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LON D oV^*S/TY_0 F J§5 



It is particularly requested that Fellows ivill give notice to the Secretary of The 
Zoological Society of London, Regent's Park, N.W.8, of any error in thru- 
address or description in this l,ist. 

C4T 0F 









Patroh and Council . . . . . 

Objects o* the SocIetx and Conditions of Fellowship . 

List of Presidents, Treasurers, and Secretaries (Past and 

List of Fellows . 

List of Honorary Members . 

List of Foreign Members 

List of Corresponding Members 

List of Medallists 





List of Fellows (Compounders) Without Addresses 
List of Fellows (Subscribers) Without Addresses 
List of Transferable Ivory Ticket-Holders . 
Local List of Foreign and Corresponding Members 


b 2 

Clje Soolagicai Society of f onion. 

This Society was founded in 1826 by Sir Stamford Raffles, Mr. J. Sabine, 
Mr. N. A. Vigors and other eminent Naturalists, for the advancement of 
Zoology and Animal Physiology and for the introduction of new and 
curious subjects of the Animal Kingdom, and was incorporated by Royal 
Charter in 1829. 

fatron : 


Elected at the Anniversary Meeting held at Regent's Park on the 29th of April, 1921. 


Alfred H. Cocks, Esq., M.A. 

Charles Drummond, Esq., Treasurer. 

Alfred Ezra, Esq., O.B.E. 

The Rt. Hon. The Viscount Grey, K.G., P.C. 

Sir Sidney F. Harmer, K.B.E., Sc.D., F.R.S., Vice-President. 

Prof. James P. Hill, D.Sc, F.R.S., Vice President. 

William Huntsman, Esq. 

Major The Lord Alastair Robert Innes-Ker, D.S.O. 

Prof. Ernest W. MacBride, D.Sc, F.R.S., Vice-President. 

Col. Sir Henry McMahon, G.C.M.G., K.C.I.E. 

E. G. B. Meade-Waldo, Esq., Vice-President. 

P. Chalmers Mitchell, Esq., C.B.E., M.A., D.Sc, LL.D., F.R.S. 

The Earl of Onslow, O.B.E. [Secretary. 

Major Albert Pam, O.B.E. 

The Lord Queenborou<;h. 

His Grace The Duke of Rutland, K.G. 

Major Richard S. Taylor. 

A. Trevor- Battye, Esq., M.A. 

Anthony H. Wingfield, Esq., Vice-President. 

A. Smith Woodward, Esq., LL.D., F.R.S., Vice-President. 

%* At the Anniversary Meeting of the Society, held on the 29th of April in each 
year (or the nearest convenient day thereto), Five Members of the Council are 
removed, and Five other Fellows of the Society are elected in their stead. 

( vi ) 

The Society consists of Fellows and Bonorary, Foreign, and Corre- 
sponding Members, elected according to the By-Laws. It carries out the 
objects of its foundation by means of its collection of living animals, by 
its Library, and by its Scientific Publications. 

The Office of the Society, Regent's Park, N. W. 8, where all communica- 
tions should be sent, addressed to " The Secretary," is open from Ten a.m. 
till Five j). in., except on Saturdays, when it closes at One p.m. 

The Library is open daily (except Sunday) from Ten a.m. to Five p.m. ; 
on Saturdays from Ten a.m. to One p.m. 

The Library is closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday, and upon 
all Bank Holidays. It is also closed annually for cleaningipurposes during 
the whole month of September. 

The Meetings of the Society for General Business are held in the 
Meeting Room at the Society's Office on the third Wednesday of the 
month at half-past Four o'clock p.m., except in September and October. 

The Meetings for Scientific business are held in the Meeting Room at 
the Society's Office fortnightly on Tuesdays, except in July, August, 
September, December and January, at half-past Five o'clock p.m. 

The Anniversary Meeting is held on the 29th of April, or the nearest 
convenient day, at Four o'clock p.m. 

The Society's Gardens are open daily from Nine o'clock until Sunset, 
or Eight p.m. when sunset is later. Mr. R. I. Pocock, F.R.S., is the 
Resident Superintendent and Curator of Mammals, and Mr. D. Seth- 
Smith, Curator of Birds and Inspector of Works. Mr. Edward G. 
Boulenger is Curator of Reptiles. Miss L. E. Cheesman, F.E.S., is 
Curator of Insects. Applications for anatomical or pathological material, 
or for facilities for work in the Prosectorium, should be addressed to 
Dr. R. T. Leiper, Director of the Society's Prosectorium. 

The Presidents of the Royal Society, of the Linnean, Geological, 
Horticultural, and Botanic Societies, of the Royal Institution, of the 
Royal Colleges of Physicians, Surgeons, and Veterinary Surgeons, the 
Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, and the Principal of the Royal 
Veterinai-y College for the time being, are >>,>■ -officio Honorary Members 
of the Society. 

The present terms of admission for Fellows are an Admission Fee of 
Five Pounds with an Annual Payment of Three Pounds, due on the 
1st of January and payable in advance. Fellows elected in November 
and December are not liable for the Subscription for the year in which 
they are elected. No person can become a Fellow until the Admission 
Fee and First Annual Subscription have been paid, or the Annual Pay- 
ments have been compounded for. The Annual Subscription may be 
compounded for on the terms of Fifteen Years' Purchase, the whole 
Payment, including the Admission Fee, being Fifty Pounds. 

Any Fellow who' intends to be absent from the United Kingdom 
during the space of at least one year may, upon giving to the Secretary 
notice in writing, have his or her name placed upon the " dormant list," 
and will then be called upon to pay an annual subscription of £1 only 
during such absence, but after three years must make a further 
, application to be retained on that list. 




&JJC Ikologual S&totitfy of $^0utrcw, 


1826. Sir Stamford Raffles, LL.D., F.R.S. 

1827. The Marquess of Lansdowne, D.C.L., F.R.S. 
1831. The Lord Stanley, K.G., D.C.L. (Earl of Derby). 
1851. H.R.H. the Prince Consort, K.G. 

1862. The Rt. Hon. Sir George Clerk, Bt., F.R.S. 

1868. The Viscount Walden, F.R.S. (Marquess of Tweeddale). 

1879. Professor W. H. Flower, F.R.S. (Sir William H. 

Flower, K.C.B.). 
1899. His Grace the Duke of Bedford, K.G., F.R.S. 


1826. Joseph Sabine, Esq., F.R.S. 

1830. James Morrison, Esq. 

1831. Charles Drummond, Esq. 

1858. Robert Drummond, Esq. 
1881. Charles Drummond, Es<j. 


1826. Nicholas Aylward Vigors, Esq., F.R.S. 

1833. Edward T. Bennett, Esq. 

1836: William Yarrell, Esq. 

1838. The Rev. John Barlow, F.R.S. 

1840. William Ogilby, Esq. 

1847. David William Mitchell, Esq. 

1859. Philip Lutley Sclater, Esq., D.Sc, F.R.S. 
1903. William Lutley Sclater, Esq., M.A. 

1903. Peter Chalmers Mitchell, Esq., C.B.E., M.A., D.Sc, 
LL.D., F.R.S. 


It is particularly requested that Members will give notice at thoOfficeof the Society. 
Regent'8-park, N. IF. 8, of any error in their address or description. 

\* The ilate attached to each name is that of the year of the Fellow's election. Those Fellows to 
whose names an Asterisk is prefixed have compounded for their Annual Subscription. Those 
to whose names a double Asterisk is attached have had their Composition Fee remitted. 


WALES, K.G.. G.M.M.G. St. James' s-valace, S. W. 1. 

VICTORIA ALEXANDRA DAGMAR. 15, Portman-squarc, W. 1. 

DIKE OP CONNAUGHT, K.G. Clarence-house, St. James's, S.W. 1. 

G.C.V.O., C.M.G. Shotton, Shrewsbury. 

1894. MONSEIGNEUR LE DUC D'ORLEANS. Care of Messrs. Coutts & Co., 
440, Strand, W.C.2. 

PATIALA, G.C.I.E., G.C.S.I., G.B.E. Patiala, India. 

1913. HIS HIGHNESS SIR AGA KHAN, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E. Aga-hall, Bombay, 

OF BIKANER, G.C.S.L, < i.C.I.E., G.B.E. , A.D.C. Bikancr, Ilajputana, 
India; and Carlton-hutcl, S.W.I. 

K.C.I.E. Srinagar, Kashmir, India. 

COOCH BEHAR, K.C.S.I. Care of Messrs. H. S. Kinq& Co., 65, Cornhill, 

1920 Aaronson, Rubin, Esq. 191, Brady-street-buildings, E.l. 

1914 Abbott, Frederick John, Esq. 146, Artillery-mans., 75, Victoria-st., S.W. 1. 

1917 Abeuheim, Richard, Esq. 17, Lancaster-gate-terrace, Hyde-park, W.% 

1897 Abercorn, James Albert Edward, Duke of. 68, Mount-street, W. 1. (Council, 
1902-03, 1906-07, 1908-10.) 

1911 ' Abercromby, Aubrey Frere, Esq. 15, Leinster-square, Bayswater, FT. 2. 
(Dormant 1921.) 

1909 j Ablett, Thomas Robert, Esq. Pembroke-lodge, Outram-road, Addiscombe, 

Croydon, Surrey. 

1921 Abraham, Mrs. Ellen. 45, Marlborough-hill, St. John' 's-wood ', A*. U.S. 
1920 Abraham, Willi, Esq. 29, Daleham-gardens, Hampstead, N.W.3. 

1906 Abrahams, Arthur Edward, Esq. 5, Tokenlwuse-yard, Lothbury, E.C.2. 
1911 Abrahams, George, Esq. 45, Arkioright-road, Hampstead, N.W.3. 

1910 Abrahams, Louis, Esq. 47, Bryanston-square, W. 1. 

1906 j Abrahams, Marcus S., Esq. St. Helen' s-court, Qt. St. Helens, E.C.2. 
I (23) 


Lis/ of Fellows of tfa 



Abrahams, Mrs. Mathilda, n, Hamilton-!* >racr, N.W.B. 

irgi Berbert Shackerley-, Esq. Duddlesivell-manor, Uckfield 

Aokworth, Edward Cecil Brindley, Ksq. Care of Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 

9, Pall Mall, S.W. 1. 
Aoland, Alfred q. Digswell-house, WeUvyn, Berts. 

Adair, sir Robert Sliafto-, Bt. 12, York-house, Church-st., Kensington, W.8. 
Adams, Lt.-Col. Sir Arthur Robert, K.B.E., v.d. Rockleigh, Stoanage, Dorset. 
Adams, Ernest Edward, Esq. 17, Iddcsleigli-mansions , Caxton-street, S. W, 1. 
Adam, Mrs. Evelyn Banner. The ChiMes-house, near Uckfield, Sussex. 

Adams, Col. Sir Henry Edward Fane Goold-, k.b.e., c.m.g., r.a. Jamesbrook, 

Mullet, m, Co, Cork. 
Adams, Herbert Frank Louis, Esq. 
Adams, Lt.-Col. Joseph Wood Richards. 15, De Vere-gardens, Kensington, 

W. 8. 
Adamson, Lt.-Col. Charles Henry Ellison, c.i.e. (late i.s.c.) Care of 

Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 9, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 
Adamson, Ernest Edward, Esq. 2, Billiter-avenue, E.C.3. 
Adamson, Col. John George. 3G, Portland-place, W. 1. 
Adamson, Mrs. Sarah F. Singleton-liouse, Clayton-road, Newcastlc-on-Tyne. 
Addinsell, Richard Stuart, Esq. 18, Mansfield-street, W. 1. 
Addis, Sir Charles Stewart, k.c.m.g. 6a, Primrosc-hill-road, NAY. 3. 

Aders, Walter Mansfield, Esq., PH.D. Zanzibar, East Africa. (Dormant 

Adler, James, Esq. 85, Upper Hamilton-terrace, N.W.8. 
Agaheg, Col. Frank Joseph. Peers Court, Aspley Guise, Beds. 
Agar, Thomas Forrester, Junr., Esq. 2, Gloucester-gate, N.W. 1. 

•Agar, Wilfred Eade, Esq., m.a., The Zoological Department , Uni- 
versity of Melbourne, Australia. 

Agelasto, Tryphon A., Esq. Roughwood-park , Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. 
*Aggs, Henry Gurney, Esq. Pippbrook, Dorking, Surrey. 

Agius, Edward Tancred, Esq. 3, Belsize-grove, Hampstead, N. 1Y. 3. 

Agnew, Mrs. Augusta J. 10, Chester field-street, Mayfair, II". 1. 

Agnew, Sir George William, Bt., m.a., m.p. 269, St. James 's-court, 
lUakingham-gate, SAY. I. 

Ainley, Henry, Esq. 02, Regent' s-park-road, N.W.I, 
♦Aird, Malcolm Rucker, Esq. 118, Yictoria-street, S.W, 1. 
Aitken, David McCrae, Esq., m.a., m.b.,f.k.c.s. 116, Park-street, Grosvcnor- 

sguare, 11". l. 
Aiyar, T. V. Ramakrishna, Esq., b.a., f.e.s., Government Entomologist. 
Agricultural College, Coimbatorc, Madras, India. (Dormant 1911.) 

Akroyd, Charles Henry, Esq. Duncraggie, Brora, Sutherlandshire. 
Akroyd, Percy Bayly, Esq. 3, Tokenhousc-bldgs., King's Arm-yard, F..C. 2. 
Akroyd, Swainson Howden, Esq. 52, Threadneedle-streel, E.C.2. 
Albemarle, Arnold Allan Cecil, Earl of, c.B., k.c.v.o. Quidenham-park, 

Attleborough, Norfolk. 
Alcock, Lt.-Col. Alfred William, c.i.e., m.u., ll.i>.,f.b.s.,f.g.s. Heathlands, 

Belvedere, Kent. 

Zoological Soviet}/ of Lamina. 11 

Year of 
Ejection (59) 

1913 Alcook, Capt. Vivian Chapman (4th Hussars). Care of The Wilts and 

Dorset Bank, Plymouth. 

1920 J Alcoforado, Fenelon, Esq. 15, Oxford-square, Hyde-park, It'. 2. 
1884 *AIdam, William Warde-, Esq. F 'ridden-hall, Doncaster, Yorkshire. 

1921 Alder, Dr. Noel Sauville. Ha, Sackville-road, Hove, Brighton. 
191G Alderson, Ralph E., Esq. 5, Hyde-pa rk-mansiojis, N.W. 1. 

1931 Aldous, Major George Frederick, F.B.C.8. 1, St. John's-road, Harrow. 

1915 Alexander, Major Dudley Heury, c.m.g. G, St. James' 's-place, S.W. 1. 

1915 Alexander, Lieut. Francis John, r.n. The Cottage, Lubenham, Market 

1912 'Alexander, Frank Samuel, Esq. 4, St. Mary-axe, E.C.3. 

1911 Alexander, Granville, Esq. Forkhill, Armagh. 

Y.)l\ Alexander, Miss Jean. Aubrey-house, Campden-hill, 11". 14. 

1920 Alexander, Louis, Esq. 28, Eton-avenue, Bampstead, N.W.3, 

1914 Alexander, Mrs. Maud. 77, North-gate, N. W. 8. 

1911 Alexander, Maj.-Gen. Rohert (late r.a.). 27, Trebovir-rd., EarVs-court, S. W. 5. 

1914 Alexander, Major Robert. Sivifts-place, Cranbrook, Kent. 

1915 Alfieri, Bernard, Esq. 17, Home-park-road, 'Wimbledon-park, S.W.19. 

1907 Alford, Charles E., Esq. Care of Mason i£ Mann, 718, Belmont-housc, 
Victoria, B.C. (Dormant 1920.) 

1906 : Alford, Lt.-Col. Henry, f.r.g.s. Care of The Bank of Montreal ( West Branch), 
St. Catherine-street, Montreal, Canada. (Dormant 1907.) 

1906 Alington, Charles Edmund Argentine, Esq. Little Barford, St. Neots, Hints. 

1920 Alington, Feodorowna, Lady. 38, I'ortnuui-square, W. 1. 

1911 Allan, David Howat, Esq. 25, St. John s-ivood-park, N.W. 8. 

1911 Allanson, The Rev. William Vincent, d.d. 26, Larkhall-lanc,Clap)ham, S. II .4. 

1906 •Allen, Arthur Louis, Esq. 1, St. James's-street, S.W. 1. 

1904 Allen, Edgar Johnson, Esq.,, f.r.s. Director of the Marine Biological 
Laboratory, Citadel-hill, Plymouth. 

1906 Allen, Edward Heron-, Esq., f.r.s., f.g.s., f.l.s., f.r.m.s., h.R.i.a. 33, 

Hamilton-terrace, St. John's-wood, N. II". 8. 

1912 Allen, Henry, Esq. Belfield, 'Windermere, Westmorland. 

1915 Allen, Miss Ianthe Theodora Heron-. 33, Hamilton-terrace, St. John's-wood, 

X. W. 8. 

1918 Allen, Maurice Tyrone, Esq., m.a. Ravenswood, Northwood, Middlesex. 

1913 Allen, Oswald, Esq, " Normandie," Sandy-lane, Cheltenham. 

1916 Allen, William Spiller, Esq. 26, North-gate, Regent' s-park , N.W. 8. 

] 865 Allfrey, Walter Mortimer, Esq. Farley-castle, Sir allow field, Reading, Berks. 

1902 Allis, Edward, Phelps, jun., Esq., f.l.s., f.r.m.s. Palais Carriole's, Men ton, 

1912 Allsop, Filmer Thomas Kidston, Esq. 54, New Bond-street, W. 1. [ Fra " ce - 

1911 Allsopp, Lady Mildred Georgiana. Cliff House, East Cliff, Bournemouth. 
1920 Allwright, Harry, Esq. 3, Abbey-court, Abbey-road, N.W.8. 

1920 Alston, George Craigie, Esq. 49, Avenue-road, N. W. 8. 

1919 Altinan, Mrs. Vera. 815, Summit-avenue, Jersey City, L'.S.A. (Dormant 


1912 Alves, Duncan Elliott, Esq. " The Braes," Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

12 List of Fellows of the 


Ambrose, William Henry, Esq., f.b.g.s. 41, Ladbroke-square, W. 11. 

Amedroz, Commander Reginald T., k.n. If. M.S. " Sylph." Boyal Western 
Yacht < 'lull Plymouth. 
1900 Ames, Louis Brio, Esq. 21, Sussex-mansions, Sussex-place, 8.W. 7. 
188G aines, Victor C, Esq. 18, Pelham-crescent, S.W.I. 
1887 Amherst, Hugh, Earl. Montreal, Sevenoaks, Kent. 
1917 Amory, Sir Ian Murray Heathcoat, Bt. Kniglitsliayes-court, Tiverton, Devon. 

1910 Amsler, Dr. Albert Maurice, m.b., n.s., m.k.c.s., l.r.cp. 3!», High-street, 

Eton, Windsor, Buci 

1909 'Andersen, Dr. Knurl. 

1919 Anderson, Darsie Gordon, Esq. 4, Aubrey-road, Campden-hill, W.8. 

L920 Anderson, Mrs. Edith. G, Bishopsthorpe-road, Sydenham, S.E.26. 

1904 I Anderson, Francis Adelbert, Esq. Care of Lloyds Bank, 222, Strand, W.C.2. 

1894 Anderson, Mrs. p. Sophia. 3, Walton-place, Chelsea, S.W.3. 

1917 Anderson, Capt. Maxwell Hendry, c.b.k. (late r.n.). Attorney -General- 
chambers, Main-street, Gibraltar. (Dormant 1920.) 

1907 Anderson, Percy Wright. Esq. 6, Stanley-crescent, Notting-hill, FT. 11'. 

1911 Anderson, T. J., Esq. (Entomological Laboratory, Kabete, British East 

Africa.) Teaninich, Craigmillar, Midlothian. (Dormant 1913.) 

1914 Anderson, William Burn, Esq. 31, Green-street, Park-lane, W.\. 

1906 Anderson, Sir (William) Maurice Abbot-, m.v.o., m.d. 78, Portland-place, W. 1. 

1919 Andersson, Lt.-Col. Charles Llewellyn. Dolobran, Park Town, Johannes- 
burg. South Africa. (Dormant 1920.) 

1915 Andrade. Dan da Costa, Esq. 94, Priory -road, West Hampstead, N.W. 6. 

1919 | Andrade, Moses Bertie da Costa, Esq. 4h, Bickenhall-mansions, Gloucester- 
place, 11 '. 1. 

1910 ' Andrewes, Claude deJamineau, Esq. Wykeham-cottage, Woldingham, Surrey. 

1887 *Andre\ves, Mrs. Maggie. 8, North-grove, Highgate, N. 6. 

1893 **Andrews, Charles William, Esq., b.a.,, p.R.S. British Museum of 
Natural History, Cromwell-road, S.W. 7. 

1905 ' Andrews, Ernest, Esq. 4, Crosby-square, Bishopsgate, B.C. 3. 

1908 j Andrews, Walter, Esq. 5, Belsize-park, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

1898 I *Angerstein, John Richard Julius, Esq. Holbrook, Wincanton, Somerset. 

1912 j Anglesey, Charles Henry Alexander, Marquess of. Beau Desert, Rugeley, Staffs. 

1909 Anglin, James David, Esq. 8, Provost-road, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

1906 Ansdell, Carrol Wheeler, Esq. Leckford Abbess, Stockbridge, Hants. 
1914 ; * Ansdell, Thomas Agnew, Esq. 78, Buckingham-gate, S.W. 1. 

1914 Anstruther, Capt. Philip George. Balchrystie, CoUnsburgh, Fife. 

1907 Anthony, Thomas Vaughan, Esq. 14, Daleham-gardens, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

1904 Antrobus, Miss Lily. 24, Cadogan-place,S.W. 1. 
191G Apcar, Gregory, Esq. 19, Avenue-road, N. W. 8. 

1905 Apperly, Henry David, Esq., l.d.s. 4, Mandeville-place, W. 1. 

1903 Apperly, Herbert, Esq., f.k.s.m., f.r.g.s. Highwoods, Eingswood, Surrey. 

1919 Appleby, R. Colquhoun, Esq. 17, Church-street, Enfield. 

1911 Appleton, James Enderby, Esq. 42, York-terrace, Regent's-park, N.W. 1. 

191 1 Arbuthnot, Charles George, Esq. 69, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

Zoological Society of London, 1 3 

v, ' arof ,.^Z\ 

Election (136) 

1878 Arkwright, Charles Leigh, Esq. 49, Hill-street, May fair, 1F.1. 

1900 Arkwright, Lt.-Col. Leonard Arthur (late U.K.). Junior United Service Club, 
Charles-street, St. James's, S.W.I. 

1879 *Ark\vright, William, Esq. Sutton Scarsdale, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 

1908 Armaghdale, John Brownleo, Lord. 13, Prmce's-gardens, S. W, 1. 

1912 •Annitage, His Excellency Capt. Cecil Hamilton, c.m.g., d.s.o. Government- 
house, Bathurst, Gambia, West Africa. 

1 '. ) 1 8 Annitage, William, Esq. 13, All Saints* -street, Nottingham. rjp ^ 

1917 Armstrong, John Warneford Scohell, jun., Esq. 5, Montagu-st, Montagtl-sq., 

1905 Armstrong, Thomas Mandeville Emerson, Esq. Lunchwood, Limpsficld, 


1910 Axon, Eugen, Esq. 25, Lindficld-gardens, Hampslead, N.W.3. 

1908 Arrobus, Montague, Esq. 4, Wadham-gardens, South Hampstcad, N.W.3. 

1919 Arrow, Gilbert John, Esq. 9, Rossdale-road, Putney, S. W. 15. 

1911 *Arthur, Andrew, Esq. Lainshaio, Stcwarton, Ayrshire, N.B. 
1899 *Arthur, James, Esq. 78, Queen-street, Glasgow, N.B. 

1902 *Arundel, Major Walter Brown, m.b.o.i'. High Acworth, Pontefract, Yorks. 

1910 Arundell, Major The Hon. George Vere Monckton-, D.s.o., o.b.e. (1st Life 

Guards). Cavalry Barracks, Hyde-park, S.W. 7. 
L898 Asoh, William, Esq. 1, Copthall '-chambers, Angel-court, E.C.2. 

1906 Asche, Mrs. Lily Bra yton-. 29, Abercorn-place, St. Jolin's-wood, N.W.8. 
1910 Ash, Claudius James, Esq. 2, Parkh ill-road, Haverstock-liill, N.W. 3. 

1915 Ash, Henry Claudius, Esq. G2, Hamilton-terrace, N.W. 8. 
1899 Ash, William Henry, Esq. 51, Hamilton-terrace, N.W. 8. 

1897 Ash burton, Francis Denzil Edward, Lord. The Grange, Alrcsford, Hants. 

1918 Ashdown, Curtis George, Esq. Glenholme, Plough-lane, Parley, Surrey. 
1897 Asher, Samuel Garcia, Esq. 30, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1920 Ashfield, Rt. Hon. Albert Henry, Lord, p.c. 43, South-street, Park-lane, W. 1 ; 

and Electric Railway -house, Broadway, Westminster, S.W.I. 
1891 Ashley, Frederic William, Esq. 30, Boscndale-road, Dulioich, S.E. 21. 

1916 Ashton, Arthur Godfrey Burchardt, Esq. Llandogo-priory, Chepstow. 

1910 Ashton, Lt.-Col. Hugh Cecil Sam (2nd Life Guards). Cavalry Barracks, 

Hyde-park, S.W.I. 

1905 Askew, Hugh Henry John Percy Cary, Esq. 3, Hans-crescent, Chelsea, S.W. 1. 

1912 Askwith, George Ranken, Lord, k.c.b., k.c. 5, Cadogan-gardens, S.W. 3. 

1919 Aspinall, Algernon Edward, Esq., c.m.g. Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 
191S Assheton, Mrs. Frances A. E. Granlehester, Cambridge. 

1881 *Astley, Hubert Delaval, Esq., m.a. Brinsop-court, Hereford. 

1906 *Astley, Reginald Basil, Esq. Compton Beauchamp, Shrivenham, Berks. 

1882 Aston, Alfred Withall, Esq. Woodcote-grove, Epsom, Surrey. 

1920 Astor, Lady Violet Mary. 18, Carlton^house-terrace, S. W. 1. 

1907 Astor, Waldorf, Viscount. 4, St. James 's-square, S.W.I. 

1905 Atchison, George Tumour, Esq. The Grammar School, Bedford. 
1914 - Atherley, Major Evelyn, Croft-castle, Kingsland, Herefordshire. 

1911 Atkin, The Right Hon. Sir (James) Richard, The Lord Justice. The Royal 

Courts of Justice, W.C. 2. 
1911 Atkin, Sannyer, Esq. 49, Elm-park-gardens, S. W. 10. 

I I List of Fellow* of the 


AiIm\, Frank, Esq. The Ruby Mint*, Mogok, Upper Burma. 
Attenborough, Henry Arthur, Esq. 10, Pembridge-plaee, Bayswater, W.% 
Attwatcr, Barry Lawrence, Esq., m.a., f.k.c.s. 48, Regent' 8-park-road, 

Audas, Capt. Robert Stormcr. Trrmuion, CardAqaiwoad, Bridlington, Yorks, 
Austen, Major Ernest Edward, d.b.o. British Museum of Natural History. 

Cromwell-road, S. W. 1. 
"Austen, Lt.-Col. Henry Haversharo Godwin-, f.k.s. Nore, Uascotribi, 

Godalmmq, Surrey. (Council 1878-83, 1884-85, 188(5-87, 1892-08, as 

V.1'. 1886, 1895-97.) 
Austen, John Soame, Esq., m.a. Dashwood-house, 9, New Broad-it., E.C.2. 
Austin, Francis, Esq. Lauriston, Cassia-road, Watford. 
Austin, Frank Gouldsmith, Esq. 21, Willoughby-road, Hampstead, N.W. 1. 
Austin, Mrs. Isabel. 3, Auriol-road , West Kensington, W. 14. 
Austin, Richard Freer, Esq. 6h, Hyde-park-ma nsions, Maryleboue-rd., N.W.I. 
Avebury, John Birkbeck, Lord. High Elms, Farnborough, Kent. 
Aveling, Claude, Esq. 49, Dray ton-gardens, S.W. 10. 

Aylmer, Gerald Percy Vivian, Esq. Walivorthr.castle , Darlington, Durham. 
Alymer, Guy, Esq. Risby-manor, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. 
Ayscough, Hugh H., Esq. Park-lodge, Sunningdale, Berks. 

Babington, Charles Hagast, Esq. Croan, Wadebridge, Cornwall. 

Bach, Maximilian, Esq. Hilton-house, 13, Craven-hill, Hyde-park, WT2. 

♦Backhouse, James, Esq. Holgate, York, Yorkshire. 

Bacon, Francis Plews, Esq. 4, Copthall-chambers, E.G. 2. 

Bacon, Major Harold. Care of The Standard Bank of Soutli Africa, Nairobi, 
B.E. Africa. (Dormant 1920.) 

Baer, Francis Maximilian, Esq. 64, Seymour-street, Portman-square, W. 1. 

Bagge, Stephen Salisbury, Esq., c.m.g. 60, Lowndes-square, S. W, 1. 

Bagot, William, Lord. Bliihfield, Bugcley, Staffordshire. 

Bagshaw, Mrs. Amelia Martha. Rpcksmead, Burwash, Sussex. 

Bahr, Major Philip Henry Manson-, m.t>., n.s.o., 32, Weymoutli-strec,t, W. 1. 

Bailey, Col. Frederick Marshman, c.i.e. Political Dept., Kohat, India. 
(Dormant 1917.) 

Bailey, Mrs. Gertrude Mary. 142, Lexham-gardens, Kensington, W.&. 

Bailey, Hubert Thomas, Esq. Binfield-house, Binficld, Berkshire. 

Bailey, Major Percy James, d.s.o. (12th Lancers). Fosse Way-house, Stow- 
on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire. 

Bailey, Capt. Sidney Robert, r.n. Ridding -house, Newport, Essex. 

Bailey, Lt.-Col. The Hon. Wilfred Russell, d.s.o. (Grenadier Guards). 
Glanusk-park, Crickhowell, Brecon. 

Bailie, Mrs. Amy Elizabeth. 54, Shane -street, S.W. 1. 

Baillie, Col. James Evan Bruce, m.v.o. 71, South Audley-strect, W. 1. 
*Bailward, B.-Genl. Arthur Churchill (late b.f.a.). 57, Egerton Gresent 
S. W. 3. 

Baily, Mrs. Mary Anne. 4, Bosslyn-hill, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

Zoological Society of London. 1 5 

Election (212) 

1900 ' Bain, Donald K.nnotb, Esq. c;0 Messrs. Barclay dt Co., Pall-mall East , S.W. 1. 

1910 Bain, Major Leolin Gordon, r.k.a. llneberry, Shortlands, Kent ; and Junior 

Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

1911 Bain, Richard Donald, Esq. Aykleyheads, Durham. 

V.n 1 Bakd, General Edward William David. Kelloe, Edrom, Berwickshire, 

1904 1 laird, Henry Robert, Esq. Durris, Drumoak, Aberdeen sliire. 

1911 Baker, Arthur Ernest, Esq. 1, Lyall-street, Belgrave-sguare, S.W. 1. 
189-1 Baker, E. 0. Stuart, Esq. 6, Harold-road, Upper Norwood, S.E. 19. 

1920 Baker, Ernest William, Esq. 57, LeWi-mansions, Maida Vale, W. 9. 

1921 Baker, Col. George Duff. 8, Palace-mansions, Palace-street, S.W.I. 

1901 Baker, George Thomas Bethune-, Esq., f.l.s. 19, Clarendon-road, Edgbasion, 

near Birmingham. 
1871 * Baker, Lawrence James, Esq. Bambridge Park, EastVeigli, Hants. 
1917 Bald, Miss Ethel M. C. 12, Chester-terrace, S.W. 1. 
1903 Balding, Edmund, Esq. GO, Russcll-s</uare, W.C. 1. 
1909 Baldock, Mrs. Agnes. 99, Eaton-square, S.W.I. 

1909 •Baldwin, The Rt. Hon. Stanley, P.O., m.p. 93, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

1887 *Balfour of Burleigh, The Rt. Hon. Alexander Hugh, Lord, k.t., P.O., g.c.m.g. 

47, Cadogan-square, S.W.I. 
1892 *Balfour, The Rt. Hon. Arthur James, p.c., o.m., m.p.,d.c.l., f.u.s. 4, Carlton- 
gardens, S.W. 1. 

1917 Balfour, Arthur Montagu, Esq. 65, Pont-strcet, S.W. 1. 

1897 *Balfour, Gapt. Charles Barrington, m.p. 14, Grosvenor-crescent, S.W. 1. 

1888 ] Balfour, Edward, Esq. Balbirnie, Markinch, N.B. 

1910 Balfour, Mrs. Gertrude. 39, Phillimore-gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 
1881 *Balfour, Henry, Esq., m.a. Langlcy-lodge, Headington-hill, Oxford. 

1912 Balfour, Major Kenneth Robert. 64, Lowndes-sguare, S.W. 1. ' 
1915 Balfour, Lewis, Esq. 19, Gt. Winchester-street, E.C. 2. 

1920 Ball, Albert Athol, Esq. 92, Hornscy-lanc, N. 6. 

1900 Ball, Arthur, Esq. 75, Fellows-road, South Hampstead, N.W.3. [Norfolk 

1900 *Ball, Charles Rowan Hamilton, Esq., m.r.c.s. Munro-lodge, Hunstanton, 

1888 Ballard, Montague, Esq. 8, Clarence-terrace, Regenf s-park , N.W. 1. 

1920 Ballard, Major Walter. 60, Eversfield-place, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

1917 Balston, Miss Emily Mary. Hurstdown, Maidstone, Kent . 

1919 Bamberger, Louis, Esq. 3, Lancaster-road, Belsize-park, N.W. 3. 

1905 Banbury, Harry Mcrivale, Esq. Wellington Club, Grosvenor -place, S.W. 1. 
1905 Bancroft, Miss Edith. 12, Cadogan-place, S.W.I. 

1913 Banfield, Arthur Clive, Esq. 13/, Cornwall-mansions, RcgcnVs-park, N.W. 1. 
1917 Bankier, William Albert, Esq. 42, Hertford-street, May fair, W. 1. 

1900 Banks, Frederick Seymour, Esq. i, John-street, Bedford-row, W.C. 1. 

1897 Banner, .Sir John Sutherland Harmood-, Bt., m.p. Aston-hall, Preston 
Brook, Cheshire. 

1919 Bannerman, D'Arcy, Esq. 19, Clevedon-mansions, Highgate-rd., N.W.5. 

1920 Banting, Edward, Esq. 1, York-house, York-street, W. 1. 

1907 Barber, John Reid, Esq. 20, Westbourne-terracc, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1921 Barclay, Mrs. Dora. 7l, Grove Eiid-house, St. John's-wood, N.W. 8. 

P List af Fellows of the 

d (263) 

b, 34, Dover-street W. 1. . 

1918 Barclay, Major Hedworth. Turf Club, Piccadilly, 11". l. 

L894 'Barclay, Francis Hubert, Esq. The Warren, Cromer, Norfolk. 
L909 Barclay, Lt.-Col. Hubert Frederick. M, Lennox-gardens, S. II'. 1. 

Barclay, Hugh Gurney, Esq;, p.r.g.s. Colney-hall, Norwich. 
1900 Barola maid. C\/ *•//<■ //;//, Uotherfleld, Sussex. 

1920 Bardwell, Major Thomas Garnctt Newman, f.b.g.b. Smlan Government, 

1898 *Baring, The Hon. Cecil, m.a. 8, Bishopsgate, E.C.2. (Council 1916-1921.) 

1015 *Baring, Francis Arthur, Esq. Woodlands-farm, Bramdcan, Hants. 

1879 * Baring, Thomas, Esq. Grovc-Jiouse, Newmarket. 

1909 Baring, The Hon. Windham. 8, Bislwpsgate, E.G. 2. 

1890 *Barker, Edwin Sandys, Esq. 23, Thurloe-sauare, S.W.I. 

1919 Barker, Henry Acroyd, Esq. 11, Blenheim-road, St. John's-wood, N.W. 8. 
1894 Barker, John Raymond, Esq. Wroughton-hall, Swindon. 

1920 Barker, Capt. Walter Richard, d.c.l.i. Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly, 

W. 1. 

1918 ; Barlow, Miss Agnes Pratt. Lynchmere-house, Haslemcre, Surrey. 

J.915 Barlow, George Edmund Joseph Hilars, Esq. 1G5, Fenchurch-street, E.C.3. 

1891 *Barlow, Sir Thomas, Bt., k.c.y.o.,m.d., k.r.s., f.r.c.p. 10, Wvmpole-st., W.I. 
L908 Barnard, Archie Evelyn, Esq. 36, Hamilton-road, Highbury-parkj N.5. 
1900 *Barnard, Cyril Wyndham, Esq., m.b.e. 3, Linden-gardens, Tunbridge Wells, 
1920 Barnard, Mrs. Isabella. 5l, Montagu-mansions, W. 1. 

1916 Barnard, Lionel Henry, Esq. 9, Chester-place, Regent 1 s-park, N. W, 1. 

1919 Barnard, Lieut. Thomas Theo., m.c. Kcmpston Hoo, Bedford. 

1915 Barnard, William, Esq. 31, Colville-square, Baysicatcr, II'. 2. 

1920 Barnes, Major Ernest (late i.a.). 171a, Cromwell-road, S. W. 5. 

1908 Barnes. Mrs. Ethel Fancourt-. Care of The National Provincial Bank, 
Baker-street, W. 1. 

1912 Baruett, Charles Edward, Esq. 18, Court field-gardens, S. Kensington, S.W.5. 

I'M I Barnett, Capt. Richard Whieldon, m.p. 19, Park-village West, N.W. 1. 

1919 Barney, Richard William Durbin, Esq, The University, Hong Kong, China. 

(Dormant 1920.) 

1916 Barnitt, William hyson, Esq. 38, Clareuce-galc-gardens, N.W. 1. 

1920 Barns, Thomas Alexander, Esq . 22, llarkston-gardens, S. Kensin'gton,S. W. 5. 

1906 Barns, Mrs. William A. E. 

1911 Baron, Bernhard, Ksq. Arcadia-works, City-road, E.C.I. 

1920 Barraud, Capt. Philip J. Care of D.M.S. General Head Quarters, Cairo. 

Egypt. (Dormant 1921.) 
L919 Barrett, Alfred Wilson. Esq. 53, Victoria-street, S.W. 1. 
1915 ! Barrett, Miss Amy Hilda Gordon. 1, Phillimore-terracc, Kensington, W.&. 
1915 Barrett, Lt.-Col. Edward. Union Club, Trafalgar-square, S.W.I. 
L923 Barrett, Eli Henry .lames, Esq, P.O. Box 40, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika 

Territory, S. Africa; and Wootton, Boar's-hill, near Oxford. 

1907 Barrett, Capt. Frederick Whitfield (15th Hussars), Cm ,f Messrs. Cox t£ Co., 

16, Charing-cross, S.W. 1. (Dormaut 1908.) 

Zoological Society of tiondon. 


1)1 ion ^292) 

101-4 * Barrett-Hamilton, Mrs. Maude. Hollywood-house, Glenealy, co. Wicklow. 

1901 Barrett, Henry Andrew, Esq. 20, Cumberland-terrace, Regent's- park, N.W. 1. 

1915 *Barrett, The Rev. Herbert Deedes. St. Mark's Vicarage, Regent' s-park-road, 
.V. IF.l. 

1902 *Barrett, Sidney Edward, Esq., m.u., h.a. The Limes, f-'illingftam, A' 

invtt, Thomas Squire, Esq., f.r.a.i.,f.r.hist.s., f.r.b.s., f.s.s. 18, Millfield- 
road, Widnes, Lanes, 
1912 Barringer, Herbert, Esq., m.i.c.b. 71, North-gate, Reqent' s-park , N.W.8. 

1920 Barrington, Frederick James Fitzmaurice, Esq. Medical School, University 
College Hospital, W.G.I. 

1905 Barrington, The Hon. Sir William Augustus Curzon, k.c.m.g. 17b, Great 

< 'innbcrlatid-place, Hyde-park, II'. 1. 

1917 Barrios, Dr. Benjamin, c.b.e. 54, Gresham -street, E.G. 2. 

1920 Barron, Lt. -Col. Cyril Alexander, o.b.e. 2G, Never n-squarc, S. W. 5. 

1915 Barron, William Arthur, Esq. 91, Westbournc-tcrrace, W. 2, 
1900 Barrow, Alfred, Esq. Hammonds-mead, Gharmouth, Dorset. 

1903 : *Barrow. Mrs. Dorothea Mary. Hobnwood, Tunbridgc Wells, Kent. 

1920 Barrow, Walter E., Esq. 49, Lavender-gardens, Battersca, S. IF. 11. 
1909 Barrymore, Arthur Hugh, Lord. 20, Hill-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1916 Bartholomew, Clarence Edward, Esq. 6, Kidderpore-av.,Hampstead, N.W.3. 

1921 i Bartlett, Mrs. Irene. The Laum, Hampstead-heath, N.W.i. 

192U Barwick, Sir John Storey, Bt. Thimbleby-hall, Northallerton, Yorks. 

1906 ! Basset, Arthur Francis, Esq.. 7, Carlos-place, Grosvcnor-square, W. 1. 
1911 ' Bastin, Thomas Walters, Esq. 12, Great Portland -si reel, IF. 1. 

1919 Bate, Miss Dorothea Minola Alice. Bassendean-house, Gordon, Berwickshire. 

1920 Bate,Brig.-Gen. Thomas Reginald Fraser, c.m.g., r.f.a. 36, Buckingham-gate, 


1911 Bates, Edward, Esq. 17, Hamilton-terrace, St. Jolin's-wood, N.W.8. 
1898 *Bates, Sydney Eggers, Esq. 29, Hyde-park-squarc, W. 2. 

1918 Bates, William Walter, Esq. 172, Wardour-strcet, W. 1. 

1889 *Bateson, Professor William, m.a., f.r.s. Manor -Iwuse, Merton-park, Surrey. 
(Council 1890-96, 1897-99, 1900-02, as V.P. 1901-02.) 

1912 Bath, Henry, Esq. TJie Cottage, Lynmouth, N. Devon. 

1898 Bath, Col. Thomas Henry, Marquess of, k.g., c.b. 29, Grosvcnor-sq., W. 1. 

1903 *Bather, Francis Arthur, Esq., m.a. ,, f.r.s. British Museum of Natural 
History, Cromioell-road, South. Kensington, S.W. 7. 

L921 ! Batten, Harry Mortimer, Esq. Tighnabruaich, Killin, Perthshire. 

1920 Battiscombe, Eric George, Esq., m.r.c.6. 3,College-gardens, TufwU-park,N.l . 

1892 Battye, Aubyn Trevor-, Esq., m.a.. f.l.s., f.r.g.s. Ashford-chace, Petersfield, 
Hants. (Council 1907-12, 1915-19, 1920->) 

1913 Bauer, Louis Henry, Esq. 63, Ridgmount-gardens, ll'.C.l. [lane N.2. 

1919 Baumana, Paul Alfred, Esq. Kenmore, The Bishop' s-avenue, Hampstead- 
1897 Baume, Arthur, Esq., f.r.g.s. Cleveland-house, St. James' s-square, S.W. 1. 
1887 *Baxendale, Lloyd Harry, Esq. Greenham-hdge, Newbury, Berks. 

1891 *Baxter, Charles Edward, Esq. 15, Blomfidd-road, Maida-hill, W.9. 
1913 Baxter, Miss Evelyn Vida. Roselea, Kirkton of Largo, Fife, N.B. 

(330) c 

IS List of Fetlom of the 

Vmi ..I 

Election (330) 

Baxter, William Farrington, Esq. Grove Mill-house, Watford, Herts. 
♦Bayford, Robert Augustus, Esq., k.c, m.a. Nctley-hill, Hants. 
Baylis, Harry Arnold, Esq., m.a. 288, Cowley-mansions, Mortlake, S.W. 14. 

♦Baylis, Henry Edward Montgomery-, Esq., m.k., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. Bere-hill. 
Andover, Hants. 

1875 ♦Baylis, Major Thomas Erskine. Ingleglen, Farnham Royal, Bucks. 

1916 Bayly, Mrs. Eleanor Julia. Annery-house, Dideford, Devon. 

1916 Bayon, Henry Peter, Esq., m.d. The Beccltes, Shenley, Herts. 
1921 Bazzi, Demetria, Esq. 21, Great Chapel-street, W. L 

1917 Beadell, Miss !•> elyri Constance. 9, St. James' s-t err ace, Regent's-j ark, N. Tv.S. 
1880 Beal, Charles, Esq. Thatched House Club, St. James' s-strcct, S.W. 1. 

1912 Beale, Sir John Field, k.b.e. 1G, Gt. George-street, Westminster, S.W. 1. 
1906 Bean, Alfred William Thomas, Esq. 52, Porchester-terracc, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1911 < Beatty, Admiral of the Fleet David, Earl, o.m., g.c.b., o.c.v.o., d.s.o., r.n\ 

The Mall-house, Admiralty, S.W. 1. 

1912 i Beauchamp, The Rt. Hon. William, Earl, p.c, k.g., k.c.m.q. (Lord Warden 

of the Cinque Ports). 13, Belgrave-square, S.W. 1. 

1904 Beauclerk, Major The Lord Osborne de Vere. CurragJnnorc, Portlaw, co. 

Waterford, Ireland. 

Beaufoy, Mark Hanbury, Esq. Coombe-house, Shaftesbury, Dorset. 
**Beaumont, Edward, Esq. 29, Argyll-road, Kensington, W.8. 
*Beaumont, Major The Hon. Edward de Grey. 9, Charles-street, W. 1. 

Beaumont, Capt. Henry Ralph. Tetworth, Ascot, Berks. 

Beaumont, The Hon. Hubert George. 16, Dorset-square, N.W. 1. 
♦Beaumont, Somerset, Esq. Hurstcote, Shere, near Guildford, Surrey. 
♦Beaumont, Violet, The Lady. 49, Eaton-place, S. W. 1. 

Beazley, J. D., Esq. Christ Church, Oxford. 
♦Beck, Miss Edith. Duncan 1 s-f arm, Billingshurst, Sussex. 
♦Beck, Miss Ellen. Hook-farm, Billingshurst, Sussex. 
♦Beck, Ernest, Esq. 25, Laurence Pountney-lane, E.G. 4. 
♦Beck, Horace Courthope, Esq. 47, King Henry' s-road, Hampstead, X. W. 3. 

Beckett, Hampden, Esq. Old -hall-hotel, Buxton. 

Beckett, Joseph Edge, Esq. 1, Alexandra-road, St. John's-wood, N.W. 8. 

Beckett, The Hon. Rupert Evelyn. 34, Grosvenor- street, W.l. 
♦Beckford, Clarence, Esq. 27, Kensington-mansions, Earl's-court, S. W. 5. 

Beckwith, Henry John, Esq. Millichope-park, Craven Arms, Salop. 

Beckwith, Major William Mabisse, d.s.o. (late Coldstream Guards). The 

Small-house, Lavant, Sussex. 
Beddard, Arthur Phillip, Esq.. m.a., m.d. 2, Gloucester-st., Portman-sq., W. 1. 
♦♦Beddard, Frank Evers, Esq., m.a.,, f.r.s. 20, Sheriff-road, West 
Hampstead, N.W. 6. (Prosector 1884-1915.) (Council 1898: Vice- 
Secretary 1898-1903.) 
1906 Beddington, Reginald, Esq. 25, Cambridge-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1872 Bedford, Horbrand Arthur, Duke of, k.g., p.r.s. (President). Woburn- 
abbey, Beds. (Council 1896->, as President l899->.) 

1892 j ♦Bedford, Mary, Duchess of. 15, Belgrave-square, S.W.I. 

1905 Beech, Mrs. Maud. 23, Sloane-court, S.W. 1. 

Zoological Society of Loudon. 19 

Election I (369) 

Beer, Cecil Mount, Esq. 70, South Croxted-road, West Dulwich, S.E. 21. 

Beethain, Bentley, Esq. Rokeby- grange, Barnard Castle, Durham. 

Behrens, Capt. Clive. 13, Stratford-place, Oxford-street, W. 1. 

Behrens, Harold Lucas, Esq. Swettenham-hall, Congleton, Cheshire. 

Beit, Sir Otto, k.c.m.g. 49, Belgrave-square, S.W.2. 

BeLfield, Lt.-Gen. Sir Herbert Eversley, k.c.m.g., k.c.b., k.b.e., n.s.o. Army 
and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S.W.I. 

Bell, Capt. Charles Thomas. 2, Weijmouth-street, W. 1. 

Bell, Mrs. Florence Eleanor. 12, Avenue-road, N.W.8. 

**Bell, Francis Jeffrey, Esq., m.a. Athenaeum Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

*Bell, Sir Henry, Bt. Mynthurst, Reigate, Surrey. 

Bell, William Abraham, Esq. 8, Park-street, Park-lane, W. 1. 

Bellhouse, Vernon, Esq. Sunning Hey, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. 

Bellord, Edmund Joseph, Esq. 33, Belsize-avenue, Eampstead, N. TV. 3. 

Benabu, Sydnev David, Esq. 11, Gordon-mansions, Francis-street, 

Bendall, Kupert Planche, Esq. Pinners' -hall, Austin Friars, E.C. 2. 

Benham, Mrs. Grizzel Hamilton. Glenlinden, Colinton, Midlotldan, N.B. 

Benham, Prof. William Blaxland, m.a.,, f.r.s. Professor of Biology and 
C urator of the Museum, The University of Otago, Dunedin, Neto Zealand. 
(Dormant 1899.) 

Bennett, Walter John, Esq. 57, Bruce^grovc, Tottenham, N. 17. 

Bennett, Mrs. Caroline Rebecca. Edge-grove, Aldenham, Herts. 

Bennett, Mrs. Florence Harriet. Queen Anne's-mansions, St. James' s-park, 

Bennett, Frank Dillon, Esq., m.k.c.s., l.r.c.p. 18, Savile-row, W. 1. 

Bennett, Humphrey, Esq. Selwyn-lodge, Chislehurst, Kent. 

Bennett, James Edward, Esq. Cohuorth, Hitler oome-road, Sution, Surrey. 

Bennett, Jeffrey, Esq. Edge-grove, Aldenham, Herts. 

Bennett, Sir William Henry, k.c.v.o., f.r.c.s. 3, Hyde-park-place, W.2. 

Bennitt, Herbert Campbell, Esq. 28, Cambridge-gdns., N. Kensington, W.10. 

Benson, Arthur Henry, Esq. Ankerwycke, Wraysbury, Bucks. 

Benson, Constantine Evelyn, Esq. 1G, South-street, May fair, W.l. 

Benson, Florance John, Esq. Fairy-hill, Reynoldston, R.S.O., Swansea, 
G lamorga nshire. . 

♦Benson, James Bourne, Esq., b.a., ll.d. 7, New-sq., Lincoln' s-inn, W.C. 2. ; 
and 8, Brunswick-square, Hove, Sussex. 

Bentall, George Anthony, Esq. Dudley House, Southampton-street, W.C. 2. 

Bentinck, Mrs. Ruth Cavendish-. 78, Harley-street, W. 1. 

Berens, The Rev. Randolph Humphrey, m.a. 14, Princes-gardens, S.W. 7. 

Beresford, Edward de la Poer, Esq. Brimfield-hall, Brimfield, Hereford- 

1899 *Berlein. Julius, Esq. 
1917 Berners, Major John Anstruther, o.b.e. Hellesdon-house, near Norwich, 

1884 Berners, William Thomas, Esq. Queen Anne's-mansions, St. James' s-park, 

1906 | Berridge, Walter Sidney, Esq. 24, Fortisniere-avenu0, MusweUhill, N. 10. 

(407) c 2 

l'O list of Fellows oj th 

\ eu of 

L919 Berry, Arthur Julian, Esq. 42, Belsizcrpark-gardms, N-W.3. 

1908 Berry, James, Esq., B.8.,F.R.C6. 21, \\'im]n l lc-street,Cavendish-S([uarc,W.\. 

1920 Bertrand, Mrs. Isabella. SoutA Highland-avenue, Ossi'mng, New York, 

i .N..I. 

p.m l Bessborough, Vere Brabazon, Earl of, c.m.g. Piltown, Kilkenny; and 
'.'<, Queen Anne-street, W. l. 

l'.)l 1 Best, Miss Mary Gertrude S. 32, Dover-street, II'. 1. 

1913 Bethell, The Hon. Richard. 12, Manchester -square, W. 1. 
1904 *Bethell, William, Esq. Rise-park, I full, Leeds. 

1897 Betts, William Henry, Esq., k.l.k. 2, Graifs-inn-place, W.C. 1. 
L911 Bevan, Edwyn Robert, Esq. 5, Forft- Terrace, Regents-Park, N.W.I. 

1874 *Bevan, Mrs. Florence, c/o Stuart Bevan, Esq., 55, Dray ton-gardens, S.W. 10. 

1895 Bewes, Charles, Esq. Weydoim-house, Haslcmerc, Surrey. 

1911 BeW6her, Major Frederic William, Esq., b.a., F.B.G.B., D.s.o., m.c. H.Q. 
Lahore Division, Bit Salem, Palestine, Egypt; and Colet-court, 
Hammersmith-road, II". G. (Dormant 1920.) 

1919 Bhatia, Prof. Bihari Lai. Government College, Lahore, India; and 
care of Messrs. Cook and Son, Ludgatc-circus, E.C.i. 

1911 *Bibby, Frank Brian Frederic, Esq. 39, Hill-street, Mayfair, 11'. 1. 
1893 i Bibby, Frank, Esq., c.b.e. 39, Hill-street, Mayfair, IF. 1. 

1907 i Bickerton, William, Esq., m.b.o.u. Kingsmuir, Oxhey-road, Watford, Herts. 

1919 Bidder, George Parker, Esq., scd. Cavendish-corner, Cambridge. 

1903 Bieber, Miss Caroline Frances. 25, Wetherby-gardcns, S. Kensington, S. W. 5. 
1907 Bieber, Egmont, Esq. 25, Wctherby-gardens, South Kensington, S.W.5. 
1915 Bignold, Emily Florence, Lady. 12, Kensington-court-mansions, W.H. 

1898 Bingham, Major-Genl. The Hon. Sir Cecil Edward, k. c.m.g., c.v.o , C.B. 

40, Hertford-street, Mayfair, W. 1. 

1920 I Bingham, Herbert Berkeley Fanshawe, Esq. Bays, Hampton Wick, 


1912 Birch, Mrs. Amy G. 8 Gordon-place, Kensington, IF. 8. 

1911 Bird). Sir Ernest Woodford, k.c.m.g. 69, Courtfield-gardens, EarVs-court, 

S.W. 5. 

1898 | Birch, Henry William, Esq. The Grove, Old Windsor, Berks. 

1920 Birch, Wyndham, Esq., d.s.o. 22, Albert-road, N. W. 1. 

1911 I Bird, Ernest Edward, Esq. 31, Holland-park, W. 11. 

1911 Birkenruth, William, Esq. 38, Chester-terrace, S.W.I. 

1914 *Birkin, Lt. -Col. Richard Leslie, d.s.o. Edale-housc, The Park, Xottinglimn. 

1914 Birks, Alfred IL, Esq. Enderleigh, Broadlands-road, Highgate, N.6. 

1915 *Birley, Maurice, Esq. Castlegate, Castle-hill, Guildford. 

1910 Birley, Oswald, Esq. 48, Grovc-end-road, St. John's-wood, N. W. 8. 

1904 Birmingham, The Right Rev. Henry Russell Wakefield, Bishop of, d.d. 

Bishop' s-house, Birmingham. 
1906 Birrell, Lt.-Col. Edwin Thomas Fairweather, c.b., c.m.g., m.b., r.a.m.c. 
Woodhouse, Chudlcigh, Devon; and care of Holt <C Co., Whitehall-place, 
S.W. 1. 

1920 | Birts,' Mrs. Amelia Mary. Royal Palace Hotel, Kensington, 11.8. 
1919 Birts, Charles John Watkins, Esq. Ashtead Grange, Leatherhead, Surrey. 
J ■. 1 1 3 Bishop, Frederick, Esq. 250, Camden-road, N. W. 1. 

Zoological Society of London. 21 

Year of ,..., 
Election (444) 

1921 Bishop, Frederick Edward, Esq. 250, Camdcn-road, .V. 11'. 1. 

*Biss, Edward Albert, Esq. Cafe of Sir Chap. McGrigor, Ht., <£ Co., 39, 
Panton-street, S. 11'. 1. 

1913 Bittencourt, Don Julio Fermin Alberto. 88, Qrostoenor-square, W.l. 
1895 Black, Adam, Esq. 7, Petersham-terrace, Queeris-gate, S.W.I. 

1916 Black, Mrs. Louisa Isabel. Keillour, Methven, Perthshire. 

1912 Black, Robert James.Esq. c/oNationalBankofIndia,21,Bishopstjute,K.C.2. 
L920 Blackburn, Henry Robson, Esq. " Woodlands," Surrendcn-road, Preston- 
park, Brighton. 

1920 Blaokith, Edmund, Esq. 56, Oladsmuir-road, Highgate, N.19. 

L908 Blackler, William Francis Griffith, Esq., b.a. Boudjah, Smyrna, Asia Minor. 

irmant, 191.5). 
1919 Blaokmore, Harold Close, Esq. 28, Warwick-street, Regent -street, W.l. 

1914 Blaokwell, Sir Ernley Robertson Hay, k.c.b. 28, St. James' 's-court, S. W. 1. 

1918 Blackwell, Philip Francis Brooke, Esq. 35,Chalfont-ct., Clarence-gate, N. W.l. 

1907 Blaikie, Frank, Esq. 6, Glenloch-road, Belsize-park, X.W.3. 

1913 *Blaikley, William, Esq. 24, College-crescent, Swiss-cottage, N.W. 3. 

1910 Blaine, Gilbert, Esq. .1 5, The Albany, W.l. 

1884 Blair. Col. Frederick Gordon, c.b., c.m.g. (late 16th Lancers). Ashwell- 
hall, Oakham, Rutlandshire. 

1888 *Blake, Lionel Eardley, Esq., m.a. Kingsland, Camford Cliffs, Bournemouth 
West, Hunts. 

1902 Blakeney, Stewart, Esq., b.a., j.p. Witzharris-house, Abingdon, Berks. 

(Dormant, 1917.) 

1908 Blakiston, Wilfrid Robert Louis, Esq. 47, Moscow-court, Bayswater, W.2. 
L919 Blanckensee, Henry Hart, Esq. 18, Frognal, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

1914 Bland, Major Charles Riviere. Care of Hartley Cooper & Co., Coupcr's- 

court, Cornhill, E.C.3. 

1917 Bland, Francis Lawrence, Esq. Rookwood, Copdock, Ipswich. 

1891 *Blandford, Walter Fielding Hollowav, Esq., m.a. 6, The Paragon, Black- 
heath, S.E.3. r S „■ 7 

19^12 Blane, Brig.-Gen. Charles Forbes, c.m.g. (late b.a.) 21, Princes-gardens, 

1903 Bleistein, Siegfried, Esq. 44, Fellows-road, Hampstead, NiW.S. 

"Bles, Edward Jeremiah, Esq., m.a., ElterJiolm, Madingley-road, 
( 'ambridge. 

1919 Blue, Angus, Esq. 52, The Pryors, Hampstead, N.W.3. 
1884 Blumenthal, Julius, Esq. 38, Frognal, Hampstead, X.W.S. 

1919 Blundell, Herbert Joseph Weld, Esq. Queen's College, Oxford. 

1873 Blundell, Joseph Wagstaff, Esq. Care of The London Joint Stock Bank, 
Victoria-street, S. W. 1. 

1902 Blundell, Robert Charles, Esq. 18, Taviton-street, Cordon-square, W.C.I. 

1908 *Blundell, Thomas George, Esq. 199, Wardour-street, 11'. 1. 

1920 Blundstone, Ferdinand Victor, Esq., b.b.s. 27, Abbey-gardens, St. John's- 

wood. X.W.S. 

1921 Blundstone, Samuel Richardson, Esq. 117, St. Mari/s-mansions, Pad- 

dington, 11'. 2. 
1920 T.lunt, Mrs. Maud. Hunt leys, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 
1895 Blyth, Arthur W., Esq. The Tuntheon, Oxford-street, W.l. 

22 List of Fellows of the 


Blyth, Hon. Herbert. Q$, Portland-place, U . 1. 
Blyth, Ormond, Esq. 1, Pamk-aquart West, N.W.I. 
Bobrinskoy, The Count Alexis Alexwvitch. Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Boden, Mrs. Mary Shuttle worth. The Friary, Derby. 
Bodkin, Sir Archibald Henry. 98, Fcllowes-road, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 
Body, John Benjamin, Esq. 19, Upper Grosvenor-street , W. 1. 
Bogler, C, Esq. 86, Portland-court, 172, Great Portland-street, II'. 1. 

Bohrmann, Alexander Henry Louis, Esq. WinkJiurst-grccn, Ide-hill, near 

Sevenoaks, Kent. 
Boileau, Lucy Henrietta, Lady. Kettcringlmm-park, Wymondham, Norfolk. 
Boileau, Sir Maurice Colborne, Bt. KetteringJiam-jxiik, Wymondliam, 

Bois, Frederic William, Esq. 69, Campdcn-hill-court, W. 8. 
Bolden, John Leonard, Esq., c.v.o., J. p. 28, Lansdowne-road, Notting-hiU, 

Bolitho, Mrs. Augusta Jane. Trengwainton, Heamoor, Cornwall. 
Bolton, Charles, Esq., m.d. 1, Queen Anne-street, W- 1. 
Bolton, Herbert, Esq.,, f.r.s.e., f.g.b. 58, Coldharbour-road, Westbury- 

park, Bristol. 
Bolton, Herbert Cockson, Esq. 2c, Montagu-mansions, Portman-sq., W. 1. 
Bolton, Hubert Ernest Langtree, Esq., b.a. 17, Hans-place, S.TV. 3. 
Bolton, Mrs. Madge Winifred. 24, St. Petersburgh-place, W. 2. 
Bolton, Robert Herbert Briscoe, Esq., m.a. Dove Nest, Stormont-road, 

Highgate, N.6. 
Bompas, Charles Steele Murchison, Esq., f.b.a. 121, Westboume-ter., W. 2. 
*Bompas, Miss Winifred M. 121, Westbourne-terrace, W. 2. 
♦Bonar, The Rev. Horatius Ninian, m.b.o.u. 22, Blackford -road, Edw- 
burgh, N.B. 
Bonas, Benjamin, Esq. 64, Fitzjohn's-avcnue, Hampt>tead, N.W. 3. 
Bond, Francis Edward, Esq. Wavendon-house, Woburn Sands, Bucks. 
Bond, Frederick Malcolm, Esq. 41, Finchley-road, N.W.8. 
Bond, William Henry, Esq. Tyneham, Corfe Castle, Dorset. 
*Bonham, Lt.-Col. Harry Walter Musgrave (late Grenadier Guards). Arthurs 

Club, St. James' s-street, S.W.I. 
Bonhote, John Lewis, Esq., m.a., f.l.s. Park-hill-house, Park-hill, Cars- 

halton, Surrey. 
Bonn, Major Walter Basil Louis; d.s.o., m.c. 62£, Old Broad-street, E.C. 2. 
Bonnalie, Henry Edward Graham, Esq. 28, Wey mouth-street, W. 1. 
Bormey, Victor, Esq., m.d.,, f.r.c.s. 15, Devonshire-place, W.l. 
Boodle, Walter Trelawney, Esq. 53, Davics-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 
Boord, Alexander E., Esq. 115, Tooley-street, S.E.I. 
Boot, Sir Jesse, Bt. 32, Smith-square, Westminster, S.W.I. 
Booth, Allan Bridgwood, Esq. The Elms, Wargrave, Berks. 
Booth, George Albert, Esq. The Hermitage, Kirkham, Lanes. 
Booth, George Macaulay, Esq. The New-house, Airlie-gardcns, W. 8. 
Booth, Henry Blamires, Esq. Byhill, Ben Bhydding, Yorks. 
Booth, Mrs. Mary. Gracedieu Manor, Whihcick, Leicestershire. 

Zoological Society of London. 23 

Year of 
Electiou (519) 

1919 Booty, Capt. Lester Browning, o.b.e. l'J7, Cromwell-road, S.W.5. 
1898 *Borradaile, Lancelot Alexander, Esq., m.a. Selwyn College, Cambridge. 

1914 Borrett, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth. Cransford-hall, Saxmundham, Suffolk. 
188(3 *Borstelraann, Charles, Esq. c/o 0. Meltzer, Esq., 3, Thicket-road, S. 15.20. 

1913 Boscawen, Townshend E., Esq. 1, Old Burlington-street, 11*. 1. 
1912 Bostook, Edward Henry, Esq. The Zoo-buildings, Glasgow, N.B. 

1920 Bostock, Geoffrey, Esq., f.c.a. 8, Rosslyn-hill, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

1918 Bostock, Sub.-Lt. John, r.n. Ccfn Mor, Penmaen, R.S.O., Glamorgan. 

1915 Bott, Pcrcival George Albert, Esq., m.d. 39, Norfolk-square, W. 2. 

1902 Botterell, James Dunville, Esq. 24, Palace-court, Bayswatur, IV*. 2. 

L921 Boughton-Knight, Greville, Esq. 28, Eaton-place, S.W.I. 

1908 Boulengor, Prof. Charles Leopold, m.a., The University of the Punjab, 
Lahore, India. (Dormant 1921.) 

1911 *Boulenger, Edward George, Esq. 190a, Sloanc-street, S.W.I. (Curator 

of Reptiles 1911— >) 
1882 *Boulenger, George Albert, Esq., ll.d., f.r.s. Jardin Botanique de I'Etat, 
Brussels. (Council 1893-1900, 1901-06, 1907-1911, as V.P. 1903-06, 

1912 Boult, Percy Thomas Oscar, Esq. Care of Messrs. Alfred Ewing <£ Co., 36, 

Canwmile-street, E.C. 3. (Dormant 1914.) 

1919 Boulter, Cyril Stanley Carr, Esq. 2, Angel-court, E.C. 2. 

1920 Boulton, Sir Harold, Bt., c.v.o., c.b.e. 58, Great Cumberland-place, W. 1. 
1890 r.ourehier, Arthur, Esq., m.a. Strand Theatre,. Aldwych, W.C. 2. 

1906 Bourne, Professor Gilbert Charles,, f.r.s. Savile-house, Oxford. 

1914 Bourne, Walter William, Esq. Garston-manor, near Watford, Herts. 
1906 Boutcher, Ernest Frederick, Esq. 35, Maresfield-gardens, N. W. 3. 

1906 Bouverie, The Hon. Mrs. Evelyn Kenelm Pleydell-. 11, Hyde-park-square, 

W. 2. 
11)09 Bouverie, Henry Hales Pleydell-, Esq. 32, Hill-street, Berkeley-square, W.l. 
1904 Bouverie, Seymour Pleydell-, Esq. 36, Park-street, Grosvenor-square , W. 1. 
1918 Bovill, E. William, Esq. Stubbins, Waltham- Abbey, Essex. 

1918 Boving, Jens Orton, Esq. 44, Hanover-house, Regent' s-park, N. W. 8. 

1911 .Bowcll, Herbert Tavlor Wake, Esq. 2, Churston-mansions, Gray' s-inn-road , 

W.C. 1. 

1916 Bowen, Sir Albert Edward, Bt. 5, Queen' 's- gate -place, S.W. 7. 

1907 Bowen, Fleet-Surgeon Alexander George William, m.b.. b.a. Care of Sir 

Charles McGrigor, Bt., <t Co., 39, Panton- street, S.W. 1. 

1921 Bowen, Mrs. Louisa F. 2, Porchester-gate, Bayswater, W. 2. 

1912 Bower, Tatton Henry, Esq. 15, Princes-gate, S.W. 7. 

1920 Bowie, David Mather, Esq. 14, Carlton-road, Putney, S. W. 15. 

1906 *Bowlby, Major-General Sir Anthony Alfred, k.c.m.g., k.c.v.o., c.b., f.b.c.b. 

25, Manchester-sqtiarc, W. 1. 
1920 Bowles, Col. Henry Ferryman, m.p. Forty -hall, Enfield. 
1906 Bowley, William, Esq. 14, Ladbruke -gardens, W. 11. 

1898 Bowring, Sir Charles Calvert, k.b.k., c.m.g. Chief Secretary, British 
East African Protectorate, Nairobi. (Dormant 1906.) 

1919 Box, Leonard Arthur, Esq. 23, Great James-street, Bedford-row, W.C. 1. 

1920 Boyce, Thomas Wenn, Esq. Hill-house, Ely, Cambs. 


List of Fellows of the 

Voir ..( 

1915 Boyd, Mrs. Janet Augusta. Moor -house, Leamside, R.S.O., Go. Durham. 
1920 Boyne, Gustavus William, The Viscount. Belgrave-house, Bclg rave-square, 

187. r > 'Boyson, Ambrose P., Esq. THng, Herb. 

1913 Boyton, Emma, Lady. 2, Park-square-west, N.W.I. 

1902 Boyton, Sir James, m.p. 2, Pa/rk-square-west, X. II". 1. 
1912 Brace, Mrs. Annie I. Coton-hatl, Sudbury, Derby. 

1919 Bradburne, Mrs. Lorna. li,.Oeorge-street, Hanover-square, II'. 1. 
1904 Bradbury, William Lawrence, Esq. 10, Bouverie-street, E.C. 4. 

1915 Bradford, Arthur Danby, Esq. Upton-lodge, Watford, Herts. 

1920 Bradford, Henry Darke, Esq. 42, Ilibblesdale-road, S.W. 16. 

1904 Bradford, Major-Gen. Sir John Rose, k.c.m.g., c.b., c.b.k., m.d.,, f.b.8. 
8, Manchester-square, W. 1. (Council 1906-1910, 1911-14, as V.P. 1906- 

1903 *Bradford, Orlando Bridgeniaii, Earl of. 1, Grosvenor-cresccnt, S.W. 1. 

1920 Bradley, Bernard Franklin, Esq. 33, Chalfont-court, Upper Bakcr-st., W.l. 

1916 Bradley, Mrs. Florence. 59, Frognal, N. W. 3. 

1906 Bradley, Lt.-Col. Glenholm, d.s.o., m.c, d.c.m., 40, North Audley-strect, W. 1. 

1898 *Bradshaw, Thomas Buller, Esq. Millways, Launceston, Cornwall. 

1919 Braham, Walter Ernest, Esq. Astley, Clay-hill, Enfield. 

1899 Braithwaite, John Sidney, Esq. Queen Anne' 's-mansions, S.W.I. 

1907 Braithwaite, William John, Esq. c/o Messrs. Coutts, 440, Strand, W.C.2. 
1901 Bramwell, The Rev. Addison. 3, Queen' s-gate-gardens, S.W.7. 

1907 Branch, Charles Churchill, Esq. 67, Chester-square, S.W. 1. 

1875 *Brand, William Thomas, Esq. Union Club, Trafalgar-square, W.C. 2. 

1908 Brander, Archibald Alexander Dunbar, Esq., o.b.e. Care of Messrs. Cook it 

Sons, Ludgate-circus, E.C. 4. (Dormant 1917.) 

1892 1 Brander, Carl Magnus, Esq. 5, Baker-street, W. 1. 

1921 Brandon, Cyril James, Esq. Care of The Chartered Hank of India, 

38, Bishopsgate, E.C. 2. 

1910 Brandon, John, Esq. 4e, Bickcnhall-nuxnsions, Gloucester-place, W. 1. 

1909 Brandt, Mrs. Alida. 34, Queen' s-gate, S.W.7. 

1920 Branfill, Bay, Esq. " Baylisden," Bethersden, Kent. 

1910 Branson, Frederick Henry Ewart, Esq. 2, Bond-court, Walbrook, E.C A. 

1903 *Branson, George Arthur Harwin, Esq. 59, Cordon-square, W.C. 1. 

1910 Brassey. Lt.-Col. Edgar Hugh, m.v.o. (1st Life Guards). 7, Balfour -place, 
Park-lane, W.l. 

1921 Brassey, The Hon. Mrs. Maude Helena. 29, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 
1919 Brassey, Capt. Robert Bingham. Hcythorp, Chipping Norton, Oxon. 

1910 Bray, Arthur, Esq. Church-lane-Jwuse, Addle, near Leeds, Yorks. 

1871 *Breadalbane, The Rt. Hon. Gavin, Marquess of, k.g., p.c. 68, Ennismoic- 
gardens, S. W. 7. 

1898 Breitmcyer, Ludwig, Esq. 11, Connaught-place, II'. 2. 

1911 Brett, Mrs. Louisa Fox. 34, Chester-square, S.W.I. 

1912 i Brew, Capt. Henry. 321, Lyons-street, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 

(Dormant 1914.) 

Zoological Society of London. 2"> 

Year of ; ~77ZT\ 

Election (595) 

1914 J Breyer, Hermann Gottfried, Esq. Transvaal Museum, Pretoria, S. Africa. 
(Dormant, 1916.) 

1918 j Bridgeman, Lt. Francis Paul Orlando, r.n. 59, Ennismorc-gardens, S.W.I. 

1898 Bridgeman. The Rt. Hon. William Clive, r.c., m.p. 13, Mansfield-street, W. 1. 

1884 ! Bridgewater, Bentley James, Esq. 79, Cambridge-terrace, Hyde-park, W.I. 

1907 ■ Bridgman, Mrs. Ethel Georgina. 13, St. Vincent' s-road, Westcliffe-on-Sca. 

1918 Bridgman, Mrs. Grace Elizabeth. Avon-cottage, Tennyson-road, Ha i[» mien , 

1920 | Bridle, Ernest Charles, Esq. Banksville, Sana '■ringham-road, Jjcyton, E. 10. 

1901 Bright, Philip, Esq. 4, St. Andrew 1 s-place, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

1910 ' * Bright, Major Richard George Tyndal, c.m.g. (Rifle Brigade). Manor-house, 

Elstree, Herts. 
190(3 Brightwell, Leonard Robert, Esq. 5G, Sut ton-court-road, Chiswick, W. 4. 
1896 *Brigstoeke, William Player, Esq. Ryde-house, Ryde, Isle of Wight. 

1920 ; Brinckman, Theodore Ernest Warren, Esq. 1st Life Guards, Hyde-park 
Barracks, S. 11". 1. 

1898 Brindley, Harold Hulme, Esq., m.a. 25, Madingley-road, Cambridge. 

1910 Bristow, Walter Rowley, Esq. 102, Harlcy-street, 11". 1. 

1914 Bristowe, Frank Syer, Esq. 93, North-gate, N. W. 8. 

1890 Bristowe, Percy Robert, Esq. Roundivood, Hutton, Essex. 

1910 Britcher, Stephen, Esq. Priory-bank, Tonbridge, Kent. 

1920 Brittain, Arnold, Esq. 119, Ashdell-road, Sheffield. 

1914 Broad, John Douglas, Esq. Longivood, Kcnley, Surrey. 

1913 Broadwood, John Henry, Esq. Junior Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly, 

1902 Brock, Sir Thomas, k.c.b., r.a. 30, Osnaburgh-street, Regent' s-park, N.W.I. 
L915 Brocklebank, The Rev. Charles Henry. Bartloic, Cambridge. 

1920 Brocklebank, Mrs. Constance Mary. Upper-terrace-lodge, Hampstead, N. 11'. 3. 

1889 Brockman, Lt.-Col. Herbert Edward Drake-, f.e.c.s., i.m.s. Care of Messrs. 
Thomas Cook d- Son, Ludgate-circus, E.C.i (Dormant 1890.) 

1906 Brockman, Lt.-Col. Ralph Evelyn Drake-, d.s.o., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. (Silver 
Medallist.) Eldama, Salvington, Worthing. 

1915 Brodie, John Leopold, Esq. 

1919 Brodie of Brodie, Mrs. Violet. Brodie Castle, Forres, NJI. 

1910 ' Brodrick, William John Henry, Esq. 2, Mitre-ct. -buildings, Temple, E.CA. 

IS'.) 1 .) Bromet, Mark, tSsq. 04, Quansboro' -terrace, W. 2. 

L921 Bromhead, Lt.-Col. Alfred Claude, c.b.e. 37, Ladbroke-grovc, 11". 11. 

1919 Bromley, Mrs. Dora Ridgway. 4, Edwarde s-place, Kensington, W. 8. 

1918 Bromwich, Mrs. Maude Annie. Devonshire-lodge, 15, Marylcbone-rd., N. \Y:2. 

1901 *Brook, Charles, Esq. Durker Roods, Meltha?n, Huddersfield, Yorks. 

1906 Brook, Edward Jonas, Esq. Hoddom-castle, Ecclefechan, N.B. 

1880 \ *Brooke, Col. Arthur. Brock-wood, Burwash, Sussex. 

1912 Brooke, Bertram, Esq. Batli Club, 34, Dover-street, W. 1. 

1905 Brooke, General Leopold Guy Francis Maynard, Lord, c.m.g., m.v.o. 

Shear irater-lodge, West Byficet, Weybtidge, Surrey. 

1912 *Brooke, Mrs. Sybil Diana. 14, Marlboro' -hill, St. John's-wood, N.W.8. 


Li t of fellows of the 





is; io 













The Manor, Fishcrton De La Mer* . 

Brookes, ClilTord Harold, Esq., m.d 
Wijhjc. Wills. 

Brookes, Warwick, Esq. 38, l'nrk-lnn<\ Piccadilly, II". 1. 
Brooks, James William, Esq. (ilynglas, Springfield-rd., St. Lnaiards-on-Sea. 
Brooks, Robert Bernard, Esq. Sports Club, St. Jamestesquare, S.W. I. 
♦Brotherton, Joseph Hamilton, Esq. Care of Messrs. Fred Foss d Son, 

32, Old Jewry, K.C. -J. 
Broughton, Herbert Montagu, Esq, 12, Upper Gloticester-place, N.W.'l. 
• Broughton, Miss 1'hyllis. Carcof Mrs. Syntje-IIutchinson,l, Swalloiv-strcti, 
Piccadilly, 11". 1. 
Brown, Alexander, Esq., m.h., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. 1, Bartholomew-rd., N.W. 5. 
*Brown, Arthur William Whately, Esq. Sharvells, Milford-on-Sea, Ha?ils. 
Brown, Cecil Norman, Esq. Lloyd's, Royal Exchange, E.C. 3. [Kent. 

Brown, Charles Edward, Esq. Erskine -house, St. George 1 s-road, Bickley, 
*Brown, Edward Clifton, Esq. Burnham-grovc, Bunnham, Bucks. 
Brown, Lt.-Col. Edwin Harold, m.d. (late I.M.s). Care of Messrs. Grindlay 

<0 Co., 54, Parliament-street, S.W. 1. 
Brown, Prank Loftus Cowley-, Esq., i.f.s. Coimbatore, South India. 

(Dormant 1915.) 
Brown, George William, Esq. Lindsay-grange, Branksome-pk., Bournemouth. 
Brown, Harold George, Esq. The Court-lodge, Chelsfield, Kent. 
Brown, Henry Cadbury, Esq. 302, Finchley-road, N. W. 3. 
Brown, Henry John, Esq. Kyneton-lodge, Shepherd' s-hitt, Highgatc, N. 6. 
18, Thomey-court, Palace-gate, W.8. 
Esq. Kensington-palace-mansions, De Ycrc- 

461, Finchley-road, Hampstcad, N.W. 3. 

93, Abbey-road-mansions, St. John's-wood, 

Brown, Hew James, Esq. 

Brown, John Mackillop, 

gardens, W. 8. 
Brown, John Smith, Esq. 

Brown, Robert Skirving, Esq. 

N. W. 8. 
Brown, Sidney George, Esq., f.r.s. 52, Kensingtoyi-park-road, TV. 11. 
Brown, The Rev. Thirlwall Gore. 8, Lisgar-terracc, W.Kensington, 11". 14. 
Brown, Vernon Sydney, Esq., b.a. 60a, Prince of Wales-road, S.W. 11. 
*Brown, William James, Esq. Hcrmeston-hall, Oldcotes, Botherham, Yorks. 
♦Browne, Col. The Lord Arthur Howe, k.b.k. 97, Coleherne-court, S.W. 5. 
Browne, General Desmond J. E. Beale-, d.s.o. Lcygore-manor, Northleach, 

Browne, Edward Thomas, Esq., m.a., f.r.m.s. Anglefield, Berkhamsted, Herts. 
♦Browne, Frank Balfour-, Esq., m.a., F.R.S. E. Oaklands, Fenstanton, near 
St. Ives, Hunts. 
Browne, Major Granville St. John Orde, f.r.g.s., f.r.a.i. Political Officer, 
Lindi, B.E. Africa; and 13, Kidbrooke-park-road, Blackhcath, S.E.3. 

Browne, The Hon. Percy Howe. Edenburne, Thorpe, Chcrtscy, Surrey. 
♦Browne, Richard Staples-, Esq., m.a., m.b.e., m.b.o.u. Brashfield-house, 
Bicester, Oxon. 
Browne, Col. Samuel Haslett, m.d., c.i.k. East India United Service Club, 

St. James' s-stjuare, S.W.I. 
Browne-Anderson, A. M., Esq. 3, Augusta-mansions, Folkestone. 
Brownlow, Mrs. Maude Annesley. 50, St. Petersburg-place, W. 2. 

Zoological Society of London. 


Year of 
Bleotion (669) 

1901 Bruce, The Lord Charles Frederick Brudenell-. 11, QUwcester-gate, 

Regent's park, A'. 11". l. 

1907 Bruce, Miss Charlotte Gwendoline. Wyndvay-liouse, Wfiston-super-Mare, 

1912 Bruce, George Lewis, Esq. Woodberrie-knoll, Loughton, Essex. 
1904 *Bruce, Henry James, Esq. Bachelors' Club, Piccadilly. W. 1. 

1909 ■ Bmoe, Capt. Ian Robert Craufurd George. Care of Messrs. Holt dt Co., 

8, Whitehall-place, S.W.I. (Dormant 1917.) 
I'M;: Bruce Lt.-Col. James C. Lewis Knight-, o.b.e. British Embassy, Con- 
stantinople. (Dormant 1915.) 

1917 Bruce, James Scrapie, Esq. Oriental Club, Hanover •■square, II'. 1. 

1911 Bruce, The Hon. Jean Hamilton. 47, Cadogan-sqiutrc, S.W.I. 

1904 Bruce, John Mitchell, Esq., m.d., c.v.o., f.r.c p. 23, Harley-strcet, W. 1. 

1912 Bruce, Lady Robert (Emma) Brudenell-. 20, Beaufort-gardens, S.W.d. 

1920 Bruce-Miller, Frederick Vernon, Esq. Native Commissioner's Office, 

Mwimilunga, via Lusaka, X. Rhodesia. (Dormant 1921.) 

1921 Bryan, Mrs. Aunetto. 3, Gloucester-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1908 Bryant, Lt.-Col. Alfred Rolfe, o.b.e. St. Amies, The Avenue, Claygatc, Surrey. 
1921 Bryant, Arthur William, Esq. 28b, North Audley-street, W. 1. 

1916 Bryce, Mrs. Emeline. Fairfleld-cottage, Hambledon, Hants. 
1916 *Bryce, Mrs. Vera Frances. Broomhill, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

1913 Buehan, John, Esq. 35, Paternoster-row, E.G. 4. 

1911 Buchanan, Edward, Esq. Stock Exchange, E.G. 2. 

1915 *Buchanan, George, Esq. 7, Addison-road, Kensington, W. 14. 
1906 *Buchanan, Lt.-Col. George James Fergusson-. Auchentorlie, Boivling, Co. 

1910 Buchanan, Sir James, Bt'., j.p. 25, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1920 Buchanan-Riddle, Capt. Walter Robert. 6, Cambridge-terrace, Regent's- 

park, N.W. 1. 
1913 Buckland, Philip Lindsay, Esq. Bengal Club, Calcutta, India. 

1912 *Buckley, The Hon. Bryan Burton. 7, Melbury-road, Kensington, W. 14. 

1911 s Buckley, Major Edward Duncombe Henry. 164, Ashley-gardens, S.W. 1. 
1903 | Buckley, Capt. James Frank Hughes, b.a. Castell Gorfod, St. Clears, 

S. Wales. 

1921 Buckley, William Edward, Esq. 9, St, Andrew' s-place, Regent' s-park, N. W.l. 

1919 Bucknill, Major Alfred Townsend, o.b.e. 29, St. Edmund's- terrace, N.W. 8. 

1905 Bucknill, Sir John Alexander Strachey, K.C., m.a. Supreme Court, Patna, 

India. (Dormant 1907.) 

1920 Budd, Major John George H. 83, King Henry' 's-road, N.W. 3. 

1876 *Budd, John Wreford, Esq. 21, Craven-hill-gardens, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1918 Bufton, Reginald Percy, Esq. " Cacrhyn," Llandrindod Wells, Radnorshire. 
1892 *Bulgaria, H.M. Ferdinand, Ex-King of. 

1921 Bulkeley, Gilbert, Esq. 56, Princes-square, Bayswater, W. 2. 

1908 Bulkeley, Sir Richard Henry Williams, Bt., c.b. 26, Portland-place, W. 1. 
1889 *Bull, Henry Esq. 28, Milton-street, E.C. 2. {square, W. 2. 

1921 Bull, Paymaster Commander Wilfrid James, o.b.e., r.n. 46, Porchester- 

1906 *Bullough, Sir George, Bt. Kinloch Castle, Isle of Rhum, by Oban, N.B. 

28 List of Fellows of ttit 


•Bulman, Ool. Philip, d.r.o. 14, Pall-matt, S.W. 1. 
!. Lionel, Esq. 18, Gloucester-place, \V.\. 
Bunbury, Laura Lavinia, Lady. Manor-house, Milderihall, Suffolk. 

Bunny, Ool Frederic Bricc (late r.a.). 3b, Langham-mansions, Earl's- 

court-square, 8. W. 5. 
Bunyard, Percy Frederick, Esq. 57, Kidderminster-road, Croydon, Surrey. 
Bunyon, Mi nice Ethel. 37, Fhillbmore-gardens, W.8. 

Burbidge, Sir Woodman, Bt., c.b.e. 61, Hans-mansions, Chelsea, S. W, 3. 
Burdett-Coutts, lit. Hon. William, p.c, m.p. 1, Stratton-strrrt, IT. 1. 
Burdick, Alfred, Esq. ,S7. Laurence, Putney-hill, S.W.'15. 

Burgess, Edgar Richard, Esq., m.a. Kosti, White Nile Province, Sudan, 

Burgoyne, Miss Evelyn L. 116, Harley-street, 11". 1. 

Burke, Edmund, Esq., f.l.s., g.b.v.c. Punjab Veterinary College, Lahore, 
Punjab, India. (Dormant 1906.) 

Burke, Henry John, Esq. 97, Pinner-road, Harrow. 

Burlace, John Binmore, Esq. " Chtirston," Corf ton-road, Ealing, IF. 5. 

Burn, Sir Joseph, k.b.b.. Rydal-mount, Potter's Bar, Middlesex. 

Burnand, Capt. Cyril Berkeley. 16, Daylesford-avenue, Upper Richmond- 
road, S. W. 15. r jy_ yy ± 

Burnand, Sydney, Esq. 12c, Oxford & Cambridge-mansions, Hyde-park, 
Burne, Richard Higgins, Esq., m.a. 21, Stanley-crescent, Notting-hill, 
W. 11. (Council 1910-1911, 1912-1915, 1917-1919 ; as V.P. 1914-1915, 
Burnett, William Freshfield, Esq. 28, Courtfield-gardens, S.W. 7. 
Burney, Henry Bernard, Esq. 21, Auenwe-road, Regent' s-park, N. W. 8. 
Burnford, Julius, Esq., m.b., m.r.c.p. 4, Devonshire-place, 11'. 1. 
*Burnham, Harry Lawson Webster, Viscount., c.h. 13, Bryanston-square,W. 1. 
Burns, Miss Bessie C. Abbey-lodge, Fort Augustus, Scotland. 
Burnside, Thomas David Meldrum, Esq. 176, Clarence-gate-ga>-dens, N.W.1, 
Burrell, Miss Elizabeth. 12, Cedar-house, Marloes-road, W. 8. 
Burrell, Mrs. Nancy. Hampton-court, Leominster, Herefordshire. 
Burroughes, Dr. Henry Neville, m.b. 35a, Hertford-street, May fair, W. 1. 

*Burroughes, Thomas Henry, Esq. Kettoh-cottage, Stamford, Lincolnshire. 
(Council 1904-06.) 
Burroughs, William John, Esq., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. 83, Portland -place, W. 1. 
Burt, Lt. Charles, a.s.c. Bath Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. (Dormant 1917.) 
Burton, Miss Alice Minna. 4, Whiteliall-court, S.W.I. 
*Bury, Henry, Esq. Mayfield-house, Farnham, Surrey. 
Bury, Col. John Thomas (late r.a.). 38, Wetherby -mansions, EarV s-conrt- 

square, S.W. 5. 
Bush, Alfred Walter, Esq. Albrian, View-road, Highgate, N.6. 
*Bushe, Lt.-Col. Charles Kendal. 19, Cromwell-road, South Kensington, 
Buswoll, Charles, Esq. 169, Queen' s-gate, S.W. 7. 
Butler, Alfred Edwin, Esq. 96, Regent's -park-road, N.W.1. 

Zoological Society of London. 29 

ion |744) 

1920 Butt, William Joseph, Esq. 17, Store-street, 'I'ottcnliam-coUrt-road, W.G.I. 

1865 ♦Butler, Arthur Gardiner, Esq., Ph.D., f.l.s., f.e.s., m.b.o.u. 124, Beckcnham- 

roail, Beckenha/m, Kent. 

1898 Butler, Arthur Lennox, Esq. ,S7. Leonard' 's-park, Horsham. 

1914 Butler, Major Aubrey Rothwell. Sandleford-priory, Newbury, Berks. 
1919 Butler, Frank Gregory, Esq., m.. v., i.e. s. Jarrelt's-gardens, Casa -major- road, 

Madras, 8. India. (Dormant 1921). 

1917 Butler, Frank Hedges, Esq. 155, Regent-street, W. 1. 

1892 Butler, Gerard W., Esq. Candahar, Yorkc-road, Reigate, Surrey. 

1890 Butler, Joseph Margerison, Esq. 70, Kingsjield-road, Watford, Herts. 

1891. *Butler, Roland, Esq. 125, King Henrys-road, N.W. 3. 

L908 Butterfield, Capt. Harry 'Greenwood, m.d., b.a.m.c. 12, Tenby -mansions, 
Nottingham-street, W. 1. 

1913 Buttery, A. Kay, Esq. 22, Gilbert-street, Grosvcuor-square, IF. 1. 

1906 Buxton, Edward Gunny, Escu Cattou-hall, Old Cotton, Norwich. 

1913 Buxton, Edward North, Esq. Knighton, Buckliurst-hill, Essex. 

1 699 Buxton, Geoffrey Fowcll, Esq., c.b., f.r.g.s., m.b.o.u. Hoveton-hall, Norwich. 

1905 Buxton, Mrs. Maud Isabel. Tockenham-manor, Swindon, Wilts. 

1903 Buxton, Noel Edward, Esq., M.P. 2, Princes-gate, S.W. 7. 

1876 : *Buxton, The Rt. Hon. Sydney Charles, Viscount, p.c. 7, Eaton-place, S.W. 1. 

1919 *Buxton, Sir Thomas Fowell, Bt. Warlics, Waltham Abbey, Essex. 

1893 *Buxton, Travers, Esq. 32, Cambridge-square, Hyde-park, W.2. 

1915 Buxton, Walter Louis, Esq. Queen Anne' 's-mansions, St. James' s-pk., S.W. 1. 

1893 Byng, Gen. The Lord Julian Hedworth George, g.c.b.,, m.v.o. 52, 

Jji nnox-gardens, S.W. 1. 

1910 Byrne, Mrs. Jessie. 82, Culver den-road, Balham, S. W. 12. 

1897 Byrne, Lucius Widdrington, Esq., r.a. 7, New-square, Lincoln 's-inn, W.C. 2. 

1919 Bythway, Alfred, Esq. Highclere, Avenue-road, St. Albans, Herts. 

1906 *Caccia, Anthony Mario Felix, Esq., C.B., m.v.o. 19, Linton-road, Oxford. 

1910 J *Cadogan, Lieut. -Comdr. Francis Charles, r.n. Hathcrop Castle, Fairford, 

1914 Cadogan, John Cecil, Esq. 28, Compayne-gardens, Hampstead, N.W.6. 

1920 Cahen, Max, Esq. 11, Sun-street, Finsbury, E.C. 2. 

L910 < am, Sir Charles Alexander, Bt. The Node, Welwyn, Herts. 

1917 Caird, Edward, Esq. 102, North-gate, N.W. 8. 

1910 Caird, James Alexander Henryson, Esq., j.p. Cassencary, Crcetown, Kirkcud- 

1916 Cairns, Mrs. Margaret Marion Agnes. Cholderton, near Salisbury. 

1894 Cairns, The Hon. Douglas Halyburton. Carnacli, Nairn, N.B. 

1920 Caldwell, Capt. Keith Farquhar Townley, r.f.a. Government-house, 
Nairobi, B. E. Africa. (Dormant 1921.) 

List of Ft I Id us of tin 

Election (778) 

l'J07 OaldweU, Lt.-Col. Michael Alexander, o.h.e. 88j Clarence-gate-gardens, 

Regent'e-jxirk, N. W. l. 
1894 Galley, Major-Gen. Thomas Charles Pleydell, c.b., c.b.e., m.v.o. (late 1st 

I ,ife Guards). Burderop-park, Sivindon. 

1904 Caiman, William Thomas, Esq., British Museum of Natural History, 

Cromwell-road, South Kensington, S. W. 7. 

1920 Calthrop, Dion Clayton, Esq. 7, Oakwood-court, W. Kensington, W. 14. 

j.911 Calthorpe, FitzRoy Anstruther Gough, Esq. Klv.etham-hall, Winchfield 

1880 *Cama, Honnusjee Dossabhoy, Esq. National Liberal Club, Whitehall- 
place, S. U'. 1. 

1913 Camden, John Charles Pratt, The Marquess, c.b.e. Bayham Abbey, 

Ijambcrhurst, Kent. 

1920 Cameron, Ewen Allan, Esq. 38, Cadogan-place, S. W. 1. 

1918 Cameron, Thomas Howell, Esq., r.f.a. Care of Messrs. Coutts and Co., 

440, Strand, W.C. 2. 

1917 Cammidge, Percy John, Esq., m.d. 32, Nottingham-place, W. 1. 

1914 Campbell, Allan, Esq. 21, Upper Brook-street, W. 1. 

1916 Campbell, Archibald Mitchell, Esq. Care of \Messrs. Parker, Wood it Co., 
Ltd., West Street, Durban, Natal, S. Africa. 

1920 Campbell, Hon. Cecil Arthur. 39, Bryanston-square, W. 1. 

1905 Campbell, Colin Pitzwilliam, Esq. Holly-mount, 09, Addiscombe-road, West 


1916 Campbell, Col. Colin Powys. Kingsgatc, Broadstairs, Kent. 

1914 Campbell, Mrs. Dorothy Clotilda. 41, Upper Grosvenor-street, W. 1. 

1920 Campbell, Mrs. Dorothy Elizabeth Moir. 30, Lancaster-gate, W. 2. 

1909 Campbell, The Hon. Elidor Konald. Drynachan, N. Thompson-valley, Kam- 
loops, B.C. (Dormant 1913.) 

1919 Campbell, Francis William Henry, Esq. Junior Constitutional Club, 

Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1905 ; Campbell, George Augustus, Esq. The Markct-Jiouse, Brackley, North- 

1891 ' *Campbell, Henry John, Esq., m.d., m.e.c.p. Brackley, Dartmouth, South 

1896 Campbell, James Archibald, Esq. Craigie-house, Ayr, N.B. 

1921 i Campbell, James L., Esq. 32, Albion-road, St. John's-wood, N.W. 8. 

1891 ! Campbell, John MacNaught, Esq. 6, Franklin-terrace, Argylc-st., Glasgow. 
1904 Campbell, Col. John Vaughan, v.c, c.m.g., d.s.o. (Coldstream Guards). 

Broom-hall, Oswestry, Salop. 
1898 Campbell, Robert, Esq. Oriental Club, Hanover-square, W. 1, 
1902 *Campbell, Robert Charles Graham-, Esq. Shirvan, Lochgilphead, Argyll- 

1892 *Camps, Henry Thomas Tansley, Esq. Linden-house, Haddenham, Cambs. 

1920 Cannon, Herbert Graham, Esq. Royal College of Science, S. Kensington, 


1921 Canti, Mrs. Clara Carissa. 2, Weddcrburn-road, N. W. 3. 

1920 Cappel, Henry Julius Leppoc, Esq. 48, O.rford-mansion, Oxford-circus, 
W. 1. m 

1917 Capper, M.-Genl. Sir John Edward, k.c.b. Les Priaux, Guernsey. 

Zodloyical Society of Loudon. 


War ol 



















Capper.; Col. William Baume, c.v.o. Cart of Messrs. Grindlay db Co., 54, 

Parliamoit-strcct, S.W. 1. 
Carden, Sir John Craven, Bt. Tlie Abbey, Templemore, Co. Tipperary. 
Carlebarh, Arthur, Esq. 3, Stratliray-gardens, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 
Carlisle, The Dowager Countess of (Rosalind), 13, Palace-gardens. Ken- 
sington, II". s. 
Carmichael, Sir Duncan, Kt. Oriental Club, Hanover-square, W. 1. 
*Carmichael, Miss Penelope Gibson-. 13, Portman-street, W. 1. 
Carmichael, Thomas David Gibson-, Lord, g.c.i.e., k.c.m.g., m.a., j.p., d.l. 

13, Portman-street, W. 1. (Council 1919-1920.) 
Carnelley, William,. Esq. 22,Bassett-road, Notting-hill, W. 10. 
♦Carpenter, Capt. Alfred, d.s.o. (late b.n.). The Red-house, Sandcrstead-road 

*Carpenter, Capt. Geoffrcv Douglas Hale, d.m. Eton-Cote, 19, Bardivell-road, 

Carr, Capt. Charles Oliver Gregg, r.e. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., H. Dept., 

16, Charing-cross, S. TV. 1. 
Carr, Herbert Wildon, Esq., D.Litt. 107, Church-street, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 
Carr, Sir (William) Enisley. Queen Anne's-mansions, S.W. 1. 
Carrington, Evan Murray, Esq., f.c.a. 2, Gresham-bldgs.,Basinghall-st.,E .C .2. 
Carruthers, Robert George, Esq., f.g.s. Geological Survey, Jermyn-st., S. W.l. 
Carson, Thomas Simpson, Esq., f.r.g.s. 61, Pelham- street, S. Kensington, 

Carte, Rupert D'Oyly, Esq. Eyot-house, Weybridge, Surrey. 
Carte, Col. Thomas Elliott, c.b. Junior United Service Club, Charles-street, 

St. James's, S. W. 1. 

Carter, Alfred James, Esq. 10, Hurlingham-road, Fulham, S. W. 6. 

Carter, Paymaster Lt.-Comd. Charles Warren. 3, Camboi-nc-terrace, Rich- 
mond, Slurry. 

Carter, Mrs. Eliza Bayman. Grymsdyke, Princes Risborough, Bucks. 

Carter, Sir Gilbert Thomas, k.c.m.g. Care of Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph & 

Co., 43, Charing-cross, S.W. 1. 
Carter, Henry John, Esq., j.p. 83a, Linden-gardens, Bayswater, W. 2. 
Carter, James Thornton, Esq. 1, Hanover-square, W. 1. 
Carter, Lt.-Col. John Fillis Carre. 77, Gunterstone-rd., W. Kensington, IT. 14. 
Carter, Leonard, Esq. Red Lion-buildings, Giltspur-street, E.C. 1. 
Cartwright, Major Frederick Sheward. The Cottage, Hatch End, Middlesex. 
Cartwright, Thomas George, Esq. Fairwater, near Cardiff, Glamorganshire. 

Cartwright, Sir (William) Chauncy, k.c.m.g. Natkmal Club, 12, Queen 

Anne' s-gate, S.W. 1. 
Casebourne, Charles Bastow, Esq. 105, Barkston-gardens, EarVs-coitrt- 

rocul, S.W.r,. 

Caslon, Albert Harding, Esq. 8, Broadlands-road, Highgate, N. 6. 
Casper, Harold Waldemar, Esq. Glenmore, Warlingham, Surrey. 
*Cass-Tewart, The Rev. Frederick Charles Guise. Nethercourt, Christchurch- 
road, Bournemouth. , 

Cassel, The Rt. Hon. Sir Ernest Joseph, P.C., g.c.b., g.c.m.g., g.c.v.o. Brook- 
house, Park-lane, W. 1. 

Yr:ir (if 


List of ftellows of ili> 


el, sir Felix. Dr., K.C., m.p. 25, Bryanston square, W. L. 

town, Lt.-Gol. The Rt. Hon. Bernard Edward Barnaby, Lord, k.i\, 
P.O., O.M.a. (late 1st. Life Guards), 52, Qreen-street, Park-lane, W. L. 

Cater, Frank Victor, Esq. " Cestria," Wbodnook-road, Streatham, S.W. l&i 

Oatesby, William Edward, Esq., j.p. Highfield, Croxley-green, Herts. 

tioart, Lady Emily Eliza. Titness-park, Surminghill, Ascot, Berks. 

Cator, Douglas, Esq. Lokoja, Northern Nigeria, West Africa. (Dormant 

Caulfeild, Algernon Thomas St. George, Esq. The Thatched Cottage, 
Vicars-Mil, Lymmgton, Hants. 

Cautloy, Mrs. Alice. Albemarle Club, Dover-street, W.l. 

*Cave, Capt. Charles John Philip, m.a. Stoner-hill, Peters field, Hants. 

■Cavendish, Brig.-Gen. The Hon. William Edwin, M.v.o. (late Grenadier 
Guards), 2, Draycott -place, Sloane-squarc, S.W. 1. (Council 1906.) 

Cawthra, Major John Joseph. 3, Park-place, St. James's, S.W. 1. 

Cayley, Digby Leonard Arthur, Esq. Riversleigh, Lytham, Lanes. 

Cazenove, Arthur Philip, Esq. 51, Cadogan-placc , S. W. 1. 

Cecil, The Lord William, c.v.o. 6, Onslow-houses, Onslow-square, S.W. 7. 

*Chafy, Hugh Edmund, Esq. Rous Lench-court, Rous Lench, Evesham. 

Chalas, Emile, Esq. Sorbie, Egcrton-road, Weybridge. 

Chalmers, Mrs. Alice. 40a, Lexham-gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 

Chalmers, John William Pender, Esq. 16, Greville-road, Kilburn, N.W. 6. 

Chalmers, Lawrence Edlmann, Esq. Care of Messrs. Brown, Shipley & Co., 
Founders' -court, Lothbury, E.C.2. 

Chalmers, Mrs. Lucy Margaret, 66, Addison-road, Kensington, W. 8. 

Chalmers, Sir Mackenzie Dalzell, k.c.b., c.s.i. Ardgoivan, Hill-road, 
Wimbledon, S.ll r .19. 

Chamberlain, Mrs. Agnes. Pcndock-grovc, Cobham, Surrey. 

Chamberlain, Mrs. Helen. 6, Cheyne-walk, Chelsea, S. W. 3. 

Chamberlain, Neville, Esq. Westbourne, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Chambers, Mrs. Ellen. 22, Abbey-road, N.W. 8. 

Champion, George. Charles, Esq. Hcatherside, Horsell, Woking. 

Champion, William, Esq. Durban, Natal, South Africa. (Dormant 1907.) 

Chance, Kenneth Macomb, Esq. 49, Queen Victoria-street, E.G. 4. 

Chance, William Edward, Esq. Ensham, Granville-road, Eastbourne. 

Channing, Francis Chorley, Esq. 62, Fellows-rd., South Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

Chanter, Reginald, Esq. 34, Maida-vale, W. 9. 

Chantry, George Henry, Esq. 8, Brunswick -terrace, Hove. 

Chaplin, Capt. The Hon. Eric. 35, Wimpole-street, W. 1. 

Chaplin, Ernest, Esq. 105, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

Chaplin, Frank, Esq. 21, Great Cumberland-place, W. 2. 

*Chaplin, The llight Hon. Henry, Viscount, P.O., m.p. 6, Charles-street, 
Berkeley-sqxiare, 11". 1. 

Chaplin, Mrs. Margaret Douie. 3, York-gate, RegenV s-park , N.W. 1. 

Chapman, Charles Albeit, Esq. 3c, Belsize-yarade, Belsize-park, N.W. 3. 

Chapman, Charles Frederick, Esq. . Sussex Lodge, Kingston Hill, Surrey. 


Zoological Society of London. 


Chapman, Fitzroy Keith, Esq. 4, Hydc-park-sguarc, W, -1. 
Chapman, George John, Esq., m.a. Carlccotes, Dtmford Bridge, Sheffield. 
Chapman, Gerard David Ernie, Esq. L 6, The Albany, Piccadilly, W. I. 
Chapman, Thomas Algernon, Esq.,M.D., f.r.s.,f.e.s. Betula, Reigate, Surrey. 
Chapman, Wilfrid, Esq. White's Club, St. James' s-street, S.W.I. 

*Charles, Surgeon-Gen. Sir Kichard Havelock, G.c.v.o., m.d. (late i.m.s.). 
9, Manchester-square, W. 1. (Council 1909-14.) [ 8. 

Chariot, Andre Eugene Maurice, Esq. 11a, Cavendish-road, St. Johri's-tvood, 

Charlton, Capt. William Henry. 14, Basil-mansions, Basil-street, S.W.Z. 

Charrington, Mrs. Alice Coralie. How Green, Hever, Kent. 
*Charrington, Charles Edward Nicholas, Esq. Broadoaks, West By fleet, Surrey. 

Charrington, John, Esq. Shenley-grange, Barnct, Herts. 

Charteris, The Hon. Guy Lawrence. 26, Cathcrine-st., Westminster, S.W.I. 

Chauvin, George, Esq. 64, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W.8. 

Cheape, Lady Griselda Johanna Helen. Strathtyrum, St. Andrews, N.B. 

Cheatle, Surgeon-Gen. Sir George Lenthal, k.c.b., c.v.o. 117, Harley -street, 

Checkley, William John, Esq. 14, Livdjield -gardens, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

Cheeseman, Thomas F., Esq., p.l.s. The Museum, Auckland, New Zealand, 

(Dormant 1884.) 
*C'heetham, George Herbert, Esq. Duddon-hall, nr. Broughton-in-Fumcss. 
Chetwode, Hester, Lady. Oakley, Market Drayton, Salop. 
Chetwynd, Arthur, Esq. Chestall, Rugelcy, Staffs. 
Chetwynd, Sir (George) Guy, Bt. Bude, N. Cornwall. 
Chewton, William Edward Seymour, Viscount. Chewton Priwy, Bath. 
Cheylesmore, M.-Gen. Herbert Francis, Lord,ic.c.v.o. 16, Prince' 's-gate, S. W.l. 
Child, Henry William Robert, Esq. 3, Oakington-avenue, Wembley-park, N. W. 

Childs, Christopher Borlase Macrae, Esq. 52, Brunswick-gardens, Kensing- 
ton, W.8. 

Chirol, Sir Valentine, Kt. 34, Carlyle-sguare, Chelsea, S. W. 3. 

Chisholm, Hugh, Esq. 3, Eller dale-road, Hampstead, N.W.3. 
*C'hitty, Clara Jessie, Lady. 72, Onslow-gardens, S. W. 7. 
*Cholmeley, Lewin Charles, Esq, 19. Hamilton-terrace, N.W. 8. 
*Cholmley, Alfred John, Esq. Newton-hall, Rillington, Yorkshire. 

Cholmondeley, Major Reginald Harry, Dorton-house, Thame, Oxon. 

Christian, Rear-Admiral Charles Arbuthnot,M.v.o.(R.N.). Naval and Military 
Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1920 Christie, Edward William, Esq. 5, Argyll-road, Kensington, W.8. 

1918 Christie, Reginald, Esq. 48, Queen Anne-street, W.l. 

1898 Christie, Seaton, Esq. 6, Vigo-street, Regent-street, W. 1. 

1910 Christy, Dr. Cuthbert,M.B., cm. Royal Societies Club, St. James' s-street, 
S.W. 1 ; and The Nile-Congo Divide Syndicate, Ltd., Khartoum,, Sudan. 

1898 *Christy, William Miller, Esq. Watergate, Emsivorth, Hants. 

1910 Chubb, Charles, Esq. British iruscum of Natural History, Cromwell-road, 

South Kensington, S. W. 7. 
1907 Chubb, Ernest Charles, Esq. Curator of the Durban Museum. Natal, South 

Africa. (Dormant 1908.) 
(922) D 


List of Fellows of the 

Year of 





1913 i 







• 1909 









. Percy, Bsq, Oannisaro, Westside, Wimbledon, S. W. 19. 

Heigh, Arthur, Bsq. Oarrick Club, Garrick-slrrct, W.C.2. 
♦Church, Col. Arthur George Hay (late Manchester Regt.). St. Albans 

Eodwell, Weymouth. 

♦Church, Percy William, Esq. The drove, Dumfries, N.B. 

♦Ohurch, Sir William Selby, Bt., k.c.b., m.d., p.b.c.p. Woodside, Hatfield. 

Churchfield, Arnold, Esq. Stone-house, Broadstairs, Kent. 

Churchill, Charles Thomas Fraser, Esq. 1, Egcr ton-gar dens, S.W. 3. 

Churchman, sir Arthur Charles, Bt. Abbey Oaks, Sproughton, Ipswich. 

Chute, Lieut.-Col. Mervyn L., o.b.e. The Actrecs, Berkeley, Glos. 

Citroen, David, Esq. 14, North-gate, N. W. 8. 

Clanwilliam, Elizabeth Henrietta, the Dowager Countess of. 32, Bclgrave- 
square, S.W. 1. 

Clapham, Sidney Charles, Esq. 10, Watling- street, E.CA. 

Clark, Miss Ada Marian. 8, Elsicorthy -terrace , N.W. 3. 

Clark, Admiral Sir Bouverie Francis, k.c.b. Victoria-lodge. 4, Francis-street, 
Westminster, S.W. 1. 

Clark, Lt.-Col. Charles Turner. Hillcrest, St. Augustine' s-avenue, S. Croydon. 

Clark, Cumberland, Esq. 22, Kensington-park-gardens, W. 11. 

Clark, Frederick Walter Fell, Esq. 9, Windham-house, Sloane-gardens, 

Clark, Frederick William, Esq. 25, Downshire-hill, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

*Clark, George Wingfield, Esq. 2, Devana-terrace, Huntingdon-road, Cam- 

*Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. 4, Broad-strcet-place, E.G.I. 

Clark, Robert Fell, Esq. The Conduit-lodge, 68, Fitzjohn? s-avenue, N. W. 3. 

Clark, Walter Henrv, Esq. 188, Clarence - gate - gardens, Regent's - park, 

Clark, Wilfrid Edward Le Gros, Esq., f.b.c.s. Kuckinq, Sarawak, Borneo 
(Dormant 1921.) 

Clarke, Mrs. Edith. 6, Kensington-mansions, Trebovir-road, South Kensing- 
ton, S.W.5. 

Clarke, Edmund Stephenson, Esq. Borde-hill, Cuck field, Sussex. 
Clarke, Ernest, Esq., m.d., f.b.c.s. 3, Chandos-strcet, Cavendish-square, W.l. 
Clarke, Ernest, Esq. Manor-house, Austrcy, Atherstone. 
Clarke, Mrs. Evelyn Margaret. The Towers, Downliam Market, Norfolk. 
Clarke, Frederick Seymour, Esq. 40, Portman-sqjiare, W.l. 
Clarke, G. Noel, Esq. Wormley-hill, Broxbournc, Herts. 
Clarke, Capt. Goland Vanholt, c.m.g., d.s.o. (late 18th Hussars). ChilirortJi- 
court, Romsey, Hants. 

Clarke, John Eagles Henry Graham-, Esq. Glanrhos, Rhayader, Wales. 

♦Clarke, Col. Stephenson Robert, c.b. Borde-hill, Cuckficld, Sussex. 

Clarke, William James, Esq. 33, Oak-road, Scarborough, Yorks. 

Clarkson, Lt.-Col. Bertie St. John, c.m.g., d.s.o. Care of'Messr 
16, Charing-cross, S.W. 1. 

♦Clarkson, George Aylwin, Esq., f.r.c.s. .S7. Agnes, Caterliam-hill, Surrey. 

Clarkson, James, Esq. Care of London & Go. Bunt:. Neic Oxford -street, W. 1. 


Zoological Soci<i>j of London. 


1920 Clarkson, Mrs. Rosina. Ashley Priors, Maidencombe, St. Man/church, 

S. Devon 

1914 Claudet, Frederic Herbert Bantemps, Esq. 44, Brunswick-square, Hove, 

Sussex. j£ 2. 

1908 Clay, Lt.-Col. Herbert Henry Spender-, c.m.g., m.c, m.p. 2, Hyde-park- street, 

1881 *Clayton, Artbur John, Esq., Care of Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph & Co., 43, 
Charinq-cross, S.W. 1. 

1897 Clayton, Major Edward Francis (late Scots Guards). Care of Messrs. Cox dt 
Co., 16, Charing-cros<. S.W. l. 

1S99 Clayton, Mrs. Florence. Rothley Crag, Hartburn, Morpeth. 

1919 Clayton, John Cecil, Esq., m.k.c.s., l.r.c.p. 66, Brondesbury-park, N.W. 2. 

1921 Cleaton, Edmund Richard, Esq. Coburg Court Hotel, Baysxvater-road, W.2. 
1921 Cleave, Arthur, Esq. 15, Shepherd' s-hill, Highgate, X. 6. . 

1916 Cleave, Udolphus Aylmer, Esq. 1. York-ploxe-mansions, Baker-street W.X. 

1902 Cleeves, Frederick, Esq., f.i.i. 120, Fenehurch-street, E.C. 3. » 

1916 Clegg, Frederick, Esq. 44, Mount-street, W. 1. 

1917 Cleghorn, Miss Maude Lina West, f.l.s., f.e.s. 12, Alipore-road, Calcutta, 

1914 Cleland, Arthur Charles Stewart, Esq. Fieldgrecn, Hawkhurst , Kent. 

Clements, Hamilton, Esq. 37, Lancaster -road, Richmond, Surrey. 
1913 Cleminson, Frederick John, Esq., m.a., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. 1, Albert-road, 


1912 Clerk, Sir George James Robert, Bt. Penicuik-house, Penicuik, N.B. 

1906 Clifden, Thomas Charles, Viscount. Lanhydrock, Bodmin, Cornwall. 

1917 Clifford of Chudleigh, William Hugh, Lord. 67, Madeley-rocul, Ealing, W.b. 
1921 Clinton, Louis Ernest, Esq. 2, Hanover -house, Regent' s-park, N.W. B. 

1919 ' Clitherow, Mrs. Alice Maud Stracey-. 20, Park-square, N.W.I. 
1900 *Close; William Brooks, Esq. 26, Brompton-square, S.W. 3. 

1918 i Clough, Humphry, Esq. 58, Holden-road, Woodside-p>ark, X. 12. 

1879 ! Clow, Henry Austin, Esq, 4, Portland-mansions, Addison Bridge-place, W. 14. 

1917 Clowes, Mrs. Louisa L. Norbury, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 

1905 Clowes, William Archibald, Esq. Duke-street, Stamford-street, S.E.I. 

1910 dunes, James, Esq. 2, Mount-street. Grosvenor-square, W.l. 

1920 Clutterbuck, Capt. Peter Alexander, m.c. Arthur's Club, St. James' s-street, 


1893 Clutterbuck, Peter Henry, Esq., c.i.e., c.b.e., v.d., f.r.g.s. (Indian Forest 
Sen-ice). Inspector General of Forests, Si7nla, India. (Dormant 1921.) 

1917 Clutterbuck, Walter Ebenezer, Esq. Bill Office, Bank of England, E.C. 2. 

1900 *Clutton, John Henry, Esq. 6, Granville-gardens, Ramsgate. 

1910 Clutton, Mrs. Margaret Alice. Oldecourt, Torquay. 

1911 Coates, Sir Edward Feetham, Bt., m.p. Queen Annc's-lodge, Queen Anne's- 

gate, S.W. 1. 

1917- Coates, William James, Esq. Molo, Langley-park, Mill-hill, X. W. 7. 

1920 Coats, Mrs. Isabella Alice. Burrough-hill. Melton Mowbray. 

1903 Coats, James Monro, Esq. 26, Upper Brook-street, W. 1. 
1900 Cobb. Cyril Stephen, Esq. 5, Cornwall-terrace, X.W. 1. 
1920 Cobb, Edward Rhodes, Esq. 39, Lime-street, E.C. 3. 

(997) D 2 

36 List "f Fellows of tin 

Election (997) 

1900 Cobb, John Gerard, Esq. 10, Ennismore-gardens, S.W.I. 

I'M i ( obbe, Miss Estelle E, F. 40, Chester-terrace, AMI'. I. 

1906 *Cobbold, John Dupuis, Esq. Holtywells, Ipsivich, Suffolk. 

1898 Cobbpld, Lt.-Col. Ralph' I'atteson, d.s.o. (late 60th Rifles). Finsbury- 
pavement-house, E.C.2. (Dormant 1916.) 

1915 Cochran, Obarles Blake, Esq. 170. Piccadilly, IT. 1. 

3907 Cochrane, Henry Heath, Esq. 11, Queen Aivfie's-gate, S.W.I. 

1918 Cockburn, Mrs. Lilian. Sandford-house, Godshill, Isle of Wight. 

1905 '• Cockburn, Moncriefi, Esq. 2, Ashburn-gardens,.Gromiocll-road, S.W.I. 

1906 Cockburn, Nathaniel Clayton, Esq. Harmston-hall, Lincoln. 

1912 Cocke, Alfred Golding, Esq. The Cottage, Laivn-road, Hampstead, N.W.3. 

1891 Cockerell, Theodore D. A., Esq. (Professor of Systematic Zoology). University 
of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. (Dormant 1891.) 

1§72 *Cocks, Alfred Heneage, Esq., m.a. Poynetts, Skirmett, near Henley-on- 
Thames. (Council 1908-3913, 1914-1918, 1919->.) 

1921 Cocks, Frederick Joseph, Esq. 32, Stratheam-road, Wimbledon-park, 

1880 Codrington, Major-Gen. Sir Alfred Edward, K.c.v.o., k.c.b. (late Coldstream 
Guards). 110, Eaton-square, S.W.I. 

1906 *Codrington, John Alfred, Esq. 110, Eaton-square, S.W.I.- 

1904 Coe, John William, Esq. 21, Cork-street, Burlington-gardens, W. 1. 

1901 *Cohen, Adolphus Henry, Esq. Springfield, West Wickham, Kent. 
1910 Cohen, Mrs. Eliza Henrietta. 27, Sussex-square, Hyde-park, W.2. 

1907 Cohen. George Alfred, Esq. 71, Portland-place, W. 1. \ Chester 
1906 Cohen, Max Edward, Esq. Shawbrook, Bumage-lane, WitJiington, Man- 

1914 Cohen, Philip Arthur, Esq. 98, Mount-street, W. 1. 

1918 Cohen, Sir Robert Waley, k.b.e. Caen-wood-towers, Highggte, N. 6. 

1916 Cohen, Samuel, Esq. 85, Priory-road, West Hampstead, N.W.6. 

1904 Cokayne, Brien, Esq. Exeter-house, Roehampton, S.W.1B. 

1908 Coke, The Hon. Edward. 8, Park-street, Grosvcnor-square, W. 1. 

1920 Coldstream, George Probyn, Esq., m.b., cm. 10, Gar tinge-road, Brondes- 
bury, N.W.2. 

1895 Cole, Miss Edith. 36, Rutland-court. Rutland-gate, S.W.I. 
1865 *Cole, Miss Jessie Degen. Daion-housc, Winchester, Hants. 

1917 Cole, Capt. Thomas Philips, r.a.m.c 36, Southgate, Chichester. 

1919 Colebourn, Capt. Harry, c.a.v.c Care of Dr. S. Carrcnce, Yet. Director- 

General, Ottawa, Canada. 

1918 Coleman, George, Esq. 24, Belsize-park-gardens, N.W. 3. 

1896 Coleman, Han y, Esq. 35, Golden-square, W.l. 

1915 Coleman, Louis, Esq. 99, Buckingham-road, Brighton. 

1905 *Coleridge, The Hon. Stephen William Buchanan, m.a. 5, Buckingham-street, 

Westminster, S.W. L. 
1908 Coles, Col. Arthur Horsman, c.m.g., d.s.o. is, Walpole-st., Chelsea, S.W.3. 
1905 Coles, Harry Horsman, Esq. 41, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 
1918 Collard, Cecil Wharton, Esq. 41, Gloucester-ercsc, mt, "Regent' s-park, N.W.I. 

1913 Collbran, Henry, Esq. Queen Anne's-mansions, St. James' s-park, S.W. 1. 

Zoological Society of London. 



Colley, Hugh Davies-, Esq. Borough, PulborougJi, S 

Colley, Robert Davies-, Esq., c.m.g.,, e.r.c.s. 10, Devonshire-pl., ll'.l. 
♦Collier, Charles, Esq. Windham Club, St. James' s-square, S.W. 1. 

Collier, The Hon. Mrs. Ethel 1 1 ladys. North-house, 69, Eton-avemte, N. W. 3. 

Collier, Frederick, Esq. 24, Portland-place, W.l. 

Collingwood, Henry Walter, Esq. 89, Lady Margaret-rd., Tufncll-pk., 
X. 19; and Finsbury-court, IS, Ropeiua ker-street, E .0 . 2. 

Collins, Miss Elizabeth. 10, Hanover-terrace, N. W. 1. 

Collins, Ernest Howard, Esq. 69, Redington.-roud, N.W. 3. 

Collins, Percy, Esq. 2, Gloucester-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
*Collins, Sir William Job, K.c.v.o., si.v. 1, Albert-ter., Regent' s-park, N.W.I. 

Collinson, Alfred Howe, Esq., c.b.e. 1, Down-street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

*Collinson, John, Esq. 6, Gt. Winchester-street, E.C. 2. 

Colornbe, Amos Charles Edward, Esq. Newlands, Kidmore End, near 

Colt, George Brace, Esq. 48, Rutland-gate, S.W. 7. 

Colvile, Kenneth Newton, Esq., m.a. 2, Elsworthy-terrace, N.W. 3. 

Colyer, Sir (James) Frank, k.b.e., f.b.c.s., l.d.s. 11, Queen Anne-street, W. 1. 

Combe, Capt. Christian (late Roval Horse Guards). 46, Bclgrave-square, 

Combe, Mrs. Ethel. Pains-hill, Cobham, Surrey. 
*Combe, Richard Thomas, Esq. Eamshill, Curry Rivell, Taunton, Somerset. 

Comber, Edward, Esq. Wyndle shore, Bembridge, Isle of Wight. 

Comyns, Charles Cecil, Esq. 86, Hamilton-terrace, N. W. 8. 

Comyns, Charles Harding, Esq. 5, Albert-road, Regent' s-park, N.~W. 1. 

Comyns, Francis Hading, Esq. 30, Oakley-square, N. W. 1. 

Condry, Ernest Joseph, Esq. GlenJiurst, Shepherd 's-hill, N.G. 

Congleton, Elizabeth, Lady. 28, Green-street, Park-lane, W. 1. 

Conolly, Major William. Carlton-mansions, 14, Pall-mall, S.~W. 1. 
♦Constable, Hugh, Esq. Care of Messrs. Lloyds Bank, 222, Strand, W.G. 2. 
*Coode, Richard Carlyon, Esq. Polapit Tamar, Launccston, Cornwall. 

Cook, Mrs. Alice Mary. 5, Lancaster-road, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 
*Cook, Charles, Esq. 11, Belg rave-crescent, Edinburgh, N.B. 

Cook, Frank Henry, Esq., c.i.e. 21, Harley-house, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

Cook, Ward, Esq. 6, Chester-terrace, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

Cooke, The Rev. Alfred Hands, m.a., sc.d. Mapledurham Vicarage, Reading. 

Cooke, Arthur Clement, Esq., f.r.g.s. 9, Minster-road, Cricklcwood, N.W. 2. 
*Cookson, Capt. Freville. Chute Standen, Andover, Hants. 

Cookson, Lt.-Col. Philip Blencowe, c.m.g., o.b.e. Meldon-park, Morpeth. 

Coope, Edward Jesser, Esq. Antwerp-lodge, Weymouth. 

Cooper, Lady Agnes. 41, Portland-court, Gt. Portland-street, W. 1. 

Cooper, Arthur Hamilton, Esq. 38, Lowndes-strect, S.W. 1. 

Cooper, Major Bryan Rieco. Markree-castle, Collooney, co. Sligo, Ireland. 
♦Cooper, Clive Foster-, Esq. The Zoological Laboratory, Museums, Cambridge. 
♦Cooper, Edward Ernest, Esq. Berry down-court, Overton, Hants. 



List of Fellows of the 

Ifarof ■ 


1893 Cooper, Ernest, Esq. 14, George-street, Mansion-house, B.C. i. 

1915 Cooper, Miss Florence Lucy. 32, Westminster Palace-gardens, S.W. \. 

190G Cooper, Sir George Alexander, Bt. 26, Grosvenor-sqtiare, W. 1. 

1919 Cooper, Lt. Guy Edward, r.n. 145, Felloivs-road, N.W. 3. 

1909 Cooper, Harriet, Lady. 24, Gilbert -street, Grosvenor-sqtiare, W. 1. 

1919 Cooper, Harry Thomas, Esq., F.S.I. 106, George-street, Portman-square, W. 1 . 
1906 *Cooper, John Robert, Esq., d.l., .t.p. Queen' s-lodge, West-end-lane, N.W.6. 
1911 Cooper, Miss Kathleen Emily. 48, Chester-square, S.W. 1. 

1914 Cooper, Raymond Willoughby, Esq. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., 16, 

Charing -cross, S.W.I. 

1902 Cooper, B.-Genl. Richard Joshua, c.b., c.v.o. 28, Lowndes-square, S.W.I. 

1920 *Cooper, Thomas Bruce, Esq. 46, St. George 's-court, Gloacester-roml . S. W. 7. 

1915 Coote, Arthur, Esq. 68, North-gate, N.W. 8. 

1919 Cope, Arthur Mainlcy, Esq. 1a, Wetherby -mansions, EarVs-court-sq., S. W. 5. 

1918 Cope, John Lachlan, Esq., b.a. 

1916 Copeland, Surg. Alexander John, b.a., H.M.S. " Coreopsis," care of 

G.P.O., E.C. 1. (Dormant 1918.) 

1911 Copeman, Lt.-Col. Sydney Monckton, m.d., f.r.s. 76, Regent' 's-park- 
road, N. W. 1. (Council, 1917-1921.) 

1920 Coppinger, Mrs. Mary Grace. 40, Oakley-street, Chelsea, S. W. 3. 

1904 Corbett, Edward Montague, Esq. 9, Palace-mansions, Buckingham- 
gate, S.W.I. 

1910 Cork and Orrery, Charles Spencer Canning, Earl of. 2, Mandeville-place, W. 1. 

1916 Comes, Major Hugh, d.s.o., r.f.a. Rivermead, Hampton Wick. 

1919 Cornish, Frank, Esq., f.l.s. Forestry Depi., Lagos, Nigeria, W. Africa. 

(Dormant 1920.) 

1906 Corry, Col. Noel Armar Lowry-. D.s.o. (Grenadier Guards). Roicton, Salop. 

1917 *Cory, Reginald, Esq. Duffryn, Cardiff. 

1903 *Cory, William, Esq. Fullerton Manor, Andover, Hants. . 

1919 Costa, Bernardo, Esq. 3, Arundcll-street, Coventry-street, W. 1. 

1920 Cosens, Major Gordon Philip, d.s.o. Warren-lodge, Newmarket, Cambs. 

1907 Cotterell, Sir John Richard Giers, Bt. 10, Hertford-street, Mayfair, TP.L 

1904 *Cottingham, Capt. Henry Langrishe (late b.f.a.). Care of Messrs. Cox £ Co., 

16, Charing-cross, S.W.I. 
1901 Cotton, Major Percy Horace Gordon Powell-. Quex-park, Birchington, Kent. 
1889 *Cotton, Thomas Atkinson, Esq., f.l.s. Stuart -lodge, Highcliff'e, Hants. 

1919 *Cotton, William Bensley, Esq., i.c.s. Deputy Commissioner, Bahraich, 

Oudh, India. 
1892 Coupland, Sidney, Esq., m.d., f.b.c.p. Plas Gioyn, Frognal, Hampstead, 

1906 Cousens, Frederick William, Esq., m.r.c.v.s. Slierbome-house, Hartfield- 

road, Wimbledon, S. W. 19. 
1896 Covell, Bernard, Esq. Id, Oxford and Cambridge-mansions, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1911 Covell, Ernest, Esq. 117, Mount-strerl, W. 1. 

1920 Cowan, Horatio William Alexander, Esq., m.d. 32, Fiteroy-sqfoare, W. 1. 

1905 j Coward, Thomas Alfred, Esq. Brentwood, Bowden, Cheshire. 

1896 *Cowie, Brig.-Gen. Alexander Hugh (late r.e.). Care of Messrs. Cox ct Co., 
16, Charing-cross, S.W.I. 

Zoological Society of London. 39 

Year of 
Election 1.1115) 


Cowper, Frank Moore, Esq. Care of Messrs. De Troy d Co., 23 SvxMow- 
street, Piccadilly, 11'. I, and Lindisfarne, The Dovmsway, Sutton, Surrey. 

1916 Cowper, Herbert Wellesley, Esq. 58, Lexham-gardens, Kensington, W.8. 
1907 Cox, Charles Thomas, Esq. Altries, Milltimber, Aberdeenshire. 

1920 Cox, Harold Bennett, Esq. 13, Sloane-eourt, S.W. 3. 

1913 Cox, Harry, Esq. 18, Clifton-road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. 

1907 *Cox, Lionel Harding, Esq. Chez Xous, Xewick, Sussex. 

1896 Cox, Major-Gen. Sir Percy Zachariah, k.c.ji.g., k.c.s.i., g.c.i.k., i.a. Care 

of Messrs. (hitidlay <(• Co., 54, Parliament-street, S.W. 1. 

1895 Cox, Sir Reginald Henry, Bt. 4, Cavendish-square, W.l. 
1919 Cox, William Albert, Esq. 593, Barking-road, E. 13. 

1919 I Crabb, Alexander, Esq. 22, Cambridge-street, W. 2. 

1920 Crace, John Foster, Esq. Eton College, Windsor. 

1904 I *Cradock, Lt.-Col. Edmund William, J. p., d.l. The Lawn, Ryde, I. of W. 

1903 Cradock, Lt.-Col. Montagu, C.B., c.m.g. Naval and Military Club, 
Piccadilly, W.l. 

1920 Craig, Ernest D., Esq., B.A.. Education Dept., Katsina, Northern Nigeria, 
West Africa. 

1888 "Crake, William Parry, Esq. 31, Norfolk-crescent, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1902 Crampton, Percy, Esq. 41, Maresneld-gardens, Hampstead, N.W.3. 

1'J16 Cranbrook, Dorothy, Countess of. Great Glemham-liouse, Saxmundham, 

1920 Cranford, Lt.-Comdr. Charles Edward, f.r.g.s. United Service Club, Pall- 
mall, S. W. 1. (Dormant 1921.) 

*Craven, The Hon. Osbert William. Ashdoivn-park, Shrivenham, Berks. 

1895 Craven, William George Bobert, Earl of, o.b.e. 3, Chesterfield-gardens 

May fair, W.l. \ 

1917 *Crawford and Balcarres, The Rt. Hon. David Alex. Edward, Earl of, p.c. 

7 ', Audley-square, W.l. 

1900 Crawford, The Lady Gertrude Eleanor Molyneux. Coxhill, Lymington, 


1920 Craze, Thomas, Esq. 174, High-street, Camden-town, N.W. 1. 

1897 Cresswell, Gresswell Augustus, Esq. 35, Connaught-square, W. 2. 

1886 Crewe, The Most Hon. Robert Offley Ashburton, Marquess of, k.g., p.c. 15, 
Curzon-street, May fair, W. 1. 

1S93 ; Crichett, Sir (George) Anderson, Bt., k.c.v.o., m.a., f.r.c.s. 21, Harley- 
street, W. 1. 

1901 Crichton.The Hon. Mrs. Constance Emma Augusta. 73, Belgrave-road,S. W.l. 
1920 Crick, Charles Percy, Esq. 94, Palmerston-crescent, Palmer's-green, N. 13. 
1917 Cripps, Gerald F., Esq. 4, Princes-street, Cavendish-square, W. 1. 

1908 Cripps, Mrs. Giulia Harrison. 19, Bentinck-strect, W. 1. 

1920 Crisford, ('apt. George Northcote, c.b.e. 2, Titchlicld-road, Nortli-gate, 

N. W. 8. 
1917 Crittall, Francis Henry, Esq. 5, Hyde-park-terrace, .W. 2. 

1896 *Croft, Peter, Esq. Kuilput, P.O. De Brug, O.R.C., South Africa. 
1919 *Croll, George, Esq. Millfield, Chislehurst, Kent. 

1912 Croll, William Luther, Esq., d.d.s. 14, Bower Berkeley-street, W. 1. 
L917 Cromer, Rowland Thomas, Earl of, c.v.o. 36, Wimpole-street, W.l. 

40 List of Fellows of the 


1906 Crompton, Miss Alice. Martlets, Mayjlcld, Sussex. 

1902 Crompton, George William, Esq. 47, liar ley-house, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

1895 Cronin, Walter Daniel, Esq. Wuodcote, Cleve-road, West Hampstead, N. W. G. 

1903 Crooks, R. Fleming, Esq. 72, South Audley-street, W. 1. 

1907 Crookshank, Frederic Willes, Esq. 56, Green-street, Park-lane, W. 1. 

1918 Cropper, Shirley Wright, Esq. 50, Southwark-bridge-road, S.E. 1. 

1919 Crosby, Bernard Alexander, Esq., 62, Dalmally-road, Croydon. 

1919 Cross, Henry Robert, Esq. 180, Regent-street, W. 1. 

1914 Cross, John Woodrow, Esq. 15, Sussex-place, Regent' s-park, N. W. 1. 

1907 Cross, Richard Assheton, Viscount. 22, York-street, Portman-square, W. 1. 

1897 Cross, Roger Kynaston, Esq. The Poplars, Fleet, Hants. 

1902 *Cross, William Simpson, Esq. 59, Warrender-park-road, Edinburgh. 

1920 Crosse, Edmund Mitchell, Esq. 4, Chester-street, S.W.I. 

1903 Crossland, Cyril, Esq. Dongonab, P.O. Box 16, Port Sudan, Red Sea. 

(Dormant 1906.) 

1914 Crowley, Walter Lewellin, Esq. 148, Hammersmith-road, W. 6. 

1921 Crowther, Wilfred Cooksey, Esq., m.a. 182, Clive-road, Dulwich, S.E. 21. 

1901 Crump, The Rev. John A. Ocean Bay School, Marlborough, Blenlicim, New 

Zealand. (Dormant 1902.) 

1919 Cullingford, George Frederick, Esq. 1, Thornloiv-rd., West Norwood, S.E. 27. 
1878 *Cundy, Howard, Esq. 38, Savile-roiv, W. 1. 

1905 Cuninghame, Richard John, Esq., f.r.g.s., f.r.met.soc. Hensol, Mossdale, 


1913 Cunliffe, The Hon. Rolf. Headley -court, Epsom, Surrey. 

1914 Cunnick, David John Howard, Esq. Keivhurst House, Little Common, 


1903 Cunningham, Joseph Thomas, Esq., m.a. 35, Wavendon-avenue,Chiswick, WA. 

1902 *Cunnington, William Alfred, Esq., m.a., Ph.D., 25, Orlando-road, 

Clapham- common, S. W. 4. 

1914 Currie, Alastair, Esq. 6, Durham-villas, Kensington, W.8. 

1912 *Currie, Laurence, Esq., J. p. Coombe-warren, Kingston-on-Thames. 

1913 Curtis, Arthur, Esq. 2S2, Yictoria-dock-road, E. 16. 
1901 Curtis, Charles Nelson, Esq. 34, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1918 Curtis, George, Esq. 41, Quemmore-road, Stroud-green, N. 4. 
.1913 Curtis, Mrs. Gladys. 31, Arundel-gardens, Notting-hill, W. 11. 
1921 Curtis, Miss Sybil M. 4, Albany-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

1907 *Curtis, Walter Septimus, Esq., m.a. Denbury -manor, Newton Abbot, S. Devon. 

1906 Curwen, Miss Ethel Mary. The Crown, Long Crendon, Thame, Oxon. 

1889 Cust, Capt. Sir Charles Leopold, Bt., g.c.v.o., c.b., c.m.g., c.i.e., jb.n. 
St. James' s-palace, S.W. 1. 

1919 Cutforth, Ashlin, Esq. Lloyd's, Royal Exchange, E.C.3. 

1896 Cuthbertson, Edward Hedley, Esq. Botirne-Junise,13, Devonshire-place, W. 1. 
1906 Cuthbertson, Mrs. Magdalene Lowe. 8, Devonshire-place, W. 1. 

1899 Cutter, William Doherty, Esq. 67, Sussex-gardens, W.2. 
1910 *Czarnikow, Horace, Esq. Hollington-house, Newbury. 


Zoological Society of London. 



D'Abreu, Aubyn Reginald, Esq. Albert Victor Hospital, Lahore, Punjab, 

D'Abreu, Edward Alin, Esq. The Museum, Nagpur, C.P., India. 

(Dormant 1909.) 

Daglish, ('apt. Erie Fiteh, r.f.a., i'h.i>., k.l.s. 2, Beaulieu-villas, Finsbury- 
park, N. 1. 

Dakin. Professor William J., d.k<\, f.l.s. Care of The Agent General for 
West Australia, Savoy-house, Stroud, W.C.2. (Dormant 1914.) 

Dalby, Mrs. Lucy Marion. 2, Rutland-court, S.W.T. 

Dale, The Rev. Arthur Murray. 88, Clarendon-road, Holland-park, W. 11. 

Dale, Eylten 1'.., Esq. Lawrence-house, Bycitllah-road, Enfield. 

Dale, Sir James Backhouse, Bt. Courthope-house, Wimbledon, S. W. 9. 

Dale, John Gilbert, Esq. 68, Holland-park, W. 11. 

Dalgleish, Lady Elizabeth Frances Ogilvy-. Errol-park, Errol, Perthshire. 
""Dalhousie, Arthur George Maule, Earl of. 15, Hyde-park-gardens, W. 2. 

Dalton, William Henry, Esq. 15, West-park-road, Newport, Mon. 
♦Dampier, Miss Emily. 42, Elsworthy-road, Regent' s-park, N.W. 3. 

Danckwerts, Mrs. Mary Caroline. 22, Or sett-terrace, 11'. 2. 

Dand, Mrs. Janet Mary. Dene-place, West Horsley, Surrey. 

Dandie, Walter, Esq. " Doonholm," The Drive, New Southgate, N. 11. 

Danels, Major Leonard, r.a.v.c. Khartoum, Sudan, Egypt. 

Daniel, Peter Lewis, Esq. 1a, Upper Wimpole- street, W.l. 

Paniell, Capt. Ferrers (Bedfordshire Regiment). 20, Embankment-gardens, 
Oielsea, S.W. :-3. 

Daniell, Henry Averel, Esq. The Ledgers, Warlingham, Surrey. 

Dauiell, Major Humphrey Averell, o.b.e. 31, St. George' s-road, S.W. 1. 

Daniell, Roger, Esq. 9, Ormonde-gate, Chelsea, S.W.B. 

Dannatt, Walter, Esq. St. Laurence, Guibal-road, Lee, S.E. 12. 
♦Daphne, Maurice, Esq. 71, Lincoln' s-inn- fields, W.C.2. 

Darbisbire, Charles William, Esq. 229, St. James' s-court, Bucking}iam-<i<itc , 

Darell, Helen Frances, Lady. 38, Beaufort-gardens, S. IF. 3. • 
Darell, Mrs. Jefhe E. 6, Atldley-square, W.l. 
*Darell, Robert Darell Smyth, Esq. Hill field-house, Dartmouth. 

Dark, Sidney Thomas Edwin, Esq., 21, Fernwood-avenuc, Streatham, 
S.W. L6. 

Darling, James ffolliott, Esq. The Bay, Athlone, Ireland. (Dormant 1905.) 

♦Dartmouth, The Rt. Hon. William Heneage, Earl of, k.c.b., p.c. 5, Belgrave- 
place, S. II". 1. 

* Darwin, Sir Francis, m.a., m.b,, f.r.s. Brookthorpe, Gloucester. 

Dasent, Ellen, Lady. 26, Elvaston-place, S.W. 7. 

Dasent, Commander Walter, r.n. 26, Elvaston-place, S.W.I. 

Daubney, Robert, Esq.,, »l.a.c.v.s. 4, Chester ford-gar dens, Hampstead, 
S.W. -6. 

*Daun, William Henry, Esq. 155, Fenchurch-street, E.C.B. 

Davey, Miss Minnie II. 6p, Bickenhall-mansions, W. 1. 

Davidson, Miss Gladys. XXlh Century Club, 29, Stanley-gardens, W. 11. 

42 List nf Fellows of the 

, (1228) 
1VM l Davidson Major Henrj George Lindsay, Care of Meters. ' 

Cniiifs-coiirt, 8. W. 13. 
1891 David . b.o.b. 82, Drumsheugh-gardens, Edinburgh. 

I >avidson, Sir (W.) Edward,, o.b., k.c. 12, Lower Sloane-st., S, W. 1. 

L919 Davidson, Dr. William Cameron, m.r., ch.B. Avonleigh, Acadia- road, 

1918 Davies, Alfred Thoma .b.e., m.p. The Eagles, West-hill, High- 

gat,', X. 6. 

1915 Davies, David Merfya, Esq. Cynlais-house, Treorchy, S. Wales. y - 
1920 Davies, David Titlebaum, Esq., d.s.m. 34, Pembury-road, Lower Clapton, 

1913 Davies, Ernest George, Esq. " Clydesdale," Bycullah-park, Enfield. 
1882 *Davies, Frederick Herbert, Esq. 46, Hamilton-terrace, AMI 7 . 8. 

1920 Davies, IN-v. Gerald Stanley, m.a. The Master's Lodge, Charterhouse, E.C.I. 

1919 Davie, Capt. Harold Oscar Russell. Care of Messrs. Smale d; Peach, 

7 a, Goldsmith-street, E.C.I. 
191G * Davies, Harry Llewelyn, Esq. 2, Hampstead-mansions, Heath-street, N.W.3. 
1891 ' *Davies, Henry Rees, Esq., m.a. Treborth, Bangor, North Wales. 

1901 Davies, Lt.-Col. Jasper Gustavus Silvester (late r.e.). Dane-court, The 
Bishop' s-averiue, East Finchley, N. 12. 

1920 Davies, John Bowen, Esq. 4, Broadway, Walham-green, S.W.G. 
1918 Davies, Mrs. Katherine Helen. 44, Egerton-crescent, S. W. 3. 

1912 Davies, Llewellyn Sidney, Esq. 3, Ulster-terrace, Regent' s-park, X.W.I. 

1921 Davies, Owen Picton, Esq. 23, Porjnders-road, Clapham-park, S. W. 4. 

1920 Da\ies, Philip Vivian, Esq. -Junior Athenaeum Club, Piccadilly, W.l. 

1918 Davies, William James Ladeveze, Esq. 74, Westcombe-park-road, Black- 

heath, S.E. 3. 

1919 Davis, Edward David Darelan, Esq., f.r.c.s. 46, Harley-street, W. 1. 

1899 Davis, Edward Pinder, Esq., j.p. 7, Cavendish-road, Regent' s-park, JV.Tr. 8. 

1921 Davis, Frederick Mowbray, Esq. Fisheries Laboratory, Lowestoft. 
1921 Davis, Godfrey, Esq. 17, Faivley -road, West Hampstead, N.W.6. 
1905 Davis, George Emile, Esq. Truro-house, Palmer' s-green, N. 14. 

1916 *Davis, James Rowcroft, Esq. 6, Regent's-park-terrace, X.W.\. 

1907 DSvifl, Joseph, Esq. 4, Broad-coicrt-chambers, Bow-street, W.C. 2. 
1921 Davis, Major J. R. Ainsworth. 4, The Terrace, Champion-hill, S.E. 5. 

1914 Davis, Kenneth James Acton, Esq. 24, Upper Berkeley-street, W. 1. 

1920 ' Davis, Marcus Patrick, Esq. 5, North-gate, N.W.8. 

1917 Davis, Mrs. Viola M. 12, Upper Hamilton-terrace, X.W.H. 
1903 Davison, Miss Annie. 4, Ranelagh-grove, Pimlico, S.W. 1. 

1918 Davy, Col. Sir Henry, k.b.e., c.b., m.d. Southernhay-house, Exeter, Devon. 
1910 Dawes, James Arthur, Esq., m.p. 71, Kcnnington-park-road, S.E. 11. 
1912 Dawkins, Mrs. Mary Hermione. 22, Cheyne-walk, Chelsea, S. W. 3. 

1910 Dawkins, Thomas Frederick, Esq. 11, Park-lane, W. 1. 

1891 *Dawnay, The Hon. Eustace Henry. West Hesler ton-hall, York. 

1910 Dawson, Sir Arthur Trevor, Bt., r.n. 6, Great Stanhope-street, Park-lane, 

1908 Dawson, Henry Aufrere, Esq. Penstraze, Falmouth. >- • 

1918 i Dawson, Major John Vavasour, Nakuru, Kenija Colony, B.E. Africa. 
(Dormant 1920.) 
I (1268) 

Zoologice i of London. 43 

Year of 

Election (1268) 

1895 Dawson, Major-Gen. Vesoy John, c.v.o. (late Irish Guards). Stable-yard, 
St. James's Palace, S.W.I. 

1904 *Dawson, William, Esq., m.a. Cold Ash, mar Newbury, Berks. 

1912 Day, James Octavius, 1'. endale, British Columbia, Canada. (Dor- 

' main 1919.) 
1894 Day, Col. Montague Campbell. Tamer-house, Bassett, Hants. 

1909 Dean, John George, Esq. 11, Walton-place, Hans-place, S. W. 3. 
1919 Deane-Webb, Godfrey, Esq., l.d.s., f.b.b.8. 45, Welbeck-street, W. 1. 
1902 *Debenham, Ernest Ridley, Esq. 8, Addison-road, Kensington, W. 14. 
1892 Debenham, Mrs. Jane. 58, Regent's-park-road, N.W. 1. 

L909 Debenham, Mrs. May. 39, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

1912 ; De Bertodano, Charles Edmund, Esq. 22, Ghester-ter., Regent's-pk., X. W. 1. 

1890 *de Bunsen, The Lit. Hon. Sir Maurice, Bt., P.O., g. c.v.o., g.c.m.g., c.b. 
Old Lodge. Taplow, Bucks. 

1910 Decies, Maria Gertrude, Lady. 41a, Lower Belgrace-street, S. W. 1. 

L912 De Forest, Maurice Arnold, The Baron, m.p. 59, Grosvenor-street, W. 1 . 

1921 de Fraine, Herbert George, Esq. 15, Meckleriburgh-square, W.C.I. 

1902 **Degen, Edward, Esq. 22, Bradbourne-sireet, Fulham, S.W. 6. 

1921 de Klie, Capt. F. Bertram. Royal Horse Guards, Regent 1 s-park Barracks, 

1919 Delacour, Monsieur Jean. Chateau de Cl&res, Seine Inferieurc, Franc< . 
TJ11 Delacour, Mrs. Theresa. 76, Eaton-place, S.W. 1. 

1906 de la Rue, Sir Evelyn Andros, Bt. Lockleys, Welwyn, Herts. 

*de la Rue, Mrs. Florence Gay Octavia. Lower Hare-park, Newmarket. 
1S77 *de la Rue, Herbert, Esq. 34, Adelaide-crescent , Hove, Sussex. 

1920 Dell, William, Esq. 6m, Montagu-mansions, York-street, W. 1. 

1907 Delme-Radcliffe, Lt.-Col. Alfred (105th Maratha Light Infantry). Care of 

Cox & Co., 16, Charing-cross, S.W. 1. 

1902 Delme-Radclirfe, Brig.-Gen. Sir Charles, c.v.o., c.b., k.c.m.g. Tychjield 

Abbey, Titchfield, Hants. (Dormant 1916.) 

1908 ' Delme-Radcliffe, Lt.-Col. Henry. Care of Messrs. Cox d Co., 16, Charing- 

Cross, S.W.I. 

1911 i Delme-Radcliffe, Major Seymour. East India United Service Club, St. 

James 'S'Square, S.W. 1. 
1916 Delysia, Miss Alice. ( 'are of The London Pavilion Theatre, Piccadilly, W. l. 
1919 Dempster, George Edward William, Esq. 224, Tufnell-yark-roud, X. I'.t. 

1865 *De Murrieta, Cristobal, Esq. 26, Clnreville-street, S. Kensington, S.W. 7. 

1005 *l)endy, Prof. Arthur,, f.r.s. King's College, Strand, W.C.2. 

1883 *Deneke, Moritz, Esq. 51, Harley-house, Begent's-park, N.W.I. 
1901 : Denman, Arthur, Esq.. m.a. , f.s.a. 12, Harley-gardens, S. Kensington, S.W.I. 
•1911 Dennett, Richard Edward, Esq. Temple Bar-house, 23, Fleet-street, E.G. 4. 
1904 Dennis, Harold Egerton, Esq. Lisle-court, Wootton, Isle of Wight. 

1901 Dennistoun. Lt.-Col. Alexander Heldewier Oakeley (Black Watch Regt.). 

Golf hill, Glasgow. 
1872 *Dennistoun, John, Esq. 20, Stanhope-gardens, S.W.I. 

1903 Denny, Edward Henry Marland, Esq. Staplefield-place, Staplefield, Sussex. 


List of Fellows of tht 


, Sir Alfred, kxJ.m.Q. Ba/oensworth i e, Sussex. 

Dent, Charles Hasting ' hnsleigh, Nascot-wood, Watford. 

Dent, Edward, Esq. 2, Carlos-place, Grosvcnor-square, W.l. [Oxford 

*Denton, Capt. Sir George Chardin, k.c.m.g. The Grange, Littlemore, 
*D'Epremesnil, The Count. Chateau de Thibermont, par Dieppe, France. 
de Rivas, Vioenta Mary Victoria, Qountess. Bagshot, Surrey. 
de Rothschild, Major Lionel Nathan, m.p. 46, Park-street, Grosvenor-sq., 
de Rothschild, Mrs. Marie Leopold. 5, Hamilton-place, W. 1. ■ 

do Rougeinont, Ernest Frederick, Esq. 10, Manchester-square, W. 1. 

Desborough, Capt. Arthur Peregrin Henry, c.b.e. Royal Naval Cordite 
Factory, Holton-lieath, Wareham, Dorset. 

des Graz, Sir Charles Louis, k.c.m.g. The Firs, Wimbledon, Surrey. 

de Bibour, The Viscount Louis. Albert-villa, Keats-green, SJianklin, I.O.W. 

de Thielen, The Baroness Lucy Marie Louise. 22, Hyde-park-gate, S. 11'. 7. 
*de Trafford, Sir Humphrey Francis, Bt. Hill Crest, Market Harborough. 
*de Uphaugh, Richard Duppa, Esq. Hollingbotcrne-liouse, Maidstone, Kent. 

Deutsch, Franz, Esq. 4, Whitehall-court, S.W. 1. 

Deverell, Henry Lock, Esq. St. George' s-Jwuse, Canterbury, Kent. 
*de Vesci, Ivo Richard Vesey, Viscount. Abbeyleix, Ireland. 

Devitt, Dr. Herbert Pye-Smith. 62, Grosvenor-streei, W. 1. 

Levitt, Sir Thomas Lane, Bt. 6, Buckingham-gate, S.W.I. 

Devon, Charles Pepys, Earl of. Poivderham Castle, Exeter. 

♦Devonshire, The Rt. Hon. Victor Christian William, Duke of, jk.g., p.c. 
Chatsivorth, Derbyshire. 

de Wael, Alfred, Esq. Sehvorthy, Buckhurst-hill, Essex. 

Dewar, Douglas, Esq. Saharanpur, United Provinces, India. (Dormant 1910.) 

Dewar, Thomas Robert, Lord, f.e.g.s. 26, Savoy-court, Strand, W.C. 2. 

de Watteville, Bernard Perceval, Esq. Royal Societies Club, 63, St.James's- 
street, S.W.I. 

Dewhirst, John, Esq. 22, Aylcstone-avenue , Brondesbury-park, N.W.6. 

*Dewhurst, Gerard Powys, Esq. Bodidris, Llandegla, Mold, N. Wales. 

Dewhurst, Robert Paget, Esq. 106, Abmgdon-road, Oxford. 

*De Winton, William Edward, Esq. 19, Ennismore-gardens, S.W.I; and 
Boodles Club, St. James' s-street, S.W. 1. (Council 1899-1904.) 
Dexter, Edward, Esq. 13, Eton-avenue, N.W.3. 
Dick, Mrs. Helen M. K. 105, Cadogan-gardens, S.TF.3. 
Dick, John Bernard Goodrich, Esq., m.a. 6, Elswoi-thy-terrace, N.W.3. 
Dick, Walter Fleming, Esq. 46, Albion-road, Swiss-cottage, N.W. 6. 

Dickey, Capt. Herbert Spencer, m.d. Highland-fails, Neiv York, U.S.A. 
(Dormant 1914.) 

Dickin, George Lloyd, Esq. 8, Wellesley -house, Sloane-square, S.W.I. 

Diekins, Lt.-Col. Vernon W. F., d.s.o. The Oaks, 20, Arkwright-road, N. W. 3. 

Dicksee, Herbert, Esq. Oak-house, Kidderpore-avcnue, Hampstead, N.W. M. 
*Dickson, Miss Caroline Matilda. Roivden-liousc, Chippenham, Wills. 

Dickson, John William, Esq., m.b. 5, Sloane-tcrracc-mansions, S.W.I. 
*Digby, Emily Beryl Sissy. Lady. 16, Grosvenor-place, S.W. 1. 

Zoological Sonet// of London, 


Year of 



1868 : 
1913 i 

1895 ! 

1919 ' 
1897 j 

1872 ; 

1906 ; 

1919 , 
1900 | 
1904 ; 
1918 I 
1903 I 
1910 I 
1918 ! 

1913 ! 




Dighton, Charles Allen Adair. Esq., m.b., f.r.c.s. Tyn-y-Lcol, Whitchurch, 

Dilloy, Arthur George, Esq. The Walks, Huntingdon, Herts. 

Dimsdale, John, Esq. 2, Nevill-park, Tunbridgc-wclls, Kent. 

*Divctt, Edward Ross, Esq. 

Dixon, Arthur Perrin, Esq. 15, Clarence-street, Gloucester. 

Dixon, Hugh Wainwright, Esq. Ethcrington-hall, Spelshursf, near Tun- 
briilgc Wells. 

Dixon, Mark William, Esq. 3, Regent-street, S.W. 1. 

Dobbie, James Bell, Esq., p.k.s.e., m.b.o.u. 12, South Inverleith-a 

Dobell, Clifford, Esq., m.a., f.r.s. 32, 1'ark-mansions, Knightsbridge, S. W.l. 
Dobson, Hugh Vomer, Esq. Bath and County Club, Bath. 
Doll, Charles FitzRoy, Esq. Hadham Towers, Much. Hadham, Hi rts, 
♦Domville, Miss Louisa Elizabeth. Regcnt-palace-hotcl, Piccadilly-circus, W. 1 . 
Donald, Charles H., Esq. Egerton Hall, Dharmsala Cantt., Kangra-district, 
Punjab, India. ; and Care of The Alliance Bank of Simla, Jullundur, 
India. (Dormant 1914.) 

Donald, Robert, Esq. Heath-lodge, Walton-on-the-hill, Surrey. 
Donaldson, Col. Charles George Mathews-. 2, Cromwell-place, S.W. 7. 
Donaldson, Sidney H., Esq. 6, Boundary-road, St. John's-wood, N.W.Q. 
Donisthorpe, Horace St. John Kelly, Esq. 19, Jfa.relieell-road, Pufney,S. 11 .15. 
Doran, Alban, Esq., f.r.c.s. 6, Palace-mansions, Kensington, 11". 8. 
Dore, Lt.-Col. Alan Sidney Whitehorn, d.s.o. Eastcote-point, Pinner. 
Dorman, Capt. Bedford Lockwood, o.b.e. Queen Anne's-mansions, S.W. 1. 
Dormer, Capt. Charles Walter Cottrell-. Rousham-hall, Oxford. 
Dormeuil, Georges, Esq. 10, New Burlington-street, W. 1. 
Doughty, Alexander, jun., Esq. " Ledard," Aigburth-drive, Seftou-pan':, 
Liverpool . 

Doughty, Alistair, MacD., Esq. 24, De Vere-gardens, Kensington, W.l. 
Douglas, Greville, Esq. 27, Wilton-crescent , S. W '. 1, 

Douglas, Capt. Stewart Rankin, m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. 101c, High-street, Maryle- 
bone, W.l.; and National Research Institute, Mount Vernon, Hamp- 
stead, N.W.3. 

Douglas, William Carstairs, Esq. 26, The Boltons, South Kensington, S. H'.io. 

Dowell, Richard Stanley, Esq. 525, Finchley-road, N.W.3. 

Downe, Maj.-Gen. Hugh Richard, Viscount, k.c.v.o., C.b., CLE. Dvngley, 

Market Harborougli, Northamptonshire . 

Dowries, Mrs. Mary Ethelreda. 16, Avenue-mansions, Hampstead, N.W.3. 
Downing, William Edmund, Esq. Elm-lodge, Hagley, Stourbridge. 
Draffen, Frederick James, Esq. 6, Royal-crescent, Notting-hill, W. 1. 
Drake, Hugh Garrard Tyrwhitt, Esq. Cob Tree, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent. 
Drake, Roy Parker, Esq. 3, Hanover-lwuse, Regent' s-park, N. W. 1. 
Draper, Warwick Herbert, Esq. Island-house, Chisicick-mall, II'. 4. 
Dra- -I Cecil, Esq. Hill-vieie, Hollycroft-avenue, X.W.3. 

Drewitt, Frederic George Dawtrey, Esq., m.a., m.d., p.e.c.p. 14, Paiaee- 

gardens-terrace, Campden-hill, W. 6. (Council 1904-08, 1910-16.) 


List of Fellows of the 

JTest "f 



Dreyfus, Edmund, Esq., m. a. 208, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde-pork, W.2. 

Driberg, Jack Herbert, Esq. Uganda Administration, Arua Pn 

i gcmda, /;./■.'. I. 
Driver, Newton Grew ok , E q. 82, Alexandra-court, Queen' s-gate, S.W. 7. 
Druce, Mrs. Florence Harriet Isabella. 19a, Wetherby-gardem, S.W.5. 

Druoej Hamilton Herberl Charles James, Esq. 26, South-hill-park, Mamp- 
stead, N.W.B. 

♦Drummond, Gapt. Alfred Manners, p.e.g.s. Charnwood-lodgc, West Cliff- 
road, Bournemouth, Hunt.-, 

♦Drummond, Charles, I iubeb). 4!), Charmg-cross, S.W. 1. (Council 

1881— >, as Treasurer 1881— >.) 

Drummond, David, P3sq ., m.d. 6, Saville -place, Ncwcastle-on-Tyne. 

Drummond, Frederick Harvey John, Esq. 49, Charing-cross, S.W. 1. 

Drummond, Hugh Henry John Williams-, Esq. Board Boom, L. & S.W. 

Railway, Waterloo Station S.E.\1. 
Drummond, James, Esq. " Lyttelton Times" Office, Christchurch, New 

Zealand. (Dormant 1909.) 

Drummond, Major John William Ainslie (late Scots Guards). 27, Stanhope- 
gardens, S.W. 7. 

Drummond, Mrs. Mary Hay-. 94, Lancaster-gate, W. 2. 

Dubs, Clarence Ivor Alastair, Esq. Cloncaird-castle , Maybole, Ayrshire. 

*Ducie, The Rt. Hon. Henry John, Earl of, p.c, g.c.v.o., f.r.s. Tortworth- 
coitrt, Falficld, Glos. (Council 1859-60.) . 

* 1 >uckworth, Gerald de L'Etang, Esq. 14a., Berkeley-street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

worth, Wyafrid Laurence Henry, Esq., m.a., m.d. Jesus College, 


du Cros, Alfred, Esq. 187, Queen 1 s-gate, S. W. 7. 

Du Cms, Sir Arthur Philip, Bt., m.p. Canons-park, Edgware. 

Du Croz, Mrs. Edith Mary. 5, Queen-street, Mayfair, W. 1. 

Dudley, The Rt. Hon. William Humble, Earl of, p.c, g.c.m.g., g.c.v.o. 
7, Carlton-gardens, S.W.I. 

Duerden, Prof. James Edwin. Rhodes University College, Grahamstoivn, 
S. Africa. 

Duff, Robert William, Esq. 24, Rood-lane, E.C.3. 

Dugdale, James Lionel, Esq. Crathornc-hall, Yarm, Yorkshire. 

Duigan, Capt. Valentine Richard. 29, Edith-road, West Kensington, W. 14. 

Dulac, Edmund, Esq. 72, Ladbroke-road, W. 11. 

Dumas, Henry John Fairrie, Esq. Raasay, Oxshott-hcath, Surrey. 
N Duncan, Alexander Lauderdale, Esq. 2, Second-avenue, Hove, Sussex. 

Duncan, Francis Martin, Esq. (Librarian). 37a, Bclsize-sguare, AMI'. 3. 

Duncan, George Henry Frederick, Esq. 12, Kensington-court, II". 8, 
*Duncan, James, Esq. Oriental Club, Hanover-square, W. 1. 

* Duncan, James Alexander Lawson, Esq. Chal font-grove, Chalfont St. Giles. 
*Duncanson, Thomas Jones-Gibb, Esq., m.a. Hadlow-house, Hadlow Down, 

near Uckfield, Sussex. 
Duncombe, Col. Charles William E., c.b.e. 4, Albemarle-street, W. 1. 
Dundas, William John, Esq. 11, Drumshcugh-gardens, Edinburgh. 
Dunkerly, John Samuel, Esq. Nat. Hist. Dept., The University, Glasgow. 

Zoological Society of London. 



♦Dunleath, Henry Lyle, Lord. BaUywalter-park, co. Down, Ireland. 

I Hinlop, John Kinninruont, Esq. 33, Exeter-road, Br ondesbwry, N. W. 2. 

Dunmore, Alexander Edward, Earl of, v. a, m.y.o. Timrnhdl, Weybridge, 

Surrey. (Council 1914-1916.) 
Dunn, Miss Agnes. Lilystone-luiU, Stock, Essex. 
Dunn, Edward Alexander,. JSsq.. 65, Torrington-square, W.C.I. 
. Col. Sir William Henry, Bt. 9, Gloucester-gate, N.W. 1. 
Dunning, Mrs. Kate M. 4, Talbot-sgpiare, Hyde-park, W.2. • 

Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax, Lord. Dunsany Castle, Ireland. 
Dunsmure, Alexander Henderson, Esq. 1, Eger ton-place, S. W. 3. 
Dunstan, Mrs. Violet Mary Claudia. 38, Cranley-gardens, S. If". 7. 

Dunster, Mrs. Amy Mortimer. Warwick-lodge, 269, London-road, Thornton 
Heath, Surrey. 

Dunsterville, Col. Knightley Stalker, c.b. 12, Oak wood-court, Kensington, 
11'. 14. 
•Dupre, Fritz, Esq. The Firs, Ilampstead-hcath, N. W. 3. 
Durand, Capt. Sir Edward Percy Marion, Bt., i.a. 143, Piccadilly, 11'. 1. 
Durand, Maude Ellen, Lady. 42, Montpelier-sguare, S. W. 7. 

Durham, The Rt. Hon. John George, Earl of, k.g., p.c. 39, Grosvcnor- 
square, W. 1. 

Durlacher, Hubert William, Esq., m.c. 

"Durlacher, Neville John, Esq. The White House, Stoke Green, Slough. 

■ Duske, Herbert James, Esq., m.r.c.6., l.r.c.p. Care of Messrs. Holt & Co., 
3, Whitehall-place, S.W.I. 

♦Dutton, Frank MacDermott, Esq., f.r.g.s. Conservative Club, Pall- 
mall, S.W.I. 

Dutton, Major James Huntley, D.s.o. Edmondthorpe-hcdl, Oakham. 

Duveen, Mrs. Ethel V. L. 15, Stratton-street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Dyke, The Rt. Hon. Sir William Hart, Bt., p.c, m.a., d.l., j.p. Lullingstone 
Castle, Dartford, Kent. 

Eade, Cyril, Esq. 148, Ebury-sireet, S.W. 1. 

some, Sir John, k.c.m.g. Care of Messrs. H. S. King £ Co.. '.), Pall- 
mall, S.W. 1. 

*Earle, Hugh Wharton, Esq. 14, Cadogan -place, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

Earle, Sir Lionel, k.c.b., c.m.g. 14, Sloane-gardcns, S.W. 1. 

Earle, Lt.-Col. Maxwell, c.m.g., d.s.o. (Grenadier Guards). War Office, 
Whitehall, S.W.I. 

Earnshaw, Silvester William Penn-, Esq. 477, Archway-road, Highgate, N. 6. 

East, Mrs. Mabel Gray. St. Clare, Malvern. 

Easton, Frank Edward, Esq., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. 42, Hyde-park-square, 11'. 2. 

Echenard, Louis, Esq. Carlton Hotel, Hay market, S.W. 1. 
*Eckersley, James Carlton, Esq. Carlton Manor, near Ycadon, I 
♦Eckstein, Friedrich, Esq. Oldlands Hall, L'ckficld, Sussex. 


Lis/ of Fellows of tht 

-, (1453) 

Eden, The Hon. George. 6, Cromwell-place, South Kensington, .S'.ir. 7. 

1905 Eden, (.'apt. William Gaven, B.N. (retired). Care of The London and County 

Hank, Tunbridge Wells. 

1910 Edgar, Ethel Mackay, Lady. Chalfont-park, Oerrard's Cross, Bucks. 

1919 Edgcumbe, Major Kenelm. Aldenham-gnmge, Watford, Herts. 
1913 Edmunds, Mrs. Maud Dampicr. 57, Queen Anne-street, W. 1. 
1903 *Edwardos, The Hon. George Henry. Orsett-house, Grays, Essex. 
1912 Edwards, George Walter, Esq. 49, Clarence-gate-gardens, N.W. 1. 

1911 Edwards, Lt.-Col. Roderick Mackenzie, c.m.g^ (late i.a.). East India United 

Service Club, St. James' s-square, S.W. 1. 

1887 *Edwards, Stanley, Esq. Sable River, Shclbume County, Nova Scotia, 

1889 *Edwards, Stanley, Esq., f.r.g.s. 15, St. German' s-place, Blackhcath, S.E.8. 

1920 Edwards, William, Esq. 79, North-gate, N.W.8. 

1916 Egerton, Capt. Josslyn §eymour. Guards' Club, Brook-street, W. 1. 
1900 Egerton, The Hon. Maurice. 9, Scamore-place, May fair, W. 1. 

1896 i Egerton, Major Sir Philip Henry Brian Grey-, Bt. Oulton-park, Tarporley, 

Cheshire. -■ 

1896 j Egerton, Lt.-Col. Rowland (late Rifle Brigade). 2, Carlisle-place, S.W. 1. 

1906 ' Egerton, Sir Walter, k.c.m.g. Fir Toll, Mayfield, Sussex. y 
1920 j Ehrhardt, Albert Frederick, Esq. 25, Ladbroke-gardens, W. 11. 

1909 Ehrlich, Ludwig, Esq. 35, Hill-street, Berkeley -square, W. 1. 

1884 ! *Eiloart, Frederick, Esq. 17, Elsioor thy -road, Primrose-hill, N- W. 3. 

1899 j Elam, William, Esq. 31, Belsize-park, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

1917 \ Elcho, Violet Katherine, Lady. 32, Montagu-square, W. 1. 

1920 Elder, Robert William, Esq. 63, North-gate, N.W. 8. 

1919 Eley, Sir Frederick, Bt. 34, North-gate-mansions, N.W. 8. 

1898 Elgy, William John Robert, Esq. 18, Great Chapel-street, Soho, W 1. 

1905 Elin, Major John Edward. 38, Upper Brook-street, W. 1. 

1916 Eliot, Capt. Arthur Ernest, a.s.c. 57, Harley-housc, Regent' s-park, N. W. 1. 

1902 Eliot, Sir Charles Norton Edgecumbe, k.c.m.g., c.b., The British Embassy, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

1912 Eliot, Montague Charles, Esq. 21, Half Moon-street, W. 1. 

1921 Ellen, Mrs. Madge. Staunto?i-lwusc, Exeter-park, Bournemouth. 
1893 Ellerman, Sir John Reeves, Bt. 12, Moor gate-street, E.C. 2. 
1892 * Elliot, Mrs. Amelia Margaret. 9, Idol-lane, E.C. 3. 

1911 Elliot, Miss Elizabeth Maule. Hotel des Trpis Courronnes, Ycrey, 

1913 Elliot, Gilbert, Esq. 23, Portman-sqnare, W.l. [Switzerland. 

1920 ! Elliot, Lt.-Col. Robert Henry, m.d., sc.d. 54, Welbcck -street, W. 1. 
1904 Elliott, Algernon, Esq., c.i.e. 41, Stanley-gardens, Hampstead. N.W.?,. 
1902 *Elliott, Sir Bignell George, k.b.e. Nor&ifield, North-hill, Highgate, N.6. 
1904 *Elliott, Ernest Arthur, Esq. 41, Chapel-park-road, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
1920 ' Elliott, Thomas Campbell, Esq. 73, Coleheme-eourt, S. W. 5. 

1909 Elliott, Dr. William Thomas, d.d.s., l.d.s. Arden Grange, Tanicorth-in- 

Anlen, Warwickshire. 
1919 Ellis, Augustus Frederick Guy, Esq. 17 ', Launceston-pl., Kensington. W. 8. 

Zoological Society of London. 


Year of 

Ellis, Herbert Willoughby, Esq. r F.E.S. 
N. W. 3. 

3, Lancaster-place, Belsize-park, 


Ellis, Mrs. Lulu. 3G, Elm-park-gardens, S.W. 10. 

Ellis, Dr. Martin Fraucis, m.a., l.r.c.p. Mevagissey, Cornwall. 

Ellis, Percival William, Esq. Ellesmere, Pyrford, Surrey. 

Ellis, Ralph Staples, Esq. 27, Oxford-square, W. 2. 

Ellis, Mrs. Sarah. Care of H. S. Hargrove, Esq., 16, Victoria-street, 

Ellis, Walter Devonshire, Esq. Colonial Office, Downing-street, S.W. 1. 
Ellissen, Mrs. Annie. Empress Club, Dover-street, W. 1. 
Ells, Dagnall George, Esq. Lloyd's, Royal Exchange, E.G. 3. 
Elphinstone, Kenneth Vaughan, Esq. Alum Chine-lodge, West cliff -road, 

Bournemouth, Eants. 
Elphinstone, Sidney Herbert, Lord. 6, Upper Brook-street, W. 1. 
Eltringham, Harry, Esq. Woodhouse, Stroud, Glos. 
Elvin, John William, Esq. St. Clare's, Rustington, Sussex. 
Elwes, Henry John, Esq., f.b.s., f.l.s. Colesborne, Cheltenham. 
Enfield, Edmund Henry, Viscount. Dancers-hill, Barnet, Herts. 
♦Ennismore, Major Richard Granville, Viscount. 14, Bryanston-square , 11'. 1. 
Ensor, Frederick George, Esq. 32, Sussex-jrface, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
Erroll, George Murison, Esq. 23, Belsizerroad, S. Hampstcad, N. W. 6. 
Erskine, David Charles Erskine, Esq. 33, Brompton-square , S. W. 3. 
Esdaile, Miss Philippa Chicheley, 28, Priory-rd., Hampstead, N. W. 6. 
Eshelby, Capt. Alan Douglas. 3, Orsett-terrace, Hyde-park, IT. 2. 
Esher, Eleanor, Viscountess. 2, Tilney-street, May fair, 11'. 1. 
Esmond, Frank, Esq. 81, Lee-road, Blacklieath, S.E. 3. 
Essex, Algernon George de Vere, Earl of. 72, Brook-street, W. 1. 
Essex, Percy Carew, Esq. 1, Ashburn-gardens, S. W. 7. 
Esson, Thomas Skene, Esq. 66, Queen-street, Edinburgh. 
Etheridge, Percival, Esq. Langham Hotel, Portland- place, W. 1. 
Etherington, Ivor, Esq. 8, Hampstead-hill-gardens, N.W. A. 

Etherton,Capt. Percy Thomas, i.a. (GarwhiU Rifles). Lansdowne, Oarhwal, 
United Provinces, India. (Dormant 1912.) 

Ettlinger, Joseph, Esq. 19, Park-square, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

Ettlinger, Mrs. Stella. 18, Hanover-terrace, Regent' s-park, N. W. 1. 

Eugenidi, Anastasius Demosthenes, Esq. 20, Por chaster-terrace, W. 2. 

Eumorfopoulos, Eustratio, Esq. Bullsvater-lodgc, Pirbright, Surrey. 

Eustis, George Peabody, Esq. Care of Messrs. J. S. Morgan & Co., 22, Old 

Broad-street, E.C. 2. 
♦Evans, Arthur Humble, Esq., m.a., m.b.o.u. 9, Harvey-road, Cambridge. 
Evans, Capt. James, m.c. (Welsh Guards). ( Dolau, Abcryshoith. 
Evans, Joseph Wilson, Esq. 63, Avenue-road, N.W. 8. 
Evans, Lewis, Esq., f.s.a., f.r.a.s. WitJieby, Sidmouih, Devon. 

Evans, Maurice Smethurst, Esq., c.m.<;. Hillcrest, Berca, Durban, Natal, 
South Africa. (Dormant 1'J13.) 

' Evans, Montague, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C. 3. 

(1533) * 

List of Fellows of the 


Evans, Peter Maclntyre, Esq. 29, Wcstbourne-terrace, Hyde-park, W. 2. 
Evans, Thomas Adam, Esq. 1G, Hornton-court, Kensington, W. 8. 
Evans, B.-Genl. William, c.m.g., d.s.o. 23, Gloucester-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Evans, Lt.-Col. William Harry, d.s.o., r.e. Care of D. G. Military Works. 
Simla, I)ulia. (Dormant 1920.) 

Eve, Herbert Frederick, Esq. Care of Messrs. Francis Hoivse & Eve, 3, 
Salters' -hall-court, Cannon-street, E.C.4. 

Eveleigh, Ernest Charles, Esq. Wilminster-park, Bemenham, Berks. 

Everest, Lancelot Fielding, Esq., ll.d. 52, Princes-square, Baystvater, W. 2. 

Ewart, Maj.-Gen. Sir Henry Peter, g.c.v.o., k.c.e. Wliite-Jiouse, Hythe, 

Ewart, Professor James Cossar, m.d., p.b.s., f.r.c.p. Tlu University, 

Edinburgh, N.B. 
Ewing, Humphrey Ewing Crum, Esq. 134, Wellington-street, Glasgow. 

Exeter, William Thomas Brownlow, Marquess of, c.m.g., c.b.e. Burghley, 

Exshaw, William, Esq., f.r.g.s. Villa Odessa, Arcachon, France. 

Eyre, Mrs. Barbara. 9, Wilbraham-place, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

Eyre, John William Henry, Esq., m.d., f.b.6. Guy's Hospital, St. Thomas's- 

street, S.E.I. 
Eyre, Lt.-Com. Reginald Francis, e.n. 94, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
Eyres, Mrs. Caroline. 104, Eaton-square, S. W. 1. 
*Eyton, Mrs. Isabel Morris-. Wood Eaton-manor, Stafford. 

Ezra, Alfred, Esq., o.b.e. Foxwarr en-park, Cobham, Surrey. (Council 1915- 
1920, 1921— > V.-P. 1916-1920). 

Ezra, David, Esq. Care of Alfred Ezra, Esq., o.b.e., Fox warren-park, 
Cobham, Surrey. (Dormant 1921.) 

Ezra, Ellice, Esq., m.b.e. Lock, Partridge-green, Sussex. 

Faber, Walter, Esq., c.b.e. Midwood, Christchurch-road, Bournemouth. 

Faichnie, Major Frederick George, 51, Campden-hill-square, W. 8. 

Fair, Henry, Esq. 7, Gerard-road, Harrow -on-the-Hill. 

Fairbank, Mrs. Florence Kathleen. 84, Harley-strect, W. 1. 

Fairfax of Cameron, Albert Kirby, Lord. 27, Old Burlington-street, W. 1. 

Fairman, Mrs. Sara. IX, Oval-road, Begent's-park, N.W. 1. 

Faithfull, Mrs. Hildred Barton-. 146, Portsdown-road, W. 9. 

Falconer, Julius Robert, Esq. Care of Mrs. Sakal, 89, Fellows-road, X. W. 3. 

Falconer, Mrs. Thomas Wentworth. Loder's-court, Bridport, Dorset. 

Falkner, Guy Roderick, Esq. Westbourne-house , Belton, Uppingham. 

Falmouth, Kathleen, Viscountess. 31, Curzon-street, W.l. 

^♦Fanshawe, Miss Alice E. J. Boadstead, Alum Chine-road, Bournemouth 
West, Hants. 

*Fantham, Prof. Harold Benjamin,, Zool. Dept., South African 
Scliool of Mines and Technology, Joliannesburg, S. Africa. 

Faringdon, Alexander, Lord. 18, Arlington-street, S. W. 1. 

Zoological Society of London. ',{ 


Farquliar, Eruilie, Lady. 7, Qroavenor-square, W. L. 

Farquhar, Lady Violet. 10, Warwick-square, S.W. 1. 

Farrer, Gaspard, Esq. 23, St. James' s-square , S.W. 1. 

Farrer, Capt. Gilbert. The Hollins, Luddenden, Yorks. 

Farrer, Lt.-Ool. Heury. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

Farwell, Christopher John Wickens, Esq. 7, Launceston-place, Kensing- 
ton, W. 8. 

Adolphus H., Esq. Clifford' s-liall, Wickhambrook, Newmarket, Cambs. 

Fauleoner, William Rudston, Esq. Bargarran, King's Langley, Herts. 

Faulkner, Charles Robert Nicoll, Esq. 7, Clifton-road, Maida-vale, W. 9. 
(Dormant 1912.) 

Favarger, Henri, Esq. 2, Balfour-place, Park-lane, W. 1. 

Faviell, Charles Victor, Esq. 58, Warrington-crescent, Maida-hill, IK 9. 

Fawcett, Frank, Esq. 

Fawcett, John, Esq., m.d. 66, Wimpole-street, W. 1. 

♦Fellowes. William Gordon, Esq. 17, Onsloiv-gardens, S.W.I. 

Feltham, Henry Louis Langley, Esq., b.a., f.e.s. P.O. Box, 46, Johannes- 
burg, Transvaal, British South Africa. (Dormant 1906.) 

Feneran, Lt.-Col. E. C. 2nd Battn. Nigeria Regt., Lokoja, W. Africa. 

Fenwick-Owen, Capt. George. 6, Chesham-street, Westminster, S.W.I. 

Fenwick, Herbert George, Esq. Temple Dinsley, Hitchin. 

Fenwick, Mrs. Mary. 22, Bruton-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 
*Ferguson, Lt.-Col. Algernon Francis Holford. Polebrook-hall, Ouv/lle. 

Ferguson, Mrs. Isabel Julia. 19, Carlyle-square, Chelsea, S. W. 3. 

Ferguson, Ivor Andrew Benyon, Esq. 92, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

♦Ferguson, John, Esq. 1, Gloucester-terrace, Regent' s-park, N. W. 1. 

Ferguson, Lt.-Col. John David, c.m.g., d.s.o., r.a.m.c. Care of Messrs. Hi It 
& Co. 3, Whitehall-place, S.W. 1 ; and 2, Ovington-street, S.W. 3.' 

Ferguson, Major Spencer Charles. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W. 1. 

♦Ferguson, Thomas, Esq. 2, Glengall-road, Kilburn, N.W. 6. 

Fergusson, Thomas, Esq. 26, Belsize-crescent, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

Fernie-Lunn, Basil Edward, Esq. Cairngall, Stroud, Glos. 

Ferrar, Benjamin Banks, Esq., b.a., m.d. Zoological Gardens, Dublin. 

Ferrier, Sir David,M.A.,M.D.,LL.D.,F.R.s.,F.R.C.P. 34, Cavendish-square, WA. 

Ferry, Cecil R., Esq. 17, Palace-court, Baysicater, W. 2. 

♦Ferryman, Lt.-Col. Augustus Ferryman Mockler-, f.r.g.s. St. John's House, 
Tavistock, !>■ run. 

Fetherston, James Mayfield, Esq. Sandhurst, Hutton, Essex. 

Field, Alfred John Gordon-, Esq. Pindenioya, Addlestone, Surrey. 

Field, Edward Percy Faure, Esq. Hazelwood, Dunton-green, Sevenoaks, 

Field, Miss Hilda Catherine. 5, Culford-gardens, Chelsea, S. W. 3. i KeKt - 
♦Fielden, John Ashton, Esq. Holmewood, Peterborough, Northamptonshire . 

Fielden, Lt. Arthur Nicholas, r.n.v.r. Condover-hall, Shreicsbury. 

Fighiera, Felix, Esq. Arborfield, Wimbledon-park- road, Wimbledon, S.W. 19. 

Finch, Arthur John, Esq., m.a., ll.b. 87, Fellows-road, Hampstead, N. W. 3, 
(1607) E 2 

List of Fellows of the 


Finch, Frederick Yates, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C.S. 

Finch, Lieut. Harold Bingley, r.a.s.c. Arundel, Prospect-road, Sltanklin, 

Isle of Wight. 
*Finlay, Lt.-Col. Alexander. 9, Cavendish-square, W.l. 
Finlay, Douglas Edward, Esq., m.e. Wells Dene, Park-road, Gloua. 
Finlayson, Christie, Esq., f.r.b.s. 24, Primrose-hill-road, N. W. 3. 
Finlinson, Horace William, Esq. 5, Rosamund-road, Bedford. 
**Finn, Frank, Esq., b.a. Care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co., 54, Parliament- 
street, S.W. l. 
Firth, Col. Sir Robert, k.b.e., c.b. 4, Canfield-house, Finchley road, 

N. W. 3. 
Fischel, Leopold Marcus, Esq. 10, Fitzjohn 's-avenue, N. W. 3. 
Fish, Frederic James Leonard, Esq. Stoncyhurst, Bexley-heath , Kent. 
Fisher, Mrs. Amelia Florence. 28, Hanover-house, Regent 1 s-park, N. W. 8. 
Fisher, Capt. Ernest, r.b. Gordon-mount, The Peth, Durham. 
Fisher, Gordon, Esq. Queen Anne' s-mansions, St. James' s-park, S.W. 1. 
Fisher, Commander Sir Thomas, k.b.e. (late b.n.). 103, Sloane-street, S. W. 1. 
Fisher, William Forbes, Esq. 67, Grosvenor-street, W.l. 
Fisher.Capt. William Laurence Thompson, Burgh-house, Fleggburgh, Norfolk. 
*FisoD, Sir Frederick William, Bt., m.a. Boarzcll, Hurst-green, Sussex. 

Fitch, Deputy Surgeon-General Richard Aubrey, r.n. Junior United Service 

Club, Charles-street, St. James's, S.W.I. 
FitzGerald, Major Edward Arthur. 38, Green-street, Park-lane, W. 1. 
FitzGerald, The Hon. Evelyn Charles. 13, Little Grosvenor-street, W. 1. 
FitzGerald, Lady Lily Catherine. 75, South Audlcy-sireet, W. 1. 
Fitzgerald, William Walter Augustine, Esq., d.l., j.p. Carrigoran, New- 

markct-on-Fergus, Co. Clare, Ireland. 
FitzSimons, Frederick William, Esq. Director of Tlie Museum,Port Elizabeth, 

Cape Colony, South Africa. (Dormant 1901.) 
FitzSimons Mrs. Henrietta. The Museum, Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony, 

South Africa. (Dormant 1921.) 

Fitzwilliam, Lady Mary. Wigganthorpe, York. 

*Fitzwilliam, William Charles de Meuron Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, Earl, 
K.c.v.o., D.8.O. 4, Grosvenor-square, W.l. 

Fitzwilliams, Major Cuthbert Collingwood. 8, Thorney -court, Kensington, 

Fleischmann, Louis, Esq. 59, Brook-ttreet, W. 1. 
Flemming, Percy, Esq., m.d., f.r.c.s. 70, Harley-street, W. 1. 
Fletcher, Mrs. Frances Mary Fitzroy-. Letham-grange, near Arbroath , N.B. 
Fletcher, Harold Molyneux, Esq. High Pastures, Mossley-road, Liverpool. 
♦Fletcher, James Douglas, Esq. 31, Hertford-street, May fair, W.l. 
Fletcher, Mrs. Jane. 13, Ladbrook-terrace, W. 11. 
Fletcher, John Herbert, Esq. Langlca, Hipperholme, Torks. 
*Fletcher, Sir John Samuel, m.a., m.p., j.p. 4, College-villas, Finchlcy- 

road, N.W.8. 
1909 Fletcher, Thomas Bainbrigge, Esq. Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, 

Beliar, Bengal, India. (Dormant 1911.) 


Zoological Society of London. 

Vh«1 nf " 

Election (1643) 

1890 ' *Flotcber, William Holland Ballett, Esq. Aldwick Manor, Bognor, Sussex. 
1898 Flint, The Venerable Stamford Rallies, m.a. (Archdeacon of Cornwall and 
Honorary Canon of Truro). Nansaivsan, Ladock, Cornwall. 
Floersheim, Cecil Louis Ferdinand, Esq. 16, Kensington-court-mansions, W.8. 
"♦Flower, Georgiana Rosetta, Lady. 7, Carlyle-mansions, Cheyne-u-alk, 
Flower, John, Esq. The Bungalow, Burnley-in-Wharfdale, Yorks. 
Flower, Newman, Esq. Idchurst, Scvenoaks, Kent. 
Flower, Ralph Wiekham, Esq. 1, The Grove, The Boltons, S.W. 10. 

♦Flower, Major Stanley Smyth, o.b.e. Kcdah-house, Zoological-gardens, 
Ghieeh, Cairo, Egypt. 

Fliigel, John Carl, Esq. 11, Albert-road, N. W. 1. 

Foran, Major W. R. Care of " Tlui Rangoon Times." P.O. Box 110, 
Rangoon, Burma. (Dormant 1921.) 

"♦Forbes, Henry Ogg, Esq., ll.d. 5, Ilchester-gardens, Bayswater, W.2. 

Forbes, Major Patrick William. The Hollies, Salisbury, Wilts. 

Ford, James Francis, Esq. 24, Lansdowne-road, Holland-park, W. 11. 

Foreman, Mrs. Frances Ann. Hotel Burlington, Dover. 

Forester, Capt. Francis William. Saxelbye-2Kirk, Melton Mowbray, Lcicester- 

shire - [Kent. 

Forester, Lt.-Col. George Cecil Beaumont, Lord. Rose-bank, Birchington, 

Forestier- Walker, Mrs. Nora Jacintha. Cottles, Melkshatn, Wilts. 
♦Forster, Richard Carnaby, Esq. Vasteme-manor, Wootlon Bassctt, Wilts. 

Forteviot, John Alexander, Lord. Dupplin-castle, Perthshire, N.B. 
♦Fortune, Riley, Esq. 22, Ripon-road, Harrogate. 

Foster, Capt. Arthur W r illiam. 89, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Foster, Charles Percival, Esq. Woodside, Frant, Sussex. 

Foster, Harold BeviDgton, Esq. 34, Dover-street, W. 1. 
♦Foster, Harold Duncan, Esq. 43, Queen' s-road, Regent' ' s-park, N.W. 8. 
♦Foster, John Armstrong, Esq., f.r.h.s. Chestwood, near Barnstaple. 

Foster, Ludovic Godfrey, Esq. Ill, Gloucester-place, W. 1. 

Foster, Robert Lionel, Esq^ Park-house, Queensbury, Bradford, Yorks. 

Foster, William, Esq. 39, Colvillc-gardens, Bayswater, W. 11. 

Foster, William Frederick, Esq. 4, Raymond' s-buildings, Gray's-inn, W.C. 1. 

Foster-Marner, Christopher, Esq. " The Palladium," 7, Argyll-street, W. 1. 

Fothergill, Lt.-Col. Sidney Roden. Lowbridge, Kendal, Westmorland. 

Fowler, Alfred, Esq. 26, Gilbert-street, Grosvenor-sguare, W. 1. 

Fowler, George Herbert, Esq., c.b.e., b.a., ph.D. Tlie Old House. Aspley 
Guise, Beds. 

Fowler, George Merrick, Esq., c.m.g. The Manor-house, Horspath, Oxford. 

Fowler, Sir James Kingston, k.c.v.o., c.m.g., m.d., f.r.c.p. 35, Clarges- 
street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Fox, Arthur William, Esq. 12, Stratton-street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Fox, Charles James, Esq. Wayside, Chipstead, Surrey. 

Fox, Miss Elsie. 5, De Walden-court, New Cavendish-street, W. 1. 

Fox, George, Esq. 47, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

Fox, Walter St. John, Esq., o.b.e. 2, Cockspur-street, S.W. 1. 


Lis/ of Felloivs of the 


. Wilfrid Stephen, Esq. 63, Grosvenor-strect, W. 1. 
Foy, Walter, Esq. 3, Down-street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

is, Augustus Claude, Esq. Ankpa, via Lokoja and Lagos, Northern 
Nigeria. (Dormant 1916.) 

Francis, Daniel, Esq. Tati-house, 21, Lindfield-gardens, South Hamp- 

stead, N.W.8. 
Francis, Edward Howard, Esq., m.a. Care of the London & County Bank, 

Guildford. (Dormant 1913.) 

♦Francis, Francis, Esq. Junior Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W.I. \~\VC 2 
Francis, George Bishop, Esq. Constitutional Club, Northumberland-avenue, 

♦Francis, Richard Taunton, Esq. Fairhaven, Purley, Surrey. 
Francklin, Edward, Esq. Gonalston-hall, Nottingham. 

♦Francklyn, Charles G., Esq. Knickerbocker Club, 319, Fifth-avenue, New 

York, U.S.A. 
Frank, Sir Howard George, k.c.b. Rusthall, Wimbledon-common, S.W. 19. 
Frank, Robert, Esq. 7, St. Leonards-terrace, Chelsea, S. W. 1. 
Franks, William Temple, Esq., c.b. 46, Westminster-mansions, S.W. 1. 
Franklin, Arthur Ellis, Esq. 35, Porchester-terrace, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Fraser, Mrs. Catherine Monkhouse Rae-. Care of The London & South 
Western Bank, Watford. 

Fraser, Mrs. Clara. 55, Warwick-square, S.W.I. 

Fraser, Claude, Esq. 12, Cresivell-gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 7. 

Fraser, Miss Elizabeth A. Pasturc-wood-house, Abinger-common, Surrey. 

Fraser, Sir John Foster. 35, Regent' s-park-road, N. W. 1. 

Fraser, Mrs. Theodora Lovett. Castle Fraser, Kemnay, Aberdeen, N.B. 

Fraser, William, Esq. 15, Ardilaun-road, Highbury-park, N. 5. 

Frederick, Nicholas, Esq. Victoria Hotel, Northumberland-avenue, W.C. 2. 

Freed, Sydney Russell Fredericks, Esq. 5, Hanover-road, College-park, 
N.W. 10. 

Freeman, Miss Adelaide C. Queen Anne's-mans., St. James' 1 s-park, S.W. 1. 

Freeman, Donald George, Esq. 56, Elsioor thy -road, N. W. 3. 
♦Freeman, John, Esq., m.d. 30, Devonshire-place, Portland-place, W. 1. 
♦Freeman, John Joseph, Esq. Halliford-on- Thames, Shepperton, Middlesex. 

Freeman, Mrs. Kathleen N. 

Freeth, Harold Francis, Esq. Cheyleswood, Langley-park, Mill Hill, 

French, Lt.-Col. Arthur Harwood, d.s.o. 8, Walton-street, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

French, Herbert, Esq., m.d. f.b.c.p. 62, Wimpole-street, W. 1. 

French, James George, Esq. The Menagerie, SaanicJi-road, Victoria, B.C., 
Canada. (Dormant 1909.) 

French, John Gay, Esq. 135, Harley-strect, W. 1. 

Frere, Mrs. Adelaide Mary. 54, Dorset-road, Old Bexhill, Sussex. 

Frere, Major Allan Gray. Care of Messrs. Thomas Cook tf- Son, Bombay, 
India. (Dormant 1921.) 

♦Frere, Laurie, Esq. Twy ford-house, Bishop's Stortford, Herts. 

Frere, Lionel Robert Temple, Esq. 45, Ladbroke-square, Notting-hill, W. 11. 

Freudentbal, Jacob, Esq. 52, Eaton-avenue, Havcrstock-hill, N.W. 3. 

Zoological Society of London. 55 

1 ■ " "f i,-~..\ 
election (1721) 


Frew, Garth Campbell, Esq. 60, Portbind -court, Gt. Portland-street, W. 1. 

Freytag, Charles Otto, Esq. Olden, Nordfjord, Norway. 
♦Frick, Mrs. Winifred M. L. Oliver-. ; 2, Freeland-road, Ealing, W. 5. 
•Fripp, Lady Margaret Scott. 19, Portland-place, W. 1. 

Frisby, George, Esq. Ktiight Thorpe-road, Loughborough. 

Frost, H. Fletcher, Esq. Assistant Game Warden, Game Dept., Nairobi, 
Kenya Colony. 

Frost, J. Kollar, Esq. 41, Castelnau, Barnes, S.W. 13. 

Fry, John, Esq. The Grove, Southwark-strect, S.E.I. 

Fry, John, Esq. 1, Clarence-terrace, RegenVs-park, N. W. 1. 

Fudge, Thomas Carnhuanawc, Esq. 6d, Bickenhall-mansions, It'. 1. 

Fuerst, Max, Esq. 40, Lombard-street, E.G. 3. 

Fuller, Capt. Cyril Thomas Moulden, c.b., c.m.g., d.s.o., r.n. The Admiralty, 

Whitehall, S.W.I. 
Fuller, Frederick, Esq. 9, Staple-inn, Ilolborn, W.G.I. 
*Fuller, Henry Julian, Esq. 37, Aber corn-place, St. John's-icood, N.W. 8. 
Fullerton, Capt. Arthur George, r.n., Bramley, Shanklin, I. of Wight. 
Fullerton, Aubrey Laurence, Esq. 2, St. John' s-ioood-park , N. W. 8. 

Fullerton, Col. John Davidson, f.r.g.s. (late r.e.) 172, Gloucester-terrace, 
Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Furnell, William, Esq. 56, Mil!on-road, Belvedere, Kent. 

Furness, George Japaes, Esq., j.p. Roundivood-house, Willcsdcn, N.W. 10. 

Furness, The Hon. Lady Jane. 21, G rosvenor-square, W. 1. 

Gadow, Dr. Hans, m.a., Ph.D., f.r.s. Cleramendi, Great Shclford, near 

Gair, Walter Burgh, Esq. Kestrel-grove, Bushey -heath, Herts. 

Galbraith, Maxwell Aidan, Esq. St. Martin's, Beckenham, Kent. 

Galbraith, Mrs. Katharine Robina. The Barony, Dumfries, NM. 

Gale, Ronald, Esq. 145, Cannon-street, E.C.i. 

Galloway, Bertie Ironside, Esq. 41, Stapletqn-hall-road , Stroud -green, N. 4. 

Galloway, Col. William Johnson. 36, Portman-sq., W. 1. 

Galpin, Ernest, Esq. Lloyd's, Royal Exchange, E.C.3. 

G&lton, Howard Douglas Leonard, Esq. 52, Brompton-square, S.W.3. 

Gamble, Prof. Frederick William,, f.r.s. Scarfields-house, Alvechurch , 

Gamburg, Hugo Ferdinand, Esq. 23 Lancastcr-gate-terracc, W.2. 

Gane, Lawrence C, Esq. 97, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 

Ganne, Mrs. Alice Elizabeth. 10a, Clifton-villas, Warwick-avenue. W. 9. 

Gardiner, Robert S., Esq. 39, Lombard-street, E.G. 3. 

Gardiner, Sidney, Esq. Drake' s-f arm, Neasden-lane, Neasden, N.W. 10. 

Gardner, Algernon Charles Wyndham Dunn, Esq. Denston-hall, Newmarket. 

Gardner, Harold Leslie, Esq. Croxted-lwuse, Wesl Dulwich, S.E. 21. 


56 List of Fellows of the 

-i (1758) 
1868 Gardner, Sir James Tynte Agg-, m.p. Eve sham-house, Cheltenham. 

1908 Gardner, John Valentine, Esq. Care of Tim Piccadilly Hotel, Regent-street, 

1917 Garland, Charles Tuller, Esq. 26, Grosvenor- street, W. 1. 

1914 Garland, Thomas Vezey, Esq. 16, Redington-road, Hampstcad, N.W.3. 

1911 Garlant, Miss Edith. 14, St. Loo-mansions, Cheyne-gardens, S.W. 3. 

1910 Garle, Henry Ernest, Esq. 44, St. James' s-place, S.W. 1. 

1910 Garnett, Charles, Esq. 3, Whitehall-court, S.W. 1. 

1910 *Garnett, Mrs. Margaret Lucy Maxwell-. Westfield, Victoria-park, 

1910 Garratt, Julius, Esq. 43, Portland-road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
1900 Garratt, Samuel, Esq. 13, Nottingham-place, W. 1. 

1918 Garrod, Edward Keartland, Esq. The Limes, Arundel-road, Eastbourne. 

1908 Garside, Frederick, Esq. 17, Eaton-place, S.W.I. 

1893 *Garstang, Prof. Walter, m.a., The University, Leeds. 

1905 Garstin, Sir William Edmund, g.c.m.g., g.b.e. 17, Welbeck-house, Wigmore- 

street, W. 1. 

1876 Gascoigne, Lt.-Col. Richard Frederick Thomas, d.s.o. (late Royal Horse 
Guards). Lotherton-hall, Abcrford, Leeds. 

1911 Gask, George Ernest, Esq., f.e.c.s. i, York-gate, N.W.I. 

1909 Gaskell, Thomas Penn, Esq. Care of The London Joint Stock Bank, 

Victoria-street, S. W. 1. 

1907 Gatti, John Maria, Esq. 4, Cambridge-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W.l. 
1921 Gaunt, Launcelot Evelyn, Esq. Courtmead, Forest-row, Sussex. 

1919 Gauntlett, Harry Leon, Esq. f.b.c.s. 45, Hotham-road, Putney, S.W. 15. 
1887 *Gawen, Charles Gawen Roberts, Esq. Sharnbrook-house, Sharnbrook, Beds. 

1895 Geffcken, Arthur Woldemar, Esq. f.l.s. Wyandotte, Knowles-hill, Newton 

Abbot, South Devon. 

1914 Geiger, Capt. Frank Gordon. Care of The London County, Westminster 
and Parr's Bank, 21, Hanover-square, W. 1. 

1866 Geiselbrecht, John Christopher, Esq. Beechdalc, Lee, S.E. 12. 

1896 Gelardi, Gustav Csesare Edward, Esq. The Grand-hotel, Folkestone, Kent. 

1913 Gellatly, Mrs. Katherine. 8, Kent-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

1911 Gemmill, James Fairlie, Esq., m.a.,, m.d. The University College, 
Dundee, N.B. 

1913 Geoghegan, Francis, Esq. 64, Parliament-hill, Hampstcad, N.W. 3. 
1911 Gerrard, Thomas, Esq. "36, Cantlowes-road, Camden- square, N.W. 1. 

1908 Gerstley, James, Esq. 1, Upper Grosvenor-street , W. 1. 

1902 Gibbings, Major Henry Cornwall Cotton. Southwood-park-housc, Hargrave, 
Bury St. Edmunds. 

1906 *Gibbins, William Bevington, Esq., m.b.o.u. Ettington, Stratford-on-Avon, 

1919 *Gibbons, Lt.-Col. Sir Walter, k.b.e. 1, Hanover-terrace, N.W. 1. 
1919 Gibbs, George Abraham, Esq., c.b.e., m.p. 22, Belgrave-square, S.W. 1. 

1914 Gibbs, Mrs. Joanna Donaldson. 107, Marine-parade, Sussex. 
1908 Gibbs, John Arthur, Esq. 20, Cleveland-gardens, Hyde-park, W. 2. 
1917 Gibbs, Miss Marjorie Eileen. Houndspath, St. Albans, Herts. 


Zoological Society of London. :"i7 


Gibson, Alfred, Esq. Durrant's Hotel, Mayichester -square, W. 1. 
Gibson, Mrs. Cecilia. 10, Blomficld-court, Maida Vale, W. 9. 
Gibson, Edwin Herbert, Esq. University Museum, Dunedin, New Zealand. 

Gibson, Herbert, Esq. Estancia, Bella-vista, Cachari F.C.S., Buenos 

Gibson, The Rev. Thomas William, m.a. 29, Linden-gardens, Bayswater, 


Giddins, Charles Sydney, Esq., j.p. 15, Titchfield-terrace, N.W.8. 

Giffard, Edward Walter, Esq. 13, Chesham-place, S. W. 1. 
*Gilbertson, Edmond, Esq. 13, Bloomsbury-square,W.C. 1. 

Gilbey, Southard, Esq, 2, Westboume-terrace, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Gilbie, Mrs. Edith. 57, Springfield-road, St. John's-wood, N. IF. 8. 
♦Gilchrist, Percy Carlyle, Esq., f.r.s. Reform Club, Pall-mall, S.W.I. 

Giles, Arthur Brooks, Esq. 1, Upper George-street, Bryanston-squa re, II". 1. 

Gill, Arthur Bernard, Esq. The Willows, Wargrave, Berks. 

Gill, James John, Esq. 23, Ghilworth-street, Paddington, W. 2. 

Gillespie, Thomas Haining, Esq.- (Director-Secretary Zoological Society of 
Scotland.) Corstorphine-hill-Jtouse, Murrayfield, Edinburgh 

Gillett, Frederick William Alfred Herbert, Esq. Cheriton-house, Kippington, 
Sevenoaks, Kent. (Council 1903-07, 1907-1912, 1913-1914, as V.P. 
1906-07, 1908-09, 1911-12.) 

*Gillett, William, Esq. Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S. W. 1. 

Gilliat, Charles Robert, Esq. Duffield, Stoke-green, Slough. 

Gilliat, Lt.-Col. John Babington, d.s.o. Frogmore-hall, Hertford. 

Gilliat, John Francis Grey, Esq. 7, Crosby-square, E.C. 3. 

Gillilan, William, Esq. 6, Palace-gate, Kensington, W. 8. 

*Gillott, Alfred Joseph, Esq. 9, Cavendish-square, W. 1, 

Gilmour, Brig.-Genl. Robert Gordon Gordon-, c.v.o., c.b., d.s.o. Inch- 
Iwuse, Liberton, Midlothian, N.B. 

♦Gilstrap, Major John MacRae. Baltimore, Otter Ferry, Argyllshire. 

Girardot, Edmond David, Esq. 26, Park-mansions, Knightsbridge, S.W. I. 

Gittens, Charles Henry, Esq. 24, RegenV ' s-park-road, N. W. 1. 

Gittens, John Herbert, Esq. 6, George-street, Richmond, Surrey. 

Giveen, Richard Lockwood, Esq. Colet-court, Hammersmith-road, W. 6. 

Gladstone, Arthur Steuart, Esq. Wallingtoyis, Hungerford, Berks. 

Gladstone, Hugh Steuart, Esq., m.a., f.r.s.e., m.b.o.u. Capenoch, Tlwrnhill, 
Dumfriesshire, N.B. (Council 1916-1921.) 

♦Gladstone, Capt. Sir John Robert, Bt. Glendye-lodge, Banchory, N.B. 
Gladstone, John Steuart, Esq. Nanhurst, Cranleigh, Surrey. 
Gladstone, Reginald John, Esq., m.d., f.r.c.s. 22, Regent 's-park-tcrr v/c , 

Glascock, Lancelot Colin, Esq., m.y.o. East India United Service Club, 
S.W.I. (Dormant 1921.) 

Glasgow, Arthur Graham, Esq. 36, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

Glasson, Arthur Wharton, Esq., a.r.i.b.a. 5, Madrid-road, Barnes, S. W. 15. 

Glegg, William Edwin, Esq. The House, Albion-brewery, Whitechapel- 
road, E. 1. 



List of Fellows of the 


Gleiohen, Maj.-Gen. The Lord Edward Wilfred, K.C.V.O., c.b., c.m.g., d.8.0. 

35, Catlwrine-sfnet, S.W.I. 
Glon, Alexander, Esq., k.c. 4, Regent' s-pcvrk-terr act, N. W. 1. 
Glenarthur, Matthew, Lord. Fullarton, Troon, Ayrshire, N.B. 
Glendining, Bcydew, Esq. Woodcote, Asplry Guise, Beds. 
Glossop, Capt. Bertram, c/o Messrs. Cox d Co., 16, Charing -cross, S.W. 1. 
Glover, Cedric Howard, Esq. 35, Albert-road, Regent' s-park, N. W. 8. 
Giover, Sir Ernest William. 96, North-gate, N. IT. ft. 
♦Glover, Lt.-Col. William Reid, c.m.g., d.s.o. 68, Dartmouth-park-road, 
Glyi). Col. Geoffrey Carr, c.m.g., d.s.o., m.v.o. 54, Curzon-street, W.'l. 
Goddard, John Theodore, Esq. 47, Connaught-square, W. 2. 
Godley, The Hon. Hugh John. 9, Bridge-street, Westminster, S.W. 1. 
Godsal, Edward Hugh, Esq. Great Mead, Wokinghajn, Berks. 
♦Godson, Miss Mary Elizabeth. 3, Hans-crescent, Sloane-street, S.W. 1. 
Godwin, Harry, Esq. 63, Wool Exchange, Colcman-street, E.C. 2. 
Goetze, Sigismund, Esq. Grove-house, Park-road, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
Goff, Charles Walter, Esq. 27, Woburn-square, W.C. 1. 
Goffe, Ernest George Leopold, Esq., m.d., m.r.c.s. 10, High-street, Kingston- 
on-Thames, Surrey. , 
Gold, Argo, Esq. 31, Gloucester-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 
Gold, Sir Charles, d.l., j.p. The Limes, Stanstcd, Essex. 
Gold, Charles, Esq. 3, Park-square-west, Regent' s-park, N. W. 1. 
Golding-Bird, The Rev. Dr. Golding, d.d.,f.b.g.s.,p.r.hist.s. St. Andrew's 

Vicarage, Stoke Newington, N. 16. 
Goldman, John, Esq. Walpole-house, The Mall, Chiswick, W.A. 
Goldschmidt, Lt.-Col. Ernest. 90, Whitehall-court, S.W. 1. 
Goldsmith, Edward, Esq. 10, Connaught-square, Hyde-park, W.2. 
Goldstein, Oscar, Esq. 18, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 
Goldsworthy, Mrs. Mary Emma. 33, Wynnstay-gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 
Golitzin, Emma C, The Princess. 17, Grove-end-road, N. W. 8. 
*Gollan, Donald Herbert Louis, Esq. Bath Club, 34, Dover-street, W. 1. 
Gompertz, Miss Mary T. Teignmouth, South Devon. 

*Gooch, Sir Thomas Vere Sherlock, Bt. Benacre-hall, Wrentham, Wangford, 
Goodall, Dr. Edward Wilberforce, o.b.e., m.d. Bartram-lodge, Fleet-road, 

Hampstead, N. W. 3. x 

*Goodbody, Dr. Francis Woodcock. 6, Chandos-street, Cavendish-square, W.l. 
Goodchild, Frederick James, Esq. 7, Oppidans-rd., South Hampstead, N. U".3 
Goodfellow, Walter, Esq. The Poplars, Kettering, Northampton. (Dormant 
Goodhart, George Elijah, Esq. 50, Primrose-hill-road, N.W. 3. 
♦Goodrich, Edwin Stephen, Esq., M.A., f.k.s. University Musetun, Oxford. 
Goodson, William Henry, Esq., m.r.c.s. 60, Leytonstone-road, Stratford, 
■ Gordon, Mrs. Alice Elise. Woodlands, Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. 
Gordon, Charles Shipley, Esq. Bowcrdenan, Merton-park, Surrey. 

Zoological Society of London. 


*Gordon, Douglas Charles Lindsay, Esq. Fulbrook-house, Elstead, Godalming, 

*Gordon, John Wilton, Esq. 20, Chester ford gardens, Frognal, N.W. 3. 

Gordon, Lucy, Lady Duff-. 2:2, Lennox-gardens, Pont-street, S.W. 1. 

Gordon, Capt. Robert Wolrige. Esselmont, Ellon, Aberdeenshire. 

Gordon, Seton Paul, Esq. Auchintoul, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, N.B. 

♦Gordon, William John, Esq. 25, Whitworth-road, South Norwood, S.E. 25. 

Gore, Lieut. Reginald Edward, R.N. Care of The Provincial Bank of Ire- 
land, Ennis, co. Clare. 

Goschen, Col. George Joachim, Viscount, c.b.e. 25, Rutland-gate, S.W.I. 

Gosohen, The Hon. William Henry. 47, Cadogan-gardens, SAY. 3. 

Goschen, William Henry Nevill, Esq. 12, Austin- friars, E.C. 2. 

Gosford, Archibald Brabazon Sparrow., Earl of, k.p. 24, Hyde-park- 
gardens, 11'. _. 

Goslett, Edward Maynard William, Esq. 9, Park-squarc-uxst, N.W. 1. 

Gosling, Edward Lambert, Esq. 113, Mount-street, W. 1. 

Gosling, Francis, Esq. Rushmore, Lcighton Buzzard. 

♦Gosling, Capt. William Sullivan. Guards 1 Club, Brook-street, W. 1. 

Gosse, Dr. Philip Henry George, r.a.m.c. Savile Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Gossell, Otto, Esq. St. Catherine's, 5, Eton-avenue, Haverstock-hill, N. II". 3. 

Gough, The Hon. Mrs. Hilda Eva. 13, Grosvenor -place, S.W.I. 

Gould, Sir Alfred Pearce, k.c.v.o., f.e.c.b., l.b.c.p. 10,Quecn Anne-street, W.l. 

Gould, Mrs. Edith Lucy. 13, Alexandra-court, Queen' s-gate, S.W. 7. 

Gould, Francis H. Carruthers, Esq. Matham Manor-house, East Molescy, 

Govindan, Valivaveetil, Esq., b.a. Government Fisheries, Madras, India. 
(Dormant 1911.) 

Gow, Miss Ada. 26, Clarence-gate-gardens, N. W. 1. 

Gow, Allan Bruce, Esq. 66, Compayne-gardens, Kilburn, N.W. 6. 

Gow, Charles, Esq. 36, Grove-cnd-road, St. John's-ivood, N.W. 8. 

Gow, Mrs. Ruth. 23, Lambolle-road, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

Gowdey, Carlton Cragg, Esq.,, f.b.s. 116, Pleasant-street, Amherst, 
Mass., U.S.A. (Dormant 1912.) 

Gowland, Thomas, Esq. Pencraig, Dollis-park, Finchley, N. 3. 

Grace, James William, Esq. Horringes-court, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Grace, Mrs. Margarita A. 40, Belgrave-squarc, S.W. 1. 

Graeme, Robert Seton, Esq. B 5, Albany, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Grafton, Alfred, Esq. 10, Park-avenue, South-port, Lanes. 

Grafton, Susanne Mary, Duchess of. 6, Chesterfield-gardens, Mayfavr, W. 1. 

Graham, Archibald Knightley, Esq. Airthrey Castle, Bridge of Allan, N.B. 

Graham, Charles, Esq. 20, Great St. Helens, E.C. 3. [(Dormant L913.) 

Graham, Douglas William, Esq. Hilston-park, Monmouth. 

Graham, Mrs. Eva. Hallowdene, Hythe, Kent. 
♦Graham, Dr. John Campbell. St. Agnes, Bishopstoke, Hants. 

Graham, Percy N., Esq. 183, St. James' s-court, Buckingham-gate, S.W. 1. 

Graham, Reginald, Esq. Cumberland-house, Acacia-road, Acton, W. 3. 

GO List of Fellows of the 

Y.rir ,,f -._... 

1906 Graham, sir Richard James, Bt. 88, North-gate, Regent's park, N.W.fS. 
1912 Grainger, Henry Herbert LiddLe-, Esq. A yton Castle, Ay ton, Berwickshire. 

1912 Granard, The Rt. Hon. Bernard Arthur, The Earl of, k.p., p.c. Forbes-lwusc , 

Ealkin-street, S.W.I. 

1906 Granby, John Henry Montagu, Marquess of, p.s.a. 87, Avenue-road, 

Regent' s-park, N.W.8. 

1911 Granet, Sir (William) Guy. Grange-court, Chigwell, Essex. 
1920 Granger, Sir Thomas Colpitts. 25, Lower Bclgrave-street, S.W. 1. 
1920 Grant Alexander, Esq. Moray-house, Redington-gardens, N.W. 3. 
1918 "Grant. Lt.-Col. Sir Arthur, Bt. House of Monymusk, Aberdeenshire. 

1907 Grant, Claude Henry Baxter, Esq. Sports Club, St. James' s-square, S.W.I. 

(Dormant 1917.) 

1913 Grant, Dr. Dundas. 40a, Devonshire-street, Portland-place, W.l. 

1916 Grant, George Filmer, Esq., m.b. 194, Brixton-road, S. W. 9. 
1894 *Grant, Major James. Glen Grant, Rothes, Elgin, N.B. 

1901 *Grant, James Augustus, Esq. 32, Eaton-place, S.W. 1. 

1903 Grant James William Hamilton, Esq. Carron-house,Carron,Strathspey,N.B. 

1913 Grant, Capt. Stuart Colquhoun, o.b.e. Care of Messrs. Coutts & Co., 
440, Strand, W.C. 2. 

1902 Grant, William Robert Ogilvie-, Esq. Farley-cottage, Farley, Reading. 

(Council 1905-10, 1911-16.) 
1920 Grapel, Francis Gaspar, Esq. Whitehall-house, London-road, Thornton- 

1912 Graves, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth. 9, Rue des Saints Pires, Paris. 

1906 Graves, Mrs. Gertrude Maud. Care of The London City and Midland 
Bank, Old Bond-street, W. 1. 

1920 Graves, Capt. Harry, b.a. 15, Langdon-park-road, Highgate, N. 6. 

1920 Graves, William Latimer, Esq. 136, Fellows-road, Swiss Cottage, N.W.3. 

1892 *Gray, Miss Annie St. John. 30, Gordon-place, Kensington, W. 8. 

1920 Gray, Archibald Montague Henry, Esq., c.b.e., m.d., f.r.c.p., f.r.c.s. 

2, Co?npayne-Gardens, Hampstead, N.W. 6. 

1918 Gray, George Gordon, Esq. Deansbrook Poultry Farm, Tnaxted, Essex. 

1899 Gray, Major William Anstruther-, m.p. Kilmany, Cupar, Fife, N.B. 

1888 Graystone, Sidney Wynn, Esq., b.a. 10, Cavendish-square, W. 1. 

1918 Grazebrook, Capt. William. Hollywood, Fassett-road, Kingston-on-Thames. 
(Dormant 1919.) 

1921 Greatorex, Clifford Willey, Esq, 114, Gateford-road, Worksop, Notts. 

1910 Green, Mrs. Anna Burnel-. Upland-hall, London-road,Forest-hiU, S.E. 23. 
1906 Green, Edward Ernest, Esq. Ways-end, Beech-avenue, Camberley, Surrey. 

1917 Green, Edward William, Esq. Blackwall-yard, E. 14. 

1920 Green, Francis William, Esq., f.s.a. Treasurer' s-lwuse, York. 
1916 Green, George Winfield, Esq. 44, Copthall-avenue, E.C.2. 
1886 Green, Joseph Fletcher, Esq. 38, Pont-street, S.W. 1. 

1918 Green, Miss Margaret Fleming. 3, Endsleigh-gardens, N.W. 1. 
1918 Green, Neal, Esq. Holbcck-Jwusc, near Horncastlc, Lincolnshire. 

1921 Green, Roland, Esq. 84, Elgin-road, Seven Kings, Essex. 
1896 *Green, Thomas Lampard, Esq. 


Zoological Society of London. Gl 


Greene, Sir William Graham, k.c.b. 11, Park-lane, II'. l. 
Greening, Linnaeus, Esq., f.l.s. Fairlight, Qrappenhall, Cheshire. 
Greenless, Samuel, Esq. 8, Wilton-place, S.W.I. 

♦Greenly, Major-Gen. Walter He-worth, c.b., c.m.g., d.s.o. (19th Hussars). 
Travellers' Club, Pall-mall, S.W.I. 

*Greenway, Joseph, Esq. Care of Messrs. Ryland, 59, Edijware-road, II*. 2. 

Greg, Major John. 5, Sussex-square, W. 2. 
♦Gregory, Sir John Roger Burrow. 1, Bedford-row, W.C. 1. 

Grenander, Henning, Esq. 29, Queen Anne-street, W. 1. 
*Grenfell, Col. Arthur Morton, d.s.o. 159, Gloucester-ter., Hyde-park, W.2. 

Grenfell, Edward Charles, 24, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

Gresley, Sir Robert, Bt. Drakclowe, Burton-cm- Trent. 

♦Greville, The Hon. Louis George. Hcale-house, Woodford, Salisbury. 

*Grey, The Rt. Hon. Edward, Viscount, k.g., p.c. 3, Queen Annc's-gate, 
S.W. 1. (Council 1921->) 

Grey, Henry, Esq. Pincwood, Budleigh Saltcrton, S. Devon. 

*Grey, Mrs. Mary. Lorbottle-hall,- Whittingham, Northumberland. 

Gribhle, George James, Esq. 34, Eaton-se+uare, S.W. 1. 

Gridley, Charles Oscar, Esq. 9, Duke-street, London-bridge, S.E. 1. 

Grieve, Mrs. Lina. The New Victorian Club, 30a, Sackville-street, W. 1. 

Griffin, Louis T., Esq. Auckland Museum, New Zealand. (Dormant 1910.) 

Griffith, George Marshall, Esq. 74, Ridgmount-gardcns, Holborn, W.C. 1. 

Griffith, Herbert Edward, Esq. 10, Chartfield-avenue, Putney-hill, S.W. 15. 

Griffith, Sir Richard John Waldie-, Bt. Hendersy de-park, Kelso, N.B. 

Griffith, Walter Spencer Anderson, Esq., c.b.e., m.d. 96, Harlcy-strcet, W. 1. 

Griffith, William Linney, Esq. Office of High Commissioner for Canada, 19, 

Victoria-street, S. W. 1. 
♦Griffithes, Thomas Penson, Esq. 6, Bcntinck-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 
Grigg, Major Ralph S. 31, Avenue-road, N.W. 8. 
Grist, Charles James, Esq. The Croft, Carol-green, Berksivell, Waricickshire . 

♦Grogan, Lt.-Col. Sir Edward Ion Beresford; Bt. (Rifle Brigade). 31, Wilton- 
place, Kitightsbridgc, S. W. 1. 

**Grogan, Major Ewart Scott, d.s.o. 52-, Draycott-place, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

Groth, Christian Ernest Paul, Esq., m.a. Jesus College, Cambridge. 

Ground, Mrs. M. L. 210, Finchlcy-road, N.W. 3. 

Groves, Mrs. Anna Eva. Care of K. G. Groves, Esq., 1, Essex-court, Temple, 

Groves, Charles Nixon, Esq., c.b.e., m.d. 72, Bishops-road, Paddington, W. i. 
Groves, Col. John Edward Grimble, c.m.g. Dcan's-grcen. Lymm, Cheshire. 
Grundy, Thomas Edward Milligan-, Esq. 14, Cheync- gardens, S.W. 3. 
Gubbay, Maurice Elias, Esq. 30, Hill-street, Mayfair, W. 1. 
Gude, Gerard Kalshoven, Esq. 9, Wimbledon-park-road, Wandsivortli, S. W.18. 
Guedella, Herbert, Esq. 123, Bedford-court-mans., Tottcnham-ct.-rd., W.l. 
Guest, The Lady Theodora. Inwood, Templecombe, Somerset. 

Guillamore, Frederick Standish, Viscount. Ingleside, Holt, Trowbridge, 


62 List of Fellows of the. 

Ifear "i 











Gnillemard, Francis Henrj Hill, Esq., m. a., si. d. The Mill-house, T nun] >- 
ington-iitreet, Cambi 

Lillet, William Smile, Esq. 7, Avenue-road, N. W. 8. 
Guinness, The Hon. Arthur Ernest. 17, Grosvenor-place, 8.W. 1. 

Guinness, Arthur Eustace Seymour, Esq. Greens Norton-hall, Towcester, 

( hiinness, Major The Hon. Walter Edward, n.s.o., m.p. 11, Grosvenor-place, 

S.W. l. 
Guitcrman, Charles, Esq. 11, Lambolle-road, Hampstead, N.W.3. 
Gulbenkian, Nubafc Sarkiss, Esq. 38, Hyde-park-gardens, W.2. 
Gully, The Hon. Edward Walford Karslake, c.b. 11, Cromwell-road, S.W. 7. 
Gunn, David, Esq., P.O. Box 597, Port Elizabeth, S. Africa. 

Gunn, William Arthur, Esq. Care of The London County and Westminster 
Bank, 239, Regent-street, W. 1. 

ds, Francis George, Esq. Gordonbush, Brora, Sutherland, N.B. 

Giinther, Eobert Theodore, Esq., m.a., f.r.g.s., f.l.s. Magdalen College, 

**Gunther, Mrs. Theodora Dawrish. 11, Exhibition-road, S. W. 7. 

*Gurney, Sir Eustace, b.a. Sprowston-hall, Norwich, Norfolk. 

*Gurney, Gerard Hudson, Esq. Keswick-hall, Norwich, Norfolk. 

*Gurney, John Henry, Esq. Keswick-hall, Norwich, Norfolk. 

*Gurney, Robert, Esq. Ingham Old-hall, Stalham, Norfolk. 

*Guthrie, James Alexander, Esq. East Haddon-hall, Northampton. 

Guthrie, Mrs. Joan Baillie. 48, Carlisle-mansions, S.W. 1. 

Gwatkin, Maj.-Gen. Sir Willoughby Garnons, k.c.m.g., c.b. The Rectory, 
Wrotham, Kent. 

Gwynne, Nevile Gwyn, Esq. Bevendean, Oxshott, Surrey. 

Gwyther, John Howard, Esq. 13, Lancaster-gate, W. 2. 

Haagner, Alwin Karl, Esq., m.b.o.u. Director of The National Zoological- 
gardens, Pretoria, South Africa. (Dormant 1906.) 
*Haddon, Professor Alfred Cort, m.a., f.b.s. 3, Cranmer-road, Cambridge. 
*Hadow, Patrick Francis, Esq. 11a, The Albany, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Haes, David, Esq. 19, Lang ham- street, W. 1. 

Haggie, Frank Reginald, Esq. 11, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 

Hague, John Locke, Esq., l.b.c.p. Northern Hospital, Winchmore-hill, N. 21. 
*Haig, Alexander William, Esq. Dallington, St. Mark's-road, Henley-on- 

Haigh, George Henry Caton, Esq., J. p. Grainsby-park, Grimsby, Yorks. 

Hair, Archibald, Esq. 7, St. Mildred's Court, Poultry, E.C. 2. 

Haldane, Col. Maldwyn Makgill. 28, Maldon-road, Wallington, Surrey. 

Hale, Charles Hampton, Esq. 65, London Wall, E.C. 2. 

Hale, William, Esq. 17, Upper Wcstbourttc-terrace, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Halford, Lt.-Col. Ernest Samuel, b.a.f. 17, Hart-street, Bloomsbury ,W.C . 1. 

Zoological Society of London. 


Year of 



1897 | 



























Halford, Mrs. Hilda R. "27, Marlborough-place, St. John s-icood, N. W. 8. 
* Halifax, Charles Lindley, Viscount. 88, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

Hall, Miss Augusta. 16, Adelaide-road, South Hampstead, N.W. 3. 
•Hall, Charles Alexander Hall, Esq. South-hall, Basingstoke, Hants. 

Hall, Douglas Bernard, Esq., m.p. Burton- park, Petworth, Sussex. 

Hall, John, Esq. 24, Porchester-terracr, Hyde-park, W. 2. 
♦Hall, John, Esq. 50, Victoria-road, Kensington, W.8. [shire. 

Hall, John, Esq., j.p. Manor-house, Overseal, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester- 

Hall, John Edward Percy, Esq. 13, Redbourne-avenue, Finchley, N. 3. 

Hall, John William, Esq. 346, Anlaby-road, Hull, Torks. 

Hall, Miss Marguerite Radclyffe-. Chipchase, Hadley Wood, Middlesex. 

Hall, Lad; Mary Louisa. 21, Hanover-house, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 

Hall, Mrs. Millieent Babington. The Arches, West Looe, Cornwall. • 

Hall, Sophia Mary, Lady. 21, Dorset-square, N.W. 1. 

Hall, Stanley Ernest, Esq. 17, Dornton-road, South Croydon. 

♦Hall, Theodore Hall-, Esq. 11, Onslow-gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 7. 

Hall. Rear- Admiral Sir William Reginald, k.c.m.g., c.b., m.p., r.n. 21,CranUy- 
gardens, S.W. 7. 

Halle, Mrs. Edith. 36, Elm-park-gardens, S.W. 10. 

♦Hallett, Alexander Miller-, Esq. Goddington, Oielsfield, Kent. 

Hallowes, Edward, Esq. 

Halsbury, The Rt. Hon. Hardinge Stanley, Earl of, p.c, f.r.s. 4, Ennis- 
. more-gardens, South Kensington, S.W. 7. 
♦Hambleden, William Frederick Darners, Viscount. 3, Grosvenor-place, 

Hambling, Guy, Esq. Rookery-park, Yoxford, Suffolk. 

Hambro, Sir Everard Alexander, k.c.v.o. Hayes-place, Beckenham, Kent. 

Hambro, M.-Genl. Percival Otway, c.b., c.m.g. (15th Hussars). H.Q. Eastern 
Command, Lucknow, India. 

Hamerton,Lt.-Col. Albert Ernest, c.m.g., d.s.o., r.a.m.c. Assistant Director 
of Pathology, Central Laboratory, Bagdad, Mesopotamia. (Dormant 

Hamilton, Alfred James, Esq. 3, Nevern-road, Earl's-court, S.W. 5. 

Hamilton, The Rt. Hon. Lord Claud John, p.c, m.p. 28, Cambridge-square , 
Hyde -park, W. 2. 

Hamilton, Lord Claud Nigel, c.m.g., d.s.o., m.v.o. 115, Park-street, W. 1. 

Hamilton, Capt. George, r.jj.r. 3, Billiter-avenue, E.C.3. 

Hamilton, James Erik, Esq., Office of the Magistrate, West Falkland, 
Falkland Islands. (Dormant 19-iG.) 

Hamilton, James Lennox, Esq. Conservative Club, St. James' s-street, S. W. 1. 

Hamilton, Lewis Boswell Inman, Esq., J.P. Union Club, Trafalgar- 
square, S.W. 1. 

Hamilton, Capt. Robert Cecil, r.n. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., 16, 
Charing-cross, S.W.I. 

♦Hamilton and Brandon, Alfred Douglas, Duke of. Dungavel, Strathaven, 

Hamilton of Dalzell, Gavin George, Lord, k.t. 


Dalzell, Motfierwell. 

04 Lid of Fellows of the 

Fear "f 















Hammond, William, Esq., M.B.C.6., L.B.O.P. 24, Fitz- James-avenue, West 
Kensington, W. 14. 

*Hampson, Sir George Francis, Bt. Thurnham-court, Maidstone, Kent. 

Hampson, Mrs. Helen. 9b, Palmeira-avenue, Hove, Sussex. 

Hanbury, Cecil, Esq. Queen Anne' s-mansions, St. James's-park, S.W.I. 

Hanbury, Tbe Hon. Cbarles Stanhope Melville Bateman-. 62, Curzon- 
street, W. 1. 

*Hanbury, John Capel, Esq. 3, Great Stanhope-street, Mayfair, W. 1. 

Hanbury, John M., Esq. The Brewery, Spitalfields, E. 1. 

Hanbury, Lionel Henry, Esq. Hitcham-house, Bumham, Bucks. 

Hance, Theodore Aurelius Wall, Esq. Care of The London County and 
Westminster Bank, 22, York-place, Baker-street, W. 1. 

Hancock, Cecil Allen, Esq. " Neston," Elm-road, Sidcup, Kent. 
Hancock, Sidney, Esq. 58, Court field-gardens, S.W.I. 
Handcock, Mrs. Harriet. Care of The Secretary, Savoy Hotel, Strand, W.C. 2. 
Hankey, Algernon Alers, Esq. Badminton Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
Hann, William Reginald, Esq. 11, King-street, St. James's, S.W. 1. 
Hannam, Francis Bligh, Esq. 7, Euxborough-house, Northumberland-street, 
*Hannen, Lancelot, Esq. Ha, Portland-place, W. 1. <- 

Hansell, Edward William, Esq. 18, Eldon-road, Kensington, W. 8. 
Hanson, Charles James Whistler, Esq. The Precision Engineering Co., 143, 
Rosebery -avenue, E.C. 1. rpj 12 

Hanson, Frank, Esq. Gainsborough-house, Horden-road, Woodside-park, 

Hanson, Reginald John Edward, Esq., o.b.e. 20, Kensington-park- 
gardens, W. 11. 

Harbord, Edward Augustus, Esq., m.r.c.s. 27, Queen Anne-street, Cavendish- 
square, W. 1. 

Harbord, The Hon. Mrs. Mary Constance Assheton-. 38, Chelsea-park- 
gardens, S. W. 3. 

*Harcourt, The Rt. Hon. Lewis, Viscount, p.c. 69, Brook-street, W. 1. 
(Council 1917-1918.) 

*Harcourt, Mary Ethel, Viscountess. 69, Brook-street, W. 1 . 
Harcourt- Vernon, E. G., Esq. Grove-hall, Retford, Notts. 
Harding, George Frederick Morris, Esq. " The Studio," Portsdown-place, 

Maida-vale, N. W. 6. 
Harding, Mrs. Jessie M. Torfield, Eastbourne. 

Harding, Walter Ambrose Heath, Esq., m.a., p.l.s. Histon-manor, Cam- 
Harding, William, Esq. Royal Societies Club, Si. James's-street, S.W.I. 

Hardwick, Prof. Francis William, m.a. Care of Messrs. Williams Deacon 
& Co., Sheffield. 

Hardy, Francis Simeon, Esq. Villa Belle Vue, Veytaux, Territet, Switzer- 
land. (Dormant 1920.) 

Hardy, Laurence, Esq. 91, Gower-strcet, W.C. 1. 

*Hardy, The Rt. Hon. Lawrence, p.c, m.p. Flat 14, 36, Buckingham-gate, 
S. W. 1. 

Hare, Capt. John Gilbert. 43, Warwick-road, S.W. 5. 

Hare, Sir Lancelot, k.c.s.i., c.i.b. 8, Chelsea Embankment-gardens, S.W. 3. 


Zoological Society of London. 

v«r.f — — — 

Blection (2095) 
1920 *Hare. Marcus Leonard Theodore, Esq., m.a. Forest-house, Chigwell-row, 

Esscx - [street, S.W.I. 

1S95 Harowood, Henry Uliek Lascelles, Earl of, k.c.v.o. 13, Upper Belgrave- 

1915 Harford, John Charles, Esq. FalconJale, Lampeter, S. Wales. 

Harger, Major Randal Seymour, r.a.s.c. Bridestoive, Devon. 

1920 Haugreaves, Major Arthur Joseph Groves. United Service Club, Pall-mall, 

S. W. 1. 

1913 j Hargreaves, Harris Douglas, Esq., b.a. 

1915 Harington, Arthur - sq. Care of The Bank of England, E.C. 2. 

1901 Harker, Ernest Frederick, Esq.' 62, Boundary-road, N.W.&. 

19(20 j Harkness, Arthur Herbert, Esq. 8, Southampton-row, W.C. 1. 

18S0 | Harlech, George Ralph Charles, Lord. Brogyntyn, Oswestry, Salop. 

1920 Harlev, Major John Theodore. A. G. 3 (Room US), War Office, Whitehall, 

1911 I *Harman, Leopold, Esq. Isleholme, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. 

1890 *Harmer, Sir Sidney Frederic, k.b.e., m.a. , sc.d., f.r.s. (Vice-President). 
30, Cour; iw, S. W. 5. (Council 1909-1912, 1915-1919. 1920— > ; 

as V.P. 1909-1912, 1915-1919. 1920— >). 

1905 Harmsworth, Cecil. Esq., v. p. 28, Montagu-square, W.l. 

1890 **Harper, Edmund William, Esq. (Silver Medallist). G, Ashburnham- 

road, Bedford. 

1909 Harper, Herbert William, Esq. 30, Upper Montagu-street, W. 1. 

1901 **Harrington, Lt.-Col. Sir John Lane, k.c.v.o., k.c.m.g., c.b. (late i.a.). 
The Hyde, near Luton, Beds. 

1907 *Harris, Mrs. Agnes Sybil Sutherland-. Burwash-place, Burwash, Sussex. 

1910 Harris, Mrs. Catherine Sarah. Halton, Heath-drive, Hampstead, N.W.3. 
1920 Harris, Cecil Ernest, Esq. 12, Golden-square, W. 1. 

1920 Harris, Charles, Esq. 127, King's-cross-road, W. C. 1. 

1892 Harris, Henry William, Esq. Thornton-hall, Stony Stratford, Bucks. 

1920 Hams, Mrs. Lilian Hilda. 23, Lancaster-gate, W. 1. 
1919 Harris. Stanley, Esq. 7, Fig-tree-court, Temple, E.C.i. 

1903 Harris, Wilfred. Esq., m.d., m.r.c.p., b.a. 56, Wimpole-strcet, U". 1. 

1921 Harris, William Henry, Esq. 6, Harley-road, X. W. 3. 

1919 Harrison, Bernard Guy, Esq. 45, St. Martin' s-lane, W.C. 2. 
1917 Harrison, Major Frederick. Etonbank, Wavertree, Liverpool. 

1912 Harrison, Frederick Ashall, Esq. Sunny side, tth Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea, 







Harrison, James Ernest Wild, Esq. 64, Regent' s-park-road, X.W.I. 

Harrison, John William, Esq. Care of The Xational Provincial Bank, 
South Audley-street, II". l. 

Harrison. Leonard Frederic, Esq. Red-house, Shiplake, Henley-on- 

♦Harrison, Gen. Sir Richard, G.C.B., C.M.G. {late r.e.). Ashton-manor, Duns- 

for, I 
♦Harrison, Robert Hichens Camden, Esq. Shiplake-court , Henley-on- 

Harrison, William, Esq. 26, Holborn, E.C '. 1. 
Harrold, Daniel. Esq. 123a, Wood-street, E.C. 2. 
(2131) p 

66 List of Fellows of the 

Election (2131) 

L920 Karrold, David, Esq. 8, Medley -road, Hampstead, N.W.6. 

1905 Hart, Kdward Lionel, Esq. Constitutional Club, Northwhberland-av 
Hart, Capt. Spencer. 14, Clarges-strcet, 11*. 1. 
Hart-Davis, "Major Henry (late r.k.). Halcot, Bexley, Kent. 
Harter, Charles B. H., Esq. 5, Onslcnc-houses, Onslow-square, S.W.7. 
Harter, Percival, Esq. Windham Club, St. James' s-square, S.W. 1. 
*Hartert, Ernst J. 0., Esq., Ph.D. Zoological Museum, Trvng, Herts. 
♦♦Harting, James Edmund, Esq., f.l.s. Portmore-lodge, Weybridge, Surrey. 

*Hartington, Edward William Spencer, Marquess of. 2, Upper Belgrave- 
street, S. W. 1. 

Hartmann, George, Esq. 1G, Victoria -road, Kensington, W. 8. 
*Hartree, William, Esq. Havering, Tunbridge-ioells, Kent. * 

♦Harvey, Duncan Stewart, Esq. 61, Montagu-square, W. 1. 
*Harvey, Edward John Bruce, Esq. 61, Montagu-square, W. 1. 

Harvey, George Alexander, Esq. 39, Threadnecdle-strect, E.C. 2. 

Harvey, Capt. John (late Irish Guards). Guards'Club, Brook-street, IT. 1. 

♦Harvey, Capt. John Edmund Audley-. The Antlers, Elsivorthy-road, 
Primrose-hill, N. W. 3. 

Harvey, Lionel Musgrave, Esq. Windham Club, St. James' s-square, 

Harvey, Sir Robert Granville, Bt. Langley-park, Slough, Bucks. 

Harvey, Thomas Edwin, Esq. 60, Bunhill-row, E.C. 1. 

Haserick, Arthur A., Esq. Queen 's-hotel, Harrogate, Yorks. 

Haslam, Sir Alfred Seale. Breadsall-priory, Derby. 

Hasler, Gustav, Esq. Hyde-park Hotel, Knightsbridge, S.W. 1. 

Hastie, Arthur Hepburn, Esq. 65, Lincoln's-inn-jields, W.C.2. 

Hastings, Albert Edward Delaval, Lord. Melton Constable, Norfolk. 

♦Hastings, Charles Holland, Esq. The Royal Societies Club, St. Jamcs's- 
street, S.W. 1. 

Hatch, Sir Ernest Frederick George, Bt., k.b.e. 20, Portkiud-place , W. 1. 

Hatfield, Edgar Richard, Esq., d.s.o. Junior Army and Navy Club, Horse 
Quards-avenue, S. W. 1. 

Hatfield, George Frederick, Esq. 11, Bedford-square, W.C.I. 

Hatry, Clarence C, Esq. 6, Austin-friars, E.C. 2. 

Hatton, Mrs. Emily Burrall. 34, CJiarles-strect, Berkeley-square, W.l. 

Haviland, Henry Alfred, Esq. Normans, Rusper, Horsham, Sussex. 

Hawes, Edward Montagu, Esq. Bengal Malaya Rubber Estate, Johore, 
42nd mile Johore State Railway, Rengam, via Singapore, Federated 
Malay States. (Dormant 1911.) 

Hawes, Frederick Benjamin Oliphant, Esq. 18, Park-mansions, Yau.rliall- 
park, S.W. 8. 

Hawker, Richard Macdonneli, Esq. Care of Messrs. Dalgefy A Co., '.'6, 
Bishopsgate, E.C. 2. 

Hawkshaw, Oliver, Esq. 3, Hill-street, Berkeley -square, W. 1. 

Hay, Edward Alan, Esq. Bengeo-house, Hertford. 

Hay, Malcolm Bell, Esq., m.b.c.s. 19, Surbiton-hill-park, Surbiton. 


Zoological Society of London. 




1905 j 











Hay, William John, Esq. 38, Church-lane, Hornsey, N.8. 

ion, Arthur Lincoln, Esq. 211, Arch way -road, Highgate, N. 6. 
Hayduii, Robert Alexander, Esq. 44, Sandringham-court, Maida-vale, 11'.:/. 
Hayes, Cecil, Esq., b. a. \i, Albert-road, /.' W. 1. 

Hayley, John N q. 2, Ryder-street, St. James' s-square, 

Hayman, Harry Lewis, Esq. 37 Elsworthy-road, Hampstead, A~.1I". 3. 

Hayman, Lewis Frank, Esq. 17, Marlborough-mansions, West Hampstead , 
' AMl'.G. 

Haynes, Earl John, Esq. Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand, 
lormant 1914.) 

Haynes, Edmund Sidney Pollock, Esq. 3S, St. John's-ivood-park, N. 11". S. 

Haynes, Herbert, Esq. South-heath, Hampstead-hcath,\X. It". 3. 

Head, Alban, Esq. Watersfield, West Sus , 

Head, Francis Somerville, Esq. Wellington Club, Grosvenor-place, S.W.I. 
♦Head, Francis Somerville Cameron-, Esq. 40, Lowndes-squarc, S.W. 1. 
. Geoffrey, Esq. 57, Eaton-place, S.W. 1. 

Head, Henry, Esq., m.d., f.r.s. 4, Montagu-square, W.l. 

Head, John Reginald, Esq. 36, Font-street, S.W. 1. 

Headlam, Geoffrey Wycliffe, Esq:, b.a. Eton-college, Windsor. 

Healey, Sir Gerald Edward Chadwyck, Bt., C.B.B. 66, Warwick-square, S. W. 1. 

Healey, Oliver Howell Chadwyck, Esq. 74, Warwick-square, S.W. 1. 
*Heape, Walter, Esq., m.a., f.r.s. 2, Nevill-parTc, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

Heard, Archie, Esq. 11, Cunningham-park, Harroif-on-tlie-Hill. 
*Hearnshaw, Roger Fletcher, Esq. Burton Joyce, Nottingham. 

Heath, Cufchbert Eden, Esq. 47, Portman-square , W.l. 

Heath, Phillip Maynard, Esq., f.r.c.s. 12, Upper Wimpole-street, W. 1. 

Healihcote, Harold, Esq. 32, Half Moon-street, W.l. 

Heathorne, Alfred, Esq. 32, Hanover-gate-mansions, Regent' s-park, A". IT. 1. 

Hecht, Emil, Esq. 4, A venue-road, N. W. 8. 

Hedley, John Prescott, Esq., 65, Harley-strect, W. 1. 

Hegan, Charles John, Esq. 53, Hans-place, S.W. 1. 

Heim, Frit/. Valentin, Esq. Piccadilly-hotel, Regent-street, W. 1. 

Heinemann, Alfred Paul, Esq. 14, Canterbury-terrace, Maida-vale, W.9. 

Heinemann, Edmund Lewis, Esq., b.a. 2, Palmeira-court, Hove, Sussex. 
*Helnv. Ernest, Esq. 22, Prince's-gatc, S.W.7. 

Hemming, Arthur Francis, Esq., f.e.h. Oxford & Cambridge Club, Pall- 
mall, S. u'. i . 

Henderson, Major Hon. Alec. Puleston. 33, Prmces-gardens, S. W. 7. 
derson, George William, Esq. 17, Chesham-place, S. W. 1. 

Henderson, James, Esq. 8, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W.8. 

Henderson, John Purves, Esq. Care of C. H. Doust,Esq., 103, Fore-street, 

K.c.::. (Dormant 1916.) 
Henderson. Keith, Esq. Commons-corner, Burleigh, Glos. 
Henderson, Mrs. Laura. 18, Rutland-gate, S.W.I. 

Henderson, Roderick William, Esq., J. p. Basing-housc, liickmansworth, 

(2209) f 2 

Tear of 















/.V.7 of Fellows of the 

Henderson, fiydney Varvill.Esq. (Dormant 1916.) 

The lit. Hon. Edward, Lord, p.c. Hamton-hall, Wragby, 

[street, W.\. 
Heneage, Lt.-Col. Godfrey Clement Walker-, D.8.O., M.V.Q. 6J , Grosvenor- 

*Henley, Edward Francis, Esq. 7, Oxford-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

. Adelaide Mary, f.b.g.s. 35, Barkston-gardens, S.W.5. 
Hennessy, .Mrs. Ethel. 25, Upper Brook -street, W. 1. 
Hennessy, Mrs. Una Pope-, b-.b.e. 2, Albert-terrace, N.W. 1. 
Henniker, The Hon. Mrs. Ploronco Ellen. 18, Stratford-place, W. 1. 
Henriques, Mrs. Ada Quixano. 50, Sussex gardens, W.2. 

iques, Mrs. Garr Quixano. 22, Upper Hamilton-terrace, N.W.H. 
Henriques, MajorJulian Quixano. 20, Oxford-square, W. 2. 
Henry, Mrs. May. 14, Fordivych-road, Brondesbury, N. W. 2. 
♦Herald, John Francis, Esq. Padua-hozise, Workington, Cumberland. 
Herbert, The Hon. Auhrey Nigel Henry Molyneux, m.p. 28,Bruton-street,W.l. 
Herbert, Lt. Edward Grevile. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., R.A.F. Branch, 

16, Charing-cross, S.W.I. 
Herbert, Miss Jane C. 45, Oakley-street, Chelsea, S. W. 3. 
Hermon, Sidney Albert, Esq. Wliite-housc , Balcombe, Sussex. 
Hern, George, Esq., l.r.c.p., m.b.c.s. 7, Stratford-place, W. 1. 
Heron, Francis Arthur, Esq. 

♦Herring, Augustus, Esq. Conservative Club, St. James' s-street, S. W. 1. 
Herschell, Richard Farrer, Lord, g.c.v.o. Tetlar-house, Bembridge, Isle of 

Hertz, The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Herman (The Chief Rabbi). 48, Hamilton- 
terrace, N. W. 8. 
♦Heseltine, Mrs. Jessie Maud. The Mill, Lutterworth. 
Heseltine, John Postle, Esq. 196, Queen' s-gate, S.W.I. 
Hesketh, Sir Thomas George Fermor Fermor-, Bt. Park-hall, Towcestcr, 

Hetherington, Roger Gaskell, Esq., o.b.e. 20, Hillside-garde ns,Highgate,N.G. 
Hett, Geoffrey Seccombe-, Esq., m.b., m.b.o.u. S, Wimpole-street, W. 1. 
Hett, Miss Mary L., Care of The Lady Hardinge Medical College, 

Delhi, India. (Dormant 1920.) 
Hewett, George Edwin, Esq. East-cliff -mansions, Bournemouth. 
Hewett, Sir John Prescott, q.c.s.i., c.i.e. 8, Cumberland-mansinus, 
Bryanston-sauare, W. 1. 
♦Hewitt, Harold, Esq. Hope End, Ledbury. 
Hewitt, James Ernest Pettit, Esq. 50, Lime-street, E.C.3. 
Hey, Dr. Harold Darwin. 190, Suthcrlantl-arenur, II'. 9, 
Heysham, Robert Kerr, Esq. Care of Messrs. ClrauUay ,f Co., Simla, India. 
' {Dormant 1920.) 
♦Heywood, Richard, Esq. Petitney-house, Narooro', Swbffham, Norfolk. 
Heyworth, George Frederic, Esq. 96, Lancaster-gate, Hyde-parl:, II". 2. 
1 1 i 1 iberdine, Alfred William, Esq. Elcctra-housc , Ft nsbury-pa venun t , 1 
♦Hibbert, Edgar, Esq. Ashby St. Ledgers, Rugby, Warwickshire. 
Hibbert, Sir Henry Flemming, Bt. Dalegarth, Chorlcy, Lanes. 

Zoological Society of Lo 



Hiekson, John Godfrey, Esq. 20. Eller dale-road, Hampstead, N. H'. 8. 
ii. Sydney John, Esq.,, f.b.s. Victoria University, 
ins, Cecil Charles Colburne, Esq. 9, Queen Anne-street, W.l. 

s, (apt. Cecil Matthew, o.b.e. Care of Messrs. Treherne, Higgihs 
. 7, Bloomsbury-square, W.C.I. 
Higgins, Misa Muriel. 64, HamUton-terrace, N.W.8. 

am, Charles Daniel, Esq, 8, Avenue-road, Regent' s-park, A'. W. s. 
Higham, Mis. Ellen. 9, Gloucester-place, Portman-sqtiare, W.l. 
Hildreth, William Harvey, Esq. 33, York-terrace, N.W.I. 
Hill, Ernest, Esq. so. North-gate, N.W.8. 
Hill, Surg.-Com. Horace Bryden, n.x. Medical Dept., Admiralty, S. W. 1. 

Hill. Prof. James Peti (Vk e-Pbesedent), University College 

Qower-street, W.C.I. I L918— > as V.P. 1919-> .) 

Hill, John, Esq. Doods, Cecil-park, Pinner, Middlesex. 

Hill, Matthew Davenport, Esq. Willoughby-lodge, Market Drayton. Salop. 

Hill, Rowland Richard, Viscount 10, Eaton-place, S.W.I. 

Hill, Woodman, Esq. Lodding ton-grange, Knole-road, Bournemouth. 

Hillearv, George Edward, Esq., m.a. 5, Fenchurch-buildings, Fenchurch- 
str'eet, E.C.3. 

Hillhousc, James, Esq. 36, Lincoln's Inn-fields, W.C.2. 

Hilliard, Eustace, Esq. Pembroke-lodge, View-road, Highgate, N.6. 

Hillier, Edward Pitt Youell, Esq. Agra-house, Spa-road, Melksham. 

Hillini imr Robert, Lord. 22. Bryanston-square, W.l. 

Hills, Mrs. Constance Melanie. Realeaf, Penshurst, Kent. 

Hills. Walter. Esq. Westbury, Hyde, Isle of Wight. 

Hilton. Miss [vy Irene. Bentley, College-road, Upper Norwood, S.E. 19 

Hinde, Frederick, Esq. 1, l>r. Johnson' s-buildings, Temple, E.GA. 

*Hindlip, Charles, Lord. Hindlip-hall, Worcestershire. 

Hingston, Capt. Richard William George, I.M.8. Care of Messrs. King, King 
& Co.. Bombay, India. 

Hinton, Arthur, Esq. 5, Arcadian-gardens, Wood-green, A 7 . 22. 

Hinton, Charles, Esq. 12, Albert-court, Prince Consort-road, S.W.7. 

Hippisley, George Wyld, Esq. West-lodge, Sidcup, Kent. 

Hirsch, Adolf, Esq. 10, Upper' Brook-street, W.l. 

*Hirsch, Leopold, Esq. 10, Kensington-palacc-gardens, 11*. 8. 

Hirsch, Oskar, Esq. 15. hymington-road, West Hampstead, N.W.&. 

Hirst. Arthur Stanley. Esq. British Museum of Natural History, Cromwell- 
South Kensington. S.W.I. 

Hoare, Alfred, Esq. 37, Fleet-street, E.C. 4. 

Hoare, Lt.-Col. Charles Hervey, d:b.o. 30, St. Leonard' s-terrace, Chelsea, 

Hoare, Charles Twysden, Esq. Bignell, Bicester, Oxon. S.W.6. 

Hoare, Mrs. Chr: 50, Montagu-square, W.l. 

Hoare, Hciirv Seymour, Esq. Windham Club. St. James's-sguaie. S.W. 1. 

Hoare, Stanley,' Esq. 7, Wilmmgton-square, W.C.I. 

Hohhouse, The Rt. Hon. Henry, p.i . 1, Airlie-gardens, Kensington, W.B. 
*Hobhouse, Stephen Henry, Esq. 36, Enfield-Buildings, Hoxton, A". 1. 

70 TA&t of Fdlottfs of ihe 


Hoblyn, nis, Esq. Newlyn, Wiekham-rodd, Beckenham, Knit. 

Hocart, Alfred Harold, Esq. I, Highbury-terrace', N. 5. 

, Albert Erm it, Esq., f.k.s. 14, Aptorwille-street, Southfields, S.W. IB. 
Hodge, M ; i j . Roland Sermon Hi rmon, D.8.O., m.y.o. Guards' Club. Brook-st., 
Hodges', Mrs. Florence Elsie. 1, Nottingham-terrace, N.W. 1. [ 

Hodgkih, John, Esq. L31, ltamlct -gardens-mansions, Ravenscourt-jj/c, W.6. 

i, ins, Edwin Marriott, Esq. 158b, New Bond-street, W. 1. 
1 [odgkinson, Gol. Harry Stewart Bruce-. 34, Hurlmgham-court, S. W, G. 
Hodgson, I 'ifdiji'ick Joseph, Esq. . r > er-gate, N.W.I. 

Hodgson, Leslie Charles Wilson, Esq. 6G, Falkland-road, Kentish-tmcn, 
Hodgson, Richard, Esq. Molescrc ft, Beverley, Yorks. [A.U.u. 

Hodgson, Richard, Junr., Esq. Molescroft, Beverley, Yorks. 
*Hodgson, Robert Kirkman, Esq., d.l., j.p. 77, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 
Hodson, William Edgar Humphreys, Esq. Harley-lodge, Enfield. 

*Hog, Thomas Alexander Frederick, Esq. Union Club, Trafalgar-square, 
Hogben, Lancelot T., Esq., b.a. Imperial College of Science and Technology, 
South Kensington, S.W. 7. 

Hogg, Godfrey James, Esq. 13, Paternoster-row, E.C. 4. 
*Hogg, Henry Houghton, Esq., m.a. 23, Hornton-strcet, Kensington, W. 8. 

Holberton, Campbell Scott, Esq. 15, Talbot-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Holden, Ernest Illingworth, Lord. 65, Princes-gate, S.W.7. 

Holden, Peter Wood, Esq. 10, Aldgate, E. 1. 

Holden, Ralph Ainsworth, Esq. 5, John-street, Bedford-row, W.C.I. 

Holdron, John William, Esq. 15, Hanover-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
*Holds\vorth, Mrs. Laura Alice. 14, Great Stanhope-street, Mayfair, W. 1. 

Holford, Lieut-Col. Sir George Lindsay, k.c.v.o., c.i.e. Care of David 

Lindsay, Esq., Westonbirt, Tetbury, GloucestersJiire. 
Holland, Arthur Philip, Esq. 122a, Lexham-gardens, S.W. 8. 
Holland, Major Ernest Charles. 38, Rutland- gate, S. W. 7. 
Holland, William Thomas, Esq. 12, Redington-road, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 
Hollams, John, Esq. 47, Victoria-road, Kensington, W. 8. 

*Holland, The Hon. Lionel Raleigh, b.a., ll.b. 14, Buckingham-street, 

Strand, W.C.2. 
Holland, Robert Martin, Esq. 20, Elvaston-place, South Kensington. S. W. 7. 
Holland, Sydney, Esq. 112, Park-street, Grosvenor- square, 11". 1. 

Holland, The Rev. William Jacob, Ph.D., p.D.,, ll.d. Director of the 

Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A. 

Hollebone, Herbert William, Esq., f.b.g.s. 85, Westbourne-terrace, W. 2. 
Hollingsworth, Alexander Thomas, Esq. 2, Belsize-grove, Hampstead, AMI". 3. 
llollin^sworth, Howard, Esq. 54, Goirer-striet, W.C.I. 
Hollins, Claud, Esq. 24, Sussex-place, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
II.. His, Edwin, Esq. The Museum, Chureh-strcet, Aylesbury, Bucks. 
Hollway, Mrs. .Mabel Alice. 10. Princes-gardens, S.W. 7. 
Holman, Ernest Symons, Esq. 22, Gloucester-square, Hyde-park. W. 2. 
Holnian, Henry Martin, Esq. St. Michael's Rectory, Cornhill, E.C. 3. 

Zoological Society of London. 71 

Holman, Hugh Wilson, Esq., f.s.a. 4, Lloyd's-avenue, E.C.3. 

Holmaii-Hunt, Cvril Beiioni, Esq. Agricultural Dept., Kuala Lumpur, 
F.M.S. (Dormant 1921.) 

*Holmcs, Major Francis. Care of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, 
31, Lombard-street, E.C.3. 

-Holt, Alfred, Esq. 128, Tollington-park , N. 4. 

Holt, Mrs. FlossieS. 61, Portland-place, W. 1. 

Holt, Richard Durning, Esq. 63, Lowndes-square, S.W. 1. 
*llolt. Vesey George Mackenzie, Esq. Mount Mascall, Bexley, Kent. 

Homersham, Thomas Henry Collet, Esq. 5, Portland-place, W. 1. 

Hood, Donald William Charles, Esq., c.v.o., m.d. 43, Green-street, W. 1. 

Hook, Bryan, Esq. Lay well, Brixham, S. Devon. 

Hooker, Charles William Ross, Esq., o.b.e., 53, Hornsey-lane- 

gardens, N. 6. 
Hooley, Will, Esq. Moorfield, Meopham Station, Kent. 
Hooper, Clarence, Esq. 31, Baalbcc-road, Highbury, N. 5. 

Hoover, Theodore J., Esq. Care of G. G. Hay, Esq., 1, London-wall- 
buildings, K.C.2. ' (Dormant 1919.) 

Hope, Arthur Curling, Esq., l.d.s. Box 337, East London, Cape Colony, 

S. Africa. 
Hope, Lady Constance Christina. Coulsdon-grange, Surrey. 
Hope, Samuel Statham, Esq. 4, Kingly-street, Regent-street, W. 1. 
Hopkins, Col. Charles Hamie Irines. The Hayes, Kenley, Surrey. 
Hopkins, John, Esq. 230, Walm-lane, Cricklewood, N. W. 2. 

Hopkinson, Capt. Emilius, d.s.o., m.b., m.r.c.s., d.r.c.p. Care of Mrs. 
Collier, 45, Sussex-square, Brighton. 

Hopkinson, Samuel Ives, Esq. Wyecollar, Talbot-avenue, Huddersfield. 

Hopson, Montagu Frank, Esq., f.l.s., f.e.s. 7, Harley -street, W. 1. 

*Hopwood, Frederick Flowers, Esq. 123, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

Horder, Sir Thomas Jeeves, m.d., 141, Harley- street, W. 1. 

Horlick, Mrs. Jittie. 20, St. James' s-place, S.W. 1. 

Horn, Major George Mathieson (late Border Regt.). Junior Naval and 

Military Club, Piccadilly, W.l. 
Hornby, Charles Harrv St. John, Esq. Shelley -house, Chelsea-embankmeyit , 

S. W. 3. 
Hornby, Capt. Robert. 24, Norfolk-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 
Hornby, Sir William Henry, Bt. 34, Ennismore-gardcns, S.W.I. 
Home, Alderson Burrell, Esq. 15, Buckingham-gate, S.W.I. 

Home, David Macfarlaue, Esq. Queen Anne' s-mansions, St. James's-park, 

S. If. 1. 
Home, Maynard, Esq., m.a., m.b. 37, Nottingham-place, W. 1. 
*Horne, William Edgar, Esq. 5, Tilney- street, Park-lane, W. 1. 

*Horner, Sir John Francis Fortescue, k. c.v.o., m.a. 16, Lower Berkeley- 
street, W. 1. 
*Homer, Miss Olivia Stuart. 107, Maple-road, Surbiton. 

Horniman, Enislie John, Esq., J. p. 13, Chelsea-embankment, S.W. 3. 

Hornsby, Frederick Myddleton, Esq. 3, Whitehall-court, S.W. 1. 

Hornung, Theodore, Esq. Durward-house, Kensington-court, W. 8. 

List of Fellows of the 

■, (2368) 
191G Horsbrugh, Mrs. Elizabeth K. Care of The London Joint Stock Bank, 
69, Pall Mall, S.W.I. 

1917 Ilorsfall, Henry Leeke, Esq. Cliff House, Dunivich, Suffolk. 

1920 Horsley, William Henry, Esq. 4, Stone-buildings, Lincoln' s-inn , 11". C. 2. 

1920 Hort, Frederick Aylmer, Esq., m.a., m.r.c.s., l.b.c.p. Savile Club, J'icca- 

dilly, ir. 1. 

1873 Hortin, John Henry, Esq. Heath-lodge, Iver, Bticks. 

'1909 Horton, Mrs. Jennie E. 38, Hyde-park-gate, S.W. 7. 

1911 Hossack. John Gutzmer, Esq. 25, Wellington-court, Albert-gate, S.W. 1. 

1918 Hotchkin, Mrs. Dorothy. The Manor-house, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. 
1872 *Hothfield, Henry James, Lord. 2, Chesterfield-gardens, May fair, W.\. 

1918 Hotson, John Ernest Buttery, Esq., o.b.e.,*t.c.6. Careof Messrs. Grindlay & 

Co., 54, Parliament-street, S.W. 

1913 *Hovell, Edward Mark, Esq. 105, Harley- street, W. 1. 

1912 Hovenden, Robert George, Esq. 31, Berners-street, Oxford-street, W. 1. 

1913 *How, Mrs. Silvia B., Denford, Hungerford, Berks. 

1919 Howard, Mrs. Alice Manderston Cleaver-. Wobum-hotise-hotel, Upper 

Woburn-place, W.C. 1. 

1916 Howard, Lady Catherine Meriel. 44, Hans-mansions, S.W. 1. 

1911 Howard, Major Charles Archibald Montgomery. Junior Constitutional Club, 
Piccadilly, W. 

1911 Howard, George Charles, Esq. 21, Chester-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

1901 Howard, Henry Eliot, Esq. Clareland, near Stoitrport, Worcestershire. 

1902 Howard, Robert Jared Bliss, Esq., o.b.b., m.d., f.b.c.s. 46, Green-street, W. 1. 
1907 Howard, Walter, Esq. 4, Fitzjohn's-avenue, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

1904 *Howard de Walden, Thomas Evelyn, Lord. 37, Belgrave-square, S.W. 1. 

1896 Howarth, Elijah, Esq., f.b.a.s. Curator, Public Museum, Sheffield. 

1910 Howarth, Mrs. Esther Mary. 39, Qrosvenor-road, S. W. 1. 

1916 Howe, Harry Beauclerk, Esq. 2, Old Burlington-street, W. 1. 

1906 Howe, Richard George Penn, Earl., g.c.v.o. 34, Gurzon-street, May fair, W. 1. 

1907 Howell, Edward Butts, Esq. Custom-house, Shanghai, China. (Dor- 

mant 1921.) 

1914 *Howell, Miss Elizabeth Augusta. Plas Penhelig, Aberdovey, Meriotiethshire. 

1912 Howell, Gerard Charles Lisle, Esq., i.e. 8. Care of Messrs. King, King A Co., 

Bombay, India. (Dormant 1914.) 

1908 Howie, William, Esq. Beach Hotel, Minehcad, Somerset. 

1891 Howorth, Sir Henry Hoyle, k.c.i.e., d.c.l., f.b.s. 45, Lexham-gardens, 

Kensington, W. 8. 

1917 Howorth, Humfrey Noel, Esq., m.a. 67, FitzGcorge-avcnue, Kensington, 

W. 14. 

1909 Hoyle, William Evans, Esq., m.a., (Director of the National Museum of 

Wales.) The City Hall, Cardiff, Glamorganshire. 

1907 Hubback, Theodore Rathbone, Esq. Sunlaws, Bukit Kota, Kuala Tjipis, 
Pehang, Federated Malay States ; and Boyal Societies Club, St. James's- 
street, S. W. 1. (Dormant 1913.) 

1909 Hubbard, Henry Malcolm, Esq. 216, The Albany, W. 1. 

1904 Hudson, John, Esq. 185, Walm-lanc, Cricklcwood, X. W. 2. [Salop 

1892 Hudson, Lt.-Col. Ralph Charles Donaldson. Cheswardine, Market Drayton, 

Zoological Society of Loiv 73 


♦♦Hudson, William Hi Tower-house, 40, St. Luke's-road, W. 11. 

Hughes, Claude Neville, Esq. 4, Draper' s-gardens, E.C.2. 

Cranmer, Esq. L6, Hurley-street, W.l. 
Hughes, Mrs. Joyce Guy. 173, Ashley -gardens, S. W. 1. 
Hughes, Mr-. Mary. CareofThe Union Bank of Scotland,62, Comhill, E.C.i. 
■ Hughes, Col. Michael Sherdley-hall, St. Helens, Lanes. 

igue Henry, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C.3. 

I., d.c.l. 16, Compayne-gurdens, N.W.6. 
♦Hulse, Sir Hamilton John, Bt. Brcnt-liousc. Pont-street, S.W. 1. 
Hultou, Mrs. Millicent. 51, ('/mi: Cumberland-place, W.l. 
Hulton, Samuel Esq., b.a. 10, King's-bench-walk, Tempi', E.CA. 

Humble, John Mitchell, Esq. 118, Bristol-road, Xorthfield, Birmingham. 
Humphreys, Butler. [ \farlborough-hill, St. John's-wood, X. W. 8. 

*Humphreys r Miss Lucy E. Court Pryor, Torquay, Devon. 
*Hurnphrys, Robert H., Esq. Hurst-lea, Sevenoaks, Kent. 
*Huut, John, Esq. Ryecroft, Park-road, Watford. 

Hunt, Rowland, Esq., M.r*. Care of Messrs. Eyton, Burton, Lloyd & Co., 

Bridgnorth, Salop. 
Hunter, General Sir Archibald, g.c.b., m.p. Carlton Club, Pall-mill, S. W. 1. 
Hunter, Arthur, Esq. 61, Lincoln' s-inn-fields, W.C.2. 
♦Hunter, Frederic Coleman, Esq. Bystock, Exmouth, Devon. 
Hunter, Henry Charles Vicars, Esq. Abermarlais-park, Llangadock. 
Hunter, Major John Leslie. Care of Mrs. Hunter, I^arkbere, Ottery St. 

Mary, Devon. 
Hunter, Mrs. Mary. Hill-hall, TJieydon-mount, Epping. 
Hunter, William, Esq., m.d. 103, Harley-street, W. 1. 

♦Hunting, Capt. Gerald Lindsay. Slaley Hall, Slaley, Biding Mill-on-Tyne. 
Huntley, Dr. Joseph. Hyderabad, Sind, India. (Dormant 1882.) 
Huntsman, William, Esq. 1, Qucensberry-place, South Kensington, S.W. 7. 

(Council 1917— >.) 
Hurdis-Jones, Mrs. Caroline Ann. 90, Holland-road, Kensington, 11*. 14. 
Hurdi lalcolin Dudley, Esq. 90, Holland-road, 11". 14. 

Hurrell, Henry, Esq. 4, Pump-court, Temple, £.C. 4. 
♦Hurt, Lt.-Col. Albert Frederick. Aldcricasley, Derby. 
♦Hurtley, Edward. Esq. Crowborough Warren, Sussex. 
Hussey, Major William Olive (late k.e.). 2, Hereford-gardens, Park-lane. W. 1 . 
Hutchinson. Mrs. Catherine C. Care of Messrs. Grindlay d Co., 54, Parlia- 

ment-street, S.W. 1. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Emily Coote Synge-. 1, Swalloiv-street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
Hutchinson, The Rev. Henry Neville, m.a., f.r.g.s., f.g.b. 17, St. John's- 

wood-park, Finchley-road, N.W.8. 
Hutchinson, John Monkhouse, Esq. Grantsfield, Leominster, Hi - 

(Dormant 1894.) 
Hutchinson, Walter Victor, Esq. 56, Pant-sirect, S.W. 1. 
Hutchison, Rob - m.d., F.n.c.r. 22, Queen Anne-street, W.l. 

Huth, Mr.-;. Caroline Locke. 44, Upper Grosvenor-street, W.l. 

L: ./ of Fellows of the 



•Huth, Edward, Esq., m.a. 48, Eaton-square, S.W.I, 

llntli, Richard 14, Urlcombc-court, Dorset-square, N.W. 1. 

Button, Lady Elizabeth Ami. 7, Kensington-court, It'. 8. 

Huxley, Henry, Esq. 51, Porchesti r-terrace, W.2. 

Suitable, John Elliott, Bag. 'J. Spunish-place-mansions, ^Manciiester- 
square, W.l. 

II vain, Judab, Esq., O.B.V.O. 495, Nava's PcilJi, 1'oona, Bengal, India. 
(Dormant 1S98.) 

II yams, Alfred Maurice, Esq. 0, Acol-road, West Hampstead, N. II'. 'i. 

Hyams, Italph Stanley, Esq "Education" 28, Victoria-street, S.W.l. 

Ide, Harry, Esq., l.d.s. Elm Lawn, Eden-street, Kingston-on-Thames. . 

Ilchester, Giles Stephen Holland, Earl of. Holland-house, Kensington, W-. 8. 
Iliffe, Mrs. Ann Caroline Harrison. 9, Kent-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
Illingworth, Mrs. May. Thomwood-lodgc, Campden-hill, W. 8. 
Illingworth, Norman H., Esq. Middle-hill, Hook-heath, Woking, Surrey. 
Irn Thurn, Sir Everard Ferdinand, k.c.m.g. 39, Lexham-gardcns, W.8. 
Inchcape of Straphnaver, James Lyle, Lord, k.c.i.e., g.c.m.g. 7, Seamore- 

place, May fair, W. 1. 
*Inchiquin, Lucius William O'Brien, Lord. Dromoland-castle, Newmarket- 

on-Fergus, Co. Clare. 
Ingle, Capt. John Clifton. Care ofM. Leibnitz, Esq., Koweyn's-pass, Pilgrwi's 

Best, near Lyndenburg, Transvaal. (Dormant 1902). 

Ingleby, Mrs. Mary Alice. Apple Tree-cottage, Sonning-on-Tliames, Berks. 
Inglis, Charles McFarlane, Esq. Baghoicnie- factory, Lakeria Serai, P.O. 

Behar, India. (Dormant 1921). 
Inglis, Peter Fullarton Dougall, Esq. Hazel Croft, 99, Highbury-hill, N. 5. 
♦Inglis, Lt.-Col. Sir Robert William, V.D. Craigendowie, Reigate-hill, Beigate. 
Ingoldby, Capt. Christopher Martin. Care of Messrs. Qrindlay & Co., 54, 

Parliament-street, S.W. 1. (Dormant 1921.) 
Ingram, Collingwood, Esq. The Bungalow, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent. 
*Ingram, Sir William James, Bt. (Silver Medallist). 65, Croimc ell-road, 
S. W. 7. 
Ingrains, Capt. William Harold. Junior Army and Navy Club, Whitehall. 

" S.W.l. (Dormant 1920.) 
Inman, Mrs. Mary. 12, Shane -terrace-mansions, S.W. 1. 
Inman, Robert Matthews, Esq., l.e.c.p. 82, Brighton-road, Stoke New ing. 

ton, N. 16. 
Innes-Ker, Major Lord Alastair Robert, d.s.o. (Royal Horse Guards). 

4, Gloucester-square, W. 2. (Council 1921— >). 
Instone, Sir Samuel. 16, Avenue-road, BcgenV s-park, N. W. 8. 
♦Invernairn, William, Lord. Parkhead Forge Boiling Mills, Glasgow, N.B. 
Irby, Capt. Frederick Arthur. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 
*Irby, Capt. Leonard Paul, o.b.e. Evington-place, Ashford, Kent. 

Zoological Society of London. 


Irby, Paul Aubert, Esq. 20, Vincent-square, S.W.I. 

Ironside. Sir Henrv George Outram Bax-, k.c.m.g. 23, Grosvenor-place , 

Irvine. Major Edward Foster, r.g.a. 46, Hanover-house, Regent' s-park, N. Il'.l. 

Lt.-Col. Francis Swinton. Althrey, Wrexham. 
Isaacs, Mrs. Annie. Wignwre Hotel, 11, Lower- Seymour-street, It", l, 
Isaacs, Godfrey Charles, Esq. 31, Wellington-court, Knighisbridge, S.W.I. 
Frank Sej mour Nilsson, Esq. 5, Hanover-terrace, Regent,' s-park, N. WA. 
Camillo, Esq. Bear-lane, Soutliwarlc-street, S.E. 1. 

[slington, The Rt. Hun. John Poynder, Lord, P.C., G.C.M.G., D.s.O. 8, 

Chesterfield-gardens, May fair, W. 1. 
Ismay, Mrs. Matilda Constance. 21, Upper Grosvcnor-strect, W. 1. 
*Iveagh, Edward Cecil, Earl of, g.c.v.o., f.b.s. 5, Grosvenor-place, S.W. 1. 

*Ives, Capt. Cecil Maynard Gordon Gordon-. The Crossioays, Frant-road, 
Tunbridgc Wells, Kent. 

Ives, George Cecil, Esq., m.a. 196, Adelaide-road, Hampstcad, N.W. 3. 

Izod, Mrs. Agnes Maria Stephanie. 3, Whitehall-court, S.W.I. 

Jack, Henry Stuart Macbean, Esq. 36, Bolton-gardens, S.W. 7. 

Jackson, Mrs. Annie. Brooklyn-liotel, Earl' s-court-sguare, S.W. 5. 

Jackson, Arthur, Esq. Care of Sir John Jackson, Ltd., 53, Victoria-street, 

Jackson, Cyril, Esq., m.a. Savile Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

♦Jackson, The Rt< Hon. Frederick Huth, p.c. 64, Rutland-gate, S. W. 7. 

Jackson, Sir Frederick John, k.c.m.g., c.b., p.l.s. Evergreens, Lyndliurst, 

Jackson, Harold G., Esq., The University, Birmingham. 

Jackson, Major Harry Loxton Rothwell-, m.i.m.e. Hazelwood, Windermere . 

Jackson. Marshall Rothwell, Esq., a.m.i.m.e. 6, Lansdown-road, Wimbledon, 


Jackson, Lewis, Esq. " Glenhavcn," Gloucester-gate, N.W. 1. 

Jackson, Walter Edward Harold, Esq. 34, Sillwood-road, Brighton. 

Jacob, Mrs. Phcebe M. 29, Upper Hamilton-terrace, N. W. 8. 

Jacobs, Ernest Lionel, Esq. 30, St. John's- wood-road, N.W. 8. 

Jacobs, Joseph Henry. Esq. 5, Cambridge-terrace, N.W. 1. 

Jambunathan, Nallichery Sundaraiyer, Esq., b.a., l.t. Sub-assistant 
Inspector of Schools, Madura, Madras, India. (Dormant 1908.) 

James, Dudley, Esq. Under Ridge, Bourne End, Bucks. 

* James, Henry Ashworth, Esq. Hurstmonccaux-placc, Hailsham, Sussex. 

James, The Hon. Walter John, b.a. 1, Court field -road, S.W.I. 

James, William Warwick, Esq., P.B.c.s. 2, Park-crescent, Portland-place , ll'.l . 

Jameson, Mrs. Elizabeth Hirst. 70, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W.8. 

Jameson, Henry Lyster, Esq., Ph.D., Board of Agriculture and 
Fisheries, 54a, Parlianient-street, S.W. 1. 



List of Fellows of the 


Jameson, John A., Esq. 9, is, S.W.I, 

Jameson Mrs. Louisa \>. '.). Buckingham-pala . S.W.I. 

Jansou, llalM \ , l iq. \, Clifton-place, S ire, W,2. 

*Jardine, David Jardine, Esq., m.a., f.R.G.8. 9, ' venor-street, 

11'. 1. 

Jardine, Malcolm Robert, Esq. Thorwood, Frith-Mil, Qodabning, Si 
*Jardine, Robert, Esq. 69, Cadi . 8. W. 1. 

Jaidine, Sir Robert William Buchanan , Bt. 24, St. - W. L. 

Jarvis, Col. Alexander Weston, c.m.g., m.v.o. 36, Uppen 
street, W. 1. 

Jay, Tom Simpson, Esq. Claytons, Mayfit id. Sussex. 

Jecks, Arthur Statham, Esq. 24, Austin-friars, E.G. 2. 

Jeffcoat, Lt.-Col. Algernon Cantley, c.b., c.m.g., d.s.o. 23, North-gate, 
Regent' s-park, N.W. S. 

*Jeffcock, Mrs. Maria. 4, Green-street, Park-lane, W.l. 

Jenkin, Mrs. Betty Austin. 93, Iverna-court, Kensington, W.8. 

Jenkins, Miss Emily Vaughan. 31, Antrim-mansions, S. Hampstead, N. W. ?>. 

Jenkins, John Alexander, Esq. 36, Thurloxv -park-road, Dulwich, S.E. 21. 
*Jenkinson, John Anthony, Esq. Lamport-grange, Northampton. 
*Jenkinson, Robert Charles Horace, Esq. Lamport-grange, Northampton. 

Jenks, Maurice, Esq., f.c.a. 11, Regent' s-court, I'ark-road, N.W. 1. 

Jenks, Walter, Esq. 6, Hall-road, St. Jolin's-tvood, N.W. 8. 

Jennens, Lionel Kerr, Esq. 2, New Burlington-place, W.l. 

Jennings, Major James Willes, D.s.o. Junior United Service Club, Charles- 
street, St. James's, S. W. 1. 

Jennison, George, Esq. Zoological-gardens, Belle-vue, Manchester. 

Jerrold, Walter Copeland, Esq., f.j.i. ,5,-Titchfield-terrace, N.W. S. 

Jessen, Bernard Hugo, Esq. 177, Walm-lanc, Cricklewood, N. W. 2. 
(Dormant 1910.) 

Jessopp, Augustus Leverton, Esq. Lcxham-hall, Swaffliam, Norfolk. 

Jessopp, Charles Darcy, Esq. Lexham-hall, Swaffliam, Norfolk. 

Jessop, Commander John de Burgh, e.n. East-lodge, Dovcridge, Derbyshire. 

Jewell, John Ernest, Esq. Beaconsfield, Birchingtan, Kent. 
*Joel, Solomon Barnato, Esq. 2, Great Stanhope-street, Mayfair, W. 1. 

John, Henry Colestin, Esq. 6, Eton-avenue, Hampstead, N.W. '■'>■ 

Johns, Alfred Ernest, Esq. 1, Charing -cross, W.C. 2. 

Johnson, Bernard Marr, Esq. 37, Norfolk-square, Hyde-park, W.2. 

Johnson, Bertrand, Esq. The Hawthorns, Moss-lane, Pinner. 

Johnson, Mrs. Ethel Katie. 31, North-gate, X. W. 8. 

Johnson, Francis Head Bulkeley-, Esq. 32, Loumdes-street, S. It'. 1. 

Johnson, Col. Frank. Care of Lloyds Bajik, 15, Cheapside, F.C. 2. 

Johnson, Prof. John Charles, m.a., w.v... ritt. d. Biological Dept., 
University-college. Auckland. X.Z. (Dormant, r.i2<>.'| 

Johnson, Miss Mabel. Upmeads, Abbotswood, Guildford. 

Johnson, Mrs. Margaret 0. 174, Ashley-gardens, Westminster^ S.W. 1. 

Johnson, Robert Baines, Esq., m.a, 52, Circus-road, St. John's-icood, N. W. S. 


Zoological Society of London. 





191 i 

1920 j 


1913 ; 








Johnson. Robert Henry Nevill, Esq. 76, Wellesley-road, Kentish Town 

I . 5. 
Johnson, Sidney Charles, Esq. 7, Hampstcad-lane, Highgate, N.6. 
Johnson, s- gtpn, Esq. 81, Mortlake-road, Kew. 

Johnson, Walford Burbidge, Esq. 1">, Queen' s-road, Leytonstone, Essex. 
"Johnston, George 1 29, Portman-square,. W. 1. 

Johnston, Sir Harry Hamilton, Q.C.M.G., k.c.b. (Gold and Silver 
Medallist). St. John's Priory, Poling, Arundel, Sussex. (Council 

Johnston, Miss Mary S., f.o.s., f.r.g.s. 14, Homefteld-road, Wimbledon 

Johnston, Thomas Baillie, Esq., m.b., ch.B. 25, Cheniston-gardcns , Ken- 
sington, W.8. 

Johnston, William Elliot Lawson-, Esq. 67, Curzon-strect, W. 1. 

Johnstone, James Marsh, Esq. 42, I hi If -moon-street, IT'. 1. 

Johnstone, William Alfred, Esq. Kearnsey Court, near Dover. 

Joicey, Major James. 39, Park-lane, W. 1. 

Joicey, The Hon. James Arthur. Longhirst, Morpeth, Northumberland. 
*Joicey, James John, Esq. The Mill, Witley, Surrey. 

Joicey, Mrs. Mary. Sunningdale-park, Sunnimjdale, Berks. 

Jones, Mrs. Alice Craven-. 2, Lyndlnirst-gardens, Hampstcad, N. W. 3. 

Jones, Mrs. Anne Heywood. 23, Albert-road, Regent' 's -park , N. W. 1. 

Jones, Arthur, Esq. Care of The Capital and Counties Bank, Fenchurch- 

Jones, Arthur Heywood, Esq. Holly Bank, Bankfield-road, West Derby, 
Jones, Edward Dukinfield, Esq. Castro, Beigate, Surrey. [Liverpool. 

Jones, Edward Wiokham, Esq. Frocester-lodgc, South Norwood, S.E. 25. 
Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth. Hanover -court, Hanover-square, II*. 1. 
Jones, Ellis Lloyd, Esq., The Nook, Kingsbridge, S. Devon. 

*Jones, Frederick Wood, Esq., m.b., The University, Adelaide, South 

Jones, George Arthur, Esq. Little Seeley's, Beaconsfield, Bucks. 

Jones, George Arthur, Esq. 16, Fermc-park-mansions, Crouch End, N. 4. 

Jones, George Fletcher. Esq. 12, Old Jewry-chambers, E.C.2. 

Jones, Mrs. Gertrude Clunies Wood-. The University, Adelaide, South 

Jones, The Eev. Harold Victor. 8. Wolseley -crescent, Piershill, Edinburgh^ 

i 'Utone, m.b. ch.B., r.n. The Manor- 
St. Stephen's, Canterbury. 
tin William Bertram-, Esq. Kelvedon-hall, Brentwood, Essex. 
Joi>< Edward, Esq. 20, Cornwall-Gardens, S.W.I. 

Evans-, Esq., d.l., x.p., F.B.0.S. Junior Carlton Club, 
Pall-mall-, S.W. 1. 
. Walter Hugh, Esq. Morgan-hall, Fairford, Gloucestershire. 
♦Jones. Walter John Henry. Esq. 2, Down-street. Piccadilly . WA. 
Jones, Walter Southwell, Esq. 27, ,Harley-house, Regent' s-park, N. W. 1. 
Jordan, John Alfred Victor, Esq. Qorthie, Wokingham, Berks. 
Joseph, Mrs. Emma. 29, Hyde-park-gardens, W. 2. 

List of Fellows of the 

d (2589) 

1918 Joseph, George Philip, Esq. 1%, Portmo W.l. 

1898 Josephs, Walter David, Esq. 6, Bassett-rood, North Kensington, W. 10. 
3 , Joyce, The Rt. Hon. sir Matthew [ngle, r.c, m.a. 16, Great Cumberland- 
. . HycL -park, W. 1. 

1910 Judd, Walter, Esq. 85 North-gatr, Regent's-park, N.W.8. 

I'M'.i -fudge, Herbert Arthur, Esq. Sherwood, Clifford-road, New Barnet. 

1921 Judge, William Charles, Esq. 54, Pembcrton-gardens, ffighgate, N. 19. 

1912 Judkins, Edward Charles, Esq. The Gables, WimbU hurst-road, Horsham. 

1912 Jupp, Ralph Tennyson, Esq., m.b., b.s. 44, Regent-street, W.l. 

1906 *Justcn, Miss Effie. Care ofE. A. Schmidt, Esq., 26, Glebe-road, Hornsey, N. 7. 

1891 Justice, Philip Middleton, Esq. 15, Cavendish-rd., St. John's-wood, N.W.8. 

1911 Kaye, Harry, Esq. Rayleigh, Hareiuood-road, South Croydon. 

1920 Kearton, Harold Percival, Esq. West Leigh, Parkhills-road, Bury, Lanes. 

1896 *Kearton, Richard, Esq. Ardingley, Catcrham Valley, Surrey. 

1910 Keating, Francis Amboor, Esq. 15, Rutland-gate, S.W.I* 

1914 Keck, Thomas Charles Leycester Powys-, Esq. 39, Palliser-road, Baron's- 

court, W. 14. 
1905 Keen, William Brock, Esq. May field, 35, West-hill, Highgate, N. 6. 

1895 *Keith, Sir Arthur, M.r>., f.r.s., f.r.c.s. (Conservator of The Museum of the 
Royal College of Surgeons of England.) 17, Aubert-park, Highbury, N. 5. 

1916 Kekewich, Mrs. Mary Marion. The Hill-house, Hatfield. 
1899 *Kelk, Sir John William, Bt. 40, Grosvenor-snuare, W. 1. 

1914 Kell, Frederick William, Esq. " Dumfries,'" Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 

1917 Kell, Col. Sir Vernon George Waldegrave, k.b.e., c.b. 34, Argyll-road, 

Kensington, W. 8. 

1899 Kellgren, Arvid Ludvig, Esq., w.D. 79, Harley-strcet, W. 1. 

1920 Kelly, Frederic Arthur, Esq., m.p. Holly-court, Harrogate. * 
1914 *Kelly, Paul Herrick, Esq. 20, Cheapside, E.C. 2. 

1907 Kelly, Robert Talbot, Esq., r.b.a. 96, Fellows-road, S. Hampstead, N. W. 3. 
1875 Kelso, Capt. Edward Barrington Purvis (late r.n.). Nayland-park, Colchester. 
1895 *Kelson, William Henry, Esq., m.d., f.r.c.s. 17, Cavendish-place, W. 1. 

1921 Kelton, Capt. Percy St. Gore, m.c. Junior Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 
1920 Kemball, Vero Shaw, Esq. Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mall, S. It". 1. 

1908 Kemble, Capt. Horace Leonard, m.v.o. Knock, Broadford, Isle of Skye. 
1908 Kempe, Sir Alfred Bray, m.a., f.r.s. 19, Pembridge-square, W. 2. 

1911 - Kempe, Austin Arrow, Esq. 61, Gordon-road, Ealing, 11". 5. 

1920 Kendall, Ernest Anthony, Esq. 10, The Barons, East Twickenham, S.W. 
1880 *Kennard, John, Esq. Murrcll-grccn, Winchfield, 'Hants. 

1919 Kennedy, Lord Angus. 80, Piccadilly , W.l. 

1921 Kennedy, Surgeon Capt. Graham E., r.h. Ill, King Henry' s-rond, AMI". 3. 

1905 Kennedy, Lt.-Col. Thomas Francis Watson. Wiveton-liall, Cley, Norfolk. 

1898 Kennion, Lt.-Col. Roger Lloyd, c.i.e., i.s.c. H.B.M. Consulate, Kermansliali, 
Persian Gulf. (Dormant 1912.) 


Zoological Society of L 



*Kenrick, Sir George Hamilton. Wlietstone, Somerset-road, Edgbaston, 

*Kenrick, Reginald Watkin Edward, Esq. Junior United Service Club, 

irleastreet, St. James's, S.W.I. 
Kensington, Hugh, Lord, c.m.g., d.s.o. 4, Eger ton-place, S.W. 3. 
Kent. Arthur Barton, Esq. 45, Holland-park, W.ll. 
K. Qyon, Lloyd, Lord, k.c.v.o. II 2, The Albany, Piccadilly, W.l. 
Kenyon-Slan; v. Col. Francis Gerald, C.B.B. Junior United Service Club, 

Charles-street, 8. W. 1. 
Kenyon-Slaney, Capt. Rodolph Orlando. Hatton-grange, Shifnal, Salop. 
*Ker, Prof. William Paton. 95, Gower-street, W.G.I. 
*Kerr, Miss Agnes Seymour. Eashing-park, Godalming, Surrey. 
Kerr, Prof. John Graham, p.r.s. 9, The University, Glasgow, N.B. 
Kerr, Vice-Admiral Mark Edward Frederic, c.B., m.v.o. 16, Cumberland- 
terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
Kersey, Major Henry Maitland, n.s.o. 7, Savile-roio, W.l. 
Kew, Harry Wallis, Esq. 3, Ihrndon-road, Wandsivorth, S. W. 8. 
*Keycs,B.-Genl. Terence.Humphrcy, c.m.g. ,c. i.e. Care of Messrs. Grindlay 

dt Co., 54, Parliament-street, S.W. 1. 
Keyser, Maurice Max, Esq. 22, Grevillc-place, Kilburn, N.W.&. 
Kidd, Robert Forster, Esq. 52, Upper Berkeley-street , W. 1. 
Kidner, Mrs. Ina Nicol. 19, Stissex-place, Regent' s-park, N.W.I. 
Kilburne, Capt. William Richard. 
**Kilby, Sandford James, Esq. Skclton-Iiousc, Lillington-avenue , Leamington. 
Kiley, Alderman James, m.p., j.p. National Liberal Club, Victoria- street, 

S.W. 1. 
Kilmorey, Francis Charles, Earl of. 5, Aldford-strcet, Park-lane, W.l. 

King, Mrs. Annie Redman. The University, Leeds, Yorks. 

King, Cecil Tooke Barrow, Esq. 8, Norfolk-crescent, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

King, Edwin Frederick, Esq. 56, North-gate, N.W. 8. 

King, Edwin John, Esq. Danemorc-park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

King, Frederick, Esq. Box 2077, Johannesburg, S. Africa. 

King, Frederic William, Esq. 61, High. Holborn, W.C. 1. 

King, Capt. Henry Douglas, c.b.e., d.s.o. The Dales, Sheringham, Norfolk. 

King, ('apt. Herbert Ryder. Poles, Ware, Herts. 

King, Mrs. Julia M. Cure of Messrs. Williams Deacon £ Co., 2, Cockspur- 

street, S.W.I. 
Kingsford, Hugh Sadler, Esq., m.a. 114a, King Henry's-road, N.W. 3. 
Kingston, Henry Edwyn, Earl of. Kilronan Castle, Carrick-on- Shannon, 
Kinnaird, Mrs. Gertrude. 16, Titchfield-tcrrace , N.W. 8. 

Kinnear, Norman Boyd, Esq. Care of Messrs. Grindlay db Co., 54, Purlin. 

mnit-street, S.W.I. ; and British Museum, Cromivell-road, S.W.I. 
Kinnoll, James Lindsay, Esq. Care of Messrs. C. P. Kinnell & Co., 65, 

Soutliwark-street, S.E. 1. 

Kintore, Sydney Charlotte, Countess of. Keith-hall, Inverurie, Aberdeen- 


TAst of Fellows <>f the 
















Kipling, Rudyard, Esq., ll.d. Bateman's, Bui wx. 

Kirliy, Frederick Van {Game Conservator for %ululana\) Game- 

lodge, Nuugoma, Zululand. (Dormant 189 

Kirk, Mrs. Agnes Beatrioe. Orchards, Hurst, Berkshire. 

*Kirkpatrick. Randolph, Esq. Zoological Department, British Museum of 
Natural History, GromweU^road, South Kensington, S.W. 7. 

Kisch, Stanley Albert, Esq. 70, Hamilton-terrace, N.W.8. 

*Kitching, John, Esq., f.r.g.s., F.C.I., f.r.met.soc. Oaklands, Q 
Kingston-hill, Surrey. 

Klein, Mrs. Lillian. 19, Lindfield-gardens, N. II". 3. 

*Kleinwort, Sir Alexander Drake, Bt. 30, Curzon-strcil, W. 1. 

*Kleinwort, Herman Greverus, Esq. 45, Belgrave-square, S.W. 1. 

Kloss, Cecil Boden, Esq., f.r.a.i. Assistant-Director of Museums, Kuala 
Lumpur, Federated Malay States. (Dormant 1906.) 

Knight, Charles Albert, Esq. 20, Hanover-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

Knight, Henry Mansfield, Esq. 2, Palace-green, Kensington, IF. 8. 

Knight, James Mowat, Esq. 155, Fenchurch-strect, E.G. 3. 

Knight, John Baillie, Esq. 66, Belsize-park, N. W. 3. 

Knight, John Frederick, Esq. 81, Tulse-hill, S.W. 2. 

Knobel, Miss Emily Maud. 32, Tavistock-sgtiare, W.G.I. 

Knocker, Frederick William, Esq. Temple Ewell, Dover, Kent. (Dormant 

Knowles, Hugh Charles, Esq. Inverness-lodge, Inverness-terrace, W. 2. 
*Knowles, Sir Lees, Bt., c.v.o., o.b.e. 4, Park-street, Grosvenor-squarc , W. 1. 
* Knowles, Thomas Foster, Esq. 48, Moorgate-street, E.C.I. 

Knox, Cecil Warburton, Esq. 49, Gloucester -road, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
*Knox, Henry Thomas Carnegie, Esq. The Bungalow, Sea View, Isle of 

Knutford, Mrs. Lilian May. 30, Acacia-road, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 

Knutsford, Sydney George, Viscount. Kneesworth-hall, Royston, Herts. 

Kolckmann, William Alphonse, Esq. 12, St. John's Wood-parl:, N.W.S. 

Kosminski, Charles Martin, Esq. Bank-cottages, Brighton-road, Lancing, 

Kreuger, Fredrik Emil, Esq. 52, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 
Kup, Conrade Frank Wilson, Esq. Finsbury -house, BlOmfield-street, F..C. 2. 
*Kyd, Sir David Hope, m.a., ll.d. 23, Prince' s-gardens, S.W. 7. 

Lacey, Francis Eden, Esq. 16, Elm Tree-road, St. Johns-wood, N.W.8. 

La Chard, Capt. Louis William. Office of tor General of 

Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. (Dormant 1908.) 

*Lafbne, Rear-Admiral Albert Sumner, r.n. Weybrook-housc, Sherborne St. 
John, Basingstoke, Hants. 

Laidlaw, Frank Fortescue, Esq., m.a. Hye field, Uffculme, Devon. 

Laidlay, Mrs. Laura. 50, Circus-road, St. John' s-wood, N.W. 8. 

Zoological Society of London. 81 

Laing, Frederick, Esq. British Museum, Cromwell-road, S.W.l. 

Laing, Major Robert Warrington Joseph, r.m.l.i. Care of Messrs. Stilwell >i 
Son, 42, Pall-mall, S.W.I. 

Lake, Major Ernest Atwell Winter. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., Calcutta, 
India. (Dormant 1916.) 

Lamb, Major Sir Archibald, Bt. Beauport, Battle, Sussex. 

*Lamb, Edmund, Esq,, m.a., m.p., f.c.s., f.r.g.s. Bordon-wood, Liphook, 

Lamb, Eric Charles Edward, Esq. 5, Chester-place, N.W. 1. 

Lambert, Arthur Bradley, Esq., c.b.e. 232, St. James' s-court, S.W. 1. 

Lambert, Miss Florence Barrie, m.b. 30, Cavendish-square, W. 1. 

Lambert, John Vollans, Esq. 35, Park-square, Leeds, Yorks. 

Lamborn, William Alford, Esq., m.r.c.s., l.e.c.p. Littlcmorc, near Oxford. 

*Lambton, Ralph E., Esq. The Ba>ik, Newcastle-on-Tyne. ri921.) 

Lampard, Leonard Ashmall, Esq. Quilon, Travancore, S.India. (Dormant 

Lampson, Alfred Curtis, Esq. Moonhill-place, Cuckfield, Sussex. 

Lampson, Curtis Walter, Esq. Farm-house, 67, Pont-street, S.W. 1. 

Lampson, Comdr. Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-, r.n.v.r., c.m.g., d.s.o., m.p. 
18, Park-mansions, Knightsbridge, S.W.I. 

Lancaster, Sir William John, J. p. 49, Putney-hill, S.W. 15. 

Lancum, Frank Howard, Esq., f.e.s. " Femside," Shepherd' s-lane, 
Dartford, Kent. 

Landauer, David, Esq. 53, Fitzjolui s-avenue, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

♦Lander, Miss Mary Kathleen Forsaith, 69, Albany-street, N.W. 1. 

Lane, Lt.-Col. Arthur Henry (late a.v. Dept.). 12, Holland-park-avenue, 
jr. 11. 

Lane, Aymer Powlett, Esq. Flat 34, 36, Buckingham-gate, S.W. 1. 

Lane, The Hon. Mrs. Grace. King's Bromley-manor, Lichfield, Staffs. 

Lane, William, Esq. 33, Bury-street, St. James's, S.W. 1. 

Lane, Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt., c.b., f.r.c.s. 21, Cavendish-square, W. 1. 

Lang, James Giles, Esq., Castle-square, Ludlow, Salop. 

Lang, William, Esq., f.r.c.s. 22, Cavendish-square, W.l. 

*Lang, William Dickson, Esq., b.a. British Museum of Natural History, 

Cromwell-road, South Kensington, S.W.7. 
Langdon, Alfred, Esq. 18, Belsize-grove, N.W.-Z. 
Langridge, John, Esq. Superintendent and Curator of the Zoological 

Gardens, Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand. (Dormant 1914.) 

Langton, William Frederick Gore-, Esq. Padbury-lodge, Buckingham. 
Langton, William Heywood, Esq. 2, Kent-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
Lankester, Alfred Owen, Esq., m.d. 5, Upper Wimpolc-strcet, W. 1. 
**Lankester, Sir Edwin Ray, k.c.b., m.a., ll.d., f.r.s. 44, Oakley-street. 
Chelsea, S.W. 8. 
♦Lansdowne, The lit. Hon. Henry Charles Keith, Marquess of, K.G., P.c, 
g.c.m.g., G. c.s.i. , G.c.i. e. 54, Berkeley-square, W.l. 
Lanza, Mrs. Amy Maria. The Lemet, 28, Helcnslea-avenue, Golders Green, 

1919 j Larkworthy, Stuart Peterson, Esq. 35, Belsize-avenue, N.W. 3. 

(2733) ° 

/ . :/ of fellows of the 

i (2733) 

. Mrs. Alice Maud. 30, Rutland-gate S. U', 7. 
1919 Lascelles, Major Hon. Edward Cecil, d.s.o. 13, Upper Belgrave-st., S.W. 1, 

. Tin Son. G raid William. King' s-house, Lyndhurst, Hants. 
1919 *Lasoell< count, d.s.o. 18, Upper Belgi 

,!, S.W.I. 

L918 Lascelles, Reginald Fraa 74, Oxford-terrace, W.2. 

1909 Lotto, Mrs. Ellinqr Georgina. 20, BrookfieU, West-hill, Highgate, N. 6. 

1898 Latvian-. Edith Ellen, Lady. The Rest, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 

1901 Lauderdale, Ada Twyford, Countess of. Lauriston, St. Leonards-on- Sea. 
1886 Lauderdale, Frederick Henry, Earl of. Lauriston, St. Leonards-on- Sea. 

1913 Laundon, John Francis William, Esq. 38, Park-street, Gloucester-gate, 


1916 Laurie, Robert Douglas, Esq. Zool. Dept., University College of Wales, 

A bery&twith. 

1907 Laverge, Albertus, Esq. 31, Sackvillc-strect, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1919 Law, Satva Churn, Esq., m.a., b.l. 24, Sukea's-strect, Calcutta, India. 
(Dormant 1920.) 

1914 Lawrence, Aubrey Trevor, Esq. 13, Norfolk-crescent, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1912 *Lawrence, Hubert, Esq. The White-house, Bunbury, Tarporley, Cheshire. 

1919 Lawrence, Sydney, Esq. 33, Greville-road, N. W. 6. 

1906 Lawrence, Col. Sir Walter Roper, Bt., g.c.i.e., g.c.v.o., e.B. 94, Eaton- 
square, S.W. 1. (Council 1911-1912, 1913-1915, 1916-1917, as V.P. 
1914-1915, 1916-1917.) 

1904 Lawrence, William Robert, Esq. 57, Chancery-lane, W.C.2. 

1908 Lawson, Miss Ada de Cardonnel-. 3, Ralston-street, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

1921 Lawson, Lady Camilla. 62. Chester-square, S. W. 1. ; and Isel-hall, Cocker- 

1886 *Lawson, Frank, Esq. 

1909 Laycock, Lt.-Col. Joseph Frederick, d.s.o. 17, Stratton-street, W. 1. 
1919 Layman, Alfred Richard, Esq. 12, Hayne-road, Beckcnham, Kent. 

1917 Layton, Edwin James, Esq. 70, Portland-place, W. 1. 

1919 Layton, Thomas Bramley, Esq.,M.s. 10, Welbeck-st., Cavendish-sq., W. 1. 
1886 Lea, Harry Healey, Esq. 6, St. Mark's-square, Regent's-park, N.W. 1. 

1910 Leaf, Frederick Walton, Esq. 6, Airlie-gardens, Campden-hill, W. 8. 
1884 *Leaf, Walter, Esq. 6, Sussex-place, Regent's-park, N.W.I. 

1917 Leake, Percy Dewe, Esq., P.O. a. 3, Whitehall-court, S.W. 1. 

1913 *Learmonth, Lt.-Col. Francis Leger Livingstone-. Hanford, Blandford, Dorset. 

1914 *Lebour, Miss Marie Victoria, Marine Biological Association, Plymouth. 
1917 Le Bas, Edward, Esq. 62, Redington-road, N.W. 3. 

1920 Lebish, George, Esq. 40, Hanover-house, Regent's-park, N.W. 8. 

1899 Le Brasseur, Robert, Esq. 12, New-court, Lincoln' s-inn, W.C.2. 

1915 Le Brun, John Greve, Esq., m.e.a.s. 17, Victoria-street, S.W.I. 

1920 Lecallier, Madame Valentine. 109, Rue de la Rcpublique, Caudebec-lcs- 
Elbeuf (S.I.), France. 

1913 Leckie, Patrick Stewart, Esq. 34, Clement' 's-lane, E.C A. 

1913 Ledger, Edward, Esq. 6, Fitzjohn's-avenue, N.W. 3. 

1919 Ledger, Thomas Bertram, Esq. 14, St. Mary-axe, E.C. 3. 


Zoological Society of London. 



it Vaughan 1 Canning Vaughan-, m.v.o. Dillington 
Illminster, Son 

Lee, i i • ' ;srs. Cox & Co,, 16, Charir, W. 1. 

•Lee, Gerard, Esq. L2, Pelham-street, South Kensington, S.W. 7. 

Lee, Thomas Somerville Charters, Esq. Queen Anne's-mansions, S.W. 1. 

Leech, Mrs. William. ia-road, Kensington, IT. 8. 

Leeds, < reorge Godolphin, Duke of. 11, Grosvenor-crescent, S.W. 1. 

Leeke, Miss Emily Dorothy. 27, Ocington-strcet, S. II'. 3. 

Lees, Capt. John Dumville. WoodhiU-hall, Oswestry, Salop. 

Lees, Miss Mary. ZTie Loti old, Sussex. 

♦Lefroy, Harold Maxwell. Esq., M.A., f.e.s. Westbrook-hquse, H 

Legard, Sir Algernon Willoughby, Bt., f.r.h.s., f.r.b.s. 18, Fic/o?-Ja-r,i kZ, 

Krnsiii:it'>ii, il 

Legg, Col. Thomas Percy, c.M.G., W.B., f.r.c.s. 139, Harlcy -street, W. 1. 

Lehmann, Rudolph Chambers, Esq., M.P. Fieldhead, Bourne End, Bucks. 

Leicester, Thomas William, Eirl of, g.c.v.o., c.m.g. 67, Grosven»-st.,W. 1. 

Leigh, Edward Chenevix Austen-, Esq. 38, Queen s-gate , S.W. 7. 

*Leigh, Capt. J. Hamilton. Bindon, Wellington, Somerset. 

Leigh, Sir John, Bt., j.p. G, Carlton-house-terrace, S. W. 1 ; and Beech-lawn , 
Altrincham, Cheshire. 

Leigh, John Franklon William, Esq. Newton-house, Gawbridge, Glamorgan- 

Leigh, Roger, Esq. 70,' outh Kensington, S.W.I. 

Leigh, Thomas Edward, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C 3. 

Leighton. Miss Emma Victoria. 40, Brompton-sguare, S.W. 3. 

Leighton, Lady Margaret Frances. 8, Wellington-ct., Knightsbridge, S, 11. L. 

Leijonhufvud, The Baron Erik Gustaf Evert. Wyuna, Lindsay-road, 
Branksome-park, Bournemouth . 

Leiper, Robert Thomson, Esq.,, m.d. (Director of Prosectorium.) 
]03, Corringham-road, Golders Qreen, N.W.&. 

*Leitc, Adeline Pinto-, Esq. Ijyndhurst, Shiplake-on-Thames, Qxon. 

Leite, Hubert Marion Pinto-, Esq., b.a., m.r.c.s. 24, Fellows-road, N.W. 3. 

*Le Marchant, John Gaspard, Esq. 13, Thurloc-squarc, South Kensington, 

Le Mercier, Miss Florence. 17, Manchester-street, W.l. 

*Lemon, Mrs. Margaretta Louisa. Hillcrest, Redhill, Surrey. 

Leney, MacDonald Frank, Esq. 9, Albion-street, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Lennox, Mrs. Mary Gordon. Care of The London County and Westminster 
Ban!:, Hanover-square, W I. 

1887 *Leon, Arthur L., Esq. Stoatley -rough, Haslemere, Surrey. 

1906 Leon, Wilfred, Esq. 29, Norfolk-road, St. John's-toood, /. 

1912 Leonard, William John, Esq. 1, TAndjield-gardens, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

•1901 J Leslie, William Henry, Esq. 18, St. James' s-place, S.W.I, 

1912 ! Le Souef, Ernest Albert, Esq. Director of the Zoological Gardens. South- 
Perth, Western Australia. (Dormant 1916.) 

1917 Letchworth, Ogden Pearl, Esq. Burwood-house, Cobham, Surrey. 

(2809) a a 

I the 











[liana He 

• '.'.:!. 


Levett, The Rev. Thomas Princi 

. 2, Man ''. 1. 

-.11". C. 
W. 1. 
Levj A-a. 7, Up 

Lewin, The Rev. Harold Bi 

on- > ; o»»d ('.M.S. 

niaiit 1920.) 

♦Lewi-, Charles William Mansel, Esq., B.A. Stradey ' nelly. 

Lewis, Frederick, Esq. The Laurels, Crai rrey. 

Lewis, Sir George James Graham, Bt. 21, Montagu M. 

Lewis, Lieut. Henry David, B.N.V.B. 5, Portland -place. W. 1. 

♦Lewis, Col. Herman Le Roy-, c.b., c.m.g., d.s.o., f.r. • ury-house, 

Petersfield, Hants. 

Lewis, Isaac, Esq.. Bedgebury-park, Goudhurst. Kent. ' 
*Lewis, John Spedan, Esq. Gfove-farm, Q Zouth I fa/row. 

*Lewis, Oswald, Esq. 6y, BickenhalUmansions, Glow ■ W. 1. 

Ley, Mrs. Mabel Farquharson. Ashcombe-cottagc, Edenbridge, Kent. 

Leycester, Joseph Hugh, Esq. " Ennisnwre," Cork: and Magdalene- 

Leycester, Raafe Oswald, Esq. Toft-hall. Enutsford, Cheshire. 

1913 *Leyland, Capt. Christopher Digby. (1st Life Guards.) Haggerston Cc 

. Beal, Northumberland. 

1890 *Leyland, Christopher John, 1 n Castle, Beal, North u 

1912 Lichtenstadt, Mrs. Ludovica Nina. 50, Mount-stn '•!'. 1. 

1887 *Lilford, John, Lord. Lilford-hall, Oundle, Northampton 
1896 Lilley, Cecil William. Esq. 2, Eing's^bench-walk, Temple, E.C. 1. 
1920 Lilley, Capt. James Lindsay, d.S.O. 46, Westbourm 
1907 Lilly, Charles Edward, ] N.W.I. 

1911 Lilly, Surgeon-General Frederick J., B.N. " Heat herbrook," Sandy Cross, 
Heathfield, Sussex. 

1914 Limcnd, Miss Be..- pbell. St, Barnabas Orphanage, Chislehurst, 


1911 Lindemann, Mrs. holme, Sidmout) 

Lindlar, Max. Esq. 27. ' 

-I.indley, Miss Julia. 71, Shooter' s-hilU Ih, S.E.8. 

1901 Lindley, Robert Searles, Esq., M.I.C.I . Godstune-i 

Sum y. 
1907 Findo, Frank Charles, Esq. 28, Oxford-square, IF 2. 

Zoological Society of Lon 

Wir of 










1ST 3 







Lindsav. Charles Coxhead. Esq., m.i.C.B. 64, Harlai-house, Regent' s-park, 

N.W. 1. 
Lindsay, Capt. Henry Edith Arthur, r.f.c. 70, Wigmore-street, W. 1. 
Lindsay, John, Esq. Bobville, Brighton, Sussex. 
Lindsay, Leonard Cecil Colin, Esq. Broomhills, Roniton, Devon. 

Isay, William Herbert, Esq. Well-vale, Alford, Lincolnshire. 

Lindsell, Mrs. Flaccilla. 21, Park-crescent, W.l. 

Lindsey, Montagu Peregrine, Earl of. 53, Eaton-square, S. TV. 1. 

Lindup, Alfred Mitchener, Esq. 24, Aber dare-gar dens, Kilburn, N.W. 6. 

Linsdell, Ernest Lee, Esq. 153, Fenchurch-strcet, E.C.3. 

Lister, The Hon. Edith Cunliffe. Uam-mayior , Hungcrford, Berks. 

♦Lister, Joseph Jackson, Esq., m.a., f.k.s., f.l.s. St. John's College, 
Cambridge. (Council 1905-08.) 

Listowel, "William, Earl of, k.p. Kingston-house, Prince' s-gate, S.W. 7. 

Litchfield, Percy C, Esq., M.C., b.a., l.r.c.p. The Haven, Brighton-road, 

Parley, Surrey. 
Littleton, The Hon. Algernon Joshua Percy. "Lama," Hayling Island, 

Littleton, The Hon. Henry Stuart. 21, Cadogan-placc , S.W. 1. 
Llewellin, Mrs. Ada Elizabeth. Upton-house, near Poole, Dorset. 

Llewellyn, Thomas Lloyd Mostyn, Esq. Care of The National Bank, Old 

Broad-street, E.C.2. 
♦Llewelyn. Sir John Talbot Dillwyn-, Bt., f.r.s. 39, Cornwall-gardens, 

South Kensington, S. W. 7. 
Lloyd, Charles Evan, Esq. The Vicarage, New Hinksey, Oxford. 
Lloyd, Edward Honoratus, Esq., k.c. 22, Cadogan-gardens, S.W. 3. 
Lloyd, Ernest Edward, Esq. 26. Victoria-street, Westminster, S. It". 1; and 

Fernhurst, St. George' s-hill, Weybridge. 
Lloyd, Frederic, Esq. 26, Alma-street, Sheffield. 
Lloyd, Sir George Ambrose, g.c.i.e., d.s.o. Government-house, Bombay, 


*Llovd, Col. John Hayes (late i.s.c.) 

Braeside, Palace-road, Streatham, 
Sunnyside, Foreland-road. Whitchurch, near- 

Llovd. Joseph Henry, Esq. 

Loch, Maj.-Gen. Edward Douglas. Lord, c.p.., C.m.G., m.v.o., d.s.o. 51, 

I.i nnox-gardens, Pont-street, S. W. 1. 
Loch, Col. Harry Frere. 13, Regent' s-park- terrace, N. W. 1. 
Loch, Lt.-Col. Granville Henry. Care of Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 9, Pall 

Mall, S. W. 1. 
Lockett, George Alexander, Esq. 58, Print W.l. 

Lockett, Gerald Gonvil, Esq. " \ indra-drive, Liverpool. 

Lockett, Richard Cyril, Esq., ,'.p. " Clontei Ann's-road, Aigburth, 

Lockhart, Lady Macdonald (Hilda Maud). 12, Park-crescent, W. 1. 
Lockwood, Miss Lucy. 2, Holland-park-road, Kensington, W. 14. 

♦Lockyer, Thomazine Marv, Lady. 16, Penyicern-road, South Kensington 

S.W. 7. 

List of I / the 


S. II . l. 
'. 8.W. 1. 

1919 I toder, Mr*. J-.t !, ! I,. ,',; l. 

Bernard, I liall, Nort) 

i->i Lodge, 

L918 Logan, Capt. John Montagu. The PooUhou 

1912 Lon Berbert. Esq., m.d., rwich. 

L909 Lon den, Mrs. Laura. Car. Wand, W.C.% 

Bq., m.a. 27, Norfolk-square, l 
Longmore, Mrs. Marjorie. IS, Lennox U*. 1. 

1898 *Longstaff, Cedric Llewellyn, Esq. Neat lafford. 
1881 *Longstaff, Mrs. Mary L. Care of Mrs. Widgwood, The G+ange, Tghthom, 

1910 " I. ongstaff, Lt.-Col. Ralph, r.k.a. Twitchen, le, Devon. 

1904 *Longstaff, Capt. Tom George, m.a., m.d. Picket-hill, % od, Hants. 

3 Lonsdale, Capt. Henry Heywood-. Shavirtgton, Market Dt !op. 

1883 Lonsdale, Hugh Cecil, Karl of. 14, Carlton-house-terrace, S. W. 1. 
1900 Lonsdale, John Pemberton Heywood-, Esq. Stratton Audlcy-hall, B> 

Lord, Albert Reginald, Esq. 14, Regent-road, Brightlingsea. 
1916 Lotery, Harry, Esq. 2, Aberdare-gardens, West Hampstead, N.W. 6. 
1921 Loudoun. Edith Maud, Countess of. The Manor-house. Ashby-de-la-Zouche. 
1904 Louis, Adolphus Herman, Esq. Beaulieu, High Beach, Essex. 

1900 Lovat, Lt.-Col. Simon Joseph, Lord, k.t., c.b., k.c.v.o., d.s.o. 38, Grosvenor- 

gardens, S. W. 1. 
1883 *Love, James, Esq., f.r.a.s., f.g.s. 33, Olanricarde-gardens, W.% 

1899 Low, Alexander Graham, Esq. 9, Holland -park, W. 11. 

1906 Low, Charles Watson, Esq. 23, Wellington-court, Knigldsbridge, 8.W. 1. 
190G Low, Major James Chabot. 4, Lower Berkeley-street, It'. 1. 

1920 Low, James Wotherspoon, Esq., Birkbeck College, Bream' s-buiidings, 

1910 Low, Vincent Warren, Esq., m.d., F.B.C.S. 76, Barley-sire, .', W. 1. 
1920 Lowe, Francis Stanley, Esq. Brookend, Shiplah 

1907 Lowe, Capt. John Alfred Edwin Drury-. ('are of Messrs. Cox & Co., 16, 

Charing -cross, S. W. 1. 

1920 Lowe, Percy Roycroft, Esq., b.a., m.b. 26, Roland-gardens, S. W. 7. 

1901 Lowenstein, Lazare M., Esq. 33, Enni'smore-gardens, S.W.7. 

1906 Lower, Oswald B r's Apothecaries Co., Ltd.. Argents 

Broken hill^ S.s. Wales, South Australia. (Dormant 1907.) 
1914 Lowndes, Mi- Ethel Helen Mary. Hatfield-regis, War 

1912 Lowther, Art lair James, Esq. Cainpsea Ashe, Wickliam Market, Suffolk. 

1913 Lowther, The Hon. Lancelot Edward. Ashtvell-hill, Oakham. 

1888 *Loyd, 1 Imr Purvis. 42, Thurloe-square, South Kensington, S. U". 7. 

l'.>20 Loyd, Arthur Thomas, Esq. L tckinge-house, Wantage, Berks. 

1911 Li William. Esq. 17. Sandringham-court, Maid,, 



Zoological Society of London. 


Taer "f ; 
Electiou I (2920) 

1909 ! Lubbock, Major GeoSrey. Broadoaks, Byfleet, Surrey. 
1902 Lubbock, Tbe Hon. Norman. Doivne, Farnborough, Kent. 

1907 | Lucas, Mrs. Alice. 13, Cleveland-row. St. James's, SMI". 1. 

187S *Lucas, Arthur, Esq. Off, Bruton-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1892 ■ *Lucaa, Charles James, Esq. Warnhdm-court, Horsham, Sus 
1915 Lucas, Sir Edward Lingard, Bt. 5, The Avenue, Newmarket. 

1911 Lucas, Edward Verrall, Esq. 41, Shane-street,, S.W. 1. 

1895 I *Lucas, Mrs. Flcretta. 19, Westboitme-terrace, W.2. 

Lucas, Frederick William, Esq. 21, Surrey-street, Strand. W.C.2. 
1917 | Lucas, Nan Ino, Lady. Bell-house, Dulwich-village, S.E. 21. 

1905 j *Lucas, Nathaniel Sampson, Esq., m.b., (Pathological Assistant.) 

19, Westboume-terrace, 11". 2. 

1912 Lucas, Col. Thomas John Rashlcigb, c.b. East India United Service Club, 

St. James' s-square, S.W.I. 

1921 j Lumley, Mrs. Gertrude. 91, North-gate, Regent' s-park, 2f. W. 8. 

1896 Lusty, Alfred Jones, Esq. Highfield, Barry, Glamorganshire. 

1906 Liitvens, Sir Edwin Landseer, k.a. 17, Qu 's-gate, Westminster, 
S.W. 1. 

1920 Luxenburg, Victor, Esq. 37, Eton-avenue, N.W.3. 

1900 Lyle, Herbert Willoughby, Esq., m.d., f.r.c.s. 39, Hertford-street, IT. 1. 
1898 *Lyle, Sir Robert Park, Bt. 81, Oadogan-sguare, S. W. 1. 

1901 Lyle, William Park, Esq. East Weald. The Bishop' s-a re- dey, X.1'2. 
1905 Lyne, William Richard, Esq. 9, Tollingtoh-park, N. 4. 

1919 Lynes, Capt. Hubert, c.b., c.m.g., r.n. 23, Onsloiv-g&rdem, S.W.7. 

1920 Lynch, Henry J., Esq. 388, Rua Sdo ( 'It merit* , /;/.- de Janeiro. 
1920 Lynn, John Cecil, Esq., 32, Bewick-road, GaksJieaa]. 
1919 Lyon, James Archibald, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C. 3. 

1902 Lyver, William Charles, Esq. 71, Harley-house, "Regent' s-park, N.W.I. 

1919 Macaire, Arthur, Esq. 33, Connaught-mansions, Battersea-park, S.W.8. 
1878 *MacAllister, William, Esq., m.s.a., m.A.n., m.r.u. Chdteau dc la Mauvoisi 

niire, par IAre (Maine-et-Loire), France. 
1912 MacBrayne, Miss Elizabeth Liddell. 8, Emperor' s-gate, S. II". 7. 
1909 MacBride, Prof. Ernest William, m.a.,, p.r.s. (Vice-President.) 

70, Palace-gardens-terrace. Kensington, W. 8. (Council 1913-1917, 

1918— >, as V.-P. 1913-1917, 1918— >.) 

1915 McCalmont, Mrs. Winifred. Bushey -house, Bushey, Herts. 

1917 Macaulay, Reginald Heber. Esq. 11, Eton-avenue, N. W.3. 

1905 McCarrison, Major David Lawlor. 12, Ashburn-place, S.W. 7. 

1876 *McCarthy, Jeremiah, Esq. 1, Cambridge-place, A W. 8. 

1914 McCleaii, William Newsam, Esq., a.m. i.e. v.. 1. Qnslow-garderi ••. S. W. 7. 

1911 McClelland, Sir Peter Hannay, k.b.e. 66a, Eaton-"sguarc, S. W. 1. 

1920 McClure, James Campbell, Esq., m.d. 66, Harley-stteet, W.l, 


of Fellows of thr 

• 56) 

Mel -lure, Major William, ft.J 

I i et, 8. W. l. 

1907 MoConnell, Mrs. Minnie. 21, hrtwich, J3.Et2l. 

. [ale, Earold, Esq .2. 

1921 MoOollooh, M 'i'. l. 

iHooh, William Mauscll, Esq., M.D. / park, 

Bourn* mouth. 
1906 Mi istace Radi lyfle, I p.b.c.e i. Wvmpole-street, \V.\. 

1914 Maodonald, Axthui B, Lyndale-avenue, Finchley-road, N. II'. 2. 

1920 Maodonald, r)onald Creorge Gordon, B -r-r,>,id, /. 

fcitfo, N. / 

1918 McDonald, Gerald J. W., Esq. 168, King Henry't-road, N.W.Z. 

1914 Macdonald, Major Harry Colquhoun. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, 
S.W. l. 

1919 MacDonald, John Alexander, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C.3. 

1919 Macdonald, Miss Violet Lilian Audry. Iplcy-manor, Marchwood, Hants. 

1920 McDowell, John, Esq. 24, Portland-place, W. 1. 

1911 McEuen, Charles Henry, Esq. 24, Crystal Palace Park-road, Sydenham, 
S.E. 26. 

1916 M'Fadyean, Sir John, m.b.,, ll.d. Principal of the Royal Veterinary 
College, Camdcn-toxvn, N.W. 1. 

1913 Macfarlane, Ja/nes, Esq. 2, Montgomerie-crescent, Kelvinside, Glasgoic. 

1918 Macfarlane, William Arthur, Esq. 222, Finchley-road, N.W. 3. 

1905 Macfarlane, Dr. William Francis-. Royal Colonial Institute, Northumber- 

land-avenue, W.C.2. (Dormant 1908.) 

1920 McGeagh, Dr.' Robert Thomas. Mona-lodge, Lezayre, Ramsey, Isle of Man. 

1 B97 *Mac< ■ illivray.Thc Rev. George John, m. a. 301, Strathmartine-rd., Dundee, N.B. 

L916 McGrath, George Blake, Esq. 3, Hast India-avenue, E.C.3. 

1909 Macgregor, Duncan Fergus, Esq. Stock Exchange, E.C.I. 

1919 McGusty, Mrs. Margot. 41, Great Cumberland-place, W. 1. 

1916 Machin, Ralph, Esq. 73, Addison-road, W. 14. 

1879 Mcllwraith, Andrew, Esq.. 3. v. Campbellfield, St. Albans, Herts. 
L912 Mclntyre, James Patrick, Esq. 45, Prince 's-gardens, S.U". 7. 

1920 McKay, Mrs. Agues. 39, Ivcma-gardens, Kensington, '■ 

L916 McKelvie, James, Esq. Duckyls-park, East Grimstead, Sussex. 
1920 McKenna, Mrs. Ellen. Honey's, Twyford, Berks. 

1906 Mackenzie, Alexander George, Esq. 32, Moorgate-street, E.G. 2. 

1906 * Mackenzie, Charles Alexander, Esq. Care of Ifessrs. Cross A Co., Behnont- 
house, Victoria, B.C. 

sie, Col. Edward Philippe. Doumham-hall, Brandon, Suffolk. 

r.ur. Mackenzie, C Dighton, d.s.o. Brackley, Ballater, N:B. 

1918 Mackenzie, Mrs. Gertrude A. i\. St. Charles-square, Kensington, W. 10. 

r.'i i. Mackenzie, Miss Jessie. SssameGlub, Dover-street, W.l. 

1917 Mackenzie, John Mitchell D /Messrs. Thomas C 

Son, Rangoon, Burma. (Dormant L921.) 

1909 Mackenzie, Major Louis Hope Lovat, m.a., [.m.b., m.k.cs., r,.n.c.r. "The 
I :in: ily, N.B. 


Zoological Society of London. 


Tear nf 
















Mackenzie, Capt. Robert Scarlett Fraser- 

Allangrange, Munlochy, Eoss- 

Mackew, Samuel, Esq., m.d. 17, Parliament-street, S.W. 1. 

Mackiunon, Alexander George, Esq. Queen Anne's-mansions, St. James's- 
park, S.W. 1. ; and Avenide Alvear 184-5, Buenos Aires. (Dormant 1 

Mackiunon. Major Archibald Donald, m.d., c.m.g. Dunringell, Kyleakin, 
of Skye. 

Mackiunon, William, Esq. 54, Brook-street, Grosvenor -square, W, 1. 

Mackintosh, Charles, Esq., ll.d. 2, Eger ton-place, Fulham-road, S. W. 3. 

Mackintosh. Mix. Ella, of Mackintosh. Moy-hall, Inverness, N.B. 
♦Mackintosh. Miss Eva. 7, Queen' s-gatc-place, S.W. 7. 
♦Mackintosh, Lt.-Col. John Burn, d.s.o., r.a. Durswood, Maidenhead, Berks. 

McLaren, James Russell, Esq. Union-club, Trafalgar-square. S. W. 1. 

Maclaren, Robert Miller, Esq. 65, Carlton-mansions, Maida-vale, W. 9. 

McLaren. Capt. Rory Eric, m.d. Rossal School, Fleetwood, Lanes. 

McLean, Mrs. Grace Audrey. Care of Fraser Eaton. Esq.. a, Java. 

Maclean, Major Hector Fitzroy (Scots Guards). 9, Gerald-road, Eaton- 
square, S.W.I. 

Maclennan, Donald Wylde, Esq., f.c.i.i. 14, Chester-terrace, Regenfs-park, 

Maclood. Evan James Greville, Esq. Sandbrook-ltouse, More ton, near 

McLeod, Major Norman. The Thome, Bcrkhamstcad, Herts. 

Macleod, Sir Reginald, of Maclood, k.c.b. Yinters, Maidstone, Kent. 

McMahon. Col. Sir (Arthur) Henrv, g.c.v.o., g.c.m.g., k.c.i.e., c.s.'i., f.r.g.s. 
5, Wilton-place, S. W. 1. (Council 1917-1919. 1920— >) 

Macmillan, Sir Frederick Orridge. 22, Devonshire-place, Portland-place, W. 1. 

Macmillan, George Augustin, Esq. 27, Queen' s-gate-gardens, S. IT. 7. 

Macmillan, Maurice, Esq. 52, Cadogan-place, Chelsea, S.W.I. 

McMillan, Lady Lucie. 19, Hill-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

Macnaghten. Norman Donnelly, Esq. Minister of Interior, Cairo, Egypt, 

(Dormant 1911.) 
MacNair. James Alexander Hill. Esq. 10, Kensington-court-mansions, W. 8. 

McNee. John William, Esq., m.d. Medical-school, University College 
Hospital, W.C.I. 

Macneil, Hugh, Esq. 383, Keat-strcet, Sydney. New Soutli Wales. 
McNeill, William Loudon, Esq Messrs. Maclaine, Watson d Co., 

14, Fenchurch-street, E.C.3. 
Macoiiociiie. Mrs. Beatrice M. The Priory, East Farlcigh, Kent. 
Maephail, George, Esq. Hcarnesbrookc, Killinor, Ballinasloe, Ireland. 
Maepherson, Arthur Holte, Esq. 21, Campdcn-hill-square, 11'. 8. 
McPherson, Henry Alexander. Esq. 32, Bedford-square, W.C.I. 

♦Maepherson, Mrs. Sybil Ada. Care of Capt. F. H. Peyton, R.N., 41, 
Fitzgeorge-avenue, W. Kensington, 11'. 14. 

McQuiban, Mrs. Florence. Flat A, 19, Pembridge-square, II'. 2; and 29. 
Francis-road, Edgbastcm, Birmingham. 

McWatt, Lt.-Col. Robert Charles, c.i.k., m.b., cm.,, i.m.s. Care of 
Messrs. King, King & Co., P.O. Box 110, Bombay, India. (Dormant 1913.) 
♦MacWharrie, Neil Matheson, Esq. Montreal Trust Co., Montreal, Canada. 

90 lisi / Ft Hows of the 


I •: Mi', i, /.' 

I ii. Rt. Hon. Sir Bryan Thorns 

ary ( 'lui,, I . if. i. 

L910 Mahon* John ' W. 1. 

I'M:'. Maidstone, Guy Id e, Viscount, o.b.b. // ionethshire. 

Mainwaring, < lharles Franci Kj i p$hire. 

L900 Maitland, Uexahder Ohai 20, Buekingham-palaee. 

mansions, 8. W. 1. 

L92] Mainland, Mrs. Edith Dorothy, lb, Latham-gardens, li',8. 

Maitland, Mrs. Margaret Nicol, Can of The London Joint City and Mid- 
land limit;. Wigmore-street, W. 

L920 Maitland, Lady Steel. 72, Cadogan-square, S. W. 1. tr ^ v ll' 1 

18% Majendie, The R< ewAshurst, m.a., 8, St.Kat) 

< **Major, Dr. Charles Immanuel Forsyth-, f.b.b. I irs. A. C South- 

well & Co., Bastin, Corsica. France. 

L921 Makins, Brig.-Genl. Ernest, c.B., d.s.o. 180, Queen's-gate, 8. W.l. 

1919 Makowcr, Richard Samud, Esq. 45. Abbey-road, A". IT. 8. 

1917 Malby, Kmest Alfred, Esq. Northwood-lodge, Finsbury-park, A". 4. 
1902 Malcolm, Col. Edward Donald, c.B., k.k. Poltalloch, Lochgilphead, N.B. 

1902 Malcolm, Ian Zachaiy, Esq., m.i\, J.i'. 5, Bryanston-sijunre, II'. 1. 
1880 Malcolm, William Bolle, Esq., m.a. 1, Princes-gardens, S.W.I. 

1903 Malcolmson, George Forbes, Esq. 71, Onslow-gardens, S. W. 7. 

1918 Malins, Edward Sidney George, Esq. Bosslyn, Gunncrsbury-avenue. 11". 5. 

1915 Mallalieu, Arthur, Esq. St. James' s-palacc-chambers, 22, Bydcr-st., S.W. 1. 

1920 Mallik, Manmath G, Esq. National Liberal Club, Victoria-street, S.W.I. 

1919 Mallinson, Alexander Emanuel, Esq. 9, He athcote- strut, Mecklenburgh- 

square, W.C. 1. 

1920 Mallinson, Lancelot, Esq. 30, South wick-street, Hyde-park, II". 2. 

1907 Mallock, Henry Reginald Armilph, Esq.,F.R.s. 6, Cressirell-gardens, S. W.l. 

1907 Malmberg, Olof Alfred, Esq. Fridham, Harrow, Mull'. 

1914 Maltby, Lionel, Esq. 1, Wclbeck -house, Wigmore-street, W.l. 

1919 Man, Frederick Henry Dumas, Esq., o.b.e. 11. H 4errace, W. 2. 
1914 Manchester, Helena, The Duchess of. 44, Qrosvenor-square, W. 1. 

1866 *Mander, Charles John, Esq. Oak field, Carlton-road, Putney, S. 11'. 15. 
1910 Manisty, Mrs. Mary Augusta. Artillery Mansions Hotel, Victoria-street, S. W.l, 

1S93 *Mankiewicz, Franz James, Esq. 2, Whitehall-court, S.W. 1. 

1920 Mann, Eric William, Esq. 48, Rutland-gate, S.W. 7. 
1898 *Mann, Thomas Hugh, Esq. Trulls Hatch. Rotherfield, 

1919 Manners, M rwendolin Eunice. 90, Ashby-road, Burton-on-Trent. 

1888 Manton, William Porter, Esq., m.d., f.k.a.s. :'.2. Adams-avenue West, 

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. (Dormant L891.) 
1901 *Manvcrs, Charles William Sydney, Earl. Thoresby-jpark, OUerton, Notts. 
1918 **Mappin, Mrs. Ellon Elizabeth. Headley-parh, near Epsom, Surrey. 

1916 Mappin, Major George Frederick. The Turrets, Walmer, Kent. 

L914 *Mappin, Herbert Joseph, Esq. 22. Loumdes-street, Belgrave-square, S.W. 1. 
1914 ! *Mappin, Walter John, Esq. 2, Queen Victoria-Street, K.C. I. 

Zoological Society of London. 91 

Year of i ,_.__. 
Election] (3069) 

1907 ! March, Charles Henry, Earl of, d.s.o., m.v.o. 58, Great Cumberland-place, 

Hyde-park, W. i. 
1911 i Marcus, Capt. Lewis Graham. 53, Glcnmore-road, Belsiee-park, X. W. 3. 

1919 Margetson, John, Esq. Bright side, Stroud, Glos. 
188G I *Margetson, Stewart, Esq. 12. Hyde-park-place, W.2. 

1911 *Margetson, William, Esq. " Sehby." Hollycroft-ave. t Hampstead, X.W.Z. 
1913 Markel, Dr. Karl Emil. 20, Queen' s-gate-terrace, S. It'. 7. 

1908 J Marlande, Miss Fanny Mary. Churchtown, St. Hilary?, Marazion, Cornwall. 

1916 Marno, Erneet Adolph Edward, Esq. New Oxford and Cambridge Club, 
l-mall, S.W. 1. 

1916 Marples, John William, Esq. Hazel-grove, Stockport. 

1907 Marples, Theophilus, Esq. i, Albert-square, Manchester. 

1906 Marriott, Hugh Frederick, Esq. 39, Eton-avenue, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

1896 J Marriott, Brig.-Gen. John, c.b.e., m.v.o., d.s.o., f.r.g.s. Ccdarhurst, 

1917 Marsden, John William, Esq. The Bungaloiv, Bank's-lane, Heysham- 

harbour, Lanes. 
1906 Marsden, Percy, Esq. 45, Hanover-gale-mansions , N. TV. 1. 
1915 Marshall, Angus Macphcrson, Esq. Harcwood-housc,Hanover-sq2iare, W.l. 
1906 *Marshall, Archibald McLean, Esq. Chitcoynbe, Brede, Sussex. 

1895 Marshall, Guy Anstruther Knox, Esq., 6, Chester-place, W. 2. 
(Council 1914-17.) 

1900 Marshall, Henry Brown, Esq. Rachan, Broughton, Peeblesshire, N.B. 

1915 Marshall, Major Henry Stapylton. 25, Sloane-court, S. W. 1. 
1895 Marshall, Herbert Charles, Esq. Longmead, Buntingford, Herts. 
1921 Marshall, James, Esq. Monk Conxston, Lancashire. 

1901 *Marshall, James Charles, Esq. 61, Harlcy-house, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
1906 *Marshall, James McLean, Esq. 20, Lou-ndcs-suuare, S.W. 1. 

1908 Marshall, John Frederick, Esq., m.a. Scacourt, Hayling Inland, Hants. 
1917 Marshall, Robert Grant, Esq. 256, Old-street, City-road, E.C. 2. 

1917 Marshall, William Lionel, Esq. Savoy-court, Strand, W.C.2. 

1898 *Marsham, Charles George Field, Esq. Ashurst-park , Tunbridgc Wells, 

1901 Mart, Mrs. Anne. 5, Dalcham-gardens, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

1912 , Marten, George Ernest, Esq. 40, Finchlcy-road, N.W.Q. 

1908 Marten, Capt. Leslie Howard. 45, Redington-road, Hampstead, N.W.3. 
1917 Martens, Erwin Gustav, Esq. 46, Elsworthy-road, N.W. 3. 

1900 *Martin, Basil William, Esq., m.r., ch.B. 12, The Park, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 
1917 Martin, Harry Parkinson, Esq. 60, Leith-mansions, Elgin-avenue , W. 9. 

1902 ] Martin, Lady Mary Frances Biddulph-. 10, Hill-street, May fair, W. 1. 
1906 Martin, Robert, Esq. Redcourt, Champion-hill, S.I-'. 5. 

1912 Marwood, Sir William Francis, k.c.b., B.A.. 3, Cork-street. W. I. 

1921 Marx, Ernest Montague, Esq. 55, Hamilton-terrace, N.W.8. 

1905 Maskelyne, Nevil, Esq., f.r.a.s. St. George 's-hall, 4, Langham-place, 
Regent-street, W.l. 

1916 Maslen, Walter Hosking, Esq. 53, North-gate, N.W.S. 

1920 Mason, Alfred James, Esq. Lancaster-house, Ormonde-terrace, X. W. 8. 

/. ! tfo 



I'.M ! 

1901 on, Wilfrid 

■o Bertie, I Wilts. 

L916 Matthews, Coryndon, i on, 

L92J Matthews, I >onald J., Esq. Hydrographic-office, Admiralty, S.W.I. 

187 5 . n". i. 

1915 Matthews, Thomas Leigh, Esq. Ill, Finchlcy-road, N. W. 3. 
1911 Matthews, Col. Valentine, c.b.e. 29, Onslow-sguarc, SAY. 7. 

1911 Matthews, Wilfrid Arthur, Esq. 78, Eccle .S.W.I. 

1902 Matthey, Lt.-Col. Cyril George Rigby, f.s.a. 78, Hatton-garden, E.C. 1. 

1906 *Matthey, George Cowper Hugh, Esq. 18, Flat ton .0.1. 

1913 Matthe\ . . End, Harpenden, Herts. 

1888 Maudslay, Alfred Percival, E- 1. Morney -crass, Hereford. 

1913 Maugham, Reginald Charles Fulke. Esq., F.B.G.S., H.B.M. Consulate- 

Une~gal, French . (Dormant 1915.) 

1907 Maughan, James, Esq., m.d. 56, Albany-street, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

L918 Maulik, Prof. Samarendra, b.a., i'.e.s. Zool. Dept., The Univei 
itta, India. 

1902 Maund, Mrs. Zoe Gertrude Oakley-. Care of Sir Vincent Caillard, 42, Half 
Moon-street, W. 1. 

1908 Maunsell, Capt. Cecil John Cokayne (late r.f.a.). BothweU-grange, A" 

ing, Northampton. 

1909 *Maxse, John, Esq. Little Bognor, Fittleworth, Sussex. 

1916 Maxwell, Mrs. Anne. 53, High-street, Harrow. rg jj- ^ 

1920 Maxwell, Lt.-Col. Henry St. Patrick, c.s.i. United Service Club, Pal!- 

1900 Maxwell, Lt.-Gen. The Rt. Hon. Sir John (Vrenfell, p.c, g.c.b., k,c .• 
c.v.o., D.s.o. 7, Grosvcnor-placc, S.W. 1. 

1909 Maxwell, Richard Ponsonby, Esq., c.b. H, Whitehall-court, S.W.I. 

Maxwell, Col. Warden Robertson. 8, St. James's-* 

1883 May, Prank, Esq. 21, Gloucester-square, II". 2. 

1919 May, Frederick, Esq. Thames-bank, Chisunck, W. i. 

1912 May, John Johnston, Esq. Chalmers-house, 43, Russell-square, W.( 
l'.U6 May, Richard William, Esq. 1, Gres)iam-road, Brixton, S.W.2. 

[ajor William Southall Reid. No 
1875 *Mayo, the Rt. Eon. I lermot Robert Wyndham. Karl of, K.P., P.O. 8, Strat- 
ford-place, W. l. 

1919 Mayurbhanj, The Maharaja of. Baripada, MayUrbhanj State, O) 
' India. (Dormant 1920.) 


Zoological Society of London. 



Election (3147) 

1919 Mears, Mrs. Alice Catherine. 1, St. Andrew' s-place, Begent's-parh, N.W. 1. 
1891 * Meek, Prof . Alexander, Armstrong College, im-Tyne. 

1911 Meek. athorne, Esq., i> . 

ir - L [S.W.I. 

1898 Meek, William Alfred, Esq., K.o. <j3, I ■■' s, South Kensi,. 

1905 *Megaw, Matthew George, Esq., b.a.. 36, Lim C.3. 

1920 M sph, Esq., 3, Lynton-street, II tton. 

1911 "Megret, Mrs; Gabrielle. 8 Belsiae-crescent, South Ham} W. 3. 

1919 Meikle, Mrs. Mai t. Hope, Todd •£ Kirk, 10, 

rtotte-square, Edinbui 

1904 Meinertzhagen, Major Richard, D.s.o. (Royal Fusiliers). 63, Bedford- 

gara 'Ml, W. 8. 

1912 Melchers, Miss Amorj Helene. 30, Dray ton-gar dens, S. Kensington, S. W. L0. 

190G Melland, Frank Hulme, Esq., B.i., f.b.a.i. Livingstone, Northern Bhod 
•ormant 1912.) 

1920 Meller, Charles Harry, Esq. " Crowstone," Blake-hall-road, Wanstead, K. 11. 
1897 ; *Melles, Joseph William, Esq., m.a. Gruline, Aros, Isle of Mull, N.B. 

1914 Mellin, Gustav Lassen, Esq. Burrcll Mead, West Wickham, Kent. 
1911 Mtllor, Alfred, Esq. 68, Bed liffe-gardens, West Brampton, S. W. 10. 

1908 ' *Mellor, The Hon, Mrs. Dora Marion Shaw-. ID, Palace-gate, Kensington, W.8. 

1910 Mellor, Frank, Esq., b.a., ll.b. 53, Victoria-road, Ken .!". 8. 

rill, James Cosmo, Esq. Meole Brace-hall, She. 

1921 Melvill, Mrs. Phcebc Georgina, p.a. 25, Cliarles-strcct, Berkeley-square, IT. 1. 
1920 Mendes, John, Esq. 597, Finchley-road, N. W. 3. 

1915 Menzies, William, Esq. 9, TRc Grove, Highgate, N.6. 

189G *Menzies, William Dudgeon Graham, Esq. Hatty burton-house, Coupar 
Angus, N.B. 

1920 Menzies. William George Steuart, Esq 1 . Arnlilly, Craig Ellachie, Banff- 

1919 Mercer, Capt. Guy. Societies Club, St. James' s-street, S.W. I. 

1911 Merivale, Mrs. Elizabeth Fhebe. 18, Norfolfccrescent, W. 2. 

1919 Merriam, Charles Pierce, Esq. 52, Harley-house, Begent's-park, N.W. 1. 

1920 Merriman, Capt. Edward Claude Baverstock. 23, Porchester-square, W. 2. 
1914 **Merriman, Thomas Mark, Esq. 3, Mitre-court, Temple t E.G. 4. 

1910 Merrylces, Miss Agnes Forbes. 16, Barley-street, W. 1. 

1913 Merston, Charles James, Esq. 51, Finchley-road, N. R 

1912 Merton, Mrs. AntonieR. Care of Miss Aston Key, 52, Cambridge-terrace, II '.2. 
Merton, Emile Ralph, Esq. 18, Qrosvenor-street, W. 1. 

1911 Meschini, Arthur, E-q. 42, Qreat Portland-street, II'. 1. 

1905 *Messel, Harold George, Esq. 

1 397 *Metcalfe, Sir Charles Herbert Theophilus, Bt. 21, Ball-mall, S.W. 1. 

Metcalfe, Mrs. Mabel L. L8, Marina-court-avi 
1910 Methuen, The Hon. Paul Ayshford, 9, Buckingham-street, Buckingham-gate, 

S.W. 1. 
1920 Methven, Lt.-Col. Malcolm David. 10, Manor-house, Marylebone-road, 

:i I of the 

i (3186) 
L913 Dgh, John 

irl Ferdinand, Bt. 2, Weymcm ■'■'. l. 


v, ' 

"■ . Let Rodwell, Conatitutiona ' • 

(Dormant 1919.) 

1888 Meyers, Seni I q. "Carfax" Warwick-gardens, Worthing, Sussex. 
L907 Moyerstein. Edward Williai- l.ent. 

1911 Moynoll, Francis II.. Esq. IPar-cmss, Burton-on-Trent. 

1889 Meyriok, Edward, Esq., b.1.,p.b.s.,f.b.8. Thornh ' ■■'borough, Wilts. 

191T, ..Sir George Augustus Eliott Tapps-Gervis, Bt. Hinton Admiral, 

Christchurch, Hants. 
L92] Miall, Thomas Augustus, Esq. 21, Bcckenham-road . Beckenham, Kent. 

1885 'Michael, Albert Davidson, Esq.,, p.b.m.s. The Warren, SUulland, 

r Swanage, horset. 
1918 Michelham, Hermann Alfred, Lord. 20, Arlington-street . S. W. 1. 
, 1919 Michie, Charles Coutts, Esq. 17, Brookticld-park, Highgatc, X. W. 5. 
1907 Mi' kl' in, Lt.-Col. John. Abbots Mead, Elstrce, Herts. 
1904 *Middleton, Mrs. Charlotte. Haselbeck-hall, Northampton. 
18G7 Middleton, Digby Wentworth Bayard, Lord. Birdsall-housc, York. 
1913 Middleton, Edgar Kershaw, Esq. Hohnbush, Upper Richmond-road, Putney, 

S. W. IS. 
1876 *Miers, Edward John, Esq., f.l.s. Eden-cottage, Beckenham, Kent. 

1913 Miesegaes, August Friedrich, Esq. 31, Pembridge-square , W. 2. 
1910 Milburn, Mrs. Edith Jane. Stoncwall-park , Edenbridge, Kent. 

1917 Milde, George Seaton, Esq. Grove-end-house, Grove-end-road, X. W. 8. 
1899 Mildmay, Sir Gerald Anthony Shaw-Lefevre-St. John, Bt. Dogmersfield- 

par'k, Winch-field, Hants. 
1895 Miles, Algernon Osmond, Esq. 15, Thormy-court, Kensington, W. 8. 

1917 Miles, Mrs. Mary S. 2, St. Mark's-square, X. W. 1. 

1886 *Millais, John Guille, Esq. Compton's Brow, Horsham, Sussex. 

1904 *Millar, Harry, Esq. Care of Messrs. Millar and Kimber, Solicitors, 

Durban, Natal, South Africa. 
1898 Millar, James, Esq. 65, George-street, For iman-squarc, W.l. 

1914 Millar, Mrs. Una Florence. 12, Cornwall-terrace, X. H". 1. 

1901 Millard, Walter Samuel, Esq. Care of Grindlay & Co., 54, Parliament- 
street, S.W.I. 

1920 Miller, Charles Hewett, Esq., m.d., c.b.e. 1, Talbot-square. W. 2, 

1921 Miller, Edward Ernest, Esq. 8k, Bickenhall-mansions, Gloucester -place, W.l. 

1912 Miller, Capt. Edward Goff Christie- (Coldstream Guards). 3, Bruton-st., W. I. 
1921 Miller, Elias, Esq.,, a.k.c. 30, Annis-ro.ul, Victoria-park, E.0. 

1918 Miller, Eveline, Lady. Alexander-house, Xcwmarket. 

1910 Miller, George, Esq. 8, Cloranc-gardens, Platt's-lane, X. W. 3. 
1912 Miller, George Arthur, Esq. Spring-hill, Rugby. 

1920 Miller, Mrs. Gertrude Duff. 19, Abbey-court, St. John's-woo.i. X. W. B. 
1920 Miller, John Edward, Esq., m.b.c.v.s. Westlield-villa, Dovereourt, Essex. 

Zoological Society of London. 


War Of 













Cavalry -club, Piccadilly, 

Miller, Sir John Ontario, k.c.s.i. 6, Sussex-place, Hyde-park, W, 2. 
Miller, Mrs. K. Leslie. 4, C&rdinaLmcmsiof I J.W.I. 

Miller. Miss Margery. Care of The Capital <t Counties Bank, Thread/needle- 
street, E.C. 3. 

Miller, Robert Scott, Esq. Clydeneuk, Uddingston, Glasgow. 

Miller. Sydney Richardson Christie-, Esq. Clarendon-park, Salisbury, 

Miller, Lt. Thomas Pitt, e.g. A. Mcrlewood, Grangc-over-Sands, Lanes. 

Milligau, Henry Neal, Esq. Horniman Museum. Forest-hill, S.E.23. 

Mills, Capt. Edward William. 21.. Swan-road, Harrogate, Yorks. 

Mills, Lt.-Col. Frank, d.s.o. Rhiivlas, Pentraeth, Isle of Angh 

♦Mills, The Rev. Canon Henry Holroyd, M.A. The Rectory, St. Stephen-in- 
Brannel, Grampoiaid-road, Cornwall. 

*Mills, Joseph Trueman, Esq., j.p., d.l. Stockgravc, Lcighton Buzzard, 


Milne, Alec Milne Lees-, Esq. Bibbesford, near Bewdley, Worcestershire. 
Milner-Gibson, Cullum George Gery, Esq. 4, Sterling-street, Montpelier- 

square, S. W. 7. 
Milner, Thomas John, Esq. " Heverscroft," Oakhill-avenue, Hampstead, 

X. W. 3. 
Milroy, George Wallace, Esq. 71a, Carlton-hill, St. John's-wood, N.W. S. 
Milsted, Horace Hall, Esq. 14, The Pryors, East-heath-road, Hampstead, 

N.W. 3. 
Minchin, Lt.-Col. Charles Frederick, d.s.o., i 

If. 1. 

Minchin, Col. William Cyril. 57, Carlton-hill, N. W. 8. 
*Minet, William, Esq. 48, Gloucester-square, W. 2. 
Minto, Victor Gilbert Sariston Garnet, The Earl of. 95, Lancaster-gate, W. 2. 
Mitchell. Major Charles (Grenadier Guards). 22, Ennismore-gardens, S. W. 7. 
Mitchell, Francis J., Esq. Stone Cross Bigg, Brampton, Cumberland. 
Mitchell, Francis John Lindley, Esq., b.a. 61, Leigham-court-road , 

Streatham, S.W.16. 
Mitchell, Frank, J., Esq. Director of State Fisheries, Sri)iagar, Kashmir, 

Mitchell, Frederick Gilbert, Esq. 22, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde-park, W. 2. 
Mitchell, Percy Jose, Esq., m.i.m.e. 37, Avenue-road, N.W. 8. 

**Mitchell, Peter Chalmers, Esq., c.b.e., m.a.,, ll.d., f.r.s.. f.l.s. 
(Secretary). Zoological Society of London, Regent' s-park , X.W.6. 
(Council 1900->, as Secretary 1903— >.) 
Mitchison, Arthur Maw, Esq. Sutlierland-house, 10, Eaton-gate, S.W. 1. 

Mitford, Robert Cyril. Esq. 38, Fairhazel-gardens, X.W. G. 

Mitford, Col. William Kenyon, c.m.g. Pitshill, Pcticorth, Sussex. 

Mivart, Dr. Frederick St. George, f.r.c.s. 5, Russell-road, Kensington, W.ll. 

Mocatta, Ernest George, Esq. Woburn-place , Addlestone, Surrey. 
i *Mocatta, Mrs. Jeanne. 35. Hyde-park-square, W. 2. 

Moffat, Charles, Esq., J.P. The Sumr?iit, Fitzroy-park, Highgate, X. 6. 
: Moffatt, William, Esq. 7, Airlie-avenue, Roundhay-road, Leeds. 

Moir, Sir Eme6t William, Bt., m.i.c.k. 41, Cadogan-squarc, S.W. 1. 
| 3260) 

List of Fellows of the 



William 1. . I - '■ W. c. 

L907 Monokton, Major • 1 1 ljur Wti Uton- 


1910 M Lionel &lexand< jitore, ir.c. 1. 

L918 •Moncrieff, Gerard \\- 

L913 Mi 't'. 2. 

>nd, Mrs. Frida. 20, 
1007 Mond, i b.s. Qoombe Bank, ru 

1913 Monk, John Edward, Esq, 3, Wa\ itonstone, E. "11. 

L913 Monro, Sir Borioe Cecil, cc.B. Local Qoix mm ni Board, Whitehall, S.W.I. 
1909 Montagu, The Ett. Hon. Edwin Samuel, P.O., m.p. 24, Qu 

1917 *Montagu, The Hon. Ivor Goldsmid Samuol. 28, Kensington-court, W. B. 

1891 *Montefiore, Claud Goldsmid, Esq. 42, Portman-square, It', l. 

L908 *Montefiore, Eric Cecil Sebag-, Esq. 37, Botary-gardens, Gloucester-road, 

S. W. 7. 

L876 *Montefiore, Sir Francis Abraham, Bt. 4, Qreat Stanhope-street, May/air, .11". 1. 

1900 Montefiore, Harry John, Esq. 34, Park-villa W. 1. 

190G *Montgomerie, Hastings Seton, Esq. 1, South-square, Gray' s-vrm, W.C.I. 

1887 Montgomery, Maj.-Gen. William Edward. Grey Abbey, Kewtownards, Co. 

1893 Montrose, Douglas Beresford Malise Ronald, Duke of, k.t. Buchanan- 
castle, Glasgow. 

1911 Moon, William Kobert, Esq. 69, Avenue-road, N.W. 8. 

1904 *Moore, Alexander M. Strcatfeild, Esq. Little Bissing ton-manor, Bourton- 
on-tlie- Water. Gloucestershire. 

1916 Moore, Alfred Aylett, Esq. 40, Portland-place. W. 1. 

1906 Moore, Arthur Collin, Esq. 72, Begent's-park-road, N. W. I. 

1892 Moore, Charles H., Esq. 22, Byder-strect, St. James's, S. W. 1. 

1920 Moore, Charles Louis George, Esq. Stoke-lodgc, Stoke Fleming, Dartmouth. 

S. Devon. 

1914 Moore, James, Esq. 2, Campden-cowi-mansions, W. 8. 

1899 Moore, Miss Mary Carriok. 113, Eaton-square, S. W. 1. [wood 2V H" 8 

1921 Moralt, Mrs. Mathilde Sophie Dorothea. 23, Elm-tree-road, St. John's- 

1917 Morant, Mrs. Julia Eugenie. 7, Queen Victoria-street, E.C. 4. 

1904 *Morgan, Lt.-Col. Anthony Hickman, n.s.o. 11, OrosVi tfor-place, S. W. 1. 

1912 Morgan, Miss Dorothy Carey. 12, Old-square, Lincoln' s-inn, W.C. 2. 

1918 Morgan, Mrs. Edith. Albemarle Club. Dover-street . W. 1. 
1912 Morgan, Evan Frederic, Esq. ST , Bryanston-square, W. 1. . 
1911 Morgan, Mrs. Fanny Marie. 72, Avenue-road. N.W.8. 

1914 Morgan, Gwyn Vaughan, Esq. 87 ; Harrington-gardens, S. W. 7. 

1918 Morgan, Herbert), Esq. Southwood, Buxton, Derbyshire. 

1320 Morgan, Sir Herbert Edward, K.B.E. In. King-street, St. James's, S. W. 1. 

igjo Morgan, Herberl Ernest, Esq, c.//v of Messrs. Warnford- 

court, S.I 

1899 Morgan, Horace, Esq. Meo Voto, Portsmouth-road, Esher, Surrey. 


Zoological Society of London. 


Esq., c.v.o., m.a., f.r.c.s. 3, Connaught- 
12, Grosvenor- square, W.l. 



Morgan, John Hammond, 

square, 11". 1. 
♦Morgan, John Pierpoint, Esq. 

Morgan. Penry Vaughan, Esq. Care of The London County and Westminster 

Bank, St. James's, S. II ". 1. 
Morgan, William A., Esq. 12G, Highbury -new -pa rk , N. 5. 

Morice, Charles John, Esq. Care of The London City and Midland Bank, 
Threadneedle-street, E.C.I. 

Morice, The Rev. Francis David, m.a. Brunsieick, Woking, Surrey. 

*Morice, Walter Farquhar, Esq. 8, De Yere-gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 

Morley, Charles, Esq. 46, Br yanston- square, W. 1. 

Morley, Claude, Esq., p.e.s. British Museum of Natural History, Cromwell- 
road, South Kensington, .SMI". 7. 

Morley, The Hon. Geoffrey Hope. 7, Connaught-place , Hyde-park, 'W.2. 

Morris, Capt. Alfred. 4, Cadogan-sqtcare, S.W. 1. 

Morris, Sir Malcolm, K. c.v.o. 11, Marlborough-place, N.W. 8. 

Morris, Sydney, Esq. Wretham-hall, Thetford, Norfolk. 

Morris, Sydney Grave, Esq. 20, Manor-mansions, Belsize-park-gardens, 
N. W. 3. 

Morris, William, Esq. 49, Campden-housc-road, W. 8. 

Morrison, Arthur Stanley, Esq. 37, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N.W. 8. 
*Morrison, Hugh, Esq. Fonth ill-house, Tisbury, Wilts. 

Morrison, Major James Archibald, d.s.o. 53, Coleman-strcct, E.C. 2. 

Morrison, James Kennedy, Esq. 9, St. Anthony' s-road, Bournemouth. 
*Morrison, Walter, Esq. 77, Cromwell-road, S.W. 7. (Council 1889-90.) 

Morrison-Bell, Lt.-Col. Eustace Widdrington. 30, Bryanston-square, W. 1. 

Morse, Sydney, Esq., J. p. 14, Airlie-gardens, Campden-hill, Kensington, W. 8. 

Morson, Albert Clifford, Esq., f.r.c.s. 16, Elsivorthy-road, N.W. 3. 

Morson, Albert Robert, Esq. 38, Elsioorthy-road, N.W. 3. 

Mortimore, Henry William, Esq. 3, St. George' s-court, Gloucester-road, 


Mosbacher, Phillip, Esq. 6, Langland-gardens, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

Moseley, Herbert Frederick, Esq. 39, Regent' 's-park-road, N.W.I. 

Moses, David Assur Henry, Esq., m.b.c.s. 78, Kensington-park-road, W. 11. 

Moses, Michael, Esq. 105, Canficld-gardcns, Hampstead, N.W. 6. 

Moses, Myer, Esq. 49, Hanover- gate-mansions, N.W.I. 

Moses, Samuel Thungieh, Esq., m.a. 5, Nallanna Mudali-strect, Royapettah. 
Madras, India. 

Moss, The Rev. Arthur Miles, m.a. Helm, Windermere, Westmorland. 

Mosse, Captain Arthur Henry Eyre. Care of Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 9, 
Pall-mall, S.W.I. 

Mosse, Mrs. Maria Louisa. 18, Albert-road, N.W. 1. 

Mossop, John Henry, Esq. 50, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

Mott, Arthur Frederick, Esq. 29, Fairfax-road, South Hampstead, N.W. 0. 

*Moulton, Hon. Hugh Fletcher. 57, Onslow -square, S.W.I. 

Moulton, Major John Coney, o.b.e., t.d. Raffles Museum, Singapore. 
(Dormant 1912.) 

(3336) H 


JAst of Fello 

( 3336) 

1920 Moutrie, Frederick William Arthur, Esq. 22, Pembri ting- 

lull-gate, W. 11 ; and 7, Lvn&sa L71, 8haftesbury-avenue, W.( 

1917 Mmm-i'v, John Edward, Esq. l. Eaton-place, S.W.I. 

1908 M . .ii 1 1 1 Stephen, Gian, Lady. 17, Carlton-houM'terraci, S.W.L 

190] Kludge, George Peroival, Esqi, a.k.c.s. 21,' (, MX'. 1. 

l'.)20 Mogliston, Mrs. Nora Jane Mary. 8, Bryanston-mcmsiona, Portman- 

mfiiitri . II'. 1. 

1896 ►Muhamrned Khan, Nawati Byed All, ol Hyderabad, India. Fofeootpttra, 

..'.,;/. /». ••■ an, India. 

• > Muirhead. David James, Esq. Stwry-house, Woodlai 
1912 Muirhead, Mrs. Mary Pindlay. 21, Stum-Urn-rd., Brondesbwry-pk., X. M". 2. 

l'.)13 Mullan, Prof. Jal Phiroashah, m.a., f.l.s., f.e.s. Professor of Biology, St. 
Xavier'a College, Lamingtpn-road, Qraht-road Poet, Bombay, India. 
(Dormant 1914.) 

1889 Mullens, William Herbert, Esq., m.a., ll.m. 9, St. James' s-place, S.W. L 

1916 Miiller, Mrs. Elizabeth Russel. 13, Park-sauare-east, N.W. 1. 

1920 Mulloy, William Duke Georges, Esq., m.b. 47, Bartholomew-road, Kentish- 
town, N.W. 5. 

1916 Mundey, Thomas Charles, Esq. 20,, Wigmore-street, W. 1. 

1893 Mundy, Mrs. Catharine Louisa Miller- Shipley-hall, Derby. 

1910 Mundy, Major Godfrey Edward Miller- (1st Life ( > uards). Ca valry Barracks, 
Hyde-park, S. W. 1. 

1896 Munn, Capt. Philip Winchester. S tour wood-cottage, Stour wood-avenue, 
Southbourne, Bournemouth. 

1899 Munro, Charles Francis, Esq. Savoy Hotel, Strand, MX. 2. 

1918 Munro, Capt. Richard Gordon. The Chanty, Storrington, SuS8< 

1914 Munro, The Rev. William Munro. New-park, St. Andrews, N.B. 

1912 Munt, Arthur, Esq. The Priory, Dunstable, Beds. 

1894 Munt, Henry, Esq. 10, Ashburn-placc, South Kensington, S.W.I. 

1907 Mure, William John, Esq., c.b. 89, Lennox-gardens, Chelsea, S. W.X. 

1872 **Murie, Dr. James, ll.d., f.l.s. (Prosector 1865-1871.) Carney-cottage, 

Leigh, Essex. 
1896 Murphy, Captain Michael. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W. 1. 

'1920 Murphy, Lt. -Col. William Reed, d.s.o. East India United Service Club, 

St. Jamcs's-S'juarc, S.W. 1. 
1921 Murray, Major Alastair Bruce. Polmaise, Stirling. 
1914 Murray, Athole Montague, Esq. 116, GrQSvenor^road, S.W.I. 

1873 *Murray, Charles James, Esq. 55, Princes-gate, S. W. 7. 

1904 Murray, Col. Sir (Charles) Wyndham. k.c.b. 10, Putland-gate, S.W. 7. 

•1915 ! Murray, Sir George Sheppard, k.b. Cleveland-house, 19, St. James's- 
square, S. W. 1. 
1911 Murray, The Hon. Gladys Gralmm. 7. Both iey-t< trace, Edinburgh, N.B. 
1893 ""Murray, Capt. Herbert Willaume. 11 \ Winchester.. 

1917 *Murray, James Alexander, Esq., >i.n. , 11, Q re, W.C.I. 

1892 ""Murray, John, Esq. 60, Albemarle- street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
1909 Murray, John, Esq., F.R.c.s. 110, Hurley-street, W.l. 
1914 ""Murray, Thomas Henderson Esq. ChaUenger-lodge, rYardie, Edinburgh. 
. (3372) 

Zooloyical Society of London. 


Election (3372) 

1920 Musgrave, Mrs. Edith Mary, The University, Manchester. 
1911 Musgrave, Percy, Esq:. Brouklund, Bolton, Lanes. 
1918 Musgrave, Capt. Stanley. 11, Palace-gate, Kensington, W.8. 
1915 *Musgruve, James, Esq., m.d., f.k.c.s. The Swallowgate, St. Andrews, X.B. 

1921 Myatt, Mrs. Jennie Veruou. ^7, Pyiidliurst-road, Hampstead, N.W.3. 

1914 Myddelton, Major Robert Edward. 5, The Albany, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1917 Myers, Dudley B., Esq. Junior Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S. II". L 

1908 Myers. Harry Cecil, Esq. Care of Mrs. Esther Myers, 23, Craven-hill. 
Hyde-park, H'. 2. (Dormant 1911.) 

1915 Myers, Michael Lewis, Esq. 9, Clifton-gardens, 11". 9. 
1920 Mytton, Frederick, Esq. 41, I.othbury, E.G. 2. 

1916 Nabarro, David Nunes, Esq., m.d. 107, Harley-strect, 11'. 1. 

1911 Napier, Major Claude J., o.b.e., r.a.s.c. 1'uttendoi-manor, TAngfield, 

1911 I Nash, Edward, Esq., m.a., ll.b. 37, Sussex-gardens, II". 2. 

1898 Nash, William Allen, Esq. 2, Wadham-gardens, S. Hampstead, N.W.3. 

1920 Nasse, Victor, P. H., Esq. Union Oil Co. of Burma, P.O. Allanmyo, 
Tha/yetmyo District, Burma. 

1917 Nay lor, Mrs. Charlotte P. The Dingle, Manor-road, Worthing. 

1920 Neal, Francis Bernard, Esq. 43, Thrcadneedle-street , E.G. 2. 

1921 j Neal, George, Esq. 19, North-gate, Regent' s-park, N. 11". 8. 

1920 Neary, Frederick Daniel, Esq. 14. Denmark-road, Eilburn, X. II". 0. 

1894 *Neate, Rayner Maurice, Esq. 18, West Heath-avenue, Hampstead, N.W.B. 
1909 Neave, Sheffield Airey, Esq.,, f.e.s. Bishop' 's-house, Beaconsfield, Bucks. 
1905 Neave, Major Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes, Bt. Dagnam-park, Romford, Essex. 

1901 Neeld, Col. Sir Audlev Dallas, Bt., c.B., m.v.o. Grittleton, Chippenham, 


1907 *Neill, Norman Clark, Esq. 36, St. James's-strcet, S.W. 1. 
1911 Neilson, George, Esq. 39, Park-street, 11". 1. 

1920 Neish, William Alexander, Esq. 32, Albert-road, Regent' s-park, X. II. S. 
1903 Nelke, Mrs. Maria. 10, Cadogan-sguare, S.W. 1. 
1911 Nelson, Horace, Esq., d.c.l., j.p. Barton-mill-house, Canterbury, Kent. 

1915 Nelson, Percy William, Esq. West M'uister, Hindhead, Surrey. 

1916 Nesbitt, Mrs. Dora. Care of Messrs. Drummond, 49, Charing-cross, S.W. 1. 

1895 Nesbitt, Robert, Esq. 28, College-crescent, Hampstead, X. 11". 3. 
1920 Nesbitt, Thomas, Esq. 18, Endsleigh-street, W.C. 1. 

1897 Nesham, Robert, Esq. Utrecht-house, Poynder's-road, Clapham-park, S. WA. 
1914 Nettleship, Mrs. Elizabeth E. Longdown Hollow, Hindhead, Surrey. 

1917 Neumann, Lady Anna. 146, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1909 Nevill, Mrs. Mary Rose Danvers. Littlcholme, Brondesbury, X. W. 6. 
1907 Nevill, Capt. Thomas Nevill Carleton. Bramall-liali . near Stockport, Cheshire. 
I (3409) H 2 


TA&t of Fellows of tin 



I'M I l 














■■■I Bonm i obham, Sus 

i, William, Esq. Bed-heath, < ' ■ 

1 bam Archibald Doo of. Clumber, Notts. 

Newcomb, Mrs. Florence Zita Egan-. LittU B 

W. 8. 

*Newdegate, Prai ider Newd -place. 

8.W. l. 

♦Newington, i lampbell, Esq. 1 1 

Lands, Jamee Henry Cecil, Lord ■• square, W. 1. 

Newman, Robert Lydston, Esq. 11, Cadogan-square, S.W.I. 

♦Newman, Thomas Henry, Esq. Verulam, "Forty-lane, Wembley-park, 

Newt! way, Esq. The University, Birmingham. 

Newton, Mrs. Anna L. 9, Warrington-crescent n Maida-hill, W.9. 

•Newton, Edwin Tulley, Esq., P.E.B. Florence-house, Willow-bridge-road, 

( 'anonbury, N. .1. 
Newton, Ernest Frederick, Esq. 9, Hillside-mansions, Highgate, N.6. 
Newton, Noel, Esq. 4, Down-street, W. 1. [1908-09 1 

Newton, Tliomas Wodehouse, Lord. 75, Eaton-square, S.W.I. (Council 

Newton-King. Lt.-Col. Francis John, o.b.e. Boodle's Club, St. James's- 

street, 8.W. 1. 
♦Nicholl, The Rev. Digby Seys Whitlock, f.l.s. 210, Capstone-road, 


Nicholls, Georgo James, Esq. Grovchurst, Kingsicood-road, Upper' Nor- 
wood, S.E. 19. 

Nichols, Frederick, Esq. 10, Parliament-hill, Hampstead, N.1V. 3. 

Nichols, John Bruce, Esq. Parliament-mansions, Victoria-street, West- 
minster, S. 11". 1. 

Nicholson, Catherine, Lady. 19, Cleveland-gardens, Baysicatcr, 11". 2. 

Nicholson, Miss Eileen Marion Shorthose. 74, Portland-place, 11". 1. 

Nicholson, Francis, Esq., m.b.o.u. Ravcnscroft, Windermere, Westmorland. 

en., c.m.g., d.s.o. 2, South Audley- 

SMppers-hill, Five Ash. , Sussex. 
32, Cadogan-square, 8.W. 1. 

♦Nicholson, Col. John Sanctuary, 
street, W. 1. 

Nicholson, Lothian Domain, Esq. 
♦Nicholson, Richard Francis, Esq. 

Niool, Mrs. Anne Millicent. 14, Cavendish-square, W.l. 

Nicol, Hamish, Esq., P.B.O.B. 27, Welbeok-street, 11". 1. 

Nicol, William James White, Esq, 24, Wetherby-gdns.,8. Kensington, S. II'. 7. 

Nicoll, Miss Bertha. 65, Campden-hill-court, 11". 8. 

Nicoll, Charles, Esq. Oriental Club, Hanover-square, II'. 1. 

Nicoll, Michael John, Esq. Zoological-gardens, Ghizeh, Cairo, Egypt. 

(Dormant 1907.) 
Nicoll, Dr. William. 59, Killyon-road, Wandsworth-road, S. II". 8. 
♦Niebciv, Hubert, Esq. 27a., Ashley -place, Westminster, S. IT. 1. 
Nightingale, Louis' Hilary Shore, Esq. 1. Devonshire-place, W.l. 
Nissim, Cecil, Esq. 35, "Rutland-gate, S.W.I. 

Noble, Edwin, Esq., b.b.a. 08, Addison-way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, 
Bmdon, N.W.i- 


Zoological Society of London. 


Year of 

1899 ' 
















Noblo, Major Sir George John William, Bt. Hornton-lodge, Pitt-street, II'. 8. 
*Noble, Heatley, Esq. Temple-combe, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. 

Noble, John Henry Brunei, Esq. Ardkiftglas, Inverary, Argyllshire. 

Noble, Leonard, Esq. Harpsden-court, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. 

Noble, Philip Ernest, Esq. Care of Lloyds Bank, Quy^street, Newcastte- 

on- Tyne. 

Noble, Saxton William Armstrong, Esq. Kent-lwuse, KiUghtsbri ge, S. W. 1. 
*Norbury, George, Esq. Springfield, Hertford. 
*Norbury, John, jun., P]sq. 101, Mount-street, Berkeley-square, II'. 1. 

Norfolk, Gwendolen Mary, Duchess of. : i 1 a , St. James's-sq., S. II". 1. 

Norman, Cecil, Esq. 55, Eccleston- square, S.W. 1. 

Norman, Mrs. Charlotte M. 28, Bramham-gardens, EarV s-court, S.W. 5. 

Norman, Cyril Lawrence, Esq. 64, St: James' s-st reef, S. II". 1. 

Norman. John Roxborough, Esq. 10, Edith-road, West Kensington, II". It. 

Norman, Vesey Richard, Esq. 82a, Wcymouth-strcet, W. 1. 

North, Thomas, Esq., m.d., f.r.c.s.i. 16, Friern Barnet-road, New South- 
gate, N. 11. 

♦North, Col. William (late r.e.). Grove-house-hotel, St. David's, Pembroke- 

Northbroik, Francis George, Earl of. 36, Great Cumberland-place, II". 1. 

Northcliffe, Alfred Charles, Viscount. I, Carlton-gardens, S. II". 1. 

NorthclifTe, Mary, Viscountess, g.b.k. 1, Carlton-gardens, S. W. 1. 

Northcote, Capt. Augustus Beauchamp, r.a., m.c, m.d. Blenheim-house, 

Monkgate, York. 

Northcroft, Mrs. Eva. 115, Harley-strect, 11". 1. 

Northey, M.-Genl. Sir Edward, k.c.m.g., c.b. Government-house, Nairobi, 
B.E. Africa. 

Northey, Percy Wilbraham, Esq. 12, Pelham-crescent, S.W. 7. 

Northumberland, Alan Ian Percy, Duke of , m.v.o. 17, Prince' 's-gale, S. II". 1. 

Norton, Mrs. Blanche Eva. 39, May ford-road, Wandsworth-common, S. II". 12. 

Norton, Mrs. Elizabeth Seymour. 26, Cavendish-road, St. John' s-ivood 

Nunn, John Hancock, Esq. 29, Palace-gate, W. 8. 

Oakes, Capt. Montagu Percy Rowland. Cavalry Club, Piccadilly, W, 1. 

Oates, Geoffrey Eugene, Esq., m.d., m.b.c.p. T&wn-haU, Bethnal-green, E. 2. 

Obre, Henry, Esq. The Manor-house, Knebworth, Herts. 

O'Brien, Miss Joan Eveleen Hannah. 5a, Gordon-place, Keusimjlon, 11'. 8. 

O'Brien, Patrick Joseph, Esq; Great Du/ryard, Exeter. 

Ochs, Capt. James Prank. 4, Sloane-gardens, S, W. 1. 

O'Connor, Lieut. Dan Henry St. John (5th Lancers). 41, Avenue-road 
N. W. 8. (Dormant 1916.) 

O'Connor, Hugh Joseph, Esq. Police Office, Koforidna, Gold Coast, West 
Africa. (Dormant 1920.) 


t02 /. I oj Fell ■ of tin 

• :ISI | 

\sr Banh . 2, Han I, N. W. 1. 

190 \\\ 

1931 *Qgibrie, Also, Esq, :'.. Hans-crescent, Shane-street, S.W.I. 
1919 '' Marian Florence. The Shrubbery, Woodstock- rd. 

Hired William. Esq., r..\.. i.l.m.. r.i.s., i ....s.. p.g. \. 19, Cumber land- 
plaoe, Southampton. 

1919 O'Kelly. i ii.i II. my Kane, d.b.o. tlohkstoum-castle, co. Dublin 

1910 Oldiii'ld. Major Charles Bayley. Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall-mall, 
S.W. l. 

L918 oirtfielil.Cupt. John Elphinston Byrie, Achnagaim, Kirkhitt, Inverness-shire. 

1920 Oldfield, Reginald I q., University of London Club, 

21, Gower-street, W.C. L. 

L907 *01dham, Charles, Esq. The Bolline, Shrublands-road, Berkhampsted, Herts. 

1914 Oldham, Sir Ernest Pitzjohn. 16, Lancaster-gate, Hyde-park, W.2. 

1910 Olding, Miss Charlotte Alice. 1, North-gate,. Begent's-park, N.W.8. 
1913 Oldknow, Amy, Lady. 29, Hanovt w-ho use, llegcnVs-park', N.W.I. 
1907 Oldridge, Sidney Thoruas, Esq*. Oak-lodge, Park-village-cast, X.W. 1. 

1916 Oldworth, Walter John, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C. 3. 

1915 Olive, Capt. Vivian Gerald. Tanglin Barracks, Fort Canning, Singapore. 

1911 *01iver, Capt. Douglas Roderick Giffard. Junior United Service Club, 

vrles-street, St. James's, S.W. 1. 

1906 Oliver, Edward William, Esq., m.b.c.v.s. Lucknow, India. (Dormant 1907.) 

1906 *01iver, Frederick Scott, Esq., m.a. Ha, Portland-place, II'. 1. 

1920 Oliver, Lionel, Esq. 15, St. Paut's-road, Weston-super-mare, Somerset. 

1919 Oliver, Walter Reginald Brook, Esq., r.L.s. Dominion Museum, Wellington, 

New Zealand. (Dormant 1920.) 

1917 O'Molley, Major Charles Loughlen Meyler. Denton-house, Cuddesdon, Oxford. 

1910 Onslow, Richard William Alan, Earl of, o.b.e. Clandon-park, Guildford, 
Surrey. (Council 1920 — >). 

1913 Oppenheim, Major Augustus Charles (60th Rifles). Brook, Denham, Bucks. 

1913 Oppenheim, Mrs. Clara. 17, Brywtston-square, II". 1. 

1920 Opponheimer, Sir Francis, k.c.m.g. 4, Chelsea Manor Flood-street, 

Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

J 916 Oppenheimer, Sir Bernard, Bt. 

1921 Oranmere and Browne, 01 wen "Verena, Lady. L2, Cavendish-place, 11". l. 
L917 Ord, Mrs. May. Sa nds-iiali . SedgfieUL, Ferry-hill, Co. Durham. 

1897 Orde, Louisa Charlotte Temple, Dowager Lady Campbell-. 96, Barley- 

read, South Hampstead, N. W. 3. 
1902 *Ormondc, Elizabeth Harriet, Marchioness of. 32, Upper B, rook -street, W.\. 
1906 Ormrod, Lt.-(\>1. Peter, M.P.H. Wi/resdalc-jmrk, QarsUmQ, Lanes. 
1917 Orr, Maj. Hems Montague Cave. East-lodge, Lennox-road South, Souths,,/. 


J.908 *Qrr-Ewing, Malcolm Hart, Esq. Parkwood, West Malvern, Malvern, 

1919 Osbaldeston, Fjfank, Esq. '■<">. Loraine-mansions, Holloway, 

1914 Osborn, Samuel, I' Isq.j P.B.Q.6. 'The Maisonette, Batchct, Windsor, Berks. 

Zoological Society of London. 103 

Year of , 
Election (3517) 

1915 Osborne, Charles Churchill, Esq. Church Education Corporation, 34, 

Doiison-liouse, Westminster, S.W.I. 

1897 **Osborne, Christopher Allatt, Esq. Elba, Woodcove-road, Wallington. 

1910 Ossory, James George Anson, Earl of. 2, Gloucester-place, W. 1. 

1914 Oswald, Richard Alexander, Esq. Auchincruive, Ayr, N.B. 

1919 Otter, Capt. Walter. Bolneij-lodge, Bolncij, Sussex. 

1914 Owen, Guy, Esq. Care of Messrs. Sanderson <& Co., 37, Mincing-lane, E.G. 3. 

1917 Owen, Joseph Septimus, Esq. 7g, Hyde-park-mansions, Marylebone-road, 
N.W. L 

1921 Owen, Theodore Charles, Esq. 38, Wilton-place, S. W. 1. 

1912 Uwers, Ernest, Esq. 288, Finchley-road, X.W. :i. 

1892 Oxford, The Rev. Arnold Whitaker, m. a., m.d. 45, Old Bond-street, 11". 1. 







Packe, Lt.-Col. Edmund Christopher, d.s.o., o.b.k. (Royal Fusiliers). 

Stretton-hall, Leicester. 

*Packe, Edward Hussey, Esq. 41, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

Packe, Vere, Esq. Geldeston-hall, Beccles, Suffolk. 
*Page, Edmund, Esq. Woodbine, Sidmouth, Devon. 
*Page, Miss Ellen Iva. Turret-house, Felpham, Bognor, Sussex. 

Page, Richard Pearce, Esq. 103, Fetter-lane, E.G. 4. 

Page, Samuel Palgrave, Esq. Montague-chambers, London Bridge, S.E. 1. 

Page, Wesley Theodore, Esq. Langstone, Lingfield, Surrey. 
*Paget, The Hon. Dorothy. 39, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

Paget, Geoffrey, Esq. 21, Lombard-street, E.C. 3. 

Paget, Lt.-Com. Henry Edward Clarence, k.n.v.e. 31, Bryanston-sq., 17.1. 

Paget, The Rt. Hon. Sir Ralph Spencer, p.c, k.c.m.g. 32, York-terrace, 
Regent' 1 s-park, N.W. 1. 

Paget,'Capt. Reginald. Warren-house, Coombc-icood, Kingston-hill, Surrey. 
*Paget, Lord Victor William. 1, Cumberland House, Kensington-road, W. 8. 

Paget, Walter, Esq. Morris-liouse, Burnham-on- Crouch, Essex. 

Pain, Philip, Esq. Manhattan, 55, Mitcham-lane, Streatham, S.W. 16. 

Paine, Francis Leslie, Esq. 6, Hanover-terrace, Regent 's-park , N. W. 1. 
*Painter, Adolphus Edward, Esq. 130, Leadenhall-strect, E.C. 3. 

Pakeman, John Robert, Esq., c.b.e. 11, Ironmonger-lane, E.C. 2. 

Pakenham, Col. Hercules Arthur, c.m.g. Langford-lodge, Crumlin, Co. 

Palache, Albert, Esq. 25, Lambolle-road, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 
Palin, M.-Genl. Sir Philip, K.O.M.G., c.B. H.IJ. Third Division, Palestine. 

Palk, The Hon. Mary Evelyn. Care of Messrs. Drummond, 49, Charing- 
cross, S.W.I. 

Palmer, Major Arthur Steuart. Care of Robert Palmer-Thomas, Esq., 
18, Russell- road, Addison-bridge, Kensington, W. 8. 

Palmer, Lady Mary. National Bank of Egypt, King William-street, E.G. 4. 

♦Palmer, The Hon. William Mathew. 3, Chester-gate, Regent' 's-pk . , X W. 1. 



f the 















Pam, Major Albert, o.b.b. (Silvxb Mm. mm-; i 

bow noil L907 L911, L912-1918, 1914 l'.U, 

Pam, Bugo, flbq. n, Carlton-hiU, N.W.8. 

I'iintin, Charles William, Esq. 17, I i, Kensington, W 

Panton, tin. Jane Ellen. U outh. 

Pap worth, hley, N. 3. 

■ V.2. 

! , Il.H.A. 

Park, David Francis, Eaq. Earlsferry-house, Elie, Fife, X.J:. 

Parker, Alwyn. Esq., c.B., CM.o. 4, Smith-square, '■'■ r, S.W.I. 

Parker. Mr-. I Grace Wise, 19, Morpeth-mansions, Westminster, S.W. I. 

Parker. Eric, Esq., b.a. Feaiheroombe, Hambledon, Oodalming, Sun 

Parker, Evelyn stunt. Esq, Little Cambrae, Millport, co. Bute, N.B. 

Parker, Frank Cecil, Esq. White-lodge, Shrewsbury. 

Parker, Frederic William, Esq. 103, Eegentrst/reet, W.l. 

Parker, Sir George Phillips, O.B.B. 9, Wedderbum-roml , Hampstead, AMI'. 3. 

Parker, Capt. Oliver Ivan. Wellington Club. Grosvenor-place, S. W. 1. 

Parker, Lt.-Col. William, D.s.o. 29, Langland-gardots, II, \ Y. M". ?,, 

Parker, Sir William Lorenzo, Bt. Blackbrook-house, Fareham, Hants. 

*Parker, Prof. William Newton, ph.D. Summerau, Pencisely-lane, Cardiff. 

Parker, William Ruahton, Esq., .m.a., m.d. Regent-palace-hotel, PiccadiUy- 
circus, W.l. 

Parkes, Ernest Hadden, Esq. 68, Qoldhurst-terrace, Hampstead, AMI'. 6. 

Parkin, Mrs. Marion. 22, Park-lane, W. 1. 

♦Parkin, Thomas, Esq., m.a., f.l.S., f.r.g.s. Fairseat, High Wickham, 


♦Parkinson, George Elliot Marriott, Esq. 5, Palace-green, Kensington, W. B. 

Parmour, Charles Alfred, Lord, k.c.v.o. 15, Queen 1 s-gate-gardens, S. II'. 7. 

Parr, Gordon Charles, Esq. 39, Colworth-road, Leytonstone, Essex. 

♦Parr, Eoger Charlton, Esq., m.a., d.l., i.i\ Springfield, Qrappenhall, 
Warmigton, Lanes. 

Parrott, Walter, Esq. 75, Eaton-place, 5.11.1. 

Parry, David Edgar, Esq. " Boseneath," Caterham Valley, Surrey. 

Parry, Edward Arthur, Esq. 14, Sussex-square, W. 2. 

Parsons, Alexander Stewart, Esq. 41, Ovington-square, ( 'helsea, S. W. 3. 

Parsons, Frederick Gymer, Esq., f.r.c.s., f.l.s. St. Thomas's Hosjyital, 
Albert-embankment, S.E.I. 

♦Parsons, Gerald Owen, Esq. 25, Abchurch-lanc, E.C. 4. 

Parsons, William Day kin, Esq. 51, St. John's-park-mansions, Pemberton- 
gardens, Upper Holloway, N. 19, 

Partridge, Henry Ralph Champion, Esq. 8, Draycott-place, S. W. 8. 

Pasco, George Sidney. Esq. 57, Hackney-road, E. % 

Passmore, Stanley Joseph, Esq. 42, Avenue-road, Regent's-park, N. W. 8. 

Patorson, James Gowans, Esq. 8,]Park-village-we8t, Regent' s-park, X. W, I. 

Patmoro, Derek Coventry Deighton, Esq. 72, Ladbroke-road, W. 11. 

Patmore, Michael Tennyson Deighton, Esq. 1-1, Ladbroke-road, IT. 11. 

Zoological Society of London. 



Paton, Edward Richmond, Esq. Brookdale, Grassendale, near Liverpool. 

Paton, George William, Esq. 3, WhitehaU-court, S. 11' 1. 

Patrick, Mrs. E. G. Cockran. 68, New Cavendish-street, 11'. 1. 

Patterson, Joseph, Esq. 19, Haringey-park, Crouch-end, N, 8, 
*Patton, Mrs. Martha Jane. Ladies' Imperial Club, 17, Dover-streH, II". 1. 

Pattullo, James Dune, Esq. 17, Buckland-crescent, Hampstead, N. II". 3. 

Paul, Mrs. Janet. 29, Adamson-road, Belsize-park, N. 11". 3. 

Pawson, Albert Henry, Esq. 2G, Kensington-court-gardens, W. 8. 

Payuo, Harry Alfred, Esq. 9, Great < 'umberland-place, Hyde-park, W. 1. 

Payne, John Rene, Esq. 17, Regent' s-park-terr ace, N.W.I. 
♦Payne, Robert Sugden, Esq. Plus Dyffryn, Merford, Welshpool. 

Peache, Capt. Richard Coventry. 159, Cromwell- road, S,. W. 5. 

Peacock, William J. P., Esq. 3, Onslow-sijuare, S. IT. 7. 

Peake, Ronald, Esq. 6, Bedford-row, W.C. 1. 

Pearce, Edward Toplis, Esq., J.P. Four-oaks, Hatch-end, Firmer, Mid 

Pearce, James, Esq. Whitebarn, near Oxford. 

Pearce, Sir William, m.p., j.p. 14, Park-crescent, W.l. 

Pearks, Tom Charles, Esq. 45, Ikurmegate-road, Chiswick, W. 4. 

Pearless, Sidney Harrison, Esq. Uplands, East Orinstead, Sn 

Pearsall, Albert Edward, Esq. 125, Westbourne-park-road, W. 2. 

Pearse, Major Albert. Care of Messrs. IT. S. King & Co. 9, Pall-mall, S. W. I. 

Pearse, Edgar Hope, Esq., f.r.g.s. Royal Societies Club, St. James' s-strect> 

Pearson, Sir (Cyril) Arthur, Bt. 15, Devonshire-street, Portland-place, W. 1. 

Pearson, Major Hugh Guy Astley, i.a. (53rd Sikhs). O.C. Depot, Jullundur, 
Punjab, India. (Dormant 1914.) 

Pearson, Robert Barclay, Esq. 24, Cambridge-square, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

Pearson, Louis Kirkby Lunn, Esq. 8, Cavendish-place, W. 1. 

♦Pearson, Major. Hon. Wheatman Harold. 54, Mount-street, 11". 1. 

Pearson, William Henry, Egq. 58, Harley -house. Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

Pearson, William John Kirkby, Esq. 8, Cavendish -place, 11". 1. 

Pease, Sir Alfred Edward, Bt. Pinchinthorpe, Guisborough, Yorks. 

Pease, Col. Henry Thomas, c.i.e. Principal of The Punjab Veterinary 
College, Punjab, India. (Dormant 1895.) 

Pease, Mrs. Veronica. Hornton-lodge , Pitt-street, W. 8. 
♦Peat, Roderick Mackay, Esq. Bursledon-housc , Bushey-heath, Herts. 

Peckham, The Rev. Arthur Maitland. 35, Tanza-road, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

Pedler, Mrs. Mary Alice. 10, Aberdeen-court, Maida-vale, 11".'.). 
♦Peck, Capt. Roger Grcnvillc (9th Lancers). Wid worthy-court. HonAton, 

♦Peek, Sir Wilfrid, Bt. Bousdon, Devon. 
♦Peel, Charles Victor Alexander, Esq. Cleave-copse, Umberleigh, N. Devon. 

Peel, Herbert, Esq. Arthur's Club, St. James' 8-stoeet, S. W. 1. 

Peel, Col. Herbert Haworth. Highlands, East Bergholt, Suffolk. 

Peel, Horace, Esq. 7, Lennox-gardens, S.W. 1. 

rs qf the 

a (3634) 

1917 ivil.'V. 14. 

N mberton, I ■ ■ Bucks. 

ike, Allxrt Qalbraitb mansions, Portman-square, 

ir. i. 

L918 , Pembroke, I The Dowager Countess ol Knoyle-) 

Salisbury, Wilts. 
\\>\n Pembroke, 1 basket b, Bsq W. 2. 

L897 Pender, Sir John Deni I, S.W.I, 

1920 Penney, Alfred John, Esq. L, Chestet terrace, Regent' -park, N.W.I. 
r.M i Pennington, Mrs. Margaret. 17, Hyde-park-terrace, W.2. 
1920 Penny, Major Rupert Ernest. J I, Sloanestreet, Knightsbridge, S.W. 1. 
1907 PenrOse, Arthur Peteb tnut-road, West Norwood, S.E. 21. 

L896 *Eenrose, Francis ( il, Surrey-road, Bournemouth. 

1885 Penton, Edward, Esq., k.<..s. I, Mortimer-street, W. 1. 

1888 * Ponton, Frederick Thomas, Esq. 43, Portland-place, W. 1. 

1876 *Pop3's, John Alfred, Esq. 48, Park-road, Iiexhill-on- Sea. 

1899 Percival, Arthur Blaynev, Esq. Sports Club, St. James' s-square, 8.W.I. 
(Dormant 1917.) 

1885 *Percival, Francis William, Esq., m.a., f.s.a. 1, Chesham-streel, Belgravc- 

square, S. W. L. 
1905 Percy, Alan William Heher-, Esq. Durweston, Blandford, Dorset. 
1902 Percy, Hugh Louis Heber-, Esq. Yatton-court , Kingsland, Hereford. 

1899 Percy, Lt.-Col. Reginald Josceline Heber-. Care of Lady Durand, 42, 

MontpelAer-square, S. W.l. 
1896 *Pereira, Brig.-Gen. George Edward, c.m.g., d.s.o. Care of Mr. Denham 

Parker, 57, Cumberland-mansions, Bryanston-square, W.l. 

1886 Peringuey, Louis, Esq.,, f.e.s. Director of the South African Museum. 

Cape Town, South Africa. (Dormant 1887.) 

1907 Perkins, Charles Clifforde, Esq. Pans-garden, lieaulieu, Brockenhurst, 


1896 *Perkins, Major Norman Chichester (late 1.6. C.). FeUxholme, Arundcl-road, 

1904 Perkins, Robert C. L., Esq., m.a., 4, Thurlestone-road, Newton Abbot, 

1887 Perkins, Thomas, Esq. Doverhay -place, Porlock, Somersetshire. 
1914 Perowne, Miss May. 12, Albert-road, Begent's-park, N.W. 1. 
1920 Perrin, Dr. Walter Sydney. 43, Regent' s-park -road. N.W.J,. 

1911 *Pcrrins, Charles William Dyson, Esq., k.r. a. s. Davsnham, Malvern. 

1909 Perry. Sir Edwin Cooper, m.d., F.B.C.P. Superintendent's House, Guy's 

Hospital, s.H. 1. 
1911 Perry, James, Esq. l-">. Victoria-street, Westminster, S.W.I. 

1910 Peters, John, Esq. Qrosvenor-hotel, Victoria, S.W. 1. 
1917 Peters, Mrs. May. 

1919 Petersen, William, Esq. 80, Portland-place, W.l. 

1914 Pethybridge, Mrs. Alice Emily alien. Care of If. W. Theobald, Esq., SB, 

Lombard-street, E.C. 3. 

1907 Petley, Charles Ralph Carter. Bsq. Emlynt-house, Leatherhead, Surrey. 
1914 Petro, John Themistooles, Esq. 89, South-street, Park-lane, W.l. 


Zoological Society of London. 107 

Year of 

1916 *Petro. Mrs. Mildred Mary. Queen Anne' s-mansions, St. James's-park, S. W. 1. 

1909 Petters, James McFarquhar. Ksij. 72, Porchester-terrace, W.2. 

1914 Peyton, Mrs. Louisa Secunder. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., 16. Charing- 
cross, S.W. 1. 

1910 Phelps, John Vandeleur, Esq., J. p. Windham Club, St. James' s-square, S. Tl'.l. 

1914 Phelps, Thomas Tettrell, Esq., b.a. Care of Messrs. Pawsons and Leaf, 

Ltd., 9, St. Paul's Churchyard. E.CA. 

1876 i Philipps, Sir Charles Edward Gregg, Bt. Picton-castle , Haverfordwest. 
1906 Philippe, Sir Owen Cosby, k.c.m.g.. m.p., j.p. 76, Eaton-square, S. W. 1. 
*Philippson, Mrs. Lydia. 81, Great Cumberland-place, W. 1. 

1918 Philipson, Lieut. Hilton (Scots Guards). 4, Devonshire-street, W.l. 

1920 Philipson, Hylton, Esq. Stobo-castle, Stobo, Peeblesshire, X.B. 
1904 Philipson. Ralph Hilton, Esq. 74, Portland-place, W. 1. 

1912 Phillimore, Charles Augustus, Esq. 16a, Oxford-square, W. 2. 

1921 Phillipps, \V. A., Esq. Shurrery, Cleveland-road, Paignton, S. Devon. 
1895 Phillips, Mrs. E. Lort. 79, Cad-ogan-square, S.W. 1. 

1921 Phillips, Edward Ramsay, Esq. Black Rock, Co. Dublin. 

1882: Phillips, Ethelbert Lort, Esq. 79, Cadogan-square, S.W.I. (Council 1896- 

97, 1902-04, 1905-08.) 
1920 Phillips, Brig.-Genl. George Fraser, c.b., c.m.g. 22, Pelham-crcscent, S. W. 7. 
1920 Phillips, Major George William. 21, Laicn-road, Doncaster, Yorks. 

1919 Phillips, Hubert Charles, Esq., m.b.c.s., m.l.s.a., f.e.s. 17, Hereford-road, 

Bayswater, W. 2. 

1915 Phillips, Hugh Richard, Esq., m.d., j.p. 2, Cavendish-court, Cavendish- 

square, W. 1. 

1912 Phillips, Lt.-Col. Joseph Harold JoHn (Coldstream Guards). 65, Rutland- 
gate, S.W.I. 

*Phillips, Sir Lionel, Bt. 1, London Wall Buildings, E.G. 2. 
1900 *Phillips, Montagu Austin, Esq., f.l.s., f.b.a.s., f.b.g.S"., f.e.s. Devonshire- 
house, Reigate-liill, Surrey. 
1915 Philpott, Mrs. Emma C. Imperial-hotel, Bournemouth. 
1906 Phipps, Alwyn Rashleigh, Esq. 58, Fitzjohn's-avenue, Humpstead, N.W. 3. 

1918 Phipps, Lt.-Col. Pownoll Ramsay. 17, St. James' s-court, Buckingham- 
gate, S.W.I. 
1906 Phipson, Herbert Musgrave, Esq. 10k, Hyde-park-mansions, X.W. 1. 

1911 Picard, Mrs. Harriet. 9, Vicarage-gate. Kensington. T(". 8. 

1911 Pickthorn. Fleet-Surgeon Edward Butler. B.N., m.b.c.s., l.e.c.p. Care of 
Tlie National 'Provincial Bank, High-street, Kensington, II". 8. 

1920 Pickup, Dr. Arthur McLean, m.b.c.s. 21, Albert-road, Regent' s-park, X. W. 1. 
1914 Pidgeun, Mis. Mary C. 25, 57. Edmund' s-terr ace, X.W. 8. 

1921 Pierce. The Rev. Canon Francis Dormer. The Vicarage, Brighton. 
1909 Pierce, Frederick Morrish, Esq., m.d., 26, Belsize-lane, N.W.3. 
1881 *Pike, Leonard Gaskell, Esq. King Barrow, Wareham, Dorset. 

1908 Pike, Capt. Oliver Gregory. Ridgemount, Winehmore-hill, AT. 21. 
1920 pne. John William, Esq. 34, Gt. St. Helen's, E.C.S. 

1903 Pilkington, Col. Sir Thomas Edward Milborne-Swinnerton-, Bt. Chevet- 
park, near Wakefield, Yorks. 


of Fellows of the 


IS! 17 



1 '.)()'. ) 


1 '. 1 1 1 










Alfred \\ illi ■. .8. V> U Hilary I 

w . ool, 

■ '.'. 1. 
Lilian Evelyn <;■• / Jf< tsrs. I 

( 'lUlllx'l N. ii'. ] . 

J'i[>kii>. Samui Pembury -lodge, Folke$toi 

Pirrie, Th( Rt. Hon. William James, Viscount, k.i-.. p.c, h.kc. 2 ■ 

square, S.W. 1. 
I'itli- ,.■■:,!. II, in r stock-hill, A". R 

Pitt, George Nevi k.d. 15. Portland-place, ll'.l. 

Pixley, Col. Francis William, v.d. Wooburn-house, Wooburn, Hacks. 
Pixley, Mu M r-court, Bayswater, It". 2 . 

Plant, Alfred ["nomas, Esq. 26, Fellows-road, Eampstead, N.W.S. 
Plaskitt, William Levers, Esq., m.a., ll.b. 189, Waim-lane, Crick'. 


-. John Arthur, Esq. 5, Ohesterrterrace, Eegent's-park, A'. II". 1. 

3ydney, Esq. Orleans Club, A St. James's, 8.W.I. 

Piatt, Thomas Alfred, Esq. 

Playfair, Praneis Sophia, Lady. 2. Ennismore-gardens, S.W.7. 

Playfair, 1 1 ., m.d.,f.b.c.s. 7. Upper_Brook-street,W.l. 

Playfair, John Muir, Esq. Walton-park, Dalbeattie. 

Plender, Sir William II, Kensington-court, u\ s. 

Plummer, Robert, Esq. 2g, Bickenhall-mansions, Gloucester-place, 11". 1. 

: ■ Pocook, Reginald Innes, Esq., f.k.s.. f.l.s. (Stjpebintbhdent and Orator 
of Mammals, 1904 — > ) Zoological-gardens, Begent's-park, N. W. 8. 

♦Podniore, The Rev. Percy St. Michael, m.a., c.m.r.s. " Cosmo.'' Devonshire 
street, Ghatswood, Sydney, N.S.W. 
nid. Commander Charles Astley, b.n. Care "/Messrs. Cvx d Co.. 16, 
ing-cross, S. W. 1. (D L919.) 

Poland. Benry, Esq. Sunrty-bai >aks, Kent. 

Poland, Henry Gordon, Esq. Doumlands, Liphook, Hunts. 
. Mark. Esq. Horm ttlingtOn, Buttle. Sussex. 

•Pole, Col. Reginald Walkelyne Chandos-, 24, Stanhope-gardens, S.W.7. 
•Poley, Cant. Edward Eallifax Woller-, m.v.o. (Inarch' Club, Brook- 
street, W. 1. 
Politzer, Siegmund, Esq. 36, Hyde-park-gardens, II". 2. 
Pollard,The Rev.George Frederick. 2<i t Gordon-mdnsions } BelsiBe-lane,N.W. 3. 
Pollen, Mrs. Catherine Hetherington. 18, Hyde-park-gardens, W. 2. 

. Commander Francis Hmagerford, r.n. 14, Buckingham-street, 
Pollock, Sir Adrian Donald Wilde (Cm Chamberlain). 20. The Grow, 
Boltons, S.W. 10. (Council 1910 L915, L918 1921.) 
♦Pollock, Mrs. Edward. 20, York-terrace, N.W.I. 

♦Pollock, Major Ralph Charles Geoffrey. 11, Wdlbeck-street, Cavendish- 
square, W. 1. 
Poltim ■ Wentwprth Warwick, 1,. nil. B, Belgrave-square, S.W.I. 

Pomeroy, William Knox. Esq. iSn.vii: Medallist.) Cart of Edward 
tin British Consul, Honda. Columb ua. 


Zoological Society of London. 













Ponsonby, Theobald B., Esq. 1, Barthc&omeio-lane, !■!.('. 2. 

Pool, The Rev. John James,, P.R.O.S., rh.D. 5. Queeris-walk, Qu 
road, Forest-hill, S.E. 23. 

Poole, Reginald Ward Edward Lane, Esq. 15, Vietoria^square, S. W. 1. 

Pope, Edward O., Esq. United University Club, Suffolk-street, 8.W.I. 

Pope, Lt.-Col. William Wippell. 9, Courtfield-gardens, S. 11*. I. 

Portal, Maurice, Esq., d.s.o. Holywell, Swanmore, Hants. 

Porteous, Major John James (late r.a.). 94, Piccadilly. W. 1. 

Porter. Mrs. Martha. Fairholmc, Manor-court-road, Han well, W.l. 

Porter,.Robert William, Esq. 4u, Bickenhall-mansions, Gloucester-place, W.2, 

♦Portland, The Rt. Hon. William John Arthur Charles James, Duke of, k.g., 
G.c.v.o., p.c. 3, Grosvenor-square, W.l. 

♦Portlock, Henry, Esq. 31, Weynioidh-street, W.l. 

Portman, The Hon. Claud Berkeley. Guldicote, Stratford-on-Avon. 
♦Portman, Henry Berkeley, Viscount. Buxted-park, Uckfield, Sussex. 

Portsmouth, Beatrice Mary, Countess of. 16, Mansfield-street, W. 1. 

Potter, Bernard Elwell, Esq., m.b., m.k.c.s. 33, Harley -street, W. 1. 

Potter, Edward Octavius, Esq., f.r.g.s. 88, Avenue-road, Regent' s-park, 


Potter, Mrs. Harriet Beatrice. 8, Bryanston-sqiiare, W. 1. 

Potter, Mrs. Kate. 7, Chestnut-cottage, Grcville-place, Hampsiead, X. W. 6. 

Potter, Thomas Irwin. Esq. Inspector of Wardens' Office, Colonial Secretary's 
Dept., Port of SjJain, Trinidad, B.'W.I. (Dormant 1900.) 

Pott, Reginald Henry, Esq. 2, Copthall-buildings, E.G. 2. 

Potts, John, Esq. Villa La Loggia, vid Santa Marta, Florence, Italy ; and 
Durdham, Granville-road, Sulcitp. 

*Poulter, Edward Alexander, Esq. 23, Westbournc-terrace, IT. 2. 

Poulter, Ernest, Esq. 16, Cornwall-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
*Poulton, Edward Bagnall, Esq., m.a., f.r.s. Wykeham-house, Oxford. 

Powell, Mrs. Catherine Price-. 21, Sussex-gardens, W.2. 
*Powell, Frank Baden-, Esq., m.a., f.r.g.s. Arts Club, Dover-street, S.W. 1. 

Power, Arnold Danvers, Esq. 24, Brunsicick-gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 

Power, Mrs. Harriet Maude. 25, Ashburn-place, S. Kensington, S.W. 7. 

Power, John Hyacinth, Esq. Principal of the School of Mines, 15, Hull- 
street, Kimbcrlcy, 8. Africa. (Dormant 1921.) 

♦Power, Norman Danvers, Esq. 24, Brunswick-gardens, Kensington, W.8. 

Powers, Mrs. Lilian Dalger, m.d. Bed Squirrel-farm, Mount Kisoo, Neio 
York, U.S.A. (Dormant 1919.) 

Powles, Lieut. -Comdr. John Copley (late r.n.). Britannia Ranch, Sinclair- 
Canada, B.C. (Dormant 1903.) 

Powles, Col. Thomas William, r.a. 77, Harcourt-terrace, S. Kensington, 
S. W. 10. 

♦Pownall, Mrs. Emma. 

♦Powney, Lt.-Col. Cecil du Pre Penton. 24, Egcrton-tcrrace, S. W. 3. 
Powys, The Hon. Edward Victor Robert. Oriental Club, Hanover- square, 
Powys, Mrs. Theresa Guendoline. 23, Wclbeck-street, W.l. [W.l. 

Poynter, Ebenezer Davies, Esq. 21, Sheepcote-road, Harrow, W. 


1 10 

/ till' 











ikworth, E iq. L08, I W. 1. 

: Cyril Winthrop Mack worth, Esq. 51, Oneunv-gardene, 8.W.I. 

*I'rain, U.-CmI. Sir I >a w, Surrey. 

Prance, Biohard Karl I •'. v. W. 3. 

Prashad, Baini, Esq., D.go. (Director ol I &gali Miliar, and 

Orissa), Writers' buildings, Calcutta. (Dormant 1 • 

I'r.tit. ll.inx 1 hnil.-.. Esq. The Gwtyah, Woldingham, Surrey. (Dormant 


Prehn, Mr Gertrude. 136, EarVs-court-road, W.8. 

Press, : I'M. Su - W. 9. 

: Bainbridge, Eaq. 96, Ashley-gardens, South h'm- 
sington, S. W. 7. 
Preston, Hugh Berthon, Esq. Can of Major Connolly, The Lock B 
ley-green, Surrey. (Dormant 1918.) 

Preston, Sydney Ellcott, Esq. Birchbank, Christchurch^road, llampstead, 
N. W. 6. 

Pretyman, Capt. The Kt. Hon. Ernest George, r.c, m.p. (late r.a.). 2, Bel- 
grave-square, S.W.I. 

Price, Alfred, Esq. 5, St. James' s-tcrrace, Regent' s-park, N.W.8. 

Price, Athelstan Elder, Esq. Salisbury-hall, St. Albans, / 

Price, Charles Morgan, Esq. 16, Cavendish-road, St. John's-wood, N.W.8. 

Price, Mrs. Elizabeth. 20, Upper Hamilton-terrace, St. John's Wood, N. 11.8. 
*Price, Ferdinando Hamlyn, Esq., T.P. 7. Harley-gardens, S.W.iO. 

Trice, John Macneile, Esq., f.g.s., f.r.o.s. Casa COlogan, Puerto Ot 
Teneriffe, Canary Islands. 

Price, Bichard John Lloyd, Esq., j.p. Rhiwlas, Bain. Merionethshire. 

Prichard, Major Hesketh Vernon-Hcsketh,D.s.o.,M.c. Prne-wood, St. Albans, 

Pridmore, Albert Edward, Esq. 2, Broad-street-buildings, E.C.2. 

Prince, Frederick Matthew, Esq. 1, Granville-road, Stroud-green, X.i. 

Prinsep, Anthony, Esq. 10, Cambridge-termer, N.W.I. 

Prinscp, Miss Jane. 10, Cambridge-terrace, Begeni's-park, N.W.I. 

Prioleau, Mrs. Violet. Kingston Lisle, near Wantage, Berks. 

Pritchard, Andrew Goring, Esq. 3, Pond-st.. Hampstead, X. II". B. 

Pritchard, Mrs. Clara. 34, Wellington-road, St. John's Wood. N.W.8. 

Prittie-Perry, Lt.-Col. Samuel James. Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W.I. 

Proby, Col. Douglas James. Elton-hall, Peterborough. 

Procter, Foster Wilfred, Esq., j.p. 25, Elm-park-gardens, Chelsea. 8. W.8, 

Procter, Miss Joan Beauchamp. 18, FUzOeorge^aVenue, Kensington, W. 14. 

Proctor, Otto, Esq. 46, North-gate, Regent's-park, N. 

Proger, Thomas William. ' inmaes, St. Fagans, Glamorgan. 

Prust, Capt. William Auli L2, St. John's Wood-road, N.W.8. 

Pryor, Edward Thomas, Esq., p.b.b. Densworth, StratforeL-road, Watford. 
*l'ryor, Norman Solwyn, Esq. 1'.), Park-ereseent, W. 1. 

Pryor, Selwyn Robert, Esq, 19, Park-crescent, Portland-place, 11". 1. 

Pryor, Lt.-Col. Walter Marlborough, i>.s.o. H estotupark, Stevenagi , //■ rts. 

Pugb, Charles Vernon, Esq., j.p. Radford-house, Coventry. 

Zoological Society of London. 


Election (3820) 

1911 *Pullar, Laurence Herbert Ferguson, Esq. Dunbarnie-cottage, Bridge of 'Earn. 

1906 l Pulley, Capt. Samuel (late r.n\). Junior United Service Club, Charles-street, 
St. James's, S.W.I. 

1918 Pullin, Dr. Edward Victor Buttery. Royal Societies Club, St. James's- 

street, S.W.I. 

1915 Purcell, Major Henry Edward Lemuel, R.a. 24, Clarendon-court. Maida- 
vale, W.9. 

1906 Purchase, Sir "William Henry. 53, Cumberland-mansions, Bryanston- 

square, W. 1. 

1921 Purefoy, Wilfred Bagnell, Esq. 76, Jermyn- street, S.W. 1. 

1917 Pusch, Emile, Esq. 5, Albert-court, Prince Consort-road, S.W.I. 

1901 **Pycraft, William Plane, Esq. British Museum of Natural History, Crom- 
well-road, South Kensington, S.W.7. 

1888 *Pym, Francis, Esq. The Hazels, Sandy, Beds. 

1907 Pym, Major Frederick Harry Norris. United Service Club, Pall-mall, S. TF.l. 

1912 *Pyne, Herbert Barrington, Esq. Northbrook-house, near Farnham, Surrey. 

1909 Queenborough,^ Almeric Hugh, Lord. 39, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 
(Council 1918-1920, 1921->) 

1917 Quilter, The Hon. Gwynedd, Lady. 12, Hertford-street, May fair, W. 1. 

1896 Radcliffe, Miss Alice. 21, Berkeley-square, W. 1. , 

1909 Kadcliffe, Mrs. Bertha. Summerlands, near Kendal, Westmorland. 

1899 Radcliffe, Mrs. Emmeline. Care of Messrs. W. Wrigley & Son, 9, Cligg- 
street, Oldham, Lanes. 

1898 Radford, Henry Armitage, Esq. 5, Albany-road, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

1902 Radford, Walter Thomas Hindmarsh, Esq. 25, Park-crescent, W. 1. 

1917 Radley, Percy Edward, Esq., f.r.m.s. Ncsta, Bro.vbourne, Herts. 

1907 *Radnor, Jacob, The Earl of. Longford-castle, Salisbury, Wilts. 

1877 *Raglan, George Fitz-Roy Henry, Lord, c.b. 27, Half-moon-street, Picca- 
dilly, W. 1. 

1917 Raikes, Reginald Durie Napier, Esq. Roxjal Societies Club, 'St. James's- 

street, S.W. 1. (Dormant 1921.) 

1918 Railton, Frank Neville, Esq. 1, Draxjcott -place, Cadogan-gardcns, S.W.3. 
189G Raitt, Robert David, Esq. 48, Parkhill-road, Haver stock-hill, N.W. 3. 
1912 Ralli, Lieut. John Richard. 27, Montagu-square, W. 1. 

1912 Ralli, Mrs. Mamie Peter. 11, Hyde-park-gardens, W.2. 
1895 *Ralli, Pandia Stephen, Esq. 58, Cadogan-plaee, S.W.I. 

1919 Ramana-Sastrin, Vedaranyesvara Yaidyanatha, Esq., rh.D., f.r.a.s., 

f.r.m.s., m.r.a.s. 1, Sami Pillai-street, Chulai, Madras, South India. 
(Dormant 1919.) 

1905 Ramsay, Allen Beville, Esq., m.a. Eton College, Windsor, Berks. 

1919 Ramsay, Robert Anstruther, Esq. 4, Bryanston-street, W. 1. 

1872 Ramsav, Col. Robert George Wardlaw-. iriiitchill, Bosewell, Midlothian, 

1916 Ramsbotham, Herwald, Esq. 198, Queen's-gate, S. W. 7. 


list ■ f I ■ f the 











I'll 2 

Care of Messrs. Cox dt Co., 16, C 

Cress well-hall, 

Ramadan, Joseph, I Woodlands, Offerton, 8tocki 

Rao John, Esq, " St\Clavr," Montem-Ume, Slough, Bucks. 

Rap] l I r-square, W. 1. 

Raphael, I \f ay fair, W. I. 

'. Mi ll. mi. : I • \ht-place, Hyde-park, W 2. 

Raphael, Mr - Mar. heril laught-place, Hyde-park, U'. 2. 

ll". 1. 

ileigh, John Oosmo Stuart, Esq. Throivleigh, Okehampion, I >■ 

•Ratoliff, Robert Frederick, Esq., m.p. Newton Solney-park, Burt 

>liff, William Milner, Esq. 16, Cleveland-square, Hyde-park, W.2. 

llattigan, Capt. Gerald Ernloy. Find,: ■ll. Newton 


Battigan, Capt. Eerbert William. 

. N. II'. 1. 
i -worth, Emma Sophia Georgiana, Countess of. 
Morpeth, Northumberland. 

-worth, Gerald Wellesley, Lord. Eslington-park, Wliittingham, 
R. S .0., North umbcrland. 

Rawlence, John Itooke, Esq. 12, Ovmgton-square, Brampton, .SMI". 3. 

Rawlings, Walter James, Esq. 34, Rosemont-road, Richmond, Surrey. ' 

Rawnsley, Mrs. Helen Maud, 1, Eaton-mansions, Sloanc-sguare, S.W.I. 

Rawortb, Alexander, Esq. Manovr de St. Jean, Jersey. (Dormant 1915.) 

Rayncr, William George, Esq. Armaside, Peaks-hill, Parley. Surrey. 

Read, Sir Alfred Henry. 2, Avenue-road, N.W.8. 

Read, Bertram L., Esq.,, f.c.s. Cranleigh School, Surrey. 

Read, Ernest Arnold, Esq. 98, North-gate, N.W.8. 

Read, Grantly Dick, Esq., Rivington, Eaton, Norwich. 

Reade, Lt.-Col. William Lloyd, r.a.m.c. Junior United Service Club, 

Charles-street, S.W. 1. 
Reader, Frederick George, Esq. 17, Gloucester-road, Finsbury-park, N. i. 
Reddaway, Frank, Esq., j.p. Didsbury-lodge, Didsbury, Manchester. 
Redesdalc, David Bertram, Lord. 49, Victoria-road, Kensington, 11". 8. 
Rod fern, Tom, Esq. 5, Cottesmore-gardens, Kensington, 11". 8. 
Rcdlich, Capt. Stefan, m.b.e. G5, Upper Berkeley-street, 11'. 1. 
Ree, Walter Alexander. Esq- Euston Hotel. N. W. 1. 
Reed, Prof. Carl iel. Director of the Museum, Mendosa, Argentine 

Republic. (Dormant 1913.) 

Reed, Cecil Langham, Esq. 11, Sackville-street, W.l. 

Reed, Frederick, Howard, Esq. 3, Berkeley-house,, Berkeley-square, ll". 1. 

Reeve, Capt. John Sherard. Zieadenham^house, Lincoln. 

Reovcs, James Benjamin, Esq. Th* Red-house, New Barnet, Herts. 

Regan, Charles Tate, Esq., M. v., i.h.s. British Museum of Natural History, 
( 'nor nngtbn, s. W, 7. 

rt, Mary, Lady. 74, "Portland-place, W.l. 

♦Render, Charles \«l,,iph. Esq; B4, The Arena,'. Gipsy -hill, S.E. 19. 

Reid, Dr. Archibald Douglas, M.B.o.s., L.B.c.P. 80, Welbeck-street, W.l. 


Zoological Society of London. 113 

Year of 

Election (3891) 

1911 Eeid, Col. Charles Edward (late r.a.). 7, Old Burlington-street, W. 1. 

1916 Reid, Mrs. Marion. 23, Hanorer-hoxisc , Regent' s-park. X. W. 1. 
1920 Reid, Robert Valentine, Esq. 19, Thurloe-square, S.W.I. 

1918 Reid, William Lewis, Esq. 51, Loftus-road, Shepherd' s-bu$h, 11". 12. 

1917 Reiss, Major Alex. Cavalry-club, Piccadilly, S.W.I. 

1887 **Rendall, Percy, Esq., M.p. 28a, Moorgate-strcet, E.G. 2. 

1916 Ronnie, Miss Janet. 2, Eocleston-square , S.W.I. 

1909 Rennie, Mrs. Julia. 20, Lowndes-street, Belgrave-square, S.W. 1. 

1904 Renshaw, Graham, Esq., m.d., m.r.c.s. Sale Bridge-home, Sale, Manchester. 

1913 Renshaw, Howard Wad.', Esq. 21, Waldegrave-park, Twickenham, Surrey. 

1890 Rentell. Henry William Sidney, Esq., a.m.i.e.e. 61, Tyther ton-road, 
TufneU-park, N. 19. 

1902 *Renton, William, Esq. Clare-house, Tiverton, Devon. 

1900 Restell, James Scutari Taylor-, Esq. 15, The Boltons, S. Kensington, 

1898 *Revelstoke, The Rt. Hon. John, Lord, p.c, g.c.v.o. 3, CarUon-kouse-lerrace, 

S. W. 1. 

1910 Reyersbach, Louis, Esq. Westbury-house, Reusing ton-paldce-gardens, W.8. 

1914 Reynard, Mr,-. Agnes. 54, Cambridge-terrace, IF. 2. 

1903 Reynardson, Aubrey Henry Birch-, Esq. Sk<vqiivell, Penn, Bucks. 
1881 *Rcynolds, Thomas, Esq. Edgemoor, Friinley, Surrey. 

1906 Rhodes, Edward John, Esq. Browjicld, Exmouth. 

1883 Rhodes, Fairfax, Esq. Brockhampton-park, Andovevsfonl, Gloucestershire. 

1919 Ribstein, Joseph Jules, Esq. Hotel Jules, Jermyn-street, S. 11". 1. 

1913 Ricard, Charles, Esq. 97, Wesibourne-terrace, 11". 2. 

1905 Ricardo, Major Wilfrid Francis. Eirby-lodge, Melton Mowbray. 

1920 Rice, John P., Esq.,, m.b.c.v.s. Ministry of Agriculture, 4, Whitehall- 

place, S.W. 1. 

1917 Richards, Henry William, Esq. 16, Albert-road, A". IT". 1. 

1920 Richards, Nelson Mortimer, Esq. Parkmead, Harrow-on-tlte-Hill. 

1914 Richards, Thomas, Esq. 31, York-place, Baker-street, W. 1. 
1903 Richards, William, Esq. 39, Cleveland-square, Hyde-park, It". 2. 

1918 Richardson, Arthur Turner, Esq. 258, Stanstead-road, Forest-hill, S.E. 23. 
1905 Richardson, The Lady Constance Stewart-. Care of Messrs. Gadsden (£ 

Pcnnefather, 28, Bedford-row, W.C 1. 

1916 ♦Richardson, Mrs. Ethel Dorothy Cameron-. Broomhill-bank, Tu abridge 
Wells, Kent. 

1902 Richardson, Major Hautonyille. Paabride-lioiise, Carnoustie, Forfarshire. 

1920 *Richardson, George Arthur, Esq. 27, Roland- gardens, S.W. 7. 

1911 *Richardson, Henry, Esq. 131. Victoria-street, S.W.I. 

1919 Richardson, Miss Hilda Evelyn. 6e, Bickenhall-mansions, Gloucester- 

place, W. 1. 

1899 *Richardson, John Topham, Esq. Junior Carlton Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

1888 Riches, Thomas Henry, Esq. Kitwclls, Shenley, Herts. 

1866 Richmond and Gordon, Charles Henry, Duke of. 3 Upper Belgrave-street, 
(3929) I 

1 M list of Fellow of the 


Richmond, Oapt. John Uexander. 24 ■ < mwell-road. 


[918 Kick. nils, K. Windsor, Esq. Usk Priory, Monmouthth 

1886 Riokett, Gharle Boughey, Esq. 27, KendrieJi road, Beading, Berks. 

in, Archibald Gray, Esq. Lyenells, Totteridge, B 

1909 Riddel, Vice- Admiral Daniel McNab (late b.h.). 15, Sfotm&jfreel, ir. i. 

[914 Riddell, William Hatton, E q. Bragborough-hall, Rugby, Warwvckth 

1907 Rider, John Edward v, l. Lansdovme-road, Holland-park, W. 11. 

189] *Ridewood, Walter George, Esq., 61, Oakley street, Chelsea, S.W.8. 

[916 Ridley, Rosamond Cornelia, Visoounb 

1909 Ries, August, Esq. Flat A, 7i, Portland-place, W.l. 

1920 Riley, Herbert John, Esq. 19, Lanercost-mad, Tulse-hill-park, S.W.2, 

1919 Riley, Norman Denbigh, Esq. 5, Brook-garden -road, Bd 

[905 ^Ringer, Frederick, Esq. Nagasaki, Japan. ,s - • *•**' 

1905 *Rink, Arnold, Esq. Hawkesbury, Wadhani-gardens, Hampstead, N.W.d. 

1913 Rintoul, Miss Leonora Jeffrey. Lahill, Largo, Fife, N.B. 

1914 Ripley, Mrs. Alice. 20, Draycott-plaee, S. W. 3. 

1911 Ripley, Edward Guy, Esq. Heath-house, Aston-on-Cltm, Shropshire. 

1876 Ripon, Frederick Oliver, Marquess of, G.c.v.o. Studlry Royal, Ripon, 

1902 Ritchie, Mrs. Amy. 12, Elsworthy-road, N. W. 3. 

1913 Ritchie, Capt. Archibald Thomas Ayres, m.c, m.b.o.u. Care of The British 

East Africa Corporation, Mombasa, /:./•:. Africa. 
1908 Ritchie, Lt.-Col. Charles Maclver, h.f.a. Care of Messrs. Cox A Co., 16. 

Charing-cross, S.W. 1. (Dormant 1910.) 

1919 Ritchie, Mrs. Florence Mure. The Cloisters, 18, Avenue-road, N.J\ 

1903 Ritchie, James Amelius, Esq. 3, Evelyn-gardens, S. Kensington, S.W. 7. 
1911 Ritchie. Mrs. Julian. Care of A. J. Ritchie, Esq., Oriental Club, Hanover- 

square, W. 1. 
191G Rivers-Cole, Harold Robert, Esq., CD. 8. 150, High-road. Tlford, 1 

1863 *Robarts, Abraham John, Esq. 29, Hill-street, Mayfair, W.l. 

1902 Robarts, Harvey Boase, Esq., b.a. Langham-hotcl, Portland-place, II . 1. 

1917 Roberton, Alfred James, Esq. 20, Arwndel-road, Tunbridge-wells, Kent. 

1920 Roberts, Mrs. Emily. 2,-Harley-house, Begent's-park, N.W.I. 
1908 Roberts, Miss Evelyn. Creevagh, Winelimore-hill, N.21. 

1913 Roberts, John Owen, Esq. 197, High-street. Gamden-tovtn, X. 11". 1. 
1913 Roberts, Malcolm, Esq., m'.a. 89, Comeragh-road, West Kensington, II". 14. 
1911 Roberts, Reginald A., Esq. Provincial Commissioner, Warri, Central Pro- 
vince, Southern Nig< Ha. 

1913 Roberts, Sir Samuel, m.p. 4, Whitehall-court, S. W. 1. 

1895 Roberts, William John, Esq. 27, St. Thomas s-mansions, Westminster- 
bridge, S. E. 1 . 

1914 Robertson, Mrs. Agnes. 81, Collingham-road, 8: Kensington, S.W. 5. 
1920 Robertson, Frederick Thring, IN<j. L28, Mount-street, W.l; 

18G7 Robertson, Major George Coke Army and Navy Club, J 'all-mall, S.ll". l. 

Zoological Society of London. 


Year of 

Election (3967) 

1912 Eoberfcson, George Stuart, Esq. 3, Sussex-place, Regcnt's-park, N. W. 1. 

191G Robertson, Gertrude Lady. Bayswatcr-hotel, Baysioater-terrace, W. 2. 

1917 Robertson, Gertrude, Lady Forbes-. 22, Bedford-square, W.C.I. 

1917 Robertson, Henry, Esq. Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 1, 

Threadneedle-street, E.G. 2. 

1921 Robertson, Henry Wallace, Esq. 25, Holland-park, W. 11. 

1920 Robertson, William Stewart, Esq. 120, Holden-road, North Finchley, N. 12. 

1911 Robins, Joseph George, Esq., f.b.g.s. 40, The Avenue, Brondcsbury, N. W. 6. 
1920 Robins, Thomas, Esq. 

1917 Robinson, Mrs. Amy. 58, North-gate-mansions, N.W. 8. 

1917 Robinson, Claude Beasley, Esq. Manor-house, Marylebone-road, N.W.I. 

1915 Robinson, Mrs. Ellen. 64, Inverness-terrace, Hyde-park, W.2. 

1920 Robinson, Gordon Hope, Esq. 43, Porchester-terrace, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1912 Robinson, George Moscrop, Esq. 24, Camden-sguare, N.W.I. 

1913 Robinson, Sir H. Perry, k.b.e. 1, The Mansions, Bramham-gardens, S. W. 3. 

1921 Robinson, Henry Bailey, Esq. Farm School, Newton-le-Willows, Lanes. 
1913 Robinson, Henry Thomas, Esq. Welbeck-palace-hotcl, Welbeck- street, W. 1. 

1917 Robinson, Joseph Arthur, Esq. 5, Provost-road, Haverstock-hill, N.W. 3. 
1913 Robinson. Lady Rosa Hannah. North Foreland, Broadstairs, Kent. 

1920 Robinson, The Rev. William Pothergill. Bloxham-vicarage, Banbury. 

1910 Pxobinson. William Sydney, Esq. Pinners' '-hall, Austin Friars, E.G. 2. 

1921 Robson, Guy Coburn, Esq., b.a. 7a, Belsize-avenue, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

1911 Robson, John Ajmere, Esq. 33, Kensington-park-gardens, W. 11. 

1908 Robson, Robert, Esq., East Anglican Institute of Agriculture, Writtle, 

Chelmsford, Essex. 

1919 Robson, William James, Esq. 27, Argyll-mansions, King's-road, Chelsea, 

S. W. 3. 

1910 Rochdale, Lt.-Col. George, The Lord. Beechivood, Rochdale, Lanes. 

1900 *Roche, Maurice George de Rupe, Esq. 22, Ring ford-house, West-hill, 
Wandsworth, S. W. 18. 

1918 Rochfort, Capt. Richard Adare, d.s.o., m.c. Shortlands, Nciv Milton, Hants. 

1915 Rocksavage, George Horatio Charles, Earl of. 12, Kensington-palace- 

gardens, W. 8, 

1920 Rodocanachi, Peter, Esq. 84, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde-park, IF. 2. 
1892 Rogers, Lt.-Col. John Middleton, d.s.o. Riverhill, Sevenoaks. 
1913 Rogers, Capt. John Peverell. Penrose, Helston, Cornwall. 

1917 Rogerson, William Scott, E6q. The Laureh, Wembley-park, Middlesex. 

1909 Roget, Samuel Romilly, Esq. 13, PhUhmore-gardens, Kensington, W. 8. 
1882 Rolfe, William, Esq. The Angles, East Sheen, Surrey. 

1920 Roller, Frederick Albert, Esq. 13, Masons-yard, St. James's, S.W.I. 
1905 Rollcston, Lady Lisette Eila. 55, Upper Brook-street, W.l. 
1872 Rolleston, Col. Vilett. Salt ford-house, Saltford, near Bristol. 
1902 Rollo, The Hon. Bernard Francis, m.a. 131, Victoria- street, S.W. 1. 

1916 Rolph, William Mair, Esq. 58, Albert-court, Kensington, W. 8. 

1912 Romer, Capt. Harold George. 201, Golders-grecn-road, N. W. 4. (Dormant 

1910 Romilly, Cosmo, Esq. 6lA, South Audlcy-street, 11'. 1. [1916.) 
(4008) I 2 

I Hi 

/•'. oj the 


1889 Rommel, Fril 

[906 Rooper, I [am it. /.. m ■ 

[879 Rooper, Maximilian George, Esq. Th* Ore Oxon. 

[990 Roos of Belvoir, Charles John I{. M., Lord. 87, Am,,. ,:'.*. 

l; per, Mrs. \ I ■ Jane, 58, Mo " "', N.W.I, 

L919 Roper, Benjamin Franklin Harri i. I, iinemft -mansions, Fincl 

road, .v. n\ 6. 

I'.Ml Eloper, William Franois, Esq. Coombe-leigh, Kingston-hill, Surrey. 

1902 *Roae, Mrs Diana Louisa. 22, Han J.W.I. 

I'M- H d Barkley, Esq. 8 t Florena Jing, II". , 5. 

1918 Rose, Frank Atcherley, Esq. 68, Wimpolc-street, II'. 1. 

1919 Rose, Admiral Henry (late b.n.). Arthur' s-club, Si. James' s-street, S.W. 1. 

[914 Rose, Thomas, Esq., M.B.C.8., L.B.C.P. 60, Bloomsbury. street. W.C.I. 

1912 Rose, Thomas William, Esq. 1, JyestwelUroad, Streatham, S.W. 16. 

1873 *Bosebery, The Rt. Hon. Archibald Philip, Earl of, k.g., k.t., P.O., i.i..i>., p.b.b. 
38, Berkeley-square, H". 1. 

1899 Rosenberg, William Frederick Henry, Esq. ."'7, HaverstockrhiU, N. 11" 3. 

1912 Rosenheim, William Herman, Esq. 4, Cleveland-terrace , Hyde-park, W. 2. 
1906 Roskell, Robert Nicholas, Esq. 1, Gray's-inn-syuare, It'.C. 1. 

[904 Roskill, John. Esq., k.c, m.a., b.bc. 33a, Montagu-square, 11". 1. 

1898 Ross, Alexander (rait, Esq., m.a. 14a, Berkeley-Street, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1908 *Ross, Frank William, Esq. Holland-house, Quebec, Canada. 

1919 Ross, Capt. Hugh Cairns Edward, d.s.o. Guards Club, Brook-street, W. 1. 

1899 Ross, John William, Esq. 34, Circus-road, St. John's-icood . X. R 

1913 Ross, Col. Sir Ronald, K.C.M.Q., k.c.b., f.h.s. 36, Harley-lwusc, Rcgcnt's- 

park, N. W. 1. (Council 1914.) 

1912 Rossetti, Miss Mary E. Madox. 3, ,S7. Edmund' s-terrace, A 1 ". It". 8. 

1920 Rotherham, Bryan, Esq. 41, Paul-street, Finsbury, K.C. 2. 

1914 Rothermere of Hemsted, Harold Sidney, Lord. Hemsted-park, Cranbrook. 

1909 Rothes, Lt.-Col. Norman Evelyn, Earl of. Leslie-house, Leslie, Fifeshire 
1912 Rothschild, The Baroness Albert do Goldschmidt-. 145, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1915 Rothschild, Emily Louisa, Lady. 14S, Piccadilly, II". J. 

1888 Rothschild, Lionel Walter, Lord,, f.r.s., Ph.D. Turing-park, / 
(Council 1899-01, 1904-05, 1906-OS, as V.P. 1907-08.) 

1893 *Rothschild, The Hon. Nathaniel Charles, m.a. ArundeUhouse, Kensington- 
palace-gardens. \Y. s. (Council 1908-09.) 

1920 Rough, William Adam Sedgwick, Esq. 6, Hanover-terrace. Regent' S-park, 

1920 Routledge, Robert Hudson, Esq., f.b.g.b., f.b.m.s. Pettishall-house, near 
Towcester, Northamptonsh 

1920 Rowett, John Quilter, Enq. 9, Hyde-park-terrace, W.2. 

1879 *Rowley, George Fydell, Esq., j.p.,d.Ii. Moorcott-liall, Uppingham, Rutland- 

1919 Rowntree, Walter Smithson, Esq.,, r.i,.s. 15, Chatsworth-road, 


1903 Roy, Jarrn^ William, Esq. l, Belsiee-park-gardens, A*. II". 3. ' 

1920 Rubinstein, Stanley Jack, Esq. 16, Addison-road, Kensington, H". 14. 

Zoological Society of London. 



Euck, Vincent, Esq. Piccadilly-hotel ', Regent-street, W. 1. 

Huffman, David Alexander, Esq., f.k.g.s. 187, Cromwell-road, S.W. 5. 

Rule, Thomas, Esq. 33, Melling-road, Southpcrt, Lanes. (Dormant 1912.) 

♦Burnley, John George Mair, Esq. The Hammonds, tldimore, Sussex. 

Rumsey, The Rev. Henry Laugston, m.a. 269, St. James' s-court, Bitching- 
ham-gate, S. W. 1. 

Runciman, The Right Hon. Walter, P.c, m.p. 8, Barton-street, West- 
minster, S.W. 1. 
Rushworth, Edmund Walter, Esq. 57, Broadliurst-gardens, Hempstead, 

X. W. 6. 
Russell, Mrs. A. Edith. 55, Westbourne- terrace, Tl". 2. 

Russell, Alexander West, Esq. 32, Hamilton-terrace, St. John's-wood, N. W. 8. 
* Russell, Arthur Edward, Esq. 37, Albcmarle-streef, W. 1. 
♦Russell, Miss Caroline Diana Rosalind. 2, Audley-square, II'. 1. 

♦Russell, Charles Alfred, Esq., K.c, ll.b. Lauriston, Wych-hill, Woking, 

♦Russell, Conrad George Edward, Esq. 2, Audley-square, W. 1. 
Russell, Edward Stuart, Esq., m.a., Fisheries Laboratory, Lowestoft. 
*Russell, Harold, Esq. 16, Beaufort-gardens, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

Russell, John Claude, Esq. 26, Austin Friars, E.C.2; and Delamas , 
Ingatestonc , Essex. 

Russell, Mrs. K. W. 5, Herbert-terrace, Crabbe-hill, Dover. 

Rutherford, Ernest Victor Buckley, Esq. 29, Orsett-terrace , Hyde-park, W. 2. 

♦Rutherford, Col. Sir John, Bt., m.p., d.l., j.p. Beardwood, Blackburn, 

Rutherford, John Arthur, Esq. 18, Lithos-road, Finchlcy-road, N.W. 3. 

Rutherford, Major Norman C, r.a.m.c. Frith-manor, Mill-hill, N.W. 7. 

Rutland, Henry John Brinslev, Duke of, k.g. 16, Arlington-street, S.W. 1. 
(Council 1920— » 

Rutley, Miss Sophie Mary. 9, Fellows-road, South Htwipstead, N.W.3. 

Ryan, Gerald Ellis, Esq. 31, Porchester-terrace, W. 2. 

Ryman, Henry John, Esq. 6, Gt. Portland-street, W. 1. 

Sabel, Percy Perez, Esq. 25, (trove-end-road, N.W. 8. 
Sadler, Thomas James, Esq. 31, Boileau-road, Ealing, W. 5. 

Sainsbury, Mrs. Violette Dorothv. 125, Oak wood-court, W. Kensington, 

II'. 11. 
St. Claire, Madame Alice L. 9, Pepys-road, Rayncs-park, S.W. 19. 
St. Cyres, Dorothy, Viscountess. 84, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 
St. Cyres, Stafford Harry, Viscount. 84, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

St. Davids, The Right Hon. John Wynford, Viscount, p.c. 7, Park-crescent, 

Portland-place, II'. 1. 
St. Helier, Mary, Lady. 52, Portland-place, W. 1. 
St. Maur, Mrs. Elizabeth Mary. Stoner, Nevfton Abbot, Devon. 

US List of Fellow of ih 


■.iMiin, William Herbert, Esq. Scamj ngton, Yorkshire. 


leb Willian . Tht 

!/.<//, Kensingl 

Salisbury, The IM. H>.n. Tames Edward Berber!, Mai p.c. 

20, Arlington-street, 8.W. 1. 
L920 Salmon, Harry Edgar, Esq. 22, Richti 

1914 •Salmon, Isidore, Esq. 30, Holland-villas-road, Kensington, W. 14. 
1920 Salmond, Etoberl Williamson Asher, I 
W. 1. 

1913 Salmond iriee Bernan '■ illy, W.l. 

L911 Sal tiBon, Lt.-Co] Ronald Egerton Critchley-. G.S.O. (2) 1 1. n., King's 

African Rifles, Nairobi, B.E. Africa. (Dormant 1920.) 

Salomons, Sir David Li " GoldsmidnStern, Bt. Broomhill, Tunb 

Wclh, Kent. 

1905 *Sal Millicent Emily. 49, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

i Saltoun, Alexander William Frederick, Lord. 3, B&reford-gardens, W.l. 

190G Sarnbou, Louis Wcstenra, Esq., m.d. L0J. Fordwych-road, Criclrfeicood, 

X. W. J. 

1918 Samuel, Alexander Lyle, Esq. The Dower-house, Sizewell, Suffolk. 

1920 Samuel, Lt. -Col. Frederick Dudley. %'Montagu-square, if*. 1. 

1902 Samuel, Marcus Reginald Anthony, Esq. Burleigh-house, Loudoun-road, 

N. ir. s. 

1910 *Samuel, Walter Horace, Esq. 20, Princes-gate, S.W. 7. 

1914 Samuell, Albert Lewin, Esq. 28, Cumberland-terrace, N.W. 1. 
1904 Samuelson, J I 3q. 58, Orosvenor-street, W.l. 

1914 Sanders, Miss Ines. 10h, Queen Anne 's-mansions, Westminster, S.W. 1. 
191G Sandoniau, Alastair Campbell, Esq. Fdhab, Pitlochry, Perthshire. 

1867 *Sandeman, Lt.-Col. John (Mas, m.v.o. Whin-hurst, Haijling Island. 

1909 Sandemau, Mrs. May. 9, Bryanston-strect, W. 1. 

1914 Sandeman, Roderick Fraser, Esq. 9, Mattock-lane, Ealing, W. 5. 
1896 Sandeman, Theophilus Caldwell, Esq. 12, Sussex-gardens, W.2. 

1921 Sanderson, Mrs. Judith Marianne. 4, The Croft. Belsiee-grove, N.W. 3. 

1910 Sandford, Capt. Humphrey. The Isle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. (Dormant 


1908 Sands, Morton Harcourt, Esq. 91, Cheyne-walk, S. W. 10. 

1910 Sanger, Ernest, Esq. 26, Montagu-square, W. 1. 

1918 Sanger, Henry, Esq. 7b, BickenhalUmansions, Gloucester-place, W.l. 

1908 Sangster, Miss Lilian. Leigh-place-hotel, GobJiam, Sui 

1909 Sansom, George Samuel, Esq. Ravenswpod, Horsfed Keynes. 
1899 Sapsworth, Arnold Deu> , N,W. 1. 
1914 Sapt, Major Herbert Langton. 8, Old Jewry, /.'.( '. % 

1901 Sargarrt, The Hon. Sir Cli.irl. s Henry, m.a. 6, Strathxay-gardens, Ktun- 

avenue, Belsiee-park, N. W. 3. 
1920 Sarkar, fiushil Chandra, I B&ai-villo r Civi]rUnes, Agra, India- 

1913 •Sasaoon, David Reuben, Esq. 7, Queen'e-gardens, Brighton. 


Zoological Society of London. 119 

Jear of 









Sassoon, Sir Philip, Bt., c.m.g., m.p. 25, Park-lane, Hyde-park, W. 1. 

Sassoon, Ronald, Esq. 17, Knightsbridge, S.W.I. 

Sauer, Dr. Hans. Merlawe-abbey, Bourne-end, Bucks. 

Saunders, Alexander Morris Garr, Esq. 5, Pier-head, Wapping-old-stairs, E. 1. 

Saunders, Mrs. Christine Margaret. Old-tree-house, Launeeston, Corwiaall. 

Saunders, John Edward, Esq. 1, Vinery-villas, St. John's- wood, N. IT. 8. 
- Saunders, Mrs. May Demain. 14, Warwick-avenue, W.2. 

Saurin, Col. Morgan James. 52, Montagu-square, W. 1. 

Savile, A rthur Comwallis, Esq. 10, Dryden-chambcrs, 119, Oxford-street, 11". 1 . 
•Savile, The Hon. George. Ditton-lodge, Thames Ditton, Surrey. 

Savill, Edwin, Esq. 22, Connaught-square, 11". 2. 

Saville, Lewis John, Esq. 44, Hermitage-lane, Hampstead, N.W.2. 

Sayer, Charles Lane, Esq. 26, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

Sayer, John, Esq. The Eccentric Club, Ryder-street, S.W. 1. 

Scantlebury, Gilbert Frederic, Esq. 89, Hamilton-terrace, N.W. S. 

Scarisbriek, Sir (Thomas) Talbot Ley land, Bt., m.p. 3, Mount-street, W. 1. 

Scarlett, Mrs. Katharine. Verno, Chrislchurch, Hants. 

Scarr, Percy Ewart, Esq. 72, Lee-road, Blackheath, S.E. 3. \ Surrey 

Schacht, Franc Frederic, Esq. Craig-vara, Belmont-road, Leatherhead, 

*Scharff, Robert F., Esq., Ph.D., National Museum, Dublin. 

Schaus, William, Esq. Care of The London County and Westminster Bank, 
HighHolborn, W.C.I. 

Schiff, Mrs. Mary B. 22, Lowndes-square, S.W. 1. 

Schlesinger, Caesar, Esq. 25, Portland-place, W. 1. 

Schmidt, Hermann, Esq. 

Scholte, Frederick Petrus, Esq. Sunny field, West-heath, Hampstead, N. W. 6. 

Schroder, Bruno, Esq. 35, Park-street, 11". 1. 

*Schuster, Edgar Hermann Joseph, Esq. 110, Banbury-road, Oxford. 

Schwartze, Charles Eric Rudolph, Esq. 50, Hans-mansions, Brompton- 
road, S. W. 7. 

*Sclater, William Lutley, Esq., m.a. 10, Sloane-court, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

(Council and Secretary January to April, 1903.) 
*Scott, Albert, Esq. Brenchlcy, South Croydon, Surrey. 

Scott, Alexander, Esq., m.a.,, f.r.s. 34, Upper Hamilton-terrace, N. W. 8. 

Scott, Alderman Alfred Henry, j.r. 40, Park-lane, W. 1. 
*Scott, Archibald Edward, Esq. Bother field -park, Alton, Hants. 

Scott, Mrs. Eva C. 9, Oordon-place, Kensington, W. 8. 

Scott, Lt.-Col. George John. Cavalry Club, 127, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Scott, Capt. Herbert Stewart Lauriston (4th Hussars). Forest-lodge, Farn- 

borough, Hants. 
Scott, John, Esq. 56, Nightingale-lane, S.W.12. 
Scott, John Geddes, Esq. 8, Southampton-street, High Holbom, W.C. 1. 

Scott, Mrs. Maria Jane Burnley Ross-. 7, Callow -street, Fulham-road, 
S. W. 10. 

Scott, The Lady Mary Angela. 22, Grafton-strect, Bond-street, W. 1. 
*Scott, Peter Markharn, Esq. 174, Buckingham-palace-road, S.W. 1. 

L20 of tin 


I'll I 











Scourfiold, I >avid Joseph, I 
Scrim Esq. Ouarvia, Fl 


bh, Col. Jai nder I ranoi 1 1 .. I rord. 17, Bei re, W. l. 

Seaman,] l,Esq. 25, Hanover-court, Ban 

jinald Upton, Lord, Beechwood, PJympton, D< 
Seely, Sir Charles Hilton, Bt. Sheru .\innl<l, Notts. 

:. Hon. John Edward Bernard, P.C., c.b., 
m.p., D.s.o. 11, Smith-square, S.W. 1. arid Brooke-housi 
Sefton, Osbert Cecil, Earl of, 18, Charles-streei square, W. 1. 

man, Charles David, Esq. 3, Upper Berkeley-street, W.l. 
nan, David Albert, Esq. 68a, Smith Audley-street, W. 1. 
Seligman, Huberl Edmund, Esq: 17, Kensington-palace gardens, W 
Seligman, Mrs. Julio. 179, Queen' s-gate, 8.W.7. 

1920 Seligman. Mrs. Ursula. 27, Campden-hill-Square, W. 8. 

Seligman, Walter Leopold, Esq. 35, Princes' -gate, s.W.l. 

Seligmann, Albert, Esq. 49, Fitejohn's-avenue, X. W. 3. 

Sellar, Mrs. Augusta Dennistoun. 55, Chester-square, S.W. 1. 

Scllar, Gerard Craig, Esq. 18, Princes' -gate, S. W. 7. 

Sellar, Mrs. Gertrude Joanna Craig. 18, Princes-gate, S. W. 7. 

Sendall, Elizabeth Sophia, Lady, 91, Cornwall-gdns., S. Kensington, S. W. 7. 

Sennett, Richard Christopher, Esq. 24, Dc Vere-gardens, Kensington, W.B. 

Seppings, Major John William Hamilton. The ( 'astle, < 'ape Town, S. Africa. 

Serena, Arthur, Esq., j.p., f.b.g.8. 36, York-terrace, N. 11'. 1. 

ooold, (laud Pcaree, Esq, St. James's Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

Scton, Lady Helen. Durham-house, Smith-street, Chelsea, S. 11*. 3. 

Sewell, Alfred Joseph, Esq. 55, Elizabeth-street, Eaton-square, S.W. l. 

Sewell. Edward James, Esq: 139, Coleherne-court, S. Kensington, S.W. 5. 

Sewell, Frederick Chase, Esq. 17, Cockspur-str.eet, S.W. 1. 

Seyd, Victor Hermann, Esq. 24, Netherhall-gardens, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

♦Seymour, (Jen. Sir William Henry, k.g.b. 4, Qxand-avenue-mansions, 
Hove, Sn 

Shaftesbury, Anthony, The Earl of, k.i'.. k.c.v.o. St. Oiles'-house, Salisbury. 

shafto, Capt. Slingshy Duncombe. 3, Whitehall-court, S. W. 1. 

Shand, Hans George Leslie, Esq. E5, Albany, Piccadilly, W.l. 

Shand, John Loudoun Loudoun-, Esq. 27, Alleyn-park, Dulwich, S.E. 21. 

Shard, William [saac, Esq. Warfield-hall, Bracknell, Berks. 
♦Sharman, Frederic, Esq. 

Sharman-Crawford, Mrs. Minnie. 44, Cadogan-square, S.W. l. 
►*8harp, Arthur Henry, Esq. Aston Someroille-hall, Broadway, Worcester, 

Sharp, David, Esq., m.i>.. f.u.s. Lawnside, Brockenhurst, Hants. (Council 

I '.to I 05.) 
Sharp, John, Esq. Harrington-mansions, 115, Shafteabury-avenue', R 
Sharp, John Moverley, Esq. 9, York-place-mansions, Baker-street, W.l. 


Zoological Society of London. 



19L. r ) 








Shai-pe, Charles' James, Esq. 24, Manor-road, Sid* up, Kent. 

Sharpies, Richard William, Esq. 12, Ky de-park-place, W.2. 

Sharratt, William, Esq. 21, iugustine' 's-road, Camden-square, .V. II". 1. 

Sharrook, Charles William, Esq. 7, Harley-street, W. 1. 

Shaw, Alfred Lamartine Joseph, Esq. 191, Bedford-hill, B'alham, S.W. VI. 

Shaw, Daore Ashe, Esq. /'.<>. Box L22, Pietcrmariteburg, Natal, South 
Africa. (Dormant 1906.) 

Shaw, Henry Otho Nicholson, Esq., 112, Wardour-street, IT. 1. 

Shaw, James Benry Montagu, Esq. 24, Portman-street, W.l. 

Shaw, Joseph, Esq. 30, Bryanston-square, W.l. 

Shaw, Mrs. Catherine. 7, Gleveland-row, St. James's, S.W. I. 

Shawcross, Mrs. Rachel. 77, Hamilton-terrace, St. John's-wood, N.W. 8. 
*Shearer, Cresswell, Esq., m.d., k.u.s. Trinity College, Cambrid 

Sheffield, Sir Berkeley Digby George, Bt. 8, South Audley-street, W. 1. 

Sheffield, Mary, Countess of. is, Mansfield-street, Portland-place, W.l. 

Sheldon, William George, Esq., f.k.s. Youlgredve, South Croydon. 

Sheldrake, Surg. Lt.-Col. Edward Nodin. 15, St. Gcorgc's-square, S. 11*. 1. 

Shelmerdine, Mrs. Sylvanie. The Old-manor, Nevendon, Wickford, Essex. 
*Shenley, George Alfred, Esq. Warsash, South Hants. 

Sheunau, Mrs. Lola Margarita. 28, Ghesham-place, S.W.I. 

Shephard, Joseph Edmond, Esq. 275, Upper-street, Islington, N. 1. 

Shepherd, Mrs. Mary Anne. Trottiicliljc-rcctorij, Maidspone, Kent. 

Sheppard, Mrs. Adeline. GS, Regent' s-park-road, N.W. 1. 

Sheppard, Brig.-Gen. Seymour Hulbert, c.i>.., c.m.g., d.s.o., r.e. Care of 
Mrs. G. F. Sheppard,68, Regent' s-park-road, N.W.I. 
**Sherbom,. Charles Davies, Esq. 49, Peterborough-road, Fulham, S.W. 6. 
Sherhrook, William, Esq. 18, Mount-street, 11". 1. 
Sherer, Col. James Donnelly, E.A. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., 16, Charing- 

cross, S. 11*. 1. 
Sherman. James Julius, Esq. 3, Creditori-hill, West Hampstead, X. W. 3. 
Sherren, James, Esq., f.r.c.s. 6, Devonshire-place. Portland-place, W. 1. 
Sherwood, John Edward Newman, Esq. Prested-hall, Keluedon, Essex. 
Shevade, Prof. Shivram Vinayak, Baroda-collegc, Baroda. India. 
Shewell, Mrs. Mary Louise. Gotswold, Cheltenham. Glos. 
*Shipley, Sir Arthur Everett, G.B.K., f.k.s. Christ's College, Cambridge. 
Shipley, Mrs. Kathcrine Jane. Bandylands, GhoVham, Sui 
Shirley, Herbert Johann, Esq., C.M.G., tt.D.", f. R.c.s. 19, York-terrace, 

Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
Shor'those, Lt.-Col. William John Townsend. Naval and Military Club, 
Piccadilly, W. 1. 
♦Shrubh, Lieut. Henry Arthur Beverley, R.x. Ine, ravon, Christchurch, 1 
Shrubsole, Ernest; Esq. 47a, Regent' s-park-roqd, N. 11". 1. 
♦Shuttleworth, Alfred, Esq., J.r., d.l. 29, Old Burlington-street, W. 1. 
Shuttle worth, Henry Lee Hadwen, Esq., Plndi Qheb, Attack District. 

Punjab, India. (Dormant 1916.) 
Sich, Charles Octavius, Esq. 46, Lincoln s-inn-ficlds, W.C.2. 

122 List of Fellows of the 

a 14239) 

Uexander, i 
is97 Billem, Mrs on. 

i 867 *siiva, Fradi im-towm . I 

1918 Bilver, Allen, Esq. L8, Baneswell-road, Newport, Man, 
L904 'Silver. I ; ■ I / 

I'M I Sim. Herbert Churchill, Esq 

Surrey-street, Strand, H'.C. 1. 

1914 Bimmozu Eliae, Esq. Mo\ Connaughi 2. 

L909 Si in m< .ii-, < [. Lloyd's, E.C.S. 

L912 Simon, Frank Cecil, Esq. 51, Betsiee^ark, N. n 

1916 Simond, Charles Francois, Esq., o.b.b. 1, Mulberry-walk, ( if. :'.. 

L909 siinnus. Henry Melvill, Esq. 41, Cadogan-qardens, S. W. :!. 

1900 Simpson, Alexander Nicol, Esq. Whinhnrst. F ordoun, J i ,.>..'.'./;. 

1895 Simpson, Arthur Telford, Esq., m.i.c.e. 77<c 7Vw/«v, Goring, Oxfordshire. 

1895 Simpson, Surgeon-Genera] Sir Benjamin, k.c.i.k., k.d. (lute i.h.8.). 77, 

Ashley-gardens, Westminster, 8.W. 1. 
I'M- Simpson Mrs. Edith Mary. 18, Bruton street, W. 1. 
i 397 Simpson, Edward Palgrave, Esq. 5, Durham-villas, Phillimore-gardens, 11'. 8. 
L894 *Simpson, Frank Tom, Esq. Hilbre, Sherimgham, Norfolk. 

1909 Simpson, Frederick Moore, Esq., f.r.i.b.a. 3, Brunswick-place, liegent's- 

park, A'. It". 1. 

1913 Simpson, James Jenkins, Esq., m.a., Keeper of Zoology, National 
Museum of Wales, Cardiff. 

1910 Simpson, Melville William Hilton-, Esq. Sole Street-house, near Faversham. 

1919 Simpson, Percival Arbuthnot, Esq. 7, Kensington-house, Kensington- 

court. W. 8. 

1899 Simpson, William Henry, Esq. 59, Clarendon-road, Holland-park-avenue, 
It'. 11. 

1895 *Sims, Mrs. Alice Belgrave Manley-. 87, South-terrace, Littlehampton. 
1895 *Sims, Brig. -Gen. Reginald Frank Manley-, c.m.g., d.s.o. (Agent-General 

for Ontario.) 163, Strand, W.C. 2. 
1904 Simson, Mrs. Lena. 36, Grosvcnor-strcet, W. 1. 

1920 Simson, Capt. Rupert, o.b.e. CarcofH. S. King ,i iCo.,9] Vnll-mall, SMI'. 1. 

1901 Sinclair, Mrs. Charlotte. Care of Messrs. II. S. Kim) <t Co., 9, rail-mail, 
S. If. 1. 

1920 Sinclair, David Errol, Esq. Oriental Club, Hanover-square, W. 1. 

1920 Sinclair, Edgecumb, Esq. 14a, North-gate, Begent's-park, A". It'. 8. 

1919 Sinclair. Rear- Admiral Hugh, r.n. 10, Wyndham-oourt, Hallam-street, It'. 1. 
1907 Sinclair, Malcolm, Esq. 26, Eton-avenue, Haverstock-hill, A'. It". 3. 

1910 | Sinclair, Robert Charles Hamilton, Esq. Oxford and Cambridge Club, 

Fall-mall, S. W. 1. 
1906 Singer, Adam Mortimer, Esq. Milton-hill, Stcventon, Berks. 

1911 Singer, David, Esq. 19, Lijndliurst-road, Hampstead, A'. IF. 3. 
*Singer, Paris Eugene, Esq, 121, Shane-street, s.W.i. 

1920 I Sinha, Joges Chandra, Esq., j.p., k.k.m.s. Care of Messrs. Junes d Co., 

6, Old Post Office-street, Calcutta, India. 
1903 I Skinner, Major Roderick McKenzie, r.a.m.c (',,,, of Messrs. Holt <(• Co., :i 
Whitehall-place, S. It'. 1. 

Zoological Society of London. 123 


Skipwith, Gerald, Esq. Wellington Club, Grosvenor-place, S.W. 1. 

Slade, Cecil, Esq. 7, Lygon-phic , Grosvenor-gardens, S.W.I. 

Slade, Vice-Admiral Sir Edmond John Warre, K.C.I.B., ir.v.o., B.N. Field- 
Place, Horsham, Su 

Slade, Mrs. Fiances Seliaa. 1G. Tempi- Fortune-lane, V. II". i. 

*Slade, Frank, Esq. 3, Marine-view, Hove, Sus 

Slade, Janet Little, Lady. S, Lowndes-strcet, S. W. 1. 

Slater. James Dench, Esq. 20, Blythwood-road, Crouch-hill, N.4. 

Slater, John, Esq. 46, Berners-street, W. 1. 

Slater, John. Esq. Stclvio-court, Eastbourne. [Hen 

Sleeman, Lt.-Col. James Lewis, c.b.k., ff.R.G.S. Maryhill-house. Belmont, 

*Sligo, George Ulick, Marquess of, f.s. a. (Vice-President). 7. Upper Belgrave- 
street, S. If". 1. (Council 1910-13, 1914-16, 1917-J.921, us V.P. 1915-16, 

*Sligo, Isabelle Raymonde, Marchioness of. 74, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

Sloan, Lawrence Gunn, Esq. 42, Bedington-road. Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

*Sloane, Cuthbert Castle, Esq. Platter-hall. Drogheda. 

*Sloane, Walter Noel, Esq. Mount Sandford, Pcnnington-road, Southborough, 

Tunbridijc Wells. 
Sloggett, Lt.-Gen. Sir Arthur, k.c.b., k.c.m.g. 6s, Bickenhall-mansions, 

~ w. i. 

Sloper, Gerard Orby, Esq., J.P., p.e.s. South Kensington Hotel, S. W. 7. 
Sloper, Percy, Esq. 29, Chepstow-villas, Bayswater, W. 11. 
Sly, John Williams, Esq. 6, Eion-avenuc, N.W. 3. 
Smale, Herbert, Esq. 22a, Cavendish-square. 11". 1. 
Small, Alexander George, Esq. 49b, Brecknock-road, N.l. 

Smallev. Frederic William, Esq., m.b.o.u. Windermere, -i, Blackheath-park, 

Smart, John Sidney, Esq. 82, Chester-square, S.W. 1. 

Smart, William, Esq. 69, Court field-gardens, EarVs-court, S.W. 5. 

Smeaton, Col. Charles Oswald, c.b. Utiited Service Club, Pall-mall, S. W. 1. 

Smedley, John Bertram Marden-, Esq. Lea-green, Cromford, Derbyshire. 

Smellie, Mrs. Helen. 43, North-gate, BegenVs-park, N.W.8. 

Smethurst, Miss Ann Joanna Amelia. " Downside," Church-walk, Worthing. 

Smethurst, Ernest Arthur, Esq. " Downside" Church-walk, Worthing. 

Smiley, Elizabeth, The Dowager Lady. 44, Park-street, Park-lan-e, 11". 1. 
♦Smiley, Hubert Stewart, Esq. 50, South. Audley-street, W. 1. 

Smith, Capt. Albert Naylor-. Sutton Cour tenay -house x Berkshire. 

Smith, Alexander Murray, Esq. 40, Queen Annc's-gate, S. II". 1. 

Smith, Arnold John Hugh, Esq. 74, Portlayid-place , 11". 1. 

Smith, Major Arthur Algernon Smith-Dorrien-, d.s.o. Kingshill, Berkham- 
stead, Herts. 

Smith, Major Arthur Corbett-, R.A. 89, Eitzjohn's-avenue, N.W. 3. 

Smith, Bernard, Esq. 6, Wey mouth-street, Portland-place, W. 1. 

Smith, Charles Aubrey, Esq. Constitutional Club, Northumberland-avenue, 


124 / J of th 

David Si 


D dd, ] Kolton-street, W. l. 

L916 Smith, Mrs. Edil I 

L920 Smith, I \, sv. ,Wn,' 

1902 Smith, Miss Ethel Murray. 50, Pari ■ -/.-, il'.i. 

L908 Smith, Evelyn Kyrle, Esq. Oxton-hall, Nottingham. 

Smith. Everard Martin. I Wclwyn, B 

L918 Smith, Prank William Joseph, Esq. 50, Southwark-bridgt .1. 

1900 "Smith, Fredi inder Lindsay-, 1 • ■. .Y.ll'.i. 
1912 Smith, George Orford-, Esq. 24, St. John's-wood-parh, AMI'. 8. 

18'J5 Smith, Georg Esq. 1, Berkeley-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1898 Smith, Gerald Dudley, Esq. 47. Belgrave-square, S.W.I. 

1919 Smith, Prof. Grafton Elliot, m.a., m.d., f.ii.s. Anatomy Dept., 

colk -street, W.C. 1. 

1893 "Smith, Harold Fisher, Esq. 45, Clifton-hill. St. John's- wood. X. 

L872 "Smith, Henry Bowden, Esq. Black Knoll, Broakenhurst, Hants. 

1901 Smith, Henry Hammond, Esq., l.b.c.p., m.h.c.s. 8, St. Albans-mansions, 

Kensington-court, W. 8. 

1900 , *Smith, I q. 33, Chesham-place, S.W.I. 

1914 Smith, Brigadier-Gen. Herbert Guthrie. Linewall-house, Gibraltar. 

1919 i Smith, Major Herbert Henry Newson-. 9, Allison-grove, Duhoich-common, 

1918 Smith, Herbert Teeling, Esq. 5, FitzGeorgc-avcnue, Baron' s-court, IT. 14. 
1921 Smith, Mrs. Isabel. 11, Green-street, Mayfair, W.I. 

1917 Smith, Jesse Frederick, Esq. 139, Portobello-road, W. 11. 

1919 Smith, Johnson De Berniere, Esq. 4, Gloucester-gate, N.W.I. 

1920 Smith, Joseph Brittain, Esq. 31, St. John's-wood-park, X.W.3. 

1916 Smith, Capt. Julian Lawrence Hamilton, F.R.G.s. 21, Werter-road, Putney, 

1910 Smith, Leslie Moffat Seth-, Esq. Box No. 30, Kampala, Uganda, British 

East Africa. (Dormant 1914.) 
1920 Smith, Magdalene Dohson, Lady. 58, Elsworthy-road, N.W.S. 

1917 Smith. Malcolm Arthur, Esq., m.r.C.s., L.P..C.P. Bycullah, New Maiden, 


1912 ' Smith, The Hon. Miles Staniforth Cater. Government-house, Darwin, 

Northern Territory, Australia. (Dormant 1913.) 

1904 Smith, Percy, Esq. Warnford-courl, Throgmor ton-street, E.C.2. 

1895 Smith, Rear-idmiral Sir Percy William I B.N., 

b.c.p., M.B.C.B. Care of Messrs. Coutts & Co., 440, -Strand, W.C.-2. 

1919 Smith, Gapt. Philip Eustace-. Whalton, Morpeth. 

1920 i Smith, Pierre Albert Travers, Esq. Racecourse-road, Tientsin, China. 

1902 j Smith, Travi I Montgomery, (Esq., m.d. 18, Kilburn-park-road, 

1901 Smith, Wi.ll: arc, Esq. N.W.6. 

1913 Smith, William Prootor, Esq. Haddon-house, AsKton-on-Mersey, Lanes. 

1915 Smith-Ryland, Mrs. Edith. Barford-house, Warwick. 

. (4351) 

Year of 



















Zoological Society of London. L25 


Smite, Michel, Esq. 22, Gt. Tower-stoeet, E.C.B. 

Smyth, Lieut. Charles Stuart, a.s.c, 26, Maybury-mansions, .'•. 
street, W.l. 
*Smythe, Col. David Murray. Methven-castle, Perth, N.B. 
*Smythe, Col. Henry Hamilton. Barford, Chart, Famham. 

Snell, Edlin Shirley, Esq. 27, Lancaster-gate-terrace, IT'. ■_'. 

Soames, Capt. Arthur Granville (Coldstream Guards). Ashirell-manor,. 
Pcmi, Bucks. 

Soames, The Rev. Henry Aldwin-. Haeeloroft, Mason's-hill, Bromley, Kent. 
♦Solomon, -lain.- Henry, Esq. 14, Kensington-palace-gardens, W.8. 
*Somcrleyton, Saville Brintou, Lord, p.c, k.c.v.o. Somerleyton, Lowestoft. 

Soinmer, Ernest Frederick, Esq. 21, St. Petersburgh-place , W. 2. 

Sommer, Mrs. Mary Schack. 10c, Hyde-park-mansions, N.W. 1. 

Sondheim, Edward, Esq. 13, Arkicright-road, Hampstead, N. 11". 3. 

Sonntag, Charles Frederick Maxwell, Esq., m.d., ch.B. (Anatomical 
Assistant.) 80a, Belsize-park-gardens; N.W. 3. 

Sotheby, Mrs. Edith M. 104, Eaton-place, S. W. 1. 

South, Surgeon-Commander Henry Erskine, e.'n. 9, Arkwright-raad, 
Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

Southcombe, Stanley, Esq. 25, York-street, Portman-sguare, W.l. 

Southesk, Charles Noel, Earl of. Crimonvwgate, Lonmay, Aberdeenshire. 

Southwell, Thomas, Esq., f.l.s., Cornholme, Todmorden, Yorks. 

Sowerby, Arthur de C, Esq. Care of Mr. H. K. Lewis, 136, Gower-sireet. 
W.C.I. (Dormant -1917.) 

Sparks, Arthur, Esq. Eyhunt-farni, Eingswood, Tedworth, Surrey. 

Sparrow, Lt.-Col. Richard. Rookwoods, Sible Hedingham, Essex. 

Speirs, Alexander Archibald Hagart-, Esq. Houston-liouse, Elderslic, 
Renfrewshire, N.B. 

Spence, Reginald Arthur, Esq. 6, Apollo street, Bombay, India. 

Spence, Col. Gilbert Ormerod, c.p.., d.s.o. Elmivood, Hartburn, Stockton- 
Spencer, Alexander, Esq. 2, Central-buildings, Westminster, S.W. 1. 
Spencer, Herbert Ritchie, Esq., m.d. 104, Harley-street, W. 1. 
Spencer, Hugh, Esq, 128, Sutherland-avenue, Maida Yale, IT. 9. 
*Spencer, Capt. Lionel Dixon. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W. 1. 
Spencer, Walter Thomas, Esq. 27, Neiv Oxford-street, W.C. 1. 

*Spencer-Cooper, Comdr. Henrv Edmund Harvey, r.n. United Service Club, 
Pall-mall. S.W.I. 

. Nathaniel, Esq. Athallan-grange, Frimley, Sui 

Spensley, Calvert, Esq., o.b.e. 39, England' s-lane, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

Sperling, Henry Maitland, Esq. Coombe Trenehard, Lewdown, N. Devon. 

Speyer, The Rt. Hon. Sir Edgar, Bt., P.c. 46, Grosvenor-street, W. 1. 

Spicer, Capt. Anthony Napier Frederick (1st Life Guards). Hycte-park- 

I hi r racks, S. W.l.' 

Spicer, Edward Francis, Esq. 61, Suffolk-street, 'Birmingham. 
Spicer, Gilbert H., Esq. Care of Messrs. P. Spicer <£ Sons, Leamington. 
Spicer, Mrs. Constance. 2, Wliitehall-court,. S.W.I. 

126 l ' of Fellows of the 




1 -77 













*S|iiiior, William 


Springman, Thomas Arthur, Esq. 67, ' 

Sprinz, Philip, 

B.l i ■ uii L920.) 

, W.C.I. 

Spurrcll, Mrs. Harriet K. ■■22, Broxholnvroad, \\ ■ 

Spyer, An hue. Esq. 1 I, Clan 

Squire. Miss Klizabeth Freeland. Lymebourne, Sidmouth, Devon. 

Stacey, Samuel Lloyd, Esq. 4">. /. .V. IT. :;. 

*Stamni, Mrs. Paulino Blanche. 24, CarltonrhUl, St.John's-wood, tf.W.8. 

Stamp, Mrs. Alice Maud. 9, Tfhorney-court, Kensingi 

Stamp, -'"In! Berbert, Esq., m.a. St. Mam'*. West Heath-road, H<n> 
\ . W. 3. 

Standbrook, Chai \36,Erla s.K.W 

Stancourt, Fred, Esq. 21, Waibrook, E.C.i. 

Eord, Major John Benett. Hatch-house, Tisbury, W\ 

Stanhope, John Montague Spencer-, Esq., m.a. Hill-house, Cawthorne, 
Barnsley, York*. 

r, Capt. SirBeville, Bt.,M.p.,j.p. Peplow-hall, Market Drayton, 

♦Sfcaniforth, Mrs. Lucy Bell. 84, Addison-road, West Kensington, W. 14. 

Stanley, Herbert James, Esq. Care of Messrs. Glyn, Mills & Co., 67, 

Lombard-street, E.C. 3. 
Stanlev. The Hon. Sir Arthur, G.B.E., C.B., M.V.O., M.P. 50, Upper Brook- 
street, W.l. 
♦Stanley, Roger Cyril Hans Sloane, Esq. Paultons, Romsey, Hints. 
♦Stanton, Arthur Cecil, Esq. Kimsbury-house, near Glouc* 
Stanyforth. Mrs. Mary Evelyn. Kirk Hammerton-hall, York. 
Staples, Capt. Arthur Burdett. 20, Holland-villas-road, Kensington, W. 14. 
Stapvlton, Commander Marten Frederic, r.x. Army and b, PalU 

l, S.W. 1. 

. William James, m.a. Burnsall- 1cipton-in-Ci 

Steadman, Mrs. Josephine Agnes. 79, Belsize-park-gardens, X. W. '?,. 
Steadman, Sidney Francis St. Jermain, Esq. 4, CI 
hum, N.W.6. 
♦Stebbing, The Kev. Thomas Roscoe Rede, m.a., r.B.8. Ephraim-lodge, The 
Common. Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

Stedall, Horace, Esq. 52, Kensington-court, IT. 8. 

Steegmann, Edward John, Esq., m.b., b.s., l.r.c.p. Worton-cottage, Isle- 
worth, Middle 

Steel, Capt. Graham Strang. Can Morley Sltirreff cV Co., 53, 

0. 2. 

Steele, Joseph Nicholson, Esq. 7, Ashbur ton-road, Addiscombe, Croydon, 

Steinthal, Anton 'Ernest, Esq. 28, Vetherhall-gardens, Hafnpstead, N.W.3. 

Stenger, Frederick Augustus, V. tdilly-hotel, Regent-street, W. 1. 

Stenning, Alan II.. Esq. L8, Scarsdale-villas, Kensington, it's. 


Zoological Society of London. 


Year of I , 
Election | (4426) , 

1916 Stephen, Thomas, Esq. 48, Eh worthy -road, X.W. 3. 

1919 Stephens, Albert John, Esq. Badgeworth-court,near Cheltenham, Gloucester. 

1896 *Stephens, Mrs. Dorothy. Care of The London Joint Stock Bank, Pall-mall 
8.W. 1. 
Stephens, Richard Charles, Esq. Hotel S2iffolk, Cheltenham. 

1916 Stephenson, Lt.-Col. John, i.m.s. Zoological Dept,, The University, 


1911 Stern, Gustav, Esq. 2, Park-viHage-west, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 
1914 Sternberg, Mrs. Lina. 92, . I a n ue-road, X. W. 1. 

1905 Sterry, John, Esq., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. Suffolk-place, Scvenoaks. 
1H12 Steuart, Thomas Martin Chalmers, Esq. 65, Bishopsgate, E.G. 2. 
1914 Stevens, Marshall, Esq. 59, North-gate, Re gent' s-park, X.W. 8. 

1914 Stevens, The Rev. Thomas Pearrnan-,M. A. BlundelVs School, Tiverton, Devon. 
1901 *Stevenson, Capt. Francis Herbert Leyland. Care of Messrs. Sir Charles 
UcGngor, Bt., d- Co., 39, Panton-street, S.W. 1. 

1900 Stevenson, Frederick Primrose, Esq. Rosclla, Seaward-avenue, Soutli- 

bourne-dn-Sea, Hants. 

1919 ' Stevenson, Lewis, Esq. 241, Old-street, E.G. 2. 

1918 I Stewart, Alexander Bellamy, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C. 3. Tmant 1920 ) 
1907 i Stewart, iAlexander John, Esq. Cedar-lodge, Little Ealing, W.5. (Dor- 

1920 ' Stewart. Arthur Charles, Esq., r.b.a. 34c, Redcliffe-square, S. W. 10. 

1912 Stewart, Charles Edward, Esq. 16, Grove-end-road, St. John's-icood, N.W. 8. 
1912 Stewart, George Benson, Esq. 10, Harley -street, W.l. 

1911 Stewart, John, Esq. Thomlcigh, Huddersfield, Yorks. 

1S97 *Stewart, Mrs. Margaret. 11, Eglinton-crescent, Edinburgh, N.B. 

1919 I Stibbe, ''Edward Philip, Esq., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. South African College of 

Mines, Johan>iesburg. (Dormant 1920.) 

1906 *Stobart, Douglas Wylde, Esq. Woodlands, Shiplake, Oxon. 

1909 Stock, Mrs. Evelyn Victoria Anne. 128, Sloane-street, S.W. 1. 

1910 Stocker, Thomas Medland, Esq. Trelawney, St. Austell, Cornwall. 

1919 Stockley, Major Charles Hugh. Care of Messrs. GHndlay & Co., Bombay, 
India. (Dormant 1920.) 

1896 *Stockley, Mrs. Vesey. 6, Bickenhall-mansions, Gloucester-place, W. 1. 

1918 Stoddart, William Henry Butter, Esq., M.D., f.r.c.p. Harcourt-house, 
Cavendish-square, W. 1. 

1917 Stoeekl, Alexandre, Esq. 17, Chester-terrace, Regent' s-park , X. W. 1. 

1917 Stokes, Henry Stephen, Esq. Longdon, Rugeley, Staffs. 

1905 Stokoe, Edward Richmond, Esq. State Engineer, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States : and 68, St. Aubyn's, Hove, .Sussex. 

1901 Stone, John George Brand, Esq. 6, Crosby-square, E.C. 3. 

1905 *Stone, William, Esq., >r.A., f.d.s., f.c.s. 63, Curzon-strect, Mayfair, W.l. 

1910 Stopford, Albert, Esq. 31, Rue de Yalois, Paris, France. 

1899 Stopford, Lt.-Gen. The Hon. Sir Frederick William, k.c.m.g., k.c.v.o., k.c.b. 
1, York-terrace, Regent' s-park, X.W. 1. 

1894 *Storer, George Henry, Esq. 10, Lichfield- street, Burton-on-Trcnt. 

1907 *Storey, Charles Blades Coverdale, Esq. Plas Xantyr, Chirk, X. Wales. 

1911 Storey, Percy Arthur, Esq., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. 246, Marylebone-road, X. W. 1. 

/. of the 


Wyi . //• 
Ronald \ . 8. if. i. 

i 2, -H 

S. it 

i ■ ' ' 

W. 1. 
arli ^ !■".< 1 % . haU,near King's Lynn, Norfolk. 

L90& *Sttaoban, I »r. H( 

L6, Chart* ,W.l, 

1908 Strafford Uioe, Countess of. 18 ystreet, W. 1. 

1917 .isliirr-liii;. 

1917 Sti Marshall, c.i.E. Qarrick-club, Qarrick- 


1900 *Straker, Alfred Hassall, Esq. Sfci 

1883 *Straker, Charles Edmund, Esq. //i;//< RToj am, Northumbei 

1912 Straker, Frederic iugerton, M< rthumhcrl 
1891 *Straker, Capt. Joseph. Creppvng-hall, Wah 

1920 Strathedeh and Campbell, Alastair, Lord. 17,/./" il". l. 

1905 *Strathmore and Kinghorne, Claude George, Earl of. 20, Si. -7« 
square, S.W.I. 

1908 Strauss, Hermann, Esq, 37 i 1'. 8. 

1869 Eeild, Frederick Henry Thomas, Esq. 40, Marine-parade, Eastbourne. 

L921 Street, Alfred Benjamin, Esq, 8, Serle-street, TAncoln's-inn. W.C. : and 

1 13, Brondesbury-park, N. II". 2. 
1899 *Stronge, Sir Francis William, k.c.m.g. Kilbroney Honse, Rostrcvor, Co. Dam. 

1899 *Strutt, George Herbert, Esq. Makeney-house, Derby. 

1910 Strutt, The Hon. Richard. Rayleigh-house, Chelsea-embankment, S. R 
1920 Stuart, 1. 1. ' unpbell, k.b.e. 20, Eaton-square, S.W.I. 

1900 *Stuart of Wortdey, The Right Hon. Charles Beilby, Lord, p.c. 7, Cheynt- 

ival S.W.3. 

1909 Stuart, Major Charles Kennedy-Craufurd-, d.s.o. Care of The Viceroy 

of India. (Dormant 19] 
1920 Stuhber, Lady Mabel Hamilton-. 9, Southwick-cresceni, M". -2. and Moyne, 
Durroir. ',""'' n's < '"• 

1910 Stubber, Major Robert Hamilton-, lion. Char hope, 

■ . S. II'. 7. 

1908 *Stubbs, Reginald Edward, Esq. Government-house, Bong Kong, China. 

1913 Stubbs, Stanley John, Esq. 45, Kempsford-gardens, Earl's Court, .S'.ll". 5. 
1910 Stubley, George, Esq. Ovstan-hall, Notts. 

1910 Sturt, Geoffrey, Esq. l±,Bartholomeu C. 1. 

Stnrt, Wilfrid Lindsey, Esq. islftead, Sui 

Stuttaford, Charles, Esq. B6, Avenue-road, Regent' s-park, X 

1881 Styan, Frederick \V.. Esq. Stone-street, near Sevenoaks, Kent. 

r.tio Style, George Montague, Esq. I srs. Lloyd's rnslaple. 

1872 *Suarez, Francisco d( Paula, I 

1918 *Suffolk and Berkshire, Charles Henrj George, Ear] of. Charlton-park, 

Malmesbury, R i 

Zoological Society of London. 129 

Election (4501) 
1891 Suli%-an, Col. George Digby Filnier. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W. 1. 

(Dormant 1920.) 
1901 Sulivan, Walter Sandys, Esq. Junior Constitutional Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
1916 Summers, Montagu, Esq. 52, New Broad-street, E.G. 2. 

VJll Sumrnerscales, Arthur Convers, Esq. 10, Gledstanes-road, W. Kensington' 
W. 11. 

1895 Suit, Watson, Esq., J.r. Warltersville-housc, Hornsey-rise, N. 19. 

1918 liutcliffe, Albert, Esq. Fairholme, Fern-grove, Grimsby. 

1916 Suteliffe, Charles Ernest, Esq. Hopton-grorc, Mirfield, Yorks. 

1913 *Sutherland, George Granville Sutherland, H.G. The Duke of. 35, Parlia- 
ment-street, S. W. 1. 

1880 Sutherland, Surgeon-General Philip Warren, (late I.M.S.) 28, Pembridge- 
villas, Notting-hill, W. 11. Satro, Alfred, Esq., o.b.e. 31, Chester-terrace, N.W. 1. 

1901 Suttherv, Arthur Melbourne, Esq. Orleans Club, King-street, St. James's, 

190G Sutton, Edward William, Esq. 55, Broadhurst-gardcns, Hampstcad, N.W. 6. 

1906 Sutton, Francis Richard Hugh Seymour, Esq. Penton-lodge, Andovcr, 

1910 *Sutton, Sir John Bland, f.r.c.s. 47, Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, W. 1. 
1867 *Swaine, Col. Charles Edward, c.b. 18, Onslow-square, S. Kensington, S.W. 7. 
1903 Swan, Cuthbert Edmund, Esq. The Studios, 21, Camden-road, N.W. 1. 
l'JIO Swan, Miss Mary A. West Bank, Esher, Surrey. 

189S Swan, Robert Clayton, Esq., j.p. Welbou me -manor, Lincoln. 
1903 *Swaun, Harold, Esq. The Lordsliip, Standon, Herts. 

1917 Swaun, Harry Khke, Esq., m.b.o.f. Tliorncombe, Lyonsdoicn-road, New 

Barnct, Herts. 
1915 Swann, Laurence Averil, Esq. 2, Weymouth-street, Portland-place, W. 1. 

1911 Swaythling, Louis Samuel, Lord. 28, Kensington-court, W.S. 

1920 Swindells, Prank Marshall. Esq. First-avenue-hotel, Holborn, W.C.I. 

1920 *Swiufen of Chertsey, Charles, Lord. 23, Hyde-park-gardens, W. 2. 

1881 Swinhoe, Col. Charles, m. a.. :. 5. 4, Gunterston-road, West Kensing- 

ton, II'. 14. 

1903 Swinnerton, Henry Hurd, Esq.,, a.r.c.s. 441, Mansfield-road, 

1914 *Swinton, Capt. George Sitwell Campbell. 107, Gloucester-place, W.l. 

1920 Syer, Clement Stanley, Esq. 295, Qray , s-inn-road, W.G.I. 

1892 Sykes, Ernest Ruthven, Esq. West-lodge, Inverne Minster, Blandford, 

1912 Sykes, Matthew Carrington, Esq., m.d., f.k.c.s., f.c.s. 50, Brook-street, W. 1. 

1913 Syme, Mrs. Jessie Gordon. 60, Addison-road, Kensington, W. 14. 

1913 Symington, Harry, Esq. Woodcote, Redington-road, Hampstcad, AMI'. 3. 

*Symington, Dr. Johnson, f.r.s. Queen' s-college, Belfast, Ireland. 
1014 Symon, Lt.-Col. Walter Conover. 52, Hans-mansions, S.W. 3. 
1896 Symonds. Col. (.'barters James, m. d., f.r.c.s. 58, Portland-place, W.l. 

Svmons, Simon James, Esq. Care of The National Bank, Oil Broad -street, 
1912 Sytner, Albert Henry, Esq. 11, Hanover-terrace, N. W. 1. ^- E - C - 2 - 

(4538) K 


Lvii of I f tlir 


I i ill, X. 10. 

St. Andrew'8-hou8t Club,Slk,M W.l. 

1916 tgal. 

The Malm, Rickmanswortl EC 

Talbot, Ool. The Hon. Milo Q ,s.x., Bifron , ( 

1910 Talbot, I 

i. Cori "/ Mr*. ////<//' /'''"' (i '/. Bear Bi 

S.0. Dorset. (Dormant I 

•Talbot, lF<"i. Sir Reginald Arthur James, k.c.b. 9, Pi 

/./■/., it*, l. 

1915 Tamini, Otto, Esq. 1. Upper Hamilton-t W.%. 

L906 ♦Tankerville, George Montagu, Earl of. Chilling;- vd. 

1906 Tanhurn, Adolph, Esq. 9, CornwaZJ-terrace, I^.TT. 1. 

Tanner, Thorn |. 48, Lower 8 •, N. It*. 1. 

I'll: i Taplin, Thomas James, Esq. 16, Lordship-park, N. 16. 
L905 *Tarbutt, Percy Coventry, Esq. 9, Eaton-mansions, Eaton-square, 8.W.I. 
♦Tarleton, Commander Alfred Henry. r.n. Breakspears, Uxbridge, Middlesex. 

1912 Tamer, Ernest Edward, Esq. 28, Winchester-road, Smith Hampstead, 

N. W. 3. 
1918 Tatchell, Leonard Spencer, Esq., f.e.s. 43, Spratt-hUl^road, Wanstead, 

1913 Tate, Mrs. Edith. Swiitford-lodge, Rugby. 

1915 iftkte, Mrs. Grace, 2, Wilton-cresent, S.W.I. 

1904 Tatham, Charles Meaburn, Esq. Gary Castle, St. Mary Church, S. Devon. 

1917 Tatham, Cyril Aubrey, Esq. Care of Messrs. Pearson dk Knoulen ■ 

Co., 34, Leadenhall-strcet, E.C. 3. 

1911 Tatham, Miss Lucy. 61, Cambridge-terrace, Hyde-park. It", l'. 

1914 Tatlock, Mise Har iei Selen. Bramfield-house, HaU&worih, Suffolk. 
L920 Tavener, Mrs. Eustelle, 30, Lewston-place, Stamf ..Hi. 

1905 *Tavistoek, Hastings William Sackville, Marquess of. B ublington-h 

I In rant. 
1911 Taylor, Mrs. Ann Aim Jane Brewitt-. Careofl ml of 

Customs, I'chin. China. 
L875 Taylor, Charles [saac, Esq. Care of Messrs. Oagnii Iden- 

square, W.l. 

1916 Taylor, Lt. Charles Reginald. 3, PPtZton-TioMS^ 87, KrUghtsbtidge, S. W. 1. 
t'.mt Taylor, Mrs. Emily. 5, Fitqjohris-avenue, Hampstead, N.T\ 

1920 Taylor, George Arthur Watson-, Esq. Urchfont Manor. 

1908 Taylor, Gilbert, Esq. 4'',, Carlton-hUl, St. Jo l,N.W.8. 

1915 Taylor, Henry Leslie Jardine, Esq. 44, Manor-house, Marylebone-road, 

N.W. t. 
1893 *Taylor, John Marshall, Esq. 2:t, Cork-street, Burlington-gardens, 

L909 Taylor, John I'ran.-i ■ White, Esq. 11, St. fames' 's-terrace, N.W.8. 
l'JUd Taylor, Mrs. Mary. 84, Marlborough-m Cannon-hill, N.W. 6. 


Zoological Society of London. 


Sear «( 












Taylor, Philip Spencer O'Bryen, Esq. 

25, Grand Parade, St. Leonard$-on- 

Taylor, Sir Richard Stephens. 38, Lennox-gardens, Pont-street, S.W. 1. 

Taylor, Richard Stephens, Esq., 11, Queensborough-terrace, Bayswater, 
W. 2. (Council 1919-» 

Taylor, Thomas John, Esq. 10, Cavendish-court, Wigtnorestreet, W. 

Taylor, Lt.-Col. Walter William Pitt-, c.m.g. 85, Queen's-gutc, S. W. 7. 

Taylor, William Anselm Gurney, Esq. 

Taylor, William Emuss, Esq. 100, Yietoriu-sircet, Westminster, S.W. 1. 

Taylor, William Lloyd-, Esq., J. p. 6, Albert-terrace, Regent' s-park, A*. IT. 1. 
♦Teichmann, Emil, Esq. 64, Queen-street, Cheapside, E.C.4:. 

Teixeira de Mattos, Alexander, Esq. 9, Cheltenham-terrace, Chelsea. S. II*. 3. 

Temperley, Charles, Esq. 27, Chester-terrace, Regent' s-park, N.W. 1. 

Temperley, John Ridley, Esq. 33, Clieync-court, Chelsea, S.W. 3. 

Temperley, Joseph, Esq. 87, Bishopsgate, E.G. 2. 

Temple of Stowe, Algernon William Stephen, Earl. D6, Albany, 11'. 1. 

Temple, William Rohert Huckvale, Esq. Ormonde, Datchet, Bucks. 

*Templemore, Major Arthur Henry, Lord, J. p., d.l. 4, Portman-squarc , 11'. 1. 

Tench, Samuel Edward, Esq. 2, Baron' s-court-chambers, W. Kensington, 
Tl". 14. 

Tennant, The Rt. Hon. Harold John, p.c, M.P. 33, Bruton-strect, W. 1. 

Terry, Col. William. Wellington Club, Grosvenor-place, S.W.I. (Dormant 

Tetley, Mrs. Mary E. H. 169, Quecn's-gate, S.W. 7. 
♦Thane, Professor Sir George Dancer, ll.d., sc.d., f.r.c.s. 19, 67. John's- 

road, Harrow. 
Theobald, Charles, Esq. Care of Messrs. King, King <£■ Co., Bombay, India. 

(Dormant 1918.) 
Thesiger, The Hon. Eric Richard. Bisham Abbey, Berkshire. 
Thorn, Mrs. Ethel Gertrude. Wirsioall-hall, Whitchurch, Salop. 
Thomas, Alan Moy. Esq. 14, Grosvenor-street, W. 1. 
Thomas, Alfred James, Esq. 2, Boundary-road, St. John 's-woud . X. II". s. 
Thomas, Cecil Henry, Esq. 7, Sloanc-court, Chelsea, S. Tl'. 3. 
Thomas, Daniel Lewis, Esq., m.k.c.s., l.b.c.p. 26, Abcrcorn-place, St. 

■Inhn's-irood, X. W. 8. 

Thomas, Mrs. Florence Helen. Bolberry-vean, near Kingsbridge, S. Devon. 

Thomas, Frank, Esq. Fernbrook, Old-park -road, Palmer' s-grcen, X. 13. 

Thomas, Major Frederick William. 109, Westbourtie-terrace, W. 2. 

Thomas, Henry, Esq. Hyde-park-hotel, Knightsbrid-ge, S.W. 1. 
♦Thomas, Oldfield, Esq., f.r.s. 15, St. Petersburg-place, Bayswater. II". 2. 

(Council 1900-05, 1906-1911, 1912-1915, 1916-1918.) . 
*Thomas, Peter Haig, Esq. 43, Princes-gardens, S.W.7. 
♦Thomas, Mrs. Rose Haig, f.l.s. 13, Arlington-street, S.W. 1. 

Thomasset, Bernard Charles, P'sq. The Manor-house, Ashmanswortli, near 
Newbury, Berks. 

Thomassou, Mrs. Katharine. 10, Sussex-square, W.2. 
^4609) K 2 

132 List oj FMowt <>f the 


1918 Thompson, Alexander Wl ; .r. Thumby, Strawberry-hill, 

■ iili, mi, 8 

Thompson, Ovaries Gurney, Esq , 
Tottenham, X. 17. 

Thompson, Prof. D'Arcy Wentworth, c.B., i.k.s. The ■, St. 

A mln WS, A./.'. 

1908 Thompson, Sirs, Biles Mary Charlotte. The Down-house, Lamberhurst, Kent. 

1906 Thompson, Felix Morris, Est Isdam, 

many. 1 1 dormant LSN 

L900 'Thompson. Capt. Harold Croker Springall. United Set mall, 

8.W. 1. 

; Thompson, Henry Nilas, Esq, Care of Messrs. If. 8. King d Co., 9, Pall- 
mall, 8.W.L 

1867 "Thompson, Henry fates, Esq., -i.e. 19, Porttnan-square, It", l. 

1905 'Thompson, Lt. -Col. Lawronce Charles Frederick. Hesmonds, EastHoathly, 

I'M'.) 'Thompson. Sir Matthew William, Bt. 39, Steeles-road, X. W. 3. 

1921 Thompson, Roland O'Brien, Esq. 847, Fulham-roeid, 8. W. 10. 

1920 Thomson, Mrs. Annie Marion Temple-. 171, Victoria-street, S.W. 1. 

HUG Thomson, Arthur, Esq. Heathside, ParJcside, Wimbledon-com., S.W. 19. 

1920 Thomson. Arthur l.andshorough, Esq., O.B.B., Medical Research 
nicil, 15, Buckingham-street, W.C.2: and 9, Addison-gardens, 
Kensington, W. 14. 

r.ii'l Thomson, Sir Basil, k.c.b. 81, Victoria-road, Kensington, 11.8. 

1896 'Thomson, Henry Walter, Esq. 3, Copthall-buildings, K.C. 2. 
1907 Thomson, Prof. John Arthur. The University, Aberdeen, N. B. 

1882 Thomson, Prof. John Millar, f.b.s., f.b.s.e., f.c.s. 18, Lansdowne-road, 

Holland-park, II". 11. 
1895 'Thomson, Seton Murray, Esq. Preston-house, Linlithgow, X.JJ. 
1898 'Thorburn, Archibald, Esq. High Leybourne, Hascombe, Godalmuuj, Surrey. 
1913 Thome, Athol, Esq. 28, Lowndes-sqjitare, S.W.I. 

1897 Thorne, Atwood, Esq.,ta.B. Thatched House Club, St. James' s-street, S. W.l. 

1906 'Thorne. Major Augustus Francis Andivw Nicol, d.s.o. (Grenadier Guards.) 

Wellington-barracks, St. Jameses-park, S.W.I. 

1898 Thorneycroft, Brig-Gen. Alexander Whitelaw. C.B. Tettenhatl-to 

Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. 

1904 Thorneycroft, Mrs. Annie. Hillhouse, Troon, Ayrshire, N.B. 

1899 'Thornhill, Thomas Bryan Clarke-, Esq. 3c, Carlisle-place, Victoiia-street, 


1912 Thornton, Gerard Ferdinand, Esq. 9, Mincing-lane, K.C.%. 

1917 Thornton, Miss Mabel. Old Crown-cottage, Chislehurst, Kent. 

1901 j Thornton, Richard, P2sq. United University Club, Suffolk Street, S. W. 1. 

1905 Thornton, William Arthur. Esq. I.ocl;. Partridge-green, Sussex. 
1920 I Thorold, Mrs. Muriel. 4, Cumberland-terrace. X.W'.l. 

1916 Thorp, Lt. Dudley Barber, n.i.c The Green, Esher, Surrey. 

L904 »Thorp, Lt.-Col. Herbert Walter Beck, d.b.o , f.b.q.s. Unite* Club, 

fall-mall. S. W. 1. 
L914 Thorp, Thomas Alder, Esq. Bondgate-hall, Alnwick, Northwnberland. 


Zoological Society of London. 133 

War Ol 

Election (4643) 

1916 Threlfall, Mrs. Lydia Tcnnant. 19, Hyde-park-terrace, W. 2. 

1907 Thurlow, Major Edward Hovel]. 146, Sloane-street , Sloane-square, S. \V. 1. 

1913 Thurston, Albert, Esq. 37, Panton-street, Haymarket, S. 11'. 1. 

1917 Ttrwaites, Major-Gen. Sir William, k.c.m.g., c.b., r.a. Shenfield-hall, 

Shenfield, Essex. 

1919 Tb.ynne, Mrs. Mary E. 32, Orosvenor -street, W. 1. 

1911 Thyune, Major-Gen. Sir Reginald Thomas, k.c.b. 24, Park-square , N.W. 1. 
1906 Tiarks, Frank Cyril, Esq. Roycroft, Chislehurst, Kent. 

1914 Tibbitt, George Tracey Allen. Esq. 27, Fit-john's-av'enue, X. W. 3. 

1906 Tibbitt, Walter, Esq. 18, Carleton-road, Tufncll-park, N. 7. 

L894 Ticehurst, Norman Frederic. Esq., m.a.,m.b., f.h.c.s.,m.b.o.u. 24, Pevcnsey- 
rorid, St. Leonards-on- Sea, Sir.. 

1920 Tidd, Hubert George, Esq. 6U, Holland-park, ll'.-ll. 

187S | *Tidswell, Richard Henry. Esq. 49, Wilton-crescent, Belgrave-sgttare, S.W.I. 

1908 Tidy, Henry Letheby, Esq., m.d. 39, Devonshire-place, W. 1. 

1912 Tillard, Admiral Philip, b.n. Alford-house, Castle Gary, Somerset. 

1895 *Timmis, Sutton, Esq. 88, St. James's-street, S.W.I. (Council 1904-5.) 

1894 Tims, Lt.-Col. Hen-v William Marett, m.u., o.b.e. 97, Eltham-road, Lee, 
S.E. 12. 

1893 ; Titchener, Dr. Edward Bradford. Psychological Laboratory, Cornell 
University, Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. (Dormant 1894.) 

1914 Tod, Novman Pringle, Esq. Norman-cottage, Chislehurst. Kmt. 

1900 Todd, Stephen Turner, Esq. 6-7, St. Mary-at-hill, E.C.3. 

1897 Todd. Capt. Sir William Pierrpont Wilson-, Bt. Halnaby-hall, Croft, 
Darlington. Durham. 

1920 ( Toilet, Axel Marcus, Esq., m. a. 44, Chcyne-court, S. IF. 3. 

1875 *Torues, Sir Charles Sissmore, m.a., f.r.s. 13, Welbeck-Jiouse, Wigmore- 
street, W. 1. (Council 1*98-1900. 1901-07, as V.P. 1905-07.) 

1918 Tomes, William Phillips, Esq. 32, Oxford-mansions, Oxford-circus, W.l. 

1907 Tomlin, Thomas James Chesshyre, Esq., k.c. 5, Clifton-place, IF 2. 

1917 Tomlinson, Major Basil Murray. 2, Windsor-court, Moscow-road, Bays- 
water, W. 2. 

1904 Tomlinson, Joseph Bass, Esq. 251, Lytham-road, Blackpool, Lanes. 

1901 Tonge, Gilbert Augustus, Esq. Branches-park, Cowlinge, Suffolk. 
1901 | Tonge, Harold Asheton, Esq. 29a, Clarence-parade, Southsea. 
1920 Tonkin, Samuel, Esq. 2, St. George' s-terrace, Primrose-hill, N. TF. 1. 

1914 I Tosetti. Max. Esq. 16, Daleham-gardens, Hampstead, N.W.B. 

1919 ' Totton, Arthur Kynsett, Esq. St. Ambrose, WalUngton, Surrey. 

1915 Tower, John Charles Fitzroy, Esq. Travellers' Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 
1910 Tower, Sir Reginald Thomas, k.c.m.g., c.v.o. Memories, Ash, Canterbury. 

1920 Towle, Arthur Edward. Esq.. c.b.e. Midland Grand-hotel, St. Pancras, 


1915 Towle, Sir Francis William, k.t., c.b.k. 3, Clarence-terrace, Regent's- 

park, X. 
1920 , Townend, Frank Hamilton, Esq. Care of Messrs. Czarnikow, Ltd., 
29, Mincing-lane, E.C.3. 

1916 i Townend, Isaac Francis, Esq. Risboro-lodge, Rose-walk. Parley, Surrey. 
j (46801 

].". I A / of Fellows of ih~ 


I'M 1 




bend, Gladys, The Marchioness. \s-road, Begent's-parh, 

Townsbend, Cn)>t Earrj Leigh, v.b.o.8. Catatcote-TUUl, Nuneaton. 

Trafford, Marcus A. J. d< iq., m.d. Thakekanuhotue, Coolhanti 


bmann, M r» Mary. 88, Eccletton-tQuare., S.W.I. 
Predegar, Oourtenaj < barles Evan, Lord. 87, Bryanston-sguare, W. 1. 

Oapt. John. HeUigan, Pentetoan, Cornwall. 
Tr< nam, < barles Herbert, Esq. 9, Qeorge-yard, Lombard-street, K.< 

r i ; 1 1 1 1 . Adolphus Ootavius, Esq. ■ >■>, Ekworthy-road, AM'. 
Trenow, Evelyn Efenxj R., Esq. Ivy-lodge, Epping, ' 

tar, Mrs. Daisj Thimm-. 9, Nottingham-mansion, Nottin 

II". 1. 

-an. Mrs. Mary Katharine, l). Great College-strut, Westminster, 
S.W. l. 

Trevor, Miss Elizabeth Warren. LUmfaelog-rectory, Ty Crot 

l'.»06 Trew, Alfred Butler, Esq. 11 , Campden-hill-court, W.8. 

1919 Trewby, Lawrie, Esq. 86, Hanover-house, Regent' s-park. X. • 

1918 Tribe, Miss Margaret. Yelverion, Church-end, Willesden, N.W.10. 
1915 Tribe, Capt. William Harold. 4, Temple-gardens, K.C 4. 

1920 Trinder, Arnold, Esq. 156, LeodenhaU-street, K.C 3. 

1911 Tritton, Vincent Biscoe, Esq. E well-ma nor, West Farnleigh, Maidstone. 

1909 Trotter, Charles William, Esq. 116, Eaton-square, S.W.I. 

1910 Trotter, Henry Alexander, Esq. 25, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1909 Trotter, Noel, Esq. 12, Upper Grosvenor-street, W. 1. 

1871 Trotter, Stuart, Esq. The Manor-house, Burstow, near Horley, Surrey. 

1919 *Troup. Lt. -Col. Alan Gordon, d.s.o. Dogdean, Salisbury, Wilts. 
1900 Trower, Sir Walter. 8, Westbourne-terrace, W.2. 

1896 Trusoott, Henry Defter, Esq. 89, Holland-park, W.XL. 

1014 Trustram, Edward Jones, Esq., m.a. 68, Fellows-road, N.W. 9. 

1912 Tubbs, Stanley William, Esq., J. p. 9, Hanover-terrace, X. W. 1. 
1907 Tubby, Frank Oliver, Esq. 8, West-hill, Highgate, X. 6. 

1918 Tuckett, Percival Fox, Esq. 2, BasinghaU-street, E.C. 2. 

1912 Tuckwell, Edward Henry, Esq. Berthorpe, Compton, near Guildford, Surrey* 

I860 I Tudor, Mrs. Blanche. 

1910 Tudor, Geoffrey W., Baq. 188, Calle Maipu, Buenos Aires, South Arm 

(Dormant 1912.) 

1917 Tufton.The Hon. Charles Henry, c.h.g. Foreign-office, Downing-sL, S.W.I ; 

and 33, Albert-road, \.w 

1903 Tufton, Oapt. George. 98, Piccadilly, W. 1. • 

1920 lully. Bristow J., Esq. 19, Albert-mud. Regent' s-park, AMI". 1. 
1914 Tully, John^ Esq. 19, Albert-road, X W. 1. 

Turner, Miss Emma Louisa. Langton Close, Oirton, Cambridge. 

1918 Turner, George Calder, Esq. 12, Oayton-creseent, Hampstead, AMI". 3. 
1868 [Turner, fienry James, £sq 7. PMllmore-gardens, Kensington, ir.8. 


'/.'•oh' § iety of Lcmdon. 


Election (4719) 

1912 Turner, Joseph George, Esq., k.k.c.s., l.k.c.p. 5'J, Winipolc-strcct, W.l. 

1921 Turner, Noel Vernon Cyril, Esq. 2, Sloane-fiourt, S. 11'. 3. 

1903 Turner, Rowland Edward, Esq. Care of The Standard Bank of South 
Africa, Addcrlcij-strcct, Cape Town, S. Africa. (Dormant 1921.) 

1917 Turner, Saxon Arnoll Sydney, Esq. 37, Gt. Ormond-st., Holborn, W.C. 1. 

1895 \ *Turner, Thackeray. Esq. West brook, Godalming, S'n-rcy. 
1911 Turner, William. Esq., f.b.c.s., U.S. 17 ', Harley-street, W.l. 

1896 "Turney, Horace George, Esq., m.d. 7, ParJc^sguare-taest, N. W. 1. 
1896 *Turton, Mrs. Marion Edith. Kildalc-hall. Grosmont, I 

1919 Tutt. John Francis Donald, Esq., m.k.c.v.s., i-.k.m.s. 1, St. Cross-road, 

Winchester, Hants. 

1879 | Tweeddale, Julia Charlotte Sophia, Dowager Marchioness of. 4, Chelsea- 
embankment, Chelsea, S.W.9. 

1007 Tweeddale, William George Montagu, The Marquis of. 6. Hill-street, W. 1. 

1913 ' Tweedie, Major John Lannoy Forbes. Army & Navy Club, Pall-mall, S. W.l. 

1920 Tweedmouth, Dudley Churchill, Lord. Brooks's Club, St. James's-street, 

S.W. 1. 

1S9G Tweedy, Sir John, f.r.c.s. 100, Harley-street, IF. 1. 

1904 *T\ventyman. Llewelyn Howell, Esq. Codsall, Wolverhampton. 

1898 *Twopeny, Charles Dyualy, Esq. Tynwald, Hythe, Kent. 

1918 *Tyler, Hector Granville Sutherland, Esq., i.c.s. Care of Messrs. Cox & 

Co., 1G, Charing-cross, S.W.I. 

1920 Tyser, Granville, I Earley-ropd, N.W. 3. 

192t) Tyszkiewicz, H.E. Tlie Count Alfred (Charge d'Afiaires, Lithuanian 
Legation). 10, Palace-gate, Kensington, W. 8. 

1917 Tyzack, Edgar. Esq. " Hillcrcst," Darenth-road, Stamford-hill, N. 10. 

1914 Enwin, Frederick Alfred, Esq. Holly-house, Fincluun, Downham-market, 


1913 Unwiu, Col. William Heathcote. Heathfield, Sandoum, I. of W. 

1SG4 ', Upcher, Henry Morris, Esq. 

1900 Upperton, General John, c.b. 7, Sloane-street, S.W. 1. 

1896 *Upton, Lionel, Esq. Donard-lodge, West Bergholt, Suffolk. 

1919 Urquhart, Alexander, Esq. 3, Mapcsbury -court, Crickleioood, N.W.2. 

1916 Vachell, Benjamin Garnet Lampard, Esq., B.A. Savoy-hotel, Granville- 

place, Port man -square, W.l. 
1910 Vaizey, George de Home. Esq. 53, The Pryors, Hdmpstead, N.W. 3. 
1903 Vale, William, Esq. Totver-Jwuse, South Norwood, S.E. 15. 
1372 Valentia, Arthur, Viscount, c.b., m.v.o., m.p. Bletchington-park, Oxford. 
1920 Valpy, Edward, Esq., b.a. 27. Wimblcdon-park-road, S.W. 18. 
1915 Vandam, Albert, Esq.. f.r.g.s. Caxton-house, Westminster, S.W. 1. 

/ th 












Van di >• I'.yl, Philip i | ,'v, W. l. 

Van dec Hoek, Cornelis, I ■ ,. 324, Bank-chamber*. 829, High llulborn, 
W.C. 1. 

Vanderlyn, Nathan, Esq. iu, Stanley-studios, Park-n 
S.W. 10. 

Vender Pant, Francis Henry Morgai 16, ct, W.l. 

Vandi i • ,.,i( ;•, 

Vandyk, Edward, Esq. Hotel Rubens, Buckingham d, S.W.I, 

Vandyk, Stanley, Esq. LI, Holland-park-court, W. 1 1. 

Van Lennep, Mrs. Ella Theresa. 24a, Portland-place, W.l. 

Y;ii) Notto n Pole, Kd\vardClith<-' L9, Or sett-terrace, Hyde-park, ll'.-j. 

\';m Praagh, Bertram Benjamin, Esq. 98, Eaton-place, S.W.I. 

Van Raalte, Mrs. Florence. Garden-house, Tlill-strcet, W.l. 

Van Thai, Bernard, Esq. 65, Teignmouth-road, Qricklewood, .V. II'. 2. 

Van Zwanenberg, Arthur l-aa..-, Esq. Cart of The London City and 
Midland Bank, West Smithfield, E.C.I. 

♦Vassal! , Archer. Esq. Grove-hill, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middles. 

ban, John Maxwell, Esq. Sylva, Putney-heath, S. II*. 15. 

lian, Commander Eobert Ernest, n.x. Care of Th rtg rind 

vnghai Bank, (Iraccchurcli-strcct, E.C.S. 

nnc, John Eugene, Esq. 7, John-stint. Adelphi. W.CL 2. 

*Veitch, Sir Harry James. 34, RedcUffe-gardens, S. W. 10. 

Veley, Mrs. Lilian Jane, rc.d., p.l.b. 8, Marlborough -pi ace, N.W. 8. 

Verelst, Mrs. Mary. Aston-hall, She/field, Yorkshire. 

Verity, Col. George Herbert, r.e. 35, Hyde-park-gate, S. W. 7. 

Vermont, Leon, Esq. 72, Teignmouth-road, Cricklewood, N.W.2. 

•Verner, Harry, Esq. Churchill, Moy,co. Tyrone, Ireland. 

Vernon, Harold Anselm Bellamy, Esq., i.c.s. Care of Lady Slade, The 
Greenings, Charlwood, Horley, Surrey. (Dormant 1921.) 

,'Geoffrey, Marr, Esq l.k.c.i'. (Honorary Parasitoj.> 

School of Tropical Medicine, Endsleigh-gardens, N.W. 1. 
Vian, Mrs. Louise. 18, Chester-terrace, N. 11". 1. 
Vickers, Miss Izme. 14, Cadogan-square, S.W.I. 

Vickers, Vincent Cartwright, Esq. 44, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, It". I. 
Vickery, John Collard, Esq. Leigh-holm, Streatham, S.W. 16. 

Vilmet, Henry Frederick Vilmet Oldham-, Esq. 33, Bury-street, St. 

James's, S.W. 1. 

Vincent, Prof. Swale. Medical School, Middlesex Hospital. Berners-st., I'M. 

*Vipan, (apt. John Alexander Maylin. Stibbington-haU, Wansford, North- 

Vitty, Christopher Percival, Esq, The Garth, Brampion-road, St. Albans, 


Vivian, (apt. Anthony Hamilton. Plas Gtoyn, Pentraeth, Anglesea. 
Vivian., Col. sir Arthur Pendarves, k.c.b. Bosahan, St. Martin, Cornwall. 
Vivian, OyriJ P., Esq. Plas Llanddyfhan, Llangefni, Anglesey. 


Zoological Society of London. 




1898 I 

1912 ; 

1910 I 



Vivian, Miss Dulcie Charlotte. 7, Bclgraie-squarc, S. W. 1. 
* Vivian, Harry Houlton, Esq. 42, Park-lane, W. 1. 

Vivian, Col. Ralph. 15, Grosvenor-square, W. 1. 

Vivian, Major Valentine, m.v.o. (Grenadier Guards). 72, Eaton-place, S. W. 1. 

Vlasto, John Alexander, Esq. Romenham-hotise, Henley-on-Thanus. • 

Vlasto, Mrs. Erato. Binfield-park, Bracknell, Berks. 

Von Braun,Detlof Ludvig.'Esq.,F.R.o.s. Boreham-holt, Boreham-wood, Herts. 

Von Ofenheim, Ernst Hitter, Esq., si.x', m.d. 7, Morden-road, Blaekheath, 

Vosper, Percy, Esq., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. 70, Regent' 's-park-road , N.W. 1. 

Voss, Percival Dixon, Esq. 50, Ivema-gardens, W.8. 

Voules, Sir Francis Minchin, c.b.e. Orchard-house, 25, Addison-road, 
Kensington, W. 14. 

1915 Waddell, William Patterson, Esq. 11, Chester-terrace, Regent' s-park, V. IT. 1. 

1898 *\Yaddilove, Edward Granville, Esq. 1, New-square, Lincoln's-inn, W.C.2. 
(Council 1909.) 

1911 Waddingham, Mrs. Emma Octavia. 25, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1913 Wade, Philip Harold, Esq. 17, Elvaston-place, Queen's- gate, S.W. 7. 

1920 Waechter, Lady Josephine. Bamsnest, Chiddingfold, Surrey. 

1901 *Wagg, Miss Elsie Margaret. 40, Bryanston-square, W. 1. 

1911 Waghoni, Mrs. Ellen F. 5, Campden-court-mansions, W. 8. 
1S70 *Wagner, Henry, Esq. 13, Half Moon-street, Piccadilly, II". 1. 

1909 Wagner, Hermann Julius, Esq. 252b, Gray's-inn-rocui, W.C.I. 

1913 Wait, Miss Louisa M. St. A. 12, Rosary-gardens, EarVs-court, S. W. 5. 

1920 Wait. Walter Ernest, Esq. Land Settlement Dept., Colombo, Ceylon. 

1S74 Waldo, Edmund Gustavus Blooinneld Meade-, Esq., (Vice-President). 
Stonewall-park, Edenbridge, Kent. (Council 1903-07, 1907-13, 1914-18, 
1919->; as V.P. 1910-13, 1917-18, 1920-» 

1910 Waley, Major Alexander Simon. 81, Portland-place, W. 1. 
1907 Waley, Capt. John David. 42, Abbey-road, X. W, 8. 

1906 W T aley, Philip Samuel, Esq. 32, Gloucester-square, W. 2. 

1917 Walford, George Paget, Esq. 50, Court field-gardens, Earl' s-court, S.W.5. 

1902 Walker, Alfred Osten, Esq., f.l.s. Ulcombe-place, Maidstone, Kent. 

1914 Walker, Arthur George, Esq. Cedar-studios, Glebe-place, Clielsea, S. W.B 

1874 I *Walker, Edward Lake, Esq. 29, Prince' s-gate, S. W. 7. 

1920 Walker, The Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Sydney. 11, Sheffield-terrace, Kensington, 

1912 , Walker, Mrs. Florence. 4, Compayne-gardens, Kilbum, N. W. 6. 

1911 * Walker, GeoSrey Basil Woodd, Esq. 6, Dawson-place, Baysiuater, II'. 2. 

1913 Walker, Mrs.' Grace C. 24, Lennox-gardens, Pont-street, S. W. 1. 

Walker, Capt. Harold Maxwell. Care of Messrs. Cox & Co., 16, Charvng- 
cross, S.W.I. 


/" the 

i - 
1919 Walker, John Perry, i iq., m.b, Tym 

1919 Walker, Kenneth Selby, Esq. 8, Wellt-road, /.'•• X.W.I. 
I'.m ■'■ v. Mary. Hennot House, Leoinfa$1er, Herefordshire. 

L894 Walker, Russell Donnitl rrth-villa, Hanover-gate, N.W.I. 

Walker, Viotyr A. Esq • .V. W. 1. 

L920 Walker, Mrs. Violet. L8, Berkeley^ tguare, ir. l. 
L920 Walker, Wilfrid Seymour, Esq. Can of The Turf Club, Cairo, Egypt. 
L919 *Walker, Col. William Hull." m.i'. 27, St»a*r-j>fcxc4 Regenfa-park, if. W. 1. 

1920 Wall, Harrj Bond, Esq. Barrow-hill, St. Edmund's-tei 

\ U.S. 

1920 Wallace, Sir Cuthberl Sidney, k.c.m.g., c.b. 26, Upper Wvm\ ir. ]. 

L904 Wallace, Falconer Lewis, Esq. fcO, Brook-street, W. l. 

♦Wallace, Harold Frank, Esq., v.. a. 41, Morpeth-mans., Westminster, S.W.I. 

1908 Wallace, Lt.-Oel. Hugh Robert. Cloncaird-castle, Maybole, Ayrshire, 
L920 Wallace, Samuel Williamson, Esq. Kelton, Dumfries, N.B. 

1904 Waller, Prof. Augustus I)., m.d., f.b.s. 32, Orove-end-road, X. R 
1914 Waller, Harold Kirk, Esq. Care of The London City & Midland Bank, 
King's-road, Chelsea, S. W. :'». 

1904 Waller, Maurice Lyndham, Esq. Home Office, Downing-street, S.W. 1. 

191G WaUiuger, Major Eruest Arnold, r.a., d.s.o. 7, Lincoln-house, Basil-street, 
Chelsea, S.W.:). 

1917 Wall-Row, John, Esq., m.b.o.U. 51, Court field-gardens, EarVs-court, S.W . 5. 
1895 * *Walmesley, John, Esq. The Manor-house, Colernc, Wilts. 

1920 Walrond, Humphrey ..Charles, Esq. Care of Messrs. G. T. Symons d 

4, Lloyd's-avenue, E.C.3. 
1920 Walsh, George Cecil, Esq. Fursby-house, Nether-street, Church End, 

Finch ley. N.9. 

1920 Walsh, Lt.-Col. John Henry Tnll (late i.m.s.), f.l.s. "Ferriere, 
road, Kingston-hill, Surrey. 

1919 Walsham, Ernest Frederick, Esq. 200, Ashley-gardens, Victoria-st., S.W.I. 
1897 Walter, Hubert, Esq. Vinters, Maidstone, Kent. 

1902 Walter, John Henry Fraser, Esq. Drayton-house, near Norwich, Norfolk. 
1911 Walter, Mrs. Phyllis. 16, Bryanston-sguare, II". 1. 

1920 Walters, Owen Huth, Esq. Forest -office, Lahore, India. (Dormant 1921.) 
19J.0 j Walters, Rowland Percy, Esq. 16, Gledhow-gardens, S. Kensington, S.W.I. 
1920 Walton, Albert James, Esq., M.S., f.r.c.k., m.'b.,, L.B.C.P. 5, Devoi 

street, Portland-place, W. 1. 
L909 Walton, Francis James, Esq. 9, Tanea-road, Hampstead, X. W. 3. 
L906 Walton, Robert Allpress, Esq. 38, Steeles-road, Hampstead, AMI". 3. 
L902 *Walwyn, Hugh Wallwyn Shepheard, Esq. Dalwhinnie, Kenley, Surrey. 

1918 Want, Alfred, Esq. Riverside, Laleham, Staines. 

191G Warburg] Mrs. Catherine Widdrington. 2. Craven-hill, Hyde-park, r 

1900 *Warburton , m.a. Christ's College, Cambridge. 

L908 Ward. Arthur George, Esq. Savoy-hotel. Strand, W.C. 2. 

1909 Ward, Francis, EBq. m.i>. Brarndean-house, Alresfbrd, Hants. 
1911 Ward, Lt.-Ool. Prederiok Houlton. 9%, Mount-street, W.l. 


Zoological Society of London. 139 of 

Election (4862) 

1S77 ' Ward, John Ihett, Esq. The Manor-house, Abbot's Langley, Herts. 

1914 ; Ward, Lancelot Edward Barrington, Esq., f.r.c.s. 32, Hurley-street, W. 1. 

1914 I Ward, Miss Sophia Fanny. 16, Cadogan-gardens, S. W, 3. 

1919 I Ward, Theodore William, Esq. Helenslea, Finchley-road, N. W.8. 

1915 ; Wardell, Mrs. Hilda Susan Ellen. 28, Wclbeck-sirect. W. 1. 

1891 j Wardle, Arthur, Esq. 34, Alma-square, St. John's-wood, X. W.8. 

1919 i Wardle, Major Bernard. Danesford-grange, Bridgnorth, Salop. 

1894 | *Wardrop. Mrs. Jane. 

1898 Ware. Major Frank Cooke Webb-. c.i.E., i.a. Quetta, Baluchistan, India, 
(Dormant 1906.) 

1915 Waring, Sir Samuel James, Bt. YZ, Portland-place, II'. 1. 

1904 Waring, L'apt. Walter, m.p. 1 . Princes-row, Buckingham-palaa -road, S. IT. L. 
1882 *Warner, Edward Lee-, Esq. Denton-house, Harleston, Norfolk. 

1906 Warner, Col. Sir (Thomas) Courtenay Theydon, Bt., c.b., m.p. 34, Orosvi 

gardens, S.W. 1. 

1920 Warr, George Godfrey, Esq. 11, Douro-place, Kensington, II*. S. 

1910 Warre, Capt. Annesley Tyndale. Junior United Service Club, Charles-street, 

St. James's, S. II. 1. 
1920 Warre, Commander Philip, o.b.e., r.x. 14, Water-lane, Tower-street, EA '. 3. 
1920 Warren- Vernon, Hon. Mrs. Annie Georgiana. 105, Cadogan-gardens, S. 11". 3. 

1895 i *Warrender, Lt.-Col. Hugh Yaldave. Turf-club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1908 Warwick, Major Arthur Sale. Care of Messrs. Cox it Co., 16, Charing 

Cross, S.W. 1. 
1904 Warwick, Benjamin James, Esq. 23, AlbemarU-street, Piccadilly, 11". 1. 

1892 * Warwick, Frances Evelyn, Countess of. Warwick-Castle, Warwick. 
1871 *Wason, The Bight Hon. Eugene, p. a, m.p. 8, Sussex-gardens, II*. 2. 

1909 Waterall, Lieut. Leonard Saxton. Mikindani, Tanganyika Territory, via 

Dar-es- Salaam, S. Africa. 

1913 ! Waterhouse, Sir Nicholas, 11, Victoria-road, Kensington, W.8. 

1873 *Waterhouse, Samuel Hugh, Esq. The Hill, Thorpe Mandeville, Banbury. 

1919 , Watkins, John Stewart, Esq. Loddenden Manor, Staplehurst, Kent. 

1914 Watkins, John Swan, Esq. Obuassi, Southern Ashanti, Gold Coast Colony. 
1903 Watney, Mrs. Ada. 20, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1890 j * Watney, Vernon James, Esq., m.a. 11, Berkeley-square, W.l. 

1910 j Watson, Miss Annie Lucy. 12, Avenue-road, N.W. 8. 

1914 | W'atson, David Meredith Seares, Esq. 9, Derby-road, Withington , Ma nchester. 

1920 Watson, Clem, Esq. Oxhey, Watford, Herts. 

1921 Watson, G. Spencer, Esq. 20, Holland-parJc-road, 11*14. 

1916 Watson, George Coghlen, Esq., m.i.m.f.. ">. Bvrdhwrst-road, South Croydon. 

1910 *Watson, Major John W., i.m.s. Care of Messrs. Qrindlay & Co., 54, Parlia- 

ment-street, S.W. 1. 

1907 *Watson-Gandy, William Donald Paul, Esq. Heaves, near Kendal, West- 

1915 \ Watt, Alexander Strahan, Esq. 82, Boundary-road, N. W. 8. [moriatul. 

1914 Watt, Hugh Boyd; Esq. 12, Gt. James-street, Bedford-row, W.C. 1. 

1911 *\Vatt, James, Esq. Craiglockhart-house, Slateford, Midlothian. 

1915 ' Watters, Major 'Malcolm Saunders Richardson. Sports-club, St. James' s- 

squarc, S.W. 1. 
, (4902) 

1 10 

List of Fellow of the 


I ■ H 16 














Alfred Wheatley, Esq Royal Than Ohib, Piccadilly, W.I- 

Wattfl, Sir Philip. K.( .B., i.i,.i>., ki:.s. 10, I'lui-.n-nnhankmcnt, S.W.W. 

Wand, Mrs. Elean Sum y. 

Wand. Oapt. \\< ■ inald. Falcon dose, H olton-hiU, near Newbury, I- 

Wavell, General Archibald Graham, c.B. I borne, 

Webb, Ernest, Esq. 7, Chapel-place, Ven W.\. 

Webb, Mist Florence Grafton. L18, Maida-vale, R 

•Webb, The Rev. George Herbert, m.a. New Oxford and Cambridge Club, 
PaU+naU, S.W.L 

Webb, James Walter, Esq. 81, Coolhui uch-end, .'■■ 

Webb-Johnson, Ool. Alfred Edmund, m.b., r.a.m.i . 35, 
street, W. I. 

Webb, Mortimer Elliott, Esq. 10, Argyll-mansions, King Chelsea, 

t, Harry F. G., Esq. 8, Cumberland-terrace, N.W. 1. 
Webster, Miss Beryl. 38, Gordonrincmsions, Gower-street, W.C.I. 
Webster, Capt. Frederick Anneslcy Michael. 1, S7. Augustine' 8-road, lied ford. 
Webster, Harry Carvick. Esq. Orangefield, Monkton, Ayrshi 

all, Ool. Sir Archibald (ieorge, K.C.M.G. Government House, Adelaide, 

South Austin I ia. (Dormant 1921.) 
♦Weigallj FitzRoy Henry Francis, Esq. Southwood-house, St. Lawrence, 

Ramsgate, Kent. 
Weil, Adolph, Esq. 81, Portland-place, W. 1. 
**\Veil, Benjamin Burtie. Esq. 30, Aber corn-place, N. W. 8. 
WCir. Henry Bright, Esq. 19, Park-road, N.W. 1. 
Weir, John, Es\|. Dunbritton, The Drive, South Woodford, Essex. 
Welby, Sir Charles Glytme Earle, Bt., c.b. 34, Hill-street, W. 1. 
Welch, Abraham George, Esq. Lloyd's, E.C.'i. 

Welch, Edward Ernest, Esq. Chergrove-lawn, Shurdington, near Chelten- 
ham : and Soroti, Dess, Uganda Protectorate. 
Weldon, Mrs. Annie Seymour-. Saramdi, East Molesey, Surrey. 
Weldon, Edward William, Esq. 7s, Fit -John' s-uvenne, N.W. 8. 
*Welland, Mrs. Verona. Alder ley -rectory, Chelford, Che Jure. 
Wellcome. Henry S.. Esq. Snow-hill buildings, Snow-hill, E.C.I. 
♦Wellington. Arthur Charles, Duke of, K.G., G.O.V.O. 149, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
Wells, Mrs. Alice. 31, Welbeck-street, IF. l. 
Wells, George Philip, Esq. Boston-glebe, Dunmow, I- 
►Wells, John Edmund Bishop, Esq., m.r.c.s. Geduld, Hoddesdon, Herts. 
Welsford, Roberi Mills, Esq. . r >, Strathray^gardens, Hampstead, N.W.3. 
Welton, Edward, Esq. Basildon-house, Moor gate-street, E.C. 2. 
•Westbury, Richard Luttrcll Pilkington, Lord. Prior' s-hous.. St. James's- 

court, S. W. 1. 
♦Western, Alfred Edward, Esq., m.a. 47, Lansdoiene-road, Notting-hill, 
W. 11. 
Westhorp, Richard, Esq. SS6, Finchley-road, N. W.B. 
Westminster, Hugh Richard Arthur. Duke of, o.o.v.o., n.s.o. 33, Upper 
Grosvt nor-street, W. l. 


Year of 

















1911 j 

1908 ! 

Zoological Society of London. 



*Wesfcon, Percy William, Esq. 59, Grafton-strect, Oxford-road, Manchester. 

Westrik, Theodore Esq. 48, Carlton-hill, N.W. 8. 

Whaley, Mrs. Alice. Porchester-lodge, Lancaster-gate, W. 2. 
*Wharrie, Mrs. Mary Woodgate. 10, Eton-avenue, Hampstead, X.W'.'S. 

Wharton, Mrs. Clara. 16, NetJterail-gardens, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

Wharton, Hugh, Esq. Kingscliffe, Ellington-park, Ra.msgu.te, Kent. 

Wharton, Miss Winsome. Skelton-house , Skelton-in-Clevcland, Yorks. 

Whately, George Levinge, Esq. Ayres-end, Harpendcn, Herts. 

Whatman, Arthur Dunbar, Esq. 2, Cranley-gardcns, S. Kensington , S. W. 7. 

Wheatley, Albert David, Esq. Clinton, Palace-road, Streatham-hill, S. W. 2. 

Wheeler, Alfred L., Esq. Army and Navy Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

Wheeler, Mrs. Emma Higgins Gwynne. 80, Hamilton-terrace, N.W. 8. 

Wheeler, The Rev. George Domvile Chetwynd m.a., f.e.s. 37, Gloucester- 
place, Portman-square, W. 1. 
Wheen, Francis, Esq. 6, Cumberland-terrace, N.W.I. 
Whelen, Ernest, Esq. 39, Cornhill, E.G. 3. 

Whiff en, Capt. Thomas William. Gerris-house, Putney, S.W. 15. 
Whinney, Sir Arthur Francis, k.b.e. 80, Gloucester-terrace, 1!" 2. 
Whish, Miss Gertrude M. R. 1, Strathmore-gardens, Kensington, W.8. 
*Whistler, Hugh, Esq., m.b.o.u. (Indian Police). Coldbec-house, Battle, Sussex. 

Whistler, Thomas Ambrose Robert, Esq. 5, Palace-mansions, Palace street, 
Buckingham Palace-road, S.W.I. 

Whitaker, Major George Cecil. Guards Club, Brook-street, W. 1. 

Whitaker, Hugh Sartorius, Esq. 26, Curzon-strcet, W.l. 
L *Whitaker, Joseph, Esq. Rai/iworth-lodge, Mansfield, Notts. 
*Whitaker, Joseph I. S., Esq., m.b.o.u. Malfitano, Palermo, Sicily. 
*Whitaker, Robert Sanderson, Esq. Villa Sofia, Rcsuttana, Palermo, Sicily. 

Whitaker, William Ingham, Esq. Pyle well- park, Lymihgton, Hants. 

Whitbread, Henry William, Esq. Care of Messrs. Barclay. 54, Lombard- 
street, E.G. 3. 

Whitbread, Samuel Howard, Esq.) c.b. 11, Mansfield-street, W. 1. 

Whitburn, Major Charles William Sofer. 16, Ennismore-gardens, S.W. 7. 

Whitby, James, Esq. 47, Maresfield-gardens, Hampstead, N. W. 3. 

White, Lt.-Col. Godfrey Dalrymple. 95, Eaton-square, S. W. 1. 

White, Graham Burnand, Esq. 72, Harley-house, Regent's-park, N.W. 1. 

White, James Martin, Esq. 1, Cumberland-place, Regent's-park, N.W. 1. 

White Mrs. Mabel Louisa Elizabeth. 68, Westbourne-tc trace, W. 2. 

White, Stephen Joseph, Esq. Oakwood, Crayford, Kent. 

White, William Hale, Esq., M.D., f.r.c.p. 38, Winipvlc-slrect, W. 1. 

Whitehead, Capt. Henry, Junr. The Manor-house, Doveridge, near Derby. 

Whitehead, Sir James Beethom, k.c.m.g. Efford-park, Lymington, Hants. 

Whitehead, R A., Esq. Colombe-lodge, Queen' s-walk, Ealing, W.r>. 
♦Whitehead, Robert BoviU, Esq. Alvie-lodge. Kineraig, Inverness-shire, N.B. 

Whiteley, Frank, Esq. 1, Princes-street, Westminster, S.W.I. 

Whiteley, William, Esq. 9, Craven-hill, Hyde-park, 11'. 1. 

I 12 

List of Fellow of tht 


















Whitfield, Frederics 

Whitfield n. 18, Church-row, Hempstead, N.M 

•Whitley, B Primley-hill, Paignton, Devon. 

•Whympet , Chs Huntmgdonsh 

Wich, Frederick < I Ortat PorUdnd-»treet,WA 

Uroad, St. Johria-ioood, S W.8. 

tbswortb, Mn Jeanie Lindsay. -'. \teadway-eowi, Hendon, N.W.i. 

Wight i apt. Hubert. Okehampton-manor, R 

mi. Mrs. Dorothy. 32, Lennox-gardens, S.W.I. 

•Wigram, Reginald Spencer, Esq. Waybourne, 8toke-road, Cobham, 8 

Will Miss Georgina Smith. I ltage,Maphi]l-common, neon 

Wycombe, But 

Wild, Thomas Frederick, Esq. l. Rodborough-road, Oolder's-gj 

K *Wilkie, Henry Charles, Esq., f.b.i i - I - | Mi Coutts a Ct 

Strand, W.C. 2. 
*\Vilkin, Arthur, Esq., b.a. Lower Cousley-wood, Wad hurst, Su 

Wilkin, Arthur Percy, Esq., F.B.M.e., f.b.h.8 . Fimsbury- 

pavement, E.C.2 ; and Eastern Telegraph Co., Bombay. (Dormant l 

Wilkins, Frederick Hayes, Esq. Norfolk-house, Fictbria-embankment, W.C. 2. 

♦Wilkinson, Miss Fanny Rollo. Swanley-cottag undham. 

♦Wilkinson, George William, Esq. 5, I HI liter-street, 25.1 

Wilkinson, Mrs. Laura Mai i National Provincial and 

y-lane, W.C. -i. 

Wilkinson, Capt. Nevile Rodwell, c.v.o., k.s.a. 6, Duchess-street, W. 1. 

Wilkinson, William Arthur, P^sq., f.r.s., tf.B.O.U., Anchorage- 
road. Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham. 

Willans, Harold Hanbury, Esq. 4, Peiersham-U S. It'. 7. 

Willoox, Sir William Henry, k.c.i.k., c.b., ;c.m.g., m.d., 40. Wclbcck- 
str$et, W. 1. 

Willey, Arthur, Esq., m.a.,, f.r.s. Zoological Department, McGiU 
University, Montreal, Canada. (Dormant 1919.) 

♦Williams, Albert Henry, Esq. Edinburgh-lodge, Howiek-place, S.W.I. 

Williams, Mr-. Alice. 1, Oampden-hill-gardens, W.& 

Williams, Bertram l.ushington Hue-. Esq. 7. Cleveland-terrace, W.2. 

Williams, Charles Homer, Esq. 18, Old Bond-street, W.l. 

Williams. Dan K.. Esq. Farm 88, Eldorei, B. E. Africa. (Dormant 1918.) 

Williams. Edmund Williams Turn Llewelyn Brewer-, Esq., m.a., j.p., d.l. 

Maesruddud, 1 Had, wood, near Newport, Mon. 
•Williams, Mrs! Emily. Sparken, Portarlington-road, Bournemouth, Hants.. 

Williams. Mrs. Fanny Shadforth. 37, Courtfield-road, S. Kensington, 7. 

Williams, Frank Greswolde-, Esq. BredenbUry-court, Bromyard, Hereford- 

Williams, Godfrey Herbert, Esq. Aberpergwm-house, Neath. [slum. 

Williams, Graeme Pouglas,iEsq. Etchingham, Crowstone-road-north, West- 
cliff e-on- Sea. 

Williams, Hal, Esq. 28, FtognaUlane, Hampstead, ,V. II'. 3. 

Williams. John Charles, Esq. Caerhays-castle, St. Austell, Cornwall. 
"William-. Jolo Aneui in, Esq. 1". Mulberry -walk, S. W. :'.. 

Zoological Society of London. 

1 4.°. 

Sear <•; 
Election (5020) 

188G Williams, Joseph Grout, Esq. Pendley-manor, Tring, Hertfordshire, 

1913 Williams. Mrs. Lilian Howard. 25, Hurley-house, Regent's-park, N.W.I. 
1911 : Williams, Mis* Mary Charlotte Lucy. 11, Campden-house-road, W.8. 

1906 *Williams, Lt.-Col. Sir Rhys, Bt.,D.s.o., k.c. 6, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, 
190S Williams, Sidney, Esq. X10, Rwerway, Palmers-green, N. 8. - 1 - 

1918 Williams. Stanley, Esq. 41, Harley-house, Regent's-park, N.W.I. 

1911 Williams, Walter, Esq. Allbury-house, Surbitori-hill, Surrey. 

1910 Williams, William Charles Armstrong, Esq. Henllys, Manafon, Berrien), 

R.S.O.. Montgomeryshire. 

1919 Williamson, Mrs. Lily. 36, Hawver -gate-mansions, N.W.I. 

1907 Williamson, Dr. George Charles. Burgh-house, Well-walk, Hampstead, N. I!'.:'. 
1!>14 Williamson, Norman W., Esq. 5, Xeviile-eourt, Grove-end-road, AM!', 8, 
1897 ^Williamson, "Robert, Esq. 19. Harley-house, Regent's-park, X. II". 1. 

1917 *Williamson, Walter James Franklin, Esq., C.M.G., m.b.o.u. (Financial 

Adviser to the Government of Siam.) Bangkok, Siam. 

1916 i Willing, Harry Ernest, Esq. 99, Seabrook-road, HytJie, Kent. 

1912 Willis, Lieut. George Anthony Armstrong, r.e. 143, Fellows-road, X. II'. 3. 

1914 *Willoughby, The Hon. John Heathcote-Drummond. Eresby-house, Rutland- 

gate, S.W. 7. 

1920 *Wills, Capt. Arnold S. Thornby-hall. Northampton. 

1911 Willson, Mrs. Lucy Atlanta. 144, Chamberlayne-road, Willesden, X. II". 10. 

1903 Wilson, Albert, Esq., m.d. 5, Harley-road, Hampstead, X. W. 3. 
1900 Wilson, Alexander Roger, Esq. 74, < loldlutrst-tcrrace, X.W.S. 
1S98 Wilson. Charles Joseph, Esq. 34, York-terrace, N.W. 1. 

1904 •Wilson, Mrs. Duleibella Mary Chester. 3, Cork-street, Bond-street, W. 1. 

1895 Wilson, Edmund Thompson Gilchrist, Esq. Eversley, Eldorado-road, 

1921 Wilson, Mrs. Ethel G. 50, Harrington-gardens, S.W.I. 

1913 Wilson. The Hon. Mrs. Guy. Park-house, Cottingham, Hull. 

1919 | Wilson, Harold Inchbold, Esq., o.b.e. 139, Bishop' s-avenue, FulJiam, S. 11". G. 
1873 j *Wilson, Henry Smithson Lee, Esq. The Hall, Crofton, Wakefield. Ybrka. 

1918 Wilson, Herbert, Esq.. j.p., f.g.s. 20, Oakley-crescent, Chelsea, S.W.% ; and 

Pattani, via Penang and Singora, Southern Siam. 

1915 Wilson. James Iniie-. Esq.. c.c.s. Fox-bay, West Falkland s. (Dormant 1916.) 

1921 , Wilson, Prof. James Thomas, m.a., m.b., f.r.s. Dcpt. of Anatomy, New 
Museums, < 'ambridge. 

1883 Wilson. Reginald Henry Rimdngton Rimington-, Esq., .t.p. Broomhead- 
hall. Sheffield, Yorkshire. 

1919 Wilsou, Robert Macnair, Esq., M.B., ch.B. :i The Times," Printing-house- 

square, E.C. 4. 

1889 Wilson, Scott Barchard, Esq. Junior Constitutional Club, Piccadilly, W. 1. 

1912 Wilson, Sidney, Esq. 28a, Manchester-street, Manchester-square, II'. 1. 

1900 *Wilson, William, Esq., j.p. Beauchief Abbey, near Sheffield, Yorkshire. 

1915 Wilson, William Alfred, Esq. 5, Bevis-marks, St. Mary-axe, F..CZ. 

1908 Wilson, William Leslie-; Esq. 28, Queen's-gate, S. 11". 7. 

1894 , Wilson-MacQueen, Capt. Robert Char ion-hall, Whitchurch, 



1 14 List of Fellow of (he 

: I 5068) 

Wilton, Miariota, The Dowagor Countess of. Warren-towers, Newmarket. 

1918 Wimble, Sir John K.B.S. 28, Cam ■'■'■-■ 
Wimble, Leonard Hurtling, Esq. 140, St. ■■■ at, Buckingham-gate, 


WmohUsea and Nottingham, Henry Stormont, Earl of . Baverhobm P 
Sleaford, I vncoViu n 
1916 Windart, 'Miss Maria Corola. The Orange, Chesham-ba 
1912 Windeler, Prank B., Esq. 20, Baeingholl G.2. 

1910 Wing,T cho, Esq. Copford-gn tor. 

L920 Wingate-Saul, Ernest WingateyEaq., k.c. L92, W W 0, Pafciey, S.W.16. 

1919 Wingfield, Capt. Anthony Edward Foulis. Bachelor' s-cluh, Hamilton-pi., W.l. 

1906 Wingfield, Anthony Henry, Esq. (V» b-Pbbsidbht.) AmpthiU-house, 
AmpthiU, Beds. (Council 1911-1917, 191S->, as v. P. l919-» 

1891 *Wingficld, Major John Maurice, d.s.o. D 5, The Albany, Piccadilly, W.l. 
1894 * Wingfield, Major Mervyn Edward George Rhys. Barrvngton-par 

L917 •Winn, The Honi Mra. Charles. 59, Brook-stint, W.l. 

1911 Winn, Paul, Esq. 65, Fellows-road, Hampstead, N.W.9. 

1910 Winstanley, Howard Percy, Esq. 2, Elsworthy-road, I'nmrose-hill, N.W. 3. 

1899 ' Wintle, William -Tames, Esq. The Abbey, < 'aldy Island, near Tenby, S. Wales. 
1908 Wintringham, William Henry, Esq. The Abbey, Qrimsby, Lines, 
1908 Wirgman, Charles Wynn, Esq., m.d., f.r.c.s. 11, Birchin-lait- I .C.Z. 

1916 Wise, William, Esq. 104, High-street, Kvngsland, B.8. 

1905 Witham, Philip, Esq. 

1892 *Witherhy, Harry Forbes, Esq. 12, Chesterford-gafdens, Hampstead, N. W.3. 
1918 Withers, Andrew Henry, Esq. 10, Essex. villas, Kensington, W. 8. 

1904 Witt, Mrs. Gertrude Tansley-. 38, South Aitdlcy-strcct, 11". 1. 

1893 ; Wolfe, Frederick, Esq. 10, York-gate, Regent' s-park, N. 11". 1. 

1917 Wolkoff, Rear-Admiral Nicolas, c.b., i.r.n. 26, Gledhow-gardens, S.W.6. 
1!>13 Wolseley, Anita Theresa, Lady. 

1894 *Wombwell, Arthur Charles, Esq. TJu Firs, Newbury, /• 

]!i0!) Wombwell, Major Reginald Arthur, 54, Hamilton-terrace, A. II'. s. 
1920 Wontner, Arthur. Esq. 25, Cumberland-terrace, N.W.I. 
r.Mii *Wood, Arthur Herbert Edward, Esq. I leenshire. 

1906 Wood. Prof. Casey Albert, m.d., 7, Madison-street, Chicago, U.S.A. 

(Dormant 1907.) 

1919. Wood, Mrs. Ethel Mary, O.B.B. 4, Park -village-east, N.W. 1. 

1910 Wood, Guy, Esq., M.B., M.B.C.B. The Charterhouse, E.C. 1. 

1909 Wood, Sir Henry Trueman. 3, Prince Edward' 8-mansions, Pembridge- 
square, W. 2. 

1906 Wood, Mrs. Isabella Mill MoKinnon. 16, Portland-place, W. 1. 

1907 Wood, Sir James Lei-h-, s.b.b., c.b., o.m.gk 24, Great Cumberland-place, ll'.l. 
1906 "Wood, Sir Lindsay. P.t. The Hermitage, Chester-Je- Street, Durham. 

L907 Wood, Mrs. Marguerite Dawson-. Ladies* Jn W.l. 

L907 Woodcock, Harold Mellor, Esq., d.bc Crosswyn, Hersluim-road, Walton- 


190G Woodgate, Arthur George Kennedy, Esq. 68, South Eaton-place, S.W.I. 


Zoological Society of London. 145 

d (5098) 
1886 ! *Woodhouse, The Rev. Reginald Illingworth, m. a. Mcrstham-rectory, Ecdhill. 
1893 Woodhouse, Major Robert. 13, Mount-street, W. 1. Strand WC2 

1906 Woodhouse, Mrs. Violet Gordon. Care of Messrs. Coutts & Co., 410, 

1906 Woodland, Col. Arthur Law, c.b. 61, Eaton-terrace, Eaton-square, S.W. 1. 

1920 Woodland, William Norton Ferrier, Esq. Care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co., 
54, Parliament-street, S.W. 1. 

1912 ! Woodruass, Mrs. Edith Alice. 7, SoutJt well-gardens, S. Kensington, S. W. 7. 

1877 | Woods, Henry, Esq.,B.A. Athciucum Club, Pall-mall, S.W. 1. 

1886 Woodward. Arthur Smith. Esq., ll.d., f.b.s. (Vice-Presidknt). 4. S 

dale-villas. Kensington. W.8. (Council 1909-13, 1915 20. 1921— >; as 
V.P. 1909 -13, 1915-20, 1921— » 

1859 ,**Woodward, Henry, Esq., ll.d., k.k.s.. p.g.s. Tudor-cottage, Clan-hall, 
Bushey, Herts. (Council 1899-1904, 1905-09, 1909-1915, 1916-1918 
V.-P. 1899-1904, 1905-1909, 1910-1915, 1916-1918.) 

1918 Woodward, Joseph George, Esq. Mayville, Kingston-by-Sca, Brighton. 

1920 Woodwark, Arthur Stanley, P2sq., C.M.G., c.b.e., m.d. 4, Harley-street. W. 1. 

1919 *Wooldridge, Prof. George Henry, f.r.c.v.s. Royal Veterinary-college , Camden- 

town, A". II". 1. 

1916 Woollven, D'Arcy Hall, Esq. 25, The Avenue, Bedford-park. W. 4. 

1900 *Worcester, Henry Hugh Arthur Fitzroy, Marquess of. Badminton-house. 

Chippenham. Wilts. 

1921 Workman, Bernard, Esq. 39, Sudbourne-road, Brixton-hill. S.W. 2. 

1917 Workman, William Hughes, Esq., m.b.o.u. Lismore, Windsor-avc., Belfast. 
1877 *Worrnald, Edward, Esq. 15, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 

1913 Wormald, Hugh, Esq. Heathfield, East Dereham, Norfolk. 

1914 Wormald, John, Esq. Eckling-grange, East Dereham, Norfolk. 

1913 Worsley, Mrs. Frances Pendlehury. 1, Clarendon-place, Hyde-park, W. 2. 

1920 Worth, Stanley Baldwin, Esq. 50, Bclsizc-sguare, Hampstcad, N. W. 3. 

1907 Wortham. Rudolf. Esq. Stonccroft, Cleve-road, West Hampstead, N.W.6. 

1901 Worthington, Frank Vigers, Esq. 20, Montpelier -square, S.W. 7. 

1915 Worthington, Mrs. Marianne Bayley. 294, St. James-court. S.W. 1. 

1913 Worthington-Wilmer, Major Geoffrey Ravmond. Lothian-house, Rydc, 

1910 Wray, Miss Mabel. St. Hilda's, Old Xichol-strcct, Bethnal-green, E. 1. 
1909 Wrench, Evelyn, Esq. S7, Victoria-street, S.W. 1. 

1914 , Wrentmore, Mrs. Charlotte Quaritch. 11, Qrafton-strect, W.l. 

1913 I Wright, Henry Courtenay, Esq. 8, Gledstanes-road , West Kensington, W. 8. 
1884 Wright, Professor Ramsay. University of Toronto, Canada. (Dormant 1887.) 
1906 ♦Wri'ght, William, Esq., m.b.,, f. B.C. s.,e. r.c. p. Medical College, London 
Hospital, Turner-street, Mile-end, E.l. [Liverpool 

1913 Wrigley, Major John Hardy. Care of Messrs. T. & J. Brocklebank, 
1920 *Wrixon, Capt. John Melbourne. 42, Chester-terrace, Regent' s-park, A". If" 1. 

1916 Wrohan, Mrs. Kathleen. 16, Rutland-gate, S.W. 7. 

1900 Wrottesley, The Hon. Walter Bennet. Scisdon, Staplecross, near Hawkliurst, 

KenL [road, S.W.I. 

1905 Wroughton, Robert Charles, Esq. Care of The British Museum, Cromwell- 

1905 • *Wyatt, Hugh, Esq. 1, Tokenhouse-buildings, Lothbury, E.C.I. 

(5135) l 

1 Hi 

/.Is/ of Fellow of the 


I Wybrants, David Oourl road, A H 

1918 Wybrants, Mi Rub Mary. Norfolk-lodge, BanuL 

191 1 Wyn< i ry. LOS, I ire, W. 1. 

1910 Wyndham, Oapt. The Hon. Edward Scawen. LarUm-house, Stamford, 


L910 Wyndham, The Hon. Everard Humphrey. 12, (Treat Stanhope-street, W 2. 

is:m Wyndham, Oapt. William. Bote] /.'"(// Rivage, Nice, Frm r<,- pp j 

L920 Wvim, Lt.-Col Alfred H. W. l... a.A.p. Uttited Service Club, Pall-mall, 

L885 Wyun, Sir Herbei d William! . Bt., c.B. n - 

I'.u i Wynne, Campbell Montague Edward, Esq. 3, R road, N.W.I. 

L910 Wynne, Mrs. Fanny. Peniarth, Towyn, Merionethsh 

L917 Wyon, Sir Albert William, K.B.B. 51, Springfield-mad. N. W. H. 

1912 *Wyi nes, Esq., j.-p. 40, Berkeley-square, W. 1. 






♦Yarborough, The Rt. Hon. Charles Alfred Worsley, Earl of, P.c. Brocklesby- 
park. Ulceby, Lincolnshire. 

Vardley, Capt. John Henry Reginald, d.s.o. Care of Messrs, Cox & Co., 
10. ChaHng-cross, S.W.I. 

Yarrow, Frederick John, Esq. 18, Abbey -road, A'. IK. 8. 

Yarrow, Mr*. Gertrude B. 30, Netherhall-gardens, Hampstead, N.W. 3. 

Yarrow, Lady Minnie Florence. 54, North-gate, N. W. 1. 

Ycatman, Morgan Edward, Esq. 12, .S7. James' s-tcrrace, N. Fj 

Yeoman, John Pattison, Esq. The (Hose, Brompton, near Northallerton. 

Yerburgh. Mrs. Khna Amy. 25, Kensington-gore, S. W. 7. 
**Yerbury, Lieut.-Col. John William. 2, Ryder-street, St. James's, S.W. 1. 

York, Capt. Edward. Button-hall, Long Marston, Yorks. 
* Yorke, Miss Harriot. 190, Marylebonc-road , N. W. 1. 

Yorke, Maurice Francis, Esq. Hillbrook-place, Iver-heath, Bucks. 

Yorke, Vincent Wodehouse, Esq. 9, Upper-brook-street, IF. J. 

Yoshida, Shigeru. Esq; 68, Streatham-hill, S.W. 2. 

Youle, Stanley I'eter, Esq. Box 254, Kingston. Jamaica. B. IF. Indus. 
(Dormant 1905.) 

Young, Arthur, Esq. 26, Uans-court. Hans-place, S.W. 1. 

Young, Charles Edward, Esq. Bain ford, Bath-road, Worthing, N 

Young, George William, Esq.. f.g.s. 20, Orange-road, Barnes, S. W. 13. 

Young, Francis Gordon, Esq. Inirood, Cookham Dean, Berks : and 

Lloyd's, K I 
♦Younger, James, Esq. Arnsbrae. ('ambus, Clackmannanshire, N.B. 

Yule, Annie, Lady. Jlamstead-house, Bricket-icood, Herts. 

Y'ule, Augustus Maltby, Esq. 20. Hollycroft'avenue ) Hampstead, N.W.3. 

Zoological Society of London. II, 

If ear 0/ 



Zeal, Giles Henry, Esq. 57, North-gate, N. W. 8. 

Zehetrnayr, Mrs. Beatrice M. Belle Vue, Ailsa-road, St. Margaret's 
♦Zetland, The Rt. Hon. Lawrence, Marquess of, k.t., p.c, .19, ArUmjtou-at., 
*Zweifel, Henry, Esq. 23 BeUariastutsse, Zurich, Switzerland. ' ,S ' '' ' '' 


Summary: — Subscribers 4103 

Life Fellows 885 

Dormant 185 


1 is ■ the Zoological iStx 

ttONOB \BY MEMBERS. (21.) 







Tim: President OF 111 1 . LlNNBAN SOCIETY. 

The President of the Geological Society. 

Tin. President of thk. Royal Horticultural Society. 

Tiik President <>\ the Royal Botanic Society. 

Tin: President of the Royal [nstitution. 

Thk President of the Royal College <>i Physicians. 

Tim President of thk Royal College of Si rgbons. 

Tin: President of the Royal College of Vetbbinari 

Tin; Principal of tub Royal Vktkkixary College. 

Thk Governor ok the Hudson's Bay Company. 

Sir John Kirk, g.c.m.g., k.c.b., m.d:, ll.d., f.r.r. Woven oaks, 

Kent; and Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, S.W, 1. 
The Rt. Hon. Creorge Nathaniel, Marquis Curzon of Kedleston. E.G., P.O., 

o.c.i. k., g.c.s.i., f.k.s. Hachwood-park, near Basingstoke, Hants; 

1, Carlton-house-terrace, S. II'. 1 ,- and Athenaeum Club, I'all-mali. 8. W. 1. 
The lit. lion. Sir William Macgregor, p.c. g.c.m.g., O.B., M.D. Chapel- 

on-Leader, Earlston, Berwick. 
The Rt. Hon. Alfred, Viscount Milner, P.O., g.c.b., G.C.M.G. Starry-court, 

near Canterbury, Kent; 17, Gt. College-street, St. James', S.W.I; and 

Athemeum Club, rail-mail, S.W. 1. 
TheRt. Hon. Uchter John Mark, Earl of Ranfurly, P.O., g.c.m.g. Northland- 
house, Dungannon, Tyrone; and S3, Lennox-gardens, Pont-street, S.W.I. 
His Highness Sir l'rabhu Narani Singh, G.CI.E. (Maharajah Bahadur of 

Benares). Ramnagar, Benares, India. 
The Rt. Hon. William Waldegrave, Marl of Selbori • c.m.g. 

Blackmoor, J:ust Lisa, Hunts; -19, Mount-street, 11*1.; anil Brooks's 

Club, St. Jameses-street, S. W. l. 
Gen. Sir (Francis) Reginald Wingate, g.c.b., g.c.v.o.. g.b.f... k.C.m.g., d.s.o. 

Knockenhavr, Dunbar, N.B. 
F" M. Sir William Robert Robertson, g.c.b., g.c.m.g.. k.o.v.o.. d.S.O. War 

Office, Whitehall, S.W I 
Edward Theodore, Lord Salvesen, m.a., ll.b. (President of tin Zooli 

Society of Scotland). Dean Park JJ<>use, Edinburgh. 

Foreign Mr mhcr* oj the Zoological Society of London. 14'J 



1875 Doria, Marquis Giacomo. (Director of the Museo Civico, Genoa, and 

tore del Regno.) Villa Dorio, Borzoli, Prow noa, Italy. 

1891 Salvador!, Count Tommaso, m.d. Royal Zoological Museum, Turin, Italy. 

1834 Pleske, H. E. Dr. Theodor. Zarkoje Sscla, near Pctrograd, Russia. 

1896 Aurivillius, Prof. Christopher. Secretary of tlte Royal Swedish Academy of 

Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden. 

1896 Weber, Prof. Max Carl Wilhelm. Werbeek, hij Amsterdam, Holland. 

1900 Merriam, Dr. Clinton Hart. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, U.S.A. 

1901 Allen, Dr. Joel Asaph, ph.D. American Museum of Natural History, 

GentraUpark, New York, U.S.A. 
1901 Bchultze, Prof. Dr. Franz -Billiard. Professor of Zoology and Director of the 

Zoological Institute, The University, Invalidensdrasse 43, Berlin, Germany. 
1904 Sarasin, Dr. Fritz, ph.D. Natural History Muse inn, Basle; and Spital- 

strasse, 22, Basle, Switzerland. 

1904 Sarasin, Dr. Paul Benedict, Ph.D. Spitalstrasse 22, Basle, Switzerland, 

1905 Perrier, Prof. Edrnond. Director of the Museum, Jardin des Plantes, Paris, 

1905 Grandidier, Monsieur Alfred. 2, R Paris, France. 

1909 Oshorn, Professor Henry Fairfield. American Museum of Natural History, 

Central-par!:, New York, U.S.A. 

1910 Lonnberg, Prof. Axel Johan Einar. Director of the Zoological Museum, 

Stockholm, Sweden. 
' 1913 Scott, Prof. William Berryman. Princeton College, New Jersey, U.S.A. 
1913 Trouessarfc, Prof . Dr. Edbuard Louis. Musie cVHistoire Naturelle, Rue de 

Buffon, Paris, France. 
L916 Leohe, Prof. Wilhelm. Hogskolas Zootomiska Tnstitut, Stockholm. 
1916 Salensky. Pmf. Whulimir W. Imperial Academy, Petrograd, Bussia. 

1916 I (larman. Dr. Samuel. Museum <>f Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass., 


1917 Winge, Dr. Herluf. 


1920 Bolivar, Prof. Iguaeio. 

1920 Hornaday, Dr. William Temple. Director of the Zoological Pari;, Neio 

York, U.S.A. 

1921 Bouvier, Prof. Eugene Louis. Musie cVHistoire Naturelle, Jardin des 

Plantes, Paris. 
1921 Van Wijhe, Prof. Jan Willem. The Royal University, Groningeh, Holland. 
1921 Lucas. Frederic Augustus, Esq. Director of The American Museum of 

Natural History, New York, U.S.A. 

The Zoological Museum, University, Copenhagen, 
Museo de Ciencias Naturalles. Hipxlromo, Madrid, 

Hf ember* 






mere," Ot. Headland-road, 

Lagos, n; $t Africa. 

Vndei iaman 

,uls. Bay of Bengal; and ■ A, Parlia- 

'. S. W. 1. 

Andrews, Boy Chapman, I u History, 

Manhattan-square, New Tork, U.S.A. 

Annandale, I>r. Nelson, b.a. Superintendent of the Natural History > 

of the I)i<liaii Museum, Calcutta, ft 

Anthony, \>r. Kaoul Louis Ferdinand. M-< 
de Buff on, Paris. 











Barrett, Charles L., Esq., m.a.o.u. (Australian Ornithologists' Union, Mel- 
bourne). Maraiena, Bailey-crescent, St. Kilcla, Melbourne. Victoria, 

Ba>u, Bejoykrishna, Esq. 

Calcutta, India. 

mtendent of the Zooloejieal Gardens, 

Bates, George Latimer. Esq. Bit/ye, via Yaunde, Kamerun, West Africa. 

Beavan, Col. Reginald (late i.m.). Bryn ijr Hydd. Llowes, Hereford. 

Beebe, Charles William, Esq. Zoology 's Tropical 

torch station, Kalacoon, Mazaruni River, British Guiana. 

Bennett, The Hon. E. C... k.<. St. Luoia, British West Indus. 

Bennett, George Frederick, Eaq. Kulgoi, Northgate Junction, near 
Bri i nsiaiid . .1 ustraUa. 

Bergroth,-Dr. E. Evald, M.D. Jdmsu, Finland. 

an- Ernst. Gqoilust, 's Graveland, Noord-Holland. 
Alfred Gibbes, k.c.i.b.,, P.B.B., p.l.8. Tessrs. 

a rind lay d Co., 54, Parliament-street, S.W. l. 
Brachet, Professof A. Professor of Anatomy, The University, 8, Bue du 

Malbet k, Brut wm 

Brad; Esq.,M.D., u..i>.. 9, Endcliffe-grove- 

eld, Forks) 
Broom, Dr. Robert, m.d., ,F.B.S. Pouglas, Cape Colony. South Africa. 
Brown, i . Emi ip&rintendent of The Zoological Qa 

Philadelphia, I 
Brown, The Rev. George, v. v. Guidon, New South Wales. 

Zoological Society of London. If. 1 

1904 Bruce Major-Gen. Sir David, K.C.B., m.b., f.r.s., a.m.s. Lister Institute, 
Chelsea Bridge-road. S. W. 1. 

1892 Buck. Walter John, Esq. British Vice-Consulate. Jerez-de-la-Frontera, 

1890 Biittikofer, Dr. Johann, Director of the Zoological Garden, Rotterdam. 

1907 Cabrera. Prof. Dr. Angel. 115, Cnllc dc Claudis Coello, Madrid, Spain. 

1891 Campbell, Charles William, Esq., C.M.G., f.r.g.s. 27, Court ricld-road, South 

Kensington, S.W. 7., and Oriental Club, Hanover-square, W, 1. 

1907 Caracciolo, Henry, Esq. Caracciolo-villa, St. Joseph, Trinidad, West Indies. 

1917 Caullery, Prof. Maurice. S, Rue d'Ulm, Sorbonne, Paris, France. 

1917 Chalmers, George, Esq. St. John del Bey Mining Co., Morro Velho, Villa 
Nova dc Lima, Estado de Minus, Brazil. 

1907 Chaves, Major P. A. Head of The Meteorological Survey, Ponta Delgada, 
St. Michael, Azores. 

1921 Cheesinan, Capt. Robert Ernest, i.a. Care of The High Commissioner, 

Baghdad, Mesopotamia. 
1914 Chilton. Dr. Charles. Canterbury-college, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

1897 Churchill, William Algernon, Esq. H.B.M. Consul-General, Milan, 

1914 ; Conigrave, Charles Price, Esq., f.r.c.s., m.b.O.U. Department of Agri- 
culture, Perth, Western Australia. 

1879 Conklin, William A. Esq. Care of Messrs. Siegel, Cooper & Co., 18th-street, 
and Sixth-avenue, New York, U.S.A. 

1917 Copeman Edward Arden, Esq., j.p. (District Commissioner, Magistrates' 
Office, Northern Rhodesia), Broken-hill, Rhodesia, B.S.A. 

1921 Crandall, Lee S., Esq. Curator of Birds, Zoological Society, New York, 

1916 Cuenot, Professor Lucien. The University, Nancy, France. 

1892 Cumming, W. D., Esq. Persian Gulf Telegraphs, Fao, Persian Gulf. 

1916 Dabbene, Dr. Roberto. Musco Zoologico, Buenos Aires, Argentine, South 

1888 Dale, Dr. Walter F. Darwin Harbour, Falkland Islands. 

1902 Dautzenberg, Monsieur Philippe. 209, Rue de I'Universitc, Paris, France. 

1916 Dean, Prof. Bashford, ph.n. American Museum of Natural History, 11th 

Street and Central Park West, New York, U.S.A. 

1919 Deperet, Prof. Charles. Paleontologist, The University, Lyons, France. 
1858 Des Murs, Monsieur Parfait O. Nogent-le-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loire), France. 

1920 Despott, Monsieur Giuseppe. Curator of the Natural History Museum, 

The University, Malta. 

1917 de Southoff, Monsieur Georges. 13, Via S. Spirito, Florence, Italy. 

1907 Ditmars, Raymond Lee, Esq. Curator of the Reptile Department of tiie 
Bronx Zoological Park, Neiv York, U.S.A. 

1 52 

CoTTttponding MttrtbtTt of i)i> 




i rederiok, I'aslm. 6, Rue Quiglia, 2 PaH-tnatl, 

8.W. i. 

Doctor, Jamshed M.. Esq. l'ii> Victoria Q *mbay, Inc 

Dohrn, Prof. Dr. Reinhard. Zoological station. Naples, Italy. 

Dollo, Prof. Louis. Conservator of the Royal Museum of Natural n 

Of I'll qui in, Jl, . I inn. 

Dubois, Dr. Uphonse, Hbnorai eumof 

Natural History of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium; and 42,Iiucdcs Chalets, 





Feilden, Col. Henry Wemyss, c.b., m.b.o.u. Burwash, Sussex ; and J 
United Service Club, Charles-street, St. James's, S. II'. 1. 

1-Vsta, Dr. Enrico. Museo Zoologico, Royal University-, Turin, Italy. 

Fleming, James If., Esq. L'fiT, Rusholme-road, Toronto, Canada. 

Flvim, Alfred Axen Leonard, Esq. [Deputy Director of Imports, Karachi 
Port Trust), Belgrave-terrace, Karachi, India. 

Fontana, Col. Don Luis. Callc Arenales 193, Buenos Aires, Argentine 










( liiillard, Dr. Claude. Chef du Laboratoire, MusCc d'Histoire Naturelle, 
Lyon. France ; and Hue de Cronstadt 17. Lyon, Fro 

Gairdner, K. <;. P^sq. Cwre of The Bombay, Burma Trading Corporation, 
Baheng, I <pper Siam. 

Gallardo, Dr. Angel. Director of the National Museum, Buenos Aires, South 

(lestro, Dr. Raphael. I ia Director of the Museo Civico, Genoa, Italy. 

Giglio-Tos, Dr. Prof. Ermanno. Director of The Institute of Marine 
Biology, Turin. Italy. 

Gilchrist, John Don Fisher, Esq.) d.bc. Department of Agriculture, Cape 
Town, British South Africa. 

(lilson. Professor Gustave. Director of The Loyal Museum of Natural 
History, 81, Rue Vautier, Bruxelles, Belgium, 

Godman, Peroj Sanden, Esq., b.a. Hampsteel, Cowfold, Sv 

Gregory, Dr. \V. K. Vertebrate Anatomist <(' Palaeontologist, Atnerican 
Museum, New York, U.S.A. 

Grinnell, Joseph, Esq. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of 
California, Berkeley, California. 

Grandidier, Monsieur Guillaume. 2, Luc Qoethe, Paris, France. 

Grant, Madison, Esq. Secretary of the New York Zoological Society, 11, 

Wall-strc,t, New York City, U.S.A. 

Year of 

Zoological Society of London. 


1902 Hall, Robert, Esq. Harrow Best, Bdierive, Hobart, Tasmania. 

1910 Hamilton, Major James Stevenson (SlLYEB Medallist). Army & Nary Club, 

Pall-mall, S.W.I. 
1916 Haswcll, Prof. William A. The University, Sydney, New South Wales ; 
and Mimihau, Wsollahra Point, Edgccliffe, Sydney, N.S.W. 

1916 Herbert, E. G., Esq. British Burma Trading Corporation, Bangkok, Sin m. 

1901 Hiude, Major Sidney Langford. Care of Messrs. Sir C. McQrigor, Bt., 
& Co., 39, Pantonstreet, 8.W. 1. 

1911 Hobley, Cbarles William, Esq., c.m.g. Prownoial Commissioner, Mombasa, 

British East Africa. 

1917 Holman-Hunt, Capt. Hilary Lushington, c.i.e. 18, Melbury-road, Kensington, 

W. 14. 

1917 Howard, Dr. Leland O. Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 
Washington, U.S.A. 

1910 ! Howe, Frank Ernest, Esq. 89, Young-street, Albert-park, Melbourne, 
Victoria, Australia. 


Ihering, Dr. Hermann von. 
Brazil, South America. 

llansa dc Joinvillc, Stale of Santa Catherina, 

1914 | Johnston, Tbomas Harvey, Esq., m.a., f.l.s., Biology Department, 
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. 

1909 Jordan, Professor David Starr, ph.D. President of the Leland Stanford 
Junior University, California. 

1905 Kaznakoff, Col. Alexander N. 

1905 Keatinge, Dr. Henry Pottinger, c.m.g., m.b., f.e.c.s. Care of Messrs. Cook 
& Sons, Ludgatc Circus, E.C.I. 

1917 Kemna, Dr. Ad. G, Rue Montebello, Antwerp, Holland. 

1921 Kemp, Dr. Stanley VV., sc.d. (Superintendent of The Zoological Survey of 

India), Indian Museum, Calcutta, India. 
Kerbert, Dr. Coenraad. Director of the Royal Zoological Society's Gardens, 

Amsterdam, Holland. 
1917 Kingsley, Prof. John Sterling, ec.n. Journal of Morphology, University of 

Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, U.S.A. 

1917 ' Knox-Niven, Lt.-Gol. Hugh William. Government-house, St. John's, New- 
foundland; and care of The Bank of Montreal, 9, Waterloo-place, S.W. 1. 

1 54 tiding Members of the 

■ . Madagascar. 1 ! 

Monsieur Fernand. Cadillac-rur-Garonne (Gironde) I 

I ,a TouChe, John I >avid I > forth 

i Siberia. 

I bert Sherbourae, Esq. The Z Gardens, Sji 

South II., 

Le Souef, Dudley, Esq. Director of the Zoological Gardt 
Victoria, Austra 

L'hoest, Monsieur Michel. Director of the Royal Zoological Society, Anfr 

1904 I .iobrechts. Commandant, Charles. Secretaire General d/u Depot 

I'Interieur, Etat Independani du Congo. Hue Brussels, 

B< Igium, 

1916 Loveridge, Arthur, Esq. Dar-es- Salaam, Tanganyika Territory, British 
East Africa Protectorate. 

1907 Lylo, Thomas Harold, Esq., i m.g. W.B.M. Legation, Bangkok, Sidtn : and 
109, Guilford-street, Russell-square, W.C. 1. 

1874 Mcintosh, William Carmichael, Esq., m.d., ll.d.,, f.r.s., f.l.8., 
Nevay-park, Meigle, Perthshire, N.B. 

1904 McMillan, Sir William Northrup. Nairobi, B.E.A., and 19. Hill-street, 11'. 1. 

1907 McMurrich, Professor .1. Playfair. Anatomical Laboratory, 'Hie University 
of Toronto, Toronto. Canada. 

1 s; iQ Manning. Brig.-Gen. Sir William Henry, K.C.M.O., k, date I.A.). 

Queen' s-houst . ( 'olombo ; and Naval and Military < 'lub, Piccadilly, W. 1. 
L916 Mathi'W, Dr. W. 1 >. American Museum of Natural History, New Fork, I 

1907 Mattingley, Arthur 11. !•'.., Esq. Customs Department, Melbourne, Victoria, 


1887 : Meuzhier, Professor Michael Alexander. 

1905 Miller, Cerrit Smith, jun., Esq. United Stairs National Museum, 

Washington, D.c. U.S. A. 

1921 Miller, Harold, Esq. Director of the Zoological Gardens, Mitchell Park, 

"Durban, South Africa. 

1911 Minchin, Alfred ('., Esq. Director of the Zoological Gardens, Adelaide, South 

189fi Mole, Richard Richardson, Esq. Lower Prince-street, Port of Spain, 
Trinidad, British West Indies. 

L911 Monaco, Hi:. II. Prince albert of. T)ie Palace, The Principality of Monaco. 

L905 Montioelli, Professor Francesco Saverio. Director of the Zoological Institute, 
The University, Naples. Italy. 

Zoological Society of London. 155 

1841 Moore, Edward Lee, Esq. St. John's, Newfoundland. 









Moreno, Dr. Francisco P. Cascros 2791, Buenos Aires, South America. 

Morgan, Prof. T. H. Experimental Morpliologist , Columbia University, 
New York, U.S.A. 

Morris, Sir Daniel, k.c.m.g.,, m.a. 14, Crabton-close, Boscombc, Bourne- 

Mortensen,Dr. Theodor, rh.D. Zoological Museum, University, Copenhagen, 


1916 Navas, The Rev. Father Longinos, s.J. Colcrjio del Salvador, Saragossa, 

1888 Nicholls, The Hon. Henry Alfred Alford, C.M.G., m.d., f.l.s. Kingsland- 
housc, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies. 

1916 Onelli, Dr. Clernenti. Director J or din Zoologico, Buenos Aires, Argentine 

1910 Osgood, Wilfred H., Esq. The Field Museum, Chicago, III., U.S.A. 


Pahner, Charles, Esq. Anglo-Indian Empire Association, 24, Church-gate- 
street, Fort, Bombay, India. 

Parker, Prof. George Howard. 16, Berkeley-street, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. 

Peracca, Count Mario,, Ph.D. Yici Monti, 31, Turin, Italy. 

1888 Pichot, Monsieur Pierre Amedee. 132, Boulevard Hausmann, Paris, France. 

1914 Pillay, Shangara Narayna, Esq. 

Pilsbry, Dr. H. A. Conchologist at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Phila- 
delphia. U.S.A. 

Pope, Charles Ernest, Esq. Matatiele, Griqualand East, South Africa. 

Porte, Monsieur Arthur. Director of the Zoological Garden of Acclimatiza- 
tion, Bois de Boulogne, Paris, France. 

1907 Porter, Professor Carlos Emilio. (Director-* it neralof the Zoological Section 
of the Museum at Valparaiso.) Casilla 2352, Santiago, Chili, South 

18S0 Powell, Wilfred, Esq. II.B.M. Consul, Philadelphia, U.S.A. 

Purcell, William Frederick, Esq., ph.D. Bcrgvliet, Diep River, Cape Town 
South Africa. 

1 56 

Corresponding Member* of the 

mile ( ■. ■ I'lnstitui d 

ciuj (Roumati 

1916 ReviUiod, Dr. P ' a rbwid. 

1916 Rlbeiro, Dr. Alipio (!«• Miranda. Zoolof, ■■nth 

Ann i 

i''ii Biokard j. Brirt I 

L879 Elidgway, Egbert, Esq. Smitiismnun Institution, Washington, D.C., U.8.A. 
1905 Ridley, Henry rTiohola us. 7, Cumberland* 

Kew, Surrey. 

1911 Bios, Sonor Alejo Rossell. PtJ " itevideo, Uruguay, South 

Am ■ 

. Mrs. Mary 'Irani. Ih-numari.s, Mm ■■■ \ ffobart, Tasmania. 

Robinson, Herbert 0., Esq. Director of the Federated Malay States 
Museums, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Straits Settlements. 

L920 Roulo, Prof. Louis. Music National d'llistoire Naturcllc. Paris. 

1904 Sadler, Lt.-Col. Sir James Hayes-, k.c.m.g., c.b. Care of If. S. King d l 

9, Pall-mall, 8.W. 1. 

1912 Santos, Prof. Mattoso. Faculti des Sciences, Lisbon, Portugal. 

1905 Sars, Dr. George Ossian. Zootomical Institute, The University, Christiania, 


1921 Schmidt, Dr. Johannes. Director of the Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen, 


1897 Schonland, Selmar, Esq., m.a., Ph.D., f.l.s. Albany Museum, Orahamstovm, 
Cape Colony^ 

1914 Schouteden, Dr. Henri, Tervueren Museum, Brussels, Belgium. 

1909 Seabra, A. P. de, Esq. Zoological Museum, Lisbon, Portugal. 

1917 Si'dys-Longchamps, Dr. Marc de. 01, Avenue Jean Linden, Brussels. 

1890 Sharpe, Sir Alfred, K.C.M.G., C.B. Boyal Societies Club, St. Javus's-strcct, 
S. W. 1. 

1880 Shufeldt, Robert Wilson, Esq., M.D. 3350, ISth-street, N.W,, Washington, 
B.C., U.S.A. 

1902 Smith, Dr. A. Donaldson, m.d., F.B.G.S. liittenhousc Club, 11,811, Walnut- 
street, Philadelphia, U.S.A. 
1912 Smithers, Wilfrid A., Esq. (Silver Medallist). Argentine Club, 

1, Hamilton-place, W. I . 

1907 B5derstr6m, Monsieur Ludovioo. JI.B.M. Consul, Quito, Ecuador, South 

1895 Spencer, Professor Sir Walter Baldwin, k.c.m.g.. F.B.B. Honorary Director of 

the National Museum, and Professor of Biology in the University of 

Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
1917 Starks, Professor Edwin Chapin. Zoological Dcpt., Stanford University, 

California, U.S.A. 
1879 Steere, Professor Joseph B. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 

1897 Stejneger, Leonhard, Esq. United States National Museum, Washington, 

D.C., U.S.A. 

Zoological Society of London. 


\ tax of 


Stiles, Professor Charles Wardell. Care of Hygienic Laboratory, United States 
Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

Stolzrnann, Herr Johann. Director of Count Branichi's Ornithological 

Museum, Warsaw, Russia. 
Studer, Professor Theophilus. Professor of Zoology in and Director of the 

University of Berne, Switzerland. 

Sushkin, Dr. Peter Petrov. 

1880 Theol, Dr. Johan Hjalmar. The Natural History Museum, Stockholm, 


1887 Thurston, Edgar, Esij., c.i.k. Cumberland-lodge, Kew, Surrey. 

1921 Tillyard, Dr. Robin John, M.A., sc.u., P.L.S. Chief of the Biological Depart- 
ment, Cawthron Institute, Nelson, New Zealand. 

1905 Tomkins, Stanley Charles, Esq., c.m.g. Nately-hill, Hook, Hants; and 
Sports Club, St. Janics's-square, S.W. 1. 

1897 ' Uricb, Frederick William, Esq, Port of Spain, Trinidad, British West 

1917 ' Van Oort, Dr. Edouard Daniel. Dept. of Ornithology, Royal Museum of 
Natural History, Lcyden, Holland. 

1920 Van Someren, Dr. V. G. Medical Service, Nairobi, British East Africa. 

1919 Van der Stricht, Prof. 0. Professor of Histology, University of Ghent, 

1904 Wall, Lt.-Col. Frank, c.m.g., i.m.s. [3rd Gurkhas). Care of Messrs. IT. S. 
King d Co., 9, Pall-mall, S. W. 1. 

1907 Wallinger, Capt. William Arnold, o.b.e. Care of Messrs. Grindlay d: Co., 
54, Parliament-street, S.W.I. 

1906 Walton, Major Herbert James, m.d., i.m.s., f.b.c.s., f.e.s. Care of 
Messrs. Eing, King <£ Co., P.O. Bex 110, Bombay, India. 

1902 West, Percy Camidge, Esq. H.B.M. Vice-Consul, Punta Arenas, Straits of 
Magellan, South America. 

1888 White, Sir Herbert Edward, k. c.m.g. H.B.M. Consul, Tangier, Morocco ; 
and care of Tlie Foreign Office, Downing-street, S.W. 1. 

1869 White, Robert B., Esq. Bogota, United States of Colombia, South America. 

•'-> "• f the Zoological Society of L 


• ■ '• 

L6, ( '""' i - il'. 1. 

1910 Wileman, Alfred I //. B.Af. Con • • 1 

ids ; and Thatched il et, 8. W. \. 

Willistoi ] U.8.A. 

1911 Wilson, Edmund Beech b.D. Professor of Zoology in th» Columbia 

I 'niversity, New Fork, I '.8.A. 

L907 Wolffsehn, Senor John Alfred. Casilfo 672, PaJpo i ;7i, ,Soj<M 

1B89 Woodford. Charles Mi i id, Cowfolc 

and I ■■i.stiiut.frtii Club, Piccadilly, II'. 1. 

1874 Yarrow, Pr. Henrj Crecy. 2116, Bancroft-place, Washington, B.C.. U.8.A. 

1899 Zietz, A. T[. E., Esq. Assistant -Director of the South Australian Public 
Museum, Adelaide, South Australia. 

Medallists <>f the Zoological Society of London. 

1 59 



ELR.H. Albert Ed ward, Prince April 18, 1877 i In acknowledgment of valuable 
of Wales, c.G. (H.M. King services rendered to the S< 

Edward VII.). 

Sir HJarryH. Johnston, G.C.M.G,, Feb. 19, 1902 In commemoration of bis dis- 
k.c.b., f.z.s. oovery of the Okapi. L902. 


Murchison, Sir Roderick I.,Bt. 

Dalmatoil, M. .. 

Canning, Viscount 

Hay, Lord William 

Hay, Capt. 

Ramsay, Major Henry . . 

Hodgson, Brian H. 

Keene, H. G. 

•Tames, Capt. 


Green, Richard .. 
Christie, William Dougall 
Grey, Sir George, k.c.b. 

Talbot, The Hon. Gerald Chet- 

Bennett, Dr. George, f.z.s. 
Alcock, Sir Rutherford, k.c.b. .. 

Bartlett, A. D. (Superintendent 
from August 15, 1859, to 
May 7, 1897). 

H.H. Sayyid Burghash bin Said 

Sultan of Zanzibar, h.m.z.s. 

Hudson, Robert, f.r.s., f.z.s. 

Pollock, Col. Sir Frederick 
Richard, k.c.s.i. 

Caton, Dr. John Dean, ll.d., 

Fisk, The Rev. George H. R. 


Kuch-Behar, H.H. The Maha- 
rajah Of, F.Z.S. 

Dickson, Dr. Edward Dalzel, 


Edmondston, Mrs. Ursula 

Dec.l, 1847 
Feb. 16, 1859 

For assisting in the introduction 
of the Aurochs. 

For assistance in forming the 
first collection of Himalayan 

Aug. 17, 1859 
Feb. 1, I860 

May 7, 1862 
Aug. 18, 1869 

Dec. 18, 1872 

Dec. 16, 1875 
Dec. 19, 1877 
Jan. 16, 1878 

March 1, 1882 

Jan. 16, 1884 

Jan. 19, 1887 

March 20, 1889 

March 4, 1891 


For his many valuable donations. 

For his numerous donations of 
South African Animals. 

For assistance in the introduction 
of Indian Pheasants. 

For his many valuable donations. 

For his present of a pair of Pere 
David's Deer of Northern China. 

For his services to the Society and 
in commemoration of the suc- 
cessful rearing of the young 
Hippopotamus, born Nov. 5, 

In acknowledgment of his dona- 
tions of African Animals. 

In recognition of his valuable 
services as Member of Council. 

In acknowledgment of donations 
to the Society's Menagerie, 

In acknowledgment of 'his valu- 
able donations to the Society's 

In acknowledgment of bis nume- 
rous donations to the Society's 
Collection of Reptiles. 

In acknowledgment of his valu- 
able donations to the Society's 

In acknowledgment of his scien- 
tific collections forwarded to 
the Society. 

For protection of the Great Skua in 
the Island of Unst, 1830-1891. 

1 60 

MedallinU oj thi Zoological Society of London. 

8ILA l.i: M Kl».\ LS continued 

Robert ThomM Oharlei Maroh 4, L891 

Oameron, I >onald, oi Lochia] .. 
• i r:i 1 1 1 . John Peter, "f lt"t bie- 


April 19, L898 

May I i 

May 16, 1894 

I Hamilto] 


Whyte. alexand June if.. L897 

am, John Ernest, c.m.z.s. May i, 1900 

HaiSper, Edmund William, F.z.s. Feb. 19, L902 

Thomson, Arthur (late Assistant Jan. 20, 1904 

Gtathrie, Adam White, f.z.b. .. Oct. 1 

Set h-Smith, David, f.z.s. .. June 18, 1008 

Ingram, Sir William, Bt., f.z.s. July 1G, 1908 

Rudd, Charles Duncll, F.z.s. .. Jan. 20, 1909 

Woosnam, Ricbard Bowen, 


Hagenbeck, Carl. .. .. Dec. 21, 1910 

Hamilton, Major J. Stevenson 


Drake-Brockman, li. E., f.z.b 

March 6, 1912 
March 4, 1914 

Pam, Albert, f.z.s March 4, 1914 

Pomcroy, W. K., f.z.s March 4, 1914 

Bpurrell, Dr. H. G. P., f.z.s. .. March 4, 1914 
Smithers, Wilfrid A., c.m.z.s. .. June 20, 1917 

my years' protection of the 

it Skua in the Island of 

For protection <>f the Osprey, 


For the introduction of the 

Poi Zoological investigations in 

British Central Africa, J 
In acknowledgment of valuable 

Bervice rendered to Zoo!. 

Science by hi 

British Oentral Africa. 
In acknowledgment of his many 

donations to tie 


In acknowledgment of his many 
donations of Indian birds, L902. 

In consideration of his faithful 

services to the Society for a 

period of 34 years. 
For bis valuable donations to the 

Society's Menagerie, 1907. 
For bis services in making and 

bringing home the Soi 

Collection of Australian Fauna. 

For his gifts of Birds of Paradise 

and other rare additions to the 

Society's Collection, 1908. 
For his services in aiding the study 

of South African Zoology, 1909. 
For service to Zoological Science 

during expeditions to South 

Africa, Ruewenzori and Persia, 

For advances in the design of 

enclosures for animals, with 

regard to display and hygiene, 

In commemoration of the King's 

South African Collection, 1911. 
For many gifts to the Society's 

For many valuable gifts to the 

Society's Collection. 
For very valuable gifts to the 

Society's Collection. 
For many gifts of African and 

South American animals. 
For his many valuable donations 

from the Argentine. 

Medallists of the Zoological Society of London. 



Hunt, Henry (Keeper) .. 
Scott, Mathew (Keeper) 
Misselbrook, Benjamin (Keeper) 
Penney, William, f.z.s. 

Prescot, Michael (Keeper) 
Thomson, Arthur (Keeper) 

July I, 1866 

Pec. 19, 1866 
Nov. 17, 186'J 

Dec, 18, 1872 

For their meritorious success in 
breeding foreign animals in 

the Soei' • us. 

For his numerous donatio! 
the Fish-house. 
For their services in connection 
with the successful rearing of 
the young Hippopotamus. 

] 62 Fellow •■ without A<i<t ■ 




[Information respecting any of the Fellows named below will be gladly 
the Secretary, Zoolo, ty, Regentfs-park, London, N.H 


N \MK. 

L909 Andersen. Dr. Knud 

1899 Berlein, Julius 

1868 Divett, K. II. 

1886 ; Lawson, Frank 

L903 Park, Carton Moore-, r.r.a. 


Sbarman, Frederic .. 
Suaroz, Fraucisco de Paula 


23, Peldon-avenue, Richmond, Surrey. 

Johannesburg, South Africa. 

4, Marlboro' -crescent, W. I. 

104a, Park-street, 11". 1. , 

5, Wentworth-st/udios, Manresarroad, 

Chelsea, S.W.8. 

47, Qoldington-road, Bedford. 

San Sebastian, Spain. 

Fellows {Subscribers) of the Society without Addresses. 16? 




[Information respecting any of the Fellows named below will be gladly received by 
the Secretary, Zoological Society, Regent' s-park, London, N. II'". 8.] 






Brodie, John Leopold 

Cope, John L., b. a 

Durlacher, H. W., M.c. ... 

Fawcett, Frank 

Freeman, Mrs. K. N. 

Hallowes, Edward 

Hargreaves, H. D 

Henderson, S. Y 

Heron, Francis A 

Kilburne, Capt. W. R. 

Piatt, Thomas A 

Robins, Thomas 

Taylor, W. A. G 

Tudor, Mrs. Blanche 

Wolseley, Anita Theresa, Lady 

York-house, York-street, Ti". I. 

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, E.C. i. 

68, Belsize Park-gardens, N.W. 3. 

125, Strand, TT'.C. 2. 

41, Upper Addison-gardens, TI". 14. 

91, Onslow-gardens, S. TI". 7. 

Lower School of John Lyon, Harrow. 

S3, Dundonald-road, Kilmarnock. 

1G, Kenilworth-road, Ealing, W. 0. 

12, Lime-street, E.C. 3. 

ii4, Hamilton-terrace, K. W. 8. 

13, Bruce Castle-road, N. 17. 

Hotel Terminus, Cure St. diaries, 

30, Emperor's-gate, S. W. 7. 

Sunridge, Sutton, near Guildford. 

m 2 


List of Ivory Ticket Holders. 






21 Ifl 



Basset, Arthur Francis. 

Macgregor, I). F. 


Baylis, Major Thomas Erskine. 


Nash, William Allen. 


Birch. 1 [enry William. 


Northcliffe, Alfred C, Viscount. 


Blaiklev, William. 


Parr, R. C. 


Blunt, Airs. Maud. 


Parr, H. C. 


Bolton. Mrs. Eugene. 


Penton, Edward. 


Breadalbane, Gavin, Marquess of. 


Portlock, Henry. 


Broughton, Herbert M. 


Richardson, Mrs. Cameron. 


Bryce. Mrs. Vera F. 


Ringer, Frederick. 


Burnham, Harrv Lawson,Lord. 


Robertson, W. S. 


Butler, F. H. 


Rommel, Fritz. 


Cohen, Adolphus Henry. 


Salomons, Sir David Lionel, Bt. 


Davies, A. T. 


Salomons, Sir David Lionel, Bt. 


do la Rue, Sir Evelyn Andros, Bt. 


Salomons, Sir David Lionel, Bt. 


de la Rue, Sir Evelyn Andros, Bt. 


Salomons, Sir David Lionel, Bt. 


art, Frederick. 


Salomons, Sir David Lionel, Bt. 


Elvin, John William. 


Sandeman, Lt.-Col. John Glas. 


Ferry, Cecil R. 


Schwarfcze, ('. I-'., k. 


Fliigel, J. C. 


Selborne, William W., Earl of, K.G. 


Gardner, Harold L. 


Shenley, George Alfred. 


Gordon, John W. 


Slade, Mrs. Frances S. 


Gould, F. H. Carruthers. 


Slade, Mrs. Frances S. 


Grahain, Gharl- 


Sloper, Percy. 


HaU-HaU, Theodore. 


Stone, William. 


Hancock, C. A. 


Suarez, Francisco de Paula. 


Hay, W. J. 


Taite, Geoffrey Charles B. 


Heath, P. Maynard. 


Thomson, Henrv Walter. 


Heyworth, George F. 


Wagner, H. J. 


Huntsman, William. 


Walker, Russell D. 


, Hurdis-Jones, M. D. 


Waring, Capt. Walter. M.I'. 


Johnson, F. H. Bulkeley- 


Waterhouse, Samuel Hugh. 


Lauderdale, Frederick H., Earl of. 


Watt, James. 


Lauderdale, Frederick H., Earl of. 

2< 12 

Wilkin, A. P. 


Lewis, J. Spedan. 


Wilson. Charles Joseph. 


Lonsdale,, Hugh Cecil, Earl of. 


Wilson, Charles Joseph. 


Lonsdale, Hugh Cocil, Earl of. 


Wilson, Scott B. 


I. tery, 1 tarry. 


Wilson, William Leslie- 


Lotery, Harry. 


Wombwell, Arthur C. 

Local List of Foreign and Corresponding Members, 165 






The Foreign Members are distinguished by a f. 


Ambrose, Capt. W. Gerald (3rd Btn. Cheshire Regiment). Lagos, West Africa. 

Bates, George Latimer, Esq. Bitye, via Yaunde, Kamerun, West Africa. 

Broom, Dr. Robert, m.d.,, f.r.s. Douglas, Cape Colony, S. Africa. 

Copeman, Edward Arden, Esq., j.p. Broken Hill, Rhodesia, British South Africa. 

Gilchrist, John Don Fisher, Esq., Department of Agriculture, Cape Town, 
British South Africa. 

Hay, Dr. Malcolm B. Lome, Togoland, West Africa. 

Hobley, Charles William, Esq., c.m.g. Mombasa, British East Africa. 

Lamberton, Professor C. Ecole Officielle, Tamafavc, Madagascar. 

Loveridge, Arthur, Esq. Dar-cs- Salaam, Tanganyika Territory, British East 

McMillan, Sir William Northrup. Nairobi, B.E. Africa. 

Miller, Harold, Esq. The Zoological Gardens, Mitchell Park, Durban, South 

Pope, Charles Ernest, Esq. Matatiele, Griqualand East, South Africa. 

Purcell, William Frederick, Esq., Ph.D. Bergvliet, Diep River, Cape Town, South 

Schonland, Selmar, Esq., m.a., ph.D., f.l.s. Albany Museum, Grahavistown, Cape 

Colony, South Africa. 

Van Someven, Dr. V. G. Medical Service, Nairobi, British East Africa. 

White, Sir Herbert Edward, k. c.m.g. H.B.M. Consul, Tangier, Morocco, North 


Beebe, Charles William, Esq. Tropical Research Station, Kalacoon, Mazaruni 

River. BritisJi Guiana, care of the Bronx Zoological Park, New York, U.S.A. 
Fleming, James H., Esq. 267, Rasholme-road, Toronto, Canada. 
Knox-Niven, Lt.-Col. Hugh William. Government Souse, St. John's, Newfoundland. 

McMurrich, Professor J. Playfair. Anatomical Laboratory, The University of 
Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Moore, Edward Lee, Esq. St. John's, Newfoundland. 

L66 '/ List of Ton < ding Mi 


Chalmen Bsq. St. .i<>lm del Bey Mining Co., Motto Velho, Braeil. 

Dabl i, Dr. Roberto. Museo Zoologico, Buet 

1 >;i !•-. Dr. Walter P. Darwin Harbour, Falkland 

Pontana, Gol. Don Lois. Calle Arenales, 198, Buenos Aire*. 

Gallardo, Dr. Angel. tfjonal Museum, >cs. 

[hering, Dr. Hermann von. Hon* A JoinmZfe, State of Santa Catherina, Bra 

Moreno, l>r. Francisco P. Cascros 2791, Buenos Aires. 

Onelli, Dr. Clementi. Director Jardin Ores 

Porter, Professor Carlos Emilo. (!>." / the Zoological Section of the 

Museum of Valparaiso), Casilla 2352, Santiago, Chili. 
Ribeiro, Dr. Alipio de Miranda. Zoological Museum, Rio de Janeiro. 
Riokards, Constantino G., Esq. British Vice-Consul, Oaxaca, Mexico. 
Riu-. Sefior Aiejo Rossell. Villa Dolores, Montevideo, Uruguay. 
BSderstrdm, MonBieur Ludovico. IF.H.M. Consul, Quito, Ecuador. 
West. Percy Camidge, Esq. H.B.M. Vice-Consul, Punta Arenas, Straits of Magellan. 
White, Robert B., Esq. Bogota, United States of Colombia. 
Wolffsdhn, Sefior John Alfred. Casilla 672, Valparaiso, Chili. 


fAllen, Joel Asaph, Esq., Ph.D. American Museum of Natural History, Central-park, 

New York, U.S.A. 
Andrews. Rot Chapman, Esq. American Museum of Natural History, Central 

Park, New York, U.S.A. 
Brown, C. Emerson, Esq. The Zoological Gardens, Philadelphia, U.S.A. 
Conkliu, William A., Esq. Care of Messrs. Siegel, Cooper & Co., iSth-strcet, and 

Sixth-avenue, New York, U.S.A. 
Crandall, Lee S., Esq. Zoological Society, New York, U.S.A. 

Dean, Prof. Bashford. American Mus. of Nat. Hist., 7Wi-strect, New York, U.S.A. 
Ditmars, Raymond Lee, Esq. Curator of the Reptile Department, Bronx Zoological 

Park. Hew York. U.S.A. 
fGarman, Dr. Samuel. Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass., S.A. 
I irant. Madison, Esq. Secretary of the Nciu York Zoological Society, 11, Wall-street, 

New York City, U.S.A. 
Uregorv, Dr. W. K., Vertebrate Anatomist and Paleontologist. American Museum, 

New York, U.S.A. 
Grinnell, Joseph, Esq. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, in the University of 

forma, Berkeley, California, U.S.A. 
tHornadav, William Temple, Esq. Director of the Zoological Park, New York, 

Howard, Dr. Lcland 0. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, U.S.A. 
Jordan, Professor David Starr, Ph.D. President of the Lcland Stanford Junior 

University, < 'dlifornia. 

Kingsley, Prof. John Sterling, sc.d. Journal of Morphology, University of Illinois, 
■na, Illinois, U.S.A. 

of the Zoological Societ;/ of London. 167 


fLucas, Frederic Augustus, Esq. Director of the American Museum of Natural 
History, New York, U.S.A. 

Mathew, Dr. W, D. American Museum of Natural History, New York., U.S.A. 

+Mcrriam, Dr. Clinton Hart. Smithsonian Institution ; and 1919, 16t)c-strect, 
Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

Miller. Gen-it Smith, jun., Esq. United States National Museum, Washington, 
D.C., U.S.A. 

Morgan, Prof. T. H. Columbia University, New York, U.S.A. 

tOsborn, Professor Henry Fairfield. American Museum of Natural History, Central- 
park, New York, U.S.A. 

Osgood, Wilfred H.. Esq. The Field Museum, Chicago, III., U.S.A. 

Parker, Prof. George Howard. 1G, Berkeley-street, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. 

Pilsbry, Dr. H. A. Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, U.S.A. 

Powell, Wilfred, Esq. H.B.M. Consul, Philadelphia, U.S.A. 

Ridgway, Robert, Esq. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

tScott. William Berryman, Esq. Professor of Geology in Princeton College, New 
Jersey, U.S.A. 

Shufeldt, Robert Wilson, Esq., m.d. 3356, ISth-street, NAY, Washington, D.C., 

Smith, Dr. A. Donaldson, m.d., p.k.g.s. Rittcnhouse Club, 11,811, Walnut-street, 

Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A. 

StarkSj Prof. Edwin Ohapin. Zoological Department, Stanford University, Cali- 
fornia, U.S.A. 

Steere, Professor Joseph B. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. 

Stejnegcr, Leonhard, Esq. United States National Museum, Washington, D.C., 

Stiles. Professor Charles Wardell. U.S. Public HealtJi and Marine Hospital Service, 

Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

Williston, Professor Samuel Wendall. University of Chicago, U.S.A. 

Wilson, Edmund Beecher. Esq., Ph.D. Professor of Zoology in. the Columbia 
University, New York, U.S.A. 

Yarrow, Dr. Henry Crecy. 211G, Banker of t-place, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 


Cheesman, Cant. Robert Ernest, i.a. Care of The High Commissioner, Baghdad, 

dimming, W. D., Esq. Persian, Gulf Telegraphs, Fao, Persian Gulf. 


Barrett, Charles L.. Esq.. h.a.o.c. Australian Ornithologists'' Union, Melbourne. 

Bennett, George Frederick, Esq. Kulgoi, Northgate Junction, near Brisbane, 

Queensland . 
Brown, The Rev. George, d.d. Gordon, New South Wales. 

I tix Local List q /' i in and Corresponding Menu 


Chilton, Dr. Charles, Canterbury College, Chi '<.'/.. 

Conigrave, Charles Price, Esq., p.b.g.s. Department of Agriculture, Perth, West 

Hall, H iq. Harrow Best, Bellerins, Hobart, Tasmania, 

>r William \. The University, Sydney, N.8.W. 

Howe, Prank Ernest, Esq. 89, Young-street, Albert-park, I rria. 

Johnston, Thomas M . , m. v., i>..s. .. f.l.s. i partment, University 

of Queensland, Brisl 

i e SouBf, Albert Bherbourne, Esq. The Zoological Gardens, Sydney, Neto South 

Le SouSf, Dudley, Esq. Director of the Zoological Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria. 

Mattingley, Arthur II. E., Esq. Customs Department, Melbourne, Victoria. 

Minchin, Alfred < '., Esq. Director of the Zoological Gardens, Adelaide, S 

Robert-. Mrs. Marj Grant Beaumaris, Montpelier-'street, Hobarl, Tasmania. 

Spencer, Professor Sir Walter Baldwin, k.c.m.g., k.k.s. Professor of Biology in the 
ersity of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria. 

Tillyard, Dr. Robi:i John, m.a., sen., f.l.s. Biological Department, Cauthron 
Institute, Nelson, New '/.inland. 

Zietz, A. H. E., Esq. Assistant- Director of the South Australian Public Museum 
Adelaide, South Australia. 


Brachet, Professor A. Professor of Anatomy, the University, Brussels, Belgium. 
Dollo, Professor Louis. Conservator at the Boyal Museum of Natural History of 

Belgium, Brussels, Belgium. 
Dubois, Dr. Alphonse. Honorary Conservator at the Boyal Museum of Natural 

History of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium. 

Gilson, Professor Gustavo. Director of the Boyal Museum of Natural History. 31, 

Hue Vautier, Brussels, Belgium. 
L'hoest, Monsieur Michel. Director of the Boyal Zoological Society, Antv 

Liebreohts, Commandant Charles. Secretaire General <lu Department de la 

TnUrieur, i'.tat Independent <lu Congo, Hue Bride/rode, Brussels, Belgium. 

Sohouteden, Dr. Henri. Tervuerern Museum, Brussels, Belgium. 
Seiys-Longchamps, Dr. Marc de. 61, Avenue Jean Linden, Bra -urn. 

Van der Stricht, Professor (). Professor of Histology, University of Ghent. 


Gairdner, K. <;., l'.sq. Care of The Bombay Burma Trading Corporation, Baheng, 

t pper Siam. 
Herbert, E. <>., Esq. British Burma Trading Corporation, Bangkok, Siam. 
La Touche, John David Digues, Esq. The Custom House. Chvnwangtao, North 

China, via Sih,-, m . 

of the Zoological Society of London. 169 


Lyle, Thomas Harold, Esq., O.M.Q. H.B.M. Legation, Bangkok, Siam. 

Robinson, Herbert C, Esq. Director of the Federated Malay States Museums, 

Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Straits Settlements. 
Wileman, Alfred Ernest, Esq. H.B.M. Consul-General, Manila, Philippine Island*. 


Mortensen, Dr. Theodor. Ph.D. Zoological Museum, University, Copenhagen, 

Schmidt, Dr. Johannes, Ph.D. Director of the Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen, 

fWinge, Dr. Herluf. Zoological Museum, University, Copenhagen, Denmark. 


Anthony, Dr. Raoul Louis Ferdinand. Mus&e d'Histoire Naturelle, 55, Rue dc 

Buffon, Paris, France. 
fBouvier, Professor Eugene Louis. Professor of Entomology, Mus&e d'Histoire 

Naturelle, Jardin des Plantes, Paris, France. 
Caullery, Professor Maurice. 3, Rue d'Ulm, Paris, France. 
Cuenot, Professor Lucien. The University, Nancy, France. 
Dautzenberg, Monsieur Philippe. 209, Rue de VUniversiUK Paris, France. 
Deperet, Professor Charles. The University, Lyons, France. 
Des Murs, Monsieur Parfait 0. Nogent-lc-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loire), France. 
Dixon, Frederick, Pasha. 6, Rue Guiglia, Nice, France. 
Gaillard, Monsieur le Dr. Claude. Chef du Laboratoire, Musie d'Histoire Naturelle, 

Lyons, France. 
fGrandidier, Monsieur Alfred. 2, Rue Goethe, Paris, France. 
Graudidier, Monsieur Guillaume. 2, Rue Goethe, Paris, France. 
Lataste, Monsieur Fernand. Cadillac-sur-Garonnc (Gironde), France. 
Monaco, H.R.H. Prince Albert of. The Palace, Principality of Monaco. 
tPerrier., Professor Edmond. Director of the Museum, Jardin des Plantes, Paris, 

Pichot, Monsieur Pierre Amedee. 132, Boulevard. Hausmann, Paris, France. 
Porte, Monsieur Arthur. Director Jardin </' Acclimatization, Bois de Boulogne, 

Paris, France. 
Roule, Professor Louis. Music d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France. 
tTrouessart, Professor Dr. Edouard Louis. Musc'e d'Histoire Naturelle, I'arix, 



fSchulze, Professor Dr. Franz Eilhard. Professor of Zoology and Director of the 
Zooloaical Institute, The University, Invalidenstrasse 43, Berlin, Germany. 

170 Local List of eorciffn a tponding Members 

hi. .1 B., Bsq. " Windermere," Oreai Headland-road, Preeton, Paignton, 

11, Ool. Reginald (late i.k.). Bryn yr Hydd, Lloi . II "ford. 
Bourne, Sir Alfred Gibbea, k.c. i.e., j }., f.l.b. OareoJ hindlay d 

vment-street, S. W. l. 
Brady, George Btewardaon, Esq., m.i>., i. ■..!>., d.bc., k.i-..>. 9, EndcUffe-grove-avenue, 

Sheffield, Yorkshin . 
Bruce, Major-Genl. >ir David, C.B., m.h.. f.b.b., a.m..-. Litter InetituU 

bridge-road, 8. W. l. 
Campion, Charles William, Esq., c.m.g., f.b.o.b, 37 d-road, South 

Kt tumgton, S. W. 7. 

Feilden, Col. Henry WemyBs, c.b., m.b.o.u, Bunpash, Sussex; ami Jum 
Sen I Charles-street x St, James's, N.ll'.l. 

Godman, Percy Sanden, Esq., b.a. Hampsteel, Cowfold, Sussex. 

Hamilton, Major -l;imes Stevenson. Arm;/ and Navy Club, rail-mail. 8.W. 1. 

Hinde, Major Sidney Langford. 'lub, St. James's-sguare, SAV. 1. 

•lan-Hunt, Capt. Hilary Lushington, c.i.e. IS. Melbuni-road, Kensington, 

II'. 14. 

Keatinge, Dr. Henry Pottinger, c.m.g., m.b., f.u.c.s. Care of Messrs. Cook d 
Ludgate-eircns. E.G. 1. 

M.-Intosh, William Carmichael, Esq., m.d., ll.d., f.r.s., f.l.s Nevay-park, Meigle, 

Perthshire, X.B. 
Morris, Sir Daniel, k.c.m.g., 14, Crabton-close, Bosamibe, Bournemouth. 
Ridley, Henry Nicholas, Esq., c.m.g., f.r.s., f.l.s. 7, Cumberland-road, Kcw, 

Sadler, Lt.-Col. Sir James Hayes-, k.c.m.g., c.b. Care of H. S. King i(- Co., 9, 

rail-mail. S.W.I. 
Sharpe, Sir Alfred, k.c.m.g., c.b. Elmhurst, Lancaster. 
Smithers, Wilfrid A., Esq. Argentine Club, Hamilton-place, 11". 1. 
Thurston, Edgar, Esq., c.i.e. Cumberland-lodge, Kew, Surrey. 
Tomkins, Stanley Charles, Esq., c.m.g. Nately-hill, Hook, Bants : and Sports Club, 

St. James' s-sguare, S.W. 
Wall, Lt.-Col. Frank, c.m.g., i. m.s. (3rd Gurkhas.) Care of H. S. King dt i 

Pall-mall, .SMC 1. 

Wallinger, Capt. William Arnold, o.b.e. Care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co., 54, Parlia- 
ment-street, s. W. l. 
Woodford, Charles Morris, Esq., c.m.g. The Qrinstead, Cowfold 


Blaauw, Heer Frans Ernst. Oooiktst, -Holland. 

kof<r. Dr. Johannes, Director of the Zoofogical Garden, Rotterdam, 

Holla nil. 

ina, Dr. Ad. 6, Rue Montebello, Antwerp, Holland. 
Herbert, Dr. Coenraad. Director of the Royal Zoological Society's Gardens, 

Amsterdam. Holland. 

of tie Zoological Society of London. 171 

HOLLAND- continued. 

Van Oort, Dr. Edouard Daniel. Department of Ornithology, Royal Museum of 
Natural History, Leyden, Holland. 

+Van Wijhe, Professor Jan Willcm. The Royal University, Groningen, Holland. 

t Weber, Professor Max Carl Wilhelm. Eerbeck, bij Amsterdam, Holland. 


Anderson, Lt.-Col. Adams Rivers Steele, m.b., i.m.s. Port Blair, Andaman Islands, 
Bay of Bengal. 

Annandale, Dr. Nelson, b.a. Superintendent of the Natural History Section of the 
Indian Museum, Calcutta, India. 

Basu, Bejoykrishna, Esq. Superintendent of the Zoological Gardens, Calcutta, India. 

Doctor, Jamshed M., Esq. The Victoria Gardens, Bombay, India. 

Flynn, Alfred Axen Leonard, Esq. Belgrave-terrace. Karachi, India. 

Kemp, Dr. Stanley W., sc.d. Zoological Survey of India, Indian Museum, Calcutta. 

Manning, Brig.-Gen. Sir William Henry, K.c.m.g, ; k.b.e., c.b. (late i.a.). Queen 1 s- 
house, Colombo, Ceylon. 

Palmer, Charles, Esq. Anglo-Indian Empire Association, 20, Church-gate-street, 
Fort, Bombay, India. 

Walton, Major Herbert James, m.d., i.m.s., f.r.c.s., p.e.s. Care of Messrs. King, 
King & Co., P.O. Box 110, Bombay, India. 

Wigram, Major Herwald Robert. Secretary of the Game Preservation Dept., 
Srinagar, Kashmir, India. 


Churchill, William Algernon, Esq. H.B.M. Consul-General, Milan, Italy. 

de Southoff, Monsieur Georges. 13, Vid.S. Spirito, Florence, Italy. 

Despott, Monsieur Giuseppe. Curator of The Natural History Museum, Malta. 

Dohrn, Professor Dr. Reinhard. Zoological Station, Naples, Italy. 

fDoria, Marquis Giacomo. (Director of the Museo Civico, Genoa, and Senatore del 
Regno), Villa Doria, Borzoli, Province of Genoa, Italy. 

Festa, Dr. Enrico. Museo Zoologico, Royal University, Turin, Italy. 

Gestro, Dr. Raphael. Vice-Director of the Museo Civico, Genoa, Italy. 

Giglioli-Tus, Dr. Prof. Ermanno. Institute of Marine Biology, Turin, Italy. 

Monticelli, Professor Francesco Saverio. Director of the Zoological Institute, The 
University, Naples, Italy ; a)id Ponte di Chiaia 27, Naples, Italy. 

Peracca, Count Mario,, ph.D. Vid Monti 31, Turin, Italy. 

tSalvadori, Count Tommaso, m.d. Royal Zoological Museum, Turin, Italy. 


Sars, Dr. George Ossian. Zootomical Institute, The University, Christiania, Norway. 

1 7- / . ■ ' ponding Members 


ciiavo \. TJu Meteorological Survey I 

Santos, Professor Mattoso. FacuUi< ' 

Seabra, A. P. do, Esq. Zoological Mint inn. TA <ial. 


Dr. Smile G Direeteur de Vlnstitut de sp- 


Bergroth, Dr. E. Evald, m.d. JdtmaS, Finland. 

■fPleske, II. E. Dr. Theodor. Zarkqje Ssela, near Petrograd, Bit 

-fSalensky, Professor Wladimir W. Imperial A< rograd, Iln 

Stolzmann, Herr Johann. Director of Count BranicJci's Ornithological Museum, 
Warsaw, Russia. 


fBolivar, Professor Ignacio. Museo de Cicncias Naturales, Hip6dromo,Madrid, Spain . 
Buck, Walter John, Esq. British Vice-Consulate, Jcrez-de-la-Frontera, Spain. 
Cabrera, Prof. Dr. Angel. 115, Calle de Claudio Cocllo, Madrid, Spain. 
Navas. The Picv. Father Longinos, s.J. Colegio del Salvador, Saragossa, Spain. 


+Aurivillius. Professor Christopher. Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of 

Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden. 
fLeche, Prof. Wilhelm. ITogskolas Zootomiska Institut, Stockholm, Sweden. 
-fLonnberg, Professor Dr. Axel Johan Einar. Director of the Zoological Museum, 

Stockholm, Sweden. 
Theel, Dr. Johan Hjalmar. The Natural History Museum, Stockholm. Sweden. 


Rovilliod, Dr. Pierre, Museum d'Histoire Natwrelle, Basle, Switzerland. 
tSarasin, Dr. Fritz, rh.D. Muslim d'Histoire Naturelle, Basic. Switzerland. 
tSarasin, Dr. Paul Benedict, rh.D. SpitdUtrasse ±>, Basle, Switzerland. 

Studor. Professor Theophilus. Professor of Zoology in and Director of. the 
University of Berne, Switzerland. 

of the Zoological Society of London. 17< 


Bennett, The Hon. E. G., k.c. St. Lucia, British West Indict. 

Caraeciolo, Henry. Esq. Caracciolo-villa, St. Joseph, Trinidad, Went Indies. 

Mole, Richard Richardson, Esq. Lower Prince-street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, 

• t Indies. 
Nicholls, The Hon. Henry Alfred Alford. C.M.G., m.d., f.l.s. Kingsland.-house, 
Roseau, Dominica, 1V.I. 

Urich, Frederick William, Esq. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.