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^ / 



FROM 1790 TO 1841, 

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FROM 1190 TO 1817, 





PSntTBD BY /. * a. 0. aiDBON. 

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FK&oa, PbUM Lmm 
Ascwana of CoottB 



CLisa 1. Agricullure, including Inatruments nnd Operation! ... 

Club 3. Mebllui^ and Manuracture of Metals, and Instnunenla therefor 

Cum 3. Manufaclurei of Fibrous and Textile Subataucea, including Machine fbi 
preparing Fibres of Wool, Cotton, Silk, Pur, Paper - - - 

Cum 4. Chemical Proceaaea, Manufactures, and Compounds, including Medicine, 
Dying, Color making. Distilling, Soap and Candle making. Mortars, 
Cemeats, 4e. ....---. 

Cuaa 5. Calorific, compriaing Lamps, Fireplaces, Sloyea, Cbatea, Furnaces for 
beating Buildings, Cooking J^paratus, Preparation of Fuel - 

Cum 6, Steam and Gas Eaetnea, including Boilers and Fumacea therefor, and 
ports thereof ...-.--- 

Ci-ui 7, Narigation and Maritime Implements, comprising all Vessels Tor convey- 
ance on water, their ConsUnietion, Biggiog, and Propulsion ; Diving 


Cum 8. Hnihematical, Philoaopbical and Optical InstrumeDis, iocludiog Clocks, 
ChronometeH ■ - -■ 

. Civil Enguieering and Archiiectifte, conprimng works on Rail and Com- 
mon Roads, Bridges, ChnalB,WhiuTes,Docks, Riven, Wien,,Dan>^ 
and othw Inleftal ImprovemeMa, Bmldilteit, Itoob - - • 

L'Cuts 10. Umd ConTeyaoce, comprising Carriages, CarB,'and olhsr'TdiiclM oted 

cm Roads, and porta (hereof - - - . - - - * 

Cum II. Hydraulics and Pneiraiatica, including Watei^wheels, Wind-mills, and 
other Implements operated on by Air or Water, or employed in Rais- 
ing and Delivery of Flluda - - - " . - 
Cum 13. Lever, Screw, and other Mechanical Power, as applied to Presaing, 
Weighing, Raising, and Moving Weights - - . ■ 
Cum 13. Grinding Mills and Mill-gearing, containing Grain MIIIb, Mechaucal 
Movements, and Horse Powers ..... 

Cum 14. Lumber, including Machines and Tools for Preparing and Manufaclurtng, 

such as Sawing, Planing, Mortising, Shingle and Slave, Carpenttn' 

, ,^ and Coopers' Implements ...... 

Cuss IS. Stone and Clay Manufactures, including Machines for Pottery, QfauM- 
' ^^ making, Brick-making, Dressing and Preparing Stone, Cements, airf 

' fl|3 other Building Materials .,,--. 

s^CuM 16. LeaOer, including Tanning and Dressing, Manufacture of Boots, Shoet, 
Saddlery, Harness -,..--. 
*^ Cuas 17. Household Furailore, Machines and Implements for Domestic Purposes, 
Vs inchiding Washing Machines, BrM^ and Cracker Hachines, Feather 

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CiAM 18- Arta— Polite, ^ne,uidOniainentKl, including Htuic,IWfitiiig,Scu1ptiire, 

Enfmvjns, Books, Prinling, Binding, Jewelry . _ „ 

Clam 19. Fire Armi, •nd ImpIeiDenti of War, and porta Ihereor, iocluding the Ma- 

noTtciare orStaotasdGunpowder - ' - 
Cum 30. Su^ical and Medical Inilmmenla, JDcloding Tiomm, DeQlal Inttmmanti, 

Bathing Appaniliut .-.-.... 
Cum 91. Wearing Apparel, Arttclea for the Toilet, Ac, iaclnduig Ii 

Manufaclnrii^ - ' - 
CiAM S9. HiaeeDuieoui . . - . . 

Qbmbul Imu ------- 

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constitutioln of the united states, 


"The Congress shall bare power, &g., to promote (he pro- 
** grees of science and usefiil arts, by securing Tor limileil times 
** to Amhore and Inventors ihe exclusive right to their respec- 
^' live writingB and discoTeries." Also, "to make all laws 
-" whicti shall be neceesaryaad proper for carrying ioto ezecu- 
-" lioD the foregoing powers." 

CHAP. Vll.'-JIn.^lopMmaUAtjmgrmi^vi^Jra. 
Sectiow 1 . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of ?J,'*SL '"'"' 
Bepreaeniatives of the United ^ates of America in Congress S* tum np^'i 
aaaembUd. That upon the pelilion of any person or persons to '^i^eS^'Sf* 
Ab Secretary of Slate, the Secretary for the department of war, 1X3°^*'" n ' 
and the Attorney General of the United States, setting forth, t£s s«cratur 
that he, she, or they, hath or have invented or discovered any Sf ivw'S'/S; 
ttseful ait, manufacture, engine, niachine,or device, or any *,^[;^rSf{S^ 
hnprovement therein not before known or used, and praying ifik*yiiiaiiite«in 
that a patent may be granted therefor, it shall and may be law- id., me™ unk 
ftt\ to and for the said Secretary of Stale, the Secretary for the SCwtti.?^ 
department of war, and the Attorney General, or any two of ""'" >» »""*■ 
them, if they shall deem the invention or discovery sufficiently 
useful and importaot, to cause letters patent to be made out in 
the name of ttie United Stales, to bear (tote by the President 
of the United Slates, reciting the allegations and su^estions of 
die said petition , and describing the said invention or discovery, 
dearly, truly, and fully, and thereupon gianting to such peti- 
tioner or pedtionei?, his, her or their heirs, administrators or 
assigns for any term not exceeding fourteen years, the sole and 
exclusive right and liberty of making, constructing, using, and * 
Tending to others to be used, the said invention or discovery; 
which letters patent shall be delivered to the Attorney General 
of the United Slates to be examined, who shall, within fifteen 
days next after the delivery to him, if he shall find the same 
ccmfoimable to this act, certify it to be so at the foot thereof, ^J^^^S^ 
and present the letters patent so certified to the President, who cooibniiin df tbs 
riiall cause the seal of the United States to be Ujerelo affixed, K!!"' '^ 
and the same shall be good and- available to the grantee or 
gmntees by force of this act, to all and every intent and pur- 
pose herein contained , and shall be recorded in a book to be Fmnti « tx 
kept for that purpose in the office of Ihe Secretary of State, and '*=<*"'**■ 

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delivsred to ihe patentee or his ageal, uid the delivery (hereof 

shall be entered od the record and endorsed on the patent by 

the said Secretary at the time of granting the same. 

aHdaeuHni In Sbc. 3. And be it further enacted, That the grantee or 

In^'or^ilMiar gntDtees of CBch patent shall, at the time of granting the same. 

CDvery will admit of a model) of the thing or things, hy him 
or them invented or discovered, and descnbed as aforesaid, in 
the said patents; which specification shall be eo particular, and 
Hkid moaele eo exact, as not only to distinguish the invention 
or discovery from other ihin^ before known and used , but also 
to enable a workman or other person skilled in the art or mai>- 
ufacturejwhefeof itis abranch,orwlierewithit may be nearest 
connected, to make, construct, or use the same, to the end that 
the public may have the full benefit thereof, afier the expiiation 
of the patent termj which specification sball be filed in the of- 
omUtd eopia g(^ of ifjc said Secretary , and certified copies thereof, ahsdl be 
ketTKiface.* competent evidence in all courts and beftn^ all jurisdictions, 
where any matter or thing, touching or concerning such patent, 
light, or privilege, shall come in question. 
ttjM»of»pe- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That upon the applica- 
HMdeii Biy'iH Uon of any person to the Secretary of Stale, for a copy of any 
**'"' such specification, and for permission to have similar model or 

models made , it shall be the duty of the Secretary to give such 
copy, and to permit the person so applying for a similar model 
or models, to take, or make, or cause the same to be taken or 
made, at the expense of such applicant. 
m^itafMk- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That if any person or 
a&,air'iiti^^ pereoos shall devise, moke, construct, use, employ, or vend 
PjtfftM km been fvithjn these United States, any art, manufacture, engine, ma- 
chine or device, or any invention or improvement upon, or in 
any art, manufactUK, engine, machine or device, the sole aod 
exclusive right of which shall be so as aforeaaid granted by 
patent to any pei-son or persons, by virtue and in pursuance of 
this act, without the consent of the patentee or patentees, their 
executors, administrators or asaigns, first had and obtained in 
writing, every person so offending, shall forfeit and pay to the 
said patentee or patentees, his, her or their executors, adminis- 
DwHaiobe trators or aesigns, such damages as shall be assessed byajury> 
■■■■■■if byajn- ^^^ moreover shall forfeit lo the person aggiieved, the thing or 
thic^a so devised, made, constructed, used, employed or vend- 
ed, contrary to the true intent of this act, which may be recov- 
ered in an action on the case founded on this act. 

Sec. 5. Attd be it further enacted, That upon oatti or affir- 
mation made before ihe judge of the district court, where tlie 
defendant resides, that any .patent which shall be issued in pur- 
VM*Min^T^ suance of this act, was obtained surreptitiously by, or upon 
«itBBiir«i>i»iai false suggestion, and motion made lo (he said court, within one 
year after issuing tlie said patent, but not afteiAvards, it shall 

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and may be lawful t*> and for ilie jndge oi the said dJMrict 

court, if the matiei alleged eball appear to him^o he eufflcieot, 

to grant a rule dial Uie patentee or patentees, h!e, her, or their 

executore. adminiatratois or assigns, show cause why process 

should not issue egakiat him, her, or them, to repeal such pet- 

enU; aod if sufficisDt caoae shall not be ^wwn to the eootrary, u,* to be npM- 

the rule shall be made absolute, and thereupon the said judge ^ 

tjiall order process to be issued as aferasaid , ^aioflt such pat- 

«itee or patentees, bis, her, or their executors, administratof9, 

or anigns. And in case no sufficieot cause shall be shown to 

the contrary, or if it riiall aj^iear that the paleolee was not the 

first and true inventor or discoverer, jadftneot ^all be r^idered 

by such eotm for die repeal of snch patent or patents; and if 

the paity at whose cc»iplaint the praoeaB ianjed, shall have 

judgment given against him, be fiholl pay all su^ costs as the 

d^eadent shall be put to in defending the suit, to be taxed by 

the court, and recovered in such manner as costs expended by 

defendants, shall be recovered in dne course of law. 

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That in all sctioastobe in icuodi at 
brought by such patentee or patentees, his, her, or thtir ezecu- ^'^' J^"^ 
tors, administrators or asa^s, for any penally incuired by vir- ^|^^^ ^ 
tne of this act, the said paleots or qwciicstions shall be jDrtnta diKomr; bat 
faeie evidence, that the eud patentee or pateoieee was or were ^!^ gjl^"^ 
the first and true inventor orinventors, discoverer or discoverers J^^J^L^" 
of the thing so specified, and that the same is truly specified; 
but that nevertheless the defendant or defendants may plead 
the general iwue, and give this act, and any special matter 
whereof noUce in writing shall have been given to the plaintiff, 
or his attorney, thirty deys before the tri^, in evidence, tend- 
ing to prove that the specification filed by the plaintiff* does not 
contain the whole of the truth concerning his invention or die- 
oovery; or that it contains more than ib necessary to produce 
the e^ect dcecribed; and if the cfmcealment of part, or the ad- 
dition of mwe than is neeessary, shall appear to have been in- 
traded to mislead, or shall actually mislead the public, so as 
the effect described cannot be produced b^ the means specified, 
then, and in such cases, the verdict and judgment shsJl be for 
ibe defendant. 

Sec. 7. And be it Jvrther enacted, That such patentee as 
aforesaid, shall, before he receiveehis patent, pay the following 
fees to the several officers employed in making out andpeifect- puentfte*. 
ing the same, to wit: For receiving and filing the petition, fifty 
cents; for filing specifications, per copy-sheet containing one 
hundred words, ten cenia; for raakiog out patent, two dollars; 
for afiuung great seal, one dollar; for indoiNog the day of de- 
livering the same to the patentee, including all jnlermediale 
services, twenty cents. 

.approved AprU 10, 1790. 

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henttfon m 

Act or 1790, Sbotiok I. Be it enacted by tlte Senatf and House tf 
etep-^- Bqareamtatives of the United States of America in Congress 

oaienMed, TliAt when any pereon or persons, beiof a cmzsn 
OT oittsens of tfae Umted Statee,iibBll allege (fa«t he or tfaey bave 
iDvented any new and useful ait,maobine, oiamriaoture or com- 
■^citan paunt^, pegitioo of mMtcf, OF tMj DGW Slid uscful improvenwot on BDjr 
iBxiaDut. Art,iiiachiae,niaBafoetnre orcomposkionorinHterjOOtktiown 

i7w'°D^^'n^ CTHBed before theap{dicatioD»aod sbail pTctent apeiiiion to ihe 
pMied. ' ' Secntery of State, ugoifying a desire of iriMaining an ezdusire 
property in liie seme , and praying that a patent may be gvaowd 
llwrefof , it sball and maybe lawful £or the said Secreiary of 
To beu teflia State, to eause letlera palent to be made out in the DBine of the 
jyuwPr-htei., ivjnit^ States, bearing teste by the President of the United 
Slates, reciting (he allegations and si^CBtioae of the said peti- 
tion, and giving a ehort description of the said inTeolion or dia- 
covery, and thereupon granting to such petitioner, or petition- 
ers, hie, befjOr their heira, administrators or aesigos, for a term 
act exceeding fourteen years, the full and exclunve right and 
liberty of making, constructing, using, and vending to oLhen 
to be used, the said inveniion or discovery, which letters patent 
he ntun^ed by shall be delivered (o the Alioroey General of the United States, 
^eni. "°™'^ to be examined; who, witliin- fifteen days after aucfa delivery, 
if he finds the same conformable to this act, shall certify accord- 
iagly, at tbe foot thereof, and return the same to the Secretary 
of Stale, who shall present the leUers patent thus certified, to 
be signed, and sball cause the seal of the United Stales to lie 
thereto affixed: and the same shall be good and available to 
iaKi,ch.39. the gianlee or grantees, by force of this act, and eball be re- 
corded in a book, to be kept for that purpose, in the office of 
the Secretary of State, and delivered to the patentee or bis order. 
Sec. 2. Provided alioat/s, and be it furtfter enacted, That 


£- any perwm, who shall have discovered an improvement in the 
principle of any machine, or in the |m>ceBs of any composition 
of matter, which ^all have been patent, and shall have ob- 
tained a patent for such improvement, he shall not be at liberty 
to make, use or vend the original discovery, nor shall the first 
inventor be at liberty to use the improvement: And it is here- 

fbf^^^'^nip^- by enacted and declared , that simply changing the form oi the 

^e'i^f BMW P'Opo'tiwjB of any machine, or composition of matter, in aoj 

bea^iHonry. degree, shall not be deemed a discovery. 
Howiopcoccsit Skc.S. And be it further enacted. That every inventor, 

M^Min leiiui i^ore he can receive a patent, ahall swear or affirm, that he 
does verily believe, that be is the true inventor or discoverer of 
the art, machine, or improvement, for which he solicits a pat* 

^ro, ck. as, gQi^ which oath or affirmation may be made before any person 
authorized to administer oaths, and shall deliver a written des- 
cripdon of his invendon, and of the manner of using, or pro- 
cess of compounding the same, in such full, clear, and exact 
terms, as to distinguish the same from all other things before 

Digit zed by Google 


ltQDVn,and(o^«bl«'«iiy peraiMi ekilkd m die sr('OiBGiMioe> 
of wbivh il is » bnncb, or with wtiich it is moat nearly cob- 
iiecled,io make^ compotmd . nad use the Buue. Audio tfae 
can of any machine, be shall fully e9t[^kiin the priDcipla^ and 
the s«v«ml modes in whieh h« has contemjdated tne apjrfioainii 
of that principle or character, by wbieh it m^rb* diottasiiiabfld. bpmu 
tnm other invcAlions; and be shall aocompeny the ^ols vitlk 
dmwiogs and written, rsfiarenees, wheio the natnra of the casa 
adnttte of dmwtf^|«, or with epcciaiens (rf tb« iogndienti^ and 
of tbe compontWB of matDsr, sufficient in qaanlity for the pur- 
pees of unwriBWDl, wbsre the invention is of a compontion of 
raaUer; wtmb deMriptton, signed by hinaelf and aUeated by^ 
two witaoeeca, sball be filed in the <^ce of Ibe StMnMryol 
Slet£, and certified copies Iheractf riwU be competent evidaiiDa 
ht all cowiB, where any matter ot thing, toochiag sadi patent 
r%bl, shall conM in qMeslton. And such inreolorshdl, more- 
over, deliver a modei of his raaobiBe, provided, the aecrmaiy 
shall deem such modd to be necessary. 

Sko. 4. ^tdbe it furthu- enaeted, Thai it shall be Imvftil JT^ 
for any iDvenlor, hie exeovtor or adeainislntor, to aaeign the 
title and interest in th& said invention , at any time, and the 
an^ee having recorded lb* said assignmcBt in the office of ^°^ °^ "^ 
the Seeretaiy of Slate, ^lall tbereaAer stand in the place of the JoSd^bfuii^AM 
original inveaiDf,bo(h as to right and Te8ponsibiUty,andsothe grsi'iuif''^"**^ 
aKJgaee of asoges, to any degree. 

Sbg. 6. ^n^6etr/uri^e?id(iA9(f, That if any person shall Forraton en 
make, devbe, and use, or sell the lUng so invented , the exelu- Diteluou'wiUi^ 
sive right of which sliall, as oforesaid, have been secured I o "<'>'•"*- 
any perBOO by patent, without the consent of the patentee, bis 
executors, adnunistratofs,or aasigos, first <^>tained in writing, 
every person so ofieoding, shall forfeit and pay to the patentee 
a sum, that shall be at least equal to three times the price, for TumtumHiin 
wliich the pateotee has usually sold or licensed to other per- ^Iiq! '^ "" 
sons, the uGe<rf the said invenlion; which may be recovered in Hownconnd. 
an action on the case founded on this aot, in the circuit cowt 
of the United States, or aoy other court having compstuit 
juried iclton. 

Sbc. 6. Provided altem/B, andbeit f wilier enacted > Tbal how tttoA- 
the defendant in such action aball be permitted to plead the ^ ^\n ^■ 
geaeml issue, and give this act and any special matter, of whioh ^»<'*- 
notice in writing may have been given to the plaintiff, or bis 
aUomey, thirty da^s before trial, in evidence, tending to prove 
that the specification, ffled by the plaintiff, does not contain 
the whole truth relatife lo his discovery, oi that it contains 
more than is necessary to produce the deecabcd eflcct, whioh 
conceoiment or addition e^ll fully appear to have been nadt-, 
for (he purpose of deceivhig the public, or that Um thing, thus 
secured by pMent.was not (Higinally discovered by tbepatentesT 
but bad bean in use, or haa bem described in some puUio 
work anteri(» to the suppeeed discovery of the patentee, or that 
he: bad siureplitiously- obtained a patent for tlu disooreiy o£ 



Ani jndfmmt another person: in either of which cases, jtidgmeot ehtiil be 
iMttven. fgadgfgd fQf the defendant, with costs, and the patent shall be 
declared void. 
iii?™oon^wh.n ^^^- "^^ ■^'"' ** U further enacted, That where any Slate, 
Ml be d««Di*d before its adoption of the present form of govemmeDt, ehatl 
***'''' have granted an exclueive right to any invention , the party, 

claiming that right, shall not w capable of obtaining an excla- 
sive right under this act, but on relinqnishing his right under 
Buch particular State,a«dof ouch relinqui^nieDt,hie obtaining 
an exclusive r^t under this act shall be sufficient evidence. 
How •^'»- Sbo. 8. Am be it further enacted, That the perwDs, whose 
mSarAinll«i^ af^Ucationa for patents, were, at the lime of pasaingdiiB act, 
'SS^T^^i depending before the Secretary of State, Secretary at War, and 
Attorney General, according to the act, passed the second ses- 
iTn,eb.T. sion of the firet Congress, intituled "An act to promote the 
progress of useful arts," on complying with the conditions of 
this act, and paying the fees herein required , may pursue their 
respective claims to a patent under the same. 
pncMdinpto Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That in case of interfer- 
itoipi' ""t^^ ing applications, the same shall be submiued to the arbitration 
"'™- of three persoDs, one of whom shall be chosen by each of the 

applicants, and the third person shall be appointed by the Sec- 
retary of State; and the decision or award of such arbitrators, 
delivered to the Secretary of State in writing, and subscribed 
by them , or any two of them , shall be final , as far as respects 
the granting of the patent : And if either of the applictinu shall 
refuse or fkil to chuse an arbitrator, the patent snail issue to 
the opposite party. And where there shall be more than two 
interfering applications, and the parties applying shall not all 
unite in appointing three arbitrators, it shall be in the power of 
the Secretary of State to appoint three arbitrators for the pur* 
And «i*tiin Sbc. 10. Andbe it further ertacted, Thatupon oatboraffir- 
S^Sydb^^ mntion being made before the judge of the district court, where 
laicDu. the patentee, his executors, administrators, or assigns reside, 

that any patent, which shall i>o Issued in pursuance of this act, 
was obtained surreptitiously , or upon false su^estion , and mo- 
tion made to the said court, witliin three years after issuing the 
said patent, but not afterwards, it shall and may be lawful for 
the judge of the said district court , if the matter alleged shall ap- 
pear to him to be sufficient, to grant a rule,thattbe jAtentee,or 
hie executor, administrator, or assign show cause why process 
should not issue against him to repeal such patent. And if 
sufficient cause sbtdl not be ^own to the contrary, ^e rule 
shall be made absolute, and thereupon the sud judge shall or- 
der procBM to be issued against such patentee, or his executors, 
admin islnilors, or assigns, with costs <A suit. And in case no 
BUfficimt caose sheUbe shown to the contrary, or if it shall ap- 
peal that the patentee was not the true inventor or discoverer, 
uiT^apPr^ judgment diall be rendered by such court for the repeal of such 
>*»<• pMeDt;aDd if the party, at wfiMecomi^nt the pfwew issued, 

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shall have judgment given against him, he ehall pay all such 
cosU as the defendant shall be put to in defending the suit, to 
be taxed by the court, and recovered in due course of law. 

Skc. 11. And be it further enasted, That every inventor, p^JI?^''^ 
foefoTfl he presents his petition to the Secretary of State , signify- uon w jaj »» 
ing his desire of obtaining & patent, shall pay intothe ueasury """ '™»'^- 
thirty dollars, for which he shall lake duplicate receipts; one 
of which receipts he shall deliver to the Secretary of Slate, 
when he presents his petition; and the money, thus paid, shall 
he in full for the sundry services to be performed \a the office 
<rf the Secretary of Slate , consequent on such petition, and shall 
pass to (he account of clerk-hire in that office. Provided nev- 
■erthelesa, That for every copy, which may be required at ihe copj-'ni r«». 
said office^ of any paper respecting any patent that has beea 
granted , the person , obtaining ^ch copy , shall pay , at the rate 
of twenty cents, for every copy-sheel of one hundred words, 
and for every copy of a drawing, the party obtaining ihe sauie, 
shall pay two dollars; of which payments, an account shall be 
rendered, annually, lo the treasury of the United Stales, and 
ibey shall also pass to the account of clerk-hire in the office of 
the Secretary of Slate. 

Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That the act, passed Act*fApnj[«, 
the tenihday of April, w the year one thousand seven hundred pei]^. ' "" 
-and ninety, intituled "An act lo promote ihe progress of useful 
arts," be, and the same is hereby repealed. Provided always , Pnn-iio. 
*rh'at nolhing, contained iii this act,' shall be construed to in- 
validate any patent Ihal may have been grunted under ihe au- 
thority of the said act; and all patentees under the said act, 
4heir executors, administrators, and assigns , shull be considered 
within the purview of this act, in respect to the violation of 
their rights; prorided, such violations shall be committed after 
the passing of this act. 

Approved February 21 , 1793. 

'CHAP. LVIII.— .4n Ael sunltnunlnrv la At act, {nIttWtd ".ttt y^d to pTanMlt 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives amiet^n^Kt, 
•of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That ""i"^' 
all suits, actions, process and proceedings, heretofore had in 
any district court of the United Stales, under an act passed the AcixrFekai, 
tenth day of April, in the year oiie thousand seven hundred '^"Jfj^ini 
-and ninety, intituled "An Act to promote the progress of useful nw,°tt.T^ 
«rts," which may have been set aside, suspended or abated, 
by reason of the repeal of the said act, may be restored, at ihe 
instance of the plaintiff or defendant , within one year from and 
after the passing of this act, in the said courts, to the same sit- 
uation, in which they may have been, when they were so set 
-ande, suspended or abated; and that the parties lo ihe said 
iSBits, actions, process or proceedings, be, and are hereby inti- 

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tied to proceed in guch cases, as if no such repeal of the' act 
" aforesaid bad taken place. Provided always, That before any' 
order or proceedlDg, other than that for concinuing tira same 
suits, after the reinstatitig thereof, (hall be entered or bad, the 
defendant or plaintilT, as the case may be, against whom the' 
same may have been reinstated, shall be brought iolo court by 
summons, attachment, or such other proceeding, as is used io 
other cases for compelling the appearance of a parly. 
Approved June 7, 1794. 

d inDcnlioni, (o certain pirsons (Ktrctn mentiontil, and to tnlarge and 
(■tepcilea.) J^fimfimptiii1iu»/*r tMatii^ tU Tiglilt^fttiiltet. 

Section 1 . Be it enacted by the Senate and Hovse of 
it^diwo^wuS Representatives of the United States <f America in Congress 
em'm^w <issembted, That all and singular the rights and privileges given, 
ihebcnaBtDruw intended or provided to citizens of the United Stales, respecting 
*""■ patents for new inventions, discoveries, and improvements, by 
AciorFsihai the act, intituled "An act topromote the progress of useful atta,, 
J7S3, ch. 11. and to repeal the act heretofore made for that purpose," shall 
be, and hereby are extended and given lo all aliens who at the 
time of petitioning in the manner prescribed by the said acl^, 
shall have resided for two years within the United Stales, which 
privileges shall be obtained, used, and enjoyed, by such per- 
sons, in as full and ample. manner, and under the same condi- 
tions, limitations and restrictions, as by the said act is provided 
and directed in the case of citizens of the United States. Pro- 
oitbiobaak. ^^ded ulways, Thai every person petitioning for a patent for 
■B by iDcti w%v any invention, an or discovery, pursuant to this act, shall make 
nn^oiiiiwiv- oath or aSifmaiion before some person duly authorized to ad- 
t^^umoitaseB minister oatlis before sucli patenl shall be granted, that such 
invention, art or discovery baib not, to the best of his or her 
knowledge or belief, been known or used either in this or any 
foreign country, and that every patent which shall be obtained 
pursuant to this act, for any invention, art or discovery, which 
it shall afterwards appear had been known or used previous lo 
such application for a patent, shall be utterly void. 
The ii!n] ran. '^^''- ^- ^^ ^ itfUTtker enacted, That where any person 
rBHraorth-M ofa hath made, or shall have made, any new invention, discovery 
(ointy obujiTB or improvement, on account of which a patent might, by virtue 
ptitnt. of tj,|g or the above mentioned act, be granted lo such person,^ 

and shall die before any patent shall be granted therefor, the 
right of applying for and obtaining such patent, shall devolve 
on the legal represenlaiives of such person in trust for the heirs 
at law of the deceased, in case he shall have died intestate; but 
if otherwise, then in trust for his devisees, in as full and ample 
manner, and under the same condiiionsjiimiuklionsand restric- 
tions, as the some was held or might nave been claimed or en- 
joyed by such person, in his or her lifetime; and when appli- 
cation for a patent shall be made by such legal representatives. 

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lion , provid 
fcffe-meotioDed act, shall be go vaiied as to be applicable to 

Sec. 3. And be it Jwiher enacted, That where any pateot omitn im 
shall be, or shall have been granted pursuaat to this oi lh« l)^"^" <^>"'™* 
above-mentioned act, and any person without tlie cooBent of 
the patentee, hie or her executors, administrators or assigns first 
obtained in writing, aball make, devise, use, or sell the thing 
whereof the exclusive right is secured to the said patentee by. 
such patent; such peison so oflendiog, shall forfeit and pay to 
the said patentee, his executoiE.adminiatratoraot assigns, a sum 
equal to three titnes the actual damage eustained by such 
patentee, his executors, adtniuietjators, ot assifpis, firom or by 
reason of such oSence, which sum shall and may be recovered, 
by action on the case founded on this and th« above-mentioned ad^bTlicUra^oa 
act, in the circuit court of the United States, having jurisdic- im taw in *• 
tion thereof. 

Sec . 4. And be it further enacted, That the fifth section of ^f^^^K 
the above-mentioaed act, intituled "Aa act to promote the pro-, j^i^f«»-'U 
gress of useful arts, and to repeal the act heretofore made for 
that purpose," shall be, and hereby is repealed. 

Ajytroved, April 17, 1800. 

u low ritating lepatenti. 
Be it enacted by the Senate and Howe of Representatives Ttw ctapMi 
of the United States of America in Congress assetrdtledf'Tha.t SS^i'^c^^ 
the circuit courts of the United States shall have origioal ct^- ™'i,\J?"'£ 
nisance, as well in equity as at law, of all actions, suits, con- '*!Sh,"Ih*ri3" 
troversies, and cases, arising under any law of the United States, to^ndoH ntf 
granting or confirming to authors or inventors the exclusive *Jrt?fF*.«, 
right to their respective writings, inventions, and discoveries: "5^,*Jfu;,j, 
and upon any bill in equity, filed by any parly a^rieved in i7», cb. is. ' 
any such cases, shall have authority lo grant injunctions, ac- 
cording to the course and principles of courts of equity, to pre- 
vent the violation of the righu of any authors or inventors, 
secured to them by any laws of the United States, on such 
terms and conditions as the said courts may deem fit and rea- 
sonable: Provided, however, That from all judgments and rivntn, 
decrees of any circuit courts, rendered in the premises, a writ 
of error or appeal, as the case may require, shall he to the Su- 
preme Court of tlie United Stales, in the same manner, and 
under the same circumstances, as is now provided by law in 
other judgments and decrees of such circuit courts. 

J/fprtptd, Febmary 16, 1819. 

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CHAP. CLKlL—AiAetcMemmspMlMlaJlirv^uiwaUient. 
Ad or July i. Be it enacted in the Senate and House of Representatives 
i8M,cii.3s7. of the United States t^ America in Oo}iffTess assejnhted,T\mX 
itehall be the duty of the Secretary of Slate, anaually, in the 
month of January, to report to Congress, and to publish in two 
ptwSwIo^J^ of the newspapers printed in ihe ciiy of Washington, a list of 
ttCmnST"*' *!' ibe patents for discoveries, inventions, and iinprovemeDts, 
^*'*"' which bHhII have expired within the year immediately preccd- 
htg, with the names of the patentees, alphabetically arranged. 
FonnoTappu- Sec. 2. And be it fwtf-er enacted, That application to Con- 
«M«ew iSi^ gr^"" '0 prolong or renew the term of a patent, shall he made 
before its expirau'on , and shall be notified at least once a month , 
for three moiMhs before its presentation, in two newspapers 
printed in tbe city of Wasbtngton , and in one of the nen'spa- 
pers in which the laws of the United Slates sball be published 
in (be State or territory in which the patentee shallreside. The 
petition shall set forth particularly the grounds of the applica- 
tion. It shall be verified by oath; the evidence in its support 
may be taken before ony judge or j ustice of the peace ; it shall 
be accompanied by a statement of the ascertained value of the 
discovery, invention, or improvement, and of tbe receipts and 
expenditures of tbe patentee, so as to exhibit tbe profit or loss 
arising therefrom . 
Td^"" ™'rf S^^- 3' ■^"f'^fi it further enacted, That wherever any pat- 
innnuirDDttiiv. ent which has been heretofore, or shall be hereafter, granted to 
^v^^ any inventor in pursuance of the act of Congress, enUded" An 
act to promote the progress of useful arts, and to repeal the act 
■Tn,di.ii. heretofore made for that purpose," passed on the twenty-first 
day of February, in tbe year of our Lord, one thousand seven 
hundred and ninety-three^ or of any of the acis supplementary 
thereto, shall be iovahd or inoperative, by reason that any of 
tbe terms or coodiiloos prescribed in the third section of tbe 
said first mentioned act, have no(,by inadvertence, accident, 
or mieleke, and without any fraudulent or deceptive intention, 
been complied with on tbe part of the said inventor, it shall be 
uSuT^ "»^ lawful for the Secretary of State, upon tbe surrender to him of 
'*^' Mw'™" *"'^'* patent, to cause a new patent to be granted to the said 
wu. inventor for tbe same invention for the residue of tbe period 

then unexpired , for which the original patent was giantea , up- 
on bis compliance with the terms and conditions prescribed in 
£°ri3i?5^i the said third eeciiou of the said act. Kud, in case of his 
iBaucuion,fcc. death, or any assignment by him made of the same patent, the 
like right shall vest in bis executors and administrators, or as- 
'"'"■ signee or assignees: Provided, hotoever, That such new patent, 

so granted , shall, in ail respects, be liable to the same matters 
of objection and defence as any original patent granted under 
tbe said first-mentioned act. But no public use or pmilege of 
the invention so patented, derived from or after the gront of 
the original patent, either under any special license of the in- 
ventor, or without the consent of tbe patentee that there shall 
be a free puUic use thereof , shall , in any nunner, prejudice 



bis nght «f fecoreiy Ibr any xaa or violation of his inr«nttoa 
after ifae ^raot of eocb new patent as aforesaid. 
Approved, Jvly 3, 1833, 

CBAF. CCIU. — tin •id Mmominf tibc uniiy (/polciUt lo oliou, ybr tu^ruidu- 

£e t/ enacts ky ike Senate and Houae of HepresaUativet ^^ pnTUsfiii 
of thu UniUd States of Amerioa in Qmereae tuaemkUd, That ^J^^ •"™' 
the pciviJegea gratilcd to the alieos deschDed in th« fiiet aeotioa ° 
of the act, to extend the privtt^e of obtaining pateUs for um- „f AnrfiiT 
fill diBcovenea and inventtonB to certain persons iheiein men- ieM,'cb.sEr ' 
tioDad, and to enlace and define the puialties for violatinc tha 
righiaof patenlen, apwoved April seventeenth, eighteen oun- 
dred, be extended, in like manner, to every alien, who, at the 
time of peliiioning for a patent, ^tall be rodent in the United 
Stales, and shall have declared \aa intention.according to law, 
te beooroe a citzen tb^eof: Prottttferf, That eveiy patent grant- ^^^ 
ed by virtue of this act and the privil^^ee thereto appertaining, 
shall cease and determine and become abeolutaly void without 
raaoft to any le^ proceea to annul or cancel the same in cate 
of & lailure on the part of any patentee, for the «pace of one 
year from the issuing thereof, to introduce inU) public use in 
tb« United States the invention or improvement for which the 
patent shall be iaaued; or in case the same for any period of 
rax months after such introduction shall not continue to be pub- 
lidy used and applied in the United States, or in case of fail- 
ure to become a citizen of the United States, agreeably to notice 
given at the earliest period within which he shall be entitled to 
bMome a citizen of the United States. 

A^irmed, Juhj 13, 1839. 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives 
cfth'3 United States of Amerioa in Oongresa aaaemdted, That ' 
tMFe shall be eaiablisbed and attached to the Department of 
State an c^ce to be denoniioated the Patent Office, the chief 
officer of which shall be called the Commissioner of Patents, 
to be appointed by the President, by and wiA the advice and ^JSStSa^ "^ 
conaent of the Senate, whose duly it shall be, under the direc- ~l '""'%, ,g, 
tioQ of the Secretaryof State, to superintend, execute, and per- eti.s^ ' 
fonn wll Mch acts and things touching and respecting the grant- 
ing aad isniing of patents for new and useful discoveries, in*- 
vetttisns, and improvements, as are beretn provided for, or 
sbaH hereafter be, by law, directed to be done and perfttnoed, 
asdsbaU hare the charge and custody of alt the books, records, 
pMon, novels, macmDes, aad all other ibings belonging to 
«aNl'i^Se« And said CoamieBioner shall reoerve the same 
a as iaatttfiEed by law to tfa« CemmieritKier of tfaa - 

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ludiui department, and aball be entiU«d to sendand reoeiMi 
letters and packages by ra«U, ittatiog to the bosiness of the 
office, free ef postage. 
CbMcink. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, Th&l theta shall be in 

said office an ioferior officer, lo be appointed by the said pria- 
cipal officer, with the approval of the Secretary of State, to re- 
ceive an annual salary of seventeen hundred dollars, and lo be 
called the Chief CiertE of the Paieot Office, who, in all cases 
during the Decessary absence of the CoramissioBei, or when 
the sud principal office shall become vacanl) shall have tb* 
cbatgeand custody of the seed, and of the ie«orde, books, pa- 
pers, machines, models, and all iKbsr things belonging to the 
eaud office, and shall perform the duties of Commissioner dnr- 
iogaucb vacancy. And ihesajd Cowmiseionei may also, with 
^u^^Bf lite approval, appoint an examining clerk, at an aottual ealaiy 

'••cui. " cuT fiAeen hundred dollars; two other clerics, at twelve hiiodnd 
di^lars each, one of whom shall be a competent draugfaumaa; 
ooe other clerk, at one thousand dc^lars; a machinist, t^twelvei 
hundred and fifty dollars; and a metecoger, at seven hundred 
doUars. And said cooimissioner, clerk*, and every other per- 
son appointed and employed in said office, shall be disqualtted 
andinterdicted from Bcquirmg or taking, except by inheritaase, 
dming the period for which they shall hold their appoidlaicnlSv 
req)ecUTely, any right or imerest, directly or iodiiectly, inan^' 
ceieni for ao invention or disoo^rwy which baa been, or may 
neceafter be, granted. 
oocenioBak* ^^t^- ^- ^^ ^^ U farther enacted, That the said pami|Mil' 

•lib, ac c^cer, and every other person to be appointed in the said oBk»j 

shall j before he uUers upon the duties of his office or appoiat' 
meni, make oath or affirmation tridy and faithfully lo ex»ca{« 
the trust committed to him. And the said Commisai^ter u)d 
the Chief Clerk Shall also, before eatering upon their duties, 
severallygive bonds, with sureties, to the Treasurer of the Uni- 
ted States, the former in the sum of ten thousand dollars, and- 
the latter in the sum of five thousand dollars, with condition to 
render a true and faithful aeootint to him or his suGoeHor in 
office, quarterly, of all moneys wbicb shall be by tiiem re^iec> 
tively received for duties on patents, and for copies of records' 
and drawings, and all other moneys received by virtue of said 
Ai«i tt, be Sbc. 4. And be U further enacted, That the said Cofiamis- 

^""^ sioner shall cause a aeal to be made and provided for the said 

office, with such device as ibe President of the United Statee 
shall aj^vove; and copies of any records, books, papers, or 
drawings, belonging to the said office, under the sigHaUice of 
the aaidCoinauasioner, or, when the office shall be vacaat^ ua* 
det the agoalure of the Chief Clerk, with the said Mt\ aSbxaif 
tbaH be cooij^ent evidence in all cases in which ifae onginM 
records, books, papeis, or drawings could be evidetice^ And 
any person nwlciBg applicuion therefor noHy havecertigedca|^ 
iet of th« records, dnuwings, and other pafMrs d^ioeiied ia aaui 

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office, OD pafiligifcn- tbe wrtOen o^es, ifae Bom often cents 
-for every page of one hundred wordi; and for copies of draw- 
■iags, the reasonable ezpaiee of making the same. 

Sio. 6. And be U further enacted, That ait patents issued paunu u> ba 
AmiBatdofliGeBhallbeimDediDthenaineof the United SlBtes, ^JS^^I^Sm^ 
«Bd nnder the seal of said o£fk:«, and be signed by the Secre- |^^„J}f '^'"°' 
my of Stale, and couoleraigaed by the Commissioner of thestud 
office, and ebnli be recorded, tt^ether with the descriptions, 
lepecificatiooa, aod dnwii^yin the said office, in books to be 
-fcapt-fer that purpow. Every eueh patent sfatdl contain a short 
description or title of the invention or dincovery, corroody in> 
dicating its natore and design, and in its terms grant to the 
applicant or applicants, his or their heirs, administrators, exe- 
«iitois,or aBsigaa,for a lerni not exceeding fourteen yearre,the 
Ml and exdusiverigfatcndUberty of making, using, and vend- 
■^ to others to be need, the said invention or discovery, rrfer- 
riog to the specTficBtions for the pardculara thereof, a c<^ of 
wluch shall be annexed to the patent, specifying what the pat- 
entee claims as his invention or discoveiy. 

Sbo. 6. ^nd Ac if yuf^Aer enacted, That any person or per- vA'^jS?*'' 
-sons baring discovered or invented any new and useful art, 
machine, manu&ctore , or composition of tnatter,'Or any new 
akid useful improvemeats on any art, machine, mannfactore, 
or coroposttjon of matter, not known or used by others before 
bis or their discovery or inveniion thereof, and not, at the 
lime of his applicatioit for a patent, in paUie use or on sale, 
with his consent or allowance, ns the inveotor or discoverer, 
«nd shall dcetre to obtain an exclusive property therein, may 
make application, iii writing, to the Commissioner of Pa- 
tents, expresaii^ such desire, and the Commissioner, on due 
proceedings had, may grant a patent therefor. But before spMiotuio*.: 
«Dy inventor shall receive a pfktent for any'such new inven- 
-tion or discovery, he shall deliver a written description of hie 
imenlioD or discovery, and of the manner and process of 
mafcittg, constructing, nsiag, and compounding the same, in 
•Dch fuH, clear, and exact terms, avoiding nnneeeasary prt^iz* 
ity,as to enable any person skilled in the art or science to 
which it appertains, or with which it is most nearly connected, 
40 naake, construct, compoand, and use the same; and in case 
^ any machine, he shtul fully explain the principle, and the 
aav«al modes in which he has OHMemptaied the application of 
that principle or character by which it may be distinguished 
from odier inventions; and shall particularly specify and point 
onttfae part, improvement, otootnbiniUion, which be claims as 
fan own invention or discovery. He diall, furthermore, ac- Dnwiiip, fc« 
company the whole with a drawing or diawii^, and wtiuen 
references, where the oatore of the case admiteof drawings; or 
with specimens of ingredients, aod of the compontHia of mat- 
ter, sufficient in qnanlily for die purpose of experiment, where 
the invention or discovery is of a composition of matter; iriiioh 
desoriptiona and drawings, signed 1^ the inTrater, and attested 

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hf Mo vrilneHH, dull ba fil*d in ihc Patent Ottce; and he 
""'''^ wall, moreover, furnnh a model of his luTeDtioo, in all cMce 

whieh admit of e represeDlstion by model,of acoaveaientHce 
10 exhibit adranti^ecusly iu sweral paits. The a^^Iicant shall 
^nk 01 tfln- gjgQ mnke oath , or affifoaation , that he docs veriiyi)eli«Te llwt 
he is the ori|;iBal end first inventor or discoverer of the ait, nub- 
cfaine, ootnpeailioii, Of iraprovemeat, for which besc^idia a pa- 
teat, and that he doea not know or believe that (he same was 
ever before koown or used ; and also of what cowBlry he i« a 
cMsea; which oath or aiSnnBtioii may be made before aay per- 
son aolhoriEed by taw to adainister oaths. 
J^;^^^ Sbo. 7. And be it /vrlher maeted. That on the filing of 
mi*, at pro- any suah (plication, deeciiption, and specificatK» , and the 
S^'k^mmm IMO'meDt of iha duty hereinafter provided, the Commiaaiooar 
nmninm. ghall Duke, ot cauaeto be made, an exHtaination of theaUegvd 
new inv«nti<Ki or disc»Tery; and if, on any such examinatioB, 
it riiall not appear to the OommiadoDerthal the same had bean 
iDTented or discovered by any other person in this country, prior 
to the alleged iovention or discovery thereof by the applicant, 
or that it had been patented or described in any printed publi- 
cation in this or any foreign country , or had been in public uie 
or <ta sale, with the apfJicant's oonaent or allowance, prior to 
the application , if the Commivuoner shall deem it to be suffi- 
doilly useful and important, it ahall be hie duty to issue a pat- 
ent therefor. But wnenever, on«uch examination, it snatl 
appear to the Commiaeioner that the ^^icant was not the 
onginal and first invodor or discoverer thereof, or that any part 
of that which is daimed as new had before been invested or 
discovered, or patented, or described inany juinled publication 
in this or any foreign country as aforesaid, or that tlie descrip- 
tion is defective and insuffident, he shall notify the aji^icaat 
thereof, giving him briefly such inf<»walion and references as 
may be useful in judgir^ of the propriety of renewing his ap- 
fdication, or of altering hie specification to embrace only that 
part of (he ioveation or discovery which is new. In every sut^ 
case, if the appUcaot shall dect to withdraw his ajq)ticatioa, 
lelinqinshi^ his claim to ibe model, he shall be entitled to re- 
odve back twenty dollars, part of the duty required by (bis act, 
on filing a notice in' writing of such dection in the Pateot Of- 
fice, a copy of wliich, certified by the CoramisBioner, shall be 
a nifficicnt warrant to cheTreaanrer for piling back to thesaid 
i^icam the said sum of twenty ddlan. But if the applicant, 
in such case, shall persist in his daim for a patent, with or 
witb0uL any alletation of his specification, he ^all be required 
to make oath or affirmation anew, in manner as Bforeaaicfj and 
if the nwdfication and daim sliall not have been so modttad 
as, in (ne opmion of the Oommisnoner, shell entitle the ap^i- 
eant loa patent, he may, on appeal, and upon request in writ- 
ing, have the decision of a board of examiners, to be composed 
of. three disinterested persons, who shall be appdntod for that 
purpose by the SoOTetary <^ State, one of whom, at least. Is be 
sdecled, if practicable and convenient, for hia knowledge and 



ttn\l in Am partt«Uar rat, nwiiufiuMre, w bremh of soiancA to 
which the alleged inrenUoD appeitaiBs; who shall be under 
oath or affirmatien for the taithtml and irapanial perfonaence 
oi Uw duly imposed upon them by eatd appoinUaent. Said 
faotwj sball be fumiahed with a certificate in writing of the 
opiDion and decision of the Commissioner, stating the partteo- 
lar grounds of bis obiecdoD, and the part or parts of the iBren- 
tiOD which he coDsideiB as not entitled lobe patented. And 
the said board sball give reasonable notice to iheapi^ioant, as 
well as to the Conunissiorter,or thelieae and place of their 
' meeting , that they may have an opportunity of furmshing them 
with BDch facta and evidence as they may deem neoeeaary to a 
just decision} and it shajl be the duty of the CemmisaioDer to 
fumieh to the board of examiners such inflxmation as he may 
possess relative lo the matter under their cooaidenUitHi. And 
on an examination and conndemtion of the matter by su<^ 
board, it shall be in their power, or of a majority of them, (o 
- reverse the decision of the Commjsaiooer, either in whole or in 
part; and thoir opinion being cerliged to Uie Commiasioner, he 
shall be governed thereby in the further proceedings to be had 
on such application; Provided, however, That, before a board pnrtov 
shall be instituted in any such case, the applicant eh^l pay to 
the credit of the Treasury, as provided jn the ninth section of 
this act, the sum of twenty-five dollars, and each of said per- 
sons so appointed ^all b»entitled to receive for his servicee 
in each case a sum twt exceeding ten dollars, to be detenicined 
and paid by the Commissioner out of any moneys in his haEM% 
which shall be in full compensation to the persons wbO'may be 
so appointed , for their examination and certificate as aforeeoid . 
Sec, 8. And "be it further enacted, That whenever an ap- 
plication shall be made for a patent which; in the opinion of 
the Coounieaioner, would interfere with any othei patent Air 
which an ai^ication may be pending, or with any unexpired 
patent which shall have been granted, it shall be the duly of 
the Commiasioner to give notice thereof to such applicants, or 
patentees, as the case may be; and if eithw ^lall be dieaatiaftad 
with the decision of the Commissioner on the question of pri- 
ority of right or invention, on a hearing th^eof, he may ap- 
peal from such deciaon, on the like terms and conditions as 
are provided in the preceding section of this act; and the like 
proceedings sball be had,to determine which or whether eithtur 
of the applicants is entitled to receive a patent as prayed tor. 
But nothing in this act contained shall be construed to deprive 
an or^nnl and true inventor of the right to a patent for his in- 
ventioa , by reason of his having previously taken out letters 
patent therefor in a foreign country, and the same having been 
publiebed,at any time within six monlfae next preceding the 
filing of his specification and drawings. And whenever the 
- applicant sball request it , the patent shall lake dale from the 
time of the filing of the iq>ecification and drawings, not however 
exceeding six months prior to the aaual issuing of the patent ; 

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and on Hke recpJest, end the payment of the duly hewin r(!- 
qnired, by any applicant, hia ^eciRcatioa and drawings shall 
be fled 'in the secret archives of the office until he shall fur- 
nieji the model and the patent be iaaued, not exceeding (he 
term of one year, the applicant being entitled to notice of in- 
terfering ap;dioation8. 
nkodaiiui Sec. 9. And be it J^ther ettacted, Thit before any appli- 
oMitioriL'u. B. cation fbr a patent shall be considered by the Commissioner as 
22J]J|^ ko. * aforesaid , (he applicant shall pay into the TreaBury of the 
; United Stales, or into the Paient Office, or into any of the de-. 
posite banks to the credit of the Treasury, if he be a citizen 
of the United States, or an alien, and shall hare been resident 
in the United States for one year next preceding, and shall 
have made oath of his intention to beoome a citizen thereof, 
the svim of thirty dollars; if a subject of the King of Great 
4oul!n iwV!^ Britain, the sum of five hundred dollafS; and all other persons 
jwiororcu am- the sum of three hundred dollars; for which payment duplicate 
Smdi^k/ nb» receipts shall be taken , one of which to be filed in the onice of 
f"^ the Treaeorer. And the moneys received intone Treasury 

under this act shall conslitute a fuiid for the payment of (he 
ealartes of the officers and clerks herein provided for, and all 
other expenses of the Patent Office, and to be called the Patent 
tanuanijiag Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That where any per- 
puani, a!ii%- BOH hath made, or shall have made,' any new invention, discov- 
^ncin,ke.,Bv. ery, or improvemen(, on account of which a patent might by 
virtue of this act be granted, and such person shall die before 
any patent shall be granted therefor, the right of applying for' 
and obtaining such patent ehtdl devolve on the executor or ad- , 
ministretor of such person, in trust for (he heirs-at-law of the 
deceased, in case he shall have died intestate; but if otherwise, 
then in trust for his devisees, in as full and ample manner, and 
under the same conditions, limitations, and restrictions, as the 
same was held, or might have been claimed or enjoyed by such 
person in bis or her life(ime; and when application for a patent 
shall be made by such 1^1 representaUves, the oath or affir- 
mation provided in the 6(h section of this act shall he so varied 
as (0 be applicable to them. 
AaifDBui of Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That every patent shall 
iS^^^ '*■ be aeaignable in law, either as to the whole interest, or any un- 
divided part thereof, by any instrument in writing; which as- 
B^nment, and also every grant and conveyance of the exclusive 
right under any paient, to make and use, and to grant lo olhers 
to make and use, the thing patented within and throughout 
any specified Mrt or portion of the United States, shall be re- 
corded in the Patent Office within three months from the exe- 
ention thereof, for which the assignee or grantee idiall pay to 
the Oommismoner the sum of three dollars. 
Ci*<MiMT^ Sec. 12, And be it further enacted. That any citizen of 
*"*'**■ the United States, or alien, who shall have been resident in 

die United States one year next preceding, and shall have 

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rtXEtn uwB. 

n^a oMh of his intMtiod to b«coin» * oldzeD Ibwecrf, wfaa 
diall have iareDled any oew fti, macbiiie, oi uBpcov^nMOt 
thereof, aod shall desire further time (o mature the eatae, laay^ 
OD paying to the credit of the Treasuiy, in mumei as provided 
is Uie ninth section of tbia'act, the sum of twenty dollare, Sia. 
in the Patent Office a caveat, setting fordi the deaigp and {iiu- 
poee thereof, and iia pdacipitl and distinguishiDe cbtuiteteriBUca, 
aad praying proiectioa of bis right till he shall have matuced 
his iovenlioD; which sum of twenty dollars, in case the per- 
Btm filing such caveat sh&It afierwordB take out a patent for tha 
iDvention therein mentioned, shall be considered a port of the 
sum herein required for the same. And such caveat shall be 
filed in the confidential archives of Uie office, and preserved ia 
secrecy. And if application ehall be made by any other per- 
sou j within one year from the time of filing eut^ caveat, for a palr 
ent of any invention with which it may in any respect inlerfen, 
itebiAbe theduly of the Coroiuissioner todepoeiie thedescrip' 
(ion, specifications, drawings, and tnodel, in the confidential ar- 
chives of the office, and to give notice (by mail) to the persoit 
filing the caveat, of such application, who shall, within three 
moDibs after receiving the notice, if he would avail himself of the 
benefit of bis caveat, file his description jSpeciScatioas, drawinKB, 
and model; and if, in the opinion of me Commissioner, thft 
specifications of claim interfere with each other, like proceed- 
iogs may be had in all respects as are in this act provideid in the 
case of iiiterfering applications. Provided, however, That no m 
opinion or decision of any board of examiners, 'under the pro- 
visions of this act, shall preclude any person interested in favor ' 
of or against the validity of any patent which has been or may 
' hereafter be granted, frtna the right to contest the same in any 
judicial court, in any action in which its validity maj come in 
question . 

Sec. 13. And be it further enacted. That whenever any m 
patent which has heretofore been granted, or which shaU ^^i, 
hereafter be granted, shall be inoperative, or invalid, by ^^'^ 
reason of a . defective or insufficient description or q)ecifi- r^^. 
cation, or by reason of the patentee claiming in his specifica- <iub. 
liou aa bis own inveation, more Ih&n he had or Aah have 
a light to claim as aaw ; if the errw has, or diall have arisen 
by inadvertency, accident, or mistake, and wiibaiil any frand- 
ident or deceptive iiUention, it shall be lawful f(» the GoW' 
ntissiooer, upon the surrender to btm of such patent, and 
the payment of the further duty of fiAeeo dollais, to cause a 
new patent to be issued to the said invenior, for the saote ith 
vention, for the residue of the period then unexpired for which. 
the original patent waa granted, in accordance with (be pat- 
entee's conec^ed description and specificatioD. And in case of 
his death, or any asMgnmenl by him made of the original pat- 
etit, a similar right shall vest in bis exeoutora, adminisiratorar 
m Bssignses. And the patent, so re-ustied,' tt^etber with dw' 
oenected deacriptioa and qiecifioatioD^ duU bue tha.snne ef- 

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f«c( aad optmiioa in law, on the trisl of all aMions het«aft«r 
commeDced for causfM subaequently accruiogjas (bough the 
aame had been originally filed io euch corrected form, before 
(he isBuiog out of the original pateol. And whenever the ori- 
Ig^^ ginal pe(«itee shall be- desifoue of adding the descriptioa 
and specification of any new improvement of the original 
inreniion or diacovery, which shall have been invented oi 
discovered by him subsequent to Ihedate of hie patent, he may, 
lifae proceedings being bad in all reapecte as in the case of oii- 
nnal applications, and on tiie payment of fifteen dollars, as 
oereinbeibre provided , have the same annexed to the original 
deacriplion and specification; and (he Commissioner shall cer- 
tify, on the margin of such annexed description end specifica- 
tion, the time of its being annexed and recorded; and the same 
shall ihereafler have tlie same effect in law, to alt intents and 
purposes, as though it had been embraced in the original dee- 
cripiion and specification. 
__ _; Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That whenever, in 
I <i- any action for damages for making, using, orselling the thing 
" 1 whereof (be exclusive right is secured by any patent here- 
tofore granted, or by any patent which may'hereatier be grant- 
ed, a verdict shall be rendered for the plaintiff in such action, 
it shall be. in the power, of the courllo render judgment for any 
' sum above the amouat found by such verdic( as the actuu 
damages sustained by the plniaiiff, not exceeding three times 
the amount thereof, according to the circumstances of the case, 
with costs; and such damages may be recovered by action on 
the case, in any court of competent jurisdiction, to be brought 
in the name or names of (he person or persons ii^erested, 
whether as patentees, assignees, or as grantees of the exclusive 
fight wiUiin and throughout a specified pan of (be United 
U Sbo. 15, And be it further enacted. That the defendant 
in any such action shall be permitted to plead the general issue, 
and to give this act and any special matter in evidence, of 
which notice io writing may have been given to the plaintiff or 
bis attorney, (hirty days before trial, (ending to prove that the 
deaeripiion and specification filed by plainiiff, does not con- 
tain the whole truth relative to his invention or discovery, or 
that it contains more than is necessary to produce the described 
cStoj which concealment or addition shall fully appear to 
have been made for the purpose of deceiving the public , or that 
the patentee was not the original and first inventor or discoverer 
of (fie thing patented, or of a substantial and material pait 
thereof claimed as new, or that it had been described in some 
public work anterior to the supposed discovery tbereof by the 
patentee, or bad been in public use or on sale witb tbe consent 
and allowance of the patentee before his application for a pat- 
ent, or that he had surreptitiously or uniusUy obtained the pat- 
ent for that which- was in fact invented or discovered by ano> 
(her, who was using reasonable diligence in adapting and per- 
fecting tbe Barney or that (he patentee^ifaa alien at (he lime (lie 



ptffnl was grwited, had finled and ne^ected, for Um epte« of 
eighleeo months from the date of the patent, to pat and con- 
tinue on sale to the public, oq reasonablQ terms, tne iuveotion 
or discovery for which the patent issued; in either of which 
cases, judgment shall be rendered for the defendant, with 
coels. And whenever the defendant relies in his defence on 
the foot of a previous invention, knowled^, or use ef the thing 
patented , he shall state, in his notice of special matter , the naoiea 
and places of residence of those whom he intends to prove to 
have possessed a prior knowlec^e of the thing, and where the 
eaine had been used: Provided, however, That whenever it 
shall satisfactorily appear that the patentee, at the tune of mak- 
ing hie application for the patent , believed himself lo be the first 
inventor or discoverer of the thing patented , the same shall not 
be held to i>e void on account of the invention or discovery 
or any part thereof havii^ been before known or used in any 
foreign country, it not appearing that the same or a substMt- 
titd part thereof had before been patentad or described in any 
printed publication: And premded,aiao. That whenever (iie 

ElainlifT shall fail to sustain bis action on the ground that in 
is specification of claim is embiaced more than that of which 
he was the first inventor, if it shall a|^Mar that the defendant 
bad used or violated any part of the invention justly and truly 
specified and claimed as new, it shall be in the power of this 
court to adjudge and award, as to costs, as may appear to be 
just and equitable. 

Sec. 16. And be U/wther enacted. That whenever there ^ 
shall be two interfering patents, or whenever a patent on appli- 
cation shall have been refused on an adverse decision of a board 
of examiners, on the ground that the patent af^dted for would 
interfere with an unexpired patent previously granted, any per- 
son interested in any such paleDt,eith«: by assignment or otbnr- 
wiae, in the one case, and any such applicant in the other 
caee^ may have remedy by bill in equity; and the court hav- 
ing cognizance thereof, on nodce to adverse parties and other 
due proceedings bad, laay adjudge and declare either the 
patents void in the whole or in part, or inoper^ve and invalid 
in any particular part or portion of the Uaited Stales, aecord- 
iqg to the interest which the parties lo such suit may possass 
in the p^em or the inventions patented, and may also adjudge 
that such applicant is entitled, accordii^ to the principles and 
provisions of ibis act, to have and receivea patent for his iavwt- 
tioo> as specified in hie cUim, or for any part thereof, as tho 
&cl of priority of right or invention shall in any such case be 
made to appear.. And such adjudication, if it be in fevor of 
the right of such applicant, shall authorize the Commissioner 
to issue such patent, on his fiUng a copy of the adjudicadoa, 
and otherwise complying with the requisitions of this act: jPro- 
vided, however. That no audi judgment or adjudication shaU 
afTect the rights of any person, except the parties to the action^ 
and those deriving tide froia or under them snbsaqiwat to iba 
rendilioQ of such judgment. 

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TSSm ^"'- ^'^- J*»d iatt/Mker enaeled,Tb»ttHatiiiom,sailSy 
If uniiid coMrorerHes, afld caaee araiDg under any law of th« United 
**' SMm, gniDttng or confirming to iav^itoTs tba exclueiTe riebt 
lo ibeir iaveniioDS or diecov«ri«8, Aall be originally cogDJzaluo, 
as wril in equity as at law, by the circntL courts of the United 
Siatee, or any district court baring the powera and jurisdiction 
of a circyit court; which courts ehall nave power, upon bin 
in equity fied by any party {^grieved, in any such cAse, to 
gmnt iojuHctions, according to tbe oours* and princii^es of 
courls of equity, to pravent the violation of tbe rie^ts of any 
i^entor as secured to him by any taw of the United States, on 
euofa tenns and conditions as said courts may deem reasonable: 
"^ /Vonds<j,A<>tMDer,Thatirom all judgments and decraea, from 

any such conrt rendered in the premises, a writ of error or ap- 
peu, as the case may require, bobU lie to the Supreme Court 
of the United States, i> Uie same niaoner and under tb« same 
cinnmslaoceB aa is now provided by law in other judgments 
and decrees of circuit oourta, and in all other cases in which 
the court shall deem it- reasonable to allow the same. 
>!■>»»« ^^^- 18- Andbe U fvrt/ur enatUd, That whenever any 
* Mm patanlee of an invention or discovery ^all desire an extension 
' e«"^ of his patent beyond the term of its limitation, he may make 
applicaiien therefor, in wriliog, to the Commissioner of tbe 
Paienl Office, setting forth the grounds thereof; and the Com- 
misdoner shall, on the applicant'tj paying the sum of forty doU 
lars to the credit of tbe Treasury , as in the case of ati original 
ap|)tic«tioa for a patent, cause to be puUi^ed , in one or more 
crf-lhe principal newspapers in the city of Washington, and in 
such other paper or papers as he may deem proper, published in 
tbe section of country mo^ interested adversely to tbe etfteO' 
sioD of the patent, a notice of such application and of the time 
and place when and wbere the same will be considered, that 
any person may appear and show cause why the 'extension 
sbouM n«t be granted. And the Secretary of Slate, the Com- 
mimooer of the Patent Office, and the SoUcilor of the Treasury, 
shall constitute a board lo hear and decide upon the evidence 
produced before them both for and against tbe eztension , ami 
sballflit for that purpose at the lime and [daee dedgnaled in 
the pablished nMice therairf. Tbe patentee shall Aimiefa to 
said board a statement, in writing, under oath, of the ascer- 
tained value of the invention, and of his receipts and expendi- 
tures, auffidenily in detail to exhibit a true and foitbAii accoont 
of loss and profit in any manner aeoruing to him from and by 
reason of said invention. And if, upon a hearing of tin 
matter, it shall appear to the frill and entire satisfaction of said' 
boasd, having due regard to the public interest iberein, that H 
is juat and proper thai the term of the patent should be extend- 
ed, by reason of the paleotee, without neglect or fault on his 
PWt having Ibilad to obtain, from the use and sale of bis in- 
vention, a reasonable remuneration for the lime, ingenuity, 
and expanse bestoi«cd upon- tbe same, and tbe intrwluctkn 

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PAVBHT Lfwe. -mm 

thereof into use, it ehall be 'the duty of the OommiSBiaBer to 
renew and extead the psteot, by making a certificate thereon 
of such exteimon, for the term of Beven years from and after 
the exfnration of the first term ; wbieh certificate, with a certifi- 
fisteofsaid board of their jut^ment and ofraton as aforosaid, 
AiW be entered cm record in the Patent Ofioe; and thereupon 
tfae said patent shall have ibe eame effect in law as though it 
bad been originally granted for the term of twenty-one years; 
and the benefit of eucti renewal shall extend to assignees aod 
gnmtsee aS ihe right to use the thing patented , to the exteat ef 
their reepeclife interest therein: Provided, however, ^atiio Proriw. 
ext^isioa of a patent shall be granted after the expiration oi 
'the ^erm for which it was originally issued. 

Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That there shall be „J'^'"'^ 
provided , for the use of said office , a library of scientific works 
and periodical pnblioUone, both foreign and American, calcn- 
lated to facilitate the discharge of the duttaa hereby required ef 
tfae chief officers therein , 1o be purchased under the direction of 
the Committee of the Library of Congress. And the sum of 
filteen hundred dollars is hereby appropriated , for that purpose , 
to be paid out of the Patent fund. 

Sbo.30. Andbeitfuflher enacted, ThBik shall be the uoieu w »* 
duty of the Commiasion^ to cause to be classified and arranged, JiSJJriT'"^ " 
in such rooms or galleries as may be provided for that purpose, 
in suitable cases, when necessary for their preservation , and in 
such manner as shall be conducive to a beneficial and fevora- 
bte dts[riay thereof, the models and specinirens of conpositiABs 
and of febries and other manufactures and works of art, pat- 
ented or unpatented, which liave been, or shall hereafter be 
deposited in said office. And said rooms or galleries shall be 
kept open during suitable hours for public inspection. 

Sec. 81. Andbe it further enacted, That all actsandptiTls pJuS?"'""^ 
of ads heretofore passed on this subject, be, and the same are 
hereby repealed: Provided, however, That all actions and P""**"- 
processes m law or equity sued out prior to the passa^ of (fate 
ad, may be prosecuted to final judgment and execution , in the 
dame manner as though this act had not been passed, ezcept- 
m^ and saving the application lo any auch action , of the pro- 
visions of the fourteenth and fifteenth eeetions of this act, so 
fitr as they may be af^ic^le thereto: And provitkd, afeo, P"'*^ 
Tlmt all 'ftpjritcatiom or petitions for patents, pending at tiie 
time of tfae passage of' this act, in cases where the duty -faaa 
iMen paid, shall be proceeded with and acted on tn the same 
manner as ihoagh filed after. the passage hereof. 

Approved July 4, 1'SSO. 

Be it enacted by4he Sen^e and Hotae of Repreemtatives „5'lStoSS6 
ef the United Statfe ef America in Oongreae aaaett^led, That ••eeuITi^ n- 
Koy peisoB who msf be in poMeanon of, or m any way iniar- isa^^tf^tar) 

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w^uwwftT ^^'^ '"j ^^y pfttent for an inveDtion, discovery, or iroprove- 
' ment, issued prior to the Sfieenih day of December, in the year 
of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred end thirly-six,or in 
lUi assignment of any patent, or interest therein, executed aod 
recorded prior to tlie said fifteenth day of December, may, 
vjthout chaise, on preaentnlion or tranemission thereof to the 
Commissioner of Patents, have the same recorded anew in the 
Patent Office, together with the descriptions, specificaiions of 
claim and drawings annexed or belonging to the same; and it 
shall be the duty of the Commissioner to cause the same, or 
any authenticated copy of the original record, specification, or 
drawing whfch he may obtain , lo be transcribed and ^pied 
into books of record to be kept for that purpose; and whercvet 
a drawing was not originally annexed to the patent and referred 
to in the specification , any drawing produced as a delineation 
of the invention , being verified by oath in snclt manner as the 
Oommieeioner shall require, may be transmitted and placed on 
file or copied as aforesaid, together with certificate of the oath; 
or such drawings may be made in the office, under the direc- 
tion of the CommissioneT, in conformity with the specification. 
MMnrMiobe And it shall be the duty of the Commissioner to take such 
■McnTii^ru measures as may be advised and determined by the Board of 
K««>rt«d,4c. CommiBsioners provided for in the fburth section of this act, to 
dbtainthe patents, specifications, and tiopies aforesaid, for the 
parpose of being so transcribed and recorded. And it shall be- 
chrki of It* the duty of each of the several clerks of the judicial courts of 
tif^'^nnmiii the United States, to transmit, as soon as may be, to the Com- 
NUHmnDrau- tniasioner of the Patent Office, a statement of all the authenti- 
•ofiiHorpuniii, caied copies of patents, descriptions, specifications, and draw- 
DMntMri^isse, ings of inventions and discoveries made and executed prior (o 
**- the aforesaid fifteenth day of December, which may be found 

on the files of his office; and also to make out and transmit to 
said Commissioner, for record as aforesaid, a certified copy of 
every such patent, description, specification, or drawing, which 
shall be specially required by said Commissioner. 
CvTuOeJcnpiM Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That copies of such 
iM.^ Ik tit- r^-ord and drawings, ceitified by the Commissioner, or, in his 
SSdnJort^.s" ^t'ssice, by the chief clerk, shall be prima facie evidence of 
»e. ■ ' the p&rtictilars of the invention aod of the patent granted there- 

for in any jadicial court of the United States, in till casea 
where copies of the original record or specification ^nd draw- 
ings would be evidence, without proof of the loss of such 
No Midi, kc, OTJginals; and no patent issued prior to the aforesaid fifteenth 
to^^oiS!^ day of December shall, after the first day of June next, be re- 
*"■'"'■ » *» ceived in evidence in any of the said courts in behalf -of the 
<a«ti^**' patentee or other person who shall be in possession of the same, 
jaMMinXii^ unlew it shall have been so recorded anew, and a drawiog of 
»«Md«duHw. the inveniion, if separate from the patent, verified as aforesaid, 
deposited in the Patent Office; nor shall any written assign- 
ment of any such patent, executed and recorded prior to the 
said fifteenth day of December, be receired in evidenoe in any 

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of tbe.Bwl courts in beluJf of the aaeignee or other peraoo io 
pMseesion (hereof, uoiil it shall have bees bo recorded aoev. 

Seo. 3. And be it further enacted, That whenevsi it ^,^^^5*^** 
shall appear to (he ConimistaanGr thu any patent was destroy- o>om toawdB- 
ed by the buroing of ibe Patent Office building on ibe afore- k^tsiboSiZ 
said filleenih day of December, or was otherwise ioat prior *"• '^"' 
thereto, it shall be hie duty, on applicBtion therefor by the 
patentee or other person interested therein, to ieaue a new pat- 
ent for the same invention oi discovery, beariDs (he da(e of the 
original patent, with his cer(i6ca(e thereon that it was made 
and issued pursuant to the provisions of the third section of this 
act, and shall enter the same of record: Provided, /towever, fhtim. 
That before such potent shall be issued, (he applicant therefor 
shall deposit in (he Patent Office a duplica(e, as neat as aiaf 
be, of the original model, drawings, and description, with spo- 
cification of the invNition or discovery, verified by oalli, as 
shall be required by the Commissioner j and such patent and 
copies of such drawings and description, duly certified, shall 
be admissible as evidence in any judicial court of the United 
States, and shall protect the rights of the patentee, bia admin- 
istratorB, heirs, and assigns, to the extent only in which they 
would have been protected by tlie original potent and q>eci&- 

Sbo. 4. -And be iifvrther enacted, Thatit shall be-the .^p^JIJ 
duly of the Commissioner to procure a duplicate of such of the im proeBnd. 
models destroyed by fire on the, aforesaid fifteenth day of Decem- 
ber, aa were most valuable and interesting, and whose preserva- 
lioo would be important to the public; and such as would be 
necessary to facilitalethe just discharge of the duties imposed by 
law on the Commissioner in issuing petenis, and to protect (he 
rights of the public and of patentees in patented inventions and 
improvements: Provided, That a dupllcato of such models Pro»t«». 
maybe obtained at a reasonable expense: Xn(^^>ron(iecf,abo, ruittMrptoTin. 
That the wh^le amount of expenditure for this purpose shall 
not exceed the sum of one hundred thousand dollars. And 
dure shall be a temporary board of commisnoners, to be com- ,^^S f^!L. 
posed of the Commissioner of the Patent Office and two other JlJJ^.'S^JJ^Jt 
persons to he appointed by the President, whose duty it shall oa. 
be to consider and determine upon the best and most judicious 
foede of obtaining models of suitable construction; and, also, 
to consider and determine what models may be procured in ' 

pursuance of, and in accordance with , the provisions and limi- 
tations in this section contained. And said Commisaioners 
tsay make and establish all such regulations, terms, and con- 
ditions, not iiKonsistent with law, as in their opinion may be 
jwoper and necessary to carry the provisions of Inis section into 
effect, accordi)^ to its true intuit. 

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That, whenever a pu«atintnB- 

Stent shall be returned Sot correaion and re-issue under the JiJ^'j^UJ'^ 
in«eath section of the act to which this is additional , and the k^ <>r mo 
.pueolee shall desire sevenl pateola to be issued for distinct and S^fk" 


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epsrUof ihethtngpateMed.beBhallintpAf ,iB man' 
□W and in addition lo the sHm provided by that aet, the sum^ 
thirty doUais for each additional patent bo to be iesued: Pn- 
m>i«- vi^Ud, however. That no patent made prior to the aforesaid 

fifteenth day of December, shall be corrected and re-iasued un- 
til a dui^icBte of the model and drawing of the thing at 
oi^nidly invented, verified by oath as shall be required by the 
Noauiuoa, kc GommiBiiooer , ihall be deposited in the Patent Offiee^ nor 
i«i«uMrau^ bImUI any addition of an iroproremeBt be made to any patent 
Si^^M'tiBp^ bereU^re granted, nor any new patent be issued for an iiu- 
ncMBMiidci.ite., prevement made in any nutchine, mfuiufacture, or procras, lo 
bdepodicd, kc. (hooriginalinTeBlor,-a8Mgnee,orpoaBeeeor,of a patent iberefer, 
oor any disclaimer be admitted to record until a duplicate 
model and drawing of the thing originally intended, verifiedas 
aforesaid , dull have been depoeited in the Patent Office, if the 
CooimJseioDer shall require uie same; nor ^all any patent be 
granted for en invention, improvement, or discovery , the tnodd 
ot drawing of which riiall have been iual, until anolher modal 
and drawing, if reqaired by the CommiseicHier, shall, in like 
n manner, be deposited in the Patent Office; and in all such 
cases, as well as in those which may arise under the third sec- 
tion of this act, the question of compensation for such models 
and drawings shall be subjeet lo the judgment and decision (tf 
the Commissioners provided for in the fourth section, under the 
same limitations and restrictions as are (herein prescribed, 
r- . Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That any pMeat 
hereafter to be issued, may be made and issued to the assignee 
or assigiiees of the inventor or diacoverer,theaBa^ment tbem- 
of being first entered of record, and the application thwefiM 
being duly made, and the specification duly swora to by tiM 
inventor. And in all cases hereafter, the af^ilicant for a patent 
diall be h^ to fiirnisb duplicate drawings, whenever the case 
admiu of drawings, one of which to be depoeited in the office, 
and Um other to be annexed to the patent , aqd considered a 
part of the specification. 
^^ J Sbo. 7.^/wfA«r6nacle(2, That,wbsneveraaypM- 

fi!>H<h inuivu- eniee shall have, through inadvertence, accident, or miMake, 
E^*;^^"^ made his specificabon of claim too broad , oluming more tfam 
. that af whieh he was the orupnal or first inventor, some material 
', and sBbetantial part of the thing paienlod beiog truly and jastljr 
his own, any such palentea,his adminialral«n,eKecutiOfs, and as- 
signs , whether (A the whc4e or of a sectional interest therein ,«Mijr 
fioake disclaimer of socb parts of the thing patented as ^ dis- 
daimaat shall not claim to hold by virtue of the patent or as- 
sigiMoeDt,stating therein (he extent of hie inlnnst in snehpauntj 
Wnieh dis^mer shall be in writing, attested by one or «tMe 
witnesses, and rectHded in tSM Patoot Office, «b paynuM bjr 
the person disclaiming, in manner as other patent duties are 
Mqnired bylaw (o be paid, of the sam of ten dollan. Aad 
■aoh disclaimer shaU tnerei^r be taken and ooneidered as fart 
of the «(^;inal spaciioBtigo, to (he eattent «f Ibe ta ts f a st wliicfa 

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TAtmrr law*. >HE 

bMI be poasened in tlie pattai^ or tight socured thenhy, by 
(he- disclaimaDt, and by toose claimiDg by or under him aub- 

Suent to the record tbeteof. But no Bueh diaclvmer ahall 
wt any action pending At the time of ks being 61ed, exccfX 
BO &r as may relate to the queation of uareasooabie select or 
May in fikng the same. 

Shc. 8. And be it further macted, That, wbenwerap- .JJjgSfS^ 
plication ehall be made to the CoaamiBsioiwr for any addi- it Utevnniiim- 
tion of a newly diacovered improvement to be made to (ui ex- ^dTia^fiM^ 
iBtiag patent, or whenever a patent sbali be returned toteor- f""*!^ 
rectton and le-inue, thespecbScationof olaimai)n«udloev«iy 
vuch patent BhsU be subject to revinon and reetriotion , in ibe 
same manner as are original smilicMioBs for pal«it«; thia Com- 
miesiooer shall -not add aDy-ni(U) intpfOTeoMBt to the palaot ia 
(he one case, nor grant the re-i«fie in (be Mfaer case, oaUl the 
applioant shall have entered a disclaimer, or altered his qwciS- 
cation (rf claim in accordance with the deciaion of the CommiB- 
Moner; and in all such eases, the apidicanl, if disntisfied with 
Bueh de(»e{t»i, shdl have the nnie reoiedy, and ho endded to 
the beaefit of the same pmrtteges and proceediagB, as are pro- 
Tided by law in the case of original appticatioas for patents. 

Sue. 9. And be it further enacted, (any thing ia the whanbjmif 
flfteenth section of the act to which this is addilioul to the f^u^IiJ^ 
contrary rtotwithstanding,) That, whenever by mistake, aooi- S^^JJ^S 
d^t, or inadvertence, and wttfaout any wilful default or intent or ■&■ ^iiiiM - 
to defraod ormielead the public, any patentee shall have in h<n>nDt,a«. 
bis specification claimed to be the original and first iavoBtor or 
discoverer of any material or eobstaolial part of the thing pat- 
ented , of which he was not the first and original inventor, and 
shorli have no legal or just right to claim the same, in every 
such case the [Mitent eh^l be deemed good and valid far so 
much of the invendon or discovery as shall be truly and beoa 
fide his own: Provided, It shall be a material and subKaBtial FimIm. 
■part of the thing patented, and be definitively distinguiehaUe 
frcHn the other parts BO claimed without ngfattsafaresaid. Aad 
every such patentee, his execotois, admiQistmten,aud assins, 
whether of a whole or of a sectional interest diecein, shall be 
entitled to maintain a suit at law or in equi^ on snch patent 
far any tafringement of such part of die in^oMion or diecoveiiy 
as rtiall he bona fide his own as aforesaid , notwithstandaw the 
epeeifioation may embrase more dmn be shall have any l^al 
Tigtit to claim. But, ia every saoh case m which a ja^nent 
-«r verdict shall be rendered far the jdaintiff, he rimll net been- 
tMed to recover costs agaanst (be d^endant, unless be shall 
tMveeniei>edatthePateat Office, prior to the commeoeai&eat 
«r(ln BOit, a disoMmer of all that past of the thing patentad 
wbieh was so cinmed withoot ligfat: iV«>wfarf,Ae«>etw,ThKt Fnnku^oiM. 
-BO pevsan bri^ng any such imt sMl be entitled to the beae- 
'fitB«f the provisions oonlained in ibisseetioo, who shall have 
iinreasonalRy neglected or delayed to enter At the Patent OAoe 
*<diBclaiiner «e afeMsaid. 

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„iS13»^ Sec. 10. And be it further citac<erf, Thatlhe Com- 
eSS^jifcr- miaeioaer ia hereby authorized and empowered to ai^int 
""^ ' '■ agents in not exceeding twenty of the principal cities or towns 
in the United Stales aa may best accOTtitncKJate the different 
sections of the country , for the purpose of receiving and forwaid- 
ii^ to the Paieni Office all such models, specimens of iogredi- 
enis, and mauufacluies, as shall be intended to be patented or 
deposited therein, the transportation of the same to be charge- 
able to the Patent fund. 
Twotuain- Ssc. 11. And be it fttrther enacted, That instead of 
iS^"'"''^ ""* examining clerk, aa provided by the second section of the 
■ppoteied. act to which this is additional, there shall be appointed, in 

manner (herein provided , two examining clerks, each to receive 
an annual salary of fifleep hundred dollars; and also, an ad- 
ditional copying clerk, at an annual salary of eight hundred 
TmponiT dollars. And the Commissioner is also authorized to employ, 
•B^M'^ ^ '"'™ ''™® '** 'i™* > *8 many temporary clerks as may be neces- 
sary to execute (he copying and draughting required by the 
first seclion of this act, and to examine and compare the records 
with the originals, who shall receive not exceeding seven cents 
for every page of one hundred words, and for drawings aod 
comparison of records with originals, such reaB0nfd>le compea- 
aation as shall be agreed upon or prescribed by the Conimis- 
cmukuieor 3^c. 12. And be it furt/ur enaoted, That whenever 
SnototBiEteSi '^* application of any foreigner for a patent shall be rejected 
nnuitoi!!^ and withdrawn for want of novelty in the invention, pursuant 
''''***''™- to the seventh section of the act to which this is additional, the 

certificate thereof of the Commissioner shall be a sufficient 
warrant to the Treasurer to pay back lo such apj^icant two- 
thirds of the duty he shall have paid into the Treasury on ac- 
count of such api^ication. 
**^jj;J2iu,t, ^^'^' 1^- -^'"' ^ it further enacted, That in ail casea 
n^iTMih. in which an oath is required by this act, or by the act to which 
this is additional, if the person of whom it is required shall be 
conscientiously scrupulous of taking an oath, amrmalion msf 
be substituted therefor. 
Hoamptid ^Kc. 14. And be it further enacted, That all maam 
a^ilUmu^ paid into the Treasury of the United States for patents and for 
df^"io''tSS **" ^°' copies furnished by the Superintendent of the Patent 
aii M ■ddMoui, Office prior to the passage of the act to which this is additional, 
1^ 'ST^um '^'^ °^ cwried to the credit of the Patent fund created by said 
tStJbtSii^ act; and the moneys constituting said fund shall be, and the 
nu^wnfrtiicd same are hereby, appro[»iated for the payment of the salaries 
taMiwiM, ac Qf jjjg ofBcg^ ^n^ clerks provided for by said act, and all other 
expenses of the Patent Office, including all the expenditurea 
provided for by this net; and, also, for such other miipoees as 
are or may be hereafter specially provided for by law. And 
^^^^Jg^i^w the Commissioner is hereby authorized to draw upon said fund, 
taw Droii BB*. from time to lime , for such sums as shall be necessary to canj 
ifcw'oSiiSi!^ 'Dto «fiect the prorisiwu <tf this act, governed, hovfevw, by tM 

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several limilations herein conlained. ■ And it shall be bis duty SI5S'ofMi3I£ 
to lay before Congress, in the month of January, annually, a jj"*. *^! "*• 
detailed sintement of the expenditures and payments by him eui'Vc. 
made from said fund. And it shall also be bis duty to lay be- 
fore Congress, in the monih of January, annually, a list of all 
pBlenta which shall have been granted during the preceding 
year, deeignaling, under proper heads, the subjects of such 
patents, and furnishing an alphabetical list of the patentees, 
with their places of residence; and he shall also furnish a list 
of all patenis which shall have become public property during 
the same period; together with such other iaformation of the 
slate and condition of the Patent Office as may be useful to 
Congress or to the public. 
Approved, March 3d, 1837. 

CHAP.LXXXVIII.— Jn^dinaAlilMitlii ".an,Mlo pnmaU Uupngrea tf 
Ustful JtU." 

Be it enacted by the Senate and Honae of Representatives am dt Jiir *, 
t^ ike United States of America in Congress asaem&ted, Thai '^^'^^ j. 
tJiere shall be appointed, in manner provided in the second is«,eb.9sl.' 
section of the actio which this is additional, two assialant ex- ^^^7*5^ 
amioers, each to receive an annual salary of twelve hundred !f£l2S't2i^|{^ 
and fiAy dollars. 

Sbc. 2. And be ti further enacted, Thatihe Commissioaer i 
be authorized to employ temporary clerks Co do any necessary 
tmnscribing, whenever (he current businessoflbe office requires 
it: PnwMin/, Aoweoer, That instead of salary, a compeneaiioa fnnw. 
diall be allowed , at a rate not greater than is charged for co|Nes 
now furnished by the office. 

Sbc. 3. And be U further enacted, Tliattbe Commissioner ^^ISS* 
is hereby authorized to publish a claasi6ed and alphabetical list " i™»«"- 
of all patenis granted by the Patent Office previous to said 
publication , and retain one hundred copies for the Patent Office, 
and nine hundred copies to be deposited in the Ubraiy of Con- 
gress, for such distribution as may be hereafter directed; and 
Uiat one thousand dollars, if necessary, be appropriated, out of 
the Patent fund , to defray the expense of the same. 

Seo. 4. And be itfwther enacted, That the sum of three Fay tmtm at 
thousand six hundred and fifty-nine doUare and tweniy-two g^t*''*^ 
cents be, and is hereby., appropriated from the Patent fund, to 
pay for the use and occupalioa of rooms in the Cily Hall by 
the Patent Office. 

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted. That the sum of one 
(faouBKod dollars foe appropriated from the Patent fund, to be bvoka. 
expended under tbe direction of the CommiBsioQer, for ihQ 
purehaaeof oeceeeary books for the library of ibe Patent Office. 

Seo. 6. And be it further enacted. That no person shall be 
debarred from receiving a patent for any invention or discovery, iiopKMB»k« 
as provided in the act af^oved oo tbe fourth. day of July, one «£|1^\''^2^ 
\ eight liundied and thiity-«x, to which this is addi- ^' 

Digitized by Google 


tional, by reason of the same hafingbecD patented in a fore%n 
country more iban sis months prior lo hie applicalion : Pro- 
°' vided. That (he eanie shall not have been introduced inio pub- 

lic and common use in the United States prior to the applica- 
>■ lion for such patent: Andprovided, also, That in nil cases - 

every such patent shall he limited to the term or fourteen yeais 
from the date or publication of such foreign letters patent. 
m, hcj. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That every person or 
oteouuiKwd corporation who has, or Ehall have, purchased or constructed 
wjj'ri)^^^ any newly invented machine, manufacture, or compofiitioa of 
kc. ""' matter, prior to the applicalion by the inventor or discoverer for 

a patent, shall be held to possess the right to use, and vend to 
others to be used, the specific machine, manufacture, or com- 
position of matter so made or purchased , without liability there- 
for to the inventor, or any other person interested in such in- 
vention} and no patent shall be held to be invalid by re-ason of 
such purchase, sale, or use prior to the op[dication for a patent 
as aforesaid, except on proof of abandonment of such invention 
to the public; or thai such purchase, sale, or prior use has 
been for more than two years prior to such applicalion for ft 
8>BiMberiiih Sec. 8. And be it ftwther enacted. That so much of the 
Mi.'eii"^"'ti *lc^^'i''* section of the above recited act ss requires the pay- 
wquirMwm't" ment of three dollars to the Commissioner of Patents for record- 
S^nw^n-*^ ing any assignment, grant, or conveyance of the whole or any 
r™i^' part of the interest or right under any patent, be, and the same 

IS hereby repealed ; and all such assignments, grants, and con- 
veyances afaalljin future, be recorded without anyvbn^ what- 
iMeDimnm- Sec. 9. And be itfwther enacted, That a sum of money. 
^i^^^h*^ not exceeding one thousand dollars, be, and the same is hereby, 
appropriated out of the Patent fund , to be expended by the Com- 
mieuoner of Patents in the collection of agricultural stntiitioa; 
and for other agricultural purposes; for which the said Com- 
missioner shall account in his next annual report. 
PnruiJhiietta Sec. 10. And he it further enacted, That the provisions of 
irai,*Jt SstIm' the tdxteenth section of the before recited act shall extend to all 
««^ ' cases where patents are refased for any reason whatever, either 
by the Commissioner of Patents or by the Chief Justice of the 
District of Columbia, upon appeals Irom the decision of said 
Commiraioner, as well as where the same shall have been re- 
fused on account of, or by reason of, interference with e pre- 
viously existing patent; and in all cases where there is no op- 
posing party, a copy of the bill didl be served upon the Com- 
-miReioner of Paieots, when the whole of the expenses of the 
proceeding Aall be paid by the applicant, whether the final 
decision ^all be in his favor or otherwise. 
Sec . 11 . And be itfwther enacted, That in all cases where 
'n- an appeal is now allowed by taw from the decision of the Com- 

miaatonec of Patents to a board of examiners provided for ia 
-the sevead) section «f Uie act lo wbich this is additional, Ibe 

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patty, instead thereof^ aball have a ri^ht to appeal to the Chief 
Juolice of tbfl distri,ct court of the United States for the District 
of Columbia, by giving notice thereof to the Commissiono:, 
and filing in the Patent Office, within such time as the Com- 
misnoner shall appoint, his reasons of appeal, specifically set 
forth in wiiting] and also paying into the Patent 0£Bce, to the 
credit of the Patent fund, the sum of twenty-five dollars. And 
it shall be the duly of said Chief Justice, on petition, to hear 
and detemiine all such appeals, and to revise such decisions in 
a summary way, on the evidence produced before the Com- 
iiU8Btoi»r,at8ncheaTly and convenient lime as he may appmnt, 
first notifying the Comroissioner of the time and place of hear- 
ing, whose duty it shall be to give notice hereof lo all parties 
who appear to be interested therein, in such manner as said 
judge shall prescribe. The Commissioner shall aiso lay before 

Q the c 

the said judgo all the original papers and evidence in the case, 
togMher wiih the grounds of his decision, fully set forth in 
writing, touching ail the points involved by the reasons of ap- 
peal, to which the rerision shall be confined. And at the re- 
qpeet of any party interested, or at the desire of the judge, the 
Commissioner and the examiners in the Patent Office may be 
exmsined under oath, in esplanalioD of the principles of the 
iBKfaine or other thing for which a patent, in such case, is 
prayed fur. And it shall be the duty of the said judge, after a 
nearii^ (rf any such case, to return all ihe papers to the Com- 
miseioner, with a certificate of his proceedings and decision, 
which shall be entered of record in the Patent Office; and such 
decision, so certified, shall govern the further proceedings of 
the Commissioner in such case: Prwided, however. That no rim^o. 
opinion or decision of the judge in any such case shall preclude 
any person interested in (livor or against the validity of any 
patent which has been or may bereaAer, begranted, from the 
right to coolest the same in any judicial coart, in auy action in 
wbich its validity may come to question . 

Sec, 12. Aitd be it further enacted, Thai ihtfCommimoaet '^*|?5ff^JJ? 
of Puents shall hove power to make all such r^ulations in iiaouraqM^^ 
iflspect to the taking of evidence to be used in conterted cases '°°'*"*' ""^ 
before him, as may be just and reasonable. And so much of 
the act to which this is additional, as provides for a board of 
examiners, is hereby repealed. ^ 

Seo. 13. Ami be it further enacted. That there be paid an- 
nnally, out of the Patent fund, to the said Chief Justice, in * 
G«nsiderBliou of the duties herein imposed, ihe sum of one hun- 
dred dollars. 

Aj^rmed Mareh 3rf, 1839. 

CHAP. CCLXIII ^K .Stt in aidiStn torn act to primuU lAi pr«gn*$ of tka 

m^ arft, sad U r^al aU lu^ MdyaHt ^<uto herel^on mMdiJbr Ihtpwrp^t- 

Be it emKted bj/ the Senate and Home of ReprtseTUatiwa ittan^*, 
of the United Stata ^America in Congress assembled. That iw, «[i- '"\ , 
U» TreasuFet of the United Stales be, and he hereby ia^ an- un.'cn. «. 

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latSHtir^'' thorized to pay back, out of the Patent fund , any sum or buois 
°Tf«M»iw ID- of moDey, (o any person who shall have paid ihe same into 
tack, oat'or.^ (he Treasury, or to any receiver or deposiujy to the credit of 
tt^mwr'p^ the Treasurer, as for fees accruing at the Patent Office ihrou^ 
■(An. mistake, and which are not provided to be paid by existing 

laws, certilicBte thereof being made to eaid Treasurer by the 
Commissioner of Patents. 
bk. 3, ui or Sbo. 2, And be U further eiuKted, That the third section 
3[_5|"iieliS of the act of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, which 
to iijimiti F^ smhorizee the renewing of patents lost prior to the firLeenih <rf 
{toe., )838, uio' December, eighteen hundred and ihirly-six, is extended to 
M nkHiaeB^ patents granted prfof to Said fifteenth day of December, ihougb 
ftonw. they may have been tost subsequenlly ; Provided, however. 
The same shall not have been recorded anew under the pro- 
visions of said act. 
owjjjnj *e-. Sbc . 3. Atid be it further enacted, That any citizen or cit- 
SS-mw. "* izens, or alien or aliens, having resided one year in the Uniled 
States, and taken the oath of his or (heir inleoiioD to become 
a citizen or citizens, who by his, her, or (heir own industry, 
genius, efforts, and expense, may have invented or produced 
any new and original design for a manufacture, whether of 
metal or other material or materials, or any new and original 
design for (he printing of woollen,silk,couon, or other fabrics, 
or any new or original design for a bust, statue, orbas relief or 
composition in alto or bassorelJevo,or any new and original im- 
pression or ornament, or to he placed on any ariicle of manu- 
facture, the same being formed in niarbLe or other material, or 
any new and useful pattern, or print, or picture, to be either 
worked into or worked on, or printed or painl«d or cast or 
otherwise fixed on, any article of manufacture, or any new 
and original shape or configuration of any article of maoufoc- 
ture not known or used by others before his, her, or their in- 
vention or production thereof, and prior to the lime of his, her, 
or (heir application for a patent therefor, and who shall desire 
to obtain an exclusive property or right therein to make, use, 
and sell and vend the same, or copies of the same, to others, 
by them to be made, used, and sold, may make application 
in writing, to (he Commissioner of Patents expressing such 
desire, and the Commissioner, on due proceedings had, may 
grant a patent therefor, as in the case now of application for a 
ttiniKA patent : Provided, That the fee in such cases, which by the 
now existing laws would be required of the particular appli- 
cant shall be one-half the sum, and that the duration of said 
patent shall be seven years, and that all the r^ulations and 
jm)visions which now apply to the obtaining or protection of 
patents not inconsistent with the provisions of this act shall 
apply to applications under this section. 
OM guTBw ''^ ^' ■^*^^ it further enacted, That the oath required 

MknMM* V. for applicants for. patents may be taken, when the applicant is 
«.BUMn,fcc. nm^ for the time oeing, residing in the- United Slates, before 
any minister, plenipolenliary, cha^ d'aSairee, consul, oi 

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Gontmerci&l agent, boldiog commiasioa under the (Soverameat 
of the United States, or before any notary public of the foreign 
connlry in which Buch applicant may be. 

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That if any permo or rnMitiKm. 
pereons, shall paint or print or mould, cast, carve, or engrave, JJJjfiJ^'^" 
or stamp, upon any thing made, used, or sold, by hiin, for the urmtttiaf.' 
sole making or selling which he hath not or shall not have 
obtained letteis patent, the name or any imitation of the name 
of any other person who hath or shall have obtained letters 
patent for the sole making and vending of such thing, without 
coDsent of such patentee, or hie aseigns or legal representa- 
tives; or if any person, upon any such thing not having been 
purchased from the patentee, or some person who purchased it 
irom or under such patentee, or not having the license or con- 
sent of such patentee, or his assigns or l^al representatives, 
^all write, paint, print, mould, cast, carve, engrave, stamp, 
or otherwise make or affix the word " patent," or the words 
*' letters patent," ix the word "patentee," or any word or 
words of like kind, meaning, or import, with the view or in- 
tent of irotiating or counterfeiting me stamp, mark, or other 
device of the patentee, or shall affix the same, orikoy word, 
stamp, or device, of like import, on any unpniented article, for 
the purpose of deceiving the poHic, he, she, or they, so of- 
fenaing, shall be liable for such offence to a penalty of not less 
than one hundred dollars, with costs, to be lecovered by action anwnewm 
in any of the circuit courts of the United States, or in any of *'^*'- 
the district courts of the United Slates having the powers and 
jurisdiction of a circuit court; one-half of which penalty, as 
recovered , riiall be paid to the Patent fund, and the other half 
to any person or persons who shall sue for the same. 

Skc. 6. Andbe it further enacted, That all patentees and iMMiw^ej, 
aaeigaees of patents hereafter granted, are hereby required to ^om oOv** 
stamp, engrave, or cause to be stamped or engraved, on each ^■*'*- 
article vended or offered for sale, the date of the patent; and if 
any person or persona, patentees or asetgoees, shall neglect to 
do 00, he, she, or they shall be liable to the same penalty, to ii^^T^^"** 
foe recovered and disposed of in the manner specified in the 
foregoing fifth section of this act. 

Approved, Avgvst 29fA, 1642, 

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And the proceedings and evidence in actions for damages on the irtfringe- 
ment of Patent rights, the extension of Patents, 4*c., ^c. 

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It is proper to remark, in reference to the folloving compilation of the 
decisions of the several courts of the United States in relation to Patents, 
and other matters connected with them, that it does not aspire to the digni^ 
of a systematic and lineal digest, but is intended taerely aa an index and 
guide to persons interested in the exatninatioo of Patent law, to point them 
to the sources whence it is to be sought, namely, the decisions of the coorls 
UtoBselvee. In the elaborate and learned opinions of our tribunals will be 
found the ablest commentaries upon, and the most satisfactory expositions of, 
the American Patent Law; a general summary of which it has been deemed 
expedient to submit to the American public, in connection with the Digested 
Index of Inventions which have been patented in the United States since 
the establishment and oiganiz^on of its Patent system in 1790. 



I. 0/ the forms and subjects of Patents ; of the invention or (Iiscm)erif;<^ 
the utility of the invention! and of the interpretation and constntction 
of letters patent. 

1. Although it is not settled whether, under the general Patent law, im- 
provementa on different machines can be comprehended in the same patent, so 
as to give a right to the exclusive use of the several machines in combination; 
yetlhe act of January 21st, 1808, ch. 117, for the relief of Oliver Evans, 
authorizes the issuing to him of a patent for his invention, discovery, and im- 
provements in the art of manufacturing flour, and in the several machines «p- 
plicable to that purpose. Evant v. Eaton, 3 Wheat. 454, 1 Peters, 322. 

2. Under the sixth section of the Patent law of February 21, 1793, ch. 
156, if the thing secured by patent had been in use, or had been described in 
a public work, anterior to the supposed discovery, the patent is void, whether 

. the patentee had a knowledge of this previous use or description or not. Ilnd, 
i Petere, 322, S. C. 

3. A party cannot entiOe himself to a patent for more than his own inven- 
tion; and if the patent be for the whole of a machine, he can maintain a title 
to it only by establishing that it is substantially new in its structure and mode 
<rf operation. Evans v. Eaton, 7 Wheat. 356. 

4. If the combinations existed before in machines of the same nature, up to a 
certun point, and the party's invention consists in adding some new machinery 
or some improved mode of operation to the old, the patent should be limited 
to such improvement; for if it includes the whole machinery, it includes more 
than his invention, and therefore cannot be supported. Ibui. 

5. Where a patent is taken out for an improvement, the Bpecilicati<»i 
ought to describe what the improvement is, and the patent should be limited 
to such improvement. Ibid. 1 Peters, 322. S. C. 3 Wash. C. C. R. 443. 

6. The taking of the oath required by the Patent act, previous to the is- 
suing a patent, is but a pre-requisite to the granting of a patent, and in no de- 
gree essential to its validity; and if not taken, still the patent is valid. Wkitte- 
more v. Cutter, 1 Galhs. 429. 

7. The first invented is entitled to the benefit of his invention, if he re- 
duce it to practice and obtain a patent therefor: and a subsequent inventor 
cannot, by obtaining a patent, oust the first inventor of his right, or maintain 
an action against him for the use of his own invention. Woodcock v. Parker et 
id. I Galtis. 438. Bedford v. Hunt, 1 Mass. 302. Evans v. Weiss, 2 Wash. 
C. C. R. 342. 

8. If the machine fat which the patent was obtained substantially existed 
before, and the plaintiff made an improvement cmly therein, he is entitled to a 
patent for the improvement only, and not for the whole machine: and when, 
under such circumstances, the patent comprehends the whole machine, it is too 
Iwoad, and therefore void. Bnd. 

9. It is not necessary to defeat the plaintifTs patent, that a machine should 
previously have existed in everyreapect similar to his own; for a mere change 
of former proportioDB will not entitle a party to a patent. Ibid. 

10. If he claiia a patent for a whole machine, it must in substance be a 

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nev machine; that is, it must be a new mode, method, or application of me- 
chanism to produce some new effect, ot to produce aa M effect in a new 
way. Ibid. 

11. If one who has invented merely an improvement, take out a patent Ar 
the whole machine, his patent is too broad, and utteriy void. WMttema-e T. 
Cutter, 1 GftUis. 476. 

12. When a specific machine already exists, producing certain efiects, if a 
mere addition is made to such machine, to produce the same effect in a better 
manner, a patent cannot be taken for the whole machine, but for the improve- 
ment only. Ilnd. 

13. In like manner, if to an old machine some new combinations be added. 

to produce new effects, the right to a patent is limited to the new combina- 
tions. Ibid. ' 

14. A patent can, in no case, be for an effect only, but for an effect pro- 
duced in a certain manner, or by a peculiar operation. For instance; no patent 
can be obtained for the admeasurement of time, or the expansive operations 
of steam; but only for a new mode or new application of machinery to produce 
these effects: and therefore if new effects are produced by an old machine, in 
its unaltered slate, no patent can be legally supported, for it is a patent for an 
effect only, lltid. 

15. On the other hand, if well known effects are produced by machinerT> 
in all its combinations entirely new, a patent may be claimed for the whole 
machine. Ibid. 

16. So if the principles of the machine are new, either to produce a new or 
an old effect, the inventor may well entitle himself to the exclusive right of the 
whi^e machine. Ibid. 

17. By the principles of a machine, as these words are used in the statute, 
is not meant the onginal elementary principles of motion which philosophy 
and science have discovered, b,ut the modus operandi, the peculiar device or 
manner of producing any given effect. The expansive power of steam and 
the mechanical powers cu wheels have been understood for ages; yet a machine 
mav well employ either the one or the other, and yet be bo entirely new in its 
mode of applying them, as to entitle a party to his patent for his whole com- 
bination. Ibid. 

18. It is not sufficient to give validity to a patent that the specific machine, 
with all its combinations and effects, did not exist before; for if the same ef- 
fects were all produced by the same application of machinery in separate 
parts, and the party merely combined them t<^ther, or added a new effect, 
such combination would not sustain the patent; as the artist who added a se- 
cond hand or repeater to a watch, could not have been entitled to a patent lor 
the whole watch. Ibid. 

19. The original inventor of a machine is exclusively entitled to a patent 
for it. Mere colorable differences, or slight improvements, will not affect his 
rights. Odtome v. Winkley, 2 Gallis. 51. 

30. If another person invent an improvement on a machine, he can en- 
title himself to a patent for the improvement wily, and does not thereby ac- 
Juire a right to patent and use theoriginal machine: and if heobtain apatent 
>r the whole machine, and not for the improvement only, his patent is too 
broad, and therefore void. Ibid. 

21. The material question in patent causes is, not whether the same ele- 
ments of motion, or the same component parts are used, but whether the given 
effect is produced substantially by the same mode of operation, and the same 
combination of powers in both machines. Mere colorable differences or 
sUght improvements cannot shake the right of the original inventor. Ibid. 

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S2. By the expression '* true inventor" in the statute is undoubtedly meant 
the sole and exclusive inventor; for if the machine were the joint invention of 
several persons, neither of them could claim to be the true inventor, having an 
exclusive right to the patent, but the interest would be a joint or comtixai in- 
terest in the whole. In such a case, therefore, if a party were to obtain a 
liateot for the invention, having sworn that he was the true inventor, he would, 
m fhe language of this act, obtain it upon " false suggestion," and as such 
false suggestion would be a surprise and fraud upon the Government, it might 
welt also be declared to be obtained "surreptitiously." Steames v. Barret, 1 
Mason, 153. 

23. The law allows a party a patent for a new and useful invention; and by 
-*' useful invention" is meant, not an invention, in all cases superior to the 
modes now In use for the same purpose, but useful in contradistinction to fri- 
volous and mischievous inventions. Lowell v. Leans, 1 Mason, 1S2. 

24. Aaami»ig inventors, he who is first in time has aprior right to the patent 
for the invention. Ibid. 

25. By " useful invention" in the Patent act of the United States, is meant 
«n invention which may be applied to a beneficial use in society, in contra- 
4listinction to an invention which is injurious to the morals, the health, or the 
good order of society. Beiffdrd v. Hitnt et al., 1 Mason, 302, Kn&a v. Schuyl- 
Mll Bank, 4 Wash. C. C. Rep. 

26. It is not necessary that the invention should be of such general utility 
as to supersede all other inventions previously in practice, to accomplish the 
same purpose. Ilnd^ 1 Mason, 302. 

27. Nor is it important that its practical utility should be very limited, foe 
the law does not look to the degree of utility. Aid. 

28. A joint patent may well he for a jomt invention, but not for a sole in- 
vention of one of the patentees: if each cX the patentees obtein separate pa- 
tents for the same inventiaD, as his exclusive invention, and afterwards both 
obtain a joint patent for the same as their joint invention, they are estopped by 
the joint patents from asserting any title under the several patents, Barrett it 
al. V. Hall etal.,1 Mason, 447. 

29. If several patents are taken out by several patentees for a several ia- 
veution, and the same patentees afterwards take out a jointpatent for the same 
«8 a joint invention, the parties are not absolutely estopped from asserting the 
invention to be joint, but the former patents are very strong evidence against 
a jcont invention. Ibid. 

30. A patent cannot embrace various distinct improvements or inventions, 
but in such case the party must talce out separate patents: and If the patentee 
has invented certain improved machines, which are capable of a distinct oper- 
ation, and also has invented a combination of those machines to produce a 
connected result, the same patent cannot at once be for the combination and for 
each of the improved machmes, for the inventicais are as distinct as if the sub- . 
jects were entirely different Ibid. 

31. An inventor cannot, under the Patent taws of the United States, have 
two subsisting valid patents at the same time, for the same invention. The 
first that he obtains, while it remains unrepealed, is an estoppel to any future 
patent for the same invention, founded upon the general Patent act. Odiomt 
V. TA£ ^mesbury JVail Factory, i Mason, 28- 

32. An invention or improvement, for which a patent has been obtained, 
must be usefiil, within the meaning of the Patent Ukw, <x the patent ia vdd. 
Lmgdon v. D» Groot et al., 1 Paine, 203. 

33. Whether the usefulness of an invention be matter of fact to be left to 
the jury, or whether the court is to decide it as matter c£ law, Qutry^ Ibid. 

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:dii osciuoNs OF couktS' 

34- It Kerns, howeTer, that if, on the plaintiff'B own showing, the invan- 
tion appears to be useless, and an impoEJtioa on the public, the court should so 
direct the jury. Iltid. 

35. An invention of an ornamental mode of putting up thread, which gave it 
no additional value, but merely made it sell more readi^ at retail, and for a lai^ec 
price, is not a useful invention within the meaning of the Patent law. Hid. 

36. Under the Patent act of Februaiy 21st, 1793, c. 156, a patent is valid, 
although the invention may hayebeeninuseforyears anterior to the date of the 
patent, if the patentee was the inventor. Goodyear v. MaUhevss, 1 Paine, 

37. A patent for aa entire machine is valid, although the invention consiBts 
only of an improvement on such machine ; but the patentee is entitled to art 
exclusive use of no more than his improvement llAd. 

38. The first secUon of the Patent act of February 2Ut, 1793, c. 156, con- 
strued in connexion with the other sections of the act, means that the inven- 
tion should not be known or used as the invention of any other person than 
the patentee, before the application for the patent. Morris v. HwtUingdon, 1 
Paine, 348. 

39. If the invention has got into use while the inventor was practising upoit 
it, with a view to improve it before applying for a patent, such use does not 
invalidate the patent; and the motive for delay is a question for the jury. Ibid. 

40. To obtain a patent under the laws of Uie United States, the party must 
be the. original inventor in reference to the whole world; it is not sufficient that 
he be the first inventor within the United States. Reulgers v. Kanotners et 
at., 1 Wash. C. C. R. 168. Evansy. Eaton, 1 Peters' C. C. R. 323. 

41. One who is the inventor of an improvement in the principle of a ma- 
chine has the same right to the use of it as the inventor of the original machine 
had to that: aliier, if it be only in the form or proportion. Ibid. Gray et at, v. 
JoBua et al., 1 Peters' C. C. R. 394. 

42. ft is a sufficient objection to the validity of a patent, that the allegations 
and su^estions of the petition are not recited in it. Evant v. Chanwrt, 2 
Wash. C. C. R. 125. 

43. If two machines be substantially the same, operating in the same man- 
ner to produce the same result, though they vary m forms, proportions, and 
degrees of utility, they are the same in prmciple, and the discoverer of the 
latter is entitled to a patent only for an improvement. Evans v. Eatoa, 3 
Wash. C. C. R. 443. 

44. These are defects in the plaintiff's title, apparent upon the face of the 
documents on which the title is founded. Ou the same ground, defendant may 
object that the patent is broader than the discovery; that it is for an improve- 
ment which is not distinguished in the specification from the original mven* 
tion; that the suggestions of the petition are not recited substantially in the 
patent. Kneass v. TAe SchuylkiU Bank, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 

45. A mistake of the vori painting for printing in the patent is immaterial^ 
if explained by other parts of the patent and specification, so that there can be 
no mistake. Ibid. 

46- It is no objection to the vaUdity of a patent that the mode of perfiirminf 
ao operation, common and well known, is not described. Ibid 

47. The patent granted to 0. Evans contains no grantof a right to the sev- 
eral machines, but is cqpfined to the improvements in the art of maoufactur- 
ai% fiour by those machines; although the act of Congress, authorizing the grant 
of the patent, authorized it to be issued for the several machines, as well as 
for the entire improvement. Evan» v. Eaton, 1 Peters' C. C. R. 322. 

48. A patent may be for a new and useful art; but it must be practicablo 

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and ex|dicdile, aad referable to eomethiag whicb may piova it to b« vseAd. 

49. A machine or an immivemeiil may be new and entitled to a patent^ 
although parte of it were behire known and used. Ibid. 

50. The combination of old machineB to produce a new and useful result, 
is a diiicovery for which a patent may be granted. Ibid. 

51. Where two machines are subBtontially the same, and c^>«ate in the 
Bune manner to produce the same result, they must be in princif^ the same. 
Gray ti al. v. James etal.,\ Peters' C. C. R. 394. 

52. A patent "for an improvement in the art of making nails, by meana of 
a machine which cuta and neada the nail at one operation," ia not a grant of 
an abstract principle, nor is it the grant of the different parts of any machine, 
but of an improvement applied to a practical use, effected by a combinaticm crf* 
various mechanical powers to obtain a new result. Ibid, 

53. It is not sufficient to invalidate a patent that the £pecificati<»i ia mate- 
riallv defective, unless the patentee intended by concealment of parte of the 
machine to deceive; and where practical mechanicB are enabled to supply any 
omission in the specification, such an intention will not be presumed. Ibid. 

54. By useful inventicn in the Patent act of the United States, is metnt 
an invention which may be applied to a beneficial use in socie^, in contra- 
distinction to an iuveubon injurious to the moral health or good order of so- 
ciety. Bayard v. IhaUy 1 Mason, 302. 

£>5. It is of no consequence whether its utility be general or limited to a 
few cases; and it is not necessary to est^lish, that the invention is of such gen- 
eral utility, as to supersede the other inventions now in practice to accomplirii 
the same purpose, ibid. 

56. Under the Patent laws of the United States, the applicant for a patent 
nmstbe the £rst, as well as the original, inventor; and a subsequent inventor, ^- 
though an original inventor, is not entitled to a patent, if the invention is per- 
fected and put into actual use by the first and origiiMl inventor; and it is of 
no consequence whether the inventicm is extensive^ known or used, or wheth- 
er the knowledge or use thereof is limited to a few persons, or even to the first 
inventor himself, or is kept a secret by the first inventor. Rted v. Citlter, 
1 Story, 590. 

57. The decision in DoUand'a cote, that a first and original inventor, who 
had kept his invention a secret, so that the public had no benefit thereto, could 
not defeat the patent of a subsequent original inventor, may be a correct ex- 
position of the Statute of Monopolies (Stat, of 21 James I, ch. 3, i 6); but it 
IS not apphcable to the Patent Laws of the United States. Ibid. 

58. The language of the Patent act of 1836, ch. 357, § 6, " not known or 
used by others before his or their discovery thereof," does not require that 
the invention should be known ot used by more than one person, but merely 
indicates that the use should be by eome other person or persons than the pa- 
tentee. Ibid. 

59. Under the Patent act of 1S36, (ch. 357, $ 15,} an inventor, who haa 
first actually perfected his invention, will not be deemed to have surreptitiouB- 
ly or unjusUy obtained a patent for that which was in fact invented by anoth- 
er, unless the latter was, at the time, using reasonable diligence in adapting 
and perfecting the same; yet he who invents first shall have the prior nght, 
if he is using reasonable ddigence in adapting and perfecting the Bame, ^though 
the second inventor has in fact first peifected the same, and &st reduced the 
same to practice in a positive form. Ibid, 

60. An imperfect and incomplete inventicm, resting in mere theory, or in 
intellectual notion, or in uncertain e^ieriqiente, and not actui^y reduced t« 

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practice, and embodied in some distinct machineiy, apparatus, manufacture, or 
ccunposition of matter, ia not patentable under the laws of the United States. 
He IS the firat inventor, in the sense of the Patent act of the United States^ 
and entitled to a patent for his invention, who has first perfected and adapted 
the same to use; and until the invention is so perfected and adapted to use, it 
is not patentable. Ibid. 

61. It seems, that in a race of diligence between two independent inven* 
tors, he who first reduces his invention to a fixed and positive form is enti- 
tled to a priority of right to a patent therefor. Ibul 

62. Where a patent for an improvement on looms sets forth as the invention 
claimed "the communication of motion from the Reed to the Yam Beam, in 
the connection of the one with the other, which ia produced as follows," des- 
cribing the mode. It was held, that the invention was limited to the specific 
machinery and mode of communicating the motion, &c., specially described in 
the specification. If it were otherwise construed, as including all modes at 
communicating the motion, &c., it would be utterly void, as being an attempt 
to patent an abstract principle, or for all possibly and practical modes of com- 
munication of motion whatsoever, though invented by others, and substantisJly 
different from the mode stated in the patent. Stime v. Spra^ue, 1 Story, 270. 

63. Patents for inventions are not granted as monthlies or restrictions upoa 
the rights of the community, but "to promote science and the useful arts," 
and are to be liberallv construed. Blanchard v. Spri^;tie, 2 Story, 164. 

64. The power of Congress to grant to inventors is general ; and it is in 
their discretion to say, when, and for what length of time, and under what cir- 
cumstances, the patent for an invention shali be granted. Ifnd. 

65. Congress has power to pass aa act, which operates retrospectively, to 
give a patent for an invention already in public use ; but no act will be con- 
atrued to operate retrospectively, unless such a construction is unavoidable. 

66. In the present case, i( toas held, that the patent was for a machine, and 
not for a principle or function ; and, therefore, was valid. Ibid. 

67. The application of an old process to produce a new result, is not a patent- 
able invention ; there must be, also, some new process or mode. But Uie pro- 
duction of an old result by a new process is patentable. Howe v. Abbott, 2 
Stoiy, 190. 

68. A machine is only patentaUe when it is substantially new ; but the ap- 
plication of an old machine to a new process ia not patentable. Bean v. Small- 
wood, a Story, 408. 

69. In the present case, the invention was held not to be patentable, because 
it was merely the application <^ an old apparatus to a new purpose. Ibid. 

70. Where the plaintiff, in the specification of his patent, daimed as his in- 
vention "an improvement in the construction of the axles or bearings of rail- 
way, or other wheeled carriages," and it appeared that the improvement, 
though it had never before been applied to railway carriages, was well known 
as applied to other carriages, *( was held, the patent was not good. Wituau v. 
Prm. R. R. Co., 2 Story, 41'i. 

71. Patents are to be interpreted by a consideration of the whole instrument, 
and it is to be thereby determined what thing is intended to be patented. Car- 
«r V. Brmntree Manufact%iTing Co., 2 Story, 433. 

72. Whoever finally perfect* a machine, and renders it capable of useiul 
operation, is entitled to a patent, although others may have had the idea, and 
made experiments towards putting it into practice; and althov^h aII of the com- 
ponent parts may have been Icnown under a difierent combination, or used for 
a difierent purpose. Wathmgton v. Gould, 3 Story, 122. 

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73. Patents are entitled to a liberal construction, since thej are not granted 
aa restrictions upon the rights of the community, but "to promote science and 
the useful arts." Btmcmrdv. league, 3 Sumner, 585. 

74. A patent will not be vaUd, which is simply a principle or function de- 
tached from machinery. IHd. 

75. Congas has general power, under the Constitution of the United 
States, to grant patents to inventors; and it rests in the sound discretion of 
Congress to say, when and for what length of time, and under what circum- 
stancea, the patent for an invention shdl be granted. Therefore, an act of 
Congress, granting a patent, was not unconstitutional, though it operated re- 
trospectively to give a patent for an invention, which, though made by the 
patentee, was in pubUc use and enjoyed by the community at the time of the 
paasage of the act. Ibid. 

76. A patent was granted by act of Congreas of 1834, ch. S13, but declared 
Toid by the Court, on the ground of a defect in the act. Afterwards the grant 
of the patent was renewed by another act of Congress (1S39, ch. 14.) Q«(we, 
whether the latter act would be conatitutionat, if it gave damages for the con- 
struction or use of the machine before the grant of the patent under the act. 

77. It ia not neceaaary to the validity of a patent for a new and useful inven- 
tion, that any of the ingredients should be new or unuaed before for the pur- 
pose. The true queation is, whether the combination of materiab by the 
patentee ia substantially new. Ryan v. Goodwin, 3 Sumner, 514. 

78. An invention, to be valid, must be substantially difierent from any ma- 
chine or thing in use. Stanley v. Whipple, 2 McLean's R., 36. 

79. The true meaning Of the words of the Patent law, "not known or used 
before the application," is, not known or used by the public before the applica- 
tion. Pmnock et al. v. Dialogue, 2 Petera' R., 19. 

80. The words "any newly invented machine, manufacture, w composition 
<sS matter," in the 7th section of the act of 1839, have the same meaning as 
"invention," or "thing patented," JUcChtrg et ah. \. Kingeland ti als., 1 
Howard, 202. 

81. Same as the above. SntiUt v. Pearce, 2 McLean, 176. 

82. An alteration merely formal, or a slight improvement, will give no right. 

83. By the provisions of the act of Congress of 17th April, 1800, citizens 
and aUens, as to patent rights, are placed substantially upcm the eame ground. 
In either case, if the invention was known or used by the public before it was 
patented, the patent is void. In both cases, the ri^t must be tested by the 
same rule. &tim y. Cooptr, 7 Peters', 202. 

84. A patent, to be valid, must be of some utiUty. Stantey v, Whipple, 2 
McLean, 85. 

85. Mere technical objecticms to letters patent are not to be encouraged at 
c<Nistrued liberally for him making them, Woodaortk v. Hail, 1 Woodbury, 

86. A patent is not to protect a monopoly of what existed before and belong- 
ed to others, but to protect eomething which did not exist before, and whidi 
bdongs to the patentee. Datmll v. Brown, 1 Woodbury, 58. 

87. A construction of patents, liberal for the patentees, is proper. But the 
description of the patent muat be so certain, as to be understood by those ac- 
quainted with the subject matter. Und. 

88. But the whole of the specification, aa well as the flummarr and the 
drawings, are getterally to be examined and compared, and not coie alone ImA- 

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ed to, in order to decide what new part or new combiuttion is ckumed to be in- 
vented and protected. Ibid. 

S9. In coming to a, result, practical vie¥re, rather than subtle distinctions, 
must govern. 3iti. 

90. A difierence in form or proportions only, makes no difference in the 
principle of a machine Brooks if Morris t. JeiOdns ei al., 3 McLean, 250. 

91. A patent is invalid, if described in a foreign publication. Ibid. 

92. The exclusive grant in a patent is the construction and use of the thing 
patented. Boyd v. Brovm, 3 McLean, 295. 

93. Where the right ctmsists in certain instruments, by which a bedstead of a 
particulai etructure ia made, the structure or use of these instruments is pro> 
hibited. 1/nd. 

94. A patentee of a flouring mill of a certain structure, has an exclusive 
right to make and use such mill, but he can claim no monopoly in the sale of 
the flour he manufactures. Ibid. 

95. If the thing claimed to have been invented has been before made, cv 
described in any public work, the patent is void. Ibid. 

96. The principle of a machine depends upon its peculiar structure, by which 
a certain effect is produced. Ibid. 

97. To constitute an inventor, it-is not necesaarr to have the manual skill 
to make the draughts. Sic., if the ideas are furnished for producing the result 
aimed at. By Judge Betta, in Spackman tf Kelsey v. A. S( E. HiggiTu Sf Co. 
and C. £r E. Harvey, V. S. C. C. Southern District of New Yodi, January 
tenn, 1847. 

98. An inventor may sell* the thing invented before the same shall have 
been patented, and may stipulate for the sale of his invention before it is com- 
pleted, without vitiating his claim. By Judge Belts, in ^Mckmaa et al. v. 
H^naetal., U.S. C. C. SouthemDiatrictof New York, January term, 1847. 

99. Some months before the patent issued, the inventors issued their manu- 
factured goods as patent goods, or registered ^Mxrne. Now, although "regis- 
tered pattern*' ia not a term at law, yet it may well indicate Uiem to be claimed 
by the inventors as their design, and for which they were preparing to take 
out a patent. Ibid. 

100. The study of Courts has usually been, and e^cially since the Patent 
acts of 1836 and 1839, to carry out the protection of the law to inventors, so 
ae to secure them the full benefit of their inventions. The inventors are 

- botmd to notify the public of their claim, by an application for a patent. This 
is a matter of nicety, and men of great experience are oflen in difficulty as to 
the precise mode of getting up their papers. Correspondence ensues between 
the officers at Washington and the patentee, which consumes time. But if the 
claim thus put forward, although originally informal, be followed up with rea- 
sonable diligence, and if eventually the patent is granted, it excludes strangers 
interfaring in the mean time. Itnd. 

101. Inventors cannot be strij^ied of their property — the fruit, oflentimeB, trf' 
great toil, ingenuity, and expense — by slight and unimportant alterations in 
the machine; alterations which the description of the invention would of itself 
nstually, if not necessarily, suggest, without the aid of much ingenuity and 
skill. By Jvdge J^elson, in Gibsmi v. Harris, U. S. C. C. Northern District 
of New York, at Chambers, November 10, 1846. 

■Provided luch aale thtU be within two jtit from the date of the invontioii, and vf 
der ciruunalaneca wlikb do not ihow that it ■■ tlw iiil«iIlioa of tha iwmMr 10 waiva bia daim 
to a p«i«Bt M)d dodicat* Mi tOTcntioB to, the pi^lie. 8m *« of 1839, sec. 7th.— ^CMffler. 

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103. Undet the acts of 1836 aod 1838, the ewlieet invAatioii u to prarail 
over any ai^equent one, uulese allowed to go into public use, or oq tale, far- 
two years before taking out a patent By JutUet Woodbury, in Alien v. Bhmi^ 
U. S. C. C. MasB. District, November term, 1846. 

103. An invention, to be as valid as the first, must be seasonably reduced to 
practice, and put in use. Ibid. 

104. To warrant a patent the inventitu must t>e useful, that is, capable of 
some beneficial use, m contradistinction to pernicious, or frivdous, orworthleM. 
Dickinaon v. HaU, 14 Pick. 217. 

105. A patented invention is deemed useful if it is not frivolous. The want 
of utility )s good cause for not granting the patent, but not for setting it aside. 
Whitney v. EnMell, 1 Bald. 303. 

106. A court cannot pronounce a (talent worthless merely from the specifica- 
tion, without evidence of any experiments. Cue v. Morey, 1 N. Hui^. S47. 

107. The provisions of the lOth section of the act of Slst February, 1793^ 
apply only to cases in which a patent has been obtained by fraud, surreptitious- 
ly, or by false sug^stions, and are Intended to protect the public Irom ii^koai- 
tion. DeloTio V. Scott, Gilpin, 489. 

108. A patent Issued by the United States, securing the exclusive ri^t to 
manufacture and use certain medicines, does not authorize a persm to admia- 
bter them in the character of a practising physician; unless be is regularly li- 
censed to practise, and in other respects coiuorms to the laws of the State where 
the medicines ue administered. Jordan v. Overaeera of Dayton, 4 Ham. 394- 

109. If a patent ia for an improvement, it must be substantially new, and one 
capable of appUcalion by the means pointed out by the patent, specification^ 
drawing, model, and old machine. Whitney v, Eawiett, 1 Bald. 303. 

110. And if, by these means, the invention, and the mode of using It, are in- 
telligible to persons of mechanical skill in the subject matter, the requisites of 
a specification, by the 3d section of the act of 1793, are comphed -with. Ibid. 

111. Though a patentee believes himself boaajiiU to be the original inveotor 
of the improvement patented, yet the fact of his not being so, if it does not con^ 
sfJtiitc a false suKestion in obtaining It, appears to be a sufficient ground for 
repeahng it. D^ano v. Scott, Gilpin, 489. 

112. Where two patents are granted for the same thing, the second patent is 
inoperative until the first ie set aside. Jackson v. Latoion, 10 Johns., 23. 

1 13. A patent issued to an assignee stands tm the same footing, as to remedy^ 
asif issued to the party originally entitled. WaUace v. J^inor, 7 Hun. (Part 
lat,) 349. 

114. The assignment of a patent, though not recorded in the office of the 
Secretary of the United States,* is still valid, except as against creditors and 
subsequent purchasers without notice. Holden v. Curtit, 2 N. Hamp^ 61. 

115. A mere nominal variance between the patent itself and the description 
of it in the conveyance, does not make the assignment of it invalid. Nor istbtt 
patent itself vmi, because the elementa^ princ^iles of it were previouely 
known and used, unless the application of them is similar to others. Ibid. 

116. A controversy respecting the vaUdity of a patent right is one stiictlj be- 
tween the parties Immediately concerned, although the public may b»v« aa- 
eventual interest in it. Wood v. WiMiama, Gilpin, 617. 

n. Of the speci^ation and description of the invention or discovery, and 
of the claim. 

117. No deflect or concealment in the qwcifiestion will avdd the patent, un- 
less it arose from an iBtention to deceive the public. WkitUmore v, Outttr, 1 
Gtllia, 429. 

•InilwFMeDlOffia. SmAcI of July 4, 1836, sse. Uth. 

lb, Google 


118. The pttentee must describe in his patent in what his inventi(Hi couuBta 
■with reason^le certainty, otherwise it is void for ambiguity. If it be for an 
improvement in an existing machine, he must, in his patent, distinguish the 
new from ihe old, and confine his patent to such parts only as are new; for if 
both are mixed up together, and a patent is taken for the whrne, it ia void. Hov>- 
tU V. Leaii, 1 Mason, 182. 

119. But if the invention is definitely described in the patent, so as to dis- 
tinguish it from what is before known, the patent is good, although the speci- 
ficatim does not describe the invention in such fuQ and exact terras that a 
person skilled in the art and science of which it is a branch would cmstruct 
or make the thing invented; unless such defective description or concealment 
were with intent to deceive the pubUc. Gray v. Otgood, 1 Peters' C. C, R, 

130. If the patent be for an improved machine, or for an improvement of a 
machine, for ue meaning of the terms is substantially the same, then the pa- 
tent must state in what the improvement specifically consists, and it must be 
limited to such improvement Barrett et at. v. Hail et al., 1 Mason, 447. 

121. If, therefore, the terms be so obscure or doubtful that the court cannot 
say which is the particular improvement which the patentee claims, and to 
what it is limited, the patent ia void for ambiguity; and if it covers more than ' 
tke improvement, it is void, because it is broader than the invention. Ibid. 

123. Where a combination of machinery already exists up to a certain ptunt, 
and the patentee makes an addition or improvement to the machinery, be must 
confine his patent to the improvement. Snd. 

133. If an invention consists in a new cranbination of machinery, or in im- 
provements upon an old machipe to produce a new effect, the patent should be 
liR- the combined machinery or improvements on the old machine, and not for 
a mere mode or device for producing such effects, detached from the machi- 
nery. Ibid. 

124. Where a patentee, in his specification, states and sums up the particu- 
lars of his invention, and his patent covers them, he is confined to such sum- 
mary, and he cannot afterwaids be permitted to sustain his patent by showing 
that some part which he claims, in his summing up, as his invention, though 
not in fact his invention, is of slight value or importance in his patent. His 
patent covers it ; and if it be not new, the patent must be void. Moody v. jPuAe 
ttal.y 2 Mason, 112. 

125. A patent for an improvement should describe the machine in uae, that 
it may be known in what the improvement consists. SalHvm v. Rt^eid et 
<U., 1 Paine, 441. 

136. One had patented " a new and useful improvement in the steam tow 
boat,*' but the specification did not mention the invention as an improvement, 
but simply descnbed a tow boat: Held, that the specification was brooder than 
tte^tent, and therefore bad. Ibid. 

Ivl. The invention should be so clearly described as to enable the public to 
put it in use. Ibid. 

128. The specification described the invention as " consisting essentially in 
attaching the packet to the steamboat, with rq>es, chains, or spars, so as to 
communicate the power of the engine from the towing vessel to the vessel 
taken in tow, ukd kept always at convenient distance; the manner of apply- 
ing the power varying with the circumstances in some measure:" Held, Dad 
for uncertainty. Ibid. 

139. It ia for the jury to decide whether the spedfieatiDti discloses the whde 
tnith relative to the diacovny, oi whether any thing material has been coa- 
cealed with intent to deceive. Retiiga's v. Kaaawrt et al., 1 Wash. C. C. R. 

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DBOinoNfl OP ootrnts. tok. 

168. Evmu V. Eatm,l Peters' C. C. R., 828. Gray et a/, v. Jama ftaL, I 
Peters' C. C. R. 894. 

130. It is not enough that the thing designed to be unbraced by the p^eat 
should be made apparent on the trial, by a compariBcm of the new with the old 
machine. The patent or specification must diatioguish the new from the old, 
so as to point out in what the improvement consiBta. Dixon v. Moya-, 4 Wash. 
C. C. R. 68. 

131. The schedule annexed to letters patent is part of the ratent, so far as 
it is a description of the machine, but no farther. Edom v. Eaton, 1 Pet«e^ 
C. C. R. 322. 

133. The grant of an exclusive privilege by the patent can be tnily for (be 
discovery recited and described in the patent and specification. Ibid. 

133. In the present case, the patent and specification claimed for the paten- 
tee, as his invention, the cutting erf ice of a uniform size by means of an appa- 
ratus worked by any other power than human. It claimed, also, not only the 
invention of this art, but also the particular method of the application of the 
principle, stated in the specification, which was by two machines described 
therei^called the saw and the cutter. It was A^ld by the court, that the spe- 
cification, so far as it claimed the art of cutting ice by means of an apparatus 
worked by any other power than human, was the claim of an abstract prmciple, 
and void; but so far as it claimed the two machines described in the specifiot- 
tion, it might be good, if a disclaimer were made of the other parts, accordisf 
to Uie Patent act of 1887, ch. 45, ^ 7 and f 9, within a reasonable time, and 
before the suit were brought. But a disclaimer, after the suit brought, wo«M 
not be sufficient to entitle the party to a perpetual injunction in equity, what- 
ever might be his right to maintain a suit at law on the patent. Wyetk v. Sttmiy 
1 Story, 273. 

134. If the patentee has assigned his patent in part, and ajointsuit is brought 
in equity for a perpetual injunction, a (Usclaimer by the patentee alone, with- 
out tne assignee uniting in it, will not entitle the parties to the benefit of the 7th 

.and 9th sections of the act of 1837, ch. 45. Ibid. 

135. A single patent may be taken for several improvements on one and tbe 
same machine, or for two machines, which are invented by the patentee, and 
conduce to tbe same common purpose and object, although they are each capable 
of a distinct use and ap[dication, without being united tcwether. But a single pa- 
tent cannot be taken for two distinct machines, not conducing to the same com- 
mon puroose or object, but designed for totally different and independent ob- 
jects. Ibid. 

136. An inventor is bound to describe in bis specification in what his inven- 
tion c<»ei8ts, and what his particular claim is. But he is not bound to an^ 
precise form of words, provided their import can be clearly ascertained by fair 
int^retation, even though the expressions may be inaccurate. Ibid. 

137. A disclaimer, to be edectual for all intents and purposes, under the act 
ot 1837, ch. 45, (§ 7 and 9,) must be filed in the Patent Office before the suit 
b brought Unless it is filed before the suit, the plaintiffwill not be entitled to 
recover costs in such suit, even if he should establish at the trial that a put of 
the invention, not disclaimed, had been infringed by the defendant And 
where a disclaimer has been filed, either beitwe or after the suit is brought, 
the plaintiff will not be entitled to the benefit thereof, if he has unreasonably 
neglected or delayed to enter the same at the Patent Office; but an unreason- 
able n^lect or delay will constitute a good defence and objecti(»i to the suit. 
Heed v. CuiUr, 1 Story, 590. 

138. Where an invention is so loosely and inaccurately described in the speci- 
fication that the court cannot, without resorting to conjecture, gather what it is> 

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DEoinoNS OF oomcn. 

then the pst«vt is void; but if tb« coart c&n clearly see th« natore and extent 
of the claim, however imperfectly and inartificially it maybe expressed, the 
patent is good. Amea v. Howard, t Samnar, 482. 

139. A patent contuned the following words in the description of the inven- 
tion: "I do not claim the felting, vats, rr^ers, presses, wire-cloth, or any sep- 
ante parts a[ the above described machinery or amaratus, aa my invention; 
what I do claim aa new, end as my invention, is the construcdon and use of 
fliepeculiarcyMnderabove described, and the several parts thereof in combination 
iar the purpose aforesaid." Held, that it is not the cylinder alraie, or its sev- 
«Tml parts, which are claimed ;wr se; but they are claimed in their actual com- 
luiatioD with the other machinery to make paper. Ibut. 

140. Under the former law, a patent was void, if the patentee claimed more 
than he had invented. Stanley v. Whipple, 3 McLean, 35. 

141. Where the plaintiff, in a patent for "a new and useful improvement in 
the ribs of the cotton gin," claimed, as a part of his invention, the increasing 
the space between the upper and lower surface of the rib, either "by mak- 
ing the ribs thicker at that part, or by a fork, or by any other variation of the 
particular form," il km held, that the claim was sufficiently accurate as a mat- 
ter of law, and that it was not necessary that he should describe all possible 
nodes by which the rib might be varied, but only the most important, and that 
mere formal variaticmfl therefrom would be violations of the patent. Carver v. 
Brainiree Manufacturing Co., 3 Story, 433. 

142. Where the original patent was for "a new and useful improvement in 
the ribs of saw gins for ginning cotton," and the renewed patent was for *'a 
new and useful mvention in the manner of forming the ribs of saw gins for gin- 
ning cotton," and in the renewed patent was claimed, in addition to the thick- 
ness of the rib, the slicing up of it so as to leave no shoulder, it was held, 
that the claim in the renewed patent was not for two distinct improvements, 
bnt for additional parts of the same improvement, and that the same thing was 
patented in both patents. Rid. 

143. Where'the plaintiff, in the specification of his patent, described bis in- 
Tention to be "a new and useful improvement," whereas, in fact, it consisted 
rf a combination of several improvements, distinctly set forth in the epecifica- 
ticm, il voat htid^ that the patent was good, not only for the combination, bnt 
for each distinct improvement, so far as it was his invention; and that the de- 
scriptive words were to be construed in connection with the specification. Pittt 
v. WkUmm, 2 Story, 609. 

144. Where the plaintiff Claimed, as his invention, "the construction and use 
vS an endless apron, divided into troughs and cells, in a machine for cleaning 
gmn, operating substantially in the way described," it was held, that the claim 
was for acombination of the endless apron with the machine for cleaning grain; 
and that, if the combinati<ni were new, it was patentable, although a part of 
Hk apparatus were old. Ihid. 

145. Drawings, not referred to in the specification of a patent, may be treat- 
ed as part of the specification, and used to explain and enlarge it. Wathimn 
V. Owdd, 3 Stoty, 122. 

146. The Court will give a liberal constructirai to the language of all patents 
And specifications; and will in all cases, by taking the whole together, adopt 
that interpretation of a specification, which will give the fullest effect to die 
nature and extent of the claim made by the inventor. Ryan v. Goodwin, 3 
Sumner, 514. 

147. The inventor of a new compound, wholly unknown before, is not lim- 
ited to the use alwaya-of the same preciseinnedients in making that compound; 
and if the same purpose can be accompliuied by him by the substitntion in 

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part of (Ahei iagredients in Uie compoaitMMi, vrbioh have nevCT bMA so used 
before, tie ia ftt fiberty to extend hia patent so aa to eubrace them also. Thiu, 
where an iaveutor clamed as his invention the C(»nbinatioii of phoqihonis vith 
chalk, or <mv other abtotittii earth or earihy wiateriai, wnd gme, cr any «fA«r 
ghiiinoiu mostance, u^g the materiata ia the fvoportioos subatantiaUy as Mt 
forth in the specification, in making matches; it was held, that the patent was 
not void aa being too broad and comfveheniive. Ibid. 

148. An original patent being deatrof ed by the burning d' the Patent Office, 
and the only record of the Bpecifications being a publication in the Franklin 
Journal, the claim is not limited by that publication, because the whole of the 
Bpecifications are not set forth in it. Sinpton v. West Ciegta- Railroad Co., 
4 Howard, 380. 

149. In the case of Woodwoith'a planing machine, the patent granted to the 
administrator was founded upon a sufficient specification and proper drawings, 
and is vahd. Wilton v. Roiseaa, 4 Howard, 646. ^ 

150. In order to obtain a patent, the specification must be in sucli full, clear, and 
exact terms, as to enable any one skilled in the art to which it appertains to coot- 
pound and use the invention, without making any experiments (£ tus own. 
Woody. Underhill, 5 Howard, 1. 

151. If the patent be for a new composition of matter, and do relative pro- 
pMlions of the ingredients are given, or they are stated so ambiguously and 
vaguely that no one could use the invention without first ascertaining, by ez- 

Seriment, the exact proportion required to produce the result, it would ]x the 
uty of the court to declare the patent void. IHd. 

152. But the sufficiency of the desciqition in patents for machine}, or for a 
new composition of matter, where any of the ingredients do not always possess 
exactly the same properties in the same degree, is generally a question of ^t 
to be determined by the jury. Ibid. 

153. Where a patent waa obtained for a new improvement in the mode of 
makii^ brick, tile, and other clay ware, and the process described in the speci- 
fication was, to mix pidverized anthracite coal with the clay before moulding it, 
in the proportion of three fourths of a bushel of coal-dust to one thousand fanck, 
some clay requiring> one-eighth more, and some not exceeding half a bushel, 
this degree oi vagueness and uncertainty was not sufficient to justify the court 
below in declaring the patent void. litid. 

154. The court should have left it to the Jury to say, from the evideiwe^ 
persons skilled in the art, whether the descnptlon was clear and exact enough 
to enable such persons to compound and use the invention. Ibid, 

155. If the patentee claims, as a part of his invention, some things which ar« 
old, and some new, he cannot succeed, without i^sclaimiog what is old. Hovm/ 
V. iStevens, 1 Woodbury, 290. 

156. It should appear also, with reasonable certainty, whether the complaia- 
ant in hia patent claims a new combination of old parts and thinn, at a new 
invention of new parts, and if not inteUigible as to which is claimed, the patent 
may he void for uncertainty. Ibid. 

157. It ia the duty of the court, rather than the jury, to construe the language 
used in a specification of a patent, if no parol evidence is offered in e^ilanatioQ, 
or none which ia contradictory. Davoli v. Browu, 1 Woodbury, 53. 

158. If a patentee claims more than he has invented, hia patent ia not void, 
as under the former law, but ao far as bis invention goes he is protected. Pe- 
terson V. Wooden, 3 McLean, 248. 

159. But where the patent ia for the improvement ol a machine, the patentee 
must show in what the improvement consists. Ibid. 

160. The thing invented must be accurately described. Botid v. JlicAhnu 
3 McLean, 437. 

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\$1. Tl>eiipecifictttiffluofuiimi»t>Teinentirfamtdime most be sodeftrsa 
to enable a person acquainted with the structure of such a machine to build 
one. Brooks It Morris v. Jenkins et oL, 3 McLean, 250. 

162. If the claim of the patentee on letters patent do not expressly refer 
to another portion of his specification, he will be confined to the particular 
thing specifically described in his claim; but if he do refer to another por- 
tion of the specification for a definition of his invention, such portion of 
the specification becomes a part of his claim, as really as if it had been in- 
corporated into it in the very words of the part referred to. By Jvdge ^agixe^ 
m Hooey v. Sievmt, U. S. C. C. Mass. District, November term, 1846. 

163. Amendmeiita to the specification made upon a re-issue of letters patent 
came to the benefit of the grantees of rights under said letters patent, as well 
as to the patentee. By Judge Kant, in Smit/i Sr Sloat v. JUercer and Pechin, 
U. S. C. C. Eastern District of Pennsylvania, October term, 1846. 

164. If an amended specificaticst describes a different improvement fr^ 
that which waS embraced in the criginal patent, the new patent will not be in- 
validated by variance. For the purpose of an injuncticn, if for nothing else, 
the invention must be taken to be the same in both patents, after the Commis- 
sioner of Patents has so decided by granting a new patent. Ibid. 

165. It is not necessary under our Patent laws, as in En^and, that the dis- 
closure of the secret, in the specification, should be such as to enaUe the pub> 
lie to use the inventitHi after the Patent has expired. Whitney v. Eamett, 1 
Bald. 303. 

166. If there be a false suggestion in any <rf the several material facts set 
ftvtb in a specification, the patent is invalid. Delano v. Scott, Gilpin, 489. 

167. A patent for an improvement in a machine, miist describe the machine 
in use of which it is an improvement, so that it may be known in what the im- 
provement consists; and a note given for a patent defective in that respect is 
void for the want of a consideration. Cross v. Bunllyy 13 Wend. 385. 

III. Of the infringement of pateiU rights; and of damages. 

168. The act of January Slst, 1808, ch. 117, for the relief of Oliver Evans, 
does not authorize those who erected his machinery, befween the expiration 
of his old patent and the issuing of the new one, to use it after the issuing of 
the latter. Evans v. Jordan et at., 9 Cranch, 199. 

• 169. A, having obtained a patent for a new and useful improvement, to wit, 
a machine for making watch chains, brought an action under the 3d section of 
the Patent act of April 17, 1800, c. 179, against B, for an alleged violation of 
his patent right. On the trial an agreement was proved between the defend- 
ant and C, by which the former agreed to purchase of the latter all the watch 
chains, not exceeding five gross a week, which he might be able to manufac- 
ture in six months, and C agreed to devote his whole time and attention to 
ttie manufacture of the watch chains, and not to sell or dispose of any of them 
so as to interfere with the exclusive privilege secured to the defendant of pur- 
chasing the whole quantity which it might be practicable for C to make : and 
it was proved that the machine used by C with the knowledge and consent of 
the defendant, in the manufacture, was the same as that invented by the plain- 
tiff, and that all the watch chains thus made by C were delivered to the de- 
fendant according to the contract. Held, that if the contract was real and not 
colorable, and if the defendant had no other connexion with C than that which 
grewoutof the contract, the facts proved did notamount to a breach by him of 
tilie plaintiff's patent right. Ktplmger v. De Young, 10 Wheat. 358. 

170. Such a contract, connected with evidence from which the jury might 
legally infer, either that the machme tobe employed in the manufacture of the 

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patented attkie wu owned wboUy or in part by dafoadant, at that it vas Und 
to defendant {<x the time specified, under color of a, sale of the aitides to bft 
maaufactured nith it, and with intent to invade the plaintiffs patent ri^t, 
would amount to a breach of hia right. Snd. 

171. Under the Patent act of February 21, 1793, ch. 156, if the patentee 
has sold out a moiety of his patent rigb^ a joint action lies by himself and hie 
patentee for a violation of it. Whittanort v. Cutter, 1 Gallis. 429. 

172. If there be a mere making and no user proved, nominal damages are to 
be recovered. Where the law givea an action for a particular act, that doing 
the act imports of itself a damage: every violation of a right imports some 
damage, and if noae other be proved, the law allows anominal damage. Ibid, 
WUUemore v. Cutter, 1 Gallis. 476. 

173. By the terms " actual damage," which the plaintiff may recover under 
the Fateut law, are meant such damages as he can actually prove, and has in 
fact sustained, as contradistinguished from mere imaginary or viniiUctive dam- 
^es, which in personal torts are sometimes given. Ibid. 

174. The rule of damages, where the user of a machine is proved, should 
be the value of the use of such a machine during the time of the illegal 
user. Ibidi 

175. In an action for a violation of a patent right, the plaintiff can recover 
for actual damaget only, and not for a mndiclioe recompense. Ibid 

176. Where merely the making of the machine is proved, as no actual dam- 
ages have been sustained, the Jury should give only nominal damages. JbUL 

177. The jury are to estimate the plaintin'e single damages, and the court 
will treble them in awarding the judgment. Ibid. Gfay and O»good y . Jamet, 
I Peters' C. C. R. 394. 

178. The sale of the materials of a patented machine by the sheriff, on an 
«xecutioa against the owner, is not sucn a sale as subjects the sheriff to an ac- 
tion for an in&ingement of the patent right under the Patent act of April 17, 
ISOO, ch. 179. Sawin et al. v. Guild, 1 .G^is. 485. 

179. The making of a patented machine to be an offence within the purview 
of the Patentact, must be the making with intent to use forprofit, and not for the 
mere punioae of philosophical experiment, or to ascertain the verity and ex- 
actness of the specification. Ibid. See, also, Wiltemore v. Cutter, 1 Gallis. 478. 

180. In au action i'or the infringement of a patent right, the law gives to the 
plaintiff treble the actual damages sustained by him: and the rule is to allow 
turn treble the amount of the profits actually received by the defendant, in con- 
sequence of his using the plaintiff's invention. Lowell v. Lewis, 1 Mason, 182. 

181. The jury are to fina the single damages, and the court to treble them in . 
awardi^ judgment Gray et al. v. Ja;nte» d al., 1 Peters' C. C. R. 394. 

182. The statute declares it tobea good defence to an action for the infringe- 
ment of the patent right, that the thing secured by the patent was not ori^ 
nally discovered by the patentee, but h^ been in use, or had been described in 
some public work, anterior to the supposed discovery of the patentee. Kneau 
v. TAe SckuylkiU Bank, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 106. 

183. Any patent may be defeated by showing that the thing secured by the 
patent had been discovered and put into actual use prior to the discovery ti 
the patentee, however limited the use or the knowledge of the prior discovery 
might have been. Ibid. 

184- A patent may be for a new combination of machines to produce certain 
effects; and this whether the machines constituting the combination be new or 
<^. But in such case, the patent being on the combination only, tt is no in- 
iringement of the patent to use any of the machines separately, if the whole 
«0(ntunatioa be not used. BarrH etoL v. Hailaal., IMiaoa, 447. 

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llv , DtaofstoHd OP oflwre. 

lis. Wbere a party 4^ma several distinct and independent iroprovementff in 
tiw same machine, and procures a patent for them in the aggre^te, he is en- 
titled tD recover against any person who shall use any one of the improvemefrta 
BO patented, notwithstanding there has been no violation of the other improve- 
ments. Moody V. Fiske et al.,i Mason, 112. 

186. Where a patent is for a new combination of existing machinery or ma- 
chines, and does not specify or claim any improvements or invention, except 
the combination, unless that combination is substantially violated, the patentee 
is not entiUed to any remedy, although parts of the machinery are used by 
another; because the patent, by its terms, stands upon the combination only. 

187. The jury may, in a case for infringing a patent, give the plaintiff, 
as part of his actual damage, such expenses (br counsel fees, &c. , as have been 
necessarily incurred in vindicating the plaintiff's right by a suit, and which are 
not taxable in the bill of costs. Boston Mam^aeturing Company v. Piske et al.y 
2 Mason, 119. 

188. Where the patentee grants the machine, or agrees to deliver it, be can- 
not recover damages for the use of it against his grantee; for the agreement 
implies necessarily the right to use it in any manner the grantee pleases, or to 
rent it to another. Gray rf al. v. James et al., 1 Peters' C. C. R. 394. 

189. Where a suit is brought against A and B for the infringement of a 
patent right, the plaintiff may recover against one, though no proof is given 
gainst the other; for all torts are joint and several, and plaintiff may recover 
gainst one defendant, tliough the other be acquitted. Ibid. 

190. In order to entitle the plaintiff to recover for a violation of hia patent 
right, the fact must be made out to the satisfaction of the jury, that he was the 
original inventor in relation to ei'ery part of the world: nor is it material, pro- 
vided the same invention had been previously made any where else, that the 
plaintiff knew of such prior discovery. Dawson v. Follm, 2 Wash. C. C. B. 

191. Undertheact of Congress of January21, 1808, ch. 117, and a patent takes 
out pursuant to it, Oliver Evans might recover dam^es for the use of a ma- 
chine violating his patent, after notice of the patent, although the machine 
might hare been constructed prior to the passing of the law. Evems v. Weist, 
2 Wash. C. C. R. 343. 3 Hall's Am. L. Joum. 108, S. C. 

192. Under the general Patent law, the plaintiff has a ri^t to recover against 
a person who erected a machine prior to the issuing of a patent, and made use 
of it afterwards. Ibid. 

193. The patentee of an invention, notwithstanding; he had given the benefit 
of his invention to another, may recover for the violation of his patent, not 
having assigned away his whole title and interest in it, and no deeo of assign- 
ment having been recorded in the office of the Secretary of State. Ptark ▼. 
mtlt a al., 3 Wa.-.h. C. C. R. 196. 

194. It is not a defence tiiat the plaintiff was not himself the original projec- 
tor of the improvement, if the patent was taken out with the knowledge and 
assent of the original projector, and not in fraud rf his right. Oixan v. Moyetf 
4 Wash. C. C. R. 68. 

193. The plaintiff must in all cases prove an infringement of hia right subse- 
quent to the date of his application, or patent; but if the defendant attempts to 
avoid the patent, by showing that the plaintiff was not the original discoverer, 
the patent will bo considered aa relating back to the original discovery. Ibid. 

196. It lies on the defendant to show mat some other person than the patentee 
was the original inventor, it is the pdnt of hia defence, and he must substantiate 

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EnsHiOMs OF cowna. U- 

m. One wio bw oUamed a palwt for a comluDatMn canaot isfiover i» an 
atctioD against one for using one of the known macliines a( which the cnnbina- 
tion i» fonoed. Evans v. Eatoa, 1 Peters' C. C. R. 322. 

198. Where the plaintiff clsiined the combination c^ three things, as his in- 
vention, in a patent for an improvement in the construction of ploughs, it wan 
Md, that the patent was for the entire combination of the three, and not for a 
oonlnnBtion (A any two of them; and, therefore, it was no iniringem^nt of the 
patent to construct ploughs containing twoof th«n. Proutyy. Draper, 1 Story, 

199. If the defendants use a substantia part of the invention patented, al- 
ftoHgh with some modifications of fco-m or apparatus, that ie a violation of the 
patent r^hL So, if the patent be of two machines, and each is a new inven- 
tioH, and the defeodaot use only one of the machines. Wyeth v. Stone, 1 Story, 

200. Where a patent was taken out for a combinatice and an entire process, 
a (Dof held, that the use of a part of the process and combination was not an in- 
fringement thereof. Howe v. Abbott, 2 Story, 190. 

201. In causes for violation of a patent, the juiy are at liberty to give such 
reasonable damages as shall vindicate the rights of the patentee, and shall in- 
denmify him for all expenditures necessarily accrued in the suit beyond what 
the taxable coets will repay. Pearson v. The Eagle Screw Co., 3 Story, 402, 

302. The ptaintifis, in the drcuit court, claimed damages for the infringement 
of their patent for a "new and useful improvement in the construction of a 
pItMgh." The claim of the patentees was for the combination of cert^ parts 
ot the plough, not for the parts separately. The circuit court charged the juiy, 
that unless it is proved that the whole combination is substantially used in the 
defendant's ploughs, it is not a violation of the plaintiff's patent; although one 
« more of ttie parts mecified in the letters pat«at may be used in combination 
by the defendant. Trie plaintiffs, by their specification and summing up, treat- 
ed the parts described as essential parts of their combination, for the purpose of 
toaoe and draught; and the nse of either alone by the defendant would not be an 
infringement of the combination patented. Held that the instructions of the 
circuit court were correct Prouty v. Ruggles, 16 Peters', 336. 

203. The patent is for a combination, and the improvement consists in ar- 
raaging different portions of the plough, and combining them blether in the 
nanner stated in the specification, for the purpose of prc^uciug a certain effect. 
None of the parts referred to are new, and none are claimed as new; nor is 
■any portion of the combination less than the whole claimed as new, or stated 
la fnoduce any given result. The end in view is proposed to be accomplished 
hff the union of all, arranged and combined tc^ther m the manner described; 
and this combination, compoeed of all the parts mentioned in the specification, 
•■d arrai^ed with mference to each other, and to other parts of the plough, in 
-tke mumer therein described, is stated to be the improvement, and is the thing 
panted. The use of any two of these parts only, ox of two combined with a 
-^id, which is subatantially different in the form, or in the manner of its ar- 
nogemeat and connection with the others, is, therefore, not the thing patent- 
-od. It b not the same combination, if it substantially differs from it in any of 
4(8 parts. Ibid. 

304. An assignee of an exclusive right to use two machines within a particu- 
lar district can maintain an action for an infringement of the patent within that 
-district, even agaioat the patentee. Sttw^iton v. Westchester Railroad Co., 4 
Howvd, S80. 

SOff. An assignment of an exclusive right to use a machine, and to vend the 
'some to others for use, within a Reified territory, authwizes the assignee to 

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m Dmamom op oovai*. 

rend elsewhere, out of the ettd territory, the prodOct of raid mKUne. SUmp- 
ton v. Wilson, 4 Howard, 709. 

206. The restriction upon the assignee is only that he shall use the machino 
within the specified territory. There is none as to the sale of the product 

207. The decision <^the court in the two precedingcases, namely, that where 
a patent is renewed under the act of 1836, an assiemee under the old patent hM 
a right to continue the use of the machine which he is using at the time of lite 
renewal, again affirmed. Wilson v. Turner, 4 Howard, 713. 

308. An objection to the validity of Woodworth's patent for a planing machine, 
namely, that he was not the first and original inventor thereof, is not sustained 
by the evidence offered in this case. WooAeorih v. Wilton, 4 Howard, 713. 

309. Nor is the objection well founded, that the specifications accompanying 
the application for a patent are not sufficieatly full and explicit, so as to enable 
a mechanic of ordinary skill to build a machine. Ibid. 

310. The Bale of the product of apatented machine is not an infringement of the 
■ ■ Boyd V. McAlpm, 3 McLean, 427. 

But if the person who sells is connected with the use of the machine, it 
may be an infringement. Ibid. 

213. Woodworth's right consists of a combination of known mechanical pow- 
ers. Ibid. 

313. The use of any part of these, less than the whole, is no infringement. 

214. A patent right is infringed, by making the thing patented, though em- 
ployed by another to do so. Boyce v. Dorr, 3 McLean, 582. 

215. but where the thing was made without the knowledge of its having been 
patented, more than nominal damages should not be given. Ibid. 

216. To indemnify a patentee in damages, the jury may allow actual coal 
and counsel fee!>, if reasonable in amount j and this court, under the act of Con- 
gress, will award treble what is found by the jury, if deemed pn^er to protect 
useful inventors from combinations and ruin. By Justice Woodbury in .Alien ▼. 
Blvni, V. S. C. C. Mass. district, Nov. term, 1846. 

317. A court will not set aside a verdict for alleged excessive damages, un- 
less they are large and palpably uoreasoaable. Ibid. 

218. the provisions of the 6th section of the act of 3l8t February, 1793, are 
intended to declare the defence that shall be available to a party chdrged by a 
patentee with a violation of his right. Delano v. Seott, Gilpin, 489. 
, 319. The prior knowledge and use of an invention which avoids a patent re- 
lates to the time of the application, not the discovery; and to public use, with 
the knowledge and privi^ of the patentee, not to a private or surreptitious use, 
in fraud of the patent. Whitney v. Evmett, 1 Bald. 303. 

330. If the appUcation is made in a reasonable time after the discovery, as 
intermediate knowledge or use will not, of itself, affect the patent. The inven- 
tion, however, must be new to all the world. Ibid. 

331. If the pateut is broader than the invention, or if it is not sufficientiy de- 
scriptive, taken Id connection with the specification, the plaintiff cannot recover 
in an action for its violation. If, however, the patent is too broad in its gener- 
al terms, it may be limited by a surrender and a disclaimer, if thev show the 
thing intended to be patented, and that no claim ia made to any thing befos 
known or used. WkUney v. EmmeH, 1 Bald. 303. 

333. In an action, in the circuit court of the United States, for the violatitMi 
of a patent, the court cannot nve judgment declaring the patent void, only in 
the cases provided for in the 6th section of the act of 1793. If the patent ia 
defective for any other cause, the court can only render judgment genei«Uy for 
the defendant Ibid. 

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mtontasa of cocBrrs. ivtt 

M8. A mere worinnaii, employed by t person who i» not the patentee io 
make parts of a patented machine, is not liable to a penalty, under the statute 
of %IA ot Febraaiy, 1793. Delmo v. Scott, Gilpin, 489. 

IV. Of! thepneeedmffi and pleadings in actions for viotations of Patent 

334. In the case of a rule before the district judge to show cause why a pat- 
ent shall not be repealed, a record is to be made cf the proceedings antecedent 
to the rule to show cause why process should not issue to repeal the patent, 
and upoD which the rule is founded. Ex parte Wood, 9 Wheat. 603. 

22S. Under the Patent act of February 21, 1793, ch. 156, if the patentee baa 
add out a mmety of his patent right, a joint action lies by himself and his pat- 
entee for a violation of it. WIdttemore v. Ctttter, 1 Galhs. 429. 

223. The proceedings under the tenth section of the Patent act of Februaiy 
SI, 1793, ch. 156, are in the nature of a scire facias at common lav to repeal 
a patent. Steams v. Barret, 1 Mason, 153. 

237. Upon a judgment rendered in the district court on such a suit, error lies 
to the circuit court. Ibid. 

328. The scire facias in such case ought to cmtain a direct allegation or sug- 
gestiixi that the patent was obtained surreptitiously or upon fsiae suggestion, 
and to call upon the defendant, for that cause only, to show cause why the 
patent should not repealed. I6id. 

239. On an application for an injunction to restrain the infringement of a 
patent right, it should be slated, in the bill or by affidavit, that the comolainant 
n the inventor, and the bill must be sworn to: it is not sufficient that tnis fact 
was ffwom to when the patent was obtained. SttlHvan v. Redjuld et al., 1 
Paine, 441. 

330. To obtain the injunction, the case should be such as to leave little if 
any doubt in the mind of the court as to the validity of the patent; especially 
if It rests upon the complainant's own ahowii^, without any exposing testimo- 
ny. Ibid. 

381. The act of February 15th, 1819, c. 430, does not alter the principles on 
which injunctions are issued, but merely extends the jurisdiction of the circuit 
courts to parties to whom it did not before extend, find. 

338. The established rules which govern courts of equity on such applica- 
tions are, that where there has been an exclusive possession of some duration 
under the patent, an injunction will be granted without putting the party pre- 
viously to establish the validity of his patent at law; but when the patent is 
recent, and it is attempted to be shown that the specification is bad, or other- 
wise that the patent ought not to have been granted, the court will not take the 
decisicm upon itself, but will send the party to establisji his patent at law. Itnd. 

233. In an action for the violation of a patent right, the declaration need not 
aver that the preliminary steps to obtain a patent were taken; because, if it aver 
that the patent was granted in the form prescribed by law, the court, upon de- 
mnrrer, will presume that eveiy thing was rigWly done to obtain it Execu- 
tors of PuHon v. Mvert, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 

234. But it is fat^, on general demurrer, if the declaration omit to aver that 
a patent did issue; it is not sofficietit to allege it was made out in due form, 
nnder the seal and in the name of the United States, by which there was 
granted, 8m;. The law prescribes that the patent so made out shalt be deliver- 
ed io the petitioner, and that no person can receive it till he has taken the oath 
and made the disclosure required in the secwid section. Ibid. 

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'Iriii DBCtsioNB op courts. 

285. It is necessary lo aver the atlestation rf the President, and it is iftit to 
be presumed from the foregoing general aUegation. Ibid. 

236. The certificate of the attorney general forms no part of the patent. iHrf. 

237.' It is not necessary that the declaration should particularly designate in 
what the improvement consists; it is sufficient that the breach stated be as 
broad as the right set forth in the declaration and granted in the patent. Ibid. 

238. In an action for the violation of a patent, where the patent and specifi- 
cation are so ambiguous as to leave it uncertain whether the grant is for an im- 
provement in the making ^ certain instrument, or in the mode of using if, the 
affidavit may be referred to for the purpose of explanation. PetHbont v. Dw- 
ringer, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 215. 

239. An action for the violation of a patent right may be sustained against a 
corporation, if, when actingln that character, it directs an act to be done wliich 
infringes the patent. Kiuass v. The Schuylkill Bank, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 9, 106. 

240. Upon a plea of not guilty, the plaintiff must prove, not only that the de- 
fendant has made a machine, but that it substantially resembles that for which 
the plaintiff had a patent. Dixon v. Mat/er, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 68. 

241. In patent causes, the rule is to grant an injunction on fiUng of the bill 
and before a Irial at law, if the bill state a clear right, and verifies it by affida- 
vit. Isaacs V. Cooper, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 259. 

242. If it slate an exclusive possession <tf the invention, the injunction ia 
granted, tliough the court may entertain doubts as to the validity of the pa- 
tent. Ibid. 

243. But if there be glaring defects in the patent or specification, it is re- 
fused. Ibid. 

244. Where (he patent is modem, and objections are made to the patent <w 
^cification, the court will not act till the right is established by law, whidi 
the court will order. Ibid. 

245. If the bill does not set forth a possession by the plaintiff" of his invention 
at any particular time, it is defective. Ibid. 

246. If the ajiswer denies that the defendant uses the plaintiff's invention, 
the injunction will be refused. Ibid. 

247. In an action for the violation of a patent right, it is sufficient, under the 
plea of the general i.isue, for the defendant lo give notice that the pl^tiff is 
not the inventor of the machine for which the patent is obtained, if that con- 
stitutes the defence, without stating in the defence who was the inventor, or 
who had previously used the machine. £ihim v. Kremer, I Peters' C. C. R. 

248. If in such notice the defendant specifies some persons who used the ma- 
chine, he may prove the use of it by others not named in the notice. Ibid. 

249. There being no act of Congress conferring on the circuit courts of the 
United States a right to,take cognizance, as a court of equity, of a case under 
the Patent law, between citizens of the same State, that court cailnot take cog- 
nizance of such a cause. lAvingiton et al. v. Van Ivgen et al., 4 Halt's Am. 
L. Joum. 56. 

250. The assignee of a patent right, in part or in whole, cannot maintain any 
suit at law, or in equity, either as a sole or as a joint plaintiff therein, at least as 
against third persons, until his patent has been recorded in the proper depart- 
ment, according to the requisitions of the Patent Acts. Wyetk v. Sltme, 1 Story, 

251. The decision of the Commissioner of Patents is cbnclusive as to the 
laws and facts arising under an application for a patent, unless it be impeached 
for fraud or connivance between him and the patentee ; or unless his excess «f 
authority be manifest on the face of the papers. ^Um v. Bhtnt, 9 Story, 7i0. 

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SMt. Aaii(^wctHmg7aBted<»ftnorigiBiilbiU,bA&HetfaeBtaniBder(rfapid«tit, 
coimot be maintained upon the Jiew patent, unless a supplemental bill be filed, 
foonded thereon. WoodwortA v. Statu, 3 Story, 749. 

253. To support an action at law for the breach of a patent, it is indispen- 
sable to prove a. breach before the action ia brought ; but, if the jKitent right 
be admitted or estabhahed, a bill in equity yma timet will lie for an injunction, 
moa well grounded proof of any apprehended intention of the defendant to 
violate it. Ibiii. 

254. The meaning of technical words of art in commerce and manufactures, 
uaed in a patent, as well as the surrounding circunutancc8, which may materi- 
ally affect their meaning, aretobe interpreted bytbejury. Washbumv. Gouid, 
3 Story, 122. 

3551 Every instrument is to be interpreted by a consideration of all its pro- 
visiona, and its obvious design is not to be controlled by the precise force of 
single words. Ilnd. 

256. Where a grant was made of a right to construct and use fifty machines 
within certain localities, reserving to the grantor the right to construct, and to 
license otiiera to cutstruct, but not to use them therein, it wag held, that the grant 
waa of an exclusive right under the citatute of 1836, in regard to patents, and that 
suita were to be brought in the name of the assignees, even though agreed to 
be at the expense of the grantor, ilntl. 

257. Where a patent has been granted, and there has been an exclusive pos- 
seaaion of some duration under a patent, an injunction will be ^;ranted, without 
obliging the patentee previously to eslabhsh the validity of hia patent by aa 
action at law. But it is otherwise, if the patent be recent, and the injunction 
be resisted on the ground that the patent ought not to have been granted, or is 
imperfectly stated m the specification. Ibid. 

258. Held, that the patent in the present case was, upon the true interpreta- 
tion of the s^cification, a patent for an improved machine. }lnd. 

259. In this circuit the practice in patent ca^es has not been to require the 
plaintiff to give [security for costs. Wooduiorlh v, Sherman, 3 Story, 171. 

260. A motion having been made in arrest of judgment in this case, on the 
ground that no description of the patent was set forUi in tlie declaration, it waa 
htid, that the profert of the letters patent<mikde them, when produced, a part of 
the declaration, and gave the invention all the requisite certainty. Pitta v. 
Wkitmai, 2 Story, 609. 

261. An assignee of part of a patent right cannot maintain an action on the 
case for the violation of the patent. Tyler ei al. v. Tuel, 6 CrancA, 324. 

262. If the declaration upon an alignment of a patent right omit to state 
that the assignment has been duly recorded in the State Department, the de- 
fect is cured by a verdict for the plaintiff. Dobaoa v. Campbell, 1 Sumner, 319. 

263. Patents and specifications annexed thereto should be construed fairly 
and liberally, and not subjected to any over-nice or critical refinements, ^met 
V. Howard, 1 Sumner, 482. 

264. Semble, that no previous notice or claim of a right to the exclusive use 
of an inventicu is necessary to enable a patentee to maintain an action for an 
alleged violation of his patent right. Jlmes v. Howard, 1 Sumner, 482. 

265. It is obvious, that many of the provisions of our Patent act are derived 
from the jprinciples and pracdce which have prevailed in the construction of 
the law of England in relatbn to patents. Peimock el al. v. Dialoguty 2 Pe- 
ters', 18. 

266. Where English statutes, such for instance aa the statute of frauds, and 
the statute of limitations, have been adopted into our own legislation, the 
known and settled construction of those statutes, by courts of law, baa been 

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Bt Dxnaisini of oodbib. 

CMwdered u identlj incnpmted into the acta ; or bu been reoMved witit til 

the weight of authority. This is not the ose with the English statute of 
moDopoties, which cOTitains aa exception, on which the grantB of patents f(« 
inventions have issued in that country. The language of that clause in the 
Btatate is n^t identical with the Patent law of the United States; but the coa- 
atruction of it adopted by [he English courts, and the principles and practice 
which have long reflated the grants of their patents, as they must have been 
known, and are tacitly referred to in some of the provisions of our own statute, 
afibrd materials to illustrate it. I6id, 18. 

S67. The defendant in the Circuit Court, in his plea, assigned the particalar 
defect supposed to exist in the specification, and then proceede.d to answer in 
the very words of the act, that it does not contain a written description of the 
ptainti^s invention and improvement, and manner of using it, in such full, 
clear, and exact terms, as to distinguish the same from all other things befcxe 
known, so as to enable any peracti skilled in the art to make and use the 
same. The plea alleged, in the words of the act, that the preretjuisites to ia- 
Huing a patent had not been complied with. The plunti^ denied the facta 
alleged in the plea, and on this issue was joined. At the trial, the counsel for 
the defendants, after the evidence was closed, asked the Court to instruct the 
jury, that if they should be of opinion that the defendants had maintained and 
proved the facts alleged in their pleas, they must find for the defendants. The 
Court refused this instruction, and instructed the jury that the patent would 
not be vrad on this ground, unless such defective or imperfect specilicati<» (»- 
description arose from design, or for the purpose of deceiving the public. Bj 
the Court: The instruction was erroneous, and the judgment ot the Circuit 
Court ought to be reversed. Grant et al. v. Raymond, 6 Peters', 218. 

268. Courts did not, perhaps, at first sight, distinguish clearly between a de- 
fence which would authorize a verdict and judgment in favor of a defendant 
in an action for the violation of a patent, leaving the plaintiff free to use Ihb 

Stent, and to bring other suits for its infringement; and one which, if success- 
, would require the Court to enter ajudgment not only for the defendant in 
the particular case, but one which declares the patent to be void. This dis- 
tinction is now well settled. Iliul. 

269. If the party is content with defending himself, he may either plead 
specially, or plead the general issue, and give the notice required by the sixth 
section, of any special matter he means to use at the trial. If he shows that 
the patentee has failed in any of those prerequisites cm which the authority to 
Issue the patent is made to depend, his defence is complete. He is entitled 
to the verdict of the jury, and Uie judgment of the Court. But if, not content 
with defending himself, he seeks to annul the patent, he must proceed in pre- 
cise conformity with the sixth section. If he depends oa evidence "tending 
to prove that the specification filed by the plaintiff does not contain the whole 
truth relative to his discovery, or that it contains more than is necessary to 
produce the desired effect," it may avail him so far as respects himself, but 
will not justify ajudgment declaring the patent void; unless " such conceal- 
ment or addition shall fully appear to have been made for the purpose of de- 
ceiving the public ;" which purpose must be found by the jury, to justify a 
judgment of vacatur. Ibid, 

370. The defendant is permitted to proceed according to the sixth section, 
but is not prohibited from proceeding in the usual muiuer, so far as cespecta 
his defence; except that special matter may not be given in evidence on the 
general issue unaccompanied by the notice which the sixth section requires. 
The sixth section is not understood to ccmtro) the third. The evidence of 
frauduhot intent is required only in the particular case, and for the particular 
purpose stated in the sixth section. Ibid. 

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yri. ActiOD for an alleged -riolitioii of & patent fur lo uaptawum/L im gam 

mnd fire arms. S^ok t. Cocptrj 7 Peten', ft03. 

^m. The 14th aad lAh sections of the act of 1886, c. B57, prescribe the rules 
which must govern oa the trial of actions fi» the vidations of patent ri^ta; 
and these sections are <^»eratiTe, so far aa they are aj^licable, notwithstanding 
the patent may have been granted bef<M« the passage of the act of 1836. Mo- 
Chcrg et ai*. v. Kingslanri et ah., I Howard, 203. 

278. A plaintiff, therefore, who claims under an aaa^ment from the admin- 
istrator, can maintain a suit against a person who ctaiioi under the covenant. 
Wibon T. Rofuaeau, 4 Howard, 646. ^ 

874. An assignee of the exclusive right to use ten maclnnes within the ci^of 
Louisville, or tea miles round, may join his aaeignw with him in a suit for « 
TJdatiMi of the patent right, under the circamstances of this case. Woodieorih 
V. WiUtm, 4 Howard, 712. 

!!75. In a suit in equity for the vidatiixi of a patent right, an injunctioti will 
not be granted before a hearing upon the merits, merely upon proof that the 
con^ilainant has obtained a patent. Orr v. LiUlefield, 1 Woodbury, 13. 

376. But proof of undisturbed poesession and user <tf the patent rig^t, for 
reasonable length of time, by the complainant, is ground for granting an in- 
junction. Ibid. 

277. It is also ground for granting an injuncticm, that the complainant has 
prosecuted other perstms for vitiations of the same patent, and recovered judg* 
ment against them; and itmakesao difference that such judgment was rendered 
by agRement of parties, where there was no collusion, <»r under a apecificatiaa 
ta Ihjs patent, which has been surrendered as defective, and a new one taken 
oat. IM. 

278. An injunction will not be dissolved, as a matter of course, on the com- 
ing in of the answer, denpn^ the equity of the bill, if the corudainant has «d- 
dwxA auxiliary evidence of his right, as In the present case. Ibitl. 

279. Injunctions cannot be granted in the courts of the United States, wiUi- 
oui notice, andhence alt of them here are special. If the tiUe of the com[Aainant 
ia denied, he must show former recoveries, or long posaesaioo, in the case of 
patents; and in case of waste and trespass, that there are no facts to warrant 
the denial, or the injunction will be refused till the disputed questicms of title 
are setUed at law. Peny v. Parker, 1 Woodbury, 280. 

280. Where a bill in chancery asks for an injunction against the use of a 
patent stove, and for an account of sales, and on proof of temer recoveries erf 
others and long possession, an injunction had been granted, the court will not 
dissolve it merely on an answer denying the validi^ erf the patent; but will, if re- 
qneated, direct an issue to be tried at law on that point; or, if not requested, 
continue the injunctirak and dissolve it at the next term, if in the mean time a 
mrit at hiw is not brought to test the title. Orr v. Merriil, 1 Woolbuiy, 376. 

S81. An answer is sufficient for this purpose, thbugh it do not set out the 
names of the persons who used the stove patented, or Imew it before the paten- 
tee did; nor the names of the places where it was used or known. Ibid. 

282. BAt the uiswer at law sliould set them out, and so should the answer and 
notice on which in chancery an issue is asked to be formed and tried at law. 

988. An injunction once granted will not be dtaaolved on account of any 
doubts as to the validity of a new patent in such cases, cauaed by the erron 
of such officers, if measures are pending in Congress to remove them by l^sla- 
tion. Woodworth v. Hatl, 1 Woodbury, S89. 

284. An injunction will not be issued aeainst a respmdent's using a machine, 
nlesa it ia prored that he has osed it LimMlf, or eoqiloyed otli«i»to uae U. 

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tor faim, or at leMt bta profited by the use of it Woadumik v. HtS, 1 Wood- 

bunr, 248. 

386. When long poB8et8ioa>of a patent has existed, and {requeat recoTcriea 
under it, an iajuactkm will be bsued, the orifninality of tbe invention by Uu 
patentee not being dniied, untese the letters appear, for Mxne cause, illegal oc 
Tad. Ibid. 

386. Where a bill is £led for an injunction against the use of a patent, and 
the anijwer denies the use of i[, and also the originality of the inventioD, if the 
denial is supported by affidavits bringing the originality of the inventicHi inlo 
doubt, an injunction will not issue till the parties settle the right in an action, 
whioh is pending between them at law, for a violation of tbe patent, unless tbe 
complainant shows, that he has for some time been in the undisturbed use aad 
sale of his patent, or has recovered damages gainst others for the use of it. 
Hovn y. Stewru, I Woodbury, 290. 

387. tiw can a patent be uded in respect to such an use or such recoveries, 
if it be one useful iu respect to another patent for another invention, where svcb 
an use and such recoveries have been had, unless it is connected in law with 
that patent and is a part of it. Ibid. 

388. The court will not enjoin the sale of & similar ariicle undei the same pa- 
tent, in a particular district assigned to an individual, though manufactured in 
a ditferent district Boyd v. Brown, 3 McLean, 39S. 

289. Where license to run a machine patented has been ^andoned, the 
htrfder of the right may file his bill to injoin the defendant Brook v. StolUg, 
S McLean, 533. 

390. The hcense being conditional, if set up by the defendant, he must show 
a performance of the conditions on has part. Ibid. 

391. If the counsel assert tliat in his argument he expressed a wish for 
the Court to instruct the jury on some points, and it was not done, but it 
speared that he omitted to state verbsily, after the chai^ had been de- 
livered, that any point had been omitted, or that further directions were de- 
aired, a new tri^ will not be granted. Bif Justice Woodbwy, in ^Uen v. 
Blmt, U. S. C. C. Mass. District, November term, 1846. 

292. It is not the duty of the Court to instruct the jury on abstract or irrele- 
vant questions, but only oa such as arise on the evidence in the case. Ibid. 

393. If incompetent evidence admitted became iuunateri^, a new trial will 
Bot be granted. Ibid. 

394. If on the whole case, nolwithatanding an err<aieous ruling or iustruc- 
liw, the verdict does not seem to have been influenced by them, or to be 
against the justice of tbe case, a new trial will not be granted. Ibid. 

S8S. A motion for an allowance of a bill of exceptions, under the authority 
given by the Patent act to this Court, in all cases under it, where it seems 
"reasonaUe," in order to enable the parties to carry questions contained in it 
to the Supreme Court, when the damages are less than $2,000, ought to be 
granted, in the exercise of a sound discretion as to pointu which arise in 
the construction of the Patent law itself, where those are important in their 
fiharacter, and really doubtful, but as to no others. Ibid. 

296. AU proceedings in equity, authorized by the 16th secticm of the act (/ 
July 4th, 1836, and the lOUi section of the act of March 3d, 1839, to which 
the Contmissiooer of Patents is made a party, must be commenced and prose- 
cuted before some Court of competent jurisdiction in the District of ColumtHa, 
-n* tribunal out cd* said District having jurisdicliou over the person of the Con- 
missioner, as such, and the Patent 0£ce. By Judge Randall, in PrenttM v. 
BiUviartht U. S. C. C. Eastetn District of Pennsylvania, October term, 164fi. 

397. Ao adnUBistrator of a patentee residing in one State may commence an 

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MttoK in Ite U. 8. DiskKt Court <tf ■ootW Stota £» the n<wery of dat)»- 
ages for ao infringeraeat of the letters patent, without taldng out letteis of ad- 
smniBtratKHi in the latter State. Jy Judte Kmf, in Satxtk St Sioat t. Mtrcer 
^ Pteian, U. S. C. C Ettstem District of PemiBylvuua, October term, Ui46. 

286. The awne right Attaches to the assignee of such adnunistrator. Ibid. 

299. An absolute acquiesceDce by a patentee in the adverse possession and 
enJofmeDt of hia rights by a stranger would, under ordinary circum^taoeei, 
Sat a period much less than six years, ofer a strong argument against the 
grant of an injunctiMi before final decree. By Judge Kane, in Sloat et ai. v, 
Plymptoaetaia.,\5. S. C. C. EaaternlMBtrictof Pennsylvania, Octoberterm, 1846. 

800. Under the patent laws, the United States are not a party, andcaiuotbc 
«ibetituted as a party, in a htigation respecting the validity of any rights claim- 
ed or denied by virtue of those laws. Wood v. Williams, Gilpin, 517. 

301. An action of Uie case will lie for representations made by the defendant, 
knowing them to be false, as to the validity of a patent r^t claimed by him, 
wheiel^ the plaintiff was induced to puichace. BvU v. Prati, 1 Coan. M% 

■V. Of Oie evidence in actions for viohtioit of Patent rights. 

302. Under the sirth section of the Patent law of February' the 9!Bt, 1793, 
ch. 156, the defendant pleaded the general issue, and gave notice that he 
would prove at the trial that the machine, for the use of which, without li- 
cense, the suit was broaght, had been used previous to the alleged invention of 
the plaintiff, at several places which were specified in the notice, or some of 
fliem, " and also at RUndry other places in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and else- 
where in the United States. " The defendant having given evidence as to some 
of the places specified, held, that evidence as to other places, not specified, 
was admissable; but that the court possess the power, which will be exercised, 
to prevent the plaintiff from being injured by surprise. Boons v. Enion, 8 
Wheat. 454. 1 Peters, 829, S. C. 8 Wash. C. C. R. 468. 

308. Testimony, on the part of the plaintiff, that the persons, of whose ^ior 
use of the machine the defendant had given evidence, had paid the plaintinT tvt 
licenses to use the machine since his patent, ought not to be absolutely n- 
jected, though entitled to veiy little weight. Ibid. 

304. It is DO objection to the competency of a witness, in a patent cattae, 
that he is sued in another actimi for an infringement fA the same patent. Evaru 
v. Hettick, 7 Wheat. 45S. 

S05. ThesixthsectionofthePatent act of February 21, 1798, ch. 156, which 
requires a notice of the special matter to be given in evidence by the defend- 
ant under the general issue, does not include all the matters of defence of whieh 
the defendant may avail himself: and where the question asked was, whether 
the machine used by the defendant was like the model exhibited in court of 
the plaintiff's patented machine, it was held that no notice was necessary to 
authorize the inquiry. Ibid. 

806. The sixth section of the Intent act does not enumerate all Uie defences 
of which the defendant may legally avail himself : he may give in evidence 
that he never did tfie act attributed to him; that the patentee is an alien not 
entitled under the act; or that be has a Ucense or authority from the patentee. 
Wkiitemore v. Cutta; 1 Gallis. 476. 

307. It is a presumption of law that, when a patent has been obtuned, and 
the specifications and drawings recorded in the Patent office, every person who 
subsequenUy takes out a patent for a wmilar madBne has a knowledge of Ae 
preceding patent. Odiome v. Winkky, 2 Gallis. 51. 

898. In this proceeding the defendant's possession of die patent is so far pri- 
ma fade evidence of his right, as that the <hiu8 prtrfmatU ia emt on the {dua- 

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t0, wbo b bomA to prove that the pxtoct vaa (JtAaimaAmmefi6titmij or iqwn 
ftlee Buggestion. Stearnts v. Barrett^ 1 Mason, 153. 

809. If a patent baa been titained bj the j^aintiff tmon ibe defendrnfa le- 
liiBal to submit to an arbitration, according to the oinui section <rf the act of 
February 21, 1793, ch. Id6, and the defwidant subsequently obtain a patent 
for the aame invention, this is not conclusive proof that the latter was obtained 
suirepdliously, or upon false suggeitioo. Ibid. 

310. The first inventor, who has put the invention in practice, and only he, 
is entitled to a patent Every sub«eqaent patentee, altfaouj^ an original in- 
ventor, may be defeated of his patent right, upon proof of such prior inventiaD 
iMiDg put into use. Kneass v. The SchuyUdU Bank, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 9, 106. 

311. In an action for the violation of a patent, the defendant, under the geo- 
etal issue, without notice of the special matter, may g^ve in evidence the act 
of ConKress respecting patents, as well as some other matters than those enu- 
merated in the sixth section; such as alienage of {daintiff, and hcense by him 
to use the invention. But he cannot give in evidence that the invention is not 
new; nor can that circumstance, however apparent, be judicially noticed by 
the Jury, llrid. 

312. Under the general issue defendant cannot give evidence of any of the 

Sounds of defence enumeratedin the sixth secticm, but he may make objections to 
e validity of the patent of a diflerent kind; such as, the want of a specification 
or written description as required by the third section, w a specificatico ambigu- 
ous and unintelligible, which is the same as no specification. Ibid. 

313. Under a notice that the defendant will prove the prior use of the ma- 
chine in the United States, he will not be permitted to give evidence of a prior 
nae in England. Dixon v. Moyer, 4 Wash. C. C. R. 68. 

314- There is no limitation to the period in which the defendant, under the 
general issue, may nve in evidence that the patentee was not the original ii»- 
ventor. Ewmt v. Eaton, 1 Peters' C. C. R. 322. 

815. In an action for an infringement of a patent right, evidence that the in- 
vention of the defendant is better than that erf* the plaintiff is imfuxMier, except to 
abov a substantial dilTerence between the two inventions. ^Um v. Biwtjf, 
i Stoiy, 336. 

316. Where the defendant ofiered evidence to show that the invention was 
not ordinal with the plaintiff, but that the improvement for which he had 
taken out letters patent had been suggested to him, although the precise mode 
<tf earning it into operation had not bera suggested, the court instructed the 
jury, that the true question was, whether the improvement was tubitatiiiaUy 
communicated to the plaintiff, so that, vnthovi more iTioeative power, he could 
have am>Ued it, or not Ibid. 

317. Li considering the question of the originality of an invention, the oath 
of the inventor, made prior to the issue of the letters patent, that he was the 
true and first inventor of the improvement, may be opposed to the oath of a 
witness in the case, whose testimmty is offered to show that the invention was 
not oriaiul. Ibid. 

318. It is immaterial whether an assignment of a patent, offered in evidence, 
was recordad before or after the suit was brought Pitit v. WMtmaa, 2 Story, 

319. Objections, Uiat a patented inventi<Hi is dd ; or that the specification in 
■a patent does not clearly describe the mode of making the machine ; or that the 
aaginal and the renewed patent are not for the same invention ; or that either 
vere obtained with a fraudulent intent ; all involve matters a( fact, and are for 
the jury, upon tbs evidence, to decide. Carver v. Braintru MoMAelmring 
Co., a Story, 438. 

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SM. He Vttaat ut oontomphttm two dtMes of pmons, m pecaMaif i^ 
propriate witneesea in patent cases, viz. — Ist. Practical -fflechanics, to deter- 
miiw tiie mfieienej of the specification as to t^ mode of constructing, com- 
pounding, and usii^ the patent. 3d. Scientific and theoretic mechanics, to 
dstcnnine whether the patented thing is substantially new in its structure 
•nd mode of operati(Hi, or a mere change of equivalents ; and the second class 
is hr far the higher and the most important of the two. ^Uen v. BImU, S 
StOfT, 740. 

SSI. Where a hiU in eqvd^ was hnx^bt for an injunction against the d^ 
fendants, to restrain them irom using and selling a planmg machine, constructed 
acGOTdil^ to the specification in the plaintiff's patent, it wai held, tiiat, aftet 
the lapse of time which had occurred since the patent was granted, taken to- 
gether with the other drcumstances of the case, the affidavit of a sin^ 
witness was not sufficient to outweigh the oath of the patentee, and the gene- 
ral presumption arising from the grant of the letters patent. WoadwiTtk t. 
Shenum, 3 Story, 171. 

822. On the 36th September, 1833, a second patent was granted, the origin- 
al patent, granted in 1831, having been surrendered and cancelled on account 
of B defective specification; the second patent being for fourteen years from the 
date of the original patent. The second patent was' in the precise form of the 
original, except the recital of the fact, tfuit the fonnerpatent was cancelled "ob 
accoimt of a defective f^dfication," and the statement of the time the sectxid 
patent was to begin to run. It was objected that the second patent should not 
be admitted in evidence on the trial of the case, because it did not contain any 
lecitak that the prereoutsites of the act of CinigTesB of 1836, authorizing the 
renewal of patents, haa been complied with. Held that this objection cannot, 
hi pcant of law, be maintained. The patent waa issued under the great seal of 
the United States, and is signed by the President, and countersigned by the 
S«cretary of State. It is a pr&tumptioa of law, that all public officers, and es- 
pecially such high functionaries, perform their proper official duties, until the 
contrary is proved. Where an act is to be done, or patent granted upon evi* 
dence and proofs to be laid before a public officer, upon whidi he is to dedde^ 
the fact that he has done the act, in granting the patent, Is prima facie evidence 
that the proofs have been regularly made, and were satisfactory. No other tri- 
bunal is at Uberty to re-examine or controvert the sufficiency of such proofs, 
when the law has made the officer the prqwr judge of their sufficiency aad 
competency. The PhiUuklpliMi and TVenion Railroad Oympmy v. ^impaon, 
14 Petem', 418. 

323. Patents for lands, equally with patents for inventions have, in courts of 
justice been deemed prima facie evidence that they have been regularly granted, 
whenever tbey have been produced under the great seal of the Government, 
without any recitals or proofs that the prerequisites of the acts under which 
they have been issued have been duly observed. In cases of patents the United 
States have gone one step further; and as the patentee is re<]uired to main 
oath that he is the true inventor before he can obtain a patent, the patent has 
been deemed a prima fade evidence that he has made the invention. Ibid. 

334. To entitle a party to examine a witness in the patent cause, the pu^osa 
of whose testimony is to disprove the right of the patentee to the invention, 
by showing its use by others prior to the patent, the provisions of the Patent act 
of 1888, relative to notice, must be strictly complied with. Ibid. 

335. The conversationB and declarations of a patentee, merely affirming tbat 
at some farmer period he had invented a machine, may well be objected to. 
But bis convereatkna and declarations, stating that be had made an invenlK»f 
and descrilung its details, and ejjdaining its qieratiuu, are properly dsemad 



» ^sftertion of hii ri^t ftt thai time a« ui inventor, to the extent oi the tmta 
and detaila which he then makes known, aIthou|^ not of their existence at vt 
anterior time. Such declarations, coupled with adeecription of the nature and 
objects of the invention, are to be deemed a part of the res geetx, md the; an 
legitimate evidence that the invention was then known and claimed by him; 
and thus its orig;in may he fixed, at least as early as that period, f^d. 

326. ft is doubtful, whether a mere change in the mode of fastening knivea 
on a cyhnder to be ground, or to fasten one instead of several, is a change ia 
structure from an old machine sufficient to justify a'patent for it. Hovey v. 
»eoefu, 1 Woodbury, 290. 

327. If the respondent constructed and used his machine before the oompluii- 
ant took out a patent for his, it is not a justification, if he had seen «nd copied 
an improvement from the complainants. Ibid. 

328. Declarations of a party, made before dispute arose, in connection with 
acts, may be competent evidence for him, as tending to show what intentioiM 
then existed. Hovey v. StevmSy 1 Woodbury, 290. 

829. Where Congress granted an extension of the term to an administxatw, 
it mk hdd to be legal, and that the letters of administration need not be pro- 
duced after such a grant. Woodioorih v. Hall, 1 Woodbury, 248. 

330. A signature to the patent, and a certificate of copies, by a person calting 
tenself "acting commissioner," is sufficient on its face in controversiea be- 
tween the patentee and third perstms, as the taw recognises an acting conunis- 
moner to be lawful, llrid. 

331. Where evidence is offered to prove, that the "acting commissi<Hier," 
who signs a patent, was not appointed by the President, it is queati<Hi^le 
whether it be competent to admit it in controversies where he is not a party. 
Wooda-'orth V. Hall, \ Woodbury, 389. 

832. Under the patent law of 1836, the chief clerk ia held to be the "acting 
commissioner," as well in the necessary absence of the head of the office, aa 
in case of a vacancy dej'vrt. Ilnd. 

833. Where witnesses di^ as to the fact of an infringement, an issue should 
be directed, or an action at law commenced. Brooktif Morris v. Jtnkins et fd. 
3 McLean, 250. 

334, Though the competency of an official letter from the Coromissiona rf 
U)e Patent Office, as evidence, may be* queationaUe, yet if subsequent evidence 
•R the progress of the case rendered it unnecessary to prove the iact for which 
it was offered, a new trial will not be granted on account of the adnaission ef 
tuch letter. By JuHict Woodbury in Mien v. Bhnt et al., U. S. C. C, Mass. 
Strict, Nov. term, 1846. 

336. Nor where parol evidence of the contents of a letter was rejected, be- 
Mnae no satisfactory proof had been furnished of the loss of the letter, or that K 
had come to the possession of the qiposite party. Ibid. 

336. In a (juestion of fact, addressed to the court, to lay tite foundation of 
aeeoaduy evidence of a written paper, a letter will not be weaumed to have 
been received, from the fact that it was put into the post office, if 'no answer 
was returned, and the party to whom it was addreased makes affidavit that it 
•ever cune to hand. Ibid. 

987. A former verdict between the parties, on an issue out of chancery, and 
on a different matter, cannot be admitted as evidence. Ibid. 

338. A deposition should not be taken during the session of the court at which 
tte case is to be tried, except by its order of coiurt, or the consent of parties, 
or taken merely de bene eue in case of death or absence abroad. Ibid. 

339. Where counsel have acted publicly in former trials of a liire cause be- 
tween the parties, and are still pmiuoyed, though not one of the counsel whose 

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Manes ap|>nr OD t^e ncOTd, if Uvivgiritbinftbuaidi«diBiteBofthepkG««lBn 
ti>e depomtioa was taken, and the puty ajid the otbei counsel do iiot| he ought 
lo be notified. Ibid. 

840. A renewal of a patmt by a Commusiaier with an amended specificatioa 
is to be [nemuned to have been made legaUy; but the presumption may be re- 
batted by evidence eubmitted to a jury, if requested. Itnd. 

341. Where the defendant, in a prima facie case against him, undertskes to 
show that an inventicm has been known and used, 8w:., he must turn the scak 
of evidence in his favw. * Ibid. 

S42. An exempUficatioD of a patent afterwards surrendered and cancelled 
nay be ^ven in evidence to show that ui improvement suboequently patented 
ia not original. Deltmo v. Scoit, Gilpin, 489. 

343. In an action for fraud in the sale of a patent, on the ground that A bad 
B prior patent for the same invention, the deiendant offered in evidence a writ- 
ten sereement with A, for a valuable consideration, that neither A nor his heira 
wnnM thereafter sue or disturb the defendant for a tveach of A's patent right, 
but that the defendant, without moleGtation, might freely act under his patent 
right M if A's had never existed. It was held, that this agreement gave to the 
defendant no ri^t to transfer, and could not be admitted in evidence. BkU v. 
PraH, I Conn. 342. 

344. In an action on the case tor fraud in' the sale of a patent right, the plain- 
tiff proved that a certain patent had been granted previously to a third person, 
Bud then offered parol evidence to show that the defendant's patent was for the 
same invention. It was held admissible. Ibid. 

VI. 0/ the surrender and re-tssue of letters patent . 

345. One who has patented his invention, ctinnot take out a new patent f>9t 
the same invention, until the first is surrendered, repealed, or declared vend. 
Morris v. Huntingdon, 1 Paine, 348. 

346. The obstacle of an invalid patent may be removed by having it declared 
void alter a verdict against it, or by having a vacatur entered ex parte in Che 
Department of State, on a surrender of the patent But the provisions of the 
sixth section of the act do not enable a patentee to declare his own patent void; 
and a verdict in a suit on the second patent, in favor of such patent, does not 
avoid the first patent. Ibid. 

347. It seems, that on surrendering a patent and taking out a new one, Hk 
latter should be only for the unexpired part of the fourteen years since obtain- 
ing the first patent. Ibid. 

348. Under the act of 1836, a corrected patent has relaticoi back to the eman- 
ation of the defective patent. Stanley v. Whipple, 2 McLean, 35. 

949. In such case, a contract to sell the npit is made good by the second 
patent. Ibid. 

350. The Patent act of 1886, ch. 367, sect 13, and the act of 1837, ch. 45, 
sect. 8, authorizing the re-issue of a patent, because of a defective or redundurt 
specification or description, without fraud, or for the purpose cS addine thereto 
an improvement, do not require the patentee to cl^m, m his renewed patent, 
aU things which were claimed in his original patent, but gives him Uie prrri- 
lege of retaining whatever he deems proper. Carver v, Brainiree Monufietvr- 
ing Co., 2 Story, 432. 

351. A patentee cannot, by a surrender of his patent, affect the rights of 
third persona, to whom he has previously assigned his interest in the wnole dr 
a part of the patent, unless the assignees consent to the surrender. WoodioorlA 
V. Stone, 3 Story, 749. 

362. The decision of the Commissioner of Patents in respect to accepting a 

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Ixnii D^ciBjoNs of codbtb. 

BurreBder of vt old patent, and granting a new one, is not re-ezaroinable elM- 
where, unless it appear on the face of the patent that he has exceeded hia 
authorih^. Und. 

353. Where a defect in the specification on which a patent has issued arose 
from inadverteiwie or mistake^ and without any fraud or miscoaduct tm the 
P^rt of the patentee, the Secretary of State has authority to accept a sur- 
Tender of the patent, and cancel the record thereof ; whereupon Be may issue 
a new patent, on an amended specification, for the unexpired part of the four- 
teen y«ars granted under the first patent GrQ»(rfa/. VI iiaymojwl, 6 Peters', 218. 

354. The great object and Intention of the act is to secure to the public the 
advantages to be derived from the discoveries of individuals ; and the means 
it employs are the compensation made to those individuals for the time and 
liiboi devoted to those discoveries, by the exclusive right to make up and sell 
the things discovered for a limited time. That which gives complete effect to 
this object and intention, by employing the same means for the correction of 
inadvertent error which are directed in the first instance, cannot be a depart- 
ure from the spirit and character of the act Ilrid. 

355. Q,usre: What would be the efiect of a second-patent, issued after an 
innocent mistake in the specification, on those who, skilled in the art for 
which it was eranted, perceiving the variance between the spe<ufications and 
the machine, nad constructed, sold, and used the machine? This question is 
not before the Court, and is not involved in the opinion given in the case. 
The defence, when true in fact, may be sufficient in law, notwithstanding the 
validity of the new patent. Ibui. 

356. The letters patent were obtained in 1822; and in 1829, the patentee 
having surrendered the same for an alleged defect in the specification, obtained 
another patent. This second aatent is to be considered as having relation to 
the emanation of the patent of 1822; and not as having been issued on an 
original application. Shato v. Copper, 1 Peters', 202. 

357. The holder of a defective patent may surrender it to the Department of 
State, and obtain a new one, which shall have relation to the emanation cS the 
first. Ibui. 

358. The case of Grant and others o. Raymond, 6 Peters, 220, cited and 
affirmed. Ibid. 

359. A second patent granted on the surrender of a prior one being a con- 
tinuation of the first, the rights of a patentee must be ascertained by the law ■ 
under which the original application was made. Ibid. 

360. Where a defective patent had been surrendered, and a new one taken 
out, and the patentee brought an action for a violation of his patent right, lay- 
ing the infringement at a ifiite subsequent to that of the renewed patent, proof 
of the use of the thing patented during the interval between the original and 
renewed patents will not defeat the action. SHmpson v. West Chester Railroad 
Co^Hmv, 4 Howard, 380. 

361. The seventh section of the act of March 3, 1839, has exclusive reference 
to an original application for a patent, and not to a renewal of it. Ibid. 

362. Whether a renewed patent, after a surrender of a defective one, is sub- 
.BtantiaUy for a different invention, is a question for the jury, and not for the 
court. Ibid. 

363. As the thirteenth section of the act of 1836 provides for the renewal of 
a patent, where it shall be "inoperative or invaUd by reason of a defective or 
iBSufficient description or specification," "if the error shall have arisen by in- 
advertence, accident, or mistake, and without any fraudulent or deceptive in- 
tention," the fact of the granting of the renewed patent closes all inquiiy into 

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the existence of Inadvertence, accident, or mistake, and leaves open only the 
question of fraud for the jury. Ibid. 

364- The Commissioner of Patents can lawfi^y receive a siurender of letters 
patent for a defective specificaticm, and issue new letters patent upon an amend- 
ed specification, after the expiration of the ternrfor which the original patent 
nas granted, and pending the existence of an extended term of seven yean. 
Such surrender and renewal may be made at any time during such extended 
term. Wilson v. Rougseau, 4 Howard, 646. 

365. A patent surrendered and renewed operates as from the commencement 
of the ori^nal patent, except as to causes of action arising before the renewal. 
Woodioorth v. Hall, 1 Woodbury, 243. 

366. If a mistake occurs in a copy of a patent, it can be corrected without 
causing any injury; but if it exists in the onginal patent, it cannot be corrected, 
BO as to av^l without the assent or re -signature of the Secretary of State. Ibid, 

367. But the commissioner, if correcting it, need not re-sign or re-seal the 
letters, he' being the same officer here who did it before, JJirf. 

368. If the mistake corrected be a material one, the letters cannot operate, 
except on cases arising after it is made. But if a mere clerical one — gwere i ' 

369. Where a renewal of patents surrendered is void, perhaps the surrender 
itself becomes also void, and the original patents remain in force. Ibid. 

370. The sanction of the Secretary of State, to a correction of a clerical mis- 
take in letters patent may be given in writing afterwards; and he need not re- 
signthe letter^ themselves. Rid, 389. 

371. If the correction be of only a clerical mistake, it operates back to the 
original date of them, unless perhaps as to third persons, who have acquired 
intervening rights to be affected by the alteratiftn. Ibid. 

372. If a new patent, issued on a surrender of old ones, be void for any cause 
connected with tne acts of public officers, it is questionable whether the original 
patents must not be considered in force till their terms expire. Ibid. 

373. Where more is claimed than is invented', a disclaimer must be made in 
a reasonble time. Boyd v. McJllpen, 3 McLean, 427. 

374. A patentee can legally take out the re-issued patent for more than ia 
described in the surrendered one, if it does not exceed the actualtdiscovery 
when the patent was taken out. By Jwigts Jfelson and Belts, in Bnyamin 
et at. V. Lottilen el o/s., U. S. C. C. Southern District of New York, April 
term, 1846. 

375. The alien claim in the 15th section, act of 1836, appUes only to alien 
patentees, and not to American assignees. Ibid. 

376. Held, that a surrender of the original letters patent rendered void all 
assignments under that patent, so far as regarded those who assented to such 
surrender; that the new patent, being issued to the administrator, vested in 
him the legal title, and thereftve it was necessary that the plaintiff should have 
a new assignment before he could maintain an action at law for an invasion of 
the patent. Gibsm v. Richarda, U. S. C. C. Northern District of New York, 
October term, 1S45. 

VII. 0/ the extension of lettera patent. 

3TI. A lenslative grant of an exclusive privilege in an invention, for a de- 
finite period, does not imply an irrevocable contract with the people, that at 
the expiration of the period the invention shall become their proper^. The 
legislature may revive the grant; but if they refuse to do so at the end of the 
period, the inventiiHi may oe used br any <me. Evana v. Babm. 1 Petera' 
C. C. R. 323. 

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378. The extensioD <4 a patent may be granted to an administrator. fTosA 
bum V. Gould, 3 Story, 122. 

379. The Patent act of 1836 authorizes the fronting of an extended term of 
a patent to an administrator, as weU as to the patentee. Woodworth v. Skar- 
man, 3 Story, 171. 

S80. The assignee or grantee, under -the original patent, does not acquire 
any rig^t under the extended patent, unless such right be expressly conveyed 
to him by the patentee. Ibid. 

381. The eighteenth section of the Patent act of 1836 authorized the exten- 
sion of a patent on the application of the executor or administrator of a deceas- 
ed patentee. Wilson v. Rousseau, 4 Howard, 646. 

382. Such an extension does not inure to the benefit of assignees under the 
original patent, but to the benefit of the administrator (when granted to an ad- 
ministrator) in bis capacity aa such. But those assignees who were in the use 
of the patented machine at the time of the renewal have still a right to use it. 

383. The extension could be applied for and obtained by the administrator, 
although the original patentee hao, in his lifetime, disposed of all his interest 
in the then existing patent. Such sale did not carry any thing beyond the 
term of the original patent. Ibid. 

384. A covenant by the patentee, made prior to the law authorizing extensions, 
that the covenantee should have the benefit of any improvement in the ma- 
chinery, or alteration or renewal of the patent, did not include the extension, 
by an administrator, under the act of 1836. It must be construed to include 
only renewals obtained upon the surrender of a patent on account of a defective 
specification. Parties to contracts look to estabhshed and general laws, and not 
to special acts of Con|ress. Und. 

389. The decision of the Board of Commissioners, to whom the question of 
renewal is referred by the act of 1836, is not conclusive upon the question of 
tiieir jurisdiction to act in a given case. Ibid. 

W6. The decision of the court in the preceding case of Wilson v. Rousseau et 
al., namely, that when a patent is renewed under the act of 1836, an assignee 
under the old patent has a right to continue the use of the patented machine, 
but not to vend others, again affirmed. StingMon v. Wilson, 4 Howard, 709, 

387. If a patentee be dead, his administrator may renew the patent. Broolct 
Sf Morris v. Jenkins et al., S McLean, 250 

388. The board on whose judgment a patent is renewed, is not conclusive as 
to the right. Hid. 

389. After the extension of a patent, under the 18th section of the act 
of July 4, 1836, the original patent becomes virtually a patent for the term 
of twenty-one years; and then, on a surrender and re-issue, with an amended 
specification, the residue of the period unexpired, of the original patent, ia 
the residue of this term. By Judge JfeUon, in Giiaon v. Htaris, V. S. C. 0. 
Nortiiern District of New York, at Chambers, Nov. 10, 1846. 

390. The patent for twenty-one years is to be regarded as the " original 
patent," within the meaning of the 13th section of the act of July 4th, 1836. iMd. 

391. If a patent extended by the Commissioners, under the 18th section of 
the Patent act, be further extended by Congress for seven years, the extended 
patent becomes a patent for twenty-eight years, instead of the twenty-one 
years, and may be surrendered and re-issued with aa amended specification. Aid, 

392. The provisions of the 18th section of the act of July 4th, 1836, relating 
to eKtensi<»is, applies as well to patents granted before the passqee of that act, 
as to those which have been granted since. Wilson v. Jkmur et 3.,V. S. C. C. 
District of Maryhmd, November term, 1844. 

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393. Tbe beacfiU o£ aa extenaioa «iuire to tbe wai^^keea d" the ptteafee, as 
well as to the patentee himself. Hid. 

nil. Of the repeai of tatters patent. 

884. UBder Uk tenth section of the Patent aot of February Slat, 1793, ch. 
106, upon granting a rule by the judge of the district court upon the patentor, 
to show cause why process should not issue to repeal the patent, the patent is 
not repealed de facto, by making the rule absc^ute: but the process to be 
ftwarded is in the nature of a scire famas at ctHnmMi law to the patentee, to 
show cause why Ae patent should not be repealed with costs of suit; and up- 
on the return of such [wocess, duly served, he proceeds to try the cause upon 
the pleadings filed by the parties and the issue joined thereon: if the issue t>a 
an issue in fact, the trial is to be by a jury; if of law, then by the court. Ex 
parte Wood, 9 Wheal., 603. 

895. In such a case, a record is to be made of the proceedings antecedent to 
the rule to show cause why process should not issue to repeal the patent, and. 
upon which the rule is founded. Bnd. 

396. The sole object of such an arbitration is to ascertain who ia, prima facie, 
entitled to tbe patent; but when once obtained, the patent is babte to be re- 
peated or destroyed by precisely the same process as if it had been issued with* 
out objection. Staarns v. Barrett, X Mason, 1S3. 

397. A judgment against a patentee on a scire facias issued to obtun a repeal 
<rf a patent vacates the same, but a judgment in his favor will not prevent hia 
right being ccmtested in a suit he mav subsequently institute for ila violation. 
Delmo V. Seott, Gilpin, 489. 

IX . Of abandonment and dediaUion to public vse. 

398. Nor will the patent be protected, if the patentee was the inventor of aH 
the material improvements in the old machine, if he sufi^red them to be used 
fuDy and freely by the public at large, combined with all the usual machineiy; 
for m such case he must be deemed to have made a gift of them to the pub- 
lic. WAitlmore v. Cutter, 1 Gallis. 476. 

399. Alter a patent has been obtained for an invention or discovery, the dis- 
use of it by the patentee is not an abandonment of the rights of the patentee 
to the same, but they continue for fourteen years from the d^e of the patent. 
Gray et al. v. Johns Hal., 1 Petera' C. C. R. 394. 

400. If an inventor knowingly suffers his invention to go into public and 
general use without objection, it is a dedication of it to the public, and he can- 
not afterwards resume the exclusive right. Melius v. Sils&ee, 4 Mason, 108. 

401. Our Patent act differs from the English in several respects, A mere 
public use by others before taking a patent, on a sale thereof by the inventor, 
IS not decisive against him here as it is in England. Ibid. See, also, Pmnack 
et al. V. Dialogiie, 2 Peters, 1. 

403. In a bill in equity for a perpetual injunction of the defendants, on ac> 
count of an asserted violation of- a patent right for an invention, it is a good 
defence, that prior to the granting of the patent the inventor had allowed the 
invention to go into ptibhc use without objection. But it should be dearlj* 
established by proof, that such public use was with the knowledge and consent 
of the inventor. The mere user by the inventor of his invention in frying ex- 
periments, or by his neighbors with bis consent, as an act of kindness for tem- 
porary and occasional purposes only, will not destroy his right to a patent 
Iberefor. Wyeth v. Stone, 1 Story, 278. 

403. If the patentee, after obtaining hia patent, dedicates or surrenders it to 

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public use, or acquiesces for a l<mg period in the public use thereof, wilhont 
objection, he is not entitled to the aid d* a court of equity to protect hb patent; 
anu such acquiescence may araoont to complete proof of a dedication or surrender 
thereof to the public loid. 

404. But to entitle the defendants to the benefit of such a defence, the facts 
must be explicitly relied on and put in issue by their answer; otherwise tbe 
court cannot notice it. Ibid. 

405. To entitle a person- to claim tbe benefit of the 7th section of the Patent 
act of 1839, ch. 88, he .must be a person who is a purchaser, or who has used 
the patented invention before the patent was issued, by a license or grant, or 
by the consent of the inventor, and not be a purchs-ser under a mere wrong- 
doer. Pearion v. The Eagle Screw Co., 3 Story, 402. 

406. The case of MeClurg v. Kingsland, (1 How. Sup. Ct. R. 203,) com- 
mented on and explained. Ibid. 

407. It has not, and indeed It cShnot, be denied, that an inventor may aban- 
don his invention, and surrender or dedicate it to the public. This inchoate 
right, thus gone, cannot afterwards be resumed at hie pleasure ; for when gifts 
are once made to the public in this way, they become absolute. The question 
which generally arises on trials is a question of fact, rather than of law ; whe- 
ther the acts or acquiescence of the party furnish, in the given case, satisfac- 
tory proof of an abandonment, or dedication of the invention to the public 
Pennock et al. v. Dialogue, 2 Peters', 16. 

408. If an inventor should be permitted to hold back from tbe knowledge of 
the public the secrets of his invention ; if he should, for a long period of years, 
retam the monopoly, and make and sell his invention publicly, and thus gather 
the whole profits of it, relying upon his superior skill and knowledge of the struc- 
ture ; and then, and then only, when the danger of competition Hnould force him 
to procure the exclusive right, he should be allowed to take out a patent, and 
thus exclude the public from any further use than what should be derived under 
it during his fourteen years, it would materially retard the progress of science 
and Ute useful arts, and give a premium to those who should be least prompt 
lo communicate their discoveries. Ibid, 19. 

409. If an invention is used by the public, with the consent of the inventor, 
at the time of his application for a patent, how can the court say that his case 
is nevertheless such as the act was intended to protect i If such a public use 
is not a use withfti tbe meaning of the statute; how can the court extract the 
case from its operation, and support a patent, when the suggestions of the 
patentee were not true ; and the conditions, on which alone the grant was au- 
thorized, do not exist i Ibid, 21. 

410. The true construction of the Patent law is, that the first inventor can- 
not acquire a good title to a patent, if he sufiers the thing invented to go into 
public use. Or to be publicly sold for use, before he makes appUcation for a 
patent. This voluntary act or acquiescence in tbe public sale or use, is an 
abandonment of bis right ; or, rather, creates a disability to comply with the 
terms and conditions of the law, on which alone the Secretary of State is au- 
thorized to grant him a patent. Ibid, 23. 

411. What use by the public, before the application is made for a patent, 
shall make void the right of a patentee. SAuw v. Cooper, 7 Peters', 202. 

412. From an exammation of the various provisions of the acts of Congress 
relative to patents for useful inventions, it clearly appears, that it was the in- 
lenti(»i of the legislature, by a compliance with the requisites of the law, to 
▼est the exclusive right in the inventor only ; and that, on condition that his 
invention was neither known nor used by the public before his application for 
a patent. If such use or knowledge shall be proved to have existed prior to 

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xtMCiBuaxB OF oovBftA- IxzUi 

tite ai^catioit for the pttoit, th« met of 1793 declares the patent void} and th» 
right oi an alien is vacated in the same manner, by proving a foreign use oi 
Imovledge of his invention. That knowledge or use which would be fatal to 
the patent right of a citizen, would be equally so to the right of an alien. Ibid. 

413. The knowledge or uae spoken of in the act of CcugreBs of I7d3, could 
have referred to the public only; for the provision would be nugatory if it were 
applied to the inveotor himself. He must necessarily have a perfect know- 
ledge of the thing invented, and of its use, before he can describe it, u by law 
he IS required to do [H^paratwy to the emanation of a patent. Itnd. 

414. There may be cases in which a knowledge of the invention may be sur- 
reptitiously obtuned and commwiicated to the pubUc, that do not affect the 
right of the inventor, lender such circumstuices, no presumptioa can arise in 
favor <£ an abandonment of the right to the public by the inventor: though an 
acquiescence on his part will lay the foundation for such a presumption, it'ia 
undoubtedly just that every discoverer should realize the benefits resulting from 
bis discovery, for the period contemplated by law. But those can only be re- 
served by a substantial compliance with every legal requisite. This exclusive 
right does not rest alone on his discovery, but also upon the legal sanctions 
which have been given to it, and the forms of law with which it has been 
clothed. I(n<i. 

415. No matter by what means an invention may have been communicated 
to the public before a patent is obtained, any acquiescence in the public use bj 
the inventor will be an abandonment of the right. If the right were asserted 
by him v^o fraudulently obtained it, perhaps no lapse of time could give it 

■ validity. But the public stand in an entirely different relation to the invenbw. 
His right would be secured by giving public notice that he was the inventor of 
the thing used, and that he should apply for a pateat Ibul. 

416. The acquiesceace of an inventor in the public use of bis invention, can 
in no case be presumed where he has no knowledge of such use. But- this 
may be presumed from the circumstances of the case. This will in general be 
a fact for a jury, and if the inventor do not, immediately after this notice, asr 
Bcrt his right, it ia such evidence of acquiescence in the public use, as for ever 
afterwards to prevent him from asserting it. After his right shall be perfected 
by a patent, no presumption arises against it from a subsequent use by the pub- 

417. A strict construction of the act of C<»igres3, as it regards the public use 
of an invention before it is patented, is not only required by its letter and spirit, 
but also by sound policy. Ibid. 

418. The question of abandonment to the public does not depend on the in- 
tention of the inventor. Whatever may be the intention, if he suffers his 
invention to go into public use„ through an^ means whatsoever, wi^ut an 
immediate assertion of his right, he is not entitled to a patent; new will a patent 
obtained under such circumstajices protect his right. Ibid. 

419. The public use or sale of an invention, in order to deprive the inventor 
(d his right to a patent, must b§ a public use or sale by others, with his know- 
ledge and consent, and before his application therefor. A sale or use of it, 
witn such knowledge or^consent, in the intermediate time between the appltcs' 
lion for a patent and a grant thereof, has no such effecL Bj/an v. Goodwin, 3 
Sumner, 514. 

420. If a person employed in the manufactory of another, whilst receiving 
wages, makes experiments at the expense and in the manufactory of his em- 
ployer; has bis wages increased in consequence of the useful result of the ea- 
penments; makes Uie article invented, and permits his employer to use it, no 
compensation for its use being pud or demanded; and then obtains a patent^ 

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badv DKflisioira op oown. 

ttesefcctewiDjntitifj'apnsaniptiaiiof sKcemeteoMflKinTaitiao. M'&mg 
«m( oU<r« V. JStigalmd and oihtrs, 1 Homrd, 202. 

431. Such an ontBdeBted and notoriosB use of the inventian prior to tbe a|>- 
^icBtioD for a patent, will bring the case within the {HDvlnons of the 7th sec- 
tion of the act of 1839, c. 88. Ibid. 

4%2. The aseigneea id a patent rigbt take it subject to the legal onscques- 
ces of the previoas acts of the patentee. 

433. The patentee need not prove Uiat he has hawked his patented article 
about for a market, sad that be has tried to sell it to aa; perscm. Those seek- 
ing to defeat the patent must [»t)Te that the patentee ne^ected or refused to 
seU for reasonable prices, when applicatioa wu made to hum. Bv Jvdgea Jfd- 
KM and Bettf, m Benjamin H td- v. LouUn et ah., V. S. C. C. Southern Di»- 
frict of New York, April term, 1846. 

424. The first inventiw cannot aojuire a good title to a patent if he suflfer the 
Ihing invented to «> into puUic use, or to be puUicty sdd for use, before he 
makes application for a patent. Eark v. Ptige, 6 N. Hamp. 477. 

X. Of aatignmentt of letters patent and patent rights. 

425. A patentee of friction matches, by a deed under seal, undertook aa fol- 
lows: "To grant, bai^n, sell, convey, assign, and transfer to B, his executors, 
administrators, and assigTti, the right and privilege, hereinafter mentioned, of 
making, using, and selling the friction matches," patented, and to have and to 
hold "the right and privilege o( manufacturing the said matches, and to employ 
m and about the same six pasons, and no more, and to vend the said matches in 
kny part of the United States." h was held, that this w^s a hcenae or author- 
ity from the patentee, and need not be recorded in the Patent Office, under the 
Patent act of 1836, ch. 357, sec. 11. Brvoks v. Bt/am, 2 Stoiy, 525. 

426. A license need not be recorded in the Patent Office, unless there be 
R>me positive provision rf the Patent act, which renders it an indispensable 
IH«requisite to its validity. Ibid. 

42T. The recording within three mtaiths, according to the statute, is merely 
directory ; and any subsequent recording of an assignment will be sufficient to 
pass the title to the assignee, except aa to intermediate bona fide purchasers, 
without notice. Ibid. 

428. The Patent act of 1826, ch. 357, sec. 11, provides for the recording of 
three kinds of assignments, and of no others: first, an assignment of the wtole 
patent; secondly, an assignment <^ any undivided part thereof; and, thirdly, a 
grant or conveyance of me exclusive right under uie patent within any speci- 
Bed part (rf the United States. Ibid. 

4w. It was held, that the right granted by the above deed was a license or 
authority, coupled with an interest in the execution, to the grantee and six per- 
sons to be employed by him in making matches ; that the right was an eatire- 
tx, incapable of oeing apportioned or divided among different persons ; that, 
therefore, an assignment by B, of a right to make as many matches a-i ojm per- 
wxi could roll up, was void. Ibid. 

430. Qufcre, if the license is not such a personal privileee, that the entirety 
cannot be assigned, notwithstanding it was given to B,* and Ais assigns. Ibid. 

431. The act of 1836, ch. 357, sec. 11, relating to the recording of assignments 
of patents, is merely directory, for the protection of bona fide purchasers with- 
out notice, and does ndt require the recording of an assignment within three 
months, as a prerequisite to its validity. Pilts v. WAitmaa, 2 Story, 609. 

432. A contract may be made to convey a future invention, as weU as a past 
one, and for any improvement oi maturing of a past one. J^tsmitk v. Calvert, 
1 Woodbury, 84. 

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433. Under the act of 1836, the patentee may assign any part of lus n^L 
Boyd V. AP^^, 3 McLean, 427. 

434. The assigoment must be recorded. Ibid- 

435. If not recorded, a subsequent assignee, without notice, vould hold. Ibid. 

436. A vendor of a patent right, in the bill of sale, described the machine 
thus: "One machine for cutting, making, and manufacturing combs, like the 
machines which I use and improve, and such as I have apatent rigbt for." It 
was held, that this latter clause did not amount to a covenant on the ptrt of 
the vendor that he had a vaUd patent right. Ball v. Pratt, I Conn. 343. 

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CL&SS I— AGRICULTURE, including Inanmunt$ md OptnScnt. 

Agriculture, impTOTemtnt 

Apples, gsthering 

Apples, gBiharing and ekanBiiig. 




. Bee-hire.. 


Bee-EiiTes .. 
Bee-hives .. 
Bee-hiyes .. 

Be»4iiTe« .. 
Bee-hives .. 
Bee-hiTes .. 

bee-hives .. 
Bee-hives ., 
Bee-hives .. 
Bee-hivee . . 

Edward Blake 

SimoD C. Williams. . . 
Willam J. Sliltwell... 

Samud Momll 

Abisl Whiimar, 
Samuel Morrill . . 
Orlando Mack ... 
J. M. Hubbard.. 

Sturgera M. Judd . . • ■ 

John M. Weeks 

Samuet C. Myers .... 


WilltamM. liall.... 

Martin Engel 

Robert Martin.. 


James Le Palaurel . , . 

John M. Weeks 

Hiram A. Pitts 

Shadrach Trumbull . . 
John Milholland and 

Ben. Ciane 


Daniel H. Paroam .. . 

EUjah Grumman . 

Heuy Hiser 

James E. Ross 

Jesse W.Davidson.. 
Zachartah R. Hench . . 

Edwin Booth 


William Brjant 

Wesley McCoy, as- 
signee of J. Harris . 
Moreland and Howell 

George Od)hart 

George Dofler 

Joee^ C. Rich 

Edmund People 

Williun D. Miller. . . 

Joseph Miller 

Aaron E. Jamea .... 
Sam. & J. D. Cope.. 

Trenton, N.Y. ... 

Camden, N.J 

Duibury, VU 

Bethlehem, Muss. . 
Farmington, Conn. 
Parminpon, Conn. . 
Harlfom, Maine . . . 
Shenandoah co., Va. 

Root, N.Y 

Fayette county. Pa . 
Dixfield, Maine .... 
Londonderry, Vt . . . 

Dixfield, Maine . 

Gilaum, N. H 

Canterbury N. H. . . 
New Sharon, Maine 

Danbury, Conn 

SaiUbury, Vl 

Mount Pleasant, Pa. 


Wallin^ord, Ct 



Wallingford, Ct 

ChandlerBVille, Ohio 

Salisbury, Vt 

Winlhrop, Maine . . 
Suffield, Conn. . 

Feb. G,1899 
Nov. 1, 1830 
Dec. 6, 1831 
Apr. 11, ISIO 
Dec. 9, ISll 
Jan. 6, 1813 
Nov. 6, IBSO 
May 14, 1833 
Mar. 18, 1B24 
Feb. 27, 1897 
Feb. 4,1834 
Nov. 6, 1B34 
Jan. 16, 1835 
Apr. 23, 1S35 

July 23, 1839 
Nov. 99, 1839 
Dec. 27, 1839 
Apr. 15, 1840 
May 19, 184B 
May 4,1 1S41 
June 11, 184t 
July 1, 1841 
Sep. 35, 1841 
Apr. 6,18ti 

0, 1841, 

Chandleraville, O.. 

Plymouth, 0- 


Ijlchfield, Conn... 
Norwnlh, Conn.... 
Mount Stdney, Va. 

Rome, Ohio 

Port Rayal, Pa.... 
Sprinefidd,MaM, . 
Chandlereville, . . 

Ctairarille, O 

Zaneavilte, Ohio... 


Frederick, Md . . . . 



Mad River, 0. 

Lexington, O 

Point Pleasant, Va. 
DamascusviUe, 0.. 

t Asia toed Hmll 19, 1» 

May IS, 1843 
May 30, ISU 
May 36, 1843 
JuiM 37, 1843 
July 8,1843 
Sep. n, 1843 
Oct. 13,1843 
Nov. 28, 1843 
Not. 38, 1849 
Dec 31, 1849 

Mar. 4,1843 
Mar. 4,1843 
June 2i, 1843 
Sep. 1,1843 
Nov. 6, 184S 
Jan. 6, 1844 
Feb. 13, 1844 




Bee-hivea ,. 
Befr^ivM .. 
Bee~lii*eB .. 

Bee-hivea . , 
Beehives ., 
BeeJiJTes .. 
Be^-hifea .. 
Bee-hivea .. 


Bee-hive and bee-houBSa 

Bee-hivea, doth moth harbor for . 

Bee-hive and moDageTnent or beca 
Bee-hive and management of beea 
Bee-hive and management of beca 
Bee-hive and management of beea 


Beea, mana^meni of 

Bees, managing ..'■• ■ 
Bee motha, &c., improved lanlem 
for [he deatmction of 

Bee palaces 


George B. Wen... 
Jamea A. Cutting... 
Jacob D. Pulfceraon , 
Oliver Reynolds ... 


Silas Hart 

Abraham Sanbum ., 

Clark Wheeler 

Israel Lambom. .... 
Chrislopher Suydam 

James KoMi 

Aaron Colton 

Harvey W. Sabine. 
William R. Keiaey. 
William Wbitcomb . 

John Searle 

Daniel Amdt 

Qeorge Upham .... 

Philip Munuh 

Abijah Alley 

Eben BriUon 

Levi H. Pariah.... 

BbCDGKer Beard 

William Grovea . . . 
Abraham Decker .... 
Franci* Ketiey . , 
Elia« Parka 

in, machines for . . 

Binding enur 
Bog and bus) 

Boeing machine 

Sroom corn, scraping 

Buckwheat, machine for cleaning. 
Buda, delaving from blossojning . 

Butter, making 

Butter, making 

Butler, makir^ from lard 

Butter, manuftcturing 

Butler, working and cutting curds 
Butter working and pressine*. . 
Butter-working, machine* for. . 
Butter-working, machines for. . 

Canker worm— jte Tnei. 

Cheese, curd cutler 

Cheese, curd cutler 

Cheese, net. 

Cheeee, netting for forming pine 

Cheese, turning and curing 

Cheese, vat Ibr forming pine appli 

Samuel CWiit.... 
Ijcmon Hamlin. . . . 
Thomas D. Howell 

Israel Keyes 

Thomas Spring 

Squire Collins 

Billy J.Billings A.J. 


Dan. Peoae, jr 

Robert Moore 

RQ.Burtis &0. Burtis 

Isaac Shepherd . . . 



WUliam Buck 

Tilus D.Gail 

Seth Biahop 

E. Wilson 4. M.Lee. 
JohnP. Bryan 

Isaac Hunter, jr 

Anson Morris 

Lewis M. Norton. .. 

William SloiT 

Henry Webber 

Lewis M. Norton 

Isaac Baker 

Joel Pierce 

Abner Wing 

Reuben Back 

Buel Cutler. 

John Scripture 

Simeon Hays.' 

Stephen Stackhouse . 
Wm. W. Townsend . 
.* Addi[iiui(l impraveneDi, July 91 

Fairfield, O . . . . 
Haverhill, N. H 
Unity, Ohio. .... 
Webster, N. Y. 
Amslerdam, N, Y . . 
New Haven, N.Y.. 

Carthage, O 

Utile VJley, N. Y . 

Marshalllon , Pa . 

Lambertsville, N. J. 
Lewiston, Pa.. . . 
Pittafield, Vt.... 
Gorham, N. Y. . 
Big Steam P'int,N.Y. 

Grafton, Vt 




Putnam, O 


Ijltle Falls, N, Y. . . 


Charlestown, Mass . 
Harriabuigh, Pa. . . . 
Walnut township, 0, 


Whealfield, N. Y. . . 

Hardelon, Pa 

Kirkersv Jle, O 


Putney, Vt. 





Rowan county, N.C. 


Meredith, N. Y . . . . 
Qrsen county, N,Y. 
Paris, N,Y.... 
Chatham, Conn 
Eden, N. Y. , . . 

Redding, Ct 

ReddiBg,Ci. ... 
Princeton, Ky. . 

New Braintree, Mass 
Sackefs Hart>.,N.Y. 
Litchfield, Conn 

Norway. N.Y 

East Richfield, N.Y. 

Troy, Pa 



WaahiiwtoB.N. Y,. 

Baltimore, Md 

Washington, N.Y.. 

Alford, Mass 

Poultney,N. Y 

Cazenovia, N. Y . . . 
Sandy Hill, N.Y... 
), lUI. 

Apr. aO, 18U 
June 34, 1844 
Jidy 1,1844 
Dec. 4, 1844 
Feb. 19, 1845 
Mot. 36, 1345 
Mar. 36, 1845 
June SO, 1845 
Aug. 36, 1845 
Not. 18, 1845 
Dec. 31, 1845 
Dec. 31, 1845 
Jan. J5. 1846 
May 9, 1846 
Sept. 19, 1846 
Jan. 30, 1838 
May 9, 1846 
May 1,1845 
July 37, 1831 
Aug. 36, 1831 
Sept. 9, 1S31 
Aug. 6,1834 
Mar. 13, 1830 
June 13, 1835 
July 30, 1845 
Aug. 36, 1896 
July 93, 1845 

Oct. 7, 1846 
July 13, 1844 
Dec. 15, 1843 
July 17, 183» 
Apr. 37, 1833 
Feb. 99, tS9T 

Oct. 15,1831 
July 14, 1846 
Mar. 16, 1833 
Feb. 37, 1807 
May 98, 181B 
Mar. 4,1814 
Apr. 30, 1830 
Dec. 5, 1835 
Oct. 10,1840 
Jan. a, 1849 

June 4, 1837 

Dec. 27, 1831 
Apr. 99, 1835 
Apr. 17, 1810 
Feb. 90, 1809 
Apr 10,1803 
May 36, 1806 
June 33, 1807 
Ocu 3, J807 
Dec 15, 1807 
Mar. 8, 160S 
Mar. II, 1808 
Mar. 33, 1808 

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, Daniel Pmrpont. . 
. Aaron Reea ..... 

. Nehemiah Howe 

. T: ..onB, Willard... 

. Dyer CleaTetand , 

. Dyer Cleaieland 

. EriBtuB Townsend . . . 

. John Bolton 

, Samuel Moon, jr.... 

, Luther Jones 

. Ira MiHingtoD 

. Eeib G. Jones 

. Hn. Dickennan . . . . 

. George Votee 

. JohnMcCord , 

. Luther Thompeon. . . 
. Thomas NicholBon.. 

larsel Niciiols. . 

. Enoch Burt 

. John Wetmore 

. David Osborne 

. Benjnmin Fairbanks.. 

. Aaron Smith 

. Ephnim Bacon 

, Sitneon Gray 

, Tos. Beaeh 

. Lewis Cteveifind,.., 

. Harry Mumford. 

. Daniel Robinaon.... 

. Jos. H. Shepord 

. Adam Sheble 

. WilliBni Pumphrey... 

. Jpshua Lane 

. Alvan Cornell and Hi- 

Rtm K.Cornell.... 

. John Ewing 

. ArtemasBiJIs 

. Cenjai 

. Abel Broadwsy. .. 
. Nathan Porter.. . . 
. Thomas T. Slorm. 

. Jos. Uoyd 

. William L.FrBier,., 

. John Hole 

. Adam Swart 

"" " " "iayden, jr. 
k A. Keith. 

, Samuel Clarke 

, Abiram Boird 

. JohnP.Bonle 

. Asa Humphrey 

. Samuel L. Bagley. . . . 

. Len Rosencrans 

. Nathan Whitney 

. Daniel Sheldon 

. Samuel H. Baker 

. Edward ^»iD 

. Joseph HsilhaWBy .... 

Zun S. Doty 

. Couon Foa 

. AbnerMnmy 

New HaTen, Ot. . . . 
Columbia CO.. N. Y. 

Windham, Cl 

Bloomfield, N. Y... 

Sheffield, Mass 

Sheffield, Mass 

Canaan, N.Y 

Philadelphia, Pa. ... 
Downington, Pa. . . . 

Canton. Ct 

Warren, N.Y 

Olaeco, N. Y 

Gl. Bamngtan,MaaD 


Waahuigton.N. Y.. 
Slurbridge, Mass.. . 

Nelson co.,Ky 

Durham, N.H 

Whiiestowo.N. Y.. 

Otsego co.,N.Y.... 

Princeton, N. J 

Litchfield, Ct 

Berkshire co., Mass. 
Worcester, Mass. . . 
Ty ngsborouf h , Mast 
Hancock CO., Man. 

Genesee, N.Y 

Northfietd, Mass... 
Hollislon, Moss. 
XDaterccN, Y. 
Canaan, Mass. .. 
Philadelphia, Fa. 


Homer, N.Y... 

Combridee, N.Y... 

Boston, Mass 


Tolland, Cl. 

Monson, Mass.... 


New York 

Orange co., N. Y. , 

Oxford, N. Y 

HillsboroDgh N.H. 
Saratoga, N. Y... .. 

Trenton, N. J , 


Morris CO., N.Y.... 
Schoharie CO., N.V. 

Gray, Me , 

Hillsdale, N. Y 

Urltfina, N. Y , 

Augusta, Me 

Poulmey, N. Y.. . . 
Wells township, Pa. 
Mount Holle7,NJ. 
Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Qmton, N.Y. 


Athens, N.Y...... 

Apr. SS, IBO§ 

Apr. 25, 1806 

Apr. as, IBOe 

May la, 1808 
July 7,1888 
July 11, 1808 
July IS. 1806 

Aug. s, leoe 

Oct. 34,1816 
Dec. 1(1, iSOe 
Mar. 3, 180» 
April 21, 1809 
May 9. 1M9 
May 10, 1809 
June 13, 1809 
June 34, 1S09 
Aug. 10, 1809 
Aag. 15, 1809 
Oct. 11, 1S09 

Oct. 14, 1809 
Nov. 20, 1809 
Dec. 8,1809 
Jan. 8, 1810 
Mot. S, 1810 
AprU II, 1810 
July 3e, 1610 
Aug. n, 1810 
Jon. 34, 1811 
Feb. 7,1811 
Mar. 38, 1811 
May 3, leil 
Oct. 1, 1811 
Not. 37, 1811 
Jan. 5, 1814 
May 15, 1815 

Jan. 15, 1816 
April 30, 1816 
July 39, 18U 
Aug. 33, I81£ 
Not. 25, 1816 
AprU 7.1818 
May 38, 1818 
Mar. 3,1819 
Mar. 19, 1819 
Dec, 15, 1819 
April S, 1821 
June 15, 1832 
Jane 19, 1823 
OU. 4,1899 
Mar. 35, 1825 
April 19, 182S 
May 9, 1825 
Mar. 24, 1827 
May 19, 1827 
Juno 7, 1837 
SepL 3, 1827 
Jan. 10, 1828 
April 33, 1838 
Aug. 23, 1838 
Mar. n, I8S» 
June It, 183» 
Juw 87, 18S» 



. T. AL.'Morriaoa.... 

. Jamei C. Barret 

.. Horace Sazion 

. John Ewing 

. Henry Shi*ely and R. 

S. McEwen 

. John Oolhoudl 

. John Sowle and P. 

. Isaac F. Waring 

. Iram Brewster 

. Moses Granger 

. Sereno Bickennan & 

Samuel M. Paraons. 

. Philip Cornell 

. Nathan'! C.TIfran;& 

EbeneMr Robinson.. 
. Samuel Bushnell, 3d. . 

. David Smith 

. Joseph Craii 

. Cyras Baker 

. Samuel Sweet, jr 

. Johnson Mewhinoey. 

. ZuriS. Doty 

. James Van Aukin, 3d. 

. Amon Bailey. > 

. John H , Bniner 

. Jedediah Darrow 

. Willmm Loomis 

. Jesse Ladd 

. Simeon Power 

. Isaac Van Gorder .... 

. James Bu)nett 

. Caleb C. Knowies 

. Antliony C. Currel].. . 

. Eli Willemiu 

. Webber Ferbish,., 
. Thomas Thome . . . 
. Warren Eslabrook. 

. UriL. Clark 

. Iram Brewster 

. James Gusline 

. Jelin Brown 

. Joshua Bicker 

. Adna L. Norcroia.. 
. Iram Brewster.. ■>. 

. Francis Collon _ . 

. Benjamin Randall. . .. 
. Samuel Clark. . . . 
. Philip S. Lowell. 
. Miebel Knight.. 
, Isaac Wood ..... 

m Pheipe 

. William A. Herrick.. 

. Russel Bradley 

. Joseph Turner I 

. Caleb Angevine i 

. Clil^n C. Steames... 
. Hezekiah Roberts — 
. Lyman Whitticr 1 

Oroton, N. Y. 
CoUina, N. Y. 
Pari.,N.Y... .... 

Worcester, Man. . . 


Oct IS, 1899 
Oct. 19, 18» 
Not. 6,ISa> 
Jan. 39,1830 

Blenheim, N. Y.. 
Columbia lowns'p,0. 
Blenheim, N. Y... 
Syracuse, N. Y. . . 

Caroline, N.Y... 
Say brook, Ct.. . . . 
Bmmetsbui^, Md. 
Warren, Ohio. . . . 
Charleston, N. Y. 
Readfield, Mass., 
Liberty township, O. 
MaBsilton, Ohio. . . . 
Knox, N.Y... 
Pouliney, Vt... 
McKean, Ohio. 
Warren, Ohio. . 


Holdenees, N. H... 
Lawrencerille, Pa.. 
Warren, Ohio. .... 


Fkiyelle, Me. 

GraDTille, Ohio. .... 
Ceolre township, 0. 
Salem lownahip.O.. 
Salem, Ohio.... 
Manor township. Pa. 
Blenheim, N. ¥. . . . 
New Pelersbuig, 0. 


Bangor, Me 

HalTowell, Me 

Schoharie eo., N. Y. 


North Pownidl, Me. 

Parkman, Me 

Farmingion,Me. .. 


Fayette CO., Ind. .. 
Dedhom, Mass.. . . 

Willialon, VL 

Green, Me 

Willlaton, Vt. 

Poland. Me 

New York 

Buckpart, Me. .... 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

Mar. 33, 1S30 
AprU 10, 1830 
" ay 38, 1830 
July 14, 1830 

Oct. 1, 1830 
Oct. 1, 1830 

Doc. 14, 1830 
Dec. ao, 1830 
&pril 31, 1631 
May 5,1831 
June 13, 1831 
June 13, 1831 
July 30, 1831 
Aug. 31, 1831 
SepL 38, 1831 
Oct. 6, 1831 
Feb. 9,1838 
June 3,1832 
June 7, 1832 
June 22, 1S32 
June 33, 1832 
June 27, 1833 
July 25, 1833 
Aug. 3, 1833 
OcU 35,1833 
Oct. 35,1833 
Oct. 35,1833 
Mar. 6, 1833 
Apnl 13, 1833 
No*. 19, 1833 
Dec. 31, 1833 
Dec 31, 1833 
May 14, 1834 
June 18, 1834 
Aug. 9, 1834 
SepL 19, 1834 
Jan. 7.183S 
Jan. 9, 1835 
Mar. 11, 1835 
April 33, 1835 
May 39, 1835 
May 9, 183& 
June 36, 1835 
July n, 1835 
July 31, 1835 
July SI, 1835 
July 21, 1835 
Aug. 15, 1835 
Aug. 17, 1835 
Aug. 17, 1835 
Feb. 5, 1836 
Feb. 10, 1836 
Feb. 13, 1836 
Mar. 3,1830- 

by Google 




Churn, babtuced iBrer. 

Churn, box. 

Charn, cbanuDg ei«am by u 

i>hcric air 

Cnuro, cradle 

Chwm, cutting Ooati of- . . . 

Chum, daah 

Chum daaheiB • 

Chum, double da^er 

Chum, double dnah. ~ 

Chum, doable dash 

Chum, double revdring.... 

with di 



floating wheel 

forcing toItb piiton. . . . . . 


horizontal Tibnttiug. 

inclined wbeel, appUed 

labor BaTing 

labor Baving ............ 

labor aaTing 

lever pover 

maehiiM for working 

pendulum.. ............ . 

propelling and cradlea. , . . 
propelling by weights. . . . 

revolving .... 

revolving daiher.. ....... 

rocking. ,, . 




Ssmael Tyler. . . 
Davia VarieL. . . 
Slep-n P. W- DoigtasB 



John S. "niomaon. . . 

Constant Webb 

A. A, W. A. Oroweil . 
Thomas Pierce. 

Lemuel Adams 

Roderick Ooodwin... 
Noah H. Lindley.... 

Daniel F. Hilt 

N. H. Lindley & W. 



Harmeas Bentley.. . . . 
Jason B. Schermerhom 

Thomas Ling 

Samuel B. Howd. 
Charles King. .... 
Caleb Aigevine. . . 
T. db L. Morrison. 


John Barber ......... 

Reading Ryerson 


Peter Van Antwerp. . . 

Enoa Mitchell 

Ezra Walerhouse. . . . 

William Sutton 

Luther Bamey dt Abel 

A. Beach 

Ebenazer Dewey 

Benjamin Cuehwa.... 

John Davidaon 

Thomas Pratl 

G. F. Reeve and J. 

William Cook 

Samuel J. O'Brien.. 


PhiUp H. KemUll. 
Hoaea H. Orover. . 


Cyrus Hitchcock. . . 
Caleb Angevioe. .. . 
Ezra Whitman, jr.. 

Aaahel Bacon 


Hardin Branch 


Daniel Parmelee 

John a. Philip 

Lewia Hbkson 

Thomas E. Warner. 


New Okmceater, Ue. 


I^nnngbarg, N. Y. . 

Lisbon, H.T 

Bitlerica, Mass 

Harriaonburg, Ta.. 

Blue Hill, Me. 

Dover, Ohio.... 
Wyaluaing, Pa . . 
Wellingford, Ct. 

Hartwiek, N.Y.... 

Redding, Ct 

North Bereen, H. Y. 

Redding, Cl 


Bridgepoitj Ct... 
31. Louis, Mo. . . 

BalUton, N. Y.. 

New York 

Portland, Me.. . . 


Qxoton, N. Y... 

Warwick, N.Y.. 
Caroline, N. v.. . 

Jay! mI".' .'.'!;!!! 

Coeymana, N. Y. . 

Pittaion, Me 

Gardiner, Me 

Geneva, N.Y.... 

Groton, N. Y. ... 

BuUemuU, N. Y. . 
CiesTsprine, Md . . 
Che»hiie,N. H... 

On>nge«o.,N. Y... 
Southport, N. Y. . . . 


Hai>dale,N. Y.... 

Salem, Mass 






Windsor, N.Y..... 
Waahington, D.C.. 



Dulchcas CO., N, Y. 
Kinderbook, N. Y. . 


Harford cOt Md... 

1 by Google 

moni, Bnd workiitt it. . 

<niiver leed, galhenog, 

Clover huller. -.. 

Clover miB, for hulling, ^. 
Otover mill, for hulling, ±c. 
Coooa gnm, deatrofing.. . . 

Com and cane cutters 

Com, covering 

Com fodder, cutting and crashing. 
Cora fodder, euUing and cnuihing. 

Corn, hulling ~... . .. . 

Com, husking 

Com, hasking .. . .• 

Com, niadiine for shsUing.. . 
Com, pluiliag. — Sn Stt&ig. 
Com rows, Ac., laying off... 

Corn sheller 

Com abellsr 

Com shdler 

Com shelltt, (impt'tonPhinoey's) 

Com shelW 

Cora tbeller, (impr'nt on Jones's) 

Cora Bh«ll«r 

Com Bh«ller 

Com Bheller 

Com Bheller 

Com shelli..' 

Cora Bheller 

Com Bheller 

Com sbeller 

Com sheller 

Com Bheller 

Cora aheller 

Com aheller 

Com sheller 

Com abeller 

Com sheller 

Cora Bheller 

Cora Bheller 

Cora sheller 


Corn sheller.. 

Com Bhetl^.. 

Cam sheller;. 

Com Bheller 1, 

Corn Bbeller.. 

Com idielle)'.. 

Com shelter.. 

Cora sheller. . 

Corn ehcllw.. 

Com aheller.. 

Com Bheller.. 

Cora sheller.. 

Com Bheller.. 

Cmq abeUer.. 

John Davotie.. 

Dtuiel Baad 

H«*. JUngriMirr . . . . 

Ira Baric 


Tbomu L)ng~.. . . • i 


daw 13. 

John Smith 

Jamas K. Mitchell.. 

Henry Hizer 

Samuel W. PoweU.. 
Hanry B. Kenner. . . 

Jacob Peck 

Tbomaa Willkma.. 

Rudolph Miller 

Hinni A. Pitts...., 
Woiraa Carpenter.. 
Jonsthon Cutler.... 
Elijah Converse.... 

Peter Moaeley 

Paul PiUsbary 

John HaaTin 

J. PuUer 

Waller Janee.. 
Rufus Outhrie. 
H. and E. J. RouseTBlt 
'Noah Linduy . . 

Samuel Spnoner 

WiUiam B. Sheffield. 
Lemuel Peck 

ChauDcey Bulkley. . 
Hiram Hubbard.... 

Lewis Whitner 

Benjamin Crooker.. 
Alveison Little..... 

Picraon Reading . 

Francia Price 

WiUiam C. Hawley. 

John Moon 

Samuel Lane 

Amon Bailey 

Chriiiopher Hoxie.. 
Jeremiah Dodeon . . ■ 

Elijah RaiMU 

Thomoa Newman... 

John Brown 

William Hoyt.. . . 
Phil. OroBJean.. . . . 
Thomas J. Dean.. 
John S. Oardiner. . 
Samuel £. Donnell. 

John Rosa. 

Michael Carpenter. 
Predenck Eliou... 


Rodney Hoyt 

Wwren Johnsoo. . , 

Oalernlle, H.Y. 
HebniD, Ct. . — 
Winthrop, Ue 

Pickaway, Ohio,, 

Frederidubu^, Va.. 



Turbet, Pa 

New Oiiaana, J.a. . . . 

Oakland, Pa. 


York, Pa, 

Winihrop, Maine.. 

Nawcaslle, Pa. 

Norwich, Conn.... 

Putney, Vi 

Cincinnaii, Ohio. ... 

Benton, Miaa. 


Frededcklawn, Md.- 

Rockland, Va. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ashford, Conn 

Brimfield, Mass 


Caiskill, H. Y. 

Felertbun, Mass... . 


Brook&eld, Conn 

Falls to wnahiri, Pa. . 
Manchester, Vt..... 

Palmyra, N.Y 



Columbia, Conn.... 

Trenton, N.J 


New York 

Morriarille, Pa 

Hallo wall, Maine. . . 

Ponlloey, Vt 

Hudson, N.Y. 



Guilford, N. C 

Prondenoe, R. I . . . . 

Teraon, Ind 

Louieviile, Ky. 


CanandaigUB, N. Y. 


MJaatiaburs, Ohio. , . 
Bo*CBweD,N. H.... 

Dae 5,UI» 
June 16, ISn 
July 96, IHD 
Jan. 16,18*5 

Jan. S6, 1331 

April SB, 1815 
July 30, 1S4S 
June 14, IMS' 
Aug. 16, 1845- 
Oet. 6, lau 
Aug. ae, 1844 
Dec 19, 1893 
Oct. 3, 1844 
May 1, ld4& 
Jan. S3, 1836 

Nov. 14, isae 

July 31, 1837 
Jan. 7, 1846 

Dec 13,1842 
Oct. 25,1803 
May 8,1810 
Mar. 19, 1816 
Oct. 29,1816 
May 6,1819 
Jan. 18, ISaO 
Jan. 36,1831 
Mar. US, 1831 
Feb. 37, 183S 
April IS, 1B33 
April 9, 1934 
April 90, 1834 
May 35, 1834 
June 11, 1834 
Not. 13, 1834 
Dec. 3,1834 
Dee. 33, 1834 
Dec. 37, 1894 
May 4,183S 
June 99,1835 
June 31, 183tF 
SepU 9, 1835 
NiTT. 1, tB3& 
Dee. 8,189^ 
Judo 15, 1896 

Oct. 34, isse 

Feb. 1, 183r 
Mar. IB, 189» 
April 09, 1»8 
July 39, 1S9» 
Dec. e,iBa» 
June 11, 1899 
April 5, 18S3 
April 13, 1833 
Aug. 8, 1833 
Nov. 19, 18» 

r. 13, I 


t teianed JuM 13^ ttH.. 

lb, Google 

Con dwUer... 

Com ghdter.., 
Ctwi ibeller... 
Corn iheller... 
Com dtdler... 
Com BhellcT... 
Com abellei.. . 
GorD ahdler. , . 
Com iheUer... 
Com Bh«Uer... 
Com aheller... 
Com aheller... 
Com iheller. ■■ 
Com thellii^.. 

Cein shelling. 

Corn Bhelliag 

Com shelling 

Com shelling. ....... 

Com BheiUnc. >.■.■•. 

Com BbeUing. 

Coni ahelUag.. 

Com BhelUiig. , 

Cmh ■bclUng 

Com sbclling 

Com ahelting. ....... 

Com aheUit^ 

Com theDing. 

Com alieUing 

Com ahelliDf 

Com thelfing 

Com thtOin^.^Stt 1 

Cora Hbcller 

Gora Hbeller 

Com aheller 

Corn ibelier.. ...... 

Com abeller 

Com sheller i 

Com dieUer 

Com aheller •■ 

Cora alielltr 

Com fbeller 

Com aheller ~ 

Ctm dieller. 

Cotti dieBen. >■•... 
Corn abcUen. 

CorB ahellets 

Cmb ahellen....... 

Cora (bellen. : 

Con ifadbr 

Com Iheller » 

Cm* dMllar.. ...... 

Con ibeUGr.... 

■ J. H. TMdt and A 


■ Bph. Rand and Adtt 

L. NorcTosB.. . . . . 

• Dunbar and Powan. 
> John P. Small 

■ JoMph 'Turner 

• BlgahMuM 

. Robert Qmj. 

. LeriSiepbena 

. Goorge E, Waring. . 

. Rotx^ Humpbreya. 

. Zina. Phinney 

. WUIiamHoyt 

. Jabez Parker sud Mi- 
ram M. Smilh 

. Joel Bamea and Mel- 
soQ T. Loomia .... 

. Dand Hilchcock.... 

. Juae Read 

. WilJiamOee. 

• GhriatianThomaa.... 

■ Mtdiael CarpeoU) 

. Daniel Hall 

. Timolhy Wdbnon, jr. 
. Ezekiel W. Coffin.. 
. laaac &. Hedget .... 

. Henrya. N«l 

. IraSmith 

. J.C.Baldwui 

. Thomaa Wruht.... 
. Jamea W.Webb... 

. Rufiu Porter 

. Leater E. Denoiaon. 
. EznBand... 

. Olonzo R. Dinsmore. . 

■ W.Mcllroy, jr., Bart- 

ley and Wm. Boon 
Williani R. Parker.. 
. Lester E. Denniaon, 
. Samuel H. Kiaingei 
. Porter A. QlMlwin. 
. John A. Whitford. 
. CharUs WillM.. . . . 
. Nicbol. Gotdsbaraugh 

. Pienon Reading 

. Joaeph U. Derby. 

. John .Mercer 

CyniaC. Bnl 

Nathan Charles and 

Edwin A. Scol&eld. 

, Carlos G.Preaaer and 

James B. Dudisy. 
. Fnmcia N. Smith, . 
, WiUiam Manning.. 


Hallowell, Matne... 
Poitlsnd, Maine .... 
OtImaDlon, N. H... 
Portland, Maine. . . . 
Knoxtille, Teen. . . . 

Poahney, Vt 

Nencaatle, P&. 


New York 


Cairo, N.Y 

Vernon, Ind 

Richmond, Va 

Cornwall, Conn 

New York 

Marshfield, Maaa . . . 
BrinceOeoise oo.,Va , 

Lancaater, n. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Stnwbutg rnahip, Ptt. 

Brooklyn, Vt.. 

Gilead, Maine. 


PottUney.Vt '., 

Downiiigton, Pa. . . . 

Staunton, Va.. ..... 

NewVillage, N. J.. 

Billeriea, Maaa 

Say brook. Conn. .. . 
Mendon, N.Y 

West Cheater, N.H. 

Greenwich, N. J.... 

Millon, Del........ 

Saybreok, Conn.... 


Cheater, Ct 


Cholaea, Maaa. 

Eaton, Md 


Leominster, Maaa, . , 
HarrisTiUe, Ohio. . . . 
CmeinnaCi, Ohio. . . . 

Norwich, Ct 

AndoTer, N. H 

Kinderhook, N. Y.. 
Soulh Trenton, N.I. 




Ballimoic, Bid. 

. Peb. 11, 1835 

Feb. 19,1835 
Jnne S6, 183.^ 
July 31, 1S35 

Aug. 15, less 

Sept. 9,1835' 
Sept. 18, 1835 
Jan. 33,1836 
Mar. 31, 1836 
Jan. 16, 1S3S 
May 8,1804 
Mar. 16, 18S7 
Dec. 34, 1B34 
Fd,. 16, 1815 
Dec IT, 1830 

AiKil 9, 1831 

April 13, 1831 
June 13,1931 
S^t. 1.1831. 
May 10, 1839 

Dec 33,1834 
Feb. 3, 1836 
Feb, 10, 1836 
Feb. 13, 1836 
Oct. 11,1836 
Juna 13, 1838 - 
July 16, 1838 
Smt. 13, 1838 
Oct. 8, 1838- 
June 13,1831' 

ftlar. 30, 1839 

Jcdy 9,1839 
Aug. la, 1839 

Oct. 31,1839 
April 34, 1S4D' 
Jan. 33,1841 
Jen. 37, 1841 
Feb. 13, 1841 
S«it. 35, 1841 
Not. 10, 1841' 
June 34, 1839 
July 16,1843' 

Jan. SO, 1843 

Bdar. 30, 184S 
June 1,1843 
Aug. 4,1843 
April 13. 1844 
June 14, 1S45> 
Dee. 6,184» 

by Google 

Cmii (Italkr - . . . 

9ort> ibeScr 

Com sholliiig and cleaning 

Corn shelling uid dcamng.. . . . 

Com alalki, cutting 

Cntlon elesoer 

Co^lOD, deaning.— Su Clan 3. 

Cotton, drying, Ac 

ColtoD seed, sepdiating. — Sm Htdl ing. 
Cotton plant, maoi^Bnieiit of..... "' 

Cotton Ktapet 

Cotton thinner 

Oadls.— &e CkMi^. 

Cretun, extracting from milk 

Cniihers, com and cob 

Culiivaling and tilling the ground . 
CuliivBling eouitn, scraper and har- 



Lorenzo B. Glover. . 

James Hurray 

A. Qlendenning. . . , , 
Fonea McCanjr. . . , , 

John Fhilbridc 







Cultivator. — Su PUmg^ 
CullivBlor.— Sh Ste&ig. 





Cnllivalor ,' ,. 


Cultivator, American 

Cultivator, for beans and c 
Cultivalor, com plough.. . 

Cultivator, com 

Cultivator, com, Ac. . . . 

Cultivator, com 

Cultivator, com 

Cultivator, cotton 

Cultivator, garden* 

Cultivator, or harrow; 

Cultivator, or hoe-baiToir. 

Cultivator, revolving 

Cultivator and seed planter. 

Cultivator, seeding 

Cultivator, teeth 

Cultivator, tooth 

Ctlltivator, tooth foir. , 

Cultivator, (oath and harrows. . . 

Cullnator, tooth for. 

Cnltivator,fbr thiiming cotthi planU 

Cnltivalor for vines 

Cultivator, and weeder 

Samuel Davis. ... 

James L. McKnighL. 
JosqihT. Preaoott... 

William P. SampU 

James Hall 

S. Hubbard &J .Graves 
Riehaid Herbert... 

David Davis 

Jamea M. Gameu. . 
J. S. EasLman.,... 

Cultivalor, weeding com . . 

Cutting cane, bmU, Ac 

Colting, circular nythe . . . 
Cutting, crwUe, for grain.. . 
Cutting, cradle, forgrvin.. . 
Cutting, cradle, for hemp. ■ 

Cutting, farmers' acylhe 

Cutting, fodder 

Robert Nelson 

William Dyzert 

Almond Harrison. . . . 

Andrew RalstoD 

Allen Eldred 

William Dysert 

Frederick Miner 

Bliokim Spooner 

John Hemly 

John B. Smith 

Noah Barnes 

Sam. Bmily 

Issachar Bates, Asa 

William A. Rogers. . . 

John B. Smith 

Waldren Beach 


R. l£ Spriogsleed . . 

John Richard 

James Birdsell 

DavMl B. Rogers. . . . 

Wilham Beach 

Waldren Bescb 

Isaac Cobb 

John Weaver 

John Mbsoq 

Simeon W. Marshall 

and J. W.Cobum.. . 

Charles Hill 

Edwin Owen , 

John & Adam Rhodet 

Isaac Babe ock 

Edward Badlum, jr. . 
Wilson L. Larimore. 
Theophilua Easton.. . 
Luke S. Band 


JomeMown, N. 0. . . 

EoMoo, Conn ,, 

Beltimora, Md 

BuUer county, Fa, . . 
Deniopolis, Ala 

Cold Spring, Miaa.. . 

Brighton, Mhs 

Mur&teeboro', N. C. 


Buchanan, Va. 

Cheaterfield, Maine. 

Bedford CO., Tenn... 

Williamson co.Tenn 
Fraderickabarg, Va. 
Lorelto,Va.. ...... 

Baltimore, Md. . . . . 

WeM Point, la 

GettyabniK, 1h.... 
Oppenheim.N. Y... 
Geuysburg, Pa. ... . 
New London, Conn , 

Adams, N.Y>! 

Sommerville, Ala... 

Norfolk, Va. , 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 

Bensalem, Fa 

Crown Point, N. V. 
Wooater, Ohio . . . . . 
QuilTonl t'nahip. Pa, 
Hamofton, Pa. .... 


Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 
Westminster, Vt.... 
Waahington, D. C. . 
nnion,H.J , 


'nahip, N. Y, 
Chester, Vi 



July 31, ISle 
Oct 7,1846 
Sept, 95, 18)3 
FA. IS, 1845 

Feb. 13, 1836 

May 6, 1824 
Feb. 3,1824 
June 19, 1835 

Oct 1,1830 
Dec 15,1843 
May IS, 1834 

Sept, 3, 1831 
Nov. 19, 1814 
June 31, 1B23 
Aug. 19, 18S8 
July IT, 1835 
Feb. 3,1836 
June 30, 1836 

Jan. IS, 1844 
Aug. 16, 1844 
SepU S, 1845 
SepL 3,1845 
Dec aO, 1B45 
Aug. 88, 1H46 
Aug. 31, 1819 
Juae 85, 1799 
Dec 10, 1838 
April 15, 1B39 
Sept. 10, 1B4U 
April 6, 1843 

May 38, 1849 
Apnl 1,1843 
April 10, 1839 
OcL as, 1833 
Nov. 36, 183S 
July 10, 1841 
Feb. 13,1845 
Dec. 16, 1833 
No*. 9,1844 
Nov. 1, 1B4S 
Nov. 8, 1835 
April 13, 1836 
Dec 7,183» 
July 5,1837 
May 38, 1842 

OcL 3, 1838 
Jtdy 7, 1814 
May 30, 1846 
Dec 6, 1814 
Mar. 34, 1833 
Sept. 18, 1835 
April as, 1637 
Dec 3, 1814 
Nov. 18, 1846 

* Ailedatsd Oewter 10, 1B3I. 

lb, Google 

OmiB%,foddar , 

Cniting gnia 

Culling grain 

Catting frain 

Catling grain 

Catting grain 

Catting grain 

Oitting grain 

Culling grain* 

Cutting grain 

Cutting grain, all kinds. 

Cutting grain, giaaa soed coUectoi 

Calling gniiii,£e., (horretliiigi 

Calling grain, horae power. ■ ■ 

Caning gnin, ond rake 

Cutting graas 

Culling graas 

Cutting graaa 

CnUizig grass .....»■.■.».. 

Cntdnggran .,,,.,.,.. 

Cutting graaa 

Culling grata, Ac _ . , 

Coning gra«g 

Culling grass 

Cutting grass 

Cutting grass 


Cutting graaa 

Cutting grass 

Culling grass 

Cutting grass and grain 

CuUing grass and grain. .. . ... 

Culling grass and p^n 

Culling and grinding fodder. . . 

Cutting and raking 

Culling, horae scyihe ........ 

Culling, and Ihraahing. ...... 

Culling, scythe 

Cutting, scyllie 

Culling, scyllie fastenings.. , . 
Cutting, scythe hanging 

Culling, scylhe snaUi 

Culling, acythe anath 

Cutting, aeyihe snaih 

Cutting, scythe snalh 

Cutting, scythe snath moulds. 

Cutting, wheat. 

Cutting, wheat 

Cutting, wheat. 

Dairy, cooler 

Drills, improvements in 

Panning mil! 

fWming machine and com diap 
Fencea, consiniciion of. . . 
Flax or hemp, gathering. 

Flax pullers , 

Fork, Ibui lined. 

g«nfnts,& Baker.. 
Richard French, and J, 

T. Hawkins , 

Samuel Adama 

John Comfort 


Samuel Lane 
William Manning. 
Obed Huzzey. .. . . 
Alexander H. Wilson 
William F. Kelchura 
Cyrus H. McCormlck 


Elnoch Ambler 

Abraham Kundell 

Peter GaiUanl 

Peter Baker 

Jer. Bailc 

Bucka county. Pa. . . 
Bridgewaier, N. J.. 
HaUowell. Maine... 

PJainSeM, N.J 

CinciDnali, Ohio. . . , 
Rhinebeck, N.Y... 

Buffalo, N.Y. 

Rockbridge co.,Va. 
Jeffisrsonco., Tenn. 

Kalamazoo, Mich .. 

Verona, N.Y. 

er. Pa.. 


E.Cope & J . Hoopes, jr. 
Erastiu Ir^rsoll 

Richard Heath. 
Thomas A. Anderaoa 
Wm. andT.Schnsbly 
Slurdivant and Holmes 
John P. Chandler.... 

Henry Allen 

John Drununond 

WiUiam C. Qreenleaf . 

Isaac I^rd 

Andrew J. Cnok 

David Lewis, jr 

Ira Wheeler 

Alexander M. Wilson 

Jacob Royer 

Clinton Foster 

John A. Wads worth 
E. Briggs and Q. G. 


Cheater county. Pa, 
Cheater county^ Pa , 
Farminglon, Mjch. . 
McMinn co.. Tern 
Hagerslown, Md.i 
Portland, Maine. . 
Wateiford, N. Y... 
Andover, Maine. ,'. . 


Delphi, Ind 

Bern, N.Y 

Salem, N.H 

New York, N.Y. 
Unianiown, Md.. 

Laporie, Ind 

Portsmoutk, R. I. 

8. Lamson. 

Joseph Clapp and ELias- 

ttis S. Clapp. 
S. Ijimson. . . 
John KnighL. . 
Dei ler Pierce. 
Samuel Puffer. 

William P. Claib»m«. 
John S. Pleasanis . ■ ■ . 
Bernard Jaskson.... 

David Whilmer..... 

Henry W. Smith... 

Lazaius B. McLain. . 
per— Ste SteMng. 
Joseph M. SleTens... 
WiUiBin Britiain and 

John SilreiB .. . 
James H. Benneli 
Orannlle Martin , 


Montague, Mass. . . 

Sterling, Mass 

Woodbury, N.J.. 
Montafue, Mass. . . 
Sunderland, Maaa. 

Halibx county, Va 
Brown county, Ohio 

Paradise, Pa 

Paradise, Pa 

Hock ton. Pa j 

New Lisbon, Ohio i 


Not. SW, 1846 

May 17, 1803 
Dec 28,1805 
Feb. 26, 1811 
Nov. a, 1S3S 

Aug. 8, leas 

May 3,1831 
Deo. 31, 1633 
Dec. 30, 1835 
MarchT, 1B46 
June 31, 1834 
Sept. 18, 1835 

June 38, 1836 
Dee. 23,1834 

April 22, IS3&- 
Dec. 4, 181% 
Feb. 19, 1814 
Feb. 13, 18311 
May 18,1835 
May 7, 1830 
April 96, 1833 
June 39, 1833 
Aug. 33, 1833 
June 19, 1835 
Aug. 17, 1835 
June 3, 1836 
June 30, 1836 
July 1, 1836 
Nov. 20, 1846 
Not. 30, 1846 
April 14, 1838 
May 30, 1838 
Sept. 3, 1846 
Mar. 12, 1845 
April 18, 1846 
July 3, 18S4 

Feb. 5,1836 
June 16, 1836 
OcL 39,1836 
Nov. 95, 1834 

April 7,1831 
lihx. 11, 1837- 

April 7, 183a 

Not. 8,1811 
July 38, 1837 
June 14, 1834 
Dec 7, leafr 
Not. 4, 1646 
Oct. G, 1643 

New Hope, Pi 

Bast Bennington, Vt. 
Waterbury, Conn.. 

Nov. 35, 1838 
Jon. 23,1845 
June 13,iai3 

* Bennrad Jane 10, IBIT. 



Pork, (bur lined 

Fork, four lined 

Fork, hay and dang 

Fork, pnch ■• 

Fork, ileel spHDg:< 

FniiWiAc, drying 

Fruit ^berer 

F^il, infltranent for gndieri 

Garden, geographical 

Garlic machine 

Garlic Kpontor* 


Grain cradlM 

Grain cutwn 

Grain, mnehine for cleaning . 
Ghrain, machine hreleanti^. 

Grain, mcaaaring 

Qraincrica, vheal, Ac 

Grain separalon 

Qmbi and boahea, extracUng from 
land : 

Harrow, com and grain caltiTatoi 
HBrrow, com and grain cultiratoi 

Harrow, hoe 

Harrov, hoe and plough. 
HarroT, or polyahare .... 

Harrow, pren 

HuTOW, revolving . .. 

HetTOW, rerolTing, cylindrical... 
Harrow, Belf-flharpening . . 

Harrow, ue'th 

Harrow, teeth 

Harrow, teeth 

Harrow, teeth flake 

Harrow*, letolring 

Harrow, award-eontng. . . 
Barreating machine.. .... 

Hay BDt) groin, cohering. . 
Hay, preaerrii^, ft«. .... 

Hay, apreadins «nd tunn 








Hoe, CMI iron 

Hoe, caat neel 

Hoe, faatening handles ti 
Hoe, fiwtening handlea ti 
Hoe, garden 

Martin Steren* 

Cahin Perkins...., 
Chrietian Lawrence. 
Jered Bymgton — . . 
Chartee Goodyear. . . 
Slertten Sirone. .... 
Alex'der McWillian 
WiUiam Scd™ck and 

John Brooke 

G«oi^ W. Cherry. 
Samnel Fahmey... 
WiHpm C. Orimea . 

P.P. Root. 

Chester Gose 


Frederick A. Stoar 
WilUam H. Siephei 
Peter H. Schenck. , 
Juhn Harmony.... 
Dennie Claude, jr. . 

Young William Short 

Lemoel Tarn 

NelhiLniel Stanton, jr 

Peter Clark 

Aquila Newbem.... 
Jonolhiui Cheatham. 
Frederick Brewster .. . 

John C. Concklin 

Samuel Rugg 

James D. Woodeide. . 
Wm. McConeughey , 
Wm. MeConaughcy. 
Perry Prettyman — 

Lemuel Tarn 

Moses Q. Cass 

Dennis Rice 

ErastusC. Weal 

Francis Wright 


Joab Center 

Ephraim Kimball 

Joseph Wataon. ..... 

Paul Whiten 

C. H. Strong and C. 


Qeorg« Harper. 

Adna Allen 

Benjamin Hinkley . . . 
Banjamm F Boyden . 

New HaTen, Conn. 
Walerbury, Conn.. 
Chatham, N.Y.... 
Hinesbarough, Vt. . 


Wilkea -township . . . 
Waahington, D. C- 

PouKlikeepde, N. Y. 

Derby, Conn 

Boonsborongh, Md. 
York. Pa 

Sweden, N. Y 

Madrid, N. Y 

Alton, Illinoia. . ... . 

Catharine, N.Y.... 

Salem. Ill 

New York 

Chambersbur^i Pft ■ . 
Annopolii, Md 

Sussex county, Del. 

Florida, N.Y 

Aurora, N. Y 

Bristol, Pa 

Providence Inn, Va. 

Turlington, Vt 

PeekBkiU,N. Y 

Lancaster, Masa. . . . 
Woahington, D. C 
Pompey, N. Y 

Hoe, horae iron, for pboghtng and 

weeding grain 

Hoe, pronged , 

Hoe, weetflng and others. . > . 

. Isaae Averitl 

. Charles S: Homer.... 
. OUTer Clark and Wm. 
D. Hints 

WiBiam Carmichael. 

Joseph Wilson 

JamcsA. Black 

New Garden, Pa. 
New Garden, Pa. 
Georgetown, Del. 

Milton, Del 


Rowe, Mass 

Bradford, VI 

Hallowell, Maine. 
Chester connLy, Pa. 
Hudson, N.Y... 
Pilchbure, Mass. , 
Canaan, Conn — 
Northbridge, Mas 

Norwich, Conn.. . 

Ramapoo, N. Y.. . 
FsyettE, Maine... 
Boston, Moaa. . . . 
Cotchesier, Conn. 
Greenwich, N. J.. 
□orhaiQ, Maine.. 
Plymouth, Bdich. . 

Boston, Moas. , 
Hudaon, Ohio. . 

Land Lake, N.Y. 
Marlboroi^, N. H. 
Colombia, S. 0. 

Jan. 27,1899 
July SB, 1393 
Jon. 12, 1813 
7, 18S1 
Sept. 2, leil 
Mar. 13, 1844 

OcL 3, 1846 
May S7, 1895 
Dec. 5, 1S«3 
Jnly 26, 1843 
Nov. 15, 1843 
Feb. 16, 1843 
Jon. 20,1843 
June 20, 1846 
July 7, 18« 
Feb. 15,1810 
Aug. 20, 1835 
Feb. 24, 1843 

Jan. S8, 1S40 
July II, IS3S 
July 9, 1B33 
Aug. 20, 1825 
June 1, 1834 
July 31, 1831 
Jon. 24,1833 
April SI, 183G 
Jan. 11,1831 
July 28, 1832 
Nov. 9, 1834 
Dec. 8, 1823 
Feb. 16, 1827 
ApriJ 3, 1S34 
Mar. 30, 1830 
Snit. 10, 1639 
May 17, 1844 
June 25, 18« 
Mar. 19, 1833 
Feb. 15,1838 
June 37, 1B34 
Api^ 3, 1819 
AprU G, 1B30 
July 26. 1833 
Feb. 22, 1825 

Jan. S, 1833 
Nov. 19, 1833 
Jan. 33,1836 
June S3, 1833 
Mai. 31, ISSe 
Jan. 10,1831 
Feb. 14,1833 
May as, 183S 
June 11, 1636 
May 8,1840' 

SepL 9,1843 

July S8, I92T 
Sept. 20, 1831 
Oct. I3,I8a« 
Jnly 7,1833' 

by Google 

Ig buckwhent, borlsy, &c . . 


Ig clover seed 

ig clover leed 

Ig clover seed 

ig clover (teed 

HuDine clover veed 

Uullins clover seed 

Hulling clover Med 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling claver aeed 

■Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed, &,e. . 

Hulling claver wed 

Hulling claver aeed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover aeed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover aeed 

HulliDg clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hury Hufbehr- — 
Thomas Regiatei, 
A.B. CiBwTotd.. 
Jiu^b Wsridl... 
Michael Withers. 
Michael Zorger. . 
William Sampson and 

Cyrus Curtiax 
Samuel Condon. . 
Nehemiab Pfic«. 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed ....... 

Bulling clover saed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed < 

.Hulling clover seed 

HulHog clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hailing clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed.. 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed 

Hulling clover seed. — Sle 
Hulling clover seed, and chopping 


Hulling clover seed, and cleaning. 
Hulling clover aeed, and cleaning. 
Bulling clover seed, and cleajiing. 
Hulling clover seed, and cleaning. 
Bulling clover aeed, and cleaning . 
Hulling clover seed, and clesming. 
Bulling clover seed, and cleaning. 
Hulling clover «eed,*ad other grass 

Samuel Arnold 

John Bolton 

William Loomia..., 
Thomas D. Burrali. 
Isaac H. Haskina. . , 
Benjamin Suuon . . , 

Jacob (Joreas. 

William Manning. . 

Pierson Reading 

Cbriaiopber Seabold, jr 
George MooobiM 
Pierson Heading. . . . 
Oeo. and Edw. Faber 
Thomas Gh>tlogber. . ■ 
Jacob Qajis. >■■..■■.. 
Hil'lreth Rohbins.... 

Leonard Eeep 

ger, and W. Stiles. . 


Israel Correll 

David Rankin , 

Elias Ham 

William E. LuksDB.. 

WilUam Rows. 

Samuel M.Baile;.., 
William C. Orimes. 
William C. OrintM. 

Stacy Weat 


I, Ohio. 
Wwt lowBahip, Ohie 
Waosler, Ohio.. 
Pennsylvania.. . . . 
LancBiMer, Pa. . . . 
York, Pa 

New Uftien, Vi. 
New Hartford, Coon 
Fredeiick CO., Md.. 
Fincostle, Va.. . . , 
Botetourt, Va... 
Ashford , Conn . . . 
Geneva, N.Y... 
Columbia, N.Y,. 

Bomulua, N.Y 

Prederickaburg, Pa. 
Weu£eld I'ns'Tp, Pa. 

Trenton, N.J 

New Brrlin, Pa.... 
Augusta t'nahip,Ohio 
Trenton, N. J. . 
Pittsburgh, Pa., 
Fairfield couDly,Qhio 
Payette county. Pa, 

Willon, Maine 

Tyrone lo'ship,?*.. 

Unioa county, Pa. . , 
Mount Sidnsy, Va. . 
Auguala eoonty , Va. 
Rodieater co., Va, . 
Cadiz, Ohio. ...., 
Alllebo rough. Pa. 

York, Pa. , 

York, Pa. 

Harrord county, Md. 
Ifxinglon, Va. 
Fainautle, Va. . 

-^. 6, IBM 
Apnl 5,10M 
Dee. 31, 1844 
Feb. 97, 1804 
prilSO, JS04 
lay 10, ISIfi 

William M. Barton. 
Daniel Hunsicker. . , 
Jacob Plook, of John. 

Moresboroueh, Pa. 



Hidiiiig clover seed, and com... 

Hulling clover s>wd , mill 

Hulling clover seed, and rice., .. 

HuHiag clover aeed, and ric«. .. . 

George Wales.. 
Samuel While.. 
William Williams. . . . 
Alexander Matthews. 

Elisha. Rider 

Benjamin Wood .... 

Joaoih Ross L 

WilCam C. Grimes. . . 

Abialuun Eeogy.... 
Roben RiuenhouBc. 

John Bolton 

James W. Matthews tc 
Matthews. Kahla. 

Centre township, Pa. 
Chombcrsburg, Ft . . 
Buckingham fsp JPa. 
Island Creek, Ohio, 
EjOvingsloD, Va. . . 
Doylettown, Pa... 
Boundbrook, N. J, 
York, Pa 

Morriaoa's Cove, Pa. 

March 3, 1809 
&laieh3, 1811 
A>». 16, 1814 
Jan. 25, 1816 
Jan. 9, 1823 
April 97, 1833 
June 5, 1833 
May 6, ISii 
Feb. 10, 183S 
Jan. 15, 1830 
Nov. 34. 1830 
Oct. 35, 1831 
March 6, 1S» 
April 37, 1889 
July 31, 183t 
Oct. 13,1832 
Feb. 38, 1633 
Mar. la, 1833 
SepL 6,1833 
Deo. 16, 1833 

Deo. 94,1833 
Deo. 34,1833 
Dec. 31, 1833 - 
Mar. 18, 1834 
Jan. 30,1834 
Mar. ». 1834 
April 96, 1834 
Aug. 93, 1B34 
Nov. 8,1834 
Nov. 8, 1834 
Jan, 16, 1836 
Feb. n, 1836 
June 16, 1836 
Jdm 90, 1836 
June 30, 1836 
Dec. 90, 1837 
May 8,1838 
May 10, 1838 

July 34, I83a 
Aug. 10, 1831 
Aug. 13, 1831 
Dec 13, 1831 
Dec 38, 183S 
Aug. 11, 1834 
Feb. 6, 1835 

June 24, 1839 
Mar. 19, 1833 
Jan. 9,1893 

1 by Google 


"BtdHeg doror oesd, and ihittabiiig 
Hidliiis cofiee. ...... . 


Bulliii{; eoff^ berry 

Hnllins cotton , dover, A other eeed 

'RnlliDg cotton seed , 

Bulling cotton ucd 

Hulling couoD Med* 

Balluig cotton aeed 

HnllinE eoUon seed 

Hulling cotton aerd 

Bulling cotton eeed 

Hulling couoneeed 

Hulling cotton wed 

Hsllins cotton eeed, and breaking 

Hulling cotton aeed and riM.. .. 
Hailing cation aeed.— Stc MUb, 
Hulling grain 

Hulling grain 

Hulling grain 

Hulling grain, and cleaning. . 
Hulling grain, and deaning. . 
Bulling grain and rice 

Hulling gran aeed 

Hulling, hulking, AeheUingcornt 

Hailing machines 

Hulling machine, cyliDdiicol 

H otliiv machine, aepar^tii^ leeda, 

Hulling riea 

Hulling rioe.... 

Hulling nc« 

Hulling rice 

Hulling nee 

Hulling rice.— Su TiraMig. 

Hulling rice and barlejr 

Hulling rice and baclef 

Hulling rice and barley 

Hulling rice and barley 

Hulling rii 
Hulling rii 
Hullii^ rii 
Hulling rii 
Hulling rii 
Hullinj * 

, cleaning.. 

Hulling rice, cleaning.. 
Hulling rice, cleaning.... 
Hulling rice, cleaning. . . . 
Hulling ric«, cleaning.. . . 
Hulling rioe and cofCge. . . 

Bisyley' and Walker. 

Henry Bangs 


Rovrell Abbey 

laaac Adanvt 

Thomaa Diuon 

John Whileman 



Fraocia Follel 

Jabez Smith 

LancehK Jafanaon . . . . 


L. D. Ce*Briy 

Henry Hubbard 

Miller & Lawea 

Pianon Reading 

Chailee Beck A. Wm. 



Ban). Mahby dt Malt- 
by Fowler 

Nathaniel Barreit. . . . . 

William J. Hart 


Jeduthan Croaa 

BcDJ. Maltby dt Malt- 
by Fowler 

Thatcher Blake 


Jomee McGregor 

SebaMian Honpt 

G.McA. Brown 

J. Andrewadt G. Piper. 
Chriatopher Hoxie. . . 

Sherman Dewy 

John Ravenel 

Joehua M. Buakey... 

JohnW. Walker 

Lewi* Cole 

C. H. Harvey & E. 

John L. Norton 

T. F. Strong & M. T. 

T. P.E^nV&M.T.' 

Eleazer Carver 

John Beck &. Jo«epb 


Jamea DelleU 

Jonathan Lueaa, jr — 

John T. Rickett 

RoBwell King 

Richard French 

LazBTua Rugglea 

Elihu Spencer 

AMxanaer Shinie 

John L. Norton. 

John Campbdl 


niillqia, Maine. ■ . 


Bdfaat, Maine... 


Boiton, Moa*. . . . 

Boaion, Maae 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Pennayhania.. . . . 

SaIem,N. C 

Petereburg, Va... 
Pelarabun, Va... 
Madison, Ua. .... 

Madison, Oa 

Waierford, Cu . . . 
ClBremoni, N. H . 
Washing'n CO., Miaa 
Trenton, N. J. 

i 6,Ui 
. April 39,<ia 
. Sept 10, m 

. June se, leas 
Dec. 6, lan 

Mar. 31, 1814 
Jan. 3],I8» 
Dec. S8,18I9 
Mar 39, 1893 
Dec. ao, 183S 
Feb. IS, 1834 
April 19, 1834 
Oct. ST, 1835 
AprU 13, 1836 

New Haven, Ct.... 

PariB,N.Y. , 

Talmadge, Ohio... 

Oi«ego,M. Y. 

Centre Li«le,N. v.. 

New Haven, Ct... 

Paris, Me. 

Miamiaburg, Ohio. . 

Saratoga, N.Y 

Philaddphia, Pa. . . 

Northumber'd co. .Ta 
Camden, Me.... 


HanTord, Ct.... 
Charieaton, S. C. 


Madiaon, Ga.. ..... 

New Glouceater, Me 

Poughkeepaie, N.Y. 

Cbarleeton, 8. C... 

Nordiampton, Meas. 

N orthampton, Masa . 
BridgcwBler, Mm*. 

Beplt'a Feny, S. C. 


Charleaton, S.C... 
Cameron Run, Va. 

Dorien, Qa. 

Morriaville, Pa.... 


New Haven, Ct.... 
Charieston, S. C. . . . 


Winneborough, S.C. 
Jersey City, K.J... 

Feb. 38, 1S18 
Aug. 21, 1BS3 
May 31, 1894 
Aug. 35, 1833 
OcL 8,1838 

Feb. 28, 1818 
July 13, 163S 
Jan. 15,1840 
May 13, 1840 
Nov. 16, 1812 

Mar. 19, 1813 
Dec ID, 1840 
Jan. 7,1803 
Mar. 3,1811 
Jan. 39, 1830 
Oct. S5, 1833 
Dee. 16, 1833 
June. 16, 1836 

May 30, 1831 

May 1,1830 

Not. 11, 1832 

April 36, 1833 

r. 19, 1810 
. 23, 1T96 
r 13, 1808 
r- 8.1808 
r. 31, 1809 
, 5, 1891 
I. 31, i8as 
r. lU, 1896 

f 31. lasi 

;. 6,183T 

( mutoMi iMfHv—t, in«*ii m, i»«i. 

I, Google 



TMIjiij^ >ic«, mortal, for di 
BbOidi; rice, polishing. . . 
ff"1i"g rice, polishing. . . . 

Hulling rice, polishing 

Hulling rice, polisbing 

HHlling rice, pounding 

Hailing rice, pounding 

Hulling tice, ponsdiiu husks. . . 
HuUing rial, and rubbuig wheat* 

Hulling rice, scouring. 

Hulling rice, scouring 

BnUitlg rise, and vorking trip 

Hulling n«, Jtc 

Hulling rics, machiiierjr Tor. • • • 
Hulling rice, machinery for. . . . 
Hailing rice and other grains . . 
Hulling and pearling rice. . . . . . 

Hulling and peeling rke. 

Land, dearii^ 

'lime, spccading 

Lime, spreading 

Ijme, sprsading and soiring. . . 
Lime, &c, sprnding 

Lime, Ac, sprodingt 

Lime, Ax., spreading 

Zime, &«., wiriBe 

Manure and eompoM 

Maltbv Fowler.. 
John BaTenel.. •..■.. 
Asa Nourae...,., ,, 

Asa Mounie 

John L. Norton. . • ■ . . 
James J. Cotdea . . . . . 
Jos. Beach & S. Stair. 
T. F. Sliong&M.T. 

Moody , . . , 

Jonathan Lucas. . . . . . 

William Scarbrough. . 
Alexander D. Moore. , 

Abb Nourae 

Jacob Reed 

Alfred DuTall&Wm- 


Robert Qnnt 

Samuel Mulliken 

Joseph Beach 

Warner Groat 

Daniel Tomlinaon. . . 
William G. Grimes.. 

Webster Herrick 

Jacob Groat 




Milk, preparing for butter&checM 
Milk, preaerriiw •■ 

Mowing. — 8u Outtiw'. 
Mowing, cutting, and gathering 

flax, hemp, Ac 

Mowing, cutting grass under water 
Mowing, catting, A cleaning grain 
Mowing, grain cradleal ' 

Mowing, harreating grain 

Moving, harvMinginaohineSiCi 
lin^, threshing, and wiunowi 


Uowii^, luurTeating machines. . 

Mowing, hemp erailes 

Mowit^ machine 

Mowii^ machine. 

Mowing, reajMng machinei 
Mowing, leaping machine. 

Uowui£, reaping machine. 

Mowing, aeythea to snaths atiacb- 

Mowing, scythes, ftMening the 

Jasper ««., Gft. 

New Haven, Ct.... 
Cliarlestan, S. C. . . . 

Charleston, S.C... 
Charleston, S.C.,.. 
Ixiadon, England. . . 
Middlelown, Cl.... 

Northampton, Moss. 
Charleston, 8.C.... 

SaTsnnah, Qa. 

New HanoTfir, N.C. 

St. Luke's, 8. C 

Charleston, 8.C.... 

MarkL. Wilson 

Francis H. Smith .... 

Levi Sice ^.. 

And'w f""'" A Joel 

Julius Hatch .. . ,.'.. 

Daniel F. H^ 

Julius Hatch 

Anthony D. Martin. 
C. Baer dfc J. Gouliart. 
Arlemas Crittenden.. 

John L. Ontnger. . 

Middletown, Cl. ... 


Brookfield, Ct. 

York, Pa. 

Northampton, Mass, 


Brooklyn, N.Y.... 

Norfolk, Va. 

Cluakerlown, Pa. . . . 

Baltimore, Md 

Chester, Pa 

tipper Milford, Pa. . 
Great Bend, Pa..,.. 

Plainfield, N. J 

Great Bend, Pa.,... 

Baltimore, Md 

Baltimore, Md 

West Turin, N. Y. . 

. New Yorii city.. 

July 38, la 
Msy 17, laB 
July 19, IBBB 
April 3, ia» 

Dec 16, laas 

Sept 19, ISB 
May 10, 18» 

Aug. aa, 1833 
Not. S,1819 
AprU 14, 1835 
Jon. 19, 1809 
July 5, 1814 
June 9,1809 

. Jan. 9, 1B3S 
. Oct. 17, 1T96 
. Feb.. 20, 1797 

OcL 1,1830 
Aug. 38, 1840 
May 12, 1840 
Oct. 6, 1B40 
June S8, 1841 
July 11, 1844 
Sept. 3, 1846 
April 18, 1891 
June 22, 1832 
July 5, 1837 
Aug. 31, 1837 

Oct. 16, 1830 
Aug. 17, 1836 
Feb. 10, 1838 
Aug. 17, 1835 
June 3, 1819 
June 34, 1843 

July 14, lesa 

. Mai. 19, I83fi 

Richard M. Coodi. 

Jacob Hinds 

C. Bro wn & F. S .Croni 
Wm. A. Wood A, J. 

C. LoTeland 

Al&ed ChurchiU 

Damon A. Church. _ . 

George Esterly 

Griffin Reynolds, jr.,. 


Seth Lamb 

William F. Eetchum. 
Cyrus H. McGormick 
Feidinand Woodward 

Lamhertsiille, N. J, 
Barton, N.Y. 


July 16, IS41 
SepL 5,1840 
April 6,1843 

Friendship, N. Y. 
Heart Prairie, W.T. 
Wsshington, Ky. 


Buffido, N.Y 

Rodcbndge, Va 

Upper F^«ehold,KJ. 

. Shelbume, Maaa... ■ 
, BeiTiardstawn,MaBa. 

May 30, 1844 

Oct 16,1839 
June 30, 1849 
Not. 18, 1844 
Jan. 31,1845 
Sept. 30, 1345 

July 9, 1839 

Aug. 4, 1B41 

tnshweil JaaaaiT t, lOB. 


lb, Google 

'Uairiag, MjiheM, Mrarins upon 
the uiuh and .Bsteaing the nib 
(0 th« sBinc. 

Mowing •cylhea, faileiuiig the 

Bilu Lamson 

Samuel. Gaifield , naa'e 
of Thoi. W. lIoTTBy 
ChorLei Whitlaw. 

JoKph Nicholas . 
Enoch Woods, . . 
Cbailei Newbold. 
John Deaver. .... 
DnTid Peacock... 

Htz.. Harris 

Richud B. Chenowelh 

John Klsy 

Roawell ToDsley 

John Seitz 

Matthew Patrick 

Matthew Murray .... 

Horace Pease 

Jetbro Wood 


J. Mcnrgan A, J. B. 

Henry Shultze 

Daiid Peacock 



Perry Miller 

Lemuel Qoodrich and 

John Adaraa 

Richard N. Harriion. 

George D. Avery 

Stephen McConnick.. 

Zodock Harria. 

A. Tic«& UaacTice. 

Jelhro Wood. 

Comeliui Bergen 

Jomea Swarlwout .... 
P. H. Martball and 

Jacob B, Smith 

George Gibbs 

John W. Jenkini. . . . 

John 8. Wright 

R. <fcE. A.Stepheua.. 
Cha. Wqod & Gilbert 


0- Phelpa&G. Moore- 
David I^cock 

William G.Shuart... 
C. a. Gill and Jamea 



Abijah Le«. 

Joaepb WooUey 

Peter J. Cluie. 

Ryland Rhodea 

Oeorn Nixon.. 

David Hitcbeoek 

Obed Hackney 

John Na«h 

A. Spioer, jr. and J. 


ShelbuTMFaUr^aai Ji 

La Fourche, La. . . . 
Beloit, Wiaconain T. 

Baltimore, Md 

Burlington, N.J... . 

Bullit, Ky 

Baltimore, Md 

Frederieklown, Md . 
StnaGuis, Pa. . . . 


Middlstown, Md . 

Enfield, Ct 

Scipio, H.Y 



E^ncaater, Pa. . . . 
New Mills, N.J. . 

Hudson, N.Y 


Wood CO., Va. 

Fauquier c h., Va. . 

Hartford, N.Y 

Union Village, N.Y. 
Poplar RidK, NY. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . 
Taghkanic, N. Y. . . 

LambertviHe, N. J.. 


Hadaon, N.Y 

Greenwich, N. Y. . . 
Hoboken. N. J 

61oom>ngGraTe,N.Y I 

Lansing, N. Y. 
Northuopton, I 
Orange CO., N.Y... 

Chester, S. C - 

Montgomery co. N.Y 
West Chester, N.Y. 


Schenictady, N. Y. 

June 13, 1631 
Jan. 10, 184S 
June 36, 1797 
June 12, 1604 
April I, 1607 
Feb. 31, IBOe 
Not. 95. 1608 
Jan. U, 1613 
Jan. 11, 1B13 
Feb. 8, 1S13 
June 3,1613 
Aug. 7, 1613 
Aug. 96, 1613 
July 1,1614 
July 5, 1614 

Oct. 11, 18U 
Dec IT, 1814 
May 99, 1817 
May 36, 181B 
June 9, 1616 
Oct. 36,1618 

Deo. 3,1616 

Dec. 19, 1618 

Dec 38, 1618 

3, lea 

Mar. IT, I61S 
Aug. 91, 16ia 
SepL 1, 1819 
Nov. 11, 1819 
Nov. 13, 1819 

Mar. 3,1890 
MajT. 8, 1690 

July 6, IfflO 
July 98, 1630 
Sept. 13, 1630 




LebenoB, Ohio 

Talmage, Ohio 

Portage town*^ ,Tb1- 
megB CO., Ohio.... 

Nov. IT, 1891 
Jan. 91, 1693 
Feb. 5,1692 

Mar. 35, 1693 
May 3, 163S 
July 39, 1833 
Sept. 14, 1639 
Not. 16, 1SS9 
Feb. 95, 1893 
June 3, 1893 
July 16,1833 
Aug. 99, 1633 
Oct. 14,1833 

StNlataW, PM.W, WH, lt9«B,18»| n 


•d fton UN Ab|., 1833, 19 act If OnpMt of HV U, in. 

by Google 

. jBjnasY. Hmt.. 
. Qarliuid Ellington 
. Fhiiicas Pettis... 
. Oeoi^ D. Atctj. 
. George D. Avery. 
. St^hen W. Wbiumn 
. GiOMD Dnvii. . . . 


. WliliMn Cbdta 

. Z.S. HiHbHdge&H. 
S. Lawson 

. Rylusd Rhodn 

Williun Beach 

tVilliwn Wianl 

. Richard Lonridge . . . 

. Cbarlei Howard 

. John Deata ■ 

. James Boalwrtg;ht 

. John Rhode* 

. Tbomu Brown 

. Timothy MiUer. 

. John Anthony 

. Timothy Miller 

. Bam«bMThBcker,jr. 

. Wro. SsTBge *, Heze- 
I klih DuTidBon 

. WiJliam Black 

. Jofaa Carothora 

. Horace an.orj.Dcati 

. Thomna A. Whities.. 

. Sk Witherow, aas'eof 

Samuel (Me 

. . Joseph Dudley 

. Geoi^ Crovl 

. George Wolf. 

. . John Moore 

. George W. Pahner. . . 
. . John Weaver. 

. John Bnch 

. Hairy Spetblinan and 
Danid Miller 

. LewiB Donnell 

. Charies B. Taylor 

. BlishaKeBey 

. Sand) Evans, ex'x, ft 
J. McP<iden,ex'or of 

a. Etbm. 

.. Jostph P.Sharp 

. David Staehler 

. John Morford 

. Shera Zook 

. Jamea Jacobs 

. James Jacob* 

. Henry Peachcy 

. Joseph Cromwell 

. Daiul Ghomtley 

. Nathan Robinson 

. Joseph Tinkler 

. Kotban Baker 

. William Hess 

. Saaniel Clioe 

. P.Slahlft John Dif- 

. AU... 
Portefe co., Ohio. . 
Georgetown, D. C, 
Gcoi^Uiwa, D. C. 
Hsrpenfield , Ohio , 
Qeorgetown, D. C. 
Fauquier, Va.. .... 

Luzerne towns 'p, Pa. 

Byrne, N.Y 

Charlattesville, Va. 

Philadelphia, Pa. .. 


Knox CO., Ohio 

Hin^am, Man. . . 
Middlelown, Pa. . . 

Columbia, S.C 

Urbona, Ohio 

New York 


t Rrliufd Ortober 99, ISH. 

Horse well, Ky 
Ann Arundel co., Md 
Shirleysburc, Pa... . 

Roxbury.N. J 

Bellefonuune, Ohio. . 

Adams CO., Pa 

Fleming co-,Ky 

Sleepy cieek, Va. . . 

Cynthiana, Ky 

Jefferson towijs'p,0. 

Brownsville, Pa 

East RuahrlUe, Ohio 


Jefferson towns'p, O. 
Bainbridge, Ohio . . . 
Bainbridge, Ohio . . . 


Maysville, Ky 
Annagh towns'p, Pa. 

Mayaville, Ky 

Maysville, Ky 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Cynthiaiia, Ky 

Wayne townEbip, O. 
SackeU>« Harb.,N.Y 
Warwick towna'p.O. 
Penn towns'p, hi. T. 
Lower Saucon, Pa. . 
Phimaiead, Pa. 

Turbet, Pa Sept. IS, 18)S 

Dec 91,1 
Dec. », 1 
Feb. 15, 1 
Feb. 15,1 
Mar. 25, 1 
May 7, 1 
Oct. 1, 1 

Dec 10,1 
Dec. 38. 1 
Jan. U, 1 

Aug. tt, 1 
Aug, 17, 1 
Aug, 17, 1 
Dec 28, 1 

Mar. 35, 1 
July a 
Aug. S3', 1 
Aug. S£, 1 

Sept. 16, 1 
Dec 90,1 
Mar. 15, 1 
AprU e, 1 
June 18, I 
July 8, 1 
July 8,1 
July 25, 1 
Oct. 9. 1 
Feb. 13, 1 
Feb. 13, I 
Mar. 3,1 



Flougb -' 


Plough. . , 



Plough. .. 
Plough. . 
Prougb. . 

Plough. .. 

Plo(igh. . 


Plough. , . 

. Juiua S.T«A 

. John Ddbamr 

iiel Witherow. . . . 
. J. 1. Chuidkc and P. 


. WilliunP. Ciuinon... 
. D. Prouty &.J. Mean 

. John Farlee 

. Nathu LocUin 

. Jacob Plank i 

.1 JoahuaGibba 

. Timothy; Miller 

. Isaac Snider 

. J. M. Tilford 

. B. Woodcock 

. BoncTod Woodcock. . 
. S. Hnrtpence A John 


. John C. Smith 

. Job 8. Norton 1 

. Isaac Snider i 

. John Dsala j 

. Stephen McCormick. . 
. William T-Sprouae..] 

. Henry Taylor 

. D. Pnnily & J. Mears 

. John Oeau 

. William Small 

. Ebeneier G, Whiting . 
. Ambroae Bamaby. . . . 

. Josiah Duicher 

. William Bryant. 

. Oeoige Wall 

. Thomas Wiard 

. Nathan Hull ] 

. Cornelius Bergen 

. Barnaluu Longdon . . . 

. Samuel Myers 

. JamiB S.TellX i 



Canton, Ohio....... 

Gettysburg, Pa 

Milton, Me 

Monroeco., Tenn.. 

Boston, Mass- 

Mercer CO., Ky. 

Spars. N.Y 

CarliJe, Pa 

Canton, Ohio 


Mount Pleasant, Pa. 
Murfreesboro', Tenn 
Mount Pleasant, Pa. 
Mount Pleasant, Pa. 

Kingwood, N. J- . ■ . 
Kingwood, N. J. ■ • . 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 

Plough... I Abner Teague.. 





John Naah 

Thomas B. auigley. 

John Moore 

William Black 

Joel S. Elastman, bbi'< 
of George Clexy . ■ ■ - 
W.&M.C. Walker. 
James M. Moora. 
John Thompson. 


Plough Jonathan Mooeri.. . 

Plough „ Anlhonv Taylor 

Plough Bancron Woodcock . 

Ploogti ISeih J. Robert! 

«ot>ph... lEphraimBall 

Pteofh I Samuel Shearer 

Plough William Bullock . , . , 

Plough John Ball 

n*agli [ Samuel Witherow... 

* ■tlfnnl No*. SI, ISJ!; iddiliontl impnn 

RoKbury, N, J 
Auburn, Pa. .... 
Sangamon, 111. . . 
Monlague, Mass- 
Boston, Mass. . . 
Rq^ibury, N. J.. 
North Areyle, Mass 
Racine, Wise- ■" 
Ithaca, N. Y. 
New York, N.Y... 
Daridaon co.. Ten. . 
Gainesville, Ala. . . 

Avon.N- Y 

De Kalb, Miss. . . 
Brooklyn, N. Y. . 

Troy, N.Y 

Manon, Ohio.. ... 
Amherst, N.Y... 
Granville, N.Y... 
Jackson, Tenn.. .. 
Fredenck, Md... 
Manchester, Ohio. . 


Middlebury, Ohio.. 
Mansfield. Ohio.. 
IiexingloD, Ky.'... 
Scotico,, III 

Baltimore, Md .... 
Washingtonville, Pa. 
Wibnington, Del.. 

Ripley, Ohio 

Bloomfleld, Mich.. 


New Garden, Ohio . 

Wheeling. Va. 

JefTersonville, Pa... 
Qroenlown, Ohi«.. 
Big Prairie, Ohio. . 
Jersey Cily.N. J.. 
Grevntown, Ohio. . 
Oellysburg, Pa. . . . 
If at Ptjn. m, im. 

Oct. IT, JBM 
Jan. 15, UK 
Jan. IS, ISM 

June 16, 1B36 
July 3, 1836 
July 3, 1836 
July 1, 1836 
Nov. S3, 183S 
June 14, 1S31 

July 5, 1857 
Jnly 11, 1837 
July 17, 1837 
July IT, 1831 
July 31, 1831 
Dec. 1, 1831 
Feb. 15, 1838 
May 17, 1838 
Sept. 15, less 

Nov. 35, isae 

April 93, 1B39 
July 11, 18S9 
Sept. II, 1839 
Oct. 9. 1839 
Mar. 31, 18M 
April 11, 1843 
Apnl 16, 1843 
May 13, 1849 
May 16, 1843 
June 33, 1843 
July U, 184S 
Aug. as, 1843 
Sept. 23. 18*3 
Mar. 10, 1S43 
April 6, 1843 
April 15, 1843 
May S, 1843 
May 36, 1843 
June 14, 1843 
July 33, 1843 
ScpL 14, 1843 

Sept. 14, 1843 
Oct. 30,1843 
Nov. 94, 1843 
April 17, 1844 
May 6,1844 
July 1,1844 
Dec, 19, 1B4( 
Jan. 31,1845 
Feb. 13, 1845 
Feb. 90, 1845 
Julv 14, 1845 
July 3U. 1845 
Nov. 8, 1845 
April 18. 1646 

lb, Google 


Floaf^, adjaiting 

RoDgli, uricnUund ■■ ■ • 

Plough, auering tlx Mt of Iha n 

H. H.BfaT 

JuiMB Johnlon.. . . 
JiAdH. CnUco... 
Chortai L. Mevch 

Sunual Wilt. 

Jno. A. Cvroi 
Williaai K. A 
AbalD. Armuioiif... 
Manlull Minis ft Su- 
born J. Mimi.. .... 

John Luplon 

Wm. F. RichardKtn. 
John &, Jo(hua Butler. 

Plough, bu^hore 

Plough, bsi^«hai« ..... 

though, bsr-Bliare. 

Plough, bar-ihare 

Plough, b»shan 

Plough, bar-share 

Plough beams 

Plough, breskiag& cultiratiDg,&c. 

Plough, bull 

Plough, bull 

Hough, oare^f bull 

Plough, tahl. Iron 

Plough, caH iroD 

Plough, cast iroD ■ .. . ■ 

Plough, caM iron 

Plough, cast iron 

Plough, cast iron 

Plough, coat iron... 

Plough, COM iron 

Plough, cast iron 

Hough, caitirOQ 

Plough, Mil iron 

Rough, east iron 

Plough, caat iroa 

Phnigb, caj» iron 

nongh, oast iron. ...•■■. ■ . 

Plough, cast iron 

Plough, can iron 

Plough, eaat iron 

Plough, caat iron 

Plough, cast iron, culler Tor. 
Plough, cast iron, double poinied 

PIouCTi cast ir 

I, hill side, double 

Plough, caai iron, ma 
Rough, cast iron, or ^ 

Plough, clevis 

Plough, deritt 

Plough, combiaedt.. 
Plough, combined . . . 
Ploueh, rombined. . . 
non^, combined. . . 
Plough, common.... 

CWadivK, ID.. 
WooaUr, Ohio. . 
BenloD, MiM.. , 
Preilon, Cl. . . 
Hageniown, Md. . . E 
RcMling, Pa. .. 
BrowDMon, Ky.. 
Springfield, Ohio. . . 


John Deakyni.. 
Samaon Fdloo.. 
Edward M. Waggenei 

Moaea Huflinan 

Joel Houghton 

Quy Gray 

Benjamin Johnson, . . 
John SeaTOr 4. J. Fny, 
George J. Kins- . 


William Palconai 

David Hitehcocfa 

Josioh Duicber I 


J. t. Schoonmakcr A 
J. Dolaon. 

Tbomaa Altaaon 

Rooa Wiaana 

D. Chase and A. & J. 

Thaddaiis E^rbanks. . 

ben Sweeny 

Jacob Minlnro 

Derrick Barnard 

Charlea Pawling..... 
Samuel Nisbet 

Jonathan Swmn . . . . 
William C. Pmeort. 


Cyrus Alnr 

Nathaniel Oillet, jr. 
Reuben McMiUen. . 

Aaron Carman 

Patrick Oallager... 

Samuel Clime 

Jonathan Koodle. . . 
James Parsons, jr- . 

" ^rown..... 

TurbutL. . 


Hickory Grove, 111. .1 I 

Rockingham, Vl ' 

Hobohen, N.J.... 
Redliook, N. Y.. 

Potlstowa, Pa 


New York., 

Durham, N. Y.... 

Windsor eo., Vl. . . .'■ Feb. Ifi, 1833 
Ulaler and Dulcheas 

N.V ' Dec. i,i8aa 

.... April 16, 1 
,... May 11, 1 

PalmyTa,N.Y l Aug. 4,1834 

"- 'ohnsbury. Vt..iApnlI9, 1836 
reilco.,Obio... May IS, 1837 

Urbana,Obio >June 11,1839 

Wariiington, Del.. .1 AprilSI, 1830 
Or^ lowDship, Pa.i May 31, 1830 
Toboyne b)wns>p,Pu May 35, )8S0 

Hartuburf,Pa I June 9,1830 

Green lowns'p, Ohioi Dec. SH. 1833 
Cayugaco.,N. Y...I A[Hil34, 1394 

Addison. Vl Jan. 39,1834 

Apnl IS, 1836 
Aug. 3, 1S38 
Sept. 34, 1834 
Dec. 14, 1841 
June 30, 1838 
Not. 36. 1845 
Nov. IS, 1830 
April 8, 1840 
Dec IS, 1843 
Mar. 9, 1844 
S^. 7, 1811 

Talman towns'p, O. 

ColiunbuB, N.J 

ChambanbuiT, Pa. - 
New Britain, Fa.... 
Bak«rs*ille, Md. . . . 

Dublin, Ind 


FredericklowD, Md . 

t Aataditad Mar SB, 18U. 



Slouzh, conatructioD dT. . . 

Heruy P«*eliey, 

D. Prouty& J. Mfara 


&J,G GHjrn 

In>c Edwanla. 

Hurev W, Pitt*, 

lud A. Sperry. 
J. CardA. G. NcwcU. 

IFlough, corn 


Vbaigh, coulUr and ahiu 
Plough, coupling, Ac- 
Plough, cuhiT&tuig Marshal J. Hual. 

Vhiufb,culliratorBDdplaiilercom-| Wm- H.'ee 
bin«d, fer plougbing ut one ope-j ofJusMa Rider. . .. 

Flougfi, cutter and point* for ! D. H. Jones &. W. F. 

'Plough, ditdiing Samuel Thrailkill ... 

Flouffh, double ' John Cromwell 

.pluugh, double I K- Medley & P. & D. 


Tlough, double Albert Peebles 

Floaijh, double Bfaovel John Balthorpe 

Ploughs, double IPeler Eichar, 

Plough, double A&ron Smith 

Plou^, drawiog machine for.... Luke Johnson.... 

Plough, draining Stephen Hall..;.. 

Plough, dressing corn Etisha Bean 

Plough, drill, and cotton thinner. . William Willis . . . 

Plough, excavating ditches Joutes Herbert . 

Tlongba, gang of Thomas Wiard 

Plough, gathering weeds under the 

l\irrow slice Dtidlcr Hills 

Plough, harrow Setb VinLon 

Plough and harrow ' Henrr Higley., . . 

Flongh, bill aide [ John Rich, jr 

Plough, hill aide Norman Staple*. . . 

Plough, hill side ' John P. Cobba.. . . 

Piouib, hill side I Cjirus H. McConi 

Hough, hill side | Isaac Teeter..... 

Plough, hill side : Joseph Trump.. . . 

Plough, hUl side 'i Jamea Rorabaugh. 

Clough, hill side, double I Martin Rich 

Plough, hill side, hinnd wing.. . .> Williani B. Donald. . . 
Plough, hill aide aodTiorizonlal.. . John W. Jordan. . . 
Plough, hlUsidE.fiatproTsmeiiioa 

Teeter's plough) Daniel Gochnour, ji 

Plough, hill side, inverting, Stc. . .' John W. Jordan,. , 

Plough, hill side, reTeraing. ; Calrin Delano 

Plough, improiement, attocbed to i 

the common Gopher \ Thomaa Carter 

Plough, imprOYcment on Wood's. Solomon Ai 

im proved mould board foi 



Ploughs, improcemeni 

Plough, improvement 

- Hough, iron 

• Plough, listing and preparing land 

Plough, manuiacturmg of.— -iSe- '' 

Plough, mould boottl 

.ftough, mould board, double. 

Peter Haatings 

Ruggles, Nouae, and 

Mwn, ass'eea of J. 

M. C. Armsbv 


John M. May 

John M. May 

David Anihony, aen. . 

John Boyulon 

John Weaver 

Cjinn U. 

Robert Smith 

Stcpbea Of^ory 

Liula Falls. N.Y, 


WilaooTiUe, Ala. . 
Ana A rbortille, M. 
Mentor, Ohio. . . . 
Cincinnati, Ohia. . 

BdteTille, lit 


. . Sept. 
T Oct. 

S3, 1B31 
ST, 18K 
9, 183» 

Lafayette, Ind 

RoyBterstowD,Md . 

CootstowD, Pa.. .. 

Henry CO., Ga 

Loudoun CO., V«.. 

Wooster, Ohio 

Bloomfield, Mich.. 

Boston, Maaa. .... 

EdgiaCeU, S.C.... 
Lanange, Ind. . . . i 
East Avon, K. Y. , 

East Hartford, Cl, 
Wilmington, Ct. . . 

Canaan, Ct 

Troy, N. V 

Nelson, CO., Va.... 
Rockbridge co., Vt 
Johnstown, Pa., .. 
Connelsville, Pa . . . 
Luney'a creek, Va. 

Ithaca, N.Y 

Fairfield, Va 

LexingtOD, Va..., 

Conemaugh, Pa. . . 
Lexington, Va. .., 

Livermore, Me 

Saiu-in district, S. C . 
Semproniua, N.Y.. 
Dagaboruugh, Del.. 

Worceaier, Maia. . . 

. July 39, im 
. Sept. 10, latt 
. Ocu as, 181f 

. June 11, 18» 
. July 90, lau 
. Sepu ao, 181B 
. Dec. 5, 1S43 
iMay 10,1844 
. Aug. 6, 1816 
July 13, 1810 
Mar. 4, 1916 
May T, 1090 
April 13, 1844 
Nov. 34, 1643 

Oct. 7, laM 

Nov. 18, lan 

Dec. ll.lSe 
Feb. 10, 1S3B 

Nov. ; "" 

Oct. I, 1830 
June 13, 18SI 
Oct. 3, 183B 
Sept. 9, 1S4S 
Dec. 3, ie4fi 
May 34, 1838 
June 39, ISK 
April 19, 1838 

June 13, 1810 

Oct. 38, \sm 

July 5, 1S3B 

I, III.. 

Philadelphia, Pa..,. 

Philadelphia, Fa 

Uuion Springs, N.Y. 
South Coventry, Ct. 
Washington, D.C.. 

April IS, 1846 
June 37. 1846 
May 3,1846 
May 3, 1846 
May 30, 1846 
July 10, 1899 
May 8,1893 

by Google 


Iftmeli, moakl board of, 

nongli, moxM boan) and sliesij), 
4e., attach big by mewia of rivetB' Bemt 

Rou^h, poly^ara. Fredi 

fhagb, prairie, bo^n^, A iliccb- 

Ptough , prairie land 

Plwigli, revolving emitter fo 
Plough, ridge 

Ploug;h, right and left. 

Rou^h, Bbarea and-oMters of, con- 

nrucling and faMening, 
tVxigh, ael^harpeninr.. 
Plough, self-sharpening. . 
Plough, self^harpeDing. , 
Plough, self-ghaipening. , 

Plough, sfif-flharpenin?. , 

Plourii, Mlf-nharpening. Waldron Bei 

John Ootdoo 

Croniwell K. BarLletL 

Howwd Delano 

Wm. At wood &, Dan 'I 



Mahlon Smith 


Waldron Beach 

C.&O. Evane 

Bancroft Woodcock. 

Copeck-, N.Y.... 
Geneseo, III 


Plough, sclf-aharpening. 

Rongh, self^harpening 

PlOBgh, Helf-sharpening 

Plough, setf-flharpening" 

Plough, self-sharpening, horizont'l 


Ploughahare, call iron 

PkHighshnre, coulter, and mould 

Flooghshare, hardening edges. . . . 

notighihare, roUed 

Rough, shifting share 

Plough, shovel cutler 

Plough, shovel cutler •■ 

Rough, shovel 

I%Migh, shovel 

Rough, triangular 

Plough, TBTfing the motion 

Plough, wheel 

Ploughs, wheelf 

RoDgh, wheel 

Rough, viiheel 

Rou^ , wire gra*B Awheel coltiva'i 

Rough, wroaght iron 

Potato diggers 

Potatoes, machine for di^ng. .. 

Pruning shear 

Pulverizer, agrieultural 

Rake, collecting apples 

Raltps, grain 

Sahe, grain 

Rake, grain. 
Rake, hay . 

Rake, hay 

Rake, hay 

Rake, hay and grain 

Rake, hay, hamt 

Sake, hay, horst, rtvoMng*. 

jbke, hay, horse 

Rake, hny, revolving 

Rake, hay and grain harroW. 
AUk, hayand 

Tmieum, P^ 

Philadelphia, Pa. .. 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Philsd^phia, Pa. . . 
Mount Pkasant, Pa 

Ulica, N. Y 


Richard B. Chenoweih Ballimorfl, Md 

John Onnislon, 
John W. Post. 

Isaac Snider 

Cyrus H. McCormick 

Baiky Carpenter 

James H. ConcUin,. . 


Baltimore, Md 

Mount Pleasant, Pa. 
Rockbridge CO., Va, 

SomerstowB, N. Y. . 
PeehiAill, N. Y.... 

. Dec. 94, 1833 

. Aug. ao, laof 

Jm. 38, 18« 
Aug. SG, 1B33 
April S, IRtM 
April 14, 189$ 
Jan. as, 1839 
Aprils?, 1832 
Dec. 28,1832 
Mar. 17, 1834 
Mar. 17, 1S3S 

William Holt. , Buffalo, N. Y 

A. L.&E.A.Step)ieDB Hoboken, N.Y. ... 

Jowph Potta Monlgomerv co.,Pb.' 

John Wood Castleion, N. Y ... 

Samuel Wilson Darlington, S. C. . . . 

Robert Walker ' Wa»hinyonvi11« Pa. 

"•■■■■ CPo! ■ 

July as, 1831 
Nov. 19, 1833 
July 1,1839 
Jan. 13, 1830 

Aug. 37, 1885 
April 33, 1831 
Nov. 7,1818 

Moses aWelTs..!!! 

Hamas Borden 

Noble G. Cryer. .... 

John Sanford 


'HiomasD. Burrall.. 

Israel Long. 

T. B. auigleyondH. 

Nadian Ide 

J. AH. F.Cromwell. 
Archibald C. Kelchum 

Allen Eldred 

Simeon Jocelyn 

Benjamin F. Slickney. 


William Oales 

Benoni P. Partridge. . 

David Harkneas 

Thomas C. Hance 

Daniel Smith 

William Buchminsler. 
M. &S. Pennoek.... 

Ambrose Foster 

Moses Pennoek 


Henry & Esro Hoopee 

Jeremiah Bailee 
rga Davi 
rake Meth fbrf HezeEiah Haynea. 

MtMrgantown, Va. . 

Newport, R. I 

Weniworlh, N. C. 

Sharon, Ct 


Geneva, N. Y 


Schenectady, N. ^ 
Oppenheim, N. Y. 
New Haven, Ct. . . . 
Viatula, Mieh.Ter.. 

Berlin, Ct. 

Barre Centre, N.Y. 
Onondaea, N. Y.... 

Raisin, Mich 

Palmyra, N.Y 

Vincennes, Ind 

Pramingham, Mass. 
E. Marilioroogh, Fa 

Auburn, N.Y 

E. Marlborough, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Wilmington, Del... 

Belmont, Ohio 

Middlatown, Vt. . . . 

Feb. 1,1 _ 
Feb. 6, 1830 
Mar. 10, 1830 
Oct. 17, 1843 
May 9, 1846 
Jan. 13, 1830 
Mar. 34, 1827 
Aug. 90, 1811 
June 22, 183fi 
Oct. 28, 1843 
Mar. 9, 1844 

. OcL 7, 1845 
Apnl 18, 1846 
Sept. 30, 1841 
Feh. 30, 1844 
July 34, 1846 
July 13, 1809 
Mar. 1, 1634 
Dec. 31, 1819 
Dec 3(1, 1843 
Mar. 13, 1844 
Mar. 22, 1846 
June 35, 1821 
June 7, 1838 
July 19, 1888 
Feb. 17, 1837 
Dec. 19, 1897 
June 2fi, 1839 
Mar. 30, 1897 
July 26. 1834 
July 33, 1839 
June 18, 188» 

ta dital, Aiv K, lSt& IBelnuedl 

IT.33, nai.kPab. 8,%. 

AtiUO U L'nfMB. 

Ilak«, hvy, revoWinE 

fyke, bane 

Rake, horse » 

Bake, hone » > 

Babe, hone 

Bake, hone 

Bake, horse 

Bake, bone 

Rakee, hone , 

Rake, horse or gnin. . . i 

Bake, horse, (hay) 

Bake, iroDtoolh 

Rake, planting.— See Stieng. 

Bake, revolTing horse* 

Rake, reiolnng. 

Rake, revolving ring looth.. . . . 

BatLoon and cane cutters 

Reaping machini 

. E. B &H.D.WdU. 

. Pienon Reading 

. William PhilUp* 

■ Noah BriK* 

. James Pudney 

. J»nM W.Webb..... 

. EnuUuS. Root. 

. Daiid Deway 

. Jamea Maltby 

. Seneca £jdd 

. L. M. Whitman 

. Nath'l C. Sanford and 
EraatuB Farmelee... 

. Hiram S. Dooliltte. , 

. Norbert Laove 

. Jonathan Read 

Bifie, for sharpening- Kythes | Bcrlah SwiA. . 

Seed clover, cleaning. 

Seeding, corn jilanii 
Seeding, com planu 
Seeding, corn planli 
Seeding, corn planti 

Seeding, corn planter 

Seeding, corn planter 

Seeding, com planieT 

Seeding, com planter 

Seeding, com planter 

Seeding, com planter, and eoium. 
Seeding, com planter, and cotton . 
Seeding, com planter, and peas... 
Steding, corn planter, &. working. 

Seeding, com ptanten 

Seeding, cotton planter 

Seeding, cotton planter 

Seeding, cotton planter 

Seeding, cotton planter. 
Seeding, cotton planter. 
Seeding, cotton planter. 
Seeding, cotton planter. 

George Farquhar. .... 

Daniel Hoata 

William Buck minster. 

Tbomes Williams 

P. Smith, and T. H. 


Eliahim Spooner 

John Beecher 

M.&J. Nickds 

John Blocher 

Andrew Cock ,.. 

Herman Russell 

Bird Murphy 

N. Lenox, W. Croft, 

and H. Pitner 



Thomas D. Burrall. . . 

Charles R. Beh 

Bliabn Bunco 

John Lnbdell 

George C. Boyd 

Beuben Coffey , 

William Rost 

Thomas H. Hoskine. , 
Christopher Ford, .... 
Francis H. Smith. . . . 
J. C. Goodman * W. 

S. McDonald , 

Michael Beam 

Jordon Gatling.. > 

EtobertT. Goodman., 

Michael Beam 

Henry Aileo 


John Reichaid 

Orson Starr 

William C. Greenleaf , 

Trenton, N.J 

N. Brunswick, N. J. 
Hew Hartfotti, K. Y 


Mount Morris, N.Y. 
Mount Morris, NY. 

Poultney, Vt 

North Branford, Cl. 




Bridge water, Mass. . 

Shoreham, Vt. 

Kortright, N. Y.... 
Plaquemines, La.... 


Washireton, N. Y.. 
Woodbury, N. J 


Chebttme, N. Y... 


Framingham, Man. 
Pittsylvania, Va. ... 


Pembroke, N. H... 
VermonL. . . i~ . . .. 
Lycomine co., Pa.. . 

Otsego, N.Y 

t^ncasler. Pa 

Flushing, N.Y.... 


Union district, S. 

Feb. 5, 18M 
May ]T, 18K 
Nov. S3, len 
Dec. 5, isa 
Mar. 14, IBM 
AprU 4, IBM 

June 8, IBM 

Dec. 10, 1B3S 

AprU IT, isn 

Aug. US, 1846 
Sept. IT, 1844 
Mar. IS, isa 
June 11, 1839 
ApriV 7, 1831 
Dec. 37, 181S 
Oct. 4, 181T 

), ISM 
}, 1838 

Jan. 35, r 
Mar. 18, II 
Oct. 12, II 

April 13, II 

Geneva, N,Y. I 

Westford, Mass. . 
Warren co.. Miss. 
New Loikdon, Pa. 
Burkeo., N.C... 
Middlebaxton, Pa. 
Crawfordsville, la. 
Painesville, Va... 
Richmond, Va .. . 

Wilson CO., Tenn, 

Buffalo, N. C 

MurTreesboro', N. C ■ ' 

Ballsville, Va 

Buffalo, N, C 

PoyetteviJle, Tenn..l 

Glenross, Md \ 

Guilford towns'p, Pk\ 
Richmond, N.Y... 
Andover, Me ! 

.Jan. 26, 
■ Oct. M, 
.1 Dec. n, 
June 36, 
Jan. 15, 
July 16, 
Dec. 36, 
April II, 

June 39, 
Feb. 13, 
Jime 20, 
Sept. 18, 
Mer. 30, 
June 16, 
Aug. 31, 
Dec. 16, 
Aug. 22, 
July 1, 




■liBffmrnafat, Oct. 15, ISM. 

lb, Google 

ftad, pain, Ac, apprntna fiw 


Sesdioe, niBChiiMfbt luwiiiggMJi) 

Seeding, machine, Tor pbnting 

Wm. W. Alcoii BoaloD, Mui. 

W. 8. JoBM & H. C. 
&nith I Fnirbld, Ct... 

Sept. 36, IMC 

Feb. 30, Ig4S 

Seeding, plindng corn.. 

Seeding, planting com, &a. 

Beediog, planiing corn, Ac 

Seeding, planting com, Ac 

Seeding, planting cotton aeed 

Seeding, planting macbinea. 

Seeding, planting machines 

Seeding, planting machines 

Seeding, planting machinea, As.. 

Seeding, planting machines. 

Seeding, planting plough 

Seed ing, planting plough 

Seeding, polaloea, planting 

Seeding, potatoes, planting 

Seeding, potatoes, planting ft dig- 

Seed planters 

Seed piuitera 

Seeding, seed drill or corn plsnler' 

Seeding, seed^lanterst j 

Seeding, seed-plantera 

Seeding, seed-planlera 

Jamei Patram Ilamitlon, N. Y. 

Niram R. A Orin G. 

Merehanl i Guilford, N. Y. . 

David 3. RoekwBll...' New Canaan, Cl 

Samuel W.Cole j Chelsea, Me- ; 

Ezra L. MiUer. Brooklyn, N. Y 

R. S< Thomas lB«ane)avilte, S. C... 

Mnaee Atwood, jr ' Hampstead, N. H..I 

John M. Foirest ' Prineaaa Annc.h.,Vaj 

Martin Nichots ' Clearlield, Pa. 1 

Joseph Jones { Newton, N. J > 

Dierek Breur I Peiereburg, Tano. . - 

Frederick Woodward. 1 New Lisbon, N. Y.. 

Benjamin Haixvj ' Jones borough, Tenn. 

Qeor^ Harper I Jenkenslown, Pa 

Levi Rice ' RobbioslowB, Ms... 


Arnold . . 


, Ct.. 

Seeding, seed-planting machine. . 

Seeding, seed-planters 

Seeding, aeed -planters 

Seeding, Beed-ptatHete 

Seeding, seed-planters 

Gottlieb Moltmiller... Columbus, Ohio. .. 

Henry Todd Orford, N. Y.. 

Calvin Olds 

LorenKO Bacheldn'. 

J naeph Gibbons 

M. Feunrtek A Sara'l 


George Page 

Marlbocough. Vl. . .1 
Hampsieed.N.H. ji 

Out. ]3,I83t 
Mar. 12, 1839 
Aug. ^, 1649 
April 10, 1841 
JuIt 30, 1841 
June 24, 1D3B 
June 35, 1S3I 
16, 1840 
Oct. 11, 1841 
April 4, vm 
July 18, 1809 
April 1, 1834 

No*. 3, IS90 
SapL 1,1848 
Dec. 15, liMS 
Jfei. 20, 184i 

Boston, Moss ' June ST, 1840 

Seeding, seed, sow ing 

Seeding, seed, scwii^ 

Seeding, seed, sowing, drill for. 
Seeding, sowing and planting rv 

Seeding, sowing cotton seed . . . 
Seeding, sowing grain, plaster, Ac 
Seeding, sowing seed 

Seeding, sowing machinea... . 

Seeding, tilling, and plautinc:, 
the same operation, called 
cylindrira! tiller and planter. 

Sowing machine 

Smut machine.-. 
Smul machine. . . 
Smut machine... 
Smnt machine... 

Wells Kilburn ' LawrencevilU, Pa.. . 

Loen Pratt i Amhersl, N. H 

RichanI J. Gatling. .. .| Murfrcesboro', N.C. 

W. Kilburn, and ' Lawrencaville, Pa. ) 

P. Haines 1 Marietta, Pa t 

A. & H. Robbins i Denmark, N. Y. 

(]ieoi^ A. Hoyl ' Albany, 

Hiram R. Merchant. .' Guilford. N. Y.. . . 
L. Miner A L. Feks. .1 Yancey viUe, N. C. 

Samuel Holfer i Londonderry, Pa. . 

M. A S. L, Seward . .j Guilford, Ct 

" - ■ .iFaye' " 

July 18, IBM 
July 17, 18» 
July 37, 1839 
"- 8, 1844 

Smut machina. . . 
Smnt maishine. . . 
Smut machine... 

Pierpont Seymour. . 
Thonaa Pierce.. . . . 

Thomas Pierce 

Daniel Tomliitson. . 
Thomas Wilson . . . 

Daniel Pease, jr. .... 

Samuel Peaae. jr 

Phineaa Pettis 

Townahotd Cwpent 

E. Bloomfield, N. Y. 

Piahkill, N. Y 

Pishkill, N. Y 


Btdlimore, Md . . . . . 
Middletown, Md.., 
WinGeld, N, v.... 
Winfald, N. Y.... 

Talmac*, Ohio 

Elmyia.N. V 

May 7, 
Feb. SI, 
May 34, 
May ao, 
Feb. 8, 
Aug. 33, 
Oct. 31, 
Fab. 37, i 
Aug. 13, I 
April 35. 1 
Dec 34,1 



MtrnfitAi^ahlMa. tAMItlODaltap1,ltv4)U«t. 


Smut mschiiw. • ■ 

Smut machine, . . 
■mut machine. . . 
Smut machine. .. 
Smut machine... 

Smut machine... 
Smut machine... 
Smut machins. . . 
Smut machine. . . 
Smut machine... 
Stnut machine... 
Smat machine... 
Smul machine... 
Bnuc mat^ine . . 
Anui machine .. 
Smut machine .. 
Smut machine . . 
Smut machins . . 
Smut machine . . 
Smut machine . . 

Smut machine .. 
Smut machine . . 
Anut machine . . 
Smut machine.. 
Smuc macbine-. 
8mnt machine.. 
Smut maehina.. 
Smut nieeluDB.. 

Smai. machine.. 
' Smat machine.. 
Smut machine.. 

JenaNaya, an 

Phineu Pettii. 

. Jeremiah Caae. . 

. Levi Hayward.. 

.] H. Weed & Sup. F«l- 

. Stephen Pellowa. 

. Nathanid Winslaw... 

■ Bartholomew Smith.. 

. T. J. Sanda ^ Beoja- 

. John Card 

. John Turk 

. Edward P. Filzpatrick 
. Abraham Mudge. . . . 

. M. B. Spaffonl 

. W.B.Ryan 

. Robert Eogle 

. J. T. Town 

. Riifug Denniaon 

. JooaePralt 

. Chari^D. Child)... 
. Benjamin M.Smith. 

. John Paricer 

. William C.Giimea.. 

. John B.Yates 

. Leonard Smith 

. LuUier B. Walker. . . 

. Samuel W. Fo»ler. . , .,-... 

. Jacob Russell I Jenner, Fa. 

it; — L,-:.,. _ NawYork, 

Middlebuif , Ohio. . 


Phelps, N.Y 

'oughkeepsie, N. Y. 
. Bethlehem, N.Y... 

Waah inst'ot'ns'p^a 
aaineaTiIle,N. Y... 

Columbus, Pa. 

Mount Morris, N.Y. 
Canajohwie, N.Y.. 
Oainenrille, N. Y... 
Mount Morria, N.Y. 
Burlington co., N. J. 
Mount Morris, N.Y 
Wilton, Maine.... 

Otsego, N.Y 

Mount Morris, N.Y 
Sanbury, Ohio .... 

York, Pa 

SperrTTille, Va 

PliOlalmrg, N.Y.... 
Onuigeboi^, N. Y.. 

. Amos Adams. 

. John Burch 

. WUUaaiB. Palmer... 

. James Coppuck 

. J. Dsmutli A. B. Bow- 
man, & Levi Beck. . 

. ChwlesD. Childs..., 

. Henry A. Buck 

. T. R. Bailey & Ezra 

. Lewis Greene 

. David Baldwin 

. George D. Waldo 

■ John Wilson 

■ Joseph Heygel 

. Rnlph Summers. .... 
. William Dumout.. . . 
. li>edehch L. Lee. . . . 

. OrrinLuU 

. Henry Helm 

. Wm. EngleA M.O. 

. Henry A. Buck 

. Thomas Bookman... 
. Geoi^ Freymoyer . . 

. Thomas Brown 

. Edward Howard...,. 

. John Coleman 

. Meredith Mallory... 
. Jacob W. Brower... 
sM. Clarke.... 
8. ScammoD &R .Naaon 
. EliahaS. &iydGT. 

Port Henry, N. Y., 

Millport, N.Y 

Rocheater, N. V.... 
Mount Holly, N.J. 

Lancaster. Pa ) 

[«mpeter, Pa....i 

York.N.Y , 

PredoQia,N. Y 

Shorehsra, Vt.... ( 
Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio. 
Lockport, N.Y... 
Genlsville, S. C. . . 

Salisbury, Pa. 

Seneca Falls, N.Y. . 
Seneca Falla, N.Y. . 

July 3,1830 
Oct. 1, 183». 
April 13, 1831 

Aug. 33, 1831 
May 34, 183» 
Oct. 3S, IS33 

Mar. IB, 183» 
June ao, 1835 
Not. 7,1835- 
Not. U, 1835 
Feb. 23, 183e 
Mv. 3, I83S 
. April 38, 1S3» 
.jJune 3,1836 
Jane 16, 183S 
July 3, 1836 
July 3, t83£ 
Aug. 15, 1S3T 
S^ 8, 1837 
Aug. 23, 1838 
Mar. 35, 183» 
Oct. 13,1839 
OcL IS, 1839 
Oct IS, ]83» 
Dec 31, 183» 
April 2<, 1840 
July 31, 1S4» 
Aug. 3, 1B4» 
Aug. 33. 184ft 
April 19, )841 
May 11,1841 
July 8, 1841 
July 10, 1841 
July 16, 1841 

Conywham, Pa. . 
Fredonia.N. Y... 
Lexington dial., S. 
Chicheeter, Pa... 

Rome. N.Y 

Fredonia,N. Y... 

Blocklvs, Pa. 

Mount Moiris. N.Y. 
Mount Airy, N.C. 
Strasburc, Fa..... 
Waterville, Me..,. 
Charlestown, Va... 



Deo. 14, 1841 
Jan. 17,1843 
June 23, 1343 
Jan. 16, 1343 
Jan. 37, 1843 
Feb. 34, 1843 
Mar. 10, 184S 
April 6,1843 
il£iy 8, 184» 

May 19, 1843 
May 36, 1843 
June 3, 1843 
June 34, le*."* 
Aug. 4, 1843 
Ocl. 12,1843 
Not. 15, 1843 
Jan. 20, 1844 
Feb. as, 1844 
Mar. 30, 18U 
April ID, 1844 
April 30, IBU 


lb, Google 

8mut machine.. 

Stamt machine, cleaning grain. 

Snat nnchine, clcAning gjaia 

SoHii macliine, deaning grain, Ac 
bj machinaiy 

Sraut machioa, cUmuDg grain, &c. 

Sisnt mackiine, deuung gnin. . . . 

Sbnui mocbino, cleaning giBio,^. 

Smut niachiiK, cleaning and aapa- 
raling gaiUc, £c., from grain. . . 

Snut inachins, cleaning and win- 
nowing grain _ 

ftnni macSine, cleBoiog grab, Ac. 

Stant maciiine, cleaning grain, &C. 

SmuL macliine, clea 

from wWl 
Snat aadf^ii 
Smut machine. 
Smut machine, 
Ehnut machine, 
Smut machine, 
Stnut machine, 
&nut machiMi 

Kporating gaiUo 

~ roochinei.. . 
, andgariic... . 
, andgaiiic.... 
, gnin, Ac. . . 
, or hulling — 

, aad bulling. 

, nibbing garlic from 

le, and cleaning ric 
le, acouring 

le, cleaning wheal, 

Smul, wheat rubber.. . 
SmnC, wtieal rubber. . ', 
Sknul, wheal rubber.. . 
Smut, wheat rubber.. . 

Strainecs for milk [nila. . 

Straw cuUer 


Straw cutter.. 
Straw cutler.. 
Straw cdtiCT.. 

Siniw cutler f... 

Straw cutler 

Straw culier 

BMW cutter 

H«n B-Jmm* 

Abranam SMab 

ThomaaH. Nebon... 
Janm W. WebMer- . 


Jacob OroM 

Joaepb Johnaon 

Oearga Hann, jr 


Samuel Spangler 

Edward Bradfield 

Samuel Benlz 

Jonas Nolt 

John D.Betn 

Joaepb Hefgd. 

Zalmon Rice. 

Peter Cook 

J.N. Bird &EdwMd 
D. Weld 

D. FlickiDgerASebaf 

Samuel Fahroer 

William Dulamj 

Abraham Hunt. ..... 

Heorr Straub 

B. Wing A O. R4M11. . 


Sainuel Richordaon. .. 
Z. Durall, A. CaUegan, 

ft. Job. BdillBT. 

Daniel H. South worth 
Frederick Wmdwwd. 

Ephraim Tisdole 

Ehaha W. it, Wro. B. 


Jamea LhiiMale 

John D. Rioharda .... 

Dajid Narracong. 

Samuel, NalhlH., A 

Wm. Etlioou 

Iniah Buonet 

M. Cooiea & E. Erooi 

John Heaven. 

Joaiah Cleaveland. . . . 

Ben)amin ConiMr 

Elihu Holchkiw 

Roger Haikill 

Ridaid Canfield 

Elihu HoiehUn 

Samuel Whillock 

A. Braylan and H. C. 


AJpheua Big«low 

SiephoB A. Sherwood. 

Gile« Dayton. 

Lenud Oreeno. 

Jonah) S. Eaatman. . . 
WiUiam WiUia. 

UoantH<dt]tv H.J. 


ParkhoiDiObio... ) 
Harriaburg, Ba. .. \ 

Luisf, Va. 

Michigan CilT, la. . 


WilmingtoD, Del. . . 
Ann AnDdeL, Va... . 
Sionjr Creek, Pa.... 

Rochester, NY.... 
Boonaboro', Md. . . . 
West HempSeld, Pa 
Philadelphia, Fa. . . . 

SaUsburjr, Pa. 

Lyons, N.Y 

Weatfield,N. Y.... 

Trenua, N. J. 

Hanover, Pa 

Boonaborough. Md- 


Allen lownahip. Pa. 
Ehei^l^atown, Va. 
Veiima, A mahn.N . Y 
Marcellua, N. Y. 

EllicoU'i Mills, Md 
UtaeFa]l*,N. V... 
Butternuts, N.Y.... 
Warren en., N 

Parkmon, Ohio. . 
DumfHes, Va. . . 
Middleb^ug, Va. 

EllicoU'a Mill^ Md. 

Derby, Ct 

Philadaliidua, Pa. . . . 
MoDignmery eo.,Va 
Franklin a>.. Pa. . 
Porumouth, N.H. 
Braltteboro', Vt.. 
Burlington, N. V. . 
Monistawn, N. J. . 
Brallleboro', Vt. . 


WiDdaor, Vt 

Weelon, Maas... 
Pougjhkeansie, N. Y. 
Spn^aM, Mass. . ., 0».. . . . 
Battimore, Md 

May IT, 184* 
June 5, 18U 
June 5,1344. 
Aug. 14, 1844 
Nor. 9, 18W 
N«T. 8, 184&- 
Jue 39, 1839. 
Asg. 9, 183& 
MB:y 19, 1840 

Mar. as, 184B 

May 38, 1843 

Oct. 9e, 184^ 
Oct. 6.1843 
Jan. 23, 18a» 
Nov. 11. 1837 
Mar. 12, 1834 
Aug. 7,1831 
Feb. 5, 1836 

Not. 3, 133S 
Aug. 33, 1B38 
Oct. 10, 18S1 
July 31, 1819 

July 3,1839 
July I, 180» 
Feb. 31, 1612 
Aug. 18, 1S91 

July 31, IB33 ' 
Aug. 18, 1B3T 
Apnl 30, 18M 
April 17, ISOG 
July 18, tSOT 
July 30, 1807 
Aug. S,W08 
May 35, 1899 
June 35, 1809 
Jan. 18,1817 
Mar. 3, 1817 
Aug. 13, 1817 



. 13, 11 
April 11. 1818 
hibr. IS, 1819 
Dec. ai, 1819 
Jan. 39, 1833 
Aug. 34, 1832 


_ I Google 

—— . 



John J.Steet 


Samual Wilaon 

BewamuvR Greene.. 

Joshua Datia 


Isaac Lewis 

WiUiam MitcheU . . . 


Wsllinsford, Ct, . . 

Warwick, R.I.... 


Bristol, Fa......... 

Rutherford CO., N.C 
NashTille, Tenn... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Roane eaunty,Tenn 
Nashville, Tenn... 

Franklin 00., Tenn.. 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

Crawford, Pa 

New York 

Elbridge, N.Y.... 

Haddam, Ct 

Genera, N.Y 

OMham county, Ky 
Darien, K.Y:.... 




South Coventry, Ct. 
Souih Carolina.... 


Salem fnahip, Ohio. 

AlbaViy, N. Y 


Dee. 6,MM 
May 34, MM 

Aug. 19, MM 
Sept. 12! liM 

John M.Tilford.... 

Stapban Ustick 

Joshua Moore 

Stephen Ualidc. 

John Deakyne 

John W. Cope 

SlCE^en Ustick 

James McMalh 

Ernst G. Aumetin... 

Isaacs. Wr^hl 

C. D. Skinner and D. 

Sept. IT, IBM 

Feb. 5,1835 
April 3, 183S 
April 22, 1835 
May 29, IS35 
June 96, 1835 
July 6,1835 


Straw culler 

Jo«ph Everett. 

JameaM. Wolfolk... 

E. Tarboz and' C.F. 

Jonathans. Eastman. 
WJUiamJ Durall.... 

Ashmen Hall 

Henry Silliman 

Edwin Oillett 

Ebei>ezer Dewey.... 

Samuel Gilaon 

John Boynton 

William WUlis 

MaUoryM. Marshall. 

Henry C. Jones 

William Den«>n.... 

A. RasM:l!A,N.DeTiB 

Ethel H. Porter 

James Luckey 

Joseph a. Bishop. . . 

Barnabas Deree 

James Luckey 

Aug. 24, 18» 
July 1,1836 
Nor. 7, 1S3S 
May a, 1835 
Nov. 19, 1833 
Nor. 19, iS33 
Mar. 14, 1834 

Straw, cuiunff oiUb^ paper, fc . 
Straw, culling, and corn ahtiUtir. . 

Straw, cutting, and fodder 

, Straw, cutting, and fodder 

Straw, cutiinj, and fodder 

Wayne, Maine.... 

Laeas, Maine 

NewYork .-... 

Philadelphia. Pa... 

Topaham, MaM... 

Middlet»wn, Ct... 
Guilfordro., N. C. 

Halifax cMUy'. Va 



Straw, cutting hay, &c.' 

Siraw, cutUng hay.&f.., hociionla] 

■Slraw euller, horiMntal 

Straw, cutting hay, aiaUu, &c. . . . 

Dec. 16, 1833 
July S, 1834 
April 24,1838 
April 19, 1833 

juiw 10 isai 

Robert A. B. Beach.. 

Jacob Hsrland 

Major McDonald . . . 


B. A. HallsndChann 


Thomas Bsnbow.... 
Laban Durham and J 

8. Ple.«u>i> 

Wamo Gumming... 


Aug. S5, ie&4 
Nor. 7,1825 

Slraw, cutting nuchme 

July 37, 18S7 

^traw, cutting machine, and corn 


Ami! 1,18U 

lb, Google 

6tnw cmur.. . 
Btnv euIUr. . . 
fitmw cattorf . . 
Strew eauer... 
Straw cutter.. . 
Straw euUer.. . 

Strew eniter.. . 
Straw euner.- 
Straw raUer.. 
Straw cnilar. . 

Thruhinguid bnakiog Sax uid 

Thrnahii^ aod brtaJtingfluc, &«. 
Thrashing icd bra«kiii$ flax, dbc. 

Thrubing and braaking flax.... - 

Thruhmg and elMning clover ocedl William Morgridge, 

Thomw Hopper. . . . 
Wiiliani A. SOplM. . 

Joaeph Worley 

JohnB. Kbg 

Joseph W.Webb... 
Edmund Warren .... 
Coiiwliua Merry .... 
Cowries T. Boua.... 
JohD M. Thalcher.. 
Israel J. RichardBOn . 
John C. Coochlin... 

John K. Landia 

Jamee P. Roaa 


Charles S. Qaylord... 

A. A. Hail 

William Hovcv 

Hiram M. Smith 

Eliahim Taylor 

Eire Taylor. 

Daniel M.Sechler 


Samuel G. Blackinan . 

J. W. Wsbb 

Jowph C. Rich 

Israel J. RiDbardaon. . 

G. Catchpola. 

Isaac Mayfield 

JomwT. Wada. 


Gideon R«yoo1da... 
J. A. Heennaace.. . 
D. Hurlbut, N. Etbs- 

ridge,&J.A.Cambii Herkimer, N.Y. . 
Peter Barker.. ■"■--i.: "■ ■ 

Hawkina co., TenD. 

Athena, TeiiD 

Mount Morria, N. J 

New York 

Ithara, N.Y 

Richmond, Va.. . . . 


New York, N.Y... 
Peokakill,N.Y. . 
East HorapGeld, Pa* 

Lawiabun, Pa 


Qaylord 's Bridge, Ct. 

Croton.N. Y 

Worcceler, Mass. . . 

Richmond, Va 



Wooaler, Ohio 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 





Geneva, N.Y 

Elkton, Ky 

Cokunbua, Ga 

Mar. 15, 1S9I 
June l(t, 18» 
No*. 16, 183B 
June 90, 18W 
May 15, IdU 
July- S,184S 

doTcrseedj Samuel Raub, jr I Wilkeeborre, Pa, 

TIUBahinguidclewiingc1i>*ereeedl John Qoodyt 
Tbraahingand elaaningrrom smuti Heury Spencer 
TImahing aod claamng grain. . ■ .' Simon Willard, Jr. . . 
Thrashing and cleaning grain .... 
Thraahing and cleaning grein .... 

lliraahtng and cleaning grain 

Thraahing and cleaning grain 

Thraahing and deKoing' grain . 

Thrashing and cleaning nuchine. 
Thraahing and cleaning maoluDe. 
Thnubingand cleaning machine. 

Thraahing and cleaning rice 

Thraahing and cleMung wheat. . . 
Thraahing and cleaning wheat... 
Thrashing and cleaning wheat, &c. 
nraahingaiid daaning wheat, and 

' bohii^ .^ LalkycUeTibbiu... 

Thraahing clovaraeed. William Loomia.. , 

Thraahing doTeraeed....^ William B. Davis.. 

Thrashing clover seed.. ......... William Rowe.. 

^bi«alungBBdcloTarBeadiBaehinB|SlMy WeaL. . 

lulh Middlelo'n,Pa. 
Marytand.N. Y. 
Hudaon, N. Y... 

Abel Dinamoore Le Roy, N. Y 

N.Mills and J. Rogera Bath.N. H 

Benjamin Lovejoy... Angiiata, N. Y 

AleKander Porler I New Vineyard, Me. 

Joaeph Comrort | Buck* counly, Pa. . 

JameaHyde IS. Pamtmke, N. Y. 

Archibald Douglass. ■■•-"- "' "^ 
Michael Morrison . . 

Ezra Miller 

Jame* Gregg 

Samuel Lane 

Mareellus, N.Y. 

.i Waterbury, Ct 

. NewYork 

, Londonderry, N. H. 
. HaHowell, Maine... 

. New QIawow, Va. . I 

. Aahford.Cl... 

. Reading, Ohio. 

. Fr«deiKk.Ud 

. KarfordcountyiMd. I 

Oct. 7, 1641 
Jan. 27, 1843 
March*, 1843 
Match 4, 1843 
April 10, 1B4S 
May 3,1843 
Aug. 36, 1843 
SepU 1, 1843 
OcL 19, 1843 
Nor. 6,1843 
Dec. 4, 1843 
Feb. 13, 1844 
Feb. 30, 1844 
Oct. la, 1844 
Nov. 6, 1844 
Feb. ao, lots 
Sept. 37, 1845 
Feb. 10, 1846 
Feb. 10, 1846 
Jan. 7, 184B 
Feb. 10,1846 
SepL 5, 184C 
Sept. 19, 1846 
Oct. 3, 1846 

Feb. 31, 1896 
Aug. 30, 1B3T 
Feb. 13,1834 
Mar. 10, 1834 
June S, 183fi 
Nov. 7,1831 
Nov. 3&, 180T 
Oct. 31, 19W 
. July 99, 18JLS 
Jan. 14,1833 
Dec. 31, ia» 
Jan. 33, laK 
Jan. 35,1810 
Feb. 8, 169S 
Sept. 8, IB» 
Sept. IS, 1891 
July 19, 1608 
Mar. 30, 1831 
April 6, 1831 

a] iaptoveaieiiti, Oct. Ulb, 183i. Oct. Lkk, IML 

j AsteduH Ji 


Jmqh Hut and Wal- 

Sleph< " " 

TiirssbiiigaiKl euuit^. 

ThrMbing ajiindti, and eoncaie. 
Tbnahuig cylinder, and ciii)ca*a . 

Thrashing and dresaing Bui.. ... . .^ -- 

ThroshiDg, rannios, and deaninel Ezra Miller ai>d Jolin 

grain AndrswB •■.•.: 

Thrashing and faniiitigmaciuii*..! ElUiu Haichkiu | 

Thraabing and flu bnakw 1 David W. Websiar ... | 

Thrashing & flan dressing macbinei Samuel ODndon i 

Thrashing grain } John. Brown I 

'^'- — -'-'jggnia ; Johnand D, FiizgaraJdl 

John Blue i 

Siocy West 

John Qcarbeart. 

L. Yale, 3. W. Slim- 
aon, and N. Stimaon 

Anwni W»t 

A, uidN. RenuQton. 

Brtakuu Stoat, 


Hor. W. Waterhoui 

Joseph Darah and h 

Piermonl, N. H. ... 

Brighton, N.Y.. 

S<f>i.3S, leM 
Apra 17, 181* 

April 30, iaa> 

Tbraahing grain.. 
Thrashing grain. . 

Thraslung grain 

Tbrasbing grain 

Thrashing grain 

Thrashing grain, and breaking flai 
Thrashing machine.— &e Clua 9, 
Thrashing grain, .Kai cleaning flax 

Thrashing grain, hulling, Ac 

Thrashing grain, and hiulingeloi 

Tbmhing grab, and hulling cloveii 
•eed Lenroon Cooley . . .. . 

Thrashing grain, and shelliogcoroi Pteroon Reading.. .. . 
ThraEhing grain, and ahellingcomj Benjamin U. Beecber. 
Thrashing gniin,.aAdshetUngcorni Edward Thuraton. .. 
Thraab|Dggrain,.andahelbiif com|fidvroa J. Oilbert... 
IHi rash lag and grinding graui. .• -i William S. Lewis. . . 

Jlingeloeerssedi JoMpb.PoUer 

lling clover seedi Cbesiec CUrke 

I ling do< 

lling clover send 

lling cloTer seed, 

lling grata seed. 
;, anaahelUng. . 

Thrashing ntachioe , . . 
Thrashing manhinA. . 
Thrashing nuchine. . 
Xbraahing machipB— 
Tbrashing nuchine.. 

James Parsons, Jr. . . .| 

Jonalban Brooks i 

OUfor Dean, jr., and 
Joiepb Woodhull.. 

Samuel GnukI j 

Jesse S. Dick ! 

Samuel MuUiken | 

William Thompson. .| 


Janwa Wardrop ', 

William Booker I 

Ameabury, Mass.. 
New HartToid, Ct. 

Jackson, Tenn 


Covert. N. Y 

Harford county ^Md. 
Rnah tqwnahip, Pa. 

Litde Palls, N'Y... 

GroBue, Maine 

Genoa, N.Y 

New York 

I Butler county, Kr.. . 

CookMowo Arid fias- 

combM«iior,Pa. . 

Philadelphia, Pa 

TrenWn.N, J 



Troy, N.Y 

Filtsylvania,Va. ... 

Retutug.Pa... ... .. 

Colebrookdale, Fa. . 

Rush, Pa 

Brownaburg, Va.... 

Caledonia, N. v.... 
New Portland, Me. . 
Genesee eo , K. V. . 
Philadelphia, Fa, ... 

Richmond, Va. 


Amuiill, Va. 



Aag. IS, 1810 
Aug. 8,18ia 
Feb. 9, 1838 
MarcbS, ie09 
0«t. 31,1834 
OcL -30, 1834 
-. 14, 1848 
Soy. 11, 1834 

A««. 91, less 

May 17, 1838 
July 36, 183S 
May 19, 1895 

Feb. 12, laas 

Mar. 31, 1838 

Not. 6,l^a 

No*. 11, 183a 
May 90, IHSS 
Get. 30,18311 
No*. 1,1830 
Jan. ao, 1838 
Oet. 90, 

Feb. 1 
Jan. 38, 
June 39, 
Dec 15, 


Chrialopher Horie.. 
Jedeiliak P. Turner.. 

Joseph P. 

Thomas BameU. 

James Deiieale 

Benjainin B. Bernard. 

Raiidal Walba 

Robert Patten 

Joseph Comfort 

Joseph Beach 

Isaiah Jennings 

DoqielC. Arnold.... 
James W. Walker... 
R. C. Van Houtsn... 

Betiiamin.S. Hort 


New York 

I Massachusetts. . . 
I DeUwon 

Philadelpbia, Pa. 
.| Dumfries, Va... 


I Baltimore, Md.. 
I Columbia, Pa. ' 

Bucks county. Pa... I 
iBrook&eld, N.Y... 

i Wilmingjon, N. C.i 

New York. 

.1 GeorgBlown, S. C... 

ApKI 3S, lasi 
Aug. 15, 1835 
Mar. 13, 18SS 
Mar. II, IT91' 
Aug. 3,1791 
Not. 5, its* 
"' 11, ITflT 
16. 1797 
Jane 9, 1799 
Aug. 3D, 1801 
July 33, 180X 
Oct. 19, 180t 
Feb. 31, 18U' 
Nov. 3D, 1801 

Nov. 30, leor 

Nov. 9, 18DS 
Feb. 17,1809 
Jan. 35,1810 
Mar. 30, ISlff 
Mar. 30, leiV 
Dec. 15, 1810 
Feb. 9, 181t 
Mot. 38, 1811' 
Feb. 91, 1819 

by Google 

Tlmuhing Biachiiie.. 
Tbnuhing nuciiitie . ■ 
ThimabiD§ madune.. 

Thraxhing mtwliiiie . . 

BTiraiihmg inachint,. 

TbmshLiig' maohiiw,. 
Ttanubitig' lavhioB. . 

Thnufai ag machina . . 
Ttanahing mactunc. 
T hmahing maduite . . 
Thtaibitif machine. . 
Tknuhing nmchiike. . 
TbiBHhing rouhine.. 
ThnaliiDi' naehiiM . • 
TbnahiDg machine.. 
Thrastiiag B/achiut . . 
Thrashing machine . . 
Tbraabing' machine.. . 
Tbraihing machiae.. . 
Thraahing machine. . 
Thraahiap aachius . . 
Thraahlng machine.. . 
^kraahing machine . . 
Thiaabing roachiDe.. . 
Tbraabing machine.. 
Thraalting machine . . 
Thraahing machine.. . 
Thra^ing machine . . 
Thraahing machine.. . 
Tbnahing maduaa. . 
Tbnifatng Dmchine . ■ 
Tbraahing machine.. . 
Tbraihing machine .. . 
Thraahing raachine. . 
Thrashing macitinc '. 
Thraahing maclune . . 
Thrashing machine.. 
Thrashing macluiM . . 
Thrashing machine, . 
Thraahing machine.. 
Thrashing machine . . 
Thraahing machine . . 




Thomas Wanier. 
Thomaa CahooB tai 
William EUiot. 

Silas Smith 

Nalhan lUad. . . . 
John Heney 

Jamea Joaea, jr. 
Jamea and Joa. Grwr 
C. Ballard, J. Oray, 

and Ira Dmper 

Thomas Mavftdd 

William H.Ran8MM. 



Benjamin Cnmminga. 
Atvm Saraee. ....... 


B. AndrewB 


Major UcDoDaU 

Joseph Pope 

Timaibjr Howe. 

Gideon Reynolds.. . . . 

Pieiaon Rsadire 

Joseph R. Miller 


ChariM Smith 

Archibald Oooglasa.. . 

Aiulrew ?Joble 

Richant Holden 

William Hoyl 

William SmaU 


John Shaw 


Pieraon Raading 

• Hyde 

Woodbuiy, Conn. . 

Sharon, Conn 

Bucka cttnoui. Pa.. 


Botuin, Maa*. . ■ ■ . 

Waahingbm.S. C. 

Albany,*!*. Y 


MsAltevaco., Va.. 
Belfaal, Maine.... 

Waahingwn, D. C. . 
New Haieo, Caan. . 
Londondeiry, N. H. j 

Norfolk CO., Masa. 
Baltimore, Md.... 
UaithewB co., Va.. 

Phelps, H.Y 

PeppaibilL Mas*.. 
Brooklyn, M.U... 

. No*. 37. ISIS 
. Dw. h, 181S 
, D«c. 14, IHIS 
. May 11, 1»U 

. Feb. 22, isn 

, April 12, ISn 
. Aitg. 33, 1817 
. Dec. S3, J8IT 
, Fab. », 18U 
. Peb. 18, 1818 

HalkMicll, Main*.. 
Turner, Maine .... 


Trmton, N. J 




Al&ed, Maine . . . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Augtula, Maine. . . 
Anguata, Maine. , . 
Kennebec, Maine. . 

Eb. B. Pike. 

Eliaa B. Hixt 

Michael Fiiat 

William LoctnJB.. 
John H. Benneu. 
Calrin Enmons... 
Norton Cmc...... 

Samapn Fahon.. . . 

Matthew Barney. 
Samuel a Allen... 
Jamea S. Wood. . 

Gaoege Fuller 

Calvin Emmom... 
Eno)^ Harmon. . . 
JameaS. Wood. . 



Uniontown, Md. 

Aiu«liu*,N. Y 


North GraaTiUe,0.. 

Killbucfc, Ohio 

Nantucket, Maa*.. . 
SkHcaielea, N. Y.. 
Boutciourtco., Va. . 
Gwdinei, Maioe. . . . 


Dppei Wakefield, Pa. 

Pauensbun, Va 



Dec. 16, 18IB 
Dec 08, 18)8 
Sept. 0,1818 
June 6, IBM 
Aug. 23, 18» 
Stfrt. 1, lau 
Mar. 28, 1891 

April 33, 1831 
A^rilS9, 1899 
J<ily 9,1899 
July 3U, ISaS 
Uec. 3,1899 
Jan. SI, 1893 
April 15, 1823 
AprU96, lacB 
July 29, 18» 
Sept. e, 1823 
Sept. 18, 1B3S 
Jan. 13, 18M 
May 20, 1855 

Sept. s, jsas 

Sept. 9,1833 
Jan. 10, laU 
May 10, 1B9S 
May 35, 183* 
Jaae 3, I89< 
Dec 9, 1896 
Oct. 5, 182? 

. Fab. 16, leas 

March 3, 1896 
March 6, 189S 
April 10, ine 
April 17, 189B 
tii»y 23, 1818 
Julf 32, 189S 
Aug. 5, 1B38 
Wot. 1, 1896 
Jan. a, 1839 
June 11, 1829 
July 27, 1839 
Aug. S, 1831 
Sept. 10, 1839 
No>. 35, 1839 
Dec 14, 189> 
Uec SI, 1831 

by Google 


IliTaaliing m 

Tknishmg ID 
Thmahing m 




machino. . 

ThraaliiDg m&chine. . 

Thrashing machiDS.. . 
ThraBbing machine . . 
Thrashing machine. . 
Thrashing machine. . 

Thrashing machine. . 

Thrashing m 
lliTashing m 


. Jas.Clwkan<)I.8MTka 
. Henry C. Atwcwt). 
. Edmnad Waxren . . 
. Joel Dewey, jr. . . . 

■ Daniel Mojrer. 

. Rodolph MHiet. . . 
. Thomu Ingers^. 
. William Corwilhe. 
. William C. Rem.. 
. James Cooper.... 

■ Noah Lindsey.. . . 

. Jnmee DougloBS i 
Walter Johnson. . . . 

. Samuel Piaher and Dtt- 
vid Spany 

. David Kagg, jr. 

. John Peten 

. Squire Gambell 

■ Asher Slorer and Wil- 


Thrashing m 
Thrashing m 

Thrashing m 
Thrashing m 

Thrashing : 






machine.. . 
machine . . . 

machine.. . 

machine . . 

.' David IHagg, jr. . 
' John Stowiils. . . . 
A. Luplon, J. Jan..,., 

and John Lnplon . 1 

. R. L. Cauelin 

. William Oltirtger 

. William J. Wood... 

. William Sparry 

. Alonzo L. Smith 

. Samuel Turner and 

Nonis Bamee 

. RuTus Humphrey. . . . 

. Isaac Norton 

. Samuel Tunver 

. William Emmons 

. Truman Pox and W. 


. John Harmon, jr.. . . , 

. JoBBph C. Oentry. . . . 

■^-■le Cross........ 

in Cende and Jo- 

. Newton C. Monroe. . . 

. WiUiamJ. Wood 

■ Andrew Richison 

• JoahuaS.Weat ' 

. Edmund Warren I 

. Samuel FUimey 

. RinaldoP. Giliett.... 

. Isaac Van Doreo { 

. John Voabnrg l 

. Ira CkawTocd 

. Phillip Harrington ... I 
. Junius P. Palmer. . . .1 
. Benjamin Bolch and 

Luke Webster 

. Jacob Redifer I 

. Benjamin Maltby I 

. Thomas Carpenter, adl 

. EzraWicltraire 1 

. William Preaeou j 

Genoa, N.Y 

Woodbury, Couii, 

New York 


CootaUwn, Pa... 

Marietta, Pa 

Murray, N.Y.... 

New York 

Pennfield, N.Y... 
Augtista county, Va. 


Amsterdam, Va. . . . 
QardiilM', Maine... . 

Harrisbtu^, Pa 

Onondaga, N. Y 


Morristown,Ohio.. . 


Qorham, N.Y 

Frederick oo., Va. . . 








SchuyleiBville, N. Y. 

Aurdiui, N. Y 


Sweden, N.Y. 

Rochester, N. Y 

Peterahurg, Va 

Windham, N.Y... . 
Rocheater, N. Y.,.. 
New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Portland, N.Y 


Boonaborough, Md. 


Hopewell t'na'p,N.J. 
Kinderhook, N. Y.. 


Petoreburg, Va 

Baltimore, Md 

Sweden, N.Y 

Philaddpbia, Pa 


Elmyra, N.Y 

PottSTille, Pa. 

Jan. 99, IBM 
Jan. 39, I8» 
Peb. 10, 18M 
Mar. 15, 18H 
Mar. 33, 100 
Mar. 93, 18S0 
Apnl 1, 1830 


12, 1 

May 19, I8» 
June 4, 1B3D 
June 19, 18M 
June 94, 1830 

July 8.1830 
July 10, 1830 
July 13, 1830 

July 96, 1830 
Oct. 1,1830 
Oct. I, ISM 
Oct. 1, 1830 
Oct. 1, 1830 
Not. 94, 1830 

Nov. 27, 1830 
[)mi. 87, 1830 
Jan. 6, 1831 
Jan. 11, I83t 
Feb. 7, 1831 

Feb, 8, 1831 
Fab. 11, 1831 
March?, 1831 
March 8, 1831 

April 1, 1631 
April 8,1831 
April It, 1831 
April 19, 1831 
April 98,1831 
April W, 1831 
April 3S, 1831 
May 9,1831 
June 13, 1831 
June 13, 1631 
July 90, 1631 
July 90, 1631 
July 30, 1831 
July 90, 1831 

Inly 93, JPSl 
July 95, 1831 
July 30, 1831 
Sept. 98, 1831 
3epu 28, I8S1 
Oct. ^, 1831 

?d by Google 

„— . 

— . 

-— . 

BUb. jQoidM »t a 



Orlando HuH 


Hardin Bnoch 

Samud Kable 


Squirt Gambdl 


Edmund Wmiw 

a^hw Soitoi. 

Daniel A. WabaUtr... 
Benjamin HinklsT... 

Jeremiah Fisk 

L. Yale&P. CCuctii 

DaTid Porter 

SamtMl Clark 

Theodore Smiih 

"WiUiamK. Weed.... 
JohnP. Wiliiimi.... 

Jehial P. Aiwll 

D. Da*La&.J. Holmea 
t. Chandler and Joa. 

A. Holland 

Richard P. Sutherland 

Jamea D. Enaa. 


M.Ame*& J. Wright 
Gideon Holchkia.... 

Iiaac Ottltop.. .: 

Chariea WiioD. 



John£a>aw , 

C. P. Tenant and W. 

Eaton „ 

Webber Furbi^ 

Luke Hale , 



David a McCoy 

William W. RaL. . . . 

Luther Camen 

Wm. Q. Johnalon.... 
SamoelS. Allen 


s. a 8m«i & w. s. 



Baanr Cieak towD- 


New York 

Brighton, M.Y.... 

Near York 

New Lebanon. N.Y. 

OoL 37,1831 


AprU 18, 1832 

May 10, S3S 
July 7, 839 

ocL 25, esa 

April 9, 833 

Ufay 17, &33 

Fayette, Me 

July 93, 1833 
S^i. 9,1833 
S<f)i. 17, 1833 


Enfield, N.Y 



Kennebec, Me 



Frederickiburc, Va. 


Sweden. N.Y 

April 25. 1834 

April as, 1834 

July 10,1834 
July as, 1834 
Aug. 1. 1834 
Aug. 18. 1834 
Aug. 19, 1834 
Aug. 27. 1834 


Up. Dublin t>n8>p,Pft 

Wooeler, Ohio 




Dublin, Md 


Bridgetown, N.J... 

Frtderiekoo., Md.. 

AlUowrieeo., Va.. 
White Poat, Fred>k 

■ninuhing iY«chin« 

Dec 17. 1834 

Thnahiiur nuchiDe. . 


Thrwhing mwhine 

ThtadunliiiBdiiM. . . 

Mar. 30, 1835 
April 3.1836 
April 3,1835 
April 3, 1835 
April 8,1835 
April 33, 1835 


Edmund Wan«n 

Honrr Johnaon. 



Tkmihii^ machine 

May 32, 1B35 
May as, 1835 
May 29. 1835 

Wa^Dgton •o.,Tmi 

Brooklyn, Ct. 

June la. 1836 
July 7. 1B3S 
Jan. au, 1836 


lb, Google 

Tninsbiag DUkChiM 

TbraatuDft naeluite 


Thtaabing muJuDe 

■Thraabing taichiiM 

Thrashing maohiae 

TbroafaiDg macliiiie 

Thrash ing machine 

Thnahing^ machiae 

Thraahing machine 

Thrashing mnehine 

Thnuhing machiiw 

Thnuhiiu; mnehine 

Thrashing machine 

Thnahing machine 

Thraahiog machine 

Thrashing machine 

Thrashing machine 

TbiBshing machine 

Thrashing machine 

Thrashing machine 

Thraahiog machine 

Thrashing machine 

Thrashing machine • ■ . i 

Thrashing machine, (on BoUou' 

improTcmenl.) ' 
Thrashing machine, (on Balloa'a 


Thrashing mocnine, called the. 

American, &c. 
Thrashing machine, called the Sid- 

Throwing machine, "luffing stn 

Unation machine 

Thrashing machine, and dcanin 


Threshing maclune, okner. ... 
Thrashing machine, doTCr, dec- 
Thrashing machine, closer &^ ric 
Thrashing mBchine, darer, &c. 
Thrashing machina, concaTesen 

Thrasfaing machine, coodactini 

Thmehing machine, &; 
Thrashing machine, 
Hira^ung: raoehiiM, 
Thrashing nutdune, 
.Thrashing owcbioe, 

Levis H-lbM... 

Thomas Badee.. . . 

Jamss Co«Mr 

Hugh Barelnir.. . . 
N. Goldsbomugh.. 
George Beamnont. 
JacobR Rdlins — . 
J. Bailey & J' Sprinkle 
Porter Cleaielond . . . 
Aaron Parsons. • . ■ ■ . 
Alex'r W. B-wline. 
Frederick A. H. Gneb 


James Cumminga. . > , 
Jene Bowles 

Henry Hizer & A. B. 


Chrislian Reif 

William Eelon 

Luther A. E. Whitman 
Chs. W. Calhcart. . . 
Frederick A. Stuart. 
J.T. &E.Wan«i.. 
J. A. TapiiD A. Wal- 

dren Eddy 

Foater & Jones. .... 

Jeoae FitzgaraM 

J. C. Boyd & A. Kit. 

DWMlk, Pa 

8aDdwioh,N. H.... 
Greene CO., Ohio. . . , 
Wajme CO., Ohio. . . 

LexiBgloB, Va 


Mount Pleasant, Pa. 
New Gloucester, Mt 
Rockingham co., Vi 
YonMyMUie, Va... 

Rockfieid, Me 

From Royal, Va... 
Hageratown, Md. . . 

Syracuse, N.y 

Canonsbuig, Pa. . . . 


Wooater, Ohio 

HaitlelOD, Pa. 

Upper Alton, 111 

Winlhrop, Me 

New Durham, Ind. . 
Catharine, B. v.... 
NcwYork , 

Now York, N.Y.... 

Lapone, Ind 


Rush township. Pa, 

April as, ISK 
May 6, laX 
May 6, lOE 
June S, lOE 
June 90, ISX 
June 25, 18tt 
July 3, ISX 
Dec. 26, 1837 
Oct. 19, 1B38 
May 19, IS« 
Dee. 10, ISW 
June 11, ISO 
April IS, 1843 

June 11, 18U 
June 94. ISO 
July as, 1843 
Mar. SO, 1844 
April 35, 1844 
June 6, 18U 
July 14, 1845 

Oct. 3,1846 
OcL 17,1846 
July 14, 1846 


Post and J. 

New Baltimore, Va 


Reuel Howard and J. 

B. Flagg. 
Russel &Tidley.. . 

EliztirL. Booth.. 

Matthew McKaerer. . StounlOD, Vs.. . 

Ridings .. 


Luther Whitman. • . 

Jacob V. A. Wei^ile. 

WashiwtoD, Ct. . 

SiresWg, Va. . . . 

QrMovieh, N. J.. 

Winthrop, Ma... 

Chtrendon, N.Y. 

Gates, N.Y 

New York 

Leroy.N. Y 

Sprine&eld, Va. . . 

Norwich, Ct. AprilST.lSS 

Syraetise, N. Y.... July ai^'lSlr 
MaeBdon,N.Y..... Dee. 14,1831 
i1i»ida,N.Y Uar.SK, " 

Feb. 10, last 

Feb. ao, UB 

Mar. a 

Dec 14, leSIt 
Oct. 10, 1B» 

Oct. 10.183S 
Oel. 6,1836 
May 8,I8» 

Aug. 35, IBM 

Mar. 38, I83S 
Mar. 21, 1831 
Mar. 9, 1S33 
Dec. 3D, 1841 
April IB, 1838 
Not. 5,1831 

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''HkiBAiBg BtachiiMi — Stt Moti n g. 
Thralfaing machiiM, portable.. . . . 
"l^niUBg nuKkiiM, prerenting 

diutrrom rUing 

Ilmibiiig iDBobin«,reaiDv'gstKW 

udMp&ratiD^ the grain m. .. 
Thraihing nuchuie, fur rica, An. 
Thiuhing machine, for rice, £c.. 
'Tniruhinc macluDe, for rioe, 


^inMklng mkcluDe,ihailing ci 

Thtaahing machina, aheUing sod 
huiling graio 

Thruhipg [iiacluDe,«priDg beaier, 
bieakii^ bemp and dtkX... 

ThrsahiDg machine, d 

Thrashiog machine, vibniling . , 
Thraahingniaebiiie, leeth far.. 
Tbrubing maduiw, and wimio' 


Thrauiing and rtl^mg grain 

lliiariiiiig rice 

ThrMhing and •kdling con, and 

griodiog apolea 

"ntaabing and abeUing Goiii,.Bnd 

grindiDg ap] 


lliraabine and wioitowing. 
Threahing and wioDOwii^. 
Thraabing and wianowing' 
Vsraabittg A- winiiowiDg mashine 
lltnaliii^ A winnowing machine 
*ninBbing& winnowing mattbioe 
ThraihmgA winnowiDg machine 
Tliaahing & winnowing machiiM 
Thi*ihfa>g A winnowing machine 
'Thraahing & winnowing machine 
Thfaihiag and winnowing, A flax 

brMdcing machine 

"nvaabing A winnowing machina, 

&C-, giain Bsperatoi~ 

Tobacco, caring. . . 
Tobatco, curing.., 
Tobacco, curJDg. . . 


H.&.J. W.Edgar... 



Samuel Riwvn 

William Matifaawea. . 

Isaac S. Palmer 


Wreateum P. Barton . 

Thoaua Elliott, jr. . . . 

Daniel A. Webster. . . 

Ruaaell Tomlinaon... 

NaiOMn Ooodadl 


Andrew Kabrton 

Jeremiah [>ariing 

E^dnaund Warren 


Ephraim Sands. 

David Fla^.jr 


jBMb Hettel A Jean 

AloBc« !•■ Smith .... 

Jesse Bener 

a. BosCwick aod H. 


Moaes Davenport 

J.A.& H. A. Pitts. 


Wayne cOt Ohio.. 

Boandbrook, N. 3. 

Cecil, Pa 

AehTille,N. C 

"' ' S.C... 


Uniomown, Pa.. .. 

Be[aTia,N. Y 

MidcUelown, Ky. . . 

New York 

Jackson, Mich 

Clinton, N.Y..... 

Cambridge, Md. . . . 
Kemett's square, Pa 
Tobaeeo SiicJc, Md. 

HoneweU, Fa. 

Adrian, Mich 


Georgeiawn, S. C.. . 
Ointinnaii, Ohio. . . 

New York 

Florida, N.Y 



SempKHiiua, N. Y. 

Maryktodtowiti N.Y 


May 14, 1S34 
Jane 6, 1835 

Winthr«p, Me.. 



SyWanoa C. Hersey. . 

Sanrael Slater 

William Laighlon .... 
RenbsB W. Currier. . 

EdmaDd Wajran. . . . 
J. V. A Wemfda and 
Geocga WeMinghou se. 

Thomas D. Burrall.. 

John Robinson 

Ednuind Pendleton. . 
H. A Thos. Bakw. . 

Da«ia O. Tack. 

■an, isr 

Augnata, He. .... 
Ro^cMer, N. Y. . 
FoTtamoathiN. H 
East KingMon, N. H 

Mohawk ....>« v 
Schoharie.... }"' 

Geneva, N. Y 

Chariotle, Va, . . . 
Louisa CO., Va. . . 

FVanUiD co., Va. 

' Nov. 26, 1S40 
July 25, I83I 
Aag. 27, 1S35 

Dee, 6,1831 

May 8, 1810 

Feb. 28, 1833 

Mar. 36, 1839 

Dec. 16,1833 

June 27, 184S 

Mar. 21, 1823 

Nov. 17, 1894 
May 26, 1827 
May 17, 1839 

Feb. 31, 1842 
Mar. 7, 1846 
Feb. 93, 1838 
May 30, 1830 
Mav 24, 18» 
Nov. 29, 1830 
Dec 37, 1809 

Feb. 14, 1831 

April 37, 1831 

Dec. n, 1833 

Deo. 24, 1824 
May 3,1804 

Nov. 23, 1837 
Dec. 29, 1837 
Feb. 15, 1809 
Dec. 12, 1831 

Mar. S, 1834 
Nov. 7,1835 
Oct, 1, 1S30 
Nov. 17, 1834 

Aug. 11, 1827 
July 13, 1844 

Dec. 6, 1830 
Feb. 95, 1809 
Dec, 18, 1826 
Mar. 4, 18SS 
Oct. 1, 1830 
Jan. 11, leSl 

by Google 

Trees, frait, preveniing canker 

Trees, fruit, preventing canker 

NewbuT}', Mbh. . 
Leamisaler, Maai 

Tieea, pnitecling from the canker 

Washing potatoes and Toota.. 
'Weevit, mode of dealroying .. 
WeeviJ, mods of destroying.. 

Winnowing clover seed , . 
Winnowing clover seed . . 
Winnowing clover seed . . 
Winnowing clover seed.. 
Winnowing -ctover seed. . 
Winnowing clover seed. . 
Winnowing clover aeed — 

Wi. ._ ._^ _.._ 

Winnowing clover seed 

Winnowing clover seed 

Winnowing ciover aeed & wheal. 
Winnowing, fiinn ing mill , for clean- 
ing grain 

Winnowing flax seed 

Winnowing flax seed 

Winnowing i;;raJn 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing groin 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing gmin _ 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing groin 

WiniMwing grain 

Winnowing grain 

JoubUibii Deoius, jr.. 

Daniel Newhalt 

William Ellia 

William Armaiead... 
James A. Lee.adm'or 

of James Lee 

Jonathan Roberta, Jr. 

Asher Spicer 

Martin tdiller 


Timothy Kirk 

George Faber 

David lUnkin 

Reuben Ranger. .... 

Hiram Hoth 

Jamea Manning . . 

David Buckin^am.. 

Lynn, Mass... 

Prince Wm. co.. 

Calvin 0. Guenuey.. 

Paul Gaultry 

Abb Hook 

Peter H. Schenck. . . . 
WilUaoi H. Peabody. 

John James, 3d 

Israel Honeywell.... 

A. Fewrow 

Thomas Beaiiy 

Isaac Broniwell. .... 

Holland Child 

John Litzenbei'ger. . . 

Lott Forrisler. 

John Tyler 

Gilbert Arnold 

Michael UrlTer. 

Thomas Iteese 

Joaepb D. PresMU.. 
AbelLook and Wm. 

Coleman, jr 

Mark well, Thomaa. . . 

David H,Cole 

George A. Johnson. . . 
M. N. Armstrong and 

W. H.King 

Maysiille, Ky . 
Pennsylvania.. . 
Connediuit. . . , 

Penjiaylvania.. . 
Pennsylvania.. . 

York, Pa 





Lambertville, N.y., 

Russia N.Y , 

bersburg, F 
iia CO., Va. 


SearGmounl, Me.. . 

New York 

Woodbury, Ct..., 

York, Pa. 

Washtr^on, D. C. 
Baltimore, Md , . . . 
Canton, Me 

Winnowing grain 

WmDowing groin 

Winnowing grain 

Winnowing grain and berries. . . . 

Winnowing grain and dettroying 

Winnovring grain and rice, Ac. . . Abel LoA. 

Winnowing grain and seed William Tallock . . 

Winnowing nmchine ■■ ■ ■ William Tunatall 

Winnowing machine H. Welkins. .... 

Winnowing machine Josiah Browne.. . 

Winnowing machine Harvey Besdle.. . 

Winnowing machine David S. Buck... 

Winnowing machine. John Peyton 

Winnowing machine J Tinman B. Brown. . 

Winnowing machine .J Jeremiah Nichols 

Winnowing machine I BUwerd P. Ficzpatrick 


Claremont, N. H... 


Upper Milford, Pa.. 

Bauiniore, Md 

Chesterville, M 

Frederiektown, Md ■ 

Alfred, Me 

Portland, Me. 

JolinsoDburg, N. Y. 

. June 36, lOS 

. June 19, 1813 

Jan. 4, 1816 

Jiuie QI, 1838 

OcL 31, 1840 
Feb. 25, 1835 
Nov. 13, latft 

Aug. IT, 1635 
Feb. 13, 1796 
AprU33, 1809 
July 19,1803 
Mar. 21, 1803 
July SB, 1803 
AprU 5, 1SI3 
Mar. 18, 1334 
Aug. 31, 1834 
Sept. S6, 1835 
Jan. e, 183S 
Dec SI, 1803 

Oct. 12, 1844 
April S4, 1804 
Sept. 9,1833 
Fcl). 15, 1810 
June 8, 1810 
May 4,1813 
April 27. IBIS 
18, 181S 
5, 181S 
Nov. S6, 1818 
Jan. 11,1833 
Nov. 94, 1823 
Feb. 13,1834 
May le, 1897 
June 17, 1830 


Piusfield, Mass. , 
Lantern Mill, Vb. 
Richmond, Va .., 
Washington co.. Mi 
New London, N. H. 

Wallingford, Ct 

Hurley,.N. Y 

Orange Co., Va... 
Locke lowns'p, N.Y 

Kent CO., Md 

Mount Mon-ia, N. Y. 

Mar. 31, 1833 
May 30, 183T 
July 17, 1838 
Dec. 15, 1818 

. Dec. 3,1834 

Feb. as, len 

June 13, 18S1 
OcL 38,1806 
June 30, 1804 
Mar. 18, 1819 
Nov. SI, 1890 
Mar. 30, 18!^ 
Feb. 10,1833 
Nov. 7, 18« 
Mar. 6, 1835 
June 15, 18M 
Nov. 14, 1835 

• AddlUORSI improvcmeBt, dlUd AplU M, 1811. 

lb, Google 

^flmtowing iDBchiite ., 
Winnowing machim . . 
Winnoring mochme „ 
WmDDwiug nudiUH ,. 

Winnowing onchiiw .. 


iDacliiaej fanning miU 
mathioft, fenning —'" 
EoachiDi, finning 

inchine, Cuining mill 
machine, fanning mill 
machine, fanning mill 
mnchioe, bnning mill 
machint, ftoning mill 
madbine, ranning mill 
nacbine, fanning mill 
mncJiine, faiming mill 
iDHchiBe, ftnniagmil) 
mBchine, fanning mill 
machine, fanning mill 




Winnowing machine, fanning null 
Winnowing- machine, fanning mill', 
Winnowing machine, fanning mill 
Winnowing machine, Qmoing mill 
Winnowing machine, fanning mill 
Winnowing machine, fanning mill 
Winnowing machine, &nning mill 
Winnowing machine, fanning mill 
Winnowing machine, fanning mil! 

Wmnowing machine, bnningmill 
Winnowing macfaiDe, fanning mill 
Winnowing machine, fonning mill, 

Winnowing machine, screen for. , 
Winnowing machine, tub mill... 

Winnowing mill , 

Winnowing mill, machinery 

Winnoviing mill, machinery 

Winnowing acreen, for cleaning 


Wumowing acreen, pendulum . . . 
Winnowing screen, leparating 

crain, ftc 

Winnowing, sepoiat'g eloTer chaff 

from straw. 

Winnowing, separat'g garlic (Toai 

Winnowing, sepai»t'g garlic from 
Winnowing, aepanuing grain from 

Jonathan Beane. . 
Abel & Aiahel Lomax 
a. W. D. and Joaepfa 


James Slarr 

Tkomas Cole A, John 


Thomoa Chandler and 

Aaa D. Reed 

Isaac T.Qrant 

Anthony Cooley 

Bomael Dodge 

Oliver Barret, jr. 

Benjamin Aiwell 

Samuel Snedeker 

Thontaa W. Je«*up. . 
Thomas S. Barmim. . . 

Samuel Fitch 

Joel Soper. 

Benjamm D. Beecher. 

Daniel Donoghoe 

Darid Neefus 

Lemuel Peck 

Enoch Walker 

Olid Pinney & James 


Enoch Walker 

Justus Frary 

JohMML Tt 

Monntrille, Me. . . . 
Cliiitonco., Ohio.. 

RockTtlIe,lll ) 

Miles, Mich \ 

Schaghiicoke, N. Y. 
KaJiunaioo, Mich. , 
Clsavaland, Ohio . . 
Sandy HiU, N. Y. , 
Buriiogton,!?. Y.. 
Johnstown, N.Y.. 
Fredwidttown, Md. 

Sharon, Ct. 

Homer, N. Y 

Windsor, Ct. 

NewHareo, Ct..,, 


FlaOajidB, N- Y . . . . 

Brooltfield, Ct 

Springfield, Pa 

Caledonia, N.Y.... 
Springfield, t cor.,Ps 

Moses Elliot. . . . 
Samod Fiteh... 
P. Prine & L. Hnesiis 

David Clinton 

J. W. Hunter, M. L. 
Hunt, A 3. Holnuin.i 

Nathan Wells I 

Alfred Errin 

DaTid Philips and 

Asa Jaekaon 

D. A. AS. Church... J 
Moses Elliot. ... 
Daniel Clow.... 
James Raple.. .. 
Daniel Dsni.. .. 

Franklin, N.V 

BrookfieM, Ct. I 

BoMawen,N. H...I 


New Haven, Ct. . . 

Oakland CO., M.T. 

MUford, Pa 

Jeflerson, Md 

Qeorgetown, Fa. . ) 
Friendship, N. Y. . 
Port Byron, N. Y. 
Wosbioglon, Pa... 
Coroiah, N. H.... 

I>U>. 90,14 
Blor. 31, la 
May 8, in 

Aug. T,1B44 
Dec. 7,1844 
July 10, ISIS 
Sept. 3,1845 
Feb. 9,1808 
Mar. S3, 1806 
Sept. 19, 1808 
April 27, 1810 
June 18, leil 
Jan. IS, 1813 
Oct. 39,1814 
Dec. 3, 1814 
May 30, 1816 
April 16, 1831 
Sept. aa, 1823 
Aug. 13, 1834 
Mar. S8, 1835 

Not. 7, 1836 
Sept. 90, 1837 
Feb. IT, I83» 
Mar. 34, 1630 
Oct. 1, 1830 
Jane 13, 1831 
Jan. 6, 1632 
Feb. S3, 1633 
Not. 39, 1832 

Dec. 18, 183a 
Sept. 11, 1833 
Sept. 30, 1839 
May 4, 1841 
June 97, 1846 
Mot 18, 1816 
June le, 1846 
May 19, 1833 
July 5,1832 

Peter Broughton. 

John Bolton. .... 

Reuben Ranger. i 

William C, Grimes... 

Jonothan F. Barrett . . 
Manning Packard and 
ChrUuan B. Packard 

Charleston, S.C. 
Horrisbuig, Pa. . . 

Wilton, Me 

York, Pa. 

N. GtranTiUe, N. Y. 
Clareodon, N.Y.. 

Aug. S, 1831 
July aa, 1831 
Aug. 31, 1834 
Sept. 3,1840 
Oct. 31,1840 
Not. 18, 1844 

. Bnxdtfidd, Ct. i Mar. 16, 1610 

t I 

by Google 


Ae.r front grain* 

WuBOwing and thmhm;.. . 

"Wuinawing -wheat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing wheal 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing whaat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing wheat 

Winnowing, wheat ftni 

Winnowing, wheat fane 

Yolce, hoTM 

Tokfl, hone tai oxen 

Yoke, korae 

Yoke, ox 

Le«t«r Bdtler 

E. P. Davia and W. 


Stephen SuIlweU 

William Dbtis 

Wmiam Adasia 

Samuel Weaver 

Samuel Martin A Zad. 


Jedediah TaUman.... 

George Hoffman 

John Deakyne 

D. Ftandera and C- 


Stephen M. Yeaman. . 

Jacob Shenner. 

Darid Watkina 

William Stanley 

Adolphus Allen 

Gideon Holehkiu. . . . 
Elijah H.Danforth... 
Daiid Chappel 



New Hampahire 

New York 


Ontario CO., N.T... 
Oneida 00., N.V... 
FVederiektown, Md. 
Fetaraborg, Va 

Fort Covington , N. Y 
Elizabelhtown, Ey. 
New Valley, Md.. 
Port Republio, Ta. 


Winder, N.Y.... 

Buali.N. Y 


June 3,lSn 

Tune li, 1899 
April IS, 1796 
July 9, 1803 
Jan. 34, 1815 
Mar. 1, iei6 
Mar. 11, 1916 

Jan. 18, leau 

May 8, ta» 
Aug. SI, 1899 
Sept. 13, 1833 

Feb. 13, 1836 
June ao, 1846 
July 30, 1846 
Feb. 3,1844 
Not. 18, 184* 
June 99, 1837 
Aug. 3!, 1833 
July S8, 1846 
Sept. 3,1846 

•RelHDedBIanhB, 181*. 

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Manufacture of Metals and Instruments therefor. 

by Google 

b, Google 


CLASS I[— METALLURGY and ^onti/arture of Mitalt and hutnxmmh Ckertfor. 

Andirona. . 
Andirons. . 
AnditDns. . 
Andirons. . 

Andironi, bora 

AndiriHU, eonveyingair through. 

Andirom, ciHiatniclion of. 

AodiroDS. — Sttfir^fUtt, ClaaaS, 
AndiraoB, repaiiing and finiahing. 

AutII and huniner 

Anvii, blo«k 

Ji^n Slickntv 

Willouehby Dexler. 


Edmund Smylie 

John Griffith* 

William Wilson 

J. Cockran 

John R. Remington. 
Edward Smylie 

Edieand Smylii 

Cbarles Joeselyn 

I.Van Tiers 


Wioehesier, Conn. , 


New York , 


Gre«Dii<1d, Mass 

Btttaiia, N.Y 

Lowndeaco., Ala... 
New York, N.Y.. 


Pembroke, Mass . . . ( 
HuiOTcrlron Woriu , 

May 4, 1805 
Msy n. 1814 

Nor, 16, isai 

Feb. 1, 1837 
Mar. 15, 1827 
May 16, 1832 
July 1,1936 
May 16, 1846 
July 13, 1843 

Ai)*ils, maehine for nuking. . . . 

Anger for boring earth 

Anger, screw, manu&ctnrihr. . 



Awl haft. 


Awls, attaching to hafls 

Awls, drills, dbc, setting. 

Awls, aoekeu, and other tools. . 

John Taylor 

John M. Cooper.. 

William Fiehl 

Edwin Martin .. . . 
David M. Smith. . 
David M. Smith.. 
William Campbell. 

Dexter Pieree 

Eraslua B. Bigelowand 

Stephen Bngham. 

Herrick Aikln 

John AJley, sen 

"rulus Shaw and R 

H. Burk.... 
Josish Pratt, Ji 
Benjftmin Smitl 

Axea, for^ng 

Axes, foi^ng 

Axea, forming the eyes of- 
Axea, boea,>cythes,pilchfofks,&c. 
Axes, hoes , acy ihes , pilch farka ,&c. 
Axes, hoes, Beythes,piichfbrks,&c. 

Axes, hatchets, &c 

Axea, hatchets, punehin^ eyes, Ac. 
Axee, machine for making.. 

Axes, oTsJ 

Axes, oval 

Axes, OTal 

Axea, jHck 

Axes, Ac, aharpentng 

Bands, contiaciine, wrovghl 
Bands, iron keyed . 

(J. Wright, uatgneeof 

D, C. Stone)... 
David Hrnman.. . . 


Milton D. Whippli 

Luther Olds 

Joseph P. Hazard . 
John F.Mackie. . . 
David Hinman — 
Eliaha K. Root. . . 
Isaac W. Turner. 
Stephen Hyde... 
Stephen Hyde... 
A*abel Collins... 

Luke Baker. 

John Shotwelt... 
Edward Cooper. . 
Edward Cooper. . 

James M. Talbott. . 
.{ Thomut Rowlands. 

Shtkdegap, PeDD. 
Newbem, Ala. . . 
Pawtucket, a. I- 
Orafton, Mass. . . 
Q<lsam,N H... 
Gitsnm, N. H... 
Monifigue, Mass. 
W. Boyleaion town- 
ship, Maas 

Draeut, Mass 


Canton, Conn 

Cbarlemont, Mms. . 

Canton, Conn 

Canton, Conn 


Canton, Conn 

Canton, Conn 

Douglass, Maaa... 

Onconla,N. Y 

Washington CO., R.I. 


Winchester, Conn. 
Baltimore, Md . . . 
Williamsbtiig, Maaa. 
Williamsbuis, Mass. 



Ridimond, Ya..... 

Richmond, Va 

Richmond, Va 

Oloncerier co.. Pa. 

Oct. 7, 1843 
April 15, 1844 
Mar. SI, 1843 
Oct. 25,1832 
Mar. 31, 183G 
July I, 1B36 
Aug. 13, 1836 

Jan. 27, 1835 
D-x. 16, 1633 
April 9, 1839 

Nov. 3, 1S31 

April B, 1832 
" . 2,1832 

. 30, 1836 

June 29, 1S33 
Jan. 31, 1833 
July 9, 1833 
Aug. 9, 1833 
Nov. 19, J833 
Nov. 2, 1832 
Dec. 10, 1838 
Nov. 4,1842 
Jan. 29, 1830 
March 2, 1831 
Oct. 25, 1833 
Jan. 15, 1832 
Mar. 16, 1799 
Mar. 16, 1833 
Sept. 14, 1826 
Sept. 14, 1840 

Dee. 94, 1819 

by Google 



— «> 


Bm*, for gralea and start* 

Beains, irun, paltcm for caauog. 
Bedstead (eaUaix^.-Stt Cbm 17 
Bedstead raiWDinga 


Troy, N.Y 

Brookville, Ind 


Beilin, Conn 


Cairo, N.Y 

Rochester, N.Y.... 


New Hompshire. . . . 

Poultney, &. Y 

Baltimore, Md 

Baltimore, Md 

Onancock, Va. 

D«>. 38,188* 
Jan. 23,1846 

E. F.Oazzam 

Rol£rt Ledie. .. . . . . 

William Hoyt 


Samnel Booth 

Simeon Newton 

James P. Parke 

Jason Barton 

T. D. Jackson and A 


Benjamin Honks 


L. Hoyt and E. Pierce 

BelK UansiaE'— £« CteM 17^ 
BeJUrorSore^ 7 

Mar. 18, 1834 

Oct. n, 18« 
Nov. 4, 181& 
Nov. 17, 183& 
March 3, 18-27 

Bells, improvement in hotel 

BelU, moulding and casting 

Bi^«piral, for culling acrews, .. . 
Blowing und striking, mode of. ■ • 
Blow- pipe, for blast fiimat«s 

Joseph Share 

Griffith Morgan 

Be^ an-l Ivers. 

Clement Renigin 

George Smith. 

Ma* 2, 1813 

Boston, Mmm 

Berk«hire,N. v.... 

Porlsmoutli, Va.... 
Providence, R. I.... 

Pawtucket, Mass... 
NBntucke^ Mass... 

Bo*!^, marine for cutting off Ihe 

Majr 8,18U 

Sept. as. t83» 
July 2.183* 

Bolls and aula, and Hquaring and 

finishing the heads of 

Bolts and apike, drawing 

Richard Haynes.... 

John Brown and Goo 

W. Robinson 

Bolu, trimming Ihe heads of 

Boring the inside groove, £iers for 

Mar. 24. 1B!W 
Aug. 31, 1843. 

July 9, 183» 
Nov. 4, 1811 

James S.Brown 

Lebbeos Larrabec. . . 

Bax«a for puliiea, casting metallic 

Asa B. Woods and Eb 

Boston, Mass 

Oorham, Maine.... 
Windsor, Conn.... 


New Orleans, La... 
Newburyport, Mass. 

Brads, caltiag, revolving 

Brads, and sprig machine. 

Brads, and lack machine 

Oudley Jenkins 

Samuel Rogers and T 

S. B. ijawkins. . . . 

William Ross 

Samuel Husa. 

James Carman 

May 16, 1817 
Oct. 3, WIT 

Feb. 25. 1835- 
Dec 2,183a 

Buckles, cutung and finishing. . . . 
Buckles, mechanical spring. .... 
BiKkEes.-S« Cbm HI. 

Oct. 13, 1814 
May 20, 1807 


Isaac B.Verplank.... 

Henry l.awrence 

WilUam Church 

Philos, Eli W., and 
John A. Blake 

Manlius, N.Y 



CiUzenUDiied Slates, 

July 13,1844 

Button, plate turn, for fastening 
ctipboard and oiker doors. 

New Haven, Conn.. 

Mmi. 21, 184» 

lb, Google 



CoUo, chain, &c Sa Cbnt 7. 

Cud UWb, catting;. .. 

Canl taeth, slaaiic atael, fiah books, 

Cuiiage Bpring — Sit Cim 10. 

Camon, for b«laieMUi*. . 

dMtot, ^obe 

Caatings, chilled cylindera&conea 
Culinp, metallic pin for chilling 

the interior or. 

CaMinga, mould Tor iron pipea,&c. 
Caaliwa, (inooiluiig the oxids and 

CaKbcl oUiqoe, &£. , raateninga i 
pIlUa, Ac., of cast iron 

Chains, frame 

Chains, &c., prerentin^ ihem from 

Check bolt, of doors, locks, oi 

Clasps of carpet bags 


DaiitI & E. Z. Littla. 

Charles Gaston 

PhilDs Bklce, Eli W. 
Blake, A J. A.Blake 
Walter Hunt. 
James Harley 

Colabniiok, Ctfiiu . . . 

AMg. i,ifisr 

No*. 13, 181S 

Augusta county, Va. 

June 17, less 
Jaly 17, 1842 


Copper, aUoying, Aj;.. 

Copper, tin, Ac, double seanung, 
Copper, sheet, dte.,doubleseaming 
Cnwibles, making. .... 
Ciury-corabs, mating.. 



Outlu7, cleaning oDd polishing.. . 
Callery, desuiny and polishing. . . 

Deaign for door eprings 

Diss for cutting and forming colti- 

Talor teeth 

Dk*, for making iroi 

INm, metal 

Jordan L. Molt. . . 

Samuel Kem 


. . _..Bial C. Sanford. 
Thomas Wilkinaon. . 
William Wkeeler. . . 
Martin N. Amiati«ng. 

door knobs, 

Oiea, founder's, moulding 

Diw andtt^ 

Door fastener..... 

Door fastener, mortise 

Door fastener, spring catch 

Door faslenutgs 

n — t ■_.. uii]iei£iauieof,ln. 

It for. . 

David B. Rogeta.. 

Lucien E. Hicks. . 
Benjamin Mead and 
GiJta Richards... 

Eb. Bryant. 

Archibald Lamont. 
CalTin Waanbuni. 
LcMiard Faster, . . 

James Buck 

Jno. C. Palmer..., 

Benjamin H .-Green 
Leooard Foster. . . . 
Idvingston, Roggan, 
AduM, PhiUips and 

Philadelphia, Pa..,. 

New York 

StiMburg, Pa. 

Paris, France 

Puuuun, Ind 

Philadelphia, Pa..,. 
Walervlrt*, N. Y... 
Meriden, Conn..... 
West Poultnev, Vi. 

New York...' 

Woodstock, Vl 

Stafford, N.V. 

Middlwowii, Conn.. 



June 11, 183S 
JuIt 31, IMS 
SapL 17, 1888 
Jan. 93, 1840 
Sept. 19, 184& 
Sep. 36,1833 
Nor. 3,1838 
Aug. 16, 1844 
A^l 06, 184S 
Jan. 34, 1843 
Feb. 98, J8M 
April 10, 1849 

Not. 8, 184S 

Jn>a SI, IMft 

July 3,1814 
Mar. IB, 1818 
Jan. 39, 1830 
F«b. as, 1681 
Sep. as, 1831 
" ■ 7, 184* 

Door knockers, cast i; 

Ltabun, Fa.. , 

Pittsburg, Pa.. . 

. Inenaw Wilaoo . . 

... July 7,1846 

BB. mh. II, lesk 
lb, Google 


Door pIUM.. 

Boar plaUo. 

Doar BprmgB. 

DooT spring*, Tertical vira. 

Door >priiiga 


Door, wire springs for. — . 
Door, spring for dratling. . 

Door spring 

Drening iron and otlwraubaluees 

Drilling metallic and othei;g*ub- 

DHll or borer, ^verning (lie fbed of 

Drilliog madiine 

Drilling mschint 

Drilling iroo, &«., maehine for 

Drills foi metal 

Drill-stock, geared. 

DriU-itoek, screw 

Dmnu, soldering, straightening 

Dost, metallic psrtides, Ac, pro- 
duced during the oper--'-- -' 

_ . RtehardsMi.. 
William C. Anatin 

Isaiah Ealon 

John Codman 

Thomas Thorpe.. 
William Wilson.. 
John Codman. .. . 
Itbiet S. Ricbanlaon. . 
Samuel Sawyer. . 
JohnG. Tibbets. 
John H. Currier and 
Wing U. Taber. 


John B. Oniut.... 
Amos Morgan .. . . 



Edging, laming the edgea of tin, 

copper, A« 

Edging metal plales for roofing 

Edging tin plale, &c 

Bmorf , raBaafBcuiring. 

Fasteners, shutter 

Peni^ng, iron* 


Ferules of eanea, dbc , botlam end 

of, conBtmcling 

Fetters for horae 

TUm, cutting. « . . 

Files, catting 

Filea, cottiBg. 

meg, cutting. 

Files, outting 

Files, cutting ~ . . 

Files, culling. 

Files, cutting. 

File*, cnlting^ 

Ries, raitting 

Piles, cutting, and rasps 

Files, cutting ■ 

Filea, machme for cutting.... 


Pilea, DuuUnery forcalting. . 

FJIcB, mana&cioriDg. 

Kles, ren e win g old. ......... 

Filing hand saws. 

Firo^iroaf Ghesl,t 

Fir»4>roof cheat... 

Fireproof cheat, ironl 


eorge Page- . 
haibe Babbit 

GreensvilU, Va., 
Boston, Maas. . , 
Boston, Mass. . . 
Greenfield. Mua... 
BoslDn, Maas. . . . ■ 

Boston, Mala 

Boston, Mass 

New York, N.Y... 

I^^ur Haven, Mm*. . 

. Byroo.N.Y 

. Birmingham, Mich. 
. Wooster, Ohio.... 
. Wooster, Ohio.... 
. Wooster, Ohio.... 
. GmnviUe, N. Y.... 

. Keene,N.H 

. Taumon.Maaa.... 

. Worcaaler, Mass.. 

Jan. 31, vm 

Feb. ao,ian 
Dae. m.vm 

Dec 7, IBSI 
July 17, 18» 
Aug. 17, 1835 
Oct. 9lt,l8n 
Jan. SI, 1S41 
June 31, 1839 

Juljr 8, ld3> 

Aug. 39, 1839 
May 30, 1844 
Mar 30, VH* 
Feb. 30, 1843 
July 90, IMS 
Jan. U, 1836 
May 8,1838 
AprU39, 1884 

. Jan. 33, 1839 

Tbaddeus Fairbanks- 

Charles F. Fishe 
William GarreL 
John L. Whetstone & 

P.C. Guion. 

Paulus Headle ..... 
Samuel F. Dextar. , 

Jonathan Ball 

Joseph Watson. . . . 

Emat Gehba. 

Mania B. Belknap. 
Charles Hesaer and 

Amos Paxson 

Morris B. Belknap. 
William T, James. . 

Cyrus JackMJD -. 

Chartea A Daniel Piatl 
Silaa Hawea. 
John Hatch. 
John Hatch. 
Samuel O. White.... 
Levi Anderson.. . . 
Solomon Whipple, 
Richard FUnt. 

Levi A DaTid Anderson 
A, P. &. E. Biittingbam 
JamcsS. IJarris... 

Jesse Delano 

John Scott 

Charles A. Qaylor. 

St. Johnibury, Vt. , 

New York 

Cincinnali, Oliio .... 
York, Fa 

New Lisbon, N.Y. . 

Cincinnati, Ohio . . . 

New York 

Auburn, N.Y 

Buffalo, N.Y. 

NewCantun, Conn. 
Norlbtuapion c«. Pb 
GreenGeio, Maas. . . . 

Philadelphia, Pa. .. 
Worcester, Mass. . . 

Greenwich, N.Y... 
Butternut!, N. Y.. 

Sharon, Conn 


Dedham, Mass 

Roxbnry, Mass. . . 
Haverh^, Mass . . . 
Kensington, Fhil.Pa. 

Albany, N.Y 

Meriden, Conn .... 

. Bridgewatar, Mast. 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

New York 

Poullney, Vt 

New York 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

New York, 


May 96, 1843 

16, 1831 

Aug. 15, 1831 
Feb. 98,1831 
Feb. 37, 1819 

May 19, 1843 
Feb. 91, 1833 
Aug. 19. 1833 

Oct. 11,1841 
Jan. 15, 1818 
Oct. 10, 1811 
16, 1819 

11, 1819 
13, 1819 
19, 1819 
08, 1818 

7, 1814 
11, 1814 

1, 181S 

10, 1S» 

11, 1819 
94, 184C 

. ^eb. 


Aug- 96, ld4fi 
July 97, 1899 
June SI, 1838 
Mar. 7,1896 
Not. 12, 1830 
April 19, 1833 
Julr'ai, 1SS6 



nrfr^noor chest. 

Fire-proof nfe 

F![«^iroof dwaisandnfea, (wbi^ 

thle in Bnoa Wilder.) 

FirfrprooT mte 


B and patterna for iroi 


flat or Bad iron, tenon uid mortice 


Forgea, and bellowa^plied thereto 
FOigei, and ballowa for bbick- 

■mitha, Ac 

Foi^a, backs, nod for other firaa, 


Forgiea, badta for fire*, ftc' 

Forp», baoks. 

Fc^ea, backs 

Foigea, backif 

FoTfea, h«cka, blackimitha. 

tached to hearth. 

Foi^ea, btaekamitba', prod 

the Uait for. 

Forge, bUdnmith. 

Foriie*, bbdumiths'. 

. Foifa, biMkamiths'. 

Forge, Uoomery, employtd 

nMoafactare of wroogtit ii 

Form and faroacw, apparatua for 

blowingl » 

Forges and flimacei, water^acka 


Forge, and other fumaeaa, afqihen- 

Forge, hearth, hot air. . 

niTga, iiotlow fire 

Fo^, hot-bhut 

Foige, poMBble 

Forse, Bnuth*a 

Forks, manaGumre of. . . 
FnniBce, biafkimithi', 

FWnaee, blast 

Tmxtu», blasl 

Fnmace, biaal. , 

Fsmace, Uaat. 

Daoie) Fluniald ... 
Benj|amiD ^erwood. . 
Daiuei Fiugerald.... 

David Stewart 

New York. 

N«w YOTk 

Mount Morris, N. Y. 

June 1,1843 
May S, 1837 
\ag. 15, 1837 

t, dranehtof... 
t. hearth of. . . 

JohnC. Cnnklin.... 

Philo C. Curtta 

Am Graham 

Frederick Anrj.... 
Timothy Bosh, jr. .. 

Luke Wilder 

Isaac Sawyer 

Jamea KnickerixMer. 
Jeremiah Darling. . . . 

Charle« Foaler 

Wm. & Heman W. 

Cbaries Richaidaon.. 
Frederick A. Stuart. 
JatntaR. Hobbs.... 

%meon OoiUbrd .... 

Janas A. Stewart. . . 

William McBwen... 
S. W. Watson, and C. 


L. V. B^r and R. 


John Howe 

Samuel CoQins 

Paul A. Sabboton.... 
Chriatinn V. CtaMBi.. 

Amos Bissey 

Samuel H. Oilman... 
Edward KichoU 

and James Augur. , 
S lephen C hubbuck att 

Jodediah Briggs. . . 

John Sieeea 

Isaac Tjison, jr 

Benjamm Kugler 

John Barker. 

John Patlerton 

Aaahel Collins 


Chailea C. Alger 

Thomas Gregg-. 

Cotton Pom 


HamUton, N. Y. . . 
Hamilton, N.Y... 
Sprin|hort,N. Y.. 
Leomtnster, Man. 
HaUowell, Maine.. 

Laporta, Ind 

Adrian, Mich 

Catherina, N. Y. . . 
Greenae)d,N. H.. 
Catharina, N. Y.... 
Huniatille, Ala.. .. 

Lebanon, Pa., i . . . 

Springfald, Tant.. 

Norrialown, Pa.... 

Ashtkhola, Ohio.., 

Portsmouth, N. H. 

AfaM, Mawe 


Readmr, Pa 

Point Pleasant, Pa. 

Boaton, Mass 

Hampden, Conn.. 1 
New Haran, Conn 

. Wardwn, Mom. . . 
. Lawrence CO., Ohio. 
. Baltimore, Md.. 
. Philadelphia, Pa. 
. Baltimors, Md.. 
. Warwick, N. Y. 
, Ulster, N.Y.... 
. ElkridgeL*nding,Md 
. Stockbddge, Mor- 
. ConoellaviUe.Pa. 
-- ■ I, Ohio.. 

. Mar. 37, 1839 
. May 31, 1834 

. June 1«, 1839 

. Mar.97, ISail 
Dec 15, 188S 
Feb. 19, 1833 
April 13, 1833 
Abr. IT, 1838 
Feb. 13,1831 
. Sept. 36, 1835 
. Miy 33, 1848 

. May 11, 1B4I 

Ang. a, 1839 
Mar. 13, IB38 

July I. 1844 
Sept. 15, 1846 

Dec. 37, 1843 

Xog. 18, 184* 

. No*. 10, 1841 

. Sept. a«, 18S5 

. Not. 30, 1835 

. April 16, 1834 
Sept. 11, 1839 
Feb. 34, 1845 
Not. 18, 1845 
Joae 33, 1838 
Oct. 16, 1845 
Aug. 91, 1839 

Jan. 9, 1841 
May 16, 1833 
Apnl IB, 1B34 
June 3, \B39 
AprUSO, 1831 
June 13, 1831 
Dec 31, 1838 
June 33. 1838 
June 3D, 1838 
May 33, 1833 
Aug. 9,1896 

tAdi11«p>i,A)^n;18n IJIBIiiMitJalTl, 

Vanuioe, oupoU. 

hrnace, flwea of. 

F«nwce, Ac., heating, , 
FUnace, aod forge back. . 

Henry WMid 

Jeremiah date and Ji 




Ton Faber du Faur . 


Copefdugen, N. Y. 

I\lrnaGei haadDC tii 

F\lrnace for, and pi 

ing malloable in: 


Funaee, heating Ihe blaat of. . . . ., 
Riniaee, healing, for all kinda of 

metaUurgJc operalioo*t 

INmace for heating ecyUiee. . . 
Fornaoe, hot air — Stt CImt 5. 
Fumace, hoi air, anit cupola, . 

Furnace, iron 

Fumace, manuroeture of iron. 
AirBMe, portable, for cmui^. 
Kunaee, and poU, for ntdting. 
FnniBce, puddling nusnAwniring 

Henry Burden.... 


Dudley Marvin. . . 

J. F.WiMlow.... 
A. EUkott and John 


WUIiam H. FhiUipi. . 

L. V. Badfer 

Bcniamin S. Howell. 

Isaac C. Bryant 

Joseph Share 


PorUEMoth, N. H. 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Furnace, puddling and refimogir 

Fumace, relinlng inm 

Furnace, refistag inm ••. . 

Fumace, refining and melting m 

Furoaee, Ac, rererberatory. . . . _ . 
Furaaee, imrberatory, for siMlt- 

ing or paddling iroD. 
Airnace, i«*olTiiig fiuvwhael for. 

Pater Cooper, aaaigne« 

of John S. Guatin . . . 
John C. McMsnavay 


T. and Job. Bamhucst 

and WiHiam Walker 
Claude S. Ouillianl.. 


Frederick P. DimpTd. 
Simeon Broadmeadow 
A. R. Drummond and 

N. G. W. FuUir. 
Arundioa Tiam. . . . 
Geoi^ E. Sellers . . 
3imaon Broadmeadow 
J. Bao^uDan, J. Ooi- 


Soioto, Ohio 

[iveipool. Pa. . . . , 

^mace, smelling oie and burning 

Ftvnace, amelliDg 

Furnace, smellmg iron ore 

I^amaee, Ibr ameTting iron 

Famace, snehing, cooatnicting. 

Itama«e, smelting iron 

IWaaee, Uyerea for 

Fttmace, tUTCrea dr.... 

^maee, tuyere* for. 

Kimacc, Iwyerea for. 

Aintace, tuyeretr for. 

Vtamace, luyerea for|j 

Ganee, for trip banamen 

Gold, amalgam mill for aeparati 
fromore..«. .«..•.-«.....«. 


John Owinn. . . 
Squire M.Falea. 
Augustas Roth.. 

Leman Bradter 

Frederick C. Kropff. . 
Jac. Van Reed Hunter 

W. W. Snow 

Richard Brewer: .... 
Reuben A . Goodrich. 
Lorenzo D. Brown.. 

Lewia E. Clow 

ZadokH. Mann.... 
Benjamin Richardson. 


Galena, 111 

Kensington, Pa . . 
Philadekihia, Pa 

Now York , 

Herford towndiip, 


Adama county, 
Baltimore, Md 

Pottsvilla, Pa 

Sharon, Conn 

Bedford county, Pa, 

Rockland, Pa 

Oneonta, N. Y.... 
t^ymouth, (ttiio.... 

Miford,N.Y , 

Lee, Maaa , 

Mount Peii CO, Vt... 
Lowell, Man..... 

NewYork Dec. 

Europa Uay 
13, 1840. 
Aug. 81, U33 

Oct 14,183* 
May 23, 1888 
Jan. SI, 1S31 

Oct. 1,16« 

Dee. %ieas 

Oct. 11,1838 
Deo. 3d. 183S 
Mar. 30, 1813 
Uu. 17, IBM 

Aug. as, IH* 

Aug. a, 1843 
Jane 33. 18tt 

May 14. U14 
JaB. 6, ledi 

Jan. 6, 1841 
Dee. 36,1831 

April 5,1631 

May 30, 1^9 
Apr. II, 133$ 
Apr. 30, 1837 
Apr. 5, 1837 

May 31, 1838 

May 3», ISSB 
May IS, 1846 
Oct 31,1833 
Not. 18, 1644 
Jan. 17, 1841 
July 33, 1843 

May ao, isa 

Not. 31, ie« 
Feb. 94, 1849 
June 14, 1843 
Sept. 33, 1848 
Dec 16, 1848 
May 17, 1814 

b. SO, IMS. tb 

•4Mankl<,H& |MiilMalDaa.^lM); 


QoU, Bpuifr" mBl for 

Gold, unalgMQ mill fbf anpandag 

Gold, iletkMr. 

O^, axtracliDgrroinore.... 
OoU, (otiracling- from ore, . . . 
Oold machine, aJkd railWBj 
Gold area and slluiial aunferoiu 

earth, waahiK.>; 

Oold ores and alluTial loib, waah- 


Gold and ailver, Mparatiag from 


Gold, Reparoling and frinding . 

Gold, aaparating i 

Gold, Bepareting from eartha.. 
Gold, aeponUin; IrODi eanha.. 
Gold, aepontiog jrom atrtha. . 
Gold, aeparating and griDdiog dint 

Gold, MpunCJng from ila orw, 
pantus employed icf 

Gold, aepanuing from soil .. . . 

Gold, swioging riddle 

Gold, waaher 

Child, washing and eeparating. 

Gold, waahing and setmniting 

Gold, vaahing and aepontiog allu- 

Sold , WBahing from grsTel and aand 

Gold, Taabingfrom gravel and aand 

Gcdd, washing fi'om aand and 
pounded ore 

Gold, washing 

QfM, washing 

Gold, washing 

G«ld, waahing 

Gauges, makmg 

Chinding edge tool* 

Grinding ores into powder . . 

Grinding lools, hommeis 

Guards to cap-ninnera 

Bammer, aim forge. 

Joseph Curtis. .. , 

Jotefii Cuitia... . 

Jamea Bowdua. 

Jb3. L. MoolBudeTert 
Nalhaniel Boaworth. 
Oscar Willi* 

John Powell 

V. D.a»afinoli,Cha«. 
Hareleben.and Wil- 
li&m Davis 

WiUiam H. Folgar, 
Samuel Whistler and 

Jamea Smith. 
Daniel Jones. . . 
Frederick D. Saono. . 
Green B. Palmer. 

Adam Caraon, ■ • . 

Thomas Seay. . 
John Dobson ■ . 
Oscar Willis... 
Roswell King. . 

Thomas Vf. A. Sumter 

Peter Sammev 

Chnaiopher Becbder. 

Christopher Bechder. . 
Thomse Rivea, sen . , 

WiLiam Davia 

Peter L. DauTergnc. 

Henry B 
M. M. [ 




Cbariotte, N. C 

Burice conaiy, N. C. 

Salisbury, N.C.... 

Londop, ET^and. . . 

Charlotte, N. C 

Roohir^bam ca,,VB. 
Mclnlrah co.. On. . . 
GTBnTJlle,N. C... 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
PendletOB, N. C. . . 

. Etngalon, Tenn . . . 

. Columbia, Ga. . ... 
. Burkecounty, N. C 

. Morgantown.N.C. 
. Mclatoah co., Os. . 
. ErvinaviUe, N. C. . . 
. Charlotle,N.G 

Poplar Grove, N.C 

Liooirfn, N. C 

Rulberfoidio WD ,N. 

Ru tberfbrd to wn,N .C 
Fauquier county , Vi 


G. Bairington, Maas. 

Dm. se, 1835 
April 7, 1894 
April 30, 1831 

April 1, 1831 

Nov. 1, 18M 
Feb. 13, 1838 

Nov. 3, 183* 
DM^. 34, 1830 
April 93, 1831 

Sept. : 



Oct. 5, 18St 

Oct. S, 1831 
Feb. 3,183s 
Nov. 33, 18X3 
Sept. 17, 1842 
Sept. 14. 184S 
March 4, 1836 

Hammer, hanging foi^e.. 

Hammer, hatchet. 

Hunmera luid hatdieta, socket of. 

Hammer, for nails 

Hammer, «|Mk«i, gimblets, Ac. 


Bammer, atone 

Hammer, awedge spring 

Hammer, working foige 


Harpoons .—Sm Cla»9Q. 

Hearth, blackemilb or forge 


Hii^pa, butt 

. Henry Alexander. . 

Danid Welata 

William Cund^... 

James Sharp 

Thomas Jonea 

Jonathan McNeel.. 

Joel Howa 

Phinea* Eastman. . . 
Charlea A. Strong. , 

Ezra L'Hommedteu . 

Oalen H. Pierce . . . . 

WHham Field 

,1 George Escot Seller*, 
,' Solomon Andenon . . 

tbarg, Pa. . 
. Bahimore, m4 ..... 


, PBtier»Mi,N. J.... 

. Poleraino.Pa 

. GtaMonbtiry, Conn 
. Coleman t'nahip. Pa 
. Princeton, Mass. . . 


i. Glaatonbury, Ct. 

Saybrook, Conn. .. 
Middleburr, Maaa. 
N. Provideoee, R. I. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 


. Middletown, Fa... 

April 19, 1 
Oct 37, t 
Jan. 10, 1 



Nov. 10, 1846 



June 14, 1 
July 3 
Jan. 21, ] 
July 8,1 
July 17, 1 
MaicbS, 1 

April 38, 18M 
Deo. 17, 18S4 
Sept. 14, less 
Jan. 10, 1845 
Ang. 9U, 184G 

. Hy.P. 

. Waieribrd,N. Y... 

• MMBtd Nov. U, Un. 

\ IMt4i»t Matt, ua. 

1 1, Google 


I&«M, bait... 
Hinge*, butt... 

T bntl, doable caotnd 

Bulges, butt, moald forcuuing. 

Hingo, butt, (able 

Hingea, buit blanks, mackinery 

for trimming. 

Hingn, buU, casting .*..., 
Hinges, butt, forming the eyea of • 

Hinge* or bulls, for hanging and 
fknening window blinda and 

Hinges, butt, mouldj for. . . 

Hinges, buB, planing and dreiS' 
ing the knuckles on Iheir innei 

Hinges, ball, wrought iron, bend 
ing the knuckles of 

Hin|eB, batt, wrought iron, ma- 
chineirT for making. 

Hinges, bull, Ac., casting of iron 

Hingea, cast 

Hinges, cast iron 

Hinges, casting o 
Binges, elliptical 
Hinges for fastening blinds and 


Hinges, flask for moulding. . 

Hinges, friction roller 

Hinges, helical spring join). . 

Hinges of piano forte* 

Hinges and tubes. 
Hingea, window 

Hoes, manufacturing 

Hoe necks, swages, diet, Ac, for 

eyes, for faslaning 

, and fas- 

Hooks and eyes. 
Hoolo and eyei 

. machine for forming. 
Horseshoes, machine for making 
Horse shoes, machinery for mak'g 
Horse shoes, for the relief A cui 

of boof-bouad horses 

Iron, bending for Bleom boilerSr. 
Iron, borings, drillings, &c., i 


Iron, carbonBting and smelling. . 
Iron, casting 

Darwin Eltit 

Welcome Whittaksr. 
Charles R.Macey.., 
Jonas Room 

Egbert Hedge.... 
Jonas Kendall, jr. 
Humphrey Treadwell. 

Cyrua Eemwy. . . . . . 

Richard W.BelMn.. 
J. P. Winslow, ass't 

Aagaslus C. Palmer. . 
Benj'n P. Harley A J. 
D. Morris.. . . . 

Gag« Siickney 

Cyma Kenney 

Cvnu Kenney 

Wm. H. Carr, ass'ft 

ofThos- Shepherd. 
George A. Rodger*. . 

Cyrus Alger 

Imvid Sluarl and Chs. 

C. Lloyd 

Samaei Wilkes.. 

Mark&a. Reeve 


J. Chickering, ai 

WUIiam Shaw. . 

Nathan Brand 

John Houston 

James Stewart 

Charles At wood 

Engelbrechi &. Skiff. 
Thos. F. Winslow & 

Thos. O^ood.. 
Henry Burden. . . 
William Gibson.. 

Maynadier Mason. . 

Asa Whitney 

William Hancock.. 

Attleboraarii, Mm 



Hartford, Gt 

Waterlown, Mass. 
Hyde Park, N. Y . 


DaniiUe, Pa 


Albany, N.Y.... 


Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Blackwoodiown, ttj 



Philadelphia, Pa. 
Newbuiyport, K 
Boston, Hasa. . . 

Danville, Pa. 
Darleston, Ql.Brilain 
Burlinglon, N. J. 

Ballimore.Md. . . 

Gloucester, N. J 

PlymouUi, Idaa*. . . . 


Leonardsritle, N. Y. 

Williamaburg, Va. . 
Boaton, Moss. 



Jan. 27.1843 
Feb. 13, 1844 

Dec. 19, 1644 

Aug. 33, 1844 

Aug. 7,ie« 

Oci. 9, 1841 
July 3,1810 
May 18, 1614 

.— 90, 1843 
Apr. 10, 1641 
" - 1812 

Feb. 13, ie4& 
Feb. 7, 18U 
May 16, 1808 

April 98, 1838 

SepL IT, 1842 
April 33, 1835 

April 1, 1615 
Itfay 4, 1805 
July 30, 1S31 

Feb. 34. 1843 
July 38. 184$ 

Aug. 11, 1843 
Sept. 14. 1843 
Sept. 27, 1813 

April 16, 1843 
Mar. 11, 183S 

.w.. J,1B31 
July 17, 1837 
Feb. 36, 1799 

* XtiMSed AdfUt 9, IBU. 

tAiWdatedDec. 10, lUD. 


IiOD, CMt, uniting willi ilcd or 
wrought iron 

Iron and copper, coaling with tin 

and other metals. 
Iron, cutUng, puoching, A slitting 
Iron, &c., forging. — Stt Slriktr. 
Iron, dkc., Targing, itamping, and 

cutting; machinery operated by 

Iron, hoop, strajghtening. . . . 

Iron, hoop and ^eel 

Iron, maileabte 

Iron, malleabJe, from pig. . . , 

Iron, malleable, Mat 

Iron, mallealile, coat 

Iron, manufacturing 

Irrw, manufacturing 


Iron, pudiiling andlieating . . 

Iron, ore, sepaititing. 

Iron, ore, ameltiDg 

Iron, ore, imelting 

Iron, ore, smelting. _ . 

Edmund P. Morawood 
John V. Buskark 

Benjamin Seymotu. • 
Jeremiah H. Pierson, 
B.B. Howell....... 

Thomai C. Lewia. . ■ 

Seth Boyden 



Norman Callander 

Geoi^e Crane. 

Williani Jones 

Joieph Ooulding.. . . 
Thomaa R. Ridgway 

Joaeph LyoD 

^fweph Richttrda.... 

on or other orea, proceaa of re- 
ducing to the meiallio ataie, by 
coating them with certain fluxea 

on, 4c, punching holes 
chine for. 

Iron, sheet, manufacluring 

Iron, aheet, manufacturing 

Iron, aheet or plate, bendmg. . . . . 

Iron, aliiting 

Iron, soflening, csal or crude.. . . . 

Iron, Bplayine or flaring 

Iron and aleal, by anthracite coal. 

Iron and steel, making , ., 

Iron and steel, rolling 

IroD, Ac. , washing ores. . . . 
Iron, wrought, froca the ore, mode 

of obtaiamg .. 

Joints for rules, donblsuotn 

Key hole of door and other lodiB, 

closing and opening 

Knife, or fleaher, tempeiinf 


Knife, shmpener , 

Knife, sharpener 

Knife, ehorpener, and domestic 

Knife, sharpener, domestic 

Knives and forks, table 

Jonas Tower. . . . 
A. Hammond, as 

of W.Adams and A. 

Hammond. , .. 
J. Wood, sen., John 

Wood, and Wra. B. 


Simeon Quilford 

John Watchman 

Jesae Keed 

A.Scotl&A. Setden. 


P. W. a«is»*nhainer . 
William P. Boyden... 
Rnfua W. Bangs A. S, 


ThoB. South^l snd C. 


Frederick Fredly 

S. Broadmeodow 

Lemuel Hedge 

David Evans 

John Glenn 

I^renzo Graham 

laaiah Jennings. 

William J. Dunn 

Walter Hunt 

Philip Cornell 

Qeoige Ropes .......' 

Concord, Ohio. 
Great Britain, now in 

Now York 


Qreat Britain 


New York 

Philadelphia, Fa. .. 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

Newark, N.J 

Newark, N.J 

Pliiladelphia, Pa 

Cumberland co.,Pa. 
London, England. . . 
Haverslraw, N. Y,. 
Reesville, N. v.. 
Philadelphia, Pa 

Sheffield, England . . 

Madison, Ohio, 

June 9th, <tf, 
England; Apr. 
10, '43, Ame- 

June a£, 1797 
Dec 94,1807 
Nov. 6, 1838 
Oct. 1, 1830 

Nov. 39, 1838 
Dec. 16, 1S33 
July 18, 1833 
Dec. 17,1834 
July 31. 1837 
Dec. 10, 133S 

Feb. 9,1841 

Dec. 7,1844 

Boston, Moas. . 
Del. iron works, WiUO 
mington, Delaware. 

Lebanon, Pa 

Baltimore, Md .... 
Marsh Geld, Mass. . 
Winchester, N.H. 

New York 


New York 

Oct. 39,1 

April aill 
Nov. 8,1 
AprU38, 1 
Dec 13,1 
June 11, 1 

Logan lownship. Pa 

ll, 1844, V. 
S. A. 
April 90,1637 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Champaign oo.,0. 





Brutus, N. Y 

Portkuid, Me. 

. July 10, 1841 
. April 34, 1834 
. July 29, 1834 
. Mar. 17, IBS* 
. Aug. 18. 1639 

. Feb. 19, 1839 
. Jan. 15, 1830 
. May 10, 18.18- 

• Re iMoed BepHinbcr IB, IMC 

lb, Google 

EiUT«s and Arks, eleomng and 

Knivea, A£., macbkcfor polishii^ 
Bjioba, door, to iheir ipindlea, ne- 

thod of aitacluiig 

Knob, door, of clay. — See Ctaa 15. 

Knob, door, of glau 

EJiob, door, of glua, MlaebingS 

Decks, Ac., 10 J 

Knobs for doors 

Knoba, door, drawer, commode, 

Enoch BobiiuoD.. 


Knobs, glius. . , 
Knobs, gleuu.. . 

KiMba, glwM, for doors, &c 

Knobs, glaaa, (iimprovenient on 


Knobs, glass, maiHi^Uiring. 

Knobs, glass, Ac, for doors, &£. . 

Knobs, ^ass, ftc., for doors, &c*. 

Koobs, ftass to meiAlUc sockets, 

KiMbs, glass, mode of finleni 
Knobs, glass, pressed at one 

Knobs, ^lass and •crews, a 


Knobs, screw for glass 

Labels for mail bags 

IJatch, door 

Latch, door 

Latch, door 

I^tch, door 

Lalch, door and other loeJcs, 

Lalch of door locks 

Latches fbr doors 

Lalch, door, right and left. . 

Latch or Asteosr, for window 
^Hers and blinds 

Laieh, knob for doors, Ac.. 

Latch and lock, grarilating, com- 
bined, for door*. 

Lalcband lock, for doors. . 

lAlch, mortise. 

Ptancis Draper.. . 
Jobo G. HotchkisB, A 
J. A. Davenport, and 

John A. Auincy 

Qeorge O. Russell. . . . 

David Hoittnaa 

Spencor RicbBrds . ■ . ■ 
Theodore T. Abbot . . 
Alfred C. Hobba, and 
Wm. S. Thompaon. 

Elijah Skinner 

Henry Whitney & E. 


E. Cambridge, Mass 
Now Haven, Ci . . "^ 

New York 

New York 

Middleiown, Ct . . 

Jan. 10, 1843 
Sept. ID, 1840 
Nov, 16, 1641 
Oct 7, 1S45 

Baltimore, Md I July 31, IS37 

Cambridge, Mass...! Oct. 31,1831 

Canton, Maw Not. 19, 1833 

BoatsD, Cambridge, i 

Mass 1 May 30, ]8^ 

Sandvnch, N. H. . . . June 11, ISSS 

Cambridge, Mass.. 

T. B. &. J. P. Bakewell 

Deming Jarres 

E. Robinson, F. Dra, 

per, & J. H. Lord. 
E. Robinson, F. Dm. 

per, *. J. H. Lord.. 
E. Robinson A G. W. 


■William Price 

John Robinson.. . 

Boston, Mass 

Cambridge & Bostmi, 


Cambridge & Boston . 

Deming Jarve« 

Orrin Newton 

Oren S. North 

Henry Dunlze 

Bcnj'n M. Boa worth. 

Oliver Judd 

James M. Ho^n . . 
E. RobiosoQ A W.Hall 
John P. Sherwood. 

Jacob Alricb 

MileaOreenwood, i 
ofO.E. Sellers.. 

PiUsburgb, Pa... 
New Bntain, Ct. . 
New Haven, Ct. . 
Warren, B. 1 

Cherry Valley, N.Y 
New Haven, Ct. . . . 

Latch, mortise 

Latch, mortise fOTdoor*. 

Latches, mortiss, door 

Latches, n%ht, impravMnentin. 
Latchea, fastening. 

Lalch, Norfolk 

Latch, Norfolk..... 

Lat£h, thumb, for doors 

Lalch, thuin,bt 

Arundel HiU 

L.&W. Hotohkiss, 
Miles Greenwood , as'e 

of a. B. Sailers 
Albert Bingham. 
William Cknter. 

Charles S. Qay. 

David N. Ropes 

William Wibon 

Harlow tab^'. '.'. 
Harlow IsbeU... 
Eldmand Parker. 
A. Blake. 

Boaton, Mass. 
Sandy Hill, N. Y.. 
Wikninglon, Del.., 

Cincinnati, Ohio. . . 

Steuben vitte, Ohio. 
Derby, Ct 

Cincinnati, Ohio. .. 


Erie, Pa. 

Nashua, N.H... 

Portland, Me. 

Northanpion, Mob 

Springfield, Mass 

Pittsburgh, Pa. . 
Meriden, Cu. , , . 
Meriden, Cu.,., 
Meriden, Ct... .. 

New^Havan, Ct. . 

Nov. 4, 1896 

Oct. 90,1836 

Oct. 6,1837 

June 13, 1899 
Oct 17,1835 
Mar. 13, 1844 
July 6, 189B 
Mar. 6,1840 
Dec. 10, 1848 
Nov. as, IB41 
Mar. 3, 1841 
May 6,1841 
May 34, 18^ 

May 7,1849 

May 13, 184S 

July 7, 1835 
Feb. 17, 1836 
Sept. 38, 1B37 
Sept 38, 1837 
Nov. 86, 1844 
Mar. 7,1846 
Mar. 7,1846 

Nov. S4, 1846 
Nov. 8,1634 
Nov. 8, 1834 
Mar. 38, 1643 


Lulu, DtcUJlie, fcr GK-prooT ceil- 

iiiEs of hoiuM 

Lead, lioiKd, sheet. , , 







■ Pelmer Summer.... 
. ThnmaiEwbomk... 

■ WilliamBe 

. William Pie 

. HeDrjr & Joe. Day. 




Locks, balance pendulum. 

Lock*, bank TaulL 

Locks and bolw, for sliding doors 

Lock* and boles 

Locka for curiagn A other doors 
Locks, combinaiioD safotj, for 
doon, dLc. 

Locks, conalTuclion of. 

Lock and double catch bolls 

Lock, door 

Lock, door*... 

Lock, door 

Lock, door 

Lock, door 

Lock, doort 

Lock, door 

Lock, door 

Lock, door. 

Lock, door. 

ZiOck, door. 

Lock, door. 

Lock, door 

Lock, door 

Lock, door. 

Loch, door 

Lock, doort 

Lock, door. 

Ijock, door 

Lock, door 

Lode, door 

Lock, door 

Locks, door and other. . 

Richard Wilcox 

John Brown, &. Geo. 

W. Robinson 

Truman Elarlholomew. 

Geurge A. Rc^rs 

Simon Pettis 

P.P. ttuimby 

Richard GaiiKs 

J. Perkins 

Thomas Wholey 

Henry C.Howella... 

a Ives. . 

Linua Yale ft Charles 
Wilson , 

Robert Newell. . . 

Connd Laibrich 

Andrew Wolfe.. . 

James Kyle..... 
. James Kyle .... 

. John DillinghBin 

. W. Parr*. J. T. Fowler 
. Solomon Andrews. . . 

. Abet CoTunt. 


,uniD Smith 

. AlmonRoff. 

. James McClory 

. Turner Whilehouse. 
. Turner Whitehouae. 

> Daniel Ball 

- James McClory 

[<ock, door, and other fastenings. 

Lock, door, Ac, alarm 

Lock, door, &o 

Lock, door, combined snail-wheel 


Lock, door and key 

l¥>«k, door and latches, 

Lock, door and latches 

Lock, door, bank, safes, Ac 

Lock, door, bank, tafta, Ac. . 

Robert Wilson 
Enutua Finney. 
Peler Rosen. . . 
John P. Sherwood. . . . 

Geoi^ Oates 

John H. Daiis 

" Yale. 

Wm. A J. N. Tutlle, 

ass'ees of Charles F. 


James McClory 

P.Blake, E.W! Blake, 

A John A. BlokF... 
J. R. Campbell and H. 

C. Campbell 

E)avid Eldwarda 

August Prutcman 

Solomon Andrews. . . . 
Wm. M. Williams. . . 
Nathan A Caleb Hunt 
W. WilMn. 

Qeoree V 
M. if. Sti 

New York, N.Y.. 

New York 




Boston, Maas 


Providence, R. I 


Augusta, Me 

Bellow* Falls, Vt. . . 


Qeoi^eiown, D. C. 
Newhuryport, Mass. 


E'ulnam, Ohio. 

Hamden, Cl 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Pitiabni^, Pa 

Ramapo, N.Y 

Ramapo, N.Y 

Turner, Me 


Perth Amboy, N.J, 

Lowell, Mass 


Canton, Ct 



Boston, Ma**. . . . . . 

Boston, Mass. . . . . . 

Kingsbury, N.Y.., 


Bu^^et^ N, Y 

Cleyeland, Ohio.... 
Sandy Hiil,N,Y.., 
Charteaton, S. C. ... 
LumbepiillG, Pa. . . . 
Springfield, Mass. . , 

.Wn 25, 1844 
May 30, 1833 
Aug. 5, 1813 
April S8, 1818 

Feb, W, 1827 

April 3, leas 

Jan. SO, 1830 
July 13, la'M 
May 22, 11-36 . 
Mar. n, I60S 
Mar, 33, 1813 
Nov. 2,1831 
Feb. 10, 1834 
July 30, 1846 

Oct. 30, 1843 
14, 1843 

April 18, 1831 
May 18, 1833 
Sept. 16, 1833 
June 3, 1&2S 
Nov. 19, 1833 
Jan. 11,1836 
Mar. 12, 1836 
Mot. 18, 1836 
April 13, 1836 
July 1, 1836 
July S, 1836 
Sept. 8, 1837 
June 14, 1838 
July 12, 1838 
June 14, 1837 
May 10, 1838 
June 18, 1839 
Sepi. 25, 1840 
Dec. 17, 1843 
Sept 3; 1845 
Mar. 7,1846 
June 13, 1844 

Charlestcwn, Maas . 
Philadelphia, Pa 

Perth Amboy, N.J. 


CleveUnd, Ohio.... 
Nashua, N. H 

•B«i»e4SepLlC,ll33. IKwr p8l«»i,8ept. », IMl. 

Dec, 28, 1835 
Aug, 12, 1840 
Sept. 5,1840 

Feb. la, 1841 
Dec. 1, 1840 
July 39, 1839 
June II, 1841 

. April n, 1844 

■ July 9, 1644 


Lock, door, combbiMiaii 

Lode, duor, combinaiion wmbler. 

Loch, door, perimiiBtioti 


haUa, &X. 

Lock, door, safety* 

Lock, door, or >pring c&tch 

Locka, door snd trunks 

Lock and key, door 

Lock] and heya •. . ■ ■ 

-Locke and keys 

Lock and latch combined 

Loeki, Egyptian 

Lock rnr banks and ssfrs, &c 

Lock for banks and rafea, Ac 

Locka Tor doors, sarea, &c 

Locka Tor doors of bank vaults . . . 
Locks, fur aafes, bank vaults, Ac. 

Lock for aofea, ftn. 

Lock for vaults. Six 

Lock, improved, for rioorB, Sui... 

Locks, knob, spiral spring. 

Locks, and kitcb 

Locks, and latch, for dooM. 

Locks or lau-h for dirars. 

Locks or laich fordoon 

Locksor Isiuh for doors.compound 

Look or Wch, check bolt of | 
Lock and latdi knobs, failenitigto 

Iheir spindles, Ac 

Locks, and lever key 

Locks, manifnld permuUitii 
Locks, manuracturlng 

Locks, moriise, and lalch. 

Lodts, mortise 

Locks, moiliw 

Locka, mail bo^, and ctasp. 

Locks, perpktiin^ 

Locks, permutation lever. 
Ijocka. permulalion. 

Locks, safety 

Locks, saving, for dmwen. 
Locks, seoirin^ from bdnp pidc 'ed 

Locks, secret, aaftty 

Locks, spiral spring 

I»cks, spiral apring, latch bolt. . 

I/Kiks, liuak 

Locks, trunk, &C. 

Locks, union 

X>ock*, wire spring for 

Locking mimberm' drawers. . . . 

Melting melalsand ores 

Melting metala — 

Metallic cAres for pipe boxes. . . . 
Metallic compoBilions, machine fn 


M. R. Stephenson « 

O.Ed words 

Robert Newell 

J. B. Gray 

Danus W. Maples. . 
William Slillnian... 
Robert J. Byram... 

Asa Beals 

Godfried M. Zahn. 
AneuB McKpnnon.. 

leuB r 


Rbodolphus Kingsley, 
A. O. Slansbury. . . . . 

John Oxnard 

William Hall 

David M. Smith 

J.L. Whetstone 

William Hall 

Henry Isbam 

Henry C. Jonet 

James Alwater 

James Patterson 

H. Durkee, assignee ol 

J. Chitienden 

Joel P. Thayer 



Theodore L. Liltlefield' 
RodolphuB Einsley,BB- 

aig-'e o r Sam uel N y es 
Albert Bii^anl 

Andrew O. Downer. 
Au^Blus Pnilzman 

Robert Newell 

James Meneely. . . . 
Turner Whiteliouse 

J. O. Holchkisa. 

P.andE.W. Blake.. 

Leonard Foster 

Henry C. Jone« 

J.C. L.Donbrevitte.. 


J. H. Bullerworth 

W. E. Woodbridge.. 
Zibeon Wilbur. , 

Gfeorge W, Robinson , 

Willinin Hobba 

Nathnn Reed 

Abraham Blanvett. . . 

Joseph Nock I 

Henry C. Jones 

William Pie 

Job Baker 

Rdwnrd Brown 

Daniel Walworth... 
Joseph Walworth. .. . 
John Huntington 

F.N. Still Buffak.,N. Y. 

Boitoii, MkM. .... 
New York, K. Y. . 

Newark, N. J 

Frvderidfsburg, Va. 

Geneva, N.Y 

Westerly, R. I 

Boston, Mass. 

Exeter, N.H 

Lancanier, Pa 

New York 

Northampton, Mass. 
Springfield, Masa... 


Portland, Me 

Boston, Mass 

Springfield, Vi 


Chelsea, Mass 

Monlpelier, Vt 

Newark, N. J 

New Haven, Conn,. 
Pittsburgh, Pa 

BurfingCon, Vt 

Hoeton, Moss 

Chelsea, Mass 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Springfield, Mess. ) 
Beverly, Mass.. . . J 
Boston, Mass 


Philadelphia, Pa..,. 

New Yortl city 

Walervl«i^ N. Y. . . J 

Boston, Mass 

New HaTen, Conn . . 
New Hhven, Conn.. 

Boston. Mass 

NeAvark, N. J 

Ramapo, N.Y 

New York, N. Y. , . 

Dover, N.J. 

NewYorit.N. Y... 
Woodbury, Conn. . , 
Sandwich, N.H.... 
Altleborough,Maas. . 
Springfield, Mass. . . I 

Bcllaet, Maine T 

N'w Brunswick, N.J i 
PhilodefphlB,Po..,. ' 

Newark, N.J 


New Bedford, Mass. ( 
Lynchburg, Va..... 
MiddleiQwn, Conn . . 


ZanesTille, Ohio 

Honli 14, 1(39. 

lb, Google 


It OB Duc«Tmatli. 

IBetBlllo tniae tot neck slockB— 

MeUUk plntea, poinduiig bolet ip . 

Metallic subitascea, cutung 

Metallic BarTBceSipBrlieularly WW 
piua, ^rindine bihI paluhing. 

MetaJlurgicsl opei^ona 

Melallargicnl opcnuonB, with tu 
ihraeite coat 

UelalluT^cal opcrationa, with bi- 
tuminous coal, chareoEd, ilc. 


Metal, b^ing — 8tt do) 9, Ketf- 

Metal, foT^itg, drawing, orftm- 
ir^apbdles, &a., in 

John H. Hall. . . . 

Richard M. Hoe. 
Richard Wiltcox. 

Richard Willeox . 

Richard Wil1«ax. 
John L. Sullivan. 

Jslm Miller A Ebene- 
ler M. Door, as ' 

Mclali manufooture of ■ . 

New York, N.Y... 
Harper '■ Farry, Va . 

New York, N. Y. . 
PaUorBon, N. J 

Patteraon, N. J — 

Patiereon, N. J — 


Meltl, method of making patlei 

for esBting hollow ware, &e 

Metal, plates or aheels of, culling . 
Mete), preparing, for being mano 

Metal, rolling 

Metal, sheet, cutting into otb 

Metal, sheet cutting.. . . 

Metal, Bheel, inachin'y for wotk'g 

Metals or ores, contpoailion uaed 

Melals, alternate expansion and 
contraction— 8«Pouwr,13rt eloa 

Monuments, memento plates, a 

Moulds for caatinf boxes 

Moulds, for casting boxes 

Moulda for casting bali-fainges . 

Samuel Hal! 


Orrin and No(>le Peek 
Henry B. Chew and E. 

T. PreemaTi. . . 

New York, N.Y... 

Nail*, eutting. . 
IVailB, cutting. . . 
Nails, cutting. . 
Naila, culling. . 
Nails, eutting. . 
Nails, cutting. . 
Nails, cutting. . 
Naila, cutting. . 
Naila, cutting. . 
Noils, cutting. . 
Nails, cutting. . 
Naila, cutting. . 
Nails, cutting. ■ 
Nails, cutttng. . 

Henry Llebenan. 
Leonard TsEewell . 
Samuel Smith, 'Jd . 
Thomas Shepherd and 

Thomas Lorin. . . . 

Eb. Lester 

John Leonard, JT.^J. 

Brainard ft Am ■ Siier 
Samuel Smith, 3d 
Geo. W. Strong 

Jonathan Dodge, aa- 

lignees of WaTiHuHt 
Josiah 0. Pearson. . 

Jacob Perldne 

Pet«f Cliff. 

Amoe WhHlemore . 

' Daniel French 

Edward We« 

Nieholaa Boureau.. 
Fred.W. Oeiaenhein 

Jonathan Hieka 

Luther Biawl 

Briggs R. Reed 

Henry Latgen 

Richard Moore .... 
RoswsD NoUe. 


Lancaaier, Mssa.. 
Amherst, Msas. . . 

Boston, Misi 

Plymouth, N. H.. 


Hartwick. N. Y... 

Dan™™, MaM 

Marietts., Pa. 

Lycoming, Pa. . . . . 
Baltimore, Md . . . . 

, Google 


Naib, rutiing and beading. . 
NailB, culling and headjng. . 
Naite, cuuing and heading. . 
NailB, culLing and heading. . 
NflitB, cuuing and heading. . 
Nails, culling and heading. . 
Nails, culling and heading. . 
Nails, culling and heading., . 
Nails, culling and heading.. . 
NailB, culling and heading. . 
Nails, culling and heading. ■ . 
Nnila, euliiiig and heading. . . 

Naile, c„,.. 
Nails, lulii 
Nails, CI " 
Nails, ci 


1g and hending 

„.ig and heading. .... 

ling and heading 

riaiJB, suiting and headine 

Nails, culling and heading 

Nails, culling and heading 

Naila, cutting and heading 

Nails, cutting and heading . . 

' Nails, cutting and heading 

Nailt, cutting and heading 

Nails, cutting and heading, vhe 


Nails, cutting, and rolling iron. , 

Naila, euUtng, rolling, and plating. 

Nail catting machine, feeder for. . 

Hailt, culling, machinery for 

Nails, cutting, vibraiin; machine. 
Hail*, culling, vibniiinf plates fat 

Naila, cylindrical cutiing* 

NaflljCylindrieal Tibralin^mnchi 
Nails, eccenlric roller machine. 

Nails, heading 

Naila, heading 

Naila, heading 

Nails, heading 

Nails, heading .-. . 







heading, tat,. . . 

from healed rodBi 

from healed rods. 

from scoops 

horac-ahoe, and others, cut- 

from bora of iron 

hocBe, head, machine 

hot, heading 

iron, brass, and composiiioi 



Nails, at one operation . . 
Nail machine, wrought ir 

Nails, making. 

Nails, manuaciurinf . .. . 

Nails, manufaciuring.. , 
Nails, manufacturing. . . 
Nails, manuracluring.., 
Naila, mauuraeturtng- . . 

tnae Garrelson 

George Chandler 


Jesse Ketwj 

Jonathnn NeTitle 

Nathan Read 

Frtderick Young 

Kdwani West ....:.. 

Jesse Reed 

Eiisha Bigelow 

Simon Willnrd 

Brigga R. Held 

Jesse Reed 

William Miller 

Jesse Reed 

Jos Lah While 


Samuel Rogera 

Jesse Reed 

Nathan Elear 

Isaac Northrop 

Jesse Reed 

Emerald Maaon 

Jesse Reed 

Samuel Rogers & Mel- 
ville Oiis 

liepben Coach &. Asa 

Caleb Isbislcr. 

Frederick J. Ay era.. 

Ebenezer A. Letter. . 

Jos. Bernard 

Jacob Perkins 

Ebenezer A. Lester. . 

John Fairbanks 

Jared Byington 

Jason Froat 

Matthew C. QroTSS. 

Samuel Rogers 

Asa Chandler and Si 
las Shepherd 

Samuel Rogers 

Henry Sedwn 

Eliaha Bigelow 

Jamea Davey 

Jesse Reed 

William Leslie. ...V. 

Nathan Kent 


J. Bratland E.Oilmore 
Mark and Rich. Reert 

Joaeph Walworth. . 



Waller Hunt 

S. Briggs, sen., and 


Thomas mkins... 
Jared Byingtoo. • > ■ 

John Bicelow 

Letter Ring 




Massachusetta .... 
MasaachusetiB .... 



Boston, MsBB 

Baltimore, Md 

Hudson, N.Y 

Salem, Mbbb 

Kingatoa, Mass. . . 


Kingston, Mass. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. .. 
Bridgewater, Mass. 
HanoTsr, Mass .... 

York, Fa 

Oneidaco.,N. Y... 
Marshfield, Mass... 
Milton, Vt 

Kingston, Maisi. 

Maaaachuaetis. . , . 

Boston, Maaa 

AUccheny, Penn, . 
RozburVr Mass. 
Herkimer. N. Y. 

Troy, N.Y 

New bury port, Mass. 
Ballimore, Md . . . 
BoBlon, Mass. . . . 



Massachusells. . . , 
Plymouth, Mass.. 

Taunton, Mass 

BHdgewaier, Mass . . 
Troy, N.Y... 
Maasachosetia , .... 
FairiiBven, Conn... 
New Hampshire. 


E. Bridge water. Mass 
Middletown, Vt. 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Penniyhania.. . 
Connecticut. . . 
Conneeticat. . . , 
Vermont i 

Nov. 16, vm 

Dec. 13, 1796 
Feb. 16, 179t 
Feb. 24, 1797 
Aug. 12, 1797 
Jan. 28,1798 
Aug. 23. 180ft 
July 6, 180* 
Feb. 33, 1807 
April I, 1807 
Noi. 30, 1807 
Aug. 18, 1810 
Sept. 16, 1810 
Sept. 26, 1810 
Nov. 14, leil 
Jan. 11, 1613 
April 16, 1813 
OcL 21, leu 
July 35, 1815 
Jan. 7, 1817 
ApHI 21, 1835 
June 6, 1833 

. April IS, 1809 

. Dec 7, 1803 

Nov. 31, isaa 

Dec. 31, 18U 
July 2,18« 
April a, 1814 
April 16, 1811 
Jan. IG, 1815 
Dec. 37, 181S 
Aug. 14, 18U 
Dec. 23, I79« 
Dec. 33, 179« 
Sept. 3. 180S 
Dee. 15, 1607 

Sept. 16, 1806 
Jan. 26, 1814 
SepL 6, 181S 
Jan. 39, 1811 
April 7,1614 
Jun 9,1801 
Not. S,1801 
May 1,1801 

Sept 16, 188V 
June 1,1831 
Not. 14, 1811 

Not. 39, 1809 
Mar. 30, 1834 
May 16, 1846 
Not. 13, 1839 

Jan. 15,1796 
Not. 19, 1796 
Dec. 19,17»T 

lb, Google 






Jan. 4,11W 
Feb. 14 179» 


Nathan Fobe. 

William Canilhers... 

lett, and G. Baniett 


.lug. S. 1609 

Michael Ch^ 

Jo«iph J. Meff. 

Samuel Wilmol, jr... 

Job. and John El™. . 
Math'l Cliichering nnd 
Daniel Chkhering.. 
Mark and Rio.h. Reeve 
Mark and iUch. Reeic 


Buiternuu, N.Y... 
New Haven. Conn.. 


Burlington, N, J.... 


Hanover, Mass. . . . 

April 17, 180* 

April 31, 1809 
Sept. 1, 1809 

March 9, 1812 

Nathan Elpv 

and Willmm Cburcb 
Charlea PhiUpa, ir... 
Willion Waring and 

Cbarle* Philip*.... 
Henry Haya..^.... 
Frederick A. Runell.. 

Boston, MaM 


Jefferson, N.Y 

Qeoreetowii,D. C. . 
PbilaJclphia, Pa.... 
Essex county, Mau. 
Homer, N. V. 


Zaneeville, Ohio. . . . 
Znoegville, Ohio.... 
Ilfnipslead, N. Y.. 

Aug. le, I81G 
Oa. 21,1815 

Oct. 91, leis 

Ju[>e2G, IftlG 

Timolhy Newhali, jr, 


J. Kelli and J. Carur 
Melville OtU 

Sept. 7,1816 
April 18, 1817 
June 10, 1S17 

Abel Smith 

Thoma* Mo^n 

Sept. 5, 1821 
Sept. 15, 1821 
Sept. 19, 1823 
Sept. 23, 1826 
April 3, 1829 
May 13, 1630 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 

Mo>fan, Man 


Boxbury, Man. . . . 
Buffalo, N. Y 

Boston, MB«i 


Pittsburg, Pa 

Brandoti, Vl 

Bristol, R.I 

Litchfield, Conn... 

PaUerwin.N. J 

Princeton, N.J... . 
Rutland, Vt. 

Thomaa Odiome 

Joaeph Hean«y 

Jonathan Brelt and El>- 


Freeman Palmer 

Robert Turner 

Stephen Chubbuek... 

June 1,1830 

lew and panjld shaft for 

NmI*. mKbme, nippen for Reed's 

Hull for Buoeing bones and oxen 

Nov. 35, 1811 
Jan. 13, 1835 
July 34, 1846 
July 14,1846 
April 13, lBa9 
July 25, 1829 
June 17, 1844 
Oct. 6, 1907 
July 8,1807 
May 4, 1796 
July 17, 1810 

Stephen J. Qodd... 
Tbomaa Morgan.... 

Jordon Dodge 

Peter Zachane. 

Jacttb Perkini 

John P. Swain and J. 


JaM>h Berry and Oi\ 

\Sp. Raid 

Oeo^ W. Robineon 
William MeDiia. .... 


Boston, Mau. 

Roxbury, Mass... 
New Market, N.H. 

Feb. 8,1811 

Nail> and b™d^ t>r>M, copper 

Mar. SO, 1837 

Haila andTrada, Mvanng tb^ 

Aug. 3,18i9 


ITtll* «Dd l»ada, from rolled koo . 

JTaDt and bradB, and sprigi 

NmIi and brads, uid sprigs. .... 
Nails and brads, sod apriga, cjpUii- 

Naila and brads, and spikt 


roughl. . 

Mails and apikei 

Nails and spikes, groaved and 


Nails and spikes 

Joseph Etear. ... 

Robert Tvnier... 

SlephsD B«lkDap, 
William Slater.. , 
Bui^ess Allison and 
Richaid PrcDcb.... 
Abiadiet Eastman. . . . 

Thomas W. Harray. 

William Schnebly and 

Thomu Scbiwbly. 
Corning & Horner, as- 
— of Osgood A 

New Hampshira... 
Baltimnn, Md... 

Boston, Mass. . . ■ 

WashinpoD, D. C 
Glarks^^, Ohio . 

Nails and spikes, heading... 
Nails and spikes, mnchine-. . 
Nails and spikes, wrought.. . 
Nails and spikes, wrought, from 

prepared materials. 

Nails and spi kes. forming. . • 
Nails and spike, wrought. . . 
Nails, (acks, &c., cutting. . . 

Hunt .. . 

Rencora Dare . . 

William ^.Orimas.. 

Nails and spikes, wrought.. 


JohD MoCrone. 

James Thompson and 
H. Rogers, assignees 

Richard Salary. ■ . 

Jamestown, N. Y... 
Hageratown, Md... 


RidgtoD, N.J 



York. Pa. 


EUicoti'a Mills, Md. 

Dec 16,1 
May 1,1 

May IT, ] 

Sept. 13, 1833 
March 3, 1834 

Mar. 14, 1834 
Jan. 37, 1838 
Dec 2,1834 
Dec. IT, 1834 

Dec IT, 1S34 
July 17,1841 
Feb. 31, 184* 


Nails, wrought. ■ 
Nails, wrought. . 
Nails, wrought.. 
Nails, wmughl.. 
Nails, wrought ■ • 
Nails, wrought... 
Nails, wrought.. . 
Nails, wrought.. . 
Nails, wrought.. . 
Nails, wrought. . 
Nails, wroi^i.. 

Nails, wrought 

Needles, manufdclure of 

Needle and pin muchine 

Ores, improvement in working. 
Ores, Bwoeping and washing ..... 
Ores, iron, method of reducing. . . 


Ebenezcr A. Lester.. 

Daniel French 

Jonah Nicbolls 

Leonard Narcroas. . . 

Henry Burden 

ShadiBuk DaTis, jr.. 
Gervase B. Manley. 
Thomas W. Harvey 

John V.Green 

Reuben Daniels 

Samuel G. Reynolds. . 
N. W. Bishop and Si- 

Ores, washing, apparaiiia for, i 

Theopbilus Somerby. 

Abel Morrall 


V. EiDg and J. King. 

William Da™ 

iHgned to William 

Nicholas Trough! 

New York, K. Y. 


Manhfield, Mms. 

Herkimer, N.Y.... 

Rhode Island 

LiTennore, Maine. 


Dartmouth, Mass . . . 

Canton, Mass. . ... 
Jamcatown.N. Y... 
New York 

Woodstock, Vt.... 
Providence, R. I. . . 

Wells, Maine 

Stud ley ,Oreat Britain 

New York 

Bel Air, Md 

New York 

England 1 

Woodbrite, N.J. ) 
Swaoaea, England. 

Padlocks for mail bag* 

Patterns, for casting 


Joseph Nock 

Solomon Andrsws. . . . 

WUIiam Ball 

E. H. Roper and Wm. 


H. C. Jones 


Philadelphia, Pa... 
Perth Amboy, N. J 
Waahington, D. C. 

Newark, N.J,... 

Durme, Pa 

Bath, Me.. 

Oct. 13,1843 
April 3, 1838 

April ai, laas 

May 8, lau 
Dec 33,lTSe 
July 11, 1807 
May 18, 1894 

May se, lasts 

Dec 6,lta9 
Dee. 14, I8SD 
Jan. 34, laS! 
Dec 90,1339 
May 13, 1834 
Mar. 18, 183S 
Sept. 21, IS37 


Dec. 31, 1839 
Oct. 15, I8M 
May 30, )8U 
April 38, 1836 
Mar. 31, 1841, 
July 23, 1843, 
Englaodi Jubr 
93,' 1844, US. 

Jijy 16, 1839 
Dec. 5, 1S40 
April 16, 1849 

Not. 9.1843 
April 1, 1849 
Feb. 5, 18S6 


Km, tmagmg, and ■tieliiiig inlo 


Pmi, mRkiDg-, of wire, atone ope- 

Pina, making 

Fiiu, Diakiog 


PiBH.— 8m MUdUi. 

Pinj, machine for beading and 


PiD nak big machine 

Pina, Blicking into paper, maahinc 

Pins, sticking into paper. — Su CI 
Pipes.— Stt Claa y. 
Pipes, boring and lapping. — Set B 
Pipea, caaling and drawing lead. ■ 

Pipes, coating with tin > • 

Pipea, leaden 

Pipes, leaden ^....^ 

Pipea, leaden 

Pipes, leaden 

Pipes, for stills of tin plates, laMl . 

Pipe* and tubes, casting 

Pipes or lubes, composition of 


Pifies, maehine for making eonun- 
UDiudy from lead 

Pipes, machioe for riveting 

Pipea, metalt delemuning ikeir 

Pipes, melal, Dlaehinerj and pro- 
ccas of manufacturing 

Pipe, lead, nacbine tor making. . 

Pipes, lead, machinery for manu- 
facture of. 

Pipes, lead ,dte.,maehine for raak'g. 

Pipes or tubea of lead, &c* 

Pipes or lubes of lead, lin, &c. 
machinery for mailing. 

Plana irooa 

Plane irons. 

Plane irona, scytbea, &c 

Plane irona 

Plane*.— &e Clan 14. 

Plates, horiiontal, makii^ holes . 

Plaiea and sheets of iron 

Platen— fiM am 18. 

Plates, door 

Plates, door 

Plates, door and signs, of separate 
types, Ac., method of making.. 

Plien, colling 

Potlaber, cyhndrical 

Pvlishing wheel, buff 

Pohshing hard and aoAsubalancee. 
Polishing irODBud bcaasviTefor 
, weaver^ reedj 

DeQmaM Fowler 

Moses L. Morse 

Henry Wasioo 

Lemuel W. Wright. . 
John J.Howe 

Som'l G. Reynolds... 
John J. Howe. 

ScuDuel Slocum 

lb 32. 

mini', Clatt II. 
Joaeph C . Vaughn A 

Frederick Leadi. . . . 

Thomas Ewbaok 


G«oige W. Poller.... 

Alpheus Todd 

R. M. Seydle it Lmu* 


Thomas Ewbonk 

WiUard Badg«r 

Borroughs Titus 

George Escol Sellen. . 
'"ifilhtn Bull 

Horatio Allen 

James E. Serrell 

Nathan Buttrtck.jr... 
Chs. SeMera and Geo. 

E. Sellen 

John Laing 


aas'ees of Jno. db C. 

Hanson, of England . 
Geo. N. Tatham and 

Benj. Tatham, jr. 

Feregrine Williamson. 

Chorlea E. West 

Daniel Pettiboae 


Benjamin King. 

Evan J. Ellieoit. 

Edmund J. Sause. 

J. H. Grout and Fow- 
ler M. Ray 

Edmiuid Morrn 

Ruaael Curtis 


Aaron Broad 

Benjamin Green 

Arnold Wilkiann.... 

North Bradfonl, Ct. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Manchester, Sag. 
NorthSsJem, N. Y. 

Tioga, NY 

New York 

Waterbury, Ct... 


Oxford, N.U.... 

Milton, Pa. 

New York 

Boston, Maaa.... 

Ulyaies,N. Y.... 

Upper Darby, Pa. 


Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 

Baltimore, Md 

Colehestsr, Ct 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Boston, JUsas. . . . 

Washington, D.C. 
Baltimore, Md. .. 

New York, N.Y. 


Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Springfield, Mass. 
Middlebury, Vt.. 
Uiehfield, Ct.. . . . 
Hartford, Vt 

Aug. as, 1814 
July -33, 1823 
Mar. 13, 1895 
June 39, 1833 

M(iy le, ia» 
July 5, 1S99 
Mar. 33, 1833 
April 18, 18U 

Aug. 1, 1838 
Uay % 18S3 
Dec. 96, 1808 

Mar. a», 1841 

Oct. II, )841 
Sept. 9,1835 
Jan. 10,1897 
May 6, 1813 
Mar. 10, 1830 

Aug. II, 1843 

Mtir. 90, 1844 

AprU95, 1944 
Oct 25,1832 
Aug. 90, IBI3 
June 6, 1814 
Mar. 37, 1821 

An«. 31, 1836 


Pnddle balb, prening out in 
of bammeiine. 

Puddle balls, &c., rolling ji 
manuraclure of iron 

Puitcli, nwlving Mprios- . . . 

Punchea, for copper 

PuDcheH, making boles 

Punches, powei press 

Punches, lor lypcs 

Punching copper or brass .. . 

Punching iton, >teel, Ac . . . 

Punching iron or steel 

Punchin; neials ;. 

Punching anil shearmg iron. 

Punching metal 

Punching sheet iron for Moie'pipea 

Puncbing machine for the n~ ~ 
faclure of covered bultons. 

Hack, wrenh 

lUzor, grinding 

Razor, nunbrBCEuriog 

Rifles, sharpening «dgeioala. 
Rivets and boll cuiur, by lever 

Kivets, for ooopen 

Rivets, Tor eoopers' use*. .. . . 
Rivet*, maehine for making. . . 

Rivets, making 

Riveti, making, 

Rivets, makbig 

Riveto, making « . 

Uvets, making. 

Riveting moallie plates for boilqi 
Rivet! and luils, tor trunks. .... 

Rivet for njckeia 

Rivets and kerawH, heading. .... 
Rollers, for rolling iron, caating. 
Boilers, impressed, making knin 

and forks 

Rollers, uast iron, laminating and 

flattening metala 

R«lling bar iron edgeways.. . 

Rolling in»> 

Rolling iron 

Rolling iron, and moulding. . 

RoHing iron fbr nails 

Rolling iron for ships' bolls. . 

Rolling metallic tubes 

Rolling metallic platea, with pro- 
Rolling metals 

Rolling metab to bar or rods 


Rolling mill, for carriage springs. 
Rolling mill, forcircolar nWH. . - 

Rolling mill, machinery 

Rolling mill, for sheet iron 

Railing mill, and slitting 

Boiling preas, for e«lg« tools. .... 

Winiam Jones.. .. 

Henry Bunlen 

Solyman Merrick . 
William Ballard... 
John Sarchet. .... 
Qeorge Dorracol.. 

Francis Baily 

John Shugert 

Jamea Bennett. . . . 
Jedcdiah Richards. 
Levi C. Bnnnel... 
Lemuel T. Pope . . 
Samuel H. Brovn . 
Semud Davis 

Alonio C. Arnold. . . ■ 
S. Meirick, a^'nea < ~ 

Jabtt C.Terry... 
Chriatian Veltenair. 

I John Brown 


HoUy Sedy. 

George W. Sowle. . 

Timothy Allen 

Hoiatio G. Reed . . . 

Issioh Jennings . 

Levi Severance 

Franeis A. Cannon. 

direr Edes i& Andrew 

AInh. Fobes and Fitch 
W. Taylor, ass'nef 
of Charles Lyon wi 
AlpheliB Fobea.... 

Robert Smith 

Luther Hoitghton. . . 

B.A. Holbrook 

Thomaa W. Harvey. 

Cyrus Alger 

John Owinga 

Jamea Wood 

Geoi^ Ellicott. 

Henry Abbel 

Abraham S. Valentine 

Josiah White 

Jesse Reed 

Clement Reiilgen... 
Cyrus Eastman. . . . 

Robert Ritten house. 

Isaac Hinman 

Josiah White 

William V.Many.. 
George Stood Inger., 

Ele&zer Carver 

Benjamin Seymour. 
Samuel Rogers 

Eliaba Gordon 



Springfield, Mass. ■ 

BoBlon, Mass 

Philadelphia, Pa. .. 

Boston, Mass 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

Pittsburg, Pa 


Elbridge, N. Y. . . . 

Otsego, N.Y 

Boston, Mass 


Mifflin, Pa 

Norwalk, Cl 

Springfield, Mass. . 


ProvideHca, R. 1 . . . 

nnadHla,N. Y.... 
New Bedford, Man 

Eel Run, Maas 

ScitUHte, Mass. . . . 


Pinsbure, Pa 

Boston, Mass 

Brsintree, Mass. . . 


Great Britain 

PhiUdelphia, Pa 

Providence, R. 1 

Jamestown, N. Y... 
Boston, Mass 

Baltimore, Md 


Baltimore, Md 


Bellefonte, Pa 

Philaddphia, Pa 


Weat Cheater, Pa... 
Hillaborough, N. H. 

Amwell townoh>, Pa. 
New Haven, (jt, ... 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Albany, N. Y 

Newark, N. J 

Bridgewaler, Maaa. . 


Bndfe water, Man. . 



April IB, 1634 

Dec. 10, 1840 
Mar. 11, 1838 
Doe. 6, 1697 
April a, 189» 
July 31, 1889 
Jan. 39, 1791 
Jnly 30, 1631 
July 3S, 1839 
Sept. SB, 1831 
Ocu 10,1834 
Mar. 17, 183B 
Aug. 14, 1839 

Feb. SO, 1843 
Aug. 10, 18M 
June 128, 18S4 

Msy 19, leK 
May 11, IS33 
feb. 8, 1833 
Mar. 13, 1845 
April 35, teOB 
July 11, 1637 
Sept. 35, IS39 

April 34, 1840 

Sept. 3,1840 
Sept. 3,1839 
April 15, 1843 
May 9,1846 
June 39, 1833 
Mar. 30, 1611 

June 35, 1814 

July SO, 1831 
Sept. 90, 1816 
May 4, 1809 
Jan. 3, laST 
Mar. 14, 1810 
July IS, 1808 
June 37, 1810 
April Ifi, leiB 

Mar. 19, 1833 
ApHI 93, 1835 
May 15, 1819 
Jan. aa, IS34 
July 17, 1830 
Sept. 97, 1838 
June 96, 1797 
Jane 94, 1818 
Dee. 24, 1807 
Juna 9C 1813 

lb, Google 


8*ws, ■pparatiu Tor filing . . 
Saw, Gircular— 8u Clau U. 
Saw, areolar, cauing tMtb I 
Sawi, drcoUr, culling the Math of 
Saws,dreDbr, •tilTemiig. . . 

Bawa, filing and sinoDthing ihc 

Sav filing 

Sajr, filing taeth of 

Saw, gumming lh« teeth of. 

Saw, gnounJBg ihe teeth of. 

fiBW.nunming (he teeiliof law- 

milTand cnMaont 

Saw, gamming 

Baw, gamming and (rimnuDg. . . . 

Saw, gumming 

Saw, gumming- 

Saw, manuft^uhng 

Saw pUtea 


Saw leeU), cnlung. 

Sawiaeih, catting 


Saw Ml 

Saw aet, applicable to aavi of all 


SiLWMt, formilla 

Saw act, gu^ 

Saw act, Bpnog. 

Saw aet 

Saw aeliing, and uaing raw teeth 

Saw aeldDg. 

Saw setting, 



Saw BMting 

ScKwa, bolla, and nuts, cutting. 
ScrewH, faolu, pina, aikd riTcte, 

Screw*, caating metal 

Screwe, cutuog 

Screws, cutting. 

Screw*, ciutiof 

SciBwa, cutting 

Screwa, catting ^ 

ScTCwa, cutting, by dmilar eonei 

8cnwa, cutting, endlaaa 

Screwa, cutting, forgimbtcia. 

Jolui A. RoeUu^. 
H. Kellogg, aaa'ae of 


Jamea Jooea 

nilaon J. Wemmer. 


Eleuer Cairer. 

Elijah Pratt. 

A. B. Spencer 

Eleaiar Canar. 

Jacob Arndi 

Elijah Sfdur 

Pbuieaa Nswioo... 
PluDeai Newton... 

PtuDaaa NewtM).... 


Jo«.Spenc«r. ....... 

Joahua Draper. ■ ■ ■ . . 
Henry Johnaoo. .... 

Stephen Ualick 

James Clond. ....... 

SolODHM Mone 

Andrew T-Menia... 
Samuel Q. Mmiman. 
John Barker. 

Henick Aikeo. . . 
William Hind* . . 

Herrick Aiken 

TbMdore Taylor 

Joseph Beach &, David 


E.Wasie.N. Welling- 
ton, AC Hutehins 

Bbeoezer Whiting. . . . 
Norman Unmhait. . . . 

irn Hatch 

John Bogga ..... 
John Stnaoer. . . 
John Russell.. . . 
Joseph Beafh. . . . 

Smilh Qroom. ... 
Lorenzo D. Waller A 

Jacob Waller. 
John Nicholson. . 

David Wilkinson 


Jacob Sloat 

John HamM 

Joseph Blaekall. . , 
Joahua Witherle.. 

John H. Schnujer 

Chas. Daniels, aas'e of 

W, W. Southworth. 

New HarlTord, Ct. 
Rochester, N.Y... 

Sent to deorgetown. 


Sidney Phuns, N. Y, 

Sidney Plains, N.Y. 


Canajoharie, N. Y. . 
Harrabuig, la 

Washington, O. C. 

Chester, Pa. 

SemproDius, N. Y. 
Boro. of Mnncy, Pi 
Southington, Ci. , , 
Cambridge, Mesa. . 

Draeut, Mass. 

Oisego, N. Y 

Middlesex, Mass. . 
Port Depoule, Md. 

Hartford, Ct 

Benniiulon & Siafti 

Berkshire, N.Y.... 
Madison co.. All 
Westlbrd. Vt... 
Philadelphia, Pa, 
Franklin, Pa, , . , 
Brooke, Va. . . . 
Camden, S. C. . , 
Middleiown, Cl. 



PhiladelphU, Pa. 
Troy, N.Y... . 
Fort Plain, Spring- 
field, N.Y... . 
Herkimer, N. Y. 
Rhode Island.... 

April 35, 1M6 
Sept. 3, 1B46 
Mar. lU, 1S41 

Aug. la, 1B4« 
SofH. 14, isia 

June 6, 1S4S 

Aug. 13, lew 

Feb. 24, 1045 
Nov. 8, IBX 
June 19, lS3i 
Dec 33,1830 

April 39, 1831 
Oct. as, 1839 
Aug. IS, 1B31 
May 31. 1B34 
Dec. 33, 1830 
Aug. 11, 1839 
Sept. 8,1894 
April 26,1834 
Oci. 38, 1B35 
April 11, 1B9S 
Feb. 3,1838 

May 34, 1830 
Aug. 13, 1831 
June 13, 183i 
Aug. 15. ISM 

Oeu 15,1830 
Feb. 7. 1838 
Oct. 13,1890 
Oci. 4, 1897 
Nov. 16, 1819 
Oct. 14, IBII 

Dec 7, laai 

Oct. SB, 1B99 
Dec S,1899 
Doc. 31. 1899 

Aug. 19, isas 

July 38, 184S 

April 38, 18M 
Dec 14. 1T98 
May 15. leii 
May 4, 1813 
Dec 30, 1819 
July 39. 13ST 

by Google 

Scrawl, euUiog and heading.. 

John Mason. . . . 
ScKWB, cutting nalchM In miuIh. ■ J. H. Piusan. . . . 
Screvra, cutting, ofKrew bedsteads Palmoi William a. 
Senvi, cutting and tucotog iron Joel Eaitnan and 

and ileel. 
Screws and nula, cuUing the flutes 

and threada of. 

Screws, rsiting, wood 

Screws, cutting, wood aod meiai 
'Screws, catting, wood, &c.,tkre«da 

Boaton, Maaa. . 
Rarotpo, N- Y. 
lUmapo, N. Y, 
Towanda, Pa . . 

Nov. 3fi,.]0E 
Nov. 38, ISaS 
Feb. 16, 183T 


Alexander Patton.. 


Joliu AndKwa. ■ . . > 

Screws, catting, wood • . 
Sci«ws, cutting, wood.. . 

Screw, heada and rivata, cuuing 

and punching metals. . 
Screw, heading, wood.. . 
Screws, heading blanks. 
Screws, improvement in machine 

for cutting 

Screw, iron, casting in mouldi. . . 
Screws, machine for cutting points 

Screws, manufacture of wood. . . 

H. Crum 

Jacob Sloat aod 

Thoa. Springsteen . ■ . • 
Jas. Keene and Tho«. 

Enoch Scott. 


Thomas W. Harvey. 

Columbus, Ohio. . . 
Worcester, Mass., 
Oinwiddie co.. Vs. 

Clatkatown, N. Y.. 
Raimipo and f ough- 

Haverstraw, N. Y.. 

Monroe co., N. Y. 
Worcester, Maas.. 
New York, K.Y., 

. Mai. SI, 1833 
July 19, ia09 
. Aug. a, 1817 

Nov. 14, ie3« 

Mar. 30, 1637 

July 9,1838 

. Dec. B6, 1833 
. Feb. 4, 1SI3 
. S^ 3, 1846 

Screw, nisnufacturingt- ■ 
4erew, iMtnuGwiuring.. . 
Screw, manufacturing.... 

Screw, man uGictu ring, right and 

left, for bedslesda. 

Screw, manulBcturing, arranging 

Screws, metallic 

Screw, punch, and rivet cutler . . 
fiersw, iliitiiig and Gnishing the 

heada of 

Screw, Bwedge 

Screw, wood{ 

Screw, wood 

Screw, wood or iron, fJwirting thi 


Screw, wood, turning heeds 

Screw, waod| 

Screws, wood, cutting threads of. 

Screws, wood 

SensH. wood, turning heads 

Screws, wood, cutting the threadi 

Screws, wood, nicking .. 

the under aidra.of ijte heads of . 
SciewB, wood, turning or shaving 

the heads of blanks for 
JBcrewB, wood cutting, . . , 

•AMU'Ilaip>tNOT,Bt,ie30. ) Reinaod ta 

Salyman Merrick.. 
SimeoQ Brooks & W. 

N. Clark 

Cullen Whipple. 

. Jacob Perkins ,. 

. A. BurnbuB A Thos. 

1. Barnunk 

. William Eeane. .... 

, Jamas ffleasDo 

. PhineoB Dow &. Dan' 


Thomas B. Smith 

Lemuel W. Wri^t. . 

John Luther 

Levi C. Judson.. 

Joshua Witherle. 
Richard Whitney 
Hazard Enowles . 

Abel Stowell 

Thomas W. Harvey 
Clement O. Read... 
Thomas J. Sloan. . . 

Thomas J. Sloan i 

Thomas W. Harvey .j 
Alex, Hodges, assignee 

of Cullen Whipple.. 
Thomas W. Harvey . 
Thomas W. Harvey . 
Alex. Hodges,Besignee 


. Jan. 23, 1S45 
. . July 10, lB4fi 

New bury port, Mass. 

Sharon, Ct 

Monroe, N.Y 

Philadelphia, Fa 

Boston, Mass 

Troy,N.Y '... 

London, Ens 

Warren, R. I 

WaterviUe, N. V. . . 

Boston, Mass 

Baltimore, Md 

Colchesier, Conn . . . 
Worcester, Mass. . . 

Worcester, Mnaa. - . 
Pou^hkeepsie, N.V. 
Providence, R. I . . . . 
New York, N.Y... 
NewY^ork, N. Y... 
New York, N. Y. . . 

Providence, R. I.. . . 
New York, H. v.. 

New York, N.Y.. 

Providence, E. I.. 

Dec. 31, 1313 
Feb. 13, 1836 
Mar. 7, 18U 

Aug. 8, 1817 

Oct. 11,1624 

Mar. 7, 1815 
April 10, 1830 
April J, lb31 
June T,, 1834 

July 15, 1813 
Mar. -25, I83I 
Dec. 15, 1837 
Nov. 24, 1846 
Aug. 20, 1846 
Aug. 18, 1846 

Aug. 18, 1643 
May 30, 1846 
July 2, 1S46 

. April 10, 1843 

. April 6, 1843 
. July e, 1841 


Elerewf, wood and liTels, tanuag 

ScBir-wnoeh . . 

ScMWWTCDeh* . 

.SeoW'^raDoh . . 

Bw, zvzae 

Seyihei, mMmftctoring... 
Scythes, noDDracUiriiig. . . 
Seyihes, manofactairins. . . 
Scylbe*, mumiaetunng. . . 

Scythes, niuiufeatiiniig 

Scylhea, TnanufBcturing. .. 
SeyUtM, nuuiuracturi^. . 

Scythe niBtiia— Su CvtHt 
ScTtbca, turaiog 


Shean, rMary 

Shean, cdUing bius, ooppei, Ac. 
Bbtan, cutting p«M^>o«ii], aheel 

Kieaia, Hying, muiulaclariiiE. 
Sbtars, tailor'*— &< Cbn 31. 

Sh«e( and boiler iron, >bc 

SbMl-iTon, machine for bending. 

Shield pini^or wearing Bluiri*,&c Thonta Woodward . . 

Skaea, nona. Stephen Decatur and 

William Talham.... 

Kioea, bane ■ • ■ 




Shaea, hone 

Shaea, hone. 

Sbaea, hone 

Slues, hone 

Shaea, hone, cbM iroo, oxen 

Shoes, h«ae aiid oxen 


Shoeing, awinging bone fnage for 

Shovd, making 

Shavel, aocket and sand. . . . 


Shovel, acoop. 


ShoTfll, icf then, apadeaidui. of caat 

oiHeDry W _. . . 
SteplMnKaBe &.Thoe. 

and Jamea Keane. 



Joseph Woodhull 

New York..... 
Newburz, 14. 1 
Iprin^eld, Ma 
ialem, N. Y... 

ObarlesMcNMBan... fVonhbridge, Moai. 

Benj. and John Tyler. 
Eptinijn Kinball, jr. 

Lulber Dudley 

Abel Simoods. 

Honee NanuMn. . . 
Auguatna W. Seaile. 
CyniaTburalOD. adm 'i 
orAuguattw H.Searla 

Abel Simonda and Al- 
bert O. Page 

W.Buakley and Philip 

L. &L. J.L^nb 

John B. BrowD and J. 

Robert E. Horbarl. 
SumDer King. ..... 

David Anlhocy, jr . 

John Deiu. 

Lewis T.C. Smith. 
Ezekial Davia^ Sam 'I 


Charles B. Reed 
Etisha ToUea. . . 

Henry Burden. . . 

Stephen W. Whitnuui 

Peter Stenbeig. 

Baizillai Young &, Sam . 


Joseph Kirk. 
Olirer AiiBca 
John Rightei 
E. Uudge&R.Tenay 

Mordccai Bull 

John AWm. Smith.. 


John Brower 

Jamea Wood 

New York... 

Clanmoiil,N. H, 

Fitchbni^ Moaa,... 

Northbndge, Maaa. 

Sutton, Maaa 

Filcbbuiv, Maaa.. . . 
Caledonia, N.Y... 
Fitchbu^ Maaa.... 

Fitehbuif, Maaa... 

Berlin, Conn. . 
Berlin, Conn. . 

BrooUyn, N. Y.. 

Erie, tV 

Brooklyn, N. Y. . 

Boston, Mass. . ■ . 
Potlslown, Pa. ... 
Sulliran, N.Y... 
Adams, Maaa. . . ■ 


Scott county, Ky.. 

Oakum, Mass 

W. Bridge water Jdaa 
Winchester, Conn . . 
Troy, N.Y 

Madiaon, Ohio.... 

Brooklyn, Conn... 

Weston, Vl. 

EaatOD, Maaa 

DowniwEton, Pa. .. 
Alexandria, N. Y.. 
Oreenwieb, N. Y.. 
Williamsi«n , Maaa. 

Colcheaier, Conn. . . 
Berka county. Pa. 
Philadelphia, Pa, . 

June 27, 1840 

Aug. 13, WU 
Arail 16, 18U 
July 10, 1841 
Aog. n, 1836 

Mar. 4, laa 

Dec 31, laSB 
Jan. 31, 1B3S 
Feb. 1, 1817 

May 37, 1898 
Jan. 33, 1834 
No(. S4, ISM 
Dae 17, 18M 

Nov. 08, lS4fi 
Nov. 10, 1846 
Sept. 30, 18M 

Oct. 11, 18M 

Mar. 11, 1898 
May 34,1898 
April 1,1890 
AprU 8, 1831 
Deo. 15,1BU 

Oct. 8,1834 
Oct. 30,1894 
Oct. 24,1834 
Nov. as, 1836 
Not. 4, 1836 
April 10, lai 

July 39, 183! 
Nov. 8, 1839 . 
Mar. 5, 18)1 
July 93, 1811 
Aptil 6, 1891 
Sept. 38. ISn 
Feb. 35,ia» 

Feb. 38, 1838 
Fab. 13, laU 
Fab. 10, 183S 

lb, Google 



, muhctDreof.. 

Sickles, files, &C., Eutting 

Sink, vut iron.— Sm CIm IT. 



Slitting mill 

Sockaia, iron, nwktog. 

BnckelB Tor heading tooli. . 

Spade, pronged 

Spade, socket 

Spelter.— Sk Zinc. 

l)pik«B, liolls, aulji, Ac. cut and 


Spikes, naila, Ac., clinching or . . 
Spikes, nails, &j:., clinching or., 

Spikrs, heading 

^ikes, heading...... '. . 

Spikes, hook or brtd-faeaded) . . . 
Spikes.— Ste AUit. 
Spikea, improTament ia making, 
^like machine, improvement e 

Burden's paten l 

^he machines 

^kes, wrought iron, machine for 


^Kwns, 4c., buirror poiishing, 
Spoons, casting, fenning moulds 


Spoons, casting 

Spoons, cutin^. 

Spoons or blo<£>ljn, improremenl 

in manuracture of 

Spoons, fofhB, Ac, design 

Spoon*, manufacturing '.•,.. 

Spoons, man a factu ring .. . 

ft'oons, manufacturing I Jacob Perkini 

Ch. RichmondASamI 

Upton Rdd 

Jacob Shaw, jr. . .... 

Samael LichtenlliMker. 

WUliamH. Mackrall. 

Samuel Asburv. . . 
Waller W. Hart. . 
Simon Homback . . 

Welcome WhiUaker. 
NaUianiel G. Sanford 

Tim. Allen 

Leo, Morw, assignee 

of H«r»ey PeUee . . , 

Hsrriok Aiken 

William B.Horioii... 
Cb. Richmond&Sam. 

CasireU,jr s... 

William Thomas. . 
Roberts. Harris.. 
Henry Burdao. . . . 

William Hatch.. 
John F. Winslow and 

Israel Blanchard . 
Samuel Reynolds. 

Luther Boaid. . 

William Mix 

JoalHall, 9d.... 
Michael Oibney. . 
Tfaomai BrufT.. . 

^Wons, manufiictnrii^. 
Spoons, manufacturing. 
Spoons, manufacturing. 
Spoors, mnnuracturing. 
Spoons, raannfecluring. 
flpoons, plating, mill foi 

Spoons, ail rer, mill 

Spnng bearer, for window sash . . 
Spring bolt for door and other locks 

SpringaTorearriagea.— SuClm 10. 
8pnn|B._S« Sefi,. t(c.. Clm 17. 
Spnnga, door, for cloaina- doors. . 
Spring, door 

JoppaK Roads, Md 

Hinkley, Ohio.... 


New York, M.Y.. 

Cobum^ p. 0..N. C. 
PhiladelpluB, Pa. 
Laiiiyeue, Ind.. . 

Foxborough, Masi 
Franklio^N. H.... 
Middletown, Conn . 

New York, N. Y, 
Bingham, Mas*. . 
Wilmington, Del. 

CheKer, Cl..... 
Chestaire, Coon.. 
Proapset, Conn . . 

New York.. . 
Maryland.. . . 
Bath. Mass.. 
Newbury port, Mass 

Archibald Little Bridgton, N.J... 

Robert Butcher Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Charles Ooodycar. . . .' Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Sanford Boon I Hamillon, N. Y. . 

J. Brockway 
William McLeai 

Charies Ellis 

William W. Smith and 
Benj. Mulliken,jr. 

Qardner Barton, jr. . 

July ao, ISM 
July 14, 18« 
JtiiM 13, IS31 

May 9, IS4C 
May 9, 18W 
Feb. 11, 1331 

Dec 30, IStl 
Mar. 7, ISM 

Apnl 6, ia» 

Dec. 38, 1838 
Dee. 37, 1839 
Jane IS, ISM 

Jan. 8, IS4> 
Sept. S,1S4* 
Sept. 3,1849 
Mar. U, 1840 
Jan. 25, 1841 
Sept. 3,1840 

July 38, 184« 

March 5, 1839 
June 38, 1898 

April 3S, ISM 
Dec 4,1844 
Sept. 14, 1801 

Nor. ao, leat 

June 39, IStS 
Sept. 93, 1814 
Deo, 7,1891 
Dec. 14, 1830 
Dee. 37, 1830 
Aug. 11, 1833 
July 19. 1838 
Sept. 30, 1838 
May 3,1846 

June 10, 1840 

, Google 

lOBled, froiB wrought 

Bted, ant, or wroughL 

Stnl, «n, scrap or bar inn, con 

Sled, east, welding to iron 

Sted, EonTsrting iron partiaUy inti 
Steel, oonTerling iron putiailf inti 
Steel, conTerting iron parti 'ty into' 
Steel, increaaing tbe ■lr«Dgth or.. 

Sl«el, (ram pig iron 

StEel and iron, manufacture of. . . 

Stad, eaat, ntaoulactura of.. . 

Sled, mannfacture of. . 
Sted, mode of hardeoii 
0t«d, rerdTing 

Sim), tempering, for cutting glaaa, 

Stjtmpa for paddle wlieala of *i«uc 
and otlter boati, machine for 

SlirTupa for laddlei . 

Store pipe, nunufacliuing . . . 
Sl0te pipe, mantifacuiring.. . 
Store pipe. — Sa CIom 5. 
Bniker, for raaith'a work. . . 
Stnker, blackamiih, aaai«tan 

SuAa, for luunmering iron 

SiryMr, blaakamilhs, for foiging 

Tm poo, and other w*m1> of G 


Tew iron 

Tin, opening abaet. . 

CharleaC. Reinhaidt. 

Stephen Pope 

Horatio Q. Spafford. 
Horatio G.Spaffonl. 

Samuel Coliins.. . 
Daiiiel Peltibone. 
Ebaiiezer Jenke. . . 
Eleazor L. Loaey 
Walter R. Johnaoi 
Walter R. Johnson... 
Enoch Leonard. . 
Cbarl«l Low... 

JouahM. Heuh.. 

Colli Da Manufacturing 
Company- BBsienee 

David HartJejr 

Benjamin Duvall 

man, and J. Nichola 

Daniel Peltibone. 

Benjamin King.. 

Daniel Aibina.,. 

Daniel Powlea... 

AJezander B. Latta. . 

John Carrel 

A. Pawling 

John Fairar 

Richard WbeaUey and 

James BcMimonl . . . 


E. Nolt 

Jod Woodd.. 

BbeneMT Bro»ks. 

JeaM Read 

lannia. wan, maouiaclo 
William Barker... 

John Shugert 

Asa Spencer. 

laaiah JennJng*. . . 
BUfhta Cbaodler. 
Stephen Cbaitdter. 
Calvin Wbitingand Eli 

Joa. M. Tnunan. 
DBTid Nobis.. . . . 

Bdlimorc, Md 


Albany, N.Y 

Albany, N.Y 


Boston, Maaa 

Colebrook, Coon... 
Pbiladelphia, Pa. , . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. , . . 

Canton, Maas 


New York..;.. 
Fall Ri*er, Mass 
Ipswich, Mast.. 

Cotlinstille, Conn.. . 
Weitminilar, Ei^'i 

Albany, N. Y 

Roxbury, Conn..., 
Woahlngton, D. C. . 
Keene, H.J... 
Balumore, Md. 

Nov. 30, 1B39 
Oei. 30, 1839 
Oct. 30, ISQit 

April 10, ISaS 
Aug. 21, 1819 
Jon. S8, leia 
No». ao, 1823 
June 3D, 1838 
July y, 1838 
Jon. 6, 1819 
May 26, 184S 
Engliah patt 
dated May 
■2S, 1844. 
Oct. 34, 1846{ 
English pati 
dated Febm- 
ary 4, 1845. 
May 35,1844 
Aug. 4, 1841 
Aug. 30, 1634 

Mar. 10, IHS 
Feb. 34, 1793 
Feb. 14,1799 

Dec 33, leofi 
Mar. 33, 1806 
Not. 15, 1811 
Feb. 3, 1819 
Jan. 36,1837 

Cincinnati, Ohio.. 
Petenbuig, Va.., 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Cuyahoga, Ohio. . 

Boston, Mass. 

Salisbury, MaH. . . . 
SchenecUidy, N. Y. . 

Stokes county, N.C. 
Surry county, N. C. 
Jackson, Tenn 


HanoTer, Mass.,,. 
ry of.— 5m Ctaa IT. 
Luzame county. Pa. 
ElizdMthtown, Pa. . 
New London, Conn . 





Philaddphia, Pa. . . 
Philaddphia, Pa. . . 

. Mar. 30, 1843 
. June 7, 1839 
. June 16, 1846 
. Sept. 3, 1849 

Sept. 6, 1833 
April 35, 1834 
Aug. 6,1834 

Not. 10, 1818 
Mar. 31, 1836 
June a, 1804 
Not. 30, 1801 
Feb, 4, 1811 
Sept. 30, 1816 

i&T 9,m* 

by Google 

nMphte, iiMMifiMMring 

Ha plate van 

Tin pble «uc, virii^ insdune. 

Tin vttre, manu&icturui^ 

Tinware, manufactunng 

Tin ware, muiuTBcluring 

^n want, Moming 

tin wan, machinB fm- doublesenn- 


Tin, Ac., double aeanang. 

^n and ollwr met^, catting. . 

Tongi, caMino 

To^, papper and ii 

Tnp hammer 

Trip hammer 

Trip hammer 

I^p hammer 

Trip hammer. 

Trip hammer. 

Trip hammer.. 

Trip bamoKr.' 

Trip hammer. 

Trip hammer 

Trip boninier .... 

Trip hammer 

Trqi hammer. 

Trip hammer. 

IVip hammer 

riVip hammer. 

trip banumr, foal. . 

r, portable. . . 

TWp h 

Tuyere, and water back 

Tuyere, and valer bedi 

Toyere, sod vster book 

T\iyere iron, Maclwmith'at. . 
Toyor* iron, blMkwnith'B.. ■ 
l>iyareiron, Uackamiih'B... 


*^fer«, bbclumitfa^ 

Twy we, or tew iron 

Typea.— 8k CUk 18. 
TSiie castine.— 8h Ctanie, Ti/pt. 
1^, railmad loeoDothe, mr * ' 

QAbrdla nmnar. 

▼auJi U^la, metaXic rima fcr. . . 
Tenels of eofl metal, method of 

Aaron Borit 

Edward M. CenrMwe. 
Edward M. ConTeiae. 


Oliver Habberd 

Barnsfaea LangidoB... 
Jomea Redheffer 

William Bnlkley 

OtisM. inman 


Riehard WhiKinghar 
Horalio O. Spefford , 

William Ho»ey 

Qeoree A. Madeira . ■ 
Willum Maridond . . . 
John F. GfHild . . . 
Joel Pox, jr.. . . 

John Smith 

Ezra Oebom 

Elisfaa Downer.. . 
Oliver Aimu . . . 
Joasph Hinea. . . 
Joseph Oouidii^. 


Jac ETetBOl 

William Bowling. 
Philip P. Read... 
Levi RoHeBltrtma. 
E. Pmpx and J. Hatha- 

Samuel Kilburn. 
Olirer Ahnea.... 
Oidaon Davio. . . 

Aia Blood 

John Shugen. . . 

Eliai Eaigfan... 

Rivcrins C. Stiteaand 

Joaeph 8. Gravea. . 

Calvin McKay 

Daniel C. MeBdillan. 
Charie* W. Onuuiia. 

Joaeirii Baratmrat 

Bdwaid Roekwdl. 
John Band. 

signeeofE. Q. Alal- 


William H.Taylorond 
A. P. Norton. . . 

SoothingCoD, Conn. . 
Soul hiagtan, Conn,. 
Southiogton, Coim ■ > 
ClarcmontiN. H... 
SLAIbana, N. Y... 
Bridgetown, N.J,. . 

LewiariUe, Ey 


Bo-lin, Conn 

Mariborongb, Coan . 
New York.... 
Troy.N. Y... 

Middleaex, Maaa.. 


Berkahrire, Mas*. . . 
Primdence, R. I . . . 

Leiceater, Maa* 

Onlariocounty.N.Y. ' 
ReadMd, Maaa 
Spentar, N. V. . 
Boletouilooonty.Va. 1 
Hairiaonburg, Va. 
Gaidiner, Maine. . . 
Meniar, Maine. . . . 

Pultney, N. Y.... 

Sleriing, Maine 

OreAoa, Mae* 

PlynuMMh, Maaa 

Sandy Sprii^, Md . . 
Conhoctoo, n. Y 
BliEibeih, Piu.. 
Kaighn>BPoinl,N.J. . 

Eai^oomfleld,N.Y. ' 

PittohB^, Pa*. . . 
Fnuioiaville,' IV. . 


Cniaaa United StMea 

now in O. Britain . ' 
AUeghany, Ptt. , . 

Woroeater, Maag. . 
Roohesler, N. Y. j 
Widemlle, N. Y. 


VSw,bMi«ll,n>M>)^ •' 

Vice, bcoeb, wtd oUmt. .... 
TieH, anltiH; Ibe Java of t . . . 


VlM,i(i>ok, and baud 


W«n^-Sm Thft. 
Windaw blind foMnters.. . . . 
Windmr bHwd baHDera'. . . .. 
Wiodow bHnds, fniaaot^ .... 
Wiadsw Utndi, ruienah . . . 
Wmdtfw bfaidi, baunn. , . .. 

Wfa!ld«v blhidi, Bemring 

Wiadav bUndi, apriite obicfa. 
Wtddm btimdi, uid <£>or.. . . 
I'^Bdnw «tgh, rule iakii for. , 
Windm «Mdi,«(iddiMr nauei..^^ 
Window caich,Bii<t door fulciuiig 
Window bauning..... 
Window Guteoing... . . 

Window fMeoipg, combinad tp'g 
Window Aulcning, acir-adjoMieg 

Window uh, bolt and spring. 

Window mak, coat iron 

Window Mrii, eaai iron 

Window mh, and ibuner fallen 'g 

Window tnk, faaUning. 

Window n^.Taauning 

Window mh, apringa 

Window aaah, apiioga 

Window Rah, iprin^, ....... 

Window auh, iprings. 

Window uah, ipring brdt 

Window nab, apring faalener, 

Wjndow aaah, apriiw and catel 
Window aaah, ap^ ror uppar ai 
Window ahoiur, fcaunir^. . . . 
Window, abollcr faataning. . . , 
Window, ahouer (astening. .. 
Window, ahatter faaieDiiif . . 
Window, ahuuar batening. . . 

Window, ahnttcr faatening. . . , 
Window, ahnCter fuceniw. . . . 
Window abuUerft blind laat'n 

Wbdow apring. 

Window apring. 

Window apriog 

Window apring 

Window apring, bokand key. ■ 

Window apring, boll 

Window apring, faalaiMr. ..... 

Wire — SaMtUL 

Wire, cap 

Wire, culling 

Wire, ealting and heading 

Wire, drawing 

Wire, drawing 

Wire, drawing 




Linua Dean 


Luther HvmanwBy.i 
GnoobD. UeCord.. 
Jamea Lang 

Sylranaa nuiaher. . 
JanWa A. Can-er. .. 
Jonathan Bnon. . ■ . 

WiUBn PfaelpA .... 


Noble Hurdle 

SWphen Httywood . . . 

Jainea R.'Poet 

Mareaa ' M awi n wu , jr . 
Enoch Robinson ini 

Wm. Hall 

Phillippa P. Hazard . . 

Hotly Seely...^ 

Marcua Memman, jr. 

IsuK McNary 

Jamea S. Stoddard. . . . 
Benjamin 8. Woleoit. 

Jacob Oabom 

Daniel M. Miller 

Samuel J. Kemp 

Jamea Curlia 

JoBcph Eaton 

John BaJIdiorpe 

Naihaoiel Brigga 

OeoKe W. and Ezra 

I B. Kobinaon, 

Menaon L. Blerena. ■ 
Henry Hanunand ■ . ■ 
Jomee Blonchanl .... 
B. Weat and P. Boper. 

Nathaniel Bric^ 

Truman Banriolomew 
Neal Hall and Jotham 

Truman Bartholomaw 
Jamea P. McKean 

SdliTaniN. H.... 
TbnwoncouMy,^ J 

New Haven, Cl. .. 

Southbnre, Ct 

Tauntoit, Maest . . . 
Bedford, MMa.... 
BratiMoroueli, Vt. 
Bnabwiok, N. Y... 

Staem, Maaa. . 

Gloucealer, Ri 1... 
G«<Mieecown, D. C. 
Pkii^^ Main... 


New Haren, Ct. . . 

J«na 3S, \«m 

April 10, \sn 

Feb. n, ISM 

April ae, test 

Dee. as, 1837 

jm* 13, isn 

Juty 1,VSS» 
Mwr. 3S, 1KB 
Oei. 1, 181S 
Oct. 17, 1«M 
July a I, 1831 
June ao, 1836 


Unadilla,N. Y.... 
New Haven, Ct... 

Stafford, Ct 

MacedoD, W. Y. . , . 
CooDrciieut....... . 


Haddam, Ct 

Norwalk, Ct 


Boalos, MoBi 


George Canaen 

Oidaon Drake 

Hez. Saliabury, jr. . . 

Rcgar Smith 

Shadrach TrambuU. . 

Melritla Kelaey. . . . 


Thomaa W. Harrey. . 
William Wadaworih . 
John T. &. T. Wolden 
John J. Stajdea . . 

Lewiaburg, Pa, 


Rome, N. Y... 



Cumberland & York 

Poughkeepoie, N. ' 
WaahingtoD, D. C. 
New HaTCn, Ct. . . . 
Nonlnoket, Maaa. . . 

Hanfonl, Cl 

Btaiileborough, Vi. . 

Norwich, Ct 


Bedford, Maaa 


Andover, Maaa 

Poughkeepaie, N. Y. 

Hartford, Ct 



. July 14, 1638 
. April H, 1835 
. Feb. S3, 1838 
. Oct. 14, 1635 
. Nor. 'M, 1803 
. Mar. 8, 1801 
. July 1, laos 
. Dec. 10, IMS 
. Aprd 14, 1804 
May aa, 1811 
Oct. 13, 1613 

Feb. 7, IBtSt 
Jon. 9, 183S 
Sint. 8,1837 
Jan. 14, 1BD9 
Jan. 31, 18Z3 
Oct. fil,18U 
Feb. 19, 1838 

Oct. II. 18SC 
Jtme 30, 1839 
Deo. 30, 1841 
April S4, 1841 
Dec 96,1804 
Dm. S7, 1810 
Oct. a6,1818 
May 34, 1819 
Mar. 8,1810 
April 33, 1816 
June 30, 1638 


Not. II, 18S8 

Mar. 25, 1837 

6, 1813 

Oct. 31, leia 

May 10, I8I3 

lb, Google 

Win, drawing, cud and oUw. . . 

Wir«, faiKM ond neli 

Wire n"**' l™""" *""* wf»Ting. , 
Wire, lOBchiBe for beating nnd 


Wire, rolUDg • 

Win ropea, michiiiG for malting . 

WireTopet round flexible 

Wire, from steel, copper, &c. . . . . 

Wire, weiTing. 

Wire, winding and aptnoiflg..... 

Wrench, rack 

Wrench, nek 

Wrench, rack -..>• 

Wrench, acrew* 

Zinc, or ipelier, manufaclure. . < . 
Zinc, or apelUr, manulaolura.. . • 

RuMal Piaalj.... 
Chauneey Hall... 
Melchoir Bretzger. 

John J.Howe.... 
Jamea HoweU., .. 
R.3. NewaU 


Thomas WalUoe.. 
T. Kirk airi J. Leal 
Heory Burke. .... 

Hearf King 

Solyman Mrrrich. 
Alonzo O. HuU. . . 
Solyman Merrick . 
Samuel Davia. .. . . 
Samael Davia..... 

fencer, Mom. . • ■ 


Pittabuig, Pa. 

Derby, Ct 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
GHieahead, upon 
Tyne, England. 

Harriaburg, Pa.... 
HaTeralraw, N. Y. 

York. Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Springfield, Maaa. . 
Springfield, Moas. , 

Tro7,N. Y , 

Spnnsficld, Mn«i., 


NewY()A , 

Dec 36, 1845 
June 1 1, 1813 
English patonl 
Har. fi, 1843. 
July 6, 183» 
Har. 28, 18H 
May 9, 1799 
June 18. 1810 
Oct. 35, J6» 
April 18, ISM 
June 90, 18X 
Aug. 17, 183S 
AuillS, 1831 
Anf. U, 18SI 

by Google 



Fibrous and Textile Substances, including machines for 

preparing Fibres of Wool, Cotton, Silk, Fur, 

Paper, &«. 

by Google 

b, Google 


CL&S3 UL— MANUFACTDRES e/ nbmu tmd TexHU Subtmui, iacladuw JIbeMMt M 
fnpanng Fibna nf Wtvi, CMtn, SUk, Far, Paper, Ift- • 


czlcrnat nl 

Bags, for separating elaine i 

■tcuine by presBure 

Bobbin, eoiiiD spool. . . 

Bobbin, and fiyw. 

Bobbin, and flyer. Canton woollen 
fiobbin machine. ..■>■■ 

Bobbin tube 

Bobbin tube, 

BonneU, &c.,Diacbiner7forpreaa- 

Margaret Gertiih . , 


Glkanah Cobb 

Jac. Qetzendenner. . . . 
A. Bamea. 8. Ora]t,& 


Nathaniel Rider. . . 
William B. Taber. 

James A. Post 

Job Manchester. . . 
BenJ. Hutchinson. 

Cincinnati, Ohio. . . 
Gtoi^lown, D. C 
Frederick CO., Md. 

Windham, Cl 

Mitbury, Mass. . . .. 
Bwmipo.N. Y 


Bonnet, portable 

Bonnet tip»,pre«BiDgBpparBtut-,- 
Braid , roach inery forprewing braid 

after it has been inmined 

&aid, machinery for trimming 

Btraif braid 

Braiding machine 

Braiding roacbiDe, braiding ma- 



Brsid, Tuscan, &c., wearing. 

Brushes Tor cotton gins 

Bum, cleaning from vool, ft seed 

Bum, Ac, picking and separating, 
also appi ic^le logiDningcotton*' 

Barring machine 

Burring machine 

Calico, &c., printing 

Calico, Ac., printing 

Calico, Ac, printing 

Calico and paper, printing 

Cons, shoe 

Cap, substitute for flien 

Carding, cAmpoaition, applied 

Card iog, cotton 

Carding, drawuig and roping . . . 

Carding enginet 

Carding engine, feeding or deliTer 
ing roUera of. 

Richard Murdodc. . . 
Thomas Hammond . 
Thomas Kendall.... 

Baltimore, Md.. 


New York 

May S6, 18<3 
April S9, 1813 
Sept. 30, 1814 

Dec. 31, Idas 
SepL 3,1838 
Jan. 30, 1839 
April 33, 1838 
Dec 13, 1834 
Oct. 19,1897 

. Oct. 13, 1843 
, Oct. 30, 1644 
. Sept. 3, 1844 

Henry H. Robbins. . . 

Henry H. Robbins.. . 
I>udlcy D. Sacket... 
Daniel, Jesse, A Eiiaha 


John Thorp 

John Thorp 

Elisha Fitzgerald. 
£dvin Keith.... 

Middleboro', Masa. . 


Providence, R. I . . 
I^ridence, R. I. . 

Francis A. Calvert . . . 
Thos, S. Washburn. 

Alanson Crane 

Godfrey Woone... 

Bennet Woodc 

AWen Sibley 

Lieonard BMtty 

Horatio Moses 

William A. Crocker. 

James [>ennis 

Joseph Ripka. 

Jacob Peters 


Wm. B. Leonard 

William Tiffany and 
P. Allen. 


Patteraon, N. J 

Lowell, Mass 

Lowell, Moss 

l«ndon, En" 

Hardwick, Eng. . . . 
Pawtucket, Mass . . 

Patterson, N.J 

Taunton, Mass. . . . 
Providence, R. I... 

Mannyunk, Pa 

Kensington, Pa 

Orafton, Mass 


April 34, 1840 
Aug. 10, 1831 
, July 10, 1336 
, Oct. 16, 1844 
Sept. 19, 1845 

. Sept. 14, 1843 

June 3, 1843 
Oct. 11, 1345 
Oct. 11, 1845 
April 3,1838 
April 5, 1838 
. July 9. 1838 
Dec. 28, 1810 
Sept. 8, 1834 
July 31, 1833 
June e,I846 
Aug. 19, 1836 
Sept. 16, 1833 



Carding tnpttt, inadiiactjr Tor 

makine Ispa for fMding... 
Cuding cofiae* 

for gtmning Barera . 
haiTorneaioittle. .. 
hBiB, fur amd wool. . 

bau, wool 















Card ii^ machine. 
Carding machine . 
Carding machine, packing aheeu 

of leather on eylmd<~ 
Carding machirket- - • • 

Cuding machine 

Carding machine 

Carding machine, Mtf-atripping 

card for carding fibrous 

Jamea Hugua 

Arthur Kimball. ... 

Arnold Bulfum 

Abner Guild 

Heman Palmerler. . 

John Jeaaup 

Joahua Woodward . 
Nalbaniel Rider. . . . 
Elijah Thompaon . . 
Jamea H. Arnold. . . 


Henij A. ShoaDon. 

D.&t Bacon 

John Bovnion 

Uriel Q. Warner. . . 
P. L. Ring and E. 1 

Chorlton upon H 


Greenbuih, Pa.. 

Dedham, Maas 


Orange oo., N. Y. . . 

PorlegB, Ohio 

Slurbridge, Maaa. . . 


Betlemont, Ohio.... 

Newton, Cu 

Columbia co„ N. Y. 
Huntit^Elon, Fa 

Joahua Lamb 

M. W.Obenchain.. 
Charlei Biihop .... 
Hugh Whilemen... 

Ripley, Ohio. 
Sparta A, Lawrence- 
bui^ townahip, la 

Ripiev, Ohio 

Fairfield, Vu 

Leicester, Man. . 
Newtown, Ct. . . . 

. P^. ID, 1843 

Atig. 9ft, IBdS 
SepL 15, 1815 
Not. 4, 1813 
P^ ai, 1607 
Mar. 31, 18«« 
May 35, 1611 
Feb, 6, IS13 
May 9,1831 
Mar. 13, 183S 
June B, ISaS 
Sept. 35, 1896 
S«L 8,I8» 
AprU 6,1898 
AprU 10, ISaS 
' ■ 11, 1B» 

Carding roUa, cotton, foimiog.. 

Carding and spinning wool 

Carding and spinning wool. ....'. 
Carding and spinninf machines.. 

Carding wool 

Cording wool 

Carding wool 

Cards, boards- 

Caids, boarde, smoothing. 

Cs<di, and caD boopa, bending. . . 

Caida, collon 

Caida, cotton and wool 

Cards, cotton uid wool, composi- 
tion for preparing. 

Cards, cut, prick, and set 

Cards, cylinder* 

Ctuds, grinding and facing. 

Caids, grinding and atnining- - - . 

Cards, wool} 

Cards, wool 

Carding wool 

Carding woid 

Naihan Freeman 

Ebeneier Crana and 

Alanson Crane 

Joseph Munroe. . . . . . 

Levi L. Gowdy 

C . Whi ling ,S- Lowder, 

ic S. Lowder, jr. . . . 

Charles Atwood 

T. Norton and G. Bid- 


May £ 
Oct. 1, 1838 

Oct. 14, 183» 
OcL 35, ItOK 
RoT.aO, 183S 

. Ame- 91. >S19 
. July SO, 1846 
. Sept 96, 1846 
. Feb. 12, 1846 

Montgomery, N. Y. 

Oct. ll,lB4t 

1, Ct., 

Anson Holmea 

Philo C. Cnrtia. 

Moses Chase 

John Boynion 

Calrin Wing 

David Adams 

Homer Wliiilimore ■ 

John Balterworth . . 
William Barker. . . . 
Edward Faber 

Milford, Pa 


Paris, N.Y 

Baltimore, Md 

South Coventry, Ct- 

Gnrdiiier, Me 

Richmond, Va 

Newton, N.Y 

Brattleborough, Vt. . 
Philadelphia co.. Pa. 

Smith field, R- I 

Pittsbu^, Pa 

JohnM- Gates 

Reuben Merriam 

Joshua Lamb 

Gideon Drake 

John Boynion 

Amos Whittemore.. 

Geoige Faber 

Benjamin Slandring . 
Daniel Smith 

Warren, Mass,. . 
Leicester, Maaa.- . 
Leicester, Mass. - . 

Windsor, Cl 

Windham, Ct. , . , 
Maasachusetts . . . 

Cantiin, Ohio 

New Hampiblre.. 

April IS, 1813 

Jan. e,ieio 

Oct. 15,1833 
Mar. 23, lS«e 
Mar. 11, 1833 
Oct. 21, 1B30 
July 29, 1833 

April 27, laax 

Mar. ID, 1814 
July 90, 1831 
Aug. 12, 1815 
Jan. 24, 1839 

. Sept. 14, 1815 
. May 9, 1831 
. Aug. 91, 18)9 
. Feb. 98, 1817 
. Mar. 30, 1811 
. June 5, 17ST 
- Aug. 1, 1838 
. June 28, 1803 
Jjunel4, 18a» 


Cnriinf wool... 

Caidiig waol 

Carding wool 

Garpet, cmtbm, doign for 

Carpet, d«*i^ Tor 

CaipcM, Domted, dcsigii for 

Cnrpeti, aaign for 

Carpet, TelL.: 

Caipvt, ingrain 

Car|)el, ingrain.. 

Carpel, ingrain, taking figniei of 

CarpM, paper 

Caipel, woollen 

Carpet, woollen 

Carpeting and rugs 

Caipels, wearing 

Clolh, brushing and winding . . . 

Cloth, dressing, finisKing 

OoUi, dressing, sin^ng. 

Clolh, dressing, siunf 

Cloth, drassing, wool and cotton 

Clotb, dresnng 

Caolh, dreatdhg*. 

Cloth, djr«aaing 

Clolh, d raving 

Cloth, drsBsing, i:a)enderiiig .... 

Cloth, drying 

Clolb, diring, by steam rollers ■ 

Clolh, felting apparatus 

Cloth, finisher 

Clolb, folding and mesauring . ■ . 
Cloth, folding and measuring, nta 

ohinery for. 

Cloth, forming the web without 

spinning or wesTing. 

Clolh, mangle 

Cloth, mamiractaring. . 
Ctolh, manufacturing. . 
Clolh, manufacturing. . 
Cloth, maoufacturiDg. . 
Cloth, manufitcturing, of flax and 

Cloth, machine for iseavuring 

the loom 

Cloth, napping and making water- 
Cloth, nrnamentinf 

Cloths, printing, floor, design for. 
Cloths, printing, floor, dcaign for. 
Cloths, ptintirur, floor, design for . 
Cloth, Ac, ret^oing worn out. . . . 

Cloth, seouriftg 

Cloth of a]i;kbde, sewii^, with ■ 

running stitch. . ■ . ■ 

Ooth, stntching, in iJie proeew ol 

Cloth, taking wriaktes out of, while 


Cloth of TuioiM kinds, moou&c' 
Cloth, washir^.in ealieo ptintini 
Cloth, winding up 

Jsmes Hale. . . . 

J. D. Edwards 

John P. Fergiuon. . . . 

Jamea Albrv.jr. 

Henry Q. Thonipaon. 

Aaron Bvington 

John ana N. Haight.. 
William A. Prince . . . 
William Sherwood . . . 

Francis Quy 

W illiam Harrington . . 
William Harrington.. 
John Humphreys. . . . 
William Sherwood... 

Reuben C. Vnmd 

Zachariafa Allen 

A. Robeson 

Paul Moody 

Cal»in W.Cook 

Isaac Sanfoi^ 


Calvin W. Cook 

Stephen R. ParkhurM. 

Zenos Bliss 

Joseph Hurd 

[hincan Wrighu 

John Andrews 

J. C.Carlisle 

Joel Spalding 

ffilas C. Dutgio. . 

John Arnold 

Thomas Rundle 

J. P.4.R.a.Hazanl. 
Henry Raymond 

N.Peck AD. Taylor. . 
Freeman Wolcott. . . . 

Peter Laporte. . . 


WJham K. Phi, 
James C. '^ 
J. Albro, ji 
J. Albro, ji 


HaMTfaill, Mass 

ThompaoBnlie, Ct. . 
Bliubelhlown, N.J. 

New York 

Herkimer, N.Y.... 



Summeraworth , N . H 
Baltimore, Md. 
Harriaoo, N. Y. 
Harrison, N. Y. 
New York city. 
Ridgefield, Cl. . 

ProTidenee, R. [ 

New Bedford, Mass. 
Wallham, Ma«i. . . . 

Lowell, Mass 


Hempdteod, N. Y... 

Lowell, Mass 

Mendon, Mass 

Johnston, R. f 

Boston, Mass 

Medway, Mass. . . . 

Armagh, Pa 

Moiristown, Vt... 

. N.ChelnMford,Maas. 

Nttftralk, Conn. . 

Boston, Masa. 

Providence, R. L . 


Fairfield, Conn... 
Stow, Mass. 

. Augusta ootmty, Va. 

. N. Ch«lmafoid,Uan 

FVamingham, Mass. 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Elizabethtown, N.J. 
Elizabethtown, N.J. 
EliubethtowTi, N.J. 
Woodrtock, Vl.... 
New Ifork 

Feb. 16, tSlS 
Mar. 90, 18U 
Oct. SO, lUS 

Oct. e, lie 

April t, 1844 
May 6, 1839 
Aug. IS, 1890 
Feb. 13, 1B93 
AfHilSO, 1B3B 
Feb. 23, 1619 
Mar. 3, 1699 
June 11, 1639 
Doc 10, 1838 
July SO, 164« 
Mar. 1.^, 1644 
Feb. 23, 1830 
6. 183R 

..... n, 1816 

April 33, 1631 
Mar. 97, 1799 
July 87, 1612 
M^y 30, 1833 

BenjamiD W. Bean, 
Bauer D. Whiin«y A 
Geo. W. LawloD. . . 

John Titlou .... 
Reuben Doniela. . 
Geo. J. PrentiM. . 
J. Gooldii^ and R. 

Windtendon, Mass. 

New HaTen, Conn. . 
Woodstock, Vt..... 
Tiverton, R.I 


Oct. 17, 183S 
Jan. 33,1630 
Aug. 31, 1830 
Jan. 3t, 1845 
Oct. 31, 1646 
Aug. 38, 1841 

Mar. 9,1844 

July 15, 1891 
Nov. 11, 1830 
Dec. 6, 1898 
June 37, 18S9 
June 97, 18H 
July 31, 1635 

July 13, 1830 

June 6,1946 

Dec 14, 1891 
Dee. 20, 1843 
Dec. SO, IS43 
Dec. 20.1344 
Oct. 10, 1840 
Mar. 3, 1B31 

Mar. 4, 184S 

Mar. 35, 1840 

Dec. 14, 1840 
Oct. 8, 1840 
April 4, I84< 

C«wtaUce,loom,BigBlsw'sfK>weitl E. B. Bigelov 
'Reknnd)aB.K,i8M. |Aanteie4, C 

. Boston, Maaa. . 

S. t Belwaed Btpt. 91, 1( 


<lvcooiHn*>i lodgmiiiu in, Ac. 

CDCoooeries, ninoTiBg ike li 

from hurdtei 







Cordnge « 



Cordage, clothes line, Mraining and 

Cordage, layingaod (pinDing ropes 

for ublea 

Cordage, laying and twiatiog leii 

Cordage, long, manufacluring. . 

Cordage, manufacluring 

Cordage, preaajng lat out of . . . 
Cordage, rope 

Cordage, rope 

Cordage, rope 

Cordage and rope 

Cordage, rope, forming A. lading. 

Cordage, rope, layer 

Cordage, rope, laying 

Cordage, rope, making , 

Cordage, rope, making 

Cordage, rope, making 

Cordage, rope, making 

^Tordage, rc^, making 

Cordage, rope, preaeriing. — Stc 


Cordage, rope, reeding 

Cordage, rope, serving. 

Cordage, rope, aerring 

Cordage, rope, lenring 

Cordage, rope and twme 

0»d age, rope and twine 

Cordafe, rope and iwine 

Cordage, rope, twisting alrand 

Cordage, rape yarn 

Cordage, rope yam, puuing up 
Cordage, rope yam, apinning. 
Cordage, rope yam, apinning. 

Cordage, rope yam, apinning 

Cordaee. n^ yam, ginning and 

Cordage, rope yam, larring. . . . 
.£ordage, small, and aeine twine. 


Benjamin Benson .... 
George Parkinaon .... 

John Fittraan 

R. Fulton 4.N.Culting 

Abel Hill 

Charles L. Snrgeant. . 
Si. & James A. Bazen . 
William B. Leonoid. . 

Robert Col Iwri. 

Robert Oravea 

Robert GreTca 

Robert Gravea 

Franklin Kellsey 

EraaluH Banholamew. 

Robert Grates 

John Drummond 


William Shullz 

Joseph Clarkaon 

Wiitiam E. Maginnia. 

Alfred Hiithawtiy 

Thomas Bamilt 

Edward S. Townsend 
andPhiloDurfee. ... 

William Stone, jr 
Daniel Tread well. 
William Fonniog. 
GooiEe Bradley. . 
Dnvid Myerle . . • 
John QouldiiifT. ... . . 

Michael Wigjglea worth 
John Sellers A A.Bartlc 

Eleazei Crain 

Stephen Hilts, ad.... 

J. Whiteuan 

Con^NutlJOTi, Clan 4. 

Robert Graiea 

A. Boring and Will ia: 


James Falea 

Adam MoDtgonwry,. 

Charles Parke 

Gorham .... 

John Hearen .... 

Sam'l F. Dexter and 

Sam'l Graves 

Moses Day 


H. Bchols... 

John Pitiman 

Nathaniel Cutting, . 
Sidneys. Whillock. 
Christian BergAPetei 

Daniel Tread well. ... 

Peieniburg maiiuroct'j 
company, osa 


Smyrna, Del 


Rhode Uand 

New York 

Walpole, N. H 

Suffolk, Mass 

Canton, Moss 

Fishkill,N.Y , 

Boston, Mass. .... 

Boston, Moss 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

Middlelown, Conn. 

Boston, Mass 

Brooklyn, N.Y... 
Brooklyn, N.Y... 

Boston, Mass 

Baltimore, Md.... 

Baltimore, Md.... 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Bnaion, Man 

Philadelphia, P>... 

Palmyra, N.Y... . 

Williamson CO. Tenn 
Boaton, Moss. .... 

New York 

Fishkill, K. Y.... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Boston, Mass. 

Massachusetts .... 
Aleyandna, D. C. 

Snringlield, Vt 

QIaaienhury, Conn. 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Boston, Mass 

Thornsille, Ohio... 
New Bedford, Mass. 

New York 

New York 


Montgomery c. h ., Va 

Auburn,N. Y...... 

Roxbury, Mass 

Medfbrd, Mass 

Lynchburg, Va.... 

Rbode Island 

Woshingion, N.Y. 
New York 

Jan. 10, 
June 16, 
May 25, 

Ucl. 4, 1817 
Oct. IT, 1817 
Jan. 9, 1819 
Mar. IT, 1819 
April 10, 18l» 
Nov. 33, 1830 
Feb. 1, isai 
Feb. 8, 183S 
May 17, 1826 
July 25, 1837 
July S9, 1833 

No«. 36. 1840 

Juoe 34, 1809 

Aug. ]6, 1836 
Nov. 9, 1839 
J% 9, 1839 
May 90, 1829 

), 1836 

!, 1833 
I, 1837 

May 5,11 
Jan. 10, 1 
June n, 1 
Jan. IS, II 

. Dec. 31, 1819 

May 5,1^8 
Aug. at, 1835 
Mar. 18, 183G 
Apnl 13, 18M 
Feb. 4, 18W 
Aug. 13, 1813 

Aug. 34, 1839 
Feb. 7, 1838 
Mar. 14, 181T 
Oct. 30,1836 
Dec 34, 1799 
Aug. 14, 1606 
Aug. 33, 1S34 

Peterabuif , Va May 90, 1831 

by Google 

OHdigG, top sled Ibr 

-Cordage, tow line, ft«, 

Coidnge, twine, and CMiL 

'C«KiM bata or lapo, makiilf; .... 

Coum, cleaDiug 

Gotton, elonJEig lu^niMd 

CattoB, cteaning. 

CoUon, cleaniDg 

CoHon, deaniDg , 

Couoa, cleaning , 

'CoUmi, cleaning 

'Cotton, deanii^ 

Cotton, oleBning, Sealikuid 

CoUoo, iiMpecling machine. .... 

Cotton, nuulnfacturs 

CoUon manoracture 

CottoD; ra^Dg 

Cotton roving, laying in cans*.. . 

Cotton, Beporating trash from 

Cotton, improTsmenC in spinning , 

Cotton, wadding, glaziiw, peliaset 
Cotton wadding or biUting, ma"-- 


Cotton, wadding, machine for . . . 
Cotton WMts or ragBj&c, dreasing 
Cotton whippera and deanen 

Cotton, wool, Ac, burtii^ and 


Doffer, circulating and tnuwverae. 
F^dtrics, ^red, manufiicturing. . 

FafaiiCB, iMocing 

Fibriea.'Su C(Mt33, AuSa 
Ftlmea, watw prvefingj. . . . 

Pelt, manafiuturing, for bouoma of 

TWt, paMnuaker'a, waahing aitd 


Fdl, waaber 


fWting and fulling _, 

Palling of wool, without spjnmng 
or weaving 

TVIting, fiw cOBia, bats , 

Frit mating, ittlhanKuufaetnreof 
fbr hau 

Felt eloths, hardening 


Robert Qnves 

Aaron Ball 

Jacob Sloat 

John C. Smith ft Oeo. 


Bomt Seguine 

Robert M. Livingston . 
G. P. Saltonstair..... 

G, F. Saltonstali 

Jamas Simonds ft Jss, 


Oeo^ T.Sadler 

Jesse Reed...» 

Amos Giltiam.. . . . . .. 

Jesse RMd 

Lewis Vialea 

John T. Sharrock 

Eliaha Coi^on 

Jesse Whitehead 

John Tatham ft David 


Jacob Idler 

Wsrinf , Peterson and 

Johnson, adm's of A. 

S. Wolcott, deceased 

James Beaumont 

John I^rk ft William 


Stukely Turner 

Jeremiah Essex 

Oliver Tenny 

Emeiy Smith 

JimeA.Davis.adm'i c 
HenryG. Davis, dee' 

Siba G. Mumford. . . . 
Stephen H.Parhhuntt. 
Charles Atwood.. , . ;, 


John Biddis 


Geoiige John Newber; 

Thomas B. Rogers... 
J. Barker and L. Kins- 

Thomas R. Williains. 

Sanmsl E. Foster 

William Cole 

Oliver Barret, jr 

John D. Lounibnrg, J. 
Arnold ,J. A . Mclean, 
andG. G. Biibop... 

New Hartford, Ct. 
Mobile, Alabama. . 
North Carolina. , . . 
North Carolina 

Charleston, 8. C... 
Lawrenee co. Ala. . 
Marshfield, Mass. . 
ReadrFork, B.C. 
Manhfald, Mass. . 
New Orleans, La. . 
Win<Aesler, Va. . . 
Norwich, Conn. . 

■, Va.. 

New York, N. Y. 
Kendall, Moss. . . 

Westmoreland, N. Y 
Cranston, R. I... 

Bennington, Vt.. 
Dorchester, Mass, 
Nth Sudbury, Mass 

Clark county, Ala, 

N. Providence, R. I. 
Providence, R. I . . . . 
Middletown, Conn.. 
ShaefIeratown,Pa. ■ . 


in London, Engla'd 
New York 

Green county, N. Y. 

Newport, R. I 

Bratileboroagh,Vt. . 

TroV.N. y|.'.'.";!i 

Norwalk, Conn.... 

July 3, ins 

July ao, 18« 
Sept. 2, ]801 
May 14, 1803 

May IT, 1804 

Mar. 10, laas 

Feb. 3, 1836 
Oct. 10, 1839 
Aug. 10, 1837 
Oct. 2y, 1818 
June SO, 1823 
Mar. 13, IBS4 
June S4, 1839 

Dec. 3, 1814 

Feb. 10, 
Jan. 10, 
Sept. 10, 

Mar. 38, 
Oct. 10, 
April 18, 




Aug. 29, 1 
May 39, 1 

id In GnibmJ Mardi 14, IB 

I, Google 

PbU cloths, piauking 

Pdl clodu, wiLbout ipiiuiiBi 

weaving, machinery for, 
Vmiea to be staupM or po 

%» fidirici,' deaign for* , . . 

nannib, liitttinf 

Rax, brealiii^ 

Flu, brsakJDg. 

Flax, breaking 

P\ai, bfeabing and drtMing, . . . . 
Has, breaking and dreaaing, aod 

ifanMhing, and grinding 


Flax dreaatr 

Fbx dnsaisg 

Flax drtsaiag. 

Plax draaaing. 

Flax dreaaing, 

Flax dreaaing. 

Flax drasaing 

Flax and hemp, bleaching Sti C 

FUx and hemp, breaking 

Flax and hemp, breakiiig 

Flax and hemp, breskiog 

Flax and hemp, breaking 

Flax and Hemp, breaking 

PktX and hemp, breaking and dean- 

Meori' A. WeUa, 
Henry A. WeUi..... 
Thomas R. WiUiaaiMo 

Sparkmon and Kelsay 
JoMph Vr. Hala, 
John Cannon. . .- . 
Samuel Daviwm.. 

Joieph Brigra.. ... 
Francia BuMiek. . . . 
William Wheeler. . 

EUaha Mark 

Jonathan Barlow. . . 

CHiver Wilde. , 

John Hawea 

Joseph Hinaa and Wil- 
liam Bain 

Hen ry SchooohoieB . 

{lax and hamp, breaking and clean' 

nax sod hemp, bieakingand dread- 

Rax and hemp, brenkinganddresa- 


Pkx and hemp, bre«king and dieaa- 

Finland hemp, breaking and drew- 

Flax and hemp, breakiBg, and 
ahelline com 

Vhx and hemp, brenldng and 

Flax and hemp, cleaning and break- 

naz «nd hemp, dieaaar. 

Vbx and hemp, drMiing. 
Flax and hemp, dreaaing. 
Slax and hewp.droaing, whaal for 
FWx and hemp, Ac., halcheling. 
Flax and hemp, Ac,, hatcheling. . 
FUx aid lianp, and manilla gnuM, 



John Warren 

Harvey Lull 

Andrew Forsyth.. 

Arnold Zellnor 

David M- LonglevMtd 
Omt^^^i rk»^ 

Arnold Zellnor 

Chapman Warner, A, 
T. MixeU, aod Ed- 

Beynolda OillaiM). . 
Noah Q. Hsyden. . 


Hezekiah Hawl^. . 
Jos. and Jane* WeaU 

:■ H- NiehoU and 

Thaddeua Fairbuiki 

PlaUWakelee, ... 

Abel Smith and JanMi 


Hezekiah Hawley .... 
Wm. and R. BnOaia 
C-and W. A. Benton 
Daniel Treadwell.... 
Foster Demastera. . . 

New York.... 
in Iiondoit, Engltt'd 

New York, N. Y., 
HarerhiU, Maoa. „ 


Trenion^N. J 

PhUadelphk, Pa. . . 

Schoharie, N.Y... 
Kortwright, N. Y. 
Worren, N.Y..,, 

OranviUe, Msssl.i 

Canaan, N.Y 

Hudson, N.Y..., 

Franklin, Tenn.... 
WeMbrook, Mains. 

Ithaca, N.Y 

Columbia, Tenn . . . 
Crittenden, Ky.. .. 

Puloiki, Teno 

WeMbrook, Maine. . 

Jay, Uain* 

Qile* county, Tenn 



Manodsburg, Ky ,. . 

Qla^w, Ky- 

Louu*tUB, Ky 

New York 

JohnsbuiE, Vt.. , 
Augusta, N.Y 

Westmoreland, N.Y. 

Louisville, Sy 

ArmweU, N. J 

Armenia, N, Y 

Boston, Mobs, 


Samuel MuUiken. 
AawdsM Hw. n, law. 

Dm. Ii,18« 

July atflMt 
April 3,lgn 
Jan. 17, Uei 
May IT, 18» 
Jan. 3,]SaS 
Mar. a, 1791 

Oct. £,18at 
Fab. 38, Mas 
Mar. 2fi,18SS 
Mar. 91, KM 

Aug. 33, 18e> 
April 16, 1814 
June 19,1618 

JuiM 14,1837 
June U, KST 
Jan. 9, ISW 
April 4,1838 

Jaly 36, Un 


Ocu 33,un 

Jan. 6,U» 

OcL 3&,183t 

July 31,iaST 

Nov, 5,iaM 


July 10, 1830 
June 4,1833 
Oct. 13,1S3T 
May 39, ISIS 
Aug. 18, 1834 
Nor. aO, 1818 

lb, Google 

Fhxmd bcnpmacfaiBB 


Flax tad b«<aif> macUne 

Plax and bemp ntachiiM 

>!■» and hwnp machine 

Vlwx urd kcmp maiihiM 

Pha aad hampDuchiite 

Vhc Ud bampmachiaa.. .■.•■■ 

FUx mai hemp machiiM 

Ihk aad hempmaidima.... .... 

Elazwid hecap machine 

Vkz and baop machine 

IlaxaBd hamproaehiDe 

ntx and hamp machine 

Vlax aad bcmp machine 

f^ax and hemp machine 

Vlaz and h^p machine 

Rax and hemp machine. . ...... 

Fiax and tbcmp nucbine ....•■• < 

F\ax and lieiiip machine 

VlaK and liamp machine...... .. 

Flax and hemp machine 

lax and hemp machine 

Flax aad bempokaobina.. ...... 

riaxaad hemp nichiite 

Fbw and hetap maehiiie 

Fbx aad hemp machine 

VIHL and hemp macliine. ■ 

Rax aftd bempmachina 

fkx and hemp machine 




VtaKand hemp machine. 

Flax and hemp machine 

Rax aad hemp machine , 

Flax and hemp machine 

Rax and hemp BMchiiM 

Vfasand Incap machine 

Fba and bempmadiine , 

DaKud hampmaeluna 

Flax and Iwmp machine 

Fbft and hemp machine 


FlMcand heatp machine 

SWiand hemp machine 

Flax and hamp machine 

Flax and hampmachine.. . . . . .. . 

Fhx and bemp machine 

Fhx and bemp.pEepariag 

Hex aad benp, prapving 

fhx Bul herap, pnpaiangror i^in 

^U aad lierap, pnpann^fiii apin 

Fhx and higmp, rouinf b^ Bletun 

Benjamin Tyier. 


Owen Roberta 

Riehant Button 

TboiBU CahooB.... 
Riehaitl 8. ChappeU. 

EliF. Hill 

Nathaniel P. Robiiiaan 
Edward Eumae^. 
John C Jobnaon. 
Robert Miller. . . . 

J. A. 1 

WiUiaoi Hwpet.. 

Archibald Tanner . 

In Millard 

WiUiam Van Duier. . 
Francis Hall . 


Kinney, jr 

Thnmaa i'uUen 

DMid Melville 

Henry Burden ....... 

Willian Cumberland. 
Jamea McDonald. . . . 

Naman Ooodaell 

Jamea McDonald 

Joae^ Hinea and Wil- 

liun Bain 

Prederiek Cox 

Benjamin Lewis 

EraatuB ICell^ig 

William CI&Tieon.. 

Franklin Kelleey 

T. 8. end A. Baroum. 


Evans Christian 

Amoa SaliabBrT. 

Amoa Salisbury and 

J. C LoTwdon 

J. Y, Walaon, 3. Bloa- 

eom, end A. Burnett 

TboiDBB Cahoon 

Reuben Medley 

H. L. Baraum aad M. 

Anisa Salisbury and 

Lahyalte TibMlDl. . . 
J. L. P. Raunuge... 
William K.ScoU.... 

John Rich, jr. 

Daniel Ball 

Robert MoCormick . . 

Joel Dewey, jr 

Wm. Pidnngbotbnn. 
John Ooulding 

John Owinga. ...... 

Hndw Antrim.. . 




Ceienoiia, N. Y.... 


Fabloa, N. Y 

Fleming county. ,Ky . 
Christian co., Ky. . . 
Fayette county, Ky . 

Lexington, Ky 

CaEenovia,N. Y.,.. 

R^dunood, Va 

Trumbull eo., Ohio. 

Kent, Cnan 

Warwidt, N. Y... 




Nawpert, E 
New York... 
New York... 
Paris. N. Y. . 
New York... 

May 3i,liM 
April 13, MM 
Feb. 11, 1807 
AprU 13, 1808 
Jan. 18, leiM 
Feb. 11, MB 
Aag. 31, leiS 
April 38, leu 
May 16, tail 
July 13, 181 1 
July 03, 161 1 
Oct. 15, 1611 
Oct. 31,1811 
May S, 1813 
June 30, 1618 
Oct. 7, 1813 

July 13, 1814 

. OeX. 34, 1814 
. June 90, 1816 
. Not. 18, 1818 
. June 1&, ISaS 
. July 9, 1833 
. Aue.31, 1838 
. SeiM. 19, 1833 
. Jan. 18, ltj» 

Cdumbus, Ohio..., 
Somerrille, N. J. . . . 

Piusford, N. Y 




Sidera, N.Y 



Cambridge, N.Y.. 


New OlMgow, Va. 




Sandy Hill, N.Y.. 
Rockbridge co., Va 



Boston, Man 

June 23, 1831 
Not. 36, 1834 
Not. 97, 1894 
Jan. 17, 1838 
Feb. 8, 1838 
. April 15, leSB 

. April 18, 1639 

. April 31, 189B 
, April 3S, 1839 
. Tune 11, 1831 

July 8,1899 

July 39, 1639 
Aug. 1,1890 
Aug. S, 1839 
Feb. n, 1830 
May 90, 1S39 
July 7, KM 
Oct. 1. 183a 
Nov. 35, 1639 
July 13, 1818 

Aug. 17, less 

. Mar. 5, 1812 

Bakimwe, Md.. 

Philadelphia, Pa.... Not,-36, 1814 
Harhaoa county, Ky Dec. 38, 189( 
Boston, M«H ^Oct. 10,1835 

by Google 


fhx and banp, aoTolud, n 

flax and hemp, breaking. . . 
Flax Duid hemp , breaking and clean- 
ing William McMiilen. 

Flaxandhemp, cleoningtuiddresa- J. C, Q. W., and C. 


Flax and hemp, breaking and 

Flax and hemp, breaking and 

Flax and hemp, preparing, prepa- 
ratory lo the vanoua processea 

Wiilinm N. Stewart. 

E and 


Flax, swingling..... 

Flier and bobbing Tor twisting ai 

.Flier for twisting eilk 

Flocka, machine far culling. . . . 
Fullii^ cloth 

JSilling cloth, by steam 

Pulling mill 

Pulling mill 

Fulling mill, double crank 

Fulling mill, and power loom. . 
Fulling mill, Blocks, propelling. 
Fulling milt, and waahiiig. .... 
Fulling and scouring cloth. .... 
Fulling and scouring, and making 


Fulling mill 

Fura, proc«u of blowing dt clean- 

Fur, blower 

Fur, blower 

Pur. deoning. 

Fur, culling..... 

Fur, cutting 

Far, cutting 

Fur, cutting 

Fur, cutting 

Pur, cutting 

Fur, cutting, and cloth shearing. . 

Fur, cutting machine, reciprocal 'g 

Fur, cutting from pell 

Fur, culling from peltry. . . ■ 
Fur, culling from peliry.. . . 

Fur, cutting from peltry 

Fur, cutting from skins. . . . 
Fur, culling from skins. . . . 
FW, extracting hair from. .. 

Sands Olcoii 


Samuel Achey.. .. . 


d L. Young 

Asa Barber. 

M. W. Northrop and 

R. R, Dillon.... 
Ross Winans. . . . 
Asa Donielson..., 

Martin Lee 

Levi Osborne. ■ ■ ■ 
Anaon Alwood.. . 
Elisha O. Norris. 
John Kanmon... 
Horace Hickox . . 

Ripley, Ohio..... 

CinciAnali, Ohio. 

_ ■,Mo... 
Islington, Mo . . 

Pitlabu^, Iowa Ter. 

May 's Lick, Ky. 

Maysville, Ky... 

. N«wHi^,Pa.. 

Philadelphia, Fa. 
Heidelberg t'osp, Pa. 

Hartford, Ct 

Norfolk, Va. 

Stepli«Dtown,N. Y. 

Newion, N. J 



Oiswo, N. Y 


Salem, N.Y 

Monmouth, Ma... 
Dutchess CO., N.Y. 
Rutland, N.Y. 

. Sept. 3, ISM 

. Not. 38, IB«!1 

Oct. 32, 1848 
Jan. 1U,1843 

Jan. 30, IB43 

Feb. 4, 1843 


July 13, 1899 
Oct. 8,1840 
Not. is, 1846 

6, 1817 
July 13, 1804 
Oct. 1.1839 
July 7, 183S 
Mar. 36, 1806 
Mar. 36, 1836 

Sidney E. Coleman.. 

John W.Cochran... 
William R. Rotoh... 
Shepherd Whitman. 
Willianl Wood worth. 
Martin aerk.... 
Eleazer Spregue. 

David Beaid 

Jer. Hubbard. ... 
Michael Petre. .. . 
Cnartes C. K. Beach . 
Benjamin Marshall f 

D. JohnsoD 

Curtis M. Lampson . 
Denison Williams. . . 
Joaliua Wiiherle.,., 
Ephraini Cutter. .... 
William Jackson. .. . 

Ira Ives 

Samuel Johnson 

Sam't G. Ladd, asa'e 

of Scth Qrahain.. . . 

. Nov. 25, If 
- E 11, It 

New York, N.Y.. 
New Bedford, Mass. 

New Albany, la,, 

New York 

New York 

Danbury, Ct. .... 
Guilford, N. 0. . 
Jamestown, N. 0. 
Womeledorf, Pa. . 
Portland, Me.. . . . 

Concord, N.H... 

New York 

New York 

Boston, Mas*. . . . 

Bristol, Cu 


Nov. 4,l8«t 
Mar. 9,18m 
Mar. 33, 1834 
April 19, 1831 
April 31, 1810 
May 9, 1810 
Ai^ 30, 1816 
Nor. 4,1896 
Dec. 30,1897 
Not. 10, iSB 

Dec T, 1816 
Feb. &, 1836 

ocL 35, laaa 

May 38, 1811 
Feb. 4,1811 
Feb. 3, 1815 
May 19, ISIS 
"b. 34, 1831 

. Mar. 37, IBSS 

by Google 

Fur, pulling from peltry 

Fur, uparalin; from bair. .. . 

Fur, ■ubnitutafordrencd fur skim 



Gin, cotton -.... 

Gin, coUoD 

Gin, cotton. 

Gin, cotton 

Gin, couoa 

Qin, cotton ., 

Gin, cotton ;. 

Gin, cotton 

Gin, ooiton 

Gin, cotton. . 
Gin, cotton. . 
Gin, cotton. . 
Gin, cotton. . 
Gin, cotton. . 
Oio, cotton. . 
Gtn, cotton. . 

Gin, cotton. . 
Gin, cotton. . 
Gio, cotton. . 

Gin, cotton, boxing for 

Qin, cotton, conBtmctiog & a&x- 

ing the ribs or eratea of ■& w-gins' 

Gin, cotton, re«der. 

Qin, c 

Gin, cotton, liuDe. 

Gil), cotton, gnloa <^ ■tw.jin... 

Gin, eoiton, cTBlea. 

Gin, cotton, hopper. 

Gin, cotton, iminovemeat in.... 
Gin, oott(»i, unproTcment in.... 

Gin, cotton, in the roller. 

Gin, colton, propelling. 

Gin, cotton, railroad. 

Gin, cotton, roller. 

Leri Ward, bm>c« of 




wood,& J. Arnold.. r 

Allen Balden 

Eli Whitney 

Hodgen Holmea 

Robert Watkins 

John Murrav 

Eben Whiting 

Wm. Bell &.Sani'lD. 


Wm. BelUndJ.S. D. 


William Ball 

John McBride 

Obed Crawford 

Robert Hancock, aen., 

4, Edward W. Carr. 
laaiah Jennings. .... 

En^lhart Cniae 

laaiah Jennings. .... 
Samuel Pennoyer. ■ . 
Eleazer Carisr, jun. . 
J. and T. Lcaviu. . . . 

luec B. Barses. .... 

David Phillips 

S.T, Conn , 

Samuel Sawyer..... 

Jamea Lynch 

Jacob Perkins 

W. &J. McCreight. 

Henry Clark 

Pierson Reading. . . 

James McCreight.. 

Alexander Jones... 

Goodcll, Brown, Tracy 
A Mt^ey, aas'nee'^ 
of J. Stevens 

Lucilius H. Mosety., 

Wm. Whitteniore, jr. 

Henry Cooklin 


Fonea McCarthy. .... 

Lewis G. SturdeTBHl . 

WUIiaraP. Baker... 

William S.Cooley... 

Fairfield, Ct 

Hudson, N.Y.. 

Maasacbusetts. . . 

Pennsylvania.. . .. 
Nashville, Tenn. . 

Philadelphia, Pa 


Charleston, S. C. .. . 


CroisRivers, N. Y. 
Bridgewater, MaM. . 
Comfort Lane, Suf- 



Jefferson CO., Miss.. 


Boston, Mass 

Tuscaloosa, Ala. . ■ 
Bridgewater, Mass 
Winsborough, S. C 
New London, Ct. . 

Trenion, N.J 


4, 1S39 
. AprUsa, IB3S 
■. 14, 179* 
. May 13, 1796 
. Dec. S3, 1736 
. Dec 33, 1796 
. Jan. », ISei 

. AprU T, 1809 

Mar. 7, 1803 
Not. M, 1803 
Aug. 8, 180S 

June 33, 1807 

Feb. 6,1611 
Dec. S7, 1815 
Nov. 18, 1810 
Jan. 11, 1817 
July 94, 1693 
June 13, 1633 

Mar. 94. 183S 

Asa Copeland, jr. . . . 
Joseph Ewbank, Jr.. 
WilGam Gould 

Albert Washbnni. . . 

Edwin Keith 

G. F. SaltonAall... 
Peter Von Swhmidt. , 
Edwin Keith....... 

Rich'd Reynolds , Jr. 


David Phillips 

Wm. Whiltimoro and 
Wm. Whiuimore, ji 

•Beinsfd Fall. IS, latt. 

New Orleans, La.. 

Poqghkeepeie, N. Y. 
Pougbkeepaie, N. Y. 
W. Cambridge ,M«m 
Poughkeepsie, N. J . 

BoHon, Mass 

Demopolis, la. .... . 

Debware, Ohio.... . 

Boston, Mass. 

Norwich, Ct. 

Bridgewater, Maas. . 

Oia^ow, Ky 

Molntoah co.,Ga.. . 

Boston, Mass 

Bridgewater, Mass. , 

Nov. 6, 1 
April 3.1639 
June 11, 1839 
Mar. 30, 1833 
July 9S, 1833 
June 14, 1834 
Feb. 5, 183« 
Feb. 35, 183« 
April 13, 163fl 
July 3,1638 
April 25. 1837 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Washington, r 

Bridgofield, M< 


Baaulbrt, S. 

AuguBla, Ga 

'Geoi^town, Pa. . 

Nov. 25, 1837 
Nov. 35, 1837 
May 35, 1839 
June 7, 1839 
July 13, 1639 
July 3.1640 
July 3a, 1841 
Nov.SO, 1S38 
Jan. 7, 1B35 

April 6,1840 
July 39, 1838 
Feb. 98, 1831 
Jan. 6, 1831 
June 16, 1841 
Mar. 4, 183S . 
Dec. 31. 1817 
Oct. 17, 1846 
Dec. 22, 1846 
Feb. 3, 164* 
Dec. 7, 1826 
May 33, 1841 

. Msir. 91, less 

by Google 

Bllon, rallar. . . . 

9t(oa, ralkr—.. 

. W.Cambridge, lAua 
. W.CBmbridle, Mara 
. Bridnvster, MoBa. 
. New York 

<^, cotum, ralkr— ' E 

Gin, I 

Gm, cotloH, rollw, ginning long I 

BlKplecoUon I ] 

CKn, cotton, saw oyljnder tor.. A J jkod laier : rnBaacipniS'. i^. . . 

Sin, cotton, aiwojFlinier for..... I Alexander Jones 'New Yoric, N. Y. . 

Oin, couoo, iBw-gin for ginningj 

Mm. SB, I 
Mnr. 7,1 
HavS9, 1 
Sept. 97. 1 

r, ie«> 

>, 1848 

Gin, cotton, aaw for ginning cotton 
Gin, uir, ginning eauon. ..•«.. . 

Gin, Mw, ginning coiton 

Ok), eouoo, Bnw-gin lor ginning 

Gin, cotton, aaw-gin Ibr ginning 

Gin, cotton, nw 

Oin, cotton, saw 

Oin, conon, aaw 

Gin, cotton, saw •nd grateafor... 

Oin, cotton, aaw riba for* 

Gin, cotton and woo) 


Hair, nrled, carding, and Ticking 
Hair, axtnwting li«ni Ait, Ac. . . . 
Hair, extracting fVom fur, Ac. . . . 
Bait, extnteting from far, Ac 

Hair, ntmocing from akine .... 

Hair, hateheiing 

Hair, picking, curled 

Hair, picking, Ac, for maltreesi 

Hair, pulling fVom akina 

Hair, aealing, w«arii^ 

Hair, aeparaling from flir 

Hair, Mparatine from akina . . . , 
Hair, aharinf l^ro deer akina . . 

Halcheling machine 


Hat, blocking 

Hat, Mocking 

Hat,bodien „ 

Bat, bodies „ 

Hat, bo-liea 





Hat-bodiee, bbrica for 

Het-bodiee, mode of forming . , . 

Hain, bodica, bau. 

Hata, bodiea, butuig or web for. 
H^, bodioa, batting or web for. 

C. A. McPhetiidge... Nal.:hez, Miss 

Theodore J. James... PrincMon, Maaa. .. . 
HileryH. Keller.... PortOibwHi, Min. . 
WillJani B. Stewart.. , Cindnnatr, Ohio.... 

Kleacer CaiTCr. Bridgewatsr, Maaa.. 

John H. Sherard . 
O. P. Saltonatall . 
Phincaa Gardner, 
Eleazer Carver. . . 
ElcaEcr Correr, ji 
Eleecer norrer. . . 
Sle^en R. Park buret. 
William Shotwelland 

Arthur Kinder. . 
FVancia Harding . 
Ephraim Cotter. . 

Ephraim Colter 

John Hollingahead and 

Ltringalon, Ala: . . . i 

North Caroliiia 

Bridgewater, Maaa. , 
Bridgewater, Maaa. , 
New York , 


William Chubb 

John Thompaon, 3d. . 
AaahdGreenandJ. 8. 

Nioholaa Voung 

Charlea R. Harvey. . . 

John McDonald 

Samuel Brooka 

Rodolph Groning .... 

Jamea Palteraon 

A. and 8. Chidlester. . 

Dafid Beard 

W.W. Jemeaon 

H. F. Weal and A. P. 


Benjamin Lapham and 

E. Cady 

Lari Van Hoeaen .... 
William Nuna. . . , 

Hugh Moore 

Henry A. Wella, _ 

Jamea, ft R.W.Peck 
Isase L. Chapman . . . 
Marmaduke Oabonie 
Stephen Hurlbnl. ... 
Thomea Blanchard. . . 
Henry A. Well*, Jas 

Jamee, and Robert W 

'Peck , 

Oriando Root. 
A. H. Storena 


Cleaveland, Ohio... 
Bnttlelxirmigti, Vt. 
Walpole, N. H 

Trenton, N.J 

RedfieM, Maine. .•■ 


Eaaei eonnly, Maaa. 

Hamilton, N.Y.... 


Poughkeepaie, N. Y. 



New Orleana, La... 
Southamptnn, N. Y. 

Wilttm, Comi 


Wheeling, Ohio 

April S4,l 
hJay 1,1 
May 19, 1 
May 19, I 

ApHI 30, II 
Jan. 4, 11 
April SS, II 
Jan. 4, H 
June IS, II 
June l%» 
Kfay 1, 11 

July 23, 
Aug. 25, 
Mar. 1, 
Feb. 19, 

Ang. 19, 1 
Nor. 14, 1 
.Tuly 9, I 
July 8, 1 




Canaan, N.Y 

Norwalk, Conn . . . . 


New York cily 

Brooktyn, N. Y. . . . 



Gl a atenb u ry, Conn. 
New York city 

Dee. 18, 
June 28, 
Nov. 25, 
Sept. 11, I 
April 4,.] 
Oct 10, I 
Dec. 7,1 
May 29, 1 
May 28, 1 
Mar. 30, 1 

.Oct. 29, 1 

April IS, 

June 19' 
Aug. 14, 

Sept. 20, 1 
May 1, ] 
Not. 11,1 
Feb. 14,1 
June 14, t 






Brooklyn, N.Y... 
Montgom'TT «o. N.l 

Dec. 19, H 
Jan. n, II 

lb, Google- 

I, bodiM, nueidimj . . 
R, bsdisa, aettinsiqi. ., 

B, bodies, alifTeiuof.. ■• 
a, bodiei, BtiffeDing. ■ . . 

HVa, boanela, iuL 

Hala, bonaBi*, &<!., bark for. . . . 
Half, boniMti, cuUug chip* foi. 

fitilM, boonels, of (ntM 

tIaM, boomU, Ac., ironing a 

Hu*ib«Hieti, A^.Mnw, pre 

iug and finiabing 

Hals and bonneta 

Haia and boancta of Itone baif. 
HaH And bonneu. Machine for 

Hala, bowing wool, Ac. ■ 
HalH, bowaprine for. . 

Hata, ^ ■ * 

, buoyant, used u liffrfire- 

Hals, cemented. ■ • < 

H*>>, cbip 

Hats, ooloring 

Hata, coloriag 

Hata, coJoriDe and cooling 

Hata and fura, coloring 

HaU._£*t CowDiihon, CUa i. 
Hala, dyiny— 8h Dipi^, CUm • 

Hals, elaatic, Tcnlilatine 

H&ta, uualiziiu; i^d pouahing na 

Hata, felting and nappiog 

Hala, finiabine 

Hala, tie., legbom, finiabing . . . 
Hala, fanning, wool and ronun . 

Hala, frame for 

Hala, fur, preparing. 

Hala, fur, preparing 

Hata, hanleaiag them on a cone 
Hata oflealher.— 5u CUn 16. 

Hala, MHiufacture «f. 

Hala, manufacture of. 

Hals, manuficture 


Hala, manufacture. 

Joiepb Qrant. . . 

Henry BIynn 

J. P. Kettell and J. 



Joseph Grtint 

Eliaha Prau 

SylreMM- G.Whipple. 
Amoa 0. Allen and A. 


Garden Wella&Soiriiia 


Richard Hordock 

William Chaplin 

Jonaihan Dennia 

Charlea L. Noe 

Caleb Menitt. ....... 

Tnunan F*. Mnyhew . 

G. Griffin 

EdwajrdC. Griffin 

Daniel NieholB. 

Swsuel While Whiu. 

Joaiah C. Seely 


OliTer Brooka and Jas. 

A. Sloan 


Amoa D. Allen 

Geoica M. Johnaon . . 

Joel Taylor 

Richard Pike. . . 
Harmon Hibbard . 

Duiel Greenleaf 

John LowdoD & Thoa. 


Tbemaa J.Conell... 
J. CooperA P. Baniett 

Joae|A Snyder 

John Wnrely , 

RkhMd Oookina. . . . 
Gcoige Clevalaod.. . . 
Stephen Hiurlbui. .. 

John N. Genin .... 
John Magnirc ..... 
Btra Coming, ir... 
William Qoodnefa.. 
Henry L^inhan, jr. . 
JedMUah Caiteton.. 
Jehiel Bryant and John 


Fayqlta, Maiqe 

PraTJdeace, R. X. .. , 

Warceatejr CO. Maaa . 
E.azinglon, Maaa... 

ProTidence, R. 1 

Camhrtflga, Maaa. ■ . 

Windhant, Conn. . . 

WathuaSeld, Conn. 



Porlamouth.R- 1> . . 
New York 

Baliimme, Md .,... 
Boaion, Maaa 

Lyme, Conn 

Lyme, Coon 

New MiUbid, Conn, 



Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Reading, Uaaa 

Windhain, Conn... 
Port Depoaile, Md. . 
Danbury. Conn. . . . 

Wilton, Conn 

Allica,N. Y 

Vickaburg, Miaa.. . . 

New York. 

Randolph, VL . . . . . 
Philadelphia. Pa.... 


New Hampehire. . . . 



Ghuttonbur)', Ct. ... 

New York 

Waahington.D. C. 



Baltimore, Md 



NoiibUt, Maaa 


April se,itii 
hby 9,i8IB 

June 11, t8» 
July 3, 1S3$ 

Aptil 10, 183T 
H«y 16, leu 
Apul IT, leOT 

S^K. 5,1804 

Deo. m.vmi 

June 17, IM* 

Sept. 10, iS« 
May S, 1843 
July 30, 1643 

Mar. IS. IMi 

A<«. 99,1837 

June 6,1819 
Aug. 16, 1SI5 

Oct. U, 18W 
Mar. IS, 1837 

Oct H, laas 

Nor. 9, IMS 
May 34, IBM 
May 10, 1804 
Dec 31, 183» 

Not. ao, itea 

Jan. 93,1834 
May 35, 1S3B 

No*. 96, 1838 

May 7, 1845 
Feb. 11, 1831 
May 31, 189S 
Ang. tl, 1834 
Oct. 14, 1813 
Jan. »4,180C 
Sept. e,I8M 
Sept. 98, 1895 
June 13, 1831 

July 99, 1845 
Dec. T, 1844 
July 13, 1803 
Aog. 90, 181« 
June 6. 1809 
Jan. »1,1BU 

Aug. 36, 1815 
Fab. 90, 1S1» 

by Google 



nappine, wilh rabbit's fur. 


palm leaf, presainf. 


ptank IcetUc for 

plank keUle for. 


Hati, planking 

Bad, plonkiof 

Haia, plankinc *•*•■*. -••ip* 
Hala, planking 

HsU, planking and felting. . . . 
Hau, preaaing lagborn, Ac . , 

Bata, rounder uA guogi 

Hau, acalding and napping;. . . 
Bata, ■ealding and napping. . . 

Hala, Batting up 

Hata, aeiting or ironing the brimi 

of'. .., 

HMa, niiogand Dapping. ■■ .. .. 
Hatt, bjalcam 

Hata, by iteam, and hardening. . 
Hata, b^ auam, and hardening. . 

Hata, atiffening 

Hata, BtifTening 

Hata, aiiffening, lathe for. 

Hata, waahing 

Hala, waaUng and eleaoiiig 

HaU, walerproof. 

Hatt, vator prool^ elastic 

Joel Ta^ and Chaa. 

Shubaal H^iii! 
SunaelTiballs.jr. , 

Jemea Long 

'oe. Diut,jr., William 
Welle & DanlOln- 

L. LpoB, 3d. 


Hiram Worlbani and 

Oorrard S. Pelly. . 
Andrew Rankin. . . . 

David Etwis 

Frederick Groening. 
Cheater Oorham . . . 
JoB.PorddtJohn White 
Schuyler Fiahei 
Ezra Joyoe. . . . 


John Qreg^ 

L. L. Macomber. . 

Robert Bacon 

George Page & Edi 


Israel Swaim 

R.Tylar* B.P.Coaion 

Samuel Janet 

Daniel Baldwin. ... 
Alonaon P. Qregnry. 
Joatpb Grant 

Pnuicia D^en 

George Henning... 
William Harkina . . 
David Button 

BoAalo, N. Y. . 
Needham, Maaa. . . 
Needham, Maaa. . . 

Hata, water proof, aliSening 

Hata, water proof, atifiVning . 

HaM, WBiar tn'ooT, atiffening 

Hala, water proof, auffeoing. 

Hata, watar proof, ailk 

Hata, wearing graaa 

Hata, without bowing 

Hatlera' foT machine 

Hatten' roraace for heating i> 
Hauera' fomaee for healing i 


Hemp, break 

Hemp, break 

HMap, bimioDg.., 

I, cotMlnMing . . 

Jonathan D. Wiiaoo. 

Henry Raymond 

Samuel Drinkhoaee . , 
William Carlock..... 

Richard Mitla 

A. Buffum&J.KeUy. 

Beniamia Qtuu 

William Bncklea 

Johan H.Tilge 

Stephen Hempaleod, jr 
Stephen Hempateadjt 

George W. Downa 

George B. Dexter 

Lucy Bumap 

Roawall PiUcin 

Niobolaa Yoang 

Q. V. Raymond 

Daniel L.Tnthi 11 

H. V.Raymond 

WiUiam Porler nod 

Abrom. SBtver 

J.S. VaadeGraaff... f 

WilliamMaaon T 

WiUiamGnothmue.. I 

Alexandria, D. C. . 
Brooklyn, N.Y... 

Barre, Maaa 


Herkimer, N. Y. . . 
Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 

Hartford, Conn.... 
Greene CO., Pa.... 

Bath, Maine 

Boston, Maaa 

Manchesier, Conn. . 
HdTerhill, N.H.... 
Philadelphia, Pn. . . . 

Bridgeport, Pa 

Ithaca, N.Y 

tlhaca,N. Y 

Proridence, R. I... . 

NewYoA.N. y... 

Ithae»,N. Y. 

Wheelbg, Va. 

Lancaster, Ky. . . . . . 

New London, Cl.. ■ 
Danbary, Conn . . . ■ 

Baltimore, Md 

New York 

Bellimore, Md 

Eaaton Borough, Pa. 

Baltimore, Md 

Baltimore, Md 

Weatlteld, R. I 

New York 

Baltimore, Md 

Si. Charles CO., Mo. 
Sl Charles CO., Mo. 

Cireleville, Ohio 

Boalon, Maaa 

Merrimack, N. H.. 
Eoat Hartford, Cl... 

Richmond, Va 

May la, 183> 
Hay 16, 1834 
Apnl 13, 1836 

JalT 9, 1033 
Sept. 90, 1839 
Oei. a, 1830 
June 35, 1836 
Mar. 3, ISW 
Not. 35, 1811 
July 15, 181« 
June 6, 1825 

; Jen. 31, 1827 

Not. 9,1839 
Mar. 7,1811 
May 33, ISSS 
June 3, 1819 
Oct. IS, IS99 
May 13, IB30 
Aug. II, 1821 

Aug. 31, IB4S 
April 38, 183B 
Dec. 39, 1891 
June 13, 1831 
Not. 6, 1811 
April 3, 18M 
Feb. 7, I8ia 
Aug- G, 1839 
Nov. 90, 18M 
Jan. 30, 1833 
Mar. 19, 1839 
Ffb. 37, 1839 
Feb. 17, 1890 
Oct. 1,1890 
Not. 38, 1817 
S(^. 93, 1819 
May 95, 183T 
Oet 96,1837 
Oct. 95,1839 
Jan. 6, 183S 
Feb. 16, 1833 
April 93. 1888 
May 14, 1609 
Sept. 99, IBSG 
Not. 6, 1831 
Sept. 16, IBH 

. July 8, 183* 
. May 13, 1898 
. Dec. 98, 189» 
. July 30, t8>i 

lb, Google 


Hemp, breaking •nd ol 

Hemp mnd flax drMmng. . 
Hemp and flax break- • • 
Hemp, hatobdinf 

Hemp, Ac, hecklkig and apiaa 

Hemp, &c., macblae 

Hemp and maoillK, drasiing. . 
Hemp, nochine* 

Hemp, macfaine for dreaaing. 

Henip, prepirauoD 

Hemp, Ac., prepajinf & ipinoiag^ 

Hemp, spinning 

Hemp, tarrine aliTen or bonds of 

mach mery for, A makiag oakum 

StHXfMti fhuiieB,nnproTeauatiD. 

Knitting maehiaa. 

Enitting stockit^... 


P.O. Gardiner.. V. 
Colaman C. Eatea. 
ThoB. L. FoTluiw. 
Geo, T. Tata and W. 


Conatanl B, Butler. . . 
Qeo. W. flings an< 

John Han-iaon . 

8. H. Sample 

Benjamin M> Smilli . . 
Wm. Y. Singleton,. 
AivoD F. Bnwe. .... 
PhineaB G. Rice and 

Oabriel Rice 

Wm. Mon'gomery. 
Ricbard Deenng, wo.i 
Chaodkr E. Potter... 
Geo. W. Billing! and 

John Hurrison 

Langdon ft Saliaburjr . 
Abraham K. Smedea.. 

Knitting atodtin^.. 
Kmtling Mookinga.. 
Knitting stockioga, maehiBe for. 
Lineru, gia "" -^ --'--'-- - 

oxiDgand I 

PerrrrlUe, Kt . . . . . 


Libcf^, Mo 

Sept. 8, I8B1' 
Mar. 18, ISSS 
Feb. fie,IS4S 

Joir 14, im^ 

Sept. 3,1848 


Spnogfidd, 111 

MaioEoUP.O., Ms. 


Moaea Dai 
John Mcr 

Wm. Monlgomar^ 

John Perrini 

John- McMnllen and J. 

HoUm, jr. 
A. Porter, J. Mead, & 

John MeMullen a 

Gluffoir, Mo. > ■ . 


Letington, Ky. ., 
Roibury, Maaa. . 

Araamue French 
Henry Burt.... 

Beoi. Hnlehineoa 

Wm. P. Smith and J. 


Amoa WhiKemora . . . 

Da*id Giiere. 

Waller Jane* 

Waller Janaa 

PhOa. C. Ciirtia 

Natbanl Miller and P 


Nathaniel Perry 

Kiehard C. Rodg«ra. . 

Riohaard Croabie 

Job Rood 

Aaa Campbell 

JohnPhelpa ^. 

The*. R. WilTianu. . . 

Robert8o|deo. .. 
John H. Ouiraatond.. 
JohD Haario- . . 

May T, 1S45 
Jane34, IM« 

. Jidr H, 109? 
. Feb. 90, 1844 
. Jnae 10. 194» 
. Deo. 33, 1834 

. May 1, 184ft 

. April 95, 184* 

. Oct. 11, ie» 

. April 30,1840 

. July 14, 18W 

BoatoB, Maaa. i . . 
Pbiladd^ia, Pa. . 
g*n>a VaUoy, Pa. . " 

HoDliutan ei 
^ringnaM, M 
Boaton, Ma*i 
&>rii>c<eld, M 

Duriuun, N. H. . 

Aabford, Ct. . . 
Aahfbrd, Ot. . . 

Franklin, Maai 
Boalan, Maaa. 

Newark,' N.'i'.. 

CaMarbory, Ct. . 
Kingalon, Vn, . . . 
laAiua, N.Y.. 

MoBtgomery oo.,Va. 

Franklin, Maaa.., 
Newport, R. I.... 
Aognata, Maaa. . . 
Boaton, Maaa. . . , 

Montgomery co., Va 

. July 31, leiS 

. Mar. 5, 1831 
"■ r. 18, 1B44 
. Sept. 93, 1B43 
. Oct. S9,184« 
. May 9, 1B09 

. July n, 1819 
. Hot. it, IIM 
. JniM 8, 1797 
. Feb. 16, 1810 
. Sept. 1, 1810 
. Nor. 17, leiO 

. Aug. 90, IStl 
Sept. 95, 1811 
Nor. 99, 1811 
Jan, 6, ISia 
Jan. S3, I8I» 
Mar. 38, 1819 
Aug. 87, 1819 
Aug. Se, 1813 
Om. 16, 1819 
May 97, 1813 
June 18, IBIS 
July 8, IBIS 
July 94, 1813 
Dec. 3, 1813 
Jan. 7, 1814 
Feb. IB, 1814 
FMs 19, MW 

tRelMaa«HaRh l^MH. 






Loom, beam lor. 


LfiOta, bum for. ...... 

Lmdi, bnwfaM for dnaain^ wupa 

Loom, doDMMie and botorj.. 

Loom, family 

Lmnd, figure cloLh 

Loom, band and pamr 

Loam, bond, foT wcaTuv fabricajl 
Loom, lMuid«f«T wcavii^ fiinga. 

Loom, hariMaa for^ 

Loom, hamaM for 

Iioom, heddle, roeuUlicf 

Loon, {[improTamcnt od Rogon') 
:tiM«), iDgniii cafpel....... 


>d April M, »•)• 


Ik. Spiokle 

William Wright. 

M.., V... 
'- Va... 

Brooklyn, N.H. 

Jowpb Jallt* 


Ira Piapcr ■. 

Rotwrt Jaduon 

Samuel Chapman .... 
Bcnjaaun CummiDg*. 
atephui AnBMrODg... 

DftTid Grieve.. 

Edoiucd Wuren 

Lot Famaatar. 

J. H. Piantta & J. H. 


Edmund Wamn 

Edniund Wwren 

C. Whilin*, J. Oould- 

Koiwell Wilowr.. 
JoKpb ScholGeld. 

Sainuel CludeBter. 
OliTw C. Burr. ..... 

Chriatian W. ShoDharr 


SinMQD Petlea. . . 
E. B. Bieelow... 
GoUab WiUiuna. 
Samuel Taylor . . 
Ricbaid Oarwd. . 
Horace Bakar . . . 
Joaiab K. Clark.. 

Jobn HaielU 

Jnmta HuncMnd aikd 


Ephinim CuUrr 


BenjamiB Maltby 

Jer. Hubbard 


Chariea Halbawar.. . . 

WilliuD LeTalley 

J. CaiT, J. awiuan, 

and Wm.Carr 

John Thorp 

Wm. Tomahend 

Eliza &nji B. judkina. 

John Blsckmar. 

John Blaokmar 

Cbarle* Stroi^ 

Jobn Thorpe * Wm. 



Bidiard C. Rodfwrs. . . 

Bultonniti, N. Y. 
Lebanon, Pa..... 
Weauw, Ua«a . . . 

Aulebora', Pa.... 
Otae6a,N. y..... 
Townaesd, Maaa. 
Pou{^aepaJ«, K. Y 
Prondencc, R- 1... 


BidceiBld, CL..., 

Hampalead, N. Y . 



Colambu, (Mo. . . 
Sioninelon, Ct..... 
FroDMO CO., Ohio. 

NBwYork , 

WindbMB. N. Y.. 
Milbury, MaM.... 
Subject of the King 
of Saxony' 

Fab. 33, 1S1» 
May 94j 1816 
May 31, 1815 
Jm. 7, IBU 
July 33, 1BI« 
Auk. 30, 1(JI« 
Ool. 3, 1817 
April 7,1818 
April U, letB 
Aug. 2T, 1818 

. Dec 31, 181> 
. Dec 11, 1831 
. May 1, 1839 

June a 


. Foxbotot 

r, Ct.. 

lugh, Ma> 

N. Provkdenoa, R. 1. 

Lowell, Man 


Nonb Salem, N.Y. 
S. CoienUT, Ct. ... 

Harsiraus, N. J 


WiUiaumoit, Pa. . . 


N. FMvtdenee,B.I. 


Janwatown, N. C. ■ . 



Canterbury, Ct 

Sunbury, E^ 

ProTidcnee, R.L... 
RaDheat«r,N. H.... 

Portland, Ma. 

KiUingly, Ct. 


Hartford, Vk 

Sept 9, ISSfi 
Apmiai, 1838 
Juna 14, 1336 
Sept. S, 18M 
Jnly IT, 18» 

May 8,1837 
Aug. 8, 1837 
June IS, 181S 
Aug. 18, 18M 
Aug. 34, Ml* 
May 96, 1848 
jHty 3Q, 184ft 
May T.ieW 
May 17, 1834 
Auril 7,1830 

Jnly 3,1830 
Sept. 37, 1811 
May 9,183S 


Sept. 14, 1844 
Mar. 38, 1SJ3 

AlvU 10, 184» 
Feb. 3,1838 
Auf. 7,1834 
Oct. 30,1836 
April 34, 1840 

. Feb. 36, 1840 
. June 37, 1846 
. June 33, 1813 
[. Jan. 36, 1830 

Xankd, kniltiBg.. . , 

Loom, tint. 

Loom, making wuluiine 

Loom, melollw, b«4d« n>r. 

LoonM, mode of deliTehn^ warp 

Zioonw, operaung ahal 
Loom, picker, Unm . > 
Loom,poim'. . . .... . 

Loom, povcr. . 
Looin, power. . 
Loom, power. . 

Loom, power. .. > . . 

Loom, power 

Loom, power 

Loom, power 

Loom, power . 

Loom, power 

Loom, power 

Loom, power 

XiDom, power 

Loom, power 

Loom, power. . > 

Loom, powert 

Loom, power, broad 

Loom, power, check uid plaid. 

Loom, power and emnmon. . . . 

Loom, power, fipua 

Loom, power, figure 

Loom,po wer, fhetioa to yam beam 
Loom, power, kulie tor. . . . 

Loom, power, Is)' for 

Loom, power, for ail ke 

Loom, power, and (topping. 

Loom, power, and taking op 

Loom, power, & taking up m 

. Loom,power,dbMkingapm 

Loom, power, A. taking up m 

Loom, power, treadle ui.. . 
Loom, power, upr^ht 
Loom, power, wea»'~* 




Loom, power, .... 

Loom, power, mode of throwing 

Lmmb, power, wnavii^ plain oloth 
Loom, power, for weaviDg 'plaid.. 
Loon, power, rotarjt lemplea for. 
Lo<nn,jbower, atoppuf wtien weft 

and filling Ikila 

Loom, power, wearing carpets. . . 
Loom, power, wearing ooanlei^ 

eaviDg c 

Jedbnon HclndM. 

W.JaneaAD, Botlea. 

John Couher. 

R. P. CanniMham... 
BeDjanun Rolbrook.. 
Wifiiaia Otimour . . 
Wm. B. Leonard . , 

Amaaa. Stone 

Jamaa C. Kempton . 
Aden HolbrooK A, 

P. French 

I>a*id Whitman. . . 
William G. Garit. 

F. C. Lewia 

Lapbam. . 


m. B. P«nder ft N. 


Caleb Duxbnry and J. 


James Nidd 

Jamea Nield 

Jamea Nield 

Dnnid Bamum 

Gcern B. Sanford . . . 
John LcJand 

E. Burt, O. D. Boyd, 
and A. H. Boyd.... 

Benjamin Lapham. • . . 
Jamea M, Hog^n.... 
WilUam Crompton. . . 

Stephen KimboJl 

John Whitehead 

Benjamin Brooki 


Jeaae T«vkir A Joeeph 

WeodheMl, &c . 
Wm. B. Leonard. 
AmaMi Stone. .' . . 
H. Hendrick. . . . 
John P. Comina. . 

Eli Uortrni 

C . Shepanl & J .Th orpe 

F. Ooodell and F. H. 

John S. Guatin. 

Vimorj', kin| 

of FfOMO.... 

Charleatown, Maaa. 


Abii^tOBv Ct . . . . 


SmithAeld, R.I... 
FiahkiU,N. Y..., 
ProrideMe, R.I.. 
Manayunk, Fa . . . 

DuKMobl*, N. M. 

Windham, Ct. 

Waahii^ton co., R.I 

Grafton, Maaa. 

Waterftrd, N. Y... 

1, Gu.. 

Taunton) Maaa... 
Tauatoit, Maaa... 
Taunton, Maaa.., 
Taunton, Maaa... 
Bridgeport, Cl.... 

Putney, Vt 

Milbtiry, Man. . , 

Mandwater, Ct..... 

Santon,N. Y 

New Haven, Ct 


Putney, Vt.,*. 

N. ProvidetKe, R. I. 
New Market, N.H. 
Poaghkeepaie, N. Y. 

MiddleWwa, Pa 

Fuhkill, N.Y 

Johneton, R. I.. 

Killingty, Ct, . . 
Killio^y, Ct.. 

»,•«. t' 

Oet. 16,1044 
Nor. 38, 1817 
July T, 1S30 

April 35, 1843 
Dec 16, IMS 
Feb. SI, ISM 
Oct. 98, 18M 
May 33,1887 
April 3D, 1889 
June 14, 18S4 

June 17, 18U 
Mar. ao, 1S3S 
April 6, 188S 
Mar. 30, 1836 
June 98, IBS! 
Feb. 6, 1888 

Aug. IS, 1638 

April 91, I84l 
Kby S&, 1844 
Mar. IS, 1845 
Mar. 15, 1845 
Mar. ^, 1845 
Mar. 17, 1843 
Mar. 9, 1833 

Aug. 19, 1838 
Jan. SO, 1839 
Oct. 14, 1834 
Nov. ae, 1833 
May 30, 1839 
Atig. 30, 1819 
Dec 17, 1834 
Bepi. 96, 18SS 

1 by Google 


ZiOOin, pover, wcBTing figtired 

Loom, reeds, niacliine far making 

Loom, reeds 

Loom, neda 

Loom, reeda, beddlea or bamew' 

Loom, reeds, meloUic 

IjOom, reeda, poliabing wire or b 

IiOOtn, regulating; 7am beam 

Loom, Tcgulaling (be. delivery of 
tlw warp from the warp beam. 

Loom, rotary temples for 

Loom, sul cloth. ^ 

Loom, Bail eloih 

Loom, Bail duck 

Loom, sauineiie, power 

IiOOm, securing the bobbin in shul- 

Ilea fbr weavmg 

Loom ahutlJe*, mode oT throwing 

Loom, Bhu[(le,ioDgue 

Loom, shuule, apindle spring. 

Looms, atop appsratus for.. . . . 

Loom, atocKing 

Loom, Blocking 

Loom, stocking 

l^Mim, Blocking, rotary power. 
Loom, temples for ............ 

Ijoom, tempica 

Loom temples 

Iioom temples r 

Loom lemplea 


Loom templet 

Loom templeaj.. 

Loom temples 

Loom temples 

Loom, lemples, openiog end dos- 
ing the jBw. 
Loom temples, peipeiual. . . 
Loom temple, rerolving bar. 

Loom, temples, rolary 

Loom temple, aelf«dju«iiig, . . 
Loom temple, self-operatii^.. 

Loom temple, aliding 

Lo(mi4emple, apring. 

I^om iretuUes and Wneea. . . 

Iioom, libnting, cam.. 
•K(Inm4 Hv H, lew, Hm »j are Dec. 

ErastuB B. Binlow... 
Jepibs A. Wuidnsoii. 

Jacob Sennctt. 

Horace Holu 

Jeptba A. WilkinsoQ. 
Peter F. Herbeo, .... 
ana for — Stt Po&kvug, 
Welcome A. Pouer.. 

William H. Brayton. 

Isaac C. Lane. 

Jamea DaTenporl 

James Richards. .... 
Joseph Cbapmaa.... 
John D. Seagrave... 
Richaid Mitdiell and 
N. BuUerworth 

Daniel LeaTilt 

John Oouiding 

Comfort B. Thorpe. . 

Sainuel Cranaton 

John Thorpe 

James Baldwin 

Cornelius Bergen. . . . 
C. Ganahl, assignor i 
F. Oanahl. 

Enoch Burt 


John Bazin, jr...... 

Aaion Porter 

Richard Walker .... 
J. Beard d^ A.Whitney 
EnutuB B. Bigelow . . . 
Bei\|emin Rogers.. . . 

John Baun, jr 

Philo C. Curtis. 

Orsemus S. Slillman. 

John Siandieh 

Peltr Newell 

C.T, K. Rawtines.. 
Emory A. Angeu. . . 
EnulUB WJUiajna ant 

Dan. L.Huntington. 
Daniel A.Smith.... 
E. B. Harris and A. R. 


George Diaper 

Jonathan Dennis, jr., 
' ;nee of Kendall 


Samuel P. Mason 
Epbraim R. Oil*. 
John Waterman. . 

A. Jenk and J. Clewel 

B. Hartford 



Philadelphia, Pa 

Rutland township.O. 
Providence, R. 1 ■ . . ^ 
Patterson, N. J . ... 
CrajiBton, R. I 

Warren, R. I 

Waltham, Mass.... 

New Jersey 

Patterson.N. J 

Frankfort, Fa 

Uxbridge, Mass. , . . 



Dedham, Mass 

Smiihfield, R. I 

Cumberland, R. I... 
Providence, R. I. .. . 

Naahua, N. H 

Brooklyn, N.Y.... 
Innsbruck, Austria.. 

Manchester, Ct- 

Stockbridge, Masa. . 

Canton, Mass. 

Ctueenabury, N. Y. . 
Porlsmoutb, N. H.. 
Wallham, Mass... . 

Boston, Mass. 

Beaver creek, Ohio. 

Canton, Maaa. 

Paris, N.Y 

Brookfield, N.Y... 

Providence, R. I 

Waterford, N.Y... 

Lowell, Mass 

Killingly, Conn . . . . 

Norwich, Conn 

Townshend, Mass. . 

Woodstock, Conn.. 
Palmer, Moss. 

Aug. 18, 1843 
Aug. 34, 1827 
April 17, 1837 
Mar. 30, 1823 
Not. 30, 1638 
Jan. 31,1840 
Dec 18, 1839 
Oci. 3, 184G; 
for. pau dated 
May 19, 183T 
June 2U, 1S4& 
Oct 33, Ibis 
Oct. 38. 1814 
Aug. 22, 18ie 
Dec 5, 1899 
April 6, 18tf 
Feb. 34, 184& 
Nov. 24, 181* 
Aug. 8, 183S 
June 16, leaS 
Jan. 30, 1B3& 
Nov. n, 1830 


Newpon, A- 1 

River Head, Conn., 
Providence, R. I. . . . 
Holmeaburg, Pa. . . . 

Nov. 35, 1841 
July 33, 1831 
April 3, 1830 
May 38, 1818 
Mar. 19, 1837 

kISM ; reaewtd A< 

Enfield, N.H Dec. 39,1837 

Won»Bler,MaBB... Feb. 13,1630 
aa, ie«i Bi^Biiaio n j g aei Attn «, im. 

WOUmd Squire. . . . 
Colnn Wkitncy... 
Thomaa Siddall. . . 
Junea Momn ■ . ■ • 
EraMuH B. Bigelov 
C7TUB Shopord.. . • 
BrigtatberrV Brouv 
Pluto C. Giriia... 
Thomas MuBae7.. 
8. BljdenbargaQd H«- 

lekiah Heoley 

PhtBois MtuinfkctuTiiig 
Componj, assi^ees 
of Benjamin 91rnger- 


Dedham, Mbm. ■ • 
Gtermantown , Pa., 

PbiladdphiB.Pa. .. 
Albenune, Va.. .- 


New London, Conn 

Worecater, Conn ■ ■ . 

Loom, weaving, figured goods . . 
Loom, wenTJng, figured gooda.. 

Loom, weaTing, sinb dolh 

Loom, weaving, banieat 

Loom, weaving, linoUed counte 

LiMm, weaving, itocke 

Loom, weaving, webbing, (ape. . 

land.. ... . 


John Smilh 

Robert Ltovd 

M. Chandler and E. 


NorthSalem, N. Y. 
ShKSerslown, Pa . . . 

Loom, weaver's hameaa, m< 
Loom, wevrer'e bamen fbr.. 

' Loom, weaving 

Loom, weaving 

Loom, weaving, chipa 

Loom, weaving, cloth for alo 
Loom, weaving, ooverteta*. . 

EmatiM B. B 
Connd Kile. 
An G. Bill and Geoige 



Jan. n, 1818 
Feb. 1, 1811 
Mot. 37, IBIS 
April 5, 1S9t 
Mar. 13, 1845 
Mar. i, 1811 
April 97, leia 
Mar. 31,1614 
May 38, 1819 
June 10, 1817 

Feb. 90, 181* 

April 1,1845 
Aug. 30, 1827 
Apnl as, 1S35 
Feb. B, 1819 

Loom, .weaving , 

Loom, weaving figured (abrics . 
Loom, weavere', for working any 

number of heddlea 

£,oom, weaving coimlerpanea 

manner of mountir^ Ihc. . 
Loom, weaving figured and other 


Loom, weaving fieb neta. 
Loom, weaveca' horaeM, 

die* for. 
Loom.weaven' haraeaa, 

Loom, weaving figured cloths, jac- 

quard maehmny for 

Loom, weaving figured damaak 


Loom, weaver*' shuuloi 

J. Thorp and W. G, 

Charles Cooper 

Cullen Whipple 

Philip Bennel 

Conrad Kile 

E.Meily,jr.,J. Millin 
ger, tuid S. Millinger 


GeorKe Detieridi and 
J. Conger 

David Farrior and D. 
P. J. Murphy 

Clinton Gtlroy 

Gavin RcCree 

Middletown, Conn. 

Jan. e, ISStf 
Sept. 18, 1B35 

Mar. 98, 1B3I 

. . Nov. 15, 1825 

..I Dec. 31,1639 
. .' Nov. 4, 1808 
.J June II, 183S 

..I Feb. 8,1806 

i.N.Y. Mar. 19,1831 

Baltimore, Md . . 

Erustus B. Bigelow. 
Jeremiah Wilbur, aa 

aignee of Clinton Q 

Oiiroy, of G. Britain 
Levi Van Hoeseo . . . ■ 
Abraham Howe and 

Sidney 8. Grannie. . 
Abraham Howe and 

Sidney S. Orannia. . 


Samnri Roas 

Roawatl Dougtasa, as- 
ngnee of J. Cobam. 

Ben^inW. and Ho- 
race Hendrick. 

• leiwed luae ae, «. 1 AstelalM Mar 1, 'tt. t Dett of Eog. pi 

Morrisville, N.Y., 

.1 Oct. 18, 18*3 
. May30, 1B42 


Sept. 30, 1B41 
Oct. 11, I84I 
Feb. 3, 1841 
Sept. IB, 1841 
Mar. 19, 1843 
Hay 13, 1843 

a,>3>. |Rei«MdHlv3t,'«. 

1 by Google 

hhim, weariof bolting ctotli, 
mowtiic HuL using £he haman 

hooia, wearing cajpeia" 

Lawn, woftTiOf CMpaUt ■ - - 

tiOom, wire, hamcsi. .._ 

iMota, wuchamew... ........ 

Loom, wiie, harnesa 

Kfata, of manilla gru*. 

Hule, aeJf-actir^' 

Nankein, making, jellov £ buff. 

Niqipingdoth.. .rf> 

Napping cloth 

Napping doih .. ■ .>>■■ 

Napping dolh — 

Napping cloth 

Hoping ckilti 

Napping cloth 

Napping cloth 

Napping cloth 

Napping cbth 

Napping cloth 

Napping doth 

Napping cloth 

Napping doth 

Napping cloth 

NappiBg ctolh 

Napping cloth 

Napping cloth 

Nof^ing cloth, Bod bniahing . ' 

Noppiag doth, and carding. ... 
Nai^iagckith madunc,caUedcro*i 

napping machine. 
Nafqung doth , shearing and bruifa - 

Nanting cloth, and sleamiag 
Napping dotb, teailing& brushing 
Napping doth, vibrating 

Naf^MT, metallic 

Napper, teoaling doth 
Napper, t«aaling doth 
Napper, teaaling cloth 

Nai^WT, tcasliog doth 

Mm or aeiiM making -machiiM. . 

Oakam, making. . 
0»knai« .picking. . . 
Oaknm, juckiiig. . 
Oakum, pichutg. . 
OUnim, picking. . 
Oakiun, pickiiv. • 

Aollio While 

Eraaiua B. Bigelov 
GrwiuaB. Bigclov 

Eliaha Otis. 

Ezra Brown 

Ezra Brown 

Samud 3. WUliAm*.. 


Joseph B. None*. 
Samud Mulliken. 
William BurL . . . 
James Oloey .... 
John Mathcs .... 

Isaac Sanford 

Daniel Merwin & Ho- 
race Kcllog 

E. Starr. and Nathan 

Biahop N, Parsons. . . 
Levi i. Jedediah Pros- 

Job wll'kVrion .', 
StepUen Marsh . . 
M. R. Norm u 


Zachnriah Allen.. 
Zachartati Allen. 
Joseph QroS'. . . . 
Thomas Hurd & Jeaae 


John Jewett 

Eliakim B«nham. . 
Reuben Daniels. . . 
Stephen Marsh.. . 
BeDJamin Swazey. . . . 
Jotui Bryan and S. D. 


Jos. A. Chiislie. 
John Taylor and John 


John J. Bryant.. 
3. R. ParkbursL . 

John Taylor 

Samuel Duncan. . 
John M. Pratt. . . 

James Otney 

Josiah Beck with. 
Aaron Poster . . . 

Asron Foster 

John McCullen. . 
ThoddeuB, Henry and 


Jamea Tibbola 

Danid French 

Michad Moniaon. ■ . 

Danid Rider 

B. WaterhouM 


WiJliamstowD, Vt. , 
Lancaalar, Mus.... . 
Lancaaler.Moss.. . . 
CniMiovii^N.Y. ... 
CaEeiuiTia,N.¥ — 
Roxbur]', Man.... 
Taunton, Maaa. . . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Philadelphia, Pa ... . 

Hartford, C( 


Proridence, R. I.;. 

Ackwortb, N. H . 

April 1, 1841 

May 36, lail 
Dae. 31., UM 

April 1^ lam 
OM. ao, uw 
Aug. as, lasm 

Oct. 3, laM 
April as, ISH 
Nbr. 11, 17U 
June 33, ITST 

Mw. 1, laa 

May 07, ItJia 
Mar. 26, 1814 

. Oel. 38, laU 
. April 1, ISlfi 

. May 39. ISIfi 

PiKsbureb, P&.... 


Fairfax, Vt 

Covington, N. Y.. 

Providence, R. I E 

Rapho, Fa 

Lowell, Mass. . . . 
Dudley, Maaa.... 
Roxbuiy, Masa. , 
Woodstock, Vt.. 

Jericho, Vl 

Mount Vernon, V 

. June 33, I 
Dec 30,1 
. Jan. 32, 1 
. June se, 1 


«, N.Y. I 

Andovcr, N. H. 
Providence, R.I. 
Waltbain, Mass. 
NorthamplOD, N. Y, 
Dudley, Mas 
Westmoreland, N.V. 
Lyme, Cono, .,,... 

Poullner, Vt 

WhiteatowB,N. Y.. 


!, Md.. 

Chatham, Vl 

HaddaB^ Cu 

Middlelown.Conn, , 
New Bedford, Mas» 

New York 

Qardner,,Maine. ... 

S«>t. 3, ISlff 
JuDs 34, 1B34 
OcL 38,1616 
Jan. 31,1818 
Get. 3,1838 
Mar. as, 18H- 
May 16, IStZ 
Nov. 35, I8IB 
Aug. 34, 18U 
Juns 37, laiB 

July 8,1843 

Fdk 8, 1$3B r 
Oet. 9, ISaS 

Feb. 14, laai: 

AprU36, 1808 
April 34, 18WI 
July 9, 18S 


mmwA v r vu M t 

tWtun, pJekbie. 

Odtum, pi^Mnf 

Oakun, picking: 

Oakuin picking, eotnbinsii 

machinery for. 
Oalnim uid hair, picking . . 

Ebenraer Cook A Be\- 

Oil lilk, manufoeiart . . 

Faintine cloth 

Paper, ftc. , applying pi 

m§ to aheela oj, ftc., in the pro- 
cen of maliitigainli, &c 

ftper, booki, Ac., maehiTW for 

P^>er, brown, from baacfa gnas 

dis Allen 

J no. SUuibury A. Wm. 


R. B. Uww 

Daniri SampBon 

Inac Maccauley 

Deborah Powera, ad- 

b'X of Wm. Powna 
Ralj^ Hodgson. . 
Olii Perrin 


Boston, Mua 

Tewkabory, Mm. . 

BaJtumne, BM . 
Hallovell, Maine... 
Winthrop, Maine 

Lanainglniiv, T« 

New Yorit 

Lanringbarg, N. Y. 

Jan. 17,11 
June 35, H 
May 30, 1< 

April 4, 11 

No». 28, 1831 

DaTid H. Qibert. . . . 

Joaeph Woodhonae . 

Isaac Sanderson 

B. C, Smith :. 

Riper, cloih, &«., (Uuning md 


ftper, cutting nMehtne. 

Paper, cutting maohinc 

Paper, cutting machine 

Paper, cutting machine '.. , 

P^>er,cuttlng& trimming book! 
Paper, cutting and trimming the 


Paper, cutting and trimming 

Joseph Hartshome. . .| 

Benjamin Meatayer. . ■ 
John McClintic A Geo.' 


Piuieia 6. Howell ... 

John Ames. . . 

John Amea. . . 

_.^_., _,...._ _ _^ ^ H.P.Howe.. 

P^r, cylindricot machine I«a«c Sanderson. 

ftiper, drying " " 

P^r, engine 

P^>er, engine regulator . . 
P^MT, enctnes, waahsrs ft 

Piper, Gaishing 

Pnper, finishing machine 
hper, hangings, printing 
Paper,hangiDg«,with satin grounds 


hiper, maobiiM 

P^wr, mach'e for prepar'g lop,ftc . 

P*per,iDachi ne Tor sc^oiating sand, 

Ac., from pulp, in the manufac- 

Henry Howe. 
William Dickinson . . . ! 
John M.Holii ngsworth 

Clarke Rice 


Thome* Oilpin ! 

Peter Force ; 

Hex. Steele 

Francis Baitev 

Ephraim P. Blank ai>d 


Richard Wsierman A.I 

Geo. W. Annis.....{ 

John Ames 

Abm. Prost 

Pljier, making. . . 

P^Acr, making 

P^Kr, making. . . 
hper, makiitg. . . 
hper, making... 
After, roaking. . . 
ftftet, msldngt.. 
ftfcr, Mitkuig. ... 

Otsego,N.Y I May », 1835 

Milton, Masn : Feb. 33, 1B3S 

Buriiiigton.N. J ' Nov. 91, IS43 

PhihuMphia, Pa. . . J April 90, ISIO 

New York June 38, 181S 

ChBmbeTsbnrs,Pa.. Dec. 18,1835 

Lodcport, Ohio < May 91, 1830 

Quincy, Pa ' Dec. 14. 1330 

.iTroy.N.Y 'July 20,1831 

.New York ] June 16,1841 

.'Harvard, Mas* | Mar. 13, 1834 

. Springfield, Maas...' Feb. 38,1834 
. 8priis6eld,MBBS.., Feb. SS, 1S34 

. SliiHey,Maas I Sep. SO, 1836 

. Milton, Mass ' April 18, ItSS 

. Shirley, Ma-"* I Mar. 12,-1838 

' Worcester, Msm. . .' Sept. 3, 1840 

Biaiotiee, Mass { Dee. 31, 1838 

Walertown, N. Y. .! April 36, 1834 

Newberg, Tt i Feb. 98, 1837 

PhiladdphiatPB....IJune 35.1830 
Washington, D. C. .1 Aug. 99, 1S23 

Wm. Bishop 


Cynia Austin 

Robart R. Livingston 
Thomas Longstrolh . 

Charies Kineey 

ThomM Oilpin 

JobnB. Pignatrfle... 

John Amea 

Inao Barbatdi 

Saa,lt,Ull. Usla 

Coventry, Conn . . . 


Now Jersey 


Bode* c«Bnty, Pa. . 
Essex, tt. J 

NewYotfc. .'...!!! 
Springfield, Mass. 

Aag. 30, 1838 
Feb. SO, 1835 
Mar. 19, 1804 

Dec. 31, 1645 
Mar. 31, 1T94 
Dec I*, 1798 
Oct. 38,1799 
Hay 1,1804 
May 8, 1807 
Dec. Si, leiS 
Dec. 2, 1819 
May 14, 189S 

lb, Google 


Paper, msking. . 
Paper, miking. ■ 
Paper, makiiig*. 

OudinerBuriMuik. . . 
Andrew Sprague at 
Nieh. A. Spcague. . 

Joseph Truman 

Charles Forbes 

I & Edward F.CoDdit 
■ j John M. and LytRUi 

I HolUn^worth 

.' Reuben Fairchild .... 
.1 Burgess AlluoD &^ Jno. 


.1 Edward L. Perkius. 

.1 John Ante* 

Psper, DuAinf, , 

Paper, making, from pells. 

Paper, mskiag, from raga, whilen-l 

Joseph CondU, jr.. .. 

Thomas Trench 

Marsden Haddock . . 
Jolin McThomdike . 

John W. Cooper. . . . 

Samuel Green 

William Magaw .... 

Maaoii Hunting 

Solomon Siimpson . . 

Arthur Vamhsm.. 

Paper, making, from sea grass, 
Paper, making, from sea weed. 
Paper, making, from suav, &. , . , 
Paper, raaking, lop press roller ror| 

Paper, mnnulaciuring. | 

Paper, manufaeluring I 

Paper, mauuractariiig, for coreredi 


Paper, manufacturing, from wood> 

Paper, mark of opacity in John Reich and Edw. 

I Smr 

Paper, moulds 

Paper, moulds 

Paper, polishing 

Pepe(, polishing machine 

Paper, preparing husks lo moke. . 
Paper, press, cylinder, hot & cold. 

Woreesier, Mws .. .| April IS, 1 

PredoDia, N. Y. . , 

Bridgeport, Pa 


Oct. 31, 1890 
Feb. 08, 1634 
Feb. SO, IBN 

-ingfietd. Mass... July 31, 1B49 

.1 £>ec. aB, It 
.1 May 36, li 
.■ July n, H 
. Mar. 7, If 

I Feb. 7. \f 

Plymouth, Mass.. . . 
New London, Conn. 

Meadyille, Pa 

Walerbury, Mass.. 

Newbury, Vu. 

London, England. .. 

Dedbam, Maai | May 11,1839 

Meadtille, Pa. Aug. 3,1830 

Oct. 90, li 
Mar. 13, If 
Aug. 9, It 

Paper, sand, glass, oi 

Fkiper, sizing , 

Paper, sizing 

Paper, sizing 

Paper, aiaingl 

Paper, mziog^ ■■•-. 

Paper, trimmmg machine... 
Paper, (rimming machins... 
Paper, vala, heating pulp in. 
Paper, for walls 

Riper, water marks 

Pbateboard, &e., manufacturing. 

Paste paper, for band-boxes 

Picker, cotton 

Picker, and lap machine 

Picker, and spreading cotton.. . . 

Picker, wool 

Picker, wool 

Picker, wool and cotton 

Picking and bRaking wooL .... 


Phares Barnard. . . 

Oeoi^ Bird 

William CooUdge. 
Homer Holland. .. 
Asakel H. Jerrisand 

Thomas Trfuch. 
Edmund Morris. . . 

John Ames 

Edmund Blake . . . 
W. W. Wilson and 

Charles Diekerman . 

John Ames 

Lorenzo D. Brown. . . 

Parke Shee 

John McClintic. . 
Joseph Robeson , 
James P. Howland and 

AUred Griswald 

Jac Perkins and Tho- 
mas Gilpin..... 
Frederick A. Tail. 
Isaac Sanderson. .. 
Jesse Whitehead.. 
John C. Whiten . , 
Michael Morrison . . 

Beriab Brawn 

Ephraim Raymond . 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 


Whitestown, N. Y 
Walpole, Mass.... 

Boston, Mass 

Westfield, Bdaes. . . 

[ihsca,N. Y 

Phitedelphia, Pa. . . 

Springfield, Mass.. 

May 11, 181S 
Apnl 11, 1793 
July 7, 1809 
April 11, I8S» 

April 18, leoe 

Aug. 13, 1838 

Nov. 6,1833 
Sept H, 1M4 
Sept. 1,1839 
Nov. 19, 18)3 


Westfield, Mass. . . 
Springfield, Mass. . 
Lee, Mass. ...... ..IMar. 4,1849 

Philadelphia, Pn. . . . Feb. 7, 1807 

Chambersbiirg, Fa. . Mar. 31, 18S7 
Montgomery, Pa... May fl9, 1816 


Philadelphia, Pa... 
Dedham, Mass.... 
Milton, Mass. . .. . 
Barbonrrille, Va. . . 
Godwiaviile, N.J.. 
NordibridRe, Msiir 
Boston, Maia. . . . . 


Norton, Mass. . . ■ , 
AoguBla, Oa 

Aug. 10, 1833 

Dee. 18, 1B16 
July SO, lt»l 
May IS, 1839 
Oct. 10, iaS8 
July 93, 1633 
July 90, IBSa 
Aug. 15, leii 
Sept. 9,1829 
Jan. 18, 1819 
Oct. 97,1831 

•IHseiuMrlitrl3,>4i. iMMMMv «.■»>». !»,>». 9a^ul0»t.m,m. iAMedM•dB•^4,■«l. 


Volkeit V«dfcr. . 
Alaxander Bojrd. 
ElibuH- ThomuBod 
Nathan Woodcock. 
Col«iaan Sellers. ■ 

JohD Ames 

Sidney A. Sweet. 
< Junes Bawyer.. . 
Fruicu Qoucher. 

ulTord. . 

George CarrieL . . 

Pulp, dreaser. 

Pulp, preparing and drening 

Pulp, sifter 

Pulp, lUmiQer 

Pulp, washing 

Pulp dressing, of wbich paper ii 

Jtaga, boiling and waahing Tor tlu 
mannlacnire of paper 

Rags, cleaning* 

Si^a, deuiing 

Rags, deaniagt Oeoree Garriel . 

B^, cleaning I Willuun Debit 

Rags, cleaning and duating . .' SaiuusI B. Poster- 
Hags, cleaning machine for James Phelps 

Ragg,cuUuig. Moaea Y. Beach.. 

Rngs, dusling ' E, Burt and O.Carriel 

Baga, dusiing '. I E^och Bun 

R^, dusting and waring. [ Henry Clark and Wil- 

; liam Albertsau 

Rags, preperii^. Benjamiii Cox... 

Kags, vashing ! John Ames 

Rags, washing ' D. Ames, jr., and John 

i Ames, esu^eea of 
' Samuel Eckstein.. ■ 

Raga, washing I Robert Carter 

Reel for cbalk lines ' Oererd Sickles 

Reeling.spinnii^.and twisting silk, Jacob Prau 

Ribbom, smoothing and glaxmg. .1 Charica Cromwell. . . 

Rollers, calendering, healing, for! J. Bringliall nod T. 

5 lazing. , 
Icra, covering, for airang | Evert Williams 

Rolling, vibratory, for cotton or! 

wool. ! JeeseHopkuis 

Ropf .—Stt Hida, Oau 16- \ 

Ropes, macbinery for bying i S. & Jamei A. Bazin. 

Ropes, making Charles Durfes, *■ 

■ignee of Edwards. 

! Townaend 

Sand payer. ! laaacFiaher, ft 

Send paper. » | leaae Fisher, _r 

Sand paper t Isaac Fisher, ' r. . . . . 

Sand paper, softening Isaac Fisher, r..... 

Sewing machine Etias Howe, r 

Shearing cloth ' Beriah Swift 

Shearing doth : Russell Dorr 

ahearing cloth [ Enoch Burt 

Sbeariog cloth..... Simpeon Stewart, 

Hovey, and '" 

Shearing doth .. 
Shearing doth .. 
'Shearing clolh -. 
Shearing oloth .. 
SbeoriM; doth .. 
Sfaeaiing doth .. 

Clearing doth Qw^ C. Kello^T. 

JBhearing doth JeeaeMoIliDeux.. 

Sheiu'ing doth Eleazei Hovey.. 

"<- --igdoth.. Stephen TitadweU.. 

Aug. 11, 1830 
June 6, IB3S , 
Sept. 1, 1839 
Dec 31, 1833 
Jan. 31, 1B39 
April 13, 1833 

Nathaniel Hebord ' Dorcheaier,MaB*.. . Dec 37,1339 

Philadelphia, Fa. . . . 
Springfield, Mom . . . 
Tyringham, Mass . . 

Newbury, Vt. 

Cheater county, Pa. . 

Windban, Conn . . . 
East Hartford ,Cann. 
Manchester, Conn. . 
Manchester, Conn. . 

Hartford, Conn 

Brauleborough, Vl. . 
West Sutton, Maes. 

New London, Conn. 
Northampton, Mass. 
Springfield, Mom... 


MiddWown, Conn . . 
Sherburne, Maaa.. 
New York 

Strasburg, Pa.. 
Canton, uloas. . 

David IVwBf 

Eben Sptague 

Heman Matthews. ■ 

Beriah Swift 

Eira Wilmartk 

Palmyra, N.Y.... 

Springfidd, Vt 

Sprii^eld, Vt.... 

SpringBdd, Vt 

Springfield, Vt..., 
Cainbfidge, Mass.. 
Waahingum, N. Y 
Kinderhook, N. Y'. 
frinceton, N. ].. , , 

Pitlatown, N. Y. . . 


Danbury, Conn... 


New York 


Palmer, Mass 

New Hartlbrd, Cone 
Hemslead, N.Y... 


Redding, Cotiii. . . . 

Sept. 3, 1840 
Jan. 13,1838 
July 37, 1831 
Feb. 7, 1833 
July 1,1836 
June 1, 18S3 
Nov. 34, 1843 
Oct. 11, 1838 
Nov, 98, 1836 
Sept, 14, 1838 

June 13,1831 
Feb. 33, 1838 
Dec 31, 1839 
Oa. 13, 1839 
Jan. 97, 1817 

Jan. 14,1834 
Feb. 38, 1844 

Feb. 38, 1845 
June 14, 1834 
June 14, 1834 
June 14, 1834 
Jane It, 1834 
Sept. 10, 1846 
May 35, 1806 
May 8, 180T 
June 33, 1807 

June 31, leoe 
June 37, 1609 
May 3,1810 
May IS, 1810 
May 34, 1810 
Feb. 38,1811 
March 9, 1811 
Marah4, 1811 
April 38, 1811 
hUr 3,1811 
April 37, 1813 

lb, Google 

Swuing cloth 

MMring cloth 

tliiiiiiiiin iliilli 

bearing doth 

Uomilg cloth 

Shearing cloth 

'Sfaeanng doth 

ShtKring cloth 

ShMring cloth 

bearing dolh 

Shearing doth 

Shauing doth 

Shearing doth 

Shewing doth 

Shearing doih 

Shearing cloth 

Shearing cloth 

Shearing cloth* 

Shearing doth 

Sheariog doth , Ac , diamond figu i 

Shearing cloth, andUjring thenap 

Shearing cloth, revolvuig aheara. 

Shearing cloth, Bhearsfor 

Shearing dolh, by wheel of knives 

Shearing machine. ■ 

Shearing machine 

Shearing machine, horizonlol. 

Shearing nmchine, nr aheare with 
cuiW edges 

Sheering machine, librating... 

Shearing machine, zigxae 

Shearing nap ttom woollen cloth . 

Shearing laiUnet* and other wool- 
len goods 

Shearing wool and cloths 

Shearing wool 

Shearing wooUea doihs ..... 

Shearing woollen cloths 

GBiearing woollen clothf 

Shearing woollen clothi 

Silk finishiiw, machinery for. 

Silk reel, dnvingwilh fool.. . 

Silk. reeUng from the coeooiM 
chinery Tor 

Silk reel 

Silk reel 

sail, reeling 

Silk, reel fw reeling 

Silk reels 

. Walter Kennedy.... 
. Qeiahom Boalwick.. 
■ Qeorge Booth. ...... 

. Isaac Sadford 

. BeriahSwift 

. C. H. Otdi and Frede- 
rick Strohn 

. Horace Osborne aid 

William L. Fraur. 

. John D.Smith 

Eliphalet Remington. . 

WOliom StUlman 

Darid Dewey 

Seth Parsons 

Elihu Hotchkiw and 
Aaron Jaque 



Beriah Swift 

WilUatn Hovey 

Jamea Collins 

Isaac Kello^ and Geo. 
C. Kdlo^. 

Reuben Daniels 

John Davidson 

Charles?. Barber 

Lemuel Dickermsn 

Juniea Collina 

Samuel A. Britt. .. 

SamuelQ. Dorr. .. 

Silas HUla 

William Stillman... 

Thomaa Blanchatd. 

Samuel Fry 

David Dewey 

Bdniund Durrin. . . 

Wewwly, R.I 


BrookfieM, CouD... 
Poughkeepaie, N. Y. 
Providence, R. I.... 
WMhiagitoD, N. Y. . 

SteubanvilLe, Ohio.. 

Predericktown, Md. 

Weatwly, R. 1 

Rutland eountj, Vt. 

BrauleborouKli,Vt. . 

Oxford, Maine 

Norridgewock, Me.. 
Waihinglon.N, Y.. 
Worceater, Moss. . . 


Woodstock, Vt 

Springfield, Vt 

Watervljet,N. Y... 
Scahticoke, N. V... 


CBienovia, N. Y... 

Albany, N. Y 

Hudson, N. Y 

Weaterij " ■ 

fane 11, Njft 
June I2,imt 

Oct. 1S,|B 
Mar. 36,lS 
July 1, 104 

Oct. 11, iei« 

May 34, 181« 
Aug. 13, 1617 
Jan. 17, 1818 
Mar. 16, 1818 
March a, laiS 

erlv, K. 1 


. NewYork 

. Poultney,Vt 

. Wealherfield, Vt... 
. Auguata, N. Y 

Sn]ithfidd,R. 1 


Worcedter, Masa . . . 


Marlborough, Masa. 

Feb. 7,189* 
Dec. 11, 189* 
March 6, 1887 

April 7,1838 
Mt.y 13, laM 
May a9, 1S34 
Mar. 10, 184S 
Jifly 18, 1813 
June 10, 1837 
Aug. 10, 189B 

Oct 90, nss 

Oet. 33,1813 
April Se, 161& 
M*iy 4,1813 

Nov. 90, isas 

Dee. 7, ISM 
Jan. 31,1614 
Dec. 7, 189» 

Liberty Stanley. ,, 

Friend B. Kellogg. „ . 

Reuben Daniels I Woodslodi, Vt.. 

Seth Parsons I Hoouc Falls, N. Y. 

Thomas White { Mount Pleaaani.O.. 

Aai«n Clarice OreenwichiCoon.., 

George Heritage. 
Eliphalet Snow.. 
CbarleaG. Greene... 
Jonathan Dennis, jr. . 
A. B. Jonaa, aaaigaee 
of William H.Janes 
Jame* 8. Harris. 
George Heritage. 

Silk, throwing or twisting.. . 

Silk, unwindmg 

KUt, winding 

Silk, winding, gimp or cord.. 

. Gamaliel Gay 

. Adam Brooki 

. Adam BnH^ 

- 1. TUli^^iaM. . 

Portsmouth, R. I. 

Hartford, Conn 


Chestenown, Md. . . 
Philaddphia, Pa.... 
Poughkeepaie, N. Y . 
Souui Sd luaie, Mass ■ 
SoulhSdtuate, Mats. 
Huron, Ohio 

Oct. 17, 1849 
Jan. 3i, 1T9& 
April 36, 180B 
June as, 1803 
Nov. 9S, 18K 
April 7,1638 
Nov. 35, 1838 
Dec. 30, 1841 
Jan. 30, IStl 

. Dec. 19,ie4a 
. Mar. 16, 1832 
. May 31, 1833 
. Dec. 38, 1838 

Feb. U, 1843 
July 30, 18*4 
Nov. 36, 1840 
June 7, 1839 
May 9,1835 
Aug. 17, 1835 
June 30, 1836 
Juno 30, 1836 
Nov. ID, 1841 

IMMaM OdMmtI, 1B>7. 

I., Google 


id paptTt nuchuia for dryiiig. 

b, mode ^Blaulyuig Ule Uie* 


Dgj bobbin*, Dwibod of ope- 
C IB MAchiDv; Sot ipilUHOg 

^nnniiii; candli wick 

SpuiniDP, cap qimiiei,iiiod« ofd ri 
ine bobbing in 

.Spmnmg cotton. . 
Spinning couoD • . 
Bfuuaiog cotton. ■ 
^nnnini; cotton. . 
^inniag cotton.. 
Spinning couon. ■ 
Spinning cotton. . 

Spinning couob bagging .... 
Spinning ooUoo, fnme for.. 
Running cotton, frame (or. . 
fipniHng cotton, framo for . . 

Spianing cotton and liik 

Spioning cotton twine 

Spinning coUon,wBUr frame Tor. 
Spinning cotton and wool 

Spinning cotton and wool 

Spinning cotton and wool 

Spinning cotton and wool 

Spinning cotton yam 

Spinning colion yam 

Running coiton yam 

E^ning cotton yam and thread . . 
Spinniog cotton yam, and roping 
Spinning cotton roting, &c., U>i 

^linning cotton wool 

Running, double ajieeder c 
fraoM uied in rovuf cotloi 

Spinning, driving bobbim.. 

Spinning filling, and dack twiated 

Spinnutg flax, cotton, and aUk.... 
Running Oax, cyLindrical fhune. 

Spinning flax and bemp 

SjunDiDg flax and kciqj 

.Sjkinntng dax and b£pM> ........ 

m W. 00. . 

Joihua Norton, Jr. . . 

Alexander Aoderton . 
Leoiuud Nprcioas. . . 

Chorka Danlbrih.. . 

Gharies Danforih. 

Truman Eilea&Wao 
ren Dulcher 

William Pollard 

Nehemiah Gilea 

L. BiBselL J. Hinman, 
L. C Hinman, and 
Benoni Qaioa 

L. Biaaell, L. C. Hin- 
man, and S. WiUoo 

Eliaha Fuller 

William Bryant 

William Haworth... 

John Brown 

John L. Eddy 

Welcome A. Poller. 

Aaahel M. Lai^ther. 

Welconu A. Potter.. 

William P. Brajlon.. 

John C. Dewea 

Paul Moody 

William Bald, jr..... 

Paul Moody 

Thomaa Rice 

Samuel P. Maeon.... 

Alson Pond 

Stephen Clemenia.... 

G.Brev/eter.G. Trum- 
bull, and J. Uatbaa. 


J(An W.Wheeler.... 

Peleg Arnold 

Luther Crane 

John Thorpe 

John A. Bradahaw... 
Jamea Cheaters 

John Thorpe 

Jolm Bognrdua..... 
Wiliuun Griffin.... 
Qeorge Parkiaaoo . . 
Alpheoa WebaUr... 


MountFleasan l,Ohio 
Boaton, Maa*.. 
Boaloa, Maaf. , 

P«uenoB,N. J. 

Oix$^L J4^t>e.-.- 

Patteraoo.N. J.. 
Chillicotlw, Ohio. 

Pauenon.N. J.. 

Paueraon,N. J.. 

Bennington, Vt 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Piicbburg, MasB, 


Otsego, N.Y 

AttlMHHougb, Maai . 
Mill creek, Tenn... 
Providence t'nep, Pa. 
Stonineton, Conn . . . 

Killin^y, Conn 

Cianaton, R. 1 

Killinglr, Conn .... 

Cianaion, K.I 

New York city 

Maaon county, Ky.. 

Boaton, M^» 

Providence, R. I . . . . 

BoBlnn, Maaa 

Peteraborg, Va 

Kitlingly, Conn 

Peteraburg, Va 



Poultney, N. Y..,. 


Milbum, Maaa 

Coieniry, Conn..,. 


Providence, R. I..,. 
Foxbo rough, Maaa. . 
Cumberland, R. 1 . . . 

New Ipswich, N. H. 

Fall River, Mew... 
Pattcnon.N. J 


New York 


Orfwe COUI47, N. Y. 


May 12,2 
April 35, S 
Feb. 94, U 
Nov. 31, U 

April 31. latt 

April 31, 1843 

July iU, 1B3» 
Dec, 30, 1791 
Nov. 13, ISUt 

July 17, iei& 
Feb. 6, 1633 
9ept. 30, 1823 
June 3,1634 
June 13, 1B31 
Nov. 19, 1833 
Dec IG, 1833 
Mar. 19, 1834 
Mar. 38, 1834 
June as, 1B36 
Dae 28, 1837 
May 6, leiS 
Oct. 10, IBiM 
Feb. 19,1831 
OcL 1,1830 
Jan. 17, 1894 
April 31, 1S39 
Mar. 16, ISIS 

Jan. IClSlit 
July 34, 1836 
Oct. 11,1836 
Nov. 14, 1831 
Aug. 1, 1818 
Mar. 36,1835 
Nov. H, 1830 
Jan. 18,1833 
Apiil IG, 1834 

Nov. 3S, 18SS 
May 35, 1830 
Jan. 11,1813 
«lar. 17, 1791 

June 33, 1836 

by Google 

•tunia; l«x, radiag (uid ipooUng 

njinningj flittv ,><•■->-' - 

'I^inuing, aier and dwd spindle for 

^nniDg, flieia '. 

Spuming, Bieia, betvag, &c. — See 
Spioning, flten, ------ 

S^iuimg, fli— 
Spinning, fli 

Spi[iiiine,flicn,for doable speeders 

Spinning, fliers, flax and hemp 

SfMiiDitlg, fliers, & ajHiidlei, Cotton 
Spinning, AieiB, A. ipindle*, cotton 

SpiDning hemp, dkc 

Spinning hemp, &c 

ginning hemp and Qox* . . . 
Spianing henp and flax . . . , 
Spisniog hemp and Sax. . . . 
Spinning hemp and flax. .. . 
^nnnin^ hemp and other B 


Samuel Ladd... . 
Phiseas Stephens. 
Samuel Ladd. 

John Morse 

Azahah Walton . 
Martin Newton. . 
Nehemiah Giles. . 

Otis Pettee 

H. ETaniAB. C hurchill I 
Richard E.YerkM...' 

Jamea Wilson 

William Shoiirell and. 

Arthar Kimball 

James Lang 

Moses Dar ' 

NaUumiel' Foster 

John F. Chappina. , . .[ 

Dante) Tr««dweU ' 

Andrew Caldwell 

WalOiam, Mass... 
Nartua, N.H.... 
Waltham, Man. . . 

Newtoti, Mass. . . . 

Keene, N. T 

Fitt^bu^, Mass.. . 

Fitcfaburg, Mass. . . 

Newton, kae 
Plpnouth, Mass.. 
Philadelphia, Fa.. 

Spinnji^ bemp, flaxt. . 

Spinning, hook spinner and t\ 

er, whirling and rotary 

Spinninf jenny 

Spinoing 'jenny and billy 

Spinning ' 

8pinn|Bg machine. 
'^---'-g ntBchine. 

. Charles W. Brown.. 
. Moses Day. . 
. Mo«ea Day. . 


New York 

Qreenock, Scotland 
Roxbury, Mass. .. 
Flammgsbiirg, Ky. 


Boston, Mass 

Lexington, Ky. . . . 

John Thorp 

Cyms Greenwood . . 
EiwDezer Smith. . . . 
James Maiihewa. . . 

Joe Alricka 

Daniel Read 


Alphena Webster I 

Burgesa Allison 

John Brown ' 

John Brown I 

Sylvan U3 Baldwin ' 

Zaoeheus Wheeler . . . | 

John Brown | 

C. Merrill, G. Batehel-I 
lor,&8. King,ir. . , .1 
H.Hunt AC. Bradiihj 

Sidney While ; 

Samuel Slaler. 

J. R. A J. B. Wheeleii 
J. R. A. J. B. Wheelerl 
Nathaniel Remington i 

' Roxbury, Mass... 
.' Roxbury, Moss. . . 
.. Roxbury, Maai. .. 

.1 WinchestOT, N. H. 

.1 Paris, N.Y. 


I WilmingUia, Del.. 

■Brookfield, N. V.. 


Ol«eneco., N. Y.. 
BurKnglon, N. J.. 
ProTiifence, R. I... 
E'roTidence, R. 1 . . . 

Boston, Mass 

Richmond, N. H.. 
ProTiderce, R. I. .. 

Lowrille, N. Y. . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
LowTille, N. Y. . . . 
Wrenthsm, Mass. . 
Middletown, Vt... 
Kingsbury, N.Y.. 
Galway, N. Y. . . . 

0*ne™,N. Y 

Pomfrel, N. Y. . . . 
PrOTidence, R. I.. . 
ProTidence, R. 1... 
ProYJdenee, R. I. . . 
Providence, R. I. . . 
New Haren, N, Y. 


Proiidence.R. I... 

Hartford, Ct 

Yorkshire, N.Y... 

I^. 90, Mi 

April Se,WH 

Bfay 6, am 

JoiH 3S, 18S6 
Jan. 6, 1819 
Sept. 38, leiS 
Nov. 19, 181S 
Mar. as, 1834 
Sept. 96, 1838 
June is, 1838 

Not. 4, IBIS 
Jan. 16, 1834 
June a, 183f 
June 38, 1B09 
Nov 8, 1814 
Oct. 11,1831 
Au?. 30, 1835 

July 16, 1839 
June 9, 1836 
June 34, 1839 

'Mar. 33, 1814 
iMay 3,1896 
' Oct. 11, 1809 

Sept. 10, ten 

May 6, 1819 
Dec. 31,18)9 
Mar. 3, 1813 
May 13, 1813 
Fieb. 34, 1814 
Aug. 18, 1815 
July 18, 1816 
Aug. II, 1831 

July 3, 1824 
Dec 94, 1834 
Dec. 31, 1834 
Dee. 94, 1894 
Apnl 4, 1835 
'■ May 36, 1835 
'Nov. 3,je36 
'April 3 1, 1831 
1 July 13, 1837 
I Dec. 31, 18!8 
I Jan. 93, 1899 
I Nov. 25, 1828 
June 13, 1899 
I Aug. 15, 1839 
Dec. 30, less 
I May 90, 1830 
May 39, 1836 
rant 30, 1830 
July 13, 1839 


fpumiBg- machine. 

ipinning nuchine, domeMic, , 
Siinniiig zoachine, donMstic. 
■^□DJng machine, domeHtic. . 
Winning machine, donuBtic. . 
xtianitig lOBichine, domMtic . 
JipinniDf DiBichjDe, Cuiiilyp • • i 

Spinnmg maohine, fanuljr. 
SpinniDg machine, Tarailf, and 

bobbin winder 

Spinning machine, family, cotton 
Spiuning machine, fiuiuly, and fac- 

Sptniiing mBchtue, tkmily, wool. 
ginning machine, horizontal. . , 
Spinning machine, borizonlal. .. 
Spinning machine, portabli 

William Clailu.... 

John Moqwl 

Eb. Heirick 

ElisB Wood 

LoffordToCIen. .... 
Ed ward Peony .... 
Hiram F. Whesler. 
J. Watt, F. A. Prieat, 

and G. Fraeman. 
William Jones. . . . 


John G. Baxter... 

Popltnay, V. Y. 
Moiuiyunk, Pa. . 
Albany, N. Y. . . 

Schohuie, N.Y. 
Adami, n. Y. . . 
Springfield, Pa. , 

JeffcTBon CO., (Hiio. . 




Mayl4, IM. 
Auf. 17, 181* 
Se^ 3, IBM 

Not. as, leat 

June 37, 1836 
Apiilas, 1638 

Spinning machine, portable- 
Spinning machine, and receiving 

rolls of wool 

Spinning machine, stop 

the drawing framea. . 
Spinning machine, eubatitute for 

D. Hunt&S.Wh 

Burgesa AUiaon. ■ 
Burgcsi AUisan. . 

Gilbert Brewater. 

Kartwright,N. Y.. 

Durham, Vt 


Koox, N.Y 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Burlington, N. J , . . 

Jlorwich, Conn . . . 

Spinning mule, carriage for eoUor 

l^inning mule, coUon. 

nnnning mule, druma 

SfMnniog mnle, head 

Spinning mole, aelf acting^ 

Spinning mule, self operating 

Spinning, nmte, self-acting foi.. . 

Spinning, mule, selecting for. . 
Spinnins, mnle, self-acting, bil- 

Lewia CuUmg. . . ■ 

O. Q. & d- Rogen 
William Ha worth. 
Thomas Walker. . 
J. Butlerworth. . . . 
Henry Hopkins . , 

Jamas Smith 

Ira and A. Gay... 
Dan' lLapham,adm Y of 
Benj. Lapham, <'--'-' 
William Maaon. . 

Whilestown, N. Y 
Providence t'wn]^ Fa 
Cheater couni 

Providence, R. I. . . . i 
Perth, Scotland.... ' ' 
N. H.. 

May 13, 1835 
Oct 6, ISIS 
Jan. 16, 1896 
May 9, I»K 
April 37, 1619 
June 38, 1814 

. Mar. 13, 1834 

. May IS, 1834 

Aug. 38, 1834 
June 3, 1834 
June S6, 1838 
Dec, 30, 1888 

Spinning, regulating the drag of the 
jam in the operation oft. 

Spinning reel ., 

Spinning and reeling i 

Spinning and reeling 

Spinning, ring spinner -i,,. 

bpinnii^, roping, cotton 

SjHnning, roping, cotton 

Spinnii^, roping, cotton|| . - ■ . 
Spinning, roping, cotton . , . . . 
Spinning, roping, cotton 

Spinnit^, roping, cotton 

Spinning, roping, cotton 

ginning, n^ing, cotton ■ . - . . 

%)iimi:^, roping, cotton 

^nnniiig, n^ing, cotton 

^unniDg, n^ung, cotton, &c. . 

•AaMiBMreb.M.'M. fAl 

William B. Leonard. 

J»M Whitehead 

Samuel McCawley ■ . ■ 


Joseph WoodbuU,... 

David Hunter 

Gideon Cornell ..<•.. 
William Bryant...... 

Paul Moody 

Paul Moody 

^laaShepkrdA CDeen 

John A. Braddiaw . . . 
Lncillius H. Moseley. 
Lewis Brewater,Bdii>'i 
of Gilbert BrewaUr . 

William Fowler. 

Charles Dnnforlh . . . . 
Sidney YHiiting 

ShelbyviUe, Ky. . . . 


Laurel fiwiory, Md, 
Rensselaer co., N.Y. 
Davidaon, eo.,Tenn. 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mas* 

Taunton, Maas 

N. Frondence, R. 1. 


Fozborough, Masa. 
Lisbon, Conn. . . . . ■ 


FisHtUl, KY, 


OcL 34, 1816 
Nor. 14, 1836 
July 93, 1841 
July 39, 1613 
April 39, 1816 
Jan. ly, leai 
Feb, 19, 1891 
Mar. 33, 1631 
Jan- 31, 1B93 
Mar. 28, 1637 

July 90, 1831 

Dee. 17, 1634 
Mar. 33, 1836 
Feb. 18, 1841 
Nov. IT, ieS4 

tiOM.ii.'tt. jMtnmmr'iDM.aii'm. ii di si nn i.w.m 


g, npiiig, mUod aod wool . 
g, roping, couon Mid vo^ . 
g, ropingtUd daubliag cot 

g, ropiiie, Bex and htraa . 
g, roping, flax &. hemp, &c. 
g, roping, or slubbiiig. 




roping, and 

roping, wooL ..... 
roping, wooL..... 
raiMng, wool nnd o 
roping, vool and c 
roping, wool and collon 
roping, wool and coUon 

roping, wool and cotton 
lOfang, wool and cotioo 

^tinning, ailk, Ac. . 

Spinning aiik, Ac 

Spinning ailk, Ac 

Spinning nlk, dmbling &, twisting 
Spinning iilk from cocoons, 

chincry for. 

Spinning, apeedec for cotton roping 

. couiler^wiat* 

Spinning, apeeder, cotton 

Spinning ^liwder, couon rovingt • ' 
Spinning, apeeder, cotton, roving. 
Spinning, Bpeeder, counte^twiat'g 

Spinning, apeedar, double 

Spinning, apeeder, double, No. 1. 
Spinning, ■peedet, double, No. S. 
Spinning, ipnader, double, No. 3. 
Spinning; apeeder, double, Ho. i . 
Spnning, apeeder, double, No. 6 . ■ 

Spinning, apeeder, double, 

^>uiniDg, apeeder, double, 

Spinning, apeeder, double 

Spinning, ipeeder, douUe combi- 

j^inning, apeedar,doulile, winding 
cation ~ 

Spinniag, apeader, double, edipue, 
foreotlon roping 

Spinning, apeeder, dier 

SJHnning, apveder, twiating. 

Spinning, qiindls,.Hi]d bobbin, foi 

Spinning, apiodlc, ctttton. 

Spinning, apiodle,. cotton 

Spinning, ipindle, dead 

fljiinnin^, apiiidle, dinuniihing 1 

John Brown 

Jolin Brown 

WUliom Wlkiiehead. 


George Brown 

Daniel TreadweU.... 

Providence, R. L . 
FroTidencsiR. I.. 
Patier>cui,N. J... 

Mfl nr ihftf ir,KT>gl pnd 
Boston, Mana. .... 

Austin Steele. 

William Whitehead Jr. 
Wm. Fowlei i&Rich. 
M. Oecmond. . i 

David Grieve. . 

Samuel Lemed ... . 
J. R. &. J. B. Wheeler 
Oliver Barret, jr. 

John Brown 

A. Pattervon nnd F. 



William Carmichael. . 
Samuel Comatock and 

Mosea Pike., 


Adam Brooka 

Harriaon Holland . . . 
Jonathan Damia, Jr. . 

Qeoige Heritage., . . 

Jeaae Whitehead... 
Lunuui Parmelee . . . 
Samuel P. Maaon. . 
William Maaon. . . . 
Qeoive Danforlh. . . 

Paul Moody 

Jonathan Fish 

Jonathan Fiah 

Joiuuhan Fiih 

Joaatban Piah 

Jooatban Fiah 

Paul Moody 

Paul Mjiody 

William Field 

Jonathan Fiah.. 


Wm. B. Leonard . . . 
Benjamin Brundnd., 

Nathaniel Ridar 

Henc^O. Davia. ... 

Union Vale, N.Y. 

Providence, R. 1. . . 
Walertown, Man. 
Qaln-ay, N. Y. . . . 
Scahticoke, N. Y.. 
Providenoe, R. I. . . 
Lowville, N.Y.... 

Delaware co,. H. Y. 
Kortwright, N. Y. 


Harrialiurg, Pa.. . . 

New York 

Sciluole, Maaa .... 
Northampton, Maaa. . 

CbesWrtown, Md. . . 

Manchealer, Vn. . . . 
Poa|^keepua,N. Y. 

LeeaviUe, Conn 

Tauntoit, Maaa 

Morton, Maaa 

Boaton, Maaa 

Med way. Mast 

Med way, Haaa 

Med way, Maaa 

Medway, Maaa 

Med way, Maaa 

Walthom, Maaa. . . , 

Boaton, Maaa , 

N. Providence, R. I. 

Medway, Man 

Coventry, B.I 

Killinely Centre, Ct. 
Manchealer, Eng. . . 
Dorchealer, UBti. . . 

FiahkiU,K. Y ■ 

Oldiiam, N.J 

Norlhbotough, Mom 

Clermont, N.Y.... 

Wwliii lIT.rTT 

Jan. 23, ISSl 

Aug. 8,isa 

Apnl II, 18K 

May l&lSas 
June 19, 18M 
Feb. 3,1634 

Nov. 34, imt 

Sept. 18, 1818 
Aug. 3,1815 
Dec. 3, leil 
July 32, 1819 
Aug. 16, 189« 

Sept. S9, 1834 
May 30, 1835 
June 10, 183G 

Oct. 10,1839 
June 39, 1833 
Oct. 10, 1838 
Dec 38,1S38 

June 34, 1B30 
May 4,1838 
Sept. S,18» 
April 3, 1SI9 

Dec. T.iaao 

Dec. 30, 189ft 
Feb. 19, 1831 
Oct. 6, 1835 

Dec 7,1838 

Feb. G, 1819 

AprU 18, 1839 
DcL 6,1830 
Oct. I, 1830 
May 37, 1B15 

Jan. 9, 1819 
July 14, 18S7 
Nov. 3, lS3i 
S^t. 9,1835 

lb, Google 


limnniom ob ui 

SpiBidiif , ipindia, and IHer. 

MbiuOf , ipindla, and Ski. 

f^mning, Bpindle, flier and bobbm 

^njtnlhf , epindl«, rolArjr and ata- 

SfdaolDg, spindle, atill and 


Spinning, spindte, wool 

SpinniDg, splidng c«tlon & vool- 

Spinning thread, of wool. . . 

Spinning, throaua. 

Eqnnning, throatia.' 

Bpiiining, throatle, bobbin ft apool 
^innkig. Ihroatls, couon apinner. 

Spinning, UirolUe rrome.. 

Spianing, throatle fnune, and bob' 

bin nga later. 
" ' ' Kg, throatle frune, ft 

Aak JtBaen 

W.T. Bddy 

Thomoa OiMden. . 

J. G. ShottE. 

C. Jaekaen, St. S. Po^ 
ter, ft John Miller. . 


iborr. Maw, 

<*,5(. Y..... 

Pkkamr to wn ^i O. 

Gardner Barton, jr. 


Sanacl' Blydenborg. 
Thoniaa Van Rlp«r. 
Benjamin Brand red. 

Henry Ru^ea 

John Brown and John 

Shaftabnry, Vt.... 
F^retlaco., Kv.... 


PtrtteisoDjN.J.-. ... 
Mamareiwdc, N. Y. 

New York 

Pro*idenee ft Cran- 
ston, R. 1, 


Spinning, throstle, spindle 

ginning, throstle, spindle 

Running, throstle, ^ndle fhune. 

Spinaing, throstle, wool, fte 

^■Bning and twialing cotton 

Gvinnwg, twisting, ft kinking hair 
Spinning and (wBUng, machine Tor 
i^maing and iwisllng straw, ■■ — 

Ac. . 

•^nning and twisting thrcMl . . 

Spinomg wheel.. 

Spinning wheel 

Spinning wheet 

Spinning wheel 

Sfnnning wheel 

winning wheel 

S^l^ning wheel 


Spinning wheel 

. . Proridanea, R.I, . 
C. Lewis ft C. Taylorl Poughheepaie, N. Y 

Gilbert Brewster | Norwich, Cl 

Benjamin Bnindred . .1 Oldham, N. J. . . 

Stephen Shallctnas ...I KewYork 

John Thorpe I Proridonee, R.I. 

Hiram Bsnihsm NewYork.N.Y 

Charlea Danrorth PMMrsan,!^. J.. 

WinehestCT, Ct. ... 
Ml PleaanRi, N. J. 
MarccUua, N. Y. . . 
PouHney, Va 

Spinning wheel 

Spinning wheel 

Spinning wheet 

^ioniog wheal 

SptmuBg wheel, cordage . . , 

^■inning wheel, heads 

&iinniag wheel, heads 

^rinniag wheel, heads 

Spinning wheel, heads 

l^iBiiniag wheel, head* 

Sinnaing wheel, head> 

waning wheel, heads 

^iMiing wheel, heads 

■ftunniag wheel, heada, aecderal^ 
Sfiiikniag wheal, heads, linen. 

tliilo G. Sheldon. 
Obadiah Herbert. 

Amos Miner 

Tim. Ctuttenden. 


William Drury . . 


Daniel Huribuu. . 
Harver Wright ft 0. 


Elias B. Sanfoid .... 


Timothy (^ttenden. 

John Brown 

Henry Wilaon 

Chan. P. Scbnffle 

(un B. Dyer.... 

Amas Miner. 

Arehelaus Putnam... 
William H. Peabody 

EU Church 

DeTid Lortng 

Emory Ruasell 

Spiaiung wheal, haada, linaa., ... 
Spinning wheel, improTement in, 
Spinning wheel, linen 

David Lee.. . 

I. Mud 


Bmwn Smith & Chas. 


Jand 8. Stewart . . , 
Hiram F. Wheeler. 

Brookteld, Mas*.. 
Herkimer, N. Y. . 
Atii«lius, n. Y.... 

Bristol, Cl. . . . 
NewtoD, Ct. . . 
Campbell en., I 
Gt. Borrii^^ton, Maas 
ProTtdenoe, R, I... 
Mendon, N.Y.... 
Lewiibuig, Fa ... . 

Athol,N.Y ., 

BBllimon, Md.... 
MaieeHtia, N. Y... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 


Hoam, N. Y 

Long Meadow, SAm 

Gnilferd, Cl 

N. Y. 

j«r IT. M» 
FH>. 1»,>IIM 
Psb. 11, ]8tt 

April a, KM 

. Mm. 36,189* 
Dm. si, 18W 


June 1, laas 

Nov. 10, 1S3» 
ApiJI 1,1830 
Aug. IS, IS9« 
Jan. IT, 18M 
Hot. M, ia>» 

Jane IS, ISIt 

Jan. 16, ISaS 

June se, isa» 

Mar. 13, 1834 
May 7, 1880 
Jan. 91, 1814 
Not. 30, 189B 
Jane 39, 1843 
May 4,1841 

April 8, 18SS 
Jan. S8, 1I9S 
Nov. 16, 1803 
April 6, 180B 

Aug. s,ieos 

Mar. 19, 1819 
A^ ST, 1613 
* — , 4, 181» 

_. 36,1814 
A|^ 11, 181S 
Feb. 38, 1817 
May 13, 1817 
April 31, 1818 
JtMM 13, 1818 
Dee. 39, 1816 
Feb. 38, 1834 
April 3, 1834 
Feb. 97, 18W 
April 11, 1810 
July '90, 1811 
Deo. 14, 1813 
Mar. IS, ISIS 
Dee. SI, ISM 
April 18, 1814 

fay e, ISH 
Apnt 1«, lSt» 
Kfay IT, 18M 

. Dee. B,ieH: 
. April IB, latl 
. Dto. 15, t84S 

. July 90, tan 


tfinning wfcael, nmll . 
flpuuiing wheel, wool. . 

spinning wicka 

■pinniDg wool 

■pinniag wool 

Spinning vool 

Spinning wool 

ginning woolt 

Spinning wool by. continued ratap 

Spinning wool and coUon... 
Spinmug woal and cotton... 
ftunninf «ool and colMn... 

ginning wool and cotton... 

ginning wool and couon.... 
ginning wool and cotton... . 
Spinning wool and cotton. . . . 
Spinning wool and cotton. , . . 

Spinning wool and cotton... . 
^nning wool and cotton by 
Spinning wool and cotton hy hand 
^jinning wool and cotton, & hemp 
ginning wool and cotton from the 

Spinning wool, and drawing 

Spinning wool, domeatic. .- 

Spinning, wool apinner, domealic. 

Spinning wool and yam 

Spinning woollen ronng...... . . . 

Spinning woollen ilnbbuig 

Spools and bobbini 

3jx>ola and bobbina 

Spools, frame ■■■■ . 

Stamping or painting on fabrics, 

deaign for. J ■ 

Straw bonnets, pressing 

Strtw bannela, prening 

Smwbaaneli, pr«aaing...., 
StMW or chip hot), Dreasing. 
Smw and'Iiief hom nonnela. 

8in>w,]]iamdaaning.~5M Ctmt i. 

Stoaw, plait, trimming tc dreoaing. 

SSDBw, WMTUW, with aUk or ibroad 

Straw, whiiewng.— Sw Clan i. 

Straw, wore plait 

StoAa, in which the fibtea of van- 
ou metenala an unitsd with ad- 
beaiTe mixtnrai, nwuhinery foi 
the manufacture of. 

Nathan tjewie 

Oilbert Brew«t«r. . . 
George Dickinson. . 

John Griggs, jr 

J. CorrillandWrn. : 


Benjamin Lapham. . 


DsTid 8. WoostM. . 
Wm. W. Calvert, B. 

SoBihwick, A Alfred 


Wm. Sykee and Geo. 

M. Conradi 

Asa Campbell 

J. Withered 

Isaac B. Hartwell.... 

Gilbert Brewatet 

Peter PaddleToid 

Jac Sprinkd 

Jac. Richardson 

Wm. BrushnellandJ. 


Fiancia Price 

A. S. WillM and Joel 

Fambam I 

Seih tloydeo 

Seih Boyd«n..'. 

WiUiam Church.... 
Arthur Cnichf eld... 
David Newbraugh. . . 
George W. Robmson 
Nathaniel Harris. . . • 
Theodore T. Abbott. 

William R.McCall.. 
William Humphreys. 

Lalford Totlen 

John Nelson 

John Sharp. 

Edgar M.Titcomb.. 

Charles At wood 

WUIiam Cleeg 

Simeon Presbrey, jr. . 
Elihu Robincon 

Spurkntan &. Keliey ■ 
Preston Whiting. . . .. 

ElMzer Smith 

Simon Petlee 

Samuel Prince >. 

Otis PlimplOD. 

Daniel Athcrton 

Mary Kies 

WiUiom Pond .. . . 
Thoa. R. Williams, 

Har. 39, 18LT 
Fbb. 97, MM 
Feb. 91, MM 
Dec. 30, IflM 

June 15, 1B9S 
June 39, 1837 
Not. 10, 18S» 
Feb. 14, 1831 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Norwich, Ct 

New York 


Harpersfield, Ohio . . 
Queenshury, N. Y. . 

Ruaselnlle, Ky 

Sheldon, N.Y 

Lowell, Mata. 

Fredericktown, Md. 

Kingston, Pa. 

Baltimore, Md 


Norwit^, Ct 

Lyman, N.H 

Wythe, Va 


Harrisburg, Va 

New York 

Tioga, N.Y June 28, 1895 

Foxborongh, Mass. Dee. 3, 1896 
Foxboiough, Mass. Dec. ^, 1836 
Birmingbam, Ens... June 11,1837 
Union lownehip,0. .1 April 34, 1^8 
Riley township 0. . . April 97, 1639 

ProTidence, R. I : Mar. 16. 1896 

Fairfield CO., Ohio.. Jan. 31, 1S39 
Oieenland, N. H. . . Feb. 26, 1828 

Mar. 10, 1834 
June 19, 1834 
Mar. 30, 183ft 
June 7, 1899 

Mar. 13, 189f 
May 18, IBIC 
Aug. 23, 1616 
Oct. 16,1816 

Vincennea, Ind 

Humpbreyaville, Ct. 

Jefferaon, Ohio 

Whiteatown,N. Y.. 

Andover, Mass . 

Middtetown, Ct. ... 

Norwich, Ct 

Canton, Maaa 

Augtista, Mass 

New York. H.Y... 

Hopkins, Mass 


Foxboreugh, Maaa. . 
New York 

Foxborough, Mass . 

Newport, R. 1.; dO' 
in London. 

May 19, 1838 
Oct. 4, 1811 
Not. 13, 1894 
Jan. 37,1841 
Mar. 13, 1S3S 
July 99, 1837 
Mar. 10, 183Q 
Feb. B4, 18» 
July 96, 1839 
Mar. 16, 1816 

July 95, 1816 
Jnne 11, 181» 
July 15,1890 
Sept. 14, lau 
Aug. 31, I8D» 

Dec 98,1839 

April 36, I81I 
May 5,1809 

Feb. 98, 1811 




.; Google 

TliMadj or eorda, wonted oToihei, 
'drcMine or fioUhine. 

Tour ban, drcukr 

Tenlerban, circular 

Thnad, puking. 

Thread, pnTmliDg from VMM. .. 
Thread, wuic, reducing to eouon 

Thread, wule, reducing to cotton. 

Throstle for spinning 

Tow line.— &t Claa 7. 

Twins or Hmall cord, machinery 

for mailing 

Twine, laning and spooling. 
Twilling, reeling, and doubling 


Twiattng, Bclf-supplpng machine 
Wadding, peliese, improvement i 

ibe manufBCture of 

Warp, net fabrisi 

Benjamin B. Tilt and 

Jamea Skinner 

Stephen R. Parkhural 
Stei^en R. Parkhunl 
Reuben London. 
John Golding. . 


Ro^ury, Maoi... 
Meriden, R. L . . . . 
Worceater, Mbm . . 
Hartford, Couii.... 
Dedham, Maaa..,. 

Hartford, Conn.... 

July 8, 1843 
Dm. 2.18» 
Oct. 38,1835 

June ae, laai 

Aug. IS, 1837 
. Jnly n, leST 

Weaver's faameaa 

Weavers' or bowline knots, ma 

chincry for lying 

Whipper, cotton 

Whipper, cotton, and cleaning. . 
Whippy, cotton, cylindrical gnle 
Whipper, ooltoD, obliqu" 
Whipper, cotton, reyjlt 

Winding cotton 

Winding quills. 
Winding quills. 

Darius Qoff 

Q. W. Heard, assii 


Easaimer Vogel. . . 

Peter Moulton..:. 
William Htwkini. 
Samuel P. Maain. 
James S. SiDUnons... 

Winding spooling cotton, roving. 
Winding, spooling, and weaving. 

Winding spools and bobbins 

Winding spools and bobbins 

Winding spools and bobbins 

Winding spool yam 

lYinder, socket, bobbin 

Winding, spooling wool from the 
breaker carding machine.. 

Wool burring. 

Wool, burring and ajeaning. 

Wool, cleaning buralVom 

Wool, cleaning burs from, on the 

Charln Atwood 

William U.EllioU... 


Walter Janes 

Aucaslua Sherwood. . 


JohnTliorp and Silai 
" 'PPe™ 

Lowell, Mass. 


Plainfield, Conn 

Killingty, Conn 

Scituate, A. I 


Warwick, R.1 

Warrm, R. I 

Boston, Maai. . . . . , 
New York 

Middktown, Conn. . 
Lciceaur, Maaa... 
Middlaburv, Vi. . . 
Aahford, Conn .... 

Hudw», N. Y.. 

Aug. 34, 18M 
Much 6, 1893 
July 8,1834 
OcL 1, 1830 
Oct. 77, 1836 
June 4, 1831) 
Fob. S, 180T 
Aug. 16, 1810 
Mar 33, IbSH 

Not- 1,183* 
Dec S8. 1833 
Fab. 38, 1815 
Aug. ao, 1810 
Oct. 18,1814 
June as, 1818 
March 9, 181S 

. Oot. 14, 181* 

Zochariah Alkn. . . 
Henry Coaeklin... 

Theodore Ely 


ProvidenM, B.I.... 
Poughkeepaia, N. Y. 


Poughkeepaie, N. Y. 

Jnly < 

Wool cleaning 

Wool cleaning 

Wool cleanii^ 

Wool, cleaning bniafiMm 

Wool, deanaing from bura,4c., 

and ginning, cotton 

Wool, combHf. 

Lewia S. Miller. .... 
Samuel Conillard, jr. . 
Michael S. Simpwn . . 
J. Woloou and C. W, 

Eraatua Tracy....... 

Milton D. Whipple. . . 

pony ,B**'ee of Whit- 
well, Bond, and Sea- 
ver, aasieneaa of Mi- 
chael H.^mpaon, as- 
■ig'ee ofSamnelConil. 


Beaton, Maaa 

Boston, Maaa. . . . 

Jan. 31,1831 
Mar.'SO, 1883 
July 7,1835 


• Idntd lue », MM. Jirir •, 1t 

lb, Google 


Wool, eombingiftc., tombing and 


Wool combing, mschiDifor. 

Wool, combing. 

Wool, eombii^. . 

Wool, oombiBg... 

Wool, compoHition 

Wool, oottMi, Ac, cttmag from 

Pranek A. Calvert. 
Charlea Q. SuveBt. 
Francis A. Calvert. 
Qaorp B. Donistborpe 
Esm Qould 

Wool, cotton, cleaning rollen. 

Wool or flax, oomber 

Wool or lax, to bnnh into teethl 

Wool, baiT,Ae. , feming wab with- 

001 Hpinniiw- 
Wool, manuAielariDgfl. 
Wool, manufacturing.. 
Wool, manubctuhng.. 
Wool, nuuiu&cturing. . 
Wool, nuDufacturing. . 
Wool, manufiKtoring. 
Wool, nuuiobotaiiiv. 

Wool, preparing 
Wool, wBMiing, 00 th« ak««p. 
Wringing dfea Trorockidi.. .. 
Yarn, coUon, withMit the aid of 

A lanaon Crane . . . 

Francia A. Calicrl.. 

Oeorgg C. KsBogg and 

Samuel Sawyer. .... 

WiUiam W. Cal*en. 

QeorgeW . Lyman , as- 
signee arWilliamW. 

J. Arnold and G. G. 

John Gilding 

John Goulding 

John Gouldiog 

John Goulding 


John Qtiutding 

John Gtoutding 

Franoia A. CalTCrt. . , 

Joiepb Banfbrd 


WiUiam NelMtn 

Lowell, Moa...., 
Bradford, Ewland. 
Patteraon, N.J..., 
DeAiam, Maaa — 

ChelnuTord, Mali.. 

», IMl 

, - -- 7, IStf 

Deo. 97,18a 

. Sept. 11, 184f 

. Oel. 9, 18(1 

. Aog. a4, inr 

New Haitfoid.Cotui. 
Boaton, Maaa. . 
LoweH, Maaa. . 

Dedham, Maaa.. 
DedhHn, Maaa.. 
Ded ham, Maaa.. 

ApHI 30, ISM' 
Mar. 30. ISO' 
Jutjr 3, 1638 

. Sept. 18, less 
. Oct. 30, ISM 

. Dec IS, laas 

. April 87, leal 
. Julr 10, 1837 

. Feb. 16, leas 

. Feb. 16, lS9f 
. June 11, 1699 
. JalT ai, ltl3t 
. Jane 3, tS4S 
" f. 18, 181 J 

. Not. 13, isae 

Yarn, 'drawing, *»d fbnwng 
Yam drawing, (hune for regnlaiing 

Eraatui Wokott.. 

Yam, dreaaing, pnpaiatory 
Yarn dooblip^ , twiaiingaad reeling 

Yam, roUi, fonningaBthe almnle, 


Yam, dEing, by atean 

Yam, (arring 

Yam, waahug and daaoing. 

Tam,wooUBn j 


Saaiaal BalcheUer. . . 

George Lerao 

Robert Qravea 

H. P. Franklin and W 
B. Wiadaor 

John Thnnby.. . 


WiUiam B.WaUcar.. 

EaatSillii^r, Conn. J 

. June 39, 1S3> 
. JutT 90, ie« 
. Not. 93, 1891 

ProTidaaoe, R.I.... 

Pntridenea, &. I.... 

Sbelbume, VL 

Ruahwidc, N. Y, . . . 
HiUaborMvk Bridge, 

N. HTrr7...7r.. 

Not. 90, 1619 
Jutr 8, I8U 
Mar 9,1843 
Apnl 11, 18« 

*Ka|.pai. Not. »,■«>. t Aataduad Octsker W, 9 

t Kcmsd 8«pi. S, U. I Banwl Jalr SB, «. 

by Google 



Manofactares, and Compounds, including Medicine, Dying, 

Color-making, Distilling, Soap and Candle 

making, Mortars, Cements, Slc. 

by Google 

b, Google 


CLASS rV'_CHEMlCAL PAOCESSES, Jiam^/kelant, mtd CiatpouiuU, indiuSf^ Jti£^it* 
Dging, CaUr-mudiiig, DitHOimg, Sv^ and CmtdU mating, JHorUn, Camenb, tft. 

Acid margaric, ncorio, and oleic, 

decomposed by csoitic lime- 
Acid, mixing, for dying wooUeni. 
Acid, mode of aeparating ihe oleic 

from the Meane 

Acid, (ulphuric, maiiafncturinf ■ 

Acid, ■u}pliurio ■ . ■ ■ 

Acid, Tegelabte. 

Asve and rerer (pacific 

' AKohol, carbonated, BubBlitute for 

lamp oil 

Alcohol, exuaeting from apple*. . 

Alcohol, exlracting by ateam 

Alcohol, oraairiu, from grain.. . 
Alcohol, uaed in lUfreniDg hola, 

eslracted by Ibe proccM of dia- 


Alkali, axtractine iViHn aahei i 

manufiKtun or polan. .... 
Alkali, eslToctinf Aom mariM aalt 

and kelp 

AtuoL from lignite. 

Alembic, n^roua 

Anodyne, and nliemtiTe ayrup . . . 
Anli-bilioDi, grand depurBiive gu- 

Aaiatic lenitive for pain .... 
Bagasse, drying*. v . . . 


Baliam lavender 

Barilla, raanafiatanog trom tobao- 

Bark, erapoiaiing ilie extract o 

Bark, extracting 

Baiic, exiiacting, essence of .. 
Bai^, extr»ctinf , from dyiog.. 

Bark, extract of. 

Bark, hemlock, extract of, for I 

Bark, prcparatioD 

Bark, prepaiation, quercilron. 
Beili, preparation, quercitron. 
Bark, prqwratinn, quercitron. 
Bark.— Sh TaiHwi^, CIsm 16. 
Beef, salted, mode of making and 

Beer arale,re«U)Hnc sou r or nrosty 
Bear, ctHnpoaitlou lor making. . . . 
BetT, nutkmf spmce. 

Henry Sey bert& IJtrd- 

Hugh Young. . . . 

James S. Gwynn 
James HarereaTsi 
lenjambMlL... . 
fatb'l S. Allison and 
Benjamin Kugler . 
Moms Cannon. . ■ 

Samnel Casey 

Anson Wolcott. . . . 
A. andN. Wolcoti, 
Isaiah Jenninga. . . . 

WilUam McCay.. 

Jacob Oabom 

John Nazro 


Cbarlea Merol.. . . 
Itexin Thompaon. . 

John J. Qirand... 

Ei. Aulder. 

Win. White, eia'ec 
Georee Merrick . 
Moses McForland . 
Elizabeth Bartlelle. 

Geocga Easterly... 
George W. Klein. 
Samuel Downing . 
Samuel Downii^ .... 
Thomas Bedweii and 

Wm. Mitchell 

Wm. G. Feasenden 

Thomas Randlet. . 
Thomas Bei^r. . . 
Nathan Harper 

Janus Elliott. . . 

Philadehdiia. Pa. . 
Rochester, N.Y.. 

Pittabu^, Pa.. . . . 
Pauerson, N. J... 
Boston, Mass.... 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 
New Orteaa*, La. 

nSeld, N. Y 

Northumberland, Ft. 

Etyria, Ohio.. .. . 

Massachusetts. . . . 
Philadelphia. Pa.. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Rome, N. Y 

Baliimore, Hd . . . 
New York 

New Orleans, La. 
Massachusetts. . . . 

Richmond, Va. .. 
Boston, Mass.... 

New Jeiecy 

PennaylTsnia.. . ■ . 

Bedford, N.'H... 

Frankfort, PB 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
PhiladelphU, Pa. . 


Lowvills, N.Y... 
Montrose, Pa.... 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Sept. 3, 1S46 
Aug. S4, 1S39 

Nor. 7, len 

Mar. 17, IB34 
Oct. 6, ISSft 
Mar. 19, 1827 
June 13, 1831 

Jan. 6, 1797 
Mer. 3, 1817 
Mot. 5, 1818 
Not. 14, 1835 

Feb. 5,1610 
Dec. 15. 1838 
June 13, 1801 
April 19, 1803 

Dec. 30, 1833 
Jan. S5, 1804 
Oct. 30,1810 
July 15, 1816 
Aug. 30, 1893 

Dec. S4, 1830 
Jan, 11, 1833 
May II, 1831 
Feb. 17, ISO 

lb, Google 


making ff 

Biltera, j&undi 

BiLteringa, Troni Bolt ketUea, pro- 
ccaa of •epanitillg. 


George Jonn. . . . . 
Simeon Whium... 
Jeue Wheaton . . . 

BmIou, Man. . . 
Hartfoid, Ct. . . . 
MiauchuMtU. • . 

Blacking, for leather 


Bleaching apparelua. 

Bleaching bay-berry wax 

Bleaching beea wai, yellow ... 
Bleaching cloth, and cleaning. . 
Bleaching cotton by ileam 

Bleaching cotton and !ii 
Bleaching calton and linen. 
Blenching cotton and 
Bleaching hemp and flax, Hnroued 

Bliater pbaler. 

Blood, equalizing the 

Blood, purifying, for clarifying 


P. H. HaviU and. D. 

Samuel Adanu 

Qeorge Keintzle 

Moaes Fierce 

Benjamin Gomperta.. 

John N.Shuliz 

Calvin H. Fambam, . 
A. Milne and Daniel 

Joriaa Kendi'i"!!!!! 

John B. Green 

Lemuel W. Wright. . 
William Cumberland. 
J. G. &, J. H. Kendall 
Eliaha Peikina. . . 
S. R-Terndl,... 

., N. Y.. 

RoBcoe, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio.... 
Montgomery Co., Pa 

Normoh, Ct 

New York 


Norwiuh, Cl 

Clinton, N.Y. 

I.eDminBter, Maaa.. . 
Portamouth, N. H.. 
Now in England ■ . . . 

Boiler, atone, forchemicu purpose* 

Boiling Itquida of all kinda 

Brandy, imitating, from domeatii 


Brandy, manufiicturing all kinds 


Brewing apparatus 

Brewing beer 

Brewing from Indian 
Brewing spruce beer. 
Brewing by steam. . . 
Camphor, refiniog. . . 
Camphor, refining. .. 




Candles ., 


Candles, cd ' ' ' >n 
Candles, di 
Candles, di 
Candles, di 
Candlea, di 
Condlea, di 
Candlea, di 
Catidlea. di 
Candle*; di 
Candlea, m 

Thomas Hewiu. 
Robert Hare, M. D... 
Abm. H. I^umcy.. 
Richard M. Beach. 

Henry Moore .. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Boston, Mass . . . 
Franklin, N. Y. . 

Chris. H. Hulter..... 

Arthur Redmond 

R. L. Lloyd and A. 


Thomas Behan..' 

Alexander Andcraon. . 

Williaiin Dezeau 

Harvey Hackley 

Henry Mead 

Job Green 

Joseph S.Sampstm. .. 
Richard Robotham... 
Joaeph S. SampaoD. . . 

Francis Fuller 

James M. Yard 

Philip Farrell 


id moulding.. .' 
ire of, from 

Williwn Miller 

Soranel Stansbury . . . . 

John Aboro 

William Day 

Thomas M. Scott. .. 

John Aborn 

Jamea Zwialer 

Candles, moulds . . 
Candlea, moulds. . 
Candlea, moulds ,, 

CaodleB, motilda . . 

Ebenczer Marsh 

John Drummond 

James Gamble & Jos. 

8. Bill 

Thomas Hewiu. jr... 
Thomas Hewitt, jr.. . 
T.J. Dyre and Antho- 

y Richmond.. . 



Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Norwich, N, Y. . . 

Pen nay 1 Tenia. 


New York 

New Haveo, Cl. ... 
Charlestown, Mass . 1 

Boston, Mass 




Trenton, N, J 

NewYork ^. 




Burlington, N.J. .. 
Gardiner, Me..:.. 
EUla township. Pa. 

Trenton, N.J 



Cincinnati, Ohio. ■ . . 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

lb, Google 





CandlM, moalding 

J. Mooi« ani S. P. 

Richmond, Ta 


Nantucket, Men... 
New Bedford, Man. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . 

Worcester, Man... 

Aug. 1,I8» 

Joseph H.Tuck 

William W. Swain... 

John H.Smith 


Willard Morey. 

Wm. J, Mcintosh.... 

E.M. Chaffee 

Patrick Mackie 

Patrick Mackie 

Charles Ooodyesr.... 

George H: Richards. . 

William itkinson.... 
Arnold, anW of E. 

July 11, 1837 
Jan. 14,1830 

April 1.18*3 
April 9, 1812 
Aug. 15, 1835 

Candles, moulding, sperm 

Candles, ullow and wax 

Candle wick, dipping and cnUing. 
Candle wick— S« CUa 3. 

Roibury, Moss. . . . 


New York city 



Aug. 31, 1S96 
Oct. 16. 1834 

Caoutchouc' divcMing of iti adbe- 

June 17, 1837 
April 11, 1831 

Caoutehouc, spreading uid drying 

Boitrai, Maw 

Lockport. N. Y.... 
Richmond. Va.... 

Jan. ai, 1841 

C- Goodyear, an'ee of 
N. Haywood 

Fe^. 34, 1839 

Not. 16, 1797 
May 28, 1830 

May 17, 1814 

Isaac W. Smith 

Benjamin J. Harris . . 

John Danforlh Green- 
wood and Richard 

Cypnen Poullslier .... 

Chorios Clin ton 

Canon and Robert... 


Charles Fletcher.... 

Daniel A. Bokom... 

Ceiling, fire-proof. 

Cement, orlifieiai stone, &c., form- 



Baltimore, Md.... 
Boston, Man 

Northampton, Man 


Mifflin fnehip. Pa. 
New Hawn, Conn. 

New York, N.Y.. 

Mar«h3, 838 
OcL 98, 835 

Cement, for btocka, piUan 

Aug. isl 1837 
No?. 18, 18S1 

Aog. 1.1834 
Sept. 3,1840 
May 10, 1834 
Sept. 3,1838 
Sept 9,1835 

April 16, 1841 

Cement, chemical, water proof. . . 
Cement, for coffii>s.-^S« CtetSS. 

Cement, compound, rcMnous 

Cement, for corering buildings... 


James Cobum 

Charies Goodyear... 

Samuel Good win,... 

AlerB. McFarlin. 
IWker, Clowes, and 

Cement, lira proof, and water. . . . 

Dec. 30, 1833 

Aug. 37, 1835 
Sept. 9,1835 

Obadiah Parker 

New York city.... 


C«aeD^ hydraulic, from bMoniU. 

EbeneterC. Warner. 
Benjamin Trembly.. 
William H.Smith... 
William H. Chan.. 

Alfred Jeffrey 


Oiarle. Clinton 


0«. 6,1837 

Cements, midting 

June 10, 1844 
April 16, 1845 
Nfay 25, 1844 
April 15. 1843 
Not. 16, 1804 
Mar. 13, 1809 

Cementsftpigmenta, water proof 1 
Cements for preparing msstst . . . 

Csment, (or roofs of houses 

Cement, for roofs of bonsei. 

Cement, for rooft of hooses 

Great Britain 



Sept. 9,183$ 

i« Dot. ), im t One sfkitfkk paMM Ost. S, tM. 


CanMDt, fiHT wtlk, ctUiDga, uid 

Craient, for water 

Cement, waler proof. 

Cement, water proor. 

Caneoi, water proof. 

Cemeni, waier - 

Cement, water proof ._ 

Cement, water, pgiint, or varnish' 
Cement, wood, brick, atooe, or iroi 

A. Soott. 


CaniBs While 

Canvai White 

David M. Randolph.. 
Simeon Ouilford. . . . 
Simeon Guilford .... 
William Y. Singleton 

Ntwbuig. N. C... 



Richmond, Va 

l.ebaiiea. Pa..... .. 

~ i^3d,l" 

Feb. l,18ai> 
Feb. 17, 1821 
Sept. 26, 1821 
Jan. 11, 1836 
Jan. IG, 1627 
Dec 96, 184& 
. Jan. 31, 18S» 

ChloHoe, cosmetic 

Chrome vellow, making 

Chryalallizinittiii -.... 

Cigars, self^niting 

Coloring and hardening w<tod. . . 

Colore jcircoBchei 

Color, for painting 

Color, for painting 

Color, pennanent, for calicoes . ■ . 
Color, preparation, <rf' green. .... 

Color, pre paialion, with lime. • .. 

Color, Bubatilute for indigo 

Color, yellow 

Coloring tials.—SM Clou 3. 
Coloring nutter, manu^ture oP 
Compositiaa for aqueduct pipes. 

Composition, for axJetrees 

Compositioo for bcairings of m. 

Composiiii ., 

Composition for burning m lampt 
Composition, coating metallic -" 

faces to prevent oxidation. 
Compoaition, for copy writing and 

drawing books 

Compoaition, covering the bottom 

of vessels 

Composition, covering hi 
t^oDnposition, cure for ca 
Composition for dressing leather. 


1, for dyeifig the 
1, for flooring houiKa. 
1, for flooring houses. 
] for glazing 

Compoaition for the hair 

Composition for -making brick. 

Composition for making fringe and 
tassel moulds.... 

Composition, for making hals. 

" ■"" "J, of marble, grani 

I, mailer, for fire brick 
1, for medical purposes 
1, mending china 


Cpmposilion, pencils, black lead for 
CtKnpoaition, pencils, points. 

Samuel J. Jones 

David West 

Richard A. Tilghmon. 
OeorgeF. VaiMiine.. 

John March 

Charles F. Spicker... 
William Holleutein.. 
Lawrence Allurne. . . . 


Aug. Boulia 

Baron A. De Carren- 


Jonathan Nichols, jr. . 
Samuel De Riemer. . . 
Tnomaa BedweU. 

Henry Stevens... 
Gideon Myers... 

Aaron Naoh 

I.S. Hill, and... 
Joseph Dixon... 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Hudson, N.Y.... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Albany, N.Y.... 

New York 

New York 





Broad Albin.N.Y.. 
PoughliMpaie, N. V. 

. June 

. Boston, ( w.„ 
. Taunton, i "•"■■■ 

. Cleveland, Ohio 

. New York, N.Y... 

. Shadwell,BD|^d.. 

William A. Rolan . . .. 

Henry Milter 

Augusts Orandiean . . 
Ricbard Robolbam . . 
Louis De Niroth .... 
Tiiomaa and E^hnuo 

Parker .-.. 

Jamca Mackay 

Nathaniel J. Wyelh.. 

Charles Branwhita... 
Frederick Messer. . . 

Louis Matihey 

Christopher W.Fenton 

Robert 8. Bernard 

Harvey Baacom . . 

Jos. Ellia 

Charles Osgood.. 
Guy C. BJdwm. 

. NewYorh.N. Y... 
. Hudson, N.Y. 
. Albuy.N.Y. 

Rowsn coanty, N.C. 



Baltimore, Md... . 


Great Britain 

Cambridge, Mass.. 

NewYork, N.Y. . 
Brooklyn, N. Y.... * 
Benningutn, Vt. , 

Norfolk, Va 

Weston, Mass.. 
Dedham, Mass. . 
Salem, Mbm.... 
Ticonderoga, N. Y. 

36, 1818 
16, 1843 
S4, 1844 
^ 30,1803 
■- 34, 1814 

. 12, 1807 
il 12, 1815 
y 15,1809 
a 30, 1796 

. 38,1837 
r. 38, 1844 
L 17, 1814 
. 31,1845 
y 9,1846 
1. 31, 1839 

Mar. 18, IS4S 
Mar. 14, 1817 
Oct. 8, 1810 

Jan. 24, 184S 
Feb. 38,1844 
April 13, 1794 
Feb. 3, 1897 

Feb. 20, 1844 
April 6,1849 
Mar. 38, 1844 

. 33, 184« 
. 33, 1613 
r. 7.1897 
I. 22, 1837 
;. 17, 1835 
e 10, 1811 
HI 36, 1819 
>. 36, 1814 
I. 9,1836 

lb, Google 

Cwttpowt i °«, pharawuxatifi. . . 

Compoatioa, prspsi&timi for the 

John C. B^. 
Wm. Rmm uid Den- 
nia Dolon. 

Cwnpoaitioii, tor preserving lecithf 
Composition, preserving wood and 


Componlion, pnterriDg shin^eB. 
CoinpoulioD, lo prevent aMorp- 

tion of aaiinal and fi«h oil>... . 
CompoaitioD, prewrving lopea and 

Ccmpoailion, prolecting melallic 

CompoiitioD, tbr taxor bIt^m . . 
ConpoDtion for removing gret 

from dolh 

Compoalion, rendering dolh « 

CooipofltioQ, rcndeiiiig leMfaer wi 

lar proof. 

CampoMdon, for «curvG]r 

Compootion, for •oflening eaai c 

Coraposition, for sUflening bMa. 
CompotitioD, for Btidenliig hole. 
Compoailioa, aubnitiite for joatio 

CoBipontion, for taking 

gbixe of null stoueH . , 
Coiiqi««ilton, fottabtea. 
Compoaiiion, for Ueih. . . 
Compomtiwi, for vauela' bottomi 
CompoiiliDn, for vessels' bottoms 
Composition, (or veaseis' bottoms 
Composition, water and fire proof, 

CompoaitiBii, water proof, for boots 
Coeapoaitioo, water proof, for tea- 

CttmpoaiiioD, water proof^ tor 

lea cloths 

Composition ,water^ioof,for leoth- 


CoBdenser, end heater, for dm 
beUring spirituous liquor. . 
CondeoMT, for stills . . 

itei^roof . . 
. exjdosive power to pr»- 

Ccndeniiag box for wooden still . 

g tub, (improvement 


Condcosing vapours iij distiUaiioa 
Confectionary, applfiog syrup by 

Capperaa, mal 

Nathan Hathaway., 
AmoaSnilaborr. • . • 

Solomon Guess.. 

Charles F. Miller. 
Jamea XJ. Armoor. . 
Abel Seoti and Aloiuo 

Char. Bent and F.Bush 
Labon L, Macomber. 
Frederick Eclcalein ani 
James Mcllhenny. . 
Henry Porter 


Thoroae WUie. . . . 

Jonathan Prait 

William Kossdl, jr.. 
James Rnssell 

Thomas Shurley 
James Boot .... 
RnfuB W. Adam 
Alezander Anderson ■ 

Henry Witaier. 
Noel Blanche. . . 
Robert L, Stuart and 

Akx'r Stoait. .... 
Charity S. Long. . . 
Stephen Dempaey . . 



jm. 96, law. 

14, 1846 

Fairhaven, Mi 

Winchester, N. H. 
Chelmsford, Moss. 
Gardiner, Maine. . , 

St. Clairsville, Ohio 
Middlelown, Conn. . 
New Bedford, Mass. 

New Bedford, Mass. 

. . Feb. 1, 1800 
,. Jan. 1G,ieS4 

. May 33. 1B35 

. No*. 1,1830 

1. Aug- 8, 183T 
.. Mar. 9, 1633 

. Aug. 36, 1845 

. Mar. 33, 184S 

. Aug. 38, 184a 
I. Sept. 38, 1837 

Nov. 8, 1814 
, Nov. 3,1831 
. Jan. 19, 1831 

, . Ool. 1«, 1814 
. April 8, 1835- 

June 10, 1813 
May 10, 1844 
July as, 183» 
Jan. 14, 1809 
Nov. 8, 1819 

. Jan. 6, 1844 
. Sept. 33, 1843 

N, Madison c.h.,Va. 
Faineaville, Ohio . 
Mariboroogh, Vt.. 

Nov. 18, 1814 
May 36, 1834 
Mar. 37, 1819 
Oct. 37, 1813 


Philadelphia, Pa. , 

New York 

Baltimore, Md , . . 

. May 37, 1813 
. Feb. 4, 1813 

, Feb. 1&, len 

by Google 


Conlial, aiuM>Uioua 

Coidial, biRoua 

Cordial, gin 

Cotton seed, for food, prapahng. 
Cough dropa. 

Dead boiiiM, prewrTing.— 
DentriGee, vegeuble... 














Sman Lazania Virginia Dsc 31, I 

Samuel Chambarlain . Maasnchuniu Dec 31 , 1 

Antoine Boucherie . . . Fbiladeiphia, Pa Jan. 31, ] 

Daniel Gillett i Springfield, Maaa. ..[ Sept. 16, 1 

Daliiel E. Smith \ Cornwall, Conn. . . . JuM 30, J 

Sophia Ualier New York Sept. U, ! 

Elijah U. R«id 

Aaron Putnam 

Nathan Read 

Job. Simpson 

Eli Bamum aod Benjfr 








Dialilling .^ 















Dia tilling* 







Diiiilling alcohol 

DietUling alcoholt • 

Dialilling alcohol 

Dialilling all kinda of liquora. . . . 
Distilling alcohol ttoai whiakey. 

. Distilling apparatus 

Dialilling apparatus 

Diatilling apparatus 


Distilling apparatua. 

OiatiUii^ appaiMM 

Jokn Diamond , 

Michael Oaiber, sen. ■' 

Jac. Miller \ 

Andrew Dunlop 


Omri Corner 

John Bales 

John W. Alber. 

Wm. M. B.WoUiaaA 
Hiram P. Bulow. . . 

Naphiali Hart. 

Williain Richaidson.. 

Ezra Talmaee 

Pierce Woods 

David CuUer 

Robert Blaikee. 

Philip Oriemer 

Pred. S. Coizens .... 
Malcolm McDonald.. 
J. Carpenter A3. Roe. 


Abraham Whitaon . . . 
.! Samuel Harwood, 3d. 
,: WUIiam J.Cocke... 

,\ Jamaa Luak 

..WiUiam J.Cocke 

.1 Jamea R. Nance . . . 

.1 William Cooke 

.Charles P. Pisher... 
. Thomas Oallaher . . . 

. John Cairou 

. Jame«K. Jenckg.... 
.1 Lemuel W. Wright. 

. I Jacob Miller 

.1 Lewis JohnMon 

. Feler Swartz, Jr. .... 
. A.R.Eeer&H.HoaTer 
, Lemnel J. Kilbum and 

John Biddia, . 
, John Wright.. 
. John T.Heard 
. Morman dk A. Wdcoti 
. AuguatuaV. H.Webb 

. . . Abm. Hiestand 

. . . Abm. Weaver 

. . . Anioine Boudierie . . 
. .. William Chamberlain. 
. . . Augualua Tobej 
...J WOliunOanbfa 

4 All. », tsn ' I 

Claiksriila, Oa. 
Medford, Mass. 
Salem, Maaa. . . 
Richmond, Va. 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Slaunlon, Va 

Lancaster CO., Pa .. 

Boatoa, Man 

Baltimore, Md 

Enfield, Conn 

Hartford, Conn .... 
Pennaborough, Pn. . 

Oneida county, N.Y. 


Kingston, N.Y 

[^ncasler, Kj 

Frederick co., Md. . 

New York; 

Leonard eo., Ohio . . 


Brandvwine, Pa 


Fayette CO., Fa 


Philadelphin, Pa.... 


1, Va, 

Braintrec, N. Y 

Surrey co., Va 

Butler 00., Ohio 

Cabin Point. Va.... 

Louisville, Ky 

Floyd, Ind 

Southport, N. Y 

Yoik, I^ 

Liverpool, Pat 


Sackelt'aHar. N. Y. 
London, Eiu;1aod. . . 

Lancaster, n. 

Easton, Fa 


Wayneaborougb, Pa Ji 



Boaton, Maaa 

BloamHeld,N. Y... 

New York 


Adams co.. Pa 

Adams CO., Pa 

Vermont >. i 


Waakiilgton, D. C. 

Mar. 1, 
Jan. 29, 
Aug. 36, 
Mar. 4, 

July, 13, 
Dec. 38, 
July 13, 
Mar. 3, 

May ". 

Hot. -'. 
Jan. 96, 
April 19, 


OcL 39, 
June 15, 
July e, 
Sept. 29, 
Mar. 16, 
Feb. 30, 
April 37, 
April IT, 
July 27, _ 
Feb. 19, II 
Jan. 09,11 
Aug. 30, II 
Sept 38, II 
April 15, II 
Oct. 30, II 
Dee. 23, II 
July 30; 1 
Dec. 3T, ] 

Apri!34, I 
Dec. 14, 1 





Aug. 98, IE 
Not. 97, IS 

April 93, U 
Jan. 30, IE 
Mar, 17. IE 
June 31, IE 
April IB, IE 

lb, Google 



DistiBhig apparatus. 

Distilling apptralus. 
ENaltlling apparatua. 
Oiatil I ing apparaloa . 
Diatilling apparalas. 
Distillii^ apponMi. 
Distilling apparatus. 
Distilling apporalua. . 
Distilling apparatus. 
Distilling apparatus. . 
Diatilling apparatus. 
DiBtilling appontas. 
Distilling apjiaratu*. 

Distilling apparatua. , 

Distilling apparalDS for spirits of 

tuntcntine. . ■ . 

Distilling, art of. 

Distilling boiling, meihod of, ap- 


Distilling boiler, double 

Distilling boiler, for 

Distilling and boiling liqi 

Distilling in cast iron stills 

Distilling cold 

Distilling, cooling the nuuh nsed 

the prDCGBB of 

Dialilling, or compound distillation 
Distilling condenser. 
Distilling cordials . , 

Distilling, cylindrical heater 

Distilling, and eraporation 

Distilling, and evaporation 

Distilling, and generating steam.. 

Distilling, from grain r. . 

Diatilling, from grain, by steam. . 

Diatilling, healing liquor i . . 

Distilling machinery 

Disliltiog maise 

Distilling mash, cooling for 

Distilling oil, eswntialand spirits, 

Diatilling, reetiffing 

Disttlling salt water.— Set CstiMui, 

Distilling spirits 

DiBlilliog spirits 

Distilling spirits from com Btalki . 
Distilling apirlti from com stalka. 
Diatilling apirits at one operation . 

Distilling spirit*, still alopa. 

Distilling, by steam 

INsiilling, by steam 

Distilling, by steam 

Kitilting, by steam 

Diatilling, by steam. 

Distilling, by steam 

Kttilling, by aleam. 

Knilting, by steam 

DlitiUii^, by steam, atili. . 
Distilling, by aieaai, wulo 

Jac Shererand Abm 


Levis Leceane 

Isaac Hoffman 

Naman QoodssU 

Amos Blood 

Henry Field 

Fred. Ealisky 

Henry P. Fisher..... 

Uriah Swedand 

John C. Donglan..., 

Charles Otis 

Simeon De Witt 

Joseph T. Dwyer. . . . 
Jomph T. Dwyer. ... 

Benjamin E^esion,ji 


William Eaton 

William Thornton , . . 

John Morns 

Jos. Copplnger 


Lancaster, Pa. . . . . i 

BellSTille, N. J 

Showangnnk, N. Y. 


Boston, Maw...... 


Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Kingston, Pa , 


Tun^hauDock, Pa. . 

Albany. N.Y 

Nashvilla, Tann. . . . 

New Haven, Conn . 
Baltimore, Md . . . . 


New Haven, Ct. . . 
Beaufort, N.C... 

Allen D. Ward.... 

Filch Hall 

Alexan der A nderson 

,ewis C. and FhiUp 


Charles JenksdtAbel 


Aleiander Matthews 
Benjamin Henfrty . . 

Enos Brown 

Simeon ShirUeff. 

David Dewey 

Thomas Belden 

Daniel Jackson 

Anthony Doolittle. . . 
Thomas Whitraneil . 

David Jeweu 

John Whips 



Jac4A Hugos 

Burgess Allison 

John Saunden. 

Jotu. 3haw 

David While 

Sam. Brawn, Ed. West, 

and Thomas West. 
JohaM. BenneH... 

Hex. Carry 

Richard Wilcox 

William Avery 

am Berkley.... 
Alexander Anderson 
John H. Morton, T. 

East Windsor, Ct.. 


Oneida CO., N. Y.. 

, N. Y. . 

SuUiven, N. Y 

Hartford, Conn . . . 

Peru, N.Y 

Ann Arbour, M. T. 
Scotland Neck, N.C. 
Pitiafield, Mue .... 
Jefferson CO., Ky, 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Schenectady, N. Y 

Palmer, Maas 

Fredonia,N. Y.... 

Brooklyn, N.Y... 

New York 

Hali&z towns Ip, Fa. 
Pompey, N. Y..... 
Slraaburg t'wn'p. Pa. 
Lebanon, Ky.. . 

LevngtoD, Ky. . 

Dec. 4,1 
Dec. 3], 1 
June ]3, 1 
July 16, 1 
June IT, 1 
Dec. M, 1 
Sept. 13, 1 
Nov. 18, ] 
Nov. 96, 1 
Feb. IE, 1 
Jan. 30, 1 
Nov. 19, 1 

May 97, 
Dec. 19, 
Oct. 39, 
Oct. 28, 
Mar. 13, 
Nov. 21, 
May 14, 






Jan. 33, 
July 5, 
July 5, 
Aug. 18, 
Dk. 38, 
Nov. 10, 
Sept. 3, 
Jan. 94, 
April 92, 

May H, 1 
May 17, 1 
July 6.1 
Fed. 7, 1 
Nov. 13, ] 
June 17, 1 

July fl. 
May I, 
Feb. 16, 
April 3U, 
Jan. 14, It 
May 13, If 
April 5, It 
&lay 90, If 







alill Tor . . 
stiU for . . 
still for . , 
Btill for . . 
B(ill for . . 
slill for . . 

stilt for. . 
Bttll for. . 


Distill iog, 
Distil ling, 

Distilling, still, comJenaer Thnmas 0. Conner, 

Distilling, still, condensing tub. . . Jamea Wbeailev. 
"■-•■'!■"" -:"—*;•( Cooldng, Claf>5. 

sUll fc 

Still for 

still for 


still for 

Slill for 

still for 

still for 

Slill for 

Mill for. 


still for, or boiler for.. . 
slill for, and boiler for. 
still, boiler, tuid worm. 
slill, boiler, and setting: 

J«lin Kineaid 

Michael Crafft 

WilJiom Paine 

John Stifles 


Lewis Geaiily 

William Wigh ton.... 

Suphen Steward 

Edward Richardson . . 
William Thornton... 

Henry Witlmer 

Hiram Whitcomb 

John J, Giraud 

CharleaF. Fisher.... 


Robert Gillispie 

Jos. White 

Montgomery Stevens. 
B. J. Kellenback 

John N&ylor 

Thomaa Wealon 

John Miller & B. Cle- 



New York 


New Jersey ..... 
Walpole, H. H.... 
Frederick town . . . 
Waahingion, D. C. 
Lancaster, Pa. . . . . 

Cornwall, Cl 

Baitimore, Md.... 

York, Pa 

Richmond, Va .. . . 

Seneca, N.Y 

Baltimore, Md 


Boaton, Maaa. . . . . 

NewYork , 

Lampeter lown'p,! 
Lancaster, Pa. . . . i 


Richmond, Va. , , , , 
Peadiam, Vl 

. Cl* 

Distilling, still, copper.*. 

Distilling, atill double, perpelua]. 
Distilling, Bltll, and evaporator.. 
Distilling, alill. and furnace, settiti 

Dialilling, atill heada 

Distilling, atill heads, quilted clotb 

ii^for copper 

DiatiJling, atill, and large ket^cs. 

Distilling, atill, perpetual. . 
Dialilling, atill, perpetual pi 
Distilling, atill, pipee of tin plate, 

Dialilling, still, and rolauve aleam 


Dialilling, atill. 
Distilling, atill. 

Dietilli „. 
Dialilling, atill, i 
Distilling, stilt, i 
Distilling, alill, 1 
Distilling, still, i 
Distilling, Biill, 

and water boiier 

Distilling, siiU, steam or ato 
Distilling, atill, Bi«am and 

Distilling, still, ateam and 

distilling, slill, aleam and 

I and boilers . 
1 & condenser 
L & condenser 
I, perpetual . . 
I , perpetual . . 
n, jncrpetaal, 

John Wright & DaTid 


John J. Giraud 

Rob. Oilkspie 


Edw, Richardson . . 

Charles Jenks 

Israel Wood 

Simeon Elmery 

B. J. Kellenback... 

Thomas Ewbank.. . 

Stedman Adams,.., 

Samuel Bacon 

Jamea G. Foley. ;. . 

Jac. Decker 

Richard Sealy 

Benjamin Hall 

lonaviJle, N.C. 


Fauquier CO., Va. . . 


Baltimore, Md 

Seneca CO., N.Y... 

Lancaster, Pa. 


. E. Windsor, Ci 

. Massachusells. . , . 
. Philadelphia, Pa. . 
. Philadelphia, Pa. . 

. NewYork 

. Hartford, Cl 

. IiBiieaboruugh, Mass 
. Harriaburg,Te 
. Green, N.T'., 
. Newark, N.J. 
. New Haven, Ct. ... 
. Baltimore, Md. 
. Baliimort, Md. 

Feb. Uim 
Aug. i,lJtB 
Jan. 30, ISU 
. June 38, 1807 
Dec. 13, 18V7 
Sept 19, 1811 
Nov. M, 1612 
June S6, 1613 
July 12, 1813 
April 9,18U 
Jan. 31, 1615 
Jan. 15, 1816 
June IT, 1816 
Oct. 17,1829 
Jan. 17, 1837 
June IS, 1837 
Dec. 24, 1833 
Jon. 30,1834 
Jan. 19, 1804 
Mar. 31, 18M 
Feb. 13, 1815 

June 34, 1838 
July 9, 1807- 
Nov. 13, 1813 

. Pbarea Bernard.. 

lestowD, N. Y. 
. Washington «).,N.Y 

April 4,1633 
Dec 33, 1810 
AprU 2, 1810 
Aug. 31, 1813 
Dec 16, 1803 

April 25, 18)3 

, Feb. 21, 1804 
, April y, 1833 
, Aug. 6, 1831 

, 3,1811 
July 25, 1811 
May 13, 1814 
May 15, 1811 
Mar. 34, 1814 

Nov. 17, 1810 
Jan. 16,1811 
4, 1811 

by Google 


OiatiDing, ttSI, luam ud ii 

I>ieUnine, slill, stemn and n 

DiBtilling, slill tub 

Distilling, atill, wooden 

nisUIItng, Blill, wooden 

Distilling, alill, worm for 

DUtilling, still, worm for*.. . . 
DifitLlling, turpentine, lor, Ac. 
Distilling, by using the escape 

slesm of a steam engine ' 

Distilling, vapor condeofer 

Distilling whiskey 

Distilling whiskey from com 

Distilling, tronn, Mhr 

Diatilllng, worm, atodenalng tin, 

sheet, copper 


Diatillenea, boilers for 

Diatitleriea, boilers, anthrscile coal, 
setting for 

Distilleries, and breweries, wash- 
ing machine for 

Dropsy and epilepsy, cure for. . . . 

Dye, blue 


Dying, with alkaline pnisaialea. . . 

Dying, with alkaline pmssiatca, . . 

Dying, with alkaUne prussiates. . . 

Dying, on of 

Dying black, mordant for. 

Dying cotton in the staple, or col- 

Stephen Stiltwell.. , 

Isaac Bennitt 

Charles Jenka 

John J. Giraud 

Chester Cooke 

John G. Webb,. . . . 
William A. Rapp . . 

Davis Embree. ... 
William Howe.... 

Silas Smith 

Daniel Lampson. . 

Hartford, Ct 

Bainbndge, N. Y. . 

NewiowD, Ct. 

E. Windsor. Ct... 
Baltimore, Md.... 

Paris, N.Y 

Waietford, N. Y. . 

John Taylor 

Henry Becker... 
Thoraas Pierce... 

John LoTatl 

New Richmond, 0. 


Genesee, N. Y . . . . 
Perrysburg, N.Y.. 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

. Dec 3, ISIX- 

June 36, 1B31 
Dec. 13, ie08 
April 35, 1S12 
Aug. 3, 18;3 
Jan. 11, 1823 
Feb, 11, 1834 
Dec. <,ieXS 

Dec. 3, 1837 
. April 6, 180S 
May 33, J81& 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

. Feb. 27, 181» 
. Mar. 17, 1839 

Leonard Beatty. . . . 

Johns. Fall 

John Pearson 

Harmon Hibbanl. . . 

Felix PoBsard 

Felix FoBsard 

Felix FoBsard 


Dying fOia, wool, and hair i 

Dying hair of seal skins 

Dying hats 

Dying hats 

Dying hats 

Dyii^ bats, and airing frame, hat 

Dying leather.— See Choi 16. 

Dying nankeen 

Dying and printing, with two Oi 

more colors at one impression. 

Dfing and printing woollen clothj 

Dying silk 

Dying litk 

Dying silk 

Df mg silk, and linidung. 

Dying silk .*!•..• 

Dying wool 

Dying yarn from the beam') . . . . 
Byiog yam , maciiinery for 

ByNniery, dyepepay, &e 

■Addltiaiuii impiDTCiatniiJIpnl? 

Israel Taylor. . 
Morris Burt. .. 
Aaron Gould.. 

May 17, 1816 
Rattle>nakeSp>gs,Ch Nov. 35, 1831 

Connecticut Mar. 3, 1800 

N. Y May 2, 1843 

Pitisbiirg, Pa. :Dec 14,1832 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . .' April 23, 1834 
Philadelphia, Pa. ...; Nov. 7, If " 

Patlaraon.N.J April 31, II 

Lowell, Mass.* AprJI34,1841 

Albany, N. Y. 

Trenton, N.J 

Warwick, N.Y... 
Washington, Ct. .. 

Nov. 11, 1831 
Mar. 14, 184« 
Nov, 16, 1336 
Aug. 31, 1^4 

NorriaL. Canfield. .. Willon, Ct. Mar. 14, 1 

AdolphusG. Trott... NewYork Feb. 11,1 

Jartiea Rennie Lodi.N.J Aug. 

William Duncan BeUville, N.Y Sept. 1 

AbnerSteams W. Cambridge, Mass Mar. 32, II 

William Barrett June 27, 180» 

~1)os. Harrison and R. 

Pierpont NewYork Oct. 18,1614 

Abner Steante & Wm. 

Barreti W.Cambridge ,.'Mas> Jan. 30,1818 

Abner Sieorns ^b Wm. 

Barrett Boston, Maai. . 

Reuben Wood Eris.N.Y 

Frederick Pbnner Providence, R. I . . 

Abner Siesma &■ Wm. 

Barrett W.Cambridge, Mass J 

FelixFoaeard Philadelphia, Pa. . * 

William Spencu' Lowell, Maes. , 

ikeag Manufact'g 
, asa-nee of Wm. 

A. Burke 

Truman Powell 

aae. tBatwwdMarW.lBtli aUftloaal !■»% April IT, IMl. 

by Google 



Elixir, r«Morolive 

Blixir, vegetable 

Evaporating boiler. 

Eraporating furnaee 

Eraparaiiiie fUmaee 

BvaporBLil^ liquids 

Eti4>*'^*'"S T*"' "' Turnacc. . . 
Evapor&ting v«a*ela to carry c 



Julea Rucco 

Hirvev Frink.... 

Samuel Cooley 


John Richardson . . 
John Richardson.. 

Charles Sholea 

AugualuB Kolb.. . . 

John C. Douglas. .... 

Thomas Arnold 

Thoa. Bedwetl and B 


Samuel T. Harrison . ^ 
, J.J.MapesandW. A. 

Exlracla, making 

Extraciing color ftomdyewooda. 


. Bal(imor«, Md.... 

. Northampton, Mas 

. Bolton, Ct 

. NewYork 

. NewYork 

. NewYork 

~ pa, N. Y 

. Sleubenville,Ohia.. 

innati, Ohio. . . 

. Mar. 29, IBIT 
.. June «, I8U 
, Nov. 13, 1803 
" ■ . 1, ISflB 
I. 13, 18tt 
. ApHl 4, 1603 
. Julv Se, 1836 

. Jan. 11, laas 

Fermenting and distilling spirits . 
Fermentation, vinous proceaa of 


Fluid, blue for vrriling 

Fomcn tation ^ preparing & apply ing 

Freeieni, artificial 

Friction matches 

Furnaces. — Ste Clou 5, 


T. Close &J.C.Sanfoid 
Laurena Kent. . 
Asa Johnson. . , 
William Elder. 
Ira Belknap .... 
Isaiah Slowell.. 

NewYork, N.Y.. 


Dorset, Vt 

Northumberland , Pi 
New BrunflwickjN.) 

Milleraburg, Pa 

Manchealer, N. H.. 

Jan. 11, iei» 
Aug. 21, 1899 
July ao, lBfl7 
Feb. 5.1836 

. JbIt Ifi, 1841 
. Nov. 7. 1839 
. Aag. 30. 1833 
. Sept. 9, 1843 
" ■ 3, 184* 

Oalvanic electricity, applied to the 
BurbM of the human body.. . 

Galvanic fluid, curing diseases. . 

Galvanic fluid, curing diseasea. 

ChJvanism, for saliTation 

Ooa, aDtiseptic 

Gai, apparatuB for generating* . 

Qaa, corbureUed hydrc^n 

Oai, eombusiiblB 

Qaa, inflammable, during thscom- 
buBlion of anthracite coal. 

Oas, improvement Jn the manu- 
facture oft 

Qas, lamp. — Set Claat 5. 


Gas light, from cotton seed 

Gaa, manufacturing, for illumina- 
ting, generating, &c., lighL.,.. 

Gas, manufacturing from oil 

Gas, manufhetorii^, by spirit lamp 

Gaa metres. 

-Gas metres 

Gas metres, aelf'actii^, dry. ..... 



Gaa, purifying, for illumination. . 

Gelatine, pr^iaralion i>f, porlaUe. 

Gim, mining , 

Glue, fish 

Glue, nunufiKtnring 

-Glue, manufacturing 

-^aa, DMumfaeturing. 

. Daniel Harrington.. . . 

Daniel Harrington — 

Daniel Harrington 

Daniel Harrington. . . . 

William PhcebuB 

J.G.M. Picomcll... 

Amariah Pierre 

Benjamin Kugler 

William GarneU 

M. Word and R. W. 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 



Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 

. BaTlimore, Md... 

. Mar. 31, 1B3S 

. April 8, 1835 

. Jul; 33, 1833 

. Jan, 27, 1834 

. June 9, I80T 

. Mot. 34, 1803 

. June 37, 1646 

. April 33, 1816 

. Dec. 37, 1831 

. Jan. 19, IStt 

Joseph Boston 

Solomon Andrews. . . 
Solomon Andrews.. . 

Henry Robinson 

Chris'r F.Brown... 

Samuel Cl^ 

Henry B. Williom« . 
James Bogardua . . . . 

Daniel Garnet 

Peter Cooper 

EraslusV. Pieeman. 

Daniel Waldron 

John H. Marie. 

Peter Cooper 

Jonatban Ho^an. , . 


Perth Amboy, N.J. 
Perth Amboy, N.J. 

Boston, Maaa 

Baltimore, Md 

Great Britain, Eng. . 

Baltimore, Md 




ti'^Y't^i'.' '.'.'.'.'. 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 




Feb. 11, 1831 
April IS, 1831 
May 5,1831 
Mar. 10, 1831 
June 33, 1843 
Sem. 93, 1838 
June 11, 1830 
Oct. 7,1834 
June 37, 1840 
June 10, 1845 
April 10, 1811 

. AprdlO, 
. Mar. 4, 
. Oct. 


CBSMIlCAl- WJI^pf9^a, fep. 

Quni ckslic, for veneli. — Set Cloja 7. 


Siib« Smith 

William A. Parksr, 
CbnrlesQoodrear. . 

Wew York, K Y. 

Hew York 

Accomack CO., Va.. 
RoxbiU7, Maaa. 

Ctum, aea«gBl, subatiMte for*. . 
Qypaiua, applied lo dat ~ 
Bemp prepiuBtioa. . . » 

Hemp preparation 

Hemp rotting. 

Hose, conatructioQ or. 

Ice, accumulating.— 5u Closi ..._ 

Igoiting powder, and other mb- 
■ttkncea, by applying hydrogen 
gBB Mid platinn. 

Incruatatian in >team boilen, pre- 

India rubber.— &< Clan 32. 

India rubber Tabrica 

India rubber fobricji 

India rubber, manufacture of. ■ . 
India rubber, manufBClure oC. • 
India rubber, ahinring mociunet . 
India rubber, Boltenidg previous 


India rubber Ihreada, machii 

TValier Leveiidee . 

J. Flint and C.Milla-. 
Richard Deering, sen. 
ThomsaH. Bailow.. 
Geo. W. Billings and 

John HarriaoQ ; Glaagow, Mo. 

Horace H. Day Jersey City, N, J.. 

Dorchester, Mau. . 
New York. K. Y. . 
Louiaville, Ky. ... 
Lexington, Ky.... 

Feb, S8, 18» 
Dec 15, im 
Nov. 4, in 
July 34, im 

Aug. 8,1837 
Mar. i, 1836 
June 35, 1S45 
Jane 35, 184& 

Alexander Jonea. 
S. D. Anthony and D. 

Nelson Goodyear. . 
Charles Goodyear. . 
Stephen C.Smith., 
Ntison Ooodyeor.. 
James Bognrdua . . . 


India rubber ahreda, niBchine foi 


Ink, black, making 

Ink, indelible writing 

Ink, printers' 

Ink, printera' , 

Ink, writing 

Iron , protecting f^-om oxidation. . , 

Isinglosa, or idithyoeoUo. 

J. W. Harmon.. 

, Horace H. Day. 

I H. a. Tyre & J. Helm 

James Bognrdus. 

Peter Ferris 

Thomas J. Spear. 

Berry Chew 

Edward Clark... 

John D. Myers. . 

Palmer Sumner and P. 

William Hall... 

Joseph Hastings, . . 

Wm. Norwood, John 
BuniB, Jabez Howe, 
and Josiah Haikell. 

William Gates 

Alfred Slillman 

Joseph Hastings. . . . 

John G. Mini 

H. A. Amelung..... 

Ebenezer Wilson. . . . 

Jqpan, applied to leather 

Jmces, saccharine, eraporating, 


Lampblack, making 

Lard, preparing ,. 

Lard, rendering 

Laid, or tallow, converting iL._ 

sepuats snbstancea i Benjamin Lapham.. 

Leaching ashes Garret Ctementa... 

Leaching ashes | Elijah Williiuns, . . . 

Lead, carbonate of, ' Charles Ripley 

Lead pipes, method of tbniog....' R- W. Lowber, bsb' 
of Ward, Selden, & 

Lead, red.. . . 
Lead, white . . 

Lead, white . . 

Lead, white . , 
Lead, white , . 
Lead, white . . 

Kneeland . 
. Samuel Witherill, jr. 
. Samuel Witherill, jr. 

. Eliidw Oe Butts 

, James Welsh & Thos. 

. Geoige F. Hsgncr. 
. Edward Clark.... 
. Joseph Richards.. 

New York, N.y.. 

Newtown, Ct... 



Newlown, Ct. ., 

New York, N. Y, . 
Jersey City, N. J. I 


Greenwich, Ct .... 
New Orleans, La.. 
New London, Ct.. 
Brooklyn, N.Y... 


Gloucester, Mass. . . 
Hanover, N.Y. , 


Cembridge, Mas 

Philadel^ia, Fa. 

Alton, III , 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lexington, Ky 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Westfield, N. Y.... 
SaugerUes, N. Y,.., 

April 33, 1834 

Dec. an, 1846 

. May 13, 1645 
. June 10, 1B4& 
. April 33, I84& 
. NiT. 21, 1845 

Jan. 15, 1846 
June T, 1845 

, Nov. 91, 184S 
. Dec. 5, 1843 
. June 16, 1841 
. Jane 38, 1810 
. July 5, 1845 
. Sept. 36, 1835 

. Oct. 18, 1839 
. Mar. 33, 1833 
. Aug. 14, 1833 ^ 

Jan. 31, 1834 
Nov. 14, 1835 
Aug. 17, 1843 
Aug. 15, 1836 
Nov. 13, 1844 
Nov. 13, 1844 
Oct. 9, 1644 

Mar. 1, 1833 
June 10, 1837 
Jan. 9, 1838 
July 11, 1837 


Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Baltimore, Hd... 

Philadelphia, Fa. . 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

. Aug. 15, 1814 
. Oct. 13, 1817 
, Mar. 38, 1818 
May 38, ISIS 




IiMd, wbhe.. 

}, while 

Lead, while 

I.ud, white" 

Lead, while 

Luul, while 

LMd, whiu 

Lead, while 

I.ead, whiu, mannbctnre of. ■ 

Lead, while, manabcture of. 
Laad, white, mannhctuie of. 
Lead, white, preparing white lead 

Lead, while, leparBline the oxide 

of lead 

Lead, white, separating die oxide 

Lend, white, and Parii white . . . 

Lead, white, Krseiiing 

Lead, while, waihin^ 

Lead, while, and white flake.. .. 
Ley, cleaoEin^, melting polaah . . 

Light, extracting from fuel 

Light, eKtrocting from fire 

Lighl, and heat, etnerating 

Iiight, producing by a combinatioi 

of liquida 


of liquids, to lampa wilhou t wicka 
Light, from atone coal gas, 

Lime, hydraulic 

Homer Holland 

Edward Clark....... 

Joseph Richards 

Peregrine Phillips. . . . 
William Cumberland, 

Homer Holland 

Chas. Bullonand Har- 
rison Q. Dyar. 
Smith Oanliler. . 
Horace Cory. . 

Junes N. Trovillo. . . . 

EdwBi^ Clark 

Edward Clark 

Cyrus Walrous . 

Samuel Withenll,i[ 
Samuel Witherill, ji 
Alexander Hamilton-. 
Jonathan Jones. ■ , 
Benjamin Henfry. 
Isaiah Jennings. . 
H. L. Bamum.... 

Isaiah Jennings. . 

Liquids, skimming 
Liquor, cooling. . . 
Liquor, delermming the strength of] 

Lotion, magie I 

Magnesia, medicated, liquid 
Magnesia, medicated, liquid. 

Magnesia, preparing 

Magnesia, jireparing 

Maft, washing 

Marble, granite, ftc., artiiidal. . 
Mash, cooling, for disiiHaiion.. 
MMh, machine for distilleries. . 
^atch lights, and boxes 

Melcbes, tHctioB 

Matches, IViction. >..... . 

Matches, friction, compositiofi of 

Matehss, friction, comp 

Mslchce, IrictioD, oomposition 

Matches, fridira, prereniingac 

dental miition 

Hatches, Trielion, reiaiaing Gre . 


Robert Leckie 

Jos, H. leaning 

William Henry 

Charles Harrivol 

David Lowndes 

Willism Comelf 

John Hopkins 

John Callan 

Richard Jordan Sl M. 


William Dunn 

William Dunn 

William Ellis 

Louis Matthew 

Thomas WhitemeH . . 
Warhsm Whitney..', 
Richard Allison and N, 

S. Allison 

Alonio D.Phillips... 
K. Asherd.. 

JohnH. Stevens 

Norman T. Winans, 
Theodore & Thadde- 

Norman T. Winsns, 
Theodore A Thadde- 
us Hyatt 

N. Haven lowifp.O. i 

NewYork ' 

Saugeriies, N. Y, . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Campbell CO., Ky,.. 
New York city. . . . 
Westfietd, Mass.... 

London, England.. 



Chrisliansburg, Va, . 

Sauganies, N. Y . . . 

Saugeriies, N, Y 

Orolon, Ct 

Philsdei|Aia, Pa. . . . 
Philaddphia, Pa. . . . 


FabiQs,N. Y 






OMreetowN, D. C. 
WosKingtoD, D. C. 
Davidson co., Tenn. 

Lsporle, lad 

Baton Rouge, La. . 


Brooklyn, N. Y... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Philadelphia, Pa... 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

New Jersey. ...... 

Brooklyn, N. V. . . 
Scotland Ne.k,N.C. 1 
Roohesiar, N. Y 


New York, N. Y. . 

New York, N.Y... 

New York, N. Y. . 

uM, IBXi siUadsd Nov. ]«, 1643, 1 


Mead, carbonaled 

Mead, carbanated, satBapariUa. 
Mead, compoailioD 

Mead, nraaparilla , poiiable. 



Medicine. • • • • ■ • • 





Medicine, admioistenTigibj. 
Medidne, anli-dyaentenc. . ■ 
Medicine, anLt-spumodic tineiure. 
Medicine, astringent lon*- 
Medicine, bitter tonic. . 

Medicine, bolanie 

Medidne, canker dtvp* 

Medidne caaea 

Medicine, componnd tincture of 

Medicine, ctira for the bit 

mad dog. 
Medidne, cure for cholera> 

Medicine, cure for cholera. 

Modicine, diajdioTetic or (wealing 


Medicine, for ecrofiila, &c 
Medicine for the treatment of ay- 

philia, Ac 

Medidne, worm destroying. 

Metafile compound for sheathing 

Metallic solution, for presernng 

Mioend waUr, apparatus 

Minenl water, apparatus 

Mineral water, artiiida] 

Minenl water, ftmily fountain. 

Bdineral w 

r, giving temperature 

Mineral water, 
MiDeral wat«r, 
Mineral water. 

Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water, 
Mineral water. 

Mineral wata, a 

muiufaclurine. . . . 
•atuialing wab fix. 

Seidliiz orRoehelle 
. soda apparatus. 

■oda apparatus. 

soda apparatus . 

soda ai^iaralua. 

soda apparatus. 
, todaappanto*. 

soda apparatus. 

soda appanUas. 

soda fountain . . 

Stephen Blaiadell. . . . 
Geone W. Carieton. 
Jehu He ' " 

Benjamin Roop. . 
James Heaton. . 
John Schieflelin. . 
T. T. Kimball and A. 

H. While 

Jonas C, Brigfaam. 
Samuel Thompson 

Filzgerald.Bird .... 

John Dent 

Jos. Baker 

Charles Whitlow , , 
John a. Vought. . . 
Horlon Howard . . . 

Horton Howard 

Morton Howard . . . 
Samuel Thompson . 
Darid Holbrook . . . 
Allen Haninglon . . 

Horton Howard... 
Blixabelh 9toy, execu- 
trix of Wm, Stoy. 

Jacob Houck 

Anthony Htuin, aei 

John Rerere. 

Webster Floeton.... 
James S. Ewing . . . . 
Samuel Fahneatoclc. . 

Joseph Hawkins 

Qarral E. Psndergast 

Brunswick, Me. 

Bath, Me 

StillwaleT, New York 


New York 


Dedbam, Mass 

Methnen, Mas* 

Surrey, N.H 

Hebron, Com) 

New London, Conn . 

Boston, Mass 

Hancock, Qa. 

Aogusta, Oa 

Jeflerwinlowns'p, O, 


Roche«er, N. Y. , . , 
Columbus, Ohio. . . . 
Columbus, Ohio.... 
Columbus, Ohio.... 
BoMon, Msaa. 

Cd'ambos, Ohio. . . 

Lebanon, Pa. . . . 
Baltimore, Md . . 

Joseph Hawkins. . 
Bcniamin Marahsll. 
WifUam Mead. . . . 
Charles D.Simmons A 

J. J. RundeU. 
Joseph Boston. 

Justus Periuns 

John Ambler, jr. 

AtoDZO L. SiBith 

Noah H. Coleman . . . 
Ambrose Char<4i .... 
Oeoixe H. DuSey. . . . 
Joseph H. Laning. . . . 
James Fraley and A. 


Jacob Ebert and Oeo. 


Great Britain, Eng. 


Lancaster, Pa 

Baltimore, Md . . . . 
Philaddphia, Pa. . . 


Albany, N.Y 

Newbu^, N.r... 





NewBertJn. N. Y.. 

Brutus, N.Y. 


Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 


Mar. 18, 1843 
May SO, 1343 
June 3, 1837 
May S, 1844 
Jaly 38, ldI9 
July 19,1834 

Sept.36, 1S35 
July 35, 1833 
Mar. 3,1813 
Nov. 34, 1830 
Mar. 37, 1833 
Jan. S8, 1833 
April 16, 1^8 
July 3,1938 
May 5, 1831 
Feb. 16,1835 
Dec. 4, 1831 
Aug. 35, 1832 
Aug. 35, 1S3S 
Aug. 35, 1833 
May 6, 1836 
Mar. as, 1814 
July 16, 1811 

Aus- 35, 1833 

Jane 9, 1809 
Oct. 35, 1833 
Aug. 13, 1S33 

Mar. 34, 183J 

Feb. 16, 1837 
Feb. 10, 1817 
Apiil 33, 1819 
Sept. 7, 1809 
Aug. 18, 1815 

ApHI 5, IffiS 
Dee. 5, 1815 
April 13, 1631 

April 1 

16, 1810 
. _. , S, 1833 
June IB, 1890 
May 3, 1831 
June 13, 1831 
June 13, 1831 
July 30, 1B31 
July SO, 1831 
April 19, 1S39 
Jane 33, 1333 

Hay 9,1832 

Apra34, 1633 

lb, Google 


r, lodK fouDlain . 

Mineral valer, loda fountain . . . . 
Minenl waler, soda founlain, por- 


Oila, animal, purlTying. 

Oil, bene 

Oil, cailor, clarifying 

Oil, caalot. 

Jowph BmIod Mid T. 


Lanaing B. Swan . . ■ . 

Lemuel B. While. . 
Alfi«d Traband. . . . 

William Few 

John Hallock 

Timothy Ftioro. . . . 

Oil, cotton aeed 

Oil, cotton Beed, purifying 

Oil, extracting 

Oil, ex(rac4ing, from flax seed 

Oil from roiin ' 

Oila, fiih and other, proceia of. 

eleanaing : 

Oil, Oax teed 

Oil of hazze, preparation of. 
Oil, infuaing into leather. . . . 

' Oil, lamp, purifying 

Oil, linseed, for Tamiah 

Oil, Unaeed, substitute for . . 
Oil, poppy aeed 

Oil, refining 

Oil, sod, for le&ther. . . . 
Oil, aperm, clarifying.. 
Oil, aperm, vhale, coUon aeed.&c , 


Oil, and spiriia of turpentine, pre- 

Oil, auMtilute for^ in mixing paint 

Oil. and sugar, boiler, for reSning . 

Oil from the sun flower ...... 

Oila, volatile, for illumioationi, 
modes of using 

Oik, whaleand spermaceti, method 
ordetectiog ad mixtures and adul- 
terations of 

Oil, whale, clarifying 


Ointment, (on Judkins'i,). 

Ointment, for cancer 

Ointment, cure of diseases. 

Ointmem, mercurial, machines for 

Ointmenls foi ^ 

Oleaginous seeds, preparing for 


Oxjmumte ol 
Faint, brown,, . 
Faint and cotws, prepariog. . 

Thomas Paul 

George P. Diggei 

Gideon Palmer. 

John J. Oiraud 

Charles Whiting,... 

David Dodge 

JohnG.Gebhard ... 

David C. Knapp, Chs 
H. Knapp, and Allci 

William T. Clough .i 

Patrick Fitz Simmons 
C. How P. Brewster 
and John Johnston . 
Preswick and Fisher 

Henry Guest 

Eli Fourestier 

N. S. Parmentier . . . 
Todd and Peabody.. 

Dan. Markum 

Lewis Mecesne 

John L. Embree .... 

Cincinnati, Ohio... 
New York. H.Y., 

New York. 

Burlington, N. J 

Tuckerlon.N. J... 

New York 

Baltimore, Md, .. . 
Albemarle, Ta. , .. 

New York 

Maqsachu sells . . . . 
Hamilton, Mass. . . 
New York 

Aug, 9.13» 
' Not. 21, 1B4S 
Mar. I, 1809 
Nov. 5, 1B18 
' Feb. S, IKS 
Mar. 4, 1634 
Feb. 23, 181 1 
Dec. 16, 1830 
' Dec. 14, 1830 
I Aug. 14, 1833 
'Mot. 2.1799 
May H,1527 
'Pei>. (,1800 

I West Troy, N. Y. .; April 4, 1846 
) Moreto'n, Colchea- 
! \ terAChittenden V(. A 

New York .. 
I New Jersey. . 

Horace H. Hayden. 
Charles E. Buggies. . 

Geoige Poyzer 

Richud Robotbam.. 

PhiUdelphia, Pa.... 
' Philadelphia, Ph.... 
' Washington, D.C.. 

Lenox, N. Y 

I New York 

New York 

Bollimort, Md. . ■ 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

John Q. Pendergast . . 

L.J.Van KleeS 

William A. Arch bald. 
Charlea A. Bamilz . . . 

B. F. Greenougb 

John W. Harris .... 
Benjamin Folger. . . . 
William Judhins. .... 

Nathan Shepherd . . . 

Ellas Gilman 

Wm. Waller Gray... 

May 94. 1838 
Aug. 17, 1S35 
July 16,1801 
Not. it, 1808 
Jan. 30, 1809 
July T, 1835 
Dec 9, ISM 
June 93, 1813 
June 13, 1831 

Not. SG, 1893 
July aO, 1699 
. May 10, 1805 
. Aug. 14, 1799 

NewYork Dec. 96,1832 


Pougnkeepsie, N. Y. 


Spring Garden, Pa. . 

July 9,1810 
Not. 93, ISSB 
May 99, 1S98 
Oct. 90,1830 

Boston, Mass Nov. |5, 1843 

Dorchester, Mass.. 
Hudson, N. Y, . . . 

Belmont CO., Ohio. 

Licking, Ohio 

Richmond, Va.,,, 


James Creawell j Piusburgh, Pa. . . . . 

Lucius Cook ! Shrewsburg, N. H. . 

Jonaa Kendalls | Lincoln, taiMa 

. Thomas Miller, jr. . . .\ Madison CO., N. Y. . 
•I Henry Alexander. ...;Baltimore,Md 

June 36, IBU 
July 9, 1830 
Mar 31, 1836 
Mar. 18, 1B35 

July 31, 1837 
April 30, 1B39 
Jan. 38, 1830 
;Jan. 9£, 181S 
Jan. 14,1813 

by Google 

■rint,M(iVMti»n. ". 

Btwt, Dompontion 

ninl, compoaition 

F«uil,eoiniM>BiliDii,foi<lrriiig. ... 

Piitti, Mmpoution of maiter Eur. . 

P«inl, or oomposUioD of maUai for. 

Mid labricttil^ ships' wa^a for 

Philip A. _ 
HTHibbwti. . 


NMhan Uemenwaf. 
ChMxUer Metcolf. . . . 

Paioi, coDipoailiiHi, metallic oxide 

Faini, cr compoailioii, rend 
siJk, &A,, water proof. 

Paint, c«mpoailion, stoce 

Paints, for fire and water proof. 
Pninc, galianic, protecUiv iron 

}Wia or pignwiiu, inprovoment 

WhilBHn Mead... 

Forrest Stiepberd. 
Eliaba Window, Tbo- 
nuB Chandler, John 


zekiah W 
EUaha Skinaer snd 

John Wdieier. 
Joseph Weisman . 

Paint, &c., 

la for preserving. 

Pain 1, making ores into 

PsiBt, making ores inio 

paini, mixing 

Paint, for plutered walls.... 
Paint, protection of buildings, 
.Paints, water proof 

Paint, while, mode of preparing. . 

Paint, while, water court 

Faint, yellow , 

Pt*te, Italian, maccaroni 

Peart aah, making, without ot 

Psarl ash 

Pigment, blsx^, for prinking 


Pigment, black, from anthracite 

Pille, &c., mode of counting. — Stt 


New Baliimon, Va. 


Ehtjloi}, Ohio 


Lewis KnapE 

Francis G. BpiUbiuyj 
Fanny Corbaux, and 
Alexander S. Byrr* 

John Band ......... 

Robert Nicholson. . . 

Borden WUbor 

Jonaihon Linnell, jr. 
Alexander Thompson 

Louis Paimboeuf 

Thomas E. Warren. , 

Henry C. Otto 

PoTTCBt Shepherd. .... 
B. A. DeCarendelfez. 

Jacob Houck 

John B. Sarton. 

Gieanmch, Conn.- 


Citizen United Slates, 

DOW in Eoelaiid. .| Sepl. II, 18^1 
Bairdstown, Ky. .. .j June 23, 1613 
Wbiteato»n,N.Y.. Feb. 10,1814 

Orleans, Miss Mar. 36, 1831 

Bethanv, N. Y ] Feb. 3, 1838 

Washmgion, D. C. . Nov. 11, 18S7 

Troy, N. Y Mar. 15, 1845 

PhiladeMua,PB....lFeb. S6, 1843 
NewHa»en, Cl.... July 17,1837 

New York Sept. 3,1806 

Baltimore, Md I May 9,1833 

, Philadelphia, Pa. . . .1 July 13, 190T 

Reuben Ainaworth. . .' May 14, 1806 

J. and N. Paree. Linklean, N. Y.. .•. . May 14,1836 

F^, Bnti.biUotia. . . . 
anti4>ilioua.. ■ ■ 
anti-diapeplic., . 

Pilb, bilious ....,.„. 

BUa, bilious 

Pills, biUona, (Lee*s Wiodbam). , 

PiUs, bilious, (Lee'a) 

KU boxea 

PiUs, family 

PiliB, famUy 

fWa, machine for making.. . . 

Pills, rheumatic 

FiIIb, rheumatic 

PiUs, rhiumalic « 

Fills, and tooic, and aperient. . 
^Kich, compoaition 

Jacob Cist 

Nathaniel Chater 


Samuel Cooloy 

John Howks. 

Benjamin DuTall 

Thomas H.'Rauson.. 
Thomas H. Elauson.. 

Samuel Lee, jr„ 

Samuel H. P. Lse. . . 






Lyme, Conn 


New London, Cwm. 
New London, Cotm. 

Albany eounly,N.Y. 

Samuel H.P.Lee.... 

Nathan Crarr and Ed. 

mund P. Crary. . . . 

George B.DeMer.... 

Boaton, Mas*. 

Biddeford, Maine... 


Thomas H. Shennan 

Oct. 38,1806 • 



June 6, 1798 
Dec. 14, 179» 
May 3,179T 
July 24. 1803 
April 4,1803 
Aog. 7,1891 
Mar. 13, 1S9B 
April 30, 179G 
Jime 96, 1786 
May 34, 1810 
" ' 8, 1814 

AprU 6,1830 
Oct. 5, 1808 
Jane 17, 1880 
July 10,1807 
■" 18,1806 
-_. 13,1814 
Feb. 2, 1898 
Oct. 38,1837 
Mar. 4, 1S3G 


OWMflit fMBOKMMI^ 4C. 

KWen, ndhMive 

Plaiter, adheaiFe, ^rtading. ■ • 
Potishing powders, for metala. 




Pobuh, blanching aahea with the 

pTOceaa of. 

Potoah , ehromate of 


Potoab, maaufacturing; ai 

Polaah, raanuTactuAng and leach- 
ing aahea 

Potaah, and pearl oah 

Potash, and peart eah 

Potash, and pearl ash 

Bolash, and pearHtsh, manqfaiaur 

le of, Bepariitini; and 

Potash, Bulphau 


Potatoes, ntode of preserving. . 
Preaerving animal sabsiaiMes. 

'FreserTing animal and vegetable 

Preaerving animal and Teget&bli 

Freaerring apples, fruits, and roota 

Preserving butler 

Preserving buUerand e^a 

Preserving iron from rust 

fta nc rring meals and fruit* 

Preserving meat i>j meaaa of a va- 

Hwu7 Ru^lea.. 
Henry Runlea.. 
William HTShecat and 
Horace H. Day. . 

B. Morison 

Holmea Greenwood 

Thomas Power.. 

Josq)h H. Ward . 
Isaac Tyson, jr.. 
J(M. Bellows^r., and 

_ wu: 

Thomas H. Sherman. 
Hartsuffand French. . 

Ephraim Parce Lincklean, N. Y. 

Elijah Williams Harbor creek. Pa.. 

EdVard CraAs, jr. . . .1 Geneva, N, Y 

Jac. Laltin? New York 

Elijah WiUiama i Erie, Pa 

Samuel Hopkins I Vermont 


Milton, Pa 

Providence, R.I.. 

MasiBOhuaeMa. . . , 
New York 

'. 36, 1H5 
. Aug. 8, laST 
. Jan. 28, 1B18 
Nov. 16. 1796 
, Nov. 17. 1796 
. Sept. 19, 1801 

Alexander McNiK.. ..: Qeneva, N. Y. .. . 
Charlea 3. Edwaida.-! Ruahvitle, Ind.... 
Ezm Oagget and T. 
Kensett NewYork 

Preaerring planta from CtoM 

Preserving ahingles from decay.. . 
Preserving timber 

Preserving timber and oiber ^ega- 
table prtdt '" 

Irving timber by impregnation 
Irving timber irom worms. . . 

Pmerviag wood from decay 

Process, preparing wheat lor flouv- 

(Bulverizing drugs 

'Pulveriiing aalMtances 

.Razor strapa, pule for 

Razor straps.— &« Clsn 91. 

Joseph Coppinger. . . 

David Cooley 

Amos Hart 

Moses Jobnmn 

Thomas Edmonson.. 

M. Sorel 

Jcasa Hampton 

A. C. Allen.... 

George Morris . . 

Foster Henshaw 

Charlea Morgan. 

JiAn KnowlM and Ro- 
bert Gilbert, ezecu- 
tors of Robert Bill.. 

Peter Von Schmidt... 

August OotthilO'. . . . 

Forrest Shepherd 

J. W. Howletond P, 

(icorge A. Seherpf. . . 

D. liSrdner and J. I^ 

Nathan Jones 

Isaac Eddy 


E. M.Poroeroy 

Burgess Allison 

Burgess Allison 

Osboro t^usont 

A. Pease and 8. Bestoi 

Beaufort, S. C. . 


Wharton t'nship, Pa. j 
New Hampshire.... 


Paris, Franca 

Lexington, Ky 

Houston, Texas. . . . 

Phikulelphia, Pa 

Brookfield, Mass... 
Point Coupee^ Id . . . 
f London, England ) 
f New York city.. J 
Washington, D. C 


Fredericksburg, Va. 


Boston, Mass. . 
Boston, Mass. . 
Boston, Maaa. . . . 
New Haven, Conn. . 

New Jersey 

New Jersey 


Enfield, Conn 

lb, Google 

oHnaoAi. PI 

'■Qfvuaaj AC. 

Reclifyn^ iptrils by Meam.. 

Rheumatic linimenl , 

SUflei, *harpenmgcdg« tools. 
Hifles, sharpening edge tools, 
ZUpeninf uid keeping malt lirjuor 

and cider. 

Rocket, liquid, combuBiible. 
SscchBrine, Ac, Tinous- ferments^ 

Robert Hatiek... 
Jonatbui Shaw. . 

Abel Broom 

Peleg Bariow 

P«leg Barlow. . . . 

HudaoD.N. Y 

Duicheaaco., N. Y, 
Amenia, N. Y 

SBccharitying lice and m 
SacchaxiJying lye and ol 

Sblxratua, nuUtmg 

Salt appaiiuUH 

Salt, boiling... 

fialt, apparatus for boiling.. 
Sail boiler 

I, maanTactDring from 

J. J. C. Sheridan 

Amable J. Brazier. • . . 

Amabte J, Brazier 

Edward Chamberlin . . 
William and John D. 

Oabom Paraons 


R. Griffin and L. Y. 

London, Eng..... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 

Raleigh, N.C.... 

PitUburg, Pa 

Lynchburg, Va . . 

Salt, cryilallidng. 

Salt, diitillation o{.^See Oallet), C 
Salt, extncting- from sea water.. . 
Sah, extracting, facilitating the 


imcling, facilitating the 

Aaron Eamea. . . . . 
Beriah Douglacs . . 


Standfast Smith... 

Salt, eTapoTBling 

Salt, fumawana boilers..., 

Salt, kettles fnr boiling 

^all works, improvement in 

Salt, making. 

Salt, making 

Salt, making 

Salt, Ac., manufacture of. . 

Salt, manubcturing 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, inanuracluring 

Salt, manufiieturing 

Salt, manubcluring 

Salt, man uraetu ring 

Sah, manufacturing.. ...... 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, manufacta ring 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, nuinufacluring 

Salt, menufHcturing 

Salt, manufiieturing 

Salt, manu&uHuriog. 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, manuftcturing 

Salt, manufacturing.. ...... 

Salt, manufacturing 

Salt, man ufaclu ring* 

Salt, maniilticturing, ....... 

Salt, manufhcturing 

Sail, manafacluring 

bit, maoubeturins 

Standfaat Smith 

Jantes Colquhoun. . . 
Samuel Anthony. . . . 

Jer. Kendall 

CalTin Gintean 

Isaac No jes 

James S. 0. Brooka. 


Herrer amiih. . . . . . 

John Sears 

James Fennel 

George Jamei 

Benjamin EllicolL... 

YalentiiM Peers 

Geo^ Hunter 

Timothy Alden, jr. . . 
John G. tKJVsi. .... 

Timothy Green 

Benjamin Wheeler.. 
Benjamm Wheeler.. 
Ambrose Dudley. .. . 
William J. Lewis... 

Thomas Hard 


Peter Sarcbet, sen... 
William J. I^wis... 

Evemrd Hall 

Edward D. CoUen.. 
Pel*r Cooper. ....*.. 

Daniel Gerard 

Calvin Guileau 

Benijah ByingtOD... 

J. a: Teissier 


Saml W. WilliamB . 


Richard K. Cralla. . . 

•lateud April II, IBM 

Suffolk, Mass. . . 
CharlestowD Vs. 
Lynehbuig, Va. . 
Fayette CO., Pa.. 
Oeddes, N. Y. . . 
Kanawha, Vs. . . 
Kanawha, Vs.. . 
Kanawha Saline, Va 
Salina, N. Y... 

Tennessee . 

Pennsylvania.. . 

Pennsylvania.. , ... 
New Hampehiie. . . . 

Dae. 7, M 
June 91, IM 
Oct. 17, Hi 
Mar. l,1fl 
June 13, IK 

Sept. 1, 1844 

May 36, 1814 
AprU 4,1890 
May 38, 1813 

la, 18H 
June 12, 1806 
Jane IS, 1806 


BoatoD, Mass.. 
Boston, Mass. . . 
King Wm. co., ' 

Cmcinnaii, Ohio . . 

Princess Annsi Va. . 




Geddes, N. Y 

Salina, N.Y 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Maaa 

ElizabeihtowB, N.J. 

Geddes, N.Y 

Ly>chhu^, Ta..... 

Feb. 6, If 
May 39, 1813 
Mar. 18, 1818 
July 33, 1849 
Aug. 36, 1843 
Feb. 13, 1845 
April 95, 1844 
July 13, 1843 
Jan, 94, 1799 
Sept. 94, 1794 
Nov. IS, 1796 
May 13, 1809 
Dec 18,1809 
Mar. 94, 1803 

May as, \efa 

April n, 1809 
Mar. 38, 1810 
Mar. 31, 1813 
Feb. 1, 1814 
April 8, 1814 
June 10, 1814 
Sept. 27, 1814 
Feb. 1, 181C 
Nov. 14, 181T 
Dec. 14, 1833 
Dec. 34, 1834 
Jan. 38,1895 
Sept. 9,183S 
Fel. 31, 1897 
Jan. 13, 189» 
ApHI II, 189» 


by Google 

cnEiaou. vRoauBMBa, «e. 

Mt, nunufaeturiDg 

Salt, manafacturinf , appBiaU 

SeJt, manuracturing, & apjtaratiu 

for boiling 

Slit, manu&cturing.byapplicatioi: 

ofescape heal frr>mBt«ani engine! 

Salt, nianufacturing, huring wells. 

SaJt, manufacluring comnuin 

SdJt, manufacturing 6ne *. coarse. 
Skll, numuractur'g line &om coarse 
Salt, manuracturing, & sail boilei 
Salt, manufnctur'g from sea wb« 
Salt, manufacturing by Hleani — 
Salt, manufacnirin? by ateam. . . 

Salt, rheum, remedy &r 

Salt, aapplying 

Salt Tola, made of cohering. .... 

Alexander Black.. 

■ Barnstable, Mu0.. 

Salt water, evaporator-. . 
Salt water, raoje of obtai 
Salt water, pan for 

er, patifyinf 
er, purify in 

Salt worka, plan for erecting 

Salla, maiiuacluring 

Salla, manubcturing by solar ctb- 

Alexander Browne... Salina, N. Y June 1 

Richard Deering May SI 

George Munger New Haven, Ci Jane s: 

Joseph P. Rosaiter... Salina, N. Y "' 

Charles W. ■Sellers . . .: Alexandria, D. C. , 

Isaat W, Avenll Salina, N. Y. 

Wm. Barker , Smith&eld, R. I. . . 

Benjamin Barlow . . . .; Qeddes, N. Y. 

StephenT.Conn Georgetown, D. C. 

Wn. B. Trufani | Bath, Maine 

Peter Cooper New York * tea. 5 

HatlelTilley MassachusetlB Feb. ] 

., 1811 

Zina Phinney ' Cairo, N. Y 

Wm. M. Howkins. . .' Kingiaueenco., 
Duvifi &. Jo. RuftVier. .| Kauawha, Va. . . 
Wm. BlockaomlndJ.! 

T. Fracker. 
Selh Hunt.. . 
Nils Sholtewskii Von 


David Thacher.. 
Borden Wilbur . 

. June 19, 1812 
■ Apri) 33, 1B14 

' . IB, 1817 

SoliB, r 

MlB, metallic*. .{See UaduilHU) 

Sails, neutral, from alkali 

Salts, (Vom Btjts and potash 

Salt water, sepamting impuritiea. . 

Sotting animal mailers 

Saturating water with carbonic add 

Sf^aglioio, shining 

Seal skins, manufacturing. 
Sealing urax, igniting 

Edw. C. Coopat.. 

£dw. Clark 

Benjamin GortOn., 

Silk, removing spols 
Silk, staining and p-' 

printing. . 

Silvering looking glaasegt 

Knip, apparatus for filtering and 

' washing animal black, ' 

clarifying sugar 

Simp and cane juice, concentrated 

by steam 

Oales, artificia] 


a the n 

Boop, improvemeDt 

racuire of. 

Soap frames; 

Soap, proeeaa of manuiactaring||. 

Soap, making 

Soap, making. 

Soap, making by steam. 
Soap, making by aieam. . 
Soap and oils, purifying^ 
Soda, carbonate of, manu&cturi 

- Beimied July 3, lea. cit 
tBdtlaad,NDV.a»,lBU. | 

Ch.. D. 6 

' Jean J. Riondell. 

SolTodore Pinislri, 

James Eaton 

Joseph Fatman . . . 
Aaion dl-. John Hall.. . 
T. & W. Bryan. 
J. H. Ksgenmocker. . 
Thoniaa Dr«]r(on. 

Salina, N.Y.... 
Tuckerton.N. J. 


New York 

. New York 


. Jefferson CO., M 
. Syrocuse, N. Y. 
. South LaJnbelh, Eng 

Charleslon, S. C. 


Philadelphia, Pa., 

Boston. Maas 


Philadelphia, Pa. . 

July 39, 1837 
Oct. 34, 1816 
Feb. 4, 1811 

May 16, 1835 
Dec 4,1838 
Nov. 39, 1808 
Sept. 39, 1833 
Aug. 30, 18tf 
Sept. 11. leu 

. Aug. 16, 1810 
. June 18, 1637 
. Feb. 16, 1196 
. April IT, 1844 
. Dec. 31, 1817 
. June 29, 1831 
. Feb. 11, 1834 
. Aug. 13, 1814 

Thomas Oxnnrd . , 

Daniel Strobel,jr 

John Street 

J. R. Vaughan and E. 
H. Everman 

Dominiquo F. Albert.. 
Jaseph Bolton Doe. . . 

Artmr DuQD 

John Nazro I 

Daniel ESUllwell.... 
B.Z0II&J. Doyle... 

John Kennedy ! 

Arthur Dunn { 

John Hemming ] 

Harrison Gray Dyar . 

irifrmnDtc, 1, IMa,by>i!l 
JaSfll, 1836. n AD»<ttlf() 

. Cumberland, Me . . 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Manchester, G. B... 

London, Eng 

Stamford HQl, G. B. 



Baltimore, Md ..... 
Baltimore, Md .... 
Rolherhithe, Eng... 

Eogland ) 


England ) 

nrCniniMi.ef Nnv. 16 
Aiif.94, '38. tSailUi. 

Mar. 7, 164S 

Mar. T, 184C 
Mot. 31, 1840 
Aug. 33, 183> 
Jan. 6, 179J 
July l^, 1837 
July 19, 1839 
Oct. 1, 1830 
Dec. 4, 1844 

June 34, 1839 



> DucnrBfttiB. 


fiolniioiu, deeoctian, evapontii^ . 
dorea, enriiig. 

Spiriw, udent, obtained from lime 
Spirit*, ardent, from com and corn 

flpiriui, extnuting Horn starch va.- 

Spiriu, proof. 

Sjurita and winea, amelioraLing. . . 
Spirila of turpentine and roaio 

node of manufacturing. 

^Starch, elaitic, clear, friHn wheat, 

Siwcli, polsioe 

.Starch, rice. 

Starch, from wheaL 

Starch, manufar.tiurs oft 

^Karch, madiioe for 'WtLshing and 

pohcrizin^ potatoea for.. . 
StoDe, artificial 

Slone, artificial coBini. — Su Ctaa 
Straw bonnets.— 5n Clan 3. 
Straw date and bonncle, machine 

for cleaning 

Stiav, vhluniag, Iicghom and 


Si^ar boiler, circulating 

Sugar bolter 

Sagar boilers 

Si^nr boilers 

Sugar, boiling, &e. , under a vacuum 

Sugar candy. 

Sagnr candy, making 

Sug^ caking 

Sugar cone, machine for grinding. 

Sugu', elaylMg, moulds 

Bni^, cleaning 

Sugai', damper, Aimace 

Si^r, Ac., Altera for{ 

Sopir making 

Sugar making.... 

Su^r nukingd 

Aipur mnkipg, ImptoreiiieDt in... 

Sugar, making and refining 

Snffu', makinij^fhini wheat, rye.Ac 


Si^ir, NanubctiBing 

St^gRT, manulhcluring 

Bo^r, mar)u6cluring 

Sugar, manufoclurjng. 

Snjpir, manubcturing fk>in beeta, 
So^u', manufacturing Horn cane 

£wt»r, imimracturii^ from cane 

Aipr, nannftcturq of, fton es 

Mercer, Barnes and 
Greenwood ........ 

J. W, W. Gordon. . . 

Job. ftStinsonDemimd' New Jersey.. . 

Winiaw Thomtoo . . . 

Nichotaa D. Chafee.. 

Ehjah Parkins 

John Biddis 

W. & T. Livenidge. 

Eliiha Perkins 

Orlando Joaes 


Rob. McCay, Daniel 

McKenale, and Jas. 


Eleazer Smith.., 

William Graham.. . 
Abraham Hager . . . 
Francis Dv^ilessia. . 

John Steel, jr 

H. it Q. Garrison.. 
Lawrence AstolG. .. 

Uriel Smith 

John J. Breilhler. . . 
Jona. Wi1Iiams,jr. . 

Joseph Hurd 

Jo^ua Jordon 

John Watson 

J. DeBretton, sen. ... 

Ethan Cam^tbell 

Jos. Fmncoia Lapiee, 
aas'ee of Cha. Louis 

Korbert Rillieux.. 

Anioine Boucherie . 

James WiscbearL. 


North Salem, N. Y. 
Waflbiiigion, D. C. 

Charleston, S. C... 
Shrewsbury, N. J.. 


Dorcheater, Maas. . . 
Shrewsbury, N. J . . 
City Road, £ng. . . . 

Jericho, N.Y 

Caledonia, N.Y.. 

Franklin, Maaa. . 

Washington fp. Pa. 

Demerara, W. I. 

St-Chariee, La.. 

Donaldson tille, l^. . 

Plaquemines, La.... 


Newburgh.N. Y... 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Sandiefield, MsAi... 

New Orleans, La... 

Philadelphia. Pa.... 

S(oneham,Maaa. .. . 

Boston, Mobs 

LancaHter, En^i.inow 
in Elizabeth town. 
New Jersey 

New Orleans, La... 


Perish Concordia, ) 

Puis, France ) 

New Orleans, La. ■ . 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Wayne CO., Ind.... 
Harrisburg, N. Y.. 


London, ELng 

E. Baton Rouge, La. . 

Boston, Mass. . 

Lemuel W. Wright. 
Quj DuptanUer. 
Jahn Penny. .. 
Joseph Hurd, jr. 

Eb. A. Lester. . . 

Wm. A. Archbald.... NewYork April 19, 1 

Geo^Michiels Guadaloupe Oct. 3,1846 

t ADledaied AprU 13, 18W 
i|D>M(irftH%B i]*<«at,Oct.«r,ll3t. 

^ ,_ i.,Goo'-^[c 


tVTkimom or nncoviuss. 

Ch*rle« Dan«Mi... 
Merrin MerrilJ.. . , 
Alfred Stillmui . . . 

William A. Archbold. 

6a^ niU— 5« CUn 13- 
Sugar, moulda for loaf. . . . 
SufBT, moulds Tar refining. 

Sugar pen 

Sugar, rnw or brovD, from the 

juice of ihecaiw 

Sugar, raw or browa, from the 
juice of the cane, Ac., 

wooden leweta 

Sugar, refiniig 

Sugar, refining, double boiier ai 

other appamlua 

Sugar, refining, filtering apparali 

Sugar worka ' Sam'l V. Merri 

I J.H-Towne, 
] ofN. Riellieu: 
Sulphate of atumine, proMM of Rudolph Boningeruid 
manufacturing.* I G. Boninger, aaa'eea 

I of Max. Tot. Funcke 

Sulphur, lublimating. 1 Geor^ B. Dexter. 

Sulphur, Hublimaling ' George Robinsoa.. 

Sumach, extracting easence of. \ Nathaniel I^dd. 

Willianuburg,N. Y. 


New Yorit, N. Y. 

0«. «, 1835 

Sumach, manutkcturing. . 
Sumach, manufacturing . . 
Sumach, manufacluring . . 
Sumach, manufacturing.. 

Tallow, &c., cuitiiv:> 

Tallow, preamre ofelaine from.- 
Tollow, preparing for manufactu I 

of oandM 

Tallow, rendering 

Tallow, or atahrein, eompoeitlon 
Tanain, (improTemeni on De>- 

mond's moae of obtaining. 
Tannin, ezlrocting 

Tannin, extracting. 

Tannin, extracting 

Tannin, extracting hy aieam 
Tannin, extracting bj water preas 
Tanning.— &e Clan 16. 

Tansy, essence 

Tincture, for curing corns... 
Tobacco, preparing cHto wing. 

Tobacco, renovating 

Toothache, relienng by sleai 

Roiwell Sallu: 


Roawell Saltonstsll.. 

Jos. Hillard 

Comfort Hoy t,Jr 

W.T.a. Morton, as' 
of C. T.Jackion.. 

Jos. Mosher 

Nicholas W. Bodtau. 
Zabina Ellia. . . 

Stt Prat, Ctaa 13. 

John Kirkmon 

L. Montmp 

CarlG. Ritter 

Eichelskamp,Prus ) 

Boston, Masa 

EUzabethlown, N.J. 
New Hampshire. . • , 
New London, Cl... 
New London, Ct. ., 


Boston, Mass. . . . 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 

. NewYork 

. Ballimon, Md... 
. Cincinnati, Ohio. . 

. GuUfbrd.Vi 

. Aug. S6, 18U 
, Jan. SB, 1S41 

9, law 

Not. 16, 181d 
" ' 13, 1800. 

May 1, 1733 

. Jan. 96, 181$ 

, Not. 13, 1846- 

. Mar. B, 1833 

13, IBH 

, ocL SI, lew 

. June 37, 1S42 
. Feb. 18, 1S34 

John Gilee, 

John Biddia and Thoa. 

William Enapp. ' Miiford'.'NTV! 

D. Roe, C. F. Kellogg, 
and J. W. Oazley... Cincinnati, Ohio . . 
Roxbury, Man. . 

Oardner, Me . ■ 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 

Enoch Huse 

Lemuel Merrilt and i 

JwT^U! ""!!!! 
Samuel Pennington. . 

H«. Kelly 


Aug. V.H.Webb.. 

Marcus Curtis 

Jac. F. Hummel .... 
John Darid 

. Norwich, Vt.. 
. N. Brunswick, N. J. 
. New York, N. Y. 
. Newburyport, Mass, 

Mount Pieaaant,0. 

.Brooklyn, H. Y... 


Troy, N. Y 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

3, 18S3 
. July 13, 1838 
Not. 1,1818- 
Mar. 15, 1BS& 

Feb. 38, leK 
Jan. 30. ItSt 
Feb. 16, 1843 
July 39, 1844 

. Dm. 37, IBlS 
, Not. 5, 1817 
. July 30, I8SS 
. Ma* 17,1816. 
. July 1, 1838 

, Feb. 19, 18» 
April S3, 1B» 
. April 99, 1813 
, May 5, ISIO' 

Peter Faulkner.. . 

tAnudslsd Julia, 1440. 



TcgMaUe extnato, roolciiig. 

"Vegetable woih fin* the lunga .... 
Verdi^iii, iiuiiiuGu:turing..... ... 

Vennifuge, pmNuing. 

Vin^r and cider, from ofili of 


Vinegar, maiuiAwturiDg 

IHnegar, mode of making 

Vinoa* fermenlatioa* 

Vitrioli oil of ., 

Vitriolic teat for bank bills 

Washing machine, for diatUlariea • 

While Bad whiting, Paris 

White lead, maniuactunog 

Wine, from cider 

Wine, from cider 

Wine, from cider 

Worms, specific for 

Benjamm Brandretjk, 

GoOTge RiwerB. 

George F. Hagner. ■ . 

WiUisin BichudtoD. 

Edward Clark 

Fi»dariek N. Boden. 
ChuiesC. Eddar... 

Rd. Marden 

Abel BrewBiar 

Warfaom Whilnajr. , 

Peter Ferris 

Smith Gardner 

Henry SeobdL 

Em B. Corkiugs. . . . 

Jaixh Hugus. ...... 

Cbarica MeLane.. . . 

New York, N.Y. 
Northampton, Mass. 
Philadelphia, E^i.. 
Philadelphia, Pa.' 

Kingston, N. Y. . 
Saogerties, N. Y. . 
New Lancaster, Ohio 
Benton, Miss . , . 


Hartford, Ct.... 
Rochester, N.Y. 
Greenwich, Cl . . 

New York 

Scipki, N. Y..,, 
Bristol, N.Y..., 
HempfieU, Pa.. 
Morgantown, Pa 

Jan. 90, lew 
Dec. 31, im 
Oct. 13,1817 
Aug. 11, 1807 

SepL 36, tei& 
June 19, 1B34 
July 6,1835 
April 1,1842 
Ang. 31, ISIA 
July 11, 1808 
Jan. 19, 183& 
April S3, 1S3S 
Aug. 26, 184» 
Hot. 11, 18ia 
Oct 8, 1813. 
Dee. 1,1833 

Atig. 19, lasa 

I; sddnfcnal iDpntentat, Not. W, lUi. 

?d by Google 

b, Google 



Comprising Lamps, Fire-places, Stoves, Grates, Furnaces for 

heating Buildings, Cooking Apparatus, 

Preparation of Fuel, &.c. 

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CLASS v.— CALORIFIC, cemptitiHg Lamps, nrf-ptata, Stnu, Gnlei, Funaa* for 
AviUiNgt, CiMJbinf .tpparfUiu, Prtporaticm of fVel, tft. 

Ait back, for chimney* 

Air draught, subignu 

Air flue, descending 

Air heater, cyliadncal 

Air, healing, for the hot bl«M i 

Air, to wood and coal stoTea'. . . 

Asbeitoa, uM and application o 
to aioveBigTBtea, cntciblea, Ac. 

Baker, ecoDonueal 

BeJier, metat , 

Baker, reflecting lin 

Baker, reSbcting 

Baker, and routing, double re- 
flecting „ , 

Baker, and roaater, eeonomkol. 

Baker, eteam 

Baker, tin 

Joel Root 

Samuel Randall. . . . 
Jamei Macomber . . 
Charlei Fovler .... 


Philip Wilcox 

Josiali St. John... 
WUIiam Prescoll. . 
L. B.C 

Baking, and cooking. . 1 . • ■■ 

Binnacle lighla 

Binnacle tighia 

Binimde tights 

Blower, coal erata 

Blower, atHTBl cone 



Boiler, for anthracite coat . . 

Boiler, circular,, 

Bailer, eonitmcting, 

Bailer, cylindrical 

Boiler for healing li<iuida 

Boiler, or heater, pipe or grate. 
Boiliia for heating water, Ac. . . 

Bailer, kitchen 

Boiler, portable '. 

Bniler, eetting ^ 

Boilere, mearnforeaokingand ei 

Bailer or ileamer, conalruction ( 

Bailer, (team, BU>tea. Ac 

Boiler, stone.— See Claw 4. 

Boiler, unirersal 

Boiler, upright slave 


Boiling.— S» Ctoi 4. 

BoiliDg potatoee, Ac. 

Samuel Haser 

Philip Wilcoi 

Philo F. Wilcoi 

Goidin Willislon ... 
Nathaniel D. Whiten, 

John T. Davy 

William Tainter A H. 

S. Orton 


Elijah Skinner. .... 
Winslow Lewis. . . . i 

Joseph F. Smith 

Wiluam Lawrence , . 
Benjamin Brundred . 

Benjamin Piatt. 

Gab.N. Phillips.... 

John Barker 

John Morris 

Jona. SiEer , , 

Warren Nims 

Samuel Bolton 

Daniel L. Piekard. . . 
Anaon W. Spencar. . 
Eben. Janks 

Rosta E. Potter . . 

South inglon, Conn . . 
ProTidencc, R. I. ... 
Oreenwieh, N. Y, . . 
Hartford, Conn . . . . 

York, Pa 


Philadelphia,Pa. ... 
Spring&eld, Mass. • . 

Hudson, N.Y 

Boat«D, Man. 

Binghamplon, N. Y. 

Rennelaervitle, 14. T. 
Springfield, Mas*. . . 
SpKivlield, Man. . . 
New London, Conn. 



Porter oo., Indiana. . 


Sandwich, N. H... 

Boston, Man 

Baltimore, Md 

Meriden, Conn 


Oldham, N. J 


Goshen, N,Y 

Baltimore, Md 

NewHaTon, Cl 

New London, Conn. 

Boston, Man. 

Hudson, N. Y 

Fort Ann,N. Y.... 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Hanland, N. Y , . . . 
ParmingtMi, Me. . . . 
Cazenovia, N. Y... 
Portland, Maine. 
New York > i^, 
Sodus i ■"■ 


Baltimore, Md.. 

> Aswdaled Hsrcb V,, 1837. 

Bd AofM IK, UM. 

Feb. 13, 1819 
Mar. la, 1811 
No». 19, 1811 
July 10, 1889 

Nov. 36, 1B35 
Feb. 18, 1S99 
Sept. 30, 18S« 
May 34, 1839 
Jan. 90, 1SS6 

Dec. 38,1839 
Sept. 38, 1831 
Sept. 3, 1834 
Jan. 11,1831 
Oct. 10, 1835 
Feb. 13, 1845t 

Oct. 1, 1830 
June 94, 1808 
June 1, 1835 
No>. 14, 1833 
May S3, 1897 
S^t. 36, 1835 
April H7, 1803 
June 38, 1814 
Feb. 1, 1897 
Oct. 3, 1813 
Oct. 15, 1811 
Nov. 10, 1S39 
Oct. 9, 1813 
Oct. 34,1846 
July 7, 1809 
Oct 14,1841 
May 39, 1835 
June 19, 1835 
June 1, IMS 
Oet. 11,1841 
Mar. 6,1830 

Sept. 35, 1833 
Feb. 19,1819 
Oct. 4, 1817 

lb, Google 


Baffinf water in vata or daurna. 

Burners, anthracite coal 

Burner for pine-knoU, Ac. ..... 

Bamera, water 

Cabooaea , . . 

Jaaon L. Burdick . . . 

Jamea N. OIney 

John Price 

John L. Sullivan . . . . 

Saoiual Morey 

Geor^ Youlc 


John Bouia 

Norwich, N.Y.. 
Providence. R. I . . 
Boaton, Maaa. . . ■ 
Oxford, N. H.... 

New York 

New York 

Baltimore, Md. ■ • 

Cabooaea, far cooking 

Cabooaea, and cooking alOTe. 
Cabooaea, for diatillinc freafa from 

Cabooaea, iron. 

Cabooses, portable, kitchen. 

Oeo^e Youle \ New York. 

Cabooaea, or atove, for cookbif or 

Cabooaea, ahipa* 

Ct^booaea, ah^a, and other work- 
ing alona 

Caldran and ftimace combined. . . 


Candlealick, holder, economical.. 

Jamea Truman.. . 


Jordon L. Mott. .... 
Benjaraio Dearborn... 
Peter Ward and B.A1 

Joahua Witherle 

William Church 

New York 

New York 

BoatoQ, Maaa.. 

Chandelier, of cryMalized aalt. . 
Chandelier, or hanging lamp*. . 
. Charcoal burner, conical arah . , 

Charcoal, for gunpowder. 

Charcoal, nanulacturtng 

Charcoal, from pest 





<;himne^ appamtua 


Chimneya, building, lo prsrenl 


Chimneva, eau tor increaaing the 

draught in furoacea. 

CUm ney >,cap forpremitingemi 

FVed. B. Merrill 

Wm. Lawrence 

Ezra B. Gilbert 

Fielder Parker. 

leaae Doolittle 


Richard Stuart 

David Coolevand Gab. 


Qilea ^ridley 

Lewia Leceane 

A. O. D. TuthitI 

Joaepb Gilbert... 

Jamea P. Espy Pbibdetpkia, Pa, 

onalnictiBg, i 

ChimnEva, caila for regnjatin; 

dmugnt of. . 
Chimney capa, 

Chtnaey OfU 

Ckiraney c^ 

Chirnneya, caal iron eopin 


Chimneya, cleaning 

Chimncye, cleaning 

Chinunya, ctaaning 

Chimaoya, conatruatit^. . 
Olimneys, c^xiatrttcting. . 

Chimnay cowlaf 

.Chimney cowli 

Edward A. O.Young. Nawcaalle, Del . 

Philadelphu, Pa 

Boaton, Mnaa 

Citizen United Statea, 
now in Bng^ond. . , ' 
Buffalo, N.Y...... 

Meriden, Conn { 

EuphraUi, N.Y 

Pr. Geoige^ co, Md 
Bennington, Vt....! 
Worceater, Maaa. . .| 


Newburyport, Maaa 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Sioneham.Masa. .. 

Frease>a p. o., Ohio 

Joaeph Kurd. .. 
Bernard Kenny. 
Joidon L. Molt. 
Jordan L. Moti, naa'aci 
of Thomae Ewbank.' 

Cbariea Neer • 

John Bmff 

Samuel Dow 

lliomaa Hinkley .... 

Jamea ^ughlar 

Oliver Richardson. . . . 

Stephen M. Allen ! ! ! '. 

Stonehara, Maaa. . . . 
Hew York, N.Y... 

New York, N. Y. . . 
Waleribrd, N. Y... 

Baltimore, Md 

Blizobethboro', N.J. 
Hallowfll, Maine... 

Straabnrg, Pa 

Med way, Maaa. 
Harriabiii~ "" 

, Maaa.. .. 

July 31, 18*6 
Dec. 96, ins 
Dec. 18, isa 
Dec II, 18U 
Dee. 19, 1818 
Mar. ai, ISK 
Juty VI, IMI 
Dec 31, 1813 

Aog. 38, 1841 
Aug. 25, 1795 
April 1,1807 

Nov. 96, 18« 
Dec. 1, 1S4B 
Oct. 29, 1804 

Mar. 38, IBM 
June 13. 1831 
Mar. 23, 1831 
Not. T, 1839 
July 95, 181S 
Dec 14, 1829 
Peb. 11, 18DT 
Feb. 34, 1797 

Aug. as, 180* 
Mar. 13, 1808 
Jane 96, IBM 
June 8, IBM 


Not. 13, 1844 

June 39, 1833 

July 29, 183) 

Dec 13,1844 
July 33, 183f 
Dec 17, 1843 

Dee. 17, 18«. 
Sept. 11, 1899 
Dee. 16, 1814 
June 11, 1839 
Oct. 7, 1831 
Not. 4, 1S4« 
April 18, 1810 
Oct. 34,1831 
April 91, 1849 
Feb. 99,1841 

lb, Google 

Ckimiwjra, croak and wheel damp- 
on fcr. 
Cbanntya, outb for amoky . . 
Qiimneys, cure Tor icnoky . . 
Chimneys, draught, regulatiog 

C9iinin«yH, draiuht in 

CbioinejB and Sn pit 

Cfaimnaya anil fire places 

Chimneya and fire plaiea , 

Chimneys and fire placea 

ChimneyB and fire niacea , 

Chimneys, ovens, otc 

Chi mney s , preventing amok ing i 
Oumneyu, preventing amoking. 
Chimneya, preventing amoking. 
Cliimneya, preventing amolcing 
Chimneys, preventing amoking, & 

extinguishing ihem 

CBumneye, preventing smoky. .. . 

Chimneys, preventing amoky 

Chimneys, preventing smoky. . . . 
CBiimneye, protecting agoinat watei 

OhimneyB, scraper 

Chimnaya, stoves, and fire places. 

Chimneys, a weeping 

Qiinneya, sweeping 

Chimneys, sweeping j . . . . , 

Chimneys, sweeping 

C9iimneys,Bweeping..... ....... 

Chi mney a, 8 weeping 

Chimney tops, improvement in ■ . 

Chimneys, ventiduct, laf^iog 

Oieleru, boiling 

Coal, anthracite, crackiag 

Coal, anthracite, combustion of. . 
Coal, anthracite, combustion of.. 
Coal, breaking and screening'. 
Coal, breaking and screening.. 

Coal, breaking 

Coal, mode of conveying 

Coal afters 

Gen] aiiUra 

Cool aifter, revoliiDg. . . . 

Gofiee extivetor 

CoSee roaster 

Odee roaster 



Coke, from anthixite . . . 

Cooking appaiatua 

Cooking appantuB. 

Cooking anMratus. 

^Cooking, apparatus for. . 

Cooking apfwratua 

Cooking apparatus 

Cooking apparatus 

booking agparalus 

Cooking apparatus, and boiling. . 

Jaa. ReiUy and John 

Flannagaa WayusBbo[Ougb,Pa. 

Augustua Haman .... Washington, D. C. 

John Ftanl Washington, D.C. 

John Baker 

Elijah Sbitmer 

George H. Crosby.. 

Archibald Wieting . 
Adam Spohn ...... 

Eben Rand 

Obed Delnno 

Lewia Eiagsbury. . 

Moses Perin 

EUbu SmiDt 

Frederick Crey.... 

SamuBl Chase 

A. H. Read 



David Bain 

Henry Pollock .... 
Urban B. A. Lange 
John J. Thomas . . . 
Matthew Benson . . . 
Louis D. Detroisment. 

John Hunt 

Francis A. Everard • 

Aaron [^ne 


Samuel S. Edmonson 
John W . Moore ■ . • ■ 
William S. Burch... 

Joahuu Elnnis 

Timothy Kirk 

Jon^hanS. Hubbcl. 

Paul Chase 

Phineas Daiis 

LancaSler, Pa 

n«w Haven, Ohio. . 
Middleiown, Fa... 

Comrio, Pa 

Hudson, N.Y 


Lavonia, N. Y 

Cennersvitle, Ind. . . 

Ithaca, N.Y 

Baltimore, Md.. . . 

Montrose, Pa 

Albany, N.Y 

Joseph Battin 

JohnG. Brant 


JahnP.Doaneand Wil- 
liam H. Denny. . . , 

Thomas Borbridge and 
Anson Martin 

Lewis Marielly 

Peregrine WiUiemaon. 

Peregrine WilliamsoD. 

Amos Ransom 


Moses Isaacs. 

John Uonis 


£e. BeimBti....J.... 

JoahuB Grime. 

Joieph Jenmnas. 

Samuel D. Day and 
William T. Day... 

James Bonnet 

William W.Parrou., 

Thomaa K. Andarson . 

i, Ohio 

New York. 

Baltimore, Jifd 


New York 



Waahinelon, D. C . 
Washington, D. C. 
Brooklyn, N.Y... 


NewYork , 


Baltimonr, Md.. 
Pliiladelphia, Pa, 
Beavtr Meadow, Pa. 
Phitadelphia, Pa. . 
Cumberland, Md.. 
Hartford, Conn.. . . 

New York. N.Y. , 

Ringaton t'oahip, Pa. 


Balumofe, Md. 
Baltimore, Md 
Hartford, Cobb. .. . 

Poland, N.V. 

Philadelphia, Pa 

New HavcD, Coon. . 


Eingsbury, N.Y. .. 
Beekmantowtt, N. Y. 



Boston, Mass. . . . 

Mar. 10, 1B37 
July S3, U(S 
Nov. SI, IMS 

Dec. 16, 

Sept aa, 

Mar. 27. 
Mar. 3, 



July S6, lSfi4 
April a, 18S» 

July 20, 1831 

.iprilST, ld32 
Feb. S,183S 
Mar. II, Uai 
Oct. 14, 1834 
Oct. 3,1604 
May IS, 1633 
April 5,1817 
July IS, leiT 
May ae, 1818 
Sept. 3S, leiB 
Dec. 19, 1818 
Nov. 8, leao 
Aug. 8, 1831 
July 14, 1846 

OcL 7. 1831 
July S9. 1894 
Oct. '«, 1843 
Dae. 5, i»a 
Feb. m,lM 
Mar. 14, 1M6 
Dec. S), 1839 

Nov. as, 184a 

Dec. 30, 1896 
S«>(. SO. 18S& 
Mar. iW, 1890 
June IS, 1695 
Dec 31, 1833 
Dae 98,1840 
April 7,1831 
Oct. 3, 1819 

Mar. u, tear 
Feb. 15. isae 

Dec. 118, 1840 
May M, 1830 

June 8, ISSe 
July 35, 1832 
Mar. U, 1837 
Mar. 93, 1932 

lb, Google 

Coaking apiwratus, and hoiue 

Cookuig apparatiia, steam... 

Cooldne, applyins heat 

Cooking, opplying the reflection of 

Cooking, and boiling 

Cooking, fir« apparatus for. , . 
Cooking, fixturea for ao thracile c«al 
Cooking, generating gleam for. 
Cooking, generating aleam for. 

Cooking machine 

Cooking machine 

Cooking machine, for families. 
Cooking macbine, portable. — 

Cooking, nngea 

Cooking, steam veaiel for 

Drum.— Su Clm 2. 

Drums for beating ^urtmenls. 

Drying flour 

Richard Johnaon. . . 

John Bouia 

Peter E. Sanburni . 

John Burcb 

Thomas pHaamore. . 
Jac. P. Waltenu... 
Hardin Bianch.... 

John Bonis 

Frederick Butler... 

John J. Hess 

John Seger 

David Asber 

Thomas B. Smith.. 
John Morris 

William Fintier. . . . 
John BaUaaiine a 

Adam Clark 

Richard Else 

Extinguisher ,and chimney aweeper 
Elxtinguiaher, fire and chunnEy 

Pendera, Are 

Fenders, for fire places* 

Fenden, for fire places 

Peuder*, Gre shaping 

f^, alarm, selMcting. . 
Fire, t 

Fire, draughl 

Fire, ei linguishing 

Hre, exunguiahing 

Fire, extinguishing 

FiW fenders 

Fire, haanfa, range, or galley. . . . 
Firemen, machine for proWcling. 

Fir».place .. .• 




Pire-placo , 


Fire-place i 











Fire-place , 

Fire place 

Fire^iUee .,, 

. Baltimore, Md.. 

. Baltimore, Md 

. Troy.N.Y 

Not. 19, 1833 
Jan. 6, 1813 
June 11, 1839 

8onco.,K.Y.. April 22, 

. Philadelphia, Pa I Dec 23, 

. Kitland, Ohio |OcL 18, 

. Philadelphia, Pa , June 8, 

New York *-' '" 

nore, Md... 


Philadelphia, Fa. . 

New York 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 


Derby, Conn 

. Brooklyn, K. Y. . 

■ Feb. IB. It 
, Aug. 27, IS 
OcL 38, 1( 

Itanisl Berrien.. 

Elijah Skmner.. . 
Matthew Benaon. 
Thomas Thomas and 

Robert Fuller. 

James Dinsmore ..... 
B. Seymour and J. 


Ilhiel S. Richardson. . 
Abraham ftuincj.... 

Robert Mayo 

Benjamin Taylor. . • . 
Samuel P. Lord, jr... 

Isaac Clowes 

Moi^n Moigan, jr. . . 

GeoTCe Youle 

Ralpb Bulkley 

Charles W. Pmle... 

Qiles Qiidlay 

Ebenezcr Whiting. . . 
Charles E, Cooper.. 
Peter Sternberg..... 

Peter. Slernberg 

Peler Sternberg. .... 
David F. L^nny .. . . 
LeviShephard..... • 
William Salisbury. . . 


Eliphalet Non 

Elizeh OriSlhs 

William Shuneman . . 

Joaeph Magini 

Stepben Spalding.. .. 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Rocheaier, N. Y. .. 
Sandwich, N.H... 
Cincinnau, Ohio. . . 

Mar. 37, 1813 
Dec. 11,1817 
Aug. 21, 1833 
Feb. 37, 1821 
April 19, 183S 
May 19, 1833 

Horace Saxion 

Bean and Skinner. • 
Elbenecer S. Qreely . . 

• Seivaei UaKb U, 1831. 

Utica, N. Y. 
New Market, N.H. 
Boston, Mass. .... 
Washington, D.C, 



Norfolk, Va. , 

NewYork, N.Y.. 




Kewbuiyport , Moaa, 
ar.Bamng— " — 
Albany, N 
Montgomery co.N.Y 
Montgomery CO. N.V 
Monieomery &j.N." 
Philaddphio, Pa. . . 
Northampton, Mas 

Deity, Vt.. 

Colebrook, Conn.. 
Philadelphia, Fa. . 


Baltimore, Md... 
Colchester, Conn . . . 
Brookville, Ind 
Killings worth. Conn. 

Eden, N. Y 

Sandwich, Conn. 
Dover, Maine. . . 

April 2,1835 
Aug. 15, 1831 
Mar. 20. 1811 
SepL 9,1835 
Mar. 31, 1794 
Mar. 10, 1804 
July 2, 183S 
July ^ 1844 
Mar. 19, 1819 
Mar. 39, 1691 
Nov. 16, 1797 
Feb. 14, 1808 
June 18, 1810 
June 37, 1810 
Mar. 90, Idll 
Oct. 28,1811 


>, 1811 

Mar. 18. 1813 
Jan. 25,1817 
Aug. 16, 1817 
Sept. 2, 1818 
Feb. 3,1819 
Mar. 6.1890 
Aug. 8, 1891 
Feb. 4, loS9 
AprU II, laS 
June 3. 1B9S 
June 31, 1830 
July 8, 1B34 
June 13, 1S3S 
, Oct. G. 1635 

lb, Google 





Firtt^hce, and andirons. 

Flr^laoe, building uid altering, 

for burning coal 

^re-place, can iron 

Kifrplace, and chimney ... . 

fW-plaoe, chimm^r 

Flre^>lace, and clumnejr,... 
Fir»plMe, and chimney. . . 

Rre-place, and chimney, funnelcd 
I^re-place, and chimney stack in 


Rre-place to prarcnl emoking. 

Rre-place, md chimney, atores, 

Ac, for burning coal 

iiSre-place, close 

Pir».place, close, and open 

nre^ilace, Columbia 

Fire-place, cooking and baking. . . 
Pire-plsce, deGanoe 

Rre-place, double- draught 

PJre-plece, doric 

7u«.plw:e, wilh flel fliiinei 

Fire-place, fluted back 

Fire-place, forgnWe 

FKn-plnce, asi) gmte 

Fire^^laee, and grate, open 

Fire-place, grated 

Fire-piace, and o*an *..,. 

Pire-ptace, parlor and bilcben. . . . 

Fire.plaiCe, iheel iron 

Kre-plaee, aheet iron 

Pire-ptace, sheet iron 

Fiie-place, steam 

Fireplace, stop. 

J^fr^lace, and stores 

Fireplace, and Mnrea 

Fire-place, and aUivea 

Fire-place, or slorea 

Fire-place, or llOTea 

Fin-place, or slovca 

Fire-plac«, and warming bniMings 
Ftnea, ebimney, dampers or Talres 

Fhie comracters or chimney ralTcs 

for Gre^>lBcea and ^TBles . . , 

Viutm of conking stoTcs 

nnes of cooldng siotcs, arranging 

and governing the draught n 

FliKi of cooking ranges 

Fhica of alenied ovens, combined 

with cooking atoree 

Fhna of ftamacea.— Sk Picnuea, 
Phie, fanmtn, A^., macbine for 

erealing draught in 

Fhies, A*., of kilcben rangea 
fluea, of «pen Sra-|d>ee«. . . 

WilliMn R. Preacotl. 

Reaben Buck 

Daniel Hemingway.. 
Sarah Hammond . . . . 
John Sweet 

AKemiN Terrell 

Ansel Haywatd 

Samuel Morev 

JobnC. Bnisn 

Uiddleboro', I 
Hallowell, Mt 
Acton, Maine 

Cyma Blood. 

Reuben Etacon and Eli- 
jah Harris 

Ansel Qerrish 

Boston, Msss 

Easton, Mass 

Washington, D.C.. 
Washington, Md... 

. July 1, 1836 
. Not. 9, 1944 
. June as, 1939 
. Feb. 3«, 1811 

Oct 35, 183S 
Sept. 3S, 1834 
Jan. 18, 1813 
Jan. 38, 1814 
April 7, 1835 

Ormsby M.Mitchell. 
Horatio Q. SpeFTord. 

JohnC, Brasti 

Robert Heoericlt.... 

John C. Howaid 

EraituB Bartholomei 
and W. Church... 

Talmadge Ross 

John Pierpont 

Abraham Fisher.... 


Joseph Snyder. 

Charles Lane 

Roger M. Sherman . . 
Augustus Graham . . . 
Jonathan Knight.. . . 

Joseph Ingalfs 

Leri Mansfield 

Gilbert Richards.... 

John W. Cochran 

Etisha Putnam '. 

Allen Pollock 

Ezra Haskell 

Chauncey GKiemsey. 
John E. Cayford.... 
Eliaa W.Newton... 

Foster StcTcns 

James Cox 

Norman Smith.. 

Cincinnati, Ohio.... Mar. 8, 1! 

Hudson, N. Y May 3, K 

Washington, D.C.. Aug. 19, 1( 
WincheBter,Va....J June 30,11 
Howard's Valley,Ct.| Oct 27. If 

Boston, Man. .... 
New Jersey. . . . ft. 

Boston, Mass 

Hudson, N. Y.... 
New Hbtcd, Conn. 

Aug. 19, II 
Jan. 33,11 
Jan. 8, II 

lliaddena Rurbanks.. 

Samuel Pierce 

Thomas Whiteon... 

Hingham, Mass | 

Fairfield, Conn 

FredericKlown, Md. 
Stoddard, N.H.... 

Monroe, Mich 

Sanbomlon, N. H.. 

Ashfield, Mass 

I.owe1l, Mass 


New London, Conn. 

Poultney, Vt 

Milburn, Maine 

Middletown, Cl...: 
Springfield, Mass... 

Hartfbtd Conn 

iFeb. .„, 

April as, 

'June 13, 
Dec. 15. 
June 30, 

I Nor. 24, 
Dec 15, 
Mar. 24, 
May at, 
May 29, 
Not. 26, 

'July 18, 
Aug. 34, 
April 23, 

I Juno 25, 
July 7, 
Dec. 31. 
Dec. 3, 
Mar. 3, 
Miy 3, 


HaverhiU.N. H.. 

St. Johnsbnry, Vt. 

NewYork :.. 


May 26, 1843 
Feb. 31, 1B3B 
June 14, laSS 

by Google 

ittieB for aoveni^ . . 

FIuBS of Blorea 


Linua North. 

Jdjcah £e(eham and 

Williiun A. WbMler 
Thomaa Peanut), 

F\iel, iNreins 

FWl, compoaition for.... i John Allen. 

Ftwl, dryiDgj forglanfurucea... Jmme* Lm. 
Fuel, praparmg, sad atora to u*e 


Fuel, Mwin, pinafor 

Fuel, wvioe 

Fue[, aaw duat, diyiai; 


ForDiuwa, air-healing 

Famacea, air-heating 


Fumama, air, for alone cod 

Furnaces, adjuatinent of 

FuraaeeB, for onthnicite coal 

Furnaiiea, for anthracite, &c..... 

Fumaeea, for anthracite, <tc 

FUTDMses, for anthracite, i£j; . . . , . 

pHiTia«M, for anthracite* 

Fumaeea, for onthrscite 

Fumaeea, and bake ovan 

Furnace, baker's 

Furnace, boiler or burner 

FumBces, and boilar, combined. 
Fumaeea, and boiler, combined. 

Furnai^a, cooking, portable 

Fumaeea, cooking, portable 

EWnacea, cooking, porUbte 


Zini Phinney..... ... 

William Avery -,,,. 
William A. BanDn.. 
JephthaBiMlky .... 

JohQ Barker 

EbeneMt Bairow.. . . 

Thomaa Cirecg 

"•■ yet NoU 

iam Ghur«h .... 
Oliver Woodruff.... 

John L. SuUiiui 

WilliBDi Barreit 

Deniaon Olmalead . . . 
M. Brook Bulkley.. 
Charlea E. RuimIi . . 
QBidner Chilaon.... 

Ezra L. Miller 

Alexander HarriaoD. 
LeonidaB V. Badger. 
Aaahel Croaa 

fioaton, Maae 

Monroe W'ka,M.Y. 

New York city 

FhiladelpbiA, Pa. . . . 



Syracuaa, N. Y.. 

New York 



C<inneUanlle,PB. . . 

BoatoD, Maaa 



Maiden, Maaa .... 
New Haven, Comi. 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Boat«n, MaaB 

Brooklyn, N.Y... 
Herkimer, N.y... 
New Haven, Cotu. 

Dover, K.H 

Cazenovta, N. Y.. 

Nov. 13, It 
Om. 10, It 
Oat. S1,U 
Oet. 11, If 
Sept, 10, It 
June ai,U 
July 7, 1* 
Dec 11, It 
Mar. 16, It 

Nov. ao, 1( 

Nov. 7,11 
Nov. 3£, It 
Nov. 19, It 
Nov. 5, It 
Jon. 16, U 
Feb. 13, It 
June 10, M 
July 7, It 
Jan. 23, It 
Mar. %U 
Jan. 30, It 
May 13,]! 

Fumarce, ecoBomizing fuel and con- 
■uming Binoke. 

Lawrence, and T 

Horace (^eeaon.. 


Jo. Pendrell 

vaiMiraiuu fo 
nd Gre-plaee 

FuRiaces, to gener^ neai 

euUnary purpoaee. 

Fiunacas, grata bara of. ... . 

Emnacea, heating buildu^af 
fumaeea, healJD^ building* . 
^mace for heabng and warming 


Fumajie, hot sir and firegralea for 

heating apaiunan IS. 

Funucea, heated air ts 

Fitmacea, for healing ovens. 
Furnaoea, hot ur, sod bake 

Furnace*, hot air 

Fmtnwxa, lioi air] 

Tumacea, hot air 

'Famaces, hot air 

Frederick P. Dimpb 
Jamei Colquhoun.. 
Peter Tomfinaon . . . 
John Miller. 

John M. Cochnn. . 

William H.Whiteley 


Abraham H. Quincy 

Jacob Smh). 

John Bonij 

Chudner Chilean . . 

Adrian Janea 

William O. Wing, 
led October 14, lEIS. t AatednedPeknuiT 17,1643, w« letlti boob. 1 AaledMfd Pe«- 4, 

Poxborougb, Maas. May 36, IMS 

New York . . 

NewYork, N.Y. . 

Darby, Conn 

Boaton, Mbm 

Northampton, Pa. . 

Lowdl, Uasa..... 

Caermartban, South 

Walaa, EngUad. 
Hartford, Cobb.... 
New Haven, Coan . 

Af^ G, uoe 

Dta. 39,1 
Mar. 11, 1 
Aprd 15, 1 

Charlaauwa, Maaa. May 11. 1' 

Tyrone,N.Y Aug 9,1' 

"-- - " - FeS. 17,11 

Baltimoie, Md 1 May 2 . 

BalUmore, Md lMar.9>,l( 

Boalon, Maaa Aug. 4< " 

NewYork Aug. 9,1' 

New Bedford, Maaa.[ May 33, U 


Fumaco, pOTtahle, . 

PunmcM, paruble 

Poniac*, ponable, for healing i 

Joa^ R. Moma. . > 


Oeoqa W. Robinson. 

Edward R^sn 

John Le«u 

Jordon I~ MoK. .... 

Paiaaiait, porlaUB. 

Bucnaoea, port&hle bot ait. 
ninuoe, iraeltiiig iron — Set Clou 
Fomacea of sleam iMilera, &«. — i 

ForoBce, sumniBr, deugn for 

Furaacea, wilh redeclon 

Fanmcaa, sieain, for anlhracile. . . 

Furiiai:B», for uone or ehBTcaal. 

ForOHM, afitovaa... 

Pumaeaa, atores, Ac., conalruoUng 

PBmacea, tor Uulon. 

FiinMcei, for warming buildings. . 

Galley, ship*', (oi ibe diiliUatioi 


Oa« faoroer 

Oat burner 

Rudolph DcnamoTG. . 
Oeome E. Waring . . 




William P. Cna^ia. 

John Ilurd, jr 

Benjamin B. Howell. 

John Ealin 

EUd Eaton 

Bociol Ralph 

Aaher W. Roberta.. 

Elnoch Hutcbinaon.. 
Anioina Amons. .. 
William Black. 

43m bumen, argaod . . 

OnttM. . 

OHUea, and hiaver, ibr ^leltigh 

Geo. DaricoU and Jo- 
seph Noion .... 

Etienoe Haecaad. 

Wm. N. Hooper and 
Co., au'W of Wm. 

Charles Hunt. 

Chorlaa M. Grahnm. . 

Jamea Atwaler. 

James Atwaiw 


Jaro«a Benneu 

John Qoldenbaigh . . . 

William Ferrall 

a C. Molt and W. 

Onaca, and fij 

OcBlea, ajid fire place..... ... .. 

OfMe, fire place, deaign for. . . . . 

Utatt, fire place, design for. . . . . 

Giue, fir« place, de«^ for 

Gtaiea, hatters', dta— &• Otm i 

Qmat, kitchen 

<%«a« of line kilns. 

Gioles of atOTta, construcling. . , 


OiMea, open, for burning coala.. 

States, parlor. 

Grates, parlor. 

Gtalea, pendulum. ..'.....,.,., 

Scatea, portable 

Orales, regisler and air box for.. 

Wm.M. Ruaaell 

Ellison Conger. 

W. AN. H. Jadcson, 

Adam Hampleit 

Adam Hampton , 

Levi Disbrow. ....... 

William B. Hill 

OanlHr Chilaon..... 

Jaroea Eaatarly. . . . . . 

Jamea Atwater.. . . . . . 

William AndefaoD. . . . 

Jamea Wilaon 

NaibaD Wiiulow.... 
Janw* Wdliamaon..., 

Allen Pollock 

Robert Mayo. 

New Ha*«a, Conn. . 

Brocddyn, N. Y.... 



New Yiwk city. 

Hopewell,N. Y... 
Stamford, Conn. . . . 
New York 

Boeton, Maaa. . . , , 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

Philadelphia, Pa 


Wailea, M. Y 

Hartford, Conn., . . 

Baltimore, Md.... 
New Yorit city.... 
Boaion, Maaa..... 
Philadelphia, Fa... 

Beaton, Maaa 

Echallens, Switierl'd 

BoMon, UaoB. ... 

New York 

New York 

New Hano, Ct. . 
NewHaren, Ct. . 


New York.. ...... 

Cincinnati, Ohio, . 
Charieatqo,S. C... 


Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Baltimore, Md. .. 

Beaton, Maaa. ... 

Newark, N.J 

New York, N. v., 
New York, N. Y., 
New York, N.Y., 


BosiMt, Masa.... 


New Haien, Ct. . 



Woahingtun, D. C. 
BoatoD, Mass..... 
Richvoad, Va. ., 

Aug. K, 18M 



IM<! S9 
















June 19 






May 38 












July 26 





































July 99, I33T 








Not. 22, 1830 





June OS 



13, 1845 





Gmtes, iliding John C. 

Gnlea, Bliding, flule Daniel I 

Gmes and atoTca Edward H. Dixon. 

Graiea, atovea, and fuinaee* Eliaa W. Newton . 

Urates, in itovea, lowering andi 

raising. '. Joaiali Dutcher 

Gratea, and •loves, pariorft kitchen i Elkanah Ingalla. . . 

Grates, union I James Wilson .... 

Oddirons ' Daniel Bali 

Gridirons.... > Jona.Pairen 

Gridirons I Ami Clark . . 

Oridironi* Fenner Buih & Lma> 

i Praii 

Gtidirons I Joseph Hawkins. 

Gridirons, conslruoting. Isaac Damon. .. . 

Qridirona, guttered ■ I Thomas Mosse^. 

Gridirons, rotary | Kellora- Strong.. . 

Gridirons, and spider. | A. & George Siu 

Hstteis' ketiles ' Rusaall Wildman. 

Hearths, fire, for ships •, John Lamb 

Heat, autraciing from smoke by 

New Haven, Ct. . 
Hampton, Cl.. . . . 
New roritciiy. .J 

New York city... 
Middletown, Ct . . 

New York city 

ProTidence, R. I. . . . 


Lansingburg, N. Y. 
Berlin, Ct. 

Dsnie] Steinhauer. . 

John C- Douglass. . 
S. ApplwateiT-. How- 
Brf& P. H. Wharton 
Peter Wenn.... 

Meriden, Ct, 

W. Wiodsor, N. Y.| 
Nonhampion, Maoa. 
New London, Ct.t. 

Mendon, Ct 

Meriden, Ct 

Hartford, Cl 

Amboy, N. J 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 

. July 39. 1. 
. Feb. 13. « 
. Doc. 26. H_ 
..Aug. g,lttr 
..Jui- 9,105- 

. June 30, 163$ 
. April 22,1635 
. Sept. 13, 1834 
. Aug. 29, 1622 
Aug. 10. 1829 
July 21, 1834 

July 21, 1833 
Mar. S6, ie4» 
Jan. 30, 1841 
Mar. fi, 1820 
OcL as, 1635 
Nov. 14, 183S 
Nov. 8, 1845 
Mar. 18, 1830 

Dec 13, 1832. 

volution and managcmenil 

in & management of I Eiiphaiet Nott | Schenectady, N. Y. .| 

Heal, evolution A 

Heat, evolution & manaeei 

Heal, generating, by hydrogen 

Heat, r^ulating by machinery... 

Heat, reiainer and imparter. 

Heat, transmitting by eirculalion 

of bot air, apparatus for. H 
Heating air, for warming houses . 

Heating and boQiaig water 

Heating buildings, apparatus for. 

Heatiog buildings. 

Healing buildings, appantto* for . 

Healing liquids by 

Heating liquids ..r, 

Heating liquids.. 

Heating liquids in wood ciilems 
Heating plates for bot pnuing. . 

Heating rooms 

Heating water for scalding liogs. 

Headuf water, machines. 

Healing water, sleaming vegetables 

Lewis A. Hall. . 

•|l*lMa«dSi!pi.lT, IRK. 

J. W.&EliKirk.... 

Angier M. Peikins 

George J. Payne 

Geo^M. Dexter.... 

Reuben MiicheU 

Otis Packard 

Alez'r McWiUiams.. 

a. W. Waiie 

Jos. B. Armstrong , . . 

Samuel B*lton.. 

Roswetl Vaienline. . . . 
David McAllister..... 

Allen Pollock 

Isaac Thorn, jr 

D. B. Banum 

James S. Manh & A. 

Schenectady, N.Y..1 
Schenectady, K. Y. ' 

Lewistowu.N.Y.. ,__ . _ 

Schcncciady, N. Y..j Jun« 99, 1633 

Newark, N.J 

. Nov. 38, 1617 

Mar. 33, 1636 
June 31, 1S36 
Dec. 29, 1S3G 
May 30, 1837 
Mar. 26, 1898 
..Mar. " 


London, Eng 

Philadakihia, Pa. . . 
Citizen U. S., now i 


Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Now in London... 
Lockport, N. Y... 
Boston, Mass. . . . . 

Portland, Me. 

Roibury, Mass. . . 
Waahington, D. C. 
Bellimore, Md.... 

Wilkes CO., Ga 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 


BrookGskl, Vt. 

WeshiaeUn co., b 
Boston .n^ass. . . . 

Auburn, N.Y.. 





. Nov. 8, iraS 
. Aug. 35, 1»1 
. Nov. IS, 1819 

. Sept. 4, 1840 
. Aug. 30, 1833 
. Aug. 90, 1S38 
. Dec 37, lb36 
. Dec. 1, 1840 
. April 11, 1843 
. Mar. 9. 1843 
. Nov. 29, 1833 
. Juno 2S, 1836 
. May 29, 1833 
. Ju. 16, 1809 
. June 13, 1819 
. June 15, 1892 
1 June IS, 1819 
. April 24, 18DT 
. Feb. 11, 1634 
. June 35, 1836- 

. AprU 2, 1841. 



RM «»ar, oiKxlUiQn of 

nhmiDator, for ■lair comb.. . . . . 

Jack, sUun 

Kettles, ind btHler 

Keltlea, haUon', coDetructiog.— 
KetUu, plunking.— 8m Cloa 3. 
Ketllea, poia^, mode of aetiing. 
Kettles, lalt, eoDiUucliiis; &■ settu 
KtolsB, Ac, ■ettinpforboilen.. 

Kelllefl, Bugnr, itXUng*. 

Kotdea, Bupu', MUing & orrangii 

Kiln, chnmnf coal 

Kiln, cbarriog cod 

Kiln, drrjng flour 

Kiln, drying com 

Kiln, for drying gimin i 

Kiln , for drying grain 

Kiln, Tor drying grain 

Kiln, for drying grain 

Kiln, for drying grain 

Kifai, for drying grain 

Kiln, for drying grain 

Kiln, for drying grain... i 

Eiln, ueam, for drying malt. . 


Kilcbena, moreable 

Kitchen ranges............. 

Kitchen rangea 

Kitchens, slesm, for baking... 

Kitchens, steam, for ahipi. 

Kitcbeo*, •ammary.. . . > 

Lamps, Ac 

Lamps, Ae^ 

Lamps, Ac 

Immpa, dbc 


Jiunps, d««ign for. 

Iiampe, doMgn. . , . , m 

Lsmp, alcohol, for lotdicatad n- 

-Ddncal tnbalar bnraer . 

Ijunps, ar^and 

Lamps, ar^and, to commnc 

John H- Rom 

John Bailey. ...... 

Philo N.Griffith.., 
Sjer OsnS. 

Daniel B. Tamer... 
Chs. C. P. Crosby. 
Qeo. W. Robinson. 
James Malory- ■ . - . 
MauDsel White. . . . 
Conrad Kounslar. . . 
Michael Carroll. . . . 

Nathan Tyson 


James Oeneale. .... 

James Abralum 

Benjamin Parry. . . . 

John Hugbeon 


Robert Andrews.. . 
Thomas Crook .... 
Henry Y. and Ab'm 

Uaupt, jr. 
David St. L. Davis. 
George G. Moore. 
George Youle.. .... 

EUph^et Nott 

(leoige Johnson. . . 

Samuel Smith 

Nieh. Boureau .... 

John Bonis 

James Mallory . . . 
Edvard Clarke... 
Alexaikder Block.. 
Winslow Lewis. . . 

James Duke 

Isaiah Jenninga. . . 
[saiah Jennings. . . 
Daniel Gilbert .... 

Jacob Keim 

Isaioii Jennings. . . 
Isaiah Jennings. . . 

Samuel Rust 

Samuel Rust 

Samuel Rust 

Samuel Rust 

John C. Fletcher. . 
Joahua T. Betde . . 
Edwin B. Horn. . . 
Stephen J. GoU... 

. Haw York 

. Baltimore, Md.. 
. Boston, Mass. . . 
. Orange, N.J. ... 

Florence, Ohio . . 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Attleborough, Mass . 
New Orleans, La. . . 

Mill Creek, Va 

TeUeco Plains, Tenn 

Baltimore, Md 

Adrian, Mich 



Bucks CO., Fa 

Clinton CO., H.Y... 
Cotebrooke, N. H.. 

Flemjogco., Ky 

New Hope, Pa 

Springfield and Dur- 

. D«c 16, lats 

. June 24, UB - 
. Feb. 33, OB 
. Sept. 26, 1^ 

Sept. 18, 1841 • 
Jon. 11, 1B40 
July 17,1818- 
Sept. 30, 1838 
Sept. 17, 1839 
June SO, 1825 - 
April S8,1S38 
Aug. 3, 1831 
Sept. 26, 1S46 
July Ifl, 1800 
Dec 30, 1805 
July 7, J310 - 
July IB, 18U 
July 9, 1813 

Nov. " 


7, IS 

John Davidson ... 

Henry B. Fainatd 

P. F. Slaae. 
William W. 
P, F. Slane and John 


Giles L. F. Griswold, 

assig'ee o rL.E. Hicks 

William F. Shaw.... 

David Melvill 


Hibemia, Tenn- . . . 

Hew York 


Scheneciody, N. Y. 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Herkimer, N. Y. . . . 
Middlesex, N.J... 

Baltimore, Md 


Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Bamslable, Mass.. 

Bosuin, Mass 




^ralUeboiough, Vt . 
Philadelphia. Pa. . . 
New York city, ... 
New York city.,... 
Nev York city. .... 
New York city, .... 
New York city ..... 

New Vork city 

Springfield, Ohio . . . 
London, England... 
Bostoii, Mass. .... 

Cornwall, Conn 


BalijpioTe, Md ..... 

E. Cambridge, Mass 

Middletown, Conn 

Boeton, Mast. .... 
Newport, B. I..... 
Woodstock, Vi.,.. 

Dec 5,1843 

Aug. 30, less 

Dec. 4, 1834 
July I, 1814 
April 33, 1835- 
May 23. 1836 
June 11, 1811 
Aug. 30, 1B09 • 
Jan. 19, 1B2S 
Nov. SO, 181S ' 
April 37, 18H 
Oct. 3, 1817 
Jan. S3, 1818 
Aug. IS, 1821 - 
Mar. 3, 183» 
Sept 10, 1839 
Mar. 29, 1834 
Mar. 99, 1834 
Sept. S3, 183? 
Oct. 16,1930 
April SO, 1837 
June 30, 1837 
Jan. 9. 183B 
June 7,1838- 
July 13, I83S 
Nov. 39, 1838 
Jan. 8, 1843 
May 8, 1843 
Sept. 14, 1843 . 
July, 9,1846 
May 17, 1844 
Mar. 36, 1S45 
Oct. 18,I8«3 

Jan. 33,1845. 

Mar. 16, 1844 

. Dec 31,1843 
Not. 19. IBie 
, Mar. 9, 1831 


>L », laa.^ tAnM'sM April S, 1830. 



Loaipa, iTgand, conMrattiMi of. 
Lamps, nrgnnd, conttruc^n of. 
LsmEn, ufsnd oiJ bum«r, BdapUd 

to bum ipirila of turpenliae 

LonipB, arifuid, spiriU of tuipen- 

(ine, &c., burning 

Lunpa, ufaiHl,volMil»iii£T«di«nu 


J..ailipa, lor boiling w>ler 

I^mps, for bamin^eTviporaUe in- 


Lntip-buTiicr, o^tillarr 

Lunpi, burning camphine* 

' 5, burning camphinet. 

lohn S. Toaj^ . . 
Chadea Can . . 
Charlea Carr . . 

. Philadelphia, Pa. . 
. Philadtlptua, Pa. . 

. June iM, 18M 
. Mar. 38, IMS 

Ijunpa, bumin? camphi.. . , .. 
Lamps, burning laid an<)otkercoa- 

crele mbatancca. 
Lamps, burning lard, tallow, Ac. . 
Lamps, burning lard, tallow,&c. . 

Lamps, burning (allow 

Lamps.buniing volatile ingredisnia 
Lamps, eandk. 
Lamp caps. . . . 
Lamp caps .... 

Lamps, coach 

Lamps, compound spirits 


Lamps, construction of 

Isaiah Jennings. . . 

William H. Starr . 

Augusus V. H. Wsbb 

Michnd B. P— ■ 

Stephen J. G 

Edward T. Williams A 
Lalham T. Tew. 

George Carr 

( Norman S. Cats and 

t James H. Putnam 

Mora S. Woodward 

laaiah Jennings 

Asa Taylor 

Francis Draper 

D-JorresA New Eng- 
land Glass Co. , aasir 
neeaoTILH. Eddr 

William Lawrence . . 

William Maeee. .... 
John W. Shall & Joel 

Isaiah Jennings. 
Christian and Charlw 


Chriatovher WesI 

WilluunFomer.jr., ± 


New York, N. Y. . . 


Phitadelphia, Pa. . . . 
Cornwall, Conn .... 

Newpart,R. 1 

BuffaJo, N. Y 

Chariealo'a ) s. 
Maiden, J """■ 

Manhellon, Pa 


Philadeiphia, Pa . . . 
E. Cambridge, Mom 

Aw. 1, 1811 
JoM fi, ISM 
Feb. 19, 1S3> 
Aug. 35, ISte 
July 16, 1841 

June 36, 1841 
Sepu 4. 1841 
Not. 16. 1841 
Sept. 18, 1841 
SepL 11, 1841 - 
Oct. 9, 1S19 
Mar. 30, 1844 

. Juoe 37, 183> 

Iiomps, e(»)aamlcal, condensing. 
Lamps, eaaential oils, burning . . 

Lampe, fat, Ac., burning 

Lamps, r^uloling the mme of. . 

Leannrd Poster. . 
Thonus Phillips... 
Michael B. DyoU . . 
Joiioh Warren 

Ijuiip«, glass, caps of. ... . 
Xdraps, glass, chimnsys. . . 

I^unps, hanging* 

Lamps, hyilro>pneumattc. . 
Xjompa, improiement in . . . 
Lamps, impmTemeni in^. . 
Lamps, improvement InQ . . 

Lamps, laid 

Lompa, Ian) 

Lnn^, hud 

Lamps, tnid . . . 
Lamps, lard. .. 

David Melville. 
Darid Melville. 
Snlomon Andrrws. . . . 
Joseph M. Truman 

Qeorge Truman . ■ 
Robert Cornelius. .. 
Henry Whitney ai 

Thomas Leigh to o . 
Francis Drapsr .... 

Deming Jarrss 

Alonzo Plait 

Siephen S, Lee . 

Benjamin P.Gi-eenougb 

Samuel Rust ., 


leniamia H. Horn.. 
. Archibald H. Baird . 

. Ellis S. Archer 

. Fred-kH.Soulhworib 
. John T. Urtighi 
inliiH-rAixlll.S WB: 



Bo«tea, Mass. . . . 

NewYork ~ 

Cincinnati, Ohi*,.. ... 

Baliimore, Md 

Newport, R. I. .....w 

Newport. R. L 

Perth Amboy, N.J. 

Penn township. Pa. . ? 
Philadelphia, Pb.,.. A 

Cambridge, Mass. 
E. Cambrideo, Moas 

Boston, Mam. 

Middletowa, Cona. . 

Provideace, K. I 

Boston. iVIaiis. 

NewYork, N.Y.. 
CiliEeii of the U. S. 
reaidinc in Londoi 

BnsUin. Maes 

NewYwk.N. Y... 
PhilaJelphia, Ps. ... 
Wasbiugiou, U..C. 
Alexandria, D. C. 

Aug. S8, It 
Jun»3S, It 
Msf M, IE 
Fob. 98, IE 
July IT, It 
Mo* 1, U 
Mar. 18, If 
May 10, IE 

April 10, It 
.Vlar. 31, I) 

July T. if 

May 36, It 

May 36, It 


July 3, It 

Aug. II, 1' 

il Aug. a, I83U. ) Ai 

.11- 3», IM3l 

g.MxadWdHiijrl, let). 

imn, Mticb IS. IMI ' 


Idiapa, laid... 
Lanpi, hid . . . 
Lamp*, Lard. . . 
Lsmpa, lard... 
Lanpa. lard... 
Lempa, lani... 
Lampa, laid... 
I^mps, lard . . . 
Lamps, laid. . . 
Lampff, lard*. ■ 
Lampa, lard... 
Lamps, lard. . • 
Lampa, lard. . . 
Lampe, latd. . . 
Lampa, lard. . . 
Lamps, lard... 
Lampa, lard... 

Lampa, lard| . . 

Lamp, lard.. • 

l4n pi. Tor laid 

Lampa, lard 

Lampa, lard, with argamtburrwra] 

Lampa, and lainp torches 


LamfM, light^ooae 

Lampa, light-haua 
Lampa, li^hl-houa 
Lampa, lighting . . 

lArapi, for liquida 1/ 


Lamp, nighl.. .' 

Lamp*, nniM 

iMrapt, parent 

Lampa, patent 

Lampa, pneumatic . . . . 

John Chamilt. 
Fredli H, Sontiiwortfa 

P. Robinson 

Horace Howard . . 
William S. Moore. 
Silas G. Terry. ... 
Patrick J- Claric... 
Robert Cornelius. . 
Chariea Wilhdm. . 

H. P. Benton 

William Thomson . 

Lutiier Jones 

Henry Ro™ 

Harrey Tomtinson 
Thomas Houehton &, 

JohnF. Wafiace.... 
J«B«« Noal, aaignea of 

Benjamin r ^- ■■ 
Stephen P.Moorehouie 

Andrew Eeyser 

Robert Comeliua 

Jeremiah Martin 

Christopher Cornelius. 
Wioslow Levis, sen.. 
Benj. Henmienway... 

Charles Wheeler 

Isaac Dunham 

Edmund Hubbard and 

Wm.L. Cheney. 

Lamps, reflectieg., 

Lamps, reflector for. 


Jomph Hawkins, 

T. P. Strong 

William Howe... 

Samuel Rust 

Samuel Rust..., 
Ez. T. Smith. ... 
Josiah Fla^ A Joiiah 

John C. 'Pietcher. 
Edvanl Bt«wn. . 

Lampa, aeraw head for. 
Lamp, aelF^upplying.. 

Lamps, ^ade to 

Lamps, aignal 

Lampa, apirit* of turpentine, bam- 


Lampa, suspenaisn, baml.. . 

Lamps, laJlow.. 
Lamps, tallow.. 
Lampa, (allow.. 

e ineredienls,bani 
Lamps for Tolaiue materials . . 
Lampa, volatile materials. . . . . 

Aaron Folger 

,E. Whelan 

Jos. Peinour and Jos. 

Feinour, jr 

Patrick J. Clark 

Edwin B. Horn 

Samuel Rust 

Jos. Feinour and Joa. 


Luther Jones, 

Ira Couch and James 


John JjOTe , . 

Isaiah Jennings. . . 
Norman Rublse... 
Isaiah Jerniings. . . 
Aug. V. H. Webb 
George E>1ea 


Washiagtan, D.C. 
WeltBTille, Ohio. . . 
Chilticothe, Ohio.. 
Chealerhill, Ohio . . 

Wooster, Ohio 

Springfield, Ilhnsis 
Portsmouth, Ci . . . 


Philadelphia, Pa... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Norwatk, Ohio. . . . 
Cincinnati, Ohio. . . . 
Utica, N.Y..... 
Ruahville, Illinois. 
Geneva, N Y.... 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Midilleburv& Roots- 
town, Ohio 

BloomEeld,N. J., 
Ludlowville, N.Y, 
Pulton, Missouri . . 
Philaitelphin,pB. . 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Boston, Maaa. .'. . ) 
Roxbury, Masa.. j 
Rochport, Mass. . . 
Bristol, Me 

Chester, Mass 

Baltimore, Md 

New York, N.Y. . 

Boston, Mans 

New York city 

New York city.... 
Lenox, Mass 

Boston, Mass . 

Sprinsfidd. Ohio. . . 

/Me. », INS 
Oct. 73,\8ii 
Nov. 31, VSi& 
Deo. 5, 1S49 
Feb. 7, 18i» 
Feb. 10, 1643 
Feb. 10, 1843 
Feb. 34, 1B43 
Mar. 31, 1843 
April 6, 1843 
April 6, 1813 
April 10, 1843 
.4.pri1 10, 1843 
May 36, 1843 
.\u5. 4,1843 
Sept. 1, 1843 

Nov. 15, 1843 

May 4, 1843 
Mar. 26, 1844 
April 96, 1830 
Aug. ao, 1845 
April G, 1843 
June 30, 1837 
Dec. S8, 1833 
Aug. 7,1844 

Mar. 14, 1B34 

April SI, 1810 
July SO, 1846 
Dec. 31, 1813 
Sept. 25, 1837 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 

Boston, Mass.... 
New York cijy... 

Philadelphia, Pa.... Aug. 1,1838 

New York city , 


South Carolina. . . . 

New York 

Montpelier, Vt. ... 
New York, N.Y. . 
New York, N. Y. , 
Boston, Masa... ., 

April 1, 1943. t AddiUsnal IsipnveDMat, Nov. 26, ISC 

Not. 35, 1838 

Mar. 13, 1833 
June II, 1798 
May 30, 1830 
Dec- 4, 1833 
Oct. 13, 1844 
No*. 4,1843 
May 33, 1835 


Lonlpa, water in combuBtion with 

spirits of turpentine 

Lamp wicks* ., 

Lamp wicks, roisingt 

Lamp wicks, raising & low«rinfJ. 

Lamp3, wick tubes foi 

J.amp wicks, tubes for 

Lampa, of wood 

Lampa, wooden, metallic bowli. . 


Samuel Morey 

Samuel Rust 

Samuel Rust 

Samuel Rust 

Enoch W. Perry 

James Madcan 

Job. H. Mather 

John Street 

John Scaniford, and A. 


Winaiow Lewis 

John M Reed . 

Mantles, for fire pi) 
iMan tie pieces, 
Metallic bodie 
- Oil feeders^. .. 
Oii feeders... 
Oil feeder 


MOliing, for ligbl-houaea Benjamin P. Willard . 

Ovens, American 

Ovens, bake 

Ovcna, baker 

Ovens, bakin°, and heating houses 
Ovens, baking oror a cooking fur- 
Ovens, eonalruclion & application 
OTeni, for cooling and annealing 

Oven doors, improvement in 

Ovena, double in chimneys '. . 

Ovens, elevated, combined with 
cooking and other stoves 

Ovens, elevated, Tilvea for 

Ovens, elevated, combined with 
cookin" stoves 

Ovens, elevated, used on cooking 

Ovens, flue, door 

Ovens, heating by anihraciu , 

Ovens, heating rooms 

Ovens, healing roomf 

Ovens, perpetual 

Ovens, perpetual 

Ovens, perpelual, rotary .... 

Ovens, portable 

OvenB, portable 

Ovena, portable 

Ovens, portable, bake. 

Ovens, p«rtable 

Ovens, portable, combined with 

Ovens, portable, rotary. 

Oven*, railway 

Ovens, reflecting. 

•AU*dit*dilptil4, 1 


Elijah Skinner, 

Isaac Deaves 

Eliphatet NoU... 
Roberl Cornelius . 
Joseph Benson.. . 
ElipholctS. Scripture. 

John Weal 

John Barnitt 

John Bouls 

Josiah C. Carlisle. . 
RichonlR. Tongue, 
Samuel S. Eaton.., 
Benjamin Blnney. . , 

Samuel Pollard 

William H. Akins 

Ephraim Tread well.. 
Henry Reip. .. . 
Eben B. Strong. 
Jacob Baldwin.. 

Elly Moody 

Samuel Pollard. . 
;lasa.— &i Clan 15, Ch 
Oeorge W.Eddy .... 
Reuben Bacon A Wm. 
E. Marshall. 

EliC. Robinson 

J. W.WiIli8ton*-.W. 

A. Arnold 

Benj. Simonda, jr. ... 


J. A, Ktts •. 

Michael 8. Poitraux. . 

James Deneale 

William T. Hunter... 

J. L. D. Maihies 

Pra. L. Hedenberg... 
William Goddard .... 

Charles Tale 

David Hull 

Thaddeus B.Curtis... 

Edward Oosael in 

Richard Wilcor ! 

Se wall Short ; 

CD. Van Allen | 

Boston, Mass 

New York 

New York, N.Y,. 


Boston, Maaa 

PhiUdelphia, Pa. . . 

Saybrook, Ct 

Philadelphia, Pa... 

Windham, Ct. . . . . 

Boston, Miu* 

Louisville, Ky .... 

Boaion, Matn 

Sandwich, N.Y... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Schenectady, N. Y. 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Boston, Mass 

SyrMuae, N. Y.... 


Upper (Vo videnee,Pa 

Baltimore, Md 

Chealerillle, Me... 

Frybure, Me 

Manafidd. Ct 

Boston, Mass 

Orono, Me 

Berkshire, N.Y.... 

Salem, Moss 

Baltimore, Md..... 

Buflyo, N.Y 

New York aty..... 

Northfield, Maaa . . . 
Bucksport, Me. . . . 


Walpole, N. H 

Brandon, Vt. , 

Weal Poultney.Vl 

Troy, N.Y 

Northampton, Mass 
Bedfon], Mass.... 
Brooklyn, N.Y... 
Winthrope, Me . . . 
Richmond, Va . .... 

Dumfries, Ya 


Rudteater, N. Y. . . , 


Porlamontb, N.H. 

Newark, N.J 


New Haven, Ct. . . . 



Nantnekel, Mub. , , 
PenYan, N. Y...., 


Nov. 19, 1S33 
May 10, 1S45 
Mar. 9, 1S44 
Oct. 6, I8JS 
Oct. 19, ISIS 
Dec. 96, 13U 
July ao, 1B31 
May 3, ie« 

May 10, 18IM 
June 8, 1910 
Dec. 96, 1638 
Feb. 90, IB» 
July 90, 1631 
Feb. 31, 18!1 
June 39, 1833 
April 6, 1S13 
Feb. 98, IB44 
Mar. 15, 1345 
Oel. 37, laOS 
Mar. 3, tSn 
Dec 30, 1813 
April 19, 1833 
Aug. 15, 1B34 
Dec. IT, ISH 
Dec IT, 1834 
Feb. 3,16Se 
June 9,ie3« 
Ang. 97, 1818 
8ept.9T, ISSS 
April 11, 1836 
Oct. 9T,ie3S 

Dec 30, IWl 

Aug. 95, 1840 
Oct. 15,1891 
June 16, 183C 
July 9,183i 
Jan. 17,1887 
Dec. 4, 18IK 
Jan. 8, 1818 
Dec. 21, 1831 
April 96, 1838 
0«. 19,1831 
June 36, 1835 
Mar. 38, 1^4 
Jtme 37, 1839 

Nov. T,1840 
April 90,1^ 


Otnm, reflcciiw 

Onwa, with nttttore. 

Ovens, retaining, for baking and 


Ortag, TCTolving 

Ovani, fiM-BioTes 

OT«n*, tin, bake 

Ranges, cooking 

Ranges, cooking 

Raises, cooking 

Ranges, cooking 

Rai^s, cooking 

RaKg«a, eookint; t 

Ranges, cooking 

Ranges, eookii^ 

Rai^, cooking 

Ranse, cooking 

Ra^e, cooking 

• Rai)^, kitchen 

RoBgM, kitchen 

lUngea, kitchen 

Range, kitchen 

Rttn^, kilcKen 

ReAactOTs. metallic 

Register for slove, self-acting .... 

Register, for heabng ibrnace 

Routing jack 

Routing meat 

Safe.— Sm Firt-pnx^, Ctoi 3. 

Screen, Gre 

Screens for lifting, coal, grain, &c. 

Soreeningor siding coal 

Sieve, or riddle, tor separating 

Bshea iVom cinders 

Sieve, or riddle, for Mpnniling cool 


SiftM', wire, rolling 

Slabs, for fire-bnck and stoves. 

lining, &c 

Smoke, conductor 

Smoke, consuming 

Smoke, coniumiug 

Smoke, ventilator 

Spit, lumer ' 

Sleam generator, portable 

Steaming, boiling, &c,afipBiatuH. 

Steaming and mashing apple* 









Stephen J. Gold 

Stephen Harris 

David W. Barker.... 

William Lewie 


Herbert K. Simpson . 

Nathan F. Kinsley.. 

Abiram S[i>uldin 

John Brereton... ... . 

Moaes Fond 

Herbert H. Stimpson . 

Moses Pond 

Jordan L. Molt 

John P. Hayes 

Moses Pond 

H. H- Stimpson 

EbeiMzer Barrows ■ . . ■ 

Ambr. W. Thompson . 

Julius Fink 

Julius Fink 

G. E. Waring and R. 
E. Peterson, adm'ral 

Aionzo Farrar. | 

Wubburn Race : 

E. Barrows 

Ezra Whitman, jr i 

Samuel Fierce 

Cornwall, Ct 

Norfolk, Va 

Clyde, N.Y 

Franklin, N.Y.... 

New York 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mua 


New York, N.Y.. 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Moss 

Boston, Mais 


Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mass .. 

Rochester, Mass. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Philsdelpbia, Pa... 

Stamford, Conn. . . . 

Boston, Mass 

Seneca Falls. N. Y. . 
New York, N. Y. . . 
Win ih rope, Maine. . 
New York city 

Caleb Pierce Salem, Maw 

Elisha D. Pavne and' 

Enos Woodruff.....! Newark, N. J... 
Benj. S. Hon I Kensington, Pa. . 

John J. Hess Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jesse E. Dow, Wm. 

M. Edwards, db Sam. 

Davis Charlestown, Mass . 

Nathan Sellera. Philadelphia, Fa. . 

Joseph Putnam.... 

JohnC. Teale 

John AcofT. 

Nathan Lockling... 

Siks Smith 

Samuel Morey 

Stephen Alwater. . . 

B. P.Gold 

John Dimm 

James M. Callmont 

Tbomaa Hirst 

Caleb Wheaion 

John W. Godfrey ai 


William Henderson..! 

Henry Abbet 

Samuel Dickey 

James Fales 

Augustus Graham . . 
WOliam Watson... 
Thomas Power 

Salem, Mass ■ 



Sparta, N.Y 

Hamilton. Ohio.. 
Oxford, K. Y.... 
Rochester, N.Y. . 


Greenwood, Pa 


03tford,Pa.. .'.'.".!! 
Newport, R. I .... 
FrederickioD, Md . 
Weymouth, N.J. . 


lb, Google 


Alfred Janei 



Charles Poalley 

Aaron Lane 

Comfort Barney 

Eliakim Corey 

ThoB.&I>Aae Power. 

Henry L. LeibeniM . . 

James Rosa 

Anthony B. Martin ■ .. 

Joseph P. Simpson . . , 


Burgess Allison 

Robert & John Mount 

Aaron Lane 

James Barron 

B. Seymour and A. C. 



Thomas Woolson. . . . 

Powel Stackhoose 

NnUian Parriah 

JordonL. Mo« 

Gieorge J. Payne 

Jordon L, Mott 

Daniel West& Ferdin- 
and Von Sickle 

Wm. M. Carmichael . 

John H. B.Swnnzey . 

Pracier, Blancharll nnd 

Fred. A. Fickhurdt. . 
Nathaniel Russell . . . 

Howell Parmalee 

John Collum 

Pbinea* Gillet 

James Miller 

Abel Cornell & Nirai 


G«ot^ Nelson 

Stedman W. Honks. 
PJiileUs Phillips . . . . 
Reuben Elmendorf . . 

Union Village, N.Y 


New York 

Warren, R. I 


Hudson, N.Y 

New York 

Elizabeth town, N.J. 
Hagerslown, Md. 

New York 

BoBioD. Mass. . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 



Norfolk, Va 


Philadelphia, Pa. 
Claremonl, N. H , . . 
Philadelphia, Pi 
Mendon, N. Y, 


Borough of Erie, N.Y 

F«b. 99, ] 
1, : 

Mar. 30, 1813 
ApnlSG, ]81» 
April a£, 1SI5 
May II, im& 
Dec 27, 1B15 
May 30, IBIS 
Aug, 31. 18IG 
Sep. 7, 1816 
Dec. 3, ISlC 
Dec, 36, I81« 
AiirU 5, 1817 
i^ilSe, 1817 
Apnl 10, 1818 
April 11, 1818 
SwL 15, 1818 
May 14, 1833 

James Bobb 

A. Whitney. 

J. L. Mott 

Low, Chollar A, Jones, 

assignee of E. Ripley 
Leake & Low, aasignee 

of Addison Low 
Charles S. Huie. . 
John Morrison. .. 
Samuel Utter . . . 
Francis L. Hedenbui^ 
JehielT. Ferrand 

Peter J. Clute 

Henry Stanley. . . 
Roth bone & Co., Bi. . „ 

neea of Addison Low 

Sep. 23, 1833 
July 30, 1B31 
Dec 33.1831 
Nov. a, 1B33 
Dee. 30,1833 
Mar. 6, 1835 
July SI, 1835 

Hudson, N.Y July 31,1835 

Hempstead, N.Y... Mar. 23, 1836 
Lynn, Maaa Mar. 30, ISK 

New York I April 28, 1836 

Eaton, Pa April 28, 1836 

Waterrille, Maine..! Alay 14, 1836 
Wnterrleit, N. Y. . .. July 2, 1836 

G}raftoD,Maas July 31, 1837 

NewHartford,Conn! June 30,1838 
Baltimore, Md Oct. 16, 1838 

Guilfi)rd,N.Y iJuly 16,184* 

Boston. Maas [ Sept. IT, 1843 

Lowell, Maas Oct. 12.1843 

Middlel'n Poin^ N J Nov. 13, 1843 
Kingston, K. Y . , '--■"• ""- 
Peetskai, N. Y . , 


Lewistown, Pa... 

Albany, N. Y July 19, 1844 

NewYork I Feb. 12,1844 



Albany, N.Y... . 


Newark, N. J. . . . 



Port Byron, N. Y 
Schenectady, N. Y . 
Poultney, Vl 

Albany, N. Y. . 

Nov. 19, 1&45 

Feb. la, 1845 
May 1, 1845 
Mar. 12, lt>45 
May 1, 1845 
May 7, 1845 
Aoe. 4, 1845 
Sept 19,1845 
Oct. 16, 1845 

9d Aug. e, IMS. 

itedsled Dec 1, ISe. 

lb, Google 

StovB, desgn for. . .. 
Sure, dwign brt. . 
StOTE, dengafor... 
SloTB, deaagn fer... 
Stove, dMigD Tor... 

Siove, doaignfor.. 
Stove, design for . . 

Store, dengn Tor. . 



StovCi deaign for.. .. 
Slove, deugnfor.,.. 
Slove, d««^for.... 
Stove, deeign fori. . . 
Slove, detigD ror|. . . 
Stove, dcMgnfor.... 

David Root. 
Johnaon Oeer&Cox, 

ue'neeeofR. Ripley 
E. P. PenBunan . . . 
J.S.&,M. PeckhBin. 

John Bt. Clote 

Ooodhae and Guild... 
WiUiam P. Craaaoo, 

aaaJgnn of Staait A 

Wm. P. CreaMD, aa- 

eignee of Stu«rt,Beea- 

lev JtSeilor. 

S.^JewGUand F. H. 


S. a. Jewett and P. H. 


Samuel Pierae 

Sanual Hanlep aaaign- 

or to Dunbam & Co. 

Jomn Wager 

Loflla Wood 

O. S. Kaitehom, H.M. 

FapBOO, end A. Ring 
J. S. and M. Pecklnin 
J. S. and M. Peckluun 


Ezra Ripley 

Ezra Ripley 

Johnson and Cok, aa- 
of E. Ripley . 

Stove, deaign for.. . 

Stove, deaign for... 
Stove, deaign for.. . 
Stove, deaign for... 
Blove, deaign for^ . . 
Stove, deaign for ■ . . 
■ ■ :n fort. . 

Stoves, ai. 

Stoves, air lieating 

Stovea, air healing 

Slaves, air heating and coolting. . 

Stovea, airtight** 

8t«f ea, air tight. . 

Alberta. Bristol. 
Wilder, Bieeker, aod 

Vose, aaaigneea of 

William Shsw 

J. P. Seymour, am'e^ 

ofL. 0. Palmer... 
J. P. Seymour, aaa'gei 

ofL.O. Palmer. .. 
Adubs a. Lincoln. . . 
George U.- Norton.., 

L. S. Bacon 

Barber and Hoffnan. 

John Marrison 

Samuel D. Vose 

Hiram Wales 

Salvia F. Kellogg. , . 
Chariea B. Baynton. . 
John Woolley 


Thomas M. Jones. . . 

Stephen M. Allen... 
Zepbsniah Boaworth 

Anaon Alureod 

Benjam in Storback, a> 
iignee of A. Atwood 
John P. Rathbone. 

John Cline 

Hamed and Elliott, aa- 


tight, or Arnott'a stoves; Joseph E. Fiah.. 




Utica,N. Y 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
■ Ohio... 

Bapt.e.lHS. t/u 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

BuffaJo.N. Y.... 

Buffalo, N.Y 




New York, N.Y. . 

Porlland, Maine... 

Uiica, N.Y 

Uliea, N.Y 

Syracuse, N.Y... 

Troy, NY 


Troy.N.Y , 


Albany, N.Y 



Norton, Mess. . . . 
Rochester, N. Y. . 
Le Roy, N. Y. . . . 
Briileeion, N. J.. . 


Albany, N. Y. . . . . 
Randolph, Mass. . 
Norwafit, Ohio... 
Houssioaic, Mess. 
Springfield, Mesa . . 
Georgetown, D. C. 
Boston, Maaa. ; now 

in England.. . . 
Boaton, Moss. . . 
Marietta, Ohio.. 


Albany, N.Y... 
NorwolK, Ohio . . 

Philadelphia, Pa, 
Solcm. Moaa.... 

S^ »,I»t5 

Oct. 16, 184S 
Sept. 9, 164& 
Oct. 16,1845 
May 38. 1M6 
Aug. 18, IS46 

Oct. 3. 18*6 
Oct. 3. 1846 

Oct. 10, 134G 
Oct. 10, 1846 
Aug. 38, 1846 

Sept. 3. 1846 
Oct. 3. 1846 
Oct. 3. 1846 
July 35, 1546 
July 3», 1846 
July 35, 1846 

July 10,1846 

Oct. 10. 1846 

Oct 10, 1846 
Dec. S3, 1B4G 
July 2S, 184G 
July 35, 184S 
July 1U, 1846 
July 10, 1846 
Aug. 18, 1846 
May 18. 1837 
April 16, 184a 
Feb. 3D, 1843 
Mar. 16, 1344 
Jan. SO, 1836 

Aug. 11, 1841 
Jan. 17, 1842 
April 6,1848 
Uar. 36, 1845 

Juhr 14, 1845 
July 10, 1646 
Jan. 6, 1842 


' ^Stona, tir w 

SiovcB, iinthntcile coal 

Stoves, snthmcilo co«l 

Stoves, HnthrneiM cdaI* 

Stores, luithradte coalf 

Stoves, anthnicile coal 

Stoves, nnlhracila ooal 

Stoves, BDlhracite coal 

Stoves, anihraeiie cool 

Stoves, anlhnci(« coal 

Stoves, Anthracite, ashpit, dosing 
Stoves, anthmeite, brick.. . • 
Stoves, anthnicile, oombinati 
Stoves, anthracite, damper, and 


Stoves, anthracilB, lining 

Stoves, Bnlhiacile, moveable, fls 
Slovea, anthmcite, miea,sailieB(i 
Stoves, nnlhraclte, seetional tope. 
Stoves, anthracite, vertical ^te. 
Stoves, anthracite, wrou^I iron fi 
Stove9,afiparatus for regulating the 

heat of. . . 


P. Atwater. 

Anthonr Savage.... 
Jordon L. Mott. . . . . 

Eliphalet Nott 

James Atwater 

Abraham D.Spoor.. 
Jacob Janewap.. • ■ ■ . 

Adrian Jones 

Aaron 0. Price 

Jordon L. Mott 

Eliphalet Nou 

Elifjialet Nott. 

James Atvraier. 

Pollsville, Fa. 

New York 

Scheuectad]r,.N. Y.. 
New Haven, Cona . . 
Coxsackie, K. Y... 
Hartford, Conn . . . , 

Newark.N. J 

New York city 

Schenectady, N. Y.. . 
Schenectady, N. Y. . 
New Haven, Codd. . 

Eliphalet Nou... 
Eliphalet Nott... 

Eliphalet Nou... 
Eliphalet Nott... 
Eliphalet Nott... 
Eliphalet NoU.. . 
Thomas M. Sooth wick 

Job* 1«,1836 
June 30, 1836 
June JO, 1830 
May 30. 1832 
Oct. 35, 1633 
Aag. 33, 1833 
Mar. 15, 1834 
Jan. 37, 1835 
June 3, 1836 
Jane 14, 1837 
Jaly as, 1837 
June 39, 1833 
June S9, 1833 
Aug. 33, 1833 

Stoves, oah pit of. 

Stoves, orbskera' for unkings pm 

Stove, box, design forj 

Stove, box, design for 

Stove, boi, design for|t 

Stoves, box hearths 

Stoves, for carriages. 

Stoves, chimney 

Stoves, and chimney, construction! 

New Haven, Conn.. June 39, 1833 
New Haven, Conn. . June 39, 1833 
New Haven, Conn.. June £), 1833 
New Maven, Conn. .| June 39, 1833 
New Haven, Conn . . June 39, 1833 
New Haven, Coon. ..June 39, 1833 
Troy.Conn .June 6,1835 

Stoves, ebtmney, (umaces, and 

stewn engine*. 

Stoves, chimney, rarifying. 

Matthew Stewart., 
John F. Rathbone. 

John F. Rathbone I 

Samuel D. Vose I 

William T. James 

A lexanderMc W illiamsl 

Robert Heturich 

ChariesVarlf ' 

.] AsaQnibam 



Albany.N. Y 

AJbany,N. Y 


Washington, D.C.. 

Predencktown, Md . 

July 33, 1841 
July 10, 1846 
July IB, 1846 
July 35, 1846 
April 33, 1634 
April 31, M36 
June 11, 1193 
July 1,1814 

Stoves, coal 

Stoves, coal 

Stoves, coal 

Stoves, coal 

Stoves, coal 

Stoves, coal, apfHied to fnrnai 

■ Stoves, coal or wood 

Stove column*, design for^ . . 

Stoves, Columbian; . . 

Stoves, conieal 

Stoves, conical 

Stoves, construction ofl . ■ 
Stoves, eonstnietion of. . . 

Stove, cooking.. 
Stove, cooking. . 
Stove, cooking. . 
Store, cooking.. 

John J. Giraud 

George Elogers 

William Beach 

Henry Abbeti 

Abiel Smith 

Henry Stanley 

Charles Babcook 

Jordan L. Mott 

Eliphalet Nolt 

Judson B. Galpin.... 

Blias Johnson, Gilberi 
Geer, and B. Cox, 
Bssienees of Ezro 


Stephen C. Roe 

Robert Robertaon. . . 

Geoige F.Hopkins.. 

ThomoB Miles 

HenrvH. Roath.... 

Jonathan Low 

Christopher Hoxie.. 

John Adams 

Jamea Lamb 

Palmer Jenkins 

Rumford, Maine.... 'Dec 38, 1633 

Baltimore, Md Ftb. 10,1898 

NorUiampton, Mass. Dec. 18, 1816 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . . Oet. 19, 1838 

Pennsylvania Jan. 24,1799 

N<thProrldeDae,R.I. Aug. 37, 1834 
West Poultney, Vi. Jan. 4, 1845 
East Haddam, Conn.' Jane 10, 1845 

NewYork i Nov. 1,1845 

Sehenectady, N. Y.. July 36, 1839 
New Haven, Conn..' Aug. 14, 1639 

Troy, N.Y Aug. 13,1843 

Smyr™i,N.Y Jan. 96.1634 

NewYork Mar. 3,1831 

Albany, N.Y June 16,1836 

NewYorkdly Sq>t- 8,1837 

Havana, N.Y Sept. 35, 1837 

Norwich.Conn Nov. 4,1837 

Fitchbuig.Mass.... Feb.34. 1813 

HudBan,N.Y May 3,1816 

New Vork April 16, 1818 

Berlin.Ct July 17,1818 

Hef^m,N.Y Feb. 16,1819 

g Aatsdated Uiei St, 1B«. 

. A Kerea. 

. Nathan WsMdow... 
. PhilolaguBHollejr-- 

■ John Conanl 

. David LUtle 

. RobcrlC. RouM... 

. D.G.GaniW7 

. Abm. PiilMr 

. Jonph Hunl,jr.... 

. AUaa J. Bamiu , 

. WiUiam Naylor I 

. Ez. E. BcnnM 

• John Moore i 

. Lewi«&P, Pelenon .1 
. Aadreir C. B«uis and; 

EliM.(»bba I 

. Bli BalcB and Davidl 


. aunutrBwUs. I 

. HoniM Bntlett. I 

. Heory A. Foo«. 

. Theodore Buding[ton. 
. Lewia Kingsbury. . 

. Eliaha Town 

. John a. Treadwdl. . 
. Eliiha D. Ptynt... 
. John Hairiman. ... 
. Tbomaa Whiison.. 
. Qeorfe Q. Prentin. . 
. Philo P. Slewart... 
. Horacs Barlletu ... 

. JohnMofial 

. Samoel B. Sexton.. 
. William A. Hd^iu 
. Carringtsn Wilson.. 

. Levi Barnell 

. James Qiikla 

. Paul Wing. 

. Andrew Abbott..... 
. Thaddent Riirbanka. 
. lUMr, Wade A Rewri 

. Slijnh Skinner 

. Logrand Fairnum. 

. Thomaa D. Burroll. 
. Solomon DickinMn. 
. Eiekiel Oore,jr...... 

. Edward N.Kent I 

. J.WhitineAJ.Meanj 

. EzckielDabcdl i 

. David dan, aaa'ee of j 

Putnam Page ' 

. Blnathan Samson 

. Horatio B. Wade....! 

. Bennineton Gill. I 

. R.O.(VhrBn 

. Daniel WUliams.. 

. B.&A.TiKu 

. John Liddli 

. CharleaVale 

. (i. Wilaon 

B. H. Peanon. . . . 
. ChailoaVale 

PhHwjt, Vt 

Portland, Me 

Red Hook, N.Y.. 

Brandon, Vt 

Haearatowp, Md. • 

AiheM, N.Y 

Poraf™i,N. Y.... 
Claremont, N. H.. 
BoMon^ Bdas*. . . . . 

Louisnlte, Ky 


Ackworth, N. H.. 
PitttbHTg, Pa 

Norwich, N.Y.... 

Mount Pkaaant, 0. 
Boiton, Masa. . . . . 




Livonia, N.Y 

Montpeli«r, Vt. . . . 



Roxbury, Maaa. . . 


Cannel. N. V 

BufWo, N.Y..... 



Owego, N.Y 

Elyria, Ohio 

Heomker, N, H... 
Grafton, Maaa.. . . . 

PonJaod, Ma 

Caledonia CO., Vt.. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Sandwich, N.H... 
Orlaanaco., N. v.. 

Oeneya, N. Y 

RichraMid, la. 

Guilford, Vt 

Portland, Me. 

BotaoD, Maaa 

North Canaan, Cl.. 

N. Y.. 

I Troy, N.Y 

I Schoharie, Ohio. . 

[Newark, N.J 

Concord, Man. ., 
IWamar, N. H... 
'Newark, N.J... . 


I July n, 1629 
May 7,1830 
May S9, 18» 

. July 20, 1831 

. Oct. 1, 1831 

. May 13, 1632 

. Dec. 7, 1833 

. Jan. 35, 1833 

. Sept. 19, 1833 

. Dec 16,1833 

. Jan. 33, 1834 

. Mar. 8, 1834 

. Mar. 31, 1834 

. Araril 11, 1834 

. June 3, 1834 

. Jane 19, 1834 

. Aug. I, 1894 

. Aug. 13, 1834 

. Aug. 14, 1834 

. Sept. 30, 1834 

. Oct. 10, 1834 

. OcL 14, 1834 

. Not. 3S, 1834 

. Dec 17,1834 

. Feb. 35, 1S35 

. April S, 1335 

. April 14, 1835 

. tiUj 39. 1835 

. June 13, 1835 
., June 36, 1835 
.1 June 36, 1835 
.: Aug. 15, 1S35 

. Aug. 17, I83S 

. Aug. IT, 1835 

. Sept. 9, 1835 

. Sept. 26, 1835 

. Sept. 36, leas 

. Oct. 10, 1835 

. Oct. 17, 105 

. Dec 9, UK 

. Feb. 3, 1836 

. Feb. 3, 1836 

. Feb. 35, 1836 

. Mar. 12, 1836 

. Mar. 18, 1836 

. Mar. 33, 1836 

. Mar. 31, 1836 

. Aprill3,1836 

• Reianed Bept. 38, U3t. 

t Raifaoel No*. SI, 1640. 









cooking.. , 

cooking. . . 
cooking. . . 

cooking! . . 

cooking . . . 
cooking . . . 

Store, cooking... 
Store, cooking... 
StoK, cooking... 
Star*, cooking... 
Store, cookuig... 
Store, cooking,., 
Stove, Booking. . . 
Store, cooking.. . 
Store, cooking... 

Store, cooking.. . 
Store, cookiogt • ■ 
Stove, cooking... 
Stove, cooking... 
Stove, cooking... 

Store, cooking... 
Stove, cookingg.. 
Stove, cooking... 
Sure, cooking... 

Store, cooking. . 


Store, cooking.. 
Stove, cooking... 
Store, cooking.. 
Store, cooking.. 
Blare, cooking.. 
Store, cooking. . 

Store, eookingl. . 
Store, cooking... 
Store, cooking. . . 
Store, cooking. . . 
Store, cooking... 
Store, cooking... 
Slovo, cooking... 
Stove, cooking... 
Stove, cooking ■ . 

Jonw Kendall, ue'oe 


E. O.Curriw 

E. a.Cwrifir , 

Cluules Higgina 

William ^^rnoid.. 


ThomsB Sbaw 

Sebeetian H. I^ciar. 

P, F. Perry 

Berieii Douglau.... 

Aeebcl Lear 

E. Andre WB dc S. Austin 

Elieha N. PnU.. 

Chester Granger 

P.C. Trarer 

Elisha Lyman 

John Whiting. 

S. B. Spalding 

BeojMtiin H. Wood.. 

Abiabnni T. Mixell . . 


James Richaidson. . . . 

- elUtier 

Jamfs Wilaon 

Jolin S. Learitt. 

Elijob Skinner 

James M. Ohiey 

David Hauinga A So- 
lomon Sikea. 

Nalbaniel Walker 

Jona'n C. Hathaway . 

Jease Hutch inaon, jr. 

Carington Wilson, jr. 

E. L. Parshley and B. 

Horace V.TeoU 

Jeffenon Cross 

Oaret G. Hermsjice. . 

Simeon Heywood and 
L.P- Fisher. 

Jordon L. Molt. . . . 

Daniel Tisdale 

Danus Buck 

Micah Keickam. . . . 

EUihu Smith 

Jamea Devine. 

Elbridge McCoIlum 

Noble Peck 

George D. Boyoe... 


WiUism Gallup 

Samuel W. Cola 

Jamea Still 

Samuel L. Chase . . . 

R G. Cochran 

James Parmele. 

David U.Hilliant... 

Jordon L. MoU 

Wm. Melabeimer 

J oel Green. 

Clark H. Robinson.. 
M. C.Sadler 

tDbe. Mar 

iBUMwreneBt. Nov. R, IS 
iPiS; i^sU Mer. 14, ■« 

Ipawich, MaM..... 

Wamer, N. H 

Wamet, N,H 


NorUjempion, Mass. 

New YoA city 

North Yarmouth^e 

Mucuogy, Pa 

Hockingham, Vl . . . 


Wendall.N. H 

Bradford, N.H.... 
Albany, M.Y 


WeaiTroy.N. Y... 
East Hamptan.Maaa 

Boston, Mass 

Brandos, Vi 

Batb, Steuben co., 

N. Y 

Belvidero. N.Y.... 
W. BiidgevaleT,Maa 

Poullney, Vt 

New York city 

New .York city 

Turoer,M* ■,.. 

Sandwich, N.H... . 
New York city 


Dighton, Maes 

Lancaster, Pa 

Lynn, Mass 

New York city 

BrvsBwick, Me 

Canajoharie, N. Y. ■ 

Eaton, N.Y....... 

Pougbkacpoie, N. Y. 

ClararooDt, N. H... 
New York city,,,.. 

Canton, Mas* 


Boston, Mass 


Rochester, N. Y 

Weare, N. H 

Cermet, N.Y 

W. Wareliaro, Meas 
Philadelphia, Fa... 
NorwaUt, Ohio.... 

Chelaea, Moaa 

Zaneaville, Ohio . . , 

Woodstock, Vt 

Ptancisiown, N, H 
Ogden, N. Y...... 

Cornieh, N. H 


Philadelphia, Pa... 
Rocheaier, N.Y... 
Unioi)tovn, Pa, .,. 
BrockportiN. y... 

AniilSS. ISK 

June a, isse 

June 3, 1B36 
June S, 1636 
June 16. I83S 
June 25, 1836 
June 35, 1836 
June 28, 1636 
June 38, 1636 
June 30, 1836 
July 1,1636 
July I, 1636 
Jnly 1.1836 
July 3. 1836 
July 3, 1836 
July 9, 1836 

Jan. 31, 1837 
July 19, 1837 
July 39, 1837 
July 29, 1B37 
Aug. a, 1637 
A<J«. 15, 1637 
Aug. 31, 18S7 
Oct. 18,1887 
Nor. 30, 1837 

Nor. 23, 1837 
Dta. 1,1837 
Deo. 7, 1837 
Dec 30, 1837 
Dec. 39, 1637 

JaB. 9, 1838 

Tuly 34, 1838 

Ang. 39,1838 
SepL 19, 1838 
Nor. IS, 1SS8 
May SO, 188* 
May 35, 16» 
Aug. 9,1889 
Aug. 34, tS3d 

May 35, 184» 
Jua ID, 1840 
Ai«. 35, 184S 
Sept. 19, 1840 
SepL 25, 1840 
Oct. 10,1840 
Oct. 14,1340 
Nor. 36, 1S40 
Dec 17,1840 
Dee. 19, 1840 
Dec 28,1840 
Feb. 13, 1S4I 
April 10, IS4I 

. tDte.l(ii.9i,>ll. nelLAi 

StoTC, looking 

Store, cooUng..!. 

StoTe, cooking 

Store, eoolring. . ■ l 

Stove, oooking 

8love, cooking 

StoTC, eooUng 

Sloie, cooking.... .1 

SloT«, cooking.... L 

StDTe, cooking.... li 111. ...... 

8lo*e, cooking 

Stnn;. cooking 

StoTE, cooking 

StoTB, cooking 

Stove, cooking. ...-. 

SioTG, ooting :.;... 

StoTG, cooking*... 

Store, cooking.. . .v 

Store, cookii^.. .' 

Store, cooking.. 

Store, cooking 

Slon, cooking. 

Stare, evoking, dengnfor. . . . 
Sraree, cotMng.- 

Store*, cooking^ 

Shores, cooking 

fitorea, cooking.... 

Stores, cooking. 

Storei, cooking 

8tot«a, cooking..! 

Store*, cooking 

Storea, cooking. 

8n>vee, eookil^.. 

Sons, eo^ng. 

8lor«a, cooking 

SlAWs, eookit^..... 

8lo*«a, cooking. 

Storea, cooking) 

Stores, cooking 

Stores, conking...., 

Stores, cooking. 

SiorM, cookii^. . . . 1 ..' 

Stores, cooking...... 

Stores, cooking. 

SlarMi cooking. 

Stores, cookingn 

Stares, cooking. ..'.<.< 

SioMa, cooking... .1, 

SIoMb, oofAtng. ............ 

Sioreii, cooking, 

Stores, ooiking. 

Skores, cooking.. . i. , ,, 

Stores, cookingi . . , 

Stnrea, conking. 

Slorea, cookmg... 

Stotrca, cooking.'.' 

SurcB, cooking. 

*0,«i.iB-,M.yM,'«. |Ae« 

John B. BiaMll.. . . 
Hiram Btanehnrd. 
Samuel L. Chwe. 
Wn: A. Stiepard. 

Jamee Root 

Nclaon W. Flak, aea'ce 

of A'. D. Ptak. . . 
WiUiam 'B. Zeagtei 
Samuel B. SeXton. 
Anson Atwood.. . . 
WiHnm Beebe . . . 

Ernatua Buck 

John OuTtia 


Chariea Poade]'. . . 
Pitner Emmitt. . . . 

Albert D' Hart 


J. J. Anderson 

Samuel B' Sexton... 
Henry T. Bailer, aaa 

BenUunin T. Roney. 
AlMcna Cooper. ... 
JohoE. Tliomas... 
Aluwon- Skinner. . . 
James YoongA Ehnon 


Jordon L. Mott.. 

Simon Petera 

a 8. Jones 

Ashley Holclikin 
Roswell Biuh — 
Abner Leland. . . 
FHedrick Kesaehneier 
Peter Miih.. 
laaae Straub , 
William A, R. P. Re. 

sor, SBK^ees of Tbo* 

mas Bent 

James 'While 

Calrin FVihon 

John C. Hermanee... 
Henry W. Camp. . . 

James Wager 

Jamea -Lewia 

JohnW. Rigga..., 

James H. Lyon 

Adam Ketler 

Archibald Witting... 
WilHsmL. Potter... 


Robert -W]l«ofl 

JohnT. Dary 

QohM Than 


Theophilus Smith... 

B' Johnson ft D. B 



Huntington; Pa..;>> 
Baltimore, -Md...... 


New York, N.Y... 

Nunda,N. Y 

Auburn,' N Y 

Dayton, Ohio ...\... 

York, Pa........v. 

PitlaSeld, Mass 

Rochester, H: Y 

Putnam, ()hio^. .'. . . 

Bolumore, Md 


Milton, h. 

Dunrille, P« 


BnnmirHle, N. Y. . 

Philaddphia, h.... 

New York 

Schenecbidy, N. Y. 
l^iladelphis. Pa.... 
MorytatMi, N.J.... 
Boonaborongh, Md. 
Rochester.N. Y.... 

MiHon, Pa.'. 

Wooster, O 

Bingham plon, N. Y. 
'"-' ' Ohio 

'. April 16, ISM 
. April 37, 1841 
. Aitg. 11, 1841 
. Aug. 11, 1641 
. Sept. 11, 1841 

Nor. Ifl, 18«1 
Feb' 91, 1848 
April 90, I84S 
May 4,1849 
July 8,IB4» 
Aug. 6, 18« 
Jan. a?, 1848 
May 13, 1848 
Jane 9,1843 
Jone 14, 1848 
July 8, 1843 
Aug. 11, 1843 
Aug. IT, 1843 
Sept 93, 1843 
Oct. 18, 1843 

Oct. 95,1843 
Oct. 35,1843 
Nor. 6,1848 
Sept. 14, 184S 

Feb. ift, IS44 
Feb. 19, 1844 
Feb. 13, 1844 
Feb. 90, 1844 
F>ib' 39, 1B44 
Mar. 9,1844 
Anrir4, 1844 
April 4, 1844 
April 13, 1844 
April 30, 1844 
June 5,1844 

Cincinnati, Ohio. . . 

Milton, Pa 

Roehestrr, ti.Y... 
Schenectady, N. Y' 

OawegojN. Y 

Tn>y,N Y 

Anrsterdanr, N. Y,. 
Fort Plain, N' Y.. . 
Schenectady, N. Y. 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Middhneim, Pa 

Clinton i^rk, N. Y. 

WilKamaport, Fa... 

Troy, N. Y. 


Palatine6ridge,N. Y 
Oafway, NY 

Tmy, New York.. 
Roche-ter, N. V... 

Albany. N. V 

Ailfeborough, Pa... 
Cleaveland, Ohio... 

I, Dec. 1,13. tAalednlsdJune?, 4*. [Ad4.iJH|M 

June 5,1844 
Jane 10, 1844 
Jane tO, 1844 
June 13, 1B44 
June 34, 1644 
Juir 9, 1844 
Sept. SO, I8M 
Oct' 3U. 1844 
June 18, 1844 
Dee. 7,1844- 
Dec. 16, 1844 
Dee. L9, 1844 
Jan. 10, 1846 
Feb. 30, 184S 
Mar'13, 1645' 
Mar. 3fi, IS45 
May 13, 1845 
June ID, 184« 

July 99. 18tt 
Ave- 9,1845 
Aug' 90. 1845 
Sept. 17, 1845- 
SepL 9, 1845 



StcrvM, cooking 

SloTet, cooking 

Storei, cooking* 


Slotea fCookingt 


Store, ciHikin; 

Stove, cooking 

Stove, cocking 

Stove, oooking 

SioTs, cooking 

Slave, cooking 

Stoia, cooking 

Store, cooking 

Stove, cooking 

Stove, cooking 

Stove, cooking 

Stove, cooking 

Stove, cooking 

Stove, cooking 

Stove, cooking, doign for] 
Stave, cooking, deaign for| 
Stove, cooking, dewjgn for|| .. 
Stove, cooking, deai^ for.. 
Stove, cooking, deugn for. 

Stove, cooking, design Tor. 
Stove, cooking, des^ for. 
Stove, cooking, design for. 

Stove, cook, design for. . . . 

Stoves, cooking and uHwating 
Stove, cooking, bake......... 

Stove cooking, baking. 

Stove, cookii^, bakiiig,boiliilg and 

Stove, cooking, and boilen 

Stov«, cooking, boiling. .._..... 
Stove, cooking, boiJing, and stoan 
Store, cooking, bottom boiler. . . 
Stoves, cooking, burning bitumi 

nous coal, Ac 

Stoves, cooking or caJwoses . . . . . 

Slove, cooking, caatiron 

Stove, cooking, coal 

Stove, cooking, coal 

Stove, cooking, coal, anthracite . . 

Stove, cooking, coal, anthracite. 
Stove, cooking, co^, anthracite. . 
Stove, cooking, coal, anthracite, or| 

Stove, cooking, cool, Lehigh, 
Stove, cooking, coal or wood. 
Stove, cooking, combination . , 
•ADiMaisd.Auf.W, IMS. t Aniedand, 

J. B. Challar and B. 

Jones and P. Low. . 
R. Feck and J. W. 


John Porter 

MC. Robinwtn 

Samuel Pierce 

Samuel Myers 

W. H. Allen aid J. 


Jacob ComeltioD 

Adam C. Conde 

William B. Tieadwoll; 

D.Q. Stafford { 

Loftis Wood 1 

Samuel Winrott.. 

John Lee 

J. S. Silver 

James R. Stafford. 

Joseph Lanbach 

George M. Norton... 
Samuel Graves. .... 
R. D. Gtannr..... 
Bancroft Woodcock. 
Samuel D. Vose... 
Samuel D. Vose... 

Wm. Jackson 

John F. Rathbone. . 
Aug. QuackenboHB, a 

aigneeofS. W.Oiblw 

Peter Low 

William Resor 

Jesse C . Polls, assignee 

ofL. Qravline 

John M. French, aa- 

sigaee of Calvin f\il- 

JohnF. Ratfabone, as- 
signee of J. E. Thomas 
Benjamin Stiepard. 

Henry CaWwell 

Hiram O. Phelps 

Eliphalet B. Coleman 
Gabriel N. Phillips... 

Henry Abbell. 

£f«Btus Wamer 

Benjamin Simei>d«,jr. 

William B. Lawrence, 
Loftis Wood.... 
Atbertos Swain. . 
David Oaaaaer. . . 
William Kinney. 
William Davis and R. 

W. Lord 

Walter BryenL . . . 
Hezekiah Sled..; 

William Shaw.... 
C. Shermerhora.. 
Leopold Ooita. . . , 
Jordon L. Molt. . , 
Aut- 9, ISO. I Arnti 

Attica, New York.. 

GoUyBbure. Pa 

Troy, N. y 

PoekBkiIl,N. Y..., 
Scheoectadr, N. Y. 
WelUburg, Va... J 
BrownsviSe, Pa. . . J 

Danville, Pi 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Albany, N. Y 

Svrtcuee, N. Y..., 
New York, N. Y., 

Litilestown, Pa 

NewYork.N. Y... 
CleavelaDd, Ohio... 
Harriaburg, Pb..... 
Rochester, N- Y... 

Auburn, N. Y 

Albany, N. Y 

Wheeling, Va 

Albuiy.N. Y 

Albany, N, Y 

Syracuse, N. Y. . . . 
Albany, N. Y 

Albany. N. Y 

Troy, N, Y , 

Cincinnati, Ohio . . . 

. Nov. 8, 184& 

Nov. 12, ISiS' 

Nov. 18, 1645 

Nov. 26, ISIS 



t. 10, I84fi 
Sept. 26, 184ft 
Oct. 3, 184& 
Oct. 7, 1B46 
Aug. 36, 1846 
Aug. 3£, 1S4& 
Dee. 15, IB4S 
May 16, 1846 
Dec. 39, 1846 
Dec 38,1846 
Feb. 10, 1846 
July 2, 1846 
Feb. 10, 1846 
Feb. 20, 1816 
Aug. 13,1846 
Aug. IS, 1846- 
Aug. 18, 1846 
July 35, 1846 
July 10, 1846 

Oct. 3, 1B4S 
Oct. 10, lS4e 
May 93, 1846 

Albany, N. Y-. 
Boston, Mus... 
Oawego, N. Y. , 
Johnstown, N. } 

Now Haven, Con., 

Goshen, N. Y 

Philadelphia. Pa.... 


Cincinnati, Ohio . . . 


NewYork , 


Louisville, Ky. 


Boston, Man 

Hudson, N. Y. .. 

. Albany, N. Y.... 

. NewYork 

. Hunlirwton, Pa... 

. July IS, 1846 

. Sept. I, 1843 

. Oct. 14,IS» 

. Mar.39, 18S5> 

May 13, 1814- 

Feb. 6,1813. 
Mar. 90, ISIS 
Sept. 13, 1815- 
Oct IS, 1891 

Oct. 14,184» 
Aug. 11, 1841 
AjHil 5,1817 
July II, 183» 
July 29, 183T 

. Nov.33,183» 
. Sept. 13, 183E 
. Nov. 19, 1833 

. Nov. aO, 1833. 

il,JuBe I,1S«- tAiiie4Bied,JaB.M,ta»- 

1 by Google 

BUrre, cooking, combmiiif an e)e- 

vued oven wilh 

Stove, cooking, coniiruction* 
Stove, coaking, coireciiitg bod 

smell Eiiptwlel Notu.. 

Sto*e, cooking, cylindrical, iheeii 

iron, Ac. I Emma Steinhauer. 

Stove, cooking, or digeaUTe furDacel Henry L. Bidwell . 

Slave, cooking, domeadc. Joa. R. I^ve. • ■ • < 

Stove, cookine, double runiac«...Josiah Ridtarda.. 

Stove, cook, double oven [ R. D. Grnnger.... 

Stovee, cookiog, wilh double fire-j 

plftc«l ■ Reuben Jackson., 

Stovea, cooking, draughlarrangingl John L. Lalhrop | Provincctown, MBaB| Dec. 31, IB3£> 

Stovea, cooking, drauglit. Ac., inl Hocttce Strickland. . . " '■■-' "■- i> — n- nn.n. 

Stove, cooking, drum Andiev Sbeiwood.. 

Stovoi, cooking, wilh elevaled JohnF. WillisUm, ani 

ovena. I WiUardA. Ainohl. 

Slovea, cooking, wilh eteraudf 

ovena [ LealerTilden. 

Kovea, cooking, elevated ovena 

wilh Moiiea Bartholomew. 

, Joseph Tuliey... 
. CdwanjPotler... 
. Joahua Dougloaa . 

Schenectady, M. Y. 

Pbibdelpkia, Pa... 

BeriiD, Conn 

Philadelphia, Fa... 
Claramonl, N. H.. 
Albany, N. Y 

Zaoeaville, Ohio . . . 


Feb. 3,1631 
Mar. e,I833 
Mar. U, 1637 
Aug. S, I89» 
Mar. 7,184S 

Mfu-. 19,184l> 

Stovea, cookii^, and 

Stovea, cooking, and Gtc-place. 

Stove*, cooking, and fire-place, 

double > Thomaa McCarLy. . . 

Stovea, oooklng, and fir»-place, andi 

oven I JohnRic« 

Stoves, cooking, Hal | Joel Ratbbone 

Stovea, cooking, and Franklin..... James Wilaon 

Slovea, cooking, and Prankiio. . . . Thomas Wentworth . 
Blovaa, cooking, and Franklin. . . . Qeoige Richards. . , , 

SwVea, cooking, and Franklin laaacMcNavy 

Slovea, cooking, and Franklin, re-l 

fleeting. Samuel W. Pheipi.. 

Stovea, cooking. Franklin Aliu«rR.Ring 

Slovea, cooking, Franklin | Joei Hoi^lon.. 

Bradrord, Vt. [ June 37; 1840- 

New York ' April 35, 1841 

. Northampton, hdaia 

. Bam, ^ 

. Verahire, Vt....... 

. Frederick coun IT, Va. 

- Providence, R. 1. .. . 

. South Durham, Me. 

Nov. 16, 183» 
. July le, lS4fr 


. Hardand.Vu... 
. Albany, N.Y... 
. NewYork 

. Oawego, N. Y. . , 
. Providence, R. I . 

■ Siofford, Conn.. 

Nov. H, 16S& 
. Jan. 33, 1833 

ea, cooking, Frai 
Skne, cooking, and galley. . 
Stove, cooking, and galley. . 
Stove, cooking, heat to. ... . 
Stove, cooking, heal lo 

Stove, cooking, heM>ng bi 

. Reuben Huughton. 
. Benjamin SpratJey. 

. Jsmea Baron 

. JonaihanO. Hathaway 
. Stephen J. Gold and 

Jobs. Gold 

. WUIiam B. Kimball. . 
.tRufuaS. Payni 

l"-^- WilCOK. 

ington Ai 

Stovea, cooking and heating I Alexander F. Bean.. 

Stovea, cooking, heating, aad illu-! 
miuating. ' Andrew Widker,jr.. 

Slovea, cooking and heating | Laommi Bailey. .... 

Stoves, cooking, improvement in 

Portamoulh, Va.. 

nuneavilla, Ohio. , 

New York city 

Peteraboroueh ,N . H . 
W.Springfietd ,Maaa. 
Spriogfield, U»m. 

. Mar. 13, 1^4 
. May I8,1B» 
. Sept. 9, 1899 
" r. 24, 183& 

. July le, 1834 
. Dec, 13. 1839 
. May IS. ia4» 
. Aug. 9S, 1840 
Sepi. 25, 1837 
Oct. 6, 18>T 
Dec. 7,1837 

June ao, 1838 
July 19, 1837 
July 31, 1837 
Sept. 13, 18ST 

Stovea, cooking, improvemeni in 

Stove, cooking, kitchen, portable. 

Sute, cooking, and oven 

Steve, cooking, and parlor 

Swvo, cooking, plain, plate or box 
Stove, cooking, portable 

1 n.™-... 

Connd Samuel, and 

Andrew Sherwood... I 

James Truman. . . 

Nicholas Smith.. 
Eliphalet Noti. . . 
Stephen J. Gold , . 

. Eaton Village, N. Y. 

. New Haven, Coon. 
. NewHampWn.N.H. 
. Sctaenectady, N. Y. 

. Cornwall, Conn.... 

•Ant^ued, Auiuiiiaa, 193B. 

Nov. 34, 1844 

Dec 3, 1846 
April 35, 1811 
Feb, 2,1812- 
Dec. 3, 1811 
Mar. 10, 1838 
Oct 37,1836 
April 29, 183S- 
Aug. 29, 1B3S. 


„«,™» ...,«.»» 


— . 

— _. 

Thomas WhitMO and 
Oustavua B. Haynes 

fioitbury. Mass.... 
Albany, N.Y 

Weal Troy, N.Y... 

Troy, N.Y 

Lockport, N. Y.... 


Poiiliney. Vi 

Buffalo, N.Y 



Baltimore, Md 


New York city 

Troy,N. Y 

New York. N.Y... 

No*. 19, 1^ 

Stove, cooking, premium, railway* 

Peregrine Williamson 

EUphslet Nott 

Isaac B. Buoklin 

AosoQ Alwood 


Chollar, Jones &Low 



Fab. 16, ie» 

SWTC, cooking, railwayt 

July 9, 1S3B 
April 10, 1%> 
Sept. 18, IMl 

8lDve, cooking, ronfying oren... 
SloTc, cooking, reflection of caloric 

Stove, cooking, rcvolvioeJ 

S<o«o, seir-iieai relaining 

July 11, 1844 
July 16, ISM 
April 33, 183S 
Dec 17,]8ai 
July 17,183S 
Mar. 33, 1S4« 

Henry Stanley 

Moffat and Taintor, . . 
ThomuO. Sane.... 

Henry Creasman 

Josiah Noyes. 

StoTOB, CMking, steam apparatus 

Slovea, cooking, still, and boilera. 

Stoves, cooking, for Bummer 

Stoves, cookil^, for aummer and 

John J. Gir«id 

Anson Alwood 

PhUo P. Stewart 

Silvester Parker 

JordonL. Mott 

SolmoD C. Elilay 

April 19, 18» 
Judo 30. 1838 

Sept. 13. 1838 
Jan. 16,1835 

Stovea, cooking, three bailer, dot. 

Stoves, cooking, uiensila for 

Stoves, cooking, valve ofH 

Stoves, cooking, and warming 

Aug. 31. lB4a 
Se^ 3,1831 

July 6,183S 

Ernst a. Auguatin... 

Stoves, cooking, and warming 

Derby, Conn 



Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Harlford, Conn 

Stoves, cooking, and warming 

Siovas. covering the rttds uaed to 

John C. Parry 

Slaves, eulinarjr and air heating. . 
Slovm, diffkuing beat and eeono- 

May 30, I84« 
April 8,184* 

*trSr^ve°'' '^""^'^ ^"^ ■" 

Horace Bnabnell.... 

G. W. and H. Sizer. 

G. W. and H. Siier. 

Jobn Dunler 

John G. Tread well.. 

John Graham 

Charles Poatley 

Samuel B. Spaulding. 
Benjamin F. and Jot 

Stove, JoubJe oven, air tigbi, d* 

8»^ double '.'j^,' 'air 'li^hl,* de^ 

fign foT^ 

Stoveii, double, for beating apart- 

July 35, IMS 
July 35, 18« 

Springfield, Ma.... 

Richmond, Va.,». 
Albany. N.Y 

Stoves, dumb, for parlora 

June 30, 1838 

Buvea, elevated otbos, witb 

Stoves, lire-chambers of, mode of 

Brandon, Vl 

Mar, 30, 1843 

July 15,l8«ft 
Noi. 16, 1841 

Matthew Stewart, jr. 

P. Wicrbicki 

John H. Lots 

C. Hendricha and W 

Philadelphia, Pa... 

WtalbcnrGeld, Vl., 
Lisbon, Maine 

GanJner, Maine... 



Scpt-SO.IBW. t><e>*w<i ADT.Sr. ISW. ) KeiMie^ Dec. 9, ld%. Nsv. ia)ie»,a.vl NMr-«i<*'^ 

!<l Mnirti 3, 1KB. ^ AnUducdJan. M, ia«C 

1 by Google 



StOVM, fotL.. 
atOTd, foot... 

StmcB, fooC.. 

StoTca, fVanUin. 

Siorea, FranUin 

StoTM, Franklin...: 

Sioras, FranUin 

Storea, Franklin 

Stores, fVankliD, buniiiu coal . , 
Store, Franklin, <lMign lor* . . . . 

StOTci, and fiimnc« 

ScoTca, ftinMce 

Store*, furaace 

SloTca, fuinaca. 

Stovea, globe, orradiatiiT 

Aoies, grain, drjiiug 

Sunei and graua 

StoTia and fnlea 

Stovea and gralen 

StoTea and ^rateat. 

Storea and grelea, botlera 4b ovci 
Siarea and g^tUa, or furnaM. . . 

Skovea, beating iipaTUnenU . . 
Aovta, tuMing oparlmanta . . 
StoTca, heating a^Mitnwnta . . 

Storea, healing ii«a«ror taiiora' A 

H. Q,uinc]r. 

Allen Graelf.; 

Julia Plantou 

OaoTM W. Robinsm. 


Jamea Wileon 

John F. Van Sider... 
George W. Brown... 

Win£m Cowan 

John Hairyman 

Datid Penw 

SamuriD. Vo«e 

Ephmim Baldwin.'... 
Harvey Hubbaid. . . . 

Jamea Atwnler 

Jomet Atmiter 

Waller Hunt. 

David EUicou 

Oliver Evani 

WiHiani Mix 

EUcHDah IngBlla 

Eli C. Robinaon 

Caleb Blade 

James Atwater 

Allen Pollock 

Alien PolkMik 

CbarleaW. Peckhnm. 
Philip Wilcox 

New York 

Boaton, Maaa 

Oxford, Mass 



Canaan, Conn 

Poughkeepaie, N. Y. 
Poughkeepve, N.Y. 

Watertcwn.N. Y.. 
RaverhDI, Maaa. .. 


GibbonsYille, N. Y. 

Berlin, Conn 

New Haven, Corn. 
New Haven, Conn. 



Prospect, Conn 

Providence, R. I . . 



New Haven, Conn 
Boston, Mass 

AoTo, or heatijQg apparatus, . 
Aova for heating roocDB .., , 
Stores, heating DuiUings. , . 

flme fer beatii^ rootas 

ftoves, heating wMar,aad waging 


Stoves, hot air 

Georges. Howe 

John Smart..,,.... 
John H. B. Lalrobe. 
Herbert H. Stimpson 
Henry Slade 

Steves, fanproremant in air-heating 
8tove,inproTemeDt in construcling 
Stove*, improvemeiH in . 

Stoves, improvement in, for best- 
ir apaitmenlst 

Thomas Woolaen . . . . 

Moses POnd 

E. D. Loveland 

E. Backus 

L. Mors: and W. T, 

Benjamin Shepard . . , . 

Jamea Wilson 

C. H. Rogers A, S. H. 

Amherst, N. H.,. 

Boston, Moss 

NewYork, N-Y... 
Brooklyn, N.Y... 

Alhol, Maas 

Boston, Mas*. , . , 
New York, N.Y.. 

Stove, unproved donfala oveDB|[. . 

Stove, improred 

ftoves and kettles for makins n 


Stoves, knobe or handles 

Sl(ive*,leadtne Some by wire eau: 

St»wia,Lohigl ooal. 


Stoves, Leh^ood 

Sto^e, lyre, ornament, design for 


James Macgregor, jr. 
William Shaw...... 

William Cobb 

Benj. F.DeWolf.... 

Harmon Hibbard... 

Jordon L. Molt 

Samuel Morey. 

Robert McMinn .... 

Philip S. Mingle 

John Lovatl 

Wm. ft R. p. Reaor. 
Feli.SS, ISSa. tAauit\ 

Wiilon, N.Y 

Albany, N.Y 

Albany, N.Y..... 
Iionsingbuif, N. Y. 

Auica,N.Y , 


Oxford, N.H 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Cincinnati, Ohio... 
li Dee. as, U 

June 33, 1838 

Aug. 31, 1690 
June 13, 1813 ' 
Dec. 33, 18IS 
Not. 4, 1833 
June 3, 1827 
July 1, 1836 
March 9, 181G 
July 3,1816 
Dec. 6,1816 
June 16. 18S8 
Sept. 39, 1836 
Mar. 23, 1836 
July 35, 1846 
July 19, 1832 
Mai. US, 183S 
April 19, 1834 
June 30, 1835 
Feb. 8, 1834 
May 1,1801 
Jan. 16,1800 
May 14, 1834 
April 33, 183S 
June 30, 1838 
Nov. 11, 1837 
Aug. 03. 1633 
June IT, 1808 
June 30, 1808 
May 16, 1835 
July 31, 1837 

July 10, 1840 
Mar. 38, 1844 
Sept. 5,1846 
Jan, 30,1643 
June 6, 1646 

July 3,1813 
Sept. 1,1843 
July 14, 1846 
July 38, 1816 

Jon. 7,1846 
Jane 27, 1846 
June 16, 1846 
Jan. 15, 1846 

June IT, 1640 
July 31, 183S 
Jan. SO, 1819 
June 34, 1833 
Oct. 34, 1833 
June 16, 1835 
O.:!. 10, 1846 

1 1.;, Google 

I, msnafBcbuiDS i 

"laliiu; DOtur. > i 
0ton, ornamBDlal, usign for . . 

StaTci, hon-^adialiu 

Slovc, ornamenlol, deoign for* . 

StoTM, op«n 

Storeii pikrior, and fire-place. . 

SWiea, parlor 

Stoves, parlnr 

StOTCB, parlor 

9toTes, parlor ^ 

SI0TC8, porior 

Stove, parlor, deaign (lort 

Stove, parlor, design for 

Stove, parlort ■■■•. 

Stove, parlor, cooking- 

Stove, parlor, deaign lor^ 

Sloves,parlorandd(imb,coDibuiei ^ 
Stoves, parlor grates and open fire 


ai«*es, porior or open gm 

burning aaihracile, Act , . 



Samoel H. Bum .. 
J^ger, Tieadwall and 


UidiUetovn, CoOB. . Jan. 

!" ^1^10,1 

Joa. Howe A Willii 

John J. Pierce. .... 

WitlJBin Lankeater. 

BeriaK Douglass . . . 

Jordon L, Motu , . . 

John Backus If Evens 
Backus , 

Joseph Feinour, jc 

& LitUejohn 
.. Blaoclwid . 




Stove-pipes — Stt CUa 3. 
Stove-pipes and drum*. .... 
Btove-ptate, dewgn Tor 

9tove j^le, deaign for ..... . 

S(ove-|dHte, design Tor 

Slvvea, portable** 

Stoves, quadrant, hinge for.. 

Stoves, radiators. 

Stove, ladlBting . . 

Stores, revolving 01 

Stoves, rotary 

Stoves, rotary 

Stoves, rotary capa 

Stovea, rotary ti^ 

Slorss, rotary top. 

Stoves, soapatone 

Stovea, spiral 

Stoves, steam, Ac., port^e . 
Slovw, alills, and boilen. . . 

Stove, statue, deaign for 

Stova*, atone cool ^ . . . 

Stoves, stone coal 

Stoves, atone, Gre-pn>of . 

Charlea R. Wheder. 

Price. _... 

William W. Weaver. 
Caleb Jones . 
Ezra Ripley, 

Merril Bradford. . . . . 
Johnson, GherA. Cox, 

asalgneea of B. Bipley 
John U. French, aaaig- 

ne« of Calvia Fnlloo. 
Creason, Sailor, and 



Ebencier Barrows . , 

Ethan A. Andrews 

H. D.AJ.McK.Fouae 
Daniel Pettibons 

Eliaha Poole, jr. 



Rensselaer D. Gcwiger 
Mavnard French . , 
rn French, assignc 

Majnard French 

Henry Stanley . 

Willimn Payne,. , 

Robert Roy 

Thomas O. Feasenden 

John J. Qirtind 

Alonzo L. Blancbard 
George J. Fougeny. 

Philip Benedict 

Urbane B. A. Lange. . 
Philin Benedict 

iraWo H. Qaincy . 

Boston, Maas 

Springfield, Mara. . 

Boston, Masa 

Albaoy.N. Y 

New York city 


Philoiklpbia, Pa. . . 

New York, N.Y... 



New*>rk,N. Y.. 

BaJumore, Md. .. 
Philadelphia, Fa.. 
Burlington, Vt... 

Seneca Falls, N. Y . I 
Baltimore, Md. . 
Montpelier, Vt, . 


Albany, N.Y... 

Warwick, N. Y. . 
Baltimore, Md... 
Albany, N.Y... . 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Lancaster, Pa. . . . 

UI.IMSl JAitedais< March 91, IBM. (AntsilUsd Sbim. B, IMS. Mai 
•,1MS. fAaleducd Nov. S, INI. "Aate^aied AataM 14, lie. flM 


AlOTM, tnuuranmt Umri for< • 

SlovM, *BiitiBtiiiK ■•••••• 

SlATM, Tcntikdng. 

Tempentnre, inatniBiBDt for ng 


^nlSaeii J. 

TinAvt box. 

THibes for glaaa lompB 

■Tub, bathing 

Veniilatora and chimnoy capi. . 

VentilaLor , 

TentilatiDE and nipplyiag boua 

with cold or hoi air. 

Victualler, economical 

Wum air, convejrine to Stv. . . 
Wa:^ air, for headngbutldiiiga,ltc 
■Warming buildings, by rKOiated 

and iteam hoU, ftc 

■Warming buildingB, by convening 

hollow waHa into fines . . . 
■ 'Warming buildinga, apparat 
■Warming the interior of paa 

cars, mode of. 

Wanmng houaea, Ac 

Warming Tooma 

WaimiDg Tooroa 

Warming rooms 

Wajming Toomi, iron baok log foi 
Warming rooms, and DKUUgement 

i>, by nuiiled air. 

DMUel ttalmbv. ... 
dcBMit Woodwaid. 

David B. Van Tayl . 
0«OTp RichBidaoD. . 

Doming JarvM. .... 
Joidan L. MoU. ... 


S. Jfayo M)d Robon 


BoBjunin'C. Bnrdett. 
William R. Miller. . 
Joseph L. Dntion . . . 

Aobert Rogers , 

John A. Stewart , . . 
Benjamin Bloney . . . 

Twpen TVawnsend . . . 
Robert Antealy . . 
BamQaiRosaell . 
WniiaiQ Belter . . 
A. McAHcMM & John 


Ciuinea Hairis . . . 
Robert B. Vetden. 

Daoie) Pettibone . . 


WMhii^ltaa, D. C. 

Dayton, Ohio 

South RotdingjMan 
F^irria^tOD, t^onn. . . 
Cambridge, Mosa. . , 

Boston, Mass 

Boston, Mass 

Washington, DC. 


Hinsdale, N. Y .. . 

Sooth Berwick, Me, 


Albany, N.Y 

HartTord, Conn . . . . 
Spriiig6eld, N. Y... 

Salem, H.Y 

Boston, lilasi 

Baltiinor«, Md 


isB. 96. UM 

Uar. 99, 18H 
July 9,18M 

Oct. 13,1643 
Jane 14, 1839 
Oct. 25, 181« 
Feb. 3,1899 
Aug. 18, 1846 
Mar. 7, 184S 
April 35, ie4C 

Oct. 34,1836 
Aug. 4,1897 
Dec 31, 1833 
Mar. 13, 1834 

June 19, 189fi 

Jtme IT, 1640 

July 34, 1846. 
Aprils?, 1814 
KUr. 4,1811 
Sept. 9, 183S 

by Google 

b, Google 



Including Boilers and Furaaces therefor, and parts thereof. 

by Google 

b, Google 



AgT^coHiml ■turn Bp^aralns. . . . 
Air condennng, ftppantna for. . . 

Aunoaphenc eDgwM 

AUnoipherie «BCHM«. 

Atmoephcric enginra. 

Atmoipheric enginea, two cylindi 
Blew«is, HteomGoaL 

fioilen, Bteam .■•■ 

Bailers, BUam 

fioilen, Mnsi .. 
Boilers, Meaim .. 
Boilen, BlMni . . 

Boikra, H«am . . 
Boilers, steam ■■ 
Boilers, sUam . . 
Boilers, steam .. 
Bailers, steam . . 
Boilers, aleam . . 
Boilers, steam . . 
BoilEn, Bt«sm .. 

Boilera, steeon . . 
Boilers, steam .. 
BoDers, steam •■ 
Boilers, steam . . 
Boilers, steam .. 

Boilers, sieam, applying a float to 

n^nlats the height ofwalcr in. . 
Boilers, steam, gsc er taining "*"" 

pressure of sleam 

Boilers, sleam, and boats. ....... 

Boders, steun, caldron and tiimace 


Boiler*, Meun, coat iron .... 

Boilecs, steam, combined lumoce* 
Boilers, stesjn, connecting of, and 

supplying water to the saa 
Boilers, steam, eonstmclioD < 
Boilers^ steam, eflectiiv combus- 

lion m furnace* and fliie* oF, 
Boilers, steam, en|^e 

Bdmnrtd P. Bellinger. 

John Gregg 

G. A J. I^ntiae . . 
Edward A. TalboL 

WUIiam Willis 

Isaac P. Smith 

J. Slevena, jr 

Ro^al Ytaman. ..... 

Lemuel M. Richards 
Humphrey Rickelaon. 

Royal Veamsn 

Slqihen Baker. 

Eben, A. Lester 

Lemuel M. Richanl* 
Anthony Hermange. 
Pre. Coffin snl & K. 


Heory M.Shreve. . 

Peter Cooper 

Isaiah Jennings. , . . 
M.T. Wallace..... 
J. F.C.Salomon... 
Thomaa Asheroft. . 
J. W. ft E. Strsjige, 

James J. Rush 

Jos. M. Whittpmore. 
Abram Van Ortier. . . 

L. Horton , 

Jacob Perkins,aBsigiied 

to A. M.Perkins. 
Rd, VarickDeWiU, 
Jacob B. Bversolc. 
Charles Clinton. ... 
Abram S. Vulentine, 
James Montgomery. 

Cadwalader Evsns . . 

Rochester, N. v.. 
Baltimore, Md... 
Dublin, Ireland. . . 
Lebanon, Ohio. . . 
Charleston, 6. C. . . 
Onmgctown, N. Y. 
Bergen CO., N. J.. 
Bahmiore, Md. . . 
Cazenoria, N. Y.. 


Baltimore, Md . . . . 


Boston, Mtias 

Chanin River, Ohio. 
Baltimore, Md . . . 

Boston , Mass. . . . 
Loaisville, Ky . . . 




Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Boston, Man. . . . 
Taunton, Mns- . . 
Philadelphia, Fa. . 
Brighton, Msa*. . . 

Ithaca, N.Y 

Hartford, Ct 

Now residing in Eng. 
Albany, N, Y. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Go*hen, N. Y. 

Not. 19, 183S 
Jan. 34, 1S» 
Jane S3, ]SM 
Jane 91, IB98 
July 27, 18» 
No*. U, 1B96 
Mar. 11, 1646 
Aug, 36, 1791 
Jon. 9, 1815 
Mar. 30, 1815 
Dec. 13, 1816 
^ov. SO, 1817 
Dec. 13, ISai 
May 14, 1637 
Aug. 31, ia98 
Nov. 36, 1828 

June 39, 1839 

April 81,1830 

Oct. 13, 1S31 

Dec 31,1831 

April 13, 1833 

. Oct. 17, !83S 

, Not. 3S, 1S35 

. Sept. 39, 1836 

, June 3, 1837 

Not. 23, 1837 

July 17, 1838 

Sept. 5, 1B3S 

Dec. 15, ISSe 
Sent. 35, 1839 
Mar. 31, 1B40 
April 39, 1843 
April 6,1843 
Dec. 96,1845 

. Sept. 30, IB4S 


Manchester, N. Y. . 

May S7, 1894 
Feb. 18, 1831 

'. jX'! 

Chrbiian E. DetmoM. 

Nathan Read 


•K«la raU mT«,lwa. 

New York.... 
Salem, Mm*. . 

.Dec 4, 1843 
. Aug. 16, 1791 
. May 31, ITH 

by Google 

Boilers, Hcun, engine 

Bailers, Bleam, engine 

Boilers, iteam, engine ■ 

Boilen, Bteam, engine 

Boilers, sleoin, engine 

Boilers, eteem, engine 

Boilers, sieam, engine 

Boilera, sl«ant, engine 

Boilen, steam, engine 

Boilera, eieam, engine. 

Boilera, Bleam, and BvaponUii^ 

, end erapomting 


Boilers, steam & eTaporetor, (im- 

prorement in Mamn & Seely'e )* 

Boilen, suam, feeding 

Boilen, (team, Oai 

Boilers, sleam, furnaces of, increas- 
ing combuslion by ihe decompo- 
■iuon of Blsun 

Boilen, steain, and furnace for 
Bleam engines 

Bailers, sleaol, dt furnace for 

Boilen, Btemn, furnBcea of, sup- 
plying steam lo promote com- 

Boilen, steam, or genervlingappo- 

m, and |:eneiator 
m, or generator. . 

ta gauge, eteom safely 
m healer of. 


Boilen, steam, improvemenl 

Boilen, steam, invertsd arch 

Boilers, siesim, of locomoliYe en- 

pollen, sieam 

magnetic water- 

Boilen, ateara 

measuring height 

Boikrs, steam 
Boiler^ steun 

Boilen, sieanl 

prereniing exjrf* 

Boilen, Bteun 



Boiisn, eieem 

Edward Rumsej,ex%r 
ofJ. Rumsey.... 

Samuel Moiey . 

Jobn L. Sullivan.. 
John L.Sullivan.. 
Thomas Skidmore. 

Ralph Bulkley 

John Poole 

Jamea P. Allaire. . 

Alden Potter 

John C. Douglass, 
Philo C. Curtis... 

Russel' Jarvis 

Levi Buinell 

John Gontding. . . 
John Ghiulding.. . 


Oxford, N.H. 

Boston, Mass. 

Boston, Moss. 

New York 


Sbeffield, EagUod.. 






Boston, Maaa. 

Elyria, Ohio 


'. 15, 1616 
r. 13,1617 

: as, leiB 

. 39, 1816 
r. 30, 1831 
r. 25, im 
r U. 1897 
f 14, ISM 
11, 1838 
. IT, 1630 
r 3,1831 
- 27, 1831 
r. 39, 1831 
y 31, X8H 

.Oct. 35, 1831 


Hunsicker Sc Knuss . 
D. Fanshaw and H, 

JohnB. Fetitval... 

GsbrielH. Moreau. 
Lansing E. Hopkin 
Austin W. Sharp and 

Wm. F. Horton. 
John A. Roebling. 
Zenas C. Robbins. . . . 

E. Ineaila. 

John C. P. Salomon. 

Charleston, S. C. 

, . July 17, 18» 

John Penninuui 

George Faber ...... 

Benjamin Phillips... 

John Goulding 

Moody Park 

Philip C.Friese. 

Cadwallader Evans. . 


Isaac N. Coffin 

James Reid 

Cadwallader Evana . 

Honeojre Palls, N.Y 
Soxanburg, Pa . . . 
St. Louis, Mo. ... 
Providence, R. I... 
CinciiuHUi, Obio. . , 

Baltimore, Md . . . 

Canton, Ohio 

Dec 5.1843 
July 16,1849 
Oct 16,1844 
May 30, 1816 
Nov. 16, 183) 

April 34, 1840 

. Nov. 36, 184S 

M Cikiiac, Ai« W, 1H0. 

Baltimore, Md. ... 

PiilsbuTg, Pa...... 

Brooklyn, N. Y. . . 
Washington. D. C. 
Pawiuckei, R.1... 

Pittabnrg, Pa 


:;Oct. 4; 1836 
.. April 10. 1839- 
.. April 15, 183* 
. . Sept. 14, 183» 
. Sept. 30, 1S3» 
,. May 13, WW 
,. Feb. 24, 184* 



BiU«H, MMm, prenntiag tzplo- 

Boilcn, iieam, pnvaniing fknn 

BoHara, itoim, r^ulating height 
of WKtcr in. 

Boilen, ((cam, regulating height 


, regulating height 
regulating height 

BoUen, «tmiD, 
ply of water 
Boilen, erteam, removing 

Boilen, Bleam, aafety .. . . 
Boiler*, BtMiniBaJBly... 
Boilen, ilewii, wkfe^. . . 


1, safety 

1, safety TalTei of... 
1, safely ralves off. 

Boilers, s 

], aafely apparalui 
CKfety-VBTTe. . , 
■pinu Sue for. . 

_. — , , It coal for 

Boilers, ■team, supplying with 

Boilen, steBm, supplying with 
ler, apparatus far. _ . . 

Boilers, steam, supplybg with wa- 
ter, Belf-ikctiiig apparatus. • . . 

Bailers, ileaiii, supplying with 

Boilen, ateun, sup|:4yiiig wilh V 


Boilers, steam, supplying with wa- 

Boilers, steam, tubular, generating 

Carriage, steam.. 
Carriage, sWain.. 
Carriage, steam. . 

Evaporator, compound. 
EvaporatiH', and ateam engiiM . . . 

Explosion of boilen, preventing. 
Explosion of boilers, preventing.' 
Explosion of boilen, preventing. 
Explosion of hoilen, preventing. 
Elploaionofboilen, preventing. 
Explosion of boilers, preventing.. 
Explosion of boilen, preventing d. 

miming. , 

Explosion of boilers, guard for. . , 

Explosion, sleamboalB, mills, &e. 
ExiAlosion of boilers, preventingH . 
in of hpilets, preventing^ 

William M. Wtijjhl. 

Tbomai Odiome. . 

Daniel Bamum .... 

L. A. Ritterbrandt. . 

Ralph BullUey 

John 0. Douglass 

Charles Curtis 

Levin P. Clark 

Wm. P. McConneU. 

Wiliiam Duff. , 

James Monlgomer; . 
Abram Patterson . . . 
Benjunin J.Miller.. 
James G. Wilson . . . 

Benjamin M. Hyatt, 

Ethan Campbell 

John Hampaon 

John S. Williams.., 

H. Long 

Charles Keynolds. . . . 

Louis Bigeiow. 

Edward Clark 

''adaworih. . 

David Heath 

Thomas Ewbank 

Aaron B. Quimby. ■ . ■ 

Timothy Newhall, jr. 
Cadwalader Evans. . . 
Augustus Eitelgeorge. 
William A. Turner... 

William A. Turner... 
J. Longhead and J. B. 


leorge R. Clarke 

Thomas S.Eaaton.... 
Thomas S. Easton . . . . 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

Canton, Ohio. 

New Albany, Is.... 

Lowell, Mass. 

Maiden, Mmo. 

Roxbury, Masa. . . . 

Bridgeport, Ct. 


New York 

New York 


Bammnre, Md 

Washington, D.C.. 

Baltimore, Md 

Memphis, Tenn . 

Rush, Pa, 

New York city 

NewYork :,.. 

WilmiogioD, Del... 

New York 

New Orleans, La... £ 

Maysville,Ey. .. 

liowell, Mass.... 

New York 

Oxford, N.H.... 

Baltimore, Md... 
Cbarleslon, S. C. . 

E. Windsor, Ct 

Petersham , Mass . . . 


Bordentown, N. J. , 
Portsmouth, R. I... 
Philadelphia, Pa. ... 


Hageraiown, Md.. . 

Lynn, Mass 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Cinciniwti, Ohio.... 
Washington co.,N.C B 

Washington co.,N.C i 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Rochester, N. Y. . 

Mobile, Ala. 

Mobile, Ala 


. a, IBU. 1 Addl inpl, JsD. W, 1 M 

ntat, rMMy, apinJ «p«ii«, 

nnvaom ftr SUam boilan.. . 

RmiKcs of UowD boilen. . . . 
f^TDBCea (br Maun bnOen. . . 

font eogiiMa < 


lOu engiiwa, or vapor 

' I Gu and beUed air pover • ■ . 


Qua light apparaoia*. 


Oaa ar npor anfote, InftBiitmi 

Qmgt, rngbt for borier* 

Qauge, Bteain, lor preventing cli« 

explOBioiij>f boilna. 

Heal of Uam fun>aeea to ( 

H«M of btMt fnmice, as applied 

to Mean engiim 

Haal, escape, application of. . 
Heat, eeonomy of, in genenuing 

Haetiiig water for lUam binlBr... 
Looomotiia power, engine for 

moTin^ bouaea 

LoeoraMiTe whaeb, oxide of 

movii^ ...... ^ 

^BdoDf;, for sleBin enginea. . . 

Fiilona, foMing 

PJatoiiB, impniTemant in 

Fiauma, lubricating, of eteain 

Pinons, lubricating, of Meam 

FMeoa, hmmUc, fin- Meam ang 

Pntona, packing 

Flatona, relative 

Plitona, Bteam enginea for. . . . 

Fiatons, Meam engines for.. . . 

Pamp, air, doable, for Meam en- 

Pamp, air, fin- attain oiginea. ... , 

Pmnp, amuti, boiler 

l>Uwp,MeBm, vacaoin 

Sen«, swivd, Tor aieain enginea. 

Snow plough 

8mw ploudi, (br nulroadi 

Sj)n4t amater* 


Spark aimattn 

Spark aireMan 

Maam Young 

Gideon Sbrjroek A I 


Lemao Bmdiey. . . . . 
Henr; F. Baker ... 

Jantea CrutoheU. . . 

John Hemming. . . 

Stuart Perry 

WiUJam Barker. . . 

Martin Bel] 

Stephen Complon, jr. 

HomaB D. Simpoon. . 
William V.Ghimiall.. 

David Hinman 

Jamea Richards. 

John Swabaon 

John Williamaon.. . . 
John M. Cooper. ■ . . 
Wright A Ketchtun. 
Ellia L. MoKon 

Jamea Smalhnan 

Thomas B.Stillman. 

Q. W.Lnng 

Alfred Jadeon 

P. Bernard and T. So- 



A. W. Harienbrook. 
Daniel D. Stilwell... 


Henry WiTton 

William Knight 

Leonard Phlegcr.... 
TbiM. Reaoey & John 

Naglee ; said Reaoey 

Baffin, N. Y... 

SharoB, Gt 

BoatoD, Maeg.. 

London, Eng.. . . 


Oiferd,N. H... 
Baltimore, Md.. 
NewYorii,N, V... 
Great Britain; now in 

. SaoL n, 1843 
. Dee. IS, ISn 
. May 30, IBW 


i, Ohio. 

North Bank, G.Brit. 

Newport, N.Y 

KingMon, Pa 

May G, 1844 
Nov. 4, IMI 
May 93, 1841 
Mar. a4, ISK 

. Dee. 38, 1835 

. June i«, ima 

Norwkfa, Gt 

Middtelown, Ct. . . 
Brunawick, Ohio . . 
New York, N.Y. . 

Sept. Se, 1895 
April 5,1839 
I^. T, 1846 
Oct. 3,1846 

. Nov. 19, isaa 
. Oct. m, 1W4" 

. Mar. 30, 1837 
. Aug. 31, 1837 
. Jnly 16, 18S7 
. June 19, 1835 
. SepL 5,1838 

Philaddphift, Pa. 


Old PoiM Comf., Va 
Sweden, N.Y 

Witoatown, N. Y.. 



Philadelphia, Pa. ...ID 

Deri7,N,H I Ji 

Wrighteville,Pa....i A 
Chamberaburg, Pa. .1 
FredericWvB, Md. D 

Ang. 99, 
May IS, 
FVb. 16, 
Feb. 34, 1 

Jan. 16,1 
April 16, 1 
Feb. 10, I 


lb, Google 

Spark ■rraMen _ 



Sauk arrasun. 


Spark arreMen. 


Spark arrenera. 

Spark aiTMtetB 


Spark atTMtati. 

^lark an«a(Bra, azU^wBl 


Spark vnaMra. 

Spark arrMlen 

Spark amatMr*. 

Spark an«atara( 

Spark arraatanl 

Spark arreaun 

Spark nrrtMort. 

Spark am«er 

Spark «mM«r ».., 

Spark oaMlwr 

Spark cauhar 


ffiark (acehai. 

Spark catcher. .>.._.... 

Spark oucbor 

Sjwrk catcher 

SJMvk ivicher 

Spark oalcher 

Spark eatabar* • > • • ■ 

Sjiark catcher 

Spark catcher! 

Ebark catcher 

%>Brk catcher. 

Spark catcher. 

E^Nirk calchw. , . . 

Spark catcher. 

Spark catcher 

Spark eaicher, &c 

I^ark catcher, oentiifbgal, 

Spark catcher, flue 

Steam, applying 

Swam, applying 

Sttacn, applying. 

Steam, qiplying 

Steam, ef^ying 

LaOMid mtg«r.... 

ItlU)dBl(Ul ... 

David RiH«r 

Wm. P. MaCMBdI.. 

DsTid MaltJMw 

Richard Prmch 

L. Hilraer, aWnee ol 

Wm. W. HabbeU. 
L. Phl«m, an'nee ol 

Wm. W. HnbMI... 
L. Phlegsr, aaa^iee of 

Wm. W. Hubbeil.. 
L. Phl«ger, aae'ine oT 

Wm. W. HubbeU.. 
Wyiiam C. Ohwet. . . 

Louia CheTrier. 

JuiKe Levia 

JohttC. Johnaon 

JohtiV.L. Hot«(and. 
Abraham Keagy A M. 

Shimer. .. ...... 

Jonathan Hodgea .... 

Samuel Q. Bmwn 

Jamea Edcler. 



NewUarai, a.... 
WaafaingUHi, D.C.. 
PhtM«lphM, P».... 
MoramcnBMf, Pa t 
Philadelphia, Pa. . i 
Moy»mMuiiiR, Att 
Pfaibdalp^^Th.. J 
Moyamenaiiig, Pk t 
I^iiladelphia, Fa. . i 

&<Mklyii,N. Y.. 


Jaraey City, N. J.. . 

Zibeon Wiliwr 

Jamea A. R«el)ling. . . 
SamtidSwMt, jr... 
William C. Gnmea. 
William C. Crimea, 
William C. Grimea. 
Samuel SwoU.jr,. 


_ ImC. JoiMa... 
Haut C. Wiat. . . . 
Qeorge Holbrook, 
Jamu W. Waplea 
A. McEloDotigB. . . 

Founds Mik> 

William ShitlU... 
Janua F. Curtia. . . 
A. Wbilsey aad L. L. 


Oabriel Winter 

Jmtaa P. Fwrlarob . . . 
WilliamT. Jamea.... 
T. L. Smith and W.J. 
Van Loane 

Wm. 8. Montgomen', 

William Duff. . . . 

Jamea StineeoD. 

Johajmes Oberheuuei 
Samuel Moray. . , 
Samuel Briege. . . 
Aaron If . Sabia. . 
Michael Mn^an 

Woodbury, Pa. , . 
Taunton, Maaa... 
Henrietta, N. Y. . 
Catakill, N. Y.... 

Hickt»ille, N. Y. . 
Alkgwiy town'piPa. 
SaxonbuiR, Pa.. 


miladc^ihia, Be. 


Baltimore, Md.... 


Waahii^toii, D. C 
Forumoutb, Ta. . . 

BoatiM. Maaa 




New York d 
Philadelphia, P 


DonaioaannUe, Pa . 

Philuiebihia, Pa. . . 

Newark, N.J 

Baltunore, Md... 
Btideewater, Maoe , 
BaUtmore, Md.... 
Baltimore, Md.... 

Beltimon, Md 



New Orleana, La. . 
Frankfort, Ky... 


MentPB, Ohio 

Ba^ !«,!•• 

OeL 14, MM 

Doc. 10, IM 
Dec 81, MH 
J»a IC1S« 

June f», 1841 
June 36, 1841 
June 36, IMl 
FW>. 19,taN 
Feb. 91, MM 
Feb. SI, ia« • 

Fab. ae,ie4S 


April 39, IS4S 
Sept 93,180 
Oct. 7, 1841 

Feb. Sa, 1649 
Jan. 10,180 

Feb. 16, tea 

May 13, 1816 
Jne 7, VS4S 
Hay IS, 184fi 
Sept. SO, 1840 

Sept. 10, 18M 
Aug. 97, 1SS5 
Oe*. 15,188t 
No*. S3,18H' 
fit. SO. 18K 
Ptb. IT, 18X 
F«b. K,HK 

uar. 31, am 


Jime 90, 183Q 
July 98,18N 
Dec. IS, ie« 
Dee. 15, 1838 
Dec. 98, ISa 
Dee. 90, HS1 
A,will7, WW 
Feb. H, tSS8 
Mm-. 9S, tTW 
May 36, 1617 

•Bdened Dec ae, IHI. (AniedueiKai.I, 


BTBiai JoiD CMS tmaama. 

a, applying. 

n, applying 

a, applying, to blnat iiiniMec, 
n, Bpptymg, cODsUmt motkm 


applying, to wati 
applying, to wati 
applying, to maelunery, A,c 
cond«nnng apparaCoa far . 
and condeDBca air, applying 

n engine* . . 
m engine . . . 
n engine . . . 
n engine... 



n engine . . 
T\ engine . ■ 

engine . . 

m engine . . 
u engine . . 
xt engine . . 
n engine.. 

m engine. . 

medgine .. 
m engine., 
m engine.. 
m engine . . 
m engine . . 

Steam engine . . 
Steam engine.. 
Steam engine . . 
Steam engine . . 
Steam engine . , 

E. Packard and J. 

Elhaa Baldwin . . . 
John Lockwood . , 
Cotton Fobs. . . . . . 

Marcaa B. Parmelee. . 

Samuel Morey 

Samuel Morey. 


Aaohel CoIHdb 

Elizabeth SpaAbrd, ad- 

Gran»ili«s N. Y... 
Washington, D.C. 

Elodas,N. Y 

Madiaon, Okio. . . 

Newtown, Codd. . 
Oxford, N.H.... 
Oxford, N.H.... 
Newark, N. J.... 

A<ig. 7,18l> 
Jan. 96, IBR 
Dae 98,180 

Aog. a,im 

Ave. 35, 1819 
Mm-. 37, 1799 
Not. 17, 108* 
Oct. 31,1839 
Dm. 31, 1838 



Jamea Ramsey 

Englehart Cniae ..... 

John SterenB, jr 

Samuel Bri^t. 

John Stevens 

S. Moray, R. Orarea, 

and O. Richards. . . . 

OUvar BTans 

J. Stubba A N.Panona 


J. Curtis and Royal 

Daniel Dodd 
Alexander A ndermn. . 
Jamea D.Ruaaell. 
S, Bri^a and A. Steele 
Chariea Reynolda 
Borden Welbor. . 
Samuel Morey... 

JuQJa Curtis 

Matthew duff. . . 
John Stetens. . . . 

Enoch Burt 

Joseph Hawkina. 

Enoch Burt 

John Hilton 

Samuel Foirlamb . 
John L. Sullivan. 
John HeBTin .... 
i. J. Richardson . 
B. HendryxAH.Pnee 

William Church . 
Robert Thomas. . . 
Charles Leeke. . . 
Minus Ward .... 
Thomas Halton... 
Amos Theyerijr. 
H. Belts andJ.A.Mc- 

Jos. Dixon, Jr 

Ralph Bulkley 

Henry Lainhart, jr. . 


Jos. Buchanan 

Stephen T. Conn . , 

I. Jennings 

Mahlon Betts. . . . 
Stephen T. Conn. 


Bergen county, N. J. 



Philadslphia, Pa 

CbiUteoLhe, Ohio . . . 

New York 

Plymouth, N. Y. and 
Weat£eld, Mass . . 
Etizabathtown, N. J. 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Baton Ro(^, La. . . 
Eaat Windsor, Pa. . 
Whiteatown, N. Y. . 

Bsslen, Mass 

Baltimore, Md 

Norfolk, Vo 


Elizabethtown, N. J. 


Elizabethtown, N. J. 

Someraet, Maine 

Marietta, (Mho 

Boston, Mass. 


Genera, N.Y 

Springfield, N. Y, . . 

Aognata, Oa 

BaKimore, Md 

Richmond co., N. C- 
Roes connly, Ohio. . 

Columbia, S. C 

New York 

Norwalk, Conn . . . . 

Philadelphia, Pa 


New Orleans, La. . . 
Philadelphia. Pa. . . . 

Lexington, Ey 

WashiDglon, D. C. 


Pompey, N. Y 

WilmtBgton, Del... 

Jiihr 3, 1819 
Aug. 36, irai 
Aug. 36, 1791 
Aug. 36, JT91 

Jane 15, IBS] 
Feb. 14, ISH 
Feb. 35, 1811 
Not. S9, leU 

Feb. 8,1819 
Mar 13, 1819 
Aug. SI, 1B19 
April 10, 1813 
May 39, 1B13 
July 23, lett 
April 36, 19IS 
July 14, leiS 
Aug. 8, I81& 
Sept. 1, ISIS 
Mar. U, 1816 
May IH, 1816 
June M, 1816 
June 25, 1816 
Ang. 23, 1816 
Oct. 94,1816 
Mar. 24, 1817 
Aug. 37, 181T 
Oct. 13,1817 
April 13, 1818 
May 98, 1818 
July 11, 1818 
May 29, 18» 
Jan. 33, 1899 
Mar. 93, 1891 
Feb. 28, 1899 
Mar. 6,1893 

Dee. 34, 189) 
April 13, 1894 
April 3(1. IBM 
May 6,1894 
June 9,1894 
Sept. 13, 1894 

Sept as, 1^ 

Mar. 15, 189S 
Sept. 39, 189S 
Not. 26,1895 
Not. 39. 1895 

* laoewed bji CooireB, Feb. 7, lUS. 

lb, Google 

low-pnwnre _. 

BiMin engfac, arrangeBisnt of the 

nJ»e», Ac ,. 

Steam engine, emnging cyliaden 

Steam en^ae,du;.,apparauiBlo be 
nibsututed rorihe pieloB cyVat- 

Steam engine, appUcaUon of Meam 

Steam engine, anii iKata power. . 

Steam ei^De, (uixiliarjr 

Stcanieiigine.aDxiliaiy, oonilnici- 
ing and governing, for the pur- 
poee of lupplTJog a netnn boiler 
wjth wat«rt 

Steam engine, boats, mills, Ac . . . 

Steam engine, boats and vesseb. . 

Steam engine, boaia 

Steam engine, and tioileT 

Steam engine and ether boilers, 
■nppljiag air to consume the 
cotitMstible gases, Ae., that e»- 
capc from the fomsces 

Steam engine, centrifugal, pneo- 

Steam engine, changing, recipro- 
emliug into rotary motion. 


B. A. i,eater. ....... 


Warred P. Wiw . . . 
Sim. BroodmcMonv . 


MeltflD Battle 

Benjamin Reavat. . . . 

Charles Potts 

Franklio O. Ontih. . , 

Hugh Qordon 

I. a. Bicbardsen . . . . 
Stacy Coatill . 
LaFarctte " 
John B. Bmenon . . 

:tte Tibbitts . 


John MoTphy 

Job Sheldon 

John Benitaek 


Seth Graham 

Nathaniel Bosworth. . 
William A. Llgfathall. 
William WhiUiBm... 

Ralph Pomeny 

William Kelly. 

Alasander ConDHon. . 


John Brieaaon 

H.Obiey,J.H. Whelp- 
lev, A D. a. Raven 
Nathan N. Barlow. . 

Chttriea B«eder 

Daniel Bamnm 

Caleb L. Ferris. . 

Abitun PaltersoD. , , 
Franek 8. Ogdan . . 
William WiUv . . . . 

Daniel French . . 
Robert Fulton . . 
John Stephen 
JohnSr "^ - 

Peter Robinson 

Charles C. Conway. 
Alexander M. Baolon 
and Andi^w Perry. . 

Kianra, N. Y 

LoMon, Bng^d. . . 
London, Eouand. 
Baltimore, Md . . , 
Boston, Maas. . . , 


Greenwich Vil. Mass 

New York 

Smithfield town'p.O. 

Albany, N.Y. 

LynehboTg, Va .... 

New York 

New Market, N. H. 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
New CHaspm, Ta. . 


Baalbrd, En|^d. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
NewHaTen, Conn. 

Oroiio, Maine. 

BoaUn, Mass 

Roxbory, Mms. . . . 
Philadelphia, Ph.... 


Ha<MenfiaU.Bng. . 

BeiiviaB,N. jTT;:.. 

Pittsburg, Pa 

Nawark,N. J 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

GottTemoor, N. Y. . 
Homer,K. Y 

Baltimore, Md 

New York, N.Y... 


Roah, Pa. . . 

«.__. 8.C.... 


New York... 
New York... 
New York... 

Jnly 1, UK 
Aug. 16, ISM 
Nov. 6, 1S9S 
May 14, lUSfJ 
June 15, leST 
Aug. 17, 1827 
Jan. 39, IS9B 
Feb. 13, 1838 
Not. 6, 18i9 
Feb. 6, 1B30 
May 31, 1S» 
Oei. 13,1830 
Feb. 38, 1831 
Oct. IT, ISSl 
Feb. 30,1838 
JuiM 93,1833 
Mar. 8,1834 
Oct. 36, ISM 
Mar. 94, 1835 
Mar. -34, 1B85 
SepL 9,183S 
HUy 33, less 
April 31, 188B 
Jnly 9, 1838 
April 14, 1838 
am. 4,1841 
Jan. 94,1843 
Jane 18, 184S 
Dec 5. 184S 

Nov. IS, 1843 
8q>t. 19, 1848- 

Psb. as, 1B8B 
Dec 13, 1813 

Feb. 1,1889 
April 16, 1845 

July 34, 1844 
Oct. 13, 1808 
Feb. 9,1811 

Hay ai, leu 

Jan. 3,1810, 

lb, Google 

iMwii mtfm*, «aeulalii>g. 

Sbum engioM, condenasn of and 
■ppttrauafar nippljing UiB boil- 
ers with 

iM, condenser far.. 

nea, condenMr foi. . 

„ DM. coodenHT lor . ■ 

n engiBe, condaniing. ■ . . ■ 

in •Dgioe, candeoMr and b 

EkMm •Dgioe, 

•rt of 

8»B«ni eogbe, condenaii^ upponir 

SMm et^i, coDdudins tli« iieam 

iUam eiWD»> cobimJ ■ balance 

SiMin «nsiiw, conicfil eeat, i 

SMMmtngilM, connecting cjUnder 

„ <uloff 

n engine ml ofT ralvea. 

■ cnl off valrea. 

_ _ . ^ e, dead noint, a»oiding 

SUav NigM*, disclutTEing Alter 

«nd air firom the coDdsoiMr 

ftNB) engiDe, draft, box for... 

SHam engine, onqraraior. 

^miatugmm, expannte...... 

ftani an^ne, fteder for boiler. . 

aiiaai eagVM, highr-pnMUie, node 
of beaung the lupply water »»'' 
carryii^ off the eaeape ileam . 

Gtaan <aignM) hifh-Dro^re, nbly 

_ _Ja ™!»e« for 

n eagiiw, hydntoti . 

n engitte, kydraulic — Sm Cla 

n engine, ityel rotary. 

SUam eagJA*, locomotjn. . . 
SMam ef^iite, loeainotiTe. . . 
ttMMB acgiae, locomotita. . . 

Henrv K. SUpbena. 
Joaepb P. Pinaoi). . . 
Thonua ^jdmore. . . 


Daniel Tiaad wall 

George and Qeacge W. 

Thomas McDonou^. 
fragile Barber. . ■ . • 

CalDrabw,.Ga. • ■ • • 
Cincinuii, Ohio. . . 
New York, N.Y,. 

New fork 


Schenectady, N- V. 

Allegheny city. Pa. 

Canal Fulton, Ohio. 

MiddJeWwit, CoDo. . 

Frederick E. Sickles. 
Frederick B. Siakita. 

Isaac Adoma. 

FVederit^ E- Sicklea. 

John Cochrane 

Thomas Rwera 

Valentine Carter. . . . 

Robert Q. Eumon. . . . 
J. SntalluMi and N. J. 


Andrew M. Eoatwick. 

Dand Heslh 

Sprague Barber 

(%dei) Mallory 

Loaia liie 

Nathan Cope. . . . 
laaiah Jeaauui.. 
John Babcock.. . 

Williwa Howard. 

8. H. Uag 

Chaa-d^Qw-E. Sellers 
H. R, Cvnpbidl.. 
Francis Barker.... 

Roas Winans 

Rosa Winana. .... 
Bapiuel Wr^t... 
Z. H. Mann and Iieri 





Boaion, Maaa. . . - . 


Baltimore, Md..... 
Georgetown, D. C. 

New York.. 

Philadelphia, pa. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Providence, R. I. 

Oswego, N.Y 

Kii^om of Franca, 

(residing in PiiUp 

bu^, ft.] 

Aug. 11,18U 
Dec 4,184ft 
Fab. 19.1B4C 
Dec l.lGEtt 
Feb. 9, 189S 
Dec IS. ISM 

Sept. 7, 18M 

Mar. 31, ISA 

May 4,18«» 

Feb. 1S,18*C 


atpt. 19, I8I& 
Sept. 19. 18<6 
May 17, ISlft 
SepL 19, 1S4& 
April IG. 1845 
May 1,184» 

Aug. 3,isa» 


May 31, I7» 
April 5,ie3B 
July X, IBK 
June 11, 1834 
Dee. 98,18» 


Hanover, OUo..., 


PoHimoath, R. I.. 

- ■■ N.J.,, 



Philadelphia, B 
Cincinnati, Ohii 



Lowet], Mess. . . . . 
Rotterdam, N. Y.. 

Feb. aO, IMS 
Feb. 11, IBB 
May I.ISM 

Jdy IB, leiS 
May 33,1631 

Sept. l.lStft 

June 14. ISIS 
Dec 10, IM 
Jan. 17,1831 
May S8, ISIt 

" ■ s, ins 



Jo>r 29, ten 
July «9, len 
Deo. ae, isn - 

Mar. 10, 1838 
June SJ, ISH 
Dee. 31, UM 

by Google 

jj^^y Jtifm ^^Ut JfHa|||M>t 

Stcwn engine, locomotive. . . . 
Sieam engine, locomoLive. . . . 

St«ain engiDe, locomotiTe, aa 

iog incIiTicd pl&nea. 
Steam eogiue, lacomotive, blowing 


Suam engine, locomotive, nndean 

Sleam engine, locomotive, and' 

Steam engine, lowmolive, uid 

Steam engine, locomotive, connect- 
ing the driving wheels of. 

Steam engine, loeomoiive, ___ 
suucling, by which Ibey adapt 
themselves to the curves and un- 
dulations of the road 

Sleun en^ne, locomotive, consum- 
ing aparka . 

SUom engine, locomotive, diitri- 
buting sand, ±e., to prodQce ad- 
hesion of driving wheels 

Steam engine, locomotive, force 
pump and wheels 

Steam engine, locomotive, framing 

Steam engine, locomotive, goiem- 
ing entTceversing 

Steam engine, locomotive, for in- 
clined plane* 

Steam eneine, locomotive, for in- 
clined plants*. 

Stetun engine, locomotive, increas- 
ing adhesion of driving wheel of 

Steam engine, locomotive, propel- 
ling by Btaljonary power. 

Sftva si^ine, locomotiTe, and rail- 

Steam engine, locomotive, hi rail- 
Steam engine, locomotive, for rail- 
road carriages 

Steam engine, locomotive, regulat- 

Ednin P. ^hnsc 

Matthias W. Baldwin 

Davis H. DoHerer aiti 

Thomas Jackson. . 

Ron Winan* , 


Alfred C, Jones 

M.W. Baldwin.... 

Robert L. Stevens. . 


New York 


Reading, Pa 

Baltimore, Md... 
Philadelphia, Fa.. 
FhiladeU)hia, Fa. . 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 

New York, N. Y. 

Dec. U, 


16, U& 

MatthioB W. Baldwin 

Francis B. Longmire 

and H . Jones Brooke 

Jacob D. Custer... . 

Sands OlcuU 

John Ruggle*. 

JordoD L. MoU. . . . 

John A. Etzler. 

Isaac W.Edgar.... 
Henry Wsiermaii. . 
Alfred C. Jones. . . . 


Steam engine, locomotive, saw-mi 
Steam engine, locomotive, six and 

eight wheeled 

Steam wigioe, locomotive, suppl j' 

and boiler, tubes for- . 

MoiTiattWD, Pa 
Harsiniuil, K- J--.. 
Thonwvtpp, M»iB«. 


Wifm etmaQc, Ohio 


Baltiqtore, U4. . 


eB^Wb machinery. . . 
engme, making dry at 

" ""1, marinef 

M. W.Baldwin 

M.W. Baldwin 

William A. Turner. . , 

JidiO Ooulding- 

William A- LiebthaU. 

Joseph Mandjby and 

JoshuA Field.. 

BaJlHWHie, Md...- 
UprtistQwi, N. J 



New York.. 

Etedhwi, Mam. 
Albany, N. Y. . 


July 29, 1837 

June 14, 1834 
S^H-U, 18M 

Ai«.25, IStt 
July 10, 180 

Dec. 31,1833 

July aa, isn 

JumU, 16M 

Sept. u, isa» 
July 3s, isac 

Ang. 98,1MI 
D«>. 33,184L 
July 9, ie3« 
Fek 10,1841 
Oel. t«,ia4» 

jaiy ae,UM 

July IS, 1630 

Al^ 3,.183& 

Aiw. IT, 18a& 
JWN 11, 184k 
Jtdy 31, 183t 
Q«i. 96,iaM 

April 11, isas 

Jhm 11. 18«S 

SlMm engine, node of cnnatnctr 

ing loeomotives 

iiMm engine, mode of operating. 
Shwn aoeine, nantical. 

St. l^Mifi, MiMiMin. 

EOSI WlBSDt. .. 

^chariah Alien., 
Edward Bumsey. 

IS. tDMeorSaclM 

Baltimore, Md.... 
pMvidenoe, it. I. . , 
Kentucky. ^ 

Oel. 14,1S4S 
Mar.Se, LBSt 
Not. 1S,UU 

lb, Google 

f AM1> aAS^BVOttSB. 

— »«.a.«— .- 



St«|m «™hs <^toca»d do«Bg 


a^ engine., p*Jtinsforpi«n». 

Profidenoe, P. I.... 
Ridimond, Va...r. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 

St. Louis, Mo 

Salina,N.Y , 


Wiltiamsport, Pa... 

PailerK)n, N. J 

Aug. J2, 18« 
July IB, 1811 
April m, 1841 

Dec. IT, IdW 

July SO, 1843 

Steam engine, Ac, pialon rod* of 
Steam engine, pialona of iteam 

Steam engine, ptatons and stuffing 

JohnR.Sl. John.... 

Malthiaa W. BaUvin 

Ambro« Poner and 

Wm. Avery 

Louia Bnmier 

Steam engine, reacting, Ac 

Steam Bigine, reaeUng rotary. . . . 
Steam Otfine, regolatmg the prea- 

Sept. 38, 1831 
Oct. 35, lB4a 
Mar. IS, 1845 

Prancia R. Torbet. . . 

MeUen Battle 

Isaiah Jenning. 

Nathan R«ad 




Herkimer, N.Y.... 


Botton, Man.... I 
Boston, Maaa. .... 
New York 

Albany, N.Y..... 

A1bBny,N, Y 



Lo Boy, N. y 

UBoy, N. Y.... 
Pomfcw, N. Y 

Bahway, N*. J 

Ro<^ler, N. Y... 

May 36, 1819 

Duieyi,. Famhiii.. 
James -nioinpson... 
B.N. Powera 

July 16,1828 
April 39, 1834 
July 29, ISM 

a^en^'J^: """■.":. 

Eliaha Hall 

John A. Wadawonh. 

Robert Dennis 

J. R. ATehU and F 

May ao, leas 

Sept. 27, 1895 
Not. 3, 18» 

Not. 13, IStf 

S. Fairinnb and E. 

May 35, ISU 

Elijah ri.^fiiid 

Francis Harris 

StiUman Blake 

D.B. Lee A 8. Stewart 

Joseph Mount 

J. a. KotchkiKi 

Lanc««r, Ky 

Albany, N. Y.... 

Nasbiille, Tan.... 
Cincinnati, Ohio... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Baltimore, Md 

Paris, N. Y 

Hyde Peril, N. Y 
Cincinnati, Ohio. . . 
0«foM, Maine.... 
Bradforf, Va 

PoUsrille, Pa 

QerwTO, N. Y.... 

VanBoren.N. Y.. 

Bangor, Maine 

Otcenbu^, Pa 

New Albany, Ind.. 
Caienoria,N. Y... 
FairfeM, Ct 

July 10, laar 
octf 11 im 
June 11, laat 

July ie,18» 
Oct: 1^183» 
Oct. 1, 1838 
Oct. 1, 1»B 
April 18, 18SI 
June 13, 18S1 
June 13,1831 
July 16,18SS 
Not. 10, leSI 



Thoma. Powell 


EbeneierR. Yale... 

Lulher Carman 

William Jones 

ChartesR. AIsop^.. 
A.POUAB. P.l'om 

E. P^ny mi i. N 

July 38, 183) 
Sept. 18, 1S31 

William Sotion 

Qeorge M. AUsop. . . 

Orson Barnes 

Arnold BoSim 

Aaron Ciirke. 

June 86, 1B35 

Feb, 16.1SX 


July 3,'ie3S 


b, Google 

SMam eaeine, TOUtry. . 

Swam engJDe, rotary . . . 
Steam engine, rolaiy. . . 
£te>m engine, rolaiy. . . 
Steam engine, rouuy. . . 

6t««ni en^ne, rouuy. . . 
8imn engine, roury. . . 
Steam engine, roiarf*. . 

Steam engine, rotary. . . 
Steam engine, rotai'r'. . . 
Steam engine, rotary. . . 
Steam engine, rotaiy. . . 

Steam engine, rotarf. . . 

St^am engine, rotary. ■ . 

Steam engine, rotary. . . 
Steam engine, rotary. . . 
Steam en^e, rotary* . ■ 
Steam engine, roiarylj . . 
Steam engi EM, rotary... 
Steam engine, rotary. . . 

Steam engine, rotary I 

Steam engine, rotary, uid boiler. 
Steam engine, rotary, and boiler. 
Steam engine, rotary, and boiler. 
Steam engine, rotary, changing 

leetilineal for 

Steam engine, rotary ,doubte cfaam. 


Steam engine, Totary, Drummondi 
Steam engine, rotary, ezhanatJng 

the eaae of. 

Steam en^e, rotary, packing. 
Steam engine, rotary, propelled by 

Bleam engine, rotary, propelled by 

Steam engine, rotary, or pump.. 
Steam engine, rotary, alao appli 

cable to pumpi 

eieamei^me, rotary, rarified air. 
Steam engine, rotary, reacting. . 
Steam engine, rotary, reacting.. 
Steam engine, rotary, reacting.. 
Steam engine, rotary, icrvw, and 

Steamengine, rotary and water 


Staamengine, Bleam baai8,dtc.. 

Steam engine, KdiBty 

Steam engine, slide valve to 

Sieaineiigiiw,alide valve to 

*Aotadat*d,Jal]'I8, It. tBit.p*td 

. D. Qrannia and D. B. 


. A.Miller 

. O. Wright and A.. A. 


. Joseph Woodhnll.... 
. Roger M. Shennan., 
. JohnDrummond.;. .. 
. William H. Baker and 

Semuel H. Baldwin. 

. Jacob C. Robie 

. Jeese Tuttle 

. Jaa. Jamieaon Cordca, 

Edward Locke. . . 

. luac N. Whiulewiy 

Hemon Smith 

J. A, Stewart 

Joseph I. Porker 

Joshua T. and Beoj 
min Deal 

Solomon M. Ebbydc 
David N.Pbelpa.... 

William JoiM* ft. Roe- 
well Famnni 

Alexander K. 4c Wm. 
S. Rider 

Ebeneier Ferren ..... 

Robert C. Gran 

Abram Pease 

Matthew Fleldier. ... 

WiUiara Wright 

Junes Miller.. 
Jamee Black . . 
Caleb Tompkins. 
Simon Fairman.. 
Ethan Baldwin.. 

Peter Cooper 

Edward Ijicke.. 
John D. Aikin. . 
Peckham H. Qreen A 
Harry H. Evarta. 

Henry Pratt 

OUiver Allen 

Nieholaa H. J. P. C. 

D. Crauy 

Oeoive Cameron 


J.O. Hodgktra 

John Ingham 

Jos. Ingnam A J. Da- 

Warsaw, N. Y.... 
RochMMT, N. Y... 

Fairfield, Ct... 
Elizabethlown, N. J 

Cohoes.N. Y... 
Binghampton, N. Yj 
BoMon, Maes i 


Viocennei, h 
Sunbory, Ohio. 
Craaa P]unr, T 
I^ymouth, Ohio. 

East Greenwich ,Eng j 

Waabington, Ohio. .' 

Bradford, Vt 

New York, N.Y.. 
HaverhiU, N. H.. 
Pomeroy, Ohio. . . . 

Lyons, N. Y 

London, EIngland . . 
Roeheater, N. Y. . 
Philadelphia, Fa.. 
Mon^omery, Ala. 
Lanamgbui^, N. Y 
"■--■^ ■—- i,D, C. 

New York.. 

Aug. 91, 1S39 
Not. 26, IBM 
.| Mar. 36, 1841 

.JMar. 99, 1841 
.1 April 3,1841 
.IJnne 11,1841 

■ Oct 11, 18<1 

■ iMar. 38, 1839 

July 11, 1849 

Aug. 36, 1849 

Dec 31, 1849 

April 10, 164S 
Not. 15, 1843 
Dec. 4, tea 
Feb. 12, 1843 
Nov. 18, 1844 
Sept. 9,1845 
SepLSe, 184e 
May 30, 1646 
Nov. 30, 1831 
May 34, 1834 
Jan. 13, 183S 

April 98, 18» 

Mount Morria, N. Y 

Washiiigton, D. C 
ZsneaviSe, Ohio. . . . 
New Haven, Ct. . . 
Apulia, N.Y 

F^bins, N. Y.. 

Elijah Bryan New York. 

JohnDawen.jr Philadelphia, P«. 

Edwud D. Tippet . . . Waahington. D. C. 
W. H. Baker and H. 
R. WorlhingloD.... 
Stephen F. CWea.... 

•dJD]y13,'41. tRtiwuHl3ep.S,>«. IDaMEDf.paL 

June 14, 134S 
Ang. 17, I83t 
June 36, 1835 
Nov. 7, 18» 
Nov.98, 1B3C 

Feb. 13, 18M 

April 8, 189> 
April 33, 1814 
Nov.33. 18a» 


Sttam engine, tubes altoching 
Slemn engine, valves, cut off, , 
fiteain engine, valves, out off. . 
Steam eti^ine, valve*, metiiod of 
oDnectiDg the action of tlia *" 

ofi*., . 

B for railing 

Steam engines, valvea, safety. . . 

Steam engines, valves, (hratlle.. 

Sl«am engine, voLvea, working 
when the steam ia cat off 

Stvam engine, vibrating 

Steam engine, vibnuing 

Stsamengine, vibrating 

Sleani engine, vibrating 

Stsam, genenitingf 

Steam, generating 

Steam, generating 

Steam, generating 

Steam, generating 

Sloam, generating 

Steam, genereting 

Steam, generating 

Steam, generating 

Slaam, generating 

Stsam, generating 

Steam, generating 

Sleara, generating 

Steam, generating. ... ■ 

Steam, generating 

Steam, generating 

Steam, geDeraling, and applying. . 

Steam, generating, by antfiracilt 

Steam, generating, combined cak- 
ing oven luid boiler 

Steam, generating, for forging mnl- 

St»am, generating gas 

Steam generator, improvemem in. 

Steun, getMrating, and refiner 

Steam, generating, tubular 

Sleam, for propefiing boats 

Steam, for propelling bow*. 

SiMm, for DTOpelliDg boat*.— &e 

Steam, pmdncing 

Steam power, applfing to cireulat 

in povar, af^yiog to loconu- 

Steam power.. 

auam, sTpbonie machn 

auun, ahooting with.. 

Edwin A. SUveni.. 
Gidena Freeborn . . 
William H. Lughlhal! / 
Hoiatia Allen.. ' 

»ny, N. Y. . 

. April I, lU? 
. July 8, 18S8 
. Nov. 36, 1840 
. Aug. 21, 1841 

Frederick B. Sickle*. 

Henry Ai Morrill. .. 
Johns. Bokewell... 

WilUam Qarlin ) 

Robert L. Sieveiui and 

Francis B. Stevens.. 

Fhineas Daris 

Natbsn Rowland 

Ebenezer A. Lester. . . 

J.H. Towne : 

Stephen T. Conn 

Diuiiel Fhelps I 

LeviSilliman < 

John White 

Jos. Truman & J. Cook' 

Isaiah Jennings. 

Thomaa Speulding, . .. 
William Scaibroiigli..i 

JobCarr I 

John Amea 

E. Nott. 

I. Jenninei 

M. W.BaUwiu 

William Creod 

Pbinea* Bennett 

Horatio Hubbell 

Benjamin Phillip*. . . . 
D. Collins and J. D. 


Reuben McMillen.. 


Eb. A. Lasler 

Isaac N.&S.W. Leah, 
Jacob Deardorff, am 
Zachanah Beeson.. 

JohnD. Hinkia 

R. R. Thtockmoiton. 

Ralph LeUoD 

Jamea Rodgsia 



Ispnng, F 

New York. N. Y.. J 

Boston, Maia... . i 

Pitwburg, Pn 

Providence, H. I... 


York, Pa 

Pblladelphia, Pa.. 
Boston, nlasa. . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Waahirgton, D. C. 

BBth,N. Y 

Albany, N.Y.... 

Losna CO., Ky... 
Bridgepon, Fa . . . 
Philadelohia, Pa. . . . 
Mcintosh CO., " 
Savaniiab, Gn. 
Springboroogh, Ohio 
Springfield, Mas*. . 
Schenectady, ?*. Y. 


Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

Boston, Mass 


Philadelphia, Pa... 

WilkMborre, Pa... 

Middlebury, Ohio.. . 

. Dec. ao, 184S 

. Dec 31, 1S39 

U, 1841 

Jan. 35, 1841 
Fob. 17, 1821 
May 34. 1S33 
Feb. 7, 1844 
Jan. 10, 1845 

Nov. 18, less 

Nov. 14, m$ 
Jan. 19, 1827 
May 99, 18» 
Jan. 34, 1833 
Dec. 19, 1S33 
Mar. 33, 1B34 
April 8,183S 
Mar. 13, 183C 
Mar. 12, ISSS 
Mar. 19, 183S 

July I, lex 

Oct. 15,1836 
Dec 26,183T 
Aug. 3,1838 
Aug. G, 1838 
Jan. 31, 1B32 

Oct. 13,1836 

Dec 14, 1S4I 

Robert Dennia.. 

John Poole 

Samud 2ldorey. . 
K, ISM. 

Hegeralown, la . . 
Hanover, Pa. .... 


Albany, N.Y.... 
Albany, N.Y.... 

Brunawick, N.J. 


KiBgdom of Swadei 
Ontwa town'p, M, 1 
. Kirtland, Ohw 

Motinc Ple)MsiH,Ohi( 


. Feb 33,1833 
. Jul. 17, 1898 
. Ang. 39, 1810 
. Sept 37, 1811 

. July fi, MI* 



Nov. 5, 18» 
Mar. 94.^ 
Jan. 33, I83S 
Dm, 18,18J» 
July 27, 18W 
Oct. W,]801 
Jan. Ifl,l8» 


a, NnlriDg nnifonn qnantilj 

^~^::^8tMm wUtOe, mode of operaiii^. 
Steam, Mid working twice over. . . 

Vatre, ■ppuratna for liAing and . . 
gnlaiing the doaiDg of tbe valree 

Valve, balanee. 

Valve, balance, lelf. 

"Viin.tor boilen 

Vol**, for boilen, and cam* . . . . 
Vahe, Gw boileia, Tevolvin^. . . . 
Valve, cut-off, for Bt^am enginet . 
Valve, ent>off, for Bteam encuiea. 
Valve, engineer.. 
Valve, ftce plau. 
Vatve, poppet..., 
Vahe, poppet, nti 

David B. Lee. 

John Kiricpatrick., . 

Elam Young 

Horatio Alien , 

Valve, teliavinc 

Valve, aaliwv 

Valve, aafctr 

Valve, eafe^ 

Valve, aaiety 

Valve, nfbty, hTdroatal 
VaWe, nfeL^, pisWn , . 
Valve, aerew, puppet or 


V«he,ilide , 

Valve, dide 

Valve, alide. 

Valve, BlidiDe. . . . . m . . , 

Valve, alidiBg 

Valve, Meam, for looomotive en- 


Valve, euam ei^;iiie« 

Valve, throttle 

Valve, of the vibnttiiig iteam 

Ti3*«, ivbid ptdgaoD 

M.W. Baldwin 

Joaeph H. rjatiiBg. 
'"'"-KM B. StiUman. 

John Kirkpawck. . . . 


John Eirkpalrick 

WiUiam Duff and T. 


WilliftmLanpluer, ... 
William 8. GUbert . . , 
Joaeph H. Schieiner. . 

Samuel Raub, jc 

John Hadlev 

Thomaa Ewbank.. .'. . 

John C. Dougtaaa 


John Slerena 

A. McCMMland, jr... 
A. MeCaiwland, jr. . . 

John Kiiipatnck 

Thomaa Halloway . . . 
Andrev H. Bnatwick. 

■WM lDg— iV !■■ 

Richmond, Ta . 

Albany, N. v.. 
Hendenon oo ^Tenn. 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

New York, N.Y... 
EaalNaJMU, N. Y 
BaltioMre, Md. . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa- . 

BalliitMre, Md 

Yale lownahip, Ohio 
N«wYork,.N. Y... 
Brooklyn, N.Y.... 

Baltimore, Md 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Odtimore, Md 

Baltimore, Md 

Alexandria, D. C... 
Lower 3 Rona, 8. C. 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Braoineton, N. X. . 



Newcastle, Del 

Hoboken, N. Y. ... 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


Nov. 15, 1816 
Aug. 6,1831 - 
Mar. 13, 1836 ->/ 
May 38, I8«.-^ 
Aug. 12, 18S6 
Oct. 30,1834 

May 90, 
June 35, 
July 10, 
Jan. S3, 
May 39, 
Sept. 10, 
April 30, 

May 29,' 
April 13, 




. .Pa-- 
Baltimore, Md. .. 
Phihuielphia, Fa. . 
Philadelphia, Fa. . 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 


Boiton, Maoa..., 

Feb. 17, 1836 
Sept. 2, 1826 
Nov. IB, 1825 
July 31, 1827 
Nov. 8, 1836 
Mar. 10, 1B38 
Aug. d7, 1831 
Jan. 30,1832 
Jan. IS, 1833 
Mar. 16, 1816 
Feb. 10, 1834 
Feb. 10,1836 
Sept. 22, 1837 
Jan. 20,1833 
July SI, 183S 

. OcL 30, 1834 
. April 18, 1834 

by Google 

b, Google 

CLASS No. Til. 


Asd Maritime Implements, comprising all Vessels f6r con- 
veyance on water, their Construction, Rigging, 
and Propulsion; Diving Dresses, Life 
Preservers, &.c. 

by Google 

b, Google 


CUiSa VII.— NAVIGATION, xU Jtbrifimc h^tUmaM, eempriiag cU F'tMcIi /or 

on uxdcr, tkeir CoMtrudfon, II%;i>V, iomI iSupttbion ; Divng Dnma, L^ Praervtrt, tfc. 

Anchor, e&it iron. 

Anchor, &golinf and nukint 
ABii-friction wheels, applical 


Architecture, naval 

Architecture, naial 

Ark, aatety 

Bal«i or cotton, floating Ihem in 

(he fbnn of iBfl& 

Bai^ and army boaie, portable 

Bendinf maat and truaa hoopa . . 
Bil^e leTcr, for aupporting ships. 

Bilge way 

Binnacle ligl 

J. J. Osbonw, aaa'ee of 
Win. H. Poner, of 
Great Britain. ...... 

Jaoie* S. Stoddard ... 

J. Tucker & J. Judge 

Julian Nicolel 

John Thomas 

Christopher Hoxie 
William HoUias.. 

New York. N. Y. . 
Palmyra, N.Y.... 
Waahington, D. C. 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

Wuhineton, D. C. 

New York 

Baltimore, Md 

^ ~8ti CUu 5. 

Blocks, nuking 

Blocks, sfaearea, moulding buahcs 

Solomon C. Batcbelor. 
Jonathan Mulford. 
John Thomas.... 
John Thomas.... 

Cincinnati, Ohio. ... 
North 'n Libenies,Pe 


New York 

Blocks, eheaTea of... 

Thomas P. Walworth 
Caleb CuTiia A T. C. 

Cyrus Alger 


Boston, Mass. . . . 

Boston, MsH . 

Elasex co.. Mass . . 
Hew York 


Block sheaves, caat 

Block sheares, friction bushes or 
boxes for. 

Block shsBies, and pulling blocks, 
moulding and casdng 

Kock sheaves, or putleya, bush- 
ing, and pins for 

Blodi sheaves, rollers for 

Blocks, ship's, cullii^ sheavea.. ■ 
blocks, blip's, and dead eyes. . . . 

Blocks, abip's, finishing wooden 

Blocks, ship's, fonniog end pieces 
Blocks, ship's, forming or shaping 

Blocks, ship's, mortising & boring 
Blocks, ship's, riveting plank. . .. 
Blocks, ship's, rounding edges. . . 

Blocks, ship's tackle, countersink- 

ShKb, ship'^!-^^ "l^wifiib,' 

Blocks, ana anatch Mocks 

iUocka, t«eUe,ftpuUaya,ormMa] 

James Rudder . . 

Norfolk, Va. 

Plymouth, Maas . 

Albany, N.Y 


Moses H. Marshall.. 

Gloucester, Mas*. . 
Portsmouth, N. H. 



Max. ]8, 184S 
July 3, 1836 
Nov. 19, 18» 

June 13, 1635 
April 14, laU 
Feb. n, IBM 
May 4, 1S34 

Sept. 35, 1841 

Jan. 20, I84I 
Jan. 16,1835 
Nov. 6,1896 
Oct. 10,1839 

AprU 1, 1803 

July 15, 1816 

April 20, 1831 
July 1, 1836 
Feb. 12,1810 
Aug. 36, 1818 

Feb. 6, 1819 

Dm. 29, 1827 

April 32, 1835 

June 13, 1816 

, July 10, 1834 
. Mar. 14, ISIO 
.1 Aug. 31, 1836 
. Aug. 10, 1836 

Thomas Blsnchard . . , 
Thomas BlanchBrd., , 
Thomaa Blauchaid . . . 

Thomas Blauchard . . . 
Clan 10. 

Jaoiea Erana 

Jamea Barron 


NewYoA Aug. 31,1836 

.Uug. 31. 1836 
. Aug. 10, 1836 
. Aug. 10, 1836 
. Aug. 10, 1636 

•IIatlMpaisBt,ilsW4*»| It, 1M». 

1 by Google 

Hodn, urtd „ _ 

Rock! & wedgM, for laiaing shipB 

Bhibbtr, knife 

Blubber, mincing whaleB.. 

BoBl, improvemenL in 

Boats, Tor ascending river*. 

Boom, snii-Hteam 

Boats, and arks 

BoelB, conel 

Boats, canal 

BoalB, canal 

Boats, canal 

Boata, canal 

Boats, canal 

.Boats, canal 

Boats, canal, bays 

Boats, canal, cotulructini; 
cions, Euid the manner ofuniting 

BuaU, canal, passa^. 

Boats, canal, passing up and down 

Boats, canat, propellfd by 

Boats, canal, propel'"' '^-- 

Boots, canal, and i 

Boata, canal, and 

Boats, canal, sheet 

Boats, canal, tranaporlingfr 
kiol to another. . .^ . . . . 

Boata, canal, transhipment of mer- 

Boats, chain, for inland nai 

Boats, cylinder 

Boats, for descending rapid: 

Boats, engines, for unloading and 
removinfi; weights 

Boats, ferry 

Boats, ferr^ 

Boats, fishing. 

Boats, Aal bottomod, with movea- 
ble keel 

Boat, Inrlia rubber, portable 

Boats, insubmersible.. 

BoaU, iron 

Boats, life and anchor" .'.... 

Boats, life constructing. 

Boats, bfe and other 

Boats and ether vessela of ibeet 

John WilliMon 

John Thomas 

WUIiam Ball 

Beinamin Taber 

BufuB Pbrter 

David Griave 

Wiliiam Wads worth 
Thomas Symington. 
Benjamin Phillips. ,. 
Thomaa W. Bakewell 

Ezra Reed 

John McCaualand. . . 
Edward Randolph, . 

John H. Long 

Abnibam Morrison. . 

Robert Graves 

Francia'A. Dorman., 
Anthony Plantou-. ■ 

Silvester Doolittle 

Anthony Plantou 

Leeman Ponnelee. . . 

Robert F. Bell 

Ciordon Sallonstall.. 

Amos Kendall 

David Keller 

Thomas Poller, « 
Thomaa Gaboon. 
Matthew D. Brown... 
John Donn 

Samuel Buel 

Horace H. Day. , 
Ab. Du Buc MarenliUe 
Thomas J. Bond . 

Joseph Fronds.. . 
neofge James . . . 

Joseph Francis . . 

Boats, far transportation of pas- 

Boats, for travelling on ic 

Boats, twin 

. Boats, 10 be used under w 

Joseph Francis . 
Lemuel Thwing. 
Stephen Underwood.. 

Joseph Francis 

F. W. Geissenheimer. 

Banning Sanborn 

K. C. Dawson and A. 

Bennel Lies 

Daniel Fitzgerald 

Thomas TadisoD 

N. Ctiahman £ Isaac 

ThaddeuB Chapin. 

Charles Harris.. 

Edward P. Filzpotrick 

■ a iwli t il jsljr It, H38. 

Poriamoalh, Va. . 
Washington, D. C. 


Fair Haven, Mtuw . - 

Billeiica, Mass. 
MossachuBetls. . . 
Hartford, Conn, , 
Baltimore, Md . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mendon, N. Y. , 
Cincinnati, Ohi 

Not. S,m 
May 17, Ui 

Aug. 11, in 

Feb. 34, m 
July IT, UOI 
July 33, 18B 
April 21, 18B 
Mar. 3, IW 
Aug. 35, I 

Pollslown, Pa | April 6, IBM 

Norfolk c, _. 
Salt Ci«ak, Ohio. 
Lewisiown, Pa. . 
Johnstown, Fa.. 

s 14, iSH 
, Jan. d.iese 
. April 5, 183S 
. May 15, 1933 

Ohio. . 

July 36, 163T 
Mar. 7, leSJ 
April 33, 1634 
Not. 19, 183J 
Mar. 18, IBU 
Nov. 26, 183i 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Society Hill, S. C. 

Brooklyn, N.Y..,, 

Norfolit, Va. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 



Poughheepsie, N. Y, 

NewYork 1 Juiy 13,1831 

Oct. 1*,183S 
July 13, 1831 
Sept. 2,1834 
Not. 5,1739 

Dec. 17, 1834 
June 3S, ]BI» 
Oct. 1,18» 
Mar. 6,1835^ 

July r,18W 
Jan. I5,I84S 
Dec. 23, laOS 
Dee. SI, 1830 
Jan. 11, 183» 
Jan. 21.1839 
Mar. 36, 1841 

Bowling Green, Ky . 

Piusfield, Moss 

BuSalo, Va 

Waahington, D. C, 

Baltimore, Md. ... 
New York, N.Y.. 
New York, N.Y., 


Dedham, MaM. . . 




Lyman, N. H. .. . . 

Pedlar's Mills, Va. 



White Hall, N.Y.. 
ndaigua, N.Y. 

Norfolk, Vo 

Mount Morris, N.Y. 


A»il33, 1833 
Jm. M,1«* 
April 11, 183S 

April 3,ieai 

June 20, 181S 
Oct. 11,18« 
June 35, ia» 

-_.. 8.1831 
SqM. 14, 18» 
Mky 37, 1834 
Feb. 13, 1836. 


'Boats, worked by qaadruped*. . . 

Bolu— Sk CbnS. 

Booiai, uddle and Jaws for 

Bulkhnid, walcr tigfat, for BUumi' 
I boat* 

Buoy, life. 

'Cabin, chain.— Su Clan 3. 

Cables, chain and hemp, proving. 

Cables, chain, atopper for 

■Cubtea, improving the quoliljr 

Caaal navigation, by boats 

Canal ateamboat 

Canal steamboaL. 


Capstans for sbipa 

Capatans for ships 

Daiid Porter.. . . . 

I, ships and 

her'vMMls! I 

Capstans or windlaasi 

cable itoppeiB* 

Caulking shipB and o 
Centre board, to incre 

Chain safely, for hauling down 

Chair, marine 

CoDipasa, inariner'B. — Stt Clan 8. 
Composition for vesaels' bouonu. 

Constructing boats 

Conslivcti;^ boats 

Constructing boats, safety bulls. . 
ConstrucUDg boats and vesaeli. . . 
Construe ling boats and vessels 

John Judge. 

M.P.Mlx . 

Nathaniel Culling.'. . . 
Samuel D. Ingham... 

Robert Hugunin 

John F. 'Wright 

Andrew Morse 


Inereate Wilson ft P. 
D. Beckwith 


- Constructing boats and vess 

Constructing canal boats, ■ 

they can be transferred o 

Conalmcung decks of ahipi. 

Conatnicting paddle wheels, and 
combining the same with s ' 

Constructing ships 

Conslrucling ships 

Conatructing ships 

Corulnicling ships. 

Conalnicting ships 

CoDHlructing ships 

Constructing ships and boats. 

Conslrucling ship's ceiling _ . 

Constructing ships, and navigating 

Constructing ships and vessels. 

Constructing ships and vessels. 

Conslrucling sleamboala 

Conslmctine ships, boals, ftc., 
be propelled by steam 

Constructing steamboats, ftc., to! 
pievent them from sinking whenj 
coming in collision ' 

ConsUilcling steam ships, propel- 
ling and turning 

Constructing veswli. 

Constructing veitelrt ..-. 

Constructing vessels 

Garreu Fountaine. . . . 
James Fales and Thoe. 

B. Brown 

Ab. Du Buc Marentille 

—Stt Clou 4. 
William Hopkins. . . . 

Thomas Thorpe 

G. W.Eddy 

Francis Rotch 

Francis Roich 

William Annesley 

. Albert Donnon 

Alexander Connison . , 
Samuel E. Howell.... 
David M. Randolph.. 
Abel Brewster 

Charles Olcoti 

Jos. R. Deming 

Fred. Tudor 

WilUam Phcebus 

Andrew M. Frink — 
Benjamin Conner . . . 
Jer. Brown 

Elisha F. Ahich.. 

HoFsce D. Forbes.. 

Robert L.Steveiw... 

William Annesley. . . 
"niomas W. Bakewdl 


QlouMster, Mom. . 

Louisville, Ky . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Washington, D.C. 

New York 

Washington, D. C. 
New Hope, Pa. . . 

Albany, N.Y 

Erie, Pa. 

Boston, Mass. • ■ ■ . 
Rochester, N.Y.. 

New London, Coon. 

Great Britain 

Baltimore, Md 

Stalen Island, N.Y. 

Bedford, Mass 

New Jersey 


Wasbinglon, O. C. 
Walarfoni, N.Y... 
New Bedford, Mas*. 
Pniladelphia, Pa. . . . 

Hew York 

Norfolk, Va 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Brislol, M 

Newark, N.J 

Vincent town, N. J. 

Richmond, Va 

Hartford, Ct 

Mediita, Ohio 

Now York 

Boston, Maas 

New York 

New London, Conn. 
Portsmouth, N.H.. 

Rhode Island 

Boston. Mass 

Troy.N, Y... 

New York, N.Y... 

New York, N.Y... 

Now York, N.Y... 


Ciocinoali, Ohio. . , . 

Deo. 31, 184S 

June 6, 183S 
May 14, IQW 

Nov. 29, 1898 
Nov. 3, IS38 
July 14, 1806. 
April 19, IS31 
Mar. 34, 183S 
Feb. 14, 18% 
Mar. IS, leSfi 
May 16, 1835 

June 15, 1637 

Mar. IS, 1835 

May 13, 1807 
Aug. 31, 1S3T 
Feb. 38, 1834 
Nov. 09, 1811 
Aug. 3,1813 
Sept. 13, 1816 
Oct. 35,1833 

June 18, I84St 
Aug. 31, 1B3T 
Aug. 3, 1615 
Mar. 6, 18» 
Aug. 15, 183S 
April 15, 1831 
Dee. IT, 1613 
June 37, IHlft 
Dec 31,1833 
Aug. 3«, IBIff 
May 14, IBOO 
April 4, 1B38 


Oct. IT, lS4ii 
April 5, ias3 
Nov. 6, 183fr 
I Feb. SI, VBSn 

• BufllMb pUani, dau4 Dec 31 
t October T, 1S41, tnenitt br 



■Conkgv, Dunofutun of.. 

Dead eyea, lor cuUing and boring 

] DivingdrcM 

DinogdreM , 


Dirin^ machia«.. 
DWing, mode of. . . 
Drring suit .1 

DoTeliing bit, uaed ii 

«r, Bubnuuine. . . 

Fender, (o protect boata agaioat in' 
jary from anega and niryera. 

Fender, for aieanboai*. 

Fids, for ^pii' maata ,, 

Fiih veaaela and neta ., 

Fhaling batteries 

Coaling battery, aleam abip.. . , 

Floating machine, aupplying ahips 
with freab water. 

Floating wfae«I 

Friction, lesaeaing, in canal boata. 

Oaft of tail, veaoel'a 

Grapling irtnu, for raiaing bodiea. 

Harpoon... t 


Slarpoon. .*. , , 

Halchee, preventing from leaking . 

Ice breaking machine 

Ice breaker 

Ice b 

Ice breaker 

ice breaker for boaU and otliei 

Ice cutting machine ■■ ..... 

Keela of venela. 

Keeis of (eaeela, false 

Keela of Tcaaela, swinging _ . 

Keela and kebanB,of Meboardtea- 

. Oueen Ann CO., Md. • 


ThomaeBlancherd... T 

Gottlieb ShultE 

Chauncey Hall.... 
John R. Cambell. . . 
William S Taykir. 

Bicbard Tripe 

William BrookGdd.. 
William C. Davideon 

and Daniel Clark. . 
Nathaniel Wolaolt.. 
Fowler Smith A Lev 

ia S. Steele. 

Leonard Norcron. . . 


Sewall Short and t4oa 

JoaephW. Kirk.... 

E.C. Geneu 

Benjamin Rolch 

June* Wella, jr..... 
Proaper Martin 

New York 

Borer, N.H... 
Detroit, Mich. . 

. Aug. 10, 1836 

. Sept 9, I83S 
. Dec. 34, 1810 
. Not. 30, 183S 
.! Jan. 90, 1838 
J April 1,1806 
.; July 17, ia» 

. Waahington, D. C. 

. Bametable, MiM... 

. PKiladelphia,Pa. . 
. New York 

'. CMhm^li.J.'.'. 
■ Philadelphia, Pa.. 

John F.Randolph. 

Slacf Coatill 

Peter Freeman j 

John Brown 

Ebeneier and Thomaa 



QtOTge Duncan Cooper 

Jonathan Sizer, Sd... 
Williora Carsley...'.. 

Albert Moore. 

Richard C Holme*.. .> 

JohnWi!liam> \ 

Michael Fre^lag > 

Barnabas Gille^e. . . 

Samuel Nicholson .... 
Nathaniel J, Wyeth. . 

Samuel Traak 

Robert Irvin 

Oilbert Livingalon... 

Philander Hall. 


JanteaWilwe . 

RobeHRogerf <1 

Jm. Svoin, H. Swain,] 
and Joah. Swain . . ■ 1 1 

. Baltimore: 

New York ' 

Philadelphia, Pa | 

Morria counlr, N. J.| 
Sloninglon, Conn., .j 
Plympian and Bos- 
ton, Maes 



Boaton, Meee 

Now London, Conn. 
New Bedford, Mass. 
Hampden, Maine, , . 
Cape May, N.J... . 
Oeorgetown, D. C. 
PhiloBelpbia, Pa. . . . 
New York 


Boston, MasB 

Cambridge, Mass. ■ 
HBllowell, Maine. . 
Baltimore, Md.... 

Alexandria, D.C.. 

April 3, 1825 
.'Feb. 18,1630 
.' Feb. 34, 1843 

. I Suit. 9, isas 

.; Dec. 10, 1823 
. Dec. IT, 1814 
. Aug. 11, 1841 
J April 4, 181( 

.>AprU25, 181) 

. OcL 17. 1833 

r.i June i, 18SS 

Dec. 31, 1638 

Aug. 16, 1837 

Jan. 7, 1635 

Aug. 5, 1819 

Aug. 17, J83E 

Oct. 16, 1891 

July 29, 1841 

.iMar. 16, 18U 

.'Mar. 7, 1616 

.Mar. 3,161) 

.iJuly 2,ie3« 

.|Mar. 6, 1S3T 

.1 Oct. 3, 1838 

.' July IS, 1814 
.1 Mar. 18, l83f 
.' April at, ]83£ 
.IJan. 12, 1831 
. OcL 2£, I8D3 
.April 2, IBIS 
. Jan. 15, 18U 

.'May 4,1831 
.'Feb. 6,1831 

. April 10, ISll 

lb, Google 



Lexodromic pulley, fbr meaBkiring 
ship's WBT. 

Life brat . 

IMe preserrer, fbrlheuaeoTsMam 

Xilb pnserver. 

IJfe prsaerver 

Life praserrer 

Lile preserrer. 

Life preserver, applicable as buoys , 

Michael PeaniQn, 
Henry G. De Qrandral 
Ralph Bulkier 

Adoniram Chandler. 
J. Francis, asaigtiee of 
C. Aue, de Liancourt 

Life preserKTs, T«)4enns diairs, 

Ac., buoyant 

life proservet, safely ..... 
lifting ships out of water, 

Ijghts, glaai, fbr sUm. 

Lights, f lass, for decks of ships. . 

Log, for ships 

Afulel, screwing and worming.. 
Marine railway. — Sm Ola* 9. 
Mast and truss hoop, bending. . . 
UElallic componod, for shaathinj 

Mercantile house, narignble 

Moulds, for shaping timbers of 

William H.Sheeut. 

John J. White 

ThomasBallard, assV 
of Thomas Evans.. 


George Gray 

Navigating and ferrying rivers 

Navigating riveis 

Navigating rivers in ihoal wiM 
Navigation, improvsment in.. 
Navigation, improvement in. . 
Navigation, machinery used in 
Navigation, mnchinary used in 
Navigating and pn^Uing ves: 

by wind and wavesf 

Navigation, steam, by which ihe 
submeiged propellsr is made to 
operate as an tur pump and con- 

ships.— &t Clan 4. 
Roger Haskell 

James WalUoe 

Ed. Clark 

Joseph Godley 

John J. Giratid 

Adolph Heilbronn.. 
Fmidtlin O. Smith. . 

JcJin A. Eizler.... 

Navigation, steam, &c., applici 
Navigation, steam, internal. . 

Oar head 

Oar head 

Parcelling ropet 

Pedrometer, sea— Su Ctew 8. 

Perambulator, nautical 

Planking vessels 

Planking vessel* 

Planking vessels 

Houghing, submarine. — Set Exca 

Plugs, cultii^ 

Flues, cutting, for wiusts and decks 

Plugs, cutting, far ships, by i 
ire point spring bit 

nogs, snd trunnel geared maeliiiie, 
for ships 

Fower, maintaining, applied 
board sfaipis. 

Pi«Nrving timber under water 

Waiiam W. Hunter. 

John M. Pattan 

William W. Van Loan 
James Ranwick. . 
Cornelius Seaman. 

John Orbison 

Obed Kempton . . . 

AmoB Whittimore . . 

John Thomas 

Wm. Scarbrough . . . 
Thomas Blanchard. . 
valing, CIoM 9. 
James Josselyn 



'buryport, Mass. 
PortsmoulhiN. H. . 

New York 

New York 


NewTork J 

Belleiiea, Mass 

New York, N.T... 

New York, N.Y... 

New York 

Boston, Mass 

PhilaJd^HO, Pa. . . . 

North <nLibenie8,Pa. 

Genera, N. Y. . . , 

Rochester, N. Y. . 
Philadelphia, Pa. , 
Alexondria, N.J. 
Albany, N.Y... 


Baltimore, Md.,. 

New York 

Lynchburg, Va. . . 

PhUadelphia, Pa. . 

Goaport, Va 

Milton, Pa 



Washington CO., Md. 

Piqua, Ohio 

New Bedford, Mass. 

Washington, 1 
Darien, Ga . . . 



NoUeboTOugh, Me 
MaMlilleld, Moss. . 

Jan. 97, 1S43 
Oel. 3, 1917 
May 8, ISM 


May : 

May 10, 1844 
May 25, 1840 
Nov. 16, 1841 

May 38, 1830 
May 11, 182S 
Mar. S6, ISSS 
May 97, 1799 
July 11,1837 

Jan. 16,1835 

July 7, leei 

Aug. 9,1631 
June 25, 1893 
Feb. 99, 1893 
Feb. 94, 1809 
Mar. 94, 1804 
Jan. 31, 1827 
Mar. 16, 1899 
Oct. 13,1830 

AprU 1,1843 

Mar. 19, 1849 
Feb. 4, 1830 
Jan. 15,1831 
Nov. 7,1833 
Aug. 15, 1817 
May 97, 1890 
B^t. 95, 1837 

Not. 19, 179S 
Dee. 9, )82B 
May 19, 1894 
Mar. SO, 1B34 

May 3, I^ 

June 38, 189( 

April 19, 183S 

July 33, 1838 

Jan. S4, 18K 
AprU 1,1815 


unwRioiti ftB DncoTBuei. 

charcoal . 
PrcterviDg vesMlH fr 
Pr««aning wood fin 


Propeller , 


Propeller, compeDwUng. ........ 

Propetlera, mode or elevating and 



Propellers, abipping and uBshipp-' 


Propeller, spiral, for boats 

Propeller, aubmarine 

Propeller, submerged 

Propelling, diernate lerer for 

Propelling ball proof vessels, by 

steam applied under water. 

Propelling boaie 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats. 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boat* 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Raphael Pukle 

Robert L. Nichols . . 
Horatio Hubbell.... 
Leonard Phleger. ... 
Georee W. Fallon . . 
Joaephus Echols.. . 

Columbus, Ga . . 

>. 23, 1811 
f 14, 1845 
t. U, IMS 
'. 36, 1646 
y 9,1946 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boaw 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

ProtMlIiag boats 

Propelling hoata 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Stephen R.Parkhurst. 

Joeiah Copley 

John L. Sullivan..... 

Samuel B. Howd 

Robert Smith.... 

Homas Oregg . . 
Daniel Keller. . . . 

John Martin 

Josioh Shackrord 

William Bell 

John Heavin .... 
James A. Peorce. 
Philemon Heaion, M. 
B. Boyes, and Phile- 

New York ; Nov. 36, 1845 

Warrior Marsh, Pa. I May 23, 1830 

Boston, Mass I Mar. 24, 1817 

Arcadia,NewYork.| June 14, 184S 

PortGibson, Miss.. June 9,1825 

ConneUsvUle, Pa . . . Mar. 19, 181S 

Pennsylvania May 25, 1795 

New York , Nov. 21, 1797 

New York Mar. 21 , 1799 

..j April 7,1807 

Propelling boala 

Propellinf boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats. ,. 

Propelling boats 

Propelling boats across ftrries 

Propelling boats by animal power 
Propelling boats by animal power 
PropoUnig boats by animal power 

William Wadsworlh . 

A.O.D. Tuthill 

Gabriel Manny 

J. P. Durand 

Jos. Cerneau 

John J. Giraud 

RenneeSt. Depresi... 
Thomas Eearsing .... 

Henry Famham 

Abm. Taylor 

Jer. Gray 

Abm. Bu-lholomew . . 

James Lyon 

John J. Giraud 

Jacob Coon and Beni. 


J. (;. Chittenden and A 

W. Delano ... 
H«iry H. Teller. 
Chauncey Cral^, 
ElUha Fuller. . . . 
Josioh White. . . , 

Benj. M. Sntiih 

Jarvia Ring 

WtlliantBurk , 

Gideon Hotchkisa , , 
Philander Noble. . . . 
Philip C.Traver... 
James H. Street . . . , 

Stephen Rosa 

Henry Voight 

Mosea Rogers 

Moses Rogers 

Hartford, Conn . . . 


Monteomery, N. Y 



Albany, N.Y 


Peekakili, N. Y... 

Albany, N.Y 

Siatesburg, S. C. .. 
Baltimore, Md. .. 

Hartford, N.Y... . 

Stephenson, N. Y . . 
Schenectady, N. Y . 
Woodbury, Ckinn ■ ■ 

Providence, R.I 

Mauch Chunk, Pa.. 
Wilmington, Ohio. . 
Rochester, N.Y... . 

Ogden, H. Y 

Whiiemarsh, Pa . . . 
Windaor, N. Y . . . . 
WestSeld, Moas.,.. 
Rhinebec, N. Y . . . . 

Philadelphia, Pa 


Philadelphia, Pa. ... 



Mar. 4, 1808 
Mar. IS, 1806 
Mar. 32. 1813 
June 8.1815 
Jan. 17, 1818 
ler. 6,1818 
April 10, 1818 
Mar 9, 1818 
June 6, I8I8 
SepL 5, 1818 
Nor, 18. 1818 
Nov. 18, 1818 
Dec. 1, 1818 

. July 11, isao 

May 1, 1833 
Sept. as, 1825 
Mar. 39. 1836 
Mar. 2, IKT 
June 11, 1839 
April 2,1830 
Nov. 30, 1831 
Oct. 35, 1833 
Dec. 3, 1831 
June 3, 1836 
Jan. 20,1836 
April 30. 1849 
Dec. 27, 1S43 
Oct. 30, 1838 
Aug. to, 1791 
Feb. 9, 1814 
Mar. 3,1815 

by Google 


ProiNlIitig boata, opparMtii for. . 

pTopeUing bosU, Ac, canal and 


FiopcUinf boaU on canala, &c,, by 

Propelling boata, b; application -ol 

coDdensed air , 

Propelling boats, or cairiagcs .... 
Propelling boala, orcaniagea, &c. 

Propelling boais, canal, &x, 

PropeUing boaU, canal, &c 

Propelling Loata, canal 

Propdiing boats, elBHic door for. . 
Propelling boats by endless chaioi 

of paddles 

Propelling boats and exiinguialuDg 

Propel] log canal nnd other boata.. 

Propelling canal boats, £c 

Propelling canal boots and other 

Propelling boats, horse power ■ 
Propelling boat*, horse power . 
Propelling boats, horse power . 
Propelling boats, horse power . 
Propelling boats, horse power . 
Propelling boats, horse power . 
Propelling boats, horse power . 

Propelling boats, horse posrer . 
Propelling boats jiydrwJic, again 


Propelling boats, hydraulic appa- 

Propelling boats by jets of water . 

Propelling boats, by levers ant 

Propelling boats, by lever wheels. 

Propelling boats, machinery for. , 

Propelling boats, machinery for. , 

Propelling boats, by man power.. 

Propelling boats, method of. 

Propelling boats, (tc, oblique pad- 
dle propeller 

Propelling boats and other vessels. 

Propelling boats and other vessels. 

Propelling boats by pumpe 

Samuel Stillwen and 
Danl T. Wandell 

Hugh Ronalds 

Wm. Leavenworth. 

Mellea Battel 

John L. Sultivan. . . 
Timothy Davis.... 
Barnabas Langdon. 

Levi Bumell 

John Finley 

Nathaniel Bingham 
' Pliny Warner. . . . 
Samuel D. Bennett. . . 
Jer. Smith and John 

John L. Sullivan 

Oliver Phelpa 

Applelou Bragg 

Stephen Bales &. Gto. 


Henry R.Worihington 
Joaephus Echols 

Wm. P. McConneU.. 

Robert Spedden 

Daniel French & Pliny 


William P. Sprogue. . 

Rodman Bowne 

Moses CrafU 

Salmon Fuller. 

David Dunham 

Moses Isaacs 

Barni^ms Langdon & 

Jno. C. Langdon . . . 
Barnabas I^iigdoD . . . 

William Shultz 

Benjamin Phillips.... 
Tboi«as W.Reily ... 

John T. Schenck .... 
Roswell Hopkins.... 
William R. Lowerie. . 

John J. Gitvud 

Alexander Renoir. . . . 
Meredith Mallory. . . . 

Ralph Bulkley... 
Bei^. D. Beecher 

Oerret Drkson 

MayerUlman &.Mo«as 

Lewis Marchond . . . 

William Shaw 

Edw. P. Fitzpatrick. 

Mew York 

Albion, lUinoii. . . . 

New York,N.Y.. 


Boston, Moss 

Lawrence, Ind .... 
Whitehall, N. Y . . 


Baltimore, Md .... 

Rochester, N.Y... 
Butternuts, N.Y.. 

New York 

Boston, Mass 

Lansing, N. Y . . . . 


Boston, Mass. .... 


Columbus, G& .... 

Washineton, D. C. . 

Hamilton, Ohio . .. 

Nell^ork?" !.'.'.'! 


Clark county, Ind.. 


Philadelphia, Pa... 




Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
McMinn eo., Tenn 


Hopkinson,N. Y.. 
Flushing, N. Y . . . 
Baltimore, Md .... 
New Orleans, La.. 


Prospect, Coon. ■ . . 
Pittabui^, Pa 



Otsego, N.Y _ 

Mount Morris, N. Y E 

Jan. 33, 1830 
June 19, 1795 
July 18, 1816 
Feb. 13, 1809 
Feb. 19, 18U 
June 38, 1B14 
Mar. IT, IBia 

by Google 


n^tUiag; boatt, by aciew wlk««l 
fiapMlig boala, by aoew wh««l. 
Spelling boaU, by bctqw power 
Propdiing boau, Ac., iKeiiienc ■pi-' 

rnl propellers 

PropelliDe boua, by MUing polei. 

Propelling boats, ships" 

propelling boats, by aUam 

Propelling boala, by steam 

pM^ling boat*, by staam 

propelling boats, by steam 

rT<^ling boalv, by stoun 

Proiwilirg boats, by steun. — See 
Propelling boats, by step wheel . . 
Propelling boats, by iwo-borsean- 


Propelliiig boats wid vessels 

Propelling boats and vessels 

Propelling boats and Tswds 

Propelling boats or vewelB 


Propelling boats, «n water ot land 

Propelling boats, by wetghla 

Ptopelling boats, by wings 

Propelling boats, working mills. . 
Propelling, chain paddle wheel for 

Prt^elling, circular leTCra Tor 

Propelling, inside levar wheel for, 

Propelling paddles for boats 

Propelling paddles for boats 

Propelling paddle* Tor boats 

Propelling paddles for boats 

Prt^lling paddlea for boats 

Propelling paddles, buckets 

Propelling paddles, obain 

Propelli ng paddles, and chain wheal 
Propdling paddles, folding boat. . 
Propellin g peddles, arflutterwheds 
Tlopelling paddiss, ships. ...'.... 
Propelling paddles, uaed as ice 


Propelling paddlea, vKiar 

PropeUiog paddle wheels 

PMpeHing paddle wheels 

Propelling paddle wheels, 
Px^Ung poddla whsela. 
Propelling paddle wbeela. 
Propelling paddle wheels. 
Prttpelting paddle wheels of canal 

Propelliiig paddle wheels, and 

nacling two reaaels 

Propelling paddle wheels, Ihiats for 

Propelling peddle wheels, gearingi 
frspeffing paddle wheels, faori- 

Vl'epeUifig paddta whesUi, tonk 

Vropelling paddle wbs^ ■ 

John Laiog 

Robert Eenny 

Elisha F. Aldrich . , 
John Filch. . 

William Tatham. . , . 

Samuel Bolton 


F. Waleruan, 3d. . . 

Benjamin F. Josltn. . 

James Rumsey 

Alexander Andenon 
William J. Lewis... 

David Cooke 

John J. Ginud 

Beijjamin Taylor.... 

Moses Martin 

Jo.. S. Dyater 


Andrew Rogers 


John J. Qiraud..... 
Richard Claiborne. 
Philip E. Barbour. 

John Cochran , 

John J. Greenough. . . 

Ibobu McCord , . 

A. R.Chase 

Azahel Pierson 

Robert R. Livingston, 

Ebenozer Jenks 

William Thornton . . . . 
John L. Sullivan ..... 

Wasb'gton Von Duaan 

J. J. Oiraud 

Jacob Perkins 

William P. Kiersiog. 
Wm W. Van Loan. 


Jesw Oog 



Francis W. SteMoa. 

B.8. Doxer. 

E^din. Bb«&, sitaignee 

H. L.B.Lewia.. 
Timothy Hunt. . . 

Charleston, S. C . . 

Anne Anmdell, Md . 
Augusta couniy, Va. 


Philadelphia, Fa.... 


New Jeney 

Washington, D. C. 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

Washington, D. C. 

Schenectady, N. Y 
Berkley county, Va 
Philadelphia, Fa... 

Jersey city, N. J . . 
! Baltimore, Md.... 

Woodbridge, M. J . 

Baltimore, Md 

Otsego, Y.Y 

Middlelown, Pa. . . 
iMan^Uua, N. Y.i. 
I Baltimore, Md.... 


Irf>uis*itle, Ky.... 

Balumorc, Md .... 

Boston, Ma*a 

Harrisbu^, Pa.... 

Cincinnati, Ohio. . . 

Cumberland co., N.J. 

Clermont, N. Y. ... 

Colebrook, Conn... 

Washington, D.C.. 

Boston, Mosa 

Kensington, Pa..... 
Baltimore, Md.... 
London, England.. 

New York 

Cattakill, H. Y 

New York, N.Y.. 
N. Hundnnon, Fa.. 
Rochester, n.Y... 

RMdiitg, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa... 

Baluuara Md 

BoalOB, Maoa..... 

Bufilo, N.y 

Boston. Mmi 


July 29. 1837 
Sept. 18, 183T 
Not. 90, 18!* 
Dec B,lil3e 
Mar. 39, 18U 
May 4,1841 
May 33,1^ 

Jan. 16,1841 

June 13, 16St 

Feb. 30, IM4 

Nov. »,ie» 

lb, Google 


Prapd&is paddle vIwbIb, (Mmu 

Propelling paddlewhedaof 8t«Bn)- 

pTopeltiiig paddle wheels for ■team 

and other boaU. 

Propelling psddle« of atsBm and 

Propelling paddles, Ucam u 

Propelling paddlea, vibradng for 

Propelling poiygooal wheel, and 

chain ^dlfs 

Propelling propeller, rDlar]> ineliii 

^opening propeller, Bubmei^ed. 

PnipeUing propeller, 8ubme^«d, 

coupling me MiaAaor, fare" 

Propelling, rowing machine. . • . 
Pn^ielling, aeullingboaUbjBtea 
Propelling, sculling boat« by >(ea 

PropeHing ahipa 

Propelling «hip« 

Propelling ahipa, (on Hermangt 

and StmnHrup'a) 

pTopellmg ihipa 

PropeDing ahipa and other Tenda 
Pn^llin" ipringiaod marine valve 
n«p«lling ateauhoaU. 

PropeBing eteemboeta, caoalB. 

Propelling aleamboau 

Propelling aleamboau, and Otkai 

Propelling iteamboBla and othei 

AnpeDing aLeamboau and Mhet 
n^p^Huig ateamboata and other 

nopeltin J ateam and other boattt 
Propelling and aleeriog boats.. 

PropaKing vesaels 

h«pelling Twaela 

Propelling Teaaeta. 

Pn^xDing veaKts _.., 

ProjMang v«Hela 

Propdiing lesaels 

ProptQing Teasels 

Propelling vessela 

Propstling-maari* by onimd 7>oi 

Pt^Oiog: wasel*, cylind«r (br . 


Winiua A. Donglu*. 
Richard D. ChaliNlon 
Matthew W. King. 


Peter I>ear 

T. Elmerand A .Pierson 

RL^rd P. Loper. . . 
Peter Ton Schmidt. 

Richard F. Loper. . 
Ebenezer Bryant. . . 
Jamea Hunt 

Anthony Hermange. 

John Ericsson 


William WUli* 

John Sheffield and Jo- 



Jamea IdcCurdy, 

Gabriel H. Morean . . 

Truman Cook 

Francis Peliit Bmitb. 
Thomta L. Jones. . . 

Abijph Babeoeh 

Benjamin Wynkoop. 
CbMles Bto>dingtr. . 

John J. Giiaud. 


Felix PcMier. 

J<An E _. 

Daniel PitooMM... 
J P. Dnrand. 

SylTCHerW. HaB... 

Robert 8. Schuyler. 

Albany, N.Y 

Derby, E^ngUnd.-i 

Chelsea, Mass 

HarUrille, la. 

Boston, Mass. . . . . 

Bridgetown, N. J.. 

Philadelphia, Pa. .. 
New London, Codd 
ElaslChester, N. Y. 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Baltimore, Md..... 
B^dmere, Md..... 

Baltimore, lUd . . . . 

New York .-. 

Bozrali, Conn 


Erie county, N. Y. 
Baltimore, Md . . . . 
Norwich, Cl 

NewYork, N.Y. . 
London , England . . • 


Philadelphia, Pa..., 

New Jersey 

Balumora, Md.. . . . 

Norwajk, Okio 


Kingdom oT Svedn 



Nmv YMk, N. Y. 

JiUy 3i, 1S31I 
Jtdy 94, 184« 
Jan. ]5,lS4ft 
May n, 1B4I 
June T, 1841 
Dec 30, 1841 
Jan. SI, 1833 

Oct. 9, 1B44 
Jan. 13, laM 
Mar. 11, 1813 

Dee. 17,1819 
May 31, ISDS 
Not. 36, 1838 

Nov. S6, iaa» 

Dec. 31,1844 
Mar. 33, 1843 
May S,18S« 

May 17, I83» 
Not. T, ISai 
Sept. 18. 183S 

Jan. 36, 1844 

12, 1841 

9, ITU 


Fab. i.ioai 

OaL 9, 1841 
Oct. 3, 1617 

Nov. 6,im 


Jan. iQ.iaaa 

April 4,1846. 
Ifai. 17, 184». 


nr<^>dlii>g TsastU bf Krew 

Propelling viMth bviloun, hori- 

lonlal ■hiftinE pudk 

Propelling v«aa«la, lerew propellet 

Propdling whaeli for boati 

Propelling wheeta for boata 

Propeliiiig wbeeb for boata 

Proiwlling wheels for boaU 

Propellm; wheel* for boata 

PropelliEig wheel 

Propelling wheal* for boata, (od 

JUirum's and Bolton's 

Propelling wheela for boala. . 
Propelling wheela for boaU, by 

animal power, 

Propelling wheela for boata, by 

animal power 

Fropdling wbeda for boata, elaalk 

Propelling wheeLa for boats, elbow 

Rropdling wheel* for canal boaU . 

Propelling wheel* for hone boata . 

Propelling wheela, inside lever for 

Prc^ling wheclB forsleam boata. 

Prt^Mllmg wheela for steam boat* . 

Propelling wheeltfforateam boata. 

Propelling wheels for steam hosts. 

Propelling wheel for ateam ships, 
water and wind wheel . 

Pumpa, ahip*.— &c Claa 11- 


Kad, constructing 

Raft, timber 

Raft, wreck 

Eaiaiog canal boala for repairing. 

ing ships, &£., out of water. . 

Raising vesaela , 

Raising vessels' anchsn 

Raising ve**ela 

Raising *e**ela, and earrjrtng.. , 

Raising Tessela, and dosting. . . . 
Raising vessels, by sliding ways. 

Rsising vessel* for repair. 

Raising veasela, sanlien 

Rapid jacli, for ascending rspida. 

Rigging blocks of ships j 

ttigging, fomung and rigging .the 
sslei of square rigeed vesseb. 

fti^ng to mast bwis. 

Rigging, standing, of veasela. . . 
JUgging vessels. 

J. airau 

Horace Everell. 
Ebenraer Beard- 
William KeUy.. 
William Kelly.. 
Hiram Brown.. 
James Prince. . . 
Benjamin Rayvdnd jr. 
Daniel Deahon, 3d 

Anthony Olney. . 
JohnS.Trott. ... 

R. Brovnft.J.Murpby 
John J. Oiiaud, . . 
John J. Qtrsad. . 
Robert L. Stevens. 
David Hutme. .... 
Nehemiah Dodge. . . . 
John Hobday and Wil- 
liam J. Cocke. . . 

William Deane . . . 

Henry Babb 

Daniel Qordon. . . . 
A. Du Buc Kbreotille 
N. R. Penroae and 8 

F. Palmer 

John H. Greene 

Theodore R-Timby. 

John Cuaii* 

Thomaa R. Gedqey. 
Benjamin Bruff. .... 

Tobtas Cook 

Hiram L. Meeker and 

J. Beneen. 
Samuel Carson. 
Thomaa Shefteld, 


D Waterhouse 


iOiam Ackiown and 

John T. Morgan. 

Joshua Chevea. 

Thomas Belt 

Ai^BRu Sadcet.. . . 
Suphen Walennon and 
ImwcD. RmscU..., 

Warren C. Choata... 
Benjamin W. Booth . . 
Isaac GamlMn 

Windsor, Vl.. 
New Sharon, Maine 



Lebanon, Ohio 

New York 

Beverly, Mass 

New London, Conn . 

Canton, Msas. . 

June 9.1843 
Aptj lU, 1841 
July 12,1834 
Nov. 17, 1S34 
July M, 1818 
Oct. 3, 18S8 ■ 

Tfov. 13, leas 

April 4, 184« 

New York 

Richland, N.Y.. 


Baltimore, Md.. 
Bsllimore, Md,. 
B<^n, N.J.... 

Portsmouth, Va, ... 


Wesibrook, Msine. . 

Chsneeford, Pa 

New Jersey 

. Feb. 16, 1913 

. April 34, 1394 
. Ocu I, 1630 
. Nov. 18, 1818 
. Dec. I, 1829 
. S^t. 15, 189S 
. April 10, 1BS7 
. April 16, 1833 
. Feb. 95, 1S35 


Yarmouth, Mass.. 
Washington, D. C, 
Bocheaur, N.Y... 

Scituate, Maaa 

Jersey city, N. J., 
and NewYork city 
Woodaide, ^tdand . 
Green county, W. Y, 




Brookhaven, N. Y. 


Greenwich, Conn. 1 
NewYork ) 

Killed by the pirate 
Waahil^ton, D. C. 

Nov. 4, 1805 
Jan. 13,1834 
Feb. 14,1818 
Mar. 18, ISO) 

Dec. 10, 1S4I 
Aug. 9,1833 
Sept. 13, 1831 
June 30, 1638 

May 35, 183B 

July 12, IBSa 

"ly 8.1831 

>iil IS, 183C 

Dec, S,1SU 

Oct. 9,180S 

Mar. 6,1831 

. Nov. 14, 1838 

. July 3, lan 

Jan. 31,1814 

April 17, 1»41 
April 95, 1S» 
Sept. 38, 183! 
May 99, 1797 


lb, Google 




Rudden, huiging and Beeming. 

Rudden, hanging 

Rudders, aide, for aicunboats.. 
Sails, measuring:, inBlrumeol Toi 


Andrew Watkins.. 

Sainuel Kcpner 

Richard M. Taylor. 


John L. Sullivan... 
John Dominis 

Bails of Bhipe, r^ulating 

Sails for ships, ic, making and 


BcoA'B and boats 

Scows, for sand 

Screw cogs, for aheaTea of ship' 


Shealhiog TCBself 

Shipe' anchora 

Ships' cables, relieTine 

Ships, cellars, Ac., mode of calking 

Ships, machine for ascerloininf 
the velocily, Ac 

Ships' moorings* 

Ships and other iCBsels, stengtheil' 
ing (he sails ofj 

Ships, preveDtiDg dragging theii 
anchors, &c 

Ships, sails for 

Shrouds, Ac,, of vessels lightening 

Signals foiTessels 

Sounding instrumenla 

Sounding instrument, for s 
toininglhedepthof vater. 

Staging, swing 




Steamboat, anti-IHcEion wheels. . 

Steamboats, bail wheel for raising 
water froM the hold of. 

Steamboat, chain float. . . 

Steamboat for canals 

Steamboats, constructing to pre- 
vent sinking. 

Sleamboats, constructing and pro- 
pelling spirally. 

Steamboat and engine 

Steamboat, for passage of rapids . 

Steamboat, propelling by poles. . . 

Steamboat, for shallow water 

Steamboats, preserving their equi- 

John Wade 

Ehaha Sherman 


Rhodes Kingsbury... 

Henry Ouesi 

N. P. Inaca and Jas. 


Levi Bissell 

William Bennet. 

Bordeoiown, N. J. . 

BoMOD, Mass 

Salem, Mass 

Harrisbnrg, Pa 


Philadelphia, Pa 

Boston, Moss 

Now in the Sand- 
wich Islands 

BoMon, Mast. . . . . . 

Boston, Mas*. ■ ■ ■ • . 
Lansingbur;, N.Y. 
Oeo^lown, D. C. 

Bath, Me 

New Jersey 


Brooklyn, N.Y.... 

May 9,19fT 
July S4, im 
May 91, 189< 
Mar. 4, 183G 
Feb. 14, 1833 
Mar. n, 1813 
Dec. 11, 1818 

Dec. 6, 1836 
Mar. 2, 1809 
Feb. 14, 1818 

July 5, 1845 
Feb. 38, 1845 

April 30, 1844 

ArchibaM Trail 'Great Britain.. 

James Maull. . . , 
Dnvid Stsckpole. 

Nathaniel Shaler 

Henry S. Stellwagen.| 
Francis B. C^en an' 
John Bricason . 

Elijah Dtury 

Edward West 

John Eveletl 

Daniel Dodd 

Julian NicoletL 

Horace D. Forbes. . . 
Michael Morrison . . . 

Richard McDonald.. 

, Ct.. 


Steam Teasels^, constructing and 

Steering apparatus for ships, £c . 
Steering apparatus for Teasels . 

Steering boats, braee for. .... 

Steering helm whed 

Steering tiller wheel 

Thomas Blonchord 

Mellen Battle 

Benjamin Phillips. 
Samuel N. Purse and 
Martin Staley. 

Lovel O. Micklea 

WiUism W. Hunter. . 

Benjamin Harris 

Samuel Nicolson. .... 
Geon^ W. and E. B. 


Howant Nichols 

Robert P. Cunninghani 
Comdios Tiers and 

Joseph Myers. 

Philadelphia, Pa,. 



United States navy. 
New Jersey A Swe- 

Washington, Maaa. 


Boston, Mass 

Mendhani, N. J,.. 
Pittsburg, Pa 

New York, N. Y. . . 

Boston, Maaa 

re, Md 

liarrisburg. Pa. . . . 


Philadelphia, Pa 

Springfield, Mass.. . 
Herkimer, N. Y. . . 

), 1334 
1, 1810 

July 19, 
Feb. IG, 
July S, 

April 33, 


Ashley, Mo ■ . 

NewYork, N.Y. . 
United Slates luvy ) 
Norfolk, Va t 

Boston, Mass.. 
New Bedford, Mass 
Pomfrel, Ct. . . 

May 36, 1843 
Jan. 17, 1811 
Not. 7,1835 

Nov; 10, 1841 

Dec. IT, 1819 
Mar. 25, 1831 
Mar. 27, 1813 
April 38, 1836 

. Dec. 31, 1639 
April 35, 1843 
Mar. 12, 1841 
S<^t 13, 1837 

SepL 30, 1843 
Sept. 18, 1841 
Aug. 3,189l> 

it tu Wi^n*, Fefc. M,1W*. )ABlidHidH«v.S, U 

1 by Google 


Steering ahipi A«. 

Steering shipa, &c 

Steering sleajnbosts, apparatus far 
ateeriag- vanels 

Steering veaiela 

Steering venela, apparalua for. . 
Gheering wheel •■ ..• 

Michael Pierac 

Elijah Soule. . . 
Ruaset ETBiia. 
JohnPhiUipa andJas. 


S. and G. Clark and 

Geo. " ■ 

John B, Holmca 

Benjunin F. Aduna. . 
F. Kingsbury and C. 

auering wheel 

Steering wheel, for ships, Slc, , 
Steering wheel for veBsels.... 
Steering wheeU for veeaeJs, 
piovement in. 

TaUe, sea 

Table, for the uae of ahipa.. . . 

Thimbles, ahipa 

Thimblea, ships 

Tides (uid currenu, representation 

John M. Brown.. 
Andrt' " 

Phillip T. 8hare. 
Richard C. Holmea & 

J- J. Springer. . . 
Wm. H. Richudi 
George Patrick... 

NewbuTTport, Moas i 
Duzbiuy, Mui. . 
MadiaoQ, Ct 

PhiUdaJphia, Pa. . 

Charieatown, Maa 
BoBlon, Man. .. . 
Boelon, Moss. . . . 

Bath, Me 

Boston, Mass.. . . 
Boston, Mosa. . . . 
Baltimore, Md... 

Tides, measuring, and vessel' 

Tides, gauge 

Timber, bending, for bnat building 
Timber, bending — Stt Clm 11. 
Tiiaber, he»in£r, dubbing, and 

dreaaing for aBips 

Towbont, steam, and warping 

To«b<Mt, suatn 

Towing boats on caoala, appsiiBius 

Jame« D. Woodside. 
James D. Woodiide. 

Wilkeabarre. Pa... 
Yarmouth, Mass... 
Yarmouth, Mass... 

. FortCiaines, Oa.... 

WaBhioeto(l,D. C. 
Washington, D.C.. 



Towing boats oncanala 

Towing boata on canals 

Tow line, apparatus for holding. . 

Tow line, for boals 

Tow line, canal boats, of bullocks' 

Treenails, (or ships 

TVee noils, turning 

Truss, cast iron 

Truss, for hanging ahipa' yards. . 

Truss, ICTer, and sling 

Truss, lever, and aling, for yanlH 

of V«BSelB 

Truss, for vessels 

Ventilating bellows, for ahipa, Ac 
Vsotilatiag mechine. — Stt Clattli 
Tentihtingpump. — SttPtuupiClim 1 
Ventilating ships, Ac, by machio- 

ery ^ 

Ventilating veasels 

Ventilating vessds, and purifyii^ 

VenlilatoiB, naulicsl. 

Vesscta, ascettainiug centre of gra- 

VcBsels, attaching buoys to raise 

Vessels, attaching keels 

Vessels, connecting tiller with the 
nidder head of 

Peler Cooper. . ■ , 
Samuel Howard, 
Edward S. Townsend 
Robert Davia. . . , 
Aaron Bull 

James Sanford. . . 
Thomaa Bowel). . 
J. E. Andrewa, . . 
Enoa Baldwin... 

Samuel Well 

Samuel A. WbUb. ... 
Jooalhan T. Uuimby. 
Busaell BaiTon 

Washington, D. C. . 

Boston, Mas*. 

Boston, Mass 


Savannah, Ga 

Palmyra, N.Y.-... 
Philadelphia, Fa.. 
CarMe, Pa. 

WestOD, Cl. 

HarlCud, Vl 

Boston, Mast. . . . 



Boston Maaa 

Boston Maoa „. 

Belfast, Me 

Phrladelphia, Pa. . 

. Boston, Mass 

. Norfblk, Va 

. Baltimore, Md... 
. Philadelphia, Pa.. 

. Poriimonlh, "Va. . 

by Google 


mramnai ok DncaTiUN. 

Teaaela, berth of, oolutnieting. 
Veaacls, boati, ftc, conatrictuw. 
VeasBidi, coDotnictuig and propu- 

TcBBeb, beavinE dowo. 

"VnwelB, hMTing down. _ _ 

Teineli, lining, conitniet«d of 

Ve«ael«, projecting met^liciheath- 

Veoeeli, protecting against anaga. 
Teaoelt, ahipe, Ac, conitnicting . 
Teaseli, ttrended, hauling off. 

Tenada, ated u lift pteaei 

Veaaelfl' TBida, truaara for. 
WuidlaM.— SMCteflS. 

Windlaaa, ^p'B - 

Windlaaa and capatan, method of 

worldly Bhips , 

Yards of veaaela, alinging. _ 

Yantc of veaaela, auapcMing. . . , 

Stephen Colrer. . 

John Crownimhield. . 

7a>. Kerr, Wm. Qiant 

and John Potter.. 

E.M. Robbson... 
William Johiuwn. . 
Geoige F. Bigelow. 

Thomas BelL 

John MftcldnUah.. 
JohnW. WilsoD.. 

Philadelphia, Pa... 


SaJetn, Maaa 

New Bedford, Maaa 
Louiarilte, Kr... 

Norfolk, Va 

B^rt, N. Y... 

New YoA 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

I Cut.. 

William Holmes..... BaliimoK, Md .. 

Isaac CtTver^Jr Prospect, Me..., 

Samuel A. Wetls.,.. Boston, Maaa... 

■ BeiMUid Oct 11, IStL AddUloUl iDpTOTsmcnl *■ 

Dee. 10, I84» 
Dec 14, 1798 

Oct. i9,ien 

. May 7, 1B4S 

Aug. 8,1637 
May 16, 1834 
Fab. 18, 1840 
Oct. 99, 1840 
Nov. 11, 1837 
Dec. SO, 1845 

. Feb. 7, 1848 

. Mar, 33, 1849 
. Dec. 11, 1837 
- . 83,1898 

by Google 

b, Google 



PfailoBophical, and Optical InstrumentB, including Clocks, 
Cnronometers, ^c. 

by Google 



CLASS VIII.— MATHEMATICAL, PWlMi^Akal, eni OjOiad Itutrumtntt, including Clocfa, 
CKnmomiten, Sft- 

oa. PllCOTIRlEl. 

Alarm beU 

Alwia bell, for time piece* . . . 
Alarm bdl, ■elf-octioe clock . . 
Alarm u> cloclu «aa other i 

Samuel Snwfer. . . . 

Daniel Kohler 

BcDJ. E. Freymuth. 
Robert Wilaon .... 
OtiaN. Angell 

Porter . 

Joaiah Brown, ._ ___ 
ofTbeo'lua Goodwin 

BoitOQ, Mas* 

Sunbury, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Williamsport, Pa. . 
Johnston, R. I . . . , 

Billerica, Mbs>. . . . 
Brentwood, N. H. 
E«ler, N. H. . . . 


AriUmetic, art of teaching. . 

Cakolaung nwchiDe. . 

Circomlonnilar . 




Clock* ~ . . 

Thomas Wood 

Oliver H. Shaw 

James Swaim 

William R. HodUdb. 
OeorK* W. Edelman . 
Orunel W. Waste . . . 
Samuel S. EdmonsloD. 

James McCann 







Simon Willard 


Joehua Burntt ft Wm. 


Harriaon G. Djrer. . . . 

Aaron D. Crane. 

James Bogardu*. . > . . 

Abijah Gould 

Jacob D. Custer. 


James 8. Senr 

William B 

SmithfieM, Ohio. 
Richmond, Va. . 
Philadelphia. Pa. 
tJeneva, N. Y. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Pitlaford, N, Y 


New MaAet, V«. 
Conncciicut. ..... 

Concord, Mas*. . , 
Boston, Mass .... 

Mays*ille, Kj. ., 



Caldwell, N.J... 
Henrietta, N. Y. . 
Heniietta, N. Y. . 
Norristown, Pa... 
Billerica, Mass. . . 

Joaeph Ites 

Aaron D. Crane . 

Eli Tenr 

Thomas Newell . 
Henry Miller. . , 
James Goodwin 

dockflranB, denpifbr.. 
dock*, i**|«OTCm«nt in . . 

Samuel Goodwin, 

John I*e*. 

N. Batchelor, ass 

of H. Biffin*.. 

ThooaaA. Da*ies... 



Bristol, Conn .... 
Bristol, Coon . . . ■ 
PIrmoath, Conn ■ 
Sheffield, Haas... 
E. HanoTsr, Fa. . 

Baltimore, Md... 
Baltimore, Md. . . 
Bristol, Conn.... 

NewYorit,N.Y... July 10, 18M 
New York, N. Y. . . Aug. IS, 184* 



ClMka, imprtrrement ID 

Clocks, immoTement in 

Clock machinery 

Clock pendulumB 

Clocks, propelling power 

Clock, self-movinf , forwiodiog u] 

Clocks, m\{-vnading 

Clocks, atrilting part 

Clocks, acriking part 

Clocks, striking part 

Clocks, striking put 

Clocks, striking part of 

Clocks, thirty hoara, of wooden. . 
Clocks, time port of wooden. . ■ . J 

Clocks and Time pieces | 

Clocks and time pieces* ' 

Clocks and time pieces, propelling, 

by almoipherie sir 

Clocks, lime, and Kriking part. . . 

Clock, turret or town 

Clocks, wooden 

Clacks, wooden wheel 

Clocks, wooden wheel, thirty hours 
Clocks, wooden wheel, thirty hours 
Clocks, wooden wheel, thirty hoars 
Clocks, wooden wheel, thirty hours 
Clocks, wooden wheel, thirty hours 
Coin, apparatus for counting. . 

Compass, and magnetic needle 

Compass, mariner's 

Compass, meriner't 

Compass, mnriner's, fixing. . . 
Compass needle, marine, and aur- 

- Compass, quadrant, and protractor 

CompaES, surveying) 

Compass, aurreying 

Compass, surreying 

Compass, surveying, or circumfo- 

Compass, surreying, universal. . . 

Distance, measuring 

Dividing machine 

Draughting instruments 

Electrical apparatus 

Electrical conductor 

Electric diBphmgms,applieation of, 

to measure pressure of liquids.! 

Eleclrifying machine 

Eleclro-magne ts,changi ng the poles 


Electro-magnetiaiD > 

Electro-magnetic machine 

ElecliD- magnetic telegraph 

Eteclro-msgnetic telegraph, mode 

of operating 


Engine, for dividing sesles . . 

Escapement, forcltKks 

Escapement, for clocks 

John M. Schroek and 
JohnG. Fischer.... 
Thomas A. Danes. . . 

Willinm Dean 

Frederick Kessehneir. 

Joseph Ives 

Richard Ward 

Evans Casselberry. . . 
Lemuel J. Kilbom... 

George Parker 

James Bognrdus 

Joseph Ives 

Noble Jerome 

Eli Terry 

James Harrison 

Hiram Twiss 

■William Pardee 

Andrew Morse, jr . . . 


Orsnmus R. Fyler. . . . 

Eli Terry 

Eli Terry 

Eii Terry 

Eli Terry 

Eli Terry. 

Eli Terry 

Philos B. Tyler, ox'r 
Julius Hanks... 
William Russell 
Jonathan Ball. .. 
Lemuel I^ngley 

MoKB Smith 

Francis Whileley. . . . 
Nathan Basseii. . 
William C. Poole 

Samuel R. Miller 

Samuel Dew 

Rufiis Poner .... 

Rufus Tyler 

James C. Moore. 
Thomas Brown. . 

Bitit L'Angais 

Peter Armand Lecorale 

deFontaine Moreau. 
Elijah Cote, by Eiokiel 

Cole, administrator. 

Nelson Walkly 

Thomas Davenport . 
Solomon Stimpson.. 

Truman Cook 

Samuel F. B. Morse 

Etni Cornell 

David F. Lanny .... 

Lemuel Hedge 

Oraamua R. Fyler. ... 
James Fulton ..... 
John H. Molford 
liMBtillaa. II, IBM. 

MiUorsbuTZ, Ohio . 
Pleasant Valley, N.Y, 

Wooster, Ohio 1 

Bristol, Conn ' 

Walerbury, Conn . . 

Sl Louis, Mo 

Pennsylvania ... . ■ 

Ithaca,N. Y 

New York 

Hartford co,, Conn 

Bristol, Conn 

LitchfieU. Conn . . . 

Boston, Mass 

Albany, N.Y 

Bloomlteld, Maine. . 

Bristol, Conn 

Owego, N. Y 

Chelsea, VI 

Plymouth, Conn... 

Plymouth, Coim . . , 
Plymouth, Conn ... 
Plymouth , Conn . . . 
Plymouth, Conn . . . 

New Orleans, Lb... 


New Bedford, Mass. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 
Gosporl, Va., 

Oct. 3. IMS 
Jon. 15, 184C 
Dec 31, 1831 
April 10, 1844 
Feb. 34, 1845 
Nov. 5, 1829 
Aug. 2, 1849 
Oct. 12, 1809 



fay 18, 1833 
April 13, 1833 
June 37, 1839 
June 12, 181S 
Aug. S3, 1614 
May 13, 1634 
Mar. 33, 1635 

Sept. 16, 1835 
June S4, 1609 
July 38, 1846 
June 13, 1831 
May 36,1839 
May 18, 1^5 
Sept. 9, 162$ 
Mar. 4, 183$ 
Mar. 4, 1636 
July 5, 162S 

Oct. 11,1641 
July 23, 1633 
Dec 1,1809 
Mar. 6, 183& 
June 23, 1838 

New York . 


Front Royal, Vs.. 
Romney, Va. . . . . . 

Billerica, Mass. . . . 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Belmontco., Ofab. 

Albany, N.Y 

Paine<mrt*ille, La. . 

London, EIng 

Riehmond, Ohio. . , 
Tuscaloosa, Ata. . . 

Brandon, Vl 



New York, N.Y. . 

Ithaca, N.Y 



Bradford, VL 

Shelby CO., Ey... 


. June IS, 1630 
Dec. 6, 1636 
Jan. 17,1639 
June 38, 1836 
JiUy 31, 184» 

Oct. 32,1831 
April 13, ISa 
June 11, 163C 
Oct. 9, ISU 
Dec 30.1831 
Dec- SO, 1816 
" 3, 184C 

J Aug. 30, isie 

July Sa, ISU 
June 37, 183S 
Feb. 35, 1837 
Serit. 13, 1838 
Aug. 35, 18M 
AprUll, ISM 

Dec. 90, 1845 
Aug. 33, ISIl 
June 90, ISn 
Sep. 6, 1833 
Dec 30, 1835 



Exteiuion tablei, (lidM of. 

CMvanic balteHM 

Galvanic bsuerjr, Ac 

GeneiJogy, throoologjr tepttaeM- 

Ge<%raphy and astroDumy, appa- 
ratus for leaching 

Glaaa tens, improvement in 

Olasaes, for Bpeetsolee 


Globes, artificial 

Globe*, mounting 

Globe Bland, desi^ for 

Oo^'.ea for stnbiamua. — Sti Clou 

Interest, machine for calculating. 

Interest tables, geometrical 

Interest tables, geometrical 

Interest isblea, circular 

Interest tables, improTeinent c 

KejiB, vatch. 

Level, horizonti^. Inclined, and 

I^vel and plumb 

Level, pendulum 

Lightning conductors.. 
Lightning conductors. , 
Lightning conductor. . 
Ijghtning, protecting lessets from 

Lightning iwls. 

Lightning rods, securing. 


Lol^tude, finding. ...... 


Cliarles F. Hobe. . 
John Ptumbe, jr. . . 
Patrick Coad 

Henry MrPainc... 
Isaac SchnalOnan . . 

Gilbert Vale 

William B. Annin . . 

Siloa Cornell 

Joalin Gilman 

Jehu Hatfield.... 
Qcrshom Cobb . . 
Qershom Cobb . . 
Joseph Jelleff. . . . 

Lotteries , 


Lotteries, by arithmatieal chaneee 
Lotteries, coostnieling A drawing 
LoUeiies, drawing 

A. Girard 

Jr«ephE. Eldred ... 
Asafiel Munger. .... 
Joseph 8, Buber . . . 
JuMin E. Strong ..... 
Waiiam A. Orcuti . . . 
Elisha L. Keen. . 
Eliaha Calendar.. 
John Brown &, Geoige 

W. Robinson 


Jamea Henry 

J, LCohen 

William Seger. 

J. LCohen 

Job. Vanneni 

Elipbalet Nou 

Moses Davis 

J.Howard and A.Hay- 

Lotleriea, drawing 

LoUeriea, drawing 

Lotteries, drawiltg. . ■ i 

Lotteries, drawing 

Lotteries, drawing 

Lotteries, inititating and drawing. 

Lotteries, schemes 

Lollerjes, schemea 

Lotteries, schemes 

Lottery schemes 

Magitetic cylinder 

Magmlic cylinder 

Magnetic fire alarm 

Magnetic letter printing telegr^h . 

Mappine, land malnimenl 

Mape^dharti, Ac., apparatus foi 


Maps, charts, Ae., instmmenia for 


Measuring height! and distancaa 
Measuring ro<{, for packages. .. . 

Frands W. Dana. , . . 
William C. Conine. . . 

John C. Rives 

William E. Spalding . 

D. Mdcolm 

James K. Casey 

Jos. Vanneoi 

John W.Togno 

Edward Grattan 

Jompb Vanoeni 

Samuel Browning. , . , 
Samuel Browning. . . . 

Addison Smith 

Royal E. House 

Nathaniel E. Lombard 

Anitr BaJjer 

Bra;amin Wilner. . 

. New York....... 

. Boston, Mass. . . . 

. Philadelphia, Pa. . 

. New York 

N. Oxford, Mass. . . 
New York, N. Y... 

B(»Con, Mass. 

Rochester, N. Y... 
Boston, Mass. ..... 


Boston, Moaa 

BoBioD, Mass 

Butlernuis, N. Y... 


Providence, Ril.... 

Mobile, Ala 

Rochester, N. Y. . . . 

Oberlin, Ohio 


Boston, Mobs 

Boston, Mass 


Boston, Mass 

Providence, R. I..., 

a Reading, Pa 

Maysviile, Ky 

Baltimore, Md 

Bergcn.N. J 

Balumora, Md 

Washington, D.C.. 
Union C'ollue, N.Y. 
Cnmberlan^ Md. . . 

Providence, R.T.... 

Boston, Mass 

Battiinore, Md 

Brooklyn, Conn. . . . 
New Orleans, La . . . 


Philadelphia, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa. ... 
Providence, R.I.,.. 


Fnnconia, N. H ■ ■ • 
Franconia, N. H... . 
Perrysburg, Ohio. . . 
New York, N.Y... 
DomiHes, V* 

Boston, Mass 


Baltimore, Md 

Laurel Hill 

PowhattMi CO., Vs. . 

, jQDe aa, 1B41 
. Mar. 4, I84S 
, Mar. 28, 1843 

Jan. IT, 1843 
Oct. 3, 1846 
Feb, 90, 1836 
Oct. 38, 1B43 

May 1, leas 

July 5, 1B4S 
May 7,1845 

May 6,1844 
Sept. 7, 1S08 
April 34, 1809 
S^. 8,1810 

July 2,1846 
Aug. 35, 1831 
Aug. 17, 1835 

Mar. 5, 1839 
April 19, 1841 
Oct. 9, 1841 
Jane 27, 1833 
OcL 3, 1808 

Mar. 3, 1825 
May 35, 1835 
Aug. 38, 1838 
Dec. 4,1815 
Sept. 9,1835 
May 9,1835 

Not. 8,1825 
Dec. 38, 1635 
Nov. U, 182« 
Dee. 23, 1836 
Feb. 15, 1898 
July 30, 1829 
Mar. 28, 1831 
Oct. 18, 1833 
May 16, 1823 
May 1G, 1826 
July 18, 184ft 
Oct. 13, 19] ft 
Nov. 35, 1814 
July 24. 1846 
April 16, 1S46 
Aug. 3, 1630 

Oct. 37,1836 

Sept. 4, 1844 
Aug. 20, 1819 
OcL 26,1818 
Not. 30, 13IS 

by Google 



P«droDMter, aea 

PenduluiQ, balance 

Fendulum, seals ■ 

Pendulum, for clocks 

Peodulora, doubls 

Peodulum, double 

Peodulum, machine 

PenLagrapb and parallet niler • 


PinioDs, {or clocka 

PinionB, fotclocka 

FinioM, rolling, and pinion wheels 
for elachB 

Plsnetarium, heliogeaslrum 

PiMes, mode of boring, for clocks. 

Plumb, balance, ana pendulum 

Protmeting uble 

Proiraetor, facilitaiing 

Prolraelor, perspeclrte 

Protractor, reclangutar. < 

Protractor, and tablet, geometilcaJ; 

ProtrMlor, uiuTersal 

4,uadrant, improTcment on Spear' 

Auadnuit, arliGcial horizon for. . . 

CtoadrMl, astronomical 

Ciuadrant, gunnert. 

Ciuadrani, horizontal wheels 

Q.uadrant, and sextant 

Q,uadrani^ trigonomelrical 

Roles, sliding „,..., 

Rules or roeuun* for boards, 

leather, dtc 

Settle, for measuriog. 

Sector, eliding. 

ESgnsls, electro-munetiam 

Signals, nulroad abrm. 

8p«ela^(_, , 

^leclades, construction _„ 

Spectacles, forming the joint, i£c . 
SiMcladea,prepBring the glaasea,&£ 
Speclades, revolving gluses, &c . 

Sqwelades, aids planes 

CI — . — i-,^,nd suigle rjrglnnnns 
s, spiral spring 

Surreying inslnunents. 
SnneTB, instruments for plotting, 
Tally, machine for keeping. . . . . . 


William A. Tumm. . 

Smith Beer* 

Bennett Liea 

Hiram Twiss 

Moses L. Morse. . . . 

Robert Leslie. 

Robert LwUe 

Robert L«^ie 

Charles a Allen 

John J. Hawkins... 
Anthony Gilford. . . . 

Fharria Bronson and 
Joel Curtis. 

Joseph Ives 

Theo. Newell 

Joel Curtis. 

Lemuel Iiewis . 

William T. Steiger. 
Elisha Brown ..... 

Nathaniel Goodwin 

John Pool, jr 

Ennion Wluiams . , 
Francii G, Clarke. . 

Joaiab Arnold 

Charles Goulding. . 
Matthew 0. Graves 
Charles Hammond. 

B.F. Adams 

Fhineas Spear 

Jamea Templemon. 
John F. Smith 

Charles Ross. 

Josioh J. Hendryi . . . 
Gab. H. Thompson.. 
Samuel F. B. Moiae.. 

s»miii-l NicolsiHi 

Joseph Richards 

Christopher H. Smith. 
Thomas Eltonheod... 
Charles H.L.jBcks(Hi. 
Christopher H. Smith 

Daniel Thaxter. 

S, Newton 

Samuel Babcock. . . . 

Cephas Johnson .... 

James S. Ivea 

Joseph S. Ives 

Silas B.Terry 

James F. Gardner. . • 
Heman McCluer. . . . 
George D.Vamey .. 
Benjamin H. Benlon 

WilUam J. Card 

William A. Tanner . 
Samuel FVew 

Waterburv, C(. ... 

New York 

Meriden, Ct 

Cambridge, Moss . . 
Fhiladel^U, Pa. . . 
PhiladelphiB, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia, Fa. . . 

Newark, N.J 

New Jersey 

Weat Point, Mass . 

Bristol, Conn 

Walerbury, Conn, i 
Cairo, N. Y 

Hartford CO., Conn. 



Newfield, N. Y. . . 
Washington, p. C. 
Seneca cu., Ohio. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Horlford, Ct 

Eaaton, Maes 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Portland, Maine. . . 
Caledonia, Vt. . ■ . . 

Mobile, Ala 

MasBaehusetia . . , , 
Concord, Mass. . . . 

Boston, Mass 

Portland, Maine. . . 
South Carolina. ■ . . 
New York city.... 


Bennington, Vt 

Boslon, Mass. .... 

New York , 

Suffolk, Mesa 


Niagara, N.Y 

Baltimore, Md 


Niagara Falls, N.Y. 
Hingham, Moss... 
Washington, D.C.. 
MiddleiowQ, Conn. . 

Soulhingion, Conn., 

Bristol Conn 

New York city 

Plymouth, Conn , . . 
Columbia,' Fa. . . . . i 

Hamburg, N.Y... . 

Newbury, Mass. . . i 
Middlebuig, Va..., 
I^ncaster, Pa. . . . . . 

Plymouth, N. C. . . 
EUubeth, Fa. 

Great Britain 

Nov. 19, \m 
Sept. 14, 18M 
June 9Q, 181S 
May 13, 18M 
Feb. 31, ISM 
Jan. 30, 1791 
Jan. 30,1793 
Jan. 30,179) 
OcL 13, leiS 
May 17, IBOJ 
Ocu 27, iaS9 
Feb. 24, I81S 

Aug. SS, 1814 

April IS, 1831 
April 13, 189* 
[Aug. 32,1314 

.' Ocu 3, 1838 
Ser>t 7,1838 
Aug. 1,1831 
Mar. 14, 181S 
Dec. 34, 1631 
June 16, 1631 
Jan. 19, 181« 
Feb. 21, ISU 
AprU 14, 1811 
Feb. 34, 1B3S 
Sep. 3,18M 
May 5,1801 
Nov. 19, 1833 
Mar. 19, 1631 
Aug. 17, 1801 
Jan. 10,1841 

May 17,1844 
May 99, 162S 
Dec 4,1831 
June SO, 1841 
June 36, 1841 
Dec 16, 1833 
Nov. U, 1641 
April 3,1841 
April 30, ]8» 
June 39, 183* 
June 18, 183) 
Dee. 33,1897 
April 3, 1831 

Jan. 9,1838 
Kay 33, I8H 
May 4,1818 
Not. 3,1810 
D»D. 5,184) 
Sept. IT, 18)4 
June 34, 184) 
Dec. 19, 1841 
April IG, 1849 
jSy 19, IBM 
July 3,1649 

m patent ilalBd Jane U, iSSn. 




Theodoliie, or compasi 


l^e-keeper, balum for 

Time keepar, marine , 

Tiine piec« , 

lime [HBGe. 

lime (liece » 

Time piece, ailent moTing . . . > 

^^onomeur..... • 


^ite Dieridiani finding* tv > • «. 


Watchet, duplex eaaqmnent 

Watdiea, Ac, impToremeat : 
eonalruction of die eacapt 
wheel and eaomnoiU of 

Wlie^ eaatiiie, for clocki. 

Wheela, g\am,fot cloeka. . . 

Wheela, teelh, and pniooB . 

Wlieeli, for wooden dodia. 

Wiie, pointing, fin doeka. . . 
WHtiiig plates, gtometrieal. . 

Sanh P. Malber 

Jftmea Eamea* •■<«-•■ 

Satnoel Stone 

J. BliMftP-CreiKhtoi] 

Ime (m 

Simon Willeid 

David F. IiBimy 

'VTilliam Pardie. 

Simeon Joceline 

WilUsm Chamboiain. 

William Belles 

William A. Burt 

Jacob D. Coster. 

Charlea Edw Jacotdea 

Chariai Edward Jacot 
LowkI J. Kilbom 
Joel Cnnia and Dhnon 


NewTT, Maine 


New York ;. . 

CharieatOD, S.C.... 


New York 

PoughkeqMie, N.Y. 

Giiswold, Conn.... 
Mount Temon, Mie. 
Nonistown, Pa ... . 

Baltimore, Md 

New York, N.Y... 


Fitl8buis;b, Pa. 


Litchfield, Conn. . . . 
Waterbarr, Conn . . 
New B^lord, Mass. 

April 16 




Feb. 8 

Mar. 21 


June 99 


Feb. 4 


Aprils*, 18M 

July 28 




Aug. 22, 1814 


Aug. 22, 1814 


b, Google 

b, Google 



And Architecture, comprising works on Rail and Common 
Roads, Bridges, Canals, Wharves, Docks, Rivers, 
Wiers, Dams, and other Internal Improve- 
ments, Buildings, Roofs, Sic. 

by Google 

b, Google 



mMMaadf, Brv^, Caiui*, Wkana, DotJa, Rnen, Wien, Dam, and 
MMO, BnUmgt, fio«t, l(c. 

ot(> en Soil and Cm* 
odktr Jntonal linproM- 

Aqueducla, of watei-pn>of Ikne*. . 

Auger, miniitg 

Ban, IVom barbon, riven, Ac, 

BlaMing rocks 

Blattiog; rocks 

Bleating recki, cartridges for. 

BlaitinE rocks, fuse, MTet^ for.. . 

BliodB, Veniliao.... 

BJiods, Vemiian, nmng and low- 


Jame* R. Putnam 

Bcnoel Sxayoa. 
Moacs 8bsw.. .. 

John B. Ives 

William Lewis.. 
John Hampaon . . 

Blinds, window 

Hinds, vin<low,qieningdt cloatDg 

Blowing rocka 

Boring earth, auger for. 
Boring caith. ......... 

Boring earth 

Boring rocka.. , 

Boring rocka. 

Boijag racks... 

Boring rocks. 

Boring rocka i. 

John Wier 

Ajonio 8. GrenviJle A 

John L«i 
John M. Syme. . . . 


John ft. Failing. , , 
John R. Failing. . ■ 
E. Jonea&P. Wbi 

John Sanford 

Ephraim Oilberl.. 

New Orieuis, La . . 
Hillsdale, 14. Y.... 


Letwnsn, Pa 

New York city. . . . 
New Orieeni, Lb. ■ 




Hopkinten, N. H.. 

Baring rodu. 

Boriag rocks 

Boring rocka 

Boiiag rocka, and blasting. . . 
Boring rocks under water ■■ . 

Baring for water 

Btang for water. 

Icmel Oveiall. 

John W. Post*. CotiTD 


lamsl Overall 

Aaron W. Vaoelsre, 
OeoR^ C. Doherty . , 
John W. PoaL .... 
John B. Aveilhf . .... 

Videnline Cook 


Wm. Morris ft. Jsbn 

Levi Disbrow, 

Wm. EL Bell A Ti^. 

P. Andrcwa. 
Benj. F. Lodge and E. 


Ohtriea W. Poafe. 
Cbaries Fowler. . . 
John Stick&qr.,., 
llinodir PidMcr.. 

Thomas Pope 

Jamea Finley 

John TempleBMn . 
Lewis Wemwag.. 
Benjamin Connor. 
TheodonBorr. ... 
Naphiali Bisbop. . 

John Bia^. 


Baltimore, Md . . . . 
Canajobvie, N. Y. 
Canajohario, N. Y. 
Brookfield, Mns . , 

Sharon, C( 

Rochealer, N.Y... 
Liberty, Tsan 

WaahingtoD, D. C, 

Liberty, Tann 

Slooington, Cl 

Cumberland eo., Ky 

N. Brunswick, N. J. 

Kenbawa, Va. . 

New York 

Fort'ss Monro*, Vs. , 
A Wasti'toD, D. G. 

ichuseHa. . . . . 

New York 

Fayette so.. Pa. . . . 
Oeo^aiown, D. C. 

Ponamovth, N. H. 

Bun^avea, Pm 


Montreal, Canada.. 
F^yetterilh, N. C. 

(RUwaedOet 91,18tl.-8*i 

May 6,1841 
Mar. 15, 1819 
June 3,1890 
July 17, IBSe 

Dec. 13, leie 

May 3,1839 
June 13, 183T 
Aug. 9S, 1898 
Dec 81, 1809 
Dec 10, 1813 
July aSt, 18» 
Mar. 14, 18SI8 

Feb. 9,1630 
Dm. 3,18>S 

Aug. 9», 1838 
Oct. 4,1830 
Aug. 34, IWl 
Nov. 1, 1B03 

.Ally 8,1888 

Apnl'u, 1831 
J^ 81,1T»T 
Feb. 84,1797 
June 3, IWT 
Dso. IT, im 
Feb. 14, 18DG 
April 18, I89T 
Jnna IT, 1888 
Mar. «,t810 
Aivil 9,181T 
Jan. n, 1818 
Ja>. 4,189» 
Ja^ 98.t«» 

I, Google 

otviL BSroiifBBRma. 

Bridgea ~. 



firitlges, and olber uckitectund 

Bridges, bahmc« 

^idgca, building. 

Bridgea, building 

Bridgea, chain, (imp'tonPiDlej's} 


Bridgea, coniti 

Bridgea, draw 

Bridgea, draw, ratling. . 

Bridges, flaatiDg awing. 

Bridges, frame 

Bridges, frame 

Bridgea, frame 

Bridges, frame 

Bridgea, improvement I 

Bridges, iacroLBing' the eflectiTe 
BtrengLli of beams 

Bridgea, lattice 

Bridge, manner of croasine 
fcf means of a moving platform 
inispended toa..... 

Bridges, spiral brace cylinder. 

Bridges, BUBpenaion 

Bridgea, swinging 

Bridges, timber, improvement 

Bridgea, Inias fraaea of 

Bridges, truss frames, of. 

Brid|e>, truss frames of. 

Brid^, truss frtunea Qf. 

Wm, Woodmansae. , 
Thomas P. BlakewelL 
Lewis Wemway. . . , 
Augustus CanGeld... 


George Law 

Richard L L. Willy. 

Francis Oood 

NaOun Rider 

Lowman Gby 

Joseph J. Deyster. . . 
Jonathan Jessup .... 

Jonas Snyder. 

Albert CoUrell 

John Templemao . . . 

Henry Wilton ■ 

Earl Trumbull 

Garner Wilkinson. . , 
Richard Crosbie. . . . 
John N. Vrooman. . . 

George Tabb 

Stephen H. Long. . . 
George W. Long... 
Stephen H. Long... 

Bridges, truss frames of 

Bridges, truss iron 

Bridges, wooden ■■■. 

Bridns, wooden, aqueduct for c 

Bridges, wooden brace*. 

Buildings, conslrucliDg. . 

Buildii^ coTcring. . ■ i 

Buildings, securing against fire . 
Baildings, securing ogainsl fire . 
Buildings for a scEtwl room. ... . 

George Daniels .. 

Buildings, stores, dbc. .... . 

Caosons, constructing, for found. 

ing piers of bridges 

CuMils, constructing, uplying lo- 

eomotire engines to boats.liar. 

e«», Ac 

Canals, locks 

Canals, locks 

Cuula, locksl j David Wilkinson. 

:ingston,Vt. , 

PiualMrg, Pa 

Jefferson co., Va. . . . 

Patterson, N. J 


Easton, Pa 

Lowell, Mass. ..... 

New London, Pa. . . 
Worcester, Masa . . . 
Chili, K.y 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 
YorVlown, Pa. .... 
Union co.. Pa. .... 

Newport, K. I 

Alleghanv, Md ..... 
W^lavLlU, Pa. . , . 
Little FalU, N. Y. . . 

! Creek, N.Y. 

Newark, N.J 

Danube, N.Y 

Martinaburg, Va . . 
" - ■e, Md . . . 

Harvey E^each. . . . 

Isaiah R<»;ers 

John A. Roebling. 
Abner R. Ring.... 
Thomas Hassard. . 
William Howe..., 
William Howe..., 
Jehu Priced James T. 


Caleb Pratt 

William Howe 

Squire Whipple.... 
George W.Thayer. 

Marshal Lewis .... 
Stephen H. Long. . 
Stephen H. Long • . 
JjewiaEnapp. . 

Hazard Enowlea. 

Jos. Hadl^ 

Ebenezer Mix. .... . 

8. W.Taytor&J.W. 
Mnrttn ..... 

Isaac Knight. 

Fort Jackson, 

IT. S. Top. Engineei 

Henniker, N.H 

Lowndes co., Ala. . , 
York, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 


Pituburg, Pa 


New York, N.Y... 

Warren, Maaa 

Warien, Masa..... 

Golden, Md 

Norwich, Ct } 

Boston, Mass. . . . } 

Spriueneld, Mass. . . 


Springfteld, Masa . . . 

Chenango, N.Y. ... 
United States army . 
United Stales army. 

New York 

ColcheslBr,Ct. ... 
Morristomi, Vi. . 

Lowville, N. Y. . . 
Baltimore, Md . . . 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

. Charlottesrille.Pe.. 

. Philadelphia, Pa. . 

. NewYork 

. Cahoes, N.Y.... 

lb, Google 




HampioA, WiM 

Martin HampioA, WiMUuun 

CiUMli, locks, gaU 

Canola, locks, gste 

CeDsts, locks, gale 

Canals, locks, gate 

CaoaJs, locks, gate for 

Canata, locks, gate, paddle for. . . . 

Cacala, locks, gaU, safety 

CuioIb, lock gateSj suspending, 

opening, and closing 

Canals, locks, indleaLbr 

Canals, locks, preserving timbei of 
Canals, locks, saving water iij. • • . 
Canals, locks, saving water in. . . . 

Canal locks, sliding TalTes 

Canal locks, sluice gate 

Canal locks, sluice gale* 

Canal locks, wicket gates for 

Canals and mill dams, waste gate, 

opening and closing 

Canal end railroad combined 

Canals, iiansporlation an, and rail- 

Cellara, vaults, £c 

Cellars, vaults, dte 

Chains and ropes, used an cant^ 
and railroads. 

Dams, chutes for 

Dams, coffer 

Dams, coffer, portable 

Dams, river, easy paMage of fish. 

Dock, buoyant 

Dock, carryingand lifting trunk. , 

Dock, dry 

Dock, dry , 

Dock, dry 

Dock, dry 

Daniel Rogers Little Falls, N. Y. . . 

David Wilkinson \ Cahoea, K. T, 

Valentine Brown Clifton Park, N. Y. 

Franklin Livingston. 

Robert English 

Daniel Rogers 

Jacob VanDoro,... 

Waterford, N. Y. 

Glenn, W. v.. 

Henry McCarty Phtsbuiv, Pa 

Valentine Brown Clifton Pork, N. Y. 

Simeon Guilford.. j Lebanon, Pa 

Jonas P. Fairlamb , Wilmington, Del.. 

Jac. Dewees. i Potlaville Pa. 

William Lake Richmond, Va. . . . 

Geo. W.Hildreth.,.. NewYork. 

Georee Heath Little Falls, K. T 

William L. Potter. . . . Clifford Purk, N. Y 

Dock, dry. . 
Dock, dry.. 
Dock, dry.. 
Dock, dry.. 

S. DurTee 

John M. Svme.. . 
Samuel J. Burr. . 

Amos Addis 

William Easby. . 
S. S. Walley . . . 
Patrick Magmth. 
Maui m in Isnard 

James Barron 

John Gardiner. . . 
Ralph Bulkley. . . 
Christian Bergh. . 

M. Wise 

Alonaon Place.., 

Dock, dry 

Dock, dry 

gock, dry, roUry.... 
DCk, elevating,,..^. 

Dock, floating, dry. . , 
Dock, floating, dry . . . 
Dock, Boating, dryt • . 
pock, floating, dry. , . 
Dock, floating, dry. . . 
Dock, floating, dry.. . 
Dock, floating, dry. .. 
Dock, SoaUng, dry... 

Pock, floating, dry. . 
13 •*"« 

David Brown 


& 3- Irwraham 

Charles F. Johnson. . . 

Jobn S.Gilbert. 

Joseph Webb 

E. Buck, H. Crehore, 

William Rhodes 
Samuel Rose.,., 
John Adamson.. 
Albert Brux.... 

Edward Covenhi. . 

William R. Loweiie.. 

John Floyd 

Jaa, H. Peck, William 

Thomas, R. Wali 

4. J. D. Coulter, ! 

signees of J. Thomas 
Jonathan Hawes. 
»!. t Benewed 14 

Baltimore, Md.. 



Hudson, N. Y . . . . 
Richmond, Va . . . . 
Chambersbure, Pa. 
Washington Pp, Pa 
Washington, D. C. 
Charle8town,Pa. ., 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 


Norfolk, Va , 



Haddam, Ct 

Buffalo, N. Y. . 



Boston, Mass 



Boston, Mass 

Augusta, Ga 

Grcensbut^, K. Y. 

tU7 a. im 

Jan. 15,1820 
4, 183S 
Aug. IT, 1835 
May 14, 1836 
April 13, 1838 
July 1,1841 
Mar. 17. 1835 
May 14, 1827 

Mar. 16, 1S44 
May 14, 1B36 
July 10, 1S3S 

Nov. 37, iea» 

Dec. 31, 1B32 
June 7,1839 
Mar. 19, 1840 
Dec 14,1841 
Aug. 31, 1839 

Not. 7,1835 
Dec. 14, 1834 
Oct. 34,1826 

Feb. 28, 1833 
Oct. 4, 1634 
Nov. 19, 1833 
SepL 15, 1846 
Oct. 10, 1829 
June SS, 18:^ 
Aug. 3,1826 
Dec- 3,1802 
Aug. 38, 1B21 
April 39, 1835 

Nov. 22, 1825 
April 1,1826 
JuV 30, 1829 
Feb. 11, 1832 

June 23, 1836 
Mar. G, 1840 
May 12, 1810 
May 3, 1817 

July 11, 1835 
May 16, 1808 
June IS, 1813 
Dec 13, 1816 
Nov. 6,1618 
Oct. 30,18^1 
June 33, 1825 
Aug. 17, 1826 


Dock, floaling, dry. . 
Dock, floating, dry. . 
Dock, floating, dry.. 
Dock, floaling, dry. . 
Dock, floating, dry*. 
Dock, flOBling, dry.. 
Dock, floating, dry.. 
Dock, floati/ig, dry. . 

Dock, floating, dry 

Dock, floaling, dry 

Dock, floaling, dry 

Dock, SoBling, dry, baam 

used in coDQcxioa wilh a. 
Dock, floating, dry, method of 

Dock, floaling, graving. 

Dock, hydraulic 

Dock, hydrOBlatic, suipi 

Dock, projecting 

Dock, railway 

Dock, screw 

Dock, screw 

Dock, BCi«w, floating.. 

Doors, cloaing 

Doors, doling 

Doors, drops 

Doors, fender. 

Rufoa Pwier 

J. R.CampbeU&J.S. 


James Barron. . . . 

John Thomas 

Joseph T. Martia 
John S. Gilbert. . . 
WiJliain ThomaH. , 
John S. Gilbert. , . 
John Thomas.. .. . 
Dan. Dodge & Phineas 

Hugh K. Wagner. 


John S. OilberU ... 
R. Moody and Stunuel 

D. Dakm 

Rutherford Moody & 

Samuel D. Dakin. 



Doors, preventiDg tightness o 

Doors, sliding 

Doois, weather snips for. . . . 
Doors and windows,maUeof hang- 


Drag for rrmoTing stones from lb 

bottom of lakes 

v Drsdging machine. 

iredging machine 

■redgtng mackiiM 

Drilling rocks 

DrilHog rocks. 

Drilling or borii^ rock, drill for. 

Drilling alone. 

Drilling stone 

^^■rtb, raising and Tetnoving. . 


Zebedee Ring. 
Thomas Evans and J. 


Moms Rogers 

John Thomas. 

JohnC. Ely 

Elisha Turner 

Stephen F. Stjndifield. 
Daniel Williams, Jr.. . 

Eastman R. Ball 

Linus Barnwell 

Olirer Davidson 

Geoige Kilburn 

William Cole & John 


Samuel Durfee 

Gardner Barton, jr. . 

Edward C.TilaoD... 

Wm. D. Beasom & E 
G. Reed, asi'neea o 
Oeorge W. Wilson 


Daniel Frazier 

William T.Forsyth. 

Aaron B. Carpenter. 

James Hamilton.., 

Oliver Alien 

William Eosby. . . . . 
Isaac M. Singer. . . . . 

t^iman Petles 

Uriah Higgini 

Jona. Crane 

William Holdrvdge. . 
Andrew Tumey . . . 

Oliver Phelps 


Philadelphia, Pa. . 
New YnrksUy. ... 



St. Louis, Mo, ... 


Hew York 

Hew York 

St. Louis, Mo . 

Jersey City, N. J. , 
New York, N.Y., 



PiiwbuTg, Pa 






Rochester, N. Y 

New Orleans, La... 
Colchester, N. Y. 
OswCTO, N. Y.... 


Bollslown aw, N. Y 
Walpole, n: H.. 

Randolph, Mass, 
Proridence, R. 1, 

Oct. 9, 1841 
Nov. 10, 1646 
Feb. 1,184a 
July 38, 1843 

Sept. 17, 1644 

Nov. 34, 1843 
Oct. 1, 1830 
Feb. 13, 1836 

. Sept. 13, 1813 
. Jan. 9, 1839 

SyracDse, N. Y. , . . 


Clinton, Cu 


Lyme, N.Y 

NewYork, N.Y.. 

Norwich, Ct 

Waahington. D. C. 

Lockpon, 111 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Boston, Mass 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Albany, N.Y 

Reading, Cl 

Lansing, N. Y. . . . 
Albany, N.Y 

May 3, 184« 

Dec. 13, leas 

Ftb. la, 1844 
Dec. 16, 1845 

Jan. 8, 1S39 
May 8, 1640 
Aug. 25, 164S 
Hay 16, 1839 
July 3, 1840 
May S, 1843 
June 13, 1831 
Nov. 10, 1831 
Mar. 3, 1836 
July 16, 183T 
May 4,1805 

lb, Google 

•"ISEinh, nmoting. 

Earth, removing 

Ennh, r«moTing 

Banh, remoTing 

Ganh, remoTing ',, . 

Earth, machine for rtmoTing 

t — Gxcuvating canala. 

EzcsTatinf cnnala. 

ExcsTaling canals. 

Excavating canals 

Excavating canals 

Excavating canals and dilchea 

Excavalin^, cutting treDches Ibr 


EscavBlmg ditches 

Excavating ditches 

EjUavatnig, dilcluog,and ambattllT 

CynM Baroaid- 
Jacob Wekh... 
Ichabod L- Skinner & 

Samuel F. Tooker, 
Orange H. Dibble. . . 

Jeremiah Bailey 

William H.Dall... 
Pierann Beading , , , , 
Shad rack Davis, jr.. 

Jarvis Ring 

Ichabod L. Skinner. . 

J^hn Humes 

Jelemiah Braicard... 

Lot Forrester 

George Hendrlcka. . . . 
William Gnbam. 

Ezra CoinsU 

Joseph Hsnehett. . . 
George W. Clwrry. 

Hartford, Ct. 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Harrisburg, Pa 

Trenton, N.J. 

N. Dsrttnouth, Mau 


Hartford, Cl 

Richmond, Va 


Ridge£dd, Cl 

Urbanna, Ohio 

New Orleaoa, Iia. , . 

Itbitca, N.Y 

Cold Water, Mich.. 
WuhingtoD, D. C 

Mar. S3, leSO 
Feb. 30, I8S4 
Mar. 21, 1825 
May 39, ISSfi 
June 1, 1S36 
Feb. 22, 1931 
July 1, 1840 
May 30, 1820 
Nov. 10, 1821 

Feb. 10, lese 

May 10, 1836 
Aug. S, 1829 
SepL S, 1S31 

Feb. 28, I8« 
Feb. 28, 1840 
Mar. 96, 1841 

flxcavatln^, ditching, embanking, 
and draining prairie lands 

Excavating, ditching, and embank- 
ing, scraper Tor 

Excavaiing ditches 

Excavating, ditching, Aembanh^ 

Excaialing, ditching mschinea*. . 

Excavating earth 

Vr^Bzcavadtie ««rth, eleTating box, 
wheels for 

Excavating earth, and removing. . 

Excavating earth under watei 

Ebccavating, eicavatoi 
removing mud, £c.. 

Horace Cleveland . . . . 
Cromwell E. BardeU. 

John 6ranson,jr.... 

Herrick Aiken 

W.Y. Singleton.... 

Edwin Owen 

David C. Lockwood. 

:, III. . 


r drag for 
a beda of 

James Rowe. . . ■ 
James Sawyer.. 
Oliver Teal 

Sangamon .... 
Franklin, N. H.. 
Springfield, III... 

New WindiJr,N.Y 

Triana, Ala 

New York city,. 

. Mar. 23, 1843 

Mar. IS, 1849 
Feb. 1, 1842 
May 28, 1846 
Sept. 4,1844 
Mar. 31, 1341 

Excavating, exeaTslor scoop and 

dradging machine. 

Excavating and embanking dilchea 
Excavating, embonkingisnd ditch- 

Dennis Vermill ioi 

Excaraiing machine 

^•^caVBling plough 

Exeaiating nod removing earth. 
Excavating and removmg earth. 

I for.. 

^^icavntine and removing earth, 

t.£x cava tins and lemoving earth 


v4ienvatmg scraper 

" tting, scrapes for repairing 

Linton Thorn 

Thomas Clayton. . . 
Janves Richmond.. . 
George W. Cherry. 

William 8. Olis 

t'ElcaVBting scra|«r, shovel 

Excavating, submarine ploDglung . 
Excavating earth, trachine for.. . 

Excavator, deepening rivers 

Excavator, ditching machine . . . 
Excavator, ditching and road.. 
Excavator, ditching 

John Scholder 

Nalhan Currier 

Dudley Marvin.... 

Samuel Q. Sutton.. 

John Eendrick 

D. Carmicbaet and 

C. 0.«.>od 

Darius Comslock.. . 

Oliver Allen 

Henry McCariy 

Robert Cummings. . 
Daniels. StalTord.. 
W. C. Bussey 

Washington, D.C.. 

Mansfield, Ohio.. 
K*BBe,N. H 

Washington, D. C 


Washington, D.C. 

Philadelphia, Fa. . 

Canton. Ohio 

Methuen, Mass... 

Buffalo, N.Y 

Canaodaigua, N.Y, 

Yorkshire, N.Y... 
Hanwicfc.N. Y... 
Newton, Mass.. . 

Brooklyn, N. Y. . 
Loekport, N. Y.. 
Norwich, Conn..., 

Plttdiarg, Pa 


Rochester, 111 

Rockgrovc^ III 

Oct. 10, 1838 
Dec, I, 1837 
June 38, 1617 
Jan. 16,1839 

May 30, 1844 
Mar. 3, 182Si^ 
June 10, 1818 

May 30. 1846 
Mar. 15, 1825 
May 1, 184S 
April 1, 1845 
July 14, 1849 
July 10, 184S 
Sept 3,1846 


Excavator, inclined i^ans 

Excarator, maehiiM for ditching. 

Bzcaialnr, mud machine. 

ExcBTBtor, mud machine 

Exeavalor, mud machine 

Encarator, mud maeliiDe 

EieaTBlor, mud machine 

Excavator, mud machine 

ExcaiBtor, mud machine 

Excavator, mad machins 

Excavator, mad maehiiK, floating 
Excavator, mud machine. 
Excavator, mud maciiine. 
Excavator, mud machine. 
Excavator, mud machine. 


Exearaior, mud machine 

Excavator, mud maehiiw* . . . 
Excavator, and self-loading o 

Excavator, acraper, meialtic. . . . 
•'Excavator, acraper and ah aval, for 

removing earth 

'''bzcavalor, acraper, or team ahovel 
iX^xcavolor, acraper, orf earn alioTel 

Fences, and nets, of wire. — S« CI 


Hoosea, portable, eoBttniciine. 


Gtilea, balance and sliding 

Getea and gatewaya 

Gate, piirdiaee, labor saving, ro- 


One, tumpiln ;.... 

Oold, digging and procuring.. 
Gravel pump, for ««av«itng «< 

Guide boatda and sign . 

Guide poaia 

Inclined planes, ascending and de- 

Inclined planes, aocending and de- 
■eendin^ rivers 

Inclined planei, ueoendiM and de- 
scending upon rail roada 

Indined ptanee, far boats tx 

Inclined plane*, cogwheels for pro- 
pelling railway and locomotive 

Inclined planes, drawing up veaselE 
Inclined phines, double, for eanali 
Inclined planes, improvement in 

machinery forasMnding. 
Inclmed planes for railroads. . . . ■ . 
Inclined planes op r» ilniads .ascend' 

ing and descending 

Harrsj' W. Oanpbdl 

Alonson WatsMt 

Williim MorrisoQ and 

George Tomb. . 
Dudley Marvin. . 
J. R. Bemin^on. 
Peter Zaceharie. . 
Stephen Colver.. 
John Qreenleaf.. . 

Mat. Barney 

John Evelelfa. . . . 

John Newman 

James Tucker.. . 
Samuel Davis. . . . 
Samuel Dbvm.... 
Charles T. Baker. 

John Eveleth 


Samuel Collins 

Elisha H. Holmes, . 

John HarL 



Oliver Teal 

■Nathwi Whiting. 

Eliaha Case 

Oideon Davit and Jer. 

Isaac Vanomberg. 

IiDek»rt,.H. 1 
PendWn, N. H 

Jemey Shore, E 
CanandaiguB, N. Y. 
Lowndes co., Ala.. 

Baltimore, Md 

Connecticut. ...... 

Maasachuaeua. .... 


Baltimore, Md.... 
Providence, R. I. . . 
Baltimore, Md.... 

Baltimore, Md 

Baltimore, Md. 

Providence, R. I. . . 
Georgetown, D. C. 
Baliimore, Md.... 


Norwich, Cl 

Middletown, Conn. 

. Jan. u; m 

Aug. 25, IBM 
Sept. a, 1831 
May 3ti, ISU 
Nov. 24, 1791 
Dec. H, I7W 
July 13,1903 
May U, 1303 
Feb. 21, 1M7 
Jane IG, 180) 
June 97, 160 
Dec 13, 18U 
Jan. 22,1817 
Mar. 2S, 1818 
April 12, 181* 
Aug. 9,1831 
Fob. 18, I8K 
Sept. 2fi, lEM 
Nov. IB, ISIB 
Nov. 30, 1838 

1 2. 

Edward Claik 

Frederick S. Barnard. 
Isaiah W. P. Lewis., 

Anion Baker. 

Andrew Hood , 

Joseph Musscrand Le- 
' B. Gitchel. 

Jer. I 

Henry Jordon . 

Laura Rice, adminis- 
tratrix of James J. 
Rice, deceased, and 
Gbenezer Rice 

Sumley Carter 

Robert C. Manners . . 

Cheater, Vi 

Canton, Conn. . 

Geoigeiown, D. 0., 

Lockport, N. Y. . 

Walertown, N. Y.. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Boston, Maas. . . . 
Wealem, N. Y... 

Can tan, Ohio..... 
Canaan, N. Y. . . . 
Lexington, Ky . . , 

May l.ISli 
April 10, 184S 
Dec 1G,1US 

Raymond, Mass. 
Boston, Maas. . . 

. New York city.. 

. Baltimore, Ud.. 

William Bent 

Ed. Clark 

Archibald Tanner. 
R. F. Stevens and L. 

B. Pitcher. 

William F. Ketcfaum. I 
Antednrd May 90,1^38. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

NewYork , 

Wanen, Pa. 

. June27,IffiS 
, April 15, IBM 

. Mar. 90. 'M* 

lb, Google 

Indlned planes oo natron 
ing and Ae»tto4ing.. 

iDebnBd plaiMs od railraadB,ueeBd- 
ulf and iraefcjtAing. . 

Inchned planes, for n 
Idwerinf boats oD a 
oot kvcl to ulQlbar. . 

IiMlined pknea, niaingcaiwlboaU 

Inclined plaaea, Itanaporting en- 

f ^^mAnmivin^ roads, &c,, break- 
ing stooe for 

Mlfioe railway 

Marine railwajr 

Uorine railwa)' 

Waiioe railway 

Marine nilway 

Marina railway 

Marine railway 

Marine railway 

Marine railway 

Marine milway 

Marine railway. 

Marine railway, fnandotion of. . 

Marine railway, submarine 

Mnah drainer 

Mile mark, caal iron 

MonUin^, cutting 

John Mercer 

John Drammond.. 

TownRMid BdcCoiuel 
William E.LukenB. 


Moving rocks, . 

1, for al 

Pavetnent, cemented, roratreets.. 
Paving, blocka of wood. . 
Paving, blocks of wood*. 
f^Ting, blocka of wood, priamHiic 
RivCTRnta, caat iron, far ilreela. . 
KpM, nwialltc, inlriiducing wire 

PHe driving, for bridgea . 

Pile driving, progresBi've, for roil- 

Pik driving machine... 

PBa driving maebioG, node of pro- 


Pipes, aquod act aod conduit. — i 
Pifiea, inaerting branch pipes thro' 

the ground without e. "~- 

Privies, eonstmeiing. . . 

Pnviesajid vanlta 


Richard Word.... 

Job. Webb 

John H. Greese.. 

Amaaa Miller 

Daniel Rivera...... . 

Richard P. JonUeman 

Wa«h'gton Van Dumd 

Robert Tindle, odmi- 
nialrator of Israel 

Andrew Flanogon.... 

Jesse Wood and P. A. 

James Ronaldsan and 
J. L. Neill.... 

JohnThoDUki. . . 

Jean Blanc . 

William M. Sammers 

Samuel Kennedy. . . . 

John Judge 

Isaac Lazell 

John L. Sullivan.... 

John L. Sullivan .... 

James M. PattersoB. 

Stephen Carey 

John Abbott 

WiUiom D.Terry... 

HarriaviQe, Ohio... 
Elizabeihtown, N. J. 

Henrico county, Va. 
) Wheelingi>p.,0.1 

.1 Creek ) 

Washington, D. 0. . 
New London, CkwD. 



Providence, R. I... 
New London, Coon. 


Norfolk, Va 

Norfolk, Va 

Kensington ,PhiLM]e]- 
phia county. Pa. ■ 


Phibdelp)iiB,Pa. .. 


New Orleans, La . . 



Wasliinglon, D. C. 





New Orleana, La.. . 

Wilton, H.H 

BosUni, Moio. .... 

June SI, 1899 
Jane 31, 1839 

June 37, 1840 

June 24, 183S 
Feb. 8,1831 
Dec 08,1636 
May 14, 1837 
May 36, 1838 
July 7,1838 
April 3,1639 

April 16, 1831 
Sept. 1,1831 
Nov. 15, 1833 

May 32, 1830 
Nov. 6, 1836 
July 2,18^ 
Jan. 13, 1835 
April 10, 1830 
June 13, 1831 
Mar. 18, 1798 
Oct. 20,1831 
Nov. 9. 1831 
Jan. 37, 1841 
Feb. 3, 1841 

Jonathan Ridgway... 
MarkM. Duplat.. 
Charles Williama. 
John SKphena.... 
Edward Cray 

. July 16, 1843 
'.. Mar. 16, 1830 
. Sepu 10, 183S 
. Nov. 16, 1831 
. June 8,1824-' 
.Oct. 33, 1834 - 
. Mar. 15, 1830 - 

lb, Google 





RaDroad • • • 


Railroad!, andearriagea. 

Railroadi, for can 


Railroads, and can to lutd in and 

Railroad, chain of, Ac 

Railroad, chain of 

Railroad, chain of. 

Railroad, e1«aning (he raila, &c . 
Railroad, cleaning the Iracki. . 

. J. Brown and O. W. 

L. I... 

Nathan Read 

luae Knight. 

Jnmca Wright 

Jedediah Richards . . . 


Railroad, conatruclion af. 

Bwlroad, construotioa of. 

Boilroad, conatrw^n and powci 

of, applying to propel carriage! 


Railroad curvei, eonftructici 
Railroad, edge rail and chair 
Railroad, for«lt. 

Railroad, Trt^ 

Railroad gate 

Railroad, key for AalaoiDg the 

raila of, to iheir chain 

Railroad and locomotive engin< 

5m Sliom Ei^iw, Clmt 6. 
Railroad, with liltof aixieenfee 
Railroad plane*, reroWing, foi 


Railroad plateB). 

Railroad plates, joining 

Railroad platform, rarolTing, 
Railroad platform, reiotring.. 
Railroad, preien ting cattle on. 
Railroad, prerenling turning. . 

Railroad, rails for , 

Railroad, nils eotuLnieting and 


Railroad, road stops for. . , , 
Railroad, runninegear for.. 
Railroad, and saJely car.. .< 
Bailroada, nlHj switch for. 
Railroad scrapen 

. Moncuro Robinson . , 
, BrittonM. Erani.. 

. Thomas 3. Ridrway 
. Jojin N. Dennii 

u KirkiHtrick. . 

, Wm.4JBS. ThDrn,jr 

, Joseph R. Moore... 

Benjamin Wood worth 

. Chartea Lombacrt. 

JamasM. Bay... 
Jamea Siimpaon. . 
James Herron . . , 
WUIiam Rurael. . 

John Ranfsley 

Roswell Bourne 

William B. Mitchell 
Pinkers and T. 

lenry Pinkei 
R. WitliBmi 

Benjamin BmierfieM , . 

Ethan Baldwin.... 

Jonaa P. Fairlamb. . 
James Stimiwn.., 
A. M. McCoine. . . . 

John Elgar 


David Oreen 

DaTid Evans. 

John Ruggles. 

Pelar Heary Dreyer . 

Thomas J. West 

Geo^ W. Cleayeland 
Alexander McCJrew.. 
Ghistama A. Nicholls. 
H. Naglee A Themaf 

W. T. Janus. . . 



Rochester, N. Y. 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Belfoat, Me. 

Johnstown, Pa.. 
Baltimore, Md . . 
Columbia, Fa. ■ . . 

Plainfield, N. J.... 
Woosier Man. . . ] 
Boston, Mass. .. .' 
Philadelphia, Pa..; 

Harrisfaui^, Pa ... . 
Baltimore, Md . . . . 
BaHimore, Ud.... 
New York 

Baltimore, Md... 
" ontfonKry, Ala 

liladelphia, Pa. . 

liladdphia, Pa.. 
Greenfleld, N. Y. 
P«in Township. . 
Thomosiown, Me. 


Whitehall, Va.... 
Baltimore, Md.... 
CineinnBd', Ohio. . 
Reading, Pa. 

1 Isaswat bjr ael of Contito, n 

HlJBa.lS,ieM. tAnMsU!JHsr3,IBU. 

jnn rnHBAD|.a3, IStf. KdRsH Sept. «, la, nl Auf. V, <« 


.Railroad, awilcbea 

Rutroad, twiichea Tor, .... 
IUiIrmiI, (wilchei for, Mlf-ad- 


Railroad, ii 

Railroad, timber 

Roilrotid, timber 

Railroad, Irack* 

Railroad uacka for ten lo inra 

Railroad Inick-lniniu. ■ 

lUilrotd, tuning akoii a 
about for.. 

Railroad, and wheela. 
Railway, porUbli 

Railway baia, ajid mode of &KUn- 


Railway, pneaiOBtic, TalTM for. 

Raiaing eaiud boau, and JowariDg 

Raiaiiig canal boaU uid veai 
Raiiinj wreeka of Teaaela.. 


obatrocLiooa under w 

Roads, eonalnicting. . . . 
Roadi, aoaMniciui{. . . 
Roftde, conatniUu^. . . 

Roada, coMinictifig. . . 

Roada, eooalruciing wilh cement 
Roada, roUer, and wheel, and - 

Roada, atreeta, Ac. , of Gompaaitioa 
Roeka, HMChiM for dhlting. 

Rock and earth boring apporattie 

Roofa, flat, for hooaM. 

Roob of booaei, Ac, 



Roofi, DOreiing wiilt mttal . ■ ,. . . 
Roob, eovering wiiii oiled doth. 
Roofa, corering wilh iheei iron. 

Roofi, eorenng with tin 

Roob, coTcring with lia 

Roofa, covering with tin 

Jamea Slimpson.., 
William Howard.. 
Nalhaniel Ealou. . , 

John C. Put, .... 
RichaMW. Sbcckelli 


Philoa B. Tf ler 

James StimpBon 

Jamea SiinipBon 

Benjamin H. E^trobe. 

Henry M 

„.. . of Charles 


James Slimpaon. 
Jamea Stimpeon. . 
Jeremiah Myers. 

John Talbot 

Edward C. Hydt 

Edward Tilghman... 
Samuel Clegz and Ja- 
cob Samuaa 

Eliiha Turner 

Eliaha Turner , 

Seih C. Jonei 

WiUinm Wiard 

WUIiemW. Smith... 

AlfredWamer , 

SylTeiterDoolillle, ... 
Phineas Bennet...... 

John Stephens 

Smith Cram 

John 3. Williama. . 

John HarlmaD 

Thoma* Earle 

John 8. Williams.. 
Joseph Robey, jr... 

John Giardiaer... 
John Tucker... 
John Marlineau. 
Hiram H. ScoTiUe, aa- 

I A.K. 

Henry Johnson. . 


Nathaniel Adams . . 

Peter V.Ware 

Peter NBrk>r. 

Hazard Knowles... 
Charie* Bonny eaMle. 
Richard a TOdeo. . . 
Andrew Gandoui and 

J. Swales. 
John Bonis. 

MorrisriUe, Fn. , . 
Baltimore, Bid .... 

Brialol, Pa 

New Orleans, Lo. . 

AlUeboroueh, Mass. 
Portsmouth, Va... 

Natchez, Miss 

NewYork , 


Rochester, N. T. . 
Rochealer, N. Y, , 
Rochester, N,Y, . 


Rochester, N. Y. . 
Rochester, N Y.. 
Rochester, N. Y. . 

Hoboken.N. J.... 

New York dly...., 
Hamilton county, . 
ScotlsTJIle, Va. . . . . 

Washington, D. C. 


£lbridge,N. Y.... 

Jringfleld, Mass . . . 


NewYork, N.Y.... 

Colcheatar, CL 

Charlotusrille, Va. . 
Lynchburg, Va . . . . 

Aug. 93, 1 
Aug. 8.1 
Sap. 3,1 

1, 1B4D 
1, 1846 


Aug. 33, 1840 

Aug. 10, 1S44 
Aug. 30, 1831 
Aug. 23, 1831 
May 6,1837 
Oct. 11,1836 


Dec S, If 

Dec. 31, II 

Dec. 18, If 
Dec. 31, 1^ 
June 16, II 
May 1, 11 
Feb. 23, II 
Not. 16, II 
Oct. 25,11 
Sept. 3, II 

Ott. 26, 1 
June 39, 1 

June 33, 1 

I, 1836 
r, 1835 

Mar. 16, 1 
Not. 10, 1 
Aug. 11, 1 

), 1643 



|4 by act of Caafiesi tetsn jta tnn AnfiHt 93, 184S. f 

Mar. 36, 
July 39, 
Not. II, 
Sept. 11, .. _ 
Oct. 10, 1838 
June 39, 1833 
Sept. 10, 1639 

Jan. 5, 1633 
June 26, 1635 



Xooft, ooTeritig with tin 

Koof^, covering 4ith tin 

Bioofs, coTCring viih tin 

'ILoolh, fire proof and wUer tight. 
Roofaorhousea.&c-, securiugiin 

Roofa, melal, mlpportin^. . 
ttoota, melollic, rcadering 


Rooli, ahingllng. 

Hoofing bouira 

Roofing, eaatiroQ 

Roofing bouMe, macUiwiy foi 

b«ad!ng meal pl&iu 

Roofing nouMA, coaMnicting of 

Chariea Bonny caatle. 

PhiiMu Burgess 

John B. Duval 


Lecaburg, Ta 

Brooklyn, N. V... 
CharleHmi, S. C. 
Lexington, Ti.... 

Aug. 11, Vm 
Oct. 1T,1» 

Sept. n, isn 

Fib. SS, iMt 

John W. Boech.. 
Thomai Young. . . 
William Doeltfr.. 
William Beach... 

ChirkMMi, a C. 
PhihiMnhM, Pa. 
New OtWm, La. . . 

Nev. 19, I8ta 
Mar 11, IS07 
Dec 10, 18« 
April 33, IBtt 

Bulsbeara, for repairing and L 

proving roads 

Sewer, common mouthed 

Sever, of hydraulic c«mvrt. . . . 
Slairs, fer faridgea or fenita. . ■ • 
Stairs, circular , . 

John G. Woodin . . 

«awing ore 


Samuel Mallory.. 
Alexander Ramsey 

Obadish Parker 

David Dunham 

Edward B. Smith.... 
Henry M. Bhrev 
James Hamilton. 

Streets, machine for sweeping. . , 

Sucets and roads, grading 

Streets, sweeping. 

Streets, sweeping 

Streets, sweeping* 

Streets, sweeping and cleuiing;t' 

Stumps, exinicling 

Stumps, extrecting 

Blumpa, exlracLJng 

Stuinpa, eztractii^ 

Stutnpa, extracting 

Stumps, extracting 

Stumps, extracting 

Stump extracting, 

Stump extracting 

Stump extracting, , 

Stump extracting 

Stump extracting. 

Stump extracting 

I Stump extracting 

I Stump extracting . 

I Stumpa, emr&ctmg, and moving 
heavy bodies 

' fitompa, extracting, and rem< 

William P. Gibba. . 
Alexander M. Wilson 

Randal Fish 

Pliny Robinson. . . , 
Alexander Jones.., 
Thomas Mussey. . . 
Joseph Whit worth. 
Alexander Craig . . . 

David Stone 

Abieza H.Whitney.. 

Abipih Pratt. 

Abinh Gorham 

Willard Foster 

Eliaa Fraser. '. 

Henry Gordon 

Eenjomin Burling. . . 

John D. Akin 

MiksC. Mix 

Frederick A, Steuart 
LewiaAChs. Howard 
Eleazer Marble. . . . 
( Belden B. Mason. 
) Matthews Joilyn,. 
Luke F. Cavenaugh. 



v^ic, art of . 

Jobn E. Larkin, . . . 
Ijeonard Norcroaa. . 
John Staples, jr. . . , 
H. Anvil Non1> . . . 
John Grout, jr. ... . 

Wil&un Shnltx 

James L. Etfoi^ . . . 

Daniel Pierson 

HerftyJ. Rogers. .. 
William Amtesley . , 
"-■ Oray. . 

Cinciimati, Ohio. . 

Alexander, N. Y. 
Philadelphia, Fa. . 
Hew York city,.. 

New York 

Bofimlo, N.Y.... 
St. LoDia, Mo. . . , 

, Jolr 8, 1843 
. July S«, lBt> 

. Oct. s,]nB 

. July 8, I8tt 
. June 98, ISII 

. Nov. 15, ue& 

Boston, Mas*. 
Newton, a... 


New York. 
Leonaidaville, N. Y 
NewYork.N. Y. 
New London, Ct. 
Manchester, Eng. 
New Hampshire . , . 
Clermont, N. H . . , , 
Bowdoinham, Me.. . 

Jackson, N. Y 

Turner, Maine. .... 


Hector, N. Y 

Fountain Dale, Fa.. 
Catherine, N.Y... 

Columbus, Pa 

Tompkins CO., N.Y. 
Catherine.N. Y... 

Reading, N.Y 

Wyaluilrig, I^ 

Randolph... I m v 

Napoli J W-Jf- 

New Field, K.V.., 

Jane 14, 1843 
Mw. i, 1S35 

Oct. 16, ISH 
Nov. 9 , IRM 
July 10,1M3 
July 98, ISO 
Oct. 19,1843 
Jane 1, IMS 
April 15, 1801 
July 27, ISSi 
Mar. IS, 18M 
Au^. IT, I8S7 

I, ini 

Aprils^ 1631 
Dec 31, ISft 
Jan. 16, IW 
Jane 25, ISM 
Feb. 96, 18M 
Mar. 31. 18M 
April 30, IBM 
Sept. 14, \m 
Dec. II, IM 
Feb. 10, ISll 
May 15, 1341 

Salem, N.Y..... 
Dixfidd, Maine , . 

New York 


BidtitabM, Md 

Charieaton, & C 

Boston, Maaa. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Albany, N. Y. 

June 18, ISn 
Mar. 9, lal 
Siapt.97, I8H 




oivn, nrauiGBBiiro. 

"nibw, iStf, for aquedDGla.— £u 



"WaB* «nd oeilingi, f rMectingfrotn 


WaUi, boSdins, in deep waUt , . , 

Water, mode of obtaiiuDg 

Wotker atnfl* 

Well*, uunan, boring, uniting bi 

oncer to Ihs "inlting for boring . 

Wtm, corb or cue for. 

WeU«, sinking 

Weils, Kiiltii«. 

Wdla, liDkii^ 

Wdb, linkii^, appanUus for, . . . 

Whama, conitrncling. 

Wbarre*, teatiog,for fti-hing fiah 
Wlkarrea, piera, dfcc, Moslnicting 

Wiei, for catching uh 

Window blinda 


Window Uinda 

Window blkda 

Window blinds, opening and shut- 
Window and door blinds 

Window and door frames 

Window and other frames, oover- 

iDg^th wove wire 

Window fiiaterier.— Sm CUm 3. 

Window frieze and coTcnng 

Window frieze and ooTering 

Windows, improvemenl in 

Window saih: . , 
Window nsh... 
Window Mudi. . . 
Window SBsb... 
Window SMh. , , 
Window Baahf.. 
Window saoh. . . 
Window aeili... 
WindowMdk . . 
Window OMh. . . 

Clan IS. 
Ezra Ludlow. . . . 
Henry Halloek.. 

Window Bsah, blinda, and pannel 

Window wtfh, bai^ine 

Window aasb, hanging 

Window aash, laying out 

Window tub, mortuing. 

Window aaah, preparing stuff for, 

Window aarii, taising 

Window Saab, atuff^ Uyiag . . . 
Window shtttter, fire^proof. ... . 

Window •hntter , 

Wmdow riiHUer* orgmids 

• AaieiMel War. M, ntt. 

Henry K.MsT.... 

Timothy Dbtis 

Alex. Bjrkpatiick. . 

Job Copperthwaite, i 



Tobias Ruffner.... 
Bbenezer Rice. ■ • ■ ■ 

James Butler 

A. Bailev. 

John a. Pray 

Hawley Emeraon . . 
George Munger. . ■ > 
John Farkeraon. . . . 
Nathtu) Palmer . . . . 
Qanier Wilkinson . 

Edwin Keith. . 
Seril Sleere . . . 
John Jordan. .. 

Williams Woolley... 
WilLiama Woolly... 
James Ogden and D.R. 

John HooTw 



Amos Miner 

Cbarlea Thompaon. . . 

Amos Miner 

Joseph Inebani 

Jedediah Kichari*, jr. 

John Tichenor. . ..... 

William W. Hopkins 
Francis Follet ..... 

DaTid Worthingtoi 

Orin Ellis 

Caleb B. Rogers . . 
William Long..... 

Eben Baaaford. ...... 

J. Brown and Geoi^ 

W. Robnwon 

Traman BnrthokMnew 
Arthur L. Johnson. 

West Troy, N. Y, 

New York 

New York 

New York 

Boston, Msat..... 
Lawisnceto'n'p, Ind 

Newark, N.J... . 

Kanawha co.. Vs. 

Nantucket, Maiu, 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 
KenAwba, Va. . . 


Baltimore, Md. .. 
HaTre^de^Jrace, Md 
Brooklyn, N.Y.... 

Cambridge, Md .... 

Boston, Mass 


While Creek, N.Y. 

Brldgewaler.Maas. . 
Rockbridge CO., Va. 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 



Ttoj, N. Y 



Oawego, N. Y 

Som^Mt, Conn . .• . 






Boston, Mass. 

Ithaca, N.Y 

Norfolk CO., Ya.... 

Petenbu^, Pa 

Hartford, Conn .... 

Orange, Mass 

Normcb, C^M .... 


LiTtrmore, Mass. . . 

Prondence, R. I . . . . 


Baltimore, Md 

tl»l Dse. t, laas. Bad Ji 

Feb. SS, 1839 
Sept. 93, 1833 
April 14, 1898 
Dec. 14, 1840 

Sept. 4,1841 
April 13, iae9 
Fd). 1, 1810 
Sept. 10, 1817 
Dec. 33, 1818 
Not. 36, 1840 
Sept. 9,1813 
June 24, 1830 
Jan. 6, 183G 
Aug. 14, 1811 
Mar. 30, 1817 
Oc*. 11,1828 
June 13, 1831 
Jim. 8, 1843 

Jan. 35,1833 
Mar. 25, 1835 
April 30, 1817 

Mar. 91, 1846 
Not. 30, 1797 
Not. 19, 1804 
Jan. T, 1809 
June 17, 1817 
July 9,1833 
Dee. 6, 1890 
Not. 19, 1833 
Jan. 39,1834 
Not. 13, 1838 

Mat. 31, 1845 

Mar. 35, 1833 
Feb. 34, 1804 
Oct. 15, 1833 
April 37, 1809 
Jan. 16,1834 
Sept. 90, 1838 
Not. 30, 1800 

April SS, leu 

Mar. 16, 1836 
June 17, 1809 
April 11, 1843 

by Google 

b, Google 



Comprising Carriages, Cars, and other Vehicles, used oa 
Roads, and parts thereof. 

by Google 

b, Google 


CLASS X.-~LAND CONVEYAHCB, imipriitiy Cmf^M, Cm; mi albr fUWct, m^ m 
Satdi, mtdpmU Aertf. 

JkxtM A bona foreemag«irbe^ 
Axlet for cairiigai, . . . . ....... 

Axka & hnbi for canug;* wbaali. 

Azk, niofnbic » 

Axhaof railnxidcan. 

AaJea of railroiul tan, itRogthaB- 


DmI W. FbUlipa and 

Wm. Maber. . . 
Aw B. EejiioldB 


HcnryF'.Fhillipa. ... 
OmtkiN. R«ynold- 
( NMhuiiel Wllar i 
i Edwwd Buicraft. . . 
P«tar BDd Wm. C. A]- 

Aaka and riufU, oiling liMnoDtal 
Axl«, and IhDTongh boxM, forcar- 

Azkinea aod boxes. 

Ax)etne« and boxca 

Axktreet and boxea far carriages 
■nd raihroBd oui.* 

Axletraei for carriBges 

Astktrees tot mrriafea and can , 
AxlelTeet, dimiDiahing ftielion. . 
AxleOMa, dimiiuahiDg flriOioB . . 

HJMunM. Smith.. 

William SUmt. . . . 


JancA. Smith .. 
Deitar C. Forea and 

Fir*d. Davia. . . . 
Aloxnnder Jahoton 
Spanou Colunao . . 
Rehen Kilbom. . . . 
Banjaoun Hinkl^ . 


MiddMoiy, CoTin'D 
Sbanealelea, N. Y . . 
Fitchbon, Maaa . . 
Skanaatdaa, N. Y. 
PmiU)B,Maaa i 
PravidenM, R. I j ' 

PhikdriphiA, Pa. . . 
Riohmend, Va , . . . 

Baltimore, Md 

New Haven, Conn 

Mount PlM«uit,Va. 

Axleinea, hub 

Axletreea, hub and apol 

Axletreea, maehina ftr t, ^ . . 

Axletreea, railroad can, breaking 

pteT«n(ed "... 

Axtetreea, nutroad oara, 

aalnf of. 

Axletreea, milnny .and othar car- 


Qamer WilKinaon . 
Frad. BaJmlar 




Ziba DnrkM . . 

Axlelraea, radnced frielion rollera . 

Axtetree, rarolniig, 

Obdetnei, Ac., aetting. 

'Bi^ige.aBeDrinf ,wi foMcoMlKa 
Ami box, iF^> "P—, pwkad. . 
Boxea, anti-frictu>n, for car axlea f 

■BrokMsaiTMtiiig tb« notion of ov. 

riaje ivhnb 

*nriM, ftiKi on, far railroMl tan, 

(•xfciBBrjp for oper a ting. 

finftaa for tar whaelat. 

Brakes for carriage wheela 

VaScM for Garria^e nbeela 

-Bmkaa for carriage vheeli 

Brakes, carriafe, self-acting 

'■■toned 10 P. Outtt, Nn. M, 1834. 

Rosa Winans 


Inac Slack 

TiByMhT F^savideo. 

Aaron Hale 

Junta SiraUM-. .... 
TlM«.MiirTBT M ig gs ti 
■angnee of Willua 


JobnL. Olm-ka..... 
WlWam McCamnon 
WiHiam Dimning. . . 
David D. Oibson and 

WaAar Cobbs 
EJgah Cbapnum 
SamMl Cape. 


Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Baltimore, Md ■ ■ • 
Avondali, Fa ... . 


AlbaB7,]>f. Y 

DnnningavJlle, Pa . . 

DamasooviUe, Ohio 

Akron, Ohio 

Salem, Obio 

Jnir 30, lan 

April 33, 1838 
Dec. 5,1843 
Dm:, is, lew 
Sept 16, 18U 
April 99, 1619 
Dec. 15, 1843 

Nov. 6,1834 
Feb. 9, 1S3S 
Mar. S,ie3S 
AprU 13, 1808 

April 14, 18Stt 
Feb. 34,.183t 
Dk. 6, 1831 
Aug. Sa, 1816 

July 14, J834 

Jan. », 1838 

J«i)r 30,1831 

April 14, uaa 

Oct. 10,1846 
Sept. 36, 1837 
Jane 7,1830 
April 3, 1S3S 
Jme IB, 1830 
May 93, IBIS 

AprU 11, lew 
Dec. U, 1846 
Not. 1, 1845 

Fsb. 13, I8«5 
Sept. ae, 1846 
Dec. 99,1046 

IDaie oTARifn pateat, Not. T, 

1 by Google 

LAHD cnnrTBTAireB . 

Bnkes for carriage v 

Brake or lode, for anealiiig tki SunW Gum, MMgne* 

molionofapriiW' ' -fw— .-■i—.— 

Brakes of railroad c 

. Z. C. B 

John Du Bob, jr.. 
"unoel Gum, MMg._ 
of Wm. CUylon . 

John JL Groat , . 

Brekea. Mfety, Belf-«cting, for rail- 

Brakee, nilroad ea 
Broke fornilioad .. 
Bntka, railroad car, prereDling 

Brakea for retarding carriagea. 

Brakea for railroad can 

Brake for raitroaid cara, Klf-«cting 

Brakea, for cars 

Brakes, for can, eccentric. .... 
Brakes, waeoii, self-r^ulMine . . . 
Biakers, cylindrical, for retaraing 


Bumpera, applied to locomotiTca, 

Bumrnr and draught apringa on 

railroad can 

Bumpera, iu apring drau^t, for 

impera, id api 

railroad cara*. 
Car bodiea, nuide of hanginct. 

Car, circular. 

Car, and circular railroad 

Cor, door (aatcBinr. 
Car, for ineliiied pfa; 
Car, loeomotiTe..., 
Car, loeomotiTe, and rails adapted 


Car, and loeonotiTe eogiiM. 


Car, railroad 

Car, railKiad 

Car, railroad 

Car, railroad 

Car, railroad] 

Car, lailroail 

Car, railroad 

Car, railroad 

Car, railroad 

Car, railroad 

Car, railroad 

Car^ railroad 


Car, roiboad .. 
Car, railroad . . 
Car, railroad .. 
Car, railroad , . 
Car, railroad . . 
Car, railroMi . . 
Car, railroad , . 

Car, railroad ||. 

Car, railroad 

4]ar, railroad, altaching 

Qeorge 8. ^^nna . . . . 
Petnu J. O. Conway, 

William Clay ton 

Mallhew W, King. . 
Moaes S. Woodward 

Henry C. Sides. 

Edwin Thayer 

John K. Smith 

Ephraim Morris.... 
Robert Turner. 

Fowler M.Ray.. 

Peter A 

Lavi B. Thyng 

Jonathan Crane 


John K. Smith 

SandsOlcott. ....... 

William HeM>r..., 

Emmor Kimber . . . . 


John C. BlauTell . . . 

Charles Williams... 

Richard P. Morgan . 

Boss WiDoos. 

William Howard . . 

Isaac Knicht , . 
John J. Reekera . . 

John L. SolliTan. . . 
Joseph V. Hoghea. 

John Elgar. 

William Bryant and 

Isaac HioU 

Isaac Cooper 

Samuel Soyder . . . 
Jonas P. EVirlamb 

Rou Winans 

John Wilhera.... 
Guala's Flantou , ad m'r 

Sam'l Harrison, jr 
William A. Dara, . 
L. Pickering and J. 

Oct.Bt,tUB. tAnteditHlMiy 17,lS«fi. tBe'i"''! Jalf 1A>>B3*, •<■< 


. Jun« 13, 184S 

. June 13, 1S4E 

. June IB, leit 

. Aug. SS, 1849 

. Not, 38, 1843 

. Dec. 31, 1839 
. Sept. 10, 1840 
. Aug. 18, 1S46 


MarahaUon, Pa . . . 
Baltimore, Md . . . . 
Port ClmlOil, Pa .. 
Bloomfald, N. v.. 
Ward, Mass 



New HaTBD, Conn 

Lowell, Mass 

Schenectady, N. Y 

Triana, Ala. 

Port Clinton, Fa. ... 
Haraimus, N. J. .. 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Eimberton, Pa.... 

Rockland CO., N.Y. 
Richmond, Va . . 
Slockbridge, Mai 
Vernon, S.J... 
Baltimore, Md . . 
BaltiDHtre, Md . . 
Baltiraare, Md . . 
Baltimore, Md . . 
Philadelphia, Fa. 
Re»dir- "- 

ulme. Pi 

iwiille, I 

Baltimon, Md . . 

Dandaon co^ Tenn . 
Baltimore, Md . . 
Lancaster, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia. Pa. 
Baltimore, Md . . 
Bart township. Fa. . 
Baltimon, Md. .. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Baliintoie, Md . , . 

. July 39, 1841 

Sept. 8,1838 
Nov. 18. 1845 
Oct. 1,1830 
Oct 38, ISTT 
Feb. 13, 183( 
SepL 11, 1839 
Oct 11,1830 

Mar. 5.1831 

July 11, 1833 
Jan. le, 1890 
July 37, ia» 
Oct. 11,1898 
Nor. 33, 1839 
Mar. 18, 1839 
Oct. 37,1839 
D»c 11. 1899 
April 6, 1699 
Mar. 3,1830 
Jane K, 1830 
0«t 1,1830 

Jane 13, 1831 

Oct. 3S, isn 

Not. 10, 1833 
Jan. 19, 1833 

June 3,183T 
AprU94, 1S3S 
Oct. 5, 1838 

Car, raSnad. coDMotk^ Ink* An 
Cara,railroaa,o(Nipliii{... , 

Btebud tMmaiiiiK • • - 
J. A.CouingtmdClea. 


Peter Flemiag. 

^ Mopping 

Car, railroad, frame for 

Car, raitrowl, locomoure, coDpling 

bars oT. 

Car, railroad, Ac, mode of 

Cor, railroad, paoaemr 

Car, railroad, penduloua 

Car, railroad, to prevnil accideou 
from what am called '■ — ■- 

Car, railroad, propelling: 

Car, railroad, propelling by borae 

Car, railroad, propelling t^ borae 

Cars for removing gtaTGl and earth 

on raitroeda 

Car, railroad, replacing upon track 
Car, railroad, to run on roada and 

Car, railroad. 

Robert Giant 

Jobo Staph enaon ■ 
Samuel T. Jonea, . 

Daniel W. Crocker . 

ruDDing c 

Car, railroad, aafelf 

Car, lailrood, self-adaptiog 
Car, railroad, ■eir-direcling 
Car, railroad, Mlf-^iding and ac- 

Car, railroad, Buppotting the bodies 
Car, railroad, turning currea. .t.. 
Car, railroad, turning with facility 
Car, railroad, and wg^on. 
Car, railroad, and wagon, 

Car, saTelf 

Car, lafely, and railroad.—^ CI 

Car, eeir-loadiog 

Car, lakingoiereletauens. 

Car, and way tot novii^ weigh la 


Carriage , 

Samuel T.JoDM.... 

Charles F. Zimpel . 
William Kinkead.. 

Jaiuaa Wright 

Le«ia Wernwog. . . 

Urin Clark 

Richard Imlay 

John H.Ouail 

Anlbonr Shenner. . 
William Boward... 

James Herron 

John Tittle 

Albur, N. Y 

Cambridge, Man. . 

. July .22, 1837 
. ANi]22, ISn 
. Feb. 23, 1890 

Cerrage bodica 

Carriage bodtef, conneeling 
the pearch by meaoa of apringa' 

Carriage bodies, hanging 

Carriage bodiea, hanging 

Carriage bodies, bangii^ 


Smith Cram 

Thomas PaUon, sen., 
Stephen W. Dana... 

William Rob 

Benjamin Peck 

HoralioQ. Spafford.. 

Benjamin Hate. 

John B. Swann 

Jobo B. Swonn 

Bernard J. Malfeaaon . 
Wm. A. Joaiah Jesnip 
Thao. Brooks A. D.W. 

ThomM Knox. . . 
John T. Kimball. 
Edward Qibaon. . 
Henry DunlHp... 



Oreenbaafa,N. Y... 


New Orleans, La. . . 


Columbia, Pa. 

Harper's Perry, Va. 

Baltimore, Md 

Pbiladelpnia, P« 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Baltimore, Md 

Richmond, Ta 

Johnstown, Pa 



Bowling Grven, Ky . 


New York 

Philadelphia, Pk.... 

Albany, N. Y 

New bury port, Maa*. 


Albany, N.Y 

Burliiwion, N. J... . 
Guilford CO., N.C.. 

Rutland, N.Y 

8nif[gersTillB, Va... 

Kefinebunk, Me 

New York 

Georgetown, D. C 
Lebanon, Ohio 

Trumbull, Ct 

McDowell stille. Pa. 

New Field, Ct 

Meduia, Mio 

Feb. 16, ISM 
Oct. 30, tS34 

Oct. 15,1831 
Dec. as, 1837 
Sept. 10, 1839 
Not. 16, 1B31 

Sept. 38, 1831 
Sept. 91, 1837 
Feb. 25, 1844 
Sept. 9, 1B3S 
Awi! 23, 1831 
Har. 35, 1835 
Feb. 10, 1846 

June 38, 18S0 
June 11, 1836 
Dec. IT, 1834 

Aug. 30, laoe 

Jan. 14,1809 
July 5, 1814 
Nov. 35, 1814 
QcL 4, 1817 
Sopu 39. 1818 
JuU 34, 1831 
April 6,1894 
June 1,1837 

Dec. 6,1837 
Mar. 15, 1898 
July 3S. 1845 
May 10, 1811 
Aug. 37, 1813 
Mar. 4, 1838 

April 10, 1844 
Oct. 13,1839 
Oct. 16, 1839 
Oct. 96,1831 

•Bebio-dMarriit'. IS« 

by Google 

Jf^t9 «W«#X4IWft. 


uuriigt bodies, hanging. . . . 
Curiage bodiea, and su^a. . , 

purines, cakwh (op 

Carriage, car bodies, hanging 
Curiagea, cooBimcliono?... 
CanHagea, conilruciioa of. . . 
Carriagea, conitruetion of.. . 

Carriages, detaching horses from , 
Cairkgea, Jetachiiig boisea from. 
Carriages, disengaging horses from 
Carriages, diaengagiog horses from 
Carnages, diseogBging horacs froi 
Carriages, diEsngaging h oraen froi.. 
Coiriages, disengaging horaaa from 
''- rriagea, disengagiog h o rses fro m 


Carriages, four-wheeled, coupLne 
liic forward axle wilh ihe reach 

and head block 

Carriages, 4-wheeled, crosa cramp 

CiuTiages, hand 

Carriages, haDging& placing slepa 
Curiages, impeding, desceading 



Joseph Smilh. . .. 
Qeorge Hollo way. 
George S. Hacker- 
John C. Stroeba). . 

Daniel Neall 

Samuel C. Brown and 

Levi J. Hicks. . 
John Madden .... 

H. C. WiaU 

WilUom Start.... 
Robert Beale .... 
O.K. Bro^ylea... 
Qeorge Kintzi . . . 
Jacob Harlacker. 
David Little.... 
James S. Shnell. . 
Alfred Osgood... 



Lancwter, Pa. . ■ ■ 
Ballimore, Md... 
Pennsylvania.. , . , 
Milford, Del 

juiM a,m 

April 99, UU 

iept. 19, U 
reb. 3fi, V 

. Welb. . 

Mac«doD, N. Y. 
Warren, Ohio. . 
Weldon, N. C. 
Greenaborough, Md. 
Wuflhington, D. C. 
Anderson c. h., S.C 

Exeter, Pa 

Lancaster, Pg. .... 
Getlysbu^,Fa. ... 
ShirejDaDstown, Pa 
Charl«stown, Ohio. 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 
Newtown, Cl.... . 
ReadiDg, Pa. 

HBaaing, ra... i 
Hartfont, Cl- 

hills . . 

Carrisges, land and aleam . 
Carriages, loeoDiollve, con ^ 

three or mora sets of driving 


Carriages of locomotive 


Carriages and machinery, when 



Holmes Hinckley. . . . 
Wm. Norria, aas'ee of 

a. Norris and Wn>. 


manual, four-wheeled 
raeaauring distance. . . 
overcome obstructions 


Lyman Cook 

Fuller A, Richanlson. 


regulating the ipe 




propelling.— 5u Prvpil 


railroad ........ 

Carri^ or i»r, railroad 

Cairi^es, milroed, eonnectiog & 


Carriage, rajlroad, conpling irons 

J.S . 

William Ferris 

Milion P. Colbum, 
litv Boala, Clan T. 

jan A.Whilford.. 
Albert Bridges & Chs. 

Hartford, Cl. 

Whiteaiown, N. Y. 
Brunswick, Me. . . . 

Coicheater, Cl. 

Springfield, Mms ■ ■ . 
New York.... 


Baltimore, Md 

July 17,1817 
July 9, IBU 
Oct. 90,1846 
May 3,1616 
May 13, 183} 
Mar. n,l8M 
Mar 4,1843 
Nov. 4,1843 
Mar. 30, 1843 
April 13, 1844 
Jan. 37,1543 

Sspt. 33,18a 
May 4,1805 
May 4,1613 
Jan. 34,1815 

Feb. 10, 1843 

May 16, 1335 
Mar. aa, 18II 
May 29, 1835 

Aug. 99, 1833 
Dec. 98, 1635 
April 35, ]»4 
April SO, 1737 
April 7,18» 


Cambridgeport, Mas 


Jan. 30,1 

Cwriage, railroad, coastroeiing. 
pvriaee, railroad, discharging 

blodia of ice therefrom lo plat- 
Carnages, railroad, machiasry for 

elevating and depositing ic ' 
Carnages, railroad, turning i 

Nathaniel J. Wyeth. 

Nathaniel J. Wyelh, 
PenyG. Gardiner, os'e 

of Isaac Bullock 


im C. Fuller. . . 


Cambridge, Mws. ■ 
Cambridge, Mass. • 

New York 

Middlesex .CO., £ng 

pec. 10, 1849 

July i,ia* 

May 7.^ 

Dec. 10, IWl 
Dec. 10, 1841 
Ocu 11,1841 
Od. 34, 184C 

by Google 

umm- aeiivnuwB. 


t, retarding, deawndiiig 

Caniagca, Idling lerer 

CaniagM, taklj, double udelree. 

Carriage ahail, dip for 

Carriafe apriog I 

Carnages, aprin^ perch /or. [ 

Carriagea, (aulkieaj i 

Carriages, auspanduig, pleuure. .! 

Carriages, two-whaeiedf. I 

Carriages, travailing ...[ 

Carriagei, wheeled, mafg weight 
Carriage trucks, chain applied to. I 
Carnage, waf^oiw, ooupluigsfor..! 
Carriage, whip^e-tree for i 

Carls, chain and railway, for le-' 

Telling hills. I 

Carta, self^Mlanced, hand... 

Carta, self-loading 

Carts, remoriog earth 

Carls, waeons, Ac., loading.. 
Chaise bodiaa, Qreoiatt 

Em Slifar. 

Harvey Chapman. . . . 
Edward Q. Htch.. . 

John Cooper. 

Starr Pairdiild 

Stephen TomKnaon. 
John R. Remington . . 
Joseph Henderson 

John PBge 

Geo^ H. Richards. . New London, Ct 
Samuel Chapman....! Windsor, Maas .. 
Jonalhao Knowlea . . .' Lowell, Mass. . . . 

GeoTfe W. Hai^ i Parkman.Ohio... 

Benj. Fowler, jr., asa'e! 

of James Jorey | Hartford, Cl 

Fredenck Shehon.... Jackson, N.C.... 
Thomaa MuBsey New London, Cl. 


Corinth, nTY, , 
Blakelv, Ala... 

New York.... 
TnimbuU, Cl.. 
Bridgeport, Ct. 
Lowndeaco., A 
Guilford, Ct.... 
New York, 


. Jan. 33, 1B39 
. Mar. 14, 1846 
. May 16, 1849 
. April 4, 1B46 
. Dec. W, 1808 
. Sept. 14, 1B40 

. Mar. 3, 
. July 28, 
. June 13, 


r, 1640 
!, 1834 
I, 1845 

Cosehca, acoammodaiion. 

Coaches, barouchea. I 

Coaches, hanging curtains or blindsj 

Coaches, panoela 

Coaches, psal, and other 

" — '-—J pleasure carriage* andl 

John H. Morrison... .1 Boscawen, N. H . ■ 

George Coolidge i Walertown, Mass. . 

Waldron Beach. Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 

Jer. Price I Lockpori, N. Y... 

Noah Oabom I Fairfield, Ct 

Pbineas Dow I Boston, Maaa 

Fred. Bremler. iNewYork. 

Fred. Bremler. . . 
Beniantin Hale- . 

John Mead 

Robert Gedney. . 

Peter Harvey .... 
Eben. A. Loner.. 
Richard Ward... 

Thomas Shriver.. 
John Eberts 


Ote.fait top I 

Inclined planes, mode of ascending' 

and descending by locomotives.) Ezra Coleman. 
Jonmals of railroad cars, constnicl'! 

Ing the bearings and oil boxes]. | 
Link, aelf-aeparating, for connect-. 

Lock, spring for ooach doors. . 

ZiOck, wagon 

. Lock, wagon 

Irf>ek, wagon 

Sbil carriages, water-proof. . . . 
Mailcoacha „,.. 

Hade of reiardiiw the n 

sleds in deacending 
PoIcB, and lead bars. ....... 

Rails for rsilroad tnieks 

Railway, Btmonheric II 

Sleds, hold back for. .. 

Sleds, for tnmsporling ice in blocks 

John H. Tims.. . 
Conrad H. Hunt and 

Wm. Brown. . . . 
Peler Atveraon. ... 

Qeorge Divan 

John M. Davidson 

Samuel Jones 

Bazil B. Pleasants. 
Simeon Draper.... 
Daniel W. Eaines. 

John Du Bois, jr. . . . 
Lucius W. Stockton . 
W. M. CCushman. 

John Rtear. 

James Rtbrow 

James Andrews 

Nathaniel J. Wyeth.. 

Aug. Day 

Jac. Fisher 

New York... 

Albany, N. Y. 
New York... 

Sept. 28, 1 
June 13, 1 
Feb. 5, 1 
May 18, 1 
May 33, 1 
Aug. 15, 1 
April 34, 1 
Jan. 31, 1 
Jan. 17, 1 
Mar. 13, 1 
April 7, 1 

May 9, 
Mar. 18, 
June S, 

Philadelphia, Pa. ... 

Boston, Mass 

Schenectady, N. Y . 

Cumberland, Md... Nov. 

Alton, III May 

Philadetphia.Pa. ... Sept. ' 


Phihulelpbia, Pa. . . . 

Newark, N.J 

Frederick sbUTt, Vi 
New Haven, Ct. , 
Franklin CO., Pa.. 
BrownsviHe, Pa.. 
Bridgeport, Pa... 
Brookfield, Mass . 
WaiertoD, N. Y, . 

Dec. 31, 1845 

Dec. 36, 
April 3, 
April 14, 
Dec. 31, 
May 4, 
, Dec 7, 
. Aug. 30, 
.May 8, 

Cascade, Pa 

Uniontowtt, Pa 


Brookfield, Mass . . . 
Tottingham, Bng. . . 
Camden, Maine.... 
Cambridge, Mass. . . 
Bordentown, N. J.. 
Kennebec, Maine . . . 

June 13, 1 
Sept. 39, 
Jan. 16, 
Mar. 13, 
July 36, 
Feb. 16, 
Dec. 1, 


[■nidi, Juse », IfOi t Aateducd Ad|. 18, 18 

asBSdlBH 13, 1844. 1 Dale o/fbietfD pateai, Hsf IT 


...——„. — 


— .■ 

-— . 


Theodore R. TtMby. 


Nuii'el Beaedick, Jr. 
Abel Benedict, £>i 

Anuaali Speai. 

Henry O. Qnyon... 

Edward Tfaak 


Sermon Hani 

WUliain Barton 

John C. Rickey 



Auburn, M.y..„ 

Sharon, Conn 


New York city.... 

Luienta county, P« 

ManUua, N. Y. . . . 
Canaan, Conn 


May 7,)8« 
Dm. U,tM 


eieighi, eonnecUng the body with 
Sleigh imn^aV^V.'.'.'"."'.'.'. 

Feb. H), leM 

Sept. IS, KB 
Oct. I,18K 
Oct. «,1W 

Saib runncn, to wheel euiiepHi 

Heigh Bhoee 

(Seigh thoee, cait iron.. ....... 

Sleigh Bhoei, laet iron, double 

Feb. 10,1834 

Sleigh shoea, can iron, on wroogh 

•lei):h Bhoea, at«lplai«] 

Dee. 13,nil 
July 16, IWa 
Feb. *, WOT 
July 10, 18H 
Sept T, NH 

ateigbi or aleda, mtde of hwking 

Berwick, Maas.... 


Eaaax, Vt 

Bedford, Maa.... 

Hartford, Cl. 

New Havan, Ct. . . 
New Hayan, Ct. . . 


Cincinnati, Ohio... J 

lthaca,N. Y 

Towanda, Ftu 

BurdMt,N. Y 


Henry D™1»p 

R.B. Brown 

Jonalh an Bacon 

William King and U 

Spnnga for carnage*. 

Spring!, earriaee 

Jfar. 9,HW 

Enoch Ilea and Jerry 


Jt»e 3, IMS 

Jonallian Mix 

lU. Humphreys and J 
C. Humphreya.... 
Michael H.BumwiU. 
Geotge N. Reynolde. . 
Lemuel H.Panona... 


Henry P*oe, een 

Newel Hungerford... 

William Palton 

William Sharp. 

Elbridge a. Woodoide 
George B.Robin«»n.. 


April 33. 1614 

April w, ten 

Aug. 96, mm 


Mar. 9l! IM 

Aped I'.tm 
&£y 41 IM 

Elba, N.Y 

Brooklyn, N..Y.... 

P«.Yan, N Y 

EaMon, iM 


Oet 6,lM 

Bprin^, (wmge, end utadung 
earrnge b«d»aKi them 

Springe, iMrriage, uid auaehing 
oarriaige bodies to them . 

^ringi, eatria^B, elliptic 

Springs, car.ii^e, gig, connect. 

David A. Morion.... 

J. Jonas, Allan B<dla. 



Jut. 9,18» 
J.ty 16.UM 

Springs, carriage, leavea orileel. . 
Sprtap^ carriage, nwiiner of .p. 

Micah Saahury 

John S. Tough 

Jonathan Mil 



Newark, W-J 

Lebighcoualy, Fn.. 

April la, IB« 

Spj|nP!.^"rri«ge,«eeI, edging and 

Charlea Hinkle 

JameaAraonr, jr.... 

Spring*, carnage. Heel, elliplicai. . 

Nor. 13.' IbU 
June 37, 1808 


Spring*, ell rptical, for UTTUieea ■ ' 

Spring*, *Ui«ticaI.... 

I^iiiie*, eTIiptical, forming the 

Fraohlif Hatch and 
JoDothan W.Terry. 
SuiDner Kii 
OaddA. ' 

SpTtngt, dliptieal,. tMUag and fi(- 

Bptinef wmI Urn* u> niM 

body orvB^ana 

B pii i i gi, far lococMUfea.. . 

>r railroad carriagea. . 
Bfinnga lor railrDad camacea. . 
Sprioga, railroad can, in which 
moapheric air ia employed . . . 

S^mga for railroad cars 

3pnnga Tor railroad can 

-Spcniga for railroad a ' 


firing]) for railroad (ruck.. 
ilpringBeat, forcarrii^M.. 
Spring tu, for vscmm. . . 

Springa, aMiiii; 

8p«inga, apiral, to elliptical oi 
for eamoMa 

William T-ltkharda. 

George J. Nenil..... 


Jobuwiaa Oberhauaa: 
Alexander Coniuapn. . 

Patrick Riley 

William Daff. 

Levi Biaaell 

Jamea MilholUod. . . 


Fovler M. Ray 

John BarUin, ir 

Joaeph F. Tobon... 
Joruiihan -Ntchol* . . . 
Schuyler RaynoUs.. 
David C. A.ndiew«.. 

^lingB, aleel, for carriagea. . 
^viDg*, thorough brnoe... .. 
"pringa, thorough brace 


mpB for ccoche 
Siilkey aeoL . . . 

Tire, bending.. 

Tin, bending.. 
Tire, bending. . 
'Tke, bending.. 

Tin, bending 

Tut, bendinc 

.Tve, bendiag 

"Xitt, bendii^.hoapa 

Tin, bending boopa and bead* . 
Tire, aad carriage opriagit, maok 

for beading 

Tire, and boopa, panciiing and 

Tiic, patting on the whealai 

Tirea, lelting upon wbeeli. 

Toe, for wheela 

Tire, for wheela, lacing iron with 




Chnrleaton^S. C... 
BellcTille, N. J 



N6w»rk,N. J 

BaliimoK, Mi 

BoKimore, Md 

CeiakiU, N. Y 

Proridence, R. I. . . 
Pn)T>denee,R. 1.... 

New York 

WeabnoielaDd, Pa. 


Frederic Dnvie 

Nelhan A. Sloddaid 
Hazard Knowlea. . . 

Waller Janea 

William Robin aon.. 
Luke H. Thrall.... 

Lertn Uirkhaad 


Jame* Clark 

Leonard SoBnar. 
George Carter... 
Charua M. King. .... 
0. H. Ct^ron and O. 

Charle* Coopei 

Abraham Tu* 
Walter Janca. . . 
Waller Jane*. . . 
Iieaiai Batlermd laaac 


Thomaa C. Barton. 
Joaeph Merediih. . . 
Aaron WbiMomb. . 

Josiah Buller 

Daniel Shepaniion. 

Fowler M. Ray.. 
Williajn Hinda.. 

Thomaa Banka 

George H. Thatcher. 
Jamea H. Rogcra... 

Joly n, 1831' 
Oct. 31, 1880 
N*T. Ifi, 1841 

HartaviUe, Pa 

Stafford, N.Y 

New Haven, Conn . 
Baltimote, lid.. . ■ 


Colchester, Conn.. 
Ashford, Conn. 
Will ■ 




lihtlelpbia. Pa. . . 
Keotoouniy, Del.. 

LebaiWD, Pa.... 
Aahford, Conn. . 
Ashfiud, Cdu.. 

Choconut, Pa 

Cahleakilt,N. Y... 
UamiUon, N. Y... 


Spriagfield, N. Y. 

Great Britain 

Ballalon. N.Y... 
Mo>nt Morria, N.Y. 



Jnly 99, 1841 
Feb. 15, 1838 
Dec 33, lS4t 
Jiuw 81, 183B 
1, 1841 

Oct. 11,1841 
Sapcita, 1S43 
June 14, 1834 

" isn 

Feb. 3, tan 

D«c. 34, ie»4 
June 30, 1806 
Not. 6, 16S4 

AprU i 

4, lats 

June 6, 1896 
Nov. 9T,18tO 
Not. 10, 1813 
Dee. 30, I6I4 
AprU 98, 1616 
July 31, tflW 

Jtdy aa, lan 

Not. 26. 1891 
Dec' 31, 1833 

Jan. S3, 183S 

Sept. 9R, 1835 
June 19, 1896 
July 14, iai7 

Mar. 36, 1810 

July 31, 1811 
Sept. 9. IBB 
Aug. 31, 1839 
Sept. 34, I8S9 

Dae. 34, IBM 

Mar. 7, 1833 

Aug. S5, 1843 
. Dan. IS, 1846 
' Fbb, 17, 1836 

...iBilay 30,1 


'Kre, for wheela, diilling Thomas C. Barton . . 

'KsDaporuiig and cOBVcyincs ms- 

. John J, R««kgra. . . . 

• Jamu Cornell 


TrauapOTtine weighu. 
Truck, doume cylinder 

Truck, rornilroads... 

Truck, railroad 


V«toeipede, chiro 

Velocity OQ railrooda. . 

WogoD bodica, raiaing & lowering 
Wagaa boxea, moulda for caatiog 

Wagons and other carriagea 

Wagona, carta, Ac, attaching box- 

Wagona, coachea, and breaks for. 

Wagon, hand 

Wagon, hanging 

Wagon, for removing earth 

Wagona and sleigha, drawing. . . , 

Wagon, tilting 

Wagon, tilting 

Wagon, or other wheeled lehiclea 

Wagon, or ttther wheskd lehidea 







Wheels, apparatua to prevent fall- 
ing when axlelrte breaka. 

Wheela and axles . . . 

Wheela and axle* of tocomoCiTe 
anginea, & rails adapted to them 

Wheela, boring huba ( '" 

WheeU, boxea for.... 

Wheel*, boxea for.... 

Wheela, boxea for.... 

Wheela, boxM for 

Wheela, boiea, and axles of cai^ 
riage, apfdying anii-Aiclioa rol- 

Wheela, boxea for axletMe* nod 


Wheels, boxes, anti-friction roUera 
Wheela, boxea, and axletreee for. 

Wheels, boxes, and axletreea 

Wheels, boxea, casting 
Whods, boxea, easting 

BaJtimoK, Md.. 



Fowler M. Ray 

John F. Sodgera 

Wm. K. Clarkaon,jr. 

Gideon Parker 

Jacob Nollner 

Shermon Blair. 

Thomaa Scott. 

James MoUineaux. . . . 
Horace Wood 

Waterloo, MtL 


Troy,N. Y. 


Providence, R. I . . . . 
Washington, D.C.. 
New Haven, Conn.. 

Loudon, Pa 

Nortbampton, Pa. ■ . 
Greenwich, N.Y... 

Jason C. Osgood.. 

Haory West 

John Bolton, ji 

ttenanffo, M . 
r^rk.""' ' 

Henry Mellish i Walpole, N. Y. . 

James Bowman. . 
John Owinga ■ . 
Mylo Knap p.. . 
Abm. Hobarl. . 

Eliaha Brown 

Reuben Rich 

John Coon 

M. Hunt dii C.White, 
Bracket L. Oieenou^ 

John Whitaker 

Wdliam Cooper 

Geoi^ D. Kndgman . 

Cooaauwati^ie, S.C. 

Baltimore, Md 

Springwater, N. Y.. 
Braintree, Mobb. . . . 

Norwich, Cu 

Stockbridge, MaaB, . 
Albion, n: Y.. . . 
Granville, N. Y. 

Hartford, Masa. 

Lebanon, N. H.. . 
Dingman'a Ferry, Pa 
Cohimbia, 8. C. . 

"" "" I, a. 

Richard Berrian 

David Sparry 

Thos. B. Whitlock. 

Jamea Gredley 

Levi Brown 

John Nicholson. . . . 

. G«oige G. Tibbeu. 

Isaac Sabbiu 

William Edwards. . 

Aaron Broad 

William B 

Wheela, boxes, fining to 

Wheela, boxea, letting in 

Wheela, boxea, retaining 

Wheels, boiea, selT-Awtenii^. 

Wheels, boxes, setting , 

Wheela, boxes, for wood or u 
(o totnin 


. Sullivan Reynolds.. 

. J. &C. Putnam 

. Orlando A. Fuller. . 

. Henry Bartsn 

. Thomas Mussey. . . 
. Joaiah Chancy 

. William Shotwoll.. 

Aug. n, ISM 
Mar. ai, 184S 
Sept. 5,184C 
June 36, IBiS 
Nov. 1,1835 
Apitl 13, ISS 
June 30, 183» 
Mar. 3, 1S9 
July 12, 1S« 
July 8,1843 

Sept. 38, 1839 
Sept. 39, lest 
Sept. 39, 1«M 
Jan. 11, IBM 

Aug. 13, ie» 

Aug. 27, 1894 
Sept. 5, 1846 
Feb. 17, 180T 
June 33, 183C 
Jan. 33,18» 
July 39, 1834 

Aug. 6, law 

June 15, 18(3 
Sept 19, 181S 
June 34, 189 
Mar. 3,1B» 
July 16, IB39 


Colchester, Cl... 

New Jeraey 

Boston, Mags.... 
Berkshire, Maas.. 
Herkimer, N. Y. . 

New York, N.V. 

Bosunt, Mass . . . . 
Baltimore, Md . . . 
Salisbury, Ct. . . . 

. Nov. 13, 18» 
. May 13, ISR 
. Feb. 23, 18M 
. May 33, 18D( 
. May 30, 18M 
. ApniaS,iei8 

. July 33, isa 

. July 17, 18» 
. 8m. 11, 1817 
. June 14, ISe* 
. May 9, 1818 
. Jan. 23, 18K 

Bept. 4, IBit) dKclalai 

Guilford, H. Y. . . 
Vernon, H.Y.... 
New London, Ct. 
Chesteriille, M«. . . . 

New Jersey . . . ■ 
Aaf. 8, IBIO. 

June 13, IM^ 
April 38, 1896 
Dec. 31, 1831 

July sa, m 

June II, 1«B 
Oct. 25,1833 







David Wal«iD 

AleundtT Small.... 

Fowler M. Kay 

David Cockley 


Henry Morev 

Jonathan Bonner, Cba. 
Buah, and Oeme B 

Fayette, Ma... . . . 


Hew York, N. Y. . 
Laneaater, P 

Beaver Meadow, Pa 

Wilmingioo, Dal.. 

Cohimbia, Pa..... 
Providence, R.L.. 
Wwerfort. H.Y... 

Uneawer, Pa. 

Baltimore, Md.... 


Warren, Ohio 





Btoomield,N. J.... 

Boaton, Maaa 

Baltimore, Md 

Kennebec, Me 


BonoD, Ma« 




"Wlieeta car 

-VTheela, car and earri^, ohiUiog 
-WheoJ.,car.ea.lironr.. TT. 

July 39, 1834 
Mar. 10, 1S3S 

Sunnel TriMcott, Geo 
Wolfe, and Jane* 

Albert Fuller. 

Abel Look 

Dean Walker 


Jame* Slimpaon 

Joel Easunan and Got 

Wheel., ear, cut iron 

"Vrhaeri, car, cooatniciing 

'Wheel!, car, for curved railraw)*. 
Wheels, ear, inUmg and boring. . 

Mar. 17, 1838 
Jan. 11, ISM 
Oct 14, 1M» 
Dec 31, IR33 
Dec as. 1633 

Wheeln, for can, r»lro.d, and ta 

Nov. 19, 1S3S 

Isaac Van Oorder... 



G. L. Ackermaa 

E^iphalei S Scripture. 

Samuel E.Farrand... 

James Morria 


Robert Grant 

Jame* McCullam . . . . 
William Woodbridge. 
Thatcher Perkin. ud 
William Mabon.... 
EbenezerA. LeMer... 

Mar. 19, 1834 

April 16, 1845 

April 1,1845 
May 25, 1838 
June 11, 1839 

Sept. 23, 1843 

Mar. 39, 1834 
Hov. 3, 1838 
May 10, 18U 
Majr 17. 1836 

April 10. 1843 
Aug. 10, 1844 

JoD* 19, ISS4 

Nov. ao, 1887 

July 30, 1831 
Jan. 16, 1839 
July IT, 183S 
July as. 1B9» 

Wheeli, carriage, hab-banda for. 
waier after puimg on the boop 

sa from rannrnf away 

Wbeele, carriage, for nilroad. , . . 
MThecla, carriage, wrought iron. . 
Wheob,o.Tt and carriage 

iteam enginei. 

Wheela, ^t iron, railroad 

Wheela, oonflning carriage to. . . . 
Wheel., dHvin;, of locomotive en- 

einea, increaung the adhenoD . . 

Wjj«ta,^<^ motion, asd p*ve- 

Eii» L.Miller. 

Andrew M. Eartwick. 

Felix Varela. 

Triatam Kimball 

Merrit Blalnider 

Robert augb Heorv . 

J. Bwker 


Wbeela, MIoea, b^ing 

Wheela, Mloea, beodiv. 

Wbeeli, MhMt, bendi^br Maam 


HaddoaieU, N.J.. 



Philip., M 


LebMO0,W. H 

Caiakill. N. Y. 

Wheel., MIoe., catting machine. . 
Wheeh, feUoM, catling amhi^ . 

Oct. 14,1835 

Wheeta, felloe*, cutting ft drcMog 
Wheela, Mloea, euuing A. diMMag 
Wheel., felloe*, culdDg & dreaaing 
Wheab, Mloea aaw^ 



Pb«be Orilior, wi^w 

April 25. 1810 
Feb. ae, 1811 

dm>. aa,iaM 





George A ndnwi 

Samuel Fahrney 

AIT.B Colby 

DHidD. Hanran... 

Samuel Chsreh 

William E.Sheffield.. 
Jimiea Hamilton.,.. 
William W. PwTirard 





Wa«, N. rt 



OoL 15, MR 
Oct. 2^ MR 
Hay 4^ MS 

WhMlB, ftUoM, sawing or euuing 
Wh«l>, feiroe«, Mwing or auun^ 
WhMis, felloaa, uwing & boring 
WhMl«. felloe., Mwine A boring 
Whedi, friction, Ibr nilrMd car 

NoY. 19.' 18S3 

April 9, MB 
Mar. 18. 1836 

Abingdon, Md.... 

Bdiimom, Md 


Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Waahington, D.C.. 


Springfidd, Ohio... 

Bddmore, Md 

CtMM«r, Vt 

Beavac Meadow, Pb. 


Derby, CL 


Londooneo., Va... 







PhiJip T. Share. .... 

GwrelMn Lyon 

Heraulae Thomaa. . . 


HqwanI Detono 

Tbomea J. Bnller. . . 

Samuel H. Miller. . . 

Christian Comeliui. . . 

T. A D. Curti. 

Jamea Hinda 

Hobert MtCarty 

James Tompkina . . . 

JohnR. Morriaon... 
Eben Johnaon 

Itnac Cooper 



Abraham Randet 

Oeorge Hunt 

J«hn London, Jr 

Nathaniel C. Day.... 
Ljram. SmiAJr., and 
6riffiB R. Wiri:«. . 



Camr Waahburn.... 


JnmeaB. Cte*daD(t... 



Mowa Palmar 

Parrin PaaHiB 

SepL tl, M» 

Jo^ 3,18K 
Oat. 98,1897 

Whaal huba and aiks for can 

WhMl lub*. and ada'treu 

Oot. ST.HB 

Whael bubi, bands for, carriage 

whe^ub.Vbi<^v,biihii!g: ; '. 

Jan. 33, im 

Wheal hubt, baring and mortiaing 
Wbsal hubs) boring and monising 
Wheel bube, boring on the inaidc 

■od the boKci for linch cupa. . 
Wheel huba, boring and reaming 
Whael hubs, bosea for, and ahip'e 

Mm. SI, ieS4 
Oel. 6,18n 

May 13, ISM 

Wlieel huba, box aetier, for boring 


Sapl. 8,mi 

July 8, 18B 

Om. 13,1890 

July w, im 

Jnna IT, I81B 

YTheel hobs, of eai, chilling. . . . 
Wheel huba, carriage or wagon. 
Wheel huba, carriage, attaching to 

Whed hnb., cuTiage, atl^Jung to 

Wheel babe, carriage, Ereoaing A 

Wheel hub*, carriage, aecuring the 
boxea to their axle*. 

Wheal Imbelcaatiroa 

Dee. a; IBS! 

Mar. »,im 

J>« T^UN 

Wheel huba, milling and boring 

thiendlolelinboKei :..T 

Wheel hubs, diTJdlng and boring. 
Wheaihuba, and Mloea, boring. . 

Wheel hube, Uning meUdlic boia 

April 17. ISS3 

April i,ieu 


Wheel huba, and rotary beBringa, 

Robert Crt«a,jr 

May 4, MS 

M««*iaa W. Bridwin. 





Ulpt COMT^rAWA. 


WkMli, ot WcunotiTea, «w »n ja»t 


"Wbeela, oflocomottTeeiieiiuB. 
Wtweli, for railroad con. ..... 

WbMb, for railroad 
"Wheals, for railroad 
Wheela, for railroad . __, 
Wheda, Tor railroad con, . . 
IVbMJ*, for railroad caia aod loc»- 

Wbeeia, for niiroAd can, to prc- 

Wheela, for railroad corrio^. 
WhMU, nilrood, comncUag and 

faiteoing ths nma i 

Wheeb, railroad, cozutrucling. 
WIlMla, reaming out and telUag 

Whaoii, reverlinc. 

Wheal!, ipakM^ 

Wherla, ap«k«a, culdng lenona 
Wbe«la, apokta, euUing lenona 
Wheell, apokea, cutting tenona 
Wheelt, ipokea, cutting tenona 
'Whe«la, apokea, cutting tenona 
Wheel*, qmkea, catting teaoDa & 


Whoda, ((Kdiea, draaaing. . . . , 
Wbeela, Hiring, for camagea, 

Wheela, Uring 



Wbealbarrowa, home 

Wbedwrighu'laboraaT'gniMiiijwj MeUen Battle. 

Etiaha Town 

Henrr IL Dunham.. 

John Baker. 

OeoTM W.Eddy.. 

John Elgar 

Arundiiu Tiers. . . . 
William Creed 

James Stimpaon. . . . 

Samud Krouaer.. , . 
Jamea Stimpaan. , . . . 

Thomas Glosco. . . . . 
HeiU7 Dircki 

Eben Johnson. .... 

Otis Paine 

DBnid H. WiaweU. , 
Jona. Reynolds. .... 
Andrew P. Smith... 

James Smith 

John Lenher 

WiUiam Qerrish.... 

Pitner Emmilt 

Daniel WiaweU 

Bamey Rugglea 

Jet«miah Brainard... 

Jireh Rowley 

John Sitton.. 

Walerfori, N. y! 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 
KenaingtoD, Pa.. . 

July 31, 1 
Feb. 15, ] 
Mot. 90, 1 
Dec, 36, I 
No», 13, J 
Dec. S, 1 
Feb. 34, ] 

Oct. 33,1 

1, 1841 

.e«;l , 
Foxbc rough, Masa 

Pelerahom, Masa i ji 

' Dutcbesa co,, N. Y.j Ji 

Cornwall, Cu N 

Fayette, Me ' Ji 

Cocalico townji, Pa,j Ji 
Portsmouth, n. H. . Ji 

Hopewell, Pa. I 


Waiaaw,N.Y [ 

Litchfield, et. ' 

Rome,N.Y | 

Cbarlestovn, Maaa. 

Pittaford, N.Y 

Pendleton, S. C ; 

Schoharie, N. Y. . . . 

June 39, 
Not. 19, 
Sept. 8, 
Mar. 30, 
Aug. SS, 
Sept. 13, 
Not. 1, 
Feb. 15, 
Mar. 16, 
April 4, 

by Google 

b, Google 



Inclading Water Wheels, Windmills, and other implements j 

operated on by Air or Water, or employed in < 

Raising and Delivery of Fluids. 

by Google 

b, Google 


KJitdhw n 

WBEH laanui. 

Ail, condensed, 

B,&e., direct- 

lelliog boats. 
ir propelling 

sdand unrari£ed,obUuD- 

ing power by 

,Buid, chain, witti bucket!.. 




BellowB, double 

Betlcnm, funiue 

BeUowa, rarnace 

-BeUowa, haod 

BeUowa, japanned 

BeUowB, nozzle, preveanng burn- 

BeBowB, p<Miable 

Bellowa, pump, elaalic piaton . . 

BaUowB, pump, for foigea 

B^ow«, pump, forfuntaca.... 
BeBowa, rotaiy, , 


BaUowa, Iriausuloj, for foundariai 


Bellowa, wooden 

Blowing wind (otforgt*. 
Blow pip«, for funMC«. . 
Blow pipes, lable,,, I.-. 
BofiM wtriA for water, i 

Botiiw and lapping water, Ac4 
whua under hydroatatio pressure 

Boring, lappiw, and reaming — 
ler pipaa ua&r hydroatalic p 



James Blaok 

Alexander MeQre.w . . 
Su Clan 6. 

Samuel More/ 

Stephen Belknap . . . i . 

Jamea Rumaef 

Jamea Drake 

Charlea McMurlry. . . 

Joaiah J. Eddy 

Jesse Dison 

Elijah Bndy 

Luoa fiiahop.. ....... 

Jamea Robe 

George L. Dimpfel... 

William Lillie 

John W. Godfrey.... 

Henry Dotterer 


R. B. Richardson.... 

Jamea Dodre, jr. 

AkKander Cwing. . . . 

Henry DoUerer 

Henty DolUNr. 

Isaiah Jenninga. 

Albin 8BTeg«and Har- 
vey Eillam 

AloMon Holmea 

John B. Morriaon. . . . 


Joel E^lman 

Martin Bell 

William S. Jaeka. . . . 

A. A. McPharrin 

BanJ. ftJohn Tytor.. 

Daniel Stobol 

J. Barker. 

RuAm Sonterbir 


H.Ariel Norria. 

H. Arivl Norria 

Elijah Wilhud 

Cincinnali, Ohio. . 

Philadelphia, Fa... 

Berkley county, Va, 
New Jersey 

New Marlboro' Mas 
Providence, R. I. 
Piusbwrit, N. C, 
Readsborough, Vs. . 
Mocgantawd, Va... 

New rork 

Edwards,N. Y.... 


Philadelpbia, Pa.... 
SprtDgjEeld, Maaa. . . 


New York 

Philadelphia, Pb.... 
Philadelphia, Pa...: 

ScotlarillcN. Y.... 

Pom&et^N. Y 

Springfield, Ohio 

Benen county, N. J. 


AnteB lownahlp. Pa . 


Huntingdon. Pa. . . . 
Clarsmont^N. H... 
Waahington.D. C. 
Bahimore, Md....i 
LooiaiiUB, Ky 

8yr>eaiae,.N. Y .... 

New York, N.Y... 

), 181B 
t, I80e 

i, 17W 

i, 18U 




April n, 
May 23, 
June 24, 
Aug. 3, 
Aug. S3, 

Jan. 34, 1824 
Om. 31,1839 
Mav i.ISia 
Feb. 16, 18N 
Sept. 30, ISOB- 

Nov. fi4, 1843 
Mar. 28, 1818 
Dec. 33, 1634 
Aug. 36, 1791 
April 8, 1831 
April 34, 1838 
April 4, 1S» 
Jana 11, 183» 
Feb. 1, 1817 
May 9,1831 

MFi«MbPaMM,llayli^<4<, 1 

lb, Google 

HTDRJltrUeS Aim VKBtmAtlCB. 

Ciatero— 8u Oi/ptwn, Ctan 15. 

Cinema, brick 

Cwtunii, prereD ling water ireaung 

Ciilern, reasrroin. vnu, Ac. 
Cietem, rcasrvoin, and walla for 

holding water 
CiMenu, ralaij curve for making 
Cistern, water 

Ctaiem, vatxx 

Cietern, water 

Cialem, water, {on booth*). 

Cialem, water, *aalta 


Cocks, eonatniction of.for drawing 

Cock, for drawing liquor. 
Cock, for drawing liquor. 
Cocka, drawing liquors . . 

Cock, filtering 

Cocks, or ns sMppsrs. . . 
Cocks, hydrant 

Cocks, hydrant ... 

Cocks, hydnuilie and pneumatic 


Cocks, manu&cture of 

Cock, metallic aciew ; 

Cocks, molsaasa gale 

Cocks, molsasea gate 

Cooks, molaaaea gale 

Coeka, molaMeanle 

Cock, passage of fluids 

Cock, to prevent water freeeing a 

pent stocks, Ac 

Cock, stop.... 

Cook, slop 

Cock, stop 

Cock, stop 

Cock, stop 


Cocks, stop. , 

Cocke, atop 

Cocke, slop 

Coeka, slop 

Cocke, stop* 

Cooks, itop 

Cock, stop 

-Cosk, stop, block tin 

Cocks, stop, connecting for hj' 

draulic purposes....... 

Cock, slop, consUuctioo of. 

Cock, slop, and filler 

Cocke, Slop, fbrhydcsnt. 

<^>eka, slop, for l^droDU 

Jacob -Peebles 

Joahua Woodward 
OeoireO. Blenis.. 

liCTi Kidder 

Nathaniel Foater and 
Wm. Van Vleck... 

Oilando Owen 

Samuel Booth 

Oeorce Tibbets, jr... 

Levi Kidder.. < 

Alfred Palmer 

Obodioh Parker 

Horace J. Shumway.. 
Jacob Bright. 

Thomss C. Clark. . . 

Jona. Blias. 

Eli Dickinson 

Henry Rodgera , 

Thomas F. Wen man . 
Nathuiiel D. WhiUn. 
Ebenezer Hubboll, n» 
signeeof Jos. Martin 

J no. Lee Chapman . . 
Charles A. Creosey. 

Jonathan D. EelloggA 
Jus. Wrigh I ; assign- 
ed to J. D. Kello^, 

Jerrice Whiiiemore.. 

Ammi West 

Leri Lincoln 

Joshoo Wilherle 

Dixwell Latbrop.jr. . 

Peter Walker 

Daniel Shiimsn 

John Morris 

John Morris 

Gainea Penn 

Chss. F- JohUBMi and 
J.J. Speed, jr.. 

Ari Davte 

James Robertson. 
Horatio Allen .... 
Francia Jos. Miller . . . 

J. F. t: 
Jo. Diekinaon- . 

Charles Wilson 

F.H. Bartholomew 

William Read 

L. Mogen, F. D. Da- 
vis, and Wm- Duke- 

HewT R. DaDham. . 

Coneordia, La.....i 
HaTcrhill.N. H.... 

SalinB,N. Y 

New York 

Sollivaii,N. Y 

Bariingtan, Vt... ... 

Syracnse, N- Y. .. 
Jameaville, N. Y... 


Syracuse, N. Y. . . . 
Syracuse, N. Y. . . , 
Van Buien, N. Y. . 
Sunbury, Pa 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 


Amherst, Mbss..... 

Auburn, N. Y 

NewYork, N.Y... 
Hew York, N. Y. . 

Baltimore, Md .... 
BaluMore, Md ..... 

Bdlimore, Md 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Baltimore. Md 

Northampton, Masi 

Boston, Mesa 

Oreene, Me 

Hartford, Ct 

Boston, Maaa 

Norwich, Ct 


Warren, N. Y.... 
Hartford, Ct..... 
NewHsTCB, Ct..^ 


0«wt«o,N. Y-...} 

Ithaca, N. Y ] 

Boston, Hua 




NewYork, N.Y... 

. New York, N. Y. . 
. N«wYork,N. Y... 
. Hartford, Ct 

NewYork. N. Y.. 
NewYiirit, N. Y... 
New York, N.Y.., 

July 90, 184« 
Not. 31, 1843 
Aug. 18, 1S9T 
Not. 14, 1835 

Mar. 3, 1834 
Oct. 7, 184« 
Aug. 90, 1833 
Dec. 30, 1833 
Jon. 91, 1831 
Dec. 15, 1835 
Sepu 15, IB34 
Not. 19, 1B33 
June 33, 1S33 

Mar- 14, 1846 
SepL 94, 1891 
Dee. IT, 1893 
Oct. 9, 1841 
April 4, 1841 
April 39, 1843 

Oct. 11.1841 
April 39, 1841 
April 33, 1839 

Aug. 16, 1839 
Oct. 9, 1839 
Aug. 98, 1840 
Not. id, 1841 
Jan. 19,1811 

Dee. 5,1 

May 15, 1 
Ju>y 13, I 
June 91, 1 
Oct. 16,1 
May a, 1 
No*. 19. 1 
No*- 21, 1 
April 16, 1 

April 30, 
April 4, 
Mar. T, 

), 1800 
>, 1814 
1, 1815 


Oct. 38,1818 
Avg. 19, 1846 
Oct. 94,1646 

lb, Google 

■VPSAOLIO* jm ! 

Cocks, nop, in pipea under hjr- 
drovtalic pt«uurfl, upping >nd 
jiuertiii g 

Cock, (top, pMtom for 

Cock, T*(*e. » 

Cock, ralTB 


Cock, nlve aud putoD 

Cock, water. ...V!7. 

Cock, WBter 

Compressed air, fur drawing li- 

CoDduit, day 

Conduit, ■elr-regutalilie 

Elevator, raisiog fluidi OT grain.. 

BleraioT, water.. 

Elevator, water. 

Elevating water tor mills 

ED^ine, erukk, for raising and 
throwing water. 

Ei^ne, crank, (iniprovein«Dt on 

Engine, deiBting and throwing 

Encine, fire. 

Engine, fire. . . 
Engine, fire . . . 
Engine, fire. . . 

Engine, fit*. . . 
Er^oe, fir«. . . 
Engine, fire... 

Engine, fire 

Engine, fire. . . 

Horatio Allen.. ..••. 
F. H. Barlholomew.. 
John Cluley and Ben- 
Japttin Stanoliffe .... 

FVed. D. Samno 

Benjamin 3laiicliffe. . 

George Youle 

Eb. UubbatI 

Jasper Johnson. . . . 
Samuel Bartiett. ... 

Jamsa Clarke 

Robert Christ);. . . . 
John Herrickjr... 
Enoch Honejrwell. ■ 
William Smith.... 
Jacob Idler. 

Jos. Clapp. 

Thomas A. Chandler. 

Jesse Kerser 

Samuel E. Hamlin, . . 

Stephen Stewart 

Jacob Smith, jr 

Ifeao Hathaway 

Allen Pollock and Ja- 
cob Perldns 

John Aehman 

Jacob Perkins 

John Richardson, jr. 

Eb. Bryant 

S. Lockwood and W. 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

New York 

Baltimore, Md.., 

Genesee, N. Y... 

Hartford, Ct 

Westmoreland ca,Pt 
Jeflenoo county, Va 
Albany, M.Y 

. BroadAlbin,N. Y. 

. Gloocesier, N. J... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

. Montague, Mass... 

. Greenfield, Msas.. 

Norfolk, K.Y..... 


Rhode island 

New York 



Boston, Mass 

Wesbiogton, D. C. . 
Newburyport, Mi 
Shrewsbury, Mas 
New London, Conn . 

. Map 15, 1S37 
. May 6, 1833 
. Aug. 25, 1803 
. Oct. 4,ia!» 

May 30, 1837 
Jan. ja, ieO» 
Jan. 25,1831 
Nov. ai, 1812 
Feb. I, 1810 
July 10,183ft 
Aug. 13, 18US 
July 31, 181» 

Not. 31, 1610 

Not. 15, 1831 

. Ang. 9, IBM 
. April 13, 1797 
. Aug. 30, 1799 
. Dee. 6,1803 
. May SO, 1807 
. Aug. 6, 1813 


Engine, fit*. . 
Engine, fire. . 
Et^ine, fire. . 
Engine, file. . 

Engine, fire, and water pump . . 

Engine, fire, pump for 

Elaine, hydraulic, rerolTing. . 



John J. Oiraud . . . 
Nnibtn Pierce. . . , 
rhoinas Odioroe. . 
John WiHians, jr. 

Asa Barrett 

Joseph B. Babcock. . . 
Joseph Briggs, jr.. 
Qaraaer Barton, jr 
Earnest Marx ....... 

Gardner BatMo and L. 


Charles W.Grannis, 
Franklin Ransom aad 

Uzziah Wenmao . . 
William Wadsworth . 
Lulber Holland 

Samuel Huse 

E.WiUian>aft J .Collins 

Henry Gates 

Aaahel Hubbard 

. _ 1, Pa 

Canaan, Conn ..... 
Baltimore, Md. ... 
Whitehall, N. Y . . 
Portaaoaib.N. H. 

Salem, N.Y 

Baltimore, Md . . . . 
Marietta, Ohio .... 
St. Louis, Missouri. 
Walorford, N. Y. 

April 1! 
Not. i: 

, 13, 1898 
^OT. II, 1830 
Feb. 33, 1831 
Aug. 37. 1835 
Blay 11, 1839 
Feb. 18, 1841 
July 1, 1841 
Sept. 3, 1843 
Aug. 16, 1844 
Dec. 90, 184S 

. Sept. 19, 1M6 


Harti(>n),Coiu . . 
Belcbartown, Masa . 

Newburyport, Mai 
Northampton, Mass. 
Windsor, Vt. . 

Feb. 13, 184t 
Mar. 16, 1890 
Mat. 11, 1834 

April 9,1833 
Jane 90,1833 
June 13, 1835 
April 93, 1898 

by Google 

■ngiaa, poMunaiie ~ . 

Sngine, bovw, for ihrowiiii; 

Bnfin*, wbWt 

Engine, water 

Eniini, hfilrauUc, iteaia.— &* CI 
Fhuceui, boring banali ffar..... .. 

Fsucela, drawjDg liquor 

Fkuceu, f^Bte 

PoQcelB, 01 DiobuaesgUe. ....... 

FauceU, aolanei. 

Faucets, pta^ad 

pMieeu, and ^ligot 

Fuiceta, spring letor 

FUwriBg apparatus 

Fituriog machine 

i'iHsrinf machine 

Pilwrinf pot 

RlUring watar 

FilUring wUer 

Filtsring walsr. 

HheriDg walar 

PiUeriog wslsr, and olher liqaidi 
Filtering water, wins 

mtering watsi. . 

Fluids, DMaMriDj 
Floids, releu(iani 
Flu Bice, far mills 
Flumes, for wate 
Fount, liquor 
Fountain, desiga £ 
Foiuieti for B^da 
nmnela with (ems. 


Oau, Ato4 


Oale, flume, Tor watet wheels. . 

Gale, Ml£aoting w 
CiMe, walffiT, balani 

Patiiek Lyon 

John Slrong 


Ricbaid Cioabie 

Richard Wileox 

Daniel Li*enn«« ■ ■ ■ . 
Stephtn H. Long and 
Qso. F. A. Hauts . . 
John R. RemmgtoB . . 

EUjab Ocmabee 

Samuel Morey 

Joel M. Dnpuj 

William Rend 


Jer. Brainsrd. ....... 

Charles Goodyear 

ChariesW. Peokham. 
William Jonea 

Chaitea Goodyear . 
Littleton Ayru. . . 
Jo*. Du Commou . 
Isaac Wisemsn . ■ . 
Michael Freytag. . 
Dan'l McMullm 



G«orgeB. While 

Jtunes Barron, U.S.N. 
Solo'n MeCotnbs, Joe. 

Smith, db Benj. Qaltin 

Thomas Biahop 

Wm. Ballard, asaigiM 

ofRonlE. House. 
JoeephT. CiMldoek. 
Wm. Kumbel, easig'e 

of W. H. Jenniaon . 
Wnt. Knmbet.aimg'ae 

ofW. H. Jennison . 

Jarots 6o|(»dus 

Bn^ord Seymour . . . 

Asa Alesser 

JabM B. FletehsT 

John Doughs 


Philip Apple 

David Clsrk 

Jona. Luca* 

BanjoBiaS. Hort. ... 

Harrsy Frink 

WiB. Buokminsler. . . 
CNiniH.andChs. H. 


Amos Boltan 

John F.King 


Edwin EasUaek&Jo- 

Keetstown, Bt . . 
Newark, N.J... 

New York 

Blairanlle, Pa 

Germantown, Pa. . . 
Aberfoil, Atabaina. . 

Rhode Island 

New Hampshire . . i 
Woodford, Ky 

New York, N.y... 

Bristol, Conn 

Oneida CO..N. v.. . 
Philadelphia, Pa. .. 
New Haven, Conn . 

New York 

PhilBde]phia,U>a. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Bollintore, Md 

New York 

New York 

PhilaMphia, Pft. . . . 

. Feb. 19, n 
. Maf.»4,M 
. Hay S, n 

Sept. 3, 
May 98, 

Mar. 31, 
April 34, 
April 13, 




Feb. 10, V 
May IS, U 
June 4, n 
Usr. 16, it 

July S, II 
Feb. 10, 11 
Aug. 9D, 1! 
Jaly 1, 11 

. Nor. 6, II 

■ Feb. Sa, 11 

. Aug. 27. II 

. July 7. II 

. Aug. 30, H 

New York, N. Y. . 

New York, N.Y.. 

New York 

Wealraemland, N. Y 
ProTldencs, R.I.. ... 
Ricbmoiid, Moiae . . 


Philadelphia, Pa.... 
W. &iookbrid^,Uai 
Charleston, e.C... 
GeotgatowM, S> C . . 
Chautaoquece., N.V 
Fntaingfaam, Mesa 

Foil Rinr, Mass.. 
F^quier co,, To . . 
Welerford, N. Y.. 
Little-Falls, N.Y.. 

Feb. 90, 1846 

OcL 12, 18S7 
Nov. 10, IWt 

No*. 19, laaa 

Fsb. 16. 18SS 
June 95. 1891 
Oct. 3, IMS 

June 19, li 
No*. 99, It 
April 4, li 

Greenwich, N. J . . . April 91. H 

William Mayer Remo, N. Y Nov. 13. II 

Driven Packard Wilnungton, Vl.... Feb. 19, |i 

HenJy Pots* Chriatianburg, Va. ' ~ ' 

Jams* Boyd | Boeion, Msaa..... 

by Google 

IbM, tos "Wpping ■■•■ 


How, ftov doih ind gum «d 

How, India rubbar 

Hoae, or leather lubei 






Hrd^u '.'/.'.'. '. '. .".'J .' .' ." 




UjdcmtB, oonunicikin of t . . 

Hjrdiuli and lire plugs 

Hydniiia and fiie ph^t- • • • 

Hrdmiiia, foanuin 


Bjdnulic balancs laver 

Hydranlitt alavBtor 

Hydnuilio eleralor 

Hjrdnolio miehine. 

Hydcaulic maohine. 

Hydraulic DMOhtD*. 

Hydraolio oMcbiiM 

Hydraulio machine. 

HydiaDlic mMhine— 

Hydmilio maobiiM, 

Hydnuitic maohua 

HydrauJia maehioe 

Hydnuilic macluna 

Hydraolio BBohioa 

Hydikuli« maohine 

Hyduwlie machipe* 

Hydraulic maahiiM, for cucr 

Hydnmlic wachimay 

Hydraulic maokioscy 



. Ralph Bolktoy.... 
. SamudD-Biaed.. 
. Edwin U. Chafle* 
. Abraham L. Peiutocli 

and J. Saltan.. 
. Samuel Oreen . ■ . 

. Jamea Riley 

. David Burt 

. Jusu Ewing. . . . 
. Thsmaa OibMu . 
. Thoi. W. Nawlonand 

Joaeph H. Laoing. 

. Jacob St)«op 

. Jacob SiFOop 

. 8.T. Wafter 

. S.T. Walker 

. Darid Home 

. Thomas T. Tlukar. . . 
. Jobo L«e ChafHoan 
. Thoroaa A. Daiiea. . . 

. S.C.Hij«e 

. RoUrtK. Cokin.... 

New York 

RasbiMty, Han. . . 

Boalon, HaM. ..... 

ScheDecIady, N. Y-. 




Piii^bwgb, Fa 


. S. H. Daviea..., 
. Lawii QculeT ••■ - - - 
. Horatio H. G. Kelaty 

. Daniel Figk 

. David Corev 

. Jam** McCnery . 
, Joahva Hathaway 
. BoimabBB l*nsdon 
. John B. Awilhe . . 
. Daniel ToroltOMn.... 

. William Burkar 

. WilUun ahuliz 

. Chaifei Darmand,... 

. Josath JanMS 

. Jer.Blaah 

. Jaoei O. Comer .... 

. Jacob Rsop 

. Thomas Halohil^ . . 

. Louis Blunier 

. JohnCUrlM 

. EUbsrtMeCormiek... 
. Theophihw Soverby. 
. Qijab Soadiworth... 
. Jos. Tuekar and K 

Mhtnen'. E 

Hydro-pDoumatic appantut 

Faismg bear framaaak*. 
Hydroilatia, KMaurtic rm 
flydrostatie or byibvulio 

presaing oMIon 

HydroalBlic paradoi, applied 

move mathuery. ■ . 

Hydroatalie pniuloK, applied 

■noTe mwhuery 

Hydrostatic and pmumalic i 

chine, for prapsUiog. 

Hydroatatie pnM. 

Hydroatatic pnaa 

Hydroalntic pr«*>, oillj 

I.. _...... -■ - ^on^jitpjpa 

. Cadwallpder».CeUe>)NswY-o»k 

. Cadwallad«Fl>.Cold<n _ 

- Robert Milla and Hta- WaaUngtan, IXa,A 

lae, ^>plicDtieo to a 

ry B. Fsmald 
. Themas BHXier. 
raid Herritl. 
. O. Badg<r and O. Lull 

Baltimors, U 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Coluinbia, Pa. ... . 

Baltinore, Md 

CineiBnaii, Ohio. . . 
Philad ri iihia,PB... 
New York, N.Y.. 
Sprincfietd, N. Y. . 

New York 

NoblstowB, Pa. . . . 



South Carotioa. . . . 
Brookfisld, Conn.. 
- Pa... 

LynaanDTt, Mi 



Rockbrtdge CO., Va 
Nantaakst, Uaaa.. 

Boston, & 

Jalf fi,iai» 
Mar. 96, )TM 
fVtt. 6, MS3 
JuBoKi, taM 
Dse. 19, ISSa 
Daa. ia,18E9 

, July 30, iaS3 

dk. i6t tass 

Nor. II, MM 
No>. Se, MIS 
. July 3,iaU 
Uar. 31, 18M 
July II, 1M3 
Oct. 10, IS49 
Mv. 13, 1S43 
Smk. 1, M43 

July 30, aa 

8m. 8, 18BS 
Jnly IS, 1840 
Aug. 1,168$ 
Dee. 15, 1%*» 
July 18, 1630 
Aug. 31, 1827 
Jan.. 5, 1BS8 
Oel.. 3S, I9M 
Feb. 96, 1801 
OcL 14, 18D» 
Mar. 37, IMS 
Aug. 36, 188» 
May ae, 18IS 
Aug. T.ISIT 
Nov. 18, 1818 
April 33, 1819 
May», UH 
Oel. 6, )S8T 
May 7, IflM 
July 8, IMS 
Dec. 31, ITM 
1, 1B30 
0(1. 1, ISW 
P«b. 98, ISM 

. Dec. 33, IStt 

. Oct. 31,UU 
. Aug. 91, IHl 

Portland, Mi 

Petersburg, Vs.... 

New Bedford, Ma» 


Jobnatown, N. Y.. 

. JuM 3,18tS 

. Get. 10, less 
. April 13, 18W 
. Mar. 38, ISn 
. .luff, ft, 1839 
. Jbm 3), 18» 

,1S»>. JAMrtk 

mprnwrnPiK, Jmi !B, '4S. IRffctnfiFcb 4, -O | K*!.™.^ Ort 5 •36. 


Unfutn, dnrwing and loiktag. . 
'Idquon, mode of eloraliag. . . . 
Meaauniig liquid*, - - ---'-- 

ing titxa cuka. . 
Pipes.— &( Clan 2, 9, and IS. 

Fipev, aqueduct , 

P^wa, aifneduct 

Ptpea, conduit ,,., 

P^Ma, ocMiduit 

Pipes, conduit 

Pipes, conduit 

Pip««, conduit, •uupling 

Pipes, for in engines 

Pipes, fire, secudng from frost.. . 

Pipes, fire, testing 

Pipes, supply foi oqueducta, con 

MmctioB of. 

Pipes, tubes :.... 

Pipes, lubea, for canvepiBg water. 

THpes, water, coating , 

Piston, for pumpa. 

Pialon, for pumps, working. 

Pneumatic machine 

Power, abiaining, bv certain floidi 
Press, hydrostatic, (Brflrooh'a), , , 

Etene A. BBe. . 
John A. Smhii. . 

John aToogh. 

1 Thomas W. Whitetoy 

. Daniel HunaiokGr.,.. 

Thomas B. Robinson . 
Thomas B. Annstsad . 

Robert Ramsey 

Elisha Putnam 

EUisha Putnam 


Uel. Weat 

James Riley... 

David Lowoes 

Tbe(q>bilua Packard..' 

John H. Tliomdilw. . 

Joseph Putnam 

Andrew Cofiinan 

New Lopdon, Conn. 
BalliiBora, Md. 
Paueiaon, N. J. 

HaitleUn, Pa.. 

Aug. I, MB 
July 31, SH 
Feb. 1,4MI 

. Mar. 7, IMC 


Stoekbridge, Mass. . Mar. 19, I 
Bloomfield, N. Y. . . April 15, t 
HanoTBT, N. H....|Junc 24,11 

Albany,i^-Y Dee. 31,11 

Albany, K. Y ■ Nov. 18, II 

Westminster, Vs.. .iDec 18,11 
NewYork,N.Y... ' ' "' ' 
Boston, Haas..... 
Pennsylvania., .... 
Sherburne, Mast. . , 

. July 33, ] 

in Ball.. 

Peter A. Browne 

David Wbiniei 

David IJoyd 

Mark J. Brunei 

D. H. Mason and M . 


Jalui Beverly 

Elisha Rigs 

Thomas Bourke 

Jacob Perkins 

John Clark 

Daniel M.Miller 

Benjainm Folger i 

WiUiam Rhodes I 

Abraham Horn I 

William Shulis t 

Jacob CanGeld , 


Pliny Upborn I 

Jonathan Evans I 

Jacob Perkins .1 

Thomas Nicholsonaud) 
Samuel Gunn . . . 

BoaUm, Mass 

Salem, Mass 

Shenandoah co., Va. 
New York, N.Y... 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Iklfbst, Maine. 

Cambria county. Fa. 

London, England. ..I 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . .| 

Philadelphia, Pa i 

Pennsylvania. \ 


New York 


Hudaon, N.Y.... 

New York 


Baltimore, Md.... 
Morrisiown, N. J , . 
Sprii^Geld, Mass. . 
Brookfield, Mass.. 
Wbiteslown, N.Y. 
Newburyporl, Mas) 

Daniel W. Cbristman 
Thomas Nicbolson. . 
John M. Dearborn.. 
William P. Tilton... 
Luke M. LeightOD . . 

William Pureed 

Daniel Updike 

William Hendrisks.. 

James Barron 

Job L. Munson 

Robert Gray 

John Babcoek, jr. . . . 

Philo C. Curtis 

Sylvanua Russell 

I'heodDric Brooks. .. 
J . Robinson and Luke 



Geneva, N.Y 

Scipio.N. Y 

New York 

'aaliington, D. C. 

■slon, Mosi 

Boston, 1 
Boston, Mass. . . . 

Portsmouth, N. H 


Haw York 

New York 

Norfolk, Va 

New Haven, Conn . , 

Milton, Pa 

Edmestan, N. Y. 

Utica, N.Y 


Rutland, H. Y... 

July 1,1844 
Jan. iT,ian 
Mar. 18, 1S34 
Dec. 15,1843 
Oct. 9, leiG 
April 14, 1838 
Jan. T, I8I6 
Mar. 30, 1883 

Dec. S,19S» 
Dec. 36,1803 
July 29,1794 
Nor. 16, 17M 
July 9,1801 
May 19, 1809 
Mar. 5, 18M 
July 7, 18M 
May 16, 1808 
Jan. 6, 1S0> 
June 24, 1801 
June 38, 1609 
Hay 38, ISIS 
Mar. 9,1811 

Aug. 6, 1B13 
June ao, 1816 
Feb. 8, 181T 
April 29, 1817 
May 3,1817 
May 6,1817 
Sept. 1,1817 

Nov. 1, len 

Fab. 19,1818 
June IS, 1818 
Feb. 30, 1811 
April 36, 1819 
Nbv. 11, 1819 
May 6, 1835 
May 33, 1835 
Feb. 4, lS3fi 
April 13, 1696 

by Google 



Pumpa. . . 

Pompa, (ur 

Ptunpo, >ir, or Tentihlor 

Parapa, air, and water, double. 
Purapa, air, and ileam. — Sec CJou 

Pompa^f^ying powct to con 
Aunp, aOnMpSana piattHl .. . 

Pnmpa, balaDca vrfaeel 

PuDipt, balance wheel 

Pomp*, beer aad cider 

Pampa, beer and aoda water. 

pQinpboxea. . . • 

Pamp boxes 

Pomp and boxea. 

pBinp boxaa, ellipiioal Talve. . . 
Poinp bozea, metallic, aiogle valve 
Pump bucket 

Martui Meuee. . 

Frederick Krieg 

Dudley It. Famham. 
Heinncli Baehman.. 

AnHM MiDOr. 

Joaepb R«delapeinr. 

J. P. Walker 


Joaepb Smart. 


Joaepb ETaaa. . 

Jamea Pike and 


Peler P. and Daniel D. 

of Abraham T 


Lebtaaua Caawell 

Joaepb Etum 

Jeaae Beed 

William M. Wheeler. 

Sidney 8. Hogle 

Chapman Warner 


Augiuuia Thayer.... 
W. and B. Doaglaas. . 
WilUam L. Jacob*... 


" ' " WoUe. 

Frederidc Walther.. 

David Hioman. 

S. R. Sharpe, aaaienor 

ofF.B. Hyatt 

Cbapman Warner . 
Tinuilhy Chaton. 
Charlea Goodyear. 
Oeoree Hnrhy 

John Sedrwick. 
Jamaa l^na^nan.. 

Noah UnderwMid.. 
DsTidO. Colbum.. 

Jamai Joaalyn 


Richard Sealy 

L«Ti Pitkin 

John Sticknej 

larael P. WitUama a; 

8- a. Rea. 

JohnC. HeUe 

Jamea Baker. 

PftUimare, Md. . . . 


Bahimore, Md.... 

Turin, N.Y 

Grafton, N.H.... 
BakJmore, Md.... 
Baltimore, Md.... 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 

Laneacter, F> 

Jordon, N.Y..... 

Eaton, Fa 


Enton, Pa 

Maiah£eld. Man. . 
Lebanon, Ohio.... 
Warren county, Va 

Cumberland, R. 1 . . 

Oxford,K.J , 

Harriaon, Maine. . /. 
Lebanon, Ohio...., 

Liberty, Mo 


Leiington, Ky 

Stillwater, Maaa. . . 

Chatham, V( 

Middlelown.Coim. . 

Lancaaler, Pa 

Oppenbeim, N. Y . . . 

Bafiimore, Md 

Sl Louib, Miaaouri . 
Wiocheater, Va..., 
Brunawiek, Ohio. . . . 

Mayavilla, Ky 

Louianlle, Ky..... 
Boalon, Maaa. .... 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Philadelphia, Pa... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Boston, Maaa 

Baltimora, Md. . . . 
Wihnin^n, Vt. ... 
Hanover, Maaa.... 
Norriatown, Pa.... 


Roehealer, N.Y... 
Baltimore, Md . . . . . 

Salem, Maaa 

Newport, R.I .... 
Charleatown, Maaa 

Boilon, Mas*. 

Mendon.N. ¥ 

Ply monib, Maaa. . . . 

Sift. 16, MM 
May 18, 183» 
May SO, IBM 
Apnl 16, 18S1 
Aug. 5, 1831 
Oct. SO, 1831 
Oct. 95, 1832 
Mot. 8,1833 
Feb. 6, 1833 
Jan. 24,1834 
April 2. 1835 
July 7, ]835 
Oct 31, 1S35 
May e, 1836 
June 30, 1836 
Feb. 3, 1836 
July 24, 1836 
Nov. 9, 1838 
June 29, 1839 

Au;. 13, 1638 

Sept. 38, 1839 
May 19, 1840 
May 35, 1840 
April 16, 1841 
May 15, 1841 
May 29, 1841 
Nov. 10, 1841 
Not. 16, 1841 
Feb. ], 1849 
Dec 31, 1849 
Sept. 23, 1849 
Mar. 21, 1843 
SapL37, 1844 
Feb. 98, 1845 
May 1, 1S4S 
Oct. 94,1846 

June 16, 1846 
July 7, IB4« 
June 7,1834 
Mar. 30, 1835 

Not. 10, 1841 
July 17. 1898 
Aug. 95, 1846 
July 95, 1809 
Dec 8,1809 
May 6, 1897 
Oct 11,1898 
May \, 1804 

Dec 9,1838 
Aug. 1, 1811 
May 9, 1817 
May »,181T 
Not. 28, 1829 

Nov. 19, isn 

by Google 

^mp, eentnrugat 

hmp, ChiiWM, chain 

Pump, city, Hipplj- 

Pump, double aclia§ cylindci 

Pomp, doable putoD 

Pump, double, piepuiag mouldi 

foreaaiin^ ~ 

Pomp, drawing and forcing. .... 

Pump, dry, beUowa^. 

Pump, elenUng:, gcain, meal, Ac 

Pump, endleaa chain... 

Pump, folding paddle 

Pump, forcing, double . . . . 
Pump, forcing, double . . . . 
Pump, forcing, double . • • ■ 

Pump, forcing, double 

Paiap, fordng, douhle. . . . 
Pamp, forcing, double • ■ . • 
Ihmp, foreing, double . . . . 
Pump, forcing, double 

Pump, forcing, double 

Pump, fbrcing, double 

Pomp, forcing, double 

Pump, farcing, double 

Pump, forcing 

Pump, fbrdng 

Pump, forang 

Pump, forcing • . • — 

Pump, forcing '.. ... 

Pump, forcing 

Pmnp, forcing 

Pump, farcing ■ 

Pump, forcing — 

Pump, forcing 

Pump, forcing 

Pump, forcing 

Pump, forcing, for fire-engines. . 

Pump, forcing, quadruple 

Pump, fjiciag, rererae 

Pump, forcing, and auclioa. . . . 
Pump, forcing > nod nietion. . . . 
Pump, force for M 

Pump, fiH«e, double acting. 

jhunp, friclioaleaj. 

Pump, fiictianlesB. — ..... 


Fump,i hnnzonu] 

PuTpp, horixonlal 

Pump, impellanl. 

Pump, lattnr eavjiig 

Pump, lifliojr 

Pump,, liquor 

Pump, for machinery . . .... 

Andrew Baikqr.. . 
Shirely Siadon.. . 
W, D. Andrews. 
Jeremiah Black. . 
John L. SulhTKD. 

Phelps Uix 

S. W.Alhin 

Foster Hensbaw. 
John L. Sullivan. 
Enoch Alden. ■ .. 
John Ewing and David 


J. A. PuUandU. A. 


Joaeph. Newman.. . . 
Benjamin T. Babbiu. 
Shuler C. Higbee aui 

Feler Flontz 

Spencer Thomas 

Charlei Colvcr 

ElcBzetCady, jr 

William Beach 

Thames Fania 

Len Gray 

Francis Hamoon • ■ ■ ■ 

William Baker 

Lena Gilleit, adm'x ol 

Samuel Gilleu..... 

D- L. Famham 

William Douglaas. . . 

Levi Newton 

JohnG. White. 

John Eyeleth 

Aaron Taylor 

Pliny Upluun 

John Paddleford .... 

Samuel Currey 

Benjamin Lapham. . . 
Jonica D, E^Mrt. . . . 

Joel Famam 

Bemamin Egbert. . . ■ 

W.W. Leaner 

John F. Rodgera,... 

Nathan Chepm 

Eli Smith 

Ira Ferris. 

Levi Oraj. ......... 

Joshua Cleric 

John F. Rogers..... 

Tho.. W. H. MoMley 

Joel Farnam 

Edward Whitfield.. 
Charlea V, CaH... 
James D. Woodwde. 

Luther Holland 

Luther UolUud 

Soi. Thayer 

Daniel Sinith 

John Renfrew 

Henry ttc^rs 

Liacomb Knapp. .... 
Jedediab Beckwiih.. 

Jeflerwin, Obb, 
Gh«enwood, Pa. ■ ■ ■ . 
Northumberland, Pa 
New York, 
GtTdiooioMlI, Pa... 

Brookfield, Mass. 


MassachuaeU*- .. . 


Winthrop & Liver- 

more. Me 

Ballimore,~Md .... 
Uule Falls. N.Y.J 

Oppenhcini, N. Y . J 
Boston, Maw..... 
Franklin, N.Y.... 
DuEchcBBCo., N. Y, 

Olsego, N. Y 


gpriogfield, N. Y.. 

Windanr, Cu 

New York 

MiddleiDWD, Ct. .. 
Alexander, N.Y.. 

Dryden,N. Y 

Rhode Island....... 

Boston, Mass 

BrookTillu, Mass. . 
Ubanon, N.Y.... 
Williamaon, Tenn. 
Watcrford. N. V.. 
Laneing, N. Y.. .. 
SullwBier, N. Y... 
Lansing, N. Y. ... 


Wftierford, N. Y.. 
Pcnn Yan.N.Y... 

Palmer, Mass 

EIIicoti,N. Y 

Ott^, N. Y 

WeaUniDSier, Vt.. 
Waierford, N.Y.. 

Paris, Ky 

Stillwater, N. Y. . . 


New Bedford, Mass. 
Washington, D. C. . 
Belcherlown, Mass. 
Belchenown, Mass. 

China, N.Y..'i!!!! 
Fayetwyille, Pa.... 

Moravia, N.Y 


Saratoga, N.Y 

Afuil i,i 
Mar. 14, t 
Aug. S,l 
Dec 28, L 

. Jiiaa 29, It 
. Dec. Sa, li 
. Nov. U, It 

Qcl. 7,1848 

Oct. W,181T 
AprU 1,180« 
Uai. 9,)«IB 
Feb. 19, 1811 
Feb. HO, 18U 
Mar. 7,1811 
Mar. 16, 181ft 
Dec. 31, 1819 

AprU 6,I81» 

Nov. 19, H 
Sept. aa, 11 
Oct. 23,11 
Jan. S3, It 

Feb. 37, 1833 

Sept. 30, 1838 
Dec. 10, 18*1 
June 3,1836 
Nov. 26, 1836 
July 11. 183* 

Mar. 38, 1810 
Swi. 10, 1811 
jX 9,1801 
June 13, 1831 
June lfi,18« 

Sept. n, ]a« 

May 23. liJSS 
Dei 27, 1833. 


1, double bored. 

PAtMp, obH^QC. 
Psmp, pBckifs 
Foihp, pendufum, deu 
f^EBp, pendalam, and ^ 
Pamt*, prarenliug muer fniin 


^mp, Tolary. . 
Ponlp, rotarf . . 
Famp, Toluy. . 

Puinp, rotary 


^mp, rotary 

Pump, roiaiy tuotfon. . 

Pump, lea motion 

Pump, for ahipa and mb 

Pump, Tor ahipB 

Pamp, Tor ships 

IMmpifct ships.. 
Pump, for ship*. . 
Famp, for ships. . 

Jonathan Hont . . . 
John A.Smith. .. . 
Atkinaon Fern. . . 
BenoM Lies 

ip, for ships, mode of voricing Mannel Fnncia. 
Pamp, spear for 

Pamp, «pi,_ 

Pump, spring 

Pump, alone, vater U«;ht jt 

Pumping ships, pendulous bellows 
Pumping ships, wheel power. 

Fomping ships, wind power. . . 

Filmp, auction 

Ptrnip, auction. 

Famp, suction 

Pomp, suction 

Fump, suction 

Punp, •action 

Pump, «nclion 

Pamp, suction, and fire engine. 

I^lmp, suction, and force 

Famp, sucUoD, and force 

Pamp, suction, and force 

Pnmp, suction, and force 

nimp, suction, and- lifting...'.. 
Pump, suction and force, double 

Famp, tide, boson 

I^amp, universal 

Fsmp, valresfor 

Famp, Talvee, elliptic 

Pmap, tsIts of. 

Famp, Tahea and piston of. . . . 
Pimip, Talves, spniig or drop. . 

Pomp, ralves, wing. 

Pamp, venUlatitig 

Pump, Tibraling 

Famp, and water pipe., 

Famp, wind 

Pomp, wind power 

Raising and forcing water 

Raising water 

Raising water 

Samuel Adams 

Bbenecar R. Hale. . • 

Thomas Sutton 

ElishB Hale 

Wm. C. Trowbridge 

Isaac Hall 

Dnrid M.Walker... 
C. Peters and B. Dean 


Andrew Henshaw and 
K. Harlow, if... 

John B. Pell 

David Gar 

Thomas Odiame.. . 

Feb. S,1BM' 
Dtc &,18M' 
Aeg. 6, lUB 

Townaendt Maaa. . . 
Hyde Park, N.Y~.. J 

Norwiob, Ci. 

Hyde Park, N.Y.. 


Pooghkaspsie, N. Y.| April 32, 1. 

Cavendish, Vt. ! Aug. 15, It 

Pou^koepei«,N.Y.iOA 31, li 

Boston, Maaa. I Sept. 4, It 

New York Aug. 19, li 

Massadiuaetu 1 Nov. 39, 1' 

Pennsylvania. .....(Dec. 26, 11 

Jan. 27, 1835 

Bangor, Maa*. . . . . 


Bath, Me 

Porwmouth, N. H. 
Boston, Maoe. . . . . 

Eben. Lenian 

Cotton Foss 

William Finn 

iham VanVorhea. 

,«min Wynkoop. . 

S.TownAR. W. Oli- 

liionuu Brownell. . . . 

Daniel Watson 

John Edward* 

Levi Gray 

Daniel Johnaon 

Allen H. Malhca 

Elijah Whi ton 

Thomas C. Burton... 

Isaiah Jennings 

Abm. Kasslar 


James J. Rice 

Andrew Bailey 

Elisha ToUes 

Bosten, Mass 


Baliimtn^, 3/H. , . . 
HebBidsville, Ohio. 

,L Aug. 30, 1811 
,[ Oct. 31, 1639 
,|Sept. 8,1837 
J Aug. OT, 1S35 
.iJuly 1,1839 

.1 May 33, 1817 
: Aag. 4, 1833 
IPeb. 13,1806 
j May 3, 1899 
., June 36, 1797 

N. Gimnsille, N. Y 


Plymouth, Mass... 

UrbatM, Ohio 

Springfield, N. v.. 
Boston, Maaa..... 
Madisonville, Tenn. 
Orotsn, Maaa. .... 
Wesbington, N. J. 
Philaddphia, Fa . . 
Canajoharie, N. Y. 

Newark, N.J 

Sslina.N. Y 

Jefferson, Ohio 

Litchfield, Ct. 

April I 
Mar. K 

Joel F^utiam 

Oeoim M- Seldon.. 

A pdW Kinsley 

Henry Heckman . . . 

James Baker 

CD. Van Allen... 



William Francia . . . 

Rh, Robotham 

Sampson Davis. . . . 

Mark Reeve 

Jam*s Kerr 

Heman Bronson... 

W.H. Johniun 

MarkJ. Branell.... 

los. Hunlpley 

William Fans 

Mar. 4, 1808 
May 35, 1818 
May 9, 1890 
April 31, 1834 
Dec. 31, 1833 
Oct. 3, 1834 
Feb. 20, 1836 
April II, 1813 
Oct as, 1837 
Dee. 30, 1837 
Mar. 10, 1838 
May 4,-1838 
Sept. 38, 1831- 


Comwotiait i Oct. 3e,.n99 

- ■ - 1837 

Newbuig, Pa . . 
Chariestown. Man 
Petersburg, Va... 
Porlamooth, V«. . 


Boston, Mass — ■ 

New York 

Derby, Vt 


Maury co ,Tenn... 


Sprinefield, lU. . . . 




Jnly 1 
Jan. IS, I 


Feb. 35, 1836 

Dec. 31, 
Mar. 8,, 
. April 27, 
. Jan. 10. 
May 17, 

by Google 


, Railing water. . 
Bainngwaiar. . 
Baiainf waiar. ■ 

Baiaing water.. 
RaiaiDg water. . 
RaiaiDg water. . 

Raiaing water. . 

Raiting water. 
Raising water. 

', apparatus for pro- 
er, by atmoBpheric 


Bailing water, cxiayejing 

RaiaingwaterfordoiDea'c purpoi 

Raising water, and farcing. . . 

Raising water, aod forcing . . 
Raising water front founlaiDa 
Raiting wateTihydnulic wheel* foi 

Rsising water for mills 

Raising water by revolving wbe 
Raising water and sawing umber. 
Raising waler to set machinery i 

Raising water by stsom. , 


Raising water by steam 

Raising water by steam engine. 
Railing water by mccenive pumps 
Raising water for turning mill*. . . 
Raising water by weight . . . 

Raising water by weight. . . 
Raising water from wells. . . 
Raising water from w " 

Raising w 

n from wells 

ir from wells 

:r from wdls 

!r from wells 

^r from welb 

Baiaiitf water by wind 

Bam, hydraulic 

Ram, hydraulic* 

Soda apparatus — 8u Cimi 4. 
Soda fountain.— &i Clan 4. 
Sparger, ■elf-actiug/ordiatribu tin 

William FdliMr..... 
Benjamin Coolly. . . . 
William Harrington. 

Seraphim Billing 

Samuel Currey 

Jacob Haitman 

N. N. Destreham . . . 

Social Rolph 

William Dabnay. . , . 

Lenmon Parmelee, 
Le>i Diflbrow & John 


Philip TuMDg..., 
Joseph Turner. . . 
Jeaae C. Wood. , 
David L- Myere and 

Samuel Myers 

Saeene Ablon, aas 

ofPierre Ravard. 

Samuel McCune. .... 

David G. Colburn 

IJBcomb Knapp . 

John Dulton .... 
Sam. Fin lay, B.Morae 
and S. E. Morse. . 

Elishn Vance 

John Manning / 

Pierre EMsirC Henry. 
Aaron Brookiield . . . 

Henry Milter 


David W. Hunt. 
William Baley... 
James Amblei. . , 
Qeorge Fleming. 
Joseph S. Fox.. . 

David Colver 

L. H. Mosby . . . 
William Mead... 
William Bushnelland 

J. Alloffer 

David Hesa 

George Patterson 
Elijab WilUrd... 

Jer. Dexter 

Elijah Willard. . . 
Isaac Wilbur.... 
Samuel. Smith... 
Samuel Smith ... 

Somael Morey 

J. Cemeau and S. 8. 


Benjamin S. Benson. 
Erastus W. Ellsworth 

New York 

Massachuaetls. . . 
Pwis, Ky 

At«.35, U 
FVb. 1, U 
Aug. 28, U 
Nov. 7,]( 
April 34, » 
, . _ .Mar. 31, 14 

Charlea Pariah, La.. Dec. 13, H 

Albany, N.Y Nov. 16, IS 

Richmond, Vo Nov, 20, IC 

New York June 11, IE 


Brock's Gap, Va.. 
Poland, Me 

Ephrota, N. Y . . . 

Chriatianbtuf , Va , 

Paris, France 

Wilmington, Ohio. 
Cayuga eoK.Y.. 
Brighton, N.Y. 

Aston township. Pa. 

Charlestown, Masi 
Wilmington, Ohio . 
New Hampshire . . 

New Orleans, La.. 


Allenton, Pa. 

Brutus, N. Y 

Newbury port, Masi 
Nelson county, Ky . 
Berlin, N.Y....... 

Qouehiand, Va 

Otto. N.Y 

Deer Creek, Ohio .. 
Powhaltan co., Va. . 
Pittsburgh, Pa . 

Barriaburg, Va . . 
ShepardBlown, Va 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Egremont, Maag. . 
Salisbury, Conn ■ . 
Egremonl, Mass . 
Madison, N.Y... 
Mendon, N Y... 
Mendon, N. Y. . . 
New Hampshire . 


Harford, Md 

East Windsor, Cl.. 

July 38, im 

Dec. 17, 1841 

Aug. as, 1831 
May 13, 1834 
May 33, IBM 



Jtine 7, 1638 
April 10, 1798 
Jan. 9, 1S41 
Oct. 34. leM 

July 28, 1827 
Nov. IS, 182S 

June 13, 1835 
Feb. 4,1817 
May 39, 1813 
April 24, 1897 

April 5,1938 
Juoe 6, 183S 
Feb. IS, 1833 
Nov. 19, 1833 

Nov. 3, If 
Jan. 27, 16 
Oct. 33, li 
Dec. 28, IE 
Aug. 90, \i 

Philadelphia, E^.... May 8,184* 

lb, Google 



Suppers Mid plugs 

Slops, elastic water, Tor checking 

ihe force at water ia pipes 

Syphons, constructins, and mode 

of cbarging ihrl 
Syphon, lor drawi 
Tiie mills. 
Tide mills. 

Matthew .Vaaaar.. 
Horatio Allen . . . . 

'drawing oil. . 

Tide mills 

Tide mills 

Tide mills 

Tide mills, and ourrent. 

Tide mills, and current. 

Tide mills, and eurrenl. 

Tide mills, end current. . . 

Tide motion applied to machinery 

Tide power 

Ventilator for rooma 

Water and animal power 

Water, applying to saw mills. . 
Water, applying 

Water blast 

Water, conveying 

Water, cooling, and Other fluids, 
Water, drawing from forebaya and 

disr.harginf on wheels . . . 
Water, drawing from wells- 
Water, drawing from weils, 
Water, elevating, and other liquids 
Water, mode ofapplying to propel 

machinery i 

Water, mode of supplying hi 

Water power 

Water power 

Water power, application to 
Water power, application to lever 

Water power, s 


m, Ac, applied 

, by at- 

Water power. 
Water power, mi^rciu 

mospheric pressure. . . . . 
Water power to machinery. 

Water power to niills 

Water power to a number of 

wheels, lie 

Water power, saving 

Water pressure, for propelling ma- 
Water, purifying 

Water power, supplying to build- 
ing to extinguish fires- 
Water, regulating the anpply of. . 
Water, steam, and wind power . . 
Water tank, floating 

Watering machine, for caUle .... 
Watering machine, for cattle .... 
Water wheel , 

George Johnson 
James Gray... . 
Jona. Dickerson 
John P- Swain and Ja- 
cob Skinner 

Francis Riltal 

'Josiah Cleareland . . . 

Robert Spcddeu 

Henry Allen 

George H.D- Gray.. 

Jos. Wallace. . 
James Bennett, 

John Slaple.jr 

Henry M- Western,. 
Henry B. Fernald . . . 
George Horiey tc. John 


James M- Burton 
John A. Wiszt . . 
William Kendall. 
J. Hinds, M. B. 

and S. Pike.... 
Joseph Rugglea- . 
Samuel Hani. .. . 
WilUam Thoroior 

J. P, Espy & A Young 
Elijah Willard... 

Jehiel J. Farmiid 
Charles R. A I sop 

William Baker . - 
William Bryant . 

AmoH Thayer 

Ebenezer Bassford . . . 
Dart and Wood, 

John Abbott . . , 

Jehiel W. Dart and 
William Webster. . . 
Timothy P. Anderson 

Samuel L. Holmes.. 
Meredith Mallory. . , 
Josiah W- Newbury 

. Ponghkeepsie, N.Y. 

. New York, N. v.. . 


Fredericksburg, Va. 
Morris oouoly, K.J. 

Roxbury, Moss .... 

Lincoln, Mass 

St. Mary's CO-, Md . 


Fayette county, Ten. 

Hartford, Ky 

Vigo county, Ind. . . 



Portland, Maine . . - 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Salem, Ga 

Philadelphia, Pa. . . . 
Fairfield, Maine 

Troy,N. Y 

New Milford. Conn. 

Baltimore, Md 

Washington, DC- - 

June ar, ISM 

Oct. 35, 1B43 

Dec- 33, 1841 
April 25, 1838 
July 30,1791 

May 11, 1810 
Jan. 38, 181S 
Oct. 33, 1816 
Aug. 1,18^ 
Dec- 30, 1820 
Sept. 35, 1822 
Sept. 11, 1899 
Aug. 10, 1832 
Mar. 18, 1803 

June 1, 1833 

-tug. 17, 1839 
May 10, 1844 
Jan. 12,1831 

May 14, 1836 
June 6.1811 
Mar. 31, ItJSfi 
July 31, 1827 


EgrcmoDt, Mass ... 
Pert Bvron, N. Y . . 
Middletown, Coim . Jen. 31, 1 

Davidson CO., Tenn. 

All>any,N. Y 

Jay, Maine 


Reading, Mou ..... 

Truxton, N. Y 

Hardwick, Mass . . . 

West Cheater, N.Y. 
Benton, N. Y. . 
Luzerne, Pa . . . 

May 19, 1840 
Oct. 25. 1833 
May 1, 1818 
July 10, 1834 
Sept. 9, 1335 

Nov. 19, 1833 

Geo^ M. Oibbs. .. 

Samuel Griffith 

LoDson Rueh, adm' 

of Isaac Lowell, dec' 

John Cochrane 

Isaac Garretaon 

Wm. Kearney & John 


Mooes Smith. .. 
Adolphus Allen.. 

Williama'PariahNC R 
Rensselaer co., N.Y. T 
Erie county, j m v ( 
Pendleton, i "■ »■ ' 
Newark, N. 
Belle Fontaine, Ohio] & 

Brooklyn, N.Y... 
Massachuaetls ..... 



Mar. 16, 1804 
July 10,1624 
MaV 1,1806 

lb, Google 



Water wheel 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel 
Wnler wheel 
Water whefil 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 

Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Watur wheel . 
■Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
'Water x'heel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 

Water wheel 
Water wheel 

Water wheel 
Water wheel , 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel . 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 

Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel , 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
Water wheel 
WUer wheel 

Simon Willard,jr. . 

Jona. Miner 

Aaron Reuck 

Mark Andrews. . . . 

Abm. Sanda 

Jo*. Atkinson 


Darid Loring 

David Cooper 

Geoi^ Peck 

Benjunin Thomsa . 

Ira Griawold 

Amos Thayer 

Chorlee A-BuBby... 

John E«fln« 

Amoa Thayer 

John Ed wards 

Thomas Enles 

Eliaha Hale 

David Beauchamp . 
CharleiGoddard. • . 
Adolphue Allen.... 
John D, Wilson.... 

Job. Torrey 

John Bell 

Orpheua Thompson 
John a. Wheeler.. 


James Johnson . . . . 

Clark Willaon 

Henry Averill 

Martin Coney 

lames McConnet . . 

John Moffit 

TheodoruB Loomia.. 
Atidrew M. Brateyond 

John L. Dryer... 
Ebenezer A. Lester . 
Ezekiel W. McGui 

and Joel Dewey, jr. 
Isaac Van Gorder.. 

Zersh Blakely 

Elisha Bushnell 

William Shepard . . 
Benjumiu Dugdale . . 
Isaac Harrison .... 
David H. Gilbert . . 

Henry Averill . 

Garcl G. Heermance . 
Robert Eastman 
Alvio Darling dc Bar- 

WiUiam Metril. . . . 

Isaac Powell 

William L. Elgac. . 
Frederick Wingale. 
Abraham Stmub. . . 
Carey S. Mercer. . , 

J. T. Towns 

William Hitchcock .. 
Henry Allen 
Orson Waldo 
Cbailea Keni 

Hudson, N.Y.'..., 
Snruloga, N. Y. . . . , 
Chillicoihe, Ohio... 
Kennebec, Mass... 
Georgetown, D. C. . 
Amherst, Mass ... 

Sheffield, Mass 

CanaQdatgua, N.Y. 

Jericho, N.Y , 

Whiteslown, N. Y , 
Washin^n, D. C. 
Granville, Conn... 


New York, 

., Ind.. 

Albany, N. Y. 

Urbana, Ohio 

Newbury, Vt 

Baltimore, Md 

EMzabethiown. Va. . 

Sabine Hall, Va 

Troy, Pa 

Condon, Ind. ...... 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Sycamore town"?, O. 

Mexico, N, Y 

Jericho, Vt 


Ogdensbin^, N. Y. . 
Fairbanks town'p. In 
Swanzey, N. H. 
Richland, N.Y.. 
Portland, N. Y 

go, Pa.. 

Dec. 31, 1( 
May 13, K 

April 36, IE 
Mar. SO, U 
April 16, IE 
July 7, It 

Oct. as, li 

April 21, It 
May 1, IE 
May 35, IE 
April 99, IE 
July 5, IE 
Oct. 10,16 
Sept. 27, 18 
Feb, 8,18 
June T, 18 
Feb. 38. 18 
May 9,18 
June 5,19 
Dec. 6,18 
Mar. 15, IB 
April 30, 18 
Oct. 1, 18 
Oct. 1, 18 
Oct. 21,18 
April 12, 18 
. D«c. 13, 18 
.i April 37, 18 
:< Mar. U, IS 

Walerford, N.Y... 

Warren, Ohio 


Sodus, N.Y 

Gibson township, Pa. 

Trenton, K.J 

Middletown, Va. . . . 
Dorchester, Mass. . . 


Coxsackie, N. Y . . . 
Concord, N.H 

Dillingham, Mass . 
Randolph, Ohio . . 
Lawrence, H. Y. . 
Winchester, N. H. 
Augusta, Maine. . . . 

Milton, Pa 

Franklin. Md 

Mount Morris, N.Y. 

Spencer.N. Y 

Fayetteville, Tenn.. 

Newark. N.Y 

Troy, H. y 

;. 16, 1833 
;. 31, 183* 
. 30, 1S34 

April 3, 1835 
May 16, 1835 
July 17,1^ 
peh. 10, 183* 
Mar. 4, IMS 
Mar. 13, 1836 
Mar. 30, ISM 
May 23, 1M6 

Juni a,jroj 

June 35, 1831 
July 1, I33f 

lb, Google 


Snmuel Qarrett 

William F. Brown... 
Nebemiah P. Stanton. 
ClRvton Parker and R. 


Charles Qoulding. . ■ ■ 

John W.Moon 

John R. Wheeler 

John Mumma 

Snmuel B. Howd 


Thomas N.Whitcomli 

Eliza Morlineau, ad'X 
nrjDO.Mar(ineau, deM 
William C.Biahop... 

Tiroolhy Rose 


William Aahby ... . 

Jose[>h Hanchelt 

Nelson Johnson 

Clark Lewis 

Jadse Taylor 

John G. Giarretaan. . • 

John L, Smith 

Samuel L. Valentine . 

William Lamb 

Lemuel W. and Geo. 

W. Blake 

Samuel B. Howd 

Samuel Dieht 

Abijah Woodward. . . 
AmnsaB. Beckwith . . 

Reuben Rich 

Ell B. Lansing 

Jesse Taylor | 

Samuel L. Valentine. ., 

Joseph Durkee ' 

Sliles Mun°:er 

Philip Wells : 

Samuel Hopper. | 

Chadiah Ayfesworlh .| 
I . JamcK Fiiiluy,aaBicnee, 
? of WhillawandSlir-^ 

. DanielH-Faraons -..' 

. JohnQildweU | 

. Daniel S(£arns I 

. AmnsD B. Beekwiih..| 

. Hiram Ferguson I 

. Nelson Jahnnon 

. Albert Silmpaon 

. Daniel Weaver 

. OBvid Pulncy 

. Koawell C»ok 

. J. D. Robinson 

. Samuel L. Valentme.. 
. Theodore R.Timby.. 

. James Gardner 

. ChadiahAylCBworth. . 
. John J. Sprin^teen . . 

. James Leflel 

. Theodore R. Timby. . 

LondonTille, Ohio . . 

Augusta, Maine 

Syracuse, K. Y . . . , 

Way ne utwnabip, 0. 

Mobile, Alabama. . . 
Roxbury, N Y. . . . 
Seneca Palls, N.Y.. 
West Alexandria, O. 

GeiiBTa, N. Y 

Znnesville, Ohio. . . . 

Grafton, Vt. . 

New York 

Bordentovn, N. J. 
Coldwaler, Mich... 
Triangle, N. Y. . . . 
Syracuse, N, Y . , . 
Aurtliua, N. Y.... 
Muhlenburg, Ohio. 


Banfor, Maine. . . . 
Whilestown, N. Y 

Fenperell, Mass 

Lyons, NY. 

ManaMcn inwns' 
S»-aniey,N. H... 

Bsih.N. Y 

Albion, N. Y 

Wheeling, Indiana. 
Rangnr, Maine, . . . 
Birghamptan, N. Y. 
Shawangunk, N. Y. 
Milford, MiehJean.. 


Bainbridge.N. Y.. 
Coldsprin?, N.Y, i 
Paisley, England, > 

July 3,1688 
Ju<r 2, 18» 
May as, 1837 

July 31, 1B37 
D.c. 15,1837 
Peb. IS, IB38 
April 14, 1B38 
April 38, 1838 
July 26, 1838 
Dec. 31, 1838 

. Dec. 31, 1838 

. April 18, 1831 

" . 5, ]839 

. Oct, ic, 1839 

Mar. 95, 1840 
July 15, 1840 
June 39, 1B41 
July 16, 1641 
Sept. 11, 1841 
Oct. II, 1841 
Dec. 10, 1841 
Dec. 3t, 1843 
April 11, 1849 

May 4,1843 
May 12, 1343 
July 3, 1843 
July 8, 1843 
July 16, 1843 
July 20, 1B42 
July 2.3, 1842 
Aug. 35, 1843 
Feb. 10, 1843 
Mar. 4,1843 
Mar. 31, 1843 
June 34, 1843 

July 3,1843 

Chester, Ohio 

NorihfieU, Mam.. 

Rome, N.Y 

Bath, N. Y 

Richland, N.Y... . 
RalhboneviUe, N.Y. 

Rockingham, Vl 1 April. 

McKeanaburg, Pa. . June 

Redbnnk, Pa I Aug. 

Peoria, III... 
Bangor. Ma 
Caio Four Cornera, 

N.Y. . 
South Lee, Mass... 
Bainbridge,N. Y.. 

Oswego, N.Y 

Springfield, Ohio... 
Calo IComera, N.Y. 

. Sept. 
. Jan. 
. Mar. 
. May 
. May 
'. Jtme 

19, 1843 

14, 1843 

20, 1844 
26, 1844 
25, 184* 
10, 1844 

13, 1844 

14, 1844 
34, 1644 
13, 1844 

37, 1844 
16, 1845 
91, 1849 
}ti, 1841 
31, 164S 

t AaMdsUd Jaif IS, 1M4. 

■ oogle 


tMTnnoHS om stioaTmn^. 

Water wheel 

Water wheel*... 

Water wheel 

Water wheel 

Water wheel.... 
Water wheel . . . , 
Water wheel..., 

s r wheel , and appi y i ng ' 
Water wheel) and applying water I 
Water wheel,andapplyingwateri 
Water wheel, and applying water' 
Water wheel, and applying water i 
Water wheel, and applying water, 

B. C. Onmt.... 
William Dripps. 
J. K. Miilanl. . . 

ChHstopher Hand 

Elisha Hale 

F. P. Haviland and E. 


Charles Joley... 
Samuel Morey.. . . . 
William Kendall 
Joseph Michenor 
Joel Eastman.... 
Richard Walker 

Pomeroy, Ohio.. . 
CoBtearille, Pa . . . 
MillBborough, Pa. 
Town Hill, Pa... 
Port Elizabeth, N. J. 
Newaric, N. J. 

Walervtlle, Maine. 
New York, N. Y. . 

Boston, Maaa 

Albemarle CO., Vn.. 
Fairfield, Maine. 
Clinton, Ohio.... 

Bath, N. H 

Milton, N. H... 

vind, ( 

Wnter wheel, backets fi 

Water wheel, bucket, apouia for 

admilling water on 

Water wheel, i^nal, race 

Water wheel, caat iron, and aluji 

Water wheel, and casting 

Water wheel, chain action 

Water wheel, chaJn bucket 

Water wheel, chain paddles. .... 

Water wheel, combined 

Water wheel, conical 

Water wheel, conical pereustion . 

Water wheel, current 

Water wheel, current 

Water wheel, current 

Water wheel, current 

Waier wheel, current or tide.. ,,. 
Water wheel, current, raiain^ and 


Water wheel, curbed tube, foi 
Water wheel, driving, and shoot. 

Water wheel, double centre 

Water wheel, elevating water 

Water wheel, float 

Water wheel, •floating 

Water wheel, floalii^ valves 

Water wheel, with Boala working 
upon hinges 

Water wheel, flume 

Water wheel, and flume 

Water wheel, and flume 

Water wheel, flulter,Bpplying wa- 
ter to 

Water wheel, flutter, applying wa- 

Water wheel, flutter, applying wa. 
Water wheel, with folding ladle 

James Humiston, ji 

Calvin Wing 

Sanford Reynolds. . 
John Duiion, jr. .. . 
Davidson Myers.. . 
Emerson G. Covel, 
Roiwell Wileox... 

James Denison 

Warren P. Wing.... 
NoahdiahW, Hubbard 

William Miles 

John Comagy 

F. A, South worth... 

CharlecF. Paine.... 

Arcadia, N.Y 

Miami, Ohio 

Gardiner, Maine. . . 

Pitcher, N. Y 

Ashton, Pa 

Benlon, Mo 

Glenn's Fall8,N.Y, 
Franklin CO., Ohio.. 
Lanier fnahip, Ohic 
Greenwich, Maaa . . 
Randolph, Ohio... 
Boonaborough, Md . 


Si. Louis, Mo. . 

July 26, 18» 

Nov. 9fi, ms 

Dec. 36, 184t 
May 9,1641 
May 16, 18« 
Nov. 14, 1846 

May as, 1846 
Feb. 7, Ida 
July 14,1615 
May 36, 1637 
Jan. 13, 1831 
Mar. 9, !63l 
Seul. 38, 183ft 
Mar. 12, 1831 

Nov. 25, 184r 
Oct. 28, 1618 
May 10, 1805 
OcL 33, 183ft 
Dec, 15,1833 
Feb. 36, 1840 
Sepu 4,1839 
Feb. 90, 1844 
April 19, 1836 
April 25, 184S 
Sept. 22, 183T 
April 2,1641 
Oct. 26,1843 
April 10, 1844 
Jan. 38,1340 

June 39, 1833, 

Lewis Waterbury and 

Talmage Waterbury 

William March 

Stacy CoBtill 

John Owings 

Israel J. Richardson. 

Joel E^lman 

Waller Brewster.. 

Asa Messer 

Hiram Munger... 


Sand Bank, N.Y.. 
Gloucester, N.J... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 

Baltimore, Md 

Geneva, N.Y 

April 12, 1B34 
July 14, 18*6: 
Aug. 19, 1808 
Oct 17,1827 
Sept. 9,1816 
Sept. 26, 181« 

Water wheel, hinged 

Water wheel, horisontal. . 
Water wheel, horizontal. . 
Water wbeti, horiiontal. . 

Thomas Winslow 

D. M. Kenzie, M. L. 
Barber, S. Dean, and 
J. McNaughlon . . . 

Matthew D. Brown. 

James Macomb. . . .. 

Ezckiel Reed 

DaiidParmelee I 

•AaledaUd Hif 01, IMS. 



Providence, R. I. . . . 
Chickopee, Moss. . . 

Robertson c«., Tenn. 

Scriven coimty, Oa. 

dueen'B co., N. Y. . 

Jay, Maine 

Caledonia, N.Y.., 
Mason county, Va, 
Princeton, N. J., , , 
Massachuaetts . . . . . 
Redding, Conn . , . , 

Feb. 18,1831 
June 7,1798 
May 18, 1626 
Nov. 10, IM6 

OcL 24,1838 

I May 31, 1630 

July 1, 1817 

. Oct. 25, 1832 

, June 19, 1826 
, Dec. 19, 1828 

FelT. 14, 1«9- 
. Not, 90, ISOS- 

lb, Google 

•aTBBAOLios A«D nonacAVKMi. 

Water wheel, homonMl 

Waler wheel, horizontal 

Waler wfaeel, horizontal 

Water wheel, hotizontal 

Water wheel, horizontal 

Waler wheel, horizontal 

Water wheel, horizonlal 

Water wheel, boruonial 

Waler wheel, horizontal 

Water wheel, horizonlal 

Waler wheel, horizontal 

Water wheel, horizotita].... .. . 

Water wheel, horizontal 

Water wheel, horizontal 

Water wheel, horiionlal 

Water wheel, horizontal , curb, c 

Water wheel, inclined 

Waler wheel, iaclined 

Water wheel, inclined 

Water wheel, inclined 

Water wheel, inclined 

Water wheel, iron , 

. John Oabom, jr. 

. William Com well 

. James Wood 

. Richard A. Dcnaldiot. 

ajid Job. L. Wheelei 

. Silas Dalie 

. Horace Howard. 
. Ebenezer ThompsoD.. 
. O. LaUian,L. Beauett, 

and J.Green 

. Abraham Lippi It 

. SheldenSloddards.... 

. Aaahel Baron 

. John Nuckolls and So- 
non P. Wheeler.. 
. Chapman Warner. ... 

. Samuel Curtia 

. George Demi ng. 

Litchfield, CoDD... 
Accomack, Va. . . . 

Newark,N. J 

Cumberiand, Ma«., 

Wooeter, Ohio 

Mancheater, N. Y.. 

Oneida county, N. Y. 

Windsor, Ohio 

Jackson fnehip, Pa. 
Windsor, N. Y.... 

Bolivar, Teun..'.... 

Oiford, N.J 


BuHinglon, Vt 

Waterford, N. Y. . . 
Baltimore, Md 

Dec. 15, Sh 
June 19, 161ft 

Sept. 35, 181S 
Mar 38, 181$. 
Dec. 26, ISSl 
Mar. 24, 182i. 

May 38, leas 

Nov. 2, 189& 
May 28, 1833 
June 4, 1833 

June m, lea. 

Sept. 22, 1837 
Dec. 15, 1837 
July 33, 1819 

Water wheel, 
Water wheel, 
Waler wheel. 
Water wheel. 
Water wheel. 
Water wheel. 
Water wheel, 
Waler wheel. 
Water wheel. 
Water wheel, 
Waler wheel, 
Water wheel. 
Water wheel. 
Water wheel, 
Waler wheel. 
Water wheel. 
Water wheel, 
Water wheel, 
Water wheel, 
Water wheel, 
Water wheel, 
Water wheel, : 
Water wheel, ; 

Water wheel, reacting.. . 
Water wheel, reacting.. 
Water wheel, reacting. . 
Water wheel, reacting.. 

letting on water. . 
letting the waler o 
mill, /water mill), 
mill, (water rain),, 
mill, ^watermiU).. 
for mills and bouta. 
mill, or machine. . . 




overshot, bucket foi 
and paddle. . . 
penstocks for. 


propelling bei 

. William Pumell.. 

. John Palmer 

. William H-Squireaaud 
Coral C.White.... 

. Cotton Foss 

. James Wood 

. Thomas Pierce 

. Abraham Baker 

. John T. Qilmore 

. P.J. Schuyler and E. 
D. Hitchcock 

Asa Dunicleon 

Samuel Sperry 

Thomas Key 

Jacob Ammon 

Michael Hildebrand.. 

Sajnuel Curtis 

ThomaB Ruble 

Samuel Bronwer 

Jacob Perkins 

John Owings 



LaGranee, Tenn... 
Dalton, Ohio...., .. 
Fayelleville, N. C 

Stillwater, N.Y.... 

Otsego, N.Y 

NaaEville, Tenn.,.. 
Henry county, Ga. . 
Rockuigbam, Va... 
McMmn co., Tenn. 
- ;!e,N.Y.. 



Paul Boynlo 
Luther Copeley. . 

Richard Berrian .... 
John Green, sen... 
DeaJi S.Howard... 
Benjamin Hdward. 

Nelson Johnson 

James Widdifield.. 
A. Wilder... 
William Kelley.... 

. Joe 

. John W. Hendenwi 
and John Clayford, 

. Calvin Wing 

■ John Turner 

. Jos.C. Strode l 

. Geo. W. Hendenontk 

Jos. Buseel 

. Gideon Hotchkisa. 

I, Md. . 

Aug. 4,1 
Feb. 36,1 
May 2, 1 
S^l. 33, 1 

Nov. 9,1 

July 18,1 
Juae 8,1 
Nov. 10, I 
Sept. 28, 1 
Aug. 29, ■ 
Not. 27, 
June 36, 
Jan. Sa, 
April 21, 1 
May 15,1 
Aug. 7,1 
Feb. 13, I 

Ogdensbure, N. Y. . 
New Lebanon, N.Y. 

New York 

New York 


Worcester, Mnaa... 

Triangle, N, Y 

Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Wa™w,N, Y 

Pittsburg, Fa 


Millbume, Maine... 
Gardiner, Maine. . . . 

Auzusia, Me 

E. Bradford, Pa.... 

Mmbunie,Me Sept. 2 

Windsor, N. Y.... Nov. f 
Binghampton, N. Y. Jan. 




April 21,1 
Mar. 8,1 
July 12, ] 

i, 183£ 

by Google 


Walerwhael, naolHu;* 

Water wheel, rsading 

Vsier wkeel, r«B«ling 

Water wheel, reacting 

Water wheel, reacLing. 

Wslerwheel, reacting 

Water wheel, reacting 

Water wheel, rewting 

Water wheel, rcaclion 

Water wheel, reaction 

WaUr wheel, ruction 

Water wheel, reaotion ■ 

Water wheel, roaotiny^, l«Ter. 
Waler wheel, reacting, double 

W^ter wheel, r«ictian, moulding 

preparatory to casting 

Water wheel, reaction and percus 

Water wheel, raaotjon. 
Water wheel, reaction. 
Water wheel,ilc., regulating (he 

Water wheel, Ac, regutalii^ the 

mouon of... 

Water wheel, nlienng from back 

Water wheel, rolline tuh. 
Water wheel, <oo Ramsey'* and 


Water wheel, Tor saw milla. 
Water wheel, for saw and grial 

Water wheel, and MW mills. 

Water wheel, screw 

Water wheel, lerew 

Water wheel, screw, spiral. . 
Water wheel, sliding gear... 
Water wheel, spiral 

Water wheel, spiral 

Water wheci, spiral 

Water wheel, spiral bucket. 
Water wheel, spiral bucket. 

Water wheel, spiral float 

Water wheel, spring bucket. 

Waler wheel, sub 

Water wheel, sub 

Water wheel, supplying.... 

Water wheel, tide 

Waler wheel, tide 

Water wheel, tide 

Water wbed, tide. 

Water-wheel tide 

Water wheel, and tide. 

John Ambler, jr 

Robert Eastman 

Israels. Savafe 

John L.St. John | 

JohnB. McCoid 

Gideon Hotchkin. . . . 

Nelson Johnson 

Nelson lohnaon 

Esau Whitney, Jacob 
Whitney, and Wil- 
liam F._ Card. 

Walcrford,N. Y... Fel>. 9, 18» 
Coorari, N.H.... Mar. 11, 188) 
Waierville, Me....! April tS, 18S3 
Caoajohaiie, N. Y. . Sept. IG. 1834 

Galen.1, II! I May 16, 1335 

Windsac, N. Y....' Jan. 9,1831 
Erwin Centre, N. Y Nor. 33, IBST 

Erwin Centre, N. Y 

Aimer Chapman.. 
Ralph Summers.. 

Sodua,N. Y 

Fort Miller Bridge, 

N. Y .:.. 

Seneca Falls, N. H. 
Northam|)ton, Mast 

Philadelphia, Ba. . . .! Mar. 30, 1834 

May 30, IBSB 

June II, leti 

July 30, 1845 
April 26, 184C 
Not. 4, 1S3S 

William L. Eldiedge. 

Stephen Paraooa Edgecomb, Me [April IE 

Zebulon Parker (and ' 

Robert McKclvey, in! 

trust for the heirs at 

Parker i 
Nathaniel F. Hodges C 
Archibald Bryce.. ' 

Nathan Schollidd.... 

. Oct. 19, 1899 

. July 16, 1841 

. Oct. 16, 1840 

. Feb. 11, 1B33 

Nadian Scholfield.... Norwich, Ct May 17, 1836 

James Denniaon 

Chnrlee Porse 

Elijah Skinner 

Ebcnecer Beard 

Alexander McKainy. 
Syi™nus Gtiernney. . 
Benjamin Schoolfield. 
&Wai. StnntoD.... 
Abner Vansant 

Lanier Township, O. Aug. S3, 1337 
Booneville, Mias,. .1 Aug. 24, 1S32 
Sandwich, N. H... Sept. II, 1837 
Charleaiown, Maaa. Jan. 35, 1396 
West Tennessee.... Feb. 111,1818 
Feuner, N. Y Apn' 13, 1834 

Lorenzo D. Adkins.. 

Filch Itcs 

Asa Waienp 

Cyrus Bent i 

John Johnson i 

John Houghton | 

Cyrus Belu 

William Stubbs | 

Dexter Wheeler i 

N. Qaie» & A. Max- 
well Ir 

Thomas Rowand.....'F 
T. B. Van Gaabee andr 
B.Sanda \h 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Jederson CO., Mis... 
Jackson county, O. 

Fayette, Me 

Perry, Ohio 


Knox county, Ind. . 
Qrsene county, Ga. . 

New York 

Chilieelbe, Ohio.... 
Bristol, MaM 

April 25, 1611 
Sepl. 39, 1833 
Feb. 21, 1S98 
May 3V, 1837 
May IT, 1839 
July b, 18D9 
Dec 33, 181B 
Mar. 7, 1803 
Mar. 31, 1806 
Jan. 13, 1839 
Mar. 18, 1797 
May 1,1809 
Mar. 3, ISII 

•d Jus W, 1833. t BesMnAbraMefOl 

■ fertneayesn, fiea Oefato IB, ISO. 


w^wum^tm Aim vtmmtmw. 

Water wheel, lide.anf cuTMnt.. 
"Waler wheel, lide, and turret 

Waler wheel, ti3e, aad cunrent, 

regBtatinf ,,,,,..•.. 

Water wheel, tTruUadric... • 
Waterwheel, tub 

Water wheel, tub, or tlmad. 

Water wheel, tub 

Waterwheel, tub. 

Water wheel, tub 

Water wheel, tuAiue 

Water wheel, two ata Itme. , 

Water wheel, undsnhot. . . 

Water wheel, vertical 

Water wheel, vcrtieal tide.. . 

Welle, mrer* of. 


Windmill , 






Windmill, horiznual 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 


Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel 

Wind wheel, horizontol.: .. . 
Wind wheel, horiionteJ ..... 
Wind wheel, horiEonta).. . . 
Wind wheel, horiEontal .... 

Wind wheel, horizontal..... 
Wind wheel, horizonlol..... 
Wind wheel, borizonlal .... 


Aroem IHngley aj 
Israel 3. Sange. . 

Chartea McLean and 
SolomoD Loorois.. 

EUoB Dana 

Edwaid Newnian.... 

David F, Napier 

AbijAh Woodward... 

Theodore R.Tiraby,. 

Luke C. Hinman L. 
BiBselt, and Moeea 

Ebenezer Cochnui... 

John Maze 

Robert Leal 

Levi Kidder 

Wanlsford Evans. . . . 
Isaac Garver and Sam- 
uel Fahmejr 

William Zimmerman . 

Perry Davi 

Alexander McGrew. . 

Allen Judd 

John M. Van Osdel.. 

CharleB Hol'den 

Jamea Sharplese 

John A. Morton 

Rufue Hathaway.... 

Aahael E. Payne 

Rir.hard Weems 

William Sianion, jr.., 

John Cooper. 

Uzzal Qeer 

RuaaelH. Wright... 

Jamea Barron 

Moaes laaaca 


William Phiebns 

Jesae MollineuT 

William Coburn 

Moaes Padley 

Abner Murray 

David McColler 

Job Wilbur 

Ebenezer B. Sperry . . 
Jacob D. Makely. . . . 
John R. Remington.. 

JohnB. Aveilbf.. 
Samuel Qoodwin.. 
Thomas P. Jonea. . 
Waller Ingalls 

JohnV. VanTuyl.. 
Jeremiah L. Colman. 
SolonoQ Dtmag... 

Oxford, N.H.. 

HartTord, Cwui. 

Bangor, Me 

Siileflville, lad... 

Uberty, Ky 

Alhol, Mass 

Cato 4 comers, N.Y. 

Otaego, N. Y 

Oibaon county, bid. 
Ctreenbrter CO. , Va. . 


New York city. . . . 
Riiahville, N. Y.... 
Dumfries, Va 

Boonsboniugh, Md. 

Stephenson, III 

Fall River, Moao... 
Cincinnati, Ohio. . . . 
Cabottsville, Mass.. 

Chicago, Ul 

Boston, Mass 





Annapolis, Md 

Lynchburg, Va. . . 
Philadelphia, Fa. . . 
Norwich, Conn..., 

Boston, Mass 

Elizabeth eity, Va. 
Philadelphia, Pa... 



N. HempMaad, N. Y 
Gardiner, Me. . . . 
Ontario, N. Y... 

Athene, Pa 

Hudoon, Ohio. . . . 
Fall River, Mass. 
Weyhoro, Mass. . 
Cairo, N. Y, 
Aberfoil, Alal 
South CaroHna. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Newcastle, Del. 
Sanbomlon Bridge, 

N. H 

Rahway, N. J . . . 
Tincennea, Ind... 
Bnmawick, (Hiio. 

April 9, 1S31 
Nov. 36, 183S 
May 23, 1837 
May 8, IBM 
Not. 10, 1648 

May 31, 1833 
Jan. 15, 1838 
Oct. 10, 1846 
July 12, 1839 

Dec aa, 18W 
May 39, 1841 
Aug. 11,1641 
Aug- 2,1843 
May 3, 1846 
Mar. 12, 1841 
Jan. 36, 1793 
Mar. 15, 1798 
Sept. 15, 1601 
Dec. 16, 1601 
Jan. 30. 1803 
Not. is, laOS 
Sept. 90, 1804 
Dec. 36, 1804 
May 33, 1806 
July 16, 1608 
April 35, 1810 
July 16, 1816 
May 38, 1618 
Nov. 14, 1630 
June 34, 1833 
Jan. 34, 1833 
June 3, 1836 
Aug. 31, 1836 
July 8, 1638 
May 2, 1699 
Mar. 30, 1836 
Aug 31,1637 
Nov. 23, 1637 
June 18, 1643 
Mar. 16, 180S 
Oct. 31, I80S 
Feb. 6,1887 

Aug. 19, 1838 
Sept. 98, 1831 
May 4,1888 

by Google 






Boston, and Cam- 
bndge Mm..... 

Cenlreville, U 

Waterford.N. Y... 



Putney, Vt 

Athena, Pa 

NewHaTen, Conn.. 
Long lalani, N, Y. 
Kenneu-B SqTe, Pa. 
Addison, M?..:.... 
Dutchess Co., N. Y 
Norwaik, Ohio 

Daniel DentMl 

Wind wheel,' machinery 


Benjamin Dugdale.... 
Thomas Thompson.. 

Israel Keyes 

Abner Murray 

William L. Bakewell 
DanielVan Vorhiea.. 

Moses Pennoek 


William Gallnp 

Mar 3>IB» 

Sept. 14, I63S 
Jufy 8,18iS 

Aug. IB, aas 

Feb. 18, 81S 
Aprils?, B3S 

Wind wheel, or water. 

Mar. as, 891 

b, Google 



And other Mechanical Power, as applied to Pressings Weigh- 
ing, Raising, and Moving Weights. 

by Google 

b, Google 


CLASS Xn^LEVER, SCREW, ondtOurMthmUdFiMtr. « 

ifpHtd t» Praaag, Wtigh^ 





Balance or counter acalea for « 

Hennr D 

DaTid Rogers 

BenJ. Morrison..., 
Nereaton Griffiog.. , 
Jirah Vaughn 

Balance, Columbian 

Balance, compouad leter. . 

Balance, for coiuLera. 

Balance crauea| 

Balance, (on Daorbom'sinp.l.. 
Balance, fon Deutom'i imp.)- . 
Balance, (oa Deacboro'a imp.) . . 

B. Morriaon. 
Benjaniin MorrilL.. . 
Geoi^ R. Moore. . . 

George 'Whita 

William Qramger. . . . 
Jared B. Whetinon. 

Eliaa Hibbord 

Clauil i ui Gignaui , aa ' 
of Louis Henry 

Boston, Mass..... 
Auburn, N. Y.... 

Milton, Pa. 


Rutland, Vt 

Milton, Pa 

Boacswen, N. U... 
Brattleborough, Vt. . 

Balance, platform . . 

Balance, piutorm,. 

Bahnce, platform. . 

Balance, platform.. 

Balance, i^lform.. 

Balance, platfonn. . 

Balance, platfbnn.. 

Balance, platrom.. 

Balance, plaifortn. . 

Uel Weat and Daniel 

Jnmes K. Caacy 

.iCiins Jencks &, Hen- 
ry Dexter. 

^Ti Kendall 

Russell H.Wrigbt... 


Rush, N.Y 

LuiMiiburg, Vi. . . , 
NawYorf, N.Y. : 
Paris, France. ... 
Lancaster, Ohio . . . 

Balance, platform 

Btlaiice, pUtform 

Balance, platfonD..... . _.. 

Balance, ptatfbrm, doable W. scale 
Balance, idaif<}rm,acsJefor «eigh- 

John B. Mao^. 

Samuel L- Hay 

Aleiunder BUm. .... 


James M. Petit 

John Horton 

Benjamin Bull 

B. Monriaon 

J. B. Dole 

R.L. McCollum.... 

L. Wemple 

Albert Dole. 

Thomaa Y. Jennii^. 


Boston, Mass 

Dunstable, N. H 


Boston, Mass... 

Benson, Vl 

Slrasbuq;, '' 
Lvndon, Vt 

l^yndon, VL 

Madrid, N.Y 

New York dty 

Milton, Pa 

Lansingburg, N. Y. 
Rochester, N. n . . 



CJeneia, Ohio 

Newark, Ohio 

Lunenburg, Vt 

Balwice, ponabla. 

Balance, scale atid beama 

Bakiice, aeole benma 

Btknce, seals beama. 

Balance, scale beams. 

Balance, scale beams, 

Stance or aeole beata 

Bidance, scale, compound lever, < 


Bdance, scale, prepanderaiing. . 
■RfI«u«IDk. », IB33. 


Albert Dole 

Samuel Wallis. 

John Edwards 

in Pollock 

John Edwards 

A. Rodgers 

Selb E. Wmalow... 

Hoaea H. Grover. . . 

Ex. Skinner 


DOTigur, UlC... . . . ■ 



Boston, Moss 


detpbia, Pa. . . 

gwater, N. Y. , 

p.. Ana. 18, ieae,.k Har- SS, lUl. 

Sept 9, 1B3S 
Dec. S3, 1B41 
Sept. 21, 1801 
May 19, 1606 
July 31, 181S 
Nov. 19, 181S 
Feb. 19, 1825 
July 31, 1840 

lb, Google 


BslanM, Bcale, beam, and w«igbu 
'Balance, scales for weighing .... 

Balsnce, spring 

Baluice, «(eelyiinla 

Balance, Hteelfards 

Balance, steelyards 

Baliinc«, KleelyardB 

Balance, Bteelyorda 

Balance, ileelrarde 

Balance, eleeljorda'. 

Balance, Bteclyanb* 

Balance, neetyarda 

Balance, sleelyaida 

Balance, ateelyanlB, combined 

Balance, alealyatda, lervr power. , 
Balance, ateel sards and scales. . . . 
Balance, weighing apparatus), 
Balance, weighing apparatus, 

^g index 

Balance, weighing canal boats and 

loadM wagons 

Balance, weighing caoal boats and 

loaded wagons 

Balance, weighing hMry bodiest. 

Balance, weighing machine. . 
Balance, weighing machine. . 
Balance, weighing machine. . 

Is in ahipa' holds. 
'■ising wagons... 
'oising wagons. •. 

id penda 

Daniel Klanberg 

AlTahH. Tree 

Jonathan Ball 

J. H, «.R. H. Bull... 
Benjamin Dearborn.. . 

Loots Dupree 

John Edwards 

Barnabas Langdon . . . 

Samuel Hilli 

Jac. Banhalomew. . . . 
E. Fairbanks and T.. 

Fairbanks ' 

E. Fairbanks and T. 



Eli Willemin 

Maitin Craw 

Samnel Andrcwi 


Cfarisl'r E. Damphier. 

Martin Bobbins. . . 

Jame* ConlWr. 

Thomas ArmaL 

E. Fairbanks and T. 


E. Fairbuiks and T. 


Eli Wadsworth 

James 3. S%er 

J. G. Rohr, aas-nee of 

Baptiste Maag 

James S. Sarage 

Simeon Brown 

Lewis PBllman 

Amory Amsden 


Hezekiah Bradford... 

Eliaa Marsh 

Gilbert Sherwood 

Thomas Godwin 

Eb. Smith 

Chsrles Q. Fairman . . 

Geoice Wjtbor 

WilUam Purden 

John Dnimmond 

David Evans 

John B. Holmes 

Willian Ballard 


Thomaa Evans 

William H07I. 

Hez. Salisbury 

Zenos Bunker 

James Barren 

Caleb Tompkins 

Cjrnit Berry 


Buffalo, N.Y.... 

NewYork.N. V...| 


South Carolina. . . . 


St. Albans, Vt . . . . 

Lincoln, Mass 

Middlebury, Vl. . . 

. Johasbury, Vt. . 

St. Jahnsbury, Tt, . 

Pittsburg, Pa 

Leeabura:, Ohio .... 


Bridgetown, Me. . . 
Green* eo.,N.Y.. 
Ware, Bi^and. . . . 

. HoUidBfaborg, Pa.. 

. Newark.N.J 

Philadelphia, Pa... 

Philadelphia, Pa... 

St. Johnsbary, Vt. . 

St. Johnsbury, Vt. . 

Hartford, Ct 



BosMD, Mass 


Poraalld,N. Y 

Rochester, N.Y... 
Smithfisld,R. I.... 


Oswwi, N.Y 

Erie, Pa 


Oneida co,, N. Y. . . 
Lewiaton, N. Y... 
Baltimore, Md.. . . 


Philadelphia, Pa... 

Boston, Mass 

NewYork,N, Y.. 

Morris, N.Y 


Brooknlla, la..... 
Springfield, Mass... 

Guiiron), N.C 

Norfolk, Va 
Monwomery, AJti. . . 
Pougfikeepiie, N. Y 

Porictnan, Me. . . ■ 


. Jdem is, 183* 
. Jan. d, 18» 

. April SO, ia» 
Sept. ao, I8H 

Feb. 14. IT** 
Mar 12. IBOa 
May 19. J80G 
Apnl33, Itm 
Dee. 37, 1815 
Feb. 37, ISU 

Sept. S3, 1839 

Sept. 23, 1839 
Oct. 31, 183S 
Aug. 31, 1841 
June 13, 1831 
Mar, 34, 1817 
Jan. 6, 1814 
Feb. 19, 1841 

Jan. 33, 1841 

Oct. 13, 1831 

Hay 10, 1811 

June 13, 1811 

Feb. 31, 1839 
Sept. 7, 18U 
July 30, 1831 

Jnly 31, 1«T 
Aug. 31, 1841 
June 37, 1838 
April as, 1836 
July 8, 1834 
Feb. 19, ]8M 
June 30, 183S 
Oct. 9,1836 
Dec. 31, IBIS 
Dec 16, 1B» 
July 17, 1837 
Mar. 19. 1806 
Mar 10, ISH 
Mar. 19, 1834 
June 7,1841 
July 7, IMC 
May 7,183! 
Feb. 16, 18B 
June 3, ISSS 
Mar. 8, ie« 
Feb. 3, 1819 
May 14. 18» 
Nov. 14, ISH 

Nov. i,ieis 

April 3S,ie» 


LBVEB, aoitew, *C.. 



IaVTCr,CMMd power » 

Le*cr power. ... 

Lerer power. 

Xiover power, Bccunnulaling. 
Lever power, eogiue, and iplf^e- 

...^Bd. G. Eiiek 

WilUsm Scarbrough. . 
Tylee W. LaTetra... 
J. Cochr^o 

. Sidney Wooda . . 
. Peter Wvkoff. . . 
. George Woo 

Lever power, and inclined wheeJ . 

Lever power, projectile 

Lever power, propelling machioeriy.— S« Power, Cliai 13. 

Lever power, Mwing by ! Jeremiah Walker . . , . 

Lever purchase, machine for work- 
ing mills 

Lever, raiaii^ bodies. 

Blakely, Ala. 
Darien, Ga... 
New York... 
South Hadley, Mwa 

Freeport, Me... 
Wesiporl, Ky,. 
Vernon, 1b.. . . . 

May 19, ] 

Jan. 23, 1 
Mar. 36, 1 

. Jan. 7, 1 

. July ao, 1 

. June 9, 1 

Lever and wheels, combination of 
pluribua unum. 

Packing bark 

Packing bark, ground 

Packing coUon 

Packing coltoD 

Peking cotton 

Packiiy cottoD 

Packing cotton 

Pkcfciog cotton 

Packing flour 

Backing flour. 

Flulung dour 

Packing flour, and.prestiog. 

Pftcking machine 

Packing machine 

Itacking screw, inverted. . ■ . 
Packing tobacco, box for. . . 
Packing tobacco, staves of cast 

Press, cheese, . 
Pif , cheese. . 
Pmm, cheese.. 

Pnas, cheese . . 
Pnas, cheese. . 
Pies*, eheeae. . 
Pitas, ckeese. . 

Shubael Kimball. 

Richard Sealy 

Caleb Tompkins 

Henry Clare and Pas- 
quale Ricardi. ...... 

Jos. Lyon 

John Cook 


Lewis I^ysard ...... 

David Wilkitisoii. . . . . 

Charles Williams 

James H- MuClellaDd. 
William C. Thomas.. 

0. Stith 

John Hinman 

Jonathan P. Barrett, . 

James Banta, jr 

Oliver Jeweu 

J. Clarke & E. Evans. 

Tyre Jennings 

Stephen Terry 

J.B. Allen... 

. Thomas Samson.. 
. Silas Hiichcock... 

. Jesse Cramtnn 

. William B. Leonar 
. Amoa JpckBOD. . . . 

i. Scripture.... .. . 

. Jesse Arnold 

. Ephraim Warner . , , , 

. Levi Martin 

. Hex. Dickerman 

. Hazel Irwin 

. Phineaa Allen 

. Benjamin Alwell 

■ Eb. Raymond 

. W. W. Townsend... 

. Jos, Golding 

. Rand White 

. AleiMider Norton. ... 

. Jos.Pnde 

. Lebbeus Caswell 

. D. Hitchcock and C. 


■ Rd. McOmber 

. Reynold Webb & Jo- 

nathan Cox 

Myron Norton 

. John S. Pulsifer & E. 

Bhinebeck, N. Y. 


Monigomery, Ala 

New York 

Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Fayettevilla, N. C. . 
Petersburg, Pa. . 
Halifax, N. C. . . 
N. Providence, Va . 

Petersburg, Va 

Fairfeld disL, S. C. 
Richmond ci . "" . 
Laurence ville. Va.. . 
Hartley town'p. Pa 
Granville, N. Y. . . 

UUc«, N.Y 

Rochester, M. X- ■ ■ 

Statesburgh, 3. C. . 
Decatur, Ga 

Richmond, Va..,.. 

. Richmond, Va .... 

. Vemon.N.Y 

. New York 

. MatlawanW'kB,N.Y F 
. Uberly,IIl 

Cazenoria, N. Y.. 
Pawlioga, N. Y. , 
Walerbury, Ct. . . 
Granville, N. Y. , 
Barnstable, Mass . 
Boston, Mass. . . , 
Burlington, N. Y. 
Burlington, N, Y, 
Sherhurn, H. Y.. 
Addiaon co., Vl,.., 
Worcester, Mass. 

Ooshen, Ct. . . . . 
PolBdflDi, N.Y... 
Harrtson, Me .... 

. April a<, 

. July 1, 

. Nov. 14, 


!, 1813 
>, 1815 

. Aug. 2, 
. Mar. 30, 
. Jnly 20, 





i. leu 

), 1843 

OoL 26, 1 
April 12, 1 
Dec 19,1 
Doc 27,1 
Dec. as. 1 
May 13, I 
July 18, 1 
Fob. i" ■ 



27, 18-39 

27, 1830 
13, 1830 

. Feb. 14,1631 

by Google 


K uacoTnui. 

Fmm, chee«.. 
prcBS, cheese. . , 
Press, cheese.. 
Pr«ss, cheese... 
Press, cheese. . . 
Press, cheese.. 
Press, cheese. . 
press, cheese.., 
Press, cheese... 
Press, cheese. . . 
Prtw, cheese. . . 
Press, cheese... 

Press, cheese, and elder. ■ . . 
IVesB, cheese, nod cider. ... 
^ss, cheese, and cider, oil, and 


Press, cheese, and cider 

Press, cheese, and eider 

Press, cheese, conslruclion of. . . . 
IVesB, cheese, self-aciing 

Press, cheese, self-acling 

Press, cheese, aelT-acling 

Press, cheeae, self-acting 

Press, cheese, self-adjusling 

Press, cheese, BElf-propflllir.g.hang- 

Preas, diecse, (on Townsend's im- 

press, coiwn . . 
• Press, eoiwn . . 
Press, eolton . . 
PrtM, cotton . . 
Press, eolton . . 

Press, cotton . . 
, mess, eotton . . 
Press, cotton . . 
ti*»a, cotton . - 
Press, eotton . . 

Press, cotton . . 
Press, cotton . . 
Pnm, cotton . > 
Pr«sa, couon . . 

BcDJamin Hinklep.. . . 

ABabel Tyirill 


Ejijbh Barnes 

David Phelps. 

Sullivan Wiiite 

Luke Hale 

Adio Gaunt 

Wm. W. Townsend. . 

RufuB Porter , 

J. A.Fletcher 

Damon A. Church... 
Job Arnold. . . . ■ ..'. . . 

Svlvuius Bonleu 

Eb. Benedict 

Eb. Benedict 

Israel Nichols 

Lelibeus Caswell 

John Holmes 

HartweU Kendall.... 
0. Sione, P. K. CollioB, 

andQ. S. Collins... 

Chester Stone 

F. K.&O.S, Collins. 
C. Slone and Q. S. 


John Martin, jr 

RuruB Porter 

JohnS. Cram 

Jos. Bigelow 



John J. Wise. 
Jscob Idler... 
li. V. W. Thome & 

John Thome 

John Qraham 

Franklin Shaler 

Jbc. N. Gordon 

Qideon Glenn 

J. Bollmighl and J. 


Philemon While 

Richard Jernigan 

William J. Cocke 

Philenio Payne 

James Camon 

Philenio Pavne and J. 


David Phillips 

P. Payne&J.Rundell 
Henrj' L. Conner 
Thos. H. Sctkrborough 

J. MitcheU 

CHdeon Fiti 

Henry Waterman 
Alexandei' Jones. 
Ju. R. Hitchcock and 

Wm. F. Serrell. 

John Price 

Fo«4nM. Ray.. 


Fowler, Ohio 

N. Brookfield, Mass. 

Baneor, Me 

Briifcewaier, Vt.. 
Mollis, N.H... 

Ipringiield.N. J.... 

Ihorelam, Vt. 

Billeriea, Mass 

Irasburg, Vu 

I''Tienddiir,N. Y... 
Hockiofco., Ohio.. 

N. Marlboro', Mass. 

N. Marlboro', Mass. 

Olse^, 14. Y... 
Harrison, Me. . . 

Paris, Me 

Danby, Vt 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Rootatowa, Ohio . ) 
RaTsnDB, Ohio. . . \ 
Roolslown and Ra- 
venna, Ohio 

Ailalan, W. T 

Billeriea, Mass 

Hanortr, N. H . . . . 

Oct. 9S,1B|B 
Dec. 31, Vm 
July 18, UM 
Sepu 5, 18U 
June 13, Ufc 
Aug. 15, vm 
June 30, 1838 
July G, 18» 
Dec. IS, 1839 
April 15, IMO 
June 30, 1840 
May 4, ISU 
April a,lS41 
Feb. 98, IB*'2 
Mar. SI, 1S08 
June IS, 1806 

. Oct. 12, 1609 

. Dec 18, isae 

. Feb. 6, 133a 
. July 15, 1B43 

July as, 1843 
Aug. 6, 184S 

May 29, 1842 
Nov. 96, 1844 
Feb. 6, 1S35 

Pittsburg, Pa... 
Baltimore, Md... 
PenDsyliania — 


ChinaOroTe, S. C. 
Georgetown, Ohio. . 
Elymaath, N.C.... 
Lewiabuig, N. C... 

Jan. 14, 1839 
. May 16, 183» 
. Sept. 24, 1803 

Feb. 32, 1810 
June IT, 1890 
May 5, 1894 
Oct. 8,1895 
April 12, 1896 

Richland, S. C ; Nov. 91, 1836 

Chatham eo., N. C.{ Feb. 19, 183T 
WayneaiWh, N.C., Ma* IS, 1837 
Cabin Point, Va.... Feb. 4,1838 
Chiibomeco., Mis*. Aug. 10, 1899 
Raleigh,H.C Nov. 4,1830 

Port Gibson, Miss.. 

Natchez, Miss. 

Claiborne co., Miss. 
Natchez, Misa 
Brownsville, Tean . . 
Rutherford, Tenn.. 

Clinton, Miss. .'ia» v, i»>i 

Bath, Me I May 10,1838 

New Orleans, U... Oct. 36,1838 

. July SO, 1831 

. April 27, 1833 

. Jan. 95, 1S33 

. July 5, 1833 

. Ocu 16, 1834 

. Mar. 13. 1836 

by Google 







W. C. Van Hoesen . . 

Parry W. Porter 

Samuel Fry 

Thomaa W. Harrey.. 

Oti» Whitney 


Cat8kill,N. Y 


Columbia, Tenn.... 

New York, N.Y... 
New York. N.Y... 
Augusta, Me 

Alexandria, U . . . . 
Lower Three Runs, 

April 2,1841 

Aug. 11, 1843 
May 7,1843 

April 15, 18« 
May la, 1843 
May 19, 1843 

Josiaa Clwmbera 

W«. F. -nd Charles 
J. Pro»t«L 

Perry O.aardiner.... 

Macon, Penn 

Fairfield, Ct 

Barnwell dial., S. C. 


WilliMn F. ProTosl . , 
Jedediab Pn»coU.... 
Peter M. Wright..... 

William Bulloch 

Philos B. Tyler 


Sept. 14, 1844 

Jersey City, N.J... 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 
Syracuse, N.Y,... 

Condon, b 



West Point, N. Y. . 
W««tQorham, Me.. 

Gardiner, Me 

Brunewiok, Me 

Staunton, Va 

Providence, R. I.... 

BniaHwick, Me.... 

New York, N. Y. . 
South Berwick, Me 
Qreew-bu^, N, Y. 

Jasper eouDty, Ga. . 


April 16, 1845 

Oct. 8,1811 
July 6.1837 
May 19, 1834 

Thomas D. Wilson.-. . 
Robert Tripleit. 

ofSam'lT. Baker... 
Alei'r J. Murray.... 
Somuel T. Baker 

Charles W.H-wke*.. 
Joseph C. Baldwin... 
Jas. fe. Kelaey A. Jas. 

Dec. 17, 18M 

Aug. 15, 1835 

Ap^i le, im 

Sept. 85, 1840 

Lem'l Bolles, Jedediah 
PrescoU, and Wm 
A. Bidtford 

Charles W.Hawkea.. 


P. a. Gardiner 

Robert Harding 

Caleb Marline 


Feb. 13, 1841 
May 39, 1B41 
Mar. 33, 1843 
AprUlG, 1843 
SepL 3, 1843 
May 30, 1843 
Sept. S8, 1843 

July 17, 1899 
Dec 14,1830 
Feb. 38, 1845 

Pj^wtt^, h»yy 

TiZ' ^n bV" *^' '"**'" J""" 

Piesa, oouon, horizoolal mck and 

Presa, colton, oil, and lobl^. . . . 

aideon Palmer 

Daniel Ooas, asaifneo 

David Fla^ and Chai 

April 22, 1845 

JPreu, cotton and tobacco 

Gardner, Maine. . . 
Washington, Ala.. 

Prtw, cotton, waler power 

Joaiah Duden 

June 33, 1835 

Boston, Maaa 

July 12, ISII 
April 29,1833 

Sylranus Hathaway. .1 M^illon, Ohio. . . . 

David ETana Philadelphia, P.. .. 

Moaea B. BtiM. Pitistown, MaiBe. . 

Pj*-.aywhtd ^ 

Aug. 36, 18» 

Richmond, Ta.... 

•K<i»udMarlT, ISO. 


Auf . 81, 183? 

|KelHUdAa(.M, IHL 

lb, Google 


Press, Iiay 

Prew, hay 

Pre»9, hay 

ProES, hay, cider, and oil. ■ 
Press, hay, colton 

Samael Hewitt. 

CharlM P. PaiiM 

David R. Alltn 

Nathan Whiung 

David Fla^ aDiTChu. 


Ei™ Waterhouse. . . . 
Jos. Wilson 

Press, hay, double box 

Press, hoy, hops 

Press, hydrostolic— &( Claa 11. 

Press, improved 

Press, inclined friction roller 

Press, liicreasiTig 

Press, leather. 

Press, lever 

Press, lever I William Lyi 

Press, lever I Benjamin Mi 

George C. Chesley., 
Luther Carrmm. ■ • . . 
Aliraham Norton. . . . 

Jonathan Elliot 

Thatcher Blake. 

Allenaville, lad.... 
Winslow, Maine.. 
Cumberland, Md.. 
Augusta, Maine 

Gardiner, Maine.. ■ 
Gardiner, Maine. .. 

Rocky Mount, Vt.. 
Ozfoid, Maine.... 
Lilchlield, Conn. . • 
Sharon, Conn 

.| Danville, Va. 

,._.._. J- . .1 Binphamplon, N. Y., 

Press, lever Hautrd Sharman ' Scnba. N. Y.. . 

Press, lever i Jonathan Payne i Russelville, Ky. 

Press, lever* !h. G.Guyon iKewVork 

Press, lever, bottom, combined . . . i Emanuel Venear Malilax, N. Y 

Press, lever, com pan nd John Rog;era ' Maury coiinly,Tenn.i 

Press, lever, progieasive | Jacob Perkins j Philadelphia, Pa. ., 

Press, lever, spiml '■ Abraham O. Slonsbury New York 

Press, lever, tackle, windlass John B. Carpenter. . . . Henderson, N. Y.. 

Press, lever, windhias i ThaddeusWiilittms.jr. Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Press, oil i Josiah White Massuchu setts 

Press, oil John Hallock Egg Harbor, N.J 

Press, oil ] Isaac Clowes | Hnmpton, Va 

Press, oil i William H. Hoegg...! Ashiabulo, Ohio... 

Press, oil, (improvement on Cun-i | 

ninghnui and Edmonston's) Samuel S. Eldmonslon i Tfew York ■ 

Presa, oil, and straining I John Cunningham and 

I S. S. Edmonston, . .1 New York 

Press, portable screw.. ' Alexander Hallam . . 

Pre«, printing—Sw Clan 18. , 

Press, rotary, toggle joint i Thomas W. Harvey. 

Press, rotary, woollen, and cotton- 

goodsf I Moses Bayley 

Pros, screw 1 Thomas Cahoon 

Press, screw I Thomas Gilpin 

Press, screw, for cotton JacobPlerson 

Press, screw, doable | Elisha Winter 

Presa, screw, andap|ilicalion to the 

pressure of elaine from tallow.. { Richard Jones 

Press, seal i A. Ralston Chase . , 

Press, Bunding I Charles Evans 

Press, standing : John H. Stewart... 

Press, standing Aaron Hale 

. Samuel F^irlamb 

. Joel Bams 

:nianiin P. Bruwn. 

Dm. 3D, we 

April 35, te(4 
Apnl es, 1846 
FVtb. 15, 1896 

. Dec. 30, 1836 
. Nov.l4,I8SS 
. Feb. IT, 1836 

June 27, 1938 
April 7, 1831 
Pab. 11, laia 
Jan. 18, 1^10 
Feb. SO, 1821 
April 26, 1B39 
Feb. 2,1630 
Not. 1, ISm 
Sept. 9, 1835 
July a,183S 
May 10, 1886 
Jan. 21, 18S» 
Feb. 37, 1819 
Mar. 21, 1821 
Jan. 30,1880 
Aug. 3], 1810 
Nov. 27, leO* 
Jan. 22, 1323 
Not. 3,1835 
May 90, 1836 

Sept. 1, 1813 

, (improie- 

, standing 

Press, standing 

Press, standing, frani 
Press, standing, framt 

Presa, standing, leser and pulley 

power applied - - 
Press, lobaeco .. 
Press, tobacco . . 
Press, mlacco.. 
Press, tobacco .. 
Press, tobacco .. 
Press, tobacco . , 
Press. lohsccn .. 
Preia, tobacco . . 
Press, lolmCCT .. 

w Orleans, Iji . . 

Jamestown, N. Y.. 

Salisbury, Mass. . . 
Caienovia, N. Y.. 
Wilmington, Del.r 
Knoxvitle, TanD. ■ . 
New Orleans 

Circleville, Ohio. . . 
Cincinnati, Ohio. .. 
Philadelphia, Pa. . . 
Philadelphia, Pa. .. 

Boston, Mass 

New York 

April 27, 183» 

July S, 1S37 
April 14, 1808 
April 3, 1835 
Oct. 17,1611 
Sept. 4, 1810 

Oct. 9, 1841 
April 19, 1841 
June 13, 1831 
Aug. 11. 1831 
June 26, >B3» 
May IS, 183* 


Robert Hoe New Yottj..... 

George W. Grater ! Boston, Mass. .. 

Edmund Brown , Richmond, Va.. 

Simon Fiazer. I Nottingham, Md. 

George Booker Richmond, Va.. 

Jehu W. Weema. . . .\ West Riw, Md 

A.M. McLean Russetville, Ky 

James H, Washington' Baltimore, Md 

Thomas G. Harde9ty.'Traoy'sLandine,Md. 
Elliott Richsrdson. . . .1 West River, Md. . . . 
All*rl Snfnd \ Richmond, Va 

NDvembn H, 1B43. t KfMU'vl ttfL S, ISM. 

. OCL 1, 183a 
April M, 1819 
Mar. 53, 1S20 
Feb. 8, I83& 
Dec. 15, 1835 
Feb. 5. 183« 
Oct. 13, 1837 
May 29, 1841 
July 16, 1«41 
Htfi. II, Kil 

lb, Google 


Pwtat, lobacco, cut iron caaei 
PrtBs, tobacco, doable leier.. 

Prua, lobaeco, flauaiwx. 

Press, tobacco, and iron case. 

Prss, lobacco, Tor roUad 

Ptch, It^igle ■ 

Preaa, wed^ . . 

Press, wheel 

PreaaiiiK, Bit or. 

Preeaingoild boring 

Pressing ha]'.. .. 

Pressing bay 

Pnanng ha)', and biodiog.. 

Granville D. AOen. 
Caleb Johnalon. . . 
Emanud Shoaiter. 
JohD Ovltawaf... 
Jamea T. Bowsian . . . 

John Hal 

Roben BrnJIey. 
Francis Follet. . . 

Her. BuUa 

Joseph Tinkler. 
Robert Ramsey 

Pressing hay, tu:., voodeo acnvs 

Preaalng machine 

Preaaing machine 

Pressing, machines for prepuing 

Fresaingand raising weights. 

Presaingand raisin; weights 

Presung and raising weights, ma- 
chines for 

Richard V. 1 

i. Rhm 

. Thorn 

David C. Simmons and 
Condy Raguet, ad- 
miniatiDlor of Junca 

John Morrison 

Philip Freeman 

Robert Sanderson . . ■ 

Robert P. Cunningfaan 


and John Thome. 


WvlRinT.Md....!Dse. S3, 

Richmond, Va [June 30, 

NewGlaagow.Va.. June 3, 

Richmond, Va I Apnl 2Q, 

Bsltimore, Md , April 9, 

PallonbHry, Va ' July 5, 

Hollie,2I.H.. .April 20, 

Natcfasi, Misa I June 4, 

Pslerabu^, Va 'Aug. 14, 

Oxrord, Maine | Aug. 30, 

Connecticut. ' Sept. 13, 

Maseillon, Ohio. .. .' Aug. 31, 
Hanover, N. H....|Juiy 9, 

NewYork i AprU29, 

Fjttflown, Maine.. ,1 Jan. S6, 




urg.lnd... Mar. 12,1831 

N.7 'Feb. 20, leaa 

Athens, Ohio Feb. 20, 1844 

Pomfre^ Conn ! May 21, 1S08 

. NewVork 'Mar.96,iei0 

. Paris, N.Y May 23, 1815 

. Sayhrook, Conn Oct. 1,1830 

Alonzo S. Greenville. 

Camb'dge Port,Mass Dec. 30, 1835 

Raising heavy bodies, macliinery 

Raising boildiugs, DUteriala. 
Raising ships, Ac, by cradle screw 
Raising ships, &£., by cradle screw 

atxvm, ArchimediaD 

Screw, Archimedian 

Screw, Archimedian 

Senw for prUMlling machinery . 

Seals, notarial. 

Tobacco cash, keg h 

Tog^e joint, mode of adjuaiingt 

Vice, perpetual lever 

Weigh locks for weighing canal 

boats and other bodies. . . . 
Weighing bests and cargoes, 

Weeing caital boats 

Weighing goods on board of boats 
Weighing, packing, and pressing 


Weighing heavy bodies, appanUi 

Wngfats, cast iron, adjusting. . 

Weights, raising 

Weights, raising 

RoiwellH. Hall.... 


Chester Samson 

Charles Miner 

Charles Miner 

Eliphalet H. Parker. 
Jeremiah Black. . . . , 

Jamea Cooper 

Perry Harria 

William H. Godfrey. 

John Frazer 

Class 3, Bania. 

■ " V.Bullock 

JvLn Wing 

. NewYork 

. NewYork 

. Bnioklyn, N. Y... 

. Branchport,N.Y.. 


Brattle borough, Vt. . 
l.ynn,Conn. ....... 

Lynn, Conn..... . .. 

Buckaporl, Maine. . . 
Northumberland, Pa. 
\ugustB county, Va, 
_'reble county, Ohio, 
Rochesler, N. Y. ., 
New York, N.Y... 

. Mar. 9, 1844 
, July 5, 1845 
. Aug. 33, 1846 

Aug. 35, II 
Feb. 27, 1 
Oct. 12, 1 
Nov. 16, 1 
May 26, 1 
Jan. n, 1 
Dec 14, 1 
Mar. 35, 1 
Nov. 27, I 

Jeremiah Bniinerd. . . 

Eliaxer Cady 

Benjamin Bull 

Thomaa Cahoon .... 

Gilbert D. Jonea.... 

Thaddeus Fairbanks.. 

Aiden Babeock 

Henry Nold 

Almoron Holmes 

Rome, N.Y.... 
Canaan, N.Y... 


Troy, N.Y 

. New York, N.Y. . 

Su Johnabuig, Vl. 

. July 17, 1(139 
. Jan. 6, 1830 
. June 30, 189$ 
. June 18, 1829 

. SepL 15, Ib4< 
. Nov. 6, 1815 
, Jan. 22, 1811 

, Oct. 21, lest 



Wiocl) and pn for lotding retael* 



Windlua and capcup 

WindlaM or dronu for niiii 

Windlua pover < 

Windloaa, ■hip'B < 

WlDdlua, ahip'a 


WindlHi, (hip'a 

-WindlRM, ahip'a. 

Windlaia, for wn(hing andion. 

Bkuer ASta. , . . 
RuaadEwtt... . 
F.Q. CuwtoD.. 
John Calnti 

WUIiam Peimell 

Hex. Bam 

Samuel Nieholaon 

L. V. Badnr and Rich 


Seth Adama 

mmgotetitCA. H»m- 

New York 



Philaddphia, Pa. . 

Bnuwwick, Maine. . 
Nonralk, Conn.... 
Boalon, Maaa. .... 

FA. 2 

June I 

S8, 184S 
39, isa9 
99, ISM 

6, less 

__. 6,1643 

Bnuawick, Mtine.. Not. 9,183ft 

by Google 



And Mill-gearing, containing Grain Mills, Mechanical Move- 
ments, and Horse Powers, &c. 

*3,t zed by Google 

b, Google 


Appln, ^nding 

Apple*, griiHling 

Apples, grinding 

Applet, grinding 

Applei, grinding 

A pplM, grinding, corn, baric 

Apple*, grind ingjond makiDg eider, 


AppM, grinding, poiatoes, and 

aWling com. 

AppJea, grinding, njfcirv eylinder 
Apples, grinding, Knd aiiGllinf cor 
Applu, mill 

Bands, spind wheel . 

Odanoe, or Uj wheel 


Batida, oietallic, comoniDicatiDg 

Bajids, spiia 
Bvk, braki „ 

Bark, grinding.. 

Barit, grmding 

Bark, gmding.. .'. 

Bark, grinding, cmekine c 
Bark, griading, and packi 

Bark, grinding, aoftening hides, 

rrial miU. 
Bark mill - 

Bark mill . . . 
Bark mill . . . 


Joel Fanthsm 


Constant H. Weeks. 

David Dtmorist 

Joiuuhan R. Done . . 
David Parmelae . 

a. W, D. Gulp.. 

Edmond HBiriB.jBme* 
Newton Wiiy Web- 

■noga, N. Y 

Bu<IfieU, Me 

Parie, N. Y 

KBwMUfonl.N. Y, 
Augusta (own'ip, 0. 
Rauling, C( 

ANenville, Indiana. . 

an<i Jefaiel W. 


Sllai Freeman, jr ■ . . • 
Mosei Moreiiouae . . . 
H. E. Paine and 8. H. 


i . Ofdroman 

Samuel Sawyer 

Joseph Eie 

Samuel 6. Walley . 

Nathan Sears 

Jonathan Kilbom . . 

David Pehon 

Merrit Hurd 

Jos. " 

Btnj. Stout 

Chester Griswold end 

Hoses E. Potter. , 

John Barclar 

Themaa W. Pryor. 
Cornelius Toby ... 
Paul PilsbuTT ..... 


Caleb CharehKian and 

Oeo. Martin . . ■ . > 


Luther Oale 

E.and J.Trask.... 


Cotton Foes. 

Aaron Bull 

John MonteotTkery, 


Cba*. H- Oreen and 

RiehM Montgoi 
Jamet T. CKAbrd 

New Marlburo'Masa 
Butler county, Ohio. 

on, Maa 

Atiguna, a« 


Hudaon, N. Y.... 
Conpsclicul. ...... 


Aaisterdam, N. Y. 

Buck! county. Pa . 

Peonaylvania.. . . 
Hudson, N. Y . . 
Newbury, Hasa. 
BerkdhinCo., Maae 

Upper Chichester, Ps 

Ueriden, Ct 

Leoox, Mat* 

Oeorgeiown, D^ C. 
Madiaon, Ohio.... 
Caroline, N. Y. . . 
3anger6ekl,N. Y.. 
Augusta, N.Y.... 

HcCoaneltowB, Ps. 

June 38, 1B95 
Dec. 9, 1BS5 
April 9, 18S7 
Jon. 14, 1839 

r'l 5, isas 
. 4,1830 

Mar. 10, 1619 
Mar. 14, 1831 
Jan. 23, 1SS4 

May 1, U38 
Aug. IT, IBIS 
Oct. 31, ISM 
Aug. 93, ISM 
Seu. M, 1815 
May 3,1831 
Apnl 30, 1634 

JuH 6,1813 

Nov. 30, 18H 
June 19, 1794 
May 31,1805 
May 7,1807 
Sepu 39, 1808 
Mar. 30, 1611 

July 1S,1SI3 
April 18, IBU 
May 15, 1615 
June 9,1891 
Not. 39, 1891 
May 94, 1899 
Oct. 9».ie98 
Mar. 97, 1898 
'May 39, 1898 
Feb. 1, 1630 

Sept. 30, 1S31 
Feb. 37, 1S3B 

Mar. 37, ISaa 

by Google 


Bark mill, breaking and griDiiing. 

Bivk mill for grindinftanaen' bark 

Bark, (haTuig, Uumere' 

B«Tel gear, uDiieriul 

Bolliiw doihs, aaeuTing lo Ihe r«el 

Baiting flour, machine for . . 

Bolia for bolting flour. 

Sniaing, beaiiDg, and oatlingmb- 


Chain rmme. 

Chain, preTantlng tipping, , 

ChoooLate, grinding 

Chooolate, moulding 

Cider mill 

Cider mill » 

Cider mill 

Cider miQ 

Cider mill 

Cider mill 

Cider mill, caai iron 

Cider mill, portable 

Cider mill, an) pren, horae power 
Cider mill and preaa,,. 
Cider mill and pren. . . 
Cider mill and pnai. . . 
Cider mill and bark mill 

Coffee mill 

Coffee mill 

Coffee mill 

Coffee mill 

Coffee mill . , 
Coffee mill . . 
Coffee mill.. 

Coffee mill 

Coffee mill 


Coffee mill 

Coffee mill, &c, eonalnicting . . 

Cofo mill, douUe 

Coffee mill, and penier 

C«>fe»mill, and apw* mill 

John Traik, Ahimsn 
Seabury, dfc Willism 

Charlee Parker 

BackuBA. Boardaley 
A rtson P. Norlon and 

Morrie Oiren . 
Amos LindaeT ■ 
Milo J. Whiton, 

or laaiah Sctidder. . . 
Rich'd Montgomery Sl 

Lewie W. Har^- 
William Torrey 
laaarc Worrell . . 
Ob. Peaae and Aaher 


Mather Beecher .... 
W. and J. (Goodwin. 

John Lewi* 

Geoige M.Elliot... 

Rabat C. Mauck 

Elisha S. Snvder. 
Rybum Buctuuiai 

David Lealie 

Jeme* Cooper 

Oeo. W. Waile. .... 

Jamea Mathews 

Timothy Showerman , 

Mooea Bliss 

Charles Rioe 

Nethaa Booth 

CbriMionShesffer. .., 

E^iaa Jenkins , 

Philip Pryer 

Frederick Fredley . . . , 

Oziu Pettibone 

Daniel Reed 

Uri EmmoDB 

Daniel Pride 

I«aac Onistard 

Increase Wilson 

Burrows Smith ...... 


Ammi Clark 
C. W. Pockham, 
Hiram Twisa. . . . 
Morse and C. Put- 

John Ritienhouse .... 
John Luther .... 
Jessa Fiizgerald . 

Beriah Swift. 

Lbwi salon R. Liiiog- 

Mon A. Calrin Adsm s 
Thoa. H. Witborby A 

Joseph Taney . 
Dand RichmoiH. 



Broadalbin, N. Y. ) 
PlattsTiile, N. Y. j 


Wenbrook. Me 


Norfolk, Cu 

Remsen, N.Y 

Lebanon, Ct. 

Biiriington, Vt 

Hagentown, Md... 
Honeyrille, Va . . . . 

Philadelphia, P 
Baltimore, Md 


), Md.. 

Baltimore, Md . 

Corington, N. Y . , 

PiUiton, Me. 

Borre, Maas 

Cheshire, Ct. 

Laimnon, Pa. 

Haratony, Pa. .... , 
Oeneaeeeo., N. Y., 
Sugar Valley, Pa. . . 
Hartford, Conn . . . 

B^ton, Mbjm 

New York 

Potsdam, N.Y 

Slanfietd, Cl 


New London. Cl... 1 
CiDciiwati, Ohio. . . . 

Warren, R.f.... 


Waahif«10D, N. Y . 


lb, Google 

Cofiaa miQ, and Bpice mill 

Coffee mill, andipica mill 

Cog wheel, auqKDded hj nuchii- 

Cooler, flour. 

Coolw, Bout 

Cooling flour, wonnror 

Cooler, sifUr, grain, and beiriea.. 

Com breaker' 

Com and com bobs, breaking and 

griDding ■ < 

Corn craaber 

C >m, grinding .'. . . 

Cam, grinding, end coLtan seed. 
Com, grinding, on the cob. .... 
Com, grinding, and cruahing . . . 

Com, grinding, in Lhe ear 

Com, grinding, by hand or horse 

Corn, grinding, and Bhelling. 
Com, grinding, and ihelling. 
Com, grinding, and shelling. 
Com, grinding, and ahdling, .... 
Com, rrinding, and ahelling, and 

foniiiy mill 

Com, grinding, and shelling, anii 


Crank, anti-^rictioD 

Crank, wheel 

Crank, wheel motion 

Cylinder, multiplying, hollow 

Dog power 

, Drums, soldering, alrengtheoing 

Elevating grain by blowing. . 

EHevating grain 

Elevating meal, pump for . . . 

Joaiah Pope..... 
John Sroslzer. . . 
Armatroi^ and King . 
Webber Furbish.... 

James&.Wm. Murray 
Samuel K. daunt. 
Jorvis Webster. . . 

James Martin .... 

William Mayo 

Andrew P. H. Jordan 
Thomai Bngga. . 

Benjamin HInkley .. 

Levi Stevens 

Samuel Fowkes 

Gefl. M. Wekver ... 

Ezra Bond 

Daniel Mullier..... 
B«i^. L. Oliver .... 
Jamea Wallace 

AnlhoDy 1 

Flour, dtc, manufacturing). 
ilovT, &«., manu&cturing.. 

Ptonr, manulkcturing 

FtaoD and meal, boiling. .„ . . 
Ftouring mills, combming smut 

with acDUring slonea 

Flour, power, vibraljng, for sepa. 

„«**»« -. "•*• ■ 

Flour, preserving. 

Flour, piGserving 

Luke N. Perry. , 

Jer. Bailey 

Jer. Bailey 

John Ewing and David 

Nelson C. Staples. 
Samuel Wal«mor_ . . 
Geoi^ L. Sleams . . . 
Archibald Cnm and 
Ezsa Brown.. .... 

John Hean 

Jonathan Tbompaon 

Oliver Evwu. 

Job. Bkh 

Andrew D. Wormao 
Wm.H. Akina..... 

Meriden. Ct 

Berlin, Ct 

Staunton, Ta 


Windham, Me. .... 
Adam county, Va . . 



Baltimore, Md 

Greenville, Tenn . . . 
Philadelphia, Pa.... 

Pelersbuiv, Va 

Henrico, Va. 

MetUsonville, Tenn. 

CatakiU.N. V. . 
Montg<nnery eo., Fa 
PhiladdphiB,Pa. .. 


Woreeater.OUo. . . 

Salem, Mass 

Caimel,N. Y. 

Columbia, S. C . . . 



Woioeater, Mass. . 

Jamea Darling.. 


William Wood, jr... 
E. Hord A B. Bmvn- 

Frame work of mills 

Priclion, cylinder, co-operating... 

Friction, preventing 

Friction, reducing. 

nietton, reducing, of axlea. 
Friction, rtducing, in mill gudge- 

WiUiam S. Param :. 

JohnP. Sawin 

Edward MoU 

John J. Reekera.,.. 
Inac Cooper 

Eennetu aquaie, Pa. 

Oxford, Pa 

Lynchburg, Pa. . . . 
WashinetoB, D. C. 
Boston, Man 

CB£eoovia.N. Y... 

Anuville, Pa 

AshlabnU, Ohio... 
Philadelphia, Pa... 
Madison eo.,N.Y. 
PrederickiDwn. Md 
BerUhirc, M. Y... 

Sparta, N.J 

Olailonburv, Ct. . . 

Fleming county, Ey 
SusacxcountT, Va.. 
Roxbury,Ma. ....I 
Phlladelpbia, Pa. . . . 
Baltimore, Md. .... 
Baltimore, Md 

Ci«asBnu>wit, Md.^ 
n, iaB,b|0«ap«si 

Mcu-. 99, ISSe 
May 23, 1835 
Feb. 5, 183S 
Blay 6, 18K 
May 9, ISas 
Mar. IS, 1833 

Feb. 13, ie« 
May as, 18D7 
July 31, US6 
May 16,1835 
Mar 15, 1B13 
OeL 98,1885 
Jan. 10, 18M 

Mar. 10, 18S4 
Mav 8, 1804 
May 4,18S5 
June 13, 18SS. 
Hay la, 1884 

June 13, 18)1 

Jaa. 94,183!^ 
Mar. 9,1891 
Nov. 16, 1893 
Sept. as, 1894 
Dee. 3, 1813 
A|^9T, 1813 

Jan. 93, 189» 
Mar. 5, IBIO- 
June 19, 181S 

Oct. S, 1813 
Jon* 99, 1833 
Feb. 99, 181» 
Ang.l1, 183& 

Feb. 4,1830 
Feb. 38, 1890- 

July 7, isaa 

Deo. 18, nSfr 
Jan. ST, 1813 
July 93, lS4t 
Dec 3,189» 

April 91, 189»- 

1 by Google 




David Baldwin 

Jaowa D. Cobb 

George Danfinth 

Benj. Slfcncliff. 

Isaac Cloww 

RoUin Dickinaonand 

Lebanon, Ohio 

CentrerHle. Ill 

Norfolk, Va. 

BaTry>sBridge, Va. 



Sept. 9, 1834 

Mar. 26, 1838 

Cla«riou» Coleman.. 

Aug. 37, 1835 

Orsin, cleaning, geounnggutd coo^ 

Cirmn, Bhonldering machina 

Gt nder, Bliptical apindle 

John Kinman 

James Whealon 

ThoBiBsJ. Wells.... 

Francis Price. ; 

James M.Miller 

E. A. Knowllon 

Mar. 15, IBM 
May 38, I8S4 
Aug. 25, 1840 
Feh. 30, 1843 
Jan. 30, 1943 
Feb. 12, 1845 

-Gno ding com, dU., mills for... 

Gr nding corn with cob, mill for. . 
Qnnding, com and cob, mill for. . 

Grinding, oom and cob, mill for. . 
^Jrinding, comand cob, millfor.. 

Grinding, corn and cob, mill for. 
Grinding and cniihiHg com, mil 

New York, N.Y... 

Mobile, Alo 

Columbia, 8. C... 
Wilmington, Del... 

LewiBbu^, Pa 


James P. Ross 

Samuel L. Suur 

J. C. ft C. B. Baldwin 
Jonathan Bridges... 

Jacob Gmat 

Eli B. Nichols and Da- 
vid Marsh 

Erashis Arnold 

William Broughton.. 

Not. 1, 1645 
April 4, 1844 

Onnding cvlindera. 

Grinding grain, milla for 

Grinding grain, portable mill for 
GHndinggnin, paml,^.. 



Fairfield, Cl 

Oiego, N. Y 

London, England... 

Bridgeport, CU 

New Haven CO., N.C 

July 34, 1833 
July 11, 1844 

Mar. 13, 1844 
Mar. 9,1844 
April 35, 1846 

Alexander D. Moore 

Charies Arthur 

Jona. Curtis 


George W.HolIer... 

Aug. 7,1813 
Aug. M, 1845 
Aug. 24, 1797 

Grind Btonei, grinding tool 


Lancaster, Pa 

Marlborough, Vt... 

Charter, Vt 

New London, Ct.. 


Middlesex, N.J... 




May 3|l805 

Chris, Hamaker 

KufoaW. Adams... 

Jeremy Friabie 

Jos. (ifoalding 

Abm. Sawyer 

May 21, 1807 

July 30, 1813 

John Ormsby tf Tho- 
mas Co boon 

Thomas Ellicol 


John Bietcnell 

B. A J. C.Xangdon 
andJ. Trask..?... 

Jan. 4, 1816 

Sept. ae, 1823 

Francis Harris and J 

Albany. N.Y 

Caswell, N.C 

Ouilfordco., N. C. 
Guilford CO., N. C. 

Guatori,K. C... 

Mows Mendenhall.. 
Anthony Bendne... 
WiHiam Benbow. .. 
Thoma. Newman... 

Benj. Overman 

Abraham Delap and 

July 31, 896 

Oriit mill 

Jan. 19, 1897 
Feb fi, I8S7 

May 31, 18*7 

•ABWiaw4>e|>teBilHiK,nn tBalaaf h|Hrii pBieBiJalyn,lB 


. Rob. S.Th<nOM.... 
. Wm. W. Fonrard.. 
. WilliamA. Tura«r. 
. Washinglon Aduna. 
, AveryCoedr JohnCoe 
. James Robinwie.. 
. William L.Taylor. 
. SamuelHolland. . .. 
.l Admiral Wurreu.. 

.1 Jgs. Crail 

. Kcuben Medley. . .. 
. J. Smilh&Wm. Sapp 

. Thomas Bnk«r 

. Benjamin M. Kemp. 
. William Parkinson.. 
. Job Wickeraham and 


. MarkL. Cliaae... 

. Jease C. Smilh 

. Increoae Wilaoo... 
. Aaron Porter. .... 
. Charles Langrord. . 

Ephraim Gruwold. 

EiiahB Bigeli 

. Job 

. John P. AnderaoQ. 

. John F. Phqtpa and 


. In. Ambler, jr., &D. 

C. Ambler 

. Jehiel W. Dart, Wil- 



. Eua Breee. 

J Gideon Holchkiaa. . . 


. Oliver W. May 

. Aaahel Bacon 

. Joaeph C. Gcnliy,. 
. D. Parmlee and J. C 


. Luther Olda 

. MoaesW. Chapmi 
. Reuben KeodaU. .. . 
. AJna L. Norcr«a«a. 

. Joaeph Grant. 


bee,di,E. B. Cuua.. 
. H.P.Nookob&PouD- 

cey NuckolB... . . 
. John R. Steeper... 
. Adna L. NoreroM. 
. Phillip HauMT... 

. Owen Moaia 

. Samuel Hi 

Rockingham, N. C. 
Hartford co., Md.. . 

Guilford, N.C 

G«ilfQrd,N. C 

Buckskin t'oship, . 
McMinn,Teiin.. .. 

Hanover, O 

Saugertiea, N. Y.. 

Warren, Ohio. 

Bloonifield, Ken. . . 
Mount Vernon, 0. . 
Statesburg, S. C. . . 
FonPlain.N. y...| 
Wheeling, Va 

E. Fairfield, Ohio... 

FraukpOTt, Me 

Lacon, 111 

New London, Coon 
New London, Ind. 


Trux(on,N. Y.... 
Qeorgetown, D. C. 


Louisville, Ky... 

Wilmington, Del.. 

NewBerJin, N. Y. 

Jane IS, 1 
June ST, 1 
July 18, 1 
July 31, 1 
Dec 11, 1 
Jan. 38, 1 
Mar. 1,1 
Mar. 19, 1 
June IS, 1 
Sept. 5, I 
Sopl, 9, 1 




, Samuel Hj4« 

. W.dbJ.UcC>«ighi. 

. Olivar Wyman 

. direr WyMa 

. Perry Davia. ....... 

. O. P. Sterena, aaaigiK 

. Elijahs. Coi-list... 
. David D. Wafsoer. 
. Oliver WynM/i.... 

Tru«on,N. Y. 
Kingautn, Pa. . 
Windsor, N.y, 
Coleaville, N. Y.... 

Hancock, N.Y 

Windsor, N.Y 

Phikdelphia, Pn 

Kingaion, Pa...... 

Olaego, N. Y 

Qirard, Pa. 

Wilkes county, Ga. . 


PravidcaiM, R.I.,.. 

HaltoweU, Me.. 

Bamn cownty, Ky. . 

Hallowell, Me 

Cincinnati, Ohio .... 
Malone, F. co. N. Y 

Malone,N. Y 

WuiDaboroiKb,S. C 
Watenown, Man. . 
E. Cambridge, lUaaa 
N. Providence, R. I 

Feb 11, 11 

Mar. 18, II 
May 3,11 

July 30, li 

Sept. aa, 1) 

Jan. 37. It 
April 37, It 


), 183S 
L, US> 
), 1B34 

. June £, 1831 

Jan. 91, leSft 
Jan. tn, 16Sfr 
Aug. 9U, 1B35 
Hot. 7, leSfr 
Not. ae, 1835 
Feb. i, 1636 
July 1, 1836 
Det. 06, 1S37 
May 17, 1B3S 

Fori Lawrence, 0.. 

BoBwn, Masa 

Pittaburg, Pa 

E. Cambridp, Mass Jt 

lb, Google 


Oiisl mill 

OHat mill 

Oritt mill 

Oriat mill ^ 

Grisl milJ 

GriM milt, (on Barker's) 

OiiM mill, fan BIcknell's) 

Qrifit m Jl, (on Bicknell's} ...... 

Grist mill, bush for 

Oriil milt, cau iron 

Grut mill, and chopping grain. . 

OriM mill, uid coflec mill 

4JFnac mill, conical 

Orist mill, 
Grist mill, 

Grist mill, 
Griat mill. 
Grist mill, 
Gri«t mill, 
GriM nill. 
Grist milt, 
Grin mill, 
OriM mill, 
■nuff. . . 


conBlructing . 

constructing, bales and 

crusher and sheller. 

for cutting 


double centred 


gale prcBSure 

and grinding pamts... 
and grinding paints &■ 

and grinding paints A 

Henry Pearce 

Edward Qny 

EzekielQ. Ward.... 

Josiah Piatt. 

Clark B. Gregory... 

Joaiah PIsU 

J. AnnellftJ. Gallery. 

James Rumsef 

Moody Stockman 

James Bemis 

Hy. Bailey 

Pieroon Cope. 

Jacob Stroub 

Daniel and John Filz- 

Samue) Sheldon 

Eliaha Holton 

FLzra. R. Benioii 

John G. Morae. 

William Gerrish 

Harvey W. Pitts 

Benjamin Dearbome. . 
David fla^, jr. .... . 

Peter M.Wr4bL... 

Isaac Straub 

Beaver Prentiss 


. and buUing 

1. hulling cotton secf 

' " ling the power of 

Grist mill, 

Orist mill, 
Grim mill, 


Orist mill, (on Mendenhall's) 

Grist mill, jiercussion •... 

Grist mill, poruble 

OriKmill, portable. 

Oritt mill, pressure or weighted. 

Oritt mill, and rawing, conatnict ^ 
Grist mill and saw mdl eoiobine*! 
Qriat mill, scouring and hulliiig. 

Orist milt, screw. 

Orist mill, self.4topper 

Orisi mill, with Bmsll stones 

Oritt mill, and spin! wat«r wheel 

Griatmill, sugar loaf 

Orist mill, vertical, cy liDdjic^ foot 

Orist mill, working 

Otidgeon mill 

Ch)dg««, ink, and vertical axis. 
OodgeoD, friction rollers for.... 

Oudgwn, self-acting boi for 

O aigson, or mp of mill spiiidlo 

William S. Johnion. . 
Cephas Manning. . . , 


a Colem 

Israel Kelsey. 
Jonathan Reynolds. 

John Wilson 

Barton N. Fyler... 

Robert Bams 

J.W.AC. Post... 
S. Laving & J. Mon- 
(ei(h . 

Cbcinnati.Ohio. ... 

Ulysaes, N.Y 

New York 

Weston, Ct. 

Danbury, Cc 

Weslon, Cl 

Brooklyn, N. Y.... 
Berkley CO., Vs.... 
Hampton, N. H. . . . 
Won^eater, Maatf. . . 

Geneva, Ohio 

Hartford, Cl 

Washington t'p. Pa. 
Charleston, 3. C. . . . 


Cincinnati, Ohio. . . . 
Westminster, V(. . . . 

Ohio city, Ohio 

Randolph t'p, N.C. 
Ponnnouth, N. H.. 


Gardiner, Me 


North umb'd CO., I^. 


Richland, K.Y 


Littleton, Mass. . 
Euclid, Ohio.... 
Hartford, Ct.... 
America, N. Y, . 
Msnliua, N.Y.. 

! July 98, 18» 
I Mar. 35. 1840 
' Feb. 90, 1841 
'' Oct. 9, 1841 
Peb. IG, 1843 
' Sept. 38, 1843 
lAug. 21, 1B44 
I Aug. 26, 1791 
i April IS, 189G 

' Nov. n, leae 

lOci. 11,1841 
I May 14, 1835 
' Aug. 17, 1835 
' Sept. 6, 1633 

Oct. 30,1834 
: Sept n, 1841 
April 3,1835 

Mar. 31, 184S 
Mar. SO, 1837 
Jan. 11,1838 
July ], 1840 
April 30, 1799 
Feb. 23, I8a« 
April 14, 1S35 
May 9,1834 
June 4, 183S 
AprU 30,1839 

. June 36, 1835 

. April 9, 1835 
, Feb. 25, 1830 
, Aug. 25, 1809 
, Mar. 15, 1827 
. Aug. 3T, 1824 

idrord,Vt AprilIS,l___ 

Mifflin oo.. Pa June 20, 182S 

Waahington, D. C . . April 11, 1839 

John Ambler, jr. & D. 

C. Ambler 

Jo. auimbv 

aeo.&P.R. Baker.. 

Noah Porter 

D. Pormalee and J. 


Jo. L. Miller 

Rob't MeCormick, jr. 

Frederick Smith 

Alexander Temple. .. 
Sid. A Fortius Moore. 

Samuel Fowkes 

James Ramsey 

Michael Withers 

John Aikdrews 

Martin C. Forrisl 

John Shogert 


. Staueville.N.C.. 

. Demopolis, Ala... 

. aBndwich,N.H.. 

. Cincinnati, ffliio. . 

New Berlin, N.Y.. 
Wilmington, N.C. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala.... 
Boston, Mass 

New Troy, Pa 

Brooklidd, N.Y... 
Augusta CO., Ya. . . . 


Mount Tiisftfa, N.C. 


Berkley CO., Vs.... 

Strasburg, Pa 

Dinwiddle co., Va. . 
Faxborough, Mass. 

Elizabeth, Pa 


Feb. 34, 1845 

. Jon. 10, 1831 

Peb. 18, 1840 

Dec. 6,1830 
Feb. 3, 1813 
July 7,1835 
Not. 17, 1831 

Jane 13, 183S 
Mar. 38, 1610 
' ■30,1831 

Mar. II 

Dec. 11, 1839 
June 15, 1837 
Sept. 13, ISS4 
Aug. 36, 1791 
Aug. 34, 1813 
Aug. 11, 1817 
Nov. 16, 1841 
AprU 1, 1842 
tUf 4,1841 

by Google 


Hommony, machine for nuking. 

Hominon; mill 

Hommonv mill 

Hopper blower 

Hopper filler, for bolting fiour. .. 

! mill.. 
: milt.. 
I mill. . 

Horse mill, lever. 

Hor«e mill, lerer, by uiing weights 

Horse power. . 

Horse power. . 

Hoiae power . . 

Horse power.. 

Horse power. . 

Horse power*. 

Natlwn Rea{ 

Robert Campbell 

ThomaB S. Bomum.. 

Abm. Hersbe 

Ephrsim Brown . . 

William Cromwell... 

Wiliism Sanford 

Admiral Warren 

John Galbraiifa 

John Gntnnis 

Webb Hart 

Benjamin Mallbjr 

Benj. S. Ridgway,... 

Geoi^e Page 

CalTiii Emmooa. . ■- . 
Thos. D. Burrall anc 
Jehial P. Axletl.... 
Timothy Showemuui . 

Gilbert Griffin 

S, S. Allen 

P. C. Curtis Slid Linui 

Springfield, lU 

BuitwU, Me 

Maitinsburg, Pa.. 

Shaton, Ci 

lAneasier, Pa. . . . 

Accomack, Vs . . . 


Saugerliea, N. Y. . 
Maury eo., T«tta< 

Cbeahire, Cl 

Accomack, Va... 

New Yoik 

Cfaarleston. S. C. . 



April 95, ISM 
Maf 8, 1S90 
Ai^ 9, 1897 
Jan. 18, 1810 
Jan. IS, 18U 
April 10, 1810 
Dec. 14, 1816 
April 5,1891 


Geneva, N.Y... 
Covinglon, N. Y 

Gresce.N. Y 


Yale . , 

. Benj. D. Beecher 

. John & Luke Hale. . 

. JehislP.Axtell..... 

[. Martineau, admia' 

nf Joel EaDtmau... 

. Diakim Briggn 

■ Joseph B, Streeter. . , 
. Sewell Gleason 

■ Sylvaaus Leoitard. . . 

■ William Emmons. ■ . 

. Irby Jones 

. WiilismE. Arnold.. 

■ C. Cusler and Daniel 

Ponepacker .... 
. Thomas Mitchell. 
. Benjamin Wales. 
. Moses Daienporl 
. AsaTrahem.Hy.He- 
berling, Wm. E. Lu- 
kena, & J. Heberling 

Daniel Filzgendd., 

Samuel isewton. .. 

Dudley Marvin. .. 

Joseph Muslen . . . 

Richard Skin oer .. 

Amos Adams ..... 

Isaac Sinub 

C. Coster and D. Pen- 

Ruliit Porter 

Willard Whitman. 

John A