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Reprinted from 

Thk Connkcticut Magazine 

April, 1905 

\ » % i I I 


By Donald Lines Jacobus of 
New Haven, Connecticut 


I have endeavored to give below 
a fairly complete genealog}^ of the 
Lines Family of New Haven through 
the first five generations, and on a 
few lines of descent to the present 
day, hoping that these notes may 
be made the foundation of a more 
complete genealogy of the family. 
I shall be glad to receive any addi- 
tions or corrections. I take this 
opportunity to express my indebt- 
edness to all who have aided me in 
my researches, but more particu- 
larly to Mrs. Betsey Morgafi of 
Woodbridge, Conn, ; Mr. Calvin C. 
Lines of Peoria, 111., and Mr. H. 
Wales Lines of Meriden, Conn. 

Henry and Ralph Lines, usually 
supposed to be brothers, settled in 
New Haven about 1642, Henry 
states in the birth-record of his 
son, Samuel, that he is "second 
Sonne of John Line (as he saith) of 
Badby two miles from Dantry 
[Daventry] in Northamptonshire." 
I have obtained the will of a John 
Lyne of Badby, who died in 1620. 
This John was probably father of 
John and grandfather of Henry, 
the emigrant. Further search 
might prove the connection of 
Henry and Ralph with this John 

I. John Lyne of Badby, North- 
amptonshire, England, was left the 
estate of his mother, Elizabeth Lyne 
in 1600. He married Agnes. In 
his will be names his sons John and 
Henry, daughter Elizabeth, and son 
Joseph. "I give unto my wife 
Agnis X pound of currant monye. " 
The will was proved February 27, 

2. i. John. 

ii. Henry, executor of his 

father's will in 1620. 
He was, therefore, born 
before 1600, and was too 
old to be Henry of New 
^ Haven. 

iii. Elizabeth, 
iv. Joseph. 

2. John Lyne, Jr., was probably 
the man called father by Henry 
Lines. He had, then, for his second 

3, i. Henry ^, settled in New 

3. Henryi Lines (John) settled in 
New Haven, Conn., and died Jan- 
uary 13-14, 1663. "An inventory of 
the estate of Henry Lines late of 
Newhaven deceased taken & ap- 
prised May 30, 1663." Elizabeth 
Lines, doubtless his widow, mar- 
ried, second, November 6, 1663, 
Thomas Larapson; married, third, 
March 29, 1666, Mr. John Morris. 

Children : 

i. John^ b. Aug. 7, 1656^ 

d. Dec. 14, 1656. 
ii, Joanna, b. Oct. 20, bapt. 

24, 1658. 
iii. Samuel, b, Jan. 16, bapt. 

Mar, 24, d. Apr., 1660. 
iv. Hopestill, b. Nov. 6, 
bapt. 9, 1661. 

4. Ralph 1 Lines, Sr., probably 
brother of Henry, lived in that part 
of New Haven later designated the 
parish of Am.ity, and now the town 
of Woodbridge. He died Septem.- 
ber 7, 1689, and his estate showed 
an inventory of over ^242. In his 
will, dated December 4, 1687, he 
mentions sons Samuel, Ralph, 
Joseph and Benjamin, wife "Alls," 
and daughter Hannah. A codicil, 
dated February i, 1689, says that as 
his life has been prolonged, and his 
daughter Hannah since died, he 
leaves her portion to his wife, 
Alice. An additional codicil, made 
during his last sickness, states as 
his son Benjamin has since died, 
but his widow being with child, to 
that child, if it lives, he bequeaths 
its father's portion. He also speaks 

of his deceased daughter Merriman. 
The will was proved November 13, 
1689 (New Haven Probate, Vol. II, 
p. 17). 

5. i. SamueP, b. Apr.. 1649. 

6. li. Ralph, b, July 18, 1652. 
iii. Ji>hn, b. Nov., 1655, 

probably died youn;^. 

7. iv. Joseph, b. Jan., 1658. 

8. V. Henjaniin, b. Dec, 1659. 
vi. Hannali, b. Nov. 21, 

1665, m. Mar. 28, 16S2, 
Capi. John Merriman of 

5. Samuel- Lines (Ralph*) mar- 
ried, November, 1674. Mary, daugli- 
tcr of John and Ellen (Harrison) 
Thompson, who was born April 24, 
1652. Samuel's inventory, taken 
June 8, 1692, shows estate of /,'40o 
(New Haven Probate, Vol. II, p. 
115). His widow re-married, sec- 
ond, John Hitchcock of Wiillinj^- 
f ord ; and third, Samuel Clark. In 
WiiUingford land-deeds, lier sons, 
John and Daniel Lines, call John 
Hitchcock their father-in-law [step- 
father], and John Hitchcock had a 
second wife, Mary (see "Hitchcock 
Genealogy"). S;imuel Lines was 
baptized, when an adult, August 
28, 1687, and his children. John, 
Samuel, Mary, Eljeiiezer and Daniel 
Lines were baptized September 25, 

9. i. John-^, b. Apr. iS, 1676. 
ii. Samuel, b. 1677. d. Oct. 
23, 1709 His estate 
went to his brothers 
and sister, 
iii. Mary, b. Jan. 29, 1^79, 
m. June 27, 1705, 
Thomas Wilmot. 
iv. Lydia. b Pel) r7, 16R1, 
d. May 28, I'lS^ 
10. V. Ehenczer, b. Aug. 18, 
vi. Daniel, b. I) .. .-4, 
1686. n-moved to Wal- 
lingford. Conn., d. 

vii. Ruth, b. Feb. ^7, 1690, 
bapt. Jan. 12, 1691, 
probably died before 
June, 1692 

6. Ralph 2 Lines (Ralph') lived 
in "Amity," Conn., and married, 
April 27, 1681, Abiah, daughter of 
William Bassett, baptized February 
7, 1658. He was baptized May 27, 
1694, with his chiliiren, Hannah, 
Joseph, Phebe and Benjamin. In 
his will of January 9. 1712, proved 
February 5, 171 2, Ralph names his 
wife, Abia, sons Joseph, and Benja- 
min, and several daughters, includ- 
ing Hannah and Phebe. His estate 
was inventoried at over ^364. 
"Abia Lines of New Haven, widdow, 
is allowed guardian to Benjamin, 
Abia, and Rebeckah Lines and ap- 
pointed guardian to Alis Lines, 
being four minor children of Ralph 
Lines, late of New Haven, dec'd," 
(New Haven Probate, Vol. Ill, pp. 
347-S, 356; Vol. IV. pp. 26. 106). 
"Abiah and Joseph Lines. Adm" 
of the estate of Ralph Lines pro- 
duced in court an amo* charged 
upon Nathan Clark in way of por- 
tion in right of his wife Phebe." 
Hannah Thomas, Abiah Lines and 
Benjamin Lines were also men- 
tioned as legatees of the estate Sep- 
tember 3, 1 716 (New Haven Pro- 
bate, Vol. IV.. p. 420). 


i. Ralph 3, d. May 8, 16SS. 
ii. Hannah, b. July 28, 
16S4. m. between June, 
1712, and June, 1713, 
John Thomas, 3rd, son 
of John and Lvdia 
(Parker) Thomas. ' He 
was born Mar. 4. 1676, 
and married, for his 
first wife. Mary Ford, 
who died June 30, 1712. 
He had three children 
by each wife, and died 
June 13. 1747. 
I I. iii. lo.seph.b. Feb 20. 1686. 
iv. Phebe. b. June 18, 1687, 
m. (i) ^^ay 27, 1709, 

Nathan Clark; (2) 
Joshua Tuttle (see 
"Tuttle Genealogy"). 

V. Alice, b. Feb. 27, 1689, 
d. Nov. 18, 1689. 

vi. Ralph, b. Sept.23,1690, 
d. Dec. 7, 1693. 

12. vii. Benjamin, b. Jan. i, 
viii. Abiah, b. Feb. 7, 1696, 
m. between 1733 and 
1736, Sylvanus Clark, 
son of Ebenezer and 
Sarah (Peck) Clark, 
who was born Feb. i, 
1692. In 1736, John 
and Hannah Thomas, 
Nathaniel and Rebecca 
Mix, Joseph Lines and 
Benjamin Lines, all of 
New Haven, and Sil- 
vanus and Abiah Clark 
of Wallingford, grant 
Aaron Tuttle nearly 
eighteen acres of land, 
laid out to their father, 
Ralph Lines, deceased 
(New Haven Land, 
Vol. X, p. 183). Sil- 
vanus Clark had mar- 
ried, previously, Apr. 
22, 1717, Damaris 
Hitchcock, by whom 
he had: Jonah, b. Jan. 
31, 1718; Thankful, b. 
Dec. 21, 1 7 19; William, 
b. before 1727, and 
probably Damaris. Per- 
haps Abiah was his 
daughter by his second 
wife, Abiah (Lines) 
ix. Rebecca, b Feb., 1698, 
m. Aug. 31, 1732, Na- 
thaniel Mix. 
X. Alice, b. March i. 1702. 
"Administration of the 
estate of Alias Lines, 
late of New Haven dec" 
was granted to Joseph 
and Benjamin Lines, 
brothers of the dec\" 
February 7, 1726 (New 

Haven Probate, Vol.V, 
pp. 277, 280). 

7. Joseph2 Lines (Ralph^) mar- 
ried, March 30-1, 1692, Abigail, 
daughter of William and Sarah 
(Hall) Johnson. In his will, dated 
April 29, 1729, proved September 6, 
1736, he mentions his wife, Abigail, 
and his daughters, Abigail Pease, 
Sarah Dorman, Elizabeth Terrell, 
Hannah and Thankful Lines. He 
makes his wife, Abigail, and daugh- 
ter Hannah executors, and in 1736 
the will is presented by Abigail 
Lines and Hannah, wife of Joseph 
Chatterton (New Haven Probate, 
Vol. VI, pp. 194-6). 



i. Abigail^*, b. Jan. 14, 
1693, m. June 11, 1713, 
John Pease, 
ii. Sarah, b. Oct. 3, 1694, 
m. Feb. 24, 1720, 
Joseph Dorman. 
iii. Lydia, b. Dec. 14. 1696, 

d. young, 
iv. Elizabeth, b. June 16, 
1703, probably m. 
Ephraim Terrell. In 
1736. Ephraim Terrell 
of Milford, with his 
wife, Elizabeth, deeded 
land at Chestnut Hill 
to Joseph Chatterton 
(New Haven Land, Vol. 
X, p. 247). 
V. Hannah, b. May 8, 1706, 
m. (i) Oct. 6, 1731, 
Joseph Chatterton; m. 
(2) Oct. 17, 17431 Israel 
Baldwin. Hannah 
Chatterton was ap- 
pointed administratrix 
on the estate of her 
first husband, Joseph 
Chatterton, Jan. 3, 1 743- 
in behalf of his wife 
Hannah, administratrix 
on the estate of Joseph 
Chatterton, late of New 
Haven dec'' exhibited 
debts due to said es- 

tate" (New Haven Pro- 
bate. Vol. VI, pp. 468. 
480 3, 655). 
vi. Thankful, b. May 8. 

8. Benjamin- Lines (Ralph*) mar- 
ried Anna, dauj^htcr ot William and 
Sarah (Tliomas) Wilmut. He died 
July 26, 1689, and soon after Anna 
married, second. Dr. Peter Car- 
rington. In 1703, Peter Carrington 
is called husband to Anna, admin- 
istratrix on the estate of her late 
husband. Benjamin Lines, deceased 
(County C^ourt Records, New Haven, 
Vol. II, p. 83). Peter C;irrington 
certified, November 12, 1695, that he 
had received from his mother, 
Sarah Wilmot. his portion of his 
father William Wilmot's estate 
(New Haven Probate, Vol. IV, p. 
64) Peter Carrington and his wife, 
Anna, afterwards have numerous 
land-dealings with Anna's brotiiers 
and sisters. 


14. i. "Benjatnin^, a post- 
humo child of Benja- 
min Lines dcccd borne 
ye 8th of Nov', 1689." 

9. John'' Lines(SamiieP, Ralph') 
lived in "Amity," Conn., and n)ar- 
ried, Dec. 37, 1700, Hannali Cooper, 
daughter of John Cooper, Jr., and 
his wife, Mary, daughter of John 
Thompson of Last Haven. "Ad- 
ministration of the estate of Jolin 
Lines late of Newhaven deceased 
was granted to Hannah Lints 
widdow and relici of the deceased,' 
February 3, 17 18 (New Haven Pro. 
bate. Vol. IV, pp. 492 and 514). 
His estate was inventoried at ^186. 
His widow. Hannah, died Novem- 
ber II, 1772. aged ninety-six: she 
mentions in her will, her children, 
Mary Hin»», Daniel Lines. Ke/ia 
Ailing, Ruth Lounsburv and Kl- 
canor Whcolor (New H •'•••n Pro. 
bate. Vol. XI, p. 297). 


i. Ruth*. I). Oct. 27, 1701, 
d. Apr. 3, 17SS; m. May 

7. 1724, Josiah Louns- 

15. ii. Mary, b. about 1703. d. 

Oct. 25, 1790; m. May 
21, 1734, Alexander 
iii. Helena, b. Mar. 3, 1706, 
m. Dec. 22, 1742, Caleb 
Wheeler ol Straii'ord. 

16. iv. Samuel, b. Jan. 17, 

1 70S. 

17. V. Daniel, b. May 6, 1712. 
vi. Kc/,iah, b. Apr. 5, 

1715, ra. about 1737, 
Samuel Ailing (see 
"Ailing Genealogy"). 

10. Ebenezer' Lines (SamueF, 
Ralph*) of Amity, Conn., married, 
July 30, 1713, Rebecca, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Sarah (Dickerman) 
Sperry, who was born March 28, 
1690. Their children, Sarah, Ralph, 
Ebenezer and John Lines, were bap- 
tized December 25, 1726. In his 
will of December 8, 1740, proved 
January 5. 1741. Ebenezer mentions 
his wife, Rebecca, and his sons 
Ebenezer, Ralph and John Lines 
(New Haven Probate, Vol. VI. p. 


i. Sarah^, b. Apr. 28, 
17 14, m. Feb. 13. 1735, 
Ezra Johnson. 
t8, ii. Ralph, b. May 23, 17 16. 

19. iii. Ebenezer, b. Apr. 26, 


20. iv. John, b. Mar. 13. 1720. 

V. Titus, b. Aug. 6, bapt. 
Sept. 27, 1731. 

11. Joseph^' Lines ( Ralph^, 
Ralph*) called Junior, married, 
February 3. 1709. H.innah Bradley. 
In 1749. Joseph Lines mentioned in 
his will his daughters Esther, wife 
of John Potter; Lydia, wife of 
Timothv Peck; Rachel, wife of 
Benjamin Wooden, .and Mary, wife 
of Eliphalet Johnson; and his 
grand-children Timothy Peck; 
Moses and Elizabeth Gilbert, chil- 

dren of Stephen Gilbert and his de- 
ceased daughter, Hannah. 

i. Esther^, bapt. May 3, 
1719, m. Feb. 4, 1731, 
John Potter. 

21. ii. Lydia, bapt. May 3, 

1719, m. Sept. 23, 1736, 
Timothy Peck. 

iii. Hannah, bapt. May 3, 
1719, m. Stephen Gil- 

iv. Rachel, bapt. May 3, 

1 7 19, m. Benjamin 

V. Joseph, bapt. Dec, 

1720, d. young. 

vi. Mary, bapt. June, 1723, 
d. 1769, m. July 7,1743. 
Eliphalet Johnson. 

12. Benjamin^ Lines (Ralph^, 
Ralph 1) of Amity, Conn., was a 
husbandman, and was called junior 
to distinguish him from his cousin 
of the same name. He married, 
February 2, 1720, Dorcas, daughter 
of Joseph and Abigail (Preston) 

Children : 

22. i. Benjamin*, b. Sept. i, 


23. ii. James, 
iii. Dorcas, 
iv. Alice. 

V. Mabel, m. Dec.31,1747, 
John Clark of Milford, 

24. vi. Joseph, b. about 1732. 

13. Sarah^ Lines ( Joseph^, 
Ralph^) married, February 24. 1720, 
Joseph Dorman, son of Joseph and 
Mary (Wilmot) Dorman. 


i. Mabel Dorman, b. Oct. 
26,1720, m. (i) Nov. 10, 
1743, Joel Perkins; m. 
(2) Gershom Thomas, 
ii. Joseph Dorman. b. May 
25, 1723, m. Nov. 23, 
1749, Phebe Dorman. 
iii. Sarah Dorman, b. Sept. 
14, 1726, m. William 

iv. Israel Dorman, b. Jan. 
19, 1729. 

14. Benjamin^ Lines (Benjamin^, 
Ralph 1) of Chestnut Hill, in Amity, 
Conn. He was a "taylor" by trade. 
In 1 7 16 he granted his "father 
Peter Carrington" (his step-father) 
a dwelling-house and orchard at 
Chestnut Hill (New Haven Land, 
Vol. IV, p. 571). In 1722, Benja- 
min Lines, formerly of New Haven, 
but now of Norwalk, Fairfield 
County, Conn., granted land to 
Josiah Thomas that was laid out to 
Ralph Lines, Sr., deceased (New 
Haven Land, Vol. VI, p. 125). In 
1733, he granted all his land in 
New Haven to his sister Hannah 
Carrington (New Haven Land, 
Vol. IX, p. 259). I have not 
traced this Benjamin further, nor 
his descendants. 

15. Mary* Lines (John^, Sam- 
ueP, Ralph 1) married. May 21, 
1724, Alexander Hine of Milford, 
Conn. He was born at Milford, 
February 10, 1699, and died March 
6, 1767. 

Children : 

i. Alexander Hine, b. 

Mar. 23. 1725. 
ii. Amos Hine, b. July 10, 

iii. Mary Hine, b. Dec. 19, 

1729, m. July 4, 1750, 

Timothy Ball, 
iv. Dan Hine, b. May 7, 

1734, m. Feb. 18, 1751, 

Ruth Allen. 
V. Elizabeth Hine, b. 

Sept. 14, 1737, m. 

Joseph Smith, 
vj. Eunice Hine, bapt. 

Nov. I, 1747. 

16. Samuel* Lines (John^, Sam- 
ueP, Ralphi) married, August 17, 
1733, Dorcas, daughter of Richard 
and Elizabeth (Wilmot) Sperry. 
"Administration on ye estate of 
Sam" Lines late of New Haven 
dec'd was granted to Dorcas Lines 
widow & relict of sd dec'd," De- 
cember 24, 1735. His widow, Dor- 


cas, married, second. March 28, 
1745. John Slierraan. In Septem- 
ber. 1748. John Shcrmun was "al- 
lowed i^uurdian to Sam" Lines minor 
Son of S.-im Lines dec'd" (New 
lUivcn I'robute. Vol. VI, pp. 176 
and 340). Dorcas (Lines) Sherman 
died December 28, 181 7. 

25. i. Samuel'-, b. Sept. 20, 

17. Daniel* Lines (John\ Sam- 
uel =. Ralph') resided in Wood- 
bridge, Conn. He married, No- 
vemt)er 11. 1736, Mary, dau^jhter of 
John and Susanna (Heaton) Alcock. 
Admmistration on Daniel's estate 
was granted, August 5. 1793 to his 
widow. Mary Lines, and to his son- 
in-law. Samuel Sperry. His estate 
was divided between his widow and 
his daughters, Susanna Carrington, 
Mary Johnson. Ke/.ia Parsons and 
Hannah Sperry, 
Children : 

i. Hannah', bapt. Mar. 

5, '73^. d. young, 
ii. Susanna, b. Jan. 2, 
bapt. Feb. 24. 1740, m! 
(i) Oct. 5, 1763. Amos 
Sperry; m. (2) Samuel 
Carrington. son of 
Noahdiah and Sarah 
(Moulthrop) Carring- 
ton. He was b. Nov. 
7. 173=. -ind d. Feb. 17, 
1815. Susanna d. Nov. 
25. '8'7- 
iii. Mary, b. May 8, bapt. 

June 13. 17,2, jn. 

iv. Sarah, h. Apr. 29, bapt. 

June 3, 1744. 
v. Kezia. b.Nov. 30. 1747, 
bapt. Jan. 24. 1748. m. 
July 2, 1766, Abraham 
Pierson of Derbv, 
vi. Daniel, bapt. May 20, 

1750. d. young, 
vii. Hannah, bapt. July 26, 
1752, ni. Nov. II. i7 73. 
Samuel Sperry. 

18. Ralph* Lines (Ebenezer\ 
SamueF, Ralph') lived in New 
Haven, North Haven. Wallingford, 
and Cheshire, Conn. His estate 
was divided. Mays, »78i. between 
his widow. Dinah the eldest daugh- 
ter, Abraham, Josepji and Rulus 
(the second, third and fourth sons), 
and Sarah, his youngest daughter! 
His estate was inventoried at ^"182 
(Wallingford Probate. Vol. h! p. 
395.)- Ralph Lines deeded land to 
his son Erastus, November 24, 1777 
(Wallingford Land, Vol. XXI. p. 
108). His wife in 1753 was called 

Children : 

i. Titus', b. Mar. 19,1741. 

at New Haven, 
ii. Dinah, b. Jan. 16. 1747, 
at New Haven. 
Sarah, m. Theophilus 
Merriman. removed to 
Susquehanna. Laws 
Vale. Luzerne County, 

Erastus, b. about 1751. 
Abraham, b. Sept. 25, 
1753. 'It Wallingford! 

m. Sarah , and 

dwelt in Southbury 

vi. Joseph, ra. Ruth Sperrv-. 
vii. Rufus. 




19. Ebenezer* Lines (Ebene/.er^ 
Samuel-. Ralph') of Woodbridge 
Conn. His will of April 21. 1798, 
proved October 23. 179S. mentions 
his son Major Lines and his daugh- 
ter Clark (New Haven Probate 
Vol. XIX. p. 272). 


i. Sarah •. bapt. Mav 23, 

ii. Rebecca, bapt. May 23, 

iii. Laban. bapt. Oct. 14, 

1744. d. young, 
iv. Rufus. bapt. Mar. 16, 
27. V. Major, b. Oct. 14, bapt. 
Nov. 29, 1747. 

vi. Laban, bapt. June ii, 
20. John^ Lines (Ebenezer^, Sam- 
uels Ralphi), called "Captain John 
Lines," lived at Woodbridge,Conn., 
and married, March 29, 1743, 
Deborah, daughter of Abraham and 
Deborah (Thomas) Hotchkiss. 

i. Zenas^, bapt. Aug. 14, 

ii. Lucas, bapt. July 28, 

1745, had a son, Mar- 
cus^ , and three daugh- 
ters, who married, re- 
spectively, Captain 
Jesse Beecher, Chilim 
Sperry and Clerk 

iii. Hannah, b. Apr. 15, 
bapt. June 5, 1748, ra. 
David French. 

iv. John, bapt. May 6, 1750. 
V. Deborah, bapt. Apr. i, 

28. vi. Eber, b. about 1755. 

vii. Abel, m. Arma , 

and had: i. AbeP, Jr.,, 
who m. Apr. 16, 1812, 
Fenta Ford; ii, Mr.^. 
Philo Hotchkiss; iii. 
Mrs. Fannie Dingee, 
and iv, Laura, wife of 
Sheldon Church, 
viii. Ebenezer, m. . Mercy 

, It is said that 

through his son Isaac, 
he was grandfather of 
the late Commodore P. 
Lines of New Haven. 
21. Lydia* Lines ( Joseph ^ 
Ralph-, Ralph 1) married, Septem- 
ber 23, 1736, Timothy Peck of 
Woodbridge, Conn. The will of 
Deacon Timothy Peck, in i775. 
mentioned his wife, and children 
Timothv, Titus, Roger. Samuel. 
Caleb. Lydia, Penina, and Martha ; 
and Isaac White, only son of his 
daughter Mary, deceased (New 
Haven Probate, Vol. XIV, p. 204). 
Timothy died in 1784. out-living 
his sons Timothy and Titus. In 
1777 he deeded land to his grand- 

children Mary, Titus and Rebecca 
Peck, children of his son Titus 
Peck, deceased (New Haven Land, 
Vol. XXXVI, p. 388). 
Children : 

i. Timothy Peck, b. July 

5. 1737- 
ii. Lydia Peck, b. Mar. 13, 

iii. Penina Peck, b. Aug. 5, 

1740, m. Aug. 16, 1764, 
Charles Todd. 
*iv. Titus Peck, b. Apr. 7, 
V. Mary Peck, m. (Timo- 
thy?) White, 
vi. Roger Peck, m. May 
19. 1773, Philena, 
daughter of Stephen 
and Elizabeth (Car- 
ington) Hine. 
vii. Samuel Peck. 
viii. Martha Peck. 
ix. Caleb Peck. 

22. Benjamin^ Lines (Benjamin^, 
Ralphs Ralphi) ijyed in Wood- 
bridge, Conn., and married, March 
3, 1746, Sarah Carrington. 

Children : 

i. Dorcas^, bapt. Dec. 7, 
1746, m. Jan. 25, 1779, 
Martin Ford, 
ii. Rachel, bapt. May 15, 

iii. "Allis." bapt. July 13, 

iv. Sarah, bapt. Aug. 11, 

V. Cleopatra, bapt. Sept., 

1753. m. Aug. 25, 1773, 

Francis Martin. 

vi. Peter was probably son 

of Benjamin. Francis 

Martin was appointed 

administrator on the 

estate of Peter Lines, 

December 30, 1784 

(New Haven Probate, 

Vol. XIV, p. 347). 

23. James'^ Lines (Benjamin^, 
Ralph^, Ralph^) married, January 7 
1746, Thankful, daughter of John 
and Sarah (Perkins) Sperry. They 
lived in New Haven. James died 


January, 1793; Thankful died 
Au^^ust XI, 181 1, aged 8.S years. 
Children : 

1. John', b. Aug. 22, 1740. 

39. li. James, b. Nov. 30, 1748. 

iii. A.shbel, b. Apr. 9, 1751. 

He deeded land to his 

sons Ashbei and Tyrus. 

The latter m.. Mar.. 

1796, Fatty Poller. 

A.shbel, Sr.. d. May i 1, 


iv. Pamela, b. Apr. 15, 

1756; d. Aug. 3, 1815 . 

ni. Levi Potter. 

30. V. Ezra. b. Sept. 24, 1760. 

vi. Benjamin, b. Aug. 16, 

1762, d. Oct. 23, 1840. 
vii. Sarah, b. Dec. 31, 1764. 
viii. Kbenezcr, b. June 25, 
24. Jose])h' Lines (Benjamin^, 
Ralph-, Ralph') removed to New 
Milfurd, Conn. He married, Sep- 
tember 12, 175S, Phebe, daughter of 
El>enezer Baldwin. Josej^h died 
July 29, 1792, a^ed 60; and Phebe 
died August 23, 1823. aged 85. 
(See the "Baldwin Genealogy.") 

i. Clarissa'"', b. Mnr. 12. 
1759, 111. Noahdiah 
ii. Reuben, b Jan. 21, 

iii. Amity, b. June 9, 1763, 

d. young, 
i/. Daniel, b Jan. 2, 1766, 
in. Nov. 20, 1791. Han- 
nah Todd. 
V. Philo. h. Jan. r i, i76(). 
35. S:imufl' Lines (S:iumtl', 
John'. S.unucl-, Ralph') lived in 
Wof>dbridge, Conn., and married, 
June 13. 1755. Mercy Carrington 
Rachel, Rhoda and Mercy, children 
of Zebulon and Sarah Carrington. 
were baptized, Auijust 2, i7.j4. in 
W')odl)ridge. Samuel Lines died 
Fobrnary, t8io; Mercy died Decem- 
ber 38. 181 7, aged eighty-three 
years. Samuel Lines deeded land to 
his sons Seley and Samuel Lines 
March 17, i7<>4 (Woodbridgc Land. 

Vol. HI, p. 342). On July 28. 1794, 
he granted his daughter, Rebecca 
Lines, land (Woodbridge Land, Vol. 
II, p. 4«7). Ill 1813 the estate of 
Seley Lines of Woodbridgc was 
divided between Alvin, Linus, 
Luliier, Cornelius and Samuel 
Lines. Philena Wilcox and Rebecca 
Lines (New Haven Probate. Vol. 
XXVI, p. 404-5). These were all 
undoubtedly brothers and sisters of 
Seley, and children of Samuel 

31. 1. Alvin**. b. about 1756. 

ii. Philena, m. Wilcox. 

^2. iii. Linus, b. about 1760. 
iv. Rebecca, b. about 1762, 
d. Feb. 27. 1836. un- 
V. Seley, d. June, 1803. 
vi. Luther, b. about 1768, 
d. Mar. 28, 1847, m. 

Susan . Mentions 

in his will his daughter 
Sally Maria Camp and 
his grandson. Noyes 
Starr Hotchkiss (New 
Haven Probate, Vol 
LXII, p. 95)- 
vii. Cornelius. 
33. viii. Samuel, b. about 1774. 
3.}. ix. Zebulon Lines of Ox- 
ford was possibly son 
of Samuel'. He would 
thus be named after his 
probable grandfather, 
Zebulon Carrington. 
Moreover, Zebulon 

named a son of his 
Alvin. who would be 
named after his brother 
.'6 Frastus ■ Lines (Ralph^. Ebe- 
nezer-^, Samuel-'. Ralph') married 
in Cheshire, Janti;iry 15, 1778. 
Sarah Doolittle. Between 1792 and 
1804 he removed to Oxford, Conn., 
where he died November 15, 1815;, 
aged sixty-four years. His wife 
died the same month. 
Children : 

3«;. i. Ransom''. b. about 1779. 
3^). ii. Ral])h. bapt. 1782 


iii. Sarah, m. Josiah 

27. Major'5 Lines (Ebenezer*, 
Ebenezer-^, Samuel^, Ralph^) mar- 
ried Susanna, daughter of Nathan 
and Deborah (Dayton) Mansfield, 
and lived in New Haven, Conn. He 
was a sea captain and died May 2, 
1814. His widow survived him un- 
til August 2, 1824. (See Tuttle or 
Mansfield genealogy.) 


i. Stephen'^, b, Jan. 31, 
1777, d. Dec. 25, 1816, 
m. June 11, 1796, Har- 
riet Gourley. 
ii. Charles Burril, b. July 
29, 1779, d. Mar. i, 
1833, m. Dec. 25, 1803, 
Laura Frost, 
iii. William, b. Mar. 18, 
1781, d. Oct. 10,1822, m. 
1805, Elizabeth Osborn. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. July 5, 
1783, d. Mar. 20, 1852, 
m. John Chatterton. 
V. Susanna, b. May 31, 
1785, d. Jan 21, 1871. 
vi. Mary, b. Mar. 31, 1788, 
m. May 6, 1840, David 
vii. Frances, b May 21, 

1790, d. Feb. 8, 1869. 
viii. Major, b. July 11, 1792, 
d. June I, 1870, m. July 
II, 1843, Martha Trues- 

28. Eber^ Lines (John'^, Ebe- 
nezer-^, SamueP, Ralph i) of Beth- 
any, Conn., married Hannah Wel- 
ton. He died February 20, 1844. 

Children : 

37. i. Calvin'", born Jan. 8, 

ii. Alma, m, John Sanford. 
iii. Philena, m. Moses San- 

38. iv Hannah, b. about 1790, 

m. (i) Truman Terrill : 
(2) Aveil Peck. 

39. V. Eber, b. about 1792. 

29. James'' Lines (James'^, Ben- 
jamin ^ Ralph 2, Ralph ^) of Wood- 
bridge, Conn., married, January i, 

1772, Susanna Ailing. He died 
August 5, 1816. Susanna died 
March 6, 1834, aged eighty years. 
Susanna, by her will dated February 
23, 1825, left her whole estate to her 
son John. (New Haven Probate, 
Vol. XLIII, p. 306.) 

i. Sarah'', m, James Lan- 

40. ii. John, b. Apr. 30, 1777. 
iii. Ailing, b. Nov. 2, 1791, 

d. Mar, 9, 1792. 

30. Ezra^ Lines (James*, Ben- 
jamin^, Ralph^, Ralph^) of New 
Haven, Conn., married, first, June 
4, 1782, Lue Wheaton. She died 
September 5, 1794, aged thirty- 
four. Ezra married, second, Jan- 
uary 4, 1795, Widow Abigail Hood, 
daughter of Captain Joshua and 
Martha (Miner) Ray, who died June 

5, 1796, aged thirty-three. He 
married, third, ElizalDCth Umber- 
field, who died October 9, 1825, 
aged fifty-nine. 

Children (by first wife) : 

i. Henry '^, b. about 1784, 
d, Dec. 19, 1836, m. 
Amelia P. Tooker, who 
d. Jan. 17, 181 6, aged 
76. Henry was a Bap- 
tist clergyman, 
ii. Lue, m. Eli Trow- 
iii. Betsey, ra. Jacob Wolf. 
Children by third wife: 

41. iv. Ezra Augustus. 

v. Frederick, 
vi. William. 

vii. James, b. 1801, d. July 
3, 1806, aged 4 years 8 
viii. James, b. about 1806, 
d. Sept. 16, 1829. 
ix. Mehitabel, b. about 
1808, d. Jan. I, 1832. 

31. Alvin" Lines (Samuel', Sam- 
uel*, John^, SamueP, Ralph ^) mar- 
ried, first, Anna Morris of Oxford, 
Conn, ; married, second, Phebe 

He died in Woodbridge April 

10, 1827. Phebe died December 13, 


Chilli (by first wife): 

43. 1. Lcverctt', b. about 
178.' in Oxford. 
Children by second wife; 

43. ii. Anna, m. Jan. 1803, 
Exekicl Hall, 
iii. Polly, m. Jan. i8ia, 
Charles Willouj,'hl.y. 
Children: (1) Miir}' 
Marietta \Villoui;hh}\ b. 
1813. d. Mar. 14, 1900, 
m, Georj^c F. Carter, 
who d. Aug. 26, 1868, 
aged 60: (2) Charles 
Christopher If 't//(>uji,''hdy, 
b. 1815, m. Amelia 
Brandy : (3) Ahin Lines 
IViiloii^i^hhy, b. 1817, d. 
1 90 1, m. Oct. 15. 1840, 
Caroline S. Botsford, 
who d. May 17. 18S2. 
iv. (ieorge, ni. Aug. 1S16. 
Susan Morris of Derby, 
who d. Mar. 20. 1879, 
and had William, b. 
iSiS, d. Jan. 30, 18J4; 
Edwin, David (b. about 
1825, and m. Susan 

), and Jane Lines. 

32. Linus'" (Samuel', Samuel"', 
John\ Samuel'-, Ralph') married 
Keturah. daughter of Joseph and 
Eunice (Thomas) Smith, at that 
time Widow Hotchkiss. Linus died 
March 27, 1814. 
Children : 

i. Lewisof Bethany, Conn. 

ii. Keturah. m. 

iii. Joseph Wiliard of 
Naugatuck. Conn., m. 
Oct. 15, 1825, Lydia 
Russel. Their son- 
John Lines of Water, 
bury, was b. Jan. 7, 

iv. Linusof Harrington. 111. 

T. Julia Ann, ni. Hiram 

vi. Nancy, m.. F-h. 1813, 
Seymour Sperry. A 
daughter of theirs is 
Mrs. Jirch B. Foote of 
New Haven, Conn. 

33. Samuel'' Lines (Samuel^, 
SamueP, John', Samuel-, Ralph') 
lived in Woodbridge, and married, 
June 18, 1795, I'olly Sperry. He 
died February 23, 1848. Polly died 
February 14, 1844, aged sixty-nine. 
The liivision of the estate of JSamuel 
Carrington, in 181 5, mentions his 
daughter Polly, wife of Samuel 
Lines. (New Haven Probate, Vol. 
XXVIII, p. 158.) 


i. Amadeus^, b. 1796, d. 

Apr. II. 1812. 
u. Mernt, b. 1798. d. Jan. 

27, 1840. 
iii. Jeremiah, b. 1801, d. 
May 7, 1882, m. Nov. 
27, 1823. Nancy Rich- 
ardson. Mrs. Betsey 
Morgan of Wood- 
bridge. Conn., is their 
iv. Eunice, b. 1804, m. Oct. 
24, 1825, William Min- 
V. Sally, b. 1806, d. Sept. 
10, 1877. m. Mar. 27, 
1826. Caleb A. Finch, 
vi. Harriet, m. Feb. 5, 

1826, Silas Ailing, 
vii. John, b. 181 2, d. Nov. 

15. »8i5. 
viii. John J., b. 1818. d. Apr. 
2, i860, m. Apr. 29, 
1842 .Eliza Riggs. 

34. Zebulon'' Lines (Samuel'", 
Samuel', John', Samuel-, Ralph') 
of ( )xford. Conn., m;irried, J;muary 
25. 1795, Lois Andrus. 

Children : 

i. Benjamin' Vincen. 

bapt. Sept. 25, 1798. m. 
Hannah English, and 
had Clark, Marshal, 
H.irriet. Washington 
Irving, and Benjamin 
F. Lines. 

ii. Alvin Austin, bapt. 
Seiit. .'5, 1798. 

iii. Sherman, b. Nov. 12, 
1798, (1. in Woodbury 
Aug. 31, 1876, aged 78. 

iv. Thirza, b. Oct. 3, iSoo. 


V. Zebulon Marshal, bapt. 

Mar. 3, 1803, d. Nov. 

23, 1804. 
vi. Maria Marcia, b. Dec. 

2, 1804. d. May 5, 1805. 

35. Ransom'"' Lines (Erastus^, 
Ralph*, Ebenezer^, SamueP, 
Ralph ^) married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Isaac and Anna (Mix) Gilbert. 
He died November 6, 1815; she 
died May 19, 1839. Their children, 
Jairus, Charles, Harriet and Grace, 
chose their uncle, Elias Gilbert, for 
guardian, June 17, 1822. 

Children : 

i. Jairus^ G. (aged 20 at 

father's death), 
ii. Charles M. (aged 19). 
iii. Harriet E.(aged 17), m. 

John W. Barber, 
iv. Grace (aged 13). 
V. George L. (aged 11). 
vi. Henry (aged 8). 

36. Ralph" Lines (Erastus^, 
Ralph'*, Ebenezer^, SamueP, 
Ralph*) married Lois . 


i. Augustus'. 
ii. Joseph, m. June, 1831, 
Eliza Gaylord, and had 
issue (i) Edward^ Aug- 
ustus, b. May 19, 1832; 
(2) Frances Louisa, b. 
Feb., 1836. 
iii. Caleb, 
iv. David. 

37. Calvin*' Lines (Eber^, John*, 
Ebenezer^, SamueP, Ralph*) lived 
in Woodbridge and married, October 
13. 1808, Sally Newton Booth. He 
died September 18, 1818. 


44. i. Edwin'' Lyman, b. 1810. 

45. ii. Henry Willis, b, Dec. 

5, 1812. 
iii. Mary, m. Philo Chat- 
field of New Haven. 

38. Hannah" Lines (Eber^, 
John*, Ebenezer*, SamueP, 
Ralph*) married, first, Truman 
Terrell, son of Eliakim and Eliz- 
abeth (Twitchell) Terrell, born 
November 23, 1784. Truman died 
May 20, 1852, and she married. 

second, Aveil Peck. Hannah 
resided in Bethany and died Nov- 
ember 19, 1866. 

i. Louise Terrell, b. Feb. 

20, 1814, m. Ezra S. 


ii. Almira Terrell, b, June 

28, 1815, d. Dec. 9, 1815. 

iii. Almira Terrell, b. Dec. 

25, 1816, m. (i) Isaac 

Clark; m. (2) Stephen 


iv. Grace Terrell, b. Jan, 

11, 1819, m. Hiram 

V. Lauren Terrell, b. Dec. 

12, 1820, d. October 13, 

vi. Elizabeth Terrell, b. 
Jan. 24, 1823, m. Nath- 
aniel Proctor, 
vii. Smith, b. Apr. 9, 1825. 
viii. Wales, b. Oct. 29, 1826. 
ix. Calvin, b. May 14, 1828, 

d. Mar. 29, 1846. 
X. Henry, b-. June 8, 1835, 
d. May 18, 1836. 
39. Eber" Lines (Eber^, John*, 
Ebenezer^, SamueP, Ralph*) of 
Bethany, Conn., married Mary Ter- 
rell, and died October 2, 1836. 

i. Calvin', 
ii. Minerva, m. Henry 

iii, Rebecca, m. H. Stev- 
iv. Hannah, m. Edwin 

V. Eliza, m. (i) Samuel 
Smith; m. (2) Charles 
vi. Goodell, m. Laura M. 
Whitney. Children: (i) 
Charles F., m. Alice B. 
Crick; Carrie, (2) m. 
James P. Manaton ; (3) 
Frank Goodell. 
vii. Cornelia, m. S. H. 

viii. Calvin. 
ix. Eber. 
X. Andrew. 


40. John*^ Lines (Jiiines', James*, 
Benjamin-. Ralph-. Ralph') ol 
W»)oUbri(l);c, Conn., married, Jan- 
uary 8. 1800, Betsey IVrkms. John 
died May 19, 1847. Betsey died 
June 6, 1 85 I. 

Children : 

46. i. Charles', b. Nov. 15, 
ii. David, b. July i, 1S03. 
was a sea captain, and 
disappeared at Niagara 
June 15, 1862. 
iii. Anna, b. Oct. 27, 1R05, 
m. Aug. 19, 1821, Elihu 
iv. Betsey, b 1809, d. Mar. 
7, 1S24. 

41. Iv/.ra Augustus" Lines (Ezra'"'. 
James*. Benjamin''. Ralph*, Ralph ') 
of New Haven, Conn., married, 
first, Lucy A. Ritter; second, 
Martha Kimberley. 

(Children (by first wife): 

i. Augustus', E., b. Nov. 
4. 1822. m. Martha 
ii. George P., b. Nov. 23. 
1824, m. (i) Almira F. 
Augur; (;:) Ann E. 
Holt Hubbard, 
iii. Jane E., b. Aug. 2. 1830. 
Children by second wife: 
iv. Martha. 

V. Maria, ni. James H. 

42. Lcverctt' Lines (Alvin'', 
Samuel', Samuel', John''. S.imuel-, 
Ralph') of Oxford and New Haven, 
Conn., married. January 27, 1802, 
Sally BUakc He died December 
j6. is 26. 


i. r.everetf*, b. about 


J7. ii. f^:ivid Harpin, b. about 


iii. Orrin, h. Mar. 23. 1810. 

iv. Sarah, b. Fob. 13. 1S13, 

m. Eliznr H. Clark. 
V. Lucy Tanc. b. aliout 
1815. d. July 26, 1854. 

43. Anna" Twines (Alvin'', Sam- 
uel', Samuel'. John". Samuel.. 


Ralph') married, January, 1803, 

E/.ekiel Ball. 
Children : 

i. Hannah Ball, ra. 
Lyman M a n v i II e. 
Children: (i) .Inn 
hlizabeth Afanville, m. 
(i) Eleazer W. Bald- 
win, (2) John H. Claflin 
of Gilxson, Penn. : (2) 
Grace A. AfanrilU, m. 
Charles A. Thompson ; 

(3) Lyman J). Mauvillf, 
m. Caroline Bradley; 

(4) Mary L. ManvilU, 
m. William H. Bron- 
son; (5) Perry S. Afan- 
ville, m. Ellen J. Smith ; 

(6) Harriet H. 'Manville^ 
m. Theodore Bradley; 

(7) Helen C. Afanville, 
m.John M. Button; (8) 
Kvuna JWcnvn Afanville, 
m. Charles H. Pope. 

ii. ■^illis Ball, ni. Mary 
Allen, and removed to 

44. Edwin" L. Lines (Calvin*^, 
Eber ', John*, Ebenezer'', Samuel-, 
Ralph') married Elizabeth Curtis 
of Meriden. Conn. He died in 1831. 

Children : 

i. Calvin"* C, b. June 20, 
1833. lives in Peoria, 
111. ; m.(i)Jeannie Mud- 
gett: (2) Helen ^^ 

ii. H(jmer C, b. June 28, 

1 8 -^6, d. 1899, m. Anna 

T.' Wright, 
iii. Louise A., b. 1838, d. 

iv. Sarah S.. b. 1842, d. 

v, (Son), b. and d. 1843. 
vi. ICli/.abeth S., b. 1850, d. 

t8f)o, m. Aaron S, ()ak- 


45. Ilcnrv' W. Lines (Calvin'-. 
Ebcr'', John'. Ebenc^.er^, Samuel-, 
Ralph') lived in Naugatuck, Conn., 
and married. June 2. 1835, Harriet 
Bunnell. He died Januarv 30, 1863; 
W\< widow died Februarv 24. 1898. 


Children : 

i. Henry^ Wales, b. June 
13, 1838, m. June 23, 
1861, Sarah C. Hunger. 
He lives in Meriden, 
ii. Mary E. 
iii. Edwin S., the well- 
known New Jersey 
Bishop, m. Mary More- 

46. Charles'^ Lines (John*^, 
James^, Jamas'^, Benjamin^, 
Ralph^, Ralph^) married Asenath 
Ailing. He lived in Woodbridge, 
Conn., and died July 11, 1857. 
Asenath died October 11, 1862. 


48. i. John** Marshall, b. 
Sept. 15, 1830. 

47. David* H. Lines (Leveretf, 
Alvin", Samuel^, SamueH, John^, 
SamueP, Ralph^) married, first, in 
Wallingford, Conn., June 17, 1824, 
Julia Ann, daughter of Street H. 
and Martha (Bartholomew) Morse, 
They removed to Delphi, N. Y., 
where Julia died September, 1846. 
He married, second, in 1847, Electa 

M. . He died about 187X at 

Bryan, Ohio. 

Children (by first wife) : 

i, Henry^, b. May 7, 

1825. d. Sept. 17, 1896, 
in New Haven, m. 
Sept. 23, 1846, Mary 
Ann Wilmot. 

ii. Augustus. b. June, 

1826, d, Dec. 28, 1892, 
in Cleveland, O. , m. 
Jan. I, 1848, Mary Ann 

iii. David Josiah, m. Phi- 
lena Goodrich, lived in 
Chicago, 111. 

iv. James Elizur, m. 
Estella Blake, lived in 
Homer, N. Y. 
V. Thomas Duane. m. 
Jennie Simmons, lives 
in Syracuse, N. Y. 

vi. Fr;.'nk Newton, 
vii. Helen. 

Children by second wife: 1 

viii. Charles Aldrich, m. 
Lettie Bradley, 
ix. Kate. 
X. Orrin. 

xi. Fred, m. Lizzie Brai- 
48, John* M. Lines (Charles^ 
John'', James'5, James'', Benjamin^, 
Ralph^, Ralph') married, July 21, 
1854, Adeline Curley of New York. 
They lived in Woodbridge, where 
Mr. Lines was a prominent citizen. 
He died March 28, 1894. 

i. Ella« A., m. Thomas 

ii. Isabella, d. Nov. 11, 

iii. Harriet M. 
iv. Adeline M., m. June 
18, 1889, Frederick A. 
V. David C. 
vi, Maude E. 
vii, Eugenia, d. June 30, 

viii. John M., m. Ida 
ix. Thomas C. , d. Aug, 20, 
Note — Through the kindness of 
Mrs. Frank A. Corbin of New 
Haven, I am enabled to make the 
following addition: 

3. Henryi Lines (John), who set- 
tled in New Haven about 1642 and 
died January 14, 1662, married Eliz- 
abeth Harrison, This is proved by 
the following record: 1668, June 
18, Certificate that Hopestill Lyne 
— 6 to 7 years old, dau. of Henry 
Lyne of New Haven, in New Eng- 
land, son of John Lyne of Badby, 
Northamptonshire, which Henry 
died Jan, 14, 1662, and had the child 
Hopestill by his wife Elizabeth, dau. 
of Richard Harrison of West Kerly, 
Cheshire, is still alive, is sworn to 
by Richard Harrison, Thomas 
Johnson, Wm. Meaker and Ellen 
Johnson. (New Jersey Archives. 
Vol. XXI, p. 29.) 


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