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State Board of Health 

List of 

Licensed Embalmers 

JULY 1, 1913. 

Springfield, III. 

Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers 

19 13 





Illinois State Board of Health 


Preparation, Embalming, Transportation and Burial 
of the Dead. 

The Official Rules of the Illinois Slate Board of Health for the 
Transportation of the Dead from Points in Illinois, based on an Act 
Providing for the Regulation of Embalming and the Disposal of Dead 
Bodies, approved May 13, 1905, have been given the widest possible 
publicity, and should be familiar in every detail to all undertakers and 
embalmers in the State. Copies of these Official Eules have been sent 
to all licensed embalmers, all health officers, all baggage agents of the 
various transportation companies doing business in the State and to 
all burial permit issuing officers of the municipalities of the State. That 
the Official Rules may be constantly before such persons; and that there 
may not be the slightest excuse for violation of any of their provisions 
the Rules are printed in full on the reverse of the "Original" blank of 
all transit permits issued by the State Board of Health. 

It is the duty of every Embalmer in the State of Illinois to 
thoroughly familiarize himself with every provision of these Rules, the 
rigid enforcement of which is essential to the proper operation of the 
law under which they were created. 

The following Special Rules are of importance to the licensed 
embalmers of the State and prompt compliance with their provisions is 
imperatively demanded: 

1. Use of Numbered, Yellow Transit Permits. — The serially num- 
bered, yellow transit permits supplied by the State Board of Health to 
all persons holding licenses as embalmers, should be used by licensed ' 
embalmers in all cases in which th'e body is transported by common 
carrier. The Pocket Card is no longer issued except in cities of 100,000 
population or over and the presentation of the serially numbered, yellow 
permit is the prime evidence to the transportation company that the 
embalmer using same is licenser!. 

2. Transit Permits Not Transferable. — Yellow transit permits 
are issued to licensed embalmers only, and are properly recorded in the 
office of the Secretary of the State Board of Health when issued. These 
permits are to be used cmly by the embalmer to whom they are issued, 



and are not transferable. Members of firms, in which there are several 
licensed embalmers, are cautioned that each individual of the firm is 
to -use only the permits issued to him personally. 

The loss or destruction of any of the yellow permits issued by the 
State Board of Health should be promptly reported to the Secretary. 

3. Filling Out the Transit Permit. — Each yellow transit permit is 
made up, in original and duplicate, of the (a) Physician's or Coroner's 
Certificate, (b) the Permit of the Local Board of Health, and the (c) 
Certificate of the Undertaker. The following Eules concerning the 
filling out of these forms must be observed. 

a. — The Certificate of Physician or Coroner must bear the signature 
of the Physician or Coroner and the Cause of Death should be given 
in definite and unmistakable terms. 

b. — The permit of the Local Board of Health must be made out in 
full in every case and must bear the signature of the properly appointed 
health officer of the city, village, county or township as the case may 
be. (See Note I.) This permit should bear the corporate seal of the 
city or town by which issued. 

c- — The Certificate of the Undertaker must be made out in full, 
signed by the embalmer ivho prepares the body and this signature must 
be acknowledged before a notary public or other officer authorized to 
administer oaths. Licensed embalmers employed by those who are not 
licensed must sign this Certificate individually and not with the name 
of the employer. In firms of which there are members both licensed 
and unlicensed, the name of unlicensed member or members must not 
appear in the signature of the certificate. The unlicensed undertaker 
whose name appears on this yellow transit permit as an "embalmer" is 
plainly in violation of the State Law and subject to its penalties. 

4. Issuance of Yellow 1 Transit Permits. — Serially numbered, yel- 
low transit permits will be issued to licensed embalmers without cost, 
as they may be required, upon application to the Secretary of the State 
Board of Health. 

5. Advertising as an "Embalmer." — The law especially provides 
that "no person shall embalm, or prepare for transportation, any body 
dead of a contagious or infectious disease, or embalm any dead body, 
or hold himself out as practicing the art of embalming" unless he holds 
a license issued by the State Board of Health authorizing him to do so. 
The penalty for the violation of any of the provisions of the law is 
a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $200 for each and every of- 
fense. Advertising as an embalmer or to do embalming is a direct 
violation of the law. (See Note II.) 

6. Attention is directed to the fact that the law Providing for the 
Eegulation of the Embalming and Disposal of Dead Bodies, approved 
May 13, 1905, and in force July 1, 1905 (Eevised Statutes, Chapter 
126a), takes cognizance of infectious as well as contagious diseases, and 
prohibits the embalming or the preparation for transportation of bodies 
dead of either infectious or contagious diseases, by any person except 
by an embalmer holding a license as such by the State Board of Health. 
(See Note III.) 

Published by order of the Board. 
July 1, 1913. 


I. Health Officers in Cities, Villages, Townships and Counties. — 
Contrary to the opinion expressed from time to time by undertakers 
in their correspondence with the State Board of Health, there is no 
section of Illinois which has not its duly authorized health officer. The 
statutes give power to cities and villages to appoint health boards or 
health officers or to delegate the powers of such officers to proper persons. 
In the absence of a health officer in a village and in the absence of 
provision for the performance of his duties by some other person, the 
President of the Board of Trustees is authorized to act in the capacity 
of health officer. In townships in counties under township organization, 
and outside the corporate limits of cities or villages, the Supervisor, 
Assessor and Town Clerk are constituted a Board of Health by the 
Statutes. In* counties not under township organization, the County 
Commissioners constitute a Board of Health, having jurisdiction in the 
county outside the corporate limits of duly organized municipalities. 
There is consequently no reason for the statement that there was no 
health officer in the community in which the death occurred. 

II. Firms Advertising as Emb aimers. — Firms, all of the mem- 
bers of which are not licensed as embalmers, cannot advertise as em- 
balmers. If they do so they are in violation of the law. The firm, 
however, may advertise as undertakers, and the licensed member or 
members of the firm may specify that they are embalmers. Examples. 
— In the firm of Coffin, Casket & Hearse, Mr. Coffin is licensed and 
Messrs. Casket and Hearse are not. If that firm advertises ''Coffin, 
Casket & Hearse, Embalmers," or as "Coffin, Casket & Hearse, Em- 
balming" or "The Embalming Establishment of Coffin, Casket & Hearse" 
there is a direct violation of the law. The firm may, however, advertise 
as "Coffin, Casket & Hearse, Undertakers, J. C. Coffin, Embalmer." 
A firm using a name not indicative of the membership of the firm or 
a firm using the term "& Company," as embalmers, is in violation of 
the law unless every person having an interest therein is licensed as an 
embalmer. Example. — A firm consisting of Mr. Coffin, Mr. Casket and. 
Mr. Hearse do business as "Coffin, Casket & Company" and advertise 
to do embalming or hold themselves out as embalmers. Assume that 
both Mr. Coffin and Mr. Casket are licensed, still there is violation of 
the law since Mr. Hearse who is indicated by the term "Company" is 
not a licensed embalmer. This firm could advertise legally as "Coffin, 
Casket & Company, Undertakers. A. B. Coffin and C. D. Casket, Em- 

III. Contagious and Infectious Diseases. — In view of the provi- 
sions of the law which specify that neither bodies dead of contagious 
nor those dead of infectious diseases may be prepared for transporta- 
tion by other than licensed embalmers, it is important that the exact 
meaning of these terms be definitely understood by all undertakers and 
embalmers. Many diseases which are infectious are not contagious in 
the general acceptance of these terms. It is further advisable that the 
embalmer secure a definite statement from the attending physician as 
to whether the disease causing the death was infectious or contagious. 

— 2 B H 

The provisions of the law are such that unlicensed undertakers may 
legally prepare for transportation only those bodies dead of non-con- 
tagious and non-infectio-us diseases and whidli may reach their point of 
destination within thirty hours after the time of death. All other 
bodies — those dead of contagious or infectious diseases, or those which 
will not reach their point of destination within thirty hours from the 
time of death (and which must, on that account, be embalmed) must be 
prepared by licensed embalmers only. 

List of Infectious and Contagious (Communicable) Diseases. 

* Acute Poliomyelitis (Infantile Paralysis). 

* Anthrax. 

* Cholera. 

* Diphtheria. 

Dysentery (Bacillary, Amoebic). 

* Erysipelas. 

* Glanders. 

* Leprosy. 
Malta Fever. 

* Measles. 

* Meningitis (Epidemic). 

* Paratyphoid. 

* Pest (Pestis minor; "Walking Plague"). 

Babies (Hydrophobia). 

Relapsing Fever. 

Rocky Mountain Fever ("Spotted Fever"). 

* Scarlet Fever. 

Tetanus (Lock Jaw). 
Trachoma ("Granulated Lids"). 
Trypanosomiasis ("Sleeping Sickness"). 

* Tuberculosis. 

* Typhoid Fever. 

* Typhus. 

* Variola (Smallpox). 

* Yellow Fever. 

Resolutions Relative to the Practice of "Assistants" to 

Licensed Embalmers, Adopted by the Illinois 

State Board of Health Sept. 10, 1907. 

Whereas, It has been brought to the knowledge of the State Board 
of Health that a number of licensed embalmers throughout the State 
have in their employ, or otherwise associated with the practice of, certain 

* Public funerals should not be held. 

non-licensed embalmers who are said to embalm dead bodies or to 
prepare for transportation bodies dead of a contagious or infectious 
disease; and, 

Whereas, The Act Providing for the Eegulation of the Embalm- 
ing and Disposal of Dead Bodies, approved May 13, 1905, declares that 
no person shall embalm or prepare for transportation any body dead 
of a contagious or infectious disease, or embalm any dead body, or hold 
himself out as practicing the art of embalming, without first applying 
for and receiving from the State Board of Health a license authorizing 
him so to do; and, 

Whereas, The said Act makes no provision for the practice of 
embalming or the preparation for transportation of bodies dead of 
contagious or infectious diseases by any person excepting those who 
have received licenses from the State Board of Health; therefore, be it 

Resolved, That the State Board of Health regards all such assist- 
ants or associates as practicing embalming within the meaning of the 
Act, whether such persons practice under the direction of, are employed 
by, or are otherwise associated in practice with licensed embalmers, 
and the State Board of Health strongly condemns the subterfuge which 
is being employed to evade the law; and be it further 

Resolved, That in the opinion of the State Board of Health any 
embalmer who associates himself in the practice of embalming with 
any person who practices embalming in violation of the law, or keeps 
such person in his employ to do embalming, or to prepare for trans- 
portation bodies dead of infectious or contagious disease, thereby be- 
comes a party to such violation and consequently becomes guilty of un- 
professional conduct,* within the meaning of the Act above quoted. 

* The State Board of Health may refuse to issue or renew licenses provided for in this act to indi 
viduals who have by false and fraudulent representation obtained or sought to obtain practice in their 
profession, or by false and fraudulent representation of their profession have obtained or sought to ob- 
tain money or anything of value, or for any other unprofessional and dishonorable conduct, or for the 
wilful violation of the rules of the State Board of Health, and the board may revoke such license for 
any such or other like causes. Section 5. Act of 1905. 




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cii; c3 3 34= 
43 en — "" ® *r 

a a-a-o-o « 


°3 ^"^ aT4 

fer-cs M g5 


(Reverse of coroner's certificate of death.) 

Artificial or missing teeth { Lower) 


5 4 3 2 1 
5 4 3 2 1 

12 3 4 5 
12 3 4 5 

Height ft., in. Approximate life weight. 


Marks of Identification. 

Indicate on diagram No. 1, beginning at the head and face and continuing to the arms, forearms, chest, 
abdomen and lower extremities, the exact location of scars, moles, warts, tattoos or other marks, stiff 
joints, missing or deformed fingers, toes or other distinguishing marks or conditions. Draw a line extend 
ing from the location of the marks of identification outward to the side of the diagram and describe the 
marks as "R. S.," (round scar), "L. R. S.," (large round scar), "S. R. S.," (smallround scar), "L. S.," 
(long scar), "I. S.," (irregular scar), "R. M.," (round mole), "B. M.," (brown mole), "Vac. S.," (vac- 
cination scar), etc. Also give color of hair, and, if adult male, indicate presence of mustache or beard. 

Use the same method for the posterior surface of the body; indicating marks from diagram 2. Indicate 
missing teeth by crossing out the proper figures above. Gold teeth or false teeth also may be indicated 
in this way, but a note should be made explaining whether false teeth, gold teeth, etc. Also fill in blank 
above for height and weight. 





Based on an Act Providing for the Regulation of the Embalming and Dis- 
posal of Dead Bodies, for a System of Examination, Registration and 
Licensing of Embalmers, and Imposing Penalties for the Violation of 
Any of Its Provisions, Approved May 13, 1905; Adopted July S, 1905. 

It shall be the duty of every Funeral Director, Undertaker or Embalmer 
who may desire to obtain from the State Board of Health a license authoriz- 
ing him to practice the art of embalming and to handle and bury bodies 
dead of a contagious or infectious disease to conform to rules made therefor 
by the State Board of Health, towit: 

Rule 1. He shall make application for a license to the State Board of 
Health in writing, on the blank form prescribed by the S:ate Board of 
Health. Such application shall contain the information asked for thereon 
and shall be accompanied by certificates signed by two reputable professional 
or business men attesting to the good moral character of the applicant, and 
also by a recent photograph (unmounted) of the applicant properly cer- 
tified to. 

Rule 2. The application shall also be accompanied by the examination 
and license fee of five dollars ($5.00), which shall entitle the applicant to 
an examination as to his qualifications, and to a license if he passes an 

Rule 3. The applicant must have attained the age of twenyt-one (21) 
years at the time of examination. 

Rule 4. The applicant shall pass an examination before a committee 
appointed by the State Board of Health in the following subjects: (a) 
Anatomy; (b) Sanitary Science; (c) The Care, Preservation, Embalming, 
Transportation and Burial of Dead Bodies; (d) Practical Operations on the 
Cadaver. Seventy-five (75) per cent of satisfactory answers on a scale of 
one hundred (100) shall be required to entitle the applicant to a license. 

Rule 5. The prescribed examinations shall be held under the direction 
of the State Board of Health at least twice yearly at such times and places 
as may be designated by the Board. 

Rule 6. The license contemplated in these rules shall expire on the 
thirty-first (31st) day of December following the date of issuance. 

Rule 7. Licenses may be renewed annually by the State Board of 
Health, within thirty (30) days after the date of expiration, providing the 
holder of such license shall make proper application to the said Board on 
the blank forms prescribed and pay the sum of one dollar ($1.00) renewal fee. 

Rule 8. The State Board of Health will not issue or renew licenses pro- 
vided for in this Act to persons who have by false and fraudulent representa- 
tions obtained or sought to obtain practice in their profession, or by false 
or fraudulent representation of their profession have obtained or sought to 
obtain money or anything of value, or for any other unprofessional or 
disorderly conduct, or for the wilful violation of the rules of the State 
Board of Health. 

Rule 9. Any wilful violation of the Official Rules Concerning the Trans- 
portation of the Dead will be deemed sufficient cause for the State Board 
of Health to refuse to issue or renew the license provided for. 

Rule 10. Any licensed embalmer who signs a certificate attesting to the 
preparation of a body not prepared by himself or, under his direction, by a 
licensed embalmer holding a license as such issued by the Illinois State 
Board of Health, shall be considered guilty of a wilful violation of the rules 
of the State Board of Health. 

Rule 11. The State Board of Health shall keep a record in which shall 
be registered the names and residences of all persons to whom licenses have 
been issued with number and date of issuance. A copy of this record shall 
be furnished to all persons receiving a license. 


Rule 13. Temporary licenses to practice will not be issued by the State 
Board of Health. The only legal authority is the license from the State 
Board of Health provided for by law. 

Rule 14. In accordance with the provisions of the law, any person shall 
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor who shall, after January 1, 1906, embalm 
or prepare for transportation any body dead of a contagious or infectious 
disease, or embalm any body or hold himself out as practicing the art of 
embalming without having obtained a license from the State Board of 


An examination by the State Board of Health of Illinois, under the law 
in force July 1, 1905, providing for the regulation of the embalming and 
disposal of dead bodies, for a system of examination, etc., will be held at 
Chicago, in the Coliseum Annex, Wabash Avenue and Sixteenth Street, 
Tuesday, November 11, 1913. 

All applicants should be present at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, November 11th. 

Those who desire to take an examination will be required to make appli- 
cation to the secretary of the board on the application blank prescribed 
by the State Board of Health, on or before Saturday, November 1, 1913, and 
send therewith the statutory fee, five dollars ($5.00). Remittances should 
be made by express or post-office order, or bank draft. Personal checks will 
not be accepted. The fee will be returned to applicants who are unable to 
appear for the examination, or will be held until a future examination. But 
unless the applicant is prevented by illness from taking this examination, 
he shall forfeit the sum of one dollar ($1.00) of the fee paid, to defray 
expenses incurred by the State Board of Health in arranging for his exam- 
ination — unless the board has been notified at least five days prior to the 
examination that he will be unable to appear. 

Applications must be made in the name of an individual, and not of 
a firm. 

Applicants must be twenty-one years of age or over. 

Applicants who desire to take an examination in a foreign language 
should notify the secretary by November 1st. The fee for translation must 
be paid by the applicant. 

The written examination embracing anatomy, sanitary science, the care, 
preservation, embalming, transportation and burial of dead bodies will be 
held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 11th. No applicant 
will be admitted after 9:30 a.m. The practical examination (operations on 
the cadaver) will be held from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. November 11th, and from 
9:30 a.m. November 12th until concluded, at the undertaking parlors of 
Mr. L. C. Ball, 736 South Wabash Avenue. 

The practical examination on November 11th will be for applicants who 
have made early application. As many will be accommodated on that day 
as is practicable. Those filing their applications first will be examined first. 

No person ivill be admitted to the examination unless he presents a card 
of admission, which will be issued to all applicants making application on 
or before November 1st. 

The filing of an application or the taking of an examination does not 
entitle the applicant to any privilege under this Act. The only legal author- 
ity to practice is a license from the State Board of Health. 

By order of the board. 

Amos Sawyer, Acting Secretary. 

as°Every applicant will be required to present to the secretary of the 
board, at the examination, an unmounted photograph of himself, taken 
since July 1, 1913. On the reverse of this photograph the applicant must 
have written his name in the presence of the physicians or other persons 
by whom he has been recommended to the State Board of Health to be 
licensed to practice in the State of Illinois. The said physicians or other 


persons shall certify, under the signature of the applicant, that the person 
whose name is written above is personally known to them to be the person 
shown in the photograph, and that the signature was written in their 
presence. A form for said certificate will be found with blank form for 
application. No applicant will be examined who has not complied with this 
rule in every respect. 

Photographs must not be sent to Springfield. 

1911 TO JUNE, 1912. 

Chicago, Febeuaey 15, 1911. 

1. Name three (3) arteries most generally used by embalmers, giving 
the lineal and anatomical guides for each. 

2. Give the exact locations and course of the following arteries: (a) 
femoral, (b) brachial, (c) axillary, (d) carotid, (e) radial. 

3. Describe the systemic circulation of blood. 

4. What arteries supply the kidneys; the liver; the stomach. 

5. Give a description of (a) Scarpa's triangle, (b) the axillary space, 
and name the arteries and veins in these spaces. 

6. Give conditions under which you would consider it necessary to 
withdraw blood from the body. How would you proceed to do it? 

7. Name five disinfectants in general use, describe how each should be 
used to be most effective. 

8. What is the difference between disinfectants, deodorizers and anti- 

9. Bodies dying of what diseases (name them) are most dangerous to 
the embalmer? If you became infected from one of these cases what would 
you do to safeguard yourself? 

10. What is "skin-slip?" What causes it and how may it be prevented? 

11. (a) What is discolaration? (b) post-mortem staining? Have you 
ever successfully overcome these conditions? If so, state how. 

12. What is death? Name the modes of death, and give the positive 
signs of death. 

13. What particular portion of the intestines would you puncture to 
most effectively remove gases from them by one incision? Why? 

14. What causes decomposition of the dead body? How would you pro- 
ceed to stop or retard its progress? 

15. What is embalming? How can you tell when you have thoroughly 
embalmed a body? Can this be done with one injection at any one point? 

16. What ingredients are prohibited from being used in embalming 
fluids in this State? State in detail why prohibited. 

17. To what cause would you assign the presence of blood in the 
arteries after death? If on opening an artery you discovered a pulsation of 
bright red blood what would you do? 

18. Write what you know of the rules and regulation of the Illinois 
State Board of Health regarding the preparation, for shipment into another 
state, of a body dead from a dangerously communicable disease. 

19. State what you know of rule six concerning the transportation of 
dead bodies. 

20. Describe necessary proceedure in disinterring and removing of body 
to another city or town for re-interment. 

Peoria, June 16, 1911. 

1. (a) Give the name of the vessel carrying venous blood from the 
heart to the lungs, (b) Name the opening in the heart from which it starts, 
and outline its course. 

2. (a) Where does the abdominal aorta commence? (b) Give its 
course and state where it terminates. 

— 3 B H 


3. (a) Describe the subclavian vein, (b) With what vein does it 
unite to form another vein? Give names of both veins, (c) State the 
relation of the subclavian vein to the artery. 

4. What are the mesenteries? Give their names. 

5. Describe the stomach. 

6. Give the chief signs of death. 

7. State what causes decomposition of a body, (b) How can you 
prevent same? 

8. Where does putrefaction first appear on a dead body? Why? 
Describe fully. 

9. (a) Name the diseases which are regarded as contagious or in- 
fectious, (b) How should an embalmer prepare himself to handle such 
cases? How should the cases be taken care of? 

10. What is skin-slip, and how do you prevent the same? 

11. What are bacteria? Describe briefly. 

12. If called to take care of the body and same show evidence of foul 
play, what would you do? 

13. Name three liquid disinfectants, and state the proportions in 
which they are used. 

14. What chemicals are forbidden by law to be used in embalming? 

15. How would you prepare a posted case for shipment? 

16. Write what you know of rules 2 and 8 of the State Board of Health. 

17. What are the chief arteries used in embalming? Why? Which do 
you prefer? 

18. Outline the embalmer's duties in relation to contagious diseases, 
and local health officials. 

19. What bodies may be transported by a non-licensed embalmer? 

20. Discuss the modes of final disposal of dead bodies, giving advant- 
ages and disadvantages of each method. 

Chicago, November 7, 1911. 

1. Name and describe the different cavities of the body, and give the 
contents of each. 

2. Describe the axillary space. 

3. Briefly describe the heart, the liver, the lungs, naming the cavity 
in which each is located. 

4. Describe < the arterial and veinous circulations of the large and 
small intestines. 

5. What do you understand by the anastomosis of arteries? Give an 

6. Name the different kinds of tissues of which the body is composed. 

7. What arteries are generally used in embalming? Give the ana- 
tomical guides to their location, and which is the best to use? 

8. What is putrefaction, fermentation, and decomposition? 

9. What special treatment would you give a case of typhoid fever? 

10. What do you understand by "sanitation?" 

11. What measures would you take to disinfect your person and cloth- 
ing after handling a contagious case? 

12. Name four diseases caused by bacteria, giving the name of the bac- 
terium in each disease. 

13. What would you do to prevent purging from the lungs? 

14. What measures would you employ to preserve a body without em- 

15. Why do you drain blood? Is it always necessary? 

16. Define embalming. What is accomplished by it, and how many 
methods are there? 

17. Name the principal chemicals used in embalming fluid. 

18. Describe the proper method of injecting arteries. What precau- 
tions should be observed? 

19. Name four diseases in which bodies must be prepared, for trans- 
portation, by a licensed embalmer. 

20. Discuss the handling of disinterred bodies. 


Chicago, February 13, 1912. 

1. Describe the abdomen, and tell what it contains. 

2. What is the thorax? Name its boundaries and its contents. 

3. Give the average weight and dimensions of the liver. Describe 
its location. 

4. What is the aorta? Where and from what does it arise and how 
does it end? 

5. Give the name, origin, course and termination of the principal 
artery of the upper arm. 

6. What is a contagious disease? Name three, and state why bodies 
dead from such disease require special attention from the undertaker and 

7. Describe fully the preparation of a room for disinfection with sul- 
phur or formaldehyde. 

8. Give the advantages and the disadvantage of sulphur as a disin- 
fectant. The same for formaldehyde. 

9. What is a germicide? Name three, and state the strength of solu- 
tion in which each should be used ordinarily. 

10. State the purposes of embalming. Name the ingredients of an 
embalming fluid which accomplishes each of these purposes. 

11. State the conditions in which you would withdraw blood. From 
what vessels would you take it? 

12. What should be done in the preservation of a body in which there 
was gangrene of the extremities? 

13. In arterial embalming name the arteries of your first and second 
choice. Tell why you prefer them. 

14. To what are the discolorations of the body due? How may they 
be overcome? 

15. Describe the embalming of a body which has been the subject of a 
post-mortem examination. 

16. Tell how you would prepare a body dead from scarlet fever for 

17. Which of the following diseases are infectious or contagious, and 
which not infectious or contagious: pulmonary tuberculosis, membranous 
croup, nephritis, appendicitis, pneumonia, typhoid fever, pleurisy, erysipelas? 

18. What bodies are forbidden transportation for burial? 

19. Describe the handling of disinterred bodies? 

20. Tell what you know of the construction of mausoleums. 

Peoria, June 7, 1912. 

1. Name and give the location and course of the principal vein of the 
arm. What artery accompanies it? 

2. Describe the axillary space. 

3. Give the anatomical and linear guides to the brachial artery. 

4. Give the divisions of the abdomen. 

5. Give in detail the difference between the small and large intestines. 

6. (a) What do you understand by "septic infection?" (b) What 
bacteria are most commonly associated with this condition? 

7. To what is erysipelas due? 

8. (a) Name five diseases after the presence of which, rooms or 
houses should be disinfected, (b) Which gaseous disinfectant has the 
greatest penetrating power? 

9. (a) To what is rigor mortis due? (b) What conditions determine 
the time after death at which it occurs? 

10. What class of bacteria produce putrefaction? 

11. What results if you inject a vein or artery filled with blood? How 
would you attempt to remedy the condition? 

12. Briefly discuss the removal of discolorations. 

13. Describe the steps in raising the femoral artery. 

14. In treating a body dead from pulmonary tuberculosis, how would 
you cause the fluid to reach cavities in the lungs? 


15. What preservatives are used in embalming fluids? 

16. When you inject the right radial artery, explain how the fluid 
reaches the left hand. 

17. How would you prepare for transportation and burial, a body dead 
from scarlet fever? 

18. Give the rules applicable to preparation and transportation of cases 
of smallpox. 

19. Write at least half a page on the professional conduct of the em- 
balmer and undertaker. 


At the examinations of the Illinois State Board of Health held during 
1910, there were present 273 applicants. 

The results of the examinations were as follows: 

Passed 205 

Failed 68 

At the examinations held during 1911, there were present for examina- 
tion 309 applicants. 

The results of the examinations were as follows: 

Passed 210 

Failed 96 

Incomplete 2 

Withdrew 1 

At the examinations held from September 30, 1912, to September 30, 
1913, there were present 472 applicants. 

The results of the examinations were as follows: 

Passed 358 

Failed 96 

Incomplete 14 

Withdrew 4 


Section 10 of the Act to amend the Act in Relation to Coroners, approved 
May 17, 1907, makes it the duty of every coroner to take charge of and hold 
an inquest on the dead body of every person within his county, who is "sup- 
posed to have come to his or her death by violence, casualty or any undue 

Section 25 of the same Act makes it a misdemeanor for any undertaker 
or other person to inject or embalm a dead body which is "the subject of a 
coroner's inquest," or to even place any fluid or preparation of any kind on 
the body "before obtaining permission from the coroner." 

It will be seen from the above that the embalmer who injects or embalms 
a body to which death is supposed to have come "by violence, casualty or any 
undue means," without obtaining permission from the coroner, violates the 
law and subjects himself to a penalty; that the undertaker who, without 
permission from the coroner, merely washes the said body in an antiseptic 
solution, renders himself liable to prosecution, and that the funeral director 
who simply prepares such body for burial, incurs a grave risk unless he first 
obtains the permission of the coroner. 

Physicians frequently overlook the fact that all deaths from "violence, 
casualty or any undue means" — to use the language of the Statute, — are to 
be referred to the coroner. This inadvertence has frequently caused em- 
barrassment to the physician, and distress to the relatives and friends, by 
interrupting or delaying the burial. If, in the future, physicians continue to 


issue death certificates in cases in which the coroner alone has jurisdiction, 
their thoughtlessness may not only cause embarrassment to themselves, and 
distress to the relatives or friends of the deceased, but may also occasion 
great trouble to the embalmer or undertaker who takes charge of the body. 

And it is upon the unfortunate embalmer or undertaker that trouble will 
be visited, for the law imposes no penalty on the physician who usurps the 
function of the coroner. 

Undertakers and embalmers should keep continually in mind the fact 
that all deaths from accidents, misadventure, negligence, unknown causes, 
and all forms of violence — whether intentional or otherwise — are "the sub- 
ject of a coroner's inquest," and the coroner alone is authorized to certify 
as to the cause and manner of death in these cases. 

Removal of Dead Bodies from One County to Another. 

10a. No person shall remove the dead body of any person from the 
county in which the same shall be found or lying, before obtaining the per- 
mission of the coroner of said county where such body is the subject of a 
coroner's inquest. Any person who shall violate the provision of this sec- 
tion, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall 
be fined not less than ten dollars ($10.00), nor more than one hundred 
dollars ($100.00), or imprisoned in the county jail not less than thirty (30) 
days, nor more than ninety (90) days, or shall suffer both such fine and 
imprisonment. — Law of 1909. 


Of the Illinois State Board of Health for the Transportation of the Dead from 
Points in Illinois, in force January 1, 1906, Based on An Act Provid- 
ing for the Regulation of the Embalming and the Disposal of Dead, 
Bodies, and for a System of Examination, Registration and Licensing 
of Embalmers in the State of Illinois. Approved May 13, 1905. And 
on Transportation Rules Approved and Adopted by the Conference of 
State and Provincial Boards of Health of North America, October 24, 

Rule 1. The transportation of bodies dead of smallpox or bubonic 
plague, is absolutely prohibited. 

Rule 1A. The transportation of bodies dead of any contagious or in- 
fectious disease is prohibited unless the body has been prepared for trans- 
portation by a licensed embalmer holding a license as such, issued by the 
Illinois State Board of Health. 

Rule 2. The bodies of those dead of Asiatic cholera, yellow fever, 
typhus fever, diphtheria (membranous croup), scarlet fever (scarlatina, 
scarlet rash), erysipelas, glanders anthrax or leprosy, shall not be accepted 
for transportation unless prepared for shipment by being thoroughly dis- 
infected by (a) arterial and cavity injection with an approved disinfecting 
fluid; (b) disinfection and stopping of all orifices with absorbent cotton, 
and (c) washing the body with the disinfectant, all of which must be done 
by a licensed embalmer holding a license as such, issued by the Illinois 
State Board of Health. 

After being disinfected as above, such body shall be enveloped in a 
layer of dry cotton, not less than one inch thick, completely wrapped in 
a sheet securely fastened, and encased in an air-tight zinc, tin, copper, or 
lead-lined coffin or iron casket, all joints and seams hermetically sealed, 
and all enclosed in a strong, tight wooden box. Or the body being prepared 
for shipment by disinfecting and wrapping as above, may be placed in a 
strong coffin or casket, and said coffin or casket encased in an air tight 
zinc, copper, or tin-lined box, all joints and seams hermetically soldered. 

Rule 3. Bodies of those dead of any contagious or infectious (com- 
municable) diseases, except those specified in Rules 1 and 2, may be received 


for transportation when prepared by a licensed embalmer holding a license 
as such, issued by the Illinois State Board of Health, by arterial and cavity 
injection with an approved disinfecting fluid, washing the exterior of the 
body with the same, and enveloping the entire body with a layer of cotton 
not less than one inch thick, and all wrapped in a sheet securely fastened 
and encased in an air-tight metallic casket or coffin or air-tight metal lined 
box. When prepared by a licensed embalmer as directed in Rule 2, the air- 
tight sealing and bandaging with cotton may be dispensed with.* 

Rule 4. The bodies of those dead from any cause not stated in Rules 
1, 2 and 3 may be received for transportation when encased in a sound 
coffin or casket and enclosed in a strong outside wooden box, provided they 
can reach their destination within thirty hours from the time of death. If 
the body cannot reach its destination within thirty hours from the time of 
death, it must be prepared for shipment by a licensed embalmer in the man- 
ner directed in Rule 2, provided that the air-tight sealing and bandaging 
with cotton may be dispensed with. 

Rule 5. In the shipment of bodies dead from any disease named in 
Rule 2, such body must not be accompanied by persons or • articles which 
have been exposed to the infection of the disease, unless certified by the 
health officer as having been properly disinfected. 

Before selling tickets, agents should carefully examine the transit per- 
mit and note the name of the passenger in charge, and of any other pro- 
posing to accompany the body, and see that all necessary precautions have 
been taken to prevent the spread of the disease. The transit permit in 
such cases shall specifically state who is authorized by the health authorities 
to accompany the remains. In all cases where bodies are forwarded under 
Rule 2, notice must be sent by telegraph by the shipping embalmer to the 
health officer, or, when there is no health officer, to other competent author- 
ity at destination, advising the date and train on which the body may be 

Rule 6. Every dead body must be accompanied by a person in charge, 
who must be provided with a passage ticket and also present a full first- 
class ticket marked "Corpse" for the transportation of the body and a tran- 
sit permit showing physician's or coroner's certificate, name of deceased, 
date and hour of death, age, place of death, cause of death, and all other 
items of the certificate of death, as far as obtainable, including health 
officer's or registrar's permit for removal, whether a contagious or infec- 
tious (communicable) or non-contagious or non-infectious (non-communi- 
cable) disease, the point to which the body is to be shipped, and, when death 
is caused by any of the diseases specified in Rule 2, the names of those 
authorized by the health authorities to accompany the body. Also the 
undertaker's certificate as to how the body has been prepared for shipment. 
The transit permit must be made in duplicate, and the signature of the 
physician or coroner, health officer, and undertaker, must be on both the 
original and duplicate copies. The undertaker's or registrar's certificate 
and paster of the original shall be detached from the transit permit and 
securely fastened on the end of the coffin box. All coffin boxes must be pro- 
vided with at least four handles. The physician's certificate and transit per- 
mit shall be handed to the passenger in charge of the corpse. The whole 
duplicate copy shall be sent to the official in charge of the baggage depart- 
ment of the initial line, and by him to the secretary of the State Board of 

This rule is waived so far as it applies to the transportation of bodies 
to the cemeteries within and immediately adjacent to cities of 100,000 or 
more inhabitants, and the State Board of Health hereby authorizes railroads 
and other common carriers to transport dead bodies to such cemeteries on 
burial permits issued by the proper officials of such cities in conformity 
with the city ordinances. 

* Rule 3£: Providing that this does not apply to bodies dead of minor infectious diseases not mentioned 
in Rules 1 and 2, where the bodies are wrapped in a sheet saturated in a solution of bichloride of mercury 
in the strength of an ounce of bichloride of mercury to the gallon of water, and enclosed in a tight Cook 
County burial case, such bodies to be accepted for shipment only from Oak Forest to Chicago over the 
Rock island Railroad. 


Rule 7. When bodies are shipped by express, a transit permit, as 
described in Rule 6, must be made out in duplicate. The undertaker's cer- 
tificate and paster of the original shall be detached from the transit permit 
and securely fastened on the coffin box. The physician's certificate and 
transit permit shall be attached to and accompany the express way-bill 
covering the remains, and be delivered with the body at the point of des- 
tination to the person to whom it is consigned. The whole duplicate copy 
shall be sent by the forwarding express agent to the secretary of the State 
Board of Health. 

Rule 8. Every disinterred body, dead from any disease or cause, shall 
be treated as infectious or dangerous to the public health, and shall not 
be accepted for transportation unless said removal has been approved by 
the State Board of Health; and all such disinterred remains, or the coffin 
or casket containing the same, must be wrapped in a woolen blanket thor- 
oughly saturated with a 1/1000 solution of corrosive sublimate, and 
enclosed in a hermetically soldered zinc, tin, or copper-lined box. But bodies 
deposited in receiving vaults shall not be treated and considered the same 
as buried bodies, when originally prepared by a licensed embalmer as de- 
fined in Rule 2, and as directed in Rule 2 or 3 (according to the nature of 
the disease causing death), provided shipment takes place within thirty 
days from the time of death. The shipment of bodies prepared in the 
manner above directed by licensed embalmers from receiving vaults may be 
made within thirty days from the time of death without having to obtain 
permission from the health authorities of the locality to which the body is 
consigned. After thirty days the casket or coffin box containing said body 
must be enclosed in a hermetically soldered box. 

Rule 9. In the transportation in or through Illinois of bodies received 
form points outside of Illinois, transportation officials will be governed by the 
Official Rules of the Illinois State Board of Health, adopted April 1, 1904, 
based on rules adopted by the Conference of State and Provincial Boards 
of Health of North America, October 24, 1903, provided that after January 1, 
1908, no transportation company operating in Illinois will accept a body 
dead of any contagious or infectious disease for transportation through or 
to any point in Illinois unless the body has been prepared by a licensed em- 
balmer holding a certificate as such, issued by a State authority. 

Rule 10. All rules and parts of rules conflicting with these rules are 
hereby repealed. 

The foregoing rules having been adopted by the State Board of Health 
of the State of Illinois and ordered published, have the force and validity 
of law by virtue of the authority vested in said State Board of Health by 
Sec. 2, Chap. 126a, Revised Statutes of Illinois. 

Under the provision of said section, the State Board of Health has 
"the general supervision of the interest of the health and life of the citizens 
of the State," and is empowered "to make such rules and regulations" as it 
"may from time to time deem necessary for the the preservation or im- 
provement of the public health; and it shall be the duty of all police officers, 
sheriff, constables and all other officers and employees' of the State to enforce 
such Rules and Regulations." 

By order of the Board, 

Springfield, August 1, 1905. J. A. Egan, M. D., Secretary. 


Under the provisions of the Official Rules of the State Board of Health, 
all bodies accepted for transportation must have been prepared for ship- 
ment by a State Licensed Embalmer except those under Rule 4, which can 
reach their destination within thirty hours from the time of death. 

In other words, a body prepared by a non-licensed embalmer shall not 
be accepted for transportation if death occurred from a contagious or infec 
tious disease or from any diseases specifically stated in Rules 1, 2, or 3; and 
no body prepared by a non-licensed embalmer shall be accepted for trans- 
portation unless the body can reach its destination within thirty hours from 
the time of death. 



Illinois State Board of Health 


July 1, 1913. 

License Expires December 31, 1913. 

No. Name. Address. 

2868 Abrahams, Joseph 703 E. 47th st. 

2108 Adams, Carl J 9117 Houston av. 

1322 Adams, Charles N 2410 W. North av. 

959 Adams, Henry E 3734 Archer av. 

3061 Adamowicz, Walter 2318 S. Leavitt st. 

2240 Ahern, Thomas J 214 S. Kedzie av. 

857 Ahlgrim, Arthur 1918 W. 21st st. 

10 Alberti, Jacob 840 W. 63d st. 

11 Aldous, Herbert J 88 E. Eandolph st. 

2306 Allen, Richard A 859 N. Clark st. 

3466 Alfred, Edward H 47 E. 22d st. 

2109 Almeroth, George 1720 N. Washtenaw av. 

2801 Alt, Otto 2640 W. Division st. 

1552 Anderson, Chas. A 3115 State st. 

1553 Anderson, Charles Willie 1161 Grand av. 

3063 Andrews, Lester H 7107 Vincennes rd. 

1736 Angelloch, Phillip 219 W. 23d st. 

3534 Apollara, Tony 1161 Grand av. 

2957 Armentrout, Louise 46 E. Indiana st. 

2308 Armentrout, Roy Victor 46 E. Indiana st. 

1738 Arnett, Ferdinand J 1587 Ogden av. 

3467 Arnold, Arthur Clyde 1907 Congress st. 

3015 Arnold, Chas. M 2724 N. Clark st. 

14 Arntzen, Bernard E 810 N. Clark st. 

2803 Ausmus, Earle 2823 Archer av. 

1554 Bacigalupo, Constantino 753 Farquer st. 

2309 Bacigalupo, John 1858 Van Buren st. 

2110 Baker, Alfred Ovid 3217 S. Park av. 

Licensed Embalm ers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2311 Bakos, Steven 5200 Lincoln st. 

809 Ball, LaFayette C ' 736 S. 41st av. 

2397 Barber, Chas. M 1502 W. Madison st. 

1739 Barbour, Harry A 4227 Cottage Grove av. 

1989 Barker, Earl A 2309 Madison st. 

2698 Barker, Frank M . . .2816 Harvard st. 

602 Barnes, Carl Lewis 1977 Ogden av. 

2961 Barniville, Robert 4848 N. Wisconsin av. 

2960 Barney, Eobert J 535 E. 36th st. 

1555 Bartz, William 4631 Wentworth av. 

1740 Bartz, William M. Jr 4631 Wentworth av. 

1637 Becvar, Frank 1850 W. 47th st. 

328 Bentley, L. A 2701 N. Clark st. 

1870 Berry, Carleton C 2629 Hampden ct. 

1638 Berry, Matthew J 2314 N. Central Park av. 

669 Berry, Nellie G 2629 Hampden ct. 

606 Berwick, Nicholas F 1300 Newport av. 

607 Berz, Otto H 1449 Madison st. 

1872 Biddle, John W. 1750 W. 35th st. 

1259 Bilger, Charles Fred 5133 Lake av. 

2756 Birren, Alex C 2927 Lincoln av. 

445 Birren, Henry N 213 W. Division st. 

23 Birren, Peter A 2927 Lincoln av. 

2873 Blake, Glenn R 2433 W. Adams st. 

446 Blake, Joseph 712 W. 31st st. 

1873 Blake, Thos. H 712 W. 31st st. 

2182 Blayney, George H : 6352 Monroe av. 

3242 Bleuer, Herman A 1059 Ridgeway av. 

1253 Bolger, Bernard W 2626 Armitage av. 

25 Bolger, William 217 N. Western av. 

2114 Bond, Roscoe P 5509 Greenwood av. 

2874 Bourne, Archibald James 3353 W. 63d st. 

2963 Bowden, Benjamin D 4028 W. Lake st. 

1559 Bowen, Simon F 410 S. Western av. 

31 Bowman. John W 2236 Wentworth av. 

2807 Bowman, Lemuel M 7124 Eggleston av. 

3324 Boyd, Chas. 1 3972 Vernon av. 

3386 Boyd, James David 5716 Prairie av. 

33 Boydston. Frank T 4227 Cottage Grove av. 

690 Bovsen, Charles Conrad 2933 Cottage Grove av. 

610 Bradford, John C 912 W. Madison st. 

2R08 Bradlev. Charles P 1429 W. Madison st. 

777 Bradley, Patrick Chicago. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

35 Bradley, William 2923 Van Buren st. 

2964 Brady, Owen Alayisous. . . 88 E. Kandolph st. 

2315 Brady, Peter J 3458 South Halsted st. 

2474 Brennan, Frank Thos 7805 Emerald av. 

2316 Brieske, Leo M 2925 Southport av. 

3155 Brietzke, William F 3134 Elston av. 

3017 Britton, William 817 E. 76th st. 

334 Brown, James E 8947 Comm. av. 

1017 Brown, Jos. J 3128 W r arren av. 

3472 Brown, J. Thomas 1764 Ogden av. 

3243 Brown, William James 2414 Park av. 

2759 Bruce, Joshua H 1711 Fulton st. 

2876 Bruna, Mary A 1344 W. 19th st. 

3389 Brunner, Eugene 1948 Ogden av. 

3536 Buckett, Stanley E 6223 Langley av. 

3019 Budoff, Oscar Niles 1305 Willis ct. 

2965 Buechel, Eobert 3443 Walnut st. 

3537 Buford, Felix J. ........... 1755 Fulton st. 

38 Buffum, J. Whittier 1722 Wabash av. 

1393 Bumgardner, Carl. 2819 Archer av. 

1866 Burke, John P 5533 Wentworth av. 

1563 Burkhardt, Emil 1830 W. Chicago av. 

2966 Burkhard, Fred 3849 Lincoln av. 

43 Burmeister, Charles 1424 Larrabee st. 

3538 Burns, John William 1977 Ogden av. 

438 Buscher, Fred 1554 Wells st. 

1395 Buscher, Fred, Jr 1554 Wells st. 

49 Buss, George John 1214 S. Ashland av. 

1750 Butler, Orlando Howser 1122 Fullerton av. 

337 Butzow, Julius E 2109 Ogden av. 

1997 Byrne, Patrick Joseph 748 W. 35th st. 

3159 Caman, John E . . 3725 Cottage Grove av. 

1182 Carey, James 2820 W. Congress st. 

1753 Carey, John 1529 W. 21st st. 

2760 Carlson, Albert E 623 W. 120th st. 

816 Carlson, Carl E 6.23 W. 120th st. 

339 Carlson, N. G 623 120th st. 

2881 Carlstein, Aaron D.D.S 720 W. 12th st. 

3162 Carrick, Albert E 63 Washington pi. 

3245 Carnahan, James Roy .316 S. Oakley boul. 

2882 Carney, Jay Charles". 124 E. 22d st. 

2404 Carroll, Dennis M 833 N. Clark st. 

451 Cermak, Albert 1653 S. Troop st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2475 Chambers, Aaron S 6139 Woodlawn av. 

2701 Chrastka, John T 3410 W. 26th st. 

3247 Churan, Albert G 2125 Bradley pi. 

3475 Churchill, Alex. B 3448 S. State st. 

3541 Cleary, Patrick D 2500 W. 38th st. 

452 Cleveland, Silas E 2824 Warren av. 

1141 Cline, Fred Irving 6359 S. Halsted st. 

3248 Cohn, Louis 2658 Washington boul. 

2476 Coletto, Michael 159 W. 22d st. 

3250 Collins, Mary A 3740 W. Chicago av. 

2318 Collins, Philip Henry 3740 W. Chicago av. 

3544 Cook, Clarence R 317 W. Division st. 

3391 Coombs, Cyril Carne 5940 Iowa st. 

3542 Conboy, Mary E 1850 Grand av. 

1647 Conboy, Eichard M 1850 Grand av. 

2405 Condon, William J 2923 Van Buren st. 

2186 Cooney, Martin M 11202 Morse av. 

538 Conover, George N 3401 Vernon av. 

2812 Cooper, Arthur S 1253 N. Clark st. 

1465 Costello, Charles Joseph 2316 W. Lake st. 

2696 Craig, Geo. D 530 W. 79th st. 

1886 Crane, Thomas M 1520 W. 69th st. 

3478 Crollott, Henry 1927 W. Congress st. 

2189 Cronin, Harry Joseph 414 N. Paulina st. 

64 Cumings, Patrick J 4125 State st. 

455 Cunningham, William A 424 W. 63d st. 

65 Curley, Daniel F 4517 Wentworth av. 

342 Curtin, William D 641 Wells st. 

3023 Cushnick, Chas. E 6836 Peoria st. 

2122 Czeszewska, Joseph A 8261 Superior av. 

66 Dahlgren, Chas. J 5822 Wentworth av. 

1254 Dahlgren, J. Albert 5822 Wentworth av. 

3167 Dahlgren, Walter G 5822 Wentworth av. 

1570 Dake, Stephen 10 W. 18th st. 

1302 Daley. Michael J 4126 Indiana av. 

2972 Davis, Frederick W 2673 Washington boul. 

2657 Davis, Gaylord F 5541 Lexington st. 

2393 Davy, William B 1964 S. Hamlin av. 

2573 Decker, Elmer John 211 S. 41st av. 

3-140 De Cola, Fred S 523 N. Curtis st. 

2124 De Motte, W. C 901 Jackson boul. 

72 Dempster, Geo. W 6014 Wentworth av. 

2012 Dempster, Willis G 6014 Wentworth av. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

71 Deneen, Morris 5216 N. Clark st. 

3479 Derengowski, M. F 822 N. Carpenter. 

2125 De Stefano, Louis 906 Grand av. 

2409 Dettler, Frank F 2537 Fullerton av. 

2815 DeubeL William Christian 5332 S. Wood st. 

1763 DeubeL, William 5119 S. Ashland av. 

2014 Deuel, Freeman S 47 E. 22d. 

2762 Deutsch, Matthew J 5518 W. Adams st. 

3548 Deutschman, Harold J 1365 LaSalle av. 

2574 Devereux, Jas. E 532 N. Paulina st. 

2776 Dicks, Edward A '. 870 King pi. 

3394 Dickson, Clarence S 4028 Lake st. 

2577 Dixon, Eoy D 356 E. 35th st. 

1144 Dobson, William J 3918 Irving Park boul. 

2126 Dodd, Earl B 317 W. Division st. 

1574 Donaldson, Oliver N 3341 Armour av. 

1035 Donoghue, Thos. H 2168 N. California av. 

1894 Doonan, Matthew J 3846 W. 12th st. 

1269 Doty, Frederick Duane 214 E. 115th st. 

866 Drake, August F 3319 W. Division st. 

818 Drake, Charles Kent 2219 Lincoln av. 

2411 Drayer, Paul 419 Wells st. 

2481 Drazba, Steve C 5356 Grand av. 

3254 Drygalski, Max 1455 W. Superior st. 

3550 Drygalski, Mike 1455 W. Superior st. 

867 Duffy, William A 88 E. Eandolph st. 

457 Dunstan, Edw. L 2015 W. Madison. 

3483 Ebert, Gregory F 26 N. Franklin av. 

347 Eckert, Joseph J 1033 Blue Island av. 

2819 Ecklund, Joe T 3025 Wentworth av. 

1478 Eden, Will W., Jr Boston Store, Chicago. 

3484 Edgar, David W 4804 N. Eobey st. 

2974 Edwards, Frank P 323 E. 37th st. 

3172 Eisfeldt, Edward A 2216 Southport av. 

348 Eisfeldt, Wm 2216 Southport av. 

2129 Elsinger, Geo. W 6648 S. Sangamon st. 

1575 Ellison, Wm 750 W. North av. 

2821 Erhart, Louis H 1236 S. Washtinaw av. 

2018 Erpelding, Victor H 643 Melrose st. 

2484 Eudeikis, John F 4605 Hermitage av. 

3255 Ezerski, Mary A 4545 S. Paulina st. 

2764 Fermier, Eichard 5239 W. Ohio st. 

84 Fern, W. W 528 W. 79th st. 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1187 Ferran, James J 631 N. Christiana av. 

1576 Fiala, Bart 4954 Hermitage av. 

1899 Figueira, Wm. A 164 N. Michigan av. 

3553 Finnell, Thos. J 4215 W. Harrison st. 

2131 Finley, Clarence W 3422 State st. 

3256 Flanagan, Leo Joseph 6902 Wabash av. 

2891 Flavin, Edward Morris 1438 Plaisance ct, 

3399 Foertsch, Frank E 1828 S. Johnson st. 

763 Foskett, Alvin 523 W. 66th st. 

86 Freckelton, W. J 5442 Ashland av. 

1653 Freeman, Calvin L 1401 Winnemac av. 

1901 Fritsch, Kasimer 1041 Noble st. 

2849 Fulton, Robert Henry 1732 Melrose st. 

431 Furth, Juel E ' 356 E. 35th st. 

3259 Gans, Earl H 1867 Ogden av. 

2257 Gardzielewski, Louis 1655 W. 17th st. 

1582 Gass, Harry H 356 E. 35th st. 

90 Gavin, James C 326 S. Center av. 

89 Gavin, Joseph A 642 N. Clark st. 

2022 Gavin, John F 326 S. Center av. 

1777 Gavin, Thomas E 642 N. Clark st. 

340* Gerdes, L. D., Jr 1522 E. 53d st. 

333v Getman, Charles Chapin 7536 Emerald av. 

355 Ghent, S. A 4252 Cottage Grove av. 

2995 Gibbons, John 944 Eush st. 

2582 Giblin, Edward J 2844 W. Harrison st. 

3487 Glassburn, Wayne F 709 E. 47th st. 

1366 Glavin, Thos. Franklin 948 Center st. 

2417 Gleason, Martin 3718 Halsted st. 

2418 Goettert, Nicholas 2046 W. 23d st. 

2419 Good, Phares B 549 W. 31st st. 

3027 Gogolinski, Felix Frank 1858 W. Huron st. 

2420 Gordon, Frank 1837 S. Halsted st. 

1780 Gordon, James 3707 Ogden av. 

2584 Gordon, Thomas J 1837 S. Halsted st. 

3558 Goslee. Harold L 504 S. Lincoln st. 

2825 Grabarski, Albert F 1322 Cleaver st. 

3559 Grabarski, Joseph S 1322 Cleaver st. 

3405 Graff, A. J 1909 Harrison st. 

2977 Graham. Francis . 3012 Prairie av. 

1367 Grahl, Edward H 1755 W. 13th st. 

3406 Grannan, Joseph William 7015 Green st. 

2134 Gratch, Samuel 2303 W. North av. 

3260 Green, Joseph Henry 3832 S. State st. 


Licensed Enibalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1368 Green, Eollie W 3832 S. State st. 

3261 Greenberg, Alfred H 721 S. 41st av. 

627 Grein, Bernhard 1723 Larrabee st. 

822 Grein, Joseph 2110 Irving Park boul. 

3560 Greskoviak, John F 1748 Hermitage av. 

2979 Griesel, Claude Ed 5133 Lake av. 

96 GrieseL Edward T. A 8946 Comm. av. 

2329 Grodzki, Leo Francis 2121 Webster av. 

3488 Gross, Otto August . 1805 Jackson boul. 

3262 Groth, Edward Emil 5728 Laflin st. 

1888 Gurski, Joseph 2839 W. Belmont av. 

97 Gustin, Lewis V 4227 Cottage Grove av, 

98 Hadley, Preston B 2638 Adams st. 

99 Hagadone, George L 4654 State st. 

2230 Haggard, William Anthony 136 S. Western av. 

3618 Haines, Hugh B 2346 Madison st. 

1370 Hale, Ernest Gordon 3615 W. 22d st. 

1783 Hale, Willie E 3176 N. Clark st. 

1223 Haller, Walfred S 2408 S. Lawndale av. 

3263 Hamann, George 1019 Webster av. 

2200 Hamann, Eudolph E 1019 Webster av. 

2425 Hamburg, Eugene A 438 E. Brau pi. 

666 Hamburg, Lewis E 4649 Prairie av. 

2587 Hamburg, Otto 2259 W. 22d st. 

2588 Hanlon, Arthur Bernard 1232 S. Sawyer av. 

1414 Hanna, Thos. L 3115 State st. 

3562 Hamilton, Floyd L 1907 W. Congress st. 

2826 Hanson, Jay D 508 S. Winchester av. 

360 Hardin, James J 1809 S. Hamlin av. 

2898 Hardy, Eobt. C 3528 S. Hoyne av. 

2899 Harney, Carrie E 2034 Sunnyside av. 

2827 Harney, James Francis 2034 Sunnyside av. 

2028 Harrington, Eoy Eldredge 6312 Monroe av. 

105 Hartig, Hubert 1040 W. 31st st. 

2590 Hartig, Nicholas C 2958 Poplar av. 

2029 Harty, Edward Ignatius 3712 Ogden av. 

2951 Hartley, Ora J . .' 2346 W. Madison st. 

1911 Hartmann, Wm 2303 W. North av. 

2137 Hartnett, John J 549 W. 31st st. 

824 Hartwick, James F. .900 Center st. 

1913 Hayes, John S 516 N. Sangamon st. 

3489 Haynes, Charles L 2923 Indiana av. 

110 Healy, Martin W 2701 N. Clark st. 

3490 Hecker, Conrad Victor 2422 Lowe av. 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

JNTch Name. Address. 

3185 Heim, Walter E 5450 N. Paulina st. 

1914 Henn, Irwin Charles 504 S. Lincoln st. 

1785 Henn, Walter P 504 S. Lincoln st. 

3566 Henning, George Bussell 1909 Harrison st. 

1915 Henry, Walter P 4424 Elston av. 

3186 Hennessey, David A. C 6953 S. Halsted st. 

3031 Heyden, Frederick F 3140 W. Monroe st. 

3492 Hibbard, Harry 1019 Webster av. 

3381 Hicks, Albert Vincent 1346 Madison st. 

1916 Hickey, George, Jr 3049 Loomis st. 

114 Hickey, George A. V 2911 Archer av. 

1224 Hickey, James Joseph 1602 W. 35th st. 

1917 Hickey, William F 2911 Archer av. 

2336 Hildebrecht, Walter A 3652 Perry st. 

471 Hildreth, C. E 5208 Madison st. 

1918 Hildreth, Pay C 5950 Washington boul. 

3343 Hill, Edward Thornton 2961 State st. 

1787 Hinze, Frank G 1903 W. North av. 

3410 Hinze, George E 1903 W. North av. 

1193 Hitzeman, Frederick H 4117 W. 26th st. 

2902 Hoban, Harry H 415 W. 63d st. 

472 Hochschild, Win. A 2443 Burling st. 

632 Hochspeier, F. W 2410 North av. 

1176 Hodkinson, Joseph P 512 S. Kedzie av. 

3344 Hoest, Walter 5216 Southport av. 

3034 Holinquest, Paul Fred 2128 W. 22d st. 

3033 Hollidav, James L 859 N. Clark st. 

117 Horan, Daniel J 307 E. 61st st. 

2772 Hornburg, Edward 1321 W. 31st st. 

557 Horning, John J 6323 Wentworth av. 

3345 Hornung, William B 8838 Morgan st. 

1789 Hoseth, William M 2627 N. Troy st. 

3411 Howe, Tracy Bartlett 1909 W. Harrison st. 

119 Hultin, Nicolaus Hjalmar 3176 N. Clark st. 

475 Hurd, Charles 1455 W. Van Buren st. 

3568 Hurley, Bay 4039 Madison st. 

121 Hursen, P. J., Jr 2346 W. Madison st. 

2592 Hursen, Thomas J 5246 W. Congress st. 

3270 Husbands, AValter Thomas 1118 S. Leavitt st. 

1920 Hynes, Joseph 3711 W. Chicago av. 

1592 Iarussi, Michael 728 W. Taylor st. 

3192 Jackson, C. Leonard 1502 W. Madison st, 

2666 Jackson, Charles S 3423 Vernon av. 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. - Address. 

3496 Jacobson, David Daniel 11217 Michigan av. 

6 Jaeger, Adam W 1221 S. Newberry av. 

2035 Jaeschke, John 3133 N. Lawndale av. 

2595 Jana, Frank A .460 W. 29th st. 

1194 Jana, John A., Jr 2434 S. Albany av. 

1791 Jarzembowski, Joseph 1232 Noble st. 

2711 Jensen, Jens C. . .' 1534 N. Western av. 

1419 Johnson, A. E 7454 Cottage Grove av. 

2264 Johnson, John Randolph 2346 Dearborn st. 

747 Johnson, Louis 585 S. Halsted st. 

2038 Johnson, Sarah 3311 State st. 

3195 Jolly, Lionel Stuart : 58 E. Eandolph st. 

2714 Jones, Fred C 4021 Washington boul. 

1060 Jones, Geo. 1904 W. Lake st. 

3083 Jones, Lawrence 3617 Forest av. 

708 Jordan, Daniel 3044 Archer av. 

128 Junglas, Joseph 3156 Cambridge av. 

3085 Kaminski, Julia Wojowsha 1048 W. 32d st. 

3498 Kamka, Frank E 2134 Berlin st. 

129 Kampp, Joseph P 550 N. Park av. 

1284 Karnopp, William 4309 Armitage av. 

2208 Katutis, Kazemar 710 W. 18th st. 

1321 Katzenbach, Henry W 2074 W. 12th st. 

3414 Kearns, Jeremiah Joseph 3258 W. Monroe st. 

1421 Kellar, John Robinson 2817 State st. 

2266 Kelly, Cornelius S 6851 Wentworth av. 

3196 Kelly, John T 2616 W. 38th st. 

668 Kelly, Stephen H 2933 Archer av. 

3348 Kenny, Daniel F 815 W. 54th pi. 

1595 Kenny, Hugh L 5438 Halsted st. 

1795 Kerrigan, Thomas P 5512 S. Ashland boul. 

3 Ketcham, F. H 5509 S. Halsted st. 

1796 Kevlin, Thomas H. . . 5360 Wentworth av. 

2434 Kill, Math. J. . . : . . 3932 Wentworth av. 

1063 Kim, Perry L 58 W. 109th st. 

2041 King, Timothy J 3171 Archer av. 

133 Kircher, Andrew 1623 N. Halsted st. 

134 Kircher, Henry 4714 N. Spaulding av. 

482 Kisselburg, William M 2938 W. Madison st. 

2042 Klamer, Fred 1253 N. Clark st. 

2601 Klamer, Fred, Jr 1253 N. Clark st. 

1797 Klaner, Genevieve 4717 Evanston av. 

1854 Klaner, George 1414 N. Clark st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1335 Klassen, Harry P 2449 Lincoln av. 

2144 Kleinman, Walter H 9236 Anthony av. 

3035 Klemundt, John A 1509 W. Cornelia st. 

3500 Knierim, Charles Austin 2118 S. Carpenter st. 

2210 Koester, Fred 2301 W. 21st st. 

2603 Kompare, Joseph F., Jr 8908 Greenbay av. 

3503 Kolman, Joseph F 6749 Emerald av. 

2345 Korzemewski, Joseph 810 N. Carpenter st. 

2346 Kostecka, John A 1653 Throop st. 

2211 Kowaczek, Joe 2945 Milwaukee av. 

3037 Kowaczek, Joseph F 3630 W. George st. 

1667 Kowaczek, Peter 3630 W. George st. 

2717 Kowske, Edward Vincent 7645 S. George st. 

3274 Kowske, Helen Loretta 1501 W. 51st st. 

3199 Kowske, Joseph A 1501 W. 51st st. 

2145 Krack, Charles 2319 N. Halsted st. 

3570 Kraft, Julius H 1909 W. Harrison st. 

2604 Krai, John 1021 W. 19th st. 

2146 Krauspe, Christian 1628 Belmont av. 

1337 Krauspe, Herman F 3907 Lincoln av. 

3198 Krauspe, John E 1628 Belmont av. 

1799 Krebs, Louis 9142 Erie av. 

1927 Krebs, Mary 9142 Erie av. 

2507 Krebser, Ernest 1244 S. Ashland av. 

2408 Kriz, Charles 2611 S. Lawndale av. 

2841 Kroenecke, Jno. H 726 E. 42d st. 

2669 Kroening, William 1030 N. Eidgeway av. 

1928 Kross, William 3553 S. Halsted st. 

3415 Kruse, John H 4943 S. Ashland av. 

1929 Kruse, Gussie E 4943 S. Ashland av. 

2043 Kruse, John C 2130 W. 21st st. 

1068 Kummerow, Frank 1378 N. Lincoln st. 

1930 Kummerow, Henry 3512 Armitage av. 

2347 Kurilla, John 4601 Marshfield av. 

2606 Lain, Van Vechten 316 W. 63d st. 

144 Lain, Wm. H 316 W. 63d st. 

147 Lanyon. John B 6566 Ross av. 

1597 Lanyon, Lester H 415 W. 63d st. 

3041 Lapp, William T 2346 Madison st. 

3417 Larner, Edward T 2454 W. Diversey av. 

2607 Larson, Pay LePoy 1039 N. Central av. 

2842 Lauer, Frank 1538 W. 12th st. 

3351 Laughlin, Daniel J 103 W. Garfield boul. 

— 4 B H 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2608 Layden, Andrew J. 6843 Centre av. 

2913 Lenzen, John 3622 S. Eobey st. 

1933 Leon, Jacob 8749 Comm. av. 

3043 Leonard, John Michael 938 E. 75th st. 

2609 Levin, Lazard. . . .' 628 Belmont av. 

2845 Lindsay, Charles M 1414 Clark st. 

1230 Linhart, Anton, Jr 1344 W. 19th st. 

155 Linn, J. Eoger. ,' 3419 N. Clark st. 

3418 Linskey, John A 6359 S. Halsted st. 

3352 Linville, William David 3344 W. 63d pi. 

154 Liphart, Chas. H 1356 E. 63d st. 

2148 Lisowski, Antoni 1154 Noble st. 

3419 Logan, Samuel Chauncey 504 S. Lincoln st. 

2351 Lubejko, Alexander 1715 S. Paulina st. 

3571 Lubin, Felix J 3231 Emerald av. 

2352 Luce, Samuel L 1648 W. 63d st. 

378 Ludlow, H. Durward 412 E. 47th st. 

1805 Luecht, Chas 2315 S. California av. 

2213 Luecht, Otto 3653 Fullerton av. 

2149 Luecht, William 2315 S. California av. 

1670 Lulinski, Adam M 8324 Superior av. 

157 Lundberg, Benj 11217 Michigan av. 

3090 Lunberg, Henning Paul 4 E. 113th st. 

2721 Lundquist, Andrew W 5806 W. Dakin st. 

1806 Lynch, John W 6905 Halsted st. 

2613 Madsen, Bernard Andrew 2709 W. North av. 

1425 Maierhofer, Lester A 1764 Ogden av. 

3505 Makarski, Joseph 1407 W. Huron st. 

3091 Malicki, Felix C 1737 W. 17th st. 

1231 Maloney, Gregory P 1004 Wells st. 

1600 Maloney, John E 1657 N. Paulina st. 

1339 Maloney, Martin F 1440 Pratt av. 

2722 Mango, Philip 734 DeKoven st. 

2354 Marik, Frank H 2544 S. 40th av. 

2671 Marik, Joseph F 2544 S. 40th av. 

882 Marrs, Virgil Barton 2734 Eacine av. 

1153 Marsh, Louis F 4611 E. Eavenwood Park. 

163 Marshall, James 4119 W. Lake st. 

2724 Marski, John J 2842 Archer av. 

2725 Marski, Paul F 1503 Fullerton av. 

2614 Marte, Walther A 145 S. Central av. 

3507 Marten, Daniel Joseph 3148 W. Harrison. 

1807 Martens, Chas. C 3658 S. Lincoln st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

883 Martin, Joseph 3148 W. Harrison st. 

3509 Martin, William F 1808 Grand av. 

642 Martling, Walter L 1502 Madison st. 

1601 Marzano, James P 931 W. Polk st. 

3572 Masalski, Alexander 1852 Seward av. 

1233 Mason, Clarence 5744 Grove av. 

2992 Mason, William W 1815 W. Lake st. 

496 Matz, Henry W 2511 Augusta st. 

1604 McCabe, Joseph A 214 S. Kedzie av. 

2558 McCarthy, John J 1141 Columbia av. 

2512 McConnaughey, Darrell E 4209 Indiana av. 

3421 McCoy, Mabel 105 S. Ashland boul. 

2993 McFall, Harrison C 2821 N. Clark st. 

2673 McGann, George F 1816 W. 22d st. 

3047 Mclnerney, James Patrick 650 W. 43d st. 

385 Mclnerney, M. J .' 4635 Wallace st. 

1942 Mclnerney, Thomas J 650 W. 43d st. 

3422 Mclnerney, Thomas P 4635 Wallace st. 

2847 McKenna, Timothy J 164 N. Michigan av. 

3096 McKeon, B. Loretta 614 W. 37th st. 

2514 McKeon, Frank 614 W. 37th st. 

832 McKeon, Frank J 3747 Emerald av. 

2357 McKeon, Walter T 143 Carl st. 

159 McLaughlin, John 5662 Evanston av. 

2674 McLindon, Patrick J 800 Western Union bldg. 

765 McMahon, John 2937 Madison st. 

2358 McMahon, Edward J 3017 Warren av. 

491 McMahon, P. H 2074 W. 12th st. 

2217 McMahon, Timothy 669 W. 18th st. 

2618 McMenamin, Harry D 4330 Flournoy st. 

2917 McMullan, Mark Gates 1509 Warren av. 

3097 McMullen, Wilford H 1509 Warren av. 

3462 McNerney, Cornelious Walter 3434 S. Paulina st. 

1606 McNeil, Mamie E 2915 S. State st. 

3281 McPhee, Norman 1004 Wells st. 

3423 McSherry, Joseph B 2032 Bacine av. 

2441 McTague, John Harvey 1587 Ogden av. 

1080 Mee, Charles Edward 3918 Irving Park boul. 

1154 Mee, David D 3918 Irving Park boul. 

2994 Melcher, Matthew Joseph 660 W. 64th st. 

3510 Mencl, Frank C 563 W. 12th st. 

1812 Merchant, Fred S 2203 Cleveland av. 

567 Merker, Frank 1213 71st st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

Name. Address. 

1155 Merrill, Henry H 5410 Lake av. 

2516 Mertel, Michael 1911 Canalport av. 

1082 Messick, Samuel T 4118 Vincennes av. 

1945 Metz, James A 1020 E. 75th st. 

3049 Meyer, Gus 2658 Orchard st. 

1199 Miller, Walter E 708 Wells st. 

166 Mines, John J 1225 E. 55th st. 

167 Mines, Thomas F 2963 Archer av. 

1156 Mix, Joseph L 2040 Division st. 

2619 Moeller, Henry George ..3429 Fullerton av. 

3050 Moll, Horace 2346 S. Dearborn st. 

2732 Moller, Fred W 2701 N. Clark st. 

3204 Moore, L. 5731 Dearborn st. 

2519 Morris, Walter Weldon 6359 S. Halsted st. 

2359 Mroch, Otto C 4318 S. Mozart st. 

834 Muchna, Otto 2716 S. Central Park av. 

982 Muelhoefer, Alfred E 1458 Belmont av. 

2152 Muelhoefer, Edward, Jr 1325 Clybourne av. 

2221 Mueller, Frank M 1235 N. Ashland av. 

2060 Mueller, Fred A 3003 Lowe av. 

2061 Mueller, H. W 1809 W. Chicago av. 

835 Mueller, John P 2341 Milwaukee av. 

2620 Mulvihill, Hary A 407 E. 43d st. 

2679 Murphy, Charles E 3261 E. 92d st. 

1342 Murphy, Mary G 3261 E. 92d st. 

Murphy, Thomas 9256 S. Chicago av. 

Murphy, William P 1400 E. 75th st. 

1377 Mutke, Alberts 449 W. 26th st. 

836 Nagel, Nicholas J 1524 W. 51st st. 

2153 Naugle, Vernon C 704 W. 120th st. 

983 Neely, A. W 820 Addison av. 

2851 Neely, Harry T 1857 Byron st. 

1201 Nehls, Charles F 2126 W. Madison st. 

503 Nelles, Jacob 928 Milwaukee av. 

2780 Nelles, William 4041 North av. 

2360 Nelles, Winand H 928 Milwaukee av. 

2065 Nelson, August 2346 Madison st. 

2067 Nielsen, Christ 3315 W. Fullerton av. 

Niemeyer, Henry Wm 520 Wells st. 

Noel, John W 1764 Ogden av. 

1949 Noel, Wilnrd 2747 Florence av. 

791 Norlie, C 11255 Morse av. 

2852 North, James W 7429 S. May st. 



Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1088 North, Walter Jos 6603 Wabash av. 

2853 Nyberg, Wm. E 3419 N. Clark st. 

393 O'Brien, James 1040 Blue Island av. 

188 O'Brien, John 3242 W. 12th st. 

888 O'Brien, Eobt 1040 Blue Island av. 

2155 O'Connell, Edward J 5958 Normal av. 

889 O'Connor, Chas. F 336 43d st. 

645 O'Connor, Dennis 4021 W. Madison st. 

1521 O'Connor, Eugene C 3044 Butler st. 

1378 Odenbrett, Edesse 2714 Ehine st. 

2156 O'Hanley, Neil Joseph 6507 Cottage Grove av. 

2854 O'Hanley, Ronald D 736 W. 79th st. 

1951 O'Keefe, Arthur J 912 W. Madison st. 

1432 Okon, Frank A 1044 W. 32d st. 

2855 Oliver, Lawrence P 5534 Drexel av. 

2781 Olson, Oscar S 3125 Eastwood av. 

752 O'Neil, James W 1618 Grand av. 

3357 O'Neil, William H 5046 W. Chicago av. 

3580 O'Shea, John J 2915 Lexington st. 

2521 Orloff, William F 3028 Poplar av. 

1819 Orme, Philetus 1 124 E. 22d st. 

2622 Ostrander, Roy J • 7648 Halsted st. 

986 Otto, Martin X0928 Michigan av. 

1613 Ovresat, Jacob J 2080 Milwaukee av. 

2522 Overton, Wm. Lee 4134 S. Halsted st. 

2161 Owens, Edward J 8056 Anthony av. 

2782 Pacewitz, Louis Bernard 115 E. 118th st. 

3286 Pacholski, Joseph 4716 S. Lincoln st. 

841 Parks, J. L 3155 State st. 

3205 Partenheimer, Henry John 4848 Evans av. 

2525 Patka, Frank Charles 1750 W. 48th av. 

3000 Patka, John Henry 3756 Paulina st. 

1433 Potka, Peter Harry 4856 S. Center av. 

1202 Peak, Leonard 4205 Lawndale av. 

200 Pederson, John Martin 3042 Armitage av. 

3582 Pendill, Van Willis 1907 W. Congress st. 

2526 Pergler, Otto T 2516 Avers av. 

3583 Perrigo, A. B., Jr 2516 Wabash av. 

7 Perrigo, A. B 2973 State st. 

988 Perrigo, C. H 5810 S. Winchester av. 

2163 Perrigo, Charles H 3913 Cottage Grove av. 

2017 Peters, Mathew J 3633 Flournoy st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2362 Peterson, Martin 2259 W. 22d st. 

2446 Peterson, Olof J 5831 W. Chicago av. 

2647 Petroshius, John A 3218 S. Halsted st. 

2784 Pettkoske, John E . . 2201 W. 18th st. 

3610 Pfeiffer, Karl 2256 Warren av. 

3104 Phelps, Charles H 4442 Evans av. 

3207 Phillips, G. V 10615 LaPayette av. 

203 Pierson, John E 7350 Cottage Grove av. 

891 Pijanowski, S. J 2219 S. Whipple st. 

3360 Pinsonnault, Hector Oswald 47 E. 22d st. 

1824 Pittelkow, Frank 1207 Kf. Avers av. 

507 Platner, John K 1764 Ogden av. 

3003 Poole, William D 164 ST. Michigan av. 

2926 Porter, William M., Jr 4136 Wabash av. 

1825 Poths, W. H., Jr 1946 N". Halsted st. 

716 Potter, John M 2938 Madison st. 

2073 Prish, Claude LeEoy 2410 W. North av. 

2929 Puckey, Myrtle B 2733 N. Campbell av. 

3106 Puckey, Stanley A 2733 N. Campbell av. 

207 Purcell, Jos. F 1657 Grand av. 

3053 Purtell, Edward G 1548 W. North av. 

1958 Purtell, Joseph Michael ' 1548 North av. 

2930 Pyterek, Hipolit. .,.• 8256 Bond av. 

575 Quinlan, Daniel B 3115 State st. 

3209 Quinlan, Ed 3343 Ogden av. 

2737 Eadke, Paul J 1254 S. Turner st. 

3431 Eadzius, Joseph Frank 1226 Dickson st. 

2364 Eainey, John W 3622 Union av. 

3585 Eanne, Manuel F 1458 Belmont av. 

3432 Eapp, Conrad F 2131 Southport av. 

3433 Eapp, William II 2600 Diversey ct. 

1435 Eawlins, Fitz A 4817 State st. 

3291 Eeda, A. L 808 S. Morgan st. 

2532 Eeda, Frank 1003 W. Polk st. 

1861 Eedmond, Nicholas J 1412 W. 12th st. 

2786 Eeed, Frank Samuel 3604 State st. 

989 Eees, Fred Joseph 1652 N. Mozart st. 

2534 Eeilly, John E 1404 W. 63d st. 

2627 Eeinhardt, Henry G W 2532 Fullerton av. 

2628 Eenberg, Allan C 1901 Summerdale av. 

1203 Eerabek, James F 910 N. Western av. 

3520 Eice, David Eoland 7135 Vernon av. 

1388 Eieckmann, E. W 356 E. 35th st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Concluded. 

No. Name. Address. 

213 Rineck, Michael M 1254 Francis st. 

3294 Ringa, Frank Robert 1300 Dickson st. 

2539 Rocca, Louis C 708 Wells st. 

3212 Roach, Mollie 3343 Ogden av. 

2859 Roche, James P 5111 S. Halsted st. 

1616 Roche, Michael J 4112 Armitage av. 

2860 Roderick, George 1328 S. Spaulding av. 

2448 Rogan, William F 10054 Ewing av. 

215 Rogerson, Edward J 1502 W. Madison st. 

1960 Rohr, August 2553 North av. 

2449 Rudolph, Walter H 1424 Larrabee st. 

216 Russ, Charles L 709 E. 47th st. 

217 Russ, Fred H • . . . 3557 Cottage Grove av. 

1700 Ryan, Annie E 2449 Cottage Grove av. 

3436 Rytlewski, Anton A 2245 S. Whipple st. 

1963 Sademann, Emil C 3949 Milwaukee av. 

2450 Sadowski, Frank J 3642 George st. 

1241 Sadowski, Jos. J 8834 Commercial av. 

2630 Sadowski, Philip 1845 N. Hermitage av. 

2684 Sagle, Donald George. 1867 Ogden av. 

2932 Sample, Omar Hendley 7707 Union av. 

1832 Sattler, Edward Z 4039 W. Madison st. 

2226 Schach, Otto J 1616 N. Hoyne av. 

3589 Schaub, Orville E 2673 Washington boul. 

1618 Schaffrath, Henry 3117 Walls st. 

3523 Schalla, Emil C. J 2113 Addison av. 

231 Scharf, Geo 5006 Ashland av. 

2371. Scharf, William G 5006 Ashland av. 

582 Schatzlein, Adam 2418 Lowe av. 

3112 Schiek, Elmer John 356 E. 35th st. 

3614 Schlieben, Stanley 1509 W. Superior st. 

3590 Schlutius, Alfred G 1587-89 Ogden av. 

233 Schmidt, Ernst E 2058 Belmont av. 

3217 Schmidt, Fred E 1820 Fletcher st. 

2372 Schmidt, Lars 2058 W. 21st st. 

234 Schmidt, Lauritz Nielsen 1882 Milwaukee av. 

2227 Schmidt, Lewis H 1882 Milwaukee av. 

1834 Schmidt, Wm. E 3960 Elston av. 

3438 Schmidt, William G 2653 Pleasant pi. 

406 Schneider, Jos. J 6110 Cottage Grove av. 

2452 Schorsch, Anton F. 232 Ashland boul. 

< 1836 Schroeder, Henry 2077 W. 20th st. 

516 Schroeder, Henry W 6800 Bishop st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No - Name. Address. 

1619 Schroeder, Martin W 2414 Wentworth av. 

3010 Schulz, Geo. B 2239 W. 13th st. 

3440 Schultz, Joseph W 1415 S. 40th av. 

408 Schwuchow, Theodore 955 Diversey Parkway. 

236 Scott, George W 2309 Madison st. 

1355 Scott, Wellington N 810 N. Clark st. 

2633 Shaules, Edward Ronald 4336 Wabash av. 

846 Segersten, David L 3130 N. Clark st. 

3441 Selcke, Edw. 221 Fairfield av. 

3442 Seyk, Otto B 1013 W. 19th st. 

3115 Seyk, Steven 1013 W. 19th st. 

3364 Sheehy, Roger John 7838 Green st. 

2 Sheldon, H. D • 912 W. Madison st. 

1440 Shute, Edward George 328 W. Chicago av. 

3296 Shute, Matthew 332 W. Chicago av. 

3297 Shute, Opal 332 W. Chicago av. 

1968 Skeeles, George William 5427 Wabash av. 

651 Skeeles, Harry 5127 State st. 

2375 Slaughter, Robert W 3654 Prairie av. 

800 Sloan, Robert K 2823 Archer av. 

3300 Smith, Frank John 2437 Van Buren st. 

2939 Smith, Louisa 605 E. 43d st. 

679 Smith, Oscar R 4542 W. Ravenswood Park. 

415 Smith, Peter M 1141 S. 40th av. 

2862 Smith, Ross L 4227 Cottage Grove av. 

3219 Smith, William C 2157 K 50th av. 

2543 Spencer, Columbus William 4227 Cottage Grove av. 

417 Spreyne, Frank F 4026 State st. 

3365 Staszewski, Louis 8435 Muskegon av. 

2793 Stepan, Frank 1654 Allport st. 

3221 Stephan, John C 1911 W. Congress st. 

3465 Stewart, Samuel Leroy 11818 Butler st. 

3594 Stipanovic, Edward Z. 9719 Avenue L. 

1109 Stivers, William Monroe 3159 Indiana av. 

2380 Storen, James C 6601 Langley av. 

2382 Sturgeon, Clarence Fleming 3531 Bosworth av. 

2294 Sullivan, Edward J'. 230 W. North av. 

2635 Sullivan, James J 222 E. 61st st. 

3223 Sullivan, Mary Frances 6229 Vincennes av. 

3526 Sulski, John J. . . . ; 8480 Commercial av. 

3447 Swan, . Paul David '. . . . 504 S. Lincoln st. 

3302 Sylvester, Herman 4106 Eddy st. 

2690 Szkowny, John 1256 W. 49th pi. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3596 Tagsold, Otto 10340 Longwood boul. 

3224 Tamni, Walter S 3347 W. 50th st. 

2231 Tancl, John 1921 Blue Island av. 

3597 Taylor, Richard C 3311 State st. 

1972 Templeman, Alex., Jr 911 N. Halsted st. 

1000 Theorell, Frank J 228 N. 48th av. 

3527 Thrasher, J. LeRoy 1826 Indiana av. 

2550 Thomas, John W 1908 Harrison st. 

1245 Thomas, Wm. E 3629 Vernon av. 

2743 Thompson, Thomas M 9104 Cottage Grove a 

2691 Thorman, Harry J 1617 S. Trumbull av. 

3304 Tomaschko, James W 2315 W. North av. 

3598 Tornatore, Angelo 943 Townsend st. 

1447 Trandel, Barney 1720 W. 48th st. 

897 Travis, George T 2346 W. Madison st. 

3006 Tyler, Major E 6552 Aberdeen st. 

3601 Unser, Henry F 316 W. 63d st. 

1723 Urban, John T 1125 W. 18th st. 

2863 TT.rbanek, Edward J 3814 W. 26th st. 

1353 Urbanek, Vanclav M 3814 W. 28th st. 

522 Van Duser, Alfred 6138 Wentworth av. 

3226 Van Geder, Thomas H 7107 Vincennes rd. 

247 VanWyngarden, D. 10834 Michigan av. 

3372 VanWyngarden, Peter 10834 Michigan av. 

2866 Venie, George L 2215 Fulton st. 

723 Vorkeller, Chas. H 2414 Lexington st. 

3143 Wagner, Alonzo 2250 W. Madison st. 

1002 Wagner, Wm. J 1722 Wabash av. 

2638 Waldner, Joseph G 1871 Burlington st. 

1986 Wallmann, Louis 1228 N. Wood st. 

2944 Walsh, John H 11401 Michigan av. 

2795 Walsh, William C 9900 Throop st. 

3451 Washington, James Sanford 5427 Dearborn st. 

2232 Washburn, Eli .* . . 167 Washington st. 

3452 Waters, Mvron H 323 Oakley boul. 

2640 Wathier, Charles A 629 S. 5th av. 

654 Watkins, Frank Harry 3833 Calumet av. 

1845 Weber, Arthur F 2027 Estes av. 

265 Weber, Augustus J 3250 Wentworth av. 

250 Wegner, W. L 1701 21st st. 

331.0 Weimeschkirch, John J 7310 Ellwood av. 

525 Weimeschkirch, P 7066 N. Clark st. 

2389 Weinschenk, John W 317 W. Division st. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3311 Weinstein, Philip Marshall 1647 W. 12th st. 

2641 Wesley, Frank E 1851 S. Springfield . 

2642 AVessels, Christie E 6075 Hobart av. 

1627 Westberg, Reuben W 5216 1ST. Clark st. 

850 Westfall, George J 2838 Lincoln av. 

251 Whitaker, Wilmot 1 64 N. Michigan av. 

2797 Whitmer, C. W 5059 Ashland av. 

2554 Wieting, William L 3600 S. Lincoln st. 

3453 Willhoite, M. Buel 739 S. 44th ct. 

1450 Wilcox, Archie B 509 W. 69th st. 

3606 Williams, Elmer Ellsworth 3408 Archer av. 

3059 Williams, Hugh L 3248 Wabash av. 

2948 Williams, Stacy T 6044 Woodlawn av. 

3607 Wilmotte, James Edward 2256 Warren av. 

3454 Williamson, Ernest Harrison 5722 LaPayette av. 

3455 Wilson, Earle Smith 1909 W. Harrison st. 

3312 Wilson, John D., Jr 47 E. 22d st. 

3230 Winiarski, Frank 2025 Lubeck st. 

1980 Winkler, William 2300 Central Park av. 

3608 Wisniewski, Peter P 1625 K. Ashland av. 

529 Woelfle, George J 57 E. 36th st. 

3609 Wojciechowski, Joseph Alexander. .. 2212 Ehine st. 
683 Wold, Alfred N 2709 W. North av. 

1982 Wold, Nels B 2709 W. North av. 

1844 Worsham, Albert 1907 W. Congress st. 

259 Wright, Knox M 2350 Harrison st. 

1852 Wyand, J 2055 W. 22d st. 

1983 Young, Charles 613 W. 18th st. 

2557 Young, George Wm 233 E. Ontario st. 

260 Young, Peter 6011 S. Halsted st. 

3137 Youngberg, Ernest Joseph 2005 Jackson boul. 

261 Yuers, Otto J 3839 N. 14th st. 

1384 Zeller, H. Richard 5620 Chicago av. 

1628 Zeiss, Theodore ' 3046 N. Kedzie av. 

3011 Zidek, John 1407 W. Chicago av. 

2391 Ziegenhorn. Albert 513 S. Robey st. 

3376 Zielinski, John B 2153 W. 18th pi. 

1385 Zimmer, Frederick C 2924 Wentworth av. 

1984 Zimmer, Sophia B 2924 Wentworth av. 

3232 Zimmerman, Ewald A 1130 W. 31st st. 

2304 Zuber, Michael H 2938 Lincoln av! 


JULY 1, 1913. 

These Licenses Expire December 31, 1913. 

No. Name. Address. 

1006 Aber, Mrs. Cora L Mt. Sterling 

1007 Aber, F. W Mt. Sterling 

3145 Abney, Auda Jacksonville 

1250 Abram, David Berwyn 

688 Ackemann, C. P Elgin 

3146 Acree, James Litchfield 

9 Adam, J. B Normal 

3318 Adams, Roy L Kalamazoo, Mich. 

3062 Adcock, Nora B. . ..." Mulberry Grove 

1008 Adelmann, George W Lockport 

3382 Aimone, Peter James Toluca 

2467 Alberter, Fred G Millstadt 

1629 Allen, Ned B Fillmore 

3147 Allen, Olin G Dahlgren 

3148 Allen, William H Dahlgren 

601 Allison, Joseph E Areola 

1256 Allsbrow, David Yates Watertown 

3014 Allsbrow, Marie E Watertown 

1357 Allwein, Harry Matthews, Ind. 

2697 Amerman, Fred K Onarga 

2468 Amerman, Harry J Onarga 

12 Amerman, M. T Onarga 

1631 Amos, Thomas Edward Edwardsville 

2307 Anderson, Albert E. Joliet 

13 Anderson, Samuel T Jacksonville 

531 Andrew, John E Monticello, 

808 Angevine, Harry L Cambridge 

901 Angevine, Mrs. Harry L Cambridge 

3149 Anglemier, Arthur A Compton 

2956 Anthony, Willard H Springfield 

902 Appleman, Elmer M Mt. Vernon 

2648 Archer, Will E Carmi 

2802 Archibald, John M Nokomis 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2469 Armentrout, Gideon Perry 

1737 Armitage, Joseph Elizabeth 

2395 Arner, Eichard Herbert Salem, Ohio 

3319 Arnold, Harold A. , Nokomis 

1389 Asma, Ferdinand Waukegan 

3383 Atkins, Floyd Emory Belvidere 

16 Atwood, Ivus L Paxton 

774 Atwood, John A Stillman Valley 

3064 Aukenbruck, Oscar G Fort Wayne, Ind. 

1138 Austin, Calvin Effingham 

2559 Auten, Stanley N '. . . Milan, Mich. 

3237 Aydt, Geo. F Dahlgren 

2958 Babb, Horatio L Portland, Ore. 

267 Babbitt, Horace Franklin New Boston 

3384 Backer, Thos. E Eureka 

2649 Baccus, Henry Huntley 

1633 Bachman, B. F Salem 

1634 Bachmann, Charles Lebanon 

2241 Backer, Edward C Canby, Minn. 

324 Backer, Herman Eureka 

3468 Badeaux, Victor J East Chicago, Ind. 

2470 Baer, Arthur E St. Jacob 

1635 Baer, Benjamin D Summerfield 

2959 Baer, Harry George Streator 

1453 Baer, W. P St. Jacob 

1988 Bailey, Charles Floyd Morrisonville 

3469 Bailey, Fred E. Virginia 

532 Bailey, Fred E Mendota 

2754 Bailey, Homer N Fisher 

2755 Bailey, William F Ottawa 

2180 Baily, William K Lewistown 

2310 Bain, Herbert Shaw Eochelle 

440 Baker, Geo. W i . Weldon 

903 Baker, Eoy M Dwight 

2396 Baldwin, Ben H Bradley 

3238 Ball, Charles Franklin Chatham 

1455 Ball, John M Chatham 

2805 Balzer, Daniel New Boston 

3239 Banker, Lloyd P Aurora 

1869 Banwarth, Charles W Elizabeth 

442 Barber, John W Menominee, Wis. 

778 Barcroft, Edgar A Keyesport 

1257 Bare, Eugene Y Bellmont 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2869 Bare, Leroy Kavanaugh Golden Gate 

1456 Barkley, Orville F Vandalia 

775 Barnard, J. TJ Moline 

2870 Barnum, Marvin H Norris City 

533 Barr, Clayton C ; . Newman 

2111 Barta, Frank W Cedar Rapids, la. 

2871 Barthell, Wilfred G Peoria 

1457 Bates, Clarence Sparta 

1009 Bates, W. H Galesburg 

904 Bauer, Albert A Blue Mound 

326 Bauer, William H Alton 

1636 Baus, Charles E Bradley 

1258 Beatty, Frank A Waverly 

3320 Beatty, J. Homer Heyworth 

3321 Beck, Albert Anthony Walkersville, Ontario 

1214 Beck, Jacob C, Jr Dan vers 

19 Beck, John A '. Bloomington 

1315 Becker, Edward H Mt. Olive 

1556 Becker, John W El Paso 

2181 Becker, Robert C Omaha, Neb. 

604 Becklean, Andrew Galva 

3150 Beckner, Floyd Colorado Springs, Colo. 

1557 Bederski, Frank S LaSalle 

3535 Behymer, Samuel W Plainville 

1316 Beicher, Geo. M Minneapolis, Minn. 

3240 Beidelman, Arthur R Naperville 

1390 Beidelman, Oliver J Naperville 

3241 Beinecke, Daniel St. Louis, Mo. 

1012 Bell, Mrs. Jessie E Keithsburg 

3235 Bell, Walter D Heegoton, Kan. 

327 Belue, John Franklin Fairview 

2242 Benefiel, George Pueblo, Colo. 

3385 Benner, Theodore C Omaha 

1323 Bennett, Nelson G Saunemin 

3065 Benson, John A Cheyenne, Wyo. 

1990 Benson, William C Mineral Point, Wis. 

444 Benton, Elmer L La Grange 

2243 Bergen, George S Ashland 

2962 Bergenson, Arthur L Morris 

20 Berhalter, Albert Danville 

1013 Berhenke, Philip E Lena 

^2560 Benardin, Peter J Amboy 

1215 Berner, John A., Jr Alton 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

779 Berry, Chas. , Edgar Palmyra 

2312 Berryman, George Washington Portland, Ore. 

2471 Best, Fred C Nokomis 

21 Bestmann, Anna Ottawa 

1871 Bestmann, Henry Ottawa 

2650 Betzer, Sterling E Havard 

329 Biever, Tim A Aurora 

2872 Biggs, George S La Harpe 

2244 Biggs, Stephen E La Harpe 

3151 Bird, Edward F Hammond, Ind. 

22 Birney, John W Bloomington 

Bisch, Chas. T Springfield 

Bisch, Harold P Springfield 

3322 Bittinger, Harry E Polo 

3066 Black, Eoy Warren Peoria 

3316 Blackard, John H., Jr Evansville, Ind. 

2313 BlackwelL John William Eock Island 

1991 Blaine, James G Evansville, Ind. 

3323 Blair, David T Chandlerville 

Blackburn, Wm Sterling 

Blake, Arthur S Morgan Park 

3016 Bland, Isaiah H Galveston, Tex. 

17 Blanchard, Chas. L St. Charles 

3152 Blatter, Edward H Forest Park 

1874 Bleitz, Adam L Aurora 

1014 Blizard, B. W St. Elmo 

2# Blocks, Edward M Barrington 

535 Blood, Horace L Kansas 

3470 Boatman, Daniel E. Olney 

2246 Bobbett, Luther E St. Louis Mo 

3067 Bobbitt, Herbert S Elgin 

1216 Bobkiewitz, Theodore LaSalle 

3153 Boe, Harry C Lemont 

961 Boettcher, Fred W Belvidere 

3154 Boggs, Berthold L Centralia 

26 Boland, John T Peoria 

1137 Bolton, Edward Danville 

2314 Bona, Jos. E Denver, Colo. 

1180 Bond, William E Flat Eock 

3458 Boord, Mont Covington, Ind. 

Boos, Philip Sterling 

Bormann, Martin H Lyons, la. 

1558 Born, George W. . / Aberdeen, S. D. 






Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

962 Borngrebe, C. Harold Aurora 

270 Borthwick, Will Seattle, Wash. 

2757 Boswell, Will Newman 

28 Bothfuhr, Albert C Grant Park 

739 Boucher, Daniel L Murphysboro 

860 Bovee, Manley S Corvallis, Ore. 

2472 Bowles, David L Emden 

2651 Bowling, J. Henry Portland, Ore. 

609 Boyden, Fred G Sheffield 

32 Boyden, George L Lincoln 

2562 Boyle, George M Aurora 

2399 Boyer, Beryl L Toledo, Ohio 

1743 Bracken, Peter W Polo 

331 Bradley, Hazen Eugene Charleston 

1993 Bragonier, Howard Edgar Clinton, la. 

1015 Brand, Anton Hillsboro 

271 Branson, C. T Springfield 

1744 Branton, Albert E La Porte, Ind. 

2115 Bratton, Harry N Franklin Grove 

1561 Brayton, Harry B Morris 

3068 Breeden, Alma M South Bend, Ind. 

3069 Breeden, Leroy C South Bend, Ind. 

332 Brees, Henry C Estherville, la. 

2473 Brefeld, Frederick Gerhart Aviston 

812 Brewer, Frank Ridge Farm 

964 Brewer, Harry W Lincoln 

272 Brichler, G. W East St. Louis 

2875 Bridges, William T Stonington 

1016 Briggs, William K .Metamora 

2652 Bright, Ulysses S Dundee 

1392 Brinckmann, H Michigan City, Ind. 

333 Brintlinger, D Decatur 

1459 Brintlinger, Elmer Decatur 

1460 Broadway, John B. B \ Cobden 

36 Broeggelmeyer, Geo. H East St. Louis 

1461 Brooks, Frank Roy Atkinson 

37 Brooks, John J San Fernando, Calif. 

3387 Brooks, William Henry West Hammond 

1994 Brown, Benjamin B Brownstown 

3471 Brown, Burt L Manlius 

3388 Brown, Enos Wilkins ' St. Louis, Mo. 

3018 Brown, James W Forrest 

1213 Brown, Wiley S Carbondale 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address.- 

1560 Browning, G. C Farmersville 

1641 Browning, G. E Benton 

1139 Bruegge, Henry . . . Breese 

1995 Brummerstedt, G. A Shumway 

1360 Bruner, E. C Metropolis 

25*63 Bryan, Charles Arthur Red Cloud, Neb. 

3156 Bubeck, Chas. M Marshall 

1875 Buchanan, Charles E Peoria 

1876 Buchanan, Clyde I Newton 

3157 Buck, Charles C Galesburg 

2653 Buchholz, John P Belleville 

2654 Buchholz, William G Belleville 

3325 Buchholz, Arthur L Goodwin, Ark. 

2809 Buckhart, Ealph W Hartford City, Ind. 

2877 Buerkett, William C Beardstown 

1019 Bulpitt, B. E. Taylorville 

2248 Bulpitt, Lome Taylorville 

3326 Bullock, Forrest M El Paso 

336 Bundy, George E Roodhouse 

2872 Bundy, Geo. H Roodhouse 

2116 Bundschuh, Christian S Huntington Beach, Cal. 

1642 Bunn, B. P Bridgeport 

39 Bunn, Orin L Peoria 

3142 Buntz, Chas. E Shenandoah, la. 

2401 Burdge, Leroy M Silver Lake, Ind. 

3473 Burgess, Orval O : Sandoval 

1394 Burhorn, Christian J Breese 

3474 Burke, Michael A Denver, Col. 

1261 Burke, Thos. J East St. Louis 

42 Burkhart, Jacob J Sandwich ■ 

1748 Burnett, Charlotte M Batavia 

46 Burnett, George Harvey Batavia 

44 Burnett, James Milf ord Burlington, la. 

2402 Burnett, Milton Trindad, Col. 

2403 Burns, James E Hammond, Ind. 

45 Burpee, Harry B Rockford 

3070 Burrow, Frank Rossville 

48 Busefink, August J Olney 

1562 Busefink, William A West Salem 

813 Bush, W. H. Hindsboro 

2183 Butcher, Forrest P ' Dexter, N. M. 

692 Butler, Mrs. Volley Sidell 

1751 Bux, Frank C Belleville 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3539 Bux, Joseph L Belleville 

3158 Byers, W. E Fort Wayne, Ind. 

1877 Caille, George Galena 

965 Callahan, Chas. J Danville 

1262 Calkins, Charles A Oneida 

2564 Calkins, Orvest Lester Momence 

2880 Callaway, Laura M Barry 

2250 Callaway, Lloyd Barry 

1264 Campbell, Alex Petersburg 

3244 Campbell, Cecil Clark Belleville 

338 Campbell, Charles B Evanston 

1020 Campbell, D. Stewart Mattoon 

2968 Campbell, Geo. G Lincoln 

2810 Campbell, Eoger B Collinsville 

3540 Campbell, Eoy A Peoria 

3160 Campbell, William Havana 

1752 Campbell, William W Xenia 

3161 Cannon, Edward Patrick Denver, Colo. 

2565 Caplinger, Benj. F Maroa 

1643 Carey, Charles F Carthage 

694 Carlin, W. J Bowen 

815 Carlson, Charles J New Windsor 

1564 Carlson, Victor C Chicago Heights 

1386 Carmichael, Harry Edman Los Angeles, Cal. 

1464 Carnahan, Chas. E Hume 

1565 Carpenter, Charles M Neponset 

2239 Carp, Anton Spring Valley 

2811 Carr, P. J Lawrenceville 

1754 Carrington, Newton Edward Fairmount 

1644 Carroll, John M Jacksonville 

908 Carroll, Eichard V Farmersville 

2392 Carson, Harry West Frankfort 

2184 Carter, Albert Starr Girard 

2185 Cary, Albert P. . . '. Columbus, Ohio 

1324 Case, Melvin E Utica 

1998 Cash, Elza Marion 

3163 Catlin, Ernest A Eoseville 

2000 Caudry, Frank W Gillespie 

273 Caudry, James B Gillespie 

2700 Caudry, Lorenzo D Gillespie 

1183 Cavanagh, James M Kewanee 

1879 Cavanagh, John P Kewanee 

3390 Cavanagh, Matthew Eaymond Eockford 

— 5 B H 


Licensed Embalmers— Continued. 

9 f,°" n Name - Address. 

3117 Cavanagh, Thomas E Rockford 

2001 Chaffin, Harvey H [[][ . Virden 

1755 Chamberlin, Fred M j li et 

52 Chamberlin, Geo. N " Joliet 

140 Chambers, Harry S " 'eId-iti 

1464y 2 Chambers, R. H. . / [p/^ G% 

Chamness, Aria M ..'.'. '.l^Q ftilK 



™ , ^ , .rrairie uity 

Chambers, fiobt. C Prairie Ci > 

Chamness, Aria M Carrie 

Chapman, Verne C Olney 

3327 Chenoweth Henry J Ottawa, Kan. 

l22 n w Ut ' ^ Uth6r Taylorville 

1880 Chester, Alonzo Asa KankaW 

2003 Christian,E.B .".'££*£* la 

3164 Christian, Pay F Mt Cawo j| 

3328 Christy, Walter Harry Ti i den ¥ph 

340 Church, Frank A. . . p ar * f' ^ b ' 

* Jo ^ hurch v Geor g e Leonard Atlanta 

uvl ?' ^ ^° ieS Davenport, la. 

II n a ^ 5 llSha Creight0n Mt - Carmel 

*5 n "f ^7 L Kilbourne 

lf 5 6 7 £"*? J °^ n R J : Auburn, Ind. 

817 ' i s ::;£T»»iie 

2953 - Cla y Cit y 

3072 Clemmons, Chas. R Milton 

m? Clemon^ Ralph Mortimer Marblehead, Ohio 

III ^ke, William A Ashkmn 

695 Clouse, Charles E p lano 

25 57 P 1U 1°\ R 1 °r 1US ■'■■ Greenwood, Mo. 

57 Coard, Frank M. Jacksonville 

ll \l n°*l' i ^ L T 1S Jacksonville 

i«f? n^ A P ? ,kE Macomb 

JJS rt y ' i lthUr o Jacksonville 

lltl n°^\ T7 SteV6nS Centralia 

2?t r^^w Martinsville 

275 Cook, Frnak A Paris 

J? P° 6 ^ ^T ^ St ° n Lexington 

10? P°t' ^A? A - ^ Martinsville 

1025 Cook, William H Peoria 

3022 Cookes, Daniel L Cambridge 

Claxton, Roy John Malta 

Clear, Frank H 

3021 Clements, Richard Asro 

Clements, Walt H ] j£J Malison, la. 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2702 Colburn, Boy Walter Woodhull 

3249 Cole, Dwight Henry Cuba 

613 Coleman, Patrick W Bloomington 

1266 Collins, Fred N Manchester 

3165 Collins, Geo. W Greenup 

1646 Commerford, D. M Farmersville 

1567 Compton, Francis Marion Waco, Tex. 

1882 Conaway, Ellis J. . Troy, Kan. 

1883 Conaway, Mrs. Samuel A Troy, Kan. 

911 Conklin, Homer C Kilbourne 

3543 Conklin, Leslie Eay Kilbourne 

1023 Connelly, John W Hume 

1361 Conner, Clarence E Ohio 

2970 Connor, Benjamin Franklin Sullivan 

1185 Conrad, Edward Waukegan 

3476 Cooley, Fred Wesley Warren 

1568 Cooley, William E Warren 

1759 Cooper, Wm. W Genoa 

2319 Cooper, Clarence N Oakland, Cal. 

3166 Cooper, John Woodstock Evanston 

341 Copeland, Harmon S Potomac 

2477 Corbin, Andrew Arthur Sullivan 

437 Corcoran, James B Aurora 

3251 Corrie, Nellie Bone Gap 

2883 Costello, Ada Litchfield . 

1466 Costello, Don .Litchfield 

1026 Couch, M. G Lawrenceville 

2761 Coulter, Arthur Albert Maroa 

1760 Council, John Eussell Elkhart 

1267 Courter, U. L Mt. Carmel 

1885 Cowgill, Alfred B Eiverton 

3392 Cowser, James C Farmington 

1218 Cox, Isaac Newton Norris City 

2575 Cox, Leonard Theodore Illiopolis 

2884 Cox, W. Arthur Paducah, Ky. 

1569 Cox, William J Eock Island 

2119 Craig, Ambrose W Hale Center, Tex. 

1467 Craig, Walter E Taylorville 

1142 Crandall, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr Walworth, Wis. 

2407 Crane, Glenn Smith Batavia 

276 Crawford, Joseph Girard 

540 Creighton, John E. Cerro Gordo 

3329 Cress, Jesse E Decatur 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3252 Crew, J. Glenn Springville, la. 

3477 Crim, Andrew Jackson .Plainville 

2188 Croft, Geo. Henry Geneseo 

2478 Crooks, Carl W Zanesville, Ohio 

740 Cross, George Oak Park 

2572 Crossett, Neil Hassen Salem 

1887 Croushorn, George M Oswego 

2320 Crowley, Patrick H Davenport, la. 

60 Culp, J. Stoddard Mason City 

1027 Culp, Kalph D Mason City 

62 Cumerf ord, H. E. Peoria 

2885 Curtis, Lee L Olney 

2120 Curry, William B Rosetown, Saskatchewan. 


2121 Cutting, J. Park Seattle, Wash. 

3330 Dagley, Leon A Harrisburg 

343 Daly, John Joliet 

67 Dames, Edward F Joliet 

2006 Dames, John Joliet 

344 Danielsen, Frank Palatine 

2123 Danielson, Amil E Moline 

1143 Danielson, Edw. G Sherrard 

614 Dannel, Chas. O Greenfield 

2*007 Dannel, John Carlton Sherman, Tex. 

2813 D'Arcy, John Michael Sterling 

3331 Darham, Bernard P Carthage 

2703 Dashner, Albert Lee Renault 

2008 Dashner, Clarence S Renault 

2321 Dauderman, Robert Frank Alhambra 

1469 Daugherty, Arthur W Quincy 

2009 Davidson, Ray Fenton Salem, la. 

2010 Davidson, Roy Victor Stockport, la. 

661 Davis, Chas. F Downers Grove 

2971 Davis, Charles Frank Rossville 

1761 Davis, Harlie A Watseka 

1762 Davis, J. Clayton Harbor Beach, Mich. 

2251 Davis, LeRoy C , .Maquon 

69 Davis, Uriah C Morris 

1571 Davis, Will C .Morris 

2814 Davy, Lawrence Edmund Montserrat, Mo. 

662 Dawson, Charles E Decatur 

3168 Dawson, Harry Doyle New Salem, Penn. 

3545 Dawson, Roy M Decatur 


Licensed E'mbalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

70 Dean, Fred A Galesburg 

3073 Dean, Lome Los Angeles, Cal. 

1325 Decker, John S. Kennewick, Wash. 

2658 Decker, Lawrence La Porte, Ind. 

1030 Degen, William Henry E. St. Louis 

2011 De Graff, Fred Lanark 

1572 De Graff, Justus Forreston 

1219 Dehr, Peter F Hinsdale 

1268 Delaney, Patrick Olney 

3547 Demme, Cecil G Omaha, Neb. 

541 De Motte, Joshua J. . El Paso 

1648 Dempster, George A. Willisville 

696 Deneen, C. C Bloomington 

346 Denney, Albert J Aurora 

1890 Denney, Albert S Aurora 

3393 Dennis, Harry F Kinmundy 

1470 Deny, Charles H Greenview 

1649 De Selms, William D Cisne 

1573. De Smit, Anton D Oakland, Cal. 

1891 Detmers, E. H Golden 

1471 Dettmering, J. Hy D Steeleville 

2659 Dewey, Horace M Marshall 

2322 Dewey, William J Greenville 

1186 Dick, Joseph C Kankakee 

1892 Dickinson, Lee A Hammond, Ind. 

3169 Dieterle, Eoy H Kellersville 

2575 Dietzel, Charles W Maywood 

1650 Diezi, Hermann Houston, Tex. 

1472 Diffenderffer, Sam H Oxnard, Cal. 

3395 Dill, Walter Eoy Detroit, Mich. 

1247 Dilley, Toney C Bourbon, Ind. 

2479 Dillman, Daniel Webster Louisville 

3549 Dimmick, Marlin Hugh Lometa, Tex. 

3013 Dinn, Eobert Indianapolis, Ind. 

2480 Dittman, Frederik Wm Pickens, Miss. 

2126 Dodd, Earle B Decatur 

615 Dodds, Illinois Springfield 

1473 Dodds, Isidor C Springfield 

1404 Dodds, J. Carl Litchfield 

616 Dodds, John F Springfield 

1363 Doerr, Arthur Theodore Herrin 

3460 Doerr, Chas. C Pinckneyville 


Licensed EmbaJmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3253 Doerr, Hugo F Wood Eiver 

1032 Doerr, Jacob Pinckneyville 

1474 Doerr, William Bethalto 

1651 Doerr, William Philip Percy 

3170 Dolan, Andrew W Flint, Mich. 

1033 Doll, Frederick W Pittsburg, Kan. 

2887 Donaldson, William Cairo 

1034 Donnell, W. D Greenville 

3074 Donovan, James William Livermore, la.. 

1405 Doran, Chas. Clifford Henry 

1766 Doran, Michael E Fulton 

2973 Doty, Mark Hubert .Hanna City 

2660 Douglass, Uriah T., Jr Rock Island 

2410 Downen, Noble C Jerusalem, Ohio 

1767 Downs, Mrs. Elizabeth Aurora 

780 Downs, John T Aurora 

3332 Dreher, Harry Allen Atlanta 

74 Drechsler, Chas. F Oak Park 

2816 Drechsler, William H Forest Park 

617 Drew, Walter E Waukegan 

2323 Dreyer, Otto B Swift Current, Can. 

912 Droste, Herman H Mt. Olive 

1768 Dryden, Cyrus E Keithsburg 

2412 Duckworth, Albert H Virden 

2324 Dude, William Nokomis 

3461 Dudley, Clinton H Bridgeport 

1220 Dudley, Mrs. F. P Prophetstown 

2578 Dudley, Frank P Prophetstown 

2704 Duesler, Ben W Toulon 

3611 Duestberg, B. J Vincennes, Ind. 

3612 Duestberg, Herman J Vincennes, Ind. 

3551 Duker, Albert C Quincy 

75 Duncan, Charles M Keokuk, la. 

3480 Dunn, Wm. Ferris Donnellson 

1270 Dunn, Warran Harry Wendover, Utah 

2127 Durand, Virgil L. .' Cuba 

2128 Dwyer, John J Ottawa 

3144 Dye, Edgar C Danville 

1476 Dyer, Wintford '. Littleton, Colo. 

2763 Eagan, James Robert Hartford, Mich. 

1407 Eagon, Clyde H Walla Walla, Wash. 

3333 Early, John Justi Pocahontas 

3481 Early, Michael J Wenona 


Licensed Emlalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1037 Easley, Elmer E Clay City 

3171 Eastburn, Clyde L Watseka 

77 Easterbrook, Carey P Saybrook 

3482 Easterbrook, Earl C Champaign 

3396 Easterbrook, Floyd Walden Saybrook 

618 Easterbrook, George W Saybrook 

1770 Easterday, Fred Vandalia 

277 Easterday, Luther Vandalia 

1271 Eastman, E. V Harvard 

782 Ebbert, Emery E Oskaloosa, la. 

781 Ebel, Alfred C Orangeville 

2192 Ebert, Samuel Eoberts 

78 Eckenfelder, Fred E Peru 

2818 Ecker, Albert Woodworth 

2482 Eddy, N. L Pittsfield 

697 Eden, Alfred E Sullivan 

3398 Emerson, Horace G St. Louis, Mo. 

3397 Edmund, George Ferdinand Woodhull 

2193 Edwards, James Coffeen 

2888 Edwards, Mable B Cairo 

2414 Edwards, Ealph Owen Bellflower 

1038 Egan, Edward F Springfield 

2820 Egan, James M Joliet 

2253 Eggenberger, John J Saunemin 

2483 Ehret, Albert C Hammon, Ind. 

698 Ehringer, Fred A Washburn 

2889 Ehringer, George Benjamin Lacon 

1477 Ehringer, H. Frank Washburn 

1039 Ehringer, Joseph A Lacon 

1408 Eiker. George F Sparta 

2661 Ellinger, James A Springfield 

1272 Elliott, John M Metropolis 

2662 Ellis, Daniel W Harvey 

1354 Emmerling, Nicholas Hammond, Ind. 

1895 Emmons, Lyman W Lawrenceville 

914 Ennis, Isaac S Greenview 

349 Epperson, J. Frank Oneida 

2016 Epperson, J. T Westfield 

2017 Erlenborn, Marks A La Salle 

1479 Erwin, Bertha H Kirksville, Mo. 

2705 Erxleben, Franklin Peoria 

3334 Erxleben, Fred H Pekin 

458 Erxleben, Frederick William Peoria 


Licensed Embaimers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

81 Esterdahl, August V Moline 

1896 Estep, William Cartwright Pomona, Cal. 

2890 Evans, Francis M .Walton, Ind. 

1897 Evans, Price Sadorus 

2485 Evans, Eobert Sydney Hillsboro 

350 Everett, E. L Kirkwood 

3335 Everson, August Arvid Molme 

278 Eyman, John A Argenta 

2130 Fagan, John A Biggsville 

2486 Fairbanks, Grace Cecil Pana 

1040 Fairbanks, Eoy L Pana 

3552 Fairburn, Eobert William Farmmgton 

543 Faith, Harry M Illiopolis 

1898 Faith, Joseph H Eankm 

700 Falconer, Lizzie C Cairo 

279 Fales, Charles F Jerseyville 

783 Farrell, D. A Oregon 

819 Faris, Sylvester J Tuscola 

2580 Farmer, Walter S La Crosse > Wls - 

1145 Fay, J. M., Jr Fulton 

1409 Fedde, Edward H Peotone 

701 Feith, Mary Ellen Cairo 

2019 Ferguson, James F Mt - Sterling 

2415 Fessant, Francis John Vermilion 

351 Fickle, John A Hoopeston 

2975 Field, Clarence M Kalamazoo, Mich. 

1771 Fields, Everett A Hoopeston 

1577 Fiene, Edwin F Steeleville 

702 Fife, David Palestine 

460 Finerty, Patrick C Gary, Ind. 

280 Finger, Henry Marissa 

2194 Finke, J. Wesley Huntingburgh, Ind. 

3336 Finlan, Charles Milas Streator 

869 ' Finney, Edward James Oakland, Cal. 

545 Finney, Frank A Eankin 

2706 Fischer, George J Okawville 

281 Fisher, E. E Canton 

870 Fisher, F. A Huntley 

1188 Fisk, George Lawrence Abingdon 

1772 Fissel, Edward C. • Chehalis, Wash. 

1221 Fitzgerald, Henry Michael .Lake Forest 

2976 Fitzgerald, Lawrence E Hoopeston 

2487 Fitzgerald, William Emmett ....; .Los Angeles, CaL 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2325 Fitzgerald, William John Morris 

1773 Fleming, Frank Arthur 

546 Fleming, W. M Arthur 

1578 Flinspach, Ferdinand Bloomington 

2195 Flocken, Robert Charles Rose Hill 

352 Florin, Paul Rutland 

622 Fly, Oscar B Mt. Vernon 

2707 Flynn, George R Bloomington 

1410 Flynn, Hallard A Chesterton 

1274 Fogelstrom, Theodore W Moline 

1480 Fogler, W. E Vandalia 

3554 Foglesong, Harry H East Gilead, Mich. 

1579 Fogleman, H. A Creston 

2823 Fogleman, W. Bert Creston . 

2020 Foley, John Patrick Galesburg 

3485 Folger, Oliver S Stanford 

2708 Forbes , Iva Hayes Kansas 

2765 Forbes, William R Kansas 

1652 Ford, William J Dongola 

1189 Forke, Frank Wheeling 

547 Forney, H. C Minonk 

3075 Forster, Bartholomew J Sterling 

2892 Foster, Albert B Bradford 

1774 Foster, Bela Roberts 

1900 Foster, Harley R Deer Creek 

3486 Fowler, Perry E Marion • 

3555 Fox, Clarence Moreland White Hall 

282 Fox, John H White Hall 

3257 Francis, Otis Roy Indianapolis, Ind. 

623 Frank, Henry Chadwick 

2893 Frank Rolla Mendon 

2416 Frank, William Sparland 

3025 Frank, William Henry Chadwick 

742 Franklin, Everett D. ' Rockford 

2488 Franks, Albert A Peoria 

1275 Fraser, Bert Marion, Ind. 

2196 Fredrick, Albert H Algonquin 

3533 Free, Pearley Lew Grand Rapids, Mich. 

1653 Freeman, Calvin L • Des Moines, la. 

2255 Freese, Jay Ogden 

3556 Freiburg, Herman J Quincy 

283 Freiburg, Jos., Jr Quincy 

703 Frerker, J. H., Jr Carlyle 


Licensed Embcdmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1654 Frey, Fred Liberty 

87 Freytag, P. C Eeynolds 

2581 Frick, Charles A Cobden 

3076 Froehlich, Samuel H Gridley 

2894 Froehlich, Wm. E Gridley 

2326 Frost, Clyde B Detroit, Mich. 

1775 Fry, Clifford A Homer 

734 Fullenwider, J. T Mechanicsburg 

1580 Fuller, Robert G Savanna 

2824 Funk, Harry A Ottawa 

1411 Funk, Jas. H Griggsville 

1042 Funk, William Tinley Park 

2490 Furgie, William E Moline 

743 Furlong, James E Galena 

2491 Gaa, George J Springfield 

1481 Gabriel, Charles E Payson 

1655 Gabriel, Mrs. Charles E Payson 

704 Gaddis, A. G -! Flora 

1657 Gaerdner, Peter Belleville 

1657 Gagnon, N.J Marinette, Wis. 

3258 Gallagher, J. E Marshall 

1581 Galvin, Mike Clebourne, Tex. 

1044 Galvond, Jesse George Mont Eose, la. 

3400 Gant, Jesse E Pearl 

3173 Gardner, Arthur H Girard 

3174 Gardner, Benjamin Hampton Ava 

2950 Gardner, George E Vineennes, Ind. 

549 Garner, Warren Peoria 

3401 Gamier, Eobert M Centralia 

2695 Garrett, Herald Frank Lebanon, Ind. 

2327 Garrigues, Edward B., Jr Osborn, Kan. 

1045 Garst, Frank L Stanford 

2492 Garvey, Elbert Council Illiopolis 

3402 Gaskins, Bertis Harrisburg 

1327 Gates, Engene Landon Wheaton 

3557 Gauer, Joe J Morrisonville 

687 Gauer, Otto F Morrisonville 

1583 Gauss, W. F Peoria 

915 Gavigan, E. J Joliet 

871 Geary, John M Durand 

1902 Gebhardt, Carl W Odell 

1043 Gebhardt, Charles Caberry 

464 Gehr, F. H Sparland 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1191 Geils, John C Bensemalle 

3403 Geiler, Harry Thomas . .' Oak Park 

91 Gerharz, Henry A Lemont 

1903 Gerharz, John Lemont 

92 Geyer, Fred H Rock Falls 

1778 Gibbons, A. J Metropolis 

1222 Gifford, Laban F McLean 

1365 Gilbert, James Wm North Crystal Lake 

1584 Gill, John W Byron 

2106 Gillespie, Burton Thomas St. Francisville 

432 Gillespie, Wm. J Riverside 

93 Gillham, Will W Jacksonville 

3175 Gillis, C. B Brocton 

356 Gillis, Edward C Brocton 

2258 Gilmore, John Danville 

88 Gladfelter, Elmer E Ottawa 

1046 Glanzner, John W Trenton 

2023 Glardon, Benjamin F Louisville 

2583 Glendining, John R Bushnell 

969 Glenn, George Ashton Macon 

3176 Glenn, Walter Macon 

1904 Goble, Orion Charleston 

2896 Goff, Edwin C Middletown 

3026 Goff, Louis L Elmhurst 

1328 Goodale, William C Lockport 

2493 Goodfellow, Sumner Bloomington 

1779 Goodin, A. S Washington, la. 

2133 Gordon, C. I : . Sorento 

3177 Gore, Francis E Watertown 

357 Gonnerman. Edward E Dixon 

2024 Gould, Oren W Chapin 

2197 Gowdv, Leander F Enfield 

1905 Graf?, Edward S Plainville 

2766 Graham, Clarence A Virginia, Minn. 

872 Graham, John Livingston Warren 

358 Gravelot, Jules Chebanse 

2978 Green, John H Lostant 

.2421 Green, Russie M. C East St. Louis 

1611 Greenfield, Georgeiana German Valley 

628 Griffith, Clark A Canton, Mo. 

1906 Griswold, Fred L Oak Park 

1781 Grosshauser, George C Forest Park 

3407 Gross, Sylvester Grand Ridge 


Licensed Embailmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1369 Grove, Delbert Walter Marseilles 

1782 Grubb, Ernest J Liberty 

3178 Grunwald, Albert C Maywood 

2422 Grape, Martin W Lombard 

1387 Guest, Francis Geo Vermont 

2767 Gullett, John Wesley London Mills 

284 Gundlach, Frank Belleville 

2259 Gustafson, Amel 1ST . .Woodhull 

629 Gustin, Ralph E Eockf ord 

2330 Guy, Roscoe Delaney Oklahoma City, Okla 

970 Gwin, G. W Effingham 

2585 Gwin, Samuel Blaine Farina 

2423 Haas, Philip . Mascoutah 

1413 Habecker, Edward E Danvers 

1482 Habing, Bernard G Teutopolis 

600 Hackman, Charles F Staunton 

1658 Hackman, Henry F St. Louis, Mo. 

2586 Haddock, Jordan M Lerna 

1587 Haffner, Charles William Oquawka 

665 Hasn, Frank R Ransom 

1659 Hahne, John H Nashville 

3338 Haines, Ralph J . Santa Ana, Cal. 

3339 Haines, Willis A Chauncey 

1483 Ham, M. Allen Albion 

102 Hailine, James S Macomb 

2198 Hall, Forest N Dallas, Tex. 

1784 Hall, Francis Y Clinton, la. 

3179 Hall, James A Galva 

3340 Hall, Louise E Galesburg 

100 Hall, W. C Abingdon 

2494 Hallermann, A. N Carlyle 

2424 Hallgren, Arthur C Holdredge, Neb. 

3561 Hallmann, John H Emden 

823 Hamill, Liberty L Homer 

1909 Hamilton. Herbert Carthage 

465 Hammer, Milton Champaign 

551 Hammerschmidt, Edward Savanna 

2331 Hammerstrom. Archie Edward Moline 

107 Hammond, Chas. H Rushville 

1487 Hamrick, Willis Wyanet 

552 Hancock, Edgar D Flora 

2332 Hanks, John E., Jr Clinton, Ind. 

1147 Hanna, Will D Tuscola 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

101 Hanmim Edgar P Spring Valley 

3180 Hansen, Alwin Tonnis Kenosha, Wis. 

2333 Hansen, Harry J Gardner 

2025 Hansen, Henry. Anton, Jr Minneapolis, Minn. 

2495 Hansen, John Mark Kenosha, Wis. 

2026 Hansen, Martin A Gardner 

1048 Harden, Prank E Good Hope 

103 Harding, Samuel A Clayton 

1415 Hardy, Andrew Wright Cleveland, Ohio 

2980 Hargis, Lome T Troy, Kan. 

2027 Hargroves, Arnold Denver, Colo. 

2496 Harms, Harm Benld 

3077 Harms, Hermann John Petersburg 

3181 Harness, Chas. F Southport, Ind. 

3341 Harper, Sam E Charleston 

554 Harper, S. A., Jr Peoria 

3563 Harrell, Charles Smith St. Louis, Mo. 

2136 Harrigan, James M Oak Park . 

3028 Harrington, Edward Herman Hazelton, Ind. 

2426 Harrington, Geo. F Caledonia, Minn. 

2589 Harris, Bentley Springfield 

1049 Harris, Eugene Nelson Joliet 

555 Harris, Euris Coffeen 

1910 Harris, Geo. W Brushton, N. Y. 

1050 Harris, J. B Astoria 

1661 Harris, Lewis South Wilmington 

1488 Harris, O. B. Kilbourne 

3564 Harris, Raleigh J Pontiac 

2127 Harrold, Carl H Batavia 

3182 Harsch, Geo. T Paxton 

2900 Hart, Arthur A Hillsboro 

3078 Hart, Eugene Edward Virden 

1489 Hart, Harry E Jacksonville 

1276 Hart, James Edwin Peoria 

916 Hart, J. Melchi Franklin 

3408 Hartwell, George P Ullin 

1330 Harvey, William H Manteno 

3409 Hasely, Marc M Earlville 

1855 Hasemeyer, Wm. H Essex 

1912 Haskell^ Charles William Mattoon 

2201 Hathaway, John Johnston City 

2138 Haussler, Lvman A Centralia 

1277 Havard, A. H TTrbana 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3565 Hayes, Percy J Tampico 

24.28 Hays, James Francis Los Angeles, Cal. 

2981 Hayward, Harry B Peoria 

2139 Healy, Paul W Aurora 

109 Healy, William H Aurora 

3079 Heaps, Eoss D Joliet 

3183 Hearne, Carrie Lillian Carthage 

2769 Hearne, George E Carthage 

745 Heath, Warren M Columbus, Mont. 

556 Heaton, Lewis Warren Princeton 

3264 Heavner, Bluford Pearl 

3184 Hebblethwaite, John Edward Evanston 

111 Hebblethwaite, John L Evanston 

2591 Hebblethwaith, Leon Lesley Evanston 

2202 Hedges, Guy Cedar Palls, la. 

3491 Hedrick, Cecil Eichmond Fisher 

873 Heeg, Adam J Waterman 

362 Keeg, William F Shabbona 

2710 Henaghan, John E DeKalb 

1588 Heininger, George A Metamora 

735 Heininger, Henry Metamora 

2261 Heinz, Gustav Carlinville 

917 Heinz, H. C Carlinville 

1278 Heinz, Julius A Pesotum 

Hellwig, Charles Le Eay Whiting, Ind. 

Helton, Douglas E. Ogden 

Hemberger, Vincent Springfield 

2830 Hendricks, Thomas J Clayton 

918 Henry, G. W London Mills 

3029 Hensley, Charles Eeid Pleasant Plains 

787 Hensley, W. S Pleasant Plains 

3266 Henson, Thomas Anderson West Frankfort 

2663 Heppe, Conrad Chatsworth 

1589 Herbst, Casper Joliet 

2334 Herbst, Frank L Joliet 

2497 Herbert, Michael Arthur Belvidere 

3030 Herbster, Louis Mt. Sterling 

1590 Hermann, Fred Stockton 

2335 Herr, Vincent A East St. Louis 

920 Herron, James Clarence Bowen 

875 Hershey, John T Mt. Pulaski 

1416 Hertz, Benjamin F Kankakee 

Hess, William E p ana 





Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2030 Hettick, Jesse B Scottville 

3187 Heyer, Albert William Stockton 

3080 Hicks, William S Princeville 

1786 Hickey, Jerry Denison, Tex. 

2203 Hickey, John P Kankakee 

3188 Hiddleson, Cyrus Campus 

3342 Higby, Austin L Aurora, Neb. 

2832 Hiles, John L Yale 

746 Hill, Chas. D Earlville 

2140 Hill, Earl A Woodlawn 

2770 Hill, Tilden C Winchester 

921 Hilst, Otto Manito 

2141 Hington, J. W New Berlin 

3267 Hinrichs, Walter B •. Verona, Wis. 

2498 Hinton, Herbert L Decatur 

3268 Hinze, Wm. F Beecher 

2982 Hinz, Fred A Elmhurst 

1225 Hatchings, Frederick C Morocco, Ind. 

2205' Hite, Thomas C Knox, Ind. 

115 Hoag, Joseph J Mattoon 

2142 Hobbs, Solomon J Chambersburg 

2903 Hodgman, Bobert Oliver Lincoln, Neb. 

1491 Hodgson, William M Bock Island 

2031 Hoefft, William Maeystwn 

2337 Hoehn, John F Witt 

288 Hoefer, Henry E Peoria 

1320 Hoffmann, Mathias M Dubuque, la. 

876 Hof mann, Christian H Douglas, Wyoming 

1332 Hoghton, Henry C ' Delavan 

3189 Holbrook, Arthur D Mason 

3032 Holbrook, Charles J Keokuk, la. 

788 Holgate, Wm Wyoming 

2771 Holland, Howard L Waukegan 

1051 Holland, James W Marion 

854 Hollingsworth, Albert Terre Haute, Ind. 

2983 Hollister, Bobert Clarence Batavia 

473 Holman, W. T. Sherman Mt. Carroll 

2833 Hollway, Eli Leonard Hardy, Ark. 

2429 Holstman, Carl George Peoria 

1417 Holt, James W Greenup 

364 Holt, Squire Greenup 

2430 Honerkamp, August Worden 

29 a 4 Hopkins, Albert Earl Marshall, Ind. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1372 Hopkins, Banjamin J Zion City 

3081 Hopkins, Charles W Montgomery, Mo. 

2834 Hopson, Clifford Percy Delta, Colo. 

3493 Homer, Fred Sandoval 

118 Horton, William Bryam Galesburg 

1492 Hough, Roseoe M Raymond 

2032 Houghton, Harry J Georgetown 

2206 Houk, Ernest H Piper City 

1053 House, William Mansfield 

3346 Houser, Eay Leslie Galesburg 

2835 Hovey, Donald Dean Augusta, Mont, 

1493 Howland, Henry J Streator 

3269 Hoyt, Otis W Elgin 

3412 Hrejsa, Edward M. J .• Cicero 

1226 Huber, Charles St. Louis, Mo. 

3347 Hudgins, Ernest Eldorado 

2499 Hudson, Beulah L Wyanet 

3494 Huff, Otho H Bremen, Ind. 

633 Huge, Henry J., Jr Beardstown 

3190 Hughes, Myron W Wauconda 

2339 Huggins, Edmund D Knoxville 

2500 Huggins, W. B. . Knoxville 

3495 Hulbert, George G Reddick 

1591 Hull, A. Harrison New Arthur 

2033 Humphrey, Charles A Grand Rapids, Mich. 

3567 Hunt, Gladys E Brighton 

120 Hunt, Walter G Brighton 

2800 Hunter, Charles N Terre Haute, Ind. 

2984 Hunter, George T Stronghurst 

1055 Hunter, John Jacob Carterville 

973 Hunter, Thomas J. Stronghurst 

2501 Huntman, William J Staunton 

706 Hurd, Frank P Maquon 

2985 Hurt, Irven Burton Terre Haute, Ind. 

476 Huston, Frank D Springfield 

1919 Huston, Joseph Warsaw 

3413 Hyatt, Robert Jacksonville 

2502 Iden, Georgiana Le Roy 

685 Iden, Joseph Hamilton Le Roy 

3082 iDgleright, Oliver Guy Berrien Springs, Mich. 

1921 Ingram, I. D Kinmundy 

2665 Irps, William John Chebanse 

1327 Trvin, Hammond Walnut 


Licensed Emb aimers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1281 Iseminger, T. W Heyworth 

1663 Ishler, J. Wesley Martinsville 

2340 Jackson, Frank B Carbondale 

2593 Jackson, Erie Edward Toluca 

2986 Jackson, James A McLeansboro 

2905 Jacobsen, Christian M Havana 

2263 Jacobs, Alpheus Auburn 

291 Jacoby, Casper J Alton 

3569 Jacoby, Edwin S Alton 

292 Jacoby, Louis C Jerseyville 

1057 Jacoby, W. C Bunker Hill 

2906 Jacoby, W. Walter Gillespie 

1790 Jaggers, Gurney H Wilmington, Cal. 

2594 Jaggers, Quincy Charleston 

1494 James, Elnora M Oblong 

827 James, Joseph C, Jr Antioch 

2036 James, Martin L Oblong 

1282 Jameson, Thomas Roy Omaha, Neb. 

2341 Jarman, Fred S Los Angeles, Cal. 

3193 Jaques, Will H Champaign 

2037 Jenkins, C. C Henton 

1495 Jennings, Matthew Jerseyville 

1283 Jensen, Niels K Waukegan 

2143 Johnson, Charles Oscar Galva 

2837 Johnson, Carl F Sheffield 

828 Johnson, Charles E La Grange 

2712 Johnson, Dean Houx Brimfield 

3194 Johnson, Elijah G Louisville 

367 Johnson, Emil E Sycamore 

1195 Johnson, Frank A Joliet 

2503 Johnson, Freeman Tipton Fairfield 

1792 Johnson, George E Effingham 

294 Johnson, Henry R Brimfield 

1664 Johnson, J. A Effingham 

2596 Johnson, Joel Carrollton 

477 Johnson, John N Mt. Vernon 

1058 Johnson, John E Sterling 

1793 Johnson, Johnnie Cambridge 

2597 Johnson, Lindrew E Winnebago 

1731 Johnson, Oscar Hamilton 

878 Johnson, Simon S Princeton 

2504 Johnson, Wm. A Newman 

2432 Johnson, Wm. H Leaf River 

— 6 B H 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. ■ .Name. Address. 

2598 Johnston, Carl A Watseka 

707 Johnston, David Watseka 

295 Johnstone, Ealph J Alton 

2838 Joice, Lawrence Sylvester Waterloo, Wis. 

2342 Jones, Celia A Dixon 

3315 Jones, G-. F Vincennes, Ind. 

2677 Jones, Ulysses G St. Joseph 

3084 Jones, Wilkie T Jacksonville 

3497 Jordan, Frank E Deunsmuir, Cal. 

369 Jndd, Thomas D. Wenona 

370 Justen, Jacob McHenry 

123 Justen, N. J W. McHenry 

3499 Kampp, Harry J Wheaton 

371 Kampp, John H Wheaton 

2750 Karcher, Victor A Shawneetown 

636 Raster, James J El Paso, Tex. 

731 Kauf , Chris Chillicothe 

2907 Kaul, Louis Tamaroa 

2599 Kearns, Joseph W Lebanon, Ky. 

1334 Keck, Harvey W. E Aurora 

709 Keegan, William H. Spring Valley 

879 Kellar, Thomas J Blue Island 

3380 Keller, Nora E Barry 

1496 Keller, Edmund Barry 

131 Keller, Geo. W Sarasota, Fla. 

1550 Kellersman, Henry Havana 

2600 Keilmann, Nicholas T. Ottawa 

1420 Keeley, William A . LaSalle 

2908 Keelor, Horace Logan Pocatello, Idaho 

1593 Kelley, Harry Freeman Freeman, Elburn 

2715 Kelley, John B Loda 

1665 Kelly, Adam J. Centralia 

1594 Kelly, Floyd D Beverly . 

1422 Kelly, Jerry W Tampico 

3272 Keim, Phiiip St. Louis, Mo. 

922 Keiser, Allen Ira Alton 

2343 Kemerling, William J North Yakima, Wash. 

3314 Kendall, Marley Dana, Ind. 

1149 Kennedy, Josie C Eochelle 

1285 Kennedy, Dennis J Shelbyville 

2987 Kent, W. H Viola 

1061 Kergher, Frank Putnam Carrollton 

374 Kerr, William E Harvey 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

923 Kessler, J. Arthur Auburn 

106.2 Kessler, Morris S Auburn 

3086 Kettler, John Marine 

1666 Ketting, Edward Warsaw 

2988 Kettering, Ralph Seattle, Wash. 

880 Kibler, Schuvler Olney 

3349 Kidd, William Smith Smithfielrl 

1498 Kilgnre. Samuel Ross Peoria 

132 Killpatrick, H. D Bluffs 

5 Kilpatrick, H. M Elmwood 

2435 Kimball, Darwin Dale Pullman, Wash. 

2839 Kimball, Thomas J Los Angeles, Cal. 

684 Kimber, Harry F Galesburg 

480 King, Jesse E Virginia 

1500 King, John L Brookport 

3273 King, Sadie Allendale 

2505 Kingdon, Fred W Cullom 

1065 Kingdon, John M Cullom 

1856 Kirkhart, Wm. H Potomac 

296 Kirkpatrick, Henry Bert Pana 

1596 Kirkpatrick, Robert Morton Glenwood Springs, Colo. 

2716 Kirlin, Bernard M Springfield 

2268 Klinck, Knowlton G Knoxville 

2436 Kline, Orville Seattle, Wash. 

1286 Klingel, Edward Vinita, Okla. 

830 Klingen, August Peoria 

135 Klunk, Henry J St. Louis, Mo. 

2840 Klunk, James A Alton 

1923 Kmiec, Andrew East Chicago, Ind. 

1336 Knauer, Claude M Avilla, Ind. 

2209 Knauf , Matthew Ladd. 

483 Knigge, William Rockefeller 

3501 Knight, Thomas Keensburg 

1287 Knickerbocker, John H Fowler, Ind. 

924 Knowlton, Wm. S Princeton 

136 Knox, B. F Rock Island 

137 Knox, Edwin B Moline 

2910 Knox, Luther Calvin Moline 

1501 Knox, R. Earl Alpha 

3502 Knox, Robt. S Illiopolis 

1066 Knudson, Oscar C Yorkvil'le 

1502 Koch, Adolph G Highland 

925 Koch, Anthony J New Baden 


Licensed Emb aimers— Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1924 Koch, Eobert D Peoria 

638 Koening, Frank B Freeport 

2506 Koerner, Joseph P Cullom 

297 Kohl, Wm. J Centralia 

1925 Kohler, Louis Cobden 

2344 Kolar, Bomel El Paso, Tex. 

710 Koll, W. G Dallas City 

3036 Kopp, Hugo Melrose Park 

1174 Korthaus, Gustav Hegewisch 

3197 Kosanke, William F Kouts, Ind. 

2212 Kraner, Henry S Marion, Ohio 

1926 Krause, Augustus Wilmington 

1423 Kraushar, John Naperville 

2605 Kraushar, Philip Naperville 

560 Kriedler, Harriett M Kewanee 

3038 Krieghbaum, Hiram C South Bend, Ind. 

3379 Kringer, Jacob S Tamaroa 

561 Kron, August, Jr St. Louis, Mo. 

764 Kreino, William Forest Park 

485 Krueger, Eobert Blue Island 

1732 Krummel, F. W Donnellson 

3039 Kruse, John H St. Peter 

376 Kruse, W. C Champaign 

711 Kuecks, Chas. C Pekin 

139 Kuehner, Charles Fred Freeport 

3087 Kueker, Henry C Troy 

3040 Kuhl, Joseph H Beckemeyer 

1857 Kuhn, Eobert Nauvoo 

486 Kurrus, Charles G- East St. Louis 

1985 Kurze, Carl Monee 

140 Kuter, Simon A Eockford 

1598 Kutz, Henry E Morris 

143 Lackore, Chas. E Morgan Park 

3275 Lady, Will W Macomb 

2718 Lahey, Jerry J Madison 

3201 Lahey, Margaret E Madison 

2508 LaMaster, Ehud Bloomington 

3416 Lamb, Bert W Cowden 

3350 Lamb, Wallace Shumway, Jr Gibson City 

142 Lamb, Wallace Shumway Gibson City 

487 Lambdin, Walter P Atwood 

145 Lame, Charles Edgar McGill, Nev. 

LaMontague, Louis L Memphis, Tenn. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

Name. Address. 

Landis, Henry Kingston 

Lane, Kudolph E. H. Shermerville 

Lang, Herman C Bed Bud 

Lang, John W Red Bud 

Lantz, Charles C Shelbyville 

Larkin, George S Mackinaw 

Larsen, George Waukegan 

Larson, Albert M Ingalls, Mich. 

Lashmett, A. J Bushville 

Latowsky, Hugo New Douglas 

Lauber, Charles Peru 

Lauber, John Louis Peru 

Lauer, Henry Spring Valley 

Laughlin, Osman R Odon, Ind. 

Laughlin, Richard Carbondale 

Lavery, David Kankakee 

Lawrence, William F Danville 

Lawler, Robert A Rushville 

Lay ton, Ernest A Binghampton, N. Y. 

Leadley, Fred L Wyoming 

Leamon, R. B Lena 

Learnard, J. Perry West Point, Miss. 

Lee, Luther Leman Pond Creek, Okla. 

Lee, Maskel Wapella 

Lee, Ray B Lewistown, Mont. 

Leggate, Walter F Morrison 

Lehnert, Adam Aurora 

Lehman, Frank Herseher 

Lemieux, Richard Amos Menominee, Mich. 

Leeper, George W Chandlerville 

Leeper, William D Chandlerville 

Leif erman, G. C Buda 

Lemen, A. L Ottawa 

Lenz, Amel L Lacon 

Leonard, Harry M Rantoul 

Leonard, John Mitchell Hallowell, Me. 

Lepper, Otto L Quincy 

Leuckel. Philip A Perryville, Mo. 

Lewis, Chas. E Elgin 

Lewis, Frederick E Prairie City 

Lewis, Sheridan H Elgin 

Lickev, Mary M Rushville 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1803 Liese, Henry Belleville 

1934 Lietz, Fred W Buckley 

1506 Liggett, W. H Camp Point 

1507 Liljequist, Charles J Davis 

931 Linder, Ealph Kane 

3045 Lingafelter, James A Yale 

1070 Link, Horace Paris 

3377 Lintner, Albert L Chandlerville 

1197 Linton, William H Crown Point, Ind. 

932 Lisenby, John N Tamaroa 

1152 Lishness, Charles E Cornell 

979 Listeman, Chas. F Collinsville 

2719 Lock, Mrs. Belle Young Alton 

2773 Lock, John Alton 

2270 Lockey, Geo. B South Bend, Ind. 

1508 Lofftus, William E Monmouth 

1935 Loftus, John W Decatur 

3088 Lohmann, George Ft. Madison, la. 

2046 Long, David A Portland, Ore. 

1936 Long, Matthew Bockford 

3374 . Long, Norman W Metropolis 

3089 Loss, William H Flint, Mich. 

2047 Lowe, Boy A Edwardsville 

1669 Lowery, Charles Eockport 

3504 Lowery, Emma C Eockport 

1150 Luce, George B Plainfield 

2611 Luce, Gilbert Truman Liberty ville 

2353 Luckhaupt, Frank W Marshall 

3353 Lundborg, Edward Bloomington 

1072 Luther, Irvin E Geneseo 

1937 Luthy, E'mil J. . Watertown, S. D. 

2612 Lyons, Bernard A Odell 

2271 Mackey, John S Monticello 

3046 Mac Leod, William W Erie, Pa 

492 Mahan, J. A Pontiac 

2991 Maloy, George Pardee Three Oaks, Mich. 

2048 Manhart, James Elizabethtown 

2954 Manning, DeWitt Morgan Carthage 

3203 Manor, Fred J Jenoa Junction, Wis. 

2775 Mansfield, Albert E Scottsville 

1232 Marceau, Zephir E Manteno 

3506 Markee, Bruce Gandoys Augusta 

1073 Markee, M. G .....Augusta 


Licensed Emb aimers — Continued. 

Name. Address. 

Markiewicz, Stanislaw Lemont 

Marks, Charles W Edwardsville 

Marks, John Edward ' . Edwardsville 

Markley, Clark A Adams, Minn. 

Markwell, George W Newton 

Marsh, Frank M Rockford 

Marsh, George A Bradford 

Marshall, Andrew Henry Salt Lake City, Utah 

Marshall, Emily Hanks Albany 

Marshall, Julius Lessly St. Louis, Mo. 

Marshall, Robert Wm., Jr Gary, Ind. 

Marston, Orrin L Roseville 

Martin, Chas. E Macomb 

Martin, Fred C Xenia 

Martin, Edison Summum 

Martin, Mason G Sheridan 

Martin, Ralph Thane Champaign 

Martin, Ransom S Eldorado 

Martin, William H Korris City 

Martinie. Fred Harold Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Masen, Ernest F Pekin 

Mathes, Archie D Knoxville 

Mathews, John L La Crosse, Ind. 

Mathews, W. R Evansville 

Mathias, Robert Gary, Ind. 

Matson, James C Scales Mound 

Matthews, Anson A Erie 

Matthews, Theodore Lostant 

Mans, Henry M Phoenix, Ariz. 

Maxon, Earl El Paso, Tex. 

May, Gardner A Tiskilwa 

May, Jackson A Dixon 

McAlister, Maggie M Rardin 

McAlister, T. P Rardin 

McAlister, Martin H Rockford 

McArthur, A. L Hamilton 

McCabe, George R Fairbury 

McCabe, Mike J Springfield 

McCampbell, Roy F Okanogan, Wash. 

McCann, James B Joliet 

McCann, Josiah B Areola 

McCarty, Halford R Lawrenceville 

McCarty, Jas. D Mattoon 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3092 McCarty, Margaret H Keokuk, la. 

2216 McCauley, Fred Marvin S.idell 

1677 McCauley, E. C ' Morrisonville 

1509 McClain, Burnie Paris 

162 McClure, George W Hunnewell, Mo. 

1510 McClure, Warren C La Harpe 

2916 McCormick, Steaphen Hugh Valmeyer 

3093 McDermott, Charles A. . . Peoria 

2616 McDonald, Alvah G. . . East St. Louis 

1078 McDonald, Geo. S East St. Louis 

2051 McEvay, Frank Decatur 

3094 McE'voy, Philip Sheridan Equality 

158 McFerson, George A Tonica 

1941 McGary, James Danville 

3095 McGeej Wm. M Brocton 

2356 McGinnis, John Wm Gifford 

3355 McHenry, Joseph W Payson 

2274 McHugh, John Benj Kewanee 

1290 McJunkin, Arthur E Green Valley 

2513 McKee, Harry Almon Sandwich 

3279 McKenzie, Joseph Allison Payson 

1198 McKinney, Archibald J Kempton 

1291 McKinney, Charles Peoria 

489 McKinney, William O Piper City 

884 McKinstry, J. T Delavan 

1 McKinstry, W. Y Delavan 

566 McKnight, Wm. A Alexis 

2515 McKoin, Harry E. A St. Louis, Mo. 

1943 McLaughlin, Adelbert Jay Yates City 

2884 McLaughlin. Frank R. . ' Cerro Gordo 

386 McLean, George S Princeton 

2727 McLean, Robert H Denver, Colo. 

298 McMackin, Chas. L Salem 

1511 McMackin, James Ernest Salem 

2728 McMackin, Omar James Salem 

490 McMackin, T. C Fairfield 

2275 McMullin, William I Lovington 

1605 McMurray, Irvin Morrill, Kan. 

3280 McNamara, Jay J Washington, la. 

2729 McNeall, Derrick L Columbus 

3048 McPeek, Tom Francis Breckenridge, Mo. 

2276 McQueen, Jesse Fred Springfield 

1079 McQueen, John Winters Altona 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

Name. Address. 

Meacham, George B Peoria 

Melby, J. E Momence 

Mehl, Bernard Wesley Edwardsville 

Melcher, Myrta Findley 

Melcher, Wm Findley 

Melzer, Edwin H Glenview 

Melzer, Jacob Glenview 

Mendenhall, Charles E Vermont 

Menef ee, Will D Ambia, Ind. 

Mentzer, Herman P Shermerville 

Mercer, James Edward Granite City 

Merritt, Charles Edson Mendota 

Merritt, Hazel D Champaign 

Messier, Fred E Canton 

Messer, James W Lexington 

Messinger, Clifford M Shreveport, La. 

Meissner, William F Texarkana, Ark. 

Metcalf, Edward P Springfield 

Metz, Albert D Wapella 

Metz, William F St. Elmo 

Metzger, Philip Lippert Millstadt 

Meyer, Edward C Staunton 

Meyer, Edw. W Gilman 

Meyer, John A Mascoutah 

Meyer, John H Mason City, la. 

Meyers, Nicholas W Muscatine, la. 

Miller, August F Alton 

Miller, Charles E Charleston 

Miller, Clayton W Washington 

Miller, Edgar Carrier Mills 

Miller, Edward J Big Eock 

Miller, Floyd Glenn Fillmore 

Miller, Fred Grant Mattoon 

Miller, I. W Washington 

Miller, Mike Charleston 

Miller, W. F Crisco, Iowa 

Miller, William H Mt. Morris 

Miller William N Hanover 

Milligan, Fred T Fairbury 

Milligan, Jennie M Fairbury 

Mills, William Lewis St. Augustine 

Minier, Perry William Sheldon 

Mink, Frederick C Galva 

Minnich, John W Piano 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2918 Mitchell, Clifford E Hoopeston 

3575 Mitchell, John F Olney 

168 Mittendorf, Louis Champaign 

3139 Moehrman, Chas. F Staunton 

3511 Mohr, Donald Oakley Ponca, Neb. 

2919 Mohr, John E Tinley Park 

2778 Moll, Albert Daniel Mascoutah 

499 Moran, James J Decatur 

3578 Moran, Louis A Decatur 

750 Morgan, Thomas J La Salle 

3576 Monroe, Harry B Carrier Mills 

2278 Monson, Leon A Decatur 

3512 Montgomery, Charles A Petersburg 

500 Montgomery, Samuel Petersburg 

1946 Montgomery, Vivian Mound City 

2054 Montgomery, Will A Mound City 

2055 Moon, Margaret Harper Onarga 

1083 Moon, Samuel Cornelius Onarga 

3356 Moore, Marshall Petersburg 

2260 Moore, Norman H Freeport 

3513 Moore, Mrs. Ora P Freeport 

300 Moore, Wm. E Benton 

3426 Moore, William Landis Muscatine, la. 

3577 Moores, Montgomery Kelsey Shipman 

3514 Moores, Bubie Frances Shipman 

2518 Morehouse, Chester Abbott Mahomet 

570 Morehouse, Heber J Mahomet 

2779 Morgan, Charles G Martins Ferry, Ohio 

2057 Morlan, James L McLeansboro 

3100 Morris, Herbert W Dixon 

1084 Morris, John M Apache, Okla. 

1859 Morris, Jos. D Kirkland 

389 Morrison, Hugh B Aledo 

1814 Morrison, William H Aledo 

2056 Morse, Almiron G Farmington 

1085 Mortenson, M. J Tonica 

2058 Mortimer, William Pittsburg, Pa. 

2920 Morton, Frances Perry 

1516 Morton, Jno. E ! . . , Perry 

2678 Motley, Frank O Bichmond 

176 Mott, Allen Athens 

1517 Mott, Eugene L Villa Grove 

3515 Mudge, Gordon T Ishpeming, Mich. 

2059 Muegge, F. William Tioga 


Licensed Emb aimers— Continued. 

Name. Address. 

Muegge, Karl L Tioga 

Muhlke, Alfred H : Deerfield 

Mulliken, Edgar M Humboldt 

Mulliken, I. M Newman 

Mulliken, J. W Champaign 

Momma, Holmes ■ Sherrard 

Mumper, David William Quincy 

Mundle, Frank L Pontiac 

Munson, Holroyd Penwater, Mich. 

Murchison, Frances C. J Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Murfin, Arthur Lee Vernon 

Murphy, Jessie Evan Detroit, Mich. 

Murphy, John W Aledo 

Murphy, Thomas Taylorville 

Murphy, Thomas J Springfield 

Murphy, W. P Pock Island 

Mussman, W. F Crete 

Myers, Fred Girard 

Myers, William B Wayne City 

Myers, William L Geneseo 

Nace, Joseph _ Carthage 

Nash, James A Hinckley 

Nash, John Hill Grayville 

Nashold, Martin Monroe Center 

Neeson, Pichard J Divernon 

Neidow, Carl Dolton 

Neidow, Chas. C Hammond, Ind. ■ 

Neil, W. W Kinmundy 

Nelms, John H , . . . Kinmundy 

Nelson, Harry A DeKalb 

Nemanich, Anton, Jr Joliet 

Nevins, George H Virden 

Newbould, Sam T Sullivan 

Newell, Arthur C Morrison, Okla. 

Newell, Otis D Decatur, Mich. 

Newgent, Herbert M East St. Louis 

Newman, Henry N Paxton 

Nice, William D Kenney 

Nichols, Geo. M Plymouth 

Nichols, Eobert Wilson Morgan Park 

Nickels, John R Chrisman 

Niederer, Edward H Easton 

Niesman, John Davis 

Noel, Orville W Pekin 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1520 Nolen, Edward Beshare Benton 

3101 Norberg, Carl Arthur Princeton 

182 Norris, C. E West Chicago 

183 Norris, Carroll William St. Charles 

1178 Norris, F. T Elgin 

180 Norris, George W Anna 

1682 Norris, Joseph D Waltonville 

751 Norris, Robert M Anna 

1612 Norris, Thomas Jonesboro 

2068 Nortrup, Henry Jacksonville 

2733 Nuess, William Anthony Springfield 

1950 Nutt, Arthur Daniel . Mendon 

984 Nutt, Chas. H Mendon 

644 Nutt, Levi G Kankakee 

1683 Oakley, Lucian E Pleasant Hill 

186 Oakman, Clem G Clinton 

2998 Oare, Alonzo Wilson Herrick 

1293 Oberlin, Arthur Kankakee 

794 Oblander, George Freeport 

187. Oblander, J. F. G Bushnell 

1818 O'Brien, John H Lemont 

2923 O'Brien, Minnie Francis Mexico City, Mex. 

3429 O'Connor, Francis J Dwight 

837 O'Donnell, John H Jacksonville 

1431 Offenheiser, Fred Pearl City 

838 Oleary, Chas. W Peoria 

646 Olmsted, Homer H Milledgeville 

301 Olmsted, William C Danville 

2157 Olson, Carl A Eockford 

2924 Olson, David N" Evanston 

2856 Olson, Fred Clarence Eockford 

1089 Olson, John B Briercrest, Can. 

1684 Olson, Louis Blue Island 

505 Olson, Nels Eockford 

795 O'Malley, Albert M Sterling 

1159 O'Malley, Walter E Eock Island 

987 Omen, John Alfred Princeton 

2158 Ortgiesen, David A Waterloo, la. 

1820 Ortmann, Mrs. W. H Warsaw 

1685 Ortmann, W. H Warsaw 

890 Ory, Joseph A Carlock 

1344 Osborn, Oliver S Milford 

Osborn, Percy G Chicago Heights 


190 Osborne, Elwin D Eacine, Wis. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2782 Osborne, Nairah Wane Dix 

2159 Osborne, Bay E Elmhurst 

1158 Osburn, Miles Eldorado 

2579 Osgood, Dauphin Arthur Oak Park 

985 Osmond, 0. H Newark 

2284 OToole, Michael E Plainfield 

574 Ott, Amos Prophetstown 

1821 Ott, Leonard Prophetstown 

3581 Otto, Albert H Danvers 

1822 Otto, Charles Eichmond 

1952 Over, Mrs. Anna Leonore 

3285 Owen, I. Jay Yuma, Colo. 

2160 Owens, Dominic P Whiting, Ind. 

2445 Ownby, Albert D Winthrop, la. 

2523 Packer, Harold L Salem, la. 

2999 Paddock, Bert Thawville 

302 Paas, George E Edmond, Okla. 

1688 Paige, Florence M Nowata, Okla. 

194 Palmer, Charles W Portland, Ore. 

396 Palmer, William C Kewanee 

1522 Pape, Erwin E Pontiac 

195 Parent, William T Tampico 

1823 Parker, Audleigh Bruce Shreveport, La. 

840 Parker, Elmer S Hoopeston 

2680 Parker, Lewis Wallace Griggsville 

1090 Parker, Lucas Vienna 

1954 Parks, Edward W Girard 

1523 Parrish, La Fayette Metropolis 

2623 Partlow, Columbus Newton Keens 

196 Paschen, William E Princeton 

2524 Paswater, Warren C Heyworth 

3102 Patterson. Alex James Braidwood 

1318 Patterson, George Le Eoy 

3103 Patterson, Glenn W Le Eoy 

1860 Patterson, James W Braidwood 

2624 Patterson, John S Braidwood 

2734 Patterson, Pearl M Le Eoy 

3287 Patton, Thomas Clinton Jacksonville 

3288 Paul, Eaymond La Crosse, Wis. 

2857 Payne, Edward L Shortsville, N. Y. 

1689 Pearce, Charles G Hutsonville 

3001 Peart, John G Belvidere 

3289 Peers, George W Mattoon 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

304 Perrine, Charles V Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

1690 Perry, Fred W Pawnee 

2070 Peters, Edward Greenup 

2925 Peters, Edward Eock Island 

3518 Petering, Carl P La Porte, Ind. 

3236 Petersen, Arthur H Waterloo, la. 

2361 Petersen, Edward J Oak Park 

1238 Peterson, Charles E Glasgow, Mont, 

3002 Peterson, Prank Granville 

796 Peterson, Fred Bernard Pecatonica 

1294 Peterson, John A Orion 

3206 Petzrilka, Joseph Oak Park 

1956 Pfeffer, Frank X Seneca 

1135 Pfeffer, Louis J Seneca 

3430 Pfeiffer, Martin Strasburg 

941 Pfeif er, Geo. L Hinsdale 

2363 Pfetzing, Henry G Havana 

671 Pfetzing, O. F Havana 

3358 Phelan, Hugh E Morris 

1379 Phelps, Harry P Princeton 

3359 Phillips, Clark E Danville 

3208 Phillips, James B Mattoon 

202 Phelps, F. W St. Louis, Mo. 

2222 Pickrell, Claud Anna 

715 Pierce, Bessie Morning Sun, la. 

672 Pierce, Curtice Morning Sun, la. 

1004 Pierce, Jesse C Woodstock 

Piller, Leo J Kingman, Kan. 


204 Plattner, Eoy D Pittsfield 

2785 Pollock, Andrew Livingston Colfax 

2735 Pomeroy, Chas. D Ohio 

3584 Porter, Halbert Harrison DesPlaines 

1092 Porter, John B. Olney 

2751 Porter, Louis F Morocca, Ind. 

2927 Potthast, H. C Greenville 

3004 Powell, Ernest E Macomb 

2072 Powell, Ealph Ealston Lafayette, Colo. 

3052 Powers, William E Harvey 

2625 Postlewait, O-Allen Oak Park 

2626 Pratt, Charles E Toledo, Ohio 

398 Prehm, H. L Lake Zurich 

2736 Preston, Ernest H Bloomington 

1525 Preston, Walter L Dixon 


Licensed Embcdmers — Continued . 

No. Name. Address. 

1957 " Prevo, Arthur C Medaryville, Ind. 

2928 Price, Milton D Noble 

2681 Prillmayer, Albert H Mt. Sterling 

2528 Primrn, Howard B Tallula 

197 Prior, Henry M Highland Park 

2223 Prior, John ' Sheffield 

506 Prior, Percy E Sac City, la. 

3519 Prior, Percy H Highland Park 

1826 Pritchett, Arthur Niantic 

2074 Pritchett, Charles Latham 

3290 Pritchett, James Walter Niantic 

198 Prouty, Frederick Eugene Princeville 

3361 Provart, Ira Mc. P Christopher 

2952 Prugh, Norval Francis Burlington, la. 

2529 Prust, Harry West Union 

2285 Ptack, Louis M Peru 

1093 Puckett, Robert H Burnt Prairie 

3005 Pullum, Laura Eldorado 

1295 Pullen, Walter N Waynesville 

199 Purinton, Fred V Lincoln 

766 Putnam, Mary Crumb Harvard 

767 Putnam, O. L Harvard 

1692 Quernheim, Herman Waterloo 

576 Quinn, John F Joliet 

2531 Quisenberry, Jerome G Omaha, Neb. 

2075 Badcliff, Linn Princeton, Ind. 

1614 Eakow, Charles W Dundee 

1434 Baleigh, Fred E Strong City, Kan. 

400 Piammel, James M Assumption 

2076 Rammd, Euth Assumption 

942 Eamp, Edgar E Los Angeles, Cal. 

1345 Eamsey, Isaac Franklin St. Joseph, Mo. 

1827 Eandall, Henry S Buckingham 

1094 Banger, Fred C Belvidere 

2365 Eankin, Job William Muscatine, la. 

1693 Eatts, Bela Martinsville 

1694 Eatts, E. B Martinsville 

2858 Ray, Paul George Libertyville 

1615 Eedman, John N Oakwood 

1177 Eedman, John W Dana, Ind. 

2366 Eeed, Edwin E Monee 

2533 Eeed, Guy Chillicothe 

1959 Eeeder, Charles H Dalton City 


Licensed Embalm -ers — Continued. 

No. Name. • Address. 

1297 Bees, Sydney J Chillicothe 

512 Beese, Uriel Arlington Heights 

2077 Began, Frank L Elmwood 

578 Began, W. C Stronghurst 

2682 Rehr, Harry P Kankakee 

210 Beichmuth, C. L Pensacola, Fla. 

990 Beid, Alex Hampshire 

798 Beid, Charles C. Joliet 

3292 Beid, Frank Jacksonville 

3293 Eeifert, George J Omaha, Neb. 

1526 Beische, John H Versailles 

2165 Beising, Frank Albert Kansas City, Kan. 

2787 Bemsburg, Harold S Thawville 

3107 Bender, Joseph J El Paso 

211 Benner, Enos H Urbana 

893 Bennewanz, Bobert F Kankakee 

305 Beynolds, John G Jacksonville 

3210 Beynolds, Baymond A., Jr Morrison 

510 Beynolds, Baymond A Morrison 

1346 Bhoden, Henry Springfield 

1298 Bhodes, Jesse S Crump, Mich. 

2535 Bhodes, Bussell L Carlinville 

2447 Bhyan, Chaning C Terre Haute, Ind. 

212 Bice, George W Pontiac 

943 Bice, Oral Otis Loveland, Colo. 

3521 Bichardson, Henry L South Lyon, Midi. 

2536 Bichardson, Henry Martin Lewistown 

1239 Bichey, Charles L St. Louis, Mo. 

2166 Bickett, Charles Walter Hopedale 

843 Bickey, William Henry Philo 

3140 Eider, H. Perry Metropolis 

306 Eiefenberg, Otto H Carlinville 

736 Eiegel, Harry Marion 

2931 Bigdon, Henry David Murphysboro 

3109 Biggin, William Henry Carterville 

3211 Biordan, J. Francis Streator 

2629 Eipley, Willis A Streator 

307 Eippey, George A Grafton 

2537 Bitter, Henry B Mascoutah 

2367 Bitter, Will O French Licks, Ind. 

894 Boach, John E Chatsworth 

2167 Eobb, Charles P p ana 

1695 Boberts, Alexander J Murphysboro 


Licensed Erribalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2368 Roberts, Daniel Frank Danville, Ind. 

2538 Eoberts, George Milton 

1437 Eoberts, Hamilton S Murphysboro 

513 Eoberts, Walton G Lincoln, Neb. 

3522 Eoberts, William H Central City, Colo. 

797 Eobertshaw, Charles K Bloomington 

3215 Eobertson, F. G Toledo 

1696 Eobertson, John A Payson 

3110 Eobillard, Harrison H Elmhurst 

991 Eobings, Eoy E Medora 

1299 Eobings, William Henry Brighton 

1096 Eobinson, Frank C. Stillwater, Minn. 

1097 Eobinson, Harry E Bushville 

2369 Eoche, Edward James South Elgin 

1829 Eoche, Thos. E Elgin 

2079 Bockwell, Ernest A Clinton, la. 

3434 Bodenberg, Henry Sesser 

214 Eoeolfson, Eobt. D Normal 

2168 Eogers, Clifford Cleveland, Ohio 

673 Eogers, John Mechanicsburg 

3586 Eogers, Nathaniel L Hull 

1438 Eolanclo, Mrs. Victoire Ladd 

2224 Eoot, Byron L Eobinson 

1697 Eose, John C Kampsville 

1098 Eose, John F Moline 

3213 Eose, Jordan Wiliam White Hall 

2540 Bosman, E. P. M Beloit, Wis. 

3214 Eoss, Allen Glenn Walnut 

1961 Eoss, Balph Woods St. Paul, Minn. 

1347 Eoss, William Elgin 

753 Eoss, William Wallace, Jr Denver, Colo. 

2287 Both, Fred C Moore, Mont. 

2T99 Bottmanri, Fred William Golconda 

044 Bowe, Thos Greenview 

2788 Buddick, Lease Sandoval 

2789 Bude, Harry H Harrisburg 

718 Buedy, Bruno S Casey 

2738 Euffin, Edward D Cairo 

3463 Buhl, John, Jr Dundee 

674 Bundstrom, Bobert W North Yakima, Wash. 

3054 Bunge, Louis Davenport, la. 

169S Russell, Anderson St. Louis, Mo. 

1699 Russell, Carl L Kewanna, Ind. 

Licensed Embahners — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3587 RusselL Charles Stanton Neponset 

3435 Russell, Joel St. Louis, Mo. 

1240 Ruyle, John F Nebo 

3111 Ryan, James G Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

916 Ryan, James Lincoln 

719 Ryan, W. H Enid, Okla. 

917 Ryan, Wm Lincoln 

3588 Salladay, John Baird Homer 

1701 Sampson, W. M Waynesville 

675 Sanders, Preston Pawnee 

581 Sanderson, Prank Clifton 

1527 Sangwin, Harry, Jr Paris 

1099 Sappington, Merrick .Winchester 

2631 Sarber, Charles H Milledgeville 

3216 Sarber, Pleasant Roy Warsaw, Ind. 

2169 Sawtell, James H Burlington, la. 

1175 Schaefer, Anton Spring Grove 

3056 Schaefer, Edward Henry Meredosia 

514 Schaefer, George J Evanston 

309 Schaefer, Henry Meredosia 

1964 Schaefer, Joseph Evanston 

1209 Schaefer, Martin Evanston 

2933 Schafer, Thomas J East Moline 

3362 Schaible, Ernest R Pekin 

1529 Schafmayer, Charles J Scales Mound 

405 Scharfman, Henry Shannon 

3437 Schaub, Charles H Kempton 

311 Schiek, William Freeburg 

1348 Schildmann, E. H Venice 

1833 Schilling, F. Stephen Mattoon 

1702 Schiettinger, Charles Highland 

3057 Schlosser, William Crossville 

1703 Schmidt, Max L Altamont 

1862 Schmitt, Louis P Warsaw 

1704 Schmutzler, E. H Huntingburg, Ind. 

1835 Schneider, Edmund J Columbia 

1530 Schneider, Joseph Springfield 

3439 Schnur, Philip ' Baker City, Ore. 

2453 Schroeder, Arthur W Dubuque, la. 

515 Schroeder, Herman Chester 

3591 Schroeder, Oscar C Chester 

3218 Schroeppel, Albert H Collinsville 

3113 Schroeppel, George M Collinsville 


Licensed Embalm ers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

235 Schroeppel, Martin Collinsville 

1T05 Schroeppel, Raymond F Collinsville 

948 Schryver, Marion F Gurnee 

1706 Sehuette, Christian Alton 

3295 Schwarz, B. Leo Mendota 

583 Schwarz, Frank Joseph Mendota 

949 Schwarz, Henry P O'Fallon 

3592 Schwartz, Eoy Peter Hannibal, Mo. 

895 Schweitzer, J. G Union Mills, Ind. 

2935 Scobey, Elbert Pay Marion 

845 Scofield, William S Naperville 

238 Scott, George E Kankakee 

3114 Scott, Jerry Oneal Eossville 

3593 Scott, Ralph Cook Beatrice, Neb. 

1100 Scott, Walter D Amboy 

1707 Scott, William H Evanston 

•?; 52 Scripter, Otis Zion City 

3363 Scougale, William A Kalamazoo, Mich. 

2934 Schubich, Carl F Algonia, Wis. 

3058 Scroggs, Earl Leroy Columbus, Ohio 

584 Search, Harry M Peoria 

2936 Sebree, Willard R Canton 

410 Segur, Louis B Watseka 

3524 Senesac, A. H Kankakee 

2454 Senne, Paul W Maywood 

2632 Sexson, Charles H Windsor 

2455 Shafer, Harry L McDowell 

585 Shafer, J. C Assumption 

848 Shannon, F. C San Francisco, Cal. 

313 Shannon, William H Nokomis 

2288 Sharp, Oscar E Ramsey 

13S1 Sheets, Robert W Lincoln 

2289 Sheets. Wm. M Lowell, Ind. 

649 Sheldon. Irving W Bremerton, Wash. 

2373 Shelly, Theo. Manchester, la. 

2549 Shepard, Elmer St. Louis, Mo. 

676 Shepard, Richard G Collinwood, Ohio 

312 Sherive, Geo. H St. Louis, Mo. 

1382 Sherwood, Ambrose E Haigler, Neb. 

2228 Sherwood, Jay Eugene Kankakee 

3525 Shields, Charles Marshall Grand Ridge 

412 Shields, Hugh A Greenfield 

2374 Shippert, Warren A North Yakima. Wash. 


Licensed Emb aimers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1101 Shirk, John II Milledgeville 

314 Shober, Daniel Chenoa 

2171 Shober, Minnie M Chenoa 

2456 Shoup, Ciena G Goshen, Ind. 

413 Sidenfaden, Edward E St. Joseph, Mo. 

1102 Siedler, Aloys H St. Louis, Mo. 

2081 Siegel, Valentine Waterloo 

2290 Siepel, Willard Emmett Tennessee 

2955 Sievert, Charles H Davenport, la. 

3298 Silverthorn, Harry Pontiac 

2082 Simcox, Ernest '. . Patoka 

1441 Simpson, Edward Willis Centerville, S. D. 

2937 Simpson, Levis Leroy Beardstown 

3117 Simpson, Lynn Parker Carrollton 

2791 Simpson, Sterling Forrest Macomb 

586 Siverling, Albert B Montezuma, la. 

1622 Skoglund, John A Geneva 

1837 Slain, Charles Eugene Dixon 

993 Slater, Frank E Hale, Mo: 

801 Slater, Samuel S Genoa 

2861 Slattery, Thos. J Wichita, Kan. 

3299 Sloan, Andrew, Jr Forestville, Wis. 

1709 Smith, Allen B Henry 

240 Smith, Charles A Wyoming 

2229 Smith, Charles A Oxford, Ind. 

1733 Smith, Chas. M Annapolis 

1303 Smith, Charles N Madison 

2291 Smith, Evi E Hansen, Idaho 

2458 Smith, F. M. . . . Vernon 

721 Smith, Geo. A Alvin 

218 Smith, Geo. F East St. Louis 

1206 Smith, Geo. S Dakota 

2740 Smith, Henry Cleve Lebanon 

1710 Smith, Joshua W Milton 

1623 Smith, Leonard M Eobinson 

1305 Smith, Lloyd H Marseilles 

2376 Smith, Mrs. Mary Walkerton, Ind. 

1531 Smith, Nathan E Albion 

414 Smith, Orville A Geneva 

2741 Smith, Samuel P., Jr Minier 

3118 Smith, Thomas Benton New Haven 

1532 Smith, Thos. C Springfield 

1533 Smith, Thomas M Ashland 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

Xo. Name. Address. 

802 Smith, William H Paw Paw 

2377 Smith, William H Walkerton, Ind. 

219 Smith, William W Springfield 

2792 Snider, George Coats Ina 

3220 Snyder, Chas. A. E Edinburg 

3443 Snyder, Glen Benedict Escanaba, Mich. 

2634 Snyder, Harold Mead New Windsor 

1104 Snyder, Samuel J Edinburg 

950 Solon, Anthony A Streator 

1839 Southon, Alfred T Cicero 

220 Soward, William W Fithian 

2686 Sowerby, Clifton Craig Canton 

2459 Spalding, Ignatius Thomas Golconda 

1161 Spangler, Wm. McCloud .Brown Valley, Minn. 

1350 Spannagel, Albert Long Beach, Cal. 

1969 Speers, Clarence Gibson City 

222 Speicher, Jos. H Kankakee 

1306 Spencer, Chas Bridgeport 

3301 Spencer, Eaum Bridgeport 

1711 Spengel, Louis Highland 

2083 Sperry, Harvey Eamsey 

315 Spielman, Charles Lewis Blandinsville 

2172 Spielman, Shelby E Blandinsville 

2084 Spindler, James Urvie Chicago Heights 

3119 Sprague, Frank E Naperville 

2687 Sproul, Carl Lima, Ohio 

995 Spurrier, Harry Barton Elgin 

3120 Stafford, Harry Gordon Woodstock 

418 Stafford, John J., Jr Woodstock 

3444 St. Clair, Ernest Keewatin, Minn. 

2085 St. Clair, Geo. W Le Boy 

1534 Staninger, Charles Sumner 

2940 Staninger, Daniel Corrie Sumner 

1712 Stanley, George B Tulsa, Okla. 

756 Staples, Joseph W Dixon 

3121 Starkey, David D Norris City 

1207 Staesen, John H Peotone 

3122 Steelman, Oscar Ewell Palmyra 

223 Steenrod, Charles W Sycamore 

1244 Steinhilber, George M Crescent City 

519 Stensel, Geo Farmer City 

2378 Steffey, Verne J Mankato, Minn. 


Licensed Emb aimers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

1840 Stephan, Geo. B Ashton 

518 Stephan, Henry Sacramento, Cal. 

685 Stewart, C. H Hammond, Ind. 

1107 Stewart, Charles L Washburn 

2688 Stewart, Charles Wesley Nokomis 

2173 Stewart, Guy Champaign 

2742 Stimpert, Joseph E Minonk 

1443 Stinchfield, Melvin J Valparaiso, Ind. 

587 Stine, Eoy G Moweaqua 

2379 Stiritz, Eudolph John Johnston City 

2689 Stocken, Fred J Ann Arbor, Mich. 

317 Stocker, Elmer E Princeton, Ind. 

2545 Stocks, Adam Leo Morrisonville 

1713 Stoeckel, Louis H Jerseyville 

2460 Stoelzle, John, Jr Sesser 

1163 Stopp, Wm. G Plainheld 

3445 Storme, Albert G Cambria 

2293 Stormer, August P Quincy 

1536 Stormer, Herman H Quincy 

3123 Story, Jesse E Smithboro 

225 Stott, Wm. H DesPlaines 

1842 Strang, George E • Grays Lake 

3366 Strang, Leland G Antioch 

2546 Strathmann, Charles A Clay City 

952 Streeper, Calloway Nash Upper Alton 

2086 Streicher, A Red Bud 

1715 Stremmel, William G Eushville 

1537 Strickler, George Polo 

2381 Strode, Walter L Claremore, Okla. 

3595 Strode, William John Champaign 

2547 Stroot, Frank New Ba den 

2794 Stuebinger, Louis F Seaton 

1108 Stuebinger, Louis Keithsburg 

1164 Stuenkel, Edward F Highland Park 

1535 Stults, George W Palmyra 

3378 Stults, Otto Leroy Palmyra 

1716 Stumpf, Fred W." Tower Hill 

953 Stumpf, Eay Be Witt Tower Hill 

3222 Sturdevant, John H Memphis, Mich. 

954 Sturdyvin, Edward E Urbana 

2461 Sturdyvin, James D Eantoul 

1165 Sturdvvin, Joe A Eantoul 

2087 Shirts, Mort Hazel Dell 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

849 Sudduth, II. A Oakland 

;.U46 Suess, Joseph A Wendelin 

3367 Sullivan, Dan A Cairo 

1717 Sullivan, Frank J Galena 

1166 Sullivan, John Rochelle 

1734 Sullivan, John Apple River 

2941 Sunberg, Axel ,' . Kinsman 

521 Sundquist, Anton E Toulon 

419 Sutton, Arthur St. Anne 

3368 Sutton, Theodore H Hettick 

3124 Swaringuin, James William Athens 

1718 Swartzwalter, Frank H Sidney 

520 Swearingen, John V Champaign 

227 Sweeney, Hart Ray Geneseo 

1719 Sweet, James Franklin Shipman 

2174 Swegle, Charles R Abingdon 

318 Swengel, Fred B Neoga 

228 Swenson, Andrew Bement 

997 Swift, William Edward Waverly 

2548 Swinehart, George, Jr Cooksville 

2088 Swonguer, William S Marengo 

3125 Szymanski, Albert Cicero 

2089 Tanner. Fred J Marengo 

2549 Tapper, J. Albert Mendota 

2295 Tate, Edward Mattoon 

2636 Tate, John Gilbert Granite City 

2296 Taylor, Clvde D Cuba 

3448 Taylor, Chas. Edwin Marshall 

1538 Taylor, Earl Buda 

2091 Taylor, Roval C Clinton 

1111 Taylor, William H Tilden 

3369 Tayman, John L Jacksonville 

998 Teal, Frank J Denison, Tex. 

2092 Tempel, Albert S Freeport 

242 Tempel, Fred H Freeport 

999 Templeton, Cbarles, Jr Bakersfield, Cal. 

1539 Terbune, Alfred C. Willow Hill 

3370 Teverbaugh, Fred C Grant Park 

2093 Tezak, John A Joliet 

1973 Thierry, Wollard C Wenona 

3126 Thomas, B. Frank Columbus 

1720 Thomas. E. P Cape Girardeau, Mo. 

3233 Thompson, Frank C Lawrence, Mich. 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

2383 Thompson, Harold H Roswell, N. M. 

1307 Thompson, J. E Murrayville 

3371 Thompson, Oscar Graham Wilmington 

770 Thon, Gustav F Addison 

2094 Thorn, John Canton 

1721 Thorsen, Jacob B Leland 

771 Thorsen, Trygra W Earlville 

2551 Tickner, Charles Emery Mt. Erie 

2942 Tiller, Pressley A. , Colorado Springs, Colo. 

1847 Timmerman, Fred W Piano 

1446 Tjelle, Ole Eenwick, la. 

3303 Tobin, Edward W Waukegan 

1975 Todd,' Gilbert F Victoria, Tex. 

2297 Tohill, Clarence Bethany 

3225 Tontz, James Garfield Highland 

3305 Towse, Howard Lawson Chesterfield 

2552 Travis, Charles E Chenoa 

3306 Treptow, Julius A Libertyville 

2745 Trester, Orville G Lincoln, Neb. 

1114 Trigg, George W De Land 

3449 Tripp, Virgil A Mendon 

804 Turnbull, Ada Monmouth 

244 Turnbull, David Monmouth 

1308 Turner, Albert Erie 

2462 Turner, Cortez B Bellaire, Mich. 

245 Turner, John W , . . . . Danville 

955 Tuttle, Guy D Abingdon 

2298 Tuttle, Guy Harry Benson, Neb. 

1624 TTehren, William A Galena 

2943 Uhrich, Guy Sullivan 

3599 Ulmer, Harry D Effingham 

3600 Underwood, Amos J Monroe, la. 

2384 Unger, Charles P Rochelle 

1863 Urbas, John Westville 

2096 Usborne, Alva M Marengo 

266 TTsborne, J. Wesley Marengo 

1208 Vance, Alexander Capron 

1116 Vaughan, Edwin Austen Princeton 

4 Vaughan, Frank C Amboy 

1976 Vaughan, John Bement 

2386 Viers, Charles O Jasper, Mich. 

3227 Voelker, Henry Sheboygan, Wis. 

1843 Vogel, Joseph . , Benson 

Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. flame. Address 

523 Volmer, T. B Carlyle 

1625 Voorhees, Clarence S Fairview 

1551 Voorhees, E. B Granite City 

722 Voorhees, Ida Granite City 

681 Vrooman, Emma .1 Watervliet, Mich 

424 Votaw, L. T Neoga 

:!(><>; Wackerle, William Madison 

1117 Wade. Jas. Loraine 

1!)?; Wagenshals, Daniel E Nashville 

1 309 Wagner, Adam Streator 

3307 Wagner, Alfred John Freeport 

2637 Wagner, Charles Fred Chillicothe 

426 Wagner, John Streator 

2 163 Wagner, Wm. F Freeport 

3528 Walker. Charles L Erie 

3228 Wallace, C. W derrick 

3450 Wallace. E. Hazel Springfield 

956 Wallace, S. L Windsor 

2639 Walsh. Frank T La Salle 

3464 Walsh, George E Cardiff 

•r, 16 Walsh, Michael John East St. Louis 

524 Walter, Arthur G. Fremont, Ohio 

3529 Walter, Bernard John Mt. Carmel 

3008 Walter. Ernest Philip Fable Grove 

1 5 1 1 Walter, Louis Mt. ( larmel 

2553 Walter, Spencer Elgin 

312*3 Walton, Mary E Carmi 

.". 1 28 Walton. Stephen Carmi 

217P) Ward. Arthur Thomas Springfield 

2098 Ward. Mrs. Fnella Cooksville 

3129 Ward. Louis A Dawson, Minn. 

2796 Warner, Earl A Somonauk 

3308 Warner, Martin Luther Finkstaff 

1 1 c; Warner. Roy J North Crystal L 

\-!] Warren, John L Tuscola 

2388 Wasson, Geo. W Chrisman 

1 1 18 Wasson, John M Chrisman 

1724 Waters. William Clark Bunker Tlill 

2 t66 Watson, George L Cayuga, Ind. 

29 I:. Watson, John F Joliet 

1310 Watson, William A Joliet 

898 Watt. James Oliver Foswell, N. M. 

2091 Walz, Mrs. Harry Danville 


Licensed Embalmers — Continued. 

No. Name. Address. 

3309 Way, Bert C Eochelle 

1119 Weaver, E. J Morrison 

3373 Weber, Frank Gary, Ind. 

592 Weber, Peter J Chillicothe 

1120 Webster, William M Poplar Grove 

2299 Weers, Major H Peoria 

806 Wehren, Michael C Matteson 

2234 Weimeschkirch, Nicholas P. . South Evanston 

1121 Weinberg, Chas Du Quoin 

3530 Weingand, Bert E Hillsboro 

3531 Weir, Grace Prairie Creek, Ind. 

1542 Welge, Chas. F Chester 

1543 Welge, Fred W Hillsboro 

737 Weller, Herman J Kenney 

1846 Welin, John E Victoria 

249 Wenban, Frederick Porter Lake Forest 

1626 Wenban, George Irving Lake Forest 

1122 Wendt, August H. . . '. Port Byron 

3602 Wendt, Earl Edward Port Byron 

1978 Wendt, Kobert H Port Byron 

2233 West, Arthur Pine Bluff, Ark. 

591 West, Carl Albert Galesburg 

2643 Wetsel, Ira Stoltes Adair 

3130 Wettig, Fred W St. Louis, Mo. 

3532 Whaley, Lynn Janesville, Wis. 

2099 Wharf, William E Spokane, Wash. 

3131 Wheeler, Delbert Allison Quincy 

1130 Wheelock, Samuel E Eock Falls 

3132 White, Glade L Springfield 

3603 White, Harold Blair Monmouth 

1131 White, L. J Waukegan 

1312 White, Martin E Geneseo 

2177 White, Mary H Antioch 

728 White, E. E Monmouth 

3133 Whitfield, Francis E Medora 

1545 Whittemore, Leonard A Verona 

3604 Whitten, Ira J Wyoming 

729 Whorrall, Edwin Meadows 

1725 Wicklin, Stewart O Eiverside, Cal. 

3605 Widmann, George J Shermerville" 

2100 Wiemer, Mrs. Arlie O San Jose 

2178 Wiermer,- George B San Jose 

851 Wierman, Samuel H Altamont 


Licensed E nihil I mers — Continued. 

Name. Address 

Wieser, Albert G Sandwich 

Wightman, Annie J Chenoa 

Wightman, J. Earl Chenoa 

Wike, Charles Owen Barry 

Wikoff, C. W Decatur 

Wilcox, John Thomas Decatur 

Wilcox, Logan D Minonk 

Wildridge, "john C Tolono 

Wiley, George F Atwood 

Wiley, W. Edward Vincennes, Ind. 

Wilhelm, Moritz E., Jr. St. Louis, Mo. 

Willard, Earl S Williamsfield 

Willard, John R Warrensburg 

Willard, Luther C Belvidere 

Willhoite, Henry L Colfax 

Williams, David Dayton Herrin 

Williams, Frank C Colchester 

Williams, Frank H Colchester 

Williams, Forrest Barton Portland, Ore. 

Williams, Harry T Logansport, Ind. 

Williams, Lee S. .' St. Louis, Mo. 

Williams, Otis W Los Angeles, Cal. 

Williams, Sherman R Manson, la. 

Williamson, Chas. E Jacksonville 

Wilmot, Harry C Pekin 

Wilson, E. C Petersburg 

Wilton, Isaac H Centralia 

Wilton. John B Peoria 

Wilton, Richard S Peoria 

Winfree. Chas. P Mt. Vernon 

Winn. Chas. J Champaign 

Winter, Frederick, Jr Western, Neb. 

Winzeler, John W Peoria 

Winzeler, Zella E Peoria 

Wirtz, Ferdinand E De Kalb 

Wise, David Wesley Keyesport 

Wise, James L Summum 

Wiskirehen, Leo Theodore Quincy 

Wiswall, E. J De Kalb 

Wiswall, Willard Jason Bridgeport 

Witbeck, Olney Belvidere 

Witherspoon, Arthur Fairmount 

Withrow, Mary J. Albany 

Licensed Em halm ers — Concluded. 

No. Name. . Address. 

1170 Witt, August F Uriand 

1728 Wittenfeld, William H Collinsvillc 

3141 Wittieh, George M Muscatine, la. 

1729 Wolcott, William Orlando .... Sharon, Turin. 

730 Wolfe, Edward C Macomb 

2103 Wolfe, William T Bushnell 

3135 Wollrab, Louis E Blooming! on 

2235 Wood, Alfred B Rockford 

2238 Wood, Harlan P Dover 

596 Wood, Joseph Russell Ipava 

3134 Woods, Pearl Sterling 

2693 Woods, Roy G Sterling 

1547 Woodruff, John Springfield 

597 Wooster, W. L. Litchfield 

2949 Wright, Arlen B Dieterich 

2694 Wright, Aubern E Bement 

1003 Wright, Muriel E Eureka 

2465 Wright, Sarah L Three Oaks, Mich 

2645 , Wunder, Detlef C Durant, la. 

1133 Wunderlich, William Joliet 

2105 Wurl, E. M Mt. Auburn 

2236 Wyatt, Jesse O Gary, Ind. 

3136 Wynne, Arthur E Springfield, Mo. 

1172 Wysong, Isaac T Muskogee, Okla. 

2748 Yates, William A Kankakee 

1549 Yehling, John DuQuoin 

2749 Yoder, Chester L Flanagan 

759 Young, Jacob Franklin East St. Louis 

3457 Youngbcrg. Carl Y Moline 

429 Zahn, John C Roberts 

3138 Zansky, Thomas L Kewanee 

2646 Zechlin, Bernhard Adolph Frankfort 

2237 Zelle, Adolph G Murphysboro 

3012 Ziegler, Daniel E Marshall 

262 Ziegler, J. Frank Peoria 

598 Ziegler, Warren C La Porte, Ind. 

957 Zimmerman, Fred 0. Geneseo 

1451 Zimmerman, F. S • Rock City 

2303 Zimmerman, Saul R Newkirk, Okla. 

3313 Zuver, Bert Lvle Lincoln 

430 Zybcll. Albert B Monticello 

1452 Zybell, Cory IT Lake City, In. 

1548 Zybell, Emil M Montrose 

1853 Zybell, R. M Ivesdale 



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