Mr... Crocker were alive to-dav she might, possiiily tiud that ' the reg- 
ular line of .Mathers had run out "" not strictly triU'_, for it is a fact that we are 
a mighty hi).>t. stretchiu'.,' across this continent irom ocean to ocean aud from 
iKirtli to south, and the descendants of Rev. Richard Mather may truly be 
fousidin ureat mmibers iu manv sections of our laud. 

I'a.sturs of Toxteth Park Chapel. Liverpool, England, from 161S to 1890: 
lt(!vs. Richard 3Iather, first pasti.r; Tlnmias Hu.ggin-, Thonias Crampton, 
Michael Briscoe, Ciiristnpher liichardson, John Kenion, Mr. Gellibraud, Wil- 
lia.'u Harding. Hugh Anderson, J(jhu Porter, John H. Thorn, Chas. Wicks- 
t'Hd. l.Ieisry Giles. John Rohberds, Chas. B. Upton, James Uarwood, J. E. 
^'dgers..V. D. Davis, the present pa.stor. 

Pa-'.^'/rs i>f Dorchester. Mass., Fust Cungregational Church: 
li<^vs. .f,,Ii:i M.iverick. John Warham, Richard Mather. Josiah Flint, John 


Danforth. .Tdimtliaa Bowman. Closes Everetr, Dr. Tlioinas Harris, S. J. Bar- 
rows, Christopher li. Elliott, pn.'.sout incumbent. 

Pastors of the Second C])iird). Xortli yqnare. Bo.ston, Mass.: 

Rcv.s. Samnel blather. John Mayo, Dr. Increase Mather. Dr. Cotton 
3Iather. Joshua (it-e. Dr. Samuel blather, Samuel Chirkley, Jr., Jolin 
Lathrop, Henry "Ware. Jr., Ralph Waldo Emerson. Chandler Bobbins, Ed- 
ward A. Horton. present iueumbeut. iCoidey Square.) 

Pastors of the First Cliurcb of Windsor, Conn.- 

Revs. John Warham. EphrainiHuit. Nathaniel Cliauncey, Sanme4 Mather, 
Jonathan Marsh. William Russell, Da\id S. Rowland, Henry A. Rowland, 
('h.arles Walker, Ssioir.jrd D. Jewctt, Theodore A. Lecte, Benj. Parsons, 
Gowen C. Wil>on. the jn-esent ineumbent. 

Harvard College graduates of Richard Mathers line: 

Sanuiel, 164:>: Xithaniel, 16-17: Eieazar, lOoO: Increase. 1650; Samuel, 
loTl; Cotton, 1078; Warhani. 16>*o; Xathauiel, IGSo; Samnel, 18!»0; Samuel, 
1698; Samuel. IT'JS: Henry Holmes, 1871; Louis Kossuth, 1872: and Manrioe 
W. ^latlier, 1>590. 

Yale College graduates of Richard Mather line: 

Azarias, 170o; Na'haniel, 1715: Samuel, 1T2'>: Samuel, 1726; Eleazar, 1738; 
Closes, 1739: Samuel, 17.56: Charles. 1768; Allyn. 1771; Sanuiel. 1784; Charles, 
1785; Samuel, 17U2; (Oliver, 17i)!t:.yuthanJel, 181(»; Hiram F., 181;?; Ulysses, 
1823; Thomas G., 1826; D. Lan.sing, 1K29: Frederick E.. 1833; John P. C, 
1837: Oliver Wolcott. 1SJ7; William Henry. 1859: Edward Taylor, 1864; 
Thomas W., 1871; Henry F., 1876. 

Amherst College graduates of Richard Mather line: Richard Henry, 1857; 
Albert Barnes, 1SG8. 

Union College. X. Y.: Derrick Lansing, 31. D., 1829. 

"Williams College: David Hyde, 1859. 

Hamilton College: Willi:ini Loomis, 1828. 

Dartmouth College: Sanuiel H., 18:>4; Frederick G., 1867. 

Wesleyan University-; Samuel L. 

University of California: Stephen Tyug. 1886. 

The above are all the Mathers of our Xew England lines as far as I have 
the records. I suppose there .are many more in the other colleges in the 
Uuit-ed States. - 



:^rATMFP. fa:mily. 


f ,.. i .-, i .-. / 


1. The followiu!:- i.> tbo descM-iptiou of tin; anus tiiut ^as iu the fumilv of 
the (.-arly Mutbers of Boston, and wliich has rect- titly come into ray haiid^;: 

'"Ernnnc on a wavy Azure, three li^us raii^pant Or. Crest, a lina 
sedant Or." 

This coat of urm.s is found iu M.-^.: "■ Pnunptiiariinn Armonini," and is 
tliere recorded as the arms of \Vm. .Mather of S:il(>p, KJnO. 

Motto, "Sunt Foitia Pectora Nobis." 

Tliis motto is also used, " \'irtiis Vera JS'obilitas Est." 

Ei-nuae I the black rigures like seen on ermine robes of Judges in 
i.Tic'-tnd) indicates tliat the head of the family at some time held the ot'tiee of a 
•JU',^-e. Th.^ Lion is u.sed in arms to denote courage, strengtli, and niagna- 
t;!iniiy. The Fesse indicates the bilt of a Knight, lu heraldic hmguago, Or 
means gold and is an eniblein of gnat north. Azun- means blue. 

■-'. Mather, Esq., of (llyu Abbot, County of Flint, formerly of 
Liverpool. Arms dated Feb. 1.^, 1S47. 


'•QuiXiTiiriy Argent and Gules, I'o'iv scythes Louuierebanged." 
Crest. 'A (.le-ui hu^ll;^ndalan luibited quarterly. Argent ami Gules, 
i-iipped the same, face ;ind bauds ppr., luildiug in the drxccr band a liorii Or, 
iu the sinister a scythe ppr.. motto (iu old English) Mo^^e Warillie. 

3. Arms to Sir Christopher Mather of Secroft, Yorkshire, Feb. 11, 1575: 
•• Ermine. A Eessc embattled Gu.'' 

4. Arras of another bniach of the Mather family in England: 

"Barry ol six. Az. and ar.: on a chief of . the k.-st three- mullets of the 
first." Crest, a hand erect issuing from a cloud, holding an arrow, point 

5. Mather of Lanton. Roxburgh County. Scutland. Arms. " Az. twu bars 
or. ; on a chief .if the last au escoilop between two mullets of the tield." Crest, 
an eagie displ. pp""." 

3Iotto, •■ ForrlrtT et celeriter." 

.;\ji English Mather crcst: •' A dexter hand, Apaume. charged with an 

Motto, ■• Deus Provid-jbit." 

A Mather crest of t^cotl and: •■ A I'vi k Sable."' 


It is said that the Rev. W. A. Dcs Brisay has in his possession a Bible over 
295 years old. It contains the Old Testament in Hebrew, interlined whh 
Latin, the Apocrypha and the New Testament in Greek, both, also, with 
Latin interlineations. It has marginal noics Throughout. It was pub- 
lished at the celebrated office of Christopher Plautin. in lo84, and brought to 
Boston from Antwerp, and was in the lil>rary of Rev. Richard Mather of 
Dorchester. Mass.. iu 10:^0. It was owned by Increase Math.-r. D.D.. in 
Bo.ston, in lOGO. lie used it as a text-bouk- when he .was the President of 
Harvard College. His initials. I. M.. are stamped on the cover. It was 
owned, :d<o. by Kev. Dr. Cottou :\rather. of Boston, and later by Rev. Dr. 
Mather BY!e.->. of Christ Church, B.jston. From him ;l descended to his 
greal-graadscui, the present uwner. In the front of the Bible is an engra\iug 
of Rev. Tiicbard 3Iather. engraved iu Boston, in 1(339, an engraving of 
IiK:rea.¥e Mather, and under it : Crescentius Mathews, ^tatis Sua 8o, 17:24. 
And uti engraving of Rev. Dr. Mather Byles. A..M.. et V. D. M., and under 
it: ••Ecclesia apud Bostonum Xov. Anglorum Pastor P. Pt-lham ad virum 
prinx and fecit." These portraits represent tliem iu their gowns, round caps, 
coats, bands, aud penikes. 



A lamilj Bihit of Uev. Dr. Increase M.itlier, nearly as old, has been 
presenteil to tlio Ma->:aii\isfTt!- llistDrical SodeTv. Ir is a copy of the Gene%-a 
Bible, lun.'.vu as th:; '• Bn-erliLs" Bible, iiriiucd in 1?J'.). ami vas givtu by the 
Re\-. Ji'hn Cotton to hi.s daughter. 3Irs. Mallu-r. and conlaiu-^, besides r.ther 
meniorauua, in the hand of Increase Matlicr, his record of his marriage, and 
of the bi'.-tUs and baptisms of hi> children. The Bible afterward descended 
to the lirsr and secimil Dr. rviather Byles. whose descendant, 3Iiss Sarah I.onise 
Bylus, presented it to the society. The tljanli-s oi the society were vuted to 
Miss Bvles for her very \-alual)le and acceptable gift. 

The Bible that is now in ^leniorial Hail, in HartlVird. is, also, a verv nld 
one. and tielonged to C'otoni .Mather, .anil later to the family "f Rev. Azariah 
Mather, (>f Saybrook. Conn. 3Iany val'.iable autographs and ,.>tiier data were 
presented liy Mr. Hawcs of I'hiladciphia. 

:Miss Jane ^ilather. of Xew Castle. En'i.. niece i>f Uev. .John and WilHam 
Mather, presented me, in 1^':?7, with an ancient Bible, priiucd in Louden, in 

' , S. r ? - ^rrfaj 



t i' 


•;.M;j-fefcih : 

-"^V ,'• ,«L 





- . ? 

^^ - xsg^^ i^r:,- ■ .--sg 

The .Vncik^t Winwuk P.vitxsii CncKcii. 

Thi-> church wis foundi d by Robert Poicton, the Norman Grantee of this 
portion of Lancashire, to the prior}- of Saint Oswald, a iiouse of canons, in 
the time of Wiiliam Kufus, or King ileury I, in the tirst year of his reign. 


Tlie sanie writer says: ' VVinwirk was undoubtedly an early Tjancashire 

pa'ish and the .--ite (>t' a vt-ry aiici(>nt Saxon villa ;i:e.'' 

Riehard .Mather passed this rluirrh daily .)M his uay from his home to 
the grammar sehuol, whieh stood within a few rods of this cbiireli. This 
was in nil prohalnlity the ehureh where Thomas and ^lary-aret ^Mather, the 
■(..irents of Riehard. attended. The late lion. Ji.'hn Mather, a native of 
Lowton, who iieeanie a rieh man in La Crosse. Wis., and died rectrntlv, 
iitformcu me that his parents were buried in this chureh yard, also a irreat 
many Mathers, and he save nie a irreat deal of infornuitica about the .Mather 
faiiiilies in Lowton. In July. ISST, I saw many stones erected to the .Mathers 
in this church yard. Hon. .Toiui Mather's srrandiather was named Richard 
llather. John Mather has two grandsons in Racine. Wi.sconsin, — John and 
Thomas Falvey. 

Fmin Vt'lmrii-k, itx IL'yturi/ m/d Anfiq"!ti>:j<, h;/ Wullrmi Bmi:ii>i-t. 

The tirst rector of the Win wick Church, name is mentioned, was 
Hugh Clericus De AVynewhik, h\ \Wl. tmd the sne( ceding rectors down to 
IS.ofi. when Frank Georire Hopwood, A..M.. the present worthy recior. wa.s 
presented by E'iw.trd Geutfrey, Earl of Derby, afler the death of Janies John 

In speaking of the church it saj's: 

'• The greatest work connectol with the fabric of Wiii\\ ick Ciiureli was 
Mr. Hornby's taking down the aueieat chancel, which, after ~M) Vr.irs. had 
begun to >how signs of ;ige, and rebuiliiing it ujion an imiavned ae.d I'ur mcjre 
beautiful plan, under the directii'iis of the well-known architect Pu/in, at an 
expense of more than tH.OOO, or .•<:!0,()iiO, whieh was completed in is+s." 

In the ■• Antiiiuities " we tind the name of ,a John .M.ither, but ,is to his 
connection with the >iew England .M.ithers I cannot state. The late Hon. 
John Mather, wlio was born in Lowton in 1^11, and settled in La Cros-.e, Wis., 
U. S. A., speaks of verc many .Mathers who are burie-d in thi- W'inwick 
cliurchy;ird. ainengthem his f.ither W'illiani and un<li' .b)hii M. rin's- were 
the sons of a Richard .Mather. Hon. John .Mather gave the ntinie-, of several 
branches of the Mathers in Lnwton. which his father tuld him were rehued. 

The famous W'inwiek r>ro:id (»ak, an eiiLrniving of which I liave in the 
work, was loc.iteil near the churcii and L'^nmunar school, of which Richard 
Mather was its fourth master (succei-dini:- Willi.uu Horrockei. It was about, 
liX) years old when Ri<h.ird .Mather bec.ame master of the sehoi,l, ;iiid stood 
until ISIO. On .Vi.gust 11. isll, a public dinner was gi\en under this Hnuul 
Oak to celebrate.' the victory of the Englisli s(piadron over tlie combiia d iteelB 
of France and Italy oil the I-hnid ,if LLss^i. At this date tlie Hroad Oak was 
over 300 years old. 

The Winwick (.Iramniar School, of which Richard .Mather .i pupil, 



jind later tlio master (H)ll), was, about tlie year 1.338, t'ouuded as a free seltool 
of W'iuwk-k bv Gowther Logh, who cud>>wod it with a perpetual yearly rent 
nf nil p<>aiiiL-< for tlie niaiutenauce of such school forever. The names of tiie 
masters of rliis school ;ire ori record down ro ihe year 1871, when Frederic 
Walters and John Edmund (Jillon were appointed. 


WixwiCK Broau Oak. 


TnE WiNAvtcK. Gra-mmar School. 


From ""Tin.- Buy I'^alin."' Tlic t]r>t piinti il honk in AnnTica, 1640. 
Tnin.slattrci by Utv. Uiiliaril Matlior. of Dun In ster, John EHior iV Thnmas 
Wi-M, of Urixburv, Mass. 

psAor cxxir. 

'• T JOY'D ill theiii that said to mc, 
J- let's ut the Lord's lioiise iu:er. 

2 Oh, thuii Jerusalem, wirliin 

thy gates shall stand our feet. 

3 Jenisali-ni is builded up 

iiito a City frame: 
In't self lo.Li-ether uiiiforui. 

4 C'iini''iCted is tlie same. 

"Whether the tribes, the tribes nl' Jali, 

ti> Israels witness go: 
Tliat they unto Jeliovali's name 

their thankfulness may show. 
Because tliruiies (.f judynieiil Uiere 

established ivmain: 
The thrones that do unto the house 

of Da\i<l a[)pcrtain. 

6 Pr.iy for Jerusalem her jietice -. 

tiii-y [u'osju'r tiial lii\(j thee. 

7 Peaee in tiiy walls, fliy P.ilaces 

in them let safely be. 

8 Both from my brethren .md my fiii-uds 

peaee be to thee say I. 

9 I'le for our God Jehovaii s imuse 

seek thy prospe'rity." 

The .diove p>alm was suns at the H lydrn [leuuion ,-ii '\Vind~ur. < i.nn. 
September 2, lvV-3. 


i Jolni Jiather, of Lowt^n. Vri-j-i\"ck [-'ar'.-!i, Laiir;isuu'e. E 

icl. Ciiil'.! was 


'i Thomas, oi i-ovv-ton. WiMu-ick Farish, Laucasliire, Kuglanu. 
C tiU was 

3 Vii'T. Eicljard, of Lov,-ton. Witiwick I'arisJi. of Tosteth Park: 
i:,'-./ Dorc[:e#!'ei-. -Nln?!'-. Born in Lowror. in 159*), oied iu D.-r- 
ches'er. ^fuss., Apr. 22. IsidP. M;jri-;f>.j (1) Catlierine. dau. of 
Ednuiiva Roil of Bury. Seiii. 2'.>, Ih'Ji; sKe .^iod l';.")"},- (::) 
Sarali Sic;"'. w:-io\v fit Rev. J.ilin Coiccn. Axip-. 2*^. ni5w: ;-l)-^ 
was daughtei' of Kichard H;inkridge of Boston, En^'. ; sbe 
ruarried (1 i "s\";u. Sforv. -he d-<-d Mav 27. 1G7H. 


4 TlEr. SAvirF.!., b. M;;v l;j. lf;-2tj; m. .Miss Stt-ve.ns; d. Oct. 2!i, M?;. 

5 Ti-MOTHY. b. 1628: m. (li, raihoriiin d.-ui. ul ,\[,ij. Gyu' 

Humphrcr Atherton: (2) Elizabeth Weeks.. 
Miircli :?0. HisO; d. Jan. li, l'i>4. 

6 Rf.t. Natuan-iet.. h. :\[a!rh CO, 1630; m, :^I;ui\, dau. of Rov. \^m. 

Beuti cf Dorchest: r, Ei;g.; d. .Julr 26, 16SK. 

7 JosEPTt, b. 1H:34; r.i. d. youii^-. 
(:> Rev. EleazaPv. h. .May 1:!, 10o7: m. Estlier, dun. of Rev. .J<.\ni 

Wai'hara uf Wiiid.sor, Ot.; d. July 24. Ifitij). 
9 R;;v. Dr. I^-CREA>p., b. .Jn»u- 21, IGoO; m. <,1).- 3Iaria. dau. of Rev. .L'lin 

Cottdii of Boston: (2), Aana i.ake, wid. ,n 
Ret-. J-*ltii Coltou of N. H. 

.A..!ji'.r,ii; ;.hu i:uuii''ev oi wri:iu.fs wlii.'jl.i. Liave .irlveu ".cj-ouuts oi 
Hr-v riieiiitrd IMuili&r. porhaiv^ n^uie will he of greater inlere-sr.. th;tu 
tiirtt wtiicli wn.s iiiiblL-itiod hv liie Dorcheistor ..Vutiquarian >(.»r;iecy in 


18.50, which, is entitled "jourtial and Life of Riclian! Murlier. 1.390- 
16no." I will Use i^onie of the early part of liis jtAirnev across the 
ocean, together with the-foiir days before liis arrival in Boi^ton, on the 
17th day of Autcwst. KJ3.3. 

The committee of the Porchester Society were coTjiposciu of James 
^r. Rnbhins, Ebenezer Clapp. and Ebenezer Holdeu. The manuscripts 
m the Rev. Rich;trd Mather\< own hand, were then 213 ytuirs f-ld and 
in a "'ood stare of pre^ervarioii. 

?^ - 

Richard M.vmER's Jouknal ix Paet. 

"Praise The Loni oh my mouIc, ;iud .-ill that is vriviim mec. pray>e his 
h-^'ly name! Praise the Lord oh uiy soule, and fcrget not all his bonetjts; yea, 
let all that ii withui mec praise his huly name, and let e^-ery thing th-it hath 
breath praise rhi* name of the Lord for ever and ever. Who ^avtj nn^o us. his 
por)re servants, such u safe and comfortable voyag^e to Xew Eajjland. the par- 
ticular passages whereof were as followcth." 

" Wee came from "Warrington "H Thursduy. April tfi, ;ind came 

i&a. to Bristoll. on the Thursday fnlUnvins. viz. April 23, and had a very 

April 16. health full, .safe, and prosperous Journey all y" way, blessed bee 

the name of o'' God for the same, taking biTt e:isy journeys because 

of the children and foote men, disp;iching IT.) or 100 milo> in -^even dayes. 

"Coming to Bristoll wc found divers of the company come before us: 
but some came not till after us; how belt the lasc was come' by the of 
!May. Nevertheless we went not aboard y ship untill Saturday the 2;)'''' of 
IMiv; so that the time of c staying in BrisidU was a mouth an-i tv.-o days, 
during all wch time wee found friendship and curt<!sy at the hand of diver.s 
godly christians in Bristol!, yet our stay Wi>.s grevious unto us, when wee 
con.sidered how' must of this time the wiades were easterly and ,ser\ed directly 
for us; But o- ship was not read}"; so ill did o' owners deale with us. 

"■ Going aboard y ship in King roade the SS'^ of May wee found 
May ^. thuig> very unready, and all on heapes, many giwdes being not 
stowed, but lying on (li>>ordered heupos liere and there in tLic ship. 
This day there came aboard the ship2nf tlie .«-carchers. and viewed a list f>f all 
o' names, miuistcred the oath of aliegiance to al! at full age, \iert-ed o' certifi- 
cates from rh<^ ministers in the parishes from whence we came, approved well 
thereof, and gitve us tirlcets, that is. Licenses under tiieir haiuls and stales, to 
passe the seas, and cleared tlie ship, and so departed. WJien wee came to 
King Roado (which Ls a spacious liarbor of ."i or 6 miles broad, and 4 or 5 
miles distant from Brist oil) wee found neare o'" shijt another -hip of Bri.stoIl 
ciilled. rhi' Diligence, l)ound for Xew-founddand, ridi.aj at ancre. 



■■ The 24"' bcfiiig tlit.' Lord's <Ui\". the wiml was strong in the mmu- 
May '2i. iniT. ;iu(l y" ship daunced: and many of o'' Woiiifu and somi; childnn 
were not v.-ell: but sea si<ke, and inazy or light in tlir-ir lieades. and 
could scarce stand or iro wiihout tailing, unless they tooke hold of .some rhiii^- 
to uphold them. This day 3[r. yiaud was exercised in the forenoon.', and 1 in 
the af tern. -one. The wind still easterly. '169^023 

•■ The 2-y'". wee that were passengers v.ould faine have had ancre 
May 23. weighted, and sayle set, y weemi^ht have boene gone, But y" marri- 
ner.s would insist that rhey could not stirre till y g(wds were stoweil 
and the hatches or deck above cleared. cVe. . .so wee were forced to sit still, and 
fall in hand with the goodes; wch stay wa> a greater griefe unto us. because 
the Diligence, y- lay withm "i or 8 stt)ues cast of' u^ did this ui',>ruing iro out iu 
o^ sight. 

■■ The Tuesday morning the ^vind beeing easterly and tin' decke 
May 'JH. somewhat cleared, the niarriacrs began to address themselves for go- 
ing. But about nine of the clockL-. when they had taken up one of 
their aucres, and were iu a manner ready to set forward, tlie wind turned ili- 
ix'Ctly iigt us. imto the west, so y= wee wi_-re foreed to ca.^t ancre againe. and 
sit still. Thi.s evening the Diliirence. y- went out y" day before, f-anie in 
againe, and cast ancre about the place where .shee lay before ; and foumi us 
riding at ancre where shee left us; and another ship also bound for Xew Eng- 
land came unto us. which other ship was called the Angel Gabriel. 

■ On ^Y^'dnesday thi' wind continuing .still at y* west we having 
May 27. «^>Qt some of o"' men ashoiu- to fech more bread and victuals an<i more 
w-ater for the cattel! ; our Master C'aptayne Taylor went aboard the 
Angel Gabriel : ^Ir. .Maud. Xathaniel ^Vales. Barnabas Fower, Thomas Ar- 
mitage and my selfe accimipanying him. AV hen wee c-anie there wee found 
divers passengers, and* among tln.m some loving ;uiil godly Christians th:it 
were glad to .see us there. And soone after wee were come aboard there, there 
came three or four more bijates with m^re passengers, and one wherein came 
Sir Ferdinaudo Gorge, who came to see the ship and the people. When hee 
was come hee em[uired whether ther,; were any people there y' went to Massa- 
chusetts Bay. whereujjon Mr. ]Maud ami B.irn;ibas Fouer \^-ere sent for to 
come before hiin : who being conu' lie asked Mr. Maud, of his country, occu- 
pation or o.iiling iu life, <.\:c, and protes-ed his good will to the people there in 
v" l)ay, and promi.-ed that if iiee ever came there, hi'e woidd be a true friend 
un'o them. " 

As the Journal covoi's about thirty pag:es will omit tlu- most of tlu- 
reraainder e.xrepting ,jn:>t belore his arrival in Boston, 

'■ But j'ct y Lonl liath not done with us. nor yet had let us see. 
Acg. 15. iill his power, and uoodncsse which he would have us take kxiowi- 

edire of ; and therefore on Suturdav morning almui bre'ake of dav. 


y Lord sent forth n niost terrible storme of raine uuil easterly wind, thereby 
wt'e were in us niuch dun.irer ;is I tliinke ever people were : fdr wee lost in } ' 
iiiorniiijr three irreat jncres i; e.ibles : <>f weh eables, one hiivioir enst ."iOf 
!iever li;iil !>eene in ;iny wjiter before, two were broken by y violence of y 
w:i%es and y tiiird eiit l.iy y-" seiunen in extremity iind clistre'^«. to snve y .•^hip 
and their iV o' lives, and w" o' cables and aneres were ali lost, wee had no oul 
ward uieanes of deliviTanec but by loosing sayle. if so hee wee mi'j:iu get to y 
sea from y Iland> Oc roekes where wee ancred; but y Lord let us .see 
y' C sayles could n<iT savi> us neither, no more y o' cables iV: aiK res: for l)y y 
force of y ^v^nd vk raine y sayles were rent in sunder & split in ]'.ii'res. as if 
tliey had b^ene but rotten rair.^es. so y' of y fore sayle and spris^'e-sayle tliere 
\s'as searcf left so much as an hand breadth, y'- was not rent in pieces, and 
blown away inti) ye sea. So thrd at y time ail hoi>e y' wee slu»d<i be saved in 
regard to any outward appe^'arauci- was utterly taken away, and y rather he- 
cause wee .seemed to drive with full furee of wind and rayne direetly upon a 
mighty rncke standing out in sight above y water, so y' wee ditl hut continu 
ally wayte. when wee should heave and feele y <h)lefull rushing and crusliing 
of v" ship ujiou y- roike. In y extrenuty and appeanun-e nf (U;'th. ms dis- 
tresse distraction would suffer us wee cryed unto y I,ord. and he was 
plea.sed ti) have conij)assi(in atul pity upon us: f^r by his ovi'rrulmg provi- 
denc'c A: Ids owue immediate good hand, he guided y ship pa<t y roeke. 
asswaged y violence of y sea. and y wind and raine >.t gave us a little respite 
to tit y shi|_i with otli^r sayles. and sent us a fresh gale- of wind at by 

well wee \\ent (.u y'- day in ly sduth u'est & by west towards ('ape 
.\jine. It was a day much to bee remcmbrred, because on y' ilay y Lord 
granietl u.^ as wouderfidl a deliveranc(! as I Uiinke ever people had. out of as 
ap[)arent dauLjer a.s I thinke ever people felt. I am sure o'' seamen cnnfessetl 
they never knew y Vikf. The Lord so imprial y memory of it on o^ hearts. 
y' wee may bee y better for it, t\: bee more carefidl to please him and to 
walke uprightly before him as long as wee live: and I hope w<'e shall not for^ret 
y pa.ssages of y' morning imtill o' dyim: day. 

" In y storm, one >Ir. "Willet of New Plimouth, and other -i men with 
him, having beenc turned iiiit of all y^'' havings at Penol)scot, about a fourt- 
night before, and ("miim- .iloii:;' with u^ in o'ship from Kichmonds Ila.nd. with 
his boat-' and goods in it made fast at y sterne of o'' ship, lost his boate with 
uU thiit was therein, tlie violence of y was'es breaking y boate in pieces, 
•and sinking \"- bottome of it into y-' bottome of y^ sea, and Ricli:ird Becon 
lendin.n' his help!' to y scanien at y- haling of a p:dilo catched about his arme. 
.vhereby his arme was crushed in pieces, and his right-hand [Milled away, and 
bimselfe brought into dolcfull and grievous ])aine and misery. Hut in all y 
grievmis storme my feare was y Ic'sse, when I con-;idereil y e!earne--se of my 
calling from God this wav, aai] hi .somf.i measure iv Lords holv name be 


lilfsscd for iti lie gave us hearts conteuWil iunl willing- y'liec sliouUldi) '.\ith us 
iiiui '>uis wluit he- i>l<-;i>icil. aiiil -aiiat iniu'lit 1h most for y" irlnry of his niinic, 
it in y' \Mj rt'-itrd o"- .solvos. 

■• But when ncwps was hrouulit unto us into y- i^^iiii r()i>ini' y' y ilangcr 
vas past, oil how <>' hearts iHd then relent and melt within us ] And Ii'av wc 
f>!irst into (e:iri's ot joy arnoiiirst o' selves, in lovo unto n' irrai-ioTis God. and 
adjiuration of his kindnesse in srauntmu' to his poore servants such an e.\traor- 
dinarv and mirai-ulous ddiveranee. His holy name he hhjssed forever. 

• This (lav Wet- went on towards ('a[H- Anne, as y wind would 
Au,:;. Iti. suffer. iV "ur poore sayles further, and eame within sight thereof y' 
other morning; which Salih.ith being y" i;3 wee kept on ship-board, 
■R-a.s a marvfvlous pleawmt-day. for a fresh gale of wind. ».\: eleare sunshine 
weatlui. This day '^vee went directly hetore y wind, and ha.d delight :i\\ 
alonsr V "-oast as wee wt>7it, in viewing Cajx' Anne, y" hay (>f Sauirnst, y bay 
of Sidetn, >rarvilh(:iil. Pi.llin puinr, and oth^r pltces ; and came to ancrr at 
low tide in v at Naiitascot, in a most plca.sant harbor, like to such I had never 
seene, amou;;st a great many of Hands on every side. I was exercised on ship- 
board both i-nds of y day. AfUM- y cvcniugs e.x'ercise, wiien it was tlowiug 
tide airaine. wee set .sayie, ,nnd ( .imc y' night to anere airaine before Boston 
and so rested y' ni'jht with glad i!c thankful! hearts y' Gud had juit an 
end to If long jouniry, beiug 1000 leagues, y' is oOOO miles Englls!i. over 
one of y .cfreatest seas in y' world. Xow y o' journi-y by a--- godhies.'^e 
uf o"- Goil. w.a.s very prosix-nms unto us evi'ry manner of way. First df all 
it was very safe and lu-althfnl to us ; for iho: wi-r were iu y shi|> ItK) passengers, 
besides :2;J seamen, v^: "3:^ cowes and hcyfers, :^ sucking calves t'c eight mares. 
Vet not one of all the>e dyed by y wuy. neitiier person nor cattel, but came all 
alive to laud, and n.-oi}' of rhe catt.-U in b-tte; likin.^- y" when wee tirst entered 
v ship: and mo>t of y passengers in as good hetUth as ever and mme better 
v" myne owne family, and my weake wife iV little Joseph as. well as any other. 
Fevers, ( aleiitures. small pockes. v.\: sueh diseases as liavt atHicfed other pas- 
sengers y Lord kept from amon!X us. .and put ui)on us nogriefe in <^' In 'dyes, 
but a litilc sea-sieknesse in y" beginning of y voyage; saving y' 2 or '.'> seamen 
had V lliix. and l{i< h. Beacon lost his right hand iu y last storme, ami one 
woman and a little child of hers, towards the end of the journey, had y scur- 
vev, the means of which iutirmirv in her wee all conceyved to bee y want 
of walkin.^^ and stirrimr ot lier b..dy upon y^' ilecke ; tier maimer beie,^■ to 
sit much between y' rleekes u|ion her bed, and a means of y health- 
fulnesse of y passenirers by y blesvjng of (Jod wee all coiueyved to l)ee 
mui-li -walking in y ojnn ayre, :,nd y comfortable v.ariety of o- food ; for see- 
ion A\ee were not tied to y ships diet, but did victiiall o' selves, we had no 
want of irooij and \vhoIe .some beere iV; breail: and as o"- laml-stomachi-s grew 
weary of shi[; diet, of suit fish i^: s.alt bei-te and y like, wee hail liberty to 
chrajge for other food which might sort better with u' healthes and stomaclies; 


and tliercfurij somciinit's wr-f usrd bacon vt liurTcieil pcasr. .somctiuu-s butrtTed 
bair-imdding made with curraynf-; and raisHis, and sometiincs drinku pottage 
of becru and Oai -Mcalc, and soniftinii's water jiottaue well buttereil. 

•' And tiio ; we had two ^slornirs by y way, y" one upon Munda\" y '3' of 
August, y' I'tiicr on SaMirday y l")"' nf y^ same, yet o' gracious God (blessed 
and fore\cr Messed bee his name) did save us all alive in y""- bolli. it speeilily 
assuaged y"' ai^aiue. Indeed y latter of y™ was very teiril)io and grievous, 
insomuch y w^ wee came to lami wee found many mi^iity trees reut in pieces 
in y midst of y" IjcjIc. and others turned up by y routes by y 
thereof: and a barke going fmm y* bay to Marvil head, with plaut<Ts ifc sea- 
meu tiierein to v" number of about 2o. was caste awa\" in y storme, .uul all y 
people therein perished, expect one man it his wife, that were spared to report 
y"-' Jiewes. .Vnd y Anu'el Gabi-ici being y" atancreat PeiinDaouid. ^\:is burst in 
jiieces ;ind e:isr away in y' btornie, .and most of y catTell ami orikr goodes. 
with (jue seaman i.t -i or -1 passeugt-rs did also perish therein, besides two of y 
pas.sengers y' dyetl by y way; y rest having y lives given y'" for :; prey. 
But y James it wee y' vvere therein, witli ()■■ <attell Sc goods, were all ])re- 
served ali\e. The Loril's name be blessed for ever. 

■'2'>'. It was very delightfull while wee tooke pleasure & instruction in 
belli ildiug y worker & wonders of y^ Almighty in y deepe ; y' sea some- 
times being roiiglj with mighty mountaynes and deepe valleys, some times 
againe pliinc Jc smooth like a levell meadow, and sometimes painted with va- 
riety of yclli ^v wcLiiis : besides it T\-as a pleasant thing to behold y" variety of 
fowles it mighty tisiies swinuning and livLng in y waters. 

"3'-^. It was comfortable tf) us. by ineancs of y^ fellowship of divers 
goilly christians in y ship it by meaucs of o' constant serving of God morn- 
ing & evening every day, 3-' daily duties being performed one day by Mr. 
Maud, another by my st'lfe. and y Sabbath e.\;>rcises divided (for y most 
part) cqiudly betwixt us two. 

■True it is o' journey was some what long; for tho' from ^[uuday y 
22"' of June, wee lost sight of our oidd Enirlish coast, tmtill Saturday y' i^"" 
of August w" wee made laud againe at .Meidiiggin, it was but six weekes it .1 
dayes, yet from (/ first entering y ship in King roade. on Saturday y" 23 of 
May. till <>•' lamling at Bo.ston in X. E. (;n Munday y IT''' of August, it was 12 
weekes tt 2 d.iyes. For wee lay at ancre in King roade 11 days before wee 
even set saylc, i.t 8 dayes at Lundy, tt l2 d.iyes ai 3lilford. and spent '•> dayes 
in tacking botweene King Roade i.t Liuidy. one day between Lundy it ]\Iil- 
ford. :uid '^ dayes l)etwetne Meiddgi:in A: Boston. 

■■ Xeve o"' God preserved us all y* while, and wee had opportunity 
l)y these ottiu delayes to take in mure haye, oates it freeh water, and arrived 
in a gofid condition 

'■ Agas'ue let our gracious God lie blessed forever. Amen." 


■' To the Chnrrh ond [iJii'MtiHifs of Dorrhistt r in N. E. 
" (jrnire iiiito yov from (hxl hy Jfxn.'i Cltrittt. 
" Bdored in the Lonl Jenux. 

" You have here presented to pnir view, aud for your Iruit;iti(>ii in tlu- 
Lonl. the Life of hin» tliat was to Tunny of you a Spiritual (as to rui' a uatural* 
Father : inasmuch as thi' L;-rcatest part of his time; in th(> Ministry lie was a 
Laborer in the Jjinis Harvest anioni''.st yni ; also with you did he liaish his 
course. There is therefore sju'cial reason why what is liere should he 
directed to yourselves. — 

'■'Tlie composer of this ensuing Relation is not willing' that his Name 
shoiddhe published. But it is done by on(> who hath had th.e viewing of my 
Fathers Mauscripts ; from whenee. as wdl as fiom personal and intimate ac- 
quaititauee of many years eontinuencr'. and ether waves, he liarh been truly 
furnished with the knowled.'re of what is ln-re reported. And indeed the great- 
est part of the Siory is known unto sundry auionirst yourselves. 

" What rem.-iineth then. Biethren and Beloved in the Lord, but that we 
should be mind full of what is by tin- Lord renuired. wiien the .^eripture .saitli. 
Remend>er them tliat have taught t and not oneiy rln-iii lliat do r.viehj llie 'vVord 
of God, whose faith fcilhiw. considering the end of their conversation. What 
that Doctrine of Faith is which your blessed Temher did from the T orrl in- 
struct you in, I nix'd not say; onely Renieniber it. Remember his Farewell 
Exhortation, which is now in many of your Houses, and Oh that it wen? in all 
your Hearts. And as frir Ins Conversation, vour selves know tliar (i<xl made 
him E.vemplarily, Fairli full. Zi-alous. Patient, HiuuMc, Holy : Feil"w iuui as 
he followed Christ. 

'■ So likewise pray that he may do who is 

■' Yours in the Lord alwaj'es 
"Boston Septemb ti, -^INCREASE 3LVTHER." 

•X. E 1670" 

TiTE Like .\n'D De.vtii of RicnARD ^Iather. 

■■ The writing and Headini;- of the Lives <jf Worthy Ones, liath been by 
some accounted amongst the most jirotitable workes of men under the Sun. 
Tlie Labours of some Li a rned amongst the Gentiles this way have not been 
jiltocrether ^vithout beuelit. But especially the l-^aithful Description of the 
lives of fliose who Inivc been Enunent Teachers in the Church, hath been to 
the great adv.-mtage of after .igcs. Tf the lives of Brightm.-ui. Parker. Ames. 
Burmughs. Hooker, and othei'swere |)ub!ished it might be of gi-eat .advantage 
to the worlil. Rev. Rii hard blather tomnieiKeil the writing of Ins own life up 
to his iit)"" year. It commences as follows: 

'"There is in the Parish of Winwick in the coiuify of Lancaster, a small 
country Town or Village called Lowton ; iii which village Rii-hard Muther 


was !)(.ru Aihia I'jDii. Pli., P;irenr.> Thomas and >[aru-arilc Mather wnv ot An- 
cient Families in Lmvton aforesaid, but Iiy reason of some nnliappv Moriii-aires 
tiiey u-ere reduced unto a low condiriouas to the world. Nevertheless, God so 
disposed their hi/arts, chat they were willing to edueat.- this their sou in ,sro,Ki 
Learning: Coneeruiutr whieli he (after that the J.ord was pleased to bestow not 
only Le.iruing but Grme upon hhu) hath sometimes expressed himself, baviinj, 
li\- what priiui[des and motives my Parents were diierty indueed t(^ keep me at 
^ehool. I have not to .say uor do I eertaiuly ku(..w; But thi> I inu^r needs say. 
that this was the singular i:o.«l Providence of God towards lue. (who hath the 
hearts of all men in his hand) thus to incline the hearts of my Parents ; for in 
this thing the Lord of Heaven .shewed me such favour .is had. not betii shewed 
to many of my Predecessors and Contemporaries in that place. 

■' Now his P:irents being strongly beut in spirit to have their t^oti a scholar, 
they sent him to Winwieb vSehool, which -was about four miles di.stant f rum 
his Fathers house. In the Winter .season they boardeil him at Winwick ; but 
-ueh was his desire after knowledge that in. the summer he travelled everr dav 

■' V. hil'st he was thus -it Sch :)ol he met with U') small disco!!r:>i;Hiiierir. for 
i!\ai the Schoolmaster under whom he was, although he h;u( au e.\c<>l!cnt 
faculty for teaching iuGrammar-Lcaruiug. and many were trained up by him. 
si. as to be sent to O.vford ami Cambridire, for Tnstructiou in higher .studies: 
yet he s^'vere and partial in his discipline. Junius was almost ([uite dis- 
couraged from his Sttulies. when being a sciiool boy his "blaster w< mid beat 
him eiiiht times in a day whether in fault or in no tiudt: The like Magisterial 
harshness caused him of whom -sve write, to earuesth' doire that his Faiiier 
would l:ike him from School, and of hi.m to some oilier (.'allin^ ; Him- 
.self afterward-;, when he had waded flirou^ih these uiilicultics. woiihl .say. (4od 
iriteuded better for me. then I weald h.ive chosea for myself; :md therefore 
my Father, though iu other things indulgent euouuh. yet in this woidd never 
condescomi to ray but by juUting me m hope that bv his s|>f'akin!,' to 
the Ma.stor, thiuirs woidd l)e amended, would still over rule me to 'jo on in my 
studies: and good it was for me to be over ruled iiy him. and his di.seivtion, 
rather then to be left to my own alleition and disire* But Oh that all >( hool 
masters would learn WiMlonie. .>[oderation and E(tuity towards their schil.irs. 
and seek rather to win the ln-arts of eiiilihvu by righteous. JMvin'jr. and cmrfe- 
ous usage, then to alienate their !iun(N i>y partiality and uikIu ■ severirv. which 
had been my utter uu.loing. had not the gnod Providence of God, and the Wi.s- 
dome and Autiiority i.f my Fatlier pr.-wntcd. 

'•After that ho spent sundry years in this Sciit.ol some Popi.-h M.t- 
chants coming out of Wales to Warrington, which is two miles from Win- 
wick, were in.'iuisitive whet her then- wen- not any preunant Wits in 
School whom they mii/lit procure for apprentices. Presently Ricljird Mazier 
was mention..'! to ihcii as a pregnant Youth: Whereupon aiiplication wa^; 


ni:ul(_' iirconliiiL'ly k. hi.- Father, wiio \v;is iiicliiu'iibk' to :u-cci>t of t'lis Motiiiii. 
bcftiusc now liis F>r;ttt' was so ikTiiycil. that ho alinn.-t ilespaired of briiiidui: 
up Ills Sou a.s lie had iiiti-iidoil. 

■'But here the I-"in,i.'er of Divine I'nuideiu-e wa^ ohsiTvaide : for wlien 
his Fiither was ready thus to pari %virh lii.s S;):i. and )iis Ciiild to .•.'■o_. the Lord 
raised up tlie heart I >f his -Master, tn he- iuijiortuuate ^vith Ids Father still to 
keep Idui ai Sehool, prufessiui;- rhar it was irreat pity that a ^\'it so proin- to 
Learuin,;:' ,4iould be taken frinn it. las indr-'d jr was.l or tliaf liC' shouhl ho uii- 
done by Popish E<hieation. The Perswasiou^ oi the blaster so furre prevailed 
as that his Seholar was cfiruimted umler him. until th.e tiftoi.aith year of his 
Age. It was a mercy to him. Ih it wiul'st he yit in his ^linoiiry. he ei\- 
joyedtlie pidilirk ^Nfini-try of one >[r. Palin. then Preaelierat Leai^h; of whom 
he would say. tiiat tiie reniendirara-e of that man was {'oiafort:d)le and Hon- 
ourable in his fliou'jrhts. even in his old Age. thoui-h his knowledsre of him was' 
in his Cliihlhoi'd : [le then observetl sueh a plain, powerful! and ])ieriin!r efti 
f-acy in 3Ir. Palius Ministry, as was not to be seen in the common sort of 
Preachers in those dayes. by means whereof some lilnmination. thoujrh not a 
thorough Conversion, was w-ro\ight in him. {-Favinir been thus long ki.'|d at 
School, he was called to leave- his Fathers Fanuly. The occasion whereof was 
tliis. At a place called Toxtcth Park nea.r Fdverpool uiow a ^lart of [ i there 
dwelt a wise and Iieliirious Peotile, who being desirous of the good of tlieni- 
se!%'cs and their Pn'^lerity. intendeil to eri-ct a Sciiool amongst Them. tV^r the 
Education of their Children. It rame into their minOi-s To send unto the School 
master of Winwirk to enquire whether he had any of his Scholars whom he 
would reconuiiend unto them for such a service : whohavmg re'ceived their de- 
sires, forthwith conimunicated the same t" tins his Scholar, and to his Father, 
tt.i see if the niiition w^iuld sransl witli theiracceiitance. He was desirous rather 
to have gofie to the University, but his Father closed with the Olfcr: whence it 
was in line mutually embraced, so fh:it he renu)ved from his Fathers house to 
Toxteth (Anno Hill) there to teach Srhnul. 

■■ Xcr is it any liisparagenient to his Wortii that In- was once' a School 
master; for very eminent Divines have been so. as of our own Nation. Mr. 
Hieron. Mr. ^A'hitaki-r, Mr. Vines, not to mention others, but rather an Etni- 
neucy; tlu> like seld<mie known. th:it one sliouhl lie fouiid tit to be a School 
master at fifteen years of Age: Yet the Lord ialpcd Idai in those his voung 
years to carry ir with sueh Wisdouie and Lovi' and Gravity a.uiongst his 
Scholars as was to aiinnratiou, so as that lie was !;y tht-ni both l.Acd and 
feared, beyond what is usual, even v.iu-re tln-re are aged Masters." 

'■ In his b^-'' he was convert d \\hilst in rlu- Fanuly of Mr. Edward 
Aspinw.dl who was .a f.i-.arned and Iveiigi<'Us (k-ath-njaii 0H14,i by his Studies 
in coiuieetiun wiili his ti-aching In- made irreaf proficii-ncy and In- lireame ti 
v;Ty accurate ( Manuiiariau. and was well advanced in Lo;riik, Uhitorick and 

42 THE MATHER FA^ril/r. 

Tlie()l(),i;-\ . Ht'liad a iIcnux' tc» i^aiii more Thau lie conid \>\ iirivate study, and 
ho went to Oxford and was for somu time in I'ra/.oii-Xosc CoHedp', liopiiiii' l>y 
convei'sc with Li'arrieil 3[fH, a!id auvasitasj.!- of Di-innations. J.,((Uircs, iVc to 
obtain a Treasure of kiiowlr.'itge. He hi'caiiU' atiiuaiitti'd witli tlic Liavned 
Doctor .Worall at Oxford, who was of grt.'at assi.-;TaiiCL' to him. bcforp Iw had 
bfi'ii far in his sfuii'c.-; in ('(•DeLa'. was busouiriit to acv-eiit a call to bccniiu- tlic 
minister of thi- pioiiii' ai Toxti-th wherr- ha'! he tx'in nia.sti.r of ihc S'liool. 

■■ Thi.~^ ( a.ll. after dut- ( 'oIl.^id^-ratilHl. for v... iirht}' Rcasou;- -iic a.cccptcd of. 
Bfin.ix then retiiriu-d to Toxt'tii. he Preached id.-< first Sermon November IJO, 
inis. Theri» was a veiy irri-at concourse of people to Ju-ar him. and his 
Labours were highly accepted of by the judicious: Sucii was ilie %'a.stness of 
his memory, as that tlie tliiiisr.s wlacli lie liad prepared aii«i intended to deliver 
at Oiiee. contaim-d nok','-s thausix lonij; Sern!on'>. Th.e people haviiiir liad .some 
taste of his Gift.s were the more importunate in rhi ir desires tliat he mii]jht con- 
tinue amougst them, and because that could not be without Episcopal Ordina- 
tion, they'd him to accept thereof ; not having at rJiat time so thoroughly 
looked into that part of Ceremonious Conforridty as afterwards, he yielded 
unto tile motion; and accordin.gly was Onlaiued (with many others ou the 
same dayi by Doctor .Morton then of (.■hester, after the mode of those 
Times. Tin- Ordination being (ver, the Bishop singled o'-it ^Ir. >[:i'lier from the rest, saying. I have something to say to you betwixt von anii me 
alone. ^Ir. .Mather was then afraid lest some Information might have been 
given in t(> the JJishop against him of his Puritani-<v:i. thereby to preju- 
dice. him ; bur it happened to be otherwise : for when the Bishop had him alone. 
I have (saith hei an earnest Reriuest unti) you. and you must not deny me : It 
is that you would pray for me: for I know i>aiii he) the Prayers of nien that 
fear God will avail mu( h anil you I beiiv.'ve are such an one. Nevertheless after 
that the Lord gave him to see the evil of the sin of lonforniity in the whole lati- 
tude of it, (for as tt> the :?ubstanceof C'onfojinity. even from hisimtranee upon 
the3[inistry he saw the evil thereof, and was iiy Divine Grace kepi from being 
stained tiierewith) his Conformity (althouu-h ir was at the desires of his people) 
to accept of this Ordination from the Prelate, was no shiall grief of heart to 
him. .Many yi'ars after, one of his Sons iakiug notice of'a torn Parchment in 
his Fathers Study, emp.iire. 1 what it is : unto whom his Father replied. That 
he received that when he was Ordained i>y the Bishoji: -ind (sai'l he) I ti^re if 
because I look no pleasure in keeping' a mnuumeut of my sin and folly in sub- 
mitting to that .Super>^tition, the very rfMnenitiranee wiiereof is Lvrievous t(>me."' 

•■ Mr. ^father marrii-d S'.-jit. 2!', i(!"24. Kathcrine dauu-hter of f^dmund 
Jloult Es(,j of Bury in Lancashire and liought iiini a house at .Much Woolton o 
miles from Toxteth . lie j^r,:iiched every Lords day twice at. Toxteth and 
(Mice iu a Fortnight on rh.- Third day of The "Week he kept a Lecture at the 
Town i;f Pr<'scoi, also. faiTiifu! .uid powi rfiil Pi'i-at liing being tiicn rare in 
thoM par;-, iie ili<i tH.-oend}' Preach upon ihe Holy dayes las Ihey are cailod) 


ticiji.i;' i^ftfii thfi-Lunto desired by (Jodiy (.'liri.sti;nis (if other Parishi's in th;it 
(.'omitry — in Aujju.^t.lOS^ 3[r. Mather wa< silenced for X<>n ('.>nl<)nniry to the 
Ceremonies hy the T'relates. in Novenib<rr hy means oi' Inten esslou of some 
Gentiemi.'U in Lancashiro and by tiie iutiiience of Simon l»yliy (a near allianci.' 
of !lie Bishops) he was restored again to his PuMjek Ministry, lie was aput; 
silenced iu 16:5-1:. ]\Ir. M» friends agrdn tried ti,> have him restored hut were uii 
successful. The Visitor asked how he had l)een a ministei' V Answer 
was nia(h.-. Tint he had been iu tlie ministry fifteen years. And !s:;i'l ij(>) h(>w 
often hath he worn !lie Surpless ■; Answer was returned, that lie had never 
worn it. What (said the Visitnr, swearing as he spake it) preach rifteen years 
and m.'ver wiire :i Stu'plcss ? It had been better fur iiim that he had gotten 
t>eveu Bustards. This was a Yi.sitors judgment." He rlien retired to private 
life and uie^iitated. a Removal into Xe-\v Enu' — he dre\v up a i<ing list of 
Arguments which .•ir(_- in print gi\iiig the \yeighty Reasons why he -should cross 
over the Ocean, into a Land •« Inch was not .Sijwn in oriler to show to Posterity 
the necessity of such an undertaking, ^[r. Mather after arrivhur in this country 
remained in Boston for s>m\e time with iii~. family. He and his 'vife joined ,i 
church there. He soon received iu\itaTion.s to settle iu the ^liiii.stry — Ply- 
mouth. Deaxhester t.\; Rnxbury and was sometime in dou])t as to- wiuL-h place 
it was his duty to go — but by the ailvice of Mr. Cotton. Mr. liookerand 
others, he went to Dorchester — the church that had been planted there being 
now removed to Windsor. Conn., with its nnni.ster 3Ir. Warham. Another 
churcii was gathered i.Auiiust 2.3. Kioti) of which 3[r. 3I:it!icr v,-as chosen 
teacher. Here he c-outiuucfl a most zeaUnis and. fuithful minisiv'r during the 
rest of Ills life. Mr. ^Fatherliad a wonderfully strong consritution — t\m\ for 
fifty years was able to attend to his pcdilic labors every Sabbath. 'Never eir- 
ployed a physician (so .says the record i. In his last years he lost tlie sigbt of 
one of his eyes — ami for the last two years had a distres.sing malady which 
terminated his life. 

■"On the 13"'> of April, 16tj0, Mr. Mather was summoned to Bo,ston to act 
as 3Iodcrator of a Council, assembled in refereuci? to some differences that had 
ari.sen in the church there. On the third day of his attendanc-e. he was sur- 
prised liy a violent attack of his di.sease. which hastened his return home, and 
which after a few days l>rought him to his grave. April 22." 
His grandson. Cotton IMaiher, in speakinir of him says — 
■'His way of preaching was very plain, studiously avoiding obscure and 
foreign terms, ajid uruie<essary citation ot Latin sentences ; ami aiming to 
shoot his arrows, not over the heads l)ut inio the licai-tsof his hca.rers. Yet so 
scriiiturally and .so ]'ii\\erfuily did, he preach his plain sermons, that .Mr. Hooker 
would s:-y, — ' My lirolher 3[arh"v i.s ;i nii'ihfy man; ' and indeed he saw a great 
siicees.s of ids laliours in borh Kn<;dands. con\'crtii!g many souls unto Go<l. 
His Voice was loud and big. iun\ uttered with a deliberate vehemency ; it jiro- 
diuced unto hi.-^ rninistrv au awfui 'ind verv takiu'.,^ majestv ; nevertheless, the 

4-1: rm: •s^xtvj'a: hWMW.v. 

suli>-tanti;il anil rational matter fleliv-civd liy liiiu, caused his miiiisirv tn rake 
yet luiin;, w lnTevi r he' laiiKr. \s'bc'm;(; evi.'ii. uiiilc he was a viniiiL;' man Mr. 
t.ri.'lliliraiiil a faiiiiHis niinisrvr in I,an<-a.>iiii-c, liearinti' liiii). imniircii v\ liai lii-^ 
iiaiiic '.va.-V w'ii'-i! answer "vvas !ua<li' Uiat his iiaine '-vas Mallicr; Ijr ri'iilinl i.ay, 
his iiaiiu- sliall hf ii/i'tf/:r ; i{>r bL-lisjve ir. this man lialii ^ocd sub^laricc in hira. 
Dr. I'arr. r>i>iio]i in Uic Isle of Man ht arinii' That Mr. .Mather was silenced — 
lie Umiente.l it s;))-in.i'. — ' If '^Ir. Matlier he silenced. I aui :~invy t'nr it ; for lie 
was a snliil man, auil the ihui'ck ni (U\d iiatli a ,irre;it loss in him. Hiii as he 
jndii'cil that a preacher of the Gospel shoidd be. he was. a veiy liard student. 
Yea so intfuT ^>•;!■- hi; upon hi-- b-elov<M,l :>t.uiSies. ih.-n the morning iietote he 
died., he iviiportnned the t'rien.ds t!iaf watched with him, to iicli) liiin into Ihe 
room where he thouii'lit his :isnai works and books ex'iv'cteii him. To s.aiisl'y 
his impornmiry, thev heiran to lead him tlntlier ; bui fmdir.Li; himself un.ible 
to i:ct out of his lud^irin.iC room, lie said, — ' 1 see I ant uoi a!.>!e: L li.ive not been 
in iiiy study fior .several day-; and is it not ;i lanientabiu thimjf Ihat I should 
lose so niu( h time.' He -jiiieTly iireathed his last on the niLdii nt' liie •,'•.'"" of 
April, after having liveil about seventy three years, aiioni nfiy of which he 
had spent in jn'eaciiing tlie Gospel — his last sermon was from 2 Timothy 4. 
•3-8 the .sermon before the la>t Jol-, \-i'^ 14'\" 

The follipwing' are .^^r. ^father's Publicatioi-.s ■. — 

Glmrch-Government and (.'hnrcli Covenant I)>ed. in answer to two 
and tliirty questions sr-nt over by ministers of En^iiam!. l(i;'.!J. 

The B.iV Psalm, tlit^ first printed book, in America. Uilt). 

A modest and iirotiierly an-~wer to C'h.arles llerls book .a^'ainst the iiale- 
penih-ncy- <,f chtirche.s. lf-)44. 

A reply tr> Rutherford, or a Defence (;1' the Answer to Merle's l)ook. Itl-ld. 

An heart nwltini: exhortation toii-efher with a cordial of <on>o!ation prr- 
senteii in a h.'iter from >.'ew Enuhuid to his coiinrrymeri in J.ancasiiire. Vi'>o. 

A Catei hism. lOi. 
• A Treatise of Justification. Uvy2. 

A letter To Mr. Hooker to prove that it was lawful for a tninister to ad- 
minister the sacrament to a coniiresiation not particularly under his cure. 

A Ple;i for the Churches of New Eni^land. 

An Election r^ernn>n. IfJfiu. 

An answer to Mr. Da venpurt's work airaiust the [)roiiosii ion of the .Synnd. 

A farewell exhortation to the (.hui'ch and peoiiie <d' Dorchester consistinL' 
of seven directions. 

He pn.-pared for the j)rt'ss others whit-h were not iiriiited. 



•■TliL' last Will ami Ti'stamrtit of Ricljurd :\rat!ii-r. Minister of tlu' Word of 
God. at I)orciiL-<tcr. in Xcw En.i^'land. Wii«i:a with his Owne iiauds rlu' 
Itj''' .lay of the ><'" month KWil : — 

•• I. Hichard ;^^atIR■^. ronsiilciing tlic (•(.•rtanty of death and thi/ viuiM-tautv 
uf tlic time Thereof, and uithall knowing it to boo rhc will of God that 
man shoidd set his liouse in Order ](ef.)r(' liei' depart this life, ijoe make this 
my last will au',1 TesianieHf. in manner following: —Fir.-t of all. I AeknowK-lire 
tlie rich and WonderiuU (xniee and 3[erey of Almigiuy God. *\liosi' hand 
haue made niee an<i fashioned nice, and who took niee (Mit of mv ^fiithers 
WiMiib. that liauing Tnad»' niee a man tliat might h:iue made mee a beast, or 
other Creature. Ree hath also by hi^ good Prouidenee preserued the beinir 
and eotnforr of my life all the dayv's of my Pilgrimage vntH m^w. Eiien (or 
the spa<-e of thest' .sixty and Fix e year--, during u nii/ii time hee hath not snf- 
fered me to w.vAt Either food or Ra} ment or the .sendee of anv creaviire that 
hatli henn requisit for my eomfortable .subsistiiig iu this world, which I Ac- 
knowledge the boiniteoas guift ol him who is the Lord of :dl Creatures 
and the high povses.sor of ileauen and Earth. Next of all and more Es])ecially, I 
am bound to uiue praise anal thanks to hur. while Ihaue my beina'. tliui; I beim.^ 
a child of Wrath, by X.ature. a> well a^ others, .-md being \torne in a place of 
much Prophanes and Popery, i;ee hath of ids abimdant Grace n(nicii.safed to 
draw mee out of that 'Wofnil Estate fif .siiin and ignorance wherein I lay. and 
to make himselfe and hi^ Cliri.-r kiiowne vnto m.-e by the Gospell, of which 
Grace I was m(;st viiworthy. and in his great Patience and mercy to bear with 
my manifold and great otfi nces. lioth before and since that tone of his i^-ra- 
cious calling of mee, though for my vnworlhy walkhig. in many p.artictdars, 
I might justly haue betin forever re.iectcd of him. Yea, and such hath 1)enn his 
Pdeh grace, that hee hath ti(juchs;ifed to jnit mee. an unworthy Creature, into the 
3Iinistry of the Gospell of his .Sonn, that I slionl. 1 not only know and profess the 
same, which is an vnspeakable mercy, but be -dso a Preacher of it vnto others. 
in which employmiait, if any thing haue beim done that haue benn pleasing to 
him. or any way benniticiall to any child of his. i; luith not benn I that haue 
done the .sane but the Grace of God which hath benn with mee : for I must 
ueed.s Acknowledge, to the praise of his Patience and Grace, that iu my po.^re 
ministration for two and Forty ye.ires and vpwards, I haue benn nuich 
defectiue in Wisdonie and Watchtulii>'>s Oner the Peoples Seades. in puritv. 
in Faithfulness, in Vprightiiess. jueekness, Hundlity, and zealc: and because of 
these, and many otiier my defects and oilenses against the Lord, I .stand this 
(iay in much need oi mercy and forgivenes. through his;. and haue noc 
ctiuse to looke fi.r .any acceptance in this or in another world, for any Kiirht- 
eousuess of my Uwne. Either as toiiehiug my ministry or other wise, but dis- 
tlayming all tliougiit of that kind, my oidy trust and ilope is to bee accei^Ted 
of him. .-md when this life shall bee at aa End. to be saued iu his Heauenlv 


Kiii,u';l(>!uc. iiuvrly by iii> free li'rar-c inid the (Hiedicnee aiul [n'tritiii^ jiassidu 
:iu(l ir.rercessiiiii of lii-ideare >min. Ami C' deatli. is 1 due liclicuc llial 
it is M[)i>niiited for mH men oiiee to dyt;. soe. because I see a ;r!i ii dcale n( vii- 
protitalilenes in my o'Ane life, and beeause God hatli also Id imr srv such 
Uanity and Ejiitines Kueii in the best nf those Comforts uijich this life caiui 
afiird. tliat r think I may tnily say, that I liaiie scene an end of ,i1l [lerfei-tion. 
ili.-ref. i;v. if it were the will of God, I should bee irlad to l)e r.nmucd. hence, 
where the best that is tn bee had d.'th Ycald mh- litrlc >a;i-fac1i' >!i tn inv 
Smde. ar.d to bee brought into his presence in Glory, tliat iin-re I iiii.i,dii find 
(for tlure T know it is t<^ bee liadi that Satisfyinij of and all sii.t^icierst Content- 
ment in iji'n, vhich vnder tlie Sunne is n(>t ro be Enjoyed, In tlir; meane 
time I desire to sta.y the Lord's ieasure. but choii O Lord, liow Ion;:'. ,Ntov 
ConceruiTiir my outwani E>tute of IIousi.-, Lands, iroods. aial eludtels sitii ;iie 
Eartli is the Lords an<l theftiiness thereof, the Iidiabiialde Woihl ami all that is 
therein, to him therefore helon^eth the Praise of all that I possess in tliis kind, 
and for the Portion thereof which hee hath iiiveu niee, it i> my mind and will, 
if soe it pleas(; his hi.Lilmes that after my decease the same m;iyliee disposed oi 
as followi-th : 

" First (d" all. whereas upon my niarriairc with my deare wife. Sarah 
3L-iliicr. I received of her iu lioiiseh.old StufFe the uallue of Fifty [louads ;uid 
Eniia.iced my selfe to leaiie to her at my decease the dubble thereof, that is 
IW'". It is now my mind and will that the said En.ira^ement bee tndy per- 
form! d and ftiliiiled. and therefore I hereby iiiue and Anjioint to liee paid vnto 
her, after my decease, the s;d<i sum of One JIuudreil Pounds, the one hah'e of 
it in such Household Stulfe as I receiv-ed with her or sh.all leaue in my Ffonse, 
and thi' oilier Fifty ])oum!> ii; such ^rood p:i\ a- niay bee to her j>isr Satisfac- 
tion and C<iii~eiir. Either in Jiciu.-eliold Stin'V. ( 'oriie. Cattle or otlierwise, in 
all or any of ihese. 

'■ Item. I icive to her daui^hter Mary Cotton ami to hei Graud-dauuhter, 
P^lizabeth Day. tn each of them, Twenty b^Iiillin^'s, as a Testimony of my Ac- 
knowleduement of their obseruanee and dutiful Respect towards mee whilst 
they lined iu my family. 

■Item. I giue to tiie children of my si~,fer. Ellin Worseh'V. the sume of 
Fine poiuids. ti> bee Equally deuided Amonu>t them, the said Le^'aeyand .:.dft 
of Fine [lound to l)ee paid w itliin '.he sp.ace of Three years next after my 

"Item, of my ljOok<-s, I n;iue .^Ir. I'erkins wc^rkes. in flu-i-e Voliumes. to 
my be!o,-;(l Sunn Timotiiy blather, ami to hi- wife my dear" dauuhter Lli/a- 
beth Matliv-r. tliat Treati>e of Mr. Scndder ConceniiiiL': a Clirisiians daiy 
wa'ke. Aist), I Giue vnto. Samuel Matlier. the P^ldcst Sonn of i.iy sc^n Timotiiy, 
Fiue poi.iri(is. and to all iii- oilier ( hiidrcu '.Nldcii sliall bee Ijidnu at my dt.- 
cease, to each of them Forty shillings. As for all the re-^t of my Dookesiiot 
fo"iUerly e.x[tressed, meutioued, together with all my written I'apers and 


^raruisfripts wh:itsoeiU'r. wlu'thcriii my r>i-<l\. i-r withoni ii. in my Study (•!■ Kis;' 
where, Exctpt only such writing as due f'nnciriie my Lands uv dtlier Out- 
ward Estate. All these, witii The desivesand Tables in my stiiddyand Trunck 
that is there. Also. I Glue tn my l?eh>iu(l Soims Saniiieil. Xathaiiiell. Eliazer 
and ^Iitthcr. to hee distributed and diuidcd AmoniXst themJn niauner 
followinir. that is to say. that Xathanieil. Eliazar and Tneri;ase sludl Each of 
them haiie line tiflli part ilk-rent', and tiie ntiicr two tit'tli ;>;irr. to ln'e t;. my 
Sonn Sanniell ^tarher. And vviierea> I Glue vnto my srums Samucll. Xa- 
thanieil. Eliazar. ami I'nen-ase n-oe further Portion out of my Outward Esfai-'. 
but only wliar is rric)i;ii.iie<l, I doe it oidy ( 'onciatiinir Thar tin- ro>r and ' harires 
I iiaue be--Towed on them in their Kdue.ation. tojretlier with what I hereby now 
.sine tiicm. may ms well, if not better. Enable and fitt rhen\. throtiirh the 
Messincr rjf G(.(l. iti a C cnifoi't.-ible Way of ■^ub-.isTinL'' and SennuiX fhe Lord. .1'-: 
if they had irreater Portions left them at my ileceasc and had had thei' 
Education in seme other AVay, that had lienn less ehartje'able and Costly, 
svhieh reii'ard wiiat I ;;ow uiue rliem am, haue fnrineriy layd oe.t for tliejii ma.y 
I'ce aec<JuntinLr a.-- Amountin::' to the full of tlfir filliall Portions. And ('on- 
ri.'riiin,;i: my sonn Timi.thy. in as much as he hath [not] ha<l soe much Cost lie- 
stowed \ pon liir.i in ids Eilueation n> his Viretiiren h.-iue had. rherefort- I fhinek 
it meete I should otherui-e bestow on him aiui his a ureatcT Portion of O'V 
Outward Estate, and therefore, as t haue some ve.-ires since iriueii and assured 
to liim in F.aud. meadow, baru". and otlier linildinu' in Cowe>, Oxen, beddini;', 
Ilnu-^ehold StulTe and otherwise a Considerable Portion, nor murli less tiian 
two Hundred pounds in li.allie', as ['. if not more srie, vpon Condition 
that llee, the .said Timothy, shall i'aiihfe.Uy dis'-lKirge and pay the si'uendl 
leg-aeies and i:ifts aboue mentioned, \\ ith what-euer I sh.-d! mention, hereafter, 
by my last will or otlu'iTsise vpon these C'onditions 1 ijiue to him. the saitl 
Timothy, all my Fliaise, burne. buildin^< asid T,.a!ids in Dorchester, whatso- 
euer or wheresoeuer the same br-c, whether in the home Letts, or in the neck 
of Land or in the great Lotts, or in tlie Commons, or Cowe walke or where.-,o- 
euer. to liee to the vse of him the said Timothy, and his as.siiines, during.'' the 
time and space of his naturall life, in as fidl and Ample manner a.s L my.selfe. 
or my assignes. haue had and laijoyed. or doe. nuu'ht. and ouirht to enjoy the 
same; and after the decease of him. the said Timothy, I ix'wu- the riMiersion .ind 
inheritance of all the said Lands and tither before receiued premises, vnto Sam- 
iiell .Mather, sonn to him the said Tiinnthy. and to the heires of him, the said 
S.anmeli. and to the rest of the- ehihlri/n of hiju. the said Tiinnthy. ;ind to their 
heires. a ilubble portion alw.-iys rescrued to the Eld'st sonn of him, the said 
Timothy. ;u)d the Portion of iris "Wife, in ( ase slue bee left a widdow, alwayes 
E.xcejiled. And as I hereby jriu-the reuersion and inher-it.-uiee of such Lands 
as are now in my possession, or in the |-i(i-session of my assi'/nes, vnto the 
Children of my said sonn Titnnthy ;nid to their heires. in liki; sort I i;iue vrito 
them veuersiou and iulieritance of all sucli Lands, whatsoeuer, as I haue lali\' 


giucn ;iii(l jis.-urnl t.< liim. tin' siiid Tiniotliy, duniiirtlu' toarmc of lii^ .N:itiii-;\11 
life-, liy .1 wrirriiii;- \inifriny hand, hcariiiir day tiu' 4"' day of tin- II'' iinnitli. 
ill rhe yeart' 18-")-V. likewisi-. vpDii rlic ('iiiiditio!i or ('(nidirioiis aloir nicjitiuncil, 
I doc hereby uiue to him. tlio said Timothy >ratiiiT. all rhe n si and [•.■maiiider 
of my Estate in >[oualile Goods wliat.soeuei-, whether it hef Sein.-mts. debts 
cAving vato mee. l)rass. [x-wter. Table stooles. hcddiH;.:-. liiiiii;\s m- ni her house- 
hold stiitt'e, or Cattle, as ('owes. O.veti. Horses. .Mares, or wiiateUfr, all tiicse. I 
Giue to him the said Timothy, vpoii the (.'ondiri<-.ns before H.vpnssid, to bee 
his owne proper goods ill as full and Ample manner as I doc n..w Kajo\- the 
.same, or of right ouirlrt or mi^'lit soe doe; bur all and EiM'ry uaiili or :,niifts, 
Icgat.'} or hva'aeies. ivhatsoruer. which I liereby gi\ie or shall hcrcafier ii-iiie or 
pro'mise to giue. or to bee ^-iuen to any Pers..ii f>r I'itsoiis, whai-ocuer. 
wild her writ ten vnder my hand, or before two .sufiieieiu \\iini->rs. and all 
C'ouenant.s .ind promises whereto I sliall en.gaire my xllf. to -.luy F'er- 
so!i or Persons whatsoeuer or have done here'tofore. All these sam.-, I doe A])- 
poiut to bee taken as p;irt of my last will and Testament, and to iu-e accord- 
ingly jierformed and fulrilli-d as well as if they had benn. and as is hereby 
by nice in nertieular E.\ pressed and set downe. Pnmided. tha' all v hat is 
heerc said shall not iCxreral to any such jiertieular thing or thing-- a-- shali by 
mee bee reuoked. disanunili-d or re])eaK'd before my dci-ease. And i.'onicridng 
my sonn Tin:othy. with all the rest of my b.-lourd sonns. -is j h.)!!- {;.„{ l.mi, 
rdready made tlnni perTakers. at least sundry of tiu ni, of his sauinu; <;ra<'e in 
f'hrist. fi>r whieli I and rhey iiaue cause to be Endle.-sly ihanckfnll, soc I rhinck 
it Hot amis-, fiu' the furrii'Tance of tle-ir spirituall good, to lay \poii tjimi tills 
seiiousandi soUemneeharireof a dying Father, that none of tjreiii iinsuinc, after 
my de.sease. to walke in any way of sinn or wickedness, in one kind or in tni'tiicr, 
or in a Careless neglect of God or o( ihe things of find and of tln'ire Ov.iie 
Saluutiou by Christ. f,,r if they sh.ill >oe doe, :\viiich (tod fori)id> tiei! in sucli 
Case, I hereby testify unto the-m. thai tii. ir Father whirh bi-Lrit them, and 
their 3Iother which l>are them, with all tin- PraVc'is they haii<- ni.adi'. and 
icares they haiie shed for them, their E.\ample. their Ailnionilions and \'.\- 
hortations thev haue Admiui>.tered vnto them, ictgcfhcr \si(h ihis my li-i will 
and sollemrie charLCe, all ihe.--e will rise vp against them .as -i.e maiiv (. -timo- 
nies for their C<indemnation at tiie last day, hut I jiaue lntter hopi' of iheni, 
and doe hereby declare vntn them, it they sh.ill -erioii-,!y repent ot their 
sins, belieue in the I, end .Jou-.. and by his Lrr.iee \\.dke in all tlic waves of 
God. and as becouieth the (.Jospell of Christ, as this wilt bee )>. the {[oni.e.r ;ind 
(Tlory of him that made them, and soc u ill n.ioun<' lo (heir Mi-peakable 
conifor. and in-nnirit in liiisand in anotiier world .\iid their FaMicr Ih.'il novv 
speakes vuto them, with their dean- .Motiier. iio^\ with (JckI. •.b.d) lAc cdinirly 
rejoyee in the day of Clirist. wh<n ue shall re< ciiie oitr children in'o ihoM- 
Eiicrla.sting habitations, ami shidl s, c our seines not alone, but lliosc Al-otliat 
haue proceeded and come fourth out of ,.nr owne b..\\ciis '■• ieoie their 


p;irt and P.irtimi in th;ir Eteniiill Glory. lu desire ;uui hope tli:it it nuiy bee 
soc. I C'oinmeud tiieni all to tiie Lord of Irk'aueus blessiiii-. And Wt tht- l)l<.'ss- 
lug <.if God ill Josus Christ bee pniireil out and reiiiaiiie vpou them all foreuer- 
nior-. A:iu-n. 

•• Finally of thi.s uiy last will and T;.'sLatiu-nt. I nominate and appoint my 
Ijtlouod >onn<. Timothy .Mather and his. Brother, £li;izar, my true and Law- 
tull Exeele'^ to execute the same Faithfully and truly, a.-, [ huuc therein Ap- 
poiutevl. And I eutreate my beloued Friends and Brethren in tlie Lord. W 
Ilt-nry WithinLTlon. Deacon Ldwanl Clap. Leift. Roirer Clap, and Knsiiinc 
llopestill Foster, to atfoard their helpe aud furtherance as Ouerseers. by their 
best aduice and Care to further the perfornianee and fultlilini:- of wiiat I liaue 
lien in Expressed aud Appointed. And that this is my last will and Testament 
let the subst-ription of my name Testify, whidi 1 haue lureur.t.i su!»serihed 
M'ritten with my o'.vne hand in mainn/r folli.w in^;. viz'. 


"The Testament afore mentioned, in Testimony 

that this %N-;is his l.i>r will and Tcsranu'iif did 

su1>scribe his iia.nie in p'sen( c of vs. vi/,'. 
■■ RoGFK ("r..\r. 
" HorKsTn.i. For-TER. 
•■ RicitAnD WrruiM.ToN-, 
"WiLTJ.vM Pond. 

" Codicil. -ilst d. Tth m. I(l(i4 ; 

"For Explanation of the mind and will (-f nice. Richard Mather, in niy 
Testament b.-ariir.;- .i.iti- the l^i'*' day of tlie S'*" monrh 1(501, aad for s.)me addi- 
tion thereto. 1 ,|.'f iiercby declare fha.t it i-, tny niir.d and will, that my beloued 
wife. Sar.-di Mather, shall haue free litn-rty ro liwell .and itihabii, where she 
now doth, in my House in Dorcliester. for thesiiaie of ?> or fowre months after 
n-.y dccee.>e. and duriii": That time nIuiU haue the free vse of that Hottse. which 
she now hath ivirh the (xarden and Orchard thereto adjoyniuir. 

" Item, it is my mind and will, riiat Samui-ll M.atiifT. sonn to niy -;oiin, Tim- 
othy, shall haue f'ompetant mainienrfine .aforeded to him out of mv P^state. in 
House and Lands, in Dorchester, for his liuinirin the w.iy <jf learning- andstiiddv, 
as a .Sfhnlkr. vnriil .-uch time hee ma_\ iiee fitt. Iiy Guds Itlessinir on his stud- 
di<-:. to take the deirree of master <>f Art-, he-e Carr\in^- himselfe, in tlie metme 
time as I hope he will, in duty and Obedietic,- to his ['aretits and other supe- 
riors, am! in. a c.arcfull Endcauou- to feare tlie Lord and v,alke in hi.^ w.-iycs. for 
tliC -Cod of Ids <oi;; •; ami beitiL"- for th.-.t '-ml dib^-eiit in reading the holy 
seriplures an.l m'_'difaiinu:. tbi-y bein;:- able to make wise vnto .•^aI^laLion, 
tbrouirh the Faith whirii is in Christ .Ie.->u.s. 


"■ItC'iu, I Giiie viitii tliis ('liurrli ;ii-.(l Pi^opl,' nt rinrflu-stcr nml Diaioiis. 
for tiieir vs«, tlic small mire of tin- yearly suinc of :>()s., tfi hcc paid ycarlv. imt 
of m\- hortsc ami f.auils in I)orfln.'stt.T, for and tou•a^•<l^. the maiiit-'naiKi' <if the 
iiiini.>trv in rhis Coiigrt-gution. b»it if uiicc my soan. 'i'iinorh}-, or iiis .i-siLcues, 
shall pay for the vse afore nientioueil, the suniin of Fine pounds logetlu-r, tiiea 
and iu such Case, it is my nnnd and will, that tin- yearcly payment of the said 
'JO-* siiail cease, and disconuiuii'. and l>e {)aid aoe loiiu'er. Aiul the said Fine 
pounds bcin.u: paid to the Deaeons, it is tny desire, that the same may by them 
hee bestowed, layd out and di>|>osed of. in sonie sueli way as in tlxir wisdomc 
and di.sereiion may bee most aualable for the Enil and vse afore menrioued, 
viz'., for sum helpe towards the 3'early maintenance of tlie ministry in tlii.-, 
place, ui sume '2n'. yeaily. vntill the said ry'^ liee paid, .and afterward'. t\w 
yearly incomb anil bennitif of the said •")''' or of what it shall liee jvdd our 


"Ite'n. it is my mind and will that my soun. Uierease .Mather, who is now 
iu this Country, and I hope may cuntinue and abide there till after my decease. 
may bee added to his brothers Timothy .and Eliazar. as Joynt E.xecute", with 
them, of this my last will and Testament, who 1 doe hereby nominate and Ap- 
point for that purpose. 

■"Lastly, that this E.xplanation or addition, here wntten, in part of my 
last will and Testament, and as such to beeaceordinuly receiued. and ol.serued. 
let the .siibscrij»tion of my name Testify, whiei) I ha\i' iiereuato adjoync'd, 
written wnh myc)wne hand, the zV- day of the 7"' month, in the yeare UilU. 

'■ RICHAIil) .MATlIi:!!. 

"The'itor afore mentioned did iiereuuto sub- 
scribe his name in pre>euce (jf vs. vi/.t. 
" Ro<;eh Ci.-U?. lioPEsTiLL Foster, WiLi.r.\..M Simneh. 

" Present: Att a meetin.u; of the ^la^estrates and Recorder 

Ri Bellinirham Gou"' in Bcston, 24'" May. I'itiSl. Captaine Roifer (lap, 

Saimiell Svmons , f'apt. Hoiiestill Foster and William Pond, de- 

John Pineheon \ ^"^ ' po.v.-d. resjH'ctiuely EaeJi for tlu-msclves, tliat 

and Record". hauing .subscribed their names, Ca|)t: (lap and 

Captaine Foster to bi>th p.uts. and the said Pond to the tirst, on the first, un 
the day of the dat(; tiiereof. were present .and did both heare and see the la!e 
reuerend M' Richard Mather to sig-ne. publish and declare, that the whole Con- 
taines his last will and Testament, that wiien hee soe ilid hee wa^ of .i >ound 
disposin,' mind, to fhiai best knowledge. Thi-. will was liuis jir. mcd as 

•Enw.: U.vwsuN, Record"." 


The toUowing is the in.-rcription on the nionumeiit in rphuais Cor- 
ner Buryiug-Ground in IXTchi'strr. Mtiss.. ro tiic Kcv. ilic.hard M;ilhi;r : 

■■ Diuiuciy Kiih A: Lrnmcil liicluml 3l:iii!.T 
Sons like llim I'lnpJiets Gre.-it Ueioiwd this Fntli'jr 
bliurt Tinif ills Sici.-piii;; IHist llen':< (/inicrud down 
!X(jt His ;i'-fciKle<_l Sfiirit or Kin( 

'•r. D. M. In An». In Dcrc ; N. A ^ 
<:>!)t. Apr. -22 KitiO Act Sual To '^^ '^"^ ' 

In my (.'ulloetion ol: .•incioni lioeks L havi:! the writings of Hev. 
Kichanl Matiier, of liis sons Rev. Samnel of Dniilin, and Kov. Dr. In- 
ci'ease of T'»'-ton. Kcv. Sauund of Witnev, in ( i.xfonlshii'e. Eii'j;.. and 
his liroth'r. llev. Dr. {."otton (;f Boston, Ilev. "Dr. Samnel of Boston 
(sou of Dr. Cotton), also Rev. Samuel of W'iud.'^or. Conn, (son of 


■I- Kev. Samuol }l;itlier' (>'>ii "i" f'"v. Hiciu-ipl'. Thomas-. John'), uf 
Diiliiiii. In.'iuU'l. Px.irii ^[;iv i:;. I'.'l') : d. in Dr.hlia. bvlauil, 
Her. -'.1. i'lTl ; !iuir'-ieil the sii^tcr <>i Sir Ji'hii. ,Sri-ven.s of J.'ul)- 
lin, IruiaM'l. 

III' had 4 or -■) oiiildron; ail ilii'il youIl^■ luu a 

Mr. Matlior \vas*bora in Mnch- Woolroii. I<niic;ishirf!. ami camo to 
AniHi'ii-i wiieii iiiue years of age with lii.- father. He l.H-cnme hoyie- 
fullr piou-j !M'fi.)n' he Tvas six years of a.u'e. aii.l i.* rc-)reseTUe<i as an ex- 
tra" inlinarv iri-^raiicv. not only of early ileveloix-il iutellectiuil al>ility. 
1iut of •• (li.screrioa,<'.ss. prHyt'rfuIne.-s. ami. \va,rdihilne.s.s." He 
took such a vii.-'A- of life that when asked to play he wouM cU'cliue hy 
saying, ■• L was not .?ent into ihe world for .sport." In the year KU.'). at 
the age of 17. he gi-aduated at Harvard College. He wa^ the fir.sf Fel- 
low of tlie eoUi-Lie. Those wlio were under tli:^ tuition held him m very 
great est«-t'i>i. au<l it wa.s saM ]>y theui ■■ such was tlie lore of ail the 
s>;holars to him. tliat u<.>t only when he read his last philosophy lecture -s 
in the college- hall, tliey heard him with tears, hecause of its Ix-ing his 
last, hut also, when lie went away from the college, thev put on the- 
tokens 01 mourning in th'dr very u-arments for "it." ^^ ln'ii Mr. .\1. 
began to preach he assisted the liev. E/.ekiel Rogers in Hovvloy. and 
was invitird to settle with them, b)it. owing to Iris extronn^ youth, 
probahly. declin<'d. The ."-ieeond or North (.'htirch wlien it was formed 
invited Mr. M. tv> preach lor them. He preached for thoin fh.-ir tirst 
service and th.rougii rht' fol!uu-ing winter After tliat tlds church was 
for a long fierio.i. luitii 1741, under tht- ciiarge of his brother. Yiev. 
Dr. Increase, or Hev. Dr. (.'otton. or Kev. Dr. Samuel, the son of the 
latter, with the exceotiouof a f(?w vears when the Rev. Mr. .Mayo -md 


Joshua Gee were settled over the church. In Enghiiui the Rev. Mr. 
Matiier became quite noted : he wa.s apfxjinted, on his arrival in Lou- 
don. chaplain t3 the Lord Mayor of London, where he made the ac- 
quaintance of eminent uuuisters in tliat country, w^^uch wa.> the de- 
mand 'for him rliat he wa.« overtaxed in work, and came near lr>,-;ing hi.* 
lite. He reste^i awhile from his lalioi-s. aTid was again restored. He 
tlien prfadied at (Trave.>---end. and then in the city of ExoteJ- in the 
Cathedral. Atone time was chaplain of Magda^^^n (\oliege. Oxford, 
near hy the college. Brazen-Nose, in the same city, where his father 
stU'iieil hefore settlii'.i; iri Toxtetii Park. Liverpool. He made a t^ 
in S'-otlaml with English commi.'^sioners, where for two years he 
preached. In the year Hi.)-} he went with Dr. Harri.<or.. Dr. Winter, 
and Mr. C'harnock. and the lord deputy, Henry ( 'romwell, into Ire- 
lan<.l. He wao appomted senitir fellow of Trinity College, Dui>lin, and 
joint pastor, with Dr. Winter, of the (,'hurch of St. Nicliolas. An 
opportunity was now pre.sented for the of charity, and for the 
display of that true L'hristian liberality for which he was ever dis- 
tinguished ; for when his patron, the lonl deputy, gave him a com- 
mission for the displacing of several Episcopal ministers, he refuseti to 
do it. saying. •• I came into tliis country to preach the gospel, not to 
hinder others from p>reaching." 

On the restoration of Charles XL he was suspended for a charge of 
sedition. It was a malicious one, founded on two discourses in oppo- 
sition to Episcopal rights. and ceremonies. When Mr. M. was informed 
of his susp«"'nsion on such a groundless charge as it was based upon, he 
said. '' If it be sedition to disturb the devihs kingdom, who rules by 
his anti-chri.stian ceremonies in the kingdom of darkness, as the Lord 
Jesus does by his own oi"dinances in his church, i may say that I did 
it before the Lord, who hath chosen me to be his minister ; and if 
this l)e vile. I will yet lie more vile." He then went to Burton W'ooii. 
Lancashire. Englan'l. where he preached for about two years, until, 
with two tluji-isand of his laitlifrd 1irethrt-n. he was ejected,- by 
the terribh- act of uniformity. HhVJ. Aug. 24rh. called black Bartholo- 
mew day. His cliurch in Dublin .sent unto him to reMirn to them, 
saying. ■■The men are dead that sought thy life." Accordingly, he 
spent the rest of his days svith his church in Dublin ; but he preached 


in hi. •• hired hansel which l-eing a very lar^e one, was w.>l] 
htt...| tor that puq.ose. Although no man livini; u.e-la nunv -^ouor- 
ous and open ir,..>h~n, in speaking of the corruption, of worshi,; r-in- 
troduced -inro tiie nation, yet was Jus learning. Ids wisdom lu^'pietv 
and loyalty towards the goverunienr. that he ]iv(>d without any '^erious 
molestation. He wrote to his aged fatlier in Xew Eno-hnid i.Kjs ^. I 
liave enjoved a wonderful protecting Providence in the work of my 
nnm>trv. I prav ren.emher me daily in your pravers. that I ma^ 
waii< worthy of tnis goodness of God., and he made useful hv hmi (m- 
the good of the soTds of l,i> people. If any liad told me ,u .Vual \im 
that I should have exercised tli,^ liherty of ,av ndnistrr and consrience 
either in England or Irelaudi. and that without confo'rmin.- to the cor' 
rnptions of tlie times, and tids for seven or ei-lit vears^" to-retlier I 
shotihl not have helieve.l it : I slioitld have tliought it next to an im- 
possihihty : hut with (rod ail things are^' 

Mr. ifather continv.ed with patie.u-e and hope tiirou-h the re- 
maiu'ler of his lal^rs lor his Master. 

^hile he was so engaged, it pleased God to remove from him his 
devoted wife, ^lie was taken ill in KiOS. an.l lived hut Hve weeks 
V.hcH she drewne-.r the end her hushand. seeing her in su, h 
said. - You are -oing wliere tliere will l>e no more pain. si-!im.'. or 
sorrow." AVherero she answered. •• Ah. my dear, and wliere 5,ere 
wdl be no more sin : - And her .sister saym- Kj lier. ■• Von are going 
to heaven.- she answered. •• .[ am there alrea-iy .' •• So she w^^nt 2vi-iv 
having for her last words. -Come. Lord, come Lor. I Jesus/" 
After Mr. M. hecame master of possessions in Jreland. lie was as duti- 
lul as Joseph was in the earlier davs to his kindred, in diat Mr \1 
sent over to his aged father in Amei'ica yearlv cost I v pres.-nts so lon-^ 
as his father lived. Mr. Mather left some valuahle'writmgs. the priir 
cipal one (o4() pages) ■■ The )-'i^ures ur Tv: ,-. ,,r :!„> ( 'Id Testament.- 

5 TiniotJty Mather' (son ru R,w. Ri.'hard-'. Tliomas^ .r,.inr). of 
I>orcue-n^r. M;i~s. Born in Liverpuol. England, lii-s; ,[ j,, 
Dorchester. Mass., -Jan. [{. o^si: married (!, (.arharina 
daughter of Maj.-Gen. lli.mpiirev At-u-rton: ( i) Kii/aherh" 
daugJiter of Amhd V>"eeks. Marcii 2ii. liiTs-K. 

lRR. TlJ^i for -Viather Gene&logy p. 54 i&.3t line: liizabeth, 
second T^ife of Ti;a~th.\ LTather was vridc^ of V.'illla;:!'^ 7Jee/:: 

v-ieorge^) rather than daughter of 

Zenealo^^- pp "z,od-7l] ?ub. Ccl» Soc. of i-Ia-s., XIX, 116' 

mvrf 1338 

Note, ?.54. 

^ccoroins -^ .ops i> i--^" . 

-Q i;:-:q) ---ic . Is correct/ 

FOLRTli UENJjp.AiiON. 55 


10 1\KN'. Samuel, b. July •"). lii."it); n\. iraiini!i. ilaii. of Oi/n. H.iliert Trcui; 

(I. Mur. 18. i:-,'7-8. 
y. U RauARD. b. Dec :2.2, 16."i8 ; ui. Catinnnc Wisr. July 1. liisd; d. 

Aug. IT, 1*588. 
Vi rvriir.niNE. b. Jan. 6. 1 ♦Ji.Vti ■. niuiitl.; li. I(i94. 
!:', XxTHANiKi.. b. .S--pt. 2, li).")S: m : d. 

11 Jo.<Ki'rt, 1). 3Iay i."). IRCI ; ni. S,a;ih thipp. June Hi). VM< : u. 

Jail. '^. I'iiiiM. 
15 ATHKmo.v. 1). Oi-r. 4. Itjti;-! ; m. il) Rcbccta Siiiu^-aTon. (v!) ^fai-y 
Lamb. Oct. 24, ITO-l: d. Nov. <t, 1T:;4. 

Timothy Mather was tlio_ only ;-oti oi rhe oiiiijiTaur ih;T.t a'u-w up u> 
inaahisod wlio was: not a preacher aiul is called the --Miithor uinvK-r" 
i>{ tilt' ejiriy time, aiui scrtlod in the t;i\vu with his farlj.-r. His 
'nrotliers SanuKd and Xaciiauiol went back to Europe an<i \vt"e noted 
[>n Metiers. Eleazer was rbe tirst iiuuistei' in Xo'-thaiuptou, Mass., 
wluTe he die'l tlie same year his father. Rev. Dr. lucrease. settled ia 
l'>f<ti<u. Tiniuthy had a fall in kis barn, whieh i-es'.Uieil iu Iii.^ 'leathat 
the a<i:e uf •><] years. 

^faj.-Geu. HumjJnvy AthHrtuii. his father-in-law. wits a .iistin- 
.L,'uished man iv the ouhjuy. Tht'V are Iniried in •■ Upliani"s Corner Cent- 
crciy.'" AH perstjns in this country h^y tlu' name of Matlu r wiio de- 
secnd from the X«w Euj^'hind Matliers. can be traced,, directly to 
Timothy Matlier. as the name ceases in all the other lines with Samuel 
.Mu,ther. tli<.' K^i'-ndnm of Rev. Dr. Cijttun Mather. .S. M. died in ISIT.. 

Many Matliers in this country claim descent from Rev. Dv. Cotton 
.^hlther. but they are mistaken. Tliere have been a number of Cotti>n 
Nfathers latei- who have M. descemiaius. 

The ^Latliers now are froiii the three li'raiidsons of Kev. Richard, 
thai settled in Connecticut. Rev. Samuel (of Winilsor branch), Richard 
(of Lyme branch), or Athertori (of Suffteld branch). 

<'» Kpy. Nathaniel Jlather' (-('U <>f Hev. Richard', Thomas^ 
Jolm) of Dublin. Ireiaiid. and liomh.n. Etiii-lautL Born in 
Liven>iol March 'Ju. li;:;!); d. in Loii. ji,n, .fidy 2(j. Iti'-i": mar- 
ried Mariti i>eari. dan. uf Re\ , Dr. W'm. Iteiin, of Dorchest';r. 
EuLT. : siie d. 1 7'J."t. 
Probably uo ehiklren. 


Mr. Mather wrote a very great nuiuher ot letters tu his brut her. 
Rev. Dr. Mather of I'ostoii, which are piil')lislied in the Mas- 
sadiusett.s HLstorieal Collection.*. In the<e Iftters.he, often alhule.s to 
his 'wife, but never to any children, ami it is prunably the fact he 
never had any. We find an early record of Natlianiel. wiiich'inay be 
of interest tu cite yonns; Mathers of to-day. and possibly they may de- 
sire a similar experience. 

Rev. Richard Mather (liis father) had in hi< conu'regatiun in Liver- 
pool Quarterniastor Smith's family, who decided to coiae to America 
witli their pastor, who started from Warrington nt-ar Luwtuu fur P>ris- 
tol to take th.e ship "James" fur tlii^ country on Mav ■J.'., |i;.'!.'j. On 
the way to tlie ship. Xutiianiel. thtMi live years of age. and Mary ."^mitli, 
tlio same age. the daughter of the above Smith, were put in panni»>rs, 
ami )'ode on horse)>ack to Bristol. We are not told what was the 
conversatiim that pas.sed between ilieni on their journey, proliably it 
was not the same as it would have been had they grown to maturer 
age, as the .sequel shows. Mary in later years became the .secuud wife 
of Gov. Hinckly of Massachusetts, and Nathaniel, the husband of 
Maria, the daughter of Rev. Dr. Wm. Benn oi Englaiul. 

.The attachment of Re\. Nathaniel Mather to his youugvst brother, 
Rev. Dr. Increase Mather of Boston, is shown to have been very great 
in the numerous letters he wrote to him. ami of the teiider and loving 
spirit they aii bure. 

Increase was verv an.xiuus to })ro<-uri' a p<.irtrait nf his brutlier 
Nathaniel The latter, in a letter dated March '1. Iti.SO-l. says he can 
find onlv one artist that can do it -for him. and he charges U'n pounds 
fur it. and says he can hardly ali'urd to pay so much; but if he can 
find one more reasonable will have one taken to gratify him. 

(_)n the 7th day. Itth month. KJS.!, Nathaniel wiites t<i his brother, 
•• I have sent you my picture." 

Nathaniel Mather graduated at Harvard College in the year 1647 
at the age of 17. 

He went to England, where his bruther Samuel had gone l^efore 
him. and in 1 •>."><> wa.s pre.«enteii by the Frutt-ctor. Cromwell, to a living 
in Barustalile. where he continued until the itartholomew act in lii(5"2, 
when lu- svas ejected. He then went to Rotterdam iu IluUand. where 

FOCRTH (;enekatiox. 57 

ho l)efiiiriO a mini-ster over an Eii.iclisli congrep,-atinn. Upon the death 
i>i' )!is Lrut'!'--!- Samuel in Dnl.lin. ItiTl. ho was iin-ite-l to ifo to Dul)liti 
and take his brother's place. \Ve are not told how long a period lie 
remained m D'll.lin. Fro'n Iiuidiu he went to Lou'lon. where he was 
a preaciier the rest of h.i« lite. He wa? ?rtrled over a congregation in 
liimc; ^^treet. Loudon, anil was one of the lecturers at riiin;'r"s Hall. 
He died July 2(;. I GO 7. aged fj7. and was interred in Biinidull iirhh. 
■• On his tombstone, tlie traveler may still read a long Latin inscription. 
prepared bv Di, Watts, which a^cri'oes to him a high character lor 
genius, learning, piety, and ministerial fidelity." 

1 visited Bun nhill fields in ISsT to see the stone, bitt the .sexton 
could not find it. Dor. 1 ' the nearly two centuries that have 
elapsed since his Ivurial hai.l allowed tlie •• tooth of time "■ to efface the 
record. 1 ha<I. however, tlie .--ati.s fact; on of seeing tiie altar-toml; of 
John Bunyan (lH2«-liJS8) and t'le •omb of Dr. Isaac Wntts (ltJ74- 
17{S), a ".nodern pyrandd of Daniel DeFoe (1GU1-I7;:i;i. the author of 
Kobinson Crusoe, and the stone.-, of otiier celebrated non-conformists. 

Nathaniel Mather's works that were |v,iblished were few compared 
to h]3 brother Increase and his nephew Cotton. 

■'A serniuu whcrt-iu it is shewetl that it is the Dutv and ■^houl.l be the 
Care of Believers in Clirist, to Live in tlie Constuut E.xcrcise of Grace." 

■' A Discu^.sidii of the Lawfuhi^-ss of a Pastcu'Vs Actinir as an Orlicer in 
Other Churclits besides that whicii He is specially c:iliedto take the Uversiicht 
of." : ' " ' 

" The Riifhteousneis of God by Faith, upon all who believe." 
A volume of sermons preached at Pinner's Hull. 

8 Rev. Eleazar Mather' (son of Rev. Richard-', Thomas^. John'), 
of Xorthui:;pti..n. Mass.: born in Dorchester, Mass., Mav i;j. 
lHo7; d. at X.. Jidy 'J4. IW-); married Esther, daughter of 
Rev. John 'Warham. of Windsor, Conn., Sept. 29. ](5.')9. 


l(iE!:.vt(F.. b. at Xortlianipton, Au>c. 2, 1664; m. Rev. John 

Williiinis: d. 3Lu-eh 1, 170o-4. 

17 Hev. W.\Kji.\:>f, b. at Nortijamptou. Sept. 7, 166(v m. Eii/.isbeth Da- 
venport; d. Aug. 12, 174o. 

is Eia.vKiy, b. Sept. 22, 1668; ni. ; d. about 17U6. 




Piev. ?]l«-;(y.;u- Mather icriuluatetl ul li. ('.. l(i.")i; ; wnit to Xortiiaiuj)- 
lnii, M;i<s.. .liilv. I'J.'iS: wns onlaiup"! June Is. liiCl. the first mitiister 
i.f Xnriiui!U!it(.)U. He 'lieil July ■_'-). I'iti'.). the >auie year that his 
hither i!!i'(L 

Rev. Fh-. Eii^ch Vi,n<l writes of liiiu : — 

•■ He eniuiiu-uceiL pri'iu-hitiij; at the asre oi nim'teen years. He <lid not, fol- 
low thL' e>::m!ple i>t" Jii> elder bruthers, -.ind seek ;i tielil ef lalioc in thi' cities uf 
the ishl wnr'ah iiut r;ith( r pretVrred llie rude scttlcnienls id' tlic te'W. lie was 
the first miais't-r nf Ncrthatninou, "Mass. llaviuir la-iiachi'd to the, [leoiile 
.■diDUi twii ;. ears. ;i ciuirch wa.s irutherrd. and lie was in'dained its pjsstor. June 
2:5, lii')M. Ih- 'lied July '24. l<>*3!i, after a ministry there nf eleven years. He 
is repre.seuted as a ' very zealous preaclu'r and ^lious walker,' who was inslru^ 
mental in Irin^iug many sduIs te the Saviour. His death was greatly 
lamented, nut only l)y his eiiurch. hut hy .dl the inlaiiT ( hurelu-s on the 
Conneetieut Ivivcr. As he aiifiroaehed the I'ud of lite ' iic grew so manifestly 
ripe for heaven, in a luJy, v.atihtul, fruitful di:siiositioii.' that many pious p<'r- 
sous antieii/ated his speedy removal." 

Tlie f(JU)',v!!ig are the hist words he wrote in hi.s diary : 

" This evening (July 10. Itili'.ii I have some sweet lon.uings of send after 
(_;<'(! in ( hrisr, arcordinc to the terms of the eo\-i'iiant of .grace. The .uri'iierai 
and indi'tinite e.xpression (d tlie promise was an eiieouragentenl to me to look 
to {.'lirist. that he would do that for me. I will live at hi.s ft-et and aecejit of 
bisgraee in his own way and time, throuiih ais ]><iwer enal)ling me. Though 
I an\ dead, .arui vvitiiout sti-eiigih. help i.>r ho])e in myself. _\et the hord n-ipiir- 
etli nothing at my haials in my own strength, hut that hy lii-s power I slundd 
look to him. to Work all his works in me and for me." 

'Hie wife (if Mr. Mather svas tlie dan^'iiter of the Kev. Joliii War- 
ham, first minister of Doi'ehester, and afterwards lir.^t minister (d' Wind- 
sor, Conn. After ids death .-lie man-ied his .sueee'ssur. tho eeli-lifaiiHl 
SohjUioii ."^tixiuanL auu was g,-raiidnn)ther of the more cek'orated lueta- 
physieian and divine. Jonathan Edwards. Tlie only liau.ahfer of .Mr. 
Matlier wa.s nmrried to the Kev. John Willianis of I'lM.'rheld. She was 
cyrried into eajitivirv. aii'l i.-rnellv murdered i'V the in<(ian.s. in the win- 
ter of ITiU. DeerHe;d was, at this perioii, a frontier town, and mucii e.x- 
yjosed to the ineursh.ns ul the .-•avao;cs. In the nie-Jit of Fehruary L'.Sth, 
a party of them i)roke into the lioiuse of Mr. Willi.-un.s, murdered iwo 
of his ehildreti and a servant l>efore his eyes, anil compelled tiie rust 



of his family — himself, liis Avife, ami the surviviuij,- chiliirrn — ru sot 
ul imniediarcly ou their Tuairh for C'anaila. In wadinu' a small river, 
tilt' seconil dav att>>r their eaptiu'i-, Mrs. \Villiains fell down from ex- 
haustion ;uid r'atiy-iie-. Fin<ling her unable to proceeiT farther, one of" 
the Indians dospatcheil her with his hatchet. Mr. Williams survived 
ilia captivity, returned to Deerlield. and continued there till his death. 
in IT-iO. 

It d(>es not appear that I'ev. Kleazar Mather puMislied anytliin"; 
while he lived. After his death, there was published, ti'ijin his manu- 
scripts, a woi'i< on the duties of Thristian parei.ts tfi their children, it 
beinir the substatice of some of his last sermons. 

The Rfv. Dr. V\'m. B. Sprague of Albany, says this of him. among 
other tilings : 

"Mr. ^latlif r's father liuvin>r died l)ut a few wet-ks hi'fere liim. havinu' 
g-iven it as liis fij/uifi cuuasel to liis bi-ntlier Increaso, that he <hoald jniy partic- 
ular fittention to tlie spiritual iurorosts of the ri>iny g-eueratious : be also 
avaib-d hiinself of tlit- hiiu. and ]ireac.he*l several sermons jui^t before liis own 
(leatli, on 1st Kiiiu's viii : 17. which were designed to carry our his father's 
suggestions. The sul)staace of these sermons .was ])uhlishe<l in IbTl. under 
the title of ' .'^erious e\liortations to the present ami succeeding generations in 
Xew Kngland. earnestly callimr upon them ad to endeavour tliat the Lord's 
gracious i)resence may he coutiitued wiih p.isterity; being the substance of the 
four last sennons [>reaehed at Northampton, by tlie Rev. Eleazar Mather.'" 

Cotton Mather, who was a neptiew of Eleazar, and who was a 
mere child v.-hen his uncle died, has left the foUov^dng account of him: 

" Here" (Xorthampton). ■"he labuured for eleven years in the vineyard 
nf our T>(ml. and then tlie twelve hours of his day's lal)our did exi)ire, not 
without the deepest lamentations of all the c'hurehcs as well as his own : then 
sitting along the rivi-r of Connecticut, as he was a very zealous preacher, and 
aceordingly saw many .seals of his ministry, .so lie was a very pious walker: 
and as he drew towards the end of Ids days, he grew so remarkably rip" for 
Heaven, in a holy, watchful, fruitful di^posirion. that many observing jtersons 
(lid prognosticate his lieing not far from liis end. He kept a diary of his ex- 
periences wherein the last words that I'ver he wrote were these : 'This even- 
ing if my heart ihceives nie not. I ha-.c >ome sweet workings of soul after 
'Jod in Christ, according lo The terms of the covenant of gra(i'. The geni.Tal 
:mii iiKp riiiiie expres.vion of the promi-;e wa> an encouragement unto me lo look 
iMifo Christ that He wotdd do that for me which he pronused to do for 


some, iior i!:irp I cxrltidc nivsclf ; !iut if the Lord will holp inc. I ilc^irc to lie 
at his fpL't, ncot-pt of irract'. in liis own way and in Ids own time, through 
Ids power ('na!>lin;i' of inc. Thouu'li I anidriul. without slrcnii'tli. help orliopo 
ill niVMrlt'. ycr the Lord riMjinreth notldiiir ar ni\ hands in iny u\\ u stri-ii!<tl;. 
but that by his power I sliould loolc to Ijini. to work all his works in nie and 
fi)r nie. Wlieu I find a dead heart, the rhoUirlits of this are exteeding swt-ct 
and reviving, beinir full of grace, and (iiscovering the very lieart and love of 
Jesus.' '■ 

()t' the tliree cbiiilren of Rev. E. Z\[.. his daughter Eunice, who 
irtarried Fiev. Jolni "Williams. aii<l was shiin by tlie Tndia;t.^, f sliall 
give a r.iorn extended accouut farther on in the work. Tlie next child. 
Rev. "Warhain Mather, was a graduate of Harvard CoUeo-o in 178.5, 
preached some in Massachusetts, and was called to settle in tin; nunistry 
at Westchester. X. Y.. in the year 1h;i.5, where he remained until 1701. 
During his stay tiiere lie benight several tracts of land of John Yeats, 
of Xevv York city. May 29. I(i97, and in 1703 sold it. He removed to 
New riaven. Conn., where his name often appears as Judge of Probate 
and- Justice- froui 1 7 1 1> to 1 7. "J "2 — so that he h.&\ e given up preacli- 
ing for tlie greater part of his life, which imdeil 174.3; his wife was 
the daughter of John Davenport, and granddaughter of the Rev. John 
Davenp(Ut oi X'ev.- Haven. 

The followiu;^ rccurd is to ))e seen on a tablet in the old church on 
New Hav^m Green : 

'• Warhan\ :>L'Uher [died] Aug. 12. 1745 [aged] 80 
Elizabeth Mather [died] July t2;i, 1744 [aged] 77." 

The other son, Eliakim. must liave died when a young man. His 
name appears in the Massacliusetts Historical Collection, in the 
"Sewall Papers." as being in the family of his uncle. Dr. and 
cousin. Dr. Cotton Mather, — his father having died in 16Gil. wlieii he 
was a babe. E.sther Warliam Mather became afterward the wife of 
the Rev. Solomon Stoddard C)f Northampton. He was the successor 
of Rev. E. M.. in tlie 1st church. 

Hon. ^rt'orge Sh.eldon writes me under date of Nov. 10, ISSJ), of 
P. V. M. A.: 

"I have Some evidence that Eliakim. >'<>n of Rev. Eh'azar, (li('(| before 
1706, or about that time, but [ lanuot lay my iiand on it to-day. I think it is 




yn. en. ch. rfi tij-Lt^ 


a letter hy his motuer alioiit that time. Tt runs in myiieail tlmt she says in it, 
' Eunice is not <k Eliakim is not.' " 

9 Rev. Dr. Matlier'' (sou of Rev. Uidianl'. Tllnnlas^ 
Juliii'j, ot Ijoitou. Mass. Doni at D».>rcljt.'stor, ^[!iss.. June 21, 
IG.'U); d. in l-oston. Aug.- "io. 172.'',: niarriml (1) Maria, ilau. of 
Rt'V. John CuLtun; (2) Auue. dm. of ("apt. John Lake, and uiece 
of Rev. J.iliu I'otton vi Ilanij.non. X. H. 


19 llEV. Dn. Cotton, h. T<^h. 12. lP!V2-a; m. (li Ahiirail Phillips. (2^ rvidow 

EHziihc'th i[ubbarJ; .;. Fi'!>. 13, 17C'7-8; (3) I.y.lia, 
will, of Jolm George. 

20 Mari.v. b. Mareh 16. iOH4~.'): m <!) Bun Greene: CZ) Riclu-Til 

Fiti.'l-' .1. Xfv. ■:4. 174'.;. 

21 £I.r^.\nKTIt. b. .Jan. !>. liJO.i-tJ : ni. .T^^ia^ Hyks: (i. Ausr. 19. 1740. 

22 T?Kv. N.vTH.v.MK!. h. July (i. IrtfiJ, iiiimarried: d. Oct. 17. W^S. 

23 Sakah, b. Nov. 9. Itiil: in. iiev. ZSL-iieiiuiih Walter; d. Nov. 

24. 1 r4r). 

24 Rev. Samlf,!,, b. Auif. 28. 1'm4: m. : d. 

2.") AiiioAi;., 1>. Apr. 16, 1677; ni. (1) Xewooiirt Blake. Apr. 27, 

171.'>; (2) Jier. John White: d. 
2f) ITannau. b. 'Shiy 80. lliSQ : in. Porer Oliver. Jan. 28, 161^7 ; d. 

Dee. 2. 17()(i. 

27 Kathari^'E. b. Sent. 14. 1082; d. June 11. IG^li. 

28 JEur-suA. b. Apr. 16, 1G84; m. Peter Oliver. March 8. 1709-10: 

d. Dee. 20. ITIO. 

Below is the family reconi of Iccrt^ase ifather a? he wrote it. and 
was furnislied by S. Cr. Drake, Esq. for t'liandler Rolibins' History of 
2d or X'ortli C'iiurcli oi P)Oston. Mass. 

" Crescextius Mather. 

" I was marryed y' 6 day of y 1st month being y* fifth day of y* week 

" My .>on Cotton was bom at Bo.ston X. E. y 12 day of y« 12 month, quar- 
ter of an hour 10 before ncxMi beinu: y tilth day of y week 166jf. He wa.s 
baptise'! at v old ehureli in Boston bv ^Fr. Wilson 15 day of y* same uionth 

" My d.-injrhter Mari.i was burn at Boston \i of >[:irch about midnight 166i 

Wediie.siiav . .• , , m « *i „ n 

" -n, , ■ ■ baptised l>v me 19 of the same month. 



■ >[y (luiiirlitiT E!i^;i!ie1h was lioin .Jnmiary () about four O'clock PM. 
Lords (lay 1()(5G. Bapriscd l>y Mr. Wilsou :ir tlie nUl (.•hiinh in llosroii Fi !>. o. 
Ifiti'j. >[ai-ry(Ml to Mr. liivciMUili July iOltii. ^Farrycd to Mr. Jo^ lUlcs 
Oct. (i. ITii:] (lied \n;s 1* 174") Jlcr only chil<t MatluT was horn Marcii lo 
1707 My son Xatlianie! was )ioru at Ho-^ton. N.'. .Inly •! a little liclore 2 
O'clock in y nioriuiig Tuesih'.y I'W;) U.-'ptised by nw llth of tii" x-iuie 
montli lt>i!9. (lied .Oct 17. Itiss I wastlvca in F.nirland. 

■' Thc.-c four cliikiren were ail born in ■"'ur house, viz that which wa-: niv 
father I. 'oi ton's, whcivi:'. I ilwclt y years and wh^-rcin y= iiiuther was born. 

■ Aly (hniLdiror 8arah was horn Xovcuil)er Krii about niidni;;lit Wednes- 
day 1(J71, bapti.setl by me the ]:2rh day of tii<? same nionlh WiW. 

" ."V[y son .Sanmel wa.-, liorn Aug. "28, Fri<hiy'abiiut 8 ([uarters of an hour 
after four in \' morning, baptised by me y 8utli .lay of y same montli !f!74 

■'These two were born in y- house which uas bouirht of ^[r. Anh\ir 

■■ My d;iughter Abigail was born 18rh of April. Frid.ay I oi an hour after 
A P.!M. lfiT7. baptised by mo y 'iorh of y* same month Frida.y at Dvacon 
Pluliiijs hou>e wliere was a prayer nieetiug tliat day 1")77, iborn in y hou.-.e 
which was C'apt. 15rod(ms. 

■■ -My daughter Ifauuuh was born .May o'.ith Lords day morning between 1 
ik 2. 16^<() Ba]itised by me July It! Friday, in my own hi)use. the reason ^\hy 
she was baptised no sooner sfc not in y pubUc meeting Jiouse. was because- of 
my long sickness and weakness. Aui^ust KiSU. Died Dec 2 a'oour 4 A. .M. I'iiXJ 
my daughter Catherine w;is born. Sept 14, Tuesdays I'/Sl U'ys2. Bapti^eal•y 
nie Sept 17. lf)S2. Died June 11. ltir^8 About 11 A. M my daughter Jerusha 

was born Apr {'J ^"'ui-;''"}' i,.,]f ,,„(. ii,,,,,. p.,,f ~ p yj |,),y^ Baptised by 

me April 20. Iijs4. Died. Dec 2i», ab(mr 12 A.^L 1710. Iler daughter .Ieru>lia 

Oliver was born Saturday L7th d:i_\ of Decemlier A: Bajnised liy ine 2Nt of the 

same month, the day after her pious mother died. The child dieil Juu" 4. o 

O'clock P.Yl. These three children were born in the house that was built for 


The attempt To do justice in the brief sketches of the li%'es of such 
men a.s Increase and his .son Cotton in rlie present work seein.s a iiope- 
less task, but will collect from the itiunense ireasitiries of infoniuition. 
from snch men as Rev. Dj-. Enoch Pond. C'luiiidler Robbins, Wm. P>. 
Spragvie, and i>l'aers. a few facts wiiich E will jot down in their res^.-'ct.- 
ire places. Kev. Dr. In' rease .Mather was named Increase from tlie 
circiiinstance id' the p-eat increase of every sort in this country about 
the time of his birtii. He is saiil to have had great intellectual pre- 


cocitv in hh wirly cldldhooil. and tjivarly (>ut.srr![i[>t'(l all hi,- olass(.'s in 
a'-'i{uiriuy,- knuwli'd^'f-. At tlip ;i.u'r of f_' was; adnuvtcil. to Iliirv.-inl Col- 
it'U'e. Afti'r !)eing about a year iu (.'oHej<e lu;^ liealtli was impaifed and 
lit! was taki-n out for a tiim; and put under the care of Rev. John Nor- 
ton of Ipswich. Mr. Norton ivinoved^ to Boston, and JncreariO re- 
mained with him several year?, tlien reftrned to Harvard C'olleu;e. and 
graduated l*'iV;. He roinnienced [ireachino: the yeai- after gratJuation. 
He had a devoted mother, wlio ^ai-! ro bim. ■• My child. i£ God make 
tliee a good Christian ami a gocwl Heliolar, tliou wilt, have all tliat thy 
mother ever a^ked for thee." ( )ne of his first .sermons was preaehed in 
his father's [mliiit at Dorehester. aii<l was reffarded not only l>v his 
fath<'r. Iiut the congregation, as of unfotrmioii a>>ility. and as gi\'ing 
promise of extensive u^of^lness. IL- was invited by his oldest In-other 
Samuel to visit him in Dublin. He sailed for England July 'A. lii.lT ; 
thi^ time takmi to ero.^s the ocean was five weeks. He spent a little 
time in Ltnulon. al-^o witii his fa.iUer"s friends in I^imjashire. tlieure to 
Duliliii where his bix>lher gave iiim a warm greeting. By tlie a [vice 
of Saiimel he became a .student at Trinity College, Dublin. He be- 
came a irreat favorite with Dr. Winter, the" Provost of the College, and 
was clii.isi'ii a Fellow of tlie College, which honor he declined. He 
tlu'i) went uvt.'r to England and was a [/reacher to John Howe's parish 
at Torrington in Devonshire, near to the residence of his brother Na- 
thaniel, \v]i'> was tlien minister of Barnstable. The following siiring. 
U;.")'..!. Mr. M. had an invitation from the Governor of Guernsev to 
preach .-^abbath morning in the castle and iu the aftenioou at the town 
called Peter's Port. From (^uernsey he went to England and was 
offered some hundred pounds a year if he woidd conform. He rejected 
the proposal, and thinking tiie (dumces for usefulness in that country 
not so great as in America he set sail from Weymouth in June. Kiijl, 
arrived at Boston al)Out the 1st of Septend)er. He came to Dorches- 
ter on Hatiu'day evening'. Ljuite iiiie\pecte<lly. giving great j(\v to his 
father. He had the; pleasure of meetin.i^ his brother EU-azer, wlio had 
just, come from Noi-tliampr(jn. and was at the paternal mansion. --The 
comforted ohl patriarch,'' says Cotton Mather, -had the privilej^e of 
liaving his two sijUs in his own indpit, on the followiiii;- <lay. while lie 
sat shining betweeu them, like the .'-^uu in Gemini." 


Tlie first winter preached alternately in liis father's pulpit, and in 
the new church in the nurtli part of Boston. 

The next year he was married to Maria, the only daughter of the 
distinguished John Cotton of Boston. He lived with her for fifty 
years, lui'l three sons and seven daufrhters. 

Mr. Mather was installed over the North Church, Mav L'T. u;64, 
his father jjiving him the charge ; he remained the pastor of this 
church until his death in IT'io ; his son Cotton vras colleagtte for (li3S4- 
172;>) Thirty-nine years with him. In his early life he adopted this 
method for the difierent <lays of the week : 

"Lord's day. Besides my public labors, attend to the catechising and 
personal instruction of my family. 

'■ ^inudiiy. Forenoon, read covenants; study sermon. ^\iternoon, read 
authors; study .sermons. 

'"Tuesi^Iay. Forenoon, read comments; stuily si'rmon. Afternoon, en- 
deavour to instruct personally more or less ; rca'd aulliors. 

"Wednesday. Forenoon, read coiuiucuts ; stmly sermr'us. Aftera(.(in, 
read authors -. jiursue the sennnn. 

"Thursday. Forenoon, read comments; studv sermou. Afier lecliu'e, 
endeavour to promote amoui;' the ministers what slmllbe of public advantage. 
. " Frii'.ay. Forenoon, read eomments ; study .sermon. AftiM-uoon, read 
authors ; finisli sermons. 

" Saturday. Read comments. Prepare for the Sabbath, by committins: 
my sermons to men'.ory. Arc. 

"I am not willing to allnw myself more than .sevea hour.'- in tweuty-foiir 
for sleep, and would spend the rest of my time in attending to the duties of 
my personal and general (;alliug."' 

This course of stu'ly he <'ontinued througli more than half a cen- 
tury, and the J^criptun-s Ijecause like household .words. Ho was not 
willing to bring betore his people that which i-ost hiui nothing, but to 
have beaten oil brought to the sanctuary. It was said uf him •• that he 
wao in ad\ ance of the ministers of his own age, and perha[)s of anv 
other age in New England, in the manner of his .ielivery. He was 
not only a souml and learned divine, but a giacefid and powerful 
speaker. He ma(ie it an object ami labo>ir through life to be so, and 
he wa.s so." He was wise in thinkinir of the manner and matter of his 
sermons, and in studying to make iui-'i>elf an acceptable au'i accom- 
plished pi-eaclier as well as one to instruct, au'l well wordii it have been 


for tht; succeetlint; iiiini.-try of Xow England to have fullowvil him in 

After the death of Presiiient ( )akes of Ha7-vard T'olleirt'. which oc" 
curred July 2.3. 1G8I. Mr. Mathor was invited to take charge of the 
college. He presided al the next commencement, and ciinfei-red the 
degrei'S. but lie declined the appointment because tlie churcli did not 
want to part with him. iiiU maile weekly visits to Cambridge, wirli a 
view r.o sume general su|.ieriuri'ndence vt the iubtirutiou. uutil thi- 
Fresidetitial chair should be iilled. The tV>llowing year was relieved <<i 
its care by the appointment of President Rogers, ilr. R. died in 
1<)S4, and Mr. Mather was again chosen and accepted on condition 
that he could preach every .'^aiibath in Ro-ston but wuuld remain in 
Cambridiie (luring tlie week. My his aliiliry and industry he was aliie 
to fill botii places. He held the office until ITilL when he r-esi«;ned. 
In the vear ll)9"J. the Corporation and ()ver.<eers of the College ovi'r 
which he presided presented him witli a diploma of Doctor of Divinity. 
This was tln^ first instance in which such a de.i^ree was conferred in 
British America. The next one was to Rev. Nath'l Appletou of Cam- 
bridge. 7!» years later. ^Ir. Mafher was the first native >>orn presi- 
dent of Harvard College. 

In 1G8S, Mr. Mather was sent bv tlie Colonies to Uivat Britain to 
intercede in their behalf and to get a new c'larti'r. and was successful : 
he returned in lr.92 ; had several interviews with the king. }.[r. M. 
had all the appi.>intments to make under the new charter. Mr. Mather's 
intellect did not decline materially until past his fourscore years. On 
the day that he arrived to fourscore years. lie preached from the text. 
Ezekiel 1 • J : ■') : •• The day when thou wast born." which was taken 
down Viv some one of his liearer.s. and afterwards published. On the 
2.")th of September. 1722. he ccmcludcl the e.xercises of a Fast day. kept 
bv his church, with a prayer of remarkaiile pathos aii'l power. \Vithiu 
two days after he had a shght apoplectic artV'ction, from which he was 
soon relieved, thouKh it left him in a very feelile condition. The idea fi 
his being laid aside from his pulpit labors was greater tn him than 
his bodily suffering. At length death came to his release, and he 
breathed out his life in the anus of his son Cotton, on the 23d day "t 172:!, aged eighty-four years. His funeral is said to have 


bijOQ more munoMu.sly atci'inlfil tluiu any fuiuTai iti rln- Province had 
ever Ix't-n. 

Frosidenr Quiiicy ijives this euloiry ol Mr. M. : 

■"That Dr. M.irtu-r whs \Tell 4nalitit'il fur llio dIHcc of President, anil I'.i'l 
oondintefi ln!ii>olf iii it faitlifuliy ami Ir.bori'msly, is artcNtcd -by Mie liisfory of 
11)0 C'"llego, tlif lau^viaiTf of the [.fi;i,sl:imre. ami rlic ackiiowlcilgiiitiiT of his 
ooli'ni[>(>raries. His coinhict in this gruat c-risis of liis romitry iwlifii tlu' iifw 
charTiT was obt-iinKb. entitles him' to uiiqiialifii'd ap[)roliati(m. Ii is scarcely 
possiitje for a pnliHc agent to he placed in cinunistaiicus more trying and 
cvitieaK nor ttinld any one have exhibited jnore sagai-itv and devotednos ti) 
llie rrue intere.^r of ins cou'^tinients. By his wisdom au<l tirinness in acceding 
to the new charter, and thus jissnming a responsibility of the weiglitiot kind. 
in opposition to iiis colleagues in tlie agency, lie saved his country apparently 
from a rebellion, or a revolution, or havinn- a constitution inipo.sed by the will 
of the tiimsathmtic Sovereign, and possibly at ihe point of the bayonet." 

WiLi. OF Rkv. 1>"cre.\se Matheh. n.D' (4), 1718. 

'■ I, Inckease Matokk of Boston in Xew England, being not only sensi- 
ble that I am fas all men ar;>) a poor niorta!: but Imving moreover in respect of 
sonie bodily Intirmities (especially that ephi.altes which I liave often been 
atHicted witli) reason to think that my Hre.ith will suihh'nly be stojjped: .so 
tliat it is po^^ible d: probable tluif. when dyini;'. I -.hall not h.ive Libfrty to ex- 
press my Mind. And (.'otibidering that God. of his almndant >[ercy. lias given 
me to accomplish those Things, which when sick near unto Death many years 
ago I d"sired Life and ITealtli that 1 might tinish: I would be in a Readiness, 
that, when f'iirist shall call for me. I may have nothing else to do, Imt to ily 
ami go xo Him. And withal remembriiii-. that it is according to the Will of 
God. tliat a Man before his Death set Jiis Hi.iuse in Order: I ilo nuike it ap- 
point this to be my last Will &: Testam^.^nt in manner followiiii;: ; 

'■ Concerning my Soul. T have long since (even from my Ycaith for more 
th.-m three si(,>re years aco; iriven it to God in Jesus Christ: trustin.g tlj;tt lit-, 
who has the Keys of Hell i.\: Death, wiircommimd His hoh" Aiigels to conduct 
me into his Blc<»cd Presence, when once Death has separated between my Body it n-.y immortal S[iirit. I am the Chief of Sinners, and have 
nothing in the' world to ilepi-nd upon but only the of Jesus 
C'hrist: and the Remembr.anceof that Righteousness does m.ake ine To triumph 
not only over De.itli and Devils, but over all my Sins. When my --oul is out 
of my Body, let my dear Lord Jesus Cliri-f do wliat He will with it; for into 
bis llniid.sdo I comnut my Spirit. If He will send tiiat Soul, which He has 
redeemed with Hi-, own Blood. an(l which He hii-, made aiio\( all Tliimrs de- 
sirous to glorify hi.- Name. If He will .-.end that Soul down into eternal i/ark- 
ness, I am then < rmieni to jurish: but that can never be. 


■' (.'oncernini: my B<vly. I commit it to the E:irtli. tliiTt- lo Sl-jt-p iu IL.ix-. 
uiiii! lilt- R."-:s.i:frrxti.i'i ut' tli',' Jiir-t. 

"As I.' the oiitw.-nM 1-,-uitL- which tlic- Lord of His Gooiliirss has hoilowtfi 
upon nu\ It is my mnn A' Will {ami I trust the Will of Goil also) that It will 
tie (iispoNfil of as follo-ivs. 

L would iu the iir-;t Plaee give Order for the Payment of my Di.-lits, if 1 
had. any; but I bless tlie Lord I owe no man any Thins: but Love. 1 give 
five Pounds ro the P..or in that Church to which I am rehiteli. 

" Concerning my wife that now i-;. then; was an Agreement betVu-e :\lar- 
liago, and Writings signed accordingly, tiiat I should not be concerned with 
any Part of her E-tate. nor She with miiu-. If She shall las hitherto she has 
not) bring any Thing to me, I would have if returned to her again with double 
the value. 

• Concerning niy Son Cotton Mather. He has bin a great comfort to iw 
from hi.-, childhoo.i. having bin a very dutiful Soa. and a shiguiar Blessing to 
his Fathers Family ;mu1 Flock. If I had any !:c.;isider:d>le estate. I ought to 
bequeath the greatest Part of it to' Him. It has bin thnt, that I have Bags by 
me. which is a great mi>take: I have not Twenty Poun<ls in Silver or in Bills. 
Eut whatever I have ibe it more or less) whether in Silver or Bills. I give it to 
Him my Eldest Son. Item, I give to Him my Pendulum Watch. Item my 
Pendulum Clock. Item my Silver Tankard And I bequeath to Ilini all my 
."Manuscripts, and the one half of my Library, desiring that my Books or Man- 
uscripts may not be s.'.ld or embezh'd. 

■ ■ Couceming my Son Samuel ->Lither. I have expended more on his edu- 
cation, than on any one of my children. I gave Him a Considerable Number 
of Books at his •.■■oing for Emrland A7id a con.siderable Part of his Uncle Xa- 
thaniel's Library has fallerj to his share. He iiveth where He may furnish 
himself with Variety of Bof>ks and is blest with an estate able to do it. Xever- 
thelcs.s, considering that He has been a dutiful Son, and an Honor to his 
Father's Xame, I bequeath to Him a fourth Part of my Library, in Testimony 
of my paternal .\Jiection. 

••The remaining fourth Part I betiueath to my Fatherless Grandson 
Mather Byles. in case He shall be educated for. and employed iu, the work of 
the Ministry: (which I much de-ire >t pray for) leavin;: it with my executor 
to ord( r & determine whar particular Books shall be his; only I give Him iin 
case aforesaid) particularly Poll Synopsis Criticorum in iive Volumes in Folio, 
and his English Annotations, with the continuation in Two Folios. 

" [ give to my (Tiand.son Samuel Mather. Piscatoris Commeuteria in 
Biblia in lliree Folios. 

••I give to my Grand.son Tm-mas Walter the Flnulish Annotations in Two 
Folio.s. also the Dutcii Amiotafious in two Folio.-. 

"The remainder of my estate in Ilinising or Mo\eabl! s, I give t(j be 
equally dividL-d among my Beloved Daughters .Maria. .Elis;d)eih. Sarah, and. 


Ahiirui!, vvliiit I give to my duu^ihttT Elisahctli, I desire it may (if his mother 
can) lie iiiiprovM towards the I'ducation of la-r only Sou. (my Oraiidson Mather 
Byles) iu Leariiiiis:. heeause he is a child whom God lias blessed with a stndig 
Memory, ready capaeity Ot aptness to li.arn, I leave it as ni,\ dyiiiir Hetiuest to 
his Uncle my Sou C'ortou Mather to take care of the Kduealion of that child as 
of his own. If he sh;dl obtain Snl).seriptious for his Education for the .Minis- 
try (as He know.s T have flone for more Fatherless Children than onel I am 
persiiadcd his own children will not fare the for his beiuir a Father to a 
FatJieriess child. To ]n-es ent hi> heinif chargeable as much as 1 can. 1 jjive 
Ilirn my wearinir apparel: exeejitinu' my Cliaiiddct Cloak, which I .srive to mj' 

■' If the Lord shall fake away Mather Ryles by Death iiefore He is of full 
a.iic. or if He shall not be employed in the "Work c>f the .'Ministry, it is my Mind 
-.ind Will that then the Books bequeathed to Him shall be ijiven to such other 
of my Grandchildren as shall bi' Preachers of the Gospel of, accordina: 
as my Executor shall dispose. 

■■J dy bcleeving that God will bless my children after I am takrn fri'in 
tlieni; and my Persua.sion is ;rrounded on these as well as other Scriptures. 
Gen. .\\v. 11. ».t xviii. itl. P<alm xxwii. :2-i. Prov. xx, 7. Into God in 
Jcsuv Christ t comnnt myself i.t all mine forever. 

'■ Unally I constitute and a[>[)oint my_Bi'lo\ui Son Cotti)n .Mather to be 
the Sole E.xt'cutor of this my \Viil: entreating my Worthy Friends .Mr Thomas 
Ihitchin>on. Mr Adam Wintbiop. Mr Edward ]hilchins(ni. Mr .}ohu Ruck A: 
3Ii' John Fri/.ell to be his assistants as Overseers; praying them that, for my 
.Sake, but cspeciallv for the sake of the Gloi-y \vhich I hope may come to God 
thereby, they will be Kind to my Fatherlos Grandson .Mather Hyles. 

■•Thi-;I declare to be my last Will and Testament; And I have accortl- 
ingly written this with my own Hand, tuid hereunto atlixed my Seal The 
Seventh Day of the fourtli month, c.dled June, in the Year of our Lord One 
Thousanil. Seven hundred and Eighteen. 

'• Witnes.^es Iliat I declare this 

to be my Will: ■■ INCREASE MATHER [Seal] 

(signed, and .se:ded with wax) 

•■J<)N.\> ('L.VUKt; ^\'II.»^:n •■ I d<i hereby signify to my Executor. That it 

Joseph Woouwkll is my .Mind ct Will that my Xegro Servant 

called Spaniard Shall not be sold after my De- 
cease; but I do then give Him his Lib' rty: Let 
him then bo esteemed a Free Negro. 
Jim 4. ITl'J 


Tin' ilea(.'<>ns of the old North ("hurch. oi which the MatliL-rs were 
over, v-i'rr .h'hn Phiiiips. (.'hrL-^t>'ipher Gi!i?on. John At wood. Uhadinh 
Gill, John Barnard. Thoma-s Baker, John PSuchanan. Graiton Fenu 

Green. William Larrahee. E<l\vard Lanu'don. Troctor. Thomas 

T\-k'r. Jonathan Br^wn. Win. Bcarumau. Jchn Tudor. Thomas Green- 
oug-h. I^amuel Kidiiway. AVm. Beil. Benjamin Heudersoii, C?amuel Park- 
man, Thomas Linvi^. Jame? Foster. Fet-er Mackintosh. Jr.. Enoch I'at- 
tersoi!, K. AV. Bayley. I. X. Danieil. v^ainuel G. Simpkins. Sinion W. 
Ko!iin.'5on. Nathan ( 'lark. Tsaac Adams. 

A chronolii^-ical catalogue of the pviblisheil works of Dr. Increase 
Mather. Xut a few of the publications, whose titles follow, passed _ 
Throngh several editions : 


The Mystery of Ismul's Salvation. 

The Life and Death of tlie Ulv. Kiehard Matlit- r. 


Wiie to the Dnuikanls. 

The Day of Tn.uMe near. 
ImportaiU Truths iibiait Conversion. 

The First Print ii)!r.-. of Xew En>;hiiid. 

A I>i>cour:-e coiici ruin!; B;iptisni and the Couseeratiuu of Churches. 
The Vrieked Man's Portion. 
The Times of >hin in tlie Hands of GoJ. 

A History of the War with the Indians : with an exhortation to the iu- 

A Kelati(jn nf the Troubles ot Xew England iioni the Indians from the 

An Historical Discourse on the ElHcacy uf Prayer. 

Renewal of C'ovenant. the Duty of Decaying an'd Distressed Churches. 

Prayer for tlie riir-imr (rcnerations. 


A Call to the Ui.iing Generations. 

The Divine; r^iLdir of Tnfae.t Bapti<in. 
The Gnat Com-einnient ot a Covenanting People. 
Heavens Alarm t., the World. 

A Diatribe conrerning tlie Sign of the Son of M.ui (in Latin). 
Praetii al Truth-, in .Sni-ral Sermons. 
The Chureh, a ."ruV'ject uf Persecution. 


C(>met()iri-aphi:i : or a; wntemiuir Comets. 

RcmarkiiMf Proviik-necs. 
The Doctriuc of Divine Providence. 

An Armor airiiinst Profane and Promiscuou.s Dance.s. 

The Mystery of Christ. 
Ti>e Grearosr of Siimers E.xiiortciL 
A .*?erniou on the Execution of a Poor Man for 3Iiinier. 

A Testimony a.'aiiist Superstitions. 

T ,i^\ ^fY''' '•?"^'^'^°'"f the Succes.s of the Gospel among the Indians (in- 
Latin) addressed to Dr. .John Lensden of I'treclit. 

The Lnlawfuhiessof Using Conunou Pravers. ami of .sweurin? on the 

1500 K. " 

Several Papers rclatinir to New En:rland. 
A Kelarion of the Stat'eof Xew England. 
The Kfvolutiiai .Justified. 

The Blessing of Primitive Counsellors (an Election Sermon) 
Cases of Conscience concerninii- Witchcraft. 
ment^" ^"'^^'^ '"^ ^''^ Power of t)ie Pa.stor for the Administration of the Sacra- 

n hether a Man may ^laiTV his Wife's Sister 
Solemn Advice to >Ieu. 

Angelographia: a Treatise of Angels. 

• A Discourse on Man's not Knowing his Time. 

The Case of Conscience concerning the Eating of iJlood. 

David bervmg his Generation. A F.uucral Sermon for the Rev. John 

The Surest Way to the Higliest Honor. 
A Discounse on Hardness of Heart. 
The Fully of ."sinninsr. 

The Order of the Gospel Vindicated. 

The Blessed Hope. 


Remarks on a Sermon of Georire Keith. 

Ichabod ; or the Glory Departimr. 

The E.\ccl!,-!!cy of a PulUic Spirit. 

The Righteous Man ; A Blessing. Two Sermon.?. 


Tlie Duty of Parents to Pray for their Cliililren. 
Sdul-Saviu;.'- Oi,s}x-l Truths." 

The \ oice i)f God in .stnui-r Wiutls. 
Practiced Truths: to Proinnte Holiuess. 

>reditations on the Glory of Christ. 

A DisffMirse coiirerniu'r Earthquakes. 
A Ti-stinii)iiy n^-ainst Siicrilese. 
A Dissertation eoiieerniuii- tlie Riii'lit to tlie Sacninient 

1 707. 
Mcduatioas on Death. 
A DiS'.iUisition eoueerning the State of Souls Departed. 

A Dissertation eoncerninir the Conversion of the Jews eonfutin"' Dr 
Lightfoot and Mr. Baxter. " 

A Discourse concerning Faitli, and Praver for the Kiniidom of Christ. 
A Sermon on ■• Ik- very Courageous " at the Artillery Election. 
Awakening Truths, tending to Conversion. 

>[editations on the Glory of the Heavenlv World. 
A Discourse conceruinii'the Death of the Piiuhteous. 
The Duty of the Children of Godly Parents." 

Burnings Bewailed. 

Remarks upon an Answer to a Book a!j:ainst the Common Praver 
>[eilit,afions on Sanciitii ation of the Lords Day. 

A Plain .showing who sliall and who .sliall not enter into Heaven 
The Believer's Gain by Death ; A Funeral Sermon for his Daii^-hter-hv 
Law. ° 

Resignation to the Will of God : On the Death of his Consort. 

Jesus Christ, a .Mighty Saviotir. 

A Disquisition concerning Ecclesia.stical Councils. 
There is a God in Heaven. 
The Duty ami Dignity of A.ired Servants of God. 

The Duty of Praying for Ministers. A Sermon at the Ordination of his 

iSemioii on thc> Beatitudes. 

Practicable Truth plainly delivered. An Ordination Sermon. 

Five Sermons on Several Subjects. One on the Author's Birthday. 


Advice to the C liililrcn of Godly AiaesTors. 
Tracts on luocuhitioii for the vSiiiall Pox. 

A Pastnr's Legacy. 
Elijali's >[antie. 

Besides these eighty-six publications. Dr. Matlier wvite many fuiri- 
tivo pieces ami ■•ioarnt'(i and iisefal rivface.';." wliioh tlie pu't'lishers of 
books obtained from iiini, surlicient. it collected, to nuike a considera- 
ble Volume. 

I will eimiiicrace bel(j\v wlirtt was the Bill oi Fare for (Jrdinatiou in 
Boston. 17 'J-' : 

"To he sent to >[r. Townscnd; if>>r ministers enter*;uneil there), one 
phim cake. f)ne cheser chce.-^e. i Barrel heer, two hre:id hiicks, V chiz. Cnnary 
Wine, two poimfls fresh hntter. 4- barrel ah^ 

■■ From the cook's shop: three small pattye^. ^^i dnz. tarts. To boil: ."> 
hams bacon. 5 legg.^ porke, !•) meat tongues. 2 doz. Iowle^5. To rosi: .■> pieces 
l)eefe. .■) loins of veal, ~> (p'S. lamb. 

" All sorts of sauce. ;is anchovies, pickles, greens, sallets, sparrow grass. 
oysters, onions, cramberrys. 

"40 !t)s. biitter, eggs, t hinid. reasons, i do. corants, spice of a!! -sort, Iti 

"Licktpier: i bl I)eere. 1 bl cyd(.T, 1 nuurter ca.^k i[adiera Wine. * Imn- 
dred powder sugar. I loaf refine do. 1 g.dlon vinegar, i gallon lim-juice. 

"40 bread bricks, pipe and tobacco. 1 dozi-n (h'inking glasses. 

"T. louke att( r tlie dres^in--: Mrs. lilirk. Delly. Mrs.' 

" .^ cord woiid, ruse \v:ii(.-r, radishes, tiirua[)s. pntatoi-s. cabliaixe. ni;ist;iril." 


10 Rev. Sainiiel 3lntlier' (son of TiTnot1iv\ Rev. Richards 

Tii.)m;tjj''. J(iliii'). <jL Witnisuf. i.'onii. Kovn in Di)rchester. 
^lass.. July :>. l*;.')!); il. March is. 17'_'7-S: married FL-innah, 
daughu-r of Gov. Robert Tieat; slie d. .March 3, 1707-8. 

20 Samfkl, ^[ D.. 

:iU H.\.NN.MI. 

81 Rev. Az.\ti!.ui, 

;W EllK.NE7.Ki!. 

3;? Joseph. 

34 f'r.rsAr.Kxn, 

35 1{f:v. X.aiiA.viET., 

36 Bkm.vmix, 

37 JoH.N. 


b. lt)77; lu. (1) Abigail Grant, dan. of Sanuit-l 

Grant, April 1:3, 1TU4; (2) Ilanuaii P.iukland, 

May 1"), 17-.23: d. F.-h. i). 174r,-H. 
h. Sfpt.. 1082: m. d. HKl. 

I). Ang. 29. 1085; ni. :^[attie Taylor : d Ffb. 11, 

h. Sept. 3. 1087: m. d. 

1). March 6, lO^f) ; in. Elisaiietli Stonghton ; d. 

Nov. 7, 1717. 
1j. Jan. 12, lOni: m. d. 

i>. May HO, lOfl.-K ni. :\rrs. Rnlli IVrry, Jan. 21, 

1724: d. May -O, 1748. 
b. Sept. 2<J, 1006: m. d. 

b. Sept. 22, 10!t9; ni. d. 

Rev. ^an'ln^■l Matlier ii-radiiated at H. ( '. in I'mI. and prepared luin- 
?elf for tile niiui^trv. Ho rlnni proarht'd in Deerfield. Mass.. until the 
uestv\ii'tion of that town by the Indiaiis. in l(!7r>; from tlu-re he went 
to' Harli. id, and later to Milford aii'i Craniord. Conn., and from the 
■attcr place lie was called to h;ettle in Wimhsor. (Jonn.. iu lO.s'i. where 
he reniainei until his death, [t %va.s .-^aiil of liini. --that in every re- 
-■^pect he was: a ht >;nc('es.sor to the \-eni'r;dile John AVarliam." [)e- 
.scendeil from a hijrhly re.spectable aiul u'ifted anitestrv. he wa.s one. and 
by no means the of a circle ot nolJe men. whosi; varied talents 
and pion.s lives have rendered the name of Mather di.stiugni.>hed 



aiiuiU'i- tlie fai!iili(.'< of Now Eii.u'liiinl. even to the present (i;iy. His 
farlici'. Timi.'Tliy Mather of Dorchester, wa.s a sou ol' Rev. Richard. 
third miuicter dH that town, auil his aiot'ier a dauii'iiter of the excolleut 
Maj.-Geu. Hmnphrey Atherton. Tliuri highly coiinectei]. ids earlier 
years were spent in the enjoyment of all the advantages wdiich the best 
society of that day co'ihi att'ord. The pt)\vers of his miiuh the anua- 
Itility of his ehara.cter. and lii.s piery,, speedily woii the esteem aud love 
of his [leopie. aivl c()),nposed tlie dii^iculfies which existed arnong them. 
Ke was then in tlie prime i.>f his life. Ltrave and diginiied in person, 
faithfid and consistent in his (laily life, and lienignant and 'winning in 
manner. His connection by marriage vrith tlie daughter oJ: the Hon. 
lioliert Treat, iiiterwards governor ot the (.'olouy of 'Jonneccicut. was 
ui itself liappy. arid serveil to increase tlie influence which 'his gifts of 
ndnd and heart had already secureil for him in tlie public estimation. 
Thus. Iiappy in his puldic and domestic relations, his lite was quietly 
passed in the faithful discharge of his pastoral duties to Jus now tiappy 
ll'/ci<. And it is pleasant to re<;ord tluit ifuring the wliole perii;il •_<! his 
ministry, not one shadow of complaint seems to liave darkc-ned his or 
their pathway, ("in the contrary there is alninciant evideuoe that he 
was tlie constant recipient of many marks of public and private respect 
and care. 

In the year I TOO. Yale College was founded, and the following 
principal ministers in Connecticut were cho.sen l>y general consent of 
the T'onnecticut clergy to be founders of the college : These were 
Rev. James Xoyes of Stonington. Rex. Israel Chauncey of Stratford. 
Rev. Thomas Buckingliam of Saybrook. Rev. Adn-aham h'ierson of Kil- 
liugworth. Kev. .^^amuel Mather of \^'inds^lr. Rev. Samu(>l .\udi'ew of 
Milford. Rev. Tinieihy Wcjodliridge of Hartford, Rev. James t'ierpont 
of New Haven, Rev. Xnahdiah Ru.ssell of Mid<lletown, and Rev. 
Josepti ^Vehb of Fairfield. 

There were two ^vorks of Rev. Samujel Mather published, the tirst 
entitled. •• A Dead j'\iith Anatomized." printed at 15oston. Ii!'.i7, with an 
introduction by his cousin, the Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather, which con- 
cludes thus : 

"The author i-> kiioun Tlirouinmut tiie clmrchcs of the f.unous uiid happy 
C<)li)n>'. to iiniif -if tlic U-.-ist wliin-of lu' hatli for inanv vears been ;i t'aitlifui 


Pastor, known for hi< Piety. Gravity. :inil U-<i'tr.!uess. iimrr than any ri-roni- 
URtulalions of mint- can rciulrr iiim. aiiW niy relation to liiin will ruaJily ex- 
^.■ll^?L' till.-, as wull as h\> nio!le->iy lurhid nir for r^aying au\' more." 

AuotluT vx-ork sva.- pii'ilislie'l in ITU'*. ■• The SrU Ju.-itifearv (.'uii- 
victed and (.'uiideiiined." The Rev. (.r. C. Wilson »( the Windsor 
Church has a cop}" oi ir. 1, aLso have a copy of it; the L'otuK.-cticiii 
Historical Society ha.s some of each ui the imblications. 

In the \\'i!ids(.)r Records we timl that S. M. was called Mavi'li 11. 
KkSO-SI. and settled in ICS'J. In .iuly L'T. KjSl, the town voted to 
have the towudiouse finished, and madi^ suitable for the entertainment 
of Mr. M.. •• if (lod in his providenco send him amongst us." 

11 Rii'ilJirU Mather^ (^^'Ui "i Timothy^ Hev. Richard-', Thomas-. 
John'), of Lvme. Conn. Horn in L'orchester. Mass., Dec. "JO. 
lt).'>;!: d. at Lyme. ( 'onn.. Au;^'. J 7. KJSS: married 'Jathenne 
Wise, July 1, 1G80. 


oH Cait. Timothy. )>. March "U. l(;;si ; in. saiah Xoyes : il. July 2~}. 

oft Ki.i.-MJKTU, 1'. Nov. iO. 1»;s-J: •il, Zadiariah ^ill; <1. 

40 Samtkl. b. Jan. :j. 10-<:S-4; ni. I)t'»'>rah Ihaniiiion: il. Jidy 

12, 172.>. 
>•' 41 JosEi'H. b. Jan. 20, ia-(('.; m. Phe'ie ; d. Sept. 20, 1740. 

liichard Mather, nam-'d a.fter his )irandfather Richard Mather, was 
a farmer, and settled at hrst iu I)or<diester, but a few years after his 
marriatre he removed to Lyme. Coun. Tn the year IiJM he l)ou,ii;ht a 
tract of land in Lyjue C'f IIe/..'kiah L'sher of Rostou. As Mr. Mather 
did the next year, he could not have done much in hi.s new outer]»rise. 
He died on th.e fifty-third anniversary of the landing of his grand- 
latl'ier in America, which was on the 17th of August. U;;;.'). 

Although Mr. Math»>r died at the ago of thirty-live year.«. his de- 
scendants tar outnumber thither </f the i>rher branches, the Windsor, or 
.Nuffield, and many of them h.ave attametl eminence m the professions 
a.nd in business, some of whom will be noticed farther along in the 


14 JOM'ph Matht'l" ('^'^" of Tiiuotiiy'. Rev. Ki.iiai-<1 '. Thomas-. 

John'), ut' I)<>rclic.?t('r. .Mass. IJorri iii rVir<'lii>.st('r. Mas.s.. Mav 
■_'."). ]{)>'<] : i!. in Dinvlu'SttT. Jan. .'^, ItJ'.iii-l ; inarriL-'l .^arah 
Claj.p. June 2U, ItJSO; she d. Feli. 21. 1737. 


42 Catiikuixe. h. K'OO: m. Ebem^zt r Withiiigton, May 1. ITll: 

<1. Oct. 1, 1774. 

Tilt! wij'n of Jo.S(?|)h M.-ither was buried at- L'opps Hill: u stone was 
erected to lier memory. It is not known whether slie was hnrie<l be- 
si'le iinr luisliand "r not. He liad I'lied luMrly half a c'<^anirv eaHier. 
and tliere is no stone to mark his restiug-jJace. 

15 AtluTtoil Mllther' (^on of Timoriiy^ Rev. Richard''. Tlioma-s^. 

John'). Ill .^ullield. I'onn. Burn in Dorche.ster. Ma>.-., ( ler. 4, 
](Ui'.'>: d. 'Sow '■'<. 17;'.4: married (I) iif-becca .Stou^htou. dau. of 
Thomas and granddau,u;hter of Hon. \Vm. 8tou,u;hton. Sept. 
•JO, lt)04: {■I) Mary Lam>>. ( »ct. ■J4. 170.5. of Ko.xbury Mas.s. 


4:j \V'ii.Lr^%r, b. Miirdi i. l-V^^: in. Silence Butolpli, Xov. 7. 1721: d. 

44 Ji:iiLsu.\. b. July IH. 1700; tn. Samuel Smith. X<.v. .'. 172.'5: d. 

Xov. .J, 17Sf>. 
4o JosHiA. 1). Xov. 2(j, 17015: m. Hannah Booth: (1. >hiv 10. 1777. 

41) RiLiiAUD. b. X'ov. 21. 17oS: m. Lois Burbank, .March 24. 17aS-4: 

47 MvuY, b. "March 2 1711; ni. d. 

4.S Thomas, M.D.. b. Aitril ."i. 171:i: ni. .Mrs. Sarah Pay.sou. Sept. 7, 17oS; 

■A. .Ahiy 7. 17H4. 
_4i> Er.iAKi.M. b. July 10, U^^r. ni. (1) 3hu\-aret Wanl. M.iy 7. 17;3H: 

(•i) Ruih Koper. July 10, 1748; .1. 
-)() CA'LumuXL. b. J.ui. .7. 1717-lS; uk d. Jan. 20, 17:12. 

Athert<)n Mather i-anu^ from Dorchester. Mass.. and, we sH>e. settled 
in "Wind.sor. (,'onn.. when a youn^ man. as we find in the land records 
ot that to'.\n several tran.sactions of purchase and sale of i-eal estate. 
Five of his children were Ijorn in W'in.i.sor. In 171'J he removed to 
.Nuffield, wiiere the remaining children were Ijorn. Mr. M. wa.s a pub- 


lie spirited anil proininenr man in Siini.-ld. lb' rei»n'«t>ntpil tin- towii 
of J^ufficld in Bcsron for four years in the General Court. SuiIirM 
wa.-- unrier ihe jui'isdiction of Ma.-».-fac-hu.setts until [lie war IT.".!^. A> 
he died in I 7;.' 4. lie was not a resident of Connectic tzr. liut !. in mv 
family records, place liii a?; one "f the ('(tnueciicut iTanciies of Matlicrs 
known as ••Suflield Itranch." 

Mr. M. purchased land in the center of t!ie town in S.. and lived, 
on the main street on land where Dr. Mas(.>n now lives. Athertou 
.Matlipr's mother was tiie dau.iiiiter id' Maj.-i u-n. Humphrev Atherton 
of D.>rciiester. Mass.. who died in I'Jill. and whose nu>nun!i'nt sTuuds 
in elose proximity to that of his grandfather. Rev. Kichard ilather. 

Joshua M.. the son of A. ^L. was one of the first settlei-s in i>erlin. 
Conn. Another son. Dr. Tliomas M.. was one of the early phvsicians 
of I'omt'ret. ri.)nii.. lie married Mrs. Sarali Favsi.m, lint left nocliildren; 
in his will he gives his pro})erty to his nephews and nieces. Charles. 
Eli'iu. Zachariah, Cotton. Loi.- I'orter, Ei'.zaheth. Marv. Saraii. Anmi. 
Lucinda. Lacy, an'l Thonuis. 

16 Eunice Mutlier^ (daughter of Rev. Eleazar^. Rev. Richard'. 
Tlioma.s-. Joan'), oi D:'prli(dd. >[a.<s. Born at Xortliain;)ton, 
Ma.<?., Aug. 2. liJf.U: killed liv Indians at Deei-lield. March 
i, 1703-4; married to Rev. Jolm Williams. 16M7: he died June 
12. 1729. Rev. J. W. married again to Allen. 


■ll Rhv. Eliezak. 1). July 1(5. IBsS; m. :\Iary Iloluirt; d. Sept. 2!, 174:2. 

0-2 SAMiKn, b. Jan. 21, l(iS!!)-'.tM: m. il. Junr ;]0. 17i:j. 

5o EsTUEit, h. April 10, I'iOl ; ni. lirv. Joseph ifracliam : <!. 

yiarch 1-2. 17."")1, 
04 Rev. fc^TtriiEN. b. May 14. Hil>;j: m. (li At)ij.rail Davenport; (2) Mrs. 

Sarah Burt; J. June 10. 17.^2. 
or, Ei.iAict.M. 1). May 1, ^f^'.n■. ni. d. Xy.rn 1.3. l(>!m. 

r,6 Er-MCK. b. Sept. 17. liiSMi; m. I)i. Roiret; d. about 17)^6. 

•■>' J'>nN-, b, .1,111. v.). l')i)7-s; lu. ; killed Feb. 2!). 17o:^-4, 

.■58 Rev. W.uuia.m. 1;. Scjir. M, '(»;•(<»; m. Abigail Leonard; ,i, .Ian. 22. 

o9 Jeupmlv. y ,, ^ ^^ , ,.,,j. d. Sept. 16, 1701. 

."ifl./jEMINA. * ' ,1. Sept. 11. 1701. 

.■>!)Mekl-sha, 2il, h. .fan. l"), 170:M; killed Feb. 29. 17e;>-4. 


Eunice Matlier. the wife of Rev. Jolm Williami^. u-as taken eaptive 
In- the Indians with her husliaud and otiiers in Feh. 'I'.K I7n:!_4. at 
Deertit'M. Mass. Their house wa.'^ hmken into pnd two youn,!^ children 
and a domestic were inhumanly mur(U>re<l. Mrs. W'illiam.s. wlio had 
just recovered from a hed of confinement, and five cliildren were taken 
prisoners. Mr. Williams and the rest ni the prisoners were made to 
wade over a small river in winch the water was (iver knee ileeji, and 
very swift. .\,fter that he had to travel up a small mountain, and his 
strength was nearly exiiansted l>efore he came to the top of it. He 
was permitted to sit down, and to have his pack taken from his back. 
AVliile he sat there pifyini; those who were behind, h.e entr-^ated his 
master to let him go and help his wife. He inhumanly refused him, 
and would not let him move a foot from him. He inquired of the 
prisoners, as they passed, concerning her. and they informed him that in 
pas.'^ing the river she was overpowered by the stream and ]ilunged 
}iea.diong into the water, ^lie was not ahle to travel far after tiiis. At 
the loot of the mountain which. Mr. Williams had just ascenueii. tiie in- 
hn-man and liloodthirst}' Indian, who had the care of lu.-r. slew lier 
with his tomahawk at a l)low. This was trttly heart rem liny- xo him, 
and yet the savages reproached hijn for a want of manhood n\ shed- 
iling teal's on account of her cruel murder. Her body was found by 
men from Deerfield. and tak'^n for burial. ()n her tonih.none is the 
following inscription : 

" Here lyetli the bi>dy of Mrs. Eunice Williams the virtuous and desirable 
consort of the Hev. Jolin Williams, ami daugliter of Uev. p^lleazar and Mrs. 
Estber ^latlnn- of X'>r'ihMinpt(jn. hflie was horn Autr 2, 16(54, and fell by the 
rage of the liarbarous enemy, .Marcli I. lTOo-4. 

'■ Her children rise up and call her blessed." 

Mrs. Eunice Mather V/il!iams was the ancestress of many quite emi- 
nent men. Artionir tlieiu \v>-'re her sons: 

Rev. Elea/.ar Williams (fT. ( '.. 17U7) of Mansfield. Conn. 

Rev. Dr. Stejilien Williams (H. C. 171.".) of Long Meadow. Mass. 

Kev. Wareham Wdiiains (H. C, 1711') of Wat^n-town. now Wal- 
tham, Mass. 

The sons of Rcv. Dr. Stc[)hen Williams and grandson of E. M. W. : 

Rev. .-Stephen Williams (Y. I'.. 1741) of Woodstock, L'onu. 



OaVi yflol^^r. 


Rev. Wari'hani Williams (Y. C. 1745) of Xortliford, Conn. 

Rev. Xatham Williams (Y. C. 17.").')) of Tolland. Corm. 

Kev. Sanaiel Williams, LL.D., son of Rev. Wareham. and srrand. 
son of E. M. W. (H. C. 17G1), of Bradford. and then Professor 
in H. College. 

Rev. L'harles Kilbourne Williams. LL.D.. son of above, and great- 
grandson of E. M. W. (Williams College, 1800), \vas Chief Justice, 
also Governor of State of Vermont. 

Rev. Ricliard Salter Storrs (Y. C I7.s;5). of Long Meadovw Mass.. 
was great-grandson to E. il. W. 

Rev. Richard Salter Storrs. Jr.. IKT).. LL.D. (Williams v"Jollege. 
IS07). Braintree. Mass.. was great-great-grand.son of E. M. W. 

Rev. Richard Salter Storrs. D.D., LL.D. (Amherst College, ls3'J). 
Brooklyn. N. Y.. was great-great-great-grandsou of E. M. W. 

Judge Zalmon A. Storrs (Middlehurv College, Vt., 183.3), Hartfonl. 
Conn., was grt'at-y:reat-great-gnind.son of E. M. W. 

11) Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather, F. B. S,' (son of Rev. Dr. Tn. 

crease''. Rev. Richard^, 'riuiiiia.s'-. Jcihn'), of Boston. Ma.<s. 
Born in Boston. Feb. 11'. Iflil'J-.'. : d. in Bi,^ton, Feb. 1".. 1727->: 
married (I) A])igail, dan. of Col. Jolm I'hillips of Charlestown. May 4, lOSO; (2) Elizabeth Clark, dau. of Dr. Jolin Clark 
and willow of Mr. Hubbard. Aug. Is, 17o:i: (3) Ly.iia. dau. of 
Rev. Samuel Lee, and widow of John George. Julv .". 171.'). 


GO Abigail. b. Auir. 22. IHsi; d. before 16'.)3.' 

61 K.VTH.vRiXE. b. 8ept. 1. ItWi): m. d. Dec, 1716. 

62 M.\.RiA, b. KWl; d. Oct. 7. 1()!):1 

6:J JosEPtr. b. March 28, l')i»;}; d. April 1. 1603. 

64 ABftJAii.. b. Juno 14. 1694; m. Daniel Willard; d. Sept. 26, 


6.") MEnETAni.E. b. d. youn;;. 

66 Hannah. b. 1606-7: ni. d. 

67 Increase. b. .July 9. 1699; ni. lost at sea before 172?^. 
6.S Sami el. b. 1700; tl. VMiiiii:. 

69 Elisabeth, b. .Inly l;>. 17n4. in. Edwanl Cooper, .Tidy 30. 

1724; d. Xuis. 7, 1726. 


TO Rev. Dr. Saw.-el. b. Oct. oO. IT'if!; in. Hnimnh. il;ui. of Tlii>s Iliitdi- 

iiisoQ; d. JiiiKi ~T, ITS."). 
Tl X.vTH.vNTEL, b. May 16. ITOT: d. Xov. 24. 1T09. 

T2 .Tekisha, b. April. ITll; d. X.)^-.. ITIS. 

Ta ELKAZ..a, ' (Tvvins.^ b, 1T18: '^^ ^'^^"•' ^'^^■ 
T* ^Eaktha. ^ d. Nov., 1T13. 

(.'otton Mather was very hiiriily favoreil not only ])y eminent quali- 
ties iul;ei-it»>'.l h\:ia hi.s farht-r ami ,u-raniVfather. Imt also l»y his mother. 
Maria Cotton la woman of lovely cUaraeter). t!ie rlautrhter of the 
famous John Cutton. wlio came to Bo.stuu. Xfw En^y-land. from l^oston. 
Enijltiutl (out 01 respect to John I'uttou the name of Boston, X'. E.. 
wa.s given). Very nmcli was expected oi huu. and the people were 
not disappointed in his after life. He was early placed in the free 
school in Boston. From his early life he exhibited a remarkable pas- 
sion for hooks and learnin.a'. His first teacher was Benj. Thomjison. 
the secoml. the famous Ezekiei Ciieever. Before he entered collt-.ire 
he had read Homer. Sc^crate.-^. and many Latin authors, som*^ c-f which 
are but little underst<.)od except by those eminent in the classics. H'' 
entered Harvard College at the age of twelve, graduated l<i7S. raking a 
liigli i-ahk. He commenced preaching when eighteen years old. 

In early manhood he was devising ways to l;ecome very useful to 
his fellow men. He made it a rtile neve-r to go into company where it 
was proper for him to sp<;ak without trying to make himself useful. 
When ([uite young he coinmenced l)v triving one-tenth of all ins sub. 
.stance for charity, and more than that, foi- some of the remainder of 
his life it is said •• de\-ised a plan of voluntary association very sinular 
to that which is now in such active operation throughout tlie world. 
His metliod was to liave associations formed in every neighborhood, 
whieli sh(juld kt-ep an eye upon all growing evils, and use the most 
elfectual means to suppress them. He wouW have these societies en- 
gage in sending the B:ble and rhe gospel to other iiation.s, and in labors 
for the benefit of tradesmen, soldiers, and seamen." He deplored the' 
prevailing vice of intemperance, wrote and published nuu'h against it. 
and widely circulate'! some of hi.-^ publications. Was also very much 
interested for the colored people (oi which there were many in Bosttui). 
As they had not the advantages for instruction that others had he 


established a school in vrhirh they Vircru tauji-ht to reau. •• And he 
himself bore the whole expense ol' it. paying the instructress for her 
s<*vice3 at the close of every week." He pul»lished an essav on 
the importance of christianizing tlie people of c^)lor, designing •' to 
loilge a copy in every lu'.uily in Xew Engl-mii tliat has a negro in it, 
audal.-o to send numbers ox them to the West imlies."' On evorv dav 
of the w.eek Mr. Mather had a systematic niethod for work, and carried 
it out in regular succession day after day and vt-ar after yeai'. Mr. 
Mather was uji wearied in hi? labi.irs for the good of his churcii. Ami 
it is ^uid that in his visits tie disrri'oufed great uumtjers of LJibles and 
other religious books, and tliat lie gave asvay more tiian a thousand in 
a year, anil at a time when books cost much more than now. As a 
result of his mmisteriai labors, says his biographer, --the first year of 
his ministry no less than thirty declared before the chun-h that lie was 
the cause, under Go'l. of their a^vakening and conversion: and man v. 
many (God knows how many) have since been by his to 
them, either by tongue or pen. brought home to Ood.'" During tliirtv- 
nine years, when the exact record is kept complete of Increase ami Cot- 
ton .Mather, there were three thousand, three Jiuudred and eighty-four 
baptisms in their church: the number of admissions to the churcli 
during their pastorate was eleven hundred and four. 

"Cotton blather." .says. Dr. Chauucy, " I give the palm to in rt-ffanl to 
Hrcruture. or an acquaintaiu'C with bi>oks of all kinds. No native in tliis 
country bad read so niu.-li. 'U- retained more ni wliat he read. He was the 
greatest redeeuier of time 1 ever knew, and lost as little of it as any one could 
do, in his situation, Tiiere were scarcely any books written but he liad, some- 
how or other, got the sight of thein. His own library was the largest, by far, 
of any private one on tlie eontinent. He was always readini: or writimr. and 
he had the happie,st talent of going rapidly through .a book. He knew more 
of the lii.story of this country tJian any m,in in it; and could he have conveyed 
his kuowledire with proportif) judirmeiit, he would liave given the best 
liistory of it, ' That is the opinion of Dr. (.'h,iuncy. " In point of learning in 
the stricter application of the term us denoting a general acquauuance with 
books Cotton M.ither was the most Ic.irneil man that New England ever bred." 

Dr. Mather says, in his own private writings: 

"I am able with little study To write in seven lamruages, I fe.-ist m\-,self 
with the sweets of all sciences, which the more polite part of mankind orili- 


ii.irily pri-ti'i'il to. I ;im ciitiTtaincd ^^irIl ;ill kimls of historif-^. Miicicnt and 
inoik-rn. I am no straiiser to thf curiosities which, by all si>rTs of IcaniinLT. 
arc liroii^lit to thi- curinus. Thisc iiitcllcitual pl(.';isurc.s -.uv tar bcyonil a^- 
sensiial ones. Nevertheless. iiU tliis allurds me not so luucii deliulit as it dues 
to relieve tlie distresses of any one i)oor. mean, nei;;hljor; andmucli 
more, to do anythiiiir to advance fin- kinu'ilmi of God in the world." 

Tliis is said to have been ontnvly rrtie of him. He iuul eiiomies. 
and ijii u'vpat man ui-t? rhroimh the world without h.aviny; some wl\o 
arc very luiter apiiiist him. He .ihnibtless madi> many rni-stake-s. and 
wa.s too credulous upon sonie subjects. He says of himself: 

"Tliouu-li T liave rirsr and last had such a number of jiam]i!dets tlu-own at 
me, that if I iiad been vidnera.ble. T miLdif appear stuck us full of d.arts as the 
man in the sii^ns of the almanack; yet. upon considerini: riio sorry and silly 
stuff whicli they have consisted of and ilie despicable ch.iracter of the scrib- 
blers; and rememberiuir too, that lies have no legs, and what I have learned 
aboiit treating insolriit men with humility, and an,:;ry men with ni(-ekiiess; I 
have thought Prov. '2(>. 4. was a full answer for them." 

Rev. Dr. (.'Lamller Koblnus writes thus of Cotton Mather: 

"The minisiry of Cotton .Mather ran ijarallel with that of his father, from 
the time of his sitiliMuent as colleague. Ma}' Vi, \Hxr>. till the death of the 
l.itler, Aug. 2o. 172S, .i period of tlnrty-nini' years. He survived his father till 
February 1?.. IT'JS. only fotir years and a half, having Ixen pastor of this 
ehurch forty-four years. Duriag this [x.-riod, the societv enjoyed uniiUer- 
rupted prosperity, rhi' congregation was vm-y numerous, and multitudes were 
adrled to the church. If an eminently successful ministry, a crowded audience, 
the strong and unabated attachment of a large congregation, the steady en-' 
largement of u church, benevolent activity, and a general and constant im- 
provcmeiit of the ordin.inccs on the part of a people, are any proofs of [liety. 
ability, and faithfulness in a religious teacher, or give him any ( laiin to re- 
spect, the name i>f .M.ither richly deserves to be mentioned with reverence in 
the church, with whose best days it is associated, and whose history it has 
made illustrious." 

Rev. Joshua < n-e. who l)ecauie colleagtie with hiui after tlie death 
of his father, writes: 

'■ He was bright anioni;- the excellent of the earth. The whole land has 
lost u very cotisidir;d>le part of its strenu'th auil glory. Truth and justice have 
lost a cliam|iion who w.isablelo defend and m.iiiilain them. Leaining hath 
lost an eminent p;itroii. who was ever ready to [)romote it. The churches 


have lost u pa.-tur who was a i)il!ar in the huusL- ul' Jiis GoiL If woukl he dit- 
licult to tiiid his e<iual unioni;' inuii of like jia^^sious with us. He uas pinu-; 
witho'.u pretence, serious wiihuiit inor()s(-ue>a. u'ra^e but not austere, atVable 
without mear.uess. and I'aectious without levity, lie was peueeable ia hi^ 
temper, but zealous agfiiust sin. He was catholie ia his charity, almudauf iu 
his liberality, and ohliginir to straui^-ers. thon^rh otten ill-re(iuited." 

He .speaks most plainly of his revilers, ami rebukes theiii boldly 
and shaiply. He calls them •• that herd of :ibandoned mortals whose 
sport it has been to reek tlu-ir vt^nom upon a faithful servant of God, 
in profane anii u.n^odly scorn and derision." Fie rollsxlipm to -'mourn 
for the h.ardness of their heaits. and renenr au'l tiewail their" 
Dr. Hobbins says, ■■ Mr. Oee wotild not have dared to have thus chal- 
lenged ami rebuked his accusers, unless he knew well that they de- 
served it. and felt confident that (Vitton Mather had 1>een. injured." 

In speakin-j of some of the qualities of tlie famous Cotton Mather 
it will t'C well to in.sert he-re some facts ;i!id f/pinions regardinir (,'otcou 
Mather's conneoti'm in the witchcraft dektsion. ami I will cpiote fixmi 
the pen of that esteemed New England divine, If^v. Dr. Enoch Pond : 

•• In the tirst place. I remark that Cotton .Mather was a sincere believer in 
the reality and not infrequent oc<Mirrencf; of what in his day was denominated 
witchcraft. He also believed tliat tlic crime of witchcraft, when proved, was 
ju.stly punishable with death. Nor was his faith in reg-ard to these points at 
all sinu'ular. It was the common faith of Christendom, and luid been so for 
hundreds of years. Persons who lia\c not attended particularly to the sub- 
ject can have no ide.t of the e.xient to which the supposed crime of witchcraft 
has prevailed in different countries, and tlie multitmles of deaths which it has 
occa.sioned. In the latter part of the sixteenth century not only hundreds but 
thf>usands were put to death. — many of them by the extremest tortures. — in 
Germany. France, and Spain, under the imputation of witchcraft. In ltil2 
fifteen persons were indicted and twehe executed in Lancashire, £u:rland: and 
in 163-1: sevenreen more were executed in the same country. The Rev. Thomas 
Cooper, one of the miuisters of this country, in his ' Mystery of Witchcraft,' 
published in l»ilT. says: • Dotii not every assize, almost, throu.sirhout the land 
re»ovmii of the arraiznnniU and conviction of niHorious witches ?' Between 
the years lr;44 and ItUfi the celebrated witcli-lmnter. Matthew Hoi>kins. was 
encoiirasred and employed to visit dilTereiU parts of Enuiaud, fern-t out those 
who dealt with familiar spirii>. and brimr them to justice. Throuirh his 
instrumentality sixteen were executed at Yarmoutli. fifteen at Chelmsford, 
one at Cambritlire. several in Huntiuudiai. an<l sixtv in the single civunly of 


Sullolk (tli.'>t' arc only •^'UiiL- of the cases mentioned of in tlie old worM lon'j 
bcfor:' Cotton Mather was Ijoni). Sir William lilaekstone, the ,ii-reat oiaclc of 
IJriti-li law. who (lieil no longer ago than le^O, declarcl his helief in uitch- 
eraff in the following- terms: • To deny the possibility, nay, tlie actual t\i,-,r- 
enee of -.Nitchcraft aiitl sorcery, is at ont-e flally to eiailradict the revealed 
Word of (Jo.l. iu various pa<.>ages, both of tlw Old and New Testaments ; an<l 
the thin!.'' its.-lf is a truth to which every nation in tlie world hath, in its turn, 
borne le-rimonv. either by e.xamviles .seemingly well-attested, or bv jirohibitory 
laws \\hich ;it least suppose the possibility of ciinnierce with evil spirits.'"' 

In Xew En,s;liunl. at tlie time ot Cotton Mather, t.iie Leliof in witcli- 
criift may he said t;o have been universal. Tlie most; experienced pliy- 
siciaiis who were called to prescribe for the afflicted persons, and the 
most eminent ministers who were invited to })ray with them, did not 
hesitate to pronounce rhem hewifched. Even persons who had 
the least s\-mi)athv with tlie Mathers on some snl>jecfs. a.s Thomas and 
William P)rattle. John Leverett,-and Rol)ert t 'alef. all agrees 1 with them 
as to tlie reality of witchcraft. 

in the vear 1*'<'.H. two vears suliseqnent to the executions at Salem, 
a pajier was issued In- the President and Fellows of Harvard t.'ollege, 
and siu:ned, amon^ others, by Samuel Willard. John Leverett, and 
William Brattle, invhin.a; observation and information concerning 
"apparitions, possessioii.s, enchantments, and all extracn-dinary things 
wherein tlie existence and agency of the invisible W(;rld is more sensi- 
blv demonstrated." X"r was the beliet in v/itchcraft in this country 
confined to Xew Euirland. 

In tlie early settlement of Pennsylvania William Penu presided on 
the bench wlien two Swedish women were tried for witchcraft, l>oth 
of whom would have been condemned and execute<l but for some 
technical orror in tiie indictment. 

The French aii'l Dutch ministers of Xew York, when tiieir .'/pinion 
was asked by the I'hiet Justice of that province rcpliedi in writing: 
"If we believe in no venefic witchcraft, we must renounce the Scrip- 
ture of (roll and the con.sent of all tlie world. 

The last l>ook tliat the celebrated Pilchard Baxter ever pulilished 
was a treatise ou the immortality of the soul and the reality of the 
world of spirits. e>tal)lished >)y undouliteil cases of apparitions. poss«'S- 
sions, witclicraft-s, etc.; and so late as the year 17"JU, Dr. Isaac Watts. 


ill u iettei- CO CurTun .\iarlici' respei.'titi.u; The .^jilnu witrlicnifr. .-^ays: 
•• I am persiunled that ilu-re was nmch iiunu.-iliate ^•j:i-urv df tiie Devil 
in tiiose ailaii-.-;. ami }K'vha])S There were some real witches. 

1 have eite.l t!ie.<e testinicnies for the purpose of sr.uwinii- at om- 
view how ireneraL and [ niight say almost universal, was the ^elit.'f in 
witeherait in the times in which he lived. Cotton Matlu-r vras not 
singular in hi.s opinions "u this sul.jeet. Ih- wonli tiave l>een singular 
if he had indulged- other opinions. He spoke the truth when he saiil. 
iu his replv to Calef: ■• I know not that I have ever advanced any 
f.pinii.n in the matter t)i witchcnift but wtiat all th.^ ministers of the 
L..rd tliat I know ut in the world, whether English or Scotch or 
French or Ihitcii (and 1 know many), are of the same opinion with me." 
If there was any difference between Mr. Mather and his contempo- 
raries <.n the point before us it ^vas i)erhaps this: that owing to his 
natural creiUilitv and love of the marvelous, he was more sincere and 
earnest in iiis beliei than some of them: a fact of considerable import- 
ance in this inquiry, and whicli, if duly considered, will go. n.;t to 
inculpate, but rather to e.\cuse him. '^ Dr. ?*[ather did not originate 
this belief in New England: there were cases (jf it here before he was 
born, and in lO'Vi. tlie year of his birth., th.^re were three executed in 
Hartford." In Ki'.i'J. when C'ottcn Matlier was only thirtv years of aire, 
the Salem ^;\itchcraft seemed to be at the stage- of its <levelop. 
ment. in Mav one hun.lred persons were in jail: about in five of 
them were executeth 

In Great Britain, during the era of the Long Parliainent. three 
thousand persons are said to have peri.shed for witchcraft during tlie 
continuance of the sittings of that 'oo<lv by l(^gal e.Kecutions. imh-peiid- 
entlv of summary deaths at tlie hands ot tlu> mob. Witch executions 
continued long after that. Elizabeth, in l.".';'-'. first made witchcraft in 
it.self a crime of the first nia.iirnitude. Kiim- James \'r. in the Orst year 
of his reign, detines the crime very minutc^ly. 

Till? trial of the witc-hes in Salein were bv seven judges. wlio>e 
names stand as am<mg tlie very best in our land. Tliey were Lieut.- 
(iov. Stous:hton. ^[ajor Salton.*iall. Major Ciedney, Mr. Wait Winthrop. 
(."apt. Sewall. and .Mr. Sarg(^ant. .\ffcr thcv hatl tried and condemned 
one, and executed that one, they hesitate.!. The cases multiplied. 
The jails were overfiowin'4 with the accused. ■• What shall i^e <lone ' 


wu.s the question rhat passcil ffoin mouth tu nioutli. At this staiie 
( 'i.'ttoti Matlicr luailf a ])ro[)i.isal far juutv chara'.-tei'istic ol.' hiui than 
aiuliirinn or cruelty. lie offered that if tlie possessed peo[)ie wlio 
were under accusation nuglit l)e scattered far asunder, he would singly 
provi.le for six of thetu. ami see v/hether. without more hitter methods, 
prayer witli tasriuii' wi.mld not pat an end to these heavy trials. 

This oti'er was refused, as we miu-ht supp^ise. for all men had not 
the same faith as our pastor had in those remedies. But that he was 
in earnest in his offer is evident, not only from the general tone of his 
ojiinions and practice, but also from the fact that he liimself. during tlie 
witchcraft trials, spent a day almost every week in secret fasting and 
prayi>r. l->ut the matter wa.-^ in the courts, and through tiie courts it 
must go. and hy the courts be decided. < 'nly before proceeding fur- 
ther the Governor and Council, according to --an old charter practice," 
asked the advice of the clergy of Boston. A paper \vas drawn up by 
them, the author of which was Cotton ^.lather, containing eight articles 
of advice. It recommends --a very critic^d and e.xquibite cauMon " in 
thecomluct of the prosecution, and managed with an •■ exceeding tender- 
ness to the accu.sed"; it suggests -as little noise, conijiany, and open- 
ness as possible.'" The answer to the Governor and Council also 
advised the prosecution •■accoi'ding to the directions given in the laws 
of God and the wliolesome statutes of the English nation." 

I will adil a few more lines from Rev. Dr. Chandler Iiob!»ins. to 
whom I am indeljteil for s<)nie of the foregoing: 

"That h<; was under the intliieiicc of any had motives, any sanguinary 
feclinirs: tlial he did not verily thhik he was doinir (rod's service, and tJic devil 
iiijm'V: tliul lie wniiM ii()t trladly have preveiUed the disorderly proeeeilimrs of 
the courts, the apiilieatiou of unlawful test.s, and everything unmerciful in the 
trials, ami inluunau hi their issue, the most careful exaniinali(jii has failed to 
make nie bi'lieve. ' 

I )n the ^[atlier Tomb ant the following inscriptions: 

"The Reverend Dcr-tors 
Ixcp.K.vsE, Cotton a.nd S.vmi :ki, .M.^tuku 
were interred in this Vault. 
Tis the Tond) of 0»ir Fatliers. 
I Died Auu;"iT"' 172:^ Ac S4 
C Died Fet). IS"- 17-.27 Ae 60 
S Died June 27-'> 17ba Ae 71) " 


Since tlie biu-ial of ^Nlits RolnK'ca E. Purkfr. who ilifl Dec. .">. ISS4. 
the ilt'scription of the ^[atllPI• Tunro wa.-: i)ul>lishi'il. aii'l may be of in- 

•■ Miub has been written in books and newspapers in regard to the con- 
tents of the family tomb of Cotton '>[ather in tlie C'opps Hill Buryinir Ground, 
and a correspondent of a New York paper, some time ag-o, \entrired the 
assertion that the bones of the ^fatbers were In aped proiniscuo-isly in one 
iarsre box. To prove tliat this stiitemeut was an error, oec.ision w,i,-. taken by 
Superintendent MacDonald on .Monday, Asiien tlie body of Rebecca E. Parker, 
the l:ist owner of the toinlj, who died at the age of eiglity-si.\ years, was con- 
signed to its last resting place, to ascertain the real contents of the vault. 
The tomb is a sunken aich of lirii.'k 80 liy -h) feet, with an entnince of four 
feet by tive, approached by :i series or steps. There are six shelves in tlie 
^:!ldt, tiirce of them containing two cothns e:i(li. the other three liolding nine 
coffins. There are twenty other collins, all evidently containing tlie ashes of 
the Mathers. On the upi)er shelf is a cortin enclosed in -i pine box. containing 
tlie body of a .Mrs. Hooker, not a lueniber of the fj-niily. It is supposed that 
the Xew Ytjrk corres])ondent, at a previous oi)eniug of tlie tomb, mistook this 
plain box for a nd.scellanfcons receptacle. The lirielc work of the vault is in 
excellent order. 

■■ The ^Irs. Hooker to whom reference was made in our article on the Mather 
tomb, iii last Thursday's pa[)er, was the wife of Dr. A, Ho-.-ker of Cambridge- 
port, and was a great-great-gramidaughter of Cotton .Mather. Her nutther 
{iiee Crocker) marrieil a 3ir, Parker. Her grandmother {.lu'c Mather) mar- 
ried a ^Ir. Croclier." 

Tlio I'l.dlowiuir account of the deatli and funeral of Pr. Cotton 
Matlier is what was taken front the ^\"' "; Einjhdid Wf-ek^n Jonrnnl. of 
the liith and 'Jbth of February, ITliS : 

'"Last Tuesday in tlie Forenoon between 8 and 9 O'clock diid here the 
very Reverend Cotton blather. Doctor in I.)iviiiity of Gla:>co, and P\'!iow of the 
Royal Society in London. Senior Pastor of the Old North cliureh in Boston, 
and an Overseer of Harvard College; By wliose death. Persons of all R;inks 
are in Concern and sorrow. He was peril. ips the principal Ornament of this 
Country, the greatest Scholar that ever was bred in it. But liesides hLs uni- 
versid Learning; hi.s exalted Piety and extensive Charity, Ins entertaining 
Wit, and .■lingular goodness of Temper recojtmiended him to all, that were 
.liidges of real and dislingiiishcil merit. 

"After having si)ent above Forty seven yeans in the faitb.ful an<l un- 
wearied Discharge of a livel}', zealous, and awakening ministry, and in inces- 
sant eiule.ivours to do gooil and spread abroad the Glory of Christ, he tiiiished 


liis Course with :i lUnnc Coni]). i.>ure and joy, the day aft.T liis Birth Day. 
whifh ci'iupl-.-at^-d ins Si.\ty Firtli yvar. hcinir horn Fv\>. \-'i. lu^'d-'.)." 

•■ "a X'liuiay ia^T. tlic IJ:.>iiiai)i> of t)iv Late very ll(.'\cniid irml f,;'arn(.'d 
Dr. Cotton Malliur who defeased on Tuesday the 18"^ In.stant to the vireut Loss 
and Sorrow ^r' this Town and Country, were very liouourably interred. His 
lievereuil ('olleague in dtjep .Mourn in u-, with the Brethren of the Chureli. walk- 
ing in a Bo(iy het'ore tlie Corjii^e. The .six iir>r Ministers of the Bo>ton Lecture 
.supported the Pall. .Several Gentlemen of the bereaved Flocl'C took their turns 
to bear tlie (."I'tRii, at'lerwliieb followed, tirst tlie licreaver! It-Lalivi's in Mnurn- 
intr; then his Honour the Lieuteaiant Governor, tlii' ITonouraliU- His 3Iaje^>ty'.s 
Ci<uneii. and Hou>e of Tiepre.sent.a fives: .aihl iIku a l:o'u"e Train of !Mii'.i>tcrs, 
Ju-liee-. .Mi-rchants. Seiioiars and otlier prificiii;i] iidiahitants. both .Mc-ii aiid 
Women. Tile Streets were irowded with People, and the "VVimiow.^ till' Aviih 
sorrowful Speetators. all 'he uay to tlie Buryinu' Place; where the Corpse was 
dei^o.sited in a Toriib l)ili>nirin;:- to the worthy Fanuly." [On ('o[>psH!ll at the 
north en 1 of the t.'wn.] 

X C-VTALOGCE C)F THE BooKs P'.T,r.Ts}!F.u liv K'Kv. Dk. Cotton 3L».Tiri:u 

F. R, S. 

Tlie Call of tlie Gospel. 

."Milit.try Durii-^; A Sermon to the Artillery Company in ^liddlese.v. 

U'lrhf Thoughts in .^ad Hours: on the De;irh of a First Born. 

Early Piety exemplitied in the Life of Ids Brother. >[r. Xathaniel Mather. 

wi'h se\ei'al sermons. 

Small <.)trer> tow:irils the Sei-\'i(e of tiie T.alieiaiaele in tli.' AVilderm-ss. 
3Ienioral)!e Providi-iiees relating to W'iteheraft and Posses.-^ions. with some 

sermons annexed. 
Soldie-rs Counselleil and Comforted. 
Work uii<ni the Ark. 
The Wond'-rful Work.s of God Commemorared, with a Sermon to tiie Cou 

ventiou on The Way to Prosperity. 
j Speedy IJepintance Iri^ed. with some Historical Passaircs. 

' Kiyil. 

The Presen' State of Xew En-j-land Consiilered in a Discourse on .a Publiek 

A Companion for Con.muiuoatits. 

The Serviceable ^faii; A .^crmon at the Anniversary Election. 
Serious Thoii::lits in D\inii: I'imes. 

Address lo OKI Men. Vounu' ."^leu, .and Liltle Children. 
A ScrijUural Catcciu"sm. 

The Triumphs of ihi- Biformed [{eliuion in America in Ihe Life of >rr. 
.John Elli<it. 


Expt'ftancLi; or. Things to be looked for. 

Little' Flunks <>u:;ril..'(i Agaiust Grievous Wolves: or, a Display of Quakerism. 
Ornanieuti for tiie r)augliters of Zioii: or, the Character and Happiness of a 

Virtuous Woman. 
JBlesspd Union.?: wiih the Needs of Agreement lietween tlie united Brethren. 
I'air Weather: or. A :5acretl Exorcism upon .'sinful Discontent, v,iih some 

things annexed to promote Godliness. 
Balfamum Vulnerarium a 8criptura: or, tiie Cause and Cure of a wounded 

Preparatory ^leditations on the Day of Judgment. 
A ^tidnigiit Cry; with an Instrument of Acknowledgments and Protestations. 

Oprauda: or. Good 3Ien Described and Good Tilings Propounded. 
The Wonders of the InvLsible World, with a discnurse annexed concerning 

Unem Necessarium: or. Awakenings for the Unregenerate. 

WarniniTS from the Dead; Sermons occasioned l)y some Capital Executions. 
The Day and the Work of the Day. 
Winter Meditations. 

Early Religion, with certain >[emories of some who at their Death left 

Examides of It. 
TTie short History of New England. 
Brontologia vSacra: Sennons occasioned by Remarkable Thunder Storms. 

Seven select Lectures. 
Durable Riches; or. The True Cause of Losing, and the Right Way of 

Help for Distressed Parents. 
A good Master well served; or, the Properties and Practices of a good 

Servant, with the Duties of a 3Ia.sti r. 


.Johannes in Eremo; or. on the Lives ot Several Famous Divines. 

Observanda: on the Life of the late Queen Mary; and a Discourse on the 
Wheels r,f Divine Providence. 

A Cry against Oppression. 

The Christian Thank-Utferin":. 


Pietas in Patriam; or. the Life of Sir Phipps. 

Thing.s. for a distressed People to think upon: A Sermon at the Anniver- 
sary Election: with several Histories annexed. 

Great Examples i>f .Judgment and 3[ercy; with Meraorai)les occurring in 
the Suiterings of Captives among the ludiiins. 


Gospel for "the Poor. 

The Songs of the Redeemed; A Book of Hymns. 
Faith at" Work. 

Ecclesiastes: on the Life of Mr. Jonathan Mitchel. 

Humiliations followed with Deliverances; to which are annexed some 
Remarkable Providences. 

■ 12 


L\'t\ir ''Bosfo;;. 

The ibllowincr extract is taken from the Historical Sketches of old 
Copp's Hill and Lkirial Ground, pid^lished July 5th, 1S85 • 

"The most noted tomb in the ground, and the one almosf invariably the 
first inijuired for by people from other States and even from EurcJpe, 's that of 
Reverend Cotton Mather. It is near the Charter Street gate, and i.s a simple 
vault cf brick upon -which rests a heavy slab of brown stone into which two 
>eparare squares of slate have been set — one of recent date, and the other bear- 
ing m.irks of age — with the following mscription, which is almost illegible : 




were intered in this Vault. 

'lis the Tomb of our Father's 

I DIED Augt 27th 1723 AE 84 
C DIED FEB 13th 1727 AE 65 
S DIED June 27th 1785 AE 79 


'' In addition to these clergymen, the vault contains the remains of many ot 
their descendants. It wa^ last opened about fifteen years ago, when one of the 
Crocker family was deposited under its arch ; the relics of these ancient 
worthies were found mingled in great confusion. There is an air of quiet de- 
cay about the spot that is very suggestive of the transitory nature of all that is 
mortal. .Above it large trees cast a semi-gloom which discourages the growth 
of grass and shrubbery, and the tooth of time has gnawed deeply into both 
brick and stone. It is surrounded by a neat iron fence, stone curbing has been 
placed underneath, and the ground inr,ide the fence newlv sodded. By the 
mutations of family descent the tomb is now owned by Miss Rebecca E. Parker, 
who wishes to maintain it in as good condition as possible, and do nothing to 
destroy the sacred character of the pro])erty. The famous Napoleon willow 
(grown from a slip l)rought by Captain Joseiih Leonard from the tree at thj 
grave of Napoleon at St. Helena, and transplanted here by Roland Ellis ot 
Boston, in 1844), now shades another burial plat, and covers the mtmument and 
tomb of the Ellis farailv at the Charter Street gate." 


Expectiiada; or, Tliinirs to be looked for. 

Little Flotk.s Giuink'd A.iruiu^t Grk'vons W^olvfS: "r. u Displiy of Quakerism. 
Ornamenrs for the Daughters of Ziou; or, the Character uud Ilappiiiess of a 

Virruous Woman. 
Blessed Unions: witii the Needs of Ai,'reenieut between the united Erethren. 
Fair Weather; i>r. A Sacred Exorcism upon Sinful Discontent, with some 

things annexed to promote Godliness. 
Balfamum Vnlnerariiim a Scripttira; or, the Cause and Cure of a wounded 

Preparatory >[editations on tlie Day of Judgment. 
A ^lidnight Cry: with an Instrument of Acknowledgments and Protestations. 

Opranda: or. Good Men De-^crihed and Good Things Propounded. 
The Wonders of the Invisible World, ■with a discourse annexe<l concorning 

Uuem Necessarir.m: or. Awakenings for the Unregenerato. 

Warnings from the Dead; Sermons occasioned by some Capital E.xecutions. 
The Day and the Work of the Day. 
Winter ilcditations. 

Early Reli:;ion. with certain Memories of some who at their Death left 

Exam])les of It. 
The short History of New England. 
Brontologia Sacra; Sermons occasioned by Rcnxarkable Thunder Stonns. 

Seven select Lectures. 
Durable Riches: or. The True Cause of Losing, and the Right Way of 

Help for Distressed Parents. 
A good Master well served; or, the Properties and Practices of ;i gixid 

Servant, vrith the Duties of a blaster. 


Johannes in Eremo; or. on the Lives of Several Famous Divines. 

Observanda; on the Life of the late Queen ilary; and a on the 
Wheels o*l Divine Providence. 

A Cry against Oppression. 

The Christian Thank-Olfering. 


Pictas in Patriam: or, the Life of Sir William Pliipps. 

Things. for a distressed People to think upon; A Smnon at the Anniver- 
sary Election: with sev«'ral Histories auiic.ved. 

Great E.vampies of .ludgmcnt and Mercy: witli Memnrables occiirring in 
the Sulleriugs of Captives among the Indians. 


Gospel for the Poor. 

The Sonifs of the Redeemed; A Book of Hymns. 
Faith at" Work. 

Ecclesiastes; on the Life of Mr. Jonathan Mitchel. 

Humiliations followed with Deliverances; to which iire annexed some 
Remarkable Providences. 



The Way tr) Excel; A Funeral yerniou on Mr. Jolm Baily, with Memoirs 

of his Life; and the Ciiaraeter of a Cliristiau. 
3lea.< Sane in Corpore Sane; or, a Diseourse upon a. ItccovLTy from SiekueaS. 

The Bostouiau Ebenezer; with a Leeture on Household Reliiiion. 
Eieiitheria: An Idea of tiu.' Reformation, and au ilistorv of Non-Conformity. 
A Letter to the English (.."aptive.s in Africa. 
Dccenniuni Luctiiosum; An t[i>tory of Remarkal)!e OecurroneetJ in the 

long War witit the Indians, fron'i Uis^? to Uyiia. with two Lectures for 

the Reliiiimi^ Inipnjvement of them. 
The Serious Christiau: three e,s>ays. 
Pillars of Salt; An History of Crinunais Exectited; with two Lecftires on 

Sin Puni-:]ied witli Sin. 

La Religion pura; To which is added, I^a Fe del Chri.^ti.uio; An Essay to 

C'onvty ]{eligii"in inr(.'i tlie Spaiusli India. 
The Faith of the F^ithers; A Catechism Un- the Jewisli N.-itinn. 
A F.unil\- well-ordered; with an Address -ad Fr;itres in Knino. 
Thirty Imiiortaut Cases; published in tlie Name of the Ministers' ileetini;- at 

A Letter of Advice to the Churches of the Non-Confonuisrs. 
The Everlasting Gospel; or. the Gospel of Justitication, 
The Religii;iis .Marriner. 
The Floeks Warned against Wolves in .'-'heeps Cioathing, with an Ilistorv of 

Impostors, .and a Lecture on their Occasion. 

Things that young People should think upon. 

A monitory and hortatory Letter to tiie English who dihatich the [u'lians. 
Au Eiii>tle to the Christian Indians; English on one page and Indian on 

the other. 
The good Linguist. 

A monitory Letter concerning tlie Mainlenance of the Ministry. 
A Pillar of Gratitude: A Sermon at the Anniversary Election". 
Reasonable Religion. 
Grace Triumphant. 
A Defence of Evangelical Churches. 
The great Phy.-ician. 
A Token for tlie Children of New-England, in Xarratives, ;ind Instances of 

Piety in Children. 
American Tears upon the Ruins of the Greek Churches. 
The young .Man"s .Monitor. 

Triumphs over Troubles. . 

The Old Principle-, of New -England. 
Christianas per luuani; or, A Disciple ■warmintr hini>eif ami owniu"- his 


A Companion for the Attiieted. 

A Letter comeraiug the Sufferings of our Protestnut Brethren. 
The \oung Man's Pre.'^ervation. 

Thaumatographia Christiana; or. the Wonders of Christianity. 
Death made easy and happy. 
A Christian at his Calling; Two Essays; One on the jreueral Calling, another 

oa tiie personal. 

FIFTH (.iEXEKATloN. ^'1 

(;hri>ti;niitv t(j the LitV: A I.)i>eoui-M' on tiu' linitatioi) of our Saviour. 

.>[ascliil; ur. the Faitlit'ul Iiistrucior, in Miniorials of Christianity. 

Ailvice TO the I'hureiie.-; of tlie Faithful; reportiuir the [)re.-ent State of the 

Church throiiu-hout the World. 
Magualia CHIilSTI Amerirauu, or, tlie Cliurt h-Iiibtury of Xew-En;:]au(l. 

] 7< >3. 
Cares about the Xurseries. 
Much in a little. 

A Letter to the imtroJifiellized Plantations. 
A nionitorv Letter'to them who absent themselves from the puhlick Worsliip 

of God. 
A seas(!nal(lc Testimony to the Doctrines of Grace fetched out of the Articles 

a'lil II innlics of the Church, of England. 
The Portrait i.ire of a .irood Man. 

Xecessarv Admonitions concernimr Sins of Onu.ssion. 

Wholesotne Words: or, A Visits of Advice to FamQic-, visiieil with sickut-^s. 
Meat out of the Eater: or. Funeral Discourses occasioned by the Death of 

several Rv'latives. 

1 703. 
The Day which the Lord has Made; A Discourse couceruiiig the Iustituti(m 

aridObservation of tli<; Lord's Day. 
The Glory of Goodness: with Remarks on the Kcdemption uf Captives from 

the Cruelties of Barhary. 
The Retired Chri.-,tiau. 

The Hi^•h Attainment; A Discourse on Resiirnatiou. 
Agreeable Admonitions to Young and Old. 
AFamily Sacrirtce. 

Lessons of t^oi Illness for Children of godly Ancestors. 

Great Consolations; or. A tempted Christian triumphing over his Temptations. 
The Armour of Christianity; A Treatise on the Wiles of the Devil. 
Zedidiah; or. A Favorite of Heaven described. 
Mi'tliods A: .^[otives for a Society to >u;ipress Disorders. 
A VirtU'>us Woman F<..und: An Es>ay i.>n the Death of 3frs. >[iiry Brown. 
A Tree planted by the Rivers of Water; An Es.-ay on the Iiuproveuieuts to be 

made of our sacred Baptism. 

Youth under a Good Contluct. 
A Weaned Christi;ui. 
A Faithful Monitor: with an Abstract of the Laws against puaishable Wick- 

■ ednf^ss. 
Le vrai Patrou de Sahies Paroles; designed for the Instruction of our French 

Captive's. « 

A servant of the Lord not ashamed of his Loril. 
Faithful Waruinu-s to i)revent fearful Judgments. 
Tlie Xets of Salvation, with a Poein. 
A Coiuforter of the .Mourners. 

Les Mercatoria: or. The false Dealer fairly dealt with. 
Nicetas; or. Temptations to Sin well answered ami connuered. 
Baptists: or, A C<mfereuce abo\it the Subject and Manner of Baptism. 
Monica Americana: or. Female Piety e.xemplitied in a funeral Sermon for 
Mrs. Saraii Levcres,-,. with an Elegy. 



A Letter -iJKmt the piTsent State of C'iuistianit y amonsr the Indians. 

A faithful Man ■k'.^c-ribet! and trwardvd: A tuiu'nd J>(rmi>n for 'Sir. ?>Iiehael 
WiiTirlesworth. ^virh Memorials oi Piety e.vtraeted frmn his Papers. 

Parental \Vi.<hes and Charges; with a Poem entitled the C'l'nscut. 

Familv I\e',i:riou e.vcitcd ami assisted. 

The Iil:!e^ of a Vi-^it. 

>Iaro Pacilicuni: or, the Satisfactions of attticted Christianity. 

Vigilantiu^; ur, the servant of the Lonl found ready for His Cmuinii; ou the 
Death of seven young Ministers, with un Elegy. 

The Reiisfion of the Closet; or. the Christian furnished wifli a Coniiiauion for 


Good Lessons for Children, in Verse. 

A young Fijliower of a great Saviour. 

Free Grace maintained ami improved. 

The Xegro Christianized. 

Tiie good old Way: or Christianity as it appeared in the Lives of the primi- 
tive Cliristians. 

Privjire 'ileetings animated and regulated. 

Heavenlv ronsiderations: or the joy of Heaven over tliem that answer the 
Cull" of IK-aveu. 

Good fetched out of Evil: A Collection of Memorables relating to our Cap- 

The impenitent Sinner disarmed of his Plea for Impenitency. 

The hesr Ornaments of Yduth. 

Treacle fetched out of a Viper: An Essay upon Falls into Sin. 

The Man of Gtxl furnished with sup[dies from tiie Tower of David. 

\a Essay iipon the Character and Condition of the Covetous. 

Another Tongue brought in to Confess our Saviour; or Christianity Lu the 

Tongue of the Irequois Indians. 
An Essav upi'U profane Cursing and Swearing. 
The Soulier told what lie shoidd Do. 
The greatest Concern in the World. 
Frontiers well defendeil: An Essay directing our Frontiers how to behave 

The Fall of Babylon. 
Ornamental Piety. 

The Spirit of Life entering into the Spiritually Dead. 
Manly Christianity. 
Winthrop Justa: Mortality considered: in a Sermon at the Funeral of J. 

"Winrhrop, Esq. 

Sober Consideration on a growing Flood of Iniquity. 
Youth in its briiriitest Glory. 
Corderiu.s Anifricatius : A funeral Sermon on the D<-.ith of Mr. Ezek. 

Choever. witlj an Elegy. 
A good Evening for the of Days. 
The Tein[de eipeuing. 
Nunc Diniittis. briefly descanted on: A Funeral Sermon on Mr. John ilig 

i^nsou. with Memoirs of his Life. 



The Desires of tbe Repenting Believer. 

The TSonds of the Coveuaiit. 

The Sailors' (.'oinpanion and Counsellor. 

Work within Doors. 

A Christian Conver.sing with the greatest Mystery of Christi.mity. 

An Essay on the Streets of the Uoly City. 

The Cure of Sorrow. 

The Heavenly ('onversation. 

Dust and Ashes: An E.ssay on Repentance to the Last. 


Ciii!-<tianity Demonstrati'd. An Essay on the Witness within. 

Bouifaeius : An E.s.say upmi the Good to be derived by those who w(.)uld an- 
swer the great End of Life. 

Elisabeth m her holy Retirement. 

Man eating the Food of -^gels; or the Religion of the Morning, with the 
Histc>ry of Von Extor. 

Neheniiiii: An Essay on Divine Consolations. 

Memorials of Early JPiety: The Life and Death of Mrs. Jerusha Oliver. 


Orphano-trophium; or Orphans well provided for. 

Compassions eall'^ for; or profitable Reflections on miserable Spectudes. 

The Fisherman's Calling. 

A Christian Funeral. 

The old Patlis Ke.stored. 

Persuasions from the Terror of the Lord: A Sermon cm the Day of Judg- 

Tho'ts for the Day of Rain: or the Gospel of the Rainbow, etc. 

Advice from Taberah: A Sermon after the terrible Fire in Boston. 

A Soul Well Aiu'hored. 

Whiter Piety. 

Seas(jnable Tho'ts on Mortality. 


Awakening Tho'ts on the Sleep of Death: with a Delit paid unto the .Memory 
of some that sleep in Jesus. 

The Ways and Joys of Earlj' Piety. 

Past(jral Desires. 

The Young ^lan spoken to. 

Th' hard Way of Tramrressors. 

Reason Siitistied and Faith established; or the Resurrection <»f Jesus demon- 

A Town in its truest Glory. 

Grata Bre%itas. A short E^-say to demonstrate a few Words may have much 
comprizetl in them. 

Rcpeted Warnings: with the Remarkable E-\'perienees of a young Man. 

Grace defended: with a Dissertation about the penitent Thief. 

A Hying Hoi! to enter the Hou-i> <t llaml of tlie Thief. 

Tabitha Re-diviva: The good Works of a vertuous Woman describeil and com- 
mended, with S(jme Justice to the Memory of Mrs. Eliz Ilutehiusou. 


Adversus Libertiuos: or Evangelical t.)bedience ilescribeil and demaude<l. 

A Testimony against some Evil Customes. 

A Man of his 'VV'ord. 


Thiairs to be iho't upon. 

The 'v. 0. C. nt' Puli-i.m. 

Goliri>H';t: A livelv l>i si riiition of Death, witli Miiiioiiuls uf a liupeful Ymiu"- 

■^Mati. ■ 

A Pre^ellt of Suinnier Fruit. 
The curbed Sinner; A Sermon oecat^ioned by a Seutenee of Death mi a yuuug 

Man for Munler. 
What should he uio:-! i.>f all tho'T upon ■/ 

An Essiv upon a Soul at ea^e: A funeral Sermon for Mr.-,. ;Marv Hock. 
The 'Will of a Father submitted to. 

The Reliiriou nf the Cross: occasioned by the Death of >[rs. .KliMabeth Mather. 
Hezekiah: A Christian armed with Streuixth for a Day of Adversii) . 
The be>t wav of Livinsr. 


A Perfect Recovery: Exhibited after a sickly Winter 

A Life of Piety Resolved on: U]^r)u the Deutli >if .Mrs. Sumli Tiiii;-. 

Vita lire vis: An Essay upon witherin>r Flowers. 

Maternal Consolaci(.us: On the Death of Mrs. .Maria Mather. 

The Sacriticer. 

Infanabilia: ^Vn Essay upon iucuraliles. 

A shurt Life, yet nnt a v:un one: occasioned by some Instances </f ."\Iortalitv . 

Verba Viviaca: .some Words of Life produced by tlie J>eaih of some vou'n^^- 

The Ghirious Throne: A Sermon on the Succi:s.sion of the British Crown to 

the ilhistrinus House of Hanover. 
Duo decenuium luctuosimu The History of a War with the Lidian.s from the 

year ITUv: to 1714. 
A Monitor fur Commimicants. 
Peath AjiproachiniT. 

Pascentius: An Essay how to live in hard Times. 
Verba-opportuna; The Circumstances of Boston considered, with fresh iucul- 

catious of earlv Pietv. 

Just Commemorations: The Death of good Men i-ousiilercd w ith tlie Character 

of Some. 
Nuucia liona e Terra longingua: An Account uf some g(Vid .and great Things 

done in Europe. 
A S'^rrowful Spectacle; Sermons occasionetl by a Senieuce of Death on a Mur- 

A ^Monitor for the Children of the Covenant. 
The Echoes of Devotion. 

The Grand Point of Solicitude; or an Essay ujion Divine Desertions. 
Go.)d Men 'Lscribed. with the Character and History of Mr. TJiomas Britlire. 
Shaking Dispensations, with Remarks on the Dtith of the Fn-iich Kiuir. 
Lapis c monte exifii.-<: The Stone cut out of the Mouutaiiib; a Treatise in flui;-- 

lish and Latin. 
Parentalia: The P.Ie-^ings and Comforts f.'i [>i..iis Cliildrcn .after the Death of 

tli( ir good Parents. 
Successive Generations: Remarks on riic ( ii:inges of a dyiutr W^rld. Reliirion served witli eight essays. 
Fair Dealing between D<-!>t(iranU ( r.,'ilit"r 

The Servant^ of Abraham: with Motives for the Instruction of Servants. 
Life vswiftly Pas.siug and quickly Y-inlUvj (»n the Death of .Mrs. Mehitable 



The City oi Refuge. 
The Chfistiau Cyuick. 

The Resort of Piety. 
Piety dcmamleil. 

Dire'cticMis liow to speMt-he L-n-d's Day Evenings. 
A brief Es-;,iv on Tokens for Good. 
Tlie TUaiikfu! Chrisrian. 
Vlctorina; A .Sermon nn the Dcrease of .Miss Katherine IMnthcr. ^ith n further 

Zelotes: A Zea.l t>v the House of Goil blown up: A Sermon at the opening of 
;i new Ciiurch. 

The C:'se of a TrouMed .Mi:id. 
Iconoelastes: An Essay up(»n Idolatry too often cominiTte'l under the most 

Reformed C'hristianifT. 
Tlie Voice of the Dove; with IMentoirs of >[r. Ro>)ert Kitehen. 
Tlie Everlastiuir Gospel to be preached unto the Nations. 
The Valle\v of Hiunom: The Terrors of Hell demonstrated in the hearing of 

a murderous A[alefactor. 
Febrifugium: An Essay tor the Cure of ungodly Anger. 
AnastasTus: Tlie Resurrection of Lazarus improved. 
The Tribe of Asher: A Sermon at the Baptism of a Grand Child. 
Piety and Eqnitv I'nited. 1. The Desires of Piety: O. The Measuresof Eouity. 
TheDivine S>neveignty displayed and adored; On tlie Deatli of Mrs. llau- 

nali Sewall. 
Hades lonked into; The Power of our Saviour ovec the invisible World; At 

the Fuiieral of Wait Winthorp. Es<i.; with an Eleiry anil Kpiiaph. 
Instructions lo the Living fmm the Condition ..f Dead"; lleui:u-k:ibi(.s on the 

Fate of Pirates; and'a Sermon on their Occasion. 
Faith encouraired; with a Uelation of the Jewish Cluldren at Berlin. 
Pviiphael: The Blessinics of an liealed Soul considered. 

An Essay to do Good unto the Widow. 
Tha obedient Sufferer. 
Brethren dwelling together in Unity: A Sermon at the Ordination of a B;ip- 

tist Minister. 
Psalterium Americanum; The Book of P.salms in Blank Verse, with Illustra- 

tii 'US. 
A Mau of Reason. 
.\ji Essay on the Condition of Man known in his Place no more; A funeral 

Seriium for 3[r. Thomas Barnard. 
Proviilence asserted and adored; A Sermon occasioued by the Death of sev- 
eral who were drowneil. 
Tlie Religion of an Oath. 

A distressed People entertained with Proposals for the Relief of their Dis- 
A new Vear well begun; An Essay offered on a New Year's Day. 
GenetpliH pia: Thoughts for ii Birth Day. 
Vivilius; or. the Awakeuer. 
Youth advised: An Essiiy on the Sias of Youth. 
A Glorious Espousal. 

96 THE MATnEK F--U11LY. 

Desidi^rius: A desirable M:tu described, with a (loiiiiiieinonitioa of 3Ir. .lames 

An Heavcti'y Lite. 

The Siiivariim of the Sun) conijidered. 
The Tried Prufessur. 
Au Essay Qu seasouable IiUcrpositions of Divine Providence on the olh of 

The Righteous 3Ian described and asserted as the excellent ^lan: A Sermon 

on Mc. Joseph Gerrish. 
Ajx Account oi an Uncommon Appearance in the Heavens, with Remarks 

upon it. 
A Tear and a Life well concluded: A Sermon on the last day of the Year. 
Sincere Piety descrilied, and the Trial of cSiucerity a.ssisted. 


A Brother's Duty; An t.^say on every M:in his Brotlier's Keeper. 

The Quickened S^miI. cr, the Witliercil Hand revived. 

Cobcl"cJi: A ."T'oul upon Kecollectii>u coming into incontostible Sentiments of 

Undoubted Certainties: A certain Prospect of Death: A Sermon on Mrs. Abi- 
gail Sewali. 

The liight way of shaking off a Viper. 

The Christian Pldlo^opher. 

The Amb.i>.:sad')r"s Tears. 

The accomplished Singer. 

American bentimeiits on the Arian Controversy. 

India Christiana: An Account of the Prop.igatiou of Christianity in the East 

as well as West Indies. 
Honesta Parsimotiia: or. Time spent as it should be. 
What the pious Parent wishes for. 
A Vision in the Temple: or, the Lord of Hosts adored. 
The dre.-idful Soutid in tlic E.trs of the Wicked. 
The Worl<! Alarmed. 

Genuine Christianity: A funeral Sermon for Mrs. Frances Webb. 
Selentiarius: An Essay on the P:itience and Silenci: uith which Sad Things 

are to be entertain<-d: on the Death of Mrs. Abiirail Willard. 
An Account of the Method and Success of Inoculating the Small Pox. 

Love triumphant: A Sermon at the gathering a new Church and Ordaining 

their Pastor. 
Bethiah: or. the Glory which adorns the Dauirhters of God. 
The Miais-er: A Sermon ..t the Aniuversary Convention of Ministers. 
Dove.-) rl_\i'ig to tlie Wiml'iws ot their Saviour. 
An Essay on the Vai:i Presumption of Living and Thriving; on the premature 

Death of a Youii:: Getitleman. 
Pia Desiiieria: or, the smoking Fla.x raised into a sacred Flame. 
NiimatliChajim: Tiie probaijle seat of all Diseases and a general Cure for 

Divine At9:ition3; An Essiiy to describe the gracious Influences of the Holy 

The Soul upon the Wing; An Essay on the State of the Dead. 



The Voicx- iif Goil in tlie Tempest.;!; OD .SuihU-n Death made ami happy; A Funeral t>ermi)n. 

C'a'le.'^tinxis; A (.Oil vernation iu ileavea. quickeiieil and ;i.ssi.sted. 

Some seii:?i'nal)le Enifairies upon Episcopacy. 

A "W';'.!!;: ■ui'-h God. cliiiacTerized; A Sermon on Mr.'ph Belcher. . 

The Lord higii Admiral of :dl the- Seas adored. 

Va!eriu.s: or. Prosperity of the Soul Described. 

A Fiitiicr departin.u", A Sermon on Dr. Increase .Matlier. 

An Essay on Remark;»o]es ia tlie way of wicked-^Ien. 

The pure Na/.arite. 

Pareutator; ilemoirs on the Life of Dr. Increase Mather. 

Proposals for Religious Societies, with a Sermon. 
The Converted Sinrer: upnu the Execution of •<oine Pirates. 
Stimulator; on the of a Soul walkiag iu Darlcness. 
The true- Richer; An Essay on the uuseui-cliaMr Kiclies of t' 
The XigliTinirale: An Essay i>n Si^ni;:s TlKjrns. 
Light in Dariaiess; with au E.xaniple of a I'ouug Person meeting Death with 

Triumplis (;ver It. 
A Short Essay on Troubles to he Lo(j!ied for. 
A Funeral Sermon: for Governor Saltonstall. 
L'ne Grand Voix d.e Ciel a la France. 
Three Sermons on the Death of a Sou. 
A good Reward of a good Servant; on 3Ir. Thomas Walter. 

Tlie Palm-bo;irers- A Relation of patient and joyful Sufferings in the Church 

of Scothiud from ItjJO to IfiSS. 
Virtue in its Venlure; A funeral Sermon for Mrs. Abiirail Browne. 
Repeated Admonitions about the 3Iaintenance of the Ministry. 
All supplied iu an all-suilicient Saviour; A funeral Sermon. 
The Waters of Marah sweetened; on the Deatli of a y(jung Gentleman. 
The Gospel of the V)ra/.en Serpent. 

Deus Xobiscum; a brief Essay' on the- Enjoyment of God. 
Renatus; or, a Soul passing from Deatli to Life. 
The Choice of Wisdom. 
Diluvium Ignis. 

Directions for a Candidate of the Ministry. 
Vital Christianity; or, the Life of God in the Soul of Man. 

Ratio Discipline Fratrum Nov-Anglorum. 
A good old Asre; The Glory of Aged Piety. 
Some si-asonable Advice to tlie Poor. 

The Condition to which the Protectant Religion is reduced. 
Ecolesia Monilia; The Treasure of the Alinii,dity. 
Kiiiu; opeueil. witli Memorials of Mrs. Eliz. Cotton. 

A Vial poured out on tlie st;t; occasioned by tlie executions of .some Pirates. 
An Essay to bespeak early Piety; on the Departure of Mrs. Eli/.. Cooper. 
Terra l>enta: An essay on the Bles.siug of Abraham. 
The Instructor. 

An ey.say on the Liirht which good Men have in dark Hours. 
Tlie Comforts of one walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. 

13 ' 


A Soul bound up in the Bundle of Life. 

Nails fastc'UL'd. 

Ignoreutia Scientifica; An Essay on Man's not knowing liis Time. 


The e%i>lei>t Tokens <>f Salvation. 

The sealed Servant of God aiipearinir with a well testified Adoption. 

The Marrow ()f tht.' Oospi-1: or. the Union between Christ and tiie Jieliever. 

RestisJiuis; A Discoiiise made upon a Recovery from Sickness. 

Agricola; or. the Religious Husbandman. 

Christian Loyalty; on the Death of King George I and Accession of King 
George IL 

An Happy Departure; on the Death of Mr. William Waldron. 

The Ballance of the Sanctuary. 

The Yoke borne in Youth, with an account of a young Person. 

The Terror of the Lord; with Rcnvirks en the Earthipiake. 

An Essay to preserve and strengthen the good Impressions made by Earth- 

An Es^^ay towards a Religious Improvement of Baptism at the sight of 

The Cli-tmbta-s of (rod opened and visited: on the Death of Peter Thatcher. 
[X. R. — This was the last sermon my Father delivered from tiiu Pulpit; 

and truly such a Semion as a good minister woulfl desire should be his last.] 

Since the death of Dr. Cotton Mather, two sermons ho hail prepared 
for the press have been published. Tlieir titles are, •' Tlie AVidow of 
Xain." "The Mystical Marriage." two make the tinmber of his 
books to be three hundre<l and oi.tyhty-three. 

The above statement is given by his son, Piev. Dr. Samuel Mather. 
Cotton Mather's most extensive work was never published — " Bi})lia 
Americai.a " — which is in manuscript in tlie Massachusetts Historical 
Society of Boston. These papers have been preserved with the great- 
est care. and. though more than a century and a half old. present a 
very fresh appearance. It took 'Mr. ilather over thirty of tlie last years 
of his life to complete it. and had he felt able to have paid so much 
money as it would require, it would have been published. 

In 1713 Cotton Mather was elected a fellow of the Royal Society 
of London. 1/eing the first American that had received this di.stinction. 

20 Maria 3Iathor^ (dan. of Ftev. Dr. Tncrease^ Rev. Richard', 
TliMinas-. Jolin'), of Cluirle.stown, Mass. Born in Bo.ston, 
March Ki. Itjt;4-5; she died Nov. '1'.). 174G; married (1) Capt. 
Bartholomew Green, Dec. 4, 16SM; (2) Richard Fifield, 1713. 



74«l\L\RiA b. 1693; m. Capt. Johu Elliot: d. 

TlABARTnoLOMEw. b. Jiily IS, 1(597; lu. d. 

74<;MARrnA, b. Jan. 29, 10y>^9; m. d. 

Probably uo chiklrcu by secoud marriage. 

21 Elizabeth Mather^ (-lau. of Kev. Dr. Increase', Rev. RicharrP, 
Thomas-. John'), of Boston, Mass. Born in Boston. Jan. 6. 
l«365-6; died Aug. 19, 1745: married (1) William Greenough, 
July, 1696; (2) Josiali Byles, Oct. 6. 170.3; he died suddenly, 
Mar. 17, 1707-8. 


75 Rev. IVr. Mather, b. Mch. lo. 1706-7; m. (1> A.nnti Gale, niece of 

Gov. Belcher; i2) Rebecca, dau. of Lieut.-Gov. 

Dr. ^father Byles graduated at Harvard College, 172.5; was highly 
educated, and received a call from tlie Hollis Street Church to become 
its first pastor: was ordained Dec. 20. 1733, &nd remained with them 
until 1776. He died July 5, 17SS, at the age of S2. 

It was said that during the Revolutionary Wcr he sympathized 
with the British, and in 1776 his connection with his church ceased. 
In person Dr. Bylcs was tail well proportioned, and of commanding 
appearance. He had a melodious and powerful voice, was very popular 
in his manut-r. Ke had' among his correspondeuts Laasdowne, Bope, 
and Watts. He was the father of Mather Byies, gTa<luate of Harvard 
College. 1751. and who was settled in New London, Conn., over a 
Congregational Church in 1757; afterwards l>ecarae an EpiscopaUan, 
and settled in St. Johns, X. B. Among their descendants were many 
influential families, the Des Brisays-Almons. and others of note. 

23 Sarah Mather^ (sifter of above). Born Nov. 9, 1671; married 
Rev. Neiiemiah Walter of Roxbury, Mass.; he died Sept. 17, 


76 lNCREAt«E. b. 1693; d. 1718. 

77 Sar.ui. b. Mch. 4, 169."); m. Mr. Walley; d. 

TS Rev. Tnr,M.\s, b. Dec. 7, 1696: m. d. Jan. 10. 1725. 


79 IIaxnaii. b. July, l(>9!t; in. Rev. C'lili-b Trowljridge; d. 

80 Xeuemi.ui. b. Apr. 2-3, ITUl; d. . 1702. 

81 M.VKiAH, b. Aug. 4, 1708; uiiiuarricd; d. 

82 NEHEMtAn. b. Sept. 17, 170,1; m. d. Mcb. 21, 1707. 

83 S-A-MfEL, b. July 24, 1710; m. Sarah Willis; d. 

84 Rev. Natiiasiel, b. Aug. 1-5, 1711; m. Rebecc:i Abbui; d. Mch. 11, lT7i3 

2* Rev. Siimuel Mather' (son Rev. Dr. Increase', Uev. Richard^. 
Thomaa". John'), of Witney, O.xfordslure, Entj. I Jura at Bos- 
ton, Mass., Aug,'. 2*J, 1 674; died in Witney. Oxfordshire, Eng. : 


Had seven daughters, all but one m;irried; no sons. 

The records of this family I have not been able to obtam. I vras at 
Witney in July. "i8S7. and, by ihe assistance of Willian\ Seely, Esq.. 
an antiquarian, we eudea.vored to set what facts we could of tlie family 
of Mr. M. ; also of the early church records. We found the records 
vei-v meagre, and little light afforded as to Mr. Mather's labors there. 
It stated ■' that Mr. Mather built tlie churcli about the year 1700, or a 
little later; that at his death he was buried in St. Marvs Church- 
yard." I visited the church-yard, but did not succeed in finding the 
stone bearing his name, from the fact, I think, that the stones there are 
not in condition to be read after a period of 100 years. The faces of 
them crumble off. The Rector of St. Mary's Clmrch was to examine 
for Mr. Seely the burial records to find out the date of his death, but 
we have not learned the result. 

Rev. Dr. Enoch Pond writes of him " that he was the third and 
youngest son of Dr. Increase Mather. He was instructed in classical 
learning by his elder brother. Xathaniel, atid was with hi.'; father in 
England at the time of XathanieFs death. The following is a part of 
a letter which he wrote to his afflicted friends on that mournful occa- 
sion: " When I parted from him (N'athaniel) not a year ago I hoped it 
would not have been my last farewell; but I nriw lament my unhappi- 
ness in that I gained no more by him. And yet I must acknowledge 
that the little understanding whicli God has given me in the Heltrew 
or Greek tongues was by that brother as tiie instrument; so that I 









shall have cause whilst I live to honor his memory. I caiuiut hut 
know tliat if I shouM not fear ami love the God of my br< and 
fathers, and of my grandfathers, the nearest relatives I ever liad in the 
world will be witnesses against me at the last day."' 

It is doulitful whether this Mr. Samuel Matlier ever returned from 
England to America. He received his first degree at Harv:ir<l College 
in the year KJyU, but it was probably sent to him, as he could not 
have been present in L'ambridge at that time. He became --a faithful 
and useful minister of the Gospel at Witney, in (Oxfordshire." •• He 
was the writer," says Cotton Mather, '-of several valuable treatises. 
among which his •' Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity.' and his 
'Vindication of the Deity of the Holy Spirit,' and his ' Vindication of 
the Sacred Scriptures.' shine forth with a particular lustre, and chal- 
lenge a name for him among the blessings of his age." 

Nathaniel Mather, the brother of Cotton and Samuel, died Oct. 17, 
1(588, at the age of 19 years. In the Charter Street Cemetery in Salem, 
Mass., is this epitaph: 

"Memento Mori.' 
Mr. Nathaniel Mather Dec"* October y« 17"' IGSM 
An aged person 
That had seen 
But nineteen winters 
In the world." 

"Life of Nathaniel Mather," a book of Nathaniel Mather, was pub- 
lished about thirty years ago, containins: letters froiri Matthew Mead, 
London. June 17, 1GS9; from his uncle. Samuel Mather of London, 
Feb. .5.; from his brother Cotton Mather, of Boston, regardim; 
Nathaniel; also Nathaniel's diary, the title of the book, '• Early Piety 

■• Look at his face; 'tis cliildhood's. youusr and fair; 
Look at his smil, and manhood's strength is there." 

He was a very learned young man. and irave p)romise of a hrW . >' 
future, but his excessive study, l)y night as \v»'ll as liy day, carric' ; .;:ii 
to a premature grave. 


30 Dr. Samuel Mather^ (son of Rev. SamueP, Timnthy\ Rev. 
Ricliard'', TliOmas^ Jo^m'), of Windsor, Conn. Born 1G77; 

died Feb. t>, 174ij; inarned (1) April 13. 1704, Abigail 'Jrant. 
dau. of S.iTuuol and gr.-dau. of Matthew Grant; died Sept. 1, 
1722; married (2) May 15, 1723. Hannah Buckland, dau. of 
Nicholas B.; died Mch. 23, 1758. 

8o Eliakim, 

86 Sami-f.l. M.D. 

87 Timothy, 

88 Ajuc.ail, 


90 Joseph, 

91 Abigail 2d, 

92 Hannah, 

93 Lrr V, 

94 Elizabeth, 

9:) El.TAKIM, 


b. Feb. V\ ITO.r, m. d. Sept. 24, 1712. 

b. Jan. 6, 1706; m. Martha HoU-nrab; d. Apr. 29, 1779. 
b. Apr. ;?S, 1710: m Sarah Marshall; d. Apr. 6. 1752. 
b. Sept. 1. 1714; m 

b. Aug. S, 171K; m. Elizabeth Allvn; 

d. June, 
il. Aug. 3L 1770. 
d. Dec. 27, 1732. 
d. July y, 1736. 

b. May 31, 1718; m. 
b. Feb. 16, 1720; m. 
b. Mcb. tj, 1721; m. Capt. Gideon Wolcott; d. Jsiue 9. 

b. .Vug. 12, 1727; m. d. Mch. 18, 1761. 

b. Feb. 18, 1729, m. d. Jan. 1. 1771. 

b. Jan. 22, 1731; in. John Allyu, May 2, 1751; d. Feb. 1, 

b. Sept. 26, 1732; m. Sarah Newbury, Dec. 4. 1755; d. 

June 11, 1816. 

" Dr. Samuel Mather graduateil at Harvard College in KiMS, and 
was licen.sed to practice medicine by the General Assembly in 1702. 
This license is as follows: 

[l. s.] Count, s?. 

At :l Geui,-nil A.^seinhly HoUlen at Hartford, May 14, 1702, upon the rec- 
ofuraeau.iiio!! of the Ucv. :?:iiuiiei .Mather, Dr Thouia.s Hooker, and Mr. Jnlm 
Fisk, thi.-. Assembly t'oth license 3lr. Samuel Mather, Jr., of the r,,\vn of 
Wuidsor, fo be a Praetit'oner of Physick & Chyrurgy in this Colonic. 

In testiiu-my that the ;\bovc written is a true eo].>y, I have caused tlie seal 
of hi.s ^h'jestie'h (..'nlonie to be henMUito assigned -.t subscribed." 

ELKAZEU Kl.\IBEKLr, Ser'l/. 


■■ Alter a lile of<jnal usefulness, during whicli he lield vari- 
ous civil and military offices of trust and honor, he died Fell. *>. ITi.ii, 
in the Hsrh year of Ins age. Hu was the tatlu>r of Mr. Xathaaiel 
Matlier of Windsor (who lived upon tlie island), who was the father of 
Elijah Mather: and also of Col. Oliver Mather, late of Windsor.'' 

•' Doet. ilather studied with Doet. Thomas Hooker of Hartford. 
He was the coiemporary and intimate friend of Elliot, and was greatly 
distinguished as a scholar and physician. At the time of his death 
no man stood so high in the puhlic confidence or had so extensive a 
metlical prattice in the State as Dr. Mather. He visited every section 
of country in a circuit of forty or iTfty miles as a covnisellor, and was 
as greatly venei'ated for many excellent virtues as for science and skill 
as a physician. He left a ntimber of descendants who w^re distin- 
guished men, amongst others his grandson. Dr. Charles Mather, for- 
merly of East Windsor, but more recently of Hartford, who was a dis- 
tinguished and successful accoucher. Dr. Charles Mather died in 
Hartford in 1S'J3. at the age of 81 years.'' 

31 Key. Azariah Matlier" (son of Rev. SamueP, Timothy*, Rev. 
Richard'. Thuinn--. Ji.'hn'). of 8ayl.irook. Conn. Rorn Aug. -\). 
I(j85; died Feb. II, 1 T.'^ij, age 51; nxarried iSlattie Taylor, grand- 
daughter of Sir John Davie, a baronet in England who cai'ieto 
this country and retLiriie<l to England. 


Of) .TosEPH, b. ; in. ; d. July 12, 1715. 

97 ilAUTn.v, b. ni.j; m. ; d. Oct. 1787. 

'.IS K.VTiiAKiNE. b, Airr, 22, 1717; m. : d. 

!)U Az.vniAH, b. 1722; m. Charity; d. 1796. 

100 Elisakktii, b. ; ni. Ambrose Vviiittlesey, >Ich. 'J, 1732; d. 

Rev. Azai'iah Mathci- g7-aduat<'d at Yale Ci.llotrc 170.'). In 1710 lie 
surcet'dt-d Rev. Tliomas i'.nrkinirham as p.astur of the lirst church 
e.stabiished in Sa\ brook (!•>+:'.). Mr. Mather luid been a tutor in the 
collf'ge at Saybrook. and had enjoyed an (.tpportunity to become ac- 
quainted with the I't.-ople <luring his tutorship. .\s a liugidst he 
greatly excelled, au<l was an able divine. A sermon was published by 


him in Latin on -'Being Bapuzed for tko Deail." Time of his ser- 
mons wen- publisliod. viz.: " 'Woe to Sli'opy Sinnsrs, " 17'."', •• Subhath 
Day Rest." * •■ An Election r^ernion." 17'J.'). He was ilisini.<sed in 
\~3'2 and died in IT.'w. A tomhsrone is erected ti.) tlie meniurv of Mi. 
Mather at Sayhrook with the following- epitapli: 

"AzARiAH ^LvTHEii. Boni iu Windsor X'-Xi^. 'VJ, 10*^0. 
E.xpired in Saji)r<iok Fel> 11 lT:j() 
x\.ctatis Sua' 5-2. 
A general scholar, an eminent Chnsti-iii. a 

very great sntt'erer. 
But now iu glory n triumpner. 
He man}- weeks felt death's attacks. 
But fervent prayers kept him b,-ick. 
His fuith and patience was to try 
And learn us how to live and die. 
Having the >vings of fuith aud love. 
And feathei-s of a holy d(5ve. 
He bids tlie world auiew. 
And wisely up to heaven he tiew. 
Disturb not then his precio-as dust 
With censors that are most unjust. " 

33 Joseph Mather" (**J" ^^ ^^''^'- SaniueP. Timothy'. Rev. Richard-', 
Thomas^, Jolm'), of Windsor, Conn. Born March tJ, KJS'.': died 
Nov. 17, 1717; married Elizabeth Stougliton. 


101 ELiZAiiETH, b. Oct. 6, 1714; m. Samuel Watson, Feb. 3o, 174:2; d. Apr. 

1, 1744. 

102 M.\KAH, b. Oct. 11, 1717; m. d. 

35 Rev. Nathaniel Mather" (son of Rev. SamueP. Timothy*, Rev. 
Richard^, Thomas^, John'), of Lower Aquebofrue, L. I. Born 
May 30, lGf).->:' died May 20, 174.^. a^-e .'^.V, married ^[rs. Ruth 
Terry Jan. 21. 1724; she died May 0. 17t;!. a.i^.' .V). 

*Suhjert, Gooil Ruiers a choice Blessing. A ^erniou preacherl before tiic 
Great uiid General Assembly of the Colony of Couueclicut. at Hartford iu Xew 
Engl.uid. M.iy I'J, 17-2.1, The day for tiie election of the Honc.urable 6: Dep-.ity 
Govcrnour and the Worshipful a.s.M.stants there. By Azariah thither. AM.. 
Pastor oi (,'brlsts Chmch iu Savbrook. 


(^ iiu.nuKX. 

1();5 Lnckeas!-:. h. 17:25, m. 1T-1;5. Annie r>r(i\vn; li. 

ITSI4. aiz:*.' (19. 
104 EuENK/KR, I). IT-JO; Ml. X\'V. Hi. 17.")2 MaiLrnri'l- Downs; d. 

K(,*v'. N'atlianii'l >[:'irli(M- u'vailnarfl ar Vale ('\i!lt'u-f I71.">. was 
settUnl ovt.-r th<" 'ir-;r cliurrti in Lh.vlt Ai]ni-!i<'LriH' in SuiTnlk r<iai;cv. 
Long IsIuimI, ami ruinaiiie'l tiierr unrij his <l>'arli. The })ivs(--ni" [oumla- 
tioii of the C'on^-reii'atiui!Ui Clmroh at LowtT A(iiii-huLrii(* i.-i tlif.sauie a,s 
rhp chnrcli ivHfK/e stood upoa whe-u Rev. Natharuel Mathei- \va.^ pastor 
1.10 veai\-; since, it is .■stated. 

The loUowinii is ihe will ol Nathaniel Mather; 

''In the name ot God Amen. I Xatlianiel Matlier of j^outbold in the 
County of Suffolk in the iirovince of Xew York niinistci- of the <;o.-.|H'1 beiii,u; 
weak in lj(vdy 'uit of perfect mind and memory, thanks lie to God therefore 
ancj calling to mind The inorT.-iHty of niy l)ody and knowing it is appointed for 
al! men ouee to die to make eoustitut' apjioint and onlain this to be my last 
will and testament in manner and form followini; — tirsf and prinei[)al!y 

■ I give and Benueathe my *oul into the liand.^ of Goil who gave it and 
my body to tiie eartli to be Inwied in dei'cnt ehristi;in bi.;ial at the diseretimi 
of my e^:eeiitor.s hereafter named .and toii.liing such worldly estate- wherewitli 
it hatli pleased God to bless n.c in this life. I give demise and dispose of in 
the followijiir manlier In the iirst place I do order that my house and lot on 
■which my Iiouse slands wliere I now live with .-dl my moveable otate except 
what shall be after mentioneil to t)r sold liy my e.vecntors to the liighest 
bidders and the money be put to the tise nniil my second sun Ebenezer 
Mather come to the age of one ;ind twenty yiars and then the [H-incijial with 
the use to be paid or delivered to luy two sons in the following maimer that 
whereas my oldest son Increase Mather hath reieived a piece of haul at the 
price of tifty live pounds purdiased by me. therefore I do order that my ex- 
ecutor do pa> to my second son Ebenezer blather the sum of titty pounds 
when he sliall become of the aLTc of one and tw(.'nty year.s. And tlien the rest 
<.>f my money that rem.ains with flic use to beeijually divided between my two 
sons Increase Mather and Ebcnezc r .Mather and [ ilo further order that all my 
plate silver sfHious and eups be I'quaily divided bitwceu my two sons tSc 
my siwi'.li boi>ks. I also order tha^ |>ions. Pork *i: Beef Wheat A; Corn 
Butter iV Cheese Ijc wholly disposetl to my Mary Wiggan. lastly I do 
contrilnit'- make and ordain Isaai- l{ov\"eli i.V Jolm Conklin the s<ai of Iluury 
Conkliu to lie my e.\e( uti>rs of tliis my last will ami testament. 



Ill witness whi-ivn!:' I have hereunto s^et my li.-iiid ami >L'al liii.- 2litli oi 
Nov 1T47 

.Tosliu;i Younir. Davul I}r<AMi Ji-. 

Philip Peck. Vieoriro Clim.)ii. (apt XATIIAXIEL -MATllEK. i..^. 

G<'ii'. and Giivi-rnin- Oc L'hicf of rhe 
Pn)viu<(.' (it Xew Yin-k and territories 
tlierein depending in Annrieii. Viee 
Admiral nt tlie same and Viee Ad- 
miral of the Reii Siinadr'Mi ot' his 
;N[aje:>ties Fleet. 

38 ('apt. TilUOtliy ^^1 at her" {><nx or Richards Tiuiotlivr Rev. 
Richanl'. Thonuis-. Joim'). of Lyme, Conn. ]ion\ Mandi -^O. 
KiSl: died Jti'iv •_'.'). IT.").'^: married, ? a ran N'ovt-^. 

10". Cat't Tn'.oriiv. h. ()ci. Si. l". )l; m. S.uah Lay Fcii. 12. 17\i~,-<''. d Dec. 

IS. isdo 
ln(j .Ti.>-Ki'ii. li. Feh. "Jy. ITi;'; m. .?e:>.iinu M.-tson; d Fel.- •"). ITSS. 

107 RfTU. Ii Dee. H, ITI-"); Ul. J;'!!ie> Mai-^iu- d 

lOS C.NTIIKKINK. li .!;;!;. il, IT^T: ui E!i^h:s Marvin. ■! Dec 4. 17'.»0. 

10!) IJi-v Dii MM-r>. h Ffl>. 'J-> i;r.i:ii' : d. S.-p:. 2]. isoc. 

31) Eli"<alH'tll .Mather" ('I'lii. of liK/iiari.P. 'riinothy*. Rev. liiriiaiir. Jiiim'). of Lvjue. Co,nn. P»urn Xov. "_'(•. Dls'i; d.ieil : 
luarried Zacluii'iaiL .'^ill. 

.<ii t. firiLimi^x. 

no AXDKEW. b. ; m Phel'e Mather, his cotisiu (who wtis dan of his 

imcle Jo.seph AlathiTi. .Ir.iie 111. 1741; d. 

Au'lrew and Plielie >[atner S;U had one chi'.ii only. Deacon .\ndrew 
.Sill, who married Helen Talcort Dorr oi P>tirlirmton, X. Y. 'Die latter 
luul t'ijilu ciiiidreu, Al'c'. Jo!i;.i!.tun P., Aivirew. Henry, Matiliew Dorr. 
Phebfr. [feleii Talcort. and Hii/.a. All e.x.epr Mattiiew 0. and F:iiza 
Lad families, of whom I iiave ti:e reeorl-;. 

40 iSiUllUel Mather' '.-o!! <u RirUariP. Timoi1iy\ Rev. Rir-iia.-fP. 
Tlioma.'^-. .Foim'). ot Lyiiio. Couvi. Rorn dan 'J. m-s:!-;; ci;,.-d 
at Lyme. Julv i 7. 17-'): nuuri. I hi-Oorai: < 'ham;)ion. dan.. 1712. 

SIXTH uknukatkix. .107 


Ill HtntAUi). t>. !>'-■'■. ■2"-'. IT!'-'; n\. Orhi.-nili Kly. M.-iy is, 174'-': i\. 

IV2 .M\]iv, I). Ni'v. 11. iTl-->; in. <! 

11:5 De«oi{.\u. b. Jliii. l"). ITIS; m. Hc.i.j. Marvin. Nov 11. rT4'i; d. Jan. 21. 

lU LvcY, v Dee. IS. ITCi': 111. Natiuuucl P(;ck. M^'v -24. 1744; li. 

ll.-) ^tlKiiiT.viu.K. h. Dec. 2s. 17-J8; iu. ; d. 1741. 

4-1 Lieut. Jo>(i)]l -Mather'^ (^on of Hk-har.lV Timothy^ liov. 
Richard'. Thon!;\.>-. .fnli.n'i. ot' Lyme. Ci^in. i>iirn .hini' 'I'A. 
l<!."^0. died .Sept. 150. 1740: married PheUi : >li(.! d.ied. 


IHJ 1'. 3I'h.I">, 171"(: u-i. Aniia BootU: d. 1797. 

1!7 Dk. Er,r..\7..\K. h. Xov. 17. 17I':-. m. Aiuva WiUruns. X"v. •>. 1711: d. <.>ct., - 

lix I'liiir.F.. li. >[rli. 10. 171^: m. Andrew .Sill. Juno U), 174-4: d. 

llii JniiN. b. Jidy l:'. 1721; !U X:aicy Hi.iJL-.irin.s. Jun ■ 18. 174."!: d 

120 JKiir-iiA. l\ Feb. 11. 172-Vt): m, Danl. Sliipraan. July 18, 1740: d. 

121 S.\3UKi., b Xov. !(.>. 172S; m. : d .on. 7. 17:!!). 

122 P.F.N.TAMiN. '!). ^^epT. 1".". 17:J1: m. (1) Irene Parsons, Ant:. 1*'.. 17.");i: (2) 

Abi_'ail Vrorrhiu.u'ton. Mch. 14. 17();!: d. 
12:') Ann. b. Sept. 22. 17:;:^: m. : d 

124 SntF.oN. b. Feb. 21. I7:;f.; li. Fell. 2t>, 17:^6. 

4:2 Catherine ^luther* i'i--i"- '~>i J-'^t-pli^ Tilnol•!^y^ Hov, P.irdiar.l', 
Tliouiii.s-. Julud). "i D'ticlu'.sTi.'r. Ma-s. lv>rn in Dorchester. 
lt)!M); died Uoc. 1. 1771: married Elieuozer Within.iXton. May 
1. 1711: he died Men. '•». 1747. in his tilst year. 

WITllI.NGTON (11 1 1. 1)1'. KN 

125 Mathf.i:.^ b. Sept. 10. 1712. d. Sept. is. 1712. 

12f. P.KV. MATfiEi;. U. Nov. VA. 1714: (Grad. H. (.'.. 17;'.3i. d. Apr. 2s. 17;.!2. 

127 TuANKFi-r.. b. Feb. 24. 1717: m. : d. 

128 Enr.NF.ZKU b. Oit. V.). 1720: ni. : d. 
120 Piitrir. b. Dec ;J, 17:il. ni. : d. 

4-:i William Matiier' (^'>it '•'^ A'.heriuu'. 'I'lmuthy'. Rev. Ricliari'P. 
Triwma.--. .ft iiid). of i^idheld. ("utiii. Born ar Windi^oi-, (^onn.. 
Mch. J. lliO^. died at .'-idlield. ; u'.arried ."^ilence HtUtolpli. 

Nov. 7. iT'Jl. dau. i)£ I.'auL IJiUUdph uf Siui-sbiuy. 

i UIi,lii;KN, 

U}1 'rni.vriiv h. 4. IT-,'-.': in. ; il. 

l;-i'J i.\l.!'.K.VSK, ]> .\.u,_'. !-J. I :■;;".: in. ; (I. 

i:3;-{ jU:i;r-,(CA, h. Sl;.: >^, iT-JT; m. Jos*'|jli Pii.siug: d. Sept. 29. 1T'.)4 

l;-34 Ai'i'UiA. b. AuL.'. '). IT:>); in. Chas, H;U ha \v;iy. .Tum- ]•">, JTr'".; d. !sl!.. 

i;>! Et >i-. 'iir-. h. Der. in. lT;i-3; ni. ; .1. 

i;% Wn.LLVM, b. Apr. 2n, ITH'i; in. : d. 

l:iT Hk.ncxt. il. 

4:4- .lerusha .llather' (ilaughter of Aihtn-ton'. TiinoriiyV Rev. 
Kichari.t^ Thonias''. John'), of Sharon. C'>i)!i. lioin ii. Witnis^or, 
Conn.. Jui.y l^. 17*^0: died at Sharon, I'onn.. Xov. s. I7.s!); 
Viiamod Sainuf;! Siuith, Nov.. 17"_'5. 

.S.MiTII CfirL!)REN". 

18S Ef.i-'.r.F.TU. b. Nov. 2u, KiiV m Graves Loonii*; d. Oct. 1. 

l:JO r».\N. b. Oct. 2r,. 1728: ni. : d. 

14(t Ri.\. CoriON .M.MiiKk. b. Oct. 1."). 17:i(>; !u d.iu. of Rev. AVni. W'lrvli- 

ington of S;tybrook, C'onu.; d. Xov. 27. IW'>. 

141 SiMKO.N. b. Ang. 6. 173:!: m.. i d. July 27, 1S04. 

142 P.\.ui,, b. 1."). 1780; ni. . d. 

io Jo<l!Ua !>I;ither''' (."ou ot -\thcrr<.ai^ Tiiiioth.y'. Pu-v. HichMnl'. 
Thomas-. John'), of BerUn. Conn. ]-.orn ar "Windsor, Conn.. 
Nov. ■_''.;. 17'*'); <\\fr\ at Burhn. May ! i;, 1777; iiKUTicd Hannah 
Booth of Konsiiiii'Lon. I'onu. ; she dieil Apr. m, 177!-*. 

14:'. foTToN, b. Sept. li). 17:-!7; m, : d. 

144 D.wio, b. Oct. 7. 17;>.S; ni. Itiinuali L)unh:i!n. June 2. 17.77; d. 

.Vuu'.. 1H17. 
14.-. TnoNr.\s. MM . b. Sept. 7 U-H: m. lluldah Bidl. Mrh. !2. 17r.4; d. Au.^■. 

111. 17';f. 
UO H.'.NN.Mf. b. Jan. 2">. 174'); ii. Win. Lrwi^. (_)cr. 1, 1707; d. Fcl). 

1.7. i7:;i 

147 ErK\N-oR b. S<-pt. 27. 1747; ni. d. 

H*-' E:isn\, b .\pr lu 17 '-7; ai. ; d. 

149 Jo--!ri-.>. ' b. : m. ; d 

Joshca Math.rr. Sen., wa.s >;.mi-tii!U>s iriviicd. tlioiJ<rh not an or- 
dained r.iin:,-rHr, to nn^ach. 

srXTH (iEXKRATfoN-. 



lUcllurd 3hltlier'' {>"ii "l ArJicrrnn'. '^iIll^tllV^ i^n-. Rirh;u-<i\ 
Thomas-. .I..!in'). oi SutlicM. Conn. i!i,?-ti ^r Wiinis.)!-. ('.,iu>... 
Nov. :;i. ITir,^; <ii,;d : ituuTied L<.>i< Biiroank. McJi. 'Jl. 


I. II IL 1)11 F.N 

h. F.-h. -J.i, [:M-r,: w.. Kuih IC-I-cv d June. isio. 
1.. I )(•.:■. 2'.2. tT:;S: m. - ; ,1. 

I>. Apr -J, ITil; m. ; d. 177S>. 

ZAiUAHfAii. I) S,';it. 2-2, 174;-}; ni. Luc y ( 17()!«; d. Auii. 

2-J. V-!ti 
ij. K4ii: 111. ihn.'v times; d. 

'-' "i ill f)<>ft Porrer; v-l David Dull, ot Col- 

ohoster, (.'onn. , d. 
!>. ; ill. ; d. 

""• ; in. : d. 

''. ; ill. : d. 

''■ ; m. l>\- Shcpani of Anisii.'nlant, X. Y.; d. 






Ei.un , 


Zai U.^HfAII 





Mfi Makv. 





1 (;*) 

Ll(. iNDA. 

4-1) Eliukiitl }liitllOrMj""<'r^'t-T'»[ ano'fj. Middlotowu. L\mn. Bov'A 
at Nuffield Jul V Id. 171."); inanied^l) Margarot W.u'd. M<:!i. 0. 
1737-S: (-J) iJndi Ruper. July 11 1743. 


vn maky. 




17:18-0: m. 

102 MxUr.M 




. 10 

. 1744, m. 

\m Kt-TII, 



: (1 

V'yi Sakaii, 


. m. 

; d 

Ifir, LrcT. 



; <! 

64 Ahiu:ail MatllOr" (<hiM. of iiov. Dr. rotu.u\ lJ,.v. Dr. racivaso', 
Uov. riicliard'. riioiiias'-'. Joiiu'). of Hoston. Ma.-s. Boi-n ;u P.o.s- 
tdi. Juni; It. Ii;'.i4: dit;d in ciuMln-d. .S'[>t. 'Ji;. 17-Jl; in;irrioil 
Dauii'l W'lilard. 

";!:) (.'inr.DiiKX. 

lfi.V/ C.\TiTF.T{i.\K bapti/.ed An^r. 4. 1717: in. 
1(>-V< Av.i'iAii.. biipt. Nov. 2, 171S; ni. 

16.> .AIahy. b.ipt. ,"M;irch (j. 172U: m. 



(»7 Increase "^latlier'^ i,-*"i "'■ R<;^'- I'''- ('"trou". Pun-. I^r. lnl■^l'aso^ 
ii.'v. IJu.-iian!'. 'rii'naas". .Folni'). nf Bo:>r.<in. M;i.<.>. Horn in Hns- 
lou. Jiilv- ;». Itjvci; ilicij ; raarri'jii 


lOfi Avuo.vii,. I). ; 111. S.-uii'iL-l Su niifr, June 18. IT-tl; d. ITtJfi.! Marlier. the son of Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather. I.iut iictli.- is 
known ot him. lie havo iiit>(l before liis fatlier as hi^ nanieilot-s 
nut appear iu any rooord atter tliar. on'y tliat he left a iiau<j;htei- \vhf> 
inarnoii .'rlarn'l Sumuer. and has in that name many <L'*;endants at the 
present tinu;. 1. liave not been able to learn t!ii» name ol: hii-'wif^'. wh" 
must l:ave <lied early or inarried a.u-ain. 

70 Re>. Dr. Samuel .llather" (son ot Kev. Or, ('<.rton=-. Rev. 
f)]-. Incrca-t-''. Hev. Richard'. Thomas". John'), of Bost'^n. 
Boin in Bo.ston. Oct. ."O, ITO'l; died in Boston. June 27, 17>."); 
married Hannah. liaKiihtfi- of Thomas av.d lister of tiov. 
Thomas Hutchinson. Auir. -'■>. IT^j:-!. 


IfiT S.oiCF.L. b. Fi-i).. 17:-it")-7: m. Margaret GiTri^li. <i,iu of T5enj 

Gerrish: d K^t:}. 

10^ Dr. Tuom'.s. h. Aujjt., 17:!8; unm. ; d. at N'lVa Scoria. Dec. 8. 17fi'2. 
:ti'.l Ei.i>.\r.F.-iu. u. 174(1: unri;,: ci. Juin- :UK US'-. 

170 Lnxrk.\m;, !). 8i.pi. 174.1; ni d. ^.luriii. I'no 

171 v^ X.\N< V. ti. 174"; ni. R..'\-, \Vn;.. Sli.-iu" of Marshticld. .Mass.; 


172 Ar.ii^.vii.. b 174--,: m. d. Jan. IC 177!». 

17::! Hannah. b. .June 27. 17V2: ni .T'lsepli Crocker: d July 11. 18-2!t. 

Rev. Dr. .'^amue! Mather visitod Europe wiien a younu' man. but 
have nu kuuwleilge of his travels in that cuuntrv. He proba'oly 
visited "his unch-. the Rev. Samuel Matlier. who was a r)r(;acher in 
Witney, in Oxfordsliire. .\t the iige of tliirte.-n he entered Harvard 
Collejri^: irrad.uat.'tl 17"_'.';. at agi'. of seventeen. Hi; pr','ba])ly' studied 
Theo!i<;j.-y <iudor U\i' iiir<'Otion uf ]'ut!;i-r. and it is said, he soun oh- 
rame'l a u;..>ud re]>iitatiuti.. in ll'-l'l lie was clu.>sen coik-airue with Rev 
Mr. Gee of tiie secu!i>l church in Bo.^ton. in which his father < "tton. 





LCfaiiiltatinT TiuToase. ana gTear-riiirlc ."-^aiiuK-l were preacluTs lielon' 
luiu. lie reinainf'i lit tlii;^ connectinii nine ycai's. 'I'here Wiis ?orut' 
division ill l!;;? chuivii. aiiil Mr. Matht-r. \<y uiunia! agrceine;!!; uud 
consent, separated witli a portion 'if th*,; churcli. anil a house of wuv- 
ship was ertH-reil iov tliftn m North Bennett Street, and witli this peo- 
p!i' M.'-. Matiier <-Mn';riiit-d until hi.-: deatli in lTs.3. 

Ele was a num of iearning-. i>t piety, and of sound Ortliodo.xy. imt 
not a Oitptiratintr preaclu-r. He \va.^ d.'bincUned to controversv. 
but whe!;e\-er he >:a^- tin? inter-.'.st oi' truth iti daritrer wn.-i reailv to 
make, a d»-:enF:e for it. lie was aiitialile. retiring, and tiii<.>btntsive. 
lie u-islieil iii.-? fi;ner;d to Vie .^triftly private, as will he !5liown by this 
extract from ins will, wliicli "wish was, il is said, strirrly cra'rie'd out. 
The item r«-f.'n-ed to is th.e 'Oih^vinu'; 

" Wh'-ii tiierch'rc. niv ti'idy i.s to be dejiositi'd in the sanif tonii) viifh tlie 
rt-mains nf n\y iKmenred fntlier and uTandfa'ln.-i-. and "i many eilifr e.steeiued 
relatives — b'-^i-lr my ni('>T respv-etal)ii' and bidovcd wifi'. 1 wdidd lia\'e 'inlv 
liell Toiled Just Ix'f'ritv <n,i!-d"v\ ii. and tiial I'or ri\'(^ minii'es. for 1 ;iin no: wili- 
iiiU' th;it sicV: ;ind intirin persons sliould iie disturtxil witli a leiiutliy noise at 
tile i-arryiuu of rlie liody r.f my Iminiliation to j!i, silent irinve. and just; after 
tin.' cuasiDi: of the in-U. I w.ndd have my i)i«ly in tlie coilia to In- cairicd out 
liy |M)rt<Ts i>f tlie smie clay with mysrlf to The toinb ready for it. and only 
siieli of my owji family as are wi'li to follow ir. riiai tliey may s^e where it is 
de[>osited. and befon.- niirht to have ir pro]>erly eiic-lost-d and I should b- ^-lad 
to litive no fupvral eneoniiunis." 

Dr. Matiier s eldest son was a h)yahst and was in Euro2>e at tlie time 
of his father's death. I have letters of his written to his father from 
London, from France. This son retn:-ned to this coiinrry after the 
death of his fatiier. and settlcl in .\[attapaii m the now owned 
in' Thomas Ilinckelv. E.sij.. the painter. The sou died in hJoston Isl.-'.. 
Auiither son. Dr. Thomas Matlier. was a siiri;-eon in the Provincial 
rey;i!uent. an.d died in .Vova Scotia, in [~i>'l. 1 have a letter written 
that year t<> his sister in, \ daiiLi-htir fiaiinah luarried .[o.scph 
(■focker, and some ol their de.seendants woit- buried in the .Nfather 
tond) at rv.j.p'.s Hill. 

Tiiis ends the list of tiie ^[atlier clergy of Di.ircliester and Hostou. 
From ]*>'■)') to ITx.") the. Mathers were preachers, and it was called the 
•• Mather Dvnasrr. 


Dr. Sainii.'l Matiu-r .s |Hil>lirari(iiis cuminonceil ui ITL'noii •■ Weatii of 
hi< i'iitlxer." tilt' next otn^ in IT'-'H: <•rll(^|• of hi? works apix^ir 17:-;2. 
it;!.'!. 17."!>. !7;;:i. 17411. 17:. 1. lir,s. 17(;ii. l7t;-_'. I7ii'j-17i;s. 177;.;. and 
tilt' in 1 7S'_'. 

SkeTl•l;t:^^ nt xlie early Maihers can be tound in rhe '.vrinn<rs of |-!,'v. 
Dr. Chandler Itulibins, funnt'rly pa.-tor of rii(> second (.■Imrcli lu Iml- 
tun. ]{(-v. Dr. \\'<\i. ]■>. .<praguo of All>anv. Kev. Dr. Daniel Dana, and 
.rained Sava.^■(^ atid inanv otliers. 


S6 Samuel Matljer, M.D/ (^^'n ut Sanmel. M.D.«, R^n-. SamueP. 
Timothy', Kev. HichaixP. TUoiiias^ .lolin'), of Xofthamptoii. 
Mass. Born in Wiu<lsor, Conn.. Jan. I3, 17i)(i; died April •J:>, 
1770; inarKievl Martliu Ho!ci;iui'; .-^lie died Dec. 2, 17S.'). 

174 Maktha, 

175 EfNiCK, 

176 S.v.ML-iiL, M.D. 

b. Feb. 10. 17:32; m. Elihu Clark. 1707; d. 

b. in. Elihu Clark; (i. 

b. June 10, 1737; ni. Grace Mostly, 1761; d. Aj'.rii 27, 

b. April 4, 1740; ni. Eunice :MMs,ely; d. >larch ii, iy07. 
, b. Xov. -27. 1742; m. K;ichael Lymar.. 1774; d. April 10. 
179 Timothy. M.D . b. Mav 11. 174."); unm.; d. Sept. 4, 1819. 

177 ELit-HA, 

178 Wii.i.rAM, M D 

Dr. ^!anm^l Mather graduated at Yale College in class or 171!^. 
lit' had tlie valuable experience of his father, wlio had liecome a veiy 
notc'l phy,«ician in Connecticut, having heen in pjaciice since 1702. 
an.l continued until his d^ath in !74ti. givinj; the son great in his establishing iuuiself later in Xorthanipton. Mass., where 
he practiced for near a half century. 

It may be of interest to some of the present generation to know- 
how much it cost in those days for a course of four years in Yale Col- 
lege, including all other I have in my, keeping a leather- 
bound account l;ook, fastened with brass clasps. The book bears the 
signature of the first Dr. Samuel ^Slatlier. date 170;i as well as the sig- 
natures of very many Xew England men of that periivl. with whom tlie 
first Dr. Samuel had luisiness dcialiugs. 

The item referred to is a long account of bills from 172'2 to 
1 71' ••;. m all amounting to WliL 11- 0-7. wliich includes the following 


••May 2:J''. 172t!. Bills of Credit Delivered to Sam" wiieu he w.iit to Bo.s- 
lim to iTut his Uoiunveuceuieut clothes, 4'.i — — 


S7 Timotliy Mather" (»on of Dv. SaInuel^ Rev. SamueP, Tiuiotliy', 
Kl'\ . J!icli;i!\i'-. TlionuLs-. John'), of Witulsur, Coiin. Bora 
April "23. ]7l<»; i lied April H. 17.")2; married Sarah Marshall. 


ISO .lOMKPH. b. 1735: m. I")el)oiah IloUionib; d. May 11, 181;?. 

181 Sakah. 1). Nov. 21, 1787: iii. Wm. C'liok-y, Nov. 27, 17.j!): d. Dee. ?,. 

1S2 DouoTHY, 1) 1740; HI. Tliomas Newberry, Dec. 8, 170:3: d. 

Apr. ■"). 1SC4. 
l8o Cotton, b 174o; m. 3Iarth;i Stii\ighton; d. Nov. 20, 1791, 

Will of TL\roTHY ]\I vtitek. 

"In thi of God. Amen." I, Timotliy Miithcr, of Windsor, in Hart- 
ford County.- in the Colony of Connecticut, in New Engliiud, Itelnj;- at preseat 
in a Weak and low state of health, thouyh sound of mind and memory, oalliug 
to mind the mortality of niy Ijody uud duty to bet my house in order, do make 
and order this to be my last will and testament. That is to say, principally and 
first of all, I gixe and recommend my soul into tiie hand of God that gave iti 
and my body, at death. I give to the earth to be buried in decent Cliristiau 
btuial, and at discretion of my executors hereafter to be named, hoping ag;»in 
to receive the same at the resurrection of the .just. And ns touching my 
worldly estate, wherewith it liath pleased God to me in this present life. 
and of tlie sjime in the following manner aud form, viz.: lmi)riuiis — 
I give ic bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah .^[atiier, one-tliinl part of niy 
house vt liarn i\: homi steatl. and all iny iriiprove.ibli: lands, to use and improve 
during her natund life; and aUo une c<>w. one bed k furniture, and also my 
negro woman nanied Kate, to her Lt to her heirs forever 

■"Item. I give ».V: beijUeath to my son. -loseph .Mather, aud to his lieirs aud 
assigns forever. One liundred pounds money, old tenor, to be i>aid 1dm out of 
my estate when he shall arrive at the age of 21 years, according to the 
aiiprid.seiuent of my estate. 

" Item. I give and bequeath to my sun, Cninm blather, and tu las heirs *!c 
assigns forever. Twelve hundreil pounds. oM teu^r, to bo i)aid out of my 
estate when he shall arrive at the age of 21 y( :irs. according to the appiaise- 
ment of my estate to \\'- t.ik( u in my liou>i- ami linmesti-ad, anil a lot of land 
cont.iiniiig ciglu .icres. lyin^- in said Windsor rn :ir my house, iiounded 
.sniiih and we-t on Jiiirlnvay. north on TiiUMiliy TImmH. and canton land of 
8>am' FilUy vV Timothy Ttuall, if liien >linuM be enough in tln-se panels 
according to apiir:us<-m( iit: and if not. he shall havr rlieni :uid be made up 

" Itciu. I ■-'i\«. >.\: 1h qUi ath uuti) m\ 'l.iu_dit<;r, .S:irah .Mather, tline liuu- 
drc'l pouuil.- nnucy, old tenor, to be paiil Ui r at tin-, age of L'^ years. 



■■ Itetn. Igivo A: bL'qu<;atli to niy il:iUixliTor. Dumthy Mather, tliroc iiuuilred 
pDUnds iiK^iuiy. old teuor. to hi; pnid her at the ai^c of l^t years. 

'■ Now if my estate, alter my just debis are jiaid. shall luring more or less 
thuu the sums above mentioned, g-iv(;u to my sous A; daughters, fiiey shall 
have iu the same aceordin.u' to tln'ir respeetive prujiortion as betore men- 
tioned; but only my silver money to be eipially dividi'd between my ehiidren. 
And I hereby appoint my two brothers, Samuel t\: Nathaniel Mather, and my 
wife to be executors to this m_v last will and testament. 

, "In witness whereof I hare hereunto set my hand and st-al this 14th day 
of March. Anno Dom. 17V2. 

'■ Signed, sealed, Puljlisliecl. and 
Declared by the said Timothy Mather 
to be his last will it testament in 
presence of us, the subscribers. 
■ Alex Wolcott. ) 


" JoNATnAX Ellsworth, 
" Sa.mi^el Fillet." 


01 Abi.s^iiil Mather' (<^^.iii. of Dr. Samue!*, Rev. SamnoK Tuuothy'. 
Kev. Richai'il'', Thomas^, Johu'). of Windsor. Conn. Born 
Sept. 1,1714; died June 9. 1741 ; married Capt. Gideon Wolcott. 


184 Abigail, b. April 18. 1741; m. Charles Rockwell, Apr. 9, 1764; d. May 
12. 182.5. 

94 Elisahoth 3[ather' (iIhu. of Dr. Samuel". Rev. SamueP. Timo- 

thy*. Ruv. RiciianP. Tliomaa-, John'), of Windsor, Conn. Born 
Jan. 2, 17;U: died Feb. 1. 1313; married John AUyn. May 2. 
1751; he died Feb. (>, 1790. aged 67. 


18o H.v.xx\H. b. in. .Josejili Colgrovc; d. 

. ISfi Eli-adeth. b. Sept. 11. 17511; m. d. 

187 S^r.Air, b. Apr.. 17o6; m. d. 

95 Elialiiin Mather' (,^on of Dr. Samuel", Rov. Samuel', Timothy*. 

Rev. Ri'harl'. Tliuinas', John'), of WimLsor. Conn. Born 
Sept. 2H. 17;-!2; died June 11. IsK;; married Sarali Newbery. 
dau. of Capt. Roger Ne\vt)ery. and granddaughter of Gov. 
Roger V.'olcott, Dec. 4. 17.').'k slie died July 28, 1780. 



lSf< S.uiAii, 1). Fob. 20. i7.-,tt; m.^ ,1. Mrli.. 17.")i'.. 

l>^!t S.vKvU 2i>. h. St'liT. 4, i:'>r. 111. Xsahil » )lcuit. Dec. 2. ll>2: d. Apr. ['). 

190 Claiun.v. b. Oi.-t. li», i7.5>, ui. il. A[)i-. 11, 1^11. 

lyi Samlkl, b. r\-\). III. lT«il: m. (_)rpU;i Phelps; d. Nov. 2(5, 18:]S. 

192 William, b. 17112. uriniarrieil: d. -Ian. 1. lf^(W. 

"Elinkim Marlior. of Wimbor. ftiio lived diirinii: the Revolution, declared 
the titldiiL^ of his dock wcif^hts (^to be made into bullets; an ille^'al act. He 
took an oatli tl^.ar ii!.s < i^'ck sb<.u!d stand withcrat wciii'ht.-* until tlie authority 
which took thein a'^.-ay .^honld return them. Throujrh all the louu; thirty 
years of tb.c- old man's :ifter-life. the old clock was to him an luimoved witness 
of hi.s per.scverins: observance of his oath, and when, at the au'e of eitihtv-four. 
be looked for the last time upon the face of his clock it .still gave no .sound." 

SO Nathaniel Jlatlier" (i=on of Dr. Samuel', Rev. SauiueP, Tiino- 
thy\ Rev. Kicliaivi-. Thomas^, Joim'), of Windsor, Coun. Born 
Aug. 8, 1716; dieil Aug. .il. 1770; married Elisabeth Allyn. 


19:3 N.\T»AN-TEL. b. Mch. 10. 1741; m. Hannah Filley, Nov. lo. 1702: d. 

194 Charlks, M.D.. b. Sept. 2(i, 1742; m. Pthoda Moseley. Feb. 26, r7(U; 

d. June S, 1822. 

195 ELi.iAir. h. Dec. 1, 1748; ni. 3[ary Stron^r; d. Dec. 11. 1790. 
106 Elisabeth. b. Oct. 1. 1745; d. N>>v. 4. 1745. 
197 Rev. Alia-n. b. Mch. 21. 1747: m. Tlumkful Barnard; d. at Savan- 
nah. Ga., Nov. 4. 17S4. 

19S Col. (.)liter. !>. .Mch. 21, 1749; m. -Jemima Ellsworth. Mch. 21. 1778; 


199 Joiix. b. Ucr. 9, 17o(); m. Abigail Russell; d. 1782. 

2(X) Increase, b. July 4, 1752; m. Martliu Wolcott; d. 

201 ELrsAUi-^Tii 2n. b. .M.iy is, 1754; m. llezckiah Ilaydon: d. 

202 Tlmdthv. .M.D.. b. Nov. 5. 1755; m. Ri.xana Phrlp>,; ,1. Apr. 7. 178S. 
208 Eltiut, b. 1760; m. d. 17S7. 

204 AiucAiL. b. Sept. 20. 1757; m. Col. Job .Vllyn, May 10. 1775; d. 

Jun • 17. 1848. 

205 IIan-Vaii, 1). Jan.. 1762; m. .Tames Goodwin. Mch 9. 17>*8; 

<i. Nov. 22. 18i)5. 
2W Rox,vN-A. b. , 176-i: m. d. Dec, 1781. 



99 Azrtriuh Mather' {>on ut' Kev. A/.arial!". R.'v. Samuel'. Tin;- 
i.r!iv\ Re". Ri(-h:inl', '^;l<'l,:a^;-. .f..!m'V of \Vit!<]>M!\ ('-.mii. 


iiS.:-. ipv'(.i 

ITOn; biarru.d Cliariiv 




207 ITanxah. 

208 S.UiRA. 






. \ 1" 

' ' i: 

ri)<>: III. 


A'.ig. 1-". 1S42. 

2110 AZAKI UT 



210 Jr. lis. 




ar S:1vaniiall, G;\ 

211 Lavbax, 




212 fTrAj;iTY. 


:a. — - 

- Dcir".!;; 

rA • 


213 Patty iM: 



. •'. 



Xnv i<;. 188.-,. 

214 Riri>v. 




21o P.ii.i.v (M. 




in. Abo 

■1 I5:U-1 


: (1 


1(H) ElUaliCth .Uiither' (■ of Rev. Azariali'. Rev. Sainnel'. 
Tin;',>tliy^. Rov. RichaM^. Ti'.omas'. .Jniur). of i^avln-ook. < onu. 
Boru : tiled ; marfied -Vnilu'd^e \Vh:'tti','.S(.^y. 

March '». IT.^J. 


b. Dec. 2.5, 17<J2: ra. Elisabetli Tullv. IT.'i^: d. Dec. 

24. \SiS. 
b Ti'-c. 13, 1734: m. rl. 

b. Deo. 2, 1737: m. Stephc-u Br.rkiriijhiira; d. 
h. March 7 IToO; m. llnnnah Tmm: d. 
b. Feb. 2. 1742, m. Klis.ib.'rh William.-;: d. April !.•. 

b. May 28, 174;): ni. d. 

b. Aprill4, 17-)'): m. Frederick Baldwin: d. 
b. Feb. 10. 1747: m. d. 

b. m. Stephen Cowe: d. 

21*> AMfi«n^T-: 

217 Sxi^rnKN. 

218 Ellsauhtfi. 
21 D Sa.mukl. 

220 Azaj;;ait, 

221 Davie. 

222 C.VTUEnLNE. 

223 Mautha. 

224 Rebecca, 

103 Increase 3Iather" (son or Rev. Xatlianiel'', Rev. SamueR 
Tiuj()thv*. Rev. Richard', Thomas*, John'). Mini.siuk, (.naii^xe 
(Jo., N'. Y. Boru at Lov.'or Aqueboguo, Siuf oik Co., X. Y.. ■ 
\12'>: died ."Siinisink, X. Y.. Dec. '20. 1794; marned Anna 
Bro'svn. 174:1: .s.he died 170O. ay-e •■).5. 

22.=; Kezlx. 
220 LvDiA, 


U. 1749: ni. \Yni. Lain: d. 1S14. 

b. ni. Joseph Browa; d. 


■,"27 KcTU, 1). ni. Cast:iiiin.-. (1 

22!!i Nathamki.. 1). m. Lois Ccul'.), v.iil. of Diiu' Cnok-y, 

fl. 1803. 

■2-1'.) T)k. D.vKiEi.. b. m. Beersiieba .Soutiiwortt: J. l»it). 

•-'81) Inckkask. b. IToH: in. Sar.ili ^[oc'cff; .1. IVc. 7, 1615. 

i:M ('Ai-r. roTTiis, 1>. -Tuly 4. 17o!); iii. >-:uaIi i>nt\: <\. A(iiii '22. \b'22. 

282 .ro^;:p^, b. 1:G2: m. Kozia Tutrle; d 180."). 

2;J3 J.iiT.s, b. m. -Julia White; li. 1811-. 

104- Ebenezer 3I;ither' (son of Rev. Xaiiianio!". R.n-. .SfinmeP. 
Tiruot-hv', Rov. Kichanr'. Tiiomiis'-'. .Ir/tm'). Minii^ink. ',)i-an,<>..' 
Co., N Y. Born IT'JU: 'lied ; marru'd Marii,-;irct 

Downs. April 16. 17 -3 'J. 


2'.U .Tniis. b. m. Elsie Brown; d. 

2;r. Eli-aijetu. b. Nov. 11, 17o0; ni. Morri? Orcen*-, 177H; tl. Feb. 

12, 18.')2. 

2;'i6 S.VT.LT, b. m. Paschal : d. 

237 CiiAKiXT, b. m. lIoTvell; .1. 

2?hS Hettie. b. m. SVelLs; fl. 

10.> Capt. Timothy Mather^ (sou of Capr. Tiniothy"', Richard'. 
Timothy*. Rev. Richard^ Tiionias-, John'), ot Lyme. Conn. 
Born at Lyme, (Jet 9, 1711; died Dec. is. ISOO; inarried .Sarah 
Lay. Feb. IJ. 173.J-G; slie died May 25, i7';i, ago +2. 


239 Timothy. b. April 3, 1737; m. Elisabeth Matsou. Oct. W. 1761; 

a. March It, I^^IO. 

240 Sahau, b. May 7, 1739; m. d. 

241 .jEH'>rDA. b. Nov. Ifi. 174fl; ti. Mrs. Eunice .>[iller. Dec. 20, 

T7fU; d. Miii-cli 11. I^^IO 

242 .loiiN- N.. •«. Aiiu;. 24, 1742, m. \l) Lydia Ruvce. (2' MrL-. Lydia 

kitti-idgc; d. Jnne 21. 1807. 

243 ErNTCE. b. Jnne 3. 1744; m. d. 1793. 

244 .ToANXA. b. 174o d. 1747. 

24.") i^EinE.N-. b. Dec. 2i), 1717. in. d. 1.<')1. age 104. 

2ii) Xrwn. b. AuiT. 11. 174',,»: m. Mary An«tin; d. Jan.. 181">. 

247 {.ICY. b. .May 11, 17")1. :n. J.-ired Buckingh-'un. .May 3. 1770; 

(i. May 20, 1S31. 


106 Joseph 31a.ther (son of Capt. Timotliy^ Piicliiad', Tiiu<jtliy\ 

liev. Ricliard'. Thomas^ John'), of Lyuio. Coim. Bom in 
Lyme, Feb. 1';;. 1713; died Feb. 5, ITSS; married Joanna Mat- 
son. Dec. 7. 17.3<".; slie died May IM:), l,s04. 


248 Jo.\NX.v, b. Oct. 13, 17.")7; ui. John Parsons, Feb. i.";, 177!): .1. 

249 X.\TH.\.NiEL. li. May 30, 1759; m. Eunice Dv WoUt. Feb lit, 17'J.3; 

d. Jan. 31). 18.~>2, 
2o0 Tno.MAS, b. .\.uir. 10, 17(52: m. .Vbiuail MarluM-. Xi.v . 17!)}; ,1. 

2.j1 Mosks, b. Jidy 14, 1704; ai. Hannah L'haiupiun, Oct. 12, isi;-^; 

d. Feb. 2.), ls3^i. 
352 Joseph, b. July 4, 1700: m. Zellnda Gould; '1. Sept. 14, 1862. 

107 Ruth Mather' (daughter of Capt, Tiuiothy", Richard'. Tim- 

uthy\ Kev. Itichard', Thomas'', John'), of Lyme. C\mn. Burn 
at Lyme Dec. 3, 1715; died ; married -James Mai-vin, sun 

of Keynuld Marvin. 


2.33 McsKs. 1). m. ZUpah Gillette, .March 30, 17sO; >l. 

108 *Catherine Mather' (<iaughter of ("apt. Timothy'. Richard', 

Tiiuuthy-". Rev. L'ichard^ Tlioma;^^ Juhn'), of Lyme. < 'unn. 
Born Jan. II. 1717; died Dee. k 17l)'.i; married Capt. Ehsha 
Marvin, sun uf Reynold Marvin, 1738: died. 


2.34 Pickett, b. 1739; m. d. Nov. 23, 1762. 
255 Dea. Elisha, b. June. 1742; m. d. 

25H TniuTUY. 1) 1744: m. Sarah Perkins: d. 

257 ENOeti, b. 1747: ni. Hutli Ely: d. 

258 Ge\' ELMif. b. Dee., 1752: m, Eii.sabcth I!<.-rer.s, Dee. 25. 17M2; d. 

259 Jo.^Erii. h. Frb. 14, 1755; ni. d. 
2(i() Catheuim:. b 20. 17">0: m d. 

* Rev. Dr. A. P. Marvin i.f Lancaster. Mass.. w'ho is a prominent hi^tl>^iall. 
also Enoch Mathir .\Iarviii I, f the Methodist Cliureh. South, are both 
.irreat-.irrandstms of Catheriue Mather. 


109 Rev. Dr. Moses Matlier' (^oti of Tiiiiotliy«. Rk-lianl'. 'I'lm- 
othy". Rm-. Richai-<i'. TJn.ima.s-. Juhn'). of Daneii. Cumi, liuiu 
at Lyuif. Conn.. Fdi. L'o. Ml'.': died in [»ant'n. Sejit. 2 1. l.sDd: 
married (1) Hannah Bel], Sept, 10. IT-K'.: sLe died Aiu-il I'l. 
1755; (2) Elisabeth Whiting, Jan., 175ii: she died Sept. IS, 
1757; (.'j) Rebect.'a Raymond, Aug, 2.'-'., 175S; .^he died Jan. 'i.'J, 



261 JoHx, 1). Oi.t, 1, 1747; v-i. d. 17U1, 

•2t>:J H,\-\NAH, b, Jau, 0, 17-10; d. Jan, 7, 174'J. 

2l>3 Bell, h. March IS, 17r,0; d. March ly. 17.jO. 

2(54 nA>>AU 2u, b. May :51, 1751 : ra. Jesse Kaymoud. Dec. 'i)^, 1776: 

d. f^ept. 35, 1840, 

265 Joseph, b. Jidy '25, 17o;i; m. feandi Scott. May 29, 1777: d. 

Feb, 29, 1840, 

266 XoYES. b. Sept, 21, 1756; ui. Catherine ; d, >7ov. :}I, 1S07, 

267 Mot-Es, b, Nov. l:^, 1760; m. d. Sept. 22. 177U. 

268 Raymond. b, J,\n. ;>A, 1763; m. d. 'Miy 17, ITOO, 

269 Isaac, b. Dec. 6, 1764; m. d. May 17. 1791, 

270 Samuel, b. Dec. 19, 1765: m. Sarah Seotield. May 2, 1790; d, 

Oct, 22. 1842, 

Rev, Dr, Ml lies Mather graduated at Yale College 17;;!t. and was 
settled in Darien, Conn,, t'ornierly the pari^h of Middle.S'.-.x, in '^iie town 
of StaniLord. Conn. The church over which he was settled was 
erected in 1740. A picture of this old church is to be found in John 
W. barbers Historical Collections of Connecticut. He savs. -that 
during the Revolutionary -War, a considerable-. nurnl*er of persons dis- 
affected to the American cause, resided in thi.^ vicinity. C)n Sundav. 
the ■22d of Jidy, 1781. a party of British troops, consisting chiefly of 
reftigees. surrounded this church and took the congregation prisoners. 
The Rev. Pr. Mo.-cs Mather was at the time pastor of the church, a 
divine distinguished tor his piety, le:irning, and most e.xempJary life. 
It was the intention of the refugees, or tories. to have taken the con- 
gregation prisoners during the morning .service, hut .some nic-iidiers of 
the conirregatiou who were peculiarly obno.Kious to them, not attending 
church in the foreni.»jn. tlu.-y kept concfaled till the afternoon services 
commen;;ed. While the congregation were singinir the first hvnm. the 










' ' , '--J 




;-^^ .;- ;i^^^-.', ■:< ~J i. ~}.^fSl^^ ^ _-. 

;< - ■ -- . -- _^ . _^| ._,, , ■_, •* tjljlMl ■ ■ ---" -"^ - , ~" ' ■ ■ '•" J 

First Congregatk^nal Church, Dar;en. Ct., in which Rev. Dr. Moseij 

Maimer Pre.vched for more ^ihan Sixty Years. 

Erected in 1740. Rei'lacep in 1337. 


ret'iigces, cuiujnaii'kil liy a ('apt. Fru^t. spniuy over thi- I'cuce ami sud- 
ileiily riurroundtMl tlio h<ni<e. Two or three yoiiiiij; men. wlm liappeiie<i 
to disc<.>vfr ihom i:>. rieasuii, jiuu[ii'd out ul tlie wiudow.s and etleiMei.l 
their i.'s-cape. Two guns were iired at theui \>y the refugees, wiiu did 
i.ut tiiiuk it. prudent to lire any more, as the liriug of three guus 
"would have heen the signal of alarm agreed upon bv the inhabitants of 
this place to give notice of any invasion of the enemy. Tlie men of the 
congregation were taken out of tht? church, tied two and two. and !);■. 
.Matlior was placeil at their head. The refugees then took about forty 
horses belougisig to the congregation, mounted them, and marched 
their prisoner? to the shore, and thence conveyed them to Llovls 
Neck on Lonsr Island. Then after a short stop they were marched to 
rScw York and confinoii in prison. Some of the congregation who 
were taken off never returned; these pu-obably perished in the pri.son, 
ot'Hers were p>aroled, and stmie retiirned after having suflered severely 
by tlie small pox. A writer in one of the British puV)lications of the 
day. in giving an account uf this e.xpedition. made himself merry in 
describing the outcry which the AVomen made at the time tlie men Avere 
taken prisoners, as thougli it were nothing to liave husbands, fathers, 
and brotliers separated from them by an armed force and taken off to 
distant prisons. A son of Dr. Mather was more fortnnate than the rest. 
As the refugees entered tlie church he sprang under tlie seat, and the 
women sitting before him thoir.^Jothes hid him from ttieir observation. 

•■ Dr. Mather havin,iit)een taken into New York, was confined in 
the Provost prison. Here liis food was stinted and wretched to a tie- 
gree not easily nuayined. His lodging corresponded with his food, 
and his company, to a considerable extent, was made of mere rabbk-: 
their conversation, from which he could not retreat, was composed of 
profaneness and ribaMry. Here also h»; was insidted dailv bv the Pro- 
viist Marshal, whcjse name was Cunningham, a wretch remembered in 
this country with detestation. Tlds wretch, with other kinds of abuse. 
took a particular .satisfaction in aiiutdinnng. from time to time, to Dr. 
Mather, that on that day. to-mon-ow. or some other time at a little dis- 
tance, he was t(.> be e.xecuted. 

•• P>ut Dr. Mather was not without his friends; friends, however, 
who knew nothing r)t' him except hi.s character. A lady of distinction 


(wiio was s;i['[»>s(.'il ro !»• tlu' niMthef of W.-isliiiiLiTou ri-viiiii-|. haviuu; 
Icarudl liis rirrunustuiiccs. ami liaviu;^,' i)lit;niic<l the iifCL'Ssarv iicrmi.s- 
sitJU. sunt. t(i hiiu clothf.-j atui UmA and (.•i.milni-ts with a vcrv lil'L-ral 

Dr. Mather (iii'.l Su[il. I'l, l.siKi, veUL-ratc'l \>y ;ill who kumv liim. in 
the SSih year of his a,i;e. He was eilucate-'l at, Vale t'ulleg'". uf which 
he was a Fellow tliirteen years. 

Rev. Dr. Moses Mather preached a seniiou in the aailieiice of the 
General Assembly of the State of (.'onnecticiu. iu Ifartfoi'd, on the day 
of .their Anniversary Election. May lu, 17^1. rrmted in Xow Lun- 
doii by Tivaotliy Green, printer. ■• To the (jovenior and Connpany, 
MD( '(.'LXXXI. The te.xt was taken from IT Chronicles, tx chapter. 
8th verse. -A number of oth«n' sermons wen; |iu})Hshed l)y L>r. ilather. 

Dr. Mather up to lst(4 had baptized '.rj L persons, had so!."iiu!i7.od 
'MH marria<ies. admitf"! Trj his churcli 2.">.s. and l(!l owin-.S ■ .'.\c- 
uaut. There were 7'>i •■■k!is in. the paiTsh. 'Hie ftr$t W" 
stood until l.S.iT. 

The degree ot D. D. was conterre<l upon Uev. Dr. Moses M»l.-i<'j. iiv 
the Collejre of New Jersey in ITKl. Wa'; F'ellow- of Yale l777-l7!Mt. 

Some ^if Mr. Mather's writin>i:3 were; 

Two 8crm>ms on ■ The eliaiiiri' of tlie S.ililiatli." By Moses Mafhoi-, 1) {>,, 
Pastor of a church of ('hri.-;t iu btanit'onl. Connecticut. Pii!jli>l!ed in 'Tlio 
Ame-icfiii Prt.iclier, Vol. 4. New Haven. Printed ijy Abi'l A[nr>e for the 
Editors, vho hold ila- privileiic ot Copy-riudir. .MDr< 'XCIII. -1-2 pp. Text. ■ 
Heb. x. 24. '2'>: And h;t ns consider one anotlier." ■An;! so nmcii tin- niore 
as ye see tlie day approachinir." 

■' .V Sysrematie View nf Divinity: or. The Uuin ami Ileeovery i)t ?il,ui." 
By> Mather, I>.I)., l.ite i>a.Ntor of the- eh. ot Christ in Sinmfon! i .Mid- 
dlesex t'ociety). Con. "■ Hear now () li(»«se of Israeh [sunt my way cijuaP/ 
Are not yonr ways mu-fpial :" — E'/ekiel .wiii. 2."i. Stanifonl. Con. Pu'oli.^liefl 
by Xiithan Weed. Isi:!. .V. S|iiJoii(r. Printer. Briioklyn. ISnio. :*4fi pp. 

"Divine Sovereiirnty Displayed by Predestiieition: or. the Doerrines of 
the Decrees, eonsiiiered in its proper liulit and nal tendenew." Jly Moses 
Matlier. A.M.. late pasror of the eh. of Christ in Miildlesex. ■ W in-n his 
disciples heard it they were exeeedin.idy ani;ized. .'^ayiiitr. %vlio theri ■<liall bo 
saved'.' Hut Jesus beheld tlieni, and .'<aid unto them, witlinuii tliis is inipossi- 
blo; but with (.!od alllhiiiu's are possible." — .Mat. xix. 2.">. 2>t. X^orw:i!k Conn. 
Reprinted by Nichols i.\; Price. IS-O. I'inio. Sermon [laniphlet. 4S pp. 


HisToKY OF Moses ^. iuek, D.D. 

Dr. Dvviii'ht ^ays of Liiu: 

"Dr. Mather was a man distiuguished tor Icarniiisj: ;iud liie'y. ti stmn.^ 
iinderstandiu'r, and a most exemplary lifu. His liatural lfin]>er ua.s y;vu\(' 
and unliendinn-. His candor was tlint of (flie <tos|h-1 — the wisdom whieii is 
from aliovc — which, wliile it is 'pure and peaceable.' is als(i ' wiLhdut {)ar- 

Dr. Spnigue's •• Annals of the American rnlpit " contains an iu- 
torestiT\>r letter Ipjui Hev. Mark Meail of Greenwicli. which uives us 
the folluw-inir delineation of his personal appearance and social char- 

•• He was a man of about the middle stature, rather slender ;hau other- 
wise, of a pleasant expression of countenance, anil free and tasy in conversa- 
tion. Dr. Math./r. thoutjh generally a pour man, had a rich vein of Inunor, of 
which there .siill remain many traditiims. A man in his parish who pictended 
to be a .sort of half Quaker, half infidel, and who was a member (-f the vigi- 
lance committee in the revolutiim, as he was ridinu' in company wi;h him on 
horseback, .-aid to him. • Your master used to ride an ass. and how i> it that 
you ride a hor.-^eV ' • Because.' said the doctor, ' the asses are all taken up for 
committee men.' 

"Dr. ^NFather u.scd to wear a long, rounded. Quaker ct/at, with very large 
brass buttons from top to bottom. The (^nakers at tliat time used l-j wear 
buttons made of apple tree, and just enough to fasten their co.its. The •^ame 
man mentioned above, on meeting Dr. Matiier one day, said to iiiin Moses. 
wiiy does thee wear .so many buttons on thy coat? ' " To show yon.' said the 
Doctor, • that my religion does not consist iu a button." " 

The foUow-ing extracts from the Records of the Parish of Middle- 
sex (now Darien). Conn., are given both as a matter of history and lu 
show the peculiar luethoils piwailin-- in settling and supporting pas- 
tors iu the early history of New England. Doai»tless the records of 
other parLshos would show equally (piainf proceedings: 

•'The society met at the meerintr-housc in Middlese.K, .fanmiry lin; 'J.ltii, 
1 :-p.> by m.ijor vote determined To send a man to get some candi- 
date t(- iire.uh in and for tlie MK'iety for three months on .-^uppiy wit.ii y ad- 
vice and ap|>robutiou of the ministry .... chose and api)ointed .\Ir. 
•In' Itaymond to be thi; man to go in pursuance to s'' vole and try to obtain 
some eaniliilate that is approved on to jjieacti in and for s'' society for three 
months eai -up[>ly." 


'• At a mcfting of V socifty ol' Middlesex. Marc-hy";iOtli. 1742 

agreed to hire a riiini.><ter for three or four niouth.s upon supi)lv to preach v 
gospel in and for .s'* .society . . chose Stiaifurd Jii" Ueed and Joii"' 

Bell. Either of them to lm and do their faitlilul endeavor to obtain u man to 
preach y gospel in and for s' society for three or four mouths upon supply." 

"At a uieerinL'- of y ^ncietyof Middlesex, July y -i^ith. 174'.}. the society 
. . . . mauifested their desires to improve [employ] Mr. Moses Ma'lier in 
preaching y gospel if to be obtained .... by major vote agreed to 
apply to y association nf>rs by a committee for their advice desiring to 
improve Mr. Moses Mather in order to a settlement in y<' gospel ministry in s'' 
3IidfUesex. if to be obt!dn(<l, otherwise some other person that y u.ssociation 
doth advise unto." 

'•At a legal meeting of y Society of Miihllesex. August y" 4th. 174-2 

• ■ ■ ■ ''J" nii'.ior Vdte agreed that y comiaittee they choose to apply to V* 
association for advice should treat with 3ir. Mather and desire him to continue 
with the society, and to preach with them on supply as heretofore." 

'■ At a legid meeting of y Society of Middlesex. Septeni''-' y Lst. 1742. 
.... y society granted y Kev. Mr. Mather right to preach in any jjart 
of Middlesex parish on any neeilful occa.sion, as ofien as he .shall see tit . . . 
at s' mee'ting y society by major vote agreed y committee, to say: Stanford 
jno R^.pji .ju,^ Y.n jona'" Bell and .Mr. Sam^ Bishop should make inquiry to see 
whetlier or not the society have a privilcire granted to have a church gathered 
and settled in s** society." 

"At a meeting of y Society of Mi<ldlesex. April y Sth. 1748 

by vote of y .suciety that they like<l Mr Mather s,. well as that thev were 
willing to have him fur their minister in a convenient time .... and 
cho.xe .Air. J"'^' Raymond, Mr. J"' Heed, and .Mr. .Ton»>'' Bell a committee to 
treat with Mr. Mather about a settlement." 

" The society met August the 24th. 174:3. according to adjournment, and 
at .s' meeting the society by a major vote proposed to give M' :M<ises Matlier 
live hundred pounds settlement of old tenor, and to pay the same iu live years 
at tive payments to say one hundred pounds a year yearly till the whole be 
paid for his enccfuragement and in consideration of his being the settled pa.stor 
and teacher of y gospel to y= people of s^ society of At s' meet- 
ing the s' society by a major vote proposed to giv(r M'' Mather one 
huiiilrcd and lifiy pound-^ old tenor, by the year. ycTirlv durino: tlie 
space of live years." 

•■ At a meeting of the Society of ^liddlescx. Decern''"' y Gth. 1743, it was 
granted I)y a nnijor vote of the .society, that they will give ^V Mose.s .Marlier, 
who is n<iw residi;nt among tliem for his settlement and salarv. (lie sum of 
fifty-tive pouud-s of lawful money <>f t'ouMeclicnt vearlv. from vear to vear. 


aimuuliy, as lnug as hu coiitmues thuir iM'isparnin iniuister, and tin.' payiut-iits 
are to be in iiidticy or any of our cijiintry proilucc that currently jtasses from 
mail to raau. all to lie luiilerstooil to bo a.s good a& lawful uu^iiey i>f Couuecli- 

■• At a nicetiuir of tlie Socu'ty of Middlesex. Decern'--' the 2Stli. 174:5. M'' 
Moses Mather srave in his answer to the society in s'^ tneetiug as follows: Gen- 
tlemen: Inasmuch as you have made several propositions to me of .seitlinij 
anionic you in y work of the ministry. 1 would hereby signify my willingness 
to serve you in the Lord, and if for my support among you while I shall re- 
main your lawful minister, according to the platform of the churches in Con- 
necticut, you will se<' tit to grant me an annual pension of !ifty-tive p«>unds 
of lawful money of Connecticut, to be paid in money or any meilium of trade, 
such as bills of the old tenor currency, or in the country produce that is mer- 
chautal'le as it currently passes from man to man, all to be understood as 
agreealjl- and acceptable as lawful money, you may e.xpect my concurrence 
and acceptance, so shall remain your servant in Christ, 


At s"* meeting the s'' Society of Middlesex having had and considered the 
above propo.s;ds ilid consent imto and confirm the same by a ma jm- vote." 

" At a meeting of the society of Middlesex, February the 'Jth, 174J, the 
society a.irreed by a major vote to have M' Moses Mather, who is now resident 
among them, to be ordained and to take the pastoral and ministerial charge over 
the s'' society in .Middlesex us soon as shall be thought to be a convenier.t time. 

At s'' meeting the s' society by a major vote agreed that the yearly and 
annual pension of fifty-five pounds lawful moni'V of Connecti(\it, whi< li was 
granted to him by tlie vote of y s'^ society at tlieir legal njceting. Decern'"'' 
y' 2ytli, 1748. in consideration of his being and continuing their lawful min- 
ister according to y platform of the churches in Connecticut anil to be paid 
to him in such medium of trade or provisions as is mentioned in s' vote to 
be e(jual or equivalent to s' tifty-tive pounds lawfvd money, shall begin on 
the tirst day of next March ensuing. 

At s'* meeting the s** society by a major vote agreed ujton and a[ipninted 
the first "Wednesday of next June ensuing, to be the day in which M' .Moses 
Mather .should be ordained and sel'* over them in the Lord." 

"At a meeting of y^^ society of .Middlesex, January y- 2tsf. 174i. the 
society, by a major vote, chose Cp"- Jn" Haymnnd Moderator of s' ineetiiiir, 
whereas the society of Middlesex, at their meeting on y 'Sith of May. 1744, by 
their vi'te a'.rreed to give a ceriain sum in specie, as therein nieiaiom-d, to Mr. 
Mo.<es Mather for his salary, ttc, in case he .icceptCMl of y" same: and whereas 
there may ariv' .-ume di.-.i)Ute CDncerning s'' a.txreement, y s' Mr .Matlier not 
being then .st;ttled among us, ami, because of some other uncertainties therein; 


uud whureiis y s' .Mr. Muthcr is sinrt- onlaiiicd ami .-Mttkii in _y' niiiii.-try iii 
this society, tlii.s ^ocit'ty. by votu in this nicftiim iln ntrix-e to irivc. and do 
btTL-hy irraut. uiit<p the Kl-v Mr. Mosi-s >[:irlicr. tlic j resent setth.-d juinis'er in 
y gd.spel in tliis .SDtiety. Un- his salary fur and towanls Ids annual support 
durini; bis coutinuinir to 1>e the settled minister in this society, the^uniof 
forty-six poiuids in silver siirlinsr alloy, at the rale of six s]ullin;^s and ri'i-jir 
pence p' (luncf troy weiirht, which .iiuouuts to one hundred and thirty-ei.tiht 
ounces, the s'" salary to be i>aid in silver as nfores'', or in y« produce of the 
country, at the rate .-md jiricc followinir, viz.: wheat at three shillinu's p' 
bushel, or r_ve at two shillin^rs p' bushel, or Indian corn at one shilling and .six 
pence p' bushel, or barley .it two shillings and ten pence ji' busliel. "r oats at 
one shilling p' liushei. or ti:ix at fi'ur pence p' pounil. or pork at two [)ence 
fuithing p' pound, or beef at one penny farrliiug p' pound, all to be good and 
merchantable, and that this agreenieut shall be the stated and standing rule 
and agreement between Thi- society and y" .s' Mr. Matlier respecting his yearly 
salary, and that all former votes and agreements respecting s' salary to be null 
and void, anything therein to y cuntrflry notwithstanding; provided, that y 
Rev. Mr. Moses .M.uher, liy writing under his hand, agree and consent to y" 
above vote and accept of what is therein granted or agreed to be given in lieu 
of all other grants respecting bis salary, and have the same recorded under 
this vote; then the above agreement to abide and remain the standing agree- 
ment between .s'' society and y s' .Mr. Mather." 

"January "21. 174i. Know all men by these presents, that I. Moses 
Mather, do consent w> and confirm y above mentioned jproposid. which is this 
day maile to me bj- the .society of Middlesex, of jviying to me the sum of forty- 
six pounds in silver at six and eight pence p' ounce, to be paiil in silver as a 
fores'*, or in wheat at three .shillings i>' bu.-,hel. ur rye at two shillings p'' 
bu.shel. or Imlian corn at one shilling and six pence p'' bu.^hel, or barley at 
two shillings and ten pence p"^ bushel, or oats at one shilling p' bu.shel. or tia.x 
at four pence per pound, or pork at two pence farthing p'' pound, or beef at 
penny farthing p' pound, as mentioned in y" above propos;d. consented to. I 
say, and confirmed by me as the steady agreement between me ;ind y"" society 
respecting ray yearly salary, which salary shall be paifl in which s[>ecie the 
people please, as witness mv hand. 


"Tlie society of Middlesex m(;t on y 2.')th of M.ty, ITU. aeconling to 
adjournment, and at s' meeting the committee niail</ report toy- society of their 
proposals with Mr. Mos»'s Mather concerninir Ids salary, to be stated as fol- 
lows, viz.; for the society to pay Mr. M(j.S'S .Mather for his .stated s;dary and 
•^•ttlement for bis support in y ministry forty-.'>ix pounds of money, to be 
paid to him in silver ai six shillings and eight pence p' ounce, which in the 
whole amounts to one hundred an<l thirty eight ounces, to be i>aid to him 


yc-irly. nv to hr [>:\v\ in \vhr:it ar ilircc slnlliiii;> p' 1)usIh'I. nr rye at twu -^lii!- 
linirs p" luishel. i>r Indian cnrii at dmi' sliillini;- and six pnu-r p' buslicl. (ir t>ar 
lev at two bliilliiii;:-. aud lfiii>L-ine p' Ijuslicl. oi oats at mie sliilliiig [>" l)u.siiL'l, 
or tlux ul tour [)fUfc p' pound, or pork at two puUL-c tarihiiiix p' poiiuti, or 
beef at onu pi-uuy farthing- p' po\uid, all to he good and uu;riliautabk'. 

■'At y' lULcting .Mr. Missus .Mat her agreed lu y above proposal, aud wan 
pleas'' to give iu writing t(j y .soeiety tkat lie woidd assent of these or eitiier 
of these instead of both .salary and settlement, all fornuT votes to y (outrary 
with respect to his siilary notwithstanding." 

" At ;in adjourned meetinir. May y "ioth. IT-W, to the Society of Middlesex 
to be convened this day in a society meoting. Gentlemen: I would hereby show 
my willingness to accept of forty-six pounds of money, to be paid to nic in 
silver at .six shillings and eight pence p' ounce, which iu the whole arnoiuits to 
one hundred and Thirty eight oun(es. or lo be paid in wheat at three shillincrs 
p' busiu-l. >>r rve a'' two shillings p' bushel, or Indian coni at one .shilling and 
six pence p' bushel, or tiax at four pence p' pound, or pork at two pence far- 
thing p' pound, or beef at one peiniy farthing p' pound, all to be good ;«nil 
merchaiitivble. These or either of these I s;iy 1 will accej)! of. instea<l of both 
salary and settlement, all former votes to tlie contrary with respect to my sal- 
ary and settlement notwithstanding; and so I shall remain yours to serve in 

At a mectins of the Society of Middlesex, the 19th day of February Anno 
Dora. 17(56, at the School House in sai<l society. 

1. At the same meeting, choose Ensign Nathan Reed to be the Jloderator 
for said meeting. 

2. At the same nteetiug. Voted. That the underwritten discharge, ifivcn 
by the Rev. .Mr. Mather, sludl be recorded, and is as followeth, viz.: 

Know all men by these presents : that, whereas the agreement made 
between me. Moses Mather, of St:inford in Fairlield County, and the Society 
of Middlesex in .said county, at the time of my s(;ttlement in the work of the 
ministry in said society, respecting the sum that I was to receive yearly from 
said society. i,s dirt'erently luiderstoorl; .some supposing that what I have 
received from siid society in years past, according to the yearly votes of said 
society, has exceeded the sum first agreed upon, according to the true intent and 
meaning of s' agreement: and on the other hand there are some who sui>| 
that the several sums gmnted yearly to ine by said society have-not amounted 
to but have come short of tin; sum first agreed upon, according to the true 
intent an<l meaning of said agreement, and from these various sentiments do 
arise disputes and di.scords. for the putting an end to and preventing which I, 
y s' Moses Mather, for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, do. 
by these presents, release and discharge said .society from all challenges and 


(lrii>;uiil.s \Yli;its(ievcf. 1)}" viri'iif of s;iiil tirsr ai;-ivciiu'iit. ami do coven.-uu and 
a.i^'rcf witli said society that the siveral yrarly uniiirs in yoars past siiall ho 
aoic[)ted and allowed iii sticli a niannL-t as tliat y s' society shall be, and is 
hereby, treed and dischari;eil troni all I'lirlhur demands. 

lu testimony whereof I have hiveuiilu set my hand, in Staniord, ihis lUth 
(lav of Fet)ruavv. A. I). IT'J'J. 


Ill llicliard 31ilther' (sou of Samuel^ Kichunl^ Timothy^. Rev. 
Richard', Thuiiias'', John'), of Lyme. Omn. Born Dec. 22, 
1712: died ; married Deborah Ely. May IS. 1742. 


"371 MEHHWin.E, b. March 7, 17U>; m. ^^laj.-Gen. Samuel Ploldeu Par- 

sons; d. 

•272 SAMrEL. b. Feb. 22. 174.j: m. Lois. dau. of Thos, (Iriswold; d. 

27:! Wu.T.iA.M, 1( .•^ei>T. l.>. 174fi; d. Sept. 24. 1740. 

274 William. 2n. b. Xov. 21. 1747; m. Khoda Marvin. May 1. 17(iS: d. 


27.') Capt. ELr.\s. b. Feb. 10, 1701); m. Lucinua Lee. Oct. 17, 1771; d. 

Auir. ;^0, 1788. 

276 Debou.vit. b. Oct. 3, 17^2; m. Capt. Ezra Lee: rt. 1816. 

277 Ezn.v. h. Feb. 2."). noo: d. June 4, 17")"). 
2^78 Ezra, 2r). b. April 27, 17o6; d. Nov. 10. 17."j8. 

279 C.vPT. Sylvester, b. Sept. 1, HoS; m. Elisabeth W'aite, 3[ay 22. 1788; 

lost at sea, 1810. 

280 PoLLV. b. March 81, 17i)(i; m. Wm Ciiampliu. Jan. 13, 1780; 


281 LrciA, b. March 13, 1763; m. d. 

282 Kicii.vRD, b. July 4. 176o; m. Eunice, dau. of Dr. Caulkms; d. 

Bjlisabetli Lee a danu'Iiter of DeViorali Mather and Capt. Ezra Lee. 
is the motlier of Wni. H. Mill of California.^ 

113 Dt^lwrali .Hatlier" ('^'^'^y'l'^'^'^' ^'•'^" ^^''""^''''- ^'i'''|:l■l''l^ Timothv', 

Rev. Piichard\ Tlioma.^'. John'), of Lyme. ( 'onu. P.oiri .iau. 
1.7, 1718: died J:in. 21. 177."); nuirrii^l Denj. Marvin. X<>v. ! I. 
! 7 1-2 ; ho liieil 


283 Ben.tamin. b. Nov. 7. 1743; m. d. 

284 MEifFTAr.t.E. b. <)(t. 4. 174"); m. d. 
2S.') AzTBAit. b. Dec. 23, 171S; m. d 



il4 Lucy Matlier" (tlaughter of Samuel", Rictia!il\ Tiinothy'. 
Rnv. Richarii'. 'I'iuimus-'. Johu'). uf Lyme. (.'i">mi. Iiurti Dec. 1 ^. 
1720; lik^d Oct,. 17, I7!.l'i; marriL-il (1) N;i,th;uii«-I IVck. May '.'1. 
174i; {2) Johu Sill, Sept. '.'2, llbz\. 


286 >[ather. h. m. (1) Esther Coult, April i'i. 1771; (2) 

Riiiiama Howell, Nov. 19, 17.%; (3) Azuba 
Watrous, Aug. 5, 1790. 

Cbildren of Mather and Esther Coult Peck: Lucy, Mary C, Joseph. 
Esther, Ahig-ail. Miriam, JFatlier. Jr.. David H., Jerusha. and Ruhama. 

116 Joseph Mather" (sou of Jusephs. Richards Tiuiotliy*. Rev. 
Richar(l^ 'L'honias^ .John'), of New Britain, Conn. Born Marob 
15, 171.5; died 1797; married Anna Booth; she died 

Sept. 13. 179S. 


b. .lau. 18, 17:3:>-9; m. d. 

1). Api il, 1742: m. (1) Joshua Killiourue. July 1-4. 17i>;]; 
(2) James Lusk; d. 

b. .J:in. 17. 1744: m. Jojm Judd, Jr., Nov. 23, 17^9; d 

b. 1747; m. (1) Fully Burrif. aunt of Elibu Bur- 

nt: (2) Mrs. Hannah Sage, July lo, 182.5; d. 
July 10, 1833. 

b. Jan. 0, 1748: m. (1) Roger Bronsou: (2) Jo&iah An- 
drews; d. 

b. m. d. 

b. m. d. 

b. Sept. 1.1, 1740; m. Isaac Hart; d. 

b. m. d. 

b. m. Lemuel Ilotchkiss; d. 

b. m. d. 

2S7 Sarah. 

288 Lydlv, 

289 Joseph. 

290 Phebe. 

291 AnsEii. 

292 Elisiia, 

293 A>.-NA. 

294 JEur-HrA. 
29.'j Pknei.ope, 
29G IlA.xNAn, 

117 Eleazar Matlier, 31. D.' (sou of Joseph', hrotlier of above), of 
L}nie. Conn. Born in Lynu?, Conn., Nov. 17. I71fi: died 
Nov. 21, 17fi8; marrifii Annie Watrous. Xov. 1.1, 1741. 

297 Samcel M.D. 

298 Frederick. 



b. Fob. 10. 1742-;}: m. (1) Alice Rau.^om; (2) Mrs. 

Sally Anderson; d. May 17. 1S;)4. 
b. April 10, 174.1; d. May 6, 174.-5. 


2;t!) FuKni-Jtrt K. -'d. M.D . 1.. June 11, 1T4(>: m. lit^tsey Perkins. Oct. 11. 

171)5; (I. Oct. 14. is:5i). 
;!(MI Ati.rsTi <. .^l i> . !.. .Iiin(.-24, ITlS; ni. (1 » .Mrliitalilc ifi.snicr. Feb. 

2S. ITT-"): v2) Hiuinali Uaavmi; <\. ls;il. 

;ioi Ai'.iiv. 1>. July :5(). IT."")!; ni. C'aiU. Aui:i.s:i It.iiisuiu; d. 

303 Ei,KAZ.\!i. .M.l>.. I). JuiR'-J-i. r.");3; 111. Irene fjtarliii. 3[ay 29, 1775; 

(1. ls:J7. 

\ oOo Ei.isn.v. M.I).. 1). Muirli LS, 17."i."j; m. Elisabetli Seltlen; d. Oct. 

30, lfs36. 

Dr. ElU-azar Zifather graduated at Yale (."oUege in class of 17.37. 
He wa? an eniin>^ni r.iiysician and a man o; universal knowlodure; was 
a very e\teusiv«? land owner on the east siile oi tlie Conuecrio;;t River. 
in the Fnmch War he losr a 'artre amount of property in .siiip.?. and the 
.i!;ovei-n!nent asToed to remunerate liim lor his loss, but never did. 

Five of Dr. Mathers scms were physicians; four of them 'settled in 
Connecticut and the other in New York State. He wa.< the ancestor 
of the late AVm. Wiiliams Mather. LL.D.. tliC noted jjieologist. 

Ill) John Mather" {^ou of Joseph^, Richard^ Tnnothy'. Rev. 
Richard^. Thomas*. John'), of Lyme. (."onn. Born at Lyme. 
Conn.. J'liy ;;i. ]7'_'l; 'lied Jan. 1. IsiU; married (1) Mary 
Higgins, June 13. 174.'); she died Oct. 'Ji*. 17^2: (2) Mrs. Ruth 
Robl^n.^. Feb. 27, 17S.5; .she died June 14. 180U. 


■- ;i04 Joirx, b. April 4, 1746; ni. d. 

SO.-) .^(MKuN. b. Oct. 81. 1747: m. d. 

80(5 Ri;i;f.«c\. 1>. Dec. 2. 174S; m. .Inlm VViiit; lied. F.-li. 17. 1^10; d. 

807 :SL\i:y. 1). Dec. 11. IIV); m. Richard bay. Man it is. 177:}; d. 

:M.iy y. 1795. 
SOSJo^id-A. h. March f). 1753; m. d. 

:',0n Ha.nxau. b. Doe. -io, 1754; m. d. 

;310 JosFi'ir. b. Jan. 27. 175fi; ni. Ruth A<l;>ins, D.>c. li. 1780; d. 

March 21. 1S48. 
nil Htkphkn. b. Feb. !>. 175s; ni. Elisabeth Peck, UM: d. June 

1. 1S87. 
312 SvLv.\NT>. b. Jan. 17<)1; ni. Caroline Cha.hvick; d. at Vdk- 

niivi.a. N. Y. 
M-i Jk-Kc^it-. b Feb. 25. I7i>o. m. ni.-ajanihi Austin. 1797; d. 


014 Dax, 1). Marcli 24, ITtio: m. d. 

'dl~) Jkmimv. 1). Jan. "i'^, 17(37; m. d. 

31t) Mkuitable b. .March ■'>. 17(':); lu. d. 

V22 Benjamin Matlier' (son of Josepli"'. brother of ai.uvc), of 
'Wiiaifiy. ^la.s>. Burn in Lyme, (.'onii.. Sci.t, 1',.', !7;ii; >lif(.l at 
Whately, Dec. '2r>. ISL'l: nuiriii-i! (1) Jrciie i'.-arsoii.s, Aa--. Id. 
1753; she die«l Auu-. 'J'J. !7t;i: (•_') Ain.uail Worthington. -March 
U, 17u3. 


017 b. July S, 1704; m. Sands Chamiilm of LyiiK-. 

Conn.: d. 

318 GiKiJON? b. :M:iy H,; d. July 10, 17o!i. 

319 A-\NiE. b. March 12, HoS; m. Hazard of Veruiout: 


320 GiBBoxs, 3d, b. June 22, 1760: m. Hannah Foote. Jan, 29. 

17^9; jhe d. Oct. IS. 1844; d. Aug. 5, l:>lo. 

321 Betsy WonTiuN(iroN, b. Dec. 17, I7ti3; ni. d. 

322 Abigail, b. April 10, r,!;.i: ni. d. 

323 William, b. r)oo. 31. 17ii6; m. Tirzn >[orton; .sJic d. Feb. 

7, 1S4S; d. April 2, \X'ir,. 

324 RiiODA, b, Jan. 1, 17(!S; ni. Alvord; d. 

323 Elias. 1), Oct. 2r,. 1770; m. Abii,rail :Marvm S\vun Oct. 

14, 1794; d. Sept, 3, 1>S:!9. 

326 8A,\n;EL. ti, March 19. 1773; m. (1) ilary Ann Eunice, Oct. 1, 1797; (2j Experience 
Barn.ird; d, 

, _ , [ ni, (1) Luciiida Morton: (2) 

327 Joseph. ) I v i /^ i * 

f -p • ' , ,, , Adencv Graves; d. Au:i. 

-T\Mns. - b. March lo, 177(;; .., ,^,r, 

{ unmarried; d. 

329 Cotton, Ii. March 4. ]77;i ; ni. .Viuia P. Porter; ^rhe d. 

May 14. I^.-m; d. May 13, 1S.-|4, 

330 :Marshfield P.. t>. June 2(i. 17s2; m. (D Mary Hurd, 1«07; 

she d. March 20, l>iOfS; (2) Betsey Sherman, 
Nov. 17, IS21: d. May 1, 1839. 

Vdi Timothy MatllOr' (son of Wiilium-, Athorton\ Timothy^ Kev. 
Kichar'i', Thomas'-', John'), of f^ulliehl, Conu. Born at Green- 
wich. X. J. Anii. 4. 17-J'_'; .licl ( »ct. •!>>. ISO".'; niarrievl (1) 
Hannah Fuller, '. >ct. 'J.'j. iH^i: she'lied Apr. 7. 17.3 7; ("Jj Widow 
Lucv Kellou-.Lr. Mch. U. L-<»jn. 



:i31 S.u^AU, b. Aujr., 1749: in, Jonathun Howard; d. Sept. '), l^i'3f3, 

332 Pni>;EA.-. b. Juu. 15. 1751; m. Huldah Taylor. Nov. 17, 177;>. d. 

3I.-L. 30. 1S3S. 

333 IlAXX.vfi, b. June, 17o><: m. d. Oct., 17.>-'. 

334 TmoTiiv, b. Mch. '2. 1757; in. i4:miiah Ckurch, 1779; d. .Alch. 

8. isi.s. 

335 EiiASTL'ir, b. Oct. 14, 1760; m. Olive Higlcy, Jan. rt, r7b4: d. Sept. 

33*3 ErsEBirs. b. Nov. 28, 1763; m. d. 

337 6A.\rcLL. b Oct. 3ft. 1767: m. d. 

132 Increase blather' l=un of William", Atherton', Tiiaotliy\ 
Rev. Fcicliard', Thomas^. John'), uf S\ilnc-ld. Coun. Bora : 

died -May 7, 171)9;. married Appliia Xorton. Sept. 5, 17GS; she 
diedJuue lo. ls;-;7. age 88. 


338 Ruth. i). June 25, 1769; d. young. 

339 EusEua-s. b. ilay 27, 1772; m. Xaacy Welle.s, Oct. 5, 1803; d. Apr. 

12". 1836. 

340 WiLLLVM, h. Nov. 25. 1774: m. 8arah Bush, Dec. 22, 1799; d. Nov. 

S, 1>34. 
3-11 Ruth, 2d, b. Feb. 14, 1779; m. James Kent; d. Mch., 1840. 

l.')3 Rfdii'CCa 31JiMier (dun. ui Williaiu". A.tlierton\ Tilnot!ly^ 
Rev. Kich.ird'. Tiioinas--. J.jim'), of Nuffield, Cuim. Born Sept. 
8, 1727; (lied Sept. "29, 1704: married Jumitlian Rising, Jr. 


342 Rebecca, b. Mch. 12, 1750; m. d.' 

• 343 J<-NATrrAN. b. Oct. 27, 1751; m. d. Dec. 22, 1797. 

34-1 Eli, b. June 9. 1755; m. d. 

- 1 1 win.-., ) l>. 3l:iV 24, li.>.; 
:i4»> LticiNDA. 1 ■ m. d. 

347 EusEr.ns MvrireR. b. Jan. 15, 1761: m. d. Aug. 1, 1800. 

34-'^ As.x. b. Oct. 2. 1764: m. d. 

340 .U^-iLLo:*, b. May 26, 1708; m. d. 

131 .Vpjihia Milther" ('ia.i. of WiHiam^ Acherton^ Timothy'. Hev. 
Richard', Tii.jma;5-. Jotm'). of Nuffield, Conn. Born in Sufiielil. 


Couu.. Aug. 3, 1780; died Juno I'J, hsii; nuirried Ciuirles 
Hathaway. June 1.j, 11 r>:',: he died June '21, ISO"^. 


3.^0 ArniiA, h. Jan. 2.3. lTo4 : m. d. 

;Jol PkiDOUA. b. 3I;iy 15, 1T5.J; in. d. 

3r)2CiiAKLK.-. b. Fi\). 7. 17ot>; <}. Oct. 21, IToT. 

3.i;i CiiAui.t;-. 2d. b. Dec. 4, ITol': n». . d. ' 

3j4 EzEKiEL. b. June 11, 1761: m. il. 

3oo Li'THEK. b. July 12, 1763; m. Clam SaiTord. Feb. 2-5. 17t>4; d. 

•ioC) Anna, b. July lo, 1765: m. d. 

;357 LccY, b. Aug. 12, 1767; m. d. 

358 Eli.jah, 1). Aug. 11, 176y; ni. d. 

35!) Jemima. b. Sept. 25, 1771; m. d. 

136 William blather" (son of ^VlUiam^ brother of above), of .Suf- 
field. L't^nn.. and Marlboro. \'t. Born at rfuffield. Conn., Ajir. 
25. 1735; died at Fairfield. X. Y., May 21', 1810: married (1) 
Helena Allyn Talcott. dau. of Feletiah AUyn, Apr. lb. 17r,ii; 
she died Dec. 6, 177(1; (2) Martha Dickinson; she died May 21*, 


■360 Hele>-a, b. Mcb. 24, 1765: ra. Thiiudt^iH; Olds, Feb. 17, 17s3; .1 

July 15, lf<37. 

361 Aurelia. b. Niiv. 15, 1766; m. S-unuel baiford, .May .•?, 17%: d. 

Jcb. 13. Ibly. 

362 31osE5. b. Feb. 1. 1774; in. Sarah Drcs^-er, June lU, 17l)'J; d. Dec. 

20, 1SI32. 

363 Ak?;a, b. Nov. 5, 1776: m. Judge Xathaa Smith: d. Oct. 17. 

1844. " . 

14.4: David Mather" (son of Joshua', Atherton,"', Timothy'. Fiev. 
Richartl*, Thouia.s', Jolm'), of Berlin, Conn. Born Oct. 7, 17."-S: 
die<l l.^:17. Lie was a .soldier in Kcvolutionary Ariiiy: 

married Hannali Dnnliam, June 2. 1S57. 


364 Eleanok. b. Mch. 14. 1758: m. d. 

365 Pekcia b. Jan. 22, 1760: lu. Thomas Sugdeii, Dec. 7, 1780; d. 

366 Cotton. b. Aug. 3, 17t>l; m. d. Sept. 7. 1767. 


367 i[Ai;y A:>n. b. 1700; m. (li Luljbcus Uungcrt'ord; (2) Duvid 

Hill: d. 
3()» ELisAiiETiJ. b. X(,>v. 20. 1707: m. .Sa-e Clmrtbill: d. 
309 Hannah, 1). Aug. 10. 1709; m. Sefh Hinigfrford; d. 

870 Cotton. 2d. b. bept. 2, 1771; m. Rebecca btecle, Juue I'J. 1701; d. 

July 2o, 1807. 
ill Thomas, b. Dec. 10, 1773: d. same day. 

372 Rhoda, b. Aug. 27, 177G; m. Orrin Gdndrich; "d. •" 

373 Polly, b. Dec. 27, 1778; m. Ebeiiezer Gridley; U. 

145 TlloniilS 31ather, M.D.' (-^on of Jcslma". Atlierton\ Timothy'. 
Rev. KicLartP. Thomas^. John'), oi Farniiiitrton. ( 'uim. Born 
at Berlin, Corn.. Sejit. 7. 1741; died Auj;. 10, 1700: married 
Hulda Bull. Moh. TJ. 1704; Mrs. Hulda Bull Mather married 
2d, Sam'l Smith. Feb., 1771. 


374 William, b. July 21. 1764: m, Aiuiie Lewis. May 'J. ll'Xi: d. June 

11, 1847, 

375 Olivia, b. Feb. 21, 1767: m. Reuben Norton, :May I, 1783; d. 


■ ( )Ii\'ia Matlier and Reuben Xorton had a daughter F^anuv. wlio 
married Hon. Martin Wells of Wethersiield. L'unn.. whose descendants 
were persons of influence in the places Avhere they settled, 

14^6 Hannah 3Iather" ('lau. of Joshua", sister of above), of New 
Britain, Conn. Born Jan. 25, 17 4.'): died Feb, l.^i, 1773; mar- 
ried Will. Lewis, son of Capt. Jonathan ,Lewis, Uct, 0, 1707. 


37")<' Tho.mas, b. July 20, 170.'-!; tu. Hannah, dau. of Leonard Belcher: 

375// Hannah, b. Mch. 17. 1771: m. d. 

150 Oharlos .MatluT" (son of Richard". \rberton\ Timoriiy*, Rev. 
Richard . 'i'hijiuas^. J<.>hn'). or Torringford, Conn. Born in Suf- 
^ield. Conn., March 2(), 17I!4, died at Torringford. June. 1825. 
>{arried Ruth Kelsey. 



:>7r. t'oi,. BKriii:f.. I> (»it. f,. 17:1 ; m. Hulibi Smith. .lulv 17!»4: d. l-\-l). 

■i im;i 

;J77 Dkmas. b 111. (1) L'yiithia Lorcll; (•,>! Amy — . 

(:{* L(nii>a Mariuo: il. 
378 Ee^EUirs. b. m. Su.saiiMa \\\'lls. .1. Mrli. ;5, IMl. 

;170 AViLi.rA.vr. b. m. d. 

:]S0 John. b. July 11, 177^: m. Emily Lee, Apr. 2s. lsl;>,: ,1. Fel). 

16. 182(1. 
381 RuTiT. b. 1780; m. James Ileiulersnn. 1804: «1. 

July 28 1S4!1. 
;>.'S2 E>^T!iF.R. b. m. Darius Kiriirsbury; d. 1820. 

15- El ill 11 Mather' (s-cj of Richanl''. AtluM-toir, TiuK.thy'. Rev. 
KicliariP. Thomas-. John'), of Wiml.-eir. < \iini. I'mrii in SuffieM,. 
Conn.. April J. 1711: Jip^l at Wiu.lsi-r, Dec. 17. 177S: married. 


382<'Ei.inr. Jr.. b ' m. d 

3i^2ARK-irAKD. b. 17(57; m. Olive Super of Torrington, Conn.; 

d. Oct 14. 183.-): shed. 1N]8. 
382r Thomas. b. J;,n. 2-1. 17<)8: ni. Hannah Woodrnfl": d. :\[ay. 1^(51. 

3y2f?Ei.i. b. Oct. 2.). 1773: m. Sarah Looinis of Xew ITrirtford: d. 

Deo. 1, 183.>. 
382^'LE];BErs. b. m. tl. 

BSS2/D,T. TiiAPDF.T-*. b. Mch. 14. 1778: m. Sarah Parker, 1803: d. Oct. 8. 18o4. 
382,7Ar.rAH. b. • m. d. 

153 Zaohariah Mather" (sou of Ricliard. brother of above), of 
."^tockitridire. Mass. l^>orn in Suffii'l<l. Sept. T2. 174:5: died at 
Fayette, Seueca C'oimtv. N. Y.. An,u-. 21'. IM*;; married Lucy 
Gaylord. . 1709; slie died July 4. ls;^7. a.ued 'jG vear.s. 


383 Lr-cv, b. June 2. 177"; m. John Field Fitrh. Feb. 4. 1788: d. 

384 Maky. h. in. Baldwin: d. 

38."; Lrcr>-nA. b. May 6. 177.1: ni. Dr. David Leaven':\orti>.. Jan. If), 17',>4: 
d. Feb. 3. 18(i6. 

386 NAO\fi. b. Nov. 27. 1777: m. Uriah William.s. 170(>: d. xVu•,^ 2!). 


387 Ei.rsAEETn. b. m. 8iiei)ard: d. 


;>s,s Sviuii. b. m. Dr. ilart»()ii, d. 

:{sf) Ei.K\7.Ki{ I'.. 1) May !4, 17^7; m. Evt-liiia I'. Dol)l>in>. 4. isu, ci 

Sc[ii i. 1S02; .-,ln- (I. V-.'h. 1-1. IS.^7. aye 1)2 yi-ars. 
;!!»(! [.(■< us, I>. 2s(iv. It, 17S^; III June Ai-kcruiaii, Jan. 1, lf<17: d. .Nfay 

IS. IS7<». 

154 Cotton .Uather' (son ot Kichani", Ar.liert(jn^ Tiniothy^ Rev. 
Fiicliard*. Tllomas^ John'), . Bm-n 

1740; died ; married (I) ; 

(2) ; {^) 


391 Cotton S>frTiT. h 1770; m. Cliarlutle Daggett; d. lfU2. 

:«i2 Pini.o I). m. d. 

:?n3 HoR.vcE, b. 177.'i; m. (1^ Desire Enimcr.son. Mcli. 1, l^'Oo; 

C2) Hiildah bitnitti. Oct. '2.1, ISnv); d. Auir. (}. IS-?-). 

304 TiTOM.\is. b. m. d 

39r) b. Apr. lo, 1790; m. Mary Hard; d. >l:iy 11. 1879. 

?M John. b. m. d. 

807 Thekset. b. m. d. 

398 Cl.vri^s.x. C, b. m. . d. 

399 Betsey X.. b. m. d. 

400 S-vt.i.v. b. ^ _ m. d. ^ C • , -J" 

401 ZiLPn.v. b. '' m. Samuel Whiting; d. > '' ^ 

1.">r> Lois 3Iat!ier' ('^au. of Richard, sister ol: ahove), of 

r.oru ; married (1) Dr. Porter: (2) 

Da\nd Bull. 

1G(» Ahii^ilil Matlier (dan. of Increased Rev. Dr. Cotton', Rev. 
Dr. Iucre;iie^ Rev. Richard''. Thomas-, Jolm'). 
Born ; married Samuel Sumner. 

June is. 1741; she died 1700. 


402 Amy. b. Aug., 1T42; m. d. n43. 

403 Por.r.Y, b. May. 1744; in. John Williams, May 5, 17 73; 

d. Sept. 13, 1S24. 

404 Eow.vnn. b. June 14. 174(v. m. (1) Rebecea Payson; (2) 

Joanna, dan. nf l^n-. Josei)h Sunnier; d. at 
Roxbury. Mass., Oct. 14, 1S29. 
40-") Xrcuor,.\s B<>vi>ton. b. .M.iy 3. 1719; d. 1749. 



1()7 Samuel Mather f^'-n <:>( Rev. Dr:■Samuel^ Rev. Dr. Cotton*. 
Rev Dr. lncrea:^e\ lU-v. RichanP, Tlionui.-?2. .John'). He livo.,1 
in Europe atter thy Rnvolationary War; then iii Mattapan. 
Mass. Born in JJo.^lon. Ma.-s.. B'e'o.. 17:jo-7; difd iu Boston, 
1813, agt.'d 77: married Margart^tte Ucrrish, dan. ol' Beniauiiu 
and Margarette Gerrish of Hampton. Xew Hampshire. Julv. 
1774. In 177f3 he joined the. British army, and went to 
England. They had but one child (still-born). 

Samuel Mathers house, that he sold in 1810. is still in fine condi. 
tion. and is owue<i by Thomas H. Hinckley. Esq.. the j^aiuter. 

173 Hannah Mather' ('lau. of Rev. Dr. Samuel\ Rev. Dr. ('otton^ 
Rev. Dr. Increase*. Rev. Richard^, Thomas", John'), of Boston. 
Born in Boston, Mass., June 27, 17.)2: died July 11, 1829; mar- 
ried Joseph C'rock'T. April 13. 1779. son of Rev. Josiah Crocker. 


406 Hannah M.vtheu. 

b. Oct. 2'). 1T>^0; m. Samuel Parker. Aiis. o. 1.S02: 

b. May 20, i:.S3: m. Charlotte Cotlin; d. 18.72. 
b. Dec. 6, 1784; ra. .i. 

b. Jan. i;-', IT-i); d. -Sept. .7. 17s<0. 
b. Oct. 1. 17.'?7; m d. 

b. Apr. 17, 17.^9: <]. .ran. 29, 1791. 
b, Mch. 19, 1790: d. Aug. 28, 1802. 

413 Mauta ,Stevkns, 2d. b. Aug. 28. 1791; d. Feb. 14, 1790. 

414 James Bowdoin. )i. Feb. 2.7. 1793; in. d. 
41o Elisabeth Clark, b. Feb. M. 179.7; ni. d. 

407 Samuel ^Mather. 
Ai)^ Rehecca Ar.i.EN. 

409 Joseph Allen. 

410 Joseph Allen, 2d, 

411 3Iaria Stevens. 

412 William Shaw, 

Mrs. Hannali Mather Crocker was author of ••The Rights ol 
Women," auvl other books, besides her manu.scripts. She was Iniried in 
the Mathei' Xonih at Ccjpps Hill. Boi^ton. Many valuable anJ rare 
Works of the early Matlu-rs. ami also vaUuibie portraits, etc., have been 
presi'nted by this family to the Antiquarian Soci.jty at Worcester, 
Mass., which are well worth ,«eeing. 


174 Martha Mather" ('lau. ut Samuel M.D.", Samuel. M.D.«. Rev. 
SaiiiUer. '^iIU.)lhy^ Kev. [licluird'. Thomas-. John'), of Xoftli. 
amptuu. Mass. Burn Fell. 10. IT^S'J; died ; 

married Elihu Clark. IT'JT. 


416 M.\UTU.v. h. Feb. 1. 17')'.>: m. (1) Israel Barnard. Nov. io, ITS!); (-2) Capt. 
Puiaeas Strons?. Mav 9, 1817. 


17<J Samuel Mather, M.D.' (^^"n of .^amut4, M.I)/. Samuel. 
M.I).", H(.?v. .-^ainm'!'. Timothy', K.n-. R;', Tlioaias'. John'), 
ul' Westtieltl. Mass. Bi^rn at Xurtliauipton. Mass.. June 10. 
1737; diiKl April 27. I.SM.-.; uiarrie'l (j-race Mosely, 1761. ■ 


417 Gracl, b. Feb. 10. 1703: m. Ezra Clapp. Fell. 22, 1781; U. Mch. 

20. I':i42.' 

418 M.\.r. S.\.ML-EL, b. Doc. Vi. 17'!4; in. il. Mch. 15, 1789. 

419 Lt CY. h. -Ian. 20. 1767: m. John Lfc: d. Oct. 12. 1785. 

420 RoL.vNU, b J;ia. ll 1769: m. d. Aug. 10, 1784. 

421 Ep.\srcs. b. Oct. 11. 1770: m. d. 

422 SorvuA, b. < 'ct. 11, 1772: m. C'apt. Salomon Phelps; d. Mch. !•). 

"423 John, b. Feb. 27, 177«; m. Soiihia Taylor: d. 

424 C'Y.NTiHA. b. Jan. 25, 1777; m. Reuben Khig; d. xiug. 21. 1799. 

42.') TuoMAS, b. .Sept. 2.), 17sO; m. Frances Lee. Mch. 7, 1812: d. May 

IJ, 1S4.J. 

■ Hon. Samuel MatliM' ol Westiiehl was Ijorn at Xorthanipton, Mass., 
in the year 17:]7. was eilucated at Yale L'uUege, and graduated in the 
year 1756 with a high reputation as a gentleman and a scholar. He 
studied the profession ot medicine with his father in Northampton. 
and commenced the practice of pitysic and surgery at WestfieM, Mass.. 
ill tlie year K.iO. and was ntan-ied to Miss (Irace Mosely of Westfield 
in the year 17*U. He snr.n ol.raiutvl a vi>ry t'.Ktenstve practice, and 
for many years was cmisidered the most skillful and celelirated physi- 
cian in tlie old county of Hampshire. Soon after Lis marriage, he 
was commissioned as justice of the peace by George III, ani.1 was Cor a 
long time in earlv litf the Town Clerk and Treasurer of the town of 
Westlield. S'lbsequeutly lie was elected Representative, and after- 


■wards was appointed Senator and Judire of the County Court, which 
latter oflk-e he held at the time of the far-famed Shay's rebellion. He 
also acted as surgeon at the time the insurgents were dispersed at 
Springfield, Mass.. and witli his own hands dressed the wounds of 
those that were mutilated on that occasion. His whole life was tilled 
up with uncommon activity an'l untiring zeal in the cause of 
country, his family, and his God. He died in Westdeld m the year 

177 Elisha Matlier' (son of Samuel. M.I).'. Samuel M.I>.«, Kev. 
SamueP, Timothy^. Rev. Richard', Tliomas". John'), of North- 
ampton, Mass. Born Apr. 4, 174U; died March 2'2. l.-^O": mar- 
ried Eunice Mosely. She died Sept. 26. 1776. 


426 Wakham, :\[.D.. 1). Dec. 1703: m. Sally Wcutht-rbce, Jan. 2o. 1791; 

d. July 28, 1818. 

427 EcNifE, 1>. Moll. 13,1763; m. Ru.^.strll; d. 

42S LccY, b. Sept. lo, 1773; unmarried; d. 

429 William. 1>. Sept. 24. 177tJ; m. Auuie C'lcnk; d. Autj. 5, 1835. 

180- Joseph Mutlier' (sou of Timothy', Samuel. M.D.", Rev.Samiu-P, 
Ximothy*. Rev. Richard^, Thomas', Joliu'), <>t Windsor. Conn. 
Born 1735; died May 11. 1813; married Deliorah Hol- 

comb. She vlied May "JB. 1789. 


176o: m. d. 

Dec. 6. 1767; m. d. 

17fJ8; in. Luciuda ; shed. 1853. 

use 8.5 years; d. Apr. 27. 17!J2. 

1771: m. d. Sept. 23. 1808. 

1773; in. Sanili Kello,i,'_ir, of Ilockuiium, .Conii.; 
(1. F.1). 2s, 1841. 

1775; d. 1777. 

b. Dfc. 12, 1770; m. d. 1H(XJ. 

ISl Sarah Mather' (dan. of Timotliy''. Dr. Samuel', Rev. SaraueP, 
Timothy^ Rev. iiichanP, Thoma.s', John'), of Wiiulsor. Conn. 
Bom Nov. -24. 1737; died Dec. 3, 18'_'2; married Wm. Coolev. 
Nov. 27. 17.5'.). 

430 Joseph. 

431 Sa.muel, 

432 Tlvothy. 



433 BEN.\.iAn. 

434 Eltsiia, 


435 Er.TAKtNt. 

436 Sally. 




4;5T Sauau. b. Jan. 10, 1702; in. Tillorsnu; d. 

43t< William. b. Nov. IS. ]T03: m. d) r.damui B;ii-lnr. .Ian. 

1, 1TS9; (2) Mrs. Eunicv BaLlwin; ,1. July 

27, 184o. 
loit Ai;u,AiL. b. May ;5, 170o; ni. d. 

44(t Tini'Hi-.N \. h M;iy S. 1767; m, James TJiniU; d. 

441 DuHOTiiv. i). Apr. 22, 1708; m. (1) ^[r. Tibhlfs; (2) Mr, 

Graves: d. 
4-!2 TiM(."TUV Matuek, D.D.b. Mcli. i;{, 1772: ni. Cuntent Cliapmau, 

17011: d. Dec. 14. 18o9. 
44;J Aleaandku. b. May 2, 1775; in. d. 

444 Abigail, 2d, b. >[ay 2i3, 1776; ni. Spencer Wriirht; d. 

44o Jame:*, b. Dec. 29, 1779; m. Aluura Parsuus. Jniu; 13, 

180o; she d. Feb. 12, 185o; d. 8ept. 20, 


182 Dorothy blather \ ('lau. of Timothy-. Samuel, M,D.«, Rev. 
Samuel', 'I'im'ithy'. Rev. Richard ■', Thomas'", John'), of Windsor, 
Conn. Bo)'ii 1740: died Feli. 1."), 18 1 2; married Thomas 

Xewbery. Dec. ^, 17tJo; he died Apr. 5. ISm. 


44')'' Amelia. b. Sept. 3. 1704; m, d. Aug. 28, 1778. 

440 Sally, b. ]\Iay 3, 1707; m. d. Aug. -i. 1780. 

447 Mauy Ann. b. Oct. 30, 1708; m. tl. Mch. 12. 1780. 

448 Anne, h. Oct. 28, 1771: lu. John Barber; d. 

449 Jame^. b. :Meh. 21. 1773; d. May 28. 1773. 
4^50 Freuekick. b. Sepc. 19, 1774; m. d. 

4")1 J ANILS, 2d, b. May 28, 177o; in. d. 

4-52 Dolly, b. Aug. 14, 1770: m. Chas. Barber: d. 

4-'>3 James, 3d, b. Aug. 17, 1778; m. d, 

4.')4 FIannah, b. Fel). 3, 1780; m. d. Jan. 30, 18"")2. 

4-).") Mai;y Ann, b. Mch. 12. 1788; m. ' d. 

l.S:} Cotton Mather' (s"ii<'>fTiniotliy\ Samuel, M.D.^ Uev.Sntuuel*, 
TiiuuthyV Rev. Richard', Thoma.~". John'), of WiiuLsor, Conn. 
Bom 1745', died Nov. JO, 17;il: married Martha £ - 

StoughtoiL She died Aug. "-'.J. I8"_'!t. age 81 years. C'v[- 

Cotton 'Mather wat? m the war of the Revokition. 
~\'^^ Gr a • i \'<^<\ • >- ;0 r :.'--. -r "H pv- c - ■' " 



4.jt> M.V31Y. 


4o7 MAiauA. 


AoH ELiSAni'.TU. 


4o'J Ann, 


WO nrrii. 


461 Jamks, 


4fi'2 AiuGArL. 


463 AriiELiA. 


m. Jacob LiittimtT; d. 
m. Richard Ilaydeii: d. 
July 31, 1780: m. Sam"! Ilaydcu; d. 
tSc'ia. 1782; 111. Timorhy Ellsworth: d. 
178-4: d. 1701. 

d. one year old. 
unmarried; d.- Feb. s, lf<44. 
1789; m. Stoddard Ellsworth, Jr.; d. 

189 Sarah Mather' (ilati. of Eliakml^ Samuel. M.l).°. Rev. <;im- 
ut'P, Timotliy*. Rev. Riclianl''. Thomas^, John'), of South 
Windsor. Cuun. Born Sept. 4. 17.'>7; died April 1.5, IS 17: 
married Asahtl (Jlcott, Dec. 2. 17S2. 


464 Sally, b. Sept. 9, 1783; iinmarried: d. Oct. 4, ls->7. 

46;) CLAi;ui<!<.i. b. Mcli. 7, 1787; ^a. Reuben Olcc^tt; d. Sept. 11, 1823. 

466 xVsAiiEL. b. Sept. 19, 1788: m. Clarrissu Treat: d. July 21, 1808. 

467 Eliaki.m Mathek, b. Dec. 24. 1790: m. Anna Looiiiis; d. Apr. 12. ISOa. 
4U8 F.^NNY, b. Julv 13, 1792: d. Nov 17, 1793. 

469 Sami-el. , ^^.^^^ „ [ o«. ny5, a. A,.g. 10, 17^)o 

470 Fanny. 2d. > m. Timothy MathiM, Mch. 4, 1817; 

d. Apr 27, 1877. 

191 Samuel Mather' (sou of Eliakim", Samuel. M.D.». Rev. Sam- 
uel\ Tiiii«'tliy\ Mev. Richard', Tlioma.s-. John'), of "U'ind.sor. 
Conn. Born Feh. lo, 17H0; died Xov. "JB, l838; married 
Ophah Phelpt): iked. Dec. 18. 1828. 


471 Cl.U'.iss\. b. m. Rev. Mr. Di.von; d. 

472 S\kah W. b. ni. Russell T. Clark, Oct. 3. 1.>^3S: d. 

19;{ Nathauie! 3Ia11ierM-^<-'U of Xathaniel^ Sanmel. .M.D.-'. I^-v, 
SamueP. Timothy^ Rev. Richard'', Thomas^, John'), ol ( »ti.s, 
Mas.s. Born in Windsor. C'onn.. Mch. 10, I74<i: died ; 

married Hannah Fillev. Nov. 1.5. 1762. 



4T;i X.U'fi\..Mfc;i.. Ii. N.iv 14. ITtW; in. d. 17S4. 

47-4 IIanxvu. b. Xos'. 12, ITOo; m. Elijah Owen; il. 

47-1 Li'i'V. b. Oct. 17, 1709; m. Boswcirth; d. 

47f> KoGKii. h. Fell. l:^. 1774; ni. Mary Taiutor, l','.)^; d Junc.s. l!S49. 

19-lr Charles Mather, }l.b. (^uu of XathanieF. Samnel. M.D.«. 
Rev. Saniut.4\ Tiinothy\ Rev. Kiclianl', Thomas'. J(.ihu'). of 
.East Windsor and Haitford, Conn. Born in Windsor, Feb. 2G, 
17 42: died June :',. lS'i3; married Khoda Mosely oi: Westlield, 
Mass.. 1764. 


47t><CKAP.i-E.<. M.D.. b. Nov. ;JU, 1764; m. Mary ; d. 

477 RiiOD.v. b. Feb. 17, 1767; m. Maj. Uauicl .J.nifs. Oit. 7. 179!3; 

d. Nov. 26. 1847. 

478 James. b. June oO, 1771; unmarried, d. Sept. 21. 1834. 

479 Anx. b. Dec. 8. 1773; " d. 18o4. 

48U ^>.vuAn, b. June 2S. 1776; ' d. Oct.. 1778. 

481 Ei.iZAiiKTii. b. June, 177-*; •• d. Dec. 3, 1813. 

482 John. b. Oct. 19. 1780; m. Julia Noble, 1809: d. Nov. 12, 1858. 

Dr. Cliarles Mather graduated at Yale College in 1763. Ht^ was a 
man of sterlinu; qualities, working his way up into a successful prac- 
tice, gaining the confidence and esteem of his fellow men. He settled 
in East Windsor, living in the b.ouse which Dr. Elijah F. Reed after- 
wards lived in. After practicing there until aliout the year 17'.t.") lie 
removed to Hartford. Conn., wliere he spent the remainder of his life, 
having lived beyond four-score years, [f was said of him ■■ that he 
was noted for his long visits: never in a hurry; staid a long time aftt^r 
he got up to go.'' His oldest son. Dr. Charles Mather, settled in New 
York City: graduated at Yale College, class of \~s:>. 

195 Elijall Mather' (I'rother of the ahove 194), of Wuidsor. 
Cwun. r>(irri in ^Vindsor. D»-'C. 1. 174;-i: died Doc. 11. 17'.'(); 
married (1) Mary rftron^r: (2) Ruhama Roberts. 

Elijah Mather was a soldier in the Revolutionary army fi-uui Oct. 
23 to Dec. 4, I77U. 



4s:{ Mary, h. 176C; m. J.xsiah Bissi-ll. ITS-); d. Srpt. 21. iNOti. 

4St4 Elijah, h. Dec-., 17HS; in. Jcnisha Roberts. Oct. 15, ITSXl; d. 

Si-pt. 27. 17!lS. 
4S-, KiyrruN SruoNr;. 1>. Jan. 1. 1771; lu. Paity S. Clark, May 8. 171)8; d. 

May Hi, ls4tj. 

486 Ai.iA-Ts- M.. 1>. Mch. 1(5. 1772; m. (1) Keboccu Huntiugton: ci) Par- 

tlieua Hiuuington; il. Au^. '21. 1800. 

487 WiixiAM. b. 177«; in. d. Oct. 22, 1796. 

11>7 R<'V. Ail.VU 3tather' (sou of Nathaiuel". Sanniel, M.D.'. Rev. 
t'auiuci\ Tiinuthy'. Rov. Richard^ Tliomas^. John'), ot Xow 
Havea. Born at Windsor. Coun.. ^[ch. 21. 1747: died at 
Savaunaii. Ga., Nov. 4, 1784; laiarried Thankful Baniard. 


488 Allyx. Jr. b. ifch. 1775; was a lawyer: afterwards became tiie 

commander of a .-Lip and was lost in tlie British 

48!) Er-iSABETU. b. Feb. 11). 1777; m. ' il. July G. 178r). 

49() TuANKFLT, Soprn\, b. Jan. 4. 1782; never married ; fl. 
401 iNCRE.vsE, b. Nov. 4. 178?.; m. d. Sept. 14. 1795. 

Rev. Allyn Mather, A,M.. a;raduated at Yale College in 1771: in 
the vear 17 7:: was settled over the Fourrli Preslivterian Church in 
New Haven. His liealth broke down while among them, and July 21, 
1784, his friends drew up a paper in his bt;half. signed by the most 
prominent citizens of New Haven: 
I'd "The Mayor. Al.lermau. and other respectable Gentlemen of the 

Cirv of New Haven, m the State of Connecticut, to all to whom 

tliese presents may come, greetins: — 
•• We beg leave to represent that the Rev. AUyn Matlier, A.M.. tlie 
Bearer of tiiis Rescript, is a Pastor of the fourth Presbyterian cluirch 
in tliis City, and of an estal)lislied reputation for unblemished morals, 
I'iotv. and a laborious ti<lelity in t!ie work of the Ministry. He is 
irr-Mtly beloved. este«;med and lujiiored by his Flock, and has Imm 
eminently in promoting the Re<lf-emers cause in this place. 
But It ha:s pleased God that for sundry years p.'ist li«i has been so 

»jrv?»-i-»* » 

- '^i<i^v^ 






..SB ,;tap'n. 


■.,, ■.fi<»i;^'-i' 



^T^M^j |j;|| ir-^ 

1) i s. 

•-V; '!.-^^- 

■J .-aL^^-^r.^. 

" •-♦* 


•' r' 


■^'-"T * 

M..t . 





sSj^tfij«»*.itt«<ii&«^_ V2*!*y!?^ 


afflicted with Bodily Weakness and iutirinity tiiat lie has thereby been 
un;ible to perform tlie laliors of the sanctuary. The southei'n climate 
he found of great beneiit while in North Carolina in 17.*s();" 

The above is only a small portion of the paper tliat was gotten up 
for his use in recommending him to the pulpits of the South. He was 
to go in a vessel to North E'rovidence. Georgia. 

The signers of the paper were •• Roger Sherman (mayor). Ezra 
Stiles, D.I)., President of Yale College. Samuel Wales. D.I»., Professor 
of Divinity, Yale College; Thomas Howell. Samuel Bishop, David 
Austin. John Whiting (.Vlderman). Charles Chauncy, State's Att'y, 
Chauncey "^Miittlesey, of Isf Presljyterian ('hurch. Xew Haven: Bela 
Hubbard, Missionary from the Society for the Propagation of the Gos- 
pel in Foreign parti. Jonathan Edwards, minister of the "Jd Presbyte- 
rian Church in this city; Daniel Lyman. Timothy Jones, Henry Dag- 
gett, Justices of Peace." 

198 Colonel Oliver Xather" (>on of NathanieP, Samuel, M.D.», 
Rev. Samuel*, Timoth}'^, Rev. Richard"'. Thomas-, J(;hn'), of 
Windsor. Coun. Born in Windsor, Conn.. Mch. '11, 1749; 
died Aug. 27, iMiU: married Jemima Ellsworth, sister of Chief 
Justice Uhver Ellsworth, Mch. 21, 1778. She was born Mch. 
13, 1754; died Sept. 9, 1803. 


492 Oliver E., b. Jan. 13, 1779; unmarried; d. Mch. 11, 1820. 

493 Jemima, b. May 31, 1781; ni. Allyu Hyde, M.D., 1805; d. 

.^iay 19. 1839. 

494 Ellswortii, b. Mch. 16, 1783; m. Laura Wolcott, July 30, 1807; d. 

Dec. 23, 1814. 

495 Robert Treat, b. Mch. 1, 1780; unmarried: d. Mch. 14. 1825. 

4% N.\tua.\i>;l, h. Sept. 22. 1788; m. .Sarah Jane Mills. 1820; d. 

Apr. 23, 1837. 
497 TH-VDDEtrs. b. Sept. 1. 1792; uutiuirried; d. Dec. 7, 18G6. 

Col. Oliver Matlier's sons: 

Oliver graduated at Yale College, 1799. 
Nathaniel •• •' •' 1810. 



Col. Oliver Matlier was connected witli the First Regimenr. Con- 
necticut National (Tuani. one of the oldest organizations of citizen 
soldiery in the United estates. It wa< organized in lu7"2. Col. Mather 
was its commanding officer from 1792 to ITO.i; he had been a line 
officer before he took command. 

Col. Mather was chosen, with James Hooker, a committee to send 
from Windsor to the Boston sufferers, l)y Capt. Smith, ])rovisi<.ircs. and 
Mch. 20, 1775. they forwarded :S91 bushels of rye. 8fH Inis. of Corn, 
and ^ Bbl. oi Pork. 

199 Johu Mather^ (son of Nathaniel', Dr. Samuel", Rev. SamueP, 
Tiu"jthy', Rev. Richard', Thomas". John'), of Windsor. Conn. 
Born Oct. 9. 17.50: in 17 "^2 died in Revolutionary army at 
Kingston. N. Y. ; married Abigail Russell, dau. of Rev. Wm. 
Russell, grani.ldaughter or Rev. Wm. liussell, and great-grand- 
daughter of Rev. Noadiah Russell. Mrs. Abigail Mather for 
second busi and married Ehslia Leavenworth and had three 

Probably no children by tJr>it marriage. 

»(M) Ilierease Mather (I'rother of John'-'). Born in Windsor, 
July 4, 1732, and married Martha Wolcott, Sept. 10, i7L'2: she 
died Apr. :;n, l«38: he died Oct. 26, I.S3S. They had no 

201 Elisabeth 3Iather'* (sister of John'"''). Born in Windsor 
May IS. 17-34; married (1) Hezekiah Hayden about the year 
I77ti. He dieil 1776, leaving no children. His widow mar- 
ried Rev. Dan Foster of Poqxumock. Have no record of any 

202 Timothy Mather, M.D." (I'rotlier of John)'^'^ Born at 

W'ind.-or, Nnv. .3, 1733: died Apr. 7. 17SS; married Rojana 
Phelps. Mrs. Roxana Plitlps Mather married .'^econd time 
Stephen Clark. 


498 RoxAN.v, b. d. in iiit'aucy. 

49!) Ti.\i0TUV. b. 17S7: d. July, 17y:J. 



Dr. Timothy Mather was surireuii in the army throunh tlu I'outi- 
nental war. Hi.-* practice, owing to his early tk-ath, watii sliurt. iuic it 
was recorded ot hiia, '• his life was a relief tu the disJtresseil.' ^Vlso 
"that he inherited as well the virtues as the talents of his ancestors, 
and as a hist ex|)ression of good will tu men, lu' lihe rally [C'uvi'ied for 
the perpetual preaching of the gospel of peace to the lirst society of 
Windsor, of which he was a menil>er: sacred to his memory they have 
erected this monument." (Monument in Windsor graveyard.) 

204: Abigail Mather' (daughter of XathanieP. Dr. SamueI^ Rev. 
SaniueP, Timothy*, Rev. Richard^, Thomas', Juian'). of Wind- 
sor, Conn. Born Sept. 20, 17.37: died June 17, 1843: married 
Col Job AUvn. Mav 10, 1775. He died March 23. 1S28. 


b. J:m. 20, 1777; m. Miss Wadsworth; d. 

b. Oct. 2, 1779; m. Edward .iloore, July 3. 
1808; d. Apr, 7, 1849. 

b. Jan. 20, 1781; m. d. Jm. 16, 1826. 

b. Oct. 13, 1782: m. d. Au-. 20.1798. 

b. Sept. 12. 17S4; m. Henry Ha!-?ey, June 1, 
1809; d. 

b. Aug. 18. 1786; m. Wilson, of Mont- 

ville. Conn.; d. about 1859. 

b. Jan. '). 17^t»; m. d. Oct. 1, 1811. 

b. May 8. 1791; m. d. Aug. 18. 1796. 

b. July 8, 179;3; m. M. Marsh, 1828; d. 


b. June 10, 1796; m. Elisabeth Cornish; d. 
about 1874. 
.)10 Hox. Timothy Mather, b. Sept. 7. 1800: ni. Susan Pratt, dau. of Jo- 
seph Pratt; d. Aug. 2o, 1882. 

Hon. Timothy Mather Aliyn went into a store when a young man 
and work<^'l liis way np. leaving at las death an estate valued at nearly 
a million of iloUars. He gave away during his life quite a sum in put>- 
lie charities. He was a dry goods merchant, and later went largeiy 
into the real e.state business. He erecti-d some fine Ouildiugs. among 
them tile Allvu House anil the AUvn Hall. He has been tlie mavor of 

.5(X) BEN.TAMrX. 

501 A:<NE. 

502 \Vtlll\m T., 

503 XOKMAN. 

504 Abigail, 

505 Elisabeth, 

•506 Ricir.vRD. 
.507 Rox.vN.v. 

508 CvTHEursE, 

509 Jon, 


Hart Ion I, ( '()'l has iu'l'l tiiaiiy <_iHici-s in tlie cirvlieside. He erected 
a very fine stone nieniDrial cliapol in Spring' Urove ("enietery. He also 
offered conditionally to j^ive SiO.oUd for a public librarv. He has 
three sons livinir. RoluM't only livitifjc in Hartford, the other two livinj; 
West, all sucoe-ssful l)usiness men. 

205 Hiinuah Mather' (dau.irhter of Xathaniei". sister of aliuve). oi. 
Hartford. Conn. Born Mch. ^it, ItJT'J: died Feh. 2'_', iS().5: 
married James Goodwin, son of Samuel G.. Moh. 9. 17S3: she 
died June 24. Is 2 2. ai2:e '37 yrs. 11 raos. 


511 RoxANA. b. Mch. 0. 1T'*4: d. Mrh. 9. 17S!5, 

512 James MATnF.n. h. Aiig. 24. 17s."); m. Roxy BucklaiKl, Deo. 21. 1809: u. 

>lcb. 30, 1870. 

513 Mart, b. May 25, 1787; m. d. Aug.. 1870. 

514 Ma.nsixg, b. May 27, 1789: m. d. July 6. 1789. 

515 Manning, 2d, b. Aug. 27, 1790; m. d. June 15, 1832. 

516 H.\NN.\jr, b. Dec. 20, 1792; m, Oliver Welles, Xov. 21. 1814; d. 

May 24, 1880. 

517 Er.\stu3, b. Mch. 4, 1795; m. d. 

215 Mary Mather^ (dau. of Azariah", Rev. Azariah', Rev. SamueP, 
Timothy*, Rev. Richard^, Thomas", John'), of Windsor, Conn.: 
Born ; died ; married Abel Earlier. 


518 Fannie, b. m. James Loomis. Dec. 14, 1820; d. 

519 Kerecpa. b. m. d. 

520 John Marvin, b. ra. d. 

Fannie Barber and James Loomis' children are Frances, who mar- 
ried George P. Hayden of Wind.sor. who liave the foUowins: children: 
James L. Hayden, born ]s4-?>: Frances L. Hayden, born lS4o: and 
Kate G. Hayden. born is.",(). 

225 K»^zia Mather", (dau. o:' Increase", Rev. Xathaniei', Rev. 
SainueP. Tiiaorhy*, R^v. Richard'. Thonia.s'. John'), of 
town. Grange County, N. Y. Born 1749: died 1814: 

married Willip.m Lain: lie died 1811. 


r.AIN .CHIl.liKKN. 

.121 PuKCK N.. (t. 1770; 111. Jeivmiali Beiinet; il. l«;!il 

■i23 JoNvrriAN, 1) 1771; ni. Sally BiurulaLa'C; d. 

o3;'. BK'niiA, li. 1776; ni. d. ymiiig. 

o24 Ki".ziA, b. 177-v Hi. d. young. 

.12.-) William 1)., b. ll-o), m. Dubondi Alli-ur; d. l.-^:j;?. 

l'J6 Jorr.v. b. 17^2; m. Sally XoitDii: d. I'iM. 

.127 J.\.MEsi. b. 17-:5: m. Mary Allison; d. 1S44. 

.528 Sally. b. 1786: m. AbijaliErimdagee: d. 184-1. 

.129 MosE:^. b. 1788; m. d. young. 

il;30 David. b. 1701; m. 3[elioent Aber: d. 1870. 

228 Xilthaniol Mutiier" (son of Increase', Kov. Nathaniel*. Rev, 
Saniuol', Timothy*. Rov. Richard'. Thomas-, John'), of Orange 
County. New York, town of Minisink. Bor-n ; 

died ISO;',; married (1) . {'2) Lois, widow of 

Danie! Cooiey. 


.1:31 .John, b. :McU. 18, 1772; ra. Phebe WhitL-lioiid. Mch. 14, 17n;H; cl. 

July 30, 1852. 

.132 .Tacob, b. ni. d. 

.533 Samuel. b. June 11. 17i>l; m. Lydia, Aug. 19, 17,83; d. Feb. 

27, 1838. 

.5:34 Aaron, h. m. d. 

;13.1 A«NEU, b. m. d. 

.536 Ruth, b. ' m. d. 

.537 Elisabeth, b. m. d. 

.138 Ltdia, b. m. d. 

lliere are several families of Matiiers in Xew York State and in 
the West, that, without any doubt, ai-e descended either from Jacot>. 
Aaron, or AVmer blather, sons vt above Nathaniel. But 1 have not 
sufScient data to fully v\-arr!int me m placing them in family record 
here. The children of above Nathaniel Mather are mentioned in his' 
will, wliic'ti is in ."^!in\)gaU''s Office, Goshen, Orange Co.. N. Y. 

229 Dr. Daniel Mather' (-"U of Increase^. Rev. Nathaniel*. Rev. 
Samuel', Timothy*. Rev. Richard'. Thomas', John'), of New 
Jersey and i")liio. Born ; dic^.l lu 


Ashtal>nia Countv, Oliio, is Id;, niarricl Reorsheha South \vi>i-th 
of Marvlan<l. 


r)39 .foM'.ru, b. 17S:$: m. d. 

."40 .Ta>ies. i). l7b-'>; m. d. iuOhio. 

.")41 Hev. Ei'.e.vkzek, b. Sept. 17, n«9; ui. Elisabeth Reed, 1810; d. Nov. 20, 

.142 DANrtx. b, ITftO; m. il. in -svar of 1812. 

543 Incrk-Vse, b. 1702; m. d. 

,544 tiovTinvoKTn. b. .Mca. 2:). 1^00: in. PhiUnaBill. Aug. 20, l.v34; d. 
.545 Jon:; T., b. X,-.v. H. IS;;.)?; ni. Elizti H. Hodures, Mob. 2."i, 1832; 

d (>( r. 5. l'-;7!». 
.-)46 Rev. SVii.Li.\.\r. h. May !). 1800; la. Pbtbc Allen, Mch. 5. !S;W; d. 

Dec. 5, 18t)(}. 
547 BrLAir, b. ni. d. 

'AS SAR.\n, b. m. d. 

549 Mauv, b. lu. d. 

550 LrcRKTiA, b. m. d. 
.551 Elisaketh, b. m. d. 

Tlie records of some of the members ol" aoove family it seemed 
imposbible to oivtain; they Lave boeu lost, and the indiviiiual members 
were wi(ielv separated from each other when young. 

230 Increase jlilther' (the son of Incrcasi>' and brother of Dr. 

Daniel), iived in Mmioiuk. Orange Cuuntv. N. \. ; married 
Sarah Meeker. He left no children. He died Dec. 7, ISIG, at 
the age of 5S. 

In his will he makes the distribution of his pro^ierty to his wife, to, the son of his l.irother Cotton; to Silas, son of his lirother 
John: to Fhebe. dau. of his brother Cotton, and to Francis Taylor, son 
of Henry Taylor, and to Apphia, daiighter of his wife, 

231 'Ciipt. Cotton .Hather" (son of Increase'', Ivev. Nathaniel*. 

Uev. Samuel\ Timotliy*, Rev, Richard", Thomas-. Jolm'). of 
Oranice County. N. V. Bon; •in' v 4, 17.)9: died April "22. 1'<T1; 
married Sallv Doty; she died .Jan. 29, IS40, a<^ed 7.S. 































ra. Iiviiiu biviith. 1841; il. IsTo. 

111. il) Sila.s Mather, Uur cuusiii; 1,2) John 

Briiii(l; d. 
111. .loliii Swaii; (I. 

llf, lyOO; m. Hiram Terry, .July 2(j, 1.'::'17; d. Feb. l;i, 


ni. Wallii'.g; I.!. 

in. d. ynuig. 

m. d. young, 

m. d. young, 

ni. IIa.lock smith; d. 

2'i2 JosepT! Mather" (son of Inorease'. Rev. Nathaniel", Rev. Sam- 
uel\ Tiiiiudiy'. iiev. tlicliard', Thomas-, John'), of Minisiiik, 
0ran>4e Coimry. N. Y. Born 1762; died. 180(); 

married Keziak Tuthill; she died Sept. L'O, 1,S4,), aged 81. 

501, b. 1784: m. Daniel Brown; d. Sept. 25, 1810; Daniel 

Brown d. Dec 31, 1848. 

*,i33 John Mather' (son ot I.iu-rease'. Rev. Xathanie!''. Kev. S;i?uuel'. 
Timothy*, Rev. Richard', Thoma.s-, John'), or Miuisink, < 'range 
County, N. Y. Born ; died 1814: 

niiirried Julia White; buried at Little Britain, N. Y. 


562 SiL.^s White, b. Oct. 13, 1801: lu. Hetta Smith, Feb. 1825; d. Apr. It). 


503 IlAiUiiET, b. m. Xehenii.ih blasters: d. 

504 Cyxthia, b. m. William Easton, d. 

*'2'^4r John Mather' (^son of Elieuezer''. Rev. Nathaniel". Rev. 
vSaniuei^, TiiiK'Ciiy', Rev. Richard', Thomas-. John'). (,u' Mini- 
.sink, < 'ran<;i? L'ouiity, N. Y. Born ; d. ; 


*The record of .John Mather i234i taniily may have some mi.stuke.s. In 
what little I have gathered the sovines from which the iuf(jrmalion came .seem 
very moai^er, and probably not fully reliable. 



565 Joirs D . 


Apr, 6, 


; m. (1) Elsie Bruwu; (2; 






566 William, 


m. .Jauf Li.)tt; 


567 SiLA? D., 


m. Mary M;ilher; 


568 TriEODOKE D., 




56i) Hampton. 


m, Laviniu H:i/,i'ti: 


.570 LUZKTTE, 


m. SliUv" M. Jackson: 


571 M.VKT Axx. 




.572 St:s.\^- H . 




235 Elisabeth blather' ('liv;. of El>enezer', Rev. Xatluuiiel*. Rev. 
^^atr.uel'. Timotliy'. Rev. Richard". Thomas', Johu'). of Suffolk 
County. Long Island. N. Y. Born Nov. 11. 17.'r»: died Feb. 
12, 18.52; married Morris Greene, 1779; he died Apr. 21, 1801 . 


57o Mkhitable, b. 3Ich. 24. 17^0; m. Benjamin Conklin, in lTy9; d. 

■574 S.vrar. b. Aug, 15, 1782: m. Gilbert Williams; d. 

575 James, b. Ma.v 5, 17S4: m. d. 

•576 Maria, b. Oct. 10. 17!(0: m. Tliomas W. Goble; d. 

•577 Hannah, b. Sept. 2, 17^7; m. David Wliitniau; d. 

578 HiR-VM, b. May 19, 1794; m. Lost at sea. 

Eli.<abeth Mather and Morris Greene have a large numlier of 
descendants living in Grange County, X. Y., and some in New York 
city. I am greatly indebted to Waiter II. Conkiin. Esq., of Chester, 
Grange Co., X. Y.. for entertaining me at his home, and for information 
relative to his connection with that branch of the Mathers; also from 
Henry Fitzgerald. Esq.. of X'ew York city, for many records of the 
families. I should liave f«en most fortunate had it b.ien my lot to 
find others equal'.v interested in < >range County. 

239 Timothy Miither' (son of Timothy", Timothy". Richard*. 
Timothy*, Rev. Richard^, Thoma.s*, John'), of Lyme. Conn. 
Born Apr. :<. 17;J7; died Mch. 11. Y^U); married Elisabeth, 
dau. of Nathaniel Matsou, Got. 29, 1761; died Jan. 17, 1813. 



oTi) F.r.rsA.r.i:TiJ. 1^. Apr. K. 17t)4: in. li. 

.■)S0 Tr.MDxnv. 1). .J;(ii. J-, ITC.-); m. Sanili (.'l.irk, Fch. 2. 1 Tlfi; d. isio, 

.181 JOSIAU. t). 111. . <]. 

582 A.MAzr-vir. I). m d, 

588 D.VNiEL. b. m. d. 

084 Moses. b. 1775; in. d. 1«44. 

58.) Sami'kl. b. m. d. younjr. 

586 S.oiLEL. 2c, b. in. d. 

587 WiLi,i.\>r Ely. b. m. d. 

211 Jelioiila 3Iather' (>"n of Timothy'. Timothy", Ri(;hal•d^ Tim- 
otiiy*. Rev. Richarrp. Tliomas". John'), of Lyme. Conn. Born 
Xov. If). 1740: died Mel'. 11. isll; married Eunice Miller. Dec. 
•2u, 1764. 


Apr. 11, 17(58; lu. Caroline Wade. Sept. 20. 1792; d. Dec. 

11. 184-.3; rfic d. Apr. 24. 1887. 
.Jan. 27, 177i); m. Plichc Wait. Nov, 7, 1795; d. 
Apr. 7. 1772: in. ^Ir. Geo.. W.ule; d. lSo5, aged c3. 
b. (let. 1, 1774; m. Susannah Ondcrd.)nk. cousin of Bishop 
Onderdonk; d. .8t'pt. 1, 1850. 
502 Sauah. b. Sept. 21, 1770; jn. Mr. AVatrous; d. 

593 ErxiCE. b. Oct. 28, 1778; m. Nappier; d. 

.594 ('ATirEiUNE, b. 1780; m. d. Apr. 1854. 

595 UKsrr.A. Ii. 178o; ni. Capt. Stephen V-lUiams: d. .July 17. Is44. 

242 Jolm N. Matliei"^ (son ot Timothy', Timothy", Riciiard^ 
Timothy*. Rev. Richai'ii', Thomas'. John'), of Lyme, Conn., 
Marlu.v, X. H.. and SiuinKfielil, ^"ermont. Born Xim. 24. 1712; 
diedin Sprintrfield. Vermont, June 21, 1807; married (1) Lydia 
Riiyce: (2) Lydia Ivitredge. 


59f> YAU.v.Nr. b. m. d. 

597 Aiiro.ML. b. m. d. 

598 STEt'Hj:N, b. m. d. 

599 JouN RoYCE. b. d. young. 
(i^h Sai.ak. b. m. d. 

601 Hannait b. m. Eleazur Sartwell. ]8T«; d. 

588 Lay. 


589 Cu'T. 



590 MAnTn.\. 


591 Dax. 










6' i~> 








60{> Bf.tsky, 




b. tVh. 'i-3, ITM); in. Aln.i:;iilE!Ufr\-, Jan. l.'i. 

li. 111. (1. 

It. Alii;., 1>;!. m. d. .f:iii '.). IS4S. 

b. in. d. 

b. in. >[.iry B.iwdrn. Jiiuf 2S. 1809; 

d. July ■>. lS-20. 
b. m. d. 

b. m. d. 

b. ni. Westou Slianuck; d 

h ni. d, 

611 FKANKLty Ivirr.roi.K b. ni d 

24-5 Keulseil .HatlHT' (-on rii; Timorl-.y' airl brotbur of Jcthn N. 
^[■irlior). iJuri! i;i Lyni>'. Cdch.. L>»v. -'iJ. 1747: >.lie(l Is.^l. 

1 04 3'ears oi Hixo ; marriei I 


fil2 .MAiui.x. b. ni. d. 

613 Eleazuu, b. m. d. 

614 Dantkl, b. in. d. 
til.") ^Mklinda. b. m. Mf. R;iyinond; d. 

616 Mauy, b. . m. " d. 

Have been uiinV)le to find scarcely auyrhitiK re.ijanlin.u- iht,> f-ii'iily 
of P.erJ.'^n }vuirin,-r. He \v;i>; in the Ri-vi-lutintiary urniy from Mav 
to Dec. lU, 177'). uadtT f.'ol. Parooii-s oi' Coimecticur Atterwarcls lie 
went into Xew nainp.-iare and V'ennonc for a time, and tinally settled 
in Scliv.yler, in the .Moliaw-k Valley, New York. 

24-G Asiiph Mather' {^'>n of Timoriiy". Timothy". Ri(•h:Ir^i^ Tiiiu,.- 
tLy' , Kev. Hicliard'. Thoiuas-'. Julm'). V»^vn in Lvuie. I 'una., 
Aug. 22, 17.3.'^; died in Sehuylor, N. V.. Jan.. isni; married 
Mary Austin: she died Ansr. 29. 1808. 

euir.uREx. - 

617 Keimjen. b. Fcf'. t. 1771; m (li Eli/.:dji'tii .Mason: (2) Sarah 

Thompson: (H) Abigail Skiiinujrc: (4) Clarissa Bos- 
w.M-tli; d. ls>!>. 

618 M-MiY. b. Apr. 17. 177;5: m. d. 
OtO liEiiKr- A. b. Oct. i;3. 177.'); m. d. 


G2() Jdsiiia. b. July 6, 1777: m. di Pogiry Gusliu, 1^00; ('i) Cornelia 

Willis, ISIO; d. Aug. U. 1S.31. 
()'21 A>Arii. I). .Mtli. l->. r77!J; lu. llukhih biicinvr. .Mch. 2ti, U^Ol; d. 

Dec. 81, 1^31). 

632 LrcixD.v. b. Mtiy IT, ITSO; m. d. 

623 Jeuoida, b. Apr. 12. 1TM2; ni. I'.cKcy Siiniuons ; d. 

624 JoiTN, b. .AI,h. M i:y-]: m. \\\lih;; Root: d. 

625 C.vROLiNE. 1). May 7. IT^l. ui. d. 
620 Rekeccv. 2i). b. :May 16, 17S7; m. d. 

627 AcGUSTU;?, b. Jan. 7. 17si(; in. d. 

628 S.vMrEL. b. Sept. 7. KlU: m. . d. 

629 Leepua. b. Mch. 7, 17"Ja; ui. d. 

630 LfOY, b. Jau. h\ IIW: ni. d. Oct., 17'J6. 

631 BncKLEY, b. 17S6: in. Edna Peny, ISSOT: d. 
682 Claka, b. m. d. 

Asaph Mather went troui Lyme. Coun., in early life, and lived foi- 
a tirau with his tamily iu .Marlow, X. H. ; from thence to Rockingham, 
Vermont. The latter part of liis life \va.s in Schuyler, X. Y. 2^Iany 
of hi.? de.'?centlaiits are now in New Yoi'k State and in Miciiigau. 

24:1 Lucy Milther^ (daa. of Timothy'. "and sister of Asaph). Born 
at Lyme. Conn., jlay 11. IT"'!; dit-d May "JG. ISol; married 
Jared Buckinj^ham. May 'A. 17 7n. son of Gideon Buckingham, 
grandson of Hezekiah. and great-grandson of Rev. Thomas 
Buckingham of Sayl<rook. 


633 Sakah. b. Mch. 4. 1771; m. Ward Post, June 12, 17'J1; d. Feb. 12, 


634 Lucy, b. July 7, 1772; m. Sela Post, Jan. 8, 1704: d. x\.uu. 24, 

63.> Recthkn, b. Aug. 14, 1774: ni. Dolly Dennisou; d. 
630 ELiz>r,ETH, b. Xov 27, 177(); ni. Reuben Post, Dec. 31, 1797: d. Sept. 

637 Otpeon. b. Apr. 14. 1779; ni, Ximy Harrington; d. 
63y Jaued, b. ?«cpr. 14, 17^1: unmanied: d. 

2-48 Joanna 3Iatlu'r^' ('lau. ..f Dea. Joseph^ Timothy', Kiohard% 
Timotiiy'. Kev. Kichanl', 'riioiaa^-. John'), of Lyme, Conn. 
Born < >ct. i:>. 17.'>7; died Jan. 'M. [l^H; married John Piir- 


sons, son of Marslilield Parsons. Feb. 25, 177'J. Joliu Parsons 
married again, Uct. 1, 1786, to Lois Wait. 


C:51» Lois. h. Xov. 2S. 1779; m. Chas. Smith; d. Meh. 24, 1S19. 

640 AuiGAiL, b. Aug. 2s, 1782; d. Au.y:. 29. 1781. 

(>41 Debokau. b. Anii. 2j. 1784; m. Phiiioas Hoyce in 1809; d. Sept. 15, 


There were eight of the Royce chikiren. 

249 Nathaniel Mather'* (son of Josepli". Timothy". Richanl'. Tim- 
othy^, Rev. Ricliard^ Thomas'-, Joliu'), of Harmony, Chautauqua 
Co., X. Y. Born in Lyme. Conn.. May 2(i, 17.39: died Jan. oO, 
18.32; married Eunice De Wolf, Fel'. 17, 179."). 


642 .ToA^-^-A, b. Dec. 11. 179.>: m. d. Doc. IT, 1826. 

64:-i Eunice, b. Sept. 12, 17'.)7; m. d. 

644 Dk. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 13. 1799: iinm.irried: d. Sept. 6, 1868. 

64.J Fk.vnxis W.M., b. Jan. 30, 1801: m. Mary Tillotsoa, -lau. 1, 1828; d. 

Dec. 29. 1S78.- 
646 Nancy, b. Mch. 27, 1804; m. d, Apr. 11, l84o. 

250 Thomas .Uather^ (son of Joseph'', Timothy'^, Richard\ Tim- 

othy', iiev. Richard^, Thomas'", John'), ot BurHngton, X. V. 
Born Aug. 1.3, 1762: died ; married Abigail, dau. of 

Frederick Mather. 


251 Moses Mather' («>n of Joseph', Timnrhy". Richard''. Timothv'. 
Rev. Richard^ Tlioma.s", Jolm'). of Lyme. Conn. Borji in 
Lyme. Conn., July 14, 17*>4; died Feb. 2.3, ISH.S; man-ied Han- 
nah Champion, Oct, 12, 1S()2. 


647 Sally A.. b. Dec. 13, 1803; m. d. 

648 Ursula, b. Oct. 10, 1808; m. d. 


f)4Il FuAXCis, ) . .- , b. Jan. 9, ISIJ; m. Louisa Riuld, July 4, l>ry2\ d. 

().-)() Fanny, * ' ^" b. Jan. 9, 181^; d. 

(ill ('iiAKLE> L'fiAMPioN, b. Scpt. 24, 181 o: m. d. 

tj.j'.^ 3lAiiV Ann, b. Au;r. oO, isici; lu. Lyrnau M. Dunbar, Oct. Hi, 

1885} : d. 
Gry.i Aklktta, b. Apr. m, lf<2-2: ra. d. 

'io2 Josepll Matlier' (son of Jo-seph\ Timothy'', Richard-', Tim- 
otiiy\ Rev. tiioliui-d'. Thomas-, John'), of Lyme, Conn. Born 
July 4, ITtiH: OK'd atClareuce, X. Y., Sept. 1 i. LSG2: married 
Zeliuda Gooid. 


G.>4 David. b. Oct. •22, 17!^:'; m. ClarLsisa Sten-art, Nov., 182:2; d. 

Nov. 24, 1863. 
Uo5 James G., b. Oct. "J, ITDo: m. Cluirloite Cruttend..-a, Au;,^ 12, 182.J; 

d. 18.-)7. 

0.)(5 Mo<Es, b. -Jan. 8. 1T98; m. .T;mo Rose. Aug. 28, 1S2«; •!. 

ii-~n Jo.-^i-PU. b. May 8, 1800: m. Ciiiaaa Brockwtiy; d. Feb. 23, 1884. 

GoS "Mklinua. b. Aug. 29, 1802; unmarried; d. 

6,j!> T^oM.^^ \S'., b. Aug. :'>, 1804; unmarried; d. Jan. 9, 1881. 
t)60 Lot; P., b. Jan. lo. 1807; ra. B. C. Raymond, 1827; d. 

July 28, 1847. 

264 Haniiah >tut1ier' ('hiu. of Rev. Dr. Moses", ('ai.r. Timothv«. 
Richard''. 'iimo'l;v'. Hrv. Richard'. ThonuLs", John'), of Nor- 
walk, Conn. Born ^hiy :; L 1751; died Sept. ■-'•). IStO: married 
Jesse Raynnmd, Doo. 28, 177<i. Hannah Mather Raymoiid lias 
many descendants. 


6(JI iL\NNAii, b. July 21, 1778; ni. Philo B.^tts, of Wilton, Conn.. Oct. 

12, 1797; <I. 

2<».> Dea. Joseph .^lather' (snu ..f R.>v. Dr. Mose.^', Capt. Timothy", 
Ri'diard', Timotliy', Rev. Richard', Tlioma-s", John'), of Darien. 
Conn. Born July 21. llo.y. died Feb. 2;i. ls40: married Sarah 
Scott, May 20. 1777. She died Aug. 27, 1843. 



(3C2 IIa-N.nau, 
G63 iS.vuAU, 
*;64 Mosts, 
mry Rana, 

66f) Cl.ARA. 

667 Claua, 2d. 

668 JorfiiPn. 

669 X.vjNCY, 

670 Betsey, 

671 David Scott, 


b. .Tuuc 2, 1777: in. (harks Sullock, -Tunc 2. 1705; d. 

M.iy 20, 1^")7. 
b. Mch. 28. 17;^0; m. Noyes Richards, Apr. 8. 17'JS; d. 

June 8, lv57;3. 
1). 3[ay21, 17>-2; m. Sully Bishop. 1S02; d. Sept. 

20, 1S67. 
l). Shivi. 1784: m. d. Aug:. 27. 1880. 

1.. Juiv20, 1786; d. Aug. 10. 1786.. 

!). .iuly ol, 1787; lu. Sanui-.-l Street, J:ui, 10. 1-808; d. 

Fel>. IS, l.s(jO. 
1). Sept. m. 1780; m. (1) S;dly Jarvis, Jan. 1. 1812; (2) 

Happy Osborne V.'alvenian, Oct. 6, I8l6; d. Sept. 27, 

h. Jan. 27. 1702; m. Bell, -Lm. 14, 1810; d. Nov. 

8. 1800. 
b. :Mch. 23. 1704: ni. (1) Jonathan Bell, Jan. 4. 18 lo; (2) 

ZS'athau Luck-wijod. 3[ch. 4, 1821; d. 
h. Dee. 14, 179.'); m. Elisabeth Faneher. X.iv. 2."i, 1810; 

d. Sept. 26, l-=4o. 
b. Nov. 27. 1708; m. d. Aus. 2, 1886. 

I timl the r'ollowinii- account of Dea. Joseph Matiier in tue •• Gene- 
alogy" of Jolm .IvJiither. 1848: 

•Dea. Joj^epit Mather was an influential citizen of the town of 
Darien. and was miicii e:?teeiiie<i, and for many years wieMed a very 
inuwrtant influence in tiie affairs oi the town. 


••Like hi.s father. Rev. Dr. Mu.-^es Matlier, he sutt'ere.l many trials 
in consequence of the depredations of the Tories in that vicinity, aixnit 
the time oi tlie American Revolution. This part' of (.'ounecticut. as is 
well known, was ,irreatly annoyed by the Tories during the period tliat 
the Rritish iield possession of Long Island, and it is stateil that forty- 
one Tories wer.t from tlie parish t<> whieli Mr. .Nhuher Indon^-ed and, 
with otlu'r kindreil v|,inr.s. fortified themselves on Lloyd's Neck, from 
thence off<'ii visitin-^: the main shore for plimder. To prevent tlieir 
tlepredations as niuch as pe->ssihle. the inlial-itants were under the 
uecessitv oi stationintr sentinels along the Sound. One night, as Dea. 
Josepli Mather and ('apt. Slasoii. his neighi)or, were keeping a look-out 
on the cast. th«-y ^aw two Tories, old ac<|uaintances of theirs, approach- 


ing tiie ihorti in a suuili lioat. witli articles on lioai'd tu trade with theii- 
frieud.s. Tlicv had no S(R)ni'i' lauded tiian men and !H>at were laiccii 
possesiiou >>i l>y tiit'.-^<? luukers-oiu. iSur whih^ the new o.vucrs wci'c 
enipli.iyt.>d in unkiaiLiug the liont, tlu'V carclcrtsily laid down ilicir arnif! 
i)U the lunu'h. ' 'U'-' nr the Tories, named Smith ( wife, after his 
death, ixjcajue tiu; viit; of ( 'aj/t. vSJaattn), seized ( 'aut. .S's gun, ami 
cried out to ' his cc'inrade. ■ Vou take Jo's." Capt. S. lieariug this, 
sprang upon his autagunist ami thi'ew him with violence ujjon the 
rocks, thu.s giving liiiri to understand that it was not so easy a matter 
to gain tiie day. -^^dien he had such men to contend with. .U amither 
time, as Ilea. Marlier and several others were on guard one evening. 
as thev were seated on some logs amusing themselves, they were tired 
upon by a party of Tories, and two of tlieir number were mortally 
wounded. Tiie rest took ti> flight, and by crossing the inilldam at 
•Rings End' escaped the enemy. The Tories coining to those whom 
thev had woumled. said to oue of them whose name was Zachariah 
Hoyt, • t'ouoiu Zacli., is this yoti? ' • Yes.' groaned out the dying man. 
As Dea. Mather's house was back a mile or so from any public road, 
many of the neighbors carried their silver ware and many other valu- 
able articles to it for sate keeping. 

■• By some means, iiowever, the Tories became acquainted with this 
fact, anil a large gang of them came over one niglit and. pkiciug their 
bayonets at the Vjreast of Mrs. Mather. <lemandeil of her where the 
silver was dep'-'sited. She was obliged to point out the spot, and after 
they had taken possession of it, and whatm'er idse they wanted, they 
compelled Mrs. M., who had a nursing child at her breast, to make 
warm cakes ami get supper for the wliole part\. Wlien they retii'ed 
they compelled Dea. ^vlather to accompany them to the shore he 
should give the alarm. This was m tlie s'pring of ITS I. In July of 
the same year, as tiie congregation were assembled in the meeting- 
house on Sal)bath day, a party of forty Tories, who had concealed 
themselves in tiie neiiiid.)oring woods till divine service had commenced 
iii the ;< f tei ni,)on, suddenly surrounded the church and .set guards at 
each door and window. When the alarm was first given Ilea. Mather 
and one of his Ijrothers. who happeneil to sit near the door, sprang out 
and escaped. But another of ids Ijrothors who was farther from the 


i|-n>r sfi/A'd liis luii aud started, but lieiore he Lad reached the door 
tile eiie^iiy had taken posseifsiuu <jf it. and lield up hi.s gun to prevent 
his going out, ami !>aid with an oath, • There, Tve got you now.' • Nut 
vet,' sai<l voung Mather, and leapeil over the gun and fled. A gun 
was tin.'d at him, which liappily only iuilicted a sliglit wound, and (iid 
nut iiindi.-r Iris escapi-.. These, with three or lour others, were ail that 
escaped. Tlie Tories tiien entered the house, and one of the number 
whose name was Frost, looking up in a threatening manner to the 
Rev. Moses Mather, who was still standing in the pulpit, said to him: 
• Come ilown here, old daddy." The Rev. I'r. M. kuev\- it would lie 
useless to e.x;postulate with such civilized savages, and tlierefore obeyed 
their orders. The Tories carried away the Rev. Dr. ^I. aud two of his 
sons, ;!nd all the men aud boys of adult age they could find. They 
took also away forty horses that were found about the church. Une 
lad. a son of Dr. blather, escaped the enemy by being concealed by 
the women under the seat. This lad, we believe, is still living, a 
worthy member of the same church which was so mutilated at the 
time by the rude hand of the Tories. The church and society have 
probably never recovered from the blow that was then given it. 

•• Dea. Joseph blather lived some j^ears after the Revoluticm. and 
was blessed with ten children, all of whom were professedly pious, and 
all but two have had families. When Dea. M. died he left ten children, 
forty-five grandciiildren, forty-eight great-grandchildren, and one great- 
great-graii'lchild. in all one hundred and four. He also left twuuty- 
live dfscendants-in-law. Seventeen of his descendants and four of his 
desceiulants-in-law had died before him." 

E.vtracts from linutiit'jtoii.i History 'jj StamfonL Conn.: ■■ Mather, 
Jo.seph, was the .second s<^n of Rev. Closes Mather. D.D., of Middlesex 
Society, .'^'"amiord jDarieii), where he was born, July 21. ITo:;. He 
united with his father's church, Aug. y, 1778. He was a young man 
of much promise, aud soon attained a position of intiuence among the 
citizfus of tlie town. He distinguished himself early as a warm advo- 
cate of the iudep<iudence of the American colonies; and of course, like 
his patriotic rather, he was a constant mark for the shafts of British 
and tory vengeance. He lived about tv,-o miles to the north of the 
village, and his house was used as a depository for the more costly 


treasures of the citizens who were more exposed to tht> i-aids of the 
oneiuy from Long Island. Ijiit. removed as ho was from the center of 
the parish, he was easily found au.l greatly harrassed by liis former 
neighbors, who ha^l now g()ue over to the enemy. No less than forty- 
for.- of his iather"s parishioners were at one time during the war, just 
across the Sound on Lloyd's Xeck, more Intter against patriots than 
tlte King's troops themselves."' 

266 Noyes Mather' (son of Rev. Dr. Moses'', Capt. Timoth}'«, 
Pichard-', Timothy^ Rev. Richard-', Thomas^ John'), of Darien, 
Conn. Born Sept. 21, ]7.56; died Xov. 21, ISjot; married 
Carhei-ine . 

Xoyes Mather was a prominent Free Mason; was also in State 
Legislature 1797, 1798, and 1802. 


672 Hen-bt, b. m. d. 

67o Sus.v-v, b. ni. d. 

674 XoYES, b. m. d. 

675 Isaac Kay.moxd, h. 1788; m. nuiriut Waterbury, 1820; d. W-i. 

676 Ei.rau, b. July21, 1702; m. Palmyra Durvea, 182;J; d. Nov. (i, 


677 J.VMES, b. m. d. 

678 Eliza, b. m. William Moore; d. 

670 William, b. Apr. 16. 1796; m. Susan JuHa Hite; d. Xov. 6. 1848. 

680 Catheiun-r, b. m. d. 

270 Samuel Mather' (son of Rev. Dr. Moses^, Capt. Timothy". 
Richani'. Timothy\ Rev. Richard\ Thomas', John'), of Darien. 
Conn. Born Dec. 19. 17(5.5; died Oct. 22, 1842; married Sarah 
Scofield. May 2. 1790; she died Sept. 24, 1844. 


681 Raymond, 1 m. (1) Sally Grey; (2) Hulchili 

. , ^ Wheeler: d. 

fi8->T<ivp ^twm.s. b. .laa. 10. 1701, ,^ /i\i.-i- u- i i , -ir 

DC- ipaac, , rn. (1) Lydia Hmtkley; i2) Mary 

J A. Fatner; d. Vv\>. 28. 1S71. 

683 Lewis, b. Dec. 9. 1792; m. (1) Catherine Bciisori; (2) Catli- 

erine Foster; d. 1873. 




6&4 John, 
685 Sami'ki.. 

b. DiL. 2:3, !704; m. Orville Merrcll; .1. ^[ayl-Jl, 1S7S. 

h. >I(h. 28. noc,; m. (1) Nunfy Cooper:; (2) Eiizn 

Willie: ,:!) >rrs.N;'-ucv- Alien; d. Ant;. 1«, 1>*M. 

2:1 Mehit;il)le Mathor ('lan. ,.f Richard-, 
uthy', Kcv. Kirhard', Tiioiaas% Jolm'), 

>alliuc]^ Ricluir.P, Tijii- 
of >fid'lleto\vri. Conn. 

Born at -Lynie, Conn.. Mcli. 7. 174;-!; died Ang. 7, 1802; mar- 
ried ro Major- General Samuel Hoklen Parson!?, Sept. 10, 17*il. 


686 William Walter, h. July 0. 1762; m. Estlier Phillips. Feb. 9, 1781: d. 

Jan. 24, 1801. 
b. Nov. 8, 17(>t: ni. Chief Justi'^e Steph(-u T. Hos- 

nier, 178o; d. Feb. 28, 182o. 
b. Di'C. 12. 17(n: d. Sept. 8, 1778. 
b. Xor. o, 17tV,>- m M-ry W Saliivan, 3[ay 10 179.~): 

d. July 9, 1846. 
b. Dec. 31", 1778; ni. Esther Sage. Feb. 26, 180S; d. 

Mch. 9. 1811. 
b. Dec. 24. 1772; m. Dr. Wm. B. Hall, Mch. 6, 1796; 

d. Xov. 11. 1^28. 
b. Jau. 25, 177.1; m. Samuel Tirtia, July '■JO. 1797; d. 
b. Feb. 15, 1780; d. Aug. 23, 1783. 
b. June 1. 1785; m. (1) Stephen Hubbard. Feb. 10. 
180T; (2) Alfred Lathrop. Mch. 6, 1»14. 

687 LrciA, 

688 Thomas. 

689 Exocn, 

690 Samx EL HOI.DE.V. 

691 Mehitable. 

692 PiiKi-.E. 

693 ^Iaucaret Ann, 

694 3[aroari:t. 

Major-General Saranel H. Parsons was tb.e son of Rev. Jonathan 
Parsons. He sraduated at Harvard Collej^f' in 1 756. He studied law 
with Gov. Matthew Griswold. his uncle: began practice in Lyme. 1759. 
He represented tlie town for many years in the (.'ol(;uial ^Vssembly; in 
1774, was Kinjjr's Attorney. In the Revolution he commanded the 6th 
Connecticut Regiment: was in tlie battle of Long Island and the .^iege 
of B'jstnn. and was promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General; in 
1779 i)ecame PurnanTs successor. He also liad other valuable ap- 

272 Saniiu'l 3Iatlier' (■•"" ^^'t Richard', and brother of above), of 
Lynn.', iiiun at Lvnv, Feb. 2'J, 1715: died, 
married Lois Griswold. dau. of Thomas G. and niece of Gov. 
Matthew Griswold. Nav. 14. 1765. 




69.J AxxA, b. Dec. 11. 17(56; m. Dr. Wiu. Lr,vd. Sept. 4, 1790; d. Oct. 

31. lSi8. 

696 Thom.\^, b. Oct. 10, 176S; m. (1) Elisabeth, daii. of Klijali Hubbard; 

[■2) Sully A. William.s; d. Mcli. C, 1849. 

697 S.uruEL, b. Jan. 4, 1771; in. Catliorine. d;ui. of Abram Liviugitou, 

of Stillwater, X. Y.; d. Apr. 16, IS.Ji. 

698 Phebe, b. July '22, 1772; m. Dr. Tlu.iuas Elinor of Middlctown; d. 

Feb.. 1811. 

699 Mehitaele, b. Xov. 14, 1774; m. Tlionia> Sill (Capt.), Xov. 0, 1799; d. 

Dei.-. ."), is:5l. 

700 IIenkt. b. July 31. 1777; uuniurricd; d. Aug. 24, 1802. 

701 Fka>-ces, b. Dec. 13, 1779; in. Sylvester Chapniun. 1799; d Mch. 

4, l.^lo. 
703 RiciL\-RD, b. May 10. 1782; uniuarried; d. Aug. 2, 180.J. 

703 James. b. 3kh. 14. 17^"); m. Caroline Tinker of East Haddain; d. 

Apr. 21, 1812, 

704 Maruaket, b. July 16. 1787; in. Wiu. N. Sill (Judge), Sept. 1, 1808; d. 

705 LvDfA, b. Aug. 10, 1790; i i. Elijah Hubbard of ^liddletov.^n ; d. 

Mch. 5, Isi.W. 

274 \yilliam 3Iatlier^ (--^ou of Ricliard-, SamueP, RicIiaixP, Timo- 
tuy\. Rev. Richard ', 'J'lioinas;-, John'), of Southwick, Mass. 
Born at Lyme, Conn., N'ov. 21. 1747; died 183.5; married 

Rhoda Marvin, Mav 1, 1708. 


706 Lucy, 



708 Ezra, 

709 Eunice, 













b. iUig. 11, 17(J8; m. (,)liierstou Pratt; d. 

b. Dec. 11, 17139; ui. Alviu Holeorab, 1792; d. 

b. Feb. 4, 1772; in, Elisabeth Olds; 

b. Dec. 20, 1776; ui. Thaddeus Granger, 

b. m. Henry Shook; 

h. m. Andrew Deining; 

b. 1782; u>. Rhoda Loonus; 
b. in. Sally Stiles; 

b. ni. I'os'.vell Bruwn; 

1795; d. Apr. 14, 



d. June 22, 1874. 




m. Timothy -Andrews, 1808; d. 1833. 

275 Capt. Elias Mather' (^^' u of Uicliard", ijrother of ahove), of (.'nan. I'-oru at Lyme. Feb. 10. 17.30; died Aug. 30. 


17SS: niarrieil Lucimla. dan. of Capt. Abner Lee, Oct. 17, 1771; 
she died Jau. L.slo. aged tU. 


716 Cirr. Andkew, b. Sept. 2^. 1772: m. Marv, dau. of Icbabod Wetmore, 

July 17, IslO; d. Nov. 18. ly.j.j. 

717 C'L.MiisSA, 1). Aug. 10. 1774: in. Beujaiuia Grittin of Ohio; d. 

718 ELiArt, b. June 2.>, 177G; m. Cynthia, dau. of Asa Corning, 

Jan. 1S21; d. 18i:5; was marrioil at one 

or two other tunes also. 

719 WiLLiA.v. Lek. b. Aug. 1. 1779; m. d. in London, ISOO. 

720 SvLVESTER, b. Feb. 8, 1782; unmarried; d. 

721 Chakles. b. June 17, 1787; unmarried: d. 1813. 

722 X.vTH->o»-iEL. i). Nov. 21, 1784: d. Apr. 4, 1788. 

279 Capt. Sylvester Mather' {i^on of Richard', brotlier of above), 
of Lyme', Conn. Born at Lyme, Sept. !, 17.38; lost at sea, 
ISlU; married Eli=;abeth. dau. of Ed^vard Wait, May 22, 1788; 
she died 18.54, aged 86. 


723 N.vxcY. b. May 2. 179(V m. John Hart. June 2.j, 1811; d. 

June 2tP 18:^. 

724 Geouuk, b. Dee. 24, 1791; unmarried: d, 1827. 

72o Lorr^A Gkisv.old, h. July 28, 1794; m. Col. Oliver Ely, 2sov. 4, 1814: 

d. Fob. 1."). IS')'}. 

726 Fticu-VHD, b. Oct. 31, 1798; m. Carolmo Whiting, Nov. 11, 

1823; d. June 15, 1885. 

727 Sylvester, b. June 29, 1801; m. Mary AVard, 1827; d. at 

sea, 1831. 

728 Henry. b. July 9, 1803; m. Frances Whiting; d. May 1, ls70. 

729 William. b. Aug. 14, 1808; unmarried: d. 1829. 

287 Mollitahle Mather' (dau. nf Jo.sepli', J.xsoph', RichanP. Tim- 

otliy-'. Rev. liii.luu-d', Thomas-, John'), ..f X(;\v Britain and 

Farmiiigton, Conn. Born in Xew Britain, Apr. 2, 17 12; died 

l>2u; married (1) Joshua Kill.orne. July 14, 17t33. 

He died Jan. 2o, 177tj: (2) James Liisk oi Farmingtou. 



7"Jl Eu:-auf.tu, 


733 "Wir.r.i.ot, 
T3-4 JoSHiA. 


1>. Apr. 23, ITiU; m. Jo.4;ili Dewey. Nov. 'U. ll^'r. d. 

1). Sept. 21. IT'')"): in. Reuben ILut: il. 

1). No%-. 19. 1709; m. Aliniru Wilcox; d. 

I). Jan. 23, 1772; ni. Su*uu Bidwell; d. 

b. June 3, 177"); m. d. 1S37. 

288 Lydiil 3Iather' ('^au. of Joseph', sister of above), (..f New 
Britain. Loan. Born Jan. 7, 1744; died ; married 

JoLn Jiidd, Jr., Xov. 'IS, 1769. 


735 Bela, b. Aug. 4, 177'">; m. Riiebel Lusk. dau. ol' Jobti Lusk; d. 

736 Jons, b. May f^. 1772; m. Ursula Stauley, May, 1792; d. 

737 Ai-vi-v. b. June 24, 1774; d. Nov. 4, 1776. 

738 Anna, b. Feb. ]7. 1776; d. Oct. 1. 1777. 

739 Lydia. b. Jan. 7, 1779; ni. Sn.itb; d. 

741) Oliver, b. June 9, 17"'2; m. Eli!^abtnh Beldeu, dau. of Capt. Jon 

athan Belden, Mch. 11, 1S04 

Lydia Judd. tviio marrie'l Seth Smith, \va.s a beautiful Lidy. 

289 .To.<epil Mather' (^on of Joseph', h>rother of above), of New 
Britain, Conn. Born 1747; died July li. 1S33; 

married (1) Folly Burritt, aunt of Elihu Burritt. She died 
IS'23; (2) Mrs. Hannah Treat Sage, July lU. 182.J. 

741 STBa»HEN. 

742 Et"srt.'E, 

743 PlIEBE, 

744 Bet>ey. 

74.T PoLI.T. 

?4fi Nao.mi. 

747 Polly, '2u. 

748 NriLLtA.\f C 

749 Azuha. 
7-70 jLursuA. 

7';1 (.'UAI-'NCEY, 


b. 1773; m. Mehitable Loomi.s, Oct. 12, 1794; 

d. Aug. 26, lHo6. 
b. May 12, 177.3; m. d. 

b. July 30, 1780; m. Timothy ^Vndrews, l!^08; d. 

b. Feb. 1783; m. (1) Levi Welles, Nov. 1, 1813; (2> 
Eli Smith, Feb. 2y, 183.5; d. 
} . .. IT.S-j; d. voung. 

i' '"'"'"■ \:^y.: m. d, 20. ISW. 

h. 1786: d. Feb. 3, 1791. 

b. July 19, 1790; tu. d. June 13. 1863. 

b. 1791; m. d. 

b. May li, 1793; m. Resin G. .Junes, May l'>. 1827; d. 

Oct. 17, 1«38. 
b. 1796; unuui; d. Feb. 13, 1S19. 



293 Anna Ttlatlier^ (dau. of Joseph', Joseph^, Richard^ TimoLh}'-*, 
Rev. Ricliard', Thomas-. JoTm"). ol' Xew Britain, Conn. Born 
ifept. 15, 1740: died ; married Isaac Han. 


752 LE\^, b. Aug. lT6o; m. Martha Hart, dau. of Zechariah 

Hart; d. 

753>'E, h. F(.'b. 176".; m. d. 

754 Lydia, b. .Tan. 4, 176!); m. Sylvester Gridley; d. 

755 Isaac. b. Aug. 1771; d. youug. 

756 CuLOE. b. 1774; m. Samuel Gridley; d. 

757 Isaac, -d. b. 1777; m. d. 

295 Peiielopo blather' (dau. of Josephs sister of a])ove), of New 
Britain, Conn. Born May 7. 1741' ; died ; married 

Capr. Lemuel Hotchkiss, March J 7. 1764. 

758 Lemuel, 
75i) Chloe, 
700 Ltdlv. 

761 Pexelope, 

762 Lemuel, 2v. 

763 JosEPn, 

764 Nancy, 

765 Jasox, 

766 AxxA, 

767 Henry, 
768. Nancy, 2d, 
769 Joseph, 

HOTCHKISS children. 

h. 1764: d. July VS, 1766. 

b. Apr. 24, 1767; m. Abij.ili Smith. Jan. 18. 1792; d. 

b. M.-h. 15, 1769; m. Harvey Peck. Jan. 19, 1791; d. 

b. June 25, 1771; i;i, Joseph Crane; d. 

b. Nov. 1:3, 1773; m. Abigail Ellis; d. 

b. Oct. 28. 1775; "^ d. 31ay 24, 1786. 

b. 3rch. IS. 177S; d. June 16, 1786. 

b. Nov. oO, 1779; m. Nancy Parker; d. 

b. June 22, 1782; m. d. 

b. Aug. 9, 1785: m. d. 

b. Feb. 18, 1788; m. Kev. John B. Whittlesey; d. 

b. July 24, 1791: d. 

297 Samnel Mather, M.D.' (son of Eleazer. M.D.^ Josepli*, Rich- 
ards Tim...t}iy^ Rev. Richard^ Thomas^, John'), of LjTiie. Conn. 
Born at Lyme, Conn.. Felx 10, 1742-3; died Ma,y 17, I8;j4; mar- 
ried (1) Alice Ransom. Oct. ]. 1701; she died Oct. 4. 1805; 
(2) Mi's. Anderson. 


770 Alice, b. Oct. 4. 1762; m. Wm. Ely, M.D.. of Platts- 

burgh, N. Y.; d. 

771 S.vRAU Axn, b. Sept. 13, 1766: d. Aug. 27, 1767 


772 Saraei -Vnn. 2n, h. • lu. Dr. Matsoii Sniith. Apr. 3, 

17SS; d. ML-h. 1"), 1S20. 

773 Lots, b. t\-l). s. 177t! in. (1 > Niitlmuii^'l WciMlhriil'jre; (2) 

Dr. J.)lni K. Watruus; <l. 1816. 

774 LtCY. b. Nov. 21, 1777: m. Dr. IJarucli IVikwith: d. 

775 Samlei. Bokuiiavk. b. Suiit. 27, 17x0; uuiiid; d. Jlch. 2s, 1S32. 

770 John W., b. Jan. 21, isi)7; lu. Rebwcu Smith. 1«29; 

(1. 1S36. 

299 Frederick Mather, M.D.' (^'--n of Eleazer. M.D.". brother of 
above), of "Waterrcwn. X. Y. Born :\t Lyme. Conn.. June 1, 
1746: died at Woodstock. Vt.. <.>ct. 24, l^r.O; married Reisey 
Perkins^, Oct. IH. 17G.3: she dieil June 2, 1829. aged .S4. 


777 Anna, b. Aug. 24, 17i)iv, m. Edwiii Piatc, Jan., KSti; d. 

.773 Betsey. b. Dec. 25, 17i)li; in. Richard ll;aibuan, of Woodstock, 

Vt.; d. July 10, lii21. 

779 S.vMUEr., b. June 21, 1771: d. June 28, 1771. 

780 Abti;.\ii. M. F.. b. July 11, 1773; ni. Thomas Mather (2d cousin). 

1791; d. 

781 CuAULKS Lf.e. b. Aui;-. 23, 177G; m. Sarah Smith. Dec, 1791); d. 

Sept. 1(3, lb08. 

782 Abram PEnicrNS. h. Sept. 2.1, 1780; m. Charlotte Field, Jan. 10, 1804; d. 

Sept. 21, 1N51. 

783 FKKDEr.ioK, Jn,, b. June 17. 1782; m. d. Apr. 29. 1816. 
78-4 Sali.v, h. May 3. 1784; ni. Artemas Sheldon, Apr. o. 1801; d. 

3(:H) Auiriistus 3Iatlier, 11. D/ {>':>n of P:ieazer, M.D.', brother of 
above), uf Ea.'^i Iladilani, Conn. Born at Lyme, Conn.. June 
21. 1748; died lS8l; married (I) Mehitatile Hosmer. 

Feb. 28, 1775: she died Apr. IH, 1810; (2) Hannah Ransom. 


78.1 ^[EniTABLK, b. Nov. 21. 177.1; ni. Ko,:,aTS. Sept. 21. 

17f»7; d. Aug. 30. 1798. 
7!^R ArursTrs. b. Apr. 6. 177^; m. Polly Arnold. INIih. 20, 1797; 

d. Jan. 20. 1S40. 

7S7 Mart. b. Dec. 21. 17'^0. m. Durtou: d. 

788 James, b. Dec. 20, 1783; ni. Khoda Huntly, 1804: 

d. Dec. 80, 1845. 

789 OziA*. M.I). 


b. Jjin. 52, 1T^;T: in. Harricn Braiuarri. Nov. 3, 
ISOS; .i. Oft. lo. 1>13. 
T'.m Ki.p.A/.FCii U'.vTT:i>r>, h. Jun. "i'^. V<\2: in. \l. Loui-^c Foster. Is:!?: 

(1. Nuv. ::.'0. IssT. 

:^0!i Eleazur }I:itiier, 31. »J (-on of Eleazar, MAX'. jV.^^ph', 
RioliarLp. Timothy-'. Kev. Richard-*. Thomas-, .rotm'), oi ijviue. 
Couii. Born in Lnne. Conn., June --2. 1733: died IS:^7; 

married Irene Stariin. May 29, 177."). 


•Ti)l EF.F.AZAn. b. Dec. 30. 17T5: m. \1) Abbot; ('?i F;>iiuy "Williams; 
.1. Jan. 10. 1S42. 

792 Watkol?. b. Mch. 11. 177^; 111. Hannah Thompson; d. 1S43. 

793 Hetit. b. m. d. 1S12. 

794 STAiints. b. n, d. 

795 Iekne, b. m. d. 

796 Rktsey, b. m. d. 

797 Samcei,, b. m. d. 

303 tli^lia .^lather, il.D.^ (son of Eleazar M.D.'. brother of 
above L oi .~^.i'. i'ri'ui:. C''mi. Born ac Lyme, (,'onn., March 14. 
1755; <Ued Oct. i'.D. ]>i?j>:,: married Elisabeth Seiden. April LiG, 
177S: she died June "2, l.-^+l, aged 8 "2. 


b. Jan. 2U, 17sn; m. Almini Whittlesey. Sept. 

30. lt'12; d. Sept. 20. l^i.l. 
b. July 5, 1781; d. July 14. 1781. 
b. Aug. 2, 1782; ra. Benj. Trumbull 

ISCM): d. Aug. 20, L828, 
b. .Aliiy 17, 1784; d. 3Liy 22. 1784. 
b. Jan. y. 178'!; m. Susan Willey. 1807; 

d. May 24. 184-8. 
80;} Ezua Skldex. -^I.D.. b. Aug. 7, 1788; m. Chloe Clark. 1813, 

,L J lily 20. 1S7>'. 
b. Jan. 17. 1791; in. Guorge \Va.«bIu.gtiin Jew- 

ett, ; d. 

b. Aug. 20, 1790; m.(l) .M.Page. 1817; 

'2,1 Mr. Arui.-trung. ; d. .Sept. 19, 182.5. 

b. Nov. 20. 1802; m. Pri.Ncilla P. Doane. 

1822; d. May 15, 1832. 

798 S.V5ICEL R(v;er.<:. 

799 A SOX, 
^.;_800 Elisabeth. 

MOl Ei.i.suA, 

802 Elisiia. 2d. M.D.. 

8i>t SoiMIIA. 
80;") LaIKA. 

>!06 Ui YssK..-. M.D. 



'rH)i John .Hiltlier' (son oi John'. Joseph's RichanP, Tiiiiotliy', 
R.'v. RielKini'. Thoinas-, John'), of Lynie, Corui. Bovn April 4. 
1740; died ; married Elisabeth Peck. 



1). April I'J. ITTH; m. Dan. Marvin: il. 

b. Dec. 17, 1772: m. 6a\]y Lcrd, Oct. o, 1707: d. .Tune 

12, l^Vd. 
b. Feb. 4, 1776: m. d. 

b. Sept. •27. 1770; m, Sally Boyle, May 0, 1804: d. 

Apr. 2, 1^59. 
b. Feb. 8, 17-<-2; m. d. 

b. Dec. 31, 17^0, m. d) Catherine Webb. Oct. 11. 1817: 

(2) Esther M. Peck. Oct. 10, 1820: Cii Sarah P. 

.Jewett, Aug. 0, 1-^20; (4) Mary Anna Sage, May 

3, 1.S41; d. July 14. 1878. 

Mary Matlier* (dau. of John", Joseph^ Richard', Timothy^ 
Rev. Richards Thomas-. Johu'), of L>Tiie, Conn. Born at 
Lvme, Dec. 11, 17.50; died May 9, 17'.t.5; married Richard Lay 
(or Lee) March IS, 1773. 

807 iIrLD.\H. 

SOS Elmah, 

809 Hepztb.ui. 

810 Joirs-. 

811 LrTITF.R, 

812 Joseph H.. 


813 Frederick. / . . , „ n i— -i 
'- twins, b. Dec. 0, 1, .4: 

814 Mercy. 
SI.') Richard 
816 Joseph. 


b. Dec. 9. 1780: m. 
b. Apr. 12, 1792; m. 

d. Dec. 23. 1774. 




310 Joseph Mather' (son of John", brother of above), of (xalaway, 
N. Y. Born at Lyme. Conn.. Jan. 27, 17.56; d. March 21, 18^8; 
married Ruth Adams. Dec. >>. 17S0; she died Feb. 10, 1837. 

817 Daxiel a.. 

818 Mercy. 

819 Josy-;rii, 

820 Fredeiskk. 

821 Joseph. 2d. 

822 DKRORAn. 

823 N vTiiANiKi. F. 


b. Sept. 16, 1781: m. d. Apr. 21. 1802. 

b. June 26, 1783; ni. Aaron Ward, d. Aug. 28, 1834. 
b. iFcb. 27, 178."i: '1. Jan. 31. 1788. 
b. Jan. 7, 17^7; il. -Jan. 23, 1788. 
b. Dec. 11, 17^8: ni. d. ^^ept. 14, 1819. 

h. J.m, 2X 1791; d. in infancy. 

b. Jan. 19. 1792; ni. Polly Robertson, Jan. 17, 1819; 
d. Au-x. 6. 1829. 


824 Maky. b. rtept. 20, 1703; m. llunnon L"uder\vo.j<l. l>>lo: il. 

July. ls>i.~). 
S2r, John, I>. Juiif -J, ITOo; in. Belinda Tinker, J:in. U, I^lVi; "I. 

.s2() KuTii, b. -May 16. 17HT; m. d. 

8'2T RrriiKUFoiiD. b. A;)r. 5. ITDS: ni. rl. 

825 A iivr'THTEP., b. Jan. 13, 1802; d. in infaiu-y. 

82!) KF.v.D.v.N-rEL A..2u. b. St-pt. lo. 18(i::5; m. Electa Holt, Sept. 11. 1828; d. 

Dec. 14. 1848. . 

311 StepllOU blather' (^'>n of Johrr. Josephs Richard^ Timrrthy'. 
Rev. Richard^. Thomas", JoUn'). ui Edmoston. N. Y. Born Fob. 
5, 17.J.S: died at KUiuuton. X. Y.. June 1. 18:;7; niat-rifd Eliza- 
beth Peck. 17.81: slio died Sept. 12, 1839. 


830 Ei.r.i.\iT. b. Mch. 14. 1783: • d. 1705. 

831 LcTiiEU P.. b. June 24. 17^3: ui. Gabrielle B. Belmont, Isll: d. Jan. 

4. L-42. 

832 SiviAXX.v, b. Aug. M. i:^^-. m. Ira Day. 181'): d. Apr. 6. 18t>i). 

833 A>-UKEW A., b. Aug. 27. 1791: m. Betsey Stebbins. Jan. 17, 1817: d. 

Jan. 29, 1881. 
8*4 TiupnE.N-A. b. Mch. 4, 1704: m. Gregory, l.'?2<): d. Mcb. 4. 1842. 

835 D.\x. b. Sept. 12. 1796: m. Ro.\y Underwood. April 1. 1822: d. 

Sept. 2, 1883. 

836 Elisha p.. b.. Aug. 6, 1799: m. Annie Brown. Nov. 2, 1828: d. Feb. 

14, 1860. 

837 Hrpzibah. b. Oct. 5.' lSi)2: v.\. X.itbnn Griffin. 1>^24: d. June, 1831. 

838 LouENZo, b. July 17. 1.^06: m. l><2fi: d. May 10. 18S6. 

313 SylvailU.s Matlier^ (son of John', brother of ahove).'of Ville- 
novia. X. Y. Boru Jan. 17. 17iU;. died . ; married 

Caroline Chadwick. 


839 EcxicK, b. Oct. s, 17^16: ra. Asa Colgrove: d. 

840 Jemima. b. Mch. 2, 17>-8; m. Israel Taylor; d. 

841 Faxnv. b. June 20, 1790; ni. Daviil Bostwick: d. 

842 CiLVKLES. b. Aug. 19. 1792: in. Prudence Balcom: d. 

843 Gtrv C'rr.vDwrcK. b. ».»ct. 21. 1798: in. Hannah IJrisrgs; d. 

844 C'AKui.i.vE. b. m. Wni. Browni'U: d. 

845 jMekly, b. unmarried: d. 

846 I.OKi.vnA. b. unmarried; d. 



813 • Joriisha >l;ither' ('lau. ol John', sister of aljove). of Auburn, 
N. Y. lu.irn at Lymo. Coim.. Fell. ■_','), llty.'.: died at Sackett"s 
HariKH'. X. Y. : married Beujaiuin Auistiii, 175)7. 


S47 Rev. Joics Matukk. >>. Sept. 2ii. IsO.T: ni. 

d. D.-c. "20, 1880. 

Rev. Julm Mather Austin was a man of very mai-ked at»iiiiy in ilie 
Universalist Churcli. ^Vas aMe to write for the press quite extensively 
as well as to preach. His influeuce was very great in the denomina- 
tion to which he lielonyed. and his death was a decided loss to those 
who liad been in the same communion. 

317 Irene Mat]\er' ('hm. of Benjamin', Joseph^, Richard^ Timo- 
thy', Kcv. Kl<.■ha^d^ Thomas'-. John'), of Lyme. (."onii. Born 
July S, 17.34; died ; married Sands Champhn of Lyme. 

«4S John. b 

849 Sam r EL. b. 

850 Gumoxs, b. 
Sol PHf:BE, b. 
So'Z Irene. b. 




3-^0 OibhoriS Mather' (son of Beniamiir. and brother of above), 
of Coicliebter, (.'oun. Born at Lyme. Conn., June 22, 17(JU; 
died at Auburn. N. Y., Aug. 3, 1815: married Hannah Foote, 
Jan. 28, 1789; she died at EU-ridge, N. Y., Oct. IS, 1814. 

s.lij Gibbons Parsons, 
854 Henry Wolf. 
830 HiKAM Foote, 

856 Kali'h Cotton, 


b. Dec. 7, 1791; m. Snphia Smith of Middle 
Haddam. I.sl2: d. 

b. July 8. 1704; m. Amanda Whipple of Au- 
burn, N. v., 1817; d. Sept.. 1S18. 

b. Feb 13, 17%; m. (1) Sarah Ann Hyde, 1821; 
{2) :Mary Parsons Cole, 1831 : 03} Mrs. Anna 
T. S. Xon.'n. 1857; d. July 11, 1808. 

b. Dec. t», IT'.is^: m. ; d. at Batavla, 

>'. v.. 1^:21. 







A SOX, b. Apr. \3, 1801: d. iu infancy. 

BF:y.iAMi>- Inckease. b. : m. Roiur.u Urmsby, 1819, 

d. :it Jack-jjii. Mich., ISicJ. 
DAXrELWoRTHiNf.TON.b. .Tan. 1, l&uT: ra. Caroline Merriiuau, June 

1:3, 1831; li. July •2-S, 1S04. 
Hannah Pomekoy, b. ; d. iu iui'ancy. 

William Mather' (son of Benjamin', and brother of 'S'll). of 
Wliately, Masi-. Burn at Lyme. Conn., Dec. ol, ITGli: died 
Apr. 2, l:s;].j; married Tirzah Morton; s!ie died Feb. 7, 1.S48. 


William, Jr.. 

«6i3 Ellicl, 


lIlKA.M WoLK. 

866 Makiah, 




Hiram B.. 

Lewis Moi.tox 



b. Sept. 2, 17'.)0; m. Ilo.xaiia Davis; d. 

b. July 28. 171*2; m. Ebenezer .Soul. 1.82;J; d. May 
le', 1859. 

b. Apr. 24, .1794; ni. (1) Usee Allis; (2) Horace Mor- 
ton; d. Feb. Ki. 1876. 

b. Jan. 9, 1796; d. younu:. 

b. Mcii. 11, 1797; m. Elisha Babcock, Aug. 12, 1820; 
d. Oct. 5, 1857. 

b. Nov. 17. 1798; m. (1) Alexander; (21 

Hadlock; <1. 

b. Apr. 24. 1800; d. Aug. 15. 1800. 

b. May 8. I8ir2; in. Louisa Turner, May 9. 1824; d. 

b. Dec. 28, 18o;3: d. young. 

b. Auv:. :31, Is-Oo; in. Kel>ey; d. Mch. 9, 1886. 

2d, b. Apr. 15, 1809; m. Sally Hig.uins. Juul- 16. 1831; 
d. Aug. 3, 1871. 

Elias Mather' (son of Benjamin". Joseph', Richard', Timo- 
thv', iie->-. Kichard', Thomas'. John'), of \Villiam,sto'.vn, Mass. 
Born at Colche.ster. Conn., Oct. 25, 1770; died Sept. 3, 1839; 
married Abigail Marvin Swan. Oct. 14, 1794. 


872 Nancy BrLKi.EV. b. Mch. 14. ITDi;; ni. John Wri-ht; d. Feb. 9, ls62. 

873 ELiAsWoKTiiiSGTON.b. Aug. 22, 179^; m. (li Phebe Gibl»s Henny, 1824; 

(2) Fanny Parnulee, 1837; (3) Eliza Herriuk, 
1^51; d. Aug. 2^. 1879. 

874 Mary Ahigail, b. Dec. 13, 1800; m. Blanchard; d. Feb. 

10. 1875. 


875 William He.vuy, b. Nov. U, 1802; m. d. Dec. 2o. 18:;2. 

876 Chaule:^ C'ittun. b. ^fay 27. 180"): ni. d. Mch. 9, is:j.",. 

877 Benjamin- Fuanklin;. b. July 6, 1810; m. il; .Mary Ami Bridges, 18:52; 

(2) Mary D. Tyler, 183*): d. ilay 22, 1888. 

87-8 Sophia ^Iiranda. b. Jau. 20, 1812: unuiarrk-d; d. Oct. , 1881. 

'.l'2(i SainiU'i ilather* (sou of Benjaniin". >)rotlier of 325), of Deer- 
field. Mass. Born March 10. 1773; died ; 
married (1) Anne E. Hutchins. Oct. 1. 1707; (2) E.xperience 
Barnard, IS 10. 


879 LrciNTJA, b. Nov. 2-4, 1811; m. Dwight Hubbard; d. 

880 Elis^abeth. b. Nov. 7, 181:3; m. Gorliani Hamiltou. 18-14; d. 

881 Electa, 1). July 2, 1816; unmarried; d. 

'i'il Joseph Mather' (son of Benjamin', brotlier of above), of 
Whately, Mass. Born Mcli. 15, 1776; died Aug. 13, 1861: 
married (!) Lucinda ^lortou; (2) Adency Graves. 


882 George W.. b. Aug. 27, 180:3; m. Sarah Waite; d. 1884. 
88:3 Frank, b. May 13, 1810; m. Clarissa T. Fi>k. May 7, lt<35; d. 

884 LcciNDA, b. :Mch. 29, 1813; m. Chester Br\rdwell; d. 

885 Benj-amin, b. .\.ug. 12, 1815; m. Pame!i:i Frary, Sept. 14. 1840; d. 

886 Jllia S., b. Feb. 21, 1819: m. Pvufus Diekiason; d. 

887 Joseph, b. Jun<3 6, 1821; m. Eli.sabeth Stuneaker; d. 

888 Levi, b. June 23, 1823; m. Sarah E. Hughes, Dec. 9, 1852; d. 

329 Cotton .Mather' (^ou of Benjamin', Josephs Richard^ Timo- 
tliv-^, Rev. FacLard', Tliomas^ John'), ofAshlield, Mtiss. Born 
at Colchester. Conn.. March 4, 1779; died May l;5. 1854: mar- 
ried Anna F. Norton of East. Hartford, Conn. : she died May 
14, 1855. 


ssy AuEi.iNK. b. Julv 22, 1804; m. Tinioth\ lldlioway, .lune, 

1832; d. 

890 Charles, b. Aug. 28, 1806; m. Mary Ha«^heway, Oct. 17, 

1833; .1. Dec. 31, ls7i). 

891 BENJ.viUN Franklin, b. Oct. 12. 1.n)9; m. Emeliue Itisiiig. May, 1839; 

d. Jan. 15, 1888. 


892 Ewri.Y N.iuTON. b. June 29, 1S12; m. d. May 11,, 1>*U. 

89o A^N'A l\>i;Th.u. h. Sei>t. 2-">, isio; ui. William SiniUi (^l■ ^iuwiiery, 

Yt.; d. 

894 R.U.PII PiTKi.N. b. May 26, 1S18; m. Cordelia Huiheway. .McLi. 9, 

1847; d. 

330 Marsllfit'ld P. Muther' (son of Benjaniiu". t.rotlier ui ;-;2!:i). 
of Middle Hadilaiii. L'uan. Burn af Cok-he^fier. Conn., Juue 2ti, 
1782; died May L 1S39; iiiamed (1) Man- Hurd. 1807: she 
died ISOS: (2) Betsey SLerman, Nov. 17, is-jl, of Wood- 
bur}', Conn. 


895 Charles H., b. Tvlch. 17, 1808; m. Belinda Hurd. Apr. 20, 1840; d. 

July 16, 1877. 

896 Elisadeth A., b. Dec. 13, 1822; m. John McLau-liIin, 1844; d. Feb. 

9, 1878, 

897 Clakissa ;M., b. Dec. lo, 1^24; in. FrL-derkk Brewer of .Middlctown, 

1844; d. 

898 Cotton. b. May 20, 1827: m. Lavinia A. Lake, Oct. 2, 1852: d. 

July 22. 1S83. 

899 Julia S.. b. Nov. 11, 1829: unmarried: d. Dec. 17, 1841. 

33*-2 Pliiiieas 3Iather'' (son of Timotliy'. "VMliiam", Atlieiton*. 
Timi.ri.iiy'. ]-:ev. Ricliard'^ Thomas'. Jolm'), of Marlboro. Vt. 
ISora in Sullield. Conn.. JaiL 1.3. 17')1; died March 3u. 1838; 
married Huldah Taylor, Xov. 17. 1779; .-he died March. 1S47. 


900 HcLDAii. b. Xov. 29. 178()-, ra. Erastu.s Hall. >Ich. 20. 1800: d. Oct. 3. 


901 Eluiu, U. July 22, 1782; m. (1) Eunice 31illcr, Sept. 30, 1806; (2) Sally 

"Shcpard: Cd) .Mrs. Susan Duck; d. Jan. 29. 1806. 

902 Jame;*. b. .July xi:?, 1784: m. Fanin Bryant, F-b. 15, 1813: d. Aug. 

29, 1855. 

903 PnixKA-.Ju .1). Nov. 4. 1786; m. (1) Polly Cole: (2) Eliza : d. 

Ajir. 27. 1865. 

904 RcFUS. b. Ocr.. 22, 1788; m. Lucv Adams, Oct. 31, 1814; d. Feb. 10, 


905 Li-ruEii. I>. Au-. 2n, 17!X); ra. Clan.<sa Thomas; d. Sept. . 1846. 

\m Gad. b. S.-pt. 6. 1.793; m. Polly Adani.s, Feb. 17, 1820; d. Apr. 27, 



!i(i7 El. UAH. b. May it, IT'.X): ni. 3Iiiu'i-va .M.-tki-r. .hino ■<''. l>^tM, d. .ruiic 

•20. l.sti;?. 
9u^ Bkixv. t). Oil. 21. IT'IS: iii. .VluMin Ailair.s, .hiiy 1.^. islti; d. :\kl!. 

(). l>iT:J. 

Xoveniluu" .3. \^'2r>. tlio tiovcn-nur un<t Couiu'il elected Pliiueas 
Mather, Jr.. a Brigadier-Geut.Tal. 

3:U Tilliothy 3IiltllPr' (^on of Timothy-. In-other of .^.T^). of 
Marli-uro. ^'r. Bora in Suln'-Ul, Coiiu., March 2. 17.")7; dipil 
March •<. ISls; uiarriud ILinnali Churcli. 1779; shft died 
October. l>i'2~. 


909 Lucy, b. Feb. -26, ITSO: in. Simeon Adam.s; he (i. Dec, 18-16: d. 

>Ieh. 30. 1860. 

910 HANNAir. h. July , I7fl: ci. Riiel Kimhiilh d. Mch.,3. IBfiO. 

911 David, b. Xui:. tJ, 1T>S3; m. OUve Smith. Jan. 14. 1810; d. Feb. r2B, 

912 TiMoTitv. b. July "24. iTs.j; m. (I) Harriet Adams or Mon>(>u, Mass.; \'-i) 

Harriet W'iuslow of Cnli^raiiie. Mas^s.: d. Feb. 'i-L 18.58. 

913 Loi:s, b Jimc . 17^7: ii\. Arteiniis Houglitou: d. Feb. 17. 1873. 

914 Wii.i.iv^c. b. AiiiT. lo, 17>i9; ni. P(^hy Dudley. Feb. '20, 18-20: d. June ti, 


915 Cotton, b. Meh. i-l, 1791: m. Betsey Carpenter, June 7, 1827: d. 8*'pr. 

l». 180-2. 
91«i E.N-os. b. .1:98: m. Tamar IloUirhton; d. Apr. -'it, 1808. 

917 Dan. b. .May . 179.5: m. (1) Alinira Miller: (2) 

d. Feb. 1. 1876. 

918 PniLA. b. 1797; m. Samuel Brown; d. June 1, 1871. 

335 Erastus Maltlier' (s^ou of Timothy-, .Wilh•c^m^ Aiherton"'. 
Tiiiiorjiy'. Rev. Richards Thomas'-, John'), of (Jhix. Born in 
Sullield. Conn.. Oct. 14, 17^0; died Sept., IS-i'i; married Olive 
Higiey. Jan. »>. 17>54. 


919 OLn-F. i>. •..•el- 21. 1784; m. d. 

920 SBfiA, b. Apr. 14, 17>iJ: m. Cynthia Hastings. Oit. 11. isi:], d. July 

-22. 1874. 

921 UoKA". E. b. Oct. 10. 17.-^9. m, Ulive Call of ^Farlboro. Vt.; d. 
9-22 L"nt<A, b. Mch. 28, 1794; m d. 


928 Uari.ow, b. 1700; m. Sanili Poncr Stimevui; d. 

924 A-NXA. b. Miy 24, IT'.'It; m 'i. 

925 Ekasi'L-?^. h. >[:iy 1^>. l>^"2: kilii-il by accident in 1^14. 

330 Eu>el)ius .Uathev' (si-n <'t' [ncre.ifcc', in-other of Ruth), of Suf- 
deld. Couu. Born ^[ay ■-IT, 1772: diod Apr. 12, ls:'.'5: married 
Nancy Welles, (^tct. .>, ISO.j. Ai:ur E. M."s death his widow 
married Asa Fonieroy, iu 1S42. 


926 Mari: Ans. b. May 16, IslO; m. 01i%-"r Dunbar. <_)ct. 23. 1S31; 


927 C.^rou>t:. J. tuins, b. Nov. 29, 1813; ,,."*■, , , ,- 

928 Catiieuixe, * m. Harris Hathe-n-ny, bept. lo. 

ISSii; d. Nov. 10. 1S.37. 

310 William Matlier^ (son of Increased brother of above), of Suf- 
fieid. <"oiui. Born Nov. 25. 1774; died Nov. 8, Ls.'U; married 
Sarah Bush. Dec. 22, 1709. After W. M.'s death she married 
Amos Curtis, Oct. 12, 18.39. 


929 Wii-LiAM Hexry. b. Nov. 20. ISOO; m. Aurelia B. Stanley, Jan. 1,1824; 

d. Sept. 12, 187.-). 

930 AMELIA. b. Dec. 2, 1807: m. Wm. H. Bunce, 1843; d. 

931 Geok<;e, b. Mch. 14, 1816: m. Susan Huntley: July 7, 1841: d. 

Jan. 21. 1889. in Essex, Conn. 

341 Rllth Mather' (dau. of Increase", William*. Atherton\ Timo- 
tliv*. Rev. Richard', Thomas^ John'), of West Springfield. Mass. 
Born in Sulfiold, Conn., Feb. 14. 1779; died Mch., 1S40: mar- 
ried James Kent. 


932 ELI7.A, b. 1802; m. Gulen Ames of Springtield, Mass.; d. 1834. 
fl3;5 Lr.uKrTEii, b. 1804; ra. d. 1826. 
9;J4 nAiiutr.TT, b. 1806: m. Charles Ely of New York City: d. Nov.. 1838. 

300 Helena Mather' (-lau. of William", William«, .Vtherton', 
Tuiiotiiy'. lu'v. Ricliarrl', Tiiomas'-, John'), of 
B<im at Snilield. Conn., Mch. '24, 176.">: died July l.->. IS37; 
married Thad'ieus < >Ms, Fei). 17. 1783; he died Apr. 14, 1842. 



1)3.3 Rev. Tp.a MAttrF.a, h. Oct. 21, 17M.1; la. (b Uoxcv Whituey: i:2) Pli.'be 

Young; il 

936 Ariel, b. Mcb. I. 17S(S; m. : d. Sept. I. 1811. 

937 Alkxander, b. -Tau. S. IT'.Ji: in. Lovky ProutT; d. 

938 CaH'IX. b. May 3, 1799; ni. ili.-pzibah Pntit, Auii". 20, 1>'21; 

a. 3Liy 23, 1863. 

939 Ctsthia, b. Aug. 26. is03; m. Tiniorhy Larabee; d. 

361 Aurelia Mather^ (dan. of William', sister of above), of Ben- 
niii.iit'.)!!, \'r. Burn in SuffieUi, Conn., Nov. 1.'^. 17G'>; died in 
Bennington. Vt., Men. I'.k IS IS; married Samuel Satford, May 
8, 1786. 


940 iLuiT, b. Sept. 4, 1787; d. in infancy. 

941 William. b. Mcli. 19, 17>9; d. in infancy. 

942 F.V.V.NY, b. Dec, 11, 1701; d. Oct. 22, 1813. 

943 Claua. b. Aug. 13, 1796; m. (IjElisbuB.Pnut, Xov.l.-).1812; 

(2)' Yarnum Taft, Dec. 4, 1828; d. Nnv. 7, 1821). 

944 Maria, ' b. Dec. 7. 1798; d. Apr. La, 1799. 

945 AuRELiA. b. June 6, 1802; m. Rev. Robert Cro.sset. May lo. 

Is23; d. Aug. t5. 1823. 

946 3IAUTHA Emelixe. b, June 22-, 1^08; m. Mason C, Morgan, 1826; d. 

362 Mose.S Mather^ (son of William'', brother of above), of ^Marl- 
boro, Yt.. ;iud of Fairfield. X. Y. Born in Suffield, Conn., Feb. 
1, 1774: died in Fairliel.i. Herkimer Co., X. Y., Dec. 20, 1832; 
married Sarah Dresser, June 19, 1799; she died Xov. 1.3, 18G3, 
a,a;ed 84. 


947 Dr. William, b. Apr. 2s, l,'<02; ni. Mary Ami Bull, May 26. 1^36; she 

d. Xov. 8, 1874; d. -Tuue 26, 1890. 

948 J aircs. h. Aug, 23. 1819; ni. Eliz.-i Jones, July 30, 1844; d. 

949 Jac.M! Dmesser, b. Mch. 12. 1806; d. Aug. 23. 1813. 

9.10 .MAUTfiA .Vnx. b. July 23, lsl3; ni. Bcnchct Satterlee, Jan. 24, 1836; 

d. -Vpr, 30. 1836, on a mission to P.-iwnee In. Hans. 

363 Aunu Matlier^ (dau. of William'', and brother of al)ovo). of 

. Born X(.)V. :>. 177G; died i >ct. 17, l.^l4; 
married Judire Nathan Smith. 



951 Maria ELi^.vr.KTn. b. m. d. 

9o2 AsBY .\js'x, b. m. d. 

9.)3 James Madisox. h. m. d. 

368 Elisabeth Mather^ {'hm. of Ihivid', J oshua^ A.thertou\ Tim- 
othy', Rev. RioctiinP. Thomas-. .John'), of Xew Britain. Conn. 
Born Xov. 2v, 17 '3 7: died '; married Sage Churchill; 

he died Fe^b. 27. 1^13. aged 50. 


9.54 A-\.ROis. b. about 17S7: m. d. 

9.1.5 Bcsirs-ELL. b. 17S9; m. d. 

9.56 Betsey, b. 1791: m. d. 

957 RoxAXNA. b. 1793: m. d. 

370 CottOU Mather' (-^on of David'. l>ruther of above), of New 
Biuain. Ccnn. Born at Beriin, Conn.. Sept. 2. 1771; died 
July 2.5, 1S07; married Rebecca Steele, Jime 10. 17!tl; she 
died IS 13. 


958 Ctprlu,-. b. May 13. 1792: m. Huldah Hart, Jan. 18, 1814: d. Oct. 1. 


959 ELE^-OR, b. July 9. 1794: m. d. 
■ 960 H.\>-NAH. b. Aui. 1. 179'6; m. William .Morgan; d. 

961 Rebecca, b. Fob. 16, 1799; m. N. O. Smith; d. 

962 Thomas C, b. June 5, 1800: m. Susan Ilunirerford. Aug. 1820; d. 

963 Aloxzo, b. May 10, 1h02: d. May 11. 1802. 

373 Polly Mather" (dau. of David", sister of above), of Xew Britain. 
Conn. Born 1778; she died Oct. 16, 1S.3G: married 

Ebenezer Gridley. April 23, 1800. 


9«>4 Betsey. b. Mch. 4, ISOl; unmarried: d. 

965 H.v^'XAU DrxH-iM, b. June 16, 1802: m. PettrMcVoy; d. 

966 Ax IxKAXT. b. 1H04: <i. Ft-b. 19. 1n04. 

967 2ha>'cy, b. m. Brooks; d. 

968 JcLiA, b. m. d. Sept. 1809. 


9«9 Dklta, 1.. IstO; d. Aug. 2:i, 1^11. 

0:(t W\LTt:KBLAKK<LEV.b. .liiue 3. isri: m. Mary II. RoswiU. Feb. U. 

IS-tO; d. 

971 DAvm Matrkr. b. Aug. 28. tSlO: m. d. 

972 Ed^vaud, ) ^^^..^^ ,^ j^^^^ ^ ^g, ^^ m. d. . 
9<3 Edwix. > - m. d. 

374 Dea. Willimii Mather' (son- of Thomas.' M.D.'. Josluui'. 
AtherrouV Tiiuorliy', Rev. RichanP. Tlioinas'. Jolin'), of Sims- 
bury. Conn. Born in Fannington. Conn.. July 21, 1704; died 
June 11. 1847: married Anna Lewis, May 9, 1793; she died 
Sept. 1, 184*2, aged 74. 


974 Col. Thomas, b. Apr. IV. 1794; ni. Miss Haamih Lamb: had no chil- 

dren; cl. 3Ich. -28. lSo3. 

975 WIXH.S3I, b. Apr. 24. 1796: m. Emma M. Phelps, May 11, 1825; 

d. Mch. 1.8. 1809. 
876 Sa3ah, b. Feb. 23. 1798; unmarried; d. 

977 SAiruEL. b. May 27, 1802; d. Apr. 30. 1803. 

978 PHENi-.AS Lkwis. b. May 17, 1804; d. Apr. 14. 1827. 

Dea. William Mather, at about the time of his marriage, removed 
from Farnangtrin to Simsbury. and established liimself as a merchant. 
which laisiness he followed during iiis active life. He was an influen- 
tial and highly-valued citizen, frequently representing his town in the 
Legislatitre, and held other ci\'il offices. In all his walks in life his 
conduct was most exemplary. He was remarkable for his quiet and 
temperate habits; was a peacemaker and a Christian; for thirty years 
or more an efficient deacon in the Congregational 'Church. 

Col. Thomas Mather, the eldest son of Dea. William Mather, at the 
age of 24 emigrated to Illinois, al'out the time it became a State. He- 
engaged in mercantile liusiness in Kaukaskia. an old French settlement 
near the Mississippi River. lu 18.30 l,e removed to Springfield, now 
the capital of the State, where he lived the remainder of Ids life. 
H(.' was early called into public life, and aided much in iorming the 
government of his young adopted State; was freipiently a uiember of 
the Legisiatiu'e m both branches, as well as Speaker. He died in 



Philadelphia, where business called huu. March 28, 185:3, at the ;ige oi 
59. His hodv was brought for burial .beside those of his parents at 
Simsburv. There were several obituaries iu Western papers, at great 
length, beside one iu the New York J'jun>al uf Commerce. 

37G €ol. Bethel 3latlier' (-son of Charles", Richard", Atherton^ 

Timothy*, Rev. Riciiard', Thomas". John'), of Schagliticoke, 

X. Y. Ijuru hi Torrington. Conu.. (Jet. >!. 1771; died ^larch 2, 

1861; mai-ried Huldah Saiith of Aiuenia, X. Y.. July 17'J4: 

. she died 


b. Apr. 2o. 17y-j; m. Erastus bkiuncr. Dec. 9, 

181.",; d. Apr. , 1879. 
b. Oct. 12. 17'.)6; d. Jan. 1:2. 1797. 
b. Oct. 7. 1797: d. Oct. , 1797. 
b. Oct. 7, 1798; lu. Cliauncey Bctrs, Feb. , 

1817: d. 1871. 

b. Nov. •"), 1800; in. Amos Briggs. Oct. 9, 

18:29; d. 
b. Feb. 14. 1803; n\. Ephi'aim Cougdou. May 

6. 1838; d. Oct. 8. 1881. 
b. Jan. 6, ISOo; in. d. June 2."i. 18:34. 

M.D., b. Oct. 7. 1807; grad. Union College, X. Y.: 

d. June 5, 18;U. 
b. Aug. .3, 1809; d. Sept. IU, 1821. 
b. Xov. 2-2, 1811: m. Alice T. McDouald, Nov. 

1878: d. 
b. Nov. 11, i'ilo: in. Ephraim S. Murgau. 

May 7, 1833; d. 
b. Mch. 22, 1816; m. d. June '25, 18.j4. 

b. 6ept. -20, 1818; m. Henry Bliss. May 18, 

1841; d. 
b. Oct. 25, 1822; m. David Hawley. Feb. 16, 

1848; d. 

979 AcBELiA, 

980 Ch.vkles .8., 

981 MontitOMhky, 

982 3LUU.V AxN. 

983 ANN Eliza. 

984 Harriet, 

985 Sydney S., 

986 Derrick Lanscs-c 

987 Henry Plait, 
9^S Cu.u;lj-:s A.. 

989 C-UiOLINE, 

990 John Cotton S.. 

991 Julia Fiw.'iNces, 

992 Lydia Jane. 


■'Col. Roth.-l Matiier died at Schaghticoke, N. Y., Kel,. ■_'. !sr,i. iu 
the 90th year of his age; was born in Torringtou. Conn., Oct. >>. 1771. 
and lived with his father, who was a fanner, until I7lfj. wli*,'n lie 
removed to .Vnienia. X. Y. He there married Miss Huh.lah Smith, 


and came to i:chaghticoke in ll'J>i. He euga,o;ud in myrcantile pursuits, 
luit soon purchase' I the t'arni. ^vht-re he re.sided until his ileath. Ho 
was a man of more tlian ordinary aliilities, ot' great firmness and 
decision and energy of character. He liecame very successful in 
business pursuits, of undoubted integrity, as well as decided abilitv- 
He was regarded as a wise and safe counselor, of kind feelings- 
humane and generous to the poor. He v/as also a man of great pui ilic 
spirit, wlin rendered liimself exten.sively useful in the community wliere 
he so long-resided. He was the father of fourteen children, seven of 
whom siirWve hini. 

•In is 1 4. Col. ^latlier was a meuiber of the Legislature of New 
York. A descendant of the Puritans, the influence of his earlv 
religious training was .ipparent all through his life: though a decided 
friend of goo^l order, a respecter and supporter of religious instituti<.(us, 
he did not till late in life become personal in the sul'ject of religion. 
He made a public profession of his faith in Christ, uniting with the 
Presbyterian Church about three years before his death, greatly 
respected by all who knev.- him. His last days were spent in (quiet- 
ness, and his end was peace. He died 'in full hope of a blessed 

377 Deinas Xather' (son of Charles''. Richard% Atlierton-'. Timo- 

thy'. Rev. Piicliari.V', Thomas-, John'), of lienson, \'t. Ivu-n in 
Toningford. Conn.; marr-iei.1 (1) Cynthia Lovell; (•_') Amy 
: {'■)) Louisa Marine. 



d. yuimg. 




378 EllSebiuS Miltlier' i^on of I'harles", brother of above), o( Sar- 

atoga. X. Y. iJorn ill Toiinngfurd, Conn., ; 

died at Saratoga, Mch. I.*!, isll; married Susannah Wells: 
she died Nov. , l.Sl'J. 


•JOa George. 



y94 Ira Newtox, 



y95 CrNTiiiA. 



'M6 FliEnKIlK K IlEMtV. 



9U7 Chloe Lotise. 



998 FiiF.DKKic K. in. 



999 ^rEi.tNu.v, 





I'XX) Gruvk, b. July Ki, ITSU; m. :Mary Fisk, Feb. 1. 18-22: d. 

1001 Ha-\-.n.\ii, b. 1794; m. Cornelius T. Forsythe: d. 182:.'. 

1002 Cyntom, b. Feb. 15, 1706: ui. Nathaniel H. Wattrbury. .Nov. 4, 

181S; d. Feb. 10. 1><27. 

1003 JilKLiND.v, b. 179::?; m. Mr. Warren: d. 

1004 SAit.vii. b. 3ray31, 1800: m. Calvin Lake; d. 

100.5 NouMAX "VYells, b. Nov. lo. 1804; m. (1) Jane Ashley, Feb. 18, 1830: 

(2) N. O. Van Foscen, Sept. 20, 1840; d. Dec. 31, 

10U6 JoiEs- C, b. Apr. 9, 1807; m. Betsey E. Kellogg. Mch. 9, 1831; 

d. Dec. 1, 1877. 

1007 David C, b. Aug. 29, 1809; in. Armenia Rouse, Oct. o, 1832; d. 

380 JollH Miltlier' (?on of Charles', brother of above), of Torring- 

fonl. Cuuu. Born July 11. 1778; die'! Feb. 1(3, 1S20; married 
Emily, dau. of Dr. Jomiihan Lee. of Pittsiield, Mass., April 28, 
ISlo; she died October 27, 1867. 


1008 Emily Cakolixe. b. July 26, 1815; m. Pardon Briggs. June I-"., 1836; 

d. ' 

1009 JcDAH Lee. b. d. 7 months old. 

381 Ruth Mather' (dau. of Charles", Klchard^ Atherton^, Tiui- 
othy\ Rev. Kichard', Thomas", John'), of Xow Hartford, Conn. 
Born at New Hartford, 1780; died July 28, 1849; 
married James Henderson, 1804; he died March 
27, 1826. 


1010 Jaiies Franklin, b. June 26, 1805; m. Sabina Marsh; d. Mch. 11, 1869. 

1011 CitAULE.s Nelson, b. ; m. Caroline Gillette: d. Jan., 1859. 

1012 DroLLT Solon, b. ; num.; d. 1859. 

382 Esther .)Iather^ (dau. of C'harles'', .sister of above), of Water- 

loo, X. Y. liu'.-n ; died August , 182(,'; mar- 

ried Darius Kiugslniry. 



1018 Eo'.rAun ;>[atiii:k. b. {^()f<; m. (1) Elisnhetl) C'uiiip; r2)Siir:ili 

T5r()\vn, iSJl!; rl. 1^172. 

1014 Frederick AuorsTrs, b. ISIO: m. d) Carolint' K. Stoue, 

ls:]S; ^2) Julii't I. Scout, lt*r,:i- d. 

lOlo 3LvBY Llcuetia, b. 1814; in. Win. Brace, 1S36 or 

1N8T: tl. July 22, 1871. 

101(1 Jane Ax.v. b. * : m. Cook; d. 

'iH'l'' Riciiard ."^lather' (son of Eliliu'. Richard''. Atliovton^, Tim- 
orhv'. Rev. Richard-'. Thomas^. Joliu'). of Torriiiuionl. Conn. 
Born 17G7; dieil Oct. 14. 1S3.'>: married Olive 

Soper; she died Dec. '20, 1S38. 


1017 Davto SopER. b. 1786; m. ; fl. Apr. 14, 1813. 

1018 Horace HAf.L. Ii. Dec. 17. 17^1; m. :\Irs. Martha Bisliop Bradlev, 

1814; d. Mch. 11. '.xr,:. 

1019 Ann- [Maria. b. Oct. 2, 1796; m. Emery Taylor ubout 18;?2; tl. May 8. 


1020 Harriett. b. 1804; ni. Emery Taylor about 1825; d. Oct. 14, 


382'' Tlionisis Mather^ (son of Elihu''. and brother of aliove), of 
Greenwich. Conu. Born Jan. '_'!. 17<)8; died Apr. '.'(J. isij;:]; 
marric'l Hannah Woodruff; siio <!ii'd Aug. 15, 184(j. aged 77. 


1021 Elisabeth. b. Xov. 1. 1780; in. Ste]')hen Jenner; d. 

I(r22 Scs.vN, b. July lo, 1702; m. \[aj. John TluMupsou. of Ver- 

genne.s, Vt.; d. i860. 

1023 AsiiER ELinr, b. Mrli. in. uiMj; unm.; <1. in Mexico. 

1024 Alonz.) Thomas, b. May 13. I8i;2; in. Ber>cy Mather; d. July 8, 1846. 
10:^5 Delia. b. Aug. 26, 1807; m. Edwin Jerome. Dec. 23, 1869; d. 

1026 AltaE., b. Sept. 6. 1809; m. (1) Lois Yale. Mcli. 9, 1836; she 

d. 18-10; (,2) ; d. Apr. 24, 1872. 

38*2'' Eli .Hatlier^ (aon of Elihif, and Itrother of ai)Ove). of Canton. 
Conu. Born Oct. 2.5, 1773; died Dec. 1, 1835; married Sarah 

l'^4: THE ilATHER FA:vIILY. 


!n-2T Fr,nrui.r,A, b. Aug. 8. 179(5; m. Chester Seymour, of Hurt ford, .Innc 

8, 1S20; <i. Jmic 1:>, l;s3.S. 
lO-^s Anna. h. Apr. lo. 1T9S: in. Frederick Foster, of MucHsou. 

Conn., ls.-)2; tl. .May <). 1ST2. 

1029 Electa. b. July ^(i. IbOi); ni. Wm. Bailey. r)f r.urlin!j:iou, Couu.; 

d. Jan. 12. 1S8U. 

1030 JuLrA, b. July 31, ISOC; ni. Uriah Bailer, of Burlin^tou, Conn • 


1031 Lester, 1). July 27, 1804; m. Ur.sula Alderman. Mch. , 1S31; d. 

.May 26, IsTlV 

1032 OnnEL, h. June 3. 18U(3; d. June 11. 1813. 

1033 Israel, b. June 30. 1808: uum.; d. Feb, 2, 1863. 

1034 Willl\.h. b. Jan. 28. 1811; uuui.; d. Jan. 31, 1874. 

103o Clinton, b. Feb. 27, 1814; m. Diana IMason, Apr. 6. 1843; d. Feb. 

24. 1879; she d. June 6, 1888. a.sed 73. 

1036 DwiGUT, b. Sept. 28, 1817; m. ; lost at sea in 183-5. 

382./" Dr. T!ia(l(leiis blather' (-on ot; Elilm", Richara", AtUertuu'. 
Timothy^ Rev. Riollard^ Thomas-, John'), of Deposit, X. Y. 
Born in Windsor. Conn., Mch. 14. 17 7^8; died at Binghamton, 
N. Y.. Oct. S. 18.54; marrie'l Sarah Parker, dau<i:hter of Capt. 
Nathan and Sarah Parker, 18u3; she died Feb. 26, 18.57. 


1037 Caroline, b. Jan. 2.5, 1807; m. Ira Bixby, May 2o. 1826; d. 

1038 Cornelia, b. Apr. 17, 1809; m. Dr. S. D. IIi':,^-ins. Au<r. 27, 

1834; d. T ' 

1039 KrcnAiiD Parker, b. Sept. 18. J811; m. Feb. .1836; 

(I. July 7. 18o0. 

1040 Hon. John Cotton, b. Nov. 30, 1813; m. d) Alva Porter, 1837; 

(2j Mrs. Helen GouIdin^^ June 22, ls6:»; d. 
Aug. 13, 1882. 

1041 Sarah. b. Apr. 2, 1816; lu. B. \l. Nicker-.on, Nov. 27. 

lf<37; d. 
1(V42 Gen. Calvin Edson, b. Mch. 10, 1819; m. d. June 23, 18.53. 

383 Llic-y Jlather' (dau. of Zachariah'. Richard". Atherton', Tirn- 
(iiliy'. iicv. Rieliard', Tlionias-. .('). of South Wiu'lsor. 
Conn. Born June "J. 1770; died ; married John 

Field Fitch. 



1043 ELEfTA. h. Dec. 2H, ITS.S; m. .fohn Smith, "t Hartford, Conn.; 

d. ^[fli. IS^a. in ysth year of his a^e. 

1044 JcLiA, b. Apr. T, 1793; m. Thuddeus Hosmer, Mcli. '.29. Ibil8; 

104o Dk. Augcstus. I). Oct. :J0. 1:9o; m. (1) Pu-tnaiu. of ILirtford, 

Conn: ("i) Sophia Mather, of Westtii'ld, Ma.<s.: d. 
104«> ArRELiA. h. .r-.iii. lit. 1797: unm.: (livin'j;-, July 21. !>i90.^ 

1047 Makv Mathek. b. Sept. :5. 1N02; ni. Joseph Terry, of Hartford. Conn., 

(X't. 8. iy28-. d. Mch. :27. l8-^7: he d. Oct. 2*1. 1875. 

385 Lncinda 31at]ier' ('iau. of Zacharialf. an<l >t.stef of al.ove), of 
Great Barrinirton. ^las.s. Born at Torringfonl. Conn., ^[ay 6, 
1775: died at Syracuse. X. Y.. Feb. ^. ISHH- niorried Dr. 
Da'^'id Leavenworth: he dieil at Great Barrinpcton. ^[ay 25, 

LE.\^"?:NW0HTH CHII.Dl'.EX. 

1048 Charles, h. Jnn. '26. 179fi : m. Eiherrine Kelsey, 

Apr. 2. 18-25: d. Jan. 19. 1829. 

1049 William. b. Xov. 10, 1799: in. Mary DeBow, Aug. 

11. 18:iO; d. May 6. 18*J0. 

1050 Ho.N. Elias Warner. LL.D.. b. Dee. 20. 18UH: m. U't Mary Elisabeth 

Forman. June 28. 1883; (2) Mrs. Har- 
riett T Ball; (1. Nov. 25. 1887. 

The Hon. Elias "Warner Leavenworth wa.s a man of snch remark- 
able qualities that in the small .space whicli [ am entitled to use in 
this work I can only alhide to a small i)art of his brilliant career. 
Descended, on his mothers side, from Rev. Richard Mather, and on his 
father's from Thomas Leavenworrli, tlie emitcranrs. he has honored 
both names l)y his life. He was born in Canaan, Columbia Co.. 
X. Y., and when three years of ag-e removed with his parents to 
Great Barrington. Mass. In the year 1x19 he entered the H'.idson 
Academy, and made preparations to enter college, partly under 
Eiastus C. Benedict. He entered Williams College as sophomore 
in 1820. and a voar later entered the sophomore class in YaU": was 
a member of the I'lii Beta Kappa ."-^(.(Mery in 1823; in 1824 gradu- 
ate- 1; took his second degree in 1^27: was a room-mate the last 


tA\-o vears of Willis Hall, valedioionan ol liis class, uivl later Attorney-. 
Cft-neral of N'ew York ^tate. lie conuiiencfd. Dec. 'Jn. [S'li. .studying 
law with Wm. ('uUeii Rryaut. aud May 16. Is'l'i. entered die law 
school at Litchfield, f'onn.. under Hon. James Gould and Hon. Jabez 
Hunfinii^ton In January. \X'1~. he wa.s admitted to practice m all the 
courts of Connecticut. He chose Syracuse. X. V.. to establish himself, 
where he studied and practiced with .Vlfred Northeam, Esq.. until 
February. ISi'i*. In that year he formed a partnership with B. Davis 
Xoxon. The iirm wa.^ then known as N'oxon ^: Leavenworth, later 
as No.xon. Leavenwortii \; Com.stoek. This firm continueil with 
some sliifht chan<;es until l^3u. wiien G>'neral Leavenworth, although 
in the largest {iractice in I'enti'al New \"ork. abandone>l his profession 
on account of ill health. 

In January. Is-'l".'. he was appointt^d Lieut, of artillery of I47th regi- 
ment, au'l later m the year its captain: in is.'.U, was Lieur.-( "ol. of 
20th reiriment of artillery: in ls:^>fi. Brigadier-General of Ttli hriijade 
of artillery in is:;7: he was ap'pointed trustet^ of the village for 1n;!S-9, 
and in l.^s 40. juvsident of the villauv: in ls;!0. supervisor of the old town 
of Salina: in ls4-y. eieci.ed mayor of ."^y in fall, electeil to the 
legislature: in l"^.");'. ."Secretary of State: in l>.j9. elected again mayor: 
in ls61. was chosen one of the Regents of the State of New York; in 
1S75. Gen. L. held the following positions: President of the 
Savinirs Bank, an institution then having about .S"-. 1100. 000: Syracuse 
City A\'ater Works Co.. Syi'acuse Gas Liyiit Co.: Uakwood Cemetery: 
Syractise ,S: TuUy Plank HoadCo. : New England Society of City of 
Svracuse: S^'cretary and Treasurer Cape Ci>d Coarse .Salt Co : Tru.^tee 
of ( »n>indaga County < )rphan Asylum: Trustee Syracuse Home Asso- 
ciation: Trustee First Presbyterian ('hurrh: Trustee State Asylum; 
Director of Syracu.^e Northern R. R. : and Director Syracuse. Phoenix 
& Oswego R. P. 

Gen. L. held during- his life many offices which we are unable to 
notice here. H<- was a man of tlie people, and !iad ho.sts of friemls: 
a person of Lrre;it achievement. p(/pular in all places, the leading spirit 
in all the history of Syracuse. His fust wife was Mary ?]lisabeth 
Formau. dautrhterof Josliua Korman. the founder of Syracuse: second 
wi:<*. Mrs. Harriet Townlev Ball, of Bergen, N. J. 


(^JL'^y^'^^^o-'^ ' 

« YE A- [/ye. K'l' 


Hamilton Colle.ce conferre<l LL.D. upon him in [><1'.>. H« left a 
large estare. Tie ilie>l N'ov. 'i4rii. aii'l was buried Xov. 'JS. 1S87, his 
funeral being attended V>y all classes lu the community. 

3SG NilOmi Mather' (^lau. of Zurliariah". Richard^ Atherton', 
Timothy*. Rev. Richard'. Thomas^ Joiin'). of Canaan. X. Y. 
Born in Torringford, Conn.. Nov. 27. 1777: died Aug. '2ii, 1871: 
married Uriah ^Villiams. 1796. 


10.51 H.vuuiETT, b. Nov. l.">, 1796; m. .Mauning Heuderson: d. Apr. 2. 

1873: lied, smraeyear. 
l('o2 Z. 3lATirEK. M.D., b Feb. 8, 1799; m. Caroline, dau. of Judge Fonnan: 

d. Dec. 10, 18H8. 

1053 WiLLi.ui, M.D.. b. Fob. 8. ISOI: m. Diana Craddock; d. July 28, 


1054 NoRMAX, It. Bee. 23, 1803; ra. Eliza W Junes, d. Oct 23, 1857. 

1055 Elisabeth, b. Jaa. 26, 1808; ni. Gaylord J^t. John; d. March 1, 


1056 Lrcirs M.vther. b. Sept. 14. 1810; m. : d. Dec. 15, 1846. 

1057 Ed\vi>- 3., h. July 26. 1819; m. 

1058 Robert. b. Julv 13, 1821; m. 


d. Apr. 9, 1840. 

390 Lucius >Iatlier'' (son of Zachariah". Richard^ Atherton*, 
Tiiaotiiy^ Rev. Ricliard^ ThoIilas^ Juhu'). of Middlese.x. N. Y. 
Born at Stockbridge. >[ass.. Xov. 4. 1788; die<l .May 18, 1879; 
married Jane Ac kermau. Jan. I. 18 17; she died 


1059 Jo ux A.. b. Oct. 21. 1817: m. Polly Clayton, Apr. 14. 1842; no 

children; d. Aug. 2, 1865. 

1060 Zacfiariah, ti X^v 29. 1819: m. Tlieodosia Adura.s, Jan. 22. 1849; d. 

1061 Abuaha.m a., b. 8(:pt. 23. 1822: m. Elisabetli A. Low. Nov. 16.1852; d. 

1062 Georcje C, b June 17. Iv^.l; in ."Melvina Ailams, Jan. 31, 1^50; d. 
1<J63 Llcinus. a., b. Oct. 12, I82t?, unmarried; d. 


''Lucius Mather, whose death occurred on the 18th inst.. was born 
at Stockbridge. Mass.. Xov. 4, 1788. and at the age of 21 years re- 


rnnvixl with hi?: father to Seneca County. X. Y. Fie was niarneil to 
Miss Jaae Ackeniian ol' that county in I^IT. ami ivmoveil and settled 
on a farm in the town oi Micldlesex. Yates County, where he resided 
37 years, raising a lauiily of four sons and one daughter. After losing 
his wife he reruovei.l to the village of Ilusliville. when tlie sickness of 
his daughter and his own advaucini; years induced him to break up 
housekeeping and make his hunif with his son ij-eorge, m the town of 
Canandaigua. Cutario County, at whose liome he departed this life, at 
the great age of vi(.i years. <j mcntiis. and 14 ilays. 

■■The subject of this sketch is entitle^l to more than the passing 
notice that -he livei.l and has died.' From his early manhood his 
rare social C[ualities. his kindly charities, his generous sympathy and 
help to the distressed, made him loved and almost revered in tlie com- 
munity where he resided. Successful in business from his careful and 
prudent management, he acquired a large property, which he distributed 
among las childreu. 

■■ Mv. Mather s voice was always heard on the right side of the moral 
questions agitating the cotnmunity of which he -was a member, and his 
liberal contributions to the church of his choice, and, indeed, to every 
enterprise desitrned to lessen human woe or increase the social intel- 
lectual, and reli>j;ious condition of his fellowmen, was a fixed and set- 
tled haiiit with iiim during liis whole life. Kin'Uy. social, and generous 
as was his intercourse witli his neighbors, the strong and predominant 
characteristic of his mind was his inflexible integrity and honesty, and 
those who dealt with liim received his word as a bond, and his promise 
as an a-iburanci^ not to be questioned. At a ripe old age he received 
that wliicli must come to all. He was ready, ami thus passed from 
the scenes of tins worhl a just, y^enerous. and uprigjit spirit, whose 
life on L-arth laadi; multitudes happy, and distressed none." 

391 Cotton Smith .Hiither" (son of Cotton'. Richard". Atherton*. 
T;u,ohy\ H.v. Richard^ Thomas^ Jolin'). of North East. 
Erie Co.. Fimn. Born iu Providence. R. I.. 1770; 

d;<.-d in N.^rth East, Pcun.. 1^12; married Charlotte 




1064 Saxfoiid. 
lOGo Philo. 

1066 Lloyp. 

1067 CnARLOTTE, 

1068 Clarissa, 

1069 :iURiA. 


b. Feb. 18IM): ra. Betsey Lepper. 1827; d. 

Dec. 22, 187.J. 

b. July U. 1S()4; m. (1) Nancy Wiors, Jiily 4, 1828; (2) 
Mrs. Susau Willis, Oct. 8, 1838; d. 

b. 1810; m. Sarali Munsell; d. 1883. 

b. in. Josiah Johnson; d. 

b. m. Alanson Sherwood; d. 

b. 1812: m. (1) Sprague Perkins; i2) Stet- 

son; d. 

393 Horace Mather' (:-=on of Cotton'', ami a brotlu^r of ;i91). of 
Biownv'ille, N. V. P)om Doc- 1771!: die'l Aupr. 6, IH'23: 
man led (1) Desire Emerson, Mch. 1. 180^; (2) Huldaii Smith. 
Oct. 25. 1809. 


b. Feb. 4. 1804; d. Feb. H, 1804. 

b. June 22, 1805; m. Mary Butler, Sept. 1826; 

1070 Thomas. 

1071 Horace Saxox. 


1072 Zilpiia. 

1073 Desire E., 

1074 Charles W.. 

1075 Minerva, 

1076 Jane. 

1077 HrLDAH, 

1078 Sylvia Muserva, 

b. May 1, 1807; m.. d. 

b. July 5, 1810; m. d. 

b. July 9, 1812; m. Sarah Baldwin. Apr. 15, 1848; 

b. June 20. 1814; d. Oct. 15, 1815. 
b. Mch 1, 1S16: m. d. 

b. Apr. 4, 1818; ni. Dr. Bailey Ragon, 1837; 

b. June 5, 1820; m. d. 

1079 Dr. David Cotton, b. Apr. 2, 1822; m Lydia Herbert, Apr. 1852; d. 

Feb. 9, 1889. 

1080 Sarah Ann, b. Aug. 2, 1824; m. d. Sept 20, 1846. 

395 Charles Mather' (son ot' Couon'. Richard". Atherton^ Tim- 
othy*. Pvev. Kichai-i.i', Tiionia,s-. Jchu'j. of .Sugar Grove. 111. 
Born Apr. i'>. I7'.)(i: died May U, 187!t; married Mary Ward. 

1081 Majiy Jane. 

1082 Cakoldte M. 


b. Sept. 15, 1814; m. H. B. Densmore, Apr. 3. 1841; 

d. Aug. 8, 1888. 
b. Aug. 8, 1816; m. Geo. Stevens, 1838; d. 

Apr 1889. 



lost;? fOPUKLIA, 

10*4 ITiXEX L.. 

1085 C.ITHERLXK L.. 

1080 Hkxuy W.M., 

1087 LuuisA M.. 

1088 Solos Hen'ry. 

1089 Clara C. 

b. May 56. 1818; m. d. July. 184-'. 

li. .lulyi). 1S20; m. Y. Bliss, Frb. 3. 1842: d. 
b. Sept. 26, 1822; m. Frank P.irtridge. Sept. 15. 

1851; d. 
b Sept. 26, 1824; d. Mcli. 11, 18:31. 
b. Mch. 29, 1827: m. J. P. Black, Nov. 4, 18.50; d. 

Mch. ;30, 1881. 
b. Aug. 24, 1829; m. Mary M. Rus.sell, Oct. 27, 1855; 

b. Julvll. 1832; m. Geo. Bain, Nov., 1857: d. 

1090 Edward Cottox. b. Nov. 16, 18:34; lu. 


401 Zilpha Matlier^ (dau. of Cotlon". aud. sister ot 395). Born 

I "? ; I : died - 1 : married Samuel Whicinir. 


1091 S. A., b. 

1092 Hon. Lor!;nzo Dow. b. 

1817; m. 
Ifiil9: m. 

d. Oct. 10. ias9. 

The latt.^ Hon. Lorenzo Dow Whiting. ex-Senator and prominent 
politician ui the ^^'est. had hi^en cuunected with several of the political 
parties, beainninir life as a Democrat, then a Free Soiler. He was 
a supporter of T.,iucohi and remained with the Republicans until IsHS, 
when he sustained Cleveland for the presidency. He leaves a wife 
and a daugliter, Miss Lilliau Mather Whiting, an accomplished ionv- 
nalist of Boston, Mass. 


417 Grace Mather'^ ('lau. of Dr. Samuel". Dr. Samuel'. Dr. Sam- 
uel". R('V. Samuel'. Timothy*. Rev. Richards Thomas==. John'), 
of We.stfield. Mass. Bora hVh. 10, I7t);]; .lied Mav 2U. l.S4"2; 
married Ezra Chrpp. Feh. _'•.'. 1781, he died June 23, 18:58, 
aged is. 


1093 ELis.tBETH. b. Sppl. 9. ITyi; m. LjTuau L'-wis. of We-stfield. 

Dec. IbOO: d. Aug. 2i<. lM:i. 

1094 RoL.\NO. h. Aug. 14, 1784; m. Martha Gc-rrish; d. Juue 17. 

109.1 JuuN, b. Apr. 16, 17SH; m. Elisabeth C'onklin Flint. Aug. 

.■). 1817: d. Jan-. 8. 18o7. 

1096 S^AMi-EL. b. June 22, 1788. \mm.; d. 

1097 Pai-l. b. Apr. 14, 1790: unm. : d. 

1098 jA>fES. b. Aug. 7. 1792; unm.: d. Feb. 1, ls48 

1099 JosHVA. b. May 1"), 1794; m. Lucia Denny. May 15. 1826; 

d. Miiv X, istl. 
11(.^) TiMOTUT "Mather, b. Aug. 12. 179(3. unm.: d. Mch. 29. 1823. 

1101 Horace. b. July :30, 1798; m. Lucretia Ives, tiept. 12, 1821; 

d. Feb. 12. 18*i4. 

1102 CYNTniA. b. June 5, 1800; num.: d. 

1103 Cakolixe. b. Apr 28, 1802; d. same day. 

1104 Elisabeth. b. Aug. 30. 1803; m. Henry B. Stone, Xov. 18. 

1821, President of .Suffolk Bank, of Bostoa. 

1105 CuARLEs. b. June 2. 1807; m. Harriet Kent, Sept. 1. 1^31. d. 

419 Llicy Mather^ (dau. of Dr. Samuel*, sister of above), of West- 
field. M;,^j. pM-.rn Jan. 20, 17n7: died Oct. 12. 17S.-,: ui,,.rricd 
John Lee 

lee «T[ILI»KE>-. 

llWi LiXY Mather, b. 1785; m. TIiodkls K. Hnei'. of Hartford, 

Conn . Aug 25, 1807. d. Mch. 0, 1837. 


422 Sophia Mather'' (dan. ot Dr. Samue?. .sister of above), of 
TVestliekl Mas?. Boru Oct. 11. ITT'J: .lied March 1*3. 1704; 
married Capt. Solomon Phelps. 


1107 Sophia. b. Feb. 27. 17!t2: m. James Mosely, Xov. 7, 1813; d. 

•4-23 John Mather' (^on of Dr. SamueP, Dr. .Sanmel'. Dr. Sauuiel", 
Rev. Samuel'. Timotb.v*. Rev. Richard', Thomas^. John'), of 
Weslfitild. Ma.-s. Born in Wesrfield. Mass.. Feb. "27, 177r>; 
died Oct. 2.5. 1S47; married Sophia Taylor. 1797. 


1108 Samt-el. b. Sept. 11, 1798; nnmanied; d. Jan. 26. 1867. 

1109 Ctnthia. b. Sept. 14. 1800-, d. July ;^>1. 180:3. 

1110 Sophia, b. Aujr. 21. 1802: m. Dr. Augustus Fitch, Juue 24, 1837; 


1111 Cynthia, 2d. b. Sept. 14. 1804: m. John B. Eldridge, Sept. 11, lSo3; d. 

June 12, 1880. 

1112 Sakah, b. Apr. 3. 1807; ni. John B. Eldridge: d. July 23. 18>4. 

1113 Roland, b. .May 31, 18(11); m. (1) Mary Fniuci.s of Kuyaltou, Vt., 

1837; (2) Mrs. Sarah Jane Hillver Bates. Jan. 20, 1875; 

425 Thomas Mather' (son of Dr. SamueP. and brother of 423). of 

Westlield. Mass. Born in 'NA'estfield, Mass., Sept. 27. 1780; 
died May 17. Is45: man-ie'l Frances, dau. of Dr. Samuel Lee, 
of Windham. Conn., March 7, 1812; she died Oct. 14, 1847, 
aged Ho. 


1114 Edward. b. Sept. 21. 1813; d. Feb. 12, 1817. 

1115 Maky Anx. b. Apr. 16, 181o; m. Joseph Langdon, Jan. 1, 183o; d. 

M ly 29. 1873. 

1116 Ar.MTUA Lek. b. Oct. 17. 1S17; m. H. B. Smith, May 13, 1.840; d. Apr. 

10, 1870. 

426 *Wareham Mather, M.D.' (son of Elisha'. Samuel. M.D.^ 

Sainu^-i. M.D.*. !{ev. ."-^aiimel^ TiIUOthy^ Rev. Richard^ Thomas^ 
John'), of N'orthampton, Mass. Born at Northampton, Dec 

* Dr. Warcham Mather was a noted physician. 


1763; died July 2,S. I si.",; tuarried Sally Weatherbee of Ded 
ham, Mass., Jan. 2.'). ITltl; .she died Marcli 1. 1820. 


1117 Elisha, M.D.. b. 1792; m. Mis^ Sarah Packard Hutchens: 

d. Apr. 24. l.>^0. 

1118 Sally, b. ni. John Hutcbeas; d. 1830. 

Their daughter, Sarah 31. 11 . married >[r. Hodges 
of N. 

•'The subject of the subjoined notice. Dr. Elisha Mather, was born 
at Nortliampton. Mass.. in the year 1792. and died on the 24th of 
April, 1840. used 48. He was a judicious and respectable practitioner. 
He joined the Massachusetts Medical Society in the year 1824, and 
was a counselor and censor in it for many years. He continued his 
fellowship till the time of his death. 

•'The Hampton Gazetd^, published at Northampton, gives the follow- 
ing notice of him; • In noticing the death or this good man and physi- 
cian, it is not our object to analyze particularly his character, or describe 
minutely the elements of which it was composed, but generally to bear 
testimony to his high standing in his profession and the excellency of 
his character. Dr. Mather was undoubteiily more self-taught than 
most of his professional brethren. He was indebted to his talents, his 
industry, and his application for tue rank which he attained in all the 
various branches of his profession. He was entitled to entire conti- 
dence. AVith the structure and functions of the different parts of the 
human svstem he was most intimately acquainted, and was seldom 
surpassed in accuracv of anatonucal knowledge. His practice was 
invariably founded tipon physiological and p'athological principles. 
He always thorouglily investigated the cause of disease and applieil 
his reined V accordingly; and though the public as a mass may not 
have awarded him that reputation, as a physician, to which he is justly 
entitled, those most (competent to judge of iiis qualitications (the medi- 
cal profession) have dnW appreciated his great wortli. In his deport- 
ment he was neither forbidding nor imposing: brethren could always 
approach him without being apprelieusive that they should be over- 
powered by his feelings of superiority. In his domestic relations he 
was greatly endeared. His conduct m his famiiv was marked by the 



greatest puritv and cemle'riiess. arid he lif>re experienced his <rreatest 
happiness. As a L'hristian he was ex:eni['lary. and no one doners 
that he fully possessed the leading cliaraoteristics of a Christian 
character.' " 

4rtif> William Mather' (?"ii of Elisha*. Dr. Samner. Pr. Samuel". 
Eev. .-^aiuuer^ Timotliy'. Rev. Richard^ ThoHias". John'), of 
Northampton, ^[ass. Born Sept. 'Id. 177t>; died Aug. o. 1835: 
married Annie ( 'lai-k. 


1119 Ezra. b. d. in infancy. 

1120 TiM.-TiiT. b. d. 

1121 WiLLi.K.M E., b. -Mch. VS. 1S04; ni. (1) Mary R. Cook: i2) Sophronia 

Ashley. 1840; VS) HeurieUa H, Lyman. 184S; d. 
Jan. 2(1, 1802. 

1122 Timothy Howe. b. ISfW; nnmnrried: d. Mch. 19. 1«42. 

1128 b. Apr. Islhm. d. Sept. 2. 1841. 

1124 Geukge. b. Miiy 31. 1818; in. Xaacy E. Smith, Apr. 11, 1839; 

d.'Dec. 22, 1878. 
112.0 3L\.RTiiA, b. Feb. 1:1 181o; m. Thomas Hoskins.; d. June 21, 


1126 Fkanki.tx C. b. Dee. 6. 1816; unmarried; d. May 11. 1839. 

1127 S.VRAH A.,* b. Sept. 2, 1818; " d. 

1128 Joiix, b. Oct. 13, 1822; ■' d. Feb. 3, 1846. 

*Miss Sarah A. Mather has done a y:reaT work in the South in the interest 
of the Indians, spending the greater part of her maturer years in their bclialf. 
In a letter from St. Auirustine, Feb. 16, 1881, wliich was publislied. I quote 
the folldwiug: ""Any notice of St. Auuiistine would be incomplete without 
mentioning one who h;'.s been long iilentitied witli a Lrreat luimber of most 
suceess>ful lieuevoltnt enterprises on behalf of the people of the place. I refer 
to M:it!ier. (_'omiiiu' lure before the, ami estabH-,hiii<r a youni: ladies' 
seminary, then commencing one hemvulcur work after another, she iias 
endeared herself to ;ill classes, races, i);irties. and religimis sects. Catholics as 
well as Protestants. Her work in behalf of the Indians now ;it Ifamptoa 
Institute is well known She has built a < Uurch for the " poor whites " out in 
the neighborhood of the city; ai.^o a home for aged and helpless colored people, 
a mission for the colored cliildren. and I don't know how many more enter- 
prises of the kind. 'Saint Sarali Ann' might not sounil so grand and his- 
toric as St Augustine, but if cities were 'u be named from those who had 



4-3-1: Elislia Matlier' (son of Joseph'. Timothy', Dr. Samuel^ Rer. 
>-^ainv,eP. Tiniothy\ Rev. Richard'. Thornar, John'), of Xorth- 
ampton. Mass. Born 1773: ilied Feb. 28. 181!; married Sai-ah 
Kellogg oi Hookanum. Conn.: she died Mch. 14, IS '35. aged 79. 

11-29 >L\nY .V-NX 

1130 Sar.vh C. 

1131 SAiirEL. 

1132 Hakkiett. 

1133 .Vllen Cottox. 


b. Oct. -24. 1807; m. ■ d. Dec. -26. 1829. 

b. Dec. 20. isiO; m. d. 

h. Xov. fi. 1S12; m. (1) Rosanna Hall. August 21. 
1841; (2> Fhebe Templeman. Apr. 10. i><63; d. 
Jan. 16, IKSo. 
b. Feb. 9. 1815; d. June 29. lsi9. 
b. Nov. 28, 1>*17: m. Caroline Graham. Dec. 6. 1>1-S:- 
d. July 9. 18-')4. 
11134 Hakriett Ne-^^-el. b. Feb 20. 1820; m. d. Apr. 28, 1.846. 

113-5 Eliza. b. Oct. .4, 182.5. m. d. Oct. 4, 1843. 

1136 Julia. b. Dec. 24. l.s2S: m. d. 3Iay 20. 18»>2. 

438 William fooley, Jr.' (son of Sarah ^^arher^ Tim Aily^ Dr. 
Samuels Rev. Samuel*. Timothy^ Rev. Richard'. Thomas*. 
John'). Of Springfield. Mass. Born at Granville. Mais.. Xov. 18. 
17<i3: died July 27. 1S45: married (1) Loauna Barber. Jan. 1. 
1789; (2) Mrs. Eimice Baldwin. In14. 

1136<' LuAXNA Barbek. 
1136* Wm. Hex-ky. 

1136c A3IA>.T)A. 

1136<Z Sophia, 
1136<; Joins Barber, 


'b. Dec. 19. ll'i'b. m. Reuben Eno. 1815; d. Apr. 

28. 1869. 
b. Jan. 13, 1793; m. Esther Moses, 1814; d. Apr. 

10. 18.50, 
b. Apr. 14, 1794; ra. Eton Granger. 181.3; d. 

Mch. 22, 1874. 
b. Mch. 8. 1796; m. Alfred Whitehead, 182.5: d. 

Jan. 29. 1871. 
b. Jan. 10. 1798: m. Mrs. Bethia L. Harris. 1823; 


benefited them most by real deeds of practical sainth<X)d. that would have to 
be the name of this one." 

She i.s now -July, 1^*90) spctidim: tht> summer at Stamford, Dd.iware Co., 
N. Y. Wc- should be glad nt moi-t her iu-rc in Comit'Cticui. wiic-re her 
ancestors lived for about a half century, ^he would find a curdbl welcome. 



1136/ RnoDA Fidelia. b. .Jan. 26, 1800; ni. d. Dec. 20, 1876. 

1136.'/ Sarah Makia. b. M;iy 12. 1^02; m. ZS'urnian Rose: d. 

ll;^6A A. Lai-kind.^. b. Mch. 2S, 1804: ni. d. Oct., 1S40. 

1136/ Chaki.otte LrciNA, b. Dec. 30. ISO.i: m. d. Mch. 20. 183.S. 

1136J C'oTTox M.^THER. b. Mch. 19. IsOb: m. Eunice M. Tinker. ls34, d. 
1136A Timothy Fka.vklin. b. \ng. 23, 1910: d. Mch. 28, 1813. 

442 Rer. Timothy Mather Cooley, D.D.^ (son ot Sarah 

Mather'. Timociiv". t.rotker ot al)Ove). ol East Granville. Mass. 
Born Mch. 1.'. 1772: died Deo. 14. ls.59: married Content Chap- 
man, Mav 14, 1796. 

cooley children. 


TtMOTRY Chapman 

. b. 


1 1797; 




ISA.\C ArGrSTf;:. 



12. 1798: 




Wm. BEXJAMns. 



14, 1800: 




Eliza Conte>t. 



28. -1802, 







14. 1^04: 







10. ls06: 







8. 1811: 




Samuel Mather, 



12. 1813: 




Jane Ruth. 



11, 181.5: 




Mary Ann Bates, 



19. 1817; 



Rev Dr. T. M. Cooley was a man of great influence and a leading 
man in his day. He was a man of strong convictions, and was alw^ays 
ready to advocate measures (or the suppression of wrong doing in his 
own State or in the C'nited States. His name will Ije hehl in the 
highest favor long after this generation have gone to their reward. 

445 James Cooley* (?on of Sarah Mather\ Timothy', Dr. Samuel', 
Rev. Samuel'. Timothy*. Rev. RichairP. Thoraas^ John'), of 
Granville, Mass. Born Dec. 29, 1779; died Sept. 20.; 
married Almira Parsons, June 13. 1805; she died Feb. 12, 1855. 

1136c James P.vrsons. 

1136'/- M.VTHKW ^f.vRVIN. 

113fV' I.<)n:<.\ Mari \. 

1136v Timothy M.mhf.r, b. Mch. 13. 1812: m. 

11362 J.vMEs Parsons. 2d. b. Mav 16. 1820: m. 


b. Apr. 7, 1806; d. Dec. 28, 1809. 
b. Nov. 6. 1807; <1. July 10. 1810. 
b. Sept. 22. 1810; d. Oct. 19. 1824. 


Timothy Mather Cooley, who was T-)orn in 1812, was at the age of 
■Jl yecars at.)i)<:)iritetl sheriff of Westfield, Mass.. and has licjld the office 
almost continuously up to the present time. 

456 Mary llatlier' (dau. of Cotton'. Timuth}-''. Dr. Samuels Rev. 
Samuel^. Timothy^. Rev. Ricliard^ Thomas*. John'), of Morgan, 
Ohio. Born ; married Rev. Ehenezer Latimer. 


1137 Rev. Hekmo.v, of Buffalo, N, Y., b. m. d. 

457 31ariha Mather' (dan. of Cotton" and sister of 4.JG). of Essex, 
Conn. Burn 1777: married Richard Hayden, 
Sept. 24. 1796 ; died Feb. is, I.x.kS; he died Jan. 2. isii;. 


1138 Cotton M.. b. June 24. 1798: m. E. L. Haydeu: d. Sept. 1(5. 1840. 

1139 M.uiTH.^, b. Aug. 10. 1801: m. C. X. Hayden; d. Aug, .3, 1S44 

1140 Cornelia, b. i[ay 5, 1»12: in. Cupt. Juhu Lord; d. Oct. 23. 1877. 

1141 RicuAKU N.. b. July 35, 1807: m. (1) Janette Starkey; (2) Caroline 

Ellsworth; d. 

458 Eli.'sabeth Mather" ('^au. of Cotton", Timothy'. .Samu-1. M.D.«. 

Rev. .Samuel'. Timothy'. Rev. Richard', Thomas'. John'), of 
Essex. Conn. Born July 31. 17MI: died Sept. 1. IS30: mar- 
ried Samuel M. Hayden. July 16. ISiU). 


1142 S.vmuelM.. b. Oct. 2.5. 1801; m. Martha L. Ellsworth, Feb. 4. 

1827; d. 

1143 Ulysses, b. Dec. 28. 1802: m. Elisabeth Lord. June, 1835: d. 

May 23. 1842. 

1144 Elisabeth. b. Jan. 22, 1804; m. Geu, P. Hayden, Dec. 6. 1822; d. 

June 20. 187fi. 

114;5 Mart. b. Feb. 3. 180.1; m. Stephen W. Starkey, Jim. 1842; d. 

1146 NEHEMTAn, b. Nov. 2."). isoO; m. d. Aug. 2.'>. \HM. 

1147 Nancy. b. July 28, 1808: ni. d. 

1148 Henky. b. Apr. 28. 1810: d. Apr. 25, 1811. 

1149 L.\ruA Mather, b. Nov. 3. 1811: m. d. 
11.50 Henry. b. F.jb. 19, 1819; m. d. 

1151 Martha !>. b. Aug. 27. 1821: ui. Charles Mather Hayden, iHlo; d. 

Also three children who died very young. 


•450 Allll Mather' ('lau. of Cottoa'. sister of above), of East 
"Windsor. Conn. Born Sept., ITSU: died Feb. 2"_', 1814: 
married Timothy EUswortli, ll^Ol: he died Feb. 7, iS-iT. 


1152 M.A.RY Akn Mather. b. 1802, d. IbU. 

1153 Joseph. b. .July 2, 1804; m. Mury A. Starkey. Nov. 10, 

1831: d. Aug. 2.i, 1S60. 

1154 Elisabeth Stouohtox, b. May 19. 1806; m. Dr. Hiram Watson, Nov. 

14, 1829: d. Oct. .i, iss:^. 

1155 Hexky, b. Apr. 7, 1809: ni. Harriett 3Iason, May 28, 

1832; d. Jan. 2, 1840. 

1156 Caeoli>-e, b. Apr. 7. 1811: m. Richard Hayden, Nov. 11, 

1829: d. Nov., 1870. 

1157 Mary Ax.v, b. Jan., 1814: d. Mch. 27. 1814. 

1158 Timothy, b. Sept. 14. 1»21; m. June Friiik, 1859: d. 

Ann Mathers son. Joseph"'^ Ellsworth, has a son. Joseph W. Ells- 
worth, commission merchant. South Street. Xew York, who has a 
large family of childrt-n. Another son. Henry"", is the father of 
Henry Mason Ellsworth. Esq., of Rochestei-. N. Y.. who married 
Helen L. Hartupee. of Chicago. 111., and Timothy Edwards Ellsworth, 
Esq., a lawyer of Lockport. X. Y. Tmiothy"" Ellsworth, Esq.. of 
San Francisco. Cal., and Elisabeth"", who married Dr. Hiraui Watson, 
of Chicago, who has descendants. 

463 Aurelia Mather', (dau. of Cotton'*, sister of above), of East 
"Windsor. Conn. Born 1789; died Nov. 'Jti. 1841: 

married Stoddard Ellsworth, Jr.: he died Dec. 11, 1819. 


1159 James S., b. 1^17; d. Dec. 13. 1830. 

477 Rhoda Mather' (^'.au. of Dr. Charles^ Nathaniel', Dr. Sam- 
uel*, Hov. Samuel'. Timothy'. Rev. Richard^, Thomas', John'), 
of Hartford, Conn. Born in Hartford Fel>. 17, 17t;7; died 
Nov. 'J'i. 1.S47; married Maj. Daniel Jones. Oct. 7. 1708. for his 
second wife: he died June 3, 182"-'. 



1160 D.vN-iEL, h. Xnv. 1-L. 17'.);*; tiniii ■. d. July :2ft. 1S2T. 

1161 Rev. HF:>-Ry, b. (Jet. 15. ISDI; m. Eliza S. Websivr. the daughter ot 

Xnah Webster, LL.D.. Sept. 5. 15<2.5: d. Nov 9, 


Rev. Henrv Jones graduated at Yale College IS'IO, at Andover 
Theological J^eminaiy 1824: installed over church at Xew Britain, 
Conn., 18'_'.'>: dismissed on account ot poor health in 1827; and was a 
teacher in Greenneld. ilass. ; afterward was the principal of a school 
at Bridgeport. Conn., until his death. Their eldest daughter. Francos 
Juliana, married the Rev. Thomas K. Beecher for his second wife. ' 
Another daughter. Emily E., married Daniel J. Day. Esq. 

483 John Mather^ (son of Dr. Charles*. ^'athanieH. Dr. Samuel". 
Rev. .--^amuei', Timothy-. Rev. Richard^ Thomas'. John'), of Man- 
chester, Conn. Born ( »ct. 10. 17S(»: died at, Au])nrn. N. Y., 
Xov. 12. Is.'iS; married Julia Noble, 1809; she died April 18, 
1837, a.gei{ 69. 


1162 Jri.i.\ A>-N. b.' Apr. 2. 1810; m. Thomas C. Allis; d. Oct.. 1877. 
11(>;S RosELEE, h. July 26, 1811; m. James Hyde, Oct. 8, 1,831; d. May 

6, ls6o 

1164 Harriet X., b. Apr.' 10. 18i:5: in. Horace G. Van Anden; d. May 14, 


1165 Eleoxora. b. Feb., 1815; m. Hush E. Morrow; d. 

1166 Jaxe Lrrv. h. May 22, 1819: m. Cyrus K. Wentworth; d. Sept., 1849. 

1167 John Cotton, b. Oct. 18. 1S16; m. (1; .Eli.sabeth C. Hubbard; (2) Erae- 

line C. Cotton; d. 

John Mather published a genealogy of the Matlier family, in isi.s. 
of seventy-six paires. There has been a demand for the work, but for 
a long time it has been hard to rind a single copy of it on sale. Mr. 
Mather established works for the manufacture of gunpowder in Man- 
chester, and employed so many men at that period that he was looked 
upon as a man of great influence in that portion of Connecticut where 
his mills were established. Some of his daughters settled in Auburn. 


N. Y.. and lie spent his last davs with them. His youngest son set- 
tled in Georgia: was a merchant in Savannah; is now located at 
Guytou. Ga. 

4:74 Hannah Mather" (dau. of NathanieP. Nathaniel''. Dr. Samuel*, 
Rev. Samuel*. Tiniothy*. Rev. Richard^, Thomas'", John'), of 

. Born Nov. 12, 17 Go: d. ; 

married Elijah Owen. 





m. Sarah Hunter. 


1169 H.\EVKY. 




1170 Mather, 




1171 HAN>-.\n. 


m. Pliny Sbailer: 


The ancestors of Elijah H. (^wen of Hartford. Conn. 

476 Rosjt'r Mather^ (s^ou of Nathaniel-". Nathaniel'. Dr. Samuel', 
Rev. Samuel^. Timothy*. Rev. Richard-'. Tiiomas-. J<ihu'), of 
Otis, Mass. Born m Windsor. Conn., Feb. 13, 177 died 
June 8. 1849: married Mary Taintor. 17ys: she died July 24. 


1172 Rhod.v, b. MiiT 5. 1800; m. d. July 4, 1843. 

1173 ErNiCE. b. Dec. 12, 1801; m. d. 

1174 Julia. b. Sept. 2.i, 1803: d. Sept. 1, 1807. 

1175 Newton, b. Feb. 12. 1807; ra. (1) Miss Phelps; i,2) Mrs. Julia Bates, 

Dec 26. 1^63: d. Jan. 1.5. 1.878. 
1170 Hk.nry G., b. Oct. 2-}, 181.>^; unmarried; d. 

476" Dr. Charles Mather' (son of Dr. Charles'. Nathaniel', Dr. 

Samuel'. Ri'v. SamueR Timothy*. Rev. Richard', Th(,>!ua.s'^ 
John'). ■>f New Vork city. Bnrn Nov. 30, 17G4; died Oct. 22. 

LO-IO, llliiLll^'X ^ri.a 


1177 CnvRLES, Jr.. b. 



ll',X WiLLIV.M. b. 



1170 S.vrac. h. 





llSl .IA.MI3. 


1182 LrciAX. 


1183 Maky. 



m. d. 

m il. 

in (i. 

m. Mr. Westervult; il. 

I Ciiu find but litrle aliout this family, who "^^-ent to Xt-w York. It 
is said that Charles. Jr.. was a musician, aud of Jamt-s that he was 
injured tor life by a kick from a horse, which injured the brain 

Dr. Mather graduated at Yale College in 1785, a talented young 

•483 Hary Mather^ (dau. of Eliiali\ XathameF. Dr. Sanuiel'. Rev. 
Samuel*. Timoth)'-^. Rov. Richard'. Thumas-, Jolm'). of 
Born at Windsor, ('onn.. ITt^G: died Sept. 24. IsOiJ: married 
Josiah Bissell. 17s9; he died at Seneca Falls, X. Y.. 1830. 


b. Oct. 9. 1790: m. Hfiirictta Ftrkins, May 25. 1»14; d. 
Vpr. 5. 1831. 

ni. at Rochester: d. 

m. d. 

m. d. 

m. d. 

m. d. 

ra. d. 

m. d. 

Josiali Bissell. the husband of Mary Mather, was the son of Josiah 
who was son of Josiah, the son of John, Jr., who was the son of Jolm 
Bissell. the emigrant, who came to Windsor in 161:0, This family 
have shown good sterling business qualities, and have been successful. 
Geoi'ge P. Bi,sse!l. Esij.. of the liauking iiouse of George P. Bis-sell \; 
Co. of Hartford, is a grandson. (The lattei- is known l>y the title of 
Colonel, which he received wiule in his country s service during the 
civil war.) 

■iSi Elijah Mather''' (son of Elijah", and brother uf above), of 
Wiudsijr. Couu. Born Dec, 17tJS: died Sept. 27. 175^^8, aged 

1184 Josiah, 


118o Edward. 


1186 AURELIA. 


1187 SARAn W.. 


118S E. Mather 

. b 

llt<9 Ricu.uiD, 


1190 ntiK.\CE. 


1191 M.uiv M., 



'M): marrieil Jerusha Rol.orts, Sept. Hi. ITlM); she >Vu'<] Dec. 'Id. 
If^iiO, a.ce'l •>". 


li:>-2 T.u.tOTT. b. Juui- 24, I'Ul. m. Julia K. Pickett. Jau. 11. 1821: li. June 
1, Is.jO. 

1193 TiMOTin-, 1). July 1. 1793; m. Favuiy Olcort. Mch. 4. IslT; J. Apr. 29, 

1194 Er.vpnRAS. b. Auc. 10. 179.1: ni Lydia King. May 1. 1S21; d. Feb. 1. 

IS 7.3. 
119.5 Jeklsiia. b. Nov. :3. 1797; m. Eli B. Allyu. June 7. 1SI21: d. Sept. 22. 


Jeriislia RoLieits. on her mother's side, descends from the emigrant, 
John Talcott. the early settler in Hartford. Her motlier was Jernsha, 
the daughter of Col. Jolm Talcott. who was son of Gov. Joseph Talcott, 
the sou of Col. John, the son of John from England. 

185 Return Strong Mather' (sou of Elijah'. Xathanier, Dr. 

Samuel*. Rev. Samuel', Timothy'. Rev. Richard'*. Thuma.s■^ 

John'), of Hartford. Conn. Born Jan. 1, 1771; died May 1!). 

184G; married Patty Shepard Clark, dau. of Joel Clark of 

• Granby. May 8. 1798: she died June II, 1867, aged 89. 


1196 WrLLiAM. b. Nov. 3," 18W; m. Jane Caroline Ilolcomb. Apr. 14. 

183.5; d. Oct. IS. 1S«3. 

1197 ELi.TAn, b. Dec. 12, 1802; m. ilelvina Case, Meh. 1.5. 1843; d. 

Aug. 21, 1876. 

1198 Lydiv C'LAnK. b. Ai)r. 12, 180.5: m. ' d. Feb. 24. 1831. 

1199 Samlel, b. 3[ay 10, 1»07; m. Julia Sill. Nov. 23, 184^3; d. 

■ 1200 Map.y. b May 10, 1809; ra. Henry P. Sweetser, Apr. 2. 1839; 

a" May 13. 1842. 

1201 HuT.DAii. b. June 13, 1811; m. Allen Pinney. Sept. 7, 1847; d. 

Jan. 30, 1886. 

1202 CHAUr.ES. b. Oct. 18. 1814; m. Cornelia Gotxiwin. .Ian. 4. 1849; d. 

1203 SaR-VII J., b. Oct. 22. 1816; d. May 20. l*-23. 

12(.H Ti.MnxriY. b. Nov. 2, 1819; m. Nancy Chapin, .Jan. 2, 18.50; d. 

120.5 Jonx. b. Dec. 30, 1823; unmarried; d. Apr. .5, 1848. 




'"d::., .., ..V. 


•f <^ ' 



486 Allyn >I. Matlier' (^^on of Elijah'. aTi.l lnodit'i- of 4S5). of 
AViudsor. Conn. Born in Windsor. Mch. 10. 1772; died Anur. 21, 
l.^fJi), aged ^S: married (1) Rel>ecca Huutinglon; she died 
Aug. 31, 1S0.5. aged oO; (2) I'artheua Huncingion; she died 
Sept. Iti, 1n3S. aged 60. 


1206 C^->Tiii.A. H., b. Nov. 4, 17!}f*; ni. Benj. Allyn, (Jet. 10. 1833; 

d. Juiu- M. 1S7!>, 

1207 Ep^v.u'.d IIcntin<;tox, b. Oct. 2. l>*()(i: m. Sarah H. Baldwin. June 11. 

ly;i4: (1. Deo. 11. I.s4;3. 

1208 Mary, b. Feb. 2y, 1??09: uiin.airied; d. Aug. 19, 1839. 

1209 Samcel, b. May 16, 1811; d. Jau. 10, 1830. 

1210 Julia. b. Deo. 12. 1813; m. d. Jan. 26, 1834. 

1211 Hauiuet. b. Feb. 6. 1816; ni. d. Sept. 14, 1849. 

1212 Sarah, b. July 6. 1818; m. Dr. Loren S. Allen, 1839; d. 

403 Jeiuinia 3Iilt]»er' ('Ian- of Col. Oliver', Xathaniel". Dr. Sam- 
ueP. Rev. iianmeP. Timotliy^ Rev. Richard^ Thomas^, John'), 
of Ellington. Conn. Morn in Wind.^or May 31, 178 1.; died 
May 19, 1839: uiarned Dr. Allyn Hyde, May 30. 1805; he 
died Aug. 28, 18.5.i, aged S2. 


1213 Faxnv ELL^wcuiTU. 1>. Moh. 29. l^tO; ni. d. Sept. 10, 1826. 

1214 Jemlma Matuer. b. Jan. 20, lji08; unmarried; d. 

1215 Olivek Mather. b. Feb. 21, 1810; m. Mary Thompson, Nov. 9, 

1837; d. 

Dr. Allyn Hyde was a very successful practitioner for fifty 3^ears. 
His son, Oliver M., is living in 1S89; has lieen a very extensive fanner, 
and. with his son Arthur and his family, the name is likely to be 
prominent lor a long period. 

404 Ellsworth Mather' (^'-n of Col. Oliver^. Nathaniel, Dr. 

Samuel", R'-v. Samuel', Timothy^ Rev. Richard^ 'rhouias', 
John'), of Windsor. Conn. Born in Windsor, Conn., March 
16. 1783; died Dec. 23. 1>14; married Laura Wolcott, July 
30. 1807; slie was born Oct. 0. 1789; died July 23, 1831. 



12U) Frkdehkk Ellsworth, b. ^[ay 28, 1^09; m. (1> Ellen PomLTOV Good- 
rich, May :i. l«T; <2) C'barlotrc Foster. 
Dec. 20. 1>:<76; d. 

1217 L.vL-K.\ WoLCOTT, b. Jan. IT, 1::<12; m, Henry Z. Mills. N^v. 29, 

IsaC); d. Nov. 14. 1.S40. 

121M (Oliver Wolcott. b. Jan. 2i\. 1815: m. (1) Jauelte Leonard. Aug. 

IT, 1^42; (2) L:iura A. Barniws. Feb 15, 
18.52: .1. Nov. 7. 1870. 

Mrs. Laura Wolcott Mather" vras ilescen<]e(i from Dr. Cliri.stopher 
"Wolcott^, Dr. Aif^xamler Wolcort'', (rov. Hojjer Wolcott'', Simon Wol- 
cott', Henry Wolcott'. the emigrant. 

Mrs. L. W. Mather married, second, Henry Halsey of Windsor, 
Nov. 12. 1816. 

•496 Nathaniel Mather'-' (son of Col. Oliver^ Xathaniei', Dr. .Sam- 
uel*. Rev. SaiuueP. Tunothy*. Rev. Richard^. Thomas*. John'), 
of Windsor. Conn. Burn Sept. T2. ITMs: died Apr. 23. ISrJT; 
married Sarah Jones Mills. May li;. lS2i); slie was horn Dec. 
4, IT'JT; she died Apr. O, l.*>(J.i. 


1219 Jt'Lia ^Iaria, b. Jnnt- 15, lf^21: m. d. 

1220 N.vrHANiEL, b. Aug. :ll,ls2:5; d. Apr. T. 1824. 

1221 Robert Tkevt. b. Mch. 23, 1825; d. Sept. 26. 1842. 

1222 Caroline Mills, b. May 26. 1829; in. John J. Ferson. Jan. 19, 1854: d. 

he was born Mch. 5. 1826: he d. Jan. 4, 1879. 

Nathaniel Mather irraduated at Yale Coll-e>re 1810.. studied law in 
the Litchfield. Conn.. Law School, and was in practice m ( )hio and 
Connecticut from ls21 to the time of his death, which occurred at 
Windsor. Conn., in 1837. 

508 Catherino Allyn' (dan. of .Ahi^'ail Mather" and Col. .Job 
AUyn. Xathanit-l'. Dr. Samuel". Rev. Samuel', Timothy*, Rev. 
Kichapr. Thomas-. John'), of Windsor. Conn. Born July 8, 
1793; died 184;,*: married M. Marsh, 1S28. 




1223</ Jane C. h. Dec. 11, 1,S29; in. (1) Goo. W. Rice. 1849; 

(2) Rev. C. L. Eastman. ISTO; have two 

Rice children. 
122--.ViCiiAiu.ES. h. Apr. 13. is;52: m. (has four children). Charles Marsh 

is President of Pyncheon Bank, Sprmifrield. Mass. 
1222'- Olivkh, b. Feb. 27, 183.">; m. (has three children). 

1222(/ Daniel I.. b. July 27, 1837; in. (has two children). 

510 Hon. Timothy Mather Allyn' (stm of Abigail Mtither. 
l.L-other ol above), oi Hartlunl Conn. Born Sept. 7. isOO; 
died Aug. 2.1. 18S2: married Susan Pratt, daughter of Joseph 
Pratt: she died Oct. 5. 1888. 

ally^ chlldren. 

1222« Joseph Pk.vtt. b. Mch. 9. 1833: m. d. in Paris. 

France, May 24. 1869. 
1222f Ale.xander Hamilton, b. Sept. 1, 183o; m. (1) Miss Martin; (2) Miss 

Doolittle: d. 
1222.'/ Leonoha. b. Apr. 17. 1838; m. d Jan. 21, 18(52. 

1222// C<»nstan( K. b. Aug. 22, 1840; ni. d. Mch. 9. 1842. 

1222;: AnrnuK \V., b. Feb. 1, 1843. m. d. in Europe, 1882. 

1222; Tno.MAS. b. Jan. 2, 184o; m. d. 

1222A RoiJERT, b. Mch. 8. 1849; ni. Bell Main; d. 

Sketch uf the Hon. T. M. AUyu will Ije found in preceding genera- 

530 David Lain' (son of Keziah Mather". Increase", Rev. Xathan- 
iel". Rev. Samuel^ Timothy'. Kev. Richard\ Thomas-. John'), 
of West Town. (» range Co.. X. Y. Born 1791: died 

1870; married Melicent Aber. 


1222' JoN.vrnA.N-. b. 1S13; m. Phebo J. Wickhaiii; d. 1M«8. 

1222w John L.. b. lSir>; m. Sarah J, Wiiu. Minute; d. l.^H3. 

1222/t Richard A., b. IXIH; m. Caroline M. Alward; d. 

1222.' Emelixe. b. 1821; ni. Peter Winteriuutc; d. 

1222/- Sauah. b. 1823; ni. Jes.'^e V. Fiecie; d. 

1222'/ Gideon ()., b. 1825; m. Mary Dunning; il. 








Lei-.i-cis L.. 



William II . 



David M . 



Melicknt a. 

. b. 


Maky L.. 



1837; m. Dennis Clnrk: d. 1867. 

1829; ni. Mary Ciiutifl.!; d. 

IK'.l: m. Anniuilii TtTiy; d. 

183o: m. Anna E. Burt; d. 1S76. 

lSo.5; ni. ilurgart't .1. Terry; d. 1866. 

1839; m. Lanson Dunn; d. 18S6. 

1853; m. Eruest Tu[nl)^^ou; d. 

531 John blather'' (>on of Nathaniel, Increase''. Rev. XarhanieR 
Rev. Salnuel^ Timothy*. Rev. Richard', Thomas-. John'), of 
Oraragt- Co.. X. Y. Born Mch. 'i.s. 1772; died July 30, ls;i'_>; 
married Pliehe ^VTiitehead. May 14, 1793; she died Nov. 7_. 
1843, aged 67. 


1223 Elisabeth, b, Dec. 12, 1794; ra. "VVm. Dcvore. June 6, 1811; d. Apr. 

14, 1314. 

1224 Maky. b. Dec. 25. 17!>7; m d. Feb. 19. 1815. 

1225 AxxA, b. July 14, 1790; m. d. Sept. 21. 1805. 

1226 Kaceel. b. Apr. 9, 1804; m. An.son AVhite, May 24, 1820; d. 

1227 David, b. May 28, 1801; m. d, June 26. 1829. 

1228 Julia Ann, b. Sept. 19. 1806; ui. Silas Benjamin, Jan. 28, 1828; d. Oct. 

7. 1863. 

1229 SAK.\n, b. Feb. 8. 1^09; ni. Ezekiel Hand. Sept. 2, 1843; d. July 

22, 1865. 

1230 Wm. W., b. July 3. 1811; m, Phebe Sheeler, Sept. 26, 1836; d. Apr.. 


1231 Ja>ies, b. Jan. 20. 1814; m, Phebe Strable, Aug. 19. 1837; d. about 


533 Samuel Mather' (?on of Nathaniel', brother of 531), of Mor- 
ris Co.. N. J., anil Orange Co.. N. Y. Born June 11, 176.5; died 
Feb. '27, 1838: married Lydia Husk, Aug. 19, 1783; she died 
Feb. 9, 1804. 


1232 NatiiantilL. h Sept. 30. 1784; m. (1) Rothiah ITorton, Sept. 5, 1808; d. 

ls'(i!»: (2) :\rary Norris, Fi b. 10, 1810; d. M.:h. 17, 1858. 

1233 JoN.vrnAN, b July 4. ll'fl: m Anna Bishop, 1809; d. Dec, 30, i860, 
\2M J.\MKs. b. Feb. 20, 1792; m. Lydia Ilazen; d. May 9, 1825, 

1235 Sakaii, li. June 8, 1793, ni. Geo. Everett; d. 

1236 N.vNTY. b, July 11, 1796; lu. d. 

1237 I'OLLV, b. A[T, 7, 1798; ni. (i. 

1238 Kkziah, b. Aug. 27, 1801; in d. 


539 Josopll MiltllOl'" (s(m oi Dr. Daniel". Increase'. Rev. Nathaii- 
iel«. Pu-v. SauiUHl'. Timulliy'. Rev. Richanl', Tlrotnas^. .lolin'). 
of Illinois, also of Texas. Born 17s;>: d. : 







1239 J.VMES. b. 

1240 .lonx, b. 

The history of this family I have ln-en unable to trace. It i.s .sup- 
posed that a porriuu or all of them settled m Texas: also James, 540. 
brother of Josepli. know hut a little about. lie had a son. Aaron, at 
one time living in 'Jhio. 

541 Rev. Ebenezer Mather'' (son of Dr. Daniel". Increase", Rev. 
Nathaniel'^, Hcv .-^amueP. Timothy^ Rev. Richard'. Tlionias^. 
John'), (if Ohio. Born Sept. 15, L7S9; died in Union Co.. Ohio, 
Nov. "20, 1353; married Elisabeth Reed. ISU), of Washington 
Co., Fenn. 


1241 Rev. D.^ntel D.. b. Apr. 21. 1S22: m Mury W. Diasmore, Sept. 3, 1844; 


1242 AxNE. b. m, d. 

1243 M.\RY D.. b. m. d. 

1244 M.vROARr-'.T. b. m. d. 
1240 Gkouge R., b. Oct. 27, 1829; m. Eliza Millugan, ISoO: d. 

124«5 AxDKEW. b. lu. d. in Hospitjil at 

Corinth, ls62. 

1247 .Samvel, b. May 18. 1834; in. d. 

1248 AMtVNDA, b. m. d. 

1249 SARAn C. b. m. Rev. Fdrtiier C. >[athfr, (Ht. 2H, 

18rw; d. 

Rev. Ebt^neziT Matiier was a Baptist clerfjyman, and a devout 

544 Southworth ^rtather' (-son of Dr. Daniels brother of 541), 
of ^,'a^^tal1a, Iowa. Burn Mch. "Jii. I.HIM); died in Xorthern Irnva: 
married Philena Rice, Aup:. 17, 1825. 



12o0 George. 
12-)1 Daxikl, 
12.52 Harkiktt A . 
12m Fannie C. 
12.-)-t DAiar.'^ C. 

12.").0 CATnF.UTNE. 

12.J6 Rev. Fortner C, 

1257 Squire. 

12.-)8 John H.. 

12.1!) Capt. .John ."^terlino 

12fiO Anhrew, 
1261 Wili-Iam. 


b. Feb 11, 1»2.5: d Aug. .5. lf?2.5. 

b. July 17, lfs2i); m. Elisjilwjfh Peck. 1840: d. 

b. Feb. 8. lts2S; m. Baklwiu; d. 

b. Feb. 13, 1830; m. d. 

h. Dee. 1.). 1831; m. d. Dec, 1804, 

in army, 
b. Aug. l'>, 1>;33; m. d, 

b. Aug. 11. 183*3: ni. S:\rahC.Mathor. ills cousin, 

Oct. 26. 18.5.); d. 

b. Dec 30. 18:«; in. d. Sept. 21, 

1^183. in army, 
b. Apr. 17, ls41; m, d. June 19, 

18»j3, in army, 
b. Nov. 19, 1843. n\. Fr.mee.'i D. Adams, Dee 

23. 1865; d. 
b. Oct. 23. 1845; d. Sept 31. 1.-146. 
b. Apr. 17, 1849: d. Apr. 28. 1849. 

Southworlh Mather named two of lu.s sons John, the first one. Johii 
H., being alive when the second, Joliu S.. w;is ;iliout 2U years of age. 
Four of ."^. M.S sons were in the Civil Darius C, Squire. John 
H.. and Capt. John Sterling Mather. Ail I'Ut the last died for their 

5^5 John T. 3latlier' (sou of Dr. Daniel^ Increase'. Rev. Nathan- 
iel". Rev. Saiuuo]\ Timothy'. Rev. Richards Thomas", John'), 
of Indianapolis. lud. Born Nov. s, Is07; died Oct. .), I87'J: 
married Eliza H. Hodffe. Mch. 25, l.S::52. 


b. Feb. 24, 1.833; ni. 1865; d. 

b Aug 12, 1834; m. d. 

b. Dec. 26. \S'.6: in d. 

b. Mch 13, 1839; m. d, 

h. Nov. 8, 1841: ni. Early; d. 

b. Meh. 31, 1844 m. E. C. Harvey. d. 

b. Nov. 23. 1847; m. d. 

1262 CnAin.F.^ F.. 

1263 At.onzo J.. 

1264 Minerva. 

1265 Wri.i.iAM W. 

1266 E.MMA II.. 

1267 Mauy C. 

1268 John T 

1269 Adelaide M . b. Nov. 1, 18.50; m. 


54-(> Uev. William Miither' (s<'u oi Dr. Daniol'. au.l l.n.thor of 
.'.4.")), ui .Tiir^iM-r Co.. Boru Muy '.<. IM>!); .liiMi Dec. r.^ 
ISLiG; married i'Lebe Alleu. :Mch. 5. 1830. 


1270 D.\Kii;L. b. Dec. 2-3, IsoU; iii. (li Nancy J. Beunett. Dec 2."5. 1853; 

(2) Mary E. Worley, Oct. i, 18'W; tl. 

1271 Ar.LKX, b. Feb. 7, IHU'J; m. d. 

1272 JonN. b. Oct. 5, l.S;37; in H. I. Coruvrcll. Nov. 22. IsO.l; d. 

1273 Er.ENE7.EK. b. May i). 1842; m. Frances E. Simmons. May 27, 18Go; d. 

1274 3[.\iu.\. b. Oct. 20. 1845: m. d. 

1275 Wesley W . !). F-b. 10. 1847; m. d. 

1276 Jobs.. b. Oct. 18, 1849; m. d. 

1277 Franxis, b. Feb. 18,1851; m. d. 

1278 Louise. b. Dec. 23. 18.33; m. d. 

555 Kezia Mather' ('iau. of Capt. Cotton'. Increase', Rev. Nathan- 
iel'. Rev. ^amuel^ Timothy'. Rev. Richard'. Thomas'. Jolm'). of 
New Saiem, (Jntario Co., N. Y. Born Dec. 19, l.'ii'O; died 
Feb. 10, 1863; married Hiram Terry, July 26, 1817. 


1278.T Uni-^n W.. b. Ja,u. 23. 181H; m. Mary Winans. of New Jersey. April 

12. 1843; d. 
1278ft Adkli-^ .M , b. Oct. 2. 1820; ra. Peter 8. Brizzee, Nov. 21. 1839; d. 
1278'- GeohueD.. b. . l.>^23; m. d. Oct. 24. 1876. 

Mrs. Adeha M. Terry Brizzee and her husband celebrated their 
golden weddin.t; at the end of fifty years of happy wed.led life among 
tiietr friends at their iiome at Benton Harljor. Mich. 

56() Lydia Mather' (dan. of Capt. Cotton^ sister of above), of 
(,)range <Jo.. N. V. Born 180.3; married Halock Smith. 


127S«:f Hester, b. 1810; m. Depey.ster Giltnor. and lives at Fond 

du Lac. Wis. 

5G2 Silas White Mather'^ (--<.>n of John', increase". Rev. Nathan- 
iel'. Rev. .<aiuuel\ Timothy^, Rev. Richards Thomas-', J<,>hn'), 

•^10 THE >[ATHER P'A.MliA'. 

of West Town, ".)rauLrc (.'o.. X. Y. l!i>ni lu ( tran^fc Co., X. Y.. 
Ore. l:\ l^f'l: 'lit'd Apr. '1>\ ISC'J: inarr-i«'i| Yh'rui Sniirh, ilau. 
of Deu. J.i.sfi'li Sniirh, F«-l).. l^'i.j. 


12T9 riAUAH J.v^ii, b. Aug. 7, 1S:27; ni. O. L. Irwiu, Oct. :28, 18o2: d. 

1280 Ikenk, b. ls;JO; m. John D. Lei-, Feb. I'.t. 1850; d. 

1281 JonN- L.vxnuor. b. Mch. 1!>, 1n:J2; m (li Mary E. Jones; >hb died in 

1871; (2) Taylor, Apr. 22, 1880; d. 

1282 Amaxd.\, b. 1835; m. B. F. Tyler, Jan., 18."jS; d. 

1283 Emma, b. 1840; m. Orrin I. Newtou, 1807; d. 

1284 Charles I).. !>. 18:^6: d. Mch. 2.") 1,'*12. 

1285 Ax INFANT. b. Mch. 25, 1842, d. Apr. 13. 1842. 

1286 Hf.nrt Adelb'.ht, b. I>i43; d. Sept. 5, 1843. 

1287 Cn.vRLEsE., b, Oct, 2, 1845; d. Oct. 29, 1848. 

1288 Eddie, b. Nov. 11, 1852: d. Nov. 2, 1855. 

567 Silas I>. ilather' (sou of John^ Ebenezer. Rev. Xatlianiel", 
Kev. Saniaer', Tiuiuthy*, Kev, Richard^ 'J'^lOInai5'^ John'), of 
Orange Co., X'. Y. Born ; died ; 

married Mary, dau. of Cotton Mather. 


1289 Ebenezer. b. Dec. 1, 1806; m. (1) Clarissa Beckwith; (2) Elisabeth C. 

Thorn, April 11, 1858; d. July 2. 1867. 

1290 S.U.LT, b. Oct. 12, IH)!); m. John Sharp. Nov. 27, 1827, d. July, 

1889; he .lied Dec. 21, 1870. 

Mrs. Sua,s I). Mather married for second husband, John liruudagee. 

5S0 Timothy Matiier' (son of Timothy", Timothy\ Tiniotliy", 
Kicliard", Tunothy^ Hov, Ricliaid', Tlioiiias^, John'), of Lima, 
X', Y. Born in Lvrno, Conn., Jan. 4. IT'J.i: didl at Lima. X. Y,, 
1805; married Sarali Clark, Fob. 12, 17L'2, daughter of Capt, 
Nathaniel Clark.. 


l^ifll FHi:i?r., b. Xu^. 29, 1793; m. d. 

1292 IIakpiet b Apr. 7, 1795; m. d. 

1293 GciiDoN Claiik. b. May 5, 1797; m. Eunice Minor, Aiu-. 14, 1815; 

d' 1846. 


1294 Mautha. b. Sept. 7, ITl'U: m. d. 

V2\>') Sauaii. 1). 1801; ni. d. 

1'29') TnoMAS Jekfehson. !>. isO;}; m. M:u v Buriii.'.'^; sht- d. July 'JS, 

1861; (1. May 11, 18(53. 

1297 Kezia. b. 1805; in. Gregory; d, 

584- 3lo.SeS Matlier' (■'^i'>n of Timotby''. ;in'I "nruthiT of almvi'), of 
JelTersoa Co.. N. Y. Born • , 1775; dieil ,, IS4-4; 

married Sarali Shaft. 


1298 John B., b. Mch. o, 1812; m. Harrk-tt Ik-imstreet; d. 

1299 Thomas, b. 1814; m CJiurity H.-iuii^trcer; d. 
i;il«) David. b. 1816; m. Susan Godfrey: d. 
loOl Anna, b. 1818; m. Hartwell Curtiss; d. 

1302 Norman, b. 1821; m. Eveline Kipp: d. 1888. 

588 Lay Mather' (^on of Jelloida^ Timothy', Timothy". Ric•hard^ 

Timotliv^. Rev. F{icl:ard^ Thomas^ Johu"), of Lyme, Conn. 
Bom Apr. 14. 1768; died Dec. 11. 184:-); married Caroline 
Vv'ade, Sept. 20, 1792; she died Apr. 29, 1837. 


1303 Clematina. b. June 14. 1793. m Ethvard llaye.s; d. 

1304 Elisha W.. b. Jan. 10. 1796: m. Mary .Vnn Smith, 1818; d. Dec. 24, 


1305 Cakoltne. b. Oct If) 1798: m. Josepli Downing. 1822; d. 

1306 D.\.N W., b. Apr. 1. 1803: m. Eli-sabeth Clark. 1830; d. Mch. 8, 1856. 

1307 Geokhe W , b. Sept. 6. 18U8: m. Cli;irlotte . 1832; d. 1858. 

1308 Richard, b. Oct. 31, 1812; m. d. 

589 Capt. Ezra Mather' (son of Jehoida^ and brother of above), 

of Lvme, Conn. Boi'n Jan. 27. 177U; died about I8l3; mar- 
ried Phebe Wait, Nov. ,5, 179.5; she married 2d time. Daniel 
Rogers. Mch. i:;. 1814: phe die.l Nov. 8. 1844, aged 72. 


1309 C.U'T. Ezra, b. Oct. U, 1797: unmarried; d. May 6, 1855. 

1310 Phebe. b. Feb. 27, 1799; unmarried, d. Dec. 22, 1830. 

1311 CaI'T. KoiiEHT. b. Mill. 8. 18U2; uuni.irried; lost at sea, Jan., 18:14. 

1312 Orlando M.. b. Mi h. 6, 1804: d. 1806. 

1313 Fkederjck O . b Oct. 5. 1808: m. Sylvia il. French, Oct. 28, 1820; d. 


5»K) Martlia 3lather^ {'iau. of Jehoida\ and sister of lihovel of 
Betliiiiiv, y. V. 15oru at Lyme. Conn., Apr. 7. 1 7 72; died at 
Bethauv. X. Y.. l^-i5. aged 83: inarried Georu^e Wade, Dec. 4, 


13U D.VS. b. Aug. 10. 1794; m. <l..D<--c. 4. 1^78. 

131.3 Hahiuet. b. Aug. 20, 1!?00; unmarried'; d. Sept. 22. 1H39. 

i:51t5 EVMCK M . b. SepV 17. 1^:02; m. Elias Peck: d. Aug.. 1S67. 

1317 ALMiif.v, b. Apr. 15. l^^Oci; m. Itoubou C. Tiuk.T; d. 1889. 

ISiy Martha A-nn". b. Jiiii.- :iU. ISON; hi. Morri-^ Hinsdale: d. Mch. oD. 1877. 

Almira and Reut-en C. Tinker had a son, Rev. Anson Fhelps 
Tinker; he died in issfj. 

591 Dan Matlier' (son of Jehoi^hr. Timothy-. Timothy'. Richard*. 
TmiothvS Rev. Richarc?. Thomas^ John"), of Bttrlington. X. Y. 
Born at Lvme. Conn., O-t. 1. 1774: died at Buriington. X. Y., 

Sept. 1. U^o6: marne'l (1) {■>) Susannah Onder- 

donk. cousin of Bishop Onderdonk. 


1319 Jane Fliza. b. Sept. 3. 1^02: m. Harris: d. Feb. 4. 1875 

1320 John Fko.t. M.D . b. X.v. 13. 1^04. m Mari.i Stcven.v N.;v. 12. .M3: 

a.. May 10. 1874. 

1321 Catueiune. b. Sept. 9. 1806: m. d. Sept. 12, 1.838. 

1322 Andrew A.. b. Oct. 17, 1812: in. (1) Teresa D. Curamings: (>) 

Addie J. Birdsall; d. 

1323 Ezra, 1>- Mch. 2(i. 1814: m. d. Sept. 5, 1871. 

1324 DvN. ^- Aug. 3. \f*il: m. Anna Cubhman, Mch. 31, 1842; 
• "^ ' " " d. 

Anions the biographical sketches of the early settlers of the town 
of Burlington, Citsego Co.. X. Y., the historian refers to Mr. Dan 
Mather in a V.ricf ^-av: -An honored roprosontativo of yo oldon 
tune • was Dan .Mather, who was born in Lyme, C^onn., in ( )ft(-bor. 
1771. and came to B. in is 11. and iocate.l m t!ie southern part ui the 
town, in the Butternut Creek valley, on a farm he occupied until his 
death, in \^r>^. He wa.s an active pioneer, and did much to advance 


the iuterestsol' the tow-n \^'a.s a r:inruv. .uxl also eiigage'l in the l>oot 
and shoe l>nsine?s. 

"Mr. ^f. was twice luarried. Hi.^ .nr?t wife's name w;l< Frost, hy 
whom he hail three children. Jane Eliza, the mother of Hon. E. M. 
Harris of Cooperstown : John Frost was a physician of larire practice, 
residing at Garrettsville. Otsego Co.; he died in Is 74; and Catherine. 
Mr. M. marrie<l for his second wife Susannah Onderdonk, a cousin of 
Bishop ( >nderdonk of New York. Tbey had three children, Andrew 
A.. Ezra, and Dan. Ezra was elected supervisor f)f the tnwn (;f Bur- 
lington in is.Vi. and Dan in IS.'jS. Andrew A. is a prominent man, 
and has ofTiciated in many positions within the gift of his fellow 

59*2 Sarah Mather^ (dau. of Jehoida^ and sister of above), of Mil- 
lington. Conn. Born at Lyme. Conn., Sept. "Ji, 177G; d. 
married Watrous. 


132.5 A^DiiEw. b m, il. 

Lived at Sakm, Mass. 

601 Hiinuah Mather' (dau. of John ^■.^ and sister of altovo), of 
Essex. X. Y.. and Canada Born ; d. ; 

married Eleazer Sartwell. 


1326 Emily. b. m. Mr. Brecknidgu of Canada; d. 

1;327 Lydia. b. m. (I) Asa Phillips; (2) Mr. Macumber; d. 

132« Fan-ny. b. m. d. 

1320 Gi:oE(;E. b. m. d. 

1330. Fk.k^klix. b. m. d. 

60'.i Joliu .Hathor' (son of John X.'', and hnuher of above), of 
Spriiigiield, \'t.. an<l Essck, N'. Y. Burn Feli. ■_'2. 17S(); mar- 
ried Al'igai! Emery. 


1331 (AMELIA. b. Aug. 22. 1804; m. d. Sept. 22. 1^30. 

1332 .UJHiAiL \V.. b. Jan. 5 I'SOfi: m. Calviu Uuycu. Oct. '). l!j23; d. 


l;v3;J EnsiTA. h. SfpT. -,'.3, 1S07; m. Bet^t-y Patten; d. June 17. ls:J8. 

1334 IsHAEL. 1). Dec. 3. 1808; m. (1) Phebe Ki.yee. Jan. 1. LSJO; (2) 

Hannah Royce, Jan. 8, 1S17; il. Apr. 2, IbtiG. 
133-5 Joshua Emery, b. Nov. 24, 1810; m. ilamli Friabie, June 10, 1834; d. 

Jan. 28, 1880. 

1336 Joiix Royce. h. Oct. 8, 1812; m. Betsey, widow of Elisha Matber, 

June 10. 183G; d. Feb." 1», 1842. 

1337 Ruth Pitebe. b. Apr. 13. 1S14; m. Leonard W. Salford. ^fch. 22, 1838; 


1338 ^Fary Cynthia, b. Mch. 27, 1816; m. . d. Mch. 0, 1839. 

1339 Samvel. b. June 13, 1818; m. (Ij Eniily ia;t?er,'' (2) Mary A. 

Knapp; d. 

1340 SAK.\n. b. Apr. 13. l.'^20; m. d. May 18, 1820. 

1341 Jonathan-, b. July 14. 1823; m. Louisa A. Whitney. Mcii. 14. 18o0; 

1:542 RoswELL Hr.NT. b. July 6. 182.5; m. d. Dec. 11, 1842. 

606 Israel Mather'' (son of John X.-. Tiniothy", T!]norhy% Rich- 
ard-\ Tnnot!:vV Rev. Richar.P. Thomas'. John'), of Blue Fills. 
Maine. Born ; dieil Julv "2. 18'_'0: 

married Mary Bowden. June 28. 1809: she diedat Stxlgwick, Me., 


13-13 Mary Ann. b. Aug. 18. 1810; m. d. Miy 28. 18.J-1. 

l;^44 PrtEiJE. b. 1812; m. d. 

134.5 8L-SAX N.. b. .1814; m. d. 1838. 

I;i4t3 Isu.vEL Increase, b. Nov. 20, 1816; m. Irene E. Blmlgett. July -5. 1840: 

d. May 16, 1886. 

1347 .TouN R.. b. ' 1818; m. Hannah Blodgett; d. 

617 Reubeu Mather' (son of Asaph^ Timothy". Timothy*^ Rich- 
ard', Tiraorhy'. Rev. RichanP. Thomas^ John'), of Utica. N. Y. 
Bom at Lyme. Conn., Feb. 4. 1771: died 185!): married (1) 

Elisabeth Ma.^on. J;in. 10, 17r)6: phe died Xov. MO, 1809; (2) 
Sarah Thompson: {?>) Ahiirail Skidraore; (4) Clarissa Bosworth. 


1348 ParonA. b. Dec. 15. 1797; m. d. 

l;541» Hiram. b. <»ct 18. 17!)9; ni. Su.^annah ^^peuce^. Aug. 22, 1819; d. 
13.50 Sar.^h. b. Mch. 'M). 1802; m d. 


ia.ll CvXTiTr.v. h .Tun. o. LSM; in. Sil;i:-t Bliss, .lune, 18:5(1, .1 .May, l^oT 

1:^)2 RKrr.E.N-, l>. Nov. 2'>, Lsoi); m. d. 

13r,;] I3ETSF.Y, b. DfC. .1, 1810; in. tl. 

i;3o4 M.VKION li. Apr. 10, Is^li; in. il. 

13.W Claiu<s.\. b. Mch. 10, l.Sl-1; m. d. 

V3r>i5 Eunice, b. Mdi. 31, 1816; in. d. 

1:3.57 ILvuRfET, b. .Sept. fi. 18l'J; in. d, 

1:358 CiiLoE, b. :.Iay 2i, 1821; m, d. 

1359 Caroi.ixe. b. Sept. 7, 1825; lu. d. 

l;3tiO M.^KKIETTK. 1>. Mcli. 9. 182G; lu. d. 

1361 R(K<ETiF-. b. Nov. 12. 1827: in. d. 

1:362 Jexnette, b. >{iiy 7, 182!); m, d. 

1363 Lauh.v. h. May 0, 18:34; m, d. 
Alsn tivf^ oliildren, who died in infancy. 

620 Jos}uia M.ilther'^ (^on or Asaph", and brother of above), of 
Schuyler, X. V. Horn m R(.«ckin(rhaiii. Vt.. -\;ig. 6. 1777; died 
Aug. 14. 1S.34; married (I) Petriry Gustiii. Jan., LmjU: she died 
ISOft; (2) Corniilia, dau. of Rev. Joseph Willis. Jau., ISlb; 
she died (Jet. 21, 1874. * 



1364 Seelt, B., b. Aug. 26, 1802; ni, Maria .Salisbury, Dec. 25, 18:32; d. 

May 19, 1868. 

1365 TnoMAs G.. b. Mch. 21, 1809; \ninianieil; d, July 13, istiT. 

l:36B LrcrxDA, b. Nov. 18, 1816; m. Elliott; d. 1883. 

1:367 WEr^i.EY. b. .Ian. 21, I-^IH m .luiia Ann Kcystr, 18:3!); d. 
136s xVs.vPH D., b. Mch. 16, \t*-S.): uuni.irried; d. Apr. 8. 1880. 
i:36y .JosuiA, b. July 21, lf<25; uniuarriud; d. 

Two of tiie soMi- of Joshua. Asaph D. and Joshua, were wealth v 
bankers of Utica, X. Y., and have done much in the way of hei[)intr 
on the Vmsiness growth of the city, and are deserving great credit for 
their enterprising spirit. Further accounts m next generation. 

6'21 Asaph 3Iatl»er^ (^on of Asaph'. Timothy', Tnnothy«. Richards 
Tiniiitiiy*. Rev. Richard", Thomas', John'), of Sc'.iuyler, X. Y. 
Born in \"t,-rniont, Mch. 1.'). 177f); died Dt-c. ;!1, Is'jij; marrie-i 
Huldah Spencer, Mch, 22, isoi; she died McL. 11, IHfjO, aged 



KiTO !>. -luly 20. 1nO-2; m I.utlu.r Iluyt. Mch. 11, is22; d. 

Apr. 13, 1830. 

1371 Sui'UUONiA. b. Junii l~), 1804; m. Luvi Knowhou, Sept. 2, 1821; d. 

1372 IIannau. b. Nov. 4, 1806; m. S. II. Bush, Jan. 8. 1834; i\.- 

1373 Ki.KCs E.. b. Jua. 31, ISuO; m. d. 

1374 Asaph, b. Feb. 18. 1811: m. Hauiiah Gifford, Oct, 20. isyo; d. 

Aug. 10, 1874. 

1375 HrLDAH. b. Jan. 6, 1813; d. Sept. o. 181o. 

137B Mart Elea>or. b. Aug. 11. "1817; m. d. 

1377 HuLDAU. 2d, b. Oct. 26, 1819; m. d. 

1378 Tri-max D.. b. Feb. 28. l.soo. ^^^ (|j j^yjj.i j^ Gurney, Jan. 1. 1.S49; 

{2} Amelia L. F^iida. Feb. 23. ISdO; (3) Cornelia 
A. Fonda. Mcb. 30, 1^70; d. 

1379 Laura A., b. Jan. 18, 182o; m. d. 

G2iJ Jelioida Mather' (son of A saph^ Timothy'. Ti moth y*, Richard*: 
Timoth}\ Rev. Richard', Thomas^ J.-)hn'). of Clayton, N. Y. 
Born in Marlow. X. H.. May 4. 1781; died July 8. 1^47; 
married Betsey Simmons. 


13S0 Eneslev. b. Oct. 9. 1820; ra. Mary Ulmer. Dec. 24. 18.>4: d. 

1381 Rev. Axsel b. Aug. 12. 1823; m. Mary Walrath, d. 

1382 WiT.LiAir. b. unmarried; d. 

1383 RiLEV, b. . m. d. 1889. 

1384 PoLi.Y. b. m. . • d. 

1385 Miranda, b. m. d. 

62-i Capt. John Matlier' (son of Asaph\ Timothy". Tiuiotliy'. 
Richard*. Timothy^. Rev. Richard', Thomas-', John'.), of Sem- 
pronius. Cayuga Co.. N. Y. Born Mch. 15, I78."i; died Nov. 
13. 1870; married "Weltha Root, born Mch. 1.'!. 1778; she died 
Jan. 2S, 18.52. 


1386 Lawyer, b. Sept. 5. 1*^04; m. Loui.<aFenton. Jan. 20 182.5; d. Sept. 18. 

13.87 Jr.iiiAL. b. Nov 16, 1S()7: m. (1) Catherine Ib-ney well, Feb. 2t), 1^33; 
she d. May 26, 1840; (2) Sophrouia Hewett, Feb. 28, 
1S41; d. 


1388 Eliza, b. Aug. A. ISOU; m. Jacob Hall, Oct. !), 1830; d. Sept. 21, 


1389 Ai.m.RT. b. May 12, Isi:}, lu. Harriet Heyiiolds, Oct. 7, lbl2; .1. 
i:3!W As.vrn. b. A[)r. 2, ISl.j; i>i. Meliss;i J>a,wycT, Jau. 30, 1838; d. 

1391 RiroD.v. b. Xpr. 10, 1817; m. Austin Cutler, Dec. 4, 1838; d. .Mch. 2lt, 


1392 .TrLi.\, b. Mch. 12, 1810; m. Albert Rogers, Dec. 2o, ly38; d. July 16, 


1393 Leepue. b. Apr 12. 1822; m. John Alcott, 184o; d. Jan. 31, 1880. 

1394 JoitN. Jr.. b. Mob. 2. 1824; ra. Adelia Alger, Mch. 9, 1853: d. 

C;ipt. John .Mather m early life was prominent in local military 
iitfairs for many year?, and was a leadins: citizen and largo property- 
owner in the town of Semprouius. 

631 Buckley MatJier' (son of Asaph', brother of above), of 
(,'aynga Co., N. Y. Born 17.s<;; died Feb. 16. 18(55, 

aged 78; married Edna Perry. 1807. 


1395 LcciNDA, b. Oct. 19, 1803; m. Jeremiah P. Wood, Feb. 22, 1829; 

d. Aug. 27, 1883. 

1396 Asaph, b. Mch. 21, 1810; m. (1) Lovinia Honeywell. Feb. 23, 

1833; (2) Lorain Honeywell Au.stin, Sept., 1874; d. 
Jan. 26, 1889. 

1397 Ozi.vsP.. b. 1812; m. d. 1885. 
139» EsTUEK. b. 1814: d. 1820. 

1399 VEUNfM, b 1817: m. d. 

14(W WiLLr.AM. M.D., b. 1819; m. (1) Ann Douglass; (2) Helen M. 

Perrin, Oct. 28, 1856; d. Aug. 12, 1860. 
L401 C'YNTniA. b. m. d. 

1402 Spencer B.. b Jan. 11.1835; m. d. 

G-to Francis Wm. Mather' (son ur Nathaniel', Joseph'', Timothy^ 
Richard", Timothy', Rev. Richard'. Thomas", John'), of Chau- 
tauqua Co.. y. Y. Born June .iO, 1801; died "Dec. 29. 1S78; 
married Mary Tiilottson, Jan. 1. 1828. 


1403 N'vTnANiEL ('.. b. Apr. 18, 1S2',»; in. d. 

l-HW CilARLE-^L.. I). Sept. 2, l'^31; lu. Cttlierine Nash, M(-h. 29, IS57; d. 
141)5 a.. b. Oct. 12, l.S}4; m. lihoda J Coats, Sept. 9, 1S.5.S. d. 



64-0 Friillf'is Mather' (sen of Moses^ Joseph". Titnotliy". Richard*, 
Tiuiuihv*. lU-v. Ric!i:inl'. 'rhoma.s-. Jnlm'). of Hiirt.wick. X. V. 
Born Jan. '■). \s\?,: .iit-il : married Louisa Kudd, 

July 4, 1S.>2. 


1406 F.vnnikM., h. .Tiiuf 'J. IS."):}; uninurricd: d. 

(i51 (.'liarlos (iianipion Mather' (>=on .>t M^s..s^ brorlur ot 

ai>ovi-). Ill I )!;>i'i_ro Co.. N. Y. Born Sept. 21. Isl.j; died ; 

married Maiy L. Kenyon. Mch. 1.'). 1848. 


1407 Henuv C. 1>. Mth. V2. 1^49: ni. Louisa Kelsey, Feb. 9. 1871; d. 

1408 GeorueM.. h. Apr. 11. 1>1:2: m. Alice Benjamin, tVt. 18, ]S8fi; d. 

1409 Il.uNN-.vii L., 1>. McL. -28, IS.IS; ni. A. I). Keirli. Oct. 81, 1S76; d. 

052 Mary Ann 3lather^ (dan. of Moses", sister of above), of 
Kalamazoo, Mich. Born Aug. .'JO, 1818; married Lyman M. 
Dunbar. Oct. 16. lS3<t. 

DrN"B.U{ rHiLnnEX. 

1410 Col. Gilhekt E.. b. .June 81, 1S40; m. d. 

1411 FR.vN-rrs ,M.\ri£ER. b. Dec. 8. 1841: ra. H. Oldrv; d, 

1412 Marvetta. b. Oct. 14, 1848; ni. Wm. McCnrniick, lfs71; d. 

1413 Almira. b. Oct. 27, 1845; m. Webb Atlicrly. Feb. 22, 1879; d. 

1414 CnE.-TER H., b. May -i, 1848; ui. Emma Wesron. 18,%; d. 

1415 EroF.NE >LvRiox, b. Jan. 21. is51: m. Lucia Moon, .June 2, 1881; d. 

1416 MoTT K.. b. Sept. 12, 1853; ni. d. 

1417 Clarence Wm., b. Aug. 9, 18.18; m. d. 

1418 Charles C, b. Nov. .5, 18«1; ra. d. 

Col. Gilbert E. Dunbar was on Gen. Kilpjitrick's staff in the war. 

654 David Mather" (son of Jo.seph'. Joseph", Timothy*^, Richards 
Tiniothy% Rev. Richard', Thomas-'. John'), of Flint, Mich. 
Born in Ijnne, Couu.. (.)ct. 2"J. ITiKJ; die<l Nov. 24, LSt;;]; mar- 
ried (1) Clarissa Stewart. Sow. 1.S22: (2) i[rs. Elisabeth Dana. 
Sept. 8, 18J2. 



1411) LoLi^E. 1). Nov. (5, 182:^; m Thus. W. C'olburn, Dec. :3G, lSo4; d. 

1420 Ann.v. b. Any:. 12. 1S28; m. d. Sept. 11, 1^51. 

1421 M.\.KY, b. Sept. 11, 1S2.J; immarried. d. Feb. VS. lS5;j. 

1422 James G., b. l^Ho; m. d. 

1423 Emily, b. Dec. 18. l^^Sl; in. Mark L. Stangrount, Dec. 6. lSo6; d. 

Jan. 7. ISdil. 

1424 Charlotte, b. Oct. 5, 18;>6; d. Dec. 15, 1846. 

Mary, the Llaucliter oi David and Clarissa Mather, graduated at the 
Albany Female Academy in lS4.i: she was a heautii'id and accom- 
plished young lady; -she died a lew year.? later, at the age ol: 28. 

655 James GoolU Hatlier" (.^on of Joseph*, brother of above), of 

Albany, X. V. Boru Oct. '■>. I7!i.'); died at Clarence. Erie Co., 
X. Y.. 18.57; married Charlotte M. Cruttenden, Aug. 12, 182.J; 
she died July 7. 1S31. 


142.5 Levekett C b. Jan. Vi. 1826: m. d. Jvdy. 1S40. 

1426 Charles Foote, b. July 16, 1827; m. Kate ; d. 

1427 Edward Geer, b. Nov. 1, 1829; m. Eli/.a Waterhouse. 18.5o; d. 

656 Jloses 3Iather'^ (son of Josephl Joseph'. Timothy^, Richard', 

Thiioth}-', Kt^v. Richard'. Thoma.s-. John'), of Albany, N. Y. 
Born Jan. .3, 17'JS; Uving Jan., lS9ii; married Jane Rose, Aug. 
23, 182S. 


1428 Melinda, b. 

1429 M.vKY, h. 
14-50 Cora Ella. b. 
14:31 Lois, h. 
1433 Ann, . b. 

m. Nathan Patten of Texas; d. 
m. Geo. K. Van Tiue; is dead, 
m. Francis de H. Janvier; is dead, 
m. d. 

m. d. 

657 Capt. Joseph Mather' (^ou of Joseph', Joseph', Timothy«, 
RichardM^aiinthy\ Kt^v. Ricliard-', Tiioinas^ John'), of -Vll.any, 
X. V. lioni Mav .s, ISOO; died Keb. 25, 1884; married Chi- 
anua Brockway; she died Dec. 2t), l.sso. 



1-433 Emma L.. b. ; m. Geo. W. Gibbons; d. 

143-t Caft. Fkli'EKIck. b. 1833; m. (1^ Elisaberli ^rcD.m.iM. ls."4; 

she d. IS.56; (2) Adelaide Fairehild, May 2-t. 1^77: 
d. " . 

1435 Ju^;E^H II.. b. ; m. Harriet Parsous, Nov. 2s, 1842: 

d. Oct. 7, 1881. 

1436 Thomas H.. b. ' -. m. Leephe Bates, Sept. 2,">. IboS; 

d. 1882. 

Capt. Joseph Matlier was a man of snperior qualities, and was 
held in very liii^h esteem hy a large circle of busiuess men. with 
whom he was for a long time associatei.l, particularly in navigation on 
the Hudson and in railroading: the latter was his business for a great 
many years before and up to his death. He descended Iroui a line of 
very prominent men in New England- 

Capt. Frederick Mather, his son, is Superintendent of the New 
York Fishery Commission, at Cold Spring Harlior. X. Y. During the 
Civil War he enlisted in the 113th X. Y. Regiment, whicli was con- 
verted shortly afterwards into twelve batteries, garrison artillery; they 
l^ecame 7th Xew York Heavy Aitillery. He was ui:der (ren. Hancock. 
1st Division of the "id Corps, and was before Petersburg, Va.. and some 
of this division were captured. Mr. Mather here lost his sword, but 
after a quarter of a century it was returned to him. Mr. Mather hsKl 
a daughter. Sophia, vv-lio married Bleeker Sauders of Saratn.ira Springs, 

Emma L. Mather married Geo. W. Gibbons. Esq.. one of the de- 
scendants of Bishop Gibbons. They had three children, Emma, who 
married Horace L. Hicks of Troy: 2*Iaude. and Hilda Mather: the lat- 
ter died young. 

600 Lois P. blather* ('lau. of Jose{)h'. sister of above), Albany, 
X. Y. Bom Jan. 1.). 1807: died July L'S, 1847: married Ben- 
jamin C. Raymond, 1827; he died 1879. 


1437 CnARLKS H., b 1835; unmarried, d. 

1438 Geokge U.. h. 1841; in. (1; Cornelia Van Vechteu, 1S«9: (2) 

Elisabeth Merriit. 1881; d. 
And four eh'iidrc-Q who died in infancy. 


leiith Gcii^riiiii/ii. 

George B. Raymoud has four children. 

1-13'J Lemta IIavuen. 
144U Lois Mathkii. 

1441 EsTELLA Van Vechtex. 

1442 CuAULEs IIenky. 

6H1 Hauiuili .Mather Kaynioiid' ('tau. of Hannah Marhiu-^. Rev. 
\h: Moses\ Tiiuutliy*, Kiclia.rd\ Tnuothy^, Kev. Richard'. 
Thomas", John'), of Wilton. Conn. Born July '21. 1778; d. 
: married I'hilo Betts, Oct. 12, 17ii7. 


1443 Fanny. b. Feb. 1», ISUO: m. (1) Lcwi>,Bixby, .July 4, 1823; 

be d. Sept., 1»«6: [2) M. Ilurwood. ISTO; d. 

1444 Jesse H., b. Jan. 30. 1802; m. d. 
144o E.MELiNE, b. May 22, 1804; m. d- 
1440 Mary. b. Mch. 21, 180(5; m. d. 

1447 PiiiiA>. b. 3Iay 7, I80>i; m. Miss Taylor (had three child- 

ren); d. 

1448 Hannah, \ m. d. 

1449 ELiSAiiETH. ' triplets, b. Aug., 1810; m. d. 

1400 Rebecca, N ni. d. 

1401 Electa M., 1). Dec. 30, 1812; m. Charles Morgan (hud live 

children); d. 

14->2 Lewis, b. Sept. 18, 181'); m. d. 

1453 Sa.mcel, b. Dec. 25, 1817: m. d. 

1454 Charles. b. Dec. 6, 1820: m. d. 

1455 Russell, b. Oct. 25, 1822; m. d. 

Tenth Generation. 

Mrs. Fanny Betts Bi.xby had eight children. 

1456 Frances Nelson, who married ^Nloses K. Parkes; had tivf children. 

1457 Eliza Converse, wlio marric'd (jcorge N. llotchkiss; had seven children. 
1158 Archive C.vMrnELL. died at 2 years, 5 mos. 

1450 Hannah GitovrTTE. wlio married Rufus II. Harwood. 

1400 ^lAiu.AJ'.ETT Almiua. who n.-arricd G. W. Ilurwood. 

1401 Lewis Goudell, died when 2(5 years old. 

1402 AL\iT;sTCs P., dictl wiicn 5 yi':H> old. 

1463 Sa.muel Nelson, who married Mary E. Harvey; had four children. 


Mrs. Fanny Betts Bixlw married in 1^7t' a second time, to M. 

G62 Huniiah 31uther' (dau. of Joseph^ Moses. D.D.", Timothy', 
Richani^ riniotiiy'. Rev. Richard'. Thomas-, Juhn'). of Darien. 
Conn. Born June '_'. 1777: died May 20, 1857; married 
Charles Selleck. June 2. 179.5. 


1464 Dan-id. b. Apr. 9, 1797; m. Abigail Soclcy. Fel<. 1'2. 1822; d. 

Apr. 9, l«7t;. 

1465 H.vN->-An, b. Aug. 8. 1799; m. Saraiul Frost. July 2-5. 1823: d. 

Dec. 14, 1S78. 

1466 Rev. Chaklej; G.. b. Feb. 26, 1«02; m. Emily Crocker. Apr. 20. 1S30; 

1167 Pdlly. b. Aug. 11. ISiH; m. Lewis Selleck, Aug. o. ls2o: d. 

1468 Mo<Es :M.. b. Mch. 8. 1807; unmarried; d. Nov. 17, 1826. 

1469 Emily, b. Dw. 13, ls09; ni. Charles AVaterbury, Oct. 2.5, 

1830: d. 

1470 Nancy. b. Feb. 15, 1812; d. Apr. 7, 1813. 

1471 N.v-Ncv. 2d. b. Mch. 22, 1814; m. Edward Illsley, Apr. 21, 1841; 

d. Oct. 20. 1872. 

1472 It^AAC, b. Nov. 29, 1816; m. Deborah A. Mather, dau. of 

Mose.s. the son uf Ju.seph, great-grauddauichter 
of Dr. Moses, Oct. 14, 1846; d. 

1473 Saiiah. b. July 9, 1819: m. Benjamin Mapes; d. 

1474 LoiTisA, b. Mch. 31, 1825; m. .Stc!)heu Tompkins, Nov. 14, 

1855; d. 

663 Sarall Mather" (dau. of Joseph^ sister of above), of New- 
Canaan. Conn. Born Mch. 28, 1780: died June 8, 1873; mar- 
ried Xoyes Richards. April 8. 1798. 


1475 SAR.\n. b. ilch 1, 1799; m. Nathan Roberts, Mch. 1. ls20; d. 

1476 Mary b. July 1. 1801; ni. David Gcilucy, Nov. 2, 1,829; .1. 

1477 E.'THEU. b. Sept. 11, 180:!; m. Ebenczer Weed, Oct. 17. 1824; d. 

Mch. 3, 1866. 
147SI Chaklotte. b. Apr. 16. 1x06; m. .bihu Dingee, Apr. 3, 18:54; d. 


1470 Isaac. Ik June 11. li~it)!'; in. MiiricttL' Bradley, Oct. I'J, KSJ.i; d. 

Oct. Iti. l.-^oT. 
14S0 ELI.-^.VrSF.TH. li. < )«.•:. U. ISll; Ml- '1. Mrll. '^l. l.S-50. 

14.S1 Rf.v. (iiaki.k-. 1). Dfc. ;•, 1^14; m. I'lu-isti^iua C. M<'.Mtitilr<iek. Sept. 10, 

l!<4o: d. 
\\S'2 AnnTe. h. Oct. 17, ISIT: m. d. Feb. 10, 1840, 

6fi4- Moses Mather" (son of .Joseph", Kev. Dr. Mn-^es', Timothy', 
Richapr. Timothy*, Rov. Ricbanl'. Thomas', .Juhii'). of I.^arieii, 
Conn. Born May 21, 17S2: d'uxl Sept. 29, Hin; married Sally 
Bishop. I"^n2; she died Oct, 0, ISSU, 


1483 Ltoia, b. Dtr-, 31, ISOi; ni. H. IMoorehouse, .Sept. li), 1.^24; d. 

Xov, 21, 1840. 

1484 George. b. Oct. 11. 18U4; m, >[ary A. Whituey. Oct. 22, 1826: 

d. Sept, 2, 1878. 
148") Sally, b. Nov. 1. 1806: m. William Clock, May 30, 1830; d, 

Oct, 12, 1877. 

1486 Rosanna, b. Aug. ol, 1808: m. C. E. Whitney. Xov. 5, 1833; d. 

1487 Hanxaii, b, July 31. 1810; m, C: Lloyt; d, 

1488 Nancy, b. Sept, 1, 1813: in d. Dec. 26, 183-5. 
14S9 Fanny, b. Sept. 16. ISlo; d. Apr. 2. 1823. 

1490 Betsey, b. Sept. 3, 1817; ni. J. L. Ferris. Apr, 8, 1S44: d, 

1491 Maklv, b. Sept. 12, ISlit; m. C. F. Nash, June 12, 18.-)1; d. 

Aug., 1S87. 

1492 Deborah Ann. b. Jan. 13, 1822: ni. Isaac Selleck, Oct, 14, 1846: d. 

1493 Joseph Bisnor. b. Mck. 17. 1>^24: m. (1) Susan Richards, Apr. l."), 1S46; 

(2) Josephine .Munme; d. 

1494 Moses Selleck, b. Aug. 15, 1826; d. July 23, 1827. 

667 Clara Mather' ('^au. of Joseph^ sister of above), of Darien, 
Conn. B..rn July 31, I7S7: died Fel). 18. 18C)9; married Sam- 
uel Street, Jan, 10, 1S08, 


1495 J.vNE, b. Nov. 7. 1><0S; m. John llutchings, -Meh. 23, 

1S31; (1. June 23. 18S9. 

1496 N.\TnANTKL Jarvis, b. Apr. 5. IMl: in Catkerinc Scotield, Oct. 10, 

1838; d, Aug. 25, 1889, 


1497 Chauncey, b. June 28. LSrj; m. Elizn Hoyt, Fob. 2.5, 1840; d. 

149S H.MUiiET. b. Au^. 2H. 181.1: in. Rut'iis Ifoyt. .rune 18. tS()(>. 

he d. Jan. IH. Ib^l; d. 
14!)'J SrsAN, b. .Sl].t. 4, isi'j; lu. Robert Watkiu.s. Oct. 23, 

is4.j; d. 
imo E., b. July 7, ld2;j; uuinarried; d. 

1 JOl F. Emily. b. Juue 24. lt?27; ni. (1) James L. Benedict. June 

2fi. IS.1.1; hod. Apr. 11. 1S61; ^2) Charles II. 

Seymour, Oct. 13, 1880; d. 

fifiS JosPp)! Miither' (^on of Joseph", brother of above), of Darien. 
Conn. Burn Sept. 'M). 17S9: died .•:'fpt. 27, ISfil; rnarriod (1) 
Sally Jarvis. Jan. 1. 1812, died ISl'i; (2) Happy Osborno 

Wakeiaan. Oct. 0, 1816, died Dec. 31. 1871. 


1502 David Bank.<. b. Oct. 16, 1817: ni. Julia Everett, Nov. 10. 1841; 

d. Dec. 1:5, 1876. 

1503 Sarah jARViri. b Sept. 16, 1818; m. Sila.s J. Vail. Dec. 1839; 

d. Feb. 15. 1841. 

1504 Joseph Wakkman. b. Jan. 11, 1820; ni. (1) Maria A. .Mahan, Dec 25. 

1856, she d. .Mch. 16, 1859; (2) Bertha Jemima 
Walker, June 27, 1864: d. 

1505 Henry Bcrrit. b. Apr. 30, 1825; m. [1) liichel A. Weed, Mch. 11. 

1849; (2) Elisabith S. Carter. Nov. 26, 1862; d. 
June 28, 1880. 

1506 William Francis, b. May 13, 1829; m. Emelinc M. Gregory, Dec. 30, 

1850; d. 

B69 Nancy Matlier' ('lau. of Josei)h^ Rev. Dr. Mose.s^. Timothy«. 
Uicliard", Timotliy^. Rev. Richard', Thonias". John'), of Darien, 
LVinn. Born Jan. 27, 1792; died Nov. 8, 18();»; nuxrriod Rufus 
Bell. Jan. 1 1. Islu; he died April 25. 1836. 


1;H)7 JosEi'ii .M.vTHKR. b. (h:l. 24, 1810; d. Dec. 12, 1810. 

150H Joseph Mather. 2d, b Apr. 14. 1812; ni. M.iry (). Jone.s, Nov. 4, 18:55; 

d. Dec. 11. 1882. 
1509 Harriet T.. b. Au^'. 14. 1815: m. d. Moh. 1. 18X8. 


1510 Daniet. BEXEDtCT. h. Scpl. 1-6, 1819; in. Suiah Iloneywull. July 14. 

ls;4o: (I. Sept. 1(), lss-2. 
loll A^XA. b. McL. 2(), 1.S22, lu. James II. White. Mch. 22, 

lb43; (1. 

670 Betsev Mather' (<lau. of Joseph', sister of above), of Darien, 
Coiiii. Born Men. 2:!. 1794: dii;d ; luarrieii (i) 
Jonathan Bell, Jan. 4. IS 1.5: ho <Ued Jan. 2G. 1819; (2) 
Nathaniel Lockwood. Mch. 4, 1821; he died Jan. 2. l.S2!>. 


1512 S-VRAH .(VxN. h. Dec. 7, 1815: m. Wm. Faulkner, Apr. 12, 18^49; d. 


1513 .\js-x ELTS.vEETn, b. McU. 5, 1S22; m. d. 

671 Col. David Scott Mather {son of Josephs brotiier of above), 

of Michigan. Born Dec. 14, 1795; died Sept. 2G. 184.3; mar- 
ried Elisabeth Fancher, Nov. 25, 1819; she died June 0. ISS:\. 


1514 "Wm. IIexry, b. May 17, 1822; m. Clarissa F. Brewster, Mch 

26, 1846: d. 

1516 Hannah M.vria. b. Mch. 3, 1826; d. Jan. 11. 1833. 

1517 Charlks Fanciier, b. Oct. 31, 1828; d. Oct. 15. 1846. 

1518 George Washincton, b. Feb. 1.5, ls:31; .1 Feb. 11. 1832. 

1519 IIanX-MT Maria, 2d, b. Aug 2, 1834: m. P. B. Bates. May 1, 1856; 


1520 Sarah Elisabeth, 1>. July 21. 1S37; d. Mch. 26, 1840. 

1521 Sarah Elizabeth, 2d, b. Oct. 1. 1840; d. Jan. 14, 1844. 

675 Isaac Raymond Mather' (sou of Noyes^, Rev. Dr. Moses", 
Timothy'. Ricliard', Timot!iy\ Rev. Richard'. Thomas^. John'), 
of New York city. Born 178><; died in New York, 

1862; married Harriett Waterbury, 1820. 


1.522 WiLLi.vM H.. b. 1821; m. (.1) Sarah Jarvds, 1842; she d. 

1849; (2) Sarah Browning, 1861; d. 

1523 Charles R.. b. 1826: m. 1850; d. in Ci "! War. 



1534 H.VHHIKTT A.. 11. iyo4: in. ' iS.Vi; d. 

l.-,'2-, Pkter I,.. b. ls:!>;; 111. l^'i'.^i: ,1. 

Also live cliiltlrt'i) uhn (lied in infiiiicy. 

67(> Klilill Mather' (■■^"Ti i»J' Xuyes'^ in-other of alxive), of Brook- 
lyn, N. V. lii'in July '1\. 17!>'_'; died Xov. >), l.s.s:;; married 
L'alvnyrn, Duryea, IS'I'A. 


lj)26 Am.\ni)\. b. 3Liy 12, 182.^; ni. Mor-an L. Bryjuu. Dec. 28, 

1846: d. 
1T27 .Toirx W.. b. July 6, 1837: m. Emily E. Allshousc, May 20, 

18ol: d. 
1528 Charlks Hexiiy. b. Ort. 2, 18;3U, d. 1833. 

1520 Ch-^kles He-NUY. 2d, b. Sept. 27, 18:33: d. 1836. 

1530 E.MtLY. b. ilch. 7, ls;iO; in. Vuvdy B. IToyt, Apr. 10, 

1^62: d. 

1531 Gkokoe'W.. b. Dec. 8, 1838; in. Martha Is.abeilo Howc: d. 

670 William Matlier'' (son of Xoyes^ In-other of above), of New 
York. Born April 16, 17^*6 ; dieci Nov. t!, 1848; married 
Snsan J. Hite, dan. of Jacob Hite, Jan. 10, 1822; slie died 


1532 Osc.\iiA\'.. 1). Feb. 22, 1823: m. Au,^-usta G. Robertson, Sept. 

15, 1842; d. 

1533 Ai/mrrs. b. Apr. 5. 1825; in. John T -ITibbins; d. 
15;M DbWitt Clinton, b. Oct. 3, 1827: d. Apr., 1«42. 

15;W S.UI.VU, b. ]\[ay 23, 1830; ni. Bcnj. F. McClure. >ray 22, 

1849: d. 

1536 Su?.\N E., b. Jlay 5, 1832; ra. Peter E. Holdroid, Nov. 28, 

1854; d. 

1537 M.vRY. b. Dee. 10, 1834; m. Albert White; d. 

1538 WiLLiA.Nt, b. Aug. 21. 1837; d. In38. 

1539 Eliz.\. b. Sept. 6, 1839; m. Frank Skelton, ; d. 1869. 
1.540 John N.. b. Xov. 21, 1842; m. Erama Burke Apr. 30. 186X; d. 
1541 Amioktt.v. b. Feb, 15. 1845; m. "" Martin. ; d 1864. 

681 KayniOIld Mather' (son of Samuol', Rev. Dr. Mose.s'. Tinio- 
tliy*. K:chard\ Timothy', Rev. Richard'. Thomas", John'), of 


Middlt'town, Conn. Born Jan. 10. I7!il; died in Spriii.Lcfield. 
Mas,-^., about, 1S54: married (1) Sally (Jrey, of Suuiiiord, ('onu.. 
Oct. 3. 1811; (2) Huldah Wheeler, of Winsted. Conn.. Sept. 
"29, 1824. Raymond ^Mather and Isaac Mather were twins. 


1542 Kebecc.v C.vthekine, b. Apr. 10, 1814; m. I,ymau Balilwiu, Nov. 30, 

1837; (1. 1883. 

1543 b. :\Ich. -24. 1.830; d. Apr. 8, ly:^. 

1544 Sarah ELit-vuETH. b. July 27, 1.S51; m. Wni. Amold. ; d. 

May 31. 1856. 

1545 '^Iary Wheelek. b. Feb. 9, 18:>4; m. Dr. Harvey B. Steele, 18C2; d. 

682 Cilpt. Isaac Mather" (^ftn of Samuel', brother of aliove), of 

KnoxviUe, 111. Born at Darien, Conn., Jan. 10, 1791; <Ued Feb. 
28, 1S71; married (1) Lydia Hinckley, Nov. 28, 181(3; she died 
Nov. 8, 1832; (2) Mary Ann Fatner, Sept. 25, 1833. 


1546 Lewis, b. Nov. 5, 1835; m. d. iu the war. :Mch. l)i, 18G3. 

1547 Raymond, b. Feb. 19, 1837; unmamed; d. 

1548 Elisaueth. b. Apr. 19, 1839; m. Oct., 18G8; d. 

1549 Louise, b. July 17, 1840; m. d. 

1550 Joii> W., b. Jan. 12, 1842: d. Sept. 27. 1843. 

1551 Gi'OKi:E, b. Oct. 21, 184;3; m. Jane Cramer, Apr. 8, 1860, d. 

1552 Martha, b. Sept. 7, 1845; m. Oct., 1864; d. 

Capt. Isaac Mather served in the war of 1812. 

683 Lewis Mather' (son of Samuel^ brother of above), of New 

York city. Born Dec. 9. 1792; died JNlch. 6, 1873; married 

(1) Catherine Benson, June 3, 1815; she died Sept. 12, 1817; 

(2) Catherine Foster, C)ot.' 1. 1827; she died May 31, 1876. 


1553 Sarah Elisabeth, b. Mtli. 19. 1810; m. (1) 'John Bergen. Apr. 23. 

1837; (2) P. W(.-stfall, July 24, 18(i0; d. 

1554 Lewis Henuy Clay. b. July 8. Is2><; m Mary Ann Mackey. Dec. 24, 

lil9; d. Mcb. 11, 1884. 

1555 John Cotton, b. June 17, 1830; ui. Isabella Fictch. June 16, 

1862 ;'"d. 



1006 William Arta'STi ;*, b. .I:iu. 17, ISyJ: m. 
1557 JosErriiNE Lkwts, 

(1. Oct. ;il, I.S.57. 
III. .Toht) A. llilcy, Apr. 26. 

155S CAiioLrNE jLmklia, 

1559 Angeline, 

1560 Samuel "Win field 
lotU Edward Raymond, b. Sept. 27, 1848: ra 
1562 Adeline, b. >[ay 27, 1846; m. 

b. Fub. 27. is:j4 

b. July 3, 1S36: m. d 

b. Oct. 17, 1838; a. July 22. 1.S40. 
b. Sept. 5, 1841; m. d 

d. Jau. 21. 1SS4. 
d. Mivv 4. 1864. 

684- Jolm Matlier'' (son of SamueP, Rev. Dr. Moses'. Timothy". 
Kichurd^ Tuuutliy'. Rev. Richard', Thuaias-, John'), of Milford, 
Mass. Born at Darien. Conn.. Dec.'io. IT'.il. died Mayol,187S; 
•married ()rvilla Merrill. July 12, 1.SJ4; she-dietl June 17, I86S. 


1563 Frederick A., b. Dec. 6, 1825; m. Emelinc C. Ma.son. Aug, 2, 1848; 


1564 Samuel A., b. Apr 5, 1828; m. Annie Holland, Oct. 5, 1873; d. 

1565 Emogene L., b. Jan. 29, 1830; m. d. 

1566 Jekome S., b. Mch. 10, 1832; m. Kate Maiioney, Aug. 1. 18.59: d. 

1567 Helen M., b. July 1, 1836; m. Moses Dxy. July 3, 1860; d. 

1568 Lewi-s W., b. Oct. 13, 1838; m. Fannie llolbrook, 1859; d. 

685 Samuel Mather, Jr.^ (son of SamueP, brother of above), of 
Kno.wiile. 111. Born at Djrien. L'onu., Mch. 'I'.i. 17'J6; died at 
Knox^ille, III, Aug. Ir), 1881: married (1) Nancy Cooper, of 
Baltimore, Md.. May. 1822; (2) Eliza Willis. Mch. 2U, 1825; 
(3) Mrs. Nancy Allen, Dec. 31, 1856. 


■1569 S.^MCEL. b. Feb. 26. 1S26; m. 

1570 William, b. Feb. 5, 1828; d. Nov. 6, 1830. 

1571 Richard II., b. Feb. 3, 1m30; il. Dec. 16, 18:56. 

1572 John, b. Dec. 13. 1831: d. Dec. 18, 1831. 

1573 I:iA.\r, b. Dec. 20, 1832; d. Xpr. 20, ]s.-,3. 
•1574 Lewis R., b. July 30. 1835; m. 

in the army. 

1575 Joseph, b. Nov. 28. 1837; m. 

in the army. 

1576 Sauah J.. b. Feb. 7, 18-10; d. June 7. 1841. 

d. Auu. 9, 1875. 

d. Fel). 15, 1863, 
(I. Jau. 27. 1862, 


l.>7r David. 
1J78 jAMts. 

b. Aug. IS, 1842; m. 
b. June 7. ls4C; m. 


Dav-id and James Mather served through the war. 

G96 Tliomus Mather' (son of Sanme?, Richard". Sainuel', Rich- 
ard*, Timothy*. Rev. Richard^. Thoma.s-, John'), of Middletown, 
Conn. Born in Lyme, Conn...(.*ct. 10. ITtjs; died at Middle- 
town. Mch. G, l.S-tO; married (1) Ehsabeth Hulibard, daughter 
of Elijah Huhl.ard, May .5. 1794: she died Uct. 17, ISIH; (2) 
Sally A. WilUams, daugliter of Benjamin Williams. 

157y Elijah H.. 

1580 Haxxah. 

lobl Gkiswold 

1582 Frederick S.. 

1583 William H., 

1584 Edward. 

1585 Theodore, 

1586 Amelia C 

1587 Au( t:.sta H.. 

15.88 ClIAKLE.S. 

1589 Geor(;e A., 


11, 1706; in. 

18, 1801: d. July 15, 

81. 1808: m. Jane A. 

b. Dec. 
b. Sept 
b. Jan. 

b. Aug. 17. 1815: m. Ellen J. 

d. 1880 or '81. 
b. Jan. 12, 1817: m. Mary A. 

d. Dec. 15, 1856. 
b. Nov. 17, 1818: unniarried; 
b. July 16, 1820; unmarried: 
b. Apr. 17, 1822; m. Geo. O. 

b. July 17, 1824: ai. Geo O. 

d. Apr. 8, 1844. 
b. July 17, 1826; unmarried; 
b. Dec. 12, 1828; unmarried; 

d. Jan. 27. 1818. 
31atlier. (X't. 20, 1834; 

Mather. June 5, 1838; 

Brnwer, July 16. 1841: 

d. May 2. Isi69. 
d. t.)ct. 10. 1862. 
Russell, Mch. 22, 1846; 

Russell, May 16, 1843; 

d. July 23, 1857. 
d. Jan 21. 1857. 

1590 Elisabeth. > 

1591 J.viiE.- 

- twins, b. Nov. 14, 1831; 

d. Nov. 25, 1832. 

697 Samuel Mather" (son of SamueP, Richard'', t^amuel^ Rich- 
ard^ Timothy*. Rev. Richard^ Tliomas^, John'), of Middletown. 
Conn. Born at Lyme. Conn. Jan. 4. 1771; died at Middle- 
town, Aor. 16. 1S;'')4; married Catherine, daughter of Ahram 
Livingston of Stillwater, N Y. 


1592 Louisa Mabia. b. Jan. 14. 1^08: m. Maj.-Gen. H. K. Mansfield. Sept. 

25, 1838: d. 

1593 EnSiUJETH II., b. Sept. 24. 1810; m N. WalUjn, June 17, 1829; d. 


1094 CATnEUiN-K. b. Jan. VJ. 1818: m. cl. 

1595 Jane Ann. b, Dec. 18, ISU: m. Thomas G. Mather, Oct. 20, 1H34; 

159G Samuel L., ■ b. July 1, 1817; m. (1) Gcorgiuiia P. Woolson, Sept. 

24, 1850; (2) Elisuboth L. Gwin. June 11, 18.5<i; d. 

1597 HowAKD, b. Mfh. 15, 18'20; m. ^Slary L. Suydam. June 30, 1846: 


1598 Catherine L.. b. May 8, 1822; m. Roderick 11. Bunihara, May 19, 

1841; d. July 13, 1885. 
1.599 IIiiNUY K.. b. May 17, 1824: m. Mary L. Hewitt, Oct. 5, I8(i5; d. 

Jan. 13, 1888. 
16(X) Maky Cornelia, b. July 25, 1827; d. Aug. 20, 1828. 

6*J0 Meliitable Mather' (uau. of Samuel', Kicburd", Samuel*, 
Richard', Timothy^ Rev. Richard^, Thomas-, John'), oi Lyme, 
Conn. Born Nov. 14, 1774; -died Dec. .5, 1831; married Capt. 
Thomas Sill, son of Col. David Sill, Nov. (.:, 1799. 


1601 John, b. Sept. 1, 1800; m. ^lary E. Sargent, Oct. 25, 1835; 


1602 Phebe M.vthek. b. Xov. 27, 1801: m. Charles E. Hart; d. 

1603 Henuy Mather, b. Oct. 2, 1803; uuniarried; d. Oct. 17, 1825. 

1604 Margaret. b. Sept. 14, 1805: m. John Hart: d. 
16U5 Nancy, b. Dec. 7, 1807: m. d. 

1606 Sarah Griswold, b. Dec. 35. 1809: m. Alljcrt L. WelLs: d. 

1607 Mary, b. Jan. 26, 1812; m. d. 

1608 Frances. b. July 23, 1814; m. Edward Vernon; d. 

701 Fanny Mather" (dau. of SamueP, sister of above), of Lyme, 
Conn. Born Dec. 13. 1779; died Mch. 4, IS 1.3; married Syl- 
vester Chapman. 1799. children. * 

1609 Har\t-:y. b. June 24, 1800; unmarried: d. Oct., 1838. 

1610 Phere. b. Aug. 1, 1802; ni. d. 

1611 Lois, b. Nov. 12, 1804; m. d. 

1612 Richard, b. .Jan. 22, 1SU8; m. d. 

1613 Fr.vaces Ann, b. Mch. 9, 1810; m. d. 


703 James Mather' (sou of Samuel*, hrothcr 1.1' aliove). oi Lyme, 

Conn. Boni Mcli. U. ITST); diud Ain-. 21. 1M2; marri.-.l 
Caroliiie Tiukff. Jan. •_'!», isii; ?iie dievl lsfi.3. 


161 1: IIauiuett C-Uioi.rNK, b. ni. Julm W. AUlii; il. 

161"> Lo[:i?.\ GuiSiWoi.D, b. June l!-*. 1n1'>; hi. Uicluini S. Griswuld; d. 


1616 Elt.en .T.\n-e. b. Mcli. 19, 1820: in. Frederick Sill .Mather; d. 

1617 Fk.vnces Ar(;r.sTA. b. June 4, 1822; in. Richard S. Griswold; d. Dec. 

19, 1889. 

Mr. sind Mrs. Richard S. Gris-wold left throe children. Louisa M.. who 
married Gen. Joseph G. Perkins; Frances A., who married Xath 1 M. Terry; 
Richard Sill, who married 

704 Alargarett ]latlier'*('ia.u. of Samuel^ Richard'', .Samuel', Rich- 

ard", Tim^'tiiv'. Rev. Richard'. Tlioiuas^, John'), of Albany, 
N. Y. Boru ac Lyme, Coun.. July Ki, 1787; died ; 

married Judge Wui. NicoU Sill. Sept. 1, LsOS. 


1618 Margarett NicoLL. b. July 5, 1809; m. Theodore W. Sanders; d. 

1619 Rexsalear NicoLL. b. Aug. 6, 1811; m. d. 

1620 Elisabeth Xroll. b. Sept. 13, 1813: d. Sept. 10. 1814. 

1621 Elisabeth Nicoll. 2d, b. June ;iO, isl.j; d. May 21. 1827. 

1622 FiiA.NCis Xkoll, b. Mch. 12. 1818: m. d. 

1623 Lyl'Ia Matheu. b. Sept. 27. lt<20; in. Richard E. Tliorne; d. 

1624 Joux. b. Dec. 6, 1822; m. il. 

1625 Wm. Xroll, b. Apr. 17. 182); m. d. 

1626 James M.vtueu. b Feb. 28. 1828: m. d. 

705 Lydia Matlier" ('lau. of Samuel'', sister of above), of Middle- 
town, Conn. Horn at Lyme, Conn.. Aug. 11, 1700; died Mch. 
5, 1850; married Elijali Hu'id-ard, Oct. 10, 1810. 


1627 Eli.t.vh Kent. b. Oct. 18. 1812; m. Eli.sabeth DeKoren. Sept. 15. 

1834; d. 

1628 Henry Griswold, b. Oct. 8, 1814; m. Roselle McDonough, dau. of 

Capt. McDonough. 



1629 M.uiiiAKETT S[i.i., b. Oct. 7. 1817; unmarried, d. Due is. 183S. 
16;}0 John- Mak:^u.vll, b July 28, Ifi'-i'i; m. Frances Fainhilil, 

18.jr2; (1. 

70v 3larv Mather' (<lau. of Willuim", and .•lister of aliovo). uf Lee, 
^[ass. Born Pec. 11. 17*)9: inarried Alvin Ilolcoini). 
1792; he died ISoS. 

1631 VrsrEXT. b. 

1632 IIOKVCE. b. 

1633 Ai.viN. b. 

1634 Wti.LiAMM., b. 
163.> Jlua :M., b. 

HOi.roNtr. crni.DREiT. 




70S Ezra -MatlifM-' («'in of William', Richard'. Samuel". Richard*, 
TimoUiy\ Kev. Richard^, Tliomas-, John'), of Troy, N. Y. 
Born Fob. 4. 1772; dieii LS43; married Elisabeth 


she died 1804 or o. 


1G36 Betsey. b. m. d. 

1637 Amem.v, b. m. Abram Bennett; d. 

1638 3Iaky, b. m. d. 

1630 b, Mch. 16, iMtlc m. Eliza Derby, Oct., 1832: d. June 

8, 1868. 
lt;40 HoK.vcE. b. Dec. 19, 1811; m. Mary II. Folsom; d. 

lf)41 Jt'LiA. b. m. d. 

1642 RitODA. b. m, Dennis Margcnie; d. 

70'.) Euniot^ ilatlitr' (<laii. of Willianv', Richard'', Samuel", Rich- 
ard', Timothy^ Rev. RichanP, Thomas', John'), of Monterey, 
Ma.«s. I'xjru Dec. 20, 1776; died Apr. 14, ls.'>.s; married 
Tliaddous Grantor, Mch.. 170.V. he died Oct. 23, 1S46. 

1643 Cl.ARl!»3A, 


UR.v:s'(;r:R ciiilduen. 

b. Jan. 23. 17'.)6; ra. Dr. Ezra Somer.s, Jan. 7, 

1818; d. 
b. Au.l,^ 8, 17".I7: m. Lorunu Smith, Au.g., 1819; d. 

Sept. 6, 1S72. 


1645 Rhoda, b. May 30. 1799: m. Laugduu; d. 

16-16 L.VLRA. b. Apr. 1, ISOI; m. d. Dec. 4, 1880. 

1647 Faxn-y. b. June 19, 1^0:5; m. Hulctt; d. 

1648 WiLLiA.M Rii.KY, b. July 12, mH; m. d. 

1649 Betsey, b. Nov. 6. 1:?09; m. Tlios. D. Hale of 3Ioiiterey, d. 
16511 Maloxa, b. Sept. 21, 1811; m. Thonuis B. Bo,s\vorth, Jun. 

1836; d. 

1651 Gilbert, b. Feb. 1, 1S16; m. • d. 

1652 Ai.vixsET Mather, b. Nov. 6, 1820: m. d. 

712 William Mather''' (son of William^ brother of above), of 
Pittsrield. Mass. Born 1782; diedJune 22, 1874 ; 
married RliO'la Loomis. 1S06; she died Sept. 22, 


1653 Melissa R.. b. .Ian. 2, 1808; m. William F. Bell. Tau. 27, 1831; d. 
16.54 Sarah D.. b. Dec. 29, 1809: m. Phijo E. Thompson. June 8, 1830; d 

1655 Emily M.. b. 1820; m. Oramel Watkins. Mch. 6. 1844; d. 

713 Richard Mather^ (son of William', brother of above), of 
Southwick, Mass. Born ; married Sally Stiles. 


1656 Henry, b. 1814; m. d. 

1657 Ai.ONZo, b m. d. 
1(1.58 D^vir;nT, ti. m. d. 

716 Capt. Andrew Mather' (son of ('apt. Elias\ Richard^ Sam- 
uel", Richard'. Timothy*. Rev. Richard', Thomas^ John'), of 
New Loudon, Conn. Born at Lyme, Conn.. 177.'^; died 

Nov. 16, 18.35; married Mary Wetmore. dau. of Ichabod Wet- 


1659 Hon. John P. C, b. Sept. 23. 1816; umuarried; d. 

Capt. Andrew Mather was for some years in the East India ser- 
vice, and for tw-c-nty years a commander in the revenue service. 

Hon. John P. C. Mather was a irraduate ot Yalo CoUejie, class of 
I8.S7. was a lawyer by profession, and was never married. Ho held 



several State office;?, secretary of State, senator, also mayor of rhe city 
of New London, and was a man of fine intellectual culture, and is a 
vice-president of the Connecticut Historical Society. 

718 Elias Matb'-T'' (sou of Capt. Ellas', brother of above), of 
Albany, N. Y. Born at Lyme. June 25, 177H; died at Albany, 

Feb. 6, 184!:!; married (1) Ann ; (2) Cynthia Corning, 

Jan. 23. 1821: (3) . 


16fi0 Charles L.. b. Mch. 16. 1811: m. Anna L. Whelan. 

1661 Mary Ann. 

1662 James. 2d. 
1668 JaneT.. 
1664 Charles C, 
166.5 Jame.s, 
1666 Cynthia, 

4. l!S«.*^. 

May 17. 1817; 



m. F. L., Harris. 
l.«21; m. M.iria Co<ly, 
1824: m. Edwin Smith, 





b. - were children who died in infancy. 


1848: d. Sept. 

d. Nov. 1846. 
d. Jlch. 9, 1868. 

Mr. Elias Mather was a successful merchant' in Albany, N. Y., 
having spent most of his business life in that city. Nearly all oC his 
descendants are now dead. Charles R. Smith. Esq., a prominent law- 
yer of Broadway, New York, is a grandson. 

723 Nancy Mather' (dau. of Capt. Sylvester^ Richard". Samuel*, 
Richard', Timothy', Rev. Richard-', Thomas'", John'), of Lyme, 
Conn. Born at Lyme. Conn.. May 2. 1790: died June 22, 
1.8:54; married John Hart, June 25, 1811. 


1667 Sylvester. h. .May 29, 1812; d. Def. 7. 1816. 

1668 Ell^abeth. b. .Tuue 17, 1814; m. Willis Warner, 18;53; d. 

1669 John Ai.exanoer. b. ISlfi; m. Louisa Edgortnn; d. 

1670 LociSA E.. b. Sept. 10, 1822; m. Rcy. Wm. Whittlesey. 

1.845; d. 

725 Louisa Oriswold Mather' (dau. of Capt. Sylvester^ sister of 
ab(.ve), of Uinghaiutun. N. Y. Born in Lyme, Conn.. July 2'.), 
17:>4: died BVb. li). LSGG: married Col. Oliver Ely, Nov 4, 



^'Arr. /A///V;. 



1671 Ei.isAnETn A.. b. d. young. 

1G7'^ Wm. Matuek. b. July ^tj, 1819; m. B. Jarvis, 1840; d. 

Feb., 1872. 

1673 Mi.NNiE Pr.ATT. b. m. d. 

107i GEoKtiE MATniii:. b. m. d. 

lG7o Chaiiles Platt. b. m. d. 

1676 JosErri ELriir. b. Jan. 22, is-j."); m. Eli-vibcth D. M. Koan, Juuc- 

18. l«o6; d. 

1677 Na_scy Hakt, b. Nov., l.s;>0; lu. (1) Chas. Platt; (2) Frederick E. 

Pliitt; d. 

726 Richard Mather* (son of Capt. Sylvester\ Richar.P, Samuel'. 
liiciiartP, Timothy'. Rev. RiciianP, Thomas', Johu'), of Bing- 
hamton. N. Y. Boi-n in Lyme, Coun., Oct. 31, 1798; died at 
Biughamton. N. Y.,June 15, 1SS5; married Caruline Whit- 
ing, dau. of Col. Mason "W'Tiiting; she died Aug. 25, 1S88. 


1678 Ei.i.<ABETn Wait, b. Aug.. 1S24; m. James DePew, Apr. 1, 18-52; d. 

1679 -Maiiy Whiting. b. Jan., 1827: d. 18:51. 

. 1680 Rnouv A. L., b. July, 1830; m. d. 

1681 Nancy LonsA, b. Aug.. 18^2; m Edward E. Jackson. Oct., 18.59; d. 

1682 CAKOLiN-EWuiTESC.b. JuQc, 1884; m. d. 

1083 Mason Whiting, b. Auir., 18:37; m. .Vugusta R. Rubin.suu, Dec, 1857; 

1684 Frances Amelia, b. July, 1844; d. 1848. 

In Memoriam. 

Richard Matuer, . 

Born Oct. SI, 179S. Died June 15. ISSo. 

"And I heard a voice from Heaven Siiyincr unto me, write, Blessed are the 
dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, sjuth the Spirit, that they 
may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them." — Rev. 14: 13. 

Richard Mather was in the sixth generation from the Rev. Richard 
Mather of Lancaster. England, who emigrated to Massachusetts and 
settled in Dorchester, in lt;35. He was the son of Capu Sylvester 
Mather of Lyme, Conn., who was lost at sea in 1810. 


In November. 1814, Richard Mather came to Binghamton. New 
York, where all of his subsequent lif(i was parsed. 

On Sunday, May i'.lst, the first warning of approaching death came 
with a slight stroke of apoplexy. The splendid constitution that had 
so grandly withstood the wear of eighty-six years of active life suc- 
cumbed slowly. The struggle lasted through two weeks. Saturday 
niglit he fell asleepv and did not awaken again until Monday morning, 
at ten minutes past one. when he passed away with a long sigh and 
awoke on the other side. The funeral services were conducted by the 
Rev. (jr. Parsons Nichols. D.D., the pastor of the First Presbyterian 
Church, whose address is appended to this memorial. 

When we call over the rapidly diminishing, now almost silent, roll 
of worthy men who were a part of the early history of this city, and 
who have been prominently identified with all that is best in its 
progress and welfare, one of the foremost figures upon which the eye 
has hitherto rested is Richard Matlier. Henceforth this also must lie 
among us a silent name. The well-known form, the long-loved pres- 
ence, the beaming, benignant countetiance has pa,ssed away, darkening 
a wide circle by its departure. 

Richard ^Slather was descended from the fam.ous Puritan Mather 
family, and was born m Lyme. ("onn.. as far back as October 31, 1798, 
so that he was ol<l enough to remembei- the great cha racters and stir- 
ring events that distinguislied the opening years of tlie present century. 
He was born before Washington died, and saw, during his boyhood, 
the star of the first Napoleon blazing towarel its fall, and felt the agita- 
tion which the war between the United States and Great Britain raised 
in the breasts of the New England men. 

At the age of IH he was left fatherless; two years later he came in 
a sleigh to Binghamton to take a position in a store. From that 
time — as clerk, merchant, manufacturer, and retireii citizen — his 
uninterrupted residence ami di'arlv lnvcd honn- for seventv-two years 
has been in this city. Ho wns present at the organization of the 
Presliyti^rian (.'hurch, and witnessed the plnntiug of all the noble insti- 
tutions of the city. He was him.self a prominent agent in making and 
moulding the city, a strong iufiueuce in advauciug its highest interests, 
a universally respected and honored citizen, — often selected bv his 


fellow men iur posiiions of public trusts and responsihility. liotli civil 
and reliicious. He made pulilic confession of his faith in tlie Lord 
Jesus Christ ;it the age of thirty-four years, and immediately connected 
himself \viih the First Presbyterian Church, in whose liistory he ever 
felt a just p-ide. and wiiose fair honor he ciierished down to his last 
day with a loyal afiectionateness as inspirinir as it was beautiful. He 
was a real churchman of God's own makiuir, a soul imlmed and ani- 
mated to the verv core with loyalty and fidelity to the house of (ioil, 
and the ministrv cf God, and the service of God. For many years he 
was a trustee of the church, and in IrfGu he was placed upon the bench 
of elders, which office he held until his death. But while the First 
Churcli was his home and peculiar dehicht, he gave all churclies — 
Protestant and Catholic — his warm right hanil. and received in turn 
from all fraternal affection and higli regard. Seldom is dust committed 
to dust amid expressions of regret and sorrow so sincere and so general 
as those which accompany this aged man to his grave. 

We are at a loss how to characterize and where to place this dear 
father of ours. He belongs, by the inmost quality of his being and 
wliole expression of liis life, to the category of the good. He was a 
good man after the New Testament type of good men, a man Iwloved 
of Heaven, one of the excellent of the earth, a living embodiment of 
all nobleness, sweetness, strength, and simplicity. When we speak of 
Cliristian g<>od men we are reminded of two diflering kinds of charac- 
ter — one which is allied with a certain moroseness of nature, quick- 
ness of temper, sharpness of speech, ami which struggles into the light 
against many difficulties, and through many o'oscuring clouds of regret- 
ful words and acts and behavior; the other which springs up and thrives 
like a plant in congenial soil, and which blossoms out, as it were, spon- 
taueouslv into all kind thoughts, kind words, and fresh, genial sympa- 
thies. To this latter and rarer tv-pe of goodness our beloved father 
belonged. His was a .soul ever full of moral music; a presence that 
always brought sunshine; a cliaracter serious without harshness, cheer- 
ful witliout levity, conscientious without a touch of, 
always breathing forth an atmosphere of calm repose an(.l gracious dig- 
nity, which was a blessing to us all. He combined the lirmness and 
strength which conviction gives with ;•. largeness and gentleness that 
come froui wi.sdom and charity. 


Let those who think it consistent with their position or rehgiou to 
ini.lulge in ;hi iusok-nt temper, and to treat with intolerance and rude- 
ness those who ditier from them, remember — as they must often have 
seen it — the prudent abstinence, the gracious urbauitv, the tender 
consiiieration with which our friend met tlie jarring cij-cumstances and 
impetuous cliaracters of life as if he ever kept before him the divine 
ideal of Him ■■ who when He was reviled, reviled not again; wlien He 
suffered, threatened not, but committed Himself to Him that judgeth 

I have not ventured, m this public presence, to go behind the veil 
of our friend'.s private and domestic life. But those who are familiar 
with it know well that all the sweet word hn?tie means, tliis place was 
to him; and all the sacred words hu.'sbanil and faflfr mean, he was to 
this place. Not one of the sorrowing group of which he was the cen- 
ter but remembers with grateful tears to-day how near he held them 
to his heart; how he made their troubles his own: and how ready he 
■was to encourage them in enterprises before which they were halting, 
and to cheer them when they had bravely done their task. His wife, 
for more than sixty years, hastened to him. as the bin! to her hiding 
place, and his children rose up and called him blessed. 

We, none of us, my friends, believe in the faultlessness of any 
man, but we recognize the fact that out of our faulty texture our Lord 
Jesus Christ can weave patterns of goodness which are revelations of 
Himself and inspirations to us all. Such a pattern has He woven in 
the life now closed un earth. 

In parting with such an one, whether we look backward along the 
long path of the earthly pilgrimage, darkly shadowed with difficulties 
and trials and sorrows, or forward to the fullness of light and joy and 
peace at God's right hand, we may repeat for him and urge on our- 
selves those beautiful words, whose meaning is inexhaustible: '■ The 
path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more unto 
the perfect day." 

727 Sylvester Mather^ (son of Capt. Sylvester*, brother of above), 
of Biughamton. X. Y. Bc^rn in Lyme, C(jnn., June 29. 1801; 
died \^?>\, at sea; married Mary Amelia Ward, 1^27, 



1685 Mahy Elisakkth. h Dec. 16, ISi^: m. Frederick B. Lathrop; d. 

1686 JouN IIakt. b. Dec. 3, Ib-iO. m. d. 

72S Hon. Henry Mather" (sou of Capt. Sylvester', brother of 
above), of Binghaniton. N. Y. Born in Lyme. Conn.. July 9, 
ISO:^: died Mav 1. ls7U; jiiarried Frances AVhiting. 


1687 Richard Henry, D.D., b. Feb. 12. 1835; m. (1) Elisabetli C.nrmich.ael; 
, she d. Oct. 28, 1877: (2) Ellen A. Mather: 

d. Apr. Ifi. 1890. 
168H MvHT Dor"Bi,Er>.A.T. b. Jan. 2.5, 1833; d. Jan. R, 1.^1 

16s:) Elisaketii Radcliff. b. m. d. 

16510 Mason WiiiTiN<;. b. d. in infancy. 

Hon. Henry Mather was a man widely known, and of much influ- 
ence in his town and State, and lillod offices of public trust with 
marked acceptability. 

741 Stepliei) Mather' (son of Joseph^ Joseph'. Joseph", Richard*, 
Timr.thy', Rev. Richards Thomas', John'), of Cherry Valley 
and Utica. X. Y. Born at Bridgeport, Conn., 1773; 

died at Utica, Aug. 2fi. 18.5t'.; married Mehitable Loomis, Oct. 
12, 1791. 


1691 Russell, b. 1795; m. ilary Graves. Oct. 16, 1815; d. May 16, 


1692 Laura. b. 1797; m. William Howard: d. 

1693 Abigail, b. 1800; m. Elij:ih d. 

1694 Mahia. b. 1802; m Mr. Barnes; d. 

1695 Okvu.i.e, b. 1804; m. d. 

169() Rkv. \Vm. Loomis. b. 1806; m. Aniauda P.ilmer. May 3, 1S;JG; d. Apr. 

15, I'^fiM 

1697 .Tri.iA. b. 1808; m. Mr. .Merrill; d. 

1698 Mauy. b. in. Mr. Benjamin; d. 

Stephen Mailier spent the early part of liis married life in New 
Britain. Conn.: afterward moved into New York State; was engaged 
in mercantile pursuits. He was a man of a strong mind, and was 



highly respected for great integrity of character, piety, ami good sense: 
was an active elder in the Presbyterian Church at Utica, X. Y., until 
almost the list vvL'uk of his life. 

772 Sarali Ann Mather" (dau. ot Samuel, :m.D.^ Eleazar, M.D.". 
Joseph*, Ric'uanP, Timothy', Rev. Kichard^ Th'nnas*. John'). 
of New Rochelle. X. Y. Born in L}'me, Conn.. Juno I!), 1772; 
died .March 15, 182G; married Matson Smith. M.D., April 3, 
178S; he died March 13, 1845. aged 78. 


1699 Dr. Joseph M.^ther, h. Mcb. 14. 1789; m. Henrietta M. Bcarc, May 24. 

18;il; ri. Apr. 22, 1886. 
b. Dec. 17, 1700; m. d. Nov. 28, 18r)2. 

b, Apr. 22. 1792; m. d. June 24. 1821. 

b. Feb. 28, 1794: m. Harvey P. Poet, LL.D.. Aug. 

19, 183o; d. Dec. 30. 1863. 
b. May 2, 1796; m. d. t^ept. 11, 1831. 

b. Mch. 23. 1798; m. Emily M. Meir. May 3, 1825; 

d. Feb. 19, 1884. 
b. Feb. 16. IS^'O; m. INIary Everston Lewis. Jan. 

14, 1836; d. riept. 8, "lb77. 
b. Dec. 11, 1801; d. Feb. 9, 1802. 
b. Jan. 30, 1803; m. Charlotte Young. Apr. 30, 

1828: d. June, 1869. 
b. riept. 9, 1804; d. 8ept. 7, 180.'5. 
b. Sept 26. 1806. ni. d. Sept. 27. 1853. 

b. Jan. 1, 1808, m. Aletta P. Leverick, Jan. 23, 
1833; d. Au'T. 14, 1864. 

1700 H.\REIET T.. 

1701 Stephen-. 

1702 S.\R.\H AxN, 

1703 M.vRY Alice. 

1704 Du. Albert, 

1705 m.\tson-, 

1706 Eliza, 

1707 W.M. Hexry, 

1708 Olher. 

1709 Eliza Susax, 

1710 Charles, 

Dr. Joseph Mather Smith was for a long period a professor in the 
College of Physicians and Sui'geons m Xew York city. 

773 Lois Mather^ ('hiu. of Dr. Samnel*, Dr. Eleazar''. Joseph", 
Richards Timothy*. Rev. Richard^, Thomas''', John'), of Lyme, 
Conn. Born in Lyme, Feb. S. 177'); died 1816; 

married (1) Xathauid Woodbridge; (2) Dr. John R. Watrous. 


1711 N.vTU.x.NiEL SiiAW, I). May 5, 1796; m. 


WATKOi s t iiilui;i:n. 

1712 JoiiN LrciEx. h. m. d. 

1713 Fkances AL<.r^TA, b. m. d. 

774: Lucy .Uatlier* (dau. of Dr. Saimu^l''. sister of alioVe), of Great, 
Barriiigtou. Mass. Born at Lymn. C'omi.. Nov. "Jl. 1777; died 
June 'i 1S59; married Dr. Bar.uch Beckwith", ^[.•iy 'lA. IS(I4; lie 
died Aug. is, IS 5. 5. ageil 77. 

EEC Kwrnr f uildhkn. 

1714 ITox. Geukge ^Iathek. b. Juuc 27. 18(i-j; m. Elisabeth If. Movers, Feb. 

20, lii-43; A. Jiui. 2.J. l^&.i. 

1715 -Maky Alice. b. Mcb. 2, l.'5()7: m. Augustus Smith. J urn.- 0. 

1824: d. 

1716 Bakcch. b. Apr. 2, 1S09; m. Aug. 4, IbiW; d. 

1717 Lucy Matuek. b. Nov. 22. 1811- m Justiu Taylor. Oct. 10. 

1827; d. 

1718 Samiel Boekuave. b. Apr. 16. 181-5; m. Mary Beckwith, May 20. 

l.S-12; d. 

1719 Betsey, b. July 13. 1817: m. N. I. Jillsou. Jan. 10, 1839; 


1720 Loi-i>E Watk'Ms. b. June 14. 1^19; d. Nov. 19, l!53.j. 

1721 PA-VfELiA. b. Aug. 4, 1822; d. Aug. 24, ls22. 

Pr. George ^ilatlier Beck-T\-idi of Groc-n. X. Y.. is a sou of Samuel 
B. M. Beckwith. and a grandson of Lucy Mather and Dr. Baruch 

776 John W. Mather" (sou of Dr. Samuel', and Ijrother of above), 
of Tarryiown. N. Y. Born at Lyme. Conn., Jan. 21, 1807; died 
1836; mai-ried Reljecca Smith. 1829. 


1722 Aloszo S.. b. 1830; m. Matilda B. Brnckway. Sept. 20, 1853; d. Jan. 

32. 1885. 

1723 John Rogers, b. 1833: m. d. 

1724 Sauaii A-NN. b. 1837: m. Richard W. Reck of Lyme. 1858: d. 1859. 

Alonzo S. Mather i-nUstetl in the war .service during the rebellion, 
from Lebauoii. Conn.; was first lieutenant ot his company. 


778 Betsey 3Iather' C^iiu. ot Dr. p^reilerick'. Dr. Eleazar". Just-pk^ 
Ricliju\l=. TimoThy'. Rev. Richard'', Tlionias-. JoLu'). of Wood- 
stock. \'t. Bom in Lyiuf. Conn.. Dec. 2'>, ITGS; died July 10. 
1821: married Richard Ransom. Jr., June 10, 179'2. 

H.\.NSO.M cnil.ORKN. 

172.') Ri(ii.\RD Matiiek, b. M.:h. 11. 1794: m. d. Apr 10. Is30. 

1726 FuEUKUrciL. 'o. June W>. 1797: m. d. Feb 14, 1817. 

1727 Royal :M ucei-kacf.. b. Dec t), 1798; m. d. June 17. L^a2 

1728 Stillman. b. Sept. 10. 1801; d. Dec. 4. 1^*11. 

1729 Emza Ely, b Sepr. 20. 18!i:i. m. Edmund S. ILiydeu. Miiy 1, 

1>2.1: d May I'.i, 1828. 

1730 LoriiA. b. Apr. 7. 1S07: <i. Jan. o, 1812. 

1731 Daniel, h. Uct. 17, 1813: m. Lucy E. Lake, July 13. 1835; 


781 Charles Lee ]Iather' (-^ou of Dr. Frederick^ brother of above), 

ot Waterford. Conn. Born at Waterrord, Conn., Au^X- -7, 1776; 
died Sept. 10. 180s : married Sarah Smith, Dec. 1799; 

she died Dec. 27, l^U. 


1732 Alfked PEiiKiNs, b. Oct. 2U. 1><03; m. d. 

782 Abram Perkins Mather" (s"n of Dr. FrHdenck^ broth^-r of 

above), of .-louth Woodstock. Vt. Born Sept. 2.j. 17sO: died 
Sept, 21, 18.31; marne.l Charlotte, dau. of Samuel Field. 


1733 El^-ice Dunham, b. Dec. 13, 1804; m. Sullivan Fay, Apr. 27, 1827; 


1734 C'LOKiNDA D., b. Uct. 19, INHi; m. Monroe McKenzie, Jan. 4, 1829; 

173.7. CnAfiT.ES. b. Feb. 11. 1809; m. .Mary C. Wait, Apr. 11, 1883; 

d. Jidy 18, 1849. 
1730 SAMrEL FiF.r.n. b Sept. 4, I'^ll: ni. Mary A. Rend, Auir., 1S36; 

she d, June 22, 18s9; d 

1737 Acoi-.-Tis Cotton. b. June 2t5, 1S14; ni. Hannah M. Barnes. 1837; d 

1738 CiiAKi.oriK M., ii. July 28, 1817; ui. d. 

1739 Fkkueuick • iia,.\.\uu. b. Au^^ I">. is2(i; unmarried; d 1882 ur 3. 

1740 N.vNCT. 


1741 AuGUSTrs K . 


1742 >rAKY. 


1743 I^HEiiBOStA, 


1744 JosTZPii. 


1745 OziAS, 


1716 Lalra, 












7>>r> .Vtlirustus .Vlatlior' (son ot Dr. Augu.stus'. Dr. Eleazer. Jo- 

se[.L'. Uichiinr. TiinothyS Rev. Ri(-li;u-.P, Tiioitias'. John'), of 
Parma. X Y. Born at East Haddum. Conn.. Apr. *>, 177S: 
died Jan. 2L 1840: married Polly Arnold, Mch. 'Jf). 1797. 


d. Feb. 4. 1872. 



b. Aug. 10. ISI.-); m. Susan A. Wright. Aug. 81. 1840; 

d. Mch. i;). 1SS6. 
b. May 19. 1S17; m. d. 

788 tol. James Matlier' (son ot AuKUStus. M.D.«, Eleazer. M.D.-. 
Josej,.;!-. Richard'. Timotliy*. Rev. Riclianl". Thonias'-. John*), 
of Lnrnpster, N". ll Born at East Haddara. Conn.. Dec. ."!". 
17So: died Dec. 3ti. 1>4.'k married Rhoda. dau. of Gen. Elisha 
Huntly. oi Marlow. X. H.. 1804. 


1747 LrcT. b. Nov. 14. ls05; m. Nathan George. Mch., 1830; d. 

1748 Eli^iia H., b. Feb. 28, 18v>tt: m Emily R. Giddings. Sept. 13, 1832; 

d. l>7(i. 

1749 ^Iehitable, b'. d. at J j'ears of :ige. 

17.10 Ozias. 31 D.. b. May 21. 1815; m. Gracia Con, 1841; d. 


1751 .Iame.< H.. b. 1818: ra. d. 1837. 

1752 AuiiCSTrs. M.D.,b. Nov. 25, 1S21: in. Mnrit-tta Gee. Feb. 24, 1841: il. 

Col. James Mather, when aixjut .11 years of atce. ieit East Haddain 
and went to New Hampshire and settled on a farm; was a man of in- 
fluence in that section. He was one of the lir.?t of tiie Mathers who 
settled -in that State. His younger brother. Dr. Ozias. settled a little 
later in Wasiring'on. New llampsliire. 

780 Ozias Mather, M.D.' (son of Augu.stus. M.D.^ Eleazer. M.D.', 
Josepii'. Ricliard\ TannthyV Rev. liichard'. Tln^mas^. John'), of 


Washinjjton, X. H. Born :it E;ist Had'lam. (?<itni.. Jan. 12. 
17S7; 'lied • >(-t. ■_'.''. l^lo: married Harriot iM-aiiiaid. N'^v. ;!. 


ITo:? HkN'ky Brai.nahd. !i. Au;,'. 20, If^lO: in. Ellen Everett. Sept. 3, 1^40; 

il Jan. ;^U. 1KS4. 
1T54 Samuei. flot.MF.s, b. >tch. 20. 1S13: m Emily W. Greu-nry. 3Iay !), 

Mrs. Ilarriei Braiuanl Mather married (a secon'l time) Edn-ard 
Lawrence, and died Jan. I'l. 18-5;-!. in aer (jod year. 

700 Eh'azOI- Watrous Mather^ {^on of Dr. .Vngustusl brother of 
above), ui Haillyme. Conn. Born Mch. l'S. 1^12: died Xov. 
20, 1887: married Elisabeth Louise Foster. June 18. l,s;',7: slie 
died Feb. 5, 1882. 


1755 Mary Hei.ex. b. Xov. 18. 18;58; m. RoswellDoune Spencer. Fcl). 

•27. 1860: d. 

1756 AuGCSTCs. b. Mch. 22. 1843: unmarried- d. 

1757 K.xTiE Louise, b. Xov. 20, 1852; m. Erastus S. Warner, Nov. 25, 

1880; d. 

1758 Fa.n-xy Foster, b. Oct. 28, 1854; ra. T. W. Dickinson, Oct. 28, 

1881: d. 

791 Capt. Eleazar 3Iather'' (son of Dr. Eleazar'. Dr. Eleazar^ 
Joseph^, Richard'. Timothy^ Rev. Richard'. Tliomas'-. Jolm'). 
of Brooklyn. Conn. Born Dec. .'Jn. 177."i; dii'd Jan. 10. Isvi: 
Tuarritiil (I) Loriuda Abbott. Sept. "J.!, I7".»S: she died Apr. ?,. 
1800: (•_') Fanny ^'iliiams. Oct. 24. 1802; she <iied Mch. 27. 


1759 LoRiNDA. b. Mch. 23. 18ini; ni. d. 
17G0 Wii.LiA.M \Vri.Li\.Ms. LL.D . 1.. May 24. 1804: ni. (1) Emily Biikcr. 

June 20. lS;jO; (2) Mrs. Mary Ciirtiss, 
Aug. 21, 1851; .1. Feb. 26, lS5!t. 
1761 Faxny, b. Mch. 12, 1806; m. David C. UoDes, 

Xov. 5. 1M21: .1. Feb. 6, 1>)71. 


1762 Ei.rsAiiiCTii. t' Apr. '27, isir.; ni .Tames Ilughi's;. ^fopt. 

lTt;n Mahtha .Vnx. 1>- J;i(i- 9. l^-'^^ '"• '1' ^i'"''" I^- Cotton. 

2klay 30, 1848; he d. Apr. :iO, 18.57; (2) 
Dr.'liirani Holt. Meh ;;0. 1858; d. 

Capt. MiitluT wa.s a hut mamil'acturer lor ten or twelve wars, and 
afterward kept rae ■■ Mather Temperance Coffee Hou;je." of Brook- 
lyn. Conn. 

■792 W;itrOJl.s Mather^' l^'Hi of Dr. Eleazer*. l.rother of aoove). of 
Vonuont. ;inii of Akron. ( >hio. Bo!'ii ^^ch, 11. ITTs; died 
1.^4;i: married Hanuali Thomoiiou. ot Vermont. 


1764 Llcv, b. m. -las. Bnnvn; d. 

1765 Don-, b. m. d. 

17('6 PoLi.Y, 1>. m. Nath.iii Harrow; d. 1S42. 

17(57 ZF.i.o-rrs. b. m. Harriett Hundiu: d. 1842. 

17(;8 Wili.tamT.. 1). .Jan. 12, 1S12; lu. .^arali Chapman. lSo4; 

d Oft. •>. 1SS7 

1760 Elvira K., b. ni. -John H. Crawford; d. 

1770 Hannau. I). m. (1) Israel AUeu; (2) Dr. Be.lden; d. 

703 Soth Mather'' (son of Dr. Eleazer'. brother of above), of 

Born ; married 


1771 Hawlev. b. m. d. 

1772 Franklin, b. ni. d. 

1773 Hknky H.. b. Apr. is, 1S04, m. d. Apr. s, 1SS6. 

1774 3[aky Ann. b. "i Edward f. Bancroft, d. 
177.-) Emklink. b. m d. 

798 Capt. Samuel Roirers S. Mather' (son of Dr. Eii.-lia'', Dr. 

Eloazar". .]u.sepii\ Richard', TimcjthyV Rev. Ri.cliard'. Tiiomas-. 
John'), of .Saybrook, Conn. Born .Ian. 20. ITsO; wrecked, at 
sea Seut. 'Jn. 1^1,-.; married Alinira Whittlesey, a <lescendant ot 
Rov. Azariah Mather of .^ay brook, Conn.. Sept. 'MK 1812. 



177»! Ai.MiUA WiiiTTLKSKV, 1). Juui' 27. 1813; ni. ('apt .luhu D. Ingra- 

hain. 'Slay 1:3. ISH;}; d. 

1777 ISamlel KixiEK.-* Seloex, b. Mch. 17, 181-5: m. Emily L C'kirk, Aug. 

l:l 1839; .1 Feb. U. IS-H). 

8<)0 Elisabeth Mather' {d&n. ui Dr. Elisha^ .sistfi- of ai>ov.;). of 
Colchester. L'oim. Born Aug. 2, 178'2; died Oct. _"i. l\2S; 
married Benjamin Tninibnll, son of Rev. I)r. Benj. TnimhuU. 
Mch. 1.-.; 1800. 


177"^ Bf.nm. M.vTnER. b. .May 17. 1801; m. (\. 

177!) Jtt.ia. b. Feb. 3. 1803; d. Oct. 7. IsOtj 

1780 Jonx. b. Dec. 23. 1n)4: d. Sjpt. 11, 1s(m;. 

1781 John S.. b. Mch. 3, 1807: m. d. 
17S2 Erastts, b. M:iy 11. 1809: m. d. 

1783 D-WtD Daguett. b. June 29. 1811; m. d. 

1784 Hon. Ltmax. b. Oct. 12. 1813: m. il) Julia .M. Payne. June 12, 

1843; [2) Mary J. In.ijrrali.ini. Nov. 3. 1877; d. 
178.') Jui.ia Elisabeth, b. Mch. 28. 1810; m. d. Apr. 17. 18."il. 

1786 George, b. June 4. 1818; m. Caroline -Murray, June 31,1846; 


1787 Sarah .Maria. b May 11, 18-20; in. Jolm H. Trumbull, July 1.5, 

18.50: d. 

1788 J.O-E, b. Aug. 12, l'*22: m. d June 4, 1839, 

Hon. Lymau Truinlmll was educated at Colchester Academy; was 
principal of an academy at Greenville, Ga. ; studied law, and admitted 
to the bar 1837: settleii at Belleville. 111.: member of legislature 1840; 
Secretary of Stiite l>il-'i: Justice of Supreme Court of Illinois l.'<4.8 
to 1*^.5:'.: member of Congn.'ss 18.54: U. S. Senator 1 8.5.5; re-elected in 
18(50 and 'j'j. Fonu'-rly a leading republican, but of late a democrat, 

802 Dr. Elisha Mather' (son .>f Dr. Eii8h;i\ brother of above), 
of Sodus. N. y. B>irn Jan. 4, 178.5; died May "24. 1848; mar- 
rii'd Susan W, Willcy. IsoT; she died Si-pt. '_';'., 18.'{5. 


1789 Samlfl K S.. b. . 1.^11; m. .1, Sept. 3. 1832. 

1790 Elimia. b. Nov. 3. 1h16; ni. Catlic-iue Barker. Sept. 20, l.-!42; <1, 

Feb. 3. 1877. 


803 Dr. E/ra Seidell Miitlier' (-"n ut Dr. Eli.shu'. Dr. Eleazar". 
Joatjph'*. Piichur'P. Tiiiiotliy', Rev. RicLnrd'. Thoiua.^'". John'}, 
of Essex. Cunn. Born Aug. 7, IT.SS; died July :(). lSTf<; 
inarrieil Chloe Clark. N'ov. 7, \s[o; slie died Moh. l;]. 1^7(». 


17!>1 TiTis Selde.n. b. .June 18, 1814; d. June 7; 181.3. 

1792 TiTis Ci..\KK. b. Oct. 14, 1816; (1. Dec. 31, 1820. 

179:3 Chlok Ei-i^.-iKKTH. b. .June 3, 1818: m. d. 

1794 .Tri.i.v Soi-iri.\. b. Dec. 31. 1819: in d. 

179o C-\i'T. Ezu.v Seldkn. b. Nov. .">, is-il: ni, Susuu B. Post. Oct. 26, 

1868: d. 

1796 Tixrs Clark. 2d. b. Feb. 29, 1824: m. Surah M Utterwell. 1851: 


1797 Mortimer Danfurtu, b. Dec. 23. 1828: m. Eliza A. Pratt, June 12, 

. 1863; d. 

804 Sophia Mather^ (dan or Dr. Elisha*. sister of above), of 
Springiield. O. Born Jan. 17. 17!'l: died 

married Col. George "Washington Jewett. 


1798 John Roger.-., b. 1810: m. d. 

1799 Geokcf.. b. 1814: was drowned younir. ' 

805 Laura >IatJier' ('Ian- of Dr. Elisha'. sister of above), of 
Arnustrong. i ;iiio. Born Aug. 'JO. 17!)G; died :r^ept. ID, 182.3; 
married (1) Moses Page, 1817; ("J) Mr. Armstrong. 


1800 boPUiA Mather, b. Mch. 26. 1818; in. Mr. Walker: d. 

80(j Dr. Ulysses Mather" (sou of Dr. Elislia\ brother of above), 
of t^aybrook. Conn. Born Nov. L'li, l.s()-_'; died May 1.3, ls:]2.; 
married l'ris..Mlla P. Doane. iN'i'J. 


1801 Ulysses, b. Apr. 3. 1823: m. Lydia K. Wn-clit, 184.'<; d. 

181)2 Lai-ra. b. Nov. 23, 1824: m. Thouia.s .^[. Dyer, Apr.. 1848; d. 

18i>3 Em.-ha, b. Jan. 28. 1827; m. d. 

180-4 JouN PvixEKs. b Dec. 4. 1829: ni. d. Feb. 22, 1.-H9. 


808 Elijah Jlather'' (^'^n of John». John'. .Ic-eph'. Hi.:h;ini\ Tim- 
othy', Rev. Rit'hai'd''. Tlionias-. Joim'). oi PuuiiHr. Madisou Co., 
N. Y. Born Dec. i7. 177.!: died June 1_'. \slA-. mumod Sally 
Lord. Oct. 5, 17^)7; .-^be died Juue 2, l!Si!». 


180.5 A Sox, b. May Vd, 1798; d. May. 14. Hll.^. 

ISOt; Reuben Lord, h, Feb. 15. 1800; m. Nain-y nutchiiison. March 10. 

18-22; d. Feb. lit. 1881." 

1807 Sally Mih.vnu^. b Oct. 18, IS.ll; m. Richar-d Royce, Nov. 26. 1829; 


1808 Elijah Peck, b. May 22, 1803; m. d. 

ISOO LrTHKu Peak^ox. h. Sf-pt. 28, ISOo; m. Lucvetia E. Xe-wben-. 1832: d. 

1810 Joseph Ej.y. b. July 17. 1807: m. d. Nov. 4. 1807. 

1811 Hepzidah P . b. Uct. 4, 1808: m Nuble Reagley. ; d. 

1812 Elisabeth Ely. b. June 17. 1811; d. Mch. 23, 1816. 

1813 Nancy Browx. b. July 17. 1813; m. Cjtus Heath, Sept. 10. 1832: d. 

810 John Matlier^ (son of Joliu"*, brorher of above), ot Richmond, 
Ontario Co.. N. Y Born Sept. ^7, 1779; died Apr. '_',; 
married Sail;' C. Boyle. May 9. 1.^04: she ilied (Jet. I'l, 18<>7, 
aged 81 years, o months, 2 days. 


1814 JoriN O.. 1,>. Mch. 25. 180."); m. Abigad Johusoa. Sept. 2!», 1831; d. 

June 1. 1^(3*2. 

1815 Elisha R.. b. Nov. 21, ISOB; m. (1) Nancy Aun Gooding, Jan. 31, 1832; 

i2) Permelia Horton: d. 

1816 JobEPir H.. b. Dec. 2. 1808: d. Sept. 9. 1810. 

1817 JosEPii H., b. July 17. 1811; m. Hannah Jerome, Oct. 30, 1834: d. 

1818 HuLDA M.. b. Jun.- 10 1814; m. Alk-u Smith. Sept. lo. 1831; d. 

1819 Sarah A., b. Ai'.r. 21. ISIG; m. Henry Buell. Dec. 28. 18301 d. 

1820 Fidelia S.. b. Mch. 25. 1820; ra. John W. Deney, March 30, 1844; d. 

June 27. 184."). 

81*2 Josoph Hi:;irillS .Mather'' (>on <.f .John', brother of above), 
of Hartford and Deep River, (JoniL Bcfn Dec. A, 1789. died 
July 14. lr<7S: married (1) Catherine WeW). Oct. 11. lNi7: (2) 
E.sther M. Feck. Uct. 10. 18-J«i: (i!) Sarah S. .iowelt. .Xug. 9, 
ls-_';t, (4) Mary Ann Sage. May .{1. is.n. 



1821 An Infant, b. Aug. 8, 1818; d. Aug. 9, 1818. 

1822 Kev. Ju^Ki'U II.. b. Sept. 20, 1820; m. Kaclicl Rh-Il, Nov. 

l.j, 1847; d. May 5, 18-32. 

1823 SA3IUEL Weuu, b. Oct. 3, 1824; m. Fmuces A. TiJIaiiy, 

18-12; d. :Mdi. 12. 1802. 

1824 A D.\c<^iiTEU. b. Oct. 2.J. 1828; d. Oct. 2.1 182S. 

182.5 JoirN CoTTox. b. Mar 2. 1830; lu. Julia M Belcher; d. 

Dec. 24. 1860. 
lS2r> D.vvrn Jewett. » ^^.^, ^ ^,,^ 4 1^32; ™- ^ ,., ^ ..,.^ ^■ 

1827 C-ATnEiUNE EsTiiEU. ) '^ d. Feb. 12. Is33. 

1828 Francis b. June 10. 183.1; m. Catherine A. Graves; 


1829 Henry Woo^ter. b. Dec. 24. 183fi; unmarried; d. 

1830 Sarah C.^theiune. b. Aug. 20, 1840: unmarrierl; d. 

Joseph H. Mather was ior years the senior partner iu tlie book 
puhlisliing department of Mather. Case. Tiffany .v: Burnhani, in Hart- 
ford, now Case Publishing Co. He was author of Alitchoirs outline 
maps, which had a very large circulation; was also engaged in manu- 
facturing and in merchandising in Deep River, Conn. ; was also inter- 
ested in the first shipyard in C hester. Conn. 

823 Nathaniel Filmore Mather^ (son of Joseph^ John". Joseph*. 
Richard-', Tuuothy*. Rev. Richard'. Thomas^ John'), of Free- 
town. N. Y. Born in Galloway. Saratoga County. N. Y.. Jan. 
19, 17if_>; died at Marion, X. Y.: Aug. G, 1829; married Polly 
■ Robertson, Jan. 17. IS 19; she died Jan. 22, 1832. 


1H31 Poi.i.Y. b. 3Iuy 2. 1820. ui Roswell Graves. Sept. 7, 1.842; 


1832 A1..MOND D., b. June 24, 1824, m. Laura A. Durkee. May 9. 

I860; d. 

1833 PiiEnF A.. b. Sept. 17. 1.^27, m. Joseph Kinnoy. Feb. 23, 

18.54; d. 
18;i4 Nathaniel F., Jr., b. Sept. 29. 1829; m. Martha A. Gaddis, June 22, 

18.')4; d. 



8'25 John >l:itll«»r' (^"H ^>' Josop]i\ hroilior (.f aliovt'). of Hrokeii- 
straw. X. V. Born in Galloway. Saratoga County. X. Y.. 
Junt' -.i. IT'.'-V. inarrie.] Belin<la Tinker, Jan. U. 1810; <!i(- died 
Dec. ■-', 1><T4. John Mather is livint?. July, l^'.H). 


1835 J.XMKS H.. b. Nov 7. 1>^19; m. Sally L. Woodworth. June 2. 1839: d. 

1836 E.MF.i.iNE. b. July 14. ls-23; m. (I) i>r. Henry L. Ramsey. Auu.. 1843: 

he d. May 16, ISoB; (2) Samuel Yerks. Dee . 1<63; d. 
1887 Raimi ('., b. Xns. 15, l'827; m. K.ite II Whitney, Au,2. 7, is.-)l; d. 

1838 ^VM. T.. b. Feb. 10. 1832; m. Eliza Warren. Aug., 1856; she d. Dec. 

2. 1874; d. Jan. 25, 1872. 

829 Uev, Daniel A. MiltJier' (son of^ brother of above), 
of Lapeer. Court land County. X. V. Born Sept. in. ISo:',; 
died Dec. 14. 184S; married Electa Holt, Sept. 11. lS-2:!; slie 
died May HO, 1874. 


1839 Eunice, b. Aug. 20, 1824; d. July 11, 1826. 

1840 0.;elvi.\ b. July 13, 1826; m. d. 

1841 I>EL,\NCY, b. July 7. 1828; m. d. Aug. 2C, 1857. 

1842 Joseph, h. May 31, 1832; m. d. 

1843 Cii-\Ki.E> J., b. June 7, 18:^4; m. d. 

1844 M.vRY J.. b. July 24. 1837; m. d. July 16, 1882. 

1845 Jtlia E.. b. Sept. 23, 1839; m. d. 

831 Luther P. Mather' (son of St.ephen^ John-, Joseph'', Rich. 
ard". Timothy^ Kev. Richard'. Thonui;s-, John'), of Columbus. 
Penn. Bom in Bennington, Vt., J\u\e '24. 178.'); died Jan. !), 
1S4J: married (iabrielle B. Belmont. X'ov. 7. isU. 


1846 IIarhiett. b. Xov. 1, 1812; m. Pearce, Mch. 18, 1832; d. 

1847 jEDir>iAiiP..b. Apr. 13. 1815; m. S;dly A. Demiag, Feb. 11. 1841; d. 

1848 JoSEl'ir P.. b. Xov. 27. 1819; m. \\) 

l2.) d. 

1849 Eliza. b Jan. lo. 1S23; m. Peanc, Mch. 13. 1842; d. 

1850 Arvilla, b. Xo". :',[). 1828: m. Baker. May 14, 185(1; d. 


Mrs. L. F. Mather was- the daughter oi a French officer, wlio was 
obliged to leave France during the Reign of Terror, when Louis XVI. 
arid the Queen Marie Anioinette were beheaded. 

8o3 Andrew A. Mather" (son of Stephen^ John^ Joseph^ Rich- 
ai-d'. Tiinoth}-*. Rev. Richard'. Thonms-, John'), of Ellington, 
Chautauqua County. X. Y. iJorn in lifuninu-ton, \'t.. Aug. 'J7, 
1791; died in Ellington. X. V.. June '1\K l*^'^!. married Betsey 
Stebbius. Jnn. 17. isH 


1851 Stefhex D.\y. b. Au- 21 I^IS; m. Lydia Kubble.s, Sept. 20. lSo2: d. 

Dec 8. !!?♦>■. 

1853 Lixcs Steubiks, b. June 17, 1820; m. EUeu Saunders, May 25. lSo7; d. 

Sept. 17, 186B. 

185-a Am.vnda. b. Apr. 16, 1822: m. d. Nosr. 2. 1840. 

1854 LoRE>:7.o. b Jan. 21). 1824: m. d. Jan. 31, 1841. 

1855 Lewis Lee. b. Sept. 2<3. lM2fi; m. Sallic Stallord, Dec. 28. 1^49; d. 

June, 1864 

1856 John Wesley, b. Xuv. 8, 1m28: m. Elf/a Hoigg, Oct. 15. 1854: d, 

1857 \VnrTCo:»n5, b. A]ir. 21. 1m;«. m. Sophia K. Olds, Jan. 6, 186i<; d. 

1858 J.^MEs C, b. St'pt, 21. l^m. m. d. Junt 28. 1867. 

This notice of Andrew A. Mather is Iroui one of the Ellington papers: 
"He was born in V't-riut^nt in 17ft-'. His father, Stephen Mather, 
moved from Lvine, Conn., where records have l.>een found showing 
that Andrew A. Mather was the ninth genei-atiou of Mathers. At the 
age of 18 years he came to Jett'erson County, this State, and at the age 
of 2.5 was married to N[iss Betsey Stebliins. Having friends in Elling- 
ton, he came here with liis family 44 years ago, with the intention of 
clearing liim a home out of the wilderness. In that object he was suc- 
cessful. A farm of one hundred acres, which was all woods, was 
cleared bv him and his cMer son.^^. and tie iu'is lived to enjoy the fruits 
of his labor. Eight chddven were born to him, of which only two sur- 
vive him. Sixty-four years of wediled life was his, some of which 
have >>een full of grief and sorrow. An only dau,ghter died at the 
age of 18 years; five sons Lrr»~w To nuiidiond, and were then taken: but 
the last great ^rief was bitterest to the aged wiii-. Tlie deceased united 


with rhe Metliodisr ChuiTh in Iris yomiij;(>i- days, ami although the past 
few years he H-;is. unable to attend service, yet the love of God was 
manifest in him. A i^oo'i nta* has passed away. E]lini;-tou lias Inst 
another pioneer, an aged wife a companion, children a parent. But 
our loss is his gam. He was ripe tor the harvest, and heaven is n<uv 
hi^ home." 

835 Dan Mather'' (/"n of Stephen^ brother of a'nove). of Butler 

Co., Iowa. Born iu Otsego. N. Y.. Se]>t. VI. 17!<«; died 
1885; married Roxy Underwood. Apr. 1, Ls2'i, 


. 1859 CakoliseE.. b. Apr. 13, 18-24. m. Justus Norton. Nov. 28. 1849; d. 

June 4, 18"4. 

1860 Mari.v a., h. Mch. ifi. Is27: m. C. B. Nelson. Nov. 9, 1847; d. 

1861 Charles T.. b. Oct. 2-2. IsHl; m. Caroline Tripp. Jan. 30, 1856: d. 
1863 Stki'iiex D.. b. Feb 14. ISST; m. Rubecca Stamper, Oct. 13. 1805: d. 

1863 :Milo E . b. Sept.. 1843; m. Flr.rence Miller, May 15, 1868: d. 

. Mr. Dan Mather was a very strong anti-slavery man. 

836 Elislia Peck Matber" (son of Stephen^ brother of above), of 
Ellington. X. Y. Born in Otsego. Aug. H, 1709; died Mar(;h 
18, 18.56; married Annie Brown, Nov. 2. 1828; she died Apr. 
26, 1864. 


1864 Maria M.. b. Oct. 1, 1829; m. Jarius J. Barker. :Mch. 26, bH,J4: d. 

1865 Elisaueth C b. Mch. 11. 1831; ni. Bcnj. A. '\Yheaf. June 18, 1854: d. 

Mch. 19, 1855. 

1866 Mint L.. b. Dec. 20. 183'.!; m. Sreplien H Pcckhum. Oct. 17. 

1857; d. June, 1864. 

1867 Jane M.. b Oct 6, IS^l: m. M. D Lurvey, Sept. 5, 1865; d. 

837 Hepzibuh Mather'' ('lau. of Stophen^ sister of ,ibove). of 

Ednn'ston. X. Y. Bom (~»ct. .5. 1802; died June, 18:il; mar- 
ried X'athan Griffin. 1824. 


1868 Arvilla, b. ni. Bi-njamin Comi, of Brldgfwater, 

Ontario Co.. N. Y. 


S30 Eunice 3Iatlier* (d-du. of wSylvanus'. John'. Joseph". Richard', 
Tim...ruy\ iifv. RichanP. Thoinus-, John'), of (Jtsegu Co.. Xew 
York Stat(.'. Born Oct. 8. 17SC; died ; married 

Asa Colgrove. 


lj*6l) Jkremiah. 1). m. d. 

ISTO Lydia, b. m. . d. 

1871 Jonx. b. in. d. 

1S7'2 Cn.UiLES, b. m. d. 

1873 Sylvaxcs. b. m. d. 

1874 Samcel. b. m. d. 
187o Betsy. b. m. d. 
lb7*J SutiAX, b. m. d. 

840 Jeniinia Mather" (dau. of Sylvauus". sister of above), of Ot- 
sego Co.. X. Y. Burn Muh. 'J, 17.sS; married Israel Taylor. 


1877 Phebe, b. m. d. 

187.8 Melixua, b. m. d. 

1879 Lydia, b. m. d. 

18&0 Fanme. b. m. d. 

.1881 II.vNNAH. b. m. d. 

841 Fanny Matlier* (dau. of Sylvanus^ sister of al)Ove), of Otse;;o 
Co.. N. Y. Born Jan. 20, 17'.H): died ; mnrried 
David Bostwick. 

1882 Matilda, b. 

1883 JOUN C-UsFIELD, b. 

1884 Jl-d:-on, b. 

1885 Akminda. b. 

8-t2 Charles 31ather' {><<n of .^ylvanus". John', Joseph*"", Richard'. 
Timothy*, Rev. Richard', Thomas'. John'), of Otsego Co.. X. V. 
Born Au(>;. I'J. 1792: d. ; marrie«l Prudence Balcom. 












1886 A UK ; ail. 



1887 Catuerixe, 




iaS8 M \KY Ette. b. ui. d. 

lt*89 JfLT.v Axx, h. m. d. 

1800 n.vYiJEX, h. lu. d. 

1891 Helkx, b. m. d. 

S4-3 Guy Chadwic-k ^Llthcr' (-■^ouof Sylvunus', l.rotherof itbovo) 
of Otsego Co.. X Y. Born Uct. 21. 1708: died Oct. ;i 1881; 
married Hannah I-Jriggs. 


1802 Samuel. b. Aug. 18, 1825; ra. d. without issue. 

1893MakyS., b. Apr. -28. 18-2S, m. d. 

1894 LucEKTi.v. b. July U. 18o3; m. d. 

1895 LucLXDA, b. Sept. 24. 18:35; m. Edgar E. Stevens; d. 

STEVENr' ( HiLDREX (10th genenitlou). 

1895'< Jennie L.. b. June 27, 1868. . 
189oi I. E., b. Oct. 2. 1870. 

84-i Cai'Oliut' Mathei"* (dau. of Sylvanu.s*, .«i.ster of abovo), of O t 
sego Co.. X. Y. Born : married Wru. Brownell. 

brcvvnell child. 

1896 Caroline. b. m. d. 

855 Hon. Hiram Foote -Matlior' (son of Gillbons^ Benjamin", 
Jose[>li", itichard', Tiiuothy\ Rev. Richard^. Tlioma.s^ John'), 
of Elliridge. X. Y.. and Clucago. 111. Born at Colchester, 
Conn., Feb. 13. 1700; died July II, 186S; n.arried (1) Sarah 
Ann Hyde. .\pr. 8. 1821: she died ■ Nov. 4. .1824: (2) Mary 
Parsons Cole, Xov. 2<i. 1x31: .-he died Dec. 2ft. 185.5; (3) Mrs. 
Anna Talrnan Smith Norton. C)ct. l.i. lx.57. 


1897 Walter GinEoxs, b. Feb. 6, 1822; d. Aug. 6, 1823. 

1S98 Sarah b. Oct. 19. 1m24; m. ^ynl, P.. Bt-.-son, Feb., !S4((; d. 

May 2. 1857. 

1899 .TosKiMi Ct.u.E. b. May 17, 18?.:J: ni. Clarij-sa L.-\vi.<. is.'jfi; d. 

1900 Lacra IIannait. b. :>[ay :{. 18:i5: m. Geo. MeClure Welles; d. Fob. 

5. 18G5. 

NINTH <iENERATr()X. :255 

I'Jill David IIvde. b. Oct. 2. 1S87; nniiiarricd; d. 

lUrt'2 HAi.rii Taylok. Ip. Mcli l:i. isio; mimarrio.l; d. All'_^ 23. 18(i8. 

190H Mary Amanda. h. .Ian. 2"). 1><4J; in. lA-wis lluut. Sept. 17, 1!56;5. <1. 

1904 Cauolink a.. 1) Nov. 27. 184^3: unmarried; d. Dec. 30, 1868. 

I'JO.J .John .Stevakd. b. Oct. 2, 184o; m. il. 

190G FKANCE^^ Chlok. b. Oct. .5, 1848; m. d. 3[cii. 19. 1869. 

'■ Hiram Foote Mather graduated at Yale, 18i:>. After his ffradu- 
ation he settled at Niles, Mich. He was a man ot o-ivat abilities, fill- 
ing well the various positions in life he wa« called to fill. Ho was 
appointed postmaster in Elbridge. X. V.. June 14. iS'J.'i. In the rear 
182S. on Nov. :)<\. wa^> made Senator of New ^'urk. whicli office he filled 
for four years. Was made a ( 'onimissiouer of Circuit Court of Michi- 
gan. and Master of Chancery ar Chicago. Was elder of Preshvterian 
church in Eibridge. Niles. and (",'hicago. He was a Whig and Repul)- 
lican of strong political convictions, thuuirh never an aspirant for 
otlice. Especially eminent as a chancery lawyer and a public-spirited 
man. the crowning glory of his life was liis character as a ('hristian 

858 Benjamin Increase Mather' (son of Gibbons^ Benjamin". 
Josepli'. Richard*. Timothy\ Rev. Richard', Thomas'. John'), 
of Jackson. Mich. Born at Colchester. Conn.: died 184.^: 

marricLl Roxanna ( >nusby. about 1829. 


1907 Daniel Phelps, h. unmarrierl, d. at Aiiri:m. Mich. 

190s WiLLiA.M Bakky. b. ni. d about is.jlj. at 

Los Angf-lc'S. California. 

Mrs. Mather married afterwards to Ezckiel Ross of Cincinnati. (.). 

85t) Daniel Worthington Mather' (son of ijibbons". Benjamin'. 
Joseph". Riciiard'. ■runothy\ Rev. Richard'', Thomas*, John'), 
of L'hicago, Hi. Born at Colchoster, Conn., Jan. 1. 1807: died 
July 23. 1S64: married Caroline Merrimau of Elbridge, N. Y., 
June \■^. 1831. 



190!l Emii.y. b. .luiie '2;',, 18:52; unmarried; d 

1910 Ciiaulej (JiiJi.oNs. 1). Aug. 20. 1SJ4; m. d. 

1911 Calist.v. b. Juuu 21. 1830; ni. Cliarlus Wnterbury, Dec, 18W; 

d. 18G7. 

1012 IlKN-RT, b. May 4, isgy; d. Nov.. 1^:39. 

1918 Albeut Giles. b. Feb. 20, 1841; m. d. (5, 18S«). 

1914 Haruikt. h. Awj;. 8. 184.'>: d. July, 1840. 

1915 A.MKLiA RoxANNA. b. Sept. 7, 184S; m. Kenton Harper Peebles. J>ine 

?.. 18fi9; d. 

1916 -TcLiA Lori.^A. b .M< h. 24. 1852; m, d. 

Daniel W. Mather's wite was the ilanghter ot Charles Johnson 
M.'rrimau ami Rhoda Furness Memman. of Elbridice. N. Y. His 
widow removed to Niles. Mich. Mr. M. went, with a stock of goods 
from Elbridgc. N. Y.. to Xiles. ^lich., iu the summer of 1841, and in 
1843 removed his family to tliat place. In 18.3:5 he went to Chicago, 
his family following in Is.')!). Here he was a comniipsion merchant, 
alwavs known as thorouu-hlv uonirht in a!! his dealinirs. A ouiet man, 
kind in disposition, and of a very gentle manner. . He i;lied at Chicago. 
July '2.S, 1.S64. and was r>uried in Xiles, Mich. 

The family returned to Xiles in lSOr>. Emily, the daughter of 
Mr. M., attended school at Aulnirn, X. Y. ; a member of -d Presby- 
terian Church in Cliicaso: an earnest Christian worker. Charles G. 
went to California in l.s.')3, returned in l.s.jO; was in Texas winter of 
1808. Is now a farmer at Jackson, Mich.: unmarried. Albert Giles 
was a private soldier three years in the Mercantile Battery of (.'hicago. 
At the Chicairo tire he was an unseltisli worker. He suft'ereil mental 
injuries at that time from hert and overwork, from wiiich he never 
wholly recovered. He was a Inember of the Presbyterian Church. 
He died Mch. 'i. 1.^80. of paralysis of the brain, at Kaiama/.oo. Mich.; 
was hitried at Niles: unmarried. Amelia Koxanna was married at 
Cincinnati. (*h!o, to Kenton Harper Peebles. June ;C ls»i9. rfhe was 
a memlier of Lane Seminai-y Church. He died July 'Jl. 1.^77. Tlieir 
children were: 

1916'/ AuTnrK Stephkn, b. Sept. 9, 1870. 
1916/y WiLLtAM SiiAKi-. b. July 7. 1874. 


The youngest child ol Daiiinl "W. M.. Julia Louisa, graduated at 
Nilos Uniun School iu l"^?!; a nirnilioi' oi rreshyTeriuu Church of 
Niles; now living with her mother. 

861 William ilather-' (sun of William', Benjamin', Joseph*. 

l:iichanl\ Tim'.'Chy^ ilev. llichard-', Thomas^. John'), of Wliately. 
Mass. Born Sept. "2, 1790; married Ro.xanna Da\-is. 


1917 CvTHERrN-K. 1). May 23, 1S22: m. Abnim Udell. Nov. 30. 1844; he died 

Feb.. 1874. 
1018 b. m. Geo. IJlillard, of Adams, JIass.: d. 

1920 Cn.\RLOTTE. b. in. Daniel Mitchell, of Sfockbrulgc. Miiss.: 


1921 A-DELiXE, b. m. Chancellor Rivenburgh: d. 

1922 Alonzo. b. Jan. 1. 1880; d. in Mexican War, July 22. 18o2. 

862 Electa Mather" ('hiu. of William^ sister of above), of Bur- 

lington, AVis. Born July 2S. 1792: married Ebenezer Soule, 
1S23; she died May 1*1 1859. 


1923 Ann Eliz.v. b. ra. Mr. Durgin; d. 

1924 Ebenezer, b. m. d. 

1925 3I0UTON. b. m. killed nu his way to Cali- 

192G CiL\RLOTTE. b. m. Otis Whitman: d. 

863 Ellise Mather" (dau. of William^ Beniamin". Joseph*. Rich- 
ard^, Timothy*. Rev. Richard^ Thomas'. John'), of Whatelv. 
Mass. Born Apr. 24, 1794: died Feb. 16. 1876; married (1) 
(Jsee AUis: (2) Horace Morton. 


1927 HARRrETT, b. 



1928 Fr.vnk, b. 


1929 AL.MIKA. b. 






865 Sopliia Mather' ('tau. >A William*, sii^ier of above), ol' Spt;u- 
ccrtown. X. \'. P.uru at Whutoly. Mcli. 11, 171)7: ilieil 
Oct. .'). l-^.'>7: I'larrit'.l Elisha Babcuck. An<r. IJ, l.s'jo. ho diud 
Mch. -is, 1S.V_>. 


1930 RuKC^ Welles, b. -luly e'J. ls:2.:2; iii. Elis;t"neth Ried. of Poutiac. 111. 
10;U llEXKY JoNE^, b. -Tan. V2. IS'JLt; m. :\r;irTb:i Heed, of Kansas City: d, 

S6S Hiram Beii.jamiu Mather' (sou ol William', brotlier of 
above), of Spciicerro-^-u. N. Y. 11. im at Wiiatcly, May 
8, 1S02: die'i : mairied Louisa Turner. May !t. 

1824; she died Jan. 1. I,s89. 


1932 Hexry. b. Nov. 22. 1825: d. Mch.' 11. Is26. 

1933 Sophia, b. .June 1. 1826: d. -Tan. 11, 1S33. 

1934 Louisa, b. Apr. 2, l''2S: m. Ebcnezcr Wentworth. Oct. 19, 185S; he 

died Mch. 6. 1ST9; d. 

870 Abigail Mather^ (dau. of William', sister of al)ove). of Lau-- 

rence, Kan. Boru in AVhately, Mass., Aug. 31. 1S05; died at 
'Lawrence. Kan.. Mch. 9, is.Sfi; married Mr. Kelsey. 


193o Mauy. h. ill. Frank Truman, of Westfield, Mas.s.: d. 

193t] SopnLv. b m. Joseph Curtis, of Di.'corali. Iowa; d, 

1937 Hariuett, b. m. Dudley Hasketl: representati\-e from 

19:i8, b. ni. Mr. Young, of Washington, D. C. 

871 Lewis 3Iortoil Mather' (^ou of William", lu-other of above), 

of Whatelv. Mass. Born Apr. 15. I-^d;); married Sallv RUr. 
gins. June 1»5. 18.31; he died Aug. 3. 1S71. 


1939 Charles L.. b. .lune 6, 1S40: m. Fanny Lashir. in 18fi7; he \v:is lost at 
.sea. 'SV.i.y Ifi, l.'^7r>. wliile on a voyage from Antigua, 
West Indies, to New York. 



87*2 Nancy Biilkeley Mather' ('lau. of Elius'', B(MljallllIl^ Jc^sq.h". 
Richard', Tiini'thy'. Rev. Ricliiinl'. Thuinas'. John'), of Wil- 
liaiustown, .Mass. Buru Mch. U, ITMG: d. Feb. 'J. l^G'J; mar- 
ried. John Writcht. 

I'JiO ClIAnr-ES HlrLMlY. b. 

rj41 tius.vN A.. b. 

1942 Maky Ann, b. 

'l!)4H ELrzA, b. 

1044 JounF., b. 

1945 Alkeut B.. b. 

194b fdLAND 11., b. 

1947 Julia M.. b. 

194ti Abdie M., b. 

WUrcfTP flllLDUEN. 



Jan. 1. 18-20; 

Jan. 9, lb;j4 


(1. Uct. 10, 1S»0. 




Apr. 24, 1887; m. Newton Uerrick, Jan 
d. Apr. 37. 1S81. 

13, ISW); 

873 Elias Worthiiii:toii Mather" (sou of Elias^ and brother 
uf above), ui Ludi. Ill, Uoni at Williamstown. Mass., Aug. '^2. 
179S; died Aug. 28, 1n79: aiarn«d (1) Phebe Gibljs Henry, 
Sept. 10, 1824: (2) Fanny Parmeloe, May 29, 1837; (3) Eliza 
Hernck, Feb. 12, 1851. 

194'.* C'OUNELIA P.. 

1950 Charles WoKTniNGTON. 

19ol liiFANT. 

19-'52 Cotton Franklin. 

1953 Lucius Carroll, 

1954 Cassius Lamar, 

1955 Sarah Fr.vnces. 
1950 Helen Louise, 
1957 Licirs Frank, 

1958 Harriett Eliza. 

1959 Mary Marl\, 
19(i0 .T.vMEs Henry. 


b Dlc, U>. 1825; m. Harvey Baldwin, Feb. 
12, l^-il: d, Mch. 29, 1855. 

b. May 1, 1828; m. d. 

b. d. young. 

b, Oct, 27. 1835; d. Sept,, 1841, 

b. Meh. 13, 1839: d. Oct. 3. 1841, 

b. Nov, 2«. 1840; m. Rebecca M. Peabwly. 
1865; d. 

b, Nov, 21, 1842: m. <1, Dec. 27, 18(31. 

b. June 7. 1845; m.— ^ liuimnell, 1871; d. 

b. July 3. 1848; m. served onc 

year in civil war, 38tli New Jersey Regi- 

b. Dec. 18, 1851; in, d. 

b. Sept. 22, 1853; m d, 

b. Jan, 2(i, 185!»; d. Nov. 21), 1S<J4, 


Mr. E, W. Mather lived for many years in Twinsburgh and Solon, 

877 Beiijamin Fraukliii Matlier" (son oi ELias', rk-ujamin', 
Joseph^. Ki^•hard^ Timothy'. E-iev. Richard', Thomas-, John'), 
of Williaiiistown, Mass. Born at Powiial, Vt,, Jul}' H, l.SlO; 
died May 22, ISiiii; married (1) Mary Ann Brid<i;es. in 1832; 
she die.l \s:y^■. (2) Mary D. Tyler. 18H6. 


1%1 Mary Axn, b. Oct. 1, 1833; m. Rev. Dr. J. Clement French, 

Dec. 2.>, Ibiofi: d. 

1962 Cdakles Henry, b. Oct. 19, 1837; m. Fr.incs U. OndenlDnk. Oct. 

10, I860; d. 

1963 S.\JiUEL Tyler. b. July 11, 1839; m. Caroline Southworth, Mch. 

26. 1860; d. 

1964 Ben-jamix Fr.vxklix. b. July 16, 1841: m. L. Jane Sherman, June, 

I860; d. 

196-'> Child, b. d. in infancy. 

1966 Dr. Edw.'lUD Ell\s, b. Oct. 15, 1;'<44; unmariied; d. 

1967 Abigail Marvix, b, Oct. 1, 1846; lu. L. D. Woodbridge, M.D., 

July 23, 1879; d. 

1968 Faxxie Loose. b. Oct. 30, 1848; unmarried; d. 

1969 Martha Ellen, b. Jan, 19. 18.!i0; m Artliur Hall, July 12, 

1882; d. 

1970 Katherlxe. b. Mch. 14, 18")2; ni. Bushnell Danforth. Oct. 5, 

1880, d. 

Benjamin F. Mather, Sr., was a successful mercliant and one of the 
longest standing m Berkshire County. 

880 Elisabeth 31ather' (dan. of SamueP. Benjamin', Joseph'. 
Richard', Tiin(>thy\ Kev. Riciiard'. Thoinas\ John'), of Spring- 
held, Mass, Born Nov. 7. ISl?,; marrictl (iorham Hamilton, 


1971 F.vxxiK. b. m. William Bigt'luw, of Bosrt>n; d. 

1972 Delia, h. m. PVcderick Tucki-r, of 8pringticld. Mas.s.; d. 


88'* George W. Miltlier' (son of Josephs Benjuiuiu". Joseph". 
Richar.p, TiiU'.>tliy*, Rev. liiclianl'. Thouuis-, John'), ol' South 
Deerfiokl, ^L;is?. Born in Wh;itL-ly. ALis;?.. Aug. 27, 1S03; ilied 
at South Doertlekl. 18.S-1; married Sarah W'aite. 


1!)7:5 M.vRAii L.. b. Dec. 8, 1829: m. <l. 

lSt7-l LtriNDA. b. ui. d. 

1975 Charlotte W., b. Mch. 24. 1883; m. d. 

197«; S.vKvu C. b. .lau. 12, 1S37; m. d. 

1977 Susans., b. Auir. 19. 1S39: m. d. 

1978 IsAi!Ei>i,\ H.. ) 

1979 Arabella , * 

1980 Fra.vces A.. b. May 19. 1847; lu. d. 

. twins, b. .Ian. 27. Ib42, ui. d. 

1979 Arabella, * 

883 Frank Mather' (son of Josepli", Benjaaiiu', Joseph'^, Ilic■hard^ 

Tiniuthv"^, Rev. Richard', Thoina.s". John'), of Raiusville. Uhio. 
Born at Wiiately. Mass., May l'?, 1>>10; died : 

married Clarissa T. Fisk. May 7, 18;;5. 


lilHl Ika Arms. b. Feb. 3, 1837; in. .letiiiie A. .TewLtt, Au.i:. 15, 

1860; d. 
1983 Pliny Fisk. b. Nov. 3, 1840; m. M. Caslin. Ni.v. 30. 

1871; (i. 
1983 Uenhy William, b. .Tune 15, 1815; lu. Enuua xV. Chevaliur. Uct. 1. 

1S68; d. 

884 Lucinda Matlier' (dau. of Joseph", sister of above), of 

Whately, Mass. Born Mch. "29, 1813; married Chester Bard- 


19M4 Amelia E.. Ii. .Jan. 24, 1836; m. d. 

1985 Martha M.. b. (Jet. 1, 1837; m. d. 

19H6 Cordelia S.. b. .July 27, 1839; m. d. 

19S7 JusTi>-. b. May 24, 1841; in, d. 

1988 IIiRAM. b. Mch 9, 1M43; lu. d. 

1989 .Fames. 1) Sept. 2. 1845: ni d. 

1990 Li-annaE.. b. Sept. 26, 1847: m. d. 

1991 Sarah J., 






1992 Wat:^on. 






199;i iLTIIEA D . 






1991 Maky E., 








885 Benjaiiii7i ''•lather^ (^on of Ju.seph'. hrutiior of ubovu). of 
Altoona. 111. Born at Whately, Ma.s.s., .\u,a'. TJ. IM.V. died 

; married Panielia '_'. Frary. rfepr. 14. IMD. 


199.3 DwiGiiT IL. b. Mch. 29. I>i44: d. Aug. 29. 1H45. 

1990 Myuo.v II.. b. May 31. 1^^46; ui. Mary C. Waldo, May 2, 1SG8; d. 

1997 AktemasC . b. Sept. 10. 1S4S; m. Eliza Edgarton, Sept. 11, l«T:3; il. 

1998 Fra-vk C. b. Mdi. ». ISol; ni. d. 

1999 Elam L.. b. Aug. 7, 1S34; d Aug. 2(;, 1856. 

2000 EllaF.. b. Aug. 13, 1800: m. d. 

886 Julia S. 3Iather' ('iau. of Josepli", Benjamiu', Joseph". Kicli- 
a^d^ Timotliy^ Rev. Ricliai\P. Tlxomas^ Joliu'), of Whately, 
Mass. Bom in Wliately. Mass.. Feb. 21, isl'J: died ; 
married Rufus Dickinson. 


2001 M.VEY J., b. Apr. 24, 1845: m. d. 

2002 George. b. July 21. 1846; m. d. 

2003 Frank, b. Nov. 9. 185H; m. d. 

887 Josepll 3Iatlier' (son of Josepll^ brother of above), of i'ros- 

pecr Place. X. J. Born at Whaiely, Mass., June 6. 1821: 
married Elisabeth Stoneacre. 



d. young. 

d. young. 





2004 Gertrude. 



2005 Jaaies, 


2(X)C Edward, 


Joseph Mather is now living in Cranl.ierry, N. J. 

888 Levi 3hltlier^ (^"u of Joseph", brother of above), of Frinceton, 
X. J. Born at Whately, Mass., June 2:5. 1823; died 
married iSarab E. Hughes, Dec. 9, 1852. 



20UT Jacob. / ,^..„^ ,, _^ ,„ ^^-^^_ m. rt. 1^77 

•200S Isaac. * ni. Julia Iliinper; d. 

•2009 Frank N.. b. Aug. 13, Iboo, ui. Elisabetli Apiilegaic; d. 

2010'Ed\vai;d, b. Apr. 18, INjH; ni <l. ' 

2011 LiLLiE. b. July 5, 1:^*51. iii. d. 1878. 

2013 Cn.uiLES, b. Oct. 7, ls*;3; m. d. 

2013 Katik. b. Apr. 7, ISOO: m. Fm-nk Adams; il. 

2014 Harkie. b. Aug. 6, l'^72; m. d. 

889 Adeline Mutlier' (lau. of Cottou". Benjamin". Joseph". Rich- 
anT. Timorhv'. Rev. Riciuird'. Thomas\ Joliu'). of Sulliekl. 
Conn. Bora at A.shtield. Mass.,. July 2*2. 1S04: died ;' 

married Ti7nothy HoUoway. June. 18.32. 


201.T Iat)Ia. b. Mch.. 1S35: ni d. 

2016 Franklin, b. June, 183t>; m. Louise- J. Pomcroy, May 28, ls<>.S; d. July 

7, I87fi. 

2017 Georce. b. Aug., 1837; ni. d. 

2018 .John, b. Oct.. 1838; in. Mary Lane, June. 1874; d. 

2019 3L\RY, b. Jan . 1840: m. d. 

2020 Isabella, b. Aug.. 1841; m. d. 

2021 Chahle?. b. May. 1843; m. Laura Edwards, Dec. 1871; d. 

2022 \Vii.LiA.M. b. Feb.. 184.T; m. Lillicn :\I. Rrown, Oct. 11, 1883; d. 

SIM) Charles Mather' (son of Cotton". i>rother of above), of Suffield, 
Conn. Born in Ashfielci, Mass., Aug. 22. ISUG; died Dec. 31, 
1870: married Mary Hathaway. Oct. 17. 1S3:1 


2023 Emily A.. b. Sept. 23, 1834: m. E. IL Munger. Oct. o. 1861; d. 

2024 .MAiiY An-rsTA, b. July 27. 1836; ni. Gerry IListings. Nov. 2, 1866; d. 

2025 Clara SAFFORD.b Feb. io. 1840; m. Lsaac Glazier, Sept. 3, 1860; d. 

891 Bei-vjauiin Franklin Mather' (son of Cott^.n". brother of 
above), of Suffield, Conn. Born in Ashtield, Mass., Oct. 12. 
1S09; die<i July 13, L88.^; inarne<l Emeline Rising, May. L839. 



•>U26 \Vm. Cotton. 1.. Mcli, j. 1^40; m. Louise .M. Wriirht. Sept. lit, 

1S()7; d. 

2037 Geougi'. B.. b. Jan. 10, 1644; m. Jeanie E. Pomeroy, Oct, 20, 

187."i; tl. 

2028 Cakoli.nh lii-uNt., b. Aug. 1, ls47; ui. d. Dec. 31, 1885. 

2029 Ella Coi{DELL\, b. Dec. 14, ISJO; m. .Juhn B. Loomis, Oct. 11, 1876: 


2030 Minnie A., b. July 10, 18.53: m. Setli K. Sikes, Nov. 7. 1878: d. 

894 Rfilpll P. MatJuT' (sou of Cotton', brother of above), of Suf- 

tioM. Conn. Born in AshtieM. ^Mass., May 28, 181S; died 
; married Cordelia Hatheway, Mch. 9, 1847. 


2(131 Henry M., b. May 30. 1849: m. Lucy K. Bassert, Nov. 14, 1877; d. 
2032 M.vRY E., b. Dec. 8, 18>5: m. Robert W. Loomis, Oct. 30, 1875: d. 

895 Charles H. Mather'^ (son of Marshiield P.'', Benjamin^ Josepli*, 

Richard \, Timothy\ Rev. Richard-", Thomas', John'), of Midi lie- 
town, Conn. Born March 17, 1808; died July 16, 1877; mar- 
ried Belinda Hurd, April 30, 1840. 


20:5:3 Cuarle^ Mar^ufield. b. May 22, 1841: in. Fet>. 14. 1805; d. Feb. 13, 

20:J4 Frederick Bre^-er. b. Mch. 15, 1843: m. d. July 19, 1870. 

20:35 Mary Hcrd, b. Jan. 28, 1845; d, Sept. 28, 1845. 

Charles Marshheld was in the army during the ci-vil war. 

8% Elisabeth A. Mather' (dan. of Marshheld P.\ si.^ter of above), 
of West Wmtieid. X. Y. Born Dec. 13. 1822; dnxl Feb. 9, 
1878; married John McLaughlin, June 0, 1849: he died April 
24, 1871. 


2036 Albert, b. Sept. 9. 18-54; m. Eniiiia A, Smith, Sept. 15, 1875; d. 


807 Claris.sH M. 3l;ither' (»!;iu. of Marshfiekl P.«, sister of aljove), 
of Middlotu'.vii, I'.imi. Boni Dec lo, IS'ji: ,li,.(l ; 

married Frcilcrick JJrewur of Miildlftuwii, Sept. b'.. 1^4 4. 


2(m FREnERiCK, b. Jan. 1, 1><40; d. Dec, 184«. 

20m Cl.vka, b. Xov. 24. iy4S; m. d. 

20;]S FUKDKKKK. 2d. b. I^i4',t; III. d. 

2040 :Mauy M.vtukk. b. iJS.jl; m. Frcdcritk B. CliaJlee, Dec. 20. 

lt>(53; d. 

2»>41 Tiio.M.\s, b. 18."):3; d. 1855. 

2042 Wd.r.tA.M B., b. Nov. 15. is.jti; m. d. 

898 Cotton Mather- («)n of MaisldieM V.\ l.rotlier .,f iihove). of 
Indepeudeucf, Kaii. r)<>rn Mny 20, l.SL'T; died Jul v J'J. ISSo; 
married (I) Lavinia A. Lake, (Jet. 2, 1852; (2) Uq.lia. Knight, 
Nov. 17, 1864. 


2043 Frances Helen, b. Aug. S, 1869; in. d. 

900 lllllduh MatluT' (dan. ..f rinneay^ Timothy^ Widiain", Atli- 
ertou-', Timotliy*. Rev. Kiihard', Thomas'^, Joliu'), oi Marilioro, 
Vermont. Bora Xov. 2'.i. ITsi): died Oct. o, 1S42; married 
Erastus Hall. Mch. 20, l.soo. 


2044 EsTHEK, b. Oct. 10. 1803; d. Oct 2;t, 1815. 

2045 Clakissa, b. Nov. 15, 1805; m. Clark; d. 

2046 Obed, b. Jan. 4, 1808; ni. d. 

2047 John, b. Aug. 8, 1810; unmarried; d. Nov., lSo6. 

J. Hall, graduate of Williams College. 1S.34. 

001 EliilQ Mathei*'' (son of I'bineas', brother of abov-e), of Adara.s, 
Jelier.soij Co., N. V., and of Micliigan. Born in ^larlhoro, \'t., 
July 26. 1782; died at Cold Water. .Mich., Jan. :',i). 1866; mar- 
rifd(l) Kuri;co Miller, Sept. .'.n, l^iMi; .-<he died .\.ug. ;!(), 181S, 
aged 2'.»; (2) Sally Shepard; (:'.) Mrs. Susan Buck. 



2()4j< Mary Ann. b. J;iii. y, I.SUX; ui Jotm Youuir, Oct. S. 1^2(5; d. 

J:iu. -Z-Z, IblJO. 
204'j David Millkk. b. Sept. 10, ISIO; m. .Miiluiia Mather (hia cousiu;; 

d. May 2, imi. 
•iOoU Jut^EFQ LATHiioi'. b. May 1, 1814; m. d. 

tH)2 James Mather'' (--^on of Fluneas*. Tmiothy', William", Athrr- 
tou'. TiuiuChy\ Kev. Eiiclianl', Thuuui.s-, John'), of (Jaincs, 
Orleans Co.. X. V. }>urn in Marlhoro. V't., July ■_'3. ]lsi: dwd 
Aug. 'I'-K \6')o: niarrieil Fanny Bryant, i\:\>. l.j, Isi;;. she 
died ISSl. 


20.->l Loci.-iA, b. Nov. 17. 1814: m. W. M. Dewey, Sept. 30. is;}3; d. 

2052 Dwuiirr, b. Jan. 28, 1818; d. July 27, 182U. 

2053 Ada LINE. b. Xov. 5, 18l9; m. F. H. Stewart, Dec. 2i». 18o2; d 

Jan. 16, 1800. 
20o4 Eunice, b. Sept. 12, 1821: m. D. F. \VaIbridi,a\ Aug. lU, 1.841; 

20o-i Geuuue. b. Sept. 16, 1824; ai. Mary A. Crane, Oct. 11, 184!); d. 

2056 Ellen, b. June 2, 1826; m. Judge Xoah D.avis, Jr., Mayl5, 

1845; d. 

2057 Hauky Cuttun. 1). Aug. 15, 1828; d. Mch. 30, 1830. 

2058 Maky, b. Mch. 17. 18:31; ni. II..\v;ird Al)eel. Oct. 20, 1852: d. 

■' Ml-. James Mather went from Marllmro. V't., to Gaines. X. Y.. 
1810. He married Fannie Bryant in Isi;',. ami was amontj; the early 
settlers of Orleans (Jo. She was born in Marliioro. \'t., Oct. 28. 1788, 
and died at lier danghter's, Mrs. Howard Abeel, in 1881, aged ir_> 
years and s months. }i[r. .Marlier commeticed keeping house in a log 
cabin which he had ere('ted on a clearing made; on what is now the 
Mather farm. This pioneer couple always kept 'open house,' and gen- 
erously provided shelter for the new conu,'i-s until they had built log 
houses for themselves. Mr. Mather bouijht ■ black salts ' from tlie 
settlers, which lie converted into poinsli and .-old in Montreal: and it 
is related tiiat he was about the only .source from which who did 
not bring money with them got any to sufiply their wants, .Mr. 
Mather altjo invested largely in land, and from the rise in value and 


the profits of his speculations hi^ l>ecame weaUlu'. lie died Aw^. 29. 

1K)4 Rllflis Mather' (son ol i'hmeas", Timothy', William^ Ather- 
lon*, Timothy'. Rev. Richard^. Thouuis'-, John'), of Feedini; 
Hills, Mass. Born in .Mai-il)oro. \'t.. ( >ct. T2, ITSS; died Fell. 
10. 1S7"2; married Lucy Adams, (tct. ;il, 18 U. 


SOM Henky Taylor, h. Mch. 80, lf?U>\ m. Lmy Inarrani. Oct. 12, 184'J: d. 

Aug. 20. I>*.i4 
2000 LrcY Maria, b. June 5, 1820: m. Xavni Bagg, Oct. 16. l8o7: d. 
20(n Franki.o-, b. Nov. 20. 1823; d. Aug 24, 1824. 

2062 Er.iZA Jane. b. :\[:iy 19. 182.j; in, John T.iylor. May 1», 184r); d. 

2()(}:5 Hci.DA. b. Dec. 27. 1828; m. Beiij. O. Tyler, July 21, ls4'.t; .1. 

July 12, 186."). 
2064 Anxa, b. Aug. 8, 18;J0: m. Er.istus White, Aug. 13, 18.18; d. 

2nov. 28, 1888. 

905 Luther Mather'' (sou of Phineas'^ and brother of above), of 

. Born Aug. 28. 1790; died Sept., 1840; 
marri(Mi Thomas. July is, 1816. 


206.'> Clarissa. b. July l-j. 1818; m. d. 

2066 IIuluaT.. b. .hin. 12, 1821; m. d. 

2067 LuTUF.R Tho.\ias, b. July 12, 182ii; ni. d. 
2008 Minerva. b. Mch. 23. 1826; in. d. 

2069 Ja.mes p.. b. Nov. 13. 1828; m. d. 

2070 CuARLOTTE A., b. May 2. ls:;3; m. d. 

9<)tt Gad .father' (son of Phine,as\ Tnnotiiy^ ^Villiam". Athort<.n^ 
Tunothy'. Rev. Richard'. Thomas', John'), of Middleport. X. V. 
Born in Marlboro. Vt.. Sept. 6, 17!):i: died Apr. 27. 1841. 


Had seven daughters. All of the family died of consumption. 


907 Elijall Matlier" (son oi Phirioiis\ Timothy". \Villiam«, Ather- 

tou^, TiinoUiy'. Rev. Richanl'. Thomas-, .Fohn'), t>f MarlboT'o, 
Vt. Bom May :*. ITIJG; died June 20, ISG:!; luarried Minerva 
Maker, June oi>, 1S25. 


2071 David M., h. Mcli. 7, 18211: d. Sept. :^. 1827. 

2072 Eunice. b. An- 26. 182.S; m. James >r.'(;iun', Mrli. ;i. 18,-);5; d. 
207:? Ror.KRT E., b. Feb. 20. is;n; d. Sept. 27, 1842. 

2074 Mauy E., b. June 20. 18:!;}; d. Aug. 4, l8:lt. 

207o CuAULES W., b. McU. 28, 18:r): lu. ,1. Aui.'. 21, ISGo 

2076 JonN, h. Jan. 18, 18:;7; m. Jane E. Bradley, Nov. i», 1870; d. 

2077 Hele.s, b. Jiiu. 27. 1840: m. Duu >[< Chire, Meli. 19. 18(W; d. Sept. 

9. 18.87. 

2078 E. Fraxklin, b. Oct. 16. 184:i; m. Eva A. Gladding, Jan. 12. 1881; il. 

Apr. 6, 1886. 

908 lJ«Mla Mather'' (dan. of riiinea.^' and sister of above), of Marl- 

boro. Vt. Born in Marlboro, Vr.. Ort. 27, 17'.)S; died Mch. G, 
187:j; married Abram xVdams, July IS. 181'). 


2079 Phineas. b. m. d. 

2080 Mary. b. in. d. 

2081 IltLDA, I). m. d. 

2082 LrcY. b. m. d. 

2083 Esther, b. m. d. 

2084 Rl-fits, b. m. d. 
208.5 HANXAft, b. m. d. 

2086 Oliver, b. m. d. 

2087 Lucirs, b. m. d. 

2088 CnARr.Es. b. m. d. 

2089 M.vriiER. b. in. d. 

009 Lucy Mather' (dan. of Timot}ly^ Timothy'. William', Ather- 
ton'. TiHiothy*. Rev. Richard', Thomas'. John'), of Marlboro. 
Vt. Born in Marlboro, Vt., Feb. 2(;. 1780; elied Mch. 2!i, I860; 
married ^>imeou Adams. 



•2090 Ik A. 


2091 Phila, 


2092 Simeon, 


2093 Lucy, 


2094 Clakk. 


2095 IIanxah KiMi'.Ar.i, 

, b. 

2096 TlMOTFIV ^[ATHEa, 


2097 Louisa, 


209S Lrctus, 


2099 SANriEi.. 


2100 MiNF.RVA, 





yiO Hannah Matlior" (>l^n. of TinKithy". and .^i.^^ter of above), of 
Leyleii, N. Y. Hnni in ^^arIlH>l•o. Vt.. July, 17sl; tUeil Mch. 
1), ISHO; married Rev.- Huel Kiinliall. Jan., I7!i;>: ho died <.>ct. 
L LS47. 




Bn;i.. .lu. 




David, 2d 




d. Aiu 


•WW, I Oo I . 

b. Dec. 24, 1799: m. 

b. xVpr. 13. 1,S02; m. 

b. June 7, 1^^114; m. 

b. Aug. 1. 1S06: ni. 

b. Nov. 20, l^'O.S; ni. 

b. Nov. 25, isii): d. Auu'. 1. 1>^13. 

b. Aug. 116, 1813; ni, Ilairiett Wri-ht, Aug. 15, 1842: d. Oct. 
23, 1857. 

b. July 31, 1815; m. d. 

b. Dec. 18. 1819: in. d. Mrb. 4. 1852. 

Harriett, b. June 19. 1S20; d. F.b. 12, 1823. 

M.vRTiN, b. j?ept. 24. 1820; m. ' d. 


David and Hairiet Wriglit, Kini!>;dl cliildron are: Huel M., Davi< 
M., Harriel C. and Fred W. 

Oil Davhl Mather" (son of Timothy". Timothy''. William*. Arlier- 
ton^, Timothy*. Rev. Hichard'. Thomas", John'), of ^[arlboro, 
Vt. ■Rom in Marltioro. Vr.. Aui:. G, 1783: died ; 

maiTied olive Smith. Jan. 14, LSIO. 







Malona Avon, 

h. Dec. 13, ISIO; il Mch. 2, ISH. 
h. Aiig. 2-i, 1812; ni. David M. Mather, 1S34; d. 
July 13, 18T». 
JosEi'u F.. b. May 4, 181,3; d. Feb. 23, 1816. 

llANNAir. b. Sept. 12, 1818: m. Aarou Bagg, Nov. 17, 18:]4; 

d. Sept. 5, 183G. 
21 UJ II-UiBXET, b. Sept. 29, 1820; m. Rosvvell Barber, March 6, 

1844; d. Dec. 25, 1848. 

2117 A rursTA Charlotte, b. Mch. 20. 1823; in. Clark L. Adams, April 2i), 

1844; d. Apr. 13, 1889. 

2118 Maiuetta a.. b. Sept. 20, 1825: ni. Lather Snow. Oct. 2. 1.H4.T; 

d. July 14. 186.5. 

912 Timothy Mather' (sou of Timothy', brother of above), of 
MarllKiro. Vt. Ri.rn July 24, 1785; died Feb. 24, L85S, aged 
72; inurried (1) Harriet Adams; she ilied July l.'j, 182.>; (2) 
Harriet Winsiow; she died Aug. 24, 1877. 


2119 Amanda, b. d. yoimg, 

2120 Samuel, b. d. young. 

2121 Frederick W.. b. Oct. 13, 181(5; m. (1) Betsey Winchester, Mch. 14, 

1844; (2) Celiuda Patter.son; d. 

2122 David. b. d. young. 

2123 TrMtvrav. b. 1818; UQmarrie<!; d. 1847. 

2124 Jo.sErn E.merson. b. m. d. about 1842. 

2125 John Adams, b. July 15. 1822; m. Mary E. Benedict, Sept. 2, 1847; 

d. 1875. 

2126 Harriet. b. m. Mr. Dunkle; d. 1875. 

2127 An Infant. b. d. young. 

2128 LrciNDA M.. b. .June 20, 1820: m. Ozro Wright, June. 18.'51: d. 
2120 AnmAiL b. June 3. 1831: m. J. H. Haniilron. Feb. 24. 1S.-2: 

d. Apr. 5. 18:-,0 

2130 Cotton. b. Mch. 10. 1833; ni. Seraph Whitaker, June 1. is.18: 


2131 D^viGiiT M.. b. July 2G. 1835: in. Lena H. Nims, Nov. 29, 1850; 


2132 Amasa Winslotv, b. Apr. 29, 1837; d. Feb. 19, 1839. 

2133 S.^..MUEL A., b. Feb. 27, 1839; d. Dec. 30, 1844. 

2134 Ar.ONzo W., b. Sept. 4, 1841; d. Mch. 15, 184-5, 


\)Vi Lois 3latlier' ('lau. ui Tuuuthy^ Timothy'. Willuim", .-^thor- 
lou'\ Tiuiurhy\ Kev. iiicluirJ', Thonuis". Juiui'), of Murllioro, \'t. 
Boru in Mai-lliuro, \'t,, June, 17S7; difd Fell. 17, l.S7'J; nuir- 
rieJ Arteiutis Houglitou, Uct. 7, iSiU; he died Nov. 15. li>J3. 

uoucnroN ciiiLiiuEX. 

2135 SrsAX A., b. Aug. -U, 1^11. m. Kliijlui (.)lis: d. Feb. 2.5. 1842. 

213tj Nklson. b. Apr. 18, isi;!; untnurriwl; d. 

21o7>. b. May 2, 1815; uiiniarriwl; a. Sfpt. 2S, 1!S5;}. 

213S T., b. Apr. 12. 1^517: m. Ahimu Bailou; d. Xov. l;;. ^^r,ry 

2160 Lois Yl.. b. Doc. 8, 1810; lu. Willar.l BLvby; d. .Inly IT. 1^47. 

2140 Xahum, b. July 11. 1822; d. Aug. 27. I82ti. 

2141 CoTTOK Matuek. b. Feb. 17. l.-2(); in. (1) 8arah Adam.s; (2) Thfoduciu 

Jlorgau; d. about 1800. 

2142 C. .Ia.vette, b. Get. 19. 1828; unmarried; d. Aug. ai, 1847. 

214;3 Rrfus II.. b. Mch. 2^, 1834; m. Martha Wilcox, Oct. 15, I860; d. 

Jan. 6, 18S8. 

Ol-i WilliaiU Mather' (son of Timothy", and brother of above), 
of Julfersun County. N. Y. Born in Marlboro. \'t., Aug. 15, 
1789: died June 5, 1859; married Folly Dudley, Feb. 20, IS'JO; 
she died Aug. 25, ISGl, aged 05. 


2144 Mii.o S.. b. Jan. 28. 1821; ni. Adclia 6. Iluutiiig, Mcli. 4, isj'.t; d. 

2145 .SiMKoN, b. June 10, 1822; ui. Mary E. Green, June 3. 1847; d. 
214G Gkouoe, b. Oct. 4, 1824; m. Jane Murray, Dec. 11, 18(57; d. 

2147 Betsey. b. June 21, 1827; ni. M. B. Hunting, Feb. 14, 1849; d. 

May 2*3. 1850. 

2148 Eliza. b. Meli. 9, 1830; m. J. E. (Ireeu. Aug.. 1852; d. Sept. 15, 


2149 Malvixa. b. June 9. 1832; m. d. Dec. 13, 1875. 

2150 Wn.Li.\.M. Jr., b. Aug. 20. 1834; ni. Eunice Bull, Sept. 21. 187H; il 

William Matlier went, from ]Mari!>')ro, Vt., to Jetforson County, 
N. v.. in 1810. and remained tliore until his doath. 

915 Cotton Mat ho r'^ (son of Timothy', Timothy", William«, Ather- 
ton*. Timothy', Kev. Richard'. Thomas', John'), of AVest Brat- 
tleboro. Vt. Born in Marlboru. March 25. 1791; died Sept. 18, 
1862: married Be^^:ey (.'arpenter. June 7, l.s27; she was born 
May 28," 1807. 

3151 George "W., 

21o2 ^\_NDUEW J., 

21o:3 An Infaxt. 

2153'iiEstELLA E., 

^l.Ti Cotton, 
2153 Georgian A, 

2150 Olive R. 

2157 Sami EL 

2158 Helen V., 

2159 L. Ro.^ANNA. 

2160 Chaules E., 

2161 George, 


b. Jan. 26. 182S; d. May 13, ls^2, 
b, Apr. 18. 1^-20; d. Oct. 27. 1^2'.). 
h. Dec. 15, IKJO; d. Dec. 17, ls;30. 
b. Au/. I'j. is:;2; ni. Joseph Mfrriaiii, May 27, 1857; d. 

:?. pt. 24. 1>57. 
b. June 15, 1804; ra. EuicHul' Iiiuriiiii, !\I;iy 7, I'~i5t;: d. 
b. Mch. 27, 18;i6; m. WillanJ N. Whitney, Muy 15, 1855; 

b. M;iy7, 1838; m. Cark-y P. Whitney, Dec. ;J, 1857; d. 
b. Dtc. 29, 1^40, d. Ai>r. 2, 1841. 
b. Aug. 23, 1842; m. George Ames, Jan. 5. l80y; d. Apr. 

22. 187ii. 
b. Oct. 29. 1844: m. George Adams, Jan. 18, 1864; d. 

Apr. 14, 1865. 
b. Apr., 1846; m. Mary Adams. Aug. 15, 1868: d. 
b. Oct., 1850: m.Lura Worden, Feb. 26. 1878: d. 

916 EUOS Mllther' {^<>u. of Timotliy^ and Ijrother of above), of 

. Born in Marlboro. \'t.. 17'J3; died Apr. 20, 
1S68: married Tamar HouLcbton. 


2162 Sydney, 



2163 Enosi, 



2164 Maria. 



2165 Tamau, 



2166 LovisA. 



2167 Dan, 



2168 Geoiuie, 



2169 Edna, 



2170 David. 

. b. 


. d. 

917 Dan Mather'' (son of Timothy', Timothy', William", Atherton', 
Timothy'. Rev. Richard', Thomas^ John'), of ilarlboro, Vt. 
Born May 6. 171»5; died Feh. 1, 1876; married (1) Almira Mil- 
ler, Jan. 9. 18irt: ?he died June I'l, 1S4S: (2) Mrs. Lucy In^ra- 
ham Mather, Dec. 6, 185S; she died Feb. '5, I8G9. 


2171 Eunice. b. Oct. 24, 1819; m. Lulie Y. iligley, Nov. 24. 1*40; d. 

June 9, 1881. 



2172 Almtua. 

2178 IlEi.i Ann, 

2174 Maei-ei'tk. 
217o Maky M.. 
2:70 IIA^NAI^. 
2177 Sui^AN J.. 

ills MlLI-KU D 

2179 "Wri.i.iAM. 
21 SO David. 

b. Feb. 11, 1821; m Chailrs llulc, \sU: d. Feb. 2.1. 1S47. 
b. -fuly 21, 1822; m. Henry N. t.lisbuc. Oct. 8, 1845; d. 

Aug. 4, 1«75. 
b. Sept. 20, 1823; iL. Dec. 4, 1824. 

h. June 24, lb2o; in. d. Feb. 28, 1847. 

b. Nov. 11, 1827; ui. Ezra Aiues. May 17, 18o.5; d. 
b. Dec. 11, 1828; lu. Flint W. Snow, xVpr. ',, l,y.j4; d. 
b. Aug. 17. 18;i(); iiL Janettc E. Warren, -July 12, 18oo; d. 
b. Xov. 22, 18P>i5; ni. Dcmaris Starr Kelsey. >iay7, 1856; d. 
b. 3Ic!i. (i. 18;Jfi. m. Hannah Adams. McL. 16. 1859; d. 

918 Phila Mather' (son of Timothy', and brother of ahove), of 
Brattlfhoro, Vi. Boru 17!i7: died June 1. 1871; married 

Samuel Browu. Jan. 28, 181!>. 


J181 Mara Ann, 




b. Nov. 15, 1819. ni. Hearte Wiiichester, Dec. 25. 

1844; d. 
TiMOTRY Mather, b. May 24, 1*^21; m. Mary Ingram, May 2, 1848; d. 
PiiiLA .M.vTiiEU. b. Aug. 10. 1823; m. P. S, While, Mch. 7, 1849; d. 

(no chiklren). 
Lucy Adams, b. July 31. 1826; m. Wilson M. Winchester. Mch. 9, 

1846; d. 
Hannah Kijiball. b. Aug. 8, 1829; ra. Kenben Winchester. Feb. 9, 

1850; d. 

Sel)a ?iriltlier'(s<'Uof Erastus', Timothy", Williajn". Atherton^ 
Ti!notiiy\ Kuv. Richard', Thomas-. Joiin'), of Steulion. Uhio. 
FJoru in Marlboro, Vt., April 17, 178';; died in Stoubcni, Ohio, 
July "-'2, 1874; married Cynthia Hastings, Oct. 11. L8i:i; sh<e 
died Jan. 8. lSt)4. aged 70. 








2189 George 


2190 Ransom 



b. Sept. 19. 1814; m. d. 

b. July 25. 1817; unmarried; d. 

b. July 13, 1819; in. Jane Pomeroy. Sept. 19. 18.50; 

b. Aug. 18, 1822. d. Aug. 25, 1827. 
b. in. (I) Lon^uitha Woods, June 29. 

1854; (2) Eiizu Stringham. Nov. 19. 1877; d. 



•2101 Cynthia, b. May 30, ls2T; m. li. St-pt. ■"). IS-IS. 

21!)-: H'>UTKNsiA. 1). Oct. -2. 1880; m. (1. Aug. 2.-). is.lT. 

2U(:i llKoiu^E W.. b. Mcb. 5. 1S3:5; m. d. Feb. 27, 18:56. 

2194 Lkandkr Noutox, b. Jan. 27, lir'ofj: m. Frances Luthrop, Dec. 2o, ls(J8; 

(1. Apr. 20, 180'J. 

9"21 HoiTU-e Mather' i^<-'n uf Eruritus'. Timothy'', \Villi;l!a^ .Vtlu-r- 
toir", Tim. lrily^ Rev. Ricliard'. Timnias;-, .Inhti'). of New Ynrk 
State. Boru ill Marri>oro. Vt.. Oct. U). 17.s:t; .lied : 

mai-rietl (.)!;ve ( 'ail. of Marllioro. 

219") BKT^EY, b. July. iSU; m. Loreuzo <l. Campbell, Apr. 15, IS:U: <1. 

iV2S Hiirlow M;it!i«'r' (-^"H .'t Erastusl anil lirother uf above), of 
^fandu.^ky, X. V. I'.urn in Marib'.ri.. \'t., IT'.Hl; d. 

; married .Siraii I'crter Stinian. 


21% Sarah Sophront.\, b. m. David lU'^yt. June 26. 1S42; d. 


2197 Fanxie, b. m. Clark: d. 

2198 ELf^'AU^■.TU, b. in. Tabor; d. 

2199 ]S[auv Jane, b. m. Adams, of Springfield, 

3I;\,ss. ; d. 

2200 Olive, b. . m. d. 

There were sons who died younir. Mr.=. HotIdw Mather wa.* the 
inventor of the suhterraneau telescope. 

*.)'29 Mary Aim Jlatlier^ ('lau. of EuseoilL-l Increase', William-:. 
Atlierton\ Timothy*. Rev. Rioliard-'. Thomas-. John'), of ( 'alo- 
donia. Minn. Born in Sullield, Conn., ^lay I'i, ISIO; died 
; married Oliver Dunbar. < >ct. 1'^. l.s;;i. 


2201 RoLi.rN-, b. in SutRcld. Conn., Aug. 11, 18:32; m. d. 

2202 Mary A.. h. Apr, 2.".. ls:U: d. Mch. 1. 1840. 

220:^ Wells, b. July 7. 18:^7; m. d, 

2204 Tho\i\s, b. Jan 6, 1S40; m. d. 


i-Ji)5 Mauy a.. b. Apr. -JO, |.s42; iii. d. 

•J'Jui; CATiiKiaNK, 1). Aiiu'. 7. l>^t-l; ni d. 

•22tn Akai;f.!.la, b. July 27, 1SJ7; m. d. 

:2208 IIoKACK, b. Feb. 7, 1S4'J; lu. d. 

'2'20'j Frances H., b. D.-e. 0, lb.52: in. d. 

931 Ciltlicrine Matln'r' ('l;iu. ..I Eu.sel.ills^ Increase", AVilliam'', 

Ariienoii*. Tiiiiuthy'. Kcv. Kicliui-d'. Tli')Ui;i.s-, John'), of Sui- 
firlil. L'onu. i:M,rn Nov. '!'.>. [>]:',: dieil Nov. ID, ls.')7; mar- 
rie«l Hiirrit; H;'tli.i\vuy, Se[»l. l"), L^.'!.'); he die<l M:iy .s, l.s.")S. 

IIATKAWAY chfldkk:';. 

2210 Hklkn, b. M:iy2, 18:3(J, d. Dec. 1, 18:',6. 

2211 Haui;i.s A.. b. Apr. 2. 1S:?8; il. Oct. ll», ls;?8. 

2212 EijwiN R, b. Xov. 7, 1S40; d. Mch. 11, 1841. 
22l;J C.vTniciUNE. b. Nov S. lS-12; 111. Dcimi.s Doyle; d. 
2214 C.VKOLtNE E.. b. Mch. 8. 1844; d. .Sci.t. o, IS.ji 

221;> il.vitias D., b. Jan. 8, 184(i; m. d. 

2216 SiiriiAL S., b. 3Iay 2.'), 1847; d. f^vpi. 5, 1840. 

2217 Akabklla, b. Jan. 31, 1841); d. Sept. 2.3, 1841). 

2218 Ei.[sAi!ETH, b. June 1, ISrw); d. Jidy 28, l8o(). 
2211) Fkeddie, b. Nov. 3(t, 18.51; d. Sept. 1, l8Gy. 

932 Uilliiim Ht'liry Mathor' (son ol' WiUianr', incfwu^e', Wil- 

liam'. AtliciTcin-'. Timothy'. Kcv. Riciiard-'. Thomas^ John'), of 
SuHield iinil Wind.-or. C'oun. iJ'ii'n Nov. 2'>. l.'^Oi); died Sept. 12, 
187.5; married Aurelia B. .Suuilcy, .Jan. I. 1824; she died Nov. 
5, 1878. 


2220 IIe>uy Willakd, b. May 22, 182.>; m. Julia Ann ^lerrinian, July 1:5, 

18.30; d. 

2221 Sakau Ann, b. July ID, 18;32; ni. d. 

2222 CEr.fA Maiua. b, Feb. 1, 18;!.-); m. Terrell; d. 

934 G't^or^e M.ltlier' (*"ii f>i William^, and brother of above), of 
Hartff)rd, Conn. Born in Sutticlil. <.'nnn., Mch. 11. IslC; died 
at, Conn.. .Jan. '_' 1 . Issi); nnirried .Susan iluutley, ot 
Hartford, Julv 7. 1841. 



2-2:23 .^AHAU.l.. b. -May Li. Ii4;:i; d. Sept. 3, is-ll. 

2-2-24: Ella JI.; b. Juu. iT, l^V.i. ui. Julius L Wilder. 3[ay 25. ls(3lt; d. 

2-2-25 E-UELi^t;. b. Mcli. 24. l^^lS: m. d. 

947 Dr. ■\ViIliiini 3latlier' (^ou of Moses^ Williaur. William', 
Aditrtoip. Timothy'. Rev. Ricliurd'. Tlioiuas^. John'), of Fair- 
field, N. Y. Born in Fairfield. X. Y.. Apr. 'Js, i^dH: died 
Jure 20. In'.H); married Mary Ann Uuell. oi Fiiij'field. N'. Y.. 
May -i, 1S3U; she died N(A'. s. Is74. a>:ed tjii. 


222f) \ViLLi.>..M ALiiXAXDEU. b. Feb 17, lt<87; d. 

2227 Maktua Ann. b. May Id. 1S4I); ui Albert Barnes W.iikiu.s, 

Nov. 19, 1»»J3. 

2228 Alonzo Clark, b. Apr, 22. 1848: m. (1) .Marrh-i (). Jnluisou, 

Jan. 22, 1878; (2) Louise Eaines, Aug. 4, 

Extracts from Herkimer County. N. Y.. pp. "il-s: ••William 
Matlier. M.D.. •c\-as iHirn in FairtieM. N'. >'.. Apr. ■J^. isoi'. ami was 
nuirried Alay 24. l>;jii. to Mary Ann. daughter of Ko.-?well LUu'll. of 
Fairfield. Mr^;. Mather die<i in Fairlield. Xov. s. 1874. aji-ed si.xty- 
nine years. I'l-. Maiher graduated from tlie Fairfield. CoUejro in IS'J'i. 
receiviu^j^ the decree ot M.D. He has alway-; iieeu an anient lover of 
the science of chemistry, has turned his attention wholly to tliat suh- 
ject instead of medicine, and from IM'S to 1S(J8 was one of the most 
popular lecturers in this country upon that science. In 1838 he was 
a])pointe^l instructor of chemistry in Plamilton Literary and Theologi- 
cal Seminary, ami in 1^41 was elected professor of chemistry and 
phannacy in < 'astleton Medical (.' ^'t. From IH.'/J to Isc.s 
he was professor of chomistrv. goolo<;y. and minetahigy in Madison 
Univ(>rsity. From his early yotitli ho has been prominently ulontitied 
with tlie interests of Fairfield Aca<lemy. and has often furnished val- 
uable pajx'rs to scientific societie.s. besides contrioutiuir hirjrely to the 
Herkimer County press. Dr. Mather is still (JS7'J) in intellectual and 
physical viiror. and an honored citizen of the villa<;e ot Fairfield." 


-f:^: ' ^ 

.-V -X 

■ >i** 


r.=.^°.^_ .»£i^: 'k^'i-wtm/i ir I II iWiifiriMr 



In January. ISDO. Dr. Mather \v;i^ stUl in cuuii' ut-ahh. On 
June 'Jt;, IcSUii. Dr. Mather died, and the fnlLnvinir s^keteh of his Ute 
comes to Uxn iiuni the Little Falls (N'. Y.) J'jurnal and Cuuritr, of July 

Dk. AVm. Matuki!. 

"DiKD — In Fuiriicki, June :2(j, 18UU. William .Mather, in the einiity-uiutii 
year of his aire. 

"The sudden death, on Thursday, of Fairfield's esteenieil ;Mid 
accouiplished citizen. Dr. WiUiam Marhe)'. c;une witli trreat surprise to 
the jieople of Herkimer County, and especially to his more intimate 
friends, wlu.) iiud considered him in remarkably good health for a man 
of his years. He had been doing some -u-ork about his home, and. it 
is believed, became over-exhausted. His physician. Dr. Nichols, oi 
Fairfield. \v!io was witii iiim in lus last moments, believed that his 
death was caused by the rupture of a ])lood-vessel m tlie region of rite 

'■Dr. William blather was born on Barto Hill, one mile from rhf 
village of Fairfield. April 28, l.soi'. He was a direct descendant, in 
the eighth generation, of John and Fillen Mat'aer. who liveil at LowImh, 
Lancashire L'uunty. England, near Liverixiul. Hicliard Mather, the 
granilsun of John and the son of Thonuis Mather, preached at Toxteth 
(,"hapei. in Liverpool, and came U) Bdstijn in 1 '>.'!.'). Fruiu this oriuin 
nearly all of the Mather name in this country have come. He was 
married to Miss Mary A. Buell May 'H. \f<'.ji). whom he survived six- 
teen years. He is survived by three children. William A. Mather of 
Fairtield. Mrs. Albert B. Watkins of Albariy, and Alonzo C. Mather 
of Chicago, and five grandchildren. • 

•As a };oy. Dr. Mather was of a thoughtful, studious disposition, 
and early developecl a marked taste fur scientific pursuits. He entered 
Fairiield Academy at the ago of fourteen, ami continued a membei' of 
the school during several years. Even at this age lie had done much 
original work, and early gave pr<">mise of tlie scientific attainments 
which, in after years, were to make him a valued educator in his sfie- 
cial iield of work. He afterwards took a full cour.s;e of study in the 
CoUege of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District, tlistin- 


guishiiig hiniself espocially iu the study of cliemi.stry. and gr:iduated 
iu l.sL'f). lit- never liiAvev..'r. [iracticed the |.rol'i\s.<iuu of medicine, 
giving as a reasun that In; cuuld nut iieaf to witness paiju ;tnd siitl'e-r- 
ing. He preferred, iu ids modest way, the more quiet life of student 
and teacher, both uuiile callings and for both of which nature hatl well 
fitted him. In is'JT. at the suggestion of l)v. Jolm A. Kinnecut of 
Buffalo, who iluririLT the preceding year, as a resident gra<hiate. had 
taught a class in chemistry. Dr. Mather formed a cla.s.s fo-r private 
examination iu tie Medical College, and for many years continued his 
connection with the Medical College. In IS'J.S he was invited to give 
a course of lectures to the academic <ind tlieological students at Ham- 
ilton, and continued to visit Hamilton for this purpose each year until 
1838, when he was appointeil Professor of Chemistry in Madison Uni- 
versity, now Colgate. From a letter written Oct. 13, 18.jl, by Ste- 
phen W. Taylor, we learn the conditions of tlie contract. Dr. Mather 
consented to give instruction to the students of the university for an 
indefinite term of years, provitle and keep in repair his own chemical 
apparatus, and remove his cabinet of minerals, fossils, and geological 
specimens from Fairfield to Madison University, in <;onsideration of 
which he was to receive S35U per year if he reiuaiued five years and 
eventually doiuited his cabinet to the university; orhei-wise he was to 
receive S3()0 jier year from the beginning. His chemical apparatus 
at this time was valued at .Sl.tiUO. and his cabinet at S,^^!!, To Dr. 
Mather the Colgate University of to-day owes much of its well-ap- 
pointed laboratory, and still more to the interest wliich he aroused and 
successfully maintained in its scientific departments. This position he 
filled with great success, adding to his lectures on Chemistry instruc- 
tion in Geology, until 18^l7. In 1841 he received an invitation to 
accept the Professorshij) of Chemistry and Fharmacy in the Medical 
College at Castleton. \'t., wh^re he gave courses of lectures for several 
succe^ssive years. 

■'The study of Natural Sciences, especially. Chemistry, was in its 
infancy during these years, and instruction was given very rarelv ex- 
cept in lar^je schools and the more progressive colleges. The system 
of lecturing upon scientific subjects throughout the State, in the differ- 
ent places where an interest in them had begun to arise, was entered 


up(Mi with j^rt-at zeal i'V a tew piuiu'ors lu this luancli ot learning. 
I'roMiincnt asnonir tiie^f jiioueer lecturers, including such men a:? l^ruf. 
Jolin W. Hatch. Dr. Austin Flint. Dr. J. M. Wieting. Prof. Mande- 
ville. Prof. Sillimau {the older), Dr. Hitchcock, and a few others, wu 
lind Dr. Mather, whose su!)ject and specialty \va.s Cheniiatry. 

•• Frcnu IS'J.-S to l>Gn. iluring such parts of the year as he could 
spare from his regular duties al Haniiitpn, he gave courses uf lectures 
in nearly all the lander towns of the State, uotablv liuffalo, .Vlbanv. 
Rochestei", O.xford, Auburn, Ithaca. Geneseo. ^Vvon. ^^yracuse. Whites- 
boro. (ial'.vay. t^aratoga Springs. Lansiugburg. Lyons. Rome. Amster- 
dam. Herkimer. Troy. Waterford, Utica, Little Falls. C'oopcrstown. 
Fort Plain. Schoharie, Hudson. Kingston. Newport, Owego. Bingham-' 
ton. Bath. Elmira. Penn Van. Palmyra. Seueca Falls. ^Vatcrloo. Nor- 
wich, Fulfun. Pulaski. < Jswego. Waterviile. Clinton. Sing Sing. Peeks- 
kill, .\dams. Oneida, and many otlier places, including also courses of 
lectures at the Albany State Normal School and the Young Men"s 
A.ssociation of Albany, and the Berkshire Medical College at Pittslield, 

'• He was a learned and instructive lecturer. .As his lectures were 
illustrated %vith an ample apparatus and iie was a skillful manipriiat<n\ 
liis experiments were invariably successful. To show the very high 
value placed upon Dr. .Mather as a scieutitic lecturer, we quote very 
brielly a few e.xtracts from press notices of years :igo: 

" ' We congratulate the lovers of .science among us on tiie prospects of a 
course of lectures ou Chemistry by the intelligent and experienced lecturer. 
Dr. Wm. blather.' — Pctk.-^h-Ul RfimhUctin. Feh. j.;, iSol. 

" ■ E.vtnuts from copy of resolutions presented to Dr. ^Ym. Mather; 

'■ ' A', .■</)//•<.(/. That in tlio lectures just closod, Dr. ^M. has shown himself an 
eminently successful experinuuter and a thorough master of the prineij>les 
antl details of tlie science which he teache.s. 

" • /^.jc/'/ /■(</. That we feel contident in siiying to s(hu<.>ls and colleges and 
the public generally, wherever Dr. i[. may lecture, that they will ruci-ive an 
ample equivalent in the .solid, inti-resting, and u.seful instruetion which lie im- 
parts. ' I>r. Mather di>plays no badges of the tmpyric. He is a {>laiti, intcr- 
estinir. an<l in^iruitive li-crurer. He has devoted years of anUious labor to 
the science of chemistry, and shows a perfect familiarity witli Lis subject. 
He blends with illustrations that simplicity pei;uliar to elementary demonstra- 


tiDii, while hf li'iiils ;iluiiir the iiiitul to couiiirthoiid the coinplicatcil r(-siilt> of 
thu cheiiiiciil lomliiiiaUoiis of eleiiivurury piiuciiiles.' — F'lltoii I'litri'it, Sijil. 
I'j, 1847. 

■• As au autlior ho wrote no exiuuded work, but his pun liad been 
aeiivt; iu various directions for uiauy ytars, aud his coutnbutious to 
local aud soieutilic periodicals were numerous itud valuable. Perhaps 
no other man was so well versed in tlie early history of tliis section, 
especially with reference to its pioneers and the rise and progress of 
its "•ducational institraioas. His memory was remarkably vivid, en- 
abling him to recall -^^-ith great accuracy and fullness the incidents 
wliich came to his personal knowledge from his earliest years as a 
resident of the town. His assistance to Mr. Benton, in the preparation 
of the History of Herkimer County, was invaluable; aud many pages 
of tjiat work were written entirely by Dr. Mather, and tor which he 
did not receive the credit which justly belonged to him. His series of 
articles on the ( )riu:in of Fairfield Seminary, and later on, a similar 
series on The History, Work, aud InHiieuce of the Medical College, 
were extensively read and widely copied. <Jnly recently, a paper pre- 
pared by him on the Fairfield Medical (,'oUeLce, was read before the 
Utica Historical Society, by a prominent physician of that city, and 
received high praise. For months previous to his death he was en- 
gaged in collecting material and preparing manuscript for the forth- 
coming History 01 Fairtield Seminar}-. His memory was remarkable, 
especially with reference to events which happened m liis youth or 
early manhood. He took much interest in tiie uenealogy ul the early 
settlers of Fairfield and vicinity, aud spent much time iu tracing out 
lines of descent in answer to questions sent to iiim from people now 
widely scattered. 

•He gave valuable assistance in the preparation of biographies 
of Dr. .\sa Crav. Dr. Hadiey, and many others whom he knew, 
either as fellow student.^, or with whom he lalxjred. in after life, 
as an educator. His p>enmansliip. in the style of half a century ago, 
was remarkable for its neatness and clearness, and resembled copper 
plate, and tlie notes which he took only last Monday, as Secretary of 
the Medical CoUoi^e Board, which iinnually meets at Little Falls, are 
an e.^act counterpart in style and penmanship to those taken by him in 
the same capacity when he was tirst electe'l secretary, in 1840. 


•■ Xo man ainon^ the liimilreds uf distinguished ahinini ul • Old 
Fairfield ' took groutur interest in his ahna mater tlian Dr. Mather. 
From his early youth lie had an intimate acquaintance with all its inner 
and outer workings. He took special pains to become acquainted with 
all its teachers, ani.1 was ever ready with his kind encouragomeut an'-l 
oilers of advice and assistance. When a new teacher was aijout to 
commence his dtities in the department of Physical Science, it was his 
custom to aid him in his first use of the apparatus, and frequently to 
assist him in his expermients, and the writer of this article will ever 
hold him in grateful remembrance for much information and help in 
that department. 

"So solicitous was he for the prosperity of the school, that he- 
always endeavored to keep in his mind the exact number of students 
present, and often, at the beginning of each term, would watch the 
number of lights in the buildings during the first few evenings, in 
order that he might judge of the prospects of a successtul term, 
anxiotisly commenting to those whom he met upon the favorable or 
unfavorable indications. While he was President of the Board of 
Trustees he took great interest in the Regents' examinations. He 
would perform the tiresome duty of a committeeman, and look over 
the answer papers, and was always regarded Ijy the students as a very 
pleasant and efficient guardian of the Regents" interests. 

•■ In prosperity and adversit_v the school has found him the same 
imvaryinjj: champion, always ready to work, to contrilnite funds, ami 
speak for its interests. The teachers have found him a friend and co- 
worker in the cause of education, and the students a man abounding 
in knowledge which he always was wi'ling to impart. 

■'He had been a trustee of the school since 1853, president of the 
board for about twenty vears, and was a prompt and regtilar attendant 
at all the and an active participant in all discussions relating 
to its financial and educational matters. 

"When, a few years ago, the indications were that the Seminary 
was about to when many people ft-ared that 'Old Fairfield" had 
done its work and must henceforward Ite counted among the institu- 
tions of the past. Dr. Matiier, with earnest solicitude and zeal, lal)ored 
to brinij aliout the chant^i' in manai;emont which pi-omiscd, and has 


resulted in, tlie sucoesstul and pi.-riiianent cstablishiiuuit of tlie schodl: 
aud he lived to reji'ico in itLe well lilled rooins .-ind uuiiierous lights 
that gleamed from the windows opposite his residence. 

•' He was also an earnest worker in the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
of which he was ftjv many years a vcstiTnian. He was always atten- 
tive to e\'er_v duty, takiuir. as he did in every good work, an active 
interest in all church affairs; and it was ol'ten remarked ii}- those who 
knew liim l^st. that few men ever lived a more genuine, practical. 
Chri-stian life than Dr. ^[ather. 

'• He was a man of perfect hnnetity. remarkable in ins habits nt 
punctuality in all iluties. of .strict accuracy and system in tlie e.xecution 
and roc(jrd of all business trausaciions. and of marked kindness of heart. 
He was ever careful aud considei-ate ol tlu^ feelings and circumstances 
of all around him. and the univi-rsal testimony of his neiglibors aud with whom he came into tlie most constant personal contact, 
shows him to have been a man of unusually broad views and benevolent 
character. In his latter years he was somewhat afilicted with deaf- 
ness. l>ut did not lose his deep interest in all current affairs. He read 
constantly and carefully, and kept well informed on public questions 
of the day. He was public spirited, and contributed freely of his time 
and means in support of local projects. He retained to the end of his 
life the mental faculties of a remarkably well l.ialanced and even liril- 
liant mind. He has passed away in the fullness of years, esteemed and 
lamented by the entii-e community. 

" His funeral was largely attemlcd on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, 
from Trinity Cliurch in Fairfield. Rev. W. H. C". Lylburn officiating."' 

94-S Jairus Mather'' (?on of Moses', AVUliam'. William". Ather- 
ton^ Timothy^ Rev. Richard^, Thomas'', John'), of Fairfield, 
X. Y. Born at Fairfield, Herkimer Co., X. V., Aug. 2.3. Is Hi; 
died : married Eliza Jones, July 30, 1844. 


22-20 Alheut B.arxks. h. July 18, 184."i; m. d. 

22:V) Cn.vnr.Es J.MKCS. b. Oct. 22, IM47; m. 3[;iry B. Getman, Dec. 21, 

1.ST5: .1. M.h. 2S. 1SS4. 

2231 L.\uu.v >Iauia. h. Feb. 7, 18."iO; m. d. 

2232 Fkki^krick Drk^skr. b. .Tune 20, IsfiO; m. d. 


958 Cyprian Jlatlier' (son of Coltun', David', Joshua^, Athertou\ 
Tiuiutliy^ Rev. Kichard', T]iumas=. Julia'), of Derliii, Conn. 
I;orn ilay lo, 1791'; died Ucl. 1, l^io: uutrned Huldalt Ilari, 
Jan. 16, 161 1; she died ISJ'J, aged ti2. 


2233 SiL.vs H.vET, b. ilcb. 9, isU ; m. Caruline Sperry, Jan. 20. 

I6;i4; d. IHc. 27, 1S«1. 

2234 C.\KO LINE. b. iyi7; m. d. :May 26, 1S2;3. 

2235 Geok(;e W., b. Oct. o, 1S19; m. June nrJ)I)ard, Aug. 18, 1844; 

d. May lo. 1S86. 

2236 Jon>- Newton. b. Feb. 2, ls-J4: m. Martha Murjran, May 21, 1843; 

(1. July 27, 1886. 

2237 Henry Fu.\NKi.iN, b. June 15, iSHi; ni. Cblw Todd Tuttle. July 4, 

16.j2; d. May 2», 1867. 

962 Thomas C. Mather' (son of Cotton', and brother of above), 
of Harwinton, ( Born June 5, ISOO; died ; 

married Susan Hungerford, Aug., 1S20. 


2238 Elvira, b. m. <1. 

2239 Tiio.MAS G., b. Jan. r,, ls-24: m. Uhoda A. Wilcox, Oct. 31, 1844; d. 

Jan. 30. 1857. 

2240 LvMAN S.. b. _ m. d. 

2241 J.sjiES, J., b. ni. , Jan. 22, I860; d. 

IVIay 7, 1886. 
2242JorrNS., b. m. d. 

2243 Mary E., b. m. d. 

975 Hon. William blather' (son of Deacon William*, Thomas, 
M.D.''. Joshua", Atherton', Tiuiothy^ Rev. Richard^ Thorn is^ 
John'), of Simsbury. Conn. Born Apr. 24. 1790; died Mch. 
18, 18G9; married Emma M. Fhelps, dau. of Col. Xoah AL 
Phelps. May 11, 1825. 


2244 PnrNKAs L., b. Aug. 9, ls27; d. Aug. 26, 1827. 
3245 Thomas Scott. b. Apr. 24, 1829; in. d. 



224G W'm. Clayton. 

2247 JrL'A Makia. 

2248 Isabella Phelps 

b. Feb. 11, ISol; lu Jt'uiiie C. Bruckett, Juu. 22, 

1S57: d. 
b. Aug. 20. 18:i;5; ni. Kev. C. P. Croft; d. 
b. Nov. 23, lS3a: uumarricd: d. Sept. 28, 1857. 

Hon. William Mather wu.s a man of sterling qualities, a true friend 
to all good obiects, was held in very higli esteem, uot only in the town 
in which he lived l>ut in the rotate at large. He represented the tuwn 
in the Legislature of the State, where his iniluence and his vote was 
always to be found on the side of right measures and for the yiublic 
good. Mr. Matlier's family line stops with his chd'lren. as none of the 
marriages of the children has resulted in extending the line farther. 
One of the sons. Col. Tlionias Seott Mather, is an active real estate 
dealer in Sprmgiield. Hi., and has been Adjutant-General of the State 
of Illinois. The .son Wm. C, and his wife, remain in Simsl'ury, and 
are the only ones in the tov/n to bear the family name. The daughter, 
JuUa M., married Rev. C. P. Croft, and lives in Simsbury. 

982 Maria Ann Mather'-' (dau. of Bethel--. Charles'. Richard". Ath- 
ertou*. Tiui^'tLy\ Rev. Richard*. Thomas^ John"), of Lysander. 
N. Y., and Delavan, Wis. Born- in Schaghticoke. X. Y., Oct. 
7, 179S: died 1S71: married Chauncy Betts. Feb., 

1817; tie died 


2349 Charles A. 

H . 


2250 Geo. Frank 

2251 Harriet M. 

2252 Ann Makia. 

2253 ChaltsXet, 

2254 Jl-lia F. , 

H . 


2255 Cvroltne, 

2256 Jajse, 




Amelia N. Mather, Nov. 12, 

Sept. 18, 
1849; d. 
Aug. 3. 1822; m. Lavinu Kennedy; d. 
Aug. 21, 1824; m. Edward 8. Clark; d. 
1826; m. d, 

1828; d. 1831. 

June 12, 1S31; m. (1) John B. Markham; 

H. Boldshaw; (3) Josepli S. Hall; d. 
June 29, 1833; m. d. Mch. 

m. d. 

(2> Wm. 


3. 1859. 

Teitth GenerntiotK 
Charles A. H and Anu>lia X. Mather Detts children are — 


2237 CnAtNCKY Guuvii. 1). Aug. UJ. IS.Jl: m. Le;ih McPIktsou ; aiul have 

Robert M., 1). 'Slch. 3. IST'J; Kayinoud. h. Apr. 

10, ibbo. 

•i2o« M.\RY-M., b. Sept. 1, l«."i4. 

Oeorire F'rauk H. and Lavina Keniicily Belts children are — 

2259 L.vru.v A., b. .May 17, l.'S."»7; uuiiuuried. 
22(itl Gh.mjam. b. July 2U. 1S03; unmarried. 

Mrs. Harriet M. Clark lias two daughters; home is in Wa.-<uin>it(>n. 

Jiiiia F. Betts Markliain children are — 

2301 Frank I>.. h. Oct. 19, 185S; m. has thr.e diiliireit; d. 

22ti2 Mahy L , b Meh. 6, 1857; m. Robert S. Thonipsuu. l>e(. 1. 1875; 
have a child, FayMau-le, b. :\Icli 25, 18S0; d. 

Julia F. B. M. Bolshaw child — 
22(53 Wm. IIenky, b. May 1(>, 1805: m. d. 

Julia F. B. M. B. Hail child — 
2264 JosiE b. July 6, 1»74. 

983 Ann Eliza Mather' ('lau. ..f llethel'. Charles'. Richard". 
Atherton*, Timothy', Rev. Richard', Thuinas-, John'), of 
Scliaghticoke. X. Y. Born Nov. 5, ISOO; died ; 
married Amos Briggs, Oct. ft, 182JJ. 


22(;5 Harriet Mather, b. Sept. 15. ; m. Daniel Parker; d. 
22ti5'< Elisabeth, b. m. d. 

22H56 Anna, b. m. d. 

984 Harriet Mather* (dan. of Bethel', and sister of aViove), of 
Schaghticoke. N. Y. Born Feb. 14.; died in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Oct. s. ISSl; married Ephraim Congdon, May H, 1828. 


22(i<5 Harriet MATnf:R. b. Feb. 27, 1829; ni. Paul Worth. Nov. 2(j, islo. d. 
22b7 Lansino M.vtuer. b. May I. is;i; m. d Nov. 17. 1850. 

2268 Sydney S.mitu, b Meh. 1:3, 18;M; m. Jauc A. Bradley; d. 


2269 Chlvkles Bki.k.nai", b. Doo. 13, 1830; d. Juu<- I'J. 18;JT. 

2270 EruKAiM iloKi.AX. b. Feb. 25, ISiO: ni. Anna M. 'riunnpsuu, June 20, 

1S77; cl. M;iy 24. 187y 

2271 Eliza Bkigus, b. Mch. t>, 1812; m. Rov. Uenry Noill, Supt. lo, 

1877; d. 

In the A'e ((• York Obstnrr of Xov. 3, ISSl, a iiue ubituary wa.s pub- 
lished of the life i)f Mrs. Harriet Mather u'ungiloii. giving an account 
of her lovely Christian character aud the >;Teat sorrow occasioned by 
her death. 

901 Julia FriUlCes Jlather' (dau. of Bethel-, and sister of above), 
of Springiield. Ma.5S. P.orn in Schagliticoke, N. Y., Sept. liO, 
181S; died Xov. 7, lS.5'.t; married Lleiiry son of Moses 
Bliss. May IS, 1841. 


2272 Henry L.. b. Feb. 9, 1848; ni. Luum E. Lane; d. 

2273 Carolink H., b. EVc. 3, 184U; d. 18ol. 

2274 Bethel Matuek. b. (Jet. o, 1855; in. ' d. 

2275 Mauv B , b. Nov. 20, 1845; ni. \l<-\. .John P. Roc, Nov 22. 1864; 


2276 William M.vtukk, b. Xov 20. 1851; m. Aduiia F Kelley, Dec. 24. 1874; 


2277 Julia Frances, b. Oct. 18. 1859: m. Elisha 1'. Tliurstuu, May 31, 

1883: d. 

9D-2 Lydla Jane Mather' (dau. of BetheP, Charles^ Richard*, 
Atherton^. Timuthy', Rev. Richard^, Thomas^, John'), of tfalem, 
X. Y. Born at Schaghticoke, X'. Y., Oct. 'Jo, 18'J2; married 
David Hawlev. Feb. ItJ. 1848. 


2278 Joseph MATnEK, b. Feb. 15, 1856; m. d. 

2279 Charles Daviu. b. June 8, 1858; m. d. 

Joseph Mather Hawley is in the banking house oi his uucle Charles 
Mather, at Berlin. Wis. 


10(M) Grove blather'' (■■^"" "i Eusehius''. Charles', Riciiard", Atlifr- 
ton'. 'I'iinotiiy*. Kov. RifhariP. Tlio!iia.-5-. Juhii'). of GciU'SHe. 
N. Y. Born July IG. 17'Jl: died at GeiiCaee. Aug. 11, l^2.S: 
married Mary Fisk, Feb. 1, 1S22: she died in 1563. 


2-2sO ErsF.r.irs. h. Xov 12. l'^-22. m. ILmn.ah Deniiii,":. Oct. 12. l.s.lO: d. 

2251 A.MKi.i.v X.. b. .May 16. 1S24: m. Charles A. II. Betlsnt" Dolaviui, Wi.-^.: d. 

2252 S.vMiKi. G.. b. ¥i-h. 21. lS2ti: in. Mary .M. Cbadwick, Nov. 12, 1849; d. 
228:5 LIrnuy, b, Aug. 2.*,. 1S27: d. Supt. IN, 1S2^. 

lOO'i Cvntljia ilatlier' ('iau. of Eu.sel.uis\ Chiirles'. Richard'', 
Athc.rtuu". Timothy^ Hev. Richard'. Thomas'-. .JdIih'). of .-^ara- 
to<;a Sprin>rs, X. V. Born Fl-'o. ir>. IT.Wr. nuirruMl Xathanit-l 
IT. W'aterbury, Nov. 4,. IMS: died F.-l). ID. \s-17. 


2284 Sis.<LNN.\n .M.vrnKR, b. Nov. 28, isii); m "\Vni. C. Van Dorn, 31<-li. T, 

1844; d. 
228.J Fu.vNCi? W.VYL.V.ND, b. .June 22. l'^22: in. :\Iary Rowland. July 22. 1848: 


228R Han-nau M.\iu.\. b. May 27, 1824: m. Calvin Wcll.s. Jan. 31. 184S. d. 

Tiiith (tPiierdti'iii . 
Children of Susannldi M. and Wiliiara C. Van Dorn — 

228f>(/Cn.\RLF.s Oscar, b. Apr. 28, lS4fi; ni. Juli:i Ilauscr. .Mch. 10. 1874. 
228(;//Mauy pi. b. June 24. 1848: ni. Oscar F. Stiles, June 2;}, 1874. 

Children of Francis Way land and Mary Rowland Waterbury — 

2286rM.vRY Francis. b. Nov. 12. 1>"5I; m. Rev. Wm. C. Taylor. Apr. 2:?, 

2286</Wii.LiAM Rowland, b. Oct. 0. IS-m: m. Louise \V. Holmes, Sept. 1!». 

2280<XoRMAN Mathkr. b. Dec. :i. 1^"); m. Lucy W. .McGill, Aug. 18. 


Children of Hannah Maria Waterbur}- an«l Calvin \V«-lls — 

2286/FU-VNCis \V.. b. Dec. 2:J. 1h4>': m. IKlen V. A liite. Nov. 10, issn. 
22."-GyALLES B., b. Au^. 19. 1'^lo: ni. Ett.i C. Frary. Mch. *), 1882. 


22+<f5//ANN.v C. b. Jan. 11. I'<"i4; in. d. July 28. ISMO. 

22.S6/FANNY T. 1). June li, iSoT; m. il. 

22f<tyCii.\ui.Ks M.. h. Aug.;il. l.'?02; in. Mii.uif E. Baker. Meli. 9, 1887. 

KHJ-l Surah Mut her' {•lau. oi Eusel'ius*, sister of al>ov(-), vi Suvn- 
toga, N. "i . ly.jrn May 31, ISOO: died .June IJ. isstl; iiuifried 
Calviu Lake. Am^j:. U, is-i'i. 

I.AKE Cnn.Dl!F.N. 

2287 ITenky 'h .Af.ij 30. 1823; m. Mirjaivt M. Ames. Aug. 31, 1847, 


2288 Er.LF.N. b. Nov. 1V>. 1831; d. Nuv. 3U.. Ibol. 

22Mt Francis N.. I.. Nov. 2u. 1832; m. d.' 20, 18.">t. 

2200 CoRNKLiA S , 1). Fel). l.">, 1.83.J: m. Diuuil S Wtxxlwurd, Nov. 2, l8o5: 

d. July 4, 1871. 

CliiMreu oi Ileuiy (/alvia and Mar;yanM, .Vnies Lake wore — 

Ci-VRKNCK il.. h. Nov. 20. 1801; 111. Lsahellu E. Webster, Juue 22, 1^7.5; 

Ei.LKN C. b. Oct. 21. 18.-)4; m. d. 

Mart M., b. May H5, ls.>9; m. Frank 11. tldmuuds. Oct. 12, 1881; 

NoR.MAN F., b. Mch. 18, 1864; d. Sept. 9, i860. 

Children of Clarence H. and Isabella AVflister Tiake — 

Frakci:* W. L.. b. Apr. 30, 1S76. 
Howard C L . b. Apr. ■>. is-^l. 

Mrs. Daniel S. Woodward's children are — 

Charles D. 


Henry L. 

1(M)5 Col. Norman Wolles Mather" (son of Eusebius', Charles', 
Rio'nard". Athertou'. Timothy^ Kev. Richard', Thomas-. John'), 
of Hemlock Lake. N'. Y. Born in Saratoga. X. Y., Nov. l.>, 
1804; died Dec. 31, 18.s4; married (1) ^fiss Jane Ashley, P'eb. 
l.s, 1S34; she died Aug. 15, 1842; ('J) Miss N. C. Van Fo.ssar 
Sept. -'0, 1846. 



•2-2!)l Emm.v a., b. Jan. 13, 18o-2: m. Win. B. Congdon. Dec. 14. 1S.j4: 


2293 GftOVE W.. b, July 14, 1S34: m. I^liss Phyla Doolittle. Apr. 11. 

1S63; d. 
2393 Ashley, b. June 9. 1S37; d. Oct. 17. 1S39. 

2294 Jou.N Charles, b. Oct. IS, 1S39: m. Miss Jerusba. Green, Apr.. 18G8; 

229.') Jaxe a.. b. Aug. 11, 1842; m. Oscar F. t>isson. May 20, 1863; d. 

220G Makt Ai,-rellv. b. Sept. 4. 1847: m. Rev, Wm. R. Bcnliam. Sept. 12. 

ISO."); d. 

2297 WiLLiAii B.. b. July 2, 1849; lu. Miss Emogene Hanford, Aug. 20, 

1879; d. 

2298 Kev. Fhaxk D.. b. Sept. 26, ISol: m. Clara P. Dewey, Oct. 19, 1881: d. 

2299 E. Irexe, b. May 26, 1857: ni. Rev. \V. C. Taylor, ; d. 

Nov. 29. 1888. 

From Xorthvrn Christian Advucak. Syracuse, X. Y. ; ••Col. Xor- 
rnan W. Mather weut from Saratoga when quite young with his 
mother to Geueseo. where he remained until the year 18'J7, when he 
went to Livonia, where he continued to live until his death. In liis 
dealings, with his fellowmen he was truthful, frank, and honest. Those 
■who had known him forty years called him a 'model man." One oi 
his sons, Rev. Frank D. :Mather, is a Methodist clergyman, and is 
preachiutx in California. X. AV. M.'s daughter, Mary Aurelia, married 
Rev. Wm. R. Benham,- the presiding elder of the Elmira District. 
And the youngest daughter married Rev. W. C. Tayl.jr, the Presl^y- 
terian clergyman of Verona, N. Y. Col. Mather contributed lil.erally 
to the Geneseo Wesleyan Seminary of Lima, JS*. Y., and toward other 
objects of lienevolence." 

From Rochester Dtmocrat and Clirohick, Sept. 13, 1879: " Wm. B. 
Mather, the well known gentleman connected with the educational de- 
partment of the Western House of Refuge for tlie past eight years, 
has resigned his position to engage in business with Moses Hoole & 
Co. of Chicago, a prouunent coal firm of that city. Mr. M. may look 
back with pardonable pride upon the record and excellent reputation 
he has made in Rochester, both professionally and socially. Ho was 
an active member of Monroe Commandery No. 12, Knights Templar, 


and his numerous friends in ihat Ixxly \vill j(^in with l\w hundreds of 
others in wishing him the best success in ins departure." 

1006 John 0. Mather-" (son of Eusel,uis\ Charles", Richard', 
Atherton^ Timothy^ Rev. Rieliard^ Tliomas'-. Jolm'), of S'outli 
Avon. N. V. Cirii Apr. '.). 1S07: died Dec. 1. l.'^TT; married 
Betsey E. Kellogg, Mch. 9, IS.U. 


2aX) M\RV. b. Apr. IB. ISoi; m. Uorace Arm«troiiir, Jan. 16. 

ISofi; (1. 

2^01 Sypnky Well.-. b. .S-pt. 24, 16i:i: d. Apr. 4. i^U. 

2302 JtLi.v. /. . . .„ o^ m-:tr m. O. W. Day. June U. 1S60; d. 

■twins. b. .Jan. 2!?, l!?£5o; .^ .,^ _ • ^ ,, .^^^ 

2303 Eli/.a. ) m. D. If. Buni.s. .Tune U. l.-iGO; 

lie died 1873; d. 

2304 Amos Ransom. b, .Tuly 27, 1S3S: m. d. 

2305 XoRMAN, I). Oct. 30, 1S40: m. d. 

2306 ArGrsxr* ErsEHrrs. b. Oct. 24. 1843; ni. d. July 2S*, l,>:i.-»S. 

2307 Sakau Amelia. b. Feb. 24, 1S40; m, d. 

2308 Fa.nxie .TosEPniXE. b. Feb. 8. IS-jO; m. d. 

1007 David C. Mather^ (>rin of Eusehius^ an<l brother of above). 
" of Hemiuck Lake. N. Y. Born Aug. it), ISOit; died ; 

married Armenia Rouse, Oct. "). lSo2. 


2300 Elvira C, b. .Tune 26, 18;34: m. Oel Train. Mch. 28. 1851: d. 

2310 Percis .1.. b. Auu. 7. 183r>: d. Oct. 2. 1S30. 

2311 Henry C. b. Nov, lo, 1838: m. Caroline Spencer; d Dec. 31, 1880. 

2312 Fran-CIS, b, Apr, is. l,<40; m, d, .Mch. 21, is(i3, 

IOCS Emily Caroline Mather' ('ian, of Jolml Charles", Rich- 
ard^ Athert.,.n', TimothyV Rev. RichaiTp, Thomas", John'), of 
Brooklyn. X. Y. Born at Tornngton. Coun,, July 2G. 181.5; 
married Parlon Briggs, June 26. 18.30. 


2313 ARxmn Lee, b. Apr. 26. 1837: m, d. 

2314 Edward Pace. b. Auir. 31, 1830; ni, Laura A. Buckman, Doc. 13, 

1S>68; d. 


2315 Caholixe Emily, b. July 2, 1842; m. d. 

2;J16 AxxA Lee. ]>. Nov, U, ls49;. m. d. 

lOlS Horace Hall Mather'^ {^on of RidianP. Elilur, Richard«, 
Atlieitou^ Tiiuotliy\ Rev. RichanV, Thomas-, Joiiri'). uf Ply- 
mouth, Conn. Born in Torrinu-ford. (.'dun., Dec. 12. IIS'J; 
died at Xew Haven, .Mch, 11. IjJIjT: married .Mrs. ^larthu 
Bishop Brad'.ey, Apr. 24, 1^14: she died Mch. li>. 1S(J5. 


2317 Nax.y Jane. b. Juu. 8. Isiir.; ni. Ileuiy T. Mhinr. Mch. 14,1838: 

d. 18r<9. 

2318 Davih Soper, b. May '2'). isl!): m. S.iruh Yuuni,', ls(!.5; d. 

23iy E.MiLiNE Br.ydley, b. Feb. 11, l.'?22; m Chapin E. Clark, J uue oU, 1846: 


1019 Ann Naomi Mather' (dan. <>i Richard', sister of above), 
of Torrington, Conn. Born Oct. 2, IT'.'ni; died Mry s. IS74: 
married Emeiy Taylor, who married for his tirst wife Harriett 
Mather, her yijunger sister. 

Tavlor children liy his lirst -.vife. Harriet — 

2320 Axx ^Lather, h. M;iy o. lS2<v, m. Hii-aui Bans: d. 

2321 IIakriext IIeksuell, b. J^L-pt. 23, 1^30; m. Cyrus Uuljbard: d. Jan. 2, 

Mrs. Harriett M. Taylor died <:)ct. 14, 1830. 

Children of .Vnn X. M. Taylor — 

2322 M.VRiA, b. bept. 18, 1833; ra. d. 

2323 J.V.MES LeKoy, b. Ijept. 1, LS.i.J; in. d. 8ei)t. 18, IS-w. 

2324 SvKAU Jane. b. Oct. 10, 1S;'>T; m. Gvo. Cleveland; d. Oct. 19, 1800 

1024 Alonzo Thomas Mather^ (>-'n of Thomas". Elihif, Rich- 
ard«, Atlierton^ Timot)iy», Rev. Ri(.-liar<P, Thomas'-. John'), 
of Detroit and Dearliorn, Mich. Bora in Moncton. \'t.. May 
13, ISiJ'J: died in Dearborn. Mich., July S. 1846: married Bet- 
sev Mather. 



20:2."5 Rev. Du. A^hkh Elihi-, b. An-. IG. 1s-2:',: in. (1) Surnli L. Lord, Mch. 

14," 1843; [2) Mary C. Lonl, Jan. 11, 1840; 

(3) Laura L. Lord, IWoh, '21, l8o(); d. 
2326 SrKXCER .Tokdvn. b. -Tau. 10, 18'2(J; m. d. 

2;V27 Fl:.v^•clS P.vhkkk, b. July 19. ly2S; ni. Helen M. Lord. Xov. 21. 

18o2; d. Sept. 13, 1885. 

2328 XellieS.. b. Mch. 2, 1S39; m. d. 

Mr. A. T. Mather went West when a younu; man, and -jettled in 
Detroit, Mich., in the mercantile bu.siuess; also in maniU'acturing. He 
was several years a deacon in the Baptist Church in Detroit. After- 
wards he removed to a farm in Dearl>orn, and was amoni; the leading 
and prominent citizens of that town until his death. He was, in 1841, 
a representative from Wayne County. In politics he was a Whig. 

1020 Alta E. Xather' (son of Thomas^ brother of above), of 
Detroit, Mich. Born .^ept. 0. 1809: dierl Apr. 24, 1872: mar- 
ried (1) Loi.< Yale, March 9, 1836: she died 1840: (2) 


2329 Helen Srs.vx, b. Dec. 11, 183T: m. George O. Robinson. Sept. 27, 

1859; d. 

2330 Fjiance? Aurelia. b. Aug. 23, 1842; m. d. Jan. 28, 1801. 

1027 Floriila Matlier' ('lau. of Eli^ Elihu^, Richard'. Atherton\ 
Timothy^ Rev. Richa^d.^ Thomas^ John'), of Ilartfi.rd. Conn. 
Born Aug. S, 179(;: died June 12, l8.']tj: married Chester Sey- 
mour, Jxine S. 1S20. 


2331 Asa Franklin. b. Sept. 3, 1821; m. Mary Ann Robinson; d. 

2332 Chester, b. Dec. 24, 1823; m. Sabni EnNign. June 27, 1849; d. 

2333 Eli Dknmson. b. May 0. 1820; in. Frances Archer. ; d. 

2334 Lester, h. Jan. 5. 1828; m. d. Aug. 20, 1n80. 

2335 George Ukxuv. li. Jan. 9. 1830: m. Elisabeth H. Wilco.\; d. 

2336 Sarah Elisabeth, h. :yri.h. 2, 1832; m. Trent; d. 

1029 Electa Mather' clan, of EIi% Elihu-. Richard', AthertonS 
Timothy'. Rev. Richard\ Thomas-, John'), of Burlington. 
Conn. Born July 2*;. 18(ii): died Jan. 12. lsr)0; married Wil- 
liam Bailev. 



Z'Sdl AuKELiA. b. July '2:2, 1820: ni. (l.i Alouzo AUeu; (2) Bcnjauiiu 

Nortou; d. 

2388 Wsf. Heubekt. b. A})r. 23, 1827; m. (.1) Churlotk- Debit; m. (2) Har- 
riet Cunmiines: d. 

2339 Abi< AIL Ellen, b. Aug. 12, ls:)0: ui. Lawrence Coltoii; d. 

2340 Ja>e Electa, b. Nov. 19. 1832; iil d. 

1031 Lester Mather'' (sou ot Eli-*, brother of a!/uve), of Canton, 
Conn. Burn July "27, 1804; diei May 'Hi, 187t]: married 
Ursula Alderman. Mch., 1831; =:Le died May 3, 1882. 


2341 Levekett Eli, b. May 19, 18>^.2; m. Auu J. :!>tupi>lebeen, July 27. 

1854: d. 

2342 S.uiAU CuKKELiA. b. May 9, 1834; m. John U. Bradley, (^ct. 12, 

18'i9; d. 

2343 Helex M.vria. b. Feb. 13, I83f>: m. Austiu A. Tat'r, Nov. 17. 

18.58; d. 
2:544 Geo. Dwk.ut. b. Sept. 11, 1838: m. Cornelia French. Oct. 29. 

1860: d. May 14, I8t;4. 

2345 GuovE Lester, b. Aug; 20, 1.843; m. Euinm Alderman. Nov. 27. 

1872: d. 

2346 Lal-ra AiiABELLE, b. Aug. 8, 184-3: m. d. 

George Dwight Mather was sergeant in Cu. C. -Tith Regiment. 
Michigan Volunteers, 'and was killed ^Liy 14. 18<34, in a hattle at 
Resaca, Georgia. 

1035 C'liuton 3Iatlier' (?on of Eli", brother of above), of Canton. 
Conn. Born Sept. 21. I8l4: died Feb. ;J 1, 1879: married Mr.<. 
Diana Ma.soiL Apr. ti. 1843; she died June •!, 1888. aged 73. 


2347 Flora .V>n. b. Dec. 8, 1843; m. d. Oct. 8, 1865. ' 
2:i48 Bi KTo.N Clinto.v. b. Aug. lo, IS.IO; m. Carrie Faucher. Dec. 2."i. 1878; 

d.^Jan. 6, 18^1 

- Burr on C. and Carrie Faucher ^L^ther had a son, RoLert'Sherman. 
born Dec. 26. 1879. 


10;37 Caroline Muther^ ('luu. of Thaddeus, M.D.«, Elihu'. Rich- 
ai>l\ Atlu-rton', TinioThy^ Rev. Richard'. Thomas^. Juhn"), of 
Xcw York City. Born at Deposit. X. Y.. Jan. "J.j, ISO"; died 
; married Ira Bi.xl^y, ^[ay '_'.). l.s'Jf>. 


2349 Francis :Matiikk, b. Dec. '20. I.s28; m. Liuiisu :\IcI\iiy; d. 

'2'ioi) Caroline b. Nov. 20. 1S30: ni. David "Wetiiidrc. i^ept. -1. 

1S.5.J; d. 

2351 BuTLiJK IIali.. b. Oct. 23. 1832: unmarried; d. 

Francis ^l. Bixly w;is a member of Xew York State assembly; 
Butler Hall BLxln* a Judge in Xew York City. 

103S Cornelia 3Iatlier' (dan. of Thaddeus. M.D.". sister of above), 
uf Depusit. X. Y. Born Apr. 17. 1^00; died ;. 

married Dr. S. D. Higgins. Aug. '1~, 1834. 


2352 Ann Acocsta. . b. May 25, 1838; m. .S, S, Doolittlo, Jan. 2m, 1865; 


2353 Sar.mi Counkma. b. Apr. ti, 1840; m. John J. Cook, Oct. 26, 18G4: d. 

2354 C.VROLiNK Amelia, b. Sept. 12. 1842; ni. Wni. B. Lewis, Sept. 12, ISrtfJ: 

d. Sept. 21. 1888. 
23-55 Helen F.. b. ^fay 12, 1^45; unmarried: d. 

2350 C.NLViN Mather, b. May 5, 1850: m. Frai;n;b L. Lake, Nov. 18, 1879; 

2357 Jennie L.. b June 17. 1853; unmarried: i\. 

10-tO Hon. John Cotton Mather' (.-on ox Thaddeus. M.D.». and 
brother of above), of WatertowiL X. Y. Born at l>epo.-!t. 
X'. v.. Xr,v. :;(). \s\-A: .lied Aug. l.'J. Is^'J: married (I) Alva 
Poiter, 18.37: {'I) Mrs. Helen lioulding. June 'JL', ix;'.). 


23oS Emm.- Alva. b. 1840; m. Edward Beebe. 18C4; d. 

23.59 SvRAH A.. b. 1842: m. G.u. II. (". Moijer.'?, 1804; d. l^ilu. 

2300 Soi'UKuMA, b. 1844; ui. John Sanderson; d. 


1041 Sarah 3latlier' {•\-in. of TIkmUous. M.D.'. si;fter of 
of IndiauaiKilio, Iiul. Hoiu ,it Dcjxi^it. X. Y.. Apr. 1. I^IG: 
tlioil : marrkd 15. R. Xickers'>ii, Nnv. 27, l^.J". 


2;!«1 .VXNA Alida. b. Nov. ;]0, 1880; m. l>. Sljcrw.xMl. Sept. 1. 18")9: d 

2:!t)2 :\[.vrjON-, h. Apr. o, 1S4:!; ni. Cliarles Carroll, .M..l». 12, iec,-2: d. 

2363 E.Mii.Y E.. b. Apr. 3, i>^U: m. Theodore F. Randolph: d.. 

•2MI Caruie P... ii July 2o. lS4f;: in. Kidiard L. r>oy.l, .Imie 24, ls(i!>; d. 

236-3 Frank IUn.'.. b. Afaj 2o. \.^i\); ni. d. 

1000 Zacliariali Mather" (sou of LTieius". Zachariair, RiL•llanl^ 
Atliorton^ Timothr*, Rev. Riclmnr'. Tboma.>-. John'), of 
Academy. N. Y. lioni at Middlc-se.x, X. Y., Xov. 2U, isiK; 
married Theodosia Adams, Jan. '22. l.S4"J. 


236G Lrru-s C. b. Xov. 11, lS4y, m. hnmvj Grtrn, Dec. 2."). 1877; d. 

1001 Abraham A. Mather' (>'^n of 'Lucius^ brorher of above), 
of Rushville, X. Y. Ilorn at Middlesex. X. Y., Sept. 23, ls22; 
died ; married ElisaLetli A. Low. Xov. IG, l'^.V2. 


2367 Rt-FL-s A...b Aug 20, 1853; m. d. 

23GS >[. Jane. b. Oct. 23, IS-w; m. Pruf. Fniak Sni.'illey, Sept. 7, 1876; d. 

1062 Geortce C. Mather" (son of Lucius'-', brother of above), of 
Canandaigua, X'. Y. Boru at Middlesex, X'. Y., June 17, 1S2.'): 
married Malvina Adams. Jan. .'31, 1X50. 


2369 J. Lester, b. July 17, 18r)l: ni. Feb. 13. 1879; d. 

2'370 Rerecca. b. Feb. 26, ]8o3; m. J. X'ewman Wcatherwa.v; d. 

2371 Sarau R.. b. Oct. 21, 18'54; in. Fred Doii-l.i.s<;, Mcii. 13. 1871); d. 

2:572 Alice .M., b, Oct. 31. 18."56; m. Chiirlus Robertson. May 1, 1877; d. 

2373 CuAULiE, b. Feb. 8. 1863; m. 3[. Louise Stearns, Dec. 23, 1S.84: d. 



10()4 Sanford MatluT^ (son of Cutton Smiths Cotton'. Richard*. 
Atherron^, Timothy'. Rev. Richar<i'''. Thomas*. Jolin"). of Iowa 
(Clinton Co.). Born Feb., 1.S00; died at Low Moor. Iowa. Dec. 
22, 1875: married Betsey Leppers. 1S27; she died Oct. 12, 
1861, aged 54. 


2374 Cl.\ris=a. b. Dec. 22, 1820: m. 

287."5 CoTTOX Smith, h. Mch. 25, IbM: m, 
2376 Charlotte. b. Aug. 2-5. 1882: n\. 

h. Xov, 19. l*;]o; in. 

b. .June 9. 1S8.J: m. 

b. Xov. 7, 1887; m. 

b. Me'h. 16, l'*89: m. 

b. May 9, 1S41: m. 

b. Oft. 11, 1843: m. • 

b. Oct. 20. 1S40: m. 

b. Apr. 16, 18.50; m. 

b. Xov. 28. 1858; m. 

2377 3[aky. 

2878 Hakkiet. 

2879 Sanford, .Ik.. 

2880 CnvuLKs. 
2381 James. 
2882 Sarah. 

2383 WtLLIAM, 

2384 ADiiLAOJE, 
2885 Alice. 

Carpenter. 1858; d. 

d. Dec. 16. 1884. 
Moroy: d. 
IIcd<ler; (1. 
Wnddell: d. 

(1. Aug. 16, 1873. 

d. Sept. 8, 1808. 


Suiter: d. 


1065 Pllilo Mather' (son of Cotton Smith^ Cotton'', Richard", 
Athertou^, Timothy*. Rev. Richanl', Thofnas*. John'), of Elk 
Horn. Wis. Tx^rn July '.). Isii4; di.-d ; 

married (1) Nancy TViros of Stockhorn. X'. Y.. July i. 1S28; 
she died in 1S3S; (2) Mrs. Susan Willis of Ravenna. Ohio, 
Oct. 8. I83S. 

2386 Carltox W., 
3387 Jeanette. 

2388 LrcY C, 

2389 Mary Loretta. 

2890 John Cotton, 
2391 Cykis Puiio, 


b. Feb. 13, 1840; m. :Millie Dewing, Apr. 7. 1865; 

b. Jan. 10, 1S42; m. Xelson II. Dewing, Feb. 17, 

1870; d. 
b. Apr. 1. 1843; ni. Loammi Simonds, Dec. 8. 

1862: d. 
b. Feb. 11, 1845; in. .-^ib.s II. Brown, Mch. 24, 

1S68: d. Xov. 21, 1881. 
b. Dec. 23, 1846; d. young. 
b. Aug. 28, 1848: m. ^ d. Aug. 29, 1870. 

2892 Sa.mcel Sn>:RM.\x. b. Oct. 25, 1851: m. 


2893 FlDELfA <»a?KTTA. 
2304 S.VNFORD Fn.VNK. 

2395 :Millie, 

b. Oct. 16, 1858: m. John Motbtt, Oct. 1, 1876; d. 

June 27, 1881. 
b. Jan. 1, 1857; m. d. 

b. Sept. M, l.%0: d. Sept. 28, 1861. 


lOiiO Lloyil 3I:lthei-^ (son uf (Jnttnu Smiths !)rotlier ol' above), oi 
Siiybrook, 0. Born is ID; ilied at Saybrook, 0., is,s;i; 

married Miss Sarah Mun&ell oi' Ashtabula. O. 


2396 TnoMAs, h. Dec. 25. 183l»: m. d. 

239T Adf.i.i>-e. b. June 23. IS-U; m. ■ d. 

2398 Wfluam. b. Apr. 2, 1846; m. ' d. 

2399 Cr.uiA, b. .Tuly 22, l^r,rj- m. Mr. Harvey; d. 

10«1 Horace Saxton 3Iather' (s.^n of H^a■ace^ Cotton", Rich- 
ard*. Atherton\ Timothy\ Kov. Richard^ Thomas", Jolin'),.of 
Brownville, X. Y. Born June 22. 18U5: died ; 

married Mary Butler. 


2400 Geokge Washtn-gtox. b. Aug. 6, 1827; m. d. 

1074 ('liarles Wesley Matlier' (son of Horace", Cotton', Rich- 
ard®, Athertou^, Timothy*, Rev. Richard', Thomas", John'), of 
LeRoy, Kan. Boi"n June 9, 1812; died ; 

married Sarah Baldwin, April 15, 1848. 


2401 :Mary a., b. Oct. 21, ISoO; m. Nov., 1868; d. 

2402 Charlk? a., b. Sept. 6, IS.Vi; iii. Oct., 1877; d. 
24U3 Mtra a., b. .S'ept. 10, 18.54; d. Nov. 24, 1867. 
2404 Edwin, b. Oct. 17. IS-Dti: d. 3[ch. 24. lSo7. 
240.5 Adelia, b. Sept. 11, 18,58: ni. d. 

2406 Rosalia. b. Feb. 26, 1861: ni. d. 

2407 Edgar. b. iXIay 28. 1864; m. ' d. 

2408 EsTELLA. b. Sept. 26, 1870; m. d. 

1077 Huldah 3Iather' (dau. of Horace', sister of above), of R;>s( 
\-ille. ill. Born Aug. 4, 1818; 
Bailey Ragon, M.D., 18.37. 

^'ille. ill. Born Aug. 4, 1818; died ; married 


2409 Rekecca .Iane, b. May 17, 1839; m. d. 

2410 Lucv Clemantine, b. .July2.5. ls41: m. d. 

■ 38 



2411 >[auy Elisabeth, h. Xov. 10, IS-W; m. d. 

•241-^ Sakah Ann. h. Jan. 14. 1S40: m. d. 

2413 Lydia ALiirs-.i., b. Nov.27, ls49; lu. Ci-o. \V. Bal.hvm. l^Tti; d. 

2414 Julia Victoria. b. Oct. lo, 1S.'52; m. Carrie Jones Boyd, Nov. 27. 

lSr2; d. 

241") Georoe "Westkall. b. Aug. 7, ISo-l: m. d. 

2416 Emma Is.vbella. b. Dec. 6. 1S5T: m. d. 

1079 Dr. Dayid Cotton Mather^ (s'^n ot' Horace*, brother o£ 
above), vi Boonsboro. la. Bora April .">. 1S*22; died in B'jous- 
boro. Feb. 9, 1SS9; marrie<i Lydia Herbert, April, 1832. 

2417 Irvixg Cotton, 

241S SrLViA J., 

2419 Ali>-e. 

2420 EroESE H., 

2421 Flora L.. 

2422 Charles E.. 

2423 Elmer E . 

2424 Frank L.. 

2425 Geo. B., 

2426 Florence L.. 

2427 Edgar W.. 


b. :Slch. 24, iSoo; m. Lillie Caldwell. Dec. 23. 1S77; 

b. Oct. 13, 1856: m, d. Sept. 22, li^Rl. 

b. Apr. 28, IS.IS: m. A. D. Bartolpli, .Vpr. 2o, lby3; 

d. :Mcb. 26, 188S. 
b. Mch. 20, 1800; m. Jennie Rice, June 28. 18s8: d. 

Jan. 27. 1889. 
b. Aug. 23. 1861: d. July 30. 1863. 
b. Aiir. 24. 1S64: m. Sadie 3Lir.sliall, Jan. 29, 1890; 

b. July 22. 1865; d. July 5, 1866. 
b. Dec. 6. 1860; m. ' d. Jan. 2. 1888. 

b. Ju!iel4. 1868; m. d. 

b. Mch. 6. 1S70: m. d. 

b. July 29. 1871; m. d. 

2428 Horace Increase, b. Apr. 6. 1875; m. 

d. Au2. 4. 1887. 

1081 Mary Jane 3Iather' (dan. of (Charles', Cotton^ Richard", 
Atherton'. Timothy*, Rev. KicharcP, nmmas-. John'), of 
Bora Sept. 15, 1814; died Aug. 8, lss8; marrie<l H. B. Den.s- 
more, April 3, 1S41. 


2429 Charles M.. b. Sept. 27, 184<); m. d. 

24;M Grace L., b. Sept. 29. H4S: m. G R. Lee; <l. 

2431 Jane .>^., h. Dec 9, 1S.-.4: m. P. Umianiin; d. 

2432 Je.^^sie F.. b. Mav 10 1^57; lu. C. Pauil; d. 


lOb'i Caroline 11. lliltlier' ('1^'". of Charles', sister ot: above), 
of . Bom Aug. 8, is I (J: married George 

Stevens, 1S3S. 


24;3'-i DoroLA.':^::'. 1). ."ilav 10, 1841; lu. d. 

24:!4, b. Aug. 8. 1S4:}; ra. d. 

24:Jo Maiiy. b. Auir. 8, 18.51; m. d. 

10."S4 Helen L. llather" (}hm. of Charles', sister of al>ove), of 
Su,Lrar Gruve. 111. Born July 0, 18"JH; died ; 

married Peleg Young Bliss, Feu. 3, 1S4'J. 


2436 Janette, b. June 24, 1S44, unmarried; d. . 1887. 

24o7 jEDiiDiAii IIarkis, b. Nov. o, 184T; m. - • ' d. :^ 

1085 Cutllerillf Mather' {dim. of Cllarles^ sister of aliove), of 
Burlington. Kan. Born Sept. L'6, 182-J; married Frank Fart- 
ridge, Sept. 13, 1851. 


2438 :Minnie, b. Oct. 3, 1854; m. Mr. Thcadore, Sept. G, 1877; d. 
3439 EM.\rA, b. Mcli. 8, 1857; ui. Oct. 10. 1886; d. 

2440 Gkiitie. b. Mch. 8, 1859; m. G. E. WoodsvuU, Aug. 24, 187'J; d. 
24-tl (Yisrs. b. Sept. 9, 1802; m. d. Aug. 8, 1885. ■ 

2442 lI.VKiusA.,b. Juae21t. l>-07; ui. d. 

10S7 Louise ^\. Mather^ (dau. of CLarles^ sister of, of 

Born Mch. •_'!», 1827; died Mch. oU, 1881; mar- 
ried J. P. Black. Nov. 4, 1850. 


2443 Mary Esther, b. Sept. 27, 1S52; ui. S. B. Hills; d. 

2444 Cl.vp.v Belle, b. Sept. 16, 1855; in. d. 

2445 CiiAULES, b. Feb. 9, ls.58: m. d. 

2446 V. May. b. Oct. 15. ISOU; m. d. 

2447 .SiiKiUU.vx. b. May 10. 1«03; lu. d. 

2448 Edward. b. Dc>*. 27, 1806; m. d. 

2449 IIow.uiD, b, July 20, 1870; m. d. 



loss Solon Henry ilutlier' (sua ul Chafk't;^ l)i-otln;r oi above), 
of Oaklaml Cal. Burn in Duttalo. X. Y.. Au;x. 24. IS-JO; mar- 
lied Mary M. Russell (boru June 7. lJ>:;;;). Ocl. 27. 185.3. Her 
father was Gen. H. P. Russell; her trraadiather Judu;e Samuel 


2450 Cn.vKLES Henry. 

2451 WlLLI.V.M. 

•2ir,'2 FuAXKLi.N- 11.. 
2400 Kate Ancoinetti: 
24o4 Edwaud Hc^.-^ell, 
24oo GEOIU.E Cue. 
2o.jG Mahy Yl.. 


h. Aug. lo, 18o6; m. d. 

b. Ocr. n, ls.-)S; a. Jan. 21. 18.59. 

b. Dec. ■■), I8."i!j; d. Oct. 21, 18(51. 

b. Feb. 27. 1862: d. .Stpt. 30, 187.">. 

b. Juu(; 27. 18t.;8; d. July 2!l. 1S83. 

b. 3Ii:h. 2, 1872; d. youug. 

b. Dec. 23, 1870; d. Jan. 12, 1878. 

10S9 Clara C. Mather' (/lau. oi Charles^ Cotton", Richard*. 
Atherton^. TiniOthy\ Rev. Richard-'. Thomas^. John'), of St. 
Born Julv i:!, l8:i'J; married (jleor<re Bain, Xov. 























1104 Elizabetll Clapir' {^l^iu of Graco Mather'', Dr. Samuel', Dr. 
Saiauei", Dr. Samuel*^, Rev. Saiuiiel\ Tiin(jthy*. Rev. Kicliard', 
Thomas^ Juhn'), of Boston, Mass. Bum Aug. ;j(). LsOiJ: 
mai-ried Heury B. Stone. Xov. 18. is 21, }. resident of Suffolk 
Bank, Boston. 


2461a Hexrt Matitee, b. Mcli. 8, 1823; unmarried: d. in Cliinu. June, 

34616 JosHU.x. Cl.\pp, b. Aug. 28, 1823, ni. Elisabeth Hatliat%:0'; Iiave 

four children; d. Jan. 2, ISGO. 
2401'- Cn.vKLES Emery, b. Dee. 17, 1827, uniiiariied; d. Dec. 8. 18"1. 
24(.;i<Z Edw.\kd Flcs-t. b. June 30. 1829, of Sau Francisco, Cal.; d. 
24tile Frederic, b. Aug. 1,1831; m.-Lucy Ilall Bnidlce; d. 

2461/ Elis.vbeth Cl.vpp, b. Sept. 30. 1838; m. E. Francis Parker of Boston; d. 

1110 Sophia Mather'" (dan. of Jolln^ Samuel, M.D.^ Samuel. 
M.D.', Samuel, M.D.^ Rev. Samuel\ Timothy*, Rev. Richard-, 
Thomas-. John'), of Columbia. S. C. Born at Westtield. ^lass.. 
Aug. 21, 180l>: d. ; married A. Fitch, M.D., 

June 24. 1837. 


2461,-/ Fanny Mather, b. Oct. 19, 1842; m. Jones; d. 

Dr. Augustus Fitch was descended from the Suffield l>ranch of 
Mathers: his mother Lucy Mather, Zachariah. Richard, .Vthert'.m. 
Timothy, Rev. Richanl Mather the emigrant. Di-. Fitch was quite an 
enunent physician in South Carolina, and was held in very high es- 
teem by all who knew him. He left l>nt the one child, Fanny Mather 
Fitch, who uiarned Mr. Jdm-s. They had one child, Edith Mather 
Fitch, who married Francis T. Morgan. They had one chiM l(orn 
to them, Fannie Mather Morgan, on (X't. Jl, 1887, a lovely child, who 
passed away Mch. 12, 1888. 


1113 Kolaild 3Iather " (sou of Jolm*, Samuel. M.D.^ Samuel. 
M.D.". Samuel. M.D.'. Rev. Samuel'. Timothy"', Rev. Rii^hard', 
Thomas-, Jolin'), of Hartfonl. Conn. Boni in ^^'estfiol<l. Mass., 
May. 31, ISOO; died ; married (1) Mary Francis, 

of Royaltou. Vl.. ISal : she died Oct. 17, ISTo. aged .'jo; ('2) 
Mrs. Sarah J. Hillyer Bates, widow of Rev. Juhu Bates, Jan. 
2(1, 1875. 


•24(5l/i JrLi.^ Fk.axcis. b. Aug. 10. LSiD; ni. Dr. thus. P. Turner, of Pliilu- 

ilelpLia, Oct. 6, ISo.'?: d. 
34t51i' Edward Taylor, h. Aut:. ;30. IS-ll; graduated from Yale Colleiir ISfVi: 

unmarried; d. Aug. 17. ISTO. 
2iGlj John Francis, b. Sept. 15. l'r;4-i: d. Sept. 6, l«4o. 

Mr. Roland Mather has been one of Hartford's most sticoessful 
business men, and has amassed great wealth. By onerLry. close appli- 
cation to business, excellent .iudtrrnent, and c<jmmon sense, he has 
gained a proraiuent place in Hartford business institutions. 

He has given away to various objects about .sluU.OOO; the most 
recent gift was S-o.'tiM) to the F'ree Library Fund <A Hartford. Conn. 
A former partner of Mr. ]klather's, the late Mi-. Junius S. Morgan, the 
London ]>ariker. contributed SlOii.OOO to the same object. He is now 
81 years of age. and vicrorotis in both mind and bodv. Mr. Mather 
has an interesting and valuable relic in the watch and chain once 
owned and carried l)y Rev. Richard Mather, the emigrant. 

1115 Mary Ann Mather" (dau. of Thorn a.s', Samuel, M.D.', Sam- 
uel, M.D.'. Samuel, M.D.*, Rev. SamueP, Tim()thy\ Rev. Rich- 
ard^ Thomas-; John'), of Hartford, Conn. Born 'in Westfield. 
Mass.. April •>. 1S1.5: died at Hartford. May 2[t. 1S7.3; married 
Joseph Langdon (dry-goods merchant) Jan. I, ls35. 


246U; Edward Mather, b. Apr. 1. 1S42; d. June 23, 1854. 

1116 Aliuira Lee Mather'*" ('lau. of Thoma.s', sister of above), of 
We.sttield, Mass. Burn in Westtield. Mass., Oct. 17, 1.-<17; died 
April 10, ls7U; married H. B. Smith, :\[ay l:J. isio. 



uMfiH Fraxcfs Axxa. h. SUh. 17, 1S41: m. d. 

2461//* William IIexry, b. Feb. 17. 1S48; ni. d. 

2461/1 Sarah Lee, b. Nov. 11, lS4o; m, d. 

24fil<) Hexrt Mather, b. Sepr. i>, 1S47; in. d. Sept. 10, 1888. 

2461/) 3IARY Al>[iiia. b. Ffb. 10. 1^49; m. d. 

24617 Edward Bates, b. Sept. U, l«ol: m. d. 

2461/- .Tamk.- ^[ETrALF, b. Jan. 3, 18o4; m. d. 

2462 Eltza Emma. b. Jau. 11, iNw; m. d. 

1121 WilliiiUl E. 3Iilther'» (son of TVilliam^ Eli.sha', Samuel. 
M.^).^ .-a:ii;;eL M.D.^ Rev. S.amuoP, Timothy^ Rtn-. Riclianl"'. 
Thomas', John'), of Xorthampton. Mass. Born iu Xortlianip 
ton. Mass., March 13, isot; died Jau. 20, isii'i; married (1) 
Mary R. Cook; (2) Sophronia Ashley, ^[ay 24, lS4(i; (:;) Heu- 
lierta H. Lyman. June 18, 1S4S. Mrs. H. H. L. Mather died 
May 10. 1S9(). 


2463 Ajsx 3Iaria. b. Fob. 23, 1833; m. 3[r. Chapman of Virginia, 

about 18fi-'); d. 

2464 Edward Payson. b. Dec. 23, 1834; d. Deo. o. 1840. 

246.-) AViLLivM. b. Aug. 20. 1836: m. 'SLwy Potter, 1S70; d. 

246G Fr.unk C. b. Aug. 28, 1840; m. Angle S. Bissell, Feb. 19, 1S77; 


2467 .ToHN L.. b. Jau. 7. 18")1; unmarried; d. 

2468 Dwi.;nr C. b. Oct. 28, 1.^.j2; m. Etta Barrett, Ort. 24, 1883; d. 

2469 Georoe Howe, b. Apr. 17, 1859; d. Nov. 13. 1861. 

1124 Geori,'e Mather'" (son of William^, Elisha', Dr. SamueF, 
I)r. Samuel", Kev. Samuel', Timothy'. Rev. Richard-', 'I'liomas-', 
John'), of Shel)oygan, AVis. Born in Northampton, Mass.. 
May 31. 181.3; died at Shel)03'gan, Dec. 22, l.S7S: marrieil 
Nancy E. Smith. Apr. 11, l.s34. 


2470 Eltsareth E.. b. Jan. 8. 1840; unmarried; d. 

2471 Sarah A., b. June 4, 1842; ni. Olncy G. Gibljs, D.;c. 2"). 1867; d. 

2472 Fra.vk C, b. Junelo, 1844; unnmrried; d. 

2473 Gkoi;.:e II., b. Juno 30, 1846; d. July 1, ls)6. 

2474 ("HANNiNo G. b. Nov. 6. IM.10; ni. Clara E. Zefelt, Dec. 29, issl; d. 
247-") Anna C, b. Dee. 4, 18")8; unmarried; d. 


1131 !Samiiel 3latlier" (^^on (;f Elisha^ Joseph^ Timothy-, Dr. 
Sauiucl', Rev. S;iiiiuel'. Tiniotliy'. Rev. RiclianP. Thomas'-. 
Johu'). of Xorthaiupton. Mass. Born Xov. S. Isl-J: , Hod Jan. 
16, 18S.3; niamed (1) Rosaunah Hall Auir. 21. I.hU; she dip<l 
Oct. 19, 1S61; (2) Phebe Templeman. April 10. 18(33; she died 
Xov. L ISSO. 


24Tr. Henry II.m.i.. b. Sept. 16, 1S42; d. Feb. 4, 18o2. 

2477 IIattik N., b. Xov. 21. 1844; ni. Linus Burr. Fcli. 2(i, l.^fW; d. 

2478 Ei.isFC.v A., b. May" 12, lN4i'; m. d Doc. <), 1873. 
217!) Sc.-.VN B., b. Oi-t. l."i, 1S4!): m. Warnn Burt. .Mch. 28. IMiS; d. 

2480 Henry C. b. Jan. 27. 1852; m. d. Oct. 1, 1874. 

2481 Charles, b. Sept. 2,1, 18.5,5; d. Jum- 25, 1857. 

2482 Gkor(;e W., b. Aug. 26, 1857; m. d. 

11.36- Samuel 3Iatlier Cooley" (son of Rev. Dr. Timotliy 
Mather Cooley', Sarah Mather'. Timothy'. Dr. Samuel', Rev. 
SamneP. Timoth}-*, Rev. Richard', T1iomas\ Julm'). of Titts- 
field, Mass. Born Sept. 12, 1>!1.3; died : 

married Almira L. Tillottsou, Dec. 2. 1850. 

COOLET children. 

2483 Hattie, b. Jan. 27, 1852: m. Jolm M. Stcven.<.<>n. .Tan. 27, 

1883; d. 

2484 Phtneas Chapman, b. Aui,^ 27, 1854; d. Dec. 15, 1854. 

2485 Clara Louisa, b. Apr. 21. 1S5G; d. Dec. 21, 1861. 

2486 Arthur Xott, b. Feb. 17, 1858; ni. d. 

1136- .James Parsons C'ooley" (son of James Cooley', Sarah 
Mather*. Timotliy', Dr. Samuel", Rev. SamueP, Timothy\ Rev. 
Richardl Thomas-. John"), of Granville Corners, Mass. Born 
May D3. LS'iH; died ; married 

Elsie E. Brown. Xov. *>. 18,30. 


2487 Louisa Almira. b. Dec. 23, 184^; il. Apr. 27, 1850. 

2488 Nellie Almika. b. Feb. 12. 1851; m. Henry A, Hiers; d. 
24.88<jRalpu Bkosvn, b. Jan. 15, 1856; m. d. 
2488''.SARAir Almeoa, b. Apr. 21, ls.58; m. Goo. \7. Lainbaiisch; d. 
248»'' Akcuu'.-vld -Lvmes. b. Jnuo 30, 1865; d. Mcli. 19, 1874. 


In the vpar lSo4 James P. Oooley and Silas XoMe made a di'um 
ill X-)l>]e"s lathers kitchen from a hoard they found in tlie ham; thi'v 
steamed the board ^rith a teadcettle. and uiudo the heads from Ijladders 
taken from the butchers of two •• fat porkers." They thought it was 
a very nice drum. After that tliey invested five dollars and fifty 
cents (all the money they had) in their business. Tiiey now have a 
manufactory 110 feet long. 40 lect. wide, with five fibors; employ and 
pay one luindred men or more. They have built up a nice little 
village, owned and occupied mostly by drum makers. They made last 
years 13*3.000 drums, beside great quantities of toys. The above is 
from a letter written by James P. Cooley. Jan. 9. 1882. Their -sales- 
room is .^'26. .32S, and o3m Broadway. New York. 

1162 Julia Aim 3Illther^° dau. of Johu^ Dr. Charles^ Nathaniel', 
Dr. Samuel'^. Rev. Sanuiel*, Timothy', Rev. Richard', Thomas^ 
John'), of Canada. Born April 2. IS 10; died in .Springfield, 
^lass., Oct.. 1S77; married Thomas C. AUis of Canada. July 27. 


2488o? SoLoy Math-er, h. 

248Se Rev. Jonx M.vxrrER. b. 
24S8/ Tno.MAS C. b. 

•2iSf<:/ Dextek. 1). 

2488// William,. . ' b. . 

24884 Julia, b. 

1 ItJi Harriett >'. Matlier'" (dau. of John', .Dr.Charles^ Nathaniel', 
Dr. Samuel*. Rev. Samuel'. Tiraothy*, R'>v. Ricluird-'. Thomas'. 
John'), of Auburn. N. Y. Born at ^[anrliester, Conn., Apr. 10, 
1S13: died at Auburn, May 14. 1S7.V, married Horace Gilbert 
Van Anden, May 1.5, 1S38. 


2489 Stephen- Matheij. b. Sept. 13. 1840: m. d. 

2490 CouA Eliza. b. June 18. 1^47; m. Banker; d. 

2491 SCSA-H 3LvY, b. Xng. 19, L^.jI; m. d. 



Uiggins; d. 




In the uruiv: d. in Ga., 1864. 




d. in ilissouri. 





1165 Eleauor 3l:itlier"' (>lau. of Jolin-'.<.'r vt aliovi?). uf 
Mai-oii, Cm. Dcivn ar .^^allchester. Coun.. Fcl). 4. 1^1.',; mar- 
rie..l Ru^Ai E. Morrow. June 2G, 1839. 


2492 .JVIAX irATlIER. b. 

2403 Ilcr.n Enw.vnu, b. 

2404 RosKi.i.E, b. 
249."") Tf[Om.vs. b. 
2490 Jkannie, b. 

in. d. 

111. lust at sea. 

m. T. E. E!li><in, of Mjidisou. Fl;..; tl. 


m. II. L.Welles of Jacksoiuilk-. Fla.; d. 

There were otlier children died yomi.2:- Hugli Edward was cap- 
tain of a ship wa.? lost. 

1167 Jolm Cotton Mather" (son of John', lirother of ahove), of 
Savannah, (ni.. and trnyton. Ga. Born in Manchestor, C'l'nn.. 
Oct. 18. 181(>; married (1) EU.sabeih C. Hul.l.ard. F»,l.. -'6, 
184G: (2) Mrs. Eiaeliue C. Cotton, June 29. lSt8. 

2^97 .Joii>- HrBB.ARD, 
2498 CoTTOx, 

2409 ROSELLE. 

2'>{(0 Cl-vrenxe XonLE. 

2-101 .JCLT.\ nARRIF.TT, 

2o02 Elliot WLNTWOurn. 
2503 Robert E. Lee. 


Jan. li, 1^47; in. 


Oct. 23, IS.ji); m. Lla A. Perkins, Mch. 4, 
1880; d. 

b. Aug. lo, 1S52: 

b. Jin. 2. ISoO: 

b. Dee. 2f'.. 18*)1; m. 

b. :McL. .), lS(i4; m. 

b. Mcb. 0, 1806; ra. 

d. yonng. 

d. young. 




1173 Elijah Owen'* (>on of Hannah Miither', Xathaniel', Natlian- 
ie\\ Dr. Samuels Rev. Samuel', Tiniuthy*. ikov. Richard^, 
Thomas", John'), of ^lass. Born ; married Sarah 



2.503'< Elijah HrxTER, b. m. Sarnli Boardman; d. 

2.!)03!; John B., b. m. Susan Ci.tton; d. 

Elijah Hunter Owen, the .son of Elijali Owen'", was of the fiiTn of 
Owen. Root ^ Child*, an extensive dry -goods house of Hartford. Hb 


was the luth.T uf Charle:^ H. (_)\veii. whu was iti the civil war. lieuten- 
ant First ronui'cticut Anillery, aide-li'-camp <>n stall ol tifu. 1!. (.). 
Tyler; was wunuvlo'l in arm at Spottsylvauia, May V2, isiM; l.-revettd 
major for gallant conduct in action at t^i>.)ttsylvania. lie is a lawyer 
by profession. 

119',^ Talcott Matlier'" (son of Elijali', Elijah', XathanieF, Dr. 
Samuel^ liev. Sumuel\ Tiniotliy^ Rhv. RiclKii-'l-'. Tlioma.s', 
J.ilin'), 01 Arindsor Lock.s. Conn. I'oru at Windscjr, June 24. 
1791: died at Windsor Locks. June 1, 1856; married Julia 
King Pickett, Jan. 11. 1S21: she died Apr. l'^, ISST, aged 88. 


2.')04 James T.s.lcott. b. -Aug. 6, 1821: unniarricJ: d. 'Slxy 24, 1847. 
2500 JrI.I.^. King, b. Apr. 13. 182:^; uinnarricrl; d.Dec. 2j. l^oO. 

2o07 Edoak PniNE-Vs, b. Jan. 8. Is2."): m. Lucy Brown, 184G; d. 

2.jl)8 Eli/.-V Pk KETT, b. Nov. is, ls20; unnuuTied; d. Nov. 28, If^oO. 
2.509 Alfueo b. Aug. 28, 1828; uiunurricd: d. Xov. 20. ls.",0. 
2-510 Edw.vkd E..) m- Lydia P. Proudmau, Apr. 12, 

^ twins, b. Apr. 21t, lS:iU. i860; d. Nov. 14. 1880. 

2511 Edwin E.. ) J- ^I^'J H. i8;.l0. 

2.513 Oliver Roberts, b. Oct. 20, 1832; m. Plicbe A. Gibbons. Jan. 8, 18.57; d. 

2.514 Mary Bethiau, b. July 3, 1834; unmarriud; d. Dec. 20, 1S.50. 

2515 Jane Maria, b. Feb. 4. 183(); m. J. C. Stockwcll, Sept. 11). 1860; d. 

2oH'. Fanny E., b. May 12, 1838: m. II. B. Miller. Jan. 31. 1».58; d. 

11D3 Timothy 31atlier'" (^on of Elijah', brother of a])ove), of 
AMndsor Locks and Sutlield. Conn. Born at Windsor, July 1, 
17'J3; died at Sutiiekl. Apr. 20. 1869; married Fanny Ulcutt, 
Mch. 4, 1817; she died Apr. 27, 1877, aged 82 years, 1 day. 


2.517 Fk.^nces Olcott. b. Dec. 20, 1.^23; m. Joseph A. Smith. June 15, 

1848; d. 

2.518 Svraii Ei.isauetu. b. Dec. 7, 1825; in. llev. C. I). Dye, Feb. 1, 1805, d. 
2.51i) Horace E.. > "i- -^^^^ry A. Bissell, Doc. 2. 

y. twins, b. Nov. 2S, 1.^27; 1803; d. 

2.520 Harriett E..i ™- d. Feb. 20, 1802. 

2521 AsahelE.. b. Nov. 4, 1831; unmarried; d. in Bnltimorc, Apr. 

U, 1886. 



2332 Dk. Wm. ilEXiiY, h. Mc!j. lo. li>-ii: in. Siir:ih Elizabeth Hfubi.-. :5ii>t. 

lo, 1H(3S; (1. ^lay 22. 1??88. 
2o2o Claka A., b. Nov. 27, 1830; m. Eli R. Okotr, July 18, 1877; 

he died May 10, 1881; d. 

Asahel E. Mather and his hrnther. T)r. T\'illiain H. Mather, served 
in the war, 

Mrs. Fanny (Olcott) Mather', (the daughter of Asriliel Olcott'. 
Dea. Benoni Olcott*. Doa. Timothy Ulcott-*. Thomas, ( ilcott Jr.-, 
Thomas Olcott'), oi Hartford, the emigrant, who died in 1H54. 
She was also a descendant oi Henry TTolcoit, the emigrant, iu the 
line of his grandson. Gov. Roger Wolcott. 

119-t Epaphras Mather"^' (-on of Elijah^ Elijah^ Nathaniel'. Dr. 
Samuel*. Rev. SamueP. Timothy*. Rev. Richard', Thomas', 
John'), of '^^'ind.-or and West SiUiield. Conn. Born in "^'iud- 
soi-, Conn., Aug. 16, 17'J.3: died iu T\'t'st Suffield, Ffl>. 1. 1>75: 
married Lvdia King. Mav 1, 1S21: she 'lied May 17, 1S71. 


b. Apr. 20, 1822: m. Clara Stebbius. -Tune, 1851; d. 

Aug. 1, 18S4. 
b. Xov. 28. 1823: m. iMary Loomis, May 10. 1848: 

d. Sept. 18, 1876. 
b. Jan. no. 1S2."): uuniarri(.'d: d. S-'pt. 2o. 18(51. 
b. Apr.' 21. 1826; m. Bmj. Sheldon. Sept. ;?. 18.j9: 

d. Feb. lo. 1>'<9. 
b. Apr, 20. 1828; unmarried; d. in California, Get. 

12. 1851. 
b. Jan. 0, 1331; m. Georgu Hyatt Randall, Sept. 

23, 18.j6; d. Aug. 6', 18t;8. 

2530 Mary Ballentine, b. Dec. 2t5, 1833; m. Franklin C. Brownell. Apr. 23. 

l8o7; d. 

2531 Sarah J.vxe. b. Dec. 17, 1837; m. J<.hn Q. Bradish. Dec. 3, 1858: 

d. Nov. 1, 1859. 

1 195 Jeruslia Mather" (dau. of Elijalt'. sister of, of 'Wind- 
sor and Hartford. Conn. Born at '\Vinds<jr, Nov. 13. 1797; 
died at Hartford, Sept. 2l', 188 1; married Eli B. Allyn, June 
7. 1S'21. 

2524 Henry, 

2525 William, 

252tj Charles, 
2.527 Caroline 

2528 George, 

2529 Lydl\, 



•2oo2 Mary E.. b. 1S2'2: m. Majm- Ileury P. Swuetser: d. Jan. 3. 1890. 

Mrs. Sweecser has t'our children living, Charles, of St. Louis, i[o., 
Edw-ard, oi Hartford, Conn.. Mrs. Cowles, and Mary, of Hartford. 

1196 William Matlier'" (son of Rctiu-n Strong', Elijah', Nathan- 
iel". Samuel, M.L).". Rev. SamueP, Timothy*, Hev. Richard'. 
Tlioma-s", John'), of Hartford. Conn. Born in Hartford, Conn.. 
Nov. oO, iSUO; died Oct. 18, IS']:',; married Jane C. Holcomb, 
Apr. 14, 1S35; she died 


2033 William Allex, b. Sept. 8, lb3R; d. Jan. 25, 1841. 

2034 Olima ITolcomb. b. Feb, 1, ISS'J: .1. Jan. -20. 1S40., AVilliam Allen, 2v. b. July 8, 1844; d. May 20. 1800. 

1197 Elijah Mather*" (son of Return Strong^ Elijahs Xathaniel', 
Samuel, M.D.», Rev. SamueP, Timothy^ Rev. liichardl 
Thomas^, John'), of Hartford, Conn. Born in Hartford. Dec. 
12, 1802; died Aug. 21, 1876; married Melvina Case, Mch. 15. 
1843; she died Apr. 16, 1863. 


2536 Elijah Aldert. b. Jan. 7. 1844; in. ."Maria Fox. :May 7. 1866. 
25o7 George Dallas, b. I\Iay 2, 1845; m. Lizzie E. Root. 
2538 Allen Case, b. Oct. 19. 1848; m. yarak Stratton, Oct. 10. 1872; d. 

253!) TnoMAS Seymocr, b. Apr. 18, 1851: ni. Louisa Raucor. (Jet. 2!t, 1S7!J; d. 

1199 Samuel Mather'" (sou of Return Strong^ Elijali'. Xathan 

iel', Samuel, ,^LD.'', Rev. SamueP, Timothy', Rev. Richard^, 

•Thomas', Jdin'), of Hartford, Conn. Born May Id. 1807: 

died ; married Julia Sill, of Windsor, Nov. 2:;. 

1843; ohe died 


2540 M.VRT S., b. Auir. 15, 1844; unniarrietl; d. 

2541 Ellen, b. Mcli. 1. 1847; in. Wawu- Hice; d. .8ept. 11, 1875. 
2.542 F.VNNiE, b. Oct. 16, 1848; m. Edsv. W. Rowley, Oct. 26. 1870; d. 

Feb. 11, 1884. 


2543 Jexn'ie, h. Juno 21. Is."j2; immurried: d. of L•ull^>unlption, Nov. 17, 

2-j44 Kkkaru II., 1). Aug. '^2, ls."j(j; unmarried. 

Ricliard H. is the inventor of the Mather Electric Light. 

1300 Mary Matlier'" ('lau. of E^ieturn .>^trong'. Elijah". Nathanii-l", 
Samuel. M.D.". ilev. SanuieP. ■ Tinrothy', Kev. iiichard.-', 
Thonuisv John'), of Hartlord, Conn. Born May :.',(). l>i();i: 
died Mch. 13, Ib-i'l: married Maj. Heurv V. Sweetaer. Apr "J, 


254.J Henry 31., b. July 13. 1840; m. 

1301 Huldilll Mather'" (dan. of Retnrn Strong', Elijah'. Xathan- 
iel', Sanuiol. M.D.''. Rev. SaraueP, Tiniotliy\ Rev. Richard^, 
Thomas-, John'), of Hartford. Conn. Born June 13, Isll: 
died Jan. '.'>(}. 18S6: married Allen Finney, Sept. 7, 1847. 


2o4') Eli.jah ^Mather, b. Aug. 2, 1849: m. Emma Warner. 

1203 Charles 3Iather'" (son of Return Strong^ Elijah'', Xathan- 

iel". .'^amuel. .M.D.'^, Rev. Samuel^. Timotliy', Rev. Richard-', 

Thomas'-, John'), of Hartford. Conn. Tjoru < )cr. 1."n. 1814: 

died " ; married Cornelia J. Goodwin. Jan. 4. 1841): 

she died 


2547 SAR.m Jane, b. Dec. 5, 1849; m. Fr.iuk A. Laue, Oct. 23, 1872; 

254s Cornelia (Joodwin, b. Jan. 15. 1851; d. April 5, 1851. 
2549 Edward Goodwin, b. Feb. 10, ls52: immarried: d. Aug. 25, l,s7G. 
2.550 Henhletta. b. Dec. 21. ls.54; m. L. B. ilurrick, Dec. 27, 1882; 

2551 CnARi.E< Minor, b. Apr. 27, \'^'>r,: d. J:m. 13, 18«9. 
25.52 H.vTTiE Eva, b. Feb. 29. ls.59; d. 8ept. 9, 187<i. 

2.553 Robert Anderson, b. Feb. 10, 18G1; d. July 21, LSOl. 
25.54 Laura M.milda, b. Jan. 30, 18(13: m. d. 

2555 Martha Adelaide, b. Fel). 13, 1n65; d. Oct. 10, 1870. 
2-5.56 Alice Oaklotta, b. Dec. 25, 1869; ni. d. 

2557 KiTTT, b. Dec. 25, 1872: d. July 31, 1873. 



1'204: Timothy 3lather'" {^"U oi Rovn-n Strong'. Elijah', Xat-haii- 
iol", Saimu.-l. M.D.", Rev. SamueP, Timotliy'. Rev. RiohanI-', 
Thomas-. John'), <A Harti:(jr«l, Conn. Boru in Hartford. Nov. 2, 
1819; (lied ; married Nancy Chapin, Jan. 2. 1S50; 

she died Jan. 20. 1873, asred 50. 

'2'>'}S Walteu Strong. 


2.Vjn Anna Chaimn, 

2oCl Oi.nER TiMOTin-, 

2")ii2 TViLLi-Ui Allen, 

2r)0:3 Aktiiur. 

2.")t(4 Frank Henry, 

2ot>.3 Julia Yale, 

2otJG Nancy Elisabeth. 


b. Apr. 3, 1S.-)1-. m, Addie Phelps; d. 
b. 3I:iy V^. 1^1:'.: in, ; d. 

b. Oct. 19, l^^■)4:: ni. :\[org!in Gondwui, .Tunell, 

1879: d. 
b. Apr. :l, is.-jfi; m. L. W. D.'a.^low, Sept. 0, 

1884: d. 
b. IMay 2.'), 18.j8: m. Josephine Jones, Apr. 12, 

1888; d. 
b. July 16, ls.-)9; m. ; d. 

b. Apr. 13, l.N()2; m. : d. 

b. July 8, 18t)3: m. Frederick. II. Robertson, 

Oct. 3, 1887; d. 
b. June 9. ISOo; m. Miichelson, Sept., 

1888: d. 

120G Cynthia H. Mather'" (<lau. of Allyn M.«, Elijah^ Nathaniel', 
Samuel M.^>.^ Rev. SamucP, Timothy\ Rev. Richard^. Thomas-, 
Jolm'). of Andiei-st, Mass. Born at Windsor. Conn.. Nov. 4. 
17'..'S; died at Grand Rapiiis. Mich.; June 15, is7'.i; married 
Benjamin Allyn. Uct. 1C>, is'j:',; he died at Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Feb. 23, 1859. 


2.')67 :Mary R.. b. Aug. 9, 1820; m. Spencer B. Root of Greentield, Mass., 

Sept. 28, 1847; d. 
2568 JrLiA II., h. J\:lv 19, 1829; m. C'dI.R. P. Sinclair of Grand Rapids: d. 

120: Edwanl H\iiitiii?ton .father'" (son of .Ulyn M:\ Eii.jah^ 

Nathaniel', Samuel, M.D.^ R-'v. SamneF, Timothy*. Rev. Rich- 
ard^ Thomas^ John'), ...f Newark. N. J. Born at Windsor. 
Conn., r)ct. 2. ISOO; died Dec. Iti. 1843; married Sarah IT. 
Baldwin, June 11. 1834. 



2.~)C.9 Marv E.. I). June 6, 183.5; in. E. F. BaMwiii. Nov. 11. IST.]; 

(1. Jau. 10, l!5."sT. 
i.lTO En'.VAnn Baldwin, li. Soin. ■,'.'>, ISBT; d. Xov. 20, 18:39. 
•2."">T1 IIakkikt v.. 1). Muy :iO, 1840; m. ; d. 

1213 Sarall Mather'" (dan. of AUyn M.^ Elijah'. Nalhani^^l', 
SanuK.'l. M.!)."-, lU-.v. .Samuei', Tiuioi hy*. Kev. Richard'. Thomas-, 
John'V ol'Rockiord. 111. Ijorn at Wiiid.sor. (\nin.. Julv C. isi.S; 
.married Lort'uzo S. Allen, M.D., 1S39. 


2572 Jt-lia. b. Aug. 6. 1841; m, :\[o.<e.s Warrun, 1800; il. 

2.j73 Charles II., b. May 30, 1846: m. Carrie Louise Frieiliuaii; d. 

1315 Oliver Matlier Hyde^ (^on of Jeniima Mather^ auil Dr. 
Allyi: Hylf. I'^l. (.Jlivi-r", Nathaniel'. Dr. Saumol", Rev. Sani- 
ueP, Timothys Rev. Richard^ Thoma>:^, Jnhu'), uf Ellington, 
Conn. Born Feb. 21, 1810; married Mary Thompson, Xov. !), 
1837; she wa.s born April 18, 1810. 


2.174 Akthuk All\-n. b. 3Ich. 13, 1839; m. d. 

2.'>7."") ^Iahv El,L-^voRT^, b. Mch. 26. 1843; m. d. 

2576 Ellen ."Mather, b. Jan. 22, 1847; m. d. 

1216 General Frederick Ellswortli Mather" (?on of Ells- 
worth". Col. Ciliver', Xathaniel', Dr. Samuels Rev. SamueP, 
Timothy-', Rev. Richard"*, Thomas-. John'), of New York city. 
Born in Windsor. Conn., ^May 23. 1800; died ; 

married (1) Ellen Pomeroy Goodrich, ]May ?>, 1837; she was 
born Aug. 0, 1816; died Sept. 29, 1871; (2) Charlotte Foster, 
Dec. 20, 1876; she was born Jan. 30, 1834; died Jime 10, 1884. 


2.j77 Eliza G(K»DRicn. b. Feb. 25. 1838; m. il) Wm. C. Ludlam, Oct. 7, 

1S57; (2) Oswiu (ynrieii, June 7, 1809; d. 
2578 Ellsworth, b. Feb. 3, 1839; d. Apr. 7, 1845. 


— **«^ 

^.. /N/x. 


•2r>79 Ei.i.E-N I.AViNiA. b. (~)ct. 30, 1S40: m. Alfred Henry Timpson, 

Sept. 22, 1S03: <\. 
2o80 Lack.v Wolcott. b. July -il. l>i-4;5; m. Alexander Porter Miller, 

June 2'^, ISOj; d. 
loAl Ada Eli.-:«"orth. b. ]Sov. 1><, is.">l; m. Robert Jtune's Campbell, 

Apr. 30, 1>Sj; d. 
25^3 Isabella Pomep.oy. b. Dec. 2.5, ISoS; n\. Lemuel (Osborn Taylor, 

Dec. ">, 18T2: d. 
2.')83 Grace Ellsworth. 1). Apr. 22, 18o9; ra. Horace ilanu Ballon, Nov. 

13, \^->i; 6. 
2."i84 Frederick Ellswoktu, b. Jan. S. ISO:;; d. Jan. 20, 1803. 

General Frederick Ellsworth Mather, son of Ellsworth and Laura 
TVolciitt Mather, was horn in Win Isor May 23, 1809, iu the home- 
stead of his paternal irrandfather. Colonel Oliver Mather, which homo- 
stead now is owned I'V the Getieral. 

His father died Deceml^er 23, lb 14. His mother remai-ried No- 
vember 12, 1816. and the care and support of the boy was assumed 
by this grandfather. 

The ('olonei was an extensive and prosperous farmer, and the boy. 
in accord wirh New England tlirift. -did the chores" ; and as he 
grew older and stronger, became familiar with all the farm industries. 
To the exercise and tliscipline of this farm life he credits his physical 
vigor and robust health. 

One of his achievem'ents,, when less than eleven years old, indica- 
ted his energy and resolution. In April. 1820, during a high freshet, 
in the Hood near the "Stone Bridge'' tisliing place, he .saw a young 
man clinging to a treacherou.- Hoat wliich. by the young man's strug- 
gles, was rolled over and over, submerging hi^n much of the time. 
He could be reached only with a l^oat. (')f such all Imt one were 
fastened with lock end chain ; that one was a decked lishing l>oat. 
loaded with a long seine, ropes, etc. With much difficulty the boy 
cast the load overboard, launched the boat, paddled out to and drew 
the voung man into it. fie was almost speechless, and so helpless 
that he could not sit up, but muttered repeatedly the word "uncle." 
Tliis led the boy to research, and in still, clear water, abont two hun- 
dred feet away, he found a stout man beneath lying face upward, ap- 
parently lii-eless. Ho raised the man to the surface, and after several 


efforts. <lrew him into tlie Imat. He tlion hnrrit^il tn the hind, rallied 
assisrauts, and .>ent fur Dr. Pier.'^on. 

The man was carried to the re.'^idence of Mr. E. Lonniis. where, 
after patieut etiorts, he was resuscitated. The yoimu; man move 
speedily r<.'Covered. Tliey were a M'-. Phelps and nephew, from 

The boy's schooling was mainlv in the district sch.ool, though in 
later years he at tinie.^ attendeil the academy. Ahvays a faitliful and 
reputahle scholar, in tiie academy lie stmlied rhe ru'iiments of both 
Latin and Greek, faintly hoping that at some time he might pursue a 
full collegiate and professional course. 

In 1S"2!'> he i-esolved to make a determined eti'ort to that end. and 
in Xovember he arrangeil wir.h the Piov. >[i-. Perkins, of Amherst. 
Mass.. for his aid as tutor in fitting- for admission to Yale College. Tn 
January. IS.Sl, he was admitted ro rhe Sophomore class in Yale. — a 
class which entered iiefore he commenced his preparation. Under 
these circumstances it was not easy at first to maintain a satisfactory 
class standing : hut he accomplished it, and graduated honoralily in 

Having selected the law i<:>r lii^! profession he read one yeat- in the 
offices of Governor Ellsworth and Judge Parsons, in Hartford, and 
another year in tlie Yule Law School. 

In 1S3.J he received a proposition to enter a law office in tlie city 
of New Yoi-k, wliich. l>eing a'lverse to his then purpose to go West, 
required consideration. 

Among others with whom he advised was Erastus Ellsworth, a 
retired Xew York merchant, who conteuteil himself hy saying, •• New 
York is a great business tirld, and should you conclude to go there, 
with industry, honesty, and economy, you will succeed.'' 

Appreciating those three virtues, in Xovember. 1S35, he became a 
"law clerk'' in the office of Walter Edwards, on Wall Street, with a 
salarv of one hun'lred dollars a year. The law then rei|uii-ed a three 
years' clerkship before he could be e.x'amiued for admission as an at- 
torney, aii'l tliree years' practice as attorney before he cc'uld Ik; exam- 
ined for admis.<ion as a counselor; but in 1^37 the Supreme Court, 
by courtesy, permittetl him to join a cla-ss then to bo examined for 


admissk'U as counselor. He \v;ia e.xaimneil in- Cluirle? O'Connor. 
Duniel Lwd. aU'l XichDla.s Hill, nnd ou iht-ir r.,'e'iiaineiiiltitiun was 
comnii.ssioutHl a counselor at law, tour years soouer ihau otherwise 
he- could have lieen. 

In 1.^3s he was oonunissioned an alt..iniey at law, and soon en- 
tered the ileld of professional competition. Having married, and 
with no particular patronage, the strug.irle at times seemed hopeless ; 
but by l>-t4 he had more tlian a fair living. 

In Xovember. isu. he was elected to the New York State Assem- 
Ijly, session of lS-4'). This took him from liis professional busines.s 
for five montlis. and nearly wrecked it. though he ha<l left it in caro 
of a competent lawver, showing that his business was a pi.'rsonal cou- 
fideuce. A few years of renewed efforts more than retrieved such 
loss, and thenceforth he prospered. 

But tlie time came when he found the requirements of his profes- 
sion too exacting, and having gradually put them off, in 1.>.SL' he 
retired from it. 

The foregoing sketch would l^e incomplete without the mention of 
other facts pertaining to him. In 1S37. 1838, and 1840. respectively, 
. he was commissioned First Lieutenant, Captain, and Lieutenant-Colo- 
nel in the 2iUth Regiment, 64th Brigade. X. Y. State Infantry, an<l 
on November 14. ]>i42. he was commissioned Briy;adier-General to 
that Brigade. 

It may be noteworthy that while a strict disciplinarian, he was 
unanimor.sly elected to each of these military offices. As au otFicer 
he found pleasant and wholesome recreation from his professional con- 
finement and labors. 

His 5}^npathetic nature early associated him with humane and 
charitable institutions in the city of New York, of wliich are, The 
Prison Association. The Association for Improving the Condition ui 
tht; Foor, Tlie Sanitary Association : with each of wliich he held ofii- 
cial relations. 

Medical charities have particularly interested him. He initiiited, 
aided in oriranizing, and for more tlian a (juarter of a century wa.s tho 
President of The DeMilt Dispensary, which from its opening, in l8.jl. 
to December 31. 1S>'..). treated nine hundred and tifly-lwo thousanil 


three liumlred and tifly-five (9o2,.'3.5.'j) pulieuls. ami disjM-n^ed one mil- 
lion nine hnndred an'l forty tln^ut^and live liumlrfd and forty-one 
(l.OlDjO-tl) medical prescriptions, and is amply endowed for effective 

ile actively co-oi)erated in the initiation antl ortranization tif two 
other dispensaries, viz.. The North Western and The Xorch Eastern, 
both successful and riseful institutions. He is a life member of The 
DeMilt. The Xorili Western, and The Xew York Dispensaiies. 

He was one of the original incorporators, trustees, and organizers 
of The Roosevelt Hospital, an institution of acknowledged high rank 
and usefulness. < >ther institutions of charity have been aided by his 
services and otherv\-ise. 

In 1.S7-! he visited hospdtals and dispensaries in Great Britain and 
on the continent, some results of which are embodied in the Twenty- 
Fifth Annual Report of The DeMilt Dispensary. 

He was one of the originators of The X. Y. Yale College Alumni 
Association, and partici[)ated in the f'irmatiou <'f The Yale College 
Law School Alumni Association, also The Association of the Bar of 
the City of Xew York, an<l is a merab'-r of The Amei'ican Geo<;Taphi- 
cal Society, a life memVier of The X. Y. State Agricultural Society. 
and of The Xew England Society. 

He long served a- director of the Eighth Avenue Railroad Co. : 
also as director and for ten years as President of The Richmond 
County Gas Light Co.. Staten Island. 

State and city affairs have had nuich of his attention. As before 
stated, he served in the Legislature in isi.5. In 1S.")4, and again in 
1S5"), he was elected to the Common Council <if the city, au'l served 
therein till IS.jT. 

For many years as Inspector, ami for several other years as 
Trustee, he gave a requisite care and supervision to the public 
schools in the city of Xew York.' To these offices he was elected 
from term to term. Windsor has nor litou forgotten by him; educa- 
tion there has roct.-ived his aid. and so two other public enterprises. 

The oM and historic cemetery lias int(.'rest>'d him from his early 
years. He cau.sed the inscriptions on some ancient monuments to 
be re-cut. .-ind iias erected two irranite nn uvuneuts to replace perishing 
marl.>le structiu'es. 




(^yCOv^^ "Vv^ Aw^c^-y^-^ . 


In \^b'.) he prepared aiiil advocated, and the (.ieneral -\..ssetnbly 
euaeled. a law for the care and preservation of that cemetery and it.s 
monuments. He has doim much to put that law int<^ elHcient opera- 
tion, and has suliscribed liberally to the cemetery trust fund. 

He has twice married. First, on May 'A, is:;7. to Elltin Piimeroy 
Goodrich, dauj^hfer by adoption of Elizur tjoodrich. of Hartfurd. 
From this marriage there were eight cliildreu. viz.. two sons and six- 
.daughters. The eldest son was drowned with others '>ti the niglit of 
April 7, 18-4.3. from the wreck of the ••Swallow," near Athen.?, on the 
Hudson River, and the youngest son <lied in his second year. The 
daughters have all married, and are living. Tliis wife died Septem- 
ber -JO, 1871. 

- On December 20. 1^7(5, he marrieil Chariutte Foster, "laughter of 
"William Fibster, uf Cumberland County, England. She died June IH, 
1884. childless. 

With well-defijied religiotts and polirical convictions, and fearless 
to avow and lefentl them when assailed, he is neither o)>trusive or 
intolerant. His devotion to principle rather than partisanship is 
shown bv the fact thfit for each of the puljlic offices to w hich he was 
elected as lieiore stated, he was the nominee and candiilate of inde- 
pendent citizens, and in opposition to the party machines. 

His pride of lineage, if he have any. con.-ists solely in his intie.xilile 
purpose not to dishonor his ancestry. He is the only male Mather of 
the Colonel Oliver 1 -ranch. 

121S ReT. Oliver "Wolcott Mather'" (--on of Ellsworth". CI. 

Oliver', Xathauiel", Dr. Samuel", Rev. SamueP. Titmithy*, Hev. 
Richard^ Thomas"-, John'), of Windsor, Conn. Born at "Wind- 
sor, Conn.. Jan. 2<i, IS 1.1; died .-it Wmd-Sor. .\'ov. 7. !.S7(i; mar- 
ried (1) Jennette L. Leonard, Aug. 17. IS-^J; she died Xov. •-^. 
1S49; (1) Laura A. Barrows, Feb. 1.5. l.S.'>2; born Aug. 'J'.'. 


2->Sri C' Leon.vkd. b. May :^0. 1847; d. J.-m. 14, 184.^^. 
•2.>'St» Jknnettic, b. Fob. -JM, 1s4m; m. Frudk M. C'liarter. Aug-. •2:1 

isTti: .1 Mch. 14, ISS^i. 


Rev. Oliver Wolcoa Mather, A.M.. sou of Ellsworth mid Laura 
Woleof Mii'iier, was l>oru in Windsor, Jaiiiuirv 'Hi. is\7). In and 
before 1830 he was in the eni2:>loy of book publishers in Hartford, in 
1831 he weiu to Xew Kavt-n to prepare for college. In l.s3.'> he was 
admitted to Vale (."oiieire. and gi-aduated with the distinguislu^d class 
of 1S37. The next year he spent in South Carolina as a teacher. He 
then was two years iu the Divinity School of Yale College. Having 
completed rlie prescribed course there he went to < >hio. and for about 
three years was pa.stor of a church in Binuiughani. ( in severing that 
relation he V.iecamo pastor of churches succe.'^sively in Dover and Bug- 
gies, where he ministered al-uut six years. 

From ' iliio he went to ^lichigan, iu 1S.')1, and Itecame pastor of 
the church in Wliite Lake. After ministering there several years he 
became pastor successively of churches in Taw Paw and (.'old ^^'ater. 
In I^'i" ill health disabled him, and he resigned his pastorate. 

In July, is.'.s, still intirm. he returneii to the •• Matlier hoinesteail." 
iu Windsor, where he resided, an invaliii. till his decease. Xuveuiber 
7, l87it. Particulars as to his marriage, children, etc., appear 

1323 Elisabeth Mather'' (dan. of John^ XathanieP, Increased 
Rev. Xathaniel^ Rev. SamueP. Tiiuotliy', Rev. Riclianl^ 
Thomas^ John"), of ( )range Co., X. Y. liuru Dec. 11', 17!'4: 
died Sept. 14. 1S13; married "SVm. Devore. June tJ, IS 11. 


2587 Phebe, b. Aug. 3. ISl'J: m. AVui. Adams. Oct. 16, lii.'30; he died Aug. 
14, 1832: d. 

I22G Hacln'l Matlier'" (dau. of Jolin'', sister of above), of (Uange 
Co., X. V. Burn A\n'. 9, 1804; dic-d X'^ov. 9, JS38; married 
Anson White. May 24. 1S2(). 


2.j8S Joiix L., b. Apr. 8, 1821; ni. d. 

2589 WiLi-iAM, b. July 20, 1S23; m. d. 

2.'5yO Pheuk Ei-isAiiETH, h. Oct. 2.5, 1825; m. d. 

TENTH gp:neratiox. 319 

lOtJS Julia A. 3Iatljer'" (>lau. of John«, Xatluaniol", Incivaso", 
Rev. Natl.'anicl"'. Rev. SanivieP, Tiiiviihy". R«-v. Hicliard'. 
Tliomas% JoJin'). of Orariji-e Co., N. V. Roni :-^cpr. I'.t. isiir,; 
died Oct. 7, 180;^: mamed Silas Rt-njamiii, Jan. IS, RSl'S. 

BEX.TAMIN cmr.DR?:N". 

25!)1 Fr.ANCF.? L.. b. Sept. 23. 1S2S; in. d. 

2.V.)2 Wii.i.iAM A., h. AuL". 12. is2'.); m. d. 

2r)<).3 JnuN -M.. i>. -Tau. ol, ISol; m. d. 

2r.94 llAKuii-.TT E., 1.. Oct. l."), is:32; d. :.Icli. 12. 1S;U. 

1-230 IVilliam ^\. Matlior" (s-^'n of Jolln^ brother of above), of 
Newto!i. Es?ex Co.. X. J. Born July ?<. 1811; died Feb. 23, 
1SS4: married Pliebe Sheelor, f^ei.t. 20, lS:-^(>; she died Aiig. 
17, 1S74. 


2595 Jonx U.. b. July 2o, l.^:iT; m. B. Crosby, IMiiy 2:1, IS.')?; d. 

•2rm Alfred W>r.. b. Dec. 24. IS;);); d. .S'pt. .-., ly.V2. 

2."itl7 PuKiiF.. b. 1840: m. ' d. 

2."j98 Haiuuett B., b. Jan. ID, 1^42; m. ,P Thos. McGuion, Jan. 9, ISW: 

(2) Joseph L. Becinor. Dec. :U. 1S70; (3) Theodore 

Beers, ^tlay IG, 1882: (4) E. L. Reed. Oct. 24, 1887: 

d. ' 

2.";99 Gf.oroe O.. b. Oct. 12, 1843; in. T.aviuia ^lorris. x\pr. 8. 18(i9; d. 

2(500 I:i,i-ai;etit Jane. b. Sept. 8, 18U; d. O. t. .">, 184.->. 
2001 Wm. Edward. b. 1^48: d. youug. 

2r,()2 James. b. May 27, l."^49: ui. d. 

2003 Mary E. J.. b. Jan. 26. 18.10: m. John L. Warford. Feb. (!, 187.'>; 

2fi04 Wm. Edwakd, 2d, b. Sept. 2, IKiS; d. Jan. 14, 18G1. 

1-232 Natlianiol blather'" (son of Samuel Natlianier. Incroase", 
Rev. Xatiiaiiiel*, Rev. SaiimeP. Timothy', Rev. Richard^ 
Thomas-, John'), of Millsbnrgh, Orange Co., X. Y. R.orn 
.Sept. 30. 1784; died Mch. 17, l^.'S; married {{) Ratliia Hor- 
ton; she died Apr. lo, Ixon. agt-d 24; (2) Mary Xorris^ Ft!». 
10, l.sli); shi; dieil Xov. !.'>. lS(13. aged 73. 

Child by first marriage; — 


2()i2.") Sn. vs II., b. Mch. 17. 1S09: m. (I) Pliehi' Lord; r2\ Julia Ilumplircy: d. 
Feb. 13, 18S8. 

Children by second mari'iage — 

2626 RosiLLA A.. b. Nov. 30. 1^10; m. J. P. Tuthill. Fob. 4, is:;r,; d. Jan. 

1, 1846. 

2627 Betsey Jane. b. Aug. 14, IslH: m. Silas T, L. Xorris, 18:14: d. Au^^ 

H\ 1S4S. 

26-2S Daxiel C. b. Jan. i, 1816: m. Dorotliy S. Ynun^: killed by ac- 

cident, Xov. l-l. 18"")1. 

2629 Ltdia MaFxIa. b. N-A". 23, 1817; ra. d. Sept. 2(5. 1880. 

2030 JuLLv. b. July 19. 1820; m William Scutt, Dec. 2i|>, 1839; d. 

Apr. 29. 1S43. 

2 !31 A Sox b. Jan. 29. 1822: d. same day. 

2632 xVrminda. b. Apr. 13. 1823; m. 

2633 A Sox, b. Mdi. Lj. 182."i; d. the nexi day. 
26:34 Batiiia. b. Mch. 26. 1826; m. 
2a:iry Emelini-. b. J;ine 19. I.v28: d. Drc 6 184:^ 

2636 M()>KS Read. b. Jiine 26, ls3i); in. 

2637 DA%'n) Xokius. b. July 7, ls:j2; m. 

2638 Cn.VRLE.s T. L.. b. Apr. 24, ls54: m. Susanna EllsworTli: fl. 

I'23:i Jouatliau 3Itlther ' (sou or SamiKjP. brotLor of above), of 
Miuisitik, N. V. Born July 4, 1787: <liod Deo. ;i6. 1860; mar- 
ried Anna Bishop, of "^'(."rft Ilamptou. X. J., 1809. 


26:39 Mart. b. Dec, 1810: in. fl) Win. Mills; (2) John L. Knapp; 

d. 18:59. 

2640 D.wro B.. b, Juno 8. 1812; m. Sayer, 18:3.-); d. June 10. 


2641 A Sox, b. d. iu infancy. 

2iU2 PiiEBE C, b. Sept., 1816; m. (1) Thos. Jetlerson B;dl. Jan.. 1837; 

(2) Harvey Clausou, lS'y'-'>: d. 

2643 Lydia Axx. b. Feb. 22, 1819; m. p:benezf'r J. Oasc, 18:37: d. 1888. 

2644 JoNATiiAX !{., b. May 2.-), Is21: in. Jauc Swart wont, Jan. 13. 1S49: d. 
2(54.-. Irene A.. b .May 1. ls23: ni. Win. Il.itcli. 1^43; d. .May 14, 1846. 
2646 .fosKPH II.. b. June 14. 182.-); in. Catherine Doty; d. Apr., 18."»9. 
2(547 CAKOi.txE N.. b. Dec, l.>27: m. Win. Har.h. 1S47; d. 

2648 Ira L., b. m. d. 1H40. 







. 4, 







1'2'ii: Juilies Mutlier'" (>on of Samuel'-', Xathaiiiel", Increase', Rev. 
Xathauiei'', Rev. SaiuueP, Timotliy'. Rev. Richard-', Thomas^ 
John'), of Orange Co., X. Y. l>oru Feb. 20, 17'J2; died May 
9, 1825; luarried Lydia Hazen. 


'2^')0 Adalixe, b. m. d. . 

26ol Lydia. b. m. d. 

1235 Sarall .llatlier'" (dan. of Samuel', and si.^^ter of above), of 
Orange Co.. X'. Y. Born June S, 1793; died ; 

married George Everett. 



1-^4:1 Rev. Daniel D. Mather'" (sou of Rev. Ebenezer^ Dr. 
Daniel', Increase", Kev. Xatiiauiel", Rev. SaniueP, Timothy*, 
Rev. Richard'. Thomas-, John'), of Ohio. Born at Milford. 
Ohio. Apr. 2], 1S22; married Mrs. Mary D. Dinsmoor, widow 
of L. D. D.. .Sept. .".. 1S44. 


26o8 Mary Fr.vnces Sheldon, b. July 29. 1845; m. d. 

2659 Lewis D., b. Feb. 17, 184:: m. . d. 

1245 George K. Matlier'" (son of Rev. Ebenezer^ Daniel, M.D.^ 
Iccrea-se', Rev. Xatliauiel*. Rev. SamueP, Timothy*. Rev. Rich- 
aixP, Tliomas=, John'), of Maxwell. Story Co.. Iowa. Born Oct.' 
27. lS2ri; died ; inarried Eliza Milligan, 1850. 


2660 Jri.iA A., b. Mch. 18, l8o3; m. d. 
2C61 WtLf.iAM D., b. Apr. 28, 1S57; m. d. 


26T2 Ja^fes, 




2()o?. Joseph S., 




2G54 PAilELIA, 




2G5-'5 Xaiuan, 




26.:6 Lydiv A.n-n, 




2657 Jonathan. 






20G2 Eldukau M., h. Dec. 18, IStj-J; lu. d. 

2(">t;:3 Esther E., b. June 20. iStU; m. d. 

20G4 L LEW EL TAX. I). ^luv" 3, Ic^UG; m. d. 

20(35 Caury J., h. Nov. 21. 1>(jT; m. d. 

2t)(30 BuccE, b. Aug. 8. 18l3'J; m. d. 

2013? George L., h. Dec. 17, 1871; m. d. 

2(it38 Aluert, b. June 29, 1.873; m. d. 

2GC9 Thoma'>R., b. Xov.21, lb;82; m. d. 

1 •,*:>! Daniel Mather'- (i^on of Southworth", Dauiel, M.D.^ In- 
ci'oase', liiiv. Xatiictuiel'-', liev. Samuel^, Timothy', Rev. Rich- 
ardl Thomas', John'), of Reasnor, Jasper Co., Iowa. Born 
July 17, 1S26; died ; married Elisabeth Beck, 


2fJ70 Ai.FKETi FT.. ) j^^. 

2071 Ali'iiecs. ' ui. u. Feij. 7, 1884. 

2672 Joseph Cottox, 

2673 3iAKY, 
2(374 PniLXA, 
2675 southwortu s., 
2(376 Sauau L,, 
2(377 Phew; A.. 
2678 John Sterli^-g. 
2(379 Jasper. 

r2'»G Ue* . Fortner C. Mather'" (^'>n ot Souiliwortli-'. Dr. Daniel', 
lucreasb". liev. Xatlianiel"', Rev. Samu<-1\ Timothy*. Jiev. Rich- 
ard^. Tho'iuis^. Jc<hu'). of Luverne, Minnesota. I>orn Auij;. 11, 
lSo6; married Sarah C. blather, dau. of Rev. Ebenezer M.. Uct. 
26, 1855. 


2680 Eva McCook, b. 183S; m. d. 

2(381 Flora, b. 1861; m. d. 

2682 Georoe C., b. 1863; m. d. 

26S3 Si-ELLA, b. l;<67; m. d. 

2684 Mary D,. b. 1873; in. d. 

2685 AwBn; (}.. b. 1875; m. .1. 

2686 Sadie P., b. 1879; m. d. 

2687 WiLLiA.M J., h. 18S1; ni. d. 



Feb. 4, 1849: ™- 





July 9. 1852; m. 



Apr.2i», 1856; d. Apr. 

25. 1856. 


May 5, 1857; m. 



Xov.l7, 1859; m. 



Mch.l2, 1862; ra. 



Feb. 28. 1865; m. 



Aug. 8, 1868: ni. 



AIcii.15, 1871: in. 



1'259 Capt. John Storlins: Mather'" (sou of Southworth^ ana 
bvotlior or above), of Kelseyvillo, California. Doi-ii Nov. 19. 
1843; died ; married Miss Francos U. Adams. Dec. 

2.3, 186.3. 


2C.S,S Squire R.. b. Feb. 13, IStiT; m. d. 

2fi89 James A.. b. Nov. 28, 1870: m. d. 

2(190 Mamie Dr Ette, b. Dec. G, 1S78: iii. d. 

2G91 Emma Mabel, b. Aug. 17, 1878: ni. d. 

Capt. J. S. Matlier uas in the Vv'ar of the Rebelhon in 9th Regt.. 
Iowa Vohinteer Infantry. 

1262 Charles F. :\Tat.Iier"^ (>^on of John T.', Daniel, MI).\ In- 
crease'. Rev. Nathaniel®, Rev. SamueP, Tiniothy*. Rev. Richard*, 
Thomas-, John'), of Marion. Ind. Burn Feb. 24, IS.'i;*.; died 

; married IS 6.5. 


2692 LorisE. b. July 29, 1870; m. d. 

2693 Gi:'VRaE W., b. Sept. 16, 1^7,3; d. Apr. 1, 1883. 

1263 Aloiizn J. Mather''^ (.--n of John T.^ Daniel. i[.D.». In- 
ere-astv. Rev. Xathanie?, Rev. Samuel'. Timothy^ Rev. Rioh- 
ard^ Thomas'-, John'), of . Born Aug. 12. 
1834; died ; married 


2G94 Lena, b. Feb. 14, 1862: d. Apr. 11, 1868. 

269.5 Cha?. a., b. July 11, 1867; d. Doc. 24, 1870. 

2696 M.\RTnA. b. Mch. 4, 1871 ; m. d. 

2697 Ellen. b. Mch. o, 187o; m. d. 

2698 Edwin 11.. b. Mch. 7, 1879; m. d. 

2699 CfiALMER A., b. Alch. 22, 1882; ra. d. 

1270 Daniel Mather'" (son of Rev. William^ Dr. Daniel^ In- 
crease', Rpv. Xathauit'l". Rev. Samuel'. Timothy", Rev. Rich- 
ard'. Thomas-', John'), of Wcsti'rn, Xcb. Born Dec. 2."). I8:;0; 
married (I) Xaucy J. Bennett, Dec. 2o, 18.53: (2) Mary E. 
Worley, Oct. 1, 1868. 



2700 WiixiAM A., b. ^Ich. 27, ISltn m. d. 

2701 .Too- E., b. Fl'I). 7. IS.JS: m. d. 
270;; Ti[K]{SEY, b. Nov. 20, l^GO; m. d. 

2703 D.\.xirL E., b. Dec. 25, 1802: m. d. 

2704 Er.v OOP J., b. Apr. 10, 1870; m. d. 
27U5 ^[aiitilv Adelia. h. Sept. 20, 1871; m. d. . 
2706 Svs.\x E., b. Dec. 1, 1872; m. • d. 

,2707 CriAKLKS J., b. Feb. 8, 1S74; m. d. 

270s riAKVEY, b. Nov. 22, ls70; m. d. 

2709 Univn B.. b. Feb. 20, ls7S: m. d. 

2710 Efkie May. b. July 10, ISs;]; m. d. 

2711 Cl.vka M., b. Dec. 20, 1^:84; m. d. 

Daniel Mather served through the "War of the Rebellion in the 
Union army. 

1'272 Jollll Mather'" (^on oi Rev. William*. Dr. Daniel', Increase', 
Rev. Nathaniel'. Rev. Samuel^. Timothy*, Rev. Richard^, 
Thomas^ John'), of Elbert, Coi. Born at Union County, O., 
Oct. 5, 1837: married H. J. Cornwell, Nov. 2'_', 1SG.5. 


2712 Ri-ssELL W., b. Mch. 21, 1867; m. d. 

2713 Lacra, b. Aug. 26. 1S09; m. d. 

1273 Ebenezer )Iatlier'"^-(>on of Rev. William', and brother of 
above), of Reasnor, la. Born May 9, 1S42; died ; 

married Frances E. Simmons, May 27, ISO"). 



2714 Cl.vrence C, b. Aug. 1, I860; m. d. 

2715 Stella M., b. Aug. 11, 1868; m. d. 

2716 Bertha J.. b. Jan. 29, 1871: m. d. 

2717 LcLA J.. b. June 3, 1^73; m. d. 

2718 Phebe E., b. Aug. 1. 1875; m. d. 

2719 George A., b. Dec. 23, 1878; m. d. 

1275 Wesley Mather'" (son of Rev. William'', brother of above), 
of Hamburg. la. Born Feb. lo. l'^47 (two sets of dates given); 



^720 JoiiN E.. b. Dec. 29, lS7r,; m. d 

2721 Julia Ellex. b. 1878; m. d 

2722 ^■ouA, b. 1880; m. d. 

2723 Hattie, b. 1882; m. d. 

lesi John J.athro]) Matlier'" (son of Silas ^Hiite^, Julm'. 
Incivuse". Hl'v. Xiitiiiiiiii,'!'^, Row SamueP. Timothy^, Rev. Rich- 
ard'', Tlionias^ John'), of ]\raTht.M- Ptatioii. T\'i.*. Born in 
Oraugo Cijimty, X. Y.. Meli. 10. "lS32; died ; 

married (I) Mary E. Jones of Yates County, X. Y. ; (2) ^^iss 
Taylor, dan. of Rev. Justice Taylor, April 22. l.^sO. 


2724 Joirs- Joxes. b. Jan. 26. 1861; m. Carrie Werner. July 3. Is87; d 
272."> Fkaxkie, b. J;in. 10. 1>63; d. Aug., 1804. 

2726 Fred Hays. b. July G, 18156: uumarried; d. Apr. 19, 1886. 

2727 3[aie J., b. Apr. 2. 1870; m. d. 

2728 Sadie E.. b. Dec. 10, 1871; m. d. 


Mr. J. L. r^Iather is quite an extensive dealer in lumber in that 
region, and from that fact the locality was named Mather Station and 
Mather Post-office. Mr. Mather's son, Fred Hayes, while out hunting 
in fall of 1886, was shot accidentally by another. 

1289 Ebeuezer Mather'" (son of Silas^ John^ Ebenezer^ Rev. 
Xathaniel«, Eev. SamueP, Timothy*, Rev. Richard^ Thomas-, 
John'), of Horseheads, C'heimmg County. X. Y. Born Dec. 1, 
1S06; died July 2, 1867; married (I) Clarissa Beckwith; (2) 
Elisabeth C. Thorn, April 11, 1858. 


2729 Mary E.. b. Aug. 20, 1847; in. Wm. U. Stewart. Feb. 17. 1868. 

"^'alter H. Conklin, Esq., of Chester. Orange County, X'. Y.. one 
of its leading citizens, and an elder in T,he E'resl)yterian Church, 
belongs to this branch of the family, his gi-andmothtn-. Elisabeth 
Mather*, married Morris Green; the latter's daughter, Mehital)le. mar- 

o'20 THE .\r.ATHER FA.A[ILY. 

ried Benjarain Couklin. Tliore .iro many descendants of Elisa1>erh 
(Matlier) Given in » 'ranu-e County and other portions of Xew Yerk. in 
the Green, Fitzii'erald. Ilalsev. and other families. 

1300 Sarah Mather'" ('iau. of Silas^ John^ Ebenezer', Rev. 
XathanieP; Rev. Samuel-', Timcitliy*, Rev. Richard', Thomas-, 
John'), of De'.avan. T\'is. Born in Orange County, X. Y., 
Oct. 12; I8u9; died ; married John Sharp, 

Nov. 27, 1827. 


2730 Mary E.. 1). Aug. 8, 1>:2S; m. Cha.s. A. Bassett. Oct. 2.3. IS,':;;; ,1. 

2731 jACOii. b. Sein. 10, 1<30; d. ^Mi. 1, l8;]-2. 

2733 ELi-TAn :M., b. Oct. 21. 1S32: ui. Sarah A. "Williams. Sept. 20. lsfi2; 


2733 ScsAX. b. Sept. 11. 1S34; m. d. 

2734 IIiKAM T., b. .July 8, ISyS; m. Sarah T. Billiiiirs, May 3, 1807; d. 
273.J Er.isuA. b. Sept. :;. l'!<41: m. died in the array 

3Ich. 26, lSfi2. 

2736 .lonN M., b. Oct. 29, 1843; m. d. 

2737 Saiiah A., b. Mch. 9, 1816; m. SL'^pard, Fob., 1869; d. 

2738 Ci.AurssA, b. Mch. 10, 1S4S; m. d. 

2739 Elis.vbktu; A., b. .June 7, l-'-'iS; m. Eilward Pr.wurs. Oct. 27. l>*74; d. 

1-293 Glirdon i'lark 3Iather"' (?on of Timothy', Timothy', Timo- 
thy', Timothy*. Riciia;-d'. Timotliy'. Rev. RichanP, Thoma-s^", 
John'), of Lima, X. Y. Born May .5, 1797; died ISIG; 

married Eunice Minor, Apr. 14, 1815. 


2740 Esther, b. Oct. 14, 1818; m. Wm. E. H.ill, Sept. 17. 18:^); d. 

2741 Pamelia, b. Nov. 19, 1821; m. James Wig^dns, Feb. 13, 1843; 


2742 Matuew X , b. Jan. 10, 1824; m. Marlha Riir-s. 21. 1846; d. 

2743 GunuoN Clakk. b. Aug. 20, 182."); m. Eliza Seovillc. 18.')1; d. 

2744 Horatio Xklson. b. July 19. 1^<27; ni. (,1) Elisabeth Mo.sier, 18.10: (2) 

L'.raiitia Cooper. IsfW; C!) Or.i , 1.8,Sl; (4; 

Etta , 1^83; d. 

274."'» ErxicE Eliza, b. Sept. 21. 1832; m. 1852; d. 

2746 DvviD Br..\nr.uiD, b. Sept. 21, 1341; m. d. 


1296 Thojuas Jelfersou Mather'" (son of Timothy", brother of 
above), of West JJioomtiekl. N. Y. Born 1.801: died 

May 11, ISG'J; married Mary Lurns; she died July 'JS, 1862. 

2747 John, 

2748 Sakah J.. 

2749 Thomas Jefkkisson, b. 

2750 Geurue b. 

2751 Mary E.meline, b. 

2752 Emma Eliza, b. 


1832; m. 
in Bloomf eld, uboiit 18G8. . 

■18;U; d. May, 1851. 
1836; d. 18l!8. 

1838; d. 1841. 

1809; d. 1840. 

1841; d. Sept..lS58. 

129S John B. Mather"^ (son of Moses'. Tilr.othy^ Timotliys Tim- 
othy*, Ric•hard^ Timothy*, Rev. Richard^. Thomas-, John'), of 
Watertown. N. Y. Born Mch. 5, 1812; died 
married Harriett Heimstreet. 

2753 jAiiES W.. b. 

2754 Mart A., b. 

2755 IIakriett H., b. 

2756 John, 

2757 Sap.ah W., 

2758 David L., 

2759 "VY ALTER B., 

2760 Jennie. 


1835; m. Jane Polo; d. - 

1838; m. .Tosepli Labrcck-. d. 

1840; m. "\Vm. Conklin; d. 

1842; m. Anna IIa>kius; killed uu R. R. 1868. 

1S44; d. 1845. 

1848; m. Delia Muasnn; d. 
b. Aug. 8, 1850; m. (1) Delia Stage, Feb. 4. 1869; (2) 

Amelia Taylor. Sept. 11, 1877; d. 
b. 1854; m. Fred Hess; d. 


1304 Elisha ^\. Mather"^ (son of Lay«, Jel'oida', Timothy"', Tim- 
othy«. Richards Timoth}-^, Rev. Richard-', Thoma.s''^, John'), of 
Lyme, Conn. Burn Jan. 10, IT'JfJ; died Dec. 24, 1854; mar- 
ried Mary Ann Smith, 1818. 

2761 George E., 

27Hi E LIS HA. 

2763 William E.. 

2764 Frances M., 

2765 John F., 


b. Aug. 23, 1^20; m. 

b. Sept. 3. 1"*22; d. Sept. 27, l-<23. 

b. July 15. 1827; ra. 

b. June 17, 1830: m. 

b. Aug. 27, 1832: m. 



•27f)0 ^[akt Axx, b. Mch. IS, lS3o; d. Juue 1'2. l5<3(i. 

2Tli7 Mauv Anx. 2d, b. Sept. 4, 1S;}T; m. d. Sept. 1, ISIT. 

27(38 Setii B., b. Sept. 3, IS-IO; m. d. Ibsl. 

1306 Dan W. Mather'" (i^on of Lay^ brother of alcove), of Lyme, 
Conn. Born Apr. 1, 1803; died ^k'h. 8, 1S5G; married Elisa- 
beth Clark. ISoO. 


27C9 Rrcu-VKD II., h. F.-b. 1, 1832; m. Susun A. Tripp, May 1, 1S54; d. 
277U Chaiile^ M., b. Jan. 20, 18:;-t; m. (1) Maria T. Couistock. Jan., 1857: 

l2) Uclen \V. Martin, Jan. 1, 1861; d. 

2771 NoKMAX, b. d. in infancy. 

2772 William, b. d. in infancy. 

2773 Caroline E., b. m. Horace Denuison; d. 

1307 Geori,'e V> . ilatlier'" (sou of Lay^ brother of above), of 
Lyme, Ci'nu. Born Sept. 6, 1S08; died 1858; married 
Charlotte , 1S32. 


277-1 Elisua L.. b. m. Mary Brown, of Grotun, 1887: d. 

277") Dan, b. m. d. 

2776 Richard, b. m. d. 

2777 Alden, b. m. . d. 

2778 JonN M.. b. Dec. 23, 1839; m. d. 

2779 Caroline, b. m. d. 

1313 Frederick 0. Mather"' (son of Capt. Ezra», Jehoida^ Timo- 
thy', Tiin(.»thy', Richard'. TinK^thy*, Hev. Richard'', Thomas', 
John'), of Xew Haven. Conn. Born at Lyme, Conn., Oct. 5, 
ISOS; died ; married Sylvia M. French, (.)ct. 28', 1829; 

she died Nov. 27. 1879. ayed 72. 


2780 Francis F., b. Oct. 28. 1846; m. i[ary A. :\[adi.son. Nov. in, 1863; d. 

3Iay 11. 1868. 

2781 Robert W.. b. Oct. 29, 1849; d. Nov. IS, 1849. 

Francis F. ^latiier. son of Frederick O. Mather, irraduated at Yale 
College; was married, and died at the age of 22 years; had a sou, 
Frederick R., boru Dec. 25, 1SG<3. 


1321 John F. Mather, M.B/" (son of Pan'. Jehoida', Timothy', 
Tinioiisy', Richard', Timothy^ Rev. Richard', Thoniaa", Jolm'). 
of Brooklyn, X. Y. Born at Burlington, X. Y., Xov. 27, ISO"); 
died May 10, 1874; married Marcia Stevens, Xov. 12, 1343. 


2T8'2 J«>irN- Fro?t. b. Sept. 10, 1S4.5: m, ^[ar'jrarct EUint, Xov. 14, 1877: d. 

27'^8 .If.nnik S.^uah. b. Jan. 8. 1847; m. .Tames PurtiT; d. 

•2784 Henry Stfa-exs. b. Nov. 24. ISoO; m. Libbie Elliot, Aug. 21, 1878: d. 

Dr. Mather graduated at Fairfield Medical College, Xew York. 

132;^ Andrew A. Mather'" (son of Dan', Jehoidal Timothy^ 
Capt. Timothy", Ricliard', Timothy', Rev. Richard^ Thomas% 
John^), of Garraitsville, Otsego County, X. Y. Born at Bur- 
■ lington, X. Y.. Oct. 17, 1812; died ; married (I) 

Teresa Davis Cummings, Sept. 7. 1834; she died Jan. 27, 18t)0; 
(2) Addie J. Birdsall, Jan. 6, 1862. 


2785 Adrian 0., b. May 23, 1S3.5: m. Sarah \Tliitford, May 21, 1863; 

d. July IS, 1883. 

2786 Andrew E., b. July 3, 1837; m. d. 

2787 Addison Dan. b. Xov. 12, 1838; m. d. 

2788 Elias C. U Apr. 8, 1840; m. Mary Whitford, Jan. 27, 1807; 


2789 Kate Maria, b. ilay 26. 1843; m. d. 

2790 Fayette, b. Jau. 11, 1845; d. Jan. lo, 1849. 

2791 Clara Louise, b. Feb. 1, lb64; m. Xewcomb Cleveland, Oct. 5. 

1S87; d. 

2792 Jennie A.. b. Aug. 2, 1865; m. d. 

2793 One child died in infancy. 

Sketch taken from the Histonj of Otsejo County, N. Y., publislied 

"Andrew Adrian Mather, .son of Dan Mather and Sustmriah M., was l)nrn 

in the town of Biirlinjrton. Otseiro County. Oct. 17, 1812; hi-< father wa.s a 

lineal descendant of llev. flirhanl Mather, '>t' Eaj:lisli origin, who sailed from 

Bristol. Engl.iud. landing in Boston, Mass.. Aug. 17, 1G35. und .scttle<I in Dor- 



Chester, Mass. He was a clergyman of marked ability. Tie left Englaml from 
bis nnwilliriiraess to conform to the rules of tbe established C'liiirr-h. lie 
founded a Presbyterian church at Dorchester. 3I;iss., Aug. ~.>, l!?;)t>, and 
remained pastor of the same until his deatli, which occurn-d April 2:1. 1G6!). 
From him have descended a-nuiucrous race, all of whimi have been unii-d fcir 
their great (mergy and indomitable [icrseverance. 

" Dau. the father of Andrew A. Mather, was born in Lyme, Conn.. Oct. 1, 
1TT4. He was a tanner and currier by occupation, which business he fol- 
lowed several years after settling in the town of Burlington. He married 
for his second wife iliss Susannah Onderdonk, a resident of Manlmsset, Long 
Island. She was birn Dec. 12. l~~o. By this union three sons were born. 
Andrew A., Ezra, and Dau. Ezra died at the age of liity-^even. 

"Mr. Dau Mather .--ettled in the south part of the town of Burlington, 
Otsego County, X. Y.. in the Butternut Creek Yalley, in ISll, ou the farm 
where he died Sept. I. l>-56, and which is now owned and occupied by liis son, 
Andrew A. Mather. Mrs. blather, wife of D:iU blather, dierl 2^Iarcii 9, I'i'i'.i. 
Dau ilather was one of the most respected citizens of the town; he held vari- 
ous positions (jf trust and hunor. and by industry and frugality he gained a 
competency. He was strictly honest in all his dealing-*, and lived respected 
and died lamented. His son. Andrew A., was reared on the farm, receiving a 
good conmion school edacatiou. He taught school tive seasons in winter, ami 
■worked on the farm in summer. 

"At the age 'J twenty-two he married Teresa D. Cunimings, an only 
daughter of Elias and Lucmda Cunimings, of Xew Lisbon. -Sept. 7, ISi-S-t. By 
this marriage seven children were born, namely, Adrian O., Andrew E., Addi- 
son D., Elias C, and Kate M., wh:> are living, and two died in infancy. 
Adrian O.. Andrew E.. and A. Dan live in Albany. X. Y.. are wliolesale grocers, 
known as the firm of " Mather Ih-os.' Elias C. is a farmer in Burliugtf>u, liv- 
ing adjoining the old homestL-ad, and Kate blather living at present ■\\nth her 
brother in Albany. Mrs. Mather, wife of Andrew A., died Jan. 27, 1860. 
Mr. Mather married 3[iss Adilie J. Birdsall of Otsego, -Tan. 6, 1862; she was 
born June 5, ISo-t: her parents were of New Ensrland i-rigin, and were born 
in Otsego County. By this alliance two daughters were born, Clar.t L. and 
Jennie A., 14 and 12 years of age. ^fr. Andrew A. ^latlier has always been 
engaged in agricultural pursuits, and is closely allied with the best interests 
of his town and county. He is now living at the same old homestead where 
he tirst saw the light of day. .A[r. Mather is the grower of some fine Jersey 
stock and Leicester >li(,'ep. He is a man that thinks for himself, and acts from 
his own convictions of right an:l wrong; always ready to engage in any 
reform has for its aim the amelioration of mankind. He allied himself 
with the \Yas]iiiigtr,i)i,ni movement in 1^41.'i h:i> ever since tliat lime Itecu 
ideatitied with all the temperance reforms of the day. 


" 111 i">lirics ho was a l)(.'iuuc'rat, ami vutnl llic I)ciiu>vTatic ticket ddwn to 
the tiuii' L«-\vis Cass wrote Ids NirlKiIsun Uttei'. taking- tlie irrmuid that Cmi- 
^ress had ii(> power to k(.'ep slavery out of the teiiitm-ies; and when Cass and 
Taylor ran tor President, in 184>'. he voted for Van Bureii to beat Cass, and 
ever shicc voted with tlie Anti-Slavery party, voting the Repnhlieaii tieki.'t. 
Ill 1872 he thouirhl Horace CJreeley the best intiu. and voted for him. After 
the defeat of Mr. Greeley, and disgusted with the manipulators of the Repub- 
lican party, believing the teinperanee ((uestion to be par.ainount to all others, 
he voted the temperance ticket in 1ST(>, and enrolled himself with those noble 
meti wlio declare f<^r a prohibitm-y law as the only remedy for drunkenness, 
vice, and crime. He has held various positions of trust and luMior in town, 
and was elected .Supervisor in IS4(>. In 1S.">8 he was elected by the temperance 
jiarty to the Legislature as a " Maine Law' man, and in the fall <>f 18G0 was 
eiecteil Sheriti' of ()t>ego County by the Republicans, which otlice he lield 
three years, and at the expiration of his term returned to his farm in the 
Butternut Creek Valley, where he now resides. 

"Andrew E. Mather was mustered iu as first lieutenantof K Company, 
121st Xew York Volunteers, August, 18(32. Promoted to (;ap''ain, January, 
18<)3; was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel in .Lmuary, 18(34. and transferred to 
the 20th United States Colored Infantry and served until the close of the war. 
He was wounded in the sli<jidder at Salem Heights, May 3, ISOo. 

" Elias C. Mather was mustered iu as private of K Coni[>aiiy. 121st New 
York Volunteers, in August, 1S()2; was appoititod 1st Lleuteiianl ar.d Atl.ju- 
tant of the 20th United Sl.ate- (.olored luf.antry in September, lsti4, and ser\ed 
until the close of the war. He was wounded iu the arm at Fredericksburg, 
:May 3, lS<3o. and at Petersburg, June 14, 18(34. '" 

From J^/t/5 Chronicle, Otsego Co., X. Y., Dec. 3,. 1884: 

The Mather Mom-mext. 

"The Mather family inoniunent in the Butternut Valley Cemetery, near 
the brick school-house, some two miles above Garrattsville, is now completed, 
and is a beautiful ami nia.ssive monument tifteen feet hi,gh and weighing some 
twenty-eight t(jns. It is made of t^uincy and Westerly granite, composed of 
six pieces, viz.: First, or base, is feet three inches long by 7 feet ?> inches 
•wide; second. 7 feet 7 inches by .l feet seven inches; third. 6 feet ti inches by 
4 feet 4 inches; fourth, 6 feet 3 inches by 4 feet 4 inches; fifth. 4 feet 4 inches 
by 4 feet 4 inches. The figure surmounting the whole, representing consola- 
tion, is a female in a sitting posture; in her lap is ,an open book; kiua'ling by 
her si(h; witJi head inclined on her hip a child — beautifid, attractive, and im- 
pressive ti,:iure — its weight is some three tons. On the west siile u\<-v the die 
is carved a poppy, emblem of sleep. On the east side is cut a lily, emblem 


of resurrection. Over the <\k. itisr unilur thu tii^uru on ilii> foursiilus. are quo- 
tatidiis fmni the scriptures, as I'dlkiws: On tin; south siilc, ''The eternal (Jod 
is thy refuire; ' on the <'ast, ovc^r the lily, ' Until the daylireak anil the shad- 
ows flee away;" on the north, In Ili^ love :ind in His pity lie redeemed 
theiu;' on tlie west, over the poppy. ' lie giveth liis beloved sleep.' 

■"Tliis '>eaut;fid monuniciit oi:>st over .-so.OOO; was erected by the Xew 
England Granite Cunipuny, Hartford, Conu. It I'-st the company *400toget 
this montimetit from Mt. Uprou to tlie cemetery, distance aliout twenty-one 
miles. It will there stand as lonir as time siiall l)e, overlooking the old Mather 
homestead and farm. It is money well invested, and the family feel thai in 
erectiiij; this beantifid i)iece of mechanism in dieir family biiryini; plot, they 
are only in a small way liDnoring ttie dead of their own houseJiold, who are 
resting from their ourtidy labors awaiting tlie resurrectiou nionung beneath 
the clods of tiiar beautiful cemetery," 

At the expiratiou oi Mr, Andrew A. Mather's term as sherifi; of 
Otsego County, Samuel Gordon. Provost Marshal, appointed Mr. 
Mather Deputy Provost Marshal until t!ie close of the war, 

13*25 Dan Mather'" (son of Dan'-', brother of al.ove), of Burlington, 
X. Y. Born at Burlington. X', Y,. Aug, 3, lsi7, died 
; married Anna Ctishman, Mch. 21. ISi'l. 


2794 Cn.VRLES IIed(;em.ln-. f m. >lrs. AllieRedway Growell, Aug. 13, 1873; d. 

^[ twins, b. July 20. lS4:j; 

2795 C.VTUERIXE, [ d. Aug., 1^<48, 

279G Willis Will.vku, M,D., b, Apr, 2o, lHo6; m, d. 

Dr. W. AV. Mather graduated at Michigan Universitv. ISSU, and is 
now in practice in the city of Chivago. Ill, 

13'-29 Israel Increase Matlier'" (son of Israel', Jolm X.', Timo- 
■ thy'', Tiiuochy^, Riciiard', Thuothy'. Rev. Piichard^. Thomas-, 
John'), of Rockland. Me. Born Xov. "JU. ISIG; died May IG, 
1886; married Irene Blodgett. 


2797 AlhertI., b. Apr. 10, 1843; m. Augusta C, Cunningham. Xov., 

18ti6; d. " ' " 

2798 M.\kyJ., b, Nov, 4. lS4ti; m, Jacob R, Stewart; d. 

tp:nth generation. 

13:30 John K. Miltlier'"(soii oi' i^moR brother of al.ovo), oi \Vh:d- 
lau.~!-'urii-Li. X. Y. Pxtu 181S: diod ; 

married Hannah Blodgett. 


27LI9 John, b. 


i:i:J2 Al»i:;ail Webster Matlior'" (dau. of'. John X.\ Thno- 
th_v". Timothy'', Richards Tiininhy', Rev. Ricliard^, Thomas'. 
Jolm'). of Whallousl'iirgh. N'. Y. Born Jan. 5. 1S(I(3: died 
; married Calviu Kovce. Oct. '>. IS'J.3. 


2KJ<) HoRACK Mather, b. Aug. 14, ISiS; m. 

2b01 Wm. Webster, b. Jan. 5, 1831: m. 

2M.)2 Camilla AiitOAiL. b. Aug. 14, 1S:^>:3; m. 

2f^0:3 PiiEiiE Mathek. b. Apr. 2. 183(3: m. 


2804 Maky (-•yvtiiu. b. Oct. 14. 1840: d. Feb. r,. 1S42. 
280.3 Caroline R.. b. Mdi. 12, 1^43: m. d. 

2806 Cordelia E.. b. :Mch. 14, 1847: m. d. 

1334 Israel Mather"' (son of Jolm", Ijrother of above), of War- 
renville. Ih. Born in AViudham County, Vt., Dec. 3. 1808; 
mai-ried (1) Phebe Royce, Jan. 1. 1830; (2) Hannah Royce. 


Jan. 8. 183 

2807 AdeleneE., 

2808 Mary P.. 

2809 John Dewitt. 

2810 Phebe II.. 

2811 E.mery CLi.NToy. 

2812 Sarah Marl\. 

2813 Jon-athax R.. 

2814 Cakoi.lne J. E,, 


b. Aug. 5, 1837: m. C. B. McKinuey, Mcli. 10, 

18.j7; d. 
b. 'Slay 6, 1839; ni. F. Chambers, 3Iay 6, 187.j; d. 
b. Feb. 17, 1841: m. Ella S. Warren, Nov. 2, 

18.").!; d. 
b. Oct. 20, 1842: m. Charles A. Porter, Nov. 14, 

1872; d. 
b. Ffb. 14, 184.5: m. ,Mary J. Merrick, Jan. 1, 

18G9; d. 
b. June 24, 1847: m. George D. Roberts, Dec. 28. 

1^80: d. 
b. Oct. 9. 1849; m. Nettie L. Kctchum. Dec. 27, 

1877: d. - 
b. M:iv I'), l^^."j2: numarried; d. 


•2Sir, Jessie B. F., 


b. Apr. 9, is.jti; in. Gcoryo W. CokauiP.. Auu,-. 2'.). 
1853; d. 
2^16 M.UiTfiA Elisai;kt!I, b. Mch. 03, 18o!S; m. Jci.s(;jili A. .M(-nUiguu. Feb. o, 

1880; d. 

1335 .Joshua Emery Mather'"' (son of Julm', Johu X.'-*, Tii:io'tLy". 
Timoihy", KLcliard\ TimotLy\ Kev. Richard-', Thomas','). 
of Whallonsljiirgh, Essex Co.. X. Y,. Vyjvn iu R'ockinyliaui. 
Vt.. Nov. 2 4. IslO: died Jan. 28.; married Maria Frisbie, 
June lit, l^^ii: she died 


2817 ,\n Aui'iAiL, b. ^fcb. lo, 183.3; m. Jonathan Rhj-l-c Oct. (i, 1c-j3; d. 

2818 Juiix FuisniE. b. Xov. 2, 1830; d. 8^f|)r. 12, 193S. 
b. Auii. 11, 1838; ni. Henrietta T. Callou, Nov. 14, 

1869. d. 
b. June 3, 1840;- m. (1) Ella G. -Ma.<(.n. Apr. 10, 1865; 

(2' Man- Holbrook, July 1. 1877: d. 
1). May IT, 1842; m. d. iu the army at 

Vicksburg:, Aug. 23, 1863. 
b. Aug. 14, 1844; m. (1) Altliea A. Frost, Apr. lo. 

1869; (2) Luc.-tta L. Kaves. July 2, 1>74; <1. 
b. Mcli. 7, 1847: lu. M dvina Ballou, ^iov. 18, 1.866; d. 
b. Oct. o, 1849; m. Elisaberb Sprague, Feb. 1871; d. 

2825 Jo.suLA E.MKRY, b. July 11, 1853; ui. Ida George. Jan. 10, 1877; d. 

2826 George Phelps, b. Feb. 6, 185.'.; m. IJachel C. Searret, Dec. 4, 1«78; d. 

2S19 Edwakd, 

2820 Jaues Israel 

2821 Reuben. 

2822 Asa F.. 

2823 Samuel. 

2824 Jonathan. 

1336 John Koyce }Iatlier'" (son of John^ lu-other of above), of 
^\llalIonsburgh. X. Y. Born Oct. 8, 1812; died ; 

married Betsev Mather, vvi'iow of Elisha Mather. 


2S2T John, b. 



2828 Mary J.vne. b. 



1337 liUlll Pheht^ Matlier'" (^lau. of Jolm-. sister of al)0ve), of 
^\'hallonsbvirgh, X. Y. Born Apr. i:!, 1814; died ; 

marri(.-d Samuel W. Saiiord. Mch. 22. l.S.'.!8. 


2829 Pamixia. 




2830 AJ3BIE W., 





2831 Damf.i, ri., b. m. d. 

•2S:32 SAi.r.iE, b. m. d. 

2838 Louisa. b. m. d. 

2S34 Edward. b. m. d. 

133i) SiiiniieJ Mather'" (>nn of Jnhn'\ )u-other of above), of Whal. 
lonsbiirgh. X. Y. norn Jnn<- 1 :', IsiS; niarricl (]) Einiiy 
Attgei'; (-) Mary A. Snapp. 


283") Mary PnniiE. b. ' m. d. 

134:1 Jonathan :*iather'" (s"n of John", John X.«. Tmiothy', Tim- 
otliy", RichanP, Timothy^ Rev. Richard-', Tlionias-, John'), of 
^Vhallon3lnlro;ll, N. Y. Born July U. 1S2.">; d. ; 

married Louisa A. Whitney. Mch. U. 18:>U. 


2836 RoswEM. IIuxT, b. :^rav 4. 18,51: ni. d. 

2837 Ei.isuA. b. Oct. 18. 18o2; m. d. 

2838 S.^RAH Cornelia, b. Aug. 17, is.'34; m. d. 
2S39 Mart Louisa. b. Apr. 14, 18-j(>: m. d. 

2840 Joii.v, b. Dec. 7, 18oi}: m. d. 

134:9 Hiram Mather" (son of Renhen^ Asaph", Timothy", Tim- 
uchv\ Richaru'. Timothy*. Rev. Ricliard'. Tliomas-, John'), of 
Faw Paw, Mich. Born Oct. 18, 17M9: married Susannah Spen- 
cer, Aug. •-'•2, 1819; she died Apr 2G, ISSO. 


2841 Alford. b. May 8, 1820; d. July 1. 1820. 

2842 ELISAT5KTH, b. July lo, 1821; m. Thomas D. Ward, J:in. 1, 1849; d. 

Feb. 6, 1853. 

2843 Rei he-v, b. Nov. 1, 1824; ir. Cdiu Covenor, Apr. 6, 1841); d. 

2844 Si'EXCKR. b. Apr. 3, 1S27; m. S.imh Francis, Dec. 2.). ls4!»; d. 
284-> JosEi'H. b. Jan. 20, 18:'.!1; lu. Katu' Hamlin, Nov. 11, 18li7; d. 

1351 Cynthia Mather'" ('ian. of Reuhen», sister of a!».vc), of 
Schuvler. N. Y. Born Jan. 3, 18it.'): died ^lay, L8;;7; married 
Sihvs Bliss. June. 1830. 



2846 Edward Silas, b. Feb. 20. l-"32: m. d. Jan. 4. 18(50. 

•2S47 SARAri Jank. b. Oct.. ls:W; m. d. 

2S4S^^Keicen, b. Dec. 2.1, 1836; d. Aug. 25, lS4.i. 

l;{64 Set'ley IJ. Mather'" (son of Joslnia«, A.-^aph'. Timothy^ Tini- 
oiliy*. Ri(jl.ard\ Timothy*, Rev. RicliarcP. Thomas^ John'), of 
. Born in Schuyler, X. Y.. Ang. 26, 1S02; died 
May 19, ISGS; married Maria Salisbury. Dec. 2.5, 1S32. 


2849 Seth ^L, b. Oct. 28, 1838; m. Lucy Duncan, Dec. 19, 1805; d. 

2850 Georce S., b. Oct. 28. 1843; m. Chloe Root; d. 

2851 Devili.o J., b. Nov. 18, IS.jG; m. D.'Iia Toitunc; d. 

13GG Luciuda Mather'" (dan. of Joshua', Asaph^ Timothy-, Tmi- 
othy', Richards Timothy*, Rev. Richard\ Thomas-, John'), of 
Builalo. X. Y. Born Nov. IS, 181 1>: died 1883; mar- 

ried Joseph Elliott. 



2852 Sarah. 


ni. Mr. Ilecker; 


2853 JaxeE.. 


m. Josopl'. Tucker; 






when IS y. 

2^54 Jot;i;riirNE. 



m. 3Ir. Brown; 



13G7 AVosloy Mathor'" (son of Josh^a^ brother of above), of New 
Hartford, N. Y. Born in Schuyler, N. Y., Mch. IG, 1823; 
married Julia A. Keyser. 1839. 


2855 Albert. b. Dec. 31, 1839; m. d. 

2M5G LrciNDA. b. July 30, 1843; m. J. D. Monroe; d. 

2S.57 WAiiitEN, b. Mcii.21, 1845; m. d. 

2858 Sarah, b. June 2H, 1840: m. J. F. Turner; d. 

2859 Charles Wk^ley. b. May 21, 1852; ui. Ida F. Crane. Aug. T, 1^73; d. 

l;j()S Asaph D. .Matlier'" (pou of Joshua^ and brother of a.lx)ve), 
of I'tic:i, X. Y. Born Mch. 10, 1823; died Apr. 8. 18S0. 


He was tho liead of the banking house of A. D. ^[ilillor .S: Co. of 
that city. His younirer brother Joshua was his partner until his 
death, when Charles Wesley Mather, his nephew, became one of tlie 
firm, under the same name, A. D. Mather i: Co. 

A memorial book of 48 pages was published after his death, which 
I am permitted to extract from for this work, which gives some ac- 
count of his successful career. 

From the Utioa D'lili/ Ohserver : '•• It may be said of him that he 
accumulated larger wealth in the period of three and thirtv years than 
any oiher man that Ulica has known. He was the architect of a for- 
tune grown to colossal proportions, of whicli the foundations wer(^ 
hard work, the pillars untiring energy, and the keystone financial wis- 
dom. No factitious circumstances, no family influence, uo special 
stroke of luck helped him forward. It was hard and barren ground 
in which he delved for gold. While others rested or gave their time 
to idle pleasure, he toiled, with the fixed purpose in- view of acquiring 
wealth. There came a time when men envied him his great posses- 
sions. Tint he had never hoodwinked Fortune in bestowing on him 
her special favors. He was strict in di'iuanding the fulfillment of a 
contract, but Im was even more strict in the performance of his own 
obligations. If his sympathies were not easily enlisted by stories of 
privation, it must be remembered that for years his own acts of self- 
denial made the stories only the echo of his every-day life. Tho los- 
si>ns which he learned in poverty could not be forgotten in wealtii. 
His success was perfectly legitimate. 

" From his early youth up to this day, A. D. Mather's word has been 
as good as any man's bond. He vvas slow to, but quick to 
fulhll. He asked for fewer favors than he granted. The trade that 
came to him came not because of his attractive qualities, but i)ecause 
he treated his customers with exact fairness. He overcame ot>stacles. 
which, to ordinary men, would have ]>een insurmountaljle. He was 
willing tu eat coarse food, to wear plain clothes, and to live in humble 
quarters, that he might ad<i to his fortune. 

"His social nature was fine, lait undeveloped. He was neither a 
misanthrope nor a miser. He was not even covetous: lie rejoiced 
heartily and unaffectedly in the success of those aroimd him. He en- 


joyed the companionship of his fellowmen. Ilis laugh was wholosome 
and never cynical. His appreciation of a kindness was very keen. 
He was a baoholoi-. but his respect for women was \-ery liigh. He 
was absolutely free from pretension of every sort. Tiie arrou:ance of 
wealth 'was so far removed from his uatui-e that ho 'lid not kno^v wliat 
it meant. The plain manners which he had carried into his little 
grocery store were not laid aside when he became a prosperous banker. 
Not many know him well, but those who did liked him and admired 
him. He was a good landlord: after the reverses of 1873, he went 
voluntarily to several of his tenants and proposed a reduction of their 
rents. Those who imagined him a peculiarl}- penurious man could 
not understand this; but he governed his life l)y certain lixed rules of 
justic-^, and to a greater extent than many a professed philanthropist, 
lie olieyed the precept of the Golden Rule — he treated others as he 
would wish them to treat hira. 

" Early in the war, ilr. Mather made some wise and profitable in- 
vestments in real estate. His property rose in value, ami people called 
him lucky. "WTien he embarked in the banking business his future 
was freely predicted; but he belonged to the small class of n\en who 
never fail. His outlays were so small that he was always aljle to keep 
a reserve fund. His investments were at once bold and catitious; he 
thoroughly understood the rule of financial success. He bought; when 
things were cheap, ami sold when things v.-ere dear. At first sight it 
would appear that this is the universal rule, I'ut it is seldom practiced. 
When railroad shares which are now selling at par, were quoted at 
twenty cents on the dollar, not many persons could he induced to Iniy 
them, though tliev are in ea^jer demand to-dav.- But Mr. ^father 
bought, realizing enormous proiits. which- were equally open to all. 
He took risks, but so distribute'! his investments that the failure of no 
one scheme, or two, or three, coul'i endanger his fortune. He found 
his pleasure in the acquisition of wealth; he did not know how to be 
extravagant. In recent j-ears he has always contributed mo'iestly to 
all subscription lists that were [>resented to him. au'l in many ways he 
showed that he was trying to learn tiie art of spending money — in 
the accumulation of which he was a very master. But his linal sick- 
ness came too soon for him to make much advancement in that part 


of his eJuciitioQ. Fl' he liad lived Ion;i-er ho -would perhap,^ have dedi- 
cated a portion of his great wealth to ol'jocrs of charitj-. lie certainh' 
^ould not have used it for the gratification of his own selfish desires. 
His waurs were few, his tastes were simple, and he was not vain of his 
success. * 

" His affection for his brother, the partner and associate of his whole life, was almost childlike in its depth and sincerity. These 
two walked together over the paths of adversity into the high road of 
fortune, fidrhful to each other, industrious and tireless men, winning 
tiieir v\-ay \>y iian;! work. If report speaks true. Mr. A. D. Matlier 
leaves a niiUion dollars. And now that "-he record of his life is 
rounded, it can be said of him trutlifully. that he knowingly wronged 
no man in rhe acquisition of this great estate." 

The Utica Herald says of him: '-He left home when he vv-as 
twenty-one. purchased a farm in Jefferson County, lived there a year, 
and rented it. and alter a little found his way to Utica, where, in part- 
nership with a younger brother, he estal.ilished a grocei-y business at 
the corner of Genesee and Bleeker Streets, in 1847. The two brothers 
began business with little or no capital, and in a humble way. For 
nearly twenty y^ars they remaineii in this business in the same spot. 
Tlieir trade did not greatly expand during this interval; but ^^•hat they 
earned they saved. They slept and ate in the l[)uilding where their 
daily work was done, and accumulate(.l capital slowly but surely by 
rigid economy and careful personal attention to details. "When the 
war broke out. Mr. ^tatlier began making investments in real estate. 
The result justihed his sagacity, and before the war ended he was a 
wealthy man. In ISGti. the grocery business was abamioned, and in 
the same location the private banking house of A. D. Mather & Co. 
was established, ilr. Mather applied to l^anking the business habits 
he had formed in earlier days. lie continued to purchase largely 
in real estate as his surplus accumulated, and at his death he was per- 
haps the largest owner of improved i-eal estate in the city of Utica. 
The elegant banking house at the corner of Genesee and Bleeker Sts. 
was his only attempt to improve the city by buildinsx: but some of his 
venture.?, like the securing of the Arcade, were l)old. and indicated 
one of tlie principles to the faithful observance of which Mr. Mather 


could attriliute a large purtion of liis material success. There was not 
a slii-ewder nor longer hea-l than his among our bii.^iness men. The 
citizens of Utioa, so many of whom have watched Mr. Mather day by 
day, as he steadily outstripped them in the accumulation of tlie worM's 
goods, 'will learu of his death with a smcere regret, and remenlber his 
life and achievements with re>pect and esteem." 

13G*' Joshua ^lathor, tlie younger brother of Asaph D. Mather. 
, is now the head of the new firm, still retaining the old tirm 
name, Mr. Charles W. Mather, a nephew, becoming a partner. 
Mr. Joshua Mather has I'ecome greatly intereste<l in the 
••Mather Family History," and oti'ers substantial aid to the 

l;j74 Asapll 3Iatlier'' (sou of •Asaph^ Asaph'*. Timothy", Timothy", 
iiicliard', Timothy'. Rev. Richardl Thomas-, Juun'). of AVater- 
town, X. Y. Born Feb. 18, 1811: died Aug. 10. 1874; mar- 
ried Hannah Gifiord, Oct. 20. 1835. 


2860 .Bkayton G., b. July 23, 1839; m. Lavina Klock, -Ian. 22, 18(32; d. Jan. 
14' 1S81. 

1378 Truinau D. jlather"' (.son of Asa^ih^ biuther of above), 
of Watertown. X. Y. Born Feb. "28, 1822; died ; 

married (1) Lvilia A. Gurney. Jan. 1. 1849; she died Nov. 7. 
1853; (2) Amelia L. Fonda. Feb. 2:5, 18G0; she died Jan. 11, 
18(39; (:3) Cornelia A. Fonda, Mch. 10, 1870. 


•2861 Gertie C, b. Oct. 26, l8G4, d. Dec. 31, 1^71. 

2862 Mi-\-.v A., b. May 6, 1868; m. d. 

1380 Enesley Matlier" (^on of Jehoi'la', Asaph". Timothy", Timo- 
thy', Richard^ Timothy'. Rev. Richardl Thomas'-, John'), of 
Clayton, X. Y. Born Oct. 9, 1820; died ; 

married Mary Ulmer. 





<.>^^ *''?^ 





J^^I^^C^£^'^'<.^<k^ ^/f 







2S(3;J OIiVI^;, b. 
iSU Cora, b. 

Orvis married, and lia.s a sou. llaroM 11. ^[ar.!;er 

138G Law.VOr MatluT'" (son uf Jnhu-', A.^aph'. Timothy-', TiInolhy^ 
Hichard', TujiothyS Kev. lliciiard', Thomas'-, John'), of Senipro- 
nius. Cayuga Coimty, X. Y. Born Sept. .5. IbUi; died Sept. 18, 
18S1; married Louisa Fenton, Jan. 20, 1S25. 


28Co SAM.\>-TrTA. b. Feb. 24, l'^2S; ni. Wm. A. lloru-an, Jan. 28, 18."i0; d. 
2S(')Ci WtLTU->. b. Jan. 4, 1S30; ni. Fnmci.-i iKAlniiey. Jan. 28, 18oU: d. 
28G7 Malaxcv, b. July IT, l^^l; n\. NlImiu Rkhtinyrr, Apr. 2'), l.s72; d. 

2808 Charlks, 1). Xov. 4, 18;;;J; m. Hebcrea Ik-wett. July 4, IS'):!: d. 

2809 Ha-NXah, b. July 13. 18:^0; ni. Eli W. Klioiides, Jan. 29, 188"); d. 
287U Waltei:. b Apr. 29, i8;39; d. Oct. 9, l.'^yy. 

Mrs. Samantha Morgan had as son Charles A. Morgan, b. Sept. "J 8, 

13S7 Jehial Mather" (son of John^ Asaph^ Timothy^, Timothy", 
Richard^, Tiniuthy\ Rev. Richardl Thonias'-, John'), of Sem- 
prouius, Cayuga County, X. Y. Ij^ru Xov. lU. ls(i7; died 

■ ; married (1) Caroline Honeywell, Feb. 2G. is;;;!; 
she died May 26. 1840; (2) Sophronia Ilewett, Feb. 28, 1841. 


2871 Marion M., b. Mch. 30, 18;i4; m, ^lanvillu E. Kcnyon, Aug. 19, 1858; 


2872 Mauy E., b. Dec. 29, 18:;9; m, Wellington M. Hiuman, May 30, 

18(31 : d. 

2873 ■William R.. b. Sept. 21, 1846; ni. Jo.--epluue E. Ha.srar, ^Ich. 12, 138.1; 


2874 Lacra E., b. June 10, 18j8; m. Jaines K. Couklin. Jan. 3, 18s4; d. 

^[r. Jehial Mather was a man of much inrluence in his locality, a 
man of property, and one that held political offices; is now in ius S3d 


year of a,Lre, and is l)reaking down by the intiraiities natural tu liis 
time of life. 

13SS Eliza 3Iather"'' ('^'^'i- '"'^ Jolm". <ister of above), of ^loraA-ia, 
X. V. Born Aiig. ::, ISOfl; diel Sept. "Jl. ISSl: nrarried 

Jiicoli Hal:, Oct. y. is;;g. 

U.VLL cniLD. 
287o Maky .\_n>-, b. Sept. 16. 1S37; m. Walker A. Wood. Dcr. ^.JO. l^j."): d. 

Ekrcnth Generation. 

WOOD cn;n.DR[-;x. 
2S7(; Eli7,.\ M.. b. Cct. 2><, IS.ifi; d. Nov. l, ISfio. 
2H77 IsA.H- A., b. .July 12. ^SoS: d. Jan. ?'l. 187^. 
2S78 Jay 11.. and Fay W.. who d. iu inJ'uucy. 

\'6>)'^ Aliiert Mather' (?on of John', luotlier of aliove). of Sem- 
pi'oniui:. Cayug-a County, N. Y. Boru May 12. I'^lo; married 
Harriet Refolds. Oct. 7, 1S42. 


2^7!) Ella, b. M-.h. 2>. I'^-Ji; m. d. Sept. oO. 1S75. 

13i)0 Asapll 31atlier'" (son of John', brother of above), of Seiu- 
prouin.s, Cayr.ixa County. X. Y, Burn Apr. '1. 181.5; married 
Melissa Sawyer. Jan. .'It). lbo8. 


2880 Martha, b. June 9, 1839: m. d. :May 19. 1884. 

28S1 Laika F., b. Deo. 10, 1812: . d. July 8. 1844. 

131)1 llhoda Matlier'" (dau. of Joliu''. A.saph^ Timothy', Timorhy*. 
iiichard^, Timothy*. IJev. Richard', Thomas'-', John'), of DeHuy- 
ter, N. Y. Born April Id, 1S17; died ^[arrh 29, 187*3; mar- 
ried Austin Cutler, Dec. 4, 18.3(3. 


28'!!2 a., b. F.-b. 14, 18^8: m. .Milan Casr. Sept. i;J. 18-19; d. 
288:J Sadua S.. b. July 1. 1841; ni. Conielins Wood. Dee. 12, l861: d. 
2884 Lois S., b. .Sept. 23, l8ol; in. Kev, D. P Frink; d. 


W.)'2 Julia Mather'' (dan. of Juhn^ si?tor of almve). of Sempro- 
uius. ('ayu<i,a ("'oniily, X. Y. B(.irn ^[ch. 12, ls!'.»; iliod July 
VJ, l^'T"-'; iiiarried Albert Rofrers. Dec. "2.'). ISMS. 


2S8o AoEi.CKUT. b. MlU. 10, 1S40; ni. IIck!i E. Sniitli, Xov. 21, ISGS; d. 
iSf^B Cakoi.ine E., 1). Julr IS. l.s.H; m. Van Kcnselaer Aspell, Dec. 0, 1874; 

(L Oft. :U. 1S84. 

1303 Leeplie Mather'" {'\An. of .Tolm^, si.?t('r of abovo), ot ."^^m- 

pronius. N. Y. Bovu Apr. 12. 1>"J'J; dieilJan. 31. ISSU; inarricMi 
Jnhu Aa'ott. ] S4.5. 


2a'<9 JuT.iA, I). Aug. 24, lS4fi; m. (1) Oscar Cleveland, Sept. l.j, 18G1; (2) 

Franklin C. Pierce, June 10. 1S71; d. 
2S'.)0 Mary E.. ii. Apr. 22, IS.Ki: m. John >lahar. Sept. 18, 188:); d. 
2S1II IIattik. 1). N..V. 30, ls.-)8: m. Frederick Biels. Jan. lo, l,xS2: d. 

139-t Jolin Mather, Jr.'" (sou of Jolm', Asaph^ Timothy', Tim- 
otliy'-. liicbani'. Tiinotli}'-', Uev. Riehavdl Thomas-. Joliii'). of 
Moravia, X. Y. Born Xov. '1'2. 1S"_'4: ilicl ; 

marridl Adelia Alge-r, Maroii '■>, ls.3:]. 


2892 Jri.rA A., b. June 22, 1S.38; m. diaries, II. Cuykcndell. Au-. M. 1880; 


2893 Cora M., b. 3IcU. 13. 1864; m. d. 

1395 LlU-illda Mather"' (dau. of Buckley^. Asaph". Tim., thy'. 
Tim-.tiiy", Kichard^ Timothy\ Rev. Ricliard'. TliMiuas-. Juhii'). 
of Dresservillt', X. Y. V,ovn ( »ct. 19, ISd.-.: dird Aajj. 27, 
1S82; married Jeremiah P. Wood, Feb. 22, 1821). 


2894 LroiA Axn, b, ls29: m. Clark Ilininrm, Is.jl; d. 
2.-^9.J Cruis, b. 1^31: m. .Mary Ann Une, 1837: d. 1862. 
2>9ti Maiua, b. ls;;:i; m. Dr. J. A. Eeacli, ISr,.",-, d. 
2897 MELvr.NAA., b. 183.3: m. B. S. Ricliurd.son. 18,3;!; d. 

344 THE MATHEl; FA.AriT.Y. 

2S0S Francis: W.. b. 1^:57: ni. SUrah Lane. 1ST2; fl. 
28f»y Celksti.v F... h. lx;!>: m. George AV. Cutler. IS": d. 
•2!)00 W'AintEN P.. b. 1>41- ni. Esther Harlana. isTii; ,1. 
2001 WiLi-rvM. b. ]>4;3; ra. 3[ary I5n)«-u. 1S(}7; d. Ls"). 
2902 C.\R<'LrxE, b. Ic^U; m. Jolm W..Lipher. l^jT; d. 

Eltvtiith Ut iii:niti'>!i. 

Mrs. Ly'lia Xnn Hitiinan's cliil'lren were — 

Wakrex W., 

C}Tus AVood's chiM wa^= — 

Cyeus, Jr. . 
Maria Beacli's chili iren were — 

Alice M., 


Fkedertck "W. 

Melviua A. Wood and B. S. Richardsou's children were 
FTattie a.. 
Cora E., 
Celestia E., 

Franci-s W. "Wood's chifd was — 

Celestia E. Cutler'.s children were — 



Warren P. Wood's children were — 



William Wtjo'l's children were — 


ilALD L. 

Ic'ZB i.. Liialls St., 

C h ■i ^ ■■' " C . i^ J ' . 

Librarian, !3*»vc5i?r-i- Li- 

'''' ^ ^ on. 

ni 3U5S33cicr: cI 

y ir :jr:?r^r cH tno 


*J - U. «> 

o J.Ui 

c'j: ic crr.5 vcu £c:i:r later inicrx- 

12"" I 

I ! 4 ■■- -a. r. ' -^ Q ^ *" ^ \' ^ L' i- c '■ '^ c i \ '- tit "r. 3 "^ ' .V 

'r« /-- r^ 1.' ~ "^ ,:i. I 

4^ — f 

. c ;: c i 

y» c, *i 


■-•. J. : 

V i i .- 'J 

• r T : ^ ■: 

cr C 


. W W \-' ■ 

, , iv n e n ere 15 p c u i a s c 3 : 

J/ a 7 I s;r.i ycu bee n?. :re ar.a ?, iar^is ci n:y t-^tzcr, 
'vrus J. ..ccd, and ~.y cr-ct,h3r, "iiiiarr 3. V;cci, 
cctn living ?.t lc5n '.C. I'i5ali2 5t., octh of '.vhcrr. 
:'x.oar en r^^e o4c cf i^hs cc^k ;;icn3i 'Dcv;, 

— .. ^ W- -L — -1 — .i U .- -. w — — ,/ — L ^ O w * 

•^ ^ - /*■ -^ 7- -r* "T .Ci r* '-i jr. TT 

.;> 3an, aoout ch3 


» — " * 

(i) Carr-is 1 cr C:rcJ.ii:3] (Vicca) Bicn^c died ir; IS-lt. 

(v) A son, Jchr. Sich^r, ::zn Dcrr. on Aui'. r, li-JS, tc 
_va div-sr ana tJohn t'crsr Cif ie vibr.uah. ir. 1915 
ho VuO.-cvLoci i:ary Louise ^iltn^r, and tnay hcvo tves 
children: Jchn Donsr, ocrn in jtlv, and >'ery 
b-rsnoiSj oori: in 19£C. 

(S) Lois 3. Dii 1 once.u.qh siarried a 
in 1&17. 

rr-=ink (?) 'jfh^lps 
■.'c j;hiidi'cr. 

f ^' 'l '~' -."•.■>!' -IJ '? . 1 r S •-■ -^ ->-> I", -i •^ -"t I r> =' r a .'' p 'f >3 1 h r3 f, r. A V .— .-t P 3 " 

\ - r y x_- .^ ^ wt -5 - » . t w *»* X i .. - i. X w ^ J. ,- ^' — w _ . C. ^ w -1. — ^ ..''»<'*, _Y t^ i - !«' w «-• • 

1 or -t; 

^ J. .. V. V- _, 

i'culc-c:! ?:^x;tey, ct 3::=a:s na::s, been ".:ir. 

.•.':\3 l3.^ally adept o-._, naa.3 oecoitina Bichard yculocr 

•'ccd. I Tv:c a".u:;h tor'K "cr.v!; o~3n ocr-n: Parrieb 

- 1 ^ ,_ „ s -s. - V- 

1 J. i. :^ 11 w 3 ii ij j( 

D2C» 15, It?; 

pt , 29, 1>.2'<, and Anna 


Caroline Wood -Li^jhur's children were — 

Ev:l L.. 

Twelfth Ginerntinn. 

Cyrus \Voo i, Jr.'s children were — 

Cykus B., 


Hiittie A. Richardson Cann's cliildren were — 

CnxKLES E., 
LO01SE M., 
Edna H., 

FuEr/ERT''.K B., 

EvavLipherXiffenbaiigh's child was — 
Lois S. . 

1306 Asapll Mather'" {^om ot Buckley^ Asaph', Timothy^ Tinio- 
thy«, Richard'. Timothy*, Rev. Richard'. TIii.inas=, John^). of 
Matherton, ^[ich. Born Mcli. 21, IStii; died Jan. 'iii, ls,s!); 
married (1) Lovina Honeyvel!, Fub. 21, 1^3:5; shedied Apr. 12. 
1874; (2) Lorain Honeywell Austin, Sept., 1S74. 


2903 SALO\rK.r., b. m. d. 

2904 Cyrus, b. at bmia. Mich., Oct. 12, I808; m. Amanda Lopp, :Moh. 

4, 1S67; d. 
290") EnoAR, b. m. Martha GrillitU; d. 

Matherton named so from the fact that Asaph and his brother 
Vernum Mather were among its earliest settlers, and estal)lished tht^re 
a large and tiourishing lumber business. 

1397 Ozias P. Matlier'" (son of Buckley', brother of al)Ove), of 
Penn Burn 1812; died 18S.j: 



290G WiLLLv^t, b m. d 

2907 Theresa, b. m. d. 



1300 Yenimu ^latllCr'"' (son of Buckles-^, brother of anovri). of 
]\Iatliortou, Mich. Born 1S17; married .S. ^^. Tick- 

nor, Oct. 19, 1S43. 


2008 Mart ^V-Nxktte, b. 1S44: m. d. 

2909 Gf.ouge p.. b. 1S49; m. d. 1884. 

2910 Elbert O.. b. l.SoS; m. d. 

2911 Cora E., b. 1863; m. d. 

1404) Dr. William Mather'" (son of Buckley^, brother of above), 
of ^[apie Rapids. Midi. Born Mch. -i'i. 1S19; died Aug. 12. 
18G0: married (1) Ann Douglass: hhe died 184G; (U) lluden M. 
rerrin, Oct. 28. 1S4G. 


2912 Elsie. b. m. :\[(Creddy; d. 

2913 Emtlv L.. 1). July 30, 1847; m. Fred .8iniK-ker, June 27. ISiJT: d. 

2914 ACrNKP M.. b. Sept. "i, ls40; m. Christ :N[arvin. Feb., 1808: d. 
29lo William E., h. .Mrb.. ls.-,3: d. Apr., Is.^S. 

2910 Ezra J. P., b. Feb. 14. 1^14; m. Ell:i Giilord, Dec. 25. 1870; d. 

2917 William H.. b. Aug. 27, 1857: m. Estella : d. 

l-iO'2 Spencer B. Mather'" (son of Buckley", brother of above), 
ot Tuscarora, Steuben Co., X.Y. Born Jan. 11, 183."); married. 


2917.' Ret. Verxoi P.. b. July 25, 1852: m. Addic Smith. June 2'.), 1872; d. 
2917* Ida L.. b. Nov. 22, 1857; tn. Olnoy r>aker, Jvdy 3. 1879; d. 

2917'; Charles S.. b. Oct. 2. 1859; ni. (1^ Lillie Howard. July;^, 1881; 

(2) Fannie Gri.'lin. July 3. 18s5: d. 
2917^^? Carrie H., b. Feb. 10, 1802; m. Earison Sprague, Sepf.. 18S7; 

2917.^ Esther, b. Oct. 17. 1805: m. d. 

2918 " K.VTIE A., b. Mch. 16, 1806, in. Sidney Sclioonover. Oct. 20. 

1887; d. 

lUn Nathaniel 0. Mather'" (son of Francis Wn..^ Xnrhani.d'. 
Josejih', Tiniothy". l\irh;u\P. Tiuii>riiy\ Kev. Ricliaid^ Tlmnias', 
John'), of Bniwno Grove. Kansas. Born Apr. IS. 1820; niar- 
rieil Harriett A. . 

TE>'TH CiEXEllATIO.V. 3i7 


2'Jl!) a.. b. Juue 11, Wrt^. iii. J..lm E. Biudlev. Au-. 13, 

1S71; d. 
2920 AxxiJi A., b. Nov. 10, ly.54: m. Seyinoiir W. Webber, J:iu. 17, 

IJiT.j; d. 
2'J2l Mauy a.. b. Dec. 2;3, l^JoO; m. Tiioinas L. Bindloy, Aug. 1, 

18T-); d. 

21)22 Edit II A.. ) m. Edward G. Sutdcv, Fub. 1, 

•rwius, b. Sept. lo, is.yj; i^v,,,, J 

2923 Edw.vki) A., ' m. ' d. 

2:)24 Er.Mj-K A.. b. Oct. 16, 1S'J2: rn. d. 

21)2.1 Ellf.x M., b. Apr. 18, I860; m. d. 

2926 Chaules L., b. Sept. 2, 1869; m. d. 

202T Sycil G., b. Oct. i. l^l:): m. d. 

2928 GCY F., b. Jan. U. ISTT; ni. d. 

U04 ClKirles L. Mather'" (son of Fmucis Wm.'-', l.ruther of 
above), of Corry, I'a. Boru at Harmony, Chautauqua Co., X. Y., 
Sept. 2. 1831; married Catheritic Xasli, Yu-h. 2'J, L8.37. 


2931 Rro .M., b. Mcb. 29. 1801; m. d. 

29;]2 Franc i.< E. O.. b, A[ch. 10, 1807; di. d. 

2933 Eu.NKE A., b. Feb. 13, 1872; ni. d. 

2934 :Mai;y II.. b. Sept. 19, 1874; m. d. 

1405 (Teorc^e A. 3Iatlier"' (son of Francii^ ^Vm.-', I.rucher of 
aljovej. of Brokenstraw, N. Y. Born Uct. 12, 1834; married 
Rhoda J. Coattf, Sept. 9, 1838. 


293o Kate Alice. b. Sept. 17, l8o9; 111. d. 

2930 Electa Jane. b. Aug. 22, 1863; m. J(jhu Scaudlan, Feb. 22, 1888: d. 

2937 Lottie Adalene, b. Sept., 1867; ui. d. 

Mr. Geo. A. Mather has been postmaster of Brokenstraw for a long 
number of years; also has a store and keeps a hotel in the place. 

1407 Heury C. Mather"' (son of Charles Champion", Moses', 
Joseph", Timothy', ilichard', Timothy", Rev. Richard'. Thuiuas", 


John'), of Edincstou, X. Y. Burn Mch. VI, LStU; died ; 

married Louisa Kelsey. Feb. '.), ISTl. 


2!j:J8 Ch.vrles H., h. Xov. 27, ISTl; m. d. 

20o9 AoiiiAX S.. b. Xu:x. 4, 1ST3: m. d. 

21(40 Aurnru A., b. Doc. 23. 1ST4; ni. d. 

2941 Sauau A., b. ALty 1:3, 1870; ni. d. 

2942 Silas K., b. :\[ch. 17, 187S; ui. d. 

2943 Mary E., b. Oct. 19, 1879; m. d. 

2944 AxxA E., b. Apr. 17, 1881; m. d. 

U08 Gl'Orse 31. Mather'' (sou of Charles C", brotlier of above), 
of . Boru -Apr. 11. is. 3 2: died ; 

married Alice Beujamin. Oct. i;j, ISSG. 


2945 Myrtle, b. Avig. 31. 18S7. 

1409 Haimali L. Matlier"' (dau. of Charles C, sister of above), 
of Sydney. X. Y. Born Mch. "28, 1S5S^ died 
married A. D. Keith. Oct. 'M. ISTC. 


2946 Alida, b. Mch. 13, 1878; m. d. 

2947 Lena M,, b. Jun. 19. 1883: m. d. 

1434 Captain Fred 3Iatlier'" (son of Joseph". J().<eph'. Joseph', 
Timothy', Ric]iaril\ Timothy", Rev. Bichard", Thomas-, John'), 
of Cold Spring Plarbor, Long Ishuid, X. Y. Born 
1833; married (1) Elisabeth McDonald, 18 j4; she died Dec. 
•JO, ISGl; (2) Adelaide Fairchild, May 24, 1877. 


. 2948E.MMA, b. 18oo; d. 18.'56. 

2940 Sophia, b. June 14, 1857; in. BIceker Sanders, Dec. 3, 1884; d. 

2950 ELiSAiiETH. b. 1801: d. 1862. 

Fred Mather, pisciculturist, born in AUiaiiy, X. Y., in August, IS.'Jo. 
In is.") 4 he Iiecanie interested in the lead mines of Fotosi, \Vis.. and 


afterward hunted and trapped in the Bail Axe country iu that State. 
Here he learned enough of the Chippewa language to become intei-- 
preter to tlie goverumem survey in northern Minnesota. During the 
political troubles in Kansas, he served umh'r (-i-en. James Lane, and 
was one of Jennisou's '• Jayhawkers." He enlisted in the li;]th New 
York I'egijuent in l'?62, and he became 1st Lieutenant two years later. 
At the close of the Civil War he took a elerkshij) iu the live-stock 
yards near Albany. In 1SG8 he bought ii farm at Honeoye Falls, 
N. Y., and began to hatch fish of \arious kimls. When tlie L'nited 
States Fish C'-mmissiou was formed in IST'i lie was sent for by Trot". 
Spencer F. Baird to hatch shad li;r the Potomac River. In lS75 he 
established hatcheries at Lexington and Blacksbarg for the State of 
Virginia. A year later he had hatched the first sea-bass and grav- 
lings. After several vain attempts to transpori salmon eggs tij Europe, 
he devised a refrigerator box, and in 1875 succeeiled in carrying ihe 
eggs to Germany. He also, at the same time, invented a conical 
hatching apparatus, by which, tlirough tlie admission of water at the 
bottom, shad and other eggs were hatched in bulk instead of upon 
trays or floating boxes. 

In 1884- he hatched the adhesive eggs of the smelt, although all 
previous attempts had been failures. 

He has been sent abroad several times V>y the United States gov- 
ernment in connecti>'n with, fish culture, and he has medals and testi- 
monials from many scientific societies of f^umpe. In 1877 he became 
fishery editor of TJf-' Fii-ld in Chicago, and since ISSO he hns held a 
like position with Forest and Stream in New York city. 

In 1SS2 he was sent by Frof. Baird to Roslyn. Long Island, to 
hatch salmon for the Hudson River. In. 188.} he was appointed super- 
intendent of the XewYork fish commissiun station at Cold Spring Harbor. 
Long Island. Here the hatching of lobsters, C(^dnsh, and other ma- 
rine forms was begun. He has published •• Ichthyology of the Adi- 
rondacks "" (1S8.'5). which descril)es several fishes heretofore unknown. 

1435 Josepli H. 31atlier' (-on .;f Josfph', Ju.s.-ph', Jo^-ph', Tim- 
othy. Rii-hard'. Timr.ib.y*. Rev. Ricliard', Thomas^. Johji'), of 
(4reenbusli. X Y. Bi.>rn ; died Qct. 7. 1881; mar- 

ried Harriett Parsons, Nov. 28. 1-'12. 



t20.-l Thomas P., b. Sept. 7. 1S13: m. d. 

•29o2 IsAr.fciL P., b. .Mcli. G, 1840; m. d. 

•2l)o3 :\rAHY E., b. Dec. 30, ls48: m. d. 

2i)o4 Josi:i'ir II., Ju.. b. June 4, 1S.11; ui. d. 

'.2!)."i.j LoI^ Kaymonh. h. July 11, 1S.')4; in. d. 

2;i.jG Hknuv Mokki.axd. b. :Mcii. ID, 18.")7; in. d. 

2957 Ovid McCuxxlll. b. Sept. 14, Ifciji); m. d. 

U36 Thoiuas H. Mather"' (sou of Ju.<(•pll^ and Lrutlan- of ;ibov(-). 
of Givenlm-ii. X. Y. p.oru ; died, ItfS'J; maiTiud 

Leeplie Bates, Sept. '15. 1S.>8. 


:2r!.j8 Addie A., b. Aug. 11, 18G0; in. J. M. lluydcn, Dec. 2.3, 1884: d. 

2tr)9 R.VYMOND. b. Sept. 22, 18(>3; lu. Caiiu: La Buure, Uoc. 17, 1884. 

2960 JoiEi'u, b. Oct. 8, 1870; in. d. Dec. 13, 1889. 

PiayuKnid am! Carrie La B. Ma' her have a child. A'iola, b. l^rept. 1, 

U64 David Selleck'" (son of Hannah Mather^ Josej^h^ Rev. Dr. 
M(.>se.s', Tiuiothy", Ptichard^ Tunuthy'. Rev. Ivichard'', Thoiua-s^. 
John'), of Darien, Conn. Born April ;•. 17;j7; died Aug. 14, 
1876; married Abigail Seeley, Feb. 12. 1822. 


29G1 David R.. b. Xov. 14, 1822; m. Caroline Smith. Dec. 11, l84o: d. 
29G2 Fkaxces A., b. Oct. 6, 1824: m. d. 

14:05 Hannall Selleck'" (--lau. of Hannah ^^ather'^ .?i?ter uf above), 
of Darien, Conn. Born Aitg. 8, I7!i9; died Dec. 14, 1838; 
married Samuel Frost. July 25. 1823; he died 


2963 IIannah G.. b. ni. Elfamer M. Xoyes; d. 

U66 llev. Charles Graudison Selleck'" (son of Hannah 
• Mather*. !>njther of above), of Ni>r'.vali<, Conn. Born P'eb. 2<>, 
1802; died : married Emily Crocker. April 20, 

1830; she died 



2004 Cn\Ri.ES S., b. m. d. 

Rev. Charles G. Selleck orraduatod from Yale College in 1S27. 

1467 Polly SelU'ck'" (dan. of ITnnnab Mather', sister o"f above), 
of Dariea. Conn. Born Aug. 11. 1S04: died ; 

married Lewis h^elli'ok. Ocr. o. ISIJS. 


29fi.-, ^rosK? 31.. b. Mch. 27, 1S28; <\. ^fny 10. 18:3."5, 

206<5 S.\M.\.XTHA, b. Aug. 3, 1829; m. Charles Selleck. July 20. 1847; d. 

Feb. 2. 1864. 

2067 :M.\.rt a., b. July 3. 18o0: m. .Jos,-ph R. Raymond. Apr.. 18.52; d. 

2008 Charles G.. b. Ji'ly 4, 1885; m. :Marr Pugsley. Aug., 180^; d. 

2009 Moses, b. Oct. 9, 18?.8; m. Sarah Puiymond. Dec. 25, 1860; d. 
2970, b. July 28. 1^41; m. d. 

2071 Sylvester. b. Jan. 12, 1S46; m. Jane Bouton. Jan., 1882; d. 

1-1-60 Emily Selleck'" (dau. of Hannah Maiher', Joseph^ Rev. Dr. 
^", Timothy^ Richard^. Timothy*, Rev. Richard''. Thomas-, 
John'), of Daricn, Conn. Born Dec. 13, 1S09; died ; 

married Charles Waierbury, Oct. 22. 18r!0. 

vtaterburt cuildres. 

2072 C, b. Dec. 8, 18:11; m. 0. IT. Ayer^. Xov. 1, 1857; d. 

2973 CuarlesG..!). Feb. 12, 1834; m. (1) Addie AVaterbury, Dec. 16, 1870; 

(2) Mary E. Combs, Mch. 17, 1S81; (1. 

2974 Betsey A., b. Sept. 20, 1835; m. Oscar Sceley, Sept. 19, 1858; d. ' 

2975 N.VNCT S., b. Oct. 5, 1837; m. d. 

2976 Mary L.. b. Apr. 29, 1846; m. William HcDshaw. Jan. 21, 18^15: d. 
2077 Emily A.. h. Apr. 8, 1851; m. ' d. Jan. 9, lb!89. 

U7I Naucy, -2(1, Selleck"' (dau. of Hannah Mather^ .sister of 
above), of Dari.-n. Conn. Born March 22, 1814; died Oct. 20, 
1S72; married Edward Illsley, Apiil 21, 1841. 


2978 Charles. b. m. d. 

2979 William, b. m. d. 

Also three daujhters, who died voung. 


1-472 Isaac Sclleck''" (^ou of Hannah i[athev', brother of above), 
of Darien, Conn. Bnm "Xov. 29, l.>lis died : 

married Deborali A. Marlier. Oct. 14. 1846, dau. of Moses M. 


29S0 AxN.\ Louise. b. Au^^. -2:, ls4T: d. July 4, 1848. 

2981 3Io^Ks AIatiter. b. Xov. 2-2, 1849; d. .Tune 28. 18oT. 

2982 Ai.iiEKT Ue>-xison-, b. May 22, 185;^; d. Jan. 21. 18(i2. 
298;1 t iiAiu.KS Sylvestek. b. F.b. 1. 1S.";0; d. July 12, 18"iT. i 

2984 Fr.vnklin. b. Sent. 19, 18oS; nx. 3I:iy C'nni.stnrk. Oct. 14. 

1S81; d. 
298o AxME 3[akia. b. ^fay 6. If^Go; m. d. 

U73 Sarah Selleek'" {dan. of Hannah Mather*, .sister of above), 
of Darien, Conn. Born July 9, 1S19; married Benjamin 
Mapes, Apr. 2S. IS42. 


298fi Cornelia. b. Dec. 20. 184:1: m. Theodore Fitch, July 27. lS;(i3, 

298T Emily. b. July 17, l,s4T; m. Fred A. Strang. Oct. 16, 18T()- 

2988 CiTAKLES. b. Apr. 20, 1849: d. Aug. 21, 18o0. 

2988<(Cn.uii,Ks A.^tERict:>, b. Aug. 22, 1854; m. Charles E. ^faster, Jan. lo, 

1879; d. 

1474 Louisa Selleek" (dau. of Hannah Mather", Joseph', Rev. Dr. 
^[o^^^■s;". Timorhy'', Richard*. Timothy^ Rev. Eichar<l3, Tliomas", 
John'), of Darien, (.'onn. Born 2vlcli. :U, 182.5; married 
Stephen Tompkins. Xov. 14, IS.J.5. • 


291*9 Eleanok Jaxe. h. Apr. 19, 18.-)7: m. Ilonry H. Bell; d. 
2990 Sarah Louisa, b. Mch. ;30, IsiSO; m. George W. Wibon; d. 


U75 SaraJl Richards'-' (dau. of ?ar:ih'. Josepli', Rev. Dr. 
Moses*, Timothy^ Richard', Tiim^tliy*. Rev. Rich;inP, Th.onia.s-, 
John'), of Darien, Conn. Bom Mcii. 1, 17:»9; died ; 

married Natlian Rol'ert.s, Fob. 1, 1820. 



■3991 Amv.vda>. I). Dec. 20, 1800; m. Hannah Ball, :^^ch. 21. 18:38; 

d. June 8. ISS'^. 
2992 George, b. Apr. 7, 1823: ni. Dorcas A. Fickett, Dec, 

1^4-1; d. Dec. 18, 1849. 
20'.i8 Makv. b. July 26, 182.J: d. Jan. 4, 1827. 

2994 'SlxuY Ei-isABETH, b. >[av 20. 1829; m. Wm. 11. Lockwood. Jan. 19, 

1848; d. July 1. 1807. 
299.') W>[. Henry, b. Jan. 4, IS-W: m. Kate J. Brown. Aug. 3. 187fi: 

299G CiL\Ri.ES Nelson. b. Jan. 18. 1839; ni. d. 

2997 Xathan Selleck, b. Mch. 22, 1^*43: m. Eliza Bell ]^ho(lal>ark, June 

11, IBGb; d. 

1176 Hilary Richards'" (dun. of Sarah Mather", Josephs Rev. Dr. 
Mose.-', Timothy'^, KichaivP, Timothy', Rev. Ricliard-', Thomas'-, 
John'), of Dahcu. Conn. Boru July I, 1801: died .\iig. 10, 
18S6; married David Gedney, Nov. 2, 1820. 

gedney children. 

2998 C.vTrrERiNE Ann, b. Aug. 5. 1830: d. Sept. 1, 1830. 

2999 JouN Lewis. b. Sept. 19, 1831; m. d. Nov. 2.1. 18.". 

3000 Anna Elisaijeth, b. Dec. 17. 1833; m. Wni. W. ITavilaud, Apr. 12. 

Is.W; d. 

3001 Gvonr.E Edward. b. -Tan. 13, 1830; d. Sept. 4, 1840. 
30U'2 Manktta Pai uakds, b.' 3[cU. 1, ls3.~^; m. d. 
30ii3 Charlotte A^fELtA, h. June 19, 184(); d. June 15, 1849. 
3004 S.VRAn Jane, b. Aug. 6, 1842; d. June 7, 1849. 

1477 Esther Ricliards'" (<iau. of Sarah ^Jatlier'', si.ster of ahove). 
of Darieu, Couu. Born Sept. 11, 1803; died ; mar- 

ried Ebenezer Weed, Oct. 17, 182 1:. 

weed children. 

300.5 Esther May, b. July 29, 182.^; m. Geo. S. Bell, Sept. 2.">, 1.S4S: 

d. Mch. 3, 1860. 

3006 CiT.\RLEs Nathan, b. July 6. 1«32; ni. Sarah E. Clowes. Dec. 19. 

l^.j."): il. Jiuie 7, IS.IO. 

3007 FuANCES Elisabeth, b. July 6. 1838; ni. Henry R. Fitch. Jan. 22. iSGl; 



U7S Charlotte Ricliarils'" ('laa. of Sarah Mather', sister of 
above), of iijouth Xorwalk, Conn. Boru .\|ir. 10. isdi;; dit-il 
Jan. 21, ISSS: married John Dingoe, Apr. 3, l.s.U. 


;m>S ^Iartkttf,. b. Dec. '24=. 1>>:U; d. Apr. 27, ls40. 

oOOlt Gf.ok(;e, b. M<li. 7.,l^:i41; in. d. Sept. 24, ISCo. 

3010 John Henry, b. :Meh. 6, IS-U: d. July 27. 1^48. 

3011 3I.VKY RoBRETs, b. An^.27, lS4t>; m. d. 

USl Rev. Charles Rioliards''* (son of Sarali .\ratlior', Josoph', 
Rev. Dr. Mose:^", Timothy", Richard', Timotliy', Rev. Richard'. 
Thomas^ Julin'), of Toledo. Ohio. Born Dec. 0, IS 14: married 
Christiana B. McMuldrock, Sept. 10, 1S4.5. 


3013 AxNA Hexrietta, b. June 28, 184G: d. June 4, 1863. 

3013 GcTiraiE :MATin-.u. b. Dec. 20. 1847: m. d. Sc]^t. 22, 1870. 

3014 Rev. Geo. .Ter.main- Ely. b. Oct. 11, 1841>: ni. Laura A. Lord. .Sept. 

27, 1.870; d. 

3015 Rev. Cu.vrles Lewis, b. Sept. 3, 18.>1; ni. Jtutiie E. Blakcslce, 

July 28. 1881; d. 
30'16 A'Jx-FsET,T*VT.ETrr. b. Apr. 24, 18o5: m. d. 

3017 Rev. Howard A. Notes, b. Sept. 17, 18.57; m. Emma L. King, May 

1, IbOO; d. 

U83 Lydia Mather'" ('lau. of Moses^ Joseph', Rev. Dr. Moses', 
Timbthv*. Richard', Timothy'. Rev. Richard", Thcnuas-. Jnhn'), 
of Darien. Conn. Born Dec. .'31. ISO'i; died Xov. 21, 1.S40; 
married H., Sept. 19, lb24. 

morehodse children. 

3018 Charlej: G., b. Aug. 28, 182'); d. young. 

3019 Ale.k.vxder, b. :\[ch. 30, 1827; m. d. 

3020 Faxnt a.. b. Nov. 30. 1«28: m. d. 

3021 Charles G.. b. Alcli. 4. 1S31: m. Emclino Moreluniso; d. 

3022 CAitoLrNEE.. b. Jan. •>, lS)o; m. a. 

3023 WiEi.i.vM II.. b. Mch. 3, W-iry. m. d. 

3024 Joseph E.. 1>. July 24, ls:^7; m. Anna E. Rnnvn, (July 24. 18152; d 
302.5 Alkked. b. :Mch. 19, 1840; m. d. 


1-1JS4: DciU Georire Mlltlier'" (^ou of Muses', Jusepli^ Rev. Moses', 
Tiniotliy'. Ricliard*. Timorhy'. Ri-v. RichanV-, Thomas-. Joliii'), 
of Darien, Coun. Born in Darien, Conn., Uct. 11. lSO-4; died 
Sept. 2, 1S7S; married Mary A. "Wliitney, daugliter of Josiah 
Whitney. Ocr. 2'2, 1S2"3. 


3020 Charles 31., b. .Jan. 7, 1S29; m. Frances M. Mills, Apr. 10. 18C0; d. 
30-:7 MosF.s S.. h. .June 19. 1831; m. 3[ary E. Stevens, .June 2. IS.IS; d. 

3028 George >[.. b. Oct. 5, 1833; m. Sarnh E. ('. "W.-.m!, May o, ISu!); d. 

3029 Mary F., b. Nov. o, ISoo; m. Zalmou A. Richards, Au-. 19, 1«74; 


3030 Cordelia, b. Sept. 24, 1S37; m. d. 

30.;i Sarah L., b. 3Iay 17, 1S40; m. Albert IT. Scofield. Nov. IS, 1SC9; d. 

3032 .John C. b. Mck 3, 1842; m. Mary C. Fredericks, Sept. S, 1868; d. 

Mr. Geors.:e Mather and his ^\-ife, Mary A. Whitney, celebrated 
their "Golden Vredding " in 1S76. at vhich rime his mother was pres- 
ent, she being then in her 95th year. 

Mr. Mather was many years a Justice of tlie Rt-ace in Darien; was 
for more than 23 years a Deacon in tlie Cougrega''ional Church, and 
for 20 years the Superintendent of the Sahhath-school; iu the State 
Legishxture in IS54. He died in Darien, Sept. 2, 187t). 

IJrSo Sally 31atlier'- (dau. of Moses', sister of above), of Darien, 
Uunn. Born in Darien, Xov. 1. ISOiJ; died Oct. 12, 1S77; 
married Wm. Clock, May 30, 1S30. 


3033 RosANXA. b. Jan. 30, 1834; ni. Edward II. Smith, June 20, iStil; d. 
30;>4 C4EORGE W., b. .Jan. 14, 1836; m. Ann R. Waterbiiry. Oct. 17. ls.'i3; d. 
303.J Charles H., b. Sept. 18. 1837; ni. d. iu battle iu Civd 

War, Sept. 11, 18G4. 

3036 Sarah E., b. Jan. 29, 1839; m. d. 

3037 L\iHA A.. b. Xov. 24, 1840; m. d. June 10. 1873. 

3038 James II., b. Feb. 24, 184.T; lu. .Maria E. Jackson. Ftb. 2.1, 1873; d. 
3030 CLARE-NCEF.,b. Apr. 12, 1«47; m. 3Inry M. Morehouse, Oct. 29, 1873; 

3040 Edward E., b. Apr. 5, 1853; m. d. 


lib^ Kosamiu Mather'" (<iau. of Moses", Juseplr, Rev. Dr. Mn-e^". 

I'lruotlu-*, Riclutr-l'. Timothy^. Rev. Richani^ Thomas% J(,'lui'), 
of Diirien. Conu. Born Aug. 31, 1808; died ; 

married C. E. "Uliituey, Nov. 5. 1833. 


3041 William :M., b. Au-. 20. 1834: m. 3I:iry E. IJates, :\Iay 20, isiiT: d. 
3043 IIoit.vcE. b. .June 13. 1836; m. Lavim:i Nicoll, Apr. 25. 1860: d. 

3043 Chakles S., b. .June 10, 1838; m. Susau B. Kmipp. Apr. 2i), 1808; 


3044 Waltek S., b. May 26, 1840; m. Catheriiie A. Bates, May 10,1800: 


304.J GEOUGt: A.. b. July 2, 1842; ra. ElLsabuth A. Ferris, Nov. 28, 

1868; d. 

3046 S-U^AH M.VTiLDA, b. Feb. 28, 1848; m. d. 

14:87 HanilJill Mather'" (dau. of :N[use.s^ sister of above), of Darien, 
Comi. Born July 30. ISIO; dieil ; married 

C. Hoyt. Nov. -2.5, 1834. 


3047 Nancy E., h. .Jan. 20, 1836; m. Dauiei C. Gleasun. Oct. 2'J, 1802: il. 

3048 Mary L., b. .Jan. 8. 1838; m. Henry 15. Rogers, Nov. 17, 1804; d. 

Oct. 1, 1880. 

3049 Bex.j.vmix F., b. :May 2s, 1841; in. Frances L., Dec. 18, 180.3; d. 

1-41)1 Maria 3Iather'° (dau. of Moses*,, sister of above), of Darien, 
Conn. Born Sept. 12, 1819; died Aug., 1887; married 
Camillas F. Xash, June 12, 18.51. 


30.-J0 WiLLL^M M., b. Aug. 3, 1854; m. d. 

3051 Ellex. b. Sept. 15, 1860; m. d. 

14:02 Dehorali Aim Mather'" (dau. of Moses°, sister of above), 
of Darien, Conn. Born Jan. 14, 1822; died ; 

married Isaac vSelleck, Oct. 14, 1846. 


3052 Anna Loi-ir-E, b. Aug. 27, 1847; d. July 4. 1848. 

3053 3IoM-;.s MAruEK, b. Nov. 22, 1840; d. June 26, 1857. 


;>U.54 Alujcut Dt.NM^O-V. b. 3I:iy 22, iJ^vJ: d. Jan. 21, lsij2. 

oO.j.j CirAKi.KS SYLVtsTEU, h. Fvb. 1. ISofi: (1. .Inly 12, 1S:,7. 

30>!; Fi!AXKL!X, b. Sept. 10, l.^")8; 111. May Comsrock, Uct. 14, l^Nl. 

30.37 Ax.NiE Makia, b. 3Iay G, ISGo: m. d. 

U03 Joseph Bishop Mather'" (.■?on oi :^ro3e3^ Joseph"'. Rev. Dr.". Tiuiodiy". Piicliar(.P, Timotlly^ Rev. RicUard'', Thouiits-, 
John'), of Darieii, Conn. Born ^Mcli. 17, IS'ji; died ; 

married (1) Susan Richards, A])r. 15, 1S4G; (2) Josephine 


3058 Florence Is.vbella. b. Sept. 25, 1847; m. d. Apr. 13, ls>^!». 

3n5',) Samuel liiciiAKDs, b. July 31, 1S50; ra. d. Nov. 21. 1871. 

30G0 Sakah Axna, b. .Nov. 7, 1854: m. d. 

30G1 HouACE Clifvokd. b. Sept. 29, 18G5; m. d. 

1-1:95 Jane Street" ('lau. of Clara Mather'^ Ju.5eph^ Rev. Dr. 
Mo»es'. Tiiiit>cuy«, Richard', Timothy'. Rev. Richard^, Tiioiuas', 
Jolin'), of Xorwalk, Conn. Born Nov. 7, ISOS; died June 'I'o. 
1SS9; married John Hutching.?, Meh. '23, 1831. 


30G2 William 8.. b. Jan. 7, 1832: m. Enima Paine, 1855: d. 

30G2'/.IonN B.. b. Xov. 1, 1834: d. young. 

3063 H.vrauF.TT X., b. Feb, 24, 1838; lu. ThaddLUS Iloyt; d. 

30G4 J AXE A., b. Jan. 12, 1841; ui. d. Sept. 15. 18G5. 

3065 Mary F.. b. Apr. 22, 1844: m. d. 

30GG Louise E., b. July 6, 1849: d. in infancy. 

U97 Cliauncey Street'" (dau. of. Clara M^ther^, Josepli", Rev. 
Dr. Moses", Timothy*. Richard', Tiinuthy*. Rev. Richunl'.', John'), of Darien, Conn. Born June 28, IS1.'»: died 
April 3, 1S8G; married Eliza Hoyt, Feb. 2.5. 1840. 

street CHLLDREy. 

3067 William E., h. Dl-c. 13, 1840; ra. Francis A. WaTkias, Oct. 28. 1868: d. 

30i'.8 Clara A.. b. Jan. 22, 184-8; m. Roswull C. Fleet, Feb. 26, 1><71: d. 

3(W0 Ellen- M., b. May 12, 1850; m. d. 

3070 FuEUDLE M., b. Jan. 18. 1854; d. June 1, 18.57. 


1-100 SusiUl Street'" ('l^u. of Clam Matli<_^r'. sislor of al.uve), of 

. Born Sept. 4, ISIU; died ; 

married Robert Tv'atkins, Uct. 'I'd, 1S45. 


3071 Alice :M., !). Sept. 30. 1847; d. Fch. 0, 1860. 

3072 S.nriT.L J., b. -Jau. 10. 1S")1; in. I.-ubLdla W. Ilovt, Nov.s, 1!<S7: d. 

3073 .Joiix A.. b. Atu'. 2, 18o3: m. Florence B. Wade, Mch. 1, 1881; d. 

3074 Charles B.. b. Sept. 30, 1856; m. d. 

150:i David JJilllks blather'" (son of Josepli', Joseph', Kev. Dr. 
>[ose.s', Timotjuy'', Ricliard^ Tiiiiotliy\ Rev. RicLard', Thomas-, 
John'), of Dui'ieu. C^'un. Born Oct. IG. 1S17; died Dec. IS, 
1S76; married Julia Everett, Xov. 10. 1841. 


3075 Ann Eliza, b. Mch. 18. 1847; m June S. Weed, Sept. 24, 1870; d. 

3076 Sarah Counelia, b. -luly^S, 1841); ui. .M. Niiubauer, Oel. 3, 1870; d. 
31177 David Xklsox, b. Oct. 33, 1852; m. Ida 31. ilcPIwon, Apr. 4, 1875; d. 

3078 JcLiA Loi-ISA. b. Dec. 24, 18.35; m. Theoduru Scholiuld, Sept. 20, 

1882; d. 

150;J Sarali Jarvis Matlier'" (dau. of Joseph^ sister of above), 
of Darien, Conn. Born Sept. Ifi, ISIS; died Ye\j. 1.5, 1S41; 
married Silas J. A'ail, Dec, 18o9. 


3079 Sauah J., b. Jan. 21, 1841; m. Edward O. Wakenian; d. 

1501- Joseph ^Vakeiiiaii Mather'" (son. of Jo.-eph^ Joseph^ Rev. 
Dr.^ Timothy*, RichanP. Timothy'. Rev. Richard', 
Thomas'% Jolin'). of San Francisco. CaL, and New York, X. Y. 
Born at Darien, Conn.. Jan. 11, l.s20; married (I) Maria 
Augusta ^laiian. Dec. 25, 185i>; she died March Di, l85;»; {"2) 
Bertha Jemima "Walker, June 27. 18G4. 


3080 Ella Mauia, b. Sept. 29, 1^57: d. Sept. 10. 1861. 

3081 Stepiie.n Tvn<;, b. July 4, lsii)7; m. d. 

3082 Joseph \VaicE-M.vx, Jr., b, Jim. 18, IbGO; d. J'eb. 4, 1888. 






J. TV. Mather, in liis earlier years, was a teacher, an. I for several 
years had charge of one of the largest public schools in the city of 
Xew lork. ^^iii..-e;:uL-ntly he embarked in mercantile pursuits in that 
city, and later in San Francisco, Gal, where he spent some twentv-four 
years as a merchant. T\'h!le tliere he took an active interest in pnbh'c 
education, was twice elected a meml)er of the Board of Education for 
terms of two years each, and was insti-uniciital in securing State legis- 
lation favorar.le to educational interests. At present (ISftO) he is 
located in Xew Y^rk. managing some California industries. His sol^» 
surviving child, .•^t.-v'aen Tyng ^ilather, graduated from tlie L'niversity 
of California at the age of nineteen years. 

1505 Henry Biirritt Matlier'" (son of Joseph^, Josepli'-*, Rev. Dr. 
M>).-;es', ;i'iiaoihy<=, Richar<i\ Timotlly^ Rev. Ricliard', Thomas-, 
John'), of Darien, Conn. Born Apr. 30. IS2.'): died June 28, 
18^0; m'irried(l) Rachel A. AVeed, March 11. isiH; she <lied 
Feb. G. Iboii; (2) Elisabeth S. Carter, Xov. 2G, 18G2. 


3083 Augusta. b. .Jan. 17. 18."i0: m. d. 

3084 .Joseph. b. .Jan. 17, 1S.j2: m. d. 

3085 PuEiiE, b. May 5, l?^",?.; m. Gcorse Lockwood. :\r(li. ^G. 1873; d. 
308G Ue.m!y W.. b. ,J;.n. 31, IsijO: .1. Sept. 30, 1802. 

3087 Rekthv C. b. Dec. 10, 1864: ra. d. 

3088 F.vxNiE L.. b. Apr. 20. 1800; m. d. 

3089 Emma :\r., b. Xov. 27, ISiil: m. d. 

3090 Carrie M.. b. 3Iay 2o. 1809; ni. Gcnr'^c Reed, X.>v. 7 1S89; d. 

3091 IIattie B.. b. Feb. 17. 1871; ni. d. 

3092 IIarrt \Y.. b. Aug. 2.3, 1872; m. " ' d. 

3093 AxNiE C, b. Sept. 8, 187.3; m. d. 

3094 Xellle ^V.. b, ,J;in. 4, 1877; m. d. 
309.3 Henrietta E., b. .July 20, lbf«0; m. d. 

1506 "William Francis 3Iathpr"' (son of Joseph', brother of 
above), of West Xorwaik, Conn. Born May 13, 1829; married 
Emeline L. Gregory, Dec. ."30, 18.30. 



30D6 William JosE"n, b. Xov. 27. ISrA; m. F.iimie 31. F. ITitchcock. Sept. 

10. 1874: (I. 

3097 George Wallace, b. Aus. 31, IS.j-";; m. Minerva Crabb, Mch. V2, 1881; 


3098 IlAPrY IsABELL, b. Jan. 23, 18.-,7; m. Thadleu^; B. Jdhiisoii. Apr. S, 

187.-); d. 
3090 CitAKLES pK.vxcr^. b. June 2.5, 18-j9; m. .Jennie F. Kiiapp. Mch. 0. 1881; 


3100 Edwix Li.SvOlx, b. Apr. 22. 1801: m. Maud Platts, Aug. 14, 1S>3; d. 

3101 Nellie Fkanxe>. b. Oct. :!. 1874; m. d. 

loOS Joseph 3Iatl)Cr Bell'" (^on of Nancy Mathor^. Joseph', Rov. 
Dr. >roses". Timothy'', Richard\ Timoihy*. Rev. Richards 
Thomas-J. John=), of . Born Apr. 1 4, 1 S 1 2 ; 

died Dec. 11. 1>;S2: married-Mary Ophelia Jones, Nov. 4. 18.3.5. 

bell CTtlLDUEX. 

3103 Mary Ophelia. h. Xov. 2. 1837; m. Ben.i. J. Srurgi.s. Nov.. 18G3: 

d. June 18, 186.5. 

3103 Joseph Ed':\-en-. b. :May 18, 1840: m. d. 

3104 KiFC.*, b. Sept. 4, 1842: m. Emma L. France ITalT, Apr. 

12. 1870. 
310.5 William Jones. b. Oct. 4, 1844: m. Lydia Porter, Feb. 22. 18(!8; d. 

Oct. 28, 1**^0. 
310G Fkaxces Atuelia, b. Jlay. 12, 1>'47: m. Charles Iknry Collins, Oct. 27, 

1SG7: d. 

3107 J.\MES AVinxE. b. Xov. 27. 1849: m. d. 

3108 Elisabeth Anna. b. Oct. 27, 18.52; m. Wm, Aikinson, Mcli. 18, 1874; 


3109 Ch.uiles Dale. b. Oct. 3, 18.5.5; m. . , d. 

Rufus Bell was in tlie Union army. 

1510 Daniel Beiie<lict IJell'" (^on of Nancy Mather", brotiier of 
aliove). of Mainar. lueck. N. Y. Born Sept. 20. 1819; died 
Sept. 16, 1S82: married Sarah Ho nevw-ell. July 14. 184.^. 

BELL children. 

3110 Anna Pierson, h. :May 2.5, 184t;: d. June 21, 1847. 

3111 CiiAULES, h. Apr. 11, 1818; d. July 2.5, 1S51. 


-.3112 Lot-ISA. b. July o, IS^o:): .1. Feb. 29. 1868. 

311o FKA.NK IIoxEvwr.LL. 1). 3[ch. 27. Is.ji); 111. Lil!u> Seaey Rii.*hinore, Oct. 

5, ISSl. 
3114 Alfred Benedict, b. May 10, ImGI; in. d. 

olio George Gn.LE;?riE, b. Feb. 13, 1SG8; m. d. 

1511 Anna Bell" (dau. of Nancy Mather', sister of aliove), of New 
York. Born Mcli. 28. lS-2-2; died ; married 
James H. "White, Mch. 22, 1.^42. 


3116 A-NNA Bell, b. Apr. 8, 1853: m. Wm. BaW-win Haulenbeck. of New 


1512 Sarah Ami Bell'" (dan. of Retsoy Mather", Josepli', Rev. 
Dr. ^Iose.s^ Timothy«, Richard^, Timothy^, Rpv. RichanP, 
Thomas-, John'), of . Born Dec. 7. 1815; 

*■ died Oct. 13,. 1854; married "W'm. Faiilkner, Apr. 12. ISli).. 


3117 Mary L.. b. Oct. 20. 1850: d. Dec. 27, 1S54. 

3118 Sarah A., b. July 1. 1853; d. Mch. 13, 18-54. 

151-1 William H. Mather'" (son of David Scott», Joseph^ Rev, 
Dr. :^[.;lse<^ Timothy", Richard\ Timothy^ Rov. Ridianl', 
Tlioma>-', Juhu'), of Three River.^, ,Mich. Born -\[ay 12, 1822; 
married Clarissa F. Brewster, Mcli. 2*!, 1846. 


3119 S.\RAn LoCTSA. b. Jan. 16, 1847; d. Apr. 29, 1852. 

3120 Harkiett Newell, b. July 26, 1850; m. Rufus Ruymond, Mch. 16. 

1871; d. 

3121 Phebe Ann, b. Dec. 22, 1853; m. Charles E, Lovctt, Oct. 20, 

1876; d. 

3122 Clara Louisa, b. :Mch. 6, 1857; d. Jan. 12, 1866. 

3123 Charles B., b. Dec. 5. 1859; >1. Nor. 24, 1881. 

1519 Hannah Maria 3Iather'" (dau. <.f David S.', sister of aln.vo). 
of (.'onstantiue, Micli. Burn Auir. 2, 1834; marricii P. B. 
Bates, Mav 1, IS.^U. 



31-24 Mtrox F.. b. ^Icli. 13, ISoT: m. d. 

312.J Ki:v. CiiAur.fcs P., b. Apr. o, I860; m. d. 

3120 George M., b. July 29, 1863; ni. d. 

3127 D.vvfD E.. b. .June 4. 1S6T; m. d. 

3128 BiKDSET .S.. b. Doc. 2L\ 1871; m. d. 

1527 Jolin W. ^latlier'" (son of Elihu".. Xoyes', Rev.' Dr. Mose.s-. 
Timothy*. RiciiarcP, Timothy^. Rev. Ricliard'. Thomas-, John'), 
of Brooklyn. X. Y. Born July 0, 1827; diod ; 

married Emily E. Alishouse, May 20, 1851. 


3129 AM.VXDA, b. Feb. 14, lS.!i2; m. d. 

3130 Oscar. b. June 20. l8o6; m. d. 

1530 Emily Mather''' (dan. of Elihu'. si.ster of above), of Brook- 
kn. X. V. Ei.fu Mch. 7. IS.'G; married Pnrdy B. Hoyt, Apr. 
10, lsi;_', a descendant of Atherton Mather, of SufEeld, Conn. 


3131 IIahvey ^lATnER, b. May 26, 1864: m. d. 

1531 Georije W. blather'" (?^on of EHhn^, l.rother of above), of 
Brooklyn. X. Y. Burn Dec. S. 18;>S: married ^^lartha T.^al.elle 


3132 George W., b. Feb. 22. 18o6; m. d. 

3133 Martha, b. 1800; m. d. 

■1532 Oscar W. Mather'" (son of William^ Xoyes^ Rev. Dr. 
Moscs". Timutiiy''. RiclianP, Tiniothy\ Rev. Richard', Thomas-. 
Joim'), of Cahle Court House. West \'a. B.-rn Fel.. 2:). 182.3; 
married Augustus G. Rol.frr.son. Sept. IS, 1S42. 


3134 Lelia A., b. Nov. 4. 1H44; m. T. Sumner Greene. Nov. 4, 

l"^(i7: d. 
313.") Dr. W., b. May .1, 1S47; m. Oh"ve S. Keith, July 24. 1S71; d. 


^136 L.vuuA A.. b. May :;i. 1M4',»; d. Oct. .1. 1S.":5. 

:1107 Rocuvi.L.v.v A., b. Due. 13, 18.10; in. (1) Goor-c B. Price, Oct. 30, 

18UI): (2) Josepli :M. tiatticlil, Oct. 23, 1878; d. 

3138 SusAS A.. b. Aug. 12, 1S.-,;J; d. Nuv. !>, I8.j3. 

3139 George H.. b. Oct. 9, lS'i4; m. Ev;i >[;in;i Chapuiau, Feb. 14, 

18S.1; d. 

3140 PlE/.ziE. b. Feb. 2.3, 18.-)7: d. June 18, 18G0. 

3141 Sidney A., b. 3Ich.;24, 18G.J; in. d. 

3142 Oscar S., b. Feb. 14, 18G8; m. d. 

1540 Joliii N. Mather'" (son ol' William^ Xoye.s^ Rev. Dr. Mose.s'. 
Timothy'', ilicLarcP, Timothy', Rev. RiclumV, Thomas-, John'), 
of Born Xov. -1, l.S4'i; marrietl Emma 

Burke, Apr. 30, 1868. 




15-1-2 Keliecca €. .Hatljer'" (<-lait of Raymon<P, SamuoP, Rev. Dr. 

Mu.^cs'. Timothy''. Kichanl'*, Timothy^ Rev. Richard', Thomas', 

John'), of West "^insted. Conn. Bora Apr. 16, 1814; died 

1SS3; married Lyman B. Baldwin, Xov. 30, 1837. 


3148 Charles, b. M:iy' 1>^.~j1; d. Sept., 1851. 

3149 Sarah Grey, b. July 14, IMi; m. d. 

1551 George Mather'" (son of Capt. Isaac^ Samuel', Rev. Dr. 
Mose.s'. Timothy', Richards Timothy*, Rev. Richard'', Thoma.s^ 
John'), of Knoxville, 111. Born Oct. 21, 1843; died ; 

married Jane Cramer. Apr. 8. 1S66. 


31.50 RAVMO^-D. b. June 18, 18G8; died of diphtheria, July, 1881. 

3151 Amanda, b. June 17, 1871; " 

3152 Artui-r, b. Aug. 8, 1873; " 

3153 M.VRTHA, b. Sept. 28, 187.3; m. d. 


3144 Carrie B., 


Feb. 24, 

1870; m. 

3145 MaryM., 


Sept. 2, 

1872: m. 

^ 3140 Florevce E., 


June 1, 

1.875; m. 

3147 Ora Lee, 


Feb. 24, 

1878; m. 



1553 Saruli Eli.sjil»eth 3Iatlier" (•^liui. uf Low-is', .^imua'l-. Rev. 
Dr. Mobos', Tnuothy^ Kiehard^ Tiu^otlly^ Rev. RicharcP, 
Thomas^, Joliu'). of 111. Born ilch. 19, IS 16; 
married (1) John Bergen, Apr. 13, 183 7: (2) P. W'estf all, July 
24, 186G. 


7, ls:5S; d. July 7. IS.W. 

•2o, iy41; m. Gourge Colviu. May 24, 1S<55; d. 

•2.J, 1842: d. Scpl.lo. l>48. 

7, 1^44; d. Apr. 4. 1>!4>*. 

14, 1847; d. Apr. 3, 1^48. 
lo, 1849: d. Fell. 11, 1863. 

16. 18>1; d. Oct. 7, ISol. 

31, 18.j3; d. Xov. 17, 1868. 

1554 Lovis Henry Clay Mather"* (sou of Lewis", brother of 

above), of . Born July 8. 182S; died Mch. 11. 

* 18S4; Ujarried Mary Ann :MoEay. Dec. 24, 1849. 

3154 Catiieiune B. 

, b. 


3I0.3 S.UIAH M., 



3156 Lewis II., 



3157 jMSE:'niNEp\, 



3I08 Cauolixe a. . 



3159 Louise, 



3160 3L>iRYEXTE, 



3161 Addle, 




3162 Lewis, b. Nov. 9. 1850; m. 


1557 Jo.sephine Lewi.s Mather'" (dan. of Lewis''. SamueP, Rev. 
Dr. Moses', Timothy', Richard', Timothy', Rev. Richaiv;?, 
Thomas^, John'), of Xew Yori: city. Burn Feb. 27. 1834; 
died ; married Joltn Alexander Riley, April 28, 



b. Feb. 13, 1854; d. IMch. 19. 1854. 

b. May 20, 1855; m. Dr. Ruel S. Gage, Apr. 28, 

1879; d. 
b. Sept. 14, 1857; m. Byron F. Melntyro, Oct. 28, 

1880; d. 
b. Mch. 21. 1860; d. :May 14, I860, 
b. Mch. 26, 1862; d. Juue 7, 1867. 
b. Juue 22, 1864: d. July 7, ]8<>4. 
b. Jtdy 20. 1^66; d. May 25. 1867. " 

b. J.m. 4, 1HJ!»; u\. d. 

3163 Ale.kaxder, 

3164 Adeline. 

3165 Josephine C, 

3166 Emellne. 

3167 Ida il.vY, 

3168 Laura. 

3169 Lolis Wm., 

3170 ESTELLE, 

3170'<Cl.uie.nce Edmond, b. Feb. 18, 1876; d. Dec. 14. 1876. 


loGo Fretlerk-k A. Mather'" {-ion of Johu', SamueP, l{ev. Dr. 
:Mosos", Timotliy*, RicbanP, Tiinotliy', Rev. RioLarcl', Thomas-, 
Joliii'), of Millord, Mass. Boru Dec. 6, 182.5, in Canaan, Conn.; 
married Emeline C. Mason, Aug. 2, 1848. 


3171 IlEunKRT A., b. Dec. 12, 1S49: m. d. 

3172 Alice, b. Aug. 21, isryi: m. ik-mv A. Baifktt, Aui;. 2U lS7(v 


3173 Charles E., b. ilay 27, 1830; m. * d. 

Frederick A. Mather was in the Union army: euhsted Aug. 15, 
1864; discharged June 11, 1S65. 

1564 Samuel A. Mather'" (^^on of John^, SamueP, Rev. Dr. 
Moses'. Timothy^ Richard^. Timothy*, Rev. IJichard^. Thomas-. 
John'), of . Born April .3, 1S2S; 

died ; married Annie Holland, Oct. 5, 1S73. 


3174 Adpie. b. Pec. 6. 1S74; m. d. 

3175 Helen, b. Feb. 5, 1879; m. cl. 

. Samuel A. Mather was in the Union army from May 25, I8G1, till 
June 11, 1S(J.>. 

1566 Jerome S. Matlier'" (son of John^, brother of above). 
Born March lu, 1832; died ; married Kate 
Mahoney, Aug. 1, 1859. 


3176 Elmer W.. b. 3I:iy 10, 1^61; m. d. 

3177 Fred E.. b. May 31, I8tj3: m. d. 

3178 Frank L., b. Dec. 28, 186.>; m. d. 

3179 Willie J.. b. Feb. 8, 1809; m. d. 

1567 Helen M. Matlier'" (dau. of John', sister of al)Ove), of 

, Born July 1, 1S3G; married Moses Day. 
July 3. Ibfji). 



31S0 CnAHiKi^ M., b. Mch. 0. ISIJO; d. Jau. 9, 1874. 

31bl Fked L.. b. .Meli. U, isTo; m. d. 

15G8 Lewis W. Mlltlier'" (son of John', Sanmei'. l{,.v. Dr Mo^f^.\ 
Timothy'; Ricliard*, Timotliy', liev. Richard', Thuuius'-, John'), 
of . Born Oct. 1.'!, 1838; uiarrit^d i-'uiiuie 

Holbrook, ' 18.5 'J. 

•^' . .-...,■ 


3183 Ida M.. b. Apr. 10. 18(53; m. d. 

3184 Fkaxk E., b. .July lit, ly(ib; lu. d. 

15'78 Jllines 3la.tlier" (■■'on of .Samut-P. Samuel^ Rev. Dr. ^li.'St.-s', 
Timotliy'"', Ricllard^ Timothy*, Rev. Richard^. Tliomas', Jolm'), 
of Coruiug, la. Born June 7, 18 IG; married 



31So William E., b. Feb. 2."). lS7o; ni. d. 

3186 Samuel, b. 3[ch. Ki, 1870; m. d. 

31S7 Ja.w.s. b. Feb. 16, 187!); ra. d. 

3188 .Mauy D.. b. Oct. 4. IssO; m. d. 

3189 ErnA S., b. Aug. V2. laVP;-. m. d. 

James Mather served four years in the Union army. 

1582 Frederick Sill 3Iiitlier'' (son of Thomas^ SamueP. Rich- 
ard", Samuel". Richard', Timothy*. Rev. Richard^ Thomas^, 
John'), of Ashtabuk, O. Born Auii'. 17. lsl.5; died l.s8(); 

married Ellen J. Mather. June •'>, ls:;8: died March I'J, lb77. 


3190 LociSA G., b. June 22, 1839; m. Charles E. Nilcs, :M:iy 24. 18~)8: 

d. Apr. 18. is.-)'t, Icaviug :i child, Ciiarks F. M. 
Niles, b. Apr. 4, l^o'i). 

3191 Ellen F., b. June 13, 18j3; m. Chns. B. Chamberlain, July 10, 

1876; d. 


15S3 William H. Matlier'" (sou of Thomas', brother of ahovc), 
of C'nv.iwvell. (""01111. Bom Jan. 12, 1^17: ilicd TVt. 1.'. \!<oC,; 
married Mary A. Bowers, Jidy IG, IS41; she liied IS83. 


"103 C'ii.\.RLorTE. b. .June 17, lN-12; 111. B. J. llcnuesey, an of Eu- 

rope; (1. 

3194 AcorsT.v H. b. Auir. 0, 1S44; ni. rl. :\K]i. 1,'^. 1803. 

3195 M.VKY Df.Woi.f. b. :>[ay 10, 1847; nnmarri.^d; d. 

319C TrroM.vs W.. b. Apr. 10, In.jO; m. ^rargaivt I,inton, Fob.. 1>7."); d. 

The widow of "William H. Mather, married Rev. Erastus Colton 
of New Haven, (?onn. 

159*2 Louisa Maria Mather"" ('iau. of Samuel'. SamreP, Rich- 
ard', Samuel", Ricdiard^ Timothy^ Rev. Richard'. Thomas', 
John'), of Middletown, Conn. Born Jan. 14, ISns; died 
' ; married Major-Gen. Ju.-eph King F. Mansfield, 

Sept. 25, 1S38. 


3197 Samuel >[ATireR. b. Sept. 22, 1839: m. d. 

3198 Mart Louise, b. :Mch. 23, ls41: in. d. June 23. 


3199 Jo-^F.rn Tottf.x. b. Oct. i. 1^43; d. July l."), 1844. 

3200 Henry LmxGSTON, b. ilch. 31, 1841: m. d. 

3201 Katherine Mather, b. May 1, I80O; m. d. 

Major-Gen. Mansfield was born Dec. 22, 1803, was a ciraduaro at 
"V^est Point 1S22, and was 2d Lieut, in the t'orps of Engineers in 
Mexico; he was tJie Cliief Engineer of Gen. Zacliary Taylor's army, 
and distinguished himself there, and was raised to the rank of Cohitifl 
by brevet in ls.i3; was appointed Inspector-Geni'ral of the army, witli 
the rank of Colonel, which post lie held until the civil war, when he 
was placed in command of the department at "Washington. In Oct.. 
1S(>1, v.-as stationed at Camp Hamilion. Va. ; later at Newport N(!\v.s. 
He took part in tlie capture of Norfi)lk, May 10, 1802. He was pro- 
moted to lie Major-Gen. of Vnhmteeis. He was mortally woundei] at 
Antietani; <lied Sept. 18, 18(52. 


1500 Samuel Livingston 3Iatlier" (?on of SamucP, Samuel', 
Ricluir.r, Samuel^ Kicba7-d\. Tiiuutliy*. Rpv. RicliartP. Thomas^, 
Johu"), of Cleveland, Ohio. Born in ^Liddlctown, Conn., July 
13, 1S17; died ; marrie'l (1) Georgiana P. Wool- 

sou, Sept. 114. ls.50; she died Xov. 2, 1853; (2) Elisabeth L. 
Gwin, Juue 11. 1S56. 


3202 Samuel, b. July 18, 1S51: m. Flora, dau. of Aniasa 

Stone, Esq., Oct. 19, 18«1. 

S20B Cattierine Livingston, b. Sept. 3. 18.33; ra. d. 

3204 ^yILLIA^[ GwjN, b. Sept. 22, IS.jT; m. d. 

Samuel L. Mather, Esq., is the President of the Cleveland Iron 
Works, and one of the staunch business men of that city. He has 
become well known throughout the West, as well as in the State that 
gave him his birth, for his great success in the city of the West where 
he cli^se to live and build up a fortune for himself. 

1507 Howard Mather'" (son of Samuel', brother of above), of 
Brot^klyn. X. Y. Born in Middletown. Conn., Mch. l.S, 1820; 
married Mary L. Suydam. June 30, 1846. 


320.5 Howard L., b. Mch. 1, 18.5.5; m. Kate L. Crigirs, :\Iay 10, 

1887: d. 

3206 VmorN-iA. b. Feb. 17, 1S.J2: ra. Wra.,n. Bramhall, June 6, 

1874; d. 

3207 Roderick Bc-rn-ham, b. Sept. 8, 1861; unmarried: d. 

Howard Mather, Esq., has been a very successful business man; he 
resides on Strong Place. Brooklyn, N. Y. His standing in the city of 
Xew York, where he has been so long engaged, has won for himself 
a deservedly popular name, as well as among the citizens of Brook- 
lyn, where his home has been for these many years. His sons are also 
making for thetu.selves tine business repatatious. 

159S Catherine Livingston Mather'" ('iau. of Samuel'. SarauoP, 
Richard'. Samuel", Richard', 'L'imothy*, Rev. RicIianP, Thomfis^, 


John'), of Longmeadow, ^[ass., and Hartfonl, Conn. Born 
May 8, ]S22; ilied at Hartford. July 13. iss.l; married Rod- 
erick Henry Burnham, May 10. isil. 


3208 LiECT. IIowAKD Mathek. b. Mcb. 17, 1842; m. d. Sept. 

19, 1863. 
3'i09 Emily Livingston, b. May IT, is43; m. d. Nov. 

10. 1^71. 

The history of this nohle young Lieut. Howard M. Burnham, who 
gave his life for his country on the battlelield while in its defense, 
deserves more than a passing notice, and to do him justice would 
occupy many pages in this work. .V very e.Ktended history of him 
is given in ••Burniiam Genealogy," pul^lished by his father, which 
I would refer to in giving the life of one who fell in the battle of 
Chickamauga. Ga., on the 19th of Sept., 1SG3. 

'1G32 Aurelia Mather'" (dau. of Ezra'. William', Richard', Sam- 
uel*, Richard^ Timothy^ Rev. Richard'-, Thomas'-, Juhn"), of 
Moreau. X. Y. P'Jorn ; liied ; mar- 

ried Abram Bennett. 


3210 Elisabeth, b. ni. Ilirrmi Ilolky: d. 1880. 

Holly cliildreu — Wilson Flack, b. 
Charles .Matlier, b. 

3211 Paulina, b. m. Wilson Flack; d. 

1G39 Heniau Mather'" (son of Ezvn^ William", Richard'. Samuel^, 
Richard^ Timotliy\ Rev. Richard", Thomas'-, Jolui'). of West 
Troy, N. Y. Born at Moreau. X. Y., Mch. IG, isii'j; died at 
West Troy, June 8, 18(18: married Eliza Derby, Oct., 1832. 


3212 Elisabeth. b. July 2. 1833; m. i. 

3213 Josephine, b. Aui;. 6, 18;!-j; m. Taylor Lewis, M.D., ;May4, 1858; d. 

3214 Charles, b. May 21, 1839; m. Sarah Ay ers, Sept. 21, l?«l; d. 



3215 Mary Eliza, b. Oct. '.), 1>AI\ m. Sumuel ILiU Biuokb, tJept. o, 1806; 

;321G Hl;^rA^^ b. d. young. 

3217 IIemak, 2d, b. d. \0un2r. 


Mr. Mather was a lumlier mercliaiit at AVest Troy. N. Y. 

104:0 Horace 3I;\tUer"' (son of Ezra'^ brother of above), of Rath- 
bouviile, X. Y. Boru Dec. 1<J. IS 11; marri.;J Mary H. Fol- 


3218 Lewis, b. St-pt. 20, ISOT; d. A;)r. 2, 1840. 
3219:MakyE., b. slept. 2. 1839; m. d. 

3220 Emily, b. Sept. 10, 1841; m. d. 

3221 Herman, b. Aug. 20, 1843; m. d. 

3222 Eli7.a. b. Oct. 5. 1845; m. d. 

3223 LrcY Ann. h. Ar.r. 4. ISW: d. Xov. 21. 1849. 

3224 Jennie, b. May 11, 1852; m. d. 

3225 Cakkie, b. June 5. 1857; m. d. 

HM2 Klioda 3Iathef'" ('lau. of Ezra^ sister of above), of Moreau, 
X. Y. Born ; married l)eniu.s Margesou. 


3226 DIA^-T^A, b. m. d. 

3227 IIeman ;Mathe]{, b. m. d. 

3228 Jo5Ei'iii>E Mather, b. m. d. 

1G53 Melissa K. Mather'" (dau. of William^, A\'illiam«, Rio]lard^ 
Saiuuei*', i;iehar(l^ Timothy^ Hev. Richard', Tlioinas'-, John'). 
of Pitt.sOeld, Mass. Born Jan. 8, 1808; married Wm, F. Bell, 
Jan. 27, 1831; he died July 1, 1861. aged 55. 


3229 William M.. b. Mch. 12, 1832; m. Mercy Murse, Sept. 12, 1855; d. Jan.. 

1, 1802. 

3230 Fa.vNCEs E.. h. 3Icb. 17. 1837; m. Albro Miller, May 25, 1867; d. 


1654: Sarah D. 31ather'' (;!an. --f W'illiara^ brother of above), oi: 

. Born Dec. 20, 1809; died ; 

7iiarried Fhiio E. Thompson. June S, IS 30; he died Aug. 15, 
. 1S45. 


3231 WiLLi.vM £.. b. Feb. 18, 1831: ni. Martha A. Iluiitley, .Tunc 1. IS.Ki; d. 

Apr. 25, 18(58. 

1C55 Emily M. Matlior'' (dan. of AVi!liara». William", Richard", 
Samuel'', l!ichanP. TimoL!iy\ Rev. Ricliard'^ Thomas'-, John'), 
of . Born 18'_'0; married Oramel . 

Watkins. Mch. 6, 1S49; he died June 10, I8,-,o. 


3232 PiuLoT.. b. m. d. 

3233 WiLi.r.^i O.. b. m. d. 

3234 Emma C. b. m. d. 

1000 fliarle^ Lee Mather'" ('^on of Elias', ^apt. EliasS Richard". 
Samuels Richard', Timotliy\ Rev. Ricliard", Thoma.?-', Jolm'), 
of Ridgefield, X. J. Born in Allmny, X. Y., Mch. 10, 1811; 
died Sept. 4, lss8; married Anna L. Wheland. 1848. 


3235 Charles Roe, b. July 24. 1S49; m. d. Nov. 19, 1887. 

Mr. Charles Lee Mather was at one time librarian of the City Hall, 
X'ew York, and for some time connected with the Astor House, and 
was a clerk for a while in the Custom House, Xew York. 

lOGl Mary Ann Mather'" (daiL of Elias-*, sister of above), of Buf- 
falo,'x. Y. Born at Albany, :*[ay 17, 1817: died Xov., 1840; 
married F. L. Harris. 


3236 Elisabeth W., b. m. W. P. Steele: d. 

3237 Fu.x-NkL., b. m. d. 


1G62 James Matbor'" (sou of Elias^, brother of al)ovo), of New- 
York city. Born at AUnmy, X. Y.. Nov. 9, 1S21; died Mch. 
9. 18(3S: married Maria Cody. 


323S Dora Jaxe, b. 1S<56: m. d. 

1GG3 Jane T. Mather'^' (dan. of Eiia.^^ sister of alcove), of New 
York, r.orn at Aiiiany. N. Y., Jan. 31, 1824; died June 9, 
ISsT, aged tJS; married Edwin Smitli. 

SMITH rim.D. 

3239 Cn.VRLES Ror;ixsoK. b. ilch. 1, 185): m. Fanny P. Steele, his cousin, 

Apr. 29, 1879; d. 

1687 Rev. Dr. Kicliard Henry 3Iatlier'' (son of Hon. Henry", 
Capt. Sylvester', Richard", SamueP, Ricliard', Timothy', Rev. 
Richai'd-', Thomas'-, .John'), of Amherst, Mass. Born in Bing- 
< haraton, N. Y., Feb. 12. 18.3.5; died at Ainhe^-st, April 10, 
1890; maiTied (1) Eli.sabeth. dau. of Daniel Carmichael.Esn.. ^^ay 
2G, 1^.38; she died Oct. 2s, 1S77; (2) Ellen Augusta, dau. of 
- Samuel H. Mather, Esq., of Cleveland, Ohio. 


3240 IlEXKY, b. Dec. 24. ISoiV d. Feb. 14. 1862. 

3241 xVlice .Skeel. b. Nov. 24, 1862; m. Rev. Willistoa Walker. 

professor in tlie Hartford Theological 
Seminary, .June 1, 1886. 

3242 WiLiJ.^M Tyler, b. Sept. 2, l^tU, m. d. 

3243 Edward Stro.vo, b. Apr. 9, 1868: m. d. 
324^ Eleanor Worthinx-tox, b. Nov. 20, 1884; ra. d. 

William Tyler Marker is professor in Williston Academy, East- 
hampton, Mass. 

Rev. Dr. R. II. Mather's first wife was a descenilant of Harrison 
Gray Otis of Massachusetts. His second wife descended, on maternal 
side, from Rev. "William AX'orthinirton, tlie ( minister of Sayluook, 
Conn.; also from Col. John Ely. of Revolutionary fame. 

Since the <leath of Rev. Dr. Mather, the following articles appeared 





[ -"^-Y-^j- 






>■* "VO 


in the Springfield Repuhlicnn of April IS, 1890, and linos from Helen 


Death ov Prof. MAxnEU of AjniERST. 

Prof. Richard H. ilatber of Amherst College died iit miilnight Wednesday, 
after battliair fi'S" nearly a year with a painful malady, -(^liifh, to his imme- 
iliate friends, was known from t)u: tirsr to be fatal. The I'l-s will l)e a serimis 
one to the college, for Pruf. Mather held a place of peculiar relationship to 
the institution, which he served with -his ])est talent and fnr which he was 
equipped to accmplish much. The favorite pupil and young companion of 
the venerable nnd !(>vcd Prof. W. h^. Tyler, lie was fitted for a professorship 
in the college bef"re the dfys of special:ies, when .1 broad and general equip- 
ment was demanded. Altliough he left the ministry, he never gave up 
preaching, and his sermon.-, will be remembered with pleasure by many peo- 
ple in the Cuimecticut valley and eUe%\here. He was a speaker of more than 
average ability, and a forcible ami graceftd writer, a man of great tact and 
force, who touched the public at many points. He will be greatly missed in 
the colleire. the town, and the region wliere he was one of tlie notable figures. 
The illness winch ended liis life was cancer of the bowels. A dangerous sur- 
gical operation last fair made him a litlpless invalid, but prolonged his life. 
He was reluctant to retire from active duties, liowevur, and even when in 
sulTering conducted his work for a time at liis house, when too ill to go out. 
He bore tlie keenest sulTering with fortitude, and uncomplainingly looked 
forward to tlie release. 

Prof. Mather was the sou of Henry Mather, of Bingham ton, N, T.. where 
he was born Feb. 12, 1S3.5, He i^repared for college at Hopkins Academy in 
Hadley, Willisttm Seminary, and the Bingliamton Aeademy. He took tliree 
years at Amherst in tlie class (jf l>^o6. m.iking for himself a tine record as a 
student, especially in the languages. He left college at the cio.<e of his junior 
year, spent a year in traveling through Europe and tlie East, and then joined 
the class of 1857 at Amherst. After his graduation at the head of his class, 
he returned to Europe and studicfl philology at Berlin University. From 
1S59 to 1861 he was in.structor in Greek at Amher.'^t. and continued in the ser- 
vice of the college until his death. He was made an assistant professor of 
Greek in 18(31, and professor of Greek and German in 1864, a position he held 
for fifteen yenrs. 

It was during the seventies that Prof. Mather became interested in the tine 
arts, and in 1S79 he dropped German and was made lecturer on sculpture. 
Through his enersry and ability the college secured the finest collec- 
tion of plaster cast> in the country outside of Boston. An art mustium was 
opened in Williston Hall in 1>^T4:. Prof. Mather having visited Europe a 
short time before in order to make a careful selection of casts, engravings, 
photographs, etc.. and the establishment of this museum marks u distinct 


stage in tlic growth of tlio ci^llege, as it siipplementcfl tlie art lectures and 
became a notable factor in the training and advancement of the studi-nts. 
The museum contains oasts of most of the famous anli(iue marbles, as well as 
specimens of the work of Michael x\jigelo, Can<Aa, and Thorwaldsen. The 
famous frieze of the Parthenon encircles the hall, and the collection contains 
full-sized casts of the Ghil)erti gates, Crawford's doors at the national capitol, 
Angelo's Moses, the J2gina marbles, the ^[yceu:u lions, and scores of other 
art treasures. The Anvlu-rst cast of the Crawford doors is the only one in the 
country. Among the antioue statuary, full size, there may be mentioiud — 
from the Vatican: the Kmeling Disk Thrower, the Disk Thrower in Rci»ose, 
Apollo Saurocthi'uos (Praxiteles), Cupid (Praxiteles). Demosthenes (Poly- 
Icitus), Laocoou, Apollo iVlvidere, Torso lielvidcre. Fighting Gladiator 
(Agisias), Sleeping Ariadne and Minerva ilcdicr.; frun\ the Louvre: Venus 
officios, Diana with the Stag, Diana Robing, Venus de Medici, Germanious 
and the Borghcse Achilles: the museum in Berlin is represented by the 
Amazon of Polycleitus and Meleager; from the museum in Athens: the 
Torso of Victory (P;eonios). discovered by Prof. Curtius at Olympia. and 
Ilermes supporting the infant Bacchus ^Tra.\iteles,), also disct)vered at Olym- 
jiia by Prof. ( urtius; fro7ii the capitol in Rome: the Satyr (Praxiteks)r the 
Hying Gaul, the Wolf and Twins, Flora and Antinous; from the nm.seuni at 
Naples, Psyche, the Sittmg Mercury and ..Eschines, the Wrestlers, the Knife- 
gruider and Dancing Faun. Fine specimens of medieval and modern statu- 
ary and anTi(iUC busts are to be fcumd in the museum, and the collectiou of 
bas-reliefs is exceptionally good. The miscellaneous casts include the lio>etta 
stone, the of Candelabrum from the Appian Way. the Bacchanalian 
vase, a well-e.xecuted plan of the Acropolis, and the newly-acquireil statue of 
Minerva, which i< (.lainied to be a truthful representation of the statue in 
ivory and gold in the Paithenon. 

Prof, ilather went abroad again in lb8S, when he prepared a course of lec- 
tures upon Greek life, taking occasion to add to the college museum and art 
collectiou such specimens as would best illustrate the subject. It was tlie 
professor's dream to see the erection of an art building that would be a tittiug 
companion to Walker Hall, the college church, and the gymnasium, now fac- 
ing the campus. If his life had been .spared a few years longer, there is no 
doubt that he would have been able to carry out these plans. He had been 
promi.-ed small sums by various loyal friends of Amherst, but they did not 
aggregate enough to justify the undertaking. 

There can be no doubt that Prof. Mather's devotion to art has had a 
marked intlucnre upon college life at Amherst, ilis divisions were always 
crowded, and even outside the college there came freipient demands for his 
lectures. It is quite pos-ibk- that his art lectures ami his notes on Greek 
home life may form the nucleus for a book for the general public. Prot. 


blather v\;is fur many years a familiar tigure at alumni iiathi.'riiiijs atul cullcgc 
reunions. No racuiber of tht' faculty probably came in c-ontact witb so many 
giiKluatt's ill their own States and at their own homos as cliil Prof. Matlier. 
His voice wa^ usually for money, and it Tvas noi always rai;H'd in bi-ludf of 
Greek or art either. His interest in thx college broadened and deepened with 
age, and while other mend)ers of the Amherst faculty were greater favorites 
with graduating classes, it was long ago recognized tliat Pnif. Mather had a 
strong hold upon those who were in a p(»sition to inform themselves about the 
work of the college, and were read}" to aid the iustirution with money. In 
Tyler's ■"History of Amherst College," i.ssued in 1^73, occurs this jiassnge: 
"For many years now tiie instruction i!i Greek has all been given by profes- 
sors, — and all ])y Prof. Tyler and Prof. Mather. To tlie scholarly attain- 
ments of the I.i:.'.T, his personal and professional enthusiasm, his >kill and 
patience in drilling the fre.shnien, and his inspiring lecttu'cs c-n the Greek 
drama, th'' ilcpartment is most indebtei^ fur its success. At the same time the 
college owes not a little to Prof. Mather for his teachuig and lectures in the 
German langu.tge and literature, for his zeal and success in raising scholar- 
ships and fvmds for the museum of art, and for his services in his turn in the 
pulpit." He was a h.ard worker, ami he issued several college text-books as 
the incidents of a faithful career us an educator. These include selections 
from Herodotus and Thucydides, the Electra of Sophocles, a ^Manual of 
Sculpture, the Prometheus Bound of .tscludus, and otlier books. U'hile he 
was never settled over any church he frequently acted as a su[>[)ly to the 
churches in neighboring towns and cities. He received the degree of D.D. 
from Bowdoin College in 1871). 

The tirst wife of Prof, blather was a daughter of Daniel Carmiehael of 
Geneva, N. Y., who died in 1^77. By her he iiad three children, — the wife 
of Rev. Dr. Williston Walker of the Theological Seminary at Hartfnnl, Prof. 
William T. blather of Williston Seminary, and Edward blather of Boston. 
His second wife, daughter of Samuel U. Mather of Cleveland, O., survives 
him. There is also a young daughter by his second marriage. 

Prof. Rich.ird Henry blather, a well-known educator, died last evening, 
after a long illness. He was for thirty years a successful teacher at Amherst 
College, was the editor of a number of valuable text-books, and had gaineii high 
honor in h'\> profession. Ho was born inBinghamton, X. Y,, Feb. 12, IS:;."), and 
graduated at Audierst in lSo7. Two years later he was appointed tutor of 
Greek, and t .vo years after that was promoted to ti.'c Assistant Professorship. 
Three years more pas.seil, ami Prof. Mai her, then less than thirty years of 
age, was made a full pr(;fes.sor (jf Greek and German. He was of great assist- 
ance in the growth and deveh)pment of Amherst, ami M-cured for the college 
the finest colleition of plaster casts in the United States, excepting only the 


one in Boston. In 1878 Prof. 3I;itber, while retaininir his Greek professorship. 
:ilso Ijccaiue Icctiin'r ou seiilpturt/ fur tlic collesre. He n.'eeived the degree of 
D.D. from Bowdiin in l>?7i). Alrhougli never tlie pa.-stor of a duireh, lie often 
supplied pulpits in Xew York. Boston, and other cities. His editiuir has bceu 
devoted in great part to lKn>dot\is, Thueyditles. tlie ""Eleetra," of Sophocles, 
and the " Prometheus Bound'' of -Eschylus. The ^^ inter of lS!:<7-88 lie spent 
in Athens in o.umcetion wirh the work, of his professorships. Prof. Mather's 
first wife was Miss Cannirhuel of Geneva, X. Y. He had thn^e children by 
his first wife — the wife of Rev. WilliSton AValker, D.D., of the Theoloiiical 
Seminary at Hartford. Conn.. Prof. William T. 3Ialher of the "Williston 
Academy at Easthamptoa, ^lass., ami Mr. Eilward Alather, formerly of New 
York, but now of Bostnu. Prof, blather married for his second wife Miss 
Ellen A. Mather, the daua-hter of Saniu'el H. Mather, LL.D., president of the 
Society for Si'vings iu Clevclaud, O. 3Irs. Mather survives Prof. 3Ialher, 
together with a voung- daii_'hter. 

RiciiAUD H. Matiiek. 

In the South Tyrol, where those dazzling peaks. 
The Dolomites, uprear their crystal heads. 
The hardy mountaineer, who daily treads, 

Their wild recesses, strangely never speaks 

Of them as aught but nature's common freaks; 

Laugliing to scorn the faiih which yeai'ly s]>rcads. 
That ages reared them out of ocean beds: 

To him they are but marble free from streaks. 

So tlus rare soul has stood among his peers. 

With crystal front, of liner grain, tlicy knew, 
, And always purer from a nearer view. 

But not until amid his life's best years 

He, stricken, fell, have all agreed, with tears. 
That once in ages, only, such men grew. 

Helen MARiiUis. 

IGOl Kusst'll 3Iatlier"' (son of Stephen^ Josepli\ Josepli', Joserih'', 
Kiclic\rii% Tiiuutliy\ iiuv. Richard'', Tliomas', John'), of Duou- 
ville, N. Y. Born at Berlin, Conn., 17U5; died May 16, 

1806; maiTied. ^lary Graves, Oct. Ki, 1815. 


324.'> Ann Eliza, b. July -in. 181G. m. Simeon Kathborn. April 21. 

18;}1; d. 
32-46 Joseph Lo<»mls, b. May 2.">. 181.'^; m. Jane Barbct, Apr. 25, 184G: d. 


3247 Aui;rsrA Giiaves. b. Mch. 15, 1820: d. ^l<Jh. 2;!. is2:3. 

324S KrssEi.L Wkllks, b. \pr 14, 1822; d. Dec 1-1. 1S122. 

:324'J Infant. b. 3Iay l."i. lj<24: d. May lo, 1S24, 

32o0 >[auy Acgusta, b. Oct. 27, l.':^2G; in. Richard James, Oct. 6. 1^4(i: d. 

32->l Adeline G., b. May 15, LSJ] : m. Alouzo Gillsuii, Au_g-. 4, LnjO: d. 

3252 KussELL. Jii., b. M. ii. 20, 1834; m. Marian C. Webb, Sept. 10, 185^1; 


1G9G Rev. William Looniis Mather'" (^on of Stephen^, Joseuli', 
Jfjseph", Jose])h*. Richard". Tiniotliy*. Rev. Richard"". Tlionias-, 
John'), of Fc'Ud du Lac. Wis. Vxnn at Xcw Britain, Conn., 
1S06; died at Andover. Mar^s.. Apr. 15. 18'JS; marriod Amanda, 
dauii-hter of Jud^jje Thomas Palmer, of Little Compton, K. L," 
May 3, ISSo. 


3253 .Vnna Stuakt, b. Feb. 19, 1841; in. C. II. Adiu-ton. 1S85; d. 

3254 I.-5ABELLA TuEor.OLD, b. Feb. 15, 1843; m. Rev. L. II. Bluke, .June, 187'j: 


3255 Rev. W.vllace E., b. Feb. 12, 1849: m. Sarah P. Cherry, Oct. 1, 1879; 

Also three children died in infancy. 

Rev. AVilliam Loomis Mather o-raduared at Hamilton College. Clin- 
ton, N. Y.. 1S2S. The early ministry of Mr. Mathex* was in New Eng- 
land, from whence he went West, and was sfttled over the Flyniuuth 
Congregational Church in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where he was 
greatly beloved by his people. At the breaking ont of the war he 
Went into the army, and was at the battle of Bull Run. He was Chap- 
lain of the 3d Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers. After more than 
a year's service he was compelled, by -failing he;ilth. to resign his post. 
He, however, by rest, recovered, and again returned to the army, and 
was commissioned by President Lincoln as U. S. Cliaplain; .stationed 
at Louisville and Xew Albany as Hospital Chaplain, and at Willer"s 
Point, X. Y. harbor, until the close of the war. Mr. Mather lived 
until Apr. l-i, ISGS, when he died at xVndover. Mass. It was at Au- 
dover where he prepared fur his ministry. 

•• His useful life, self-sacrificing and faithful devotion t'j God and 
to his country, have left a memory which his friends gratefully cher- 


ish." Polly Bun-itt. lii> irniadnioihor, was the sifter uf Elihu Burrirt. 
the '• Learned Blacksmith." His mother. Mehitalile Looinis. a kins- 
woman of Professor Y.. Loomis. LL.D., the distinguished mathemati- 
cian, a descendant of Joseph Loomis. the emigrant. 

His children: — Anna Stuart was, before her mai-riage, couaected 
with the Xormal Institute for Kindergartners in Boston, Mass.; Isa- 
bella T. married Rev. L. H. Blake, pastor of Immanuei Church. Boston 
Highlantls. The sou. Ki.'v. "^'allace E. ^Mathier, is settled in the minis- 
try, in Paris, N. Y. 

i:'2-2 Alonzo S. Mather'" (son of John W.^, Dr. SamueR Dr. 
Eleazar', Joseph', Richard-', Timothy^ Rev. Richard^ Thomas^. 
John'), of Norwich, Conn. Born 1S:3U; died June 22, 188.3: 
married Matilda B. Brockway, Sept. 20, 1852. 


?>2.j6 .John PtOOEi:?. h. 3Iay Iti, IS-")3: d. June IS, 1S53. 

'■j2'>'i James Fkanklix. b. June 8. ls.')4; m. d. 

32.j8 Acorsxrs F., b. Aug. 2:3, IsOtJ: m. d. 

32.31) JouN Cotton. b. July 2S, l^j-ls; ,1. July 21, bS-j!). 

;j2t}0 Charles K. W.. h. Nov. 0, 1>>M); m. d. 

;j261 Alonzo H., b. Jan. 12, l^tiO; ui. d. 

3262 S.\MCEL J., b. Jan. 1, Istjt): <1. July l-j, 18TU. 
3203 Frances Rebecca, b. Mch. 2. 1><T2: m. d. 

■ Alonzo S. Mather enlisted in the service of his country, fruni Leb- 
anon. Conn. ; was first lieutenant of his company. 

17.j'2 Alfred P. Mather" (.son of Charles Lee'-*, Frederick'. Elea- 
zar, M.D.'. Ju^epli'', Richard'. Timothy*. Rev. Richard', 
Thomas', John I), of Rockford, 111. Born Oct. 20, 18U3; died 
; married 


3264 .Sarah E., b. :M:iy 2.3, ls26: m. William Foss; d. 

32»}-3 Alfred Pekkin'^. b. Oct. 17, I'^'^O; m. 183.3; d. 

;)2f>fi Ci;lona, b. Aug. 2<;. 1832: m. -fohu F. Spi'iu er; d. 

;32t57 Horace F., b. Dec. 27, 1837; m. Mary E. Cook, Juu. 4, 1872; d. 


1734 Clorinda Mather" ('Ian. of Al.ram Perkins', Fl•eaerick^ Dr. 
Eleazar'. Josepli^ Richard', Timothy*, Pa:"v. Rich.irvP, Thon\as", 
John'), of Palmyra, Wis. Born Oct. 1!,», ISO.); died ; 
married Monroe ^TcKenzie, .Jan. 4, 1S29. 


3268 Charlottk M.. b. .July 25. 1830; m. d. 

32(50 FiJEDEiucK ?.[ATnKR, h. May 24, 1833; m. d. 

3270 PLrMv, b. Mch. 27, 183G; m. d. 

1735 Charles Mather'** (son of Abram Porkhis^ Frederick', Dr. 
Einazar", Joseph', Richard^, Timothy', Rev. Richard', Thomas-, 
John'), of Woodstock, Vt. Born Feb. 11. 1809; died July IS, 
1841); married Mary C. Wait. Apr. 11, 1833. 


3371 Wii.MAM W., b Feb. 25, 1834; d. Dec. 19. 1850. 

3272 W.. b, Aug. 14, 1837; m. Mary H. Tcnay, S'pt. 22. 18.58; d, 

Aug. 23, 1875. 

3273 Fkkdekick P., b. Sept. 1(5, 1843: m. Lorella Pollard. .Jim., 1804; d. 

3274 CiiARLF.5 D., b. Dec, 1847; m. d. 

174-5 Ozia.s Mather'" (sou of Augustus^, Dr. Angustus", Dr. Eloa- 
zar'. .Joseph*. Richard", Timo!by^ Rev. Richard"', Thoina.s", 
John'), of Alpena, Mich. Born in Parma, Monroe Co., X. Y., 
Aug. 10, 181.5; died iu Michigan, Mch. 19, 188iJ; married 
Susan A. Wright, Aug. 31, 1840; she died Oct. 10, 18S0. 


3275 Charles Edward, b, 184;J; d. June 20. 1845. 

3276 HvTTiE M., b. Aug. 20, 1844; m. B. G. PLUge; d. June 8, 1875. 

3277 John AcersTUS, b. Feb. 1, 184(5; m. Barbara A. (.'raig, Sept. 14 

1872: d. 

3278 Frank W., b. 1848; d. Aug. 1, 1849. 

3279 Ai.uERT IIenut. b. .Jan. 27, 1850; m. July 9, 1879: d. 
32>0 Ilr.iur.AND Wrkiht, b. d. Doo. 17, 1852. 

32^1 Edwin Auccsxtrs. b. d. Oct. 3, 1854. 

3282 AniuE VV.. b. Mch. 2s. 1.'^.55; anmarrifd: d. 

3283 Inork.^se. b. .June l;i, l'-5;); m. d. 


1747 Lury MatllCr"' ('lau. of Col. Jaraes', Dr. Augustus", Dr. 
Eloazer". Josopii", Richard', Tiinotliy^ Rev. Richard", Thomas^ 
John'), of Lempjlor, N. H. Born at Marlow. X. H.. 

1805; died ; married Xathan George, Mch., 1830. 


3284 RosiLLA J.. b. 3,rch. 7, 1839; m. Thomtis J. Xowgent. Sept. 30, ISoo; 

328") A., b. m. d. 

3286 OziAs M., b. m. d. 

3287 AT.A^•sos B., b. m. d. 

3288 Jo.sEPniNE A., b. in. d. 

1748 Ellsha H. Mather'" (■'ou of Col. James«, brother of above). 
of Lempster, X. H. Boru Fel). 28, 1809; died June (5, 1370; 
married Emily K. Giddiugs, Sept. 13, 1832; she died Aug., 


3289 Emilie E.. b. Jur.c 9. l-*33; m. Charles H. Shole.s, Apr. 22, 1S52; d. 

3290 Samaxda, b. yiay IT.. !•<:].): m. - d. Mch. 28, 18o9. 

3291 CrrAUi.r.s II., b. June 14. !s3T: m. d. Oct. 1, ISGl. 

3292 Ro( KwooD G., b. Jan. 10, 1840, m. Maria Whittemore, Nov., 1801; d. 

Sept. 30. 1874. 

3293 Lucy Adelia, b. Oct. 23. 1H43: m. (1^ Xelson .T. Smith, 18G4; 

(2) Tli'.m:>,s U. GonuaJe, 1880; d. 

3294 E.MMA, b. Oct. 29, 184.); m. d. June o. 18S1. 

1750 Ozias H. Matlier, M.D."^ (son of Col. James'-', brother of 
above), of Bosri..n, Mas?. Born in Marl<iw, X. H., May 21, 
1S15; died Oct. 20, lsG4; married Gratia Corr, 1841. 


SSg.'} IlENrY HoT.MES. b. Aug, 12, 1841; m. d. 

329(5 GuAiiA Et-<,ENrA. 1>. Oct. 0. 1844; in. d. 

3297 Gkoiuje Franklix. b. July 12, 184>^; m. d. 

3298 Louis KosscTn. b. Sept. 29, l8.")l; ni. d. 

175-2 Dr. All^JJlstus H. Mather'" (son or Col. JanuV, brother of 
abovv), of Orwell. N'ermont. I'.ora Nov. 25, 1821: died 
; married Marietta Leo. Feb. 2 4. 1^11. 






;520ft AtART Arr,r>TA. b. Feb. 8, 1843: m. d. 

3300 Ida Emo<;enk. b. July 18. 1847; m. d. 

3301 .I.v.MES Aror^TC^, b. July 13. 1S49: m. d. 

330-2 William HEi.iiEKT. b. Feb. 0, is.iO; m. 1878; d. Apr. 16, 1884. 

1753 Heiiry IJraiuard blather"' (son of Ozias, MI).'. Augustus. 
M.T).\V;ieazai\ .M.D.'. Ju--eph*. Richard^ Tituothy\ Rev. Rich- 
ard', Thomas", Juhn'), of Bo.>ton, Mass. TV.rn Aug. 20. I8l0; 
died Jan. 30. I8S1: married EUen Everett, dau. of Charles 
Everett. Sept. :>. 1840. 


3303 An only chiul. liom Oct. 20, 18')0, which did not live. 

Henrv Brainard ilather -was a dry goods merchant in Boston, ac 
first of the flrni or Mather & Goddard. hut for the last forty years of 
his life of LauT.'nce & Co. Ono of his partners, Amos .V. Lawrence, 
Esq.. wrote me after the death of ^Ir. 2^[;uher. saying that he held iiini 
in the highest esteem and that he was a remarkable man in all good 
qualities that go to make a true y;entleman. 

1754 Sanniel H. Mather, LL.D."' (son of Ozias, M.D.«, brother 
of above), of Cleveland. Dhiu. Born Mch. 20. isi;?; died 

: married Emily AV. Gregory, May H. 1842. 


3304 Frederick Gkecort. b. Aug. 11, 1849; ni. (DCorneli.-i II. Olcott. Oct. 

10, 1871; (2) Alice E. Yager, Nov. 11. l^.sO; 

330.-, CnARLES Henut, b. Xov. 4, 184.'); d. Feb. 4, 1846. 

3;^>0t) Elle>- Arc^csTA, b. Apr. 13, 1847; m. Rev. Dr. Richard 11. 

]\Iathcr, of Amherst College. 

Mr. Samuel H. Mather was a gratiuato of Dartmouth College, 
N. n., l.s.'U. In March 2. 1888. from a sketch of the graduates of the 
college. S. H. ^[ather is noticed, from which I extract tlie foil' -wing: 

"Sanuiflll. Mith.r, the President of the Society for Savings of Clew- 
laud. Ohic. probably niaua.ires the largest bank ever controlled by any gnidu- 


ate of Dartmontb. On Oct. ?,. 18S7, by ilin rejiort of the Bank Examiner of 
the State of Oliin, this siavinLrs bank had on dcpo.sir sl4,72-4.'2.').').17, l)csi(k'3 a 
surplus of si, 4:2 •4,787. IS. Thi-, liability to depositors is larger than that of 
any bank of any kind west of the Alleghauies. ami is surpas.sed by cnly a few 
anywhere. Mr. Mather ori^rinafed the Soeiety for f^avings in Ajiril. 1^4".'. and 
ai5 its [inncipal oilicer and manager pluekily >T()od by It during years of wait- 
ing and growth and of comparatively .--luall thing^5. until now for years its 
success has been a marvel in banking eircli.-s. Ir is no stock company for pri- 
vate gain. Mr. blather de-erves tin; applause of his college not oidy for the 
real greatne.s.s and high and beueticent ebarai-ttr of his success as a banker, 
but for what he has dnne fi>r (.'leveland in all iier reb'gious and educational in- 
stitutions and all good enterprises." 

The degree of LL.D. was conferred by Dartmoittli College in 1SS9 
on Samuel 11. Maclier. 

1755 3Iary Helen Matlier'" (dan. of Eloazer Watrous^ Dr. 
Augustu^^ -Dr. Eleazer'. Joseph", Richard', Timothy', Rev. 
Richard', Thomas^, Joliu'). of Hadlynie. Conji. Born at Had- 
lyme, Conn., 'Nov. S. 1838: married Bos'.veli Doane Spencer, 
Feb. 27. 1860. 


:3307 AoxES Is.vBELL, b. Feb. 17, ISGl; ra. d. 

330>< Roi;eut E.mmet, b. Xov. 4, 18(34; m. d. 

;WO0 ItEKBERT DOAXE. b. Oct. 8. 1^()S; m. d. 

3310 UoswELL Donald, b. Feb. 8, 187-2; ni. d, 

1760 William Williams Slather, LL.D.'' (son of EIeazar». 
Elea-:ar^ Eleazar. M.DJ. Josephs Ric]iard\ Tiraothy\ Rev. 
Richard', Thf)mas% John'), of Cokiiubu.s, Ohio. Born at IJrook- 
hTi, Conn., May 24, 1804; died at CoUimbus, Ohio, Feb. 2.3. is.3'j; 
marrieil (1) Emily Baker, June 20, 18.d0; she died Nov. 19. 
1850; (2j Mrs. Mary Curtiss, Aug. 21, 18ol; she died July IG, 


3311 RtcnARD. b. May :iO. 1831; m. Harriet Stimson, Feb. 22, 

lf<r,rr, d. 

3312 France? L., b. Feb. 17, ls:«; m. .1) J. Hamilton Richey, Dec. 

29, is./i; (2> Thomas Archer, lsU7; d. 





3;ji;i Elhahetu Bakoi. b. Ain-. 1, l^-)^; luiiiiarried; d. 

ooU Hannah Putnam, b. June 20. l^V-',-. la. Thomus A. Dmiliam. Sept. :i. 

o.M'> William Inckkask. b. July 10. Is4t3, in. ^liss Bmailwi U; d. 

:>ilG Geokge Cotton, b. Mch. !(•. Iboo; in. d. July !j, is'jo. 

3317 Increase. b. d. iu iiiiancy. 

3318 Cotton, b. d. iu inl'aiicy. 

PnoF. William Williams ^Iathei'v, LL.D. 

Sent to W(',-r Point 31ilitaiy Aradcniy in 1S23. 

Promoted To Second LieuTenant, Seventh Infantry. Jidy 1, 1828. 

Actiuir As'^i.staut Profes.sor of Chemistry, Miutraloury. and Geolog}' at West 
Point from June 29. 182!). to June 1, 183"». 

Promoted to First Lieutenant Dec. 4, 1834; resigned Aug. 31, 1836. 

.Profes.^or of Chemistry, university of Louisiana, 1836. 

Geologist of southeastern (luarter of New York State from 183(5 to 1844. 

Geologist of Ohio from 1837 to 1840. 

Geologist of Kentucky from 1838 to 1839. 

Professor of ZS'atural Science. L'niversity of Ohio, from 1842 to 1>4.'). 

Yice-Pre.sidcnt and actuig President. L'niversity of (;)luo, 184.j. 

Getilogical Surveyor anil Mining Engineer, in service ui mining companies 
on Lake Superior, from 1840 to 1847. 

Secretary State Board of Agviciiltnre from 184S to l8o2. 

Degree of LL.D. was conferred upon liim by Brown University, lihode 
Islantl, in le-j.j. 

Appointed by President of United States as. one of the Board (>f Visitors to 
West Point Military Academy in September. 18.'")4. 

In a memoir, puLlished by L J. Austin, of Xewport, Pi. I., in New 
England Historic and (jeuealogical t;ocit;ty, 1S83, also in painplilet form, 
containiuij aLout nineteen pages, we get a fine history of William W. 
Mather, who wa.s a classmate of Mr. Austin, in adilition to the various 
positions he tilled so well. He adcis: ■■ As an author upon subjects of 
. general science ami miscellaneous topics, his pafun's in t.'ii.s depart- 
ment, from l83(i to 1S35, number thirty -one. xifter the latter date, 
until just before his ih-cease, he was still engaged in congenial occu[ia- 
tions, but no record of them has l.ujen found." Mr. Austin (inishes 
his memoir of him as follows: 

" In the careerof Mv. .Mather. thu^> imperfectly sketclied, there can hardly 
fail to be perceived .^ome of the traits which cluiractcrized his distinguished 


progeiiitiir. Tliu cunscicntious ami piiticnt industry, the eaLrorness for kiiowl- 
t'dico, tlif tirm adlH renre to his sense of duty, tlic deep->ealed and siueere 
religious prim iple. \vlii( h were conspicuous in Richard ^latlier, were promi- 
nent ill his descendant. As the hite Dr. Pahner .justly nliserveil, 'In his 
death, science has lost a ma.ster and the eountry ;i benefactor.' His position 
in tlie ranks of knowledge cannot easily be tilled." 

Extracts in Western papers after his death: 

"Prof. ^y. W. Mather, an old and honored citizen of Columbus, Ohio, 
died at his residence on St;ite Street, Saturday inorninu;. In the death of Prof. 
Mather science has lo>t a master and our country a hencfactor. His pusiiion 
on the roll of knowledLre and research cannot easily be filled." After suni- 
niinu^ u]) his various jiositions of u.sefulnes^. adds: ''Tlie Professor had tiie 
largest and best collections of minerals and every description of yeoloyicul 
specinieus in the West. It is to be hoped this cabinet \\ill he placed in our 
State A^^ricultural Department of the Capitol, as a beuetit to the cause of 
science and a nv.mento of Prof. Mather." 

Another paper speaks thus of his decease: 

■■ In the viii-or lif manho>id, in the midst of Ids ur^efulness, with the purity 
of his life unsullied, the honors of his professional career untarnislicd, he has 
pa.sst:d away. He lived to honor his race and station; lie died to be missed 
and lamenleil. In these allusions to the deceased we have spoken of him 
only as a member of the comiuon brotherhood of our race, as the man of 
seience. intent upon the duties of his professional life. But to who knew 
him best the lionors he ii:\d won in iirher dei.iarlineuts of life were overshad- 
owed by the adornment- of those spiritual graces that so eminently character- 
ized him and endeared him ro those with whom he moved in Christian alliance 
and intercourse. In his extensive knowledge of the physical win-ld, in all his 
scientitic investigations, ho found nothing to foster the barren spirit of skepti- 
cism or a cold and cheerless inddelity. He found the name of ids God inscribed 
on the flinty rock. He looked down into the deep valleys and up to the lofty 
mountains: the voice oi the Almighty Crealoi' cann; up to him from the one, 
and ihiwn to him from t]:e other. Tlie deep recesses of the e;ulh, which he 
explored, taught him lesM'Usof the infnute wisdom, power, and goodness of 
the Deity. 

" He early enibnui'i. w;:h a warm and ardent faith, the revealed will of 
God as reeorded in His V.'ord. as ho felt, it coineided with tlie great book of 
n;uure, the lessons of whieh lie was daily readin-.;. In the winter of 1^:38-9 he 
eonniiied hini.self with 'Lc liijiti^t denomination, anii witii them conriuued to 
worship till his last siekri'-ss detained him from the house of Go<l. He was a 


member of tiio First I'aptist Church (;t' ('()luinl)us, ami iliose who have boeii 
in attf'iidance wiih him at tlie sanctuary for tlie l^ist few months of liis life 
coulct not but notice tlie inereaseil fervor of his devotions and the marked 
earnestness of his prayers and exhorrations. A^ his di^rase inei'eased upon 
him. and the probabilities of his recovery diniiinslied, I he cahnness of liis 
s:)irit and the tiruiness of his faith were never for a moment disturlji'd. lie 
looked at 'he past and saw it glidicr from his view, witluait reirret; he lookeil 
for the futtire. and it was all radiant witii the light and i^lory of immortality. 
The grave liad lost its terrors, the victory of a (''iiristiaii faith was Lis. lie 
spent tlie greater portion of his life among the liills. I'oc-k.s, and caverns of the 
earlii. Hi- made the earth his study. That carlh has now oi)ened her bosom 
to receive him. The earth can only claim that which is kindred with herself. 
All that she has given >he may take. A>lic;5 to allies, du>t to dust. God 
breathed into that manly frame the breath of life. He planteil there a living 
soul. What God thus gave He has iaken unto Himself. That noble intellect, 
that well-stored mind, freighteil with its treasures of earthly knowledge, 
adorned and beautitied by the sanctifying treasures of grace, our faith I'un 
follow in its trackless pathway up to the throne of God. The funeral s(.>iem- 
niti(-'S were deeply impressive. The pastor of tite church priMched an appro- 
priate discourse, and the rentains wen- d.'posited in their narrow home under 
the escort and amid the interesting and solemn obsequies of the ma.>ouic fra- 
ternity. 3Iay God sanctify the afflictive .'vent to the relatives and numerous 
friends uf the deceased." 

1 «(J1 Faiiuy Mather'' ("-lau. of Elnazar', Dr. Eleazar', Dr. Eleazar'. 
Jcseph^, Riciiard*, Timothy-. Rev. Richard^, Thomas', John'), 
of . 'Born March 12, ISOU; died Feb. 6, 1871; 

married David C. Bolles, Nov. 3, 1821. 


•d-.M'J Julia .V>n, b. Feb. 13, 1S2:J; m. Robert S. Lewis, Sept. o, 1800; 

3820 Chaules, b. m. d. 1840. 

3321 WiLLiAJi Matdfr. b. Feb. 2s, 182T; u\. Amar^ellis Lond, Oct. 21, 1852; 


3322 FR-VMCIS, b. Jan. 19. 1831; m. Henry W. McConn. .May o, 

18.12; d. 

3323 IIoJNArr Wili.i.vms. b. S.'pt. .l, 1833; m. D. W. E. Loudon, Apr. 28, 

18o2; d. :\r.ay 17, 1889. 
332-4 John, b. Feb. 2«, 1837; m. d. June, 1862. 

3325 Asa, b. Jane 20. 1840: ni. d. Apr. 21, 18G3. 




John Bolles was killed at the battle of Fair Oaks, befoi-e Rich 
moud. Asa graduated at West Point; died at Sacramento, Cal. 

1702 Elisal)etli 3Iather"' (dau. of Eleazar', sister of above), of 
Hudson, Wis. Born April 27, 1S16; died ; 

married James Hughes, Sept. 4, 1838. 

3336 Ele.vzak ^Iathek, 
3327 George Robert, 
33~'8 EuwiN Pexdletom. 

3329 J-VirEs Stmon, 

3330 Emily YiRr.i.Ni.v, 

3331 Ellen Cor.v. 

3333 Id.v Eu(;exl\. 
3333 Charles Edcar. 

3334: Fanny V/xlliams, 

33;^5 John IMaksiiall. 
8336 Lccics Augustus, 

3337 Elisabeth, 


b. ^riiy23. 1.S50; m. IMatikla Warner. Nov. 26, 

1S7G, d. 
h. Sept. 4, 1^40; m. A. il. Knowlcs, Oct. 20, 

186S; (1. 
b, July 31. lSi3; m. CVcolia Andrews. Oct. 19, 

1870; .1. 
b. Jan. 1, 1844; m. D. R. Marsh, Dec. 15, 1371; d. 
b. Feb. 22, 1846; m. d. 

b. Dec. 3. 1S4S; m. Cliarlus A. Audrow, Feb. 1, 

1872; d. 
b. Nov. 20. 18.30; d. May 23, 18ol. 
b. :May 8. 18o2; m. Cora F. Fiuldbiu., Nov. 1, 

1876; d. 
b. Aug. 8, 18o4: m. Cbarko II. Steele, Sept. 17, 

1877; d. 
b. Sept. 1, 1856; m. d. 

b. Nov. 38, 1859; m. d. 

b. Dec. 21. 1861; ra. d. 

' 1763 31artha Aim Mather'" (dau. of Eleazar\ Dr. Elea/.ar«, Dr. 
Eleazar", Joseph*, Richard^ Timothy*, Rev. Richard^, Thomas', 
John'), of I'rovidence, R. I. Born Jan. 9, 1827; died ; 

married (1) Simon L. Cotton, May 30, 1S48; (2) Dr. Hiram 
Holt, Mch. 30, 1858; he died Nov. 30, 1870. 


3338 Dr. John, 

b. May 15, 1849; m. Persis S. Storrs. Oct. 21, 1874; 
3339 WiLLi.vM 3IATHEB, b. Julv 18, 1851; m. Flora Melville Milne. Aug. 23, 

1877; d. 



•;*?5 ■^^ 






17Gi Lucy 3[;lther'"' (Jan. of Watrous^, Dr.•^ Dr. Eleazar", 
Joseph', Richard". Timothy\ Rev. Richaril', Thomas", John'), 
of Akron, Ohio. Born ; died 1885; 

married James Brown. 


3340 Daniel, 




3341 Lacra, 




3343 James, 




3343 Normal, 


d. youDg. 

1 766 Polly .^rather'" (■hiu. of Wm rous\ sist.u- of above), of Akron, 
Ohio. Bora ; married Nallian Darrow. . . 


3344 ^IiXEiiVA, b. m. Daniel Brown, her cousin; d. 

334.') LoiiiNPA. b. d. young. " 

3346 ELvmA, b. d. young. 

1768 WilliaiU T. 3Iiltlier'" (son of Watrous', in-other of abovo), 
of Chicago, 111. Born in Vermont, Jan. 12. 1812;. died Oct. 5, 
1887; married Sarah Chapman, 1834. 


3.^^7 Sarah .^I.. b. Dec. 29. 183.5; m. C. H. Spencer, Oct. 13, 1857; d. 
3:M8 Elvira D., b. Aug. 3, 1837; m. Lucian T. Barclay, Oct. 2, lSo7; d. 

Mr. T\'m. T. Mather was a man of prepossessing appearance and of 
fine social qualities, and a person of decided business alalities; was 
one of the founders of the Board of Trade in Chicago; he owned and 
sent the secon<l and third vessels that sailed direct from Chicago to 
Europe; he was a very extensive traveler in the United States, Eng- 
land, Ireland, Scotlan-1, France, Germany, also in Africa and on the 
Mediterranean Sea. 

1769 Elvira R. Mather'" ('h'^u. of Matrons', Dr. EIea.-^ar», Dr. 
Eleazar', Joseph', Richard', Timothy^ Rev. Richard', Thomas'-', 
John'), of Akron, Ohio. Born ; married 
John H. Crawford, 1835. 


joyed tlie compauiouship of his fellowmiMi. His langli was wholesome 
and lU'VLT cyuical. His appreciation ot' a kiiiiliK'ss was very keen. 
He was a bachelor, Tmt his respect for women was very liigh. He 
was absolutely free from pretension of every sort. The arrogance of 
wealth was so far removed from his nature that he dit.l not know what 
it meant. The plain manners which he had carried into his little 
grocery store wore not laid aside when he became a prosperous 1)ank<n\ 
Xot many knew him well, but those who did liked him and admired 
liim. He was a good landlord: after ihe reverses of 1.ST3, he went 
voluntarily to several of his tenants and proposed a reduction of their 
rents. Those who imagined him a peculiarly penurious man could 
not understand this; but he governed his life liy certain fi.xed rules of 
justice, and to a greater extent than many a professed philanthropist, 
he o>>eyed the precept of the Golden Rule — he treated others as he 
would wish them to treat him. 

" Early in the war. Mr. Mather made some wise and profital>le in- 
vestments in real estate, llis property rose in value, and people called 
him luckv. When he embarke'l in the l.iankiug business his future 
was freely predicted; but he belonged to the small class of men who 
never fail. His outlays were so small that he was always alile to keep 
a reserve fund. His investments were at once l)old and cautious; he 
thoroughly understood the rule of financial success. He bought when 
things were cheap. an<l sold when things were dear. At first sight it 
would appear that this is the universal rule, but it is seldom practiced. 
^^^len railroad shares which are now selling at par, were quoted at 
twenty cents on the dollar, not many persons could be induced to buy 
them, though they are in eager demand to-day. I>ut ilr. Mather 
bought, realizing enormous profits, which were e(iually open to all. 
He took risks. l.>ut so distrilujted his investnients that the failure of no 
one scheme, or two. (^r three, could endanger his fortune. He found 
his pleasure in the actjuisition of wealth; he diil not know how ti.> be 
e.\travagaui. In recent years he has always contributed modestly to 
all subscripti>.'n lists that were pre.sented to him, and in many ways he 
showetl that lie was trying to learn the art (^f spending money — in 
the accumidation of which he was a very mast>'r. But his final sick- 
ness came too s<rju fur him to make much advancement in that part 


Rev. Ricliard^ Thomas-. .Tnlin'). of ]\raTkcpati. Grr-en Lake 
Co., ^is. Born in Claivmont, X. IT.. M<!i. 1.'), 1S2:;: 
married Cyrus Xolsou Holbrook. Dec. 20, lS4b. 


3360.7 Walter Sterling, b. Aug. 20, ISoO; m. d. 

3360/t M.tiJEL JlAxnER, b. Apr. 30, l^Q'2; m. d. 

70; Samuel Sterling Mather^ (=;on of Eleazar. M.P.'. Eleazar. 
M.D.". Joseph^ Richards Timothy\ Rev. Richard', Thomas", 
JohnM, of Claremout, N. H. Born in Lvme. Conn.. I7SG; 

died in ]\[anchester, "Vi'is., .May 5, IS.S.'!: married Catherine, 
dau. of Nathaniel Chandler .^'ot, of Concord, X. H., Dec. 


ITT.)-; Samt-el "Williams, b. ]N[ay 25, 1819; m. Fanny Avers Jones, Feb. 5. 

1850; d. Sept. 19, LSso. 
1TT5A C-A.THERINE .J.\NE. b. Mch. 15, ls23; m. Cyrus Nelson Holbrook, Dee. 

20, 1S4S. 

[The family records of Samuel S. blather cnme in too late lo go on page 
245. in the earlier generation, and is place I with his children's.] 

177G Aiinira Whittlesey 31ather'"' (dau. of Samud R. S.^ Dr. 
Eli.-ha^ Dr. Eleazar", Josepii*. Ricliard', Timothy', Rev. Rich- 
ai^P, Thomas^ John'), of Saylirook. Conn. Burn June 27, 
1S13; married Capt. John D. Ingraham, May l", l><:'.:i; lie 
died Oct. 17, 1875. 

ingraham CHILDREN. 

33fil John M.\tuer. b. Oct. 22, 1^35; d. Feb. 19, 1^36. 
33t;2 John R., b. Mch. 11. ls<37: d. ilay 5, ls38. 

.3303 John D., b. May 6, 1S;U); m. d. Apr. 28, 1875. 

33(U Uerrert, b. Oct. 25, 1^41: d. Sept. 30, 1843. 

3;;fi5 Mary J., b. Oct. 2, 1843: ni. Hon. Lyman Trum1)ull; d. 

33i]t> Annie Elisahetii, b. July 5, 1X47; m. d. June 25. isr,5. 

33G7 JrLlA Trumri-ll. b. Jan. fi, 1>(53; m. (apt. Geo. S. Rankin, Sept. 3. 

1879; d. 


Hon. livman Trumbull was a descendant of Dr. Elisha Matlicr. Ity 
his mother, Elisabeth Mather. He has held many offices in state and 
national affairs. 

1777 Samuel Rogers Seldeii Mather'" (son of Samuel R. S.', 
Dr. Elisha^ Dr. Eleazars Joseph^ Richard', Timothy^ Rev. 
Richard^, Thomas'', John'), of Clarkson, N. Y. Born at Say- 
brook, Conn., Mch. 17, 1815; die«l at Clarkson. Feb. 1.3, 1846; 
married Emily L. Clark, of Clarkson, Aug. 13, 1S39; she died 
Mch. 1, 1S45. 


3368 Almira TTmTTLESET. b. Mcb. 27, 1841; m. C. H. Brooks, 1864; 

he d. 1868: d. 1884. 

3369 Gektrvde Emilt. b. Feb. 14, 1843; m. F. G. Bell, Sept., 1860: ^h. 

Bell d. Nov. 28, 1881; d. Dec. G, 1882. 

1790 Ellslia Matlier'" (son of Dr. Elisha^, Dr. Elisha^ Dr. Elea- 
zar", Josepb', Richard', TimothyS Rev. Richards Thomas-, 
John'), of Sodus, X. Y. Born at Sodus, Xov. 3. 18 IG; died 
Feb. 3, 1877; married Catherine Barker. Sept. 20. 1842. 


3370 SrsAX P., b. Aug. 20, 1845; unmarried; d. 

3371 F.i.rsvnETU Selden. b. Sept. 2, 1S48; m. TVm. Eatou Sill, ; d. 

3372 Elisua Barker, b. Nov. 3, I80I; m. Annie Preston. Dec. 17, 1874; 


' Susan r. Mather was ordained to ihe ofBce of deaconness by 
Bishop Cox. Dec. 21, 1SS9. 

1706 Titu^J Clark Xatlier'" (son of Dr. Ezra S.^ Dr. Elisha', 

Dr. Elfaza7'", J.jseph", Richards Timothy^ Rev. Richard', 
Thomas', John'), of Essex. Conn. Born in Es.sox, Feb. 29, 
1824; died ; married Mrs. Sarah .M. Utterwell, 

1852; she died Sept. 7, 1879. 


3373 Ezra Selden, b. Fob. 22, 1833; m. Mary L. Armstrong, Sept. 16, 

1879; d. 


1797 Mortimer SeMcii 3Iatlier'"' [^^n of Dr. Ezra S.^, broiher of 
iibuVL-j. if E;^^^'x, Conn. Born in Essex, Dec. 23, 1S2S; mar- 
ried Eliza Ann Pratt, June 10, 1863. 


3374 Roger Selden, b. Fob. '28. I>iii4; cl. Nov. 26, 18(55. 

3375 Roger Seldex. io, b. Mch. 8, l^tJT; m. d. 

3376 A.xNn-. ElisabkiH. b. Jan.. 11, ISOO; ni. d. 

3377 Florence Emilt. b. Dec. li, 1873; m. d. 

1801 Ulysses Matlier'' (son of Dr. Ulysses^, Dr. E!is]la^ Dr. 
Eltvazar". JosL-pii^ Richard.^, Tiuiothy', Rev. Ricliard'^, Thomas', 
Jolin'), of .?aybrook. Conn. Born in Saybrook, Conn., Apr. 3, 
1S23; died in China, ; married Lydia E. Wright, 



33T7rt David Allen, b. Au^:. 10, 1851: unmarried; lives in Kansas; d. 
33776 JosnuA Wri<;ht. b. Oct. ls53; unmurried; lives in Kansas; d. 

3377'.' George Coxw.\.y, b. 1855; d. 1856, 

180*2 Laura Matlier'" (dau. of Dr. ^lysses^ sister of above), of 
Raleii:h. X. C. Born in Saybrook, Conn., Xov. 23, 1824; mar- 
ried Thomas M. Dyer, Apr., 1848. 


3377(< Ulysses M.vther, b. 1849; m. d. 

180<) Reubeu Lord Mather'" (son of Elijah^ Jolm', John'. 
Joseph'. Richard-', Timothy*, Rev. Richard^ Thomas-, John'), 
of Fenner, Madison County, X. Y". Born Feb. 15, ISOO; died 
Feb. 19, 1881; married X'ancy Hutchinson, Mch. 10, 1^22: 
she died Aug. 18, 1877. 

children. , 

3378 Reuben L.. b. Dec. 28, 1822: m. Delia L. Barber, 1844; d. 
337'J Elijah Selden', b. Dec. !>, 1^24; m. Martha A. Faruhara. 1854; 

d. Aug. 14, 18S7. 

3380 DEiirNDA A.. b. Dec. 5, ls26; iinnuirried; d. 

3381 Peter Smith, b. Apr. 18, 1829; m. 8arab West, IMO; d. 

3382 DavujU., 1). Apr, 14, 1834; ui. Ellen Howard, ls59; d. 


338:5 IIf.nuvS., b. 3[;i.y 1">, ISoO; in. Jennie Slocuiii, Oct. 21, l^Ul; d. 

3;384 LfTUKU P., h. Sept. o, ls;JS; unniarrieil; d. 

3385 Lydia E., b. Meh. 13, 1844; m. .Martin liemiett, ISCO; d. 

1S07 Sally Jlniervu 3Iiither'" ('lau. of Elijah^ sister of above), 
of Lyme. < '(.'nil. lioi-n t'ct. 8, ISO I: died : married 

Richard Eoyce. Nov. '2(5. 1 329; he died Xov., 1887. 


3386 Lizzie E., b. X..v. l:', 1>^30: m. d. 

3387 CAxnKUiXE.M., h. June 2i\ 1832; ui. d. 
338S Rot.Er. .Siikkman. b. Feb. 24, 1837: m. il. 

3389 KicriARDM., b. Dec. 17, 183!); m. d. ^[clJ., 18^7. 

1800 Luther Piorson Mather'" (^ou of Elijali^ brother of 
above), of CoiumJiia Cross Roads, I'a. Born Sept. 28, iSO.i; 
died : married Lucretia E. Newberry. 1832; 

she died Apr. 7. 1871. 


3390 Joseph E.. b. Sept. 18, 1844; in. ' d. 

1813 Nancy Brown Mather"' ('"lau. of Elijah', sister of above), of 
Homer. Midi. Bora at Brenner, Madison Co., N. Y., July 17, 
1813; married Cyrus Heath. Sept. 10. 1832. 


' 3391 Cyrus, b. Apr. 36. 1834; m. Eliza Janes. Jan. 2. 1859; d. 

3392 Adelia, b. Apr. 21, 1837; lu. Clias. 15. Smith, Feb. 22, 

1870; d. 

3393 George W., b. Au:^. 10, 1838; m. >[aria Janes, Dec. 31, 1803; d. 

3394 William Wallace, b. Nov. 24, 1841; ni. Iretta Newtcm, Jan. b, 1801; 


3395 Eliza, b. Feb. 6, 1848; m. May 12, 1869; .1. 

1814 John 0. Mather"' (son of John^ John'. John-, Joseph*. 
Richard^ Timotliy*. Rev. Ricliard', Thomas', John'), of Rich- 
mond. Ontario County, N. Y. Born March 25, 1805; died 
June 1, 18G2; married Abigail Johnson, Sept. 29, 1831. 


:3:i'.»<j Hahuiet, b. Sept. 2o. 1S;':3: m. Ileury GcjudsiU; d. 
u39T J.vxE, b. Uci. '27. 18;36; uumarried; i.s dead. 

3398 Sylvestek. b. Oct. 13, 183S; 

1S15 Elisha K. Matlier" (^on of Jolm'. brother of above), of 
Bristol Ontario County. X. Y. Born Xuv. 'Jl. l^(l^;; died 

; niarrie(i (1) Ann Gooding, Jan. .'Jl, 183"J; [2) 
Permelia Horton. 


3399 Aj.nEUT G., b. )lay 3. 1S:!.j: m. d. 
34U0 Maucis E., b. Mch. 31, is.l:>; m. d. 

3401 Ann E.. b. Aug-, -^o, 18.".; m. d. 

3402 Ei.LEX C, b. Oct^ IC, is.j'.); n-.. d. 

3403 Jorrs- E., b. Sept. 1. 1801; in. d. 

3404 Charles F., b. Aug. 2o, 1803; rn. d. 
3403 Jexn'IE L., b. Jan. 19, 18(r): m. d. 

3406 Addie a.. b. Feb. 19. 18GT; m. d. 

1817 Joseph H. Mather'" (sou of John-', brother ui above), of 
Livonia, Livingstone Cotmty, X. Y. Bovn July 17, 1811: 
married Hannah Jerome, Oct. oO, 1834. 


3407 Caroline, b. Dec. 22, 1^3o. m. Edwin P. Mead, Dec 17, 1857; d. 

. May 14, 18>ii. 

3408 JonN J., b. July 4. l^m-, in. d. July 17, 18.36. 

3409 S. Jane, b. Aug. 3. 1843; ni. Xuuh Adams, Dee. 21, 1870; d. 
;J410 Fidelia S., b. Meh. 17, 1^46: ni. d. Feb. 11, 1864. 
iUll Henry J., b.' Apr. 20, ls49; in. Jo^ie L. Holmes, Dec. 28, 1881; d. 

3412 Mary E., b. Aug. 10, l8-Jo; d, July 10, 18.j7. 

1818 HuMa 3Iather'" (dau. of John', sister of above), of 

Born June 10. 1814; died ISSS; married Allen Smith, 

Sept. 15, 1S31; he died Jan. 25. 1840. 


3413 Eouert, b. m. Ann Auldrich; d. 

3414 ALnKRT, b. m. Mima Gilbert; d. 

3415 Horace, b. m. d. 

3416 Fidelia, b. m. Ikuic Southwortli; d. 



ISiy .Siirall A. 3I:it!ier'" ('Uui. oi Jolm", John', Juhn^ Juseph^ 
KicliarJ', Timothy*. Rev. Kicliaixl'', Thomas". John'), of Lima, 
X. Y. Born April 21, 1816; married Henry Buell, Dec. 28, 


3417 Edwin MAxnEii. h. Oct. ;5, 18-40; m. ; is dead. 

341« Makia, b. July lo. Ib42; m. 

3419 Maklette, b. Oct. 5, 1844; uninan-ied; d. 

•di2i) Helen, b. Jan. 1, lti48; in. Xc^illu C. Haskins, Mch. 3, 

1880; d. 

3421 .IcLiA Act.UsT.l. b. June 19, 1853; ui. Jam.js W. Maitiu, Apr. 28, 

18T5; d. 

3422 William Henry, b. Jan. 8, 1855; m. Cora R. Reed, Nov. 23, 1882; 


1S2'2 Rev. Joseph H. 3Iat]ier"' (son of Jo.?eph H.«, John', John', 
JoseiJi", Kichard", Timothy", Rc-v. RirhartP, Thonjas". John'), 
of Deep River, Conn. Born Sept. 2G, H2U: died May .3, 1852; 
married Rachel Crane Rich of Boston, Mass., Nov. 1.'^, 1 84 7. 


3423 JosErn H., 3d, b. May 24, 1849; m. d. Oct. 7, 1877; 

member of Cott(iti E.xclianffc, Now York. 

3424 Sa-Muel Webb, b. Aug. 20, 18ol; d. Sept. 8, 1852. 

The widuw of Rev. Joseph H. Mather (Mr.-:. Rachel C. R. Mather) 
Jias spent many year.s of her life since the death of her husband in 
establishing a colored school at Beaufort, South Carolina, and she has 
been ■■ery successful there. The school is called the '• Mather School," 
and has many friends at the North. 

lS'2'i ('apt. Sjiiuiiel 'Wehb 3Ijlther"' (son of Joseph H.'', brother 
of above), of Deep River, Conn. Born (Jet. 3, 1824; died 
March 22. 18(32: married Frances A. Tilfany, May 2.5, 1S:)2. 


3420 Catuerine Frances, b. Nov. 2. 1857; m. CLarles Hubbard: d. 








Samuel "Vre1>b Mather was killo'l in ilie army at Florida. Mrs. 
Hubbard lias two oliiKhvn, Catherine, born Sept. 13, 1S70;. Samuel 
Mather, born Dec. 3, ISSl. 

Samuel Webb Mather, second sou of Joseph Pliggius and of Cath- 
erine TTebb, was born in Deep River, Saybrook Township, Conn., in 

At an earlv age he exhibited nautical traits and instincts in high 
degree, and at the age of sixteen years was permitted, reluctanrly, by 
his father, to make a voyage to China, as a l.ioy " before the mast." 

His unusual qualities as a sailor aitracre.] the attention of Commo- 
dore R. B. Forbes of Boston, one of the most accompli.4ied command- 
ers of the century, who was a passenger on the return trip with Samuel. 

Commodore Forbes, though an entire stranger to Samuel and to 
his family Tjefore. wrote to his father, urgently recommending that 
Samuel be educated and fitted as a seaman for command. 

This advice was followed, and Commodore Forbes and his brother 
were ever after his firm friends. 

When thirty-one years of age, Captain Mather was chosen to com- 
mand the American clipper ship Ni'jlifhi'ime, of Boston, in the inter- 
national contest between her and the British clipper ship Chnlhixjir, 
from Shanghai, China, to London. 

The Xi'il'fin'j'de had just been beaten in a race over the same 
waters. Under her new captain she reached the English cliannel 
nearly two weeks ahead of the Lluilknye,; and restored the supremacy 
of the "Stars and Stripes.'' 

At the personal request of Commodore Maury, who was at the 
head of the Hydrographic Bureau at Washington in 18.33. Captain 
Mather pursued the -'great circle course" projected by Maury, for 
doubling the Cape of Good Hope in making the Australian passage, 
demonstrating new and most important theories and facts in ocean 
navigation, and reducino; the thue from New York to ^Melbourne from 
ninety-two days to seventy-six, which has never been equaled by any 
other sailing ship. 

He also shortened the time from the China Sea to London, and 
made other memorable voyages, which are recordt.'d in the "United 


States Government Sailing Directions/" and in the Bureau of Hvdrog- 
raphy at Wasliingtou. and are followed as ocean routes. 

Captain Mather exph^'ed and found new channels in the China 
Sea, sometimes with a small hoat and hand lead, and added much to 
the nautical literature of his country. 

He many times circumnavigated the glolie, and was received with 
public demonstrations of respect and of regard in tlie principal mari- 
time cities of the world. 

In ISGl, Dt the outhreak of the Civil AVar, the ships and ofB.-ers of 
the Navy being scattered to remote points, a •■ Union Defence Cotn- 
mittee" was organized, consisting of tlie most eminent merchants, 
business men. and citi;^ens of Xew York, Boston, and Philadel])hia, 
auxilii.ry to the Secretary of the Xavy. Captain Mather was the first 
officer chosen and commissioned under the auspices of that committee 
in the naval ser\-ice. 

He took more prizes iu 1861 than any other commander in the 

He commanded under the flags of Commodore Stringham and of 
Commodore Dupont, winning commendation from them and from the 

Captain blather fell, killed instantly, receiving many balls, while 
leading an attack on forts on the Atlantic coast at Musquito Inlet, 

His loss was greatly deplored. Comn>odore Dupont wrote of him 
in the highest eulogy. 

His body was returned with his arms with honor by the insurgents, 
assigning as a reason that he had fought so l)ravely and fall._-u so 

His remains were sent North by the g.->vernment, and lie in his 
native village. 

Secretary "Welles, in announciuij: his loss to the country, in puldic 
orders, said: ■•Captain .\[atlier had no superior among that patriotic 
class of men who have been translVrn;d to the Navy from tlie 
Mercantile Marine." 


1825 Jolni Cotton Mather'"' (son of Jo?oph II.', brother of al.ove), 
of IVm'P lliuiv. Cuim. Boru May 'J, IS.IO; died Doc. '24, 18G0; 
married Julia M. Belclier, May "27, lS.'/2. 


3420 Julia Adel.vtde, b. Feb. 5. l?<."j(j; m. Rev. E. P. Farnbam, June 20. 

1879; d. 

3427 Lottie Belcher, b. Jan. 26, lt>o8: m. J. 

1808 Francis .Te^ett Matlier'"* (^on of Joseph", brother of above). 
of Murr^town. X. Y. I'lorn June 10, 1S3.5; diod ; 

marri</d Caroline A. Graves, Nov. '27, l.SGG. dan. of Rnfus 


3428 Fr.\nk J., Jr., b. July 6, ls68: m d. 
3420 Hr.Ma- A., b. Mcii 31. 1S70: m. d. 

3430 Sidney G.. b. Jlay 20, 1872: m. d. 

3431 RuFCsG., b. Moil. 10. 1874; 111. d. 

3432 Herbert K.. b. :Moh. 20, 1877; m. d. 

3433 M.\rgaret G., b. Oct. 11, 1878; in. d. 

Francis J. ilather is a lawyer in New York but resides in New 
Jersey, and is engaged with his brother. H. TX'. Marlier. in manufac- 
turing. He is in prosperou.s ciTcumstances and has a very nice family 
arouu-1 him. It wouul seem that his cup of onjoymonr nuglit be 
quite full. He has practiced in New York with Judge Selden, Wm. 
M. Evarts, Church & Parsons, and other able men of the New York 

1832 Al'.nond T). Mather'" (son of Nathaniel F.^ JoseI)h^ J<^hn', 
Joseph". KudiaixP, Tuii.>rhy^ Rev. Kichardl TiionuiS", John'), 
of Mc(rrawvilie, N. Y. in Freetown. N. Y.. Jiuie 2 4. 
1824; died ; married Laura A. Durkee. May !». 



34^4 Jessie A. MEF.IA. b. Au^;. 30. l^Ol; m. >[ay 11, 1878; d. 

343.'5 Nathaniel Fillmore, b. Nov. 30, 1803; in. d. 

3^i30 Kttie LoiisE, b. Sept. 10. 1^74; m. d. 

3437 Anna, b. July 20. 1878; ra. d. 


183-t Nathaniel Fillmore Mather"' (s'on of Xaihaniel F.", 
in•'ith^•l• of al.o\i/j. >.f C'iii'tori Si>rings, X. Y. Born in Cort- 
land, y. Y., Sept.' 24, lS2i); died ; marriHd 
Martha A. Gaddis. June 22, 1S54. 

3438 Mary Ada, b. Dec. 10, l-^o-^: m. d. 

3439MettaA.. b. Apr. 19. ls.-)7; m. d. 

3440 ■\\'rLLiA5[ II., b. Auc. 4, l^'i"); m. d. 

3441 Jr.oSE A., b. Aug. -24, ISiTl; m, d. 

3442 C'l.AKA F-Ei.L. 1). Sept. 4, 1ST3; m. d. 

3443 Ln.A :*rAT, b. ^Irh. 9, ISTo; in. d. 

3444 Clacde, b. 3Iay 29, 1878; m. d. 

1^3:, James H. 3Iather-' (son of John'-", Joseph'. John'. Joseph^. 
Richard', Timothy*. Kev. Richards Thomas^ John'), (.f Brad- 
ford, Penn., and Milv%-aukoe, "^'is. Born iu Sherburne, X. Y., 
Nov. 7, IS 19; married Sally L. AVoodworrli, June 2, 18.10. 


3445 Enwrx T.. b. McL. 9, 1S40; m. Emma B. Bannister, July 3, 1860; d. 

Jan. 7, 1886. 

1847 Jedediah Peek Mather'" (son of Lnther F.», Stephen", 
John", Jo<epli^ Kiohard', 'rimothy\ Rev. Richard^ Thomas^, 
John'), of Council Grove, Kan.-^as. Born in "Watertown. N. Y., 
Apr. 13. IS 15; died ; married Sally Amelia 

Deming, Feb. 11. 1841. 


3446 Adelaide. b. Apr. 8, 1843; m. .b'bn Parmer, 1864; d. 

3447 IlAUiirETT. b. .July 9. 1845; m. Alviu Tibbits. isiJO; d. 

3448 EcoENE b. Oct. 14, 1847; ni. d. 

3449 JosEiMn.NE. b. Sept., l^•■)0; m. d. 
34.1O I.F.ON D.. b. Sept., 18.13; lu. d. 
34ol Sybil. b. Dec. is.j.^; m. Goo. Mnnkcrs, 1873; d. 
34';2 Genevieve, b. 1859; ra. <1. 
3453 Eliza. b. I860; m. d. 


1848 Joseph Peck Mather'" (=oii of Lutlier r.", brother of abuve), 
•Ji . Boru Nov. 27, 1819; died 

; married (1) ; (2) 


o-k'A Chakles p., b. Sept. '28, 1S31; ai. d. 

;J4o.j AnxniTiE.. b. Aug. 14, ISijO; m. d. 

3456 Willie, b. Oct. 2S, 18G6; m. d. 

1851 Steplieu Day Mather'" (.-iori of Andrew- A.", Stephen', Juhii', 
Joseph'', Rii:h;ii-d\ Timothy', Rev. Kichard=, Thomas-, John'), 
of Ellington, X. Y. Born Aug. 21, I^IS; died Dec. .'J. ls<J3; 
married Ly^iia Rubbles, Sept. 20, 1S52; she died Oct. SO, lb73. 


3457 LuMAX RoLLiN, b. N(jv. 16. 1853; m. Ellon Will)ur, Dec. i3, 187'j; d. 
;i458 Rose Malvixa, b. Ang. 15, 1855; m. d. 

1855 Lewis Lee Mather "'(^^on of Andrew A.", Stephen-, John'', 
Joseph^ Ricliard^ Tnnothy^ Rev.- Richard', Thomas^, Jolin'), 
of Ellingt-.n. X. Y. Born Sept. 26, 182t3; died Apr. 28. ISGCJ; 
married Sally Stalford, Dec. 28, 1S4'J; she eiied. Apn-., 1884. 


3459 Adkldert, b. July 4, 1853; m. d. 

3460 Frank, b. June, 1856; m. Xellie E. Cook, Nov. 26, 1878; d. 

3461 Alice. b. Mch., 1861; m. David Van Vleeck, Nov. 6, 1880; d. 

3462 Eugene. b. June, 1863; m. d. 

3463 Frederick, b. ^lay, 1865; m. d. 

185G Jollll Wesley 31ather'° (sou of Andrew A.^ Stephen", Jolinl 
Jo.seph", liiciiard-'. Tiniotliy*, Rev. Richard^ Thonuis% John'), 
of Ellington. X. Y. Born X'ov. ;}, 1828; married Eliza 
Horgg, Oct. 15, 1854. 


3464 LiDA. 1). July 12. 1860; m. Scott Uarshmau, Oct. 10, 18,80; d Apr 

24, 1881. 

3465 Henry, b. Oct.. 1861: m. d. 


1S5T Wllitcomb .Mather'"' {^^ii- of Andrew A.', hmther ot above), 
of Elliti.uiuii, X. Y. Born Apr. *J1, 1833; died ; 

married Sophia K. Olds, Jan. 6, 18G3. 


3466 HoKACK LiMS. b. Xuv. iS. 1803; m. d. 

3400.'.I.i.Mi.s Delos. b. Sept. 8, isGi); ni. d. 

1S50 Caroline E. 31atlier"' (dau. of Dan'. Stepllen^ John', 
Joseph'. Richard', Timothy*, Rev. Rich;u-iV', Thonia^-. .John"), 
of Eorn .Vpr. 13. l8'-'4; died June 4, 18J4; 

married Justus Norton, Nov. 28, 1S49. 

NOKTON <: niLD. 

3407 Elle>;. b. in. 11. Penrose: d. 

PcDrose children — Bertha, Maria, Elsie, William. Hubert. V/esky, Milo, 
and a baby. 

IJSOO Maria A. 3Iatiiei-» (dau. of Dan', Stephen". John', Joseph", 
Richard', Timothy^. Rev. Richard', ThoInas^ John'), of CUirks- 
ville. Iowa. Born Xov. 2(3, 1827; married C. B. Xelson, Xov. 
9, 1847. 


34G8 Aj[y, b. m. d. 

3409 :Makion, b. unmarried; d. 1878. 

3470 LiLLLVN. b. m. Willis 0. Robinsou, 1877; d. 

3471 C.vnoLiNE. b. m. Cli.-irles Lcet; ih 

• 347:2 CiiARLEs A., b. 1.8.58; m. Caroline Stockwell, Sept. I'J, 1881: d. 

3473 Yv'esley M., b. ISGO: m. Auua J. iivahh. :Mc1i., 1«S(3; d. 
Lillian Xel.->un Robinson has a daughter. Amy. 

Caroline Xelson Leet had four children, Ilarley, Xelson, Charlie, Carrie. 

18G1 t'Jiarles T. Matlier'" (son of Dan^ l.rother of aLove), of 
Ckrksviile. Iowa. Born Oct. 22. 1831; .lied ; 

married Caroline Tripp, Jan. 30, 18.jfi. 


3474 Jessie Gertrl-de. b. Dec. 28. 18oC; m. Edwiu H. Shjsson, July 28, 

1878: .1. 
347.J CiL.\ULK>. .AIa.koN, b. Dec. o, Is.l^; m. Laura A. Ebersold, Jan. 10, 

1881; d. 


3476 Celia A.Nt.KLi.NE. b. 3I(li. 20, ISGl : in. Geo. C. My-att, Jkli. C, ISjSO; 


3477 LocELLv Makia, b. Apr. 9. istju; m. Cliarles C. Cloukey, May 5, 

1S88; d. 

3478 KATEniiXE Si'raouk, b. Xov. fj, 1875: m. d. 
347!) Damel 8tei're>', b. Apr. 'J, 1878; m. d. 

186-: Steplieu D. Mather'" (sou of Dau^ l^i-other of ahove). of 
Belvidere, Fraukiin Co., Teun. Boru Feb. KJ, 1S37; married 
Eebecca Stamper, Oct. 12, 1865. 


34^0 RoxAVA, b. d. young. 

3481 Bessie, b. lu. "Will Horlou, Oct. 20, 1887; d. Feb. 19, 

34S2 Victor, b. d. at 11 years of age. 

3483 Nellie, b. d. at 17 

1863 Milo E. Mather" (son of Dan», brother of above), of Los 
Aiiireies, Cal. Born Sept. 17, IS 4.3; married Florence Miller, 
^lav 15, l8t;S. 


3484 Luther, b. 1871; m. d. 

3485 Edv,-i:s, b. 187.5; in. d. 
348G Veknu-M, b. 1880; m. d. 

1S6J: Maria M. Mather'^ (dau. of Elisha Peck', Stepllen^ John', 
Joseph'^, Richards Tiuiorhy*, Pu-v. Richard^, Thomas^, John'), 
of Clarksviile, X. Y. Bora at Utsego, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1820; 
married Jarius J. Barker, Mch. 26, 1S54. 


3487 LcciA E., b. Dfc. 23, 18.')6: m. d. 

3488 Edi;.\p. T.. b. Feb. 28, 1866; m. d. 

3489 Fii.v>-KLix. b. Feb. 7, iJjOS; m. d. 

1806 Miny L, Mather'" (dan. of Elisha ^eck^ sister of above), of 
Clarksviile. X. V. Uovn Dec. 2i), 1830; married Stephen H. 
Peckham. Oct. 17,' 1857; he killed in the army, June, 18(3 1. 



3490 WiLLAKD L., b. ^ept. '24, 18o8: m. Auuit; A. Xuwniau, Feb. 20, 1880; 


1867 Jane 31. MjltllCI*-" ('lau. of Elisha reck", .sister of abuve), of 
ClarksvUIe. N. Y.. airi of Iowa. Boru Oct. (j, 1S41; married 
M. D. Liiruey. Sept. 5, 1S65. 


3401 Locis E., b. Sept. 19, ISTO: m. d. 

3402 BuiiTON B., b. Apr. I'J, 1>73: ni. d. 

1S98 S.'lliy Ann ^latlier^" ('lau. «( Ju'l--.' liiram Foote .Matlier». 
Gibl»ou6\ BenJaTniir. Joseph*, PdcLani\ Tiiuotliy^, Rev. Rich- 
ard^, Thomas^, John*), of Xiles, Mich. Bm'u at Auburn. N'. Y., 
Oct. 19, 1S2.5; died May 21, 1837; married AVm. Broughton 
Beeson, Feb. 12, 1846. 


3403 Sydney LntNosTOX, b. Jan. 14. 1847; m. d. 

3404 Lewis Hyde. b. Sept. 20. ISoO: m. d. 

1899' Joseph Cole Mather'" (son of Judge H. F. ^rathel•^ brother 
of above). 01 Sail Lake City, Utah. lioru May 17, 1833; mar- 
ried Clarissa Lev\-is. of London. England. IS.jC; she died at 
Salt Lake City. 1875. 


3495 Cl.uiiss.v. b. d. young. 

Joseph Cole Mather was born in Elbridge. X. Y.. He lived for 

'some years in Chicago, prior to 1864: later in Cannon City, Neb., 

Atchison City. Kan., Hanibal and St. Joseph, and ( )inaha:, and from 

there settled in Sal: Lake City, where he was an agent of the Omaha 

Smelting and Refining Co. 

1900 Laura Hannah Mather'" (dau. of Judge H. F. Mather", 
sister of aiove), of yilt;s, Mich. Born at Elbridge. X. Y., 
May 3, \sZo; died Feb. 5, 186.5; iuarried George McClure 
■ Welles, 18.:6. 



3496 Ralph Mather, b. Ai)r. 3, is.";?; d. Jan. 24, 1801. 

:i497 IlARRiKTr }'RKNricE, b. 3[cli. 7. 1^'>'J: m. d. 

0408 Ellex W'F.nnER. b. 1363; ra. d. 

190:j Mary Amanda 3[ather"' (dan. of Judge H. F. Mather', 
sister ol abovyj, oi J;uu\-5vilit\ "Wis., late of Anl>virn, X. Y. 
Born at Elbridge, X. Y., Jan. 2.'). 1842; married Lewis Hunt, 
Sept. 17, 18G3, a leather meichaut. 


34;)9 Thomas Meriuck, b. Juue 29, 1864; m. d. 

1913 Auieiia Koxainia Mather'" (dau. of Daniel W.». ^;iMK■.ns^ 
Benjamin", Joseph", l-licllard^ Timothy*. Bev. RicliarcP, Tliumas", 
John'"), of Cincinnati. ( ». Born at Xile.s, Mich., Sept. 7, IS48; 
married Kenton Harper Peebles, June 3, 18r,9; ]io dieil July 
21. 1877. ,^ 


3.JO0 Arthtr Stephsox, b. Sept. 9, 1870: m. d. 

3.")00'(WrLLiA.\i Sharp, b. Julv 7, 1874; m. d. 

1917 Catherine Mather'" (dau. of William^ William^ Benjamin^ 
Jos'.-ph'. Bichard\ Timothy', Rev. Richard', Thomas'-', Jolin'), of 
Albany, X. Y. Born May 23, 1822; married Abi-ani Udell, 
Xov. 30, 1844; he died Feb. 1, 18 74. 


3o01 Chester, b. July 23, 1845: d. Apr. 3, 1858. 

3.302 Hattie E.. b. Sept. 2.j, 1847; m. Jame.s R. Reid, Apr. 14, 1864; d. 

3o03 Albert. b. Jlay 15, ISIO; d. Feb. 16, 18.33. 

3.3U4 Wallace, b. Oct. 2, 185.3; d. Aug-. 30, 1.862. 

3-305 C.\TiiERtXE. b. Apr. 16, 1^60; d. Au;^. 15, 

195-1: Cassius Lamar Mather''" (son of Elias W.», Elias^ Benja- 
min", Joseph", Richard^ Timothy^ Rev. Richard^, Thomas^, 
John'), of Atchi.s(.ii, Kan, Born at Twirisburgh, O.. Xov. 26, 
1840; married Rebecca Wilber .Peal>ody, Aug. l.>, isii.l, of 
Newport, R. I. 



3506 Fanny, b. Apr. 10, ISGT: m. d. 

3r,07 Alice, b. Feb. 26, ISOn, m. d. 

3.003 George Elia?, b. May 31. 1871; m. d. 

3509 Mary EMir.Y, b. Mcii. 24, 1874; m. d. 

3510 Clara Louise, b. Oct. 13. 1880; m. d. 

1061 Mary Ann 3Iather' ' ((lau. of Beujamin Franklin^ Elias^ 
Beujauiin'. Joseph*. RichariP, Timothy', Rov. Richard-', Thomas", 
Jolin'). i:'i Newark. X. .J. Born in Williamstuw-n, Mass.. <Jct. 1, 
. 1833; married J. Clemout French, IXD.. l)oc. 2.5, 185(j. 


3511 Franklin "Warner, b. Dec. 17. 1857: m. d. 

3512 Mary Emerson, b. May 12, 1861; m. d. 

3513 Kate Mather, b. Apr. 11, 1868; m. d. 

Rev. Dr. French is a very prominent and altle Presbyterian 

1063 Samuel Tyler Mather'" (son of Benjamin Franklin^ Elias', 

■ Benjamin", Josephs Richard'. Timothy', Rev. Richard'. Thomas*, 

John'), of Ashtield. ^la-ss. Born in Williamstown, Mass., 

July 11. 1839; married Caroline Southworth, March 20, 1860. 


3514 Minnie, b. Aug. 19, I860; m. d. 

3515 3IARY EMn.Y, b. Apr. 24. 1862; m. Willard B. Clark: d. 

3516 Grace, b. Nov. 29, 1864: m. d. 

3517 Sumner .Sot-th-worth, b. July 30. 1874; m. d. 

Samuel Tyler Mather is a very successful merchant in Ashtield. 

106i Benjamin Franklin Mather, Jr.'" (son of Benjanun 
Franklin', and brother of above), of Williamstown. .Mass. 
Born in Williamstovn. Julv 16, isil; married L. Jane Sher- 
man. June, 1 860. 


3518 Frederick, b. Sept. 19, 1861; ni. d. 


Benjanun Franklin blather, Jr., succeeds his fatlier in the lon^- 
ePtal)lishe^l au'l prosperous hiisiuess that liis father had heeu so 
suecesst'ul iu. 

VMM Ahiijail 3Iarvin Matlier'' (dau. of Benjamin Franklin', 
and sister of al>'jve), of Willianistown, Mass. Born in Wil- 
liamstown. Oct. 1, I^IG; married Dr. Lntiior Dana AVoodl>rldu,'e. 
July 2.-'., 1879. 


3519 Homer Edviarps, b. bept. 28, 18S2; m. d. 

3.T20 Be>m. Matiter, b. Nov. .',, ls<4; ni. d. 

3i521 Elisabetti Daxa, b. Apr. 23. 1886: m. d. 

Dr. AVoodhridge was from .Perth Amboy. X. J. He graduated at 
Williams College in 1872. He taught one year at Roberts College, 
Constantinople: then returned to the United States and took charge of 
Physical Training in 'Williams College, and later went to the College 
of Physicians and Surgeons, Twenty-third Street, New York, where 
he graduated in 1877. and was for a time'in Roosevelt and Chambers 
Street Hospitals. After his marriage, 1879, he traveled in Europe, 
and spent some time in the hospitals in Vienna and London. He is 
now Connected with Williams College as Professor of Anatomy. Physi- 
ology, and Hygiene; also practices medicine iu town as well as the 


1969 3Iartha Ellen Mather" (dau. of Benjamin Franklin^, 
Ellas'. Benjamin", Joseph'', Richard', Timothy^ Rev. Riciuu-d". 
Thomas'-, John'), of Ulysses, Xeb. Born iu Williamstown. 
Mass., Jan. 19, 1S50; married Arthur Hale, July 12, 1882. 


3322 Marg.uiet REBEr-CA, b. Sept. l.j, 1884; m. d. 

Zr>-2:i Fi{ANt-E> Matuer. b. Jan. 22, 1.><8IJ; .1. Aug. 28. 1886. 

3.j24: K\rrn-:uiNE Loui.-^e, b. Ocr. 17, 1987; ni. d. 

3o2.j Elisaueth Ixouam, b. July 4, 1889; m. d. 

Mr. Plale is cashier of a bank in Ulysses, Nel). 


lOTO Kntheriiie Matlier'" ('l^^u. of Ronjamir. F.«. and sister of 
a'oovo), 01 Wilnanistowu, Ma?i5. Born in AVilliamstown, 
Fel>. U. 18.:)2; marrie-l BiishnoU Dauforth. Oct. 5, ISSO. 


3526 AxxA Ttler. b. -Jnihi 6. 1SS3; m. «1. 

Mr. Dauforth. is posnnaster of Wiliiamstown, 1SS9. 

lOSl Ira Arms Milther'' (son of Frank*. JoseiM Benjamin', 
Josei^h', RicLapi^ Tiniotliy*. Rpv. Tlionias-. John'), 
of Cleveland. Ohio. Born in Slielburne Falls. Mass., Feb. 3, 
1S37: married Jennie A. Jewett, Aug. 15. ISGO, of Granbv, 


8527 Fr.\xk M.\l%'ern. b. Dec. 80. 1862; m. " <1. 

•852« Alice Gektrc',.>e. b. Oct. 29. 1866; d. Apr. 1, 186^. 

19S3 Henry AYilliaui Matlier'' (son of Franks brother of above), 
of Clevelau'l, Ohio. ' Born in Deeitielci. Mass;.. Juno 1.'). 1845; 
•married Emma Augusta Chevalier. Oct. 1. 18t>S. 


8521) IIexry Chevalier, b. Xov.-S, 1869; ni. d. 

85:30 Clar.v M., b. Dec. 25, 1871; d. Feb. 20. 1^*72. 

3(581 Cli>-tox Edward, b. June 26, 1874; m. d. 

Mr. H. W. Mather is a manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio. 

191)6 Deacon Myron H. Matlier'" (son of Dea. Benjamin', Jo- 
seph', Benjamin'. Joseph^ Richard'. Timothy^ Rev. Richard', 
Thomas'. J.^hn' ). of Altoona, 111. Born in Alto- ,na, 111.. May 31, 
1S4G: married Marj' C. Waldo, ^[ay 2. ISCS. 


3582 JcDD, b. Apr. 11. 1869; m. d. 

3588 Frank IIo\vard, b. Apr. 6. 1871; d. Nov. 28, 1880. 


11)*J7 ArteilUlS Chupill Mather'" {="U ul Dcu. Beiijiauirr*. i.rother 
oi ultovr), of Ayi-. Sn\). I'lovn Sept. 10, 1S48; niai-ric'd Eliza 
Edgerton, Sept. 11, 1873. 


3-534 Millie Eleoxok.^, b. July 20, 1S74; m. d. 

oo3-j 3[.i.i'.Y, b. Apr. 2G, ISTti; in. d. 

3530 Florence Eliz.\, b. Nov. 27. 1S7S: m. d. 

•20-:3 Emily A. Miltiier'" (<.lau. of Cbarles^ Cotton', Benjaniin-, 
Joseph', Kichard^ Tiiuothy*, Kev. Richard^ Tiiuiiuis-, John'), 
of Xeuiii. 01ii':>. Born i]i Sutfield, Cunu., Sept. 23, 1S34; 
married E. H. Manger, Oct. o, 1861. 


3537 Clara S., b. July 13, 1^62; m. d. 

3538 John C. b. Dec. 24, 18i33: m. d. 

3539 LaucaE., ' b. Oct. 28, 1866; m. d. 
3-540 Ed-MI-nd, b. Sept. 26, 1860; ni. d. 
3-541 ^IaryA.. b. Oct. 15. 1871; ui. d. 
3.542 Charleb Mather. b. Apr. 13, 1876; m. d. 

20-24: 31ai\V Auirusta Mather'" (da-a. of Cliarles^, sister ol <<l.ove), 
of Hartford, Conn. Born in Suilield. Conn., July '11, 1836; 
married Gerry Hastings. Nov. 2. 1865. 


3-543 Fr.^nkH.. b. Apr. 28. 1866: m. d. 

2025 Clara Satfonl Mather"' (dau. of Cl^•u•les^ Cotton-\ Bonja- 
inin". Jo>i:-ph'\ Kicliard^ Tiulothy^ Rev. Richard'', Thonuis-. 
John'), of Hartford, Conn. Born in Suilield. Conn.. PVb. I'l, 
1S4U; married Isaac Grlazier, Sept. -J, IbGO. 


3.5U Charles M.vTHER, b. Xov. 2, 1S61; ni. d. 

3-54-5 Daniel J., b. Jan. 20. ls(i-5; m. Maude Josephine Coles, Dec. 

19, l.^s'): d. 
3546 Frederick D.. b. Feb. 11, l>^(i6: ni. d. 

3.547 KoKERT C, b. May 17, 1870; m. d. 


302G AVillhim Cotton 31;ither'" (^on ot l',>mj: Franklin^ Cotton', 
Bcajiuniu', Ju.-iepli", RicluuxP, Timothy*, Rev. Hieiuirii^, 
Thomas*, Jchii'). of Sutlield, Conn. Born in Sullield, Mch. ."j, 
1840; married Louise M. Wright, Sept. Id, 1867. 


S'AS CoKDKLi.v LociSE, b. Jan. '2~>, 1^72; m. d. 

3-541) IxAS LcKLLA, b. Jul}- 2'J, 1875: m. d. 

202*.) Ella Cordelia Mather'" (dau. of B^'nj. B\«, sister oi alcove), 
of Sufficld, Conn. I^oru in Suliield. Doc. 14, 185U; married 
John B. Loomis. Oct. 11, 1876. 


3550 BuRRETT, b. June 17, 1878; m. d. 

8551 Frank Rising, b. Feb. 8, 1S80; m. d. 

2030 Minnie Anna Matlier'" (dau. of Benj. F.^, sister of above), of 
SutKeld. Conn. P.urn in Suffield, July 10, 18.53; married Peth 
K. Sikes, Xov. 7, 1878. 


3552 Xelson 3lATnER. b. Aug. 10, 1880; m. d. 

2033 Charles Marsh field .Mather'" (f^on of Charles H.^ Marsh- 
field i*.-^. Beuiamin", Josepli''. Ri(.•hard^ Tiinothy\ Rev. liicli- 
ard'', Thomas^", John'), of ^liddletown. Conn. Born Mav "22, 
1841; serve.! in the Civil "War — 2d Re.Lit. Inft., Co. A.. Apr. 
20 to :May 7. 1861; Isr Lieiu. 21st Regt. Inft., Co. I. Aug. 7. 
1862 to Sept. .'. lvS62; died Feb. 13, 1868; married Emma 
, Feb. 14. 186.5. 


3553 Mary It., b. Nuv. 17, 1>?65: d. Oct. 10. 1867. 

3554 Grace L., b. Mth. S. 1867; d. TJec. 13, 1867. 



2018 Xiir.v Anil Matlier'" (flau. of EliIlu^ Phineas", Timoiliy", 
William', Atherron^ Tiniothy\ Rov. Kiclull•d^ Tliomas'. John'), 
of Albion, X. Y. Born Jan. 9, 1*^08; died Jan. 2'2, 1S90; 
raai-ried John Youno;. Oct. 8, 1820. 

35.W EuyicE Miller, 

3556 Emilt L.. 
B557 Ei.!nu AIatheu, 
3558 C-ViiOLi>E H., 

3.>59 :\Iart a., ) 
3500 ^Martha A., ) 


b. .Tu'ly 26. 1827; m. Jolm E. Brush. Nov. 14. 18.34; 

d.Dec. 3. 1883. 
b. Sept. 21, ls-28; lu. d. 

b. Julv 30, ;s:',iv d. Dec. 16, 1832. 
b. Meii. 26, 1832; m. ^Vm. H. Cusick, .June 18, 

1854; d. 

m. Aucil R. Patterson, Xov. 20, 

tTvin^. b. June 20, 1834; 

1859; d. 



3.361 Henht Mather. b. June 19, 1836; in. Francis :M. Miller. Nor. 18. 

1862; d. 

3.562 Lathrop Miller, b. Apr. 28, 1838; d. Jane 30, 1839. 

3.563 MalO-NE S., b. Nov. 17, 18 tU; m. Datus M. Wright, Nov. 8, 

1871; d. 
3564 Jons H., b. Sept. 3, 1842; m^ Hannob E. Thomas, Jan. 3, 

1865; d. 

3.565 Anx Eliza, b. May 3, 1845; m. Geo. H. Byington, Jan. 29. 

1867; d. 

3.566 Joseph Dwight, b. May 21, 1847; d. Sept. 20, 1848. 

2040 David M. Mather'" (son of Ebhu', brother of .above), of 
Lockport N. Y. Bom Sept. 19. 1810; died May 2. 1S84; 
married Malona Mather, his second cousin, Sept. 23, 18:^.4; slie 
died Julv 13, 1878. 

3.567 Enwrs- L., b. 
3568 F O.. b. 


m. Fanny Moore ; she died Apr., 1881; d. 
m. d. 

3051 Louisa Matlier'" (dan. of .Tanle.s^ rinnea.?', Timothy', Wil- 
liam'", Ath<?rt<"i\ Timuthy\ Kov. Richard^, Tliomas". John'), of 
Bethany, Genesee Co., N. Y. Born Nov. 17, Is It; married 

(1) Wheeler M. Dewey, Sept. 30, 1833; ho died Dec. 1. 18 11; 

(2) Samuel Perry, Nov., IS.>.5. 



3573 Jackson- M., 


3573 DwiGKT C. 


3574 Frank, 


3575 Eva, 


3576 Clark, 
















35*i9 DwTonT M.. I). 

3570 Y.'QEELtu M., b. 

3571 James C, b. 


2054 Eunice Mather'" ('^■''^i- of Jumes^ sister of ahove), of Clark- 
son, Monroe Co., N. Y. Born wSept. 12. 1S21; died at Roches- 
tor, N. Y., Apr. 1.3, l'-^')!); married Daniel T. Walbrid^e, Anu;. 
10, 1S41; he died in ls67. 

walbridctE children. 

3577 Daniel M., b. Oct. 15, 1S42; m. Mary Elliot Joy, Sopt. 3, 1S07; d. 

3578 Mary ELOii-E, b. Apr. 1. 1S47; lu. Daniel ^Vest Hush, June T, 1S71, d. 

3579 Fanny Ekfie, b. Moh. 17. 1840; d. Apr. 15. ls.5!). 

Eleventh (Jincriitiov. 
ilary E. W. and Daniel West Bu.sli"s children are: 

3580 John Fellow^?, b. Mch. 7, 1871; m. d. 

3581 Eloise. b. Jan. 10, 1870: ra. d. 

3582 Daniel Tilden, b. Feb. 12, 1877; ni. d. 

3583 Fanny, b. Dec. 12, 1878; ni. d. 

3584 Esther D., b. Feb. 17, 1882; m. d. 

3585 Mary Stone, b. Sept. 10, 1884; to. d. 

2055 OeoriJP Mather'" (son of James'', Phinea.s^ Timothy", Wil- 
liam", ALliertou\ Timothy\ Rev. liichanl". Thomas.-, Joiin'). of 
Gaines. N. Y. Born Sept. D), 1S24; married Mary A. Crane. 
Oct. 11, 1840. 


3586 Orrtn C, b. An::. 2<). 1853; m. d. 

3587 Sarah C. b. An-. 0, l>i.->5; .1. June 14. 1858. 

3588 Cr.ARA J., b. July 1^,, lv.-,s; m. Gcoriri- M. '^awrns. Jan. 25, 1883; d. 


Eleventh Genemtion. 
Clara J. Mather and George M. Saweiis have oue child — 
3589 CuAULES M^THEn, b. Apr. 7, 1S86. 

*20.j6 Elleil Mather"* ('b^'i- of James'-', sister of ahove), of Xew 
York. Boru June 2, lf<26; mavrifd Jadij:e Noah Davis, Jr., 
May 15, 1S45. 


35y0 LocisE, b. m. John .Sw;:u; d. 

3591 Frances Acgl"sta. b. m. d. 

3592 Hattik Adallse, b. m. d. 

3593 Nellie 3L>ry, b. Aug. 3, 186-4; m. Geo. T. Montgomery, June 4. 

1888; d. 

Eleteiith Genemtion. 
Nellie M. Davis and Geo, Taylor Montgomery have one eliild. — 

3594 Hesteu E.. b. Feb. IS, 1890; m. d. 

Judge Davis was l^oru iu Haverhill, X. H.. Sept. 10, ISIS; was 
educated at Albion, X. Y. ; admitted to the 1iar iS41; became partner, 
in 1844, with Sanford E. Church: in 1S57, Justice in Supreme Court: 
in Congress 18t39-70; U. S. Attorney 1870. He tried and sentenced 
\Vm. M. Tweed. 

2058 Mary blather'" ('-Ian. or James'^, sister of above), of Gaines, 
X. Y. Born Mch. 17, ls:!l; married Howard Abeel Oct. "JU, 


3595 Jame- Mather, b. Aug. 16, 1853; m. (1) Hattie S. William.s, Sept. 

14, 1S76; she died Aug. 3, 1877; ('2) Clara Emily 
Sweet, Aug. 6, 1879; d. 
359G K.vTE Co.NTiNE. b. June 12, 18."",6; m. d. 

3597 Fa.sny Kkfie, b. Sept. 12, 1^58; m. d. 

3598 M-UUA LoLiSE, b. May 26. 1864; m. Francis J. Bamett, Aug. 12, 

1884; d. 

3599 Cuakles Howard, b. June 15. 1867; m. d. 



Ek ■•en th Generation. 

Muria L. Abecl uuJ Francis J. Baruett" s childruu are: 

3600 Fk.vnces Madaline. b. Apr. 1, 1S80; m. 
3C01 Howard A., b. Jan. 3, 1889; m. 


3050 Henry T. Mather'" (son of Rufus', ^llirleas^ Timot.hv", Wil- 
liam'. Achenon\ Timotliy\ Rev. Riebard-', Tliomas", Joliu'), of 
Marlboro, Vt. Born Mch. 20, 1816; died Apr. 20, 1.854; mar- 
ried Lucy Ingraliam, Oct. 12, IS-il. 

3602 Lucy Emerson, 

3603 He-NRV. 

3604 Willie, 

3605 He-n-rtF., 




184T; ra. 


1848; d. 



1849: d. 





. 1852: m. 

d. Dec, 


d. Feb. 10, 1883. 

Henry F. Matiier. graduate of Yale College, 1^71;. practiced la.w 
with his uncle, Poner Ingram, of Columbus, Ga., where he died at the 
age of thirty years. 

2060 Lucy Maria 31atlier' ('hm. of Rufus', sLster of above), of 
AYest Springfield. Mass. Born June 5, 1820; married Aaron 
Bagg, Oct. 1^^ 1S37. 

3606 Aaron, .Jr., 

3607 Lucy M.vria, 

3608 KcFus Mather. 

3609 Jorrs Scllivax. 


b. June 21, 1839; m. ^larv Ann Heath, June 9 

1869; d. 
b. June 26. 1843: m. d. 

b. Dec. 20, 1844; m. Marv E. Bartholomew, Dec 

20, IS60; d. 
b. Dec. 31, 1848: m. Louise E. Shivelen, Mav 30 

1872; d. 

3610 Edw.vrd P.YRSOXS, b. Aug. 28, 18o5: m. 


2062 Eliza Jane .Mather" (da;i. of Rufus', sister of al>ove), of 
Fee- ling ilil!.^. Mass. Born May 1!i. isi>:5; nArried John 
Taylor, May 19. 1845. 



sun .Joiix EM>rEi;sox, b. m. d. 

31512 Edv, akd jIatueu, b. m. d. 

3G13 RcKCS Mather. b. m. ' d. 

3614 Geobge Hekuert, b. m. d. 

*JOT() JollJl Mather'" (son of Elijah', ^hineas^ Timotliy', \VilliHiii«, 
Atiierton^ Timothy^ Rev. Kieliard'', Tliomas^, John'), of Johu- 
.son's Creek. Niagara Co., X. Y. Born Jan. IS. lSo7; married 
JaueE. Bradley. Nov. 9, 187U. 


3615 Jay R.. b. Due. 9, 1871; m. d. 
30:6 MiNZRVA E.. b. Oct. 7, 1873; m. d. 
3017M.\ryE., b. Nov. 11, 1876; m. d. 

3618 Helen, b. Sept. 21, 1880; d. Apr, 15. 1881. 

2077 Ileleil Mather'" (Jan. of Eliiali^. Phineas^ Timothy', Wil- 
liam^, Atlierton^, Timothy*, Rev. Richards Thomas-. John'), of 

. Born Jan. 27. 18^0; died Sept. 9, 
1SS7; married Dan :^IcCllu•e, Mch. 19, 1868. 

m'^clcre child. 

3619 M.VRY L., b. Feb. 22 1869; ni. d. 

2115 Hannah Mather'^ ('hm. of David^. Timotliy', Tiniothy", Wil" 
Ham®, Athertoii', Timothy*. Rev. Richard^, Thomas'. John'), of 
T\'est Springtield, Mass. Born Sept. 12, 1818; died Sept. 5. 
1836: married Aaron Bagg, Nov. 17, 18o-4. 


3620 Hannah, b. May 9, 1836; m, Ethau Brooks, Jan. 1, 18o6; d. 

They have two children. Hattie (who married D. Cole), h. Nov. 11, 
1858; Lucy (not married), h. May 21, 1S65. 

2117 Au.i^nsta C. Mather'" ('lau. of David", sister of al)Ove), of 
Marlboro. Vt. Born Mcli. 2';. 1>2.3; died Apr. 13, 1889;* 
uiarried Clark L. Adams, Apr. 24, 1844. 



3621 H.NNNA M. 
8622 Edwin P., 

3624 IIf.xry S., 
oG2o Claua £., 


b! Feb. 2, ls40: m. d. Apr. 2, 1S72. 

b. Oct. If;?, l'<4::<; m. (1) ^liuerva E. Adams. Dec. 31, 

1ST2; (2) Idd E. Dalryinple. Aug. 23, 1882-. d. 
b. Juui; 19, ISjO: m. d. Juue 27, I'^TT. 

b. July 2, 1>.32: m. Chark-^ A. Adams, Dec. 31, lt<72; 


2121 Frederick W. Matliei-^ (son of Timothy', Timothy^ Tim- 
othy'', "Wiiliiuii^, Aihertou', Timothy*, Rev. KichanP, Thomas", 
John'), of Coieraine, Ma<5. Boru Uct. 13, ISIG; died 

; married. (1) Betsey T\'inchester, Mch. H. Is 14; she 
die'l Mch. ], 1S72; (-J) Celinda Tattei-son. 


3026 Alice. 


Feb. 3. 1847: m. 


3627 Eliza, 


Aug. 4, 1849: m. 


3628 Lelia II.. 


Feb. 1, 1>;J2: m. Henry .1. Smith: 




Nov. 24, 18>'5: m. 


3630 , 


Aug. 1, 18j0: m. 


3631 Alice, 


Feb. 13. 1872; m. 


3632 Maky, 


Xuv. 10. l8'7o: m. 


3033 Jonx A.. 


Julv 30, 1876; m. 


2125 John Adams Mather"'" (-son of Timothy', brother of above). 

of KichiauJ, Main. Burn in Marlboro, Vt.. July 1.3. 1S22; 
died 1875; married Mary E. Benedict. Sept. 2, 1847. 

3634 James S., 


b. Jan. 8, 1852; m. Emma E. Fanning, Nov. 11, 1873; 

363."; Fredeuick W.. 1). Feb. 5, 1854: m. Emma E. Clark. Jan. 10, 1875; d. 

3636 JouN H., b. Mch. 19, 1^57: m. Anna B. Fanumg, July 9, 1879: 


3637 Harriet E., b. June 21. 1848; m. J.Jm M. Gilbert. Oct. 7, 1869; d. 

3638 Mart A., b. Aldi. 7, 1>'50; m. O. M. Bradford, Xov. 11,1873; d. 

2128 Liiciiia 3Iaria .Mather'" (dau. of Timothy^ Timothy', Tiin- 
• othy', Wiiham^ A:hertcln^ Timothy*. Rev. Ricliard^ Th<naa:s'-'. 

John'), of Hinsdale. X. H. Born June 29, 1829; niariied 
Ozro Wright, June. 1S51. 



3639 Chari-es Trestox, b. Jan. 21, 18.j2: m. d. 

3G40 GEORiiE il-VTiiEU. b. July 0, 18o3: m. d. 

3641 Adalixe Poxd. b. July 29, 1855; d. Sept. 14. 1S63. 

3642 Hah iirET Cornelia. )). July 10. 1H57; d. Sept. 3, 1863. 

3643 Lovi? Ran-dolfh. b. Oct. 20, 18.58; d. Sept. 19, 1863. 
3C44 Frederick Wm., b. Feb. 15, 1860; d. Sept. IT, 1>^63. 
3645 John Taylor, b. Apr. 18, 1863: m. Oct. 2s, 18s4; d. 
3(546 IIattie Alida, b. Nov. 13, 1865; ni. d. 

3647 Alice. b. Any;. 29, 1867; m. d. 

George Mather Wright has two children — Ahda M., born 1S88, 
Raymond Mather, 1S9U. 

21*20 Abii;;iil A. Mather'" (dau. of Timothy', sister of above), of 
MarHioro, Vt. Born at Marlboi'o, Vt., June o, 1831; died 
April 5, 18.59; man-ied J. H. Ilaimlton, Feb. ^4, 1S3'2. 

iiamilton chllorex. 

3648 LEr^LLE Henry, b. Dec. 6, 1852; m. d. 

3649 Carlton- Mather, b. Apr. 19, is.54; m. Ellen L. Halliuliy, Aus. 12, 

1870; d. 

3650 Ed.;ar Emerson, b. Apr. 1, 1S56; d. June 28, 1862. 

3651 .TosErit Wrioht, b. Sept. 4, 1857: m. d. 

.3652 Ar.iGAiL M.. b. Apr. 5. 1S.59: m. J. G. Stafford. July 31. 1880; d. 

2l:iO Cotton Matlier" (son of Timothy^ brother of a>>ove), of 
^Vest Brattlelioro, Vt. Born at Marl])oro, Vt., March 19. is;;:); 
married Seraph P. Whitaker, June I, 18. 58. 


3653 SERArn Annette, b. :May 17, 1860: m, d. 

3654 Myron Irmno. b Auu'. 30, 1861; in. ."^fattie Thurbcr. Jan. 5, ISS.",; .1. 

3655 FA.NNrE Auei.l, b. xVpr. 13. 1863; d. Mcli. 14. 1864. 

3656 Hattie Florette, b. Dec. 31, 18C4; m. d. 

3657 Sylvia Etta, b. Nov. 13, 1866; d. Sept. 7. 1877. 

3658 Olive Estell. b. May 16. 1868; m. d. 
8659 Helen Amelia. 1). Dec. 2, 1870; m. d. 

3660 Artulr, b. Aug. 8, 1873; d. Oct. 13. 1873. 

3661 Geor<;e Everett, b. Auir. 3. 1877; in. il. 


2131 Dwi-ilt 3Iiller Jlatlier"'" (son of Timothy', Tiraothy^ Tim- 
othy", AVillianf, Atlierti'u', Timolliy*. Rev. Richard''. Thomas^ 
John'), of Marlboro. Vr. Born June 20, 1S35; married Lura 
H. Xims, Xov. 24, 1S59. 


3662 DArGHTER, b. Jan. 23, 1863: d. i^ame day. 

3663 Edward EMEnsox. b. .Tau. '29, 1864: m. d. 
3064 Adema Amanda, b. Nov. 1.5, 186.5: d. May 30. 1S68. 
306.J Mary Lizzie. b. :',rch. '26. 1867; d. Apr. 15, 1868. 

3666 Lella 3[at, b. .-viay 29, 1869; ra. d. 

3667 Ro.^E Alice. b. Xov. 29,1872; m. d. 

3668 3ITROX 3lARCELLrs, b. Oct. 5, 1874; d. Oct. 3, 1877. 

2144 Milo S. -father" (son of WiiUanl^ Timot.lly^ Timothy^ 
William", Atherton\ Timothy^, Rev. Richards Thomas-, John'), 
of Bishop Street, X. Y. Born Jan. 28, 1821; married Adelia 
S. Httnting, March 4, 1840. 


3669 P>..\xcES E.. b. May 26. 1850; m. G. II. Collins. Dec. 12. 1872:" d. 

3670 Jean J., b. May 8, 1856; ra. d. 

3671 Ida M.. h. Apr. 26. 1N.5'.); m. d. 

3672 SEDr4WicK, b. Mch. 11, 1864: ra. d. 

2145 Simeon Alatlier'" (son of William', brother of above), of 
Adams, X. Y. Born June 10, 1822: married Mary E. Green, 

« June 3, 1S47. 


3673 Adei-bert G.. b. 3Iay 25, 1848; m. Libbie Aslow, Dec. 31, 1872; d. 

3674 Foster D.. b. .Jidy 25, 1851; m d. 

3675 LiDA E., b. Apr. 15, 1860; m. d. 

21 40 George blather'" (son of William^ brother of above), of 
Adams. Jciron^ou County. X. Y. Born Oct. 4, 1824; married 
Jane Murray, Dec. 11, 1807. 


3676 Jennie, b. Sept. 6, 1870; ra . d. 


2154- Cotton Mather'" (^on of Cotton^ Timothy^ Timothy-, Wil- 
liam", Aihertou', Timothy*. Rt-v. RichanP, Thomas^, John'), of 
Marlboro, Vt. Bora June 15, ISot: married Emeline Tugram, 
June 7, 1S56; she died Feb. 10, 1SS3. 


3677 Ett.v Carrie, b. Apr. 23, 18-59; m. d. Sept.. 1S79. 

3678 Mary Helex, b. Jidy 10, 1862; m. rt. 

2145 Georgiaiia Mather'" (dan. of Cotton^ sisier of above), of 
^larlboro, V:. Bom March "27, is.OG; married Willard X. 
Whitney, May 15, 1S55. 


3679 George E.. b. Dec 4, 18o7; m. d. 
3630 Lucy ^L. h. Mdi. 11, I860; m. d. 
3081 Florence M., b. Nov. 2-4. 1864; m. d. 
3683 Dorr R., b. July 30, 1S66; m. d. 

2156 Olive R. Mather"- (dau. of Cotton', sister of above), of 
Marlboro, Vt. Born May 7, 18.'?8; married Carley P. Wliitney, 
Dec. o, 1S57. 

vthitsey children. 

3683 Annette Estelle, b. June 6, 1863; m. d. 

3684 Ro>siE .Mather, b. .May l.j, 18C6; d. Dec. 10, 1867. 

3685 Erne.'^t Mather, b. Dec. 11. 1870; m. d. 

3686 Mabel Sakrina, b. Apr. 21, 1877; d. Sept. 0, 1883. 

21G0 Charles E. Mather'" (son of Cotton*, brother of above), of 
Marlboro, Vt. Born March 10, 1846; marridl Mary Adams, 
Aug. 15, 1S6S. 


3687 Henry C, b. Sept. 22, 1869; m. d. 

3688 Ro~A 31.. b. Feb. 26, 1877; m. d. 

3689 Frank E.. b. Nov. 19. 1883; m. d. 

2161 (jleorsre 3Iather'" (son of Cotton", brotlier of above), of 

Marlboro, \'t. Born (Jet. 10, 1S50; married Lura E. AV'nrden, 

Feb. 26. 1S7S. 



3C90 Asa Cotton, b. June 5, t^SO; m. d. 

3091 Lottie Amelia, b. M.\v :31, lS>^-2; in. d. 

3(i02 Ika Horatio, b. Oct. 24. Iss4; m. d. 

3'398 Freddie George, b. >[tli. 24. ls«.S; ni. d. 

2178 3Iiller 1). Mather'" (son of Dan^ Timothy', Timothy^ AYil- 
liam«, Arlierton'. Timotliy*, Kev. Rieliard-', Tliomas*, Jolm'), of 
Marlboro, Vt. Born Aug. 17, 1830; married Janette E. 
Warner, July 12. 1S55. 


3G94 Hattie ^l., b. Mch. 24, 1S64; m d. 

2179 AVilliam ^lather^" (^on of Dan», brother of above), of P.rat- 
tleboro, ^'t. Born m Marlboro, \'t., Nov. 22, ]8:>r,; married 
Demaris Starr Kelley. May 7, 18o6. 


3695 George W., b. Dec. 26. ISoS; d. Dec. 19. 1S")9. 

3C9e Ida A.. b. July 10. ISOO; m. d. 

3697 Clarence E.. b. Aug. 26. lsr>2; d. Apr. o, 1S6.5. 

3698 Clara B.. b. Aug. 26, ISGo: m. d. 

3699 MrNNiE J.. b. Sept. 12, 1S09; m. d. 
37U0 Freddies., b. Ap.r. 2, 1S7.'J; d. Sept. 4, 1879. 

21S0 DaTld Mather'" (son of Dan^, brother of above), of Marl- 
boro, Vt. Born Mch. G. l.S:;6; married Hannah Adams, Mcli. 

16, 1S59. 


3701 Lucius, b. Jan. 27. 1861; m. d. 

3702 EaviN, b. Oct. 6, iy64: m. d. 

3703 IIeri-.ert, b. Feb. 14. 18';6; m. Clara Winchester. June 12. 1888. 

3704 Lucy, b. Sept. 29, 1^09; m. d. 
370."> Freddie, b. June 1, 1873; m. d. 

2189 Ransom II. Mather'" (?on of Seba'. E^astns^ Timothy^ 

William". Atherton'. Timothy^ R(!V. Richard', Thomas''', 


Johu'). of Steuheu, Ohio. Born Sept. l-i, l.S — ; miirrieil (1) 
Loantha "Wouds, June 20, 1834; ("J) Eliza Stringhaiu, ^iov. I'J, 


o706 LoA, b. Apr. 3, 18oo; ni. d. 

'.219-i Leander Norton Matlier'" (son of Seba", Erastu.s^ Tim- 
otliy'^, William', Atuerton', Tiuiotliy^ Rev. RicliaixP, Thuiiiai'-, 
Joliu'), of Cleveland, ( »liio. Burn at Steuben, Ohio. Jan. 7. 
lisSfi; died Apr. 20, 1369; married Frances Lathrop,- Dec. 20, 



3707 NoRTOX Ikvixg. b. Apr. 27, ISBo; m. d. 

3708 RiCH-UiD H.vsTi>-(.s, b. Oct. 17, 1807; m. d. 

Richard H. thither studied at Mt. Herman School, Northlield, Mass. 

^'lOG Slirall 8. Mather'" (dau. of Harlow'^ Era.stus^ Tiinuthy-, 
TTilliam*, Atherton', Timothy': Rev. Richard'. Thomas'-, 
John'), of Sandusky. Ohio. Born Sept., 1821; died 187::; 
married David Hoyt. June 2'j, 1S42. 


3709 Haklo^v :MATirER, 







3710 Gabriel P. B., 







for 2d wife, 

Emily Mather 

3711 Fanny Auoista, 






3712 Wm. Pomekoy. 







3713 David Henuy, 







3714 RALrii, 







371") Mauy Jane, 







371G Edwln- Perry, 







3717 OLn-E LiLLi-OC, 







•2220 Henry Willarjl Xather^" (son of William Henry', Wil- 
lianr, Increase\ William*, Atherton', Timothy*, Rev. Richard', 
Thomas-, John'), of Hamden, Conn. Born May 22. 182.7; 
married Julia Ann Merriman, July 13, 1850, 



3718 E\rM.v ITenkietta. b. Dec. 22, lSr,:i; m. d. 

3719 Maky Celia, b. June 13, lS."i*3; m. d. 

3720 Xellie Jl'lia, b. Feb. 9, 1S71; m. d. 

232-1: Ella M. 3[ather"' (dau. of George^ William^ Increase^ Wil- 
liam'^, Atherton^ Timothy*, Rev. Richard", Thomas-, Johu'), of 
Hartford, Conu. Born Jan. 'JT. ISIO; married Julius L. 
Wilder. Feb. 24, 1865. 


3721 Geo. Lym.^Iv, b. m. d. Feb. 25, 1870. 

3722 Ella Louise, b. June 30, 1874; m. d. 

2227 Manila Aim Mather'' (dau. of Dr. William*, Moses'. Wil- 
liam', William*. .\rhfrton-\ Timothy^ Rt-v. Richard", Thoma.s-, 
John^), of Herkimer Co., X. Y. Born May lU, 1S4'.}; married 
Albert Barnes Watkins, Xov. 19, 1863. 


3723 Evalina M.uiY. b. June 28, 18(i6: m. ' - d. 

3724 Je>5e :Matuek. b. Oct. 10, 18';.8: n^ " d. 

3725 Fr.\_nk Alonzo. b. July S, 1875; m. d. 

2228 AlonzO Clark ^rather'" (son of Dr. William', brother of 
above], of C'iiicago, 111. Born in Fairiield. X". Y., Apr. '2'I, 
1848; married (1) Martha C. Johnson. Jan. 22, 1878; shedied 
May 1, 1S79; (2) Louise Eames, Aug. 4. 1880. 


3726 M-VETHA J., b. Apr. 28, 1879; m. d. 

Alonzo C. Mather has been a successful man in Chicago, 
111. He is the inventor of " iNIather stock car for comfort." 

2233 Silas Hart Mather'" (son of Cyprian^ Cotton". David^ 
Jo-shua", Atherti'U^ Timothy*, Rev. Richard', Thoina.s-, Jolin'), 
of X'e^- Britain, Conn. Born Mch. 1), 1814; died Dec. 27, 
1881; married Caroline Sperry, Jan. 20, 1834. 













3727 Sar.vh Jane. b. N<iv. 6, ISoo; m. C. D. Cowks, IsTl; d. 

3728 Ellen E., 1.. Mcb. 14, 1S41; lu. G. S. Sheiaoii, Aug. -is, 1S6;]; d. 

Cliildn.'u — HatTie E. Sheldon, b. Aug. 17, 1SG8. 
Gracie E. Shelduu, b. 3[ay 27, 1873. 

2*.235 George >V. Matlier''' (son of Cyprian', brother o|- ahijve), ol: 
Nepaug, Coun. Boi'n Oct. .>. 1810; died May io. 188G; mar- 
ried Jane A. Hultbard, Aug. IS. 1844. 


3729 Alice J.vne. b. Apr. 6, l^o- m. Lorenzo II. Dowd, 3Icli. 20, 1805. 

Uave a child, C'l-ra J. Dowd, b. Sept. 18. 186G. 

2*236 John Newton ^latlier'" (son of Cyprian", Lrotlter of above); 
of Hartford, Coim. Born Feb. 'I. IM'4: died July "27, 188G: 
married Martlia Morgan. May 21. 1843; she died Dec. 18, 


3730 Jonx X.. Jr.. b. 1S4.5: m. Isadora Cooley, Oct. 19, 1872; d. 

Born to tliem: ^Mary, Sept. 3, 1873. 

3731 Chaklk?, b. 1840; m. d. Apr. 1, 1880. 

3732 Fi>A>K E., b. ui. Kate Gallagher; d. 

2-23T Henry Franklin Mather'" (?on of Cyprian^ Cotton^ Da\'i>\\ 
Joshua^ Athertou', Tiruorhy". Rev. Richard'", Thonuis-, John'), 
of Svdnev. X. Y. Born at Xew Britain, Conn.. June 1.3, 1831: 
died May 28, 1S67; married Chloe T. Tiittle, July 4. 1852. 


3733 Llella. b. Jan. 2:;, 18.57; m. d. 

223ft TllOUiaS C. Matlier'" (son of Thomas', Cotton', David-. 
Joshua''. Atherton', Timothy', Rev. Ricliard", Th'>nias-. John"). 
of Harwinton, Conn. Born Jan. 5, 1824; died Jan. 30, 18.j7: 
married Rhoda A. Wilcox, Oct. 31, 1847. 



8734 L.wi.xr.v R., b. Xuv. 11. 1848: d. Nov. 12, 18.00. 

37:35 TfroMAS. b. Juno 10, l^oi; d. .J:in. oV. 18<)0. 

3730 Tiio.\rAS Cottox, b. Xov. 20, 1836; ni. Coruelia C. Hubbard, Dec. 31, 

lS7o; d. 

3737 Lym.vx S.. b. Au.^^, lSf30; d. Aug., 1851. 

3280 Eusebius Matlier'" (>on of Grove^ Eusebius*, Cbarles\ 
Richard", Athercon'. Tiiuoihy*, Rev. Richard^, Thomas'''. John'), 
of Decorah, Iowa. Born Nov. I?.. IS'1'1: married Hannah 
Deming, Oct. 12, 1^30. 


3738 Ameli.v A., b. Dec. 30. 1S50; unmarried; d. 

'3730 Fra>-ces E., b. Nov. 3, 1854; m. Berkle.v J. Rt-yuolds; d. 

2281 Amelia N. Mather'^ (dan. of Grove", sister of above), of 
Delavan, Mich. Doru May 16, 1824; married Ciiarles A. H. 
Betts, Nov. 12, 1849. 


3740 CiTAUXCEY Grove, b. Aug. Hi, Isol; m. Leah ]\[cPherson; d. 

3741 Mary M., b. Sept. 1, ls54; unmarried; d. , 

2291 Etmna A. ^ilatlier'"" (dau. of Norman Welles^. Ensebius', 
Charles', Richard', Atherton^ Timothy, Rev. Richard^, 
Thomas-, John'), of Hemlock Lake. N. Y. Born Jan. l.'J, 
1832; married AVm. B. Congdon, Dec. 14, 1.8GJ. 


3742 Hexuy Humi-hrey, b. Sept. 30, 1855; m. d. 

2292 Grove .Mather"' (son of Norman Wellt'.s^ Euse})ius', Charles', 
liichai-d'', A therton', Timothy*. Rev. Richard\ Thomas^, John'), 
of Heudock Lake. N. V. Born July 14, 1834; married Rhvla 
Doolittle, Nov. 12, 1803. 



3743 Ellen-, 





y.lU Ida. 





37-io Pkrsts, 





2*291 John ('. Matlier'" (son of Xorman ■Welles", Eusobins^ 
Charles'. Richard', Atherton*. Tini.jthy*, Rev. RichanP, 
Thomas^ John'), cf Hemlock Lake, N. Y. Born Oct. 18, 
1S39; man'ied Jeruj^ha Green, Apr., ISGS. 


374G Mary. b. 

1S70; m. 


3747 EuDOKA, b. 

lS7o; m. 


2295 Jane A. Mather'" (dan. of Xorman Welles', sister of ahove), 
of Bristol, X. Y. Born Aug. 11, 1842; married Cscar F. Sis- 
son, May 20, 1S5S. 


374S Spencer Gooding, b. Feb. 9, 18G9; m. d. 

3749 Emma Mather, b. Oct. 11, 1SG6; d. Feb. l.j, 1S75. 

229G Mary A. 3Iather''' (dau. of Xorman Welles', sister of ahovc), 
of Canandaigua. X". Y. Born Sept. 4, 1847; married Rev. W. 
R. Benham, Sept. IS, IS 0.3. 


3750 Elisabeth. b. July 16, 1869; m. d. 

3751 Birdie Iuene. b. Aug. 12, 1873; m. d. 

2297 >Vni. B. Mather'" (son of Xorman Welles^ hrotlier of ahove). 
of Chicasro, Hi. Born Julv 2. 1840; m.n-ried Kmni!,-eue Han- 

ford, Aug. 20, 1879. 


3752 Norman Chester, b. Feb. 13, 1881; m. d. 

3753 Patllne Hanford, b. McU. 1, laOO: in. d. 

2298 Rev. Frank I>. Mather'" (son of Xorman Welles^ brother 
of above), of California. liurn Sept. 2i;, 1851: married Clara 
r. De'.ve.y, Oct. 10, 



37o4 Wiley, b. Feb. 13, 1884: m. d. 

2290 Ellen Irene .Mather"'' (dau. of Xonnan Welles', sister of 
above), of N'e^.- York State. Born May 20. 1S.57; died Nov. 
29. ISSS; married Rev. W. C. Taylor. 


375.'} Howard Lester, b. Aug. 8, 1S84: in. d. 

2800 jlary Xatlier'' (dau. ot Jolm C.». Eusebiiis", Cliarles", Rich- 
ard". Aihertoiv, Timothy\ Rev. Richard^ Thomas-, John'), of 
Geneseo. X. Y. Born Apr. 18, 1S32; married Horace Arm- 
strong. Jan. 16, 1S.56. 

AK.MSTRONfi CHILDREN. Chester, b. Nov. 13, 18.56; m. Mattie Sleggo, Oct. 22, 1879; d. 
3707 Fred, b. Apr. 22, 1S66; m. d. 

2302 Julia }[ather"' ('lau. of John C, sister of above), of .^Jilver 
Lake. X. Y. Born Jan. 28. 1836 (twin to Eliza A. M. Burns); 
married Orleans TY. Day, June 14, 1860. 


37-'j8 Charles Fr.vnklin, b. Jan. 2, 1862: m. d. 

37."i9 FnEDERirK Mather, b. Dec. 3. 1863: d. ^Ich. 7. ls64. 

3760 WiLLiA>r Welles. b. July 31, l.'^Ci); m. d. 

3761 :ilAUY Eliza. b. May 12, 1872; m. d. 
.3762 IIakp.y Washinotox, b. Apr. 28, 187.j; m. d. 

3763 Amellv ^Iather, b. Aug. 2.5, 1878; m. d. 

2303 Eliza A. Xatlier'" ('lau. of .Jolm C.\ sister of above), of 
Danville, X. Y. Born Jan. 28, 18.36; married Dennis IT. 
Biu-ns, June 14. 1S60: he died .Vug. 18. 1878. 

i;cR>"s children. 

3764 Charles Edward, b. .Tune 17, IsfU: d. Mcli. 18, 1867. 
376.5 EMNrA A. Jllia. b. Doc. 23, 1867; m. d. 


2300 Elvira ("'. Matlior'" ('Ian. (^f David C, Eu5ehms\ Gha^•les^ 
Jiicliard". Athertou\ Tiiuotliy\ Rev. Richard', Thomas'^ Jolm'), 
of Michigan. Born June 2G, 1834; married Oel Train, Mch. 
28, 1851. 


3766 LiLLiE SorniA, b. Apr. 2, 1853; m. d. 

3767 N?:LLrE Lucinda. h. 3[cb. lo, ISa.j; ni. d. 

3768 WiLLiAif Barnum, b. June 0, 1858; ra. d. 
3760 Olix Charley. b. Apr. 4. 1864; ni. d. 

3770 Ul-by May, b. Juuo 14, 1876; ni. d. 

2311 Henry C. Mather'" (son of David C.», brother of above), of 
Lake fJdessa. .Mich. Born Xov. 10, 1836; died Dec. 31, ISSO; 
married Caroline Spencer. 


3771 Ralph Eugese. b. Feb. 10, 1869; m. d. 

3772 PnixEAS Spexcer, b. 3Ich. 2, 1871; drowned in Lake Odessa July, 


2317 >aiicy Jauo Matlter'" (dm. or Horace R:-d\\ Richard", 
Elihu', Richard^, Atherton', TiInor,hy^ Rev. Richard', Tliomas-, 
John'), of New Haven, Conn. Born in Torringford, Conn., 
Jan. 8, 1816: she died 1889; married Henry Judson Minor, 
March 14, 1838. 


3773 riENRY Augustus, b. Apr. 15, 1843; m. Anna Woodford, Oct. 14, 1874; 


3774 E>r.MA J.uxE, b. Oct. 19, 1848; ni. Geo. Tliomas Bradley, June 3, 

1868; d. 

23 IS David Soper Mather'" (son of Horace Hall*, brotlier of 
above), of Bulfaio, X. Y. Born in Torringford, Conn., May 25, 
1810; married Sarah Young, , 18G5. 


3775 JoiTX Cotton-, b. June 24, 1S67; ra. d. 



David S. Mather is engaged in a large manufactory of varnishes in 
Buffalo, which he has estalilished himself. 

2319 Eiueliiie Bj-adley Mather'" (dan. of Horace Hall', sister of 
abovej, of Xew Haven, C(inn. Born in Plymouth, (?oun., 
Feb. 11; IS'22: married Chapin Emerson Clark of Springfield. 
Mass., June 30, 1S46. 


3776 GeokctE E., b. Sept. 25, 1847; m. Bessie Scoit. ."M.iy 27, 1879: d. 

3777 Xellie Aiousta. b. Oi-r. 4, 18-j7; m. (JliU'ora S. Clialkcr, Nov. la, 

1878; d. 

3778 Emma .J.\xe, b. Apr. 4, 1861; m. Nelson Roval; d. 

2325 KeA. Dr. Aslior Elihn jiatlier" (son of Alonzo Thomas', 
Thomas', Elihu". Richard'', ..VtherrMU^ Timothy*, Rev. RicharrP. 
Thomas', John'), of Battle Creek. Mich. Born Aug. IG, 182:'.; 
died ; married (]) Sarah L. Lord, Mch. 14, 
1843; she died Aug. 20, 1845; (2) Mary C. Lord, Jan. 11, 
1846; she died April 19, 1S49; (3) Laura L. Lord. 


3779 George Co.vrdm an, b. Feb. 6, 1848: m. d. 
3760 William Gueen, b. Oct. l."), is.i.i; m. d. 

3781 IlEunERT E.. b. ^Liy 16. 1802; ni. d. 

3782 Hattie Am.vnua. b. Dec. 22, IstU; m. d. 
37S3 OscAK Lord, b. July 19, 1SG7; m. d. 

Rev. A. E. Mather. D.D., has been for a long period settled in the 
ministry in Detroit, Portland, and is now at Battle Creek in tlie State 
of Mich. He is a very noted preacher of the Baptist order, and his 
great reputation extends not. only in tlie West, but here in Xew Ent^- 
land. His great-grandfatlier, Elilui Mather, enlisted from "Windsor, 
Conn., in the Revolutionaiy War. 

2326 Spencer Jor<laii ?!atlier ' (-^on of Alonzo Thomas', 
Thomas', Elihu^, Richard", Atherton\ Timothy*, Rev. Richa^d^ 
Thomas^, John'), of Di-troit, Mich. Born Jan. 10, 1820; 
died ; married 



378-i .^NOKKv.- P.vssMORE. h. Oct. 17, IS-Jo: m. d. 

23-^7 Francis P. ^latlier'" (^ou of Alonzo Thomas^, brother of 
above), of Detroit. Mich. Born Axig. lij, 1828; died" Sept. 15, 
1SS.5; married Helen Maria Lord, Nov. 'Jl, 18.32, dau. of 
Elijah Lord. 


378o FiiAXCis E., h. Oct. 18, 18o3; m. d. 

378G Helen- Bell. b. Jan. 6, 1816: m. d. 

3787 ED^v.u:D Lono, b. Aug. 20, I'^G;]; m. d. 

2329 Helen Siisau 3Iatlier"' (dau. of Alta E.^ Thomas^ Elihu', 
Richard', Atherton', Timothy', Kev. Richard-*, Thomas'-, John'), 
of Detroit, Mich. Burn Dec. 11, 1837; married (ieorge O. 
Robinson, Sept. 27, 1859. 


3788 Fred A., b. J'lly 27, 18G0: ni. d. 
37S1) Carolixe M.. b. Aug. 10, 186:-5; m. d. 
37Uu George Alta, b. Jan. 11, 1808; m. d. 

3791 "WiLLLOi IL'iNRY. b. Sept. 9, 1874; d. Dec. 10, 1878. 

3792 :MAnEL E.. b. Xov. 13, 1876; m. d. 

23-1:1 Leverett Eli Mather'" (son of Lester^ Eli'. Elilm^ Rich- 
ard«, Atherton', Timothy*. Rev. Richard^ Thomas-, John'), of 
Niles, Mich. Burn in Canton, Conn., May 19, 18;J2; married 
Ann Janette Stupplebeen of Philadelphia, July 27, 1854. 


3793 Laura .Vji-VBELL, b. ilay 3, 185f3; ni. d. 

3794 Ambrose Latten, b. June 17, 18i33: m. d. 

2342 Sarali Cornelia llather'" (dau. of Lester', EU\ Elilui', 
Richard', Atherton*, Timothy*, Rev. Richard^. Thomas', 
tTohn'), of East Hav(.-n, and Canton, Conn. Born ^lay 9, 1834: 
married John Henrv Bradlev. of East Haven, Oct. 12. 1S59. 



:}79.j Fra>r Lejtku. b. Dec. 10, 1-^00; m. d. 

3796 liosA Ak.u;ell. b. Aug. 3. ISO'^; m. Frwlerick li. llotciikiss, of Otis, 

Mass., Dec. 25, 1879: d. 

2313 Helen ^luria Matlier'' (dau. of Lester', sister of above), of 
MeriJen. Conn. Born I'eb. 13, 183G; died • ; mar- 

ried Austin A. Tait. Nov. 17, 185S. 


3797 Levi Ra^vson. b. Aug. 22, 18o9; di. d. 

3798 Geokce Matueu, b. Oct. 2tl 18(51: m. d. 

3799 C'LAXiEXCE AcuUSTC-.l). M:iy 22, 1870; m. d. 

234:4: Geori^e Dwislit 3Iatlier"' (son of Lester", brother of 
above), of Xiles. :^Iich. Born Sept. 11. 18:;S: died IMay U. 
18G4; married Cornelia, French, Oct. 29, IStjD. 


3800 Mary Uesttla. b. Aug. 6. 1801; m. Dr. E. C. Hugins. Mch. 26, 18W; d. 

3801 AdaJaxe. b. Apr. 19. 18C:J: d. Sept. 2, 186.3.^ 

Geo. D. blather enlisted in 25th Regt., ^lich. Vol. Was Sergt. 
Co. C. Was killed in Resaca. Ga., May 14, 1304. 

2345 Grove Lester 3Iather'' (son of Lester^ brother of above), 
> of Canton, Conn. Born Aug. 2U, 1843: married Emnui Alder- 

man. Xov. 27. 1872. 


3802 Charles Orrhs. b. Oct. 2o, 1877; m. d. Feb.. 1885. 

3803 Ernest Lester, b. .T:in. 20, 1880: m. d. 

2348 IJurton Clinton Mather'" (son of CHnton^ Eli^ Elihu', 
Richard". Atheriou-\ Timothy^ Rev. Richard'^, Thomas*, 
John'), of Canton. Conn. Born Aug. 1.3. 18.')0; died Jan. 6, 
1881; married Carrie Fancher, Dec. 25, 187S. 


3804 Robert Sue'um.o.-, h. Dec. 26, 1879; m. d. 


23.>8 Einina Alva Mather'^ (dau. of Ilun. John Cot^on^ Dr. 
Tiia(.l..leus^ Elihu'. ilicliard", Atliertoti'. 'I'iiuotliyi. Rov. Kich- 
■dtd', Thomas-. John'), of A\'aterto\vn, X. Y. Boru Sept.. 1811 ; 
married Edward Beebe, Apr., IS 64. 


oSO.") Francis, b. Jiily. ISOb: m. d. 

'2-io\) Sarah A. Matlier" (-^-au. of Hon. John Cottoa«. sister of 
above), oi Xo\v Yoik. Boi-n Sept., L^ilo; married Gen. H. 
C. Rogers, Jan., 1SG4. 


3S06 Mather, b. Jan.. 1806; m. d. 

3807 Sarah, b. Aug., lS6o; lu. d. 

2360 Soplirouia P. blather'" ('liV'- of Hon. John (:otron^ sister 
of aljove), of Xew York. Born Oct.. 1S43; married John 
Sanderson. Dec. 1864. 


380^ John. b. June, 1806; m. d. 

3809 Porter, b. ISTO: m. d. 

23()6 Lucius C. Mather" (son of Zachariah^ Lucius", Zacliariah", 
Richard^ Athertou^ Tiniuthy^, Kev. Richard'', Thomas^, 
John'), of Academy. N. Y. Born Nov. 11, 1811.'; maiTied 
Jennie Green, Dec. 25, 1S77. 


3810 Ethel L.. b. July 27, 1880; in. d. 

3811 Theodosia, b. Jan. 12, 1883; m. d. 

2368 M. Jane 31ather ' (dau. of Aln-a'nam A.'*, Lucius'. Zacha- 
riah'. Richard*. Atherton'. Timothy', Rev. Richard'. Thomas'-, 
John'), of Syracuse, N. Y. Born (Jet. 'JO, lsrj.>: married Prof. 
Frank Smalley, Sept. 7, 187(i. 



3S12 Fr.vxk Mathku. b. Juue 15, 1877; m. d. 

3»13 ELisAiiETU Jennie, b. Oct. 19, 1«79; m. d. 

•2309 J. Lester :\Iatlier" (sou of George C, Lucius'. Zaehanali', 
Richard'', Atliertuu', Tiuiothy*, Rev. Richard'', Thomas', John'), 
of , X. Y. Bom July 17, 1^51; married 

Feb. 13, 1S79. 


3814 Eiru :iiARxi.LA, b. Juue 13, ISS-t: m. d. 

2370 Keliecm J. 3lather""' (dan. of George C. sister of above), of 

, N. Y. Boru B'el). 20, 1S33: nuirried J. Newman 


w'eatherwax children. 

3813 Jonx Adams. b. May lo, 1877; m. d. 

o81G George :M.s.tuek, b. Apr. 21, 1879; m. d. 

3817 Nellie Maud, b. Oct. 29, 1881; m. d. 

2371 Sarali R. Mather'" (-hiu. of George C.^ of above), of 

. Born Oct. '11, 18.54; married Fred Doug, 
lass, March 13. 1879. 


381g Emma M., b. Feb. 3, 1880; m. d. 

3819 S.oiUEL 2,1., b. Sept. 11, 1881; in. d. 

3820 liAY, b. Sept. 3, 1883; m. d. 

238G Carlton W. 3Iather'" (son of rhilo«, Cotton Smith", Cotton^ 
Richaril"% Atheitou', Timothy', Rev. Richard^ Thomas*. Juhii'), 
of Helena City. Montana. Born at vShakerville, Ohio, Feb. 13, 
1840; married Millie Dewing of Sugar Creek, Wis., April 7, 


3821 Frank Crocker, b. Aug. 13, 1809; in. il. 

3822 Carrie May. b. Oct. 15, 1872; ni. d. 

AjDITTON, H.S. :.!ather: l^inef-e^. of Ricbard ..Itther.^ (IB? 
p.4oi. i;o.i:4i7- Irving, diea 1900. 

" 3852- Kattie iJay, died approz. 1918. 
" :583o- Ou7 Cotton, died Nov. 15, 193?.. 

Ke .-arried Myrtle John.'5on, 1907. 

Eva V.inifred, b. Oct. 15, 1907 
Horace Cotton, b. Sepx. kz, i?-' 
(Guy Cotion lived in Boone, leva) 

Ir.fornation fiirnished oj Horace Cotton .".!ather 

Jan. 22, 1942 


23S8 Lucy C. Mather'" ('lau. of riulo', sister of above), of Sugar 
Creek, Mukwango. and E.i>t Troy, Wis. Born at Vienna. 
"Wis., April 1, 1S43; married Liiamina Simouds, Dec. S, ISG'2. 


3823 Naih.vx L., b. Oct. 19, 1804; m. d. 

3824 Doti.TE. b. Apr. 9, ISCiT; m. d. 
382.J Je.vnxlE, b. Jan. IT, ISTl; m. d. 
3S26 Delia. b. Mcli. 24, IsTO; m. d. 
3S2T LrcY, b. Jan. 10. l^b'S: m. d. 

2389 Mary Lorette Mather" (l.iu. of Philo^ sister of above), of 
Helena City, Montana. Born at East Troy, Wis., March 11. 
lS4.'i; died Nov. 20, 18SI; married Silas II. Crounse, Mch. 24. 


3825 M'.nT Emma, b. Jnne 8, 1869; m. d. 

3829 Alice Lorette, b. Sept. 13, 18T1; m. d. 

3830 CoR.v, b. Dec. 28, 1:^73; m. d. 

3831 Katie, b. Oct. 28, 1881; m. • d. 

•2417 Irving Cotton Matlier'" (^on of Dr. David Cotton^ Hor- 
ace', Cotion', Richard", Alherton\ Tiniotliy\ Rev. Hichanl'', 
Tliomas-, John'), of Boousborough. Iowa. B'lrn Mcli. 24, 
IS.-).-,; married Lillie Caldwell, Dec. 2.3, 1877. 


3832 Hattie Mat, b. Ang. 30, 1ST8; m. d. 

3833 Gl'y Cotton, b. Apr. IG, l-^>^4; m. d. 

24'20 Ellirene H. Mather'" (■-^on nf Dr. David C.^ hrr.ther of 

above), of Boon.^borough, Iowa. Born NfclL 21-. isOii; di.'d 
Jan. 27. 1880; married Jennie Rice. June 28, 1888. 


3834 EroENE Rice, b. Apr. 6, 1889; m. d. 



21:51 Jnlia Frances 3Iather" (d&ix. of Roland"\ John^ Dr. Sam- 
uel*, Fh-. Samuel'. Dr. Saauiel", Rev. Samuel'. Timothy\ Rnv. 
RicliariP, Thomas*. John'), of riiilailelphia. Penu. T'oru at 
Hartford. Conn., Aug. 10, 1839; married Charles P. Turner, 
M.D., son of Rev. Wm. W. Turner, Oct. 6, IS-JS. 


3835 William St.vstox, b. in Pbila-lelplna, Aug. •">, 18G2; d. Jan. 20. 1870. 

3836 Mary Mather b. in Philade!i)L;i, Feb. 26, 1864; m. Edward Wm. 

Hooker, Nov. 12. 1880. 3Ir. Hocjkcr is a de- 
scendant of the Kl'v. Thomas Hooker, a per- 
sonal friend of Rev. Richard Mather. 

2471 Sarah A. Matlior'"' (dau. of George"', William', Elislia'. Dr. 

Samuel", Dr. Samuel", Rev. Samuel', Timothy\ Rev. Richard*, 
Thumas", John'), of Chicago, 111. Born iu Northampton, 
Mass., June 4, 1842; married Olney G. Gibbs, Dec. 2.5, I.S67. 


3837 Jennie E.. b. Dec. 1. 186>^; m. d. 

8838 George E., b. Oct. 10, 186',); m. d. Jan. 30, 1870. 

3839 Bessie, b. Aug. 6, 1M73; m. d. 

24-7-1: (Jiauililia: G. Mather" (son of George'", in-other of above), 
of Sheboygan, Wis. Born Nov. 6. 18.")0; married Clara E. 
Zeffelt, Dec. 29. ISSl. 


3840 Arlise Esther, b. Aug. 30, 1886; m. d. 

3841 Jennie, b. Mch. 19, 1880; m. d. 



38G2 Emily Bisfei.l. b. Julv- 2i, IS-IT; m. d. 

380:5 Maky Bissf.ll. 1). Atia'. 10, isoi); m. d. 

38(54 LrcY Olcott. b. J11I3- 2, 1805; m. d. 

Miuy A. Bissell was rlie daughter of Dr. Apapli L. ;inil Lucy (Nor- 
ton) Bis.-ell. of Sutlield, in the line of Isaac, Sanuiel, Bi'tijamin, Jolra, 
Jr.. and Jolin Bissell, the emigrant, who settled in Windsor, Conn.. 

Williaiii Henry 3Iat]ier, M.D." (s'^n of Timothy'", brother 
of above), of Sutfield, Coun. Born in Windsor Locks, Conn.. 
;^[arch 15. 1834; died May 22, 1S8S; married Sarah Elisabeth 
Beebeof Bethel, Conn., Sept. 15, 1868. 


386.1 FA^-^T Olcott, b. Sept. lo, I'^GO; m. d. 

3--^66 LrcLV Bef.ue. b. Apr. 26, 1872; m. d. 

3867 WiLLLOi Yale. b. Dec. 6, 1874: m. d. 

3868 Hexp.y Clemext. b. Aug. 1, 1876; m. d. 

3869 IIowAiiD Olcott, b. July 27. 1^80: m. d. 

3870 Flokexce Elisabeth, b. July 10, 1:?83; ni. d. 

Dr. William H. Mather first attended school at AVindsor Locks, 
and later at the Connecticut Literary Institution of Suffield; then at 
the Williston Seminary, East Hampton, Mass. About thirty-three 
years before his death he taught school in Bridgewater, a portion of 
the town of Xew ^Milford, Coun. He tauudit in other places in Con- 
necticut and New Jersey. He entered Yale University September 18. 
1855, without a condition, and graduated with his class in 1859. He 
continued liis studies at Northampton. Mass., and the Berkshire Medi- 
cal College, Pittsheld, entering the ^ledical Department of the L^ni- 
versity of the City of New York in September, ISGO. graduating 
March 6, 1862. ranking sixth in a class of 130, and taking the Mott 
prize racdal. 

In May, 18(12, he opened an office for the practice ot medicine in 
Brooklyn. E. I)., Lc^ng Island, and soon after accepted tlio position oi 
Assistant Surgeon in the 173d Regiment New York N'olunteers, and 



3849 Jennie F., b. Xor. ;10. is.jT; iii. .Tulm D. Juaiie: d. 
3SoO :^ATTIF. E., li. JuiK' 2-2, IS.-,!); m. (1. 

3851 3IAKY E., b. Mch. 10, l.'^r,^; m. d. 

2510 Fanny E. M;i flier"' Man. of Talcott'". sit^ter of ubovc). uf 
Liraud luipiu.-^, Mich. Born at Windsor Locks, Conn.. May I'.-?, 
1S38; married Hobart B. Miller, Jan. 31, 1858. 


38.32 WiLLARD Matiieu, b. Aug. 23, ISo'J: in. d. 

3853 GEor.GE Hvd>ox, b. .Tun. 27, IS'ld; m. d. 

38.34 Jennie Esther, b. Dec. 9, 1871; m. d. 

3855 Mary Alice, b. 3Iay 3, 1879; m. d. 

2517 Frances Olcott Mather" (-lau. of Timothy'^. Elijah', Elijah\ 
Nathaniel', Dr. ::?ainuel'', Rev. SamueP, Timoth}'*, Rev. Rich- 
ard-', Thomas^, John'), of AVest Springfield. ^Ja?s. Born at 
"Windsor Locks, Conn., Dec. 20, IS'23; married Joseph A. 
Smith, June 13, 1848; he died May 12. 1*^77. 


3856 Joseph Timothy, b. Dec. 7. 1849; d. Aug. 30, 1850. 

3857 Joseph Mather, b. Oct. 11. 1851: in. Ellen M(;(Hly, 1875; d. 

3858 Clara Frances. b. 3Iay 27, 1^54; d, Jan. 11. 1855. 

3859 Clar.'i Elis.vbeth. b. Xov. 19, 1855; d. Dec. 25. 1856. 
3s00 Addison Henry, b. Xov. 5, 1857; in. Maria Brooks; d. 
38(jl Harriett Am.vnda, b. Dec. 25. 1858; unmarried; d. 

251S Sarah Elisabeth Matlier" (dan. of Timothy"', sister of 
above], 01 Westiield, Mas.s. Born at Wind.-or Locks, Conn.. 
Dec. 7, 1825; married Rev. C. B. Dye, Feb. 1, 1865. 


3861,i Annie E., b. :May 14, 1807; ni. d. 

2519 Horace E. 3Iather" (ion of Timothy"', brother of above). 
of Hartford, Conn. Burn at Windsor Locks, Cc-nn.. X'ov. 28, 
1827; married Mary A. Bissell, Dec. 27, 1853; she died Afch. 
7, 1SS9. 


2111 Hattie Xaticy Mather" (<l;m. of Sani:>/:--\ Elisha". Jose]Ai\ 

Tiiuiiiiiv', Dr. Samuel'. Rev. SamueP. Tin"iotliv\ Ruv. flicli- 


ard\ Thoina:--. John'), of Xortliamptou. .••lis*?. Ptoni at Xortli- 
amptou, Mass.. Nov. 21, 1844; married Limis Burt, Feo. 21, 


3842 Ett.v, b. Dec-. 3(», 1ST4; m. d. 

*24-79 Silvan Breck Mather'' ('lau. of SamueP", sister of altovo), 
of Xovthamnrr,!!, Mass. I.5orn at Xorthaiiipton, Oct. 15, 1S49; 
married TVarreii Burt, Mch. 2S. 1868. 

BTJRT cniT.D. 

3843 Fra::icltn, b. June 15. l'^T2; in. d. 

2507 Edirar Pliineas Matlier' (son of Talcotf-', Elijah^ Elijalr*, 
Narbauiel". Dr. >'auiui.'l'\. Rer. SamueP. Timothy*. Rev. Rich- 
ard^ Thomas-. John'), of Marll)Oro, Vt. Born Jan. S, 1S25; 
married Lucy Brown, 1S4G. 


3844 jA>rES T., b. Apr. 14, 1847; m. Elizabeth Hal!. l*ri: tl. 

2510 Etlward E. Mather" (sou of Talcot:". brother of above), of 
Windsor Looks, Conn. B^ru in T\"i!-..lsor Locks, Apr. 29, 
1830; died Xov. 14, 1S80; married Lydia F. Proudman, a 
native of London, Eng.. Apr. 12. IS'iO. 


3845 Nellie 31., b. Aug., ls63; m. Fn.nk Howard Smith, Xov. 16, 1887; 

384G Anxa Bell, b. .Ian. 28, 1805; m. Lrmis W. Hutchinson, June 1, 18S7; 

3847 Edward P., b. 18G7; m. Su.sie Ryder Charter, Apr. 30, 1800; 


3848 William T., b. 18*59; m. d. 

2513 Oliver Roberts Mather" (son of Tah-ott'" brother uf above), 
of Munkato. Minn. Born at Windsor Locks, Conn., Oct. 20, 
Ps.32; marrie<i Phebo A. Gil'bnus, Jan. 8, 1857. 

, ^ -ss -- 




'^-- ^ ^y;^^^^M^^J 


sailed with General Banks" expedition to Xew Orleans. He remained 
v.-itli this der)artment until February 22. I><ii7, a longer period of 
service tiiau that oi any other surgeon of the department. In March. 
18G.5 (while connected with the lOth U. S. Colored Artillery), he 
was commissioned hv Conirress as Surgeon and Brevet Lieutenant- 

He came North in IStil, settled in. Bethel, Conn., and resumed 
practice. He removed to Suffield in the spring of Ibll. occupying the 
paternal homestead, and also having an office in AVindsor Locks. He 
continued the successfid practice of his profession in buth towns until 
his last illness. He died of a sarcomous tumor i;i tiie left arm-pit, on 
the 2'2d of May, IsS^, having endured a painful illness of five months 
with Soldierly fortitude. 

At the time of his death he was a director of the Public Library 
Association of Sutfield. in which he felt a deep interest; a member of 
the Board of Education, and Acting School \'isitor, otlices which he 
had filled with marked ability and fidelity for several years, and Post 
Surgeon of the local Post of the Grand Army of the Ptepublic at 
"U'indsor Locks. 

He married on September 15, ISOS. Miss Elisabeth Beebe, daugh- 
ter of Azel Beebe of Bethel, who, with three sous and three daughters, 
survive him. 

He vv-as a losing and faithful husband and father, a kind brother, 
a public-spirited citizen : he was a good neighbor and able physician; 
his was an open hand and a warm heart. He was an honest man. 
kind to the poor. He Avas a lover of his country, honored in his pro- 
fession, respected by thinking and good men. 

He gave this simple present before he died to each 'one of his si.x 
children a beautiful bound Testament marked in gilt letters on cover, 
••Papa's Gift,"' and in the inside a loving farewell message, written in 
his own hand. The funeral was very largely attemled by citizens 
from Suffield and a..lioining towns, with delegations of G. A. R. men, 
who found in him a true friend. Rev. 2\Ir. Van Orden and Rev. Mr. 
Lockhart made the funeral services very interesting by their excellent 
and impressive words. 



2525 William Matlier" (-on of Epaplu-as'*, EIija]l^ Elijah', Xa- 
thanieP, I)r. .Samuel®. Rev. Saiuufl''. Tiaiuthy^ Rev. Richard', 
Thomas", Johu'). of Windsor Lock.*. Conn. Born Nov. 2?,, 
1823; died Sept. 18, 1S76; married Mary Looinis, May 1<), 


3871 WiLLiA.M. b. Feb. 27, 1S49: ni. Mary L. Abbo, X;>v. 10. 

18G9; d. 

3872 Fkederick Loomis, b. :May 'Jfi, l>.j!; ni. 3r.iiy E. Pomerov, Nov. 7, 

1874; d. 

3873 Mary Adele, b. Feb. 15, l^oS; m. d. Sept. 6, 1.^73. 

3874 Lrz/.iE. b. Dec. 18, 1836; d. -May 6, 1858. 

3875 Chakles "Walter, b. May 6.1861; in. Lizzie M. AVilson, Oct. 5, 

1887; d. 

3876 Eloise Loomis, b. July 8, 1865; m. d. 

2527 Ciirolilie 3Iatlier''' (dau. of Epaphras'", sister of above), of 
TTest Suffi'dd. Conn. Born at Windsor, Conn., Xov. '2\, 
IS2t]: died Feb. 15, 1SS9: married Benjamin Sheldon. Sept. 3. 


3877 CnARLES BEN.fA'.tix, b. ^lay 23, 1860; ni. d. 

3878 H.uiRtETT Eliza. b. Sept. 20, isiji; m. d. July 22, 1889. 

3879 Sailvh J.\>e, b. Dee. 5, 186S; m. d. 

3880 Joiix Ad amj, b. :May 6, 1S07; in. d. Sept. 9, 18S0. 

2520 Lydia Matlier" ('lau. of Epaphras'", sister of above), of Nor- 
walk, Coun. Born at Windsor, Conn.. Jan. 6, 1831; died 
Aug. 6, 1S6S: married George Hyatt Randall, Sept. 23, IS.Jii. 


3881 Caroline Lolnsbl-ry, b. July 30, ls57; d. Juno 23, 1><64. 

3882 Geoegf Mather, b. Jan. 17, I860; in. d. 
38n3 Samvel WiNTHRor, b. Sept. 22. Isni; d. Oct. 27, 1^61. 
3884 Lydia M-vtheu, b. June 23. 1S64: d. June 28, 1>6-1. 

2530 Xar.v IJalleiitine Mather" ('lar.. of Epaphra.s'", sister of 
above). •'■I Plarrford. Conn. Borii in Wind.sor. Conn.. Dec. 2'i. 
1833; married Franklin C. Brownell, of Iladilam, .Vpr. 2.;. 
IS.") 7. 



3S85 Jake Louise. b. ^Fay 13, ISM: m. d. 

3886 Gkace, b. >'ov. T, X'^i'A; m. Epaphrorlitus Peok, xVug. 

■21, lSSr>: (1. 
3SST ITarkiktt ^MATTfER. h. Aug. S, 1803; m. d. 

3SS8 ITexry BAr;xAKU, h. Xov. S, ISC"; in. d. 

3889 FiiAXK Caxvield, b. Apr. 2-3. 18(50; d. July 25, 1870. 

253G Elijilll AUiert Mather" (son of Elijah'-", Return >-^irong', 
EliiaK'. Xarlianioi'. Dr. Samuel", Rev. SaraiieP, Tiraotliy*, Rfv. 
Richard'. Thomas-, John'), of Hartford, Conn. Born iu Hart- 
ford, Jan. 7, 1844: married :Maria A, Fox, May 7, lSti»;. 


^'^^^ I- 2 children b.; d. in infaucv. 

3892 S 

2538 Allen Case 3Iatliei*'' (son of Eli.iah"\ brother of above), of 
Harrford, Conn, Born m Hartford, Oct. 19, 1S4S; married 
Surah Stratton, Oct. 10, 1S72, 


3893 Robert Allen, b. Jan. ."i, 1876; ra. d. 

25.",rj Thomas Seymour ^lather^' f^^'n of Elijah'", brother of 
above), of Hartford, -(Jonn. Born Apr. IS, 18.51; married 
Louise Rancor, Oct. 20, 1S79. 


3894 Setmock Alphets, b. Apr. 27, 1881; m. . . ^■ 
.389o Samcel, b, Dec. 13, 1882; m. d. 

3896 Haurt Danforth, b. Dec 7, lb84; m. d. 

3897 Lewis Tlttle. b. Mcli. 26. 18^S; m. d. 

254:1 Ellen Matlier'- (dan. of Samuel'", Return Strong", Elijah*. 
Nathaniel', Dr. SamueP, Rev. SaniueP, Timothy*. Rev. Rich- 
aj:d3, Thomas', John'), of Hartford, Conn. Born in "Windsor, 
Conn.. Mch. 1. 1817; died Sept. 11, 187.5; married AVayne 
Rice, Dec. 2'.'. 1870. 



3b98 Samcel Matiiek, b. ^lay 1, l^'T-:!: ni. d. 

3t^09 RiciiAKD Wavne, b. July 2i, is:4; m. d. 

"2545 HiP.ry M. S>veetser''{son of ^lai-y Mather'". Return Strong", 
Elijah", X;ithaniel', Samuel. M.D.", Kuv. Samuel'. Timothy^ 
Eev. Richard'', Thomas'-, John'), of Evansville, IIL Born 
Jan. 13, IS 10; married Mary Caldwell Jan. 1, 1S63. 

Have no children. 

2546 Elijilll 31atiier Piniiey" (son of Huldah Mather-", Return 
Strong', Elijah^ XathanieP. Samuei. M.D.'', Rev. SamueP, 
Timothy\ Rev. Richard"', Thomas-. Ji^hu'), of Hartford, Conn. 
Born Aug. 2, 184!); married Emma Eliza Warnej-, May 12. 
IS 78. 


3900 Florence Mather, b. July 14. l'^79; m. d. 

2517 Sarah Jane Mather" ('lau. of Charts"'. Return Strong^ 
E!i.jah\ Xathaniel", Samuel. ^sl.B/', Rev. SamueP, TimothyV 
Rev. Richard^ Thomas^, John'), of Hartford, Conn. Horn 
Dec. 5, 1S49; married Frank Adolphus Lane, Oct. 23, 1.^72. 

la>;e childrex. 

8901 Charles Mather, b. July IS, l'?73; m. d. 

390-? S.\.rahElla. b. Dec. 13, 1874; m. d. 

390:> Fk.^xk Adolphts. b. Apr. 10, 1879; m. d. 

3904 Richard, )^^j^^^ b. Xov., 1882; "^- ' ^^ 
3i}04('RoBERT, ) d. young. 

2550 Henrietta Matlier" (datu of Charles'", sister of alnive), of 
Hartford, Conn. Born in Hartford, Dec. 21. 1834; married 
L. R. Herrick, Dec. 27. 1SS2. 


3905 George Goodwin, b. Dee. 2, ls;S.'); in. d. 

3906 Lewis Bui.nto.v, b. Dec. 22, iss'?; m. d. 

440 THE :matiikr family. 

255S IViilter Stroiiir 3Iilt!ier" (son of Tinu^thy'", Return Stionc;', 
f^lijah'. N'aliiaui<.-r, Dr. S;uniK'I', Rev. Samuel'', Timothy', Hev. 
RichiinP, Thomas-. Julin'). of Hartford, Coun. Buvu in ilart- 
t'onl, A[>r. 3, 1>>.")1; married Adehiide E. Thelps, Nuv. 1(>, 


oOOT Plinv CnAPix, b. July 12, isTO; m. ' d. 

3908 Edith A., b. Feb. 14, 1ST4; m. d. 

3909 Dexteu Pueit:*, b. OkI. 24, ISS); m. d. 

2560 Allllie ('lia])ill Mather'' (dan. of Timothy'", .sister of above), 
of We^r Hartfor-I. Conn. Born in Hartford, Oct. 10, 1S54; 
man'ieil Aforgan (roodwin. 2d, June 11. 1870. 


8910 AianuR. b. Apr. 14, 18-^2: m. d. 

3911 Ci..\nExrE Wilheut. b. Xov. 27, 1SS8; m. d. 

2577 Eliza Goodrich 3lather" (dau. of Hon. Frederick Eils- 

worth'°, Ellsworth", Col. Oliver'. Xatlianier, Dr. Samuel^ Rev. 
Samuel^ Timotliy'. Rev. Richard'', Thomas-, John'), of BrCiok- 
lyn and New \'ork. X. Y. Born Dec. 25, 1S3S; married (1) 
Wm. C. Ludlam, Oct. 7, 1837; he died May 10, 1SG8; (2) Os- 
win tj'Brien, 7, 18(59. 


3912 Belle IMatiier, b. .Sept. 12. 18.-)8: m. Roderick Jones McXeil. Dec. 

23. l.s7o: d. 

3913 1Ie::rt AnLi-NGTON. b. Aug. 10, isfil; ni. d, 


3914 O-^wiN, b. Feb, 18, ls73; m. d. 
Belle Mather McXt-il ha* two children. 

2579 Ellen Lavinia ^rather" (dau. of Hon. Frederick E.'". sister 
of ale. V'..-), oi X..\v York City. Born Oct. 30, 1840; married 
ALfro'l H. Timpson, Sept. 22, 18(53. 



3915 Ellex A[atuer. b. June 14, 1804; m. Kogcr Bacon; d. 

3916 AxME Katuucx, \>. Ocr. iU, 18iJ3; m. Fritz Ziirleinrin; d. 

3917 LuciLLA CirESTERM.vN, b. Nov. 18, 1870; m. Sinchiir Huntinir; d. 

3918 Alfred Hexry, b. ^fay 2(5, IST'^; m. ^ d. 

2580 Laura Wolcott 3Iather" {'hm. oi Hon. Frederick E.'", sis- 
ter of above), of New York City. B.jrn July 31, 1843; mar- 
ried Alexander Porter Miller. June 2S, 1SG5. 


3919 LuLA Pomeroy >[.. b. Apr. 3, 1S6G: d. Feb. 13, 1870. 
39-20 William Wallace, b. Aug. 24, 1SG7: m. d. 

3921 Alexander Porter, o. Mch. 13, 1809: d. Feb. 14, 1870. 

3922 Edith 3I.i.TiiEK, b. Feb. 12, 1871; m. d. 

2583 Isabella Pomeroy Mather" fdati. of Hon. Frederick E.'", 
sister of above), ot Biookiyn, X. Y. Born Dec. 2.5, 1853; 
married Lemuel <)sborne Taylor, Dec. 5, 1872; be died Apr. 
23, 188.5, aged 41. 


3923 Ellsworth Mather, b. Jime 8. 1874; m. d. 

3924 Lemuel Omjorxe. b. July 7, 1878; m. d. 

2583 Grace Ellsworth Mather" (dan. of Hon. Frederick E.'°, 
sister of aliovej. of Lower L'alifornio. Born in Xew York City, 
Ai:ir. 22, I8.o0; married Plorace Mann Ballou. Xov. 13, 1884; 

he was born June 29, ls60. 


-392.5 Frederick Ellsworth, b. Aug. 12, 188.5; in. d. 

3926 Martha Ei.lex, b. Feb. 24, l'*87; m. d. 

392G.<Sqx, b. July 23, 1890; rn. d. 

25S6 Jeiinette Mather" (dan. of Rev. Oliver "VVolcort"\ Ensw(nt]i«, 
Col. Oliver', Xathaniel", Dr. Samuel", Rev. Saniuul', Timothy', 
Rev. Riirhard^. Thomas^. J(jhu'), of Wind.sor, Conn. Born in 


"^Viudsor, Conn., Feb. 2S, 1S48; died Meh. 14, 1SS2; married 
Franci.s Merrick Charter, Aug. 23, 1S76; he was born Jan. 21, 


3937 WoLCOTT ^Iatitlu. V). Dec. 7, 1879: d. .Fuly '-'0. 1880. 
^\!'::h Oi.iVKK :M.\TnF.R. b. xVug. l-i. 18^^1; in. d. 

2r)l>5 John H. :\I:itlier"' {^^n ,4 WiUiam W.''^^ Xathaniel^ 
Increase', Rev. Xatlianiel'^ Rev. Samuel"', Tiinotliy^ Rev. Rich- 
ard', Thoma.-^-. Jolm'), of Detroit. Mich. Born J)ily 2:.. 1S37; 
died 18SG; married B. Cro.^bv. May 2."-, 1857. 


3929 M.\MiE, b. Al.h. 14. l^fiO; m. d. 

3930 .ToHx II.. b. Aug., l':*!}^: m. d. 

3931 Sarah .Tci.ia. b. Mc-li. 24, 1863; ni. d. 

3982 Edward, b. d. young. 

2598 Harriett B. 3Iatlier"- ('lau. of William W."\ si.^terof abo^•e), 
of Xewton. X.J. Bern Jan. lib 1842; married (1) Thomas 
}^lcGuio-on. Jan. ;j. Is(i4: (2j Josi-ph L. Beemer, D(?c. :U, 1870; 
(3) Theodora" Bpers, May 1(5. Is82: (4) E. L. Heed. Oct. 24. 

.Nri;ri<;o.\ child. 

3933 E0r,E>-E, b. 1864; m. d. 


3934 Edcth B., b. Feb. 1, 1^76; m. d. 

'2500 Georire 0. Mather" (*on of William W.'°, brother of above), 
of Barub>ery, Barnwell County. S. C. Born Oct. 12. 1843; 
married Lavinia Morris, April 8, ls69. 


3933 PiTEK^. } ^^.j^^^ ^ j5,^^ g ni. d. 

3938 Willie, * in. d. 
3937 .Mary, b. Sept. 26, 1871: ni. d. 

3935 Oeoroe, b. J:m. 17, 1873: in. d. 


393!) Jacob, h. Feb. 10, 1S74; in. d. 

3940THOM.VS, J^^.jj^^,^ j^,„ l.lSTn:">- 'J' 

3041 .Ienxie, ) 111. cl. 

8042, b. Apr. 10. ISTS: tn. d. 

2mi Miiry E. J. Matlier" dau. of William W.'^ John^ Nathan- 
iel, Increase". Rev. Xatlumifl". Rev. .-^amuel-', Tiuioiliy'. Rev. 
Ricliard'. Thomas-. John'). '->t Xewtun, Sussex County, N. J. 
Born Jan. 2(J. IS.jO; married John L. Warlord, Feb. 6, 1S75. 


3943 William R., b. July 21, 1670: d. 1870. 

3944 Claude H., b. July 11, 1877; m. d. 
o945 George, b. June 28, 1880; ni. d. 

3946 Eugene, b. June 30, 1883; ni. d. 

3947 Mart Besse, b. Fob. 6, 1887; ni. d. 

•,»Gti5 Silas HorlOU 31atiier" (sou of Nathaniel'^ SamueP, Xa- 
thanieP, Increase", Rev. XathanieP, Rev. Samuel", Timothy^ 
Rev. Riehard^ Thomas', Johti"), 6f Port Jervis, Orange (^.'o., 
X. Y. Born Mch. 17, 1800; died Feh. 1888; married (1) 

Phebe Lord; (2) Julia Ilimiphrey. 


3948 Caleu Tayi.ok, b, Aug. 13, 1837: ni. Mary E. Palfivy, Jan. 23. 1862; 

!;0"2G Kosilla Ann Mather'' (dan. <>i XathaniLd'", sister of abovo), 
of -Minnisink, Orange County, X'. Y. Born Xov. ;;0. 18 10; 
died Jan. 1. 184G: married Jo.scph P. Tuthill. Feb. 4. [>'->i'>. 


3940 MoUKis U., b. Oct. 13,1844; in. d. 

30oO CoiiDELiA J., b. ni. d. 

soil Joseph S., b. m. d. 

39o2 XoKius, b. ni. d. 

3953 M.utGAKET E., b. ui. d. 


3628 Daniel ('. Mather'' (^ou of N;ith;aiio!'", lH-ot!u-r of above), 
of West Town. (')range County, X. Y. Dora Jan. 5. IS Hi; 
died Xov. 13. IS.ll; la.irriod Dorothy S. Yoviiiy; slie died 
April 2t, 1S4S, aged 2(5 years. 


3954 Sakaii, b. Jan. 27, 1S44: d. Aug. 3, lS4o. 

Daniel C. Mather was killed by an accident at New Orlcar,?--, La. 

eG:JS Charles T. L. 3[ather''' (.-on of Xathaniel'". ba-otlier of 
above), of Millsburgh, Orange County, X. Y. Dnrn April 24, 
1834; married Susannah Ellsworth, April 12, ISGO. 


3955 Mart Jestexa, b. Sept. 8, 1861; m. Wm. L. Brown, July 8, 1879; 


3956 Ellex Elis-vbeth, b. Dec. 2i\ 1803; m. Horace Erundegc, Dec. 17, 

1881; d. 

3957 Oeokge TnoMAS, b. Xov. 20. 1865; m. ' d. 

3958 LvDfA Jaxe. b. Dec. 23, 18(57; m. d. 

3959 Wm. Armstroxo, b. Feb. 3. 1870; ra. d. 

3960 Charles Edward, b. Mch. 18, l'^72: m. d. 

3961 Daxiel C. E. B., b. Jan. 15, 1874: d. Mch. 27, 1877. 

3962 Fraxklin Euoexe, b. 3Ich. 28, 1878; m. d. 

2639 3[ary Mather" (dau. of Jonathan", SamueP, XathanieP, 
Increase", Rev. Xathaniel'^, Rev. SamueP, Timothy^ Rev. Rich- 
ard\ Thomas-, John'), of Orange Co., X. Y. Born Dec. D(, 
1810; died 1S39; married (1) William Mills; (2) John L. Knapp, 


3963 Ann J.s„nt:, b. 1830; ra. d. 


3964 JoHx L., b. 1837; m. d. 

3965 Sak.vh, b. 1839: m. d. 


26-10 David B. Mather" (son of Jouatluin'°, brutlier of alun-e), 
of Elkhart. Ind. Born June S, 1812; died June lu, IsG'j; 
married Melissa Saver, Oct. 15,. 1S35; slie died Mav 8, 187J, 
aged 55. 


3966 JoxATHA-S- S.. b. Aug. 22, 1836; m. Fanuy De Frees, Mch., lS;j9; d. 

3967 Charles S., b. M;ir 13. 1841; m. Livonia M. liixon, ^cpt. 1.5, 1803; 


3968 ilAUT A.. b. Jaa. IS, 1838: m. William Martin, Feb. 11, 1863; d. 

Nov. 17. 

3969 Caeoldte, b. Dec. 6, 1849; d. Aug, 28. IS-JO. 

3970 Joseph D.. b. Jan. 6, 184:); d. Xov. 8. 18.5^. 

3971 George D., b. June 21, 18.')9; m. IMinnie Burridge, Sept. 1, 1883; d. 

26-13 Pliebe C. Mather'', (daii. of .Jonathan'", si.ster of above), of 
Orange Co., X. Y. Born Sept., ISIG; died ^Lch., 1S7'_': 
married (1) Thos. Jelferson Ball, Jan., 1S37; he died in 1840; 
(2) Harvey Clauson. 1853. 

clacsox child. 
.3972 Chaules E., b. May, 1839; m, d. 

2613 Lydia Aun Mather" (dau. of Jonathan'*, sister of above), 
of Un:onvilie, Orange Co., X. Y. Born Feb. 22, 181!); died 
1888; married Ebenezer J; Case. 1837. 


.3973 John- M.. b. 1838; m. ' d. 

3974 .Joseph 31., b. 1840; m. ' ' d. 

3975 A-UELiA, b. 1842; m. d. 

3976 Ira L., b. 1844; m. d. 

3977 .Jefferson-, b. 1846; m. d. 

3978 An-son-, b. 1848; m. d. 

2644 Jonathan R. Mather" (•■^on oi Jonathan'", brotlier of above), 
of Elkhart, lud. Born May 25, 1821; married Jane Swart- 
wout. Jan. 13, 1849. 



;)079 Sarah J., b. May IS, 1853: m. d. Apr., 1S84. 

3980 James i;., h. Aug. i:i, I'^.Ij; iii. ^Luy T. Slioop, Feb. l:'., 1878; d. 

3981 Carrik Naomi, b. Jan. 13, ISOO: m. Ed^va^l E. lleckk-y, Jau. 9, lb9U; 

3983 Jonr. Coe. b. Aug.. 1872: d. 1,^73. 

Jonatlian K. Mather is an extensive real estate dealer, and has also 
been engaged in laying out the ne\v portion of the city of Elkhart. 

•-26-1:5 Irene A. 31lltlier'' (dau. of Junathau'", si.ster of above), of 
Orau^xe Co., X. Y. Born May 1, ls23; died May 14, 184G; 
married "sYni. Hatch, 1843. 


3983 Charles X.. b. May 14, 1846: m. d. 

After the death of Mrs. Irene A. M. Hatch, her husband married 
her sister. Caroline H. blather, in 1847. 

•J{)4G Josepll H. 3Iather'' (son of Jonathan'", brother of above), 
of Elkhart, Ind. Bom June 14, IS'l'j; died Apr., 1S39: mar- 
ried Catherine Doty. 


3984 Sarah A-X>', b. m. Dr. ^ilcDonald; d. 

Joseph H. Mather went to Elkhart m 1842: was a lawyer, and 
verv prominent in the t^tate. 

27-2t) Mary Elisal;eth Mather" (dau. of -Ebenezer'", Silas«, John^ 
Ebenezer'. R(-v. Nathaniel'', Rev. Samue?, Timothy\ Rov. 
Richard^ Thnmas'. John'), of Drayton T'lain.s, Oakland Co., 
]klich. Born in Horsehoads. ('homung Co., X. Y., Aug. 20, 
1847; married 'Wm. H. Stewart, Feb. 17, ISGS. 

STEWART 1 .'[n.UllEX. 

3985 LoNKY T-MOTHV. h. June 14 1S7U; m. d. 

3986 Lons Euenezer, b. Oct. 4, 1872: lu. d. 

3987 Claki<sa. b. Jiinu 12, 1874: ni, d. 

3988 Anna, b. June 10, 1^76; m. d. 


2740 Estlier 3I;ither'' (<lau. of Gurdon C'.'". Timothy^ T^morhy^ 
Timoriiy". Timothy", Richard'. Timrithy', Rev. Richard'', 
Tbjmas=, John'), of Avon. X. Y. Born Oct. U, ISIS; mar- 
ried Wni. E. Hall, Sept. 17, 1^3.5. 


3989 b. Xov., 18;;!6; m. Aaron Burber., .Tr., Dee.. 1862; d. 

3990 Sophia P.. b. Sept., l>:j^: m.' \Viii. Cliuding-^ay. Au-r.. l^-ltJ; d. 

3991 Fk.vxcej Esther, b. Sept., 1^41; m. Smith H. Xewinan, Aug., 1S"):2; d. 

3992 Eliza Mather, b. .Juue. 18.30: -m. George F. Smith, Oct., 1874: d. 

3993 AYiLLLvM F... Jr., b. Oct., 18.>4; m. Edith T..rruncc. Juue, 1878: d. 

3994 Charles M., b. Jan.. 18(33: rn. d. 

274:1 Piimelia Mather" Idau. of Gnvdou C", sisttn- of above), of 
Avcu. X. Y. Born Xov. 19. 1821: marrietl Jajut-;? Wiggins, 
Feb. 13, ^4.1. 


300-j Alice P.. b. Mar 24, 1.844; m. d. 

3996 Clark M., b. Meii. 3, 1846: m. d. Aug. l.j, 1884. 

274:3 Gurdon Clark Mather" (son of Gurdon (".'", in-other of 

al'Ove), of . Born Aug. 20, 1825; raarrieil 

Eiiza Scoviile, 1S51. 


3997 FiiA>CE3 IsABELL.\: b. 18.j2: m, F, 0. Howard, of Kansas City, 

Mo.; d. 

3998 GunDox Cl.vrk, b. 18.57; m. d. Sept., 1886. 

2744: Horatio Nelson Mather'' (son of Gardon C."\ brother of 
above), of Sagina\v and Detroit. Mich.' Born July 19. 1S27; 
married ( 1) Elisabeth Mosier, 18.^0 ; (2) Loranthia Cooper, 1864 ; 
(3) Ora . 1881; (4) Et^a . 1883. 

Have had no record of H. X. Mather's children. 

2746 David Brainard Mather' (son of Gurdon C.'», brother of 
iii'i'-.-.i). of . . Born Sept. 21. 1841; die.l 

Dec. 1, 18T0; married ^lary E. Mercereau. Dec. 13, 18G.J. 



3999 Emily E.. b. Sept. 18, 1S06: m. d. 

4000 A. Clakk. b. Julv, 1S()S; m. ' .1. 

2750 Walter B. blather'' (son of Jolm B.'", Moses', Timothy', 
Timothy', Timothy^, RiclianP, Tiino!.liy\ Rev. Ricliapr', 
Thomas^, Jolin'), of "Watertown, N. Y. Born An,o'. s, IS.JO; 
married (1) Delia Stage, Feh. 4. 18ij9; ('J) Amelia Taylor, 
Sept. 1], IS 77. 


4001 Frank J., b. Nov. 14. 1871; m. d. 

2760 RioljaiMl H. Mather" (son of Dan W."', Lay', Jphoida^ 
Timothy". Timothy*, Richard^, Timothy''. Rev. Richard'', 
Thomas', John'), of E.<sex Co. Born Fel). ], 1832; married 
Susan A. Tripp, May i, 1854. 


4002 Bertha E., b. May 14. is.lO: m. W. W. Hunt. Jan. 10. ISS.J; d. 

4003 Faxme a., b. Oct. 17, ISoS; d. Dec. 20, 1839. 

4004 Chatiles H., b. 8ept. 2.5, 1861: m. Alice Knowles, May 12, 188.5; d. 
40<3-5 :Mi>-nie a., b. July 6, 18fJ4; m. d. 

4006 Willie E., b. Sept. 28, ]8t36; ni. d. 

" R. H. Mather was a master mechanic. He enlisted in the war, 
24th Regt. of Conn. Vols., as corpjoral of Co. B. Was nnder Gen. N. 
P. Banks in the lOth army corps. .Vfter the fall of Port Hiuison his 
regiment was sent to Dnnaldsonville. when a call was made for a man 
of courage and trust to act as bearer of dispatches from the head- 
quarters of Gen. Rouks darintr the planning of the famous Red River 
campaign. ]\Ir. Mather was selected by Col. ilansfield to fill the posi- 
tion, which was done to the satisfaction of his military commander. 
He was mustered out at Middletown. Conn., with an honorable dis- 
charge. Mr. Mather has filled the offices of jastice of the peace and 
grand juror of the town of Essex for a number of years, and has been 
a member of tht; school board of education for many years. Is a 
member of the Grand Lod<ie, I. 0. {). F. of the State of Connecticut.'' 


2770 (.'hnrlcs M. 31ilt!!er" (>on of Daa \V."\ brother oi' above), of 
Si'riiiglicM.L Mujs. Burn at Lyme. Conn., Jan. 26. 18.31; mar- 
ried (1) Maria T. Comstook. Jan.. 1S.37; she died Feb. 1.3, 1S59; 
(2) Helt-n M. Martin. Jan. 11, 1S61. 


4007 M.VRiA T.. b. F.jl). 6, is.3l); m. d. 

400s CirAKLKs RoBEijTS, b. 3Iay 18, lstj-2; d. Doe. is, lsG4. 
40O'J Mackl G., b. Aulr. 10. lStT.5; ,1. July 30. Isso. 

Mr. iMather received h.i.s early education ai Lyme and East Lvme. 
Afterwards leaiTied rhe carriage-makin,": trade, u-hioh lie carried on in 
East Lyme until l>*)\. when he v.-ont 'u> Middletowu and later ro 
Springfield. Ma>.-., where he was engaged in the. .same business. For 
some years he was connected as a contract<.»r witli Smith ^c V^essun's 
pistol raanuiacrury in .Springiield. 

2778 John 31. 3Ijltlier"- (son or Oeorge AV.'". Lay'. .Jehoida', 
Tiniucuy', Tii;,othy". Fachard"', Timothy', i;o^^ Richard'^, 
Thomas-, John"'), of Lyme. Born Dec. 23. is;]',); ,lied Aug. 
S, I860; married . Xov. '2'.i. Istjo. 


4010 Anna B., b. .luu. lo. isr,-.': m. d. 

4011 JonxC, b. Jim..- 20. 1<U;3; d. Aug. 10. 1803. 

John M. Mather enlisted in tlie army in 18(32: died Is';:;. 

2780 FraiH-is F. Mather'' (son of Frderick 0.'", Ezra', Jehoida^ 
Tim< -hy'. Timothy'-, Richard\ ■ Timothy*, Rev. Ric-hard', 
Tlin:,i;;s-. John'). o: Xew Haven. Ci)nn. Bi-rn at I'erbv. Conn.. 
Oct. 2S, lS4t3: died May 11. l,8i;.8; marries:! .Mary A. Madison, 
of Springiield, Ma.-s.. Xov. in. 18i;.3. 

401'2 Fredkric Rali'h, h. Dvc. -J.j. Is']'!; ni. d. 

27vSo Adrian 0. blather'' ("son <./ Andrew A.'", Dan'. Jehoida', 
Timothy', Timothy', Richard'. Timcthy*, Rev. Richard', 
Thomas-. John'j. of Albany. X. Y. at Burlington, X. Y., 
May 22, 183.3: die.l at L-^le uf Wight, L. I., July 18, 1.^83; 
married Sarati Whit ford. May 21, IS63. 



4013 Hattie T., b. Due. 20. ISOo; m. d. 

4014 Adiuan W., h. Oct. 6. ISTO; m. d. 

From LVlliany r.apers. after the death of A. (). ^Mather: 

'■ OniTT.-ARY. 

" T7ie Life and .S"cce.<-<f»l BitifUicxx O'mr of Jjlrinn 0. }r!ithci: 

"lu the death of !Mr. Mather .VJbany l!)ies one of her be jt business men — 
one whrvby his eueriry and v.-i!i-power built np a larirc wholcsik- house in our 
citv. Mr. 3[:itlier ^vas born at Burliuirtou in this State forty-ei.irlit years ago. 
His t'atln.T %viis Andrew A. Mather, one of tht- ciiizens of Otsego 
County, h.avinc: once been elected sheriff. The family wa-; deM:en'i..'d t'roui 
the di-tinu'uislied Ri.h;ird ZHaihcr. Adrian was tlie oldest sou, and early 
evinced brightness, aptitude, and intelligence, which were carefully indulged 
and promoted by his father, who discerned the future business career of his 
promi>iug boy. 

"In 18o9 Adrian went to Ilion as a clerk in the store of Edson, Delano & 
Co. The folhwing year his emphiyers were glad to retain his services by 
admitting hiui into tiieir rirm. Five years later he came tf) Albany, where he 
at once, v, Lrii his brother A. Dan, starteil the rirm of AI;uh?r BrotliLTs. in the 
-wholesale gncery trade. AVitli ni> iiui.>ide intluence. with little capital, iuul, 
in fact, naugl'.t but hi^ own natural >hrewdne.s.-., business tact, au'l innate 
integrity, the ul-w liouse almost immediately ioitk dn'p root in the business 
world, and a thriving trade was theirs from the lir-i. lu about l^'JO the rirm 
was augmented by taking into it another brother. Andrew .E. Mather. The 
Three brolliers were well adapted buiii to one ane>llk-r and to the wants of th<.'ir 
bu-^iness. All of them W(;rked hard, while they were very felicitous iu the 
selection of rheir employees. The credit of the concern was always unlimited, 
loiter, ia faer. than that of many of their rivals who had more capital. This 
wtts owing largely to the promptness and honesty. which ehamcterizeil all its 
dealin.::s, and to the fact that tiie word of the bri>thers was alwav.-^ fully as 
ffood as their si-natan-s. Tiie marked abilitv and entcrin-jse of Adrian was 
always conspieuou.-;. and ol'tained for his business the f;ivr.r and indulgence of 
the large >.cw York hoUscs. The banks too, both here an<l in the metropolis, 
were ever readv To li..-lp them. Some time ago Mr. blather's talents were 
recognized by electing him to a directorship in the Slate National Bank of 
Albany. This a grateful acknowledgment of his elTorts iu b^hilf of the 
t.iank. About three years ago he organized the ^lath'-ra- Robitisoa Cornpany. 
a corporation re[ireseuting larire c:ittle interests iu Colorado, .Mdutana. and 
Idaho. The .success of this company contributed largely to the capital of the 


ilatlier Biotheix, wliu arc its piiiKii>al stnrkhoKlc!'-'. He w;is al-^n ,i director 
of tlic Nl'W Yurk Xaiional ^Futual Aid Society. His dclifatr liialrh alun.' 
jirevenr^jd his becoming inton.'^tcil iti aiiotlicr vi'iuuit — tiic uii'i' niiiuni^ 
ik'\n'l<ipiii(.-nts in C'olnradii, in '.sliii-li lii> h:id great faith and for ^\ilieh iie 
labored mueli. 

" lie was ((uiek to discover and to reward true iiK-rii. lie di tested sliams. 
llatterer*, and ])reteiidi'Vs. anddi-iioiincfd thorn oi'eiilv. His \\.irni syiniiatliies 
and earfiest ond(.-avors were sometin\es conei-idcd hy liis ai>parciit lirusqtieiie», 
\^liieli was attributable mainly to bis ill iiealth. At luarr he was guileie^^.. can- 
did, and atfeelionate. hi his family ho was a model luivband. parent, and kins- 
man. To liis friends ho was ever ready to listen and give eneouragenient. 
iiis charuy was both inteili-ient and liberal. Anything wortiiy or de>erving 
always founil in him a supporter. He was indirtei'ent to w litit an\ one thought 
of his action wlu-n he knew himself to be. in the right. Albany can ill afford 
to lose such men. The grocery bnsiness f'Munh.l l)y him will be eontinm-d i)y 
the .sorrowing brothers, one of wlaun, Andrew'-, hasiiad charge of its manag<'- 
ment during the absence and sickness of the di'Oe.-ised. Success must follow a 
house so established and conilucted." 

"At a meeting of the direi'tr)rs i>f tlie X<-w York Stale Bank, 
lield this moniing. the Presidimt announced llie death of Adrian <). .Mather, 
one of the directors, when the following action t.aken: 

'■ '\Vir':i;i:.vs. information his lu'cu recei\ed here of the death, yesterday, 
at tlie I-Ie ■■( Wigiit. L. 1.. of our fellow dirci'tor, Mr. Adri.ui (>. .Mather.— 

•'^ We enter on our nunutes our regret at thi^ .■^ad and iiuc\- 
IK'Cted oceurrence. 

■' E]1d..e^\•,■d will) nmre than usual attractive iiualifies and al>ili- 
tios, ,"\Ir. >[athi;r had, in the short time oi hi-, association with us .•!> ,i di:-ecti>r 
of the b;ink, made liim.self respected by us ail. .and we had come to .idtl esteem 
to rcs[K'ct. 

" His death is therefore a loss to the l)ank, and tiu/ city loses in it .also an 
up'right and intelligent merchant, whose energies, combined with thosi' of hi-- 
partners, in the house ho estttblishod. htive made' it as well kmcvji for its 
prosperity .is for the oxteut of it.s trtuisactions. 

Attest: D. "\V. WF.itrLE, Cis/ur." 

27.SS Elias C. 3[atlier" (soti cf .Vmlrew A.''", l^rutlier of alK.vo), 
of Gurrattsviile, X. Y. Px-rn in V.iniinj.ilon, X. Y., .\['ril S, 
1S40; marridl Mary Wliirfuril. Jtiii. "JT, ISGT. 


401.-) Dvx. b. Feb. Vi. lxC,s- m. d. 

4i»l() lit iaiii.\, b. M.-iy 11. 1S7-2; m. d. 

4017 .Vxi.RKn- .VntavN. b. J.ui. ;■;, 1ST8: m. il. 


Elias C. Marher i= au exten.sive farmer. 

2701 Clara L. jluther"' (J.-ui. of Ancbvw A."-', sistm-of a'.ove), of 

Born Fe]}. 1, l.'*(34; married Xewcorab 
Cleveland, Oct. 5, IS ST. 


401S Mather, b. Stjit. -2. I-^SO; m. d. 

2797 Albert Increase ^ilatlier" (sou of Israel J.'», TsraeP. .hAm 
N.\ Tiiiiotby", Timotliy«, K;cliard\ Tiniolhy^, Rev. Richard^ 
Thomas'. John'), of Rockland. }i[aine. Born at Burk.^ville, 
Maine, Apr. 10, 1642: married Augusta C. Cuningham, Xov., 


4010 Harry A., b. May 14, ISTO; m. d. 

Mr. Mather was enga^red with his father in the wholesale "West 
India goods trade. 

2S07 Adeline Eliza Matlier" (dau. of Tsrael"\ .Tolm', John X.^ 
Timothy', Timothy'', Richard'', Timothy', Rev. Richard', 
Thomas-, John'), of ilanuiug, Auduoon Co., Iowa. Born 
Aug. 5, 1S37; married C. B. McKiimey. iSIch. 10, 1,S.>7. 


4020 Allex Israel, h. Oct., ISr.S; m. ■ ' d. 

4021 Arthur Ellsworth, b. Aug. .5. li^Ol; ni. d. 

4022 M.VRY Elisakeih. h. Jan. 2, ISfU: in. d. 

4023 .Je^sle a., b. Oct., li>m: m. d. 

4024 .lEXxre :\r., b. Dec. 2.5, 1SC9; ni. d. 
402.) .JouN Emery, b. 3Ich., I'^TO; ni. d. 

280S .'iary VoUy 3Iutlier-' (dan. of [srael'", sister of al.ove), of 
Enuiicnt, Xevnda Co., Arkansas. Born May G, 1S39; married 
F. Cliamber.<, .May G, IS 7.3. 


402G Reeke.v Ai-reht. b., lsT(>; ni. d. 

4027 luA.N r.ERTKAH. b. Moli., ln:^; m. d. 

4028 Jack, r). Aug., 1879; ra. d. 


3SO0 John I)e"\Vitt 3I;ither" (sou of Israel'", brother of ahove), 
of Ames, Sironir Co., Jowa. Born Feb. 17, IS-il; marrie'l 
Ella S. Tt'arne. Xov. 2. 18 Go. 


4029 Jons I?R.s.EL, b. Apr. V2, Is.jT; m. d. 

4030 FANNt P., b. Sept., 18GS; m. d. 

2810 P}iel)e H('l>sia jiather'' (dan. of Israei"', sister of above), 
of Bloomiuirroii, Franklin Co.. Xebraska. Born Oct. 'Jti, iS4'2; 
married Ciiaiie? A. Porter. Xyv. 14, 1S72. 


40;]1 I^nAEL 3Iatiikr. b. Sept., 1S7;]; m. d. 

403-2 Kapuael a., b. July, 1878; in. d. 

4033 IIaxxah, b. June, 18S2; m. d. 

4034 Child, b. Feb., 1884; d. young. 

2811 Emery Clinton 3lather" {>on of Lsrael'^ brother of above), 
of Buckingham, 111. l>orn Feb. 14, _1S4.t; married Mary Jane 
Marsh, Jan. 1, ISGd. 


403o Eva Zella. b. Moh., 1^73; m. d. 

403G Edward Climox, b. Oct., l.<Sii; m. d. 

2812 Sarall Maria jlatlier'-' {'l?..i. of Israel'", sister of alcove), of 
Downes < jrove. 111. Born June 24, 1847; married (ieorge D. 
Roberts, Dec. -3. bsSO. 


4037 Eva, b. St-pt.. 18^3: m. . d. 

2S13 .Tonathau Ro.vee 3iatljer" (son of Tsi-ael'", brotlu-r <.f 

abovej. of Warrenviiie. Ul. Born Oct. U, 1840; married Net- 
tie L. Ketchum, Dec. 27, 187 7; siie died Mch.. 188.3. 

4038 Israel, h. Dec. 3, 1;<7S: m. d. 


281? Sarah AbiiJCail Mather'' (''hu. of Joshua E.'", John^ John 
X.^ 'L'iuiothv'', Tiuioihy', RichunP, Timothy^ Rev. Ricluird', 

Thomas-, John'), ox . ill. l^orii in E~<o.k, N. Y., :Mch. 

1."), ISo.'); married JVuinthua Royce, Oct. G, IS.5.3. 

KOYCE ruii.Mtr.N. 

4039 Emma .M., b. IS'^C; ni. Spraijui': d. 

4040 JoNATHAX F.. 1). LSIS; in Mavy .<tailord; d. 

4041 GEOR(iE E.. b. m. d. 

4042 Asa M., b. 1S72: in. d. 

2S10 Edwaril 3Iatlier-- (^'-'u ot Joshua E."\ hrother of above), of 
. Born in Es.<ex, X. Y.. .\pr. 11. 18.'?8: married 
Heurierta T. Railou. Nov. 14. 18G0; .she died Dec, l^CO. 


4043 Alice, h. IS'W; m. d. 

4044 James Isaai'. b. ls;:i: in. d. 
404.") 3Iinki;va. b. 1^70: in. d. 
404G Rkciien, b. l^i^TT: m. . d. 

2S*2t2 Asa Krisliie 3rather''' ('>">n of Joshua E.''\ hrother of above), 
of Joliet. HI. Ijorn in E-^sex, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1844; married 

(1) Altliea A., Apr. M. ls»ift; she di.'d Mch. '22, 1870; 

(2) Lncetra L. Rann, July 2, IS 74. 


4047 OiiHTX F.. b. M«h. 0, 1^70; d. in infancy. 

4048 .TdsiiUA Emery, b. July 12, ls7t;; d. Nov. 3, 1876. 

4049 Gut P., b. May 23. 18^0; m. d. 
40.-)0 WiEMEXA, b. Xu\-. 1*5, lsfS2: m. d. 

A. F. ^[ather is a lawyer in Jdii^t, 111. 

3823 SaniUt'l Mathor" (son of Jnshua E."', brother of above), of 
New York Srar,:-. R.nni in Essex. N. Y., ^Meli. 7, IS 17; mar- 
ried Mah-ina "Ballou. N..v. 18, 1866. 

No (duldren repMrtC'l. 


'2S'^i JoiiatluiU Matlior'' (son of Joshua E.^". lirotlier of above), 
of Xew" York .t^tate. Born in, X. V.. (Jet. 5, 1819; mar- 
ried Elisabetli Sprague, Feb.. 1871. 


2825 (uMM-irt? Phelps Jlatlier" (sou of Joshua E.'", brother of 
above), of . Born Ft,-b. 'i. 1S.3.J; married 


40.51 At.titea S., 


18:2; m. 

-10-32 Ella G., 


1ST4: m. 

40o3 Lydia M., 


1870; m. 

4054 Charlls A., 


1878; ui. 

4055 ilvEA, 


i^SO; Di. 

4056 Thomas Emeky, 

, b. 

1883; m. 

Rachel C. Seanet, Dee. 4. 187S. 


4057 Jexxte M., 



405S DuxALD, 



4059 Rose, 




2826 Jo.sliua Emery Mather'', («on of Jush l, E.'", brother of 
above), of . Born July 11, 1853; married 

Ida George. Jan. 10, 1377. 


4060 Daughter. b. m. d. younii:. 

4001 Roberta, b. m. d. 

4062 Maud C, b. m. d. 

4063 Hugh, b. m. . d. 

281-3 Reilhen Mather" (son of Hiram'". Reuben^ Asaph', Timo- 
thy," Timothy^, RiciiarP. Timothy^ Rev. Richard-', Tiiomas-, 
John'), of F;t\v i'aw, Mich. B.u-n Xov. 1. 1824; died April 16, 
1S83; married Celia Covenor, April 6, 1S49. 


4064 Elisabeth. b. M(h. 12, lso4; m. d. 
4063 Wrjcht, b. Apr. 4, I860; in. d. 


'284-1: SponC'Or Matlier'" isou of Hiram"'. >>rother of al.ovo), of 
Paw I'au-. .Mick Born April 3. IS'JT; died in the war at 
Cliattanooga, Ga. ; luarried Saraii P'rancis, Dec. 25, IS-t'J. 


Hocord nf cliiklix'n nut sent in tiiue. 

2845 Joseph ^latlier" (s"n of Hirani'", ])rotlier of ahove), of Taw 
Paw. Micii. Born Jan. 21), 182(i; laarrii.-d Kate Haniliii, 
Nov. 11, 1667. 

4CG0 CuARi,K< IL, I.. Oct. 2y. 18(58, m. d. 

40<>T Lf>a Dell, b. .June 1, 18T0; m. d. 

40u8 Cklia. b. Sept. 16. 1871; m. d. 

Joseph Mather ■was in the war; enlisted in iSG2, anil served three 
years; returned uninjured. 

28-t« Setll 111. 3!ather'"^ (^"U of Seeley B.'^', Jushua', A3aph^ Tim- 
othy", Timothy", RichanP. Timothy*, Rev. Richard', Thomas', 
John"), of Lafargeville, X. Y. Born Uct. 28, 183S; married 
Lucy Duncan, Dec. li), 1S()5. 


4069 BciiT D.. h. ^~.-pt. 10, 1866: m. d. 

4070 Xp:well .S., b. Nov. 17, 1868; m. d. 

4071 FiiANK L., h. .Sept. -23, 1872; n\. d. 

4072 Li:k A., b. Oct. 9, 1879; ni. d. 

28.iO Geor2;e S. Matlier" (>"n of John'^ brother of ahove) of 
Xew York State. Born Oct. 28, 1843; married Chloe Root. 


4073 Ltiwis, h. m. d. 

2S5I DeTlllo 1. 3Iatlier" (son of .^eeley B.'", brother of above). 
uf Xt-w Yiyrk State. Boru Xov. 18, 18.3*J; marrie<l Delia 



407-1: Leslie, b. m. d. 

4073 Grace, b. m. d. 

2S59 Cljarlf^ Wesley Matlier" (>on of YV^esley'", Joshua^ Asapli;, 
Timothy'. Timorh}"'. Ricliavd', Tiuiothy', Rev. Richard', 
Thomas", Johu-). of Utica, X. Y. Boru May 'Jl, 1S52: married 
Ida F. Crane, dau. of David J. Crane, Auc. 7, IS" 



4076"CoitxELiA F., b. Sept. 29, ISU; m. d. 

4076i W1LLI.Y.M, b. Oct. 10, l'^76: m. d. 

407<).'Mal-d, b. Jan. -.Jo, lt;70; ra. d. 

407f5^nDA A., b. Oc'. 10. lss-2; m. d. 

4070' Ji-LiA .V:sx, b. Dee. -2, 1SS4; d. Feb. 13, ls88. 

4076rLLN-DLEY, b. May 21, LSStJ; d. ilcli. 19, 1887. 

401b^nAJJROLD, b. Xov. 19, 1887: m. d. 

Mr. Charle^' W. :dather ij a l-anker of the of A. D. Mather 
& Co., Utica, X. Y. ; became partner in ISSO.. 

3860 Bray ton G. blather" (son of Asaph''\ Asaphl A.?aph^ 
Timothy", Timothy", Richara\ Timotliy^. Rev. Richard', 
Thomas-, John'), of Watertown, X. Y. Born Julv 23. 1S39; 
died Jan. 1 4. l^'^l; married Lavina Kluck, Jan. 22, 1SG2. 


4077 WtS'FiELD S., b. Xov. 26, 1SG3; m. Xettie A. Yoran, Sept. 16, 1884; d. 

2865 Samautlui father" (dau. of Lawyer", John^ Asaph", Tim- 
othy", Timothy", RichanP, Timothy", Rev. Ricliardl Thomas", 
John'), of Scipio. X. Y. Bern Feb. 24, 1828; married 
Wilham A. Morgan, Jan. 2"^, 1850, 


4078 Charles A., b. Sept. 28, 18.32; m. d. 

2866 We'ltha ^Father'' (dan. of Lawyci-'". si.ster of a1)ove), of 
Ithaca. X. Y. Bora Jan. 4. 1830; married Franci> De Viu- 
ney, Jan. 28. IS. 50, 




4079 Arthl-r, b. :\r.!i. T, IS.jS; d. Aug. IT. L'^i39. 

40S0 Fay, b. May :1, IS.iT: d. July :2.!, I'^.JT. 

4081 Endfa L., h. Ajir. S. lS"i!>; ni. d. Fcii. :2(), lss:5. 

4082 Fkki. b. Apr. 11*. 1^0-2: in. d. 

2S6S Charles }Iatht'r' (^'-'H of Lawyer'". l)rot!ior of alun-o). of 
Scipio. X. Y. Born Xov. 4. lS:i:': married (1) Rcl.iH'ca Hew- 
ett, July 4. IS.:.".: (2) Vhehe A. Groeutieid. May 11. Is.jO. 


4083 Elois E., b. Oct. -22, iMj.j; m. Edwiu E. Reiuk-11, Juuc 13, 1874; d. 

M.iy 16. 187o. 

40S4 Viola J.. b. Ai)r. 10, 18G0; m. d. 

4nSo FrNTOX C, b. AiU'. 28. 1802; lu. Clara A. Drak(^\ Dec. 2a, 188.j; d. 

40S'(> Mi-NXiE. b. Sept. 22, ISGo; m. d. 

4087 Fraxk B.. b. Feb. 9. 1867; m. Mn]li<- 3[tdicr, Oct. 7, 18S'.); d. 

4088 J AV D,, b. Aug. :',. i871;m. d. 
40S9 a.. n. .July 8, 187o: in. d. 

4090 E. Daisey, b. Au^'. 14, 187"); m. - d. 

4091 Okouce a., b. D^c. 2, 1>77: m. d. 
4002 13LRT E., 1>. May 4, 1&S1; m. d. 

287 1 MariouM. ^Hatl'.er" ('"I'ln. of JehiaVl Jolln^ Asaph^ Tim- 
odiv', Tiiiiothy'', KiciiarJ'. Tiuiotliy*. Rev. Richartl'. Tlioniasl 
Jolm'). of :Moravia. X. Y. Boru 2>[ch. 30, 18.34; married Man- 
ville E. Eeuyou. Aug. 10. 18.58. 


4093 Amelia S., b. May 9, In.jO; d. Mcli. 2.1. 1862. 

4094 John Lela:nd, b. Dec 7, 1869; lu. d. 

2872 3Iary E. Matlier'' (dan. uf Jebial'", sister of above), of Sum- 
mer Hiil. X. Y. Born Dec. 20. is^O: married WelliiiKton M. 
Himmiii, May 30, IS^il. 


4095 DELrnrs-E, b. Apr. 28. 1802; ni. J. Guernsey Allen, Oct. 13, 1866; d. 


•,'873 WilHiUn R. 3I;it!5er" (^-n oi JehiaP", in-other of above), of 
St'UitJiX'uiu^. t.'iiyuga I'o.. X. Y. Burn Sept. 21. 1S40; mar- 
ried Josephine E. Hagar. Mch. 12, ISS.'). 

t?S7-i L'Uini E. Milt her-' ('lau. of .TehiaP", sister of above), of Sem. 
prouius. X. V. Px)!-!! June 10, IS.IS; luarried James R. Couk- 
lin, Jan. •';. 1 -^-^-l-. 

eoNKr.TS crifi.D. 

409(5 Ethel M., b. 31 ij- i, l^^S; m. d. 

2V)04 Cyrus Xatlier"' (-^on of A.sapU''\ Buckley', Asaph', Timothy', 
Tlm.othy\ R:o:iard\ Timotliy'. r;,,v. Richard^ Thom;is-'. Jolm'), 
of Plymourli. Ind. Born at Ionia, Mich.. Oct, 12, l.s;;S; mar- 
ried Amanda Lapp. 2\lch. 4. 1867. 


4097 Frank A., b. Ait. 2-2. 1^71; m. d. 

409S E^^ELT^^ b. s-pr. iV», 1^74; m. d. 

2917" Rev. TeriiniU P. 3Iather''' (son of Spencer B."'. Buck- 
ley'', Asaph". Timijthy', Timorliy^ Richard'', Timothy\ Rev. 
Richard'. Thomas-, John'), cf Batli. Sre'ihi-n Co.. X. Y. Born 
Jidy 2o, 1>.52; married Addie Smith, June 2!;, 1-^72. 


409S" Loris- I... b. :May 12. 1>>74; m. d. 

4098i Franc A., b. Apr. 7, 1870; m. d. 

4098c Gracie. b. Xov. 12, 1877; m. " ' d. 

4093f? Charles V., b. Aug. 24. 1879; m. d. 

409Sc ViUA D., b. Feb. 1, 1882; m. d. 

4098/ HoiiEu C. b. Nov. 2S, 1883; m. d. 

•2061 Ditvid R. SelU-ck" (son of David'", Hannah Mather»,'. Rev. in-. .Moses". Tanothy", Richard^ Timothy*, Rev. 
Richard', Thomas*. Julin'). of .So. X'orwalk, Conn. Born Xov. 
14, 1522: married Caroline Smith, Dec. 11, l">i-7: siie was 
born Jan. 1. 1 S26. 

h)0 THE AlATHEll FA31ILY. 


4000 Edwin R.. b. Sept. 14, 184>*; m. d. 

4100 IIi:m:v Wi:;i.Lt;<, b. Ang. o, l>^'iO; m. d. 

4101 William e i.akk^ox. b. Meh. !?, isj:]; m. d. 

4102 CriAULE^ 31oi;ki><. b. 3I;iy IT). Ls.'i.j; ui. d. 

4103 A.N.NiE AniisTA. b. Mdi. 27, iSr.T; m. d. 

4104 Geouge ZS'ew ELL, b. Dec. 5. l^<•!(»; ru. d. 

4105 Cakuie Smitii, b. Jau. is. Isc,,!; m. d. 

2972 Saraii C. IVaterbnry'^ (dan of Emily Sellec-k^", ilamuih 
MatLer^, JfLsepii", Rev. Dr. Muse.s". Tiniorhy", RicliariP, 'J'im- 
otliy, Rev. RicLarcP, Tboinas-, John'), ot Dai-R'H. Coiu. B<jrn 
T)ec. S, l^ol: marrie.l C IT, Ay.n-.-. Nov. I, IS,".?, 

A\T.RS rrriLD. 
410(j SauaiiC. b, 0> t. Itj, 1>.58: iii, d. 

2973 Charles (i. \S aterJ»lir,v'' (^on of Eiuily Selleck'", brother of 
above), of Darien, Conn. Born Feb. 12, 1834; married Mary 
E. Combs. Mch. 17, ISSl. 


4107 Hele.v Adeline, b. Feb. 8, 1SS2; m. d. 

297i Betsey A. Waterhury'' (>lau. of Emily Selleck'", sister of 
above), gf Daneu. Conn. Born Sept. 20, 183"); married (!)scar 
Seeley, Sept. 19, lSo8. 

seelet child. 

4108 Albert 31., b. July 24, 1S60; m. d. 

2976 3Iary L. Waterbury" (dim. of Emily Selleck'", sister of 
above), of Darien, Conn. Born A[)r. 20, 184t); married Wil- 
liam Ht.nsbaw, Jan. 21. 1SS5. 


4109 Samuel C, b. Nov. 15, 3S87; m. d. 


•2*JbO (.'onieliii Mape^i'' ('■l:iu. oi SaraL .Sfili-clv'", ILiimiui Marht-r'', 
Ji.'sopii". lu'V. I)r. 2*I<.>se<", Timotliy''. RichartP, Tim<.)tliy', Kev. 
Riciiard", Thi^uiaf-. Joiiu^), ui" . Born I)ec. 

■Ju. IS-io: married Thomas Fitch, July -2'. l'^C3. 


4100.' Lyxdon G:iAXT. b. D.'C. 1, lst34; ni. Lavinia B Xichols, Oct. 13, ISf^G. 

2987 Emily 31a{)e>-' (/hm. of .Sarah .S^'lluck'", sister of a,l)Ovt'). 
Born Jiv^N 17. IS47; luarried. Fred A. Strong, Oct. 1<3. 1S70. 


4109'' Nelson Mapes. b. in. d. 

410!)'" FRF.nKRiCK r., b. m. d. 

410!),' Clixtox, 1). m. d. 

4109, Jn.iA E.. b. ni. ' d. 

298S" Charles A. }I;ll>es" (Vou of Sa,rah Selleck''*. brother ol" 
above], of Xew Vovk. Boi-u Aii^'. 2"_', ls">4: inarried Clara E. 
Ma.ster, Jan. 15. iS7;\ 



2991 Amanda Koberts" (dan. of Sarah Richards'". Sarah Mather'', 
Joseph', Rev. Dr. Moses'', Timothy", Richard', Timothy', Rev. 
Ricliard', Thomas^, John'), of . Bom Doc. 20, 

1820; died June 8, 1882: married Harrison Ball, Mch. 21, 


4110 Sakah A_s-y, b. July 4, l-^;5!): m. d. 

4111 Mahy Eli^ahetu, b. Apr.. 1844; m. Geo. L. Woi'lsey, June 5, 

l-^79; d. 
4113 Georoe TV'illiamsox, b. June ii. 18-19; m. Carrie A. Eiiule, Sept., 1868. 

Cbililrea uf Georjre W. and Garri'' A. Flnglc Ball — 

CuESTKK Lldlov. , b. A.[u-. v.). 1^74; m. d. 

Etitel, \>. Jan. 29. 1>>-1; in. d. 



4109/ Charles M., 



4109.'/ Arthur T., 



4109A Clarence D., 



41iHi; Graxdtso.n", 



4109/ MiLT.'X C. 




200tJ (icarire Roherts'" (?on <>[ Sarah Richards'". Saruh Mather', 
brud:er of auovf;-), ot . Bum Apr. 7, IS'23; 

married Dorcas A. Fickt-rt, Dec I,s-14. 


4113 Anna. b. ^IlIi. 4. l>-";i: in. Sylvc^rer A. Sherman. Feb. 12, ]S79; d. 
41U Ei.LA. b. May 21. l-.">o: m. Frank liaynioud, Auy. 14, ISSO; d. 

Chilli of Anna R. :inil Sylvester A. Siierauia — 
Fpan-c, b. .Sept. 19. 1x74; m. d. 

Children of Ella R. and Fmak Il.aynioiid — 

Eorrn Colhy, b. .Jan. 4, 1n><S; m. ■&:, 

MATfLPA FiiKETT, b. Apr.. IssO: ni. d. 

'J091 3I:iry Eli.sabeth Ko!>erts" (<i:ui. of Sarah Richards-'". Sarah 
Marher'. sister oi aii<jvt'), of . Born ]!i[ay '2(;, 

1S2'J; died July 4, \Si]l: married Wilham R. Lockwood, Jan. 
10. 1>4S. 


411.> Jacoi;. b. Apr. 1, ls.-,l: d. Nov. 11, 1S(J7. 

4116 Fra-NK, b. AI:,y r,, ls.-,;3; d. July 2 1. 1S7I. 

4117 WiLLLOi, b. Afay io, 1855; m. Charlotte M. Bradley, Nov. 22, 

1S70; d. 
411S CltAKl.KS XaxuaX, b. All;;. 1. 1S57; d. .Jan. '20. ISHO. 
41iy Sahau Fankik. b. Aug. 21, 1859; m. Richard H. Gohlen, Nov. 18, 

ISSO; d. July 2. iJ^sl. 

4120 GEoRfiE, b. Apr. :5, 1802; ni. Ella Squires. May 17, 1881; d. 

!2«07 Nathan Selleck Eobt'l-ts" (son of Sarah Richards"; Sai-ah 
Mather'. ljr..)tiier of ai>ove), of . Born ^Ich. '22, 

1843; married Eliza Bell Rhodahack, June 11, 18GS. 


4121 Makv Beli , b. Apr. II. 1^*)!); d. Xuv. 2'.), 1878. 

4122 Ali k, b. AuL'. 1, l>:i: m. d. 
412:J AosE.- .May. b. F.-b. 22. 1!:'75; d. Jan. 2?,. 1881. 

4124 Frank Ruy, b. Au;;. 1. 1878; d. Dee. IJ. 1S80. 

4125 Eimu Bell, b. Juue 12, 1.882; m. d. 
412t) A.NXA, b. in. d. 


SOU Eer. (icorire .lerniaiii Ely Ricliards" (^on of Kev. Chas. 
Ricliard?^''', Sarah Marher'. Joseph', Rev. Dr. NLoses". Tiinotby'. 
Richard'. Tiiii'->tiiy^, Rev. Richards Thoina.s=. Jn!,ii'). o.'' Mur-. 
dock and Gosiie'n. Ohio. Born Ocr. 11, 1SI9: inarricd Laura 
A. Lord, Sept. 2~, 1876. 

KicnArj)?; ciitldrhx. 

4127 L.vcp.A CirRisTiAN.v. b. Apr. 22, ls7!): m. d. 

412S AxxiE Florexck. b. Aug. 31, 1863; m. d. 

3015 Kev. Charks LtMvis Eiclianis'' (?on of Rev. Charles 
Riciiard.s-'\ Sarah Mather^ liri->ther of ahcjve), of Xewlierry, 
Mich. Born Sept. 3, l.>51; married Jennie E. Blakeslee, July 
28, ISSl. 


4129 Chakle? Blakeslee, b. July 4. l-<>2; d-, S-pt. 16, 1882. 

4130 Helen Emily, b. Aug-. <!. IS^J-l: m. d. 

4131 Flokexce TVeld. b. May 12. I'>s7; d. iS-ept. 6. 1887. 

4132 Malcolm GuTifRtE. b. J\ily 20, 1888: d Jan. lo, 1800. 

30*^1 Cluirles G. 3Ioreliouse" (son of Lydia Matla-r-'. yIoses^ 
Josrpii', Rf:v. F'r. ]^[.^ses", Tiuiodiys, Richard', Tiuu)thy^ Rev. 
Richard^ Thi>nias-. John"), of Darien, Conn. Born Mch. 4, 
1831; married Emeline Morehouse. 


4133 Alice Maria. b. Apr. ll, 18"): m. d. 

4i:34 Ch.\.rles Fkederkk, b. Feb. 13, l.s.jO; m. d. 

30--2-4 Josi'pli E'hvanl }Iol•«'lh>u^e" (-^-^'i of Lydia Mather'". 
brother of a'oove). of Darien, Conu. Born July 'J 4, 18:17; mar- 
ried Anna A. Brown, July 24, 1802. 



4l:ij Wilmams, h. Oct. l.-^, 1>Y,.3: m. d. 

4136 IIflex Brows. b. Nov. 17, 1>*5J); m. d. 

4137 llE.NRr Bkov.x, b. Oct. 1. 1S7S; m. d. 

'My2i) Charles 3Iiltou ^latlier'' (-on of George'". Moses', Jo.^eph', 
Row r>r. Ml'S^:;?". Tirnoruy% KifliarLp. Tim^rliy*, Rev. EiclianP, 
Tlioniiis'-. John'), of New York City. Born at Dariea, Conn., 
Jan. 7, 1S29; married Frances M. [Mills, Apr. 10, ISOO. 


4138 Alice, b. 3Kh. 19, IStJl; m. \Vm. A. Dixon, Apr. 17, 1S90; 


4139 A>-s-A, b. .Tune o. ist}.j; m. Henry Uall Uhler. Oct. IS. 1SS7; 


4140 ■^illiam Arnot. b. Apr. in. 1S74; m. d. 

Cliaries M. Matiier married the dauchter of Andrew Mills, of Xew 
York. Mr. ^latixer was for 3U years engaged in mercantile pur.suits 
in Xew York City, where he now resides. His house is at IG West 
l'22d .Street. He takes a very great interest in the liistory of the 
Mather family, and is a gentleman of culture, and has devoted much 
of his time the last few years to Christian and philanthropic 

■.3027 Mose.S Selleck Jlather" (■^on of George'", brother of above), 
of Darien, Conn. Born at Darien. June 19, 1831; married 
Mary Ellen Stevens, June "2, ls.5S. 


4141 >[osES, b. Apr. CU, ls"i9: d. Apr. 23, 18.39. 

4142 Emily Cvrolln-e. b. Feb. 3, Isfjl; m. d. 

Mr. Mather has carried on a prosperous mercantile business for 
many years, with a partner, in this his native town, wliich for more 
than a century ha.-; been truly lavored in the lives of suoli men as the 
Rev. Dr. !Muses Mather and his descendants. 


30"2S Geoi'i^e Messenirer Mather" (son of George'", brother of 
abi've). of Brooklyn. N. Y. Boru in Darie-n, Conn.. (Jet. 5, 
1833; married Sarah E. Clowes Weed, May o, 18;j9. 


414?) Lewis FitEDEKrcK. b. Apr. 7, IStJO; m. d. 

4144 :^LvuD Louise, b. June 11, 1»72; m. d. 

George M. Marher eulisred in the service of his country at Darien, 
Sept. 9, 1862, in Co. C. 28th Regt., Conn. Vols. Infantry. Nov. 6th 
wa.s appointed sergeant; was discharge';! at New Haven, Conn.. Aug. 
28. 1S()3. having assisted in the siege and reduction of Fort Hudson. 
^^r. !Mather has been for many j'ears connected witli the house of C. T. 
Reynolds vS: Co., I Of] and 108 Fulton Street, New York. He has 
furnished for the blather Genealogy many valuable records. 

3021) Mary Frances Mather" (dan. of George^", sister of above), 
of Washington, D. C. Born in Darien, Conn., Nov. 5, 1835; 
married Zalmon A. Richards, Aug. 19, 1874. 


414.) George Mather, b. Sept. 3, 1880; m. d. 

Mr. Z. Ri'-hards has been Superintendent of Public Schools. Also 
auditor of the Iiistrict of Columbia. 

3031 Sarah Louisa Mather" (dau. of George", sister of above), 
of Darien. Conn. r>orn in Darien, Conn., May 17, 1840: mar- 
ried Albert Hoyt Scolield, Nov. 18, 18(59. 


4146 Edith M.\KY, b. Aug. :J. 1871: m. d. 

4147 IIeli:n L., b. .July -H), 1878; m. d. 

3032 JoJm Cotton 3Iathor" (^on of George'", brother of above), 
of Darien aini West Winsted, (Jonn., and N'ew York city. 
Born in Darien, Mch. 3, 1S42; mai'ried Mary CulLsta Fred- 
ericks, Sept. 8, l.S(]S. 




4148 Eva, h. June 27. ls^<50; m. d. 

4149 Je>sie, b. Sept. 19, ISTO; m. d. 

4150 Mabel, l>. Xm. 0^. ISTI; m. d. 
41ol LuELLA Mw. b. Dec. 13, 187:5: in. d. 

]Mr. Julm C. Matlit.-T was a meniLant in Connecticut. Is now a 
manufactaror in Xew Yta'k city. 

3011 Willi;lin :«areus ^Vliitlie.v' (son ot Ro.?anna Mather'". 
Moses', Joseph^ Rev. T)r. IMo.-es', Timothy', Ricliard', Tim- 
othyS Rev. Richard^ Thomas-, John'), of Daricm, Conn. Born 
Aug. 2.:, 1834: married Mary Eli^^alieth Bates, May 21). 1807. 


4152 Georgiaxa, b. Apr. 11, 1870; m. d. 

3043 Charles Stewart AVliitiiey" (■'^"n of Ro^anna Mather'", 
Virother of al.iove), of Darien, Conn.. Born June 16, 18;i8; 
married Susan B. Knapp, Apr. 29. ISfiS. 


4153 Mariox. h. S^pt. 24, 1871; m. d. 

4154 Alice, b. Ot t. . 7, 187^; ni. d. 

SOU ^Valter Sinitll Whitney" (son of Rosanna Mather", brother 
of above), of Darien. Conn. Bom May 20. IS 10; married 
Catherine A. Bates, iNlay lH, 1869. 


4155 Adelaide, b. Feb. 22, 1871; ra. d. 

4156 Stanley C, b. :May, ; m. d. 

4157 RrTH T., b. Xov. 14, 1879; m. d. 

3045 Oeori?e Albert Whitney" (son of Rosanna Mather'", brother 
of ahov.^). ot Darien. Conn. Born July 2, 1842; married 
Elisabeth A. Ferris, Nov. 28, 1868. 



41oSHelexG.. b. Aug. 7, 1S60; m. d. 

4159 Charles H., b. Xov. 3.i, ISTO; m. d. 

4160 Jennie, b. May 31, 1872; d. July 31. iSli. 

4161 Lekoy F., b. Oct. 30. 1871; m. d. 

4162 Carl Ernest, b. July 30. 187(3; m. d. 

3067 ^Villiara E. Street" (son of .Cbauncey Stre-t'". riara 
iMather^ Joseph', Rev. Dr. Mose:,'. Timothy^ liicbard', 
Timothy", Rev. Eichard', Thomas", John'), of Darien, Conn. 
Born Dec. 13. 1S40; married Frances A. TTatkins, Oct. 'JS, 


4163 Frederick D., b. Sept. 2, 18(59; m. d. 

4164 Editu a., b. Sept. 4,1871; d. Juuo 20, 1372. 

4165 Elsie G., b. Apr. 29, 1874; m. d. 
4ir-6 ArcherE., b. Sept. 15, 187?; m. d. 

4167 Grace E., b. July 8, 1881: m. d. 

4168 Clifford W., b. Aug. 29, 1887; m. d. 

3076 Sarah C. Mather" (dau. of David B."\ Jo5eph^ Joseph^ 
Rev. Dr. Mose.s', Timoth}-', Richard\ Timothy^ Rev. Richard', 
Thomas^. John'), of Darien, Conn. Boi'u July 28, ]S4y; mar- 
ried M. M. Xeuliauer. Oct. '^. 1870. 

neubauer children. 

4169 Edith. b. Aug. 15, 1^78; d. Oct. 22, 1878. 

4170 M.VRV LoLiSE, b. Feb. 13, 1885: m. d. 

4171 Frederick Everett, b. Oct. 27, 1887; m. • d. 

3077 David Nelson Mather" (-son of David ?>.'■■, i.rother of ahove), 
of ''A'est Xorwalk, Conn. Born in Darien, Conn., (Jet. 23, 
1852; married Ida M. McEwen, Apr. 4, 187-J. 


4172 Frederick Clinton, b. Sept. 21, 1876; m. d. 

4173 Florence Amelia, b. Dee. 26. 1878; m. d. 

4174 Clarence Sale, b. Juuc2I, 1>'S4: m. d. 


3079 Sarah J. Vail'' (dau. of Sarah J. Mather"'. Josepll^ Joseph*, 
Rev. Dr. Muse.?'. Timothy*, Richard'. Tiiuutliy'. Rev. Richard', 
Thomas', John'), of Xew York. Born Jau. 21, 1S41; mar- 
ried Edward 0. Wakeman, Oct. 28, 18 OS. 


4175 Nellik MrsA, b. Feb. 24, 1873; m. . ' d. 

4176 RicHABD CoKDLET, b. Julv 3, 1875; m. cL 

3085 Plielx^ MatllPr'' (dau. of Herry Burrit'", Jopepli', Joseph^ 
Rev. Dr. ^.[oses". Timoth\-«, Richar(P, Tiraothy^ R.'v. Richards 
Thomas', John'), of Xorwalk, Conn. Born May 5. 18.53; 
married George Lock-wood, Marcli 22, 1873. 


41TT Frederick E., b. Jan. 22, 1874; in. d. 

4178 Charles, b. June 6, 1876; ni. d. 

4179 Frank, b. July 9, I8r2; m. d. 

3097 Georsre W. Mather" (son of William Francis", Jo.-eph«, 
Josei)h', Rev. Dr. Moses^, Timothy'^, Richard^ Timothy*, Rev. 
Richard', Thomas'. John'), of Xorwalk. Conn. Born in Xor- 
walk, Conn., Aug. 31, 1855; married Minerva Crabb, Mch. 12, 


4180 MmNiE, b. Oct. 1, 1882; m. d. 

3098 Happy I. Mather" (dau. of William Francis'", sister of 
above), of Xorwalk, Conn. Born Jan. 2S, 1857; married 
Thaddeus B. Johnson, April 8, 1875. 


4181 Harry Le Grand, b. Jan. 6, 1877; m. d. 

3099 Charle.S i\ Jlatlier" (son of William Francis'", brother of 
above). Born June 25, 1859; married Jennie F. Kiiapp, 
March 6. 1881. 



•1182 Edith Mav, b. Mrh. 19, 1885. 
41f5o Edna L., b. M;it 10, ISt^O. 

3120 Harriett Neivell Mather" ('lau. of ^Villiam II.'", David 

;:rcott^ Joseph", Kev. Dr. Moses", Timothy^, liicliai'tr', Tiiiiuthy\ 
Rev. Richard^, Thoma.s-, Joliu'). of Mieliigan. Burn July "20, 
1850; married Rufixs Raymond, March IG, ISTl. 


4184 Guy A., b. Oct. 1, 1ST3: m. d. 

418-j Cl.vra M., b. June 6, ls75; m. d. 

4186 Gertruue H., b. Oct. 10, 1ST8; m. d. 

3121 Pliebe A. Mather'' (dau. of William H.'°, David S.^ Joseph', 
Rev. Dr. Moses', Timothv-^, Richard*, TiinothyS Rev. Richard'^ 
Thomas', John'), of Michigan. Born Dec. '22, 18.53; married 
Charles E. Lovett, Oct. 20, 1876. 


4187 William F... b. Jan. 13. 1878; m. d. 

4188 Ada E., b. Jan. 6, 1880; m. d. 

3135 Dr. Yalcolu W. Matlier" (^on of Uscar W.'», WiUia.Ti'. 

yoyfs,". Rcv. Dr. Moses', Tmiothy^, Richard", Timorhy\ Rev. 
Riehard^ Thomas', John'), of Huntingdon, AVe.>t \'a. ; settled 
in Kansas City in 1887. Born March .5, 1847; married Olive 
S. Keith, July 24, 1871. 


4189 Henry Feld. b. July 15, 1872: m. d. 

4190 Lelia En'^ign, b. Oct. -30, 1878; m. d. 

3139 Oeorire H. Mather" (son of Oscar TT."', brother of above), 
of Minneapolis. Minn. Born in Virginia, Oct. y, 1S.')4; mar- 
ried Eva Maria Chapman, Feb. 14, 1885. 


4191 Oscar AV., b. Feb. 23, 1886; m. d. 


317'^ Alice M. Mather" (^lau. of Fre.lerick A.'", John^ SamueK 
Rev. Dr. Mo.<es\ Timorhy', Kichard'. Timothys Rev. Richai-'P, 
Thomas', Jului'), ot . Born Aug. 21, 1S:)2; 

married Heury A. Bartlett, Ana-. 20, ISTR. 


119-2 E.. 1). .Tnly •,';l 1S7T; m.' d. 

4193 Elsie 31., b. 2sov.:2t>, ls:9; m. d. 

3193 Charlotte .¥:lt]ier" (dau. of William H.". Til<nlms^ Samuels 
RieharP. .^amuei". Riciiard', Tin-i.jt]iy\ Rov. Rickardl Thomas^, 
Joliu'). of Eiiro|.e. Born iu ^liddletown, Conn., June 17, 
1842; marrif '1 B. J. Hennesey (an arti.^t). 


4i9-l Kathleen, b. m. d. 

4195 Philip, b. m. d. 

419^3 MoYA, b. m. d. 

3196 TJlOIliaS W. 3^atlier" (son of William H.">, brother of 
above), of X."x Havon. Conu. Born in Middletown. Conn., 
Apr. l!>, 1S.30; uuirrie'l Margaret Linton of England, Feb., 


4197 Linton William, b. Pec. 12, IST-j; ra. d. 

4198 Richard, b. Oct. 5, 1877; ra. d. 

4199 -Margaret, b. Apr. 6, 1880; m. d. 

Thomas W. Mi^ther (Yale College, 1871). 

3213 Josephine Mather" (dau. of Heman'", Ezra', William', 
Richard', Samuel^ Ri;-hard*, Timotliy^, Rev. Richard-', Thomas-, 
John'), of Troy. X. Y. Born Aug. »j, IS.j.').; married Taylor 
Lewis, M.D., y'Uy 4, 1S.3S. 


4200 IIeman 3LVTITER, b. Sept. 8. 1859; d. Sept. 12, 1868. 

4201 TtlARLE.- MoRiiAN, b. Juu- 1, ls(>l; d. XuV. 14. 1874. 


3214 diaries Mather" (son of Heman'", brother of above), of 
Wateivlfii. X. Y. Born ^[ay 21, 18^59; married Sarali Avers, 
Sept. 21, ISGl. 


4202 CAROi.rxE Avers, b. Sr-pt. 20, lso-2: in. .Tolm La'^Tonco Liiiey, S<ipt. 21, 

1SS2; (b 

4203 JosEPHtNE. b. Apr. 4, 1^72; m. d. 

4204 Xaxcy Ayers, b. .Jan. 12, 1S74; m. d. 
420o Hem.\>.-, b. Dec. 31, 1870: m. d. 

Caroliue A. Mather and -Jolui L. fjiia'j have one child — Sarah Malher 
Liney, born .July 14. 1><.^G. 

3215 Mary TAu.a ^latljer" (dan. of neman'", sister of above), of 
Brooksvc'ilu, Clie:ihii-e, Conn. Born Oct. 9, 1841; married 
Samuel Hall Brooks, Sept. .'), 1SG6. 


4200 Ei.iz.v ^[ATnr.R. b. Oct. 3, 1867; ni. Edward Twing Atwater. of New 

Haven, Sept. 19, ISSS; d. 
420T LrsDA Hale, b. Oct. 17. 1870: ni. ' d. 

4208 HENrA>- M.A.TrrER, b. Oct. 24, 1874; m. d. 

4209 M.\RY M.^TUER, b. .Jan. 11. 1877; m. d. 

3245 Ann Eliza Mather'^ (dau. of Ru.s.sell"', Stepllen^ Joseph', 
Joseph", Josepih'. Richard'. Timothy^ Rev. Richard', Thomas'-', 
John'), of Oswego, X. Y. Born July 2G, ISIG; died Feb. 11, 
1863; married Simoon Rathborn, Apr. 21, 1834. 


4210 George W., b. Mch. 6. 1^.'57; m. Anna M. Banks, Jan. o, Is'iO; have 

two children, Lillian L.. b. July 17, 1861; Eiizabctb, 
b. Xov. 23, 18(52; d. 

4211 Charles H., b. Oct. 16, 1810: m. Maggie McCarthy; have one child, 

Ella Frances; d. 

3246 Joseph loom is Mather" (-=on of Ru.ssell'", brother of above), 
of Boonville, X. Y. B.,ru ^Ich. 2.'>, 1818; married (1) Jane 
Barliet. Apr. 25, 1811; she died 185G; (2) Sarah II. W-Lh, 
July 31, IS. 50. 



•i'212 William Wellf.s, b. 1843; m. d. 1862. 

4"2lo A^"^' Eliza, b. ai. d. 

4214 George AV., b. June 14, 1S4T; d. Dec. 9, 1S64. 

421o Eddie Kexdall, b. m. Xellie Tratfam, Muv 2fi, 188.3; 


4216 Caltix George, b. Aug. 16, 18«o; d. Feb. 7, 1870. 

Joseph L. ^rather and hi.> son Wui. AV. Mather enlisted in 146th 
X. Y. Regt. ; hi> ?.)n died at tlie age of 19, in Virginia; another sou, 
George V'.. ^vas killed at Petersburghj.Va., Dec. 9. 1864, aged 17. 

3250 Mary Auiru.sia 3Iather" (dau. of Russell'", sister of above), 
of Booaviile, X. Y. Born Oct. 27, 1826; married Richard 
James, Oct. 6, 184G; he died Mch. 20, 1865. 


4217 Er.LA .Ta:,-e. b. Sopt. 10, 18";2; d. Xov. 20, 1861. 

4218 Ella Eliza b. Junu 13, 18G4; lu. d. 

3251 Adeline G. 3Iather" C'lau. of Russell", sister of al)Ove), of 
Boon\-ille, X. Y. Born ]\[ay 1.5, 1831; married Alonzo JilLson, 
Aug. 4, 1850. 


4219 Frank, b. .Inly 20, 1851; ni. d. 

4220 Heruert E., b. Aug. 23, 1853; m. d. 

4221 Cornelia, b. m. d. 

4222 Xella, b. July 25, 1857; m. d. 

4223 Minnie A., b. June 14, 1860; ni. d. 

3252 Rnssell Mather, Jr." (son of RusselP". brother of above), 
of Boonville, X. Y. Born Mch. 20, 18.34; killed at Spotsyl- 
vania. Va.. in war, May 30, 18G4; married Marian C. Webb, 
Sept. 10, 18.56. 


4224 Iss\ Bkllk b. June 28, 1857; ni. d. 

4225 Stella Eliza, b. Aug. 27, 18.50: ni. d. 

Ru.ssell M.ither, Jr.. r-nli.sted in Co. E., 7th X. Y. Vol., Oct. 1. 1861. 


3255 Rev. "Wallace E. ilatlier" (-son ox Rev. Wm. Loomis"', 
StepUt'u^ Joseph/. Josepli', Jusepli". RicluircP, Timothy*, Rev. 
Ri'.hard^, Thomas-, John'), of Paris, X. Y. Born at. Concord, 
Mass., Feb. 12, 1S49; married Sarah P. Cherry, Oct. 1, 1879. 


422t3 Ei.LE.N PAL>tEU, b. Mch., 1884; m. d. 

3005 Alfred P. Matlier" (son of Alfred P.'», Charles Lee^ Fred- 
erick', Dr. EU:-;izar', .Joseiih", Richard', Tim.othy\. Rev. Rieh- 
ard^ Thomns'. .John'), of Rockford. 111. Born Oct. 17, lS:-;0; 



4237 Sarah E. 




42:28 Clara, 




3-2r»6 Celona Mather" ('l.-^u. of .Ufred P.'*. bister of al.ove). of 
liockford, liL Born Aug. 2i3. IS.';.; married John F. Spencor. 


4229 Alfred, b. 1859; m. d. 

4230 Horace, b. lS<3o: m. d. 

3-267 Horaee F. Mather" (sun »l Alfred P."\ brother of above), 
of Rockxord, 111. Born Dee. 27, 1S:)7; married Mary E. Cook, 
Jan. 4, 1872. 


4231 ^lARY. b. May 13, 1873; m. d. 

4232 Lilllf:, b. May 28, 187.3; in. d. 

3-276 Hattie M. Mather" (dan. of Ozias"\ Augiistns^ Dr. Angns- 
tus^, Dr. Eleazar", Jotfepli", Richard^, Timotlly^ Rev. Richard-', 
Tiiomas', John'), of . Born Aug. 2(1, 18 14; 

died June 8, l.s7.3; married B. (r. Paige. 


4233 Nettie, b. m. d. 

4234 Carrie, b. m. d. 



3277 John AusilStus Mather" (^ion of Ozias'", brother of above), 
of Alpena. Mic-i. Born in Buti'alo. N. Y., Feb. 1, ISiO; m;i.r- 
ried Barbara Allen, dau. of .Sir John Craig of AVolvertou, 
Buckinghamshire. England. Sept. 14, 1S72. 


4235 OziAS Allen. h .Sept. 2. 18T3; d. Sept. 11, 1S74. 

42o(j Jon>- 3Ia\-«vell. b. Feb. 21. 1875; m. d. 

4237 Jkax Allen-. b. Nov. 19, 1876; ni. d. 

4238 Ai.BERT. h. Sept. 2. 1878; m. d. 

3279 Albert H. Mather" (sou of Ozias'". brother of above), of 
Michigan. Born in Buffalo, X. Y., Jan. 27, 1850; married 
July 9^ 1879. 


4239 ();• IAS. Hesky, b. July 3, 1880; m. d. 

32S9 Emilie E. Mather" (dau. of Elisha H.'", Col. James«, Dr. 
Augustus\ Dr. Eleazar', Joseph*^, Richard", Timothy"', Rev. 
Richard'. Thomas-, John'), ot Camlirida-e. Mas.s. Born in 
Lempster, X. H.. .June 9, LSSH; married Charles II. Sholes, 
Apr. 22, 18.52. 


4240 Charles Mather, b. 3Iob. rt, ls5<j, ni. d. 

3292 Dr. Roekwootl G. Mather" (son of Elisha H.'», brother of 

above), of ^'a.-hington, X. H. Born .Jan. 10, IS 10; died at 
Hancock. X. H., Sept. 30, 1874; married Maria Whittemore, 
Xov.. 1861 ; she died April. 1875. 


4241 Maurice W., h. Oct. 16, 1866; m. d. 

Dr. R. G. Mather took his nu'dicar degree at Dartmouth College, 
N. H., and practiced medicine in Wasliington, Marlow, and Hancock, 
X. H. His son, Maurice W., tittud for college in Exeter, X. H., 
entered Harvard College in 1886, ;ind i^radiiated in 18!Mi. 




3393 Lucy Amelia 3Iatljer" (<lau. of Elisha H.'", sisrer of al.ove), 
of Hillsboro. X H. i'orn Oct. 2;:;. 18-43: married ( 1) X.-lson 
J. Smith, Xuv. 27. 1SG4; (•2) Thomas H. Goolale, isso. . 


■i'2-i2 Cora Auklia, ii. Sc]):. 10. l"^<>j;. m. d. 

4243 EL>rER Eli <wokth, b. .Tunc 7. l8t;7; -m. d. 

4244 Charles Hekbest. b. Dee. 12. ISO!); m. d. 


4245 Emilie E.. b. Nov., 1884; m. d. 

3304- Frederick Gregory Mather" (son of Samuel H., LL.D.'", ' 

Dr. Ozias', I>r. Augustus'. Dr.",, Joseph", Kichanl-', Timo- 
thy^ Rev. Richards Thomas-. John'), of Alljariy, X. Y, Fx^rn 
in Cleveland. Ohio. Aug.' 11, l5'44; married (1) Cornelia Ileyer 
Olcott, dau. 01 John Olcott, Oct. 10, 1S71; she died March 30, 
1S74; (2) Alice E. Ya<i;er, dau. of David J. Yayer of ()neota, 
N. Y., X'ov. 11, 18StJ. 


4246 Cornelia Helen, b. .July 10. I;s7:3; ni. d. 

Frederick Gregory Matlier, journalist, was born in Cleveland, (^hio, 
A.UO- 11 1S44. He v%-as oradnated Mt Dartmouth in 1807. and studied 
law in Cleveland, but did- not practice, having cho.-on commercial and 
literary pursuits. In IS 74 he became managing editor uf the 7'<//('-> at 
Bino-hamton X. Y.. and in 187.5 editor-in-chief of the R'jiuhJirriu in 
the same city, "nut resigned the place in 1879. Ho wrote editorials for 
the Albanv Ectniivj Ji»i.ruol in 1880. and then Ueciuiie the resident 
Albany correspondent of several newspapers. He has innpicntly con- 
tributed to periodicals, chiefly on historical, economic, and scientific 

3311 Richard blather" (son of William Williams. LL.D/". Ekui- 
zar». Dr. Eleazar^ Dr. Eleazar', Joseph', Ui>-!Kird', Timothy*, 
Rev. Rlchard\ Thomas', John'), of Irontoii. t>iiio. (.'a-siiier of 
Second Xational Bank. Born May :>0, 183 1 : lu.irried Harriett 
E. Siirason. Feb. 22. 18.:.3. 



4247 Emily Fuancks, b. Dec. 20, 18.5o; m. d. 

424S Mary Alice, b. -Mch. lt>, 18o8; m. Gilnuiu R. D.ivis, M.l).. .SL-pt. 

14, 1«S2; d.' 

'Mrs. ^larv A. Davis lias a daughter, TlarriL-tt, born Feb. Iti, 1S87. 

3312 Frances L. Mather-' (dau. of William Willianu^ LL.D."\ 
sister of a1>ovo). of Huntino-tou. W. Wa. Born Ft-b. 17. 1S3.':!; 
married (1) J. liainikoa Kickey. I'ec. 29, H."2; (2) Thomas 
Archer, 1SG7. 


4249 Emily Mather, b. May 10, 1854; m. d. 


4250 lIirnAUiJ Matiier, b. June 13, 1x60; m, d. 

4251 IiOBERT Lamley, b. Aug. 24, 1871; m. d. 

4252 Frank Mather, b. Jan. 27, 1875; m. d. 

3314:. Hannah Putnam Mather" (dan. of William Williams, 
Lli.P.'", sister of above), of Kearney, Neb. Born June 20, 
1843; married Thomas A. Dunham, Sept. 3, 1873. 


4254 RiCH.uiD :\rATHER, b. Aug. 19, 1875; d. Dec. 22, 1879. 

4255 Jay Cotton. b. Feb. 21, 1879; m. d. 

4256 Increase Mather, b. Sept. 4, 1882; ra. • d. 

3315 ^Villiam Increase Mather" (-^on of William Williams, 
LL.D.'", brother of above), of Dayton, Ohio. Lorn July 10, 
1846; married Susannah F. Broadwell, July !), 1874. 


4257 Alice B., b. J(dy 5, l'*75; m. d. 

4258 Mellie W.. ) ^^..^^^ ^^.^^ g ^^^q. m. d. 

4259 :Mary B., ) ' m. d. 


3:i:i8 John Cotton, 31. T)." (^"n o{ Munha Ann M.-uiKT'" and 
Simeon L. Cotton. Eleazar'', Eleaxar, M.T).*, Klc!i/.:ir, M.l).'. 
Josfpli", Kicliar(.P. Timothy*. Rev. llichard', Tlionuks'-, J<;lin'), 
of North Woodstock. Conn. Born May }5, 1819; inarrietl 
Tersis S. Storrs, Oct. 21. lb 74. 

C0TT0>" CniLDKEX. 

42(jO JoiTN Storks, b. .Inly 31, ISTo; m. d. 

3639 ^Viliiaill Mather ColtOU" {^ou of Martha Ann .Nhtther'", una 
brother of ahovo), of Xortli Wgoilstock, (..'ouu. iJoru July is, 
1851; married Flora Melville Milne, Aug. 23, 1S77. 


•ti'61 William ^^Iateer, b. July 1, 1S78; m. d. 

42H:i Catiierls-i: Annie, b. Feb. 25. issi;. m. d. 

4263 Flora ^Iet.ville. b, Oct, 28, 1882; m. d. 

42G4 Dorothea Esther, b. Aug. 22, 1887; m. d. 

334; 8arah X. Mather" (dan. of Wni. T."\ Watrons^, Eleazar, 
M.D.', Eleazar. M.D.', Joseph'', Kiduir.P. Tiniurliy\. Rev. Kich- 
aixr, Thomas', John'), of . Born 

Dec. 29, 1835; married C. H. Spencer, Oct. 12, 1857. 


4264'^ SallieM.. b. Feb., 1859; m. d. Aug., 1860. 

4264i William },L, b. May, 1860; m. d. May, 1860. 

4264<: John C, b. May, 1861; m. d. Jan., IHs.j. 

4264^? Jelia B.. b. 1863; m. d. unmarried. 

4264e MakyM., b. Jan., 1866; m. d. umuarricd. 

3348 Elvira D. Mather" rdau. of Wm. T.'", siste: of above), of 

Chicago, 111., and Huron, So. Dakota. Born Aug. 2, is:i7; 
married Lucian T. Barclay, Oct. 2. 1857. 


42t)4/ S. ViKoiNiA, b. Mrh. IT. 1857; m. Dr. G. W. Moody, Dec. 28.; d. 
4264^/ Elvira M., b. J\me 26, 1860; m. Robert M. ilulibard. June 21. 1886, 

of Saa Diego; d. 


]N[rs. Elvii-a HuMianl has twn sons. Horace Mather, lioni Xov. 
■JO, IS^T. ami Frank Barclay, lioru July U.!t. 

335-1: 31arielta Mather'' (dau. of Henry H.'", Seth^ Dr. Ek^a/.ar». 
L>]-. El'-'azar', Joseph', Riohan.P, Timothy\ Rev. Richard^, 
Thomas", John'), of St. Clair, Mich. Born at Keesville, N. 
Y., Oct. :>. 182G; died Apr. 2. ISSr,; married F. J. Clark, 
Mch. LTx 1S4B. 


4265 Frank II.. b. Feb. is, 1S47; m. d. 1864. 

4206 Qu\\Vi.y< T , b, Apr. 3, 1849; m. d. 

4267 HARUiErxE., b. Xov. 13. 18ol; ra. ijuward Froehind, Nov. 27. 1874; 


4268 Edwix, b. June 24. 1853; m. d. 

4269 E\t:uett J.. b. Jan. 24. 1856: m. d. 

4270 Georue H , b. .Tan. 25, 1864; m. d. 

3357 Harriett xV. :>Iatlier" (':hui. of Henry H."\ sister of al.ove). 
of Detroit. Mich. Born at Kee.sviHe, X. Y., Feh. '_'•_•. ls;-l.3: 
married Charles E. Kelsey. Dec. 1. IS.jij. 


4271 Emma E., b. Sept. 2. 1856; m. Harry E, Rli>od, Mdi. 11. 1^79; d. 

4272 CiiAKLES L,, b. July 26, 1858; m. Emma Wilsliire, Xo%'., 1880; d. 

4273 Willie E., b. Oct. 15. 1859; m. d. 

335S E<bvar(l B. Mather" (son of Henry H.'". brother of above), 
of ^luskegon. Mich. Born at ICeesville, X. Y., Jan. 22, 1835; 
married Emily J. Kitton, Xov. 22, 1865. 


4274 CARRIE. b. Dec. 6, 1867; m. d. 

4275 Sherwood, b. Sept. 28. 1869: killed by accidental discharge of gun, 

July 19, 1883. 

3359 Charles F. Mather" (sou of Henry H.'". brother of above). 
of Muskegon, Mich. Born at Kee.sville. X. Y., Mch. 24, 1837; 
died Apr. 21, 1881; married Mary E. Bell 



4276 Emma R., b. May'2:3, 1-567; m. d. 

4277 Mlnnie L., b. Xov. 21, 1863: m. d. 

33G0 Ennilil 11. Mather" (dan. of Henry n.'", sister of above), -of 

St. Clair, Mich. Born at Detroit. Mich.. Apr. L2. L^nO; mar- 
ried Ezra Paist. Xov. 15, lS.')(j. 

~' '- Two Kust children, who died in infuacy. 

4279 ) 

336S Aliuira IVhittlesey Matlier ' (dan. of Samuel R. S., Jr.'", 
Samuel R. S.', Dr. Elish.a\ Dr. Eleazar". Jo.*oph", Richard-', 
Timothy*, Rev. Richard^, Thomas". John'), of Xcw Haven, 
Conn. Born Mch. 27, 1S41; died 1S.S4; married 

Charles Harvey Brooks. IS 64; he died May 25, 



4280 Ch.\rles Henry, b. Sept., IbO.j; m. d. 

3371 Elisabeth Seldoii Mather"- (dan. of Elisha'", Dr. Elisha^ 
Dr. FJlisha^ Dr. Eleazar', Joseph^ Richard^ Timothy^ Rev. 
Richard^, Thomas"^, John'), of Geneva, N. Y. Born Sept. 2, 
184S; married Wm. Eaton Sill. 


42S1 Arthur G.WIN, b. June 26, 1871; m. d. 

4282 Ensn.v Mather, b. May 19, 1874; m. d. 

4283 Henry Selden, b. Feb. T), 1«76; m. d. 

4284 Sdsan Elisabeth, b. Deo. 20, lb7S; m. d. 

3372 Elisha Barker Matlier" (son of Elislia", brother of above), 
of Sodu.-, X. Y. Born Xov. 3. 1^51; married Annie Freston, 
Dec. 17, is 74. 

3373 Ezra S*^l<len 3Iatlier» (son of Titus C", Ezra Selden. ^r.D.^ 
Elisha. l[.D.\ Joseph^ Uichard^ Timothy^ Rev. Richards 
Thomas^, John'), of Center Brook, Conn. Born Fel.. 22, 185:3; 
married i[ary Arnistiong, Sept. !•!, Is79, 



4'2s."i CiT.vuLOTTE .Vu<"jrsTA. b. July 24, 1S80; m. d. 

4:86 .\[ary Lorr.-i;. b. Feb. ll, lSa2: m. cl. 

42S7 Harkt -Melville, b. Sept. 18. 18^i4•. m. d. 

4-2S8 Ln.LiA>- Mat. b. Sept. 16, 188<.i; m. d. 

4289 Vei;rek Ei.HRinGE, b. Mch. 6. 1881); m. d. 

33TS Keubeu Lord 3Iather'' (-^on or Reuben Lord'". Elijah',, 

John^ Joliiv. Josephs Richar<P, Timothy^ Rev. Ricliard-', 

Tlioraa.^-, John'), ':>f Fennor. Madi.sou Co.. X. Y. Bora Dec. 

■ 2S. 1822: married Delia L. Barker. May 30, 1844; she died 

Apr. I'J, 18.38. 


4290 E. Selden, b. Apr. 18, 1846; m. Mary L. Kingsbury, Aug. lo, 1805; d. 

3379 Elijah Splden Matlier'' (son of Reuhen Lord'^ brother of 
above), of C'a.;enovia. N. Y. Born Dec. !). 1824; died Aug. 
14, 1887: married Mart iia A. Faruham, Feb. 15. 1854. 


4291 Sarah Josephine, b. Xov. 5, 1854; m. d. 

4292 Henrt J., b. Nov. 18, 1856; m. d. 

33S1 Peter S. Mather" (^on of Reub.-n Lord"\ brother of above), 
of Pearl Creek. Wyoming Co., X. Y. Born Apr. 18, 1829; 
married Sarah TTest, Dec. 22, 18.'>G. 


4293 M.\RT L., b. Oct. 13, 1S5T; m. Xelson V. Embrey, Xov. 28. 1883; 


4294 IIattie E. S., b. Oct. 16, 1S59; d. Oct. 11, 18G3. 

4295 Eddie S., b. Sept. 19, 15*63; m. d. 

4296 .\jy-NlE v., b. Sept. 25, 1867; m. d. 

3382 David H. Mather" (son of Reuben Lord'", brotlier of 
al»ovej, of Victor, X. Y. i'orn .\i)r. 14, 1834; married Ellen 
Ho\v;ird. S.M)f. 1'). 18.11). 



4297 George W., b. July -3, 1860; d. Feb. 18, 1865. 

429S Hf.ubekt P., b. June 21, 1%2; m. d. 

4299 Cora E., b. Sept. 4, ls67; m. d. 

4300 MiLTOx S., b. July 25, lbT6; d. Sept. 28, 1876. 

8385 Lydia E. Mather'' (dau. of Reuben Lord'", sister of above), 
of Wyoming, X. Y. Born Mch. 13, 1844; married Martin 
Bennett. Jan. L 1S66. 


4301 Nancy J.vne, b. Jan. 1, 1872; m. d. 

4302 Charles Henrt, b. Apr. 1, 1879; m. d. 

3300 Joseph E. Mather^' (son of Lutlier P.^", Elijah', John', 
John". Josephs Rii:hard% Timothy*. Rev. Riehard^ Thomas", 
John"), of Fenner, ^ladison Co., N. Y. Born Sept. 18, 1844; 
married Sophronia Nfv-,-ber3', Oct. 20, 1867. 


4303 LrxA X., b. June 1, 1869; m. d. 

4304 Charlie A., b. Oct. 30, 1870; d. Mch. 2o, 1873. 

4305 Lottie E., b. Mch. 4, ls73; m. d. 

4306 Lillian L., b. Xov. 5, 1874; m. d. 

4307 Flot E.. b. Mch. 12, 1877; m. d. 

4308 Henry L., b. Jan. 15, 1879; m. d. 

4309 Macd M., b. Sept. 12, 1880; ra. d. 

3407 Caroline M. Mather" (dan. of Joseph H.'», John', John', 

John". Josepli', R:chard', Timothy, Rev. Richard', Thomas', 
John'), of Living.ston County, X. Y. Born Dec. 22, 1835; 
died May 14, 1880; married Edwin P. Mead, Dec. 17, 1857. 


4310 .Jennie E., b. Oct. 8, 1858; m. d. 

4311 John <}., b. July 2, 18*30; m. G-.:orgia Yerks, Sept. 25, 1881; d. 

John G. and Georgia Yerks Mead have a son, John G., Jr., born 
July 2. 1883. 


3409 S. June Matlier" (I'tau. of Joseph H."\, sister of above), of 
Livintrston Couucy. X. Y. Born Aug. 8, 1843; married 
Noah Adarns, Dec. 21, 187i!. 


4312 Albert A., I). Dec. 23, 1S73: ni. d. 

4oi3 Caimue F.. b. Xov. 6, 1ST4: m. d. 

4314 Edwix X,. b. Feb. 17, 1880; m. d. 

4315 Leonora E., b. M;iy 0. 1882; ra. d. 

3111 Henry Joseph Mather'' (son of Joseph H.", brother of 
above), of Livonia, Livingston County, X*. Y. Born April 20, 
1849; married J.-sie L. PiL.Ime.s, Dec. 28, ISSl. 


4316 EDwn? H., b. Oct, 4, 1885; m. d. 

3634 James S. 3Iather" (son of John A.>", Timothy^ Timothy", 
Timothy", lYilliam', Atherton', Timothy*, Rev. Richard', 
Thomas', John'), of Richland, :Minn. Born Jan. 8, 1852; 
married Emma E. Fanning, Xov. 11, 1873. 


4317 Olive :M., b. Aug. 13, 187(3; m. d. 

4318 George A.. b. Apr. 13, 1^79; in. d. 

4319 Ethel, b. July 9, 1881; d. ilcli. 28, 1883. 

4320 Carrie B.. b. May 28, 1883; m. d. 

3635 Frederick AV. Mather" (son of John A.'", brother of above), 
of Richland, Minn. Born Feb. 5, 1S.'34; married Emma E. 
Clark. Jan 10. b^7.:. 


4321 iRxrsG C, 


May 27, 

187t); m. 


4:^22 Henry W., 


Mch. 12. 

1878; ai. 


4323 Eva L., 


Jan. 1.3, 

1881; m. 


4324 Ida E., 


July 22, 

1883; m. 



3G3G Jolm H. Mather" (son of John A."^, brother of aLove). of 
Kiciiland, M;nn. Born ^[;u•ch 19, IS57; married Anna B. 
Fanning, July 9. 1S79. 


4325 Walter A., b. Xo\ . lo, 18.S0; m. d. 

4326 Pearl, b. Aug. 5, ISSl; m.' d. 

3637 Harriett E. Matlier" (dau. of John A."', sister of above), 
of Richland. ^Minn. Born Jnne 21, 1S48; married John M. 
Gilhert, L>ct. 7. 1809. 


4327 Elsip, b. An--. 6, 1870: d. Xor. ?0, 1870. 

4328 Walter, b. Dec. 12. 1871; d. Sept. 27. 1^(72. 

3638 Mary A. Mather" (dau. of John A."\ sister of above), of 
Eichland, Minn. Bon; ^farcli 7. 18.30; married 0. M. Brad- 
ford, Nov. 11. IS 73. 


4329 Morris A., b. Aug. 13, 1874; d. Sept. 1, 1874. 

3669 Frances E. Mather'' (dau. of Milo S."'. William", Timothy^ 
Timothy'. Wi]llam^ Atherri..ii\ Timothy^ Eev. Eichard^, 
Thomas^. John'), of Jeiier.sou County. IS". Y. Born .May 26, 
1850: married G. H. CoiUns. Dec 12, 1372: 


4330 Fra>-k M., b. Sept. 5, 1874; m. d. 

4331 Fred. b. Aug. 23, 187(J; m. d. 

3673 Adelbert ii. M:ither''' (sou of Simeon'", Wiiliara^ Timothy^ 
Timothy", WiIiiam^ Atherton'. Tim.othy*. Rev. Richaivp. 
Thomas^, John'), of Jeffer.son County. X. Y. Born May 2o, 
1S48; married Libbie Arlow. Dec. 31, 1872. 


4332 Claresce S., b. June 17, 1878; m. d. 


3736 Thomas Cotton Mather" (son of Thomas C.'^ Thomas', 
Cotton"*. David', Jocfhua", Atherton'', Timothy*. Rev. RichanP, 
Thomas', John'), of Passaic. X. J. Bom Nov. 20, IS -3 6; mar- 
ried Cornelia C. Hubbard, Dec. 31, 1S75. 


4333 James W.^^ltlr, b. Mrb. 27. 1S7S: m. d. 

4334 M.'iRY Rhod.a., b. Nov. 22, 1879; m. d. 

4335 Grace C, b. June 10, 1883; m. d. 



4336 HFP.BERT. 



8, 1873; m. 

-i33T Belle M., 



23, 1S74; m. 

4338 Alice L., 



26, 1877; m. 

4339 James Talcott, 



17, 1882: m. 

SSU James Talcott Mather^' (son of Edgar P.^', Talcott'", 

Elijah', Elijah^, Xathaniel', Dr. Samuel", Rev. SamueP, Tim- 
othy*, Rev. Richard'', Thomas', John'), of Hartford, Conn. 
Born Apr. 14, 1847; married Elisabeth Hall, of Marlboro, 
Conn., 1871. 


3845 >'ellie M. Mather'- {dm. of Edward E.», Talcotf". Ehjah^ 
Elijah", Nathaniel', Dr. Samuel«, Rev. SamueP. Timothy\ Rev. 
Richard^ Thomas^, John'), of Hartford, Conn. Born Aug., 
1863; married Frank Howard Smith. Xov. IG, 1887. 


4340 Howard, b. Mch., 1889; m. d. 

3871 William Mather''^ (sou of William", Epaphras"', Elijah', 
Elijah*. Nathaniel', Dr. Samuel', Rev. SamueP, Timothy*. Rev. 
Richard', Thomas', John'), of Windsor Locks, Conn. Born at 
Windsor Locks, Feb. 27, 1849; married Mary L. Abbe, Nov. 
10, 1869. 


4341 William Hesrt, b. 

4342 Verdi>-e Loo.mis, b. 

4343 Robert Harrison, b. 

Aug., 1870; m. 

d. Oct. 1, 1870, 

May 13, 1877; m. 


Sept. 4, 188d; m. 



"William Mather is a successful merchant in "Windsor Locks; also a 
man of influence in the town. 

3S7'2 Frederick Loom is 3I;itlier''' (son of "William",, brother of 
d.bove). (>f Locks. Born May 20, 1S51; married 
Mary E. Pomeroy. Xor. 7, IS 74. 

CHIirt)UEN\ " 

4344 CLvr.ENcE W., h. Oct. 14, 1S7.j: m. tl, 

434.5 Grace Evelyn, b. Aug. 15, 1S77: in. d. 

4.346 FLonEN-( E. b. Dec. 7, 1879; m. d. Feb. 2."5, 1.S87. 

4347 Henry PoMEKOY, b. Jan. 17, ISSS; m. d. 

4348 Eti^el Louise, b. .June o, 18.S.5; m. ' • d. 

Frederick L. Mather is a merchant at Windsor Locks. He met 
with a scrioui accident vruile hunting, in losing both eyes. 

394S I'alel) Taylor Mather'' (son of Siias IL", Xathaniel''", Sam- 
uel'*, Nathaniel', Increase', Rev. Nathaniel'", Rev. SarnueP, 
Timothy*. Rev. Richard'', Thomas-, John'), of Boston, Mass. 
Born Aug. 13, 1S37; marriei.l Mary E, Palfrey, of Buston, 
Jan. 2H. IsiVJ. 


4349 Floka Elmira. ' b. Sept. 2.j, 1S67; m. d. 
4349^; Walter Irving, b. Sept. 2S, 1871; m. d. 

Walter I. Mather is a civil engineer. 

C. T. Mather is a police officer. 

:50o5 Mary J. Mather'- (<lau. of Charles T, L,", XathanieP, Sam- 
uel'', Nathaniel^, Increase", Rev. Xathaniel", Rev. Samuel% 
Timothy^, Rev. Richard', Thomas^, John'), of Millsburgh, 
Orange Co., X. Y. Born Sept. S, 1861; rnarried Wra. L. 
Brown, July 8, 1879. 


43-00 Ele.vnou, b. .July 12, 1881; m. .d. 


395G Ellen E. Matliei-^ (tlau. of Charles T. L.'\ sister of above), 
of Mili.-burirh. i,/range Co., X. Y. Bom Deo. 20, 18G3; mar- 
ried Horace Bruudage, Dec. 17, iSSl. , . 


4351 Julia E., b. Sept. 2.j, 1S82; in. d. 

3966 Jouatliau S. llatlier'- (son of David B.-', Jonatlian'", Sam- 
ueP, XathanieP, Increase'. Rev. Xathaniel", Rev. SamueP, 
Timoth}-^ Rev. Richard^ Thomas^ John'), of Middlebury, Ind. 
Born Aug. 22. 1636; married- Fanny De Frees. ^Ich., 18.59. 


4Zr,2 .iT.TCF C b. Apr. 1, 1S60; m. Milton A. Stutz, May 3, 1883; d. 

43>:.l Joseph DeF., b. ^lay 1.5. 1802; m. Ida J. Meyers, Nov. 27, 1884; d. 

4354 W>r. Rollin, b. July o, 1865; d. I^lch. 13, 1868. 

43.30 Charles a", b. Aug. 2, 1867; m. Viola Goodyear, Xov. 28, 1880; d. 
435« Mahy E., , b. July 25, 1873; m. " d. 

3967 Charles S. Mather'- («on of David B.", brother of above), 
of Elichart, Ind. Born ^[ay 13, 1841; married (1) Livonia M. 
Hixon; she died July, 1S88; (2) Xettie Peck, Aug. 21, 1SS9. 


4357 Frank D., b. Oct. 6, 1865; m. Maud ^levers. Juue 3. 1888; d. 

4355 Ed%vakd H., b. Jan. 12, 1868; m. Lucy J. Chapman, Feb. 19, 1890; d. 

4359 Lewis J., b. Jan. 14. 1873; m. d. 

4360 Je.vnie L., b. Aug. 16, 1882; m. d. 

3968 Mary Aim Mather" (dan. of David B."', sister of above), of 
Elkhart, Ind. Born Jan. 18, 1S38; married William Martin, 
Feb. 14, 1863. 

marten- children. 

4361 Minnie Bell, b. Xov. 11, 1866; m. d. 

4;362 3Iav Della. b. Md.. 31, 1-869; m. Olive S. ILirrold, Mcb. 31, 1887; d. 

3971 Geor-re D. Mather'- (son of David B.", brother of above), 
of Elkhart, lud. Born June 21, IS.iO; married Minnie Bur- 
ridge. Sept. 1, 1SS3. 



4363 Lola Mabel, b. Dec. 18, 1831; m. d. 

4290 Eli Seidell Mather" (son of Reuben Lord, Jr.". Reuben 
Lord'", Elijah^ John^ John', Jo?eph^ Richard\ Timothy^, 
Rev. Richard^, Thomas', John'), ot Pearl Greek, N. Y.. and 
Xamozine. Va. Boi-u Apr. IS, 1S46; married Mary Louise 
Kingsbury, Aug. 15, IS 65. 


4364 Artrvr KiNGSBrRY, b. July 31. 1866: m. d. 

4365 Walter Ledtaed, b. Sept. 3, 1868; m. d. 

4366 ArGt'STUs Hallock, b. May 19, 1872; m. d. 

4367 Delta Lczlla. b. Mcb. 25, 1874; m. d. 

4368 JcLiA DkCluey, b. Aug. 13, 1876; m. d. 

4369 Mabel :\[.\ry, b. Sept; 28, 1878; m. d. 

4370 NoLTOx JoHX Cottos, b. Sept. 10, 18S0; m. d. 

4371 Hattie Cone, b. Dec. 30, 1883; m. d. 

4372 Ada Louisa, b. Jan. 18, 1886: m. d. 

4373 Myron Seldes, b. Oct. 18, 1887; m. d. 



4354 AlifO raroline Mather^= (-iau. of Jonathan S.'-'. David B.-', 
Jonathan"', SamueP. XathanieP, Increase", Rev. Xathaniel', 
Rev. SamueP, Timoth).-*, Rev. RicharcP, Thomas', Joim=), of 
Elkhart, lud. Burn Apr. 1, ISGO; married Mihon A. Stutz, 
May 3, 18S3. 


•4374 Fra-NXES As>f, b. Sept. 11, 1S84; m. d. 

4375 Cl VRA Alice, b. Nov. 12, 1886; m. d. 

4376 3[aria p:inv[A, b. Xov. 2. 18bS; m. d. 




We have au account of Lowton in "Klines' History of Laucnsliire." He 
says Lowton was furii<erly a ehaix'lry in the parish of Wiinvick, but aow a 
distinct parish, ^^•ive name Xo u family wiio afsoiited the surDunie of Keuyon, 
from their possessions in the neialiin-rinir township. Adam de L(i\vton irave 
four borates of land with ids daugliter in marria;;e lo Hu,2h de Haydoclc, 
ancestors of Sir Gilbert de Haydnck. whose daiiirhter and heiress married Sir 
Peter Legh of Lyme in the reiu'n of jhnry V. and continued him in the ri>jht. 
lord of Haydocb. Lowton, atjd other jilaces in the fee of Makertield. By the 
nifirriage of a co-lieiress of Sir Thomas Lau'jftou. liaron of Xe-.vton, or lonl of 
Makertield. Lowton came to Joim 1 leetwo xi, of Peuwortham, ancestor of Sir 
Richard Fli^etwood. hart, lord of Xewton in reign of James I, From Sir 
Thomas Fleetwood the manor and considerable property, about two centuries 
ago, was purchased b\ an ancestor of the Leghs of Lyme, tlie present lords of 
Xewton and its dependencies. Bryon, in the townsliin. has been styled a 
manor, but probably ne\er possessed any of tlie privileges. The term is 
applied to it in the impiisition on the death of .John Bynnn, 36 Elisabeth 
(159-11. ll<mry. prnbably his son, married a daughter of Ocrard of luce, and 
died 12 Janess 1 (10141. seized of Byrom the manor of P.-irre and much other 
property. His son John, who died in IGU, had Henry Byrom. a major of 
foot under Lord Molyneux for Charles L '^vho was killed in the battle of Keyn- 
ton, 23 Oct.. 1C42. leiving Samuel Byrom. whose niother was \Mnifred, 
daughter of Franei- Hnlt, of Gri/.zleiuirst. The Byromsof Kershall branched 
from those of Bynmi. and pn.dured the celebrated John Byrom. tht- poet. 
Lowton Hall, a brick numsion of the date of the .seventeenth century, now a 
farm-house, is the propi-rty of tlie Legh f>f Lyme, who ar'> imong the princi- 
pal landed proprietors of this district. Byrom Hall, of about the same age 
and character, al^50 a fiirm-house. came into the Lands of tht Kes.sal branch, 
and iu 18oS. on the death of Eleanor, daughter of Edwi'rd B>roni, it passed to 
his niece, .\[i-;s .Vth-Tton of Ke.s.sal-i'ell. The Episcopal chapel. St. Luke"s, a 
brick and stone building in the form of a cross, built in 17:32 by .subscription, 
and enlarged in ITTl, and again in ISlo, with chancel rebuilt in lSo6, and 
tower .added in l>^i):^, became in 1S4.") bv the " Winwic k Itectnrv Act " the 





Ftr-.'-B-T-i:^ — ---_ 

°^-— rz^-jg . 


f - 
rr-. J 



- -.-r^'xS^. 

Three Views of tiu; House of Rhjharu'Htu, One of thk ••Piigkim 
Faiheks," Ar Lout >N, Lancasiiiri-: 


parish oh urci! for a new prinsli, constituted of this ami GoRiorne tdwnshijis, 
{ind remained so until ISoO, when a dmrcli being built in Gxlborne, Low tun, 
became a parish by itself. St. Luke's is now a, rectory in tlu' iiift >'f rlio Karl 
of Derby, tiie Kev. T. Forster. .>[.A. *.is.'i)j>, being reetor. An nddirional dis- 
trict church, St. 3Iary"s, has been erected since, consecrated .Viv. 21, ISfJl; it 
is a stone building in the early Eriu:lish style. It is a perpetual curacy in tlie 
gift of IMi'^s M. Leiirh. of Hale, and the Kev. J. \Y. S. Siiupson. 31. A. (18(il), 
is The iucunibent. There are also a \Vi>>,I,-yan ehapel. built in 17*!>. and a 
primitive ^Methodist chapel. 

Winwiek Pari'ih. WinwicU deservedly rank-s amongst the mosle.vtensive 
agrioulinral parishes in Lancashire. The extreme length of the ancient i)ar- 
ish, froip. Hi'Ugi'.tin in the south to the- northern boundary of AviitiMi in 
i[akertiel<i. ua> ei^ht miles and a half, and in breadth from Burton Wood in 
tlic west rf Bury Lane in tiie east seven niili.-s, eonipreliendiug an area of 
'20.47>3 .st-.tute acres. The ancient parish of Winwick contained up Xr> the 
year 1^*41 the teu town.ships of South\vor(h-\vith-Croft, and Xewtou-in-3Iaker- 
tield, Culclieth, Kenyon, Ashton-iu-Makeriield, Ilaydoek, Lowtou, GoUuirue, 
Winwick--s\ ith-IIalnie, Houghton, Middleton, and Asbury. In that year, Imw- 
ever, by the Winu-ick Rectory Act, prc^moted by the liberality of the rector, 
this parish was divided. Soulhworth-with-Croft and Xewton-in-3Iakertield 
(or in the willows') were at once nuidc enHrely separate parishes. In I8i'> the 
contemplated tiivision was carried further. The amended Winwick Rectory 
Act of thij year constituted Ctdcheth and Kenyou township into the of 
2few Church, Ashtvm-iu-Makeriield and Ilaydoek into two pari.she? re.-peet- 
ively named A.'^hton-in-^Iakerlield and St. Thomas-in-Ashton, Lowton and 
Golborue into one parish, with provision for subsequent separation. Winwick 
being left v.iih luerely the two tuwuships of Winwick-with-Halme, and 
Houghton. jJiddleiuv.n, and Asbury. In Ls.ji) a new church was couijik-ted 
and consecrated in Golborne. ^\hich thus becomes a separate parish, and Hay- 
dock has been since separated from A.shton, St. Peters from Xewtou, and St. 
Mary's fr.nn Liwrim. So that the ancient jjarish of Winwiek now consists (>f 
the eleven district parishes, viz.: Croft-with-Southwonh. Xewton- 
in-3Iakertield, St. Peter's, ZS'ewton, New Church, A.shton-in-3Iaker!ield, Hay- 
dock, St. Thomas-in-Ashton, Lowton, Lowtou St. Mary's, Golborne, and 
Winwick. From William Beamont's '" History and Antii^uities of Winwick," I 
take a few items: 

"Sir Pi-ter Lcyce^tcr rells us from Camden that parishes in Englaad 
began to be formed about i5y6. which is so near the period at whicli King 
Oswald fell th;it wc may well im.igine it to be the era when Winwick 
became a parish in Newetou Humi'T'd, wlu re a church was in due time 
to be built and dedicati'd to him as its saint by a popular canonization. In 
1086, when the Domesday Survey uas made, this church had been built, and 
its district or j.arish i>. described." 


5Ir. Beamont irivcs an account i>f all the masters of the Winwick Gram- 
mar Schiinl. from the 1st. Henry Johnson, the former curate of Winwick 
church; 2d. Andrew Ryder; ;!d, William llorrockc; 4th. Kichard Maiher. 
who was app<iintecl by ^ir Peter Lcixh. Kni;rht. Then follows an account of 
Richard blather of nearly tliree pages. Then follow the names of Ricluird 
31athi'r's succe.'^sors down to IsTl, when Frederick Walters and Joiin Ednumd 
Gillon were appointed. 

In ISfiO the school cir.ramissioner, Bryce. made some statements implying 
that the s<hool liad iwr pn duc«-d any very .satisfactory results. ^Ir. Beamont 
saj's: ■ In making the.~e ren\arks the learned commissioner took too coulincl a 
view of the value and use of the school. llaA lie known more of its history 
he would have seen that it had sent forth scholars, as wt-ll natives as 
strangers, names u ill live. Of the former ^^as 3[atlier. of Lowton, and 
of the latter was Cromwell's chaplain, the learned Howe." 


Toxteth P^ttk is bounded north by the parish of Liverpool, northeast by 
West Derby, east by p:irish of Cheldwell, west by the Mersey. Two rivulets, 
which, united, are comm'>nly called the Jordan, bur which were the ancient 
Oskelesbroke. are the i.>nly supplies received by the Mersey through Toxteth 
Park. To.xteth Park was held by the Crown in 1297* if it was not then the 
property of the Earls of Lancaster, it soi.m after came into tiieir possession. It 
was seven mile-, in circumference in 1.^27. In 142G, To.xteth Park was well 
stocked with deer. In lt>04 it was sold to Richard 3Iolyneiix. The popula- 
tion of Toxteth Park in 1>31 was 24,0t5T; in 1861, 69,284. All the Queen's 
Docks and all the docks south of it are in Toxteth Park. (In 1832 Toxteth 
Park was received into the boroMgb of Liverpool.; 

.Rev. Valentine B. Davis, the present pastor of Toxteth Park Chapei, in 
his account of the ancient chapel from the year 1618 to 1883, and of its minis- 
ters, particularly uf Richard Mather, the lirst minister, says that To.xteth Park, 
which had been Crown property since the reign of King John, was in the 
year 1604 disparked, and came through purchase into the hands of Richard 
^I.olyneaux (created a B:ironet in 1611). a member of the family from whom it 
had been formerly acquired for the king. His representatives, now Earls of 
Seftou, are still large owners of property in the neighborhood. Toward the 
clo:?e of Elisabeths reign the park is spoken of as " waste land without inhabi- 
tants." But on the dispnirking of the domain a number of farmers settled on 
the land and began its cultivation. These people seem to have been Puritan 
in their leanings, and at once gave a distinctive < haractcr to the district. 

Some trace of this may ]ier]»aps be found in the biblical names there mot 
with. A river Jordan Tuua there by a farm called Jericho. Then we hear of 
David's Throne, a rock standing out between the two branches of the Dingle; 



-- '^ 

2 ~ 




i^r'i: »■&■» i :i^iJ:M^.^kji^:iiii^JJS'i :'jlS%J. 


and Adam's Buttery, a cave hard by. •• The holy laud " is said to have been 
at cue tinn.- the designation of the district. Great changes have come over the 
parlc the last 2^0 years, lu place of the farm lauds of the lirst .settlers we 
now tiud a wilderness ul small streets betwct-n the river aud Park Koad. and the 
cultivated beauty of the Princes and -•jetton Parks on the outskirts of a great 
city. What is now part of the long liue uf the Liverpool Dock.s was. in 1604. 
tht" natural shore of the 3Iersey, umlisturbed by tra!lic. Only the "Dinirle" 
preserves iu part some of the old features of the country, aud now that seems 
to be doomed. Sir Richard 3Iolyueux, who was a Ronian Catholic, gave 
the Puritaus the necessary land for a chapel, showing very great lilierality not 
often found iu those days. The cLupel was buiir (by them or their landlord) probably iu the ye^'.r lOL^, a; the time of the settlement of their first min- 
i-ster. The people iiad already established a school for their children. The 
liumble little chape! was built by a >fream which ran down the course of what 
is now Park Road, the sources of which have long since been dried up. The 
rising ground towards Liverpoi;! shut our the view of the church tower and 
the turrets of the old castle, and it must have been a beautifully secluded spot. 
Even now there is a peculiar restfidness about this place if one can put away 
for a moment the thought of the great city, which has stretched out to include 
even this (tuiet retreat, aud can call up once more a picture of its primitive 



The following was the first letter that I received from a blather in 
coonecHon with the '"Mather Genealogy." Some may be interested in it as 
coming from a promiaent braneli oi the family iu England: 

•' Christ CurKCH Vicarage, 
BooTLK, Liverpool, E>glaxd, y April, 1877. 
My Dear Sir: — I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of Feb. 28, 
and should be very irlad to give you any information in my power with reirard 
to any link that might exist connecting our families together, but unfortu- 
nately we have never been able to trace any connection with the family of 
Cotton Mather. In my youuger days I took some trouble iu the matter, and 
discovered as much as I could with respect to that family. My information 
tallies exactly with what you send me, but I believe that our family tame 
from a different part of England, though probably in far distant times a 
branch of the same stock as your own. I have heard of the de>ceudauts of 
Cotton blather beiiiir in Xova Sc(^tia at tiie present day. The name is bv no 
means an uneommon one in this country. Ymi are probably aware that it is 
the Saxon term for a "'Mower." I am very glad to hear that <ome bearijig 


the same name as oneself are so distinguished in j'our country. I trust tliat 

success mar attend your steps, and that u'e both may be acknowledged as 

true uKMubers of Tiie one great family of heaven hereiil'ter. 

I have the hou'^r to be. iiiy dear -ir, ys. very truly, 

Horace E. :M.\rnr:a. Esq. ' 

Rev. E. L. Matlier is u descendant of Sir Chri.-5ropher blather of Yorkshire. 

. [Copy.] 

From Rev. O. Muther, F.L.S., II Norwood Grove, Liverpoi.>l. Feb. 6, 


Di:.\K Sn;:— I was bora 13th "f March. 1S21. ily father was Edward 
Matht^r. tjorn at ll-:rtley Green Farm, Siallordshire. but long resident at Ches- 
terfield, Derbyshire. My brothers were. Edward, William, John, and Henry 
(the father 'if the Henry you refer to}. Our ancestors lived for several genera- 
tions under Earl Ferrers, at Huntley Green. 3[y sons are, George Alexander, 
William Edward, .ii.'d Arthur Bartlett, with twi, daughters. .My younge>^t 
son is under sixteen, but preparing to matriculate at the Lcmdon University. 
I have published several works, the principal being, ".Lectures on the Beau- 
tiful and Sublime in Nature and Morals." This is m the 3d edition (or Cth 

Wishing you success in your projected work, and that you may be enriched 

with the best of blessings, 

I am your< very t ruly, 


P. S. — It may be owing to xwk volumes of Lec.-tures tliat I have been 
elected a Fellow of the London Literary and Scientific Society. I ;un now 
resident in Liverpool, as tlie superintendent of tlie Brunswick Circuit of the 
Weslcyan Methodist Churih. I left London August last, where I had been 
for 9 years. 


From Judge Mather Byles Des Bri.say, of Bridgewater, County of Lunen- 
burg. Nova Scoti;i, July -iS, l.-;'80: 

Horace E. M.vtiier, Esq. 

Dear Sir: — I would feel obliged if you could ciaiveniently send me a 
copy of llXe papt-r relating to the history of the M.ither family sent by you to 
Judge Johnston some time since. I am a grandson of Sarah Byles. daughter 
of Rev. Mather Byles, D.D.. formerly of Boston; she married Thomas Des 


Brisay, Capt. Rornl Artillery, M-bose father was commanding officer at Hali- 
fax, Gen. Des Brisny. 

I am yours very truly, 


Jud-Te M. B. Di'S Brisay has sent tn m<' a rery larsre amount of family 
history connected with the des^ndants of his ancestor, the Rev. Increase 
Mather, D.D., of Boston, Mass. — H. E. M. 


Letter from Henry James Mather, a London merchant, wliose ancestors 
came from Scotland to Xottinghamshire, England, about 200 years since. . ' 

Jer.set, Channel Islands, G. B., Jan. 28, 1882. 
H. E. :Mather, Esq., Hartford, C'.-nn., U. S. A. 

Deau Sni: — I am pleased- to inform you that your letters to me of 
iNovember, with their interesting enclosures and pleasant information, ha%'e 
been duly received by me in this my winter island home. Tliey have been 
specially interesting to me, and have been the sources of many happy thoughts 
and instructive studies, and I shall have much pleasure in doing all I can to 
forward the object you have iu view; at the same time I fear not being able 
to do much for you. I know no one in my family worthy of y^mr notice but 

_ my own father. 3[r. .James blather, of Nottingham, who was distinguished for 
his Christian virtues and as a humble worker iu the Christian church with 
which he and his ancestors had been so many years ctiunected. A.s I hope to 

'be iu Xi.ttingham during the i-omiuir sunin\er, I will i^btain more information 
and give you full particulars. However, there is nothing connected with his 
life which is \Gxy interesting. Being by profession a mechanical engineer, he 
was selected and appointed in 1><21 to the manufacture of lace at 
Calais, iu France, tliat has now beiome a marvelous industiy and has a 
world-wide reputation. But in addition he also established in the lower town 
of Calais, at St. Pierre, a Christian church and Sunday-school which ha.s been a 
great blessing to the English communit}- there. There is a tablet erected to 
his memory in the chape! there and his name is known and revered by every 
EnglisR family there. I will forward you his photo if possible. So far as the 
name uf ilatliL-r i.> ci >ncerned. it is one of the oldest, if not tlie oldest, reci^rded in 
Great Britain It is <.'f Swedish origin, and is to be found in the Swedish dic- 
tionary spelt txactly as we spell it, and means "Madder," a vegetable dye. 
So far as the crest is concerned, herewith you have ours, which is a " Hand 
and Spear upon a Rxk Sable." Very signirtcant of the mission of tin- lirst of 
the name, and aKo no liijubt in character of a " Norse Robber " v>-ho tirst set 


his foot upon a Rock on the north of Scotland. Will write you again 
shortly. My address will he as above until May next. 

Vrith best wishes, Yours faithfully, 


Mr. blather has since died, his friend Samuel B. f'aruall, E.sq., of •Ule of 
"Wight, writes me. - 

[Copy.] . . 
Letter from Rev. Hemy Sueyd Mather: 

Ci.iDDESDEx Rectory, 

BAsrsosTOKE, March 13, 1S8S. 
Dear Sir: — I hnve oiily this luorniug received your letter requesting 
some account of my family. 3Iy father. Geo. Matlier. was an i.mly child, and 
formerly lived in Kent. In lS4o he married Caroline PeneU'pe Sneyd, dauirh- 
ter of Admiral Sneyil of Htintley Hall. At Admiral Sneyd's deatli he became 
the owner of Hiuitley Hall, Cheadle. SUitfnrdshire. He was ordained in 1877 
to the curacy of '^N'illing-ate Doe, in the C'^-nnty of Essex. In 1SS3 1 was pre- 
sented to the Living of Longford, in the County of Shropshire. Li I'^'so I 
married Caroline Loiusa. youuirest daughter of Ralph Merrick and Lady Hes- 
tor Leeke, of L<>ni^f(^rd Hall, Shropsliire. In lisS7 I was presented by the 
Earl of Port.smouth (Lady Ilestor Leeke* brother to thi^ Living, Cliddesden, 
Cam Farleiirh in the Ciiunty of Southampton. 1 have two children, my eldest 
a boy, Ilarry Rjilph, born Oct. 11, issf). If I can give you any further infor- 
mation I shall be vefV glad to do so. 

Y^ours faithfully, 


Letter from Rev. James blather of Dairy, Galloway County, Scotland: 


Dalrv, Galloway. Scotland, 22d January, 1886. 

Mt Dear Sir; — Your letter came the other day, tilling me with a kind 
of glad surprise. I am afraid that I cannot throw much light on my Mather 
ancestry. I know something of Mr. Jc-hn Mather of Xevvton Mearns (and 
Glasgow); we may be reckoned cousins in a thinl or fourth degree. The late 
Riiv. William Mather, of Stan'ey Free Chnich, near Perth, was also a relative. 
I was born 17th of May, 1809. and married my cousin. Henrietta Mather, 11th 
June, 1867. She died in Ajiril, 1877, leaving four children, William. James, 
Henrietta, and Marion. My father was "William ^Litlier, who was f.iriiur in 


Carrat, aud then in Bi'imytotunoor. Ea>:lfShani parish, where he ilied in ISTo. 
My grauilfatlKir wa-^ James >[athLT, hiii'd or pn)piietor oi Inches, which 
adjoins Iktnnrtonmnor. He liad three >^<iiis and tive dauuhtor.s. who grew up 
to manhood and woinanhoiKl ;ind married. James, my wife's f.itlier. wa.s thi- 
eldest, John next, and tiien \Villi;nn. my t;ither. My tatlier"s r,i?.tcr, Marion, 
was married to David Pollok. 'irother and liioLfrai)h(rot' Uobert Pollok. author 
of the poem entitl.'<I "The Course of Time." Ilcr liushand died 20 years 
ago at Ilazleden. 3fearus, where Iiis widow '^till lives. -Mid 3Ioorhouse, where 
Pollok was born, is a farm fiuit meets with Inches to tlie soiitli, and Eoniiy- 
tonmoor to the east. My n-randt'ather's hrotjier was John Mather of South 
^loorho'iso, who. in his old .-ige. Mild it and went with las family to America. 
I think 'hey all went away e.\ci.'[)t my father's I'ousin, Mary ^fatiier, who was 
m.irried lo James Steven nf IJ,iMk( nd, Dunh^p. Ayr~.iu)e i^^lie died ti 
few years ago. near !«) yeai-sof age. My great-grandfather wa-; John Mather, 
proprietor of South MoorlKMise and Inches. He gave Inches tohis son James, 
aud South MoorhouNe to his son John, as we have .<een. His father again, my 
great-great-grandfather, was William .Mather, wlio came from Kirkland, a 
farm ou the Cart in tlie same jiarisli — Kaglesiiaiii — and bought Smitii Moor- 
house and Inches. Ilnw long tlie .M.itlnTs had been in Kirklan-.i iielore that I 
ctinnot -^ay-; nmst iikriy xwu <■]■ ihn-,' u-rneratinu.s. The nr>; .M.athers <';ime 
frnin Eiiirland and -icttled duwn in Ivirkland. A lirancii of his descendant-^ 
touk ron: furtlicr up the Cart at ,i iil.ici' e;,ilcd Millha'. I think, aitliougli 
Christopher North calls it ( raighall. 

Christopher Xdrth. tiiat is, Pidti'Ns. x- Wil^un. uh" spent his vttuug davs in 
till' J\Iearn<. and u'a> .-iftriward editor of fibii-l:ir(i,,il'x M.fiiiitiui', speaks of a 
Mary Matiier in nne . f hj^ an'c]<'<. " Christopher in his Sporting Jacket." 
Yf>u will have lieard of his note^^. " Ambn'siaiiae." One cF th.- .Millha' braneli 
went to W iterf.iot on tlie Carl, and li'cami- the proprietor of a I'arni there. 
Ilis name wa-^ .lann'^. He was an elder in the Cameroriian Chuicli. His sun, 
William, i.- I.iird of Waterfoot. and lives at Kirkhill .Me.anis. His .langhter. 
Elisabeth, was m.-irrieil to .Mr. Camernn, |,ire minist-r nf the I'aited l'icsb\te- 
rian Church. .'\[''avns. She dieil a slinrt time before her husbjuid. leaviim- four 
or live children. .Faims Matiier of Waterfoot had bnvtli rs, Robert of Eud- 
Iiill. Iveston. .and Matthew. .M.D., of (.tlasgow. the father of Dr. (Jeorge of 
(riasgow. William .M.atlua-. proli.ibly a cousin of .laim-s i.f Waterfoi-t, went 
to Netlierplaee .Mearns aiel boUiiht it. His son Arthur sueeeeded him in the 
farm: his son Wil'iam became a minister, .and died sunie ve.irs ago at Stanles'. 
['ossibiy lie had anorjnr son, ;iiic,.,ii)r of ?dr. .John .Mather i>f Xeutoii .Mearns. 
and of Glasgow. Arthur .Mather died s,,aie .ears ago. His s.m. William. i> 
in XcthiTjilace. W'illianrs .sister. AgU'-s. w.a.s married to I)a\id llr.ti hinson. 
of .Nfalletsbeioj-h .M ■■.iriis, and v\ent out with her husband to .Vin>-i-ii;i (Canada. 


4ns THE :mathi:k family. 

I tliiiik), a fi'tr years a;ri). Anorlicr >isr(T is Aun, inarrird to ^Nfr. Fnltoii. and 
tlien to Mr. Snodi.'-rass. of Gla>;;o\v. 

A third lister is .Mary. 1 do not know tii!> Koxhur-h Mallu-rs. One ni tlicni 
has gnmrnl near Kelso, growin'j ttowers ami youn:;: trees. cIo.m; to the railway 
station. I tliink you have heard all I can say at present. T have a hmtiier 
.John in Canaan, a hri.rher Ai!;in i:i "^ii. Transvaal, Afrie.i, luiil William in a 
farm near Sre-varton. called the i'liorn. My sister Eii.salierli is married to 
.Fames HamilTou of Old Liston. Rarho. near Ediidjiiriih. and inv sister Mary 
was married to Mr. George Kuo.\, .and is now .Mrs. Rod.uvr, <<( Nether Mallets- 
heuuii. Mearns. I am .sorry yonr daii.nhter ]\[ary diii not rail on me. That 
pleasure may yet be in store. You Ameneans think little of a .ionrney around 
the world. I should like very niU'Ji to know whether yon are related to our 
clan, and rru-t to have the pleasure of rending your book on the Mathers 
when it comes out. It is not a very common name. If I can at ail tind any- 
thing elucid.r.ive <->f thr- Mather pedigree I will gladly let you know. The' 
name does noi appear to be of old date in Seofland. Wiial do you reckon it 
to mean? A man acquainted with th:' Xorse langtiaue told me it m>'ant a The Greek.s will tell us that it means a mothei. ?lo it niusf n.ean 
Adam before Eve was taken from his side. I shall be glad to hear from vou 
at your eonvenience. 

Wishing you every bks^ing in the Lord., I am 

Yours tr-tdy, 


Mr. John Mather.of Xewton Mearns, but now of William Wright cV: Co., 
tea merchants in Argyle street. Glasgow, and Mincing Lane. Li.nloti. =ends 
mc a largi- amount of material of the above l)ranch of the Mather faniilv in 
Scothcnd. He s;iys "they came from England to .Scotland in the Puritan 
times, (m account of persecutions, and settled in the farm of Kirkland. parish 
of Eaglesham, County of Renfrew — two brothers, .John of Kirkland, and 
William of Moorliouse. He adds that if I am musical. ;ind know the good old 
Psalm tune. •' Shelheld." it was comi'osed by his grandfather, William .Mather. 
iu commemoration of the Matueis having been persecuted from Shellieid in 
Puritan times. 

Letter from Hon. Wm. ifather. Member of Parliament, England: 

S.VLFORD Iron Works, 

M7 De.vr SrR: — I owe you an api 'logy for m\' seeming neirl'-'ct of your 
laudable and praiseworthy eiiorts to rind out all about the common stock from 
which the family of blather originally s|)rung. 

EXTRACTS .>.M-> F(.<i:i:iCiX Lhri'TiiKS. -i'Jl) 

I ;tm much houorcil l>y your attiiilion to uivslU'. I canunt at iliis tiiui' 
trive you anv tru.-tvvorThy record uf my o'.vii branch ni ilic family, licyoiul 
that luy ancestors ^\•cre^)I■ AbL-nlcfit oouiuy in r>c, >tlan(i, aiid liciiiir satist'a( lory 
for some jrencratiuns back in status and character. I have never tnjulilcd my- 
self further about them. 

I --enii you. as yC'U deire it, [>hoioi;rai'h-i to .show thi- sort of aji[) 
I pre.scat, and luy wife made me enclose the photo of the " 'SI. P." in Court 
dress, such as all members -wear on certain occasions, a sort of " war paint," 
as you wfiuld say in America. It is a relic of the lonur past customs, wiiieh 
siu'vive ■with us for stare occasions. 

It will interest me much if you have any record of your branch of the 
family which you can conveniently send me. Do not let previous disap- 
j)ointnients prevent us meetinir when you visit Enirlaud -.iuaiu. But you 
must kindly write me in advance. Believe me. 

Very truly yrs, 
JuxE 1. 1888. " W3I. MATHER. 

UoRACE E. Matheu, Esq. 

Trom Lonci'in News. March 25. 16&9.] 

Election Xews. — Libki:al \iltokv at Gor/rox. 

After the counting of the votes on Saturday, at the Gorton, 
the result was oilicially declared, shortly after 2 p.m., as follows: 

Mr. W. Mather (L.) • o.!')") 

Mr. E. F. G. Hatch iC. ) •4,oO'J 

Liberal ma.iority 84f) 

For the purpose of compari.son we give the residts of the two previous 


1SS5. I 188<3. 

R. Peacock (L. ) 5,300 ; R. Peacock (L.) 4.592 

D. J. Flattelev (C.^ :J,oo2 ' Visct. Grev de Wilton (O. . . . 1.1:15 

Majority 1,748 I Majority 4.-)7 

A vote of thanks to the High Sheritf (Mr. O. lleywood) for the conduct 
of the election was pas.sed on the motion of the tAvo candidates. An immense 
crowd h:id gathered outside to learn the result. 

Mr. Mather, 31. P.. on making his appearance on the balcony, said: I 
stand before you to-day not as a victorious candidate, but .is a rei)n'scuiaiive 
of a iirfat and noble cause. (Cheers.) Tlu; vr>ice of Gorton will go througii- 
out the length and bre.adtb of Great Britain. (Cheers.) It pronounces the 
doom of tlie pre-ent government of state>men who canm^l read the signs of 
the times, and whij must ku"W that tie great democracy of Great Britain is 


(leteritiiii<.-.l tliat ;il! ranks aud ciassc-s of jiiopUj shall \\\v iimh-r ciiiial laws. 
iCbeer.s.) Tliis virtdvy will be rlirounliiiut tlit- wIkiIc of (he cciiiitry a inatlcr 
fur rt-jiiiciiig — (iliuej-s) — as slaiwiiiL;' rljal tin' must eiili.irliteucil coiisritiuiicy 
ill LaucasLire has grown continually in ijiose. principles wliidv will r-niovi.' in- 
justice and oppression fioui the laws of this c.iiiitlry. ami i-i.-siore the law ot 
righto uisness. (I-nud cheers.) 

Tiie news was received uiili naicli eiithusiasrn in l,oii(hin. Outside tlii' 
office of 'I'ftr Ihii!,/ y. ,-.. in Fleet street a lar^n- crowd hcirau to asse'nd»le 
about the time ^\■hen it was expected thi'. result would be declared. Directly 
a ;)laeard was cxhihitcd in the window nnnouncinu- the victory of the I.ilicrai 
candidate, a wild cheer woni up. .^[ell waved their hats. ;ind continued to 
siiout in triunijih for snnie niinulcs, the omniliuscs ;ind caijs meanwhile hav- 
ing great dilVicidty in making ilieir way iluou.:.:li the crowd, which stretched 
from one side i>f the roadway to the other, and tur a considerable ili-^tanci- in 
each direct inn. 

jlr. William Mather, of Droughton Park, Nlanciicster, and the Salford 
Iron Worl-:s, S.-df'ird, who thus sueeeeds to the ^eaf rendered vacant by liie 
dcaiii >it Mr. R. Pe;K-oek, i.s a sou of the laic ,Mr. Wiiliam Mather, of liroiigh- 
tou, by his marriage with Amelia, (hiugliter of the late .'.ir. 'i'ldsss ell. 
also of .Salford, and was born in ^lauchester hi Jul_\. ISi-i. \U: >\ .is eiluciled 
at private sehn.ilv in Kiigland Mid at l)resden, .Sa.vnny. wvA is liy [tiitesNiwn an 
engineer, and a member of the Institution of C'i\il Eugiiie(.'rs. Ai au : :irly 
age he Itfccaiiie a ]iurtner in .the rirm of Mather i\: I'latt. owners of the ."^.ilioril 
Iron ^Vorks. and hi.' is senior jiarria/r in the firm. He i-- a magistr.-ite for the 
borough of Salford. and has lieen pre.siiU.-nt of the Manchester l{i.-f<>rm Club 
and of tlie Stilford Liberal Association, lie has also ser\-ed on the Salford 
Town C'ouiK.'il .inil the Salford Sehool Hoanl. Mr. Mather travele<l si.\ 
months in the I'liiii.d States and Canada, in l."^"^:), to iii([uire into teciinical in- 
struetion and industrial training for the Uoyal Comnu^-ion on Te( linical In- 
btruetiuu; and also visitetl IJussiii in 1SS4 for ,v > vohuitiiry work, both 
his reports being printed in the lleport of tin; Roya! Commission ])resentcd to 
Parliament. There is also a science sthool estaldished in conni-ction with tl'e 
Salford Iron ^^'o|■k.s. ,-ind this is said to produce some of the be^t results at- 
tained by any sucli schools in this country. Mr. Mather married in l>i!;] 
Emma. d;uighter of the late .Mr. Thomas Watson, of Highbury, London, in 
the short Parliament of 1^8•l he re[>rc-ented South Salford, but wasdefeateil 
at the general election of ls^() by 3Ir. 11. H. Ibjworth. His return on the 
present occa..-ion makes no dilTereni'e in the balance (if pe'litical parties. 

LoNDOX, March 18. 
Dkak Mr. !M\tiit;r; — I r;m botir emiihatie testimony to the pairiotie mo- 
tives which have induced you t(.> make a sairitice of your [lersonal interest and 
convenience in order to oifer vourself to the constitueucv of Corton for th(; 


diM'li;iiui' ■'[■ arduou.-- {HiMic (iulif>; :il a irisis. Tlic appffcialioii i.f Midi 
coiiduci will, I believe, eiiliaiuc llie zeal and ardor witli wiiicli yoisr i-laiiiis 
will be siijipiii'tt'd. and ■'.ve may rea.--fin:d)ly antieipaie that llir eonsti; uriiry nl 
Gorton will manifest on Friday next tliur it is in .-"Vinpathy with iiie move- 
ment of (i]>[i(ivitii>n whieii aijpiai'-; lo j.revaii nii>re ami more liirotiuhoiit the 
country, and uhiih [ ronuses to brin,' [>rom[Uly to a clo.v; a cimtroxer^y that 
ob.struct.s business, awakens animo.sity. ejiuses ]> cxiieuse, and disci-udits 
the fame of Kngland tiiroUii'houl liic world, wiihnu! oiiVrin^ in any .sinirle 
liartieular an atom i.if eomp^■nsati<lll fc^r iliese L;'ra\e and inveterate evils. 
With warm good wi.shes. I remain, dear Mr. 3[atber. vi-ry fairlifidly ;. nui'. 

w. E." (;lai)st(»ni:. 

On July l."i. l^^T. IL. C Hall. K-q., a n\i inberof the T"\rei!i I'ark Chaiiel, 
Liverpool. offiTed to aeeonijiany me fi-om Li\cr|"M)! lo si-e the old u.-dled city 
of Chester and the Chester Cathedral, and while erossinu' tiie l(i\er .'dersey in 
a Steamer to Birkenhead, he gave me the iollowing: 

Dr. Frar.kliu r., Dr. Samuel blather of Boston, fri;i;i 10 ^\■.l\ . 1TS4-. 

■"When I was a boy I md witli a book I'niltlrd l>.-iys to Do 
Good," whieh 1 think \vas written liy yoiu' father, wiiieli u'aw me sUih a 
turn (.if tliinkinu' us to havr an intluenee nn my ecmduct Ihrougli liff; anil if I 
have b<'i'n. as yoii st^em to think, a nsi'ful' citizen, the luiblie owes the 
advantage of it to that book (by (Cotton Mather). 

You .say voii are 78. I am in my Titth. Wi; are urown oid ri>i.;(Ther. It 
is now more than (50 years since I left lioston, tnit I remember well both your 
father (Cotton) and grandfalluT (Increa-e', havimr he;ird them both in the 
pulpit, and seen tln.-ni in tlieir own ln)usrs. The l.-ist time I saw your tather 
was in lT"-24. He received me in his library, and on my taking leave, siiowed 
me a sliorter way out of tlie house, through a narrow passauc, wlueh 
cros.sed by a beam overhead. We wer;- still talking as 1 withdrew, he ai eom- 
pauying me beliiud. and I turning partly towards him, when iu' said hastily, 
'Stoop', stoop'.' I did not \mderst;ind him till 1 felt my head hit against the 
beam. He was a man who never missed any occasion for gi\ ing in-; ruction: 
and upon this he said to me: " You are youiiii, and have the world brfi>r(; yk>u: 
stoop as you iro throush it. and you will miss inan\" hard thuiu])-." This 
advice, thus beat into my head, has frequcnrly been of use to me; and I often 
think of it when I see j>ritle mortitied. and mi.>fortune brouglit upon people b}- 
th( ir carrying their heads too hiu'h.' 

[AVTien the copier of this was a boy he liad given to him by his father 
■•Franklin's Life." which has had •airrrat iiirtuenee ou ins eondin't and 
thinkiii'.: through life," and thus, incideaitally. Is indebte'd to this same 
blather familv, and feel how interesting' it is to have had Si> inueh of the 

502 THE MATHER F-\.MirA'. 

better ]i;ir! i)f his lite- emiuiH-tcd witli tlit- oli! i-liMpd in wljich nl.i Kiihanl 

Matlirr wa-- tlu' iirsf i>!v;u;hcr. and that he shutild write iliis out tor uac ni' iiis 


n. r. II ALL. 
LiVEurociL, July 1"). 1>^>T.] 

BUHYLXG-caiOlNI). Si( )'rLAXl). 

I liavc been t'avi Teil wjrh a coninmnicatiori from >rr. William Math /r. 
Goulburn. Svihiey. Xew Smith Wale^. euntaininy snnie interestinir iut'nrmu- 
tion about his aneestors. and the ereetiou of the tomb, or little niau.solenni, in 
the old graveyard at .Meiklt' Earuuck. As it mives a great ninnber of addi 
ti'uial facts, and corrects some of the .statements made in my former aceoimi 
of tiic Strangs and Mathers, die iufonnaticmcommnnicated maybe reproduced 
in a supplementary paper. 

The sn<.Tess!on of the Strangs as luird.s of Meikle Earnock. together uith 
date of tlie enclosure of the old burying-groimd as formerly stated, may be 
repeated here. James i^rrang appears to have acijiured the lands about 1054. 
He was succeeded by his son James, who. about 1731. enclosed a portion of 
Fairhill Park for a liurying-grouud. Pie die