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List of Books and Magazine Articles on 

try Hudson and the Hudson 
River, Robert Fulton 
and Early Steam 

in tne 
Brooklyn Public Library 

Published by 


Brooklyn, New York 

List of Books and Magazine Articles on 

Henry Hudson and tLe Hudson 

River, Robert Fulton 

and Early Steam 


in tne 
Brooklyn Public Library 


Publiahed by 


Brooklyn, New York 


List of Books and Magazine Articles on 

Henry Hudson and tne Hudson River, Robert 
Fulton and Early Steam Navigation 

Reference is not made in this list to current magazine 
articles, nor to all general United States and New York 


Hudson, Henry, and others. Voyages. (In New York 

Historical society. Collections, ser. I, v. I. N. Y. 

1811.) Ref. 

Asher, G. M. ed. Henry Hudson the navigator. Lond. 

1860. Ref. 

Henry Hudson the navigator. Living Age, v. 

94 : 397- 

Sam-e. Macmillan s Mag. v. 14:459. 

Bacon, E. M. Henry Hudson, his times and his voyages. 

N. Y. 1907. 
Bell, Mrs. N. R. E. (M.) Henry Hudson. (In her 

Columbus and other heroes of American discovery. 

N. Y. CI885-93-) 
Bruce, D. H. ed. Hudson and the Half-Moon. (In his 

Empire state in three centuries, v. i. N. Y. 1902.) 
Burpee, L. J. Henry Hudson. (In his Search for the 

western sea. Lond. 1908.) 
Cavallaro, Luigi. Enrico Hudson. (In his Pionieri ed 

eroi della storia americana. N. Y. CI9O7.) Ref. 
Cleveland, H. R. Life of Henry Hudson. (In Lives of 

eminent individuals celebrated in American his 
tory, v. 2. N. Y. 1855.) 

Life of Henry Hudson. (In Sparks, Jared, cd. 

.Library of American biography, v. 10. N. Y. 

DeCosta, B. F. Who discovered the Hudson? Galaxy, 

v. 8 : 129. 

Fiske, John. Verrazano and Hudson. (In his Dutch and 
Quaker colonies in America, v. I. Bost. 1899.) 

Foote, A. E. and Skinner, A. W. Henry Hudson s ex 
plorations. (In Explorers and founders of Amer 
ica. N. Y. CIQ07.) 

Griffis, W. E. Orange, White and Blue in the Hudson 
river. (In his Romance of discovery. Bost. ci897.) 

Guthrie, J. W. Tercentennial of Henry Hudson. Mun- 
sey s Mag. v. 30 : 675. 

Hall, E. H. Hudson and Fulton; a brief history of Henry 
Hudson and Robert Fulton, with suggestions de 
signed to aid the holding of general commemora 
tive exercises and children s festivals during the 
Hudson-Fulton celebration in 1909. N. Y. cioxxj. 

Hemstreet, Charles. Adventures of Henry Hudson. (In 
his Story of Manhattan. N. Y. 1901.) 

Hendrick Hudson memorial bridge. Scientific American, v. 
94:366. Large picture of bridge, p. 361. 

Henry Hudson. (In Appletons cyclopaedia of American 
biography, v. 3. N. Y. 1900.) Ref. 

Henry Hudson. (In National cyclopaedia of American 
biography, v. 9. N. Y. 1893.) Ref. 

Henry Hudson. Living Age, v. 69:70. 

Henry Hudson. Nation, v. 2:740. 

Henry or Hendrick Hudson? Scientific American, v. 95: 

Higginson, T. W. Henry Hudson and the New Nether 
lands. (In his Book of American explorers. Bost. 

Same. (In his Young folks book of American 

explorers. N. Y. 1902.) 

Janvier, T..A. Dutch founding of New York. N. Y. 1903. 
: Same. Harper s Mag. v. 106:354, 57i 739- 

Henry Hudson. Cosmopolitan, v. 35 : 603; v. 36 : 


Johnson, W. H. Henry Hudson s voyages towards the 
northeast; Hudson s explorations of the Hudson 
river; Hudson explores Hudson Bay. (In his 
World s discoverers. Bost. 1908.) 



Juet, Robert. Discovery of the Hudson river. (In Hart, 
A. B. ed. American history told by contempo 
raries, v. i. N. Y. 1897.) 

Discovery of the Hudson river from "The third 

voyage of Master Henry Hudson toward Nova 
Zembla." (In Old South leaflets, no. 94. Bost 

Third voyage of Master Henry Hudson. (In 
Winship, G. P. ed. Sailors narratives of voyages 
along the New England coast. Bost. 1905.) 

Lamb, Mrs. M. J. R. (N.) Henry Hudson. (In her His 
tory of the City of New York, v. I. N. Y. 01877.) 

Laughton, J. K. Henry Hudson. (In Stephen, Sir Leslie 
and Lee, S. L. ed. Dictionary of national biog 
raphy, v. 28. N. Y. 1891.) Ref. 

Laut, A. C. Discovery of the great North sea and the 
opening of two territories. (In her Conquest of 
the great Northwest, v. I. N. Y. 1908.) 

McMurray, C. A. Henry Hudson. (In his Pioneers on 
land and sea. N. Y. 1904.) 

Markham, Sir C R. Hudson and Baffin. (In his Sea 
fathers. N. Y. 1884.) 

Morris, Charles. Henry Hudson and the discovery of the 
Hudson river. (In his Heroes of discovery in 
America. Phil. 1906.) 

O Callaghan, E. B. [Henry Hudson.] (In his History of 
New Netherland, v. i. N. Y. 1848.) 

Parker, Mrs. H. F. Henry Hudson. (In her Morning 
stars of the new world. N. Y. 1854.) 

Parton, James. Henry Hudson. (In his People s book of 
biography. Hartford, 1868.) 

Read, jr., J. M. Historical inquiry concerning Henry Hud 
son. Albany, 1866. 

Shaw, E. R. Henry Hudson. (In his Discoverers and 
explorers. N. Y. 01900.) 

Spofford, A. R., Weitenkampf, Frank and Lamberton, J. P. 
ed. Henry Hudson. (In their Library of his 
toric characters and famous events, v. i. Phil. 
1894-95.) Ref - 

Williams, Sherman. New Netherland. (In his Stories 
from early New York history. N. Y. 1906.) 


Bacon, E. M. Hudson river from ocean to source. N. Y. 


Beede, V. V. Into a silent sea. Chautauquan, v. 31 : 333. 
Brooks, C. T. Winter sunrise on the Hudson; a poem. 

Old and new, v. 7:700. 
Bruce, Wallace. The Hudson; three centuries of history, 

romance and invention. N. Y. 01907. 

The Hudson; [a poem.] Bost. ci88i. 

Legends and poetry of the Hudson. N. Y. 1868. 

Buckman, D. L. Old steamboat days on the Hudson river. 

N. Y. 01907. 

Burroughs, John. Our river. Scribner s Monthly, v. 20: 

Carman, Bliss. Ballad of Father Hudson. Outlook, v. 72: 

Commemoration O f the discovery of the Hudson river. Out 
look, v. 81 : 959. 

Cook, Clarence. The Lordly Hudson. Century, n. s. v. 
33 : 483- 

Cooper, S. F. Hudson river and its early names. Maga 
zine of American history, v. 4: 401. 

Coxe, Cleveland. Naoman, a legend of the Hudson. Har 
per s Mag. v. 52 : 883. 

Cullum, G. W. Struggle for the Hudson. (In Winsor, 
Justin. Narrative and critical history of America, 
v. 6. Bost. ci886.) Ref. 

Curtis, G. W. The Hudson river and the Rhine. (In his 
Lotus-eating. N. Y. 01852.) 

DeKay, Charles. Choral ode to the North river. Century, 
n. s. v. 6 : 377. 

Farnham, C. H. Running the rapids of the upper Hudson. 
Scribner s Monthly, v. 21 : 857. 

Fenn, A. M. The Hudson river. Art Journal, v. 38: 198. 

A Great opportunity. Outlook, v. 81 : 959. 

Hall, E. H. Our heritage of the picturesque. Municipal 
Affairs, v. 5 349- 

Harrington, J. W. Summer homes of the Hudson river. 
Munsey s Mas:. \. 21:721. 

Henry Hudson s quest. (In Stevenson, B. E. ed. Poems of 
American history. Bost. 1908.) 

Mine, C. G. West bank of the Hudson river, Albany to 
Tappan. Newark, 01907. 

Hudson river boats. Leisure Hour, v. 13:727. 

Hudson river by pen and pencil. N. Y. 01875. 

Hunt, Freeman. Letters about the Hudson river and its 
vicinity. N. Y. 1837. 

James, Henry. New York and the Hudson; a spring im 
pression. Fortnightly Rev. v. 84:978. 

Same. North American Rev. v. 181 : 819. 

Johnson, Clifton. Canal-boat voyage on the Hudson. Out 
look, v. 60: 309. 

Lossing, B. J. and others. Along the Hudson. (In Ms 
Achievements of four centuries, v. i. N. Y. 01890.) 

Lossing, B. J. The Hudson from the wilderness to the 
sea. Lond. 1868. 

Romance of the Hudson. Harpers Mag. v. 52: 

633, 822; v. 53^2. 

Martineau, Harriet. The Hudson. (In her Retrospect of 

western travel, v. I. Lond. 1838.) 
Mighels, P. V. Unknown palisades. Harper s Mag. v. 

Miller, James, pub. New guide to the Hudson river. N. 

Y. 1869. 
The Palisades and the Hudson river from New York to 

Albany. Leisure Hour, v. 14 : 360. 
Partridge, E. L. National park on the Hudson. Outlook, 

v. 87 : 521. 
Pidgeon, Daniel. Hudson river by day-boat. (In his Old 

world questions. N. Y. 1885.) 
Preserving the Hudson palisades. Review of Reviews (N. 

Y.) v. 24:49. 
Pyle, Howard. Through inland waters. Harper s Mag. v. 

92 : 828 ; v. 93 : 63. 
Rand, McNally & co. Illustrated guide to the Hudson river 

and Catskill mountains, by Ernest Ingersoll. N. 

Y. 1897- 
Richards, T. A. The Hudson. Knickerbocker, v. 54:225, 

353; v. 55: i, 129. 


Saving the Hudson. Outlook, v. 83:95. 

Shanly, C. D. Along the Hudson river at New York. 

Atlantic Monthly, v. 22: i. 
Singleton, Esther. The Hudson. (In her Great rivers of 

the world. N. Y. 1908.) 
Skinner, C. M. Gates of the Hudson. Century, n. s. v. 

50 : 665. 
Smith, Richard. Tour of four great rivers: the Hudson, 

Mohawk, Susquehanna and Delaware in 1769. N. 

Y. 1906. 

Stanton, S. W. Steamboats of the River Hudson. Engi 
neering Mag. v. 8 : 849. 
Taintor, C W. Hudson river route, New York to Albany, 

Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Lake Champlain, 

Adirondack mountains and Montreal. N. Y. n. d. 
Taylor, Bayard. The Hudson and the Catskills. (In his 

At home and abroad, v. 2. N. Y. 1862.) 
Vail, R. P. H. Along the Hudson in stage-coach days. 

Outlook, v. 80:489. 
Van Vorst, Marie. The Hudson river. Harper s Mag. 

v. 110:543- 
Verplanck, W. E. and Collyer, M. W. Sloops of the 

Hudson. N. Y. 1908. 
Willis, N. P. American scenery; or, Land, lake and river. 

2 v. Lond. 1840. 

Highlands of the Hudson. (In his Hurry-graphs. 

Auburn, 1853.) 


Fulton, Robert. Robert Fulton s experiments in submarine 
gunnery, from his unpublished mss. Scribner s 
Monthly, v. 22 : 563. 

Treatise on the improvement of canal naviga 
tion. Lond. 1796. Ref. 

Barber, J. W. and Howe, Henry. Robert Fulton. (In 
their Historical collections of the State of New 
York. N. Y. 1841.) 

Bayer, Henry. France s tribute to Fulton s memory. 
North American Rev. v. 184:302. 

Golden, C. D. Life of Robert Fulton. N. Y. 1817. Ref. 

Dickin^n, H. N. Fulton in England. Cassier s Mag. v. 

Duyckinck, K A. Robert Fulton. (In his National por 
trait gallery of eminent Americans, v. i. N. Y. 
ci8S2.) Ref. 

Eggleston, G. G Robert Fulton. (In his American im 
mortals. N. Y. ciooi.) 

Fulton in love. Atlantic Monthly, v. 68:285. 

Glascock, W. H. Some American boys of genius. (In his 
Stories of Columbia. N. Y. 1896.) 

Goddard, Dwight Robert Fulton. (In his Eminent engi 
neers, N. Y. 1906.) 

Goodrich, S. G. (Peter Parley, pseud.) Fulton. (In his 
Lives of benefactors. Phil. 1846.) 

Gordy, W. F. Robert Fulton. (In his American leaders 
and heroes. N. Y. 1901.) 

Hale, Rev. E. K Livingston and Fulton. (In his Memo 
ries of a hundred years. N. Y. 1904.) 

Same. Outlook, v. 69 : 552. 

Robert Fulton. (In his Lights of two centuries. 

N. Y. ci887.) 

Robert Fulton. (In his Stories of invention. 

Bost. 1901.) 

Hall, E. H. Hudson and Fulton; a brief history of Henry 
Hudson and Robert Fulton, with suggestions de 
signed to aid the holding of general commemora 
tive exercises and children s festivals during the 
Hudson-Fulton celebration. 1909. N. Y. CI9O9. 


Hauch, J. C. Robert Fulton; an historical novel. N. Y. 

Holland, R. S. Robert Fulton, the boy of the Conestoga. 
St. Nicholas, v. 35 : 729. 

Holloway, J. F. "Fulton night" with the engineers. En 
gineering Mag. v. 2 1304. 

Howe, Henry. Robert Fulton. (In his Memoirs of the 
mo st eminent American mechanics. N. Y. 1852.) 

Hubert, jr., P. G. Robert Fulton. (In his Inventors. 
N. Y. 1896.) 

Knox, T. W. Life of Robert Fulton and a history of 
steam navigation. N. Y. 1886. 

Life of Robert Fulton. Analectic Mag. v. 10: 177. 

Longacre, J. B. and Herring, James. Robert Fulton. (In 
their National portrait gallery, v. 3. Phil. 1859.) 


McCabe, jr., J. D. Robert Fulton. (In his Great fortunes. 
N. Y. 1871.) 

MacCracken, H. M. Robert Fulton. (In his Hall of 
fame. N. Y. 1901.) 

Michaux, Andre. Historical anecdote of Robert Fulton. 
Journal of the Franklin Institute, v. 48 : 37. 

Miller, p. R Story of Robert Fulton. N. Y. cigoS. 

Morris, Charles. Robert Fulton. (In his Heroes of prog 
ress in America. Phil. 1906.) 

Parton, James. Robert Fulton. (In his People s book of 
biography. Hartford, 1868.) 

Perry, R M. Robert Fulton. (In her Four American in 
ventors. N. Y. cioxn.) 

Renwick, James. Life of Robert Fulton. (In Lives of 
eminent individuals celebrated in American history, 
v. i. N. Y. 1855.) 

Life of Robert Fulton. (In Sparks, Jared, ed. 

Library of American biography, v. 10. N. Y. 

Robert Fulton. Analectic Mag. v. 5 : 304. 

Robert Fulton. (In Appletons cyclopaedia of American biog 
raphy, v. 2. N. Y. 1900.) Ref. 

Robert Fulton. (In Famous boys and famous men. N. Y. 
n. d.) 

Robert Fulton. (In Good and great men. N. Y. 1877.) 

Robert Fulton. (In National cyclopaedia of American biog 
raphy, v. 3. N. Y. 1893.) Ref. 

Robert Fulton memorial. Scientific American, v. 85 : 407. 

Seymour, C. C. B. Robert Fulton. (In his Self-made men. 
N. Y. 1858.) 

Spofford, A. R., Weitenkampf, Frank and Lamberton, J. P. 
ed. Robert Fulton. (In their Library of historic 
characters and famous events, v. 2. Phil. 1894-95.) 


Suplee, H. H. Fulton in France. Cassier s Mag. v. 32: 

Sutcliffe, A. C. Early life of Robert Fulton. Century, 
n. s. v. 54 : 780. 

Robert Fulton in France. Century, n. s. v. 54 : 


Thurston, R. H. Robert Fulton, his life and its results. 
N. Y. ciSgi. 

Robert Fulton. (In his History of the growth 

of the steam engine. N. Y. 1878.) 

Todd, C. B. [Fulton and Barlow.] (In his Life and letters 

of Joel Barlow. N. Y. 1886.) 
Towle, G. M. Robert Fulton and the steamboat. (In his 

Heroes and martyrs of invention. N. Y. 1890.) 
Tuckerman, H. T. Robert Fulton the mechanician. (In 

his Essays, biographical and critical. Bost. 1857.) 
Wynne, James. Fulton. (In his Lives of eminent literary 

and scientific men of America. N. Y. 1850.) 



Abbot, W. J. American merchant ships and sailors. N. Y. 
1 902. 

Bruce, D. H. ed. The Hudson first navigated by steam. 
(In his Empire state in three centuries, v. 2. N. Y. 

Bullock, C. S. Who built the first steamboat? Gassier s 
Mag. v. 33. 

Byrn, E. W. Steam navigation. (In his Progress of inven 
tion in the nineteenth century. N. Y. 1900.) 

Doubleday, Russell. Fastest steamboat. (In his Stories cf 
inventors. N. Y. 1904.) 

Eggleston, Edward. The First steamboat. (In Ms Stories 
of great Americans. N. Y. ci8g5.) 

Fulton the father of commercial steamboat navigation. 
Scientific American, v. 97 : 146. 

Fulton s submarine. Scientific American supp. v. 55 : 22785, 

Guerber, H. M. A. First steamboat. (In her Story of the 
great republic. N. Y. 1901.) 

Invention of steam navigation. Notes and Queries, ser. 2, v. 
7 : 357- 

Lamb, Mrs. M. J. R. (N.) [Robert Fulton and steam navi 
gation.] (In her History of the City of New York, 
v. 3. N. Y. 01877.) 

Livingston, R. R. Invention of the steamboat. (In Old 
South leaflets, v. 5, no. 108. Bost. n. d.) 

Macfarlane, Robert. History of propellers and steam navi 
gation. N. Y. 1851. 

Morrison, J. H. History of American steam navigation. 
N. Y. 1003. 

Robert Fulton and the sidewheel steamboat. 

Scientific American supp. v. 64:282. 

Mowry, W. A. and Mowry, A. M. Travel: steamboats. 
(In their American inventions and inventors. N. 
Y. CI90O.) 

Nicoll, H. J. The Steam engine and its application to 
locomotion : Watt, Stephenson, Fulton, Bell. (In 
his Great movements. N. Y. 1882.) 

Preble, G. H. Chronological history of the origin and 
development of steam navigation. Phil. 1883. 


Purdy, T. C. Robert Fulton and his steamboats. Engi 
neering Mag, v. 9 : 868. 
Robert Fulton and the centenary of steam navigation, from 

an English point of view. Scientific American 

sup p. v. 64: 173. 

Robert Fulton s first voyage. Merchants Mag. v. 15:468. 
Todd, C. B. Fulton and his steamboats. (In his Story 

of the City of New York. N. Y. 1898.) 
Woodcroft, Bennet. Sketch of the origin and progress of 

steam navigation. Lond. 1848. 
Wright, H. C. History of the first steamboat. (In her 

Children s stories in American history. N. Y. 


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