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United Confederate Veterans 


H8ST rtis BATTti rtJia lMt rtto 

Containing Names of Department, Division, and Brigade Commanders and 

Their Adjutants General and Addresses. Lists of Camps 

Numerically Arranged. Summary of Camps by 

States, Divisions and Departments 


Officers and Camps of the Association 


General Commanding 


Adjutant General and Chief of Staff 

Owing to the long illness and final death February, 1920, of our lamenttwl 
Adjustant General, Wni. E. Mickle, and consequent confu^on of data, no list »f 
our orsranization has been nrinted since our re-union at Washington City, D C» 
June, 1917. 

Eogers" Printing Co., 610 Bienville St, 




United Confederate Veterans 


AUGUST, 1921 


General K. M. VAN ZANDT, Commanding, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Major General A. B. BOOTH, Adjutant General and Chief of Staif, New Orleans, La. 

Hon. Commander in Chief General C. IRVINE WALKER, Charleston, S. C. 

Army of Northern Virginia Department. 

Lieut. General J. S. CARR, Commander, Durham, N. C. 

Brig. General EDGAR D. TAYLOR, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Richmond, Va. 

South Carolina Division. 

Major General C. A. REED, Commander, Anderson, S. C. 
Col. J. A. BROCK, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Columbia, S. C 
Brig. General W. D. McLAURIN, Commanding 1st Brigade, Columbia, S. C. 
Brig. General P. A. McDAVID, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Greenville, S. C. 

North Carolina Division. 

Major General JAS. I. METTS, Commander, Wilmington, N. C. 
Col. W. P. WOOD, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff. Raleigh, N. C. 
Brig. General A. H. BOYDEN, Commanding 1st Brigade, Salisbury, N. C. 
Brig. General W. A. SMITH, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Ansonville, N. C. 
Brig. General W. E. KYLE, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Fayetteville, N. C. 
Brig. General JAS. M. RAY, Commanding 4th Brigade, Asheville, N. C. 

Virginia Division. 

Major General W. B. FREEMAN, Commander, Richmond, Va. 

Col. W. S. ARCHER, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Richmond, Va. 

Brig. General HOMER ATKINSON, Commanding 1st Brigade, Petersburg, Va. 

Brig. General W. P. NYE, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Radford, Va. 

Brig. General Wm. A. COMPTON, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Front Royal, Va. 

Brig. General H. CLAY MICHIE, Commanding 4th Brigade, Charlottsville, Va. 

West Virginia Division 

Major General CHARLES S. PEYTON, Commander, Ronceverte, W. Va 
Col. GEO. H. JOHNSTON, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Romney, W.-Va. 
Brig. General THOS. H. DENNIS, Commanding 1st Brigade, Lewisburg, W. Va. 
Brig. General J. Z. McCHESNEY, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Charleston, W. Va. 

Maryland Division. 

Major General , Commander. 

Col. , Adjutant General and Chief of Staff. 

Brig. General OSWALD TILGHMAN, Commanding 1st Brigade, Easton, Md. 
Brig. General FRANK A. BOND, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Jes.sups, Md 
Brig. General CHAS. B. HOWRY, Commanding District of Columbia Brigade, 636 
Woodward Building, Washington, D. C. 

Army of Tennessee Department. 

Lieut. General CALVIN B. VANCE, Commander, Batesville, Miss. 

Brig. General DON M. DOCKERY, Adjutant Genl. and Chief of Staff, Hernando, Miss. 

Col. HAMPDEN OSBORNE, Acting Adjutant General, Columbus, Miss. 

Louisiana Division. 

Major General 0. D. BROOKS, Commander, St. Francisville, La. 

Col. J. A. PIERCE, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, New Orleans, La. 

Tennessee Division. 

Major General JNO. P. HICKMAN, Commander, Nashville, Tenn. 
Col. W. L. McKAY, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Nashville, Tenn. 
Brig. General ROBT. C. CROUCH, Commanding 1st Brigade, Morristovi^n, Tenn. 
Brig. General JNO. L. JONES, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Columbia, Tenn. 
Brig. General R. E. BULLINGTON, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Memphis, Tenn. 

Florida Division. 

Major General N. A. BLITCH, Commander, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Col. W. A. RAWLS, Adjutant Ggneral and Chief of Staff, Pensacola, Fla. 
Brig. General T. J. APPLEYARD, Commanding 1st Brigade, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Brig. General W. E. McGAHAGAN, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Oclawaha, Fla. 
Brig. General DALTON H. YANCEY, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Tampa, Fla. 

Alabama Division. 

Major General H. C. Davidson, Commander, Montgomery, Ala. 

Col. M. B. HOUGHTON, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Selma, Ala. 

Brig. General HAL T. WALKER, Commanding 1st Brigade, Montgomery, Ala. 

Brig. General B. F. ELLIS, Commanding, 2nd Brigade, Orrville, Ala. 

Brig. General T. P. LAMKIN, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Jasper, Ala. 

Brig. General J. H. WILSON, Commanding 4th Brigade, Anniston, Ala. 

Mississippi Division. 

Major General W. M. WROTEN, Commander, Magnolia, Miss. 
Cel. JOHN A. WEBB, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Jackson, Miss. 
Hiig. General F. A. HOWELL, Commanding 1st Brigade, Durant, Miss. 
Brig. General F. L. McGEHEE, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Summit, Miss. 
Brig. General W. G. FORD, Commanding, 3rd Brigade, Holly Springs, Miss. 

Georgia Division. 

Major General J. A. THOMAS, Commander, Dublin, Ga. 

Col. liRlDGKS SMITH, A<ijutaiit General and Chief of Staff, Macon, Ga. 

Brig, (ieneral I). B. M.ORGAN, Commanding South Georgia Brigade, Savannah, Ga. 

Brig. General ALBERT J. TWKUJS, Comniantiing East Georgia Brigade, Savannah, Ga, 

Brig, (k-neral J. A. WISF, (Commanding North Georgia l>rigade, Hopeville, Ga. 

Brig. (Jcnerai JOS. DAY STKWART, Commatuiing, West Georgia Brigade, Griffin, Ga. 

Brig. General M. G. MURCHISON, Commanding Cavalry Brigade, Tennille, Ga. 

Kentucky Divis'ion. 

Major General W. J. STONE, Commander, Frankfort, Ky. 
Col. W. A. MILTON, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Louisville, Ky. 
P.rig. General Wm. H. ROBii, Commanding Ist Brigade, Helena, Ky. 
Brig. General C. S. .lARRETT, Commanding 2n(l Biigade, Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Brig. General THOS. D. OSBORNE, Commanding ."'.rd Brigade, Louisville, Ky. 
Brig. General N. B. DKATII RIDGE, Commanding 4th Biigade, Richmond, Ky. 
Brig. General W. B. HALDEMAN, Commanding ."jth, or Orphan's Brigade, Louisville, 

Trans-Mississippi Department. 

Lieut. General V. Y. COOK, Commander, Batesville, Ark. 

Brig. General .C. Y. FORD, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Kansas City, Mo, 

Texas Division. 

Major General E. W. KIRKPATRICK, Commander, McKinnev, Texas. 

Col. BRADFORD HANCOCK, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Waco, Tex. 

Brig. General G. W. KIDD, Commanding 1st Brigade, Beaumont, Texas. 

Brig. General E. W. TARRANT, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Bryan, Texas. 

Brig. General J. M. COCHRAN, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Dallas, Tex. 

Brig. General GEO. W. SHORT, Commanding 4th Brigade, Decatur, Tex. 

Brig. General J. O. FRINK, Commanding 5th Brigade, San Angelo, Tex. 

Oklahoma Division. 

Major General THEODORE F. BREWER, Commander, North McAlister, Okla. 

Col. M. G. McDonald, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, McAlister, Okla. 

Brig. General C. E. MAUPIN, Commanding 1st Brigade, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Brig. General T. B. HOGG, Commanding 2nd Brigade, ShawTiee, Okla. 

Brig. General WM. TAYLOR, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Altus, Okla. 

Brig. General B. MAGOFFIN, Commanding Choctaw Brigade, McAilster, Okla. 

Brig. General THOS. D. BARD, Commanding Cherokee Brigade, Bushey Head, Okla. 

Brig. General , Commanding Creek and Seminole Brigade, Okla. 

Brig. General JACK HALE, Commanding, Chitkasaw Brigade, Blanchard, Okla. 

Missouri Division. 

Major General W. C. BRONAUGH, Commander, 2501 E. 37th St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Col. A. A. PEARSON, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Kansas City, Mo. 
Brig. General WM. N. EVANS, Commanding Eastern Brigade, West Plains, Mo. 
Brig. General W. C. HARRELSON, Commanding Western Brigade, Kansas City, Mo. 

Arkansas Division. 

Major General B. W. GREEN, Commander, Little Rock, Ark. 

Col. GEORGE THORNBURG, Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Little Rock, Ark. 

Brig. General L. A. FITZPATRICK, Commanding 1st Brigade, P. O. Box 333, Helena, 

Brig. General D. M. CLOUD, Commanding 2nd Brigade, Benton, Ark. 
Brig. General M. H. BAIRD, Commanding 3rd Brigade, Russellville, Ark. 
Brig. General G. W. NEWTON, Commanding 4th Brigade, Camden, Ark. 

Pacific Division. 

Major General WM. C. HARRISON, M'. D., Commander, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Col. J. M. BOLTON, Adjutant General and Qhief of Staff, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Brig. General A. L. STEELE, Commanding New Mexico IBrigade, Lovington, N. Mex. 

Brig. General W. C. STEWART, Commanding California Brigade, Visalia, California. 


Adjutant General and Chief of Staff. 



United Confederate Veterans Association 

With Numbers, Headquarters and Names of Present Comanders and Adjutants. 

SIo Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

3 Gen. Leroy Stafford La Shreveport, La Chas H Levy Geo L modward 

4 N B Forrest -Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn Jno. N. Johnson L. 1. Dickmson 

5 Fred'Ault Tenn Knoxville, Tenn W. W. Carson A. Gredig 

6 JeffDavs -La Alexandria, La W. G. Mobley R. G. Maddox 

7 Ruston "":. La Ruston, La. S. P. Colvin Jno. R. Heard 

8 Ex-Conf. Assn Ky Chicago, 111.... Col. WC. Vaughn 

9 Vet. Confed. States Cav.-La New Orleans, La Col. J. A Harral y^T"^- T ^^ 

10 Ward Confed. Vet Fla Pensacola, Fla Boykin Jones Col W. A. Rawls 

11 Raphael Semmes Ala i\lobile,Aia A. L. Herpm R. E. Daly, br. 

12 Turnev Tenn Winchester, Tenn P. B. Keith N. R. Martin 

14 RE Lee -La Opelousas, La J. O. Chachere C. P. Richard 

16 Henrv St Paul La New Orleans, La L. D. Blanchard Jas. A. Pierce 

17 Baton Rouge ' "". La Baton Rouge, La W. P. Denham F. W. Hei^oman 

18 Iberville " La Iberville, La L. V. Landry J. E. Daigre 

19 Ben Humphreys Miss Crystal Springs, Miss.- Miss A. T. Wolfe S. H Aby 

20 Natchez Miss^ Natchez, Miss W. H. H. Wilson B. D. Guice 

21 Hattiesburg Miss Hattiesburg, Miss J. P. Carter J. P. Pace 

22 J J Whitney Miss Fayette, Miss Jno. W. Broughton T. B. Hammect 

23 KitMott -Miss Holly Springs, Miss W. G. Ford ] 

24 Robt A Smith Miss Jackson, Miss Jno. W. Clingan W. J. Brown 

25 Walthall ' Miss Meridian, Miss B. Waddill, M. D R. W. Houston 

26 W. A Montgomery Miss Edwards, Miss H. S. Pond N. T. Jackson 

27 Isham Harrison Miss Columbus, Miss F. A. Gunter C.L. Lincoln 

28 Conf. Hist. Assn Tenn Memphis, Tenn C. A. DeSaussure --H. G- Riser 

29 Ben McCulloch Tex Cameron, Tex J. F. Winge D. A. McLane 

30 Ben McCulloch Tex Decatur, Tex W p. Short MB. Johnston 

31 Sterling Price -. Tex Dallas, Tex J. M. Cochran Geo. W. Blaii 

32 Vicksbure: Miss Vicksburg,Miss D. N. Hebron A. J. Conklin 

34 Jos E Johnston Ga Dalton, Ga Geo. W. Stafford. ... - T. P. Freeman 

35 Frank Cheatham Tenn Nashville, Tenn H. C. Brinkley Maj. Gen. Jno. P. Hickman 

36 Hillsborough Fla Tampa, Fla J. W Winpigler .JI.L. Crane 

37 John Ingram Tenn Jackson, Tenn T. M. Gates .-^.G. R. McGee 

38 Maj Victor Maurin La Donaldsonville, La Demophon S. LeBlanc Edmund INIaurin 

39 W J Hardee Ala Birmingham, Ala J. T. Garrctson M. V. Henry 

40 Natchitoches ' La Natchitoches, La A. L. Plumber J. H. Stephens 

41 Mouton La Manslield, La J. J. Billingsley - 

42 StonewailJackson Tenn McKenzie, Tenn J. S. Todd. J. M. J- ^oore 

43 Jno. C. Upton Tex Huntsville, Tex W. W. Durham .VV Barheld 

44 Jno H. Reagan Tex Palestine, Tex T. C. Spencer ... .C A Steine 

45 J E. B. Stuart Tex Terrell. Tex J. C. Campbell D. T. Waddington 

48 Albert Sidney Johnston..Tex Tyler, Tex...... A. F. Smith Georgia Smit 

49 Woodville Miss Woodville, Miss Gen. J. H. Jones - ^- ^ann 

50 Jno B. Gordon.'. Ga Spring Place, Ga Jno. M. Plemmons Thos. J. Ramsey 

51 Stephen Elliott S. C St. George's, S. C Col. J- Otoy Reed —— - 

52 Monttromcrv Miss Rosedatc, Miss W. C. Boyd ^ Jno. J. <ji11 

54 Orange County Fla Orlando,Fla Robert Howe ^wVw'.'iker 

55 Dibrell Tenn Lewisburg, Tenn S. T. Hanhson V."^- .^- ^^.^^^^ 

56 Marion Co. C. V. Assn Fla Ocala. Fla W. E. McGahagan Maj Alfrcnl Ayer 

57 Pasco Confed. V. Assn Fla Dade City, Fla D. T. Komicrly.. ^V • -'^^''^A ^'^Jl'll 

58 R E Lee Fla Jacksonville, Fla Col. W. H. Sol.ring Thos C. Crenchaw 

59 Patton Ander.son Fla Monticcllo, Fla Gen. H. W. Partridge ...Col. S. C. Bott 

62 Calcasieu Conf. Vet La Lake Charles, La Rev. M E. Shadock Maj. A. B. Hoskms 

64 Sanders Ala Eutaw,Ala E.C.Meredith w't Fn.tVr^ 

65 Howdy Martin Tex Athens, Tex L. A. owers W T. Ei stace 

66 R E Lee Tex Lampasas, Tex D. C. Th(.ma.s ...r H H^ynie 

67 Granbu^ Tex Granbury.Tex J. H. Ivcrson Joel C. Archer 

68 Jeff ce Okla McAleste^, Okla W. A. Troadwell ..-M G. McDonald 

70 Albert s'idney John.ston.Tex Paris, Tex G \\ Henley... Miss Vivian Lamkin 

72 Tom Green Tex Abilene, Tex W. C. Kmsolving a „ r « 

75 Albert Sidney Johnston..Tex Beaumont, Tex Edward Lee A. F. uuynes 

No. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

77 Forbes Tenn Clarksville, Tenn C. S. Daniel Carl E. Page 

78 Amite City La Amite City, La E. C. Cooley Geo. F. Starns 

79 Merkel Tex Merkel, Tex A. A. Baker W. H. Hawkins 

80 Kansas City Mo Kansas City, Mo W. C. Harrelson J. Turner Cox 

81 Joe B. Palmer Tenn Murfreesboro, Tenn Evander Lytle Richard Beard 

83 Wm. Frierson Tenn Shelbyville, Tenn Maj. Gen. Evander Shapard....A. F. Johnson 

84 Barnard E. Bee S. C Aiken, S. C E. B. Tyler Genl. B. H Teague 

86 Bedford Forrest Tex Seymore, Tex W. M. Bell I o' Newton 

87 Wm. L. Moody Tex Fairfield, Tex J. C. Anderson T. H. Bonner 

88 Pat Cleburne Tex Cleburne, Tex Jos. D. Osborne Jno. D. Mitchell 

90 Mildred Lee Tex Shurman, Tex J. C. Witcher J. P. Leslie 

91 Stonewall Jackson Tex Atlanta, Tex B. F. Smith J. W. Harrell 

92 E. C. Walthall Tex Sweetwater, Tex W. T. Hightower A. A. Prince 

93 Bob Stone Tex Montague, Tex W. W. Coleman Miss Anne Benton 

94 Joe Johnston Tex Mexia, Tex C. L. Watson H. W. Williams 

95 John H. Morgan Ky Paris, Ky L. J. Fretwell Jos. Rodgers 

96 Wm. Preston Ky Harrodsburg, Ky J. O. Dedman J. D. Bryant 

97 Abe Buford Ky Versailles, Ky D. L. Thornton Albert B. Scott 

98 Geo. W. Johnston Ky Georgetown, Ky • Elley Blackburn 

99 Bon Desha Ky Cynthiana, Ky Col. Wm. M. Moore Richard M. Collier 

100 Jno. C. Breckenridge Lexington, Ky Henry E. Payn R. W. Redd 

102 Hannibal Boone Tes Navasota, Tex S. S. Cohen L. H. Barry 

103 Jno. B. Hood Tex Austin, Tex R. M. Russell J. 0. Bradfield 

104 Nassau Fla Fern.andina, Fla R. K. Boyd Wm. H. Garland 

105 Magruder Tex Galveston, Tex Dr. C. H. Wilkinson Robt. M. Franklin 

106 R. Q. Mills Tex Blooming Grove, Tex...l.^f^. Wilkinson J. L. Harris 

107 Jno. H. Morgan Okla Ardmore, Okla J. W. Hill Henry Sutherland 

108 Winnie Davis Tex Waxahachie, Tex C. P. Gibson ■. B. F. Marchbanks 

109 J. W. Throckmorton Tex McKinney, Tex E. W. Kirkpatrick R. C. Hover 

110 Isaiah Norwood La Merrick, La S. R. Harmanson J. Jewell Taylor 

111 W. P. Townsend Tex Calvert, Tex Harry Field, Sr J. K. P. Hanna 

113 Albert Sidney Johnston Tex Colorado, Tex J.H.Haley 

114 Shackleford-Fulton Tern,.. Fayetteville, Tenn T. C. Little 

117 Jeff Davis Tex Goldthwaite, Tex F. M. Long C. D. Lane 

118 Stonewall Jackson Tex Brownwood, Tex J. C. Baskin Rev. Wm. H. White 

119 Joseph E. Johnston Tex Gainesville, Tex R. H. Alwood J. R. Manahan 

120 Beauvoir Miss Gulfport, Miss W. M. Collins J. T. Boon 

121 Col. Dudley W. Jones Tex Mt. Pleasant, Tex J .H, Mitchell J. D. Mitchell 

122 Bell County Tex ..Belton, Tex. W. W. Upshaw T. W. Travlor 

125 Cabell Tex Vernon, Tex J. A. Creager L. H. Staleup 

126 Robt. E. Lee Tex Ladonia, Tex T. C. Reed Capt. E. W. Cummins 

127 Young County Tex Graham, Tex • Frank Herron 

128 John G. Walker Tex Madisonville, Tex B. F. Bard W. D. McDonald 

129 Sul Ross Tex Denton, Tex Alex Collins Alex W. Robertson 

131 John M. Stone Miss Tupelo, Miss A. J. Kennedy Richard Wharton 

132 Milton Fla Marianna, Fla J. K. Peacock C. C. Gunn 

134 Gen. J. W. Stearnes Tenn Franklm, Tenn J. G. Herbert W. W. Courtney 

135 Ex-C. Assn. Coryell Co. -Tex Gatesville, Tex J. R. Brown F. M. Jones 

136 Tom Green Tex Hempstead, Tex R. G. White Mrs. G. S. Osborne 

139 John W. Caldwell Ky Russellville, Ky D. B. Estes Sam Whiteman 

140 D. L. Kenap Fla Quincey, Fla E. W. Woodward W. W. Wilson 

141 Crockett Tex Crockett, Tex E. Winfree A. M. Rencher 

143 Bowling Green Ky Bowling Green, Ky W. A. Obenchain J. H. Price 

144 Albert Sidney Johnston..Tex San Antonio, Tex C. A. Denny Godfrey Peterson 

146 Ben T. Duval Ark Fort Smith, Ark J. M. Hopkins L. A. McLendon 

147 C. M. Winkler Tex Corsicana, Tex E. L. Bell A. J. Hook 

148 George T. Ward Fla Inverness, Fla Chambers Graham S. W. Wilson 

150 E. A. Perry Fla Lake City, Fla T. W. Getzen Maj. W. M. Ives 

,151 Lomax Ala Montgomery, Ala Brig. Genl. J. B. Fuller.. Col. P. Sanguinette 

153 Wood County Tex Miineola,Tex J. M. Welsh 

154 W. W. Loring Tex Roby, Tex R. W. Johnson N. S. Bonner 

155 Stewart Fla Jasper, Fla D. B. Johnson Brig. Genl. J. S. Frink 

156 John C. G. Key Tex Gonzales, Tex John S. Conway Maj. W. M. Atkinson 

157 Wm. Rose McAdory Ala Bessemer, Ala J. N. McAday T. P. Waller 

158 R. E. Lee Tex Fort Worth, Tex Thos. J. Mabin Geo. E. Estes 

159 Atlanta Ga Atlanta, Ga M. C. Koilock Jos. T. Derry 

161 Lamar Fla Tallahassee, Fla N. A. Blitch Jno. F. Demilly 

162 Catawba N. C Hickorv, N. C N. E. Sigman J. M. Long 

163 Horrace Randall Tex Carthage, Tex J. P. Forsyth C. I. Voorhies 

164 Sul Ross Tex Bonham, Tex M. A. Bridges J. P. Lair 

165 Albeit Sidney Johnston. .Tex Tavlor, Tex J. R. Hargis Perry Hawkins 

166 Hill County Tex Hiflsboro, Tex J. T. Bobbitt W. H. Dickson 

167 Claiborne Miss Port Gibson, Miss J. G. Spencer 

o Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

M Tnrr, Grppn Tex Weatherford, Tex Joe C. Moore J. J. Stoker 

?0 Man Ashcroft Tex Sulphur Springs, Tex. .W. C. Wilson I. H. Harrison 

?? Sn 4t Assn'"of ■d.C."."::.- Washington, D. C Fred Beall Lovick Pierce 

?9 Si Ross Tex... Henrietta, Tex C. B. Patterson 

?3 Ikrce B AndersonZ:^^^^^^^^^ Tullaboma, Tenn .J. H. Ray^ J. W. C . Mitchel 


Q P. Thompson Ky Paducah, Ky 

•7^ -p' K'ivhv 9rnith -Fla St. Augustine, Fla • 

la v'^^n Miss Yazoo Citv, Miss Owen Brown J. W. Luckett, Sr. 

77 rant D''Hammon7'''""6kla Oklahoma City, Okla...J. T. Younger Jamerson Moore 

II w M H TiTson Mj s Booneville, Miss Philip B. Mitchell L. P. Reynolds 

fi? p V "tpp 7£ ....Richmond, Va R. W. Thompson A. C. Peay 

II 5;nrv W" Aiien '"-L? Monroe, La W. P. Renwick W. A. O'Kelly 

82 Henry W. Alien Campbell, Tex W.D.Hodge R. A. B. Craig 

85 Ross 

Roger W:"Ha^^.,, Kj Whichester Kj^^ 

87 Humphrey MarshaTl'-'.^-'.-Ky Nicholasville, Ky Geo. B. Taylor Chas. Mann 

88 Thomas B. Monroe Ky Frankfort,Ky ;-— — — - 

W. B. Barksdale Miss Grenada, Miss.... Lt. Col. J. W. Young 


PoV R riphiirnp Miss Rolling Fork, Miss Col. H. J. Fields John S. Joor 

Pat R Cleburne '.'."-.Ark Charleston, Ark C. A. Collans H. C. Hill 

Lake Providence La Lake Providence, La.... R. N. Rea James S. Miiliiken 

Rrnvtnn Rraffs- La Thibodaux,La E. Laforest 

Dkk DowlinI Tex Houston, Tex J. C. Foster J. T. Eaton 

Gen J B GoidonZ". Okla Normon, Okla B. F. Wolf J. W. Armstrong 

p„,/c Vlnkp .-Ky Mt. Sterling, Ky ■ 

Cr-lffni Ark Hope, Ark C. G. Lasseter Jno. F. Green 

Tpa F PiVk'ett Va Richmond, Va J. P. McCook Lt. Col. Ro. N. Northen 

r05 Wuiiam Watts"Z::'-::'-'-'-'-:-.Va Roanoke Va W. H. Tate W.A.Thomas 

?nfi Toe McConnell Ga Ringgold, Ga J. W. Smith J. T. Robinson 

Top L Neal '" --Ark Nashville, Ark A. F. Wilson , E. E. Ferguson 

Cabarrus County":Z N. C Concord, N. C H. B. Parks M M. GiUon 

Jeff Davis Ark Conway, Ark R. A. Reynolds 

214 J. Warren Grigsby Ky Danville, Ky. — ^^^^ 

215 Thomas Collins Ky Richmond, Ky Brig. Gen. N. B. Deatherage 

91 fi Pit r,lpburne Ark Fayetteville, Ark C. W.Walker 

217 McMillan ...'.'.--'.'.'. Fla Chipley, Fla Maj. Gen. L. H. Buchanan W. H. Walden 

218 Hugh A Reynolds Miss Greenwood, Miss R. S. Colman Lem P. Yerger 

220 DeSoto '. Miss Hernando, Miss W. L. Glenn T. J. O'Donneli 

222 Pat Cleburne Tex Waco, Tex C. L. Johnson Col. Bradford Hancock 

224 Franklin K. Beck Ala Camden, Ala W. L. Jones S. D. Moore, Sr. 

226 Amite County Miss Liberty, Miss L A. Jenkins Geo. A. McGehee 

228 Buchel Tex Wharton, Tex R. M. Brown H. T. Compton 

229 Arcadia "-'.- La Arcadia, La J. W. Robertson L. H. Taylor 

231 R E. Lee'"."". Tex Commerce, Tex W. E. Mangum W. M. Hudson 

232 Albert Sidney Johnston..Tex Flemingsburg, Ky 

233 John B. Hood Ky Augusta, ICy Jno. S. Bradley — - 

234 Ector Tex Cooper, Tex S. C. Ratliff 

235 Sylvester Gwin Miss Brookhaven, Miss A. M. Summers Dr. G. R. Robertson 

237 John H. Waller Ky Shelbyville, Ky C. S. Weakley W. H. Bemiss 

238 W. A. Percy Miss Greenville, Miss J. H. Robb W. K. Gildart 

239 Washington Tex Brenham,Tex J. G. Rankin R. S. Booker 

240 Gen. Turner Ashby Va Winchester, Va Geo. W. Kuntz F. H. Crebs 

241 NedMeriweather Ky Hopkinsville, Ky C. J. Jarrett Hunter Wood 

246 Talladega Ala Talladega, Ala R. J. Cunningham J. T. Hiett 

247 Fred N. Ogden La Gonzales, La • 

249 Stonewall Jack.son Tex Archer City, Tex I. N. Mobley 

250 Sumter S. C Charleston, S. C I. W. Hiisch Walter WiHiman 

251 K. Kirbv Smith Ky Eminence, Ky 

252 Pat R. Cleburne Ky Owingsville, Ky 

253 Thomas H Hunt Kv Bardstown.Ky A. B. Baldwin A. R. Carothent; 

254 Cape Fear N. C Wilmington, N. C Jas. L Metts A. M. Baldwin 

258 Pelham Ala Anniston, Ala C. J. Houser F. W. Foster 

259 Jos. K. Johnston Tex Childress, Tex R. L. Curd 

260 Joe Wheeler Ala Bridgeport, Ala F. D. Cronover R. A. Jones 

261 Loc C:ounty Ala Oi)cIika,Ala B. W. Williams T. H. Glower 

262 Rodos Ala Tuscaloosa, Ala Geo. Little J. Henry Ryan 

264 Feliciana La Jackson, La W. D. Wall, M. D R. S. Austin 

265 Rankin Miss Brandon, Miss Pat Henry R. S. Maxey 

266 Allen C. Jones Ala Greensboro, AAla W. C. Britton Wm. P. ICnight 

267 Jos. E. Johnston Tex Greenville, Tex J. P. Holmes T. J. Milner, M. D. 

269 A. P. Hill Tex Texarkana, Tex J. J. Towery S S. Pearson 

272 Patron's Union Lake, Miss C. B. Haddon 

274 McGregor Tex McGregoi, Tex W. J. Graham I. C. Alexander 

275 Emma San.som Ala Gadsden, Ala ....R. A. D, Dunlap J. R. Hughes 

No. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

277 I. W. Garvott Ala Marion, Ala R. B. Wallace J. O. Bailey 

278 Catawba S. C Rock Hill, S.C J. W. Marshall H. M. Dunlap 

279 Lake Co. Con. Vet. Assn.Fla Tavares, Fla Thos. W. Spirer Henry J. Peter 

282 E. Kirby Smith Fla DeFuniak Sprgs., Fla.. W. A. Winstead A. B. McLeod 

284 Francis's. Bartow Fla Bartow, Fla Wm. Hood B. F. Holland 

285 Jasper Hawthorn S. C Easley, S. C B. C. Johnson Elias Day 

286 Jno. A. Wharton Tex Alvin, Tex Jesse Hobbs C. Z. Sedwick 

292 Col. Jas. B. Martin Ala Jacksonville, Ala H. L. Stevenson ; B. H. Denham 

293 Aiken-Smith Ala Roanoke, Ala B. F. Weathers T. F. Ussory 

297 R. C. Pulliam S. C Greenville, S. C G. W. Sirrino W. H. Coly 

298 E. A. O'Neal Ala Florence, Ala M. W. Camper Jas. Wm. Morgan 

299 Willis L. Lang Tax Marlin, Tex J. H. Robertson Alex Frazier 

300 Ben McCulloch Tex Mt. Vernon, Tex P. A. Blakey Wm. Talbott 

302 Wills Point Tex Wills Point, Tex J. A. Harris A. W. Meredith 

305 Jefferson-Lamar Ga Covington, Ga J. W. Stockwell R. L Weaver 

312 E. Giles Henry Miss Canton, Miss J. W. Downs Henry Puriance 

314 Frank Cheatham Tex: Breckinridge, Tex B. F. Repass Newton Russell 

317 Caesbv Ap. R. Jones Ala. Selma, Ala Genl. D. M. Scott Col. T. B. Creagh 

318 Tom Hindman Ark Newport, Ark H. C. Nuckolls W. E. Bevens 

319 Col. Chas. F. Fisher N. C Salisbury, N. C 

320 Ruffin Ala Troy, Al"a J. P. Wood T. E. Hill 

321 Ike Turner ..- Tex. Livingston, Tex L N. Snell N. T. Green 

322 W. P. Rogers Tex San Saba, Tex J. K. P. Oliver J. W. McConnell 

323 Pickens Ala Carrollton, Ala Wm. G. Robertson Jno. W. Cox 

324 Stockdale Miss Magnolia, Miss W. M. Wroten, M. D Hugh Montgomery 

325 David O. Dodd Ark Benton, Ark J. W. Smith D. M. Cloud 

331 T. J. Bullock Ala Lowndesboro, Ala J. W. Rast T. L. S. Grace 

333 Montgomery-Gilbreath ..Ala Guntersville, Ala J. W. Cowan D. W. Jarrett 

334 Dick Anderson S. C Sumter, S. C W. O. Cain E. Scott Carson 

335 Joe Walker S. C Spartanburg, S. C W. J. McDowell S. B. Ezell 

336 James D. Nance S. C Newberry, S. C S. F. S. Caldwell M. M. Buford 

338 Capt. Wm. Lee Ala Evergreen, Ala G. R. Boulware • 

340 Albert Pike Ark Hot Springs, Ark A. Curl C. W. Fry 

341 Jno. R. Dickens Miss Sardis, Miss L. F. Rainwater C. W. Duval 

342 Genl. W. P. Lowery Miss New Albany, Miss ■ 

343 Crawford Kimball' Ala Dadesville, Ala Dr. Geo. W. Vines 

344 Peter Bramblett Ky Carlisle, Ky 

345 Florian Cornay La Franklin, La ■ - E. J. Trastour 

347 Jamison Okla Guthrie, Okla J. D. Maurice F. M. Curtis 

350 John James Ala St. Stephens. Ala J. M. Pelham 

3.52 Jno. M. Bradlev Miss Louisville, Miss J. T. McLeod Maj. J. Pink Cagle 

354 Omer R. Weaver Ark Little Rock, Ark A. L. Smith : Jno. M. Bracey 

357 Egbert J. Jones Ala Huntsville, Ala D. L. Turner C. L. Nolen 

368 Flovd County Ga Rome, Ga ...y. J. A. Sharp D. Gailalrd 

369 Gordon Ga Waynesboro, Ga P. S. Hall D. C. Blount 

376 Alfred Johnston Ky Benton, Kv 

379 C. V. Assn. Union Par La Farmerville, La P. W. Beardon W. W. Peer 

382 Mecklinberg N. C Charlotte, N. C A. L. Smith H. D. Duckworth 

383 Friendship Ala Hartselle, Ala J. T. Wallace A. M. C. Denton 

384 Prairie Grove Ark Prairie Grove, Ark R. O. Hannan W. R. Wallace 

387 Leonidas J. Merritt N. C Pitsboro, N. C T. Y. Mims Col. H. A. London 

388 Ben McCulloch Ark Paris, Ark A. T. Fitzgerald R. H. Rhyne 

389 Hamnton S. C Columbia, S. C • D. R. Flenniken 

390 Pee Dee S. C Florence, S. C... J. W. Brunson D. H. Hamby 

391 Jno. T. Wingfield Ga Washington, Ga S. D. Fannmg 

394 Col. Reuben Campbell....N. C Statesville, N. C W. W. Walton J. C. Steele 

396 Robinson Springs Ala Robinson Springs, Ala A. T. Goodwvn W. D. Whetstone 

398 Holmes County Miss Lexington, Miss W. H. Faulconer F. A. Howell 

400 Thos. H. Hobbs Ala Athens, Ala J. L. Nelson J. C. Gordon 

401 Lee Ala Alexander City, Ala J. D. Motley J. A. Jackson 

402 T>. B. Smith Ga Talbotton, Ga.'. R. Leonard W. C. Jameson 

403 Polk Co. Conf. Vet Ga Cedartown, Ga....! D. M. Russell, M. D J. A. Wynn 

405 Troup Co. Conf. Vet Ga I,aGrange, Ga J. F. Edwards J. B. Strong 

407 Georq-e W. Foster Ala Monroeville, Ala J. L. Marshall Perdue Hill 

409 Lowden Butler La Benton. La J. H. Watlin J. S. Alison 

411 John Pelham Ala Cedar Bluff, Ala J- M. Reed 

413 J. B. Kershaw S. C Cheraw, S. C J .S. Huntley G. A. Malloy 

414 Sterling Price Ark Waldron, Ark J. W. Bratcher C. Malone 

417 Ryan N. C Red Springs, N. C G. H. Hall D. McCormick 

420 Rabun County Ga Clavton, Ga W. H. Price Wm. T. Dozier 

421 Pike County Ga Zebulon, Ga J. S. Lifsey R. M. Scott 

422 Chattanooga Veterans -Ga Summerville, Ga G.J. Moyers 

423 W. D. Mitchell Ga. Thomasville, Ga E. L. Neel Jno. M. Dekle 

8 ^_^ 

Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

Lamar Miss luka, Miss C. A. Hill J. M. Williams 

Hiram S. Bradford Tenn Brownsville, Tenn W. F. Greaves J. R. Green 

Stonewall Jackson Miss Amory, Miss J. M. Fears W. M. Morgan 

Tom Coleman Ala Uniontown, Ala C. C. Carr 

N. B. Forrest Ala Scottsboro, Ala Jno. H. Roach D. O. Austin 

D. Wyatt Aiken S. C Greenwood, S. C W. H. Yeldell R. F. Flemming 

George W. Cox Ky Campton, Ky 

Con. Survivors Assn Ga Augusta, Ga A. J. Twiggs A. B. Saxon 

Norfleet N. C Winston, N. C Z. T. Bynum J. M. Rogers 

Col. S. B. Gibbons Va Harrisonburg, Va R. M. Colvin T. L. Williamson 

R. C. Prewitt Miss Ackerman, Miss J. M. Irwin N. Lee 

Joseph E. Johnston Ky Maysville, Ky Dan Perrine Jno. W. Boulden 

C. C. Wharton Va Radford, Va Maj. E. M. Ingles Genl. W. P. Nve, M. D. 

Sam Dill Ark C. C. Hall Frank Brame 

William Barksdale Miss Kosciusko, Miss C. M. Fuller M. T. Boswell 

Hamphsire W. Va, Romney, W. Va H. G. Hauser 

Jno. H. Morgan Ark De Queen, Ark V/. T. Waters W. D. Hicks 

Paragould Ark Paragould, Ark A. B. Hays A. Yarbi'ough 

Tippah Countv Miss Riplev, Miss N. G. Thompson 

Thomas J. Glover S. C Orangeburg, S. C A. N. Salley Frank A. Shiffley 

Heyward S. C Waterboro, S. C D. B. Hudson W. J. Fishburne 

J. T. Walbert Ky Paducah, Ky R. T. Young James Koger 

John Bowie Strange Va Charlottsviile, Va H. Clav Michie C. B. Linnev 

Randolf Countv Ga Cuthbert. Ga Col. R." D. Crozier B. W. Ellis 

John C. Brown Tex El Paso, Tex H. F. Stacey J. C. Roseborough 

Stonewall Jackson Va Staunton, Va Jas. W. Blackburn S. Brown Allen 

H. A. Clinch Ga Sparta, Ga Wm. A. Martin H. D. Chapman 

Gracie Ala Luverne, Ala J. L. Hawkins G. W. Buchanan 

Chickamauga Ga Lafayette, Ga Jas. M. Jackson • 

Horace King Ala Decatur, Ala Geo. R. Sullivan, M. D Robt. V. Cowen 

Cobb-Deloney Ga Athens, Ga W. G. Carithers H. C. Tuck 

Winnie Davis Tex Pilot Point, Tex Wayman Brown W. H. Ledbetter 

Gen. Adam R, Johnson Ky Evansville, Ind 

Key Ga Monticello, Ga Jas. J. Pope Jno. L. G. Wood? 

Col. R. A. Smith Ga Macon, Ga J. A. Jarrell W. T. Snear 

R. E. Lee Va Hampton, Va C. D. Parker Jos .R. Haw 

McDaniel-Curtis Ga Carrollton, Ga G. F. Cheney W. O. Perry 

Col. L. C. Campbell Mo Springfield, Mo J. J. O'Connor S. C. Newberry 

Thos. H. Watts Ala Cullman, Ala T. W. Gray ■ 

Henrv Grav La Coushatta, La N. S. McLeod L. W. Stephens 

Wm. W. Wadsworth Ala Prattville, Ala W. F. Mims G. A. Gillespie 

Wm. Hy. Trou.sdale Tenn Columbia, Tenn E.J. Davis Thos. H. Williams 

Calhoun Ala Jackson, Ala W. W. Coleman Byron Boroughs 

R. H. Powell Ala Union Springs^la S. T. Eraser. ...J. A. Weems 

Alexander Young Md Frederick. Md'^ Jos. H. Trundle — 

Garlinirton S. C Laurens, S. C J. D. Mock I. P. Caldwell 

Arr-hiebald Gracie Ala Demonolis, Ala Jno. C. Webb, Sr Geo. E. Pegrani 

J. Ed. Murray Avk Pine Blu, Ark Mai. Genl. Thos. Green. .Brig. Gen. J. Jorden 

Penning _ Ga Columbus, Ga Col. Wm. S. Shepherd E. S. McEachin 

Page-Puller Va Gloucester C. H.,Va H. C. Bland 

Ross-Ector Tex Rusk, Tex M. J. Whiteman Jas. P. Gibson 

Standwatie Okla Muldrow, Okla J. W. Weaver J. M. Ralev 

L. O'B. Branch N. C Raleigh, N.C 

Featherston Miss Water Valley, Miss Brig. Genl. G. W. Price J. D. dinger 

Ridglpy Brown Md Rockville, Md E. L. T.schifTely Jno. W. Holland 

Grand Camp C. V. Dpt Va Richmond, Va Jas. M. Mellen". Robert Gilliam 

Jasper County Mo Carthage, Mo..^ Brig. Genl. C. C. Calvin 

Maj. Genl. J, W. Halliburton 

Jim Pearce Ky Piinceton, Kv D. B. Rucker J. Elliott Baker 

Hopkins, C. ex-C.R.Assn..Kv Madisonville", Ky Brig. Genl. F. B. Harris R. S. Hall Ark Dardanelle, Ark Thad Johnson J. J. Jackson 

Rion S. C Ridgoway, S. C 

Pat Cleburne Ark Brinkley, Ark A. K. Cameron A. K. Cameron 

Cobb Fla Milton, Fla Silas Jarnigan Gen. Frank E. Dey 

Pearl River Misn Poplarville, Miss Brig. Gen. J. M. Shivers 

Bon McCullofh A'-k Star Citv, Ark W. M. Crook W. A. Shoup 

Martin H. Cofer Ky Elizabethtown, Ky Jas. Revnolds S. H. Buhs 

Drewrv J. Brown Miss Hazlehurst, Miss A. B. Carter 

Gen. T. M. Scott La Minden, La T. Crichton W. A. Castleberrv 

Claiborne La Homer, La L. M. Nalle Maj. G. G. Gill 

Henrv Gray La G. W. Oakley 

Bill Dawson Tenn Dversburg, Tenn C. S. Claiboi-ne Jno. W. Green 

Jas. Gordon Miss Pitt.sboro, Miss Col. Robt. N. Provine W. J. Patterson 

No. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

554 Gen. J. S. Marmaduke Mo Marshall, Mo G. W. Lankford A. T. Swisher 

555 Tom Douglass Tex Lexington, Tex I. C. Douglas J. B. McAllister 

556 Tom Moore Fla Apalachicola, Fla Fred D. Wilhelm 

558 J. Ed Rankin Ky Henderson, Ky Gen. W. M. Kinnull Orlando F. Walker 

559 Jack McClure Tex Rising Star, Tex J. H. Carter 

561 P. F. Liddell Miss Carrollton, Miss Lee McMillan W. F. Hamilton 

563 Ben McCulloch Tex Brady, Tex C. A. Yoas L. Ballou 

565 John Pelham Tex Comanche, Tex W. F. Elkin W. H. Davis 

570 George E. Pickett Tex Lockhart, Tex ; J. H. Jolly W. J. Ellison 

571 West Point Veterans Ga West Point, Ga J. H. Booker G. W. Shealey 

572 Bowie Oelham Tex Bowie, Tex J. A. Cummings A.J. Howk 

573 Standwaite Okla Chelsea, Okla J. C. Childers 

574 James C. Monroe.. Ark Arkadelphia, AArk J. D. Williamson 

580 Mouton-Gardner La Lafayette, La • 

583 S. H. Stout Tex Eastland, Tex B. F. Chastam R. L. Rust 

586 Jno. H. Woldridge Tenn Pulaski, Tenn F. M. Bunch R. N. Herbert 

587 John Greeg Tex Longview, Tex J. K. Bivins W. F. Young 

590 John D. Traynor Tenn Cleveland, Tenn W, P. Chambers J. M. Culton 

595 Skid Harris Ga Canton, Ga WTT. McCallum A. B. Coggins 

596 J-afavette McLaws Ga Savannah, Ga W. N. Arnold W. H. Mendel 

600 Richard Coke Tex Robert Lee, Tex H. H. Hayley P. D. Coulson 

602 ,Tohn M. Simonton Miss Nettleton, Miss P. B. Smith 

607 Vermilion La Abbeville, La Wm. D. Gooch R. J. LaBauve 

611 R. S. Gould Tex Jewett, Tex Horatio Durst S. A. Castles 

612 Jones County Tex Anson, Tex Ed Kennedy F. M. Knox 

615 Marmaduke Mo. Butler, Mo J. R. Ford G. D. Newsome 

617 Morgan County Ga Madison, Ga M. A. Mustin P. S. Bumey 

619 Scott Anderson Tex Eagle Lake, Tex S. J. Bruce J. K. Davidson 

620 Raguet Tex Nacogdoches, Tex John Burrows E. B. Lewis 

621 W. P. T,ane Tex Marshall, Tex J. W. Pace J. M. Bonham 

623 N. B. Forrest Ark Forrest City, Ark E. L. Logvoit P. L. Lyon 

625 Winnie Davis Tex Van Alstvne, Tex D. W. Fulton S. L. McKinney 

626 E. B. Pickett... Tex /..Liberty, Tex T. J. Chambers T. C. Tarver 

627 Jenkins S. C Bamberg, S. C C. Rentz G. W. Garland 

630 ,Tos. O. Shelbv Mo West Plains, Mo W. W. Evans 

632 Fred A. Ashford Ala Town Creek, Ala. J. W. Terry J. W- Snangler 

634 TPche La Jeanerette, La... C. A. McGowen A. N. Neal 

(^^C^ Thomps G. Lowery Mo Huntsville, Mo W. H. Brouddug 

638 John G. Flptcher..". Ark Rerrvville, Ark J. P. Faucher J. H. Holman 

639 Walter P. Lane Tex Orange, Tex R. G. Wilson 

640 D. C. Walker Kv Franklin, Kv J. L. Rogers A. W. Harwell 

642 Sumter Ga Americus, Ga H. D. Watts Joe Day Stewart 

648 Lexington Mo Lexington, Mo Lt. Col. J. L. Plattenburg 

Maj. G. P. Venable 

6^1 Harnmnson-West Va Jenkins Bridge, Va Henry H. Wilkins T. C. Kelley 

6.'^2 Tom Grf^pn Tex Groveton, Tex N. G. B. Frazier F. H. Hutta 

654 Albert Sidnev Johnaton..Tex Baird, Tex W. C. Powell ■. T. H. Floyd 

6K5 Macon Co. Conf. Vet. Ass Ga Montezuma, Ga J. J. Easterlin T. H. Marshall 

656 John C Burks Tp-«- Clarksville, Ga J. K. P. Jamison Thos. Gains 

6"^? James R. Herbert Md Baltimore, Md J. B. Sutherland 

6.^8 Stonewall Jackson Ala Centre, Ala T,em H. Sanford T. H. Shropshire 

660 .Tohn B. Clark Mo Favette, Mo R. H. Walden Col. Jno. A. Woods 

661 R, E. Rodes Tex Ouanah, Tex G. H. Alexander R. L. GnlTy 

662 Nevada Mo... Nqyada, Mo W. B. Martin O. B. Fuller 

663 I,e Sueur Tex G^^orgetown, Tex Jno. W. Snvder F. T. Roche 

665 Clement A. Evans Ga Decatur, Ga J. W. McWilliams G. M. Hayes 

(^r^(^ Clark L. Owen Tev Edna, Tex J. L. Dickie 

668 Steadman S. C Lexington, S. C M. D. Harman Dr. Hare 

67.^ Jones M. Withers Ala Mobile, Ala • 

677 Dpn<5on Ark Warren. Ark J. M. Bailev J. S. Lee 

679 Piedsoe Mo Paris. Mo John W. McGee J. E. T-vnch 

680 Shenasdoah Va Woodstock. Va .Tno. H. Hvabill Geo. W. Miley 

681 Zpbulon Var^^o N. C Asheville, N. C J. J. Mackev A. H. Felmet 

682 W. H. RnMiffp Ky Flamouth.Kv G. W. Hendrichs C. H. Lee, Jr. 

683 William P. Corbin T^v Newport. Ky 

685 Mavmadukp Mo Moberlv. Mo Jas A. Tragart Capt. G. E. Green 

P87 Walker-McRae Ark Searcy" Ark A. Neillv W. J. Epps 

600 Fvpprvian Mo Neosho. Mo E. W. Woodward M. E. Benton 

fto.q rr>l .Trio. A. Rowan Tpnn Sweetwater, Tenn Jas. A. Reagan W. L. Lenoir 

70?! a R. Chri"«tinn Tev .. Antelope. Tex W P. Bowen — ^ 

704 Richard KirVlpnd S. C Camdpn. S. C W. F. RusspH A. D. Kennedy 

705 Samuel V. Fulkerson....TenT> Bristol, Tenn Mai A. D. Reynolds W. T. White 

707 Crittenden S. C Piedmorxt, S. C W. F. Lee C. B. Tarrant 


Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

J. R. R. Ciles S. C Union, S. C C. S. Green F. M. Fan- 

William E. Jones Va Abingdon, Va.., John Roberts ,,...... ^ Jos. M. Butt 

George B. Harper Mo Otterville, Mo Gen. Robt. McCuUoch J. A. Howard 

Gen. M. M. Parsons Mo Jefferson, Mo Frank Stanfell • 

Niemyer-Shaw Va Berkley, Va E. Rudd Norfolk N. P. Tateni 

Joe Johnston Tenn Luttrell, Tenn Berry L. Donahue j. J. Eakers 

W. B. Tate Tenn Morristown.Tenn Brig. Gen. Robt. C. Crouch S. V> Wheeler 

Browne-Harman Va Tazewell, Va J. 0. Corell A. St. Clair 

Plate County Mo Platte City, Mo C. C. Graves Lt. Col. B. P. Murdock 

Capt. Thomas McCarty....Mo Liberty, Mo Brig. Gen. Jno. W. Hall L. G. Hopkins 

George Doles Ga Milledgeville, Ga Geo. W. HoUinshead, Sr A. L. Gaither 

St. Louis Mo St. Louis, Mo Wm. H. Silver Fred Loehr 

John N. Edwards Mo Higginsville, Mo Samuel Downing Jno. B. Santinyer 

M. M. Par.sons Mo Warrensburg, Mo J. W. McFarland D. P. Woodruff 

Franklin Buchanan Md Baltimore, Md Col. Wm. M. Pegram. 

Warthen Ga Sandersville, Ga Geo. D. Warthen J. R. Darnel 

Col. J. R. Woodside Mo Alton, Mo H. O. Kirkpatrick 

I Lafayette County Miss Oxford, Miss Brig. Gen. J. L. Shinault R. L. Stephens 

1 Stephen D. Lee S. C Anderson, S. C J. B. Lewis 

5 Con. Assn. of Savannah. ...Ga Savannah, Ga Edw. J. Thomas James Leonard 

7 Pressley S. C Kingstree, S. C H. O. Britton 

i Stonewall Va Portsmouth, Va John C. Tee Gary R. Warren 

) R. T. Davis Ga Eatonton, Ga John S. Reid Maj. Robt. Young 

3 Marietta Ga Marietta, Ga J. Gid Morris R. DeT. Lawrence 

5 McHenry S. C Johnston, S. C J. D. Edison J. G. Mobley 

5 Henegan S. C Bennettsville, S. C C. P. Townsend T. F. McRae 

7 A. Burnet Rhett S. C Charleston, S. C B. P. Maull Jno. Ahrens 

B Arthur Manigault S. C Georgetown, S. C 

? Fletcher Smith Ky La Grange, Kv 

3 Con. Vet. Assn. of Cal Pac Los Angeles, Cal S. S. Simmons.. ..Maj. Gen. Wm. C. Harrison 

2 Stonewall Jackson Tex Mineral )Wel]s, Tex C. W. Webb S. R. Edmunson 

3 Pap Price Pac Deming, N. M E. H. Mathews A. H. Thompson 

i Culpepper : S. C Timmonsville, S. C • 

5 Geo. H. Steuart Md Annapolis, Md 

7 Maj. Kyle Belvins Tenn Rogersville,Tenn Dr. Wolf Miller Frank McCutchan 

8 Hugh McCuUum Ark Camden, Ark Brig. Gen. J. A. Reeves Ruffin T. Davis 

1 Walkup N. C Monroe. N.C 

4 Maj. John Jenkins S. C Edisto Lsland, S. C Townsend Mikell 

5 Darlington S. C Darlington, S. C E. J. C. Burd C. O. Wheler 

Gen. Jos. H. McBride Mo Houston, Mo E. K. Lyles 

John P. Taylor Mo Kenneth, Mo Thos. B. Bradley Collin Morgan 

Thomas Ruffin N. C Goldsboro, N. C T. W. Slocumb 

<^uilford N. C Greensboro, N. C J. Y. Whitted Walter Green 

Ben Robertson Miss West Point. Miss T. M. Moseley W. G. White 

Surry County N. C Mt. Airv, N. C Z. T. Smith J. F. Miller 

West Feliciana La St. Francisvilie, La 

Vmita Okla Vinita. Okla F. J. Barrett 

George B. Eastin Ky Louisville, Ky Col. W. A. Milton 

Wm. Richardson Va Front Roval, Va Wm. E. Grayson T. V. Leach 

Jackson Ga Bninswick, Ga F. H. Harris W. H. Holmes 

Jake Carpenter S. C Gaffnev, S. C I. M. Peller 

S. M. Mannintr Ga Hawkinsville. Ga Judge H. A. Haskiins 

Robert F. Webb N. C Durham, N. C W. T. Redmond 

S. Ga. Con. Vet Ga Waycross, Ga J. L. Sweat J. W. Strickland 

R. M. R. Young Ga Carter.sville, Ga Jno. J. Calhoun J. R. Anderson 

Walker Gaston S. C Chester, S. C W. D. Knox 

George McDufTle Ga Thom.son,Ga W. A. Hess 

Jefferson Ga Louisville, Ga Capt. W. S. Jones E. M. Clark 

TTp Hayes Mo Oak Grove, Mo H. J. George 

Paul J. Semmes Ga Favetteville, Ga J. G. Hightower T. M. Murphy 

Walter R. Moore N. C Smithfield. N. C J. D. Smith 

McElhaney Va Lebanon, Va J. W. Bansell N. S. Dickenson 

Flournoy Mo Linnous, Mo L P. Bradley 

A. P. Hill Va Potersl)urg, Va E. L. Ennis Homer Atkinson 

Rivers Bridge S. C Jenny's. S. C Jno. F. Breland 

Warllee S. C Dillon, S. C 

Samuel Corley Ark Helena, Ark Clarence Quarels C. N. Briscoe 

Anson N. C Wadesboro, N. C J. A. Little J. M. Little 

Pink Welch N. C Wavnesville. N. C A. C. Cagle 

Ren McCulloch Tex Wolfe Citv, Tex W. E. Flpming 

Favetteville N. C Favetteville, N. C E. W. Wolley H. H. Bolton 

Mike Foster W. Va Union. W. Va J. S. McCarthey 

David S. Creigh W. Va Lewisburg. W. Va Jnuo. A. Preston 

Pendleton W. Va Franklin, W. Va S. P. Pries*- 

^ 11 

No. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

858 Mercer County W-. Va Bluefield, W. Va D. A. French 

860 S. B. Maxey Tex Matador, Tex J. W. Hamilton..... S. A. Geralo 

862 James Mclntoch Ark Lonoke, Ark. Moody Bird -— 

863 Sidney Johnston Ark Batesville, Ark Jas. P. Coffin Thos. W. Williams 

864 Stonewall Jackson Ark Altus, Ark A. T, Jones ....P. R. Stantield 

874 Gen. Jos. H. Lewis Ky Glasgow, Ky - --- Wm. Wood 

876 Jenkins W. Va Parkersbure, W. Va J. G. McClure ........= ..........J. R. Mehei. 

878 Stonewall Jackson W. Va Charleston, W. Va H. T. Sheffey Jno. E. Jones 

879 Stonewall Jackson W. Va Beverly, W. Va - - ' ^ ■- ^ Claer Harding 

882 Thos. A. Napier Ky Stanford, Ky..... — ^ = R- J- Dunbar 

884 E. Kirby Smith .....Teiin Tracv City. Tenn..... A. D. Hargis ^-W. B Pattie 

885 Dennison Tex Dennison, Tex Robt. Harvey A. B. Gardner 

886 Yates Miss Philadelphia, Miss F. M. RoSs J. A. Turelner 

887 R. E. Lee W. Va Charleston, W. Va........Col. J. Z. McChesney....Henry D. McFarland 

890 John Sutherland ............Tenn Ripley, Tenn - - - -^ :-■-— ^ 0. Davidson 

891 Smith . Ga Dublin, Ga Maj. Genl. Jas. A. Thomas Jno. B. Jones 

892 Albert Sidney Johnston.Tenn Martin, Tenn ...E. C. Lyon -^..D. J. Bov,;den 

894 Lawson-Ball Va Lancaster, Va Wm. Chilton Cookman Diggs 

896 G. W. Morrall S. C Meyers Mill, S. C I. S. Halford J. A. Meyer 

897 Sam Checote Okla Muskogee, Okla W. H. Davidson ^^™"^' ^^^ 

898 W. A. Johnson Ala Tuscumbia, Ala J. N. Thompson E. C. Downs 

902 Garnett W. Va Huntington, W. Va C. A. Reece J. N. Potts 

903 J. F. Fagan Ark Barren Fork J. M. Hill — 

906 Col. R. M. Russell Tenn Trenton, Tenn Lt. Col. J. R. Dance..... — ■ 

907 Shriver Grays W. Va Wheeling, W. Va — — - ■ , . ' ' 

911 Meadville Miss Meadville, Miss — E. C. Adams 

912 Surgeon Jno. Cravens Mo Gallatin, Mo -. ■ -^- ^-^^^"^^^ 

915 Jos. E. Johnston Tenn Alamo, Tenn ■ * -^ '-o i "" 

916 Paul Anderson Ark Marianna, Ark ^;.^;r^^''^r^ 

917 Frank Ragsdale Tenn Manchester, Tenn A. D. Mash F. M. Taylor 

918 0. A. Lee Ga Baxley, Ga W. L. Beecher Mathew Johnson 

919 D. Waller Chenault Ky Richmond, Ky • — -- Jas. Cosby 

921 C. W. Boyd.... S. C Jonesville, S. C F. W. Linlejohn J. A. Laiicaster 

923 J. W. Gillespie Tenn Davton, Tenn — -W. G. Allen 

925 W. H. T. Walker Ga Atlanta, Ga W. D. Harris Genl. J. A Wise 

930 Savage-Hacket Tenn McMinnviile, Tenn Jesse Walling 

932 R. S. 0\vnes S. C Clinton, S. C R. P. Adair A. M. Copeland 

933 Bill Green Tenn Dickson, Tenn J- M. Talley 

934 Jno. M. Lillard Tenn Decatur, Tenn T. P. Smith 

936 Warren McDonald Tenn TTnion Citv. Tenn R- M. Powell 

939 Gen. James Connor S. C Batesburg, S. C J. W. Cooner W. A. Crouch 

940 Sam Davis Ky Marion, Ky Z " 

941 S. G. Shepard Tenn Lebanon, Tenn A. K. Miller D. B. Rogers 

946 Ben McCulloch Tex. Dripping Snrings T. F. Harwell 

951 A. P. Hill Va Culpepper R. M. Thompson .W. P- Hill 

953 Transylvania Co N. C Brevard, N. C Jno. M. Hamlin T. L. Gash 

958 Eufaula Ala Euaula,Ala Chas. S. McDowell H. Lampley 

959 Dade County Ga Trenton, Ga ■ Lee Pope 

962 Adairsville Ga Adairsville, Ga R- D- Combs 

963 Confed. Vets W. Va Martinburg, W. Va 

964 Johnson County Ga Wrightville, Ga J. L. Martin ; — - 

965 Lloud Tilghmaii Ky Cadiz, Ky F. G. Terry John H. Caldwell 

966 Clayton Ala Blocton.Ala T. C. Wallace W. H. Logan 

971 Wm. Slaughter Ga Albany, Ga. T. R. C-van B. F. Brimberry 

972 Greenfield Tenn Greenfield, Tenn Thos. B. Lane 

974 Humboldt Tenn Humbo'dt, Tenn N. A. Cresap G. B. Stone 

97.S Joe Shelby Okla Chickasha. Okla ...Jno. W. Harris Mrs. Jno. Harris 

976 Cabell Okla Shawnee. Okla — I). P. Sparks 

977 Ben T. Embry Ark Russellville. Ark F. M. Taylor S. A. Henry 

980 Westmoreland Va Montross- Westmore- 

land Co.. Va Thos. Brown 

981 J. B.Ward Ky Hickman, Ky 

983 C. A. Evans Ga Lumpkin, Ga E. P. Pparson W. S. Boyett 

984 Henrv L. Wyatt N. C Hender^^oi-., N. C W. D. Cothran T. L. Jones 

987 Jeff Thompson Tenn Sharon, Tenn J. M. Glass B. T. Bondurant 

988 Reinhardt Ark Des Arc, Ark T. C. Ballowe 

980 C. S. Winder Md Easton, Md L. W. Trail 

990 Jim Pirtle Ky Fulton, Kv R- A. Browder 

991 Van H. Manning Ark Malvern, Ark S. H. Emmerson W. H. Cooper 

995 Joe Johnston Ark Jonesboro, Ark W. K Garrett W. T. Summers 

1001 J. E. Stuart Va Berrvville, Va. Jno. C. Rutherford W. T. Milton 

1008 Adam Johnson Ky Morgan Field, Ky F. M. Sparks J. N. Martin 

1011 Stonewall Jackson Okla Pervy, Okla G. W. Barnett 


Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

Benton County Tenn Camden, Tenn H. F. Stigall G. B. Holladay 

Arnold Elzey' Md Baltimore, Md • 

Bovd Hutchison Tenn Springfield, Tenn ..- Brig. Gen. R. K. Hicks 

William Terry Va Wytheville, Va.. A. B. Neighbor ...Jas. W. Chapman 

Isaac R. Trimble Md Baltim.ore, Md Jno. B. Gary... Capt. Frederick Coltson 

Pat Cleburne Ark Harrisburg, Ark T. A. Stone L. E. Stancell 

Sterling Price Pac Fresno, Cal 

John F. Hill - Ark Clarksville, Ark D. H. Clark 

John Mcintosh Kell Ga Darien, Ga Wm. McW. Young 

Perrv County Tenn Linden, Tenn W. H. Lancaster 

Richard Robertson S. C ..Rapley. S. C R. J. Stoddard 

John S. Hoffman W. Va Green Bank, W.Va J. 0. Beard 

Decatur County Ga Bainbridge, Ga Jno. E. Donalson G. D. Griffin 

John M. Stemmons Mo Greenfield, Mo Brig. Gen. Louis Renfro J. M. Corlock 

Cleveland N. C Shelby, N. C - - S. A. Hoey 

Stonewall Tex Aspermont, Tex G. H. Porter 

Barrett Ky Carrollton. Kv J. G. Ginn 

Alex Stephens Ga Crnfovd^viHe, Ga J. R. Kendrick Col. Jesse A. Woodall 

Carv Whitaker N. C Enfield, N. C F. C. Pelman 

R. E. Lee Ga Monroe, Ga W. L. Wood ■ 

George W. Murphy Ark Sheridan, Ark.. Sam R. Cobb J. A. Waddell 

Wade Hampton ....! S. C McCormick. S. C J. M. McCain J. A. Deale 

Putsey Williams S. C Cross Hill. S.C Geo. M. Haima W. B. Fuller 

Gen. Clanton Ala Brewton, Ala E. T. Boland J. M. Davison 

Valdosta Ga Valdosta. Ga B. J. Sirmans Hardy Christian 

Chas. W. McArthur Ga Alamo. Ga 

Chas. Wickliffe Ky Wickliffe...: J'-io. B. Wickliffe W. A. Downs 

Screven County Ga Svlvania, Ga W. M. Henderson H. C. Evans 

John White N. C Warrenton. N.C A. S. Webb 

Wm. M. Mcintosh Ga Flberton, Ga J. A. Burden R. W. Cleveland 

W. J. Hardee Ga Warrenton, Ga J. P. Swain C. E. McGregor 

Sam Davis Tex Milford, Tex H. N. C. Davis 

George T. Ward Fla Williston,Fla W. A. Hammond 

Albert Sidney Johnston.Tenn Shiloh, Tenn R. W. Michie 

Gordon County Ga Calhoun, Ga H. C. Hunt T. F. Jolly 

Harrison S. C Hampton, S.C J. F. Gooding Rev. W. H. Dowilng 

Stonewall Ga Buford, Ga 

O. M. Dantzler S. C St. Mathews, S.C 

Dooley County Ga Vienna. Ga — W. H. Lasseter 

Bradley T. Johnson Md T oonardtown, Md 

Franklin P. Sharpshooters.La Winnsboro, La W. B. Diamond H. J. Lee 

Jno. L. Barnett Ga . Jnckson. Ga S. H. Mavs 

Paul Hatch Fla Mayo, Fla J. H. Polk 

Rice E. Graves Ky Owen'^boro, Ky Hillery F. Cooms 

Ouitman Ga Forsyth. Ga W. W. Browning J. W. Evans 

Harrison Ga .Tesup, Ga Tton Miliken N. J. Green 

Loring Fla Tampa, Fla W. H. Ballard 

Irwin County Ga Ocilla, Ga Wm. Henderson S. J. Bi-uce 

Mangum Okla Mangum, Okla T. B. Brvant 

Edward S. Willis Ga Gray. Ga Jno. C. Childs 

Fitzhutrh Lee * Ark Ozark, Ark N. J. Ponder H. H. Turner 

S. H. Powe Miss Wavnesboro. Miss H. H. Moore 

Joe Brown Tenn Coyington. Tenn .Tas. R. Fallin M. A. Meisenhoimer 

Bill Harris Ga Sylvester, Ga. Peter Petham J. D. Martin 

Buchanan Ga Buchanan. Ga — : M. W. White 

Heard County Ga Franklin, Ga Maj. Frank S. Lofti 

Coweta Ga Newman, Ga Jos. L. Brown J. N. Austin 

New Bern N. C Now Bern. N.C S. R. Street L. S. Wood 

AlbfM-t Sidney John.ston.-Miss Corinth. Miss T. K. Young J. W. McAnultv 

N. B. Forrest Okla Dnrnnt. Okla J. F. Moreland J. V. Connell 

Sam Davis Tex Rockdale. Tex W. p?. Woody....! C. S Christian 

Jackson Coiinty Miss Pasragonla, Miss S. R. ThomnsoTi 

G. G. Dibroll Tenn Darkey Snirs.. Tenn W. L. Dibrell Henrv W. Sims 

Dixie S. C Tnnraster. S. C W. O. Gasky W B. Bruce 

Thomas H. Wood Miss DeKalb, Mi«^ S C. TrnmvPll Jno. W. Smith 

Ohio Ohio...*... rolnmbu«. Ohio M. J. Kidwell Jno. H. Levy 

Pickett-Bnchanan Va Norfolk, Vn -W. B. Brown T. B. Jackson 

William Gamble N.C Gi<^tonia. N.C 

R. E. Hunter La riinfnn.Ta J. L. Cravens J A. White 

Futaw S. C TTollvHill. S. C W. T-. Stontnmire 

Chas. Broadway Rouss W-i.^hinrton. D.C Cant. Julian G. Moore 

FUoree S. C Flloree. S. C ... Lt Col. M. J. D Dantzler 

Ncff-Rice Va New Market, Va J. A. M. W. Williamson 


No. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

1196 Wallace S. C Woodruff, S. C J. W. Westmoreland A. D. Chamberlain 

1197 Statham-Farrell Miss Winona, Miss J. C. Wadsworth C T. Witty 

1198 Jno. H. Morgan Pacific San Dieg-o, Cal Brig. Genl. H. G. Gwyn..... • 

1200 Lee-Jackson Va Lexington, Va David E. Moore T. M. Wade 

1201 Hi Bledsoe Pacific Santa Anna, Cal Col. R. S. Kimberlin T. A. Hays 

1202 Hutto Ala Jasper, Ala Jno. B. Shields T. J. Wilson 

1203 Tige Anderson Fla Miami, Fla Carey J. Thomas J. C. Kuney 

120.5 Beauregard Pacific Denver, Col .♦ Henrv Apple 

1206 Jones N. C... Roxboro, N.C Jno H. Burch A. R. Foushee 

1209 Magruder Va Newport News, Va J. A. Buxton W. P. Ballard 

1214 Franklin Buchanan Fla Kev West, Fla • 

1218 Cabell-Graves Va Danville, Va Harry Wooding B. Y. Fretwell 

1222 Bavboro S. C Bavboro, S.C Geo. Granger 

]224 Nathan Parker Kv Bedford, Kv Weslev Rowlett 

1227 J. S. Cone Ga Statesboro, Ga W. P. Donaldson E. D. Holland 

1228 Col. Ed. Crossland Kv Clinton, Kv Dan SinpJetary, M. D Lee Egbert 

12.31 Hankins Ark Lockesburg, Ark J. M. White T. J. King 

1232 New Roads La New Roads, La August Pourcian 

1240 Unshur County Tex Gilmer, Tex T. H. Chandler J. M. Marshall 

1244 Winnie Davis Pacific .... Stafford, Ariz 

1246 Robt. J. Breikinridge Kv Danville, Kv J. H. Braughman 

1248 Henrv L. Wyatt N. C Bavboro, N.C J. W. Aldridge 

1249 Mavfield Kv Mavfield, Kv _ 

1251 Bedford Forrest Tex Arlinaton, Tex J. C. Herndon 

1255 Samuel J. Gholson Miss Aberdeen, IVKss Andrew J. Brown 

1256 Lee SherreH Kv ...Bardwell, Kv Jessee Moore Billie Mason 

1258 ,Tno. H. Cecil K^ Lebanon, Kv -, Ben T. Bowman 

1259 H. B. Lyon Ky Murry. Ky J. N. Wililams... W. 0. Wear 

1260 Ben Hardin Helm Ky T awrenoeburg, Ky James S. Coke, Sr. 

1262 Thomas H. Hunt Kv Cvnthiana. Ky.. J. Wm. Boyd 

1263 Gen. Jno. S. Williams Kv Gvavson. Kv W. D. Maolne 

1264 Jesse S. Barnes N. C Wilson, N.C J. C. Hadlev J. M. Leath 

1265 Gen. Dick Taylor Tex .loflr-vcon. Tex W. J. Sedberry Davis Bisrgs 

1266 James H. Berrv Ark Snringdale, Ark J. H. Amacker 

1267 Jeflf'erson Davis Kv Elkton, Kv J. C. Malone 

1270 Co. A, Wheeler's Con. Cav.Ga Atlanta, Ga D. B. Freeman Geo. A. Webster 

1272 Chas. J. Batchelor La Williamsr>ort,La Robt. Nelson Lacour W. W. Mains 

1275 Bill Johnson N.C Weldon, N. C H. S. S. Cooper 

1277 Maurice T. Sm.ith N. C Oxford. N. C W. H. White 

1278 Oscar R. Rand N. C Holly Springs, N.C Geo. B. Alford H. W. Norris 

12R1 Forrest Ark Magazine, Ark J. F. Potts T. C. Moon 

1283 Private Ike Stone Tenn Henderson, Tenn A. A. Middleton 

1284 Fitzp-eraid Tenn Paris. Tenn John S. Vandike Rev. P. P. Pullen 

1287 Jas. W. Moss Ky Arlington, Ky T. J. Sutton, M. D. 

1290 James Newton Ark Fl Dorado. Ark J. H. Lee D. E. Armstrong 

1203 Prps. Jefferson Davis ...Ark Kingsland. Ark W. B. Sevmore J. W. Thomas 

1294 J. T. Stewart Ark Van Buren, Ark S. A. Wright Chas. T. Ward 

1295 Gen. Jno. S. Williams .... Kv Winchester, Kv 

1301 E. C. Walthall Miss Coffpeville. Miss J. W. Brown 

1302 Alfred Rowland N.C RowHnd. N.C W. H. Graham 

1304 Henrv M. Shaw N.C Cnrrihick. N.C 

130.^ Sterling Price Ark Black Rock, Ark M. G. Wilson 

1307 Karnes County Tex Karnos Countv, Tex W. C Smith T. Phelps 

1309 James Norris Ark Hamberg, Ark W. H. Lindsey 

1310 J. Z. George Miss A. R. Thornel 

1311 Oktibbeha Miss Starkville, Miss ..H. T. Sanders 

1313 A. P. Hill Tex Anglpton, Tex Walter Kennedy 

1314 R. F. Lee Tex Jacksborn. Tex 

1316 Marion Cogbill Ark Wvnn^,Tex W. P. Brown W. P. Brown 

1319 .Jasper Countv Miss Heidleberg. Miss Capt. E. A. White W. E. Foley 

1321 Hue-h R. Miller Miss Pontof n^. Miss H. R. Miller.. J. H. Rouze 

1322 Batesville Mis« Batesvillp. Miss T,t. Genl. C. B. Vance A. T. Bobo 

1323 Granburv Tex Temnlo.Tex J. J. Adams H. D. Patterson 

1395 Bob Lowrv Miss Mt. OH"" Miss J. G. Cherey Archv Fairly 

139fi Noxubee County Mi<^s Macon. Miss W. 0. Barns 

1397 D. T. Beall ". Miss Rienzi, Miss Newton Senter 

13.'^0 John H. Morgan Ga Harmonv throve, Ga W. T. Thurmond Geo. L. Car.son, Sr. 

135^1 Lamar Fontain Miss T.von,Miss W. E. Dickey 

1335 A. Bnford Ky Wingo. Ky B. P. Willinsrham 

1337 Pat Cleburne Tex Hico.Tex P^n Pnndals A. L. Maxwell 

13.^8 Jonathan B. Evans Va Blackburg,Va C. R. Woolwine Chas. W. Sohaeffer 

1340 Jas. W. Fulkerson Tenn Tazewell W. G. Thomas G. W. G. Brown 

1342 Wilkin.son County Ga Irwinton, Ga S. J. Fontain 


Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

Pat Cleburne Ark Piggott, Ark Ben Copeland W. W. Johnson 

Shelby County Tex Center, Tex J. J. Beckham Jas. F. Willis 

Bedford Forrest Okla Weatherford, Okla Thos. Sparks W. J. Weatherford 

W. L. Cabell Okla Wagoner, Okla Jno. B. Cook A. J. Littrell 

Alonzo Napier Tenn Waverly, Tenn D. H. Goodrich 

Wichita Conf. Assn Okla Wichita, Kan R. T. Bean E. L. Snodgrass 

Johnston-Edwards Kv Benton, Ky C. M. Green T. H. Hall 

J. W. Harris Ala Russellville, Ala W. H. Austin 

Hamilton Mavson Miss Columbia, Miss E. Lance W. F. Feri'ill 

Pap Price ....*. Pacific Coulsa, Cal W. T. Beville 

Preston Smith Tenn Lavinia, Tenn J. W. Williams 

A. P. Hill Tex Burlson, Tex J. W. Ferrell 

Horace Randal Tex Pittsburg, Tex ■ R. F. Lems 

Bourbon Ky Paris, Kv Jas. R. Rogers 

Stanley N. C Albemarle, N.C M. Ritchie _... 6B. F. Snuggs 

Tom Smith Va Suffolk, Va R. R. Allen W. D. Wood, M. D. 

Bill Scurry Tex Snyder, Tex G. C. Buchanan J. S. Hardy 

D. L. Kilgore Ark Magnolia, Ark C. M. Tomby 

Sterling Price Mo Pozeman, Mo White Calfee 

Sam Lanham Tex Clarendon, Tex B. S. Kimberlin T. N. Naylor 

Robert E. Lee Tex Rovse City, Tex J. T. Fitzpatrick 

Hupp-Deverle Va Salem, Va T. A. Roberts A. H. Whitesell 

Joe Sayei-s Tex Stamford, Tex C. C. Shell _....A H. O'Keefe 

James Longstreet Tex Ennis, Tex W. R. Kirkpatrick Geo. H. Hogan 

Gen. Jno. B. Gordon ....Tenn Johnson City, Tenn W. A. Dickenson E. S. Wolfe 

Sutton Tex.. Port Lavaca, Tex 

Albanv Tex Albany, Tex T. M. Freeman 

R. M. Gano Okla ...Sulphur, Okla J. M. Collins Mrs. C. P. Singletary 

E. C. Walthall Tex Wellington, Tex O. W. Alexander 

Nash County N. C Rockv Mount, N.C M. N. Bissett Jno. H. Thorpe 

Albert Pike Tex Keller, Tex Richard Brown 

Harvey Walker Tenn Lvnnville, Tenn T. G. McMahon 

Altus Okla Altus, Okla J. N. Kimberlin Henry C. Gilliland 

Valverde Pacific N. Mex A. J. Weller 

Mammoth Cave Ky Cave City, Ky W. H. Hindman 

Jos. E. Johnston Ala Tallassee, Ala — 

Capt. E. S. Rugeley Tex Bay Citv, Tex A. F. Lewis 

Fagan Ark Almvra. Ark F. M. Allen E. B. Fitzhugh 

Cooper Okla Caddo, Okla B. P. Farmer B. F. P^Taddox 

Joe Wheeler Ala Oneonta. Ala Wm. O. McCav W. F. Fendley 

Stonewall Fla Gainsville, Fla E. C. F. Sanchez A. W. Taylor 

Stanwatie Okla Wilburton, Okla Wm. G. Baird 

Jno. W. Morton Tenn Milan, Tenn R. E. Edwards 

Jos. E. John.ston Tex Farmerville, Tex John Murchison J. T. Hartnmn 

Giles Va Pearisburg, Va Wm. Adair Jno. D. S'udow 

W. C. Rice Okla Marietta, Okla J. A. Mvers L. J. Bailey 

W. B. Plemons Tex Amarillo, Tex H. R. Airboart 

Ed. H. Voutress Tex Granger, Tex Jno. B. Walker 

Tige Ander.son Ga Atlanta, Ga Jos. S. Alford S. R. McGregor 

Jno. B. Gordon Mo Seattle, Wash W. G. McCroskv Jas. N. Gilmer 

Willis S. Roberts Ky Owenton,Ky C. W. Thvelkeld 

K. M.Van Zandt Tex Piano. Tex H. L. Murry 

Col. Jno. A. Green Tex Spur, Tex Geo. F. Fair G. W. Glasgow 

Scales-Bovd N. C Reidsville E. R. Harris R. H. Williamson 

Henry L. Giltner Ky Brooksville, Kv H. P. Willis 

L. P. Thomas Ga Norcross, Ga T. T. Key 

Robert McLain Miss Ouifman, Miss A. D. Gordon 

Sabine River Tex Burkeville, Tex. E. J. Kellie Wesley Mk-eKe 

George M. T^mack Md Hvattsville, Md J. H. R. Deakins 

George W. Robinson Ala Stockton, Ala D. C. Byrne 

V. Y. Cook Ark Newark. Ark F. M. Martin 

James H. Dunklin Ala Gorenville, Ala J. B. Stanley A. T. Kendrick 

Gordon Ga Thomaston, Ga J. F. Lewis J. W. Warren 

Sam n. Gist Ala Calera. Ala Jno. A. Campbell 

St. Helena La Greensburg. La A. P. Richards 

M. A. Otis Miss Monticelln. Miss ....Thos. M. Beal 

Pat Cleburne Ala Enslev, Ala J. B. Burks J. D. Whiton 

Wm. J. Houston N. C KenansviUo, N. C S. B. Newton B. C. Barden 

B. Brooks Tex Franklin. Tox C. D. Roid 

Pendleton Groves La Pifkering. T,a J. W. Williams C. N. Gibbs 

P. A. Haman Miss T oarned, Miss P. A. Haman 

Stover Va Strasburg. Va J. D. Hawkes L. Hum 

Jefferson Davis Miss EUisville, Miss J. E. Williamson M. E. Ward 


No. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant 

lis? '^^''■l"^T■^'^^^>^^ y^ Farmville,Va S. W. Paulett B M Cox 

Aai Fvi^A P n- m^ Abbevile,Ga Geo. F. McLeod Jas. M. Mixon, Sr. 

1506 Frank Phillips Fla Graceville, Fla AIpv s^HtPr 

XI V'^^^ ■^-■:, i^ £^"h«^,^^ ^- w. jev.etc::::::.:::z:z::::K(r^^^on 

lo09 J. E. B. Stuart Va Stuait, Va J. E. Rangeley W P Gilbert 

1^19 l^^^^t-Hairston AJa Martinsville, Va O. M. Allen .ZZDr; J." p/McCabe 

Jhi4 t V f"'' F ^ Good Water, Ala J. J. Brown W. H. Moon 

1514 Jos. E. Fmnegan Fla Live Oak, Fla n G Wqwarrl 

1517 John C. Crabb Ga Rockmart, Ga ".: G W Peacock 

1519 Finley Fla Westville, Fla J W Hawkins 

]kI\ g^^l^"d-Rodes Va Lynchburg, Va C. K. Nelson Zjno. T." Campbell 

1524 Rappahannock Va Washington, Va B.J.Wood Chas H Dean 

IkoI Sr^'^Q ^{ ^"^''''^^y N C Louisburg, N.C Maj. P. G. Alston D. C. Tharri.i.ngton 

1528 W.S.Thayer Fla Deland, l^la 

1533 Lewis Dowd Wyatt N. C Tarboro, N.C j a Davis 

1534 Graybill Ga Tennille, Ga B. S. BoatrightZZZZrw.' G. Murchison 

1525 Organ Church N. C Salisburg, N.C 

1537 R.E.Lee Mo Portland, Mo 

i?5? ?T7 --^ £^ Broxton, Ga Geo. R. Biggs ;ZZ.:".:;;.";MaT." A. D. Burke 

1543 Lakeland Fla Lakeland, Fla J. D. Allen E L Willoughbv 

1544 Alfred H. Colquitt Fla Madison, Fla M. L. Leslie N W McDonald 

1545 Wm. L. Byrd Okla Ada, Okla A. M. Crow ."...Wyatt Webb 

J547 Lee County S. C Bishopville, S.C H. W. Scott H. S. Cunningham 

i^S ?l^"^^i^;f -; vJex Painview,Tex. J. F. Neal I. L. Thomas 

1550 Jno. B. Gordon Okla Elk City, Okla W P Francis 

1551 Gordon Memorial Ala Oxford, Ala W. T. Brasweli T M Draper 

1553 Joseph E. Johnston Ga W^inder, Ga E M Moulder 

1554 Taylor County Ga Butler, Ga A* S Wallace 

1555 James J. A. Barker Tex Jacksonville, Tex J. A. Bolton J A fempleton 

1557 George W. Scott Fla Crawfordville, Fla '- 'f *A Andrew 

1558 Ross Ruble Ark Bellefonte, Ark B M Estes 

1561 Rosser-Gibbons -Va Lmay, Va Chas. E. BiedlerZZZZZZjames w! Wood 

1562 Ashby Va Winchester, Va .. J M Callis 

1569 Hugh McGuire Va Lebanon Church, Va J. R. Keller J F Booth 

1573 John B. Gordon Okla Lawton, Okla B. Caldwell C;ha<5 ' G Joy 

1574 Buck-Kitchin N. C Scotland Neck, N.C W. F. Butterworth .... B. J. Allsbrook 

1575 E. T. Stackhouse S. C Latta, S. C W". B. Allen B H Mvers 

1577 Geo. E. Pickett Mo Tacoma, Wash ...' '- — '- Jas j" Anderson 

1578 J. L Metts N.C Whiteviile, N. C A. F. Powell ' A W Baldwin 

1579 L. B. Hall Ky Dixon, Ky Arthur Hall 

1581 Stonewall Jackson Ga Atlanta, Ga. H P Foster M K Foster 

1582 J. A. Weaver Tex Coma, Tex _____ 

1585 "Jeb" Stuart W. Va Fayetteville, W.Va c" B Mahood 

1587 W. J. Tolar S. C....Loris, S. C Wm. Carter....ZZZZ " Z "Wiii. Carter 

1589 Tom Green Tex Lindale, Tex N q Fowler 

1590 Wm. F. Martin N. C Huntsville, Ark fsf. G. Davis " John H Burgees 

1591 Bartow Ala Sneads, Fla. Jno. T. Brown C. F. Duncan 

1593 Stonewall Jackson ...Ark Pigah, Ala W. G.Holland T W Hill 

1594 Dixie Fla Lincolnton, N.C. .. A T Wnnlridp-p 

1596 W. J. Hoke N. C Dothan, Ala .'. j A Eppes 

}r^^ i:"^- Beeson Ala Elizabeth City, N.C .Z.ZZFrank Jarnagin 

1599 Alamo Okla Erick, Okla q jj McMillon 

1600 Joe Wheeler Okla Frederick, Okla j N Bloodworth 

1602 Gen. Pegram W. Va Valely Head, W. Va J. L. CofF ZZZZZ j'. A. Stewart 

1603 David Pierson La Winnfield, La p. E. Glerisen W P. Odom 

1604 Colquitt County Ga Moultrie, Ga G. F. Newton...... ...' G F Newton 

1606 Bedford Forrest Pacific Portales, N. Mex J. p. Henderson C L Carter 

1607 Nat H. Harris Miss Mayersville, Miss F. F. White ...ZZ....".......... ' S. Least 

1608 Joe D. Harrison Tex Llano, Tex ! E Iff Alexander 

1609 Bedford Forrest Tex Liberty Hall, Tex J. H. Faubian'UZ.'".""."....*. j. P. Ratliff 

1610 Merriwether Ga Greenville, Ga S F Culpepper 

1611 Urquhart-Gillette Va Franklin, Va J. L. Barham J P Gay 

1614 Crisp County Ga Cordele, Ga D. Arnett ...Z...ZZZ.Z . R. H." Daniels 

1616 Chas. Seton Fleming Fla Green Cove Spgs., Fla. W. j. Hall 

1617 J. J. Dickison Fla Starke, Fla W. T. Weeks. ZZZ.............. S. F. Morgan 

1619 Robert Emmet Rodes ....Ala Eclectic, Ala AT Jackson 

1620 Calcotte-Wrenn Va Isle of Wight, Va J. W. JordanZ'.Z'.Z'..ZV.E.' E. Edwards, Sr. 

1621 David Coleman N. C Painter, N.C r jj Brown 

1624 A. E. Steen Ark Fort Smith, Ark .ZZ.Z.ZZZ.Zb. S. Patrick 

1627 Oglethorpe Ga Lexington, Ga Z.Z — 

1628 Jos. E. Johnston Va Manchester, Va Z A. J. Davis 

1629 Brunswick Va Lawrenceville, Va J. M. FlounoyZ.. Z..Z.............. L E. Trotter 


0. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

30 Caroline County Va Bowling Green, Va C. T. Smith E. R. Coghill 

31 Spalding County Ga Griffin, Ga B. N. Barrow L. N. Johnson 

~ Straton W. Va Logan, W. Va - T. B. Stone 

D. C. Giddins Tex Somerville, Tex W. N. Mayfield 

A. R. Wright Ga Millen, Ga J. F. Bates 

H. A. Carrighton Va Charlotte, C. H.,Va T. W. Scott M. W. Dickerson 

Wright-Latane Va Tappahannock, Va AA/m. Campbell 

John T. Powell Va Lovmgton, Va Jno. N. Rodgers S. G. Wright 

James Mitchell S. C Saluda, S.C E. A. Perry Zed Crouch 

Floyd Va Floyd, Va W. T. Sowers N. J. Agnew 

46 Randolph N. C Ashboro, N. C Alfred C. Rush 

47 Jc-hn Adams Okla Mollis, Okla L. M. Cunningham J. L. Nance 

48 Jos. E. Johnston Va Bedfgord City, Va Capt. Thos. S. West E. W. Luck 

50 Grady Ga Cairo, Ga J. T. Stone E. A. Parrish 

"' ZoUicoffer Fla St. Petersburg, Fla ...Maj. A. C. Wright 

Clark Fla Blountstown, Fla A. J. Wood 

Bartow Ga Ashburn, Ga A. J. Lawton 

J. F. C. Williams Ga Hamilton, Ga C. L Hudson 

Maury Va Fredericksburg, Va A. B. Bowring R. C. Hart 

W. N. Estes Ala Fort Wayne, Ala G.'M. D. Lowry H. A. McSpaddin 

Mace Kimmey Ala Samson, Ala D. J. Williams 

Jeft'erson County W. Va Charlestown, W.Va S. C. Young 

62 Daniel McDougald N. C Lillington, N. C J. L. Smith 

63 Schuyler Sutton Tex San Angelo,Tex J. O. Fruick J. K. P. Yeary 

64 Berkley S. C Moncks' Corner, S.C A. Balentine 

66 Ben Hill County Ga Fitzgerald, Ga D. B. Mull J. H. Hicks 

67 John H. Bankhead Ala Wintield, Ala J. F. Holliman 

70 C. V. Morris Ga Fort Gaines, Ga T. M. Brown J. P. Sharp 

72 Waverley Ala Waverly, Ala S. C. Oliver 

Jos. E. Johnston Pacific Visalia, Cal D. S. Lipscomb 

Copperas Cove Tex Copperas Cove, Tex W. H. Robinson 

Sul Foss Okla Purcell, Okla J. S. Williams 

Sam Lanham Tex Knox City, Tex G. E. Chilcates W. F. Guthrie 

Pat Cleburne Fla Wauchula, Fla F. M. Pringle 

Spurlock W.Va Wayne, W.Va S. F. Reynolds 

G. Gerdes Tex Rander, Tex — 

High Point N. C High Point, N. C T. J. Wood C. D. Dowd 

N. B. Forrest Tex Lutkin, Tex J. C. McConnel E. B. Robb 

R. E. Lee Pacific Artisit, N. Mex 

Olustee Okla Olustee, Okla W. P. Kincaimon 

Gen. Cabell Ark Fordyce, Ark J. E. Hampton 

Ben McCulloch Okla Francis, Okla , A. W. Baugh 

Jos. E. Johnston Okla Holdenville, Okla G. W. Cornish 

Asa Morgan Ark Prescot, Ark O. S. Jones J. A. Bailey 

J. M. Singleton Okla Temple, Okla J. S. Montgomery T. B. Evans 

Bedord Forrest Tex Stratford, Tex A. M. Gladish L. J. Hensley 

Geo. G. Dibrell Tex Crowell, Tex J. G. Witherspoon 

Chickasaw Miss Houlka, Miss Jas. M. Griffin 

Stigler Okla Stigler, Okla W. R. Speer 

T. G. Vining La Oak Grove, La Thos. G. Vining 

03 Wade Hampton Ga Lyans, Ga J. B. Cave 

Jackson County Ga Jefferson, Ga L. M. Dadisman 

Fitzhugh Lee Okla Pauls Valley, Okla Thos. F. Berry, M. D. 

Seminary Mis.s Seminary, Miss W. M. Collins 

Willis H". Pope N. C Lumberton, N.C M. G. McKenzie J. F. Raybon 

Eldorado Okla Eldorado, Okla S. W. Speight W. C. Austin 

Ala. Soldiers' Home Ala Mountain Creek, Ala... H. S. Grogan B. J. Hughes 

niaden N. C Clarkton, N.C W. B. Hester 

16 Ashe N.C Chapel, Hill, N.C Capt. Wm. Cain W. S. Cole, Sr. 

17 Tige Cable Oklq Hugo, Okla T. C. Humphrey J. H. Snodgrass 

18 Allan Woodfum W. Va Hinton, W.Va 

'20 J. E. B. Stuart Tex Loraine, Tex R, H. Wathington 

21 John D. Cooper, Miss Wm. Waller 

'22 Clem Bassett Tex Richmond, Tex W. L. Davidson 

'23 O. P. Brewer Okla Muskogee, Okla Henry Eiffert 

Arlington Ga Arlington, Ga C. J. Boynton 

Lee Ga Eastman, Ga W. J. Williams 

John H. Brools Tex San Augu.stine, Tex Jos. C. Andoison 

Oran Tex Oran, Tex F. M. Bailey 

J. H. Martiin Ga Roberta, Ga J. L Champion A. J. Hortman 

Bird Ga Springtiold, Ga W. A. Nease U. C. Rahm 

Bowie Tex Carlton, Tex 

Magee Miss Magee, Miss L, A. McCaskill 


No. Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

1735 Madison Campbell Okla Carnegie, Okla J T Anthony 

1736 Bob Lowry Tex Hereford, Tex . j E Walker 

1738 Tift County Ga Tif ton, Ga J. W. Mitchel J. J. F. Goodman 

1739 Dixie Ga Nashville, Ga G. A. Jackson L. E. Lastinger 

1740 Montgomery Carleton....Miss Decatur, Miss S M Adams 

1742 Robert Bullock Fla Wildwood, Fla W. C. 'g. "ivillgore 

1743 J. R. H. Cummins Ark Mineral Spgs., Ark Bascom Ward 

1744 Stowes County N. C Danbury, M.C A T.Tilly 

1745 H.R.Sutherland Tex Corpus Christi, Tex J HEstes 

1746 Redwine Tex Henderson, Tex J. H. Hinson J. G. McCartet 

1747 Joe Kendall Tenn Paris, Tenn... .... S A Miller 

1748 Ben McCulloch Okla Idabel, Okla R. W. Jones - '- 

1749 Walthall Okla Okemah, Okla .'. ...'.'.""".".".".".'. 

1750 Martin Walt, Brown Co..Tex Brownwood, Tex Jno. M. McCali T. A Witchur 

1751 Mitchell County Ga Pelham, Ga W. R. McClain J. W. McClain 

1752 W. T. Milligan Ga Carnesville, Ga Geo. A. Slovall S. M. Ayers 

1753 Lavonia Ga Lavonia, Ga J. W. Harrison L. O. Williford 

1754 Tilmon Ga Bremen, Ga J. T. Copeland 

1755 States Rights Tex Hughes Spgs., Tex T. G. Odell 

1756 Telfair County -Ga McKae, Ga T C FJetcher 

1757 S. W. Ark. C. V. Assn.. ..Ark Stephens, Ark '.T,"c. Boggs 

1758 Sam Livingston Mo Versailles, Mo ' . 

1759 Stonewall Jackson Okla Marlow, Okla .... . Wm H Ray 

1760 Fort Valley Ga Fort Valley, Ga ^....~ ......'..^".".'.".!Z'j! R. Matthews 

1761 Gen. W. L. Cabell Tex Tulia, Tex . C W Ford 

1762 L. B. Bradley Tex Teague, Tex T. J. Sims "...'...'..C. E. Grayson 

1763 Lester Ga Pembroke, Ga W. B. Jones 

1764 Stephens County Ga Toccoa, Ga J C Allred 

1765 Stoilings W. Va Danville, W. Va .'..."..'.."."."V.'.'..V.'.V.'.".".'.Z'.'. '—^ 

1766 Roxton Tex Roxton, Tex J. W. Dickev Mrs. J. L. Breechem 

1767 Pettus Ala Ashland, Ala W. R. Pruett 

1768 Doug. E. Cooper Okla Pryor, Okla D. W. Vann Judge J. C. Chandler 

1770 John B. Gordon Tex Chandler, Tex E. W. Harrise J. J. Dobbs 

1773 Dostor Ga Blakely, Ga E. H. Killum 

1774 Judge Jules Folsom ....Okla Atoka, Okla R. C. Elrod 

1775 Douglas County Ga Douglasville, Ga D. W. Price 

1776 Joseph E. BrowTi Ga Atlanta, Ga J. M. Slautey j. R. Jones 

1777 Beauregard La DeRidder, La Isack Nichols Julius Dewe 

1779 Wm. Tidence Lane Tenn Athens, Tenn Wm. T. Lane J. M. Wilkins 

1780 R. J. Tabor La Berenice, La . J R Booles 

1781 White Springs Fla White Springs, Fla .'."' R." McDonald 

1782 Wilcox Ala Birmingliam, Ala W. A. Williams B. M. Waldrop 

1783 John G. McCall Ga Quitman, Ga... J. W. Haddock W. R Talley 

1784 Conf. Veterans Tex Naples, Tex F. W. Bohn 

1785 Anston Guards N. C Jacksonville, N.C B. *L. Kellum 

1786 Joe Shelby Pacific Melrose, N. Mex Miles L. Johnson Sam'l H. Moss 

1787 Hiram P. Bell Ga Cummings, Ga H. C. Williams 

1788 Iberia La New Iberia, La E. J. Gartens S. S. Florrv 

1789 Camden Ga St. Mary, Ga Lem Johnson 

1790 S. A. Cunningham Tex Kemp, Tex J, C. Clark 

ivyl Simon Bolivar Buckner....!:..^- Covington, Ky 

1792 Stonewall Jackson Ala Ozark, Ala.....' N. B. Dowling 

1793 Tulsa Okla Tulsa, Okla. 

1794 John B. Gordon Fla Jacksonville, Fla M. R. Tutt J. S. Ashley 

1795 Buchel Tex. Sinton, Tex S J. Hilton 

1796 Sloan-Peebles Ga McDonogh, Ga J. C. Danieel W.A Turnei- 

1797 Lytle Tex Lytle, Tex Jno. A. Wills J. A. Crawford 

1798 R. E. Lee Fla Fort Meyers, Fla Walter S. Turner 

1799 Stanwatie .■:'...Okla Stilwell, Okla J. L. Ealv H. J. Smith 

1800 Joe Wheeler Okla Sallisaw, Okla Oscar F. *Adair J. R. Acuil' 

1801 R. E. Lee Va Alexandria, Va Jno. R. Zimmerman Edgar Warfield, Sr. 

1802 W^m. Kearn Va Louisa, Va Geo. F. Harrison G. D. M. Hunter 

1803 Pickett-Stuart Va Richmond, Va W. H. Mann C. F. Deane 

1804 Gen. Sterling Price Mo Keytesville, Mo A. G. Arrington 

1805 Jas. A. Stephens Tex Burnett, Tex J. H. Guthrie Jas.A. Stevens 

1806 W. B. Newton Va Ashland, Va Geo. P. Haw W. F. Blunt 

1807 Joe Wheeler Pacific Lovington, N. Mex T. P. Bingham Brig. Gen. A L. Steele 

1808 Albeit Sidney Johnston..Tex Hamilton, Tex S. P. Brock Miss Clara Linton 

1809 Charley Geers Okla Mill Creek, Okla J. S. Ritchey C.e W. Geers 

1810 Pat Cleburne Ark Mena, Ark W. J. Dunman ... . I. N Lano 

1811 Robert E. Lee Ark Mansfield, Ark. J. H. Caldwell H. M. Graven 

1812 Henry Edmonds Va Crystal Hill, Va R. T. Edwards W. A. Hunt 

1813 Sul Ross Tex Cross Plains, Tex J, T. Rispes.s 


Name of Camp. Division. Headquarters. Commander. Adjutant. 

Sabine La Many, La W. M. Cobbs A. B. Rams 

Bennett H. Young Ky Pewee Valley, Ky A. N. White 

Tate Brady Okia ..Ardmore, Okla J. N. Ritter 

F. S. Hewes Miss Gulfport, Miss W. T. Price C. D. Backus 

Albert Sidney Johnston..Tex Fort Worth, Tex Geo. B. Holland J. S. Busby 

John D. Keith Tex lola, Tex John D. Keith J. H. Sheffield 

Geo. W. Carlton Mo Caruthersville, Mo Francis M. McClanahan... .Henry N. Phillips 

Va Sha\vsville,Va Wm. M. Ellis '. 

T. A. Hunt Okla Tulsa, Okla J. A. Yeager Geo. W. Fleetwood 

Evan P. Howell Ga Atlanta, Ga J. Hill Tucker Chas. S. Jones 

Gibson McGrady Va Marion, Va W. E. Copenhauer W. M. Shular 

Abbeville S. C Abbeville, S. C J. M. Gambrell Isaac A. Keller 

L. A. Armistead Va LaCross, Va... Giles A. Burton A. W. Bracv, Sr. 

Pulaski Va... Dublin, Va Thos. L. Tate J. M. Weiser 

W. H. Carlisle Okla Antlers, Okla E. M. Locke John S. Watson 

R. E. Lee Pacific Phoenix, Ariz A. C. Baker C. C. Chambers 

Coopwood Ark Watson, Ark B. J. Coopwood Mrs. Ed. M. Vaughn 


According to the Number on Roster August, 1921. 


Maryland 12 

North Carolina 55 

South Carolina 53 

Virginia 65 

West Virginia 19 

Five Divisions 204 Camps 

Department Army of Northern Virginia. 

Alabama 69 

Florida 44 

Georgia 119 

Kentucky 73 

Louisiana -. 43 

Mississippi 77 

Tennessee 54 

Seven Divisions 479 Camps 

Department Army of Tennessee. 

Arkansas 64 

Missouri 33 

Oklahoma 47 

Pacific 14 

Texas 179 

Five Divisions 337 Camps 

Dfepartnient Anny of Trans-Mississippi. 


Department Army of Northern Virginia 204 Camps 

Department Army of Tennessee 479 " 

Department Army of Trans-Mississippi 337 " 

Total 1,020 Camps 

Illinois, Ohio and Indiana are in the Kentucky Division. New Mexico, California, Colorado, 
Arizona and Kansas are in the Pacific Division. Montana, Washington and Oregon are in the Mis- 
souri Division. 

Of the 1,020 Camps, there are .385 Camps which we have not heard from, many of whom, we 
presume, are dead, thus only 635 Camps have reported, many of which have only 3 to 10 members. 

Adjutant General and Chief of Staff. 



New Orleans, La., June 10, 1889. 
Chattanooga, Tenn., July 3, 1890. 
Jackson, Miss., June 2, 1891. 
New Orleans, La., April 8-9, 1892. 
Birmingham, Ala., April 25-26, 1894. 
Houston, Tex., May 22-24, 1895. 
Richmond, Va., June 30, July 1-2, 1896. 
Nashville, Tenn., June 22-24, 1897. 
Atlanta, Ga., June 22-24, 1898. 
Charleston, S. C, May 10-13, 1899. 
Louisville, Ky., May 30, June 1-3, 1900. 
Memphis, Tenn., May 28-30, 1901. 
Dallas, Tex., April 22-25, 1902. 
New Orleans, La., May 19-22, 1903. 
Nashville, Tenn., June 14-16, 1904. 
Louisville, Ky., June 14-16, 1905. 
New Orleans, La., April 25-27, 1906. 
Richmond, Va., June 3, 1907. 
Birmingham, Ala., June 9-11, 1908. 
Memphis, Tenn., June 8-10, 1909. 
Mobile, Ala., April 26-28, 1910. 
Little Rock, Ark., May 15-17, 1911. 
Macon, Ga., May 7-9, 1912. 
Chattanooga, Tenn., May 27-29, 1913. 
Jacksonville, Fla., May 6-8, 1914. 
Richmond, Va., June 1-3, 1915. 
Birmingham, Ala., May 16-18, 1916. 
Washington, D. C, June 4-7, 1917. 
Tulsa, Okla., Sept. 24-27, 1918. 
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 7-8-9-10, 1919. 
Houston, Texas, October 6-7-8- 1920. 
To Be 


October 25-26-27, 1921. 


We hope, we work, but do we pray 
For light Divine to point the road, 

So those who come may find the way, 
And make their work a lighter load ?