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LIST — '^ 


^s^" .-y 


ON THE l»t OF JULY, 1^$*' ' ' 





. BY D. D. T. LEECH, 




' HE" 


JAMES CAMPBELL, of Pennsylyaiiia PotttnaxUr Omeral, 

HORATIO KINO, of Maine. First Asngtant Pottmaster Gtneral^AppnintmenU 

WILUAaf H. SUNPAS, of Virginia, i.Sec<md Atristant Postmadd^ €hMr<a^Ma£l ArrangenBtntt, 

JOHN MARRON, of Georgia : Third Anistant Tiastmoiier General— FinanUM 

JOHN OlXtCM, C!&DPVIirkr|uiia Chief CUth— Inspection of Mail Servxa 

WtLLIAM iMkiUuift, of Vbgginia AvdUor tfihe Treasury f&r the Fast Office Department.' 

BAtUmeHi qfiAeeoUiUs, 

Entered aoooxdlng to, Ae^ of .Oopgrass in t\^ year, 1866,.^ 

GEORGE s. Gideon, 

In the Ctork's Office of the Diatrict Court of the District of Colombia. 



; -direction and management of the Post Office Department are assigned by the constitution an^ 
laws to the Postmaster General. That its business may be the more conveniently arranged and pre- 
pared for his final action, it Is distributed among several bureaus, as follows : The Appointment Office, 
in charge of the First Assistant Postmaster General ; the Ck)ntract Office, in charge of the Second Assist- 
ant Postmaster General; the Finance Office, in charge of the Third Assistant Postmaster General ; and 
Ihe Inspection Office, in charge of the Chief Clerk. 

Appoikthent Office. — ^The first Assistant Postmaster General has nineteen clerks. To this office 
are assigned all questions which relate to the establishment and discontinuance of poet offices, changes 
of sites and names, appointment and removal of postmasters, and route and local agents, as also, the 
^ing of instructions to postmasters. Postmasters are famished with marking and rating stamps and 
letter balances by this bureau, which is charged also with providing blanks and stationery for the use 
of the department, and with the superintendence of the several agencies established for supplying post- 
masters with blanks. To this bureau is likewise assigned the supervision of the ocean mail steamship 
lines, and of the foreign and international postal arrangements. 

« Contract Office. — ^The Second Assistant Postmaster General has twenty-six clerks. To this office 
b assigned the business of arranging the mail service of the United States, and placing the same under 
contract, embracing all correspondence and proceedings respecting the frequency of trips, mode of con- 
veyance, and times of departures and arrivals on all the routes; the course of the mail between the 
different sections of the country, the points of mail distribution, and the regulations for the government 
of the domestic mail service of the United States. It prepares the advertisements for mail proposals, 
receives the bids, and takes charge of the annual and occasional mail lettings, and the adjustment and 
execution of the contracts. All applications for the establishment or alteration of mail arrangements, 
and the appointment of mail messengers, should be sent to this office. All claims should be submitted 
to it for transportation service not under contract, as the recognition of said service is first to be ob- 
tained through the Contract Office as a necessary authority for the proper credits at the Auditor's office, 
from this office all postmasters at the ends of routes receive the statement of mail arrangements pre- 
scribed for the respective routes. It reports weekly to the Auditor all contracts executed, and all orders 
affecting accounts for mail transportation ; prepares the statistical exhibits of the mail service, and the 
reports of the mail lettings, giving a statement of each bid; also of the contracts made, the new service 
originated, the curtailments ordered, and the additional allowances granted within the year. 

FmAMCB Office.— The Third Assistant Postmaster General has twenty-one clerks. To this office 
are assigned the supervision and management of the financial business of the department, not devolved 
by law upon the Auditor, embracing accounts with the draft offices and other depositaries of the depart- 
ment, the issuing of warrants and drafts in payment of balances reported by the Auditor to be due to 
mail contractors and other persons, the supervision of the accounts of offices under orders to deposite 
their quarterly balances at designated points, and the superintendence of the rendition by postmasters 
of their quarterly returns of postages. It has charge of the dead-letter office, of the issuing of postage 
stamps and stamped envelopes for the prepayment of postage, and of the accounts connected therewith. 

To the Third Assistant Postmaster Generid aU postmasters should direct their quarterly returns of 
postage; those at draft offices, their letters reporting quarterly the net proceeds of their offices, and 
those at depositing offices their certificates of deposite; to him should also be directed the weekly and 
monthly returns of the depositaries of the department, as well as idl applications and receipts for post- 
age stamps and stamped envelopes, and for dead letters. 

Inspection Office.— The Chief Clerk has seventeen clerks. To this office is assigned the duty of 
receiving and examining the registers of the arrivals and departures of the mails, certificates of the 
service of route agents, and reports of mail fidlures; of noting the delinquencies of contractors, and 
preparing cases thereon for the action of the Postmaster General; furnishing blanks for mail r^^ters, 
and reports of mail fUlures ; providing and sending out mail-bags and mail-locks and keys, and doing 
.aU other things which may be necessary to secure a fbithful and exact perfbrmance of all mail contracts. 

All cases of mail depredation, of violation of law by private expresses, or by the forging or illegal 
use of postage stamps, are under the supervision of this office, and should be reported to it. 

All communications respecting lost money, letters, mail depredations, or other violations of law, or 
mail-locks and keys, should be directed << Chief Clerk, Post Office Department." 

All registers of the arrivals and departures of the malls, certificates of the service of route agents, 
reports of mail fiiiluree, applications for blank registers, and reports of fhilures, and all complaints 
against contractors fbr irregular or imperfect service, should be directed "Inspection OfBoe, Post Office 




AARONSBURGH, Osntrc, Pann J.O.KnrU 

Aaron's Rvn, Montgomery, K«n Dsrid 0. Tollj' 

Abbenrffle, La fbyette, Uias^BUfls Naaoy 8* Arnold 

AbberlUe, Henry, AIa^ a Junes W. Stokei 

AbbeTille, (e. h.) AbbevUte, 8. C. John MdUren, jr. 

Abbeyrille, Medina^ Ohio. Oavld Allen, jr. 

Abbot, Pi»cataqui9i Me Jefferson P. Moore 

Abbott's Creek, Datridiont N. C Bliidut Raper 

Abbottstown, Adanu. Penn Geovge Jord/ 

AbVs Talley, TaaewM. Ta. Rebeooft Smith 

AbbTille, (e. h.) VermOUm, La..Alan6on Spanlding 

Abel, Fleming^ Ky James W. Johnson 

Aberdeen, Ohio, la Daniel W. Sisson 

Aberdeen, Jtomw, Ark Henry M. Condi 

Aberdeen, Monroe^ MIh Bextjainin L. Howell 

Aberdeen, Brmen, Ohio Arthur Mltdiell 

Aberfoil, ifoeon, Ala. Thomas L. MeGowau 

Abe Spring, Oathmm, Fla WUliam M. Christian 

Abingdon, Jeffarton, I»wa.....Gharlee It. MeCollock 

Abingdon, Knox, Dl David Reeee 

Abingdon. Bairfvrd, Md William H. Petoae 

Abingdon, (& h.) WoiMngUmf Ta..Leonidas Baugh 

Ablngton, WindhoMf Conn «John Williams 

Abfngton, Wayne,lm Daniel Weaver 

AUngton, Plymovth, Mass. Jesse B. Keith 

Abington, Moniffomery, Penn. Moore Sterent 

Abolte, AUcHy la. Benjamin RnfTner 

Abscota, Oalhourh Mich .....David K. Ktmble 

Abieoom, Jeff^eon, Iowa Peteif Shlpler 

Abseoon, Atlantic, N. J Jonathan PItnev 

Aesdemla, Knox, Tenn Thomas Smith 

Academia, Juniata, Penn.. Sarah Ellen Todd 

Academy, Ontario, N. T Benjamin Haight 

Academy, Pacahontat, Ta. M. D. Danlop 

Aeadia, AUen, Ohio «....:. John Beaton 

Aoeatlnk, Ihitfax, Ya John W. Swlnker 

Accident, AOeghany, Md Ridiard Fatoall 

Accomack 0. H., Aeeomaeh, ya...Tbomas P. LHUston 

Accord, UUter, N.T Moses J. Schoonmaker 

Acelanns, Oantra Obtta, Oal M. J. Hotig^ 

Aehor, CbiwiMana, Ohio. Samnel Toung 

Aeona, Hohnet,Mlu Wm. D. Lehr 

A^ninton, Kinff WiUiam, Ta William M. Qtay 

Aera, Greene, N. T Richard V.Madge 

Acton, MKddleeex, Mass Samnel Despauz ' 

Acton, York, Me Horace Bodwell 

Acton, Mdr^, Ind Peter Swlgert 

Aefrorth, OM, Oa John W. Grantham 

Acworth, SUlUvaft, N. H Charles M. WflBdbnry 

Ada, Kent, ft^icfa J. H. Wtthey 

Ada, Hardin, William f. Gveen 

Adaies, Natchitoches, La..» William Smith 

Adair, Adair, Iowa. Thomas N. Johnson 

AdairsviUet Ous, Ga D. M. Hood 

Adairrille, Logan,Kj Isham J. Inman 

Adaline, Marshall, Ya John Parrlott' 

Adams, Jrtoin, Ga James K. Brown 

Adams, Berkshire, Mass George A. Lapham 

Adams, Amutreng, Pa... .James Adams 

Adams, Hittsdale, Mich Bo^amin J. Kenyon 

Adams, Adams, 111 » .Thomas Tripp 

Adams, Decatur, la William Goldtborough 

Adaaa^ Jejfkrton, N. Y Mason Cnrtisi 


Adams, ^Mca, Ohio Edwin Bernard 

Adams, Walymrlh, Wis Belah S. Porter 

Adams' Basin, Monroe, N. Y. James B. Dresser 

Adamshorgh, Westmoreland, Pa. J). W. Hlghberger 

Adams' Oentre^«^«r«)n, N. Y Danllvth Doty 

Adams' MlUs, Pulaski, Ky,.... Paschal H. Saunders 
Adama' Mills, MuAingum, Ohio...H<oraoe A. Smith 

Adams' Ron, CbUeion, S. C James Legare, jr. 

Adams' Store, Cbosa, Ala. Gharlee D. Hill 

Adamstown, Ii>ederick, Md...Adasm KohlenJberg, jr. 

Adamstown, LaneasteTf Pa. AUram Kegerrae 

AdamsTUle, IVankUn, Mass ....John Wilson 

AdamsriUe, Qus, Mieh Martin G. Sage 

AdamsTlUe, Muskingum, Ohio. Henry S. Roff 

Adamsrille, Orawfind, Penn. Loring Mayo 

Adamsville, McNairy, Tenn William Q. Rogers 

Adamsrille, Newperi, R. I ...PhUip Maoohester 

Adamsrille, WaOUtigUm, K,Y ClemonsGibbs 

AdamsviUe, Marion, Fla.. John Adams 

Adamstllle, Gfrwn,Miss. Lewis M. R. Knobles 

Adamsyille, Marlborough, 8. C...'. Jesse Bethea 

Adario, Waushara, Wis. Daniel Root 

Adarlo, JUsMand, Ohio Mathiaa Bnssaid 

Addison, Washington, Wis. EU ¥. T^bor 

Addison, Du JPage, 111 Henry Bartling 

Addison, SUuben, N. Y.. H. R. Jones 

Addison, GcOUa, Ohio... B. B. Ramsey 

Addison, Somerset, Penn Bphralm White 

Addison, Addison, Yt .George A. Gage- 
Addison, Lenassee, Mieh WiUiam J. Moeher 

Addison, Tusoaiooea, Ala James C. Little 

Addison Hill, Steuben. N. Y Bllgh E. Wood 

Addison Point, Washington, Me. Oliver Nash 

AdeUno, OgU^Jll George W. MiteheU 

Adell, (c. h.) Dcaku,l<mn .Leroy Lambert 

Adell, Sheboygan, Wis Renben Abbott 

Adelphi, Ross, Ohio Dama Bartlett 

Adena, Jefferson, Ohio* Peter Htzsoa 

Adlrondae, tksem, N. T Henry N. Haskell 

Adkinsville, Whyne, Ya Milton J. Sporlodc 

Adolph, Chatham, N. C. William««. Harris 

Adrian, Lenawee, Miob.. Clark B. Baekn* 

Adrian, Seneca, Ohio.....'. Montgomery Noble 

Adrianoe, Dutchess, N. Y Peter A. Baldwin 

Adventure, Ontonagon, Mieh Wm. BortendMon 

Afton, Bock, Wis Ira Avery 

Afton, tMon, Iowa.... John D.Wright 

Agawam, Hampdent Mass Lyman Whitman 

Agency City. mtpOlo, Idwa Joseph Myers 

Agnew'B Mills, Venango, PeiHi...WllliaiB H. Portef 
Agricola, Mahaska, lowa... Washington H. Lantee 

Agna Prio, Maripoea, Cal Benjamin F. Whltten 

AL Fulton, Ohio Isaae Springer 

Aid, Lawrence, Ohio........ John Adams 

Aiken, BarmoOl, &0 .' B. T. Rogers 

Almwell, Qitahoukt, La.......... E. K. Davis 

Air, JoNnson, Mo James Bothlek 

Air Mount, Clark, Ala John Hop4 

Airy Dale, Huntingdoti, Pa Robert K. Allison 

Akin's Store, Mbntgotnery, Ark Bdwaid Akin 

Akron, Brie, N. Y......... Silas Tabor 

Akron, (o. h.) 9ummt,C(b!io Edward W. Perrin 

Akron* FuUoH, IM John Whittenberger 




Alabama, G^nese*. N. T Selah Tosbnrirh 

Alameda, AUtmeda, Cal Arthur S.Barber 

Alamo, MatUgomery find T.N Myers 

Alamo, Kalamazoo. Mich John O. Tarbell 

Alamo, Oontra Onsta^ Gal John M. Joneti 

Alamode, Rej/nolds, Mo Henry L. Legate 

Alamntcba, LauderdaUf Mi88..Thoma8 B. Lucy, sr. 

Alapaha, Lowndes^ Ga , Andrew J. LUes 

AlaqiMU Walton, Ha —James Evans 

AW^Bfadfnrdy Penn Adarial H. Gaf>e 

Albany, Baker, Oa Edmund Richardson 

Albany, Whitesides. TU George G. Dennis 

Albany, QirroU, N. H Nathaniel Currier 

Albany, (c. h.) CKnUmy Ky W. P Harrison 

Albany, Grtene, Wis Eugene P. Warren 

Albany, Oxford, Me John Hunt 

Albany, (c. h.) AVbany, N. Y...Cornelius Vosburgh 

Albany, Tmcararont, Ohio John McPee 

Alb my, Berkt, Penn Benjamin Levan 

Albany, Henry, Tenn John Dillahunty 

Albany, Orleans, Vt Winthrop Howard 

Albany, Delaware, la ...EUsha BergdoU 

Albany, Linn, Ogn James H. Foster 

Albemarle, Oarroil, Miss Alexander Gray 

Albemarle, Auumpiion, La...FOTdinand Barillangh 

Albetiiarle, (ch.) Stanly, N.O E.S. Moss 

Alberts, Ltueme, Penn Simeon Shoemaker 

Alberton, Howard, Md.. Alexander P. Gaw 

Albertsons. Duplin, N. C. Amos W. Simmons 

Albia, Monroe, Iowa,.. John Phillips 

Albion, (o. h.) Eduwrds, lU Joseph Williams 

Albion, Prwidenee, R. I ituAl P. Smith 

Albion, ManhaU, Iowa. Heiekiah H. Seymoar 

Albion, (e. h.) Ao&2«, Ind John Deeamp 

Albion, Kennebeck, Me Artemas Llbbey 

Albion, Dane, Wis « .Peres C. Burdick 

Albion, Qtlknun, Mich Anson Thompson, Jr. 

'Albion, Orleans, N Y.. Jonathan 0. WUlsea 

Albion, Ashland, Ohio ; William Speneer 

Albion, JBrie, Penn Jortah SuUiTan 

Albrights, Det Maina, Iowa......George S. Albright 

Albrightsrille, Carbon, Penn Morris Eyans 

Alboqoerqae, Bemadillo, N.Mex... Henry Winf>low 

Alburxh. Grand Isle, Vt. William Brayton 

Albui^h Springs, Grand Ji{^ Vt..JFa80n Washburn 

Aleore, fhnd Du Lac, Wit ...John Berry 

AULen, McBenry, 111 Newton M. Gapron 

Aldeui Hardin, Iowa Lott Glover 

AUen, Brie, N. Y EUsha Saunders 

Aldenville, Wayne^ Penn.... «» Julius T.Alden 

Alder Brook, Ind^ndence, Ark «.Henry Niell 

Alder Greek, Oneida, N. Y ....Chancery Piatt 

Aldi«, Loudon, Ya M....Jaisabeth Stover 

Atort, Butler, Ohio..» John Iseminger 

Alexander, Wukington, Me ,.B. W. Tyler 

Alexander, Burke,QA Oscar L. Shewxnake 

Alexander, Genesee^ N. Y Abial W. Ensign 

AWxandersviUe, Montgomery, Ohlo....M. M. Dodds 

Alexandria, Benion, Ala Robert A. McMillan 

Alexandria, Madison, Ind....Nathaa £. Tomlinson 
Alexandria, (e. h.) CampbeU, Ky... Frederick Brown 
Alexandria, (o. h.) Rapides, La...Eugene R. Bioraat 

Alexandrfo, Clark, Mo..... Andrew Maxwell 

Alexandria, Grafian, N. H. <.JIoraoo Ballou 

Alexandria, Jeff^^son, N. Y Andrew Cornwall 

Alexandr a. Licking, Ohio Henry Y. Owen 

Alexandria, Huntingdon, Penn...jBenry G. Walker 

AlMcaddrift, De KaU>, Tenn William Floyd 

Alexandria, Alexandria, Va. Turner W. Ashby 

Alexandria, Alexander, Dl...Samnel A. MePbeeters 
Alexandriana, Mecklewwrg, N. C... J. M. Alexander 

AUbnt, Madison, la Hezekiah W. Moulden 

Alford, Berkshire, Mass.. Mark R. Van Deuran 

AUordsvllle. Bobesvn, N.O Sion Alford 

Alfred, York, Me Silas Derby 

Alfred, AUegany. N. Y WilUam S. Grandall 

* Alfreds ife^«, Ohio .,^..Pet«*r Hoffman 

^ Alfired 0»kU% AlUgany, N.Y Gideon C. Green 

Algaasee. Branch, Mich Jonathan Bovee 

Algiers, Orleans, La. John 0. McLean 

Algoma, Winw.bago, Wis Geozipe W. Bardwell 

Algonao, 8^ Clair. Mich....» ....John K. Smith 

Algenquin, ^mghUtn, Mi<di....»....Joseph Coulter 

Algon^oio, jrOwry, 111 .Jonas & Cornish 

Algonquin, OarroU, Ohio. Hiram Tbpe 

Algooa, Spartanburg?i, S. G Willis Smith 

Alguna, San Patricio, Texas Putnam F. Shipp 

Alhambra, Madison, 111 William J. IjOwtj 

^Alisonia, Franklin, Tenn William B. I>eery 

Alkire's Mills. LewU, Va James Alkire 

Allamuchy, Warren, N.J Moses Hasea 

AUandale, Habersham, Ga Robert Allen 

Allaquippa, Bf(^or(2,Pa Samuel S. Fluck 

Allatoona, azM,Qa Pleasant L. Moon 

AHbright, Preston, Va Leonard Poston 

Allegan, (c. h.) Allegan, Mich John J. Jones 

Allegany, Qittaraugus, N. Y Erastus Willard 

Allleghany, AUeghany^Vsi. Thomas Farley 

Alleghany Bridge, MeKean, Pa Nathan Dennis 

Alleghany Spring, Montgomery, Va Charles A. 


Allemance, GuxLfwd, N. C William R. Smith 

Allen, Allegany, N. Y William Manning 

Allen, (himberland, Psnn Peter Livinger 

Allen, Guthrie, Iowa. Wesley Mount 

Allen, Edgar, 111 James Madison Clinton 

Allen, Kansas Ty ...^.Charles WithioKton 

Allen Genitre, Union, Ohio.....» Reuben Foote 

Allen Centre, ^I^«^tiy, ir. Y Chester Rotch 

Allendale, Greetu. Ky James A. Howell 

Allendale, SamweU,, S. 0. C. S. Kirkland 

Allendale, Ottawa. Mioh.. Richard Roberts 

Aliens. Jftamt, Ohio. Benjamin B. Davis 

Allen's Bridge, Marion S. C Tristram Rogers 

Allensbnxg, Highland, Ohio.. ..Charles W. Newton 

Allen's Creek, Amherst, Va. Alexander Mundy 

Allen's Fresh, Charles, Md John T. Colton 

Allen's Grove, Walworth, Wis....*.... John Dickson 

Allen's Grove. Scott, Iowa John Connor 

Allen's Hill, (Mtan'o. N.Y Ogden E.Pierpont 

Alien's Settlement, Claibtrme, La.^ame8 W. Miller 

AJIenstown, Merrimack, 1^. H,.* Samuel Martin 

AllensviUe, Switaerland, Ja. Philip C. Ross 

AUensville, Todd, Kv David B. Hntchings 

AllensviUis muon, Ohio Joseph Wilcox 

AllensviUe, Miffiin, Penn., John M. Horrel 

Allenton, Wilcox, A.\di C. B. Lowe 

Allenton, Washington. R. I ..WiUiam H.Allen 

AUenton, St. Louis, Mo.«. John T.Brown 

Allentown, Monmouth, N. J William C. Norton 

Allentown, Alien, Ohio Peter Bresler 

Allentown, (c h.) Lehigh, Penn..Maria £. Hombe<dc 

Alley's Mills, Cass, Tex Daniel N. Ally 

A\l\M,w)9,.Stark, Ohio Agustus Kerr 

Alligator, (c h.) ColumMa, Fla. Edward R. Ives 

Alligator, St. Mary's, La... Stephen Delucky 

Alligator, Owen, Ind Cyrus Marshall 

Allison, Logan, Ky .^ FounUin S. Allison 

Allison Creek, Jorit, S. C...... Jooepb Miller 

AUowaystown, Salem, N.J George Remster, Jr. 

Allsbove' PraakUn, Ala Leonidas M. Drake 

AUston, Fallon, 0.., ^ OrrinG. Grtiely 

Alma, Manian,l\l,.. T.O. H. P. lUtton 

Alma, Duimmu, Iowa.. Joseph G. Wilson 

Alma, Weakley, Tleun.i Alexander Ralston 

Alma, Paget Va James L. Gillespie 

Alma, Wright, Mo.., John A. Hyde 

Alma, Alimony, N. Y Samuel B. Stebbins 

Almhrantc, WaUon, Fla...... John B. Meigs 

Almond, Portage, Wi? £d»on Doolit^ 

Almond, Allegany, N. Y Washington Richardson 

A)mond, HandUph, Ala. Almond P. Hunter 

Almont, Lo^petr, Mich...... Daniel W. Taylor 

Alna, Lincoln, Me Jftodoey C. Jones 

Alfiilitu <rV«ne,Ohio Joseph Siddal 

Ali'hn, f :V«<(m, Ky A. C. Daris 

AlplJn, S€'4t, Ia» Christian Young 

AlphiL, Nfvada, Cal A. J. Alston 

Alpine. T(mpkins,V.Y Samuel Mix 

Alpiae. CljxUooga, Q%. Iraac S. Smith 

AJtfJfii', ^^''Xrik,Ark David M.Kent 

AViu« iJopot, Morgan, Va Charles A. Swajoin 

Alps, Renssdaear^». Y..... Thomas Ten Ejck 

Alquina, Fayette^ (a .Bailis E. Jones 

Alstead, Ciushire, N. H ^ Eli Wilson 

Alston, Fairfield, S. G. W. Ashford 

Altamont, (c h.) Gr«?Mly, Tenn Wm. C. Hill 

Alta Springs, Ltmesttme, Tex...George W. Simmons 

Altay, Schuyler, N. Y Ethan Jackson 

Altenburg, Perry, Mo Emanuel Bstil 

ANA ; 

Alto, Howard, la....! *. Lewis K«rn 

Alto, lf\md Du ZmOj Wis.... David M. Woodin 

Alto, CAeroAM, Tex H. H. Llpnuin 

Altn, Lftuiga, Va JoUjn Swift 

Alto, Ktmt, Mich Daniel C. McVean 

Alton, Kent, Mich Walter White 

Alton, (c. h.) Madison,m .B. W. English 

Alton Franklin, Ohio Jacoh G. Magill 

Alton, (c. b.) Denton, Tex William M. Roark 

Alton, Penobtcot, Me Abraham S. Mansell 

Alton, Belknap, N. H Jacob P. Boodej 

Alton, WaynKyV.Y Oliver Leonitfd 

Alton B»y, BeUnap.H, H William L. Emerson 

Alton Hill, Macon, Tenn Wilson Y. Adams 

Altoona, Blair, Penn Henry A. Sellers 

Alton Village, Penbtcot, Me.., Daniel Milliken 

Alum Banic, Bedford, Peni|f. Joseph W. Sleek 

Alum Greek, Baxtrop, Tex John L. Foster 

Alum Creek, Delaware, Ohio Alba Peet 

Alum Springs, Rockbricfgei Ta...... William Frazier 

Alvan, J<^er«on, Peon Alexander McConnel 

Alvarado, Alameda, Oal Henry G. Smith 

Alvarado, t^euhen, Ind... , Marvin B. Qordon 

Alvarado, Johmon, Tex William Balch 

Alverson, Ittgham,}iich. Stephen D. Alverson 

Alvira, Lycoming, Penn Abraham Buss 

Amacetta, Wayne, Va. William Kindrick 

Amagannett, Suffolk, N. T David B. VanScoy 

Amanda, Greenup, Ky ~. J. Russell 

Amanda, Fairjidd, Ohio Jared Lerch 

Amandaviiie, Elbert, Ga. Hiram Brown 

Aman's Store, OnsZoto, N. G Jesse Aman 

Amber, Onondaga, N.Y Albert N lies 

Amberson's Valley, Franklin, Pa... ..John Greamer 

Amblersburg, Predon, Va John Buchanan 

Ambler's Mills, Louisa, Va.^ Tarlton B. Hlnes 

Amboy, JshtaJbtda, Ohio ...J. B. (heen 

Amboy, Washington, Iowa... Wm. Adams 

Amboy, Lee, 111 Sidney S. Eeed 

Amboy Gentre, Oswego, N. T Wm. Sergeant 

Ambrosia, Lee, Iowa... .....John Denison 

Amelia, Clermont, Ohio William B. G. Sterling 

Amelia, G. H., Amelia, Va John W. French 

Amenia, Dutchess, K. T ......George Gonklin 

Amenia Union, />u£c^eM, N.Y..JLmariah Hitchcock 

America, Wabash, la Wm. Botkin 

American Fork, Ulah, U Leonard E. Harrington 

Americas, (c. h.) Sumpter, Oa.... William P. Haines 

Americug, Tippecanoe^ln John Dehner 

Ames, Montgomery, N. Y Loring H. Tiffany 

Amesbury, Essex, Ma88......«. David Bagley 

Ameffville, Ulster, N. Y Thomas M. Holt 

Amesville, Athens, Ohio Lorenzo Fulton 

Amherst, Hancock^ Me Moody A, Foster 

Amherst, Hampshire, Mass Seth Nims 

Amherst, (c. h.).Hiasboroughf K. H...Naihaniel H. 

Amherst, Lorain, Ohio John W. Parsons 

Amhers<^ O.H., Amherst,Y», James P. Smith 

Amicalola, Lumpkin, Ga John Spriggs 

AmiasviUe, Rappahannock, Ya...Robert G. liatham 

Amity, Clark, Ark James B. Thompson 

Amity, Johnson, la Alban H. Adams 

Amity, Orange, N.Y... Isaac Hoyt 

Amity, Washington, Penn...<.. »...*. ...James Hughes 

Amity, Scott, Iowa Philib Baker 

Amity, Yam HiU, Ogn Jerome B. Walling 

Amity Hill, Iredett, N. G Ebenezer M'Neily 

Amity viUe, Suffolk, N. Y Richard J. Cornelius 

Ammonia, Shelby, Tenn ^ Samuel Leake 

Amoskeag, HtOsborough, N. H... ...Walter B. Jones 

Amsterdam, ifon^oTnery. N. Y Joseph French 

Amsterdam, Jejfer^on, Ohio David Anghey 

Amsterdam, Cass, Ta .James Qordon 

Amsterdam, Bdxtmirt, Va. A. A. Woodsou 

Anaooca. Sabine,hfi , Isaiah Kirk 

Anacoofia, Washington, D. CI .John Loyd 

A]iadaroq,£u^, Tex ».....8eth Kennedy 

Ana^ua. Vidoria, Tex Alexander H. Cromwell 

Analomlnk, Monroe, Pa William S. White 

Anamoaa, (c. hO Jones, Iowa..Sam*l A. Cunningham 

Anandale, Btmer, Pa ...Hiram McCoy 

Anandale, Fadrfax, Va. William Gargea 

Anaqua, VtctoHa, Tex Alexander H. Cromwell 

JLkm^xk&BBeoot, Wiuhihgton, NJ T...James Thomson 


Ancient, Dane,WiB Calvin Famsworth 

Ancram, Oobmbia, N. Y Peter P. lUMsmiux 

AnoramLead Mine, CUumUo, N. Y JT. A. BockeftUcr 

Andaluiiia, CovingUm,A^ Wm. T. Acre* 

Andalusia, Bucks, Pa David Woodington 

Andalusia, Oibstm, Tenn, Harvey Eokley 

Anderson, Clark, 111..., Michael J. Lagar 

Anderson, (c. h.) Madison^ la. Jo8eph F«dton 

Anderson, Warren, N. J Joseph Anderson 

Anderson, WaJUcer, Ga ». ...William T. Austin 

Anderson, Franklin, Tenn Larkin Willis 

Andersout C. H., Anderson, 8. G Edmund W«bh 

Anderson, (c b.) Orim^, Texas J. B. Harris 

Andersonburgh, Perry, Pa....John B. ^mmerman 

Anderson River, Spencer, la Amos Osborn 

Anderson's Mills, Butler. Pa...Samuel M. Anderson 

Anderson's KUls, Pickens, 8. G Carter 0, Porter 

Anderson's Mills, HcJmes, Flor...Angiis L. Anderson 
Anderson's Store, QasweOj N. G Anderson B. 

Anderson's Store, McNairy, Tenn..W. T. Anderson 

Andersonville, Franklin, la R. Shriner 

Andersonville, Anderson, S. C.Franeis E. Harrison 

Andes, Delaware, N. Y Alexander B. Douglass 

Andesville, Ptrry, Pa...... David Kochendorfer 

Andora, Philadelphia, Pa. Franklin W. Hagy 

Andover, TnUand, Conn William Cook 

Andover, Henry, 111 ...George E. Peterson 

Andover, Oxjkird, Me. Samuel A. Allen 

Andover, Essex, Mass ..Uobart Clack 

Andover, Merrimack, N. H Samuel Butterfield 

Andover, Sussex, N. J Sylvester R. White 

Andover, AUegany, N. Y .....Joseph Krusen 

Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio... James S. Morley 

Andover, Windsor, Tt. John B. Manning 

Andrew, (c^ h.) Jackson. Iowa. ..Henry Todd 

Andrew Chapel, Madison, Tenn. John W. McElwe^ 

Andrews Morrow, Ohio .....Ebeneser Dakait 

Andrews SpoUsylvania, Va. Samuel Andrews 

Andrews Mills, Darlington, S. C John Andrews 

AndmsviUe, Franklin, N. Y... Joseph E. Day 

Angelica, (c. h.) AUeghany, N. Y Ezra Starr 

Angelo, Monroe, Wis Ira S. Angle 

Angels Campt Calaveras, Gal.......jrohn G. Scribnev 

Angerona, Jackson, Va » David Sayro 

Angley's Branch, BamweJl, 8. G..,. John H. Harlay 

Angola, Onslow, N. C E. P. Patterson 

Angola, SusseXfJieX Peter R. Burton 

Angola, ifi. b.) SUuben, la Robert Patterson 

Angola, Xoile, 111 ^....Amaziah Smith 

Angola, Clermont, Eaekiel Slade 

Anguilla, Ctoy, la Thompson McKee 

Anna, Union, 111 D. L. Phillips 

Annapolif, (c. h.) Anne Arundel, Md.Aug. Gaasaway 

Annapolis, JPkzrAce, la Washington Hadley 

Annapolis, Jeffh-son, Ohio ...William Vanta 

AnnapoliA Junction, Anne Arundel, Md Georga 

G. Latchford 
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Mich.... Henry D. Bennett 

Aunawaika, De KaJb, Ala. «. ...George C. White 

Annawan, Henry, 111 ,...^.Be»iamin G. Sargent 

Annin Greek, McKean, Pa........ Joseph Hodges 

Anoisqnam, Essex, Mass. WiUiam W. Chard 

Annville, Lebanon, Pa....... John Frants 

Anoka, Benton, Minn... Robert M. Johnston 

Anselra, eaUia,0 Kinsey BoUnson 

Anson, Somerset, Me „.Ephraim Heald 

Ansonia, New Haven, Gonn..~ ..«Burr Parkins. 

Ansonia, Darke, Samvel C. Eddington 

Antestown, Blair, Pa. .....JohnBsU 

Anthony, Delaware, la... i.. ^..Joseph B^isqr 

Anthony* Km$, B. Im « Gideon L. Johnson 

Anthony's Croek, OreembrUr, Ta..WUllam Rodgitt 
Anthony Shoals, MUbertt Qa... ...*.., .John H.SmlOi 

^Antioch, Troup, Ga... David L. StSTkey 

Antioob. Lak^ lU .., ...John M. C¥ak 

Antioch, Pickent, Ala,... ............. ...James EddiM 

Antiooh, Jlfo»roe,Ohio ...Thomas MiteheU, jr 

Antioch, Oihson, Tenn...».«J«r«miah H. McKenslo 

Antiorh, York, 8. G Bufus H. WfalMiiiaut 

Antiooh, Laxata, Tex..,.^... Riley Slit* 

Antioch,^ Contra Costa, Cal^ ...George R. Ciufk 

Antoine, Pike, Ark ............Wm. B. 8M«r 

JLninm,piUsborough, N. B^.,. ......Charles MeKsM 

Anitlm, Chumsey, Ohio Alexander Sank«7 




Antrim, AUeffhanjft Pft Bolwrt M. Bom 

AlttriiB, SMatoaue, Midu Jobn ^e«r 

Antwvrpf.Jeffknon, N. T HeniyGnen 

Antwerp, PauUUngi Ohio. Bobert Mnrplij 

Anvil, Clark, Ark Am B. Brail 

AnTil, SunOeTj Alft. JaniM T. Vnjtot 

ApAlaehicola, J^anXrUn, F]ft..6eig«miii F^ Simmons 

Apalachin, TioffO, V-. Y R*nrom Steele 

Apollo, Armgtnm{f, Pa. William P. MoGnllock 

Apperflons, CharUa OUif, ya......Jamefl P. Apperson 

ApplebachgTille, Buok$, Pa Henry Applebaeh 

Apple Greek, Om6 CHrcoFdeau, Mo.... Geo. Glodfelter 

Apple Oeek, Ifayne, Ohio. G«orge Meesmore 

Applo Grove, York, Pa Daniel S. Mltsel 

Apple Grove, Morgan, Ala WfiUam Ryan 

Apple Grore, PMe, Iowa Morrell 0. Keith 

Apple Grove, Meig; Ohio Speneer Hi Havman 

Apple River, Jo Damas, HI Jameg M. irvin 

Apple Tree, iSaMM. HI..... Hennr Gamer 

Appleton, I^cMfi^, Qhlo..... B. T. Hobart 

Appleton, Perry, 111 Nathan G. Onrlee 

Appleton, (e. h.) }9^nthaffa,'Whi,Mmxj S. Bsgfleeton 

AppUng, OOwnbia, Ga. Henry W. Gerald 

Appling, J^erton, N. T Marcus Rioe 

Apnlia, (humdoifa, N. Y. < Bdwln Miles 

Aquasoo; lV*n<x Oeorge, Md. .John W. Thomas 

Aqnia, >S(a^brd, Ya..... George H. Oookrell 

Aqnilla, Franklin, Ga. Samuel Knox 

Aransas, Refugio, l^xas ....Daniel M. Hastings 

Ararat, FatriOe, Ya. William T. Moore 

Ararat, Stumtehannak, Pa. Albert Bushnell 

Arator, BUtis, Mo. Charles S. Bohannon 

Arba, Randolph, la Henry Canunack 

Arbaooocbee, Randolph, Ala David Oreamer 

Arbela, Scctland, Mo Morgan Tucker 

Arborvitae, PCke, Ala Daniel MeKlnnon 

Aroabutla, De Soto, Miss Osbom F. West 

Areadia, Wayne, N. Y Samuel Baldwin 

Arcadia, Morgan, HI James M. Dougherty 

Artsadia, Wiuhihjsfton, R. I Slisha L. Bagg 

Aroadia, HamiUon, la........... John J. Caylor 

Areadia, Penon, N.'G Samuel M, Craft 

Aioadia, ifad<ion,Mo G. B. Nidi 

Areadia, SulUvan, Tenn Thomas Fain 

Areadia, BienviOe, La Bdward J. Beard 

Aveanun, />arAce,Ohlo John Smith 

Axeher, Harriton, Ohio Anthony C. Nixon 

Arohbald, Luzerne, Pa. Peter Walsh 

Aroh Spring, Blair, Pa. Israel G. Caldwell 

Areola, Loudon, Ya. Matthew P. Lee 

Areola, Warren, N. G Samuel T. Alston 

Arden, Berkeley, Ya. «..». Joseph G. MeWitliams 

Arena, Iowa, Wis Wm. A. Brodie 

Acendtsville, Adame, Pa. Peter Byster 

Arenaville, OUs, llL John L. are 

Argentine, Genetee, Mieh....^ William H. Hicks 

Argo, HaU, Ga Philip M. Byrd 

Ai^, Crawford, Mo. James B. BriUy 

* Argo, CarrdO, HI George H. Gai)>enter 

A]^, ZtMXM, Iowa. Matthew Irvin 

ArgosviUe, Schokarie, N. Y OrTil)e Hodge 

Aiffos, Montgomery, Ala Edwin W. Allei^ 

Argus, C^itrbome* La P. P. Massey 

Argyls, iVno&tcoe, Me Iseae F. Bussel^ 

ArgylO) £a J^fa^ette, Wis. John Ti. ^ton 

Aqcyle, Oumbeai^and, N. 0.. Duncan MeLauohlin 

Afivle, Jefpurwon, Mo. ....Wm. L. Lemaster 

Afgyle, mehingUnhi N. Y .'..John G. Sm 

* fie, McDonoiu^ IU« George W. Weleh 

/le> Decai/ur, Ga....... James B. Martin 

#1, Weeyne^ Pa«....«. DanM Bvarts 

Aflspe, AtfMM, HL—— Henry A. Morgan, 

Aykadelphla, W&Ste»\ Ala. w... John M. 0. Whorton 
Arkadelphia, <e. h.) CUtk, Ark..i>av1d G, Anderson 

AiftatfiMii Post, (o. h.'^AfWinns, Ark Thomas P. 

' Blocker 

Alkfort, Stmbem, N. Y^.^ «... Jsme« Httrlbut 

AAvtlle, DOmoaref N. Y..... .Gritman Bhroo(j( 

Afkwrlght, QuMiattgue, N. Y. Barna W.Phelps 

Arfcwr%ht Summit, Vfm^baMqu6f)H, Y....Martin H.^ 

Bdwin B. Yall. 

.John B. Latbrop 

;...Jamep Wangn 

....Harvey J. Bar. 

ArUngtoB, Hamootk, Qhia..... 
AiMngton, Anm'nfion, Xt*.i 
Afiliitdn) Atraan, IU..v«**« 
Arttogton, (MMniMa^ WBk.... 

Arlington. Van Buren, Mloh .Oalvln T. Btglow 

Armada, IfiieomftiMieh Hiram M. SneU 

Armagh, Indiana, Pa Joshua M. Barkley 

Armlesborgh, Pixrke, la Rnftis K. Harrlii • 

Armlnda, Knom, Mo Heieklah G. Lyon 

Armington, TtueMfdl, HI... .Jerome B. Tenney 

Armonk, WuUhetter, N; Y Israel Townsond 

Armstrong, WaJbaih, 111 John Albiets 

Armstrong Acad. Chockm NaUon, Ark.A, G. Mofli»t 
Armstrong's Mills, BdmmiU, OMo..Alex. Armstrong 

Armuchee, Floyd, Ga.; Stephen Ball 

Amandville, St. Iiondry, La Alphonse J. Patin 

Amettsville, MonrnigoUd, Ya Xleorge G. Gr^^ 

Ameytown, BwfUnmon, N. J John Darfy 

Amheim, Brown, Ohio, W. G. Davis 

Arnold's, Owen, Ky; Samuel Johnson 

Amoldsburgh, G^'itner, Yii Peregrine HayiS 

AmoldflvUle, A<eAan<m|Ho .John F. Moore 

Amoldton, Oaumpbdl, Ya La Fayette Leo 

Amoldton, UUlter, N. Y .Benjamin G. Arnold 

Anion, WO, HI .J.Goodenow 

Aroma, Kankakee, HI Alvin WUber 

Aroostook, Aroostqeiki Me Ansel T. Mooers 

Arrington, TF<2UaiiM0fi,Tenn..<... Robert A. Sayers 

Arrow Rock, SaHne, Mo Samuel J. Herron 

Arrowsmiths, D^fUmce, Ohio....3finer Arrowsmith 

Arsenal, JUeghawy, Pa Wm. Jobnston 

Arthursburgb, Dutehen, N. Y Yennilya Brooks 

Artie, X>e JTolfr, la Amos Stems 

Asbury, LaaaUe, HI James YanoedoU 

Asbnry, Fxyette, Ala .James M. Smith 

Asbury, Warren. N.J Isaac Bennett 

Asbury, Berry, 6hio George Kishler 

Asbury, MarOgomtry, Tenn John Gold 

Asbury, 2VoMp,Ga William P. Ragland 

Ascension, Stdlivan, Ind... Samuel J. Cummins 

Ascutneyville, Windsor, Yt... George Dake 

Ashapoo Ferry, Cbaeton,S.C John Clark 

Ashaway, WathingUm, R. I Isaac Gundall 

Ashboro, (c h.) JSondo^A. N; G....Lncv A. Baldwin 
Ashbnraham, Bbreulsr, MaSB....Samf. Y. Whitney 
Ashburaham.Depot, TR»^ee«ter,Mas8:....J. M.Frost 

Ashby, CoUs,J\\ B. F. Bulla 

Ashby, Middlesex, Ma8t......Nathaniel Wbittemore 

Ashbysburgh, Hopkim. Ky Samuel W. Oox 

Ash Creek, OMMamt, Mtes R. G. Martin 

Asherey, Hancock, Ohio Joseph Twining 

Ashe^s Creek, Spencer, Ky .Alden J. Quint 

Asbfield, FrankUn, Mass Richard Cook 

Asblbrd, mnd;Uzm,Gonn Dyer H. Clark 

Ashibrd, Qattaraugut, N. Y John Van Slyke 

Asbford, Fmddu Zae, Wis John Mauel 

Ash Grove, Greene, Mo George W. Hancock 

Ashipun, Dodge, Wis Th(nna8 B. Elmore 

Ashland, iV«toayflro,Mieh JohnBetts 

Ashland, CbdeH, Ya C. L. Roffe 

Ashland, Ibrsytk, Ga Thbrnas Thornton 

Ashland, Greene, N. Y............ Sanford Tuttle 

Ashlan4» Wayne, Ttan John C. Johnston 

Ashland, Middlesex, Mass James H. Jones 

Ashland, Bertie, N. C Augustus HoUey 

Ashland, Benry, la William MllUkan 

Ashland, (c. h.) Asldand, Ohio.....AIexander Porter 

Ashland, mryne. Pa ..Charles Parker 

Ashland, Wap^, Iowa ^ Morris ll. Beck 

Ashland, BicKtand, Wis Win. Thompson 

Ashland, <3^ventfp, Ky George S. Page 

Ashland Furnace, OambriOy Pa... Joseph A. Conrad 

Afhland Mills, Joc^ion, Or Abel D. Helman 

Ashley, Pike, Mo Joseph HoUiday 

Ashlcty, Bdaware, Ohio.... Jonathan M. Goomer 

Ashley, Kent, Vich Patrick M. TuUy 

Ashley, Washiagton, Hi J. M. Lucas 

Ashley Falls, Berkshire, Mass John Scovill 

Ashley viQe, Btampden, Maas... ...Edward KiXeeland 

Ash Park, QittarauguSf N. Y A. M. Green 

Ash Ridge,. Brown, Ohlo,.^ » Andrew Potts 

Ash Ridge, PuUuki, HI Lewis K. Barfield 

Ash Run, Pendleton, Ky. Alfred D. Moore 

Ash Spring, Bdrrison, TiBxaa... John M. Whltehom 

Ashtabula, AshtfLtnOa, OhiO.» EiekielC. Koot 

Asbton, (Harkf Mo. John W. Sndeiy 

Ashton, Dane, Wis.. i^ 8. T. March 

Asbton, ifofiono, Jowa.. Isaac Ashton 

Ashton'li Mills, Frt4/er$eK ▼•••« ..John Sbooka^ 




Ashndot, thethirt, N. H,....^ Deloe G. B«U 

ikshTlUe, (e.h.) iSMnCCftiir, AU. John O. Byrne 

AfhTUle, PiOeawayy Ohlo....«,...Wmiam R. Stpuoh 
AshTilk, (c.h.) BitMombt, N.C...WlIliain L. HtUiftrd 

lihirood, Temasj La. .....James 0. Oougberty 

Ashwood, Maury, Tenn.l Isham Malone 

Aspen Grore, FittsyivaniOf Ta.t -James A. Luck 

Aspen QroTe, Oafftavn, Fla.^ Henderson Sneed 

Aspen Wall, CharMU, Va ...James R. HUl 

Asplnwall, DubuqUB, Iowa Milton M, Johnson 

Assabet, MiddUtexy Masn...... Amory Mfiynard 

Assamoosiolc, SmOhampton, Va. JaoMs A. GUlett 

Assumption, (e. h.) AMStmpiiant La .Charles A. 


Assyria, Boarry, Mfeh ,...Riehard Jones 

Alton's Store, MwriWy Ala Andrew M. Aaton 

Astoria, FiOUm, HI ^ Jacob Deary 

Astoria Ctattopj Ogn ......Truman P. Power* 

Astoria, ^iieen*, N. Y Kdwin Mills 

AsylTUB, BraOfcrdy Pa Julius G. Brown 

Asylum, QranviOty N. C. ^.... J. F. Harria 

Atchinson, KantOM T. Robert Kelly 

Athens, Dodg^y Wis Hanry H. Ashley 

Athens, JFbye^ Ky y.......John E. Parker 

Athens, Hmderton, Textts ^ John CoUins 

Athens, (c. h.) L&naitoiu, Ala Robert 0. David 

Athens, (o. b.) Olarky Ga... ..^....John Crawford 

Athens, Menard^ Dl James Mott- 

Athens, (c. h.) Clairbome^ La...Artbur. MeFarland 

Athens, Somertett Me G. L. Palmer 

Athens, Mtmroe, Miss... Sils0 F. Eendrick 

Athens, Qdhoun, Mksh Adolpbus C. Waterman 

Athens, Clarky Mo George Gray 

Athens, Greeney N. T James G.Foster 

Athens, (c h.) AUunt, Ohio JR, Be Steinier, jr. 

Athens, (c h,) Bradford, Pa....,....Walte« Olmsted 

Athens, McMinn, T«im.. ^^ FrandsBoyd 

Athens, Dakotay Minn......... Jacob Whittemore 

Athens, Windhamy\t Jonathan Colton 

AtfaensTille, Orteney til i... .John Armstrong 

Athol, WorcetteTf Mass .^....John H. Williams 

Athol, Warren, N. T JyUchadl Byrnes 

Athol Depot, Worcater, M&tt.SnTanus E. Twitchell 

Atkinson, ChrisUany Kjf ...P. 8. Atkinson 

Atkinson, PUe^tiUiqui$,}IL% .BUsha L. Hammond 

Atkinson, Boekinghamy N. H L. P. K. Richards 

Atkinson Depot, IMkingkain^ K. H... Jacob Irving 

Atkinson's Mills, Mtffii% Pa... JUbos J. North. 

Atkinsonrille, Ow*n, Ind ...Wm. A. Connelly 

Atlanta, Logany IB.. George W. Rowell 

Atlanta, FuUmHy Ga. Hugh M. Boyd 

Atlantic City, MtanHoy IV. J».. ...... Roberta Leeds 

Atlas, Geiuu€y Mich Albert Swift 

Atlas, Bdvumiy Ohio „ James A. Barnes 

Atlas, POcey III ...Johns. Ball 

Atsena Otie, Levy, Fla.,.^ Augustus Steele 

Atsion, Burlingthn, N. J ^William W. Fleming 

AttaUville, AUakiy Mtos » SUasH. Clark 

Attapulgus, Dteahiry Ga Emery Lassiter 

Attica^ J'bun(<itn, Ia.............„....«C. L. Riehardson 

Attica, Grunt. Wis ^ ,....,J. B. Hunter 

Attiea, WycmiiM, N.T Moses Colcord 

Attica, SmMtf Ohio, :...... Mareus Schuyler 

Attica, Lenawet, MIeh Amos Kendall 

Attloa, MoLritm, Iowa ^ Samuel G. Child 

Attica Centre, WyominffyN, T .William Tanner 

AttUa, mUianumy Ul Wm. N. MltcheU 

Attleborough, BtitUt, Mass..........Lyman W. Dean 

Attleboro, Buckiy Pa , Alfred Marple 

At^lebury, Dutchuiy N. Y...., JobnPulver 

Atwatfer, PoTtagt, OWo Homer HUlyer 

Atwood, De ira26, Ala « Thomas Logan 

Atwood, Cbrron, Tenn... ,.^^ Wm. J. Kirk 

Attbbeenaubee, FuUffiHy la ^InouvR. Fenimore, 

Auburn, Cannany Tenn^ ...«Abner N« Fisher 

Auburn, H'iWt,.Mlss..... ...JohnS. Kelly 

Auburn, Macon, Ala Spence M. Gryyson 

Auburn, Gtoinn^y Ga...'. ^jBoUipg A. BJakey 

Auburn, Sangamony Itt.^ HframXibbeta 

Auburn, (c. h.) DeJUtb, Ia,..TImothy R. Dickinson 

Auburn, ifoAatXro,' Iowa Wmiam B.Godfrey 

Auburn, Wake, N. O. James J. FerriU 

Auburn,. .FbTuf du Zoe, WIV .Charles Grownhart 

Auburn, Androscoggin, Mf ......Freeman Novell 

Auburn, Worcester, MMf .m .» ...iMuk M^ Kpowlea 

Aubvni, Oakkmdt Mich Eugene .T. SmJtly 

Auburn, Ztfnooln, Mo Andrew Cochraa 

Auburn, Boekingham, N. H George P. Clark 

Auburn, (e. h.) Oayuga, N. Ym........ Elmore P. Kos» 

Auburn, SchuyVcUi, Pa ......Isaac Hoffmeiitev 

Auburn, Gtauga^ Ohio...., James May hew 

Auburn, thiiqyAer, Ya Samuel G. Francis 

Auburn, Placer, Cal James Bowen 

Auburn Centre, Susquehanna, Pa. Cor. H. Low 

Auburn Dale, MiddUsex, Mass... .(George L. Bourne 
Auburn Four Comers, SuaqftehannOy Pa.D.Bu8hnell 

Auburn Hill, Franklin, Ga George W. Bowden 

Audubon, Montgomery. HI........ ...John Sanders, Jr 

Auglaise, Vnn Trtfr«,Ohlo.. „ John Webber 

Augusta, Benion, Fla Albert Clark 

Augusta, (e. h.) Richmond, Ga... James M. Smyth* 

Augusta, Hancock, Bl... „ Samuel B. Mead 

Augusta, MarUmy la... ............Samuel H. Hogshire 

Augusta, Dts Moinesy Iowa* ..H. T. Fairbanka 

Augusta, (o. h,)Brackeny Ky.4. ...... ...John W. Sallet- 

Augusta, (c. h.) Kennebeek, Ma,.. William S. Badger 
Augusta, (e. h.) J^erry, Miss...... William Harrison 

Augusta, Saint Charles, Mo ....Dledrich Baaxa- 

Augusta, Sussexy N. J AlpheuaGustini 

Augusta, Oneida^ N. Y Henry L. Hawley 

Augusta, CaarroU, Ohio Alexander McLean 

Augusta, NorthumberUind, ?a...., Wm. Rak«r> 

Augusta, Jackeon, Ark «». Thomas £. Erwini 

Augusta Station, Marion, Ind... Jos. KHngensmith 

Auman's Hill, Montgomery, N.C John J. Leach 

Auraria, Lumpkiny Ga T. E. WiiUa? 

Aurelins, Washington, Ohio^ Albert G. Grubb 

Aurelius, Cayxigoy N. Y ...Cornelias M. Fcek 

Aurelius, J^Aam, Mich.., .......Enoeh S. How* 

AuriesTllIe, Montgomeryy N. Y., William Irving 

Aurora, Washington. Wis— .........Charles A. Cwm 

Aurora, MarshaUy Ala...... ..William G. Jordan 

Aurora, ^KaTie, lU......... .............Edward R. Alien 

Aurora, Dearborn, la ...........Joeephus Clark 

Aurora, MarshaUy Ky .........Milton H. £ggner 

Aurora, ffancoeky Me ..«»M...RoBwell SUsfagr 

Aurora, Cayuga, N. Y. John Marsh. 

Aurora, Portage, Ohio Noble A. WltbarilL 

An Sable, £«n^ in.......^...SUn«Ber Hend«t»on 

An Sable Forks, Bssex, N. Y.i.TlMmas D. TrumbulL 

Austerlits, Keni, Mich: ...Nathan D. Saundars* 

Austerliti, Ookimbia, N. Y Aaron Bell 

Austin, Fremont, Iowa, ......jrames F. Smitti 

Austin, Ross, Ohio S. W. Bush< 

Austin^ TraviSt Texas ...3enjamin F. Johnson- 

Austin, (c. hO TVtntco, Miss......J)aniel L. Furgeeon. 

AusLiu, OaJdand, >Uoh David A. Wright. 

AusUn, ScoU, Ind Jojboi Allen 

Austinburgb, AshiahuUi, Ohio..01iver B. Henderson- 

AustinTille, Wytht, Ta William Kohler 

Austinville, JAvingston, Mo Andrew N. Austki. 

AutaugaviUe, Autauga, Al..Geoig» A. McAllister 

Aya,.Zoume2ef,Ga Robert N. Parrish 

Ava, WlnnebagOfVl .........George B.£m«ry< 

Aya, Oneida, N. Y...... «... ^..SUas 0. Morse 

Avala^cbe, Bad ^a;. Wis ......Ransom P. GItietfr. 

Ayalon, JBaUtmore, Md. J..H. Hann< 

Ayator, IkOiSy Mo» Cfaarlaa C. BobannMS 

Avery* Monroe, Xowa » Justus Selby;- 

Avery, Jo Daviess, HI... ...*............ William Avexy 

Avery, Crawford, Ho ^.....William H.SeUecc- 

Averysboro', Bamett, N. C M....NelU S. Stsiwax^ 

Ay.ery^s Greek, ^M(|oom5t, N. G~ PUlip J. XptaeUt 

AVilla* Nobis, la ..: J^eah J. HUH 

Aviston, CZ»n^o»,.IU...^..„.... Josiah C. Sbelton, 

Avo, Pajbrick,\9k .Alexander B. ClarJc 

Avoca, IdanvgsUm, HI James MoDoveli: 

Avoca* .i^^nm, M*». Salatblel Col« 

Avoea^ Meuben, N. Y .......M..O«s«r S. SmiMi. 

Avoca, Zfawreruxj Ala.....«....w..Xb9inas Mastersew 

Avon« PuUon, Hi. Stephen Tompktoat 

Avoi^ BarUbrd, Conn James SOtonk 

Avon> J^. Gmevieve, Mo ..George- W> GrOUte 

Avon^^Socik, Wis Nelson KiniiM 

Avon, FcatiMin^ Me ,..«.....ElectaM..l>eiw]«« 

Avon, Ionia, Mifb.*... .....Harvey K. TiakMh 

Avon, ZivMMV^on, N. Y.......* Qeocg^.HoaiPMr* 

Avon, Jiovam, Qbiq.*^... M..HhMarA,J:MigdM»i 

Arcix,jm$€m^ Ya ..^.......^......BofaMt P. Smtthi 

Afonlals^ CheitfTt Pv....^M.>.»>ttshi»a>*J* Bmnii 




Avon Lake, Lorain^ Ohio Archibald R. Case 

AyersTille, Dejianee^ Ohio Joseph P. Ayres 

AyersvUle. Stokes, N. G Johp W. Martin 

Ayersvillu, Putnam. Mo Samuel Ayres 

Aylettff, King WiUiam, Ya Brooking Samuel 

Ayreahire, Chena-ngo. N. Y Gteorge F. Hard 

AyaylWe.- Daviegs. la : Alexander McCall 

Aaalia, Bartholomew, la Thomas 0. Parker 

Astalan, Jeffertont Wis Horace B. Wlllard 


BABCOOK HILL, Onetrfa, N. Y....Peleg B. Babcoclc 

Babcock's flroTf, £>u Page, 111 Joseph B. Hull 

Babylon, Suff'Ak^ N. Y Lawrcrnce Seaman, jr. 

Badicer, Ptirtftge, Wis Robert Fletcher 

Bachelor's Hnll. Pittfylvania, Va . Peter D. Guerrant 

Bachelor's Retreat. Pickerts, ,9>. C E. P. Vemer 

Bachman's Mills, €amM, Md Darld Bachman 

Back Creek. Qarrcirds Ky Joel N. Ramsey 

Back Creek Valley, F'rederick, Ta...R. V. Lockhart 

Bacon's Castle. Surry ^ Va. William A. Warren 

BSMon Creek. Hart, Ky. George H. Reed 

Bad Axe, Btd Axe, Wis.... : Jacob Hijsgins 

Baden, Swrnw, Pa Darld Anderson 

BagdHd, Smith, Tenn James U. Young 

Ba^Hd. La Fayette, Mo .....William Nichols 

Ba»cdad. WWiamw/n, Tex.. ...... .Thomas Huddleston 

Bailey Creek, Titga. Pa William Lawrence 

Bailey8bur>;h, /Vrry. Pa Adam Smith 

Baileysburgh, Surry^ Va. Jam^s Harries 

Bai'ey's Creek, Omge, Mo John Harris 

Bailey Hollow, Luzeme,PB..: James Smith 

Bailey's Ford, Delaware, lowtk Joel Baiiey 

Bailey's Mills, G»rr/on,Oa. A. P. Bailey 

Bailey's Mills. Guernsey, O George Arriek 

BillHyville, Wa-^hington, Me John D. Lawler 

Bainbridite, (c. h.) Decatttr, Ga Noah L. Cloud 

Balnbridtre, Putnam, la. Charles M. Nye 

Bainhridge, WMiamsrm, 111 George L. Owen 

Bainbridge, ChriHian, Ky Robert S. Boyd 

Baiuhridge, Berrien. Mich JohnT. Taber 

Ba1nbrid«e, Ross, Ohio. .....Mather Gilfillan 

Balnbridge, L'tneaxter, Pa. Eliza F. Galbraith 

Balnbrldge, Chenango, N. Y....... Simeon Sheparson 

BairdstowQ, Oghthorpe, Oa Thomas Callahan 

Balrdsville. Smith^Tfi John B. Baird 

Baiting Hollow. SajffMk, N. Y Micah Howell 

Baker Bank, Beaver, Pn :..Richard Baker 

BlAers. Champaign, Ohio. Harvey Talbot 

Baker's Comers, Ttppecanoe, la. Reuben Baker 

Bakersfleld, Frankiin,yt. Nelson H. Arcnington 

Bakvr'sGap, Johnson, Tenn. Hiram McBride 

Baker's .Mills. JacA-«on, la Thomas W. Baker 

Baker's Run, Hirdy, Va ;... James D. Boone 

Bakerstown, AU^eghany, Pa. Charles Austen, jr. 

BakersTlUe. CbxAoeton. Ohio. .,... Ernst Negelspach 

BakeMviUe. Washington, Md Ellas Baker 

BakerBville, Somerset, Pa JohnL. Anawalt 

Bakersville Yaneey, N. Isaac A. Pearson 

BakersTille. Litchfidd, Gonn John 9. Baker 

Bi^k'ODy Falls, Rockbridge, Va. Chas. H. Locker 

BfcM Creek, Yancey, N. 0..; B. B. Whlttington 

BaM KiHgle, ?bXr. Pa ,Wm. R. Thompson 

B«;id Hill, Chxttahoodie, Oa. Jesse M. Read 

Bald Hill, Ni»rfolk, Mass Ellas Cook 

Bald Knob, Ttney, Mo O. Berry Rozell 

Bald Knob, Boone-j Va. WHHam Workman 

Bald' .VIount, Luaeme, Pa Amos Beemer 

B*td MounUin. Wtuhington, N. Y..Samuel B. Thorn 
Bald !4prin«. fVtmAitn, Oa............ Nathan Gunnels 

Baldwin, Chemung, N. Y John 8.Onnt0rman 

Baldwin, Btitier, Pa William Alexander 

Baldwin's Mllla Jacksmii Mich. James 0. Bell 

Baldwinsvllle, Worcester, Mass. James H.Clapp 

Baldwinsville. Ofutndago^ N. Y...Bdward B. Wlgent 

Baldwin vtlle, Edgar ^ 111 Alansoo Baldwin 

Bialise> POmwrnine. La. Joseph C. Wilson 

Ballard's Uridjce, C^)«Nm,N.C. Thomas Erans 

BaHardMVille, Oldham. Ky John Swain 

Bfcltavilsvtila. Bmne, Va^. Andrew J. Barretc 

Ballard Vale. Esaex, \faM Isaac 0. Blunt 

Ball iTamp, K^tt. Tenn .Wlllism S. CaUaway 

Ballaw's Ferry. St. Landry, La.i John Lyons, jr. 

BftH Utoaad, 'ChsTokUi Oa. rf. Jamat B. Kelly, 

Ball Mountain, Oakland^ Mioh Piatt Johnson 

Ball Play, M'nroe^ Tenn Henry Dnnoboo 

Ball Play, Cherokee, Ala« Pleasant VI. Edwards 

Ball's Pond, fhirfield. Conn Alvah H. Pearca 

Ballston, (<5. h.) Saratoga. N. Y Moses Williams 

Ballston Centre, Saratoga, N. Y...v—WiIIiaro Crapo 

BollstowD, Ripfey, la .' ..Samuel Ball 

Ballsville, i%M>;>aton. Va Wm.C. Netberband 

Balsam Mountain, ^a^tooodl, N. C....Jam«8 B. Fit*- 

Baltimore, ^h.) JRittftwore, Md..., Jacob Q. Dayiei 

Baltimore, Warren, la. Elisba Rodgers 

Baltimore, Fxirjidd, Ohio Jesse Canode 

Baltimore, Hickman, Ky T. A. Slaydea 

Baltimore, Barry, Mich John Baker 

Bamberg, Barnwell, S. C WUliam T. Eaf>terllii 

Bancroft, Aroostook, Me J. B. Shorey 

Bancroft, Hampshire, Mass Joel Hawkins 

Bangall, Dutchess, N. Y Howard T. Tripp 

Bangor, I^.nohseoi, Me .....Isaai; C. Haynea 

Bangor. Franklin, N. Y Clark A. Patterson 

Bank Lick. Kenton, Ky Stephen Mosher 

Bankston, Choctaw. Miss .....Joseph C. Kittrell 

BanksTllle. /^tr/lef^. Conn. John Banks 

Bankton. Saline, 111 ^ James Butler 

Banner, La FayHte. Miss.... Robert J. Brower 

Bannerman, New Hanoter, N. C...J. P. Bannerman 

Bantam, Ctermont, Ohio .Benjamin Ely 

Bantam FsMt. Zdtchfiefd. Conn Leonard Renney 

Baptist Mission, Cfierokee Nation, Ark .Evan .7one8 

Bapti.«»town. Hunterdon, N: J Abel Webster 

Baptist Vallfy, TazewdL Va William W. Peery 

Barabo6,(c. h.) /S'/ttAr, Wis Lucy F. Perklna 

Barbarasville. Hardy. Va. John Matbias 

Barbeetown. Hardy, Va Joseph 8. Barbee 

Barber, Washington, Ohio....... Jesse Johnson 

Barbers, Oiumbia. Fla John F. 0. Pavia 

Barber's Corners, WiU,l\\ AmosC Paxson 

Barber's Cross Roads, Isle of Wight, Va. Thomas 


Barber's Mills. Weas,\% Emerson Barber 

Barbersville, Jeffergon,lt^ ..ChrrlesSchnitiger 

Barbertille. Washington, R. I Thomas H. Clark 

Barbour's Mills, Lycoming, Pa. John Barbour 

Barboursville, (c. h.,) Knox, Ky W. B. Anderson 

Barbonraville, Orange, Va H. R. Higgins 

Barbourvllle. Delaware, N. Y Harvey Bryant 

Barcelona ChatUatujue, N. Y. Jsaac Shaw 

Barclay, WhiteMdes, 111 ^os. M. Wilson 

B4rclaysville. Cumhfa^land, N. G C. C. Barbea 

Bardstown, (c h.) Nelson, Ky ...William M. Powell 

Baresvllle, Monroe. Ohio Samuel W. Noll 

Bareville, Lancaster, Pa .Martin B. Weldler 

Bargalntown, Atlantic, N.J... ....Mark Lake 

B%rgersv111e. Johnson, la JBtephen 0. Harrell 

Barhamsville, New Kent, Va.. ..'WUliam B. Valdan 

Baring, Washington, Me John Moora 

Barker's Settlement, Barbour, Va Francis 0. 


BarkersvlUe, Saratoga, N. T. »....Ira J. Barker 

Barkhamstead, LitchJUld, Co&n....,..E. N. Ransom 

Bark Hfll, OxrroO, Md Jacob Hesa 

Bark River. Jefferson, Wl« Samuel T. Clothier 

Barksdale, Halifax, Va '..;..Paniel B. Easley 

Bark Shanty, SanilaCy Mich Uri Raymond 

Barleywood. Spartaiiburgh, S. C P. W. Miller 

Barlow. Witshington,0\L)/i ^,:. L. Laflln 

Bar Mills, Tork, Me..: Samuel Sawyer 

Barnard, WindsoT,yt «.,D. F. Hunton 

Bamardsville, Roatu; Tenn ...John A. Barnard 

Bamegat. Ocean, N. J...;. ^athtuiiel Waterbury 

Barnegat, Dutchess, N. Y John R. Matthews 

Bamerville.' .SbAffAaHe, N. T Isaac Nethaway 

Barnes, Richland, Ohio , David B. Day 

Barne^ Comers, LewU, N. Y ....Horace Lucas 

Barnes' Cross Roads, DaU, Ala..,....Colmon Barnes 
Barnes' ^tore. Tishemingo, Mlss...8amuel A. Barnes 

BamesTi le. Pike, Ga.......: F. N. Barnes 

BamesvUle, Mon^nmery, Md^ Leonard Hays 

Barnesvllle, Belmont, Ohio, Benjamin Mackall 

Barnesvllle, Marion, Ala. David B. Hall 

Bamet, Qiledonia, Vt..:.....* Andrew J. Laird 

Barneys, Philips, Ark Richmond A. Jones 

Bamhart's MllW, BuOer, Pa..^ Michael Dieter 

Bsmisborough, GUmeester, IT. J John Crane 




Bariistiibte, Barnstable. Mftes CaWin Stetson 

Barnstead. BdJcnap, N. H Eliphalet i^. Nutter 

Barnwell G. H., BamweU, 9, C C. F. Tobin 

BarrafikATille. Mari(nK. Va William B. loe 

Barrallville, Alleghany, Md K. W. Hall 

Barre, Worcester, Mrpb Gharlefl BrimU^'Com 

Barm. FRuWw^ion, Vt....„ Frances L. Hale 

Barre Centre, Orleans, N. Y William H. Gates 

Barre Forire, Huntingdwij Pa. S. M. Green 

B'irren, Harrisony la Oeorfre Arnold 

Barren, WiUiafMnnf Tenn... William C. Hendricks 
Barren Creek Sp*g8. Sonurset, Md...Tbo8. B. Taylor 

Barren Grove, Bureau, 111 Orren Hasard 

Barren Hill, Montgomeryy Pa Nicholas Freaa 

Barren Hill, Eknry^Tenn Jame<( Walker 

Barren Plain, Robertson, Tenn.Granbejrry B. Mason 

Barren Rid^et Vantanty Texas James Bundy 

Barren Spring, Wythe, Ya ....Charles W. Lyons 

Barre PlainOj Worcester, Mass ...ISdward Denny 

Barrettsville, LutnpHn. Ga..... Henben Barrett 

Barreville, MeBenrif, 111 Frederick Bryant 

B*rrington, ChoJe,!!) George T. Waterman 

Barrlngton, Strafford, N. TSL„ Hiram Hall 

Bnrrington, TaJtes,'^. Y Job L. Baboock 

Birrington, Bristol, R.1 ..George K. Kennicutt 

Barr's Store, Macoupin, H2..~..Wm. H. Kicbardson 

Barry, Schuylkill, Pa John A. Otto 

Barry, PtA-^, III „ Londoree N. Ferri* 

Barry, Frederick. Md.. James W. Hamilton 

Barry, Jac/f«»n, Mich John Unddook 

Barry, C/ay, Mo William Atkinson 

B:irry. Cuyahoga^ Ohio William Stoneman 

Barry's Bridge, Mecklenbturgk, Va..Robert W. Land 

Barryton. Choctaw, A\». William P. Humphrey 

Barrytown, DiUehess, N. Y........ Joseph Martin 

Barryvillis SuiUvan. N. Y L. D. Fuller 

Barryville, Stark, Ohio ,.Nlmrod Smith 

Bart, X>aneasfery Ph Slizaheth Miller 

Barter Brook Augusta, Ya .«Thomas W. Sh<'lton 

Bartersville, Pontotoc, Miss....! Ranson Mauldin 

Btrtbolomew, Chicot, Ark...Cbaiie8 0. McDermott 

Bartlett, Om, N. H Alexis Garland 

Bartlett* WushingPm, Ohio. Mrs. Susan Crow 

Bartlettville, Clark, Iowa. .....Ley! Koonta 

Barton, Tioga. N. Y Seymour Wright 

Barton, AV^ghany, MTd .John Jones 

Barton, Orleans, Vt i William Grayes 

Barton, Loumdfs, Miss William T. Barry 

Barton, Washington, Wis.. Maxon Hirseh 

Barton HiU, Schoharie,^. Y. *.Jaoob J. Barton 

Bartonla, Randolph, la .James W. Locke 

Barton's Gr<»ek, Dickson, Tenn.B. W. Cunningham 
Barton Landing, Orleans, Yt....«....AIbert S. Eaton 

Bartonsvllle, Monroe, Pa. John Butz 

BartonsviUe, Windham, Yt.... Lucius W. Adams 

Bartonville, Walker, Ala........ A. S. Bumum 

Bartvlll«. Lancaster, Pa Thomas Ferguson 

Basco, ffanoockyXi\...ii '. Martin Shuey 

Basoobel, Jackson, Ga Milton Matthews 

Basoom, Seneca, Ohio > John Miller 

Base Lake, Washtenaw, Mich Jeremiah Dudley 

Basham's Gap, Morgan, Ala James H. Basham 

Bafchan, Meigs,OHo Altamont D. Bowers 

Bashi, Clark, Ala. George Carleton 

Basin Rnob, Johnson, Mo John Winfrey 

Baoin Lake, Columbia, Wia...,.- Charles Bolles 

Baskenridge, Smnerset, K^ J... ...... Benjamin Smith 

Basnettsville, Marion, Ya Philip S. Basnett 

Bason Springs, €frayson, Tex Isaac B.Wttlker 

Bastrop, (p, h) Minwdust. La.........John W. Mason 

Bastrop, (c. b.) Bastrop, Texas John S. Jobnnon 

Batavia, Kane, HI A. M. Moore 

Batavia, firancA, Mich John Barr 

Batayta, GeTiesee^ N. Y..., « William Seaver 

BateTia, (& b.) Clermont, OUo ...Jesse S. Bustin 

Batavia Kill, Ddav>are,Vi. Y ....John Loughran 

Batesville, (e. b.) Independence, Ark Beuben 


B»teeville» Babersham, Oa« Joshua Sutton 

BatesTllle, Guernsey, Ohio. Samuel Gebbtfrt 

Bateeville, Albemarle, Ya...»....William H. Walker 

Batasyille, Ripley, la Lewis L. Thomas 

Bath, Hdg^fUld, 8. C. Sumner Brown 

Bath, (e. h.) Mcuon. HI .^.....:..Gile8 S. Town 

Bath, Sagadahoc, He. ...........Joseph G. Snow 

Bath, Beaufort, N. C Joseph Bonnev 

Bath, Orafion, .,... William W. Hutcbin* 

Bath, (c. h.) Steuben, N. Y.... Jesse Vandehoyen 

Bath, Summit, Ohio Francis Andrews 

Bath, Northfimpton, Pa » Henry SchoU 

Bath, C. H. Bath, Ya William H. Bryan 

Bath Alum, Bath, Va James P. Wood 

Baton Rouge, (c h.) East Baton Rouge, La .J. 

Baton Roiq^, Chester, 8. C.AugustnsF. Anderson 

Batsto, Burlington, N. J Jesse W. Ricbanit 

Battenyllle, Washington, N. Y Edwin Weir 

Battleborougfa, Edgecomf>, N. C.Theodore Schrader 

Battle Creek, Calhoun, Mich... Alonso Noble 

Battle Greek, Marion, Tenn—- George W. Rica 

Battlefield, Lauderdale, Miss James M. Truspell 

Battle Ground, Tij^xcanoe, la John Dutiel 

BatUe Ground, Emanuel, Oa Charles H. Colsea 

Battle Springs, Madison, Miss ...John A. Forrest 

Battle Swamp, Ceca, Md Thomas Taylor 

BattsvUle, Barbour, Ala Fletcher G. Thweatt 

Baughman, WayTie, Ohio Talentine W. Ault 

Baumstown, Berks. Pil George W. Jonet 

Bayington, Washington, l?Sk James McCarrell 

Bay, Bope, 111 Alexander Jinkin* 

Bayard, OoUimbiana, Ohio Allen Williamson 

Bay Hundred. IkiUwt, Md... Augustus Wittman 

Bay Mount, Oreene. Tenn John C. Martin 

Bayou Barbary, Livingston, La Wm. H. Wilder 

Bayou Boent St Landry, La Thomas McCrorej 

Bayou Chicot, (c h.) •S'^ Landry, La-Jao. Akenbead 
Bayou Goula, IhervUU. La.. .Francis Marionneaux 
Bayou Metoe, Pulaski, Ark William Fitissimon 

Bayou Ramois. St. Mary% La. James Collins 

Bay Port, Hernando, Fla. John E. Jobn^^on 

Bay Riyer, Craven, N. C Frederick G. Alfred 

Bay's Bottom. GdUia. Ohio Nelson Lavne 

Bay Spring*), Tixhemingo, Miss. Henry Collier 

Bay View, Nort?uffnpton, Vil Jesse N. Jarvls 

BazHtta, TrumbuU, Ohio.... Herman Pierson 

Beach Branch. Beaufort, S.&.Tbos. H. Willi ngham 

Beach Groye, Luaeme, Pa Andrew Cortright 

Beach Hayen, Xu^erne, Pa. John B. Anderson 

Beal«ton, fhuquier, Ya Alfred Beals 

Beallsyille, Washington, Psk John W. MltchcU 

Beallsville, Monroe, Ohio Alexander McCullough 

Beamsyille, Darke, Ohio John McLoughlin 

Bean Blossom, Brown, la Robert Mcllbenny 

Bean's Station, Qrainger, Tenn Woodson W. 


Bean town, Charles,ViA Edward D. Boon9 

Bear Bone. Calcaden, La Dayid A. Lyons 

Bear Branch, Ohio,l% Jonathan Cols 

Bear Branch, Richmond, N. C P. P Terry 

Bear Creek, Jay, la E. M. Lewis 

Bear Creek, Montgomery, 111 William Russell 

Bear Creek, Cedar, Mo Benjamin A. Marshall 

Bear Creek, Putnam, Tenn , Robert Peek 

Bear Creek^ Luseme. Pa Stiles Williams 

Bear Creek, Sabine, Texas... Lipscomb Nowell 

Bear Creek, Henry, Ga. S. C. HIghtower 

Bear Greek, Columbia, Ark James Iyy> 

Bearden, Iravaco, T<{xas KinchenMayo 

Beasley's Fork, Adams, Henry Eennedty 

Beardstown, Qus, HI James Shaw 

Beardstown, Perry, Tenn Josiah Wilbum 

Beard's Greek, Zt&^, Geo 3. P. Harrington 

Bear Gap, Northumberland, Pa. Jacob Leisenring 

Bear Groye, Cfuthrie, low%. Nathat) DayU 

Btermont, Schuylkill, Pa..^ Levi Fehler 

Bearsyllle, Ulster, N. Y. Christian Bacbr 

Bear Swamp, Duplin, N. C Luther R. Loftin 

Beartown, Lancaster, Pa Martin Leber 

Bear Wallow, .^rren. Ky James E. Terry 

Beaseley, Jeffiarson. Fla CbarleR W. De WiCi 

Beatie's Bluff. Madison, Miss.....J«mes H. Dunlayj 

Beatties Ford, Lincoln, N. G......WiIliam B. Withers 

Beatty's Bridge. Bladen, N. C....Dougl8S8 P. Beattj 

Beatyestown, Warren, N. J JauMfS Fisher 

Beaty's Mills, Marion, Ya. Joshua S. Wtlf^on 

Beatty's Hinv^SboO, Ky William Walsh 

Beaufort, (c b.) Carleret, N. C William L Potter 

Beaufort, FrankUn, Mo , Ell Valentine 

BenufiMTt, (c. h.) Bmt^fort, B. C. Benjamin B. . 





Beaomont, Luteme, Pa Beqjamln V. Horto^ 

Beaomonti (e. h.) Jeff^toni Texas... Wm. P. fiefring 

Beaamont, ChaOamf N. 0. John M. Oreen 

B«av«r, Pike, Ohio. Andrew J. MeNeal 

Bearer, AiuUrton, Texas William I. Hamlett 

Bearer, (o. h.) Beaver, Pa. Mies Jane Garter 

Bearer Brook, ^OUwrn, N.T...Ohas. 8. Woodward 

Bearer Creek, Bond, HI Darid W. Wise 

Bearer Greek, Watkitiffton, Md.J)vwittGilntDnWlt- 

Bearer Greek, CUiMiMat, Wis.„...Bdward I*. Lewis 

Btorer Greek, Itale, Ala .James Yonmans 

Bearer Dale, FxytUe, Ala.... La Grand Shepherd 

Bearer Dam, Cfark, Miss Benj McGarty 

Bearer Dam, MiddUbwrg, 8. G Wbv L. Lesgett 

Bearer Dam, Ohio. Ky Bl^ah G. Wmlams 

Bearer Dam, KtrnduihOy la Samuel RIokel 

Bearer Dam, Union, N. G GaMn Tmll 

Bearer Dam, Cfooehland.'Vh William Salter 

Bearer Dam, Dodge, Ww. Jamee H. Ward 

Bearer Dam, AUen, Ohio Trederlok Shnll 

Bearer Dam Depot, BomoMr, Ya...Lanoelot Philips 

Bearer Dams, ChenmM, N. Y James Watson 

Bearer Dam Springs, aldkmanf Tenn..Alexander M. 

Bearer Grore, Atfler,Iowa.... Samuel B. Ensign 

Bearer Kill, SuUivan, N. Y George S. Josoelyn 

Bearer Lick, Boone, Ky John W. Tucker 

Bearer Meadows, Ctirbon, Pa...Benjamln F. Fruit 

Bearer Mills, Cherokee, N. G Thomas P. Hull 

Bearer Ridge, Knox, Tenn RufUs M. Sterens 

Bearer Ruin, Vhion, Ark Needham Powell 

Bearer Springs, Union, Pa Reuben Keller 

Bearerton, Marion, Ala. .Sarah J. Marchbanks 

Bearerton, Boone, HI Samuel Clark 

Bearertown, Union, Pa George A. Smith 

Bearer Valley Odwkbia, Pa Allen Mann 

Bearer Yalley, 8t. Olair^ Ala Jackson Phillips 

BechtelsrlUe, Berks, Pa Isaac H. Bechtel 

Beckamsrille, Cliester, S.G William Anderson 

Beckersrille. Berks, Pa Jacob Becker 

Beoket, Berkshire, Mass Alexander Clark 

Becketsrllle, TaUapoosa, Ala...Wiiliam J. Bobbins 

Beckett's Store, Piekaway, Ohio J. A. Beckett 

Beck's Comers, Mortgomery, la Philip Saidia 

Beddington, Washinffton, Me Robert GoUins 

Bedford, POee, 111 Thomas M. Klllpatrick 

Bedford, (c. h.) LawreTue, la... J. Wesley Newland 
Bedford, (c h.) TrhnUe, Ky...Ambro8e H. Talbott 

Bedford, Oaffumn, Mich John Reynolds 

Bedford, Middlesex, Mass ,..Henry A. Gleason 

Bedford, HiOsborouffh, N. H OUrer L. Kendall 

Bbdford, (e. h.) mstehesler, N. Y...Benj. J. Ambler 

Bedford, Cuyahoga, Ohio.. Ransom S. Benedict 

Bedford, (c. h.) Becfford, Pa Andris Saupp 

Bedford Station, mskhester, N. Y..Step. R. Barrett 

Bedl, 6Wm««, Texas /T.P. Plsster 

Bedminster, Budce, Pa Bdwin F. Scbeets 

Beech Bluff, BaUat^ Ark JfamesM. Lea 

Bbech Creek, CHnton, Pa .Joseph Brownlee 

Beech Creek, Clark, Ark G.L. Bourland 

Beech Fork, Washington, Ky John M. Bodlne 

Beech Grore, Eush, la (Jeorge D. Hamel 

Beech Grore, PkiUips, Ark Salashiel Sbierrod 

Beech Grore, €M^ Tenn Benjamin F. Moore 

Bsech lOAndJdgendd, S. C .'Thos. M. Foster 

Beech Laiid, Watfiington, Ky .WHUam H. Ryan 

Beech Land, Uckirm, Ofab Stephen (?. Williams 

BaechSpring, Zee, va. Josephus Grabeel 

Btach Wood, SuUivan, N. Y.. John Moersch 

B^h Wood, Sheboygan, Wis.. Robert Dinwiddle 

Bbech Woods, Warren, Pa, Ansel Franklin 

Beechy Mire, ZThibn, la.: Elijah Van Zandt 

Bbe Cnek, Bled$oe, Tenn.George Alexander Moyers 

RMhlre, Cltalon, Mq... William J. Smith 

BMkman, Dutchess, N. Y Jonathan Sweet 

Biekmaa*s BIiUs, Somertet, N. J .Charles Corle 

B^kmantown, Clinton, N. Y JPhllip B. Roberts 

Bteler*8 Station, MarshaU, T# James Prltcbett 

BbemerrilleujSiMi^ N.J .Gabriel L. Dunning 

B^e Ridge, .foioa!, Mo Sylrwit^r Shults. 

Beesley's Point. Ctepe Mn/f N. J. Joseph D. Chatten 

Bfce Spring JEamonson, Ky. .Fredmck Meredith 

Baetown, &ran^ WIa. ...« Frank Ban* 

Wi Tree, Kershaw, 8. C. :..Wimfa L. Pickeitt 

Bel Air, (a h.) Harf&rd, Md...Nicholas B. Holland 

Belair, (e. h.) Lamoouter, 8. G Charles P. Brans 

Belair, BU^mond, Ga Wllliani P. Crawford 

Belcher, Washington, N. Y Andrew T. Crawford 

Beleheitown, HammiMre, Mass P. S. Brldgmaa 

Belden, McHenrgi Ul Stiles SUlimaa 

Beldon, Wdbaih, la. A.M.KennedT 

Belflkst, NcrthamvUM, V% John K. ]?atrlck 

BelftuBt, Waldo, Me. Joseph S. Noyea 

Belftvt, AOegemy, N. Y Alfred R. Hopper 

Belftst> CUrmoni, Ohio ^ James S. Johnson 

Belftat, Marskiai, Tenn Robert Williams 

Bel&st, aaUne, Ark J. W. Dawdr 

Belftst Mills, AmseB, Ya Charles H. Mitchell 

Belfotd, Nath, N. G. W. D. Harrison 

Belgrade^ Kewnebeck, Me Frederick Spencer 

Belgrade MiQs. Kimnebeck, Me George H. Foster 

Bell, Bighland, Ohio William Calrert 

Bell Air, Crawford, 111 James M. Barlow 

Bell Air, Cooper, Mo W. W. Norrit 

Bell Air, Btmont, Ohio John S. Anderson 

Bellasylra, Wi/omtng, Pa. CharleB Sehrage ' 

Bellbrook, O^eoie, 0. Silas H^e 

Bellbuckle, Bedford, Tenn William J. Peacock 

Belle Air, Clay^ la John S. Bayles 

Belle Centre, Zogan, Ohio.. Ss;muel Dennis* 

Belleftdr MiliSj Sbifford,y%. John Clark 

Bellefontalne, Choctaw, Miss .William McCombS 

Bellefontaine, Logan, Ohio William V. Marquis 

Bellefonte, (c. h.) Jatkeon, Ala... William. J. Greene 

Bellefbnte, Ladede, Mo. Andy S. Hudson 

Bellefonte, Centre, Pa* William Cook 

Befllefbuntain, Oolumbiai Wis John H. Bonney 

Bellefountain, Mahaska, Iowa.....Daniel W. Connsil 
Belle Haren, Accomack, Ya.. Joshua B. Humphreys 

Belle Isle, Onondaga, N. Y Henry G. White 

Bellemonte, Laneagter,^ Samuel Splndler 

Bellemonte, St. Louis, Mo.... Robert A. Walton 

Belle Ombre, BaUard, Ky Martha A. Thompson 

Belle Plaine, ScoU, Minn Edward P. Berray 

Belle Point, Boone, Iowa Joseph Cadwallader 

Belle Point, Delaware, Ohio.. James Liggett 

Belle Rirer, St. Clair, Mich Pierce G. Wright 

Belle Vernon, Wyandatt, Ohio...Eskl. Ekleberry, jr. 

Belle Vernon, Fayette, Pa Robert Boyle 

Belleriew, TaXbot, Ga. James Barr 

Belleriew, Rusk, Texas James D. Sessum 

Belleriew, CaJhmm,V\.: Henry G. Hart 

Belleriew, Christian, Ky William J. Lander 

Belleriew, (c. h.) Jaonier,La L. Rathbum 

BelleriUe, Qmecuh, AlaJ William W. Strange 

BelleriUe, Hendricks, la Clayton T. Swindler 

Bellerille, (c.h.) St. CUdr, III Champness Ball 

BelleriUe, Wayne, Mich.. John Boy oe 

Bellerille, Essex, N. J George W. Perry 

Bellerille, Jefferson, N. Y Daniel H. Chapman 

Bellerille, BtcKUmd, Ohio El^ah Clark 

Bellerille, MtJfUn, Pa. Henry S. McNabb 

Bellerille, Jtoane^Tencm Joseph Kimhrough 

Bellerille, TfbocI,Ta; Mounoe. B. Pennybacker 

BelleriUe, FiUTnore, Minn .Wilson BeU 

BelleriUe, 2)an«, Wis. J. S. Sylrester 

Bellerue, Huron, Ohio Amos Woodward 

Bellerue, Eatmi, Mich...;.;.... WiUlam M. Grant 

BeUerue, Jackson, Iowa William T. Wrnkoof 

BeUerne, Douglass, Nebr:; Daniel Ei Reed 

BeUfame, TaxeweO^ Bl Cyrus B. Chase 

Belilngham, Norfolk, Micss. J^Ueqr Thayer 

Bellmore^ Pxrke,JA. : George G. Snow 

BeU Mount, Somerset, Md WHUam H. Roaek 

BeUows FaUs, WlmOum, Yt WlUiam P* Barker 

Bell Plain, HarihxOl, 111 Robert S. Hester 

Bell Point, GW«, Ya... James Adair 

Bellport, SUiffoOe, N. Y... William Raynor 

Bell Prairie, BihUm, Mta. Ter..". Frederick Arer 

BeU Prairie, Lewis, Mo.:...: BUtJah Haydon 

BeUsbnrgh, Diektqn, Tenn John J. Hlnton 

Bell's Cross Roadi^ Louita, Ya...Andrew J. Perkins 

Bell's Landing. Monroe, Ala. WUUam W. Hunt 

Bell's Mines, Crittendm, Ky James W. Ralph 

Bell's Store, IbiriUH, 8. C...., James Lemmon 

Bell's VtU^, RaXbridge, Va William ^. BeU 

Bellton, MdrshaU, Ya J. L. Earnest 

Belltown, Monroe, Tenn 8. M. Henderson 

B«llrale» Ormg^ N. Y.... ;..Angnataa J. Burt 




BellTilla, J2m«UoM,PU......»........AJa«i O, Johnsom 

B^tUIb, <c. lew) ^tK^7^ T«xa8...BM^|Miiiii GnnrUle 

B«hiioirt» StumAtr, AUm..,^.« Jmam W. Hvp«r 

fieURfmty OoMt/brd; Ark... Hogk B.7ml«r 

Belmont, <%fi«i2ea^ Texu^....... .M. H. BmUj 

Belnumt, WW^ M«.>.... «ChttlMS. WomeU 

Belmont, JpanolayMiM David Butts 

Belmont, Bdmmi^ Ohia«.........,.H»bl<m T. Vaweett 

Belmont, Newberry, S. a« A.^. LonniMMre 

Belmont, Jbyette, Tenn.... ^...WilUam a»t«i 

Belmont, Xoudon, y«.^..o ...WlUtam O. Wlleon 

Belmont, Scm FrancUto, CiJ^...^.Mue«fl FtaafaDer 
Brimppt, i|id(S0«»;, MMt.*;..»...Johsi L. AlesA&der 

Belmont, BuOiU^ Ky.... .Willtein BftttarMn 

Beloit, jBocfc, Wle^ .JLllen Warden 

Belpre^ Wiuhiniftm, Ohio JBbtneier Benediet 

BeU(Mi,.4fi48rioim 3. 0.^...... .Jonnthan B. Lewlt 

Beltoa, B^ Ve«gi..„, JT. A. Supple 

Betterille, i^?Mce George%V,d..,^ UohnSlmmi 

BelTlde^^ S9oru^ HI John Saxton 

BalVUtee, (e. h.) Worren, N. J.. ..Adam B. Searlee 

BelTtdece, Agtghanjft^, T B. Lj<» Sbayi 

Belvidere, XomoOZe, Vt Charles B. Weaten 

Belaora. Smith. Texas Badfbcd Berrf 

Bern, (Greene, Wis...........^,,«^ ...WflUam Cook 


Berann'a Groes BoMli» Sampton, N. C. 

W. Drsnghon 
B«mi8' Qieekj OamMot Pa....,.......Joseph Qiafaam 

Bemns' Helfhts, JSkmOogOf N. T..... *B«n>7 Lent 

Benbrook'8 Mills, .&ard> Ark. Henry Benbrook 

BednrfleriUa, AOamtt Pa...,......;. Wm. Oreideer 

Benedkt, Chmrkty Md..,^...»....Xhoina8 J. Stetract 
BeBeTola» WoMniBifm, MdJ^Oftafehan Neireomir, jr 

BeneTolexuM^ lUindo^ph, Ga .John SL ffentress 

Benenk SU^ Pa WlUiain A. Bly 

Benfbrdr Store, SfmerMOy Pa. .Joslah Suyder 

Ben Franklii^, ZasMT, Texas...*..llark A. Niderer 

Bengal, GUnton, Mich Cortland HiU 

Bengal^ BuOock^ Qa ^ Thomas Nerll 

Benhaden, WahiUa, Jf\tu John H. Rhodes 

Beuida, Solano^ CiJ . *... .T. T.Hooptt 

Benaetf s Oomeca, Madiwh N. Y Micah Foster 

Beanettsbursh. J^mJdtit, M. T............Ca]ad Keep 

Bennett's Conwra, /odcion, Mioh.Chrindal Beyndds 

Bennett's Creek,. SKeuien, N. Y .John Coetou 

Bennett's Qroas Boads, OcmptiM, N. C...B. F. Allen 
Bennett's Vetxj^Jackaon, Tentt.Wilson T..McQiHgan 
Bennettfa MilK Z;stsu, Ta.......Willfalu Bennett, Jr 

Bennett's BlTsr, FuUaity Ark William 8. Jones 

BennettsflUe, », Clair^ Aln. WW H. Benson 

BennettSTille, Chenango^ N. Y.„.. J>avid Yan Home 
Bennettarikle, Maribcroughf S. C...Ale£ Sutherland 

BennettsTiUe, Olorkt la .Jaoeb Frsneh 

B«nnettsTlUe,^(Ui£od(;, Ky...... James H. Mneirman 

Bennington, ffiOsborougk, N. H.Geo. A. Whittemon 

Bennington, Jixrum, lowa..^ BiraH. Baker 

Bennington, Wyoming^ H, Y..Ghaunoey L. Hayden 

Bennington, SfHawoise^, Mioh Lemoel Ga«ae 

Benniogton, ifornno, Ohio George N. Clark 

Bennington, amUerloMd, la Hngh-R. Hale 

Bennington, JSeiutinyton, Yt........JTruman Huling 

Bennington Oentre,itenn»fi0!fon,Yt Alfred Bobinson 

Benson, MandUMh N. Y.^ Leonaid Anibal 

Benson, SuOasul, Yt a Biggins 

Benson, Franldiu, Ky. ^ A. JL Booky 

Benson CsnUre, HdmtUan, N. Y .King H. Hall 

Benson Landt&g,.J2uaa»tf,Yt P.O.Ladd 

Benson's Mills» Pkkttu, S. C .WilHam Olirer 

Bent Creek, ^npomottoas Ya. WBson Hix 

BentirogUoL Albemaarle, va Lyman Bumhsm 

Benttey, JHefunt^ N. Y Margaret S. Cole 

Beatley's Comers, Jfeffenm^ N. Y Otis WUlard 

BentleyTiUe^ fRuM^lon, Pa — Jdark Mitchell, Jr 

Benay Cnek^ jBra^/^ti, Pa Beqj. F. Bosk 

Bent Mpunintn', Boaauke, Ya .Thomas Baldwin 

Benton, ZotondUy Ala..... James Braier 

Bentott, (e, lL,yjSbime, Ark Herman Levi 

Beaton, JSIkhaH, la... Henry Bartholomeir 

Benton, /o. h.) FrcmkUHt HI. — Jfohn Q. Goeisman 

Benton, (c h.) JforsAoO, Ky .James T. Clark 

Benton, JTosoe, Miss... Jilbert Johnston 

Beaton, fV&sUnuMo, Mich... Chester Parsons 

Benton, (e. h.) Ajott, Mo F. O. AHen 

Benton, QrafUm, N.H... Amos Whitoher 

Benton, TatOt N. Y...^........ Jkdrn L. Lewitf 

Benton, HoUmt*, Ohio HosaekBeed 

Benton, QdUmMgit Pa....»............Baniel Hartmaa 

Benton, BaXh, TeDA.<«....» .WiUiau B. Beynoldl 

Benton, Za/«ys(fe, Wia.,..» William Haanan 

Benton, Ktnnihegk^ Me..«....Andrew H. Riohardson 

Benton, Harriaon, Tax.*........ .B. H. Martia 

Benton, BmUmt M|nn,...«.... JUonae Byingtoa 

Benton Centre, Fates, N. Y Jfyron OoM 

Benton City, An^ioo,. losra Wm. C. Stanbery 

Benton Ridge, Himoodc Ohfc).. PhiUp BeJlard 

Bfnton's Ferry, Mairimt Ya. Sanferd B. HaU 

Benton's Port, Van JSurm, Iowa...Robert Creeswell 
BentonsTiUe, Johntot^ 19. C......BaTid H. BrUgen 

BeatonnUa, Jtayette, la. Albert OorUeyon 

BentonTiUe» A^amty Ohio .....JL!8. BrownHeM 

BentonTWe, Warrm, Ya. Lewis A. Smith 

BentoBTills, Benton* Ark... W. L. Featherstoa 

Benyenn0» Dat^in, Pa Josep^ Sttith 

Benwood,.ifor<Aaa, Ya........... Smith HoUowm' 

Benphiger, JEZfc, Pa^..... George Weis 

Bersa, vrtmtniBe, 19. C..^ R. S. Wood 

Berea, Oi/t/ahoga^ Ohiou .George W. Whitney 

Bearsar, Jfadiion, Ky..^ William B. Wright 

Bergen, 6(M«see, N. t..^. — .. ;Horaoe S. Greett 

Beigwi Iron Works, Oeeon, N. J JToseph H. YaahiM 
Bergen Polnt» JBtadion, 19. J...t........lB. L. Zabrlskli 

Bergfli's Store, i^CCtiyleattfta, Ya.... ...Samuel Berger 

Bergholts, NUigtm^'Si, Y^ John 8y 

Berkeley flbNrtngs, Morffon, Ya..... Jkndrev J. Crone 

Berkley, Ato^iMnvAla. .John H. Norment 

BerkslUre, BerktMre^ Mass... ...Stephen T. Whipple 

Berkriiiie^ Xmt, Ul. Philander A. Huzl^ 

Berkshije, iTVyo, N. Y... .George WUliamt 

Berkuhire, DdavKtrt^ Ohio James P. Crawfbrd 

Berkshire, Gtoinnet, Ga. William J. Nash 

Berkshire, JFranklnu Yt JPhilasider Ledd 

Berkshire Yalley, Morrit, N.J. EUeier Lamsoa 

Berlin, QUiUon, la....... Dickey Shepherd 

Berlin, ffartfordy Conn Henry N. Galpia 

Berlin, MurftutU, Wis..... Chauneey Yedder 

Berlin, iSsn^mon, 111 .......Thomas Pollock 

Berlin, Worcester, Md. JTames Bnttini^nl 

Bedini|li^roe<eer, Maes RuAis S. Hastings 

Berlin, Ooos, N. H Oreenlief Coffin 

Berlin, Benudaer^fl.Y Rowland Thomas 

BerUn, OOnui, Ohio. Philip Ley 

Berlin, Smer;»et, Pa........... Charles Krissingtfi 

Berlin, Maeteball, Tenn. Jamee M. Boren 

Berlin, aauffuxmpkfn, Ya. Milton D. Bntlet 

Berlin, WuhinSon, Yt .'. Mosss Strong 

Berlin,. 0<&MeNi,Mloh Samuel L. Bigelov 

BerUn Centre, BuxeaUyVX Solon P. Bingham 

Berlin Centre, J6iAon»n^,:Ohlo.... J)aTid Routaaini 

BerUn Cross Roads, Jmtektmy Ohio .Jos. Minks 

Berlin FaUs, Cbei, N. H .Jones D. Homea 

Berlin Heights, .&ie, Ohio; EH P. HID 

BerlinSTille, Nwfhatmption, Pa Abraham Gish 

BerttnTille, Erit, Ohk> Joseph B. Otis 

Bermudian, ^Idams, Pa Henry B. Smith 

Bemadotte»F«2ton,m John M. Lewis 

Bemardstown, FrankUnj Mass...Baalel W. Temple 

Berne, ASban^, N. Y .William RelnhaH 

Beme^ Mimroe, Ohia....... .Bei^amin F. Pena 

Bemhard's Bay, Oewego, N. Y Atmon IHckinsbn 

BemTllle, BeHee, Pa Jno. Yeagetf 

Berrien, Cherokety Ga Henry Carrel 

Berrien Spring, (c h.) Berrieny Micb...Adam SnuOI 

Berry, Ztone, Wis....:..*... Charles HinriolEa 

Becrysbnrgh, DaiuMn, Pa^ Henry C. ^shlev 

BeirylB F^i^, LUnngebM, Ky Uriah G. Berry 

Berry's Ferry, Clark, Ya. John L. Lindse^ 

Bexvy's Lfok, Bu&er, Ky.. Benjamin Portsc 

Berry's Mill, UrUxm, Kj ......Daniel S. Benry 

BerrysTlle, Knox, la Andrew Berry 

BeriTsvllle, fitJ^pMaiid, 0. Bnos West 

Berryton, Ocus, 111. .Jesse Crews 

Benytown, Kent, ThU ^.Edward D. Mlleham 

Berzyville, OaarroO, Ark Isaac Plnmbe 

BernrTiHe, Cflark, Ya Christian Bowser 

Bflssheba, ffenry, Ga. William H. Spier 

Bersheba Springs, Onmdp, Tenn....Chas. W. Reee 

Bsvtrand, Berrien, Mfoh. Daniel 0. Hlgbee 

Bertrand Pnirie, Wmn, La. Thomas Harrey 

Berwick, Tl^rrm,IU. j John B.Porter 




Berwick, Seneecu (Hilo Joseph Sattor 

e«rwick, (MumMo, Ps. loaUb Babi 

Berwick, St. Mary% La Jtmes R. Daly 

Benella, Cbiimftto, Ga .Henrr D. Leitner 

Bethalto, Maditon, 111.., WilMam Tryon 

Bethanla, Fhrgyth, N.C Eugene G. Lehman 

Bethany, New SaveUf Conn Nathan Clark 

Bethany, Panola, Texas Joshua Oherry 

Bethany, Oenetetj N. T Oarloti A. Hugglns 

Bethany, Sutler, Ohio...: Peter Williamson 

Batfaany, (n. h.) Wayne, Pa. Robt D. Laneaster 

Bethany, Broe^ Ta, Alexander Campbell 

Bethany, (c h.; Harriton, Mo....Thomton H. Tern- 
pieman ' 

Bethany, Parke. la. John W. McCampbell 

BeCheny, Fork, S. C ./William MoOill, jr 

Bethany Church, IredeU, N. C....WiUtam A. Dunlap 

Bethel, TFiJcoas, Ala Silas C. Dumas 

Bethel, OUes, Tenn Joseph S.Gentry 

Bethel, ItxhJMd, Conn Eli SwBamum 

Bethel, Glyn»hQ»' » Jo^n M.Tisen 

Bethel, Morgan, 111... .'...«..»....« A J. Thompson 

Bethel, Bath. Ky William R. Hope 

Bethel, Oxford, Me Richard A. Prye 

Bethel, Sheilby, Mo Henry Pinck 

Bethel, Wayne, la... ....Richard Henderson 

Bethel, SuUivan, N. T George O. Fraser 

Bethel, CUrmont, Ohio Thomas J. Morris 

Bethel, Btrks, Fh Frederick Harner 

Bethel, Forfc, S.C 8. L» Campbell 

Bethel, Windmr, Tt .;Jaoob Smith 

Bethel, Mercer, Va. Bl^ahBaUey 

Bethel, And^snn, Texas. Charles Oillmore 

Bftheffda, WiUSaim»on, Tmiu.. "Hiomas Banks 

Bethesda, Belmumt, Ohio.. M. S. Burr 

Bethlehem, Litehjtdd, Conn H. W. Peck 

Bethlehem, Henry, Ky... J. S. Hall 

Bethlehem, Clark, la John T. Baker 

Bethlehem, Grafton, N. H Nelson C. Parr 

Betheleliem, Himterdon, N. J Joseph Cornish 

Bethelehem, Marshall, Miss. Harris Jemlgan 

Bethelehem, Chambers, Ala.Green berry Oranberry 

Sethelehem, Nwthampton, Pa.... William P. Miller 
ethelehem, Waynt, Iowa Samuel T. Kirk 

Bethelehem Centre, Albany, N. T William N. 


Bettsville. Sentca, Ohio James Lewis 

Benlah, Johnson. N. C ...Stephen BagW 

Beulah, Benton, Iowa. Lc^al P. North 

Beyans, Smsex, N. J... Robert Stoli 

Beverly, AdoMS, HI JTohn B. Robertson 

Bererly, Dan^, Wis.. William H. Clark 

Beverly, BurUngton, N. J .Charles C. MoBlrov 

Bererly, ^«e«. Mass : Joseph D. Tuck 

Beverly, Washington, Ohio John Keyhoe 

Beverly, (c. h.) Randolph, Ya John Birekett 

Beverly, Christian, Ky John J. Caldwell 

Beverly PiLrms, Essex, Mass Joelah Obear 

Bevi]port,^7'cu!per, Texas Randolph C. Doom 

Bevis* Tavern. HamOUm, Ohio. Jesse Bevis 

Bewleyville, Bnckenridge, Ky„ William Bewley 

Bexar, Marion, Ala Lemuel B. Truelove 

Bible Qrove, Clay, 111 Wm. MoOracken 

Bickley's MUls, RusseU, Ya JohnBiddey 

Biddeford, York, Me.~ Jonathan Tudk 

BidwelVs Bar, Butte, Cal ...John W. Ollkeyson 

Big Bar, TrinUy. Cal William Coddington 

Big Barren, Claibome, Tenn Drewnr Laffoon 

Big Beaver. Oakland, Mteh. .....Ira Smith 

Big Bend, OUmer, Ya Robert Bennett 

Big B€id. Polk, Ark......^ WiUiam Butler 

Big Bend, Venango, Pa James P. Riddle 

Big Bend, Waukesha, Wis — Leonard Martin 

Big Bend, AwnttHUs, La B. W. Kimball 

Big Bottom, Independence, Azk YTharton R. 


Big Brook. Oneida, N. T Chauncey Hayden 

Bigby Fork, Mrnvroe, Miss Alfred Roberts 

Bigbyville, Maury, Tenn John W. Witherspoon 

Big Cane, 8t. Landry, La » Isaac R. Jackson 

Big Cedar, Jackson, Mo....> ..».....?. J. 9. Lea 

Big Clear Crnek, Greeen Brier, Ya...A. H. McClung 

Big Cole, Boone. Ya. Augustus Park 

Bii( Creek, PhMps, Ark Bailey Kendall 

Big Creek, FoH Bend, TeiEas. .GeoifeB. PUant 

Big Creek, fbrsyth, Oa....Matthew B. Cunningham 

Big Creek, Eajrides, La C. A. Hooper 

Big Creek, Johnson, Mo.. Coleman P. Chamblin 

BigCreek, SMees, N. C Louis B. Banner 

Big Creek, Calhoun, Miss. ...Joshua T. Wooten 

Big Creek, Shelby, Tenn.... Allen 8. Wynne 

Big Creek, Bdgefield, S. C Charles Nickorson 

Big Creek, Dali, Ala.. Esekiel Watford 

Big Creek, Uteubm, N. Y» Daniel Y. Retid 

Bigelow's Mills, La Porte, la. W. H. Metealf 

Big Falls, Orange, N.C........; .John A. Murray 

Big Flat. Searcy, Ark William T. Cvpert 

Big Flatta, Chemung, N. Y Nelnon Hotchklss 

Big Foot Prairie, Walworth, Wis...Elbridge C. Ayer 

Big Fork, Montgomery, Ark Thomas J. Bates 

BigGlades. RmstU, Ya...... Daniel Ramej 

Big Hill, Mtdison, Ky William W. Smith 

Big Hollow, Greene, N. Y John B. Fi-h 

Big Island, iftivion, Ohio.... William W\ He 

Big Island, Bed/ord, Ya. John P. Bonduvant 

Big Laur4*l, Madison, N. C Stephen Waller 

Bigler, Adams, Pa. Henry Koser 

Big Lick, Roanoke, Ya. Armstead Neal 

Big Lick, Hancock, Ohio Andrew Moore 

Big Meadow. Grayson, Ya. John C. Greear 

Big Mills, Dorchester, Md George W. Percy 

Big Mound. Xee, Iowa. ...Marcus Gill 

Big Neck. Adams, Ill». .James Shannon 

Big Oak, Kemper, Miss Ell T. Gibson 

Big Oak Plat, TtuHumne. Cal Joseph W. Butler 

Big Patsiliga, BuO&r, Ala. John F. Nixon 

Big^ Plain, Madison. Ohio.. John Florence 

Big Pond, Fayette, Ala. David Loftis 

Big Prairie, Wayne, Ohio.. Lorenso D. Odell 

Big Prairie, Logan, 111 ....Norman Sumner 

Big Prafarie, Newaygo, Mkh EphraJm H. Uiley 

Big Ready, Edmonson, Ky... jTohn H. Woosley 

Big River Mills, St. Francois, Mo William Got 

Big Rock, Soott, Iowa Peter Goddard 

Big Rock, Kane. Ill Joshua H. Rhodes 

Bick Rock, Stewart, Tenn William Stone 

Bf . Tl ., k. Tuz^^weU, Ya S. W. White 

Blu i^iiij, Jqhfian, Pfc....*,. James U. Gillespie 

Bl j: i^kir] Creek, Xeiois. Va.,. .John W. Ramnky 

BlfT ?^( ring, Thhtmin^o, Miss T. F. Parker 

Bi^,' .'^l>ring. Imrd Arfc.. Henry F. Bone 

Bin ."^prmg, MarghaU., AU..„ Isaac Whorton 

Bl^ J'prmji, BrarleHTidgr, Ky„..William WIseh«>art 

Big Spritii^, Ou:mhfnriiimi, Pa.. Joseph Hood 

Bltf l^prJnjf^ Mfmtfffjmery, Mo.. ..Charles Neidergerke 

BiL' f^prtng, Ottrwfl, Mfch... IraC. H. Scott 

BIk ^prlag, WU^on, Tsnn..... Baker W. Harris 

Bli; i^prlng, SAfibif. IIL....... John Spain 

Bii^ ."^prltis;, lImftt?(tofL, N. » James Raby 

B^w: Spring, Afiamn. Wli *. Lyounnis Best 

Bijz Sprider*, La I^rff^ U„.., Oirin Rose 

Big fitrt^am I'olnt, Vciiat. N, Y EMTownsend 

Bl!r l^', n.-hnr\f.'Ji?!. N. HsynesLennou 

B.J. T; . ■ H 7 \ Y^ .JamesCraig 

Bill: Ti-.... , I.. .-'i..-^ Thomas Wolverton 

Big Yalley, Monroe, Wis..^ Moses Herrick 

Big Wauboo, Hall, Ga James R. P. Luck 

Big Woods, Dtt Page, 111 John Wame 

Billerica, Middlesex, Mass Wm. H. Blanchard 

Billingsly, Washington, Ark Hiram H. Barrow 

Billingsvllle, Union, la..... Wm. Yansceyoe 

Biloxi, Harrison, Miss Archibald Clark 

Biloxi, Newton, Tex .William C. Wethered 

BiUum's Creek, Tyler, Tex .Wm. L. Matan 

Bingham, Somersd, Me ..^eotjamin Smith, 2d 

Bingham, Patter, Pa. Jamee B. Jones 

Binghamtoo, Broome, N. T .Yirgll Whitney 

BInkley's Bridge, Lancaster, Pa...Thomp. Brubaker 

Binson Centre, HamHton, N. Y .King H. Hail 

Birchardville, Susquehannah, Pa.John S. Bircbard 

Bhrcbettsvllle. Cleveland, N. C... Drury Birchett 

Birch Island, Clinton, Pa J. 0. Loraine 

Birch River, Nicholas, Ya. Davkl Frame, Jr 

Bfarch Run, Saginaw, Mich ...Proctor Williams 

' Birchtown, Braxton, Ya.. Samuel Fox 

Birch Wood, Hamilton, Tenn .Seth J. Walker 

Bird, mUtdale, Mich Wm.Oay 

Birdsall, Allegany, N. Y..Yan Rensselaer..S. Havens 

Birdsboro, Berks, Pa.....^ »Henry M. Lee 

Bird*! Run, Guernsey, 01iio.......Wm. M. Miskimina 




BlrdSTflle, Burke, Oa Joseph B. Jodob 

BtrdsTiUe, Tarrant, Tex Wm. Qiiavls 

lllrdiiTill<», MUtUHppi. Mo George W. Kennck 

Birmiiigliam, ManluaL, Kj^ Laban S. Locker 

BlnDingbam, Botitotac, Miss 3eDJ. Loughridge 

Birmingham, SbhWylet, II] DaTid McCreery 

Bfarmlogham, Van Buren^ Towa.M.Qeorge P. Martio 

Bfnnlngham, On/rtond, MIcb* Orrin Poppletooj 

BInnlngham, JSH^ Otalo.^ A. H. Smith 

Birmlnghain, Hurttimffdon, Pa. James Thomson 

Bishop Hill, Benry, 111 JohnEricson 

BishopvJlle, SuMUt, S. C. « Charles Spencer 

Bi8fer«, Gecuiffa, Ohio .VlUiam Qarpham 

Blstenenu, Bostier, LaV. Simon W. Doyle 

Birlngsville, Spmiettibui^gh, 8. C £. G. Leltner 

BlachiysTille, Waifne, Oliio .Jesse Crnll 

Blackberry, Kai/tey 111 ,., Joel Fish 

Blackberry Station, Kane, in...Newton S.Pomeroy 

Black Bird, New QigtU. Del Wm. M. Johnson 

Black Brook, CHnUm,V. Tl....„., John Rogers 

Black dreek. Striven, Qe^,.,^^ Moses N, MeCall 

Black Creek, Liueme, Pa Amos Rittenhouse 

Black Creek, 5UUivan,Ia.. .....Jackson HinUe 

Black Creek, ffdlm£i,Ohio Henry W.SIII 

Black Creek, AUegany, N. Y Thomas Oaroenter 

Bladk Creek, Whyne, N. C, .....Bunyan Barnes 

Black Earth- Dane,Wla ^ Royal A. Pierce 

Black Fsce, Nbtmbap, Ya «. Reps ConnaUey 

Blackford, ffancodc, Ey Plus M. Montgomergr 

Black Hawk, Ibnd du Xac, WisJElafus M. Uar.woed 

Black Hawk, OarroU, Miss ..James A. Lundy 

Black Hawk, Knnx, Iowa ....Manuel £. Mallo 

mack Hawk, Bea^eT", Pa 1.. Henry Briggs 

Black Hawk. Nichaku, Ky., ...Henry Y. Myers 

Black Hawk Point, OmcfHiia, La......Joshua Johns 

Black Hech, OioMrfiOd, Ya Hiram P. Moody 

Black HQl, Kaufman, Texas Wil«y T. Bams 

• Black Jack, De Soto, La Robert Hall 

Black Jatk, Latorence, 111 William E. Robinson 

Black Jack, RdberUon, XBnn....WflIiAm S. Shnmons 

Black Jack. Scctt, Ark........... Stephen Graves 

Black Jack Grove, Hnplcint, Tex.. '.J. D. Cole 

Black Jack Yalley, SparUnnigwrOy S. C^..E. Bearden 

Black Lake, St. Lawrence, TH. Y. Peter Bellinger 

Black Land, Tifhemingo, Mi8a...^.Lather W. Rudus 

Black Lick, Indiana, Pa «, .\N. P. Turner 

Black Lick, ^anX-h'n, Ohio ..Thomas MoCoUum 

Black Mingo, WOUarMhurgh, S. CStephen Britton 

Black Mountain, MeDowtOy N. C EUsha C. Ne^ 

Black Oak, CharVetton^B. C Arnold J. Haxvey 

Black Oak, Wayne, HI „ D. M. Williams 

Black Oak, fft^ns, Tex... P. H. CampbeU 

Bteidc Oak Grove, Hardeman, Tenn G. F. Smith 

Black Oak Point, Hickory, Mo..Rfehard I. Robertson 
Black RiTcr, JefTenon, N. T....George W. Haselton 

Black River, Lorain, OhUk Mark 2, Lampman 

Black River, Sumter, S. C... R. £. McFaddin 

Black River Chapel,iVew Bdr^wer, N.G J. M. Corbett 

Black River Falls, Jackson, Wis E. 8. Crossett 

Black Rock, Erie, N.T George Johnson 

Black Rock, BappoTumnock, Ya....Jame8 H. Myers 

Black Rock, Baltimdre, M4 Benj. Gorsuoh 

Black Rock, Fairfield, Conn Alanson Allen 

Black Rock, Brunstoick, N. C M. C. Turrentine 

Black Rock Dam, 2We, N. T, Henry A. Bennett 

Blacks A Whites, Nottoway, Ya..l4»nida8 A. Hawkes 

Black's Bluff, WUcox, Ala James A. Tait 

BlacksbuTgh, Montgomery, Ya....Gharles H. Smith 

Bl^kshire*8, Ifan'ofi, Ya Elias Blacksbire 

Black Spring, .BStx2(fwm,Ga Samuel G. Chandler 

Blackstone, TVbrcester, Mass ^Darius Bennett 

Black Swamp, SandtuJcy, Ohio Samuel Ritter 

BUckavIIle, MonortgdUa, Ya.^Nathaniel P. Keigley 

BlackTillc, BamwOL 8. C : -.Xoblaa £. Still 

Black Walnut, Halifax, Ya .John M. Owen 

Black Water, Kemper, Miss Joel McWilliams 

Black Water, l^usex, Del .^....james Turner 

Black Water, Morgan, Ky 1.... Archibald Day 

Black Wafer, Sataex, Ya. * John H. Ellis 

Blackwell, Oa^vfdl, N. C ..^..Gnrard J. Parish 

.Black Wolf, Winnebago, WlB, ^..Warren Morley 

Blackwood town, Qimden, N. J J. H. DufBeld 

Bladen Creek, Stewart, Geo .'...« Lewis Lte 

Bladensburgb, Prince George^s Md...Cha8. L. Gault 
Bladensborgh, Knox, Qhia .John ^anna 

Bladep Springs, Choctaw, Ala...Hen»y W. SUfford 

Blain, Jirry, Pa John Stockton 

Blaine, Xatorence, Ky Samuel Sparks 

Blain's Cross Roads, <9r(ttn9er,Tenn..Snm'l Shields 

Blairetown, Tl^rrisn, K. J Henrv Spaioe 

BlairsTille, (ch.) Vnion, Ga.* Wm. B. Ellington 

BlairsviUe, Posey, la.... John B. Gardiner 

Blairsvilla, IndMLna^ Pa Wilson Knott 

BlairsviUe, Fork, & C WUliam Croabj 

Blakeley, Luzerne, Pa Lnvi LillibridgB 

Blakely, (e. h.) Baid%oin, Ala... James H. Sranmvres 

Blakely,.£;iHy, Ga. William J. Ch*>shira 

Blakdy, Stokes, N.C William Withew 

BlakesbujE^, WapeUo, Iowa.......Samu«'l H. Biitchar 

Blanc Puitan, Ohio Ruben Mason 

Blanchard, Piacaiaquis, Me..., Cyrus A. Packard 

Blanchard Bridge. Hancock, Ohib...Aquilla Gilbert 

Blanche, L^ayeUe^ Mo........... James R. Dillafd 

Blanohester, vUrUim, Ohio...u...., Samuel Baldwin 

Blaadinsvill^, McDon&ugh, Vl ..Delavin Maxtin 

Blandia, SaHne, Ark. .^.^.^..Stephen Chennault 

.BlandviUe^c. n.) BaUard, Kj.^ .Osbom Belt 

Blanford, .Szmpaen, Mass..., David P. Robinson 

Blanket mil, Armstrong, Pa WUliam Sinclair 

Blanton's Cross Roads, Sorry, S. C J. T. Moody 

BlauTeltTillfl, Mocltand, N» T...Simon D. Dfmarest 
Blawenburgh, Somerset, N. J...OorDellaa S. Strykir 

Bledsoe, ffiohory, Mo , J. C. Montgomery 

Bledme's tending, Cfritknden. Ark T. S. CraJg 

Bleeker, PuUon. N. T. « Theroq A. Hnmlen 

Blendon, ^anHt'n, Ohio .,...< C. P. Griswold 

Bli8h*B Mills. PrdnkUn, Mo ...Langdon Caldwell 

Bliss^eld, Lenawee, Mich Joel Carpenter 

Blissville, Jdferwn, III.. Solomon Patterson 

Blivens' Mitts, McHenry^ HI Raohael Blivens 

Blockers, (hmherlan/d, N. G Ijirve Culbreth 

Blockers, Ttuoaifiosa, Ala,...» WiUiam G. Blocker 

Block Houfie. «Sbott, Ya Isaac C. Anderson 

Blocklay, Pldladdfihxa, Pa Joseph Lenta 

BlO'kviUe, ChaxdMJunU, N. T Isaac Vosburg^ 

Blod;:ett Mills, OorOandt, N. Y......John H. Tanner 

Blood's Point, Be KdJJb, 111...... John Lee 

Bloody Run, Bedford, Pann.»....James B. Farquhar 

Bloom, Cook, III Robert Wallaqe 

Bloopi, Rush, la. .« George Hittle 

Bloom, Wood, Ohio John Weaver 

Bloom Centre, Logan, Ohio, Edwin Pralt 

Bloomer, Sebastian, Ark A .J. Brooks 

Bloomery, J5<imp<Atre, Ya WUliam SummerviUe 

Bloomfield, Hariford, Conn...H«nry Whitmore. jr. 

Bloomfiald, (c. hi) Greens, la. WUliam K. Routt 

Bloomfield, Sigar, HI J)aTid BaU«y 

Bloomfield, (c. h.) Daxit, Iowa Abmm Weaver 

Bloomfield, NdsfM, Kv...~. WiUiam R. Finley 

Bloomfieldl, Somerset, Me Joseph Locke 

Bloomfield, Stoddard, Mo. 4 Reuben P. Owen 

Bloomfield, J&M«, N.J ^.^ Jacob C. Ward 

Bloomfield, Morrow, Ohio Robert Patton 

Bloomfield, Crawford, Penn ......Chelous Edson 

Bloomfield, Loudon, Ya. WiUiam H. GiU 

Bloomfield, £sKex, Yt Samuel N. SUver 

Bloomfield, Walworth, Wis..... Xi. W. Head 

Bloomingburgh, Suttivan, N. Y...Thoma8 Stevenson 

Bloomingburgb, Jhj/e^ Ohio, W. R. Southward 

Bloomingdale, Passaic, N. J WiUiam G. Smith 

Bloomingdale, Jeffersm, Ohio John B. SimeraU 

Bloomingdale. Bisex, N. T ....Edward C. Conger 

Bloomingdale, Vu Page, tU Hiram Cody 

Blooming Grove, PrankUn, la John King 

Blooming Grove, Orange, N. Y. fienry F. Breed 

Bloomingsburgh, Fulton, la. Richard Coplen 

Bloomingport, Bandclph, la.,.. ...Simeon Adamson 

Bloomington, PdUc, Ogn......^ A. Y. MoCarty 

Bloomington, (c. h.) Monroe, la. John M. Bercy 

Bloomington, Clinton, Ohio Henry H. Bruce 

Bloomington, McLean, HI George D. McElheney 

Bloomington, Morgan, Ky» ....Elijah Williams 

Bloomington, (c' b.) Macon^ Mo...6eoi'ge A. Short- 

Bloomington, HHpton, Tenn.MWiUiam H.McQui8ton 

Bloomiiigton, Jffenw^n, Minn.. ...Joseph Dean 

Bloomington, Alleghany, ^Id James Bell 

Bloiiming Yalley. Crawford, Pa..George Roudebush 

Blo<>mingville. Brie, Ohio Andrew W. Prout 

Bloom B<^ ^rovm^ .«~Joseph Brown 




Bloomsbnrgb, CbkmbiOjTtmi ,Hill)p,P|iMiiK8t 

Bloomsbittgh, HcMfim^ Ya Atox&ndbr wiiiklixB 

B9ooni0bax7, Warreni N. J.... Jaones Osrdner 

BloomTille, Ddaware, V. T S. B. Ghftin|ricm 

BloomTffla, Kanhakeey VH ^...H^nry 8. Bloom 

Woom<ville, Smecoy Ohto. William' D«witt 

BloTOtTllle, Otm^terUmd, Pa. "mUlam Gnen 

^BIoBbuirgfa, Tioqa, Penn AlexandM H. Gaylotil 

Blosflom Hill, Princeu Annty ▼a....T. L. Ether!4ge 

BlOBtomhill, Cfaddo^ La... Isaac Hughea 

-BloMbm Pralrte, £am<ir,'Tex..Thoma8 J. IMekerson 

'Bloicrrale/Oneie&i, N. Y .^Tohn BlOBs 

Blount's Greek, Bentv^ort, N. C. I. A. Rtifl 

'Blounfs Ferry, GdbtmMa, Ha. Sblomon Bouse 

Blount Sprinar, BUmnt, Ala ;Joliu H. Hemderson 

BlountByQle, (a b.) .Blotm^, Ala..PhiIf p M. Muiijrrore 

BlountsTilie, JonUy Qa ;....Saoajford H. iPufts 

BUountsTiUe, J9isnrsr, la... Bdwln HoUM 

^lountsvUle, (e. YxCiBv^ivan^^tmrx Johtt Potrell 

Blowing Gate, JtaB0ttr, Ga. :Wm. S. Raeklej 

'Allowing Spring, JStmestone, Ala Henry Stanley 

Blue Ball, Oeeil, IjM ;Jo|in'L. Bilea 

Blue Ball, BuOery Ohio JNmM Logan 

Blue B«J1, Zancosfer, Peon .HeAry Yundt 

Blue Bell, M<mJttf(jmeit^y P^tin ..LoTi Miller 

Blue BMff, ifcC7Ieaan,.!I^z ^ohn H. Bowen 

Blue Branch, Bu/niuony Tex....,, Joe.' Jaekttm 

Blue Greek, Adaii^, Oblo... ...... .John L. Thompaon 

^ue GTe^k, ITtzfteHAofw, Ga...l ,Toung J>avi8 

^Bhie Greek, Frankbin, la .....^..Midhoel Ftlea 

(Blue Grass, iSbe^ Iowa...,, JTop. I(. Beynolda, 

'Blue <3tas8, Fmouyli, ...John Mathews: 

Blue Grass, f%n»»B*on, lU ^ofan ^^ter 

'Blue Hill, HoncodSe, Me Frederick A. Holt 

-Blue Hill, B1lKdmson,^Fex ....James O. Rice 

Blue Hill Fans, fToneoc^, Me Simeon P.Wood 

Blue House, CMfefon, S. O ........Wm. B. Rowell 

Blue Li<^, Ffafildiny Ala A. 9. Bands 

Blue Lick, OlarkyiA :Thomps<m M. Belts 

Blue Lick, AOm, Ohio Wm. PlOr 

Dlue Lidt Springy MchokUy Kj.Joslah W. Benham 

Blue Mound, 2><ine, Wis Eb^ntaer Brigham 

Blue Mountain, hardy Arfe DaTid R. Bhannon 

'Blue Flam, WaiMngkm, Tenn..;..JBennr Johnson 

Blue Pond, Ofterofeee, Ala .Bhadraeh H. Sadbuxy 

Blue Point, Wagne, HI Mltwet Bpek 

!Blue Ridge, BoMowrtt Ya USsbntusl ObenAahi 

Blue KidgCi fyatt, Tex B^tid Bard«y 

•Qlne Ri^, €K6mery 0%. JBdos. M'Lure 

-Blue Ridge, ShOSbyy la. Andrew Jarr^ 

Blue Rock,iA««fttngniiii,Ohlo..,......J^n-Hender9cm 

•nue Rock, €9i««fer, Penn;... .^Ghairles Rettew 

'Blue's Point, Orittcndeiiy Ark ;Jolm L. Barnard 

^ue SpriAg, Morgany Ala James M. St Glair 

Blue Spring, jSntyM, Ya. WilllHm Aumann 

.Blue Spring, AsMMtrtflton William S. Bibb 

»^BIue Spring GroTe, Barren, Ky... Thomas S. WsHcm 

91ue Springs, Joefenm^Mo John Murray 

B9ue Stone, TazeweUy Ya Zachariah S; Witten 

Blue Sulphur Springs, 69freendr^,Ya.-J.HJkrgabrite 

BineylUe, CfhritUany HI .J. A. Halibrd 

'Blue Wing, €hranviUe, N. C George W. Norwood 

Bluff, SatSe, Wis Prescott Brigham 

guff Greek, MUhasfaiy Iowa .Thomas Sumner 
nff Dale, ^Trsene, HI .John-RusseU 

■Bluff Point, Tatesy N. Y,«.. Ghitrles B. Moore 

Bluff Point, Jay, la Paul W. Jellieon 

Bluff Port, 8umpUri Ala Thdmas W. Sims 

Bluff Rabun, LaureiUy S. G .....John S. Woll 

Bluff Spring, Talboiy Ga .William B. Marshall 

Bluff Spring, Attakty Miss William Bartoin 

Bluff Spring, Johnmny Mo Samuel Bol^adk 

Bluff Spring, JkxUadeffay Ala Stephen P. Steed 

Bluff Springs, Oibsaiiy Tenn J^ames B. Merick 

Bluff Springs, Travit, Texiui. .William 8. SmtlSi 

<Bluffton, (c. h.) yVfiOty la....... S. G. UpUm 

Bluffton, Beauiforty B. G John G.Bulcb 

Bluffton, Tdly Ark John T. Brtt 

BluffyUle, CarrdOy HI John A. MManc . 

Blnrton, WauOuerOy Wis ~ '.T. H. Walker 

Blytheville, J<urper, Mo John G. Gox 

JtaUsburgh, Cfewfrc, Pton ....George Jack 

Boardman, Mdkonihgy Ohio ArOinr Patrick 

Boardtree, CherokUy Ga Llttlebarry Holcomb 

Boattand, IhttrttSy Tenn ISolomon Albertspn 

Boat, Oiagtyl&o:,.., ; ^ John Shiplegr 

Bedega, Sommoi <M.,: »J. M.MUIi^ 

Bode^Lam, 'fiVZe«,TMn..,.......^....^....Iiewis Cosbgr 

Body Gamp, SuMffd; Ya ,JIr$:M8i^ Robertson 

Boetia, Ifero^, Ohio ~ .^..John Bobeorfts 

Boeuff Prslrle, (0^ b.) FnmMin, La.~Thoma8 Belleir 

Bogard, VaviWy la .Josiah Lse 

'BoggsTiUe, Joefi^'Ta:.; ^...„ D. C. Heateb 

'Boggy Bbpot, CKaetaw, Atk «....G. J. Wright 

Boght, Albany, N. 7 .WnUamG. Groesbeeok 

Bagnechftta, ZtaOoir, Ala Lewis Baggett 

Bogus Run, SUncky- la.......^. James M. Tu(%er i 

Bohemia Mills, tteO, Md........ John Walstoo ! 

Bohan»'iferc«r, Ky ..James Wilson 

Bofling Springs, (hiittiberUmay Pa. Jldam M. Leidldi 
Boilston, Bendenon, N. G........ .Thomas R. Murr^ 

Boko's Or9ek,^ni^,_X)|llo.... AmosS. Davis 

■Bolands, Ibzwam^ Miss...... Joseph 0. Gresn 

Bold Springs, JTcCtennan^ Tex .JohnF. Dunn 

Boligee,,6m*ie, Ala William B. Johnston 

Bollngxiien, IS^iSiyer,- Miss..... J^v4 Anderson 

BolingtOn, 7>H^don, Ya;;....^ Daniel Roland 

Boliv^ G. B^BoUmryWm^ .Isaae S. Robinson 

Boliirar,(e.h;) fUy»ett,Ayk...JamM G. Brookfield 

Bolivar, Botiwury Mtst^....^..., ,...John Gibson 

BoHvar, (e. h.) i^O;, Mo...m. ^,lJbonnxdWm[t 

Bolivar„ ^ffllMany/N. T.... ..itferriU Gowlis 

Bolivar, JtiSAKin,'AlA '.~. J6hn B. WallaAe 

Bolivatf Tutccanatoasl Ohio... „ Henry Keete 

Bolivar, (c: h.^ Wenmumy Tonn ... Chas. H. Dorian 

BoUvBTj FreaerldeyMd .Joshua D. Eoogle 

Bolster*s MBls, OianberUmd, Me .Wyatt Turner 

Bolton, TbadvOyGt Blisha K. Wniianu 

Bolton, TfSZtMnm. HL .......Burgees S. Young 

Bolton, BWi;ei<«r,'Mas8...„ Joshua K 8a wy«r 

Bolton, ■TTarren.N. Y Stephen Pratt 

Bolton, CMUehdtny Yt Bd#ard W. Bat«8 

BoltooPs Depot J»iKfy,MiB8 Seth B. Pond 

BoltonviUe, »«&, Ga ^. jr. Y.Stanback 

Boltottville, fniOixngUmy Wis JGarret Maroellus 

Bolt's Fork, Lawrencty Ky Edmund GibMn 

Bombay, *y<w»/din, N. Y\, .Person Rolfe 

Bon Air Springs, ffMEe, Tenn...Jilma^ion L. Fanff- 

Bonaparte, f2m Atrm, loira ..JehialfGregoQr 

Bonmarte, Dum^ 111 ^ Horace l>odU^ 

Bon ^ua, Bidimmy Tenn .J. W. Hardwlcke 

BOnbVook, IhwOdiky Yai .Stephen Showalt#r 

Bond's Point, CtiTUUain,'B^ .Thomas Simpson 

Sondes Village, lETampden, Mass...Nathan D. Wight 
. Bondvnie, Biomtngtany Yt.......GheBter B. WHUams 

\Bone Gretic, .RiCcMI;, Ta Andrew Law 

Boneta, dark. Mb 3oeswellSchellhOtts 

Bone Yard, ^^^«mt>i^. Miss Jiimes M. K)A 

Bonhain, (tu h.) I\imti% TeX Harvey P. Dy^r 

Bonhoi^e, SL lauUyiSo uTames A. Gumminga 

Bottlte,:©«^dfl{ft»pe, Texas Henry E. Crawibjjd 

Bonn,' YmMf^^fon, Ohio Isaac H01 

Bonnet Gane, St. John BaptiO, La.Adolphe Madef* 

Bonny J)oon, J^^rtaiiy Ga .John W. Glark 

Bonny'Bagle, OimSbirloaid, Me...NathanieI H. Lane 

Bonny *Hill fite«*e»i N. Y John S. DePue 

Bono, (c. h.) LaaoreiaXy la James W. Prow 

Bon Fas, nichkmdy tU William'HIgglns 

BQUsadk^ itamo^ Ya.. .Jacob Bonsaiflc 

Bonus, Boonty HI , J>aniel W. Wicks 

Bonwep, Bigar, Ifi.... William M. Jones 

Boone, Bwnty HI... JTiuHes Alexander 

Boone, BdlXUUylximtk: ,George KnteAt 

Boone, ^VanXrNn, Mo..... JLobert BayuJB 

Boon& Waiaugoy^.a JTordan CouncBl 

Boone's MQl, :^a7i2;Z^n, Ym Jefferson Wa^ 

BOonevnle, OndSoy N. T Archibald Bambar 

BooneviBe, (ol h.) OwsZev/Ky. Moees 0. McXew 

Boonesbotu', ITadtem, Ky., John Stevens 

Boonesboro', (c. fa.) Jtoone^ l0Wa...S«;muel B. McCall 
' Boon Grove, (o.h.) Arfer, la... Stephen R. GhapSn 

BoonWn, Johnwny N. 0.... WUUe ^LasUngs 

Boonsborou^h, WatMngUfn, Ark S. W. "M'aun 

Bmnsborot^h, ffbtMo^ton, Md...8amuel H. Smith 
BQon*8 Greek, WuMn^iionf T6nn..\'..Thomas A. F«w 

Boon's Groveu WaOdnfftan, Ark Bei^ F. Beagor 

Boon's mil, lATwdfat, Tenn. John Wood 

Boon's Lick, Hovoardy Mo .Urban G. G&vaneaa 

Boon Spring, iHMen, Iowa Phno Hunter 




BooQton, Morris, N.J / E. E. Surgeaut 

BoonviUe, (e. h.) Scott, Ark Larkin G. Walton 

BootiTille, ?c. h.) Warrick, Ia....'.....Tho8. Hudspeth 

BoonvlUe, (c. h.) Oooper, Mo Henry M. Clark 

Boonyille, Brazos, Tex William Mdntosh 

Booth, Herkinur, N. Y Zachailah Popple 

Soothbay, LinooLn, Me Benjamin BJair 

Booth Corner, Ddaware, Pa Thomas Booth 

Bdothsrille, Jferibn, Ya EUfts Martin 

Bordeaax, Abbeville, S. C Joseph L. Bouchillon 

Bordemtoirn, Burlington, N. J Thomas Bennett 

Border Plains, Webder, Iowa Sherman Hart 

Bordley, Union, Ey Charles B. Boss 

Borland, Nevomum, Ark Elbert C. Wade 

iforodino, OnoMago, N. Y DaTid Becker 

Boseawen, Merrimatk, N. H Worcester Webster 

Bossardsville, Monroe, Pean Joseph A. Bossard 

Boeserman's Mills, Barry, Penn..6eorge Markel, Jr 

Bossier Point, Bossier, La James H.Brown 

Bostiek'8 Mills, Richmond^ N. O.....Txtetam Bostick 

Boston, Wayne, la John Deal 

Boston, Ndstm, Ey THIUsm J. Carpenter 

Boston, lona, Mich Ammon Wilson 

Boston, C. H., Sumtk, Maes JBdwln C. Bailey 

Boston, Erie, N. Y James L. Brake ^ 

Boston, SuiMfUt, Ohio.. Julius D. Edson 

Boston, WUiamson, Tenn Seth Sparkman 

Boston, (e. h.) Bowie, Tex Orlando L. Poole 

Boston, (Mpeper, Ya Charles Smith 

Boston, Thvmas, Ga David R. Watson 

Boston, Nori\ Hampton, Pa Samuel Weller 

Boston Corner, Benne^ire, Ma88.Abram J.Yesburgh 

Boet's Mills, CkOKLrroM, N. Simon Bost 

Bostwiek Lake, Kent, Mich L. D. Hoag 

Botanic HilL Nash, N. C JohnQ. A. Drake 

Botaria, Jemrson, Iowa James M. McClelland 

Botetourt Springs, Roanoke, Ya Hanson Jeter 

Bothelle, Fond du Lae, Wis Nelson Phillips 

Battle Hill, El Dorado, Oal Samnel M. Jamison 

Bottslbrd, Sumpter, Q« L.B. Causey 

Bouckville, Madistm, N. Y William Ooolidge 

Boulder, Linn, Iowa Joshua Smith 

Boulwareville, Newberry, S. C James Boul ware 

Boundsiry, Jay, la Daniel H<d8ter 

Bound Brook, Somerset, N. J Jeremiah R. Field 

Bounty Land, Pickets, S. C Mrs. M. S. McElroy 

Bourbon, MarshaU, la Danl. O.Beeman 

Bourbon, (Mes, 111 William Chandler 

Bourbon, Crawford, Mo.^ A. W. Hill 

Bourbonton, BoonCi Mo Wm. L. Wayne 

Boumeville, Ross, Ohio ^..Daniel T. Evans 

BontonviUe, Westchester, N. Y Seth Abbott 

Bovina, Warren, Miss David F. Cowan 

Bovina, Ddatoare, N. Y .Thomas M*Farland, Jr 

Bovine, Gibson, la John Elrk 

Bow, Merrimebck, N. H .John T. Morgan 

Bowdark, Oreene, Mo ^ Lowry B. Hall 

Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, Me Enoieh Riggs 

Bowdoin Centre, Sagadahoc, Me.Oharles W. Ridoute 
Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Me.. •...Charles P. Quint 

Bowdon, OoLrrcU, Ga. Edwin O. Wamble 

Bowdon, TaOadega. Ala John W. Barton 

Bowen'e Prairie, Jones, Iowa Lincoln 0. Eaton 

Bowenston, Harrison, Stewart Price 

Bowenville, OarroU, Ga. .William W. Moore 

Bower, Oearjidd, Pa George W. Elder 

Bower Bank, Piscataqwis, Me H. G. 0. Cass 

Bower Hill, Washington, Pa. John Bower 

Bowers, SoiuthampUm,y9^ William Lankfbrd 

Bawer*0 Mills, Lawrence, Mo B. W. Richardson 

Bffwerston, Harrison,0 Steward Price 

Bowersville, FrmhUn, Ga Job Bowers 

Bowersvaie, Oretns, Ohio Herchnless T. Sutton 

BowlesvlUe, Flmanna, Ya Nathan H. Payne 

Bowling Green, (o. h.) Clay, Ia.OUntn M. Thompson 

Bowling, Green>by^IU J. A. M<Clanahan 

Bowling Green, (c. h.) Warren, Ey... James T. Don- 
aldson i 

Bowling Green, Pike, Mo John J. Mitchell 

Bowling Green, Wtod,0}aixi. Levi 0. Look 

Bowling Green, Cbroltne, Ya. Robert fi. Wright 

Bowling GreeUj Stexoari, Tenn....Nathan T. Allmon 

Bowlingsville, Union, S. C .Willis Allen 

Bowman, MarshaU, Ya .Ylnoent P. Gorby 

Bowman's C^reek, Wjfonnnii Pa Abrtliam Frear 

Bowman's Mills. Rodeingham, Ya...Wm. W. Littell 

Bowmansville, j^'e, N.Y Eli H. Bowmab 

BowmansvlUe, LancaM^, Pa. Samuel Bowman 

Bowne, iTm^, Mich Justus G. Beach 

BowshersviUe, H^andott, Oh\o Albert Mears 

Boxboro*, MiddUisex. Mass N. H. Talbot 

Box Creek, Cherokee, Tex John A. Box 

Box Elder, Weiber, Utah Ter^ Salmon Wurner 

Boxford, Essex, Mass Elisha G. Bunker 

Boxfbrd, DeKalb, Mo Daniel Y.Ellis 

Boxley, Hamilton, la. Phineas G. Pearson 

Box Spring, ndbot, Geo Hezekiah D.Williams 

Boxville, Montgomery, Ga. William D. Wall 

Boyd's Creek, Sevier, Tenn Thomas C. Brabson 

Boyd's Ferry, Pitt, N. C W. I. Laughinghouse 

Boyd's Mills, Qisfwcton. Adam Gardner 

Boyd's Station, Harrison, Ey....w Thomai^Boyd 

Boyd's Tavern, -dlftermarZe, Ya A. J. Sh4>henl 

Boydston's Mills, Kosciusko, la... Abraham Deardoff 

Boydsville, Weakley, Tenn Edward R. Cook 

Boydton, Meddenlburgh,y%....Chnx\M'B.. Edmonson 

Boydton, York, 8. C Andrew J. McQiU 

Beyer's Settlement, Buchanan, Mo Henry Boyer 

Boyerstown, Berks, Pa Daniel B. Boyer 

Beykin's Depot, Smdh Hamptoji, Ya. John C. Sykes 

Boyler's Mill, Benton, Mo Herman Frisch 

Boylston, Oswego, N. Y Asarlah Wart 

Soylston, Worcester, Mass , Ell B. Lapason 

Boyleton Centre, Worcegter, Mass Henry White 

Bozrah, New London, Conn William Fitch 

Bozrahville. JVeta London, Conn.James M. Peckham 

BraoeviUe, mrumbuU, Ohio Franklin £. Stawe 

Braceville, Ifrtindy, 111 Nicholas Cotton 

Brackenville, MOan, Tex. L. H. Bolinger 

Brackney, Svaquehannah, Pa John W. Brackney 

Braddock's Fic4d, AOeghany, Pa Henry B%iley 

Bradenville, Wettmordand, Pa... William S. Braden 

Bradford, Chickamw, Iowa. E. A. Haskell 

Bradford, Harrison, la Ulrich H. Hon 

Bradford, Steuben, N. Y Edgar Munson 

Bradford, Penobscot, Me Thomas R. Eingsbuiy 

Bradford, Essex, Mass William Tenney 

Bradford, Mertimojck, N. H John W. Morse 

Bradford, Orange, Yt Moody Colby 

Bradford, Coosa, Ala Gideon Stringer 

Bradford, Starke, Vl Alfred Foster 

Bradford, McKean, Pa Abraham E. Johnson 

Bradford Centre, Orange, Yt. John L. Rogers 

Bradford Springs, Sumter, S. C.....Wm. J. Reynolds 

Bradfordsville, Marian, Ey Augustus Ryder 

Bradley, Jajckson, HI Daniel Snider ^ 

Bradley, ^{Ze^an, Mich Esra Whitney 

Bradleyville, Sumier, S. C Matthew E. Muldrow 

Bradshaw, Oiles,JSeain William F. Simpson 

Brady, KaUimazoo, Mich Thomas B. Finla^ 

Brady's Bend, Armstrong, Penna..Cha8. B. Gillespie 

Brady's Mill, Alleghany, Md Samuel D. Bnidy 

Bradyville, Adams, Ohio Samuel Hanror 

Bradyville, Cannon, Tenn David Patton 

Brag^s, Lowndes, Ala Rober^D. Twombley 

Braggville, Middlesex, Mass Dennis Hartshorn 

Brainard's Bridge. Rensselatr, N. Y...Seth Hastings 

Braintree, NorJoOc, Mass E. F. E. Thayer 

Braintree, Orange, Yt Silas Chadwlck 

Braintrem, W^^oming, Pa James B. Sturdevant 

Braman's Comers, Schenectady, N. Y John Ladd 

Branch, Manitowoc, Wis William R. Wilkins 

Branch, (c. h.) Bnmch, Mich Oris F. Davis 

Branch Chreek, HmUingdon, Ind Horace Miner 

Braijich Dale, SchujfikOl, Penn Abraham Skelton 

Branch's Store, DupUn^ N. C James G. Branch 

Branch HiU, Clemunt, Ohio Jonathan Hildretk 

Branch Island, Pideens, B. Joseph Young 

Branch Junction, Westmordand, Pa..Wm. Donnelly 

Branch Port, Yates, N. Y William S. Boo«h 

Branchville, SL Clair, Ala David Forman 

BranchvUle^ Sussex, N. J Peter C. Orsbome 

Branchville^ Oranaeburgh, 8. C J. L. Rhoad 

Branchville, SntUiampton, Ya...William A. Joyn«r 

Brandenburgh, fc h.) Jfeu^ Ey E. 0. Brown 

Brandon, RaTikin, Miss Walter W. Montague 

Brandon, Knox, Ohio^. Washington Hildreth 

Brandon, Oakland, Mich Andrew B. Travis 

Brandon, RuOand, Yt Edwaixl Jackson 

Brandon, Budutmm, Iowa Samud P. Brainaid 




Brandon Ghnroh, lYince Gtorge, Ya^ameeW. Luoas 

BrandonvUlvPre^^on, Ta JaredE. Hagen 

Brand's Iron Works, WatMngUm, R. I. L. A. Palmer 

Brandt Miami^ Ohio George W. Blesslnger 

Brandy Station, Culpqperf Ya .Robert A. Stone 

Brandy wine, Firince <korge% Md. William H. Ewly 

Brandywine, Shdbyy la William Dawson 

Brandywine Manor, Chezter, Fa...Wm. W. McGlure 
Brandywine Springs, New CoulUet Del... Jacob Foulk 

Branfbrd, New Haven, Conn LeTi S. Parsons 

BranJ^ Erie, N. Y Simeon Brown 

Brantlnghun, LewiSt }f[. Y JEUsba Schoolcraft 

Brasher Falls, St. LoAvrence, N. Y^enry L. Hulburd 
Brasher Iron Works, 8L Lawrcrux, N. Y... Isaac W. 

BrashersvUle, Perry, Ey Robert S. Brashears 

Brasstown, Union, Ga James Eimsey 

Brattleborongh, windham^ Yt. Samuel Dutton 

Brattonxille, Armgtrong, Pa ^ames A. Lowry 

.Braxton, C. H., Braxton, Ya Pembroke B. Perry 

BraysTille, Dearborn, la Joseph Weber 

Brazfl, Clay,l9L Eli Hendrix 

Brasil, SakrUy Ark Moses Brasil 

Braaoria, (c. h.) Brazoria, Tex Charles Wilks 

Brasos SantiSHro, Oameron, Tex JBlkhi Moses^ 

Breakabeen, Schoharie, N. Y Peter Snyder 

Breakneck, BuUer, Pa .Joseph Harbaugh 

Brean's Bridge, St. Martins, La...Edmand Bulliard 

Breedings, Adair, Ky .James Breeding 

Breedsville, Van Buren, Mich....v...Thomas P. Page 

Broese, €<reen«. Ill Lemuel J. Patterson 

Breesport, Ohemung, N. Y..r% Da^d L. Lincoln 

BreinigsTlll^ LeMgh, Pa .Matilda Cope 

Bremen, Chok, Bl.... Samuel Everdeen 

Bremen, MarsJioU, la Joseph Parker 

Bremen, MuhUnburgh, Ky 3ei^amin F. Arnold 

Bremen, Lincein, Me Daniel Keene 

Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio Eli S. Gardner 

Bromen, St. Louis, Mo GustayuR Hoffman 

Bremen, McLean, Ey Benj. F. Arnold 

Brenham, (c h.) Washington, Tex... John G. Enapp 

BrenersyiUe, Preble, Ohio PhilipReichard 

BrentsTille, Prince WllUam, Ya....John L. Sinclair 
Brentwood, Rockingham, N. H...^.Ja8. C. Robinson 

Brest, Monroe, Mich 4ic>Im J. Ghamberlin 

Brewer, Penobscoit, Me , Thomas Davis 

Brewersville, Sumter, Ala P. G. Nash 

Brewersville, Jennings, la. Jno. W. Reynolds 

Brewerton, Ononddgo.Vl. Y .John L. SteTeqs 

Brewerton, thurens, 8. C Wyly Murff 

Brewer YiQage, Ftnobscol, Me .Galen J. Brewer 

Brewington, Lumier, S. ^.William T. Brogdon 

Brewster. AinMtoUe, Mass Jeremiah Mayo 

Brewster^s Station, Putnam, N. Y....L. £. De Forrest 
Brick Churchy €V2u, Tenn„..John P. W.D. Gordon 
Brick Church, QuHford, N. C.Thomas G. Wharton 

BrickerviUe, I)anca<<er. Pa.. Jacob Miller 

Brlcldand, jbt«n«n&u7yA, Ya.....Abram W. Marshall 

Brickley, Jadkson, Buss Enoch N. Rs^isay 

Brick Meeting House, OecCl, Md.....Chas. H. Haines 
Brick Sohoomouse, Madison, Ala.....Wm. B. Hofih 

Brick Store, Newton, Ga Issao H. Parker 

BricksTille, Ouyafioga, Ohio.....Ohauncey L. Young 

BrickTille, Lawrence, Ala.... .James H. Smith 

Bridesburgh, PhUadOphMU Pa....Andrew MoMillan 

B-* "* "^"^ '^■^ , Th.ifUnr^rm ."y.^ Patn . M. Johnson 

]>i.. I -,■ '■:'■■■.:. r....,n.. s -i..; i.i'.., A.Peabo4y 

Bri.ig«?hiimptcm, SuguiK -N. Y....NsHi!m N. TifCsBT 

Bridittipor t, FhirJiM, Cotm ., ,.K. B. OoodieU 

Bridgeport, Mm^tm^ la *^**,n.. %9im iiel G. Owen 

Beldi«port, Frfm^lin, Ky..,.. ....... Stephen Jenkins 

Bridgeport, Ssi^naw^ lfUflh>... ..Nlisholas West 

Bfldaeport, Mmitm^ N. Y..,. SpoDcssr Marsh.jr. 

BrJdpiportr-Aidbifm» Ala.,....,.........^o];]Ln W. Allefy 

Btiiigeport^ GUtumxttr, K. J„ ,...**.„„. John Sweeten 
BrldsaoDrt, Lamrene^ Bl. ............. ....B. F. WanMr 

Bridsepc-rtt /^c*t^ Or .Samuel T. Scott 

flTldi^e[tori, f^itiKm^ Ohio..... ...... .Bat Li S. HoweU 

:Britl^flporl, Hfi^riitnh Viu.........K..Snsan Carpenter 

!0r[d^^rt, Jaekion^ lDWK...........WiIll!an 0. Grant 

Bfldg^jKjrl, (hcka, Tena. ........... ISd ward McMahan 

^Tid^port, MomigamiTUj Pbt.. J. H. Row«n 

IMdgeporU Frtdtrii^k, Sld.H..,,..,H..,Thiim#s Metoalf 
Jlrid^port Centre, .^^i^imaw, Mlch.^ldnsy W. Smith 
Bfi(%Hlo% a»ii(&«rictnt4 N. J. Uexuy Sheppwrd 

Bridgeton, Pork, la. Jacob Smock 

Bridgeton, Cumberland, Me William J. Hayden 

Bridgeton^ St. Louis, Mo Joseph H. Garret 

Bridgeton, SheOry, Ala. Thomas L. Pledger 

Bridgetown, Caroline, Md.... John Graham 

Bridge Yalley, Bucks, Pa „ William Addis 

Bridgeyille, Sussex, Del Samuel Laws 

BildgeTille, Warren, N. J George Titmao 

Bridgeyflle, Sullivan, N. Y. Marcus Hunter 

Bridgeyille, Muskingum, Ohio John Tudor 

Bridgerille, Pickens, Ala James Duke 

Bridgewater, LOcMM, Conn.. Smith R. Weeks 

Bridgewater, W<mdenaw, Mich Jacob Blum 

Bridgewater, PlyvrunUh, Mass Lafayette Eeitii 

Bridgewater, Grafton, N.H Abraham P. Holt 

Bridgewater, Oneida, N. Y Ezra Brown 

Bridgewater, WiUiams, Ohio..^ .Joseph W. Back 

Bridgewater, ^roostoofe, Me .......Charles Kidder 

Bridgew«ter, Bucks, Pa Sarah S. Swain 

Bridgewater, JRoMnffham, Ya J^ohn Dinkel, jr. 

Bridgewater, TfTmZsor.Yt.... Richard W. South«^te 

Bridgewater, Burke, N. C Henry P. Lindsay 

Bridle Cree^ Orayson. Va John E. Ballard 

Bridport, Aadison, Yt .Darid Hfll 

Brier Creek, Witkes, N. C L. Martin 

Brier Hill, St. Lawrence, K. IT Charles Carter 

Bl * :'^ 'yVnh. n?. '.-.. Kv..'. 3. R. Briggs 

Bii . . i. Y Thomas Flanders 

Bii rl< t, / * J ^'V...-.., . J ;.i. , , Abner B. Whipple 

Brt;^(iti.ii, /,.r ijf'U,-p , Ti% Henry B. Crandel 

BrJKbU>u. Ata''<}up\n, Hi..... Hermon Grills 

Brij^dti^Hi, ikntijV/ri^ tSn Josiah Lariagne 

BrfiH'htditi, WiAingfnn^ Iowa W. D. CaufEman 

Bri^htoiij .^mf.rKd, Ms ..Charles P. Watson 

firi^^ht<:9ii, Livingsiim, Mich James B. Lee 

BrijIitJOD, Mkmm-i, Mftss William Warren 

Brtjibton^ Mrmroi^.^ N. Y. 3enJaminB. Blossom 

Brtgbtcin, Luminy Ohio William M. Battle 

Bri:ichtvD, Ikavzr, Pa Jlktathew H. Robertson 

Brij^btoD, Kciimhti^ Wliit JTohn W. Eyaas 

Bri(fl4oii» /bi/,3 Mo William S. Woodard 

Bright Smt, Ai}w Arufidd, Md Matthias 


Bj 1 : -':■■. . !• Tex WHUam G. Wells 

BriKliU>«;ii«, J^^,^.^,»ugh, 8. C John W. Stubbs 

Brimfield, Peoria, Bl., Curtis Cady 

Brimfield, Hampden, Mass Nathan F. JRobinscm 

Brimfield, Portage, Ohio Charles Bassett 

Brindletown, Burke, N.C. J. H. Hall 

Bringles Ferry, i?ou>an, N.C. XawrenoeH.Brinf^e 

Brinkerton, OUtrion, Penn Solomon H. Hamm 

Brinkley's Bridge, Lancaster, Pa...Thomp0on Bm- 


Brinkleyrille, Balifax, N. .Benjamin Hunter 

Brinton, Champaign, Oliio. Benjamin Moffltt 

Briscoe Bun, Wood, Ya Sardis Cole 

Bristersburgh, l^iMuier, Ya. JToeeph D. TuUosfi 

Bristol, Hart/ord, Conn .Geo H. Mitchell 

Bristol, Mkhartf la. Samuel B. BomAine 

Bristol, KendaU, Bl ;A. H, Arnold 

Bristd, Anne Arundd, Md. Joseph Cluuiey 

Bristol, Zdncdn, Me ...Henry Chamberlain 

Bristol, Grajion, K. H ....Oscar F. Fowler 

Bristol, Onlario, N. Y. GUbert Frauds 

Bristol, ifinvom, Ohio .WiUtam H. Cool 

Bristol, Bucks, Pa Pogh Dungan 

Bristol, (c. h.) Bristol, R. I Heseklah J. Pittmao 

Bristol, .ildd^on, Yt William G. Munaon 

Bristol, Kenosha, Wis Jrisbee J. Jaelcson 

Bristol, SuXUvan, Tenn *. Joseph B. Andecaoit 

Bristol Centre, Ontono^N. Y .George Gooding I 

Bristol Station, iVtn^ TfOliansYa. Jw R. Kincheeloe | 

Bristol Station, KendaU, BL. Reuben Hunt 

BristolTUle, Barry, Mich William P. Bristol 

BristolTiile, TrumkuU, Ohio........ Jaoob Hammond I 

Britten's Neck, Marion, S. C.GeoxgeW. Woodbury 

Brixton, AUxandria.\9>„.», William Jenks 

Broadalbin, FuUon, N. Y..... Alexander 1L Yan Nest 

Broad Aae, MomtgaiMry, Pa John Oadwskladflr 

Broad Brook, Air^ord, Conn Slihu Hubbard 

Broad Creek, ^ueen Anne, MiL..W. W. E. Qoodhand 

ayi^Va. John Roberts 

iTille, Monroe, Fa»..Charies D.Broadbead 

Broad Mountain, Schuylkill, Pa. .Joseph Pcdaoi 

BioadOtMi 'i^^ tU-V *. James JUL, Cnlp 




Bnwd Ripple, JKirum, la James H. Tnraer 

Broad RWer, Etiert,Q^ Jasper Kinnebrew 

Broad Rock Mill9, Br&wrtf la^ Fountain MiHer 

Broad Run, LoucUmf Ya John Jones 

Broad Run Station, Fbtuquierf YB...Qeo. B. Cochran 

BiroadTop, HteraingdonjPti Jesse Ck>ok 

Broadway, TfItrren,N. J WHliam Warman 

Broadway, JVetofcerry, S. C... Thomas F. Anderson 
Broadway Depot, i2ocMn^Aam,Ya..JohnQ.Winfleld 

Broadwell, Harrison, Ky A. J. Beale 

Brock, Darke, Ohio George D. Medfbrd 

Brockett'fl Bridge, Berkimer, N. ^.... A. Lambenon 

Brockport, Monroe, N. T Samuel M. Olden 

Brock's Gap, Rockingham, Ya. Samuel Ckwtes 

Brocktown, Pike, Ark John Daris 

Brockvflle, Clackama8,Qr Daniel Brock 

BrocksviUe, EUia, Tex Joihua W. Brock 

Ifeoekway, J^. Clair, Mich James Boyoe 

Brockwayville, Jeffanon, Pa Jksaph M. Clarke 

Brodie*8 Lauding, DtttOna; Tenn .C. 8. Brodte 

ftoken Arrow, SL dair, Ala...^ Jrands B. Walker 

Broken Sword, Cfravfford, Ohio WBliam Wingart 

Bronflon. Jffuron, Ohio 4. Tsaao Sanibrd 

Bronson's Prairie, Bnemck, Mich :. Julia A. Csrr 

BronxTille, WesMugter, N. T .L. O. Underbill 

Brook, Jatper, la Samuel H. Benjamin 

Brookdale^ Sustfitehannah, Pa William Monfort 

Brookdale, McHenry, III JohnMcMahan 

Brookfleld, Fctir/idd, Conn Homer Lake 

9rook4eld, Worcester, Mass Francis Howe 

Brookfleld, OarroO, N. H Daniel Wlggin 

Bro<^field, Clinton, Iowa JStephen Lockwood 

Brookfleld, Madison, N. Y 3enjamin Gort<m 

Brookfleld, TrtmbuU^ObiD Ira Hart 

Brookfleld, Jioga, Pa George W. Northrop 

Brookfleld, Orange, Yt Benjamin F. Abbott 

Brookfleld, Wavkesha,Yf\B Wflliam Glllet 

Brookfleld Centre, Wndcesha, Wis...H!ram Shower- 

BrookhsTen, Lawrence, Miss. A. 0. Cox 

Brooklandville, BdUxmoret Md Joshua K. Fuller 

Brooklin, Hancock, Me Calvin E. Higgins 

Brookline, Madison, Qtn. Samtrel Eberhart 

Brookline, Norfolk, Mass Alexander H. Clapp 

Brookline, Jackton, La Dawson W. Kennedy 

Brookline, HiUsborovgk, N. H... Sumner S. EendaU 

Brookline, Windham, Yt BursiBar Stickney 

Brooklyn, Cb^iecuh, Ala JoUus G. Robinson 

Brooklyn, OtrnpheU, Kj Sarsh Collins 

Brooklyn, (c. h.) Windham, Conn Benjamin % 


Brooklyn, Schuyier, 111 CUi Leach 

BrocAlyn, Noxubee, Miss James S. Slaughter 

Brooklyn, Jackson, Mich George P. Cook 

Brooklyn, i^. h.) Kings, N. T...Daniel Yan Voorhis 

Brooklyn, Cuyahoga^ Ohio .Gnrdin Woodruff 

Brooklyn, Stisqii^umnah, Pa Salley Bagley 

Brooklyn, Halifax, Ya William Batly 

Brooklyn, Green, Wte Bbinetus Collier 

Brook Neal, OampbeO, Ya Samuel S. Whitlow 

Brooks, Waldo, Me Andrew D. Bean 

Bro^^ Grove, LMngston, N. Y Nelson La Rue 

Brooks' Tan Yard, Maoefn, Tenn John B. Brooks 

Brookston, Whiie, Ind ^^oim Holloway 

BcnoksviUe, Addi$on, Yt Hiram Rider 

BrooksrHle, Blount, Aht MahlOn Scott 

Brooksville, Handolph^ Ga .William J. YThaley 

BrooksTille, Hancock, Me John Walker 

BrookTille, St. Croix, Wis. Wm. W. Holman 

Brookrille, Ogle, 111... Jeremiah GelUnger 

BrookTille, (c. h.) FranJdin, la. .a B. Bentley 

BhwkyiHeiprc. h.) Sraeken,Kj WiUtam M.Dor4 

BrookTille, 4fon^om«r3/, Md...Zachariah D. Waters 

BrookyUle, Noxubee, Miss Hugh H. Moor^ 

BrookrHle, Ikarion, Slo Thomas F. ProbasoO 

Brookrille, GfranviUe, N. C.....Samuel H. Gannaday 

BrookTille, Cknesee, N. Y Ludus Fjymham 

BrookYiUe, Ji^erson, Pa. ., K. L. Blood 

BrookTille, Jefferson, Iowa.. John W. Laforoe 

llroomie CentrS, Schoharie, N. Y.—Wmtam M. Rugg 

Broom HiU, Clark, la JohnT.LltteU 

Broomsburg, Effingham, IB Siamuel Broom 

BroCherton, Anne ArtMSd, Md..N. B. Woitiiington 

Btotsmanville, Warreni N. i Charles Walket 

9wnwy Berks, Pa.. Biehard H. Jonet 

Brower*s Bfffls, Randdlfph, N. C Alfred Brower 

Brownfleld, Oxford, Me Jesse P. Sweat 

Brownhelm, Lorain, Ohio. Samuel B. Curtis 

Browning, SchwyUr, 111 Thomas J, Kinney 

Brownhig's Ferrjr. Henry, Mo... Jacob A. Browning 

BrOwningSYille^ Bracken, Ky AbnerHolton 

Brownington, BtdUr, Pa R. Duncaster 

Brownington, OrUems, Yt WiUiamS. Addison 

Browns, fMrfidd, ft. John R. Kennedy 

Browns. Cass, Blieh Clark Robison 

BrownsborO) Henderson, Texas David^M. Weir 

Brownshorough) Oldham, Ky Robert Mason 

Brownsburgfa, Hendricks, Ia...Bei^amin M. Logan 

Brownsburgh, BwkSi Pa Sta^ Brown 

Brownsburgh, Rockbridge, Ya... James W. Gilkeson 

Brown's Corner, Zermedec^, Me George Shaw 

Brown's CoMerS, Wood, Justus Sternes 

Brown's Cots, Mbemarie, Ya..... William W. Brown 

Brownsdale, BttOer, Pa David Donthell, Jr 

Brown'sJork, Oreene, Pa William C. Leonard 

Brown's Grove, Ofcv», Ky John G. Brown 

Brown's Mills, Washington, Ohio..Thomas Bracken- 
Brown's Mills, BurUngton, N. J....Benjam1n Taylor 

Brown's Store^ Warren, Ohio D. H. Maleham 

Brownstown, &»ier, Ark...3urton H. Kins worthy 

Brownstown, (^h.) JaOeson, la. ..Mary Dunbai 

Brownstown, mxyne, Mich... Alexander M.^lrgent 

Brown's Yalley, Mmtgomery, la Robert Ca«l^4 

Brownsville, IhOodMO, Ala I^geB. Allen 

Brownsville, (Thion, la ^l^^ty Rider 

Brownsvnie, Xdmonson, Ky Benjsip^n |Iatcher 

BrowBSvffle, (c. h.) Oameron^ Texa«....F. CtiromiuKS 
Brownsville, Pisoaiaquis, Me....W{niam W. WlllSrd 

Brownsville, Washifiiton,Md John Brown, ^ 

Brownsville, fit'iufa, Miss Andrew J. Perry 

BrownsviBe, SaUm, Mo Thomas FarreU 

Brownsville, OranviUe, N. C Mary C. Griflin 

Brownsville, X4oking,ahio. J. R Bane 

Brownsvflle, fhyette. Pa Isaac Bailey 

Brownsville, MaHhtmmgh, S. C... Simeon Emanuel 
Brownsville, Hofftoood, Tenn... William McCormick 

BrownsviBe, TFrndsor, Yt Samuel ParRer 

Brownsville, Oiss, Mioh Jonathan C. Robinson 

Brownsville, Ibrney, Nebr Richard Brown 

BMWnstille, JVtitr^ Ark John Wright 

Brownsville, Houston, Minn Charles Brown 

Browntown, Braefford, Pa George M. Black 

Btownville, Jt^^psrson^. T. George Brown 

Broxton's Bridge, CbOefcm, S. C A. E. Yam 

Broylesville, TKe«Atf^«on, Ttenn A. A.Broyls 

Bruoe, McDonough, 111 JohnS. Wilson 

BmeerviUe, im AU JoelH. Bainer 

Bruce'b Lake, jPWtton, Ind .Benneville Stamm 

Bruceton Blills, Preston, Ya John H. Hoffman 

Brueetown, Frederidk, Ya William Timberlaks 

Bruoeville, Knox, la John MoCord 

Bmeeville, OnroR, Md George Mering 

Bruoeville, Pike, Ala Joel H. Rainer 

Bruin, Qtrter, Ky Samuel Mobley 

Bmln, BuUer, Pa j. p. wiek 

Brnington, King c§ Queen, Ya JohnBlane 

Brain's Cross Roads, Bxrke, la Wm. 0. Phillips 

Bruly Landing, Wt Baton Rouge, La. T. Bourg 

BrumfleldVille, Berks, Pa Jtenry Yorgy 

BrumnMAs, Jknidson, N. C ^ John Hinds 

Brunsrsbwgh, B^noe, Ohio George Moss 

Brunerstown, Putnam, la John Merry weather 

Brunner, S^asUan, Ark David L. Cormack 

Brunswlok, (^.h.) e9faritfi,Ga... Alexander Scranton 

Brunswick, Peoria, m William Fahnestodt 

Brunswick, Omberkmd, Me Robert P. Dunlap 

Brunswick, Chartlon, Mo Willis fl. Plunket 

Brunswlok, Mhdkm, Obio Morris GoodseU 

Brunswick, Essex, Yt. Chauncey H. Fltts 

Bnuswlck Landing, Itmquina, Miss A. M. Guhi 

Brash Creek, Lacleek, Mo James Hugh Hart 

Brash Oreek, Bandog N. C Thomas Brooks 

BroAk Creek, Perty, Ala M. D. Cannon 

Brush Creek, Aawer, Pa.... Robert Porter 

&ushQre«lc, Bj^ tenn James M. Kerb> 

Braifti Hffl, Bu Plage, Dl.^ B. FuHsr 

Brashland, Beiawart, N. Y Bdward McKeniis 

nnuhPcdnt, Ite Jral6, Hi Harrison Mackey 

iboBt mtsMngM,^ JaintoClark 




Brash's Mills, FrankUn, N. Y Henry N. Brush 

Brush Valley, Indiana, Pa Mattbevr Wilson, jr 

Brush Valley, Bienville^ La. James E. Cook 

BrushTiUe, Queent, N. Y Henry W. Rowland 

Brushy Creek, Anderson, S. C William D. Sitton 

Brushy Fork, Coles, HI Benjamin Maddoz 

Brushy Fork, Scito, Ohio George W. Swaim 

Brushy Prairie, X>a Grangt, Ia..Leonard Appleman 

Bruynswick, TJlsier, N.Y John Lang 

Bryan, SaUne, Mo Isittc Neff 

Bryan, (o. h.) Tmiams, Ohio George W. Walt 

Bryan, Kansas Ttr M. E.Bryan 

Bryansburgh, Jeffiersovi, la. James W. Chapman 

Bryan's Store, Moore, N. C £. 8. Mclver 

BryanSYllle, Tark, Pa. James Y. Bryan 

Bryantown, Charles, Md..... Bichard M. Dyer 

Bryant's Creek, Monroe, la Charles G. Canr 

Bryant's Pond, Ox/ort^^Me Rufus K.Dunham 

Bryant's Station, Milam, Tex Jordan P. Arnold 

Bryant's Swamp, Bidden, N. 0. BoJ^rt Tait 

.Bryantsville, Latorence, 1a Charles G. Ba(^ 

Bryantsville, Garrard, Ey .James M. Phillips 

Buchanan, Baltimore, Md Thomas King 

Buchanan, Alleghany, Pa J)aniel Berg 

Buchanan, Berrien, Mich.. Thomas L. Ross 

Buck, Lancaster, Pa .....Rohert Manxhhank 

Buck Branch, Barbour, Ala.... .George R. Seroggins 

Buck Creek, Scriven, Ga.. George H. Maner 

Bu(^ Creek, Oreene, la. ^...Aaron Hagamaw 

Buck Creek, Spartanburg, S. C P. W. Head 

Buck Creek, LasaUe, 111 , Nathan Woolsey 

Buck Eye, Laurens, Ga Nathan Tucker 

Buck Eye, Garrard, Ky JTames H. Letcher, Jr 

Buck Eye, Putnam, Ohio F. S. Godflrey 

Buck Eye, YoU>, Cal J.M.Charles 

Buck Eye Cottage, Perry, Ohio.. ..Isaac M. Hatcher 

Buckeye Furnace, Jackson, Ohio ..A. Soide,jr 

buckeye Run, Doddridge, Va Mark Davis 

Buckeyestown, Frederick, Md Grafton Duvall 

Buckfield, Oxford, Me George Thomas 

Buckhannon, Upshur, Va Thomas A. Jann^ 

Buckbnad, FairJUM, S. C JTohn Q. Amett 

Buck Head, Morgan, Ga. Jesse W. Jadcson 

Buckhead Causey, CoHleton, S. C.Reuben Stephens 

Buck HUl, De Kalb, la Harris Booge 

Buck Hill, YoUahusha, Miss. .J. B. Porter 

Buck Hollow, Franklin, Vt Noble H. Buck 

Buck Horn, Brown, HI William Frank 

Buck Horn, Independence^ Ark...Ami8tead Younger 

Buck Horn, Ohio, Ey HenryMcSheuy 

Buck Horn, Pike, Ala. .W. S. Clary 

Buckhorn, Winston, Miss William Kirk 

Buc^horn, J3(«ntnZfe, La. JTames D. Mines 

Buckhorn, Columbia, Pa M. G. Shoemaker 

Buckingham, Bucks^Sk r. JTames C. Iden 

Buckingham C. H., Buckinghaan, Va...Robert Shaw 
Buckingham Mine, Buckingham, Va..Chas. G.Hesae 

Buckland, Gates, N. G Samuel E. Smith 

Buckland, Franklin, Mass Samuel Townslej 

Buckland, Prince WiUiam, Va n^ohn 8, Trone 

Buckland, Harford, Conn WiUiam J<«eB 

Buckleys, Jasper, Miss Joseph B. Buckley 

^uckner, Sacramento, CkL James BuckBer 

Buck Point, Jackson, Tenn Edward M. Casen 

"Buckram, (^leens, N. Y » Lot CorneUos 

Bucks, Columbiana, Ohio Isaac Miller 

Bucks Bridge, SL Lawrence, N. Y William H. 


Buckskin, Gibson, la Jacob Skelton 

Bucksport, Hancock, Me Hosea Orontt 

Bucksport Centre, Hancock, Me Nehemiah Cole 

Buckstown, Somerset, Pa Walter ChaUknt 

BucksvUle, £uc^, Pa -John H. Buck 

Bucksvllle, Horry, S. C Henry H. Wright 

Buckton. Warren, Va .John R. Jenkins 

Buck Tooth, Qxttaravaus, N. Y John Boardman 

Bucyrus, (c. h.) Crawfird, Ohio... Alexander A. Buhl 

Bnel, Montgomery, N.Y Conrad J. Minne 

Buena Vista, Carroll, Tenn...Robert P. McCradkem 

Buena Vista, DujMn, N.G JoYm Swinson 

Buena Vista, J^ferson, la Nicholas Manyille 

* Buena Vista, mukita. Ark.. Francis M. Cross 

Buena Vista, Harrison, Ky Robert Smith 

Buena Vista, Monroe, Ala J. W. Perrin 

Buena Vistt^ StephenMn, HI..^.... Jamefl H. Smith 

Buona Vista, Platte, Mo J^ohn S. Duneaa 

Buena Vista, Chidcasaw, Miss Uriah S.Williams 

Buena Vista, (7Itnton, Iowa. William Soott 

Buena Vista, Shdby, Texas Robert L. Parker 

Buena Vista, GreenvOU, S. C William F. Lester 

Buena Vista, Marion, Ga Heiekiah K. Lamb 

Buena Vista, Tuscaraxotu, Ohio Aaron E^a 

Buena Vista, Portage, Wis Orfeno Reaves 

Buena Vista^ AUeghany, Pa James M. Rowaa 

Bufsna Vista, Prince Georges, Md...,Wm. T. Duvall 
•Buena Vista Furnace, Rockbridge, Va...S. F. Jordan 

Buena Vista Springs, Logan, Ky Dudl^ Jeffirief 

Buffalo, Washita, Ark James A. Norris 

Buffalo, BaUas, Mo. John H. Paine 

Buffalo, (c.h.) Erie, N. Y James G. Didde 

Buffalo, Guernsey, Ohio S. P. DennisoB 

Buffalo, Washington, Pa John H. Smith 

Buffalo^ Putnam^^B, Lewis H. McCoy 

Bufiialo, White, la. .Jonathan W. Sluyter 

Buffalo, Henderson, Texas A. M. Cobb 

Bufiialo, Humphreys, Tenn William Hill 

Buffalo, Moore, N. C Wesley Mclver 

Buffalo, WUkinson, Miss Hansford Lanehart 

BufiiBlo City, Marion. Ark ^Edmund B. Tunstal} 

Bufiialo Credc, Campbell, Tenn. Joshua Duncaia 

Bufiialo Creek, Bockbridge, Va John F. Wilson 

Buffalo Cross Roads, Vmon, Pa....James McCreight 

Buffalo Ford, Wythe, Ya John Crockett 

Bufiialo Ford, Bandolpft, N. C John Pope 

Buffalo Grove, 0^fe,lll G. D. Reed 

Buffalo Grove, Buc?uinan, Iowa A. Richardson 

Bufiialo Paper Mill, Cleveland, N. L. Gardner 

Buffalo Plains, JSrie, N. Y Joseph B. Scott 

Buffalo Pond, Wasfiington, Va William J. Locke 

Buffalo Prairie, Rock Island, Ill...Flavel I. Whitney 
Bufiisdo Ridge, Wishington, Tenn.£dward S. Shiplor 

Buffalo Run, Csntre, Pa Christian Hartsock 

Buffalo Springs, Amherst, Va P. Richardson 

Buford, Ohio,Kj Samuel E.BeIl 

Buford, Highland, Ohio. William Soott 

Bufords, Be^ord,Ya^ C. H. Kent 

Buford's Bridge, BamwdL 8. 0... Martin H. Rhodes 

Buggabo, WUket, N. Obadiah Sprinkle 

Bug Swamp, ^on^, S. C iThomas SessioQS 

Bulah, Hancock, Ga. George Boyer 

Bulah, Obion, Tenn Daniel Glen 

Bulger's Mills, Coosa, Ala..... Leroy M. Parker 

. Bidlbonus' Grove, JS:anA»A:ee, HI Peter Mukauts 

Bull Creeks Wood, Va William McKinney 

Bidlitsville, Boont, Ky Absalom Graves 

Bullock Creek, York, S. C John G. Davidson 

Bull Rjp, Grainger, Tenn .John F. Huddleston 

Bull's Gap, Hawkins, Tenn. Anthony B. Keel«r 

BuU's Head, Dutchess, N. Y Frederick B. Shults 

Bull Swamp, Orangebvrgh, S. C.-William Knotts 

Bulltown, Braxton, Va.. .James M. Berry 

BullviUe, Orange, N. Y William W. W^laee 

Bunoomb, Pontotoc, Miss A.J. Miller 

Bunoombe, Dubugve, Iowa Israel S. Bigelow 

Bundysburgh, Geauga, Ohio I. W. Moore 

Banger's MUl, Greenbrier, Va.....WalIace Robinson 
Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Ill...Philander C. Huggins 

Bunker HUl, .^^nuMich Almon Cosier 

Bunker "R^ Bucks, Pa Henry Ochs 

Bunker Hiu, Bedford, Va George W. Sanders 

Bunker HiU, BuOer, Ohio William R. Pierson 

Bunker Hill, Smilh, Miss B. D. Anderson 

Bunker's Hill, GHes, Tenn .Theophilus Harris 

Bunker's HiU, Cbtoto&o, N.O BurreU C. AUen 

Bunker's Hill, Grant, Wis H. J. Lord 

Bunn's Bluff, Orange,Tvx. Joseph Buna 

Buras Settlement, PUuguemi/n^ La...!|(]:ederick 6. 


Burbank, ?9^yn<!,0hto John G. Hower 

Burbois, FrankUny Mo James Johnson 

Burdett, Schuyler, N. Y Herman H. IngersoU 

Bureau Junction, Bureau, ni...WiUiam M. Shields 
BurgaW Depot, New Hanover, N. C.~John N. Bowden 

Burgess, Clinton, Iowa John C. Boman 

Burgess' Store, Northtmberland, Va..J:thelbert B. 


Burgettstown, Wbahingbon, Pa. Jesse Speneer 

Burgh HUl, TVumfrtiO, Ohio. Richard Hajs 

Burk, Benton, Iowa Lewis W. Bryson 

Burke, FnuMin^ N. Y .GUes W. Smith 




Bnrke, Cbledonia, Vt M. W. NeweU 

BqtM, Dane, Wif...^ Adam Smith 

Burke's Qftrden, IbueweU, Ya...Shndraeh Heninger 

Bnrke'fl^ MUls, Attmuta, Ys, Gide<m Oarber 

Burke's Station, ihirfaxf Ya. Jesse Hinds 

BnrlcesTille, (c. h.) Gtmberkmdf Kj.M. L. Alexander 

Buxkeyille, (o. h.)^eio(on, Texas John A. Hall 

BmrkittsTille, Frederick, Md Bsra Williard 

BorkittsTiUe, AtUOa, Miss R.f. Cooke 

'^ Borkstown, Baltimore, Md D<nniniek J. Boark 

Borksrille, Nottoway, Ya Robert R. Lee 

Burleson, Frank Kn, Ala Adolphos A. Hughes 

Bnrlingham, StdUvan, N. Y Ammi Abbott 

Bwdingham, Mteffs, Ohio Job PhiUips 

Borliogton, Hartford, Oonn Romeo Elton 

BorUngton, Kane, HI John W. ElUthorp 

Burlington, OarroU, !»...» James M. Bryant 

Burlington, Dea Moines, Iowa James Tissard 

Burlington, (c. h.} Boone, Ky Beoj. F. Maxfield 

Burlington, Fieruhscot, Me Amizilibbey 

Buriington, Qdhoun, Mieh Joseph S. Perry 

Burlington, JUddiesex, Mass Silas Cutler 

Burlington, BurUngtom, N« J...^.Henry HoUenback 

Buriington* OtMgo, N. T John Cushman 

Burlington, (c. h.) Lawrence^ Ohio... ..Cam Ulus Hall 

Buriington, Bradford, P« .Henry Yosburgh 

Burlington, CMtUnden, Yt... J)ougla8S A. Danforth 

Burlington, Baeine, Wis Orson Sheldon 

Burlington, ffavtptfare, Ys. Samuel S. Wilson 

Burlington, Flatts, Otsego, N. T A. £. Arnold 

Burner's White Sulphur Springs, Shenandoah, Ya. 
Noah J. Burner 

BumersTill«, Barbour, Ya Morgan H. Burner 

Burnet, (e. h.) Bumetf Texas .Logan Yandereer 

- Burnett, Dot^/e, Wis Lyman Smith 

Burnett's Creek, White, la WilUam S. Dayls 

BumhamYUlage, Waldo, Me Elias Milliken 

Burning Spring, Wirt, Ya John Y. Rathbone 

Burning Spring, FloydyKy Elijah Patrick 

Burns, La Orotse, Wis Lathrop A. Yiets 

Bums, AUegany, N. T Philander S. Jones 

, Bums, Shiawanu, Micb John L Ctoylord 

Bums, Henry, HI James E.Carson 

Bums' Corners, Morrow, Ohio Daniel Bums 

Bumside, Clearfidd, Pa.. James MeMurray 

BumsTiUe, (c. h.) Yancey, N. Jesse M. Broyles 

BumSTille, MeJ>onouffh,ia .Ebeneser Bldiop 

BurasTiUe, BarthcUmew, la.... James H. McMiUan 

Bumoville, Dailae, Ala .Warren B. Andrews 

Burnt Cabins, FuUon, Pa Jamison KeUy 

Burnt Cora, Monroe, Ala T. H. Maiden 

Burnt Hills, SaraJUtga, N. Y Samuel B. Edwards 

Burnt Ordinary, Jamu <X^, Yft... Jtiehard F. Gate- 

Burnt Prairie, While, HI Jehiel H. Reeves 

Burnt Stand, Qxrroa, Ga Robert A. Reid 

BumtyiUa, Brunswick, Ya Wm. M. H. Johnson 

Bur Oak, ifercer. Mo J. M. Sallee 

Burragerille, TV^>router, Mass.-.Charles W. Burrage 

BurrillTiUe, Ftomdence, B. I .Daniel S. Mowry 

Burritt, Winnebago, HI Joseph Manchester 

Burr Oak, Winneshiek, Iowa Samuel S. Belden 

Burr Oak, La Orosse, Wis John Mcintosh 

Burr Oaks, St. Josq>hs, Mieh Samuel Needham 

Burr's Ferry, Sabine, La Oilman B. Burr 

Bftrr's Mills, Jefferson, N. T SUas Thurston 

BnrrsTille, OaroUne, Md James Melrin 

BnrrTille, LUchfteld, Conn Nelson Roberts 

Bursonyille, Bucks, Pa Ephraim Shank 

BurtchTille, St. OLair, Mioh Jonathan Burtch 

Burton, WetzeL,y^. Daniel S. Bemley 

Burton, Adams, 111..^ IsauN. Enlow 

Burton, Qeauga, Ohio Daniel L. Johnson 

Burtons, Tiskemingo, Miss Joseph F. Bamett 

i Burtott's Conors, BowA, Ill....BeuJamin P. Patten 

. BurtonsTille, Montgomery, N. T David M. Soott 

Burtonton, Oopiah, Miss Almanser W. Soott 

Burtville, Plotter, Pa. Elisha H. Burt 

Buurwell's Bay, Isle nf Wight, Ya J. 0. Thomas 

Burwick, .Se. ifory'x. La Andrew J. Forbes 

Bushayyille, Houston Oa Daniel F. Gunn 

Buah Kill, Pike, Pa. Henry Peters 

BoshneU's Basin, Monroe, N. Y... Samuel Fairbanks 

Bushnellsyille, Greene, N. Y .t.Frands P. Dewey 

Bosh's Mills, Lewis, Ya Joseph Hall 

Push's Store, Laurel, Ky Georpre A. Bush 

Bushyille, AunK7in, Ga John Johnston 

Bushyille, SulHvan, N. Y Myron Crane 

Business Comer, Van Buren, Iowa... Julius L. Clark 
Buskirk's Bridge, Washington, JH.Y... A.. Houghton 

Busseron, Knox, Ind .....David H. Morgan 

Buati, Chavtauque, N. Y Yalentlne C. Clark 

Bnstleton, PkUaddphia, Pa Howard Banes 

Buteyille, ifarion, Oregon Isaiah W. Case 

Butler, BeKdtbflsi Robert Work 

Butler, Bates, Mo Christopher C. Fleener 

Butler, Branch, Mioh John Hager 

Butler, BaUitnore, Md J. D. C. Duncan 

Butler, i2icWand, Ohio Thomas B. Andrews 

Butler, Wayne,V.Y Letter Watson 

Butler, (c.h.) Choctaw, Ala William W. Wler 

Butler, I\dton, Ky. Alexander W. Dillon 

Butler, (c.h.) ^utf^r, Pa Daniel Coll 

Butler, MHwaukie, Wis John W. Geib 

Butler, iTeofcMfc, Iowa. William Waugh 

Butler, Oirfer, Tenn J. P. Perkins 

Butler, Tbylor, Ga. James Williamson 

Butler, Lancaster, 8. C Thomas L. Clyburn 

Butler, Rutherford, N. C Morris R. Moore 

Butler's Creek, McJ)onald,Mo Ezekiel Gibbs 

Butler's Point, VerTniOion, 111 George W. Pate 

Bntlersyille, AndersoTi, S. C James Jones 

Butlersyille, Allen, Ky ...Wiley W. Davis 

Butlerville, Jennings, Is^ Edward Hambleton 

Butlervllle, Warren, Ohio William Yanghn 

Bnttahatclde, Monroe, Miss James A. Sillaven 

Butte des Morts, Winnebago, Wis Harris Brown 

Butterfly, Osw^o, N. T John Parsons 

Buttermilk Falls, Orange, N. Y... Timothy O'Leary 

Butternut Ridge, Seneca, Ohio Henry F. Niles 

Butternuts, OUtgo, N. Y William D. Babcock 

Butztown, Northampton, Pa Emelius Nimsch 

Buxton, York, Me Josiah Berry 

Buxton Centre, York, Me Jonathan C. Lewis 

Buycksville, Ooosa, Ala William H. Spigener 

Buzzard Roost, I^anklin, Ala James P. Bell 

Buzzard Roost, Nicholas, Ky...Andrew W. Shoroat 

Buzbeeville, Cbffi^ Ala Oliver H. Buzbee 

Byberry, PhUade^ia, Pa Henry J. Brown 

Byersvule, Xtvt'y«;rxfon, N. Y Robert Denison 

Byfleld, Essex, Mass Samuel S. Moody 

Byhalia, Marshall, Miss Asahel R. Chilton 

Byhalia, Ohftm, Ohio Rees Miller 

Byington, Pike, Ohio Baylls James 

Bynum's Creek, Panola, Miss Jesse C. Carothers 

BynumvOle, (mariton, Mo Jacob £. Brockman 

Byrne, Joc^soti, Tenn Brice Byrne 

Bymeville, Harrison, la. Samuel Fite 

Byromville, Dody, Qsk. W. H. Byrum 

Byron, La Porte, la. Elizabeth Salisbui^ 

Byron, Greene, Ohio Michael Folkerth 

Byron, Ogle, HI Silas St. John Mix 

Byron, Oxford, Me George D. Austin 

Byron, ^lawassee, Mich Nicholas Guliek 

Byron, Genesee, N. Y J. W. Seaver 

Byron, Fond du Lac, Wis George Parker 

Byron, Atchison, Mo , Thomas J. Jones 

CABELL C. H., Cbfcga, Ya. William C. Miller 

Oabello, OarroU, Ohio ; William Ruttledge 

Cabin Creek, Letois, Ky John D. Tully 

Cabinet, Montgomery, Pa Joseph T. Pearoe 

Cabin Hill, Delaware, N. Y James Marshall 

Cabin Point, Surry, Ya John LDeal 

Cable's Valley, Johnson, Tenn Henry I. Money 

Cabot, Caledonia, Yt Harry Russ 

Cacapon Depot, Morgan, Ya John W.Porterfield 

Cache Creek, Yolo, C^ Archibald McDonald 

Oachemasso, Dallas, Ark James A. Gray 

Caddo Coye, Montgomery, Ark William Farr 

Cadereta, Choctow, Miss Bei\jamin Savage 

Cade's Cove, Blownt, Tenn George W. Font 

Cadiz, Hmry,lSk /.Jacob Meek 

Cadiz, Greme,'W\B Wesley Swank 

Chdiz, (c. h.) Trigg, Ky Miles R. Kenady 

Cadiz, (c. h.) Harrison, Ohio Obediah Sleramons 

CWiz, Cattaraugus, N. Y Robert Reid 

Osdosis Yalley, Delaware, N. YJLlexander Kiersted 




Gftdron, Omwauj Ark .^Jtenais Hall 

Oadwallader, TuscarawaSf Ohio.....Willlftm Fleming 

CWyville, CUnton, N. Y Jonatha*! Green 

Gbikgeyille, Biaywood, Tenn Jsaac M. Johnson 

C«ihaba,(c. h.)paUaSj Ala Robert J. Tracers 

Cainland, Beadon, Ala Leroy Bedwell 

Gain's, Gwinnett^ Ga ^ ^dam Pool 

Gain's, Lanca»ter, Pa Robert Smith 

Cainsville, Wilson, Tenn William T. Harris 

Caintuck, New Hanover, N. C S. F. WUson 

Gaira, Oumherlandy Va BdwartiW. Sims 

Gairo, Decatur, Ga John McRachrcga 

Cairo, Alexaivder,lW. Bnran Shannessj 

Gairo, Stark, Ohio. David I. Shafer 

Cairo, Henderson, Ky .Herman NotteniuB 

Cairo, Greene, N. T William Pierson 

Cairo, Tishemingo, Miss R. W. Glausel 

Cairo, Ed{j(^, S. C J. M. C. Freeland 

Calais, Washington, Vt IraKont 

Calais, Waihington, Me Edgar Whidden 

Calais, Monroe, Ohio JToseph Wehr 

Calapooya, Linn, Oregon Hugh L. Brown 

Calaubria, Rowan, N. C Solomon J. Peeler 

Calcutta, (Uumbiana, Ohio Jfohn Thompson 

CaldweU, Essex, N. J Zenas C. Crane 

Caldw^l, (c. h.) Warren, N. Y Hiram Wood 

Caldwell (c. h.) Burleson, Tex Martin K. Snell 

Caldwell, Orange, N. C Lambert W. Hall 

Caldwell Prairie, Sacine, Wis. ..Norman M. Sheldon 

Caledonia, Pulaski, 111 Henry W. Hughes 

Caledonia, Radne, Wis Henry B. Roberta 

Caledonia, Lowndes, Miss JohnF. Gardner 

Caledonia, Kent, Mich ..Peter D. McNaughton 

Caledonia, Washington, Mo James Vineyard 

Caledonia, Moore, N. C Francia Munroe 

Caledonia, Livingston, N. Y Orange Bean, jr 

Caledonia, Marion, Ohio Henry Speaker 

Caledonia, OarroU, La Amos Lawton 

Caledonia, EVc, Pa Mrs. Charlotte Parkhnrst 

Caledonia, Henry, Tenn .William M. Maxwell 

Caledonia, Rusk, Tex James N.Dillen 

Caledonia, Goochland, \h. .William H. Parrish 

Caledonia Station, Boone, HI Samuel Parks 

Calhoun, (c. h.) Gordon, Ga .George W. Ransom 

Calhoun, Pontotoc, Miss Anson G. Smythe 

Calhoun. Henry, Mo Matthew Arbuckle 

Calhoun, (c. h.) McLean, Ky... William H. Williams 

Calhoun, Anderson, S. C James F. Mattison 

Calhoun, Richland, HI William C, Bruce 

Calhoun, Columbia, Ark -Littleberry W. Baker 

Calhoun, McMinn, Tenn Willianfi Rogers 

Calhoun, Harrison, Iowa John H. Johnson 

Calhoun's Mills, Abbeville,.^ C.llieophilus A. Rogers 

California, Branch, Mich George L. Guy 

CaJifomia, OampbeU, Ky James M. Young 

California, Talabusfia, Miss .....John G. Brody 

California, Clermont, Ohio Robert J. Yanosdol 

California, Moniteau, Mo John D. Wood 

Calk's Ferry, Lexington, S. C Joseph Sutton 

Callao, La Porte, la. Peter C. Bonham 

Gallaghan's, AlUg1uiny,Y9k .Joseph T. Steele 

Callanan's Corners, AJbany, N. Y Jacob Latta 

Callfinds, Pittsylvania, Va A. H. Moorman 

Callfeo^burgh, Clarion,FA David Guthrie 

Callensvllle, Pendleton, Ky JTohn W. Hume 

Galloway, Harlan, Ky Charles J. Calloway 

Calmar, Winneshiek,loyrh. Alfred Clark 

Cain, Che.ster,V9, S. 0. Williamson 

Calno, Warren, N. J Andrew Ribble 

Calumet, Coofc, 111 Corydon F. Stewart 

Calumet Village, Fond du Lac, Wis...Artemisia H. 

Calvary, Athens, Ohio Sylvanus Howe 

Calverton Mills, BaUimort, Md George M. Boloe 

.Calvin, Huntingdon, Pa Robert A. Oakman 

Calvy, Franklin, Mo Jbseph W. Champion 

Camanehe, Clinton, Iowa George W. Chase 

Gamargo, Lancaster, Pa H. H. Breneman 

Gamari^o, LinccAn, Tenn John Caugbran 

Gamargo, Mojiroe, Miss Hiram Hood 

Gamargo, Jefferson, la .William Friedly 

Gamargo, Montgomery, Ky...». Adam B. Dishong 

Gamargo, Lee, iowa George J. McDaniel 

Cambra, Luzeme,Fh. William B. Barrett 

Gambriay Niagara, N. Y J)arwin 8. Fellowfl 

Oainbvia, Tf^tyf^^Iowa... ..William MoCutofaaa 

Cambria, CUkmbia, Wis. ...,....WUliam S.P<wt 

Cambria AlUls, HiOsdaU, Mi<di«. £. G. Kellogg 

Cambridge, BaUas, AIa .Claudius M. Coehxsa 

Cambridge, Bane^ Wis Nelson Ford, Jr 

Cambridge, Waipu,l^ Nathin Baymosd 

Cambridge, BtnrytJXL ...*..David W. Smith 

Gambortdgey (c. h.) DordhaUr, Md Joseph Flist 

Cambridge, Somerst^, Me. David Bailey 

Caabridgfl, Lawwee, Mich Sylvester Walker , 

Cambridge, ScMw, Mo. Burr £. Poweil 

Cambridge, (c h.) Middlesex, M^as. WilUam CaldweU 

Cambridge, H^ftinoton, N. Y .J. R. liviagstoft 

Cambridge, (c h.) Qwemsey, 0liio..Jame8 0. Grimet 

Cambridge^ AbbeviOe, 8. .H. R. Goodman I 

Cambridge, /4mioa;e,Vt WUliam H. H. Wood 

Camlwidge, Lancaster, Pa..... John W. Irwin 

Camlarldge Port» Middiettsx, Mass Samuel Jamat , 

Cambridgeport, Windhamf Vt....Cyru« W, Wymaa 

Camden, WOeox, Ala D. S. J. Woolf 

Camden, (o, h.) Washita, Ark...Boberi; A. Callaway 

Camden, jSlmt, Del , 7...Samud DiekMn 

Cund^n, CbrroH, la, .Thomas GUme 

Camden &A^2er, HL,... .John A. JamM 

Camden, Widdo, Me .Benjamin J. Porter 

Camden, ifa<2«Mn, Misa J. M. Walker 

Camden, HOZmZq^ Mlob. JSaaon T. Cheater 

Camden, Ma^, Mo............ Xa&yette S.Manafed 

Camden, (c h.) Oomden, N. C. Abner Doirier 

Camden, (c. h.) Oa'mden, N.J John Hanna 

Camden, OneidBk, N. Y. Aaron Stone 

Camden, PreUe, Ohio A. W. Yoast 

Camden, (c. h.) Ktrshaw, 8. C.Thomaa W. Pegnee 

Camden, Benton, Tenn ^....Henry H. Fanner 

Camden Mills, Rock Mand, In Robert Ro« 

Gam^n Point, Plqtte, Mo... WUUam W. Chappelear 

Camden Station, J^oin, Ohio John Soott 

Camdenvllle. Anderson, Ky...Grandiaon Utterbedc 

Cameron, Steifben, N. Y Wiekham R. Grodcer 

Cameron, Clinton, Mo ......Theodore A. Fowler 

Cameron, Warren, m .Augnstin B. Hawkine 

Cameron, Marshall,, Va William McCononghjr 

Cameron, OUnton, Pa ,..£paphra8 B. Eldred 

Cameron, Mikm, Tex. Joseph T. JeffriM 

Cameron MiUs, Steitben, N. Y... Alphonao Hubbard 

Camillas, Onondago, N. Y Oliver Kimberiy 

CempbeU, Lueeme, Pa Jaeob Myen 

Campbell, Gfles, Hit ..John PUppa 

Campbell, ff^nebaga,WlB., .Apollo Anstin 

Campbell, Lawrence, Ohio Robert Soott 

Campbell G. H., Qmiplietl, Vft. Robert 0. Doss 

Campbell, Jama, MicbM.^ Richard D. Hudeon 

Campbell, Onmge, Ia..-, Stephen Scarlett 

Campbell's Bridge, Marion, S. G... William P. Camp- 

Gampbellsburg, Washington, la Robert Denny 

Campbellsborg, Hamry, Ky .Jamee it. Tott 

Campbell's Comers, Oakland, Mich Sloan Gpoiey 

Campbell's Mills, Windham, Conn. Elisha Potter 

Campbell's Port, Portage, Ohio... John H. Bostwlck 
Campbell's Rest, SidUvan, Tenn.Thomas H. Murray 

Campbell's Station, Knox, Tenn Robert RusaeQ 

Campbellstown, Preble, Ohia..Matthew McWhlnny 

CampbellsvUle, Taylor, Ky William A. Crouch 

Gampbellsville. Giles, Tenn. William Peaton 

Gampbellton, Jackson, Fla.. James P. Ooker 

Campbellton,(ch.) Campbell, Ga. William B. Swann 

Gampbellton, St. Clair, Mich Cortlandt Lindsay 

CampbeUton, Franklin, Mo U^Hban Gleve 

Gampbellton, Mafoamiba, Miss Edwin u. Thomas 

Campbelltown, SteuJben, N. Y..,.. Aden J. Pratt 

Campbelltown, L^non, Pa...» J^ohn Wolfereberger 

Cambellville, Dutchess, N. Y.... '..Gushing Green 

Campbellville, SuUivan, Fa.... John Campbell 

Gamp Branch, Warren, Mo.: «...H. H. Gerdeman 

Gamp CaU, Cleveland, N. C WUliam W. Green 

Camp Charlotte, Piclxiway, Ohio.... Levi P. Whisler 

Camp Creek, Jefferson, Ark... .Joseph McClung 

Camp Creek, BuiUr, Ala. N. R. D«niel 

Camp Creek, Orittendmt Ky D. A. Flannery 

Camp Creek, Greeiu, Tenn. t..Daniel Kennedy 

Campello, Pfymowt, Mass Nelson J. Fobs 

Camp Ground, Pit^ens, S. C J. A. Ballenger 

Camp Grove, Slark, 111 ....Henry Kellogg 

CwBp Hm, miapoosa, Ala Joshna fsanlk 




Omp Isard, ifarion, Fl» Allen B. Hmideii 

Ouapobellft, SparlanburgK S. C. David Patton 

Campo &eoo,''Qaaearas, Oal T. H. Pawling 

Oanp Point, AdamSf HI Orandison M. Hose 

I Obmp Ridge, miUanuburgTiy S. 0. ...Cliarlefl W. Oade 

I Omp Itan, Chrewford, Ohio Matthew Torrenee 

Ounp Spring, Ltnorenoe, Ala William A. Milam 

Oanpti, JibUehitochet, La..., Jacob A. Wolfiion 

Ounpton, €fra/Um,V. H William Clark 

I Ounpton, Kane, 111 Sldredge Walker 

Ctarapton Yilla^ Grqfion, N. H. Benjamin F. Ontter 

OhmptonyiUe, J^i^Oal S. J.Bowlby 

Ounptown, JBstexy N. J John N. Crawfbrd 

Ounptown, Bm^^fbrd, Pa. Gyrns Arery 

OunpTille, Tioffo^ N. T George K. Steele 

(kmpTille, LitehMd, Oma. Luttos J. Hall 

Osna, Jennings, 1% John E. Wilson 

Oanaan, Tippah, Miss James G. Oamphell 

OuiaAn, Gasconade, Mo Robert 8. BUee 

^naan, lAMifieid, Oonn William Wataon 

uuiaan, J'^fferson, la Bnoch Rabonm 

Ouiaan, Stmertet, Me Alexander B. Atkins 

Choiaan, GrafUm,!^. H Edwin Cobb 

Canaan, CkiUanbia. N. T.» Samuel Frisbee 

Canaan, Wcnyne, Ohio Solomon^Znyer 

Canaan, Wayne,^ Philip W. Lerch 

CsBaan, Essex, Vt Francis L. Brown 

Ganaan Centre, OdUmlbia, N. T N. W. Williams 

Cuiaan Four Comers, Odtumbia, N. T. John W. Pitts 

CanaattTllle, Mkens, Ohio Nehemiab 0. Warren 

Oanadioe, Ontario, N. Y Robert Ogden, jr 

Cazugoharie, MaiOgmMry, N. Y Barid Spraker 

Canal, OnoTidaga, N. Y JohnLakin 

Canal, Venango, Pa. Isaac Hanna 

Canal, marridc, la. J. H. Miller 

CsBal Creek, San Bete, Utah Ter. James AUred 

Canal Bover, j^tsooratoaw, Ohio Joseph W. 


Otnal Fulton, aark, Ohio Godfrey Bemower 

Canal Lewisriile, OoshocUm, Ohio Henry Murray 

Canal Winchester, Franklin, Ohio Peter T. Krag 

Canandadgna, (c h.) OnUxrin, N. Y....N. G. Ohesebro 

Canandaigua, Lenavoes, Mich Philo Wilson 

Ganarsie, Kingi,'TS.Y Andrew A. Myers 

Canasauga, PoUe,Tlmn Hiram Phillips 

Canastota, Madison, N. Y Edwin R.White 

Candia, RocMngham, N.H Stephen B.Fitt9 

Gandia Tillage, Roekinffham, N. H...E. W. Sanborn 

Candor, Tioga, N. Y John J. Sackett 

Candor, Watfrington, Pa William Bigham 

Candor Centre, Tioga, N. Y Hiram Smith 

Candy's Creek, Brwffey, Te Robert S. Holt 

Canoadea, AiUegany, N. Y Henry Burleson 

Cane Bottom, Lauderdale, Tenn Henry WlUard 

Cane Creek, BuUer, Mo Exum C. Scott 

Cane Creek, Tlshemingo, Miss J. P. Young 

Cane Greek. Chatham, N. G William Lindley 

Crane Creek. Lincoln, Tenn Samuel Talley 

Cane Run, Mareer, Ky P. G. Depauw 

Cane Spring, BuUitt, Ky Sexton R. Samuels 

Oaney, Jfo^t^onfo, Texas Presley C. Evans 

Caney, Morgan,Ky David I. Lvkins 

Caney, Washita, Ark. ?.....John McNeely 

Caney Branch, Oreene, Tenn... Anderson W. Walker 

Caney Fork, Warren, Tenn. Leonard Adcock 

Caney Head, Tifler,tex John P. Jordan 

Caney Spring, Marshall, Tenn J. M. Knight 

Oaneyville, Grayson, Ky Stephen W. Bond 

Canfield, (c. h.) Mahoning, Ohio...WilliamTSchmick 

Canfleld's Comer, Tioga, N. Y Clark Hyatt 

Oanicello, BockbrUlge, Yau Alexander N. Bell 

Oanisteo, Steuben, N.Y Franklin E. Whitwood 

OannadayGap, Floyd^Ysk^ Isaac Lemon 

Cannelton, i^rry. Xa D. L. Armstrong 

Cannon City, nice. Wan B. F. Haviland 

Cannon River Falls, Goodhue, Mlnn...Ja8. McGinnis 

Oannonsbargfa, Kent, Mich Thomas Noy 

Oannonsburg^, Greenup, Ky William L. Geiger 

Gannonsbur^, ^ancocit:, Ohio Fuller Ballard 

Cannonsbnrgh, Washington, Pa .Benjamin South 

Cannon's Ferry, Sussex, Del Charles J. Smith 

Gannon's Mill, CbUmbiima, Ohio William Hays 

Gannon's Store, Spartanburgh, S.'G John Y. Jackson 
Oannon's Store. Satier, Tenn.... .William H. Cannon 
Oannonsville^ Ddawan, N. Y William K. Owen 

Oanoga, Seneca, N. Y William :u. Smith 

Canoodiee, Smanuel, Ga benjamin E. Brinson 

Canoper, Adams, la Lewis Mattax 

Oanotia, Oass, Nebrkska Terr'y B. B. Thompson 

Canterbury, WiTtdham, Gonn..>... Marvin H. Sanger 

Canterbury, Kent, Del James B. Conner 

Canterbury, Merrimack, N. H Josiah E. White 

Canton, Wilcox, Ala ^ Edmund Gaillard 

Canton, Jackson, Wis Samuel Harmon 

Canton, Lawrence, Ark Wiley C. Jones 

Canton, Sartford, Conn Uriah Bailey 

Canton, (c. h.) Cherokee, Ga J.H.Wood 

Canton, munington, la John L. Anderson 

Canton, JVtton, 111 Parley G. Stearns 

Canton, ^ocAwm, Iowa .'. .Homas l^ith 

Canton, 3Hgg, Ky William J. Fuqua 

Canton, Oxford, Me Cornelius M. Holland 

Omton, (c. h.) Madis&n, Miss Willhun Priestly 

Canton, iVbr>»:, Bfass Calebs. Tait 

Omton, Salim, N. J .William Plummer 

Canton, (c. h.) SL Lawrence, N. Y.JLmaea 0. Brown 

Canton, (c. h.) Sbxfk, Ohio Nicholas Bowr 

Canton, Bradford, Pa John Van Dyke, jr 

Canton, Levjis, Mo John N. Hnghes 

Canton, Vanzant, Texas William W. Sittle 

Omton, Wayne, Bfich Augustus Andrews 

Canton Centre, ^or^ord. Conn Simeon Mills 

Canton Mills, Oxford, Me Horatio Austin 

Cantrelle, St. James, La Louis Decnires 

Gantrell's Grols Roads, McMnn, Tenn....B. P. Cobb 
Cantwell's Bridge, New Oistle, DeU. W. Tandegrilt 

Cap An Grey, Lincotn, Mo Charles B. Admire 

Gape Elizabeth Depot, (hmberUmd, Me...-...John L. 


Cape Fare, Stone, Mo .Joseph T. R^an 

Cape Girardeau, Oape Girardeau, Mo W. H. Gale 

Cape Island. Oape May, N. J Samnel S. Marcy 

Gapell's Mills, Richmond, N. C Pleasant R. Capel 

Cape May, (c. h.)CUpe May, N. J John Farrow 

Gape Neddick, York, Me .George M. Freeman 

Capeville, Northampton, Va William S. Jarvis 

Oape Vincent, Jeifferson, N. Y Jacob Berlngtsr 

Capoli, AUemakee, Iowa Orin S.Conkey 

Capon Bridge, Hoampshire, Va Evan P.Cooper 

Capon Springs, Hampshire, Va....Samuel M. Mullin 

Gapp's Greek, NewUm, Mo John P. Osbom 

Captina, Belmont, Ohio Michael Dorsey 

Caraway, Randolph, N. Branson Briles 

Carbondale, Luxame, Pa Anthony Grady 

Carbondale, Jackson, HI..- Asgill Conner 

Garbonton, (Latham, N. C R. A. Stuart 

Cardiff, Onondaga, N. Y Timothy Guddibaek 

Cardiff, W&rren, Miss..... Francis I. Anthony 

Gttrdington, Marrow, (Mo G. L. Salsbunr 

Gardsville,J(m«,Geo Robert Caldwell 

Carey, WVandotf, Ohio Abraham Myers 

Garimona, FCHmcre, Minn William G. Picket 

Carlile's Mills, Perry, Miss Jehu Carifle 

Garlinville, (c. h.) JKzcouptn; Ill...George W.Wallace 

OirliBle, SuJlivan, la James K. CHaver 

Carlisle, (c. h.) JVfcAote«, Ky 3. S. Carter 

Carlisle, jBator?, Mich Edward D. Lacey 

Carlisle, Middlesex, Mass George W. Green 

CarUsle, Schoharie, Kt Y John H. Angle 

Carlisle, (c. h.) Uumbeiiand, Pa John B. Brattqn 

Carlisle, Warren,lown A. B. Shoemaker 

Carlisle Springe, Oim^erland, Pa.. .Anson P. Norton 

Carlisle Station, W&trrm, Ohio Henry Ebv 

Carlockville, Rutherford, Tenn E. Garlock 

Carlow, Hopkins, Kj Thomas J.Jackson 

t)arlowsville, 2>aaa«, Ala Jonathan S. Davidson 

Carlton, Orleans, N. Y John Pratt 

Carlton, 5arry,Mich .Enos Dryer • 

Carlton's Store, £tn9 rf Queen, Va R. H.W. 


Carlyle, (c. h.) CKnton, 111 Charles McCSain 

Oarmel, HamiUon, la Albert T. Jessup 

Carmcd, WOker, Texas Phillips Fltzpatrick 

Garmel, Penobsoat, Me Israel W. Johnson 

Garmel,lc. h.) Putnam, N. Y WUliam J. Blake 

Gtermel BOH, Chester, 8. C John W. Estes 

Garmi, (c. h.) White, HI Philip P. Hunfte 

Carmichael's, Ortene, Pa Alfred Frort 

Cannon River Falls, Goodhue, Minn. Ty James 

M. Grunis 




Cament Prairie, Perryy 111 James Campbell 

Camesville, (c. h.) FranTdin, Qa... John M. Freeman 

CSarolina, ffajfwood^ Tenn ^.Lorenzo T. Hart 

Carolina, TKshemingo, Miss William H. Walton 

Carolina Female College, Anson, N. C... William A. 

Carolina Landing,' WasIiingUm, Miss Frederick 

G. Tarnbull 

Carolina Mills, Washingtonj B.. I J. H. Baboock 

Caroline, Tompkins, N. Y Jonathan Norwood 

Caroline Centre, Tompkins, N. T,^Thomas Eighmey 

Carondelet, St. Louis, Mo John Fester 

Carpenter's Creek, Jasper, la... George G/ Thompson 

Carpenter's Landing, Gloucester, N. J S. Lock 

Carpentersville, Putnam, la Philip Carpenter 

Carpentersville, J^arren, N.J Jacob D. Carpenter 

Carp River, Marq^^, Mich Peter White 

Carr««V. ^JJ^fhtfi^i . PfL.„ Christopher Linhart 

CuiTi ^(i' Joseph Clark, jr 

Cirrii!i\ irU. Texan.,....,,, Henry Redmond 

Carntl, AIn......... Winfield 8. Lelth 

CarrdV, fMrmt^^ U. William H. Ewing 

CttTTolU /ViRj/jscti^ M(i..„., Galen Gates 

Carroll, Owm, >% If,,... Jonas Howe 

Cwrrill, Vii'ninn^ Pa Henry Bamer 

CATTn]], /'hirfuhi^ Ohio, .„**.. Andrew Saylor 

QsTDjlUTille, i'i^kitmitiga. Miss R. E. Clayton 

GarriiUiiJii, (•.-.. h.) Pohmiff Ala...Andrew J. Roberts 

OiUTtiltou, CtrrTXjfl!, Ark,. D. S. Neese 

Cafrollton, (c. h ,) GirrfMy Oa. J«hn W. Wood 

GarrolltOQ, {c L.j Grr^-T^^ Hi Marshall Dulaney 

C&TTQlltcjnt i^rrtMt Ky, Joseph Scott 

CBrfdUtoEt, JfJfsTKm, La.. Harman H. Gogrevo 

Osji^ntoa, (t. b.) Ojrr*^^ Miss Jacob V. Wolfe 

CirMlltmi, (fi. h.) Girffin, Mo Abram Walling 

GiiTOllton, (p, b.) airjratt,OWo James 8. Bell 

Cjirfttllton, OirMI, Md George R. Rhodes 

i'lin ;■..-.. .L. r..M,^. /.J, Va ;... Henry Scanlan 

OarroiiyiUe, iitayne, Tenn William L. Montague 

CarrsvUle, Livingston, Ky. E. H. Angle 

Carrsville, IsU of Wight, Ya Edward Rawls 

Carson Valley, Oarson, Utah E. H. Knott 

Carter Camp, Potter, Pa. Isaac Hopper 

Carter Hill, Erie, Pa. David White 

Carter's Bridge, Mbemcarle, Ya William W. Pace 

Cartersbnrg, Hendricks, la J. B. Keer 

Carter's Biill, Indiana, Pa Samuel McCartney 

Carter's Store, iVtcAoZo*, Ky John Carter 

Cartersville, Oass,0& ^esse R. Wikle 

CartersTille, Tishemingo, Miss John G. Barton 

Oartersville, Darlington, S. C William J. Carter 

Cartersville, Cumberland, Ta...Chas. R. Carrington 

Cartersville, Oswego, N. Y Robert G. Carter 

Carterville, Nodaway, Mo Hiram Elliott 

Carthage, Tuskaloosa, Ala. Theron Browne 

Carthage, Rush, la. Francis B. Macy 

Carthage, ^c. h.) Panola, Texas J. H. Anderson 

Carthage,^ (c. h.) Hancock, HI. ..Caswell R. Hendrix 

Carthage, OampheU, Ky James G. Carter 

Oarthage, FrankUn, Me Harrison Storer 

Cartlu^e, (c. h.) Leake, Mis8......Thomas C. Lindsey 

Carthage, (c. h.) Ja^p«r, Mo. J. Fitzgerald 

Carthage, (c. h.) Moore, N. C •^..A. H. McNeill 

Carthage, Jefferson, N. Y Benjamin Y. Buxton 

Carthage, ^amt'Uon, Ohio B^i^amin Bonnel 

Carthage, (c. h.) Smith, Tenn David Won 

Carthage Landing, Dutchess, N. Y....vGilbert Budd 

Carthage, Johnson, Iowa David J. Wilson 

Carthagena, Mercer, Ohio Cliarles D. Peaslee 

Cartioay, (?i2mer, Ga Daniel E. Slagle 

Carver, Plymouth, Mass Daniel Shaw 

Carver's Harbor, Waldo, Me David Vinal 

Carversville, Bucks^ Pa J. Paxson Hough 

Carverton, Luzerne, Pa Rufus Carver 

Carysville, Champaign, Oliio Samuel Boworsock 

Cascade, Du Buque, Iowa William S. Hall 

Cascade, Sheboygan, Wis EzekielT. Efner 

Cascade, Pittsylvania, Ya James J. Tinsley 

Cascade, Kent, Mich M. W. Alfred 

Cascades^ C2ar/(, Qni Isaac H. Bush 

Casco^ Cumberland, Me Richard Mayberry 

Casco, St. Clair, Mich S. A. Fenton 

Case's Mills, Travis, Tex Sherman Case 

Casey, dark, HI Jonathan Maring 

Casey Creek, Adair, Ky Robert B. Ferrell 

Caseyviile, Dnion, Ky James P. Finnie 

Caseyville, Copiah, Miss JohnlS. Casey 

Caseyvijle, St, Clair,m Egbert M. Mallory 

Casher's Valley, Macon, N. C Jonathan 2^hary 

Casli's Nob, Montgomery, Ky... ..William C. Shnbert 

Cashtown, Adams, Pa Jacob Mark 

Cashville, Spartajntmrgh, 8. C J.M. Fowler 

Casnovia, Ottawa,'iA\ch. Ransom Surrarer 

Casons Ford, Columbia, Fla. James L. Sanderlin 

Cass, Venango, Pa Levi Dutchess 

Cass, Du Page, 111 ^Thomas Andrus 

Cass, Hillsdale, Mic^ Timothy Johnson 

Cass, Hancock, Ohio James Vickers 

Cass, Franklin, Ark Grimalda C. Sadler 

Cass, Lawrence, Tenn Samuel McBride 

Cassadaga, Chautauque, N^ Y Charles Phillips 

Catisapolis, Cass, Mich Frederick A. Graves 

Cass Coe, Arkansas, Ark Coalkley B. Mayo 

Cassity's Mills, Mcrrgan, Ky W. W. Phillips 

Cass Lake, Pembina, Minn „ Francis Sp^ 

Casstown, Miami, Ohio .Reuben Hiekey 

Cassville, (c. h.) Cass,GQ. ...Arthur Haire 

Cassville, Harrison, Ohio Hugh M. Mitchell 

Cassville, JSiirry, Mo M. L. Wyrick 

Cassville, Oneida, N.Y Norman Merrill 

Cassville, Howcerd, la .'..Patrick Hartin 

Cassville, Huntingdon, Pa James Henderson , 

Cassville, G^an<, Wis « John Geiger 

Cassville, MonongaUa, Ya ..........Peter A. Layton 

Cassville, White, Tenn ..John L.Grissom 

Castalia, Eric, Ohio Jallier Billings 

Castalia, Winneshiek, Iowa Lucius W. Smith 

Castalian Springs, Sumner, Tenn. A. R. Wynne 

Castile, W/oming, N.Y Lucius Carter 

Castile, CKnton, Mo Robert H. Saunders 

Castine, Darke, Ohio D. B. Clew 

Castine, (c. h.) Hancock, Me Charles Rogers 

Castle Craig, Campbell, Ya... William H. Hazlewood 

Castle Creek, Broome, N. Y Moses Puflfer 

Castle Creek Corners, Broomc,N, Y JDaniel W. 


Castle Fin, York, Pa John Finley 

Castlefin, Jefferson, HI George W. Treese 

Castle Grove, Ja^es, Iowa Bens^ah Beardsley 

Castleman's Ferry, Clarke, Va S. D. Castleman 

Castle Rock, Lewis, Wash William Huntington 

Castleton, JBarry, Mich Sheldon Whitcomb 

Castleton, Rensselaer, N. Y...Lawrence C. Hogeboom 

Castleton, Rutland, Yt Gustavus Buel 

Castleton, C^peper, Ya A. G. Corbiu 

Castleton, Marion, la John R. Anderson 

Castor, (MdweU, La Asa Anderson 

Castor, BoUinger. Mo Philip D. Whitener 

Castroville, (c. h.) Medina^ Texas John Vance 

Caswell, La Fayette, Miss D. M. Nelson 

Catalamet, Lewis, Wash James Bemie 

Catalpa Grove, Greene, Ky John Victor 

Catalpa Grove, Marshall, Tenn Richard Tanner 

Catalpa Grove, Benton, la James Emerson 

Cataract, Owen, la Alfred N. Bullitt 

Catasauqua, Lehigh, Pa Augustus H. Gilbert 

Catatonk, Tioga, N. Y Sanford H. Daniels 

Cataula, Harris, G» William H. Jackson 

Catawba, dark, Ohio John L. CartweU 

Catawba, Forfc, S. C J. A. HiU 

Catawba, Roanoke, Ya William W. Brand 

Catawba Creek, Gaston, N. C Alfred C. Dickson 

Catawba Springs, Liiwoln, N. C Andrew J. Derr 

Catawba View, Caldwdl, N. C. Joseph SkenriU 

Catawissa, Oolumbia,!^ Casper Rahn 

Catfish, Marion, S. C Isaiah W. Moody 

Catfish Furnace, CS4irioii,Va. John G. Ueavor 

Catharine, Schuyler, N. Y Levi H. Hazen 

Catharine I^ake, OnsZoto, N. C John A. Avii-ett 

Cathcart, White, la Frederick B. Rishling 

Cathey's Creek, Henderson, N. C.James Hamblen 

Catlett, Fauquier, Ya James M. Peters 

Catlettsburgh, Greenup, Ky Nelson P. Andrews 

Catlin, Wimna, Minn JRufua F. Wells 

»Catlin Centre, Chemung,!^. Y Joseph Cooper 

Cato, Cayuga, N. Y Edwin G. Allen 

Cato, Cocke, Tenn Andrew C, Huff 

Caton, Steuben, N. Y Samuel H. Smith 

Catonsville, JBoZiiwuwe, Md Joseph P. Fusting 

Cato Springs, Rankin, Miss Rankin C. Norman 




..^ameB B. Gordon 

...Jo8e|^ Joesbury 

Ostoosa, iMttuakinyQ^ 

Ofttakill, Oreene, N. Y 

Oat Spring, Austin, Tex ^ N. darke 

Cattaraugus, Oattaraugut, N. Y Orrin W. Tubbs 

Caudle's Shop, Bibb, Ala Stephen Oaudle 

Caughdenoy, Oswego, N. Y Charles Breed 

Canlk'8 Field, Kent, Md WUliam R. Apsley 

Caye, Franklin, HI John W. McCreery 

Caye, WhiU, Tenn WUllam Anderson 

Caye in Rock, Hardin, HI C. D. MiUer 

Cayendish, Windsor, Yt Asaph G. Sletcber 

Caye Pump, Qimden, Mo Qdoi^ W. Moulder 

Caye Spring, Floyd, Ga Walton R. Webster 

Caye Spring, Decatur, la. JBdward A. Jooelyn 

Caye Spring, WrigTU, Mo S. R. Robinson 

Caye Spring, Soanoke, Ya- George G. Hartman 

Cayettflyille, Westnuyrdand, Fa. Fayette Morris 

Cayuga, Binds, Miss Haywaxd Foote 

Cayuga, Jackson, Mich Michael S. Brown 

Cayuga, Ozyi^n, N. Y .John Barrett, Jr 

Oayuta, Schuyler, N. Y .Jacob Swartwood 

CayutayiUe, Schuyler, N. Y Nelson Griffin 

Ouenoyia, Madison, N. Y George C. Brown 

Caaenovia, JRichland, Wis Stephen J. G0II7 

Cedl, Washington, Pa. Robert Johnson 

Cedlton, ObcO, Md George B. Pennington 

Cedar, Oedar, Iowa Charles WiUkuns 

Cedar Bayou, Liberty, Texas. W. L MiUs 

Cedar Blufll (c. h.) Ourokee, Ala. John Lawrenee 

Cedar Bluff, Oktibbeha, MUb. George Ifaddox 

Cedar Bluff, liuewelL Ya Thomas M. Scott 

Cedar Branch, OmpbeO, Ga WUUom Ryenport 

Cedarburgh, Ozaukee, Wii Hugo Boclo 

Cedar City, Iron, Utah Isaac 0. Haight 

Cedar Creek, Sussex, Del .James Ward 

Cedar Creek, RwOwrfordy N, C.Isaao W. Maxwell 

Cedar Creek, TRuAinpton. "VHs JTohnC. Toll 

Cedar Creek, Airry, Mich Solen Doud 

Cedar Creek, Ocean, N. J.. J)ayid J. C; Rogers 

Cedar Creek, lUchkmdy S. C...Hilliard D. Hamitw 

Cedar Creek, Qreenc, Tenn William Girdner 

Cedar Creek, Scott, Ark James Gibson 

Cedar Greek Frederick, Ya George W. Alleoa 

Cedar Greek, ^loyd, (H James A. Green 

Cedar CreelE, Newton, Mo Hamilton Hartley 

Cedar Creek, Bastrop, Texas William A. Oatman 

Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa...Andrew MuUarky 

Cedar Falls, BamddMiy N. G.^ WUliam & Mai^ 

Cedar Falls, GreenmOe, 8.C Mici^ah Berry 

Cedar Fields, Mt qf Wwht, Ya... Nathaniel F. PoweU 

Oedar Ford, Oravnger. Tenn An^ferson Aeuff 

Cedar Fork, BeOa, Mich. Edwin S. Briggs 

Cedar Groye, Jefferson, Ala L. W. Herring 

Cedar Groye, Sheboygan^iB John K. Muller 

Cedar Groye, FramJcUn, la...£manuel H. Chambers 

Cedar Groye, Orange, N. C William W. Allison 

Cedar Groye, Breckenridge, Ky Samuel T. Elder 

Cedar Groye, JTat^/man, Texas W. Gibbartf 

Cedar Groye, Xticcu, Iowa. John May 

Cedar Groye Mills, Bockbridge,YaL.J, A. F. Randolph 

Cedar Hill, Albany N. Y Thomas Brooks 

Cedar HUl, Anson, N. Robert H. Bums 

Cedar Hill, BaOas, Texas William L. Berry 

Cedaria, Mecklenburg, Ya John B. Tunstall, jr 

Cedar Lake, Herkimer, N.Y. Zechariah Townsend, 2d 

Cedar Lake, Waushara, Wis « WUber Potter 

Cedar Lake, Lake, la .Jjawia Warriner 

Cedar Lake, Ocdhoun, Mich Bayid Aldrich 

Cedar Plains, Morgan, Ala Joseph Herring 

Cedar Point, Fdge, Ya Edward W. Wood 

Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa Homer Bishop 

Cedar Ridge, Murray, Ga.. Samuel J. Chesnnt 

Cedar Run, Lycoming, Pa Lucius Truman 

Cedar Shoal, Ouster, S. C .James A. H. Gaston 

Cedar Spring, AUen, Ey. R. M. SpOman 

Cedar Springs, f^fOe, Ya:... Isaac G. Keesling 

Cedar Springs, ainton,l?SL Thomas J. Fox 

Cedar Springs, Cherokee, Ala .John 8. Wilson 

Cedar Springs Asylum, ^rUxrimrgh, S. C... Jf. P. 


Cedar Swamp, (Queens, N. Y JTames Luyster, Jr 

lOedartown, PtHk, Ga. ^Brooks M. Willingfaam 

jCedar Tree, Hernando, Fla James M. Bates 

pYaUey, m»yn«, Ohio -John Beale 

'" , Cumberland, N. J.... « Payid Gale 

Gedaryille, Herkimer, N. Y .William H. Morgan 

Cedanrille, Greene, Ohio Adam W. Osborn 

Gedaryille, Washington, Ya......*. Jamoa Orr 

CedaryiUe, £{/)ora(2o, Oal William R. Smith 

Gedaryille, Stephenson, HI William W. Robey 

Cedron, Cumberland, HI William H. Woodbury 

Cedron, Clermont, Ohio James M. Hite 

Celestia, MarshaU,laA Philip Dnncomb 

Oelestine, Bubois, la Joseph Streigel 

Celina, (c. &.,) Mercer, Ohio Jacob Broadwell 

Celina, Jackson, Teno London W. Oglesby 

Centenary, Marion, S. G Evan A. Rogers 

Center, Monongalia, Ya JLlphens Semq^ters 

Center, Bock, Wis John Walwlhan 

Centerton, Morgan, la William H. Spencer 

Centerrille, Davis, Utah A. B. Cherry 

Centeryille, Alameda, Gal Reuben Z. Q^ments^ 

Central, Cb{im&ta,Pa Peter Hess 

Central, Linn, Oregon Joel Ketchum 

Central, SL Louis, Mo Martin Lepere 

Central Bridge, Schoharie, N. Y John G. Caryl 

Central City, Marion, HI ...H. K. S. CMelveny 

Central College, F^anJdiu, Ohio...Austin Stebbins 

Centralia, Mtrion, HI James M. CMelveny 

Centralia, Dubumie, Iowa William Wolf 

Central Plains, Fluvanna, Ya...MJeffer8on R. Noel 

Central Point, Oardline, Ya Philip C. Samuel! 

Central Square, Oswego, N. Y Thom(» Warner 

Central Yillace, "WindAam, Conn... Jonathan Gorton 

Centre, (c h^ Cherokee, Ala. Dennis^ L. R. Butt 

Centre, Montgomery, Ohio Bayid W. Swank 

Centre, Hmoard, la Thomas W. Banks 

Centre, 7lxlM,Ga. Simon P. Yiele 

Centre, Barren, Ey , Thomas E. Newman 

Centre, OuHfori, N. C Andrew C. Murrow 

Centre, iVry, Pa Jacob Bixler 

Centre, Busk,Te^ John F. Robertson 

Centre^ Ftige, Iowa George W. Farrens 

Centre- Almond, AUegany, N. Y.. L S. Rathbun 

Centre Bamstead, Belknap, N. H...I)aniel Bickford. 
Centre Belpre, Washington, Ohio...George N. Gilbert 

Centre Berlin, Senssdaer, N. Y James A. Culyer 

Centre Bridge, Bucks.P% Thomas B. Scott 

Centre Brook, MiddksexyCoiai Clark Nott 

Centre Brook, Otsego, N. Y John W. Pearce 

Centrebnrgh, Knox, Ohio JBnoch Nichols 

Centre Cambridge, Washinalon. N. Y. James Eeny on 

Centre Ganisteo, Steuben, », Y. JP. 0. Stephens 

Centre Conway, CbrroB, N. H C. P. Lamson 

Centre Cross. £ssex, Ya George W. Dillard 

Centredale, Providence, B. I James H. Angell 

Centrefield, Ontario, N. Y......... Joseph White 

Centrefield, OWtam, Ey Henry P. Norton 

Centrefield, HighlaM, Ohio Andrew J. Bunlap 

Centre Groton, JVeto London, Conn G. L. BaboU 

Centre Groye, MusoaUne, Iowa J(^n B. Hanson 

Centre Guilford, PiKotaquis, Me... Simeon Lombard 
Centre Harbor, BeUcnap, N. H....John H. Moulton 

Centre Hill, Centre, Pa James A. Boozer 

Centre H)ll, De Soto, Miss El^ah Stannaid 

Centre Lebanon, York, Me Daniel Wentworth 

Qantre lincolnyille, Waldo,yL^ Luther Sperry 

Centre Line, Cbitr^Pa ,....Cyms Cronister 

Centre Lisle, Broome, N. Y JOias W. Seymour 

Centre Loyell, Oaford, Me George Russell 

Centre Montyille, Waldo.M» William Nashe 

Centre Moreland, Wyomung, Pa A. W. Jaques 

Centre Moriches, Si^blk. N. Y...Mahlon Chichester 

Centre Ossippee, CarroO, N. H Moses Merrill 

Centre Point, Ctoy, Ind v B. S. Shrewsbury 

Centre Point, Jitonroe, Ey Wilson L. BiggerstalT 

Centre Point, Sevier, Ark.... Moses Hill 

Oentre Point, Linn, Iowa John Carr 

Centre Point, Henderson, Tenn. Daniel M. McCallum 

Centre Point, Orange, N. Y John Loudbieed 

Centre Point, ^n<xB,Hl » Zimry Pond 

Centreport, Si^lbDc, N. Y Robert S. Dickeraon 

Centre Ridge, iferoer.Ill Almond Shaw 

Centre Rutland, BuOand, Yt Peter Dudley 

Centre Sandwich, CbrroZf, N. H Christopher C. 

Centre Sherman, Chauiauque, N. Y... W. L. Freeman 
Centre Sidney, Kennebec, Me...Alpheus S. Hayward 
Centre Square, Montgomery, Pa. I^hraim H. Shearer 
Centre Star, Lauderdale, Ala^ WUliam J. Tapp 




Oentre Strafford, Stramrd, N. H Demeritt Plftcp 

Oentreton, Saienii N. J Ethan Trenchafd 

Oentreton, Huront Ohio. John McWhorter 

Gentreton^ Mercer, Pa Samnel Coleman 

Centre Valley, Lehigh, Pa..l Jacob Jacoby 

Centre Valley, OtseffOy N. Y Oliver P. Thrall 

Centre Village, Qmden, Qa J)omingo C. Acosta 

Oentre Village, Brwme, N. Y B. P. Northrop 

Centre Village, Ddaware, (Mo V. M. Ford 

CJentrevllle, law, Tex Neal IftcBachem 

Centrevllle, Montaomery, Ark .Fielding Strawn 

Centreville, (c. h) Bm, Ala. Josiah S. Kennedy 

OentiTeville, New Cbnefe, Del James L. Belaplain 

Centreville, Lemt,, Ha Alphonzo B. Comba 

Centrevllle, WiBfce«, Qa o William O. Turner 

Centreville,.£b{t«mM(|, Wis .John McOonochie 

Centre^e, (c. h.) Wayne, la .....John B. Stitt 

Centrevllle, JBornixm, Ky John W. Harcourt 

Centreville, Si, Mdry'Sj La......... Joshna B. Gary 

Centreville, (c* h.)Qitem Anne, Md. l^aizabeth J. 

Keating • • , 

/Centreville, J%em«fee^ Ma9B»...Ferdinand O. Kelley 

Centreville, (c. h.) St, Jos^% Bfich 0. Shipmaa 

Oentreville, Amite, Miss Thomas Cain 

Centreville, Moore, N.€,... NeiU McLeod 

Centreville, Simterdon, N. J Pavid Van ^eet 

Oentreville, AUeganp, N. Y John A. Thompson 

Centreville, Jfontgomery, Ohio. .»B. M. Anderson 

Centreville, Orcn^fvrd,V^ Stephen Post 

Centreville, JSr«n^ B. I James R. Tanner 

Oentreville, Meynolds, Mo..« ,James Crownover 

Centreville, Lmirens, fl.*0...;..;.... .Oliver H. P. Jones 
Centreville, £RcX»na»,Tenn..Archibald M. Williams 

CentrevlUe, Jhw/oi*, Va.. i Betty D.Grigsby 

Centreville, Ajpfpcenoose, Iowa. Daniel P. Sparks 

Centreville, Kan8a8...Bei]\Jamin F. Wale, it 

Graitreville, Akx!meda,(M Benben L. Clements 

Centre White Creek, muhtnffton, N. y..*.D, Fowler 

CeralvQ, OirroK, Hiss Moses M. Liddell 

Owes, Mkffanif, N. Y .Oeorge J. Adams 

Ceresoo, Ckdhoun, Mich Albert J. Vorhees 

Oereaoo, Ibnd €lu Lac,WiB Albert M. SkeelB 

Gerro Ghordo, Hdhnes^yisL. ,...Henry Hewett 

Cerro Gordo, Piatt, m George Peck 

Cerro Gordo, Mmiadbph, la...... George Slack 

Cerro Gordo, iRZfo, Iowa >.„... .Bruno ^scfanck 

Cerro Gordo, Cblurnfms, N. Alfred H. Noble 

Cfaadd's Ford, Delaware, Pa Isaac Wa^kin 

CSutgrln Falls, Cktyahoffo, Ohio J.Lorenzo D. Mix 

. Chalk Bluff, Oreen, Ark..... William Idddell 

Chalk Level, (himberband, N. C.Andrew H. Bewar 

Chalk Level, PmtylvamicL, Va WflUam 0. Tate 

CSialk Level, Bopkim, Ky. .Gabriel W. Jenntng? 

Ohalkville, Chester, S.C Hemdon Chalk 

Chamberiain, Men, Ind Lorenzo B. George 

Chambers, (e. h.). Chamibers, Ala...Na1iian Y. Hunter 

Ohambersburgh, Pike,Ta. A. 8. Jackson 

Chambersburg, Clark, Mo Woodford Becket 

Chambersburgh, Orange, la .....Linus Campbell 

Chambersburgh, Monigomeri/, Ohio...Henry Jackson 

C^bambersburg, (e.h.) FranJclin, Pa John Noel 

Chambers Creel^ SU/is, Texas James M. Jjev^ 

Chambers' Mills, Buckingham,\9i. Charles S. 


CStambersville, IhUag, Ark ^Fielding B. Satnnel 

Chambersville, Indiana, Pa .Georffe Swan 

X Ghamblissburgh, ^ford, Va Bichard A. Lee 

ChampagnoUe, Vnion, Ark William H. Adams 

CSiampion, TrumtmU, Ohio ..John Woodrow 

Champion, J^erson, N. Y OrenO. Johnson 

^ampion South Boads^ J^Slkrton, N.Y. M. 6. Twining 

Champion viHe, Jbyette,Tenn Jack T. Chainpion 

Champlain, CUnton, N. Y. David Finley 

OhampoBg, ifaridn, Ogn James Castello 

Qianahachee, TaUawma, A^ .John B. Brooks 

Ohanceford, York, Pa ..'. Joseph Tosh 

Gianceford, J9<!n7^,Tenn Thomas Poyner 

Chancellorsvijle, SpottsylmQ/niai, Va......J. 0. Pettus 

Chance Prairib, Burleson, Tex...WiUi(uai W.Diincan 

Ohancevflle, Monmouth, N. J Jacob M. Hetfield 

Chandler's Springs, HaUadega, M^ Joseph Chandler 

<%andler8ville, M^ideingum, Ohio Isaac Britain 

Chandlerville, C?i««fer, Pa Thomas H. Brown 

Chanhaasen, Hennepin, Min. Ter H. M. Lyman 

Ghannt^on, If^IUinois Henry Henderson 

Channingville, Du Bugue, Iowa..Martin H. Cartmell 

Ohantilly, lAncodn, Mo Milner M. Tack^ 

Chantflly. I^Bbrfax, Va John S. Ross 

Chapel HUl Orange, N. .James B. HcBade 

Chap«1 Hill, MonrnmOh, N. J Cornelius S. Mount 

Chapel Hill, Marghda, Tenn John H. Bobinson 

Chapel Hill, Fary, Ohio Peter Coyle 

Chapel HiU, mi$hirHfton, Texas John Q. WaJlis 

Chapel ^1, La Vayette, Mo...Thomas W. Ridings 

Chaplnville, Ontario, N. Y John J. Btiui 

Chapinvllle, LiJtekfiebi, Oonn Horace Landon 

Chaplin, l/VlnShom,Qoimi Lester Bill 

Chaplin, NeUon, Ky.... Thomas K. Marshall 

Chapman, VMm, Pa. Samuel G. Harrold 

Chapman's Ford, fiiaczpoosa, Ala. JBly W. Phart 

CSu^manviUe, Logan, Va......Burwell 6. Chapman 

Chappaqtm, Iffestoteater, N. Y Levi Hunt, jr 

Chappells Bridge, ^ewftcrry, S.C .....A.M. Smith 

Chaptico, St. Mary'i^ Md........ J. T. M. Robey 

Chardon, (c. h.) €feaitiiga, Ohio Bepben B. Bourn 

Cttarenton. St: iktry's. La B. G. Crowson 

Caiariton, (c. h.) Ltmae, Iowa Beverly Searcy 

CSiariton Mills, Ptiinam^ Mo;..... Thomas Hargrave 

Oharity, L(mceh^, Tenn Jesse L. Bryant 

Chatityville, Sreckenridge, Ky George W. Allen 

(%arleinont, tS^anMin, Mass D. B. Hawks 

Charlemont, Bedford, Va John Davis, jr 

Charles City C. H., Oiaries a'fy, Va... John J. Pear 
Caiarles Riv^r Villelge, Norfolk, Ma8S...L.B. Bussell 

COiarleston, Cbfejj 111 ,...Jacob J. Brown 

(%arlMtQn, MiiWiBsippi, Mo David Swank 

Chturles^, Pen^scot, Me Mark Hatdb 

Charleston, foZanMEMo, Mich Harry A. King 

Charleston, TaUahaOchet, Mi89,...Henry L. TrewoUa 

Caiaileston, Lee, Iowa .John Crippfai 

CSiarleston, MoWtgomery, N. Y...Daniel W. Schuyler 

Charleston, Tioga, Pa J. W. Bailey 

OharIeErtK)n, (c. h^ €»mrU:stpn, S. C... Alfred Htiger 

Charleston, Bnmey, Tenn ,. .Samuel Kelly 

Charleston 4 CornerSj Mintgomery, N. Y...!. S. Frost 

Charleston, Frav^Un, Ark E. M. Bidiardson 

CSiarlestown, JfuieOeMis, Mass 0. B. Rogers 

Chariestown, OeeH, Md; J. N. Bla<^ 

Charlestown, Clark,^ Ellas I>>ng 

Chaxiestown, SuS^nan,^. H Josiah H. Hubbard 

Charlestown, Oakmid, Wis Henry Modlin 

Charlestown, Piortagt, Ohio. Nehemish Heath 

Obarlestolm, WzsMtufton, B. I George W. Cross 

Qiarlestown, (c. fa.) J^erson, Va John P. Brown 

Oharlevdx, BtMMtt, Mich George T. Preston 

Chflfflesville jB^ord, Pa Joseph F. Gorle 

Charley's Bancho, BuUe, Gal... O. M. Evans 

Charloe^Pouldi?^, Ohio Joseph Sherley 

Charlotte, Wa^hin^mi, Me ..Horace Clapp 

Chtuiiotte, Eaton, Mich.... Cyrus Cummings 

Charlotte, (e. h.) Mtddenbuirgh, N. C F. M. Rose 

Charlotte, Monroe, N.Y Zenas N. Colbum 

Charlotte, Chittenden, Vt.; Caleb E. Barton 

Charlotte, C. H., OhearMte, Va Alfred A. WUbon 

Obarlotte, (c. h.) Dickton, Tenn... James P. Priestly 

Charlotte, (3fra»<, Wis ;.....;.....'..... A. A. Bennett 

Charlotte, CUrdon, Iowa , Jeremiah Case 

Charlotte Centre, QundaMqm, N. Y...Mi8s Loanda 

Charlotte Hall, St. Mary'i, Md...Thoma8 C. Reeves 

Charlottesville, Hemeock, la Samuel Byers 

Charlottesville, (o. h.) Albemarle, Va, Wlcklifft 

Charlotteville, SiAioharie, N. Y...Wllliam T. La Mont 

Ca^arlton, Wyrees^, Bfass Alfred £. FLdc 

Charlton, Saratogek, N. Y John A. Sweetman 

Charlton D^ot, Tf^reester, Mass,. .Julius E. Tucker 

Chartiers, mighingUm, Pa Ephraim I. Agnew 

Chase Mills, St. Lawrence, N. Y...Thos. J. Wheeler 

Chaseville, JIurray, Ga.... Dean W. Chase 

Chaseville, Benton, Tenn Joseph R. Matthews 

GSbaseville, Otaego, N.Y John Hurd 

Ghaska, €a.rver, Minn .<... Thomas B. Hnnt 

Chataty, Bradfey, Tenn Ake Henry 

Chateaugay, FrankUn, N. Y Raiusom B. Crippea 

Ohatfield, Crawford, Ohio. James M. Stewart 

Chatileld, Fillmore, Minn Grove W. Willis 

Chatham, Sangamon, HI C. J. Norton 

Chatham, BamstaUe, Mass Josiah Mayo 

Chatham, C^Ium^N. Y Seth Baley 




Chfttham, MorriSy N. J...».....WiUiaii JL MoDongall 

Cluttliam> ChtsUr, Pft. JEUuoliel B. Lamborm 

Chatham) Liddng, Ohio James Moribrd 

Chatham, Buauman^ Iowa. .Charles Melrose 

Chatham Centre, CUicmMs N. Y .J. Y. H. 


Chatham Centre, Medvna, Ohio «.J. D. 'Whitney 

Chaiham 4 Comers, OdUmbiay N. Y.^John H. Meaidc 

Chatham Hill, Smyth^ Va Abraham Landreth 

Chatham Ron, CUnUmi Pa. Henry Myres 

Chatham Valley, Tioga, Pa JTames N. Wylie 

Chattahoochee, <ii!ix^<^'(y ^1& ^^^^ B. Jordan 

Chattanooga, HamiUm, Tenn...Harvey T. Phillips 
ChattoogaviUe, CSftottoc^OjIJa..... William L. Owynn 
Chanmont, J€ffitnon, N. Y....« Alexander C. Hamblin 

Ghaaneey, MheM, Ohio. .William M. Edwards 

Ghautaaqne Valley, AOegaittyf N. Y....John H. Ross 

Chasy, CUnian, N. Y Russell C. North 

Cheap VaUey, Henryy Teiu...... James A. Nance 

Chebanse, Iroquoity 111 J. W. Seaver 

CaieeksTille, Marion, Tenn James Orifflth 

Cheetowago, Brit, N. Y Nathaniel Hlingworth 

Cbeeeequakes, MiddUaeZf N.J Nathaniel HiUyer 

Chehaw, Macon, Ala John L. Robison 

Chelmsford, Middkaexy Mate Bli F. Webster 

CheUea, MK, 111 Matthew Vanhome 

Chelsea, VRuhlmav/, Mioh BUsha Congdon 

Chelsea, Suffolk, Mass... ...Gideon W. Yonng 

Chelsea, (c. h.) Oran^ Vt Aaron Davis 

Cheltenham, Montgomepjfi Pa...Thomas Rowland, jr 

Chemung, McEkmy, HI. Henry 0. Chandler 

Chemong, CAemui^, N. Y .Henry Baker 

Chemung Centre, ChaMtmg,'^. Y...... ...Daniel Bean 

GhenangO) Lawrme$, Pa. William C. Harbeson 

Chenango, BrwmtjV, Y Hawley Thomas 

Oienango Forks, BroeuMy N. Y John B. Rogers 

Cheney's Orore, MsLeany HI Henry McMackin 

Cheyneyville, JR0pideg, La Walter Bailey 

(aienook, Fodfic, Wash Washington Hall 

Chennba, Zee, Oa....> ...William I. Parker 

Caieohee, JPickensi 8. C Asbury B. Grant 

Chepachet, Provid&nee, A. I. Horaoe Kimball 

Ghepnltepec, Benton, Te Hinm Pieree 

Ch^ltepec, BUmnt, Ate Wilson B. Deaver 

Gheqaist, Daoii, Iowa.....w...... D. Bwinney 

Cheraw, CfMterfiad,8. C John C. Brans 

Gheiino> Aaea0do6A««, Texas John N. Fall 

Cherokee, Butte, Oal .Hiomas MoDanel 

Cherokee Heights, MbevOle, 8. William Qpeer 

Cherokee Iron Works, York, & C.Renben Bwann 

Cherokee Line, CheroJcu,Qeo P. F. Rainwater 

Cherry Creek, Ghauiauque, N. Y SUas Vinton 

Cherry Creek, /\»wtotoc Miss Nathan M. Berry 

Gherryfield, A«n<eers(»», N. C G.L.Gl8zner 

Cherry Flat, EiUherford, Tenn Amii Bradshaw 

Cherry Flats, Tioffo, Pa Nathaniel A. Xaiiott 

Cherry GroTe, Schuyler, Mo Seth W. Hathaway 

Cherry GroTe, muhington,Tejm Matthew S. 


Cherry GroTe, OameU, HI Samuel SheMer 

Cherry GroTe, SaUne, Ark Thomas H. Crowson 

Cherry Grov^ ^afwOton, Ohio Samuel Morison 

Cherry Hill, Erie, Pa Ira Harrington 

Cherry Hill, Brooke,TA George Ho<Aer 

Cherry Hill, Cfee«>Md Joseph T. Brown 

Cherry Hill, OaUtmm, Bfise John B.Covington 

Cherry Lake, Mddiwn^n& John 8. Wyche 

Cherry Ridge, Wiyne, Pa John J. Schenk 

Cherry Ridge, {fnion, La William C. Carr 

Cherry Run Depot, Morgan, Va Robert S. Roach 

Cberry Stone, Northampton, Va., Edward T. 


Cherry Tree, Fenan^, Pa Nlniwi Irwin 

Cherry Valley, Oteego,-^. Y Charles McLean 

Cherry Valley, Wmnebago,m Alfred Johnson 

Cherry Valley, T«I«on,Tenn...Wils<^ T. Cartwright 
Cherry Valley, Ashtabula, Ohio...Lockwood LobdeU 

Cherry Valley, WaOwngUm, Pa Ebeneaer Smith 

Cherry Valley, Orawford, Mo James Wheeling 

Cherryville, mrihcmipfon. Pa Robert Wentz 

Oherryville, ITaywooC Tenn Hiram A. Partee 

Oharryville, Hwnterdm, N. J William large 

ChManing, Saginaw, Mich Jesse L. Fisher 

Cbesapeake, Lawrence, Mo Samuel C. Hale 

Chesapeake City, Owtl, Md .John W. Collins 

Chesher's Store, Anderson, Ky...Albert G. Mullins 

Cheshire, Ifew Hanen, Conn.* Levi Munsop 

Cheshire, BerksMre, Mass Russel C. Brown 

Cheshire, Ontario, H. Y Robert Renwick 

Cheshire, CkdUa, Ohio Amasa Van Gilder 

Oheshireville, Chmango, N. Y Leonard Foot 

Chesnut Blufb, I>y«r, Tenn Isaac A. Nunn 

Chesnut Creek, Autemgek, Ala Andrew J. Cooper 

Chesnut Flat, WaOter, Ga John W. WUllams 

Chesnut Fork, Bedford, Va William P. Tinsley 

Chesnut Gap, G&fiMr,0tw Reece J. MoClure 

Chesnut Gnwe, Shetin/, Ky B. F. Booker 

Chesnut Grove, Ljfoonwng, Pa...Zeboeth I. Brittain 
Chesnut Grove, Damdton, Tenn...Raford Fulghum 

Chesnut Grove, Chuter, 8. C ,..Samuel J. Lewis 

Chesnut Hill, Pierrf, Ala Ander^n B. Davis 

Chesnut Hill, Wuhington, la Samuel C. Taylor 

Chesnut Hill, PhOaddphia, Fa Samuel Butcher 

Chesnut Hill, A»he, N. C Aaron Senter 

Chesnut Level, LamnxaAer, Pa Barbara Johnson 

Chesnut Mountain, HaJBL, Ga...Ambrose Kenneddy 

Chesnut Ridge, DiOehesB, N. Y Edgar VinoMit 

Chesnut Ridge, Lincoln, Tenn P. G. Prosser 

Chesnut Ridge, Union, Pa Catharine Brown 

Chess Sprines, Oambria, Fa .Daniel Litzinger 

Chest, Olearndd, Fa Thomas A. McGhee 

Chester, MiddleKx, Conn ....David Henshaw 

Chester, Dodge, Wis Justin Jacobs 

Chester, Ptnobioat,Me Walter Haynes 

Chester, Cfwinnett, Ga James A. PAgett 

Chester, WMjfne, la 8amuel £. Iredell 

Chester, Bandotphy 111 Alexander Dunn 

Chester, Mamvden, Mass Thaddeus K. De Wolf 

Chester, BOon, Mldh William M.Bloh 

Chester, Sockinghain, N. H/..... Alfred 8. DearbcNm 

Chester, Jforrft, N.J Daniel Budd 

Chester, Orange, N. Y Charles P. Smith 

Chester, (c. h.) Mngt,<Mo William Mitchell 

Chester, (c. h.) Ddaware, Pa ...Charlotte Doyle 

Chester C. H,, Ohegter S. C John R. Allen 

Chester, Gibson, Tenn William West 

Chester, Windsor,Yt George L. Fletcher 

Chester Cross Roads, (%at^a, Ohio... W. £. McLellin 

Chester Factories, Hampden, Mass A. C. Root 

Chesterfield, Hew London, Conn...Peter Wickwire 

Chesterfield, Madison,U Morris H.Gustin 

Chesterfield, Macoupin, HI Joseph Ralferty 

Chesterfield, Bampahire, Ma8S...01iver Edwards, jr 

Chesterfield, OoMre, N. H W.R. Ptatts 

Chesterfield, FiOUm, Ohio James M. Hough 

CSiesterfleld C. H., CheOerfiM, 8. C William A 

Chesterfield Factory, Cheshire, N. H...8am«el Burt 

Chester Hill, Morgan, Ohio Richard Stanton 

Chester Springs, Cfiesth, Pa Rudolph a Harley 

Chestertown, JTcne, Md John L. Stam 

Chestertown, Warren, N. Y William Hotchkiss 

Chestervllle, FrarUclin, Me P. M. Withington 

Chesterville, Chester, Pa John Stevens 

Chestervllle, Morrow, Ohio Anna Goble 

ChestserviUe, Kent, Md Henry M. RolHson 

Chesterville, Ftmtotoe, Miss Simeon McCotd 

Cheviot, BamiUon, Ohio Thomas Wilki 

Chewning, SL Clair, HI George W. Smith 

Chew's Landing, Oamden, N. J Joshua Slckler 

Chewsville, Washington, Md Luther D. Betts 

Chicago, Cbok, HI Isaac Co<* 

Chicbester, Merrimack, N. H..Thurston J. Carpenter 

Chickahomeny, Hanover, Va WlUHam Chiles 

Ohickamaw Bend, Madison P, La. .John Neely 

Chlckamoga, BamiOixm, Tenn Smith Fialey 

Caiickasaw, Mercer, Ohio .-r. David A. Stevens 

Chickasaw, FrankUn, Ala William J. Brewer 

Chickasaw, Chickasaw, Iowa George R. Bowley 

Chikahih, TOL, Ark Burk Johnson 

Childersbur^, TbOadega, Ala George Butler 

Chickasawhatchie, Lee, Ga Henry D. MiUer 

Chick's Springs, OreenviUe, S.C Allired Taylor 

Chico, Butte, Cal John HdweJl 

Chic(q)ee, Hampden, Mass William W. Johnson 

Chlcopee Falls, Hampden, Ma88...Le8ter Dickinson 

Childersbnrgh, TaUadega, Ala. George Butler 

Childress Store, ifontot»nery,Va...Stephen Childress 

Chfldsvllle, Yancey, N. A. D. Childt 

Chihowee, BUmrUj Tenn Rolbert James 




Chili, Mami. la...., Nelson C.Hall 

Chili, Hanccicki 111 Alfred T. Dickerson 

Chili, Monroe, N. Y John Pannell 

Chili, GoihocUm^ Ohio J. Canning 

ChilUcothe, -Peoria, 111 Lewis H. Thomas 

Chillicothe, (c. h.) Livingston, Mo William C. 


Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio John Hough 

Chillicothe, Wapdlo, Iowa A. C. Olney 

Chillisquaque, Ijjrorthumberland, Pa...G€orge Hause. 

Chillitecaux, Dunklin, Mo James B. Kice 

Chilm&rk, Jhikes, Mass Tristam Allen, jr 

Chilo, Clermont, Ohio Charles D. Foote 

Chilton, CaJbumet, Wiff. James Robinson 

Chilton ville, Plymouth, Mass...George Bramhall, jr 

Chimney Point, Addison, Vt Asahel Barnes, jr. 

Chimney Rock, Rviherford, N. C... John W. Harris 

China, Kennebeek, Me Jacob S. Marshall 

China, SL Glair, Mich John Clark 

Chma, Lee, 111 Sabin Trowbridge 

China, Wyoming, N. Y Oscar F. Swift 

China Grove, Pike, Ala Gharles/E, Tuttle 

China Grove, Pike, Miss Joseph H. Packwood 

China Grove, Rowan, N. C James H. Gonger 

China Grove, WHUamsburgh, S. C.Stephen Caxter 

'China Grove, Gonzales, Texas Russell Jones 

China Hill, Gadsden, Fla John R. Hardison 

Chiucoteague, Accom^ick, Va John W. Corbin 

Chinese Camp, Tuolumne,CaX I^Iilton R. Graham 

Chinkapin, Duplin, N. C James Lamb 

Cfhinkapin Grove, Gvnnnett, Ga.Samuel H. Freeman 

Chinnibee> TaUadega, Ala John W. Boswell 

Chipman's Point, Addison, yt...William C. Grassie 

Chippewa, Wayne, Ohio Samuel Routson 

Chippewa, Nev) QuUe, Del Charles R. Ayars 

Chippewa City, Chippewa, Wis..Edward P. Lockhart 

CMppewa Falls, Chippewa, Wis Hiram S. Allen 

Chittenango, Madison, N. Y P. D. Harrington 

Chittetiango Falls, Madison, N. Y Onin Ransom 

Choconut, Susqu^nnaJi, Pa Lewis Chamberlin 

Chocoville, Sebastian, Ark Blaney Harper 

Choctaw Agency, Choctaw NatUm, Axk.N. B. Breed- 

Choctaw Agency, Oktibbelia, Miss A. Warren 

Choctaw Corner, ClarJe, Ala....,....Lycargus Poole 

Choestoe, Union, Ga A. J. Comer 

Christiana, New Castle, Del £. H. Roberson 

Christiana, Lancaster, Pa John A. McLaughlin 

Christiana, Dane, Wis Carleman Bui:dick 

Christiansburgh, Shelby, Ey John G. Farmer 

Christiansburgh, Montgomery, Ya John Gardner 

Christiansburgh, Brown, la James Mann 

Christiansburgh, Champaign, Ohio. ..William Kelly 
ChristiansviUe, MecklenourghfyakJBichaid 0. Puryear 

Christmasville. GarrdUy Tenn Hardy Pope 

Christy's Fork, Morgan, Ky T. W. Sanford 

Christy's Prairie, Clay, la Hiram R. Wyatt 

Chronicle, Lincoln, N. Osborne Munday 

Ghuckatuck, Nansemond, Ya Joseph 0. Meador 

Ghucky Bend, Jefferson, Tenn...William McClister 

Ghulahoma, MarshaU, Miss D. M.Davis 

ChxilBakj, Northumberland,'^^, Samuel B. Wood 

Chunenuggee, Macon, Ala Thomas PuUam 

Chunkeyville, Lauderdale, Miss... Henry E. Barrott 

Church, Assumption, La Claudius Linossier 

Church Creek, Dorchester, Md...x... .Daniel T. Orem 

Church Grove, Knox, Tenn William C. Hall 

Church Hill, Luzerne, Pa Freeman Thomas 

Church Hill, Queen Anne, Md Richard Hyder 

Church Hill, Christian, Ky Robert Dnlin 

Church Hill, Jefferson, Miss William H. Bowen 

Church Hill, TrumbuO. Ohio R. H. Walker 

Church Hill, Haltfax,\a William T. iialiou 

Church Hollow, Chenango, N. Y Samuel More 

Churchland, Norfolk, Va John S. Wright 

Churchtown, Ikmcaster, Pa Lott Rogers 

Churchtown, Columbia^ N, Y Albert Shelden 

Church View, Middlesex, ya,..-. Joseph Percifull 

Churchville, Monroe, N. Y ^Merritt Moore 

Ghurchville, Augusta, Va Thomas N. Lindsey 

Chyrchville, Harford, Md Hugh J. Dever 

Churubusco, ^anUin, Ala James Blackledge 

Churubusco, dinton, N. Y John M. Humphry 

Churubusco, ^n<fer«m, S. C Baylis Watkins 

Churubusco, Whitley, la William B. Walker 

Cibolo, Bexar, Texas J.M.Hill 

Cicero, Hamilton, la William H. Pickerill 

Cicero, Onandago, N. Y Julius A. Dunhajn 

Cicero, Defiance, Ohio David M.Grier 

Cincinnati, (c. h.) Hamilton, Ohio... John L. Tattler 

Cincinnati, RaUs, Mo Thomas B. Coontz 

Cincinnati, Walker, Texas J. H. Smith 

Cincinnati, Apparuxae, Iowa Walter S. Johnson 

Cincinnati, PoUc, Ogn, Joshua Shaw 

Ciucinnatus, CotHandt, N. Y...George J. Kingman , 

Cincinnatus, HendricJcs, la Abner Snoddy 

Cinnaminson, Burlington, N. J Nathan Leeds 

Circlevllle, Loudon, Va Thomas Brown 

Circleville. Tazenoell, 111 , Edward Woostall 

Carcleville, Henry, la i Andrew Ralston 

Circleville, (c. h.) Pit^caway, (Mo Jason Cas© 

Circlevllle, Orange, N* Y, ...Harrison Bull 

Citico, Monroe, Tenn...... Thomas A. Harrison 

Citronelle, JfoWZe, Ala...*..... John T. Dingley 

City, Dutchess, N. Y William H. Bostwick 

City Point, jPWwce Gfeor^'e, Va James D. Proctor 

City Point, JBawamba^ Miss Thpmas B. Shearer 

Claiborne, (c. h.) Monroe, Ala...Robert D. Thompson 

Clalbome, Jasper, Miss. Thomas C. Moffett 

Clalrbomesville, Tazoo, Miss Harrison H. Hart 

Clappville, Wlmxster, Mass Samuel L. Stone 

Clara, Potter, Pa Joseph C. Allen 

Claremont, /SfMZKmn,N. H WUliam M.'Ladd 

Claremont, Pickens, S. C Patrick I. Miller , 

Clarence, Erie, N. Y .Samuel Utley 

Clarence, Greene, Wis., John B. Sawyer 

Clarence, ClrfAoMW, Mich John B. Snyder 

Clarence Centre, Erie, N. Y.... John Eshleman 

Clarendon, ifonroe. Ark..,..., .> A. A. Burton 

Clarendon, Oalhoun, Mich Lewis Benham 

Clarendon, Orleans, N. Y .John S. Grenell 

Clarendon, Sumter, 3, C Bei\jamin A. WsJker 

Clarendon, Rutlam,Yt « Caleb Hall 

Clarendon Centre, (Mhoun, Mic,.. Warren L. Deming 
Clarendon Sprin{^, Rutland, Vt.,.Tho&. McLaughlin 

Claridon, Geimgaj Ohio , Chester Treat 

Clarinda, Page, Iowa, S. B. Polsby 

Clarington, tbrest. Pa * Thomas Kerr 

Clarion, Clarion, Pa Jesse D. Porter 

Clark, Mercer, Pa David D. Williams 

Clark City, Monroe, Midi Justus Clark 

Clark C. H., Clark, Wis Samuel C. Boardman • 

Clarkesville, Dovie, N. C William 0. Smith 

Clarks, Coshocton, Ohio John Harbaugh 

Clarks, Coffee, Ala..., James W. Clark 

Clarksborough, CrZottces^, N. J....Joseph L. Reeves 

Clarksburgh, Decatur, la James M. Torrenoe 

CliOrksburgh, (c. h.) Lewis, Ky Joshua B. Fitcb 

Clarksburgh, Indiana, Pa, .Joseph H. Caldwell 

Claxksburgh, Montgomery, Md Leonidas Willson 

Clarksburgh, Monmouth, N. J.„£phraim P. Emson 

Clarksburgh, Ross, Ohio John F. Diehl 

Clarksburgh, (c. h.) Harrison, Va..,..Bei\jamin S. 

Clarksburgh, Erie, N. Y * Simeon Clark 

Clark's Comers, Ashtabtda, Ohio...Ashel K. Warren 

Clark's Creek, Montgomery, N. C D, C. McAuley 

Clark's Cross Roads, Warren, Ind...John Thompson 

Clark's Factory, Delaware, N. Y Henry A. Clark 

Clarksfield, fTuron, Ohio James S. Porter 

Clark's Fork, York, S. C John McGlll 

Clark's Fork, Cooper, Mo ..Joseph Burger 

Clark's Green, Luzerne, Pa..* John C. Higgina 

Clark's Hill, Tippecanoe, la Edwin J. Loveless 

Clark's Mills, Mowe, N. C Daniel McKenzie 

Clark's Mills, Oneida, N. Y Henry Bettis 

Clarkson Centre, Monroe, N. Y .William N. Davis 

Clarks River, Callaway, Ky .Charles McDonald 

Clarkson, Monroe, N. Y .Henry M. HaskeU 

Clarkson, Ooiumiiana, Ohio Richard Stock 

Clarkston, OaJdand, Mich Milton H.Clark 

Clarkstown, (c. ft.) Rockland, N, Y.John H. Stephens 

Clarksville, ^^rton&urp, S. C John B. Ellis 

Clarksville, Johnson, Ark Christopher N. Gosset 

Clarksville, (c. h.) Habersham, Ga.AIexander Brwin 

Clarksville, Howard, Md .^....J. A. McNew 

Clarksville, Pike, Mo ; E. B. Carroll 

Clarksville, Hunterdon, N. J George Baujehart 

Clarksnlle, Albany, N, Y Nathan Gould 

Clarksville, CZinton, Ohio , John Gardner 




darks-ville, Cbos, N. H Edmond K. Tonng 

ClftrksYille, Madubtij Ala J.)t. Love 

OirksTille, Cfreene^ Pa Freeman Dougherty 

darksTille, (c. h.) Montgomery, Tenn Charles 0. 

Glarksville, (c. h.) Eed BiveTf Texas. James W. 

ClarksYllle, Meckknbunij Va..William H. Morton, Jr 

Clarksville, HdmiUont la ...T. W. Leonard 

darksTille, OeontOy Wis Jabez Hawkins 

Clamo, Ghreen, Wis •. Lorenzo Anlt 

(^arsboro, Scott, Tenn Joshua Commings 

Clarysville, AUeghanj/f Md Qeorge W. Haller 

Claryville, SuUivan, N. Y Gideon £. Bushnell 

Clauselyille, Monroty Ala. Luther R. Wiggins 

Glaussviilej Lehigh^ Pa..... Joseph Slough 

Claverack, CWMwftia, N. Y J. H. Dickie 

Clay, La, Salle, 111 Ephrabn S. Beardsley 

Clay, Onondaga, N. Y William B. Wandell 

day, Vnum, Ky Joel Blackwell 

day, WuMngtcnyloitBk Albert Allen 

day, Madison, N. C....> ...Edward S. Garter 

day Banks, Octana, Mich John Ban* 

Clay HiU, Marengo, Ala John A. Bondurant 

Clay HiU) York, S. C John Watson 

Clay Landing, Leny, Fla George H. Tresp^ 

day Lick, Licking, Ohio gimiuel Deweese 

daymont, NewcasUt, Del Qeorge W. Lodge 

Claypool, Kosciusko, la David Caldwell 

ClaysTille, JforxAaa,Ala Benjamin S. Wheeler 

daysville, Boone, Mo Edwin Bass 

daysTllIe, ,T(^Atfi^)iton, la William S. Lemon 

ClaysTille, jETarmon, Ky Edwin R. Jackson 

Claysville, WasMnf^, Pa Anthony A. Mealy 

Claysville, Guernsey, Ohio WUliam Q. Harrison 

GlaysYille. White, Tenn Armistead 8. Nowlin 

Claysville, Tippah, Miss Helam Robertson 

Clayton, (c. h.) Barbour, Ala W. Clark 

dayton, Berks, Pa Richard F. Smith 

Clayton, (c. h.) Babvn, Ga James M. Qulllian 

Clayton, Adams, 111 Charles Ballow 

Clayton, Ji^er«on,N. Y Nappleon B. Johnston 

Clayton, Lenawee, Mich Lewis B. Canniff 

daytoib Grayson, Texas John Harding 

Clayton, Montgomery, Ohio... Hamilton M. Turner 

dayton, Clayton, Iowa James Q. Jerome 

Clayton, Hendricks,l& B. F. Thomas 

Claytona, ifor^n, Ohio Edward Clayton 

dayton Centre, J^erson, N. Y Isaac Chapman 

Clayton's Mills, Pickens, S. C Carter Clayton 

Claytonville, Henderson, N. C Leander B. Gash 

Clay Valley, Robeson, N. Willis P. Moore 

day Village, Shelby, Ky William Hulett 

dayville, mfair,Odk William Jones 

dayville, Oneida, N. Y tRiley W. Miller 

Clear Branch, Washington, Va...Levi L. Waterman 
dear Branch, Wa.skington, Tenn John B. 


dear Creek, DenlUm, Texas JBphralm Myers 

Clear Creek, Mecklenburg, N. C.Isaac N. Alexander 

dear Greek, l>aviess,VLo Bobe# Faulkner 

Clear Creek, Chautati(rue,'S.Y Thomas G.Bailey 

Clear Greek, <?reen«, Tenn ..M. F. Jerlds 

Clear Creek, FbUrJidd, thio .George F. Hamlin 

dear Greek Falls, Hancock, Ala...Benjamin Boteler 
Clear Greek Landing, Alexander, UK Warren Stewart 
dearfield, (c. h.) Clearjidd, Pa...John H. Hillbum 

Clear Fork, Whitely, Ky James F. Snyder 

dear Fork, OcddweU, Tex T. L. Burkhead 

dear Fork, ThzewOl, Va Nancy J. DUls 

Clearmont, Warren, Tenn Allen Youngblood 

Clear Point, HaH, Ky John £. Lafferty 

dear Port, Fairfield, Ohio Charlotte Griffith 

dear Spring, OreenvQle, S. C... William Goldsmith 

Clear Spring, Kosciusko, la Jacob Kyler 

dear Spring, Grainger, Tenn..William C. Malliooat 

dear Spring, mufungton, Md George Cook 

dear Spring Jbr/f. Pa Edward ^ick 

Clearville, Bedford, Pa Matttiew Murray 

dear Water, C/itppcioa, Wis Jesse J.Gage 

deaveland, (c. h.)£ra<2^3/,Tenn...Robert S. Stewart 

Cleaveland, Oswego, N. Y Abner H. Allen 

deaveland, Miyette, Ky Bexgamin F. Watts 

deaveeville. Gasconade, Mo James C. Luster 

d'^ek's Mills, Baih, Va Adam G. Gleek 

dement, Hancock, Ohio John Grosley 

dementeville, Jackson, Tenn. J. P. Keen 

demmonsirilte, Davidson, M. C Evander M'lver 

Clendenin, Kanatoha, Va .George Osborne 

Cleona, ^oion, Ind Sardine Y. CoUini 

Clermont, Richland, 111 Jacob May 

Clermont, Oolumbia, N. Y Horatio Plank 

Clermont, Fayette, Iowa Edwin Stedman 

dermont, Marion, la ..James T. Morgan 

Clermont Mills, Harford, Md William Street 

Cleveland, (c. h.) Cuyahoga, Ohio J. W. Gray 

Cleveland, Hancock, la William Brooks 

deves, HamiUon, Ohio Gebrge Gassady 

GliiTord, Susmtehannah, Pa John Halstead 

Clifford, BairmoUnMw, la Martip Quick 

Clift Mills, Fauquier, Va John Gaskins 

Clifton, Madison, Fla A. J. Lea 

Clifton, King George, Va William Golton 

Clifton, Greene, Ohio John Anderson 

Clifton, i^iMem«, Pa Emanuel Van Horn 

Clifton, Monroe, N. Y....'. William R. Mudge 

CUfton, Monroe, Wis Alfted Tower 

Clifton, Wa;yne, Tenn..... Samuel S. Rickets 

Clifton, ZThum, la William W. Sullivan 

Clifton, Hougldon, Mich Hervey 0. Parke 

Clifton, WUcox, Ala George F. Watson 

Clifton Forge, Alleghany, Va John J. Paxton 

Clifton Mills, Pierce, Wis Isaac N. Holden 

Clifton Mills, Breckenridge, Ky D. £. Crawford 

Clifton Park, Saratoga, N. Y Joseph Wiltsey 

Clifton Springs, Ontario, N. Y...George W. Spangle 

Glifty, Decatur, la Isaac W. Fugit 

CUfty, Ibdd^Ky John G. MoGehee 

CUfty, Fayette, Va William S. McVey 

Glisaax Prairie, Kalamazoo, Mich S. G. Hodgman 

Cline's MiU, Augusta, Va John C. Hyde \ 

Clingman, Cleveland, N. G ...~ Thomas M. Ware 

Clinton, />e Tf^ Texas Theron Brownson 

Clinton, Van Buren, Ark Jonathan T. Bradley 

Clinton, /Tenry, Mo Thomas S. K(^ers 

Clinton, Nevada, Gal Josiah M. Cook 

Clinton, Middlesex, Conn Daniel W. Stevens 

dinton, Greene, Ala. John H. Copp 

Clinton, (o. h.) Jones, Ga. Wiley B.Pt^e 

Clinton, (c. h.) Vermilionf I& James McGulloch 

Clinton, Dewitt, 111 Robert Lewis 

Clinton, Hickman,Kj Thomas G. Poore 

Clinton, JElcut Fsliciana,!^ John M. Bell 

Clinton, Kennebeck, Me Abijah M. Billings 

Clinton, Z«nau;«e, Mich Danforth Kees 

CUnton, Hinds, Miss F. M. Comfort 

Clinton, Rock,WiB Alonzo Richardson 

Clinton, (c. h.) Sampson, N. Isaac Boykin 

Clinton, Hunterdon, N. J .Garret Servis 

Clinton, Oneida, N. Y John H. Tower 

Clinton, Worcester, Mass John T. Dame 

Clinton, jS^mmi£, Ohio Moses W^eaver 

Clinton, Alleghany, Pa John Pollock 

Clinton, (c. h.) Anderson, Tenn John Jarniagan 

Clinton, Laurens, S. C D. lu Henry 

Clinton Comers, Dutchess, N. Y... Stephen H. Smith 

dinton Comers, Wyoming, Pa Nathan Philo 

CUntondale, Ulster, 1H,Y Abner Wood 

Clinton Hollow, Dutchess, N. Y Morris Traver 

Clinton Lock, Parke, la Walter .G. Grabb 

Clinton Mills, Lyconung,J?tk John Kins^ 

Glintonville, Kant, lU Erastus Tefft 

Clintonville, Bourion, Ky CharlecbF. Scmggs 

GUntonville, Clinton, N. Y... William H. Brockway 

Glintonville, Venango, Pa John B. McMillan 

Clintonville, Greenbrier, Va .Alexander S. Skaggs 

Glintonville, FrankUn, Ohio James Ferguson 

Clio, Tfhyne, Ky Walter Emerson 

Clio, Marlborough, S. C J<4f& A. M'Re« 

Clio, Greene, Ohio William J. Carman 

Glockville, Madison, N.Y...../. Harry Simons 

dokey, muhington. Pa. Peter Wolf 

donmell, Lancaster, Pa James B. Kennedy 

dopton, Dale,M& F. T. Dickinson 

dopton's Mills, Putnam, Ga Allen Lawrence 

doutierville, Natchitodus, La S. 0. Scmggs 

dove, Dutchess, N. Y Harrison W. Tilton 

dover, Clermont, Ohio Nelson A. Hitch 

dover, Blair, Pa *. Jacob L. Dougherty 

dover Bend, Lawrence, Axk Samuel Robinson 




Olorer Bottom, SuUUwm, T«in... William M'Clellaa 

Olorer Creek, Highla'nd,y9k Christopher Cftrllsl^ 

Gloyerchae/, Ptdna'm,, la. .#ohn Sandy 

Clorerdale, Botetourt^ Va Hiram, Martin 

GloTer Depot, HalifiiXf Ya. Isaac Adkisson 

Olorer Garden, Orange, N.C John Morrow 

CloTerQreen, A^90<^2vanuz, Ya... William R. Powell 

Cloner Hill, ffunterdony N. J George W. Neviiu 

Gtonrer Hill, Mount, Tenn John Gault 

Clover HiU, (c. h.) Appomattoatf Ya...Elhridge B. Land 

CloTcr Hill, GreemyKy Joseph Perry 

Clorerland, Clay. la. ..James M. Lttcan 

Clover Orchkrd, Orcunge, N. C Peter Poust 

Clover Vart, Breokenridffei Ky George La Heist 

Clover Port, Bardemani Tenn David Thorn 

Clovesvillo, Delaware, N. Y John Kelly 

Cloyd's Creek, Blount, Tenn. Andrew Fergpaon 

Clyattsville, Lowndes, Ga James M. Clyatt 

Clyde, Wayne, N. Y James Chapman 

Clyde> Sav^busky, Ohio...... James C. Wales 

Clyde, ibtoa. Wis „ „..,...• Ephraim Norton 

(^de, Whitesides, Ill« Thomas Milnes 

Clyde Mills, St. daix, Mich Balph Wadhams 

Clyman, Bodge, Wis ....Frederick H. Ehinger 

Clymer, Ghautauque, N. Y H. O. Mackres 

Clymer Centre, ChatOauque, N. Y...Alex. Maxwell 

Coal Bank, Cbc^er, Mo ....Joseph Btephene 

Coal Dale, Muikmgum, Ohio Abram Garges 

Coal Grove, Pike, Ky Stephen M. Ferguson 

Goal Grove, Lawrence, Ohio William P. Israel, jr 

Coal Hill, Qow^dand, Ya. William A. Deitrick 

Coalmont, HwnUngdon, Pa. Ezekiel White 

Coal Mountain, J^vytA^Ga. George Kellogg 

Coel Port; fndMma,9a. John Fulton 

Coal ^ver Marshes, Maleighf Ya...Lewis McDonald 

Coal Run, Washinglxm, Ohio Jeremiah Wilson 

Coatemouth, Kanawha, Ya. R. H. M. Smith 

Coal Yalley, AUeghany, Pa Archibald McLees 

Coatees Tavern, York, S. C William P. McFadden 

Ooatesville, Chester, Pa. ..Martha F. Gordon 

Goatesville, Htndrickg, la Robert Patty 

Cobalt, Middlesex, Conn Charles F. Rich 

Cobb, Jadeson, Iowa WiUiam Wilcox 

Cobb*s Creek, Mathews, Ya Alfred Billups 

Cobb's Fork, Decatur, la. Smith Reiley 

Cobb's Mills, Cherokee, Ala ....J. M. Moseley 

Cobbsvllle, Johnson, Axis. Francis K. Jones 

Cobbville, IHfair, Ga Edward G. McDuffite 

Coberlys, Union, Ohio VRlJiam Bales 

Cobham, ^2&«tnarZe, Ya. M. A. Thompson 

Cobleskill, Schoharie, N. Y '.....Marcus Sternberg 

Cobleskill, Centre, Schoharie, N. Y... Jercane France 

Oobum's Store, Union, N. C £. C. Stewart 

Cocalico, Lancaster, Pa Richard FlicMnger 

Cochecton, Stdlivan, N. Y William McCuUongh 

Cochecton Centre, Stdlivan, N. Y...Ozias D. Stevens 

Gocfaesett, Flymouth, Mass Albert Copeland, jr. 

Gochituate, Middlesex, Mass .Charles R. Damon 

Cochran's Cross Roads, Hdrris, Ga Cormick M6- 


Cochran's Grove, Shdby, HI James Cochran 

Cochran's Landing, ifenroe, Ohio, William H. Cramp 

Cochran's Mills, Pickests, Ala J. N. Collier 

'Cochransville, Chester, Pa. Oliver Alison 

Oochranton, Marion, Ohio J. C. SOlepherd 

Oocfaranton, Crawf^ird, Pa Hug|k Smith 

Oookeysville, Baltimore, Md Gist. T. Cock'ey 

Ooekle Town, York, Ya. Thomas J. Crockett 

Oockrum, De Sato, Miss Joseph H. Brown 

OOddingviUe, Medina, Ohio Joseph Woodruff 

Coddle Creek, Oabarras, N. C J. B. Pressly 

Oo*>ni8, York, Pa...«» Georgs SnodgraSs 

Ooelk, LMUkffSton,!^ J. T. Folder 

Ooe Ridg^ €%iyaA<^a> Ohio Asher M. Coe 

Ooease) WktO^, fe Horace Cleveland 

Ooeyman's, Albany^ W. Y Samuel King 

Ooeyman's Hollow, Albany, N. Y Edward Shear 

Gofer, Hatdin, Ky Robert Funk 

OoffadeKah, Neshoba, Miss....^ John B. Adams 

Cteflbe, Clay, Ia...„ , Andrew J. Baber 

GofflM Comer, Q^ffi^ Ala Jesse Gaiucn: 

OofRBe Creek, FMer,I&. William Thomas 

Oolfee Landing, Hardin, Tenn Thomas PariE«s 

OoflA« Bun, HwaUngdon, Pa. James Bntrekin, Jr 

OoffiMvttle, Clark, Ala John W. Flgiu^ 

CofTeeville, (c. fa.) Yalabusha, Miss G. 0. Reddidc 

Cofifee^Ue, Upshur, Tex .James M. Monroe 

Coffin's Grove, Delatoare, Iowa. Clement Coffin 

Cogan House, Zycom^, Pa .Charles Persun 

Cogar's Landing, Jessamine, Ky Thomaii S. Cogar 

OogMll, MMitm, Tenn W. S. Gonldy 

Cogswell, MHenry, 111 Truman Farman 

Gohassett, JVbr/bft, Mass Zenas Stoddard 

Cohocton, Steuben, N. Y Walter M. Eldred 

Cohoes, Albany, N. Y...., George H. Wager 

Cohuttah Springs, ifttrmy, Ga... William T. Amoss ^ 

Coila, Washington, N. Y '....WilHam Weit 

Coila, OwT-oB, Miss - William Snaith 

CoinJook, Curritude, N. C D. H. Cherry 

Coitsville^ Makontngy Ohio Thomas M'Geehen 

Coker Creek, Monroe, Tenn Austin Fry 

Cokerviile, Monroe, Ala Stanford Mlms 

Cokesburgh, Hunterdon, N. J Oliver W. Farley 

Cokesbury, AM)eoilU, S. C Maurice Strauss 

Colaparchee, Monroe, Ga. Thomas D. Ousley 

Colchester, JVeto London, Conn David A. Fox 

Colchester, Ckittendeny Vt B. S. Hine 

Colchester, Delaware, N. Y Perry Radeker 

Cold Brook, Herkimer, N. Y Cameron Moon 

Cold Brook, Worcester, Mass William' B. Sibley 

Ooldsn, Brie, N, Y Richard S. Shelley 

Coldenham, Orange, N. Y Beverly K. Johnston 

Gold Neck, Qooper, Mo.... Benjamin B. Brereton 

Cold Spring, Jbirfidd, Conn Oliver S. Botsford 

Cold Spring, She&y) 111 Jesse Johnson 

Cold Spring, Harrison, Ohio Joshua Cope 

Cold Spring, Cdmpbell, Kj Joel H. S. DeOourcy 

Cold Spring, Wilkinson, Miss..... David Buck 

Cold Spring, Cape May, N. J...Richard D. Edmunds 

Cold Spring, Putnam, N. Y Alfred H. Ladne 

Cold Spring, Poik, Tex.. James A. Hall 

Cold Spring, Edg^jnad, S. C John M. Clark 

Cold Spi'ing, J«^«>n, Wis James H. Fuller 

Cold Spring, El Dorado^ Cal... John M. Goetschines 

Cold ^ring, Berkshire, Mass AV>neo Waterman 

Cold Springs, iVoWe, la. Harvey A. Adair 

Cold Spring Harbor, SugdUt, N. Y..Samuel A. Jones 

Cold Stream, Hampshire, Ya Elizabeth B. Ofiftitt 

Cold Water, (e. h.) Branch, Mich.Corydon P. Benton 

Cold Water, Doddridge, Va Philip S. Cox 

Cold Water, Poinsett, Ark David Block 

Cold Water, MarshaU, Miss iWilliamBoyd 

Cold Water, jE;26er^ Ga.. Barnabas Barron 

Cold Wftter, Delatoare, Iowa...William Kirkpatrick 

Cold Water, Wayne,Uo L. P. Dalton 

Cold Water, Mercer,Ohio Joshua H. Bye 

Cold W«ll, White,ATls. Eiyah Littl* 

Cold Well, Union, S. C W. H. Sartor 

Colebrook, Litchfield, Conn Reuben Rockwell 

Cblebrook, Cbos, N. H Hezekiah B. Parsons 

Colebrook, Lebanon, Pa William Coleman 

Colebrook Dale, Berks, Pa...Christopher K. Shnltis 
Colebrook River, Litchfidd, Conn...Ford L. Bidwell 

Cole Camp, Bentxm, Mo William C. Blakey 

Cole Creek, JFbuntom, Ihd Aaron B. Applegate 

Coleman'fCroBB Roads, Edgefield, S. C.Matthew W. 
Clary '^ 

Colemanville, Lancaster, P^ Samuel Allison 

Colemansville, Harrison, Ey^ William T. M'Neee 

Colerain, PrankUn, Mass; Calvin W. Shattuck 

Goleraln, Bertie, N.C.. Henry YHiits 

Colerain, BeJmimt, Ohio Joshua Maule 

Colerain, Lancaster, Pa.., A. D. WhitesideB 

Colerain, Jackson, Ask.. Robert Boales 

Colerain Forge, ITunMn^c^on, Pa David Stewart 

Celesburgh, Jb<fer, Penn. D. F. Glassmlrs 

Cole's Creek, Cblumhia, Penn Alinos Goto 

Cole's Ferry, H^Z^on, Tenn John F. Coles 

Cole's Mills, Ddawar^Qhio Hugh Oole 

Colesville, /SSfo^eA^ N. C -. Thomas Martin 

Goleevaie, Sutsex, Nv J Joshua Y. Coleman 

Colesville, Mcmtgomery, Md Hilleary O. Hlggins 

Oolesvlllej Broome, N* Y Nathan K. WilUaxns 

Coleta, IMkukga, Ala John T. Ragaa 

Gol&x, dinton, la SamuelBuke 

Oolita, /VtIK;, Texas. Samuel Rows 

GoUamer^ Cbjriah, Missw Elisha R BOUer 

Gollamer, OAecfer, Pa Thomas Baker 

CoUamer, Windham>, Conn Daniel Gordon 

OoUasMi^ OttyahoffOi Ohio Sargent Carrier 




OoUamer, Onondagei, N. Y ...James SteTenaon 

CoUamer, WJUUevy la z Jacob Btttler 

College Corner, BuOer, Ohio J. 9dt. 0. Howe 

OoUega HiU, La FhyeUe, Miss Marv T. Smith 

OoUege mil, HamiUon, Ohio... Edward D. Serisr, jr 

Oollege Mound, Kat^man, Tex John J. Beck 

College of St. James, W(u?dngton, Md... J.B. Eerfoot 

OoUegeville, SctUne^Ailn WilKam Ulmer 

CoUetsville, OddweUy N. C Scrug Webb 

CbUIcoon, SuUivaiif N. 7 Aaron fVaaer, jr 

C^Ulcoon Depot, SuOivan, N. T... William H. Gnrtie 

CoUiera, Edg^iddj S.C Samuel C.Scott 

Oollterstown, BocfAridgey Va Henry McOorkle 

CoUiersTille, 4M*y, Tenn Isaac Taylor 

CoUiersTille, LMngston, Mo John Graham 

OolliersviUe, Otsego^ N. Y Jared Goodyear 

Collins, J9r^ N.Y Thomas S. Hibbard 

Comns Centre, Erie, N. Y Phillip H. Perry 

Collixia^ Depot, Hampden^ Mass Warren Collins 

Collins* Settlement, 2etpuj Va Porter M. AmoliL 

Collins' Store, Grant, Ky John A. Collimr 

CoUinsYille, Hartford, Conn Seth P. Norton 

CollinsYille, jfoettson. Ill Levi Lancaster 

CollinsriUe, Lewis, N.Y James A. Pratt 

OolliusTille, BuOer, Ohio James M. Steele 

Cologne, Jfoson, Ya.. Charles C. Miller 

Colama, Cherokee, Ala J. L. Cunningham 

Coloma, WkiUsides, Ill...A^mas W. Worthington 

Coloma, (c. h.) JSl Dorado, Oal Robert F. Daris 

Coloma, mjiMAara, Wis Huntress Ross 

Colon, SL Joseph, Mich Loransie Shellhouse 

Colona Station, jBenry, 111 Montreyille Dayis 

Colonel's Tork, Pickens, S. C George W. PhilUps 

Colony, Knox, Mo Thomas L. Durkee 

Colony, Ddawart, Iowa JTaoob B. Moreland 

Colosse, Oswego, N. Y Matthew Bradbury 

Colton. St. Lawrence,'^. Y Adolphus 8. Tupper 

Colt's Neck, Monmouth, N. J Tunis Statesir 

Columbia, J3«nry, Ala Andrew J. Coe 

Columbia, Chicot, Ark Wesley L. Moulding 

Columbia, TdUand, Conn Chauncey K. Hill 

Columbia, JPUyette^lA -. Daniel 0. Darby 

Columbia, Monroe, 111 .Christian Breideckor 

Columbian, (c. h.) Adair^ Kj... William N. Robinson 

Columbia, (c. h.) OaldweU, La H. H. Rice 

Columbia, muAtn^rton, Me Truman Wflson 

Columbia, Jap7r4on,' Mich John H. Du Bois 

Columbia, (c. h.) flt»n«. Mo Ann Gentry 

Columbia, (c. h.) Marion, Miss Jesse Warren, 

Columbia, (c. h.) Tyrrdti N. C... William W. Walk©/ 

Columbia, Coos, N. H Alonzo Eastman 

Columbia, Warren, N. J John J. Vankirk 

Columbia, Herkimer, N. V Jamas B. Hawks 

C<dumbia, Jtfirion, Iowa Samuel S. Walker 

Columbia, HcmiUon, Ohio Abraham Knicely 

Columbia, LancasUr, Pa Amelia & Moderwell 

Columbia, (c. h.) Richland, d. C Jamea B. Glass 

Columbia, (c. h.) Maury, Tenn Edward P. Lee 

Columbia, Braayria, Tex..^ W. P. Swain 

Columbia, Fluvanna, Ya Joseph Hodgson 

Colombia, Tuolumne, CsA Alfred A. Hunnowell^ 

Columbia Centre, Licking, Oblto David Herron 

Columbia City, Clark, Wash Samuel D. Smith 

Columbia City, Whitley, la J. A. Berry 

Columbia Cross Roads, Bra^fordf Pa William 

Columbia Furnace, 8henandodh,Y^ Samuel B.MyeEB 

Columbiana, (c. h.) /ShdJby, Ala W. M. Allen 

Columbiana, Oolumfriaiui, Ohto .John Hiner 

Columbian Grove, Lunenburghy Ya... ...William M. 

Oohuabia Station, Loraine, Ohio...Tmemaik Dail^y 
Columbus, .Bemi»feou{, Ark,..Matthew Y. Cheatham 

Columbus, Oolumbia, Fla WiUiam H. Watson 

Columbus, (c. h.) Muscogee, Ga R. C. Forsyth 

Columbus, (c. h.) Bartholomew, I«i>..Axa S. S. Loi« 

CoFTunbus, Adams, HI ^ohn Gault 

Columbus, (c. h.) HidntumfEj ; James M. Moore 

Columbus, St. CUUr, Mich... WUUam 0. FuUer 

Columbus^ (c. h.) Loumde$, Wm .Jacob Isaacs 

Columbus^ Jofmaon, HLo..^ J. H. Rogers 

Oolumbos, Sabine, La ...Joha A. M, Goodwin 

Oolamb«% BurUngton, N. J .Thona« B. Black 

Golumbua, Chenango% N.Y Grant B. Palmer 

Oaluaabwi, (c h.) ^ixnkUn, Obio...Tkoma« SiNynrow 

Columbus, Barren, Pa. Edwin C. Stapy 

Columbus, (c. h.) Oolorado,'S%x J. M. Harrison 

Columbus, Oolumbia, Wis Addison Griswold 

Columbus City, XouiMi, Iowa William A.' Colton 

Colusi, (c. h.) Cbiusi, Cal William Yinoent 

Ooman's Well, ^S^tea^ Ya..... Phillip H. Tayloc 

Comfort, JbnM, N. C E. L. Franck 

Comfort, Pickens, Ala. ....Henry Yail 

Commack, St^ffUk, N. Y Charles S. Cutting 

Commerce, Oakland, Mich Uiaddeus A. Smith 

Commerce, ScoU, Mo N. C.Johnson 

Commerce, WHson, Term Abraham Britten 

Commettsbureh, WuhingUm, Pa... William Melvin 

Communia, ClaytofK Iowa B. F. Wds 

Como^ WkUesides, 111 Addison C. Hopgood 

Gomo, Henry, Tenn Edward James 

Como, Be Soto, Miss J. E. Stratton 

Como^fBracRey, Ark ». Henry N. Darby 

Comom, Oook, HI Slvin A. Hempstead 

Comom, King Oeorge, Ya H. C. Bruoe 

Competine, WapeOo, Iowa .Solomon McReynolds 

CompromiiN^ .A(tton> ELy WiUiam R. Dickinson 

C<Mnstoek, Kalamazoo/tiich Josiah Loyeland 

Comstpck's Landing, Washington, N. Y A. Clark 

Con, Ja«per, Iowa ^ohn Q. Deakin 

Conchaidee, IbUadega, Ala...Augu8tus A. Palmer 

Coocord, Susseo!, Del. Littleton H. Smith 

Concord, Morgan, 111 E. W. WisweU 

Concord, Jefferson, Wis Horatio N. Carlton 

Concord, Montgomery, Md Harvey €. Shepard 

Concord, TUppacanoe, la Jacob •Hoover 

Concord, iMuiui, Iowa.. James Latte 

Concord, Lewit, Kj S. Stevenson 

Concord, Somerset, Me Qren 0. Yitttam 

Concord, (c. h.) Middlesex, Ma8S...Charles B. Davis 

Concord, JocAvon, Mich Hiram C* Hodge 

Concord, CbUatoay. Mo JToeeph A. Miller 

Concord, (c. h.) Oabarras, N. C Henry A. Area 

Concord, (c. h.) Merrimack, N. H Jacob Carter- 
Concord, Lake,0\iiQ ^....Roswell Burr 

Concord, Lawrence, Ala Pleasant Ponder 

Concord, Calhoun, Miss Isaac F. Turner 

Concord, ^ranAUn, Pa William Johnstcm 

Concord, Essex, Vt H. Judevine 

Concord Depot, CamvheU, Ya...Tfaomas L. Arrington 

Concordia, Darke, Ohio .Christopher C. Walker 

Concordia, BoUoar, Miss Daniel Temple 

Concordia, J/hyette, Tenn William A. Martin 

Conoordvllle Ddaware, Pa George Rush 

Concrete,' Dewitt, Texas ., J. P. Kindred 

Conehatta, Newton, Miss Jesse M. Pace 

Conemau^ Furnace^ Wutmardamd, Pa..Geo]:^ Rhey 

Conerly's, Pike,''ii\aB Jta^jamin Lampton 

Coneetoga, Lancaster, Pa Adam KencUg 

Conesus, Livingston, N. Y Hiram Boyd 

Conesus Centre, Livinpton, N. Y....Hem0n Barnes 

Conesvillei, Schoharie, N. Y Levi-F. Stevens 

Gonesville, Coshocton, Ohio 3eebe S. Cone 

Conewaga, Tork, Pa Samuel M. Eisenhart 

Conewanga, Cattaraugus, N. Y...CharleB McGlashaa 

tlonflnenoe, Wuren, Ya ...« James R. Richards 

Congress, Waynt^^ Ohio Anthony Kline 

Conkey's Store^ vkrmHUon, Ill...Wmiam A. Conkey 

Conklin, Broome, N. Y Edward Y.Park 

Conklin Centre, Broome, N. Y Sylvanus Judd 

Conneant, Ashtabula, Ohio Thomas L Carlin 

Conneautville, Crawford, Pa. .William Meyler 

Connellsville, jfh/iette. Pa Provance McCormlc^ 

Conner's Mills, Cooper,TAo James F.Conner 

Connersville, Haarrison, Ky James J. Jiaughlbi 

Gonnersville, (c. h.) HiyeUt,lA,^ JL Goodlander 

Conn's Creek, Shelby, la Thomafl|| K. Shoir 

Cono^ Iowa, Iowa Alexander Hutaon 

Conooocheague, Washington, Md. William Stake 

Conols^ Calhoun, Mich Ira M. Lawrence 

Conotton, Harrison, Ohio Isaac H.Wilson 

Cenqneal^ CdyuMu N.Y David Horton 

Conrad's Store, itocHn^/iam^Yai.. Joseph H. Conrad 
Gonshatte Chute, Natchitoohes, ta... Jas» R. BosI^ 
Conshohocken, Montgomery, Pa.........£. L. Schrauc 

Consolation, S)ulby, Ky L. D. Bryant 

ConstablevUIe, Lewis, J, Y. ,. B. S. Miller 

Constance, Booner^y William Turner 

Constance, iotso. Wis Dani^ W. Thoip 

Conataatia, Oswego, N. Y Sereno Clark 




Clonstantia, Ddawcart, Ohio 0. G. Bcott 

Conetantia Centre, Oswego, N. Y Jacob Lince 

GoDBtantine, 3L J<mph?i]l&\c\i. John K. Briggs 

Constitution, WuhinaUm, Oljio J. H. Deming 

Constitution, UrankUny Ark...Dewbart Le Bourland 

Contoooook Tillage, Merrimack, N. H Isaac D. 


Contreras, BuOer, Ohio Ezra Bourne 

'ConTenience, Jhye<^ Ohio John DeWitt 

Convenient, Smith, Tenn; Warren Nichols 

Convent, St. James, La Leon Blouin 

Conway, Ihraiklin, Mass Thomas' 8. Dickinson 

Conway, Aroostook, Me Owen Doyle 

Conway, Livingston, Mich Henry Snyder 

Conway, QirroU, N.H William S. Abbott 

Conwayborough, (c. h.) Horry, S.C...Tho8 W. Beaty 

Conyers, Ifeufion, Ga Oraves B. Almand 

Conyersville, Henry, Tenn H. P. Barber 

Conyngham, Luzerne, Pa William Dmmheller 

Cooch's Bridge, New Oastle, Del William Cteoch 

Cook, JSHe, Pa Charles W. Baker 

Cook's Comers, Erie, Ohio Blihu Parker 

Cooksburgh, Albany, N. Y Valentine Fero 

Cook's Comer, I^ankUn, N. Y Qeorge J. Cook 

Cook's Law Office, Elbert, Ga Bud C. Wall 

Cook's Run, iCUnton, Pa John McClosky 

Cook's Store, Oaddo, La William B. Cooke 

Cook's Store, Lafayette, Mo Mordecai M. Cooke 

Cook's Store, AppUng, Ga Instance Cook 

Oookstown, Burlington, N. J Joseph M. Reeves 

Cooksfbwn, Ihyette, Pa Robbert G. Mullin 

Cook's Valley, OcOUnoay, Ky Henry W. Cook 

Cooksville, Howard, Md William Cushen 

Oooksville, iZocfe, Wis John B.Collins 

( Cooksville, iVofl;u^ Miss James E. Holt 

Coolbaughs, Monroe, Pa John Coolbaugh 

Cool Spring, Wilkinson, Ga Willis Allen 

Co(d Spring, J(;2^«on, Pa John Scott 

Cool Spring, JredeS, N. C Marshal Turner 

Coolville, Athens, Ohio John Pratt 

Cool Well, Amherst,Ye^ Charles J. Ryan 

Coomor, Niagara^ N. Y Theodore M. Titus 

Coon Greek, Jasper, Mo Noah Standley 

Coonewar, Por^botoc, Miss J. W. Freeman 

Coon Hill, Saania Rosa, Fla...:.. William L. Williams 

Coon Island, Washington, Pa Robert Holmes 

Coon Prairie, Bad j£m. Wis Cymb F. Gillett 

Cooper, Waskington, Me Asaph Sawyer 

Cooper, KaUxmatoo, Mich Edward S. Wicks 

Cooper's, FrankKn, Va.... Robert Wright 

Coopersburgh, Lehigh, Pa Jno. W. Ochs 

Cooper's Gap, Btdherfard, N. C Caleb King 

Cooper's Mills, Lincoln, Me Allen B. Kincaid 

Cooper's Plains, Steuben, N. Y...Jo8eph Hammond 
Cooperstown, (c. h.) Otsego, N. Y....Cha8. J. Stillman 

Cooperstown, Jfoftttoiooe, Wis John Bartelme 

Co^erst(^n, Venango, Pa James Vannaten 

Co^erstown, J9kioi0n, HI James M.Warren 

Coopersville, Dearborn, la John Kemp 

CoopersviVe, Fentress, Tenn ...Emanuel M. Robson 

Coopersville, VnXon, S. C Alexander M. Latham 

Coopertown, JRabertson, Tenn ,David S. Alsbrook 

Coop's Greek, Marion, Tenn *... William Rankin 

Coos, Oms, N. H. Albe Holmes 

Coosa, Floyd, Ga. John W. Stett 

Coosawattee, Murray, Ga UF...ohn H. Hawkins 

Copake, Oslumbia, N. Y William Elliott 

X>>pano, B/efvaio, Texas Walter Lambert 

Oopeland, TAfaxr, Ga. John B.Coffee 

Copenhagen, CUdioeO, La William C. Redditt 

€k>penhagen, OiUtoeZZ, N.C Joseph Corpening 

Copenhs^n, Lewis, N. Y Gustavus A. Scovill 

C^'s Mills, J^erson, Ohio Martin Adams 

Copi, Jchruon, Iowa Avery J. Bond 

Copiah Creek, Copiah, Miss Madison G. Norman 

Copley, S^imm^ Ohio Byron Chapman 

Ooplinger's Mills, Oedar, Mo Andre# Masters 

CofK^a, Lorain, Ohio Thomas Churchward 

Cc^peras Gnek.FuXUm, HI John McCan 

Copperas Hil^, Orange,Tt John Reynolds 

Copper Creek, Rock lOand, lU Dennis Pullen 

Copper Hill. Hunterdon, V.J Judiah H. Kuhl 

Copper Hill, Floyd, Va. Samuel Giiggs 

Confer Hill, CbrroO, Ga Thomas Farmer 

Copper Mines, PMfc, Tenn. ....>... Johil B. Newbery 

Copper Bridge, Hjmcock, Tenn B. C. Ford 

Copperville, Cherokee, N.C Petef MosteUer 

Cora, MitcJuU, Iowa Alexander H. Moore 

Coral, McHenry, Hi Elijah Dunham 

Coram, Si^bCk, N. Y r. Richard W. Smith 

Corbettsville, Broom, N. Y Ira Corbett 

Cordaville, Worcester, Mass Curtis Wood 

Cordelia, SoUmo, Gal A. 0. Lamoroe 

Cordova, jBoefc island. Ill William MarBhall 

Cordova, Grant, Ky Jeremiah Morgan 

Cordova, Ztnco2n, Tenn John Gorder 

Oorfti, Cfenesee, N. Y Robert Millar 

CoriatiK, Jhsnobscot, Me Volney A. Sprague 

Corinna Centre, Penobscot, Me...Freflb]an Knowlea 

Corinth, fTeard, Ga David L. Grimes 

Corinth, Penobscot, Me Elbridge H. Bragdon 

Corinth, Saratoga, N. Y Thomas L. Ostrom 

Corinth, Oaldwdl, La Marcus L. Ronton 

Corinth, Orange, Vt ~ William Spencer 

Cork, Dearborn, la K Bryant Connelly 

Cork, AshtabtMa, Ohio G. H. Secheverell 

Cork, Butts, Ga Hubbard Williams 

Comersburgh, Mahoning, Ohio Adam Lynn 

Coraersville, MarshaO, Miss W. p. Wright 

Comersville, Hickory, Mo Shadrack Mustain 

Comersville, Giles, Tenn WUliam E. Baird 

Gomett's Mill, Letcher, Ky Samuel Gomett 

Corn Grove, Benton, Ala J. M. Teag^e 

Coming, Steuben, N. Y George W. Dyer 

Gormsh, York, Me Horace A. Pike 

Gomish VlaX, SuUivan^N.B. Orlando Powers 

Gornishville, Mercer, Ky Garland Symmes 

Gomplanter, Venango, Pa Thomas Moran 

Comtcm, Cumberland, 111 Leman H. Fannce 

Gornuolpia, CbirraU, la Jacob W. Fonts 

Cornucopia, Jones, Ga. Abram D. Jones 

Gomville, SomersdL,M.e Marcus Parsons 

Cornwall, Litefi/ield, Oonn Horace Hitchcock 

Gorwall, Orange, N. Y Henry F. Ghadeayne 

Cornwall, LAanon, Pa Robert W. Coleman 

Cornwall, Addison, Vt Eli Stone 

Cornwall Bridge, lAtcMldd, Gonn...Myron Harrison 
Cornwall Hollow, LUxmdd, Gonn.John B. Doughty 

Gorawallville, Green, N. Y Samuel Tuel 

Gomwell Tumout, CSftcs^S. G James Boyd 

Gorowaugh, L of Wight, Va Edwin L. BaUard 

Corpus Ohristi, (c. h.) Nueces, Tex. H. W. Berry 

Corsica, Morrow, Ohio James McClnne 

Corsica, JiE^son, Pa Mark Rodgers 

Corsicana, (c. h.) Navarro,'Sex L. T. Wheeler 

Corson's, Lycoming, Pa Daniel Corson 

Cortland, iTene, Mich Philo Beers 

Cortland, Jocftxon, la Jacob Brown 

Gortlandt Village, Q/r(Umdt, N. Y...Hiram Grandall 

Goranna, Shiioassee, Mich Edmund Qreen^ 

Gorvallis, Benton, Or J. H. Slater 

Gorwin, Montgonuryi Ohio A. G. Pierson 

Gory, Fremont. Iowa Samuel W. Ripley 

Gorydon, (c. h.) Mormon, la John Elliott 

Corydon, Henderson, Ky W. B. Pentecost 

Gorydon, Wiirren, Pa Ellis Gamble 

Corydon, Wayne, Iowa..;. John Hays, Jr 

Goegrave Hall, Vhion,P& Henry Benfer 

Coshocton, (c. h.) Cbs?u)cton, Ohio... Henry N. Shaw 

Gosumne, Sacramento, Cal William D. Wilson 

Cote Sans Dessein, CaUaway, Mo W. A. Bennett 

Gotile, Rapides, La Robert M. Henderson 

Gotland, Newton, Tex .James Herrin 

Gotoma, Montgom,ery, Ala Amos Jones 

Cotoosa Springs, Obtoos, Geo A. N. Magill 

Gotswood. Newberry, S. G Allen S. Scruggs 

Cottage, Mbntgom£ry,Md .Susan M. Bunting 

Cottage, Qxttaraugus, N. Y Israel H. Alden 

Cottage, Huntingdon, Pa ..Bei^amin Hartman 

Cottage Furnace, EOiU, Ky James L. Wheeler 

Cottage Grove, JVkskington, Min...Stephen F.Dtnig^ 
lass 9 

Cottage Grove, Lane, Oregon G. C. Pearoe 

Cotti^ Grove,. J9iMry, Tenn John W. Todd 

Cottage Grove, Dane, Wis Horatio B. Catlin 

Cottage Grove, Union, la Samuel H. Cra^rford 

Cottage Hill, Du Page, HI Getry Bates 

Cottage Hill, £atMiefYiaIe, Tenn. ..Leonard Dunavant 

Cottage Hill, SL Joseph, la .Joseph P. Jones 

Cottage HUl, Greeivme, 8. T. H. Stokei 




Cottage ffill, Muskingum^ 0... Nathaniel M. 3fathew 

Cottage HUl, Du Buqut^ Iowa Richard Greenby 

Cottage Home, Lincc^, N. G... Robert H. Morrison 

Cottn^ Home, Harford, Md Levi B. Finley 

Cottage Inn, La IhydU, Wis Hiram Tornberger 

Cottage Mm, MutcogeCy Ga Qrigsby E.Thomaa 

Cottleville, St Charles, Mo Rezen A. Tagast 

Cotton Gin, Firee$tonef Tex James S. Wills 

Cotton Gin Port, ifonroe, Miss John L. Dobba 

Cotton Grove, Davidson, N. G John Miller 

Cotton Grove, Madison, Tenn F. R. Hardgrave 

Cotton Hill, Randolph,Q^ John M.Smith 

Cotton Hill» Fayette, Ya Thomas S. Robson 

Cotton Plant, Tippdk,}Hi9& nTohn B.McAlUster 

Cotton Plant, Rusk, Tex Thomas A. Brown 

Cotton Plant, ^. Frandii, Ark..Samucl Simpson, jr 
Cotton Ridge, 7towam5a,Mis8...£dmand Gannaway 

Cotton Ys^ey, Macon, Ala A. Lockwood 

Cottonville, MarshaU, Ala David Ricketts 

OottonviUe, Jackson, Iowa ..Samnel Cotton 

Cottonwood, Shasta, Cal WUliam Lean 

Cottonwood, Christian, Ky P.W.Magaren 

Cottonwood, QalUxHn, III TbompBonBoyd 

Cottonwood Grove, Bond, HI David J. McCJord 

Cottonwood Point, Pemisedt Mo... William G. Eaaley 

Cottrellville, St. Clair, Mich Samuel Roberts 

Cotnit Port, BamstaMt, Mliaa Randall Kelley 

Coulter's Store, Macon, Mo Sterling Coulter 

Coaltersvllle, BtdUr, Pa David Yance 

Coultersville, Randolph, HI Henry Taylor 

Council BlofTs, Potawatamie, Iowa... J. E. Johnson 

Council City, Kansas Latham Smith 

Council Grove, KanMs Thomas S. Hamilton 

Council Hill, Clayton, Iowa George Shober 

Council Hill, Jo Daviess, HI John McCallister 

Oountsville, Lexinaton, S. C J. H. Counts 

County line, Lincdn, Tenn Washington P. Bobo 

Oimnty line, Pike, Ark David A. Walton 

County Line, Ounjobdl, Ga James Hutcheson 

County line, Newton, Miss Anthony Graham 

County line, Niagara, N. Y Eldridg© Chapman 

County Line, Daties, N. C .John yFesley Eccles 

Court Hill, IbUadtaa, Ala Nlcodemus Maeteller 

Courtland, CblumMo, Wts Horace Rust 

Oourtland, Lawrence, Ala Alfred D. Sidimons 

Courtlandt Station, De Kalb, 111 ChattnceyLuce 

Courtney viUe, JU^heny, Pa WilUam Courtney 

Oourtright*s MiUa, Iroquois, HI Joseph Thomas 

Cooshattee Chute, NoBlehitoches, La J. R. Roeley 

Oove, Sh'dby, Ala Alden M. Bynun 

Cove, Potk, Ark JcAnson McDaniel 

Cove Creek, Benton, Ala John O. Meeneb 

Cove Creek, Ihzewdl, Ya H. W. DiUs 

Cove Dale, HamiUon, Ohio William 8. Westoott 

Coventry, IbOand, Conn ESeaser Hunt 

Coventry, Chenango, N. Y ...George W. Cornish 

Ooventry, Keni, R. I Joell M. Spencer 

Coventry, OrleanSf Yt Holland Thrasher 

Ooventaryville, Chenango, N. T Peleg Pendleton 

Coventry Depots Mland, Ct Jarod C]«rk 

Covert, Simeca, N. Y Myron R. Cole 

Oovesville, AtbirmarleyYtk. John A. Hamner 

Coive^ville, Monroe, Pa SIftion N. Strigbt 

OoveviUe, Staratoga, N. Y WlUiaoi Wilcox 

Covington, (e. hS Newton, Qa...JPrand9 8. Womack 

Coivington, (c. la.) Jlbuntotn, la. Caleb King 

Covington, A^on, Ky WlUlam D.Holt 

Covington, (c h.) St. Tammany, lAi. JSthaa Oolton 

Covington, Richmond, N. C Jesse A. Baldwin 

Covington, WMming, N. Y;. Wflltem J. Martin 

Covington, Miami, Obio Thomee A. Worl^ 

OovlngCon, 3%a, Pa Jdm C. Bena»tt 

Covington, Kplon, Tena R. H. Wiseman 

Covington, (c. h.) Atteghanfi Ya .....Jemee Burk 

Oowan. Franklmf Tenn*. Thaddeos Almon 

Oowan^s Poid, Mec/dtnburgh, N. C...8amQel Blythe 

Oowatt'e Station, Shdhf^ (Wo W. Y. Cowan 

Oemansvitte, JBowcMy N. C H. P. Rich 

Oowaa«ville, Armstrong, Pv. R. A. Thompion 

Oowttselon, Madison, N. Y^ .William A. Snook 

Odw Greek, ScMne. Mo..^ .Jolin Brown 

CoerOeraport, (c h.) Batter, Pa. John M. Jndd 

Oowee, Jfaoon, M. C...... Alfred Hall 

Okpwikee, Barbour, Al». Jfilton H. Strea«er 

Cowle^lto^ nVoM^Sn^ N. ¥....«. iMttar C 

Cowlitz, Leuns, Wash. Ter E. D. Worbasa 

Cowpasture Bridge, AUeghany, Ya Thomas W. 


Cowpen Branch, BamweU, S.C .'.John D. Seaso 

CowpeTiB,&>artanburg, 8. C Robert Scuggs 

Co^vper Hill, Robesofi, N. C Jennet McNafar 

Cow Skin, Ozark, Mo John B. Potter 

Coxsackie, Green, N. Y..., Henry Hermanoe 

Cox's Mills, Randolph, N. C Micajah Cox 

Cox's Mills, Waync,l9k A. Caffey 

Cox's Mills, Gilmer, Ya Oliver P. Cox 

Cox's Store, Washington, Tenn William P. Blair 

Coxtown, BerJcs, Pa John M. Schollenberger 

Coxville, De KaVb, Ala Thomas G. A. Cox 

Coxville, Pm, N. C Calvin Cox 

Coyleville, BuUer, Pa John Green 

Coytee, Monroe, Tenn Margarette C. Davfar 

Crab Bottom, Highland, Ya James W. Seiver 

Crab Orchard, Lincoln, Ky S. E. Higgins 

Crab Orchard, Ray, Mo Clayton Jacobe 

Crab Orchard, Wniiamson, Hl...Bei\f. F, Ensminger 

Crab Orchard, Wythe, Ya A. J. Grayson 

Crab Tree, Haywood, N. C Hiram McCrackon 

Crafton, Chroitna, Ya James F. Campbell 

Craflsbury, Orleans. Yt Nelson Rand 

Craftsville. Elbert, Qa Kelly Sullivan 

Craig, Suntzerland, la David Trowbridge 

Craighead, Xt'TiooIn, Tenn Bennet W. ChUds 

Cralg*8 Creek, Chng, Ya Samuel Watkina 

Craig's Ferry, Whifley, Ky Isaac K. Craig 

Craig's Mills, Wcuhiiigton, Ya Robert C. Craig 

CraigsvUle, Orange, N. Y William B. Hunter 

Cralgsville, Augtuta, Ya Robert S. Craig 

Craigsville, Lancaster, S. C N. B, Craig 

Grain's Comers, Herkimer, N. Y Job Bronson 

Chain's Creek, Moore, N. U. Schermerhom 

Crainsville, Hardeman, Tenn Charles Haynie 

Cranberry, Middlesex, N. J John D. Clarke 

Cranberry, Alien, Ohio Isaac Parker 

Qranberry, Venango, Pa James Skinner 

Cranberry Creek, I\dton, N. Y Russell Weill 

Cranberry Forge, WWcft^a, N. C J. C. Hardin 

Cranberry Isles, Hancock, Me William P, Preble 

Cranberry Plains, Carroll, Ya John Early 

Cranberry Prairie, Jfercer, Ohio Christopher 


OraneCree, Pettis, Mo Parrington Packwood 

Grain's Forge, AssumpHon,lA K Feray 

Crane's Grove, Stephenson, Ill.William H. Hollinbeck 

Cranesvllle, Paulding, Ohio Horatio N. GurCSfl 

Cranesville, Montgomery, N. Y Jeremiah Groat 

Cranesville, Preston, Ya. Jacob 8. Hyde 

Crainsville, Essex, N. J Sllae S. Thompson 

Cn^'s MUls, 8L Lawrenee, N. Y.Nathan C. Howard 

Cratei's Mills, ^edeZZ, N. C Quinton Holton 

Craven's Mills, Wayne, TenB..Williain J. Straybom 

Cravensville, Daviess, Mo ......Evan P. Wynn 

Crawford, (c. h.) Russia, Ala. Qninton A. Neighbours 

Crawibrd,! GattaUn, 111 John Crawford 

Orawford, Wishington, Me Ephraim H. Wright 

Crawlbrd, TV^ftmdott, Ohio Solomon Hare 

Grawt)rd Seminary, Quauoato, Mo J. L. French 

Crawford's House, Ooos, N. H Josep]^ L^Gibb 

Crawlbrd'8 Mills, Westmerdand, Pa..Z. Zimmerman 

Crawford's Mills, Medina, OWo David Park 

Cravrfordsville, (c h.) TUliafaTo, Q% Jamee M. 

Crawfowlsville, (c. hO Montgomerv* !»..•<*• W. Snyder 

Crawfordsville, WasMngtmt, Iowa Robert Allen 

CrawfordiviUe, iSkiartanburg, 8. C. James D. BivioAS 
Cr4wftrdstfiUe, towndet, Mlss...TheOT>hilu8 Harvey 

Oraytonvllle, Anderson, S. J. W. Featherston 

CreachviUe, JiOmson, N. C Samuel P. Horton 

Creagerstown, Frederick. Md...Jaoob H. Stoneslfbr 

Oreagh's Mills, TFiZooa;. Ala William H. Hunt 

Creek Agency, O^eek Nation, Axk E. B. Brigbt 

Oieok Centre, l»fcnw,N.Y Thomaa AJdey 

lOreek Bfn±MoKon,Wk ...John W. Foster 

Creelsburg, RttssOL, Ky Israel C. Winfrey 

Crescent, Saratega, N. Y Nathan F. Philo 

OneeentfLsfoomina, Pa., Henry D. Heylmaa 

Craeoent Ci«y, (cJh.) Kkmalh, Cal D. C, Lewi* 

GreMo, KingSylH. Y Alonao O. Hammond 

Grenon, cMria, P».....,...M....».vip. M. 8. Jackaon 
OMHne^ Onvtford, Obia.o..ii«zuder E, Jenner 




Orete, WtUy lU CSyrus Holt 

CrBTe Goeur, St, Xouit, Mo Washington Uoss 

Crichton's Store, Brunswicky YsuMartha J. Tumbull 

Criglersville, Madisoti, Va ^...Marcus D. Call 

Crimea, Ottawa, Mich George A. Read 

Cripple Creek, G'reenviUe, S. C John U. Harrison 

Cripple Deer, Tishemingo, Miss... John M. Thompson 

Crisis, Hardifiy Tenn Ell Bynum 

Crisp's Cross Koads, HartUon, la... Anthony J. Crisp 

Crittenden, Chrdnt, Ky James O'Hara 

Crittenden, Paviess, Mo Wesley N. Pryor 

Crittenden, .£W«, N. Y Henry P. Sadler 

Crittenden, FranldiTi, 111 Benjamin F.Pope 

Crittenden, Oass, la Alexander Murphy 

Crittenden Springs, Crittenden, Ky...K. J. Ruther- 

CrockersviUe, Genesee, Mich George Crocker 

firockery Creek, Ottawa, Mich John H. Davison 

Crockett (c. h.yHomt<m, Tex ...William V. Wall 

Crockett's Blufif, Arkansas, Ark Isaac Currey 

OroKhan, Lewis, N. Y Joseph Rivet 

CroKhan, AUen, Ohio Erasmus Thompson 

Crtmiwell, Oecil, Md James Waxburton 

CromweU, Middlesex, Conn Charles Kirby 

CromweU NobU, la Abel MulUn 

CromweU, OMo, Ky Quintus C. Shanks 

Crooked Creek, OarroU, Ark Joseph B. Bainea 

Crooked Creek, Steui>en, la, Theron Storrs 

Crooked Creek, Monroe, Mo T. M. Sidner 

Crooked Creek, Stokes, N.C Stephen H. Poor 

Crooked Creek, Tioga,l^a. ^.S. J. Holiday 

Crooked Fork, Margan,Tenn...^.,.J>iamlM. Kelly 
Crooked HiU, MffntgomerVi Pa-WiUiam Wildermuth 

Croom, JVince Georfi'e'*, Md JohnW.Co&en 

Cropper's Depot, Sh^V, Ky^ ....J. H. Myles 

CropSeyville, ie«iswi<f;, N. Y John W. Clum 

Cro^ell, St. CUxir, AU.. ^...J. W. Jones 

CroJbyviile, ChesUr, S. C- ^..Chesley Crosby 

CroebyviU^ SUvben, N. Y.........j....^.John Crosby 

Ctom Anchor, Spartanburgh, S. C...W. J. ^itmire 

Orossanville, Ferry, Ohio.. Joseph Focht 

Croes Creek, Jtfferscm, Ohio...^. ».....A(^ Reed 

Cross Creek Tillage, WasktngUm, Pa...C. Surfmons 

Cross Cut, Lawrence, Pa. .........David Bower 

Cross Fork, Clinton, Pa • ^°f^ Clements 

. Croes HiU, Laurens, S. James Carter 

Crossingvme, CrcnaMd, Pa .......Waxren GiU 

Cross Keys, Macon, AlA SanfordE. Macon 

Cross Keys,i?« iatt,Ga John Y. Flowers 

Cross Keys, Omtden, N. J Joseph Nicholson 

Cross Key? VMon, S. C Daniel S. West 

Cross Keys, Soane, Tenn Samuel Johnson 

Cross Keys, Rockingham, Va Franklin Pence 

Cross Kill Mills, .Berts, Pa. Jacob Newcomet 

Cross Plains, Itipley, la Alpheus G. Hunter 

Cross Plains, jBoto^son, Tenn.William F. Patterson 

Cross Plains, 2>oM«, Wis William Baer 

Cross Plains, Benton, Ala. Jacob F. Daily 

Cross Phdas, Fulton, Ark John S. Shaver 

Cross Plains, Barren, Ky Thomas M. Piper 

CroBsport, Fountain, la James Townsley 

Cross Ridge, Tishemingo, Miss John M. Howell 

Croes Ri^rer, West Chester,li. Y William Hunt 

Cross Roads, Jackson, Miss Peter McFairley 

Cross Roads, Madison, Ohio..... ..William Stroup 

Cross Roads, YorhtVsk John Logan 

Cross Roads, ScoO, Ark ; S.H.Chism 

Crest Rda^Dfe^TM, Ta.. Ellas James 

Cross Roads, Joknion, 111....^ Wesley Be^nolds 

CrMsdn't Storey lUndaph, Ark... James W. Croeson 

Cross TTimbeBs, mekory,Ux> ,...J66l B.Halbdrt 

OrossvlUe, Lvmjjhin, Qh w^.Tnuban H. Sanford 

OrosstUle, BUaibey Tenn...» ....^.JSamds Scott 

GroBBvridkii, BuHfngtoii, N. J'. .GlinrlM H. Ellis 

Ctfoton, Bimterdon, N. 1.. Niswtoli Gary 

Croten, XAcking, OUio.... Nlmrod H. PayHe 

Croton, POaioarey N.T...«...a Andrew T.Tveadwell 

Omton,' Neumygoi MIoh Jeffextaon MolriaoiL 

Croton, Lee, Iowa».« » Ens^ B. Walls 

Croton Comers, C^umung, N. Y...CharliM H. Curtis 

OretOD Fatls, Wett Ghester,1!l, Y...WUliam T. Bailey 

. Oroton Landing, WM OhetHer, N.Y.„ James M«Cord 

Grotty, ZoMtOS) HI ........^....Jeremiah Ctratty 

Orotue'B 8tore('j;»iitoAetSrN. Y .Joshua BrewneCl 

Ohm Creel^ Pi^etm, «.<);» ....««.SobQrt fltowirt 

Crow Creek, SaUne, Mo Thomas R. E. Harvej 

Crowder's Creek, GaxUm, N. Lawson WilBon 

Crowder's Mountain, Gaston, N. C John R. Ctetts 

Crowell, Jackson, Florida Jesse Crowell 

Crow Meadows, MarsfiaU, 111 Allen Gray 

Crown Point, (c. h.) Lake, la ^loseph Jackson 

Crown Point, JSssex, N. Y Chauncey Fenton 

Crownsville, Anne Arvndel, Md Brook Mead 

Crow's, AUegkany, Va William H. Crow 

Crow's Pond, 3>aviess, Ky ......Walker Glover 

Crowsville, ipartanburg, S. C.James M. Lanham 

Crowville, mirrick,lA John BohaU 

Croxton, Jefferson, Ohio Peter Dallaa 

Croydon, Stdlivan, N. H David W.Fry« 

Croydon Flat, ^S^tiKtn, N. H Delavan D. Marsh 

Crugers, West Chester, N. Y James F. Ferris 

Crum Creek, FuUon, N. Y...Mrs. Lydia A. Yauncy 

Crum Elbow, Dutchets, N. Y Israel Marshall 

Cruso, Seneca, N. Y John G. Evans 

Crystal Lake, McHenry, 111 UTames W. Marh>w 

Crystal Lake, Wcsupaca, Wis W. C. CJarr 

Crystal Spring^, AiUavga, Ala Jacob P. Houst 

Cuba, Owen, la. William L. Hart 

Cuba, ShOby^t^Hn Robert F. York 

Cuba, Suimter, Ala P. P. HaU 

Cuba, Monroe, Iowa Ebin Judsou 

Cuba, FuUonflU George Whitaker 

Cuba, Kviherford, N. C J. Gilkey 

Cuba, Kjmt, Mich Aaron Brewer 

Cuba, W'/«(;i«W,Ga James P. Webb 

Cuba, AU^/any, N. Y Aaron W. Dunkin 

Cuba, ainton, Ohio Henry M. Green 

Cub Creek, Charlotte, Va James S. Buster 

Cubehatcheoj Macon, Ala William B. Harding 

Qub Hill, Baltimore, Md Theodore Boyer 

Gucl^ooville, Louisa, Va. William H. Harris 

Ouddebackville, Orange, N. Y Peter Cuddebock 

Cud<lj^^^^ Yaiabusha, Miss... William H. Lov^oy 

Cuero(c. h.) Be FTitf, Texas D.B. Friar 

Cull^7> SuUivan, Pa Jonathan Colby 

CuUoden, Monroe, Ga .John W. Persons 

Culm^rville, Alleghany, Pa Samuel Carnahan 

CulpePor C. H., Coto^per, Va Edward B. Hill 

Gulp's Store, RitckUy Va Nimrod KuykendaU 

Culver, OaJhoun, Mich Davis S. Culver 

Culverton, Hancock, Ga Henry C. Culver 

Cumberland, Marion, la Andrew J. Van Sickls 

Cumberland, Fayette, 111 Bara Griffith 

Cumberland (c h.) Alleghany, Md.William A. Taylor 

Cumberland, Cbroter^nd, Me David Gray 

Cumberland, Guernsey, Ohio Robert Savags 

Cumberland C. H, Oifinberland, Va.«A. Obemdorfer 

Cumberland, CTrundy^ Tenn ^...William G.Ouinn 

Cumberland Centre, Cumberland, Me...Samuel Trae 

Cumberland Ford, Knone, Ky Ruliis M. Moss 

Cumberland Gap, Claibome, Tenn... John G. Newles 
Cumberland HilL Providence, E. !♦ Edmund i. 

Cumberland Institute, Whiie, Tenn...C. McDowell 
Cumberland Iron Works, Stamai, Tenn...Jad8on 

Cumberland Valley, JBott^w^ PaJaoob B. Anderson 
Cuminsvllle, HamOton, OhioM. Joseph F. T i akftmsn 

Gumming, (c. h.) Farxyth, Ga. .James A. BogW 

Cummingsville, JZa«Nimia,Mi8S...Mason Cnmmings 
Cummington, Mtconpin, Ill...Demp«ey N. Solomon 

Cummington, Hampshire, Mass. William Swan 

Cummington West village, J9(xm|»«A*i^ M aJM. R UB h s 


Cnmmins, Arkansas, Axk Edward C. Morton 

Cumt&insvilla, IGuntii^Pdott^ Pa... William Cununins 
Oimningiiam^^fisi^rqp, Tex<;... J^. G. Ciinningban 
Canninghson's Store, Fenott, TH-* ^ohn W. 


OtaSSrriOBf BitMUss, Ky ....i....« ....A. Spiniy 

Curd«vlUe,Atcfc«ri^Aam»V«U..^..^.. Albert Baldwin 
CuretonCa Bridge, iIeiiir|fyAla....<...w. John A. Wood 
Curetonfl Store, LaneaUtt, S. a.WiHiam J^Oureton 

CvTia, £MUpendenee, Ark... Zaehariok W. Viiioa 

OuvllsviUs^ CIaf<bn,.Pa<: ».^A.*;Kobert Thcniks 

Car«an^ iSeMi«,Mo. <..i..AtoBU&delr McCoUgb 

CutriMck C. H^ Omrtedh, N. CM..aiingens HLomtom 
Cittrry'alHlIs, TTasAi iyton, Ga.i. Jlatord A. Matitfs 
Onrrj^ Ruohiffltrriion, Kgru... »«>••..•. 





Oortis' Corner, JCsnfMbeefe, Me Balmcm Brewtter 

Otrtia' Bfflls, Alamance^ N. O Clement a Gnrtte 

OoTttinrme, TUolumney Gal J. M. Boot 

OnrtigTllle, Berkshiny Mam Marshall & Heath 

Oiirtright, Cfreenej Ga John Oortrlght 

OvrwinavUle, Clearfieldy Pa Samuel Way 

»Mh, CUarfidd, Pa ^ Asa White 

CiBhlnK, lAncdhij Me Thomas a Kelleran 

Cashing, TVwotooM, Ala M. B. Meador 

OoshingsTille, BmtA^ Ga John C. Williams 

Ooshlngville, Potteiry Pa Alonso Horton 

Onssawago, Orawfordt Pa Gideon Mosier 

Oesseta, Chamben, Ala ...James H. Erwin 

Onstarda, Orau^wrdj Pa Hiram Power 

Ontchogne, SuffiHk^ N. Y Thomas J. Gonklln 

Oathbert, Bawkiph^ Ga Samnel B. Peaoook 

Odtler, WaihxngUm, Me Isaac WUder 

CntOI^ Tf&tton, Ga Hope H.Camp 

OnttingBTille, RuiUtnd, Vt Charles C Holden 

Onyahoga Falls, Svatmit, Ohio J. L. Hommedleii 

Gajler, Cbrtlandt, N. T Amasiah Parker 

Onjlerrille, Livinggton, N. Y MeMn H. Dales 

Q^thiana, JRwey, la Green Hindman 

G^thiaaa, (c. h.) Harriaon, Ky....JDaYid A. Gtrins 

(Smthiana, Pflbe, Ohio J. W. Hadley 

Cyy reoo , Vhiont Ky Francis H. Shouse 

Cypress, SooUf Mo Charles H. Kew 

(^resB, Monrotf Ark James A. Bamer 

OTpress, Kenos?Mf Wis... Thomas B. Pike 

Caress, Tazoo, Miss William C. Greer 

Ofjfnm Bend, Chieoty Ark H. L. Obannon 

C^nress Creek, JohfuoUy 111 Jacob Kiestler 

Cjpreas Creek, Bladen, N. C waiiam J. Parker 

(Tpress Inn, Wayne, Tenn BrinUey Hopson 

(^rees Mills, Perry, Ark W. H. Ivey 

(^rees Top, Harris, Tex S. A. Chambers 

pfniston» I«nooIn,Tenn J. K. Moores 

DABNET, PuUxaki, Ky Joel Hnbbel 

Oaoota, Winona, Minn Nathan Brown 

DacnsTille, PickeM, 8.0 Benjamin F. Morgan 

Baderille, (c h.) TeHXapoota, Ala A. J. Lowery 

Dagger's aprings, Botkouri, ya..Patrick A. Hatcher 

Daggett'a Mills, Tioga, |>a A. B. Bewitt 

Bagsboro, Sussex, Del John Smith of M 

Dahlonega, LumpJein,Q^ George T.QnilUan 

Dahlonega, Wmello, Iowa Jehn Moore 

Daingerfield, 3«u«, Texas John A. Shaw 

Dakota, Waushara, Wis Jabes B. Seley 

Dale, S^ieneer, la Thomas Walker 

Dale, Wyoming, N. Y Sidney S. Monroe 

Dale, Berks, Pa David Schall 

DaieTiUe, Lauderdale, Bliss J<^n H. HOI 

OaleTflle, Dale, Ala Esau Brooks 

DaleTllle, Ltueme, Pa Michael Latonche 

Daleys, Montgomery, Tenn Joseph P. paley 

DaUas, Pulaski, Ky John Bobbitt 

DaUie, Jladisan, La William T. & Pugh 

Dallas, La Ihydte, Miss John T. Raybum 

Dallas, Oreen«,Mo John Smith 

Dallas, Highland, Ohio Isaac F. Roades 

Dallas, Luxeme, J^sl Jacob Rice, 2d 

Dallas, (e. h.) DaUas, Tex Thomas F.Cmtchfield 

Dallas, CUnUm, Mich Alauson Parks 

Dallas, MarshalL Ya John M. Seaton 

Dallas, Gfaston, N. Andrew Hoyl 

Dallas, AZfc, Oregon John H.Lewis 

DaUas, Paaddfym, Ga. William J. Chastain 

Oallasborrii, Owen, Ky J. B. Wheatley 

DaUasbnrgh, Warren, Ohio William J. HiU 

Dallas City, Hancock, 111 John M. Finch 

Dallastown, York, Pa .James Cross, Jr 

Dalm»tia, NorthtanherUmd, Pa. Franklin Fryer 

Dalton, Wxyne, la. Cfavkson Beynolds 

Dalton, BerkshirtJAaaM Franklin Weston 

Dalton, Cbof, N. H James B. Snmner 

Dalton, Wayne, Ohio B. W. Cahill 

Dalton, J^hUfidd, Ga... Bdward H. Edwards 

Dalton, Chickasaw, Miss Thomas B. Dalton 

Damariscotta Mills, Linedkn, Me Joseph Haines 

DaiuasooTille, CMumMofia, Ohio Martin Delxell 

Damaacns, Wayne, Pa.... .....Nathaniel W. Vail 

Danmsens, apartoHtim^rgk, a Fielder OaatreU 

Damaseua, Monigonuryy Md George W. HUtea 

Daaasctts, Stephenson, 111 Norman Phillips 

Damascns, Henry, Ohio .James R. Thompson 

Dana, WorccMter, Mass.. Nathaniel L. Johnson 

l^mboro, Bucks, Pa Henry P. Sands 

Daaborgh, Wakes,Qta. ^lohn L. Anderson 

Banbury, (c h.) Ftiii:fiad, Conn...Francis Fairchild 

Dsabnry, Qrafton, N. H Ichabod 8. Johnson 

Danbory, Stokes, N. Lemuel Pitaer 

Daaby, Du Page, lU Milo F. Meacham 

Danby, Tmpkitks, N. Y Sherman Miller 

Danby, SvOand, Yt Andma Egglestoa 

Danby, lofoia, Mich John Comptoft 

Danby Fbor Oomera. BMOand, Yt G. I. Locke 

Daneyrille, IfiiyvHNN^Tenn George W. Parrott 

Dandridge, (c. h.) J^son, Tenn ...William D. IWn 

Dane, Z>«m, Wis Samuel Huntingdon 

Dangola, Gibson, la. William C. Barret* 

Ikmiel's Bfills, i^jon, N. C Charles Holeman 

DanielsTille, (c. h.) Madiwon, Ga... Anderson Phiiyps 

DanlelsTllIe, Didaon, Tenn N. C. Parrish 

DaibielsYUle, Spottsytwmia, Ya Lewis S. Coryell 

DanielsTille, Nsrthaimpton, Pa Charles B. Danie] 

Duiielton, Beatifort, 8. C Joseph H. Rushing 

Ikmnemora, CbuOon, N. Y Heman Lonrry 

Banner's Cross Roads, Charleston, S. C.Archibald 

E. Danner 

Dsa RiTar, Bockingham, N. C John A. RatlilT 

DansTiUe, Umngston, N. Y Merritt H. Brown 

Danton, Ttshemingo, Miss John J. Blytbe 

Ikmube, Herkimer, N. Y Peter Green 

Danyers, Jeisea:,Mas8 Levi Merrill 

Danyers Centre, JEssese, Mass Henry Prentiss 

DanTsrs Port, JBnex,Mass Darid Mead 

DanTille,(c. h.) TeO, Ark William N.May 

DaaTllle» Sumter, Ga Benton Byrd 

Danyilte, (o.h.) VermiOion. Ill Josiah Alexander 

DanTille, (c. h.) Hendricks, la... WUUam W. Matlock 

DanTiUe, Boyie, Ky Wesley R. Orear 

Danville» Andretooggin, Me...Jeremiah Stinchfleld 

DaaTille, lUhemingo, Miss James H. Buford 

DanviUe, (c. h.) Bhntgomery, Mo W. S. Watfcins 

DanTllle, BoOdngham, N. H Enos Tewksbury 

Danyllle, Warren, N. J Aaron Yan Buskirk 

Danville Knox. Ohio George H. Davidson 

Danville, (c. h ) Montour, Pa Thomas Ghalitot 

Danville, (c. h.) (Medonia, Yt... Samuel B. Mattocks 

Danville, PiUsylwmia, Ya John M. Johnston 

Danville, Montgomery, Texas John £. Gorge 

Danville, Des Moi$us, Iowa..>,...Harriet Messenger 

Danville, Morgan, Ala..... Stephen Simpson 

Dan Webster, Henry, I». Davis Haynes 

I^Arbone, Union, La Joseph H. Mottow 

Darby, Z^datoare, Pa Garrett Pearson 

Darby, FrankUn, Ohio Joseph CHarra 

Darby^Creek, Madison, Ohio Peter E. Gndtner 

Darby Plains, 2^ion, Ohio Henry J.King 

Darbyville, Piokaway, Ohio...« Elijah Beathard 

Dardanelle, l%tt. Ark George Magness 

Darden's Store, Nansemand, Ya...Robert A. Pinner 

Darien, .VWr/Uid, Conn IraScofleM 

Darien, MelnJtosh, Ga William T. Thorp 

Darien, Genesee, N. Y Quartus Graves 

Darien, Walworth,'9Hs..,. Henry Ftey 

Darien Centre, Geneeee,V.X Beiyamin Yickerf 

Darien D^iot, FkUrfiOd, Conn Isaac H. Otoek 

Dark Comer, CbmpMI) Ga George W. McLarty 

Darke, Darke, Ohio Elias Wenger 

Darkesvflle, Berkeley, Ya John Wysong 

Darlington, Montgemery, la Alexander Hoover 

Darlington, iSK. Helena, La. Barnabas Pipkin 

Darlington, ^a«:^m2, Md...... Joseph R.Ely 

Darlington, Bearer, Pa John McClymonw 

Darlington C. H. DarUngUm, S. C....Sam'l J. Wilson 

Darlington, Z<^ayette, Wla. Martin K. J4»es 

Darlington HefefatS) Prince Edward, Ya... James K 


Damestown, Monltgomeryi Md L. W. Camfler 

Darrtown, itatier, Ohio .John McMechan 

Dartford, MaerquMe, Wis Lorrin R. Siavis 

Dartmouth, BristelfMem Charles Toeker 

DarvUIfl, Dkwiddie, Ya. Berthier Boit 

Darwin, dark, lU Hnofa MatoM 

Darysawi Ji^ertoM, Ark ..Adolphus Wells 

Dauphin, DmufMn, Pa. Rlvere G. Bilial 

DEL 8 

BftTenport, Tf^omui^, Fb Joshua Swartwoat 

Davenport, ^Sbo^, Iowa A. F. Mast 

Dayenport, Ddaware, N. T John SheimaD 

Savenport Centre, Delaioare, N. Y B. R. Brown 

Davldsborongh, Wcuhingion, (ia....T,'W. Hard^ck 

DaTidson, SuUtvan, Pa Jesse Pennington 

Dayidson College, Mecklenburgli, N. C...H. P. Helfet 

Davidson River, Benderson, N. C Jf. W. Killian 

DavidBonviUe, Anne Arwndd, Md...Elixabeth Dnvall 

Davidsville, Somarwtt Pa. Joteph Shoemaker 

Davis Kansas Thomas Mockbee 

DaviB, MUiocuiku, Wis Peter Stephan 

Davisboro, Muttingtonf Ga... Hudson W. Siepperd 

Davisbiirgh, Oakland, Mich John (X Davis 

Davis' Comers, Adams, Wis William A. Davis 

Davis' Creek, Ibrsyth, Ga.....Hlames B. Blackstoek 

Davis* Creek, Washington, Iowa C. G. Maynard 

Davis' Creek, DvJbois, la John A. Wineinger 

Davis' Creek, IbyetUy Ala Green M. Richards 

Davis' Mills, BamweO, S. C Needham Davis 

Davis' Mills, .B^c^^trd, Ya...Augnstine L. Thnrman 

Davison Centre, Genesety Mich »Seth I. Wicker 

Davison, Jasper, Ind Charles G. Hartman 

Davis's Cross Roads, Marshall, Ky...William Noel 

Davis' Store, Bed^ford, Va Henry M. White 

Daviston, Taeylor, Ga jrnlinsC. Lockhart 

Daviston, Tallapoosa, Ala J. 0. Davis 

Bavistown, Or6enie, Pa David L. Ixmg 

Bavisville, Bttcks, Pa Samuel Ghambera 

Davisville, Jasper, Miss .....Barnes S. Tenal 

Davisville, WashxngUm, R. I James M. DaviB 

Davisville, Shdby, la Lucius Walton 

Davisville, Wnd, Ya Baley L. GUurk 

Dawkin's Mills, Jackam, Ohio...George W. Brown 

Dawn, Xivin(7«ton, Mo William Hixon 

Dawson, Habersham, Ga Isaac A. Qibbtf' 

Dawson, Fbyette, Pa ^.John Davis 

Dawson, Sangamon, HI ....Joseph Y. Winn 

Dawsonbnrgh, Fremont, Iowa..... ....Jacob Dawson 

Dawsonville, Greene, Va...., John G. Hemdon 

DawBOUviUe, Montgomery, Md Thomas D. Darby 

Day, Saratoga, N. Y .....Samuel Y. Rockwell 

Day Book, Yancey, N. C Melchizedec Chandler 

Day's Store, Hopkins, Ky , .Joseph Day 

Day's Store, Greene, Pa Frank Day 

DaysviUe, (}gU,m William J.Mix 

DaysviUe, Todd, Ky William H.CampbeU 

Dayton, &r0m,Wis George B. Duncan 

Dayton, .finiia, Iowa «.....A.T. Cross 

Dayton, Marengo, Ala Thomas M. Cunningham 

Dayton, La SaOe, lU .....George W. Makinson 

Dayton, Tippecanoe, la. « Samuel Favorite 

Dayton, Cbttaratigtis, N. Y ......James H. ChalTe 

Dayton, (c. h.) Montgomery, Ohio...£dward A. King 

Dayton, Rockingham, Ya John Niswander 

Dayton, Tarn HOI, Ogn Cyrus Jacobs 

Dayton, Berrien, Mich J. M. PhiUps 

Dead Fall, Bugler, Ala ...William fiightower 

Dead River, Somerset, Me Thomas Butler 

Deal^s mil, Oaldwell, Hi. William F.Deal 

Dean's Corners, Saratoga, N. Y...Comelius J. Wri^t 

Deaosville, Onedut, N. Y James J. Hanchett 

Dearbornville, Wayne,Mch. David Allen 

Dearing, HdmOton, Tenn... Xl:ilbert W. Dearing 

Deasonville, liuoo. Miss Samuel D. Graham 

DaatsviUe, iVelcon, Ky..... Thomas Conn 

Deatonsvitle, Amdsa, Ya Alexander 0. Tucker 

Deavertown, Morgan, Ohio Thomas B. Jones 

Deeapolis, Madison, Ya JToseph H. Towles 

Decatur, Morgan, Ala James M. Means 

Decatur, (c. h.)I>eKalb, Ga BUJah Roeeer 

Decatur, Jfocon, HI John P. Post 

Decatur, j[c. h.) uliianu, la John M. Nuttman 

Decatur, Van Buren, Mich William N. Pardee 

Decatur, (c. h.) Nevoton, Miss Jesse Hwiy 

Decatur, Otsego, N. Y Hamilton Waterman 

Decatur, Brown, Ohio Joseph Stevenson 

Decatur, Meigs, Tena Joseph MoCorkle 

Deoatar^ Jfjtn, Pa Blizabeth E.Sigler 

Deoatuiv Greene, Wis .James W. Banker 

Deoatvr, Deeoitwr, Iowa.... Thomas BlacA 

Decaturvllle, Z>eca^ur, Tenn... David B. A. McElrath 
DasfttnrviUe, Washington, Ohitf:..Philip Shrader, jt 

Dacheniy tiunkUn, Tenn Aaron Lyndi 

BMka^s Cre«k» PresUm^ Ya... .J)KTid G. Mitof 


Deckertown, Sussex, N. J John A. Whitaker 

Decorah, Winneshiek, Iowa William F. KimbaU 

Bedham, Hiancock,'i/Le » W. P. Spofford 

Dedham, WeakUiy, Tenn Nelson 0. Underwood 

Dedham,(c.h.)iV(>r/o2X;, Mass... Blisha Thayer 

Deem, Owen, la Adam J. Deema 

Deep Creek, Anson, N. C BKel Woodbnni 

Deep Creek, Norfolk, Ya Harrison B. W^stoA 

Deep Creek, Anaerson, S. C Hiram Bott 

Deep Cut, Meretr, Ohio B. P. HoweH 

Deep River, Middlesex, Conn Hyman G. Loomia 

Deep River, Lake, la Nathan Wood 

Deep River, flW^ord, N. C Cyrus J. Wheeler 

De^ River, Unoeshiek, Iowa Timothy Parker 

Deep Water, Henry, Mo ., John H. Anstki 

Deep Water, Marshall, Miss John H. Terrel 

Deep Well, IredeO, N. C John C. Hargra^e 

Deer Brook, Ntxcvbee, Mi88...Alexander B. Stevens 

Deer Creek, LivingsUm, Mich William How 

De«: Creek, Issaquena, MSss......£theldred £. Weet- 


Deer Creek, Dontglas, Oregon Lewis L. Bradbury 

Deer Creek, TazeweU, 111 John W. Osbom 

Deer Creek, IbUs, Texas ...James M. Wright 

Deer Creek Works, Harford, Md JTohn Jewett 

Deerfleld, Oneida,H,Y Joseph Oeter 

DeeE&eld, Randolph, la Festus A. W. Lindhay 

Deerfield, Penobscot, Me '..Joshua T. Baldwin 

Deerfleld, Lake, 111 Bliab Gifford 

Deerfleld, Lenawee, Mich Wallace A.McKee 

Deerfleld, Franklin, Mass Charles Williams 

Deerfleld, Rockingham, N. H .B. F. Stevens, jr 

Deerfleld, Poriage, Ohio ..Nehemiah L. W&nn 

Deerfleld, Augusta, Ya Robert J. Glendy 

Deerfleld, OarroU, La « .....W. C. Pnrvis 

Deerfleld, Bane, Wis Benjamin Baldwin 

Deerfleld Centre,i{ocUfi^Aa7i>, N. H.Mr8. C. F. French 
Deerfleld Street, Cumberland, N. J William R. 

/Deerfleld Yillage, Warren, Ohio...Clinton D. Roosa 

Deer Grove, Oook, 111 Mason Sutheriand 

Dearing, Hillsborough, N.H William T. Wiiklns 

Deer Isle, Hancock, Me John P. Johnson 

Deer Lick, WtOiams, Ohio.,. ^ Blias Barrett 

Deer Lick, Mason, Ya Gasper Myers 

Deer Park, St^ffbUe, N. Y..... Gideon Seaman 

Deer Park, La SaUe, III Richard Shapland 

Deer Plain, OaOwun, 111 Edward C. Bos^shell 

Deer Ridge,. X«iot«, Mo Samuel Warden 

Deer Riyer, Lewis, N. Y Edward L. Hulbert 

Deersville, Harrison, Ohio 4 Robert I. Edney 

Deflanee, (c. h.) D^ianee, Ohio William Moors 

DefiranceviUe, Ointon, Pa George B. WSli 

Defrietsville, Rensselaer, N. Y Robert A. Downs 

De Graff, Logan, Ohio Andrew J. Lippincott 

De Kalb, Dt Kalh, la Elias Brown 

De Kall^ (c. h.) Kemper, Miss JTames W. Garter 

De Kalb, Buchanan,slLo , .....Henry Brets 

De Kalb, SL Lawrence, N. Y Stephen Slossos 

De Kalb, Gamer, Ya William L. Stalnaker 

De Kalb, Bmoie, Texas John M. Kimball 

De Kalb, Orawford, Ohio Thomas A. Mitchell 

De Kalb, Centre. De Kalb, HI Jackson Hiland 

Dekorra. Cokmhia, Wis ......George X^ 

Delafield, Wiukesha, Wis Frederick German 

De Lancey, Madison, N. Y ....Lewis C. York 

De La PBlma» Brovm, Ohio ....William Weeks 

Delavan, Tiuewell, 111 Eben P. Sanfbid 

Delavan, WdnvorUi, Wis George Cotton 

Delaware, Rip(ey,JA R.W. GhampUn 

Delaware, Jnaian Omntry, Nebraska J. Findlay 

Delaware, (c. h.) Delaware, Ohio...GeorgeF. Stayman 

Delaware, PiAr«, Pa Albert G. Broadhead 

Delaware Bridge, SuUivan, N. Y... Sylvester Mapes 
Delaware Centre, Delaware, Iowa... Henry L. Ryan 
Delaware City, New OasOe, Del...£dward H. Foster 

DeUware Grove, Mercer, Pa. Lewis Hanse 

Delay, La Fayette, Miss Washington Price 

Delay, Jac7c«on, Ga James Delay 

Delcamp, BOcharLInd. Samuel Sailor 

Delectable Hill, A'^e, la Stephen Chmpell 

Delhi, Jersey, 111 William A. Scott 

Delhi, (o. h.) Delaware, Iowa..... Williaiu Prien 

Delhi, (c.h.) Delaware, NT Y...Orawfozd B. Sheldon 
D»U4, HamiUon, Ohio ...............John Kennedy 




Dalhi, mnndMxpOyWiB J. A. G. Steele 

Delhi Centre, Inghainy Mich Price W. Weich 

fieUona, Sauk^ Wis Robert Oaanp 

Bell Prairie, Adamiy Wis Thomas Rich 

Wa^Xxmi Sauk, Wis Levi Hantingdon 

Mphi, Oasconadef Mo Edward McHlUan 

Delphi, (c. h.) OarrdO, la Samuel D. Gfetham 

Delphi, Onon^aa, N. Y B. H. Hill 

Mphos, Van H^^Ohio Mary Risley 

Delray, C^on, Ga Richard A. lord 

IM Rey, Iroquotg, lU Lemuel Boyd 

Delta, Bxrfee, la Henry P. Arts 

Delta, £iton, Mich Egbert Ingersoll 

Delta, Onedioy N. Y Slisha A. Walsvorth 

Delta, JWton, Ohio C. C. Allman 

Delta, McLean, 111 James M. fiavidge 

Demassville, PiendUton, Ky Henry Bullock 

Dement Station, Ogle,m Thomas Smith 

Deming, JBdmilton, la Boas W. Williams 

Democracy, Knox, Ohio James S. Oilcreet 

Democracy, Pike, Ey John Olay 

Democraty^BUnoom5e, N. C John A. Garter 

IHimocrat, hvqwris, HI Peter Y. Lowe 

Dsmopolis, Marengo, Ala. Edward A. Taylor 

Demos, Bdmoni,OtiLo. Henry McMaster 

Dempeeytown, Venango, Pa. Peter Dempsey 

Denison, Herkimer, N. Y William W. Harris 

Denmark, Lee, Iowa Edwin AlTord 

Denmark, Oxford,ile Levi P. Sawyer 

Denmark, Lewis. JH. Y Morris Hartwell 

Denmark, Aghlabvla, Ohio Ebeoeaer WiUiam« 

Deamark, Maduon, Tenn Jolifi H. Wrav 

Denning, VMer, N. Y John W. Smith 

Deonis, BanutabUyMjoBB Howes Ghapman 

Dennis, JhOnam, Ga ^ John C. Beardin 

Dennis' Bfills, St. BeUna, La WUliam Dennis 

DenniBTille, Amdia, Va. Ellsworth Howsan 

DeunisTille, Cbpe Muy, N.J John L. Chance 

Denny, Warren, HI William MitcheU 

DennysTille, Wiuhington, Me Bei^amin Kilby 

Denoon, Raoine,Wia Haus C. Heg 

Densontown, Mankin, Miss .Georgia W. Darls 

Bant, HdmiUon, Ohio William Cox 

Dent, (c h.) Iknt, Mo ^ James M. Orchard 

Dsnton, (c h.) Oaroline, Md.. Jacob Alborger 

DoiiTille, Morris, N. J David Menagh 

HepexvriOe, J^fftrson,N. J Aaron Sumner 

De Pere, (c. h.) Brown, Wis .Joseph Kieper 

De Peyster, SL Lavfrence, N. Y P. J. Wheelock 

Stepoeit, Delatoare,V, Y Silvester D. Huloe 

Depot, Oraves, Ky Melboum Saxon 

Deity, New Hanen, Goniu. Thomas S, Shelton 

Derby, OrUana, Vt Person True 

Berb]^ JPerry, la Samuel Hariris 

Derby, SUuhea, N. Y Henry a Prench 

Derby Line, OrUaas, Yt Samuel Cheney 

Dedckson's M Roads, Wor^estar, Md...J. M. Pooks 

Derinda, Jo Daviess, HI William Johnson, jr 

Derocho, Bbt Slprings,AT^ Gewge W. Snow 

Derry, SodeinghoM, N. H Ithamer Hubbard 

De Ruyter, Madism, N. Y Stephen G. Sears 

Dee Arc, Prairie, Ark John A. Prith 

Deserett, Maden, N. C John Smith 

De Soto, Jackson, III Pranklln CampbeU 

De Soto, Burt, Nebraska. JohnB. Robertson 

De Soto, Ptiuiding, Ga B. P. L. Ware 

De Soto, Jasper, Mo..~ Simeon Moor 

< De Soto, IbUapoosa, Ala ...William Milner 

De SotoTille, Chcctaw,A.\& Warner Bailey 

DaSota, TaUapoosa, Ala. William Milner 

Abb Peres, <SSe.Zottu,Mo George Bellas, jr 

Detroit, Pikt, IlL ^Thomas J. Ownbey 

Detroit, Marion, Ala William W. Davidson 

Detroit, Somerset, Me William A. Prye 

Betroit,(c.h.) Tf^yne, Mich...Thomton P. Brodhead 
Dsvereaux, Herkimer, N. Y.....\ William M. Dutton 

Devil's Creek, Owsley, Ky ; S. R. Shackelford 

Devon, Henry, la Isaac Baker 

De Witt, 2>e WiU,m John M. Richter 

De Witt, Ointon, Iowa Reuben D.Ooon 

De Witt, CUnton. Mich ^ James M. Estes 

D» Witt, OarroU, Mo Horace L. Thomas 

De Witt, Onondaga,:^. Y James L. Wilhird 

^D» Wittville, Chautauque, N. Y Hiram RnsseU 

Dpxter, Penobscot, Me.... ....George Hamilton 

Dexter, Whshte$Mw, Mich Charles J. Kellogg 

Dexter, J^son, N. Y .Julius 0. Rigis 

D'Hanis, Jmdtfio, Texas H. J. Richan 

Dials Creek, Orange, N. C Oxford Meioe 

Diamond Bluff, Pierce, Wis Charles P. Hoyt 

DianKmd Grove, Jasper, Mo John W. Walker 

IMamond Grove, Bmnswick, Ya J. W. Rawlinga 

Diamond Hill,^iiuo»,N. C William Perry 

Diamond Hill, Prmndenct, R. I...£ugene M. MaMm 

Diamond Hill, AbbnOie, & C Ezekiel Trible 

Diamond Lake, Lak€, III Samuel A. Stockwell 

Diamond Spring, M Dorado, GtJ...C. N. Noteware 

Diana, Lewis, N. Y Alanson G. CMdwell 

Diana Mills, ButkinghanL, Ya. J. J. Newton 

DIas O^k, Oops May, N.J Charles K. Holmea 

Dickenson ville, iZtoseO, Ya Robert G. Pugato 

Dickersonville, Nuxgara, N. Y...Sheldon C. Town* 

Diekeyaville, Oranty Wis Charles Dickey 

Dickinson, FrankUny N. Y Simeon 0. Harwood 

Dickinson, ClumberUmd, Pa. John AvM 

Dickinson, ^ramkUn, Ya Washington Dickinson 

Dickinson Centre, FraaMin, N. Y Harvey M. 

Dick's Creek, Macm, AJa Matthew W. Dick 

Dido, Choctaw, Miss Samuel L. Scott 

Dlghton, A^o(,Mass Charles Talbot 

DUto's Bottom, AiMont,Ohio...Bei\jamin Lockwood 

Ditlingersville, Lehigh, Pa Erwin Bnrkbalter 

Dillon, HueweHl, 111 Thomas L. McCreary 

Dillon's Run, Hampshire, Ya. ..Isaiah Lupton 

Dillsborough, Dearborn, la .......Moses ShoU 

DUlsburgh, York, Pa .Henry G. Sidle 

Bilworthtown, Chester, Pa... .Abraham B. Darlington 

Dimmick,Xa &ias,Ill Archibald Long,ir 

Dimock, SuMnOumna, Pa George W. Lewii 

Dingman'a S^rry, Pike, Pa Martin W.Diagmaa 

Dinsmore, ShOby, Ohio Jacob Wiford 

Dinwiddle C. H., DinwOdie, Ya H. H. Hobbv 

Dinwiddle's Tan Yard, CampbeU, Ya... WUliam W. 

Dirt Town, CkaUooga, Ga......Fraaklin W. Cheney 

Disco, Jfooomb, Mich Henry P. Keeler 

Ditney HUl, DtAois, la Samuel Jacobs 

Dividing Greek, CuanbtrUind,Vi. J Samuel Sloan 

Dix GrMk, Oiickasaw, Misa Gyrus A. Miller 

Dixfield, Oxford, Me Bphraim Marble 

Dix Hills, StvS^ilk, N. Y John H. Duryea 

Dixmont, Penobscot, Me Prederick A. Butman. 

Dizmont Oentre, Penobseol, Me...ThomaB J. Banks 

Dixon, Van Weri,Ohio Ephraim S. Davis 

Dixon, Lee, lU Bli B. Baker 

Dixon, Scott, Iowa.... Jtodolphus S. Dickinsoii 

Dixon's Mills, Marengo, Ala Nathaniel J. Lewis 

Dixon^s Springs, Smith, Tenn...Wm. 6. Alexander 

Dixonville, CUe, Mo. .Jeremiah Dixom 

Doaksville, Choctaw NaJUaa, Ark J. P. Kings 

Dobbfaiville, OtmberZond, N. C... James Kirkpatrick 

DobbeviUe, PWtwW, Ky WUliam P. Dobbs 

Dobbs' Perry, West Chester, N. Y...B. W. Walgrove 

Dobson, Surry, N. C Absalom Roby 

Dockery's Store, £icAmom2,N. C.Ann E. Dockery 

Doddsville, Alci>onoi^A, HI George H. Yovng 

Dodge City, Nebraska, Nebraska.. ...... .William B. 


Dodge's Goners, Waukesha, Wis John Dodge 

Dodgeville, Iowa, Wis George W. Burrall 

Dodgeville, Des Moines, Iowa Henry P. Kynett 

Dodson, Mcm^otnery, Ohio J. B. H. Dodson 

Dod«onvUle» Jackson, Ala Jacob Giees 

Dodsonville, Highland, Ohio Adam Orebau«^ 

Doe mil. Highland, Ya John R. Burlt 

Doe River Cove, Qxrter, Tenn L. W. Hampton 

Doe Run, Chester, Pa John D. Worth 

Dogwood Grove, New Hanover, N. C. John W. Cowan 

Dog Creek, Putnam, Ohio Hervey Bacon 

Dogtooth, Alexander, HI Jefferson Martin • 

Dogwood Neck, Horry, S. C Peter 0«x 

Dolington, Bucks, Pa John R. Bitting 

Doison, Clark, 111 John B. Beadles 

Dolton, Obok, lU Andrew H. Dolton 

Domestic, WaHams, Ohio Theron Landon 

Dona Ana, Dona Ana, N. Mexico Phllitns M. 

Donaldson, SchuyVctO, Pa Samuel Gaskina 




Boiuadson, Tiriggt Ky Peyton Thomas 

]>ooald9onTille,^ottut(7n, La Andrew Qingry 

Donnaldsville, ^b&ctnOe, 8. C... Jolrn M. Seawright 

Donegal, Wextmordandt^ Adam Cover 

Doniphan, (c h.) BipU^, Mo Joseph Thannisch 

IK>niphan Kansas Ty John W. Forman 

Donnally,Po<^,Pa JohnSwMrta 

Donnally Mills, Perry, Pa JohnE. Donnelly 

Donnelsville, (nark, Ohio William Ager 

Don Pedros Bar, Tuolumne^ Oal Richard Smith 

Dooley's Farm, McLean, 111 William Dooley 

Door Creek, Dane, Wis John W. Sharp 

Door Yillage, La Parte, la John L. Hyde 

Doroheat, dotbome. La Jaokson Sikes 

Dorcheate, Ociwmbia, Ark John R. Smith 

Dorchester, Norfolk, Mass Robert Vose 

Dormansville, AOMny, N. Y William Ward 

Dorrance, Slark,l\\ Channcey D. Fuller 

Dorrance, Luzerne, Pa Andrew J. Ammerman 

Dorrville, WaOungton, R. I Charles Vara 

Dorrville, WapeOo, Iowa Madison M. MelTin 

Dorset; De Kalb, 111 Alexander McNish 

Dorset, Aihtabula, Ohio James S. Collins 

Dorset, Bennington, Yt Byron Sargeant 

Dorsey, Wooc^ord, Ky~ Benjamin Monroe 

Dorseyville, MUghany,!?^ Edward McCorUe 

Doty's Corner, Steuben, N. Y...O^orge G. Baboock 
Dotyville, lond du Lac, Wis.... James MoClementa 
Doable Branches, Lincc^, Ga... J. G. Cunningham 
Double Branches, Anderson, S. C...John S. Walker 
Doable Bridge, Lunenburgh, Ta ... Joseph Y. Hardy 

Doable Bridges, ^Mon, Qa Charles V.Collier 

Double Bridges, Lattdersdale, Tenn...W. T. Bound* 


Double Cabins, Henry, Ga Shatten C. Mitchell 

Doable Pipe Creek, OoLrroO, Md Daniel P. Baylor 

Doable Shoal, Cleveland, N. C. John Z. Fails 

Doable Springs, Benton, Ark John W.Phagan 

Doable Springs, Qdaverae, Cal...Nelson T. Norcross 
Doable Springs, OktibbOia, Miss Washington 

Doable Springs, Jackson, Tenn...Robert L. Lindsay 

Doable Wells, Warren, Ga Jethro Darden 

Doaglas, Kansas Ty .George W. Taylor 

Douglass, Worcester, Mass David Holman 

Douglass, JFbye^Iowa James Boale 

Douglass, Nact^/doches, Texas... James W. Johnson 

Douglass, Montgomery, Pa Aaron K. Stauffer 

Douglassville, Berks, Pa Michael Ludwig 

Douglassville, WaiUon, Flor John Mitchell 

Douglassville, Cass, Tex James C. G. R. Patton 

Douglassville, PUct, HI William Bowers 

Douthet, Anderson, S. C...., William Orr 

Dover, RtaseO, Ala .P. A. Morris 

Dover, Pope, Ark W. B. Yoang 

Dover, (c. h.) Kent, Del George Stevenson 

Dover, BureoM, 111. Allen B. Isaac 

Dover, Mason, Ky John Gates 

Dover, (c. h.) Piscataquis, Me Abijah B. Cruise 

Dover, Lenawee, Mich Bei^jamin W. Allen 

Dover, Norfolk, Mass Ralph Sanger 

Dover, La Fayette, Mo Charles Whiting 

Dover, (c. h.) Strafford, N. H...Bei4amin F. Yittum 

Dover, Morris, N. J MFohn M. Losey 

Dover, Dutchess, N. Y Hiram W. Chapman 

Dover, Oteyahoga, Ohio Jonathan Spencer 

Dover, York, Pa Bnglehart Melehinger 

Dover, (c. h.) Stevxai, Tenn James W. Hatcher 

Dover, Wtndhan, Yt Presson F. Perry 

Dover, Jowo, Wis Nathan DoWne 

Dover, Randolph, Ga. William J. Stephens 

Dover, £ee,Iowa B. A. Dickey 

Dover HUl, Martin, la William H. Donahey 

Dover Mills, GoochUmd, Ya. WiUiam G. EUis 

Dover South Mills, Piscataquis, Me... Woodman W. 


Dovesvflle, Rockingham, Ya. Ulrick Wittlg 

Dowagiac, Ckus, Mich Noell B. HoUiAter 

DowUng, ifoeon. 111 William Dowling 

Downard, Jotoo, Iowa.. William Downard 

Downerville, Sierra, Cal .James Gernon 

Downer*8 Grove, Dupage, 111 James Depne 

Downing's Mills, Stre^fford, N. H...Charle8 Bickford 

Downing^ville, Grant, Ky George W. Salyers 

Downington, Meigs, Ohio Levi Beeves 

Downltigtown, Chester, Pa Thomas Soott 

Downsville, Onion Parish,lA Philemon Wilbito 

Downsville, Delaware, N. Y...Bens8elaer W, Elwood 

Doylesburgh, PrankKn, Pa PhiUp S. Dqj^ 

Doylestown, (c. h.) Bucks, Pa George T. Harvej 

Dracut, Middlese*, Mass...,,.... Simeon Flint 

Drake's, Lucas, O ,.... Samuel Divino 

Drskke's Branch, Charlotte, Ya...Stephen Bedford, jr 

Drakestown, Morris, N. J John N. Sharp 

DrakesviUe, Morris, N. J Albert R. Riggt 

Drakesville, Davis, Iowa. £. M. Kirkham 

Drake Town, PiaddiTig, Ga J. M. Bryant 

Dranesville, JPatrfax, Ya Henry Bickaler 

Draper, SaU Lake, Utah Ter.... David JaiiMS 

Draper's Yalley, PukLsH, Ya George Painter 

Drapersville, Meeklenburgh, Ya......Lewi8 WiUia:me 

Draughon's Store, Sampson, N. C Kilba Losaiter 

Drawbridge, Sussex,I>ei » Caleb R. Paynter 

Drayton, (c. h.) Dooly, Ga Henry J. Davis 

Drayton, MorUgomery, Md... Caleb StabUff 

Draytonsville, Union, S. C Rowan Jennings 

Dresden, Lincoln, Me George Theobald 

Dresden, Muskingum, Ohio Samuel Adams 

Dresden, Weakly, Tenn Samuel Q. Anderwm 

Dresden, iVovarro, Texas Henry S. Grossland 

Dresden Mills, Lincoln, Me William Ghiam 

Dresserville, Cayuga, N. Y Joseph Dresser 

Drewersburgh, Fra-Odin, Ia...George A. Richmond 

Drewrysville, SouXhxanpAxm, Ya W. H. Drewry 

Drewsville, CAesAire, N. H Hqpe Lathrop 

Dripping Spring, EdrMmstm, Ky H. M. Cochran 

Drowning Creek, Burkt, N. C.Pinckney Warlick 
Drowning Fork, McDonough, Ill...Joseph Gralford 

Drummond, Benderson, 111 Ephraim Hanunack 

Drummond, Washington, Ga William Biroh 

Dnmi's, Luzerne, Pa George Drum 

Drury, Rook Island, HI J. C. Kimbrel 

Dryburgh, Halifax, Ya John J. Throckmarton 

Dry Creek, Kenton, Ky Thomas R. Lindsay 

Dry Creek, Oovingfon, Miss Daniel McLaurBft 

Dry Creek, Lancaster, S. C P. T. Mobley 

Dry Creek, Laurence, Ala Sigmund Brock 

Dry Creek, rt<&a,Cal Robert McAdam; 

Dryden, Lapeer, Mich...., ..William Quatermoss 

Dryden, Tompkins, N. Y.,^ Abraham Tanner 

Dry Fork, Barren, Ky ..Alfred P. Maary 

Dry Glaze, Camden, Mo Thomas Tomer 

Dry Hill, Lauderdale, Tenn .Jacob Gingry 

Dry Ponds, Lincoln. N. C William W. Munday 

Dry Ridge, Bedford, Pa. Frederick Hildebrand 

Dry Ridge, Hamilton, Ohio...WUliam H. Maxkland 

Dry Run, FrankUn, Pa William W. Piles 

Dry Run, Tishemingo, Miss John C. SkiUman 

Dry Town, OBaavaras,.Cal,.. A. G. Sneath 

Dry Yalley, White, Tenn Branton D. Hnnter 

Dryville, Berks, Pa Reuben B. Dry 

Dry Wood, Bates, Mo...... James Graoe 

Duane, Jones, Iowa ; Albert W. Barker 

Duane Franktin, N. Y « .JohnPhipps 

Duanesburgh, Schenectady, N. Y Truman Oiss 

Duane Street, Hall,Q& Simpson Herrin 

"Dnhlin, IhOaski, Ya ^^ Henry C. Trolinger 

Dublin, Fayette, Alsk. James Killingsworth 

Dublin, (e. h.) Laurens, Ga Francis Thomas 

Dublin, Wayne, la Essra Walton 

Dublin, Harford, Md T. I. McCan^and 

Dublin, CAe«Wre,N. H... Asa Heald 

Dublin, FrankU'o, Ohio John Eberly 

Dublin, Bu6ks,'Vs^ ; Joseph H. Loux 

Dublin, Qraves,Ky S. 8. Brown 

Dublin Mills, Bedford, Pa Adam Weidman 

Dubuque, JforjoM, Ark William B. King 

Du Buque, Du Buque, Iowa Charles Corkery 

Duck Creek, Walker, Ga., Robert W. Blackwell 

Duck Creek, Truimbua, Ohio. Jesse Fenton 

Duck Creek, DaUas, Tex William M. Lyons 

Duck Creek, Madison, Ind William Barton 

Duck Hill, CdrrcU, Miss...^ Chesley Halloway 

Duck River, Hi(kman, Tenn James N. Bigfaam 

Duck Spring, De Kalb, Ala Nathaniel S. Penn 

Dudley, Worcester, Mass.... Moses Barnes 

Dudley, Hardin, Ohio Samuel Hopkins 

Dudley, Laneaster,^, C A. B.Blackmaa 

Dudleyville, Talapoosa, Ala Thomas A. Brooks ' 

Dudleytown, Jadisoei, la...^ John F. (Hts 


t>ae West Ooniar, ^ibei^ 8.C .D. WMhlngton 

Hawthorn ' 

Dufllelii, CharieSy Md...^ ^Elisabeth Daffee 

Dnffielcls, J^eraoH, Ya Samael Y. B. Strider 

DoiTa Forts, FayttU, Ohio William A. Phelps 

Dogger'fl P^iry, Oarter, Tenn Daniel B. Wagner 

Dug Out, BendenoH, HI John D. Miller 

Dog Spur, OstrroU, Ya Junes Gallemore 

J>agway, Oawego, N. T James Bartcer 

Dukedom, WetMe^t^ tenn Preston Wright 

Dulcl, Hobniu, Hiss BaUey C. Lovin 

Dnllnsville, MadUen^ Ya Burr P. Dulin 

DBmas*s Store, Richmmd, N. G... J<riin A. Graham 

DumfrieB, PyCnoe ll'tlZilam, Ya Henry Moore 

Dummerston, Wtitdkem, Yt Rudolph A. Knight 

DumontTille, Fairfidd, Ohio 8. D. Radebaugh 

Dnnaways, CUurk^ Ky Jesse Powell 

Donbarton, MerrimadCy'H. H Moses Parley 

Dunbarton, BecrmoeB, 8.0 ^...0. Kllllngsworth 

Dnnbarton, Adamu, Ohio*. Isaac BaUns 

Dnnoaa, Woody Ya....^... William H. Baker 

Duncan, ShAoygan, Mich Bela Chapman 

Duncan, MeretTi Ky Abraham B. Yoorhies 

Duncannon, Perry^ Pa J. F. Keesberry 

DuncaJa'B Creek, (TZeeelond, N. G... James MoFarland 
Duncan's Falls, Muakingum, Ohio...John Westbay 

DuncansYille, BomioeO, 8. Decani Dowling 

Duncan's Woods, Orangty Tex Reese A. Meyers 

DuncansTille, iKo^, Pa .John R. Yaughn 

Dnneanton, Whitt,V\ Richard LangJbrd 

Duncanyflle, ThomoMy Ga Jackson J. Marsh 

Dundaff, autqtuhaimah. Pa Charles C. Church 

Dnndarrach, Rebuony N. C.Norman MeCrimmon 

Dnndas, Oahmdy Wis BUaa Beach 

Dundee Kawt, HI Allen 8. HoIUster 

Dundee, Monroe^ Mich Allen B. Ward 

Dundee, Totes, N. T Lucien C. Murdock 

Dundee, Tiaceumoaty Ohio.. Jacob Tanney 

Dundee, Blackford,Ind Thomas Rapier 

Dunganon, (MumMatio, Ohio Jan^es Hagan 

Dunham, JfcJSRmry, 111 Wilson Randall 

Dunkard, Cfreetu, Pa Oeorge Kussart 

DunkfnsTille, Adanu, Ohio Perry G. Chambers 

Dunkirk, Calvert, Md Charles H. Johnson 

Dunkirk, Chautmume, N. Y George B. Stockton 

Dunkirk, Dane, Wis Oliver Lyon 

Dunkirk, Hardin,0 WUUam S. Wiley 

Dnnksburg, FeUis, Mo Bei^amia F. Dunkles 

Dnnkle's Store, Lawnnee, Mo James C. Baldwin 

Dunklin, CfreenviUe, 8. John 0. Sullivan 

Dnnleith, Jo Davieu, HI James Robinson 

Dunlap, HitnUUon, Ohio JTesse Struble 

Dunl4>8viHe, Vnitm, I Joseph Oonington 

Dunlevy, Warren, Ohio William W. Ivins 

Dunmore, LiuemA, Pa Frauds Quick 

Dunmoore, I^teahontag, Ya. John W. Warwick 

Dnnnings, Luzerne, Pa Hiram GrifBn 

Dnnningsville, Wothinffton, Pa Boyd Emery 

Dunnsburgh, CUnton, Pa..... Jacob Myers 

Dnnnsvllle, Albany, N. T John Johnson 

Dunn8viUe,J5Mea;,Ya .....Richard Saunders 

Dunstable, MiddU$ea), Mass William Dunn 

DuntonsviUe, Edff^idd, S. C John Cheatham 

Duplain, CUwUm, Mich William H. Faxon 

Dnpont, Jefftrtmt, la WiUiam D. Houghton 

Dnpree's Old Store, ChavMU, Ya T. I. Morris 

Duqneane, >lZ2^^ny, Pa William McConnell 

Duquoin, Perry, HI Chester A. Keyes 

Dorand, Hefnry, Ohio D. F. Welsted 

Durango, Du Bwjm, Iowa Presley Samuel 

Durant's Neck, 'fterywiimm, N. 0... Alexis A. Pernr 
Durbin's Comers, mZUam«,Ohio Abraham G. 


Darell, .Snn^ord, Pa Shneon Decker 

Durgan's Creek, LtfwU, Mo Pumal Stewart 

Durham, AndroKoggin, Me James Strout, jr 

Durham, Middle$ex, Conn Asher Robinson 

Durham, SKro^brd, N. H Alfred D. HoiU 

Durham, Hanooek, HI Jehu Meguire 

Dorham, 0Uum6ta,Fla Durham Hancock 

Durham, Oreene, N. T James H. Gowles 

Durham, Bucks, Pa William Bennett 

Durham Centre, JISddIeses> Conn .Catharine C. 

Durham's, Orange, N. ....Charles T. MoMannen 



Durhamli Creek, Beaufort, N. C... John B. Bonner 
Durhamville, Oneida, N. Y...Mrs. Amelia StiUman 
Durhamville, LauderdaU, Tenn...James |I. Borum 

Durlach, JjaneasUr, Pa.. John Elser 

Dnroc, Benton, Mo Alexander Blue 

Duroc, .Bmcorio, Tex Edmund Weekley 

Durretsville, Richmond, Ya George H. Landon 

Dushore, IMUvan, Pa Jacob Miller 

Dutch Creek, Washington, Iowa...Robert Kincade 

Dutch Neck, Mercer, N. J Enoch Forman 

DutchviUe, OranmOe, N. Y El^ah Hester 

Dutotsburgh, JfonnWjPa. Lewis Brodhead 

Duvall's Bluff, Prairie, Ark Patrick H. Wheat 

"Dutbuty, Plymouth, Mass John Holmes 

Dwight, i^ivtffi^^lon, HI John Conant 

Dyberry, Wayne, Fa Ephraim B. Kimble 

Dyousburgh, OritUnden, Ky John Gellatty 

l^ersbui^, *2>y«r, Tenn Joseph W. Echols 

Dykemans, Putnam, N. T El^ah Penny 

I^son*s, Ouemsey, Ohio Alexander Dyson 

l^son's llills, Ediff^iad, 8. C Thomas J. Dyson 

DysortvlUe, McDoweO, N. Alberto Higgins 


EAGLE, La SaUe,m Isaac Fainter 

Eagle, Warren, Pa £. L. Williams 

Eagle, CKnton, Mich Archelaus Silsbe 

Eagle, Wyoming, N. Y Cyril Rawson 

Eagle, Hancock, Ohio John W. Williams 

Eagle. Waukesha, Wis Chsrles A. Brommn 

Eagle, ffarrison, Mo....^ Leander G. Jones 

Eagle, i^lftton^Ark Andrew M. Pu|^ 

Eagle Bluff, Winona, Minn... William W. Bennett 

Eagle Bridge, JKenueloer, N. Y Eli Barton, Jr 

Eagle Cliffs, Jfonroc, HI Stephen W. Miles, jr 

Eagle Creek, Bradley, Ark James McDaniel 

Eagle Creek, Benton, Tenn William B. Hubbs 

Eagle Creek, Lake, la A. H. Andrews 

Eagle Falls, Rockingham, N. Franklin Harris 

Eagle Foundry, Huntingdon, Pa John Hamilton 

Eagle Furnace, JRoan«, Tenn Jesse Lincoln 

Eagle Furnace, Vinton, T. K. Stanley 

Eagle Grove, Elbert, Ga. William Bowers 

Eagle Harbor, Orleans, N. Y J. M. Jackson 

Eagle Harbor. Hought&n, Mich Henry Sent^r 

Eagle Lake, Oakland, Mich Samuel Markham 

Eagle Mills, Renssdaer, N. Y John H. Mambert 

Eagle Mills, lredM,}H.C Andrew Bnggasly 

Eagle MUhs JBhrden, Tenn Calvin L. Herbert 

Ea^e Pass, Kinney, Tex Ludwic Colquhonii 

Eagle PJ)int, Ogle, 111 Mason Crary, Jr 

Eagle River, Houghton, Mich..... John Senter 

Eagle Rock, Wake, N. C .1... William H. Hood 

Eaglesmere, SuSUean, Pa John Armstrong 

Eagle Town, Choctaw Nation, Ark..JLmKi Robinson 

Eagle Town, HamiUon, la M. M. Bnndy 

Eagle Yillage, Boone, la Nathan Crosby 

Eagle Yillage, Wyoming, N. Y....William S. Agett 

Eagleville, Ashtabida, Ohio Sylvester Stanly 

Eagleville, WUUamson, Tenn Ohesley Williams 

Eagleville, Montgomery, F& Daniel Bruner,Jr 

EagleviUe, JbUomd, Conn EUphas B. Hibbard 

Eakin, AUeghany,Pt^ Noah Stahl 

BsiTlet,MiMenburg, Ky 8. W. Earle 

Earlesville, /^rtanburgh, 8. C OUver P. Earle 

Earlville, La SaUe, HI George W. Norton 

Earlville, Madison, N. Y Joel S. Loveland 

Earlville, Berks, Pa Jacob Yan Deuaan 

Earlville, P&rtage, Ohio Z. T. Dual 

Early Grove, MarAatt, Miss William M. Pavr 

Early Grove, Lincoln, N. C .Joseph Bost 

Earlysville. ^Ibematie, Ya Franklin Sampson 

Barpville, t^ashur, Texas 8. J. Taylor 

East Abington, Plymouth, MasB...Charles H. Davis 

Eastaloe, Pickens, S. C Thomas B. McKinney 

Easta Boga, Talladega, Ala James Montgomery 

Bast Alton, Belknap, N. H A. T. Gihnan 

East Amherst, Brie, N. Y John C. Miles 

Bast Andover, Merrimack, N.H Caleb Cross 

East Ashfbrd, Cattaraiugus,^. Y Aloaso Wiltw 

East Auburn, Cumberland, Me John C. Briggs 

East Aurora, Erie, N. Y James M. Payne 

East Avon, LMngsUm, N. Y Anson Haaard 

Bast Baldwin, {XmOialmdf Ms...D. T. Riohardmi 




Baat Barnard, Windsor ^ Yt Caianneey Waloott 

JBwt Bane, HunUngdonfTA J. COouch 

Bast Barre, Orleans, N. Y William Love 

jSast Beekmantown, Clinton, N. Y...John W. Elkins 

Bast Bend, Yadkin.^, G Richard PhiUipe 

JBaat Bergen, Qenaet, N, T Gilbert Churchill 

East Berkshire, ^aaikUn, Yt Rodney C. Gates 

Jiaat Berkshire, Tiogoy N. T John G. Bunnell 

JBast Berlin, Adams, Pa Joseph Woods 

Sast Berlin, Eatifordy Conn Bdward Wilcox 

East Berlin, St, Claire Mich John A. Warner 

Bast Berne, Alhany, N. T Zebadlah A. Dyer 

Bast Bethany, Oenesee, N. T... William H. Bnmsey 

Bast Bethel, Oxford, Me Charles E. Swan 

Bast Bethel, TFtiuZsor^Yt .OUverH. Boooks 

Bast Bethlehem, muAin«i^on,Pa....IsaacM. Cleaver 

East Bloomfleld, Oniaria, N. T Harvey Hobart 

Bant Boston, SufftiOc, Mass % Samuel C. Allen 

East Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc^ Me...Conrarse Hatch 

East Bradford, iVnobMo^, Me Lewis H.Todd 

Bast Brewster, BamstaJblty Mass...Geo. W, Higgins 

Ea8tBridgewater,P2ymoiitA, Mass H. 0. A. Orr 

East Brook, Lawrencty Pa Mathias Fisher 

East Brookfield, WorcesteTj Mass—Braman D. Adams 

East Brookfield, Orange, Yt Langdon Marshall 

East Burke, Oakdonia, Yt C. C. NeweU 

Bast Burnham, Waldo, Me .Samuel Barrows 

Bast Calais, muhingUm, Yt Asa Alden 

Bait Cambridge, MddUsex, Mass Andrew Fogg 

Bart Cambridge, Henry, 111 A. M. Randall 

East Canaan,-tmi/kn, N. H Jonathan Barnard 

Bast Canaan, LUcIifidd, Conn Harrey Lawrence 

Bast Candor, Tioga,N. Y Ebeneser Lake 

East Carlton, Orleans, N. Y Reuben Reed, jr 

Bast CentreTille, Indiana, Pa.. .William Camahan 

Bast Charlemont, ^anA;Ztn,Mass Horace Wells 

East Charleston, Orleans,\t JonasCarruth 

Bast Charleston, Tioga, Pa Alons> Whitney 

Bast Chatham, Columbia, N. Y G. W. Sliter 

Bast Chester, Rockingham, N. H R. Shirley, jr 

Bast Chester, Watchester, N. Y... Alexander M. Lane 

Bast China, Wyoming, N. Y Heman Wilson 

Bast Clarendon, HtUland, Yt .John C. Spencer 

Bast Glaridon, Oeauga, Ohio Charles S. Field 

East Clarksfield, Huron, Ohio J>aTid Milner 

East Clarkson, Monroe, N. Y .Thomas Tolford 

East Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio D. R. Hildreth 

Bast Cobleskill, SehohaHe, N. Y.^Ointon Nethaway 

Bast Concord, Bureau, 111 .7..Iristram C. I>ow 

Bast Concord, Erie, N. Y Lysander Needham 

Bast Concord, Aterrimack, N. H,... John M. I>earbom 

East ConsUble, Franklm, N. Y JToel Perkins 

East Coiinth, JPendbscot, Me Henry K. Dexter 

Bast Corinth, Orange^Vt ..Reuben Page 

Bast Craftsbury, Orleans, Yt James W. Simpson 

Bast Creek, Oipe May, N. J John Wilson 

Bast Creek, Herkimer, N. Y...Wm. P. Basterbrooks 

Bast De Kalb, SL Lawrence, N. Y W. N. Smith 

Bast Dennis, Bamstable, Mass...Lothrop Howes, jr 

Bast Dixfield, Oxford, Me Bsek Randell 

Bast Dixmont, Fenobsoot, Me Amos Whitney 

East Dorset, Bennington, Yt Plynn D. Ames 

Bast Douglass. Worcester. Mass Norris Yates 

Bast Dover, Fiscaiaquis, Me Bxra Towne 

East Durham, Greene, N. Y Amos Cleaveland 

Bast Eddington, Pencbscot, Me .Luke S. Mills 

East Eden, Erie, N. Y .John G. Dayton 

East Eden, Hancock, Me James Hamor 

Bast Erans, Erie, N. Y Charles & Cljurk 

Ba9tBxeter, PimobscoL, Me .John Cutler 

Bast Fairfield, Columbiana, Ohio John P. Farr 

Bast Fairfield, FrankUn, Yt Isaac N. Randall 

Bast Falmouth, BarnstahU, Mass.. Jno. H. Robinson 
BastFarmingtoo, Ontario, N. Y...Bdw'dH. Nichols 

Bast Finley, Washington. Pa John S. Knox 

Bast Fishkill, Dutchess, N. Y...William Hasbrouck 
Bast Florence, Oneida, N. Y...Aaron H. Thompson 

Bastford, Windham, Qotax .Joseph Dorsett, Jr 

Bast Fork, Macon, Mo Angus McMullen 

Bast Fork, Adair, Kv Ell Perry 

Bast Fork, Omway, Ark « Bryant Y. King 

Bast Foxborough, Norfolk. Mass J. Kingsbury 

Bast FrankUn, Franklin, Yt Walter D. Crane 

Baat Freedom, Blair, Pa WiUiam Anderson 

Bait Freetown, i(riiH Mass Beuisl Washburn 

Baat Fryebnrfi^, Oa^Qrd,ViA .AsaO. Pik« 

East Gains, Orleans, N. Y Horatio Ball 

EastCWnesville, Jf^oming, N. Y...Jno. D. BrovmeU 

East Galway, Saaratoga, N. Y William Bogert 

East Genoa, Cayuga^ N. Y George Holden 

Bast Georgia, Franklin, Yt .Guy R. Butler 

Bast German, Chenango, N. Y Luke Carr 

East Germantown, Wayne, la Jacob Sowers 

East GlenvUle, Schenectady, N. Y... JUwwell Kelley 

East Grafton, Renssdaar, N. Y Joshua W. Hakes 

East Granby, Hartford, Conn...Cbarles 0. Comiah 

East Granville, Hampden, Mass Carlos Gibbons 

East Greenbush, Rensselaer, N. Y £. P. Stimsan 

East Greene, Chenango, N. Y David F. Smith 

East Greene, i&iie, Pa Joseph Smith 

East Greenville, ^rk, Oido Joseph DoU 

East Greenwich, Washington, N. Y. Jas 8. Robertson 
East Greenwich, (c h.) iren<,R.I......JavMftSloou2B 

East Greenwood, Muskingum, Ohio...I>awson Jones 

Bast Grove, Henry, Iowa ..Joel C. Garretsos 

Bast Qtoy«>Uind,l4v!ingxton, N. Y James P. Yan 


East Guilford, Chenango, N. Y ^..Samuel Elwell 

East Haddam, Middlesex, Conn Alfred Gates 

Eastham, BamstaUe, Mass ...George Seabury 

East Hamburgh, Erie, N. Y.........Abner D. Potter 

East Hamilton, Madison, N. Y....Franklin Blanding 

East Hampden, Fienobscot, Me WiUiam Gary 

East Hampton, Middlesex, Conn... William G. BueU 
East Hampton, Hampshire, Mas8...Ebenezer Ferry 

East Hampton, Suffolk, N. Y Thomas T. Parsons 

East Hanover, Lmrnon, Pa Thomas A. Harper 

East Hardwick, Caledonia, Yt Lewis W. Delano 

Bast Hartford, Hartford, Coim...£dw. S. Goodwin 

East Harwich, Barnstable, Mass B. F. Eldridge 

East Haven, Mw Haven, Conn.Stephen Hemingway 

East Ha-ven, Esseas, Yt , David C. Hudson 

East Haverhill, Essex, Mass John W. Ladd 

East Haverhill, Grafton, N. H Niles Doty 

Bast Hawley, Wayne, Pa Ebenezer Richardson 

East Helffon, Oxford, Me .. Jsaac W. Marshall 

Bast Hempfield, Lancaster, Pa John Shreiner 

East Harriet Brac^ford, Pa Jeremiah C. Barnes 

East Hlghgate, Franklin, Yt Smith Farrand 

East Hill, Livingston, N. Y William Robinson 

East Holden, Pmc^scot, Me.., Henry C. George 

East HoUiston, Middlesex, Mass... Harrison Whiting 

East Homer, Qnikmdt, I^. Y George Geutcheus 

East Houndsfleld, Jefferson, N. Y Nelson Jones 

East Hubbardton, RvlOand, Yt Seneca Root 

East Jaflrey, Cheshire, N. H Alonzo Bascom 

East Java, Wyoming, N. Y William P. Dajr 

East Jewett, Greene, N. Y Alanson Woodworth 

East Kent, Litehjidd, Conn...Beiuamin Tompkins 
East KiUingly, Windham, Conn. ..William A. Stone 

East Kingston, Rockingham, H. H B. L. Morrell 

East Knox; Waldo, Me Jesse S. Smith 

East Koy, Wyoming, N. Y Isaac Quackenbuah 

East Lake George, Warren, N. Y H. C. Low 

East Landaff, Qraftmi, N. H... William L. Shattuck 

East T4tT^ i|ing, Tompkins, N. Y John Ludlow 

East Lebanon, GrtjfUyn,!^.^. .Caleb Plastridge 

East Lee, Berkshire, Mass. George R. Sturges 

East Lempster, SuHivan,'^. H Alonzo B. Parker 

East LewistDQ, Mahoning, Ohio Daniel Thoman 

East LexingtoA, Middlesex, Mass William H. 


East Liberty, Logan, Ohio .Thomas F. McAden 

East Liberty, Men, la John Friedltne 

East Liberty, Fayette, Pa William Beattie 

East Limington, York, Me Henry Small 

East Line, Saratooa, N. Y Robert A. Ogden 

East Litchfield, Litchjleld, Conn Charles Carter 

EaBtLiv«rmore, 4indrosco^^'n,Me. Jonathan Lovqjoy 
East Liverpool, Columbiana, Ohio.-.Joseph Forbes 
East Long Meadow, Hampden. Mass.Heury J. Cooks 

East Lyme, New London, Conn Jirah Kellog 

East Macdouough, Chenango, N. Y 8. RandaJO 

East Macfaias, Washington, Me Cyrus G. Folsom 

East Madison, Somerset, Me ..Melvin Lincoln 

East Madison, OarroU, N. H Luke Nickerson 

East Maine, Broome, N. Y Silas Brown 

Eastman, Crawford, Wis Philander Green 

East Marion, Livingston, Mich Daniel Bentley 

East Marion, Si^Sim, N. Y .BeiUamin C. TuthiU 




SMt Manhfield. riMnmOhy BfaM TUden HuH 

Bwt Medway, KorfoUc, Mass Qt. H. Holbrook 

SMt Hiddleborough, Piymavih, lUM...Nath. Eddy 

Ivt Middlebury, Addison, Tt Royal B. Farr 

BMt Monmouth, JTettn^ecAr, Me^'James R. Norris 

But Monroe, Mi^KUmi, William Oherry 

BHt Montpelier, WashinaUm, Yt...William Corliss 

aMtMontrille, TToZdo, Me William Ayer 

lut Moriches, Si^oUc, N. Y Jacob H. MiUer 

But Moultonhorongh, OoaroOy N. H B. Shaw 

last Naaaan, JSemseUur, N. T E. S. Strait 

Bast Newfleld, IbmpXaiM, N. T H. D. Blakeslee 

Bast New Market, DorchBsier, Md...James W. Baw- 

Bast Newport, Fimobsoot, Me Joseph 0. Small 

East New Portiand, SnMr$ei,Ue M. McKoifi^t 

BMt New Sharon, JVonJUm, Me...Blisha Small, Jr 

Bast New Vineyard, FroMcUn, Me P. Butler 

Bast New York, XtaaSy N. Y Philip H. Reid 

Bast Northport. WaMo, Me Miss Emily Sterens 

Bast Northwood, Itockinghcm, N. H...a. W. A«hby 
Bast North Yarmouth, Ckumberi(md, Me.«.L 6. Dunn 

Bast Norwich, Queent, N. Y John Yernon 

BMt Ogden, Lenawee, Mich William T. Stow 

Baston, Miit:fieldj Oonn......^ Hezekiah Lyon 

Baston. (c. h.) TUbot, Md. — William T. Bowlinson 

B|Ston, Bristol^ Mass J3iomas F. Davidson 

Baston, WoMhington, N. Y Stephen Batty 

Baston, Wayne, Ohio William H. Bedinger 

Baston, Budianany Mo James McClain 

Baston, (c. h.) Northampton, Pa J^ohn J. Herster 

Bast Orange, Ddaaoare, Ohio U. H. Hyde 

Bast Orange, Orcame, Yt Xathrop Fish 

Bast Orangeville, WyoBdng, N. Y Alonso Crane 

Bast Orleans, BanutcMe, Mass Freeman Doane 

East Orrington, Flmobtcal, Me .Warren Ware, Jr 

Bast Otto, OaUanitt4ifu$y}X. Y Stephen Laing 

East Painted Post, Steuben N. Y H. A. Burt 

Bast Palermo, WaJdOy Me Joab Boynton 

Bast Palestine, OohtmiHanoL, Ohio.MMiss Mary Cr^ 

Bast Palmyra, Wayne, N. Y. Jacob Sherman 

Ei^ Parsonfleld, Yorky Me....»Bimeon D. Mudgett 

Bast Paw<Paw, Zee, 111 Andrew B. Breese 

Bast Pembroke, Geneue, N. Y Reuben Baboock 

Bast Penfleld, Monroe, N. Y Truman Mattison 

Bast Penn, Oarbon, Pa. Reuben Dinkey 

Bast Pepperell, Middlesex, Mass Crosby Lewis 

Bast Pharsalia, ChenanffOylX. Y Oeorge L. Baker 

Bast Pierpont, St. Lawrence, N. Y..Jlussel F. Welch 

Bast Pike, Wyoming,N,Y Spencer S. Hammond 

East Pitcairn, St, Lawrence, N. Y...LeoDard Peabody 

BastPittsfleld, ;Smier«e£,Me Hiram B. Connor 

East Pittston, Kennebeck, Me Harrison Small 

East Plainfield, SuUivan, N. H...Su8an Ann Martin 
fiist Plymouth, Ashtabula, Ohio...WiUiam W. Mann 
Bast Poestenkill, JUnnsdaer, N. Y...Oeorge Barber 

Bast PoIancL Andrascoagin, Me Oilman Martin 

Eastport, Washington,Jlie Warren Hatheway 

Eastport, TisheoUngo, Miss Samuel Dewoody 

Bast Pooltney, RuOand, Yt John C. Derby 

Bast Princeton, Tf^cofer, Mass... Joseph Whitcomb 

EastBaisinTille, ifonroe,Mkh WilUam P. Oale 

East Randolph, CaUaravgus, N. Y...Hotaoe H. Holt 
Bast Randolph, NorfdUe, Mais...Thomas White, jr 

East Randolph, Orange, Yt George W. Graves 

East Randolph, (Mimbia, Wis John Converse 

East Raymond, Ouimherland, Me W. R. Lane 

East Readfield, KeamAeck, Me... Joseph A. Sanborn 

Bast Richland, BdnunU, Ohio Samuel Batcher 

East Ringgold, PictoifMiy,|Ohio W. a Finkle 

East River, Mercer, Ya. WUson Jones 

East River, WaUon, Fla Edward Bedsole 

East Rochester, QAyimbiana, Ohio... Jacob Emmons 

East Rockfort, Ouyahoga,OUo Horace Dean 

East Rodman, Jefferson, N. Y Xhomas Wait 

EastRoxbury, Washington ^t Samuel Ruggles 

East Rumford, Oc/ord, Me Alvan Bolster 

East Rupert, JSennington, Yt .Harmon Underbill 

East Saganaw, Saganaw, Mich M. B. Hess 

East Salem, WashmgUm, N. Y Edwin D. Minor 

Bast Salem, Jimiata, Pa .....Joseph Kurts 

East Salisbury, Essex, >Iass .QyrvM Dearborn 

East Sanbornton, JSelknap, N. H...Andrew A. Phil- 
East Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass.., Joseph Ewer, Jr 

Bhst Sacndy, Venana»,1?a, .John Pettit 

East Saagerville, JPisoatamtis, Me...Bei^amin Lane 
East Schuyler, Barkimer,N. Y...Patrick M. Smith 
East Schodack, Rensselaer, N. Y...Nicholas Lester 

Sast Scott, QnrOandt, N. Y Alvin KeUogg 

East Sharon, FMer, Pa ;....George W. Sherman 

East Sharon, Norfolk, Mass Warren Cobb 

East Sheffield, Berkshire, Mass...£UJah S. Deming 
East Shelbume, ^ranXrttn, Mass... ^.Henry M. Fisk 

Bast Shelby, Orkans,N. Y P. B. Jackson, jr 

East Sheldon, FrankUn, Yt Moses WeUi 

Bast Smithfleld, BraOfwd, Pa...Marcns B. Geronld 

Bast Springfield, Otugo, N. Y Byron W. Qiaj 

Bast Springfield, Jefferaon, Ohio...Samiiel Lindsey 

Bast Springhill, Bradford, Pa. Moses Quinby 

East Springwater, Livingston, N. Y...Iaaiah Horton 

Bast Standtoh, Omberland, Me Joseph Webster 

Bast Storing, Wayne, Pa. Charles Bortree 

East Stetson, i%no&«co<, Me» Eben Dresser 

East Stoneham, Oaford, Me Joel S. Sawyer 

Bast Stoughton, NarfdUc, MaaB...£lUah Blanchard 

East Strong, FrankUn, Me Samuel Nevens 

BastSuflield, jBar^ord, Conn .Francis A. Sykes 

Bast Sullivan, Ednoock, Me Joseph Bean 

Bast Sullivan, Cheshire, N. H Caleb Goodnow 

Bast Sumner, Oje/brd,Me BetbiieLGary 

Bast Taunton, Briitol, Mass — ..Benjamin B. Taylin" 

Bast Thetford, Orange,Yt Irenes Perkins 

East Thomdike, Waldo,^e JDavid Thompson 

East Townsend, Buron, Ohio John MiUer 

EasiTrenton, iranoocfc,Me Oilman KHedgkins 

£astTronp8burg,iSteuZi«a, N.Y W.Ten^roeek 

Bast Troy, Walworth, Wis John D. Hawes 

East Troy, Bradford, Pa. Andras Case 

E^ist TrumbaU, ^AtmlruZZ, Ohio... Jesse H. Wheeler 
Bast Turner, Androsooggin, Me.. — Eiekiel Martin 
Bast Union, Lfncdin, Me...£zekiel G. D. Bevexidge 

East Union, Wayne, Ohio . JBmanuel F. Sandw 

East Unk)n, NiehoLas, Ky John L. Gardner 

East Unity, SuUivan, N. H Tappan Sanborn 

East Yariok, iSisneoa,N. Y Bei\}amin Banfck 

East Yassalborough, Kennebeck, Me Joseph Bowman 

East Yenice, Cayuga, N. Y Lewis Seymour 

Eastville, BandaUgph, AJa James G. Oosper 

Eastville, (c \i.) Northampton, Ya Leroy OaUum 

EastriBe, Baih, Ky Eidiraim Goodwta 

East Yirgil, CorHandt, N. Y.. Alexander McYeaa 

East Wak^eld, aarroa,Vt. H AlvahBumaU 

Bast WalUngford, RuOaud, Yt Joel Constantine 

East Walpole, Abr/ofik, Mass George W. Johnson 

Bast Walton, Delaware, N. Y James A. MeCall 

East Waroham, Flyvundh, Mass..S. T. T. Sherman 
East Washington, SuXUvan, N. H...Edmund Davis 
East Waterfi^ Jvxaata, Pift.;.Andrew J. Ferguson 
East Wears, BiUsbarough, N. H.JBdmund H. Smi«h 
East Westmoreland, Cheshire, N. H...Foater Wight 
Bast Westvflle, Mahoning, Ohio...Jonathan Stanley 
East Weymouth, Norfolk, Mas8.Zacsiiah L. Bieknell 

East Whately, FrankUn, Mass Joeiah AlUs 

East Wheatland, TFtZZ,IU Amasa 8. Thomas 

East Wilson, Niagara, N. Y ....David H. Sweet 

East Wilton, J^anfcZiTk Me John M. Dmry 

East Wilton, BOlsborough, N. H L. PettingiU 

East Windham, Greene, N. Y Ira Sherman 

Bast Windsor, Har^fn-d, Conn William McFall 

East Windsor, Berkshire, Maaa Reuben Pierop 

East Windsor Em,mirtford, Conn...J. H. Charlton 

East Winthrop, Kennebeek, Me Aael Perkins 

East Wobum, Middlesex, Mass filbert L. Richardson 

Eastwood, Thamai, Oa .Alfred Bryant 

East Woodstock, TTuu^^^om, Conn Caleb May 

East Worcester, Otsego, N. Y John Champkm 

Eaton, Baton, Mich » Henry Perky 

Eaton, ifodwon. K. Y John T. Whitn^ 

Eaton, (c. h.) Pr«6fc, Ohio Daniel Reid 

Eaton, Wyoming, Pa Orval W. Benjamin 

Eaton, Qlbson, Tesm B. T. Dodd 

Baton, Oedar, Mo John Fergus 

Eaton, Oravtford, HI John Eaton 

Eaton Centre, Oarroa, N. H Brastus Baker 

Eaton Rapids, BaJUm, Mich Amos HamUn 

Eatonton, (c. h.) Putnam, Ga. Sidnev C. Prudden 

Eatontown, Monmouth, N. J John P. Lewip 

EatonviUe, Herkimer, N. Y Arthur D.Ward 

Bau Pleine^ Fortage, Wis Jtelancthon Wiley 




__ », itdia$ui. Pa Jacob HaiToId 

BtoBeier, Morffaa^ Qa John Durdin 

Kbaneur, BxUmttt Miss William F. Henry 

Xbeneserville, York, & C Alexander F. FeweU 

Xbenaburgh, Cbmdrto, Pa Michael 0. McOagne 

Bbttnl7*8 m^'Outmberlaaidy Pa Christian Eberly 

■i^o^ Jfeoon, Tenn Prier W. Carter 

Xcho, DaU, Ala. Francis J. Idarshall 

Sckeis, BelmMiiyOhio John Eckels 

Bckflyrd, OzZAoun. Mich Henry 6. HnbbeU 

BekmansTille, AdanUf Ohio JTohn Morrison 

Bdeto, Karna, Tex B. W. Gillook 

Eclipse, Maoimf Tenn Francis L. Enbank 

Beonflna, WoMhrnffUm, Fla. D. B. Coleman 

Economy, HSghlandt Ohio Egbert G. Boatrlght 

Economy, Wayne, la Absolom Wright 

Economy, Beawr, Pa. B<nnelin8 L. Bsker 

Ecoroe, Wayne, Mich David LaBlane 

Eddington, Penobuot, Me Thonuts Wiswell 

Eddytown, YaUs, N. T Philip Roof 

Eddyrille, Wapdla, Iowa Michael Welch 

Bddyrille, OaUaraiuffut, N. Y; Wm. A. JBeardsley 

Bddyrille, (c fa.) CkddwU, Ey William HaU 

Eden, (c. h.) BrycM, Ga El^ah Elarbee 

BdenjAitiooefcyla Hiram Barrett 

Eden, Hancock, Me Nicholas I. Thomas 

Eden, Ingham, Mich Merrick W. Chapin 

Eden, Brie, N. T Hiram R. Jones 

Eden, JbnduXoc. Wis Peter Tandervoot 

Eden, TnmbuU, Ohio Jehu Woodward 

Eden, RanMn^V.C J^ohn 0. Andrews 

Eden, Lavrem, S. C William Mahaflfey 

Eden, McKean, Pa JohnM. Brasington 

Eden, LamoaJU, Yt Samuel Belding 

Eden, Fayette, Iowa James R. Hiu 

Eden, ToiwtXL, 111 Jefferson L. Summors 

Eden, Vangafa,'2&r Dayid A. Roark 

Edenburgh, Shenandoah, Ya Richard Miller 

Edenfleld, Inoin, 6a. — Oscar Edenfield 

Eden Prairie, Henn^n, Minn Jonas Staring 

Eden's Ridge. SaOivan, Tenn John Shayer 

Bdenton, Ctermon^ Ohio Henry Morgan 

Bdenton, (e. h.) Chowan, N. C James N. Floyd 

Bdenton, sU Lawrenot, N. T BenJ. F. Partridge 

Eden Yallev, Erie, N. Y Joseph Webster 

BdenTille, Orange, N. Y Legrand Mead 

Bdes FUls, OwmberloMd, Me Wilkinson Edes 

Edgard, SL John Baptist Parith, La C. E. Perret 

Bdgeeomb, lAneiAn, Me Samuel WUson 

Edgefield C. H., Bdgefidd, S. C Andrew Ramsay 

Edgefield, AtUOa, Miss WUllam Knox 

Edge Hill, King George, Ya James E. Jones 

Bdgemont, Ddaware, Pa Hiram Green 

Edgerton, WiOiame, Ohio James Winters 

Bdgerton, jRocfc, Wis William C. HaU 

Edgertown, (o. h.) I>u/;e«, Ma8B...Silvanus L. Pease 

Edf^ngton, Rock Mand, lU Edward Burrall, Jr 

Bdlna, Knox, Mo ...James A. Reid 

Edinborongh, Brie, Pa Marcus Saley 

Edinburgh, Ctorrard, Ky John T. leaTel 

Bdinburgh, Johnton, la W. P. Rush 

Edinburgh, Ftnebeoot, Me John L. Sargent 

Edinburgh, BtZZsdale. Mich...Alonn> £. Richmond 

Edinburgh, LeaJee, Miss Johnson M. Hooper 

Bdinburgh, Saratoga, N. Y John Barker 

Edinburgh, Portage, Ohio William P. Davis 

Bdinburgh, Lawrtnce, Pa James Mitcheltree 

Edinburgh, JHereer, N. J Thomas Leonard 

Edinburgh, Cbmeron, Texas Elihu D. Smith 

Edinbureh Centre, Saavioga, N. Y Levi S. Noyes 

Zeacinaton, S. C James E. Coleman 

Edisto Island. OoOetmi, S. Henry Bailey 

Bdlsto Mills, m^f«/iM, S. p Patrick I. Coleman 

Edmeston, Ottego, N.Y.... Robert G. Russell 

Edmonton, Barren, Ky. Willifm 0. Newman 

Edmunds, Brumwkk, Ya......Nlcholas 8. Edmunds 

Bdna, Case, Iowa William S. Townsend 

Bdneyvflle, J7efu{er«m,N.C William Coston 

Bdom, Oi^mer, Ga Thomas B. Trammell 

Edom, Rockingham, Ya .Thomas H. Hopewell 

Bdom, Vanaant, Texas David CRoark 

Edray, Pocahoidae, Ya Robert Moore 

SdsaUville, Bradford, Pa J. H. EdsaH 

Bdwards, 8L Lawmee, N. Y Justus B^ Piekit 

Edwards, Sheboygan, Wit Edward Newhouse 

Edwardsburgh, PAOi^t, Ark J. a W. VoIUmb 

Edwardsburgh, Que, Mich Dethic Hewitt 

Edwards' Depot, Sinds, M]ss...Theodore Jnngherr ' 

Edwardspor^ JEnox, la William Schaifcr 

EdwardsviUe, (c. h.) Madison, Ill...Thos. J. Pridkett 

EdwardsviUe, St. Lawrence, N. Y L. S. Weaver 

EdwardsviUe, Warren, Ohio John Tfiaaon 

Effingham, OarroO, N.H Joeephus J*, Drake 

Effingham, Darlington, S. C John J. Steele 

Bffiingham, Ilffinghain, lU John Haney 

Effingnam Falls, OirroZI, N. H Cyrus T. Longes 

Effort, Monroe, Pa Patrick Daily 

Eflrd's MUls, Stanley, N. C Simeon H. fibd 

Egremont Plain, Berkshire, Mass...Harlow A. Yaa 


Egypt, Monroe, N. Y Josiah G. Aldrich 

Egypt, EtHstgham, Ga George Vby 

Egypt, Ihy^ Tenn Anthony Matthews 

Egypt, Colorado, Tex W. J. E. Heard 

EOTt) Monroe, Ya Augustus Gwinn 

Egypt MUls, Pike, Pa James Martin 

Egypt MUls, Bdnumt, Ohio. Samuel L. Caldwell 

Ei^teen Mfle, Piekeni, S. C Lemuel Kendrioks 

Ela, Lake, HI Charles Qnintln 

ElamsvUle, PaOriek, Ya James C. Moir 

Elba, Dodge, Wis John M. Stewart 

Elba, Qeneset, N. Y AlvaU. Wfllis 

Elba, Caffke, Ala John W. Helms 

Elba, Jbyette, Tenn ...R. F. Buckelow 

Elba, Jackson, Ya John 0. Custard 

Elberton, (c. h.) Elbert, Ga. James M. Wyche 

ElbinsvUle, Bedford, Pa. William Lashley 

Elbridge, Edgar, lU Caleb Wentworth 

Elbridge, Onondaga^ N. Y Alonzo Wood 

El Dara, POee, lU Samuel Lippinoott 

Elder's Ferry, Jackson, Miss WUUam G. Elder 

EldersviUe, Washington, Pa. George G. Hopkins 

Elderton, Annstrong, Pa. John Ralston 

Eldora, f anfift, Iowa. Alexander Smith 

El Dorado, Union, Ark John A. Avera 

El Dorado, Clark, Mo Beiuambi W. Huvt 

El Dorado, CuIjMSper, Ya John T. Jones 

£1 Dorado, Ibnd du Lac, Wis.. James Hammon 

El Dorado, Treble, Andrew Sterling 

El Dorado, Jbyette, Iowa. Bei^amin lUfl 

Eldred, Wayne, Pa Thomas Y. Boyd 

Eldredvttle, SidUvan, Pa Thomas J. Peek 

Eldridge's HUl, &i2em, N. J .Charles M. Fogg 

Elevation, Johnson, N. C D. H. Holland 

Elgin, FayUte, Iowa. Bei\jamin Dimond 

Elgin, Kane, lU Edward S. WUoox 

Elgin, Oxttaraugus, N. Y. Jacob S. Nottin^bam 

Elgin, Genesee, Mich William Moore 

EUda, AUen, Jesse J. Johns 

EUda, Winnebago, lU Calvin Briggs 

EUJah's Creek, Boone, Ky John H. Crawfttrd 

Elimsport, Lycoming, Pa. B. F. McCormick 

Eliza, Mercer, 111 D. F. Noble 

Eliza, IKaclleJErawil, Iowa John G. Forbes 

EUzabeth, (c. h.) Joefeson, Ark John 8. Coe 

Elizabeth, Jo Daviess, HI.. Abraham Reynolds 

Elizabeth, Harrison, la Asa S. F. Jones 

Elizabeth, Alleghany, Pa. Ephraim A. Davis 

Elizabeth, Esse*, N. J J. C. Hinchman 

EUzabeth City, (c. h.) Pasquotank, N. C.George A. 


Elizabethpor^ Essex, N. J Henry Fischer 

Elizabethton,i(c. h.) Catrter, Tenn. James A. Burrow 

EUzabethtown, (c. h.) Hardin, lU John E. Mott 

Eltzabethtown, Bartholamew, la. — WUliam Yaawy 
Elhsabethtown,(c. h.) Hardin, EyJohn B. Quiggins 

EUzabethtown, Phmas,CaS Lewis Stark 

EUzabethtown, (c h.) Essex, V. Y Levi D. Brown 

EUzabethtown, (c. h.) Bladen, N. C. — B. F. Rinaldi 

EUzabethtown, HamiUon, Ohio Isaac D. Mills 

EUzabethtown, Lattcaster, Pa Bei]0«n^ ^> B^sr 

Elizabethtown, Monroe, Mo J. H. Crawfinrd 

Elizabethville, Dauphin, Pa.....Thomas J. Woodside 

EHzaviUe, Fleming, Ky Henry B. T^lor 

Elizaville, Obhmbia, N. Y Henry Kipp 

Elizaville, Boone, Indiana 8. M. Gory 

Elk, Tinton, Ohio James Gibson 

Blkader, Clayton, Iowa E. D. Stockton 

Elk Creek, Erie, Pa Hiram HUl 

Elk Oraek, Grayson, Ya. Peiter Catron 




JSk. Grms Boads, Aslu, N. G ^...... Wiley Chandi 

Blk Suae, Chester, Pa. Samiiel Hughes 

81k Forte, Vernon, Mo <.WiHiam Crawford 

mc Grove, Cbok, lU — .Caleb Lamb 

BBt Chove, La HayetU, Wis .» Edward Leslie 

SUc Orove, La/izyetUt Mo...............Abraham Larsh 

Skharty Sheboygan, Wis Jlinklerick J>. Spalding 

BIkfaart, EUehart, la. Bradford D. Sherwood 

Bkhart, PiOkj Iowa Thos. J. LoAgneeker 

SDe mu, Amdia, Ya. William A. Mileston 

SDe Horn, WaskingUm, TO, Bollln S. Fillmore 

Elk Horn, (o. fa.) Wahoorih, Wis Lot Mayo 

SIk Horn, FranJMn, Ey Bei\}amin S. Arnold 

Elk Horn, Monlffomery, Mo......Da'vld R. Glarkson 

Bk Horn Orove, OarrOl, 111.. .Calvin Tucker 

Sk Lake, Su$quehannahf Pa OrrinF. Fargo 

BkUmd, Tioffay Pa JToelO. Parkhurst 

SUc Lick, Somertet, Pa Gabriel MiUer 

SUc Hills, McDonald, Mo... .James A. Scott 

Ettport, Clayton, Iowa.... Daniel Mohr 

Bk Pndrie, Bentim, Minn. Joseph Thompson 

Bk Ridge, McDonald, Mo Elam Moffett 

Bk Ridge, CfOei, Tenn .James J. Walker 

BUc Ridge Landing, B&ward, Md — Gea H. Pocoek 

EUc River, CUnton, Iowa William G. Hann 

EOc River, FrankUn, Tenn Michael S. Winford 

EOc River, Benton, Min. Terr J. Q. A. Nickersim 

EOc Run, Hmquier, Va Hanrey B. Ralls 

Bk Ron, Blaek Hawk, Iowa Daniel G. Ellis 

Bk Ran, Tioga, Pa Northrop Smith 

Elk Spur, WWcei, N. G .\ James Roberta 

Bkton, Orattford, 111 John Rathbun 

Bkton, (c h.)lbdd, Ey WiUiam B. Bean 

Blkton, (c. h.) CkcU, Md .John E. Brown 

Bkton, Hickory, Mo Andrew Tost 

Bkton, CblumMano, Ohio..... .George EemU* 

Bkton, €HU*, Tenn.... A. L. Harney 

Elkton, Umpqua, OrMon W. W. Chapman 

Bkville, WQkee, N. C Calvin J. Gowtes 

BUctjay, Oamer, Ga WiUlam Brwin 

Bl^y, EUAmi, Tenn Andrew Bogle 

Bllenborough, Gromi, Win John H. Bamett 

BDenbnrgh, Clinton, N. T Russell W. Ransom 

EUengowan Baltimore^ Md vJoshua M. Bosley 

EUenvluXcTbter, N. Y George N. Sinsabaugh 

Blerslie, Harris, Ga Wanren W. Gibson 

Rlerslio, SusquOumna, Pa Jasper Stanley 

Ellery, OhavtaMqu^lH.Y .Wm. S. Soofleld 

EQery Centre, ChautOMque, N. T... JFeffrey B. Thomas 

Bl Grove, Henry, Tenn Y. D. Walker 

Blioott, Brie, N. Y .-Isaac Deuel 

BUoott's Mills. Howard, Md George Bond 

EllloottSTille, Cattaravgiu, N. Y Horace Basey 

Ellington, T(>tland, Conn Henry Gunn 

Blington, ChMdauqiie, N. Y .John F. Farman 

Bllngton, OultogamiA, Wis Stephen D. Mason 

BI]fngwood*8 Corner, Waldo, Me...Raftis B. Elling- 

Bliot. Y&rh, Me Jeremiah Libbey 

Elliott, Jasper, Iowa :Levi P. Wilson 

Bliotta, FiOmore, Minn. Ty David Dickerson 

BUott Depot, York, Me Jeremiah P. Shaplelgh 

EUtottsburgh, Perry, Pa. ..Cadwallader Jones 

BlioU's Cross Roads, Morgan, Ohio...lSlUah EUiott 
Elliott's Gross Roads, CUnt&n, Ey....Hiram R. Hays 
BUott's Ranch, Sacramento, Gal... Lewis T. Mitchell 

EUiottsville, Piscataquis, Me John E. Sawyer 

EUiottsville, Jderstm, Ohio John G. Elliott 

Elllsburgh, Jjmrson, N. Y Jeremiah Lewis 

EUlsbnrgb, letter, Pa Harry Ellis 

rails Grove, Randolph, HI George 8. EUis 

Ellison, Warren, 111 A.B. Yoho 

EUlston, Madison, Ey Thomas S. Ellis 

BUistown, P&ntotoc, Miss ,...Samuel H. Hall 

BUisvUle, Oaumbia, Fla Isaac B.Ogden 

Blisville, Bladen, N. G Hugh Simpson 

BlisviUe^ Fulton, lU Anson Smith 

BUtsTnie, Jones, Miss... Moses B. Welborn 

EllisvUle, St. Louis, Mo Daniel Andrae 

BUisTille, Louisa, Ya William J. Eennon 

BUttSTllle, Monroe, la .James S. Sharps 

BUsworth, Lttchfidd, Conn C. F. Peek 

Ellsworth, Hancock, Me Stephen G. Woodward 

BUsworth, Ikxas, Mc William Gott 

BUsmorth, Mahoning, Ohio.... ..John 0. Fossehnan 

Ellsworth Falls, jSancocfe, Me Daniel Wooster 

EUwood, Mvhlm^urgh, Ky JIugh W. MeNaiy • 

Elm, BaOard, Ey John W. Peebles 

Blm, Fayette, Pa .Jacob A. H. MUler 

Elma, Erie, N. Y .Warren Jadcman 

Elm BIuflT, DaUas, Ala J. Z. Hearst 

Elm Creek, FaUt, Texas Robert Childen 

Elmer, &dan, N. J John Johnson 

Elm Orove, JDe Soto, Miss .Job Harrol 

Elm Grove, J<2am«, HI John Spenee 

Elm Grove, Kershato, S. C ......A. A. McDowall 

Elm Grove, Orau^ord, Mo ^'John Butt 

Elm Hill, Davidson, Tenn James H. Charlton 

Elmlra, Eaton, Mich Jooeph Narstrant 

Elmira, Stark, 111 Thomas Lyla 

Elmira, (c. h.) Chemung, N. Y Daniel Stepfaent 

Bmira, tSdton, Ohio .George L. Marks 

Elmonte, CKnlon, Mo John T. McCartney 

Elmore, Ottawa, Ohio Erastus M. Baadi 

Elmore^ LamoOle, Yt Norman Gamp 

Elmore, Jtoria, 111 Jason WiUdns 

Elm Point, Bond, 111 William Paisley 

Elm Springs, Washington, AA Wm. S. Deaver 

Elm 1^«e, Hancock, HI .WUUam Johnson 

Elm^ee, maJdey, Tenn JohnF.Cavltt 

BmValley, AUegany,JX. Y George J. Osbon 

BmviUe, OMeton, S. G Thomas J. Sistronti 

Elm Wood, Scdine, Mo Moses Woodlhi 

*£lra Wood, I^oria, HI Anson S. Andrews 

Elon, Amherst, Ya Jesse Kellv 

Bod, Ashley, Ark Wm.J.Campbon 

Bl Paso, El Pa^, Texas A. C. Hyde 

Blrod, JNpley,Ia Joslah C. Bartlett 

Bton, Cattaraugus, N. Y Reuben Brown 

Bton, Edgefield, 8. G .Joseph Adaon 

BlTira, CUnton,lowB. John Croft 

Elwood, maker, Texas ^ John W. Barrett 

Bly, Marion, Iow». Peter KUne 

Blyrla, (c. h.) iora*i, Ohio George E. Nichols 

Bysburgh, Northumberland, Pa .Ann Guliek 

Bysian Fields, Harrison, Tex...WiUiam H. Watson 

Elysium, McHenry, lU 0. A. Hitchcock 

Byton, (c. h.) J^erson, Ala Thomas J. Wright 

Bmaus, Lehigh, Pa Joseph Treiehlcr 

Emaus, Bedford, Ya Alexander Eassy, jr 

EmbarnMMi Point, JBc^or, HI Jacob Housel 

Embden, Samersd, Me Jonathan Eames 

Embden Centre, SmMrsd, ^e^ Richard Delling 

Bmbreevnie, Chester, Pa William W, Duma! 

Emeline, Jackson, Iowa.... William McFadden 

Emerald Grove, Rock, Wis Asa G. Ransom 

Emerald Point, Morgan, lU Joseph Hays 

Emery, FvSlUm, Ohio Michael Poonnan 

Emery's Crossing, Ttiba, Gal James W. Everett 

Emery's Mills, Tork, Me Justin B. Merrill 

BmlgsvUle, York, Pa George Wehrly 

Eminence, Logan, III -fohn Hawes 

Eminence, Hmry, Ey Bei^jamin F. Turner 

Eminence, Schoharie, N. Y Henry A. Qeaveland 

Eminence, 0^- b.) Shannon, Mc.Thomas T. Chilton 

Bmlenton, Venango, P«, Henry Gormly 

Emma, White, 111 William L. Garrison 

Emmet, Lake, HI - David Jones 

Bmmett, Calhoun, Mich Howell Sandford 

Emmett, Dodge, Wis Roswell Crandall 

Emmettsville, Randdlp?i, la Dennis Thombury 

Emmitt, Wilkinson, Ga James U. Floyd 

Emmittsburgh, Frederick, Md Joachim Bder 

Emmorton, Harford, Md Emmor Morrison 

Emory, Washington,ysk Edmund Longley 

Emory, Holmes, Miss Walter D. Brail 

Eoaory Iron Works, .ANzn, Tenn Jacob A. Work 

Empire, WMUsidts, 111 : Joel Hanrey 

Empire, Fonddu Lac, Wis Tunis I. Burhyto 

Empire Iron Works, Trigg, Ey Daniel Hillman 

Empire Ranch, YuIm, Gal.. Salmand Moody 

Bmuck&w, TaUapoosa, Ala William G. Ray, Sr 

Endor, WtO, HI Eben W. Beach 

Energy, dark. Miss Allen A. Carter 

Enfield, Hartford, Conn Andrew W. Scott 

Enfield, Powbsoat, Me John S. Patten 

Bnfield, Hampshire, Mass Qyrus F. Woods 

Enfield, Halifax, N. C. Lewis H. Whitaker 

Enfield, Qrafton,'S. H James F. Bryant 

Bnfleld, Tom.]^eins, N. Y Gharles Yandom 




Bnfleld, King Wmiam, Ya Jolin H. Borch 

' Xfifleld Centre, Tompkinij N. Y. William D. Bagley 

Engellville, Schoharie^ N. T John H. Engell 

English Neighborhood, Bergm, N. J..Edwin S. Rose 

English Prairie, McHmryy III Barius Kingsley 

English Settlement, MarUm, Iowa J. J. Fast 

Bnglifhtown, MonmouJth, N. J » J. B. Clayton 

Enni«yille, Huntingdon, Pa Alexander Stewart 

Enoch, Mmroe, Ohio Samnel Lindsey 

Snoe Mills, Orange, N. C John F. Lyon 

Snon, Bureau, 111 ApoUos W. Ballard 

Bnon, Macon, Ala Nicholas W. Persons 

Enon, Clark, Ohio John Wallace 

Snon, Perry, Miss P. J. Myers 

Snon College, Sumner, Tenn E. L. Payne 

Bnon Grove, ^eard, Oa WiUiam N. Urquhart 

Bnon Valley, Eaufrence, Pa 0. B. Patterson 

Bnoree, S^rtanburgh, S. C...Niohohis Y. Tan Patten 

Snoeborgh, HvmJdin, Yt Ezbon Dawson 

Bnosburgh Falla, FrankUn, Yt 0. P. Cbadwick 

Bnaenada, Marion, HI William 0. Alvis 

Enterprise, Oitahouia. La Mngh Keenan 

Bnterprise, Vblugia, Fia Heman C Gleason 

Enterprise, Wayne, HI .Henry W. Famsworth 

Bnterprise, Shiauoauee, Mich James M. Blood 

Enterprise, Idvnetuier, Pa John Bender 

Bnterprise, M* Donald, Mo Alexander P. Love 

Enterprise, Clark, Miss George W. Bliodes 

.Enterprise, Speneer, Ind Ge<»ge Young 

Enterprise, BlackHdwk, Iowa Daniel B. Teeter 

Enterprize, PtebU, Ohio John H. Coffinan 

Eolia, TaUahatchee, Mibs W. B. Boothe 

Eolia, Dane, Wis Pascal P. Winslow 

Sphratah, FuUon, N. Y Aaron NeUis 

Sphiatah, Lancaiter,l^& .John W. Gross 

loping, Bockingbam,, N.H James L. Rnndlet 

J^om, Merrimack, N. H John Wallace 

^worth, Du Buque, Iowa Hezekiah Young 

Equality, Andenon, S. Thomas H. MoOann 

Equality, Oooio, Ala Braddock Harriss 

Equality, (c. h.) GaUaUn, 111 Wm. H. Crawford 

Equality, Jackson, Tenn B. H. Matheny 

Bqulnunk, Wayne, Pa Daniel 0. Scndder 

Erasmus, Qagkm, N. C Manuel Ford 

Brastus, Frankbin, Ga Isaac ^, David 

Brcildoun, Chester, Pa Mrs. Mary Ann Fulton 

Erie, WhOegides, lU Joseph Grover 

Bide, Roane, Tenn UFames B. Robertson 

Brie, Monroe, Mich James A. Gonsino 

Bvler (c. h.) Erie, Pa — . — Beigamln F. Sloan 

abievllle, Madison, N. Y Amasa Jackson 

Erin, fen^Mich Riohard Giles 

Erin, Bwhanan, Iowa William Fanning 

Erin, MerritoeOur, Ga .Hamilton G. Snllivaii 

Erin, McHenry, HI Peter McFarland 

Brln, Ckemut^f, N. Y ^ .John Caywood 

Erin, aOhoun, Miss Daniel Blue 

Erin, Jasper, Tex Ja^ies A. Oraige 

Erin Shades, JSenrico, Ya Solomon Lovenstine 

Brrol, Coo9, N.H James F. Bragg 

Brving, t^ankUn, Mass David Blackmer 

Brwinna, Bucks, Pa Oliver Worman 

SrwinsviUe, GleoeLand, N. C Charles Ellis 

Brwinton, BamweU, S. G James D. Erwin 

Eaooheag, Kent, R. I... Jcbn R. Hazard 

Bsconawba, Ddia, Mich Aden Chandler 

Esom Hill, Paulding, Ga .James Wheeler 

Ssopus, UUUr, N. Y Oheney Ames 

Eapeiaace, Schoharie, N. Y George Priest 

Bq>yy Ooiumlria, Pa Regina Worman 

Espyvllle, Oravxford, Pa Russell Marshall 

Essex, Middksex, Conn — William Latimer 

Essex, Ehsex, Mass AlHert F. Low 

Bsaex, CUnton, Mich William A. Hewit 

Essex, Essex, N. Y Robert Fortune 

Essex, FuUan, Ohio R. A. Howard 

BsseK, Chittenden, Yt .A. M. Butler 

Essex, VentaOion, HI Charles Foot 

EstiU's MiUs, Phxtte, Mo James D. Jones 

Estillville, (c. h.) Scott, Ya James L. ShoemaJcer 

Etna, Pembacat,T&& Jeiforson H. Whitten 

Btna, Tompkins, N. Y Walker Marsh 

Stna, LUking, Ohio , GeliaE. Lamson 

Mo^HianoMr, Ya Lucius H. Minor 

fitius Deoafya; Tenn ...Silvan F. Lockwood 

Etna, AUegham:, Pa Christian BkSbtit 

Etna, Jfaoon, Cm ~ L. P. GairiMa 

Etna, ScoUand, Mo Andrew Hunt 

Etna Centre, Penobscot, Me.. Timothy B.Carter 

Etna Green, Kosciusko, Ind Levi Kehler 

Etowah, (%»«, Ga Mark A. Odoper 

Etters, York, Pa Isaac Vramt 

Eubanks, CMumMo, Ga E. Lodch«rt 

Bubank's Mills, Johnson, Ark John T. Honaier 

Euclid, Onondaga, N. Y.. Allen Y. Snydw 

Euclid, Cktyahaga, Ohio. Charles Earr 

Eu&ula, Barbmur, Ala Johnson Wrtlboma 

Bngese, VerffUUion, la Meredith Washbvm 

Eugene City, Lane, Oregon Jtegene F. ftkinner 

Eufaariey, Oass, Ga.... Thomta H. Ugon 

Eulia, Macon, Tenn .James Kerley 

Euphemia, Pr^eble, Ohio ..Thomas R. Dequaaki 

Eureka, Winnebago, Wia W. C. Diekema 

Eureka, Wooc^ord, 111 Aaa S. Fiaher 

Eureka, St. Frands, Ark.. ..William T. MebaiM 

Enreica, Humboldt, Cal Triatram H. Fom 

Eureka, Johnson, N. C Oren L. Dodd 

Eureka, Montcakn, Mich Orpheus T. Nelson 

Eureka, Boone, Mo .James Fulkerson 

Eutaw, (c. h.) Oreene, Ala. Adolphus S. Murphy 

Evans, ihrie, N. Y James S. Stray 

Bvansburgh, Ora%o/ord,¥tk D. M. Calvin 

Bvansbuigh, Cbshodon, Ohio .William Maxwell 

Evans' Centre Station, JBrie, N. Y.Alonso D. Winslow 

Evans' Falls, Wy(ming^ Pa Ellicott Bvaof 

Evans' Mills, Morgan, HI John H.. Austin 

Evans' Mills, Je^son, N. Y .Henry Walradt 

Evansport, D^nce, Ohio Houston Bnssell 

Evansville, R&Uim^, Ark.J)anielW. Dannenbezs 

Evansvllle, (c. h.) Vanderburgh, la. Ben Stinaon 

Evansville, Bandolph, Ill....Jonathan Ghesnntwood 

Evansville, Preston, Ya. JBinm B. Hansbaw 

Evansville, Rode, Wis N. A. W. How 

Evansville, Cbiufaibia, Pa .Joseph Lilly 

Evanswood, Waupaca, Wis Evan Townsend 

Evening Shade, Lawrence, Ark .Wm. Yaugfaan 

Everett's Spring, Floyd, aa....Thomp8on P. Everett 

Evergreen, Dt£uque, Iowa Lawrence Dnggan 

Evergreen, Appanattox, Ya J*. M. Boatwright 

Evergreen, Anderson, S. C B. J. Earte 

Evergreen,^a>n<ctt%,Ala — O.L. Grant 

Evergreen, IfewUm, Miss William J. Loveitt 

Bvergrera, AvoyeOas Par, La...Alanson G. Pearoe 

Everittstown, Hunterdon, N. J Charles Bobeiti 

Bverittsvme, Wayne, N.C R.T. Hoskins 

Everton, Jfiiyette, la Wflliam Kerr 

iSwing, Hocking, Ohio Daniel K. BItt 

Bwing, i^nJkttn, ni Bennet Scarboron^ 

Swing's Neck, Cumberland, N. J... Joel S.Eol>inM>n 

Ewington, Efingham, HI Samuel Mo0t 

Ewington, GaOia, Ohio Andrew Edmistoin 

Excelsior, Henn^in, Min. Ter Charles Gaipin 

Exchange, Warren. N. C Thomas Paschall 

Exchange, MoCracken, Ey W. H. Kjdd 

Exeter, Koaoiusko, la Wesley J. Oorbus 

Exeter, Scott, lU James Neely 

Exeter, Penohsoat, Me Joshua Gamaaon 

Exeter, <c. h.) Rodeingham, N. H...Daniel Mekher 

Exeter, Otsego,H.Y William P.Jones 

Exeter, Monroe, Mich Amos R. Palmer 

Exeter, Luaeme, Pa. .Jost Driesbach 

Exeter, Greene, Wis Harry W. IM 

Exeter, WfuhingtonfR,! Samuel 8. Fisbet 

Exeter, Sandusky, Ohio Henry Nicboli 

Exeter Mills, Penobscot, Me .John Wltltney 

Experiment Mills, ifonroB, Pa .James Bell,jr 


FABER'S MILLS, Nelson, Ya...Henry G. Roberti 

Fabius, aftondc^a,N. Y Sherman H. Corbln 

Fabius,Jbrd2/,Ya AbnerBean 

Facility, ifilinn, Tenn .James H. Reagan 

Factors' Fork, Tf^2me, Tenn George Griggi 

Factory Hill, Nansertumd, Ya Thomas H. Martin 

Fact<H7 Point, Bennington, Yt Oynis A. Roberts 

Factoryville, Wyoming, ^ Stephen Caswell 

Factoryville, SVooo, N. Y Silas By>rdham 

Fair BlnfT, CUuvUnu, N. C ..Edward W. HaUdy 

Fairi>nm, JPUyetUf Ga B. B. Dykes 




, Pa JohnHimeoGk 

nte J)ea.Ungt'Mar$haUy Ky Barnes A. lilbeck 

f airfiuc C. H., Fairfax, Ya Robert Allison 

Mt&z, ^ankUn, Yt..^^ BtrattOB B. Hunt 

laixikz, Monret, la. .A. J. Helton 

lyrftx, Highlamd, Ohio John Dickey 

Vairfax Station, Fairfax, Ya... Jonathan Richardson 

Vairfteld, FickeM, Ala John E. £111« 

IMbrfleld, (c h.) I\urfidiyGQim Edmund Hobart 

SWrfield, Ndwn, Ky William R. UarshaU 

Aorftold, FramkUn, la Thomas Irwin 

Vairfteld, Wayne, 111 J. W.Burnhill 

SWrfield, (c. h.) J^erton, Iowa...Nicholas M. Bright 

fairfleld, Somerset, Me Henry S. Tobey 

Faiifleld, Lanavtee, Mich Alfred Bailey 

fairfleld, Herkimer, N. Y Jarius Mather 

fairfiakl, Grtene, Ohio » William S. Scudder 

l^fcrfield, Adamt, Pa Jacob Brinkerhoff 

Vairfleld, Bedford Tenn M. T. Cooper 

Fairfield, MoOiridge, Ya Harvey Risk 

Fairfleld, I^raiMin, Yt..~ Oimond Bradley 

Fairfield, JZocfc, Wis George Farnsworth 

Fairfleld, ffyde, N. William Sadler 

Fairfl^d, Frtestone, Tex J)unbar Bragg 

Fairfleld, Jforion, Oregon Isaac N. Lawrence 

Fairfield Centre, Ih KaUb, la. Edward Wright 

Fairfleld Qtxnen, Somerset, Me Nathan Fowler 

Fair Forest, Desha, Ark James M. Arnett 

FairForeet, Uvxon, S. C Jasper Gibbe 

Fair Garden, iSetner, Tenn John Walker 

Fair Grove, Daotdson, N. C Green H. Lee 

Fair Haven, New Haven, Conn...George P. Thomas 

Fair Haven, Bristol, Mass Joseph Cutler 

Fair Haven, PrebU, Ohio Charles Pierce 

Fair Haven, Sutland, Yt Bobbins Miller 

Fair Haven, Oayuga,ii, Y William Wyman 

Fair Hill, OcQ, Md Daniel H. Sutton 

Fair HiU, MarshaO, Ya James Taylor 

Fair Land, livingtUm, Mo... Spencer A. Alexander 

Fairland, ,Sft«%, Ind Isaac N.Odell 

Fairlee, Orange, Yt Jerome B. Bailey 

Fairmont, (c. h.) Marion, Ya William Nuznm 

Fairmont, Clark, Mo John T. Board 

Fairmount, Marshall, la Casper Fox 

Fairmoant, Sabine, Texas Wiley C. Faircloth 

Fair Mount, Onondaaa, N. T Atwood Griffin 

Fair Mount, Hunterdon, N. J John Yescelius 

Fair Moun^ Miami, Ohio Ezra Morris 

Fair Mount, Gordon, Ga Joseph M. Bogle 

Fair Mount Springs, Liueme, Pa David Goss 

Pair Plains, Oe«n,Tenn John Rader 

Fair Plains, Montcalm, Mich Josiah Bradish 

Fair Play, Polk, Mo MiUer^W. Easloy 

Fair Play, ilinaZa,Tex L. Wilson 

Fair Play. Hot Springs, Ark... Samuel W. Reybum 

Fair Play, Morgan, Ga Jackson Cheney 

Fair Play, Greene, la John W. Coflfey 

Fair Play, Grant, Wis ElUot C. Hugins 

Fair Play, Benton, Ala Hiram H. Johnson 

Fair Play, Pickens, S. C Thomas J. Sloan 

Fair Point, Cooper, Mo Horace W. Ferguson 

Fairport, Muscatine. Iowa El^ah Dollarhide 

Fairport, Monroe, N. Y Jeremiah Chadwlck 

Fairport, Lake, Ohio Robert McCormick 

Fairport, GranmUe, N. C D. P. Paschall 

Fair River, Laiorence, Miss... Alexander McKenzie 

Fairtott, Cwmbtrlandf, N. J William D. Barrett 

Fairview, W&sftin^eon, Md George Seibert 

Fairview, Randolph, la , John King 

Fairview, FuUan, 111 Henry W. Kreider 

Fairview, Jones, Iowa Eli Jessup 

Fairview, Todd, Ky Thomas H. Shaw 

Fairview, Peilis,Uo .Jesse Pemberton 

Fairview, Buncombe, N. C James Ownbey 

Pairview, Cattaraugus, N. Y.... Amos Pettit 

Fairview, Guernsey, Ohio Joseph Johnson 

Fairview, Erie, Pa Daniel Weidler 

Fairview, GfreenviOe, 9. G .James S. Peden 

Fairview, (c. h.) Hancock, Ya John Wilson 

Fairview, J)aUas, Ark J. D. Scott 

Fairview, Fi-anklin, Geo James Attaway 

Fairview, Omcordia, La William T. Glass<^k 

Fairview Yillage, Jfon^omery, Pa...SoIomonShuUz 

FalrviUe, Wayne's. Y Lyman A. Crandall 

FairvIIlfi^ Cheater, Pa. Amoe Sharpless 

Fair Water, Fmd du Lao, Wis Henry Boardman 

Fair Weather, Adams, HI Abraham High 

Faison's Depot, Duplin, N. C Isham R.Faison 

Faisonville, Southampton. Ya William C. Wrenn 

Faleon, Columbia, Ark .'.Leonidas H. Stewart 

Falcoiter, Chauta^tgue, N. Y Harry Abbott 

Falkinstein, Preston, Ya...William A. Falkinstein 

Falkland, Pitt, N. G James L. Cobb 

Fallassburgh, Kent, Mich H. M. Brown 

Fall Creek, Marion, la Samuel Trlttiib 

Fall Creek, Early, Ga Simeon Tyner 

Fallen Timber, Oambria,FK Jones Rollin 

Falling Bridge, QtmpbeO, Ya William Cock 

Falling Creek, Wayne, N. C Micajah Cox 

Falling Spring, Greenbrier, Ya John Bun, jr 

FalUng Spring, Ozark, Mo William R. NelU 

Falling Water, PutnaM, Tenn JohnChilcnt 

Falling Waters, Berkela/, Ya Elenora P. Strode 

Fall River, Columbia, Wis S. C. Higble 

Fall River, Bristol, Mass James M. Morton 

Falls, Wyoming^A Edrick Prear 

Falls Branch, Washington, Tenn Wm. S. Crouch 

Fallsburgh, SuUivan, N. Y .-. Edward Palen 

Pallsburgh, Licking, Ohio Lorenzo D. Balcom 

Falls Church, Fairfax, Ya Simon J. Groot 

FallKington, Bucks, Pa Thomas Powell 

Fall's Mill, CaJbeO, Ya Lawrence E. Letulle 

Falls of Blaine, Lawrence, Ky T. W. Everett' 

Falls of Rough, Grayson, Ky Willis Green 

Falls of St. Croix, St. Croix, Wis M. M. Samuel 

Falls of Schuylkill, Philadelphia, Pa..Jo8eph Evans 

Falls of 12 Pole, Wayne, Ya Francis A. Spurlock 

Fallston, -Hizr/ord, Md Robert P. Titus 

Fallston, Beaver, Pa Samuel Edgar 

Fallstown, Iredell, N. C John Young 

Falls Yillage, LiUMjtJd, Conn William S. Mar£ 

Falmouth, (c. h.) PendUiUm, Ky...John B. Rawlings 

Falmouth, Cumherland, Me. Ezra T. Williams 

Falmouth, Fayette, la Alfred B. Walker 

Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass Frederick Davis 

Falmouth, Lancaster, Pa. Abraham Collins 

Falmouth, Stafford, Ya Murray Forbes 

Fame, Choctaw, Miss Harmon Llsk 

Fancy Creek, Bichland, Wts Josiah McCaskey 

Fancy Farm, Graves, Ky John Peebles 

Fancy Grove, Bedford, Y» Elijah C. Cundiif 

Fancy Hill, Iredell, N. C. James Mears 

Fancy Hill, Rockbridge, Ya John Poague 

Fancy Hill, ifurray, Ga. John R. Cain 

Fannettsburgh, Franklin, Pa George W. Swank 

Fannlng's Defeat, Goliad, Tex Daniel Lloyd 

Faribault, Rice, Minn Alexander Faribault 

Farley, Platte, Mo Luke P. Stfles 

Farlow's Grove, Mercer, 111 John H. Park 

Farmer, Seneca, N. Y .Jacob D. Wintersteen 

Farmer, D^nce, Ohio Wm. M. Brown 

Farmers, Merriwether, Ga Jtfilton Clayton 

Farmers, Iteming, Ky John B. Zimmerman 

Fanners, York, Pa. Henry Boose 

Farmers, Kosciusko, la George Moore 

Farmersburgh, Clayton, Iowa. Charles Watkins 

Farmer's Branch, DaHcu, Tex. Robert M. Cook 

Farmer's Creek, Lapeer, Mich Orville 0. Morse 

Farmer's Creek, Jackson^ Iowa William Roberts ' 

Farmer's Farm, Iroquois, III William Stump 

Farmer's Grove, Southamj^on, Ya....C. F. Urquhart 

Farmer's Grove, Greene, Wis Obadiah Ames 

Farmer*8 Hall, Knox, 111 John W. Stephens 

Farmer's Hill, Dutchess, N. Y John B. Barker 

Farmer's MillB, Putnam, N. Y C. K. Townsend 

Farmer's Retreat, Dearborn, la ..George Boese 

Farmer's Yalley, McKean, Pa. Andrew J. Otto 

Farmersville, Lowndes, Ala Samuel D. Crum 

Farmersville, (c. h.) Union, La....Matthew D. Mayes 

Farmersville, Posey, la Moses Phillips 

Farmersville, Cbttaraugus, N. Y. Jno. T. Cummings 

Farmersville, OOdweU, Ky J. A. Greer 

Farmersville, Montgomery, Ohio. Joseph Gline 

Farmersville, Dodge, Wis Joel A. Bradner 

Farmersville. Chattooga^ Ga William A. Mercer 

Farm Hill, Poinsett, Ark John P. Mardis 

Farmhouse, Clierokee, Ga.. Isham Teasley 

Farmingdale, Queens, N. Y... George Yan Cott 

Farmlngdole, Kennd>ec, Me George Tarbox 

Farmingdale, Monmouifi^ N. J.Ha]stead WainwrjgUt 




FftrmiBgton, Baartford, Oonn George D. Cowles 

Parmington, Gawky Ga John Knott 

Farming^ni Rtuhy Is ^ John A. Gray 

Farmington, FuUontm K. P. Sage 

Fumington, Marion^ Ya 3ex4amin T. Jolley 

Farmington, (c. h.) Van BurtUf Iowa.... Waiter W. 

Farmlngton, Oravety Ky W. D. Kesterson 

Farmington, FramkUn, Me Henry Johnson 

Farmington, OakUmd, Mich Warren B. Selby 

Farmington, Tishemingo, Miss Wm. H. Marshall 

Farmington, (c. h.,) St. FrancUy Mo V. 0. Peers 

FannJngton, Davie, N. G George W. Johnson 

Farmington, Strafford, N. H W. H. Parmenter 

Farmington, OntariOy N. T S. P. Gardner 

Farmington, TrumbuO, Ohio...i....Aa8tin J>. Kibbee 

Farmington, Fayette, Pa Sebaatian Rush 

Farmington, MarthaU, Tenn. Chapman B. Dayis 

Farmington, Jeffwion, Wis John Willard 

Farmington, Sevier, Ark John T. Turrontine 

Farmington, CecH, Md John W. Caldwell 

Farmington, Davit, Utah James Leithead 

Farmington Centre, Tioga, Pa. Carlos H. House 

Farmington Falls, lYankliny Me....Lemuel Bursley 

Farmland, Randolph, la Jonathan Macy 

Farm Bidge, La SaUey Dl Elmer Baldwin 

Farmrille, Prince Edward, Va Joel W. Womack 

Farmyille, Henderson, Tenn Thomas S. Weaver 

Farnham, 22tdAmo7u2, Ya H. B. Scott 

Farnnmsville, Worceiier, Mass Thos. A. Buffmn 

FarrandsvUle, Clinton, Pa Mathew S. Bamum 

Farriorrille, Pike, Ala Manly Yonngblood 

Far West, Johmon, la Michael Sells 

Faosse Point, iSX. Martins, La. Antoine A. Picos 

Fatama, Wilcox, Ala William S. Wright 

FawnGroTe, Forfc, Pa William Webb 

Fawn Biver, SL Joseph**, Mich. Francis Flander 

Fayette C. H., jRiyett«,Ala '.R. A. Smith 

Fayette, Greene, 111 Thomas Hu^es 

Fayette, Kenndtee, Me '. Howard B. Lov^oy 

Fayette, (c. h.,) Jefferson, Miss.... John B. Carpenter 

Fayette, (c. h.,) Hinoard, Mo William T. Mallory 

Fayette, Seneca, N. Y George W. Bachman 

Fayette, AUegliany, Pa Andrew Pierce 

Fayette, La FayetU, Wis Martin W. Anderson 

Fayette Corner, lUyetU, Tenn.3e]:\J. P. Bridgewater 

Fayette Springs, HiyelUy Pa. Wm. M. Shipley 

FayetteviUe, TaUadega, Ala Daniel Wallis 

FayetteTille, (c. h.,) Washington, Ark J. W. Chew 

Fayetterille, (c. h.,) Ihyttte, Ga. George M. Yates 

Fayetteville, Chtmberland, N. C Josiah E. Bryan 

Fayetterille, Onondaga, N. Y Andrew T. Gilmor 

Fayetteville, Brown, Ohio John Ballaui 

Fayetteville, I¥ankUn, Pa. Mary Ann French 

Faybtterille, (c h.,) Lincoln, Tenn..Cha8. A. French 

Fayetteville, (c. h.,) lUyetU, Va. A. C. Bailey 

Fayetteville, St, Clair, 111 Bennington Ford 

Fayetteville, thyetU, Tex John H. TJjffy 

Fayetteville, (c. h.,) JVindham, Vt.... J. Dunkler, jr. 

Fayetteville, Lawrence, la David Noon 

Fearing, Washington, Ohio Thomas F. Stanley 

Feam's Springs, mnMlon, Miss John C. Holmes 

Feasterville, Bucks, Pa Simon V. Fenton 

Feasterville, fhirfidd, S. C Andrew Feaster 

Federal Hill, Harford, Md Thomas 8. Robinson 

Federslsbnrgh, DorchtsieT, Md....Edward R. Goslin 

Federal Store, Dutchess, N. Y James Hammond 

Federalton, Athens, Ohio, Sidney S. Beebe 

Fee Fee, St. Louis, Mo JTames S. Quisenberry 

Feeding Hills, Hampden, Mass Enoch Leonard 

Feed Spring, Hatrisony Ohio Joseph White 

Feesburgh, Brofwn, Ohio Daniel Trout 

Felohville, Windsor, Yt Alzaman D. Amsden 

FelldAna, Graves, Ky Jefferson V. Morse 

Felicity, Clermont, Ohio... 0. P. S Fee 

¥elix, Moniteau, Mo ,- Dreiiry Venable 

FelUville, Greene, Ky « David Terrill 

Fellowship, Burlington, N. J .Aaron Fortiner 

FeltowsvlUe, Preston, Va George Purcell 

' Feltonvllle, Philadelphia, Pa. George W. Felton 

Feltonsville, Middlesex, Mass..)...George E. Manson 

Felta, Jbtgham, Mich...... Dormon Felt 

Felt'i Mills, Jeffierson, N. Y Otlen Wheelock 

Feltvllle, JBsseoi, N. J David Felt 

I'enmt Osage, SU CharUs,iio.»n. H. Knlppenberg 

Fenner, MeuHsoHy N. Y Oarottne A. AutHI 

FennersvUle, MonroSy P*. Liofcrd Maak 

Fennimore, Grant^is. Michael B«w«y 

Fenn's Bridge, Ji^erson, Ga. Elara R. Pud^y 

Fenton, St. LouiSt Mo ..Samnel T. Vaadorw 

Fentonville, Genesssy Mich Charles H. TnnMt 

Fenton ville, ChaukusqWy N. Y...Wm. H. H. Fenton 

Fentrise, Guitfordy H.O. Frederick FentrlM 

Ferdinand, Mercery 111 Samuel Leech 

Ferdinand, i>u50i«, la. Gerhard Wm. K«ep«r 

Ferguson's, Grayson, Tex.... John FergoMm 

Ferguson's Corners, Yaies, N. Y John L. Riche 

Fergusonville, Delaware, N. Y. Sandford J. Ferg«> 

Fernandez De Taos, TaoSy N. Mexico SokniMn 


Feraandino, Nassau, Flor.... Amariah Ooj 

Fern Creek, Jefferson, Ky Squire Hardman 

Fern Lea^ Mason, Ky WiUiam HoweU 

Feronia, Telfair, Ga Jonathan M. Ashtoj 

Ferrisburgta, Aadiseny Vt .....George F. Stone 

Fertigs, Venanao, Pa. JsaaeFertig 

Fessenden's MUls, Rockingham, N. U...S. FesBendm 

FetherhulTs Mills, OarroU, la .George V^j 

FetheroiffsviUe, Berks, Fa Jonas Daubet 

Fetterman, Taylor, Ya David C. Morris 

Feura h\X9)x, Albany, N. Y Aaron Berry 

Fiatt, FuUon, III Peter Wheeler 

Fiddle Pond, Barnwell, S. C...SolomonW . McKensle 

Fiddletown, ElDorado,09l Dennis Townsend 

Fidelity, Jersey, 111 ;...Qnin M. Hauskina 

Fidelity, Miami, Ohio John J. Yount 

Fidelity, Jasper, Mo William P. Johneon 

Fieldon, Jeks€y, 111 William W. Felter 

Fieldsboro, New OoMOe, Del Edward Sileox 

Field's Cross Roads, Cherokee, Ga Lawson Fields 

Fife, Harrison, Daniel Smith 

Fife, TaUadega, Ala. .Jonathan L. Elston 

Fifes, GoocMandy Va .Jane Poora 

Fillmore, Du Buqve, Iowa Jacob Hamilton 

Fillmore, AUegany, N. Y. Abraham Lapham 

Fillmore, Porter, la BUsha Arnold 

Fillmore, Washington, Ohio Alexander McGirr 

Fillmore, Montgomery, 111 .Jonathan B. Lane 

Filhnore, Washington, Wis William Klotaach 

Fillmore, Randdphy Va Thomas Schoonbovto 

Fillmore, Monmmtthy N. J William Jackeoa 

ViUmore, Andrew, Mo Karnes LaugfaHn 

Fillmore, BUdsoe, Tenn John R. Wheeler 

Fillmore, Bossier, La WUliam E. Hamilton 

FiUmore, On/re, Pa WUliam J. Fnnt 

Fillmore, ifocomb, Mich William F. Myers 

Filhnore, Whi^dd, Ga Andrew Mauldin 

Fillmore City, Millard, Utah Thomas R. King 

Fincastle, Henderson, T^xas Daniel R. McRae 

Fincastle, Broum, Ohio Daniel Hare 

Fincastle, CbimpbeU, Tenn John Kincaid 

Fincastle, Putnam, la S. J. Bichey 

Fincastle, (c. h.) Botetourt, Va... Lewis Housman, jr 

Fincastle, Clark, 111 John Fitzlmmons 

Findley's Lake, Chataugue, N. Y...Robert A. Corbet 

Fine. St. LawrencCy N. Y William P. Smith 

Fine^s Creek, Haywood, N. C ^.C. H. Penland 

Fingersville, Spartanbvrghy S. Joseph Finger 

FinhoUoway, Madiaony Fa Nathan Smart 

Finksburgh, OoarrtXly Md. , A. L. Hoover 

Fink's Creek, Lewis, Va R. W. Bollen 

Finley, (c. h.) Hancock,, Ohio Abel F. Parker 

Finleyville, Washfmgton, Pa John M. Bell 

Finney Mills, Amdia, Va Bex^jamin Bridgibrth 

Fireplace, SuijMky N. Y Charles Sweiy 

First Broad, Rutherford, N. CWilliamson Fortune 

First Fork, Clinton, Pa ; Shepherd Norcroos 

Fishback, Clark, Ky George T. Fishback 

Fish Creek, Steuben, la Jacob 0. Roes 

Pishdam, Wake, N. C ...Mark A. Tate 

Fishdam, Vhion, 8. C John T. HUl 

Fishdam, Mbert, Geo Thomas B. Bullacd 

Fishers, OcUawba, N. G Israel Holler 

Fishers, Ontario, N. Y Charles Fisher 

Fisher's Creek, Hawkins, Tenn John Gillian 

Fisher's Ferrjr. Northumberland, Pa.Charles S. Jones 

Fishersville, Windham. Conn John S. Williaow 

Fishersville, Merrimack, N. H......John Elli worth 

FfshersTllle, Augugta,y^ Jobn B. Morris 




VMiMrvtUa, J^enan, Ky Jmdm D. Owritbtn 

rUftBTTlUe, DtumMn. Pa .Ckorge R. Long 

rbliMrTille, iSAeloy, Tenn Alexander Haxrell 

FfahinS Oireek, May, N. J^Leonard Cnmmlags 

rUilng Creek, OoLumbia, Pa James N. Jone* 

FU& KiU, DuMuUy N. Y Frederiek Cook 

n«h Kill Landing, Dti^cAMf, N.Y. Joseph Cromwell 

nak Kill Plains, 3«<cften, JN. Y B. 8. Tan Wyck 

nsh Iiake, EUchart, Ind Brio Haglind 

Wsh Pool, JtfferMny Ky Joseph B. Oailbreath 

Hah Pond, TaUapoota, Ala. ...A. Q. HoUoway 

nikodale, WorcesteTf Mmmb Amos Monroe 

liskabttrgh, JCenton, Ky D. L. Visk 

Fisk'a Comers, Wtmubiago, Wis Bdwin B. Fisk 

FislerTillo, GUmcexUr, N.J John Hands 

Fltdkburgh, Worcester, lILtM ..John Todd 

Fitehborgh. Dane, Wis. — BlUhaP.Beebe 

FitohTUle, HwroH, Ohio Daniel White 

Fita Henry, Wutmorkmd, Pa James K Potter 

Fits Henry, Ogle, lU L. CBryan 

Fttairatertown, ifonl^omery, Ya SamudBTans 

Fltawilliam, Chuhire, N.H Silas Onmmings 

Fire Comers, Chjri^ N. Y Fulton Goodyear 

Fhre Corners, UiamiyiXid. Raymond Bryant 

Fiva Forks, Ftnon, N. C Bedfiml Van^an 

FiTa Islands, Anobfcof, Me Thomas S. Ranney 

FiTo MUe, Brcwn, Ohio JSamuel Pettlt 

Fire Mile, Pickeiu, S. C Charles Thompson 

FlTO Mile Run, OaMarauQw, N. Y...Gornell Wiltse 

FiT« Points, Pideaway, Ohio..... James Dawson 

FiTa Points, Venango, Pa George & Myers 

FlacfcTille, SL Lawrence, N. Y & B. Ainsworth 

FlaggSpring. OampbeU, Ky Edward Morin 

Flaggtown, Stmereei, N. J filias Hoagland 

Flag Pond, Waehington, Tenn John B. Martin 

Flag Staff, Somerset, Me William Botler 

Flanders, McrrU, N. J Rheoe Nicholas 

Flaoden, SiMk, N. Y Austia E. Penny 

Flat, Pike, Ohio El^ah H. Wells 

Flat Branch, Shdby, lU....^ Alfred C. Campbell 

Flat Brook, CUunUriA. N. Y W. S. Woodwortb 

Flat BrookTille, iSkwiea;, N.J Benjamin Hull 

Flatbush, (o. h.) King»,.ii, Y...R. L. Schoonmaker 

Flat Creek, Montgomery, N. Y HiramBums 

Flat Creek, Lcmndee, Ga WiUiam D. Griffin 

Flat Creek, .BecUVcL Tenn J.J. Crunk 

Flat Creek, BunconCbe, N. C .G. J. D. Garrison 

Flat Creek, Barry, Mo Riehard Y. Burrows 

Flat Creek, WeUs,Ind Bsekiel Roe 

Flatlands, Kinge, N. Y John B. Hendrickson 

Flat Lick, Olaibome,JjtL Stephen Butler 

Flat Lick, Kncao, Ky John Jacobs 

Flat Pond, Zee, Ga William B. Richardson 

Flat BlTer, Kent, Mich Eliab Walker 

Flat Bock, Benry, Ga...... Charles Latimer 

Flat Book, Shelby, la.. — » JohnR. M. Gonoe 

Flat Rock, Bourtwn, Ky WlUiam S. Adams 

Flat Bock, Bender9<ui,Ji. C Peter Stradley 

' Flat Rock, iSsnecOyOhio J. G. Homer 

Flat Rock, Kerehaw, S. 0. — William G. Khrkland 

Flat Rock, Omq/ord, 111 WUliam Maxwell 

Flat Shoal, Smrry, N. G Joel Harrison 

Flat Shoals, Meriiaether, Ga... James C. Freeman 

Flat Top, Meroer, Ta Augustus Ball 

Flat Woods, Jtard, Ark.. FinsUy D. Martin 

Flat Woods, Fayette, Pa John Townsend 

Flat Woods, Braalon, Ya John L. Rhea 

FlaetrlUa, Ltaeme, Pa M.B. Hartley 

Fleet waod Aoademy, King it Queen, Va.....O. White 

Fleming, Lwvngttan, Mich John W. Smith 

Fleninff, Cdytiga, N. Y William H. Carpenter 

FLeming, Oenltrt, Pa * John Bing 

Flemings, WeakUy, Tenn.» .Robert R. Gilbert 

Fleaalngsbuigh, <c. h.,) Fleming, Ky James H. 

Morgan- * 

FleulngBTille, Tioga, N. Y Jielson Brink 

Flemlngt<«, WakA,Ji, C... l...*John H^es, jr. 

Flemington (c h.) Hunderdcn, N. J. J. H. Higgins 

Fleiaington, OUnlon, Pa Wm. B. Oarskadden 

Fletahexv Jfia«i» Ohk>...«... Michael Duncan 

Flet«Aiar^ FrankUn, Yt — s.... .Charles Blair 

FlevelUn'a Ctoss Boads» J)e Sttto, Mlssu. ... Woodsen 

H. Andsrson 
FHitevflle» IMrthampUm, Pa... ...Theodore BoMssn 

Tlbit, eeneeee, Mkh ^............B. 8. WMifaMM 

Flint, Steuben, la Arlwr Dean 

Flint Greek. Ontario, N. Y......JBdmund 0. Garrett 

Flint Greek, Sdrrieon, Mi8S......Thomas W. BTans 

Flint Greek, Lake, lU John J. Bnlloek 

Flint Gap, Knoa, Tenn ..........Charles Smith 

Flint Hill, SL CfuarUs, Mo.. Valentine Knapp 

Flint Hill, J2af3|paAannoc&, Ya...DaTid L CasUeraan 

Flint Hill, Foreyth, N. C John H. Kreeger 

Flfait Hill, CaarroO, Ga. Wm. H. Autrey 

Flint Island, Meai, Ky WUUam Roberts 

Flint Point, Montgomery, Mo. Walter C. Harris 

Flint Ridge, LancaiUr, S. 0. Stephen T. Small 

Flint Rook, Oatavlba, N. C Jlarcus M. Moser 

FUnt's MUls, Washington, Ohio Harrey Holland 

Flint Springs, Bradley, Tenn... JL. R. T. Hambright 

Flintstone, JJOieghany, Md. Jonathkn Wilson 

Flintrllle, Marion, S. C George J. Myers 

Flippo's, OxroUne, Ya Littleton Flippo 

Flora, Smith, Texas WUlis Jones 

Florence, (o. h.) Laudertbde, Ala......Qeo. W. Sneed 

Florence, Stewart, Ga Henry W. Jones 

Florence, Pike, Hi Willis Peckenpangh 

Florence, Boone, Ky JLbsalom Connor 

Florence. Morgan, Mo .JSdwaxd Briihl 

Florence, iSf. Joseph, Mich Joseph Jewett 

Florence, Oneida, N. Y Lewis Rider 

Florence, Erie, Ohio Jereigiah B. Baker 

Florence, Wiuhington, Pa. Jacob Huffman 

Florence, Switzerland, la.............. James A. Snider 

Florence, Milts, Iowa James H. Clark 

Florence, ffampshire, Mas8............Isaac 8. Parsons 

Florence, BurUngton, N. J Edward Bobbins 

Florence, Desha, Ark... .* Wm. D. Munroe 

Florence, Hebr. .George Howe 

Florid, Putnam,, III Christian Gassel 

Florida, HiUsdale, Mich Warren Thompson 

Florida, Monroe, Mo...............Robert H. Buchanan 

Florida, BerkshO^ Mass... Nathan Whits 

Florida, Orange, N. Y Thomas J. Curtios 

Florida, Henry, Ohio James E. Soofield 

FloriesTille, Robeson, N. C Jitephen D. Collins 

Floris, Davis, Io«» 8. C. Allen 

Florlsant, St, hotuis. Mo Delford Benton 

Flower Creek, iVfutteton, Ky William Moreland 

Flowerfleld, SU Joseph's, Mlch-Challenffs 8.Wheeier 

Flower Gap, WaOteingUm, la.. Jefferson Crowe 

Flowery Mound, Concordia, La JIaekiel Young 

Fk>yd, Omiiia, N. Y Linus L. Moulton 

Floyd, Cbrroa, La Wm. 0. Pack 

Floyd, C. H., Floyd, Ya Pleasant Howell 

Floyd Knobs, Floyd, la. John Barbey , 

Floyd's Bluff; Woodbury, Iowa...Thos. B. Thompson 

Floydsburgh, Oldham, Ky.... Andrew D.Crow 

Floyd*s Swings, Floyd, Ga.... ..William McCullough 

Floydsville, Mcuion, S.C Harmon Floyd 

Flukes, Botetourt, Ya...... Nathan P. Luck 

Flume, Grafton, N. H John Bobbins 

Flushing, Genesee, Mich».........CQlumbus Y. Tyler 

Flushing, Queens, N. Y Charles W. Cox 

Flushing, Belmont, Ohio .Jonathan P. Jndkins 

Fluvanna, Chautauque, N. Y...8amuel Whittemore 

Fly Greek, La Grange, la. Augustus Porter 

Fly Creek, Otsego, N. Y Exra W. Badger 

Fly Mountain, OlsUr, N. Y Alexander Secor 

Flynn's Lick, Jackson, Tenn....Hugh H. MoClendon 
Focht's Forge, Sohuylkai, Pa.Georg« W. DreibelMer 

FogelsTlUe, Lehigh, Pa. Solomon F^I 

Fogo, AUegan, Mich James Bedpath 

Folsomdale, Wyoming, N. Y John B. Folsau 

Fonda, (c. h.) Montgomery, N. Y. Smith FhiUlps 

Fond du Lao, Fonddu Lac, WU....Geo. W. Weikert 
Foneswood, Wistmoreiand, Ya.....Thomas B. PalHn 

Fontanelle, Dodge, Nebr J. W. Richardson 

FootTlUe, Bock, Wis. Zuriel Hall 

Forbestown, Butte, Gal ,. — Nathaniel D. Plum 

Forbush, Yadkin, N. C Isaao Hutehens 

Ford, Geauga, Qhla Wellcome Bulkick 

Fordham, Westchester, N. Y....Anthony W. Fisher 

Ford's Creek, OUtahoula, La... ....Jaoob Lanius 

Ford's Depot, Dinwiddie, Ya Frederick A. FOrd 

Ford's Ferry, Crittenden, Ky Leri Yeakey 

•Ford's Stole, IVanJkftn, Ga Henry Ford 

FordsTUIe, Marion, Miss..... William M. Rankin 

FotditlUa Ohia^Kj John W. Payne 




1*8 Raanclk) San Joaquinf Gal JSamnel 


Forest, Hardin, Ohia Lorenso E. Baker 

lorest, Oenetee, Hloh John Crawfbrd 

Poreflt, Hichland, Wis. Beason J. Darnall 

Porestburgh, StdUvan, N. Y Isaac Penney 

Forost City, Tompkin$, N. T. John F. Bnrdick 

Forest Citv, Sierra, Gal .William Henry 

Fonst Dale, BuOand, Yt „ Charles Backus 

Forest Depot, Bedford, Vft.....Theodore E. Reynolds 

Forest OroTe, C^airbonUf La. Franklin Taylor 

Forest Grove, Mchart, la Brice Larimer 

Forest Hill, Deeatur, la Reuben Gibson 

Forest Hill, Dhiony Pa Ammon H. Lutz 

Forest Hill. Harford, Hd Emanuel J. Schmauk 

Forest Home, Ann Anmdd, Md .Wm. H. Engel 

Forest Home, Newton, Ark William Bristow 

Forest House, Waukesha, Wi8...Matthew Eillmister 

Forest Iron Works, Union, Pa. Daniel B. Reber 

ForMt Lake, Stuquehannah, Pa. Elisha GrifSs 

Forest Oak, Montgomery, Md Joseph Thompson 

Foreston, Ogle, 111 Wm. F. Daniels 

Forest Retreat, NiefwUu, Ky Joshua H. Watson 

ForestTille, Wake, N. G William J. Bddins 

Forestrille, Hartford, Conn Chauncey Goodrich 

ForestTille, Shenandoah, Ta. William Whistler 

Forestville, Chettar, Pa Robert A. Johnson 

Foreetville, Uuxutauque, N. Y B. Tubbs 

Forestville, Ddatoart, Iowa. Thomas Hickcox 

Forfluc, Liwn, Iowa James Ure 

Forge Village, Middlesex, Mass Luther Prescott 

Forked River, Ocean, N. J..< Mrs. Alice Pearson 

Forkland, Greene, Ala. William H. Townsend 

Fork Lick, NichdUu, Va .John B. Hall 

Fork Meeting House, BdUimore, Md £. Carman 

Forkner's Hill, Ladede, Mo Mici^ah Forkner 

Fork Ridge, Marihall, Ya John M. Dakar 

Forkt^ Chariton, Mo..... .George Young 

Forkp, Wuhivgton, Ya William Edmonson 

Forks of Elkhom, Franklin, Ky Chesterfield 


Forks of Pigeon, JKiyioood, N. G Joseph Cathey 

Forks of Potomac, -Hamp*Atre, Ya N. B. Guthrie 

Forksville, Lake, 111 Clark Gale 

Forksvilie, Meehtenburgh, Ya Eaton J. Moseley 

Forksville, Wachita, La. James H. Milling 

Fork Town, Somerset, Md Arthur H. Lankford 

Fork Union, Fluvanna, Ya George H. Snead 

Forlorn Hope, Mariposa, Gal....^ Jack W. Smith 

Formora, Bad Axe,Wia Simeon D. Powers 

Ftimey's, Lincoln, N. C Andrew Carpenter 

Forrest Home, Qiss, Texas Danid H. Moores 

Forsyth, (c h.) Monroe, Ga. Gary A. King 

Forsyth, (c. h.) Taney, Mo John W. Danforth 

Fort Adams, mikimon. Miss T. M. Kincade 

Fort Ancient, Warren, Ohio George Hamer 

Fort Ann, Washington, N. Y George Clements 

Fort Arbuckle, Choctaw, Ark John H. Strain 

Fbrt Atkinson, Whmesheik, Iowa.....George Cooney 

Fort Atkinson, J4^son,Wls Sfilo Jonas 

Fort Browder, Barbour, Ala John A. Walker 

Fort BuiBngton, Cherckee, Ga...Nelaon L. Dickerson 

Fort Butler, Orange, VIa Josiah A.Lee 

Fort Calhoun, Onuiha, Nebr Geo.W. Nevill 

F<ni Craig, New Mexico .....Ignacy Sumouski 

Fort Clark, Alachua, Fla Wm. H. Baboock 

Fort Covington, FranJOin, N.Y.. James H. Winslow 

Fort Crawford, Conecuh, Ala James L. Sewell 

Fort Dade, Hernando, Flor Firaacis B. Hagan 

J'ort Davis, Bexar, Texas T. G. Pitcher 

Fort Defiance, Oaldwea, N. C Thomas Lenoir 

Fort Deposit, Lowndes, Ala .John H. Stone 

Fort Des Moines, (c h.) PMc, Iowa..We8ley Redhead 

Fort Dodge, Webster, Iowa. Wm. Williams 

Fort Edward, Washington, N. Y.... blames Mclntyre 
Fort Edward Centre, WashCttgUm, N. Y...Eli8ha H. 


Fort Fairfield, Aroostook, Me Porter Roes 

FortFoote, Kemper, Miss Wm. Cathey 

Fort Gaines, Barly, Ga Spencer Caldwell 

Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, ArlcThomas Lanigan 

Fort Hamilton, Kings, N. Y Joseph Crocker 

Fort Hamilton, Madison, Flor Jeremiafa W. 

Fort Harley, .iZocftua, Fla.. Wyatt 0. Allen 

Fort Hembree, Cherokee, N. Joel Bow]J]u| 

Fort Henderson, TcUlapoosa, Ala Allen Kimball 

Fort Hill, Lake, 111 George Thompeon 

Fbrt Howard, Broten, Wis Oscar Gray 

Fort Hunter, Montgomery, N. Y...*..... Peter Enderf 

Fort Jennings, Putnam, Ohio H. J. Boehmeif 

FortJessup, i8bcMn«, La C. P. Rogers 

Fort Kearney, Clackenas, Nebr..Wm. H.McYan^haa 

Fort Kent, Aroostook, Me John L. Turner 

Fort Lamar, Madison, Ga. J. N. Montgomery 

Fort Laramie, Nebr.. ..John S. Tatt 

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Hiram Rleh 

Fort Lee, Bergen, N. J Michael O'NeO 

Fort Littleton, Fulton, Pa .Thomas M. Heddlng 

Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa..... Henry M. Safanoa 

Fort Martin, Monongalia, Ya. Joseph Snider, jr 

FortMcKavltt, Bexar, Texas B. D. Lane 

Fort Mill, York, S. C James M. Morrow 

Fort Miller, Washington, N. Y...Thoma8 McFadden 
Fort Montgomery, Cherokee, N. C... James L. Netoon 

Fort Motte, Oranjfeburgh, 8. 0. David W. Barsh 

Fort Plain, MorUgomery, N. Y John F. Ferguson 

Fort Plain, Warra$, Iowa Anselm H. Barker 

Fort Prince, Spartanburgh, 8. G* A.C. Bomat 

Fort Recovery, Mercer, Cmio John W. Johnston 

Fort RIdgely, Pierce, Minn Benj. H. Randall 

Fort Ripley, Wanahtah, Min. Terry Solon W. 


Fort Scott, Kansas Hiero T.Wilson 

Fort Seneca, Seneca, Ohio Lorenso Abbott 

Fort Smith, Sebastian, Ark...Saml. H. Montgomery 

Fort SneUing, Dakota, Min...... Franklin Steele 

Fort^ille, Saratoga, N. Y. Truman Wilcox 

Fort Thorn, Dona Ana, N. Mex Alex*rDav«ll 

Fort Tyler, J7«mando, Flor DavidHope 

Fort Union, 2faos, New Mexico J. W. Folger 

Fort Yalley, Houston, Ga David N. Anstin 

Fort Washita, Chickasaw Nation, Ark....CaiapmaB 

J. Kinney • 

Fort Wayne, (c. h.) AUen, la John G. Maler 

Fort WUklns, Houghton, Mioh Seth Bees 

Forty Fort, Luxeme, Pa Elitjah Shoemaker 

Forwardstown, Somerset, Pa Isadora A. Riffle 

Foster, Providence, R. I .....James G. Cook. 

Foster, Bracken, Ky R. T. Lindsay 

Foster, Fond du Lac, Wis Egbert Foster 

Foster Centre, Providen<». R. I .Job W. HiU 

Fosterdale, SuUivan, N. Y; William Roper 

Foster MUls, Cherokee, Ga. .Ira R. Foster 

Fosters, Tuscaloosa, Ala John L. S. Foster 

Fosters, Mhrion, 111 Hardy Foster 

Foster's Bar, Yuba, Gal. J, B. Whltoomb 

Foster's Grose Roads, Bledsoe, Tenn....:....W. Foster 

Fosterville, Cayuga, N. Y Abner Sanden 

FosterviUe, Butherford, Tenn Thomas Edwards 

Fostoria, Aotr, Pa. Levi Stahl 

Fostoria, Seneca, Ohio — Philip Fanlhaber 

Foundryvllle^ a>Zta»Ua,Pa Samuel Henir 

Fountain, Adams, Wis. Robert J. Clark ' 

Fountain City, BiMo, Wis Bfanin Pletee 

Fountain Dale, Adams, Pa.........Samnel Bohrmn 

Fountain Green, Hancock.lO. A. W. Stefvenson 

Fountain Green, Chester, Pa Jodxna P. Lee 

Fountain Head, Sumner, Tenn.Geoirge H. Patterson 

Fountain Hill, Ashl^, Ark.. £. Kirkpatritk 

F^ntain Inn, OreenviUe, S. C: Wm. MeNedy 

Fountain Run, Monroe, Ky. B. W. Stone 

Fountain Spring, Wood, Ya JTerome B. Paden 

Fountain ^ring, SehuyUdO, Pa.... .Jonathan Faust 
Fourche a Renault, Wiishington, Mo... John OlaiMy 
Fourehe Dumas, Bandoloh, Ark...Franeis M. RusseU 

Four Comers, Jiuron, Ohio. Edward W. Cooke 

Four Mfle, DunJdin, Mo ^.Martfai B. Hodges 

Four MUeBranch, jBurmeeO, & C^Jamee W. Robert 

Four Mile Branch, Jfbnnw, Tenn Wm. M. Smith 

Four MUe Greek, JEHc, N. Y Elleha P. Adams 

Four Mile Grove, Lee, HI.... — ......Robert HopUns 

Four MilePrairieyFattaaiit, TBxas;.....J. M. Hantem 

Four MUe Pralde^ Fayette, Ill...Loren9o D. Moxey 
Fourth Crossing,aitovei\u,Gal^.Alez. C. Bentshoof 

Fowler, St, Lawrence, N. Y Jabas Qlasier 

Fowler, TrumbuU, Ohio. Isaae A. Smitii 

Fowlers, Brooke, Ya ThoAas Baker 

Fowler's Greek, Pickens, S. O. Mcees Hendxkks 

Veerler'a Creek, Kmtomy Ky .Joel CM^man 




P<nrler'« Knob, Nicholas, Va Edvin C. Trent 

Powler'B Milld, 6eauffa,Ohlo ....Reuben Ilarrer 

FowlerRviHe, lAvingston. Mich Truman D. Fish 

Fowler^ville, CWwmWa, Pa Jacob Creasy 

Fowling Creek, OiroKnf, Md Samuel W. Collins 

Foxborough. Norfolk, Mass l>avid Ilersey 

Foxburgh, Ibrest, Pa. Charles J. Fox 

Fox Chape, Philaddphia, Pa Jaine$ M. Ramsey 

Fox Creek, St. Louis, Mo James Shields 

Foxcrofl, JPiseataguiSj Me Joj»eph D. Brown 

Fox LrtJike, Lake, III William II. Hall 

Fox Spring, Owrton, Tenn J. C. Sewell 

Foxvllle, Ihujuier, Va Charles P. Chilton 

Foxville, FVvdericky Md Sophia Ridenour 

Fragoletta, Marion, Ga James J. Mapp 

Framingham, Middlesex, Mass. John Clark 

Frampton, Clarion, Pn.js Amos W. Corbett 

Francisville, I*ulasln, la Alonzo Starr 

Francisco, Gibson, la John Perkins 

Francisco, Stokes, N. C J. W. Bitting 

FranciscoviUe, Jackson, Mich H. E. Francisco 

Francis Creek, Maniioowoc, Wis. G. W. Burnet 

Francis Mills, Ocean, N. J William Francis 

Francistown, HiUsborough, N. H Chas. F. Patch 

Franclsville, Oow/orrf, Ga Francis E. Bacon 

Franconia, Grafton, N. H Alvan Grimes 

Franconia, Putnam, OYAo Peter Myers 

Franconia, Montgomery, Pa Tobias S. R«iff 

Frankenlust, Saginaw, Mich John Schmitt 

Frankenrauth, Saginaw, Mich. ..George A. Rauzen- 

Frankford, Pike, Mo Daniel F. Stark 

Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa John Deal 

Frankford, Greenbrier, Va John A. Arbuckle 

Frankfort, (c. h.) Clinton, la B. B. Jeffries 

Franfort, (c. h.) Franklin, 111 Milton S. Clark 

Frankfort, (c. h.) Franklin, Ky. .. Benjamin F. John- 

Frankfort, Waldo, Me George R. Sullivan 

Frankfort, Herkimer, N. Y Absalom HotjUing 

Frankfort, Ross, Ohio John Ferrel 

Frankfort, Hampshire, Va L. F. Moore 

Frankfort, jFVan/. Kn, Ala John B. Hamilton 

Frankfort Hill. Herkimer, N. Y E. Wetmore, jr 

Frankfort Mills, Waldo, Me Dodge N. Ewell 

Frankfort Springs, Beaver, Pa.. .William R. Foster 

Franklin, Henry, Ala John B. Appling 

Franklin, (c. h.) Heard, Ga Charles W. Mabry 

Franklin, (c. h.) JbAnwn, la James H. McClellan 

Franklin, Morgan, 111 Harry Reinbach 

Franklin, (c. h.) Simpson, Ky Thomas S. Mahin 

Franklin, (c. h.) St. Mary's, La. E. Howie 

Franklin, Hancock, Me ". David Springer, jr. 

Franklin, Holmes, Bliss William H. Drennan 

Franklin, OoA Zand, Mich B. D.Worthing 

Franklin, (c. h.^ Howard, Mo J. W. Chilton 

Franklin, Norfolk, Mass Smith Fisher 

Franklin, Macon, N. C J. R. Siler 

Franklin, Merrimack, N. II David Gilchrist 

Franklin, Delaware, N. Y William Waters 

f Franklin, Essex^'S.J Sebastian Duncan 

Franklin, Milwaukie, Wis Michael J. Egan 

Franklin, Warren, Ohio John E. Kinder 

Franklin, (c. h.) Venango, Pa Adam Webber 

Franklin, (c. h.) Williamson, Tenn...L. C. Waggoner 

Franklin, (c. h.) PendUton, Va. William Hammen 

Franklin, Franklin, Vt Harlow M.Cheney 

Franklin, FuUon, Ark -. Levi Bowling 

Franklin, Decatur, Iowa ^ Elijah B. Hale 

Franklin, Lane, Or Enos Elmaker 

Franklin Centre, Lee, Iowa — ...Augustus Ehlnger 

Franklin City, iVbr/bifc, Mass David Dean 

Franklin College, Davidson, Tenn T. Fanning 

Franklin Corners, Erie, Pa Ivory Hawkins 

Franklindale, Bradford,pA Lemael T. Royse 

Franklin Depot, SotOhampton, Va.....Alexander W. 
Norfleot ' 

Franklin Falls, FrankUn, N. Y George Tremble 

Franklin Furnace, Sciolo, Ohio John F. Gould 

Franklin Furnace Sussex, N. J John H. Brown 

Franklin Grove, Lee, 111 A. R. Whitney 

Franklin Mills, Portage, Ohio T. D. Griggs 

Franklin Springs, Franklin, Ga R. W. Royston 

Franklin Square, ColumbiantL, Ohio.Q. M. Chandler 

franklinton, WatMngton, Ls JDavid Magee 


Franklinton, Henry. Ky Francis Gross 

Franklinton, Franklin, N. C A. D. Ellis ' 

Franklinton, 5!cAoAart«, N. Y John Russell 

Franklintown, York, Pa Henry Ritter 

Franklinville, Oirrdll, Md James II. Steele 

Frankllnville, Ifandolph, N. C WilU«rt Mills 

Franklinville, G?<wce«Z«e>', N. J S«nuel Porch » 

Franklinville, Cattaraugus, N.Y...... ■David McCluor 

Franklinville, ColumMa, Pa ^..0%orge Shlck 

Frank Pierce, Johnson, Iowa ^..WjHi^rfTH. Fry 

Frankstown, Blair, Pa IVjfetthew ^gfittiison 

Frankton, Madison, Ind , J^icdb ^lol^ ' 

Franktown, Northampton, Va Tliomas iJ, Filler 

Frankville, AUeghany, Md I.Janies H. Thoma* 

Frankville, WinneshieJe, Iowa ^.Tho^. BcH 

Fransonia, i?tcAtowd, 111 Eli S. lUnKS 

Frazer, Chester, Pa Andrew Bear 

Frazeysburgh, Muskingum, Ohio Richard Griffee 

Frazier's Bottom, Putnam, Va Robert M. Hall 

Frease's Store, /Storfc, Ohio. Abraham Bunl 

Frederica, Kent, Del William M. Tlramona 

Frederica, Glynn,Qi% James W.Armstrong 

Frederica, (c. h.) Frederick, Md J. J. Smith 

Frederick, Mahoning, Ohio Newton J. Price 

Frederick, Montgomery, Pa Abraham Fryer 

Fredericksburgh, Washington, la John Cromer 

Fredericksburgh, Osage, Mo William C. Reehm 

Fredericksburgh, iraync, Ohio... William J. Stafford 

Fredericksburgh, Ldmnon, Pa John Paine 

Fredericksburgh, Gillespie, Texas T. C. Doss 

Fredericksburg, Spattzylvania, Va R. T. Thorn 

Frederickshall, Louisa, Va Frederick A. Keeper 

Fredericksville, Scfmyler, III Samuel P. Vail 

Fredericks ville, Bcrks,V9. David Frederick 

Fredericktown, Wlishington, Ky... Samuel 0. Fowler 
Fredericktown, (c. h.) Madison, Mo... Alex. C. Lewin 

Fredericktown, Knox, Ohio L. S. McCoy 

Fredericktown, Washington, Pa Israel Dalbey 

Fredon, Susse^ffi.J Isaac V. Courson 

Fredonla, Chambers, Ala James L. Robinson 

Fredonia, (c. h.) Crawford, la Elias O'Bannon 

Fredonia, OaMweU, Ky Hiram M. Withersiwon 

Fredonia, Washtenaw,ilich....John F. Schnoeberger 

Fredonia, /JMsfc. Texas S. F. Walker 

Fredonia, Chautauqve, N. Y Lorenzo Morris 

Fredonia, Ozaukee, Wis Charles G. Meyer * 

Fredonia, Licking, Ohio Thomas B. Peafe 

Fredonia, WiUiamson, 111 Philip J. Russell 

Fredonia, Montgomery, Tenn John H. Adkins 

Fredonia, Pontotoc, Miss A. J. Jones 

Fredonia Mills, Campbell, Va... Thomas C. Coleman 

Free Bridge, Gordon, Ga Enoch Humphreys 

Freeburgh, Union, Pa Edward Bassler 

Freeburg, Stark, Ohio Edward Marsh 

Freedom, Owen, la Isaac Mark Darnell 

Freedom, Carroll, Md Jemima Wadlow 

Freedom, La Fayette, Mo Jacob Wei bom 

Freedom, H^Wo, Me Levi F. Watts 

Freedom, OarroU, N. H Alvah M. Davis 

Freedom, Cattaraugus, N. Y Enoch Howlet 

Freedom, Porto^e, Ohio Orsamus L.Drake 

Freedom, Outagamie, "Wis John Brady 

Freedom, Beaver, Pa John Graham 

Freedom, Zki ScUle,Ul ....Norman Smith 

Freedom, Harrison,Tex Charles B. Dickard 

Freedom, Wayne, Iowa William Camp 

Freedom Plains, Dutchess, "if. Y S. Mandeville 

Freehold, (c. h.) M<mmxmLh, N. J Wm. V. Ward 

Freehold, Warren, Pa Alinos 3Iatthews 

Freel, Polk, Iowa Matthew Cowley 

Freeland, Baltimore, Md James L. Gemmill 

Freeland, Lucas, Iowa James T. Plymate 

Freelands, Muskingum, Ohio Morgan Morgan 

Freeman, Franklin, Me Marshall H. Whitney 

Freeman, Floyd, Iowa John Blunt 

Freemansburgh, Northampton, Pa.. .Geo. Bacbman 
Freeman's Landing, Hancock, Va... James H. Gibson 

Freeman's Mills, Mason, Mich Charles Freeman 

Freemansville, Cherokee, Ga... Joseph W. Johnston 

Freeman ton, Effinghaem, 111 John C. Defebaugh 

Freeo, Washita, Ark James Thompson 

Freeport, Shelby, Ja Alexander Cory 

Ffreeport, (c.h.) Stephenson, lU.Francis W. S. Brawley 

Freeport, Cumberland, Me Samuel Thing 

Freeport, JEFarrutm, Ohio Joseph Allen 




Frveport, Jmutrong, Pti. Hugh J>. Qallagher 

Treeport, Woodj Va Samuel Waick 

Freeport, Queens, N. Y Willet Charlich 

Freeport, Winnesheikf low& Durwin Knight 

Freeshade, Middlesex, Ya William G. Wortham 

Freetown, Bristol, Mass Joshua Shove 

Freetown, Jackson, la George Motsingor 

Freetown Corners, CorOandt, N. Y...Wm. W. Swet- 

Free Unioa, AXbemarlt, Ya James L. Eagon 

Frelsburgh, Colorado, Texas Charles Jordt 

Frolstadt, 02aukee, Wis Henry Eilers 

Frex]ft)nt, <SX«u^>en, la. John Russel 

Fremont, Obion, Teno Charles H. White 

Fremont, Mahaska, Iowa. John Q. White 

'Bcemont,Sandtuk'y,Oh\o Lucius Caul 

Fremont, Itawamba, Miss George W. Williams 

Fremont, (c. h.) Ckdar, Mo Jabez B. Noe 

Fremont, Shiwassee, Mich Alonzo Howard 

Fremont, Brown, Wis Ira Sumner 

Fremont, Sullivan, N. Y Carlos P. Holcomb 

Fremont, ilzwg'Mier, Ya Henrj Williams 

Fremont Centre, SuUivany N. Y Simeon D. Wood 

Fremont Centre, Lake, 111.. ...Isaac H. Smith 

French Broad, Buncombe, N. C J. S. Burnett 

French Camp, San Joaquim, Cal...Robert W. Noble 

French Camps, Choctaw, Miss R.J.Irving 

French Creek, AUamakee, Iowa William Brooks 

French Creek, Knox, 111 E. A. Ellsworth 

French Creek, Chautauque, N. Y.William U. Jones 

French Creek, Mercer, Pa Francis Dunn 

French Creek, Upshur, Ya Lorenzo Bunten 

French Creek Church, Bladen, N. C...D. A. McMillan 

French Grove, Bureau, 111 Shaler Bralnard 

French Island, Spencer, la James Eskridge 

French Lick, Orange, la William A. Bowles 

French Mountain, IVarren, N. Y. George Brown 

French's Mills, Bradford, Pa John Brownell 

Frenchton, Upshur, Va. Joseph Groves 

Frenchtown, Hunterdon, N J.Dewitt Clinton Hough 

Freuch Yillage, Si. Clair, 111 Michael Mash 

FrenchvlUe, Clearfield, Pa. Francis Coudriet 

Fresh Pond, Suffolk, N. Y Albtrt G. Mulford 

Frewsburgh, Chautaugue, N. Y Hueh A. Frew 

Freysbush, Montgomery, N. Y John I. Wendell 

Friar's Point, Coahoma, Miss Geo. W. James 

Friok's Gap, Walker, Ga William Simmons 

Friedensburgh, Schuj/UdU, Pa Charles Krecker 

Friedensville, Lehigh, Pa... Reuben Leichtenwalter 

Friendfield, Marion, S. C Moses W. Brown 

Friends, Chautauque, N. Y Nehemiah L. Finn 

Friends, Ashland, George Witwer 

Friendship, McDonough, 111 William Allison 

Friendship, Anne Arundel, Md Robt. S. D. Jones 

Friendship, Harlan, Ky ^.Thomas M. Harris 

Friendship, Lincoln, Me Nathaniel H. Cook 

Friendship, Guil/urd, N. C .John Hunt 

Friendship, ul^/€^any, N. Y Ira D. Hartshorn 

Friendship, Sumter, S. C Ellis R. Richburg 

Frienddhip, Franklin, Miss Milton Smith 

Friendship, Bj/er, Tenn John F. Sinclair 

Friendship, Scioto, Ohio Wm. Yeach 

Friendship, Butler, Ala Henry Terry 

Friendship, Harrison, Texas R. P. Taylor 

Friendship, Fairfax, Ya. AVlUiam Payne 

Friendsvilie, Wahash^W William R. Wilkinson 

Friendsville, Blount, Tenn David Morgan 

Friendsvilie, Susquehannah, Pa. Miles W. Bliss 

Frink's Grove, Buduman, Iowa Thomas Frinks 

Frisellburgh, Carroll, Md Edward S. Everhart 

Frontier, Clinton, N. Y Anson Hogel 

Front RoyaJ, (c. h.) Warren, Ya...Qideon W." Jones 

Frost, Pocahontas, Ya Francis Dever 

Frostburgh, Alleghany, Md Joseph Walsh 

Froaen Creek, Breathitt, Ky Benjamin F. Sewell 

Fruit Hill, Christian, Ky William D. Ferguson 

Fruit Hill, Clearfield, Pa Henry F. Schoening 

Fruit Hill, Edgefidd, S. C George J. Strother 

Fruit Hill, SliilJby, 111 Abraham Trout 

Fryburgh, CLariun, Pa. Paul Sterner 

Fryburgh, Auglaize, Ohio Andrew Gutmann 

Fryeburgh, Oxford, Me WUIiam H. Abbott 

Fryer's Bridge, FUce, AU .Nlmrod L. Hudson 

Fryer's Ridge, Conway, Ark £. F. Bearden 

Fryer's Poudbi, J?i«r/ce, Ga. .Martin Godbee 

Fulda, Spencer, la Nicholas Flshtf 

Fuller's Point, OHes, 111 Joseph KeU« 

Fullersville Iron Works, St. Lawrence, N. Y..Charles 
G. Edgerton 

FuUwood's Store, MeckUnburgh, N. J. S. Reid 

Fulton, (c. h.) Hempstead, Ark^ R. D. Walker 

Fulton, Whitesides, 111 Wilson S. Wright 

Fulton, (c. h.) Itawamba, Miss John W. Justios 

Fulton, Barry, Mich Andrew J. Bowiw 

Fulton, (c. h.) Callaxoay, Mo Robert Read 

Fulton, Davie, N. Wniiam R. Sharpe 

Fulton, Ogwego, N. Y Albert Taylor 

Fulton, Hamilton, Ohio Joseph A. Reeder 

Fulton, WestTnordand, Pa. Robert Thompsoa 

Fulton, Dallas, Ala Peyton P. Daniel 

Fulton, Sumter, S.C Jacob Y. Welch 

Fulton, Lauderdale, Tenn Josiah M. Alexandv 

Fulton, Mock, Wis Orsin B. Messinger 

Fulton, Fulton, la Robert Aitken 

Fulton, Cobb, Ga .James A. Ragsdale 

Fulton, Jackson, Iowa. .....WUIiam Marden 

Fulton Centre, Fulton, Jll Lorenzo D. Ayres 

Fultodham, Schoharie, N. Y C. B. Best 

Fultonham, Muskingum, Ohio John W. Hermo 

Fulton House, Lancaster, Pa. ....Harvey SwiA 

Fultonville, Montgomery, N. Y William ShuIeF 

Funkstown, Washington, Md Oliver H. Snyder 

Funny Louis, CataJiuula, La. E. W. Yanoey 

Funstonville, 2/3/comtn,^,Pa.».....Brittain Magorgel 

Furnace, Erie, Ohio Parker Lewis 

Furnace, Berks, Pa. John C. Shearer 


GABRIEL'S CREEK, Madison, N.O James B. 


Gaddeysville, Bobeson, N. C James Gaddej 

Gaddistown, Union, Ga Newton K. WiMiains 

Gadfly, Barry, Mo Jonathan Bullack 

Gadsden, Cherokee, Ala John D. McMichael 

Gadsden, Richland, S. C Wm. B. Flowers 

Gage's l^ke. Lake, 111 Amos Wright 

Gage's Point, St. Francis, Ark Parley P. Hill 

Gahanna, Franklin, Ohio John T. Baughman 

Gainer's Store, Fike, Ala. Wm. N. Henderson 

Gaines, Orleans, N. Y John* HutchinaoD 

Gaines, Tioga, Pa William GriiBn 

Gaines, Genesee, Mich B. C. Covert 

Gainesboro', (c. h.) Jackson, Tenn R. C. Kiric- 


Gainesboro', Frederick,y& J. Y. Brown 

Gainesborough, Van Buren, Iowa Isaac Nixon 

Gaines' Centre, Kent, Mich Petor Yan Lev 

Gaines' Cross Roads, Bappahannock, Va. John 


Gaines' Landing, Chic(d,Axlsi William H. Gainec 

Gainestown, Clark, Ala.^ James M. Jac^uon 

Gainesville, Sumter, AI& Acmon Post 

Gainesville, (c. h.) Greene, Ark James F. Davies 

Gainesville, (c. h.) Halt, Ga Henry S. Campbell 

Gainesville, f^zncoc^', Miss Joseph A. Johnson 

Gainesville, Wyoming,.li.Y Wm. Bristol, jr^ 

Gainesville, Allen, Ky Charles C. Staik 

Gainesville, Pnnce Wm., Ya. A. J. Wickli* 

Gainsville, (c. h.) Cooke, Tex George Y.Bini 

Galatea, Harrison, Tex John G. Roberts 

Galena, Floyd, la Charles Frederick 

Galena, (c. h.) Jo Daviess, 111 Bernard Grs/ 

Galena, Delaware, Ohio «. Harlow Allen 

Galena, (c. h.) Stone, Mo John D. Shannon 

Gales, SuUivan, N. Y Catharine M. Burtis 

Galesburgh, Knox, 111 David Sanborn 

Galesburgh, Kalamazoo,. Mich Wm. A. Blako 

Gales Ferry, iVet(;Xondon,Oonn...R. W.Matthcwsoa 

Galosville, Washington, N. Y Samuel M. Burks 

Galesville, Douglass, Or George F. Hall 

Galeville Mills, Ulster, N. Y Jesse T. Oonkling 

Galigher, Guernsey, Ohio Alexander Cassel 

Galilee, Wayne, Pa. '. Philip P. Brigbanx 

Gallon, Crawford, Ohio Daniel RiUet 

Gallalier, Knox, Tenn Robert W. Hardin 

Gallatia, Saline, 111 Oacar F. Irvin 

Gallatia VaUey, Cortlandt, N. Y Elisha Woods 

Gallatin, FUrke, la Solomon B. Oarrigu 

GaUfttia, (c. h.) CbpioA, HiaB..«Ch*ries K. Swinn^ 




Qmllatln, (c. b.) DaviesSy Mo Robert P. Owings 

Oallatln, (c. h.) Sumner^ Tenn TbomaA Boyers* 

Oanatinyille, Columbia, N. Y John H. Miller 

<Hllaudet, Marum, Ind Jay Terrell 

Oallia Furnace, Gallia^ Ohlo...MorriBon A, Bentley 

OalUpoUs, (c h.) GaUta^ Ohio W. R. B. Stevens 

OfiHowaj, La SulU, III Francis Galloway 

CMlnpyille, SchoMrie, N. Y Lyman Baker 

Gaily Creek, Pope, Ark KIrkbride Potts 

Gait's Mills, Amherst, Va David T. Staple 

Oalttm, Pen^. Ill J. P. Burnell 

Galva, Henry, 111 George Farr 

Galyeston, (c. h.) GalvesUm, Texas John B, Root 

GalTeston, Pitoy^ranto, Va Robert B. Cole 

Galreston, Cb««, la.' Melvin B. Enowlton 

Galway, Saratoga, N. Y ^Tobn Whiteside 

Gambler, Knox, Ohio /. James Young 

Gambles, Alleghany, Pa James Torrence 

Game Point, Stafford, Va Abel S, Lewellyn 

Oandy'B Cove, Morgan, Ala Henry Tumey 

Ganges, Richland, Ohio Jacob C. Rupert 

Ganges, AUegan, Mich S. M. Thompson 

Gansevoort, Saratoga, N. Y Harlow Lawrence 

Gap, WalkerrKln, William Qravlee 

Gap, Lancagter, Pa Barnes Hopkins 

Gap Civil, Aihe, N. C Allen Gentry 

Gap Creek, Knox, Tenn DavidF.Dearmond 

Gap Creek, ^aA«,N. C William H. Gentry 

Gap Grove, Let, 111..'. William W. Tilton 

Gap Mills, Mfmroe, Va, ^^ Jacob Osborn 

Gap Springs, PoM:, Ark James H. Gilliam 

Garden, Athens, Ohio Daniel 8. Johnson 

Garden Grove, Decalur, Iowa OeroN. Kellogg 

Garden Plain, Whitesidi, 111 James A. Sweet 

Garden Prairie, Bnone, III Cyrus H. Avery 

Garden Valley, Stnith, Tex J. L. Davidson 

Garden Valley, Eldorado, Cal... Simeon L. Stewart 

Gardiner, Kennebeck, Me P. P. Theobald 

Gardiner City, Vinpqua,Or Madison Scobey 

Gardner, Worcester, Mass Levi Haywood 

Gardner, NobU, Ohio William McKee 

Gardner, Grundy, 111 Absalom Gleason 

Gardner's Bridge, Martin, N. C.Wm. J. Harrison 
Gardner's Lake, New London, Conn...£lia8 H. Beck- 

Gardnersville, Schoharie, N. Y...Robert 8. Conyne 

Gard's Point, Wabash, 111 Barton P. Baker 

Garland, Penobscot, Me Lorenzo Oak 

Garland, Warren,VA John McMaster 

Garlands, Albemarle, Va Nathaniel Garland 

Garlandville, Jasper, Miss W. A. Payne 

Garmon's Mills, Cabarras, N. C Isaac S. Linker 

Ckimaville, Clayton, Iowa Robert C. Drips 

Gamer's Ford, Cleveland, N. Henry Schenck 

Oametts Station, Harrison, Ky.Tandy Wisjlesworth 

Gamettsville, Mfad, Ky John C. Lawson 

Garoga, fnUon, N. Y Cbauncey Hutchinson 

Garrattsville, Otsego, N. Y John T. Mather 

Garrettsburgh, Christian, Ky Uillery £. Bacon 

Garrettsville, Portage, Ohio .Robert Lee 

Garrettsville, Lycoming, Pa Enos Garrett 

Garriott's Landing, TnmbU, Ky...WilliamGarrlott 

Garrisons, Putnam, N. Y John Garrison 

Garrisonville, Stafford, Va.'. James W. Stone 

Garrote, Tuolumne, Cal , Cage Tucker 

Garry Owen, Jackson, Iowa John M. Hayes 

Garysburgh, NortJiampton, N. C.Roderick B. Gary 

GarysviUe, Prince George. Va Charlotte P. Gary 

Gasconade Ferry, Gasconade, Mo Jacob Schlefer 

Gas Factory, Lincoln, Tenn Thomas W. Hayes 

Gasper Mills, Warren, Ky Henry Potter 

Gasport, JViajy^ra, N. Y Alfred Colwell 

Gasaett's Station, IVindsor, Vt......Wm. H. SpafFord 

Gaston, Sumter, Ala Joseph E. Westcott 

Gaston, Northampton, N. C J. W. Pngh 

Gaston, Fremont, Iowa Lester W. Piatt 

Gates, Monroe, N. Y Chaunoey Howelf 

^^KfiB, McDonald, Mo .Geo. W. Nutting 

Gate's Mills, Cuyahoga, Ohio Hiram Webster 

Gatesville, Gates, N. Shadrach W. Worrell 

GatesTille, (c. h.) Coryell, Tex James C. Newlon 

Gatewood, RipUit, Mo P. W. Smelsor 

Gaiiley Bridge, Ful■tU,^'\ James H. Miller 

Garers, Ckiumi/x'.n: Ohi ■ Samuel Ewlng 

Gf>>ete Qr«e'^i^ t Y Crson Howard 

Gay Hill, Washington, Tex Francis A. Thomson 

QMylesville, Cherokee, Ala John M. Hendrix 

Qayoso, (c. h.) Pemiscot, Mo George W. Charlton 

Gaysville, Windsor, Vt Rufus L. Fay 

Gebharts, Somerset, Pa Simon Vought 

Goddes, Onondago, N. Y Thomas Sammons 

Geesville, Pope, Ark Joseph Brown 

Geiger's Mills, Berks, Pa Isaac Geigor 

Genegantslet, Chenango, N. Y Alvin Gray 

General Wayne, MonJtgomtry, Pa David Young 

Genesee, Genesee, Mich Chauncey B. Herrick 

Genesee, WavJctsha, Wis George Hardy 

Genesee Fork, /Wter, Pa DwlghtGenung 

Genesee Grove, Wkitesides, 111 John Yager 

Geneseo, Henry, 111 Harry McArthur 

Geneseo, (c. h.) Livingston, N. Y W. E. Lauderdale 

Geneva, Cb/fee, Ala Henry A. Yonge 

Geneva, Ontario, N. Y Luther Kelly 

Geneva, Ashtabula, Ohio E. D.Kasson 

Geneva, Walworth, Wis Timothy C. Smith 

Geneva, Kane, 111 Alfred Herrington 

Geneva, Talbot, Ga Daniel H. Smith 

Geneva, Lenat06e,Mlch Wm. Towe 

Geneva Bay, Walworth,Wia Kiah Bailey 

Genoa, De Kalb, lU William H. Alica 

Genoa, Livingston, Mich Albert Tooley 

Genoa, Cayuga, N. Y Theodore N. Millei 

Genoa, Ottawa^, Ohio A. B. Rude* 

Genoa, Clark, At\s. Woodson Vaden 

Genoa Cross Roads, DelavKire, Ohio.. Vernon Franklin 

Gentry, (c.h.) Gentry, Mo John B. Hundley 

Gentryville, Spencer, la Frederick McKasson 

Gentryville, Gentry, Mo. Booker Smith 

Gentsvill^, Abbeville, S. C ...William Long 

Gcntsville, WaUon, Fla JohnGhent 

George's Creek, Massac, 111 Wm. I. Simpson 

George's Mills, Sullivan, N. H. Daniel George 

George's Store, LincUn, Tenn B. C. George 

Georgesville, Franklin, Ohio William Scott 

Georgetown, (c. h.) Williamson, Tex... Evan Williams 

Georgetown, Washington, Dis. Col :.H. W. Tilley 

Georgetown, (c. h.) Sussex, Del James A.Wolfe 

Georgetown, JRandolpk, Ga. Green B. Lewis 

Georgetown, (c. h.) Scott, Ky William McDaniel 

Georgetown, Floyd, la James Burger 

Georgetown, Vermillion, 111 Wm. II. Redmon 

Georgetown, Jackson, N. C Nathaniel G. Abrams 

Georgetown, Sagadahoc, Me Zacheus Trafton 

Georgetown, Copiah, Miss C.Traweck 

Georgetown, (c. h.) Ptttis, Mo B. F. Curmitt 

Georgetown, Essex, Mass Samuel Wilson 

Georgetown, Madison, N. Y A. H. Niles 

Georgetown, (c. h.) Broum, Ohio...James T. Morgan 

Georgetown, Beaver, Pa Charles Calhoun 

Georgetown, (c. h .) Georgetoum, 8. C.Wm. McNnlty 

QteoTgeUmn, Burlington, N. J Nathan W.Fraser 

Georgetown, La fhyetie. Wis M. T. Parkinson 

Georgetown, jPUir^d, Conn Lloyd Seeley 

Georgetown, Ottawa, Mich Stephen L. Lowing 

Georgetown, El Dorado, Cal Amos W. Stpwe 

Georgtown Cross BostdBfJCent, Md...T. E. Gooding 

Geoi^a, Franklin, Vt..* Samuel Fairbanks 

Georgiana, Sacramento, Cal John M. Sidwell 

Georgiaville, Providence, R I Henry C. Arnold 

Georgia, De Soto, Miss James G. Hamill 

Gerenton, CarroU, Miss , Richard Small 

German, Chenango, N. Y Alexander Ferris 

German, Darke, Ohio /....William Brown 

Germanna, Oran^'*, Va Edward Beal« 

Germano, Harrison, Ohio .....Andrew Lyncb 

German Settlement, Preston, Va... David Rideuoui 

Germansville, Lehigh, Pa David Rosi 

Germanton, (c. h.) Stokes, N. C... Reuben D. Golding 

Germantown, Marion, la John W. Oombi 

Germantown, Mason, Ky Anderson Doniphan 

Germantown, Columbia, N, Y Ellas MlUei 

Germantown, Montgomery, Ohio..William S. Zeller> 

Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa Jonathan Wol' 

Germantown, Shelby, Tenn William N. Mirgair 

Germantown, Clinton, 111 Francis Hankam| 

Germantown, Adams, Wi ....Erastus Hnbbar4 

German Valley, Morris, N. J Jacob M. Hagei 

Gerraanvlile, Edgefield, S. C Asa F. Langfcrd 

Germanrille, Jeffigrscn Iowa J(hn B. Bn>H 

Germany, Warren, Pa.. Mrs. Har:iet Boi a:t 




GerrardPtown, Berkeley^ Vr, Georgo W. Hoke 

Gerry, Chautav/fut^ N. Y Kdward Taylor 

Gettysburph, PtelU, Ohio Mary Ann Watt 

G«ttysbuiH:h. (c. h.) Adams, Pa—William Gillespie 

Ghent, OarnUL Ky Scott Tandy 

Ghent, Columhia, N. Y Philip W. Mull 

Ghentsvillo, i7enry,Ga Austin C. Miller 

Gholson, Noxubee, Mis? Simpson R. Stevenson 

Gholsonville, Brunswick, Va—Nicholas W. Kawlings 

Giard, Clayton, Iowa .......Isaac Mathews 

Gibb's Croaa Roads, Smith, Tenn Gilbert Gibbs 

Gibbville, Sheboygan, Wis George W. Arentsen 

Gibesonville, Hocling, Ohio John L. Williams 

Gibralter, Wayne, Mich Hiram Blakely 

Gibson, Susquefiannah, Pa Reuben Tuttle 

Gibson, R'.c, Ohio Ablshai Ruckman 

Gibson, Steuben, N. Y Butler S. Wolcott 

Gibsonyille, Livingston, N. Y Joseph Wilson 

Gibsonville, HusseU, Va A. P. Gibson 

Gibsonville, Sierra, Co.] Noble C.Cunningham 

Gibsonyille, Guilford, N. C J^erden A. Neese 

Gibson's Store, Richmond, N. C Noah Gibson 

Gibson's Wells, Gibson, Tenn Abner G. Lain 

Giddinga, Satik, Wis Ransom Smith 

Gidley's Station, Jackson, Mich..RanBom£. Aldrich 

Gilbert, McClennan, Texas .William Jackson 

Ollberisborough, Limestone, Ala Lewis Nelson 

GUbert's Mills, Oswego, N. Y Stephen Griffith 

Gllbertsvill*', M^mtgomery, Pa J. W. Hiliegass 

"Qilboa, Schoharie, N. Y .-. Harvey M. Bliss 

Gtlboa, F'lUnam,, Ohio J^ohn £. Creighton 

GilbOA) Louu<a, Ya Nelson Lipcomb 

Gilchrist's Bridge, Marion, S. C.~ D. GUchrist^ 

Gilder, Greenville^ S.C William L. M. Austin 

Gilead, Oxf<yrd, Me Benjamin G. Coffin 

Qilead, Tolland, Conn Miss Caroline Post 

Gilead, J/*:am,Ia William H. Wright 

Gilead, QiUwun, 111 Daniel T. Simpson 

Gilead, -Br(/7ic7t, Mich Emerson Marsh 

GUead, Wood, Ohio Seth C. McDonald. 

Gilead, Lewis, Mo /. William Odor 

Gillford, (c. h.) Belknap, N. H John C. Moulton 

Gilford Village, Belknap, N. H Meshac Sanborn 

^Gill, Fran'.Un, Ma-ss Josiah D. Canning 

Gilleland, Travis, Tex Stephen Boyce 

Gillespie, Macoupin, HI Thomas W. Chandler 

Gillespicville, Ross, Ohio William Day 

Gill Hall. Alleghany, Pa William Snee 

Oillions, Biker, Oa John Boutright 

GiUisonville, Beaufort, S.C John Moore 

Gill's Creek, Franklin, Va Booker P.Robertson 

Gill's Mills, Bath, Ky William Ragland 

dill's Store, Lincoln, Tenn William H. Bailey 

Gillsville, Hall,Qa. Charles R. Simmons 

Gilman, IlumiUf/n, N. Y Elias P. Gilman 

Gilmanton, Belknap, N. H Alfred Presoott 

GUmanton Iron Works, Belknap, N.H....George W. 

Gilmantown, Floyd, Iowa William Gilman 

Gilmer, Lake, III Joel B. Thomas 

Gilmer, (c. h.) Upshur, Tgxas David L.Neel 

Gilmer's Store, Guilford, N. C.Joseph W. Gilmer 

Gilmore, Tusrurawds, Ohio Philip Laning 

Gilopolis, Jit>beson, N.C Edmund Lilley 

Gilroy, Cooper, Mo Waid Howard, jr 

Gilroy, Santa Clara, Cal Lucien C. Everett 

Gilsum, Cheshire, N. H Ezra Webster 

Ginger llill, Wtisl)ington, Pa Robert Preston 

Ginseng, (c. h.) Wyoming, Ya^ Floyd McDonaJd 

Gin Town, Irwin, Ga Thomas J. Boynton 

Girard, Macoupin, 111 James Michaels 

Glrard, (c. h.) KusseM, Ala Samuel G. Beckwith 

Girard, Branch, Mich Joseph C. Corbus 

Girard, TrumluU^ Ohio WiUlam Johnson 

Girard, -Erie, Pa Monroe Hutchinson 

Girard, Burke, Ga Samuel H. Buxton 

GivensvlUe, Pontotoc, Miss .C. D. Waller 

Gladdon'd Grove, EhirJUJd, S. C...D. McCullough, jr 

Glade Creek, Asht, N. C Amlrew Carson 

Glade Hill, Franklin, Va William Pannill 

Glade Mills, Butler, Pa Thomas xMcLaughlin 

GUde Run, Armstrong, Pa William M. Findley 

Glades, Morgan, Tenn. Lotus Veney 

Gladosbonmgh, Carroll, Va John H. Hietsell 

Glade Spring, Harrisany Tex John L. Sberrod 

Glade Spring, Washington, Va A. S. Orr 

Glade's Cross Roads, Putnam, Ga... James McKen«it» 

Gladesvillo, Jasper, Geo Moses Chspiii 

Gladeville, Preston, Va Ashford Brown 

Gladeville, WZ»/»w,Tenn JohnM. Bland 

Glady Creek, fiarftowr, Va Jesse Phillips 

Glasco, Ulster,^. Y Henry D. Martin 

Glasgow, New Castle, Del Robert Gann 

Glasgow, (c. h.) Barren, Ky James R.^Barrick 

Glasgow, Scott, 111 Campbell Young 

Glasgow, Jefferson, Iowa GeArge Chapman 

Glasgow, Howard, Mo J. T. Marr 

Glasgow, Cb^um^ma, Ohio William B. Orr 

Glasgow, Thomas, Ga John A. Mcintosh 

Glassborough, Gloucester, N. J John S. Stangei- 

Glass Creek, Barry, Mich. ^...Chauncey H. Brewer 
Glassnevin, Bubuque, Iowa... Matthew McGollough 

Glass Village, Conway, Ark William R. Turner 

Glassy Mountain, Pickens, S. C J. G. Ferguson 

Olastenbury, Hartford, Conn Beigamin Taylor 

Glen, Montgomery, N. Y , Adam Smith 

Glenalta, Marion, Ga Daniel Majors 

Glenarvon, Fluvanna, Va Cornelius P. Snead 

Glen Brook. Hart, Ky John B. Cobb 

Glenburn, Psnobscot, Me Mary Merrill 

Glencoe, Gallatin, Ky Philip 0. Turpin 

Glencoe, Bolivar, Miss Dickinsou Bell 

Glencoe, Belmont, John Welsh 

Glen Cove, Queens. N. Y '.....Richard M. Bowne 

Glendale, Berkshire, BJass John H. Strox^ 

Glendale, Camden, N. ^ Epbraim Tomlinson 

Glendale, Hamilton, Simeon L. CIom 

Glen Easton, Marshall, Va William B. Simpson 

Glenflnlas, Jefferson, Mo Zebulon Pritchet 

Glengary, Berkley, Va John D. Barney 

Glenham, Dutchess, N. Y George W. Wescott 

Glenn Grove. Fayette, Ga James H. Edmonson 

Glen Hope, Clearfeid, Pa..... .William R. Dickinson 

Glenmore, Oneida, N. Y William W. Barber 

Glenmore, Buckingham, Va John C. Kt« 

Glenn, McKean, Pa Sarah Clendenon 

Glenns, Clark, Iowa Martin Hood 

Glenns, Gloucester, Va WilUam Masson 

Glenn's Falls, Warren, N. Y William Peck 

Glenn Springs, Spartanburghj S. C.Robt. A. Gates 

Glenn's Valley, Johnson, la .Franklin Hardin 

Glennville, Barbour, Ala Henry O. Screws 

Glennville, Schenectady, N. Y.Adam C. Van Patten 

Glen Riddle, Delatoare, Pa Samuel Riddle 

Glen Rock, York, Pa Emanuel Sheifer 

Glensdale, Leuns, N. Y .*,&herburn D. Mason 

Glenville, Fairfield, Conn Joshua L. Mosher 

Glenville, Gilmer, Va William £. Uerndon 

Glenville, Harford, Md James P. Reasin 

Glen Wild, Stdlivan. N. Y William P. Bowew» 

Glenwood, Erit, N. Y Stephen Hedges 

Glenwood, Susquthannah, Pa Edwin R. Grow 

Glenwood, Mils, Iowa O. N. Tyson 

Globe, CMweU, N. G Jesse Moore, jr 

Globe, Johnson, Mo John Oliphant 

Globe Creek, Marshall, Tenn Benj. P. McConnell 

Gloucester, Essex, Mass Gorham Par.<!one 

Gloucester C. H., Gloucester, Va.Thos. B. Taliaferro 
Gloucester City, Camden, N. J.. William C. Mulford 

Glover, Orleans, Vt Isaac B. Smith 

Glover's Gap, Marion, Va David VTarrick 

Olotersrille, Fultov. N. Y ISHao Conibe:» 

Glymont. Charles, lltld Thomas N. Uuttingp 

Glymphville, Newberry, S. C John Glympb 

Gnadenhutten, Tuscarawas, Ohio...GustaYU8 Fy>x 

Godfry, Madison, 111 limothy Turner 

Godwinville, Bergen, N. J John B. Wortendyke 

Goff's Mills, Steuben, N. Y Henry H. Bouton 

Gofetown, HUsborough, N. H PhUo H. Patte« 

Gofifstown Centre, Hillsborough, N. H...E. R. Poor 

Gogginsville, Franklin, Va Lewis H. Turnbull 

Golansville, Caroline, Va William W. Dickinson 

Golconda, (c. h.) Pope, 111 Wm. A. Lo^th 

Gold Crei'k, Brown, la Jonathan Aurandt 

Golden Corners, Wayne, Samuel T. Brothers 

Golden Grove, Greenville, S. C.Chas. G. Garrrieon 

Golden llill, Dorchester, Md Moses L. Keen 

Golden Lake, Jefferson, Wis Adolph Scbeuhrr 

Golden Pond, Trigg, Ky Daniel ilora 

Golden'g Bridge, mxt Chester, N. Y...OriB P. FrOft 




Qolden'B Point, Hanoocky 111 Gidern Alkire 

Golden Springs, Anderton^ S. C...S. T. Richardson 
(^Iden Valley, Rutherford, N. C...Beitjamin Ham- 

(Jold Hill, Rowan, N. C Francis W. Scott 

Gold Hill, Buckingfiam, Va Wm.C. Word 

Gold HMlf Hopkins, Tex J. C. Marchbanks 

Goldin's Ridge, LawderdaJU, Tenn... James Gillespie 

Gold Region, Moore, N. C Bethuel Coffin 

Gold River, Jackson, Or Davis Evans 

Goldslwrongb, Wayne, N. C John Taylor 

Goldsboro, Poinsett, Ark Lemuel McGuire 

GoldBlKMrough, Barthdomew, la Henry Wljrgs 

Goldston, Chatham, N. C George W. Goldston 

(SoldTiiie, TtLOapoosa, Ala A. G. Beckhhm 

Goliad, (c. h.) Goliad, Tex Joseph M. Goffe 

Goliue, Dale, Al John MoNaughton 

Gomer, Allen., Ohio , William W. Williams 

Gonie, Strafford, N. H Charles S. Whitehouse 

Gonzales, (c. h.^ GomaleSf Tex John V. Law 

Goochland C. II., GoocKUmd, Va. John S. Swift 

Gooch's Mill, Cooper, Mo William D. Gooch 

Goode's Precinct, CUirk, Ky John Hughes 

Goodfteld, Meigs, Tenn Abraham Cox, jr 

^ood Ground, Suffolk, N. Y Hiram Fourniei: 

Good Hope, Milwavkie, Wis George Schmidt 

Good Hope, Cumberland, Pa...., Samuel Shaeffer 

Good Hope, WaUon, Ga cWm.II. Richardson 

Good Hope, Fayette,Ohio ILO.Coflfmac 

GJood Hope, Leake, Miss John G. Billingsley 

Goodings Grove, mw, 111 Samuel Blount 

Good Intent. Washington, Pa.... James Roney 

Ooodland, Knox, Mo William Baling 

Goodlettsville, Davidson, Tennt.. John H. Galbreath 
Goodman's Cross Roads, Harris, Ga.Wm.C. Johnston 

Goodrich, Genesee, Mich Shepherd Wheeler 

Good Spring, WiUiamson, Tenn James M. Reed 

Good Spring, Limestone, Ala Samuel Wickham 

Good Spring, Moore, N. C 0. A. Burgess 

Good Spur, OarreU., Va James L. Mitchell 

Goodville, Lancaster, Pa Martin E. Stauflfer 

Good Water, Ooosa, Ala William Adkina 

Good Water, Winn, La Adam Riser 

Goodwill, JFYanklin, Ga John Jaynes 

Goodwin's Mills, York, Me Silas M. Emerson 

Goodwynsville, Xh'nunfWtCjVa... Marvin R. Griswold 

Goodyear's Bar, Sierra, Cal Julius Meinhardt 

Goose Creek, Eif'fde, Va William Douglass 

Goose Creek, Smith, Tenn..... Joseph Johnson 

Gordo, Pickens, Ala Henderson Hicks 

Gordon, WUMnson, Ga Washington J. Solomon 

Gordon, Darke, Ohio John Layton 

Gordon's Springs, W&Mrer,Ga G. W.Gtordon 

Gordonsville, Smith, Tenn John Gordon 

Gk)rdonsville, Logan, Ky Aaron D. Kennedy 

Gordonsville, Orange, Va William H. Mann 

Gordonsville, Lancaster, Pa Joseph H. Black 

Gordonton, Person, N. C.Mrs. Elizabeth C. Gordon 

Qore, Hocking, Ohio C. B. Culver 

Goresville, Loudon, Va Cornelius W. Paxon 

Gorham, Cumberland, Me Samuel W. Lord 

Gorham, Coos, N. 11 John R. Hitchcock 

Gorham, Ontario, N. Y George B.Cook 

Gorham, Fulton, Ohio Amos Boyd 

Gorsuch'» Mills, Baltimore, Md Stephen Gorsuch 

Goshen, Montgomery, Md...Mrs. Henrietta D. Peugh 

Goshen, Cherokee, Ala Henry Fulenwider 

Goshen, Addison, Vt Charles R. Capon 

Goshon. Jj/f''! '">■!''. '^'jpn Norman Norton 

Croshen, Lincoln, Ua B. W. Moore 

Goshen, (c. h.) Elkhart, Ia..ElbridgeG. Chamberlain 

Goehen, Hampshire, Mass.. John L. Godfrey 

Goshen, Sullivan, N. H Eleazer C. Converse 

Goshen, (c h.) Orange, N. Y Charles T. Jackson 

Goshen, Clermont, Ohio Daniel Holmes 

Goshen, Oldham, Ky Samuel H. Moore 

Goshen, Cape May, N.J John W. Swain 

Goshen, Lincoln, Tenn Archibald McKee 

Goshen, Walker, Tex Charles J. Kerr 

Goshen, S^ory. Iowa Jeremiah Corey 

Goshen, Mercer, Mo Henry Neill 

Goshen Hill, Union, S. C Davi^ Gross 

Goshenville, Chester, Pa Saml. D. Hibberd 

Gosport, Clark, Ala Alfred Davis 

Gosport, Owen,lB. John R. Kerr 

Gosport, Marion, Iowa Samuel Payne 

Gott's Cross Roads, Sullivan, Tenn R. P. Qott 

Gouldsborough, Hancock,'Mi& Amos G. Guptill 

Gourdvine, Union, N. C Joseph E. W. Smith 

Gouverneurj St. Lawrence, N. Y Wm. II. Bowne 

Govanstown, Baltimore, Md Cornelius A.Kelley 

Governor's Bridge, Jnne Arundel, Md...S. Anderson 

Governor's Island, Macon, N. C Mark Coleman 

Gowanda, Cattarau^s, N. Y David N! Brown 

GowdeysvDlo, Union, 8. C Thomas J. Orr 

Gowensville, Greenville, S. C W. D. McMakin 

Gower's Ferry, Cfexfar, Iowa Robert Gower 

Graball, Itawamba, Miss G.-W. Williams 

Graceham, I^ederick, Md Simon Meredith 

Gradyville, Adair. Ky William F. Grady 

Grafensburgh, Adams, Pa David Goodyear 

Grafton, Jersey, III W. H. All^n 

Grafton, Worcester, Mass Hasket D. P. Bigelow 

Grafton, Grafton, N. H Horace Barney 

Grafton, Rensselaer, N. Y Potter Maxon 

Grafton^ Lorain, Ohio Stephen II. Bi-own 

Grafton, Windham,\t Fabius Bancroft 

Grafton, Monroe, Mich Josiah Littlefleld 

Grafton, OzauJcee, Wis Jonathan C. Downs 

Grafton, Oxford, Me Stephen S. Bean 

Grafton, Taylor, Va William Powell 

Grafton, Tdo, Cal A. Updegraff 

Grafton Centre, Grafton, N. H Isaac B. Martin 

Graham, Independence, Ark C. W, Waugh 

Graham, Nodaway, Mo Andrew Russell 

Graham, Jgjfer^on, la Charles K. Lard 

Graham, J wrmanc«, N. C Thomas J.Jones 

Graham's Forge, Pulaski, Va M. B. Tate 

Graham's Mills, SheUnfs Tex James M. Graham 

Graham's Turn Out, BamweU, S.C.Mary A. Tyler 

Grahamsville, Sullivan, N. Y Nathan C.Clark 

Grahamton, Clexurjleld, Pa James B. Graham 

Grahamville, ForA-, Pa Robert Graham 

Grahamville, Beaufort, S. C...... William P. Zealey 

Grampian Hills, Clearfield, Pa Jonathan Evans 

Granby, Essex, Vt Loomis Wells 

Granby, Hartford, Conn Edward C. Tallmadge 

Granby, Hampshire, Mass Henry H. Sterns 

Granby Centre, Oswego, N. Y Wm. F. Ensign 

Grand Blanc, Genesee, Mich Joshua K.Abbott 

Grand Bluff, Panola, Tex A. L. Vawter 

Grand Cane, De Soto, La John B. Gamble 

Grand Cane, Liberty, Texas, Hugh M. Farrier 

Grand Coteau, St. Landry, La S. J. Barry 

Grand Cote Prahrie, Perry. 111... John M. Woodside 

Grand Detour, Ogle, III....' E. W, Dutcher 

Grand Ecore, Natchiimhes, La Willis JexjkinB 

Grand Falls, Newton,Mo..i Peregrine B. Scott 

Grand Glaze, Jackson, Ark Joseph 0. Ewing 

Grand Gulf, Claibome, Miss. ...Jeremiah C. Griffing 
Grand Haven, Ottawa, Mioh...Ebenezer W. Barnes 

Grand Island, Erie, N. Y Daniel Morgan 

Grand Island, Colusi,G9l Thomas Eddy 

Grand Isle, GroTid Isle, Vt A. H. W. Jackson 

Grand Lake, Chicot, Ark Moritz Frank 

Grand Ledge, Eaton, Mich Samuel Chadwick 

Grand Marsh, Adams, Vfv Ralph Patrick 

Grand Meadow, Clayton, Iowa Linus Edson 

Grand Mound, Clinton, Iowa Solomon Barber 

Grand Mound, TAwrs^on, Wa8h.Leonard D. Duargin 

Grand Pier, Hardin, 111 Joel Hall 

Grand Prairie, Plaquemine, La...Goreham P. Ayer 

Grand Prairie, Kankakee, HI Job Williams 

Grand VrsiMe, Lane,OT JoriMtirtn Pinner 

Grand Prairie, Marquette, Wis....Lyman E. Thayer 

Grand Rapids, Kent, Mich Truman II. Lyon 

Grand Rapid s^cwtogre, Wis Eusebius Lavigne 

Grand River, Wayne, Iowa Harvey B. Duncan 

Grand River, Caldwell, Mo ., N. C. Woolsey 

Grand Saline, Cnerokee Nation, Xrk...Rob't D. Ross 

Grand Spring, Dane, Wi!< Jenkins W. Scoville 

Grand Tower, Jackson, 111 Bennington Boone 

Grand Traverse, Grand Traverse, Mich L. Miller 

Grand View, Edgar, 111 Thomas J. Langford 

Grand View, Louisa, Iowa Nathan M. Stone 

Grand View, Washington, Ohio Anthony Sheets 

Grand View. Boone, Mo Thomas S. Sneed 

Grand View, Spencer, la Jacob B. Livengood 

Grandville, Kent, Mich..... Horace O.Weston 

Granger, AUegany, N. Y Freeman Atwood 




Granger, Medina^ Ohio Royal N. Hickox 

Orangersville, Macorit Qa William Gilbert 

Grangerville, Saratoga, N. Y Calvin J. Reed 

Graniteville, Edgefidd, S. C B. C. Hard 

Grant, Grant, la William Hall 

Grantham. Sullivan, H. 13. John N. Brown 

6irantsborough, Oampbell, Tenn James it. Grant 

Qrantsburg, Orawford, la. Wm. G. Roberson 

Grant's Greek, Switzerland^ la Mrs. Sally North 

Grant's Hill. Gentry, Mo .Jaijaes K Cadle 

Grant's Lick, OampbtU, Ky John H. Gosney 

Grantsville, Alleghany, Md James Burt<m 

Grantsville, Q^eta, Ga William B. Smith 

Grantville, NorfoUc, Mass Alvin Fuller, 2d 

Granville, Delaware, la. Jesse Brackin 

Granville, Wanhington, N. Y Marcellus Strong 

Granville, Licking, Ohio Darwin Humphreys 

Granville, Bradford, Pa Luman D. Taylor 

Granville, Jackson, Tenn White Myers 

Granville, Monongalia, Va Marmaduke Dent 

Granville, Addison^ Vt Elgah W. Allbee 

Granville, Putnam, 111 William A. Pennell 

Granville, Milwauldt, Wis Ellas Wambold 

Granville, Mahaska, Iowa Martin Poling 

Grape Grove, Greene, Ohio Andrew Fogg 

Grape Island, Pleasani,\(i James L. Bailey 

Grass Hills, Carroll, Ky Lewis Sanders 

Grass Lake, Jackson, Mich George C. Lord 

Grass Land, Harrison^ Va Andrew D. Coplin 

Grass Valley, iVe wada, Cal JSrastus Mathewson 

Grassy Cove, Bledsoe, Tenn ... .. Weatherston S. Greer 

Grassy Creek, Yancey, N. C Joseph M. Blalock 

Grassy Creek, Livingston, Mo.....Solomon R.Hooker 

Grassy Creek, Russell, Va Joab Wilson 

Grassy Knob, RuUierford, N. C Wm. Davenport 

Grassy Pond, Spartanburgh, S. C J. Q. Carpenter 

Grassy Pond, Jffferson,Ky Wm. Arnold 

Grassy Valley, Harrison, la George W. Wolf 

Gratiot, JUuskinghwn, Ohio Stephen B.Tucker 

Gratiot, La Fayette, Wis J. C. Frederick Rodolf 

Gratis, Preble, Ohio Abraham W. NefiF 

Gratitude, Sussex, N.J John Hunt,jr 

Grattan. Kent, Mich Edward S. Bellamy 

Gratz, i)auphin,V& Daniel Lehr 

Gratz, Owen, Ky Jesse Luter 

Gravel Hill, McNairy, Tenn Leroy M. Huggins 

' Gravel Hill, Buckingham, Va Beverly A. Brown 

Gravelly Hill, Bladen, N. C William W. Anders 

Gravelly Hill, YeU, Ark Lorenzo R. Frle 

Gravelly Spring, Lauderdale, Aldk E.G. Chandler 

Gravel Ridge, Bradley, Ark A. B. Coward 

Gravel Run, Washtenaw, Mich John A. Bently 

Gravel Spring. FredericJc, Va Daniel M. Hart 

Grave Run Mills, Baltimore, Md K. S. Morrison 

Graves, Hempstead, Ark Thomas Ferrell 

Graves, Caswell, N. C John D. Kesee 

Qravesend, Kings, N. Y Gilbert Hicks 

Graves' Mill, Madison, Va John H. Graves 

Gravesville, Herkim^, N. Y Henry Bills 

Gray, Cumberland, Me Daniel Hall 

Gray Hawk, Owsley, Ky John Farmer 

Gray Rock, TUus, Tex B. L. Blake 

Graysburg, Grtxne, Tenn Nathan Morelock 

Gray's Creek, Cumberland, N. C... Robert B. Simpson 

Gray's Creek, Monroe, Iowa Robert Kirkwood 

Gray's Flat, Marion, Va Enoch Toothman 

r- . . J .:^ ;...., r „ u H. Gray 

UrAari*<:'ntlii. b,j ilUrirr, Kv....,....Benj. F. Crawford 

Urayaoa, Criiumim, Ark ,.,. William Rives 

Uruys^.C. iL, tfrtyntttn. V». James Waugh 

GP0.J&&T1 .^priU!)^. Gruysofi, Ky.Manoah P. Clarkson 
arajHon Stilpkur ^i^rlTifffl, (MrroUy Va.Beni. F. Frye 

tirayflfH>rr, VtiiUifjtuha, M^as. Henry M. Ringo 

Uray's VjUI*? y. Tinfjn, Fa ...■■■. James Gray 

Uraj&vlllp, Mmrtiit, Uhio...... Frederick A. Lamping 

OraysTillij, HfriHm^^ H, Y..„ William L. Gray 

GwjBvMk', lipid, Ky,,. A. G. Wilcox 

GrayBvltJ^, l^ujiiitigdonj Pa,,.. Wm. S. Curry, jr 

ari^T'iUn nftftf, JIL,.. Amzi A. White 

UtfiyflviUtj, M>*r^i}Ti, InL .„ Francis M. Gray 

Grimsy Cretrk^ Ftnyd^ V«„.,,. William Sluhher 

Qrtal Barriuistoo, Berkshire, Mas8...S. B. Sumner 

Or«at E«Dd, .fi*/ffr34^ii, N. V Samuel McNeill 

Great Bttiid, Meiffs, Ohio, *..*.... Nehemiah Buknell 
QrtsLt Bead, Susque/uinnah, l*a Joseph Du Boia 

Great Bridge, Norfolk, Va William Hambury 

Great Crossings, Scott, Ky Philip B. Hudson 

Great Falls, Strafford, N. II Harriet S. Russell 

Great Mills, St. Mary's, Md Henry Stainhie* 

Great Pond, .HizncocA:, Me Tobias Lord 

Great Valley, Cattaraugus, N. Y.. Andrews L. Norton 
Great Works, Penobscot, Me...Greenwood F. Barton 

Greece, Monroe, N. Y William Fall 

Greely's Grove, Buchanan, Iowa Allen M. Coy 

Green Bank, Burlington, N.J William Sooy 

Green Bank, Pocahontas, Va William L. Brovra 

Green Bay, Brown, Wis Edward Hicks 

Green Bay, Prince Edward, Y& Jacob Gregory- 
Green Bay, Lee, Iowa Francis M. Jolly 

Greenboro, Osv>ego,H.Y Henry Wright 

Green Bottom, Shelby, Tenn John Bond 

Green Bottom, Cabell, Va Tliomas E. Hannan 

Greenbrier, Northumberland, Pa Daniel Hein« 

Greenbrier Run, Doddridge, Va...Wm. F. Randolph 

Greenbush, Warren, 111 Lewis L. Ury 

Greenbush, Penobscot, Me Cyrus Spragu* 

Greenbush, Grant, la William Hay« 

Greenbush, Clinton, Mich M. Avery Chappell 

Greenbush, Scott, Miss Caleb W. Taylor 

Greenbush, ^«ri»se/a«r, N. Y James Hallenbeck 

dreenbush, Sheboygan, Wis Erastus Keach 

Greenbush, Preble, Ohio Levi ^Stubbt 

Green Camp, Marion, Ohio Thomas B. Berry 

Green Castle, (c. h.) Putnam, la... Henry W. Daniels 

Green Castle, Fairfield, Ohio Samuel AVeiser 

Green Castle, Franklin, Pa William McCrory 

Green Creek, OapeABiy, N. J James W.Johnson 

Green Cut, .Burfce, Ga James E. Palmer 

Green Dale, Marion,'i\l John W. Eblin 

Greene, Androscoggin, Me Nathaniel Harris 

Greene, Bollinger, Mo Oliver E. Snider 

Greene, Chenango, N.Y William D.Purpls 

Greene, Lancaster, Pa Fleming McSparro"W 

Greene, Wapello, Iowa Hiram Frederick 

Greene Corner, Androscoggin, Me Alfred Piero* 

Greeneville, (c. h.) Greene, Tenn William Boyos 

Greenfield, (c. h.) Hancock, la Joseph H. Conr 

Greenfield, Greene, 111 Ephraim M. Gilmor* 

Greenfield, (c. h.) Dade, Mo William K. Lathin* 

Greenfield, (c. h.) Franllin, Ma8S...D. N. Carpenter 

Greenfield, Poinsett, Ark Lemuel Tolland 

Greenfield, ^itt«&oro{^A,N. H Jacob Stephenson 

Greenfield, Highland, Ohio Charles AV. Buck 

Greenfield, Eru, Pa Lyman D. Geer 

Greenfield, Sullivan, Te James M. Crockett 

Greenfield, Nelson, Va Samuel A. Ferguson 

Greenfield, MUwauk-ie, Wis John Cooper 

Greenfield, VTster, N. Y Elias Newkirk 

Greenfield, Hancock, Me Samuel Wheeler 

Greenfield, Wayne, Mich William Button 

Greenfield, Beaufort, S. C Freelove Daniel 

Greenfield Centre. Saratoga. N. Y.George F. Johnson 

Greenfield Hill, Ihirjield, Conn Wm. Bradley, jr 

Greenfield Mills. Frederick, Md Meredith Davis 

Greenford, Mahoning, Ohio William Itoller 

Green Garden, Will, 111 Noah Johnson 

Green Grove, Conway, Ark John Murray 

Green Grove, Clinton, Ky James M. Bristow 

Green Grove, Lucerne, Pa Nelson Callender 

Green Hall, Owsley, Ky James D. Foster 

Green Haven, Dutchess, N. Y William C. Carl 

Green Hill, Chemung, N. Y Hiram Roushey 

Green Hill, JRuther/ard, N. C Wm. B. McEntirs 

Green Hill, Stewart, Ga Adam Carson 

Green Hill, Lauderdale, Ala John W. Lemaster 

Green Hill, Columbiana, Ohio Reuben Clemson 

Green Hill, Wilson, Tenn. ...William W. Masterson 

Green Hill, Campbell, Va John Pannill 

Green Hill, Delavmre, Iowa... Nathan B. Talmadgs 

Green Island, Albany, N. Y Austin ChUdS 

Green Lake, Marquette, Wis William H: Burling 

Greenland, Rockingham, N. H.... John G. Pickering 

Greenland, BamwM,-8. C Wyatt W. Tyler 

Greenland, Hardy,\& Samuel AV. Daris 

Greenland Depot, Rockingham, N. H James B. Rand 

Greenleaf, De Soto, Miss AViiliam K. Thw«att 

Green Level, Southampton, Va...Alpbeu8 W. Coker 

Green Level, Wake, N.C Thomas L. Johnson 

Green Meadow, Jackson, Ohio .TLomas W. Leach 

Green Mount, Adams, Pa. John Weikert 




Qreen Mount, Rodkinghaan, ya..»...Samael Barley 

Qteen Oak, FtMony la Samuul Gnrriithers 

Oreen Oak, Livxnffstofiy Mich George W. OropRey 

Qreen Plains, NorthampUmy N. C B.Moore 

Qreen Plains, iSK. Francis, Ark Leander Pursell 

Qreen Point, KingSy N. Y Isaac K. Snell 

areenport, Sufolfr, N. Y William J. Wheeler 

Qreee Kidge, PdtiSyMo Hawkins Barnes 

Green Ridge, KnoXf 111 Asa Greenwood 

Qreen River, Henry. Ill J. A. Sawyier 

Qreen River, Cblun^ria, N. Y Lewis B. Adsit 

Qreen River, Windham^ Vt William L. Billings 

Green River, Jlart, Ky. ...William H. L. Renfro 

Qreen River, Oreen RiveVy tJtah..Robert Alexander 
Green River, Hendersorif N. C....Meredith Freeman 

Greensboro, Cfreene, Ala Hermann Kohnen 

Greensboro, (c. h.) Gremty Qa Wm. L. Strain 

Greensboro, Henryy la James W. Crowley 

Greensboro, CteroKne, Md William N. Glenn 

Qreensborough, (c. h.) Ghoctawy Miss... J. Singleton 

Greensboro, OuU/ordy N. C Branson G. Graham 

Greensboro, (c. h.) OreeTie, Pa...»WiIliam Bonghner 

Greensboro, OrleanSy Vt Thomas Ayers 

Greensboro, Greene, Avk Alexander M. Davis 

Greensbnrgh, (c. h.) Decatur, la... John M. Watson 

Greensburgh, (c. h.) Greene, Ky James B. Moore 

Greenfiburgh, Mercer, N. J..'. Joseph V. Palas 

Qreensbargh, (c. h.) St. Helena, La..H. R. Strickland 

Greensburgh, Pregton, Va Francis Hawger 

Greensburgh, TrumbuU, Ohio .George P. Curtis 

Greensburgh, (c h.) Westmoreland, Pa John 

Greensburgh Crosff Roads, Sandusky, Ohio... James 

Green's Creek, Caidhotda, La Moses Collins 

Greenes Fork, Wayne, la Thomas M. Kerr 

Qreen Shoal, Logan, Va Barbus C. Toney 

Green's Landing. Hancock, Me Stephen Wells 

Greensport^ St. Clat'r, Ala James M. Denson 

Qreen Spring, Seneca, Oliio Robert Smith 

Green Spring Run, Hampakirey Va John Dally 

Green Spring Furnace, Waghingion, Md B. F. 


Green Springs, TtMumne, Cal James D. Tabor 

Green's Store, McMinn, Tenn... Jasper N. Stephens 

Qreenton, La Fayette, Mo E. Buchanan 

Green Top, Schuyler, Mo William M. Lansdale 

Greentown, Stark, Ohio Abraham Carpenter 

Greentown, Howard, la Isaac B. Van Ki^k 

Greentown, CurrUvck, N. C Benjamin N. Bray 

Qreen Tree, AUeghany, Pa David Frew 

Green Tree, Whit", Tenn. ../... Zachariah Anderson 

Greenup, Oamherland, III Reuben Bloomfield 

Greenup, (C. ll^ Greenup, Ky Joseph Pollock 

Qreenvale, Jo Daviess, 111 David Clay 

Greenvale, Jefferson, Tenn Isaac Alderson 

Qreen Valley, Bath, Va. .....James Howell 

(Jreen Village, Franklin, Pa John P. Wallace 

Greenville, (c. h.) Butler, Ala.. . Alexander M'Kellar 
Greenville, (c h.) Merriwether, Ga...John Robinson 

Greenville, (c. h.) Floyd, Ta Cyrus Bradford 

Greenville, (c. h.) Bond, 111 Samuel IT. Crocker 

Greenville, (c. h.) MvMenburgh, Ky...F. B. Hancock 

Greenville, (c. h.) WayrUylAo Jeremiah Spencer 

Greenville, PiscatanuiSy'Vle Charles W.Gower 

Greenville, (c. h.) FLU, N. C Da^d Lawrence 

Greenville, (c. h.) Hunt, Texas William C. Reno 

Greenville, Greene, N. Y Bradley S. McCabe 

Greenville, (c. h.) Darke, Ohio C. Sloan Smith 

Qreenville, Nets London, Conn C. C. Thompson 

Greenville, Providence^ R.I William Winsor 

GreenvilH (c. h.) GreenviUe, S. C Susan W. 


Greenville, Augusta, Va Henry Shulta 

Greenville, Montcalm, Mich John Green 

Greenville, (c. h.) Washington, Miss Jacob Fotb 

Greenville, 2>Mca», Iowa Xury E. West 

Greenville, Outagamie, Wis Burnett Mills 

Greenville, Washington, Ark Jeremiah Brewster 

Green well Springs, E. Baton Rouge, La... Robert S. 

/Greenwich, Fiirfidd, Conn Samuel Close 

Greenwich, Hampshire, Maw* James Hanks 

Greenwich, Cumberland, N.J Edwin Eastlack 

Greenwich, Washington, N. Y WiiUam C.Allen 

Greenwich Station, Huron, Ohio...Hiram Townfend 

Greenwich yUlnge,' Hampshire, Maj^s Ira Ilaf^kell 

Greenwood, Johnson, la Robert Vanhorn 

Greenwood, Marmiette, Wis Simon C. Dow 

Greenwood, Caddo, La Asa H. Rhodes 

Greenwood, De Kalb, Ala Jeptha Edwards 

Greenwood, Oxford, Me George W. Patch 

Greenwood, Doddridge, Va j..... Charles G. Ogden 

Greenwood, Carroll, Miss Jesse C.Wood 

Greenwood, M'Henry, HI James Simmons 

Greenwood, filtewften, N.Y John Davis 

Greenwood, Ooluminay Penn !..Jo.ceph Heacock 

Greenwood, Jackson, Fla John W. Whitehurst 

Greenwood, Abbeville, 8. C Felix G. Parks 

Greenwood, (c. h.) S^astian, Ark... Jumes Johnston 

Greenwood, El Dorado, Cal Samuel B. Jaques 

Greenwood Depot, Albemarle, Va James Bruee 

Greenwood Furnace, Huniingdon,VBk John A. 

Greenwood Valley, Wayne, Mo Leeandrew 

McFadden • 

Greenwood Works, Orawje, N. Y Harvey Shove 

Greersville, Knox, Ohio Robert Greer 

Gregory's Mill, CranwMejN. C... Thomas J. Gregory 

Greig, Lewis, N. Y Wlnslow P. Burhaua 

Greigsville, Livingston, N. Y Frederick A. Gray 

Grenada, Yatabusha, Miss William M. Hawkins 

Greshville, Berks, Fa Jesse Bechtel 

Grey Rock, Harford, Md ..Joseph Ross 

Greysvillo. Sullivan, Ta Samuel S. Brewer 

Griffle's Mill, Scatt, Ky George Griffie 

Griffin, Pike, 6a M. .\. Bowdoin 

Grifflnsburgh, Culpeper, Va John Conner 

Griffin's Corners, Delaware, N. Y... John A. Person 

Griffin's Mills, Erie, N. Y Benajah Stockwell 

Griffin's Mills, Lowndes, Qa Mitchell Griffin 

Griggstown, Somerset, N. J Jaques Cortelyon 

Grigg8ville,PiA«,Hl.. Jacob Parsons 

Grimesvllle, Grimes,T&x Jonas Johnstou 

Grimville, Bn^lcs, Pa Daniel B. Grim 

Grindstone, McD.moug?i, lll...Eliphalet P. Munson 
Grindstone Point, De Kalb, Mo...Jamea M. Wilson 

Griswold, New London, Conn ICIlsha S. Bill 

Griswold, Hamilton, III Gilbert Griswold 

Grlowold'i 31ill8, Washington, N. Y Charles M. 


Griswoldsville, Jones, Qa Samuel Griswold 

GroflTs Store, Lancaster, Pa Samuel Groff,jr 

Grogansville, Rockingham, N. C.John P. Grogan 

Gross Tete, IbervPU, La J. L. Orillion 

Groom's Comers, Sarat/}ga, N. Y John Palmer 

Qrooverville, Thomas, Ga Joshua S. Groover 

Groton, New London, Conn Simon Huntington 

Qroton, Middlesex, Mass Theodore Andrnss 

Groton, Grafton, N. H « John A. Davis 

Groton, TompJdns, N. Y...; Martin S. Delano 

Groton, iTwron, Ohio John P. Dey« 

Qroton, Oiledonia, Vt John Buchanan 

Groton City, Tompkins, N. Y Lyman Warfield 

Grouse, /fane. Ill Newel W..Thomp8on 

Grout's Corners, Franklin, Mass Martin Grout 

Grove, Chatham, N. C T. Boling 

Grove, Allegany, N. Y.-. William Jones 

Grove, Elbert,Q& James *A. Ramsey 

Grove, Taylor, Iowa Andrew Viunedge 

Grove, Walworth, Wis R. S. Hendris 

Grove City, Franklin, William F. Breck 

drove Creek, Delaware, Iowa. Nathaniel Ingram 

Grove Farm, Henderson, III Andrew McDougall 

Grove Hill, Clark, Ala Henly W. Coate 

Grove Hill, Warren, N. C WilUam M. Powell 

Grove Hill, Page, Va William C. Kite 

Grove Hill, Jadtson, La .'Nathan Mtxon 

Groveland, Tazewell, III Lucius Stockwell 

Groveland, Essex, Mass Nathaniel H. Griffith 

Groveland, Livingston, N. Y Addi Arner 

Groveland, FnUon, Ohio Benjamin Eddy 

Groveland, TTrnwcioflro, Wis William H.Scott 

Groveland, Putnam, Ind.... Daniel T. Summers 

Groveland, Oakland, Mich John Mason 

Groveland Centre, Livingston, N. Y E. P. Fuller 

Grove Level, Franldin, Ga James E. Simmons 

Grove Mount, Z>j/er, Tenn Richard Henderson 

Grovenor's Comers. Schoharie, N. Y... J. McCulloch 
Grove Port, FrankUny Ohio Samuel Sliaip 




Groves, Fush, la W. A Bush 

Oroveton, Prince TfTlliam, Va....John T. Leachman 

Groveton, Choit, N. II William K. llichey 

Groveville, Mercer, N. J Joseph Walton 

Gnibb's Mil's, Putnam, Ia....Collingwood C. Grubb 

Grubville, Jefferson, Mo E./F. Frost 

Grundy, Piclasliy Ky Eli S. Salger 

Guest Station, Russell, Ta Daniel S. Iloge 

Guilderland, Albany, N. Y Henry Sloan 

Ouildprlaud Centre, Jlbany, ^.Y^Abm. V.Mynderse 

Guildhall, (c. h.) Essex, Vt John Dodge 

Guilford, New Uarcn, Conn Franklin C. Phelps 

Guilford, Piscataquis, Me Henry Hudson 

Guilford, Chenango, N. Y Nathan W. Cady 

Guilford, Medina, Ohio Joseph Ross 

Guilford, Windham, Vt Elmer Mason 

GuMford, Dearborn, Ta Robert Chidester 

Guilford, Accomac\; Ga Thomas R. Fletcher 

Guilford, Jo Daincss, 111 Ebenezer Baldwin 

Guildft)rd Centre, Chenan{jOj N. Y...G. F. Humphrey 

Guilfof 1 Centre, Windham^ Vt Samuel L. Sibley 

Guineys, Girolim, Va Wm. F. Catlett 

Guionsville, Dearborn, la Joshua Wilson 

Gulf Mills, Montgomery. Pa Daniel Kenzie 

Gulf Prairie, Brazoria, Tex Horace Shattuck 

Gully, Darlington, S. C Robert N. Hicks 

Gulley's Store, Johnson, ?\.C James H. Bryan 

Oumborough, Sussex, Del John D. Littleton 

Gum Creek, Dooly, Ga John F. Lewis 

Gum Grove, Union, Ky John Dyer 

Gum Hill, Tipton, Tenn John Sharp 

Gum Pond, Baler, Ga Wra. B. Crawford 

Gum Spring, Louisa, Va Micajah Parrish 

Gum Spring, Smith, Tex Drury S. Nance 

Gnm Spring, Xrwtrm, Miss Alson Red 

Gum Swamp, Marion, S. C Henry Berry 

Gum Swamp, Pidasli, Ga Chester Brown 

Gum Tree, Chester, Pa ....Robert Fairlamb 

Gun Lake, Barry, Mich Nathan Barlow 

Gun Marsh, AV^gan, Mich Joshua R. Golilsmith 

Guntersville, Marshall. Ala John M. Scott 

Gurleyville, ToUand, Conn David 0. Conant 

Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio S. H. St. John 

Gustavus, Greene, Tenn James W. Jackson 

GustiQ, Adams,Ohio Jonathan McMillen 

Gnthriesville, Chester, Pa Alexander Rigg 

Guthriesville, York, S. C Francis A. Erwin 

Guttenburgh, Clayton, Iowa -John P. Kriebs 

Guyandotto, OabeU, Va Henry H. Miller 

Guy's Mills, Crawford, Pa Andrew Radle 

Guysville, Athens, Ohio Abraham Parrill 

Guyton, Effingham^ Ga Thomas P. Elkins 

Gwynedd, Mmtgotnery, Pa Charles G. Jenkins 

Gypsum, Ontario, N. Y Marcus Persons 


HABOLOCHTTTO, HancocJr, Miss L. Kimball 

Hackborry, Boane,Tei\n Joseph Anderson 

Hackcn«;ick, (c. h.) Bergen, N. J...Steven T. Vander- 

Hacker's Creek, I^wis, Va Robert Coyner,jr 

Hackersville, Barbour, Va Ab'm M. Tolbort 

Hackettstown, Warren, N. J George W. Johnson 

Hackney's Cross Road.^, Chatham, N. C... J. Hackney 
Haddam. (c.h.) Jfirftflc^gjr, Conn. ..Samuel M. Kelsey 

Haddam Neck, Middlesex, Conn Samuel House 

Haddonfield, Camden, N. J... Adrian C. Paul 

Hadrlrclls, Charleston, S. C... Henry S. Tow 

Haden?, Madison, Ala. John T. Iladen 

Hadensville, Todd, Ky Burnley D. Smith 

Hadensville, Goochland, Va ..Robert B. Uaden 

Hadley, L'lpecr, Mich Chauncey S. Rendall 

Hadlay, Will, HI John Pratt 

Hadl(»y, Hampshire, Miiss Edward Stobbins 

Hadley, Saratoga, N. Y George Kenyon 

Hadley's Mills, Chatham, N. C H. Henderson 

Ba.d\yme., yew London, Conn John F. Wells 

Hadnots, Carteret, N. C Elijah S. Bell 

, Haerlom, mio YorJi, N. Y John S. Kenyon 

Hagjiman's Mills. Montgomery, N. Y H. Pawling 

Hajrcr's Grove, Shelby,'yio John Hager 

Hag.i ;>«7;;^ TKiyn/-, Ta George Debolt 

Hagc.-.s' ■ •.:, (c. h.) Washington, Md.Samucl Ridenour 
U. ^ '. jwn, PreUe, Ohio Joseph Brown 

Hagersville, Bucks, Pa ^ Samuel M. Yoder 

Hagley, OasSylW Samuel Craven 

Hague, Logan, Ky .....Mortimer C. Owena 

Hague, Wirren, N. Y Alvah Bavins 

Hague, Westm,oreland, Va. Wm. B. Chounlng 

Hahire, Lowndes, Ga Berry J. Folsom 

Hainesbnrgh, Warren, N. J Jacob M. Blair 

Ilainesport, Burlington, N. J. .,.,.. ..Barclay Haines 

Hivinesville, LaU, 111 Nathaniel Pitkin 

Ilaincsville, Clinton, Mo John R. King 

Ilainesville, Sussex, N. J i..Hiram C. Clark 

Hainesville, Berkeley, Va James Turner 

Halcottsville, Delaware, N. Y Jonathan H. Dean 

Halcyon Dale, Scriven, Ga Willis Young 

Hale, Shiawassee, Mich Ira Stimson 

Hale, Ogle, 111 Joshua White 

Hale, Hardin, Ohio Jonathan H. Sieg 

Hide's Corners, MUwaukie, Wis Wm. Hale 

Hale's Eddy, Delaware, N. Y Elias Greenman 

Hale's Ford, Franklin, Va Asa Holland 

Hale's Mills, Fbntress, Tenn J. D. Hale 

Haletown, Ifafes, Mo Thos. H. Austin 

Haleysburg, Lunehburg,Ya, George A. Lipsconab 

Half Acre, Marengo, Ala John P. McDufTee 

Half Day, Lake, 111 .'. Moses Hubbard 

Half Moon, Saratoga,N.Y Warren Rulison 

Half Moon, Centre, Pa Simon Sellers 

Half Way, Jiay, la Samuel J. Current 

Half Way, Pblk, Mo John Vanderford 

Half Way House, York, Va George W. Smith 

Half Way Prairie, Monroe, Iowa L. 0. Haskell 

Halifax, Plymouth, Mass Eliab Poole 

Halifax C. H., Halifax, N. C Fred. S. MjirshaU 

Halifax, Dawp/tin, Pa ."....William D. Waldron 

Halifax C. H., Halifax, Va James S. Easley 

Halifax, Panola, Miss John Bishop 

Halifax, W7ndham, Vt .Stephen Niles 

Halifax, Wilson, Tenn Wm. R. Rutland 

Halifax, Plolk,Tex Wm. McCormick 

Hall, 2kitt;r«nc«, Mo ..Abner P. Wilks 

Hall, York, Pa iMichael S. Bower 

Hall, i/br^an, la J. C. Brewer 

Hall, Appling, Ga Middleton Graham 

Ka.\\, Hopkins, Ky RoUand Gooch 

Hall, Franklin, 111 Jacob S. Clark 

Hallawoka, Chambers, Ala-.-Marshall J. Thompson 

Hallettsville, Lavacca, Tex Coletinus Ballard 

Halloca, ChattaJioodiee, Qa. Henry J. King 

Hallo way ville. Bureau, 111 Saml. S. Halloway 

Hallowell, Kennebeck^ Me Thos. W. Newman 

Hallow^ell Cross Roads, Kennebeck, Me Erastos 

S. Loomis . 

Hallsa's Ferry, Noddaway, Mo Amos Hallsa 

Hallsborough, Powhatan, Va Wm. A. Martin 

Hall's Corners, Ontario. N. Y ...George Renwick 

Hall's Corners, AUen, Ta Isaac Hall 

Hall's Croas Roads, Harford, Md R. L. Morgan 

Hall's Cross Roads, Franklin, N. C R. T. Harris 

Hall's Hill, Rutherford, Tenn John W. Hall 

Hall's Port, AUegany, N. Y Jabez Card 

Hall's Store, Sussex, Del .'...William S. Hall 

Hall's Valley, Morgan, Ohio Mills HaU 

Ilallsville, Duplin, N. C Edward Armstrong 

Hallsville, Boone. Mo George W. Pettitt 

Ilallsville, Mimtgomery, N. Y Uriah Potter 

Hallsville, Boss, Ohio Samuel D. Buchwalter 

Hallsville, Pike^ Ali. John A. Stringer 

Ilalltown, Jefferson, Va George W. Fox 

IT d«ellvillB, Che'iAr,9,.C John A W'^lsh 

Halney Valley, 7V<V7a,N. Y Isratjl S. Hoyt 

Hambaughs. Warren, Va William Boyd 

Hamburg, Madison, Fla Joseph B. Watts 

Hamburgh, Calcasiur,!,?^ Josiah Johnson 

Hamburgh, St. Charles, Mo...: William lUng 

11 AxabvLT ,rh, S henandoah, Va Isaac Pinker 

Hamburgh, Van Zandt, Tex James Coltborp 

Hamburgh, Ptrry, Ala Uriah Morse 

Hamburgh, New London, Conn...H. A. Brockaway 

ITamburgb, Macon, Ga Thomas H. Morgan 

Hamburgh, CUirk, la Alfred L. Beck 

Hamburgh, OUhoun, 111 N. J. Woodin 

Hamburgh, (c. h.) Ashley, Ark. Abner W. File« 

Hamburgh, Franklin, Miss J. M. Grifiing 

Hamburgh, Sussex, N. J Robert A. Linn 

Hamburgh, Erie, N. Y Levi Lawrence 




Hamburgh, Berks, Pa Daniel Wolff 

Hamburgh, Edgefield^ 9. C Richard Campbell 

Hamburgh, Hardin^ Tenn Wash. G. Campbell 

Hamburgh, Livingston^ Mich Leland Walker 

Hamburgh on the Lake, Erie, N. Y T. B. Rogers 

Hamburgh Village, Livingston, Mich...C. G. Warner 

Hamden, JVeio Haven, Conn Leverett Hitchcock 

Hamden, Delaware, if. Y Jabez Bostwick,jr 

Hamersville, Brawn, Ohio William K. Flick 

HamDton, (c. h.) Harris, Ga Albert G. Bedell 

Hamilton, Marirm, Iowa Isaac Willsey 

Hamilton, Steuben, la Beneyjah B. Long 

Hamilton, Shelby, Tex Daniel Brittain 

Hamilton, Boone, Ky... Calbert B. Johnson 

Hamilton, (c. h.) Monroe, Mi88...Wm. C. Blackburn 

Hamilton, Van Buren, Mich James M. Lumbard 

Hamilton, Essex, Mass George Appleton 

Hamilton, MarUn, N. C T. W. Ward 

Hamilton, Madison, N. Y Henry G. Beardsley 

Hamilton, BuUer, Ohio , L. M. Furrow 

Hamilton, Loudon, Va , E. H. J&nney 

HamUton, Jefferson, Pa Robert Hamilton 

Hamilton, ButU, Cal R. L. Patton 

Hamilton, jBancocfc, 111 Johu^. Cox 

Hamilton, Wiichita Par, La Abram H. Scribuer 

Hamilton Landing, Jackson, Tenn...O. P. Hamilton 

Hamilton's Creek, Dat-w^on, Tenn E. G. Rowe 

Hamilton Square, Mercer, H. 3 Moses A. Hooper 

Hamlet, ChaiUauque, N. Y Timothy G. Walker 

Hamlet, Mercer, 111 ^ Graham Lee 

Hamlin, QibeU,V» .James C. Black 

Hamlin Grove, Audvhon, Iowa NathL Hamlin 

Hamlinton, Wayne, Pa Butler Hamlin 

Hammond, St. Lawrenoei N. Y...Orange G. Waldo 
Hammondsburgh, Warren, Iowa...Tho8. Hightower 

Hauunond's Store, Anson, N. C Walter F. Burns 

Hammondsville, Jefferson, Ohio...Wm. H. Wallace 

Hammonville, Hart, Ky R. S. Thomas 

Hamorton, Chester, Pa Ruth A. Gause 

Hampden, Columbia, Wis Benjamin Chase 

Hampden, Marengo, Ala Henry W. Hatch 

Hampden, Pen^scot, Me Samuel Phipps 

Hampden, Geauga,Ohio John B. Griste 

Hampden Corner, Penobscot, Me Chas. P. Fifleld 

Hampden Sidn«y College, Pririce Edward, Va.Tho- 
mas C. Miller 

Hampshire, Kane, HI Hezekiah P. Williams 

Hampshire, Maury^ Tenn Joel Leftwick 

Hampstead, OarroU, Md John L. Hoover 

Hampstead, Rockingham, N. H Ezekiel Bartlett 

Hampstead, King George, Ya... George W. Scrivner 

Hampton, Windliam, Conn William Brown 

Hampton, Rock Island, 111 Soranus L. Brettun 

Hampton, Saganaw, Mich .George E. Smith 

Hampton, Jtoddngfiam, N. H John A. Towle 

Hampton, Washington, N. Y...Aaron C. Broughton 

Hampton, Adams. Pa Jacob C. Schriver 

Hampton, (c. h.) Elizabeth .City, Va.W. Mapsenburg 

Hampton, Cal/unin. Ark James H. Meano 

Hampton, (c. h.) Platte, Mo James McDanlel 

Hamptonburj^h, Orange, N. Y.Abel B. Watkins, jr 
Hampton Falls, Rockingliam, N. H... Jas. W. Green 

Hamptonville, FadAm, N. C Josiah Cowles 

Hanauer's Store, Randolph, Ark. James W. Reeves 

Hanchettville, Dane, Wis Asahel M. Uanchett 

Hancock, Hancock, Me Pelatiah Moore 

Hancock, Waushara, Wis... Benjamin Chamberlin 

Hancock, Washington, Md Henry Snyder 

Hanco^'', Berk.^hire, Mass Hlrara S. Smith 

Hancock, Hillsboro, N. H John Whitcomb 

Hancock, Delaware, N. Y Nelson G. Hyatt 

Hancock, Addism, Vt Royal Flint 

Hancock, Harrison, la William Hancock 

Hancock's Bridge, Salem, N. J Dalymore Harrlx 

Handsboro, Harrisrm, Miss Jacob T. Liddle 

Handsome View, Warren, Iowa Q. W. Coverdell 

Haneyville, Lycoming, Pa G. W. Glover 

Hanford's Lauding, Monroe, N. Y Klias Avery 

Hanging Rock, Lawrence, Ohio James Martin 

Hanging Rock, Kers?iaw, S. C James M. Tngrem 

Hanging Rock, Hampshire, Va Mary C. Blue 

Haunahatchee, (S'/.€t(;aW, Ga David BusFey 

Hannas, «S^/n.7ier, Tenn....* William D. Senter 

Hanna's Milla, Ma/ioning, Ohio... Nathaniel Smith 
Hannegan, Clterokee, Ala. ...JFames Newberry 

HannAgan, J7uM, la William R. Leisure 

Hannibal, Marion, Mo J. 0. Berry 

Hannibal, Oswego, N. Y Palmer Ketchum 

Hannibal Centre, Oswego, N. Y C.B. Hanoock 

Hanover, Osiiford, Me Albion K. Knapp 

Hanover, Jo Daviess, 111 Jonathan White 

Hanover, JacA;£oro, Mich Geprge W. Kennedy 

Hanover, Plymouth, Mass Stephen Josselyn 

Hanover, Grafton, N. H D. F. Richardson 

Hanover, Morris, N. J Francis A. Tuttla 

Hanover, Licking, Ohio George Holllster 

Hanover, York, Pa Theresa C. Myers 

Hanover, Cbo«a,Ala John C. Brown 

Hanover 0. H., Hanover, Va John H. Taliaferro 

Hanover Centre, Grafton, N. H Elihu Hurlbnt 

Hanover Junction, York, Pa Edward Snodgrass 

Hanover Neck, Morris, N. J James Ely 

Hanoverton, Oaiumbiana, Ohio Thoma^i T. Icke« 

H&uaon, Plymouth, Mass Cyrus Drew 

Hanson, Marion, Mo James Hanson 

Hansonville, Russell, Va James M. Hanson 

Happy Greek Station, Warren, Va Ewell Baker 

Happy Valley, Carter, Tenn Nath'l L. Taylor 

Haralson, Coweta,Qfi...... George W. Perdoo 

Harbour Creek, Erie, Pa....... Charilla Stinson 

Hardaway, Macon, Ala....... ......Wm. B. Duncan 

Hardin, (c. h.) OaUioun, 111 ..Benjamin F. Child 

Haxdin, AUemalcee, Iowa. Alonzo D. Frazier 

Hardin City, Hardin, Iowa Beriah Wright 

Hardingville, Gloucester, N. J .Daniel B. Brown 

Hardinsbui^h, Washir^ftor^la, ..Aaron Hardin 

Hardinsburgh, (c. h.) Breckenridge, Ky Jam^s G. 


Hardinsville, Shelby, Ky James C. Blythe 

Hardinsville, Oato/ord, 111 David Dyar 

Hard Money, Kinchafoonee, Ga.^...C. A. C^jeatham 

Hardwick, Worcester, Mass -Albert E. Knight 

Hardwick, Ocdedonia, Vt Samuel M. Hancock 

Hardwicksville, Nelson, Va John W. Yarbrou^ 

Hardy, Lucas, James Dean 

Harewood, Baltimore, Md Joshua Hitch 

Harford, CorOandt, N. Y Marvin Tyler 

Harford, Susquehannah,P& (JeorgeW. Seymour 

Hargrove's Tavern, Nansemond, Va... Jas. Hargrove 

Harkleroad, De Soto, Miss Wm. N. Brown 

Harlan C. H., Harlan, Ky Carlo B. Brittain 

Harlan, Allen, la WilUamCutts 

Harlem, Winnebctgo, III Chauncay Wilder 

Harlem, Delaware^ Ohio Wm. TComkins 

Harlem Spring, Carroll, Ohio, Ebenezer Howey 

Harlemville, Columbia, N. Y Eleazer Tracy 

Harlensburg, Lawrence, Pa Henry HaU 

Harleysville, Montgomery, Pa. Samuel H. Cassell 

Harlingen, Somerset, N. J ...A. P. Hunt 

Harmar, Washington, Ohio Henry H. Drown 

Harmarville, AUeghany, Pa David P. IngersoU 

Harmonsburgh, Crawford, Pa James Wliitsidee 

Harmony, Clay, la ^ John Bcauchamp 

Harmony, Somerset, Me Mark L. Simonton 

Harmony, Washington, Mo Gibbon C. Wingo 

Harmony, Warren, N. J Adam Ramsay 

Harmony, Chautauque, N. Y Daniel Willian» 

Harmony, Y(/rk,S.C Joseph McCosh 

Harmony, Kent, Md George W. Price 

Harmony, McHenry,J}X .Charles Crego 

Harmony, EWert, Ga James H. Reynolds 

Harmony, Halifax, Va Nicholas L. Wade 

Harmony, Owen, Ky John L. Wilhoite 

Harmony, i'lan . ']\^'> Joseph Wise 

Harmony, BuUer, Jt'a Jacob Stauffer 

Harmony, Jefferson, Iowa James A. Galliher 

Harmony College, Sumter,S. C G. Morg»n 

Harmony Grove, Jackson, Ga.... C. W. Hood 

Harmony Grove, Taylor, Va .Jonathan T. Curry 

Harmony Hill, Rusk, Texas Wm. M. Johnston 

Harnageville, Pickens, Ga Samuel Tate 

Harnedsville, Somerset, Pa Samuel Hamed 

Harold, Montgomery, Ark Gibson K. Robinson 

Harper's Ferry, Abbeville, S. C.Henry H. Harper 

Harper's Ferry. Jefferson* Va ...T. A.Herrington 

Harpersfleld, Delaware, N. Y Johnson B. Bragg 

Harperefield, Ashtabula, Ohio .Oscar F. Gibbs 

Harper's Home, Brunswick, Va Abram V. Wills 

Harper's Mills, PewUeton, Va Amby Harper 

HarpersviUe, Shelby, Ala Jesse C. R. Condon 




Hftrpersvllle, Brocme, N. Y Henry A. Olendorf 

HarrelPs X Roads, Cherokee^ Ala G. W. Harrell 

Harreirs Store, New Hanover y^. 0...011en M. Lewis 

Harrellsville, Hartford, N. C Abner Harrell 

Harriettaville, i\'b6Z«, Ohio William Magill 

Harrington, Harnett N. C Wm. D. Harrington 

Harrington, Washington^ Me Luther P. Wass 

Harris, Louisa, Ya Thomas Harris 

Harrisburgh, Fayette, Itk R. McWatson 

Harrisburgh, i^/otoc. Miss JTohn H. Long 

Harrisburgh, Harris^ Texas Dewitt C. Harris 

Harrisburgh, AbbevUlQ, S. Dewitt C. Tillotson 

Harrisburgh, Lewis, N. Y Oren E. Moody 

Han^burgh, (c. h.) Dauphin, Pa John H. Brant 

Harrisburgh, FrarUdin, Ohio- Henry Miller 

Harris Depot, Mecklenburg, N. C S. J. Harris 

Harris' Hill, Erie,^. Y Joseph R.Koch 

Harris' Lot, Charles, Md J. H. M. Button 

Harrison, Winnebago, 111 S. S. Richards 

Harrison, CurnherUmd, Me Thomas R. Sampson 

Harrison, Westchester, N. Y Edward Willets 

Harrison, HairaUon, Ohio William H. H. Smith 

Harrison, (c. h.) Hamilton, Tenn S. A. McKenzie 

Harrison, Delaware, la Jacob W. Miller 

Harrison, Gfreen, A\a. Buril Smith 

Harrison, Louisa, Iow» Jacob Mintun 

Harrisonburgh, (c. h.) Oatahmda, La E. Fletcher 

Harrisonburgh, (c.h.) Rockingham, Va. Robert 

H. Smith 

Harrison City, Westmoreland, Pa S. Highbarger 

Harrison Oresk, Cumberland, N. C...Robt. D. Melvin 

Harrison Square, NorfoUc, Mass Tsanc Field 

Harrison's Mills, Crawford, Mo... John W. Harmon 

Harrison Valley, P<Mer, Pa Lewis Manning 

Harrisonville, (c. h.) Monroe, 111 N. B. Harlow 

Harrlsonville, Shelby, Ky Robert J. R. Baker 

Harrisonville, (c. h.) Onus, Mo John Christian 

Harrisonville, Baltimore, Md... Nicholas N. Haight 

Harrisonville, Gloucester, N. J Charles Wriggins 

Harrisonville, Meigs, Ohio...James H. Winterstien 

Harrisonville, Fulton, Pa David Mitzler 

Harriatown, Washington, la John H. Trueblood 

HarriSTille, Marquette^ Wis James Harris 

Harrisville, Montgomery, N. C Nelson Harris 

Harrisvllle, Cheshire, N. H Charles C. P. Harris 

HarrisYllIe, Harrison, Ohio John Romick 

Harrisville, Butler, Pa John B. Curry 

HarrlsvjUe, Randolph, Ind George W. Inman 

Harrisvflle, Simppon, Miss Green P. Touchfitone 

Harrodsburgh, Monroe. la Josephus D. Urmey 

Harrodsburgb, (c. h.) Mercer, Ky. .. Walter Wheatly 
Harshmansville, Montgomery, Ohlo..Jonas Simmons 

Hartfield, Chautauque, N. Y Edward T. Hovey 

Hartford, (o. h.) Hartford, Conn... Wm. J. Hamersly 

Hartford, Ihrsyth,QsL David Graham 

Hartford, Ohio, la. A. Y. Mnryman 

Hartford, (o. h.) Ohio, Ky....^ .,.J.T. Benton 

Hartford, Oxford, Me America Bartlett 

Hartford, Wishington. N. Y Soloman S. Cowen 

Hartford, TYumbuU, Ohio. John Yetman 

Hartford, Wlndsor,yt Justin C. Brooks 

Hartford, Washington, Wis...Gu8tavu9 Streekewald 

Hartford) JPutnam, Mo John J. Brasfield 

Hartford, H^rren, Iowa John D. Hartman 

Hartford City, Blackford, Ind James Lyon 

Harthegig, Mercer, Pa Henry Fulton 

Hartland, McHenry, 111 Matthew J. Coneklin 

Hajrtland, Somerset, Me..v»'tu J^on.Pr^<:cQU 

Hartland, Hartfcrrd^ Conn .Luther H. Stebbins 

llari;land, Idvingston. Mioh......WiIliain M. Hajrford 

Hartland, iVia^ara, N. Y Edmund Yoke 

Hartland, Huron, Ohio Sparrow Snow 

Hartland, Windsor, Yt Gilbert M. Hatch 

Hartland, Waukesha, Wis B. Q. Benjamin 

Hartland Four Corners, Windsor,\t John W. 


Hartleton. Unirm, Pa James Madden 

Hartleyville, Athens, OMo...., Benjflmin Norris 

Hart Lot, Onondaga, N. Y .E. P. Cornell 

Hartman, Polk. Iowa J. D. Hartman 

Hartsboro, Warriek,lA Isaac H. Shrode 

Harts Grove, Aslitabula, Ohio William Jarvis 

Hartshorn, Orange, N. C Henry Fogleman 

Hart's Location, Cbos, N.H...Nathaniei T. P. Davifl 
Hart'8 MiUs, MipUy, la Daniel McF. Paul 


Hartstown, Crawford, Pa Joseph K. St. Clair 

Hart's Village, Dutchess, N. Y Isaac G. Sherman 

Hartsville, Bartholomew, la John R. Morledge 

Hartflville, Berkshire, Mass Austin Brett 

Hartsville, ^o. h.) Wright, Mo. ....James R. Bowman 

Hartsville, Bucks, Pa John Eugart 

Hartsville, Darlington, S. C John D. Johnson 

Hartsville, Sumner, Tenn Richard Averitt 

Hartsville, Austin, Texas A. W. Hart 

Hartville, Stark, Ohio Jacob B. Machamer 

Hartwell, fiart, Ga John B. Benson 

Hartwellville, Shiutassee, Mich... James H. Hartwell 

Hartwick, Otsego, N. Y Thomai Mcintosh 

Ilartwick, Ddatoare, Iowa John W. Clark 

Hartwick Seminary, Otsego, N. Y Wm. Davison 

Hartwood, Stafford, Va William Irvin« 

Hartwood, Autauga, Ala Norflet Ivey 

tlarvard, H^CMter, Mass Znphar Wetherbee 

Harvard, Delaware, N. Y Henry B. Clanson 

Harvey, Hancock, la John Harvey 

Harveys, Greene, Pa David W. Grey 

Harveysburgh, Warren, Ohio Budd Scroggy 

Harvey's Five Points, WestmordaTtd, Pa John 


Harvey's Store, Charlotte, Ya Wllli|m T. Pngh 

HarveysTille, Luzerne, Pa Robert S. Patterson 

Harwell, Cedar, Iowa. James W. No« 

Harwich, Barnstable, Mas? Obed Brooks 

Harwich Port, Barnstable, Mass.Benj. W. Eldredgs 

Harwinton, LUchfldd, Conn Lewis Catlln, jr 

Hasbrouck, SuUivan, N. Y William M. HaD 

Haokell Flatts, Cattaraugus, N. Y.Morris N. Brown 

HaskeU's Ranch, Suiter, Cal J. Lefevr« 

Haekellville Lawrence, Ohio John Tleman 

Haskenville, Steuben, N. Y James Walker 

Haskenville, Greene, Ky Robert Haskins 

UaSMler's Mills, Murray, Ga William Hassler 

Hastings, (c. h.) Barry, Mich Nathan Barlow 

Hastings, Osweao, N. Y Henry C. Devendorf 

Hastings, Richland, Ohio Joseph Hastings 

Hastings. DakotaJi, Minn. T Henry Q. Bailly 

Hastings Centre. Oswego, N. Y John N. Holmci 

Hastings Upon Hudson, West Chester, N. Y...l8aaa 

Hat, Lancaster, Pa Esaias Kinier 

Hatboro, Montgomery, Pa *Jacob V. Reading 

Hatchers, TtiUadega, Ala James A. Munro« 

Hatchy Turnpike, Tippah, Miss James Box 

Hat Creek, Campbell, Va Pleasant C. Howard 

Hatfield, Hampshire, Mass Josiab Brown 

Hausertown, Oioen, la John G. Hulett 

Havana, Dallas, Texas Daniel Cole 

Havana, Huron, Ohio Peter O. Jump 

Havanna, Greene. Ala Joseph K. Elliott 

Havanna, (c. h.) Mason, 111 Orlando H. Wright 

Havanna, (c. h.) Chemung, N.Y. Jeremiah MoGuire 

Havensville, Bradford, Pa Daniel D. Watkina 

Haverford, DdauHire, Pa William Y. Stackhons* 

Haverhill, Essea, Mass James Y. Smilev 

Haverhill, (c. h.) Grafton, N. H...nenry W. Reding 

Haverhill, Scioto, Ohio Pearson McCoy 

Haverhill Centre, Grafton, N. H RusseU 

KimbaU, 2d, 

HaveratrHW, Rockland, N. Y Samuel C. Blauvelt 

Haviland Hollow, Putnam, N. Y.John Laurence, jr 
Havilandsville, Harrison, Ky.. .Henry A. Haviland 

Havre De Grace, Harford, Md Christian CaM 

Haw Branch,' OtuJoti;, N. C, J. W. Thompson 

Haw Creek, Benton, Mo Joseph Shouvendl 

Haw Creek, Jfnoa;, III .'Woodford Pearca 

Hawesville, Hancock, Ky Milton L. Cooper 

Hawflelds, Orange, N. C Samuel N. Tate 

Hawkerville, FrankUn, Tenn John Oliver 

Hawk Eye, Des Moines, Iowa Ransom Gillmops 

Hawkins Landing, Chicot, Ark J. L. Hawkins 

Hawkinsville, (c. h.) PuUtsk-i, Ga Matthew Gram 

Hawkinsville, On^da, N. Y William H. Cole 

Hawk Point, Lincoln, Mo Alexander Kennedy 

Hawley, FrankUn, Mass Calvin^S. Longley 

Hawley, Wuyne, Pa Patrick Jordon 

Hawley's Store, Sampson, N. C Daniel Ray 

Hawleysville, Pa{ie, Iowa... James M. Hawley 

Hawleyville, Fairfidd, Conn Daniel B. Hawley 

Haw Patch, La Grange, Ind Timothy Hudson 

Haw Ridge, DdiU, Ala Isaac N. Preston 




HAwsbnrg, Rappahannock^ Va A.B. Barbee 

Hawthorn's Mills, PUct, Ind. .Oeorgre W. Olover 

Haydenville, ITampMtre, Mass Lewis Warner 

Hayes* Store, Gloucester ^ Va Thomas H. Hughes 

Hayes Store, Madison^ Ala. Alex. W. Haj^ 

Hayesvillc) Ashland, Ohio Richard D. Emerson 

Hayesville, Cheater^ Pa James Hay^ 

Hayfleld, Crawford, Fa William Skeels 

Hay Market, PrinceWiUiam, Ya...Thomas A.Smith 

Hay Meadow, WUkes, N. G Lewis Sebastian 

HayaervlUe, Rensselaer, N. Y Tra A. Button 

Haynes, Chrainger, Tenn J^oseph Yadon 

Haynesville, JroostooJc, Me J>aniel Cummings 

HaynesTllle, Claiborne, Ala James G. Taylor 

Hayneville, Lowndes, Ala Edward W. Thompson 

Hayneville, Houston, Qa./. John Henry 

Hays' Creek, OarroU, Miss John T. Gain 

Hays' Spring, Jefferson, Ky Archibald Hays 

Hay Stack, Surry, N. C Anderson Fowlkes 

Hay's Store, Montgomery, Ohio Isaac Hay 

Haysvllle, Dubois, la Dewitt C. Bruner 

Ebysville, Marion, Ky .....Ebenezer Q. Martin 

HaysTille, DaJlas, Mo Wm. G. Hays 

HaytersGap, WMhingUm, Va Samuel Helton 

Haywood, Chatham, N. G Richerson Faucett 

Haaard, (c. h.) ftrry, Ky Gyrus B. Grooks 

Hasardville, Hartford, Gonn John Olmstead 

Haael Bottom, Barry, Mo Wm. B. Taliaferro 

Haale Dell. CamberUmd, 111 :..John a Kelly 

Haeel Green, OranJt, Wis John M. Ghandler 

Haale Green, Morgan, Ky Reuben W. Landrum 

Haale Green, TishanxngOy Miss Henry Hazle 

Haile Grove, SaUne, Mo.....*. David N. Jones 

Haale Grove, Lawrence, Ark...Alexander Campbell 

Haaleton, Luzeme,'P^ John H. Rnekman 

Haslettville, Kmt, Del W. D. Vashell 

Haslewood, Ballard, Ky E. H. Bridgewater 

Haslewood, Chester, S. C David Moffet 

Haxlewood, StephetiMn, 111 Luther G. White 

Haslewood, Wright, Mo Thomas M. Johnson 

Headley's Mills, Fountain, la.. .Thomas F. Townsley 
Head of Barren, Claiborne, Tenn. ..Edward Kelley 

Head of Clincb, TazeiveU, Va Francis M. Perry 

Head of Paint, Morgan, Ky Nathan A. Brown 

Head of Sassafras, KeJit, Md Thomas P. Davis 

Head of Tennessee, Rahun^QsL. A. G. Dillard 

Head Quarters. Nicholas, Ky... John G. Gonway 

Head Spring, De Kalb, Ala Abner Phillips 

Head Waters, Highland, Va... Stephen J. Reynolds 

Healdville, Rutland, Vt Eliab G. Reed 

Healing Springs, Davidson, N. C Wm. G. Bue 

Hearnville, Fu/nam, Ga William Hearn 

Heart Prairie, WalunrUi, Wis George Esterly 

Heartwellvllle, Bennington, Vt N. W. HalUday 

Heath, Franklin, Mass .George Temple 

Heathland, Henry, 111 A. F. Heath 

Heath^s Greek, Fiftis, Mo Lucien P. Wooldridge 

Heathsville, HaUfax, N. G Beverly B. Daniel 

HeaihsviUe. (c h.) Northumberland, Va.W. D. Bell 

Hebbardsville, Henderson, Ky J. T. Pittman 

Hebbardsville, Athens, Ohio Louisa .Earhart 

Hebron, JitUand, Gonn Gharles Post 

Hebron, Washington, Ga Marshall H. Bland 

Hebron, JPorter, la ; Thomas Davis 

Hebron, MeHenry, 111 Samuel W. Brown 

Hebron, Oxfttrd, Me Mrs. H. G. Barrows 

Hebron, Grafton, N. II David Haxleton 

Hebron, Washington, N. Y. John S. McFarland 

Hebron, Bytter, Pa Stephen P. Reynolds 

Hebron, Licking, Ohio Silas B. Woolson 

Hebron, Tyler, Va Amos Gorrell 

Hebron, SpartanJburgh, S. Harvey Wafford 

Hecker, J/'mroe, 111 Augustus Rittmeyer 

Heckert's Mills, Gilmer, Va...Wm. K. Moneypenny 

Hecksherville, Schuylkill, Pa Dennis Maher 

Hecktown, Northampton, Pa Jacob Schweetzer 

Hecia, Carroll, Tenn A. R. Gams 

Heda, NohU, la La Fayette Lanson 

Hedy Works. Ontida, N. Y Rklph B. Shelly 

Hector, PbtUr, Pa John L. Wilber 

Hector, Schuyler, N. Y Simeon P. Bradford 

Hedge's Store, Pickaway, Ohio A. J. Hedges 

Hedgesville, Berkeley, Va Henry Hull 

HedgesviUe, Stenben, N. Y Sebring Glark8on 

Heidlecsburgh, Adams, Pa Leonard Delap 

Heisterburgh, fhyette. Pa John S. Conwell 

Helena, (c. h.) PhiUips, Ark William D. Ilornor 

Helena, (c. h.) Peona, 111 Thomas Mooney 

Helena, Mason. Ky Ell P. Adams 

Helena, St. Lawrence, N. Y Hannibal Andrews 

Helena, /otoo. Wis..... Alvah Gulyer 

Helena, Karnes, Texas Thomas Ruckman 

Helen Furnace, Clarion, Pa James McKim 

Helenville, Jefferson, Wis Ortgies BuUwinkel 

Helicon, Pike, Ala Duncan Graham 

Hellam, York, Pa Abraham S. Hiestand 

Hellen, Elk, Pa Chauncey Brockway 

Heller's Gorners, AUen, la Peter Heller 

Heller's Gross Roads, Harrison, Ohio...H. B. Heller 

Hellertown, Northampton, Pa Samuel R. Weber 

Helton, Ashe, N. G Johnson Perkins 

Heltonville, Latorence, la.... J. G. 'Foster 

Hemlo, WhiUsides, 111 Asa M. Abbott 

Hemlock, Ozm&ria. Pa Henry Schnetbei^ 

Hemlock Grove, Meigs, Ohio By^rd McKinly 

Hemlock Lake, Livingston, N. Y W. B. Lemon 

Hempfield, Lancasier, Pa John Seachrist 

Hemphill's Store, Mecklenburgh, N. G R. Peoples 

Hempstead, Qy^ns, N. Y Ebenezer Kellum 

Hempstead Branch, Queens, N. Y... J. Hendrickson 

Henby, Montgom,eTy, Ohio Alexander Deen 

Henderson, Knox, 111 Edwin T. Ellett 

Henderson (c. h.) Henderson, Ky.... Jas. £. Ricketts 

Henderson, Granville, N. C W. W. Reaves 

Henderson, Jefferson, N. Y James E. Green 

Henderson, Houston, (H. Thomas S. Gobb 

Henderson, Mercer, Pa Jonathan Henderson 

Henderson, (e. h.) Rusk, Texas John McGlarty 

Henderson's Greene, Mo P. Henderson 

Henderson, Sibley, Min. Ter Carter H. Drew 

Henderson's Mill, Greene, Tenn Joe. Henderson 

Hendersonville, Anderson, Texas. J)aniel Henderson 
Henderson ville, (o. h.) Henderson, N. G. ...A. Miller 
Hendersonville, (Sumner, Tenn.Charles Glendenning 

Hendricksbnrg, Luzerne, Pa William Barkman 

Hendrick's Store, Bedford, Va Francis H. Board 

Hendricksville, De Kalb, Ala Joab Hendricks 

Hendrysburgh, Belmont, Ohio... Hamilton Murphy 

Henler's Store, (c. h.) Hart, Ga John S. Henley 

Hennepin, (c. h.) Putnam, 111 Chester Eddy 

Henniker, Merrimack, N. H Hiram Bell 

Henpeck, Shannon, ilo Andrew MpElmurray 

Henrie's Fork, GUmer, Va Asa Andrews 

Henrietta, Montgomery, Tenn Robt. T. Gupton 

Henrietta, Jackson, Mich Reuben Haitings 

Henrietta, Monroe, N. Y Matthias S. An^e 

Henrietta, Lorain, Ohio John Coates 

Henry, ifartAaU, 111 P. M. Janney 

Henry, iS^Mx, Va Joseph A.Rogers 

Henry Clay Factory, New Castle, Del James Toy 

Henry's Cross Roads, Sevier, Tenn Elisha Gates 

Henry's Crow Roads, Todd, Ky... William J. Henry 

Henrysville, Zogran, Ky William F. Henry 

Henrysville, Marshall, Ala Hugh Henry 

HenrysvlUe, Monroe, Pa ...James Henxy 

Henryville, Lawrence^ Tenn J! Vass 

Hensonville, Greene, N. Y Simon Winfield 

Hentsville, Union, Ky Henry A. Hents 

Hepler, Schuylkill, Pa A. B. Karterman 

Herbert, Neshoba, Miss Henderson M. Walsh 

Herculaneum, Jefferson, Mo Charles S. Rankin 

HKreford, Baltimore, Md Thomas Toft 

Hereford, Berks, Pa Samuel Treichler, jr 

Herefords, Mason, Va James Colwell 

Herkimer, (c. h.) Herkimer, N. Y.Hubbard H. Mor- 
gan , 

Herman, Ripley, la R. W. Fisk 

Herman, Dodge, Wis Bartholomew Ringls 

Hermann, Gasconade, Mo Franclti W. Boing 

Hermaunsbursh, Washington, Ark.-.Jas. S. Hukill 

HermiUge, Floyd,0i9k Joseph Watters 

Hermitage, Decatur, Tenn Thomas B. Jarard 

Hermitage, Cnles, III Thomas Kemey 

Hermitage, Wyoming, N. Y Horace Blodget 

Herimtage, Mercer, Pa John Hoagland 

Hermitage, Augtista, Va John W. Palmer 

Hermitage, Hickory, Mo Thomas Davis 

Hermitage, Washingt4m, Miss George R. Fall 

Hermitage, Point Cbupee Parish, La W. Q. 

Bozeman, jr 




Hermitage, Bradley^ Ark John D. Singer 

Hermon, A'nox, III Samuel Wilson 

Hermon, ItnchicoU Me John H. Hinckley 

Hermon, St. Lawrence^ N. Y Lewis B. Jerome 

Hernando (c. h.) Dt Soto, Miss ...Stephen W. Miller 

Hornando, Macon, Ala James M. Davis 

Herrick, Bradford, Pa George W. EUiott 

Herrick Centre, SusquefiannaJi, Pa... A. W. Dimock 

Herrickville, Bradford, Pa Asa R. Brown 

Herring, AUen, Ohio George E. Strayer 

Harrington, Ang^Una, Texas ,.Wm. rferrington 

Herriottsville, AUeghany, Pa John McEwen 

Hershey's Mill, Lawrence, 111 John Hershey 

Hertfoi'd, (c. h.) Perquimans,'^. C Edwin Brace 

Hess Road, Niagara, N. Y John CoUard 

Hessville, HarrisoPf Va James Hawker 

Hester, Marion, Mo Elizabeth Coons 

Hester's, Fhyette, Ala James Middleton 

Hester's Ferry, Harrison, Wiaa A. C. Stevens 

Hester's Store, Person, N. C R. H. Hester 

Hetricks, York, Pa Henry Stick 

Heusonville, Greene, N. Y Simon Winfield 

Heuvelton, St. Lawrence, N. Y... David B. Thurston 

Heveper's Store, Highland, Va Wm. Snyder 

Heverlyvillo, Bradfrrd. Pa James Haverley 

Hewittville, ^oone, Va John H. Avrol 

Hibbard, Kansas Ter Richard McCamish 

Hibbsvilie, Appanoose, Iowa J. W. Hall 

Hibernia, Callaway, Mo S. D. Waggoner 

Hibernia, Franklin, Ohio Wm. F. Armstrong 

Hibernia, Dutchess, N. Y George E. Eetcham 

Hibernia, Duval, Fla Lewis Fleming 

Hickman. Fulton. Kv Wm. M. Ellison 

iULPi.riJiiu'r7 IJ ..I, Mississippi, Ark E.Hickman 

Hidtoryj tlTj-r 1^ ^HlIo Jacob Gladden 

Hicki-irj^ Wtf\ iit'jiun. Pa William Simcos 

Hicltoryj Lul". IIL. Chester Ames 

Hickory Born rs, Grpene,yLo David Headlee 

Hickory Corn, Barry, Mich John B. Bown 

fliekory CcMit^rds Niagara, N.Y Daniel Pomroy 

Hick«^rj CrwJt, Aw^rian, Mo George Straube 

Hickorv Cnijk. rs^fl't',, Tenn A. B. Davis 

TT- V ry i - - i^ *-'■• tie. 111 Berry Edwards 

W I.- y\ I ee,G& John B. Garrison 

H :. i . n, Ky Samuel Hatfield 

Hickory Flat, Tippah, Sliss F. S. Wier 

Hickory Flat, Calcasieu, La Wm. J. Carnes 

Hickory Flat, Chambers, Ala. E. S. Meadows 

Hickory Fork, Gloucester, Va Wm. V.Heywood 

Hickory Ground, Norfolk, Va.... ...... Andrew J. Pitts 

Hickory Grove, Montgomery, Ala...Geo. K. WilliamH 
Hickory Grove, Crawford, Ga. Jonathan McClendon 

Hickory Grove, Jackson, Mich Oliver Hampton 

Hickory Grove, Olcitbbeha, Miss.-W. T. Montgomery 

Hickory Grove, St. Charles, Mo Wm. A. Kabler 

Hickory Grove, Jackson, Iowa Wm. Keister 

Hickory Grov6, Yf/rk, S. C Thomas G. Wylie 

Hickory Grove, Massac, 111... ...... W^m. J. Thompson 

Hickory Grove, Smith, Tex Jacob Youngblood 

Hickory Head, Lancaster, S. C N. J. Hough 

Hickory Hill, Marimi, 111 Wm. F. Meadder 

Hickory Hill. Chester, Pa. Wilison W. Andrew* 

Hickory Hill, Cole, Mo Joseph Bolinger 

Hickory Hill, BeaufoH, S. C Isaac Ellis 

Hickory Hill. Ows, Texas Xewis A. Pattillo 

Hickory Level, Carroll,Gdi. James Baskiii 

Hickory Plain, Prairie, Ark... William H. Hancock 

Hickory Plains, Tishemingo, Miss Joseph Young 

Hlcl?ory Point. LaW, la Wm. A. Nichola 

Hickory J.*uin I, Clara, Iowa. John Lambert. 

Hickory Run, Carbon, Pa Samuel Saylor 

Hickory Springs, Wright, Mo 8. C. Hardin 

Hickory Tavern Harford, Md John Wanii 

Hickory Withe, Fayette, Tenn James M.Lam- 

Hicksburg, Dorchester, Md John W. Robersoti 

Hicksford (c. h.) GrexnviUe, Va. Z. K. D. Turner 

Hick's Mills, De Kalb, lU George A.Gilli* 

Hick's Run, Elk, Pa James Barr 

Hicksville, ffutherford, N. C R. H. Hicks 

HIcksville, Defiance, Ohio George W. Danfortli 

Hicksville, Queens, N. Y David Sammi? 

HicksvUle, TazeweU, Va Peter R. Hl't 

Hico, Callaway, Ky William Hardy 

Hico, Benton. Ark Cadreen Gunter 

Hico, CarrcUli Tcnir J. H. Brigance 

JTii]ftlpiJt Jii^f^r^ HI... John Ric« 

Jliuiinnn Store* /WAi, Tenn Abraham McKissack 

l!i^^l::j^ntlm. MiddifJteXf Conn Th"odore Child 

Ui^rginji. F^i^eti^., TIL.. Alfred P. Oox 

H^gjirlnfl' Ferry, Rthn^'ld, S. C Joel Abney 

lliciyrinsptirt. Brtftrfi. i>hio Alfred London 

}\\"hn^\A>T%^Jw:kii<>n. Iowa John G. Smith 

U Jii^i'ille, Ofntida, N. Y George B. Fitch 

M jti^ville^ YtriHiiliffn, III Alfred Magnera 

\ I .insvillLi, HoinffsAire, Va Harriet Milleson 

I li i. Bridge, Hmttirdnn, N. J David L. Everett 

I I . |j rallii, fmUr. N. Y James D. Terwilliger 

}li^l»b-aK?* Franmii, Vt Stephen S. Keyes 

fli|i;h^attf SprinKH, FfankUn, Vt F. N. Johnson 

lH^lj Urnyc, Cin.Mfon, Iowa A. H. Pool 

!ti>;h llrove. Nehm. Ky.....*. Daniel McCIean 

llk'^li Itilt, Mmii4}fmrry, Mo John S. Ro^wt 

[ligk Hill, Mu^^kinpufH, Ohio .James Gillogly 

nidi Hill, pS^rW%, IViin William W. Rochell 

lltutilaDrl, Tf.rtnillh-n,ltt. J. R. Malon« 

llidilantlt Ti4hmtimjs*. Miss Kenneth McK«« 

UiNliliknd, MaiHmn, Ell , John R. Blattner 

llfKhlHnat Shfl^t^, \\n Edward Bailey 

rijghrmiid. OitkhtnJ. Mich Oliver P. Davison 

HlKlilaod, ffitrhi^: Va , William McGregor 

llijsjhland, HighlunJ, Ohio Wesley M. Nntt 

nSiihliiu^T, ffmdfunL Pa Emanuel Guyer 

]Ti-*^.|flnd. Jnvl-son. Tenn M. G. B. Stoublefleld 

1 1 i iIiKbJ, ^r^"^ Win, Luman M. Strong 

liiijbliiiid, Vkif/ioif. Iowa G. N. Holbrook 

iijublutiil, O^lliiu. Texas Isaac N. Foster 

llSu'^blnnii^ ^■utin-fid^ Me Benjamin F. Abbott 

ll<Kh1nnd, K&n^*m.,.„ James M. Irvin 

Ml^hlnnd^ LfK'is, Wash. T John R. Jackson 

UkJUn-Dd (ipfJVft, t^rttnvtUe, S. C L. H. Dickey 

IlliijblaTiil iJrDTii. .jVipm, Iowa C. H. Mershon 

lllitbland Park, n. im&pin, Minn Wm. W. Gate 

llki^bUnd :>lilb, iir<nige, N. Y Morgan Shuit 

IHt^rbliiiiLl I'rwlrii^ Mr Henry, 111. ..Humphrey Miles 

llUh Market Lr^i^, N. Y Charles P. Felshaw 

ilL-h IMiit, .WVrf^>r,lll George Scott 

llit^h I'ciint, Mtmifctiu, Mo Francis A. Latham 

Ulzh Point, Gftil/ord, N. C Austin IL Welch 

UU^h PrtLtrlo^ i«ri Xi^fir^ 111 Ransom Baker 

lU^h Ridg«^ fMrfidd^Conn Isaac Jones 

llkli SgIiwiL Jjirl',..7n^ Miss Frederick A. Kent 

Kiffh SbDJiIi, M(fr*i'i7i, Ga. John B. Hattaway 

inirh f^hi^ls. Ruthn-ftrrd, N.C Mlcujah Durham 

mill i*T'-tn', PWf^'i'iu Pa Henry Stoner 

1 [ich''i , F^u- .-.'h, Ga Harrison Summerow 

UiJji-u- -■■:-■. ^ •.■-■..-■«. N.C Elbrldge G. MitcbeU 

yi;;|jtr1nvi[] "f r. N.J Joseph Perrlne 

Tllpls v;.^w . . , Va James Qarrin 

Ilii^liTille, 1. Pa Jacob Miller 

lli^btf^ay, f^r. rrrinf*, S.C Tsftiah Oox 

Itiiihway^ auu-k. Art William Hughes 

llllhatnt (?trrfeni. Tonn Thomas J. Murphy 

mil, Graftfm, !«.\ 11 Isaac T.Parker 

Hitl, BiiidU. Mn...** Lewis Bob© 

llhiiiiije&, TdtiiiiUgfi, M.9. Archibald Munroe 

lliUfHus?, J/'w/fl^'tffry, Pa Abraham Croll 

llilUirovtf, lhirU.ii\\\n Lemuel L. Reeyes 

ntll Orovp, J\ttt^f>lMnia, Va Wm. B. L. Vanghan 

Mt1LbritLS«„ L^ike^ nbio Allen C. Beebe 

ilillian** Store^ M^r.<.hdU, Ala N. L. Wllbom 

Hillmr^fiT Franf.b'fi, Ohio Thomas F. Dobyns 

Millintil!?, iSWjif, r^x C.T.Himard 

llilUaiditon^ Nns(h,S.C Richard F. Drake 

H tr:nn].";Ui - n,ftrj>. Ala...WMshingtMt H. Peacock 

llill'iii.iurtj., tUrufin^, Md LdwardFlynn 

IIillKlKtroujcii, f.nrr>n. Ark William K. Hunt*bon\ ihitida, ?j. Y Harvey W. Dana 

llillfibtirouprh, Jii^vi^r^Qa. Wiley Peddy 

liilL^kwrrjugli, Fiiiijifain, la J. H. McCormick 

IIi1l;»MjrougUi ff. li.) Montgomery, T11...T. P. Hoxsey 

lEill>ln,irougtw Bf'm-!/, Iowa Warren Chapman 

Hiil^l'ijrcingh, Fhming, Ky Thomas M. Grain 

flilL^lHJTOnih, (r. do Sco't, Miss H. E. Chambers 

[ I LI IrtlHirotigli., (r, \\^)Jpfferson, Mo.^ Jamos L. Rankin 

nilKlH<r-iiiilkj'i!<'- li.'i Orange, N. C J. M. Palmer 

llillsliDrLiu^lit iiil!$i'fyr(mgh, N. H B. Tuttle. jr 

liill^^tj^vroyjjh, UifL Tex Thomas Johns 

l[ill5lioi'fjUiJrli.t (r. h.) Highland, Ohio John Baekin 

llilUUcinnifrh^ Wj^^ington, Pa Raclicl Standley 

Hiirabupnugb^ i3./jj5,Tenn Eliot A. Rutherford 



Hfllsborough, Loudon^ Va John Jones, jr 

Hillsborough Bridge, HUUhorcugh, N. H...£phraim 

Hillsborough Centre, HtUsbomugJu, N. H... B. Priest 
Hillsdale, HiUsdaU^ Mich... Frederick M. Holloway 

Hillsd&le, OuU/ord, N. C ..Anselom Reed 

HilUdale, OalumhiOy N. Y Joshua H. Bulkeley 

Hill's Grove, McDoTumghy 111 Charles G. Gilchrist 

Hill's Grove, iSWiu'an, Pa Fleming Webster 

HiU Side, Oneida, N. Y George Fletcher 

Hfll's Store, Randolph^ N. C Samuel B. Hill 

Hill's Valley, WUiamson, Tenn James B. Hill 

HillBview, WestrnnreUmd, Pa John Hill 

HQlsyille, atrroK, Va Churchwell F.Worrell 

HillsvUle, Lawrence, Pa William McCreary 

Hill Top. Wayne, Pa William Patridge 

Hilltown, Bucks, Pa Abiah James 

Hilochee, Washingtcnt, Ark Daniel B. Neal 

jmton^ Monroe, Ky W. R. S. Taylor 

Hiltons, SuUivun, Tenn Peter Yoakley, jr 

Hinckley, Medina, Ohio Alanson Wilcox 

Hindsburgh, Orleans,^. Y Jabez Allison 

Uinesburgh, ChUtenden^ Vt Edward W. Gibb 

Hines' Mills, Ohio, Ky Warren W. Hinea 

HLneston, Rapides, La Joseph T. Hatch 

Hinesville, (c. h.) Liberty, Ga L. S. Quarterman 

Hingham, PlymouVi, Mass H. J. Gardner 

Hingham, Shflboygan,Yf'\s ^Dennis A. KAinedy 

Hinkletown, Lannastrr. Pa John Wickel 

Hiakstown, Nicholas, Ky John McConnaughey 

Hinmansville, Oswego, N. Y Ira Betts 

Hinsdale, Berkshire, Ma^s Monroe Emmons 

Hinsdale, Cheshire, N. li Elisha W. Hunt 

Hinsdale, OiUaratigus. H. Y Thomas T. Wasson 

Hinsdale Depot, Berkshire, Mass B.T. Nash 

Hlnton's Grove, Pickens, Ala Henry Eatman 

HintonsviUe, PasquotanJc, N. C E. W. Albertson 

Hiram, Oxford^ Sle Noah B. Hubbard 

Hiram, I^trUxge, Ohio Alvah Udall 

Hiramsburgh. Nfible, O George McClure 

Hitchoockville, Litchndd, Conn Josiah H. Sage 

Hitesville, 0)Us, 111..'. John K. Boyers 

Hiwasse College, M(mr(e, Tenn Robert B. Doak 

Hix's Ferry, Randolph, Ark Erasmus D. Pitman 

Hoag's Corner, Rensselaer, N. Y 0. C. Thompson 

Hobart, D'elawaret l!i. Y William B. Champlin, jr 

Hobart, LcUce, la. Jesse B. Albee 

Hobble, Luzerne, Pa Peter Beadier 

Hobble, Sumter, Ala Caswell Eads 

Hobbieyille, Grcjene, la William B. Evans 

Hobby viUe, Spartanburgh, S. C William Hunter 

Hoboken, Hudson, N.J Mary Mulford 

Hockanum, Hartford, Conn George A.^Hall 

Hodcersyille, Dauphin, Pa Martin Hooker, jr 

Hockiog Port, Athrns, Ohio Erastus II. Williams 

Hodgdon, AroostooK; Me George H. Smith 

Hodgdon's Mills, Lincoln, Me John Gould 

Hodges, AfjbeviUe, S. C Charles M. Pelot 

UodgensTille, La Rue, Ky William D. Martin 

Hodge's Prairie, Sebastian, Ark....Wm. G.,Wood8on 

Hodge's Bend, Fort B>nd, Texnf A. Hodge 

Hoffman's Perry, Schtruiclady, N. Y John Carroll 

Hogansburgh, Franklin, N.Y Alfred Fulton 

Hogan's Creek, Rockinghaviy N. C Richard B. 


UoganTille., Trojip, Ga William Ilogan 

Hogback Valley, Jacksmi, N. C W. Barton 

Ho^ Creek, Alien, Ohio James B. Hagerman 

Hogestown, Cumberland, Pa John B. Leldig 

Hogle'fl Creek, St. Clair, Mo Abram Miller 

Hog Mountain, Zfott, Ga Elijah Puckott 

Hobenlinden, Chickasaw, Miss.Osborn S. Jennings 

Hoke's Bluff, Cherokee, Ala William B. Wynne 

Uoladays, Adair, Iowa George M. Holaday 

Holoombe, Burke. Ga George S. J. Price 

Holoombs Rook, Bextftrrd, Va E. Parker Lane 

Holden, PenwbsocA^ Me Luther N. Jones 

Holden, Wrrcesterj Mass Charles Chaflin 

Holderman's Grove, Kendall, 111 Brownell Wing 

Holderness, Grafton, N. U Jonathan F. Keys 

Holland, Hampden, Mass Elisha Kinney 

Holland, Brie, N. Y Oliver G. Rowley 

Holland, Venango, Pa David W. Henderson 

Holland, Orleans, Vt Joseph Fletcher 

Holland, OUouxi, Mich. Henry D. Post 


Holland, Hunierdrm, N. J John C. Britton 

Holland Patent, Oneida, N. Y John T. Thomas 

Hollandsburgh, Parke, la L. D. McGilvrey 

Holley, Orleans, N. Y Horace B. Perry 

Hollidaysburgh, (c. h.) Blair, Pa....Wm. G. Murray 

HoHlday's Cove, Hancock, Va Samuel Roberts 

Hollidaysville, Worth, Ga. A. M. Giddens 

Holllng-sworth, Habersl an, Gto L. H. Wii^ht 

Hollis, Peoria, 111 William Maple 

Ilollis, HiUsborough, N. H Wm. N. Tenney 

Ilollis, Forfc, Me..; Henry K. Bradbury 

HolMs Centre, York, Me Thos. C. Mulvey 

Holliston, Middlesex, Mass Abel Pond 

Holloway ville. Bureau, 111 Samuel S. Holloway 

Hollow Creek, Lexington, 8. C Uriah Crout 

Hollow Square, Oreetie, Ala Samuel Beck 

Holly, Merriwetlier, Ga James F. A. Peebles 

Holly Creek, Jl/M»Tay, Ga E. M. Ellis 

Holly Grove, Walker, Ala Auguston Williams 

Holly Grove, Stewart, Ga Joseph Wood 

Holly Grove, Madison, N. C P. H. Neilson 

Holly Hill, Charleston, S. C Wm. B.Thomas 

Holly Leaf, Gibson,Tvnn J. M. Bald 

Holly Mills, Oakland, Mich...;Truman C. Webster 

Holly Point, Ashley, Ark John Bullock 

Holly Retreat, WUk-inson, MisB.._^..Oeorge Jackson 

Holly River, Braxton, Va Thomas Saulsbury 

Holly Spring, TKeAre, N. C Archibald Leslie 

Holly Spring, Wood, Tex P. M. Gunstream 

Holly Springs, Marshall, Miss E. I. Bracken 

Holly Springs, ZfetZ/a.?, Ark S. L. Proctor 

Holmdel, Mongnouth, N. J Thomas W. Thome 

Holmesburgh, Philadelphia, Pa J. P. Comly 

Holmes' Hole, Dukes, Mass George Dunham 

Holmesilill, Je/7f'r«ow,0 Thomas Holmes 

Holmes valley, Washington, Fla..Norman A. Camp- 

Holmesville, Xaporf«, la Nicolas Young 

Holmesville, (c. h.) Appling, Ga... Henry Pindarves 

Holmesville, Avoyeles, La Wm. H. Bassett, jr 

Holmenville, (c. h.) Pike, Miss H. H. Miskell 

Holmesville, Holmes, Ohio T. N. Taylor 

Ilolston, Wushingt n, Va Isaac A. Worley 

Holston Valley, Sullivan, Tenn J. R. Delaney 

Holton, Ripley, Ind Henry Yater 

Holt's Mills, Alfimance, N. C James W. Ferrell 

Holt's Store, Alamance, N. C Edwin M. Holt 

Holy Neck, Ndnsemond, Va Jethro S. Ilaslett 

Holyoke, Hampden^ Mass J. M. Cavanaugh 

Ilomasassa, Benton, Fla James Edwards 

Home, Indiana, Pa Robert Cannon 

Home, Jefferson, la ^ Mordecai Brooks 

Home, VanBuren,loMrii Charles Ililles 

Home, Salt Lake, Utah Samuel Bennion 

Homer, Champaign, 111 John B. Thomas 

Homer, Calhoun, Mich Dwight Nims 

Homer, Cortlandl, N. Y George Ross 

Homer, i?M5A, la A. C. Bridges 

Homer, Licking, Ohio Edward Williams 

Homer, (c. h.) Claiborne, La Wm. B. Gill 

Homer, Webster,lowai Phillip K. De trick 

Homersville, Clinch, Qa John II. Mattox, 

Homers ville, Medina, Ohio Ezra Rose 

Home Spring, //oiwiAs, Fla Dempscy Finnell 

Homestead, Iowa, Iowa Arumih Hibbard 

Homewood, Sc(/tt, Miss James C. Harper 

Hommeny Creek, Buncomb,^. C Joshua Curtis 

Homochitto, Franklin, Miss Nathan Bnnckley 

Homowack, Ulster, S. Y C. G. Taylor 

Honeoye, Ontario, N. Y Stephen Albro 

Honeoye Falls, Mtmroe, N.Y George B. McBride 

Honesdale, Wayne, Pa John Y. Sherwood 

Honey Brook, C/utster, Pa David M. Anderson 

Honey Creek, McDonald, Mo Bnrton McGhee 

Honey Cut, Baldwin, Ala Edward P. Brown 

Honey Grove, Fannin, Tex Benj. S. Walcott 

Honey Grove, Cedar, Iowa Samuel Macy 

Honey Grove, Juniata, Pa Joshua Bealt^ 

Honey Path, Anderson, S. C John I. Shirley 

Honey Point, Macoupin, 111 George W. Wallace 

Honey Point, Humphreys, Tenn Thomas T. 


Honeyville, Page, Vp^ Albert 0. Rickard 

Hood's Mills, Carroll. Md John Grimes 

Hoodsville, Marion, Va Alpheus N. Millan 




Hooker, Hunt, Texas James Hooker 

Hookerstown, Greene, N. C «... Jesse W. Moore 

Hookset, Merrimack, N. H Albert S. Rowell 

Hook's Mills, Hampshire, Va Enoch H.Ck>le 

Hookstown, Bcdtimore, Md Joseph Feelemyer 

Hookstovrn, Beaver,Va. Samuel McFarren 

Hooper, Broome, N. Y James C. Johnson 

Hooper's Valley, THoga, N. Y Gilbert Pearsall 

Hoosick, Greene, "Wis .Jeremiah Brewer 

Hoosick, Eensselaer, N. Y John B. Wilcox 

Hoosick Falls, lienssdaer, N. Y...Willard Herrington 

Hoozier Grove, t?reet!c, Wis Elijah Clark 

Hootensville, Upson, Ga Jesse 0. McCord 

Hoover Hill, Iiandolph,N. C N. Rusk 

Hoover's Point, Macoupin, 111 Lewis Johnson 

Hopahko, JL«aA-«, Miss Hewitt Arnold 

Hop Bottom, SusqueJiannaJi, Pa...Amos B. Merrill 

Hope, Greene, Wis John H. Bridge 

Hope, Oool; 111 Fayette D. Kexford 

Hope, Bartholomew, la John Woehler 

Hope, WaMo, Me Asa Payson 

Hope, Warren, N. J Alpheus Swayze 

Hope, J3ami7<on, N. Y William Harris 

Hope, Franklin, Ohio Jacob Ulrey 

Hop3, Stewart, Tenn William C. Jones 

Hope Centre, Hamilton, N. Y Josiah Wadsworth 

Hope Church, Atteghany, Pa David Calhoon 

Hopedale, Harrison, Ohio Samuel Bell 

Hopedale, Wai/ne, Pa Gottlieb F. Ochler 

Uopedale, TazeweU,lU Thomas H.Orendorff 

Hope Falls, Hamilton^ N. Y John Ressequire 

Hope Hill, Gibson, Tenn "NVjlliam A. Elam 

Hope Mill, Maury, Tenn Henry I. Bragg 

Hope Mills, Page, Va Joseph W. Almond 

Hope Station, Lexington, S. C Jaipes Wilson 

Hopeville, Clark, Iowa David Newton 

Hopeville, Providence, R. I William H. Arnold 

Hopewell, Greene, Ala James D. Duncan 

Hopewell, Crawford^Qn. John M. Hayles 

Hopewell, Calhoun, Miss E. J. Hardin 

HopeweU, Mercer, N. J Stephen Blackwell 

Hopewell, Ontario, N. Y Nathaniel Lewis 

Hopewell, Meckknburgh, N.C.... Robert Henderson 
Hopewell, Muslingum, Ohio.....Wm. M. Chappelear 

Hopewell, Macon, 111 Allen Travis 

Hopewell, Bedford, Pa John Dasher 

Hopewell, Jennings, la Elmer Ro&eberrv 

HopeweU, York, S.C Samuel Wright 

Hopewell, Mahuska, Iowa Isaac Mills 

Hopewell, Mississippi, Mo J. L. Travis 

Hopewell Centre, York, Pa Wm. Wallace, jr 

Hopewell Church, Wilkinsrm, Miss .John Ashly 

Hopewell Cotton Works, Chester, Pa S. J. Dickey 

Hopewell Cross Roads, Harford, Md.. J. H. Mitchell 

Hopewell Furnace, Wasliington, Mo John Evens 

Hopkins, AUegan, Mich Erastus Congdon 

Hopkins Grove, PoVc, Iowa Josiah Hopkins 

Hopkins' Turn Out, Ricldand, S. C.Hen. Chappell 
Hopkinsville, (c. h.) Christian, Ky...Th08, H. Baker 

H(H}kinsville, Warren, Ohio David Coddington 

Hopkinsville, Gonzales, Tex I. K. Zumwalt 

Hopkinton, Middlesex, Mass E. A. Bates 

Hopkinton, Merrimack, N. II Joseph Stanwood 

Hopkinton, St.. Lawrence, N. Y...... Northrop Morso 

Hopkinton, Washington, R. I ...Henry Whipple 

Hopkinton, Delaware, Iowa Henry A. Saunders 

Hoppenville, Montgomery, Pa....Lewi8 P. Christman 

Hopper's Blills, Henderson, 111 Lambert Hopper 

Horeb, Bedford, Va Yancy Harris 

Horicon, Warren, N. Y Charles W. Osborn 

Horicon, Dodge, Wis Peter Winters 

Hornbrook, Bradford Pa Charles W. Bullis 

Hornby, SUuhen, N. Y Clark L. Smith 

Horn Creek, Gilmer, Va Jacob Bush 

Homellsville, Steuben, N. Y Luman A. Ward 

Hornerstown, Ocean, N. J Edwin A. Shreve 

Hornet's Nest, Meckknburgh, N. C....Chaa. B. Cross 

Horn Lake, De Sftto, Misa John Davis 

Hornsborough, Chesterfield, S. C R. P. Lowry 

Horn's Mills, Carroll, N. H George W.Drew 

Horntown, Accomack, Va. John Henderson 

Horr's Ranch, Tuolumne, Cal 0. D. Dickinson 

Horse Creek, Dade, Mo Anderson W. Rhodus 

Hoi-se Creek, Will, III Royal S. N:ble 

Hone Creek J Grune, Tenn , John J. £ > as 

Horse Creek, Aw-, N. C P. A. Wearer 

Horse Gall, Beaufort, S. C... Alison Winai 

Horsa Head, iVince George's, Md John Bnrhe 

Horse Heads, Chemung, N. Y... .Samuel H. Maxwell 

Horse Pasture, Henry, Va. Reed Ayrea 

Horse Shoe, Pickens, S. C Edward Hughes 

Horse Shoe Bend, Tallapoosa, Ala.. .James C. Ijowm 
Horse Shoe Bottom, RusseO, Ky...Wm. N. Fishback 

Horse Town, Shasta, Cal John C. Spencejr 

Horsey's Cross Roads, Sussex, Del Nath'l Horsey 

Horsham, Montgomery, Pa Absalom Michener 

Hortonville, Outagamie, Wis D. E. Woodward 

Hosensack, Lehigh, Pa Solomon L. Holder 

Hosklnsville, Morgan, Ohio Henry Fnlkerth 

Hotchkissvilie, Litchfield, Conn Reuben J. Alien 

Hotel, BertU, N. C Joseph J. Pugh 

Hot House, Ibmnin, Ga. Wm. C. Pain 

Hot Springs, Hat springs. Ark !.. .Patrick Burke 

Hot Springs, Both, Va. Samuel Goode 

Houck's Store, OirroZLMd George Richards, jr 

Houghton, Houghton, Mich James B. Shaler 

Houghton, Latorence, Ark....^ William H. Swan 

Houghton Creek, Allegany, N. Y Truman Ilall 

Houghton ville, Windham, Vt....Thos. P. Houghton 

Houlka. CAtcAKuaw, Miss Matthew Knox 

, Houlton, (c. h.) Aroostook, Me...Thomas P. Packard 

Houma, (c h.) Terre Bonne, La A. M. Lathrop 

Hou^tonic, Berkshire^ Blass John F. Raoe 

House Creek, Jrtuin, Ga Charles M. Powers 

House's Springs, Jefferson, Mo C. H. Demaree 

Houseville, I^wis, N. Y « Mortimer Smith 

Houseville, Harris, Texas Alexander M. Walker 

Houston, Heard, Ga George W. Oliver 

Houston, Adams, 111 Joseph M. Strickler 

Houston, Marion, Mo William B. Kiaer 

Houston, (c. h.) Chidcasaw, Miss..Rob't N. Dominick 

Houston, Shelby, Ohio William Griffin 

Houston, Alleghany, Pa James Hallstead 

Houston, Wayne, Tenn Jonathan J. Downing 

Houston, (c.h.) ^arm, Texas 0. L. Cochran 

Houston, (c. h.) Bourbon, Ky Willis P. Dorsey 

Houston, Jackson, la James A. Manahan 

Houston, Hancock, Ala Samuel W. Deskin 

Houstonville,JraJefl, N.C John H.Dalton 

Howard, Parke, la Sylvester Wright 

Howard, SUuben, N. Y James Smith 

Howard, Centre, Pa. Sarah E. Sterett 

Howard, Warren, N. J William S, Cook 

Howard, Winnebago, 111 John R. Herring 

Howard, Bell, Texas James A. Graves 

Howard's Grove, Sheboygan, Wis..* ...Henry Dreyer 

Howard's Mills, Montgomery, Ey John Turley 

Howard's Mills, St, Clair, Mo Wm. H. Cock 

Howard's Point, Fayette, 111 David B. Waterman 

Howardsville, Stephenson, 111 Martin Howard 

Howardsville, Aloermarle, Va.... Daniel J. Harttook 

Howe, Venango, Pa Caleb S. Richardson 

Howell, (c. h.) Livingston, Mich Frank WeUs 

Howell's Depot, Orange, N. Y A. J. Horton 

Howell's Springs, Hardin, Ky David B. Lewis 

Howellsville, Iiobeson,V.O Udw.B. Patterson 

Howellville, Delaware, Pa Charles E. Baldwin 

Howell Works, Monmouth, N. J....Annaniah Oifford 
Howel's Cross Roads, Cherokee, Ala....Geo. W. Howel 

Howe's Valley, Hardin, Ky Lewis Straus 

HowesvUle, Decatur, Tenn ^T. B. Howe 

Howland, TrumbuO, Ohio -. John Sowers 

Howland, Ptnobscot, Me Dudlev D. Roberts 

Howlet HUI, Onondaga, N. Y Ralph D. Marvin 

Hoysville, Loudon, Va T. M. Faxon 

Hubbard, TrumMdl, Ohio John Cramer 

Hubbard, Clark, la Harvey Busse^ 

Hubbard's Corhers, Madixon, N. Y.... Clark R. Nash 

Hubbardston, W/rcester, Mass Wm. Bennett, jr 

Hubbardstown, Wayne, Va Casper Castner 

Ilubbardton, Rutland, Vt Nathan G. Barker 

Hubbleton, Jefferson, Wis Frank T. Hohbi 

Hublesburgh, Centre, Pa J. K. Barkert 

Huddleston, Rapides, La Isaac Huddleston 

HuJdleston, Pike, Axis. Jas. B. Grs) 

Huddleston, Oregon, Mo James G. Darb^ 

Huddleston's Cross Roads, WtLson, Tenn... ..John B 

HudRon, La Porte, la Peter Echarl 

Hudson, McLean, 111 Jaa. H. Goi 




Hodaon, Lenawee, Mich * Silas Eaton 

Hndaon, HiUshorough, N. H Thomas H. Ewins 

Hudson, (c. b.) Ckilwmhia, N. Y Heurj G. Miller 

Qadaon, Suvvmit, Ohio James K. Frost 

Hudson, Hudson, N. J John H. Piatt 

Hudson, St, Croix, Wis Jeremiah M. Whaley 

Hudson, OcuwM, N. C L. L. Dameron 

Hudson, Penobscot, Me Seneca P. Hayes 

Hndaonville, Breckenridge, Ky Ralph E. Cox 

HudaonTille, Marshall, Miss Sterling P. Howell 

Huffton, Henry, la Jonas Shoemaker 

Hoghes, Schuylkill, Pa John Stanton 

Hughesburgh, Habersham, 6a...Thomas J. Hughes 

Hnghesville, Lycoming, 9sk Jonn F. McLain 

Hughesville, Loudon, Va Jesse Hoge 

HoghsonTille, Dutchess, N. Y Z. Y. Hasbrook 

Huguenot, Orange, N. Y John Yanton 

Hulburton, Orleans, H. Y .Jacob Reed 

Hull, Plymouth, Mass Joseph Pope 

Hails, Athens, Ohio William R. Iietsioger 

HnU's Corners, Oswego, N. Y Ransfbrd Case 

Hollsford, Knox, 111 Freeman L. West 

HuU's Millc, Dutchess, N. Y JB. P. Barton 

Hulmesville, Bucks, Pa James G. Uibbs 

Hnlton, Aaehgany,Vh Keran B. Bracken 

HamansTille, PoUc, Mo. .James C. Human 

Humbolt, Pulaski, Mo James Worthen 

Hume, Allegany, N. Y JTonatfaan Nye, jr 

Hnmmelstown, Dauphin, Pa George Wolf 

Humphrey, Cattaraugus, N. Y William S. Morris 

Homphrey's Villa, Hermes, Ohio Cyrus Cooper 

HumphreysTille, Ntu> Haven, Conn.-.Dar. Betts,^ 

Hungary, Saline, Ark George C. Rhodes 

Hunter, Belmont, Ohio Sarah White 

Hunter, Boone, 111 Frederick P. Ham 

Hunter, Greene, N. Y Frederick Beach 

Hunter, Van Buren, Mich Eri Bennett 

Hunters Cave, Greene, Va, Jesse Kent 

Hunter's Land, Schoharie, N. Y...George W. Tippets 

Hunterstown, Adams, Pa Simeon Melborn 

Hnntersville, Lycoming, Pa Robert B. Webster 

HttntersTille,(c. h.) Pocahontas, Va..A.E. Campbell 

Huntersville, Haidin, Ohio Reuben Huflf 

Huntingburgh, Dubois, la William G. Helfrich 

Huntingdon, ^c h.^ Huntingdon, Pa Wm. Lewis 

Huntingdon, (c. h.) Carroll, Tenn... John Kendrick 

Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery, Pa. George F. 

Shelmire y 

Huntington, Fairjidd, Conn S. M. Brownson 

Uantington, (c. h.) Huntington, la. Wm. Norton 

Huntington, SuffdUc, N. Y S. C. Rogers 

Huntington, Xoram, Ohio Rollin A. Horr 

Huntington, Laurens, S. C William D. Byrd 

Huntington, Chittiden, Vt Solomon Johns 

Huntington, Hampshire, Mass L. B. Williams 

Huntingtown, Calvert, Md Charles R. Harrison 

Huntley Grove, McHenry, 111 Peter S. Miller 

Huntsburgh, Geauga, Ohio George L. Kile 

Hunt's Hollow, Livingston, N. Y Horace Hunt 

Hunt's Landing, Soatt, Mo Samuel J. Ward 

Hunts's Store, Guilford, N. C Nathan Hunt, jr 

Huntsville, ^c. h.) Madison, Aia...C. D. Kavanaugh 

Huntsville, (c. h.) Madison, Ark Jas. R. Berry 

Huntsville, Paulding, Ga Thomas H. Dozier 

Huntaarille, Choctaw, Miss William L. D. White 

Huntsville, Schuyler, 111 Alvin G. Bacon 

Huntsville, Bandolph, Mo Terry Bradley 

Huntsville, ladkin, N. C Neely Bohannon 

Huntsvill^ Luzerne, Pa Thomas M. Atherton 

Huntsville, (c. h.) Walker, Texas... Wm. H. Randolph 

Huntsville, -J/o^ijson, la .Jesse W. Roberts 

Huntsville, Logan, Ohio Hezekiah Shaffer 

Huntsville, (c. h.) Scott, Tenn John L. Smith 

Huntsville, Litchjield, Conn Charles Hunt 

Uurlbut'8 Mills, Clinton, N. Y Nathan C. Hurlbut 

Horlbutville, Oneida, N. Y William Terrell 

Hurley, Ulster, N. Y Abraham B. Houghtaling 

Eurlgate, Onondago, N. Y William Shute 

Huron, Wayne, Mich Mattliew Anderson 

Hui-on, Wayne, N. Y Alfred P. Crafts 

Huron, Erie, Ohio L.M. Dunbar 

Huron, Dssm/iines, Iowa Joseph A. Gray 

Hurricane, Montgoatery, lU Robert White 

Hurricane, Franklin, La Daniel F. Mauk 

Uurricane, ^partanburgh, S. C oSimpson Bobo 

Hurricane, Franklin, Tenn. ..James A. SUvertooth 

Hurricane, Warren, Miss Wm.F.Reh 

Hurricane Bridge, Putnam, Va...Albert J. Beckett 

Hurricane Creek, Choctaw, Ala J. H. Thompson 

Hurricane Grove, Grant, Wis Thos. Chandler, Jr 

Hurt's Cross Roads, Maury, Tenn...William S. Hurt 

Hustisford, Dodge, Wis John McCrea 

Hustonville, Lincoln, Ky Francis S. Kauffinan 

Hutsonville, Crawford, 111 Wm. L. Draper 

Huttonsville, Randolph, Va Conrad Cunenoe 

Hyannis, Barnstable, Mass Rowland S. Hallett 

Hyattstown, Montgomery, Md John H. Wolfe 

HyattBville, Miami, Ohio David H. Brinkerhoff 

llyco, Halifax, Va Robert L. Ragland 

Hyco Falls, Halifax, Va C. V. Lanier 

Hyde, Warren, N. Y John Parker 

Hyde Park, DutcJiess, N. Y J. D. C. Stoutenburgh 

Hyde Park, Luzerne, Pa : Oliver P. Clark 

Hyde Park, LamoiUe, Vt Francis Smalley 

Hydesburgh, Balls, Mo Joshua MitcheU 

Hyde Settlement, Broome, N. Y Franklin Hydo 

Hydeville, RuUand, Vt Pitt W. Hyde 

Hydraulic Mills, ALbemarU, Va...Nathaniel Burnley 
Uyndsville, Schoharie, N. Y GObert G. Hynds 


TBA, De ZoZfr, Ind Lyman Green 

Iberia, Morrow, Ohio i Samuel Shunk 

Iberia, Miller, Mo Reuben Short 

Iberville, (c. h.) i6«rw«e, La Adolphe Heiber 

Icaria, Adams, Iowa Samuel Lartmer 

Ice's Ferry, Monongalia, Va. Thomas J. Duvall 

Ichepuckesassa, HUlsbord', Fla James D. Green 

Ickesburgh, Perry, Pa Jacob Rockenderfer 

Iconium, Appanoose, Iowa David Maiken 

Ida, ifonroe, Mich Benjamin F.SouthwIok 

Ida, Greene, Ga William Hudson 

Ijamsville, Prederick,'iA^ Samuel Nixdorf 

Uchester Mills, Howard, Md Reuben H. 

Merri weather 

Hesboro, Hocking, Ohio William G. Waller 

,Ilion, Herkimer, N. Y J. E. L. Hamilton 

Illmols City, Rock Island, 111 Matthew F. Felix 

Iliinoistown, St. Clair, lU Andrew Wettig 

IlUnoistown, Placer, Cal Barzillai Brickett 

Illyria, Fayette, Iowa Hiram B. Hoit 

Imlayetown, Monmouth, N. J....Isaac N. Woodward 

Increase, Warren, Tenn Edward Yager 

Independence, Warren,ltk. .• John Ryan 

Independence, (c. h.) Grayson, Va...... Jacob Grubb 

Independence, (c. h.) Kenton, Ky J. W. Johnson 

Independence, (c. h.) Jackson, Mo Porter 


Independence, Allegany, N. Y. John C. Green 

Independence, Cuyahoga, Ohio Benj. F. Sharp 

Independence, WashirtgUm, Pa John Lane 

Independence, Washington, Tex....Leander Cannon 

Independence, Autauga, Ala. Chamiey Cale 

Independence, McLean, 111 Isaac Vanofdstrand 

Independence, (c. h.)Buchanan, Iowa..Edw. Brewer 

Independence, Dickson, Tenn Tolbert Slay den 

Independence, Paik, Or^on Leonard Williams 

Independence, Caswell, N. C Charles G. Mitchell 

Independent HUl, Prince WiUiam, Va WflKam 

P. Cole ' 

Independent Hill, Rutherford, Tenn.Jas. M. Layne 

Indesville, Surry, N. C Elijah Thompson 

Indiana, (c. h.) Indiana^ Pa James £. Coulter 

Indiana Furnace, Vermillion, Ind E. M. Bruce 

Indianapolis, (c. h.) Marvm, la. W. W. Wick 

Indianapolis, Mahaska, Iowa...».Thomas T. Tinsley 

Indian Camp, Guernsey, Rezin Addy 

Indian Creek, ifonroe. Mo William H. Clements 

Indian Creek, Monroe, Va. Pembroke P. Pt«k 

Indian Creek, Monroe, la Charles M. Foddrill 

Indian Creek, Kent, Mich Avery Brown 

Indian Creek, PUce, Ala Henry II. Cowdery 

Indian Creek, Joc^'son^ Ga .J. L. Blalock 

Indian Creek, liewberry, S. C ^Fared S. Johnson 

Indian Creek, Washington, Tenn Leroy W. Sams 

Indian. Creek, MiUs, Iowa David Silkett 

Indian Diggings, El Dorado, Cal...Mrohn G. WUbert 

Indian Field, J'uZton, la Charles Sohoch 

Indian Fields^ Albany, N. Y..... WiUet SerU 




Indian Ford, Stoddard, Mo John W. Sivinny 

Indian Grove, Livingston, 111 John Darnall 

Indian Hill, Abbeville, S. C Thomas J. Lyon 

Indian llWl, Elbert, fta Samuel Ham 

Lndian Mound, Stewart, Tenn John Richards 

Indianola, (c. h.) Warren, Iowa... John F. M^nohon 

Indianola, VermiUion, 111 James 8. Sconce 

Indianola, Calhoun, Texas David Lewis 

Indian Orchard, Hampden, Ma88...Elipha A. Fuller 

Indian Orchard, Wayne, Pa Calvin V. Lillie 

Indian Prairie, Wayne, 111 Alfred S. Hargrave 

Indian River. Brevard, Fla. George E. Stowell 

Indian River, Lewis, N. Y...., Darius G. Bent 

Indian RiV'-r, Washington, Me..Abram K. Makenzie 
Indian Springs, Washington, Md...Lancelot Jacques 

Indian Springs, Butts, Ga Dabney Knight 

Indian Town, Currituck, N. C Gideon C. Marchant 

Indian Town, Tama, Iowa Isaac Butler 

Indiantown. WiUiamsburgh, S. C A. L. Crawford 

Indian Valley, Floyd, Va Robert W. Phillips 

Indian Village, Washita, La Joel Tatum, jr 

Indigo, Delaware, James Fleming 

Indigo Head, Cbffee, Ala Nace Collins 

Industry, Franklin, Me Nathan G<X)dridge 

Industry, Beaver, Pa Jacob Ross 

Industry, Austin, Tex J. G. Seiper 

Industry, McDonough, 111 Joel Pennington 

Industry, Grainger, Tenn Robert L. Turley 

Ingham, Ingham., Mich David T. Weston 

Ingleside, Hardin, Tenn John A. Smith 

Ingleside, Warren, Ky , R. W.Thomas 

Ingraham, Qdumbiana, Edwin Dutton 

Ingraham, i/i2^, Iowa Jnmes H. Goodman 

Ingraham, Warren, Miss Wm. IL McKlnney 

Ingraham, Clinton, N. Y ...John Vaughan 

Ingraham Prairie, Clay, 111 Osman Pixley 

IngTBsa, Bandolph, Ala James G. Mitchell 

Ingram's Cross Roads, Lauderdale, Ala Moses 


Inland, <Summt^Ohio John Hunsberger 

Inland, Cedar, Iowa Reuben Baughman 

Inmansville, Rock, Wis Jacob Fisher 

Intercourse, Sumter, Ala Samuel J. Truett 

Intercourse, Lancaster, Pa Benj. F. Holl 

Inverness, Columbiana, Ohio David Rose 

Inverness, Livingston, N. Y Willinm Frazer 

Inverness, Cumberland, N. C Hugh McPherson 

Ion, AUamakee, Iowa Charles W. Cutter 

Ion, Morehouse^ La William Dyer 

. lone, Effingham., Ill Aaron W. Henry 

lone, Erie, Waitstill G. Hastings 

loni, Anderson, Tex William T. Sadler 

Ionia, (c. h.) Ionia, Mich William Yerington 

Ionia, Warren, 111 Luther 0. Hibbard 

Iowa, Perry, 111 Marion D. Hoge 

Iowa City, Placer, Cal Joseph Colgan 

Iowa City, (c. h.,) Johnson, Iowa William Vogt 

Iowa Point. Kansas, John S. Pemberton 

lowaville. Van Buren, Iowa William T. gftarr 

Ipava, Fulton, 111 Robert Ram^tay 

Ipswich, (c. h.) Essex, Mas.s Stephen Coburn 

Ira, Cayuga, N. Y T^ewis L. Suy'dam 

Ira, Mutland, Vt Norman Clark 

Iranistan, Cass, Iowa Eber W. Buckwaltor 

Irasburgh, (c. h.) Orleans, Yt Charles C. Kellan 

Ireland, Hampden, Mass Chester Crafts 

Ireland, Lewis, Va Willington V. Chidester 

Ireland, Du Bois, la Alsephus McGennIs 

Ireland Corners, Albany, N. Y E. H. Ireland 

Irisburgh, Henry, Va George A. Halls 

Irish Grove, Atchison, Mo Harvey Williams 

Irish Ripple, Lawrence, Pa... ..Thomas H. Davidson 
Irishtown, Mercer, Pa James Long 

, Iron Creek, /^rta^e, Wis Sbubol Lewis 

Iron Creek, Washtenaw, Mich Samuel W. Wells 

Irondequoit, Monroe, N. Y Caleb K. Hobbie 

Iron Furnace, Sdoio, Ohio Cornelius Moore 

Iron Hill, Northampton, Pa Wm. Kessler 

Iron Hills, Jackson, Iowa Henry K. Landis 

Iron Mountain, St. Francis, Mo John G. Scott 

Iron Ridge, Dodge, Wis Isaac WamlH>ld 

Iron Works, Talladega, Ala .George P. Driver 

Ironton, Lawrence, Ohio B. F. Cory 

Ironvllle, TazeweU, Va Henry Parker 

Iroawood Blu^ ItawambUy Misfi...Henf7 W. Stegall 

Iroquois, Iroqudis, 111 8. L. Urmston i 

Irville, JlA<.<r/a7i^U7n., Ohio Jacob T. Fonoh i 

Irvine, (c. h.) EttOl, Ky William J. Clark 

Irvine, Warren, Pa William A. Irvine 

Irvine's Store, WeaMy, Tenn Samuel Irvine 

Irvinesville, Nicholas, Ky John B. Taylor 

Irving, Chatauque, N. Y Jehial Sackett 

Irving, Barry, Mich Leonard K. Powers 

Irving College, Warren, Tenn Henry R. Etter 

Irvington, Westchester, N. Y P. M. Warman 

Irwin's Cross Roads, Washington. Ga..Wm. A. Irwin 
Irvrin's Station, Westmoreland, Pa..R. K. McQuistion 

Irwinsville, (o. h.) Irwin, Ga. L. M. Colberth 

Irwinton, (c. h.) Wilkinsdh, Ga....Richard L. Storey 

Isabella, W)rth, Ga Gordon Sumner 

Island Creek, Jasper, HI Albert G. Coldwell 

Island Creek, Jefferson, Ohio Thomas Blackburn 

Island Creek, Hancock, Ga Augustine T. Berry 

Ipland Ford, Ruiherfordj N. C Richard L. Harris 

Island, Number 66, Coafioma, Miss-.Thos H. McNeill 

Island Pond, Etsex, Vt Henry M. Hoffman 

Isle au Bois, Jefferson, Mo Samuel H. Mead 

Isleborongh, Waldo, Me .'.Nelson Gilkey 

Isle La Motto, Grand Isle, Vt Jesse W. Holcomb 

Isle of Shoals, Rockingham,^. H T. B. Laighton 

Islip, Suffolk, N. Y Selah C. Smith 

Isney, Choctaw, Ala Thomas Bonner 

Isom's Store, Maury, Tenn Wm. G. Cathey 

Italy Hill, Yates, N. Y Luther B. Blood 

Italy Hollow, Fate«,N.Y William Scott 

Itasca, J8w<on, Minn John C. Bowers 

Ithaca, (c. h.) Tompkins, N. Y... Arthur S. Johnson 

Ithaca, Darke, Ohio Joel Thomas 

Iverson, Bienville, La James Monroe 

Ives' Grove, Racine, Wis Charles A. DeBerard 

Ivy, Yancey, N. C Daniel G. Carter 

Ivy Bend, Madison, N. C Joseph P. Ellar 

Ivy Bluff, Morgan, Ala Middleton R. Kirby 

Ivy Creek Mills, Bof/ord, Va Albeit McDaniel 

Ivy Island, Edgefield, S. C Thos. H. Pattison 

Ivy Log, Union, Qa. William R. Utter 

Ivy Mills, Delaware, Pa David W. Eyre 

Ixonia, Jeffersonj Wis Jonathan Piper 


JACINTO, (c. h.) Tishemingo, MiBS...ChiBley D. Key 
Jacksborough, (c. h.) Campbell, Tenn...G. W. Smith 

Jack's Creek, Henderson, Tenn A. C. McCorkle 

Jack's Fork, Te^u, Mo Reuben Harlow 

Jackson, Clarke, Ala Rudolph E. Priester 

Jackson, Stephenson, 111 C. Van Brocklln 

Jackson, (c. h.) Butts, Ga W. B. Hunt 

Jackson, (c h.) BreathiU, Ky J. 0. W. Cardwell 

Jackson, (c. h.) East Feliciana, La...Abm. Hagaman 

Jackson, Waldo, Me Edmund Chase 

Jackson, Jiic/«on, Mich Reuben S. Chenney 

Jackson, (c. h.) Hinds, Miss C. R. Dixon 

Jackson C. H., Jackson, Miss Samuel Davis 

Jackson, (c. h.) Cape Girardeau, Mo H. Bandlbrd 

Jackson, Cbos, N. H Oliver P. Meserve 

Jackson, Washington, N. Y Charles N. Button 

Jackson, (c. h.) Northampton, N. C... J. W. Newsom 

Jackson, (c. h.) Jackson, Ohio, Lot G. Steel 

Jackson, Susquehannah, Pa Gordon G. Williams 

Jackson, (c. h.) Madison, Tenn Jas. Hughes 

Jackson, Loitisa, Va Abner C. Isbell 

Jackson, Calevara^, Cal William M. Rogers 

Jackson, Lawrence, Ark Rufns W. Martin 

Jackson, Adams, Wis Harvey T. Rawson 

Jackson 0. H., Jacks<m, Va E. B. Wright 

Jacksonborough, (c. h.) Scriven, Ga...T. A. Bums, jr 

Jaekfionborough, BuUer, Ohio James M. Stokes 

Jackson Brook, Washijigton, Me...SewaIlL. Bonlter 

Jacksonburgh, Wiyne,l& John Berry 

Jackson Corners, Dutchess, N. Y Jacob J. Stall 

Jackson Furnace, Jackson, Ohio... Luke P. S. Smith 

Jackson Hall, Franklin, Pa Thos. C. Fitzgerald 

Jacksonham, Lancaster, S. C I. H. McMurray 

Jackson Hill, Davidson, N. C Richard L. Snrratt 

Jackson Hill, Spartanburgh, S. C A. F. Jackson 

Jackson Point, Bremer, Iowa Stephen D. Jackson 

Jackson Port, JacA-«on, Ark Jamea H. Gray 

Jacksons Camp, 2h22a/)oosa, Ala.. ...George Y. Jarvis 
Jackson's Creek, Fairfield, S. G David WiUing 




n's Ferry, Wythtf Va. ^Robert Jftckson 

n'8 Mills, Oceoaif N. J....B6nJa]nlii Matthews 

Jackaontown, lAdci$»g, Ohio James Clark 

JadEMii VallBT, /SfiMm4eftannaA,Pa...Chas. Campbell 

JaitkBonTille, (c. h.) Badon, Ala John Y. Nisbit 

JackBonville, (c. h.) DuvaJELy Fla.....V William Orothe 

JaekBonrille, l^fcdr, Ga John Mc]>ennid 

JadEBonyiUe, (c h,) Morgan^ VI Samuel Hunt 

JaekaonTille, SmiUerlandf la George McCuUoch 

JwAsonTille, BttrUngtonf N. J Samuel Fort 

Jtcksonyille, Ibrnphms^ N. Y James Mattison 

JscksonTllle, Darkey Ohio WUliam Hole 

Jtciksonville, Lehigh^ Pa John Hermany 

Jscksonrille, Windham, Vt Martin Brown 

JacksonTille, Cfurckee, Texas. ..William McKinney 

Jacksonville, Bmtrbon, Ky Patrick M. Hill 

JM^sonvUle, Tuolumne^ Cal .....^George B. Keys 

JackaonTiile, Jackxon, Oregon ..S. H. Taylor 

.JacksonTille, FranhUn, Me Ephraim H. Heald 

Jackson Wood, Amite, Miss DruryCook 

Jack's Reef, Onondaga^ N. Y...Comelias M. Emerick 

Jacksrilie, BuOer, Pa John Boyle 

Jaoobsbuingfa, Bdmant, Ohio John A. Weyer 

Jaoobsbnrgh, NorthampUsn, Pa Henry Knecht 

Jacob's Chnrch, Shenandoah, Ta.... J. P. CoTerstone 

Jacob's Fork, Catawba, N. C Alfred Ramsaur 

Jacobstowtt, BwrUngtm, N. J ..Daniel L. Piatt 

Jadden, Orani, la. ...Thomas Smith 

Jeffrey, Cheshire, N. H Ethan Gutter 

Jake's Prairie, Goictmad^lAo. John D. Bntler 

Jake's Ran, MonongaUa, Va.....Richard D. Tennant 

Jalapa, Qrant, la John H. Baird 

Jalapa, ifclfinn, Tenn John Thomas 

Jamaica, Qmeem, N. T Martin Y. N. Ryder 

Jamaica, l/Vindham, Yt..... John Williams 

Jamaica, Middlegex, Ya John E. Segar 

Jamaica Plain, Norfolk, Mass Robert Seaver 

Jamee Bayon, Mtssiasippi, Mo....JtIatthias Peterson 

Jamesb^gh, Middletex, N. J. .Joseph C. Magee 

Jamesbnrgh, Ulster, N. Y James Baker 

James' Creek, Huntingdon, Pa...Dayid H. Camnbell 

James' Fork, iSSs^Mutuzn, Ark Francis M. Moore 

James' Mills, Mmrot, 111 James B. Harlow 

Jameeport, Suffioik, N. Y David Williamson 

Jamestown, Boone, la John M. Walker 

Jamestown, CliiiJton, 111 ....Spencer Shepard 

Jamestown, (r. h.) Rmaell, Ky Hiram Campbell 

Jamestown, MomiUau^ Mo Absalom Wilson 

Jamestown, Cha%daw]ue,^,Y Ruftis Pier 

Jamestown, OuOford, N. C Plckney N. Wheeler 

Jamestown, Oreme, Ohio .Charles Dingess 

Jamestown, Mercer, Pa Willlani GibMn 

Jamestown, Muscogee, Ga. Nathan J. Bnssey 

.lamestown, (c. h.)FhUres8, Tenn J. P. Martin 

Jamestown, G^ran^jtWis. Harlow H. Ifowe 

Jamestown, Newport, R. I .John Congdon 

Jamestown, CUnlon, III WiUlam H. Uzsell 

Jamestown, Tuolumme,C9l Benj^inli^ J^- Mardis 

Jamesrille, Onondaga, N. Y Lemuel Hawley 

Jamison, Orangeburgh, S. C J. P. R. Miller 

Janelew, Levris, Va ., ....David H. Smith 

JanesTlUe, Bock, Wis Elttiu H. Strong 

Japan, Lqfayette, Mo Eli Adams 

Jarcstts, Suuex, Ya WiUlam T. Payne 

Janett's Ford, Kanahawa, Ya......8qnire G. Jarrett 

JanettSTille, Harford, Md Thomas H. Barton 

Jasper, Walker, Ala. Levi Sides 

Jasper, (e. h.) Newton, Ark Harmon F. Cooper 

Jasper, BdnUUon, Fla Stephen S. Smith 

Jasper, (c. h.) DuJbou, la.... Domtnick Eekert 

Jasper, SUsuben^ N. Y..... Uri W. Metoalf 

Jasper, Pihe, Ohio Samuel Weaver 

Jasper, (c h.) Marion, Tenn .....David Chaudoin 

Jasper, (^ h.) Pickens, Ga Adin Keeter 

Jasper, Jagper, Tex WUUam W.Maund 

Jasper, Sehxvyler, III ~. John Howell 

Java, Wyoming, N. Y John Smith 

Java, Luea^, Ohio WilUam Taylor 

Java Centre, Wifoming, N. Y.. Patrick 0. Connor 

Java Village, Wyoming, N. Y Thomas B.Ring 

Jay 0. H., Jay, la. WiUkua McCormick 

Jay, Jbsw, N. Y QMrge G. Tobey 

Jay, Orieom, Vt Lanson Sanborn 

Jay, FrankMn, Me... Stillman Noyes,ir 

Ji^'ttssvlUe, Brmtr^ Iowa George W. Maxfleld 


Jeaneretts, St, Mary's, La Pan! Prevost 

JeanBville,'*Z4(«eme, Pa Charles S. Fowler 

Jedburg, Charlegbon, 8. C Jesse B. Varner 

Jeddo, Orleans, N. Y Zeocheus C. Haskios, 

Jeddo, Jefferson, Ohio Joseph McAlpIn 

Jeff. Davis, Noxubee, Miss David Edwards 

Jefferson, Jefferson, La. Wilmur H. Zimmerman 

Jefferson, (c. h.) Jackson, Ga... Augus. C. Thompson 

Jefferson, (Linton, la Burr Braden 

Jefferson, Cbofc, 111 ., Amos J. Snell 

Jefferson, Linadn, Me John N, Bond 

Jefferson, Frederick, Md J. Henry Keller 

Jefferson, Cbos, N. H Charles L. Plalsted 

Jefferson, Schoharie, N. Y .George W. Chlldi 

Jefferson, (c h.} Ashe, N. C N. H. Wangh 

Jefferson, (c. h.) Ashtabula, Ohio... Stephen D.Dana 

Jefferson, Greene, Pa Hiram H. Lindsey 

Jefferson, Rtdherford, Tenn John Jones 

Jefferson, Cass, Tex W. D. F. Moore 

Jefferson, Powhatan, Va Henry Tyler 

Jefferson, Marengo, Ala John Besleder 

Jefferson, (c. h.) Jefferson, Wis George Trucks 

Jefferson, Chexterjidd, S. C John S. Miller 

Jefferson, Oarrott, Miss Jonathan Dnrdia 

Jefferson Barracks, St, LottiSr Mo ^' Thompson 

Jefferson City, Cole, Mo John S. McCrackin 

Jefferson's Comers, Whitesides, 111 Charles C. 


Jefferson Furnace, Clarion, Pa John Haslet 

Jefferson Line, Clearfield, Pa John Hoover 

Jefferson A^ills, Jefferson, Mp Wm.B. Dunnavant 

Jefferson Mills, Coos, N. H.. Himan C. Dexter 

Jeffersonton, (c. h.) Camden, Ga. John May 

Jeffersonton, Culp^fter, Va Dennis McIMirmott 

Jeffersontown, Jefferson, Ky J.P.Fank 

Jefferson Valley, West Chester, N.Y...D.Loun8bury 
Jeffersonville, SulUwm, N. Y... James P. Bogardns 

Jeffersonville, Clark, la Theophiius L. Elmer 

Jeffersonville, Twiggs,Qa. Ellis Long 

Jeffersonville, Ihyette, Ohio Horace K. Pearson 

Jeffersonville, Montgomery, Pa Mrs. Mary Bean 

Jeffersonville, Lamoille, Vt Levi A. Carleton 

Jeffrey's Creek, Marion, 8. C... Jos. S. Cunningham 
Jeffrey's Store, Nottaway, Va...Kdward T. Jeffreys 

Jeffries, Ckaijield. Pa Thomas Henderson 

Jelloway, Knoz;Onio Joseph Pinkley 

Jena, Bell,Tex John Adams 

Jena, l\iscaloo9a, Ala Thomas P. Robertson 

Jenkins' Bridge, St. Clair,Mo Edmund Nance 

Jenkins' Depot, Hardeman, Tenn. ..A. J. Stricklin 

Jenkin's Store, Union, N. C Robert N. Bivens 

Jenkintown, Montgowiery, Pa William Cottmsn 

Jenksville, Tioga, N. Y George G. Nixon 

Jenner's ^ Roads, Somerset, Pa John Kepler 

Jennersville, Chester, Pa WUliam Hughes 

Jennertown, Somerset, Pa Hiram Carver 

Jennings, lYankUn, la John A. Sawerland 

Jennings, Hamilton, Fla Robert WUUama 

Jennings' Giq>, Augusta, Va....'(....J^es A. Fraaier 

Jennings' Ordinary, Nottoway, Va.........Abner H. 


Jenny Lind, Sebastian, Ark James J. Baker 

Jennyopolis, Benton, Oregon Richard Irwin 

Jericho, Perry, Ala Stephen S. Pool 

Jericho, Queens, N. Y Albert G. Caxll 

Jericho, Wayne, N. C Geo. 0. Potts 

Jericho, Chittenden, Vt George B. Cakes 

Jericho, Kane, 111 Eldad M. Calkins 

Jericho, Butler, Ohio Robert Steele 

Jericho, Henry, Ky James II. Moore 

Jericho Centre, Chittenden, Vt Orla Thomson 

Jernigan, Orange, Fla Aaron Jemigan 

Jernigan, BarBour, Ala David Averett 

Jerome, Union, Ohio Lyman Andrews 

Jerome, JiinoarcE, la Chas. P. Baldwin 

JeromesvOle, Ashkmd, Ohio...Bei^amin Hargrave 

Jersey, lAcking, Ohio Leonard Headley 

Jersey, OaJdand, Mich John Leraiter 

Jersey City, Hudson, N. J Samuel M. Chambers 

Jersey Landing, Jer«iy, 111 James Semple 

Jersey Mifts, fyoonrfiy, Pa Levi Fisk 

Jersey Prairie, Cass, III....'. Andrew Wrteiit 

Jenej Shore, Lyeoming,Vti Robert Bdker 

Jerseytown, Montour, Pa J. A.Funston 

Jorseyville, Jersey, 111 Charles S. Jackson 

JON 6 

Jerusalem, Southampton, Va Richard H. Blythe 

Jerusalem, Daviej N. C Joseph W. Hodge 

Jerusalem Mills, Harford, Md .....David Lee 

Jerusalem South, Queens, N. Y John B. Poet 

J eaaaxaine, Jessamine, Ky William J. King 

Jesso's Store, Shelby, Ky Warren C. Jesse 

Jesuit's Bend, Plaqtiemine, Ja John L. Titus 

JetersvUle, Amelia, Va George H. Southall 

Jewell Hill, Madison, N. C Joseph J. Gudger 

Jewett, Greene, N. Y Alfred Peck 

Jewett Centre, Greene, N. Y West Chase 

Jewett City, New London, Conn H. T. Crosby 

Joanna Furnace, Berks, Pa Bentley H. Smith 

Jobe, Oregon,yio WUliam Hall 

Jobstown, Burlington, N. J William C. Curtis 

Joe's Bayou, Ozn-oK, La J. B. Tompkins 

Joe's Lick, Madison, Ky John Gay 

Johns, Liberty, Tex Clark A. Wiggins 

John's Branch, Audrian, Mo...Charle8 H. Benning 

Johnsonburgh, Warren, N. Y John Noble 

Johnson, LamaiUe, Vt Daniel M. Dow 

Johnson, McDmaugh, HI Salem Woods 

Johnson, Jones, Iowa John Tilson 

Johnsonburgh, Warren, N.J Robert Blair 

Johnsonsburgh, Wyoming, N. Y... George W. Merrill 
Johnson's Corners, Summit, Ohio...Joseph Witner 
Johnson's Creek, Jefferson, Wis. Jeremiah Van Bus- 

Johnson's Creek, Niagara, N. Y Frederick J. 

J(^nson's Cross Roads, Monroe, Va.Morris Johnson 

Johnson's Forks, Morgan, Ky Wm. S. Lykins 

Johnson's Mills, Pitt, N. C Lewis B. Pugh 

Johnson's Mills, Clark, 111 Andrew S. Gross 

Johnson's Ranch, Sutter, Cal William E.O'Reax 

Johnson's Springs, Goochland, Va...Wm. S. Crouch 

Johnson's Station, Tarrant, Tex Jason Watson 

Johnson's Store, Anne Arundel, Md.Addison Johnson 

Johnsontown, Northampton, Va Albert G. Holt 

Johnson ville, Cumberland, N. C.Samuel E. Johnson 

Johnsonville, TrurnbuU, Ohio John W. Jackson 

Johnsonville, WiUiam^burgh, S. C John C. Dye 

Johnsonville, Rensselaer. N. Y Gilbert Miller 

Johnsonville, Anderson, Ky John F. Bean 

Johnston, PoinseU, Ark Wm. H. Greenwood 

Johnston ville, Monroe, Ga John Johnston 

Johnstown, Moore, N. C John N. McNeill 

Johnstown, Cumberland, 111 N. F. Gray 

Johnstown, Barry, Mich John Culver 

Johnstown, (c. 'h.) FuLUm, N. Y James Dunn 

Johnstown, iiicWn^, Ohio Alfred Tollett 

Johnstown, Cqjnbria, Pa Ephraim Buck 

Johnstown, Rock, Wis D. R. Spooner 

Johstown, Cass, Mo J. L. Downing 

Johnstown Centre, Rock, Wis.-.Erastus S. Johnson 

Johnsville, Prederidc, Md John Kinzer, jr 

Johnsville, Montgomery, Ohio Samuel M. Heck 

Johnsville, Dutchess, N. Y Abraham Way 

JolA, Marion, Iowa Joseph Qark 

JoUet, Will, 111 Calneh Zarley 

Jolly, Monroe, Ohio Leonard Chalk 

JoUytown, Greene, Pa John Hagan 

Jonathan's Creek, Haytoood, N. C Daniel Howell 

Jone, /owo, Iowa John Wykoflf 

Jones*, Scott, Ky John Jones 

Jones' Bluff, Sumter, Ala B. P. Kennedy 

Jonesborough, Grant, la Samuel T. Jay 

Jonesborough, J^erson, Ala Samuel A.Tarrant 

Jonesborough, Fhyette, G« L. Johnston 

Jonesboro, (c. h^ Union, 111 John Evans 

Jonesborough, Washingtpn, Me.... George W. Taylor 

Jonesboro', Saline, Mo J. M. Fix 

Jonesborough, (c. h.)Washington, Tenn... George W. 

Jonesborough, Brunswick, Va Robert B.Jones 

Jonesborough, Tippah, Miss Abraham Slover 

Jones' Creek, Anson, N. C Peter Jones 

Jones' Creek, Randolph, 111 James Dean 

Jones' Gveek^ Liberty, Ga .Sheldon M. Chapman 

Jones* Ferry, Morehouse, La John Joneb 

Jones' Hill, luscaJcosa, Ala John S. M'Callum 

Jones' MiUs, Washington, Va Furney Jones 

Jones' Mills, Talobu^ui, Miss John E.Jones 

Jomes* Mills, M*N(dry, Tenn. Samuel C Jones 

JOQW' Mills, MarrivoOier, Ga ^^K. lUthews 


Jones' Mills' Westmardand, Pa.....Robert W. Singer i 

Jones^ Mine, Randolph, N. C J. L. SalliTSB i 

Jones' Nursery, CZarAr, Ky.... Jauntleroy Jones \ 

Jones' Spring, Berkley, Va John Stuckey 

Jones' Tan Yard, Callaway, Mo Horatio Jones 

Jonestown, Lebanon, Pa. John Bickel, jr 

Jonesville, Hillsdale, Mich William H. Taller 

Jonesville, Saratoga, N. Y Norman B. Prentiss 

Jonesville, Yadkin, N. C W. T. PauUin 

Jonesville, Monroe, Ohio Charles McGonigal 

Jonesville, Unton,^. C Charles Cunningham 

Jonesville, Harrison, Tex...'. James W. Motiey 

Jonesville, Weakley, Tenn John E. Halford 

Jonesville, Chittenden, Vt ^Jabez R. Jones 

Jonesville, (c. h.) Lee, Va William 8. Vaughan 

Jonesville, &IMA:, Wis Alfred Gill 

Jonesville, BarUiolomew, la. James G. Stewart 

Jone Valley, Calaveras, Cal James H. AlYord 

Jordan, Greene, Wis W^iliiam Warreii 

Jordan, Onondaga, N. Y : William T. Graves 

Jordan, Fillmore, Minn Asher H. Palmer 

Jordan, VermUlion^ 111 Andrew J. Atkison 

Jordan's Grove, Randolph, HI William Meek 

Jordan's Mills, Orangeburgh, S. C John Jordan 

Jordan's Saline, (c. h.)Vamant, Tex.J. W. Chrestman 
Jordan's Store, Williamson, Tenn...Wm. P. Rncker 

Jordan's Valley, Rutherford, Tenn ..Ezra Reed 

Jordan Village, Owen, la ^ JohnHofia 

Jordanville, Herkimer, N. Y .'Adam Miller 

Josco, Livingston, Mich Levi W. Munscdl 

Joy, Wayne, N.»Y Enoch Granger 

Joyner's Depot, Edgecoml>e, N. C....Wm. D. Farmer 

Joy's Mills, Burke,{i& Samuel H. Littlefleld 

Judah, Greene, Wis Josiah BidweM 

Juliann Furnace, Centre, Pa John Adams 

Julian Gap, Hamilton, Tonn Jesse S. Bagon 

Juliet, Xat&rence, la James Davis 

Juliustown, BuHington, N. J B. B. Antrim 

Jumping Branch, Mercer, Va. Robert D. Shanklin 

Junction, Du Page, 111 W.J. Mowry 

Junction, Rensselaer, N. Y Isaac T. Grant 

Junction, Paulding, Ohio J. J. Snyder 

Junction, Hanover, Va Wm. P. H. Davenprot 

Junction Store, BotOourt, Va. James M. Jones 

Juneau, Dodge, Wis I.Silas H.Coleman 

Juniata, Perry, Pa. Thomas McDon^d 

Junior, Scioto, Ohio Henry W. Norris 

Junius, Ibnd du Lac, Wis..... Quimby Hayes 

Junius, Seneca, N Y Harvey Deuel 

Juno, JSenderson, Tenn James L. F. Sherrod 

Juno, Lumpkin, Ga William Bnrt 

Justus* Mills, Hempstead, Ark Jphn Juetoi 

KABLETOWN, Jefferson, Va Daniel A. HUl 

Kalamazoo, (c. h) Kalamatoo, Mich..Wm. H. DeYoe 

Kalamo, Eaton^ich Joseph Kent 

Kalida, (o. h.)jrt*«naTft, Ohio Andrew J. Taylor 

Kanawha C. H., Kanawha,Ytk David H. Snyder 

Kanawha Saline, Kanawha, Va ....C. C. Wateon 

Kane, Greene, 111 ....Nathaniel M. Perry 

Kaneville Kane, HI Matthew Hanna 

Kankakee, Laporte, la James Van Ambnrgh 

Kankakee Depot, Kankakee, IU...George M. Stowell 

Kanona, Steuben, N. Y John Ostrander 

Kansas, Jackson, Mo Joseph C. Ranaan 

Kansas, Walker, A.]& James Hogan 

Kansas, Jefferson, Tenn John h. Jaeote 

Kansas, Edgar, 111 W. F. Boyer 

Kansas, Graves, Ky John W. Smith 

Kappa. Woodford, 111 F. Neirgarth 

Karrsville, Warren, N. J James McSea 

Karthaus, CUarfidd, Pa J. F. W. Bchnan 

Kaseys, BetHford, Va Christopher Mnsgrove 

Kaskaskia, (o. h.) Randolph, HI... .Philip W. Ung«r 

Kasoag, Oswego, N. Y William J. Dodg» 

Kasota, Blue JEat^Min. Ter Jos. W. Baboock 

Katahdin Iron Works, Piscataquis, Me RojftI 


Katonah, West Chester, N. Y David Pntn^ 

Kaufman, Kaufman, Tex H. B. Qiay 

Kaukauna, Outagamie,WiB John H«a4 

Kaysville, Davis, Utah Ter Samnel Hendenon 

Kearsly, Genesee, Mich ^. „.» David Broim 




Kfltts Bridge, Chickasaw, Mlas.... Thomas T. Enochs 

Keatchie, £>e Soto, La William A. Thorpe 

Keel's Church, Martin, la Christian Keck 

Keecbil, i^ee«ton«,Tex H. C. Stagner 

Keedysville, Washinaton, Md Edward Reilly 

Keefer's Comers, Awany, N. Y Peter Eeefer 

Reefer's Store, Franklin, Pa Eewis Keefer 

Keelersbxirgh, Wyoming, Pa Asa Keeler 

Keelersrille, Van Buren, Mich... Charles Dancombe 

Keene, Jessamine, Ky Thomas S. Broughton 

Keene, (c. h.) Cheshire, N.H Joshua D. Colony 

Keene, Essex, N. Y E. S. Russell 

Keene, Coshocton, Ohio John Sprague 

Keeneville, Wayne, 111 John Keene 

Keeney's Settlement, OorOandt, N. Y...Geo. W. Fox 

Keep Trieste, Washinffton, Md A. H. P. Bamhart 

Keeserille, Essex, N. Y Gorton T. Thomas 

Keeeler's Cross Lanes, Nicfvolas, Ya JohnR. 

Keexletown. Eockingham, Ya.„WIlIIam D. Bowman 

Kdth's, Noble, Ohio Philip W. Keith 

Keithsburgh, (c. h.) Mercer, Ill.Thoma8 H. Freeman 

KellersTille, Monroe, Pa Samuel S. Keller 

Kellertown, Wilkinson, Mba William H. Benton 

Kelley's Island, Erie, Ohio William S. Webb 

KeUey»B Mills, Lawrence, Ohio...Wllliam H. Kelley 

Kellogsville, Cayuga, N. Y Kenyon Wickes 

Kellogsrille, Ashtabula, Ohio....Beigamin Wetmore 

Kelley's Creek, St. Clair,' Alh Graham Beavers 

Kelly's Landing, Oldham,Ky John Kelly 

Kelly's Spring, IbUadega, Ala JLbner Williams 

Kelly8Tille,Z>«2ati;arf, Pa Charles Kelly 

Kellysville, Oulpqper, Va...i GranTille J. Kelly 

Kelse, Dearborn, la < William Swift 

Kemblesville, Chester, Pa George Kemble 

Kemp, Kaufman,Tex .Leyi Noble 

Kemper Springs, Kemper, Miss E. C. Mosby 

Kemp's Creek, Benton, Ala James Kemp 

KempsTille, Princess Ann, Va David M. Walke 

Kemptown, JFYederick, Md WUliam A. Bennett 

Kenansville, (c h.) Duplin, N. C Isaac B. Kelly 

Kendall, Orleans, N. Y William Griswold 

Kendall, Beaver, Pa James M'Carrell 

Kendall, Kendall, HI Jeremiah Sheppard 

KendaU Creek, MKean, Pa John F. Melvin 

Kendall Mills Orleans, N. Y James If. Rogers 

Kendall's Mills, Somerset, Me E. W. McFadden 

Kendall's Store, Stanley, N.C John Kendall 

KendalvUle, JVbWe, la. Samuel Minot 

Kenduskeag, Penobscot, Me..Timothy P. Batchelder 

Kennemer, Marshall, Ala Jacob Kennamer 

Kennebnnk, York, Me Evat Willard 

Kennebnnk Depot, York, Me Robert Mitchell 

Kennebonkport, York, Me Silas Perkins 

Kennedys, Brunsufiek, Ya Isham H. Trotter 

Kennett'B Square, Chester, Pa iSharpless Mercer 

Kennon, Belmont, Ohio John A. Ray 

Kennonsburgh, Iioble,Ohio P. Nicholas 

Kenosha, Kenosfia, Wis ~ George H. Paul 

Kenshena, Outo^amie, Wis John Wiley 

Kensloo, West Chester, N. Y Evander OdeU 

Kensington, Hartford, Conn James Woodruff 

Kensington, Oakland, Mich John Dally 

Kensington, Rockiiwham, N. H W. N. Shaw 

Kensington, Phxladdphia, Pa Peter Rambo 

Kent, Litel^fUld, Conn Leman Beecher 

Kent, Stephenson, HI Abram Reber 

Kent, Putnam, N. Y James Foshay 

Kent, Indiaruiy Pa Robert Hunter 

Kent, Jefferson, la .John Chitwood 

Kent, Newttm, Mo Noah W. Boone 

Kenton, (c. h.,)J7art2»n, Ohio Albert Zugschwert 

Kentontown, Harriaon, Ky OrvUle G. Cameron 

Kenf 8 Hill, Kennebeck, Me Robert G. Skofield 

Kentucky, VermiUion, HI Mordecai Wells 

Kentuckytown, Orayson, Tex Benj. P. Savage 

Kenyon, Jaeksim, Ark John C. Kirkpatrick 

Keoktiek, Lef, Iowa William Patterson 

Keoeauqua,(o.h.) Fan ^renyIowa.Seth Millington 

Kerhonkson, CTfofer, N. Y Melford Vemooy 

KemersviUe, Forsyth, N. C John P. Kerner 

Kemeysville, Jeffbrson, Ya Giles C. Hamlll 

Kerr's Creek, Soekbri^e, Ya. John C. Laird 

Kerr's Store, (7Zarton,Pa William Yost 

KermyiUe, Oumberkmd, Pa. Obarle* Harvey 

Kerseys, EVe, Pa Clxarles R. Earley 

Kfisslers, Northampton, Pa John Speer 

Ke8ler*8 Cross Lanes, Nichdas, Ya. John R. Vaughn 

Kesnick Depot, Albemarle, Ya Wm. M. Smith 

Ketcham's Comers, SaraU^a, N. Y William W. 


Ketchumville, Tiogo, N. Y...... James Chapin 

Kettle Creek, Potter, Pa Exra H. Prichard 

Kettle Creek, Ware, Geo Cuyler W. Hilllard 

Kewanna, Heiiry, HI Sylvester Blisb 

Kewanna, Fulton, la Quincey A. Kelso 

Kewaskum, Washington, Wis Henry Backhaus 

Kewaunee, Wis Henry B. BertholJP 

Kewenaw Bay, Houghton, Mich Robert Dubois 

Keyport, Monmouth, N. J Henry H. Seabrook 

Keysburgh, Logan, Ky Joseph S. Chastain 

Keysburgh, Pike, 111 Daniel A. Shaw 

Keysport, Clinton, 111 Thomas Keys 

Keystone, Jackson, Ohio Samuel Benner 

Keysville, Charlotte, Ya George N. Ralls 

Keytesville, (c h.) Chariton, Mo.. John W. Redding 
Key West, (c. h.) Monroe, Fla... Joseph 0. Whalton 

Kezar Falls, York, Me Gideon M. Randall 

Kiantone, ChaiUauque, N. Y... Levant B. Brown 

Kickapoo, Peoria, HI Richard F. Seabury 

Kickapoo, 'Anderson, Tex William R. Miller 

Kickapoo, Bad Axe, Wis „ Robert Wilson 

Kickapoo City, Kansas Ter Thomas D. Armond 

Kidder's Ferry, Seneca, N. Y Peter Crise 

Kiddville, Clark, Ky Vivian Daniel 

Kidron, Cherokee Nation, Ails. David Palmer 

Kidron, Cbt^cto, Ga Walter H. Smith 

Kilgore, Carroll, Ohio Joseph Creal 

Killawog, Broome, N. Y Noyes Salisbury 

Killbourne, Delatoare, Ohio John Davidson 

Killbuck, Cattaraugus, N. Y James W. Phelps 

Killbuck, Ogle, HI Alonzo B. Thomas 

Killbuck, Holmes, Ohio Erastus Gleason 

Killian's Mills, Lincoln, N. C Absalom Brown 

Killingly, Windham, Conn Leavens Jencks 

Killingworth, Middlesex, Conn Horrace Redfield 

Kilmarnock, Piscataquis, Me Cyrus L. Hasty 

Kilmarnocki Lancaster, Va...Thoma8 W. Meredith 

Kilmlchael, Choctaw, Miss S. C. Raines 

KimberUn, GOes, Ya Hiram Neel 

Kimberton, Chester, Pa .George Moses 

Kimbolton, Guernsey, Ohio Jesse Smith 

Kimsey's Store, Polk, Tenn James B. Kimsey 

Eimulga, TaUadega, Ala Abraham Rinehart 

Eincannon's Ferry, Meigs, Tenn Stephen Farrie 

Kinder, JBancocfc, la 0. H. P. McDonald 

Kinderhook, Van Buren, Ark William Cullum 

Kinderhook, Pike, 111 Melvin B. Clmrchill 

Kinderhook, Branch, Mich John Waterhouse, jr 

Kinderhook, Columbia^ N. Y...Lawrence Van Buren 

Kinderhook, Lincoln, Tenn Jacob Stonebraker 

Kinderhook, Washinaton,Y& William Grant 

Kinderhook, Pike, la John Rhoadee 

King Sk Queen, C. H. Exng <£ Queen, Ya William 

B. Bird 

King Creek, BarnweU, S. Charles H. Lafitte 

Kingfield, lYahklin, Me Nathan B. Saunders 

King George C. H., King George, VaJohn N. Jones 

K*-ir ^' TVti«"":n, }frrr>/s'<^<^y, Pa Chas. J. Elliott 

Riiiti^i jrVur '.rcr, Ain Qeorgo Penuel 

Kingflf L'nian, iQwa......... James M. Campbell 

KlngijMry, h\-inifiqttis, Mft Theron E. Heald 

KiagsbDrQiigb, FnVim, N. Y. Daniel Potter 

Einig'fl BfiilK*\ New 1 i>rt » >*. Y John P. Dodge 

Hin^lmrv, Whifr^i^d^^, III Sarah A. Miller 

Eir-'rn' ^'r J .^H s.C Nathan King 

RiUii;*L>ui.>, i-^ J 'ojU, L^ H. C. Burlingame 

Kingsbury, Washington, N. Y...Charle0 B. Vaughn 

King's Creek, OddweU, N.C Allen Laxon 

Kingsessing, Philadelphia, Pa Thomas Palmer 

King's Ferry, Oxyuga, N. Y Walter Q. Bradley 

King's Gap, Harris, Ga George H. Bryan 

King's Hill, Cherokee, Ala Francis W. King 

Kingsleys, Orawford.'Po. Thomas G. Boylee 

King's Mills, Kane, HI Nelson Walker 

King's Mountain, Gaston, N. C Benj. F. Briggs 

King's Point, Dade, Mo .Samuel N. King 

Kingsport, SuUivan, Tenn Robert Patton 

King's Elver, CttrroO, Ark William Walker 

King's Settlement, Chenango, N. Y.WOUam Johnson 




Kingston, (c. h.) Autauga^ Ala—Alexander Sample 

Kingston, CasSj Oa James C. Ualily 

Kingston, De KdUb^ lU George H. HUl 

Kingston, MadUon, Ky James B. Heatherly 

Kingston, Somerset^ Md Henry Milbourn 

Kingston, Flymouthy Mass Horace L. Gullamore 

Kingston, (c. li.) OaJdwtU, Mo Francis H. Green 

Kingston, RockirMKam, N. H Oren Spofford 

Kingston, (c. h.) Lenoir^ N. G James M. Wooten 

Kingston, Middlesex, N. J Charles B. Moore 

Kingston, (c. h.) fTtoter, N. Y William Kerr 

Kingston, Ross, Ohio John R. Pontius 

Kingston, Luterney Pa ....Abraham H. Reynolds 

Kingston, Marquette, Wis George B. Worth 

Kingston, (c. h!^ Washington, R. IJSd. H. Champlin 

Kingston, (c. h.) Roane,Tenn Robert D. Duncan 

Kingston, Decatur, la S. R. Parvin 

Kingston, Adams, Miss Caleb F. Farrar 

Kingston, Des Moines, Iowa Lucius H. Frazell 

Kingston Centre, Delaware, Ohio. ..James N. Stark 

Kingston Mines, Peoria, 111 Samuel Hutchinson 

Kingstree, (c. h.) l^iaiamsburgl^, S. C Adam J. 


King's Valley, Benton, Or Rowland Chambers 

KingsvUle, Ashtabula, Ohio Q. G. GiUett 

KingsTille, Clarion, Pa William King, jr 

Kingville, Talladega, Ala Jesse Calhoun 

King William C. H., King WiUiam, Ya.Thomas Cubb 

King Wood, Hunterdon, N. J George Mason 

Kingwood, (c, h.) Preston, Va Joseph Jackson 

Kinisaw, Tama, Iowa Anthony Wilkinson 

Kinkead, St. Francois, Mo Samuel Kinkead 

Kinlock, Laurrence, Ala William J. McCord 

Kinney's Four Comers, Osu)ego,N.Y James 

Martin, Jr 
Kinnick Kinnick, St. Croix, Wis..I>aytson Williams 

Kinniconick, Levois, Ky Nathaniel R. Garland 

Kinnies Creek, Cumberland, N. C Daniel Cutts 

Kinsaie, WestTnoreland, Ya James W. English 

Kinsmans, TrumbuU, Ohio John Kinsman 

Kinston, (c. h.) Lenoir, N.O James M. Wuoten 

Kintnersville, J3ucfe<, Pa Levi F. Sassaman 

mnwn, Lancaster, Pa Robert Tagert 

Kinzua, Warren, Pa Richard Powell 

Kiokee, Columbia, Geo :. .William McLean 

Kiomatia, Red River, Texas Trayis G. Wright 

Kirby, Oreene, Pa John Hudson 

Kirby, Wjfandott, Ohio James C. Culbertson 

KirkersTille, LicMng, Ohio Owen Kelly 

Kirkland, Oneida, N. Y Charles E. Hart 

Kirkland, Cabarras, N. C Robert Kirkpatrick 

Kirk's Cross Roads, Clinton, la... Hiram Dougherty 

Kirksey's Cross Roads, Edgejidd, S. C S. Stevens 

Kirk's Forry, Tensas, La William H. Bowman 

Kirk's MUls, Lancaaer,V& Levi Kirk 

Kirksville, Madison, Ky Thomas Brown 

Kirksville, (c. h.) Adair, Mo Robert M. Parcels 

Kirkville, BuUer, Ala James Kbrkpatrick 

Kirkville, WapeOo, Iowa Henry Crabbs 

Kirkville, Onondaga, N. Y Joseph Hoag 

Kirkwood, Brooms, N. Y Peter T.B. Emmons 

Kirkwood, St. Louis, Mq Green Harrison 

Kirtland, Lake, Ohio George Frank 

KiBAtchee, Natchitoches, La Wm. P. Owings 

Kishacoquillas, MijffUn, Pa Benjamin Garver 

Kishwaukee, Winnebaao, Ill....Samuel M. Benedict 

Kiskatom, Oreene, N. Y Jacob S. Bloom 

Kiskiminitas, Armstrong, Pa William H. 


Kitching's Mills, Orangeburgh, S. C L. A. Culler 

Kittaning, (c. h.) Armstrong, Pa Simon Truby 

Kittery. Fork, Me Albert A. Hayes 

Kittenr^s Point, York, Me Jos. Seaward 

Kittrell, Granville, N. G Elisha H. Overton 

KlecknersviUe, Northampton, Pa...CharIes Kleckner 
Kline's Grove, Northumberland, Pa...JoBiab F.Cline 

KlinoBvUle, Hunterdon, N.J Miller Kline 

Klinesville, Berks,2A Peter A. Kline 

Klingerstown, SchuylkiO, Pa .John Weist 

Klntt'g Tan Yard, Cubarras, S. C Levi Klutz 

Knap of Reeds, OranoHU, N. G Garter Waller 

Knaps, Qauier,Kj Daniel T. Pearce 

Kneisley, Oreene, D. S. Huffer 

Knight^s Ferry, San Joaquin, Gal...George M. Dent 
KnishtstowB, Bmrp, U. Anuw D. Fithiaa 

Knightsville, Providence, 13L I Gyrus (Hney 

Knob, Tizewea, Va R. B. Higginbotham 

Knob Creek, Harrison, la George C. JotuuoB 

Knob Fork, Wetzel, Va .James I. Petti^^raw 

Knobnoster, JbAmon, Mo JTohn B. Bowman 

Knottsville, Davies, Ky A. H. Cleniento 

Knowersville, Albany, N. Y .James Keentaolts 

Knowlesville, Orlearu, N. Y Oliver IHwis 

Knox, Albany, N. Y Henry BarcUej 

Knox, Stark, la .Jacob Bosartti 

Knox, Knox, Jacob Fiaher 

Knox, Clarion,Pa. Francis Thompa<» 

Knox, Black Hawk, Iowa Manuel E. BCallo 

Knox Corners, Oneida, N. Y .James £. Knox 

Knox Hill, fraUon, Fla David G. Quim 

Knoxville, Oreene, Ala George W. Knox 

Knoxville, (c. h.) Crawford, Ga..Franci8 H. Murdoch 

Knoxville, Franklin, Mis Sterling H. Whitebead 

Knoxville, Knox, III .Jacob W. Brew^ 

Knoxville, Marion, Iowa.. .Andrew G. Cunningham 

Knoxville, iZay, Mo D. H. Wright 

Knoxville, Jefferson, Ohio Abram Peters 

Knoxville, Tioga,Va, Hiram Freeborn 

Knoxville, Cherokee, Tex William A. Pope 

Knoxville, Knox, Tenn .John B. Helnu 

Koch's, Wayne, Ohio Sturling Bucher 

Kokomo, Howard, la Alfred H. Plough 

Koro, Winnebago, Wis James H. Foster 

Kortright, Delaware, N. Y Joseph W. Barlow, jr 

Kosciusko, Attala, Miss Shelman Durhank 

Koskonong, JejSferson^ Wis Wm. I. Graham 

Kossuth, Des Moines, Iowa Samuel D. Colbara 

Kossuth, Boone, HI Henry Fish, Jr 

Kossuth, Auglaize, Ohio WUUam Gamble 

Kossuth, Washington, la Spencer D. Pengh 

Kossuth, Clarion, Pa Edward Hester 

Kossutli, Clark, Mo Edward T. Peake 

Kossuth, Tishemingo, Miss ^William F..Wallaoe 

Koszta, Iowa, Iowa William Hench 

Kowaliga, TaUapoosa, Ala J^ohn Lamberth 

KratzersviUe, union. Pa. »Samuel R. Yearick 

Kreidersville, Nort?uimpton,^a G. H. Yoang 

Krepgeville, Monroe, Pa ^Henry Neff 

Kripplebush, Ulster, N. Y Stephen B. Chamber* 

Kroh's Mills, OarroU, Md .John Krow 

Kulpsvllle, Montgomery, Pa Franklin K. Baker 

Kunkktown, Monroe, Pa JReuben Stever 

Kurtzville, Berks, Pa J. Kiirta 

Kustushaw, NesTioba, Miss Wm. H. Waner 

Kutztown, Arks, Pa .George J. Fiater 

KutzvUle, Berks, Pa John K«t> 

Kyger, GalUa, Ohio ..J)avid Tate 

Kylerstown, CUarJield, Pa Eleaser Hnnter 

Kyle's Landing, Cumberland, N. G... J)ayid MeNeill 

Kysorville, LivingsUm, N. Y Abm. S. Ihompeon 

Kyte River, Ogle, lU v A. D. Clark 

LABADDIE, FrankUn, Mo. Thomas J. North 

La Belle, Oreenup, Ky .John Means 

La Branche Lauding, St. Charles, La Octave Ia 

Branche . 

Lacey, Drew, Ark WiUiam B. Daniel 

Lacey, DeKaNt, 111 Jame:* Roweat 

Lacey Springs, Rockingham, Va..William H. Barlcgr 

Lacvy's Spring, Morgan, Ala Thomas H. Imo&y 

Laceyville, Wyoming, Pa Ephralm J. Keenegr 

Lacey ville, Harrison, Ohio Robert S. Laotj 

Lackawack, Ulster, N. Y George W. Northrof 

Lackawaxen, PUce, Pa John M. Williamson 

Lackemute, /\)Ur, Oregon Isaae Staati 

U Clair, De Kalb, HI Timothy Goble 

Lacon, (o. h.) Marshall, 111 ..James W. Maxwell 

Lacona J^erson, Ky A. H. Oammj 

Laoonla, JBUrmon, la. Thomas Pattinson 

Laconia, Desha, Ark CburchUI H. Blackbon 

La Cote St. Marie, Marquette, Wis R. Thompson 

Lac qui Parle, Dahkotah, Mln Stephen ft. Rigsi 

La Crosse, La Crosse, Wis. Harvey E. Huhbaid 

Lactin, Osdar, Iowa Martin G. Miller 

Laddsburgh, Bradfortl, Pa..... Puter Sterigere 

Ladlesburgh, Frederick, Md Samuel Blrolj 

Ladiga, Badon, Ala John ft. Graham 

Lad(i(a» Monigimery^ la........ Martin L. IUmUsUI 




lAdogo, Fond du Lac, Wi8.......Lflonard W. Ffenrell 

Ufargeville, J^erwn, N. Y B. W. Bedell 

Ia Fayette, (c. h.) WaUcer, Qa. John Caldwell 

LaVkyette, Stark^JM. Thomag W. Rws 

Ia Fayette, ^. h.) Tippecanoe, la Jaeob Walker 

La Fayette, lAnn^ Iowa. Bichard Lanlng 

[ U Fayette, Chrigtian, Ky H. S. Sypert 

I U Fayette, Suutx, N. J A. A. Richards 

! U Fayette, OwmdagcL, N. T Reuben M. Handy 

> Ia Fayette, if<u2t<on, Ohio Joneph H. Bradley 

la Fayette, McKean, Pa WiUlam N. Tenny 

I la Fayette, Jfocon, Tenn Peter Dance 

la Fayette, Mcmtgomery^ Va .George Banghman 

la Fayette, ll^toorfA, Wis. Eseklel B.Smith 

la Fayette, Yam HiUy Ogn George B. Goudy 

la Fayette City, Jffffrwn, La. F. B. Von Harten 

la Fayette Hill, FlwDamina^ Ya Wm. G. Wood 

la Fayette Springs, La. FayttU, His.H. D. McTntoeh 

laFayetteville, Dut4iheJttt N. T John Killmer 

UfflngGal, Cherokee, Ga Samnel M. Hnnt 

laFomba, La Fctvette, Miss John McHelley 

la Fontaine, Harlan, Ky John M. Per^ifoll 

U Fontaine, Wabaai,Itk (George K.Cook 

lagado, Wtlson, Tenn Turner Ynngban 

la^e, Bradley, Ark Peter Wagnon 

]# Grange, Franklin, Ala John Acock 

La Grange, (e. h.) Troup, Ga J. H. H. Colquitt 

La Grange, (e. h.) La Orange, la R. Rhne bottom 

U Grange, Otdhixni, Ky Thomas S. Weils 

UGrange, Ptnobsooi, Me Andrew B. Dyer 

U Grange, Ckut, Mich William F. TInuey 

UGrange, Lucae, Iowa Thomas C. Stewart 

UGrange, SUanOaui, Cal L. M. Booth 

' U Grange, Lnwit, Mo Joseph Fowler 

UGrange, Wyoming, N. T ^George H. Morgan 

U Grange, Randolph, N. C JDempsey Brown 

UGrange, Lorain, Ohio Hiram Prichard 

UGrange, Wycming, Pa Ch-Iando Osterhout 

UGrange, ^y«tte, Tenn H. H. Fails 

U Grange Fayette, Texas DaTidG. Gn^gory 

La Grange, PAtltpf, Ark Jense Everett 

UGrange, Walworth, Wis Thomas Waterman 

UGrange, Chester, S. C Jacob F. Strait 

UGrange Blaff, ^oiotiylll H. F. C. Jobnuon 

UOranxeville, Dutchesi, N. Y.-.Brooks Venollyea 

Ugro, Wabash, la .Benedict W. Lowry 

UHarpe, Hancock, 111 Henry C^ Conlfion 

Labaska, Bucks, Pa..^ Wm. Balderston 

Uing's, Monroe, Ohio Samuel Grimshaw 

LairdDvIlIe, Oneida, N. Y Hector W. Roberts 

Uke, Washington, N. Y Walter G. Stewart 

lake, Luzerne, Pa Abram Bisher 

Lake, Stark, Ohio J. B. Woods 

Lake, Trinity, Texas A. M. Wilson 

Lake, >Cook, lU S. J. Prindle 

Lake Charles, Calcasieu, La. Charles A. Hardey 

Uke Comfort, Hyde, N. C Reuben Benson 

Lake Creek, Waiiamson, Tenn S. G. Hindman 

Lake Creek, Lamar ^ Tex Zachariah R. Terrell 

Uke Creek, Fettis, Mo John G. Bruehl 

Uke Creek, PdOe, Ga Abner Darden 

Lake Creek, WUUamvm, 111 Barnes T. Powell 

Uke Five, Waukeshxi, Wis Patrick McGorem 

Lake Forlc, Ashland, David Dillier 

Lake Griffin, SuwUer, Fla .James L. Hawthorne 

Lake Hill, Ulster, N. Y TOliam M. Cooper 

Lakeland, Suffhik, N. Y Charles Wood 

Lake Land, Washinaton, Minn Freeman C. Tyler 

Lake Landing, Hyde, N. C Selby Watson 

Uke Maria, Marquette, Wis Daniel R. French 

Lake Mills, Jefferson, Wis Miles Milard 

Lake Pleasant, Hamilton, N. Y Aaron B. Sturges 

Uke Providence, CarroO, La Isaac N. Kent 

Lakeport, Madison^ N. Y John Brexee 

Uke Ridge, Tompkins, N. Y John Moe 

Lake Ridge, Lenatoee, Mich Henry Darling 

Uke River, Clark, Washington Ter Marshall R. 


Lake Road, Niagara, N. Y Jeptha W. Baboock 

Uke Station, Lake, la Silas L. Sergent 

Ukesville. Dorchester, Md John S. Staplefort 

Uketon, Wabash, la. Wm. W. Depuy 

Lake Tillage, Belknap. N. H. John Blaisdeil, jr 

Lakeville, 2<tteA/le2£{, Conn Lorenso Tupp«r 

Lakeville, Oakland, Mich , Jsaac S. Byman 

LakevlUe, Livingston, N. Y David Gray 

Lakeville, iSX. Josqoh, la. B. W. Ryan 

Lakeville, Dahkotah, Minn Griifin Phelps 

Lake Zurich, Lake, HI ......Alexander Fortune 

Lamar, Marshall, Mins S^L. Treadwelt 

Lamar, Randolph^ Ala Janfes S. Peerson 

Lamar, Refugio, Texas ,G*orge C. Givens 

Lamar, McHenry, 111 .Isaac Gri^wokl 

Lamar, Ch'nton, Pa. William P. Ward 

Lamar, Jasper, Mo J, C. Parry 

Lamar, Hmderson, Tenn .Thomas McMurray 

Lamartine, Clarion, Pa David Eshelman 

Lamartlne, Carroll, Ohio James Harper 

Lamartine, FhndDuLac, Wis Wm. Townsend 

Lamartine, Washita, Ark Thomas P. Dockery 

Lambertsville, Hunterdony N.J Thomas Thomson 

Lambertville, Monroe, Mich Jacob B«1t9sel 

LamlM Point, Madison, 111 Wm. J. Rosberry 

Lamburgh, Iroquois, 111 James Lamb 

La Mine, Cooper, Mo Freeman Wing 

Lamington, RusseU, Ala Pleasant Philips 

Lamira, Belmont, Ohio Oliver G. Metcalf 

Lamoille, Bureau, HI Henry Hopkins 

La Motte, Jackson, Iowa J>. O. Montague 

Lampeter, Lancaster, Pa Henry MiUer 

Lampsville. Belmont, Ohio Wm. C. Thrasher 

Lamsons, Onondaga, N. Y Merrick S. Thompson 

Lanark, A-adZey, Ark William Childi 

Lancaster, aMX,Ill Samnel Christy 

Lancaster, J^erson,lii Corbin ByfieM 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Garrard, Ky... .Harvey D. Brown 
Lancaster, Worcester, Mas8.....Chri(itopber A. Rand 
Lancaster, (c. h.) SchuyUr, Mo... William S. Thatcher 

Lancaster, (e. h.) Onos, N. H Harfey Adams 

Lancaster, Erie, N. Y Henry L. Bingham 

Lancaster, fc. h.) Fairfield, Ohio John L. Tuthill 

Lancaster, (c h.) Lancaster, Pa....Henry M. ReigaK 

Lancaster, {c. h.) Lamxuter, S. C .T. R. MaglH 

Lancaster, Smith, Tenn Michael Lancaster 

Lancaster C. H., Lancaster, Va Warner Eubank 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Keokuck, lowa.-.Leonldas Crocker 

Lancaster, (c. h.) Grant, Wis George W. Ryland 

Land, Whitley, Ind Thomas Neal 

Landaff, Grafton, N. H Samnel P. Peavey 

LanderpvlUe, Latorence, Ala John I^anders 

Landgrove, Bennivgton. Vt... Selah Warner 

Landis' Store, Berks, Pa Nathan Irftndis 

Landisburgh, Barry, Pa John Burtnett 

Landisville, Lanoaxter, Pa Martin M. Swarr 

Land of Promise, Princess Anne, Va... Joeiah White 

Landsdown, Prince WlUam, Va B. E. Trenit 

Landsford, Chuter, S.C.: William D. Fndge 

Lane, , Kansas Ty A. F. Powell 

Lane Depot. Ogle, 111 D. B. SUles 

Lanefleld, Haywood, Tenn C. B. Revelle 

Lanesborough, Berkshire^ Mass Geo. R. Rockwell 

Lanesborough, Anson, N. C William Allen 

Lanenborough, Susquehanvah, Pa...Laaren Norton 
Lane's Brook, TKu/^tnpfon,Me...6enjamin A.Strout 

Lane's Creek, ZTnum, N. C .Thomas L. Marih 

Lane's Cross Roads, HamiUcn, 111 ... .Fielding Broylee 

Lane's Prairie, Osage, Uo William L. Pinnell 

Lanesville, Harrison, la Hamilton Tresenriter 

Lanesville, Floyd.Kj James S. Layne 

Lanesville, King mHiam, Va...Lycurgus S. AmoM 

Lanesville, LiU^Jleld, Conn Isaac Northrop 

Lanesville, Essex, Mass Levi Dennen 

Langdon, Stdlivan^. H Ro>al Shumway 

Langley, Fairfax, Va William Means 

Langsbury, Camden, Ga. Ii^aac Lang 

Langston, Jackson, Ala John Snodgraas 

Langsville, Meigs, Ohio William McMaster 

Languelle, St. Frands, Ark A. G. McDanlel 

Lanier, (c. h.) Jfocon, Ga. S. N. Dawson 

Lannon Springs, Waukesha, WiB....Wm. N. Lannon 

Lansing, Outagamie, Wis L. S. Angur 

Lansing, Jhaham, Mich Van S. Murphy 

Lansing, AUemakee, Iowa... .Thompson E. WillianM 

Lansing, Porter, la E. H. Johnson 

Laufiingburgb, Rensselaer, N. Y.... Sydney D. Smith 

Lan8ingville, Tompkins, N. Y Dana F. Fox 

Laona, Chautauque, N. Y Nelson Home* 

Laona, mnnebaao, HI William Randall 

Lapeer, OorOandt, N. Y Royal Johnson 

Lapeer, (c. h.) Lapeer, Mich N. B. Eldredge 




LaphamflTille, Kent, Mich .^ G«orge French 

Lapland, Madison, N. C Wlllla W. WilUford 

La Pointe, La Pointe, Wis John W. Boll 

Lapomba, LalhyetUy Miss John McKelly 

La Forte, (c. h.) La ForUt la, Thomas D. Lemon 

La Porte, Lorkitif Ohio Obadiah C. Champlain 

Laporte, Sullivan^ Pa Walter Spencer 

La Porte, Clarke, Iowa James Hall 

Lappon's Cross Roads, Washxngtcni Md W. B. 

La Prairie Centre, MarshaUj Ill...Leroy H.Wetmore 

Laredo, Wdthy Texas Augostine Soto 

Larimer's Station, Westmorekmdf Pa..Robert A. Hope 

Larissa, Cherokee^ Texas S. M. Lemon 

Larkinsbnrgh, Clay, 111 Levi B. Anderson 

lArkin's Fork, Jackson, Ala Thomas B. Oriffin 

Larkinsville, Jackson, Ala David LaiUn 

Larned's Cornera, Ontario, N. Y G. G. Benham 

hBLTone, SoTnerset, Me Tilly Emery 

Larrabee's Point, Addison, Vt Henry S. Gale 

Larue, Marion, Ohio George W. Be Long 

La Salle, Monroe, Mich Geoi^ Graham 

La Salle, La Salh, 111 John H. McFarran 

La Salle, Oudfwun, Texas Henry F. Jones 

La Salle, Niagara, N. Y William Murray 

Las Casas, Rutherford, Tenn Robert W. Martin 

Las Cruzces, Dona Ana, New Mez... James A.Laca8 

Laaaellsville, miUon, N. Y Martin Dedrick 

Lassens, ButU, Cal William P. Mayhew 

Lassiter's Mills, Randolph, N. C E. Lassiter 

Las Tegas, San Miffud,^. Mez E. F. Mitchell 

Latham, Pike, Ohio ; Thomas G. Parker 

Latham's Blills, WeakUy, Tenn Thos. J. Latham 

Latrobe, Westmoreland, Pa John W. Coulter 

Lattas, Ross, Ohio Timothy H. Davis 

Laubach, Northampton, Pa Samuel Laubach 

Lauderdale Factory, LavderdaJU, Ala...T. S. Foster 
Lauderdale Springs, Lauderdale, Mis8..Wm. P. Hobbs 
Laughlintown, Westmweland, Pa..Thomas B. Patton 

Laura, ifuimi, Calvin D. Harb 

Lauramie, Tippecanoe,lA Julius Isham 

Lauraville, BaUimore, Md Charles Bernasco 

Laurel, Sussex, Del ^ohn Ellegood 

Laurel, ^-an^iin, la William S. Geyer 

Laurel, Clermont, Ohio Robert McLaughlin 

Laurel, Washington,YA David Rambo 

Laurel, Douglass,OT. Ty Willis Jenkins 

Laurel Blu£^ Muhlenberg, Ey Samuel Turner 

Laurel Bridge, Laurd, Ey Isaac I. Black 

Laurel Creek, Floyd, \a Wilson Peterman 

Laurel Creek, IhyetU, Tenn Motiei; L. Davis 

Laurel Factory, Prince Ge9rgt?s, Md... Jesse Duvall 

Laurel Fork, Bath, Ey John Latham 

Laurel Fork, ChrroB, Va Hiram Bolt 

Laurel Furnace, Qreenup, Ey Bei\j. Eing 

Laurel Gap, Chreene, Tenn M. D. Strong 

Laurel Grove, Pittsylvania,ysi. Alfred Anderson 

Laurel Grove, Greene, Ey El^ah T. Scott 

Laurel Hill, OarroU, Ga D. M.Bloodworth 

Laurel Hill, Richmond, N. C... William C. McFarlaQd 

Laurel Hill, Lune/nbutja, Ya Littleberry TnnstiU 

Laurel Hill, Neshoba, Miss Hu^ McDonald 

Laurel Hill, West FkUeiana, La W. H. Lemon 

Laurel Mills, Rappahannocic, Ya C. F. Chelf 

Laurel Point, Monongalia, Ya A. C. Frey 

Laurel Springs, Ashe, N. C Stephen N. WUson 

Laurelton, Hardy, Ya Lewis C. Barbee 

Laurel Yalley, Cherokee, W. C Wllllanj T. Yest 

Laurelville, Westmoreland, Pa .J. Lobingler, Jr 

Laurence, Kansas Ter C. W. Babcock 

Laurens, Ostego, N. Y .Fitch Gregory 

Laurens C. H., Laurens, 8. C JS. Anderson 

Laurens' Hill, Laurens, Ga David Harvard 

Lanrinburgh, Richmond, N. C... Robert D. Dickson 

Lausanne, Carbon, Pa William Hartz 

Lavansville, Somerset, Pa John W. Everstlne 

La Yergne, Rviherford, Tenn Lemuel R. MuUins 

LftTinia, CarrdO, Tenn Alfi-ed B. Christian 

Lavona. PuUan, Ohio Oilman Cheadle 

Lawn Arbor, Polk, Or Marshall B. Burke 

Lawndale, Logan, HI Gilbert Carpenter 

Lawn Ridge, Marshall, HI Charles Stone 

Lawrence, Van Buren, Mich JTohn R. Haynes 

lAwrence, Washington, Ohio William Hume 

Lawrence, £sseXf Mass Bei^amin F. Watson 

Lawrence, Monroe, Miss .WiUlam T. White ^ 

Lawrence, Marion, la A. Vines 

Lawrenceburgh, (c. h.) Dearborn, la F. Jackson 

Lawrencefinrgh, Anderson, Ky Johnson Malon« 

Lawrenceburgh, Annstrong, Pa 8. M. Robinson 

Lawrenceburgh, (c. h.) Lawrence, Tenn Ii. M. 


Lawrenceport, Latorenoe, J& jGeorge N. Steels 

Lawrenceville, Monroe, Ark James G. Oay 

Lawrenceville, (c. h.) Owinnett, Ga ^T. AUen 

Lawrenceville, ^c. h.) Latorence, Ill...Edward Thorn 

Lawrenceville, Dearborn, la .Godfrey Emnamel 

Lawrenceville, Mercer, K, J Charles Yanclevs 

Lawrenceville, St. Lavn-ence, N. Y W. 0. Blish 

Lawrenceville, Tioga, Pa .Harriet R. Mann 

Lawrenceville, Henry, Ala.. Mnmford Collhu 

Lawrenceville, (c. h.) Brunswick, Ya...R. Eirkland 

Lawson, PuUiski, Ga Darling Johnson 

Lawsonville, Rockingham, N. G .J. B. Holderl^ 

LawBville, Centre, SusquOtannah, Pa L. Smith 

Lawton, Van Buren, Mich Albert H. Thompson 

Lawton, Burke, Ga 3errien A. Forehand 

Lawton ville, Beaufort, 8, G Edward H. Peoples 

Lawyersville, Schoharie, N. Y A. A.Osterhout 

Laytonsville, ifon^omery, Md Frknds L. Bell 

Leacoek, Lanca-tier, Pa Michael Bendev 

Lead Hill, MuMen^rg, Ey James B. Hancock 

Leading Creek, Lewis, Ya H. W. Sleeth 

Leadsville, Randolph, Ya. J. W. Phares 

Leadvale, Jefferson, Tenn L. D. FrankUn 

Leake's Store, Waxhiia, Ark Samuel Leake 

Leakesville, Jasper, Ga .William G. Smith, jr 

Leakesville, Greene, Miss JDaniel Mclnnls, jr 

LeaksvlUe, Rockingham, N. C Jones W. Burtcm 

Leander, Graves, Ky ..Charles E. Hay 

Leasburgh, OasweU, N.C WUliam Lea 

Leasville, Lauderdale, Tenn Thomas F. Les 

Leathersville, Lincoln, Ga Jtobert L. Walton 

Leatherwood, Guernsey, Ohio .Christopher H. 


Leatherwood, C^zrtbn, Pa. James Langhlln 

Leatherwood, Latorence, Is Douglass McAfee 

Leatherwood's Store, Henry ^ Ya B. F. Gravely 

Leavensworth, DarUngton, S. T. E. Howie 

Leavenworth, Orawford, la. Marcos Clark 

Leavenworth City, Eansas Terr Lewis N. Reese 

Leavitt, OarroU,Oliio Samuel Ijlen 

Lebanon, (c h.) De KaJb, Ali^ Geo. W. BCSlone 

Lebanon, (c. h.) Searcy, Ark John M. Hensly 

Lebanon, Laclede, Mo Alfred S. Cherry 

Lebanon, New London, Conn Calvin Pease 

Lebanon, Oabb, Ga J.G. Felton 

Lebanon, St. Clair, HI Peter J. Osterbans 

Lebanon, (ch.) Boone,.lA John M. Scott 

Lebanon, (c. h.) Marion, Ey Henry L. Mudd 

Lebanon, York, Me Frederick A. Wood 

Lebanon, Gr(0on, N. H Calvin Benton 

Lebanon, Hunterdon, N. J Henry Dilley 

Lebanon, Madison, N. Y Edwin M. Lamb 

Lebanon, (c. h.) Warren, Ohio Elijah Dynes 

Lebanon, (c. h.) Lebanon, Pa...Mr8. A. L. Rnthcanff 

Lebanon, ^&2>etnZIe, S. C Joseph Ligon 

Lebanon, (c. h.) Wilson, Tenn T. J. Wilkinson 

Lebanon, (c. h.) Russell, Ya Geo. A. Pruner 

Lebanon, Marton, Oregon Elias F. Colby 

Lebanon, Van Buren, Iowa...David A. Humphreys 
Lebanon White Sulphur Springs, Augusta, Ya. 
Minerva Holt 

Le Boeuf, Erie, Pa Perry G. Stranahaa 

Le Claire, Scott, Iowa John F. Newman 

Le Claire Centre, Scott, Iowa John Lincoln 

Lecointe, Rapides, La Joseph L. Sharit 

Ledger, Yancey, N. C John C. Green 

LedUes, Mefgs, Ohio Joshua P. Cobum 

Ledyard, New London, Conn Elijah Bailey, Jr 

Ledyard, Cayuga^ N. Y J. H. Fulkerson 

Lee, Penobscot, Me Gnstavns S. Bean 

Lee, Berkshire, Mass Albert M. Howk 

Lee, Strafford, N. H Nicholas D. Meserve 

Lee, Oneida, N. Y « Asa D. Johnson 

Lee, Athens, Ohio James M. Gorsline 

Lee, Warrick,!^ John Fuqui^ 

Lee, Ogle, HI , Galusha B. Alverson 

Lee Centre, Lee, 111 Daniel Frost 

Lee Centre, Oneida, N. Y Charles Stokes 



Leechborgh, Amutrong, P& .William Fitzgerald 

Leecbburgh, Johnson, N. C~ John W. Steuart 

LeecbvUle, Beaufartj N. C William J. Martin 

Lee Creek, Wood, Ya, .Barnes Beckwith,jr 

Leeds, Cblumbia. Wis ....Dewitt C. Strong 

Leeds, Androscoggin, Me.......... S. L. Lothrop 

Leeds, Hampshire, Mass Thomas Musgrave 

Leeds, GrecTvt, N. Y Silleck D. Smith 

Leeds Manor, Fciv4]yier, Va John 8. Payne 

Leeds Point, Atlantic, N. J Ruth C. Leeds 

Leeds Station, Androscoggin, Me George Beals 

Leedsville, Monmouth, N. J Joseph Thompson 

LeedaYille, Dutchtss, N. Y Joseph D. Hnnt 

Leesburg, Cumberland, N. J James Ward 

Leesburgh, Cherokee, Ala James B. Land 

Leesburgh, Kosciusko, I9. William B.Bamet 

Leesburgh, Harrison, Ky Bushrod T. Boswell 

Leesburgh, Highland, Ohio Charles M. Bentley 

Leesburgh, Mercer, Pa Benjamin F. Gordon 

Leesburgh, TfZuAtn^/ton,Tenn...SamuelB.McAdams 

Leesburgh, (c. fa.) Lotuion,TB. R. G. Saunders 

Lee's Cove, Shelby, Ala Henry J. Ilill 

Lee's Creek, Crawford, Ark Hiram Brodie 

Lee's Creek, Clinton, Ohio William T. Pierce 

Leo's Cross Roads, Cumberland, Pa...Daniel^. Croft 

Leesport, jBerArs, Pa. Adam H.Gernant 

hoesvilie, Middlesex, Conn Daniel Penfield 

LeesYille, LawT^nce, la John Holland 

LeesTllle, Hart, Ky C. L. Cosby 

Leesville, Schoharie, N. Y Garret Hone 

LeesTille, Robeson, N. C..^ ...Richard G. Ashley 

LeesYille, CarroU, Oido Garvin Lawther 

Leesville, Lexin^xm, S. C^... S. Bouknight 

Leesville, Campbell, Va Abner Anthony, jr 

Leesville, Boone, 111 WUliamLee 

Leesville, Lauderdale, Tenn .Thomas F. Lee 

Leesville Cross Roads, Crawford, Ohio... J. Clements 

Leetorwm, Jejferion, Va ....L.B. Beck with 

Lee Valley, Hawkins, Tenn John Mitchell 

Leflore, CarrdU, Miss Nathan A. Milton 

Le Grand, MarshaJLlcritA James Allmon 

Legs, Watagua, N. C F. M. Boatwright 

L^, Jefferson, Ark Solomon W. McGehee 

Lehi City, Utah, l^tah David Evans 

Lehigh Gap, Carbon, Pa Reuben Leh 

Lehighton, Carbon, Pa Thomas S. Beck 

Lehman, inizeme. Pa William M%jor 

Leicester, Worcester, Mass Henry D. Hatch 

Leicester, Addistm, Vt William Gile 

Leicester, Dane, Wis William W. Wells 

, Leidv, Clinton, Pa Joseph Summerson 

Leighton, Lawrence, Ala Robert B. Wilson 

Leighton, Allegan, Mich .Charles Furber 

Leighton's Corners, Carroll, N. H X5. Leighton 

Leiper's Fork, WilliaTnscm, Tenn...H. W.Alexander 

Leipersville, Delaware, Pa...... Miles M. Stillo 

Leipsic, Kent, Del ..George W. Spicer 

I Leipsic, Orange, la Spencer Smith 

Leipsic, JPutnam, Ohio Robert J. Lowry 

Leitersburgh, Washington, Md...Beigamin F. Slick 

Leithflville, Northamptmi, Pa Joseph T. Hess 

Leland, Jackson, Or McD. Harkness 

I^mington, Essex, Vt Chas. C. Lyman 

Lemon Creek, Richmond, N. Y Jacob M. Weir 

Lemont, Cbo7ir, 111 Horace M. Singer 

Lempster, Sullivan, N. H ~ Lemuel Miller 

Lena, Fulton, Ohio Joel Brigham 

I Lena, Stephenson, III ....Wm. Allen 

Lenartsville, Berks, Pa Benneville Lesher 

Len's Creek, Kanawha, Va John R. Walker 

Lenoir, (c. h.) Caldwell, N. C James Harper 

Lenoirs, Roane, Tenn William Lenoir 

I Lenox, Berkshire, Mas George Wells 

Lenox, Madison, N. Y Joseph W. Bruce 

I Lenox, Ashtabula, Ohio , John M. Ray 

[ l^nox, Susqueliannahf'PB. ^ Dan Payne 

Lenox, Macomb, Mich Mason Harris 

Lenox Castle, Rockingham, N. C H. Brannock 

' I«nox Furnace, Berkshire, Mass W. A. Plielps 

lienoxvillo, SusqueJianndh, Pa.. .Abraham Churchill 
Lenudo's Ferry, WmiamsburgTi, ^. C....S. H. Lofton 

Lenrburg, St. Clair, III Peter Baumann 

Leo, AUen, la. John B. Blue 

Leo, Fayette, Iowa Delos Eaton 

LsG^ Horsham, Gft. Joaiah D. Jarrard 


Leominster, Worcester, Mass Charles H. Colbun 

Leon, Cattaraugus, N. Y , Ezra W. Cooper 

Leon, Ashtabula, Ohio Merriman Barber 

Leon, Monroe, Wis Charles J. Matteson 

Leon, Madison, Va Nathaniel Tatum 

Leon, Decaiur,lowBL Joshua M. Davii 

Leona, Leon, Texas D. C. Carrington 

Leonardsburgh, Delaware, Ohio...0tho H. WillisjxuK 

Leonardtown, St. Marys, Md.". W. J. Yates 

Leonardsville, Madison, N. Y James H. Brand 

Leonda, Miami, Ind Walter A. Shaw 

LeonI, Jackson, Mich Alden S. Luce 

Beoni, Butler, Iowa. Abner G. Clark 

Leonidas, St. Joseph's, Mich Martin C. Watkins 

Leopold, Ftrry, la. .^.....Jobn Cody 

L'Erable, Iroqucds, HI Peter Spink 

Le Raysville, Jefferson, N. Y Horace Grover 

Le RayjSville, Bradford, Pa Amos S. Baldwin 

Le Roy, McLean, 111 James Vandeventer 

Le Roy, Genesee, N. Y A. T. Drake 

Le Roy, Medina, Ohio...... Benjamin D. Austin 

Le Roy, Dodge, Wis Peter Potter 

Le Roy, Brad/ord, Pa. Marlin Holcomb 

Le Roy, Ingham, Mich Perry Henderson 

Leslie, Ingham, Mich Hiram Godfrey 

Le Sourdsville, BuOer, Ohio Jacob SimpsoB 

Lesser Cross Roads, Somerset, N. J Martin Bunn 

Lessley, Benton, Mo S. H. Douglass 

Lesters District, Burke, Ga Richard W. Rogers 

LestervUle, Reynolds, Mo Marshall Parks 

Le Sueur, Dakota, Min. Ter E. K.Peck 

Letart, Mason, Va Chas. Wesley Sayres 

Letart FaUs, Meigs, O G. L. Piper 

Letcherville, 6reene,IU. Gkoz^eB. Mason 

LetimbervUlep Marion, Ohio.......John Kirkpatrick 

Letter B, Oxford, Me Charles Abbot 

Levanna, Cayuga, N. Y .Seneca Boyce 

Levant, Chauiau^e, N. Y Joseph Shaw 

Levant, Penobscot Me« Joseph B, Sawyer 

Levee, Montgomery, Ky I. P, Turner 

Level, Richland, S. C Jeremiah W. Entyrainger 

Level, Warren, Ohio William McFerren 

Level Green, Craig, Va. William Xhomai 

Level Land, Abbeville, S. C ...Hugh Robinson 

Leverett, Frankiin, Mass -Francis Frary 

Levering, Knox, Ohio John Levering 

Leverington, Philadelphia, Pa Arnold Highley 

Levi, Jackson, Ohio John Kennedy 

Lewes, Sussex, Del Jesse T. Pool 

Lewis, Vigo, la Peter Y. Buskirk 

Lewis, Essex, N. Y William Thompson 

Lewis, Brown, Ohio C. C. McKee 

Lewis, Cass, Iowa Stephen H. Myers 

Lewisberry, York, Pa. Jacob Smith 

Lewlsboro' West Chester, N. Y .....C. M. Ferris 

Lewisburgh, Conway, ^k .Anderson Gordon 

Lewisburgh, Cass, la .'.... Peter Chidester 

Lewisburgh, Preble, Ohio ., William Kelly 

Lewisburgh, Union, Pa William W. Ootser 

Lewisburgh, (ch.) Marshall, Tenn... James P. Smith 

Lewisburgh, (c. h.) Greenbrier, Va.~ S. S. Smith 

Lewis Centre, Delaware, Ohio..,Jame8 A. Nettleton 

Lewis's Fork, Wilkes, N. C Elijah Dyer 

Lewisport, Hancock, Ky Gabriel J. Pate 

Lewis^ Store, SSpodsylania, Va John T. Day 

Lewiston, Niagara, N. Y JBei^jamin C<MrneIl 

Lewiston, AndroscMgin, Me William R. Frye 

Lewiston, Forsyth, Geo William L. Manning 

Lewistbn, Trinity, Cal Cephas Wood 

Lewlstown, Fulton, HI George McLeran 

Lewistown, Logan, Ohio, ..Daniel J. Deardurff 

Lewlstown, (c h.) Mj^tw, Pa Charles Bits 

Lewisville, (ch.) La Faydte, Ark.. J. M. Montgomery 

Lewlsville, Henry, la Samuel Hopper 

Lewisville, Monroe, Ohio Theodore Benninghaut 

Lewisville, Chester, S. C Joseph Wylie 

Lewisville, Brunswick, Va James Bf. Moore 

Lewisville, C}iester,Vo. Joseph Hughes 

Lewisville, Denton, Texas T. J. Dorsett 

Lexington, Lauderdale, Ala E. B. Westmoreland 

Lexington, (c. h.) Oglethorpe, Ga Robert Morgan 

Lexington, (c. h.) McLean, HI ..Jonas Fell 

Lexington, (c. h.) Scott, la William E. Kae 

Lexington, {c. h.) Fayette, Ky Squire Bassett 

Lexington, Mtdmesex, Mass John Davis 




Lexington, Sanilac, Mich Clark M. Mills 

Lexihgton, Somerset^ Me Daniel Bojnton. jr 

Lexington, (c h.) HotmeSy Miss Henry S. Allen 

Lexington, (c.h.)Za/ay«tt«, Mo..Montgomery Bryant 

Lexington, Oreene, N. Y .Franldin B. Lament 

Lexington, (c. h.) Davidson, N. C A. C. Hege 

Lexington, Richland, Ohio Jlbenezer Craig 

Lexington C. H., Lexington, S.C R. Harman 

Lexington, Henderson, Tenn Robert W. Hall 

Lexington, (e. h.) Rockhridge,Y&...Tho». B. Plunkett 

Lexington, Burleson, Texas John B. Nunn 

Leyden, JPVanhiin, Mass John Mowry, 2d 

Leyden, Cook, 111 M. L. Dunlap 

Leyden, Lewis, N. Y Thomas Baker 

Leyden, Rock, Wis Nelson P. Bump 

Leyden Centre, Cbok, 111 William Emerson 

Liberty, Adarns, HI James H.Wells 

Liberty, (c. h.) Union, la D. S. Plerson 

Liberty, Qzsey, Ky James Belden 

Liberty, Waldo, Me Eara W. Reeves 

Idberty, Jackson, Mich Castas Chapman 

Liberty, (c. h.) AmUe, Mbs B. M.Bramlett 

Liberty, (c. h,) Clap, Mo Joshua B. Tlllery 

Liberty, Sullivan, N. Y R. Y. Grant 

liberty, Montgomery, Ohio Perry Marker 

Liberty, Tiogei, Pa Horace Fellows 

Liberty, De KaJh, Tenn Isaac Whaley 

Liberty, (c. h.) Bedford, Va Reuben Parker 

Liberty, Liberty, Texas James Wrigley 

Liberty, Kenosha, Wis S. A. Bidama 

Liberty, Washita, Ark George Adams 

Liberty Comer, Somerset, N. J Nicholas C. Jobs 

Liberty Corners, Crawford, Ohio.. ..George Parsons 

Uberty Cr«*ek, Rapides, La W. B. Shelton 

Liberty Falls, SicStmn, N. Y...Robt. T. Humphrey 

Liberty Hall, WasMngtim^ Ya Joseph Snodgrass 

Liberty Hall, Newberry, S. C... Thomas H. Cromer 

Liberty Hill, mUiamson, Texas Wm. 0. Spencer 

Liberty Hill, DdUas, Ala George W. Norris 

Uberty Hill, New London, Conn. ..Hyde Kingsley 

Uberty Hill, P«:e, Ga William W. Head 

Liberty Hill, McKean, Pa Francis A. Hackett 

Liberty Hill, IrtdeU, N. C Abner Felmster 

Uberty Hill, Kershaw, S. C Wyat Patterson 

Uberty Hill, La Fayette, Miss John H. Jones 

Liberty Hill, Wishington,Qih\o Thomas Ellison 

Uberty Mills, Wabash, la ;....John Comstock 

Li^>erty Square, Lancaster, Pa Joseph P. Hutton 

Uberty Town, Frederick, Md John H. Spohn 

UtMrtyrille, Lake, 111 Horace Butler 

Ubertyrille, J«jfer«?», Iowa Henry Earns 

Ubertyyille, Sussex, N. J Levi Beemcr 

Ubertyville, Ulster, N. Y N. Elting 

Ubrary, Alleghany, Pa William SteWart 

Lick Branch, Parke, la Enos Newlin 

Uck Creek, Ralls, Mo Thomas J. Ellis 

Uck Creek, Van Suren, Iowa John W. Ryan 

UckC^eek, //icXrman, Tenn Ebenezer Killaugh 

Licke, Jbnnin, Texas Edward H. Dodd 

Licking, Texas, Mo Elisha A. Walden 

Ucking Station, M'irgan, Ky Joseph Gardner 

Uoking Valley, Muskinfjum, Ohio...BenJ. Wickham 

Uckville, GreenviUe, S.C f. Samtiel Moore 

Uddesdale, Odumhia, Ark George M. Watson 

Ught's Comers, WaJdo, Me A. D. Matthews 

Ught Street, Columbia, V& John H. DeWitt 

Ligonler, Wisimordand, Pa John Harnett 

Ugonier, NohUt, la George McLean 

Likens, Crawfot^d, Ohio James Winters 

Uleerille, vimon, N. C Edwaid R. Liles 

Lilecash, WtU, 111 Asa H. Loomis 

JAm%, Adams, 111 James P. Archer 

Uma, (c. h.) La Orange, la A. C. Tan Ornum 

Lima, Wiuhtenaw, Mich George S. Freer 

" , Livingston, N. Y S.P.Cargill 

(c. h.)^/Zen, Ohio Samuel Sanford 

, D^ware, Pa Walker Y. Hoopes 

Uma, St. Ihmmany, La Enoch Talley 

Lima, Sock, Wis Newcomb Kimble 

Uma, Cfreenville, 8. C J. H. Goodwin 

Uma, fhyette, Iowa Harvey W. Light 

Uma, Randolph, Ark Andrew Mcllroy 

UmarUle, Siark, Ohio Myron M. Williams 

Umber Lost, Adams, la Rezin Todd 

Ume HUl, Bradford^ Fa J. F. Chamberlain 

Limerick, York, Me Simeon Biurker 

Limerick, Jefferson, N. Y John W. Edwards 

Limerick, Montgwnery, Pa Frederick W. Oraff 

Limerick Bridge, Montgom^y, Pa. MissH. Frick 

Ume Ridge, Columbia, Ps^ Henry W. Creasy 

Ume Rock, InXchfjeld, Conn Wm. H. Barnum 

Lime Rock, Providence, R. I Reul)en M. Wflbur 

Limestone, Clarion, Pa John P.McGinity 

liimestone, HamiU(m,Tenn Jonathan W€K)d 

Limestone, Oaiiaraugus, N. Y Nathan L. Soars 

Limestone, Jro^uoM, 111 John Laeb 

Umestone, Desmoines, Iowa Wm.H. Swank 

Lime Stone Cove, Carter, Tenn David Baker 

Umeetone Springs, Spartanburgh, S. C...C. L. Clark* 

Limestone Springs, ^een«,Tenn John Lo-v* 

Umestone Station, JErarnson,'Va..James H. MorrisoA 

Umestoneyille, Montour, Pa John T. Newcomer 

Limetown, Washington, Pa Michael Sander* 

Limington, York, Me Isaac L. Mitchell 

Lincoln, Penobscot, Me David & Plumly 

Uncoln, Middlesex, Mass Charles L. Tarbell 

Unooln, Chrqfton, N. H Simon TuttW 

Lincoln, Morrow, Ohio Robert Blake* 

•Lincoln, Addison, Yt Enos P. TLoe^g 

Lincoln, Wausfutra, Wis Henry D. Bingham 

Uncoln, (c. h.) Logan, 111 Michael HenricksoB 

Lincoln Centre, Penobscot, Me..Richmond Hayward 

Linpolnton. (c. h.} Lincoln, Ga Stephen B. Smith 

Uncolnton, (c. h.) Lincoln, N. C.Benj. H. Sumner 

Lincolnville, Waklo, Me John C. Perry 

Und, Waupaca,lfiB Nathaniel Pop* 

Linden, (c. h.) Marerigo, Ala James Woolf 

Linden, Copiah, Miss Benjamin F. Nelson 

Linden, Atchison, Mo Preston J. RudasiU 

Linden, Genesee, N. Y...., Eyander H. Barraaa 

Unden, Lycoming, Pa Thomas Johnston 

Linden, Iowa, Wis Thomas S. Ansley 

Linden, Perry, Tenn Robert M. Thomas 

Linden, Genesee, Mich ...Claudius T. Thompeon 

Linden, Montgomery, la John B. Hooper 

Linden, Cass, Texas Fielding Spell 

Linden, St. Francis, Ark Charles L. Folbrea 

Linden, Tf&rrcn, Va Geo. A.Turner 

Lindenville, Ashtabula, Ohio ...Calvin C. Wick 

Lindenwood, Ogle, 111 Daniel Gilford 

Linder's Bluff, Appling, Ga Joseph L. Robinson 

Lindley's Store, Almanace, N. C John Newlin 

Undleytown, Steuben, N. Y William Mor* 

Lindly's Mills, Washington, Pa D. D. McCoUum 

LindnersTille, Schuylkill, Pa Jacob Fau0t 

Lindsay's Mill, Trigg, Ky S. S. Lindsay 

Lindsey's Creek, Choctaw, Miss Albert G. Younc 

Line, Morehouse, La Thomas M. Jonea 

Line Creek, GreenviUe, S. C William Riley 

Line Creek, Mor^/bmery, Ala Wm.Z. Dixon 

Line Creek, Oktibbeha, Miss John C. Hine» 

Line Creek, Pulaski, Ky Henry B. Linrill* 

Line Lexington, Montgomery' Co., Pa Samuel 


Line Mills, Crawford, Pa John McEwaa 

Line Mountain, Northumberland, Pa...Felix Maurer 

Line Port, Stewart, Tenn Thomas B. Brigham 

Line Store, Copiah, Miss James C. Smitli 

Lineville, JVinoZa, Texas Lewis Medyett 

Linglestown, Dauphin, Pa Thomas Bamett 

Linklaen, Chenango, N. Y John L. Eaton 

Linn, Onondaga, N. Y Reuben Bryan, jr 

Linn, (c. h.) Osage, Mo H. W. Neill 

Linn Creek, Camden, Mo T.J. Kelley 

Linneus Aroostook, Me D^iel Howard 

Linneus, (c. h.) Linn, Mo Wm. P. Menefe* 

Linn Flat, Nacogdoches, Tex..Thoma8 R. Henderson 

Linn Grove, Adams, la Ephraim Parker 

Linn Grove, Scott, Iowa Alexander Welk 

Linnville, Licking, Ohio William Orr 

Linnville River, Burke, N. Nelson P. Lindsey 

Linton, Des Moines, Iowa John A. Downer 

Linton, Greene, la Tliomas Mmcm 

Linton, Jefferson, Ohio Isaiah W. Grafton 

Lhiton Mills, Coshoctrnt, Ohio G. W. Phillips 

Linwood, Cherokee, Tex Thomas Hart 

Lihwood, Lawrenxie, Ark James Biackwell 

Lion's Beard, Sevier, Ark Ira Smoot 

Lionville, Qiestfr.Vs^ Joel Hawley 

Lisbon, New Lonaon, Conn John Bachekter 




Usbon, KendaJa^ 111 .George MeEwen 

Uflbon, AndroMyngainy Me .JoAhna Cterrish 

Uebon, Hmoard^ Md Stunnel T. Murray 

lisbon, Oraftmi, N. H John R. Thompson 

Uflbon, St. Lawrence, N. T^.Charles W. Dillingham 

Uflbon, Bef^wd, Va .John W. Jones 

Liabon, TRra/otAo, Wis Thomas Weaver 

Lisbon, Oniony Ark D. S. Arnold 

Liflbon, PlojoeTy Cal • .George W. Applegate 

Lisbon, Nohley la James Walker 

Lisbon, Ctaihonut, La Thomas W.Poole 

Usbon, Xtnn, Iowa Martin Ftoyd 

li^bon Centre, SL Lawrmee, N. Y John Bell 

Lisbum, Sampgon, N.G ClfflonWard 

Usbnm. Cumberiandy Pa. William Lloyd 

Lisha*8 Hill, Albanyy N. Y Peter Lsnsing 

Lisle, (hoffey Mo Herman Hnndepohl 

Lisle, BrooiMy N.Y Wm.H. Stoddard 

IMeyDupaaey 111 John Thompron 

Utchfleld, (c. h.) LiUhfiddy Conn...Geo. H. Baldwin 

Litchfield, (c. h.) Grayjtm, Ky James Pmnty 

Litchfield, Kmnehedc, Me ThomUs J. Foster 

Utchfleld, HilUdaJty Mich Almerin Sheldon 

litchfield, HerHvuTy N. Y Lyman Gaylord 

Litchfield, Mtdinoy Ohio J. H. Carpenter 

Utchfleld, Bradfcrdy Pa John Layton 

litchfield. Montffcfouryy 111 James Cummings 

Utchfield Corners, Kennebeek, Me...Wm. Robinson 

Utfagow, DtUcfuissy N. Y Wm. Sutherland 

Lithopolis, Fairnddy Ohio William W. Kite 

Utiz, LancfuUTy Pa Daniel Kreider 

little Bay, OaJhrnmy Ark Joseph B. Strong 

little Bearer Bridge, Qihtmiriana, 0...M. Langhlin 

little Black, Cfiocfaw. Miss Thos. G. Caradine 

little Black, RipUyy Mo Wm. Lucy 

UtUe Britain, &ran{fe, N. Y Daniel A. Shuart 

little Boll Falls, ifamtAon, Wis Troman Keeler 

littleby, Audriany Mo Daniel McSwain 

little Chncky, Oreauiy Tenn Anthony Rankin 

little Chute, OuJtngamiey Wis Peter Maes 

Little Clifty, Twid, Ky Jacob Hunter 

little Compton, Ntwports R. I Henry T.Brown 

little Compton. CxLirolL, Mo Wm. C. fidmonston 

Little Cooley, Orawfordy Pa Joshua Hamilton 

Uttle Creek Lauding; KentyBel C. H. Heverin 

little Detroit. TaztnotUy 111 Jacob Hepperly 

Uttle Eagle, ScoOy Ky John 8. Getty 

Uttle Elm, DerUnny Tex .Christopher C. King 

little Falls, Herkimer. N. Y Horatio N. Johnson 

Uttle Falls, Bentnny Minn James Fergus 

Uttle Falls, FlaxsaiCy N. J Robert Beattle 

Utile Flat, Bothy Ky Daniel R. Crackroft 

Uttle Gap, Ooarbcuy Pa Samuel Zlegenfus 

Uttle Genesee, AUeganify N. Y...Ephraim Falrlamb 

Uttle Georgetown, Berkley, Va. Ell Fleming 

Utile Grant, (TrnyU, Wis C. Underwood 

Utile Gunpowder, BaUifnore, Md George King 

Uttle Hockbocklng, WcuhingUmy Ohio. Jacob King 

Uttle Lake, Adams, Wis Robert H. Grace 

Uttle Level, Pooahontasy Va Josiah Beard 

Littie Lick, ChathafHy N. C James Womack 

Utile Loutre, Montgomery, Mo...Madlsnn H. Stone 

Uttle Marsh, Tioga, Va Amasa Clark 

Uttle Meadows. JSmmuthannah, Pa...Harry Barney 

Uttie Mill Creek, Delaware, M. C. Bean 

Utile Mountain, Newherryy S. C Jred. H. Dominick 

Uttle Muddy, Franklin, III John Klr^patrick 

Uttle Osage, Bates, Mo Jlobert W. McNeil 

Uttle Pine Creek, Lycoming, Pa Benjamin Kirk 

Uttte Piney, PuUuki, Ma Thomas C. Harrison 

Utile Plymouth, King and Queen, YaJ. W. Courtney 

Utile Port, CUiytMH, Iowa Dennis Quigly 

Little Prairie, Cravifard, Mo Benjamin WIshon 

Utile Prairie, Ox**, Ga Henry MisCrary 

Little Prairie, WaXmrrth, Wis Adolphds Pick 

Little Prairie, Hopkins, Ky Reuben Medley 

Little Prairie Ronde, Cans, Mich....Benj. Hathaway 

Little Rest, Dutchess, N. Y Bennett Humefiton 

Little River, Onlwnlda, Fla Geo. E. MeClellan 

little River, Alexander, N. C George W. liong 

Little River, Hurry, 8. C Benjamin N. Ward 

Uttle Blvei-, Flnyd, Va Samuel Strickler 

Little River, AUen, la Lewis P. Dllle 

Uttle River yultLffi, Androscoggin, Me Aaron I. 


Little Rock, Ptdaski, Ark John E. Reardon / 

Little Rock, Kendall, 111 J. T. H^rady 

little Rock, Marion, 8. C John W. Bethea 

Little Rock Fish, Cumberland, N. C... Amasa Aides 
Little Sandusky, Wyandotty Ohio.Robert W. Malone 

Little Sandy, Morgan, Ky Daniel Horton 

Lit^tle Sauble, Mason, Mich Charles Mears 

Little Skin Creek, Lewis, Va... Hanson M. Peterson 

Little Spring, Madisony Ark R. D. Trontt 

Little's Mills, Richmond, N.C...Thomas R. Baldwin 

Littlestown, AdaiM, Pa....". Matilda Jones 

Littleton, SchuyUr, IlL Talbert Crawford 

Littleton, Middlesex, Mass William Hurter 

Littleton, Grafion, N. H Cyrus Eastman 

Littlt'ton, Halifax, N. C James M. Newson 

Littleton. Sussex, Va Augustus J. Stephenson 

Little Valley, OaiiarauguSfYl. H Fuller Bucklfai 

Little Warrior, BUmnt, Ala H. D. Harbin 

Uttle Yadkin, Stokes, N. C D. N. Dalton 

Little York, OoraandLyi. Y James E. Cushing 

Little York, Warren, nl John Loser 

Little York, Wdshingtnny la William Wilson 

Little York, Hunterdon, N. J James H. Murphy 

Little York, Nevada, Cal J. E. Squire 

Little York, Montgomery, Ohio Henry Friti 

Little York, Mon^nmery, Ga Duncan D. McRae 

Littsville, Noddaway, Mo John F. Davis 

Litwalton, Lancaster, Va Wm. L. G. Mitchell 

Uvely Oak, ^ncoffert '^A John 8. Chowning 

Uve Oak, Ascension,LA H. V.Lamare 

Live Oak, 2>e Witt, Texas Wiley Duran 

Livermore, Ohio,Ky Joseph L. Bard 

Livermore, Androscoggin, Me William Child 

Livermore, Wkstmoreland, Pa Richard Freeland 

Livermore Centre, Androscoggin, Me... Abner Moor/ 

Livermore Falls, Androscoggin, Me Comfort 


Liverpool, Onondaga, N. Y Arthur Macarthur 

Liverpool, Mejdina, Ohio Shelden C. Pritchard 

Liverpool, Perry, Pa H. W. Shuman 

Liverpool, Brazoria, Tex William M. Scott 

Liverpool, Yazoo, Miss 8. F. Calvit 

Liverpool, Fulton, 111 George Prichard 

Livingston, (c. h.) Sumter, Ala Josiah L. Scruggs 

Livingston, Clark, 111 James Hollingshead 

Livingston, Madison, Miss R. E. Andrews - 

Livingston, Polk, Tex D. D. Moore 

Livingston, Essex. N. J James Collins 

Uvingston, Cblumbia, N.Y Henry Hare 

Livingston, (c. h.) Oveiton, Tenn JLndrew J. Goodbur 

Livingstonville, SrJtoharie, N. Y John B. Judson 

Livonia, Waahingbon, la James A. McPheeters 

Livonia, Point Onupeey La James B. Johnson 

Uvonia, LitfingsUm, N. Y George F. Ramsdell 

Livonia Centre, Wayne, Mich Smith Jones 

Livonia Station, Livingston, N. Y John Locke 

Llewellyn, SehuylkiO, Pa EsraCockill 

Lloyds, Essex, Va Bevan D. Pitts 

Loachapoka, Maoon, Ala James P. Durr 

Loag, Chester, Pa David West 

I.ioami, Sanganum, III H. D. Gibson 

Lobachsville, £er^s, Pa David Lobach 

Lobdell's Store, W. Baton Rouge,lA...ChRT\ea Noyes 

Lobelville, iVry, Tenn Wm. N. Baker 

Location, Orweta, Ga Benjamin Gray 

Lochbee, PoinseU, Ark Benj. F. Freeman 

Loch Leven, Lunenburg, Va......Wm. T. Blackwell 

Loch Lomond, Goochland, Va Wm. Fontaine 

Loch Sheldrake, SuOivan, N. Y...Jonathan W. Low 

Look, Knox, Ohio Eber Smith 

Lock Berlin, Wayne, N.Y Edward B. Pynchon 

Lockbourne, F^rankUn, Ohio J. A. Sarber 

Locke, Oayuga, N. Y Barnabas King 

Locke, Elkhart, Ind Levi 8. Stoner 

Locke's Mills, Mifflin, Pa .....Enoch E. Locke 

Locke's Mills, Ox/ordyMe Alvah Hobbs 

Lockhart, OaadweO, Texas Edward Heppenstall 

Lockhart, Macon, III Calvin J. Lockhart 

Lockhart's Store, Holmes, Miss Sampson Batters 

Lockhaven, (c, h.) Clinton, Pa N. L. Atwood 

Lockington, ShMy,Ohio James K. Gillespie 

Lockland, Macon, Ala John W. Brown 

Lockport, WiU, HI Patrick CMarah 

Lockport, OarroU, la Gill>ert C. Seabrighi 

Lockport, Henry, Ky John M. Eowlett 




Lockport (c. h.) Niagara^ N Y Asher Torrence 

Lockport, WHZiamSy Ohio Abraham Gish 

Lockport, TFifaon, Tenn Thomaa H. Gold 

Lockport Station, Wegtmorelandj Pa.Bobt. M. Graham 

Lockridge, Jefferson, Iowa £Ii Smith 

Locks Station, St. Josephs, Mich L:« G. Abbott 

Lock's Tillage, lYanklin, Mass Eli Ames 

Lockville, Ihirjidd, Ohio Edward T. Mithoff 

Locust Corner, Clermont,Ohio John Wagner 

Locust Cottage, Jefferson, Ark James A. Hudson 

LocudC Creek, Louisa, Ya lYilliam Bagby 

Locust Bale, Madison, Ya J. Warren Hudson 

Locust Grove, Searcy, Ark George W.Campbell 

Locust Grove, JBienry,QsL William Kimbell 

Locust Grove, OdUaway, Ey.... Abraham Thompson 

Locust Grove, WUlianuon, HI Samuel Gardom 

Locust Grove, Adams, Ohio James S. Baker 

Locust Grove, Weakly, Tenn Enoch Brock 

Locust Grove, Orange, Ya James L. Robinson 

Locust Grove, Montgomery, la C. W. Prather 

Locpst Grove, Montgomery, Md Thos. H. Rabbitt 

Locust HUl, OasweU, N. C Stephen Neal 

Locust Hill, WashinffUm, Pa Hugh O'McKnight 

Locust Hill, Anderson, S. C William Miyor 

Locust Hill, Middlesex, Ya John W. Daniel 

Locust Lane, Fayette, Ya James W. Cooper 

■ Locust Level, Salifax, Ya Charles W. Walker 

Locust Mills, Bracken, Ky William A. Pepper 

Locust Mount, Accomack, Ya. 4. Nathaniel B. Lecato 
Lpcust Mount, TF^tn^ton,Tenn.Thos.C. Mc Adams 

Locust Shade, Yadkin, N. C Willie Fells 

Locust Shade, Overton, Tenn John M. Turner 

Locust Tree, Niagara, N. Y....Richard J. McLeland 

Locust^lle, Accomack, Ya Emanuel Binswanger 

Loddy, Hamilton, Tenn John M. Watson 

Lodersville, Susquehannah, Pa.» JleubenT. Stephens 

Lodge, FuUon, Ky Robert Morris 

Lodi, Ooweta,<iA Christopher Robinson 

Lodi, Choctaw, Miss James E. I^mer 

Lodi, C^aark, 111 Samuel Williams 

Lodi, Washtenaw, Mich Philip Blum 

Lodi, Smtca, N. Y John De Mott 

Lodi, Coluvbus, Wis Horace M. Ayer 

Lodi, Medina, Ohio Henry Ainsworth 

Lodi, Jackson, Tenn .Richard B. Gass 

Lodi, Bergen, N. J David I. Ackerman 

Lodi, Wahash,l9k Elisha Bolin 

Lodi'Centre, Seneca, N. Y Abram La Tourrette 

Lodi Station, Kane, HI Nelson L. Nichols 

Lodiville, J%ir^«, la .l..Edward W.Taylor 

Lodomillo, Clayton, Iowa George L. Wheeler 

Lodore, Amdia,'Vtk Edward A. Blanton 

Logan, Dearborn, la .v. Charles Jolly 

Logan, Schuyler, N. Y Gideon F. Gerow 

Logan, (c. h.) Hocking, Ohio Wm. H. Haines 

Logan 0. H., Logan, Ya A. S. Bryan 

Logan, Edgar, 111 S. H. Patrick 

Logan Mills, Logan, Ky .Benjamin W. Bevier 

Logan WMb, Clinton, Pa Robert Kleckner 

Logan's Creek, Reynolds, Mo Thomas Barnes 

Logan's Ferry, Alleghany, Pa Hugh Logan 

Logansport, i>(8 iSfato, La Moses Brown 

Logansport, (c. h.) Cass, la Samuel A. Hall 

Logansport, Busier, Ky Thomas C. Carson 

Logan's Store, Rutherford, N. C John Freeman 

Loganville, Logan, Ohio R. F. Youngman 

Loganville, York, Pa Jacob A, Sechrist 

Loganville, Walton, Ga Pinkney G. Head 

Loganville, Savk, Wis Stephen N. Kinsley 

Log Cabin, Morgan, Ohio James Tibbets 

Log Lick, Switzerland, la Jonathan M. Froman 

LombardviUe, Cecil, Md Wm. M. C. Reynolds 

Lombardy, Columbia, Ga John Megahee 

Lombardy Grove, MecklenburgJi, Ya J. H. Jones 

Lomira, Dodge, Wis Henry Durant 

Lonaconing, AUeghany, Md Wm. H. Smith 

London, Laurd, Ky John H. Slaughter 

London, Monroe, Mich Silas Cornish 

London, Mercer, Pa William A. Coulter 

London, (c. h.) Madison, Ohio B. F. Clark 

London, Shelby, Ind John H. JeffHes 

London, Rusk, Tex : W. W. Baker 

London Bridge, Princess Anne, Ya B. Land> jr 

London City, Fayette, 111 B. M.Backensto 

Londonderry, Rockingham^ N. H .Arley Plumer 

Londonderry, Ouemsey, Ohio Wm. D. Latham 

Londonderry MndAam, Yt Isaac W. Gibson 

Londonderry, Chester, Psk Joseph Yicken 

London Grove, Chester, Pa David Walton 

Lone City, Utah, Utah Ter Isaac Houston 

Lone Jack, Jocfcson, Mo John W. Tiar* 

Lone Pine, Bedford, Ya.% John C. Noell 

Lone Star, Titus, Texas. ^ Wm. C. Wright 

Long-a-coming, Camden, N. JL Samuel S. Cak« 

Long Bottom, Meigs, Ohio., Archimides S. Tidd 

Long Branch, Beaufort, S. C>. John J. Forrester 

Long*Branch, Saline, 111 James L. Kennedy 

Long Branch, Monroe, Mo Coleman Guthri* 

Long Branch, lYanklin, Ya... Stephen H. Cannady 

Long Branch, Monmouth, N. J John^ A. Morford 

Long Cane, Troup, Ga Jason T. York 

Long Cane, AbbeoiUe, S. C A. L. McCasUn 

Long Creek, New Hanover, N. C S. H. Bell 

Long Creek, Louisa, Ya William B. Cock* 

Long Creek, Panola, Miss Samuel Martin 

Long Eddy, SuUivan, N. Y James Brown 

Long Falls Creek, Daviess, Ky J. P. Mosely 

Cong Glade, Augusta, Ya Andrew H. Clinedinst 

Long Green Aciuiemy, Baltimore, Md Joseph Q. 


Long Grove, Lake, HI F. A. Orrasby 

Long HUl, Morns, N. J BUas H. Hueetit 

Lond Island, Catawba, N. C A. T. Cansler 

Long John, WiU, HI George B. Dyer 

Long Lane, Dallas, Mo W. W. Miller 

Long Marsh, QueeneAnne, Md Mordicai Prio« 

Long Meadow, Hampden, Ma8S...v.Willlam White 

Long Meadow, Page, Ya Mark Ruffher 

Longmire, Washington, Tenn C. Longmir* 

Longmire's Store, Idg^ield, S. CNathan T. Skinner 

Long Neck, Richmond, N. Y David R. Decker 

Long 014 Fields, Prince Qeorges, Md.James J. Jarbo 

Long Plain, Bristcl Mass Charles F. Thatcher 

Long Point, Livington, HI Absalom Hallam 

Long Point, Wa^vngton, Texas John M. Morin 

Long Point Grove, Cumberland, HI. ..J. G. Morrison 

Long Pond, Caldwell, Ky William 0. Stokes 

Long Pond, Newberry, S. C John Moor* 

Long Pond, Levy, Fla Levi Wright 

Long Ridge, Fxirfidd, Conn Elnathan Todd 

Long Run, Jefferstm, Ky WUliam Gregg 

Long Run, Fairfield, S. C Jacob N. O'Neal* 

Long Savannah, Hamilton, Tenn... John Anderson 

Long's Bridge, JETaneoc^:, Ga James Ray 

Long's Mills, Randolph, N. C John Long 

Long Street, De Soto, La William C. Peyton 

Long Street^ Moore, N. C John Sheppard 

Long Street, Pulaski, Ottk. George Walker 

Longstreet, Lancaster, S. H. Y. Massej 

Long Swamp, Marion, Fla Joseph Evans 

Long Swamp, Berks, Pa William Trexler 

Long Tom, Lajie, Oregon A. L. Humphrey 

Longtown, Fairfield,S.C Eli Harrison 

Longtown, Panda, Miss Joseph T. Fowler 

Long Yalley, ifonroe. Pa. Jacob Kresgtf 

LongWeyr, Ashley, Ark... Lorenzo P. Martin 

Long'Yieiv, Morgan, Tenn Jesse Adkins 

Long Yiew, Christian, Ky.. William B. Radford 

Longwood, Fayette, la Ross Smiley 

Longwood, Vhion, Ky G. G. Careen 

Lonsdale, Providence, R. I Hazard Sherman 

Lonsvillc^ PbUe, Tenn Leonidas H. McGinnis 

Lonville, Pike, Ky Richard M. Ferrell 

Looking Glass, Clinton,lll Lawrens Geiger 

Look Out, Ooie, Mo William S. Freshour 

LoomisviUe, Kent, Mich Andrew Loomis 

Looney's Creek, Jmrion, Tenn J. E. Teagut 

Looneyville, Erie, N. Y Robert Loon^ 

LooniesvIUe, Seneca, Mo John B. King 

Loon Lake, Steuben, N. Y Quiney A. Fisk 

Loose Creek, Osage, Mo Peter W. Mnnks 

Looxahoma, De Soto, Miss J. J. Jones 

Lorado, Greene. Ark I. P. Harris 

Loramies, Shelby, Ohio Bemhard Mftyer 

Loran, Steif^ienson, 111 Jacob S. Lashells 

Lords Yalley, Pike, Pa Simeon Lord 

Lordsville, Delaware, N. Y Alva J. Lord 

Lorentz' Store, Upshur, Ya George W. Lorents 

Lorenzoville Foundry, iS%enafidoaA,Ya.H.Gochenoar 
Loretto, Essex, Ya John Sannderm 




Loretto, Marion, Ky Ann E, Lancaster 

Loretto, CUmbria, Pa Patrick Shiels 

Loring, Katucu OeoTge L. Young 

Lorridne, Jefferson, N. Y Parley Brown 

Los Angelos, (c. h.) Las Angdos, Cal...Wm. B. Osborn 

Lesantville, Randolph, la Lemuel Wiggins 

Lost Branch, Lincoln, Mo Joseph 8. Wells 

Lost Creek, Saline, Ark Elvira Betv^rers 

Lost Creek, Lincoln, Mo William Palmer 

iKWt Creek, CumpbeUy Tenn..: ^Facob Sharp 

Lost Creek, Bdrrison, Va Scimuel Cookman 

Lost Creek, Breathitt, Ky 0. H. Ward 

Lost Mountain, Cbbb, Ga John Moore, jr 

Lost River, Orange, la Thomas W. Riley 

Lost River, Sardy, Va Samuel Harper 

Lost Run, Breckenridge, Ky William Davison 

Lost VUlage, Ftmisoot, Mo Geo. W. Bushey 

l4)ttridge, Athens, Ohio Edward Lawrence 

Lotts, Sdgefidd, S. C John Lott 

Lottsburgh, Northumberland, Va L. S. Winstead 

Lottsville, Warren, Pa .James L. Lott 

London, Merrimack, N. H N. S. Bachelder 

I^udon, FrankUn,2si John Mullan 

Loudon, ie«in«, Tenn Bei^J. F. Davis 

Loudon Centre, Jferrimocfc, N. H Ira Osgood 

Loudon Ridge, MerHmack, N. H N. D. Clough 

Loudonville, Ashland, Ohio John C. Larwill 

Loudsville, Habersham, Ga. F. Logan 

Louina, Randolph, Ala EUphalet S. Barber 

Louisa, Stephenson, 111 B. F. Qark 

Louisa, (c. h.) Lawreaoe, Ky John M. Cook 

Louisa, Ozark, Mo John 8. Howell 

lAulsa C. H., Louisa, Va Robert T. Gooch 

Louisburgh, (c. h.) FrankUn, N. C W. ArendeU 

Louisiana, PKfce, Mo Joseph Richardson 

Louisville^ JBor&our, Ala Daniel McKenzie 

LouisviUe, (c. h.) Jifferson, Ga Wm. A. Hayles 

Louisville, Clay, 111 B. G. Sullivan 

Louisville, (c h.) Jeffermn, Ky .J. W. Brannon 

Louisville, re. h.) mnsum, Mis8...W. B. Shumaker 

U>uisville, Xdncoln,M.o Increase Adams 

Louisville, St, Lawrence, N. Y..William H. Bancroft 

Louisville, Stark, Ohio Adam Rodabaugh 

Louisville, Eloimt, Tenn H. Talbot Cox 

Louisville Landing, SL Lawrence, N. Y..R. D. Marsh 

Loutre Island, mirren. Mo .James Stewart 

Lovelace, Wilkes, N. C Larkin I. Bicknall 

LovelaceviUe, BaOard, Ky Andrew Lovelace, jr 

Lovelady, CWdweO, N.C Israel P. Connelly 

l4)veland, CUrmont, Ohio UTames Loveland 

Lovell, Oxford, Me B. F. Cutter 

Lovelta Creek, OamU, Va Anthony Lewis 

Lovelton, Wjfoming, Pa John Pfouts 

Lovely Dale, Knox, la John Downey 

Lovely Mount, Montgomery, Va George Keister 

Love's Level,' Union, N. Richard W. Tarlton 

Love's MiUs, Waahington,ysk Leonidas Love 

Lovett's, Adam*, Ohio Addison Turner 

Lovett's Grove, Wood, Ohio Peleg Q. Thomas 

. Lovettsville, Loudon, Ya John Snoots, jr 

y>^yiile,New OasOe, Del Aaron Robinson 

Lovilia, Monroe, Iowa. Michael ffittle, jr 

Loi^ngaton, (c. h. ) Nelson, Va...Robert B. Stratton 

Lovlngton, MouUrie, 111 Stephen Cannon 

I^well, ffenry, Iowa Edmund Archibald 

Lowell, Johnson, N. Nathan Coleman 

LoweU, Ftnobscot, Me Joseph Stickney 

LowelL Dodge,ynB Richard Chatfield 

Lowell, Middlesex, Mass Fisher A. Hildreth 

Lowell, Oneida, N. Y WUliam WyUe 

Lowell, Washington, Ohio James 8. Williamson 

I^mell, Orleans, Vt WUliam Brown 

Lowell, La SaOe, HI WUliam Seely 

Lowell, Kent, Biich Cypriam S. Hooker 

Lowell, flott, Mo Charles M. Thomas 

Lowellville, Mahoning, Ohio Henry Smith 

Lower Bank, Burlington, N.J Samuel Weeks 

LowOT Bartlett, Cbos, N. H George Pitman 

Lower Bern, Berks, Pa Joseph Obold 

Lower Chanoeford, ForfcjPa. Joseph McSherry 

I4)wer Columbia, Cbos, N. H .Dexter Lucy 

Lower Gilmanton, Belknap, N. H J. M. Oilman 

Lower Lawrence, WashingUm, Ohio J. Cawood 

Lower Mahantango, SchuylkiU, PaJoseph R. Ossman 
Lojrer Marlborough, Oalvert, Md P. T. Kenny 

Lower Merion, Montgomery,V& H. Egbert 

Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox, Ala Jacob Mayer 

Lower Salem, Washington, Ohio J. C. Willson 

Lower Saucon, Northampton, Pa...Peter W. Leidich 
Lower Squankum, Monmmdh, N. J.E. B WaJnwrlght 
Lower Three Runs, Barnwell, 8. C....Iflaac A. Wood' 
Lower Waterford, Ocdedonia, V^..Lorenzo Bingham 

Low Hampton, Washington, N.Y H. Leonard 

Lowhill, Lehigh, Pa. Peter Lanti 

Lowndes, Wayne, Mo EliasReed 

Lowndesborough, Lowndes, Ala M. Douglass 

Lowndesville, AbbeviUe, S. C D. F. Freeland 

Low Point, Woo<iford, HI. William Dodds 

Lowrance's MUl, Lincoln, N. C J. M. Lowrance 

Lowry, Athens, Ohio William LoWry 

Lowry, Bec^ford, Va Nelson Lowry 

Lowryville, Hardin, Tenn N. P. Cherry 

Low's Comer, Sullivan, N. Y Abraham B. Low 

Low's Ferry, Knox, Tenn Samuel D. W. Low 

Lowvllle, Lewis, N. Y .George 8. Case 

Lowville,Cb{t<mMa, Wis Stephen Brayton 

Loyalsock, Lycoming^ Pa. Stephen Tomlinson 

Loyd, Ulster, N. Y Samuel D. Bond 

Loyd, Bichand, Wis Jacob Fellows 

Loydsvllle, Belmont, Ohio Joel Elliott 

Loydville, Benton, Ala. John Loyd 

Loydsvllle, Clark, Ky EUjah Loyd 

Loy's Cross Roads, Anderson, Tenn L. Miller 

Lubec, Whshington, Me. Sabine H. Kimball 

Labeo Mills, Washington, Me......Wincknorth Allan 

Lucas, Richland, Ohio.. Ezeklel Ervin 

Lucas, Henry,illo George W. Brumet 

Lucas, Monroe, Iowa. Thomas 0. Stewarl 

LucasviUe, Scioto, Ohio Thomas McGilUgan 

Lucerne, Knox, Ohio Joseph Conger 

Lnclnda Furnace, Clarion, Pa. Nathan Evans 

Lucky Hit, Limestone, Ala John L. Blair 

Luda, Wiishita, Ark J6hn Oarr 

Ludingtonvllle, Putnam^ N. Y..... George Ludington 

Ludlow, Dubois, la Julian F. Hufhr 

Ludlow, Miami, Ohio Joseph B. CarreU 

Ludlow, Hampden, Mass. Jerre Miller 

Ludlow, Soott, Miss William H. Denson 

Ludlow, Windsor, Vt Charles 8. Mason 

Ludlowville, Tompkiru, N. Y Warren Seely 

Luke's Comers, WiUiams, Ohio John Luke 

Luk-ft-tah, Choctaw Nation, Ark. James M. Skelton 

Lumber Bridge, Robeson, Ji.C Stephen J. Cobb 

Lumber City, Telfair, Ga William H.. Wootten 

Lumber City, Clearfield, Pa Daniel W. Bobbins 

Lumberland, Sullivan, N. Y C. C. P. Eldred 

Lumberport, Harrison, Va. ....James Y. Homer 

Lumberton, (c. h.) Robeson, N. C Albert Lawson 

Lumberton, CUrOon, Ohio William Vautress 

Lumberton, Burlington, N. J Thomas Joyee 

Lumberville, BMcfc«,Pa Cyrus Livezey 

Lumpkin, SiEeware, Ga John C. P. Ewing 

Lundy's Lane, JSWe, Pa Wallace Sherman 

Lunenburgh 0. H., Lunmburg, Va; T. K. Lear 

Lunenburgh, Worcester, Mass Daniel Putnam 

Lunenburgh, Essex, Vt George P.French 

Luney's Creek, Hardy, Va John W. Moore 

Lura, Qiss, Iowa *..Peter W. Nisley 

Luray, Henry, la Thomas Gough 

Luray, (c h.) Page, Va Thomas M. Almond 

Lusby's Mill, Owen, Ky William Lusby 

Lutheranville, Schoharie, N. Y Parlia Brown 

Luthersburgh, Clearfidd, Pa... Augustus L. Schnell 

Lutsey, Luzemt, Pa. Frederirk M. Jones 

Luzerne, Warren, N. Y John B. Bumeson 

Luzerne, Fomd du Lac, Wis. J^dmon Palmer 

Lybrand, AUemdkee, Iowa Hiram ^ones 

Lycoming Creek, Lycoming, Pa... Alexander Thomp" 


Lycurgus, Marshall, Ind .Uriah P. Townsend 

Lycurgus, AUemakee, Iowa James Shepard 

Lyman, York, Mi John Roberts 

Lyman, Grafton, N.H James R. Young 

Lyman Centre, York, Me ,Hiram Waterhouse 

Lymansville, Plotter, Pa Horatio A. Nelson 

Lyme, New London, Conn.... Charles W. Wait 

Lyme, Grafton, N.H .....David C. Churchill, jr. 

Lyme, Huron, Ohio John Seymour 

Lynchbnrgh, Highland, Ohio Norman W. 





JjyiulhhvLTghy Idncoin^ Tenn Benjamin H. Berry 

Ljnchbnrgh, CUmphdl, Va Robert H. Olasi 

Lynehburgh, Harris^ Texas ^ A. B. Jones 

Lynchbnrgh, Cbosa^ Ala Thomas M. Lynch 

LyBchbnrgh, Todd, Ey James T. Porter 

Lynchbnrgh, Sumter^ S. G R. W. Durant 

Lynch's Greek, Marion, S. G Henry Davis 

Lynch's Lake, WiUiamsburghyS. G..Aaron F. Graham 

Lyndeboroagh, J^iZ2s2>oroi^A, N. H James B. 


Lyndley, Grundy^ Mo Alexander S. Hughes 

Lyndon, Whituidu, 111 William W. Gilbert 

Lyndon, Caledonia. Yt John M. Weeks 

Lyndon, Aroostook, Me Irory Hardison 

Lyndon Centre, Caledonia, yt...Qeorge R. Randall 

Lyndonyille, Orleans, N. Y WUliam Mudgett 

Lynn, Warren, Iowa L. S. Spencer 

Lynn, Essex, Mass Jeremiah G. Stickney 

Lynn, Susquehannah, Pa David G. Sherman 

Lynn, Rand^ilpK la Peter M. Ellis 

Lynn, CalwnOyVfSA Alonzo H. Hyatt 

Lynn, St. Clair,, Mich .William H. Munson 

Lynn'Gamp, Knox^ Ky Stephen D. Golyer 

Lynnfleld, Essex, Mass James W. Ghnrch 

Lynnfield Centre, Essex, Mass S. N. Newcomb 

Lynnville, Morgan,l\\ Wm. W. Anderton 

Lynnville, Jasper, Iowa Joseph Arnold 

Lynnville, H^rncfe, la John Lynn 

Lynnville, Lehigh, Pa John Seiberling 

Lynnville, Oiles, Tenn James Ham 

Lyons, CUrUon, Iowa Samuel P. Cox 

Lyons, Ionia, Mich Dorus M.Fox 

Lyons, (c. h.) Wayne, N. Y Daniel Watrous 

Lyons, FuWm, Ohio Jinks Mory 

Lyons, Cook, 111 William Lunn 

Lyons, Walworth, Wis Thomas B. BuUen 

Lyons, Fayetle, Tex Norman McEinnon 

Lyonsdale, Lewis, N. Y Joel Ayer 

Lyons' Falls, Dtxois, N. Y Rnssell Strickland 

Lyons' Farm, Essex, N. J Alexander McKirgan 

Lyons' Landing. Bladen, N. G D. Lewis 

Lyons' Store, Hawkins, Tenn William Lyons 

Lyonsville, Cook, 111 Robert Vial 

Lyonville, JocXrson, Ala M. R. Lyon 

Lyra, ScuOo, Ohio Albert M. CoUett 

Lysander, Onondago, N. Y Barclay Wooster 

Lythonia, De Kalb, Ga William W. Wood 

Lytlesville, McLean, HI Campbell Wakefield 


KcAFEE, Mercer, Ey Frank M. McAfee 

KoAlevy's Fort, Huntingdon, Pa....G. W. Patterson 
McAllister's Cross Roads, Montgomery, Tenn.... Wil- 
liam G. Batson 

McAllisterville, Juniata, Pa Calvin B. North 

MoArthur, VinUm, Ohio J. W. Caldwell 

McBeen Depot, Richnumd, Ga. James A. Fulcher 

MoBridesville, (Man, S. G Stephen Eirb^ 

MoGaJl's Greek, Franklin, Miss. James Herrington 

MoGall's Ferry, Ftn-k, Pa William Richardson 

MoCammac, De Kalb, Ala Ashael R. Gilbreath 

MoCantsville, Chrangeburgh, S. C .J. G. Edwards 

MoGandless, Bt4iJer, Pa John M. McCandless 

McClearys Bluff, Wabash, 111 Joseph G. Orth 

McGIelandsville, New CkistU, Del....Wm. Mpaelland 

McGlellandtowu, FhyeUe, Pa. David R. Riffle 

McComb, Hancock, Ohio William Mitchell 

MoGonnelK Tuskaloosa, Mh John McGonnell 

McGonnellsbui^h, FuUim, Pa Daniel Fore 

MoGonneU's Grove, Stephenson, Hl.Ghester W. Nash 

McCoilhellstown.irunftn^Mon, Pa Henry Barriok 

MoOonnellsville, Oneida, N. Y T. A. Wilcox 

HoGonnelUville, (c. h.) Morgan, H. S. Whiraun 

MoOonnellHvllle, Fork, S. G Joseph P. Moore 

MoCordHTille, ^ancocX;, Ind Nelson Bradley 

MoGormick's Springs, Lewis, Ey...J. H. McCormick 
McGormickstown, Martin, Ia....Wm. R. McCormick 

McGoysville, Juniata, Pa Joseph S. LtUrd 

McGra^s Store, Alamance, N. G A. G. McGray 

McGulloch's Mills, Juniata, Pa Abraham Given 

MoCutchenville, Vanderburg, Ia...Saml. McCutcben 

McCutchenville, Wyandott, Ohio John Myers 

McDaniels, Orange, N. G Henry Cook, 8en 

MoDaniela, (%t2^ Ohio Friend MoDaniels 

McDermott's Bridge, San Joaquin, Gal W. F. M« 


McDonald. Hardin, Ohio .John M. Abstoa 

McDonald, TRWitnxon, Ga Leroy Fleetwood 

McDonald's Mill, Montgomery. Va.Kdward McDonald 
McDonald's Mills, Richmond, N.G...M. R. McDonald 

McDonough, New Castle, Del William A. Bryan 

McDonough, (c. h.) Henry, Ga... David Enott 

McDonough, Chenango, N. Y Theodore fflll 

McDowell, Highland, Va Georjce W. Hull 

McDowells, Crawford, Pa John P. Tfaompfion 

McElhattan, Clinton, Pa Jacob Dio« 

McElroy, Doddridge, Va Zadok M. Frum 

McEwen's Cross Roads, Morrow, Ohio....B. Mitchell 
McEwenaville. Northumberland, Pa..G. W. Armstong 

McFarland*s, Lunenburg, Va Asa G. Barnes 

McOaheysville, Rockingham, Va W. T. McGahey 

McGary, Hancock, 111 James Westftll 

MeGhee's Store, Jackson, Ohio John W. West 

McGowansville. Bedford, Tenn J. J. Long 

McGrawville, Cbrtiandt, N. Y Leander B. Palmer 

McGregor's Landing, Gayton, Iowa V. R. Miller 

McGuire's Store, tloyd, Ga Terence McGuirw 

McHenry, McHenry, 111 W. F. Coleman 

Mclndoe's Falls, Caledonia, Vt Worcester Hunt 

Mcintosh (c. h.) Kinehafoonee, Ga....G.W.Bird8ons 
Mclntjrre Creek. Marquetta^ Wisc.Charles Mclntyre 

McEaig's MUls, Columbiana, Ohio M. Armstrong 

McEay, Ashland, Ohio Levi Spencer 

McEean, Erie, Pa Titus D. Chellte 

McEeansburgh, SdhuylkiXL, Pa Joshua Boyer 

McEeans Old Stand, Westmoreland, Pa...H. H. Null 

McEee's Half Falls, 0»»o»,Pa. P. Hflbish 

McEee's Port, Alleghany, Pa.... William E. Harrison 

McEenzie, Lane, Oregon George H. Armiti^^ 

McEinley, Marengo, Ala John W. Dial 

McEinney, (c. h.) CoUin, Tex John W. Haynes 

McEinney's, Ritchie, Va .Catharine McGregor 

McEinstry's Mills, OarrcU, Md... Samuel McEenstry 
McEissack's Grove, Fremont, Iowa..Thomas Farmer 

McLain's MiUs, Waldo, 'He John Hanly 

McLean, Jbmpkins, N. Y.. Daniel B. Marsh 

McLeansborongh, (c.h.) HamiUon, 111 Abraham 


McLean's Retreat, Itovt»9, Ey J.L. Shaw 

McLean's Store, Tippah, Miss James W. Paine 

McLemoresville, CarroU, Tenn Charles O'NeUl 

McLeods, Greene, Miss Norman McLeod 

McMaths, Tuscalooaa, Ala Elisha McMath 

McMillans, Planbla, Tex William McMillan 

McMinnville, Warren, Tenn Smith J. WallinfT 

McMinviUe, Tarn JBKa, Or. E.G. Edson 

McMullen's Mills, Greene, Va N. McMulten 

McNutt, Sun Flower, Miss David W. Heelep 

McRae's Store, m/air, Ga Elijah Welii 

McSherrystown, -(4dam«, Pa Elizal)eth WIB 

McVeytown, Mifflin, Pa .George Macklin 

McWiUiamstown, Chester, Pa J. W. Gilbough 

Mabbettsville, Dutchess, N. Y Jsmes Mabbett 

Mabees, Jackson, Ohio Michael McGoy 

Maee, Montgomery, la Jesse Williams 

Macedon, Wayne, N. Y Calvin Tucker 

Macedon, Mercer, Ohio .Luke Johnston , 

Macedon Centre, Wayne, N. Y .IraOdell 

Macedonia, Montgomery, N. C Maloom Lamonds 

Macedonia, Carroll, Tenn .George H. Prince 

Macedonia, FiottauHtUamie, Iowa Joseph Z. Losh 

Macedonia, Cherokee, Ga Joseph B. Lively 

Macedonia Depot, Summit, Ohio... Jdoses N. Roach 

Machias, (c. h.) Wci^i^ngton, Me Amos F. ParUn 

Machias, CaUaravgus, N. Y WiiUam Loomis 

Machias Port, Washington, Me Matthias Finney 

Mackerel Comer, OarrdO, N. H...Andrew L. Hersey 

Mackford, Marquette, Wis John W. Carhart 

Mackinac, (c. h!) Michtiimakinac, Mich... J. P. Eing 

Mackinaw, Tazewell, 111 Christopher O. Neville 

Macksburgh, 6V2e«, Va John Porterfield 

Mack's Meadows, Wythe, Va. Thomas Wood 

Mackville, Washington, Ey John M. Smith 

Macomb, McDonough, 111 John W. Atkinson 

Macomb, Macomb, Mich Calvin Davis 

Macomb, St. Lavn-ence, N. Y David Day, 2nd 

Macon, Ma,rengo, Ala Sinclair N. Steele 

Macon, ^M,Ga James A. Nisbit 

Macon, Noxubee^ Miss James G. Williains 




Ifaoon, Lenawee^ Mich Israel Penington 

Maoon, Fhi/etU, Tenn William B. Daly 

Macon Depot, Warreny N. C Nathan Milam 

Macnngin, LehigK,Vdk Aaron Erdman 

Madawanka, Aroostook^ Me Baptiste Fournier 

Maddensville, Huntingdon^ Pa Robert Madden 

Madely, Portage. Wis John F. Phelpa 

MadiRon, New Haven^ Conn Samuel F. Willard 

Madison, (c. b.) Madfson, Fla John L. Miller 

Madison, (c. h.) Morgan, Oa John S. Walker 

Madison, (c. h.) Jeffer»on, la Rolla Doolittle 

Madison, SrnneneL, Me .Taylor Moeher 

Madison, Livingstony Mich Darius Lewis 

Madison, Monroe^ Mo JTaroes W. Eubank 

Madison, MnrriSy N. J William H. Sayre 

Madison, Madison, N. T Isaac Curtis, 2nd 

Madison, Ro''Jcingham, N. C John M. New 

Madison, Lake, Ohio Lewis Parker 

Madison, Wextmoreland, Pa James L. Brown 

Madison C. H., Madison, Ya Hiram Carver 

Madison, Dane^Wia John N. Jones 

Madison, CarroO, N. H John M.Atkinson 

Madison, Orange, Tex Hugh Ochiltree 

Madisonburgh, Wayne, Ohio Charles E. Oraeter 

Madison Cross Koads, Madison, Ala Allen Walls 

Madison Mills, ifa/fuon, Va Julius B. Harlow 

Madison Springs, Jlfad/son, Ga K. Tynor 

Madlsonville, (c. h.) HopUns, Ky....C. C. Hardwick 

Madisonville, St. Tammany, La Josi Culomer 

Madison ville, Madison, Miss Daniel H. Otto 

Madisonville, RaUs, Mo Eliza A. Inlow 

Madisonville, Hamilton, Ohio Isaac GifBn 

Madisonville, Monroe, Tenn Joseph R. Rudd 

Madisonville, Madison, Tex L. L. Swindler 

Madrid, FraiUclin, Me Brilsford Pease 

Madrid, St. Lawrence, N. Y Abram Ross 

Madrid Depot, St. Lawrence, N. Y...Alonzo H, Hall 

Magdalena, Merritoether, Ga .Green B. Rollins 

Magee's Bridge, FaZabiaAo, Miss A. J. Magee 

Magnolia, Putnam, HI Luther C. Morrille 

Magnolia, Rock, Wis Joshua Dunbar 

Magnolia, Harford, Md Charles F. Smith 

Magnolia, Chaidawfue, N. Y...Richard Whitney, Jr 

Magnolia, Crawford, la. Addison Williams 

Magnolia, Stark, Ohio William H. Greer 

Magnolia, (c h.) Clinch, Oa John L. Morgan 

Magnolia, Ar^Lervm, Texas William A. Hagood 

Magnolia, La Rue. Ry Wayne Ferguson 

Magnolia, Harrison, Iowa Richard Humphreys 

Magnolia, Macon. Ala William E. Briers 

Magnolia, Otlumbia, Ark George P. Smoote 

Magnolia, Kent, Del Thomas H. McHvain 

Magnolia Mills, Duval, Fia...Thonuw J. Hendrlrks 

Magnolia Springs, Jasper, Texas K. L. Walker 

Maguire's Store, Washinffton, Ark...H. M. Maguire 

Mahala, Adams, Ohio William E. Cbiney 

Mabalasville, Morgan. la... I Jacob Yansickel 

'Mahanoy, Northumberland, Pa William Deppen 

Mahomet, Chamjmgn, 111 Robert P.Carson 

Mahon, Huntington, la Quincy J. Drummond 

Mahoning, Stark, Ohio William Kingsbury 

Mahoning, Indiana, Pa. Jacob Brilhart 

Mabopa'^ Oakland, Mich Daniel T. Pierce 

Mahopac, Pidnam, N. Y Reuben D. Baldwin 

Maiden Creek, Berks, Pa Xleorge D. Stitsel 

Maiden Spring, Tazewell, Ya Daniel Hussy 

Maidstone, Essex, Yt John Dewey 

Maine, Broome^ N. Y Derrick S. Ball 

Maine, Cook, 111 William Johnston 

Mainesburgh, Tioga,!?^ John Fox 

Maineville, OUumbia, Pa Isaac Yetter 

Main Stream, Somerset, Me Peter Folsom 

Malnvllle, Cook, lU WillUm EIUs 

Mainvllle, Warren. ; James Ford 

Makee, AUemakee, Iowa Sanfbrd C. Marsh 

Malaga, Gloucester, N. J John G. Rosen baum 

Malaga, Monroe^ Ohio Yanleer Drummond 

Malcolm, J^erson, Miss Wiley B. Burke 

VUldeUf Middlesex, Mass Reuben Green 

Maiden, Ulster, N. Y Almon Canfield 

MaldeikBrldge. Olumbia, N.Y..H. Yan Yalkenburg|) 

Mallet Creek, Medina, Ohio P«ter Bowen 

Mallory's Ford, Orange. Ya Thomas R. Hawkins 

MaUorysviJle, Wilkes, Ga James M. Hawkins 

Malona, jFramkUn, N. Y Charlsa DurkM 

Malta, Saratoga, N. Y George B. DentoB 

Malta, Morgan, Ohio George 8. Hann 

Maltaville, Saratoga, N. Y Lewis Waterbury 

Malugin Grove, Lee, 111 WQliam T. Morgan 

Malvern, Carroll, Ohio C. G. Paessler 

Mamakating, SulXivan, N. Y William Jordon 

Mamaroneck, West Chester, N. Y...£dward Seaman 

Mammoth Cave, Edmondson, Ky Wm.'S. Miller 

Manack, Lowndes, Ala Peyton T. Graves 

Manada Hill, Dauphin, Pa Thomas Huftaagle 

Manahawkin, Ocean, N. J Samuel M. Oliphant 

Manalapin, Monmouth, N. J John I. Conover 

Manatawny, Berks, Pa Isaac Yoder 

Manatee, Hillsborough,^!^ Franklin Branch 

Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pa.... James McGlinchey 

Manchac, E. Baton Rouge, La Aristides Daigre 

Manchac, JETaj^s, Texas John M. Duncan 

Manchester, Hartford, Conn...Ralph W. Haughton 

Manchester, Scott, 111 Newell S. Leighton 

Manchester, Dearborn, la Meltire L. Milliken 

Manchester, (c. h.) Clay, Ky Leander Miller 

Manchester, Carroll, Md Edwin J. Crumrine 

Manchester, JE»f ^r , Mass John P. Allen 

Manchester,TFa. .'i. jf^iw, Mku Alanson Case 

Manchester, St. l-"Hi^\ Mo William F. Berry 

Manchester, Hii'.i-.'ton^h, N. H...Thoma8 P. Pierce 

Manchester, Oii j^k n, Y N.K.Cole 

Manchester, ^c'<' *iK'n David Dunbar 

Manchester, Jo John Drayer 

Manchester, Su ..Alexander Campbell 

Manchester, Cbj Harrison Shackelford 

Manchester, (c n, Vt F. W. Hoy 

Manchester, CI ....William A. Phanp 

Manehestsr, Octua, A.«; WiUism Torey 

Manchester, (Mn^m-land, N. C J. R. Murchison 

Manchester, Aroostook, Me Addif^on Powers 

Manchester Bridge, Dutchess, N. Y...John E. Miller 
Manchester Centre, Ontario, N. Y...W111. H. Cooke 

Manchester Station, Hartford, Conn M. Hudson 

Muidana, Onondaga, N. Y Lewis Yan Inwegen 

Mandarin, Duval, Fla John C. Brown 

Mandeville, St. Tbmmany, La Francois Duty 

Mandeville, Carroll, Mo John W.Smith 

Mangohick, /Tin^ TFtZUam, Ya David Rider 

Mangum, Richmond, N. C D. R. Patterscm 

Manhasset, Qwtens, N. Y Robert H.Titus 

Manhattan, Putnam, la./l Yolney Smith 

Manhattan, Lucas, Ohio George W. Straight 

Manhattanville, New York, N. Y James VayU 

Manbeim, Lancaster, Pa. Andrew J. Eby 

Manheim Centre, Herkimer, N. Y*.....John Markell 

Manilla, Rush, la John J. Inlow 

Blanistee, Manistee, Mich Luther G. Smith 

Manitowoc, Manitowoc, Wis Sylvester A. Wood 

Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc, Wis F. Borcherdt 

Manlius, CarroU, Mo Powhatan B. Darr 

Manlius, AUegan, Mich William C. Meeker 

Manlius, Onondaga, N. Y Hiram Smith 

Manlius Centre, Onondaga, N. Y Ralph Chapin 

Manlius Station, OnomJopo, N.Y..PeterJ.Terpenning 

Manlyville, Henry, Tenn P. M. Stroud 

Manningham, BuUer, Ala D. J. Ferguson 

Mannington, Marion, Ya Thomas Erwin 

Mannborough, Amelia, Ya William S. Burton 

Mann's Choice, Bedford, Pa Yalentine Y. Werts 

Mannsville, Jefferson, N. Y James I. Steele 

Mannsville, Taylor, Ky , Edmond Ponn 

Manny., (c. h.^Sabint, La Robert B. Stille 

Manominee, i?am«y, Min... J. A. Willis 

Manor, Lancaster, Pa Abraham H. Kauffman 

Manor Dale, Westmordand. Pa...Williara P. Humes 

Manor Hill, Huntingdon, Pa I. Clark Walker 

Manor Kill, Schoharie, N. Y....Worthington Browa 

Manorville, Suffidk, N. Y Jeremiah G. Wilbur 

Mansfield, ToUand, Conn Samuel S. Fuller 

Mansfield, Bristol,Maa8 Marshall F. Shaw 

Blansfield, Henry, Tenn William H. Thompson 

Mansfield, (c. h.) Richland, Ohio... Jacob Reisinger 

Mansfield, (c. h.) Desoto, La H. E. H. Buck 

Mansfield, KendaU, 111 Whitman Stone 

Mansfield, Tioga, Pa Benjamin M. Bailey 

Mansfield, Louisa, Ya William D. Mansfield 

Mansfield, Park, la Samuel H. Johnston 

Mansfield, Dutchess, N. Y Jobn J. Hall 

Manifield Centra, Iblkmd, Conn Bvaas Pariah 




Mansfield Depot, TbOandj Conn Xewis Brigham 

Ksnsura, Avoyeiles, La A. La&ntgue 

Manteno, KankakeCt 111 J. £. Labrle 

Uanti, Fremontj Iowa Edmund Fisher 

Manti, San Pettj Utah George Peacock 

Manton, Providencej B. I Christopher Holden 

Manton, Marion, Ey Martin H. Kendall 

Mantua, Pickens, Ala William P. Lavender 

Mantua, Guernsey, .....James Porter 

Mantua Centre, Fortagt, Ohio Jacob W. Fostar 

Manville, Providence, R. I Carlile Vose 

Manwarings, Shelby, la ~ Simeon H.Ilhorer 

Maple, Ionia, Mich Joseph H. Rowe 

..Maple, Brown, Ohio William N. Conover 

Maple Creek, Washin^Um, Pa. Samuel Frye 

Maple Furnace, Butler, Pa Matthew S. Adams 

Maple Grove, Barry, Mich Joel Hyde 

Maple Grove, Aroostook, Me Edward S. Fowler 

Maple Grove, Knox, Ohio Bichard Roberts 

Maple Grove, OUxgo, N. Y Olney Braley 

Maple Grove, Bradley, Tenn Robert H. Pharls 

Maple Grove, Maniiowoc,Vf\h Josiah N. Cheney 

Maples, Allen, Ind Robert S. MoCune 

Maple Springs, Lajdyette, Mi88...William S. Nichols 
Mal[>le Springs, Red River, Tex.William Humphries 

Maplesville, Bibb, Ala Wiley Foshee 

Mapleton, AbbevilU, S. C Samuel C. Edmundd 

Mapleton, Niagara, N. T Isaac H. Oliver 

Mapleton, Waukesha, WiB Samuel Breck 

Mapleton, Stark, Ohio George H. Snyder 

Mapletown, Greene, Pa Cliarles A. Mestrezats 

Mapleville, IVovicUnce, R.I Samuel Hudson, jr 

Maquoketa, Jackson, Iowa Wm. C. Swigart 

Maqnonj J^iox, 111 Allen Hamrick 

Maradosia, Morgan, III J^ohn Walihan 

Maramec, Crawford, Mo William James 

Marathon, Oortlandt, N. Y Richard P. Burhans 

Marathon, Clermont, .Thomas W. Abemathy 

Marathon, Lapeer, Mich Chancy Maxfield 

Marble, Madison, Ark Gilbert Hudson 

Marble Creek, Jessamine, Ey John M. Taul 

Marble Dale, JMchfidd, Conn Joseph Watson 

Marble Furnace, Adams, Ohio Townsend £. Reid 

Marble Hall, Hawkins, Tenn... John D. McFarland 

Marblehead, Otlawa, Ohio Alexander Clemmons 

Marblehead, iSssex,Mass Samuel Cox 

Marble Hill, Lincoln, Tenn. Allen Johnson 

Marbletown, Ulster, N. Y C. M. Van Buren 

Marble Valley, Cbosa, Ala H. W, Bowers 

Marcelline^ Adams, 111 John C. Anderson 

Maroellon, Cblunibia, Wis Andrew P. Sipe 

Maroellus, Washington, Iowa. S. W. Stone 

Marcellus, Onondaga, N. Y Hen. T. Eennedy 

Marcellus Falls, Onondaga, N. Y...JoBeph H. Steele 

Marchand, Jh<2tana, Pa John Y. Smitten 

Marco, Greene, la. John S. Benefiel 

Marcus, Jackson, Ga Allen Justice 

Marcus Hook, Delaware, Pa. John R. Casey 

Marcy, La Grange, la Thomas G. Starkey 

Marcy, Waukesha, Wis William Costigin 

Marcy, Oneida, N. Y William M. Mayhew 

Marcy, Franklin, 111 Harral Lemme 

Mardisville, Talladega, Ala^ Noadiah Woodruff 

Marengo, inoa, Iowa Rezin A. Redman 

Marengo, Laurens, S. William G. Coleman 

Marengo, McHenry, 111 Anson Sperry 

Marengo, Qilhoun,MiQh John Evans 

Marengo, Wayne,ii, Y B. P. Pound 

.Marengo, Morrow, Ohio Issac P. Freeman 

Marengo, Crawford, la. Lewis B. Stewart 

Margaretsville, Northampton, N. C... Jos. W. Cocke 

Margaretta, dark, 111 William B. Marrs 

Margaretta Furnace, York, Pa.., Thomas Himes 

Margarettville, Delaware, N. Y George G. Decker 

Maria Creek, Knox, la Joseph Chambers 

Mariana, (c. h.) Jackson, Fla Henry 0. Bassett 

Marianna, Ptalips, Ark David A. Wicker 

Maria Stein, Mercer, Ohio Mathias Gast 

Mariaville, Schenectady, N. Y Hiram Hansett 

Marietta, (c. li.) Cbbb, Ga William F. Groves 

Marietta, Fulton, 111 J)ariu8 T. Morgan 

Marietta, Onondaga, N. Y Alanson Hicks 

Marietta, SkeU>y,lA Sylvanos Robertson 

Marietta, {c. h.) Washington, Ohio....Nath*l Bishop 
Marietta, Rawamba, Miss Elijah Oliver 

Marietta, LancasUar, Pa James Cushmaji 

Marietta, MarshaU,loyiB, Josiah Hambleton 

Marietta, Crawford, Wis Oliver E. Wise 

Marine, Washington, Hi John Ellison 

Marine MiUs, Washington, Minn Orange Walker ' 

Marion, (c. h.) Parry, Ala Henry F. Godden 

Marion, (c. h.) Crittenden, Ark Thomas Grant 

Marion, (c. h.1 Twiggs, Ga Henry P. E^^k 

Marion, ^c. h.) WttUamson, HI Joseph Hopper 

Marion, (c. h.) Grant, la John W. Dodd 

Marion, (c. h.) Linn, Iowa H. H. Welsh 

Marion, CW'tttenden, Ey Julius N. Sutcliff 

Marion, (q. h.) {Thton, La Daniel Puckett 

Marion, Washington, Me ....Phineas Foster 

Marion, (c. h.) Angelina, Tex Jacob Davis 

Marion, lAvingOon, Mich -Peter L. Willhelm 

Marion, (c. h.) Lauderdale, Miss... Jubal B. Hancock 

Marion, (c. h.) CWe, Mo Thomas Gregory 

Marion, Wayne, N. Y Levi Clark 

Marion, (c. h.) McDovoeO, N. C Edwin S. Hull 

Marion, (c. h.) Marion, Ohio Albert H. Brown 

Marion, Franklin,V9k Jacob Greenawalt 

Marion C. H., Marion, S. John McMillan 

Marion, Hartford, Conn Thomas M. Beecher 

Marion, (c. h.) Smyth, Va James H. Francis 

Marion, JTeno^^Wis Samuel T.Rice 

Mafion City, Marion, Mo William Cherry 

Marionvllle, Fbrest, Pa John D. Hunt 

Mariposa, (c. h.) Mariposa, Cft]...John F.McNamara 

Marissa, St, Clair, Hi Wm. White 

Marits, Morrow, Ohio John Christy 

Markesan, Marquette, "Wis John K.Oliver 

Markham Station, Fauquier, Va Benjamin T. 


Markle, Huntington, la Benj.F. Wleley 

Marksborough, Warren, N. J John S. Ball 

Mark's Creek, Richmond, N. C... John W. Freeman 

MarksviHe, (c. h.) AvoyeUes, La James Rey, jr 

Marksville, Page, Va Paschal Graves 

Marlboro, PiU, N. C Wm. G. Lang 

Marlboro, Cheshire, N. H G. D. Richardson 

Marlboro Depot, C^Wre, N.H...George W. Garfield 

Marlborough, Hartford, Conn Asa Day 

Marlborough, Middlesex, Mass Joseph'C. Cotting 

Marlborough, CbrroU, Tenn John Travis 

Marlborough, Monmouth, N. J James Thompson 

Marlborough, Ulster, N. Y John Pennock 

Marlborough, Chester, Pa Isaac Martin 

Marlborough, Windham^ Vt William Wallace 

Marlbrook, Hempstead, Ark John W. WiUiams 

Marley's Mills, Randolph, N. C Thomas Marley 

Marlin, FbUs, Tex Zenas Bartlett 

Marlin Bottom, Pocahontas, Va .James A. Price 

Marlow, Cheshire, N. H Orville P. Mack 

Marlton, Burlington, N. J Alexander C. Wills 

Maroa, Macon, 111 John Crocker 

Marple, Ddaware, Pa. Ebenezer R. Curtis 

Marquette, Marquette^ Wis George R. Bartlett 

Marr, Lawrence, Pa John McClung 

Marrinette, Oconto, Wis John B. Jacobs 

Marriottsville, Howard, Md Robert Adair 

Marrowbone, Cumberland, Ey Walter J. Pace 

Marrowbone, Davidson, Tenn J. Crockett 

Mars, Bibb, Ala Robert Oldham 

Mars Bluff, Marion, S. C John M. Smith 

Marseilles, La SaUe, lU Albert BVitterfidd 

Marseilles, NcibU, la John Longyar 

Marseilles, Wyandott, Ohio John M. Chesney 

Marsh, Chester, Pa Jesse Hanse 

Marshall, (c. h.)CterA;,ni Robert S.McCab* 

Marshall, (c. h.) Calhoun, Mich J. H. Montgomery 

Mar8haU,(o. h.) Saline, Mo Michael Flynn 

Marshall, Oneida, N. Y Solomon A. Hitchcock 

Marshall, Baih, Ey Levi Fratman 

Marshall, Highland, Ohio James P. Bayham 

MarshaU, (c. h.) Harrison, Texas Ozias J. Taylor 

Marshall, H'nry, Iowa James D.Bryan 

Marshall Prairie, Newton, Ark Pleasant Fowler 

Marshall's Comers, ChttojTord, Pa... Joseph D.Pelton 

Marshall's Creek, Monroe, Pa Henry Peters, ir 

Marshall's F^rry, Grainger, Tenn. ..James Shields 

MarshallsvUle, Wdyne, Ohio .' Henry Winger 

Marshallsville, Macon, Ga Isaac Johnson 

MarshallsviUe, Greenbrier, Va Henry Hedrick 

Marshanton, ChuUr, Pa George MartH 




MarahaUtown, AkarshaOy Iowa Wells 8. Bice 

Mwa>ntl1 Turnpike Marshall, Hiss... Austin E. Moore 

Marsh Creek, Gibsm, la G. W. Polk 

Mar's HQl, Aroostook, Me Dennis Getchell 

Marshfleld, Jones, Iowa Wm. P. L. Russell 

Marshfleld, Plymouth, Mass Proctor Bourne 

Marshfleld, .Erie, N. Y John Potter 

Marshfleld, Washinffton, Vt Jonathan Goodwin 

Marshland, Richnumd, N. Y James G. Odell 

Marston, Savk, Wis Nehemiah H. Austin 

Marston's Mills, Barnstable, Mass Chas. Bassett 

Martha Furnace, Hardin, 111 Edmund Shaw 

MarthasTille, Warren, Mo Harvey Griswold 

Martha's Vineyard, Chatham, N. 0... William Cross 

Martickrille, Lancatter, Pa Hiram Watson 

Martin, AUegan, Mich B. Phetteplaoe 

Martindale, MeckUnburgh, N. C... Jamas W. Martin 

l^artindale Depot, Cblumbia, N. Y Martin Ham 

Martinez, (c. h.) Qmtrft Costa, Cal Hiram Fogg 

Martinshnrgh, Washinffton, la.. Joseph Loughmiller 
Martinsburgh, (c h.) Lewis, N. Y... James H. Sheldon 

Martinsburgh, Knox, Ohio Wm. Mc Williams 

Marthisburgh, Pike, HI Medad C. Howland 

Martinsburgh, Ripley, Mo John P. Martin 

llartinsbnrgh, Blair, Pa Bei^amin F. Gibboney 

Martinsburgh, (c. h.) Berkeley, Va J. Thornton 


Martin's Comers, Shdby, la Wm. W. Martin 

Martin's Creek, Latorence, Ark Bryan Killett 

Martin's Creek, NorUiampton, Pa...George Stocker 

Martin's Creek, Pickens, 8. M. R.Hunnicutt 

Martin's Depot) Laurens,S.G Addison P. Martin 

Martin's Ferry, Belmont, Ohio X......John Lane 

Martin's Fork, Levns, Ky J.D. Irwin 

Martin's Lime Kilns, Stokes, K. C.John L. Martin 

Martin's Bfills, Nelson, Ya Elisha G.Thoumond 

Martinsville, Clark, HI Michael Pultz 

Martinsville, Lancaster, Pa John Raub 

Martinsville, (c. h.) Morgan, la... Andrew Wampler 

Martinsville, Somerset, N. J Nathaniel McCord 

Martinsville, Clinton, Ohio John Hunt 

Martinsville, (c. h.) Henry, Va S. Putzel 

Martvllle, Oayuga, N. Y James S. Tilford 

Martz, Clay, la George W. Jett 

Marvel, .Bate«, Mo Melvin W. Dickey 

Marvin, Chautauque, N. Y ..Orlando Durkee 

Mary, Pulaski, Ark EliasGood 

Maryland, Otsego, N. Y John T. Thompson 

Maryland Line, BaUmore, Md B. F. Jordan 

J Mary's Garden, Cumberland, N. C...G. W. Lawrence 
♦ Marysville, (c. h.) Union, Ohio...WUllam M. Smith 

Marysvllle, Blount, Tenn... Henry Sealer 

Marysville, CbimpbeU, Va John H. Swinney 

Marysiville, Benton, Iowa Samuel Osbom 

Marysville, Robeson, N.C Alexander Rowland 

Marysville, (c. h.)jrM6a, Cal Philip W. Keyser 

'Marysville, Kansas Ter F. J. Marshall 

Marytown, Fhnd Dm Lac, Wis.. ..Peter J. Broecher 

Maryville, Itawamba, Miss Jacob L.Dominick 

Maryville, Noddaway, Mo James H. Saunders 

Hascoutah, St. CUiir, 111 Julius Sheve 

Mashapang, ToUand, Conn Harvey Walker 

Masholaville, JVbxu2)««, Miss John F. Reat 

Mason, Ingham, Mich John Coatsworth 

Mason, Hillsborough, N. H George W. Scripture 

Mason, Warren, Ohio David W. Vandyke 

Mason, Jackson, Tenn Joel W. Whitten 

Mason, Mason, Va AsaBrigham 

Mason Hall, Orange, N. C John R. Faucette 

Mason Hall, OMbn, Tenn John.HolIoman 

Mason's Grove, Madison, Tenn Henry B. Wilson 

Mason town, Fayette, Pa Elisha Laughead 

Mason Village, HiUsborough, N. H... James Taft, jr 

Masonville, Lauderdale, Ala John Harrison 

Masonville, Delaware, N. Y Joseph S. Getter 

Maspeth, Queens, N. Y Joseph H. Van Mater, jr 

Massack, McChvidcen, Ky Minerva Ann Gholson 

Massanutton, Page, Va David E. Almond 

Hassena, St. Lawrence, N. Y .John 0. Bridges 

Massena Centre, St. Latorence, N. Y...Ira Goodridge 

Massie's Mills, Nelson, Va Patrick C. Massie 

Massillon, iStorAr, Ohio John J. Hofman 

Hassilon, AUen, la .». Joseph Snyder 

Massilon, Jones, Iowa David Sloper 

Masten's Comer, Kieat;fie\ William Hasten 

Mastersonvllle, Lancaster, Pa Joseph Masterson 

Masterton, Monroe, Ohio James P. Ferrell 

Masthope, Pike, Pa James Selden 

Mast Yard, Merrimack, N. H J. F. RunneDs 

Matagorda, Matagorda,Tex R. T. Van Slyke 

Matamora, Hardeman, Tenn John H. Rosson 

Matamoras, Montgomery, N. C Levi N. Lucas 

Matamoras, Pike, Pa... Oliver S. Dimmick 

Matchett, Darke, Erick Matchett 

Matherton, /onia,Mich Asaph Mather 

Mjktildaville, Clarion, Pa John B. Grazier 

Matinicus, ZancoZn, Me Freeman Hall 

Matipony, Sjpottsylvania, Va J. H. Parker 

Matlock, Tattnall, Ga ." E. Tillman 

Matoax, Powhatan, Va Ulyses T. Jones 

Mattapoisett, Plymouth, Mass Bei\|. F. Barstow 

Mattawamkeag, Penobscot, Me Asa Smith 

Mattawan, Fan Buren, Mich John Smolk 

Matteawan, Dutchess, N. Y Chauncey Green 

Mattese, SL Louis, Mo Henry Erb 

Matthews C. H., Matthews, Va... Joseph Bohannan 
Matthew's Store, Howard, Md... James B. Matthews 

Mattison, Branch,Mich Samuel E. Faxon 

Mattituck, S^ffblk, N. Y John Shirley 

Mauch Chunk, Oarbon, Pa Eliza Cooper 

Mauckport, Harrison, la Hiram Darter 

Maugh's Mills, Adams, Wis James M. Maughs 

Maukato, Blue Earth, Minn Parsons K.Johnson 

Maulding's Mills, Wayne, IW. Andrew Maulding 

Maumee City, Lucas, Ohio Daniel Williams 

Mauricetown, Cumberland, N. J... Jas. W. Compton 

Manrius, Vigo, la John V. cirr 

Mavais, Mavais, Mo Alphro S. Petit 

Maxatawny, Berks, Pa Da^d Gross 

Max Creek, Camden, Mo Nathaniel W. Tobey 

Maxey, Oglethorpe, Ga Thomas Maxey 

Maximo, iStorA;, Ohio Samuel Marvin 

Maxfleld, Penobscot, Me Franklin Tourtillott 

Maxville,i%rry,0 E.G.Collins 

Maxwell, Delaware, Ohio Richard Martin 

Maxwell's Creek, Mariposa, Cal G. W. Coulter 

May, Lancaster, Pa Hiram Beaver 

Maybinton, Newberry, 8. C James B. Glenn 

MnTf^JTllln, ,^Amter, S. Robert P. Mayes 

Miiyft'iii, n:.rren,Ga John M. Shivers 

MiiUi^lt. '.v.M s», Ky John Wilford, »r 

MiivsW ,.L ,/ ' 5W, Tenn Jefferson D. M. C^raig 

M; .viiH L y^y .. Miss LG. H.Sasser 

M:iYn*'!.l, ^r.,L, Clara, Cal John Ottison 

M: ytU 1.1, / .^ 7^ N.Y Collins Odell 

M;pi,l-M. f'^rioga, Ohio John Sherman 

U->.')-'-\. ' ^Wight,\(i John W. Edwards 

M ngham, N. C... George S. DeJamatte 

M sego, N. Y Loring Dow 

Mu,y liiii, L^ 111 Stephen Richardson 

Mayo, JSoZtfcMJ, Va Robert E.Owen 

Mayo, Rockingham^ N. C Nathaniel Scales 

Mayoning, Patrick, Va George C. Dodson 

Mayport Mills, Z>uva2, Fla Milton Haynet: 

May^s Landing, (c. h.) ^ttaniic, N.J... A. L. Iszard 

May's Lick, Mason, Ky Edward H. Hemdon 

Maysville,(c h.) Clay, III Daniel L. McCawley 

Maysville, Mason, Ky Benjamin 0. Pickett 

Maysville, Jackson, Ga Abram Atkins 

Maysville, (c. h.) De Kalb, Mo James Grant 

Maysville, Madison, Ala Samuel M. Weaver 

Maysville, Benton, Ark James McFall 

Maysville, Mercer, Pa George E. Hassenpluck 

Maysville, Greene, N.C George W.Moore 

Maysville, Daviess, Ind H. S. Anderson 

Maysville, Bexar, Tex Samuel Fryoa 

Maytown, Lancaster, Pa Jacob Bower 

Mayville, (c. h.) Chautauque, N. Y... Jesse Brooks 

Mayville, Dodge, Wis Elisha P. Clark 

Mazon, Orundy, HI C. W. Royal 

Mead, Warren, Pa Jonathan Mott 

Meade, Linn, Mo Drury Grindstaff 

Mead Comers, Crawford, Pa Elam Clark 

Meadorville, Macon, Tenn Fleming W. Saunders 

Meadow Bluff, Cfreenbrier, Va Thos. A. Henning 

Meadow Branch, Jocitson, Ohio... Saml. S.Vandevort 

Meadow Creek, Orange, N. C Wm. 8. Bradshaw 

Meadow Creek, Whitley, Ky David CraJg 

Meadow Dale, Highland, Va James Slaven 

Meadow Farm, J/u«fctn^m, Ohio 0. Springer 




Meadows of Ban, Pottrick, V& James Reynolds 

Mead's Basin, FUssaic^ N.J Thomas Hunt 

Mead's Mills, WayrUj Mich Cyrus B. PwkHrd 

MeadYille, (c. h.) JVanithn, Miss-Fieldirg J.Whitley 
Meadville, (c. h.) Crawford, PaJamf-s E. McFarland 

MeadYille, Halifax, Ya Jeremiah White 

MeadTille, Mead,Kj Sigmnnd Griff 

Meagher, Bureau, III Amos Waltets 

Means, Harriton, Ohio John McGuire 

Meansville, Union, S. C < Albert G. Means 

Mecca, IVwrnfettZZ, Ohio Milo Powers 

Mechanicsburgh, Sangamon, HI Morris Bird 

Mechanicsburgh, Champaign, 0...F. E. B. McGinley 

Mechanicsburgh, Henry, la Thomas B. Keesling 

Mechanicsburgh, Cumberland., Pa... William Eckels 

Mechanicsburgh, Macon, Mo Reuben Brown 

Mechanicsburgh, GUes, Ya. Hiram- Rider 

Mechanic's Falls, Androscoggin,'i&» A. D. Bwinel 

Mechanic's Grove, Lancaster, Pa N. H. Gillespie 

Mechanicstown, Frederick, Md Reuben Osier 

Mechanicstown, CarroU, Ohio Silas Potts 

Mechanicsville, Jittper, Ga, Burrell P. Key 

Mechanicsville, Saratoga, N. Y John Elmer 

MechanicsTille, Ciznnon, Tenn Samuel E. Burger 

Mechanicsville, Sumter, S. C John C. Strother 

Mechanicsville, RuneJl, Ala. James Sbarman 

Mechanicsville, Suihland, Yt Austin L. Morgan 

Mechanicsville, Bttcls, Pa Stephen B. Wesner 

Mechanicsville, Louisa, Ya John Q. Watkins 

Mechum's Kiver, Albemarle,Y& Wm. P. Jarman 

Mecklenburgh, Knox, Tenn...Jame8 G. M. Ram&ey 
Mecklenburgh, Schuyler, N. Y....Baniel B. Wheeler 

Medary, Putnam, Ohio William Kraups 

Hed&rjLfiyiUe, IhUaski,l&... Moses Cherrie 

Medellme, Parke, la Nicholas Mothorn 

Medfleld, JVor/oJfc, Mass Walter Janes 

Medford, Middlesex, Mass James C. Winnek 

Medford, Burlington, N. J Thomas A. Potts 

Medford, Rice, Minn Smith Johnson 

Media, Delaware, Pa ^.Charles K. Williamson 

Medina, Outogamie, Wis Cornelius Koontz 

Medina, Winnebago, HI Samuel Pillsbury 

Medina, Lenawee, Mich Baxter Lyon 

Medina, Orleans, N. Y Daniel Starr 

Medina, (c.h.) Medina, Ohio Joseph Whitmore 

Medium, Marshall, Tenn ....Washington Hunter 

Medoc, J^asperf Mo..... Elijah Penington 

Medon, Madison, Tenn George W. McGuire 

Medusa, Albany, N. Y James M. Hallock 

Medway, Norfolk, Mass Samuel W. Metcalf 

Medway, Clq,rk, Ohio D. I. Stiles 

Medway, Greene, N. Y Frederic S. Green 

Medybemps, Washington, Me Ezra Whitney 

Meeker, Washington, Wis Georgt» Schutz 

Meek's Hill, York, S. C James M. Whitesides 

Meeme, Manitowoc, Wis Henry Mulholand 

Meeting Street, Edgefidd, S. C John S. Smyly 

Mehorin Depot, Somkampton, Ya. N. R. Joyner 

Mehoopany, Wyoming,'P& Joseph T. Jennings 

Meigs' Creek, Morgan, Ohio.^ Benj. 1^. Fonts 

MeigsvUle, ifwflran, Ohio..... James S. Reeves 

Meigsville, Jackson, Tenn Amos Kirkpatrtck 

Melendez, (c h.) Benton, Fla. William Hope 

Mellenville, Columbia, N. Y Jeremiah M. Siorm 

MellonvUle, (c. h.) Orange, Fla. Isaac Winegord 

MeUow Yalley, Randolph, Ala....Willlam H. Miller 

Melmore, Seneca, Ohio Moses King 

Melon, Bar&our, Ya James E. Hall 

Melpine, Muscatine^ Iowa Klias M. Mackemer 

Melrose, Rockingham, Ya Reuben N. Harrison 

Melrose, dark, 111 David J. RiflFe 

Melrose, Middlesex, Mass George Howard 

Melrose, Rush, la John Abernathy 

Melrose, Jackson, Wis Mark Douglass 

Melrose, Naa)gdocJies, Tex WQliam Jacobs 

Meltonsville, Marshall, Ala James W. Hod.;es 

MelvUle, Chattooga, Ga Alfred N. Kindrick 

Melville, Alamance, N.C Henderson Scott 

Melville, Dade, Mo James R. Long 

Melville, Caroline, Md John J.Fisher 

Melvin, BaUard,Ky Thomas Rudd 

Melvin Village, CarroU, N. H Ezra Shepherd 

Memphis, Pickens, Ala Sidney G. Colemut) 

Memphis, Scotland, Ma William S. Duckworth 

Memphis, (c.h.) Shelby, Tenn W .H. Carroll 

Memphis, St. Clair, MSoh Linns S. Gilbert 

Memphis, Clark, Ind John F. Diets 

Menallen, Adam , Pa Jacob Epplemsn 

Menasha, WinnebagOfWia. Jeremiah Crowley 

Mendham, Morris, N. J John J. BiJlentbne 

Mendon, Madison, la...... Thomas Jordan 

Mendon, Adams, 111 John L. Arnold 

Mendon, Worcester, Mast W. H. Aldridb 

Mendon, Monroe, N. Y L. 0. Hill 

Mendon, Mercer, Ohio Alex. S. Moncrieff 

Mendon, Rutland, Yt Amaf'a Nieholfl 

Mendon, Wejtmordand, Pa Philip Fisher 

Mendon Centre, Monroe, N. Y Samuel Cox 

Mendota, La SaJU, 111 D. D.GuUcs 

Medota, Dahkotah, Minn Hypolite Dupins 

Menelos, Madison, Ky JohnDorier 

Menominee, Chippewa, Wis Thomas B. Wilson 

Menomhiee Falls, Waukesha, Wis...William R. Hesk 

Mentor, Lake, Ohio .^.Daniel Holmes 

Mequon River, OazuMe.Wis A. Zimmerman 

Mercer, Somerset, Me Asher D. Whitoomb 

Mercer, Mercer, Ohio Smith H. Clark 

Mercer, Mercer, Mo - Frederick Fry 

Mercer, (c. h.) ifercer. Pa John 8k»t 

Mercer Salt Works, Mercer, Ya Al«x. S. Turk 

Mercersburgh, I^ankUn, Pa klixA Caraim 

Merchant's Blufl", Darlington, S.C...Wm. H.Cannon 

Mercia, Rock Island, 111 James J. Stansell 

Mere, Macomb, Mich Isaac Brabb 

Meredith, Delaware, N. Y Edward Douglass 

Meredith Centre, Bdknap, N. H...l8rael P. Plummer 

Meredith Mills, fWton, la Job Meredith 

Meredith's Tavern, Marion, Ya...Decliford Mwedith 

Meredith Yillage, BeUcnap, N. H John Y. Barron 

Meriden, New Haven, Conn Bertrand L. Tale 

Meriden, Sullivan, N. H Converse Ooit 

Meridian, Cayiwa, N. Y W. S. Ingham 

Meridian, Pendleton, Ky Heber Shoemaker 

Meridian, Lauderdale, Miss Alfred Beck 

Meridianville, Madison, Ala John Kirkland 

Mermaid, New OasUe, Del Milton Steele 

Merom, SuUivan, la Porter Burks 

Merona, McHenry, 111 J. R. MMk 

Merrick, Queens. N. Y Carman Smith 

Merriam, NaUe, la James Cunningham 

Merrillsville, FrankUn, N. Y...Jeremiah D. MerriU 

Merrillsville, St. Clair, Mich John D. Jones 

Merrilltown, Travis, Texas Nelson Merrill 

Merrillville, iafcc, la Daniel H. HaU 

Merrimack, Sauk, Wis Josiah M. Haines . 

Merritt, Barry, Mich David W. Bmitli • 

Merritt'e Bridge, Barnwell, S. C.Juhn D. Plunkett 

Merrittstown, Fayette, Pa Alexander Brown 

MuiTittsville, OreenviUe, S. C Davis W. Hodges 

Merrow Station, 2\jUand,Ct Joseph B. Merrow 

Merryall, Bradford, Pa John H. Black 

Merry Hill, Bertie, N. C Jehu N. Webb 

Merry Mount, Warren, N. C Henry P. WMte 

Merry Oaks, Barren, Ky David B.Dentoa 

Merry Oaks, Hamilton, Tenn Samuel H. Hunter 

Mershon's Cross Roads, Laurel, Ky Abraham 


Merton, Waukesha, Wia Edward Hac^ett 

Merwinsburgh, Monroe, Pa John Merwine 

MerwinsviUe, Litchfield, Ct ....Sylvanus Merwia 

Mesopotamia, TrumbuU, Ohio F. O. Sastm 

Messina Springs, Onondaga, N. Y...Rufu8 R. Kinm 

Messongo, Accomack, Ya Thomas A. Northam 

Metamora, Woodford, III « Charles H. Chitty 

Metamora, Franklin, la Peter C. Woods 

Metamora, Lapeer, Mich Eber Barrows 

Metamora, jPttUon, Thomas W. Vowler 

Metea, Cass, la x Elijah T. Moore 

Metedeconk. Ocean, N. J Abram 0. S. HaYons 

Methuen, Essex, Mass John Low 

Metomen, .FbTMi du Zoc, Wis Giles Egleolon 

Metompkin, Accomack, Ya John L. Snoad 

Metropolis City, Massac, 111 A. B. Browna 

Muts, Reuben, la Justus Bamm 

Metuchen, Middlesex, N. J Thomas YaaaidBB 

Mexico, Miami, la E. Nelson Banks 

yiexico, Jefferson, AI& Hiram Aoberls 

Mexico, Oxford, Me Lewis Rood 

Mexico, (c. h.) Audrain,1&o W. D. H. Hunter 

Mexico, Osweffo, N. T JohnA. Vort 




Mexico, Wjandoft, Ohio Jared M. Iloid 

Mexico, Juniaia, Pa DiivM Uingei-ich 

Heym-'s Mills, Som,":rstt, Pa Uilliiiii C. Lint 

Usyei'stowii, Lit)urion, Pa William Uiich 

MeyuMVille, Dk WiO, Tex Adolph Mt-yrr 

Hiami, Dade^ FIk G«o. W. Fernnson 

Mkwi, Saline, Mo W. T. Williaiiis 

Hiarai, /famtlttniyOh\o Aaron W. ThImt 

Miami, Miumiy la David C.JeiikiiiB 

Ubunisbur'^h Montgomery, Ohio.BavidWinubrennf r 

Miamisville Clermont, Ohio Mark Buclciiighani 

Mtaaus, Fuir/Ldd, Conn James L. Newman 

MJAanopy. AluJiua, Fla J. P. Garrison 

Micco, a-eek Nation, Atk Ward H. Bail»*y 

HiccosukeH, Leon, Fia George E. DenniH 

Sichiielsville, Hur/ord, Md Jacob J. Michael 
ichi^iu liar, Sucrinunto, Cal...Wm. S. llameicon 

Michii^n Bluff, I^laeer,C&l Peter Dllt» 

MichigHQ Ci-ntre, Judcson, Mich Josiah C. Riley 

Micbi^^an City, La PbrUi„ la Thomas Jernigan 

Micbi}$aatown, Clinton, la William Strange 

Midbridge, Giles. Tenu Samuel IL Stout 

Midda^li'B, NnrUiampion, Pa. George B. |Iiddn^h 

Middleboro, /'ZyBiriMA, Mass Sidney Tucker 

Middlobourne, GuernKy^ Ohio Alex. Kirkpatrick 

Middlebourue, (c. h.) Tyler, Va William Swan 

Middle Branch, Htirk, Ohio Aaron S. Wisi' 

Middlebrook, Augusta, Va Robert M. Firth 

Middlebi'ook Mills, Montgomery, Md...Jai«. G. Houae 
Middleburgh, iSctlwJiarie, N. Y... Nathan T. Rosseter 

Middlobargh, Casfiy, Ky Wm. N. Hatter 

Middleburgh, Carroll, Md David Hope 

Middleburgh, Unicm, Pa U. A. Smith 

Middleburgh, Hardeman, Tenn C. D. Bryant 

Middleburgh, Shiawassee, Mich. ..George W. Slocum 

Middleburgh, Xou^n, Va likiwin C. Brown 

Middleburgh, Cuyahoga, Ohio Wheeler Wellnitin 

Middleburgh, Boone, Mo Benuet H. Clark 

Middleburgh, DuvuU, Fla John Iloiis 

Middlebury, Elkhart, la Henry S. Alderman 

Middlebury, Mercer, Mo Royal Williams 

Middlebury, Summit, Ohio Klljab Curtis 

Middlebury, (c. h.) Addison, Vt.Kmertiou K. Wright 

Middletm ry, iVcu; Haven, Conn Ell S. Smith 

Middlebury Centre, I'iojei, Pa Henry H. Potter 

Middlebush, Somerset^ N.J Peter S. Brohaw 

Middle Creek, Monroe, Ohio Alfred Ogle 

Middle Creek, Wahe, N. C Thomas G. Whitaker 

Middle Creek, McMinn, Teon Joseph S<niitli 

Middle Creek, Union, Pa William Barth 

Middle Creek Mills, Bnone, Ky Thomas Robert8 

Mldlle Fabies. Scotland, Mo Robt. A. Bryant 

MtdJlelield, Hampshire, TA^aa Solomon lioot 

Middlcfield. Olsego, N. Y Harrison North 

Middlefield, Geawja, Ohio JBlmore W. Clarke 

Middletiuld, Middlesex, Conn George W. Bacon 

Middlefiuld Centre, Otsego, N. Y A. T. Bigelow 

Middleford, Sussex, Del I.. ..John M. Rawlins 

Middle Fork, Clinton, la John Evans 

Middle Fork, JfandnlpJi, Va George S. Grove 

Middle Fork, Hmderson, Tena James Mitchell 

Middle Fork, Macon, Mo James Flore 

Middle Fork, Htcldng, Ohio.Siunuel McClure Himter 
Middle Grjmville, \V,tshingUmy N. Y.Wm. IL Wing 

Middle Grove, FuU/)n, IW ?..Tlmotby W. Morse 

Middle Qrvva, Siratoja, N.Y Hiram S. Freeman 

Middle Grove, Monroe, Mo John S. Couyerf* 

Middle Ground, Ssriren, Ga B. L. Boykin 

Middle II<idd im, Middlesex, Conn John Cai-ricr 

Middle Hope, Orange, N. Y John Hnrdwick 

Middle Lsiund, SuffitV.; N.Y Beig. T. Hutchiuson 

Middle Lancister, liutter. Pa. Henry Lucbeu 

Middle Mount-iiu, Bnttmrt, Va Jaiues Scott 

Middle Point, Van Wcri,0 Nathaniel Sykes 

Middieport, (c. h.) Iroqums,l\\ Daniel B. Gardner 

Middlepurt, Niagara, N. Y... Robert Craig 

tfiddleiiort, St-JiuyUiU, Pa John Bechtel 

Middieport, Braxton, Va Exra B.Cliflov 

Middloi>ort, MK'gs,0 David PangburD 

Middle Hidge, Newtm, Ga James Riley 

Middle Kiver, Franklin, Ga Michael Itagsdalc 

Middlesex, Yutrs, N. Y Oliver S. WiUianw 

ICddiasex, Wushingtm, Vt .George U. Lewis 

Middleisex Vilh^e, Mitldlesex, Mass... John E. Oiaise 

Middleton, Jilssex, Masa ,Ajno«Batch«ider 


Middb-ton, CarroU, Miss John M. Owry 

Middlettm, StraJJord, N. U Fitz ll«iiry Uaniiltoa 

Middloton, Pane* Wis John L. Clifford 

Middleton. Lutfiei-ford, Tcim Roleit 15. McLean 

MidiiU'ton's Store, yi2>/;im£r,Ga.Stepl!eii S. Middleton 
Mitldletown, (c. h.) MiddlvsKX, Coun..Nornmn fcmith 

Midtlletown, LirtTigston, Mjch Darwin A. Palmer 

Middlotown, J\'ew Cu;tle^ Del Clias. Foster 

Middletown, Logan, 111 Colby Knapp 

Middletowu, Hmry, la B. F. Murphy 

Middlotown, JrJ/'crstin, Ky......Btnj:iniin P. JtJiuson 

Widdletown, fStderick, Md lleniy Herring 

Middletowii, Montgomery, Mo....Jas. M. Ciosthwait 

Middletown, Ves Moines, Iowa Tl Oj. L. Sergent 

Middlftown, Monmouth^ N. J Samuel J. T«ylor 

Middh'towu, Orange, N. Y Hirsim V. King 

Middletown, Hyde, N. C Lorcu/o D. White 

Middletown, Bat/er, Ohio Juo. liarnish 

Middletown, Dauphin, Pa Catharine A. Stonch 

Middletown, Builand, Vt Closes E.Vail 

Middletown, Frederick, Va Jacob S. Danner 

Midddletown Centre, SusqueJiannaJi, Pa...Penin S. 

Middletown Point, Monmouth, N. J. ..George W. Bell 
Middle Village, Queens, N. Y.... Jonathan F. Latham 

Middlevillo, Burry, Mich Wiuslow W. iuUph 

Middleville, .Vtt**«x, N.J Joseph Audres8,jr 

Middleville, Herlimer, N. Y Samuel C. Franklin 

Middleway, J^'erson, Va Henry Smith 

Midlutliian. Chesie3'/ield,\A James Moirissctt 

Midview, Henry, Ky Isaac M. Underwood 

Midville, Burl.e, Ga James Griftin 

Midway, jBarbour, Ala Thoni.-is Harris 

Midway, FtiUim, III. a Rubt-rt W. Comba 

Miilway. ^>!nc^r, la « Josiah J. Gwultney 

Midway, iVtuHf/ord, Ky Joseph C. Kean 

Midway, Madison, Miss 0<'orge W. Siewart 

Midway, Oioper, Mo Albert 0. Tonjpkins 

Midway, Davidsf/n, N. C * W. U. Beard 

Midway, Bumu}ell,S. C Peter CHrson 

Midway, Hot Springs, Ark James M. llaniniond 

Midway, Monroe, Tenn Jesse Cnnn.vngham 

Midway, Craig, Va John W. Peck 

Midway, Polk,lQv:K Jefferson IJobertson 

Mier, Grant, la A. I). Cravens 

Mier, Wabash, III Gabriel S. Goldsburg 

Mittlin, Ashland, Ohio lolin M. Crory 

Mifflin, Iowa, Wis Charl«s II. Cox 

Mifllin, Henfler.son, Tenn C. W. Cooper 

Mifflin, Craw/ord^ la , Mahichi Ott 

Mifflinbnrgh, Uvion, Pa John Forster 

Miffiintown. (c. h.) Juniata, Pa Susan Barnard 

Mifflinville, Glumbia, Pa C. H. Hess 

Milam, (c.h.) &Wne, Tex Gideon A. Norford 

Milan, Biplfy, la Leoniud K. Knowlton 

Milan, Monroe, Mich Treman Wilcox 

Milan, Sullivan, Mo Uedgeman T. McOlenahaa 

Milan, Coos, N. H Hiram T. Ellingwood 

Milan, Duichess, N. Y John Crandall 

Milan, Erie, Ohio Lyman Walker 

Milan, Bradford, Pa Guy Tracy 

Milburgh, Oi'eenviUe, S. C John Weaver 

Milesburgh, Centre, Pa Juhn S. Prondfoot 

Milestown, St. Marys, Md Wm. H. Garner 

Milestown, Philadelphia, Pa Bennett Medary 

Milforti, New Haven, Conn William Brotherton 

MiUord, Jetftrstm, Wis Nathan S.Greene 

Milford, Kent, Del W. N. W. Dorsey 

Milford, HunUrdon, N.J Charles Brock 

^lilford, Iroquois, III William Gray 

Gilford, Kosciusko, la Timothy Goodwin 

Milford, EUis, Tex William J{. Hudson 

Milford, Clarkf Iowa Joseph Norrii 

Milford, PimobscfA, Me Peleg Hall 

Mil&>rd, IVorcester, Mass James H. Barker 

Milford, Caroline, Va Wm. N. Jordan 

Milford, Oakland, Mich Elial M. White 

Milford, Bracken, Ky James M. Browning 

Milford, HiUsborough,1H. H S. S. Stickney 

Milfoi-d, Otsego, K. Y John Eddy 

Milford, C7^;rm(m£,Ohio Amos Hill 

Milford, (c. h.) I'ike, Pa John R. WelU 

Milford, Greenvaie, 8.C William J. Gibson 

Milford, Bather, Ga. Walter B. Mason 

Milford Centre, Chion, Ohio Oliver C. Kennadj 




MUlford Square, JBucts^Pa G. R. Himmelwright 

Uilfordton, Knoxy Ohio J<>li)i StevetjR 

UUitary Institute, i'ranklin, Ky I. T. Diikinson 

Military Roady Jefferson^ N. Y Dainel S. Becker 

Military Springs, FoLyeUfy Ala Martha A. Crittbs 

Millard, Walworth^Wis Allen Loonier 

Millard, Wayne, N. C Sanders P. Cox 

Mill Ark, FuWm, la H. D. Hoover 

Millbach, I«efcano»,"ta Oliver Weigley 

Mill Bank, Grawrillt, N. C Ifiaton Davi« 

Mill Bend, Hawkins^ Tenn Absalom L. Buraiii 

Millborough Springs, J3a</t, Ya...MJohn U. Dickinson 

MiJlbridge, WashingUniy Mo Warren Leighton 

MUl Brook, Warren, N. Y Kdwin A. Bush 

Mill Brook, Litchfield, Conn Harvey VV. Pinney 

Mill Brook, Warien, N.J Clias. Uiimv 

Mill Brook, Wayne, Ohio Timothy H. Baker 

Millburgh, HeiTien, Mich Euos Fentdn 

Millburn, Bullartl, Kv Uernion Keed 

Miljlmrn, Lal>e, 111...! John Thayer 

Millburn, JEsmx, N. J Albert D. TrapliHgau 

Millbury, Wi /reenter. Mom William B. Fenner 

Mill Creek, Ripley, Mo Amos Ponder 

Mill Creek, HuniingUm, Pa. Loyd Meredith 

Mill Creek, Fallon, Ohio Culvin Ackley 

Mill Creek, Berkeley, Va James H. Clendeuing 

Mill Creek, Sabine, La fclijah Self 

Mill Creek, Bnoie, Tex Isaac N. Lasseter 

Mill Creek, Izard, Ark WUliam Sablett 

Mill Creek, Oi'er</m, Tenn John Rose 

MUl Creek, liatlc ldatul,l\\ John W. Haynes 

Milldiile, Warren, Miss Andrew J. Green 

Milldule, DKfUtnce, Ohio Galen B. Abell 

Milldale, Wiirren, Va James H. French 

Milledgeville, Baldwin, Oa Thomas M.Cook 

Milledgcville, CUrroU, 111 William K. Winters 

Milledgevilte, Lincoln, Ky Nicholas Wolllin 

Milledguville, Mtrnfffinnery, N. C Wm. E. Bunige 

Milledgeville, Mnrt:er, Pa Cookson Long 

Milieu H tiny, Jejfergon, N. Y William Richards 

Mileniy. Uubu'iue^ luwa William Potts 

Miller, K.iu:ias Ter'y Ingraim Baker 

Millers, Larvreno; Ohio M. L. Shepard 

Milleriiburgh, (c. h.) Altrcer, lIl..UiianiW. Thoruton 

Millersburgh, 3turbtm, Ky James Bassett 

KUllersbiirgh, QxUawtty, Mo John K. Boyd 

Millersburgh, (c. h.) HiAme^, Ohio.... Joseph Tidball 

Millersburgh, Daupfun, Pa George Bowman 

Milleraiiurgh, Rutherford, Tenn....Burrel G. White 

Millersbiu'gh, lotoa, Iowa £Ii D. Akers 

Milter's Cliapel, Dyer, Tenn George Miller 

Miller's Mill, Batli, Va James M. Johnston 

Miller's Place, Suffitlk, N. Y S. R. Davis 

Millersport, FairJUld, Ohio... Ferdinand Armentrout 

Miller's Tavern, Essex, Va John C. Brown 

MUlerstown, Grayson, Ky Wm. G. Bowman 

Milleiittown.C/iumpairgmjOhio Utirdin A. Smith 

MillerHtuwu, Perry, Pa Jane W. Jennings 

Millersvillu, Aduir, Ky Arcbelus A. Strange, jr 

Millersvillc, Anne Aruitdd, Md George Miller 

Millvrsville, Lancaster, Pa Peter H. Lyne 

Millersville, Mariftn, la Wm. Winpenny 

MillerKville, BamwtU, S. C Gabriel E. Miller 

Millersville, Robertstm, Tenn .George K. liink 

Millertoii, TuUire, Ctil... Uugh A. Carroll 

Mill Falls, Marion, Va.i....» Marcena Davis 

Millfield, AUienx, Ohio lienry Brown 

Mill Gap, ilf/f'land, Va David V. Ruckinan 

Mill Green, Harford, Md Chas. Biles 

Mill Grove, Oil)b, Ga Samnel Burdine 

MUl Grove, Erie, N. Y John llolley 

Mill Grove. Sumter. S. C Wm. McGutchen 

Mill Grove, Oioen, hi Edwin P.Cannack 

Mill Grove, Henry, Ala John W. Irwin 

Mill Grove, Fayeiti, Iowa .Jacob KaufTnMUi 

Mill Grove, Stephenson, III James Young 

Mill Grove, A/orgun,Ohio Jasper J. Israel 

Mill Hall. Clinton, Pa David ClKrk 

Mill Uaveii, iSV/vm, Ga Wilkins U. Nunally 

Mill Uaveii, Ad-muty Wis John McUniber 

MiUbeim. C^mlre. Pa Wm. L. Mnsser 

Mill Hill, CUbai-ras, N. C Jacob Stirewalt. Jr 

MillhnUiien, DtuMLvr, la .Bernard liarderback 

Millican, Brazos, Tex Arthur KdwardH 

MiUikttu's Bend, Madisun^ la Jaoub Sorturiujt 

MllUn. Burkr., Ga Robert II. Qmy 

Mllllngton, Kmt, Md William F. Smith 

Millington, Alltemarle. Va Thomas Ballard 

Mill Plain, FtrirfUiUi, Conn Barnabas Alien 

Mill Point, Shiran. Tenn John llaiT 

Mill Point, Ff>caJiontcu', Va Samnel T. Clark 

Mill Point, Ottawa. Blich L. M. 8. Smith 

Mill Port, Fayette, Ala J. R. MitcheH 

Mill Port, Chemung, N. Y Luna WhiU 

Mill Port, PtU-r. Pa Rodnoy L. NichoU 

Mill Port, Washington, la Sidney Kedfield 

Mill Ray. Bulloek,Qh H. B. Hodg«» 

Mill Ridge, St. Francif, Ark Rensselaer Vans 

Mdl River, Berkshire, Mass: H, N. Wheeler 

Mill River. Henderson, N.O John W. Erwia 

Mill Run, l*re>Um, Va Andrew J. Pike 

MillsU»rough, Suxsex, Del George W. Willis 

Millsborough, WamhingUm, Pa Geo. W. WiliioB 

Mill's Bninch, Van Burm. Tenn John B. Hill 

Mills' Corners. fV7^*n, N. Y John A. Bellif 

Mills' Gap, Rvth^rfo-d, N.C Georgo J. Mill* 

Mills' M.lls, Alh-guny, N.Y Aniasa S. Ladd 

Mills' Prairie, Edward*. Ill Thomas Wilkinson 

Mill Spring, Jefferson, Tenn....«.....B. F. McFarland 

Mill Springs, ]HPayn«. Ky ;....T.C. Brown 

Millstadt, St. Clair, 111 Francis M. Faai 

Millstone, Someritt, N. J F. V. L. Disborongh 

Millstone Point. Washington, Md....Tacob Myers, Jr 

Mill Town, Adair, Ky Matthew M. Tucker 

Milltown, ChestfT.Vfi. Jesse Matlock 

Milltown, Crawford, la ....Libbeus Frisble 

Milltown, Washingttm, Me Matliow Hastings 

Milltown, Chambers, Ala William Graggt 

Milltown, Putnam,'^. Y Floyd Bmsh 

Millview, fhuquier, Va Thomas Johnson 

Millview, SaWran, Pa John Molynem 

Mill Village, SuUiran, N. H Parker Richai-dson 

Millville, C^anf, Wis William Kidd, jr 

Millville, Butler, Ala James L. Thagard 

Millville, Jo Dariess.lW Wm. N. Donne 

Millville, Woodford,Ky Sjiniuel Miles 

Millville, Clayton, Iowa Barney White 

yinWiUB, Htmry, Ind Andrew J. Cromer 

Millville, Wf/rcester. Mass Willard Witeon 

Millville, Cumba-land. N. J C. O. Leake 

Millville, Orleans, N. Y Thomas 0. Castle 

Milhille, BuiJer, Ohio Robert Ferguson 

Millville, Qilumbia, Pa George Masters 

Millville, 5)Bar/an6j/rp/», S. C William P. Hoy 

Millville, LqfayetUiy Aik Thompson Brister 

Millville, Lincoln, Tenn Currau D. Benson 

Millville, i^ay. Mo George A. Mason 

Millville, A't77^ Gefirge,\ti Rolicrt Frank 

Mill Way, Abbe»iUe, S.C John Cothnin 

Mill wees, Andersnn. S. John Millwes 

Millwood. Pooley, Ga John II. Pate 

Millwood, Lincf'dn, Mo II. P. Mndd 

Millwood, Joe/. »on, Fla..... Joacph Irwin 

Millwood, Knor, Ohio.. ...Lewis Britton 

Millwooil, Clark, Va Mrs. Mary B. Littls 

Millwood, Cfilb'n, Tex James Smith 

Millwood, Wfvtmoreland, Pa J. W. Akeri 

Millwood, Kosciusko, la Jonathan D. KolM 

Milner, iV.«, Ga..„ Willis I. Milner 

Milner, Randolph, Ala Israel Putnam 

Miluorsville, Gwmsey, Ohio Jacob F. Meredith 

Milo, Piwataquis, Me James II. Macomber 

Milo, Yaies, N. Y Peter Wyrkoff, 2ni 

Milo, Bareau. HI Isaac Sutherland 

Milo, JHle, Ala... Jason Tyson 

Milo, /><':/{anoe, Ohio Jacob De H. Serrill 

Mile, Brown, la James A. McRinney 

Milo, Wetzel, Va Jamea P. Ferrel 

Milo Centre, J'afe*, N. Y Wm. Holdcn 

Miiroy, RusJi, la..... John Long 

Mllroy, M'jffUn. I'a If*aiah Coplin 

Miltim, Van Buren, Iowa Jacob Yeoger 

Milton, Litchfield, Conn Allain Guild 

Milton, Sussex, Del James Ponder 

Milton, Santa Rosa, Fla William U.Amos 

Milton, i'kV.e.Ill Abraham 11. Seldcars 

.Milton, Waynn, la L. C. Chaniberlin 

Milttm, Triml)le^ Ky E. L. Taulman 

Milton, Norftik, Ma^s Nathan C. fifartin 

mitMU, La FttpttUi MiM James B. Ii-wi» 




MUtuu, Hnndiilphy Mu Franklin Davis 

Hilton. Mnrri% N. J Squire Lura 

Milton, Straffordy N. H Ezekiei R. Lord 

Milton, (/later, N. Y Peter M. Carpenter 

Milton, MaTHminffyOhio William Porter 

Milton, CdswelL N. C .James M. Allen 

Miltou, Aortliumberkmdj Pa... James H. McCormick 

Milton, Hutherfordy Tenn Henry W. Pagan 

Mlltim, WUJxinwny Ga Joel Deese 

Mlltou, Lawreiu, S. G .James O. Williams 

Milton, ChUUndm, Vt H. B. Smith 

Milton, Rock, Wis William T. Morgan 

Milton, Ardatiga, Ala Jolin H. Barlow 

Milton Mills, WiUhingUm, Minn Lemnel Boiles 

Milton Mills, Strafford, N. II John L. Swinerton 

Miltonsburgh, Mtmrot, Ohio Vance Johustou 

Milton ville, Wxtd^QUo William Ewing 

Miltouviile, f K/.vnc, Miss Wni.G. Home 

Milville, Ituik^l^QX Edmund W. Hnttom 

Milwankie, Mltaaukie, Wis .Josiab A. Noonan 

Milwaukie, Clad^amat, Oregon...Bobert£. Random 

Mina, Chautauqtu,ii.Y John A.Hill 

Mlnaville, Mrmigtmery, N. Y Ellas A. Brown 

Ifinden, (c. h.) CLaibmrne, La Gcor^-e L. Trott 

Mlnden, MontgnnuTy, N.Y Walker Keller 

Mindenville, ihmtgwnery, N. Y Mathow Smith 

Mittdoro, La Crosse, Wis Leomtrd Lottridge 

Mine Creek, Hemjutead, Ark P. R. Smith 

Mine Kill Falls, Schoharie, N. Y Peter V. Mattice 

Mine La Motte, Madison, Mo T. F. Fteuiiug 

Mineral Hill, Setaier, Ark JohnS. Bvllah 

Mineral Point, Iowa, Wis Stephen Thomas 

Mineral Poiut^ Tuicaravoat, Alfred Davis 

Mineral Ridge, Boone, Iowa John Ridpatte 

MiuersviUe, McUmveU, N. C. M. H. Van Dyke 

Minei-sville, Meigi, Ohio Valentine B. Uorton, Jr 

Minerbville, ScJtuyUiU, Pa ..Joseph U. Richards 

Minerva, Hau.^Um, Ga .James W. Belvin 

Minerva, Mitan, Ky Henry Hubbard 

Minerva, Essex, N. Y Absalom P. Morse 

Minerva, &ark, Ohio Charles M. Malin 

Mlnett«>, Oswego, N. Y Calvin Gifford 

Mingo Flat, Kandi^ph, Va Wm. II. Wilson 

Mining, Morgan, Mo Joseph B. Norris 

Vinisiuk, Orange, N.Y .John J. Boclchover 

Minnuapolis, Hunnepin, Minn.T Cliarles Wilcox 

Miijuoowah, W*nnna, Minn.T .....John A.Torrey 

Minnesota City, WaJbasltaw, Min. T.^.Rob't Pike, jr 

Minnetouka, Hennepin, Minn. T D. P. SpMfTord 

Minouk, MjLrhaJL l\\...^ Charles Dobson 

USnooka, Grundy, III I. M. Scott 

Minot, AntlroHOtggin, Me Jolin Freeman 

Mimster, Auglaize, Ohio Fritz Kramer 

Miuto, Itawamba, Miss Wm. Kuox 

Mintim, W^-i/t, Geo Thomas Everett 

Slutoiisville, Gaies, N. C John C. Trot man 
iutonville, Cusey, Ky ..James Davis 

Mint Spring, Augusta, Va. Aaron E. Bledsoe 

Mirabile, CUidweU. Mo William E. Marquain 

Miracle Run, M'mongaUa, Va Adam B. Teniiaut 

Miranda, Rowan, N. C Joshua Mil er 

]firickvme,^ru(/Al,Mas8 William Slmnis 

Mish iwiikis It Jostqth, la .Mtdor IL Smith 

Mishicot, Manitowoc, 'SVlA Frederick Dlrich 

Missionary Sution, Floyd,Qsk William J. Smith 

Miasion Point, La Salle, HI Ebeuezer Neff 

Miasiou San Jose, Santa Clara, Cal J. J. Vali^o 

Hlsaiou Valley, Victoria, Tex.. ..lid ward Parkinson 

Midsissinawa, Z>ar/.e, Ohio William H. Light 

Mississippi City, Harrison, Miss Wm. M. Burton 

Missouritou, St, CluirUs, Mo Gordon U. Wallace 

Mitchell, Sheboygan, Wis Albert RounsvUlf 

Mitchell, Laurrenee, la George Sheeks 

Mitchell, Mitchell, Iowa » Daniel 0. Frisbie 

ICtcbella, Walker, Texas Wm. W. Viser 

Mitchell^bnrg, Boyle, Ky J. P. Mitchell 

Hitcbeirs Corner, Orange, N. Y...... Elmore Ilarlow 

ICitchell's Mills, Indiana, Pa John C. Conner 

ICitcheirs &Ut Works, Jeffervm, Ohio.... J. Mitchell 

MttcheU's Station. Culpeper, Va. John Wharton 

Ifitchttllsville, Htjjerlsttn, Tenn W. M. C. Barr 

nitchallsville, SulCne, 111...... Joseph Diarnmu 

Httclwllvilitt, SUul>m, N. Y it. P. Mason 

MIttineaKno, Hampden, Mass Luke Bliss 

Hixuusviile^. FianlMti, la. Edward Williams 

Mixtown, Tioga, Pa. Christopher Schoouover 

Mobile, (c. h.) Mobile, Ala Theophilus L. Toulmin 

Mobley Pond, Scriven, Ga. T. R. Suielia 

Mocksvllle, Davis, N. C QUvin U. Rich 

Mockville, Qu$, Mo C. Mockbe« 

Mode, Shelby, 111 Elisha Kolej 

Model MUls, Muhlenburg, Ky J. 6. Myers 

Modena, Ulster, N.Y Henry Deyo 

Modest Town, Accomack, Va William B.Jacobs 

Moflbtt's Creek, Augusta, Ya Henry Stewart 

MofTett's Store, Cblumbia, N. Y Kdwin Sjickett 

Moffettsville, Anderson, S. C William Sherard 

Moffitt's Mills, Randolph, N.C Wm. D. Moffit 

Mogadore, Summit, Ohio Charles Norris 

Mohawk, Herkimer, N. Y Leonard B. Root 

Mohawk Valley, CoxAocton, Ohio J. Moore, ir 

Mohiam, AshU,nd, Ohio -....Thomas A. Eiigle 

Molirsville, Berks, Pa John H. Mohr 

Moira, FYanklia, N. Y Darius W. Lawrence 

Mokelumno Hill, CUlveras, CaI..All)ert W Goodwin 

Mokena. Wfl, 111 Ibirvey S. Higgina 

Moline, iSocfc Island, 111 Absalom B. Williama 

Molino, Lincoln, Tenn D. C. HaU 

Molino, Oswego, N. Y „ Eli Strong 

Molino, Tippah,U\aB Henry F. Morrison 

Molino, del Rey, Arkansas, Ark Caleb Hewiti 

Molltown, Berks, Pa Abraham Graeff 

Mumeuce, KankaleA, 111 George W. Van Kirk 

Monagan, St. Clair, Mo Joseph S. Ilerndon 

Monches, WauletJui, Wis Patrick O'Reillj 

Mon Dien. lAnn, Iowa .....Wm. P. Gaidner 

Mouee, ITtU, 111 ...George W. Backus 

Moneek, Winneshiek, Iowa Lewis Boughner 

Money Creek, McLean, 111 William D. Mooro 

Mongaup, Sullivan, N. Y Peter B. Decker 

Mougaup Valley, &iUivan, N. Y Wm. Gillespie 

Mongoquinong, La Orange^ la Hiram Smith 

Monk's Corners, Chariesion,H, CJIlary M. Von Hagen 

Monk's Store, Sampson, N. C Archibald Monk 

Moukton, Addison, Vt Ini Ladd 

Monkton Mills, Baltimore, Md Samuel Miller 

Monmouth, Warren, 111 A. W. Nob 

Monmouth, Adams, la Alvan Randall 

Monmouth, Kennebeck, Me William G. Brown 

Mouocacy, Montgomery, Md Nathan T.Talbot 

Monon, mite, la. Wm. J. Bledsoe 

Monona, Clayton, Iowa. John H. Browo 

MonougahelaCity, Washington, PaJohn W. Smith 

Monoquet, Kosciusko, la. Joel Lamaon 

Monroe, Jasper, Iowa John Hiskey 

Monroe, Morgan, Ala Joseph Q. Brown 

Moni*oe, Pairjield, Conn William A. Clarke 

Mimroe, (c. h.) WaUon, Ga Leroy PattiUo 

Monroe, Perry, Miss Oliver G. Bhudes 

Monroe, Hart, Ky Joshua Brents 

Monroe, (c. h.) WUcfiita, La Charles Delery 

Monroe, Wukto,ile Timothy Mayo 

Monroe, Franllin, Mass Samuel Stafford 

Monrje, (c. h.) Monroe, Mich Frasey M. WinsBS 

Moui-oe, Sussex, N. J William Inglts 

Monroe, Orange, N. Y James H. BerthoM 

Mouroe,(c h.) (htion, N. C T. D. Wluchestar 

Monroe, Butler, Ohio Peter Vlerebom» 

Monroe, OverUm, Tenu Willis-'n W. WindIo 

Monroe, (c. h.) Oreene, Wis /Ifred GoddanI 

Monroe, Laurens, 8. C Janes M. Shuckley 

Moni-oe, ara/con,V. H (JeorgeL. Williams 

Mouro4», Mmmte, Va ....Hugh S. TitTanj- 

Monroe Center, Wtddo. Me.....'."David a Flanders 

Monroe Centre, Ashtamda, V^do, George B. 


Monroe Mills, JTiMsr, Ohl«- Henry BoyntOB 

Monroeton, Bradford, l» Anthony Mullan 

Monroeton, Rttckinghim, N.C A. M. Whlt^•t* 

Monroevllle, 04«fv C"*- K H. Pratt 

Mouroeville, Mon-^t Ala. F. W. North 

Monroevllle, Httron, Ohio William R. Jackran 

Mouroeville, Allegltany, Pa James Lang 

Mt>ni*oe Works, Orange, N. Y...llnd8on McFarland 

Monrovia. Morgan, la John McUlIaa 

Monrovia, /^-sderidt, Md Jacob Cronlse 

Mousey, Roclland, I^. Y John H. Wigtoa 

MoHHon, Piscata/fuis, M«* — A. G. Ilourtoa 

Monaon, Hampden, Masn Foster ('epper^ 

Mouiagiw, yruaLliMtJd»m..^ Eliaha Wri^ 




Mpntnjs'ue. SuHsex. N.J I. L. Vjin iMiesi-i. 

Ilontiiguc, E.<.'<fr, V:i .•..ThmnuP 1. nniiil|.'V 

llonfa^ue Cniml. Pranldin, MaJ»?« B. Ilei.r\ 

MontHiik, Df^t. M-i T.J. IIi;!Jiiiil»oih:im 

Moiitc«lm. BirfivfUe, L» T. nunu'liiU 

Monte, A/)* AngrL'X. Cal In» Th«unp5( n 

MonteithvllUs Sfaffifrd. Vh Thoin;i8 I'lirkinH 

Wontello. Afarifue'tfe, Wis Lewis 0. Kvams 

Monterfy, /?'}•' «/aVe, M:W8 Milt"ii .Imld 

BlontKrey, Dutcfirxg^ N. Y Peter J. Slmliz 

Mimterey, Berkn. Pa I. S. Miller 

Honterev, Cler numt. Oh\o John Bnrr 

Monterey, Highland^ Vh Jason N. Bi^iffx 

Mont«Tey, Ahhurille. S. C AndrfwXJiles 

Monterey, JN'ciVatr.y, Tenn Benjamin Sanders 

Monterey, Bufler, Ala Jonathan M. Yeldell 

Monterey, OtOf.n, Ky Dennis S«nde^^ 

Monterey, CuUioun, III Igrael S. Ruland 

Monterey, Waul.f.xha. Wig 11. B. l'ou«e 

Monterey, (c. h.)Mtmterey, Cnl William Cuiti> 

Monterey, lianhin, Miss Benjamin P. Sutton 

Monterey, AUeffan, Mirh No»h Brigsrs 

Monterey, Durrist Iowa N. W. Co«.k 

Monterey, 7*w/tt.<At, la Gustavus A. Purr 

Monterey landing, Omcordia^ Im, S C. Scott 

Montevallo. Shelby, Ala. KH T. Rolrfnson 

Monliirvallo, B<ite:(. Mo \Vm. Withers 

Montevideo, EUHtrt, Ga HMiard S. Hill 

Montezuma, A7.v!, Ill Henry A. Sumwalt 

Mon teKu ina, ^/a(y)n, Ga William W. Davin 

Montezuma, Parke. la James M. McPheron 

Montezuma, Cai/nga. N. Y S. W. Budlon/ 

Montezuma, Cnion^ Ky John D. Wynns. 

Montezuma, MerofT Ohio Adam Iloesinann 

Montezuma, (c.h.) rVno««*rt>i-,IowMjo»iMh P.Mnrtin 

Montezuma, M:Nairn, Tenn A. II. McKinnon 

Montezuma. TuitLnmne^ Cal James T. Iloyt 

Monttbrt, Grants \\\» Sylvester D. Green 

Monti^mery, (c. h.) Muntfiiimn-y^ Ala M. P. lUue 

Montgomery, ilamjultn, Maas Nelson Clnrk 

Montjjomery, Orange^ N. Y Francis Colvvell 

Montgomery, HamWrm, Ohio... John VV. I'errymnn 

Montgomery, Kane.. Ill Ualph Gray 

Montgomery, Sumner. Tenn F. K. Taylor 

Montgomery, Mrmfg'nueri/. N. C... James W. McHae 
Montgomery, (c. h.) J/.m<^o/)i«ry, Texas... ileury K. 

Montgomery, Fran'tin^ Vt...Au{:ii8tu8 C. Wheeler 

Montgomery, Jenn'ngSy la Cliapuian A. Lewis 

Montgomery C-ntre,'.l>'n, Vt C. Greene 

Montgomery Cross Roads, Wo'jrf, Ohlo...K. Morgan 

Montgomery's Kerry, Perry., Pa LewiB Potter 

"^'^ ■'■ " ■ .'/ "■' aery^ Pa M. Young 

^^ . .. B. W. M.inls 

Mi-ntni'iiii., {i:. \\.} Jrijn'.im, Fla John M. Pajmer 

Houtic'^llk, (f/h.) Janpar^ Ga Maixamiliam II. 


Minitif Uo, {i\ li.) Dr^w, Ark Robert McKay 

ITnnrkreMiij (c. h.) /'in/C It I. ..Jonathan C. Johnson 

MHHttic^^lli (c. h,) t\AftK^ la J(.hn E. Dale 

Montii.elln,(c. h} Wiyji^. Ky Allen M. Butler 

MHiiiticeMt\ Arttmitwtf:, Mc Jonathan Wil««»n 

lIftiith::eM0TK *i-)/V^e, Ala James A. Untoks 

Bfanricelki, Jmf.i, Iowei John'W. M<M)re 

MonE]i-^:!tlu, (c. \i,j f^mrtTt>'.e, Miss W. C. Leuiay 

Munrlr-TIn, fc, h.^ Lfwix, Mo George Railev 

JT. ; ■■ /r h.)HuWvm, N. y... Frederick A. De 

Monticello, GuiJf(&d,fH. C Noih M. Climer 

Mtmticello, (c. h.) Fhufieldj S. C.John McCrorey 

Monticello, G^re^, Wis... Matthias Marty 

Monticello, Cai-mll, La ....Richard 11. Doilerhid'e 

Monticello, Omditr^ Washl^4rton T Asa ILuker 

Mpnticello, Hardin^ Tenn R W. Tucker 

Mont .Vleicham, SdmyUr, Ill....^AhiraG.Me>icham 

Montmorency, TippecanoCj la Jas. M. Stockton 

MontongJi, DreWy Ark Rtl>ert B. Harper 

Muntovilte, Trempdeauj Wis Jsaac Noyes 

Montrii, Sfudby, Qhio Jon^g Mahurin 

Montrill, Morris, N. J Stephen W. Biddwin 

Montpolier, Cfiie\asaw, Miss Daniel IlnfT 

Mimtpeller, Blackford, la George J. Bruce 

MontpoUer, Williams, Ohio Cyrtis Wright 

UontpeUer, Adair, Ky James Miller 

Montpolier, Bichnumdf N. John Qilchrist 

Mont|ic'lier, (c. h.) Wushinfjton, Vt...C. G. E;istman 

Moiitpi'ller. Wurren, Iowa Cluules CI. Stimson 

MoiitpeliiT, Hanover, Va George W. DosweH 

^lontrose, /-re, Iowa John Siviin 

Montrose. Jasp'r. Miss William Csildwell 

Montrose, (c. h.) Susqueliannah, Pa Amory N. 


Montrose, Smith, Tenn Lconidas D. Tlogg 

Montrose. SummiX Ohio Arch l»ald lluMiiua 

Montroe Depot, SitaffueJiannah, Pa...Wnj. McMillan 
Montross. ^c. h.) WeMmortland, Va...G. W. Goldsby 

Monturesvdlo, Lycftwing, Pa James Bf'unett 

Montvale Springs, Bl/mnf, Tenn A. Watson 

Mouiville, New Londnny Coun Wm. 11. Wheeler 

5IontvilIe, Waldo. Me Aaron P. McFarland 

Montville. Ceauga,0\\\o George W. Ganitt 

Moutville, Morris, N.J Stepl:en Y. Bsildwin 

Montville, Be.rkahire.. Mass WilliHUi W. Litugdon 

Monument, Bm-ndahle, Mass Enistns 0. Parlxcr 

Monument. Pile., Ill David Ilollis 

Moodnii, Orange., N. Y David Carson, jr 

Moodu.s, MiddUser, Conn George Wakeman 

Moodv. Mars/iall, Mii^B Lewis S;iwycr 

Mooer'8, ClinUm, N. Y J. P.«M. Ransom 

Moon, AWghuny, Pa Aaron A. Beer 

Mooney, ./ucI.son, la. Tazewell Vawter 

Moons, fhi/ette, Ohio James W. Burton 

•Mjmui's, OM, Ga Sylvanns Baldwin 

MtMin's Kanch, O-ltud, Cal Nathaniel Merrill 

M<K>reficld. Suntzerland,la Squire HuUcy 

.MiKUeflcld, AVc//r?as, Ky Robert W. Howo 

Moorefield, Harriifm, Ohio Samuel West 

Moorefield, (c. h.) Hardy, Va., R. W. Gilkerson 

Moore's, Cliy, 111 Jnmes Moore 

MtHire's, Bnw't, Texsis James C. Moore 

.Mooresbonaigh, Cleveland, N. C.........J. W. Logan 

Mo«»resburgh, Pulasl-i, In. Samuel Wird,jr 

Mooro8l»nrgh, JUnntovr, Pa Ilugh McWilliama 

MtKire's Bridge, Titscalonsa, Ala...Thoma8 McCnickcn 
Mooie's Creek, New Hanover, N.C...I M.Alderntan 

Moore'e Forks. Cli'nttm, N. Y Asa Corkina 

Moore's Hill. Dearhurn, la Wm. J. McCreary 

Mo<ire's Mills, Jac/.son, Va D. S- Moore 

Mot»re'8 Ordinary, Prince Edward, Va...W. N. B. Jud- 


MtKire's Pmirfe, Jefer.fon. Ill Q. A. Wiltbanka 

Moore's Rest, >l7i//e7VYm, Tenn Austin L. Moore 

Moore's Salt Works, Jeffersirn, Ohio... John C. Gniney 

Moore's Stcu'e, S'lenandoafi. Va C. S. Wunder 

Mooi-estowu, Burlinitm, N.J James Davis 

M<)orestown, NorthauipUm, Pa Joseph Kleckner 

MooresvlUe, LimeyUme, Ala Murry C. Smith 

.Mooresvllle, Mm-gan. la Calvin Moore 

M(M»resville, Marshall, Tenn S. I. WaiUcy 

Moore's Vineyard, Bart'inlninnw, lii....Biirrl.s Moore 

Mo«H*eville. Ifawainba, Miss Pleassmt G. Thonuis 

.M(M">rhe:idvll'e, Erie., Pa Joseph Y. Mi>orliCiul 

Mo<»riug's Port, Caddo, La Thomas L. Lyon 

Mo(U'land, Wayne, Ohio Adam llcnsel 

Moose Meiuhiw, V>Uand,Conn Willlunl Fuller 

M(M>se River. Somersft, Me I'liilander M.Colby 

Moosop, Windham, Conn Josei>h S. Qbidding 

Morales De Lavaca, Jac son, Tex A. Baker 

Morant<m, Marlon, Va (Jtlio Muran 

.Moravia, Cayuga, N. Y Charles It. Aiken 

Moravia, Appanooxe.^ Iowa Kilward Reich 

Moreau Sratiim. Suratoga,'ii. Y lliram Wilcox 

Moreauville. Avnyellex. La J. IJ. Boyer 

Morefleld, ri*r<wi. Wis llarrv Prior 

Morehouseville, (c. h.) HamxUtm,V.\ llarUU 


Moreland, B'lurbon, Ky Thomaa C. Wood 

Mtireland. I'liwjvier, Va James T. Turner 

M«»rilaud, Schuyler, N. Y John M. Bennltt 

Moreland, Pa Thomas Opp, jr 

Moreman's River, Albentarle, Va T. J. Golding 

Morenci, Lenawee, Viieh John Stephenson 

Moresvllle, Delaware, N. Y * John I*. More 

Moretowu. ^Vashmgtnn, Vt Le.<ter Kingsley 

Moretz Mill, Wafauga. N. C J<ihn M«»i-et« 

Morgan, Ashtalnda. Ohio Alexander McOniylnnd 

Morgan, (e. h.) Morgan, Teun .John L. M3er8 

Morgan, Orlrans, Vt Sautuel liHrilett 

Morgan. CUt/trmn, Ga. W. G. Pierce 

Morgonfield, (c. h.) Union, Ky J. II. MuCoriiilck 




Mor-fan's Creek. BmUm, Tenn .....|iun«'8 Wnlkwr 

Uorgnn'H Kork, PUctt Ohio ...John AmlfrM) ■ 

>forzaQ's Mills, Onvm^ N. C Hfory Moruan 

Mdi^aa'B Kidge. Mari(m^y9^ MorjTMn Monrnn 

Uorgansville, Mnrgarit Ohio Jeremv WVntoii 

KoFi^ntoD, (c h.) i^nntn, Qa John A. Powell 

HorjcantowD, Morgan^ la Reuben flrlffltt 

Morgan town, (c. h.) ButUVy Ky.Richani S. Tboruton 

Morgantown, JB«r^«, Pa ..Wlllifim Kvans 

Morgantown, ^c. h.) Burkt, N. C R. C. Pea'-son 

MorgantowQ, mounts Tenn M. Jone8 

Morgantown, (c. h.) MonangaliOf ya.....1aineH Shav 

Morganville, HOUdaie, Mich R. W. Drinker 

Morganville, 6rc»e«e«, N. Y ....German LatUrop 

Morj^anza, Pcint Gouput La....; Charles ^lorienn 

Morlah, Eisex, N. Y .Otis T. Richmond 

Morichefi. Sujfnl'cy N. Y James M. Fannin;; 

Morlnj;ville,'C/i«MaOT, N. Alfred Moiing 

Morintfville, West ChMter, N. Y Isaac H. Rarki^r 

Morlan's Orove. Waytu^ III....... John Morinn 

Morley, St. Latorence,, N. Y Lorenzo FenUm 

Mormon [lill, Marshall^ Iowa Ishhc Mey<-r 

Mormon Island, Sacramento. Gal...DHllMS A. KneHfis 

Mormon Springs, JHftnroe^ Miss Merril Belk 

Morning Sun, Louisa, Iowa Ilunrj C. Blal;e 

Morning Sun, Preijle, Ohio Jowph Brown 

Moruinir Sun, Shelby^ Tenn William Wa>«h 

Moro, Mrmrne^ Ark James W. Snllivnn 

Moro, Aronstook, Me Eli«ha Brown 

Morocco, Jofirwr, la John Ade 

Morrill, WiddK Me -Joneph H. Mears 

Morrillville, Morgan, la .Joseph S. Gutridgu 

Morrii), (a h.) Grundy^ la. George Fishier 

Morris, Otsego, N. Y Cornell as A. Ghnreh 

Morris, Tioga. Pa William W. Bnl>h 

Murrisantji, \V>^t ChesUr, N. Y...Marqui8 L. Mann 

Morrisi* Church, Gzmpbell, Va A. M. Jennings 

Morris Cro^is Roads, FayttUe, Pa.Nichoh(S Johns(m,jr 

Murrisdale, Clf/xr/ield, Pa James McClellan 

Morris Hill, 5^i/i, Va R. C. Noel 

Morri8<m, Luzerne. Pa Jamen Morrison 

Morrison's Mills. AladiuOj Fla John W. Peacock 

Morrison's Tau Yard, ifecklnTiburgf N. C^Elani King 

Morrison ville, Clinton^N.Y John T. Finn 

Morrisonville, Loudon, Va William Graham 

Morristowu, Jasper, Iowa Levi Pluinmer 

Morristown, (c. h.) Henry, III Alex. McNiightcm 

Morriatowu, ^'A^i^y, la William A. J. Peak 

Morristown, (c h.) Morris, N. J Nathan B. Luse 

Morristown, St. Lawrence, N. Y Jotin Losee 

Morristown, LamniUf;,\t Saml. M. Pennock 

Morristown, Belmont, Ohio .Joseph R. Mitchell 

Morristown, Grainifer,Tenu N. F. Read 

Morristown, Cuss, Mo Alexander Rice, sr 

Morrisville, (c. h.) Madison, N. Y James Norton 

Morrisvillij, Buds, Pa M. M. Wright 

Morrisville, Fauquier, Va ..Benjamin W. Alien 

Morrisville, Hendricks, la Isaac Ltirrance 

Morrisville, Wake, >'.C .James F. Hughep 

Morrisville, Lamoille,\t !.... Daniel Gilbert 

Morrow, Wurmen, Ohio James Turk 

Horse Creek, McNairy, Tenn John A. McAlpin 

Moraeville, Scfuiharie, N. Y Jeremiah Ruland 

Morsston, SuUiran. N. Y Henry R. Osborn 

Morton, Tazewell, III Joseph Evans 

Morton's Corners. Erie, N. Y Samuel A. Morton 

Morton's Store. Alamaw.e, N. C B. F. Morton 

Mortonsville, \V:n)dftn'd,Ky Samuel Lawrence 

Mortonville, Orange, N. Y Charles F. Morton 

Mortonville, Chester, Pa John C. Ely 

Morven, Anson, N. C : .John M. Smith 

Morven, AineUa, Va Martin S. Etines 

Morven, L-nondes. Ga Juhn I. Pike 

Horviu, Clark. Ala Archibiild Campbell 

Moscow, Utrion, Ala Daniel U. Miller 

Moscow, liusJi, la James Trimble 

Moscow, Muscarine, Iowa Charles W. C«Kiley 

Moscow, H>c\man.Ky J. B. Harris 

Moscow, HUlsdale, Mich Charles W. Lstdd 

Moscow, Liw'ngston, N. Y llonitio Jones, 3d 

Moscow, CUTmont. Ohiq Thomas Fee 

Moscow, i^^e^, Tenn John W. Dyer 

Moscow,, Pa Joneph Potter 

Mostiow, l*oUc, Texiis John W. I>}ggett 

liuscow, lowOf Wis Myrou 0. Burnett 

Moscow Mills, Mtirgan, Ohio John Bliiokbiim 

Moselem. Bni'Tfs, Pa Solomon Jjeibelspergta* 

Mtiseley Hall, Lennir. N. C John Joyner 

M'Meley's Grove, Dallas. Ala Lewis P. Mo><el«y 

Mo!iely Hall. Ma/U^tm, Fla O. £. Snliivaa 

Mosely's Store, FrankVn. 6a D.iniel Mosely 

Mosherville, Saratoga, N. Y William Cornell 

Moss, La Fhyefie, Mo John E. AtkinsiOA 

Mossing Ford, Charlotte, Va Isaac Overbev 

Mossville, Peoria, 111 ^Aeujob KenM 

Mossy Cret'k, Jeffersxm, Tenn John R. Brnwner 

Mossy Crmk, Augueta, Va Jed HotchkiM 

Mossy Grove, Sumpter, Fla John S. Jenklnp 

Motier, /Vnt/t tw, Ky K. W. Holmes 

Motley, AUen, Ky *. A. J. Johnson 

Mott Haven, Wf^ Chester, N. Y U.H. Robertson 

Mott's Corners, Tompkins, N. Y John B. Lull 

Mottville, St. Joseph's, Mich Williitm Fergusra 

Mottvilie, Onondaga, N. Y Aliinson Watson 

Monlton. (c. h.) Laiorenee, Ala 0. McDonald 

Moultonborongh, OarroU, N. H B. E. ThnrstdJi 

Monltonville, Madison, 111 Stephen R. Wetmore 

Moultrie, CUinUnana, Ohio Jolin B. Irrln 

Moultrie. Spartanlnirgh, 8.0 Joel H. Garrison 

Moun<l Bayon. TVnsat, La \Y. W. Walker 

Mouu«l City, Crittenden, Ark E. Cheek 

Munnd Place, Ow/^o/na, MIhs Pleasant G. Tyer 

Moundsvillo, (c,h.) Marshall, Va James Airy 

vtonndvllle, MariveWi. Wis .John Townley 

Mount Adams, Arkansas, Aik Adolph Radtresky 

Mount Aerial, AOm, Ky W. E. ArnoW 

Mount iEtna, Berks, Pa Christian Strohm 

Mountain, Tipton, Tenn James W. Hall 

Mountain Cove, Fayette, Va Clement Vaughn 

Mountain Creek, Caiawha, N. C J. W. Gabriel 

Mountain Creek, Andrrsfmy S. C James McCuWn 

Mountain Creek, WUrrm, Tenn Robert Webb 

Mountain Falls, Ffderick; Va J. A. Rusaell 

Mountain Grove, Batfi, Va Geo. H. Campbl» 

Mouftain Home, Mdhnoell, N.C....Johu Bright, jr 

Monntain Hill. Harris, On John F. Brown 

Mtmntatn Home, Liwrmce, Ala..TlH>s. N.C. Quarles 

Mountain House, Alleghany. Va Henry Walker 

Mounttun Island, Gastrni, N. John Tate 

Mountain Shoals, Spartanburgh, S. C J. Nesbitt 

Mountain Spring, Martin. la Absalom Cooper 

Mountain Spring, Estill, Ky Ludwell Lowery 

Monntain Springs, Placer. C-a\ Isidore Barron 

Mountain Top, Augvsta, Va Wm. C. Lipscomb 

M<iuntain Town, Gilnier, Ga A. J. West 

Mountain Union, ^Oeinurt. yn C. Webb 

Mountain View, AbbenOe, S. C J. H. Uaskin 

Mountain View, 5.(nte Clara, Cal...Jjicob Shumway 

Mount Hiry, Carroll, Md k Henry Bnssard 

Mount Airy, Berls, Pa. Juhn Bland 

Meunt Airy, Surry, N. C Robert S. Gilmer 

Mount Airy, Bledsoe, Tenn Thomas A. Pope 

Monut Airy, Piitiylrania, Va...ThomHS T. Adam8,Jr 

Mount Airy, HamiUon, Ohio Anthony Denier 

Mount Andrew, Barbour, Ala David Johnson 

Monnt Auburn. Christian, HI George Ilowwrth 

Mount Auburn, Shrlby, la Jacob Mohr 

Mount Bethel, Nfirtliampton. Pa Jacob Reimer 

Mount Rethel, Newberry, S. C.Roscius P. Atwood 

Mount Blanchard, Hancock, Ohio Chester Cook 

Mount Calvary, Davis, Iowa James Hamilton 

Mount Cambria, Niagara, N. Y John Ilodge 

Mount Campbell, Ywk, Pa Henry Bonge 

Mount Cjirbon, Hamps'iire^ Va M. C. Totten 

Mount Carmel, Halifax, Va N. T. Watkins 

Mount Carmel, Henry, Ga. John Spmfll 

Mount Carmel, WUbash, III William Arbuthnot 

Mount Carmel, Franklin, la Caspar FogM 

Mount Carmel, A'^hetfiUe, S. C John C. Scott 

Mount Carmel, Wlson,'S&nn Robert P. Donnell 

Mount Carmel, Fleming,Ky Gilbert Adams 

Mount Carmel, Cnrington, Miss John Storm 

Mount Carmel, Gioper, Mo William Sfceolo 

Mount Carmel, CUrmont, Ohio H. H. Cumback 

Mount Carmel, NorUmmberland, Pa...Wm.'A. Lereh 
Mount CarmuK New Haven, Conn...L. A. DickermsDn 

Mount Carmel, Sm'th, Texas Thomas R. Swann 

Mount Carroll, (c. h.) CUrroU, lll...George W. llfvrtia 

Mount Clemens, (c. h.) Macomb, Mich, Henry IL 





^iiount Clifton, Shenemdoah^ Vh JanieB Sticklej 

tlfount Clinton, Bochinffhainj V* W. D. Uopktna 

Mount Comfort, FtiyeUt, Tenn WilliHni A. May 

Mount Comfort, Hancock^ Ta. Koliert H. Chnixh 

Mount Comfort, C/)erofc«e,Texa8...WilliHm A.Ontea 

Mount Crawford, Roclimgham, Ya P. A. Clark 

Mount Croghan. Cliesterfhddy 8. C J. II. Taylor 

Mount Desert. Hancock, Me..... .John Somes, jr 

Mount Eaton, Wayne^ Ohio Anthony Rnoble. jr 

-Mount Eden, Spfnotr, Ky Thomas B(. Eastland 

Mount Elba, BradUy, Ark Robert Cherry 

Mount Elon, DurUngUm, S. C William llugginn 

Mount Enterprise, RtMk, Texas Charles Vlnzent 

Mount Eolia, Vninn, Oa S. J. Smith 

-Mount Ei)hraim, iVnMe, Ohio John Keller 

Mount Ephraim, dimden, N. J...Chanipi(>n Ouldy 

Mount Erie, Wuyne^ 111 Andrew Crews 

Mount Etna, HunUngtnn, la Jesse Calvert 

Mount Entopia, AuguHOy Va Jacob H. Flecker 

Mount Freelom, Jtitimminty Ky Isabel! Suttun 

■Mount Freedom, Pendltton, ya...Wm. S. Arbogast 

Mount Gallagher, Laurens, S. C B. F. Jones 

Mount Oilboa, Bentnn, la Jacob Jones 

Mount Gilead, Mcuon, Ky O. C. Richardson 

Mount Gilead, Momrw, Ohio .Caroline R. ShHrp 

Mount Gilead, Monigomery, N. C....Jo]in F. Allison 

Mount Gilead, Loudon, Ya Isaac Katon 

Mount Hawkins, Perry, 111 John F.Grifflth 

Mount Healthy, ^amiZ^/n,Ohio...JoBeph V. Wright 
Mount Healthy, Bartholomew, la William W. 


Mount Hebron, Oreene, Ala Philip G. Morgan 

Mount Hemn, Darke, Ohio Isaae Wisener 

Mount Hickory, ChaUnoga, Ga G. B. T. Maddox 

Mount Hickory, Chambers, Ala William Clark 

^ Mount High, Marshall, Ala John Priimore 

Mount Hill, Mffrgan, Ala ..Samuel Haslett 

Mount Hillimrd, PUee, Ala John T. Barber 

Mount iloWy, (c. h.) BurUngUm, N. J...William E 


Mount Holly, Warrm, Ohio .Joelah Craft 

Mount Holly, RuOand, Vt Alva Pierce 

Mount Holly, Vnum^ Ark James II. Capers 

Mount Holly, Charleston^ 8. C....Theodore C. Tliarin 

Mount Holyoke, Henry, Tenn James Comm 

Mount Hood, Yam HUl, Oregon... John Richardson 

Mount Hope, Lawrence, Ala JamfS Streeter 

Mount Hope, Grant, Wis William Whiteside 

Mount Hope, Orange. N. Y Isaac Tuttle 

Mount Hope, McLean^ III .Tames Murphy 

Mount Hope, HAmes, Ohio William F. Cranjs 

Mount Hope, Luncagter, Pa A. Bates Grubb 

Mount Hope, Ddaivare, Iowa... Stephen R. Reynolds 

Mount Hope, De Kaln, la William P. Means 

Mount Horei), Ndson, Ya William C. Roberts 

Mount Ida, Montgomery, Ark ^rames A. Stall 

Mount Ida, Mtmtgomery, Ky Thomas T. Dobyns 

Mount Jackson, Lawrence, Pa John L. Hxys 

Mount JarkAon, Sfttnandoah, ^^...Reuben A. Bird 

Mount Jefferson, CurroU^ltL James Delzell 

.Mount Joy, Lancaster, Pa Joshua Leader 

Mount Kisko. Wat Chester, N. Y...Harrison Young 

Mount Landing, Essex, Ya J. J. Gouldman 

Mount Langum. Iroquois, 111 James Byrns 

Motint Laurel, Halifax, Ya...Clement M. Adkisson 
Mount Laurel, BmrlingOm, N. J..Hannah J. Roberts 

Mount Lebanon, BienviUe, La Hiram Gibl)s 

Mount Lebanon, Alleghany, PaJoseph T. McKnight 

Mount Lpigh, Adams, Ohio William L. Blair 

Mount Liberty, Iforion, 111 Hu^h Gibeon 

Mount Liberty, Knox, Ohio. P. 8. Wilson 

Mount Meiirs, Montgomery, Ala J. A. B. Clemens 

Mount Meridian, Putnam, la.. ..William S. Bourne 

Mount Meridian, Augusta, Ya James Craig 

Mount Moria, Hempstead, Ark James Munn 

Mount Uoriah, Brown, la Hannah Milnes 

Mount Morris, Ogle, 111 F. G. Petrie 

MonntMorris, Livingsttm, N. Y Moses Clark 

Mount Morris, Oreene, Pa W.G. Morris 

•Mount Morris, Waushara, Wis A. J. Tanner 

Mount Mourne, Iredell, N. C William J. Brawley 

Mount Nebo, Lancaster, Pa Joseph Kngles 

-Mount Nebo, YadHn, N. C Nathan B. Dozier 

Mount Nebo, iTxl'tbusfui, Miss John P. Boydston 

Mount Miles, SL Clair, Ala WUliam Thaxton' 

Mmint Olive, Clermont, Ohio Hiram Carr 

Mount Olive, St. Mar»»,Md John Shadriek 

Monnt Olive, leard, Ark Henry H. Harris 

Mount Olive, ElJiart, la Malilon Woolvertnn 

Mount Olive, Macoupin, 111 .Thomsis J. Carr 

Mount Olive, Coosa, Ala John Works 

Monnt Olive, Wayne, N. C William F. Pollock 

Monnt Olivet, Bracken, Ky , J. S.Hogue 

Mount Orab, Brown,0 Levi G. Marshall 

Mount Piilatine, Putnam, 111 Ephraim Reynolds 

Monnt Parthenon, Newton, Ark Andrew J.Boen 

Mount Pelia, Wtiakley, Tenn Ephraim P. Knox 

Mount Perry, Perry, Ohio John Danison 

Mount Pierce, Fairfax, Va John H. Urqnhart 

Mount PInson, Jefferson, Ala James M. Hagood 

Monnt Pinson, Jackson, Ark James Martin 

Monnt Pinson, Madison, Tenn J. C. M. Garland 

Monnt Pisgah, Alexander, N. G R. 0. Bennett 

Mount Pisgah, La Orange^ la Fred. W. Austin 

Mount Pingah, Clemumt,Ohro Cyrus P.Haj'ford 

Mount Pleanant, Monroe, Ala Jason Staples 

Mount Pleasant, Vnkm, 111 Daniel G. Standard 

Monnt Pleasant, Martin, la Levin Bramble 

Mount Pleasant, fienr;^. Iowa P. C. Tiffany 

Mount Pleasant, (c. h.) TVeus, Texas Elam Riddle 

Monnt Pleasant, Frederick, Md John W. (%lK>m 

Monnt Pleasant, Oal^land, Mich Wm. Ban<^hart 

M(mnt Pleasant, Hunterdon, N. J 8. C. Kckel 

Monnt Pleasant, Samtoga, N. Y H. C. Gnmger 

Mount Pleasant) Jefferson, Ohio Da vid Chambers 

Mount Pleasant, Cabarras, N.C P. B. C.Smith 

Mount Pleasant, Westnuntland,^ G. W. Kt-ller 

Mount Pleasant, Maury, Tenn Henry A. Miller 

Monnt Pleasant, i^dtsylrania. Ya....O. L. Chewing 

Mount Pleasant, Facine,V>iB Peter Folger 

Mount Pleasant, Oaldw^, Lti Tliomas Meredith 

Monnt Pleasant, Carroll, Ark Ljiban M. Strond 

Mount Pleasant^ Lawrence, Mo John A. Cowan 

Mount Pleasant, Kansas Tliomas Fortune 

Mount Pleasant, Laurent, 8. C.Manoah McPherson 

Mount Pleasant, GVvnn, Ga Sanuel A. Honker 

Mount Pleasant Mills, C^ion, Pa John Schnos 

Mount Polk, Bent'tn, Ala Daniel M. Walker 

Mount Prospect, Crawfnrd, Ia...John II. McMickle 
Mount Pro<)pect, WhUesidea, HI Charles James 


Mount Prospect, OMon, Tran James M.Hnntei 

Mount Prospect, Barlour, AU John W. Norton 

Mount Pul^ki, Logan, 111 Ezekiel Bowman 

Mount Retreat, /^ulcwK, Ark Philip Bilby 

Mount Rock, Cumberland, Pa Jacob Bixler 

Mount Hose, Mercer. N. J Paul M. Tulans 

Mount Salem, Pufnam, Ya Joseph R. Hill 

Mount Salem, Sussex, N. J George C. Castertins 

Mount Savage, Alleghany, Md Thomas Whelan 

Mount Savage, Oxrter, Ky Kirk C. Valdenar 

Mimut Scott, DouglaSfOr. Andrew J. Chapman 

Mount Serene, Barbour, Ala Aaron Brown 

Mount Sidney, AugustcL, Ya James £. Robs 

Mount Sinai, Snffelk,H.Y Charles Phillips 

Mount Solon, Augusta, Ya Henry Blakemors 

Mount Sterling, Choctaw, Ala...Thoma8 H. Lanier 

Mount Sterling, Brown, 111 John P. Nye 

Monnt Sterling, Switzerland, la J. W. Murphy 

Mount Sterling, (c. h.) Montgomery, Ky....Edwin G. 


Mount Sterling, Gasconade, Mo F. 0. W. Owen 

Mount Sterling, Madison, Ohio Jeriah Swetland 

Mount Sterling, Van Buren, Iowa....H. E. Bradford 

Blount Sumner, Jo. Daviess, 111 George A. Paigo 

Mount Talwr, Monroe, la Porter B. Lundy 

Mount TalM>r, Union.S. C Wm. B. Johnson 

M.iunt Tirzah, P^son, N. C .^William T. Noell 

Mtmnt Ulla, Rowan, N.C James Cowan 

Mount Union, Stark, Ohio Joseph Barnaby 

Monnt Union, Huntington, Pa George Eby, jr 

Mount Upton, Chenango, N. Y...Ohauncey 8. Gravss 

Mount Yernon, Mobile, Ala J.Gorgas 

Mount Yernon, St. Francis, Ark F.J. Izard 

Mount Yernon, (c. h.) Montgomery, Ga F. McRoa 

Moimt Yernon, (c. h.) Je^rson, III. ..Daniel Kenny 

Monnt Yernon, Dane, Wis Hall C. Chiflldler 

Mount Yernon, (c. h.) Pbsey. la John B. Wilson 

Mount Yernon, iCennebedt, Me AbnerSmsll 

Mount Yernon, (c h.) BoOe QutUf Ey.R.G.Williasis 




Moont Vernon, Macomb^ Midi Jwse FHngboner 

Jlount Yernoii) Latorence^ Mo... Daniel R. Bradforfl 
Kount Vernoij, UiUsbnroughy N. U.Daniel K. Baker 

Mount Vernon, Itnioarh N. C Daniel S. Sheek 

Mount Vernon, (c. h.) Knnxy 01ito.if. I. Zimmerman 

Mount Vernon, Ltnn, Iowa Joshua Iless 

Mount Vtirnon, Cfuster^ l*a John D. Hom 

Mount Vernon, Providence R. I O^ven Howard 

Mount Vernon, M'mrfte^ Tenn... Newton J. Spilman 
Mount Vernon, Wxt Chegter, N. Y.David R. Cooper 
Mount Vernon, WabashatOy Min.Stephen M. Burns 
Mount Vernon Tannery, Freieridc, Va.L. V. Shearer 

Mount Victory, Hardin, Lewis Uolden 

Mount \'ww: Benton^ Mo Oeorge W. Rives 

Monntville, Lancaster, Pa Bex^amin A. Witmer 

Monntville, Troup, Qa ...Isaac Fincher 

Monntville, Xaurem, S. G k Alsey Fuller 

Mountville, Loudon, Va...^ Nancy £. Lumm 

Mount Vinco, Buckingham^ Va...John S. Tompkins 

Mount Vision, (?fo«po, N. Y W. T. Keyes 

Mount Waahington, BuUitt, Ky W, A. Foreman 

Mount Washington, Schuyler, N. Y.Orrin Longwell 
Mount Washington, BaUimore, Md Joseph J. Qam- 

Mount Washington, Hamilton, Ohio C. Dunham 

Mount Washiojrton, Morgan, la W. H. Parker 

Mount Welby, Prince George^ Md James H. Lee 

Mount Willing, Loumdits^ Ala A. M. Simmons 

Mount Willing, Orange, N. C Wm. 11. Lasby 

Mount Willing, Rigr.fL'ld, S. CLouis W.Youngblood 

Mount Yontih. Ha'yers'iam, Qa Usekiel lIcGravey 

Mount Zion, Wn'tdford^ 111 James Mitchell 

Mount Zion, /TancocA-, Ga Henry S. Beman 

Mount Zinn, Lebanon^ Pa Siimuel Go-<liert 

Mount Zion, Cdiapbell, Va Lewis Page 

Mount Ziun, Tallapoosa, Ala John Cuffmau 

Mount Zion,Spartan')urg\ 8. G..Marcu8 B.Gluipman 

Mount Zion, Simpxon. Miss John Norwood 

Moose Creek, McMinn, Tenn .Tames U. Uagill 

Month of Beaver, Flo'id, Ky Thomas P. Johns 

Mouth of Hiwiissee, Mnigi. Tenn B. Holman 

Month of Indian, Mnroe, Va Thomas B. Fowler 

Mouth of Poca, Putnam, Va....« John Vanden 

MouUi of Sjindy, Henri/, Tenn John Cooney, Jr 

Month of Seneca, I'tndUtnn, Va Aaron Boggs 

Mouth of Wilson. Grayson, Va S. J. BryHut 

Moweaqua, Shelby, 1 1 John M. Lowry 

Mowrystown, Highland, Ohio Wilson Ball 

Mnchlnippe, Lngan, Ohio Moses Smith 

Mud, CU'mJI, Va Thomas Roberts 

Mud Bridge, Oibell, Va John M. Rece 

Mud Creek, St. Clair, 111 Henry Koehler 

Mud Creek, McNairy, Tenn Joseph Anderson 

Mud Creek, Hmderson, N. G. Henry E. Ijiiii 

Mud Creek, JSatrm, Mich Joel Bailey 

Mud Creek, Fayetle, Ala Jotteph A. Smith 

Muddy, Yam. Hill, Oregon .George Davis 

Muddy Creek, Preston, Va Samuel U. Crane 

Muddy Creek, .fbr^yt/t, N. C Abraham S.Teiigue 

Muddy Creek, Champaign, Ohio James Woo'lard 

Muddy Creek Forks, Yf/rk, Pa. John Manifold 

Muddy Fork, Cleveland, N. C William Gates 

Mudge Station, White, la Gardner Mudge 

Mud Lick, Chatham, N. C James Woody 

Mud Lick, Monroe, Ky Thomas W»bb 

Mud Lick, Jefferson, la. John King 

Mad Spring, Denton, Texas Charles Medlio 

Mud Spring, El Dorado,CAl Geo. W. Critchfitild 

Muhlenbnrgh, IrU2<me, Pa. William S. Monroe 

Mukwa, Brown, Wis Wm. N. Davis 

Mukwanago, Waukesfia, Wis Andrew B. Elmore 

Mulberry, Autauga, Ala Charles C. Dickerson 

Mulberry, Jac/rson, Ga ...Delmas R. Lyle 

Mulberry, WiUces, N. C John M. Vauhoy 

Mulberry, Clerm/mt, Ohio ..David G. Sparks 

Mulberry, Lincoln, Tenn ..John M. James 

MolbeiTy Comers, 6^a2<^a,Obio B. 0. Lyman 

Mulberry Gap, Hancock, Tenn John W. Graham 

Mulberry Grove, Harris, Oa.. WUliam T. Smith 

Mulberry Grove, Bond, 111 R. Elam 

Mulberry Grove, Hopkins, Ky P. D.Clayton 

Mull Grove, Oatawba, N. C Jacob Mull 

Mnllico Hill, Gloucester, N. J Joseph Hnrker 

Mullins, Shelby, Ala John Goodgame 

Uulliu'fl Depot, J<anon,S.C Stephen Smith 

Mulloys, Bobertion. Toun J»icob Warren 

Mumford, Monroe^ N. Y Dunctui McNaiivhUm 

Mummasburgh, ^cfamx. Pa Siimuel Hart 

Mnncietowu. (c. h.) Delaware^ la J<>hn Brady 

Mnncy. Ltfcnming, Pa John Whitlock 

Muncy Bottom. SuUiran, Pa Jwrnes Taylor 

Mnnday's Lnndlng, WiKx^ord, Ky...J(«e{!h T. Curd 

Mundy, Genesee^ Mich George Jndson 

MunfordHville, (c. h.) Hart. Ky James 0. Rush 

Munger*s Mill. Shannon, Mo Marvin Mnnger 

Munnsville, GnohocUm, John Carnahan 

Munntown. Washington, Pa William Hamilton 

Miinsonville, Cheshire, N. U Frederick Hrooki 

Munster, Cambria^'Ba, Patrick Brndley 

Munsville, J/odtson, N. Y Wm O.Sumner 

Murat, Paulding. Ohio Josiah Suyland 

MurdocksviUe, Washington, Pa Joseph McClarn 

Murfees Depot, SouHiampton, Va J. W. MurfiM 

Murfreesboro, P/to, Ark Wm. H. Preston 

Murfreetborough. Hereford, N. CSamuel J. Wheelar 

Murfreenboro, (c. h.) Rutherford, Tenn Wm. 

Reuben Butler 

Mnrphey, (c. h.) Cherokee, N. C 8. G. R. Mount 

Mnrphree's Valley, Blount, Ala B. B. Murphrea 

Mui-phys, Qdaveras, Cal A. II. Stevens 

Murphyslwrough, Jackson, 111 Wm. H. Herd 

Mnrphysville, Mason, Ky Samnel Derush 

Muri-ay, Wells, 1% W.C.Stockton 

Murray, Callaway^ Ky D.M atUiewson 

Murray, OrUara, N. Y Asa Clark 

Murray's Ferry, WiUiainsburgh, S. C T. China 

Murraysville, Jackson, Va Jamen F. Scott 

.MnrrHysville, Ctor/c, Miii^ Klia.'* H. Murray 

Miirrill's Shop, Nelson, Va William S. MnrriU 

Mnrrinsvllle, Butler, Pa Williiira Murrin 

MurrysvUle, Westmoreland, Pa Josiah Harvey 

Murval, Jius'f, Texas A. II. Watkina 

HnscHtine, Muscatine, Iowa Henry Keeoa 

Muscoda, Grant, Wis James Moon 

Mu^conetcong, Warren, N.J Andrew Sailor, jr 

Muse. Muskingum.0 .' Henry Onstot 

MuMkego Centre, Waukesha, Wis Thomas Taylor 

Muskegon, Ottawa, Mich Daniel W. Uolbrook 

Mu-kete, Navarro, Texas Albert G. Hervey 

Mnskingum, Muskingum, Ohio J. W. R. Lane 

Munquito Creek, Macon, III E. S. Colwell 

MuHiang, Lavaoca, Tex A. M. Savoy 

MutUNi, Champaian, Ohio Francis A. Morrison 

Mversburgb, BratV'ord, Pa. £. H. Myer 

MyersvillH, Frederick, Md William Mntcger 

Myerrt' Mills, VermiUion, 111.. William L. Harris 

Myra, Shelby, Ala Hu-h M. Williama 

.Myrtle Creek, Douglas, Oregon LiisaruR Wright 

Myrtle Springs, Bowie, Texas Orren D. Battle 

Myrttic, New London^Conn Henry Harding 

iMyKtic Bridge, New Ltndon, Conn. ..Peter Forsyth 
Mystic Alrer, New London, Conn... ..Caleb E. ToTlA 

NAAUSAY, /Lenda7I,I11 James Stevenmn 

Niiches, Houstftn, TexaiS James li. Braeken 

Nacogdoches, (c.h.) NacogducJtes, Tex.Frederick Vogt 

Nticoochee, Habersham, Ga Charles L. Willianu 

Natfs, Franklin, Va Jacob Nafb 

Naglesville, Monroe, Pa Samuel CaM 

.\ahant, Esiteje, Mass Welcome W.Johnson 

Nahunra, Wuvne, N. C H. B. liallano* 

NhII'ii Creek, Franklin, Ga Eli T. WUmot 

Nail Factory, Gaxton, N. C Thomas Darling 

Nairn, .Scto^*. Ohio Laughlln Nobl« 

NanafiUia, Marengo, Ala Francis Duncan 

Nanaupa, fbnd da Lac, Wis Abijah A. Hui>bard 

Nances Creek, FuUon, Ga A. N. Clardy 

Nanjemoy, aiarles, Md R. D. P. lUtcliff 

Nankin, Wuyne,yLich Asa Martin 

Nankin, Ashland,Ohio James Alberson 

Nantleoke, Luzerne, Pa Lewis C. Paine 

Nanticoke Springs, Broome, N. Y...GrHnville Gate* 

Nantlhala, Macon, N. C T. P. SUer 

Nantucket, (c h.)Nantucket, Mass.-Ciuu-les P. Swain 

Nanuet, Rockland, N. Y David P. Demarest 

Napanock, Ulster, N. Y Charles Ver Nooy 

Napa City, (c. h.) Napa, Gal Oeorge N. Corn well 

Napajiha, Dodge, Wia UobertE. JonM 




NapervilUi, Uu /'aye, 111...?^ Robert Naper 

Haplus, H'MU 111 A Lindsay 

Naples, G imherland. Me John P. Davis 

MbpI«'8, Ouiirto, N. Y U. 11. Watroue 

Mapoltion, Dtixha, Ark Chariefi A. Stewart 

Napoleon, IHpUi/ylik James C Littell 

NapoKwii, Gdi/-i<m. Ky William L-Hichards 

Napoleon, Jaclcsftn.Mi'h Adoniram J.llimt 

Napoleon, (c. h.), flmrff, Ohio Orla H. Tyler 

Napoli. OoUiarauqus, N. Y Silas Earl 

Narra;^Hiisett, Wusfiingtonf R, I... .Joseph Eaton, jr 

Narra<ui)<(u8, W.ishir^U/nf Me Nathan Godfrey 

Narrow8, P,ke. Pa David B. Rid^way 

Narrows, Nnddaway^ Mo John C. lihikeiy 

Narrows, Jefftrgony N. Y Thomas W. CoUlns 

Narrowshurgh, Sullivan, N. Y J. M. iJivios 

Narrow Valley, Bentnn, Ala John B. Camp 

Nash Depot, Vanderburgh,lA Kichnrd Nnsh 

Naphport, MunJn'nffum, Ohio William Lynn 

Nash's Ford, J^ussell, Va SHmufl II. NhhIi 

Nashua, HiUshnrotighi N. II Oeorsre Bowers 

Nashua, OpU^lW George M. McKenney 

Nashville, (c. h.) Wuahfngton, III. ...John N. Vernnr 

Nashville, (c h.) Brown, la Willlani S. RobertJ' 

Nashville, ChatUauque, N. Y Nicholas B. Brown 

Nashville, HUm^s, Ohio J. W. Kiiicald 

Nashville, (c. h.), Davidnon, Tenn-.S. 11. Ander^()ll 

Nashville, yy'w.»w. Mo Gilpin S. TuUle 

Nashville, M lam. Tex A.O. Thomson 

Nashville (c. h.) N. C Oeorjfe N. Lewis 

Nassau, IfenxsKlaer. N. Y David M. Conklin 

Natchez, jidams. Miss Richsrd EhvHrd 

Natchez, AfartinpJa. John P. D.ivis 

Natchit<»ches (c. h.) NatcliitocheSyL& Fairuiap F. 


Nathan's Creek. Axhe^ N. Andrew McMllInn 

NathHuaville, Qmee th, Ala Nicholas S. Travis 

Natick, i/iliUe<ex, Mass ».0»ilvin W. Perry 

Natick. Krnf, II. I John W. Mjirtin 

National, Cltpfnn^lnwA Isrsc A. Stoddnrd 

Nation Ford. York, S.C Mrs. Kroily Creijjhton 

Natural Bridge, JeJ}Wson, N. Y Elknnnh Fr»*nuh 

Natural Bridg", linckbridt^t^ Va John B. Luster 

Natural Dtm, Crawford, Ark Andrew M'rton 

Natural Grove, WiJUumsburgh, S. C.W. 11. Coekfi^ld 
Naugatm^k. New //^iv^n. Conn. ..Stephen 11. Nlrh< Is 

Naumbnrgh. Lewu, N. Y Jacob Kohr. 2nd 

Nautrill, Bremer^ Iowa John U. Messin^er 

Nauvoo, ffancf-c'-'y HI John Bauer 

Nauvoi), Tinga, Pa lianiel W. Cantield 

Navarino. Onondaga, N. Y Martin L. Gurdner 

Navarre, Stirh, Ohio Peter Swick 

Navarro, Lf"n, Texjvs ,....A. 1). Perrin 

Navasota, Crr/m««. Texas JeremiMh Lee 

Naylor'H Store. St, CliarUx, Mo James N»ylor 

Nazareth. Nr>rl/iampt/m, Pa William Beitel 

Neabsco Mills, l^aceW.Uiamy Va Zebulon A. 

Kan key 

Neal Dow. Oi'^ft, Ga Martin L. Ruff 

Neatsville, A lair, Ky Joseph G. Campbell 

Nebo, HnpHns, Ky Charles S.Green 

Nebo,^rsin. Ohio William Allmon 

Nebo, Pulaski, Mo B. F. Sapp 

Nebraska. Crawfnrd, la Uiram B. Meybu 

Nebraska. Qdu.nbia, Gfk John Snitth 

Nebraska, S/nawaxRM. Mich E. B. Smith 

JAehrAskH, Je.fftTSon. Tenn George Willianis 

Nebraska, Oolumhiina, Ohio Thomas Cannon 

Nebraska, Iro'iiwis, III Hamiltoip Jefferson 

Nebraski. ApponiuUnx, Va... Samuel D. McDearmon 

Nebrask I Ci-ntor, Nebr William C. Jam-s 

Nebraska City, Ntlr William P. Walker 

Nocedali, Alums. Wis Kliphalet S. Miner 

NeooN Linn, Iowa George C. Perkins 

Needhani, Norfolk^ Mass George E.Katon 

Needy, CL tckeinax, Oregon John M. Paeon 

Neel's Creek. JfJiWum, Ife Joshua C. Tiblwts 

^eelysville Alnr;,an, « hio Jacob Kiaps 

Neenah. Winn»^ago, Wis Ira A. Torroy 

Neersvlllo. f^udon, Va Thomas Vlckers 

NeflTdville, L'm-a-tfr, Pa Daniel Hoffman 

Negro F«Kit. !Tjvottf.r, Va Chailes Vest 

Neiirhbonrvllli', if >rris, N.J...David Neighbour.!- 
Neill's Creek, Contbtrland, N.C.CorneM. H.Oofiold 
N«kamu, W^nnebayu, Wis Nathan CarioII 

Nelson, Clushire, N. II Ritel Nimi 

Nelson, Madison, N. Y John DonaldMW 

Nelson, Pmiagt, Gliio Exeriah 1. Pixlej 

Nelson, Tioga,\*», Morgan Secly 

Nelson Hill, Bff'mgham^ 111 Isaac R. Elder 

Nelsonport, Potter, Pa John S. Barto 

Nelson's Creek, Plumas, Cal John C. Lewis 

Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio Charles A. Cable 

Nelson ville, Marian, Mo Thomas W. Anderson 

Nemalia, /ric/iardson, Neb Stephen Story 

Neosho, (c.h.) Newton, Mo Thomas M. Jobnstm 

Neosho, Doilge, Wis Ossian Clark 

Neiieran, W-gfchesfer, N. Y... Nathaniel U. Tompkini 

Nepen^kun, Winnehago, Wis William Elliott 

Neponset, B^'reau, 111 Joseph Lyford 

Neponset Village, Norfolk, Mass Charles Hunt 

Neptune, Mej-oer, Ohio Jeremiah Bioe 

Nescopeok. Luzerne, Pa Joseph W.Frey 

Nesliannock Falls, Lamrence, Pa...i:Rmuel lolstete 

Neshkoro, MarqueMe,, Wis Umei ik Ralpk 

NeshoniKJ, La Cross. Wis Monroe Palmer 

Nesquehoning, Carbon, Pa. Ralph Coring 

Nestorville, Bor'your, Va George G. CampbeH 

Netherland, Overton, Trnn Richard Poteet 

Nettle Carier, OrertoK, Tcnn...Raw]ings II. Johnson 

Nettle Lake, VViWams, Ohio John R. McConnell 

Nevada, Greene, Wis Zina Round 

Nevada, Orttndy. Mo Christopher J. Woodf 

Nevada, Story, Iowa TJieudore K. Aldermnn 

Nevaila, Stephensrn, 111 Geo. W. Loveland 

Nevada, W.^andctt, Ohio William McJunkin 

Nevada. Merier, Ky Charles H. May 

Nevada City, (c. h.) Nwada, Cal....Wm. II. Kndicott 

Neversink, fvUiran, N. Y J. G. Childt 

Neville, Clennmi, Ohio lubert Wardlow 

Nevin, Highland, Ohio Willinni W. Malcom 

Newago, h>twago, Mich Kobert F. Tracy 

New Albany, Maht.ning, Ohio Chailrs Taylor 

New Albany, (c.h.) FUiyd, la Frimeia M. Gwiii 

New Albany, PonPUtc. Miss C. T. Bond 

New Albany, Bradford, Pa Benji niin Wilcox 

New Albion, Cattaraugus, N. Y Whitney Jewell 

New Alexander, Columl)iana. Ohio Nicht las Ickes 

New Alexandria, Jefferson, Ohio Thos. Chambers 

New Alexandria, Westmoreland, Pa Thomas 0. 


New Alsace, Drarhom, Ta. Mrs. Mary Kessler 

New Alstead, Cheifnre. N. H J«n'eH F. Isham 

NewAmsterdam,"//am>on, la C. W. Aydelotl 

New Antioch. Clnt/n. Ohio... Tavid Marble 

Newaik, Neweoftle.. I)e\ Matthew Macklem 

New A)k, Ktndall, 111 - 'JLos. IloUenback 

Newaik, Wwaster, Md Handy Bowe> 

Newaik, Knax, Mo •. Harvey Sissoa 

Newaik, (c. h.)£«*''ir, N.*J Charles T. Gray 

Newaik; Wiyn^, N. Y Hiiam Clark 

Newaik, (c. h.)I.icAtn^, Ohio Edmnnd J. ElHt 

Newaik, >r;«fe,Tenn Rodsim Russell 

Newaik, Cbltdtnia, Vt tavid F. Johnson 

Newaik, IFfr«, Va A. Hawley 

Newaik Valley. Tirga, N. Y William S. LincolB 

New Ashford. Berlsltire, Mase James Dewey 

New Athens, //arr»*cn, Ohie Alexander Mabood 

Newbapon Crctk, Pesquotank, N.C Jno. D Bailey 

New Baltimore, Greene, N. Y Htnry Slingerland 

New Baltimore, <S/arA-, Ohio Willin Underwood 

New Baltimore, Fauqttief, Va....Fr(d. W. S. Grayson 

New Baltimore. Jlfacomb, Mich Tl!0.s.M. Crocker 

New Pavaria. Hinry, Ohio Chaik'S Hrrnung 

New Bedford, (c. h.) Bristol. Mass J. C. Kent 

New Bedford, 0)«Aocton, Ohio Jos'iah K. Fleming 

New Hcdford, Lawienee^ Pa James H. Wright 

New Bedford. Monmouth, N. J Jacob J. Fmitb 

Newborg. Cas:. Mich Knief D. Crego 

New Beilin, Chtnango, N. Y Georp:« W. Fnmner 

New Berlin, Stark, Ohio John P. Pierson 

New Berlin, hnia. Mich Alonzo Session! 

New Berlin, (c. h.) Union, Pa Henry D. MtAti 

New Berlin, 3/tZtoauAte, Wis Nichflns T.Loomia 

New Berlin Centre, Chenango, N. Y..Aver.v Williami 

Newbern, Crrene, Ala James W. HogaB 

Newborn. Jer««^, III John G. DoyU 

Newbern, Barthtlomew, la Charles Harry 

Newbern. (c.h.) Cyar€n,N.C... James C. Stephenson 
Newbern, Z>^er, Tenn James Churclimaa 




Newbern, MaHrm, lowjv. Fletcher Cain 

Hewh-rry,^ Ky John H. Phillips 

Kewberry. drfntf. la John Liinder 

Newlwrry. Lyramintj. Pii James C. Fiinston 

Kewberry C. II, Kewhern/, S. C Sol. P. Kinjird 

Newberrytown. T"rk, Ph JcKse C. Hays 

New Berht'l, Bcntm. Ala Benjamin N. Page 

Kew \\ tlilehcm, Cfc»-ifw, Pa Thomas McKelvey 

KewElnomfl'ld. Callaway, Mo....\Vm. 11. Alexander 

New Bloouifield. Pi"rry, Pa Ipnac N. Shatto 

Newbor", Xeift'm. Ha Gidi-on Roberts 

New Hoston, WindJiam, Conn Harvey Lamson 

New B »st(>n, SoencAr, la Thomas B. Phillips 

Kew Boston, £««, Iowa Josiah Harvey 

New Boston, Mwym, Mo William Patliff 

New Boston, AT^rc/r, 111 Richard Thomas 

Kew Boston, BerkfJu're, Mass Ssimnel C. Pursons 

New Boston, Jf iWtl orouffhy N. H... James M. Grep-p 

New Boston, Henry ^ Tenn Benj. T. Bowd^'n 

New Boston, Lewis, N. Y Thomas Taylor 

Kew Braintree, W^rowi'T, Mjiss Charl's B. Frost 

New Brau!nfils.(c. h.) Omal, Tex.AdolplinsBenner 

New Bremen, A/iplnz^, Ohio Adam Knnzel 

New Bremen, Lnvis. N.Y James II. Morrow 

New Bremer, Ow'.-. Til Mwes R. Bnllard 

New Bridge, Lumpliny Ga Samnet Stephens 

New Brid-^evilh*, IVfc, Pa John Kckert 

New Brisfhton, Bmrrr. Ph Chailes 11. Ilijrhy 

New Brixhton, Fnwruier. Va Silas II. Newhonse 

Kew Bri.u:lit« D, /ficfimnvfl N. Y...HiebnrdMiKenfe\ 

New Britain. /7/;r«/>)?v;, Conn Mnr<*ellns Tlaik 

New Britain. CUumhia. N. Y Allen B. Davis 

New Br onswirk, (e. h.) Afitldlesex, N. .1..II. Ssndersoit 

New Bmbt. Dfrafxir. Town GeorRe Pomntz 

New Buffalo, B rrim. Mich Renben W. Smith 

New BuITmIo, reA-ry. Pa William Jnrkson 

Newhurifh, ifacnn. Mo James B. Mnrly 

Newbur-ih, Pravhl'n, Ala Fred».ri.k G. WiUoti 

Newbiir;:h, TK/rr/c'., la Achilles K. RohirtPon 

Newbiujrh, Wasftipfitfyn., Wis Lucius FH^=b^ 

Newbur^h, (c. h.) Ltnm'si, Tenn AH-err G. Ooope'r 

Newbiiriih. renn'wot. Me .Tabex Knoulton 

Newburjfh, (c, h.) Orange.. N. Y J. Casterline, jr 

Newbumh, C/u/aJiopa, Ohio L. 8. Webb 

Newburjrh. Cumherlind. Pa .John A. Ren 

Newbur<?li Cenire, J'enohxcd. Me...L« onnrd .lt<rk(>on 

New Hurlin:ton, Dflaware^ la I. S.,IIiitrhin!Brs 

New Builiu«<ron. Cli'vton. Ohio David Fprayiie 

Newbury, Merrimack. N. II E^k Voun}r 

Newbury, Geauga, Ohio Anron Matthews 

Newbury, Orange, Vr Simton Stevens, jr 

Newbury port. (o. h.) Esxex. M»is9 John M.Ooop«r 

Newbv's Uri lire, rttrrv'mans, N. C Jeptha White 

New Californi I, Grant, Win M. BHrtholomew 

New Cabfornin, Tnow, Ohio...fam"l B. Wood burn 
New Onlifornia, Jacknont Va...M. Benson Armftronjr 

New Cm. an. Fahjiel'. Ctan II. B. llovt 

New Ciinion, Fenlon. Ky Wm. J. Heddiek 

New (^an'on, ffawlnnny Teun T.. H.Ro^m 

New Canton, BtuiJcing'-am, Ya Thomas F. Baber 

New CMrlisle, St. Joseph. Ta G. W. Druliner 

NewCMrlisle, CJarJe, Ohio Thomas Wise 

New Carihapjft, Madimn. La L. K. Love 

New Castle, (c. h.) Xnv Qislle, Del. JameF Dunfsn. jr 

New 0»istl.\ Gentrffj Mo Willism H. Waters 

New Cattle, (c. h.) I/enri/, la Jarob Mowrer 

New C:.8il», (c. h.yrreniyy tiy Ih^aac N. Webb 

New Captle, L'ncnln, Me Joseph Brown 

Kewra.vtle. Wstchestr, N. Y Charles XL Kirhy 

Newcastle, rnyJiuton 0*iio...S»ml II. Zimmerman 

New Castle, IVtUejs, N. C Mrs. Diana A. Ilnnt 

New Castle, Lawrence^ Pa David TiUball 

New Cji^tle, IJardrman, Tenn John J. Polk 

New Cusfb' (c. h.) Craig, Va T.J. Wbanon 

New Ct-ntre, Vm-k. S. C M\l«s Smith 

New C»nirivnie. Oswego. N. Y Uri Salhbury 

Kew Cenlrt ville, Jennings, Ia....Wm. S. Poudebush 
Kew Chamber^burgb, OoluinbiancL, OhIo...John L. 

Kew Chester, Adams, Pa...TheodorpTangbinbanph 
Kew Churcb. AccmnacJ , Va... .William H. Mftrfhall 

Kew Clyde, WJntejtides, 711 Joaei.h H. Broth »>11 

Kew Columbus, Owfu, Kv A. Pnee 

Kew Columhiri, rn>an. Pa Jacob Mfckly 

Kew Columbus, Luzerne, Pa James S. W ouds 

New Comerftown, 7V«Ctfraic«w, Ohio... K. Lannhead 

New Concord, Callaway, Ky Cuus Owen 

New Concord. MuskingunifO Noble Kelly 

New Coosa, Union, Ga .....William C. IlnKhes 

New Corner, Delaware, la .Inenb llaifield 

New Corwin, HiBhland, Ohio Isaiah Roberts 

New Corydon, Jay. la Geoige Stols 

New Creek, Hampshire, Va Thomas Crawford 

New Ciiraberland, TuscaravoaSy Ohio McCauelia 

New Cumbtrland, C«7n6«rton<f, Pa... John G. Miller 
New Cumberland, Hancock, Va...^pencer A. <>'riina 

New Bauville, i?tts7<", Tex .Aiuirew R. Ilmiilton 

New Berry, Westmoreland, Pa John McAfee 

New Diggings, La Fayette, Wis Wm. L. Vr bison 

New Dublin, iSirn/j*'w,Mi8s Duncan Wtathei-sby 

New Duiham, La Porte, la.. Pell Jennings 

NewDuilum, Hudson, N.J Henry Ackerson 

New Kgypt, Ocean, N.J Ab giiil Wallin 

New Elizabeth, HendridxS, la James Gibson 

^itMiiiW, Andersen, S. C J. C. f^mith 

Newell, VermiWon,l\} John P. Ihillps 

New Eng'd Village, WorcesteTy Mass J. W. Uttrriug- 


New Erin, Stephenxcn, Til Hanson Bacon 

New Fajrfield, Fairfield, Conn Se<>lye Banium 

Newfane, Niagara. N. Y John J. Qutwater 

Newfane, F.nd du Lac, Wis Harvey Parsons 

New Farminittnn. Jackson,lH Llou B. i^teidiens 

Newf.eld, Y'lk, Me Maik Wood 

Newfielil, Tompkins, N. Y J. H. Anderson 

New Florence. WeAmoreland, Pa Hubert Given 

Newltiundland, Mt.rris, N.J John P. Blown 

New 1 ranken, Brtiun, Wis J. M. Hurkard 

New Frankfurt, Sc*ity In .....John Colvin 

New Franklin, «V/arA-, Ohio Samuel Il< rthJ»erger 

New I ranklin, Wayne, 111 James Allen 

New Fretdom, Ycrk, Pa Ill W. Free 

New FreepiHt, Greene, Pa G. G. Nuzum 

New Garden, Wayne,1ff .gtanton Juikins 

New Garden, Guilfcrd, N.C John hnssell 

New Garden. C'lvmbianay Ohm J nies Grahum 

New Garden, lussell, Va Zido.k N. Gaidner 

New Garden, Chester, Pa.... Jncob Taylor 

New Gasctiny. Jejjferson. Ark E. B. Mason 

New Geneva, IhyeUe, Pa Samuel R. Dilliner 

New Gennesfee, Whitt hides. 111 Caiiis'Jhorp 

N( w Gei msintown. Hunteid"n, N. J.J()hn P. S. Miller 

New Germantown, ilen-^. Pa 1 homas Sejcar 

New Germany. FrcnJilin, Mo 'i homas H. B»tker 

New Gilead, Moore, N. C Hugh McDonald 

New Glarr.s, Greene, Wis John J. Tschndy 

New Glasgow, Amhent, Va..... .Valerius McG nnis 

New Gloncester. Cumberland, Me Joseph Cross 

New Goshen, Vign, In William L. Sbuey 

New Gottiii^en, Gueinsey, Ohio.Ge<t. W. Heiflelbach 
New Graefenbejg, Heikm^'r, N. Y.Richard Holland 

New Grenada, JtuUin,VA James McSteenkard 

New Gretmu Burlington, N. J Sarj.L ?. Cramer 

New Guilford, Coshocton, Ohio.Willixm P. IhurnhiU 

New Guilford, Franllia^ Pa ,...Jacob C. Snyder 

New Hackensnck, Dutchess,H. Y...U. D. Necdham 

New Ha^er&town, Carroll, Ohio J«hn Moore 

New Hamburgh, Dutchess. H. Y.'lhomns Burroughs 

New Ilamliurfih, J/^rccr, Pa Jol:n Ge«irgs 

NewHanipshiie ^/p/at>^Obio..JHS. J. HuUbison 

New Hampton. BeJknap, N. H James Sampson 

New Ilantpton. Chickasaw, Iowa Osgood Gowin 

New Hampton, Hunterdon, N. J A. W. Grant 

New Hampton. Grange, N. Y Hiiam Phillips 

New Hanover, Monfg<>n:ery, Pa.Fredk. Brenclinger 

New Harmony, li'mwn. Ohio ...Luiher Lyons 

New Haimtny, Ptsey, Tnd .-: Nelson Felch 

New Harmony, ClambtTK, Ala.^Wm. H.M<WhoTter 

Now Harrisburg, CamV, Ghk) Join Coyan, jr 

New Harrison. DarJe, Ohio ,1ac<di Wood 

New Hartft»rd, Lifchjield/Cotin Daniel S. Bird 

New Hartford, P*f«, 111 Thomas Alton 

New Hartford, Cneida, N. J Jacob Harper 

New Hartford Centre LUc/JUId. r« n....L f. Mason 

Newbi'Tt's, Kcrtlianipton. Pa Mid ael Newbart 

New Haven (c. h.) Kew Huvtn, Cod...L. A. Tliouias 

New Itaven, Ggllafin.l\\ Samuel I>ngl<»y 

New Haven, Allen. la...., Cufus McDi nidd 

New UaNen, Ifelson, Ky Joseph JUiown 




New Hhvhii, Mactnnb., Mich John H. Quick 

New IlHVen, Ostvegn^ N. Y Solomon White, jr 

New Tiaven, Hurtm, Ohio Kzm Stewart 

New Haven, Atkliscn. Vt ,... Erasmus Dt Ua)1 

New Ilavi-n, Columbia, Wis D. M. Ilatrh 

New Hiiven Mills, Addismt, Tt...Mr8. Jane Merritt 
New Hebron. Oruwftrrd, lll..Sttmael G. Swearin^fen 

New Highland, EU; Pa Charles Stubbs 

New mil, Wdke„ N. C Robert M. Brown 

New Holland, Pickaway, Ohio N. R. Ferguson 

New Holland, Lancaster, Pa P»»ter Ream 

New Holland, Wabasli, la Imla Drake 

New Holstein. Calumet. Wis William Paulsen 

New Hope, Madison, Ala George Russell 

New Hope, Alteon. Ky Lawrence J. Berry 

New Hope, Lincoln, Mo Nicholas A.Harvy 

New Hope, Ireddl, N. C James McHargue 

New Hope, Browny Ohio Oscar I. Stewart 

New Hope, OariMru, Md Willie Corkran 

New Hope, Budts, P»i James P. Smith 

New Hope, Augusta, Va Tliornton G. Stout 

New Houe, Wa.bash,l\\ John F.Scherer 

New Hope, MarsliaU, Tenn J. A. Morris 

New House, York, S. G Theodore D. Fulton 

New Hudson, AlUgmy, N. Y J. V. D. Kelly 

New Hnd^jon, Oal^land, Mich Alanson Smith 

New Hurley, Ulsfer, N. Y. Jacob J. Van Steenbergh 

New Iberia, St. Martins, Lji John Devalcourt 

Newlngton, Hartford, Conn Henry Kilbouru 

Newington, Rockingham, N. H..F. W. de Rocheuioiit 

New Institute, JredeM, N. C William J. Vestal 

New Interest. Randolph, Va Jusiah Simmons 

New Tpswich, HiUKborough,N. II John Peabody 

New Ireland, Newton, Miss Thfiman W. Vance 

New Jasper, Greene, Ohio William U. Moore 

New Jerusalem, B:irJtS, Pa Benjamin Kelchner 

New Kent C. H., New Kent, Va.Robert A. Chandler 

New Kingston, Delaware, N. Y Isaac BIrdsill 

New Kingstown, Cum^terland, Pa... David H. Swiler 
Newfcirk'e Mills, PuUnn, N. Y...Garrett A. Newkirk 

New L*incaster, Tij^on, la Isaac Harblt 

New Lancaster, Wuirren, 111 James H. Bbick 

New Lebanon, De Kalb, 111 Allen Bigelow 

New Lebanon, Mercer, Pa Robert C. Gordon 

New Lebsmon, Sullivan, la William F. Dodds 

New Lebanon, Chlamhia,ii. Y Moees Y. Tilden 

New Leltanon, Mtrntgomerg, Ohio Jacob Adams 

New LelMinmi Centre, Mumbia, N. Y.F. W. Everest 
New Lebanon Springs, Chlumbia, N. Y...H. C. Bull 

New Lenox, Berkshire, Mass David W. Dewey 

New Lexingttm, Somerset^ Pa Jacob R. McMillen 

New Lexington, Tuscatnosa, Ala D.J. Woodward 

New Lexington, Perty, Ohio Jesse Skinner 

New Lib Tty, GreJMviOe, S. C William T. Carter 

New Liberty, Oioen. Ky Cleuient J. Bradford 

New Liberty. Pope, 111.. Josiah Dayhuff 

New Light, WAke, N. C Peleg S. Rogere 

New Lisbon, ffmrt/, la Emery Southwick 

New LiHlion, Ots-^o, N. Y George J. Peck 

New Lislion, Burlington, N. J...£ayre 01iphant,Jr 
New Lisbon, (c.h.) Oiinmbiana, Ohio. A. G. McCoskey 
New London, (c. h.) Ntsw JJondon, Conn.J. B. Lyman 

New London, Hmry, Iowa Elijah Richard 

New London, Frederick, Md George W. Wjirfield 

New Ltmdon, (c. h.) Rails, Mo Samuel Smith 

New Loudon, Merrimac'c, N. H John M. Hayes 

New Londun, Oneida, N. Y Gershom Edwards 

New London, Howard, la J. F. Henderson 

New London, Huron, Ohio £. H. Sauford 

New liomlon, CUmphell, Va Edward 0. Echols 

New London, Chest tr. Pa Sarah A. CunlAgham 

New London, tJhion, Ark Armand Iietils 

New Lunilou, Wiupaca, Wis William McMillin 

•New Lyme, Ashtubuia, Ohio Alva R. Beckwith 

New Mailison, Darke, Ohio David G. Watt 

New Maiirid, (c. h.) New Madrid, Mo...Jno. T. Scott 

New Mahoning, CUrbon, Pa TUghman Arner 

Newman's Mills, Indiana, Pa David R. Kinporta 

Newniansvilte, GreMxu, Tena..... John Rush 

•Uew Marlon, /rtpi«i/, la John B. Sands 

New Market, MadiMon, Ala Frederick T. Spivey 

New Market, i/anVai, Ky Henry Carter 

New Market, Frederick, Md Absalom Anderson 

New Market, Platte, Mo. Solomon H. Bishop 

M*w Market, JBoc/anglianh ^- ^ JT. M. Chapman 

New Market, MidMexex, N.J .'"..Adam Yermeul* 

New Market, RandfUph, N. C Joseph Newlla 

New Market, Km Baren, Iowa Calvin P. DavlM 

New Market, Highland, Ohio Juniea A. Purdj 

New Market, Abbeville, S. C Wm. W. Perryma» 

New Market, Jefferson, Tenn Williani Bni^eitoa 

New Market, Shenandoah, Va... Walter N. Newman 

New Market, MnnrtMi, Ga A. G. Harvey 

New Market, Sebastian, Ark. ..William M. Bradshaw 
New Marlborough, S«r/.«A/re,Mas8.Mi88 S. D.Catlln 
New Martinsburgh, FUyeUe^ Ohio.Gershom Perdu* 
New Martinsville, (c. h.) Wetiel, Va... Jonathan NL 


NewMassilon, Wayne,T\\ Justus Beach 

New Maysvllle, Putnam, la Robert C. Boyd 

New Maysvllle, PHre, III Samuel Laird 

New Metamorae, Watltington, Alexander 


New Michigan, Livingsion, HI David Mcintosh 

New MiddlotOQ, SmitJi, Tenn S. Ward 

New Middletown, ifti/i«m»?U7, Ohio... James Shannon 

New Milford, I^tdijldd, Conn S.E. Bostwick 

New Milford, Winnabago, 111 James Moor« 

New MlKbrd, Orange, N. Y David D. Demercat 

New Milford, 8us<^fuhannah, Pa F. W. BoyI» 

New Milltown, Lancaster, Pa...Thonias J.Ringwalt 
New MiltOD, D'tddriflge, Va...Jepthah F. Randolph 
New Moscow, Ctshoet-m. Ohio.... William C. Wilson 

New Mount Pleasant, Monroe, Pa Jo^eph Moyei 

New Mount PleaSHUt, Jay, Ia...N>ithaniel Brewster 

Newman, (e. h.), Otweta, Ga. Blake D. Brewstef 

Newmanviiie, (c. h.), Alac/iua, Fla S. Whitehead 

New Ohio, Broome, N. Y Edwin S. Holcomb 

New Oregon, Hnoard, Iowa. Samuel M. Cole 

New Oregon, Jkrie, N. Y John J. Fuller 

New Orleans, (c. h.), Orleans, La.. .Arthur S. Nevitt 

New Oxford, Adams, ^A Join Blair 

New Palestine, Clermfmt, Ohio Luke W. Mooar 

New Paltz, (Tlster, N. Y A. A. Deyo,jr 

New Paltz Laming, UlsUr, N. Y Daniel Coe 

New Paris, Preble, Ohio Abram P. Johnston 

New Paris, Elkhart, la William B. Macumbor 

New Peterdbnrgh, Higfdand, Ohio. .. Nat linu PearoB 
New Philadelphia, Wuxhin^/ton, In.. .William Perdot 
New Philadelphia, (c. h.) 'Jltscarawas, 0. P. W. Ilimea 

New Pittsburjfh, Wayne, Ohio Jesepli U. Coder 

New Plato, Kane, 111 Stephen Archer 

New Plymouth, Viftton, Ohio.. .Charles l\. Crummlt 

Newport, New Castle, Del Major Yeatet 

Newport, Wa/,^lla, Fla Tames Caverly 

Newport, (c. h.) ^'ermiUvm, la Jamue M. Hood 

Newport, (c. h.) CampbeU, Ky Taiues M. Boyd 

Newport, Ptnobsoot, Me Joh\j J. Pillsbury 

Newport, Oiarles, Md Ocorge 11. Simpson 

Newjwrt, (c. h.) Franklin, Mo Siuuuel S. Bailey 

Newport, Monroe, Mich William WhiU 

Newport, (c. h.) Sullivan, N. H Sawyer Belknap 

Newport, Cumberland, N. J Samuel F. Spenoe 

Newport, Hcrkimrr, N. Y Sherman Wuoeter 

Newport, Wasfnngton, Ohio Thomas O'Neal 

Newport, P&rry, Pa Harriet M. Singer 

Newport, (c. h.) Newport, 11. 1 1. Joslen 

Newport, (c. h.) CbcAe, Tenn David W. Stuart 

Newport, Walher, Texas Joseph Werner 

Newport, OrUans,\t Ashley Gould 

Newport, Giles, Va Ilobort W. Elam 

Newport, LaA:e,lll Elijah F. W. Eddy 

Newport, aduml>ia. Wis ....Wliliani S. Walt 

Newport, Franklin, Ala D. C.Oatei 

Newport, Greene, Ark Francis M. Davit 

Newport, Johnstm, lown Nathaniel B. Morstt 

Newport, Attala, Mbs Alexander McMillan 

New Portage, Summit, Ohio Isaiah John* 

Newport Centre, Luzerne, Pa Michael He«f 

Newport Centre, Joltnson, Iowa...Martha G. Trotter 

New Portland, Somerset, Me John P. Ilodsdon 

New Portland, 5tewari, Tenn Seth T. Andrew* 

Newportvilie, Buck, Pa Andrew Louderbaugh 

New Potosi, Macon, Ala John £. Sunimerfield 

New Preston, LildiJUid, Conn. ...Marvin S. Beeman 

New Princeton, Coshocton, O William W^hiuery 

New Prospect, Winzton,ma» Robert D. Brown 

New Prospect, Bergen, N. J Sweeting MileP 

New Prospect, Wiyne, Ohio Jacob Knupn 

New Prospeet, SIpartanbtayhf S. OUver Clufc 




New l*roBpffcr, Grettw^ Ala... .Franklin Wininphnm 

Kew Providence. /\7fe, Ala John W. Moore 

Nen Hrovidence ii>«ftr, N. J Isruel 0. Maxwel 

New Providence, Lancaster^ Pa John Tweed 

Hew Providence, Clark-j la Isaac Shaw 

New Providence, Mtmtg&nien/, Tenn N. F. Trice 

New RftruHt, Wushinffton, la Mary E. Baiter 

New Richland. Lngan, Ohio Miles H. Wadham 

New Richmond, CUi-monU Ohio D. L. Stinchfield 

New Richmond, Oawft/rdy Pa. Ira Clark 

New Richiiiond, M mlgomery^ Ta Klliot Dt-chon 

New IJiver, Onlumbia, Ha..;... William Z. Hernden 

New River, Fayettt^ Ala John R. Yerby 

New River, Aicensimit La Henry Doyal 

New Road, Ddawart, N. Y Daniel Weed 

New Rochelle, W-sfchester, N.Y Bobert H. Coles 

New Rocliester, Wk^j Ohio Michael Myers 

New Roe, Allen,Ky C. K. O'Neal 

New Ross, Montgomery^ la Nathan F. Bowen 

New Rumley, Harrison^ Ohio Jacob Gutshall 

New Russia, JGjsex, N.Y Lucius Bishop 

Newry, Jackson^ la Andrew L. Newkiik 

Newry, Oxford, Me Charles H. Clioate 

Newry, Blair^ Pa Cornelius McConnell 

News, Calhoun, III H. L. Bush 

New Salem, Fush^ la John P. Wallace 

New SiUem, /?!«/.•, TexHS John C. Nelson 

New Siilem, Pranhlitiy Mass Alpheus Harding, jr 

New SiUem, Albany^ N. Y David 0. Seger 

New Srileni, JfundoIph^V. C N. C. Jarrell 

New Salem, Edrjkid, Ohio Oliver P. Landon 

New Siilem, Pikf., Ill Isaiah Cooper 

New Salem, FayeUty Pa Charles S. Seaton 

New Salem, ffarrinon, Va M. M. F. Randolph 

New Salisbury, CfiLumbiana, O..I>ai)iel D. Mcintosh 

New Salisbury, Harriwri, la Joseph Dewees 

New Siinta Fee, Jadfcson^ Mo B. C. Westfall 

New Scotland, AlbanyyU. Y Edmund Raynsford 

New Scottsville, Bfaver^ Pa George K. Shannon 

New Sharon, Frunkliny Me Henry E. Dyer 

New Sharon, Mnnmoulhy N. J Horton Cooper 

New SlieflReld, Brnwr^ Pa John Scott 

New Shoreliam, Netoport, R. L.Eliijah Macomber, jr 

New Smyrna, Orange. Fla Jane Sheldon 

New Somerset, Jeferson, Ohio E.S. Easterday 

Newsom's Depot, Southampton^ Ya.... Jas. J. Darden 

New Springfield, MaJioning^ Ohio George Smith 

New Springville, /ft'c/iwrmrf, N. Y.Isaac J Simonson 

New Stand, Clayton^ Iowa John Lockridge 

New Stanton, Wt^tmordandy Pa.Henry P. Horbaugh 

New^stead, Chrvftian, Ky John C. Whiih>ck 

New Stoney Creek, Oceana, Mich A.R. Wheeler 

New Store, BucJdngfmm, Va...Charle8 D. McKinney 
New Sweden, CUntfyn, N. Y.William V. B. McLean 

Newton, (c. h.) Dale, Ala Isaiah J. Prim 

Newton, (c. h.) Baker, Ga, Robert M. Douglas- 

Newton, (c. h.) Jasper, 111 E. H. Bridges 

Newton, Middlesex, Mass H. R. Wetherell 

Newton, CalJioun, Mich Lorenzo Love 

Newton, Jasper, Iowa Rowland D. Minard 

Newton, RocHngham, N. H Michael F. Hoyt 

Newton, (c. h.^ Sussf^, N. J John McCarter, jr 

Newton, (c.h.) Catawba, N. C Ogbum Campbell 

Newton, Muskingum, Ohio JohnB. Dagan 

Newton, Kanawha, Va Ballard S. Rogers 

Newton, Marion, Fla K. W. Syms 

Newton, A>?wfon, Texas C. P. Moore 

Newton, MarqwMe, Wis John Hoy 

Newtonbnrgh, Manitowoc, Wis Henry Meyer 

Newton Centre, Mvldlenex, Mass Robert Prentice 

Newton Corners, Ji;/frriiw», Wis ...H.S. Doolittle 

Newton Creek, Ballard, Ky Edmund Ragland 

Newton Factory, iV(?u;ion, Ga John Webb 

Newton Falls, Trumbull, 0hio....Era8tus H. Ensign 

Newton Grove, Sampson^ N. C .Blackman Lee 

Newton Hamilton, Mifflin, Pa. John W. Smith 

Ncwtonia, Wilkinson, Miss David L. Phares 

Newton Lower Falls, Middlesex,}i9S8 C. E. Snow 

Newtonsville, Clermont, OhioJfathaniel M. Hibbets 
Newton Upper Falls, ifiddUsex, Mass James Taylor 

Newtonville, Attala, Miss Thaddeus Wigley 

Kewtonville, Albany. N. Y Jacob Henry 

Newtonville, Fiyette. Ala B. M. Shepherd 

Newtonville, ^Middlesex, Miiss.Aiidrew H. Ward, jr 
Kew lopia, Barbour, Ala. ^...JEU>bert H. Davis 

Newtown, FuirJU'ld, Conn Jerotiie Judacm 

Newtown, Eldora/lo, Cal Wilber Fisher 

'Newtown, Col>b. Ga W. II. Autrey 

Newtown, Fountain, la Ajiron Black 

Newtown, ii:ott,Ky Georjre K. Beadel 

Newtown, iV!irceit*T, Md William II. T. Clarvoe 

Newtown, H/nrfs, Miss John F.Tatam 

Newtown, Qtieenx, N. Y John I. Borrou|!Jhi 

Newtown, Hamilton, Ohio Hiram Bodina 

Newtown, Bucks, Ps Mrs. Ann Anderson 

Newtown, King and Queen, Va....Sum'l. S. Gresham 

Newtown, Putnam, Mo Philip Johnson 

Newtown Academy, Monroe, Ala... Joseph L. Butler 

Newtown Square, Delaware, Pa Leedom Kirk 

Newtown Stephensburgh,i^edcrwfc,Va J. Allemong 

New Trenton, Franklin, la Frederick Deike 

New Trier, Cook.lll , Anson H. Taylor 

New Tripoli, Lehigh, Pa Samuel Camp 

New TJlm, Austin, Texap Laurence Miller 

New Upton, Gloucester, Va Edward Seari 

New Utrecht, Kings, N. Y Bnglebert L. Barr« 

New Vernon, Morris, N. J .Watson C. Tucker 

New Vernon, Mercer, Pa William B. Travii 

New Vienna, Clinton, Ohio John Matthews 

New Vienna, Du Buque, Iowa Joseph Schemmel 

New Village, Warren, N. J .V..John T. Stewart 

New Village, Sujfolk, N. Y Samuel B. Leo 

Newville, De Kulb, la J. M. Lawrenoa 

Newville, Herkimer, N. Y Ezra Jones 

Newville, BicMand, Ohio John IIu»;hes 

Newville, Cumberland, Pa Daniel S. Dunlap 

Newville, Sussex, Va John R. Ilollcman 

New Vineyard, Franfilin, Me Luther T. Voter 

New Virgil, Kane. Ill William II. Robinson 

New Wakefield, Washington, A\a James B.Slad» 

New Washington, Clark, la John Swan 

New Washington, Clejirfield, PaJohn M.Cummings 
New Wanhington, Crawford, Ohio...G. Donnewirth 

New Waterford. Cblumb'iana, Ohio Jolin Baker 

New Way. Licking, Ohio David Stratton, jr 

New Westville, Pre}^^ Ohio Alex. P. Campbell 

New White Lake, Oneida, N. Y...Theophilus Ilouser 

New Wilmington, Lawrmce, Pa U. M. Means 

Now Winchester, Hendricks, la W. II, Faught 

New Windsor, CarroU, Md .Saniuel Hoffman 

New Woodstock, Madison, N. Y... Jas. J. Wadsworth 

New York, New Vork, N. Y Isajic V. Fowler 

New York, Montgomery, Tenn...^.J«»s«*i)h I. Bowers 

New York Mills. Oneida, N. Y S.vlvanns Hoag 

New Zion, Sunitfr, S.C Jiuiies A. lUulding 

Ney, De Kalb, 111 Leander P. Kellogg 

Ney, Defiance^ Ohio Gt-orge Ridenour 

Niagara Falls, Niagara, N. Y John K. Murdock 

Niautic, New London, Conn Peld<»n Cook 

Nicholas C. H., Nicholas, Va David Peebles 

Nicholasvilie, (c. \i.\ Jessamine, Ky...Il. J.CampbeU 

Nichols, Tioga, N. Y Timothy P. Alden 

Nicholson, Wymning, Pa Alliert D. King 

Nicholson's Store, Choctaw, Ala...Wni. L. Mitchell 

Nicholsonville, Putnam^ la M. T. Bridges 

Nicholsonville, Cleveland, N. CJoliu N.Nitholson 

NicholsvUle, Cierwioni, Ohio N. B. Ni.hols 

NicholviUe, St. Lawrence, N. Y R. D. Peck 

Nickaton, Penobscot, Me George W. Garman 

Nickelsville. Scott, Va James M. Quillin 

Nickeli's Mills, Monroe, Va James M. Nickell 

Nicojack, Marion, Tenn George A. Grant 

Nicolaus, SuUer, Cal ..t'. A. Ruasa 

Niconza, Miami, la Matthias M«>yar 

Night's Prairie, flamiWon,Ill Thomas H. Mellon 

Nile, AUrgany, N. Y Luther B. Whitwood 

Niles, Berrien, Mich W. H. McComber 

Niies, Cayuga, N. Y WilUam Helm«r 

Niles, Cook, III * John Gray 

Niles, Trumbull, Ohio Henry H. Mason 

Niles, Delaware, la John Buckles 

Nimisila, Summit, Ohio. John SisUr 

Ninunon's Cross Roads, Morrow, 0. Absalom Doherty 

Nine Eagles, Decatur, Iowa Allen, Scott 

N4ne Mile, Bledsoe, Tenn Joseph McDowsU 

Nine Mtle, Mahaska, Iowa George Dunsmors 

Nine Mile Prairie, Ptrry, Ill....«« Nelson Mead 

Nine Points, l^anccwfer, Pa. Lewis Phipps 

Nine<3r-aix, AbbemUe^ S. C Nimrod W. Stewart 

Ninerah, Adair, Ma.......~..o~........J)aTid Uohhvt 




Nineveh, Brofrme^ N. Y Fnuiklln Kdj^t^rtou 

NInevoh. Johnson, Li Williani J.«« 

Nlnevth. Wurr^m, Va Joshua A. McKay 

Nlppmioso. L'/cfuning, Pa. J. .7. SmtkUtboii 

Nlttmiy, O-ntrf., )»h Qeorjfe Dtilcanip 

Niverville, lUambliy N. Y "Edward Cait 

Nlxlmrjth, Cnnxa, k\\\ A.C. Morgan 

Hixoiiton, i*ax7«o<<f?tfc, N. C Renl>en F. Overman 

Noali, Slirlhf/. Ta Leander Kennedy 

Ntmnk, AVto Ltfw ton. Conn William Latham 

Nohle. (c. h.) Nohf^, la Nathan Frink 

Noble. Hu:lihintL III Henry Snyder 

Noble C^•lltn^ Branch. Mich Darwin Willson 

Noble Fr<»ii Works. AW>/«. la James McConnel 

Noblost>oniu;jli. Line/tin, Me John A. Chapman«»wn, AUf.fjhiini/, Pa./. William McClean 

Noblnsville, Hamilton, la Joseph A. Mt-ssick 

Noblevilb'. AVi/>/«. Ohio James Ilellyer 

Nobob, BoTrn, Ky N. M. Wilson 

Nochway, l^awtofph. Ga. Benjamin Gibson 

No Ornve, L>i Suite, 111 Henry Bowers 

Nolen, fftrUin Ky , Earhart Winders 

Nolensviile, IVIIumiKon, Tenn francis Hawkins 

Nominy Grove, \Ve!(tmo}'eland, Va Wm. P. Crabb 

Nonclo'vju Lucax, Ohio Benjamin P. Barns 

Nonconner, FUi/ettf.. Tenn Fohn F. Boyet 

Non Interveiirioii, Lunenherg, \'» Wm. F. Moore 

Nonpsireil, Knox, Oliio William Sturgeon 

Noonday, G>bl), Ga R. Latimer 

Noodiuieek Hill, Kent, K.I John T. Lfwis 

Nora, Jon l)av!e>i. ill George B. Slanchfield 

Norfolk. LiU'.UfieUi, Conn Aaron Gilbert 

Norfolk. iSt. Lawrence^ N. YWilliam T Osborne 

Norfolk, (c. Ii.) Nor/'oUf., Va Alexander Gait 

Normnl Odli'ge, Nandolp/t, N. C M. S. Leach 

Norm:inda. Tp'rm, Ind Isaac Vandevender 

Normandy, BHf'ird. Tenn M. A. Kennedy 

NormmV Kill.'yl//Mini/. N. Y...Wm. H. Sling»-rland 

Norm!int»wn, G liner, Va Emmet Norman 

Norrid^ewocU (c. h.) Somerset, Me James Trench 

Norris Crcfk. Lincttln, Tenn James G. Harrison 

Norrirt Fork, Hfury, Mo Absninni M. Polts 

,Norrirttown (c. \\.) Pftpe, Ark Kirk B. Potts 

NorrlslowM, CirroU, Ohio Emmor Clark 

Norri»r.t)wn (o. h.) Atonfgomeri/, Pa... Henry G. ILirt 

NorristowM, Dt Kulb, la George L. Noble 

Norri^ville. tilf/efidfl, S.C Gilbert McCoy 

Norritoiiville. MrnVjomery, Pa. ..Jacob I*. Thornton 
North Abin;j:tt»n. Fti/movth, Mass. ..Benjamin Frodt 

North Actoii, yhrk. Me Joseph A. Davis 

North Adams, Berh-s'v're, Mass Abel Wetherbee 

North Ad«m««, .fetfr.rxon, N. Y Albei;^ Rice 

North Adams, H>IL(d>ile, Mich N. G. Vreeland 

North Adrian, Lmnwi'^, Mich Solomon W^arren 

North Albiuy, Or/trrd, Me Franklin Cross 

North Almond, Allegany, N. Y A. W, Bishop 

North Amherst, Hampshire, Mi\M Horace Cutler 

Nortitampton (c. h.) HampalUre, Mass..A. H. Bnllen 

Northampton. FuUon, N. Y Harvey D. Smith 

North Andover, Esskx, Mass J. P. Foster 

North All^'on, Snmrrxfl, Me Rodney Collins 

North Appleton, WaUio, Me Joseph Wentworth 

North Ar^yle, Wixhington, N. Y....Jobn Stevenson 

North Ashford. WintVtam, Conn Zach. N. Allen 

North Attlebi>ron<^h, Bristol, Mass J. D. Riehards 

North Aai>urn, AwiroAcoggin, Me Isaac ^^sgood 

North Biugor, Ftunklin, N. Y... .George H. Stevens 
North BariiMtead, Bdknup,^. H.Robert S. Webster 
North Uarrin<rtt>n. Stafford, N. H...Hiram H. Ciitcr 

North Barton. Ti'tga, N. Y Stephen Keed 

North Bay. OmAU, N. Y Henry T. Frisbie 

North Bet ket, tierlcs/tire. Mass ;....H. A. Bidwell 

North Belgrade, Kenneheck, Me Crowell Taylor 

North Bellin.{haiii, Norfolk, Mass.... Levi P. Coburn 

North Bend, De Kalb, Ala. Pleasant D. Phillips 

North Unnd, Sturk, la Jeremiah Mosher, jr 

North Betul >.|llrt. Tyler, \ a. Aipbea Ci>Daw»y 

North Bennington, BenningtoHy Vt. Hiram R. 


North Benton, Mahoning, Ohio C. K. Oreiner 

North Berg«n. iit^neue, N. Y Daniel F. Merrill 

North B rnardrilon, i^anAim, Mass Timothy K. 


North Bnniriek, York, Mn BenisJah Baffam 

North Btftbvl, Oxford, 1I« Juha UamUn 

North Bfvorly, Es^ex, Mass Elijah K. Summen 

North Billerica, Middlesex, Msss Jo»^^eph A. Burt 

North Blackstone, Worcester, Mass.-Alvah l».Colvin 

North Blan ford, ^(tmjyfen, Ma-^s Edwin Ely 

North Blenheim, ScIioJiaritj N. Y Thomas B. 

North Bloomfield, Ontario, N. Y... Joseph Chamhew 
North Bloomfield. TrumhuIJ, Ohlo....Tsaac G. Clark 

North Blue Hill, Hancock, Me Lewis H. Green 

North Bootbbay, Lincoln, Me....Ephraim Pinkham 

Northborough, Worcester, Mass Anson Rim 

North Boston, Erfe, N. T John StlUwell 

North Bradford, Ptnobscot, Me Samuel Gowen 

North Branch, Madison, Iowa Jacob Bennett 

Nnrth Branch, HUhhwovgh. N. H...Almn8 Fairfield 
North Branch, Baltimore, Md...... Joshua L. Brown 

North Branch, Sfnursei, N. J..Andrew A. T^n Eyck 
North Branch, SulUvan,N. Y.. Jacob D. Schermer- 


North Branch, Cblaverax, Cal Edwin T. Lake 

North Branford, New Haven. Conn E. E. Bishop 

North bridge, H?>rc/!«</r. Mass na7.en 0. B«*an 

Northbridge Centre, Wt^cester, MasP...W. B. Fuller 
North Bridgeton, Cumberland, Me.. .John F. Potter 

North Bridgewater, Oneida, N. Y Geo. P.Oatley 

North Bridixewater, Plymouth, Mass.... A. B. Drake 

North Brighton, iirtwjgr.vton,. Mich Wm. A. Piatt 

North Broadalbin, Fidton, N. Y..JoBoph E. Benedict 

North Brookfield, WorceHer, Mass John Hill 

North Brookfield, Madisun, N. Y Harry Morgan 

North Brownsville, Piscatiquis, Mt ..Joseph Gowia 

North Buckfield, Oxford, Me James T. Buck 

North Bucksport, Hancock,M e Benjnm'n Groee 

North Burke, Franklin, N. Y David Bosh 

North Cambridge, Lamoille, Vt Perry Kinsley 

North Cambridge, Wastliington, N. Y K. McLean 

North Cambridge, MiddUfex, Mass Jaf.H. Davii 

North Camden, Lorain, Ohio William Groat 

North Cameron, Steuben, N. Y KHa«» Msison 

North Cannon, /fm«, Mich James Dockeray 

North Canton, Hartford, Conn George Adams 

North Canyonvllle, Douglas, Ozn...Jo-je^»h Roberta 

North Carver, PLymoath, Mass Wm. 8. Savery 

North Castine, FTancock. Me Geor;ie II. Emerson 

North Cattle, WeMchcster, N. Y Nathan J. Green 

North Charlestown, Sullivan, N. II..D. M. Din-«more 
North C' atham, BimafahU, Ma«»s...Th etcher Ryder 
North Chatham, Otlumbia, N. V...J. Scherm»Thom 
North Chelmsford, MiddlAn^, Ma^s... Jos. H. Smith 

North Chelsea, Suffolk, Mass George Neweomb 

North Chemuns. Ofiemung, N. Y.... Johnson Little 

North Chester, "VKindsor, Vt David A. Sherwin 

North Chester, Hampden,, Maos..Jonas Parmenter 

North Chesterville, Franklin, Me Joseph Keitli 

North Chichester, Merrimack, N. H....ll<nrv Robey 

North Chill, Mmroe, N. Y Robi-rt Fulton 

North Clarence, Erie, N. Y Jared Parker 

North aarendon, Rutland, Vt Henry S. Brown 

North Clju-kson, Monroe. N. Y Alinson Ilyaraet 

North Clayton, Miami. Ohio William Finfrock 

North Coha^ett, NorfWc, Mass Solmnon I. Bcal 

North Cohocton, Steuben, N. Y Klea/.er Hall 

North Colebrook. LitchfiOd, Conn...Ja><pHr Pinney 

North Conway, Carroll, N. H Nath'l R. Mason 

North Copake, Onlumbia, N. Y.„.. Thomas Edwards 

North Cornwall, Litchfidd, Conn Anson Ro'^rer* 

North Cove, McDowell, N. C James H. Brown 

North Craftsburv, Orleans, Vt....Wm. E. l*mldook 

North Creek, Phillips, Ark James M. Fraser 

North Creek, Wurren, N. Y Ku'sell P. Fuller 

North Cr«jek, Laurens S. C Nathan Henry 

North Creek, B'nufort, N. C William SiitchweU 

North Cutler, Washington, Me Ellory Turner 

North Dana, Worcexter, Mass George T.Johnson 

North Danville, Ciledonia,*yt Win J. Stanton 

North Dartmouth, Bristol^ Mass...John Cunimingi 

North Dighton, Brixtiii, Mixss John Rom 

North Dixmunt, B-ntibscot, Me...Ama^a T. C. I>odg« 

North Dorset, Bennington, Vt Daniel Curtis 

North Dover, Cuyahoga, Ohio Calvin Phinuey 

North Duanesbnrgh. Schenectady, N. Y. Jas. Dunnan 
North Dun barton, M'-rrimack, N. H....Geo. W. Pagt 

North Bast, CedL Md William Beatty 

North li^t, Dutahexs, N. Y Newman Lord 

North East. JsHe, Pa Mrs. It. Brawley 




North i ii8t. Ceuin-, Datdn-^i.. N Y....J.G. Caulkiui* 
Nortli Eastliiim, Ilnii.ttUe. Mft«8..Davld C. Atwosicl 
North Ejistoii, Brixtcl, Mnau... Augustus 0. Howard 

North Easton, IVixhingtnn, N. V Solomon Baker 

North Ea«t Station, Dulc'iess, N. Y Harvey Koe 

Nortli P:aton, Luruin. Olilo Stephon F. Waikiiis 

North Etljiectimb, Linroln, Mc.Woodbridjfo Cliflbrd 
North EjiTriiiont, J5'r'»AiVe, Mftss...Geo. W. Lestei 

North Kii.a, Bixfx N. Y Ilirsuii Wilen 

North Ell.»\vo!"th. Hjwncky Me James McOown 

North End. MaWmo^ V.i... Christopher S. Billups 

North Enfield, Grafton. N. H Alphous Conant 

North Engljrfi, Iowa,lovrii Chauncey Clothier 

NortJiern Dnpot, Boone, lud Abner Smith 

North Evans, Eri^, N. Y James Cleghorn 

North KniHUx, Franhh% Vt...Thon»a« P. St. John 

North F.iirfield, Smntrfety Me John Noble 

North Knii-fifld. Huron, Ohio Daniel 8. Stt*v«'ns 

North Fairhaveu, Bridoly Mnss Cyrus E. Clurk 

North Kalnumth. BamxtuW^ Msmg.FerdinHnd fl. Nye 
Nortli Fannington, Oalland. Mich...C. D. Wolcotl 
North Fayette, Kmneltceh'. Me...Sani«el S. Walton 
North Kerrlsburgh, Adduorif Vt...Calvln C. Martin 

porthfli'ld, Cook, 111 Donghis Koyd 

Northfl^ld, LUclifield, Conn Wm. Newton 

Northfield, Bonne., la Jacob Tipton 

Northtleld, Wauhinfjton, Me Andrew Ilarman 

Northfli-ld, Pfuni.Un, Mass Charh-s Osgood 

Northfield, Wasdttenaw, Mich Kusscll M. Barker 

Northfield, Summit, Ohio George Lillie 

Northfield, Wuxftinfjiony Vt Francis V. Bandall 

Northfield. Dex Motwg, Iowa... William F. Robinson 
Northfield Depot, Affrrimack, N. II...Merrill Moore 

Northflfhl Farms, Franlliny Mass Moses Fifield 

North Hat, }V</onnnff,Pa Ambrose Garey 

Northfi.rd, New Haven, Conn William Evarts 

North F«»rk, Izard. Ark Jacob Wolf 

North Fork, VermiUion, 111 Alvan Gilbert 

North Fork, Mason, Ky John I^rew 

North Fork, Axht, N.C Davi.l Worth, jr 

North Fork, WasHnaton, Va Abraham Under 

North Fork, Ozark. Mo Andrew Brtg^'S 

North Frankfort, Wallo, Me Ilosoa Sullivan 

North Franklin, New London,Cotin A. F. Hovcc 

North Franklin, Ddaivare, N. Y Wm. A.- Miller 

North Fryebur;;h, Oxford, Me Simeon C. Wihy 

North Oago, Oneida, N. Y Daniel Re:id 

North Galveston, h'oscimko, Ind Joseph Cnrtz 

North Galway, Saratoga, N. Y Abel S. Whitlock 

North Garden, JUfemarU, Va C. 0. Sntherland 

North Georgetown, CWwTnfciana, Ohio... Henry Fox 
North Goshen, Litdi field. Conn. ..Samuel II. Merwin 
North Gran by, /f/W//rd, Conn. ..Marcus Cnshman 
North Grantham, SuUivan, N. H... Henry Alexander 
North Granville, VVnhinfftnn, N. Y...K. G. Dayton 

North Gray, Cumberland, Me Moses Plnninu-r 

Nortlf Greece, Itfonroe^U. Y Mrs. Mary Flielps 

North Greenfield, Saratorja,'S.Y Jolin OlfTord 

North GreenM'ich, hiirfieM, Conn Levi Mead 

North Greenwich, \VuthingUm,H. Y W. Retd 

North Groton, Grafttm, N. II John Kidder 

North Guilford, A'«i> Haven, Conn..Stephen Fowler 
North Iliidley, Hampshire, Mass...Siinj»n F. Cooley 
North Hampden, D.lnware, N. Y...Allen Stoodley 

North Hampton, I^xrria, 111 R, B. Hamlin 

North Hampt<m, Rockingham, N. II T.D. Hobbs 

North H :nnpt<m, Cl^trk, Ohio John E. Fenimore 

North Hancock, Hmcndc, Me David McFarlaml 

North llarptr-HfieM. Delaware., N. Y Levi Scley 

North Ilartland, Windsor, Vt O. W. Clark 

Kortfi Haven, New Hiven, Conn.Horvey T. Dayton 

North Haven, //xnrr/wj/r. Me John kaxit 

North Hiverhlll. Oraff.nn,li. H N. M. Swjwey 

North Ilaverstraw, JfffcJ.lind, N. Y Wm. Govan 

North Hebron, Wtshington, N. Y..MMrtin V. B. Bull 

North Hector, Sihaylrr, N. Y Theo<lore 8quire.i 

North Hempstead, (.-. \\.)QuKms, N.Y. JessfP, Kehcv 

North Henderson. M^rce-r, HI Robert Pollock 

North Hermon, i^no'»5Cfrf, Me Lionel D. Phillips 

North Hero, (c. U.) Grand Ide, Vt J. P, Ladd 

North Hill, W.iyne, Ky John McBeaMi 

North Ilosjan, Biple.y, la Ebenezer S. Hawley 

North Hollis, I^/r.V, Me Nicholas Rfdhm 

North Iloosick, Bengrdaer, N. Y.AIvah H. Webster 
North Hope, Butla-f^a. Heury Cuiuuihigs 

North Huwiand. I'lnnOfcof. Mo \\ iiiiam S. Le4 

Nortli HntlHon, JStx^'a-, N. Y i raHtnn I otter' 

North Hyile Park, Lanuiille, Vt Natluui Walker 

North Industry. Stirk, Ohio IJ. C. Goodwill 

Northingt«m, GuviherUmil, N. C John h. Bethea 

North Iwleboro, Wuldo^ Me I i)liraim Coomba 

North JiickKon, ^/./Aoraw(7, Oljio... Hias aiurluirger 
North J.vckson, Sui-pithitnnah, Pa..Willi.ini BinlsHll 

North Janesvilte, Rock, Wis John I.ussell 

North Java, Wyoming, N. Y Jteulen Cook 

North Jay, Fran' tin. Me hlinlia Kye« 

North Kcnnebnnk Port, I'mlr, Me K. rnrrior, jr 

North Killiiigly, Wiwiham, Conn G. Warren 

North Kingston, De Kalh, 111 C. W. Branch 

North Kortrlght, Delaware, N. Y..Calvin M. Tinker 

North Ljinsing, Tomplins, N. Y H. Boardslcj 

North Lawrence, St. Lawrence, N. y...N. W. Baker 

North Vkirda. Androscrggin,Mc Walter FoM 

North Leominster. Worcester, Mass W. F. Howe 

North I,«verett. Franklin, Mjuss B. F. Gmves 

North Lcwi.xburgh, Champaign, Ohio...W. G Boggs 

North Liberty, AftTcer, Pa IJohert McKee 

North Liberty, A'woa;, Ohio Janie:< W. Peaioe 

North Liberty. St. Joseph, la lanaw Harvey 

North Linisi, Mahtming, Ohio John H. Donald 

North Limington, York, Me Jolsii S-eavoy 

North Lincoln, renobscot. Me Ini Varncy 

North Liuklaen, Chenango, N. Y...Joshu« C. Davit 

North Littleton, GrofUm, N. H W. J. lliggini 

North Livermore, Androscoggin, Me M. M. Stone 

North Londonderry, J:ocJ,inghaiii, N. II. ...R. White 

North Lovell, Orfoi-d, Me him<-s Coffin 

North Lyme, Neto London, Coun Fn-d k Fosdick 

North Madison, Jefferson, In Jacob V. 11. Hicks 

North Manchester, Wabash, la I). M. Marrthall 

North Manlius, Onondaga, N. Y Cyius P. Camp 

North Mariaville, HancocJc, Me RIchanlGo.'dwIn 

North Marshfleld, Plymouth. Mass C. Onkman 

North Mlddleborough, J'li/mouth. Maut-.M. BobinW 

North Middletown, Bourbon, Kj- W. T. Allen 

North Monmouth, Kenneleck, Mu.... J. A. Tinkham 

North Monroe, Grafton, N.II AUa-rt Mason 

North Monroe, Waldo, Me Oilman Gould 

North Montpclier, WashingUm, Vt C. SibleT 

North Mountain, Berkeley, Va...,Hngli A. lUtenouV 
North »lount Weasant, Marshall, Mis.n... \ II McNabb 

North Nassau, Ifensselaer,Ji.Y JanieM H. Ball 

North Newburgh, FenobscoL, Me C. II. Whitney 

North Newbury, Geauga, Ohio... L'rcn Knox 

North Newport, Penobscot, Me KIkmi U. Ko.lierta 

North New Portland, Somerset, Mc.Ana A. Knowles 

North Newry, Oxford, Me.\ Itldel .Smith 

N«»rth New Salem, Franklin, Mn»8...W. Whittemore 

North Norfolk, LitchfieJd Conn Amos 11. Collar 

North Norway, Oxford, Me William P. Back 

North Norwich, Chenango, N. Y Sidney Jonei 

North Norwiih, Huron, Ohio..WilIinm IJ^ \anhom 

North Orange, Franklin, Mass Uifhd Baker 

North Orwell, Bradford, Pa John W. Alger 

North Oxford, Lapeer, Mich John Kossmaa 

North Oxford, Wirrcester, Ma88...Stepheu Barton, jr 

North Palermo, Waldn, Me Mrs. Mahalah Cnrr 

North pMrls, Oa-/ojd,Me Elial* W. Murdook 

North Parma, Monroe, N. Y J. A. Mi-Farlan^ 

N«>rih Parfionfield, York, Me RoWrt T. Blaa> 

North Penibruke, Genesee, N. Y Levi Blai kmaa 

North Peon, Schuylkill, Pa Peter 8eiii«rting 

Nmth P«iiobsoot, Hancock; Me.Auttin L. WardweH 

Nortli Pepin, Dunn^ Wis Juhu Newcomb 

NDrth Pine Grove, Clarion, Pa Jaines Black 

North Pitcher, Chenango, N. Y...JoBeph IL^tanbro 

North PittKton, Kenneheck, Me loiise Gonid 

North Plains, Jonia, Mich Ilirum Brown 

Nf>rth Plato, Kane, III Freeman Temple 

North Plynipton, Plymouifi, Mu8S..Zeuas Cnshmaa 

North Point. HrUt, Mo Galen Crow 

Northport, Tuskaloosa, Ala Janios R. Smith 

Northport, NoUe, la Ijjivid Law 

Northport, Wuldo,yi% James i««fncMater 

Northport, SufftiUe, N. Y Elkanah Soper 

North Potsdam, St. Lawreni^^V. Y...B.G. Baldwin 

North Pownal. Gamherland, Me Jme])li Lnfkin 

North Pownal, Bennington, Vt Jonathan Brown 

North Pnu'rie, Knox, 111 John D. Bartiett I 

North Prairie Station, m(uie«/<ayWij(.Jus. Q. Sadd i 




Kbrth frescutt, Ilaiiips/iii-e, Muss Ilomce Hunt 

North Pnwpect, VVuldit^Me Luther Mudgett 

North liiiisiijville, Monnte^ Mich.Andrew J.*8prin);er 

North llHyiiioud, Cumberland, Me W. Small, jr 

North Uejuliug, Middltxtx, Mass F. Abbott 

North Re»ullug» Steuben, N. Y James Ma(*ter8 

North UehoUith, lirii^toL Mass G. Stevens 

North Bichiiioiid, CJitshirK, N. II...Uarvc.y Martin 

North lUilgo, Niagara, N. Y Orlandu B. Averill 

North Kidgeville, Z«orain, Ohio Daniel Bcebe.jr 

North Kidgeway, Orleans, N. Y B. W. Hawkins 

North River, Tnscalonsa^ Ala Jolin Thomas 

North River, W.n-rm, N. Y Schuyler Fuller 

North River Meetinghouse, Uampsfuie, Ya W. 

North Uiv«r MilK HdmpsMre^ Va...John B. Miller 
North Robinson, Orawford, Ohio... John B. Makers 
> North Rochester, Plymouth^ Mars... I. F. Nickerson 

North Rome, Bradford, Pa James B.Denioney 

North Royalton, Waupaca, Wis... Bradford Phil{ip^ 
North Royaltou. Cuf/afntga, Ohio...W. W. Stockman 

North Russell, St. Lawrencey N. Y 0. M. Clark 

North Salem, Jltndrlc/cs, la Jacob C. Faught 

North Salem, Givmsei/^ Ohio John Burgess 

North Salem, KncUngluim^ N. H John Taylor 

North Salem, Wk^ dexter, N. Y.Wm. P. Van Tassel 

North Saludii, GreeneilU, S. C Jefferson Barton 

North SanborntoD, Belknup, N. lI....John II. Clark 
North Sandwirh, BamxtabU. Mass..Charles Bourne 
North Sandwich, CUrralt, N. [I...ArthurC. Quimby 
North Scitiiate, Plymouth, MM>:8.Jo«epb B. Merritt 
NcHTth Siituate, Prorulence. R. I..Wm. A. Brownell 

North Searsmout, Widdo, Me A. Woodmnn 

North Soarsport, WikU), Me John C. Black 

North Sedi^wick, HanoDcJc^ Me E.Clo6t*nn 

North Sewickly, Bmver, Pa James W. Taylor 

North Shade, Gratint, Mich Joseph Gom.9tock 

North Shapleigh, York, Me John Mayall 

North Shettteld, Ashtabula, Ohio llany Purdy 

North Sheldon, Franklin, Vt Benjamin Fish, jr 

North Sheldon, Wyoming, N. Y ti. U. Persons 

North Shenango, Crawford, Pa... James McAfferty 
North Sberburn, Butland, Vt....CharlesF. Lincoln 

North Shore, Riclrmnwi, N. Y John J. Clute 

North Sidney, Kennebecky Me John Merrill 

North Skunk River, Jasperj lowa..£van W. Bi-ooke 

North Smitbtield, Bradford, Pa. W. S. Pierc*^ 

North Somen*, T'iliandy Couxi Amariah Kibbe 

North Sparta, Lvingstnn, N. Y Hnnry Havens 

North Spencer, \yarcexUr, Mans Jonas WiUon 

North SprinssR. JacA-.<e«m,«reun T. L. Draper 

North Springfield, Windsor, Vt John While 

North Springfield, Summit, Ohio Samuel KU«t 

North Stamford, fhirjield, Coun Alvin Weed 

North Srar, Waxhingitm, Pa James Dona IdK>o 

North Star, Darke,i)Mo .....John M Houston 

North Sitfphentuwn, /^«n«s«/<i«r,N.Y.H. T.Douglass 
North SleiUnic. Cayuga, N. Y... German W. Develle 

North Stockholm, St. Lawren'X,li. Y S. Uomae 

North Stonlugtoii) Aew London, Conn Thomas 


North Scra(fi^rd, Strafford, N. U Joel S. Hall 

North Sudbury, MvldUsex, Ma«<a Lewis G. Putter 

North Sulpber, Mxnn/n, Texas Hilliard H.Fatberee 

North Sultan, iferrimack, N. H Perlev Stu>g«nt 

North Swansea, Bristol, Maso Mason Barney 

North Tewksbury. Middltftx^^tui^ L. Huntress 

North Theifoid, Orungr^ Vt Daniel W. Clorsnu 

North Towanda, Bradford, Pa Stephen A. Mills 

North Troy, OrUum, Vt Adouiraui J. llowell 

North Truro, Barnstable, Mass John Qroser 

North Tuuliridge, Orange, Vt B. F. Durkee 

North Turner, Androscoggin, Me-.-Samuei B. Holt 
North Turner Biidgo, AnUro§o(fggirh Al« 8* S. 


Hortbumi»erland. Caos,^. U Jamei B. Brown 

Northuuiberlnnd, Suratoga, N. Y Joseph Finne 

Nortbum^HTland, NorthumJierUmd, Pa... Jacob Ulp 
North Union, Wushington, Ohio.Thomas Uundy, jr 

North Union, Lincoln, Me John C Robbim> 

North Unioiitown, Highland, Ohio..WilliaDt Siders 
North Urhatia, SUubm, N. Y.Zobulon P. Bmiidaice 

North Oxbridge, Wonc^ster, Mass W. U. Diulley 

N¥rth VasaalborouKh, KeiinsbaBk, M«^....«ThMMUi 


North Vernon, Shiawasse, Mich...£benezer Brown 

North Vienna, Kennebeck, Me Sanders Morrill 

Northville, Litchfield, Conn Albert S. HiU 

NorthvillP, La SaOe, 111 William HughM 

Northville, Wayne, Mich D. H. Rowland 

Northville, Fulton, N. Y Nathan B. LobdeB 

Northville, Erie, Pa Jobn Taylor 

North Wakefield, CarrdL, N. H Simon M. Young 

North Waldoborough, Lincoln, Me Reubon Orff 

North Washington, WiUmoreland, Pa WiUian^ 


North Washington, Lincoln, Me S. Howard 

North Washington, Hurdin. Ohio Peter Ash 

North Waterford, Oxford, Me John B. Rand 

North W^ayne, Kennebedc, Me Josiao F. Taylor 

North Weare, l/ilhboro, N. H Peter C. Gove 

North West, Williams, Ohio William B. Harb 

North West Bridgewater, Plymoutli, MaSi'.L. French 

North Western, Onada, N. Y David BriU 

North West Mine, Houghton, Mich W. P. Raley 

North West lUver Bridge, Norfolk, Va...Thomaa B. 

North Wethersfleld, Wyoming, N. Y.. John Gardner 

North Weymouth. JVbr/o2A;, Mass Ellaha Pratt 

North Wharton, P/tt«r, Pa William Burleson 

North White Creek, Wasfvington, N. Y..B. F. McNitI 

North Whitef old. Lincoln. Me James Keating 

North Whitehall, Le'n'gh, Pa Stephen Balliet 

North Wilmington, Middlesex, Mass Sihw Buck 

North Wilna, Jefferson, N. Y.^ SitnfonI Lewis 

North Wilson, Niagara,'ii.Y Emulona Stacey 

North Wilton, FranHin, Me....Timotby Woodward 

North Wiltnn, Fairfield, Conn Lewis Olmstead 

North Windham, W.ndliam, Conn R. Lincoln 

North Windham. Cumberland, Me...David P. Baker 

North Winfield, Herlcimer, N. Y N. M. Morgan 

North \\'o\\xaQ,M:ddlenex. Mass.Stephen Niib«.ls, jr 
North Wolfborough. Carroll, N. H..Alonzo Roberts 

North Woodstock, FF n///iam, Conn Ez^-a G.May 

North Woodstock, Oxford, Mo John M.GalIi8on 

North Wrentham, Norfolk, Masx...^.H. Trovrbridgo 

North Yarmouth, Cumherland, Me N. Plimpton 

Norton, Bristol, Mass Earl Hodgca 

Norton, Brlavoare, Ohio James P Wintermuto 

Norton Centre, Summit, 0hio......Thoma4 G. Young 

Norton HiU. Grejw^ N. Y Nuhemiah KamsdeU 

Norton's Mills, Ontario, "Si, Y.^ Zurlal Brown 

NortonsviUe, Albemarle, Va Parrot 11. Elliott 

Nortnnville, OtJtaxoa, Mich Amo<* Norton 

NorvelL, Jackson, Mfcb~ Stephen W Palmer 

Norwalk, Fairjidd, Conn R. A. Willituna 

Norwalk (c. h.) Huron, Ohio A. 8. Sutton 

Norway, Oxford, Me Robert Noyee 

.\orway, La Suite, HI Ova Roedall 

Norway, Racine, Wis Peter Jaoobsin 

Norway, H^irMmer, N. Y Jeremiaii Smith 

Norwich, Ntto London, Conn J. W. bieilmaa 

Norwich, Hampshire, VLi^m Whitman Knight 

Norwich (c. h,) Cienangt*, N. Y.Sberwood S^Merrlti 

Norwich, Muskingum, Ohio U. W. ('baodle* 

Norwich, M:Kean, Pa..... Wm. J. G<)le>;rove 

Norwich, Windsor, Vt John Wright 

Norwich Town, New London, Conn.Uenry B. Tracy 

Norwood, Stnnley,li. G George J. Allen 

Nutasulga, Macim, Ala ...........William A. Shaw 

Notre Diime. St. Joseph, la Edward Sorin 

NuttHway, St, Joseph's, Mich Jaoies B. Dutikin 

Nottingham, Prinoe Geotye's, Md....John T. Sttunp 

NottioKbam, Wdls, la. ^iiuu. 1 VVatta 

Nottingham, Hurrison, OhioJoeeph R. Turnpaugh 

Nottill^ham, Rockingham, N. U N.^O. Smith 

Nottingham, Davis, la Thomaa Halo 

Nottingham, Chester, Pa Levi K. Moarnt 

Nottingham Turnpike^ i^ocA.-i9i^<UR, N. U .J. 


Nottla, a»erok«e, N. C A. D. Kilpatrlck 

Nottoway C. H. Noltaway, Ya....Wm. U. IlHtloweU 

Nova. Ashland, Ohio .Charlea S. Van Arnam 

Novelty, Knox, Mo Richard T. Pender j 

Novi, Oakland, Mlcli Thomas >lcGraw 

Nnxapater, mnsUm, Miss Parkea Ball 

Noyesville, Owfc, 111 Henry P. Flower 

Nuito, KHn.Ty .....Thonuw N. Stanley 

Nulls Mills, M»if««e, 1*. 

I Numa, Park*, ia.......'...... 

O.ti. Mcllwaia 

.WUlora M. Cliug«r 




ITamber 1, Wtj/ne^ithu* Nancy Gocbnauer 

Knmber 3, Aroostook^ Me Theodore Trafton 

Nunda, Livingston, N. Y Utley Spi'iicer 

Ntitbiish, Warren, N. C John 11. Mullock 

Kuztiin, Marion^ Va ..John C. Gallehue 

Jfysck, Bnckland^ N. Y Daniel D. Demareat 

ITyack Turnpike, Bockland, N. Y Samuel Q. i.lls- 

Vyoes, /\fce. Pa. John Nyce 


OAKACHTCKAMA, ralobushay MIss.'Robert Brook « 

Oak Blutf>, Greene, Ark John McNeill 

Oak Bluffs, Otm///, La WllllHm W. Owen 

Oak Bowery, Chambers^ Ala W. E. Smith 

Oak Creek, Milwaukie, Wis Adin P. Hobart 

Oakdale, (c. h.) Shelhy^Mo Adolphus E. Woi»d 

Oakdale, Wtrcester, Mass Linus M. Harris 

Oakdale, Jennings, la Qtiorge R. McKlroy 

Onkdale, Fockhridgey Va, Samuel A. Wilson 

Oakdale, Ddawarey Pa Willijun OKden 

Oakdani, Vanderburg.Ja Robert Parke 

Oakfield, Genesee^ N. Y Ransom Deshon 

OakfieM, FimU du Lac, Wis.. Hamilton W. Hubbard 

Oakfield, J^.rry, Ohio James P.Thompson 

Oakfield, Kent, Mich Warren Hurton 

OakfieM, Franklin, Mo Julius Kahrmann 

Oak Flat, Pindleton,^^ James M. Temple 

Oakford, l>nawee, Mich ..Kortriglit Kunpp 

Oakford, Harvard, la Robert C. Pw»r 

Oak Forest, Henderson^ Teun....Wiliiam H. Lessen- 

Oak Forest, TredeOn N. Nininn F. Steele 

Oak Forest, Franklin, la Thomas Coen 

Oak Forest, Cumberland, Vn Zachariah Talley 

Oakfuskr, Randolph, Ala Sylvanus W. Riddle 

Oak Grove, M-mtgomery, Ala Alfred Boyd 

Oak Grove, Christian, Ky George B. Blakemore 

Oak Grove, Livingston. Mich Holland C. Uasley 

Oak Grove, JacJcson, Mo Richard F. Stlger 

OBk Grove, J>.^rson,Tenn John CTurnlt-y 

Oak Grove, Westmoreland, Va MungoP. Harvey 

Oak Grove, Marshall, lAitm Chiirles Stuart 

Oak Grove, i<n», Iowa Levi W. John«on 

Oak Grove, Dodge, Wis Owen McCollow 

Oftk Grove, Union, N. C Samuel W. Ro;;errt 

Oak Gruve, Hennfpin,Min John D. Scotield 

Oakham, Wtrcesler, Mass Alanson Prouty 

Oak Hill, Newttm, Ga Shelby Downs 

Oak Hill, Ltfayette, Ark H. G. Dooley 

Oftk Hill, La hue., Ky Jefferson Brownfield 

Oak Hill, CamJberland,^9 John Libby,3d 

Oak Hill, Lthe. Ill Henry P. Ostrahder 

Oak Hill, Jefferson, Wis Norton Blaefciner 

Oak lim, Cfreene, N. Y Henry LPeck 

Oak Hill, GranviUe, N. C William H. Puryear 

Oak Hill, Ji/cAion, Ohio John Mackley 

Oak Hill, Lancaster, Pa lonathan Hamilton 

Oak Hill, Overton, 'i!tfu» Qulnn M. Gardenhire 

Oakland, J\lim£da,Cn\ Thomas Gallagher 

OiOcland, Vmpqua, Oregon David C. Underwood 

Oakland, DuJhuque, Iowa William Sw^sey 

Oakland, St. Francis, Ark Williiim Armstn)ng 

Oakland, CoUs, III Wesley Wampler 

Oakland, Oal^land, Mich William Kliue 

Oakland, yalobusha. Miss.. ..George W. 8. Diivid«on 

Oakland, Laclmle, Mo ^ Lewis Keedy 

Oakland, CiaViam,H.(j Jordan Watson 

Oakland, Spencer, la Thomas C. Heady 

Oskkland, Iravacca. Texas Amasa Turner 

Oakland, Livingston, N. Y David Edgerly 

Oakland, ClinUm,Oh\o Samuel McLaughlin 

Oftkland. Arm^^trong, Pa George C. Nulph 

Oakland, EdgffieUl, S. John P. MIckler 

Oakland, FUt/ette, Tenu Thomas J. Tuekniss 

OfJcland. Mtrrgan, Va.... N.C.Shockey 

Oakland, Jefferson, Wis Joel L. Whitney 

Oakland, Liwlerdale, Alu Jiisiah Rosenthal 

Oakland, AUeghany. Md John Matthews 

Oakland College, C'2ai6r/rn«. Miss... J. \&. E.Doreu)ns 

Oakland Grove, l\airie. Ark John M. bell 

Oakland Mi\]n, Juniata, Pa Lncian Wilson 

Oak Lawn, CUbanxis, N. ,...l!.dwin R. Harris 

Oak liawu, Nelson, Va JeM« A. Joues 

Oak Level, Benttm, Ala. William Carmlchael 

Oak Level, Yadkin, N. C Jesse Condi 

Oak Levi'l, Htnry, Va Samuel 0. Smith 

Oakley, Macon; 111 John Bickettf 

Oakley, Mecilenfmrgh, Va Williaan R.Jeffrie* 

Oakley, Lewis, Mo Bayly R. Glasscock 

Oakley, Mmtgomery, Ala William G. Robertson 

Oakly, Susquenannah, Pa Daniel Oaklej 

Oakley, Franklin. La Samuel G.Cloud 

Oak Mulge, Bedford. Va. James RfT Williams 

Oakohay, Ow fngf on, M\nn Samuel C. Croft 

Oak Orchard, Orleans. N. Y John L. Whyland 

Oak Orchard, PYederick, Md Levi Z. liurnes 

Oak Park, Madison, Va Tbeophilus Smoot 

Oak Plains, Livingston. Mich Joseph M. Hulden 

Oak Point, St. Liwrence, N. Y James U.Cousall 

Oak Point, ThursVonf Wash Terr Alexander S. 


Oak Point, Van Buren, Iowa David Mowria 

Oak Kirtge, ffana)ck,Ohio William Downing 

Oak Ridge, Oreme, Ark Matthew Y. Lova 

Oak Ridite, Graves. Ky John W.Taylor 

Oak RIflge, Meri%o^her,Qvk CyrusJ.Clower 

Oak Ridge, Ga,ilford, N. C Thomas Graham 

Oak Ridge, Qipe Girardeim, Mo I. M. Wilson 

^Oaks, Oi-ange, N.C ,H. M. C. Stroud 

Oak's Corners, OntaruK N. Y Nathan Oaks 

Oak Shade, CtUpepei; Va Joseph N. Armstrong 

Ortk Shade, Lancaster, Pa Franklin Sutton 

Oak Spring, DuHs, Iowa NicLol.ii Lynxwiller 

Oak's Shop, FiUsylvania, Va Henry L. Muse 

Oaksville, Otxegn, N. Y Hugh M. Seaton 

Oakville, Laxorence, Ala J. T. Irwin 

Oakville, SL Mary's, Md John Parsomi 

Oitkvilte, Monroe, Mich.. David S. Stevens 

Oakville, Union, N. C Joseph R. Hudson 

Oakville, Cumberland, Pa Patrick G. McCoy 

Oakville, Lexington^ S. C Joseph Coogler 

Oakville, Appomattox,YH. ..John W. Isbell 

Oakville, New Haven, Conn Nathaniel H. P«rry 

Oakway, Pickens, S: C Abner F. Uutchina 

Oakwoods, WeakUy, Tenn Thoniiis 11. Ray 

Oakwoods, Fleming, Ky Walter ;;=. Caaa 

Oak Woods, Grani, la John Coulter 

Oaky Streak, Bafler, Ala Janies W. Josey 

Oasis, Wuusfiara, Wis .....James Plocker 

Oatlands, Ltudon, Va Samuel Heflebower 

Oat Mejd, Bamett, Texas John Scott 

Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio Edward F. Munson 

Ol»long, Crow/on/, III David W.Odell 

Oblong, Dutditxs, N. Y Oliver Barrett 

O'Byrues Ftrry, Calaveras, Cal Wm. E. Cormack 

Occoqnan, Prince mUiam, Va Inland A. Lynn 

Occnpacbi, i&ftMJ, Va Robert L. Pendleton 

Ocean Port, Monmouth, N. J William Haynes 

Ocean Springs, Jachson, Miss F. G. Moeling 

Ocena, CVaw/wtf, Wis Daniel f.Scely 

Oceola, Washington, Or Laurence Hall 

Oceola, Cherokee, Ala Benjamin F. Chapman' 

Oceola, (c. h.) Minsisnppi, Aik Jumes U. Hazard 

Oceobi, Crawford, Ohio John N. Rickey 

Oceol^^ Clark, Iowa Moses R. Umison 

Oceolii, Fund da Lac, Wis C. W. in-escott 

Oceola, Tioga, Pa Emw Slosson 

Oceobs iSrurAr, III William l\ Buswell 

Oceola Centre, Livingston, Mich G. 11. Chiuubers 

Ochesee, CaUtoun, Fla Jason Gregory 

Ocklockney, Thomas, Oa Jame.1 Nesmith 

Ocmulgeeville, 7k//atr, Ga Nathaniel Ashley 

Ocois l*i)Ui; Tenn James Sloan 

Ocola, Marion, Fla Mordecai Alexander 

Ocona Lufty, Haywood,N.C John Mingua 

Oconee, Wuxhington, Oa H. A. Joiner 

Ouonee Station, SkeUby, 111 James A. Coplin 

Oc<mee Station, Pickens, S. C......Samuel R. McFall 

Oconomowock, Waukestia, Wis D. 11. Rockwell 

Oc4mto, Ocmto, Wis Henry Jonea 

Ocracoke, Hyde, N.C William U. Howard 

Octoraro, Lancaster, Fa Francis J. Hennock 

Oildville, Harrison., Ky Hestekiah McWbiteker 

Odessa, Sdiuyler, N. Y Juseiih L. Darling 

O'Fallon Depot, St. Clair, Ill...Andersun Umbarger 

Ogden, Henry, la Sibia C. Cooper 

Ugiien, Monroe. N. Y Jonathan Mciibner 

Ogdou, New Mutdrid, Hv ^uuUham Sikef 




OfT'l'-ii t'ir.v, iy*'he.r, Utili J. U. Bi owning 

Ogfl'iMlmrgli, Sf. Liwnnce, N. Y Lukw DnMwiii 

Ogt'clier, .Si:rfvfn, Ga I'obeit Williiiiii.s 

Oglo, ti'iKrr, Pa William IUmkIcimhj 

OgltJi OffU^ III Auron Wct-ks 

Oi!>l ■tlioipe, J/aam. Osi W. II. Willis 

Oguuqiiit, Vurk. Mo WiHwrn Ooo«lule 

Ohio, If'.rhiiufr, N. Y WilliuniCopju'rimll 

Ohio, Hureau, III Archibald S. Do«ig«* 

Ohio Farm, K^nUuU, lit John WUUwy 

OliioUiove. Di KijU)„ 111 Homer Robert!* 

Ohioville, I^,iver, l»a Ihilip IIlll 

Ohl'tt Town. 'Ih-umhully Ohio John B»*ale 

Ohoopce, EiuanufJ^ Ga Ephrniui Kdcufield 

Oil Creek. Cruw/tml. Pai Peter Gilson, jr 

Oil Mill Villa}?e, nitUfHn-ounh, N. lI....Jiimi!S Pritttt 
Oil Tronj^h, /n//*y)*'«f/flnc«, Ark... Edwin R. McOnire 

Okiipiluo, L>mrvlrjn. Gii Kobert Peacock 

OkaucluM*, Wtvi.t»)ui. Wi8 Albert BIcCk)nm-ll 

Okjiw, Wii^nngUm^XW J. F. BrockRchmldt 

Oko-lo-nii, rfftuJiumio, Miss II. W. N(»e 

Okonoko, ffimps/iirK^ Va James A. Morrow 

Ola, Tuiiui. lowu George MoriMm 

Olamon, /VtvAswyt, Me George W. Mt^rrill 

Olcortt, Nitgiri^ N. Y Samuel Lockwood 

Old AlHxaidrliU Lfncdn, Mo J. F. Willhoefft 

Old Bfid;e. MitblUxKc, N.J Andrew J. Disbrow 

Old Church. HuimveTy Va Lewis Johnson 

Oldenburgh, FrjnhUn^ la John II. Fisse 

Old Kami, LmorKfici'^lW Lawnon II. Childress 

Oldfield Fork of hlk, /^co/ion/cw, Va D.Gibson 

Old Forge. Luzerru^ Pa Ebenezer Drake 

Old Fort, HcDowflL, N.C Robert Burgin 

Old Furiijice, Ga<t(m, N. O Samuel A, Forrauce 

Oldhamburgh, Ollhnm.. Ky Wm. Ladd,jr 

Oldhinn'H Crosn Roads, We^mcrdundy Va...Benedict 
Walker, jr 

Old Hickory. ira»/n<% Ohio A. P. Beach 

Old llii-kory, Simp«rm^ Miss Willis Magee 

Old Hickory, linhtimrt, Va. F. Grigginliciiner 

Old Hickory, WaNy, Tenn D. P. Cald>vell 

Old W.ckwy.lirndl'nrd, Pa Lorenzo M. Leonard 

Old Minprt, li^/x'/tn.v^on, Mo Lewis B>>ldue 

Old MtHsiou, irt/in«.«/ii«/r, Towa....Fnincis J. Ileuher 
Old Point 0»intnrt, Elizabeth CUi/, Va....J. B. Malier 

Old Richmond. Ab»*.>c/,t*, N.C WaRhin;rtim Payne 

Old Ripley, Bond. Ill Henry G. Janilt 

Old's, iVashin,tnn, Ohio Wilders D. J«muv« 

Old Town, Greenup. Ky C. F. Stark 

Old Town, I'cnoh.cnL, Me George R. Cony 

Old Town, Ailtujfiavi/, JAd Llovd Luwe 

Old Town, Stoh-fS. N.C....;...; Levun Iluie 

Old Town. Ctailniri.e, Tenn William R. Gibson 

Old Town, Oifxc, Ahi, William L. Mayson 

\OldTowii. I'h'fipx. Ark James W. Mnucey 

'Old Town Creek, nnUoloe, Miss John G. Payne 

Old Wa^liingtou C. U. C/iOc^ato, Ala... Benjamin D. 

Qlean. KipU.ysIti John 11. Pmlth 

Olean, Cat'araityus, N. Y David Day 

Olejm, Kenh-udc, Iowa Samuel Rowman 

Oleander. Marshall. Ala George W. Hal ■ 

Olena. H'-mlnrsfm^ 111 WLlliam F. M«rk 

Olena, Ilurun^ Ohio Charles W. Manahan 

Oley, littrks. Pa Benneville A. Glasi 

OlindiL FuiftWi, Ala K. E. Trull 

Olio, fLnniUfm, la N.J. Klnnanian 

Olive, Ubtl^, N. V Abraham Merrihew 

Olive. Mnrum, Ohio John C. Headloy 

Olive, Af.trion, la Peyton Brisfow 

Olive, Lnwrtmce^ 111 James Watt 

Olive, CViiUm, Mich John N. N<)rris 

Olive Branch, /f>tt Mo Henry Minton 

Olive Branch, A? Sf>to. Miss A. P. Burditt 

Olive Branch, ('Lrmtmt, Ohio Joseph D. Hatfield 

Olive Bridiio. m.tej\ N. Y Henry B. Bartlett 

Olive Centre, Af/di/x. Ohio 0. L. S. Paekard 

Olive Hill, Oiit:r, Ky James W. Scott 

Olive IMl. rW^m, N. C James M. Winstead 

Olive Hill. /?^i«/o/»t, Ohio Robert Heaney, jr 

Olivers. And^rmn. Tenn John H. Kin;it4>n 

Oliver's Pmirio. N-vjtm^ Mo Jami'S IlnH'mau 

01ivesbur;iFi, livMindyGh\o Isaiah Walker 

Olivet, Eatim, Mich B. W. Warren 

Olivet, Arniitronf/f Pa Juhu McQuury 

Uliv»'t, L'utM/l. Ala F. .M. D«»les 

Olmsted. Cuyali'iijUj (;lil» G. W. Thoinppoa 

i.)lnistedville. Ensfx^ N. V Benjamiii 'i'. Willia 

Oliicy, I*iot.m.% Ala John W. Ilmison 

(ttuey (c h.) Ii'tc'/lawl. Ill Josiah F. Heed 

Olui^y, Montgmwiri/^ Md bmathiin D. Bhrnslej 

Olnny Furnace, Armdnmg. Pa. John McCrea 

OlnHVvillH. Prfwulevct,.\\.\ Roliert Wilpon 

Olus'tee, Ordamfwi, Fla Hnnsford K. Alford 

OlusteH Cr«ek. yY/.«, Aln William Lawrence 

Olympia, Thuntant Waahingtun Ter WiUijim IL 


Olympia, 6'intW, Va, N«f»h L. Cox 

Olympian Springy tiaUi, Ky Harriyon GUI 

Olympus. Overttm^ Twnn Abram Grimslej 

Omaha City* Doufflass, Neb Wui. W. Wyman 

Omar, Jiy/Jirgort, N. Y Pliny Newton 

Omega, PiJ Cf Ohio Jarob W. Ragoa 

Omega, UpKhur, Tex Thomas Ilopkinf 

Omejca, HulffuXy Va Charles W, iMwardt 

Omegjs Mar.on, HI R. W. hlder 

Ouielet, Andrian, Mo Peter Jonei 

Omro, WnmJbagn, Wis Jupi'ph Banks 

Oniiiaska, La Crosite^ Wis R. C. Van ReiiFselaer 

Onaneock, Acconutck^ Va Snmn*-! J. Cnrmio* 

Onargo, Irotuois, 111 Townsend W. Gardner 

O'Neal's Mills, Ih-nup, Ga Hllli«rd Neol 

Onecho, Al&ntgomert/^ Tenn Jamev 11. Williams 

Oneco, Ste-pht^son, 111 John D. Beeb« 

Oneida, Brorvtiy Wis Curtis G. Lathrop 

Oneida, Kosciuitln, la Cbri-tian C'trreU 

Oneida, Euienty Mich .-amuel Pr-stoa 

Oneida, Knnx, 111 Charle.^ F. Camp 

Oneida, Madixnn^ N. Y J. N. M.s.«»mger 

Oneida Ca.'^tle. OruHda, N. Y Rul'iis IVckham 

Oneida Lake, MiUison, N. Y A. C. Mes-^imjer 

Onei'la Mills, Otm^U, Ohio Go«rife HuU 

Oneida Valley, Modistm, N. Y...Ge«.rgo T. Kirkland 
One Mile Creek, Adams^ VVis.... Joseph Langworthy 

Oneonta, Oteeyo, N. Y A. O. Shaw 

Onion Grov«*, G:ilar, Iowa Thomas Robinson 

Onion River, Shebovgan, Wi.-* Jonah Phelps 

Onisbo, Siicram'tiio, Cal Chsrles S. Howell 

Ono, Lftbunon, Pa Milton Conp«r 

Onondaga, Jnghaniy Mich John J. Van Allen 

Onondaga, Onondapa. N. Y Henry P. Shove 

Onondaga Castle, Chwi.daga, N. Y...Albion Jatkson 

Onondaga Valley, Owmdaga^ N. Y R. R. Slocum 

Onoville. Caitaraugus, N. Y Era.smus D. F» nton 

Onslow C. H. Onslow, J!i. C John F. MurriU 

Ontario, La Grange, la Amos D. Sjirtfent 

Ontario, IFa.VTie, N. Y Nathan Hincklej 

Oniarlo, Ri'tJdand, Ohio Ahniham Jenner 

Ontario, Knr)x, 111 Henry J. Miles 

Ontonagon, utonagrm, 'M\ch Daniel Pitiman 

On\uird, SUwart, Tenn William Phillips 

Onward, Gzm, Ind John Rhine 

Or»-oola, Snmf.r9it. Mo Daniel W. Ames 

Opalika, Walker.Qa, Kobert Gray 

Op. lika. /.'w«sfl/^, Ala. David Watson 

Opelousas, St. Lartdry. La A. J. Thompson 

Opan Pond, //«nry, Ala William Wood 

Ophlr, J/<r/;)o«a, Cal Josf-ph II. Miller 

Ophir,Li SulU, HI filmund Dodge 

Ophiiville, rtocer, Cal Daniel B.Curtis 

Oporto, m. Joseph, Mich A. Cutler 

Oppt-nheim, FitUnn^ N. Y.. .......John P. Swartwout 

OquMwkji, /fcnd^rson, 111 Jami-s A. Caldwell 

Oiamel, AWu/any^ N. Y , Horace E. Purdy 

Oran, Onimdaga^ N. Y Julius (. ■ ndee 

Orau, Kosciusko^ la ....At«raha:u S'arber 

Orange, Ckrn\er^ Ga Thomas >. White 

Orange, FayfiUylvk Josi h P. Daniel 

Orange, 5e»ion, Mo .Tohn Tyree 

Orange, Franlliny Mass Oeor e A. Whipple 

Orange, Esstx, N. J !.«« • is C. LighUilpe 

Orange, Schuyler^ N. Y Alonxo Gay lord 

Orange, JUahoningt Ohio Joseph McCaugbtry 

Orange, Xuzem«, Pa Benjamin Snylor 

Orange, (Mniotif Iowa Hiram Brown 

Orange, Orange^ Vt Samuel G. Fisher 

Orange 0. H., Orange^Vtk Henry Ilidea 

Orange, New Hawitf Conn Benjamin T. Clark 

Orangeburgh C. H., Orangiinirgh, 8. C....John Y* 




Orangeburgh, Magnn^ Ky Joseph Varlun 

Orange Factory, Orange, N. C........ John H. Webb 

Orange Hill, WaxhingUm^ Fla Martiu B. Everltt 

Orange Lake, Marifm^ Fla .William Connell 

Orange MUls, SL J«hn% Fla. £lij»b G. Simkins 

Orangu Port, Niagara, N. Y....NathRniel S. Rwesell 

Oxange Springs, Marion^ Fla .John W. Woods 

Orange ^ings, Orangey Ta John P.Coleman 

Orangeville, Wyoming, N. Y Thouiae Norton 

Oraageiville, TmnhtJl^ Ohio.. — John Scaling 

OrangevlUe, Columbia, Pa..- William Fritz 

OraDgevUle, Orange, Ta J. B.Buskii'k 

OrangfTlUe Stephenmn, III William Wagenhals 

OrangevUle MiUn, Barry, Mich Eli Nichols 

Orbisoaia, Huntingdon, Pa -Tho. E. Orbison 

Orcatt Creek, Bradf(yrd, Pa Anson Beidclman 

Orchard Grove, Lakt. Ia...« D. T. Warner 

Ordino, MarquOU, Wi»...~ ^ihamer S. CJhaffee 

Orefit^d, Lehigh, Pa ^ -Samuel Si«»ger^ 

Oregon, JTe/^rson, Ala— ...William M. Nabors 

Oregon, £<mcader, Pa^ Jacob F. Young 

Oregon, Clark, la .»»..JohD W. Haymaker 

Oregon, (c. h.) HoUt, Mo Henry W. Peter 

Oregon, CJiaulauque, N, Y. John West 

Oregon, Warren, Ohio .Jonathan Sherwood 

Oregon, Z>a««, Wis IsaacM. Bennett 

Oregon, Lincoln, Tena — ~. Henry Warren 

Oregon, OgU, HI ^ .,.L. K. Hawthorn 

Oregon, Kockin^/kant, N.O.... James Q. Raioey 

Oregon City, CUickama*, Oregon W. W. Bock 

Oregoa Heuse, rufto, Cal - Peter lUce 

Oregonia, Tuxccdnosa, Ala.- Wilson Shepherd 

Ore Hill, LUckfidd, Oonn.....^...PhiUp Rockefeller 

Orell, Irviin, Ga Nicholas Baker 

Orford, Grafton, N, H ....Henry H. Howanl 

OrfordvlUe, Ora/ton, N. H..- Rufus CBeal 

Organ Charcb, Rowan, N. C Moses Barringer 

Orient, Aroosiook, Me , Abrsham UnRley 

Orient, SuffioUc, N. Y - -..Marvin Holmes 

Orion, Oaklaund, Mich Loran L. TrcHt 

Orion, Sc^ Miss -A. A.Switser 

Orion, Fikt, Ala - Wm. Capers Menefee 

Orion, Hmry, 111 -.-^ Charies W.Dean 

Orion, Ashley, Ark - Jeffemon B. Pippin 

Orion, Kichland, Wis- Beqjnmin Ferris 

Oriskany, Oneida,^. Y. -..Daniel C. Balis 

Oriskany Fafla, OneidOy N. Y....- J. M. Wiliard 

Orijtaba, lippali. Miss. - John B. Knox 

Orkney Springs, Sktmandoah, VaJames M, Bradford 

Oriand, iXeubm, la. -.... Nathan Roberts 

Orland, Qwk, m George Oox 

Orland, Hancock, Me Stillman Cotton 

Orlean, Fauquier; Y a ., —Jacob P. Weaver 

Orleans, Orange, la - W. T. Spicely 

Orleans, AtUghany, Md. Henry Fawyer 

Orieans, JkimstabU,Uas8 -Edward Barber 

Orleans, /Wfc, Mo. - Asael Carlock 

Orleans, Qniario, N. Y Daniel W. Litchfield 

Orleans, Morgan, III — Robert S. Aadt'.rson 

Orleans, Four Corners, Jej^ertomy N, Y.. J. A. Pierce 

Onae'e Store, Bledsoe, Tenn— Anderson Sloan 

OmeviUe, PUcaUumis, Me. ..Almon Spragne 

Oro City, PZocer, Cal , George White 

Orono, Peniibsool, Me Samuel Buffum 

Oronooo, Amherit, Va Edward J. Davis 

<honoo9,Wabaskaw, Min ..Robert K.Whiteley 

O'RourkeV, St. Tamnumy, La...). James O'Rourk 

Oroville, Btdte, Cal - P, 8. Garlow 

Orrington, Penof)seot, Me....-.Arch<daus D. Atwood 

Orristown, Franklin, Pa. Henry Ruby 

Orrisviilo, Armstrong, Pa.... Jeremiah Bonner 

Orrville, Mecklenburg, N. C Robert McEwen 

Orrville, DaOas, Ala....^ Frederick U. Smith 

OrrviUe, Wayne, Ohio Frederick Seas 

OrtonvUle, lhachet»,JH. Y...,.- Jacob Horton 

Orwell, Oswego, N. Y ...William Beadle 

Orw«ll, Aslitalnda, Ohio ...J. W. Babcod^ 

Orwell, Bradford, Pa. Ofaauncey G. Gridley 

OrweU, Adduon, yt Ethan M. Wrijiht 

Orwigsburg^, '{c. h.) SchuifiMCL, Pa W. M. Bichle 

Osage, Oa«j/ord,Mo James Saunders 

.Osage, CurroO, Ark ..«. Charles Sneed 

Otage, Prenumt, Iowa- Harlow 0. Kingsbury 

Osage Fork, Laclede, Mo John A. Sharp 

jQsage Mills, Benton, Ark .«.»....«. John fio^th 


Osanippa, Chambers, Ala -John P. W. Amerine 

Osborn, Rock, Wis. Porter Maine 

Osborn, Oreen, Ohio SUmon Bufifenl'urgher 

Osborne Hollow, Broome, N. Y Alonto Everts 

Osbom's Bridge, FuUon, N. Y....- Seth Cook 

Osbora's Ford, Scott, Va William H. Robeison 

Osceola, Lewis, N. Y Seymour Green 

Osceola Mills, PoUc, Wis William C. Guild 

Oseola, St. Clair, Mo .Charles H. Yeater 

Osgood, Ripley, Ind Obed Willson 

Osh^ukuta, Ooiumbia, Wis. Lyman Higley 

OBhka»<h, Winnebago, Wis Edward Eastman 

Oskaloosa. (c. h.) MahasJca, Iowa. SyUGreennugh 

Osmans, Adams, Ohio .David S. Black 

Osnabuigh, Sliark. Ohio.- DanieJ Stable 

Ossawa, Clinton, Mich. David P. Doyer 

Ossian, Allegany, N. Y James Lenea 

Oseian, WeUs, la.^ -..John Cartwright 

Ossian, AUemaJu/t, Iowa John 0. Porter 

Ossipee, (c. h.) Carroii, N. H .Sanborn B. Carter 

Ostend, MeHenry, 111 William D.Hoege 

Ostend, Washington, Ohio William Kea, jr 

Osterville, BarnUabie, Mass .. Isaiah Crocker 

Oswayo, PiMUr, Pa Salmon Hnwley > 

Oswego, Kendall, 111 - Erasmus D. Bradley 

Osw^o, Kosdvsho, la - David Dennmn 

Oswego, (ch.} Oswego, N. Y — S. R. Beardslej 

Odwego, WashingUm, Oregon Wesley C. Hull 

Oswego Palls, Oswego, N. Y S. G. Wntson 

Oswego Village, Ditchess, N. Y James Omgdon 

Otsego, Otw^w, N. Y.. S. R. Follett 

Othello, Lanej Oregoa Jerome B. Znmwalt 

Otho, Henry, Ala James R. Morris 

Otis, Berkshire, Mass Lester Ftlley 

Otis, Hanosck, Me -John B Frasier 

Otisco, loma, Mich Rufus R. C«iok 

Otiseo, Omondaaa, N. Y Anson Wbitcomb 

Otisfield, Omberland, Me. — Johnson K. Lnv«'WeIl 

Otisville, Orange,!^, Y F. Seybolt 

Otsdawa, Otsego, N. Y Schuyler Osborn 

Otsego, Lakt, 111 Horace C. Joelia 

Otsego, Cobmbia, Wis -Cyrus Root 

Otsego, ^tf^on,. Mich -U B Coates 

Otsego, Muskingum^ Ohio. El^ah Coulter 

Otiego, Ray, Mo - William Cox 

OtseUe. Chesumgo, N, Y W. H. Anisbry 

Otsquago, Montgomery, N. Y John H. Brookmaa 

Ottawa, La Salle, 111 William L Gilson 

Ottawa, Wavkesha, Wis William Miller 

Ottawa, Clark, Iowa Lineey Coppock 

Ottawa, Ottawa, Ohio - -Frederick Bender 

Ottawa Centre. Ottawa, Mich- Beigamin Smith 

Ottawa City, Ottawa, Ohio -.-W. W, Johnson 

Ottawa Lake, Jfoaroe, Mich -.i John Wilder 

Otterbien, Fa.yate,Obio - Amos Loyd 

Otter Bridge, Bedford, Y», William L. BeU 

Otter Creek, Jersey, 11\ Linus Hunriston 

Otter Creek, JocArson, Mich -. Daniel Griiflth 

Otter Creek, JocJIccom, Iowa- Jesse H. Jackson 

Otter Creek, Wayne, Mo James Fsrrell 

Otter Creek, RipUy, Ind Matthew H. Jadison 

Otter Oeek, Ruiherford, N. C Moses Wilkersoa 

Otter Village, Ripley, la...... W. H. Snriih 

Otterville, Cooper, Mo - Thomas J. Stnrke 

OtterviUe, Orange, N. Y .Ctromloin Brown 

Ottitiewa, SiskiyoH, Cal - Geo. H, Coe 

Otto, Cattaraugus, N, Y W. D. Allen 

Otto, FStUon, 111 James Sparks 

Ottobine, Rockingham, Va - Peter Paul 

OtU>kee,^tiaon, Ohio Jabez W. Carter 

Ottsville, Bucks, Pa Charles Sheets 

Ottumwa (e. h.) Wapello, Iowa Stephen Osborn 

Ouachita City, Onion, La John Norsworthy 

Ouleout, Delaware, N. Y James Humphrey 

Ourys, Hamilton, Obto... Martin Skfdmore 

Outlaw's Bridge, JhipUn, N. C... .George W. Outlaw 

Outlet, Lofae, M Leonard P. Stringfaam 

Ovid, Lyooming, Pa - George Clark 

Overalls, Warren, Va 2. J. Compton 

Overfield, Barbour, Va - John C. Radcliff 

Overhlll, C^tir, Va.- John P. Weaver 

0verman*8 Ferry, Muscatine, Iowa Maning Hull 

Ovid, La Saile, lU Jacob Barton 

Ovid, Madison, la Joseph Peden 

Ovld,£lraiteA, Mioh.. Daniel WUson 



OTid, Smeca, N. Y Halwy Sandford 

Ovid, FrankUn, Ohio William Headley 

Owasco, Oayv/gOj N. Y John Cuykeikdall 

Owasco Lak«, Cdyvga^ N. Y David Chamberlain 

Owaeso, ShiawauU} Mich Charles M. Moses 

awego<c h.) Tioga, N. Y H. A. Beebe' 

Oweasboro' (c. h.) Davias, Ky Steph. F. Ogden 

Oweniiburgh, Cfreene,lud William Jackson 

Oven's Cross Boads, WUUamsonf Tenn... Sterling R. 

Owen's MiUs, BuckinghamyTtk Isaac E. #wen 

OwensviUe, Saline, Ark James El Wolfe 

Owensville, Cfibsan, Iowa Nelson Johnson 

OwensviUe, Clermont, Ohio^ Bzekiel Dimmftt 

Owenton (c. h.yOwen, Ky„ E. W. Wlltftank 

Owenville, Sampson, N. C .Thomaa N. Cmlbreth 

Owing's Mills, BaUimore, Md^ Jacob p. Groff 

OwingsviUe, (c h.) Bath, Ky.-....^Wmiam Fenwyck 

Owl Prairie, Daviess, la Asa M. Helphenstine 

Owl'a Head, Lincoln, Me. Elisha Brown 

Oxbow, Jtffers(m, N. Y Martin V. Brainard 

Oxbow, i^uLnam, 111 Ephraim B. Fowler 

Oxford, TaUfOt, Md William II. Valiant 

Oxford, New Haven, Conn Nathan J. Willcoxon 

Oxford, Newton, Ga Jacob T. Parker 

Oxford, Henry, 111 William Blair 

Oxford, (c.h.) Benton, la James Vawter 

Oxford, Scott, Ky t Cary A. Ward 

Oxford, Marquette, Wis William Smith 

Oxford, Oxfwd, Me Charles Durell 

Oxford, Worcester, Mass William E. Pease 

Oxford, Oakland, Mich Horace Hovey 

Oxford, (c. h.) La Fayette, Miss Wm. B. Oliver 

Oxford, Chenango, N. Y Cyras A. Bacon 

Oxford, McMinn, Tenn Daniel McPhail 

Oxford, (c. h.) GranvilUi, N. C James C. Cooper 

Oxford, Butler, Ohio George G. White 

Oxford, JSente»», Ala John Smartt 

Oxford, Chester, Pa John WUson 

Oxford, Bitchie, Va Robert W. Lowther 

Oxford Depot, Orange, N. Y Peter B. .Taylor 

Oxford Furnace, Warren, N. J Charles Scranton 

Oxford VaUey, Bucks, Pa John G, Spencer 

Oyster Bay, ^weerw, N.Y James Colwell 

Osark, Jtatoamba, Miss Thomaa B. Mitchell 

Osark, (c. h.) FrankUn, Aik Henry Eicbenberger 

Osark, Greene, Mo h. P. Ayree 

Oaark; Jackson, Iowa Joseph E. HUdreth 

Osaukee, OzatUcee, Wis Lion Silverman 

Oaawkie, Kansas, Ty George M. Dyw 


PACES, Barren, Ky Sanford R. Par* 

Pachitta, Early, Ga James S. Saxon 

Pacific, ColumJbia, Wis N.H.Wood 

Pacific, FrankUn, N. C John Young, jr 

Pacific, Franklin, Mo Wm. C.lnks 

Pacific City, liicific. Wash. Ter J. D. Holman 

Pack's Ferry, Monroe, Ta...Grandi8on C. Landcralt 

Packavillff, Suinter,S. Henry Kelley 

Pacoiett Mills, Union, S. C Thomas D. Littlejohn 

Pactolus, Fitt, N. C Churchill Perkins 

Paddock's Grove, Madison, 111 iGershom Flagg 

Paddy mi\a, Shenandoah, Ytk Levi M.Hale 

Paddy's Run, Butler, Ohlo.......Henry H. Robinson 

Padua, McLean, 111, » James Smith 

Paducah, (c. b*) McCracken,Kj John Millilcen 

Page's Corners, Herkimer, N. x......Ruftis W. Grain 

Page*JviUe, Newberry, S. C Abel Conner 

Pag.viUe, Barren, Ky.....,..: J. F. F. Jewell 

PalncourtviUe^ Assumption, La.... Pierre G. Peignot 

Paiuo's Hollow, Herkimer, N. Y Jacob Wick 

Paine's Poiut, (^le,lU Thomas Stinson 

Painesville, (c. h.^ Zofce, Ohio Landon Smith 

Paiuusville, .^meoo, Va ....John L. Hood 

Painesville. Chittenden, Vt Henry Stanton 

Paint Creek> Washtenaw,^ch Aaron ChiMs 

Paint Creek, Kanawha, Va William B. Hamilton 

Painted Post, Steuben, N. Y WlUiam S. Ramsey 

Painter Creek, Oarke, Ohio Frederick Shaffer 

Paintersville, Greent, Ohio .....Alfred Jenkins 

Paint Gap, Yancy, N. Jesse Hortou 

Paint Uck, Garrard, Ky.., James H. Spilman 

Ptdnt Rock, Memakeet Iowa... WilUam H. Moiriaoik 


Paintsville, (c. h.) JbAmon, Ky Hiram F, Strong 

Ppjutazee, Blue Earth, Minn.Tbomas S. Williamson 

Pttkwaukee, Marquette, Wis William C. Rood 

Palace Hill, Dallas. Texas David R. Cameron 

Palatine, Marion, Va Joseph M. Sterling 

Palatine, Cook, 111 W. F. Johnston 

Palatine, Montgomery, N. Y Hannibal Fox 

Palatine Bridge, M(mtgo'mery,'^,X Abm. Hees 

Palenville, Greene, N. Y Charles H.Teal 

Palermo, Waldo, Me Hiram Worthing 

Palermo, Oswego, N. Y A. K. Beckwith 

Palermo Centre, Waldo, Me. ..Robert F. Bradstreel 
Palestine, (c. h.) Crawford, 111... William C. Wilson 

Palestine, Washington, La William Brumfield 

Palestine, Kosciusko, la Charles Garwood 

Palestine, Adams, Miss C. J. Hester 

Pelestine, Pickaway; Ohio James Taylor 

Palestine, (c.h.) Anderson, Tex... Samuel M. Dalton 

Palestine, H^c^•man, Tenn .Wilfiam H. Harder 

Palestine, Greenbrier, Va ^....Charles R. Hines 

Palisades, BoeHand, N. Y George M. Lawrence 

Pall Mall, D^ntress, Tenn Jlenry Gatewood 

Pallow, Stark, Ohio Peter Wear 

Palma, MarshaU, Ky ~.. .Alfred Johnston 

Palmer, flampcfen. Mass r. John Bolles 

Palmer's Springs Mecklenburg, Va J. M. Wrigjit 

Palmetto, Fontotoc, Miss John A. Boyd 

Palmetto, Qimpbell, Ga William H. Abbott 

Palmetto, Kershaw, S. C Columbus C. Haile 

Palmetto, Pickens, Ala William P.Ricbardson 

Palmyra, Lee, Ga Jesse H. Watson 

Palmyra, Harrison, la »...John McKenzi* 

Palmyra, Somerset, Me Thomas J. Pratt 

Palmyra, Lenawee, Mich « A. R. Til&ny 

Palmyra, Marion, Mo..., John Shannon 

Palmyra, Wayne, N.Y William L.Tucker 

Palmyra, Halifax, N. C Thomas Jones 

Palmyra, Portage, Ohio David E. Wilson 

Palmyra, Lebanon, Pa Christian Holfer 

Palmyra, Montgomery, Tenn William P. lAiid 

Palmyra, (c. h.) Ifluvanna, Va John L. Scott 

Palmyra, Jefferson, Wis Peter II. Turner 

Palmyra, Burlington, N. J Joseph Higgins 

Palmyra, Utah, Utah Charles A. Davis 

Palmyra, Tf^rren,Iowa Christopher Turnipseed 

Palo, Linn, Iowa John Hallenbeck 

Palo, Marion, Ala Washington T. Musgrove 

Palo Alto, Jasper, Ga Jeremiah M. Gilstrap 

Palo Alto, Highland, Va Decatur U. Jones 

Palo Alto, 2kiwr«nce, Tenn Matthew Collier 

Palo Alto, Louisa, Iowa ..Whitney S.Kremer 

Palo Alto, Hamilton, 111 Janies King 

Palo Alto, Onslow,ii. C David W. Sanden 

Palo Alto, Chickasaw,msa William R. Sin* 

Palos, i/iamt, la Eben Mosaley 

Palos, Coofc, 111 Melancton A.Powell 

Pameko, Van Buren, Iowa. Frederick A. Stump 

Pamelia Four Corners, Jefferson, N. Y S. Bann 

Pamplin's Creek, Tyler^ Texas M. IL Terrell 

Pamplin's Depot, Prince Edward, Va.NicholasPaa- 

Pana, Christian, 111 Milan S. Beckwith 

Panama, Chautauque, N. Y Richard E. V^lnsor 

Panama, Z>^noe, Ohio Ira W. Ladd 

Pancoastburgh, Ihyette, Ohio John R. Bailey 

Pandora, JbArwon, Tenn Abraham Murphy 

Panola, (c h.) Pa«<»te, Miss I. L. Lavender 

Panola Station, Woodford, 111 William A. Crosby 

Pantego, Beaufbrt, N. C Richard H. RIddkk 

Panther, Polk, Ark..... Daniel B. HanisoD 

Panther Creek, Cass, JU Thomas M.CanfleU 

Panther Creek, Yadkin N. C.Nlcholaa L. Wllliaffli 

Panther Creek, Clayton, Iowa Edward C. Forbes 

Panther's Gap, Rockbridge, Va. William A. Sterrett 

Panther Springs, Ji5^«rs<m, Tenn John C. Tat* 

Panthersville, De KaUr, Ga Lochlin Johnson 

Pantico, Cayuga, N. Y Osman Rhoadei 

Panton, Addison, Vt Norman Towslcy 

Pan Yan, ieaa'n«, Wis Ira A. Torrey 

Paoll, (c. h.) Orange, la Patrick Dougherti 

Paoll, Chester, Pa Sarah Dav* 

Paper Mills, BaUimore, Md Christian Ooit 

Paper Mill Village, Cft<«Wre,N. H J. F. VTeavsr 

Pauertown, Oumberltmd, Pa William Noaker 

PaperrUle, £kMivtm, Tenn JOi Msi* 




Papinsrme, Bates. Mo Francis P. Eddy 

Fwrftclifta, Sevtery Ark James A.William!) 

PUAdise, Coleg^Ill Augustus H. Chapman 

Paradise, LancaOeTf Pa Amos L. Witmer 

Paxndlse, Socfnnaham, Va James Bolton 

Pamdise, MuMenbtarg, Ky W. N. Wand 

PftradiBe Furnace, Huntingdon, Pa. ..John Megahan 
Paradise Orove, O^umbia, Wi8...Wm. H. Williams 

Puadise Valley, JUonroty Pa David Edinger 

PBrcher*B Cornera, I^iUm, Ohio... William Holland 

Pardeeville, OoUimlria, Wis Hubbell West 

Parham's Store, SugKtXy Va George S. Parham 

Paris, (o. h.) Eigary 111 Daniel G. Burr 

Paris, Jenntngs, la Daniel M. Hill 

Paris, (c. h.) JShurfeon, Ky J. V. Lovely 

Paris, Oxfiyrd, Me Thomas M. Crocker 

Paris, jKme, Mich John Davison 

Paris, (c. h.) Monrwiy Mo William J. Freeland 

Paris, Onefda,ii. Y.... David Larrabee 

Puis, Cwoeta^ Ga James Bailey, Jr 

Paris, La Fhyette, Miss Abner Collums 

Paris, Stark, Ohio Adam Koons 

Paris, WxghingUm, Pa Alexander W. Patterson 

Paris, (c. h.) Henry, Tenn William C. Williams 

Psris, LamapyTex James J. Farrar 

Paris, Fctu^aery\n, Abner H. Settle 

Paris, Kenmfia, Wis Jehiel H. Hitchcock 

ParisI), Osw>'go, N. Y Ephraim E. Ford 

ParishTille, St. Latormce, N. Y Alex. Rasey 

ParisTille, Portitgey Ohio BrainardSelby, jr 

Park, St. JoseptCSy Mich Jacob Van Ness 

Park, Airr«n, Ky John C. Green 

Pirker, Randolph^ la Andrew Devosse 

Paikersburgh, Richland, HI Levin Wilson 

Paricersburgh, Montgrnnny, la.. .Matthew^. James 

Parkersburgh, <c. h.) Wood, Va Thos. O. Smith 

Parkersburgh, YeU, Ark John C. Parker 

Parker^s Hetid, Sagadahoc, Me Franklin Wyman 

Parker's Settlement, Posey, la. ..William J.Deubler 

Parker's Store, >VanAKn, Ga John D. Parker 

Parkersvllle, Cha(ter Pa Carpenter Webb 

Parkersville, Iftirton, Oregon F. E. Eldridge 

Parkersburgh, Chegter, Pa Joseph Wiley 

Parkerville, St. Tammany, La John Parker 

Parkeville, Noxubee, Miss WiUtam T. Trotman 

Parkison, Beaver, P» Henry Wevgardt 

Parkman, Pi^ataquis, Me Emerson F. Harvey 

Parfcman, Oeattga, Ohio James L. Johnson 

Parkman Centre, Piscataquis, Me....H. Williamson 

Parks, Scott, Ark Felix 0. Gaines 

Parks, Edgejifld, 8.0 Bichard Parks 

Park's Bar, YuOa, Cal John N. Lindsay 

Parks* Comers, jJSooTM, HI John Kerr,jr 

Parks* Mills, fYankUn, Ohio James Park 

Parks' Store, Oabarras,li. C William B. Parks 

■Parks' Store, Jackson, Ala William D. Parks 

PaiksviUe, Sitilivan, N. Y George W. Bush 

Parksville, PoUe, Tenn James Parks 

Parkton, Baltimore, Md James Turner 

Ptakville, PlaOe, Mo Fielding Burncs 

i*Tkyl\le, St. Joseph's, Mich Samuel B. Shrauger 

Parkville, Park, la Wm. Edgman 

Parlin Pond, Somerset, Me George Parks 

Parma, Mrmroe, N. Y Joseph W. Brown 

Parma, Cuyahoga, Ohio Oliver Emerson 

Parma Centre, Monroe. N. Y Johnson Servis 

Parnassus, Ju^tuto, Va Joseph M. Whitmer 

Parowan, /fo«, Utah T John C. L. Smith 

Purish, Des Moines, Iowa William C. Hanpa 

Patrrotsville, Chcke, Tenn Malcolm McN»Olo 

PSfcrrrsville, 0{r6on, Pa James Anthony 

Parsii^any, Morris, N. J Cyrus H. Wghter 

Parsonfleld, ybrk, Me Gilman L. Bennett 

Partlows, Spottsylram'a, Va K. L. Hope 

PMtridge Islnnd, Delavfare, N.Y-Tames Wheeler, Jr 

JPajicagonla, Jackson, Miss Helaire Krebs 

Pmco, DaUas, Mo William K. Martin 

P*»eoag, Prmndenee, R. I Lorenao P. Ward 

Pasfaawn, La Orange, la Ber^jamln F. Koffman 

Pteakack, Bergen, N. J Frederick Wortendyke, jr 

PMsadnrnkeag, Psnohscot,Me Samqel Orcott 

Pteasaic, Paitsaic, N. J William L. Andruss 

Ptaasaic Valley, Morris, N. J William M. Clark 

FtM Christian, HarrisonrMim Archibald Clurk 

ffUMiiinstc, {hiedoiUa, Vt WtUiain S. Ptek 

Pastoria, Jefferson, Ark ^ Robert AIoorM 

Pataskala, Licking, Ohio Jes-se L. Greea 

Patch Grove, Grant, Wis Henry Patdi 

Patchin, Erie, N. Y , Henry Burgess 

PatclJogue, ^JWfc, N. Y John S. Haveas 

Paterson, (c. h.) Passaic, N. J William D. Quia 

Patmos, Mahoning^ Ohio Levi A. Leymaa 

Patoka, M<'trion, HI Alexander Redman 

Patoka, Gibson, la Sylvester T. Jeranid 

Paton, Bollinger, Mo Pliilip B. Schell 

Patrick C. H., Patrick, Va L. G. Ruckar 

Patricksburg, Ou^en, Tnd Robert HarrisoB 

Patricktown, Lincdn, Me Israel GUdttsB 

Patriot, Svntzerland, la Silas Q. Howe 

Patriot, GdUia, Ohio D. T. Sharp 

Patriot, Wayne, Tenn James ^latthewa 

Patten, Penobscot, Me A.T. Cobnrrn 

Patten's Home, Rutherford, N. C....B. W. Andrews 

Patten's Mills, Washif^ftan,H.Y W.M.Marshall 

Patterson, Putnam, N. Y Hervcy Crosby 

Patterson, Nevada, Cal Eugene P. Turney 

Patterson, Wayne, Mo John Kemper 

Patterson, Ddware, Ohio John DetwUcr 

Patterson, Juntoto, Pa Jacob W. Oberholtaer 

Patterson's Bluff, Johnson, Ark..., James H. Pat- 
Patterson's Depot, ^amjnsfttre, Va... Daniel D. Keller 
Patterson's Mills, Washington, Pa...Jamc8 Patterson 

Patterson Station, Miami, Ohio D. A. Gilmors 

Patterson's Store, Jlamance, N. C... James M. Pair 

Pattersonville, 52. JU2zry*<, La. John Muggah 

Pattonsburgh, Daviess, Mo James M. Peary 

Pattonsburgh, Botetourt, i^Sk. Alphoneo Finnay 

Pattonsvillo, &ott, Va David 0. Gibson 

Pattonsville, Bdd,%ng, Ohio. Joiseph H. Elfler 

Pattonville, .Bted/ord, Pa James Piper, jr 

Patuxent, Anne Arundel, Md Robert Lemon,Jr 

Patuxent City, Chctrles, Md James T. Thomas 

Pauldiug, (c. h.) Jasper, Miss S. Easterliof 

Paulding, Paulding, Ohio William T.French 

Paulina, Warren, N.J William D. Lauterman 

Paullneville, 7)/ler, Tex Charles Mass 

PauLsboro. Gloucester, N. J Samuel B. Wamar 

Paupac^ i »".e,Pa Calvin Pellett 

Pavilion, Kendall, HI...- Henry H. Moulton 

Pavilion, Kalamazco, Mich Martin McKain 

Pavilion, G&^£see, N. Y Warren Fay 

Paviliun Centre, Genesee, N. Y Josinh N. Rogers 

Pawlet, Rutland, Vt iCharles W. Potter 

Pawling, DutiJiess, N. Y Orwin TheaK 

Pawnee, Neb. Ter Edwin R. Cutler 

Pawnee, Kansas , S. P. Higgina 

Paw Paw, Miami, la , William 0. Miller 

Paw Paw, Van Buren, Mich James M. Longwell 

Paw Paw, Morgan, Va Samuel A. Pancoast 

Paw Paw Botcom, Cti&eB, Va James McComas 

Paw Paw Fard, Roane, Tenn Edmund Waller 

Paw Paw drove, Lee, 111 Iliram Wood 

Pawtuck«t, Providence, B. I— Joseph T. Sisson 

Pawtux-'t, Kent,'R.l Alfred Fisber 

Pawtuxet, WdkuUa, Fla J. R.Belton 

PaxisDS, Northumberland, Pa Charles Malta 

Paxinn, Worcester, Mass Silas D. Harrington 

Pay Down, Osage, Mo ThomHS Kiusey 

IViynes Depot, Scott, Ky Asa Payne 

Payneaville, Pike, Mo Andrew Forgoy 

Payncville, Sunder, Ala EKckiel McLendon 

Peyaon, Adams, HI Benjamin Collins 

Payson, Utah. Utah Charles B. Hancock 

Peace Dale, Washington, R. I Stcplien C. Flak 

Peacham, Caledonia, Vt Benjamin F. Weeks 

Peach Bottom, Forfc, Pa Jeremiah B. Kirk 

Peach Creek, Panda, Miss William C. Maxwell 

Peacher's Mills, Montgomery, Tenn... Peter Peacber 

Peach Grove, .Fhir/a»,Va William l*yaon 

Peach Grove, R IHidana, La Cullcn McOantla 

Peach Orchard, Lawrence,Ky Ambrose Wilhor 

Peach Tree, Cherokee, N. Robert D, McCombs 

Peach Tree Grove, Nash, N. C William Hunt 

' Peach Tree Village, Tyler, Tex...Hiram A. Wlllson 

Peacock's Store, (Mumbus, N. C Lovet Peaoodk 

Peaksville, Baiferd,Ytk Addison A^ Jones 

Peters, Columbia. Pa... Peter P. Pealer 

Peapack, SoiMt'set,'S, J Amos W.T 




Pear Grove, Doddridge, Ya Samtiel G. Prltchard 

pea Kidge, Union, 8. Joseph G. Gault 

' Pea Ridge, Mmtgcmery, Term George P. Boston 

pea Kidge, Benton, Ark William Martin 

Pearisburg, Giles, Va Henry G. Dennis 

■ Pea River, PtA-*!, Ala EUjah L.Gray 

' Pearl, Pike, 111 Orange F.Howland 

Pearl Creek, Wyoming, N. T Thomas P. Miller 

■ PeiirHngton, Hancock, Miss Asa H. Hursey 

Pearl Kiver, Orpiah, Miss Lewis Kennedy 

■ Pearl Valley, Neshoba, Miss R. M. Ross 

Pearson's Mills, Arkansas, Ark Richard Pearson 

Pea Vine, Osage, Mo Reuben Terrill 

Pecan Grove, OarroU, La Henry Goodrich 

pecan Point, Mississippi, Ark..Edward J. McGavock 

' Pecatonica, Winnebago, 111 P. Q Smith 

pecksburg, flcndn^fca, la Benjamin F.Scherer 

' pedee, Cemr, Iowa John S. Lewis 

Pedee, Schuyler, Mo William V. Rippey 

Pedlar's Hill, Cfca«/»am, N.C WiUiam A. Rives 

Pedlar's Mills, Amherst, Va George W Ray 

pedricktown, Salem, N. J Hudson A. Springer 

Peble, Ada7tts,ISL Charles Heckman 

' Peedee, Anson, N. C Rowland Crump 

Pet-dee, Marion, 8. C Neill McUuffie 

• peekskill. West Chester, N Y H. B. Strang 

Peel Tree, Barbour, Va William McK. Harrison 

Peery's Store, ThzewfU, Va David H Peery 

Peirceville, Dane, Wis William A. Peirce 

Pekin. I\izeweU,l\\ Middleton Tackaberry 

Pekin, Niagara, N. Y Sparrow S. Sage 

Pekin, Jessamine, Ky John M. Walter 

■ Pekin, Clark, Wa«h. Ter ^Jeflferson Huflf 

Pekin, Jackson, Tenn : Charles F. Burton 

Pekin, Washington, la Charles D.Green 

Pekin, Montgomery, N. C H.G.Lucas 

Pelham, West Chester, N. Y John Bolton 

Pelham, Hampshire, Mass Calvin D. Eaton 

Pelhum, HiVsborough, N. H John Woodbury 

PelhamI Ghrundy, Tenn Anderson S. Goodman 

Pella, Marion, Iowa Peter Barendiegt 

Pellonia, Massac, 111 John W. Blackwell 

Peltonville, Steuben, N. Y ^ John Gload 

Pemaquid, Z/fnwZn, Me Oakman Ford 

Temberton, Burlington, N.J ,.. Robert Rogers 

• pemberton, Shelby, Ohio..... Cyrus Apple 

Pembina, Ftmbina, Min Joseph Rolette 

Pembroke, Christian, Ky Ezra L. Foulkes 

Pembroke, Washingtrnu Me. ..Thomas W. Sherman 

Pembroke, Plym<nah, Mass JIoracQ CoUamore 

Pembroke, Merrimack, N; H Jacob Sawyer 

Pembroke, Genesee, N. Y Alvin Harroun 

Pembroke, Giles, Va Samuel E. Lybrook 

Penataqnit, Suffolk, N. Y ..TreadweU 0. Smith 

Pencadcr, Tuzeme. Pa Nathan Kleintole 

Pendarvis' Store, Wayne, Ga Caleb Pendarvls 

' Pendleton, Madison, la Hez«kiah B. Franks 

Pendleton, Niagara, N Y Shnon Bellinger 

Pendleton, Putnam,, Ohio Heory Kilheffer 

Pendleton, Anderson, S. C ..Jokn B. Sitton 

Pendleton Centre, Niagara, N. Y....Heniy Pickard 

Pendleton Hill, New London, Conn S. A. Maine 

penfield, Greene, Ga Natha-a Hobbs 

Peniield, Clearftdd, Pa Valentine Havener 

Peniield, Jfo»iro«, N.Y Robert Staring 

Penfield, Lorain, Ohio; D. W. C. Diciyson 

Penfleld, Davidson, N. C Jeremiah Piggott 

Penfleld, Calhoun, Mich JohnS. Adam« 

Penhook, Franklin, Va Edward C. Murphy 

Peninsula, Sum,mit, Ohio .Lawson Waterman 

Penn, Lancaster, Pa Hiram R. Hull 

Pennellville, Oswego, N. Y Joeiah ChaflTee 

• Penneys, Randolph, Mo ...John H. Penney 

Pennington, Mercer, N. J Ripley T. Martin 

Pennington's Mills, PuUuki, Ark.Wm. Q. Penning 


Penningtonville, Chester, Pa William McCanna 

Penn Line, Crawford^ Pa. William Wadsworth 

Penn Bun, Indiana, Pa David Fulton 

Pennsborough, Ritchie, Va .James Martin 

• Pennsborough, Irtmny Ga Isaac B. Porter 

Pennsburgh, Mmtgamery, Pa «..Henry Dotts 

Penn'u Creek, Union, Pa William Bogax 

Penn*» Grove, Salem, N. J .Matthew N. Dn Boi« 

Penn'a gquan, Mxmtgcmenfy Pik......TboniM Bright 

Penn's Store, J^irick, Va .- James P. Crite 

Pennsville, Morgan, Ohio , John Spunier 

Pennsville, Fayette, Pa Stecn Mcln^rre 

Pennsylvania, Rock IsUmd, 111 F. C. KUUne 

Pennville, Jay, la .' Isaac Underwood 

Penn Yan, (c. h.) Yates, N. Y., Lewis 8. Ayers 

Penny's Ferry, Benry, HI .....~.... John Qsones 

Penobscot,, flan<»cfc, Me John P. Wood 

Penonu GhuHirie, Iowa Theophilas Brjan 

Pensacola, (c. h.) EscambiOi Da Dillon Jordan 

Pensacola, LeaJce, Miss Robert A. Harris 

Pensaukie, Oconto, Wis , Levi L. Pierce 

Pentress, Monongalia, Va B. B.l^gard 

Pent Water, Oceana, Mich Edwin R. Cobb 

Peola Mills, Madison, Va Thomas G. Fletoher 

Peoli, Tuscarawas, Ohio Inward Rosenottd 

Peoples, Qipe Giradeau, Mo Samuel Qorden 

Peoplesville, Carter, Tenn.. George W. Peoplee 

Peoria, (c. h.) Peoria, 111 Peter Sweat 

Peoria, Wyoming. N. Y James Gordon 

Peoria^ Fraidlin, la James W. Pye 

Peoria, Malmska, Iowa James L Warren 

Pepacton, Delaware, N. Y Townsend Shaver 

Pepokating, Sussex, N. J Robert V. Armstrong 

Pepperell, Middlesex, Mass John Loring 

Pepper's Ferry, Pulaski^Ya, liiles A. Wilaon 

Pequot, Qdumet, Wis ....James Cramond 

Pera Station, Champaign, 111 A. L. C^aypool 

Perch River, Jefersm, N. Y HuRh Smith 

Percy's Creek, WU^ inson. Miss John B. Painter 

Pere Marquette, Mason, Mich Geo. W. Ford 

Perin'a Mill, Clermont, Ohio Darins Peiin 

Perkin's Creek, Bollinger, Mo John H. Hunter 

Perkin's Grove, Bureau. Ill Libbeus Staoard 

Perkinsville, Madison, la. Thomas L. Beckwfttb 

Perkinsville, Burke, N. C Richard 0. Michanx 

Perkinsville, Lycoming. Pa....«. H. J. Perldni 

Perkinsville, Goochland, Va Thomas J. PerkJns 

Perkinsville, Windsor, Vt Joseph Kidder 

Perkiomen Bridge, Montgomery, Pa A. Longalcer 

Perkiomenville, Montgofmery, Pa Isaac Ralin 

Perote, PiAe, Ala Nathan A. SnUens 

Perote, A^dand, Ohio Abram Fftat 

Perrine, Mercer, Pa ...Enoch Perrine 

Perrineville. Mownotdh, N. J....vJohn W. Dayioon 

Perry, (c. h.) Houston, Ga John S. Johflon 

Perry, JHke, HI John K. deTeland 

Perry, ^Ben, la C. L. V. PaHosr 

Perry, McCUnnan, Tex Edwin W. MeClain 

Perry, WasJ^ngton, Me .Charles 8. Daria 

Perry, Wyoming, N. Y William Mitohril 

PeiTy, XaAe,Ohio Jotham 0. Jadd 

Perr}', Venango, Pa John Noill 

Perry, Shiawasse, Mich .'J<^nson Treadway 

Perry Centre, Wyoming, N. Y Jason LattuBop 

Perrymansville, Harford, Md. Jacob A. Preston 

Perryopolis, Fayette, Pa Wm. I. Gbrist 

Perry's Bridge, Vermi1lion,lA Robert H.HiUa 

Perrysburgh. Miami, la Wesley J. McFarland 

Perrysburgh, Oattaraitgus, N. Y...... Oscar Z. Broim 

Perrysburgh, (c. h.) Wtiod. Ohio John H.Reid 

Perry's Cross Roads, Rlgefidd, S. C B. H. Addy 

Perry's Mills, (c. h.) TutnalL^ Ga Nicholas Smith 

Perry's Mills, CUnUm, N. Y Luciaa Penry 

Perrysville, VermiUion, la John B. Rnpe 

Perry sville, Washington, R.I Stanley W. Webb 

Perrysville, AUeghany, Pa, ^.WilliamRay 

Perryton, Licking, Ohio Hezekiah S. Green 

Perryton, Mercer, 111 James Ginglee 

Perryville, Perry, Ala » William T. Alley 

Pfcnrville, (c. h.) Perry, Ark W, H. BlackweD 

PertyviUe, Boyle, Ky John A. Bui^od 

Perryville, CeaH, Md Joseph Coehsaa 

Perryv^Ue, (c. h.) Perry, Mo Francis JRioe 

Perryvill*, Hunterdon, N. J Henry RockafeUer 

. Perry ville, Mndismt, N, Y....,.Orrin J. Woodworth 

Perryville, AthUind, Ohio Thomas W. Coulter 

Penyville, Decatur, Tenn Elifha S. Stevens 

Persifer, Knox, III... ..Charles Pradfcnl 

Persimmon Creek, CJierokeef X. C A. B. McFaDt 

Perth, Fulton, N. Y .Ge«vge Stewart 

Perth Amboy, Middlesex, N. J John Manntog 

Pern, <c. h ) Miami, la.... Samuel Oontter 

Peru, Oxford^ Me Jonas Grttnt 

Peniy Za StaHa^ HI ^ A Wiariov 




^nn, SerTeahirtj Mass Sylvester & Bowen 

Psrsy Clinton, N. Y Leon L. Chttnnell 

Pern, /Turon, Ohio rChester 8. Howe 

Pom, Btnningtrn^^t Oliver P. Simondfl 

P»m, ITayxoond^ N. William McClnre 

P«m, Hkndenon, TeD» ThomaM A. Smith 

Pent, Madimn, Iowa........ Benjamin F. Brown 

Pcra, BusseU,A\A Patrick U Perry 

PMrn Mills, .7«niato, Pa William H. PattcrRon 

Penrvme, l\rmp/,ins, N. Y Pliny HrU 

Fttalama. Srmoma, Cal ....Samuel W. Brown 

P•tawL^ Randolph, Oa William Bhipp 

pBterborOQfrh, HfiMxirmtffh, N. H Henry Steele 

PetcTboroufzrh, Madison, N. Y Asahel C. Stone 

Petersburgrfa, Menard,!]! Joseph Marsh 

Patersburgh, PUce, la John B. Hannah 

Pvtersburgh, Boan^, Ky W. W. Smith 

Pelerrilmrglfc, Lavacoa, Texafi William B. Davis 

Prtersbnr^h, Benstelmrj N. Y Eben C. Reynolds 

Pertersbfirgh, Qipe May^ N. J Lewis L. Dunn 

Pera-^urfi^h, Mahoning^ Ohio James Miller 

Petevsbnrgh, 2>i7ieu2n. Tenn Hngh M.Blake 

Patersbnrgh. JHnunddUy Va William N. PHend 

Patersbnrgh, BuOtr, Pa lliomas Critchlow 

Peterabargh Pour Cornars, Smtidaer^ N. Y S. C. 


Peter's Oeek. Barren, Ky Oscar P. Mosby 

Prtor'B Creek, SMcfg, N. David Han,.ir 

Peter's Creek. Laneaster, Pa Laurence Hippie 

Petersham, ffirrcexter. Mass Sampson Wetherell 

Psteraon's Station, Miami, Ohio... David A. Gilmore 

Peterstown, Monroe, Va. William T. Akers 

Pstersville, Frederick, Md Thomas Winter 

Petersville, Nm-UiamfOon, Pa. John Oemmel 

Petite Jt>an, VeU, Ark Henry Ward 

Pettit, TVppeeanoe, Ind Moses Banker 

Patra, StUne. Mo James Jones 

Pettnce, ^datr. Mo William Hawkins 

Pettosville, Limestone, Ala A. Q. Westmoreland 

Pettys, Lawrtnee, 111 Robert A, Durirn 

Pettysville, Franklin.Tenn Eli Petty 

Pewabie, Oni/ma^aiiy Mich ....Charles B Hawley 

Pewabic, La P&inte, Wis W.H. D.Long 

Pewaukee, Waukeeha, Wis Ghaaneey G. Heath 

POytonn, Boone, Va William D. Pate 

Peytonsburgh, PitUylvania, Va...BpA Y. Wimbish 

P^ton's Creek. Stniib, Teao Q. W. Royster 

PvytoBSville, WiUioiiuon, Tenn Thomas J. Gray 

Phalanx, MonmottUi, N. J Emile GniUaudeu, jr 

Pharisbnrgh, Union, Ohio Samuel A. Ttonks 

Phaarr'a Mills, ifowe, N. C Harris Tyson 

Phanalia, Chenango, N. Y Calvin G. Brown 

Pleasant Branch, Dane, Wis Horace A.Winston 

Phelps, Ontarin, N. Y Wflllam Dillon 

Phelps, Ashtabula, Ohio Milton O. Jayne 

Phelpstewn, Inghamr Mioh W. H. H. Culver 

Phenix, iCcni, R. I ISbeneeer Puller 

Phi Delta, ^VanArltM, Oa John W. Pruitt 

Pkolftdelphia, (c h.) PkOaddpfna, Pa... John Miller 

Phihtdelphia, Hancock, la .Joseph P. Marshall 

Philadelphia, Mari/m, Mo Nesbitt Nelson 

Philadelphia. Nahoba, Miss Milton D. Young 

Philaddpfaia, JefferMn, N, Y George B. Tucker 

Philadelphia, Van Buren, Iowa W«lls Edgerton 

Philadelphia, Monroe, Tenn <John W. Goddard 

Philadelphia, DaxlingUm, S. 0..» John G. Gatlln 

Ptailadelphus, Rtibeson, N. C Duncan McKay 

Phil«nthrop7, BuUery Ohio Lewis W. Miller 

Phfiips, Praaikliny Me Joseph Sherburne 

Phfllipdborgh, Warren, N.J... Abraham Lommasson 

Philipeburgh, Jefferson, Ohio John T. Bracken 

Philipsbargh, Centre, Pa James A. Ganoo 

Philipsport, SuUitMnr^. Y John H.O«borne 

Ptail^petown, WhiU.m -.Tterrence McMahon 

PWUpsville, AUeganp, N. Y Alvan E. Parker 

PhiUippa, Barbour. Va Isaac H. gtrickler 

Phillip's Creek. AUegaa4, N. Y...8. W. Oartwright 

PliiUipBton, Worceiier, Mass Jneon Ooulding 

Pbilmont, OAuvibia, N, Y Cornelius M. Horton 

Philo, MueHngum, Ohio James McColley 

Philomath, Ogieth/yrpe, Ga...~ Thomas Morrow 

Philomont, Loudon, Va. ..^ Joseph P. Megrath 

PbUopolis, BaUimore^ Md Shadrach G. Sparks 

Pbipsburgh, Sagadahoc,. Me Nathaniel C. Reed 

Ph<»iiloi% (TlsteTf N. Y.. Jteec D. Taaderrurt 

Phcenix, Oswtgft, N. Y Uziah Conger 

Phoenfx, ArrnKtrong, Pa William Guthrie 

Phoenix, Bdgefidd, S. WiUtsm P. Andrewi 

Phoenixville, Chettter, Pa Incob B. Morgan 

Phoenixville, Windham, Conn..Simton A. Wheaton 

Piasa, Macoupin, 111 Ilamian.O, Talley 

Picnyune, Warren, 111 NnthanielCecfl 

Pickaway Plains, Monroe, Va Wilson Watti • 

Pickens C.H., Pickens, 8.C E. B. Al-xander 

Picken's Mills. Braxton, Va Jacob M. Ilyer 

PIckensville, Ptcfrm.^ Ala. Sampson Nolamt 

Pickensville, Pickens, 8.C J(»«ypU B. Clyde 

Pickerel Creek, Oreene, Mo Stephen Batson 

Plckereltown, Logan, Ohio Lf^wis Cowgill 

Pickering, Chester, Pa HoUM-t Hughes 

Pickerington, Fairfield, Ohio William Kraner 

Picket's Comer, Cass, Mich Jacob Sturr 

Pioolata, iSV. J4^n», Fla George Colee . 

Piedmont, Harris, (Ja Willinm McNel! 

Piedmont Station, i^hw^Mier, Va...Sauioftl T, Ashley 

Pf«rce, 5S!arfc, Ohio John Croit* 

Pierce, Armstrong, Pa Jonathan Hoiip* 

Pierce, FhyeUe, Tenn Benj:imin I. Love 

Pierce, Callaway, Mo Nathnnir-l Crafg 

Pierce, JiTTwt, Iowa L. W. Stuart . 

Pierce, Wdl, 111 -....Thomas Gilheraori 

Pierceland, Hotaard, Md Jo^hua Anderson 

Pierc^ton, Kosciusko, la. Dwi<rht P. Nichdll 

Pierceton, Marion, Va Moses Wiillace 

Pierce Town, Anderson, S.C.Micajah B. Williame 

PiercevlUe, Bedford, Va Benjamin Wilkee 

Pierceville, Hernando, Fla James V. Hogan 

Plerceville, Biple!/, la Enoch Morrell 

Pierceville, De KaJth, Ala Robert M. Lusk 

Plerceville, De KaJh^VX Moses Hill 

Piercevil'e, Cfilmer, Ga Jeptha Patterson 

Pierceville, Wyoming,VsL Ziba Billing 

Pierceville, Clerdand, N.C John L. Gladden 

Piertnont, Orafton, N. H Joseph 0. Evans 

Pleimont, Rockland, N. Y David Clark 

Plerpont, St. Lawrence, N. Y... Andrew A. Crampton 

Pierpont, Ashtahtda. Ohio Melzo Bates 

Pierpont Plaee, De TFitt, Texas Wm. Pierpont 

Pierrepont Manor, Jjfj^fersm N. Y Jerome Ailen 

Piflard, Livingston, N.Y T. Kendall 

Pigeon Creek, Rails, Mo William Forman 

Pigeon Forge, Sevier, Tenn William J. Trotter ' 

Pigeon Grove, CWwmWa, Wis Samuel Hernman 

Pigeon Rlrer, Haywood, N. Green Moore 

Pigeon Roost, Choctaw, Miss Joseph B. AtldnS' 

Pigeon Run, Oampbdl, Va Edward B. Hernden 

Pig River, Franklin, Va John R. Saunders 

Pike, Wyoming, N. Y Delano P. Gordon 

Pike, Ptrry, Ohio John Shriver 

Pike, Bradford, Pa Benajah Bostwick 

Pike, Muscatine, Iowa T. P. Hubbard 

Pike Creek, Ripley, Mo Jan»^^s Snider 

Pike Mills, PMter, Pa John Davii 

Pike Pond, SuUivan, N. Y Philip J. Justtn 

Pike Run,* Washington, Pa Jarob Quaft 

Pikesville, Baltimore, Mf" Jofcph Mettam 

Piketon, (c.h.) Pike, Ohio Jnmes Jones 

Piketon, .^emf^fard, Mo John M. Davis 

Piketon, Pikf^ Ky Hammon W. Ratlilfti 

Pike Township, ^A-«, Pa Ileury Bauman 

Pike Valley, Po«er, Pa Mhicus E. Nearin^ 

Pikeville, (c.h .) Marion, Ala John D. Terrell, jr 

Pikeville, Chickaxaw, Miss George T. Gatee 

Pikeville, (c. h.) Bledsoe, Tenn L. R. Fain . 

Pilahatchee, Rankin, Misj Benjamin S. Waller 

Pilatka, Putnam, Fla Jesse A. Brush 

Pilcher, BOmont, Ohio David Hor«matt 

Pilgrim's Rest, Fhyette, Ala....Guilforfl J. Childrese 

Pillar Point, Jeffh-son, N. Y John L. Alger 

Pillow, Dauphtn, Pa Daniel Brua 

Pillowville, Weakly, Tenn Isaac K. Scates 

Pilot, VermiUifm, 111 Arthur W. Briltingham 

Pilot Grove, Lee, low ,Tohn Stewart 

Paot Grove, Hancock, 111 Nelson Andrews 

Pilot Grove, Jasper, la Stephen J. KIHott 

Pilot Grove, Cooper, Mo Samuel Roe 

Pilot Grove, Orayson, Tex Blufoid Clement* 

Pilot Hill, Fjldorado, Cal A. J. Bayly 

Pilot Hill, (c. h.) Pulton. Ark... James B. McKeli«!r 
Pilot HUl, Masmy HL.... John PembertM 




PQofe Knob, Todd, Ky John J. Black 

Pilot Knob, Crawford, Ta John G. Morrifl 

POot Knob, Madison, Mo Benjamin Bogy 

Pimento, Vigo, Ind Thomas French 

Pincknej, LivingsUm, Mich Jason W. Kellogg 

Pinckney, Warren, Mo Gustavus A. AndersoE 

PInckney, Wiliiamson. Tenn Mark M. Andrews 

Pincknej ville, TaJlapoosa, Ala... William W. Wood 

Pinckney vi lie, Gwirmett, Ga Thomas A. Jones 

Pinckneyville, (c. h.) Ftrry, 111 Alex. D. Qosney 

Pinckneyvillc, Union, S. G James H. Alexander 

Pine, Linn, Or Thomas M. Weger 

Pine, Oneida, N. Y Chauncey Brodock 

Pine, Buchanan, Iowa Isaiah Hearn 

Pine Apple, Wilcox, Ala..., John Q. Herbert 

Pine Bluff, J^fffrgon, Jrk Joseph Merrill 

Pine Bluff, faUatoay, Ky John. Hodges 

Pine Bluff, Copiah, Miss Stephen Tillman 

Pine Bluffs, lied River, Texas Benjamin H. 


PIneborough, Marion, Fla Willis L. Grow 

Pine Brook, Morris, N. J Timothy W. Grane 

Pine Bush, Orange, N. T Archibald R. Taylor 

Pina Greek, CaViMin, Mich David N. Willard 

Pine Greek, 7\V:^a,Pa Deroy Herrington 

Pine Greek, Gilmer, ^ a William P. Haverty 

Pine Creek, De KaXb, Tenn .Thomas Durham 

Pine Flat, Bonner, La B. F. Linn 

Pine Grove, Schuyler, N. Y Ellison Vanderhoof 

Pine Grove, Pike,A\A Edward W. Sewall 

PineGrove, Monroe, Ark Moses R.Guthrii 

Pine Grove, Gallia,Ohio Stephen Sisson 

PineGrove, SchuyUiU, Pa Paul Barr 

Pine Grove, Clark; Ky H. Savary 

^ne Grove, Wetzd, Ta Samuel J. Robinson 

Pine Grove, FranJclin, Miss James H. McDaniel 

Pine Grove Mills, Centre, Pa Alexander Sample 

Pine Hall, SUthes, N. G Samuel S. Wall 

Pine Hill, Jackson, Wis Weston Qark 

Pine Hill, Wilcox, Ala Edmund H. Arnold 

Pine Hill, York, Pa John S. Kline 

Fine Hill, Washita, La ....Amos Clark 

P|ne Hill, Ulster, N. Y Theodore Gingon 

Pine Hill, Washington, R. I Thomas Philips, Jr 

Pine Hills, RiLsk, Texas John S. Buckner 

Pine Island. Jefferson, Tex Richard West 

Pine Lake, Oa'Umd, Mich John Ellenwood 

Pine Lake. WuuJce^a, Wi8...Francis Schroudenhack 

Pine Land, Mngs, Tenn P. M. Miller 

Pine Level, Sumpter, Fla .Wm.W.B. Kyle 

Pine Level, Johnson, N. C Tho.G.Hinnant 

Pine Level, Houston, Ga WiUiam L. Hunt 

irine Level, Montgomery, AIa Henry W. Clark 

Pine Log. Cuss, Ga Edward Barrett 

Pine Meadow, Litcfijjeld, Conn .Joseph Gould 

Pine Orchiird, Washington, Ala James F. Bates 

Plne^Plaln, Allegan, Mich Boyd W. Phillips 

Pine Plnins, Dutchess, N. Y William Toms 

Pine Plains, Ocean, N.J ..Aaron D. Reynolds 

Pino Ridge, Otpiah, Miss Jas. A. T. Mason 

Pine Ridge, Winn, La Joaiah H. Lacy 

Pine River, Marquette„ Wis Herman Stowers 

Piner's Cross Ro\d8, Kenton, Ky .G. M. Mullins 

Pine Run, Genesee, Mich ..Albert F. Young 

Pinery, St. Clair, Mich William B. Preston 

Pines' Bridge, Westchester, N. Y B. D. MiUer 

Viae Street, Elk, Pa Henry Maaon 

Pine Swamp, Gsntre, Pa William Stewart 

Pine Town, C?ierakee,TexAB Green Wallace 

Pine Tree, Chesterjleld, S. C Jeremiah Anderson 

Pine Tree, Upshur, Texas Jacob Fisher 

Pine Valley, Chemung, N. Y Curtis Miles 

Pine Valley, Warren, Pa LeRoy Beals 

Pine Valley, YaU^usha, Miss WUliam A. Bell 

Pine View, l^unuier, Va William M. Kcmptr 

Pine Village, Warrm, la Thomas A. Wiggins 

Piaeville, Marengo, Ala George W. Barney 

Pineville, Gloucester, Ji. 3 Joseph H.French 

Pineville, Bossier, La Francis W. Armor 

Pineville, Marion, Ga James H. Jarvis 

Pineville, McDonald. Mo John B. Fulton 

Pineville, Smith, Miss Samuel S. Turnei 

Pineville, Hucls. Pa Jesse P. Carver 

PiofTille, CIiarleKton. S. C Arnold Bonneau 

PiMviUe, Hocking, Ohio Reuben W. W. Weira 

Pineville, Medhlenbi^gh^ N. C James T. Dowse 

Pine Wood, Hidemem,Tenn Bichard A.Gmhnm 

Pine Woods, Madison, N. Y Benj.M. KnApP 

Piney, Jo/ihson^ Ark A. B. Joyner 

Piney Grove, Sampson, N.G Isaac W. Laae 

Piney Grove, Hardeman, Tenn....~ Alfred Rigge 

Pingree Grove, JTame, 111 Andrew Pfngvee 

Pinhook, Latorenee, la Michael Beck 

Pinshook, Wiruton, Miss Ephraim Qnarlee 

Pink Hill, MarshaU, Miss .Ephraim H. Yonnt 

Pink Hill, Jackson, Mo .Geo. W.I^ire 

Pink HiU, Lenoir, N. G Anthony DaTie 

Pinkney, Leuris, N. Y. ..John J. Goodenoogb 

Pinney's Grove, jRay, Mo John Brown 

Pin Oak, Du Bitque, Iowa John H. Floyd 

Pin Oak, Warren, Mo ; Henry Walsh 

Pin Oak, Wayne, HI James B. Manahaa 

Pintlala, Montgomery, Ala John Bonham 

Pintler's Corners, OUauxi, Mich Minor Atherton 

Pintucky, Hancock, Miss G. Y. McNabb 

Piny, Clarion, Pa Levi Kiler 

Piny Green, Onslow, N. G Isaac Marehdl 

Pioneer, Greene, 111 David Woollen 

Pioneer, WOUamt, Ohio Philetus W. Norrie 

Pioneer Grove, Cbdar, Iowa Godwin Tajlor 

Pioneer Mills, Oabarr<u,iJ. G K. H. Morrison 

Piper's Gap, OarroU, Va William Hanks, jr 

Pipersville, ^cfc«. Pa Jacob KeichUne 

Pipe Stone, £errien,mcb William Bonghtmi 

Piqua, Miamiy Ohio John Marahall 

Piquea, Lancaster, Pa George W. Wemts 

Piscataway, Prince Georgt*s, Md...James H. Griffin 

Pisoola, Loumdes, Ga John W. Spain 

Pisgah, Cooper, Mo David Jonee 

Pisgab, BuOer, Ohio David Conover 

Pishon's Ferry, Kennebeck, Met John Totman 

Pitcaim, St. Lawrence, N. Y Eli R. Paul 

Pitcher, Chenango, N. Y Ebenezer G. Lyona 

Pitcher Springs, Chenanao, N. Y...I>aniel M. Chapel 

Pitch Landing, Hertfordf'Si.Q John 0. Askew 

Pitman, Schuylkill, Pa Samuel Miller 

Pitts, Wamn, Mo Henry Ordelheede 

Pittsboro, OOhoun, Miss.. J. R. M. Duberry 

Pittsborough, (c h.) Chatham, K. G Isaac Long 

Pittsborough. Hendridcx, la AsaT. Hoadley 

Pittsburgh, J6hn»(m, Ark Edward M. Pickett 

Pittsburgh, Car roil, la....*. Christian Hermon 

Pittsburgh, Van Suren, Iowa... Archibald McDonald 

Pittsburgh, Hickory, Mo John L. Hall 

Pittsburgh, Darke, Ohio .Geo. Foe 

Pittsburgh, Upshur, Texas William C. Loving 

Pittsburgh, (o. h.) Alleghany, Fa... Robert Anderson 

Pittsburgh, Cbos, N. H James Washbam 

Pitt8field,(c. h.) Pike, lU S. L. Grane - 

Fittsfield, Somerset, Me George Whitney 

Pittsfield, Berkshire, Mass P. Allen, jr 

Pittsfield, Washtenaw, Hich John Hoy 

Pittslleld, Jferrimoc^, N. H William Knowlton 

PIttsfleld, Otsego, N. Y .'.Alvin Feck 

Pittsfield, Z^atn, Ohio D. H.Ranney 

Pittsfield, Warren, Pa John A. Jackson 

Pittfifield, Rutland, Vt Loren Beard 

Pittsford, Monroe, N. Y Horace Wheeler 

Pittsford, RuOandtYt Robert R. Drake 

Pitts' Grove, Salem, N.J Charles F. H. Gray 

Pitts' Point, Buim,Kj Charles Greenwell 

Pittston, Kennebfck, Me Hiram T. Clark 

Pittston Ferry, Luzerne, Fa C. R. Gorman 

Pittstown, Hunterdon, N. J John L. Tinsman 

Pittstown, Renasela^, N. Y James N. Halstead 

Pittsylvania C. H., PUUylvanick, Va.. James K. Blair 

Placerville, El Dorado, Gal Allen M. Thatcher 

Plain, Wayne, Ohio William Wagner 

Plain, GreenvUle, S. G Thomas Goldsmith 

Plainfield, Windham, Conn Henry Sabin 

PUinfleld, Wm, 111 K.J. Hammond 

Plainfield, Henprieks, la. Isaap Osborne 

Plainfield, Hnmyshire, Mass Levi Clark 

Plainfield, WUuahara, Wis E. C. Waterman 

PlMinficld, Livingston, Mich, Morris Topping 

PUunfleld, SuUivan, N. H Bradbury Dyer 

Plainfield. Bssea^ N. J Jacob Manning 

Plainfield, dmberland. Pa. R.K.Bnm8 

Plainfield, Oathoeton, Ohio David Brelsford 

Plainfield, Wathisigton, Vt » EsraKidder 




I eiala Grove, Latorence, Pa Hutchison Bovard 

lUinfborMigh, MiddlegeZt N. J Peter D. Bergen 

Plains of Dura, SunUery O.a JTohn Ck>ker 

I Rain's Store, E. Baton ^ou^e, La...lBaac Townseud 

Vlainsyille, Ijuzemey Pa -...-JameR Frick 

Plain View, MacouwM^ 111 ~ David Gore 

Plain yie^yKing tf^M««n,Va...-Wni. H. Anderson 

Wainville, Hdrt/ordy X5onn ~ H. L. Welch 

Plainville, Orumdaga, N. Y ^^Lyman Norton 

Plainville, Hamilton^ Ohio....- N, S. Armftrong 

Flainwell, Allegan, Mich Orson D. Dunham 

flaistow. RocHngham, N. H James 0. George 

Planeville, Warren, Iowa ...Thompson Walton 

Plank Road, Onondaga, N.T ^Oeorgre Woodward 

Plank Road, Wayne, Mi<^h...Archibald P. Mclntyre 

Flank Road, Belnumt, Ohio James V. Stilwell 

Plank Road, iSSL Genevieve, Mo... .Joseph £. Saner 

Plankville, JacksoHf Ia.^ Robert E. Davis 

Plaro, Collin, Tex Wm. Forman 

Qano, KendaU, HI .....Oilhert D. Honning 

Planters, Afiala, Miss Joseph M.Thompson 

Planters, Philipt, Ark James Nelson 

Planter's Hiill, Breckenridge, Ky...J. H. Moorman 

Elauter's Hill, Jennings, la John S. Torbet 

Planter's Stand, Madison, Ga ,...IIenry White 

Plantersville, Perry, Ala ..James J. Vincent 

Plantersville. Mnrtlumse, La John M. liillard 

nantsville, Hartford, Codo Simeon H. Norton 

Elaquemine, IberviUe, La Archibald Black 

naquemine Brulee, St. Landry, La... Jesse B. Clark 

Flatea, Erie, Pa Samuel Sisson 

Hato, PuJashL Mo Joshua H. BicDonald 

Plato, Cattaraugus, N. Y Christopher Church 

Blato, Z.omm, Ohio -...Joniah Harris 

Plato, Iroiiutit, 111 John Wilson 

Platte City, (c. h.) Platte, Mo David S. Kimsey 

Plattekill, tTZ^ter, N. Y James Hunt 

Ratte River, Buchanan, Mo Wm. M.Matney 

Platte's Mouth, Cass, Neb....-.Wh6atley Michelwait 

Platteville. Grant, Wis....^ tlophni Hurlburt 

Plattsbargh, (c- h.) Clinton, Mo... Wm. L. Fereuson 
Plattsburgh, (c h.) ClinUm, N. Y...Chas. 8. Mooers 

Platteville, Shelby, Ohio Hubbard Hume 

Plattvflle, Kendall, III ^ Daniul Erouse 

Pleasant, Switzerland, la Joshua Y. Harrell 

feasant, Kent, Mich John Coffee 

Pleasant, Putnam, Ohio - I. T. Woaks 

Pleasant, Claiborne, Tenn Elijah C. Kilbourne 

Pleasant Brook, Otsego, N. Y Stephen Eldred 

Reasant Creek, Taylor, Va Josiah M. Davidson 

Pleaflant Dsle, Hampshire, Va James F. Davis 

Pleasant Exchange, Hendersfn, Tenn...J. E. Hodge 

Pleasant Flat, Jlason, Va William A. Brown 

Pleasant Gap, Batej!, Mo Joseph Wix 

Pleasant Gap, Cmtre, Pa^ Joseph G.Stone 

Pleasant Gap, Clierokee, Ala. Samuel Snodgrass 

Pleasant Gap, Pittsylvania, Va...Thomas W. Walton 

Pleasant Green, Cooper, Mo John Sc^lt 

Pleasant Grove, Ulak, Utah T Wm. G. Sferrett 

Pleasant Grove, Pickens, Ala James P.Casper 

Pleasant Grove, Jcwper, la ~ Henry Barkley 

Pleasant Grove, Des Moines, Iowa....Onia8 Jackson 

Pleasant Grove, Ohio, Ry James R. Edwards 

Pleasant Grove, Clermont, Ohio J. T. Powell 

Pleasant Grove, Morris, N.J J. A. Mtddlesworth 

Pleasant Grove, AUamancA, N. C....~. James W. Lea 

Plea]>ant Grove, FUlanore, Min PhUo S. Curtiss 

PleasAnt Grove, Lancaster, Pa... Jeremiah B. Haines 

Pleasant Grove, AUeghany, Md B. S. Z«verly 

Pleasant Grove, Greenville, S.O.~William C. Bailey 

Pleasant Grove, Maury, Tenn ..John Ballanfant 

Pleasant Grove, Kenrna, Wis... James Freden burgh 
Pleasant Grove, De S)to, La.... Duncan B. MeMillaa 

Pleasant Grove, Lunenburg, Va A. R. Neal 

Pleasant Grove Mills, Fleming, Ky...A. R. Saunders 

Reasant Hall, PrankUn, Pa Jonathan Strine 

Pleasant Hill, Mercer, Ky John R. Bryant 

Pleasant Hill, DaUas. Ala T. B. Som«rville 

Pleasant Hill, Franklin, Ark David D. Williams 

Pleasant WM,New au<7e,Del...AIban Buckingham 

Pleasant Hill, Talbot, Ga Thomas B. Hancock 

Pleasant Hill, Pike, HI ^Tohn A.Thomas 

Pleasant Hill, Montgomery, la William A. Krug 

Pleasant Hill. Lane, Oregon Wm. W. Bristow 

Pleasant HUl, Cass, Mo .^.-William H. Panker 

Pleasant Hill, Northampton, N. G...Tbofl. J. Gamer 

Pleasant Hill. De Soto, MiRS Samuf'l S. Bos9 

Pleasant Hill, Miami, Ohio Jacob K. Teeter 

Pleasant Hill. Lancaster, S.0 John W.Twitty 

Pleasant Hill. DeSoto, La J. E. Whitten 

Pleasant Hill, Fltyette, Va Gerard M. Rlume 

Pleasant Hill, Hopkins, Texas David K. Sbrode 

Pleasant Hope, Polk, Mo Robert L. Smitli 

Pleasant Lake, Steuben, la Simeon C. Aldrich 

Pleasant Lake, Wixpello, Towa Isaac C.Fansher 

Pleasant Lane, Edg^fidd, S.CL..RanBom Tim merman 

Pleasant Level, Im, Ga Stephen R. Weston 

Pleasant Mills, Adams, la John Fordyce 

Pleasant Mound, Latarens, S.C Reuben Martin 

Pleasant Mount, PamHa, Miss Philip S. Al)*ton 

Pleasant Mount, MtOtr, Mo W. D. P. M. Nolen 

Pleasant Mount, Wayne, Pa Thomas H. Brown 

Pleasant Mount, Pitt, N. C J. L. Ballarf 

Pleasant Oaks. Brunswick, Va Isaac R.Walton 

Pleacanton, Athtns, Ohio Nelson Lord 

Pl4>asanton, Itawamba. Miss Miles W. McClellan 

Pleasant Park, GirroU, Mo George McKinny 

Pleasant Plain, Jefferson, Iowa Abel Roberts 

Pleasant Plain, Clermont, Ohio.... Joneph B. Young 
Pleasant Plains, /n<fepefu2ence.Ark.Wm. M. Calhoim 

Pleasant Plains, Sangamon, 111 Thomas Turley 

Pleasant Plains, Lincoln^ Tenn... William W. Pettey 

Pleasant Plains, Seott, Mo Igaao Hunter 

Pleasant Plains, Dutchess. N. Y...B. I. Van Kearen 

Pleasant Point, Daviess, Ky Tapley Maddox 

Pleasant Prah-ie, Greene, Mo... William T. Beuford 
Pleasant Retreat, Lumpkin, Ga... Jonathan Sutton 

Pleasant Retreat. Scotland, Mo John 0. Collins 

Pleasant Ridge, Greene, Ala Irvin Barnes 

Pleasant Ridge, TippaJi, Miss John H. Norton 

Pleasant Ridge, Harrison, Mo Milton Fowler 

Pleasant Ridge, Greene, la James Records 

Pleasant Ridge, Bracken, Ky Joseph Chipman 

Pleasant Ridge, Jiamitton,Oblo...Chas. B. Ferguson 

Pleasant Ridge, Bock Tsland, HI James Taylor 

Pleasant Ridge, Dutchess, N. Y George Weight 

Pleasant Run, HdmOtan, Ohio Paul 9. Huston 

Pleasant Run, Dallas. Texas Madison M. Miller 

Pleasant Shade, Smiih, Tenn Jason R. Sloan 

Pleasant Shade, Franklin, 111..... J. F. Kirkpatrfek 

Pleasant Site, Franklin, Ala. James C. George 

Pleasant Spring, Lexington, S. C.John R. Shuler 
Pleasant Springs, Kemper, Mira... John W. Jackson 
Pleasant Springs, C^rercu, Cal...A. H. Hoerchner 

Pleasant Unity, Wedmiordand, Pa John Latta 

Pleasant Vale, Pike, 111 Stephen Shipman 

Pleasant Valley, Chittenden, Vt...M. P. Richardson 

Pleasant Valley, WasJnngttm, Ala Daniel Rain 

Pleasant Valley, Litchfidd, Conn Evits Career 

Pleasant Valley, YeU, Ark ...James H. M. Langford 

Pleasant Valley, Scait, Iowa Jabez A. Birchard 

Pleasant Valley, Jo. i>avte«t. III Thomas Deeds 

Pleasant Valley, Sussex, N.J Benjamin Curry 

Pleasant Valley, Morgan, Ohio A. Alderman 

Pleasant Vallej', Dutchess, N. Y Joel 0. Holmes 

Pleasant Valley, Bodes, Pa. William Keep 

Pleasant Valley, Lancaster, S. G. D. Beckham 

i^leasant Valley, Wayne, Tenn William Sinclair 

Pleasant Valley, Wright, Mo Abraham P. Pool 

Pleasant Valley, fhirfax, Va James H. Whaley 

Pleasunt Valley, Murray, Geo John H. Johnson 

Pleasant Valley, ^/arfm, la P. Blake 

Pleasant Valley Mills, Nicholas, Ky..,M. Davidson 
Pleasant View, Juniata, Pa..... ....James B. Milliken 

Pleasant View, Shelby, la Stephen Gould 

Pleasant View, Highland, Ohio Jacob I. Spoha 

Pleasant View,' Jac^Mm, Va Andrew Flesher 

Pleasant View, Schuyler, 111 Luther M. Hobert 

Pleasantville, West Chester, N. Y...Robert Montross 

Pleaaantville, Rockingham, N.C R. A. Ellington 

Pleasantville, Fairfidd, Ohio Philip Hane 

Pleasantville, Marion, Iowa Wesley Jordan 

Pleasantville, Hickman, Tenn. ..William Whitwell 

Pleasantville, Bucks, Pa Jacob S. Evans 

Plea-santville, Harford, Md... Thomas Brodenbaugh 

Pleasant Woods. Delaware, la John D. Jones 

Pleasureville, Henry, Ky Henry H. Calvert 

Plenitude, A'nderson, Tox Ja^ies S. Hanks 

Plesis, Jefferson, N. Y Jonas C. Bidlema^ 

Plimpton, Holmes, Ohio .J. dements 




New flMven, AlaamU), Mich John I*. Quick 

New IlHVtsn, Os^orgo^ N. Y Solomon White, ji 

New Haven, Hur<m^ Ohio EjBra Stewart 

New Haven, Addisfm. Yt ,... Erasmus D! UaII 

New IlHVi'n, Columbia^ Wis D. M. Hatrh 

New Huven Mills. Addison, Vt-.-Mrs. Jane Merritt 
New Hebron. Onnofurd^ lli..SamueI G. Swearinjten 

New Highland, £1/.-, Pa Charles Stubbs 

New Hill, Wdkf^ N.C Robert M. Brown 

New Holland, Pickaway^ Ohio N, R.Fergnson 

New Holland, Lancaster^ Pa P»»ter Ream 

New Holland, Wabasli^ la Imla Drake 

New Holstein. CUlutnet. Wis William Paulsen 

New Hope, Madison^ Ala George Russell 

New Hope, Nelson. Ky Lawrence J. Berry 

New Hope, LinaHn^ Mo Nicholas A. Harvy 

New Hope, IrtdeU^ N. C James McHargue 

New Hope, Brown, Ohio Onciir I. Stewart 

New Hope, Oaroline, Md Willie Corkran 

New Hope, Bucks, Pa James P. Smith 

New Hope, Auffusta, Va Thornton G. Stout 

New Houe, Wahaxh,I\\ John F.Scherer 

New Hope, MarshaU, Tenn J. A. Morris 

New House, York, S. C Theodore D. Fulton 

New Hudson, AUp^my, N. Y J. V. D. Kelly 

New Had:}on, OaJ>land, Mich Alanson Smith 

New Hurley, Ulster, N. Y.Jacob J. Van Steenbergb 

New Iberia, St. Martins, La John Devalcourt 

Newington, Hartford, Conn Henry Kllbouru 

Newington, Rockingham, N. H..F. W. de Kocheuiont 

New Institute, Iredell, N. William J. Vestal 

New Inrerest. Randolph, Vu Jusiah Simmons 

Kew Ipswich, Hillifhorough, N. H John Peatwdy 

New Ireland, Newton, Miss ThomaM W. Vance 

New Jasper, (?r<en«, Ohio Williiim U. Moore 

New Jerusalem, Bxrks, Pa Benjamin Kelchner 

New Kent C. H., Nfw Kent, Va.Robert A. Chandler 

New Kingston, Delaware, N. Y Isaac Bii-dsill 

New King«)town, Caml)erland, Pa... David H. Swiler 
Newfcirk's Mills, PuUon, N. Y...Oarrett A. Newkirk 

New L'lncaster, Tipton, la Isaac Harbit 

New Lancaster, Warren, III James H. Black 

New Lebanon, De Kalb. Ill Allen BIgelow 

New Lebanon, JUKrcer, Pa Robert C. Gordon 

New Lebanon, SuWvan, la William F. Dodds 

New Lebanon, CWumAia, N. Y Moses Y. Tilden 

New Lelianon, Mtmigoaury, Ohio Jacob Adams 

«ew Leltanon Centre, ChUimbia, N. Y.F. W. Everest 
New Lelmnon Springs, ChUnnbia, N. Y...H. C. Bull 

New Lenox, Berkshire, Mass David W. Dewey 

New LexingKm, Somermt, Pa Jacob R. McMillen 

New Lexington, Tuscaloosa, Ala D.J. Woodward 

New Lexington, Perry, Ohio Jesse Skinner 

New Lib-rty, Greenvilie, S. G William T. Carter 

New Liberty, Owen, Ky Clement J. Bradford 

New Liberty. Pope, III Joalah Dayhufl 

New Light, Wuke, N. C Peleg S. Rogers 

New Li;«bon, H^mry, la Emery Southwick 

New LiHlwn, 0«*^^ N. Y George J. Peck 

New Li9lK>n, Burlington, N. J...£ayre Oliphant,Jr 
New Lisbon, (c. h.) Otlnmbiana, Ohio.A. G. McCotkey 
New London, (c. h.) New London, Conn J. B. Lyman 

New London, H.mry, Iowa Elijah Richard 

New London, Frederick, Md George W. Warfield 

New London, (c. h.) Ralls, Mo Samuel Smith 

New Loudon, ilerrimaofe, N. H John M. Hayes 

New liondon, Oneida, N. Y Gcrshom Edwards 

New London, Httward, la J. F. Henderson 

New LrMidon, Huron, Ohio E. H. Sauford 

New Lonilon, GunpheU, Va Edward C. Echols 

New London, Cheitir, Pa Sarah A. Cuniftgham 

New London, tfnion. Ark Armand liehls 

«ew London, Wiapaea, Wis William McMillin 

'New Lyme, AslOabula, 0\\\o Alva R. Beckwith 

New Mailison, Darke, Ohio David G. Watt 

New Maiirid, (c. h.) New Madrid, Mo...Jno. T. Scott 

New Haiioning, Carbon, Pa Tilghman Arner 

Newman's Mills, Indiana, Pa David R. Kinports 

Newniansville, (?r«<n«, Tenn..... John Rush 

ifew Marion, RipUy, la John B. Sands 

New Market, Madison, Ala. Frederick T. Spivey 

New Market, Marvm, Ky Henry Carter 

New Market, Frederick, Md Absalom Anderson 

New Market, PlaUe, Mo. Solomon H. Bishop 

Mmt Market, Sookinffltam, N. H J. M. Chapman 

New Market, Middlesex, N.J .'I.Adam Verraenl* 

New Market, Randolph, N. C Joseph Newlln 

New Market, Burea, Iowa Calviii P. Davte 

New Market, Highland, Ohio James A. Purdj 

New Market, Abbeville, S. C W*m. W. Perrymatt 

New Market, Jefferson, Tenrf Willianj Bra^eltoa 

New Market, Shenandoah, Va... Walter N. Newmatt 

New Market, Monrtte, Ga A. G. Harvey 

New Market, Sebastian, Ark. ..William M. Bradshaw 
New Marlborough, BCT-/.«;»/re,Mas8.Mi8B S. D.Catlln 
New Martinsburgh, Fhyette^ Ohio.Gershom Perdu» 
New Martinsville, (c h.) Wdgel, Va...Joaathan li. 


New Massilon, Wayne, HI .Justus Beach 

New Maysville, Putnam, la Robert C. Boyd 

New Maysville, Pike, III Samuel Laird 

New Metamoras, Vfiuhington, Alexander 


New Michigan, Jjivingsion, HI David Mcintosh 

New Middloton, Smith, Teon S. Ward 

New Middletown, Mulioning, Ohio... James Shannon 

New Milford, Litclkjidd, Conn S. E. Bostwick 

New Milford, Winnabago,l\\ James Moor* 

New Milford, Orange, N. Y David D. Demerca* 

New Milford, SusftuOiannah, Pa F. W. Boyl« 

New Milltown, Lancaster, Pa...Thomas J.Ringwall 
New Milton, D'lddruige, Va...Jepthah F. Randolph 
New Moscow, Ctshoet-m. Ohio.... William C. Wilson 

New Mount Pleasant, Monroe, Pa Jo^eph Mbyer 

New Mount PleasHUt, Jay, la. ..Nathaniel Brewster 

Newman, (c. h.), Otwtta, Ga Blake D. Brewster 

Newmanville, (c. h.), Alac/tua, Fla S. Whitehead 

New Ohio, Broome, N. Y Edwin S. llolcomb 

New Oregon, (toward, Iowa. Samuel M. CoU 

New Oregon, Erie, N. Y John J. Fuller 

New Orleans, (c h.), Orleans, La.. .Arthur S. Nevitt 

New Oxford. Adams, Pa Jo in Blair 

New Palestine, Clermont, Ohio Luke W. Mooar 

New Palta, ITUter, N. Y A. A. Deyo,jr 

New Palt2 Laniiug, Ukter, N. Y Daniel Com 

New Paris, Preble, Ohio Abram P. Johnston 

New Paris, Elkhart, la William B. Macombor 

New Peteraburgh, /f^/t!an<i, Ohio. ..Nathan Pearoa 
New Philadelphia, Wuxhir^/ton, la... William Perdutt 
New Philadelphiii, (c. h.) Jlucarawas, 0. P. W. Himes 

New Pittsburirli, Wayne, Ohio Je8e|)h 11. Coder 

New Plato, Kane,l\\ Stephen Archer 

New Plymouth, Vinton, Ohio...CharicB K. Crummit 

Newport, New CaMe, Del Major Yeates 

Newport, Wak^Ua, Fla James Cavcrly 

Newport, (c. h^ VermiUitm, la James M. Hood 

Newport, (c. h.) Oam/tOeU, Ky lames M. Boyd 

Newport, Penobscot, Me Johli J. Pillabury 

Newport, CftarUs, Md George H. Simpson 

Newport, (c. h.) Franklin, Mo Samuel S. Bailey 

Newport, Monroe, Mich Willlani WhiU 

Newport, (c. h.) Sullivan, N. H Sawyer Belknap 

Newport, Cumberland, N. J Samuel F. Spenc« 

Newport, Herkimer, N. Y Sherman Wooster 

Newport, WusJnngten, Ohio Thomas O'Neal 

Newport. Perry, Pa Harriet M. Singer 

Newport, (c h.) Newport, R, I J. Joslen 

Newport^ {c. h.) CbcA-e, Tenn David W.Stuart 

Newport, WaUer, Texas Joseph Werner 

Newport, Orleans, Vt Ashley Gould 

Newport, QUes, Va Uol)ort W. Elam 

Newport, Lake, 111 EUjah F. W. Eddy 

Newport, ColumJna, Wis -....WUliam S. Wail 

Newport, Franklin, Ala D. C.Oatec 

Newport, Oreene, Ark Francis M. Davii 

Newport, Jo/<ns^m,Iowa Nathaniel B.Morsa 

Newport, Attala, Mhs Alexander McMillan 

New Portage, Summit, Ohio Isaiah Johns 

Newport Centre, Luzerne, Pa Michat-l Hesf 

Newport Centre, Johnson, Iowa...Maitha G. Trotter 

New Portland, S(ymtrset, Me John P. Ilodsdon 

New Portland, iSf^curart, Tenn Seth T. Andrews 

Newportville, Buck, Pa Andrew Londerbaugh 

New Potoei, Macon, Ala John £. Summeifield 

New Preston, Litchfield^ Conn. ...Marvin S. Beeman 

New Princeton, Coshocton, O William Whinery 

New Prospect, Wington,^\a!& Robert D. Brown 

New Prospect, Be?^n, N. J Sweeting Miles 

New Prospect, Waynes Ohio Jacob Kuupp 

New Prospeet, S^^arianburghf 6. C OUyer Clari 




Kew f*»'08pf«r, Gr^mp^ Ala.. ..Franklin WHllnKhnm 

Hew Providfnce. /%«, Ala Jolm W. Moore 

Nex Pnivideiice Enex^ N. J I^ruel 0. MhxwcI 

New Provlilence, Laneastfr^ Pa. John Tweed 

New Providence, Chirks Ta Isaac Shaw 

New providence, Hftmtgmnery, Tenn N. P. Trice 

New Kftre»it, WiahitiffUm, la Mary E. Balcer 

New Richland. Lngarit Ohio Miles H. Waiihsun 

New lUchniund, Ctermont, Ohio D. L. Stini:hfleld 

New Kichinond, CV-aio/z/rd, Pa. Ira Clark 

New Kichiiiond, M tntgomerj/j la Klliot Dtchon 

New HIver, Gilumbia, Fla...... William Z. Hernden 

New River, FayOfe, Ala John K. Yerby 

New lUver, Ascensimit La Henry Doyiil 

New Road, Ddawarey N. Y Daniel Weed 

New Rochelle, Wstchester, N. Y Robert H. Coles 

New Rocliester, Wx-rf, Ohio Michael Myers 

New Roe, AUen^Ky C. K. O^Neal 

New Ross, Mnvtfffnneryy In, Nathan F. Bowen 

New Runiley, Harrison^ Ohio Jacob Qutsball 

New Russia, £i9ex, N. Y Lucius Bishop 

Newr3', Jackson^ Ta Andrew L. Newkiik 

Newry, Oarford, Me Charles Il.Clioate 

Newry, Biair^ Pa Cornelius McConneli 

News, Calhoun, Hi H. L. Bush 

New Sjilem, /?w»A, la John P. Wallace 

New Sitlem, /?t«/.-, TexMs John C. Nelson 

Nevr Sitlem, FranJAin^ Muss Alpheus Harding, jr 

New adem, Atbanyy N. Y David G. Seger 

New S:ileni, JfundiJph.V. C. N. C. Jarrell 

New Sjileni, EarJleJd, Ohio Oliver P. Landon 

New Salem, Pike, 111 Isaiah Cooper 

New Ssilem, FaytUt, Pa Cliarles S. Seatou 

New Siileni, nai-rvwn^ Ya M. M. F. Randolph 

New &ilisl>ury, Columbiana, O..Daniel D. McInUish 

New Salisbury, Ilurrisont la Joseph Dewees 

New Santa Fee, Jactson, Mo B. C. Westfall 

New Scotland, Albany, N. Y Edmund Raynsford 

New Scottsville. Braver, Pa GeorRe K. Shannon 

New Sharon, FrunAlin, Me Henry E. Dyer 

New Sharon, Monmouth, N. J Horton Cooper 

New ShefBeld, BeMvf.r, Pa John Scott 

New Shorebani, Newport^ R. I..Eluah Macomber, jr 

New Smyrna, Orange. Fla Jane Shehlon 

New Somerset, J«^er«*)n, Ohio U.S. Easterday 

Newsom's Depot, Soutfuimpton, Ya....Jas. J, Darden 

New Springfield, Mahoning, Ohio George Smith 

New Spriagvilie, /f^c/imfmd,N. Y.IstiacJ Slmouson 

New Stand, Clayton^ Iowa John Lockridge 

New Stanton, Westmoreland, Pa.Henry P. Horliaugii 

Newstead, Chritttian, Ky John C. Whitlocli 

New Stoney Creek, Oceana, Mich A.R. Wheeler 

Kew Store, BacJ.-ingham, Ya...Charles D. McKinney 
New Sweden, Clinton, N. Y.William V. B. McLean 

Newton, re. h.) Dale, Ala Isaiah J. Prim 

Newton, (c. h.) Balcer, Giu Robert M. Douglas 

Newton, (c. h.) Jasper, HI E. H. Bridges 

Newton, Middlesex, Mass H. R. Wetherell 

Newton, Cal/ioun, Mich Lorenzo Love 

Newton, Jasper, Iowa Rowland D. Minard 

Newton, RocKingham, N. II Michael P. Hoyt 

Newton, (c. h.) Susseje, N. J John McCarter, jr 

Newton, (c. h.) Catawba, N. C Ogbum Campbell 

Newton, Mumngum^ Ohio JobnB. Dugan 

Newton, Kanawha, Va .Ballard S. Rogers 

Newton, Marion, Fla K. W. Syms 

Newton, Newton, Texas C. P. Moore 

Newton, Marquette, Wis John Hoy 

Newtonburgh, Manitowoc, Wis Henry Meyer 

Newton Centre, Bliildleaex, Mass Robert Prentice 

Newton Corners, Ji',if'T«w», Wis H. S. DoolitUu 

Newton Creek, Baflard, Ky Edmund Rafrlaud 

Newton Factory, Newt(m,QA John Webb 

Newton Falls, TrumbuU, Ohio....£rastu8 H. Ensign 

Newton Grove, Sampson^ N. C Blackman Lee 

Newton Hamilton, Mifflin, Pa. John W. Smith 

Ncwtonia, Wilkinson, Miss David L. Phares 

Newton Lower Falls, i/uMfca^a:, Mass C. E. Snow 

Newtonsville, Clermont, OhioJiathaniel M. Hibbets 
Newton Upper Falls, Middlesex, Mass James Taylor 

Newtonville, Attala, Miss Thaddeus Wigley 

Newtonville, Albany. N. Y Jacob Henry 

Newtonville, FtyetUt'. Ala R. M. Shepherd 

Newtonville, Middlesex, MassJLndrew H. Ward, jr 
New Xopla, Barbour, Ala. JOobert H. Davis 

Newtown, F/iirfirld, Conn Jerome Judaon 

Newtown, Eldora/in, Cal Wilber Fisher 

'Newtown, Cottb. Gh ...W. II. Autrey 

Newtown, Fountain, la Asiron Black 

Newtown, Snolt,Ky George K. Readel 

Newtown, Wm-test^, Md William II. T. Clarvoe 

Newtown, Hinds,i/l\Bs John F.Tatam 

Newtown, Queenx, N. Y John T. Uorroughi 

Newtown, HumiWin, Ohio Hiniui Bodine 

Newtown, Bucfrs, Ps Mrs. Ann Anderson 

Newtown, King and Queen, Va....Sum"l. S. Gresham 

Newtown, Putnam, Mo Philip Johnson 

Newtown Academy, Monroe, Ala...Joseph L. Cutler 

Newtown Square, Delaware, Pa Leedom Kirk 

Newtown Stephensburgh,/Ved«ricA;,Va J. Allemong 

New Trenton, Franlclin, la Frederick Deike 

New Trier, Cbofr, III , Anson H. Taylor 

New Tripoli, Lehigh, Pa Samuel Cnmp 

New Ulm, Austin, Texai> Laurence Miller 

New Upton, Gloucester, Va Edward Seari 

New Utrecht, Kings, N. Y Englebert L. Barre 

New Vernon, Morris, N. J Watson C. Tucker 

New Vernon, Mercer, Pa William B. Travis 

New Vienna, Clinton,Ohio John Matthews 

New Vienna, Du Buque, Iowa.... ..Joseph Schemmel 

New Village, Warren, N.J .V..John T. Stewart 

New Village, Sujfnlk, N. Y Samuel B. Lee 

Newville. De K'jlb,liii.: J.M.Lawrence 

Novvville, Herkimer, N. Y Ezra Jones 

Newville, Bichland, Ohio John Hughes 

Newville, Cumberland, Pa Daniel S. Dunlap 

Newville, Sussex, Va John R. Hollcman 

New Vineyard, Fi-anklin, Me Luther T. Voter 

New Virgil, Kane, 111 William H. Robinson 

New Wakeiield, WwihingUm, kXfk, James B.Slade 

New Washington, Clark, la John Swan 

New Washington, Clearfteld, Pa.John M.Cummingi 
New Washington, Crawford, Ohio...G. Donnewirfii 

New Waterford. Cb{um6Vana, Ohio Jolm Baker 

New Way, Licking, Ohio David Stratton, jr 

New Westville, Prrft/e, Ohio Alex. P. Campbell 

New White Lake, Oneida, N. Y.-.Theophilus Ilouser 

New Wilmington, Lawrtmce, Pa U. II. Means 

Now Winchester, Hendricks, la W. 11. Faught 

New Windsor, CkrrroW, Md Saninel HofTman 

New Woodstock, Madison, N. Y...Jas. J. Wads worth 

New York, New I'ork, N. Y Isasic V. Fowler 

New York, Montgomery, Tenn. .....Joseph I. Bowers 

New York Mills. Oneida, N. Y.. Sylvanus Hoag 

New Ziou, Sumter, S. C JtuneH A. IMnlding 

Ney, De KaJJb, 111 .Loander P. Kellogg 

Ney, Defiance^ Ohio <{eorge RIdenour 

Niagara Falls, Niagara, N. Y Jtdiu F. Murdock 

Niantic, New Lonrlon, Conn Feldon Cook 

Nicholas C. H., Ndiolas, Va David Peebles 

Nicholasviile, (c. h.) Jessamine, Ky ...H. J. Campbell 

Nichols, Tioga, N. Y Timothy P. Alden 

Nicholson, Wyoming, Pa All»ert D. King 

Nicholson's Store, Choctaw, Ala...Wiii. L. Mitchell 

Nicholsonville, Ihitnam, la M. T. Bridges 

Nicholsonville, Cleveland, N. CJuhu N.Nieholson 

Nicholsville, Clermont,Oh\o N. B. Ni.hois 

Nicholville, St. Lawrence, N. Y R. D. Pedc 

Nickaton, Penobscot, Me George W. Gaiman 

Nickelsville, Scott, Va James M. Quillin 

Nickell's Mills, Monroe, Va James M. NickeU 

Nicojack, Marion, Tenn George A. Grant 

Nicolaus, Sutter, Cal F. A. Russe 

Niconza, Miami, la Matrhius Moysr 

Night's Prairie, Hamilton, 111 Tlu»ma» H. Mellon 

Nile, Allpgany, N. Y Luther B. Whitwood 

NUes, J5crrten, Mich W. H. McCt)mber 

Niles, Cayuga, N. Y William Helmer 

Nilea, Clwfc, 111 * John Graj 

Niles, TrumbuU, Ohio Henry H. Mason 

Niles, Delaware, la , John Buckles 

NimisUa, Summit, Ohio John Sislcr 

N inunon's Cross Roads, Marrow, 0. Absalom Doherty 

Nine Eagles, Decatur, Iowa Allen Scott 

N4ne Mile^ BUdtoe, T»nu Joseph McDowdl 

Nine MUe, Mahaskm Iowa. ........ .Qeorfre Dunsmore 

Nine Mile Prairie, Phry, 111 Nelson Mead 

Nine Points, Lancaster, Pa Lewis Phipps 

Ninetj-Siz, AbbemOe, S. Nimrod W. Stewart 

NineTvh, Adair, Mo.......»...*....~..... J>aYid Mahlvt 




Nineveh, Broamf^ N. Y Pnuikllii Edgt^rton 

Nineveh, Jnhn&on, la William J. Mntln'S 

Niuev.'h. WUrrf^n, Va Joshua A. McKny 

Nippeiioso. L'/coining, Pa J.J. SKTiderson 

Nittauv, Ctnire, l*» George Delcanip 

Niverville, (Uumbui, N. Y. Edward Carr 

Nixhtu'jsh, Coosa^ Ala A. C. Morgan 

Nixonton, Pus'iuntiinky N. C Keiiben F. Overman 

NojiIj, Shdhjf, Ta Lean der Kennedy 

Noank, AVto Z/m'/ow, C!onn William Latham 

Noble, (c. h.) AW*ir>?, Ta Nathan Frink 

No»»le. IHdihind. Ill Henry Snyder 

Noble Criitnv Branch. Mich Darwin Willson 

Noble Iron W.irk«. AoW*. la James McConnel 

Nob!es!»or(m;ih. Lincfifn, Me.. John A. Chapman 

Noble.stJiwii, AUj'.iihany, Pa... William McClean 

Nobltssville, UaniHton. la Joseph A. Messick 

Noblevilli*. A'oW«. Ohio James Ilellyer 

Nobob, Ha-rcn, Ky N. M. W^ilson 

Nochway, /Mrn/ofph. Oa. Benjamin Gibson 

No Grove, Lt( Salle, 111 Henry Bowers 

Nolen, tTirdin. Ky Earhart Winders 

Nolensville, Wlliinmon, Tenn Francis Hawkins 

Nominv Grove, \Vext.mnrdandy\R Wm. P. Crabb 

Nonclo'vsu Lucitg, Ohio Benjamin F. Barns 

Nonconner, hliyHte. Taun John F. Boyet 

Non Intervention, Lunenherg^ Va Wm. F. Moore 

Nonpareil, Kwtx, Ohio William Sturgeon 

Noondav, G>bh, Ga R. Latimer 

Noodoueek Hill, Kent, K.I John T. LhwIs 

Nora, JoK Davie>8. Ill George B. Stanchfield 

Norf.ilk. Litc'ifidd, Conn Aaron Gilbert 

Norfolk, at. Lawrence, N. YWilliam T Osborne 

Norfolk, (c. h.) Nnr/oUc, Va Alexander Gait 

NorniMl Odlege, Handolph^ N. C M. S. Leach 

Normanda. Tpfnn^ Ind Isajic Vandevender 

Normandy, Udprrd. Tenn M. A. Kennedy 

Norman's Kill. Albany, N. Y...Wm. H. Slingerland 

Nornifint »wn, G. liner, Va... Emmet Norman 

Norridgewock (c. h.) Somerset^ Me lames Trench 

NorriaCre»'k. Lin&)ln. Tenn lames G. Harrison 

Norrirt Kork, Himry^ Mo Absalom M. Potts 

Norrirttown (c. h.) Pitpe, Ark KIrk B. Potts 

Norrislown, CirrolL, Ohio Kmmor Clark 

Norristown (c. h.) Monfgnmery, Pa...[lenry G. Hart 

Norristowu, Dt Kalb, la George L. Noble 

Norrl^ville. Eilt/efifld, S.C Gilbert McCoy 

Norritonville. Mmtjnniery, Pa. ..Jacob P. Thornton 
North Abingttm, Plymoutft, Mass. ..Benjamin Frosit 

North Ac ton, Vnrk.yie Joseph A.Davis 

North Adams, Brrhthire^ Mass Abel Wetherbee 

North Adams JfJfermn, N. Y AlbeK|; Rice 

North Adams, HdLfdole, Mich N. G. Vwjeland 

North Adrian, J>n*w«e, Mich Solomon Warren 

■ North Alb my. Oxford, Me Krnnklin Cross 

North Almond, Allegany, N. Y A. W. Bishop 

North Amhv^rst, Hampshire, Mjiss Horare Cutler 

Nortimmpion (c. h.) Hampshire, Maf<8..A. H. Bullen 

Northampton. FuUnn, N. Y Harvey D. Smith 

North Andover, E$sex, Mass J. P. Foster 

North Aii>ion, Sonuntet, Me Kodney Collins 

North Appleton, iVuUIo, Me Joseph Wentworth 

North Argyle, Wixin'ngtnn, N. Y....John Steven!«oo 

North Ash ford. IVtndhan, Conn Zach. N. Allen 

North Attteborour^h, Bristol, Mii8S....J. D. Kiehards 

North Aal)urn, Awimstcoggin, Me Isaac Osgood 

North U mgor, Fmnklin, N. Y.... George H. Stevens 
North Barnstcaa, Bdlm»ip, N. H.liobert S. Webster 
North Barrington, Staffmrd, N. H...Himm H. Cater 

North Barton. Tvtga, N. Y Stephen Reed 

North Bay. Onevla, N. Y Henry T. Frlsbie 

North Becket, Berkshire, Mass :....H. A. Bidwell 

North Belgrade, Kenneheck, Mo Orowell Taylor 

North Belhnghani, Nnrftilky Mass....Levi P. Coburn 

North Bend, De Kalb, Ala. Pleasant D. Phillips 

North Bend, Sfurk, la Jeremiah Mosher, jr 

North Bend .ilU. Tyler, \ti ..Alphea Conaway 

North Bennington, Bennington, Vt. Hiram R. 


North Benton, Mahoning, Ohio C. K. Qreiner 

North Berg«n. finne*ee, N. Y Daniel F. Merrill 

North B rmirdriloQ, PrankUn, Mass Timothy K. 


North B^rtviek, York, Me Ben^jata Boffam 

Norih BethMl, OVorti, 11« Juha Hamiin 

North Beverly, Esae^-, Mass Elijah E. Summer* 

North Billerica, Middlesex, Mass Joseph A. Burt 

North Blackstone, Worcester, Mass.-Alvah P. Colvin 

North Blanford, IIampd4>n, Mass Edwin Ely 

North Blenheim, Sclioharie, N. Y Thomaa H. 

North Bloomfield, Ontario, N. Y... Jowph Chambers 
NortH Bloomfield. Trumhull, Ohio....lsaac G. Qark 

North Blue Hill, HancocA*, Me Lewis H.Groen 

North Boothbay, Lincoln, Me....Ephraim Pinkham 

Northborough, Worcester, Mass Anson Rios 

North Boston, Erie, N. Y John Stillwell 

North Bradford, Ptnohscot, Me Samuel Gowen 

North Branch, MadUon, Iowa Jacob Bennett 

North Branch, Hilhbwovgh. N. H...AImn8 Fairfield 

North Branch, Baltimore, Md Joshua L. Brown 

North Branch, S'lmerset, N. J..Andrew A. Tf-n Eyck 
North Branch, Sullivan, N. Y...Jacob D. Schermer- 


North Branch, Calaverax. Cal Edwin T. Lake 

North Branford, New Havm, Conn E. E. Bishop 

Northbridge, Worcester. Mo^b Ha7en 0. Rpan 

Northbridge Centre, Worcester, Ma8S...W. B. Fuller 
North Bridgeton, Cumberland, Me. ..John F. Potter 

North Bridgewater, Oneida, N. Y Geo. P.Oatley 

North Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.... A. B. Drake 

North Brighton, Zftrmgston,. Mich Wm. A. Piatt 

North Broadalhin, Fidlon, N. Y..Jo8eph E. Benedict 

North Brookfield, Worces^ter, Mass John Hill 

North Brookfield, Madison, N. Y Harry Morgan 

North Brownsville, Piscatiquia, Mt ..-Joseph Gowin 

North Buckfield, Oxford, Me -James T. Buck 

North Bucksporr, Hancock,M. e Benjam'n Groce 

North Burke, FYanklin, N. Y David Bush 

North Cambridge, Lamoille, Vt Perry Kinsley 

North Cambridge, Washingtoru N. Y K. McLean 

North Cambridge, Middley-ex, Mass Jap. II. Davis 

North Camden, Lorain, Ohio William Grout 

North Cameron, Steuben, N. Y Klla*^ Miuson 

North Cannon, Kent,M\ch James Dmkeray 

North Canton, Hartford, Conn .George Adaoks 

North Cany on villa, Z>ou/7to», Oscn...Jo<eph Roberts 

North Carver, PlymouVi, Mass Wm. S. Savery 

North Castine, /7ancocfc. Me .Geor^re H. Emerson 

North Castle, Wejttchejtter, N. Y Nathan J. Green 

North Charlestown, SulUran, N. II..D. M. Din-^njore 
North Chatham, BtmafabU, Mass...Th etcher Ryder 
North Chatham, Qilumhia, N. Y...J. Schenn»'rhorn 
North Chelmsford, Middlesex, Ma^s...Jos. H. Smith 

North Chelsea, Suffolk. Mass George Newoonab 

North Chemung, Chemung, N. Y Johnson Little 

North Chester, JFiwdior, Vt David A. Sherwin 

North Chester, Hampden,, Mass.. Jon as Parmenter 

North Chestervi\le, Franklin, Me Joseph Keith 

North Chichester, Merrimack, N. n....Il<nrv Robey 

North Chili, Mmroe, N. Y Rob.-rt Fulton 

North Clarence, Ei-ie, N. Y Jared Parker 

North Clarendon, Rutland, Vt Henry S. Brown 

North CLu-kson, Monroe. N. Y Alonson Hyames 

North Clayton, Miami, Ohio William FintVock 

North Coha<»sett, Norfitlk, Mass Solomon L Boal 

North Cohocton, Sfeuhen, N. Y Klea/er Hall 

North Colebrook. LitchfiOd, Conn. ..Jasper Pinney 

North Conway, CtirroU, N. H Nath'l K. Mason 

North Copake, Onlumbia, N. Y.,^.. Thomas Edwards 

North Cornwall, Litchfield, Conn Anson Koirars 

North Cove, McDoweU^ N. C .Tames H. Brown 

North Craftsbury, Orleans, Vt....Wm. E. Paddock 

North Creek, /-*/aMips, Ark..... James M. Fraser 

North Creek, Wj.rren, N. Y Itussell P. Fuller 

North Crock, Laurens S. Nathan Henry 

North Creek, B'aufort, N. C William Satchwell 

North Cutler, Washington, Me Ellery Turner 

North Dana, Worcexter, Mass George T. Johnson 

North Danville, Ciledonia,*\t Wm J. Stanton 

North Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass...Jobn Cummiogs 

North Dighton, Briatni, Miiss John Rose 

North Dixmont, Prnobscot, Me...Ama.<a T. C. Dodge 

North Dorset, Bmnington, Vt Daniel Curtis 

North Dover, Cayalioga, Ohio Oilvln Phinuey 

North Duanesburgh. Scfitnectady, N. Y.Jas. Donnan 
North Dunbarton, M'*rrimack, N.H....Geo. W. Page 

North Bast, OtcU. Md William Beatty 

North East, Dutchess, N. Y Newman Lord 

North East. JAne, Pa Mrs. li. Brawlej 




North 1 {u«t. Ceutiv, Dufch^-s.,. N Y....J.O. Canlkinn 
Noitli Eastlmm, /liiii>tihle. Mfi«8.. David C. At\vo<ul 
Nortli Eiiston, Brixtol, Miisp... Augustus 0. Ilowmtl 

North Ejistim. W.ixMnfftnn^'S.Y Solomon Baker 

North EoMt Stnti«)n, Dvtc'te*Sy N. Y Ilnrvey Hoe 

North Eat«)ii, Lnruin. Ohio Stpphon F. VVritkiiis 

North Eiljiiscoml), Lincoln, Me.Woodbrid>fo Cliflbrd 
North EgTi'iiiiuit, -B'T'jtAiire, Mass. ..Geo. W. LcHter 

North Eli.u, E.<xex N. Y Hiram WUch 

North Ellsworth. ILin'nck\ Me James MfOoM-n 

North Eiiil. MaWianx^ Va ...Christopher S. Billups 

North Enfield, Grafton. N. II Alplicus Conant 

Nbrth Etiglinh, /owd, Iowa Chaunccy Clothier 

Northern Depot, Boone^ lud Abner Smith 

North Evans, Eri^, N. Y James Cleghoru 

North Fairfax. Pranlliny Vt...Thonia« P. St, Jolin 

North F.iirfield, Sunerfet, Me John Noble 

Nortli Kiiii-fifld. fJurm, Ohio Daniel 8. Stevins 

North Fairhaven, Brixtol, Mnss Cyrus E. Clark 

North Kalnumth, BumatuUf^ M.-iHS.Ferditmnd fl. Nye 
North Fanuington. Oahland. Mich...C. D. Woloott 
North Fayette. Kmneffck. Me...S>«nmel S. "Waltr-n 

Sorth Kcrrisburgh. Addison^ Vt...Calvln C. Martin 
orthfield, Cook, III Donghw Poyd 
orthf1'*hl, Litcfifield, Conn Wm. Newton 

Northfleld. /*«n«, la Jacob Tipton 

Northfield, WaxMrtffion, Me Andrew Ilarman 

Northfii'hl, Prunilin, Mass Chnrles Osgood 

Northfield, Waxfitmaw, Mich Kossell M. Barker 

Nortlifiehl, Smnmit, Ohio George Lillie 

Northfield, Waxhinffton, Vt Francis V. Kandall 

Northfitdd. Dpx itofws, Towa...William F. Robinson 
Nonhfiehl Depot, Merrimack, N. II... Merrill Moore 

Northflvlil Farms, Pranllin, Mass Moses Fifleld 

North Hat, Wifoming,Vn. Ambrose Gnrey 

Northfitrd, Ntto Ilav^jConn William Evarts 

North F<»rk, /*arcZ. Ark Jacob Wolf 

North Pork, Vtrmillifm, 111 Alvan Gilbert 

Nortli Fork, Mason. Ky John Lnrcw 

Nortli F«»rk, Aitit, N.C David Worth, jr 

North Fork, WasMnaton, Va Abraham hinder 

North Fork, Andrt-w Brlgns 

Horth Frankfort, Wilih, Me Ilosoa Sullivan 

North Fnmklin, Nfw London,Coi\n A. F. Hnvce 

Nortli Franklin, Ddaivare., N. Y Wm. A.- Miller 

North Fryebur;;;h, Oxford, Me Simeon C. Wlhy 

North Oage, Onnda, N. Y Daniel Rend 

North Galveston, Kosduisko, Ind Joseph CurtK 

North Galway, Saratoga, N. Y Abel S. WMtlock 

North Garden, Albemarle, Va C. G. Sntheiland 

North Georgetown, CWMTwWano, Ohio... Henry Fox 
North Gosheu, Litnfiftrld, Conn. ..Samuel H. Merwin 
North Uranby, Uirtfifrd, Conn... Marcus Cushman 
North Grantham, Sn'Uivan, N. H... Henry Alexander 
North Granville, W'ghinffton, N. Y...h. G. Djiyton 

North Gray, Cumberland, Me Mo^es Plnmtner 

Nortlf Greece, Atonrof, N. Y Mrs. Mary Phelps 

North Greenfield, Saratorja,'S.Y John Gilford 

North Greenwich, hn'rfield. Conn Levi Mead 

North Greenwich, yVathingtm, H . Y W. R.-id 

North Oroton, Cfrqfttm, N. II John Kidder 

North Gnilford, A'«w Wi/ven, Conn..Stephen FowU-r 
North Ihidley. Hampshire^ M5is8...Siinrm F. Oioley 
North Hampden, D>ttiwar^, N. Y... Allen Stoodley 

North Hampton, I'eoria, 111 R. B. namlin 

North Hampt<m, Rockingham, N. II T. D. Hobbs 

Nortli Il:impt(m, Cl<irk, Ohio John K. Fenimure 

North Hancock, HtncorJr, Me David McFarlamI 

Nortli llarptr^field. Drlawure, N. Y Levi Seley 

North Ilartland, Windsor, Vt O. W. Clark 

Nortli Haven, Nrw fiiven, Conn.IIervoy T. Diiyton 

North Ihxven. Hanrock, Me John Kent 

North H iverhill. Oraftnn, N. H N. M. Swasey 

North Haverstraw, HochUnd, N. Y Wm. Oovan 

North Hebnm, Wishington, N. Y..Martln V. B. Bull 

North Hector. Schayirr, N. Y Theodore Squires 

North Hempstead, (e. \\.)QuMns, N.Y. Jess* P. Kelst-y 

North Henderson. Mercer, 111 Robert Pollock 

North Hermon, P.nohsct*, Me Lionel D. Phillips 

North Hero, {c. h.) Grand Jde, Vt J. P. Udd 

North Hill, Wiynf, Ky John McBeatli 

North Hojjan, iHplr.y,'lT\ Ebenezer 8. Hawley 

North Hollia. Yt>r!c, Me Nicholas Kfdhm 

North Iloosick, nentr'laer, N. Y.AIvah H. Webstrr 
North Hope, Butler,^tk Henry CiimuihigB 

N'tu'th Huwland. Pinobf&tt. Mu \\ iiiiinii S. Len , 

Nortli Hudson, J5j.v''a', N. Y ! rawMis totter 

North llyile Park, LamtrHle, Vt Narhaii Walker 

North Industry. Stirk^ Ohio B. C. Go<.dwiU 

Nortliingt<m, Cuvihnianil^ N. C hdin L. I'ethea 

North iHleboro, Waldoy Me i iilirann Cooiiibi 

N(U-th th\c\iHon, Mufioning, Ohio.., i-lias Miirburger 
North Jackson, Suifutfi,innah. Pa..Williiini llinlsall 

North Janesviil*, Rock, Wis John lUissell 

Noilh Java, Wyoming, N. Y Ueiilicn Cook 

North Jay, /Vt/n'/tn, Me Klisha Kye« 

North Kcnnebunk Port, York. Me K. Ctnrier, Jr 

North Killingly. Windham, Conn 0. Warren 

North Kingston, De KoUj, 111 C. W. Branch 

North Kortright, Delaware, N. Y..Calvin M. Tinker 

North Lansing, Tompkins, N. Y R. Bcardsloj 

North Lawrence, St. Latcrcnre, N. Y...N. W. Baker 

Nt)rth \Mi-d8. Androscrggin, Mo Walter Fosa 

North Leominster. Worcester, Mass W. F. How« 

North Leverett. FV'anklin, Mjiss B. F. Gmves 

North I^'wisburgh, Champaign, 01iio...W. G Uofcgji 

North IJberty, M-rcer, Pa Itobert McKeo. 

North Lilrt-rty, Knox, Ohio Jantt^x W. Peaice 

North Lil>erty. St. Josrph, la .lanieK Harvey 

North Limit, Mahoning, Ohio John H. Donald 

North Limington, York, Me John Seavcy 

North Lincidn, Penobscot, Me Ira Varncy 

North Linklaen, Chenango, N. Y...J«tt«hu>« C. D^ivif 

North Littleton, Crc^m, N.II W.J. liiggini 

North Livermore, Androfcogtp'n, Me M. M. Stone 

North Londonderry, Pockinyham, N. II.. ..K. White 

North Lovell, OTford, Me hinu-s Coffin 

North Lyme, New London, Conn Kri'«l k Fosdick 

North Madison, Jefferson, la Jactib V. U. Hicks 

North Manchester, Wabash, In I). M. Marshall 

North Manlius, Onondaga, N. Y Cyin»! P. Camp 

North Mariaville, Hancocfc, Mo Richard Goodwin 

North Marj«hfield, Plymouth. Mass C. Oakman 

North Middleborough, Plymouth. Mtuit<.M. Bobinsoi^ 

North Middletown, Bourbon, Ky W. T. Allen 

North Monmouth, Kennrheck, Mc... J. A. Tinkhara 

North Monroe, Grafton, N.II Albert Mason 

North Monroe, Waldo, Me Gihuan Gould 

North Montpelier, Washingltm, Vt C. Sibley 

North Mountain, Berkeley, Va....Hiigh A. IMtenour 
North Mount Pleasant, BtarshaU, Mias... \ W McNabb 

North Nassau, A'enMctoer, N. Y Iaiiie>* II. Ball 

North Newbnrgh. Penobscot, Me C. 11. Whitney 

North Newbury, Geauga, Ohio.... Vren Knox 

North Newport, J^obscot, Me KIhmi I). iUilierta 

North New Portland, iSbnw'r»c/,Me...Asa A. Knowlei 

North Newry, Oxford, Me.'. ltlti«»l .''inith 

North New Salem, Franklin, Ma88...W. Whitteniorv 

North Norfolk, Litchfield Conn Amos R. Ccdlar 

North Norway, Oxford, Me William P. Back 

North Norwich, Chenango, N. Y Sidney Jones 

North NoiAvii-h, Huron, Ohio..WiIliHni IK \anhom 

North Orange, Franklin, Mass Ililbd Baker 

North Orwi 11, ^a<^orrf. Pa John VV. Alger 

North Oxford, Lapeer,Mich John Hossmaa 

North Oxford, Win-center, Ma88...St«pheii Bnrron,jr 

North Palermo, Waldo, Me Mrs. Mnhalah Cnrr 

North Paris, Oxford,Mif Eliab W. Murdoek 

North Parma, Monroe^ N. Y J. A. M.Farlana 

North Parsonfield, York, Me Rolwit T. Blaso 

North Peinbrukn, Genesee, N. Y Levi Blackmaa 

North Penn, SchuylkiU, Pa Peter St-ibeiling 

North Pi'Uobsoot, Hancod,; Me.Aubtin L. WHnlweli 

North Pepin, Dunn, Wis John Newcomb 

Nurth Pine Grove, Clarion, Pa Jaines Black 

North Pitcher, Chenanqo, N. Y... Joseph liT^tanbro 

North Pittrtton, Kenn^'lyeck, Me Jesse Uonid 

North Plains, Ionia, Mich Iliruni Brown 

North Plato, Kane, Hi Freoiiuin Temple 

North Plynipton, Plymouth, Mu88..Zeuas Cnshmoa 

North Point, Holt, Mo Galen Crow 

Northport, Tuskaloosa, Ala James K. Smith 

Northport, NtMe., la I^hivid Law 

NorthiK>rt, Wuldo,Me James l^MUCuater 

Northport, SufftiUc, N. Y blkanah Soper 

North Potsdam, .S'^ Lawrence^ti. Y...B.G. Bahlwia 

North Pownal, Gumfjerland, Me Joseph Lnfkia 

North Pownal, Bennington, Vt Jonathan Brown 

North Pnurie, Knox, 111 John D. Barkletl 

North Pnurie Station, WuukeshUf.Viu^M. Q. Sadd 




North Pi-eiscutt, tTampshim^ Muss Iloruce Hunt 

North Prodptict, Wiildit, Me Lutlier Mudgett 

North lliiisiiiville, Monntty Mich.Andrew J.*8prinKer 

North Hayiiioiid, Cumberland, Me W. Siiiall.jr 

North ItiMuiiug, MiddltstXy Mass F. Abbott 

North Rouiiug, Steuben, N. Y Junies Masters 

North HelioUith, Brutol, Mass G. Steveii8 

North Kichuioiul, Cfieshire^'S. II...Uarvo.y Mjirthi 

North Kiilgo. Niagara, N. Y Orlando B. Averill 

North Ridgeville, Lnrain, Ohio Daniel Bi'ebe. jr 

North Ridgeway, Orleans, N. Y E. W. Hawkins 

North River, Tuscaloosa, Ala John Thomas 

North River, W.n-rtn, N. Y Schuyler Fuller 

North River Meeliogbouse, Hampshire, Va W. 

North KiVKf Mills, Hampshire^ Vit...John B. Miller 
North Rubinsuu, Crawford, Ohio.. ..John B. Magers 
• North Rochestfr, Plymouth^ Mars... I. F. Nickerson 

North Ruuie, Bradford, Pa JauifS B. Denioney 

North Ro>alcuu, Waupaca, Wis... Brad tbvd Philiip.'- 
North Rovaltou. Cuyahoga, Ohio...W. W. Siockuian 

North Russell, SI. Lawrence, N. Y C M. Clark 

North Salem, Jltndriclcs^ la Jacob C. Faught 

North Salem, Guernsey, Ohio John Burgess 

North Salem, Hockingtuim, N. U John Taylor 

Kbrth Salem, Whit C.iexttr, N. Y.Whj. P. Van Tassel 

North Saludii, GreeneiJle, S. Jefferson Barton 

North Sanbornton, BeLhiup, N. II....Jobn H. Clark 
North Sandwich, BamatabU. Ma«8..CharIes Bourne 
North Sandwich, QirroU. N. 11... Arthur C. Quimby 
North Scituate, Plymouth, MiD^sJoAeph B. Merritt 
North Si'ituate, Proritience. R. I..VVm. A. Brown ell 

North Searsmout, W.ddo, Me A. Woodmnn 

North Senrsport, Wildo, Me John C. Black 

North Sed}(wick, HanoocJf, Me E.ClosHon 

North Sewickly, Beaver, Pa James W. Taylor 

North Shade, Gratiot, Mich Joseph Com.stock 

North ShHpleigh, York, Me John Mayal) 

North ShetHeld, Ashtabula, Ohio Uany Pardy 

North Sheldon, Pranldin, Vt Benjamin Fish, jr 

North Sheldon, Wyoming, N. Y E. H. Persons 

North Shenango, Crawford, Pa... James McAtferty 
North Sberburn, BuOand, Vt....CharlesF. Lincoln 

North Shore, Riclimjnwi, N. Y John J. Clute 

North Sidney, Kennebecky Me John Merrill 

North Skunk River, Jasper. Iowa..£van W. Brooke 

North Sniitbtield, Bradford, Pa. W. 5. Pierce 

North Somen*, T>Uund,CoMii Amariah Kibbe 

North Sparta, L'vingstnn, N. Y IlHory Havens 

North Spencer, yf*>rcexter. Maps Jonas WiUoo 

North Sprln$(S. Jackson, Xvtun T. Li. Draper 

North Springfield, Windsor, Vt John While 

North Springlield, Summit, Ohio Samuel Ullet 

North Sumfoi-d, Fhirfteld, Conn Alvio Weed 

North Srar, Washingitm, Pa James I>oQHldM>D 

North SCttf, Darke, Ohio John M Houston 

North SitfphHUtuwn, Bensselaer, N. Y.U. T. Douglass 
North Sterlinif. Cayuga, N. Y-.-Uermao W. Deveile 

North Stockholm, St. Lau)ren>yt,'H. Y S. Houjte 

North Stoniugton, New London, Conn Thomas 


North Stratford, Strafford, N. H Joel S. Hall 

North Sudbury* MUldUsex, Ma«8 Lewis C. Puller 

North Sulpher, fUnnm, Texas UilliMrd H.Fatberee 

North Sultan, Merrimack, N. H Perlev Siirgent 

North Swansea, Bn'stiH, Mas.^ Mason Barney 

North Tewksbury. HiddUfejB^^h^^ L. Hunirtsss 

North TheLford, Ornnge^ Vt. Daniel W. Clopsou 

North Tuwandii, Bradford, Pa Stephen A. MiUi* 

North Ti-oy, Orle^ins, Vt Adonir&m J. Rowell 

North Truro, Bamslaijle, Mass John Oroier 

North Tmibridge, Orange, Vt B. F. Durkeo 

North Turner, Androscoggin, Me....Samuel B. Uult 
North Turner Bridge, Androscoggin, M« S. S. 


Horibumberland. Cbos, N. II Jamei B. Brown 

NorthuuiberlMnd, Sumtnga, N. Y Joseph Finne 

Norttanmlterland, Northundietland, Pa... Jacob Ulp 
North Duiim, WusJiir^fton, Ohio..Thoau» Bundy.Jr 

North Union, Lincoln, Me John C Rubbion 

North Uniontiiwn, Higttlund, Ohio..Wiili*m Sidem 
North Urban*, Steubm, N. Y.Zebuion P. Bniudaiee 

MoHfa Oxbridge, Uhnoiter, MaM W. U._padley 

Nbrth VansHlborOugh, Ketmeboek, iU^„ 


North Vernon, SJiiawasse, Mich...£benezer Brown 

North Vienna, Kennebeck, Me Sanders Morrill 

Northville, Litchfield, Conn Albert S. Hill 

Northvillp, La Salle, 111 William Hughes 

Northville, Wayne, Mich D. H. Rowland 

Northville, Fulton, N. Y Nathan B. LobdeH 

Northville, Erie, Pa John Taylor 

North WHkefield, Carrda,!^. H Simon M. Young 

North Walduborougb, ZtncoZn, Me Reuben OrfT 

North Washington, WeUmoreland, Pa WiUian\ 


North Washington, Lincoln, Me S. Howard 

North Washington, Hardin. Ohio Peter Ash 

North Waterford, Oxford, Me John B. Rand 

North Wayne, Kennebeck, Me Josiao F. Taylor 

North Weare, Hillsboro, N. H Peter C. Gov© 

North West, WiUiams, Ohio William B. llarb 

North West Bridgewater, P2ymout/i,Mii8.".L. French 

North Western, Oneida, N. Y David Brill 

North West Mine, Houghton, Mich W. P. Raley 

North West River Bridge, Norfolk, Va...Thoma8 B. 

North Wethersfleld, Wyoming, N. Y.. John Gardner 

North Weymouth, Norfolk, Mass Elislia Pratt 

North Wharton, P^M«r, Pa William Burleson. 

North White Creek, Washington, N. Y..B. F. McNitt 

North Whitef eld. Lincoln. Me James Keating 

North Whitehall, Lehigh, Pa Stephen Balliet 

North Wilmington, Middlesex, Muss Sihis Buck 

North Wilna, Jefferson, N. Y Sanfonl Lewis 

North Wilson, Niagara,^. Y Emulons Stiusey 

North Wilton, Franklin, Me.... Timothy Woodward 

North Wilton, Fairfidd, Conn Lewis Olmstead 

North Windham. W.ndiMm, Conn R. Lincoln 

North Windham. Cumberland, Me...David P. Baker 

North Winfield, //«rWTO«r, N. Y N. M. Morgan 

North Wohurn, 3AdcU<r.<c«a:. Mass.Stephcn Niih<>ls, Jr 
North Wolfborough. Carroll, N. H..Alouzo RoberU 

North Woodstock, W.wUiam, Qoun Ez^-aC.May 

North Woodstock, Oxford, Mo John M.GHllison 

North Wrentbam, Norfolk, Masf)..«Mi.U. Troirbridg« 

North Yarmouth, Cumherland, Me N. Plimpton 

Norton, Bristol, Mass Earl Hodges 

Norton, Delatoare, Ohio James F Wintermuts 

Norton Centre, Summit, Ohio Thomas 0. Young 

Norton Hill. Greene^ N. Y Nuheminh Kamsdelf 

Norton's Mills, Ontario, N. Y... Zurial Brown 

Nortonsville, Albemarle, Va Parrot II. Elliott 

Nortonville, Ottawa, Mich Amo« Norton 

Norvell, Jackson, Mich.. Stephen W Palmer 

Norwalk, Fairfidd, Conn R. A. Williiuns 

Norwalk (c. h.) Huron, Ohio A. 8. Sulton 

Norway, Oxford, Me Robert Nojes 

Norway, La SuUe. Ill Ova Rosdail 

Norway, Racine, Wis Peter Jacobein 

Norway, Hi^.'^imer, N. Y Jeremiah Smith 

Norwich, New London. Conn J. W. iiiedman 

Norwich, Hampshire, Mnm Whitmnn Knight 

Norwich (c. h.) C'lenangn, N. Y.SberwoiNl S. Merritt 

Norwich, Muskingum, Ohio II. W. fbaodles 

Norwich, 3t:h'ean, Pa Wm. J. C«»le>?rovo 

Norwich, Windsor, Vt ..John Wright 

Norwich Town, New London, Conn. Henry B. Tracy 

Norwood, StiinUy,H. C George J. Allen 

Notasulga, Macon, Ala William A. Shaw 

Notre Dame. St. Joseph, la Edward Sorin 

Nuttaway, St. Joseph's. Mich Jaoies B. Duukhi 

Nottingham, Prince George's, Md....John T. Stamp 

Nottin^tbam, WeJls, la. ;<iiniu- 1 Watts 

Nottingham, Harrison, OhioJoseph R. Turnpaugh 

Nottiuxham, KocMngfiam, N. U N.^0. Smith 

Nottingham, Davis, la Thomns Halo 

Nottingham, Chester, Pa Levi K. Hearns 

Nottingham Turnpike, iZo<^-in|/)lajii, N.U JT. 


Nottla, Cterokte, N. C A. D. Kilpatrlck 

Nottoway C. H. Nottav/ay, Va....Wm U. IlitlloweU 

Nova. Ashland, Ohio Charles S. Van Arnam 

Novelty, Knox, Mo. Riebnrd T. Pendery 

Novi. Oakland, Mich Thomas McGraw 

Noxapater, WauUm, MIks. Porkes Ball 

Noyesviile, 0>ok, IIL Henry P. Flower 

Nu>fcto, Kan. Ty Thonuui N. Stanley 

Null's Mills, hUtftHe^U. 0.0. Mollwain 

Numa, ParU, U. .'..». ..WUlord M. Cllnger 




Viimber 1, Wii;ite,*th\u Nancy Gochnatier 

iritmb«r 8. Arwntook, M« Theodore Trafton 

Huniidky Livingston, N. Y Uticy Spencer 

Hutbiuh, Warren, N. C. John II. Uullock 

Huztim, Marion, Va.. John C. Oallehue 

Hyack, Rodcland, N. Y Daniel D. Demarest 

Vyack Turnpike, RockUind, N. Y Samuel G. i^lls- 

Vyoes, Pik€^ Pa ^ John Nyce 


OAKAOTTTCKAMA, FafofttuAa, Mlra.Pohert Brookn 

OakBlulTn, Greene, Ark John RIcNeUI 

Oak BluffH, QirroU, La Willliim W. Owen 

Oak Bowery, Chambers, Ala W. E. Smith 

Oak Creek, Milwaukiey Wis Adin P. Hobart 

Oakdale, (c. h.) A'A«W>.v,Mo Adolphug E. Wo..d 

Oakdale, iVircester^ Matis Linus M. Harris 

Oakdale, Jrn7>tfi(7«, la Qeorge R. McHroy 

Oskdale, Jfockhridgr^ Va Samuel A. Wilson 

Oakdale, Ddaioate, Pa W^illitun Ojtden 

Oakdani, Vandkrburff. la Robert Parke 

Oakfieid, Geneste, N. Y Ransom Deshon 

OakfleM, Ftrnd Uu Lac, WiB..Haniilton W. Hubbard 

Oakfield, y^rry, Ohio Janiefl P. Thompson 

OakfiHd, Kent, Mich Warren Tlurton 

Oakfleld, FrankUn, Mo Julius Knlinnann 

Oak Flat, r^ndlelan^YtL Jamex M. Temple 

Onkford, Lfm.a%o^.e, Midi Kortright Kunpp 

Oakford, Harvard, la Robert C. Foor 

Oak Forest, Hendfirsoni T«iun....Willlum U. Lessen- 

Oiak Forest, Treddl, N. C Ntnlnn F. Steele 

Oak Forest, Franklin, la ThonnisCoen 

Oak Forest, Cumberland, Vi Zachiirlah Talley 

Oakfuskr, Rnndt)fph, Aln SyUanus W. Riddle 

Oak Grove, Mmtrjomery, Ala Alfred Boyd 

Oak Grove, Christian, Ky Geor^ce B. Blakemore 

Oak Grove, Livingston. Mich Holland C. Uasley 

Oak Grove, Jackson, Mo Richard F. Stiger 

Ofek Grove, Jefferson, Tann John C.Turulfy 

Ofek Grove, Westmoreland, Va Mungo P. Harvey 

Oak Grove, Marshidl, MIhs Chnrles Stuart 

Oak Grove, Linn, Iowa Levi W. Jithn^oii 

Oak Grove, Dodge, Wis Owen McCollow 

Otk Grove, Union, N. C Samuel W. Ro^^ern 

I Oak Grove, fr«nn<'j7tn, Min John D. Scotield 

I Oakham, fF?/rcester, Mass Alanson Prouty 

Oak Hill, Newtttn, Ga Shelby Downs 

: Oak Hill, Lifuyette, Ark H. G. Donley 

Oak Hill, La litte, Ky JefTerson Brownfield 

Oak Hilt, CambeHand,^e John Libbv,3d 

Oak Hill, Like., Hi Henry P. OBtrunder 

Oak Hill, Jefferson, Wis Norton Blaeknier 

Oak Hill, Greene, N. Y Henry I. Peck 

Otk Hfii, Granville, N. C William U. Puryear 

Oak Uiil, Jackhon, Ohio John Mackley 

Oak Hill, Lancaster, Pa lonathan nMmilton 

Oak Hill, Overton, Temi Quinu M. Gurdenhire 

Oakland, AUMeda,Oil Thomas Gallayher 

Oakland, Omp^a, Oregon David C. Underwood 

Oakland, Duimqae, Iowa William Swfsey 

Oakland, St. Francis, Ark Wiliisim Arni8tn)ng 

Oakland, OoIas, III Wesley Wampler 

Oakland, Oal^land, Mieh William Kliue 

Oakland, Yalobu^^ha. MIkb.... George W. 8. D-ivld-iOo 

Oakland, LacMe, Mo Lewis Keedy 

Oakland, Ciatfiam, N.O Jordan WHtiK>ti 

Oakland, S/)encer, la TboniaaC. Heady 

Oakland, Lamicca. Texas Amana Turner 

Oakland, Livingston, N. Y David Edgerly 

Oakland, Clintnn,Oh\o Samuel McLaughlin 

Oakland. Arimdrong, Pa George C. Nulph 

Oakland, t}dg^,field, S. C John P. Mickler 

Oakland, Fit/ette, Tenu Thomas J. Tuckniss 

O^laod. Mf'rrgan, Va.... N.C.Shockey 

Oakland, Jefferson, Wis Joel L. Whitney 

Oakland, Ltwierdule, Ala Josiah Rosenthal 

Oakland, AUeghant/, Md John Matthews 

Odcland College, Clady/rne. 9dii>i*...J. IS. E.Doreanis 

Oakland Grove, I^*rairiti, Ark Jolin M. l.ell 

Oakland MtWn, Juniaia, Pa Lnciau Wilson 

Oak Lawn, CUharras, N. tdwin R. Harris 

Oak Lawu, Nelson, Va Jewe A. Jones 

Oak Level, Bent^m, Ala. William Curmlchael 

Oak Level, yadlcin, N. C Jesse Condi 

Oak Levi'l, Htnry, Va Samuel 0. Smith 

OHkley, Macon, 111 John Ricketti 

Oakley, Meet len'mrgh, Va William R. Jeffrief 

Oaklny, Lewis, Mo Bayly R. Glasscock 

Oakley, Montgomery, Ala William G. Robertson 

Oakiy, Susquenannah, Pa Daniel Oakley 

Oakley, Fran;. 7tn, La Samuel G.Cloud 

Oak Mulge, Bedford, Va. James M: Williams 

Oakohay, Onvington,Vlln SMUiuel C. CrofI 

Oak Orchard, Orleans, N. Y John L. Whyland 

Oak Orchard, /-Yederick, Md Levi Z. Burnes 

Oak Park, Madison, Va Tbe<iphilu8 Smoot 

Oak Plains, Livingston. Mich Joseph M. Holden 

Oak Point, St. Litorence, N. Y James U.Cousall 

Oak Point, Thurston, Wash Terr Alexander S. 


Oak Point, Van Buren, Iowa David Mowri« 

Oak Kidge, Hanctick, Ohio William Downing 

Oak Ridge, Greene, Ark Matihew Y. Love 

Oak Ridjie, Graves. Ky John W.Taylor 

Oak Riflge, Meriwefher, Qtx Cyrus J.Clower 

Oak Ridge, Guilford, N. C Tbonuis Graham 

Oak Ridge, (Xtpe Girardeau, Mo J. M. Wilson 

.Oaks, Orange, N.C H. M. C. Struud 

Oak's Corners, Ontarut. N. Y Nathan Oaka 

Oidc lihwie, Cvipeper, Va. Joseph N. Anaatrong 

0«k Shade, Lancaster, Pa. Franklin Sutton 

Oaik Spring, DuriSy Iowa NicLulaS Lynxwiller 

Oak's 5?hop, Pittsylvania, Va Henry L. Muse 

Oaknville, Otsego, N. Y Hugh M. Seaton 

Oakville, Laurrence, Ala j. T. Irwin 

Oakville, St. Mary's, Md John Parsona 

Oakville, Monroe, Mich.. David S. Stevens 

Oakville, Uoion, N. C Joseph R. Hudson 

Oakville, Cumberland, Pa Patrick 0. McCoy 

Oakville, Lexington, S. C Joseph Coogler 

Oakville, Appomattox, Va ..John W. Isbell 

OakvUle, New Haven, Coun Nathaniel H. Perry 

Oak way, Picf^ms, 8. C Abner F. Uutchini 

Oakwo.Kl«, Weakley, Tenn Tlionuis U. Ray 

Oakwoods, Fleming, Ky Walter i?'. Case 

Oak Woods, Grant,lii John Coulter 

Oaky Streak, Bailer, Ala James W. Josey 

Oasis, Wuusfiara, Wis .....James Plocker 

Oatlanda, Loudon, Va «...8amuel Ileflebower 

Oat Meal, Burnett, Texas John Scott 

Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio Edwai-d F. Munson 

Oblong, Crawford, III David W.Odell 

Oblong, Dutdu.ts, N. Y Oliver Barrett 

O'Myrnes Ferry, Calaveras, Cal Wm. K. Cormack 

Occoqnan, Frince HiUiam, Va Leiand A. Lynn 

Occnpacim Essejc, Va Kobirt L. Pendleton 

Ocean Port, Monmouth, N. J William Haynes 

Ocean Springs, Jackson, Miss ¥. G. Mocling 

Ocena. Crawftrd, Wia Daniel F.Seely 

Oceola, Washington, Or Laurence Hall 

Oceola, Cfiei-okee, Ala Beujamiu F.CIiMpfnan' 

Oceola, (cli.) Afixsissippi, Ark Jumes U. Hazard 

OceolJ^ Crawford, Ohio John N. Rickey 

Oceolji, Clark, lowiu Muaes R. Lanison 

OceolJ^ Funddu Lac, Wis C. W. Prescott 

Oceobs Tioga, Pa Enoe Slosson 

Oceoi»H Stark, 111 William P. Ihiswell 

Oceola Centre, Livingston, Mich G. H. Chambers 

Ocheaee, OiVioun, Fla Jiisou Gregory 

Ocklockney, Thomas, Ga James Nosmith 

Ocmulgeeville, TW/mr, Ga Nathaniel Ashley 

Ocoa, 7^4/.-, Tenn James Sloan 

Ucola, Marion, t'la Mordecau Alexander 

Ocona Lufty, Haywood,N.C John Mingua 

Oconee, WushiTtgton, Ga H. A. Joiner 

Oconee StatiiMi, Shelby, III lames A. Ci»plin 

Oc4»uee Station, Pickens, 8. C Samuel R. McFall 

Oconomowock, Waukesha, Wis D. 11. Rockwell 

Oconto, Oconto, Wis Henry Jonet 

Oci-acoke, Hyde, N.C William U.Howard 

Octoraro, Lancaster, Pa Francis J. Heuuock 

Oildville, Harrison, Ky liey^ikiah McWhIteker 

Odessa, Sefiuyler, N. Y Josei>h L. Darling 

O'Fallon Depot, SI. Cluir, Ill...Anderson Unil«ai-ger 

Ogden, Henry, la Sihis C. Owper 

Ogiien, Monroe, N. Y Jonathan ifcribner 

Ogden, New MUdrid, Mu ^cuUhum Sikef 




Opl'ii City, \y*'lifr, Utili J. (j. Drowning 

Og'I'nsImrjjh, Sf. L iwrtnct, N. Y Liiku i::il<lwin 

Ogeclie r, Stiriva^ G.i ]'«»be»t 'Willinnis 

Ogln, li'ttJ^r, \*\ William 1Icmi(I<'i>oii 

Ogle, Oglf^ III Aaron Wrck.s 

0^\ -tlioiiie, Macon.. Oa W. II. Willis 

OguiKinit, York. Mo Willinni booilale 

Ohio, /l.rhiiuf.r\ N. Y WilliiimC<)piu'rnoll 

Ohio, Hurmu, lU Archibald S. Doilgi- 

Ohio Farm, h>n>{iiU. Ill John Widm-y 

Oliio Grove. Di KuU), 111 Ilomer IJoberts 

Ohi..ville, lituiver, l»a Philip Hill 

Ohr^ Town. Trumhully Ohio John Bfult^ 

Ohoopce, EiiuiniwL, Ga Ephniim Kdeufield 

Oil Cri'ek. Craw/ortl. Pa Peter Qilson, jr 

Oil Mill Village, intUlHnrnitnh, N. II....Ji«mi'S Priett 
Oil Trongh, /w/<!p^/f/flnc«, Ark... Edwin H. McOnire 

Okapiloo, LnuwlM. Ga Hobert Peacocl* 

Okanche<\ Witii,(t.slia. Wis Albert BlcCoiint'Il 

Okaw, iVjs*nngUni, III J. F. BrocUschmidt 

Oko-lona, f^fudiumu), Misa II. W. Noe 

Okonoko, ffimpuHrtt, Va Jantea A. Morrow 

Ola, Tuiiui, Iowa George Moriwm 

Olamon, Pfm^mO't., Me ©eorjje W. Merrill 

Olcott, Niiffir.iy N. Y Samuel Lockwood 

Old Alexindrliu Lincoln, Mo J. F. Willhoefft 

Old IJ.-id^e MiiblUxKc, N. J Andrew J. Di;»brow 

Old Church. Haimver, Va Lewis Johnson 

Oldenburgh, Frjntdin, la John H. Fisse 

Old Farm, Z///tor«nc«, 111 Lawson II. Childress 

Oldfielil ITork of Klk, flncaliontas, Ya. D. Gibson 

Old Forge. Lazfrn^,, Pa Ebenezer Drake 

Old Fort, McDowkU, N.C liobeit Burgin 

Old Furniice, Ga<fon, N. O .".Samuel A.Forrance 

01dh:imburKli, OlUviiit. Ky Wm. Ladd,jr 

OldhaiirH CrosK Koitdn, Watmordandf Ya...Benedict 
Walker, jr 

Old Hickory. ira//h«, Ohio A. P. Beach 

Old Ili«;k<iry, .Sim/w/m, Miss Willis Magee 

Old IlicUiM-y, Ihtttimrt, Va. F. Origglnhoimer 

Ol4l Hickory, W,akln, Tenn D. P. Cald>vell 

Old Hickory. Hrndl'iyrd^ l»a Lorenzo M. Leonard 

Old MiiiPrt, WtixhinuVm, Mo Lewis B..ldue 

Old MiHrtion, IFiwn«.'f//w!Ar, Iowa....FranciM J. IIcMiher 
Old Point O.Jntiirt, EUzabtth CUy. Va....J. B. Maher 

Old Kichmond. AJmsi.t/, N.C Wa8liiu;fton Payne 

Old Kiphy, B'tnd. HI Henry G. 

Old's, Washin.tmn, Ohio Wildors D. Jones* 

Old Town, Grir.nup. Ky C. F. Stark 

Old Town, I**nnh>cnt, Me George \{. Cony 

Old Tt»wn, AlUu/tiun^, Md Llovd Lawe 

Old Town, Stoh-fs. N. C. ...;...; Lovcn lllne 

Old Town. ClailHiri.Ky Tenn William H. r.ib«on 

Old Town, 0{P.f, Ala William L. Mayson 

\01dTown. l*hUipx. Ark James W. Muncey 

'Old Town Creek, I^mUttoe, Miss John G. Payne 

Old Wn.sbingtou C. U. C/iOctoio, Ala... Benjamin D. 

Qlean. HipUi/.Tti John H. Smith 

Olean, CaVarangus., N. Y David Day 

Olean, Ktnkttdc. Iowa Samuel Howman 

Oleander. itursfiulL Ala George W. Hal ■ 

Olena. lltmUrmni, Hi WilliKm F. Mark 

Olena, Ifuntn, Ohio CharleH W. Manahan 

Oley. /itrkx. Pa Benuevillo A. Glasc 

Olindji. FaviU, Ala K. E. Trull 

Olio, UmiiUrm^ la N.J. Kinnanntn 

Olive, UUirr, N. Y Abraham Merrihew 

Olive. Mnrgin. Ohio John C. llcadloy 

Olive, Mxirinn, la Peyton Bristow 

Olive, Lmirrmcf^ 111 James Watt 

Olive, CVvVtHy Mich John N. Norris 

Olive Branch, //urt. Mo Henry Minton 

Olive Bmnch, Dt Snto. MIhs A. P. Bnrditt 

Olive Branch, f'UTmfmt,Oh\o Joseph D. Hatfield 

Olive Brid;io, m.tej\ N. Y Henry B. Barilett 

Olive Centre, 3W///I. Ohio 0. L. S. Packard 

Olive Hill, Ci/ittr, Ky James W. Scott 

Olive Hll. /Wym, N. C James M. Winstead 

Olive Hill, tidm out, Ohio Bobert Heaney, jr 

Olivers. Andi-rson, Tenn .John II. Kin.itiin 

Oliver's Prairie. A'i'WtTfi, Mo Jami>s Ilnft'mau 

Olivesburv^h, /I'v-Zttind, Ohio Iwiiali Walker 

Olivet, Eatfm, Midi B. W. Warren 

Olivet, Armstrong, Pa Juhu McUuuxy 

Ulivt't, i:us»dL, Ala V. .M. UdIm 

OlniHted. Cuyah'nju^ Chio G. W. TbumiiFon 

i)ltn:Jttdvillo. Jijorxy N. Y Benjamin 'i". Willis 

Olncy, l*lci.m»y Ala John W. Hiin.son 

Oluey (c h.) h'ic'iland. HI J.>Malj V. Ueod 

01ii«*y, Mtrntgrrniev!/., Md lonaihan D. Barnslej 

Olney Furnace, Arm.tri>ng. Pa. John McCrea 

Olneyvillf. Providmce. II. I Kitliert Wilson 

Olus'tee, Odumlna, Fla Hnn.sfurd B. Alford 

Olustee Cr»ek. /\'Ae, AIh Willijini Lawrence 

Olympia, ThuntQUt VVasbingtouler William M. 


Olympia, Umith^ Va. Vnfh L. Coat 

Olympian Springn, Hath, Ky Harrison Gill 

OlympuK. (herti/ni T«nn AbrMm Grimsley 

Omaha City, Douglass^ Neb Wm. W. Wymaa 

0\\\s.r, Jt-Jfrrson, N. Y Pliny Newton 

OraegH, ni e, Ohio Jacob W, hagon 

Omega, Upxi/ur, Tex Thomas Hopkins 

OmegM, HuU/iix, Vn Charles W. Kdwards 

Ome}:}^ Marian, 111 B. W. Mder 

Omelet. Andrian, Mo Peter Jones 

Omro, WnnrJbagn. Wis Jufrph Banks 

Onidaska, La Croxiutt Wis IJ. C. Van lieoFselaer 

Onancock, Accfrmack\ Va Samnnl J. Carmine 

Onargo, frofuois, III... Townsend W. Gnrdner 

O'Neal's Mills, Troup, Go. Hilliard Neol 

Onecho, Montgomerg, Tenn Jamev 11. Williams 

Oneco, Stpphmson, 111 Jolin D. Beebe 

Oneida, Brmon^ Wis Curtin G. Lathrop 

Oneida, Kosciuslo, la Christian Correll 

Oneida, ICuton, Mich Samuel Pr»-8ton 

Oneida, Knox, 111 Chnrle.-* K. Camp 

Oneida, Madison, N. Y J. N. M.jwmger 

Oneida Ca.>^ tie. Onnda, N. Y Bnl'ns I'cckham 

Oneida Lake, M idlsmi, N. Y A. C. Me8>in»cer 

Onei'la Mills, OirroW, Ohio Ge.ive HuU 

Oneida Valley, Mudisim^ N. Y... George T. Kirkbmd 
One Mile Creek, Adavns, Wis.. ..Joseph Laniiworthy 

Oneonta, Otstgo, N. Y A.G. 

Onion Grove, G'jiar, Iowa Thomas Bohinson 

Onion Biver, Shfhovgan, Wis Jonah Phelps 

Oiilsbo, Sicram'nUt, Cal Charles S. Howell 

Ono, Lfhanon, Pa Milton Cooper 

Onondaga, IvgJtam, Mich John J. Van Allen 

OuimdHga, Onondaga. N. Y Henry P. Shove 

Onondaga Castle, Onoi:daga, N. Y...AIbion Jnrkron 

Onondaj^a Valley, Onftidaga^ N. Y R. B. Sli>cuin 

Onuville. Cattaraugus. N. Y Era.smus D. F» nton 

Onslow C. H. Onslow, N. C John F. MurrUl 

Ontario, La Grange, In Amo« I). Sarifent 

Ontario, Wufrne,H. Y Nathan Hinckley 

Oniario, Ricldand, Ohio Abraham Jenner 

Ontjirio, Knnx, III Henry J. Miles 

Ontonagon, Ontonagon, Mich Daniel Plttmau 

Onward, Stiwart, Tenn William PhiBips 

Onward, Cass, Ind John lihiue 

Oo-oola, Somf.rsit. Me Daniel W. Ames 

Opalika, Walker, Ga Uobert Gniy 

Op'lika. h'ussell, Ala. David Watsoa 

Opelousas, St. Landry. La A. J. Thompson 

Open Pond, y/«wri/, Ala William Wood 

Ophir, Minposut Cal Jo«»ph II. Miller 

Uphir, ii SuJU, 111 Kdmnnd Dodge 

OpJuiville, rtocer, Cal Daniel B. Curtis . 

Oporto, m. Joseph, Mich A. Cutler 

Oppt-nheim, FtiUm^ N. Y John P. Swartwout 

Oquawka, HtndKrson,M\ Jamt-s A. Caswell 

Oiamel, AUi'4jany, N. Y Horace E. Purdy 

Oran, Onondaga, N. Y Juliu;* t- ndee 

Oran, Kosciusko, la Ai«rahaiu Farber 

Orange, Ck ro'.er, Ga Thomas :'. White 

Oraui-e, Fuyftte^U Josa h P. Daniel 

Orange, B«»ton, Mo John Tyree 

Orange, FranHiUt Mass Oei>r e A. Whipple 

Orange, -EsxftT, N.J Le « in C. Lighthipe 

Orange, Schuyler, N. Y Alou/.o Gay lord 

Orange, Mahoning, Ohio Joseph MnCaughtry 

OrMnge, LuzernCt Pa Benjamin Say lor 

Orange, ^t'nton, Iowa Hiram Brown 

Orange, Orange, Vt Samuel U. Fisher 

Orange G. H., Orangey Va Henry Uidea 

Oi*ange, New HawHy Conn Benjamin T. Clafk 

Orangttburgh C H., Orangtburghf 8. CL...John Y, 





Oraogebargh, Jfoxon, Kt ^ose|^ Yariftn 

Oraage Factory, Orange, N. C John H. Webb 

Orange HiU, Washingttm, Ha Martin B. Everltt 

Orange Lake, Marioti, Fla .William ConnfU 

Orange Mills, SL J«hn:», Fla. Elijiih C. Simkins 

Orange Port, Niagcara^ N. T....Natbaniel S. Russfll 

Orange Sprisgd, Miuriony Fla .John W. Woods 

Orange Springs, Orange^ Ta John P.Coleman 

OrangeTille, Wj/ommg, N. Y llioinas Norton 

Ocaageville, TmmfnJlj Ohlo...^ John Scaling 

Orangevllle, Oolumbia, Pa..~ William Fritz 

OrangeTille, Orangt, la J. B.Buskiik 

OrangeTille SUphtnnnylW William Wagenhols 

OningevUle MiUa, Barry, Mich Eli Nichols 

OrbisoBia, JIiMUngdon, Pa..^ ~.Tho. E. Orbison 

Orcntt Creek, Brcuj^ord, Pa Anson Beidelman 

Orchard Grove, Lakr.. la...^ D. T. Warner 

Ordlno, MarqtietU, Wis ^thamer S. Chaffee 

Orefli^d, Lehigh, Pa ..Samuel Si<*ger^ 

Oregon, Je/^soM, Ala... .....William M. Nabors 

Oregon, Lasicaiter, Pa....« Jacob F. Young 

Oregon, Clark, la .^.....John W. Harmaker 

Oiegon, (a b.) HtM, Mo ....Henry W. Peter 

Oregon, ChMdauque, N. Y John West 

Oregon, Wirren, Ohio.. ...JTonathan Sherwood 

Oregon, Z>a««,Wifl Isaac M. Bennett 

Oregon, Lincoln, Tena ^ JEIenry Warren 

Oregon, Ogle, HI ^.L. &. Hawthorn 

Oregon, Rocking/ham, N.G.... James G.Kaioey 

Oregon City, CUickamas, Oregon W. W. Buck 

Oregon House, Fuba, Cat Peter Itioe 

Oregonia, Tusccdnosa, Ala... Wiison Shepherd 

Ore Hill, LUcbfield, Oenn......^...Phmp Rockefeller 

Orell, Irvtin, Ga „ Nicholas Balcer 

OrforJ, Graflcm, N, H ....Henry H. Howartl 

OrfordTlUe, Ora/Um, N. H..., Rufus CBeal 

Organ Chnrch, Rowan, N. C... Moses Barringer 

Orient, Arooitook, Me....... Abraham LKn^ley 

* Orient, 5a^o«:, N. Y - ...Marvin Holmes 

Orion, Oaklamd, MJch Loran L. Treat 

Orion, SiMt, Miss .A. A.Swilaer 

Orion, Pikt, Ala Wm. Capers Menefee 

Orion, mnry, 111 ^,^ Charies W. Dean 

' Orion, Ashlty, Aric Jefferson B. Pippin 

Orion, Richland, Wis- ..Beigamin Ferris 

Oriskany, Oneida,iJ. Y ...Daniel C. Balis 

Oriskany FaUs, OnndOf N. Y. J. M. Willard 

Oriaaba, Tippah, Misa — John B. Knox 

Orkney Springs, Slunaindeah, YaJames M. Bradford 

Orlaod, tSUuben, la. Nathan Roberts 

Orland, Onok, lU ..................George Cox 

Crland, Hancock, Me Stillnan Cotton 

Orlean, Fauqtder; Va ...Jacob P. Weaver 

Oriean«, Orange, Ta. W. T. Spicely 

Orleans, AUeghany, Md. Henry Fawyer 

Orieans, -BarTwteftfe, Mass .Edward Barb«r 

Orleans, Potk, Mo. Asael Carlork 

Orleans, Ontario, N. T. Daniel W. Litchfield 

Orleana, Morgan, 111 — Robert S. Aadt^rson 

Orleans, Four Comers, JffftrMon^ N, Y.. J. A- Pierce 

Onae'e Store, Bhdsoe, Tenn.. Anderson Sloan 

OrneviUe, Piscaimquig, Ma .....Almon Sprague 

Oro City, Placer,Cal ., George White 

Orono, Penobscot, Me ..Samuel Buffum 

Oronooo, Amherst, Vti Edward J.Davis 

<konoo9,Wabatkato, Min. ........ Robert K.Wbiteley 

e'Boarke's, SL Jhmmany, La James O'Rourk 

Oroville, BtOU, Cal P. 8. Garlow 

Orrington, Penobscot, Me......Archriaus D. Atwood 

Orristown, Franklin, Pa. Henry Ruby 

Orrisvillo, Armttrong, Pa.. ...... ..Jeremiah Bonner 

Orrville, Mecklenburg, N. C. Robert McEwen 

Orrville, DaOas, Ala. — Frederick U. Smith 

Orrvaie, Wayne, Ohio Frederick Seas 

Ortonyille, T...... Jacob Horton 

' Orwell, Oswego, N. Y ...William Beadle 

OrweU, Aslitab%da, Ohio ..jr. W. Babcock 

Orwell, Bradford, Pa. CSiauacey G. Gridiny 

OrweU, Addison, Yt Ethan M. Wright 

Orwigaburgfa, {c. V) Bchuylk9BLy Pa W. M. Bickle 

Osage, Orav}f(yrd,'i&o JamfS Saunders 

Osage, OtrroO, Ark Charles Sneed 

Osage, Fremont^ Iowa. Harlow C. Kinicobury 

Osage Folic, Laclede, Me. John A. Sharp 

Oiage Mills, Benton, Ark .........^..Joka fimith 


Osanippa, Chambers, Ala JTohn P. W. Amerlae 

Osborn, Rock, Wia Porter Maine 

Osborn, Oreen, Ohio Salmon Builbn)>urgher 

Osborne Hollow, Broome, N. ¥ Alonso Everts 

Osborn's Bridge, FuUon, N, Y,.... Seth Cook 

Osbora'fl Ford, Scott, Va William H. RoUison 

Oseeola, Lewis, N. Y Seymour Green 

OsceoU Mills, PoUc, Wis William C. Guild 

Oaeola, St, Clair, Mo Charles H. Yeater 

Oi»good, RipUy, Ind Qbed Willson 

Oshaukuta, Columbia, Wis. Lyman Higley 

Oshkohh, Winnebago, Wis Edward Eastman 

Oskaloosa. (e. h.) Mahaska, Iowa. Syl. Greennugh 

Osmans, Adams, Ohio David S. Black 

Osnaburgh, Stark. Ohia. Daniel Stahle 

Ossawa, CUnton, Mich. David P. Doyer 

Ossian, AUegany, N. Y James Leniea 

Oasian, Wdls,U.^ ....John Cartwright 

Ossian, AUemakee, Iowa John 0. Porter 

Ossipee, (c. h.) CarrolC, N. H .Sanborn B. Carter 

Ostend, McBenry, 111 William D. Hoege 

Ostend, Washington, OJiio William Rea, jr 

Osterviile, BarnUdble, Mass... Isaiali Cro<'.ker 

Oswayo, Patter, Pa — .Salmon Hawley / 

Oswego, Kendall, III Erasmus D, Bradley 

Oswego, Kosciusko, la David Dennian 

Oswego, (o. h.) Osw^o, N. Y 8. R. Beardsley 

Otfwego, Washington, Oregon Weslvy C. Hull 

Oswego Falls, Oswego, N. Y S. G. Watson 

Oswego ViUage, Dutchess, N. Y James Omgdon 

Otsego, Oto^o, N. Y s. R, Follett 

Othello, Ltme, Oregon Jerome B. Znmwalt 

Otho, Henry, AJa James B. Morris 

Otis, Berkshire, Mass Lester Fllloy 

Otis, Hanoock, Me ....John B Frasler 

Otisco, Ionia, Mich Rufus R. Cook 

Otifioo, Onondaga, N. Y Anson Whitoomb 

OUsfield, Cktmberland, Me. — J^ohnson K. Lnvt- well 

Otisvllle, Orange, N. Y F. Seybolt 

Otsdawa, Otsego, N. Y Sohuyler Osborn 

Otaego, Lake, 111 ...Horace C. Joelia 

Otsego, OoUmbia, Wis .Cyrus Root 

Otsego, AUegan,,mch U B Coates 

Otsego, Muskingum, Ohio. Elijah Coulter 

Otsego, Ray, Mo..... William Cox 

Otselie, Chenango, N, Y W. H. Amsbry 

Otsquago, Montgomery, N. Y John H. Brookmaa 

Ottawa, La ScMe, 111 William L Gibson 

Ottawa, Waukesha, Wis William Miller 

Ottawa, Clark, Iowa... Llnsey Coppock 

Ottawa, Ottawa, Ohto .Frederick Bender 

Ottawa Centre. OCtowa, Mich. Beigamin Smith 

Ottawa City, Ottawa, Ohio W, W, Johnson 

Ottawa Lake, Jfoaroe, Mich ..:. John Wilder 

Otterbien, Jfcy«a«,Ohio. Amos Loy* 

Otter Bridge, Bed/ord,YsL William L. BeU 

Otter Creek, Jersey, Ul Linus Hunriston 

Otter Creek, Jackson, Mich Daniel Griffith 

Otter Greek, Jackson, Iowa. Jesse H. Jackson 

Otter Creek, Wayne, Mo .James Farrell 

Otter Creek, RipUy, Ind Matthew H.Jackson 

Otter Creek, Rutherford, M.C... Moses Wilkerson 

Otter Village, Ripley, la...... W. H. Snrith 

Otterville, O>oper, Mo Thomas J. Starke 

Ottervllle, Orange, N. Y .Oromloin Brown 

OtUtiewa, SiskiyoH, Ctkl Geo. H, Ooe 

Otto, asUaraugus, N. Y W. D. Allen 

Otto, ndbon. 111 James Sparks 

Ottobine, Rodcingham, Va Peter Paul 

OtU>kee,iitiUon, Ohio Jabez W. Cartw 

Ottsville, Bucks, Pa.... Charles Sheets 

Ottumwa (c. h.) Wapello, Iowa Stephen Osborn 

Ouachita City, Union, La .John Norsworthy 

Ouleont, Ddamare, N. Y James Humphrey 

Ourys, HamiUon, Ohio... Martin Skldmore 

Ontlaw's Bridge, Duplin, N. C... .George W. Outlaw 

Outlet, Lake,l9. Leonard P. Stringfaam 

Oval, Lyooming, Pa - Geor«;e Clark 

Overalls, Warren, Va Z, J. Oompton 

Overfleld, Barbour, Va John C. Radcliff 

OrerhiU, tTpshur, Va.. John P. Weaver 

Overman*s Ferry, MuseaUne, Iowa.... .Maning Hull 

Ovid, La Saile, lU Jacob Barton 

Ovid, Madison, la Joseph Peden 

Ovid, A^oncA, Mich Daniel Wason 




JUmmlui, /Sfeneco, N. Y Robert R. Steele 

Romulus Centre, SerucOy N. Y William Martin 

Ronald Centre, /onta, Mich Ralph Ely 

Rondo, Lafayette, Ark James Trigg 

Rondout, t/bter, N. Y John H. Stratton 

Rock's Creek, Livingston^ 111 Amos Edwards 

Root,-4«m. Ind Hiram Barber 

Root, Monigmnery, N. Y John Bowdish 

Root Creek, MHwauhit, Wis J»eter Lavie 

Rootatown, Ptniagt, Ohio Otis Reed 

Rosalee, Harriion, Miss John J. McCanghan 

Roflcoe, WmnAago, 111 James W. Abbott 

Rosooe, Hmry, Mo John Burch 

RoBcoe, Tbdd, Ky William S. Hickman 

Roscoe, OuAActon, Ohio Chauncey Bassett 

Rose, OaldaTkd, Mich John A. Wendell 

Rose, Waynt, N. Y Eron N. Thomas 

Rom, OoLrrody Ohio Eliezer Herron 

Boseboom, Otsego^ N. Y Robert H. Amith 

Rose Bud, Marshall, lU Harvey B. Allen 

Roeeburgh, Perry, Pa Jacob Sponagle 

Roseburgh, GranU la .Jehu Willcuts 

Rose Creek, McNairy, Tenn William C. Moore 

Rosedale, Madzaon, Ohio David Y. Bunker 

Rosedale, BuskO, Va John Mcurricon 

Rosefleld, Penria, 111 Benjamin Miller 

Rose Hill, Clmbonuy La Leander M. Hall 

Rose HiU, Harris, Texas.> C. F. Duer 

Rose Hill, ia«rrf^ Ky John Wood 

Rose Hill, Sunecti, N. Y James D. Rogers 

Rose HiU, Jasper, 111 Addison S. Harris 

Rose Hill, AmiU, Miss Orosvenor P. Farwell 

Rose Hill, Let, Va Robert M. Bales 

Rose Hill, Mahaska^ Iowa Samuel B. Waters 

Roseland, NeUton, Va David K. McAlexander 

Roeeland, OMin, Texas William H. Herrin 

Rose Mills, ^7nA«r««, Va Samuel Pettit 

Roseudale, UlsUr, N. Y William H. Snyder, jr 

Rosendale, Fond du Lac, IVis Samuel M. Smead 

Rose Point, Latorence, Pa Joseph Eakin 

Rosette, Cfedar, Iowa Joel B. Thayer 

Rose Tree, Dekaoare, Pa Matilda B. Cummins 

Rosevale, MeckUnburgh, N. C Arthur Grier 

Boeeville, Barren, Ky Henry Saunders 

Roseville, Ptirlct,lA Benjamin Hawkins 

BosevlUe, PrankUn, Ark W. D. Sadler 

Roseville, Maoamb, Mich H. L. Reeves 

Roseville, Muskingum, Ohio Orange W. Pace 

Roseville, TF^zrren, III Benjamin Morford 

Rosewood, Harrison, la Thomss Strong 

Rose Wood. Mu?dettburgi Ky...Tbomas Oreenwood 

Rosiclare, Hardin, 111 « Timothy Pell 

Roslin, Marquette, WU .'.Philip C. Qray 

Roslyn, Queens, V,Y Sealey Schenck 

Roslyn, Montgcmtery, Md Henry Stabler 

Ross, BuOer, Ohio Alford J. R*es 

Ross, Anderson, Tenn ^rames Ross 

RossburKh, Decatur, la .....George W. Barkley 

Ross' Corners, TQrk,M» Edmiuid Warren 

RoBseao, Morgan, Ohio ..James Sopher 

Ross' Ferry, Livingston, Ky John Ross, jr 

Ross' Grove, De KaJb, IK Heman H. Clark 

Rossis, St. Latorence, N. Y James Broddie 

Rossland, Monroe, Pa... Franklin H. Smith 

Rosstown, iSAdAy, Tenn Thomas J. Ross 

Rossville, HaUrer, Ga Thomas G. McFai-land 

Rossville, Clinton, la John Q. A. Perrin 

Rossville, Sumpter, Ala Thomas £. James 

Rossville, Biehmond, N. Y 3omt P. Winant 

Rossville, Chester, S. C.~ Daniel R. Stevenson 

Rossville, York, Pa Tempest T. Gardner 

RossviUe, JUemakee, Iowa William F. Ross 

Rossville^ Fhyette, Tenn.. J. F. Robertson 

RossvUle, Clark, Ark Thomas A. Ross 

Rostraver, Tfistmoreland, Pa Morgan W. Eekley 

Roswell, Cobb, Ga George H. Camp 

Rotherwood, Cb.rroU, Ga Robert H. Springer 

Rothsrwood, Watauga, N.C John 0. Blair 

Rothsvllle, Lancaster, Pa Jeremiah Roth 

ROttbidonx, Texas, Mo Jas. A. McDonald 

Sottirh and Ready, Anderson, Kj G. H. Gaines 

Bough and Ready, Hancock, HI Nicholas Wren 

Bough and Ready, Faiyette,Q% Frauds Cook 

Bmigh and Ready, Nevada^Cal^ E. B. Winans 

Bough and Ready, SUuben, N. Y A. Van Siokle 

Rough and Ready, murrtn, Teiin...G. W. Hopkins 
Rough and Ready, SchuylkiU, Pa...#.Gabriel Herb 
Rough and Ready, Chambers, Ala...Wm. M. Selby 
Rough and Ready Mills, Henry, Va...M. W. Atkinson 

RouKJb Creek, Charlotte, Va Andrew Bailey, jr 

Roulette, Potter, Pa Burrel Lyman 

Round Bottom, Wayne, Va John Gilkison, jr 

Round Grove, Whitesides, HI C. D. Sanford 

Round Head, Hardin, Ohio James M, White 

Round Hill, Adamt, Pa Adams S. Myers 

Round Hill, Lumpkin, Ga. Dennis Hyde 

Round Hill. Fairjield, Conn Nathaniel Husted 

Round Hill, Cooper, Mo William T. Seely 

Round Hill, Orange, N.C. Doctor C. Parrish 

Round Hill, Tallapoosa, Ala William B. Murphy 

Round Knob, Sebariian, Ark Leonard Spradling 

Round Pond, St. Clair, Ala. WiUiam Chennault 

Round Pond, Lincoln, Me Parker Mean 

Round Pond, 19^vn«,Mtss Archibald Graham 

Round Prairie, Douglas, Oregon...Jame8 D. Burnett 

Round Prairie, DdUas, Mo William W. Wisdom 

Round Prairie, Lamar, Tezao T. D. Murray 

Round Prairie, Stephenson, 111 William Furst 

Round Rock, WUliamsm, TexaB....Thoma8 G. Oatts 

Round Tent, Yuba, Cal :..J. £. Slater 

Round Top, Fhyette, Texas C. P. Rankin 

Rouse's Point, Clinton, N. Y Rnfus Heaton 

Rover, Bedford, Tenn John Jordan 

Rover, fW, Ark Wm. Anderson Carter ' 

Rowe, J^n/rlin, Mass John Ballon« 

Rowena, BusseH, Ky John A. Leveridge 

Rowesvllle, BecUbrd, Tenn George W. Heard 

RowlandsvlUe, Cecil, Md Samuel Rowland 

Rowlandsville, S'anly, N. C Thomas Rowland 

Rowlesburgh, Preston, Va. John Hooton 

Rowley, ll^ez,Ma8s Esekiel Bailey 

Rows, AshUmd, Ohio John Van Nest 

Roxalana, Kanawha, Va William W. Noyes 

Roxana, Eaton, Mich Henry A. Moyer 

Roxberry, Morgan,0 Joab J. Montgomery 

Roxborough, (c. h.) Pitrson, N.C.Wllliam R. Readis 

Roxbury, Oxford. Me ..John Reed 

Roxbury, LitchMd, Conn Job Z. Warntt 

Roxbury, NorJoUc, Mass Isaac S. Burrill 

Roxbury, ChesIiire,N.B. William Rice 

Ros^bury, Delaware, N. Y....Alexander H. Bnrhans 

Roxbury, Iranklin, Pa John Taylor 

Roxbury, Washington,yi Billings Spalding 

Roxbury, i>ane, Wis Edmund Huddart 

RoxObeL Bertie, N. C. R. H. Cox 

Royal Centre, CasSyZA Daniel Rea 

Royal Colony, White, Ark David Thornton 

Royal Oak, Ttdbnt, Md Richard C. Une 

Royal Oak, Oakland, Mieh Chester £. Stoddard 

Royal Oaks, Cumberland, Va John C. Taylor 

Royalston, Wor<xaer, Mass Joseph Eaetabrook 

Royalton, Benton, Minn R.D.Kinney 

Royalton, Boone, la Cave J. Garter 

Royalton, Niagara, N. Y James Sibley, jr 

Royalton, Fairfield, Ohio Michael Bowman 

Royalton, Windsor, Vt •. Julius P. Smith 

Royer's Ford, Montgomery, Pa....J>anlel Schwen^ 

Royton, Delaware, la William Mitchell 

Ruark, Lau)rence, III John O. Ruark 

Rubicon, Dodge, Wis D. D.Iloppoek 

Ruby, St. Clair, Mich John Beard 

Rucker'g Prairie, FrankUn, Mo..AmbroBe L. Rucker 

Rueker's Repose, Greenbrier, Va Wm. J. H«*fner 

Ruckersville, Elbert, Ga Wm M. Haslet 

Ruokersville, I)^|apaA,Miss.........Laikyette Norman 

Ruckersville, Greene^ Va. .EUsha I. Williams 

RuckervUle Clark, Ky.. Reaben Racker 

Rucksville, Lehighy Pa ...Martin A. Soipls 

Ruddle's Mills, Bourbon, Ky.. Pliny Harding 

Kudo's Mills, Lewis, Va Edwin D. Rode 

Rudyville, Hidalgo, Texas Edward Dougherfy 

Ruff Creek, Greene^ Pa J. L. Sutton 

Ruggles, il«UatuI, Ohio Barney Cook 

Rnlon, Harrison, Mo *.Arehi'd Montgomeir 

Ruma, Rand(iiph,ll\., Lyman Smith 

Rumford, Oatford,}A» Timothy WaUcst 

Romfbrd Academy, King TTiSiam, VaJohn H. Pitts 

Rumibrd Centre, Osfori, Me James M. Delloff 

Romfbrd Point, Oxford, Me ..Warren Mansvr 

RnnuoBrfield Creek, Bradfard^J^ Wm. Qrlflto 




Ramnej, Graftrm. N. H... Daniel S. W»rd 

Rumsey, McL4hi. Ky J. M. PercivHl 

Rundells. Crawford, Fa Lumaii Holoomb 

Running Water, Jfarion, Tuna D. U. W«ll8 

Rupert, tUumlna, Pm Gforge S. Gilbert 

Rupert, Bennington, Vc Iloury Sheldon 

Rural, Waupaca, Wiu James H. Jones 

Rural, Jasp&r, Mo Nathan B. Ferguson 

Rural Dale, Mvukingunty Ohio J. B. 

Rural Hall, Fi/rsyt'i, N. Anthony Bitting 

Spral Hill, Omecuh, Ala W. W. Johnson 
ural Hill, frtf^/m, Tenn John Logue 

Rural Hill, Jiiffh-snn, N. Y Benjamin F. Thayer 

Rural Retreat, Wythej Va John B. Straw 

Rural Retreat, Ode, 111 John Gofer 

Rural Ridge, AUeghany, Pa Wiliium Porter 

Rural Vnle, Lape^^r, Mich Gostavus A. Griffin 

Rural Vale, ff/iii/ZeW, Oa William James 

Rural Tale, Cisfioctoriy Ohio John G. Elder 

Rural Valley, Armdrongt Pa Henry Keck 

Rn5h, MnroA, N. Y Jes^ H. Loomis 

Rush, Susquehannah, Pa Norman Granger 

Rush, Tuscarawas, Ohio.^.... Alexander B. Kennedy 

Rush, ShiuwoKsee, MichT Jacob Rusn 

KviBh, Jo. DariKSs,ll[ George N. Townsend 

Rushaway, Menard, 111 James W. Simpson 

Rushbottom, Ifnft, Mo John W. Brinegar 

Rush Creek, (Tnion, Ohio S. P. Sbull 

Rushford, JUejani; N.Y William McCall 

Rush Lake, I'^trui du Lac^ Wis Henry Tomb 

Rushes Mills, Montgomery, N.C Calvin U.Ru:*h 

Rush Tower, Jeifersort, Mo. John Wiatt 

Rushtown, North umberlandj^&...W\\liH.m Johnson 

Rushville, Schuyler, 111 Joseph Haskall 

Rushville, (c. h.) Ru^h, la John S. Campbell 

RoshviUe, rates. N. Y F. 0. Chamberliii 

Rushville, Fairfield, Ohio K. Kalb 

Rushville, Susfiutliannah, Pit Plillo Sherwood 

Rushville, Appling, Qi?^ Joiin M. Joyner 

Rushville, UHchanan,Mo James K. Dickson 

Rushsylvania, Logan, Ohio William McAmia 

Rusk, Hayw()od,']i!enn Ichabod Herring 

Rusk, (c. h.) Cherokee, Texas C. B. Carter 

Rusk, Surry, N. C Pleasant B. Roberts 

Rusk, RUclne, Va William Patton 

Russell, Sheboygan, Wis John L. Sexton 

Russell, Hampiim, Mass Henry L. Gridley 

Russell, St. Lawrence, N. Y James Lowrie 

Russell, Geauga. Ohio Iddo Bailey 

Russell Hill, Wyoming. Pa L. D. Vosburgh 

RusseU's Mills, TyW, Va L. M. Marsh 

Rosseirs Milld, Parke, la Joseph D. Russell 

Russell Springs, Ru<seU, Ky Timoleon Bradshaw 

Russell's Station. Highland, Ohio.John W. Murphy 

RoBselVs PUice, Lawrence, Ohio Francis Russell 

Russell Place, Kershaw, S. C Daiiing I. Oeoi^e 

Russellville, (c. h.) Franklin, Ala. Noble R. Ladd 

Ruaaellvillo, Monrrje, Ga P. T. Wilson 

Russellville, Lawrence, 111 William Tewalt 

Russellville, Putnam. la William H. Durham 

Russellville, (c.h.) Logan, Kj £. H.Finley 

Russellvill'*, Brown, Ohio Thomas Mefford 

Russellville, C»U, Mo William N. Campbell 

RussellvillH, Chester, Pa Robert Russell 

Ruasellville, Jefferson, Tenn William M. Miller 

Raasellville, Pope, Ark George W. Petray 

Russelsburgh, Warren^ Pa John Russell 

Russia, Herkimer, N. Y ..James Poliey 

RussiavlUe, Clinton, la Richard L. Shilling 

Russian River, Meridocino, Cal...Uarman G. Heald 

Rutersville, Fhyette, Texas E. h. Moore 

Rutherford, Switzerland. la Isaac Nash 

Rutherfordton, (c. h.) JiuUier/ord, N.C..C. L. Harris 

Ruther Glenn, Caroline^ Va Levi Stern 

RnthsTille, M'lntgomery, I II.. Washington S. Fleming 

Rutland, WirccsteVy Mass 2kdock W. Gates 

Rutland, Jefferson, N.Y Hiram W.Tuttle 

Rutland, Meigs, Ohio Chas. M.Hoit 

Rutbnd, 'lioga. Pa William Rose, jr 

Rutland, (c. h.) RtUiand, Vt John Cain 

Rutland, Dane, Wis Seth H. Warren 

Rutland, Harrison^ Ky William F. Laughlin 

Rutland, Kane, 111 John B. Kakiu 

Rutledge, (c.h.) (?ratn^^,Tenn...MicbaeI Goldman 

RttUedige, (c. h.) McDonald, Mo...«.X A.B. Feanon 


Rutledge, Morgan.Qtk C. Crawley 

Ryan's Store, Montgomery. Tenn Jmiiu'S Ryoa 

Ryan's Well, Itiwumba, Miss Janu's Crumans 

Rye, R'tckingham. N. II Albiim D. Parsons 

Rye, West Chea^,li. Y Daniel Strang 

Rye Cove, Scott, Va J«»lin S Mintor 

Ryegate, Caledonia, Vt Gior^te Cuwlef 

Ryerson's Station, Greene, Pa James P. Vanata 

Rye Valley, Smyth, Va Madison Williams 

Ry land's Depot, OreenvUle, Va...BeiyaminD.Tlliar 


SABATXJS, Androscoggin, Me R. D. Jonsi 

Sabbsth Rest, Blmr, Pa William Beigl* 

Sabillisville, Frederick, Md Wm. Arnsparger 

Sabina. CUnton, Ohio Fairf.ix Mcl<'addem 

Sablnai, Beaar, Tex Thoe. B. Hammer 

Sabine City, J^erson, Texas Orrin Brown 

Sabine Town, Sabine, Taxas John B«U 

Sabinsville, 2Wa,Pa Kbenezer W. Smitik 

Sitbongly, Yalobusha, Miss Thomas T. Maif 

Sabula, JacArton, Iowa £. M. Westbro<« 

Sac and Fox Agency, Kansas Ty John Whistkv 

Saccarappa, Cumberland, Me Joseph Walker, Jr 

Sackets, Macomb, Mich •. Lemuel Sackei 

Sacket's Harbor,JeJfer9on, N.Y Richard Hooper 

Saco, Jorfc, Me.......: Cbarle.- Nutter 

Sacramento, Waushara^Wvs Oliver B.Holmaa 

Sacramento, Wright, Mo Fieldiug Young 

Sacramento, Schuylkill, Pa George F. Weisl 

Sacramento City, Sacramento, Cal Ferris Forman 

Sacton, Clark, III : Jesse Draper 

Saddle River, Bergen, N. Y ."fienry Esler 

Sadlersville, Robertson, Tbdu William K. Sadler 

Saddler's Creek, Anderson, S. C... James L. Simpson 

SadsburyviUe, Chester, Pa John Kerlin 

Saegerstown, Crawford, Pa Charles D.^MeGill 

Safe Harbor, £anca«ter. Pa. John Kolp 

Saganaw, Saganaw, Mich James N. Golea 

Sagefield, Morgan, Tenn i^Iphrnim Lnngley 

Sageville, Hamilton, N. Y John C. Holmes 

Sageviile, Lauderdale, Miss Edward I. Rew 

Sag Harbor, Suffolk, N. Y Thoniaa E. CroweH 

Sauo, Z«toi<, Va Alfred Morgan 

Sagone, Du Page. HI Srniih D. Pierea 

Sail Cre«k,^a'Attt'm,Tenn John R. Hickman 

Sailor's Rest. Montgomery, Tenn Isaac D. West 

Saint Albans, Hancock, 111 A. J. Steffej 

Saint Albans, Somerset, Me Benjajiiin Ireland 

Saint Albans, (c. h.) Franklin, Vt...Hiram B. Sowlea 

Saint Alban's Bay, Franklin, Vt C. C. Burton 

Saint Andrews, Orange, N. Y Lotan Kidd 

Saint Andrew's Bay, Washington, Fla...C. A. Hents 

Saint Anne, Kankakee, 111 J. B. L. Lemoina 

Saint Anthony's Falls, Ramsey, Minn Lucius C. 


Saint Aubert, OzZ/atoay, Mo William Willing 

Saint Augustine, (c. h.) St. Johns, Fia L. Andrev 

Saint Augustine, Cambria, Pa. David Mills 

Saint Augustine, Pulton, III A. Baldwin 

Saint Bernard, Cluy, Mo John S. Huston 

Saint Bernard, Lane, Kansas Joab M. Bernard 

Saint Charles, Kane, III Peter C. Simmons 

Saint Charles, Butkr, Ohio S. R. Stewart 

Saint Charles, JftAnxon, N. C Joseph Hara 

Saint Charles, .<ir£ansas, Ark C. W. Belknap 

Saint Charles, MadiShn, Iowa David Downs 

Saint Charles, (c. h.) St. Charles, Mo...W. M. Christy 

Saint Charles, Saginaw,}Aich Alonzo Carpenter 

Saint Clair, (c h.) St. Clair, Mich...Edwin D. Kitton 

Saint Clair, Columbiana, Ohio D. Culbertson 

Saint Clair, Hawkins, Tenn Thomas J. Lea 

Saint Clairsville, (c. h.) Belmont, Ohio Wiiliam 


Saint Clalrsville, Bedford, Pa. F. D. Beetle 

S int Clement's Bay, St. Mary's, Md H. Coltoa 

Saint Oloud, Heard, Ga John W. Black 

Saint Dennis, BaUinayre, Md Jesae M. Lowe 

Saintflcld, Muskingum, Ohio T. Armstrong 

r'aint Francis, St. Francis, Ark Juhn C. Tyer 

Saint Francisville, Lawrenu. Ill Jesse L. Smith 

Faint Franci8ville.(c.h.) We«t /Uicmna. La. U. Austin 
Saint Francisville. Clark, Mo... Joseph F. Wayland 
Saint QeneTieve, SL Gmevievt, Mo.£ttgeue Guiboard 




taint Gftorge, Chiltemden^'Vi Ira 0. Lockwood 

laint G«)rf?e. Lfncnln, Me «.. George Gilchrept 

Saint Georges, New GasOe, Del J. N. Sutton 

Baint Georges. CnlleJnn^^.C Wllltam S. Utsey 

Saint Helen, Odtir. Mo Tnrman Turner 

Sulnt ITelen, Wuhinqtnn^ Oregon B. M. Du Relle 

Saint lleV'na, St. Helena^ La Joseph Killian 

Saint Helena, Wf/omivff, N. Y Silas Bartlett 

Saint Ilttnrv'fl, Mercer, Ohio » Fread Seewald 

Saint Ilia, Wtre. Ga David J, Miller 

Sainr. Tnigoes, iSt. Mary% Md Joha l^ifier 

Saint Jacob, Madisnn, 111 Jacob Schroth 

Saint Janiea. Emmet, Mich Dennis Chidentef 

Saint John, 2>iX-<;, la John Hack 

Saint John, Dndie^ Mo GMIes Hodges 

Saint John. Hertford, N. C Godwin C. Moore 

Saint John's, Aufflaize, James W. Porter 

Saint John's, Clinton., Mich ^.George W. Estes 

Saint Johnsbury, Oixled<mia, Vt....Georjre C. Bflrney 
Saint Johnsbury Centre, CbTMfonio^Vt.Hiram Weeks 

Sirint Johnsbnry East, Caledonia., Vt C.Morrill 

Saint Johnsvllle, Montgomery, N.T. Ohanncoy Nellia 
Saint Joseph, Berrien, Mich ...Horace W. Guernsey 

Saint Joseph, B>i/;hanan, Mo ..Henry Slack 

Saint Joseph, WCUiams, Ohio Payn C. Parker 

Saint Joseph, (c.h.) Tfeascu, La J. W. Davenport 

Saint Jos?4)h, Pumbinos Minn .....Charles Grant 

Saint Josephs, C'lampaignylW Joseph T. Ki^lly 

Saint Jo<teph, SusqwJiannah, Pa. Francis Quin 

Saint Julian, Linn. Iowa John Safley 

Saint Lawrence, Chaiham,'^. C A.D. Headen 

Saint Lawrence, Jefferson^ N. Y Dyer E. Pierce 

Saint Leger, Oafl**, Mo. „ .Job Tere^ugh 

Saint Loon, Dear^^om, la .John G. Stenger 

Saint Leonards, OaJvert, Md B. H. Ireland 

Saint Louis, Sierra, Cal William P. Williams 

Saint Louis (c. h.) SL Louis, Mo David H. Arm- 

Saint Louisville, -Licl-ing, Ohio D. Allbaugh 

Saint Duke, DdUas, Mo Laiaros Niehols 

Saint Margaret's, Anne Arundel^' JAd John S. Boone 

Saint Marie, Jasper, III Joseph Schi&ieriitein 

Saint Mturk, Oreene, Mo William F.Bodenhamer 

Saint Marks, Waktdla, Fla John Denham 

Saint Martins, Wirce^ter, Md Lemuel Showell 

Saint Martinsville, SL ifar^i'n«,La.Augti.oteMaraist 
Si^t Marys, St, Genevieve, Mo... .Augustus Griffith 

Saint Marys, Qimden, Ga. Levi 0. Harby 

Saint Marrs, Pleasants, Va Irwin D. Myers 

Saint Marys, Hancock, 111 Wm. D. Powell 

Saint Mary's, Linn, Iowa. Harvey GiUett 

Saint Mary's. Vigo, la. F. B. Le^enre 

Saint Marys (c. h.) Auglaize, Ohio... Anthony Dciker 

Saint Marrs, Chest'or, Pa ^ Jacob Dampman 

Saint Mary's Mission, Kansas S. R. Palmer 

Saint Matthews, Orangeburgh, S. G...Rufn8 Gleekly 

Saint Matthftwa,./e/^-son, Ky John B. Anderson 

ftdnt Maitricft, Winn, La.: — AlfV«d B. Protbro 

Saint Mii-haels Tidbot, Md Henrv F. Byrne 

Saint Omer, Decatur, la. David Hooten 

Saint Omer, OJes, III Simon Bifcner 

Saint Parts, C'tampaign, Ohio Franeia Wirt 

Saint Paul, Madison^ Ark John G. Snmner 

Saint Paul, Grwne, Mo Robert Chaffln 

Saint Paul, Bamsey, Min.. William H. Forbes 

Saint Paul, Clark, Ala Nathaniel Bradfbrd 

Saint Paul, Deratur, la ... Jtoswell J. Pearce 

Saint Pauls, Robeson, N. G 7. A. A. Mdntnsh 

Saint Peters, Chesitr, Pa. Joha L. Wells 

Saint Peters, Franklin, la MIebael Qeis 

Swiat Stephen, fUuquier, Ysl^ Newton Laws 

Saint Stephens, Wit<hingion, Ala...Jamea Magoffin 

Saiat Tammany a. Mtllembwrgk, Va Philip Love 

Saint Thomas, FnmkUn, Pa......Ghriatiaii W. B«rk- 


Saint W(>ndels, Btseg, U .William Sdineider 

Salado. B.iL Texas William Young 

SalamoDta. Juv* la. .Goom W. Abel 

Salam, BussfU, Ala Haaty M. Crovd^r 

Salem. iV>«e<nm Vaxaa Seth Swill 

Salem. .V<rtr London^ Oo&n Joba a Daniels 

, Clurk\ 6a. JSamoal Ftt^ldlng 

, (o. h.) Utrvm, 111 Samoel Hull 

. h.) irushiaiftom, la J)eborah Cony 

', Iowa ■ la— IB s fc a y 

Salem (c. h;) Livingstone, Ky •....Jesrfls Oliva 

Sslem, FranJcUn, Me Moses Pattersoa 

Salem, Co. h.) Essex, Mass George B. Loring 

Salem, Washtenaw, Mich William H. Clock 

Salem, Kenosfia, Wis George A. Ilodgo 

Salem, Tippah, Miss Samuel Soott 

Salem, Bockingham, N. H .'.Raw. son Cobnra 

Salem, tc. h.J Salem. N. J..^ J. S. Hacketi 

Salem, (c h.) Washington, N. Y Charles Crary 

Salem, Fhrsyfh, N. C .....Orestes A. Keehln 

Salem, Onlumhiana, Ohio Puter H. Boswefi 

Salem, Murcer, Pa John A. dark 

Salem, Sumter, S. C John I. Cantey 

Salem, (c. h.) FrankUn, Tenn James N." Whita 

Salem, Roanoke, Ya Joseph CampbcU 

Salem, Marion, Oregon „ Isaac R. Moorea 

Salem, Linn, Mo Wm. B. Jackson 

Salem Centre, West Chester, N. Y ...Lewis Finch ^ 

Salem Centre, Steuben, la Orson Woodford 

Salem Church, Randolph, N.C E. Backerdita 

Salem Cro« Roads, Chautauque, N. Y. W. L. Mlnton 
Salem Cros^oads, Westmoreland, Pa J.Zimmerman 

Salem Fauquier, Fauquier.^Sk Thomas Allen 

Salfordville, Montgomery, Pa Philip B. Gravt 

Salina, Jefferson, Ky Mansffeld G. Kendall 

Salina, Onondaga. N. Y Harry Gifford 

Salina, Jefferson, Iowa George W. Peck 

Salina, Randolph, Va Jacob S. Wamsley 

Salinas, Monterey, Cal J. Bryant Hill 

Saline, &vier. Ark Stephen Ohenault 

Saline, Washtenaw, Sfich El^ah S. Northmp 

Saline, BaUs, Mo. .' Daniel B. Kendrick 

Saline, BienvUle, La James R. Head 

Saline, WUKamsm, 111 John W. Todd 

Saline Mills, Natchitoches, La James C. Weeks 

Saline Mines, Ocdlatin, 111 William N. Warford 

Salineville, Qdumbiana, Ohio G. W. Boring 

Saliquoy, Otss, Ga JohnG. B. Adams 

Salisbury, LUchfidd, Conn Robert H. Ball 

Salisbury ^./Scinflwmon, 111 Jason Miller 

Salisbury, 'iS)m«r«rf. Md William WsUer 

Salisbury, Essex, Mass Enoch Fowler 

Salisbury, Merrimaek, N.H... A- H. Robinson 

^Salisbury, Herkimer, N. Y...... Frederick Ivei 

Salisbury, (c. h.) Rowan, N. G....jrohn A. Weirman 

Salisbury, Hardeman, Tenn R. H. Humphrey 

Salisbury, Addison, Vt Keross K. Howard 

Salisbury, Lancaster, Pa... E. A. Yarnall 

Salisbury Centre, Herkimer, N. Y -John Blisi 

Salisbury Cove, Hancock, Me Benjamin Emery 

Salisbury Mills, Orange, N. Y. Mott Canon 

Salladysburgh, Lycoming, Pa....Chas. W. Peppermaa 

Salmon Greek, Monroe, N. Y Cyrus Amldon 

Salmon Falls, El Dorado,G»l Thomas On 

Salmon Falls, Strafford, N. H John P. Emerson 

Salmon River, Oswego, N. Y John Boom 

Saloma, Tfaylor, Ky John Durham 

Salona, CUntnn,^tL Samuel Bridgens 

Sal Soda, Buller, Ala y^ Stephen Bishop 

Salt Creek, Utah, Timothy B. Foota 

Salt Creek, PnOc, Oregon James B. RIggs 

Salt Creek, Davis, Iowa Paul Shepherd 

Salt Creek, HoUmes,0 John B. Roussei 

Saltersville, Hudson, N.J Henry Wood 

Saltillo. Kawetmba, Miss J. A.G. Peares 

Saltillo, Hardin, Tenn Thomas Davy 

Saltflloville, Washington, la.. Asa W. McKinny 

Saliketcher Bridge, CbUeion, S. C .P. F. Buckner 

Salt Lake City, SaU Lake, Utah .Ellas Smith 

S&It Lick, Ctearfidd, Pa Wm. S Sankey 

S.'Ut Lick Bridge, Braxtnn, Va...Chas. E. Singleton 

Saltlick Falls, Preston, V» WUltam B. Crana 

Saltpetre, Washington, Ohio John Hoist, jr 

Salt Point, Dtdehess, N. Y Charles Brown 

SnH River, Awbtun, Mo David H Woods 

Saltsburgh, Jndiana. Pa JUexander Flemins 

Salt Spring OnajsMI, Ga. Wade Whits 

Salt Spring, BienriUe, La Alfsed P. King 

Salt Spriagville. Otsego, N. Y Robt-rtO. WalradI 

Salt Snlphur Springs, Monroe, Va.. William Brskina 

Saltville, Wasi^i^m, Va — Saml W. Carnaha^ 

Salubrity, Piektns, 8. C S. WHliantf 

Salada, J^firwom^ la.......... Jomph H. Bridget 

Saluda, OnMlo-Oa- John U. Vineyud 

~ {9, b.) Jt Miiie s pr, Ya Tbomas K. Satasr 




SalQda Mills, Newberry^ S. John B. Bobo 

Saluda Farm, Dade^ Ga Richard M. Aycock 

Balaria, Qilhoun^ Texas Samuel S. Gi^enft 

Balvi8a, Mercer, Kj .....WiUiam H. MLoAfee 

Samantha, Highltindy Ohio « Joseph Starr 

Sanimonsvilltt) FvUony N. Y JohnC. BUnobard 

SHmpson, Darke, Ohio v. .John Leas 

SampBon's Pond, ClinUm, N. Y.....Jame8 M. Ftnoh 

Sam's Creole, CdrroUy Md Peter Engel 

Samsonville, Ulster, N. Y Henry A. fiamson 

San Anders, Milam, Texas D. G. Davis 

San AndreaA, Calaveras, Cal... .'.....Charles C. Snieet 

San Anronio, (c. h.) Bexar, Texas John Bowen 

San Antonio, Buchanan, Mo .....G. W. Ilertel 

San Angustine, Sun AttgwMnet Texae...J. H. Lewis 

San Bernard, QUorado, Texas Frederick Gaul 

San Bernandino, Los Angeles, Gal...I). M. Thomas 

SanborntoB, Bdknap, N. U Mrs. Fanny Lane 

Banbornton Bridge, BeUcnap, N. H..Amo8 H. Jones 

Ban Cosine, Rusk, Texas .Walter S. Jenkins 

Sand Bank, Oswego, N. Y Horaoe Pierce 

{(andburgh, SidUvan, N. Y Jonathan D. Starr 

&nd Creek, Shelby, 111 John F. Bobinson 

Sandefer's Store, Carroll, Ky James F. Sandefer 

Sander's Store, Rockbridge, Ya... Jamet B« Sanders 
SandersTille, (c. h.) Washington, Ga.....H. Brookins 

Saudersville, Chesler,^.G John Ross 

Sand Fly, Bastrop, Texas William R.Hobbs 

Sand Ford, Vi^fo, la James B. Armintrout 

Sand Fort, Russell, Ala Robert Allen 

fiandgate, Bennington, \U, N. T. Coan 

Sand HiU, ScoOand, Mo James H. Keach 

Sand Hill, Beau/rt, S.C W. McK. Baf*tick 

Sand Hill, Otrrott, Ga Henry M. Newton 

Sandiges, Amherst, Va George W.Henley 

Son Diego, (c. h.) San Diego, Cal .George Lyons 

Sanditers Mills. Copiah, Miss.... William S. Betnour 

' SMidisfield, Berkshire, Mass George Hull 

Saud Lake, Rensselaer, N. Y Calvin Sliter 

SaudoTal, Marion, 111 Thomas Nettletoo 

Sanduver, AbbeviUe,&.C Jacob B. Brett 

Sandown, Rockingham, N. H Henry L. Taylor 

Sand Prairie. Richland, Wis. Caleb D. Bellville 

Sand Rock. Cherokee, Ala AsaR.Brindley 

Sandrun, Nicholas, Va Sampson Sawyers 

Sand Spring, Wood, Texas William Welborne 

Sand Spring, Daviess, Ky Amos H. Goodwin 

Sandtuwn, Campbell, Ga Joseph H. Coryell 

Sandusky, Cvdtaraugus, N. Y Milo Holmes 

Sandusky, (c. h.) Erie, Ohio..... Juhn M. Brown 

Sandville, While, Tenn James W. Brooks 

Sandwich, Bamdable, Mass,. Charles B. Hall 

Sandwich, CarrnlL N. H Joseph Wentworth 

Sandwich. De Kalb, 111 Robert Patten 

Sandy, CUumbiana, Ohio Acquilla Burchtield 

Sandy, Jackson, Va. David 0. Hutchison 

Sandy Beach, Cumberland, Me... ..Nathaniel Picket 

Saudy, Clackemas, Or B. R. Scott 

Sandy Bottom, Middlesex, Ya. R. H. Crittenden 

Sandy Bridge, CUrroU, Tenn David Green 

Sandy Creek, Oswego, N. Y Hymenius Cole 

Sandy Creek, Randolph, N.C Sampson C. Fox 

Sandy Flat, Greenville, S.C ..John M.Crotwell- 

Sandy Ford, Madison, Fla Jscob C. Bugg 

Sandy Foundation, Lenoir, N. C.Stcphen Herring 

Sandy Grove, Chatham, N. C D. H. Albright 

Sandy Grove. Sampler, S. C William McElveen 

Sandy Hill, Worcester, Md William J. S. Clarke 

Sandy Hill, (c. h.) Washington, N. Y... James M. Moss 

Sandy Hill, Perry, Pa Samuel Milligan 

Sandy Uouk, Harford, Md. William Harkins 

Sandy Lake, Mercer, Pa James F. Brown 

Sandy Mills, Rliea, Tenn John 0. Thompson 

Sandy Mush, J?anco?n&, N.C John H. Robeson 

Sandy Plains, Patrick. Va. Thomas M. Oark 

Sandy Plains, Rutherford, N. C R. McFarland 

Sandy Point, Brazoria, Tex William M. Brown 

Sandy Ridge, Loumdes, Ala Henry A. Callaway 

Sandy Ridge, Henry, Ga ~ Francis M. Hay 

Bandy Ridge, Steuben, la James A. Segur 

Bandy Rid,?e, Grundy, HI N. L. Randall 

Sandy River, Pittsylvania, Va John R. Koyall 

Sandy Run, Lexington, 8. J. B. Anthony 

Santiy Spring. MrnUgomery, Md E. Stabler 

Sandy svilie, Warrenj Iowa Benjamin Beem 

Sandyville, Tuscarawas, Ohio Jacob K. Baiff 

San Klisario. El Paso, Tex... ...Edwin B. La Fayette 

San Felipe, Au$Un, Tex Z. W. Matthewt 

Sanford, York, Me Timothy Sbaw^ 

Sanfurd, hugham, Mich Ebenezer Walker 

Siinford, Brooms N. Y Andrew Kedsi« 

Sanford's Corners, Jfffer9on,}H. Y J.D. Heberft 

San Francis«}0, San trancisco, Cal...Chas. L. Waller 

San Gabriel, WOJUamson, Tex .John G.Gordoii 

San Gabriel, Ia>s Angeles, Cal Thomas Burdick 

Sangeriield, Oneida, N. Y « Elias H. Mott 

Sangerville, Piscataquis, Mc Thomas Sandeit 

San^ater's Station, Fairfax, Va James Sangster 

Sanilac MiUs, Sanilac, Mich Charles McMillan 

San Jacinto, Jennings, la Thomas Bland 

San Jose, (c. h.) Santa Clara, Cal..Jobn W. Patrick 

San Juan, M'mtereyy Cal Patrick Breen 

San Leandro, Alameda, Cal...XJnd9thiH Tan Wag- 

San Lorenzo, AUimeda, Cal>«*^ John Wood 

San Luis Obispo, (c h.) San Jam Ob^pa, Cal....T. J. 

San Marcos, Hays, Tex John S. Owen 

San Pablo, Omb-a Outa, Cal A.B. Batef 

San Patricio, San Patricio, Tex....Wm. O'Dorharty 
San Padro, Lo9 Angeles, Cal...George 0. Alexander 

San Pedro, Houfton, TeX Wra. Cunningham 

San Ra&el, (c. h.) Marin, Cal Walter Skldmoro 

San Ramon, Contra OMtfit, Cal Samuel Russell 

SanU Anna, De Witt, 111 Emery L. Waller 

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Cal...Geo. D. Fisher 

Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Cal Fletcher Cooper 

Santo Cruz, (c. h.) Santa Crm, Cal...Henr7 J. Share . 

Santo Fe, Monroe, Mo Silas Tanmr 

Santo Fe, Maury, Tenn James Caughron 

Santo Fe, Bracken,Kj R. A. Strura 

Santo Fe, Miami, la ^....Samuel G. Mettert 

Santo Fe, Alexander, 111 dark Jonei 

Santo Fe, Santa Fe, N. Max David Y. WhiUng 

Santo Fe, Ptrinsetit, Ark I ewie H. Sutfin 

Santo Fe, Columbia, Fla. Nathaniel A. Jamison 

Santo Luoah, Gilmer, Ga. ,. Kbenezer Fain 

Santo Rosa, (c h.) <Sbnoma> OaL...Theodore G. Hah- 

Santee, Covingsion, Miss.......... Ellas Redman 

dantiam City, Linn, Oregoa...i S. S. Miller 

Sappington, SL Louis, Mo Caleb S. Purkitt 

Sarah, Blair, Pa. Jacob Confer 

SarahsvUle, FrankUn, lU... Juhn T. Davig 

SarahsvUlej NoUe, Ohio ....Wm. Vanmeter 

Saranac, CUnlon, N. Y Bbepard P. Bowen 

Saranac Lake, FrankUn, N. Y.. Milote Baker 

Saratoga, EdgecomJte, N. C Nathan Webb 

Sivratoga Springs, SaraJtogck, N. Y Lewis P. Close 

Sarooxie, Jasper, Mo David S. Uolmar 

Sardinia, Erie, N. Y Horace Bailey 

Sardinia, 2>«xUur, la John T. McCormJck 

Sardinia, Brown, Ohio Houston Bare 

Sardis, Panola, Miss James F. Lavender. 

Sardis, Maaon, Ky David Wood 

Sardis, Monroe, Ohio- , Wilson Martin 

Sarepta, Calhoun, Miss John P. McLarty 

SargentTille, Hancock, Me Geo. M. Sargent 

Sartwell, McKean, Pa. ....Ransom Larabee 

Sarversville, Bvtler, Pa John Bricker 

Sa^sairas Fork, GreenviUe, N. C... James A. Setter^ 

Satortia, Tatoo, Miss Sylvester Mansfield 

Satteriield, Mercer, Pa...^ John Wharton 

Saucon Valley, Lehigh, Pa. Charles Wittman 

Saugatuck, Allegan, Mich. .....Stephen A. Morrison 

Saugatuck, Fairjidd, Conn Harvey Allen 

Saugertibs, Ulster,^. Y James Russell 

Saugus, Essex, Mass Gdorge Newhall 

Sauk City, Sauk, Wis Edward C. Watson 

Sauk Rapids, Benton, Minn Jeremiah Russell 

Sauk Village, La Porte, la. Joseph C. Barker 

Saukville, Oxaadee, Wis Joseph Mann 

Sault de St. Marie, Chippewa, Mkh...Micbael Duffy 

Saundersville, Vanderburgh, la i...,John ingle 

Saunders ville, Wrrcetter, Mass. Gilbert 0, Tali 

Saundersville,* 5umf^, TQnn.«.»3%omas S. Watson: 

Sauquoit, Oneida, N. Y David Seaton: 

Santo, Jackson, Ala. Eigah B. Ligon 

Savage, Hvward, Md. George Wheeler 




SiiTAge GrAQt, Wuynet Va. Charles McCormiQJk 

SftviuiaH, CU*r(tU, 111 Daniel F. Halt 

SuTHiJuah, (o. h.) ChaUiam^ Gh Solomon Coliuu 

Savannali, (c. h.) Amirtutj Mo ThoiiiaB H. Clarke 

Savan^iah, Wuyne, N. Y Joseph F. Catje 

SaYaunah, ^«/i2and, Ohio Joseph McCutchen 

aavautiah, (c. h.) Uirdin, Teaii Jares Irwin 

ftavanniih, Hed ifiver, Texas Thomas F.TitUH 

Saraunah, /><ztiu, Iowa. ...Tippo 3. WilliHms 

SaTill, Orange, N. Y Uaruion Terwilllger 

Savern, Oiven, Ky ^S. S. Rowlatt 

Savona, St uben, N. Y WUl%n W. Barnes 

Savoy, Berkshin, Mass .'Calvin Bowker 

Saw Dust. CMttm6»a, Qa. John W. Drane 

SawkiU, i'iVe, Fa Enoch Honeywell 

Sawyer's Mills, Lexington, S. C Sampson Duffy 

Sawyersville, EawMpkyH.C William Dongan 

Saxenburgh, BuOer, Pa Henry F. Aderhold 

Saxe's MUU. FranfcKn, Vt Allen Barr 

Saxeville, Wiushara^Wia Kdward Saxe 

Saxon, Henr^. Ill Charles G. Robson 

SaxonviUe, Middtesae, Mass Samuel P. Griffin 

Saxton's River, W.ndham, Vt Calvin W. Fair- 

Saybrook, Middleseat, Conn James Treadway 

Saybrook, Ashtabula, Ohio L. B. Brockett 

Saybrook Ferry, Middlesex^ Conn Wm. K, Buell 

Saylorsbargh, Monroe, Pa David Saylor 

Saylorville, fUk, Iowa Alfred Howard 

SayvUle, SuffoUe, N. Y Wilson J. Terry 

Scaffold Cane, Rock GutUjUy Moses Baaley 

Scaffold Prairie, Grem, la EUas Dayhoff 

Scales Mound, Jo DaviesSf ill F. 0. Miupin 

Scalp Level, CUmbria, Pa William Bonacker' 

Scarboro, Scrioeny Ga David R. Wadley 

Scarboro, Cumberland, Me F. Milllken 

Scarsdale, md Chester, N. Y.... William S. Popham 

Scales Monnd, Jo Daviess, III .*F. C. Maupin 

Scales' Creek, 2Aur«^m, Wash Abrahadi Tilley 

Sehaghticoke, Rensselaer, N. Y Henry N. Wales 

Sehellsbursh, Bad/t/rd, Pa Mrs. Maria Schell 

Schenectady, (c. h.) Sohenectudi/, N. Y...Luke Dodge 

Scheuevus, Otsego^ N. Y. Amos H. Brown 

Schleiiiingerville, Washington,Wii..TbomM Tenner 

Schnecksville, Lehigh, Pa David K. Wotring 

Schodack Centre, Rensselaer, N.Y..H. Vandenburg. Jr 

Schodack Depot, Renssetaer, N. Y Erastua Hecker 

Schodack Landing, Rennselaer, N. Y....P. \\ Huyck 

Schoaneck, Lanca<ter, Pa ..James Rerling 

Schoharie, (c. h.) Schoharie. N. Y...Wimam H. Gallup 

Schoolcraft, Kalamatoo, Mich bSvert B. Dyckman 

Schooley's Mountain, Mtrris. N. J W. Dellicker 

Schraalen burgh, Bergen, N.J J. C. QuackenbuMh 

Schroon Lake, E<sex, N. Y A. P. RaWt<on 

SchrooQ Kiver, 3iSex, N. Y Russell Root 

Schultzf ille, Dutchess, N. Y.......Dattlol H. Schiiltzs 

Schumala, Ritchie, Ta Mitts K. M. Wtlliauison 

Schuyler's Falls, Olintnn, N. Y..... Hiram H. Everest 

Schuyler's Lake, Otseg; N. Y ^ohn W. Garratt 

SchuylerHVille. SxraJtnga, N. Y M. McNaughtou 

Schuylkill, ChesUr, Pa Isaac Price 

Schuylkill Haven, SAuifUcUL Pa... David U. Baker 
Schwtf nek's Store, i^fm^mery, E^iJacob G. Sch wen k 

Science Hill, Rdndtilph, N. C John Hammond 

Sciencevllle, StewaH, Ga James M.Grauberry 

Seio, WJultUnaw. Mich Mrs. Rnth B. Foster 

Scio, AUeganp, N. Y...' James R. Weston 

Scio, Hdrristnu Ohio Abraham F. Crodkey 

Sclota, Mnntgomtry, Iowa Ohauncey Snger 

Soiota, Clinton, N. Y foranthum Ober 

Scioto, .Sbioto, Ohio Henry Corner 

SciotovUle, Scioto, Ohio Klias Harshnll 

Scipin, Jennings, la Joel B. Ueaberlio 

Scipio, Cayuga, N. Y Leonard U. Searing 

Scipio Centre, HiUsd»de, Mich John Lieng 

SclpiovUle, Oagttoa, N. Y George L. Watkins 

Scitico, ffiri/ord, Gona Roxelany King 

Scitaate, Pfymoidh, ULmb William P. Allen 

ScoQondoa, Oneida, N. Y iSamuel Butterfleld 

Scoober, Kemper, Miss J. T. Whitsitt 

Scotch Bush, MtfUgniMry^ N.Y....Wm. H. Jackson 

Sooteh Grove, Jttnu, Iowa John E. Lovejoy 

Sootth Hill, OlMf'ian, Pa. George Alsbach 

8oot«h Plains; Busex, N. J Joseph P. Hays 

8eotcb]U<ttf«» Wvodf Oba» .W. P. Oarr 

Scot'htown, Orange, N. Y TraS. Bradnor 

Scotia. Scimtdady, N. Y James W. Pangbnm 

Scotland, Franklin, Pa Joseph W. Dunmir^ 

Scotland, Windham, Conn James Burnett 

Scotland, Jefferson, Mie) Isaac Garrett 

ScotlMUJ, Oreene.lA .John Hombaker . 

Scotland, r<lr^', Me Sylvester Mclntirt 

Scotland, Flymouth, Mass George Chipman 

Scotland, Onion, Ark Hngh Kelly 

Scotland, Clarke, Ala. Daniel McLeod 

Scotland Neck, Halifax, N. C Thomas Ferrall 

Scott, Sheboygan, Wis WHIsOtaapia 

Soolt, La Orange, la... C. W. Wilson 

Scott, O/rtlandt, N. Y William Alvord 

Scott, La Salle, 111..., George S. Mhxob 

Soott, Mahaska, Iowa. Ambrose Downs 

Scott, Adams, Ohio Edward B. Wllklnt 

Scott, Effingham, Ga Obadlah Edwards 

Souttsburg. Umpqua, Oregon Loyal P. Brown 

Soott^bu^Kh, Liwnaston, N. Y Harvey 0. Bakar 

Scottsburgh, Half/ax, Va..., John H. Gurrett 

Scott's Creek, Haywood, N.C Allen Fi^h«r 

Scott's Hill, Hinderson, Tenn...Bphraim II. Austin 

Scott's Hill, New Hanover, N. C Jof>eph M. Foy 

Scott's lAWifi. Jackson, Ala .James Parks 

Scott's Station, Harrison,Ky H. L. Webb 

Scottsville, Wurren, Ohio Jacob Weaves 

Scottsville, Jfac(m»6, Mich Uriel Day 

Scottsville, Bibb, Ala Talliarerro F. Samuel 

Scottsville, Claiborne, La. William L. Burton 

Scottsville, Sidlican, Mo John Clements 

Scottsville, (c h.) Allen, Ky «David M. WilJH>n 

Scottsville, Albemarle, Va John L. Brady 

Scottsville, Mimroe, N. Y DyerD.S. Brown 

Scottsville, H^omt'n^, Pa. Henry W. Fai^sett 

Scottville, Macoupin, Ul Bosweil T. Gregory 

Scranton, Zrturcmi!, Pa Benjamin II Throop 

Screamersville, ifoury, Tenn...Matthew M. Morrow 

Scriba, Oswego, N. Y Hiel Stons 

Scrogg 'field, Carroll, Ohio John D. Qforgs 

Scrub Grass, Armstrong, Pa George W. Qoheen 

Souffletown, Laurens, S.C A. W. Parks 

Scull Camp, Surry, N. C ,.Charles A. Wetlierow 

Scull Shoals, Oreene, Ga Thos. N. Poullafai 

Soulltown, Sulem, N. J Alfred T. Jest«r 

Scuppernong, Washin{fton, N. C Hlu-dy Hariison 

Scyene, DaUas, Texas .....JohnM.SpeMrman 

Seaboard, Northampton, N. G....Dempsey R. Taylor 

Seabrook, Rochingkam, N. H Sarah Ann Brown 

Seaford, Sussex, Del William F. Robinson 

Seal, WyandoU, Ohio James F. Wardj^wortb 

Seal Cove, Hancock, Me Charles C. Fuller 

Searcy, (c. h.) White, hxk „ A. J. Jones 

Seari^hts, Fayette, Pa Jame:< Allison 

Searsburgh, Schuyler, N. Y David F. Sears 

Searsburgh, Benningtiyn, Vt E. G. Norton 

Searsmont, Waldo, Me Sumner Pattea 

Searsport, Waldo, Me Otin Black 

Searsville, Orange, N. Y .George Ilanter 

Seattle, King, Wwh. Ter .Charles Plunimer 

Seatuck, Saffidk,N. Y Parker S. Roiduson , 

Sea View, Northampton, Va E.T. Nottin^cham 

Seaville, Gxpe May, N. J John Gandj'> 

Sebago, Cumberland, Me ; Joseph Ridlon 

Sebastopol. Ottawa, Mich Alexander Wilson 

Sebec, PiscaUvftds, Me Theodore Wyman 

Sebewa, /onio, Mich Lucius Showerman 

Seeillia, Qdhown, Mich WUliam U. Oilles 

Second Creek, 6rreenhrter, Va John Bui-dett 

Second Fork, EUe, Pa Jacob Stablschmidfc 

Second Turn Ou% Louisa, Va John T. Bumpass 

Secret Ravine, Placer, Cal Horace G. Hart 

Sedges Garden, Fbrsyth, N.C Joseph Waggoner 

Sed){wick, Hancock, Me Daniel Morgan, Jr 

Sedley, Bullitt. Ky Joseph Ooz 

Seekonk. J9r<«toI, Mass Willlaui Ida 

Seely Creek, Chemung, N. Y Finia M. Jones 

Seelyshurgh, Oittaraugus, N. Y Samuel Farlee 

Sego, Perry, Ohio George Boor 

Seguin, (c h.) Qaudatupe, Texas E. C. Anderson 

SeiberlingvUle, Lehigh, Pa.. John F. 3eib»rliiif 

Seidersville, NarOuanpton, Pa.... Ed ward Overpeek 

Seisholtsville, Bers, Pi Charles N. Gerrr 

Selby Station, Bureau, 111 Hiram White 

SelbyTiU»,&afftE, Del Isau4S McOsDe 




Selbysport, JUeghany^ MA jr. P. LowderweUk 

Wden, Sufolk, N. Y Joel D. Norton 

Belft-idgevnie, Wm, III John S. Miller 

8«lin\o Grove. Union, Pa J. MattblaA App 

Selkirk, ifarton, S. C NelH Alford 

Selleraburg. Clark^lA Moeeg W. SellerB 

Seller's Tiivem, BuckSf P» AtnoB Jacoby 

I Selma, Dt'lUu, Ala John M. Stmnx 

Selmts AUtahanyy Ya John D. Sadler 

I Selma, Mcteani III Harrison Footer 

Selma, Je^erton, Mo Theodore Foster 

Selma, Clark, Ohio Jacob Landis 

Sblma, Delavfare, la William J. Moore 

Seminary, Waithita, Ark Riley MannioK 

Sempronias CUffiiffo, N. Y...Pbi1ip U. Yau Scbaick 

Sempronius, Austin, Texas Willinm Punchard 

Senee-i, Andenm, S. G ilamuel C. Humphreys 

Seneca, Tamphim, N. Y Derrick Juhn>-ou 

8en*^CH, Lenawct^ Mfeh James B. Foot 

Seneca. Crawford^ nTis S. P. Langdon 

BenecH Castle, Ontario, N. Y Isaac W. Runyan 

Seneca Falls, Smua, N. Y Joslali T. Miller 

SenecHTille. Guemttfy, Chxo John M. Sayre 

Senex, Mt:L«an, III Samuel A. Walton 

Sennet, Cayuga, N. Y E. H. Quick 

Sentell's Store, Boxrier, La...Cliarle8 H. Pemberton 

Sentinel, Andrew, Mo £. U. Ckmch 

Sentinel Prairie, FWc, Mo Reuben Simpson 

SepulgH. Conecuh, Ala Andrew E. Jackson 

Serena, La Salle, III Daniel Blake 

Sereuo, tWf/mMo, Pa John Leggott 

Serepta, Warrftn, N. J John R. Buttz 

Sergeant's Bluff, TV?j0(i6ury, Iowa..w.LeonHrd Bates 
SergeantsTille, Hunterdon, N. J.... Jo»-ph W. Gano 
Service. Beaver, Pa William Harrison 

, Setauket, SuffoUe, N. Y John R. Satterly 

Setzl«r's Store, Chester, Pa Frederick Setzler 

Seven IsUnds, Fluvanna, Ya Samnel 9. Bugg 

Seven Islands, Buttx. Qa A. J. Williams 

Seven I/eagues, Smith, Texas., Jesse Reynolds 

Seven Mile, Butler, Ohio D. M. Wieder 

8eveu Mile Creek, Adamg, Wis Joseph L. Beedle 

Seven Mile Ford, Smyth, Ya James B. SHnders 

Seven Mile Prairie, Darke, Ohio James McFeely 

Seven Oaks. GalvegUm, Texw^ Jonas Butler 

Seventy-Eight, Jo7in$on, Iowa George Fesler 

Seventy-Seven, Johnson, Iowa Henry Walker 

Seventy-Six, Clinton, Ky AbiJHh Guthrie 

Seventy-Six, Bearer, Pa , David Reed 

Seven Vnlleys, Fork, Pa » Henry Botr 

Sevier, Sevier,, Tenn W. C. Murphy 

Seville, Madison, Ya ^ William Simnis 

SewHrd, KendaU,l\\ Judson R. Fletcher 

Seward. Schoharie. N. Y..... Jacob H. Diefendurf 

8ewHrd> Mills, Kennebeck, Me Bei\janiin Wing 

Seward's Point. Montgomery, IlL.. .Joseph M. Scott 

Sewce, if(6''j^s, Tenn James Gettys 

Sewell^Tille, Bdmvnt, Ohio. Jonathan R. Ball 

Sewickly Bottom, AUeghany, Pa. David Shields 

Sewicklyville, AUeghany, Pa John Way 

Sextons, Rtone, Mo James Hawkins 

Sexton's Creek, Clay, Ky Henry Clark 

Sexton ville, Richland, Wis Ebenezer M. Sexton 

Seymour, AUegany, N. Y Ichabod B. Sliarpe 

Seymoorsville, Hardy, Ya...Alex. A. Hifrinhotham 

Sevmoar. Jadcson, la. Joseph Haftina 

Sbabbonas* Grove, De Kalb, 111 Samuel Curtis 

Sbadts Athens, Ohio JLsltnry Cremer 

Shade Furnace. Somerset, Pa Az»riafa Dunham 

Shade Gap, Huntingdon, Pa Wm. A. Jamison 

Shade Mill, AUeghany, Md William Frost 

Sbadewell, Albemarle. Ya. £. J. Tiniberlake 

Shadville. fVanHm, Ohio Adin O. Hibbs 

Shady, Johnson, Tenn William M. Tipton 

Shady Dale, Jasper, Ga Matthew Whitfield 

Shady Grove, Unvm,Qtk Jesse Oitbom 

Shady G ore, DaJUos, Mo Bird L. Stafford 

Shudy Grove, Oihson, Tenn William Patton 

Shady Grove. Franklin, Ya Philemon Smitb 

Shadv Grove, FVankJiTi, Pk Jacob B. Waynanr 

Shady Grove, Crittewten. Kv Miles Malln 

Shady Grove, WashingUm, La Set.H Barnen 

Shady Hill, Henderson, Tenn... J. O. W. Christen- 

'Bhady Spring, Rdkigh^ Ya : Green Pine 

Shaefferstown, Zebanon, Pa Alfred Y. Bucher 

Shaftsbury, BennmffUm, Yt... .Norman B. Douglasa 
Shaker Yillage. Merrimack,. N. H...S«muel MorriU 

Sbakelfords, A'tfi^ and Queen, Y&«. D. Butrick 

Shakespear, Greene, Ark William H. Mack 

Sha-k'nay. &o«,Minn. T William Vhillipa 

ShaWs Mills, Knox, Ohio.... Henry W. Oreegor 

Shaler-ville, Portage, Ohio...'! Ambroses. Crafts 

Shallotte, Brvnsurick, N. C* George Hooper 

Shallow Ford, Orange, N. C.Chesley H. Faucette 

Shamokin, Norihumherland, Pa Joseph Zuem 

Shamokin Dam, Union, Pa Qeorfl;e Keen 

Shamoug, Burlington, N. J. ..Nicholas S, Thompson 

Shamrock, CiUaway, Mo Wm. P. Mannen 

Shamrock Mil's, Wufhinaton, R. I Henry Hoxie 

Shanandoah. Richland, Ohio John Winbaugh 

Sbandaken, Uhter, N. Y Ellas EiKhmey 

Shane's Crossinga Mercer, Ohio... ..- ...G. F. Borchers 

Shanesville, Tuscaravms, Ohio Guy Y. Springer 

Shanirhal. Berlelf'y,'VK John W .Grantham 

Shanksville, SomerseL Pa Peter Hackett 

Shannon, Muskingum, Ohio ...Edwin Owings 

Shannon. Kanfax i..,S. D. Houston 

Shannondale, M'mtgirmery, Ia......Hueh J. Webster 

Sbannondale, Claricn, Pa C. S. Sbannop 

Shannon Hill. Goodiland, Ya William H. Goode 

Shannons. Montgomery, Tex Jacob Shannon 

Shannonville, M'tntgomtry, Pa C. P. Shannon 

Shapleiich, r»rk. Me Elisha Bodwell 

Shark River, Ocean, N. J Richard Davison 

Sharon, Chambers, Ala. Thomas Shannon 

Sharon, Litchfield, Conn James C^ 

Sharon, Whitendts. Ill John H. Johnson 

Sharon, Norfolk, Mass Calvin Turner 

Sharon, Wasltleinaw, Mich Ruel Anibroee 

Sharon, Appanoose, Iowa Thomaa Swearingen 

Sharon, Madistm, Miss James T. Bledsoe 

Sharon, Scliohnrie, N.Y H. Beekman 

Sharon, Mechlenburgh, N.C Silas Alexander 

Sharon, Mercer, Pa 0. H. P. Goodwin 

Sharon. Windsor, Yt Hiram Moore 

Sharon, W;.ihe,\H Matilda Shannon 

Sharon, Walworth, Wis.« Wm. Yoorheee 

Sharon, />r{<ii0are, la , John L. Riley 

Sharon, Aoble, Ohio Joseph A. Marquis 

Sharon, 7tj»to», Tenn Joseph A. Green 

Sharon, TaZta/erro. Gm Wm F. Nance 

Sharon Centre, Schoharie, N. Y John F. Hiller 

Sharon Centre, Medina, Ohio William Chatfield 

Sharon Centre, I'nUer, Pa.. Robbins Brown 

Sharon Springs, Schoharie, N. Y..M. N..De Noyelles 

Sharon Station, Dutchess Noah G. Clark 

Sharonville, HamiUm. Ohio....Wm. T. Eddingfield 

i:harpe8ville, Montgomery, Ala...., L. Walters 

Sharpsbnrgh, Taylor, Ya John E. Sharps 

Sharpsbnrgh, Bnth, Ky James Caldwell 

Si>axpsburgh, Washingttm, Md Jeruiiiah Kuhn 

Sharpsburtth, Marion. Mo WilliHm Boulware 

SharpHbnrgh, AU^hany, Pa., Francis A. Klein 

Sharp's Fork, AViens, Ohio. ..Austin S. Dickey 

Sharp's Mills, Harrison, la Abraham Sharp 

Sharpsville, Tijton, la..... Neal St. Qair 

Sharp Top, CA«ro/. »^Ga ....Ludson Worley 

Sharptown, Somerset, Md Edward Burford 

Sharptown, Sttlem^ N.J Edward B. Humphray 

Shartlesville, Berks, Pa, Benjamin Nunemacher 

Shasta, Shusia,Ci\\ „... James l^ninien 

Shaneks. M'nrow, Ohio Philip M. Bab«r 

Shaiimburghi Qx>k, 111 .\, E. P. Swain 

Shaver's Creek, Huntingtvn, Pa. John Cresweil 

Shavertown, Delaware, N. Y Alfred Shaver 

Shawaugunk, Ulster, N. Y Wm. C. NoMe 

Shawnee, Niagara, N. Y .....Edwin Cooke 

Shawnee, Monroe, Pa Joseph V. Wilson 

Shawnee Mound, Henry, Mo Daniel A. Gillaspie 

Shawnee Mound. Tippecanoe, la. Jesse Meharry 

Shawneetown, GiUaUn, HI G«orge W. McKeaig 

Shaw'a Fl*it.. Tudumne, Cal John A. Lank 

Shaw's Mills, GWlfttrd, N.C ..FInleyShaw 

Shaw's Point, Macoupin, 111 T. M\ Barnett 

Shawsvllle, Harftfrd, Md Abraham Slade 

SbHWsville, Montgomery, Va...Theodore F. Wright 

Shawsville, CImrfleld. Pa William L. I label 

Shaw-wu-Do. On*agamie^.y>l»,.>ClithM D. Wescolt 
Sheakley ville, Mercer, Pa James Dunn 




Shearer's Cross Roads, Watmordandy Pa...^.Henry 

K. McKalllp 
Sheboyi^aa, (c. h.) Shehoyffan, Wis... Warren Smith 

SheboTgan Palls, Sheboygan. Wis J. B. Thomas 

Bhed*8 Com'TB. Maditon^ N. T... Alfred D. Gardner 
Bheppscott Bridire, I^nooJn, Me...FraDk'n L.Carney 

Bheetz' BfUl^, fiampsAtre, Ya .'..Henry Head 

Sheffield, FttyptU, Ala. William Griffin 

Sheffield, Nhoton, Ga D. N. Baker 

Sheffield, Bfrkihin, fifass Edward F. Ensign 

Sheffield, Lorain, Ohio Alonzo A. Parks 

Sheffield, Odedonia, Vt Charles L. Knllay 

Sheffield, Bureau, III...., .Gamer C. Mills 

Sheffield, Wtrrm, Pa John Gllson 

Sheffield, Lnrain, Ohio ; J. W. Pitch 

ShehoK P»fc«, Pa Chaunoey Thomas 

Bheilville, Hamilton, la Calvin C. McDowell 

Shelburn, Lee, III Prederibk R. Duteher 

Shelburn, Cbos,N. H Thomas J. Hubbard 

Shelburn, Chittenden, Vt Georj^ B. Isham 

Shelburne, PranJdin, Mass Lyman Conant 

Shelburne Falls, FrankUn, Mass Alfred Bowen 

Shelby, Orleans, N. Y Reuben S. Castle 

Shelby, (c. h.) Cleveland, N. C B. B. Jennings 

Shelby, Richland, Ohio Harrison Mickey 

Shelby, Austin, Tex W. B. Witte 

Shelby Basin, Orltam, N. T Jacob Swobe 

Shelby's Cre^k, Tippah, Miss Francis Reynolds 

Shelby Springs, SlwJJby, Ala Ashley W. Spaight 

Shelbyvflle, (c. h.) Shdhy, III Wm. A. Trower 

ShBlbyville, (c. h.) Hhdby, la Elias M. Wilson 

ShelbyTille, (c. h.) Shfiihy, Ky...Jas. L. Ellingwood 

Shelbyville, (c. h.) Shdby, Mo Albert G. Priest 

ShelbyTille, (c h.) Bedford, Tenn...Wm. Galbreath 
Shelbyvllle, (c. h.) Sktiby, Tex..Benjamin P. Powell 

Shelbyville, Sheihy, Iowa James M. Butler 

Sheldon, PraiikUn, Vt Jacob H. Stufflebeam 

Sheldon, Wyoming, N. Y Amos H. Castle 

Sheldon's Grove, Si^uyler, 111 Daniel Sheldon 

Sheldonville, Norfolk, Mass James Arnold 

Sheldrake, Sene/oa, N. Y John Harris 

Shelemiah. CkcO, Md Blibu B. Hall 

Shell Mound, Sun Flower, Miss Ira J. A. Goff 

Shell Point, WaJcttJla, Fla Berrien Oliver 

Shellsburgh, Bedford, Pa Mrs. Maria Shell 

Sbellsville, Pickens, S. James A. Doyle 

Shelltown, Ocean, N.J Thomas C. Rogers 

Shelocta, Indiana, Pa J. P. D. Billick 

Shelter Island, Suf^, N. Y...Archibald R. Havens 

Shelton's Store, Monroe, Tenn James W. Shelton 

fiheltonvllle, I^vrsyth, Ga John H. Campbell 

Shehandoah, Dutch4uts, N. Y...George G. Van Black 

Shenandoah Iron Works, Page, Va H. Forrer 

Shepherd's Creek, Tinga, N. Y... George W. Newell 

Shepherd's Grove, Culpeper, Va. Travis Shepard 

Shepherdstown, Belniant, Ohio...Thofl. M. Graham 

Shepherdstown, Cun^^erland, Pa (George l^omas 

Shepherdstown, Jie^fon, Va William Moulder 

Shepherdsville, (c.'h.) Bfdlitt, Ky.William J. Colbow 

Sherando, Juguka, Va Charles T. Palmer 

Sherborn, Midiilesex, Mass Jeremiah R. Hawes 

Sherburne, Chtnanao, N. Y Edmund Shaw 

V. Sherburne, Ru&and, Vt Benjamin Maxham 

Sherburne Mills, Fleming, Ky... ...Thomas Dudley 

Sherburnville, WSH, 111 David Britton 

Sheridan, Cttautauque, N. Y... Hiram N. Wheelock 

Sherman, Fkirjield, Conn Nelaon W. Northrop 

Sherman, Qrayson, Texas John Brook 

Sherman, Chaxttauque, N. Y.r Jay Ladue 

Sherman, Huron, Ohio Abraham S. Dayton 

Sherman's Dale, Purty, Pa David Mickey 

Sherman's HoUow, Yates, N. Y...Delanson Munger 

Bherriirs Ford, Lincoln, N. C John G. Bynnm 

Sherodsville, OxrroU,0\i\o Conard Pearch 

Sherwood, Branch, Mich Thomas West 

Sherwoods, at.yi^a,N.Y AlleA Thomas 

Sheshequin, Bradford, Pa. Alfred GoYe 

Shetucket, PbUb, Ark Nathan Eldridge 

Shiawassee, Shiaviassee, Mich George Colt 

Shickshinny, LuMcme, Pa Lot Search 

Shields, Kansas Charles Hard 

Shields, Pulaski, Mo James Gibson 

Shieldaboroagh, (o.h.) Hamcock, Miss Nancy B. 

ShUoah, Cbmden, N. Malacbl J. Mornsett 

Shiloh, Marengo, Ala James G. Henders(Hl 

Shlloh, Cumt>erland, N. 3 Walter B. Davig 

Shiloh, CaJlawKV, Ky E. P. Chnndler 

Shiloh, G^i&son. Tenn Samuel Bootb 

Shiloh, King George, Va William G. W. Greer 

Shiloh, Sumter, S. C Christopher T. Player 

Shiloh, Union, La John C. Knott 

Shiloh, Bnlmex, Miss Samuel Canterbury 

Shiloh, ^un<, Texas Willie J. Sokell* 

Shimerville, Lehigh, Pa Charles B. Shimer 

Shin Creek, SuBivtsn, N. Y Samuel N. Hendrix 

Shingle Creek, St. Latorence, N. Y Eben Gillet 

Shinnston, Harriion, Va Alpheus W. Shinu 

Shipman, Macoupin, III Robert Meatynrd 

Shippen, McKean, Pa Eli Pelt 

Shippensburgh. Cum^>erland, Pa... John H. Criswell 

Shippensville, Clarion, Pa....,....: Eliza Sloan 

Shiremantown, Cumherlandi Pa... Samuel Shiremao 

Shirland, AVgehany, Pa Alex. McFarland, jr 

Shirley, P/sccdaquis, Me Paul S. MerriU 

Shirley, Middlesex, Mass Thomas Whitney 

Shirley, JfiW«, N. Y Paul H. Wbit0 

Shirley, Tyler, Va Felix Watts 

Shirley Mills, Piscataquis, Me.,....Maurice Phillipus 
Shirleysburgh, Huntingdon, Pa. James G. Leightner 

Shirley Village, Middlesex, Mass Israel Lbngloy 

Shiwan, BaUim^yre, Md El^ah J. Tracoy 

Shoal Creek, Newton, Mo Matthew H.Ritchey 

Shoal Creek, Benton, Ala. George R. Cold 

Shoal Ford, Limestone, A1a...Hezekiah B. Cnrtright 
Shoals of Ogechee, Hancock^ Ga...RichardJ3. Clark 

Shoal Spring, €files,Tenn G. J. Cox 

Shober's Mills, CdrraU, Ohio .John H. Shober 

Shocco Springs, W&rrcn, N. C James W. Alston 

Shockey's Prairie, Lamar, Tex David H. Ds\vi# 

Shoemaker's, Monroe, Pa Charles ShoeniHker 

ShoenersTille, Lehigh^ ^ Samuel Savior 

Shokan, Ulster, N. Y Thomas Hill 

Shokokon, Hendefson, HI...... Robert W. Craoa 

Shoneaw, Oalumbia, Wis Evan W. Roberts 

Shongalo, CarrcU, Miss Charles Kopperl 

Shongo, AUegany, N. Y « J. R. Wood 

Shoobota, Clark, Miss John L. Sansom 

Shooting Creek, Cherokee, N. C... W. R. McConneU 

Shopiere, AocAr, Wis Andrew Cromwell 

Shop Spring, Wilson, Tenn Thomas Waters 

Shop Spring, Newberry, S. C Michael Werts 

Shoreham, Addison, Vt Edwin S. Atwood 

Short Bend, Dent, Mo Benedict Plank 

Short Branch, OaJhoun, Miss David Barton 

Short Creek, Harrison, Ohio Stewart Johnstcm 

Short Creek, Brooke, Va Joshua R. Wlndsaw 

Short Mountain, Jktuphin, Pa Daniel Wommer 

Short Track, AUegany, N. Y J. L. Van Winkle 

Shortsville, BuUitt, Ky S. C. Russell 

Shotwell, PranHin, Mo Alexander Grepory 

Shoustown, Alleghany, Pa John Hamilton 

Shreve, Wiyne, Ohio David K. Jones 

Shreyeport, (c. h.) Oaddo, La. L. E. Carter 

Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass Lorenzo Maynaid 

Shrewsbury, Monmouth, N. J....J!dw. H. Vanuxem 

Slyrewsbury, York, Pa Robert Richey 

Shrewsbury, Rtdland, Va Lowell W. Gumsey 

Shrewsbury, Kanawha, Va Janxes B. Malone 

Shrub Oak, Westchester, N. Y Lewis Purdy 

Shuey's Mills, Cfreen, Wis John W. Shuey 

Shufordville, Buncombe, N. C Jacob R. Sfiufoid 

Shullsburgh, Za Fayette, Wis Abram R. Stanley 

Shunk, StiUivan, Pa Henry Williams 

Shunk, Henry, Ohio Nelson Crockett 

Shushan, Washington, N. Y Wm. Lawrence 

Shutesbury, FrankUn, Mass Hiram H. Spear 

Shutter's Corners, ScohariCi N. Y Horace Craiy 

Shy Post, Audrian,Mo George W. Brown 

Sibila, Washington, Ja Benjamin Bradshaw 

Sibley, JacAr«on, Mo... Evai/Griffith 

Sicily, Highland, Ohio Wm. Matthews 

Sicily Island, Oadahoida, La Robert J. Newfiom 

Sidney, MarshaU, la :WilliRm Downer 

Sidney, Kennd>eck, Me Barnard Marble, jr 

Sidney, Hunterdon, N. J James Boas 

Sidney, Delaware. N. Y George Thatcher 

Sidney, Sheihy, Ohio D, L. Bush 

Sidney, Fremont, Iowa Samuel B. Frost 

Sidney, iZoUt, Mo John Wilsovi 




flidaey, Champaign, 111 John M. Mansfield 

Sidney Centre, Ddawdre, N. Y Fritz W. Frisbee 

Sidney Plains I><'Zaware, N. Y Charles S. Rogers 

fitdon, Cun'(M, Miss ^ Edwin Crippin 

ftdonsburgh, Torh\ Pa " George Burns 

iiegel's Store, Lincoln, N.C ^.Daniel Siegel 

•ierra, Sierra, Cal David W. Mitchell 

Sigourney, (c. h.) Keokuck, Iowa Alfred Reeves 

Sifrs Creek, JVeto Hanover, N. C../John £. Johnston 

Siloa, Sullivan, la. Adam Wilson 

Siloam, i/adijon, N. Y Urial P. Strong 

giloam, Surry, N. C R. C. Reeves 

Siloam, Oktibbeha, Miss G. H. Owen 

Silver Creek, Stephenson, 111... Brastus Torrey 

Silver Creek, Schuylkill, Pa .Jacob T. Brechbill 

Silver Creek, CfiaiUauquey N.^Y Mrs. Hannah C. 

Van Duzer 

Silver Creek, Maury, Tenn Gabrid L. Morton 

Silver Greek, Pottawatamie, Iowa Isaac Moore, 

Silver Creek, Marion, Oregon E. M. Waite 

Silver Creek, KalamcLzoo, Mich J^ohn W. Baker 

Silver Glade, Anderson, S. Charles Irby 

Silver Hi\l, Davidson. N. C Thos. Svmons 

Silver Hill, Beaufort, S. C Wm. T. Speaks 

Silver Lake, Wausliara, Wis Lewis B. Storke 

Silver Lake, WasMenaw, Mich ...Cornelius Polhemus 

Silver Lake, Kosciusko, la Jacob Paulus 

Silver Lake, Kansas Ty William Alley 

Silver Lake, Susqueliannahy Pa Edward Kernan 

Silver Rim, Carroll, Md Henry Shuler 

Silver Run, Meigs,Ohio Peter Hine 

Silver Run, TaUudega, Ala Hance Hendrick 

Silver Spring, St. Francis, Mo, Edward Daly 

Silver Sprinj?, Lancaster, Pa...„.Henry Q. Bruckart 

Silver Springs, Marion, Fla Hiram T. Mann 

Silvertctii, Barmoell, S. C. Geo. L. Broome 

Silver Top, Obion, Tenn John P. Isler 

Silverville, Lawrence, la JLewis J. Baker 

%\m.moxiB, Lawrence, Ohio Cornelius Maiiun 

Simmonsville, Craig, Va Daniel Huffman 

Simms' Port, Avoyelles, La James Brewster 

Simonsville, Windsor, Vt .Alonzo C. Gutterson 

Simpsons, Fl^yd, Va Samuel D.Ught 

Simpson's Creek, TbtyZor, Va ...Maxville Davis 

Simpson's Mill, Laurens, S. C John Culbertson 

Simpson's Store, Washington^ Pa. Jon. Simpson 

Simpson's Store, Johnson, Mo James B. Simpson 

Simpsonville, Shdby, Ky Thos. H. Milligan 

Simpsonville, Howard, Md Jos. Fawcett, jr 

Simsbury, Hartford, Conn Jeffrey 0. Phelps, jr 

Sinclair's Bottom, Smyth, Va ;.... Sampson Cole 

Singletarysville, Williamsburg, S. C.J. D. Singletary 

Singleton, Winston, Miss Jackson Leigh 

Sing Sing, We^hester, N. Y, Alfred Buckhart 

Sinking Creek, Craig, V^ Oscar Wiley 

^ Sinking Spring, Highland, Ohio Samuel Patton 

Sinking Spring, Berks, Pa .William Masser 

Sinking Valley, Blair, Pa Henry McMuUin 

Sinks Grove, Monroe, Va Andrew W. Gray 

Sinnamahoning, Clinton, Pa. Arthur Vosburg 

Sinope, OaldwdL, La Alfred Ferrand 

Sinselaw, Lane^ Oregon Henry Coleman 

Sioux Agency, Nicolet, Minn B. G. Murphy 

Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa John K. Cook 

Sipesville, Somerset, Pa Peter Sipe 

Sippican, Plymouth, Mass Walter N. Ellis 

Sipsey Turnpike, lu.^kaloosa, Ala Wm. R. Bell 

Siresville, RichlandtWia Milton Satterlee 

Sir John's Run, Morgan^Ta James Lloyd 

Sissonville, Kanawha, Va....." Warwick Briscoe 

Sissonville, Johnson, Mo John Sissou 

Sisterdale, Crm^l, Tex Ottoman W. Behr 

Sister's Ferry, Effingham, Geo A. H. Mallory 

Sistersville, Tyler, Va William Russell 

Six Corners, Richland, Ohio William B. Miller 

Six Corner;!, Ottawa^ Mich A. V. Hayden 

Six Mile, JentyLngs, la James P. Swartbout 

Six Mile Falls, Penobscot, Me Geo. W. Williams 

Six Mile Run, SomersH, N. J William M. Bakter 

Six Mile Run, Bedford, Pa Christian Broadf>tone 

Six Mile Run, Sampson, N.C John Colwell 

Skagg's Mill, Warren, Ky James T. Matlock 

SkaneateleH, Ononilaga, N. Y Josias Garlock 

Skeel's Cross Rostds, Mercer, Ohio Amos Lee 

Skeenekj Macon^ N. C James B. Addington 

Skegg's Creek, Barren, Ky William A. NorveMf 

Skeinah, Union,Qsk Elisha Hunt 

Skinner, Oreen^ Wis...- Isaac Williamt 

Skinner, Franklin, N. Y Matthew M. Roberti 

Skinner's Eddy, Wyoming, Pa.Samuel H. Sturdevant 

Skinquarter, Chesterfield, Va S. S. Goode 

Skippack, Montgomery, Pa. Anthony H. Seipt 

Skipperville, DaZe, Ala Rodick P. Pecock 

Skitt's Mountain, HaU, Ga Ashford QuinU 

Skowhegan, Somerset, Me ..Lyman Perry 

Slabtown, Anderson, S. C Perry McKinney 

Slack, Mason, Ky Thomas R "Cw-hran 

Slack Water, -Storfc, 111 David WTiiffer 

Slack Water, Lancaster, Pa Jacob Kanffman 

Slade, Lfje, Ga I)aniel B. Sullivan 

Sladesville, Hyde, N. C A. W. Silverthom 

Slash, Grant, la Samuel A. Swaa 

Slash Cottage, Hanover, Va John L. ThompsoA 

Slate, Jennings, la Levin W. Hudson 

Slate Dock, Dvtclms, N. Y John P. Phillip* 

Slateford, NorUiampUm, Pa Samuel Taylof 

Slate Hill, York, Pa T. S. Williamson / 

Slate UilU Orange, N. Y Lewis C.Wood 

Slate Lick, Armstrong, Pa Jacob McDonald 

Slate Mills, Eappahannocic, Va....Tho8. H. Johnson 

Slate Ridge, York, Pa Robert S. Ramsay 

Slaterville, IbmpkinSy N. Y Henry Krnitt 

Slaterville, Prdvidence, R. I Arthur Young 

Slateville, Washington, N. Y Charles H. Bull 

Slate Spring, Calhoun, Miss Joseph Fox 

Slatington, Lehigh, Pa Robert McDowell 

Sledgeville, PonoZo, Miss Norfleet R. Sledge 

Sleepy Creek, Wayne, N. C L. W. Lewia 

Sleepy Creek, Edgefield, S. C James Dora 

Sligo, Henry, Ky J.Wilhoit* 

Sligo, Clinton, Ohio Allen Ilaszant 

Sligo, MarsJuM, la « John Coleman 

Sligo, Currituck, N. C Henry Ballentint 

Slippery Ford, MarsltaU, Va Jesse Parsons 

Slippery Rock, BuLUr, Pa William S. Bingham 

Sloansville, Schoharie, N. Y Stephen C.TeepU 

Slnatsburgh, JRockland, N. Y Jacob Sloat 

Sloyersville, Luzerne, Pa David Walkef 

Small Point, Sagadahoc, Me Tallman Lowell 

Smelser's Mills, BusJi, la John M. Bohrer 

Smeltzer's Grove, Grant, Wis George Winemaa 

Smicksburgh, Indiana, Pa William Robinson 

Smiley, Susquehannah, Pa Goodrich Elton 

Smlley's Corners, UranJdin, Ohio David Smiley 

Smith Bridge, Bobeson, N. C Rily Kinlaw 

Smith Dale, Amite, Thomas S. Gerald 

Smithfield, Delaware, la William F. Gray 

Smithfield, Somerset, Me Daniel K. Frohock 

Smithfield, (c. h.) Johnson, N. C H. H. Hobbf 

Smithfield, Jefferson, Ohio Jason Brown 

Smithfield, Polk, Texas John F. Garr 

Smithfield, Fayette, Pa William McCleary 

Smithfield, Henry, Ky P. H. Goodridg* 

Smithfield, (c, h.) Isle of Wight, Va...Benj. Bidgood 

Smith Grove, Davie, N. C Albert Sheck 

Smithland, Livingston, Ky John A. Martin 

Smithland, Cass, Texas F. P. Smith 

Smithland, BandolpK Mo Reuben Watti 

Smitbland, Shelby, la Jesse Smttb 

Smithport, (c h.) MiKean, Pa Solomon Sartwell 

Smiths, (?aZ2ta, Ohio Jackson T. Smith 

Smith's Basin, Washington, N. Y Israel Smith 

Smithsboro, lioga, N. Y...Mi8s Harriet M. Seymour 

Smitbsburgh, vFashingtan, Md Geo. Pearson 

Smith's Creek, Washington, Va Michael W. 

Smithes Cross Roads, Bhea, Tenn.Daniel J. Rawllnrgl 
Smith's Cross Roads, Morgan, Va... William linger 

Smith's Ferry, JJ«arer, Pa Samuel Smith 

Smith's Ford, ForA:, 8. C John Smith 

Smitl^s Fork, Hardin, Tenn Robert P. Bidley 

Smith's Gap, Hampshire, Va Henry S. Richard 

Smith's Grove, Warren, Ky Charles McKinney 

Smith's Landing, Atlantic, N. J Pardon Ryon- 

Smith's Landing, Clerm,ont, John T. Sullivan 

Smith's Mills, Henderson, Ky Robert Smith, jr 

Smith's Mills, Chatdauque, N. Y... Rodney B. Smith 

Smith's Mills, Carroll, Mis» Thomas* M. Smith 

Smith's Mills, Morrow, Ohio W. W'. Smith 

Smith's Mills, CUarJidd, Pa James A. Hogerty 




ftnith'8 Ranch, S"nnma^Cal ...Stepben Smith 

Smith's Ridge, Fair/ield, Goun... Stephen E. Keeler 

Smith's Stitcion, York, Pa A. H. Green 

Smith's Store, Sparfanburgh, S. O...Wm. F-. Smith 

Smith's Turn Out, Vorky S. C. B. Smith 

SmithBville, PowJiaian, y& Rich'd B. Mumford 

Sralihton, St. ClafTy 111 Bei^amin J. Smith 

Smithtown, SufoU', N. Y ...Jesse Mills 

Smithtown Branch, SufoUe, N. Y...James HalUuck 

Smithvill**, Lawrence. Ark. P. L.Christian 

Smithville, Monroe^ MLss Joseph Brown 

Smithvllle, Bioria. Ill Thomas P. Smith 

SmitliTllle, C/ay, Mo Thos. W. R. Bra«(sfield 

Smithville, JefTerson, N. Y ..Alford Allen^ 

Smithville, (r. h.) Brunswick-, N. C...L. A. Galloway 

Smithville, Wayne., Ohio Theodore A. Krysber 

Smithville, Lancaxttr, Pa John C. Smith 

Smithville, AbbtvWe, S. C .William Smith 

Smithville, (c. h.) De KaVb, Tenn...Jo8. Y. Stewart 

Smitliville, Lumpkin, Ga Gilderoy W. Smith 

Smithville, 3/fmrne, la Presley L.Holland 

Smithvill«« Flats, Chenango, N. Y..Benjamin Brown 

&aoky IIollow, Columbia, N. Y^ G. Germoo 

Smoky Oniinary, Brunswick, Va...Geo. R, Mallory 

Smoot'8 Point, Mmard, 111 Wm. C. Smoot 

Smyrna, Kent, Del Ezekiel I. Ghuilt 

Smyilia, Jnnia, Mich Ezra Spencer 

Smyrna, Ghmangn, N. Y David B. Leavenworth 

Smyrna, Barnwell, S. C Bei^amin Coleman 

Smyrna, Harrison, Ohio Elias I. Phipps 

Smyrna, livtlierford, Tenn J. H. Simmons 

ftnyrna, Cai-terd., N. C David Whittingham 

Smyrna, Lancaster, Pa. John Homsher, jr 

Smyrna, Decatur, la B. S. Elder 

Snappin<{ Shoal.s Nkmton, Ga James W. He>ter 

Snead'K Ferry. Ondma, N. C William F. Manson 

Sneedsville, Hancock, Tena Andernon Campbell 

Soeliin)^ Ranch, Mariposa, CaI..HenryO. Sehroeder 

Saibar, La Fayette, Mo George W. Bled?oe 

8nicker»villH, Tjowion^ Va William Bradfield 

^Dlders, Washington, Ky Jacob Sniier 

Snodilyville, Jefferson, Tenn Wilson C. Witt 

Snookville. Defiance, Ohio Gilbert Coffin 

Snow Camp. Orange, N. C John Dixon 

Snow Creek, IrediJl, N.C Shadrach Clay well 

Snow Creek, Pickens. S. C Emry Moore 

Snow Creek, MamhaU, Miss Vinaton S. Gri^ham 

Snow Creek, Franklin., Ya .Tesse H. McGbee 

Snow Kail-*, OxMd, Me , Alfred W. Stearns 

Snow Hill, Wilcnx, Ala Addison B. Searborouirh 

Saow Hill, Hamilton, Tenn Jesse Locke 

Snow Hill, Walker. Ga James Hant 

Snow Hill. (c. h.) Wnrcesttr, Md Thomas Haniill 

Snow imi, CLinUm, Ohio Elisha Harris 

Snow Hill, (c. h.) Greejvi, N. C John T. Freeman 

Snow Hill, Nicholas,YA Jane White 

Snow Shoe, Cfinfre, Pai Daniel H. Yeager 

Snow's Store, WiJuZsor, Vt Philip T. Snow 

Snowflville, Choctaw. Miss M. G. McMiiIlKn 

Snowvilli!, PutasM, Viu Stillman B. Snow 

SnjMersville, Mmroe, Pa Peter Snyder 

Snydertown, NorlhumJierland, Pa...John C. Morgan 

Soap Creek, Duvis. Iowa...., Noah Smith 

Soap Creek, B;nton, Oregon David D. Divis 

Soap Stone Mount, Randolph, N'.C.-.L. F. McMasters 

Soocopatov. Cio<a, Ala George J.'MuKenzie 

Social Cin;le. WuUon, Ga John B. Davi^ 

Social Hill, MjLean, Ky :....John M. Eaves 

Sociality. OUiaraugus, N. Y Nelson Hillebert 

Society Hill, Macon, Ala Luner M. Horton 

Society Hill, Darlington. S. C Lewis M.Coker 

Socorro, Socorro, New Mexico William J. Conner 

Sodom C'ampatgn. Ill Thompson Dickson 

Sodas Wx'^ne, N. Y Willis T. Gaylord 

Sodas Centre. Wayne, N.Y Wilton Seeley 

Sodas Point. Wuyne, N. Y William Wickham 

Body. Wafauga, N. C Albert P. Wilson 

Sofkey, Decatur. Gk George A. Wright 

Solemn Grove, Mone, N. C Archilwild Buciian 

Solitude, nmucot. Mo Wm. W. Mitchell 

Solon, J'Vt/Mon. Iowa Daniel F. McGane 

Solon, Somerset, Me Snmner Webb 

Solon, OtrilaniU, N. Y Samuel Emer8«m 

Solon, €uiahoga,0\uo Archibald Bobbins 

Solon, Wkite, Tenn W. J. Wadsworth 

Solon Mills, McHmry, HI r S. Adrich 

Solsberry, Oreen, la A. J. Axtel 

SolsTille, Madisfm, N. Y Albert G. Hall 

Somerfield, Somerset, ^ John Endsley 

Somers, TbWanrf, Conn..." Francis W. Kibb« 

Somers, Westchtster, N. Y William Turk 

Somers Centre, Wegtchegt£r,l!i.Y Wm. E. Teed 

Somerset, Haline, 111 Wm. Matthews 

Somerset, (c.h.) Pulaski, Ky Frank J. Whit* 

Somerset, Bristol, Mass John A. Saylet 

Somerset, Hillsdale, Mich George A. Smith 

Somerset, Mfmroe,^o Wm. M.Lasley 

Somerset, Wabash, la Elisha Stoat 

SDmerset, Niagara, N. Y James Matthews 

Somerset, Teh.) Perry, Ohio Charles Elder 

Somerset, (c.h.) Somerset, Ifa. Harvey C. Marks 

Somerset, Orange, Va Ansel P. Roult 

Somerset Mills, Smierset, Me...Elbridge G. Rideont 

Somers' Point. Atlantic, N. J E. IngersoU 

Somersville, ThUand.Cotin Ansel Arnold 

Somerton, Belmcnt, Ohio Richard C. Milef 

Somerton, Philadelphia, Pa Benjamin Comly 

Somerton, Nanxemond, Va James E. Smiu 

Sonierville, (c.h.) Morgan, Ala Chris. Welch 

Somerville, Middlesex, Mass George A. Sanborn 

Sonierville, (o. h.) Somerset, N. J..J. W. Van Arsdal* 

Somerville, St. Latorence, N. Y Chauncey B. Fell 

Somerville, BuHer, Ohio. James Cook 

S*»merville, (c. h.) Fayette, Tenn. ..Marion S. Godbey 

Somerville, Fauquier, Va John H. Ensor 

Somerville, Oibson, la ?. George Vannada 

Somonauk, De Kalb, 111 Alexander R. Patten 

Soraonoc De]K>t. De Ktdb, 111 Lyman Bacon 

Sonestown, SuUivdn, Pa John Sonci 

Sonoma, Mercer, Mo Wm. C. West 

Sonoma, Softoma, Cal G.W.Miller 

Sonora, Tuolumne, Cal Geo. W. Patrick 

Sonora, Gordrnt, Ga Benj. P. Wyly 

Sonora, Mus'.ingvm. Ohio John 0. Shrigley 

Sonura, Steuben, N. Y Hamilton Lans 

Sontag, i^VanAlm, Va William H. Dent 

Sookalena, Lauderdale, Miss C. P. Partin 

Sooy's Inn. Burlington., N. J Jonathan Cramer 

Sopchopnyi Walulia, Fia .lohn Sowcll 

Sorby, Wayne, Tenn.! Abraham Montagut 

Sorrel Horse, Montgomery, Pa DMvid Camming 

Soncliahatchee, Tallapoosa, Ala William M. Rap« 

South Abington, Pltrmouih, Mass Cyms A. Dyer 

South Acton, Mddlesex, Mass Wm. R. Shattuck 

South Acton, Ytn-k, Me Mark C. Hard 

South Acworth, Sullvan. N. H Harvey C. Piper 

South Addison, Steuben, N. Y...Charle8 W. Robinson 

South Alabama, Genesee,li,Y J. Winslow 

South Albion, Kennebeck, Me Thomas Burrill 

South All>ion, Oimego, N. Y Daniel V. Thomas 

South Alden, Eiif., N. Y James Chaddendon . 

South Amboy, Middlesex, N. J Charles S. Clark 

South Amenia, Dutchess, N. Y... Milo F.Winchester 

South America, jSat7tn«,III Uriah Carson 

South Amherst, Hampshire, Mas3...C. F. Haywanl 
Southampton, Hampshire, Mass...Jonatlian N. Judd 

Southampton, Peoria, 111 Alanson Hakes 

Southampton, Suffolk, N. Y Charles Parsons 

Southampton, Somerfet, Pa f'eter Boylet 

South Andover, Oxford, Me Philip H. Abbott 

South Anna, Louim, Va David B. Bollock 

Simth Argyle, Washington, N. Y Aaron McCiall 

South Assyria. Barry, Mich Sanjuel H. Young 

South Asylum, .Brorf/ord. Pa J. M. Horton 

South Attleboro. Bristfjl^Mtise James S. Day 

South Auburn, Susquehannah, Pa Aliram Carter 

South Avon. LivingHon, N. Y J»»siah Chadwlck 

South Bainbridge, Chenango, N. Y.Corns. Atherton 

South Barre, Orleans, N. Y Ozias S. Church 

South Barre, H'oshington, Vt Alvan Garter 

South Belllngham, Ni/rf'>lk, Mas8...Reuben Chilson 

South Bend, Arkansas, Ark IWchard Power 

South Bend, ^r/»s«ro»^^. Pa Henry Row 

South Bend, (c. h.) St. Joseph, la Ralph Staples 

South Berlin, BenxseJaer, N. Y Hilton R. Jeromt 

South BiM-ne, Albany, N. Y Hiram Delta 

South Berwick, Y(nrk, Mo John Frost 

South Bloomfleld, IHckaway, Ohio R Stebbini 

South Bloomfield, Snmersei,'hiQ William Parker 

South BoUvar, kZZ«pony, N. Y Monis Wilson 




8oiithboron{2;h, Wnrcexter, Mass Solomon Bate 

South Bostou, 7o7?vi, Mich Elbridj^e G. Williams 

South Boston, Wouhitifft(m^J(k...'Sev/ton E. Bodmaii 
flonth Boston Dejmt. VfalifaXf Va..£dw!n B. JefTresB 

South Bradford, Atfrrimack, N.H (>eoDard West 

South Bradford, Orangey Tt...Daniel Houghton, jr 

South Bradford, Steuben^H.Y Jesse Hallack 

South Braintree, NorfdUr, Mass Joseph Dyer, jr 

flouthbrid^re, Wtrcester^ Mass And. F. Amnidown 

South Bridgpton. Cumherlandy Me...BeQJ. P. Barker 

South Bi-lstol, Ontario, N. Y Joseph A. Allen 

South Bristol, Racine.. Wis : .Obed M. Ward 

South Britain. Ntto ^aoen, Conn Anson Brny 

South Brookfleld. Madiitm, N. Y...Jo8huA D. Clarke 

South Brooks, Walifo. Mo John Lane 

South Brunswick, Middlatext N. J...T. W. Schenck 

Southbin-y, New Havens Conn Charles H. Hall 

South Butler, Wai/ne, N. Y John K. Hou^h 

South Butler, Butler, Ala John T. Henderson 

South Byron, Gmesee. N. Y John Bean 

South Cairo, Gre^.ne, N. Y ....2^rah Feri^ 

South Cnnaan, Esspx, Vt Hiram P. Cooper 

South Canaan, Litchjipld. Conn...William M. Burrall 

South Carroll, G/rroM, Tenn Jefferson Nichols 

South CarroUton, MuJ>lnhurghy Ky...R. W. Bodine 
South Carver, PlymmUhy Mas8...Thomas B. Griffith 

South Ciiss, rania, Mich George Sickles 

South Charleston, Clarky Ohio John Bussard 

South Charlestown, Sullirany N. H Oliver King 

South Chesterville, PranUin, Me Elisha Perry 

South China, Kenmbeck-, Me Corydon Chadwick 

South Co] ton, St. Lawrmcty N. Y..Tboma8 McGarry 
South Columbia, Ht-rUmer, N. Y.^.... Philip Hanfr 
South Corinth, Saratoga, N. Y...Amasa B. Martin 

South Corinth, Pewitmcot. Me H. Nichols, 2d 

South Cortlandt, CnrtlandU N. Y Enos Smith 

South Coven try, *7>>/2and, Conn N. L. Didwell 

South Creek, Brojdfi/rdy Pa Ebin Dunning 

South Creek, Beaufort, N. C A. M. Bnchanao 

South Dfinby. T(m\p\in*, N. Y Aaron Bennett 

South Dansville, Steuben, N. Y...WiIIiam M. Kogers 

South Danvers, Es:tex, Masf> Sylvanus D(M]ge 

South Dart^iooth, Brirtd. Mass Jireh Sherman 

South Dedham, Nrrrfolk, Mass Ebenezer F. Gay 

South Deertield, Franklin, Mass—William D. Bates 
South Deerfield, Rockingham, N. H.Franci8 J. White 

South Deer Isle, Hancock, Me Richard Warren 

South Dennis, Barnstable, Mass .Watson Baker 

South Dorset, .B^m'TJ^^on, Vt Elhanon W\ Howe 

South Dover, /\sca/a//wif, Me.Thomas A. Keatiug,jr 

South Dover, Dutchejts, N. Y Daniel White 

South Dre^:den, Lincoln, Me Elwell Coi)tello« 

South Durham, Androscoggin, Me.. .Jeremiah G. 


South Durham, Oreene, N. Y Edgar S. Curtis 

South East, Putnam, N. Y WUliam H. Crosby 

South Easton, Wa$hingtony N. Y Asahel Perry 

South Ea>ton, Brii^Utl, Mass Horatio Copelsnd 

South Eaton, Wyomxpgy Pa Benjamin M. Hall 

South Edmeston, Ot.*ego, N. Y Daniel H. Spurr 

South Edwards, St. Lawrence, N. Y I. WInslow 

South Egremont, Berkshire, Mass....Wm. OConnell 
South Enj^lish, Keokude, Tnwa...George W. Morgan 

South Erin, Chemung, N. Y John Mitchell 

South Kxeter, PennbxcnA, Me Timothy R. Shaw 

South Farm', Litc'ifield, Conn Wm. L. Smedley 

Soutbfifld, Oakland, Mich Melancton W. Hicks 

Southfleld, Berkshire, Mans Augustus Turner 

South Flint, Des Moines.Iowa, Edwin Carter 

South Florence, FrankKn, Ala William Simpson 

Southford, New Haven, Conn Horace Oatnian 

Booth Fork, Oiosley, Ky •. A. B. Gillert 

South Fork. Aahe., N. C Thomas S.Callaway 

V South Fork, Wayne. Iowa Peter Ruark 

South Fofter, Pi-ovidence, R. I Seamans Davis 

South Framingham. Middlesex, Mass.Willard Howe 
South Franklin, N'lrJhU, Mais... Jos. H. Wadswortb 

South Freedom, Walflo, Me Bei^amin Fuller 

South Galway, Saratoga. N. Y Milton C. Bowers 

South Oardnnr. W rre.^ter,MasB S.W. A. Stevoup 

South (I'aie, Franll'V. la Joseph Sautr 

South OfMiesee, WaulethayWia Alfred Cnlvert 

gouth Gibwn, Gil.son, Tenn B. H. Sandeford 

Kuth Gilboa. Schoharie, N. Y Calvin Stevens 
ttth Glastenbury, Harf/ord, Conn.Oliver Brainerd 

South Glenn's Falls, SaratogOy N. Y J. It. RiM 

South Granby, Ogwego, N. Y James Campbell 

South Granville, Washington, If. Y.... Horace Smith 

South Greece, Monroe, N. Y Asa D. Wood 

South Groton, Middlesex. Mass Harvey A. Wood 

South Grove, De Kalh, 111 Henry Safford 

South Grove. Walioorth, Wis William P. Allan 

South Groveland, Essex, Masf Jacob W. Reed 

South Hadley, Hampshire, Mass Geo. L. Smith 

South Hadley Falls, Hampshire, Mass 0. P. In- 

South Halifax, Windham, Vt Jedediah Stark 

South Hamilton, Madison, N. Y Je^se Hendrick 

South Hampton, Rockingham, N. H.Mos*-* Eaton, jr 

South Hampton, GaUatin,X]l David Keasler 

South Hanover, Jefferson, la William T.Rankin 

South Hanson, Piymmdh, Ma«(> Barak O^bom 

South Hardwick, Caledonia, Vt....A(lolphus Holton 
South Harpeth, Darndsan, Tenn...Thos. I. Allison 

Sooth Harrisburgb, Lewis, N. Y Solomon Close 

South Hartford, Orford, Me...Richard Hutchinson 
South Hartford, Washington, N. Y....Wm. H. Ward 

South Hartwick, Otsego, N. Y L. R. Sergent 

South Harwich. Barnstable, Mass... J. P. Nickereon 
South Haven, Van Buren, Mich... Stephen B. Mora- 
. bouse 

South Haven, SufoD:, N. Y Silas Homan 

South Hawley, FV-anklin, Mass Levi Holden, jr 

South Henrietta, Jackson, Mich.William D. Martin 

South Hermitage, Lancaster, Pa John McGill 

South Hero, Grand Isle, Vt Solon S. Clark 

South Hill, Steuben, N. Y David 8. Leach 

South Hill, Bradford, Pa Jarvis Buttles 

South Hill, J/ecAfewfcMr^;j.,Va T. M. Buttt- rwortft 

South Hingbam, Plymouifi, Mass..Andrfw Gushing 

South Hope, WaUio, Me James Manlej 

South Howard, Strul.en, N. Y Moses S. Bennet 

Southington, Hartford, Conn Amon Bradley 

Southington, TmmbuU, Ohio Hiram Hurd 

South Jackson, JacA«on, Mich William Page 

South Jefferson, Lincoln. Me Merrill Peaslee 

South Kent, LitcJifield, Conn Edward Fanton 

South Killingly, WxndJiam, Conn L. Graves 

South Kingpton, Rockingham, N. H.Ahner Burhank 

S)uth Kirtland, Zo/e, Ohio William E. Peck 

South Kortright, Delaware, N. Y,..John S. Andrews 

South Lancaster, Worcestery Mass S. H. Turner 

South Landing, Oafce/l, Va J^lbert Laidley 

South Lansing. Timipkins, N. Y .Almon C. Ives 

South LeH, Berkshire, Ma&«i Amos B. Manley 

South Leeds, Androscoggin, Me Salmon A. Wing 

South Levant. Penobscot, Me J. K. Weston 

South Lima, Livingston, N. Y..Samuel T. De Forest 

South Lincoln, Penobscot, Me JoLn Q. A. Gove 

i^outh Livonia, Livingston, N. Y.Alcnzo N. UafftJngt 
South Londonderry, Windham, Vt..Fred. W. Mar& 

South Lowell, Orange, N. C John A. McMannen 

South Lyme, New Londony Conn R. L. Chadwick 

South Lyndeboro, HiOshorough, N. H Joel H. 

Tar bell 

South Lyon, Oakland, Mich ^....Charles Borden 

South Maiden, Middl^sejo. Mass Solomon Corey 

South Manchester, Hartford, Conn. ..Ward Cheney 

South Merrhnack, Hillsborough, N. H H. BaU 

South Middleboro. PlymoutJi, Mass C. R. Smith 

South Milford, Oscil, Md Joseph N. ToUh 

South Milford, La Orange, la 0. B. Taylot 

i^outh Milford, Worcester, Mass S. W. Gilbert, j» 

South Mills, Camden, N. C Addi.-on P. Cherry 

South Milton, StraJJord, N. H Eli W^entwortn 

South Moluncus, Aroostook, Me Benjamia V. 


South Montvillo, Waldo, Me Mrs. Abba True 

South Natick, Middlesex, Mass John J. Perrv 

South New Berlin, Chenango, N. Y...Alva Babcocli 
South New burgh, Penobscot, Me...Cbas. D. Qilmore 

South Newbury, Orange, Vt Thomas J. Doe 

South Newbury, Memmack, N. U losiah Morse 

South New Castle, Galliciy 0hio...Jo6eph Shallcross 
South New Market, Roclivgham, N.1I'..J.T. Locke 

South Newport, Mclntoyh, Ga William T. Thorp 

South Newry, Oxford, Me Josiab Atlierton 

South Norfolk, Litchfield, Conn S. D. i^orthwar 

South Northfield,Cbofc,I11 John Canimadc 

South Norwalk, lUir/eld, Conn Wm. C. Sammit 




Sgjjthold, Suffolk, N. Y WUUam H. Wells 

^6vith Olive, Noble^ Ohio Joseph Look 

South Onondaga/ OrumdagOy N. Y...01mi$ted Quick 

3outh Orange, Essex^ N. J John B. Knight 

South Orleans, Barnstable^ Ma88...Seth Sparrow, 3d 

South Orrington, JPenobscot, Me H. J. Nickerson 

South Otselic, Chenango^ N. Y David B. Parce 

South Owego, IKogay N. Y Caleb Lamb 

South Oxford, Chenar^o^ IT. Y Ebenezer Park 

South Oyster Bay, QueenSf N. Y...Timothy Carman 

South Paris, Oxford^ Me Samuel M. Newhall 

South Parkman, Piscataquis^ Me Jesse Nutting 

South Parsonfleid, Fwfc, Me George Hilton 

South Pekin, Niagara, N. Y John S. Starr 

South Perry, Hoddng, Ohio Abner Busby 

South^itcher, Cfienango, N. Y... Joseph H. Stanbro 
South Plymouth, Wayne, Mich. ..Samuel Y. Denton 
South Plymouth, CAenanpo, N.Y....Mi88 AdalineM. 

South Plymouth, PlymmOh, Mass. ..William Clark 

South Plymouth, Fayette, Ohio E. L. Ford 

South Point, Lincoln, N. C Samuel W. Craig 

South Point, Lawrence, E. J. Langdon 

South Pomfret, Windsor, Vt Joseph P. Vaughn 

South Port, Lincoln, Me Freeman Grover 

Southport, Fhirftdd, Conn Samuel Pike 

Southport, Marion, la James E. Webb 

Southport, Chemung, N. Y Charles Evans 

South Port, Peoria, 111 E. W. Gibbs 

South Portsmouth, Newport, R. I Moses Lawton 

South Potsdam, St. Lawrence, N. Y...,Ira T. French 

South Prospect, Waldo, Me Crawford S. Fletcher 

South Pultney, Steuben, N. Y Hiram L. Clark 

South Quay, Nansemond, Va Wm. R. Lawrence 

South Randolph, Norfolk, Mass BenJ. P. Hobart 

South Raymond, Rodcingham, N. H... Jacob Elliott 
South Reading, iftVZcfZesex, Mass....Sam'l Kingman 

South Reading, Windsor, Vt Wm. S. A. Morse 

South Richland, Oswego, N. Y Marshall Pierce 

South Ridge, Ashtabida, Ohio Wm. H. Cheny 

South River, Middlesex, N.J Revilo Clark 

South River, Anne Arundd, Md...John N. Stewart 

South Rome, Stark, Lewis Koons 

South Royalston, Worcester, Mass...L. W. Partridge 
South Royalton, Niagara, N. Y...Rufu8S.Brackett 

South Royalton, Windsor, Vt H. K. Blake 

South Rutland, Jefferson, N. Y....Wa8h'n Wheelock 

South Ryegate, Caledonia, Vt James White 

South St. George, Lincoln, Me Ira M. Gilman 

South Salem, Westchester, N. Y Gould Hawley 

■ South Salem, Ross, Ohio.... Samuel M. Pricer 

South Sand Lake, Rensselaer, N. Y.William Stevens 
South Sandwich, Barnstable,, Mass Solomon C. 


South Sanford, York, Me Joseph H. Moulton 

South Sangerville, Piscataquis, Me. ..Moses Gilman 
South Schodack, Rensselaer^ N. Y Henxy P. Van 


South Scituate, Plyivumth, Mass John K. Nash 

South Scituate, Providence, R, I Owen Battey 

South Sebec, Piscataxfuis, Me Joseph B. Chase 

South Seekonk, Bristol, Mass Nathan Munroe 

South Shaftsbnry, Bennington, Vt...J.C. Houghton 
South Shenango, Crawford, Pa...Jos. McArthur, 2d 
South Side, Richmond, N. Y James 0. Van- 


So;ath Sodus, frayne, N. Y James 0. Gridloy 

South Solon, Somerset, Me George W. Fargo 

' South Solon, Madison, Ohio Harrison Curry 

South Stephentown, Rensselaer, N. Y....Wm. Hand 

South Sterling, Wayne, Pa Hugh A. Lancaster 

South Stockton, Chautaugue, N. Y. Forbes Johnson 
South Stoddard, Cheshire, N. L. Frederick A. Gilson 

South Strafford, Orange, Vt Luman S. Frary 

South Tamworth, Oarrdl, N. Ht.. John T. D. Folsom 

South Thomaston. Lincoln, Me Kzekiel Hall 

South Thurston, Steuben, N. Y Henry Rising 

South Trenton, Oneida, N. Y Thomas Rees 

South Troupsbui^h, Steuben, N. Y JTames B. 

Mnrdock • 

South Union, Logan, Ky David Smith 

South Valley, Otsego, N. Y Luther J. Rice 

South Vassalboro, Kennebeck, Me P. Pierce 

BonthriWe, Litchfield, Conn George A. Bears 

BouthviUe, Shdhy, Ky WUUam A. Wilson 

Southville, St. Lawrence, N. Y Delos Dostte 

South Walden, Giledonia, Vt. Lewis Walbridga 

South Wales, Erie^ N. Y Abijah McCaU 

South Wallingford, Rutland, ST t.Cheurlea 0. Stafford 

South Walpole, JV<M:/btt:, Mass Truman Clarke '■ 

South Wardsboro, Windfiam, Vt E. F. Baldwi» 

South Warren Bradford, Pa Jacob A. Idt 

South Warsaw, Wyoming, N. Y Alonzo ChoaU 

South Waterford, Oxford, Me Daniel W. Nobl» 

South Weare, Hillsborough, N. H.... Moses Dearbdrm 

South Wellfleet, Barnstable, WiSB S. A. Hatch 

South West, Warren, Pa. John W. Brighaa 

South West, Elkhart, la Stephen Bull 

South Westerloo, Albany, N. Y Thomas Saxto» 

South West HarlK>r,JTancocfc, Me.Andrew H. Haynof 

Southwest Oswego, Oswego, N. Y Simon G. Place 

South Westport, Bristol, Mas8....Frederick Browneil 
South Weymouth, Norfolk, Maa8...Jolm W. Tbomaf 

South Whitehall, Lehigh, Pa Wm. Walbert 

South Whitley, Whitley, la Job Dow 

Southwick, Hampden, Mass Andrew J. Forward 

South WUbraham, Hampden, Mass...S. C. Spelmai 
South Williamstown, Berkshire, Maos..J. IL Jordaa 
South Wilson, Niagara, N. Y....Augu8tin W. Swick 
South Windham, Cumberland, Me....WiUiam Bocob 
South Windham, Windham, Vt..WUliain B. Burtoa 

South Windham, TVindham, Conn Alfred Kinnt 

South Windsor, Hartford, Conn Roderick King 

South Windsor,' iren?i«6€cA-, Me W^Uliam WaM i 

South Wolf boro, Carrol, N. H Sol. P. Hora 

South Woodstock, Windsor, Vt.... OUver Bailey 

South Worcester, Otsego, N. Y Abraham Becker 

South Wrentham, iVor/oZAr, Mass Enoch Lord,jr 

South Yarmouth, Bamstable,Maw John Larkim 

South Yonkers, Westchester, N-Y.. James B. Warner 

Souvies Island, Wuhit^ton, Oregon Beigamia 

Howell « 

Soxvifle, Monroe, Pa Washington Winter 

SpafTord, Oiymdaga, N. Y John R. Lewif 

Spafford, La FoLyette, Wis Ransom Dusn 

Spafford Hollow, Onondaga, N. Y Wm. 0. FarreU 

Spain's, Henderson, Tenn MUton Stewart 

Spang'a MUls. Blair, Pa J. L. Martin 

Spangsville, Berks, Pa. JaCob S. Spang 

Spaniohburg, Mercer, Va Minerva A. Headea 

Spanish Flat, El Dorado, Cal Spencer Richards 

Spanish Oaks, Appomattox, Va...Wyatt W. Hiunner 
Spanish Prairie, Qrawford, Mo... Jackson T. Martia 

SparlinvUle, Newton, Mo James M. Jenkini 

Sparrow Bush, OrangS, N. Y Lucas F. Hougk 

Sparrow Swamp, DarUngion, S. C Spencer At- 

S - "- '- h.) Omecuh, Ala A.J.Burnett 

S 'ckasaw. Miss George T. Baber 

S 1.) Hancock, Ga. RusseU W. Hart 

S ndolph, lU Joseph Farnaa 

S irborn, la. Wm. L. 8. Jonef 

S tmnWe, La. James P. Dyeaa 

S Isdale, Mich James H. Thomt 

S h.) Bucfuman, "Mo Hugh Smith 

S aex, N. J Daniel R. Hudson 

S ingston, N. Y John Culbertson 

S jecomb, N. C James Carney 

S rrow, Ohio A. W. SwiUand 

S shington, Pa Cephas Lindley 

S h.) White, Tenn. ...Daniel P. Shackelford 

S oline,YA Robert S. Broaddui 

S nroe. Wis Richard J. Casselman 

S en, Ky Thomas C. Rosa 

S irtanburg, S. C Wm. C. Kilgon 

S, ' tre, Kent, Mich Jonathan £. Nash 

S, II i.inf.iirgh, Ra^dolpfi, la. Stephen Barnea 

S| Jiriiiiiburgh, C. H., Spartanburgh, S. C.John A. 

Spartansburgh Crawford, Pft Francis Fralick 

Spavinaw, J^nton, Ark Abraham Whinney 

Spear's Mills, OnlumMana, 0... Jefl'erson D. Stewart 

Speai^s Store, Union, La. John P. Spears 

Spe&rsvUle, ^ot/m, la H. C. Kobina 

Spearsville, Fulton, Pa .\ George W. B. Sipa 

Speedsville, Tompkins, N. Y Josiah Lawrenca 

SpeedweU, BamweU, S. C Edward Fursa 

Speedwell, Ctaibome, Tenn William Rogers 

Speedwell, Wythe, Va. WiUiam Ward 

SpeedweU, Madison, Ey Henry B. DilUngham 




Speer*8 Landing, Shdby, Ohio Thomas Skillen 

[Right's Bridge, GreerUjN. C Wm. A. Darden 

Emir's Turnout, Jefferson^ 6a. Geo. W. Outlen 

l^eneer,(c. ta.) Owen^ Ind Harrison 0. Halbert 

Bpencer, Worcester^ Mass. Luther Hill 

8i>€ncer, Davidson, N. C....W Isaac A. Moore 

Bpencer, TingOy N. Y Abram H. Miller 

PppTii^'^i-, SktHna. Ohio , Charles Dougherty 

£^p-i>i tr. (i: h.) T.Ji Burm,Tenn D. F. Wood 

Sptiii f I i.iir^!]i. /'i ',«, Mo John .Phillips 

Spfnicer lliil, /i' I {oc, Tenn Robert A.Renfro 

Spofiqcrport, J/..",-oe. N. Y John Borst 

i^encertovvn, f>"',w rniia, N. Y Rufus W. Babcock 

flptTPiTFitlL^ />. KcUbflsk Bushrod Oatlin 

Spfebct-rvJlK j^fr, ngo, Ala Spencer Adams 

apermk. S^ijffxih, \ Y Luther Cook 

SperryvilliC fiirji'hannock, Va Marcus Cooper 

SpJ<!f'[*LTiij. Jfrfjt-.-f. la Jacob Foster 

Bplcervinx i't'oi^ Mich Wm. M.Tompkins 

Bplit Hor^k, J/i/r... )«a, Cal John A. Bagg 

BplnniLTikrwn, /; . fc», Pa Edwin D. Spinner 

Splungt Mmi.rfii\ ^iiss Mathew Oibbs 

Spociner'sCurxiii r, Ote^fo, N.Y Charles Spooner 

gpcirting; Hill, LnixxtsUr, Pa...Henry M. Brubaker 

SpflSpw-ini, Mnhi'-.tXi N. J George H. Snowhill 

gpottKvlvuriJii C. fl., Spoiisylvaniay Ya ^'Joseph 

S&n rotd 
Sprtut Spr^T'isr, ^ij'/iWMittoaj, VaJohn H. Plunkett, Jr 

Bprftj^j^'p, Qnmc^ Fa A.Jackson Maple 

Bprai^iK^'jq KtiUp, ) I'^Ainj/rton, Me H. Thompson 

SpraitcTH fi&^\u, -Vw^oTwery, N.Y..D. Quackenbush 

gpTxiul liable, tit! ware, Pa Mifflin Lewis 

Spread Ofilt./t/Zi >■ )n,Ga Jacob Lewis 

BprjULf, rramfo.'d. Pa D. M. Griswold 

Spring, flKfiri/, S'l Wm. M. Cleveland 

Sprints Arbnr, J^f .son, Mich Squire French 

Spring Bnuk. Ltf Paydte, Ark Owen Collins 

aprin^ Hiiy, U"r*r f,ord, 111 Richard C. Dement 

SprIiiKli*>r"ugh. liirren, Ohio Mahlon Wright 

Spritig Urriiii^h. S'-iawart, Iowa Heman Annis 

i^rin§^ Bruok, F.ri; N. Y Asa J. W. Palmer 

mring Brook. Jn'kson, Iowa George Cubbage 

i|jririj5;Ctiiirtli, Amsirong, Pa Robert Beatty 

MirUif?CiittttRe. .1/ (rion, Miss Ebeneser Ford 

^r1n<4 Cretk, M i\onough. 111 Joel Simmons 

Sprinii CrypTij Whren, Pa William Q. Garcelon 

iprtnyj rrt'ck, Hrufismck, N. C George 0. Askew 

Bprinj^OrttikT C^,--, la. Joseph Rohrer 

Spring Crafkj Mi'iison, Tenn James S. Coates 

Spriny; Owk^ I.'<i ^idol]^ Xtk Thomas B. Rice 

Spriog Cn-^-k. Kar^y, Ga Reuben McCorquodale 

St>^iu^ Djila^ I^fK.'-m, Va Jonathan Huddleson 

Bpriu^ thilo, Ai^'iikany, Pa J. C. Bunting 

gpritiK Dale, r.r,Vi,-, Iowa. Thomas Winn 

ipriiig PahH Ifit'-'-'Son, la Franklin McRae 

Spring Dnle^ Hitt/^'Uon, Ohio Erastus S. Close 

Bprln^ DnIcj L'( fhyetU, Miss... William H. Lawshe 

Spring Dale, lMfc,\ Wis Thomas B. Miles 

IpriTifffl-M, C7*y. f, Ala Julius Cleyeland 

BpriiifrtiiLlii, (c. hi Effinghavn, Ga James Rahn 

aprln^nuld, {c b ;. Sangamon, 111 Isaac R. Diller 

Sprinfrfieli, Frfta'.lin, la Nixon Davis 

iprliiiffiey^ AV'^ ii^k, Iowa Jacob C. Reed 

Bprlnfrflcld, RuJoxmd, N. C Mathew W. McNair 

ipTTnsfii'lfi. ^uUir m, N. H Orra C. Howard 

Sprmirfl..l4.fc. h.\ Washington, Kj A. G. Bevill 

BprJntfflHJd, £m Aj /ston, La R. W. Read 

Bfifin^nTrJ, P^^i./ wrf, Me Thomas C. Burleigh 

BprfiJKllK^lfJ. fr. hi ffampden, Mass A. W. Chapin 

Bprln|^fli'li3, fhtl-f.-.-id, Mich... Hiram A. Sutherland 

SprltiiffiL^lfJi (r h.i Greene, Mo Joseph Burden 

apriri|^-iK'l L Kr^yj-, N. J Ziba H. Sickley 

S^rin^rJii4.), Ofs^cpru N. Y Albert Cotes 

Sl»riUi:fi«Uli Liinc-hme, TexaR...Solomon R. Scruggs 
apHotffipld, fc. hi Clark, 01iio...C. D. McLaughlin 

SpritP|ifO^-M, fir-irf/,n'(L, Pa ., Hiram Spear 

Bprinyileld- fc, h j Robertson, Tenn...D. P. Braden 

Sprlr^nEfleldt JhimirMre, Va H. B. HoflFman 

6pr5ngfipM, lUi^^.' or, Vt George Washburn 

Biirini;fielilT Q'int-.iy^ Ark Joshua Moses 

ipriimflfUl, fjtm {-ud, Minn Edwin Whipple 

Eprinfffii?1il fvniiri'. Otsfgo, N. Y Richard Ely 

Spflfij/Ot'l'l ririj s lloads, Erie, Pa.....Tim. 8. Cowles 

Spiingfitld Fur tj^v. e, Blair, Pa Samuel Royer 

gpi-iuf field Milb, NobUf Ia....William Stienbarger 

Spring Forge, York, Pa Michael Fii*h«^ 

Spring Fortt, Fkttis, Mo John K. Crawlbi« 

Spring Garden, Cherokee, Ala... James Montffomery 

Spring Garden, Jeferson, lll....» Joseph Jjaird 

Spring Garden, PAi2ad«/pAta, Pa... Patrick Murray 
Spring Garden, Pittsylvania, Va.:. James Aoderson 

Spring Garden, New Hanover, N. C G. I. Moort 

Spring Garden, PeUi8,Mo John Moti 

Spring Green, Sauk, Wis Thomas C. Chamberlin 

gp^^-ir.f!---n Warren, 111 J. H. Carmicha^ 

Spr nr Mi ., Grea*, Wis JTames W. Kildow 

Spriijj 1 M . V. , Dallas, Mo Robt. 0. Randle« 

Spt iii;jr I'T'.v. , Sbusfon, Minn .Tames Sraittl 

SpiJiib lii '■■ ! Bowan, N. C Richard Graham 

Sprjii'; i; f ■. , Linn^ Iowa Josiah H. Walton 

Sprni;.:: <ni ,v, iauren*, S. C John G..William« 

SpHiiir f^rnvi . Surry, Va E. A. Maddera 

Sprjuy; Hill, Marengo, Ala Edward Curtif 

Spring Hill, ffempstead, Ark. ..Thomas J. Reynold? 

SprJDg'inll, IMcotur, la William Anderson 

Spriirj ITill, iVhites{des,m Levi Fuller 

Spriuj Hill. f.'vi'nggton,'M.o Jophua T. Bevell 

gp - r " J'tppoA, Miss V. N. Garison 

8p hury, Tenn Jeremiah Crafton 

Sp iirarro, Texas R. H. Matthewf 

Spriii ; jl.ii. ' iion,Lei James M. Turner 

Sprirm Hill, /. »«and, Ct A. G. Storw 

Sp In- Hill. HimstabU, Mass Nathan Wing 

Sp r t ng i ii 1 1 F- ■ rge, Lincoln, N. C..E. J. Ham marskold 

Spi^iig IJUI furnace, Ihyette, Pa J. K. Duncan 

SprlUfj^ Hills. Vhampawn, Ohio... Matthew Critcher 

SpHngliopin .\'a.«A, N. C Evan N. Bryant 

Spcinf,^ I[MU,?t', Monlgnmery, Pa Daniel Blyler 

SpriM'* ni-'ii*^' Grainger, Tenn... Archibald P. Green 
Spi ' ' T/mamj, Ohio...Will!am Vafl Fof'sen 

Sp Vauthara, Wis William Skinner 

Sp Hanover, Va William G. Maddox 

Spnn- ^ h:, iawremce,l& Hugh Hamer 

SpriuLi >li1N. JUegany, N. Y John B. Robbinf 

Sprin- Mills!, t)enire. Pa iTared B. Fisher 

Sprhii^ I'laLCt re. h.) Murray, Ga.Franklin B. Morrli 

Spring ^i^lTice, Marshall, Tenn Jopeph McBride 

Spring Plttiio. Tf^AitojLa J. R. Hollingfwortii 

SprfiJiifpDrt, Jiickson, Mich Alanson Ferri* 

Sps FtstnifvrL PindUi, Miss W. W. Byara 

Sprhi^r Pvvi, ffenry, Ky Tos. P. EvinB 

Spring Prairie, Walworth, Wis Mark H. Foote 

Sprlnii Rliljif", Binds, Miss Henry J. Holme« 

SprlTig Hiwr, Lavfrence,Mo W. H. Duflf 

Spring ni'Ck, iUinton, Iowa George W. Parker 

Spring llcKcJi, WhiUey, Ky Samuel Beams 

Spring; Hun, Xotttsa, Iowa Philip J. BuflRngton 

Spiling KuT], I'rankUn.'Pz. William A. Mackey 

Spriivi":, ^utr-lk, N. Y>» David D.' Parsoni 

Spriis ii.iMTij, llendridcs, la John C. Gambold 

Sprnigiu^'n, Uucks, Pa Newton M. Bryan 

SpritiKt^^^'^'"!U ^^oZfc, Tenn William Morgan 

Spnngtown, Tl^rrcn, N. J John M. Plnmmer 

Springvnl'L, Vork, Me » Samuel Lord 

Spi-i]itfTcilL% J'ferson, Tenn... ...William McFarland 

Spring vikl'^j -Sfflipson,N.C Edward Vail 

Springvalft, F.iirfax, Va Joshua F/Oomii 

8prh>g Vtdley, Greene, Ohio Colbert A. Watson 

fipriikg Valky, Fillmore, Minn .-John M. Smith 

8prln^^ 'V'olt.rv, Rockland, N. Y Erastus Vanzant 

Spring Vjilli V, Bn-gen, N. J H. J. Van Buskirk 

Sprintr y,dl..y^ iJocA:, Wis Thomas J. Balis 

Spring VpiIIo', PUk, Oregon Solomon Allen 

Sprliig VftUyy, Carroll, 111 John Roberts 

Spring VQllr y, Grayson. Va... Archibald M. Young 

Sprin:jrrille, Itah, Utah Aaron Johnson 

SprJng^'ille, Tazewell, Va Greenville Ferguson 

Sprinj£vlllCj Sf, Clair, Ala Jacob Sallet 

SpringTillet, OI«, 111 Henry Clay Wortham 

Spriiifcville, Crawford, Wis Edmond Strong 

SpriTigvilIti^ Lawrence, la George Richards 

Sprfng^fllft, Imn, Iowa Moses P. Winans 

SprfiigT5llc>, f;i'emup,Kj John T. Brown 

SpriugvillL^ l^nawee, IkKch Thomas H. Mosher 

Sprttigville, Erie, N. Y Camden C.Lakt 

Sprit] (j^vlUc. .S\^squehannah,Va. Israel B. Lathrop 

SpririET Wrif^r, Livingston, N. Y J. C. Whitehead 

Sp 1.^" :' , Ffaywe, Mich SamuH Ludlow 

Spi-^uL iiiuo^, Montgomery, N. Y...Davrd H. Coons 
Sprout Creek, Dutchess, N. Y W. H. Hopkins 




Spruce, Bote*, Mo Qeorgp W. Ludwick 

Spruce Creek, ITuntinffcUmf Pa...George H. SCeiner 

Spruce Grove, Mmroe^Va, Joel Vliet 

Spruce OrovB, Owsley. Ky Samuel Heironymus 

Spruce nWUJnviafa, Pa blames L. Cafmer 

Spruce li:il, Highland, Va Amos E. CampWIl 

Spruce Mills, JacA-son, Iowa H. G. Cheney 

Squam Village, OceaUy N. J Odbom Curtis 

Square Pond, TnUand^ Conn Henry C. Abom 

Squaw Grove, Dt Kalb, III Wm. C. Tappan 

StaaUbun^h. Dutchess, N. Y James RusmII 

Stablerville, BaUimnre, Md .^.... Henry Stabler 

Stacy ville, Hoc ingluim, N.CThompson H.Bofiwell 

Stafford, TiUand^ Conn Alvin Wnlet* 

Stafford, Gfvwtee, N. Y George Radley 

Stafford, Mmroe, Ohio Reuben Hawkins 

Stafford, AlPgan, Micb Oziel H. Round 

Stafford C. II., Staffitrd, Va...Leon«rd P. Alexnnder 

Staffordsburj?, h'entoriy Ky Robert B. Hoiliday 

StafforJ Springs, Tolland^ Conn H. M. Bolton 

Stafford ville, Tolland, Conn Edward G. Hyde 

Stagville, Oranqe^ N. C PhuI C. Cameron 

Stahlstown. iVkstnwrdaruL, Pa Wm. C. Rickard 

Stairfl Creek, Lawrence, Mo Benjamin Stall 

Stamford, FairfieJd, Conn..... Rosewell Uoyt 

Stamford, Dddware, N. Y ChnrliiS Griffin 

Stamford, Benningifm, Vt Rjifus Millard 

Stamper's Cres'k, Orange. la Seth M. Stone 

Stamping Ground, Scott, Ey L. D. Holloway 

Staurti-dsville, (c. h.) Greene, Va George W. Price 

Standing Rock, Stnwart, Tenn Elijah Dawson 

Standing Stone. Brad/ordy Pa Henry W. Nobles 

Standish. Cumberlandf Me Joseph S. Thompson 

Stanford, Mnnrt)ey la Joseph Sanders 

Stanf«)rd, (c. '\i.) Lincoln, Ky Joseph A. Lytle 

Stanford. Tejuis. Mo Philip MacGreen 

fitanfordville, Putnam, Ga D. R. Andrews 

Stan f;)rd ville, Dutchess, N. Y W. H. Stewart 

Stanh )pe, Snsi>''x, N. J Andrew A. Smalley 

Stanh »pe. N'lxh, N. E. H. Morgan 

Stanh »pe, Monroe, Pa B. H. Perkins, jr 

Stanley Corners, Ontario. N. Y Sheldon Merwin 

Stanton, Hnntfrdnn, N. J John V. Berkaw 

Stanton, Nkw GisUe, Del Lev! Workman 

Stanton, PovopR. Ky James M. Daniel 

Stantonsbnrgh, Etlgncnnhe, N. C J. Wilkinson 

Stantonville. Avd rson, S. G William Holland 

Stantonville, NcNury, 3?enn Thomas R. Bi'ck 

Stants Store. Clarion, Pu John L. Forker 

Stanwiclu Fhirri'-ld, Conn Farnnm Knowlton 

Stanwix, Oneida. N. Y Jonathan R. Dunning 

StaploH Ranch, Sin Joaquin, Cal D. I. Staples 

Staplet^n, Richmond, N. Y Francis L. Hagadorn 

Stapleton. J/ea6fc,Ky Thomas A. Brown 

Star, Assumption, La F. Barthet 

Starfield. Pruiria, III ^.. ...... ..Thomas .1. Moore 

Star Furnace, Carter, Ky Samuel P. Williiuns 

Stark, Somerset. Me Asa Chapman 

Stark, Coog. N. H Clifford Cole 

Starkey, Vatex. N. Y Ira Fowler 

Btarksboro, Addlfon, Vt Ansil M. Hawkins 

Stark ville, (c. h.) Lee. Ga Wm. M. Pettry 

Starkville, (c. 1).) OktihbeJia, Miss...John Thornton 

Starkville, Herk.mer, N. Y John A. Walratb 

Starlin^ton. ^u//'^, Ala Young Lee 

Starr. Hoching, Ohio Isa^ic Lewis 

Starr's Point. Benton, Oregon K. B. Hinton 

Starrsvillo. IVewton,Qfi Silas IL Starr 

Starry Creek. FranUin, Va Wm. Menifee 

Btarucca. Wiyne, Pa Lttwis A. Osborn 

Stateburgh, (c. h.) Sumter, 8. C Vincent Parsons 

State Brid;rc, Onnda, N. Y William Hyland 

Stateland, Cfiodaw, Miss Elknah Sawyer 

State Line, TrumfmH, Ohio Francis H. Royal 

SUte Line, WjJwoH'i, Wis John Waite 

State Line, Franklin, Pa .John Rcarich 

State Line, Heard, Ga Jackson Allen 

State Ro.-vl, Chemung, N. Y Alexander H. Park 

State Road, Lfconing, Pa James Robison 

State Roal. l^irry.'S. C David H. Davis 

Stately's Run Gant, Ky William P. Parish 

Statosb >rouj(h, BuOnc'., Ga....Chamoch £. Fletcher 

States Spring. Cuthhin, Miss Joseph Fox 

SUtesviUu, (c. h.) tretleU, N. C R. K. Siniontoa 

Btatesville, Wilson, Tena Commodore P. Patton 

Station, Thomax, Ga A.H. Wilsoa 

Station Creek, Coryell, Tex Harbert Darenport 

Station 15, Harrison, Ohio John SnideV 

Staunton, Macoupin, III Henry Caldwell 

Staunton, Fhyette, Ohio Charles Tan Pelt 

Staunton, Auguita, Va Levi L. Stevensoa 

Staunton, Clay, la Hezekiah Wheeler 

Staunton's Precinct, ^tfcAi'n^Aam, Va. J. R. Bi>f>ncer 

Steady Run, KeoK-uck, Iowa Samuel McOhet 

Steambnr^h, Crawford. Pa Ralph Willianofl- 

Steam Factory, Muscogee, Ga Valentine Pye 

Steam Mill, Warren, Pa Jamen Hill 

8team Mill, T^ca^Mr, Ga .\...S. H. Dickinaon 

Steam Mill, Clinton, la James H. Robisoa 

Steamport, Henderson, Ky Thomas Gates 

Stedman, Chavtauque, N. Y John I. Lc»e« 

Stedmanville, PranUin, Ky John S. Stedman 

8teedmim's, Leringlon, S. C A. Steedmaa 

Steele Creek, Mechknburgh, N.C A. O. Ned 

Steeles, Bush, la James M. Connor 

Steejes, Anderson, S. C Herbert D: rraoott 

Steele's Landing, Ottawa, Mich....:..Miner Hedges 

Steele's Mills, Randolph, 111 Seneca Parker 

Steele's Tavern, Augusta, Va David ^hnlte 

Steelville, CheHeT,VA Ill Seltwr 

Steelesville, Crawfirrd, Mo Christopher Smith 

Steen's Creek, BwnHn, Miss John B. Levis 

Steep Bottom, Beaufort, S. C Ulysses I. Rushing 

Steep Creek, Ldum^es. Ala M. S. Relft 

Steep's Falls, Cumberland, Me Edmund Mann 

Steer Creek, Gilmer, Va Jacob M. Stump 

Steilacoom City, Pierce, Wash. T.,.. Morris H. Frost 

Steinburgh, Bucks, Pa Thomas T. Ochs 

Stein berger's, San Francisco, Cal.. JJdward Haurock 

Stembersville, Carbon, Pa Daniel Stember 

Stephcnsburgh, Hardin, Ky....Bei^amin P. Rogers 

Stephen's Chapel, Bledsoe, Tonn Joseph HixsoB 

Stephen's Mills, Steuben. N. Y £. G. Stephens 

Stephenson's Depot, Frederick, Va... J. Stephenson 
Stephen sport, BrecI.evridge, Ky...WTn. Van Winkls 
Steplientown, Revsselaer, N. Y...~.Jame8 J. Brown 

Stephensville, Wilkinson, Geo J. B. Bilhis 

Stepney, Fairfield, Conn Judson Ciirtiss 

Stepney Depot, .R«>:/!<'/d, Conn Allen Piatt 

Sterling, Windham, Conn , Darius A. Fiah 

Sterling, WhiUixides, 111 AlphensB. Nicholft 

Sterling, P;»ta/p«, Ark A. P. Ewart 

Sterling, Wiirce,^t>r, Mass John M. Stephenson 

Sterling, Cayuga, N. Y James Green 

Sterling, Wayne, Pa William E. Hamlyi 

Sterling, Montgomery, Ga William A. McLeod 

Sterling, Jackson, Iowa C. S. Feruiison 

Sterling Bottom, Meigit, Ohio J. J. WhHs 

Sterlingbush, Lewis, N. Y Howard Sterling 

Sterling Grove, OreenviUe, S. C D. McCullough 

Sterling Hill, Wndham, Conn Charles Maaoa 

Sterlingville, JefTersm, N. Y George 0. Leaiy 

Storlingville, Wyoming, Pa Silas Vernoiy 

Sterrettania, Erie, Pa Kliaa Brecht 

Sterrett's Gap, Cumberland, V9l., John Bigham 

Stetson, /Vnoftscrt, Me William Plaisted,Jr 

Steuben, Washington, Me. Benjamin Godfrey 

Steuben, Oaio/iyrd, Pa Henry Baughsr 

Steuben, Ontida^fi.Y John O. Jones 

Steuben, Huron, Ohio Chauncey B. Wheeler 

Steuben, Marshall, 111 ....Aaron C. Foedick 

Steubenville, (c. h.) Je^erwn, Ohio...Tho8. Brashean 

Stevens, Antrim, Mich... Theron Bostwick 

Stevensburgh, CuJpeper, Va John J. Rickard 

Stevens' Mills, Union, N. C John H. Stevens 

Stevenson, Jaclson. Ala John H. Gibson 

Stevenson's Mills. Wayne, Pa Oliver Stevenson 

Stevens' Plains, Cumberland, Me David Torrey 

Stevens' Point, Portage, Wis Wm. H. GUchria* 

Stevensville, Bradford, Pa Homer Stevens 

Stevensville, SuOivan, N. Y Walter H. Stevem 

Stevensville, King and Queen, Va John Bagby 

Stewart, Erie, Pa Robert McCrea. 4th 

Stewart's Draft, Augusta, Va Jno. P. Wilson 

Stewart's Ferry, Dav'dwn, Tenn Benjamin Hurt 

Stewart's Run, Venar^o, Pa James F. Connolly 

Stewartstown, Oios. N. U .Tohn Flnndeis 

Stewartstown, Monongalia^ Va David D. Wade 

Stewartstown, Richmond, N. C... ..Nancy Mcintosh 
Stewartstown, TorA;, Pa. Christian Leib 




Btewartsville, Warrmj N.J John Pnlmer.jr 

Stewartaville, Westmoreland, Pa Jacob Ludwick 

gtwartsville, Fosey, la Jolin W. Robb 
ivarteville, De KaJb, Bio Oliver II. P. Gibson 
cfe's Shoal, ClKodandf N. C E. S. K. Chambers 

8tickl(jyville, Zee, Va..^ Vastine Stickley 

8tikoih« C/ierokeey N. Chi Abraham Taylor 

StQeA, Davis, Iowa James II. Parris 

Stiles, Oconto, Wis Fittalan Stebbina 

Btilesboroiigh, Gass, Ga D. L. Wingard 

fltilesville, Htndrickty la John G. Kelley 

StiUepica, Madison^ Fla R. H. Willard 

Still Pond, K^nt, Md Daniel Hanes 

Still River, W^*rce«fer, Mass., Wm. F.Bateman 

Still Valley, Wamn, N. J .John Stamets 

Stillwater, Sastex, N..J Elias EL Woodruff 

Stillwater, Suratnga, N. Y Ashbel Palmer 

Stillwater, QAumbia, Pa Daniel McIIenry 

Stillwater, TVucaraiooi, Ohio E/ra Brainard 

Stillwater, Washington, Minn Harley Curtis 

Stillwell, Wiod^ Va Jesse V. Dallison 

Stillwells, BuOer, Ohio Jacob StillweU 

Stilwell, Jackson, la. .lesse Browning 

8til)'8 HiU, FrankHv,, la. Uobert A. Ward 

StittviUe, Oneida, N. Y S. B. Atwood 

Stockbridge, Berkshire^ M»«s... Nathaniel A. Waters 

Stockbridge, Ingham, Mich.. Silas Bebee 

Stockbridge, Henry, Oa Henry II. English 

Stockbridge, JUudixon, N. Y Charles L. Anderson 

Stockbridge, Windsor, Yt Azro B. Morgan 

Stockbridge, Calumet, Wis R.S.Bennett 

Stoqk Creek, Scott, Va William B. Neil 

Stockertown, NortJiampton,Pek Jonas Lerch 

Stock ilill, ^t<7n,Geo .Tames G. Odell 

Stockholm, Sztssex, N. J Alexander Boyd 

Stockholm, St. Lavorence, N. Y Hiram Hubbard 

Stockholui Depot, St. Lawrenee, N. Y..Philo Abbott 

Stockland, ifm^f^mnery, Mo John P. Farrow 

Stockport, OAumfna, N. Y Andrew Moore 

Stockport, Morgan, Ohio, James H. Broomhall 

Stockport Station, Delaware, N. Y Wm. Knight 

Stocksville, Buncmnbe, N. C I^obt. V. Blackstock 

Stockton, Baldwin, Ala Catharine M. Knight 

Stockton, Chaviatiqw., N. Y Lucius Bump 

Stockton, San Joaquin, Cal P.Edward Conner 

Stockton, Jo Daviess, 111 F. L. Tucker- 
Stockton, Hunterdon, N. J Jeremiah Smith 

Stockton, Owen, Ind Jacob J. Ilochstetler 

Btockville, Crawfinrd, Wis Henry Stucke 

Stoddard, Cheshire, N. H John M. Whiteon, jr 

Stoddartsville, Monroe, Pa Benj. F. Shneller 

Stoker, Davis, Utah David W. Sessions 

Stokes, Oneidu,^. Y M. Hawkins 

Stone Arabia, Montgomery, N. Y Joshua Empie 

Stone Church, Genesee, N. Y Orison Stephens 

Stone Church, Northampton, Pa... Joseph 0. Miksch 

Stone Creek, Tuwarawas, Ohio Joseph Murphy 

Stoneham, Middlesex, Mass George W. Dike 

Stone Hill, Richmond, Va James R. Carter 

Stone Hill, Mcerquette, Wis Azem V.Saunders 

Stone Lick, Randolph, N. C W. Ward Verden jr 

Stone Mills, Jefferson, N. Y Samuel B. Starr 

Stone Mountain, De Kalb, (Ja H. H. Dean 

Stone Mountain, McDowell, N. C Harriss Gilliam 

Stone Ridge, Ulster, N. Y Richard Lou nsbery,jr 

Stoner's Prairie, Dane, Wis Barney B. Baker 

Stoncrstown, Bed in-d, Pa Amos Evans 

Stonersville, Barks, Pa George Stoner 

Stonesville, OreenviUe, 8. C A League 

Stone Wall Mill, Appomattox, Va Robert Isbell 

Btoney Creek, New Haven, Conn...Timothy Barker 

Stoney Creek, Quwell, N.C Jackson G. Pinnix 

Stonington, New London, Conn C. G. Williams 

Stonington, Oiristian, 111 C. T. Chapman 

Stony Brook, SufoUe, N. Y James N. Gould 

Stony Creek, Tf^rren, N. Y Lewis T. Fenton 

Stony Creek, Somerset, Pa Jacob Phillippi 

Stony Creek, Scott, Va W. F. Richmond 

Stony Creek, Tnnia, Mich Archibald Wilcox 

Stony Creek Ware House, Sussex, Va...A. Aldridge 

Stony Fork, Jmherst, Va Nichol.'j Hicks 

Stony Fork, Watauga. V.O Alfred Miller 

Stony Hill, Richmtmd, Va SamL T. Reamy 

Stony Mount, Brunswick, Va Georg? Stone 

Stony Point, Mexander, N. C...; ThomMR. Watt 

Stony Point, Bradley, Tenn R. T. WentherW 

Stony Point, WAtte, Ark JohnR. Wootea 

Stony Point, Jefferson, la JoKii II. Bowen 

Stony Point, Jackson, Mo Jacob Gregg 

Stony Point, Albnnarle, Va..: William Beck 

Stony Point Mills, Cumberland, Va J. K. Talraer 

Stony Rldne, Wood, Ohio IL S. Wood 

Stony Ridge, Surry, N. C W. W. Wolff 

Stony Run. Genesee, Mich OrenSton* 

Storeville, Anderson, S. C...^ James Thomson 

Stormville, Dutchess, N. Y Benjuniin Seaman 

Stormville. Monroe, Pa Caisper Metzger 

Storrs, HamiUnn, Ohio Henry F.Sedam 

Stouchburgh, Berks, Pa Edward G. Fisher 

Stoughstown, Cumberland, Pa Samuel Green* 

Stoughton, Norfolk, Mass Bnulfard Kinsley 

Stoughton, Dane, Wis Elgah Beardsley 

Stouts, Adams, Ohio Lyman Taxi 

Stouts, Northampttin, Pa Isaac Stout 

Stouts, Blount, Ala. Samuel S. Morrow 

Stout's Grove, McLean, 111 Israel W. Hall 

Stoutsville. fhirjield, Ohio Beixjaniin Stout 

Stover. Dallas, Ark Josiah Stover 

Stover's Place. Ckntre, Pa Joseph A. Rankin 

Stovertown, Muskingum, Ohio John Baughman 

Stow, Oxford, Me William C. Walker 

Stow, Middlesex, Mass Winthrop Robinson 

8tom, Summit, Ohio Oliver E. Groat 

Stowe, LamoOle, Vt Albert Camp 

Stowell's Corners, Jefferson, N.Y Ira Hall 

Stowesville, Gaston, N. C Edwin B. Stowe 

Stow's Perry, JbUapoosa, Ala Joel Stow 

Stoyestown, Somerset, Pa John F. Rainey 

Strabane, Lenoir, N. C George Jonei 

Strabane, Washington, Pa ^Nathaniel 'Buchanan 

Strafford, Straffonrd. N. H John W. Jewell 

Stmfford, Orange, Vt Henry C. Hatch 

Strafford Corner. Strafford, N. H...Geo. C. Pinkham 

Straight Fork, Oimp^eU, Tenn William Putteet 

Straits, Carteret, N. C David W. Whitchurst 

Strait's Corners, Tioga, N. Y David Strait 

Strait's Lake, OaA Zand, Mich William Beatj 

Straitsville, Pnrry, Ohio Andrew Huston 

StraKburgh, Tuscarawas, Ohio Henry Fansler 

Strasburgh, Laneagter, Pa James Paul 

Strasbur^h, Shenandoah, Va Geo. M. Bonun 

Strasburgh, Cook, HI Charles Sauter 

Strata, Montgomery, Ala Albeit S. Naflit 

Stratford, fUirJield, Conn David Brooka 

Strattbrd, Otos, N. H James M. Mahurin 

Stratford, FUlton, N. Y .John S. Hyatt 

Stratham, Rockingham, N. H Zebulon Wig^rin 

Stratton, Wndham, Vt La Fayette Sheldon 

Stratton's Fall, Delaware, N. Y Ira Hick* 

Stratton ville. Clarion, Pa Hugh Macguir* 

Straustown, SsrA», Pa Joseph Boltl 

Strawberry, Laufrence, Ark E. 11. Ashley 

Strawberry Hill, ifuscaf me, Iowa U.S. GrifBn 

Strawberry Hains, Jeffersun^Tenn T. Stringfleld 

Strawberry Point, Clayton, Iowa E. L. Gardner 

Strawbridge, Tork, Pa John Strawbridge, jr 

Strawtown, Hamilton, la Matilda M. Colip 

Streetsborough, Pbrtage, Ohio JohnThomaa 

Street's Run, Alleghany, Pa .iames H. Neel 

Strickersville, Chester, Pa v JohnC. Powley 

Stricklands, Ifttre, Oa John F. Sweat 

Strickland's Depot, Duplin, N. C...L. A. MerrinuiQ 
Strickland's Ferry, Kennt^ick, Me... Solomon Millett 

Strinestown, York, Pa Daniel Wehrley 

String Prairie, Lee, Iowa ^Daniel Harrola 

Stringtown, Richland, lU John BulUrd 

Stringtown, Ripley, la Squire H. Knapp 

Stringtown, Davis. Iowa B.F.Wilson 

Stringtown, Oole, Mo Luke E. Ray 

Strodo's Mills, Mifflin, Pa Joseph Strode, jr 

Strong, Franklin, Me E. K. Ilitchoook 

Strongstown, Indiana, Pa Adam Lowry 

Strongnville, Cuyahoga, Ohio H. L. W. Leonard 

Stroud Glades, Nicholas, Va George W. Morton 

Stroudsburgh, (c. h.) Monroe, Pa David Keller 

Stryker, WMiams, Ohio Wm. Sherida|i,ir 

Strykarsville, Wyoming, N. Y lonathan Tufuar 

Stump Bridge, Madison, Miss Thomas I. Grafton 

Sturbridge Worcester, Mass TJames Bachellor 

SturgMBVilla, Brunswickf Ya^ Wm. LoTi»Uui4 




dturgis, St. Joseph% Mich John Hiney 

Stuyvesant, CWwmWo, N. Ys P. L. Schermerhorn 

Stuyveaant's Falls, Columbia, N. Y..P. A. Van Allen 

Sublette, Le^ 111 - Alfred L. Wilder 

Sublett'a Tavern, I\)w?iatlanf Va.... William Sublett 

Subligna, Chattooga, Ga Oscar F. Perry 

Sublimity, Marion^ Oregon Drury S. Stay ton 

Sub Kosa, Franklin, Ark William K. Rogers 

Success, SuffblfCfl^.Y Jabez Corwiu 

Suchasunny, Morris, N. J Warren C. Nelson 

Suck Creek, RuVurfm-d, N. P. R. Davis 

Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass Samuel D. Hunt 

Sudbury, Hutland, Vt Thomas J. Goodrich 

Sudlcrsville, Queen Anne, Md Robert Norville 

Suffern, Roclland, N. Y Alexander Matthews 

Sulfield, Hartford, Conn George Williston 

Sufficld, Portage, 0hl6 Simon I. Ward 

Suffolk, (c. h.) Suffolk, N. Y Wells Griffing 

Suffolk, (c. h.) Nan&emond, Ta... Joseph G. Cowper 

Sugar Creek, Hancock, la George H.Robinson 

Sugar Creek, Lawrence, Tenn...Robert W. Appleton 

gugar Creek, Walworth, Wis S. H. Tibbctts 

Sugar Creek, Telfair, Qro. John C. McRae 

$ugar Creek, WOUatMon, 111 Joel Norris 

Sugar Creek, Claiborne, La John S. Carlton 

Sugar Grove, Pendleton, Va , Daniel KeiscSr 

Sugar Grove, Kane, 111 Thomas Judd 

Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe, la D. J. Daviason 

Sugar Grove, Fairjkld, Ohio R. R. Ream 

Sugar Grove, PwveshieJc, Iowa John A.Eillen 

Sugar Grove, Butler, Ky Nathaniel Porter 

Sugar Grove, Watauga, N. C Jos. P. MatheAon 

Sugar Grove. Warren, Pa. Alonzo L. Frank 

Sugar II114> Panota, Texas Terrill Henson 

Sugar Hill, Grafton, N. H Artemas Wells 

Sugar Hill, McDowell, N.C Benjamin F.Bynum 

Sugar Hill, Marion, S.C Neal Carmichael 

Sugar Hill, Hall, Ga James A. Thomas 

Sugar Hill, ScJtuyler, N. Y Alonzo Robbius 

Sugar Lake, Crawford, Pa, Hugh J. Brawley 

Sugar Loaf, Orange, N. Y Augustus A. Ackley 

Sugar Loaf, Sebastian, Ark Francis W. Daniels 

Sugar Mound, Kansas Isaac D. Stockton 

Sugar Plant, Barren, Ky James H. Read 

Sugar Ridge, Putnam, Ezra H. Alward 

Sugar Ruu, Bradford, Pa Elmore Horton 

Sugartowu, Cheder, PtL ..William B. Sill 

Bugartown, Qiitaraugus, N. Y Virgil Reed 

Sugar Tree. Pittsylvania, Va. James A. Crews 

Sugar Tree Ridge, H^KLand, Ohio...ThomH8 A. Buun 

Sugar Valley, Gttrdon, Ga Jaa. H. Pittman 

Sugar Vulluy, Preble, Ohio. ......Francis McWhinney 

Sugar Valley, Clinton, Pa...!. Samuel B. Snook 

SuggaviUe, Clark, Ala. Solomon Nordliuger 

Suisnu, Solans, Cal Wm. C. Kyle 

tnlWvAn,^ Moultrie, lU Joseph £. Eden 

Sullivan, Tioga, Pa. James B. Dewey 

Sullivan, (c. h.) SulUvan, la .James W. Hinkle 

Sullivan, Jackson, Iowa... Jesse W. Black 

Sullivan, Hancock^ Me iHiram Emery 

Sullivan, Cheshire, N. H Daniel H. Mason 

Sullivan, Madison, N.Y Wm. T. Abercromble 

Sullivan, Ashland, Ohio Hamilton Porter 

Sullivan, Jeiferson, Wis James A. Riddle 

Snllivau's Mills, Jenntfi^«, la John Sullivan 

Sullivanville, Chemung, N. Y Simon Bozzard 

Sulphur Bluff, Hopkins, Texas Robert Hargrove 

Sulphur Hill, Sfielby, la Thomas Vaughn 

Sulphur Lick, Monroe, Ky Winford Daniel 

Sulphur Rock, Independence, Ark R. H. Lewis 

Sulphur Spring, Crawford, Ohio. ..George L. Ziogler 

Sulphur Springs, WiUiamson, 111 C. J. Cash 

Sulphur Springji, Madison, Ml8s...Robert £. Luckett 

Sulphur Springs, Henry, la Jiushrod W. Scott 

Sulphur Springs, Jefferson, Mo James G. Crowe 

Sulphur Springs, Cherc^ee, Texas.... H. G. Hatchett 

Sulphur Springs, Rhea, TeiiU A. C. Day 

Sulphur Springs, Benton, Ala John N. Wills 

Sulphur Springs, BuncoTnbe, N. CWilliam L. Henry 

Sulphur Springs, MuMenburgf Ky Absalom J. 


Sulphur Well, Jessamine, Ey Jamds M. Harris 

Sulphur Well, Shelby, Tenn...Bicliard E. Wortham 

Summerfield, Dallas, Ala Robert H. Baker 

Summerfield, if(;»roe, Mich William Corbin 


Summerfield, CfuHford, N. Sydnor A. Poweil 

Summerfield, Noble, Ohio Charles Har* 

Summerfield, St.Clair, III Samuel S. Casad 

Summerford, Madison, Ohio Joseph V. Blclvia 

Summer Grove, Smithy Texas A. A. Thompson 

Summer Hill, dzyuc'a, N. Y Alonzo Campbell 

Summer Hill, Cambria, Pa Wm. Murray 

Summer Hill, Jackson, Iowa £. B. Cowing 

Summer Hill, Pike, 111 Jonathan Wood 

Summers, Su^squehanah, Pa J. H. Sutplin 

Summers, Rockbridge^ Va Wm. R. Nair 

Summerset, Polk, Iowa John E. Welsh 

Summer's Mill, Guilford, N. C.James M. Wharton 

Summerville, Greene, Ky Fielding Chelf 

SummerviUe, Jefferson, Pa Hirum Carriec 

Sununerville, (c. h.) ChaiP)og<s, Ga £. L. Rosser 

SummerviUe, Cumberland, N. C.Wm. M. McNeill 

Summerrille, Cass, Mich Burrowes Moor* 

SummerviUe, Charleston, S. C... Alexander Bidault 

Summerville, Rock, Wis .William Stewart 

Summerville, Boone, Mo David Jacob 

Summit, Oalland, Mich Je^i^miah H. Phillips 

Summit, iS^mmtlf, Ohio Samuel Foust 

^ximmii, Elnunt, Ala Absalom W.Arnold 

Summit, Whitley, la Henry M. Lallen 

Summit, Essex, N. J .'William LitteU 

Summit, Sdioharie, N. Y Seymour BoughtoB 

Summit, JVbr<^amjp&n,N. O....WUliam H. Wesson 

Summit, Cambria, Pa Miss Maria Magehan 

Summit, Waukesha, Wis A. M. Slingerland 

Summit, Cbok, 111 Lewis Jonet 

Summit, Kent,"R.I Francis M. Andrews 

Summit Bridge, New Oistle, De]...JameA Nicholson 

Summit Hill, Carbon, Pa Abrabam Harrif 

Summit Mills, Somerset, Pa Ephrain^ Miller 

Summit l*oiut, Jefferson, Va...Samuel J. C. Moort 

Summitville, Lee, Iowa.... Isaiah Gil mor* 

Summitville, Madison, Ind John S. Moor* 

Summitville, Alleghany, Md...Jonathan H. Wilson 

Summitville, Columbiana, Ohio Patrick Rogers 

Summon's Point, Irfiquois, HI William Huckins 

Sumner, Okford, Me Jlbel W. Bisbe* 

Sumneytown, Montgomery, Pa Jacob Jacoby 

Sumpter, Trinity, Texas J. Turner Eyani 

Sumptions Prairie, St. Josephs, Ifi...T. L. Halloway 

SumtervUle, Sumter, Ala Benjamin F. Simms 

Sumterville, L^e, Ga Gilbert M. Stokei 

SumtervUle, Sumter, S. C Henry Haynsworth 

Sun, St. Thmmany, La John Edos Smith 

Sunapee, jSo/Ztmn, N. H John P. Knowlton 

Sunbeam, Mercer, HI Samuel Dibit 

Sunbury, Livingston, lU John Corner 

Suubury, Delaumre, Ohio Ashur A. Davia 

Sunbury, Gates, N. C Costen Jordan 

Sunbury, (c. h.) Northumberland, Pa.. John Young> 


Suncook, Merrimaxik, N. H John Tennant 

Sunday Creek y, Roads, Perry, Ohio...J. McDonald 

Sunderland, l?VanArim, Maes Edwin S. Pierc* 

Sunderland, Bennington, Vt GUbert Bradley 

Sunfield, Eaton, Mich Samuel W. GrinneU 

Sunfish, ifonroe, Ohio Edward B. Cox 

Sunkhaze, PerU^scoi, Me Chiles BaUey 

Sunny Side, Lowndes, Ala Abigail C. WUey 

Sun Prairie, Dane, Wis WUliam H. AngeU 

Sunrise, jButA, Va John P Erwin 

%\vassX, Poca)tanias, Va Samuel Harper 

Sunville, Venango, Pa W. W. Daviaon 

Superior, Wa&htenaw, Mich Thomas F. Leonard 

Superior, Douglass, Wis Dennis Dean 

Surgeon's Hall, Alleghany, Pa Mrs. Eliza Irwin 

Surinam, Allen, la S. Bacon 

Surratt's, Prince George, Md J. H. Surratt 

Surrounded HiUs, Monroe, Ark Don Alonzo D. 


Surry, Hancock, Me James W. DariB 

Surry, Cheshire, N. H Almond Steyens 

Surry C. H., Surry, Va Thomas RoweU 

Suspension Bridge, Niagara, N. Y... Jacob Henning 

Susquehannuh, Broome, li. Y Harley Doollttle 

Susquehannah, Dauphin, Pa Jacob Livingston 

Susquehannah Depot, Susquehannah, Pa.Alexander 

W. Rowley 

Sussex C. H., Sussex, Va William E. Prino* 

Sussex, Waukesha^ Wis WUliam Weaker 




ftitallee, Cherokee^ Ga Samuel M. McConnell 

fatherland, Dimoiddit^ Va Winston Sutherland 

8Btherland/;ill3, Rutland, Vt... Thomas J.Ormsbee 
gatherlimd Springs, Bexar, TexasJohn Sutherland 

Sutter, ' /SizcraTn^.nfo, Cal Daniel E. Hastlnga 

Sutter Creek, Cjlaveras, Cal Dwight Crtindall 

Sutton, fP /rc^^/<?r, Mass Salera Chamberlain 

Sutton, M''rn'mack^ N. H Joseph PilUbury 

Sutton, Culrdonia,\t Samuel Densmore 

Sutton's, William bura^ 8. C Benjamin F. Guild 

Sutton's Mills, Esaex, Mass Laban Sawyer 

Sutton's Puint, Claj/, III Amos P. Finch 

Suwanee, Gwinnett.Q& James Brown 

Suwanee Shoals, Columbia, Fla Shuball Burns 

Swalnsborough. (c. h.) Eiruumd, Ga E. B. Lewis 

Swain's Mills, Rush, la B. F. Folger 

0wainsville, Allegany, N. T Joseph Doyle 

Swallow Bluff, Hardin, Tenn James W. Swayne 

Swampscott, Essex, Mass Waldo Thompson 

Swan, Nnhle,lQ. Hiram Cramer 

Swan, Vinton, Ohio .William M. Taylor 

Swan Creek, Warren,l]\ Jonathan Katekin 

Swan Creok, Warren, Ky ..Samuel S. Johnson 

Swan Creek, Gallia^ Ohio James II. Guthrie 

Swancy's Ferry, AbbeviUe, S.C R. M. Puckett 

Swangstown, Clevdand, N. C James Roberts 

Swan Lake, Arkansas, Ark Quinton D.Nicks 

Swannano, Btncombe, N. C George C. Alexander 

Swan Pond, WUJces, N. C William W. Hampton 

Swan Quarter, (c. h.) Hi/de, N'. C T. F. Credle 

Swan River, BcTiton, Minn. Ter James Warren 

Swansborongh, Onsdnw, N.C Cyrus B. Glover 

Swansea, Bristol, Mass John Mason 

Swan's Island, Hancock, Me Benjamin Stinson 

Swansonville, PitUylvania, Va R.J. Royall, 

Swan Station, Erie. Pa Samuel Sclden 

Swanton^ Lucas, Ohio James S. Showers 

Swan ton, FranlUn, Vt Amos J. Samson 

Swanton Centre, FranlMn, Vt.-.Erastus B. Rotmds 

Swanville, WMdo, Me Solomon Cunningham 

Swanville, Jaffersfm, la Joel Dickey 

Swanzey, Cheshire, N. H Elijah Sawyer 

Swarr's Mills, Lancast?r, Pa Jacob Hershey 

Swartswood, Sussex, N. J ;.. Joseph McDanolds 

Bwartwout, Liberti/,TQXtLS Nathaniel Bailey 

Swartz Creek, Genesee, Mich , Henry Snyder 

Swartz Mills, Clearfield, Pa Adam Deifcrich 

Swatara, ScJmyUdlL, Pa Abram B. Evens 

Swearingens, Austin,Tex Samuel Swearingen 

Sweden, Oxford, Me Benjamin Nevers 

Sweden^P'/tter, Pa...". Joshua T. Jackson 

Sweden, 3fmroe, N. T David N. Glazier 

Sweedlin Hill, Pendleton, Va Peter Warnsturf 

Sweedsborough, GUntcester, N. J Ed. C. Talman 

Sweet Air, Baltimore, Md Robert Agnew 

Sweet Home, Noddaway, Mo Moses Stingley 

Sweet Home, Lavaca, Texas A. G. Patton 

Sweet Home, Dane, Wis Wm. H. Miller 

Swoetland Centre, Muscatine, Iowa...R. Van Dyke 

Sweet Springs, Monroe, Va Christopher J.Beirne 

Sweet Valley, Xuzem«, Pa Barton Mott 

Sweat Water, Guinnett, Ga, Hiram R. Williams 

Sweet Water, Monroe, Tenn Newton W. Uaun 

Sweet Water Mmard, III William Engle 

fweet Water, Watauga, N. C Thomas Farthing 

Sweet Water Factory, Oamphdl, Ga A. N. Irwin 

Swift Creek, Darlington, S. C D. L. Stuckey 

Swift Creok Bridge, Craven, N. C A. Latham 

Swift Island, Mi^ntgomery, N. C James H. Reed 

Swift Run, Green, Va St. Clair T. Dean 

Swiftville, Morgan, Ky C. M. Hanks 

Swineyards, Charles City, Va George F. Baker 

iwingleville, Washington, Tenn. ..Beiij.V. Swingle 
Swope's Depot, Augusta, Va..:...WAshington Swope 

Sybertsville, Luzerne, Pa Jacob Bilheimer 

Bcyamore, (c. h.) De KaJUb, 111 William P. Button 

Scycamore Wijandntt. Ohio A. W. Brinkerhoff 

Scycaraore, Cluibome, Tenn .Tacob Shultz 

Scyamoro Alley, Halifax, N. C Alfred W. Moore 

Scycamore Mills, Davidson, Tenn.Davld A. Wilkins 

lydnorsvillo, Franklin, Va Henry S. Woody 

$ykesville^Clrrro7i, Md James Sykes 

Sylacauga, TaJJadega, Ala T. L. Hudgtna 

Sylamore. Itard, Ark Tobias S. Rudolph 

Sylva, Wastiingion, Ark...... M. W. Thomberry 

Sylva, Schuyler, 111 Levi Lusk 

Sylvan, i?tc/i/ond, Wis Asahel Savagt 

Sylvan, Clayton, Iowa Alva Bush 

Sylvan, Dent, Mo S. J. K. Barksdalo 

Sylvan, Washtenaw, Mich John A. Clark 

Sylvan, Franklin, Pa John Zimmermajn 

Sylvan Dale, Hancock, 111 Joseph McCall 

Sylvan Grove, Ji?^«on,Ga Benjamin R. Purdue 

Sylvan Grove, CUtrk, la John Y. Weir 

Sylvania, Bradford. Pa Lorenzo N. Tinkham 

Sylvania, Racine, Wis James N. Marab 

feylvania^ (c. h.) Scriven, Ga B. L. Preecott 

Sylvania, Licking, Ohio George Bowers 

Sylvania, Parke,lA Elwood Hadley 

Sylvanus, Hillsdale, Mich Walter Purdy 

Sylvester, Green,^Wi9., Charles F. Thompson 

Sylvia, Hardin,Ohio Rufus M. Brayton 

SiPnmes' Corners, Butler, Ohio B. R. Symmes 

Symmes' Creek, Muslingum, Ohio...Wm. V. Hurdle 

Symsonla, Graves, Ey C. M. Luten 

Syosset, Queens, N. Y Philetus Eetcham 

Synicuse, (c. h.) Onondaga, N. Y H. J. Sedgwick 

Syracuse, Kosciusko, la. Samuel Ressly 


TABB'S CREEK, OranviOe, N. C.Thomas D. Harrii 

Taberg, Oneida, N.Y Julius C. Thorn 

Tabernacle, Marion, S. C C. D. Rowell 

Table Grove, FuUon,m William Lovell 

Table Rock, Adams, Pa Samuel Faber 

Table Rock, Izard, Ark John A. Beck 

Tabo, La Payette, Mo Anthony D. Benning 

Tabor, Tuscaraxoas, Ohio Moses Wright 

Tabor, Roane, Tenn ,Martin Sharp 

Tabor, Fremont, Iowa Jesse West 

Tacaluche, Marshall, Miss Erasmus P. Potts 

Tachora, Marquette, Wis Milo M. Hurlburt 

Tacketl'8 Mills, Stafford, Va. Lafayette Corbin 

Tafton, Pike, Pa Thomas V. Taft 

Taftsville, Windsor, Vt Owen Taft 

Taghkanick, Columbia, N. Y Jacob Boice 

Tahleqnah, Cherokee, Ark George M. Murrell 

Tails Creek, OUmer, Ga Ira Critchfield 

Talbotton, (ch.) Talbot, Ga Richard P. Collier 

Talcot, Charlotte, Va Albin G. Saunders 

Talcott's Ferry, Rock Island, 111 E. I. Talcott 

Talibenela, Pontotoc, Miss William Rutledge 

Talking Rock, GUmer^Qi^ Joseph Williams 

Talladega, (c. h.) Talladega, Ala....Wm. R. Waldron 

Tallahasse, (c. h.) Leon, Fla. : Miles Naah 

Tallahoma, Lucas, Iowa '. Edward C. Rankin 

Tallaloosa, (ch.) Marshall, Miss James D. Collins 

Tallapoosa, CarroZf,.Ga ,...M. Q. Harper 

Tallassee, TaUapoosa, Ala R. T. Ashurst 

Tallawassee, Lowndes, Ala William H. Spiers 

Talleyville, New Outlet, Del Wm. H. Day 

Tallmadge, Ottavia, Mich Myron Harris 

Tallmadge, Summit, Ohio Homer 8. Carter 

Tallokas, Loumdes,Qa. John Edmonson 

Tall Pine, Carroll, Ga C. P. Simmons 

Tallulah, (ch.) Issaquena, Miss Wm. B. Farr 

Tally Corey, Alleghany, Pa William H. Young 

Tally Ho, OranviOe, N. C. Augustus H. Cooke 

Talmage, Baldurin^Qeo J. B. Murphy 

Tamaqua, ScJiuyHiHl, Pa Peter Aurand 

Tamaroa, Perry, 111 Neteon Holt 

TstmavUle, Tama, Iowa... Normand Lewis 

Tampa, Hillsborough, Fla Alfonso Delauney 

Tampico, Oktibbeha, Miss Robert S. Meacham 

Tampico, Grainger, Tenn Tliomas West 

Tampico, Jackson, la Lewis J. Stage 

Tampico, Darke,Ohio Raiford Wiggs 

Tamworth, OarroU, N. H... Nathaniel H. Woodman 
Tam worth Iron Works, OarroU, N. H.Jame8 Howard 

Tancock Prairie, Winn, La James Gray 

Taney, Washington, Ark John Crawford 

Taneytown, OarroU, Md James Rogers 

Tangapaha, St.Hdma, La James H. George 

Tank, Davidson, Tenn Washington G. Smith 

Tanner's Store, MeckUnburgh, Va. .Evans Tanner 

Tannersville, Chreent,}^. Y Norman H. Gray 

Tannersville, Warren, Ga Joel T. MoQinty 

Tannersville, Monroe, Pa Reuben Swink 

Tan*8 Bfiy, Darlinfftonf S. James Thwing 




TaoB, 0>2«, Mo John B. Emile 

Taos, Navarre. Texas Arsene D. Boudreau 

Tappahannock, Essex^ Va Wm. A. Mu^e 

Tappan, Harrison, Ohio L. D. Rowley 

TftppaotowD, Rocklandy N. Y Williim Deroe 

Tara'8 HjUI, St. Clair, Mich Patrick Kennedy 

Tu:bon>ugh, (c. h.) Edgecnmb, N. 0.... David Pender 

Tardyville, Phntotoc, iiias Charles E. Bellenger 

Tarentuni, AUeghany, Pa Wmiam G. Fulton 

Tariff. BuOer^Ohio -.William Wright 

TariffvlUe, HaHf»rd, CJonn Charles W. Ensign 

I Tarkinton's Prairie, Liberty f Texas Adolphus 


Tarkio, HnUy Mo Simeon Parish 

Tarkio, J'age^ Iowa Isaac Miller 

Tftrlitt, Pacific, Wash Thomas Martin 

Varlton, IKckatoay, Ohio Samuel Karshner 

Tarrant, HopMrn, Texas William M. Ewing 

Twr Rirer, OranvilU, N. C Cameron W. All* 

Ttarytown, W'stcfudeTf N. Y Jacob B. Odell 

TarversTille, Tunggs, Ga Thomas E. McCrea 

Taasinong Grove, Porter^ la John W. Wright 

Tftte's Bluff. Clarky Ark E. C. Bacon 

Tatesville, De, Soto, Miss Jas. M. Williams 

Tatesville, if ciVatry, Ten n T. A. Pittman 

Taunton, (c. h.) BHstni, Mass Ab^ah M. Ide,jr 

Tawawa, Shdby^ Ohio Alexander E. Cory 

Tftw Taw, Ailen.ltt, Francis Sweet 

Taycheeda, Ff)nd du Lac, Wis.^Albert J. Streubing 

Taylor, 0)rUandt, N. Y Ofrin Leonard 

Taylor, St. Charles, La Berkit Stone 

Taylor, Harford, Md Alfred Garriron 

Taylor, OgU, 111 Dexter Stocking 

Taylor, Davis, Iowa William Day 

Taylors, Sumter, S. W. D. Hinds 

Taylors, Jefferson, Ala Rickets Blythe 

Taylor's Bridge, .Sbtmpson, N. C John S, Parish 

Taylorsburgh, BarthoUmiew, la Cyrus Barlow 

Taylor's Corners, De Kaib, Ia...Edward H. Taylur 

Taylor's Creek, Liberty, Ga Henry McGillis 

Taylor's Creek, St. Francin, Ark... Wilson C. Prewitt 

Taylor's Creek, Vork, 8. C J. N. McElwee,jr 

Taylor's Falls, Washington, Minn...N. C. D. Taylor 
Taylor's Grove, B/mton, Iowa..George T. Hendricks 

Taylor's Island, Dfnrchestrr, Md Levi D. Travers 

Taylor's Store, Pranklin, Va John H. Booth 

Taylorstown, Wa^fhingtnn, Pa.Alexander £. McClees 
Tfcylorsville, (c. h.) Christian^ 111...D. D. Shumway 

Tfcylorsville, (c. h.) Spencer, Ky George Welling 

Taylursville, Atontgomery, Ohio Samuel Sullivan 

Taylonvillo, Bucks, Pa Mahlon K. Taylor 

Taylorsville, (c. h.) Johnson, Tvnn Greene Moore 

Taylorsville, Ontario, N. Y William A. Emmons 

Taylorsville, Hanover, Va William D. Taylor 

Taylorsville, Smith, Miss George C. Anderson 

Taylorsville, Andrew, Mo Elisha Bennett 

Taylorsville, Bartholomew, la B. Johnson 

Taylorsville, Fhyette, Iowa Nathan W. Putuani 

Taylorville, Alea-ander, N. C... Washington M. Bogle 

Taxewell, ^e. h.) Marion, Ga Bei^auiin P. Rouse 

Tazewell, (c. h.) Clairbome, Tenn Wm. Houston 

Tasewell C. H., ThzeweU, Va John H. Taylor 

Tchula, Holnw^, Miss Ralph V. Kent 

Toachey's, Duplin, N. C Cornelius McMillan 

Teaze's Valley, Putnam, Va ^...C. W. Handley 

Tebo, Henry, Mo Andrew J. Lee 

Tecolota, .San Miguel, N. Mex William H. Moore 

Teoumseh, (o. h.) Lenawee, Mich. ...William McNair 

Tecumseh. Lane, Kansas Ter W. A. Sublett 

Tedrow, FuUon, Ohio Mortimer D. Ilibbard 

Teepleville, Crawford, Pa Z. Vanscoder 

Teegardin, PU:kaway,0 William Teegardin 

Tehama, OAusi, Cal Owen Gerry 

Tebopeko, 'JhUapoosa, AAa Allen J. Smith 

Tttkonsha, QjUhoun, Mich Wilder Faurett 

Tellico Plains, Monroe, Tenn Daniel Welsh 

Teloga Springs, ChaUooga, Ga S. McWhorter 

Ttmperunce, 'IVJfair, Ga Thomas Fletcher 

Tempenuicc, Amhertt, Va Jacob M. Woodson 

Temperance Hall, De Kalb, Tenn.... Nicholas Smith 

Temperance liiU, Marion, S. C David W. Piatt 

Temperance Hill, Monroe, Miss C. J. Verner 

Temperanceville. Aeeomaek, Va Wm. 8. Byrd 

Tomperanccville, Alleghany, Pa...George B. Holmes 
Teanperaucttvilie, BdmotUyOhio...^ John Slevin 

Teniperanceville, Orange'mrgh, S. C....D. L. Conner 

Temple, HUlabnrough, N. H Admu R. Searl* 

Temple Mills, Franklin, Me Samuel F. SmaB 

Temple of Health, Abbeville, S. C....J. Cunningham 

Templeton, Worcester, Maos Dexter Gilbert 

Templeton, Ptiruie George, Va..,William E. Procto^ 
Templeville, Queen Anne, Md... .Thomas A. Coopei; 
Tenant's Harbor, Lincoln, Me..Gorbam P. SimmoiM 

Ten Mile, Washington, Pa P. AxteU 

Ten Mile, Macon, Mo Thomas H. Gainee 

Ten Mile Bottom, Vmango, Pa Owen Reed 

Ten Mile Creek, White, Ark Jacob Pate 

Ten Mile Grove, Vermillion, III... Henry BarnhouM 
Ten Mile House, Milwaukie. Wis.... Ernest Knautk 
Ten Mile Spring, OaUaraugus, N. Y.. Jonathan Creek 

Ten Mile Stand, Meigs, Tenn James B. McCalloa 

Tennallytown, Washington, D. C John O'Hany 

Tennessee Colony, Anderson, Tex J. Woolvertoa 

Tennille, Washington, Ga. Samuel 0. Franklla 

Tensaw, BaJdurtn, Ala. Charles Daniek 

Tenth Legion, I{ockingham',y& .Jackson Mull 

Tentopolis, EffingJtam, 111 Clemens Uptmor 

Teotsa, Rock, Wis .". Orville C. Grant 

Terebinthe, Cumberland, N.C....BIackmau Culbreth 

Terre Coupee, St. Joseph. lu Abel A. Wbitlodt 

Terre Haute, (c. h.) V-^Oy In Joseph 0. Jonei 

Terre Haute, Champaign, Ohio Shcm Neeai 

Terre Hill, Lancaster, Pa^ Albert G. Kmiaa 

Terre Noir, Clark, Ark James H. Crow 

Terry, CUrroll, Tenn John B. Terry 

Terrysville, Litchfield, Conn Elias Birqi 

Tetersburgh, IKpton, la...- William 8. Bundi 

Tewkesbury, Middlesex, Mass Beiy^ F. Spauldin|p 

Tv'wockony Springs, Limestone, Tex I^ B. Boyd 

Texana, (c.h.} Jackson, Texas William G.Ford 

Texas, Washington,Ja. William Robertson 

Texas, Randolph, III Frederick Reupke 

Texas, Oswego, N. Y John Cl'apsaddla 

Texas, Lycoming, Pa William II. Mont^mei7 

Texas, Henry, Ohio George W. Flsk 

Texas, Washington, Ky W. C. Campbell 

Texas, Scoti, Ark Chiulcs L. TannehiH 

Texas Hill, Sacramento, Qal James Clarkia 

Texas Valley, OrrOandt, N. Y Tiobert K. Bcaek 

Thatcher, Jo Daviess. Ill George T. Thatcher 

Thebes, Alexander, 111 John DoUmaa 

The Corner, Ulster, N. Y Abraham D. Ladew 

The Forks, Somerset, Me Moses W. Burnbam 

The Glen, Warren, N. Y Christian Whitaker 

Tlie Gulph, Chatham, N>C.... Lawrence J. Haugbtoa 

The Narrows, Orawfdrd, Ark William Howard 

Theological Seminary, Fairfax, Va W. Sparrow 

The Plains, Jliumtter, Va Augustine Jonninai 

Theresa, 2>od^'', Wia Pierre Dessaai 

Theresa, J^erson, N. Y George W. Flower 

The Rock, Upson, Geo James II. Stafford 

The Square, Cayuga, N. Y Peter Vankeurea 

Thetford, Gmesee,Mic\i Corydon £. Fay 

Thetford, Orange, Vt Thumas J. Comta 

The Union, Powhatan, Va Bei\janiin A. Goodi 

The Village, Point Coupee, La Augustus Fisher 

Thibodeanx, La Fourche, La J. Yates Bennett 

Thickety Fork, Spartanhurgh, S. C.W. Li(>8comb,Jr 

Third Fork, De Kalb, Mo David Milfc 

Thivener, GaUia, Ohio .lohn Spangkr 

Thomas Mills, FUryd, Ga.....Willium £. Kirkpatrkk 

Thomas Run, Harford, Md William G. Rigp 

Thomaaton, (c. h.) Upson, On Daniel G. Wileoa 

Thomaston, Lincoln, Me Ambrose Lernaond 

Thomaatown, Leake, Miss^ De Witt C. Beacban 

Thomasville, (c h.) Thomas, Ga... Thomas SimmbM 
ThomAsville, (o. h.) Oregon, Mo.. .John R. Woodsids 

Thomasville, Robertson, Tenn John W. Shaw 

ThomasviUe, Davidson, N. C H. E. Rounsavill* 

Thompson, Windham, Conn Jeremiah Olney 

Thompson, OiUanbia, Ga Auren W. Stanfora 

Thompson, Geauga, Ohio Sidney Bostwick 

Thompson, Susque/ianna, Pa Jonas Blandli 

Thompsons, Fairfield, S. C John A. MartiM 

Thompson's Cross Roads, Louisa,' \' a R. A. Goto 

Thompson's Landing, Rochl/riJgK, Va I. F. Clarke 

Thompson's Station, SufftdJ.; N. Y....F. M, A. Wida 
Thompson's Store, Uawamba, Mi...W. K. ThompMi 

Thompson's Yall^y, TtueweU, Va Arch&aM 





Thompson town, Juniata^ Pa E. D. Crawford 

Thompson ville, Rockingham^ N. C E. S. Morris 

Thompsonvllle, Barbour^ Ala .Geo. W. Thompson 

Thompsonville, Harl/ord, Conn George C. Owen 

Thompsonville, Sullivan, N.Y Jonathan Stratton 

Thompsonville, WashingtonyFA James Moore 

Thornburgh, SpoUsylvaniaf Va Henry Carpenter 

Thornbury, Chester , Pa Jehu Clark, jr 

niomdale Iron Works, Chesterj Pa..David R. Bangh 

Thorndike, Qibell, Va Edmund B. Malcolm 

Thorndike, Hampden^ Mass... Abraham R. Murdock 

Thorndike, Waldo, Me Truman Harmon 

Thorn Grove, Knox, Tenn Benjamin Roberts 

Thorn Hill, Lapeer, Mich James Bryan 

Thorn Hill, W^tZArer, Ala...., Orrin Davis 

Thorn Hill, Grainger, Tenn Thooaas W. Latbein 

Thorn Hill, Orange, Va John M. Goodwin 

Thorn Hill, Onondaga, N. Y..Stephen Vanderburgh 

Thomleysville, Bomie, la Enoch Thornlcy 

Thornton, 0>ck, HI Erastus W. Baker 

Thornton, GrafUm, N. H...Truman R. Humphrey 

Thornton, Delaware, Pa Thomas W. Pilkington 

Thornton's Ferry, HUlsborough, N. H...Caleb Jones 

Thornton Station, Cook, HI Alfred Robinson 

Thorntown, Boone, la Samuel Daily 

Thornville, Parry, Ohio John Weimer 

Thornville, Lapeer, Mich ^JameB Bryan 

Thorny Creek, Pocahontas, Va Eldridge Wanless 

Thoroughfare, Prince WilUam, Va Wra. Roach 

Three Creeks, Union, Ark Thomas T. Sheppard 

Three Forks, Barren, Ky .George M. Procter 

Three Forks, Wilson, Tenn Jacob Vautrease 

Three Forks, Taylor, Va , A. Y. D. Thorn 

Three Mile Bay, Jefferson, N. Y...Thoe. L. Raymond 

Three Oaks, Berrien, Mich Joseph G.Ames 

Three River Point, Onondaga, N. Y..Horace P. Eno 

Three Rivers, St. Joseph's, Mich Isaac Crosett 

Three Rivers, Hampden, Mass Asa Shumway 

Three Runs, Butler, Ala Joseph Stein«- 

Three Springs, Huntingdon, Pa Wm. P. Taylor 

Three Springs, WushingUm, Va... Edward C. Stoffel 
Three Springs, Hart County, Ky .James M. Poynter 

Three Tons, Montgomery, Pa Jesse Barnes 

ThroopsviMe, Cayuga, N. Y, Jonathan Foster 

Throopsville, Luzerne, Pa. Daniel £. Coolbaugh 

Thoroughfare Neck, Newcastle, Del...Benj. F. Binns 

Thurman, OaUia, Ohio William Steele 

Thurston, Steuben, N. Y Samuel R. Creveliug 

Thurston, Linn, Oregon Ter Gamaliel Parish 

Tibbatt's Cross Roads, OanipbeU, Ky ...Jesse Yelton 

Ticonderoga, Essex, N. Y W. A. G. Arthur 

Tidionte, Warren, Pa. Griffin Brown 

Tiffin, (c. h.) Seneca, Ohio. George Knupp 

Tiger, Rabun, Ga. Horace W. Cannon 

Tiger Creek, CkUbomt, La. John J. Wise 

Tigerville, l^rre Bonne, La. Louisa C. Price 

Tilden, Hancock, Me ...Eben Jordan 

Tiller's Ferry, Kershaw, S. C Benjamin S. Lucas 

Tilton, Murray, Ga, W. T. Campbell 

Tilton, fleming, Ky James C. Sousley 

Tlltonville, Jejrer^on, Ohio Joseph Hall 

Timber, Peoria, 111 .Joseph Ladd 

Timber Creek, Marshall, Iowa J. M. Ferguson 

Timbered Branch, Adair, Mo Wm. H. Alfred 

Timber Grove, Washington, \ak H. A. Wilds 

Timher Ridge, Union, S. C Hamlet Gondelack 

Timber Ridge, Rockbridge, Va John Gibson 

Timber Ridge, Gre^ie, Tenn A. M. Doak 

Timberville, Rockingham^ Va.........Adam Lichllter 

Time, Pike, 111 Adam Puterbangh 

Timmonsville, Darlington, 8.C R. F. Hickson 

Tinker Knob, Botetourt, Va John Hammon 

Tinker Run, Westmoreland, Pa David Walthour 

Tinker's Creek, Bamv>eU, S. C.James J. Holland 

Tinraouth, Rutland, Vt Noah W. Sawyer 

Tinney's Grove, Ray, Mo John Brown 

TiBton Falls, Monmmdh, N. J Daniel A. Holmes 

Tioga, Tioga, Pa Charles G. Denison 

Tioga Centre, Tioga, N. Y William Ransom 

'Tioga Valley, Brad(ford, Pa Hiram Rogers, 2d 

Tionesta^ Venango, Pa Samuel H. Haslet 

TIppecapoe, Harrison, Ohio Edwin H. Pickett 

Tippecanoe, Ohio, Ky William Austin 

Tippecanoe, Payeiie, Pa John B. Patterson 

Tippecanoe, Hmderson, Tsnn Ihomu A. Noell 


Tlppecanoetown, MarshaH, la John Clen 

Tipton, (c. h.) Tjpton, la John S. Ressler 

Tipton, (c. h.) Cedar, Iowa Robert M. Long 

Tipton, Lenawee., Mich William Camburn 

Tipton, Blair, Pa .". William P. Dysart 

Tirape, Waltoorth, Wis Allen McBride 

Tiro, Crawford, Ohio David C. Morrow 

Tiro, Marshall, Miss Thomas W. Clark 

Tirza, York, S. C Philip Sandefcr 

Tiskilwa, Bureau, HI Joseph T. Cook 

Tituroy, GreenevUle, S. C Henderson Goode 

Titusville, Mercer, N. J Peter A. Van Cleof 

Titusville, Crawford, Pa John G. Burlingham 

Tiverton, Coshocton, Ohio Washington Iliett 

Tiverton, Newport, R. I Charles F. Seabury 

Tiverton Four Corners, Newport, R. I A. Smith 

Tiviot, Montgomery, Mo David W. Nowlin 

Tivoli, Dutchess, N. Y Philip H. Lasher 

Tobacco Port, Stewart, Tenn E. P. Weaks 

Tobacco Row, Amherst, Va Thomas Barbour 

Tobacco Stick, Dorchester, Md..Edmond Harrington 

Tobasco, Henderson, Tenn Wiley S. McBride 

Toccopola, Pontotoc, Miss. ...'.. Joseph M. W. Bigger 

Todd, Huntingdon, Pa Thomas G. Stapleton 

Todds, Spottsylvania, Va Charles H. Bradshaw 

Todd's, Morgan,Ohio William Todd 

Toddsville, Otsego, N. Y John T. Wilso^ 

Togus Springs, iC6nn«6«cfc, Me... Samuel W. Lawton 
Tolands' Prairie, Washington, Wis... Patrick Toland 

Toledo, Union, 111 Elizabeth FerriH 

Toledo, Lucas, Ohio John E. Hunt 

Toledo, I'ama, Iowa John Zehrung 

Tolers, Amite, Miss J. A. Montgomery 

Tolersville, Louisa, Va Reuben Davis 

Tolesboro, Lexois, Ky Mark Wallingford 

Tolland, (c. h.) Tuaand,Qonn Obadiah P. Waldo 

Tolland, Hampden, Mass WilUam W. Harrison 

Toll Gate, Marion, Ala Adna Hyde 

Toluca, Madison, 111 James Pearce 

Tomahawk^ iSearcy, Ark James Thompson 

Tomahawk Spring, Berkdey, Va S. Snodgraas 

Tomalles, Marin,Cvl Warren Dutton 

Tomb's RxxTx, Lycoming, Pa Henry Tomb 

Tomhannock, Rensselaer, N. Y John E. May 

Tomotla, Cherokee, N. C George W. Hayes 

Tompkins, Jizc/c^on, Mich John C. South worth 

Tompkins, Hamilton, Ohio George B. Murdock 

Tompkinsville, C^ioctow, Ala .J. A. Russell 

Tompkinsville, (c. h.) Monroe, Ky Lewis Pock 

Tomp'iiinsville, Richmond, N. Y...Peter H. Wandell 

Tom's Brook, Shenandoah, Va Henry H. Snapp 

Tom's Creek, Surry, N. Francis K. Armstrong 

Tom's River, Ocean, N. J James B. Lane 

Tomsville, Chester, 8. C WUliam M. Creight 

Tonawanda, Erie, N. Y Selden G. Johnson 

Tonica, La Salle, 111 Andrew J. Weit 

Tooele, Tboele, Utah .....John Rawberry 

Tooley's, Omcordia, La William Dale 

Toolsborough, Louisa, Iowa William L. Toole 

Toombs, Richm/md,QB. David Palmer 

Toombsborough, Wilkinson, Ga James Jackson 

Topekas, Kansas Ter F. W. Giles 

Topsail Sound, New Hanover, N. C... John Howard 

Topsfield, Washington, Me Appleton Webb 

Topsfield, Essex,MMB Benjamin P. Adams 

Topsham, (c. h.) Sagadahoc, Me Lewis M. Work 

Topsham, Orange, Vt John Peabodjr 

Torbit's Store, Cluster, S. C Samuel McCaw 

Torch, Athens, Ohio Nicholas Baker 

Toro, Sabine, La Charles Bennett 

Toronto, VermUlion, la Charles Wigley 

Toronto, Clinton, Iowa....« Jesse Stine 

Torringford, LitehJUld, Conn Rufus W. Gillett 

Torrington, Litehfteld, Conn William H. Coo 

Totten's Wells, Obion, Tenn Willis A. Nailling 

Totty's Bend, Hickman, Tenn G. W. Martin 

Toulon, (c. h^ Stark, HI Benjamin Turner 

To-to, Slark, la William Moller 

Towalligga, Butts, Qtk Thomas McKibbon 

Towanda, (c. h.) Bradford, Pa Henry C. Porter 

Towee Falls, Monroe, Tenn David K. Hedgecock 

Tower Hill, Washington, R. I Bei^amin Hull 

Towertown, Cumberlq^d, 111... William B. Morrison 
Towerville, Chat^uque^. Y...Charle8 H. Moore 
TowlesTille, Steuben, N.Y Sben Towie 




Town Bluff, Tyler, Texas Joseph Cheeyes 

Town Creek, Zawrence, Ala. Daniel Mcintosh 

Town Creek, Oamer, Ga P. M. Kitchens 

Towners, Putnam, N. Y Roswell B.Taylor 

Towneayille, €hxaivHle,'S,C Wm. B. Hughes 

Town Hill, Luzerne, Pa Nathan B. Stiles 

Town Line, Erie, N. Y Robert Neel 

Town Line, Lttzeme, Pa Thomas Davenport 

Townsbury, Warren, N. J William T. Henry 

Townsend, iluidl»ea;. Mass Charles Osgood 

Townsend, Bourbon, Ky George F. Lilley 

Townsend, Chemung, N. Y Andrew 8. Scoby 

Townsend, Sandttsky, Ohio William Hoff 

Townsend Harbor, Middlesex, Mass...Charles Emery 
Townsend's Inlet, Oape May, N. J.....WUliam Stites 

TownsendviUe, Seneca, N. Y Gilbert T. Miller 

Townshend, Windham, Yt Oscar F. Butterfield 

Townville, Anderson, S. C Samuel Brown 

Towsontown, BaiUmare, Md Lewis Vogle 

Toxaway, Pickens, S. C James Robertson 

Tracy's Landing, Anne Arundd, Md F. Weems 

Trade, Johnson, Tenn Davis E. Bower 

Trader's Hill, Ckmiden, Ga. .John Mizell 

TradersTille, Madison, Ohio Isaac Fox 

Trade's Hill, Chatham, N. .....E. R. Horton 

Trafalgar, Johnson, la Ezekiel W.Morgan 

Tranquility, OrawmJle, N. N. E. Cannady 

TranquUity, Sussex, N. J Elias D. Goodrich 

Tranquility, Adams, Ohio John McCreight 

Tranquilla, Jona, Ga.. Joseph Day 

Transit, Genesu, N. Y Almond A. Jones 

Transit Bridge, .iZfc^any, N. Y George D. Frisbee 

Trap Hill, Wilkes, N. C WiUiam C. Diioumett 

Trappe, TatJbot, M.d George W. Mullikin 

Trappe, Montgomery, Pa .James F. Rambo 

Trask, Ghrant, la Elijah Carter 

Traveller's Repose, JFV>co?ionto«, Va...Peter D. Yeager 
Traveller's Repose, FranTdin, Mo...Braxton J. Inge 

Traveller's Rest, Coosa, Ala Stephen A.Pearce 

Traveller's Resi^ Qreenville, S. C....Henry E. Lynch 

Traveller's Rest, Owsley, Ky JFames E. Gibson 

Travers des Sioux, Nicokt, Minn. ..John Donnelly 

Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Mich J)ayid 0. 


Travis, ^uxMn, Texas J. B. Pier 

TravisvUle, Fentress, Tenn Charles B. Ryan 

Traylorsville, Henry, Ya UFames Rangeley 

Treibleville, Monroe, Pa Daniel Brown 

Tremont, (c. h.) Tazewdl, 111 David Roberts 

Tremont, SchuyUciU, Pa. .John B. Zeibach 

Tremont, Clark, Ohio Squire H. Wallace 

Tremont, Union, AtYs. L.B. Hyatt 

Tremont, Hancock, Me Wilson Guptill 

Trenton, Jackson, Ala Ephraim C. Williams 

Trenton, (c. h.) Ikuie, Ga John G. Jaooway 

Vrenton, ffenry, Iowa Andrew J. Wilson 

Trenton, Wayne, Mich Jonathan Hudson 

Trenton, Wachita, La ,..John Thacher 

Trenton, Bandolpfi, la ^ Wm. C. Jobes 

Trenton, Todd, Ky Thomas D. Walker 

Trenton, (c. h.) Grundy, Mo Joseph D. Henry 

Trenton, (c. h.) Mercer, N. J...William A. Benjamin 

i;renton, Oneida, N.Y John Billings 

Trenton, (c. h.) Jones, N. benjamin Askew 

Trenton, Sutler, Ohio Samuel D. Rose 

Trenton, Qibson, Tenn A. S. Currey 

Trenton, amith, Miss Robert B. Waggoman 

Trenton, CUnion, 111 Isaac W. Stiles 

Trenton FiOls, Oneida, N. Y. David W. Bacon 

Trenton Point, Hancock, Me Barnabas Hodgkins 

Trevillian's Depot, Louisa, Va C. G.TrevilUan 

Trevorton, NorthuniberlgMd, Pa Jacob Yordy 

Trexlertown, Lehigh, Pa" JohnR.Schall 

Triadelphia, Montgomery, Md Thomas C. Miller 

Triadelphia, Ohio, Va Noah H. Garrifion 

Triadelphia, Morgan, Ohio .Francis Pettit 

Triana, Madison, Ala Edmund Toney 

Triangle, Broome, N. Y.. .Dexter Whitney 

Triben's, FiOmore, Minn ..William K. Triben 

Tribes Hill, Montgomery, N. Y Fisher Putnam 

Trice's Store, Orange, N. William Trice 

Triekum, QurroU, Ga John Haisten 

Trimble, Athens, Ohio Lewis W.Russell 

Trinidad, Klamath, Gal :. E. C. Darling 

VdDidad, EaufvMn, Tezai........ Jerome A. Gardner 

Trhie Mills, OuUford, N. C Reuben F. Parsons 

Trinity, Trintty, Cal Craven Lee 

Trinity, Chatahoula, La John D. Calvert 

Trinity Springs, MarHn, la Samuel T. Leonard 

^rion, Jefferson, Tenn John Cowan 

Trion, Tutkaloosa, Ala George Collins 

Trion Factory, Chattooga, Gtsk Andrew P. Algood 

Triplett, Fleming, Ky Bei^amin F. Powers 

Tripoli, Tisftemngo, Miss WUliam J. Nowlin 

Tripton, Jennings, la. A. P. Huckleberry 

Trivoli, Peoria, 01 Charles Robinson 

Triune, Tf^iamson, Tenn Samuel M. Copeland 

Trouble Hill, Scott, Ark William B. Elkins 

Troublesome, Clinch, Ga Jesse P. Preecott 

Troublesome, Rockingham, N. David Scott 

Troup, Smith, Tex D. P. Fowler 

Troup Factory, IVoup, Ga Thomas Leslie 

Troupsburgh, SUiuben, N. Y William N. Griggs 

Troupville, (c. h.) Lovmdes, Ga William Smith 

Trousdale, Warren, Tenn William R. Akers 

Trout Creek, Delaware, N. Y Lebbeps L. Teed 

Trout Creel^ Saint Clair, Ala Henry W. Box 

Troutman, Cherokee, Texas LabanDodson 

Trout River, FrankUn, N. Y Elisha HoUister 

Trout River, W%nneshiek,loyfA John McKay 

Trout Run, Lycoming^ Pa .Frederick R. Weed 

Trowbridge, Racine, Wis John T. Trowbridge 

Troy, (c. h.) PQee, Ala Samuel J. Lynee 

Tr<5y, Cherokee, Ga Eli McConnell 

Troy, Madison, HI James A. Henderson 

Troy, (c.h.) Perry, la H.E. Goodman 

Troy, miZoo, Me Charles A.Tickery 

Troy, Oakland, Mich .Orange I. Niles 

Troy, Taldbttsha, Miss T. W. Beat* 

Troy, (c. h.) Lincoln, Mo Jordan S. Sallee 

Troy, Cheshire, N. H Edward P. Kimball 

Troy, (c. h.) Rensselaer, N. Y Wm. W. Whitman 

Troy, Mmtgomery, N. WUllam G. Hicks 

Troy, (c. h.) Miami, Ohio John Bock 

Troy, Bradford, Pa James A. P. Ballaid 

Troy, (c. h.) oUon, Tenn Frank Wylie 

Troy, Davis, Iowa Josiah J. Earhart 

Troy, Woilimirth, Wis Jesse Meacham 

Troy, FreiesUmie, Texas John B. Oliver 

Troy, Orleans, Vt Stephen Hodsden 

Troy Centre, WoXworth, Wis Albon M. Perry 

Troy Centre, Waldo, Me. Lorenzo Garoelon 

Troy Centre, Crawford, Pa. John G. Stratton 

Troy Grove, La SaUe, HI M. Masterman 

Troy Lakes, Walworth, Wis Seymour Brook* 

Troy MQls, Hdton, 111 Stephen F. Bobbins 

Troy's Store, Randolph, N. C James W. Brower 

Trucksville, Luseme, Pa Jacob Bloe 

Trait's Store, Shelby, Texas A. M. Trait 

Truittsville, Greenup, Ky Jonas Wbitt 

Tramansburgh, Tompkins, N. Y....Bei^amln Allen 
Trumbaursville, Bucks, Pa......Uriah M. Engleman 

Trumbull, Fairfield, Conn. Elihu Beach 

TrambuU, Ashtabula, Ohio Horatio G. Rich 

Trumbull' Corners, Tompkins, }^» Y .Amasia C. 

Trumbull Long Hill, Fairfidd, Conn. M. Beaidsl^y 
Trundle's Cross Roads, Sevier, Tenn..A. J. McCallls 

Troro, Barnstable, Mass .Josiah Wildn 

Truro, Knox, HI Giles Cook 

Truss, Jefferson, Ala Thomas K. Tnisi 

Trnxton, CbrUandt, N. Y... Lytle Fergnson 

Truxton, Bureau^ HI Allen S. Lathrop 

Truxton, lina^ Mo Frands H. Lacy 

Tryon, Henderson, N. C J. Stark Sims 

Tualatin, Washington, Oregon Alvln T. Smith 

Tuckahde, Ctzse May, N.J Ephraim WestseoCt 

Tuckahoe, J^erson, Tenn Marcus J. Parrott 

Tuckahoe, West Chester, N. Y...... James Dusenbury 

Tuokaleeohee Cove, Blount, Tenii.~ G. Freshoor 

Tuckassaga, Mecklenburg, N. A. F. Sadler 

Tucker's Cabin, Henry, Ga Ira L. Gnnttt 

Tuckerton, Burlington, N. J Wm. S. Lippinoott 

Tttckertown, JBsrfcf, Pa Daniel Baum 

Tudor Hall, PrinceWiOiam, Ya. James £. Dow 

Tuftonborough, OarrdO, N.H. John Peavey 

Tug River, TasetoeUjYs^ Nancy Gillespls 

Tulip, Dallas, Ark James A. Pattills 

Tullahoma, Coffee, Tenn.. James Griziaid 

Tolly, Lewis, Mo .WiUiam A. ManhaU 




Tally, Vim JVhrt, Ohio ^obn Clendening 

Tully, OwmdagOf N. T« Hiram Ghapin 

Tnil^townf BuokSf Pa Jonathan B. Wright 

TuUy Valley, OnondoM, N. Y Wm. SaliBbury 

TolpehoGken, .BerA:«, Pa.~ Edward K. Manbeck 

Tumbling Greek, liuewell, Ya... JTames B. Crablree 

TttinbUng Shoals, Laurensj S. 0. M. A. SulllTan 

TnmlinsoiiTille, SooUf Ark Joseph TumlinBon 

Tana, Qstiatcuiffm, N. T...^ Jeremiah Cronen 

Tanbrldge^ De Witt, 111. Jamee A. Kirby 

Tunbridge, Orange^ Yt James Brown 

Tonkhannock, (c. h.) Wyvmimg, Pa. James Kelly 

Tiumell, hiMoMOLy Pa... Robert G. Johnston 

Tonnells, WaahM^fiKm, Ohio^Isaac J. Yanderwarker 

Tunnells Hill, PidcvM, S. C Wesley Pitchford 

Tnnnell Hill, H'Ait/Sebi, Ga. Josephus Guthrie 

Tonnell's Store, Smwx, Del George S. Williams 

Tannelton, JVwton, Ya Henry Le Bosquet 

Tapper's Plains, Meigt, Ohio Mary B. Blair 

Tarbotville, iVbrtAtowbcrland, Pa. Wm. Savage 

Tnreaud, AxcmxUm, La.......^ Francois Janmes 

Tarin, Xeiow, N. Y Charles D. Budd 

Tarkey, ifomnoM^, N. J John S. Corliss 

Turkey Cove, Luy Ya William Richmond 

Tarkey Creek, buncombe, N. C.Leicester Chapman 

Tarkey Creek, BetiUm, Mo..., Joseph Hooper 

Turkey Ceeek,«Sfeu&ei», la Porter Johnson 

Tarkey Foot, Scott, Ky John T. Hensley 

Tarkey Foot, Sama-sA, Pa John K. McMUlen 

Tarkey Point, ^umpArey«, Tenn John Edwards 

Turkeytown, CA^roAree, Ala.~ Robert S. Cowan 

Tnrman's Creek, SuXixoan, la. John Rusher 

Turnback, Dadt, Mo Nathan Rtttledge 

TarnbuU, Monrot, Ala. P. F. Tanner 

Turner, An(3trxMCoggv%, Me Hiram Clarke 

Turner Creek, P&tJUr, Pa.. A. R. Lewis 

Turner's, Orangt^ N. Yf. Charles Turner 

Turner's Store, CUroJiiw, Ya Robert M. Wright 

TumersYille, Ilobertsony Tenn Robert H. Alley 

TurnersviUe, Crawford, Pa Gilbert Thomas 

Turtle Creek, Alleghany, Pa John Black 

Turtle Town, Cfurokee, N. C EUas M. EQpatrick 

TuBcahoma, IhUahatchM, Miss... Wiley Glance 

Tuscalametah, Leak, Miss..... Joel Rawls 

Tuscarawas, Tuscarawas, Oblo..Harrison J. Knisely 

Tuscarora, Livingston, N. Y William Petrie 

Tuflcarora, SchuyVaJUL, Pa Henry P. Haas 

Tuscola, Livingston, Mich Hiram L. Stoddard 

Toscumbia, Franklin, Ala JohnL. Bunch 

Tuscumbia, <c. h.) MiUer, Mo. Daniel Cummings 

Tuskaloosa Tuskaloosa, Ala William D. Marrast 

' Tu4kegee,(c. .h) Jfaoofi, Ala John Howard 

Tnsquitee, Ckerolcet, N. C John H. Johnson 

Tuseekiah, Lutnburgh, Ya Drury E.Ganldin 

Tustenuggee, Oollmiibia, Flor.. — C. H. B. Collins 

Tuthill, mHtr,'S. Y Joseph L. Hasbrouck 

Tattle's Corner, Sussex, N. J Benjamin Tuttle 

Twelve Mile, FickenSffLC James £. Hagood 

Twelve Mile, Oass, la :..Wm. Johnston 

Twenty Mile Stand, Warren, Ohio George W. 


Twiggsville, Twiggs, Ga. James T. Evans 

Twinsburgh, Summit, Ohio A. L. Nelson 

Twin Yalley, Adams, Wis Wm. Ward 

Two MUe Branch, Smyth, Ya WUliam Steward 

Two MUe Prairie, Pulaski, la John Nickles 

Two Mile Cre^, Daviess, Ey... James W. Lashbrook 

Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wis Charles B; Daggart 

Two Taverns, Adams, Pa Jacob Little 

Twymaa's Store. SpMtylotmia, Ya J. B. Peake 

Tye River Warehouse, Ndton^ Ya......Samuel Read 

Tygert's Creek, Qreenup, Ky.. Bazil Waring 

Tyler, Winebaao, 111 Asher Beach 

Tyier, Smith, Texas Napoleon B. EUis 

Tyler Mountain, KanoMha, Ya...Richard L. Roberts 
Tylersburgh. Clarion, Pa............Jo0«ph Chambers 

Tyler's Port, Manlgimury, Pa..~ John J. H. Kline 

TylersTiUe, amUm,^% ~ Jarnfaard Ruff 

TylersviUe, Laiurens^ S. 0.......... Samuel L Craig 

Tymoehtee, WycmdoUe, (Hiio BlUs Carter 

Tyneiboroiigh, Middlesex, Mass.....~.Samuel Elliott 

Tyre, Seneca, N. Y — John Nearpass 

Tyrees' lilills, DeKalb, Tenn..... — Samuel S.Tyree 

^Tyree Springs, /S^ffitner,Tenn»......William Roberts 

ZlyHogbMiv Berktbire, Maw .«......F. a Wmiains 

Tyrone, Idving^on, Mich A. Gardner 

Tyrone, Blair, la Francis M. Bell 

Tyrone, Oashacbn, Ohio John Smith 

Tyrone, &fttty6r,N. Y Eli Sunderlin 

Tyrone MQls, fayettty Pa Hugh Chain 

Tyrrels, Venaitgo, Pa James N. Tyrreli 

Tyson Fumaoe, Winiior, Yt Wm. T. Pierce 

UBA, PiaU, n 0. C. Denslow 

Uchee, .Rtw^eL Ala L. S. Johnson 

Uchee Anna, ntUon, Fla Alexander McCallum 

Udina, Kane, 11 » John Runstead 

Ufflngton, Jfomi^io, Ya Wm. D. Smith 

Uhlersvill^ Ncr^mpton, ¥i. James Rougher 

UhrlcksvlMe. lAcarawas, Ohio S. B. Haskins 

Ulster, Btvjafod, Pa James McCarty 

Ulsterville, XTUfr, N. Y J. L. Jennings 

Ultima Thnle, fener, Ark.....William E. McKean 

Ulysses^ Potter Pa Chester C. Lyman 

Ulysses CentreJ^tter, Pa.... Chauncey G. Gushing 

Ulysses, Tfimvpiim, N. Y Tallman Corbin 

Umoolcus, Arootook, Me Mrs. Deborah Hewes 

Umpqua City, Ihpqua, Oregoi^..Samuel S. Maun 

Unadilla, Livington^Mch. J. L. Hartsuff 

Unadilla, OtsegolS. Y Christopher D. Fellows 

Unadilla CentiejOtwj^o, N. Y Abel S. Palmer 

Unadilla Forks, CXm^, N. Y Henry H. Babcock 

Uncasville, New '.Mndon, Conn...Wm. G. Johnson 

Uncle Sam, DoDoi, Iowa .....Allen Moore 

Underbill, CMxtden, Yt Hiram Dow 

Underbill Centn, ChOtendm, Yt John Choate 

Underwood, Hoj^ns, Ky John A. Ezel 

Underwoods, Mourn, Ohio Andrew WilllamB 

Union, Greene, Aa William Miller 

Union, TaUand, >)nn David L. Newell 

Union, York, R» WilUam Harris 

Union, Pike, I« Thomas Hombrook 

Union, Boone, K> N. A. Baker 

Union, Lincoln, fe Andrew Libbey 

Union, Oass, Mlcl Anson Dibble 

Union, Newton, IM^ Reuben McCullough 

Union, Franklin,M.o Leo Bullock 

Union, Oarroa, N.H John Tredick 

Union, Van BurenlowA William Daniels 

Vulou, Essex, N. i James W. Wade 

Union, .FWton, Ark. B. W. Orr 

Union, Broome, N.l Ira Chandler 

Union, Stewart, Ga. William A. Helms 

Union, Montgomery, Ohio Samuel Fettors 

Union, (c.h.) Jif<mroe, Ya James A. Shankin 

Union, Bock, Wis Wm. S. Pittf 

Union, McHenry, 111 Frederick M. Mead 

Union, Maury, Tenn - William W. Cochran 

Union, Washington, N.C Anson J. Mizell 

Union, SaU Lake, Utah ? Silas Rlchardi 

Union, Washington, Tex Bennett T. McClellan 

Union Bridge, QurroU, Md William Zimmerman 

Union Bridge, Titus, Tex Jona. W. Dabbs 

Union Centre, Broome, H. Y Aaron Heatb 

Union City, Branch, Mich Melville, L. Young 

Union City, BancMph, Is Morrison Rulon 

Union Church, Jeffawn, Miss John J. McLean 

Union Corner,iVbriAum&erZan<2, Pa. John B. Shlpman 

Union Corners, Livingstjai^ N. Y .Miner Palmer 

Union Cross Roads, unim. La John P. Everett 

Union Dale, Sttsq^OwoMwh, Pa ~John A. Miller 

Union Deposit, Dauphin, Pa...David Wolfersberger 

Union District, Washtenaw, Mich Eli Riggs 

Unioii Falls, CUnton, N. Y John T. Duncan 

Union Grove, WhUesides, 111 John H. Young 

Union Grove, Bax^ Wis, William H. Reed 

Union Grove, Prince George,Y& Wyley Daniel 

Union Hall, Franklin, Ya John W. Draper 

Union Level, Meckleiiburgh, Ya. John W. Simmons . 

Union Meeting Home, Baltimore, Vd J. Michael 

Union Mills, Heard, Ga N.M.RobiHson 

Union MilU^ La Porte, la Thomas W. Allison 

Union MiUs, OamXL, Md Andrew E. Shriver 

Union MUls, PuJIixm, N. Y Bradley Eested 

Union Mills, Mahaska, Iowa John B. Stewart 

Union Mills, Erie, Pa R. B. Brown 

Union Mills, Fhtwmna, Ya James R. Campbell 

Union Plain, Brofwn, Ohio Edwin Lewii 




Union Point, (7reen, Ga Richard A. Neweon 

Union Point, imn, Oregon Hugh Dinwiddie 

Union Point, JacAson Mo Willis G. Steel 

Unionport, Jefferson^ ) ounes WBggoufT 

Union Prairie, Alarndteej Iowa Edward Eells 

tfnion Settlement, Os'Jtgo, N. Y Silas Peuoyer 

■ Union Society, Greene N. Y David Van Orden 

Union Springs, Mcvcmy Ala Willian H. Waugh 

Union Springs, Oayufa, N. Y Edward Eldredge 

Union Springs, ?7mo7, Ark Tfatrreii Parker 

Union Springs, Harrson, Tex Jchi P. Maddux 

Union Square, Montgomery ^^d^ 'Jhomas I. White 

Union Square, Oswego, N. Y Avery Skinner 

Union Star, Breclenridge, Ky J. S. White 

Uniontown, Humholdi, Cal Altert II. Murdock 

Uniontown, Ferry, Aa Pahan^ N. Jiooker 

Uniontown, Knoxy 111 Stphen S. Buffum 

Uniontown, Uni<my Kj C. B. Bohannan 

^ Uniontown, Wells, la... John W. Walker 

Uniontown, Carr<rfZ, Md lenry Rontzahn 

Uniontown, Belmont, Ohio Thomas Fell 

Uniontown, (c. h.) Faydle, Pa...Amstrong Uadden 

Uniontown, Delaware, Iowa Aron P.Blanchard 

Union Valley, OorOandt, N. Y Jelson L. Brooks 

Union Village, Orange, Vt JHorrUl J. Walker 

Union Village, Nonfmrnberland, '^a.... Edwin Lyell 

Unionville, Monroe,G& rhomas R. Grace 

Unionville, Hartford, Conn -.George Richards 

Unionville Putnam, Mo Alfr« H. Weatherford 

Unionville, ifonroe, la J^icholas Fleenor 

Unionville, ^PP^woose, Iowa James Etving 

Unionville, Frederick, Md Eergamin Lindsay 

Unionville, Orange, N. Y ».. Lewis L. Smith 

Unionville, Lake, Ohio Spencer Shears 

Unionville, Chester, Pa James Smith 

Unionville, (c. h.) Union, S. C...R6ert A. McKnight 

Unionville, Bedford, Tenn Joseph R.Brown 

Unionville, Oass, Texas Henry A. Moore 

Unionville Centre, Union, Ohio John Sager 

Uniopolis, Auglaize, Ohio Robert C. Lay ton 

Unison, Louden, Va .William C. Miller 

VulBon, Delaware, Ohio ....James R. Youel 

Unitaria, Bro&me, N. Y Daniel Hurlburt 

Unitia, Blount, Tenn ».JoieB H. Donaldson 

Unity, Waldo, Me ...James B. Murch 

(Unity, Sullivan, N. H Gilbert Lewis 

Unity, Golumbianna, Ohio John Mollenkopf 

-Unity, Alexander, III..... Hugh P. Craig 

.Unity, Crawford, Pa Chauncey Brown 

'Vmtj, Montgomery, Md Nimrod Davis 

Unity ville, Lycoming, Pa „. James Young 

'University of Virginia, ^MtewiarZe, Va -William 

'L "^Vertenbaker 

Upatoje, Muscagogee, Ga .Farly B. Adams 

IJpdegraflfs, Jefferson, Ohio George Goodwin 

Ijphaupee, Macon, Ala J. M. Clough 

Bpland, 3/ascm, Va , Ra*nson Whitten 

Vpper Alton, Madison, III Joseph Chapmiin 

feper Acquebogue, SuffdUt, N. Y B. F. Wells 

Vpper Black Eddy, Buclcs,^ik. Jacob Fulmer 

Upperco, Baltimore, Md..« Thomas Upperco 

Upper Cross Roads, Harford, Md Thomas Riley 

Upper Darby, Ddaware, Pa John llawkiM 

Upper Dublin, Montgomery, Pa, Isaac Thomas 

Upper Eftibarrass, Cdles,l\\ William H. Lawib 

Upper Falls, Windsor, Vt Japheth L. Warner 

Upper Falls, BaUinwre,'i/l\ James Manhool, jr 

Upper Falls of Coal, Kanawha^ Va...R. C. Chandler 

Upper Flats, Mason, Va George Roush 

Upper Gllmanton, Belknap, N. H Ira Mooney 

Upper Gloucester, Curnberland, Me Sewall Gross 

Upper Hunting Creek, Caroline, Md...W. H. Gootee 

Upper Jay, Essex, N. Y Benjamin Wells 

Upper Lisle, Broome, N. Y Darius Pratt 

Upper Maliantango,5(;7iitwZfciM,PaMaria Hintzelman 
Upper Marlboro, (c. h.) Frinot George's, Md Jere- 
miah Mullikln 
Upper Middletown, Ihyette, Pa...Edward G. Roddy 

Upper Red Hook, Dutchess, N. Y Gottlob Haas 

Upper St. CUir, AUeghany, Pa Henry Bockstoce 

Upper Sandusky, (c h.) Wyandott, Ohio. J. W. Brown 

Upper Stlllwaler, Penobscot, Me Joshua Buck 

Upper Strasburgh, Franklin, Pa Philip Karper 

Upper Tract, Pendleton, Va Enoch Gravhara 

Upper Tr»ppe, Somersety Md Thomas W. Dtuihiel 

Upper Tygart, darter, Ky John Thompson 

Upperville, Fiiu>quier,ya, -. Lemuel Hutchison 

Upshur, PrebUy Ohio John T^eem 

Upsonville, Susquehannah, Pft..... Titus L. Meiiman 

Upton, Franklin, Pa George Cook 

Upton, Van Buren, Iowa « Milton Herring 

Upton, Worcester, Mass Horace Forbusb 

Urbana, (c. h.) Champaign, 111 Jesse W. Jaquith 

Urbana, Frederick, Md Sebastian G. Gockey 

Urbana, Hickory, Mo Thomas Glanville 

Urbana, SUubm, N.. Y Stanley B. Fairchild 

Urbana, (c. h.} Champaign, Ohio James Taylor 

Urbane, (c. h.) Jackson, 111 Urbane E. Robinson 

Urbanna, Middlesex, Va Edward T. Purkhis 

Urleville, Kmt, Md Joseph P, Copper 

Ursa, ^dam«, 111 John A. Clayton 

Ustick, Whitesides, 111 -.Oliver Baker 

Usquepaugh, Washington, R. I Edmund Bagley 

Utah, Warren, 111 John P. Terpening 

Utah, La Grange, la John Merriman 

Utah, Luces, Ohio Elyah J. WoodrulT 

Utica, Clark, la William H. Snider 

Utica, Macomb,mch. - William Brownell 

Utica, Hinds, M^iBs George W. Mimms 

\Jt\c&, Livingston, Mo .'...John W. Bingo 

Utica, Dane, Wis ..Leroy Crandall 

Utica, Oneida, N. Y Isaiah TilliEmj 

Utica, Van Buren, lowa^ Robert Brownfield 

Utica, Licking, Ohio ~ James Turner 

Utica, Fcnan^o, Pa JohnW. Riddle 

Utica, La Salle, Ul James Clark 

Utica Mills, Frederick^ Md William Todd 

Utoy, De Kalb, Ga Thomas A. Kennedy 

Utter's Corners, Walworth, Wis Simeon F. Utter 

Uwchland, ChesteTpVa^ Jacob Beerbower 

Uxbridge, TP5rces^r, Mass CharlesB. Rawsom 


VACHERIE ROAD, SL James, La... John V. Amant 

Vacaville, Solano, Cal Wm. J. Horton 

Vail's Cross Roads, Morrow, Ohio B. T. Vail 

Vail's Mills, FuUm, N. Y Bradibrd T. Simmons 

Valatie, Columbia, N. Y John H. Coming 

Valeene, Orange, la Henry A. Smith 

Valeour, Clinton, N. Y David K. Day 

Vale Mills, Giles, Tenn Daniel Guthri* 

Valentia, Shelby, Ohio George Wenner 

Valfontis, PdUc, Or C.C. Walker 

VaUejo, Solano, Cal ^.Eleazer Frishls 

Vallens, Summii, Ohio ~ Jacob Valient , 

Valley, Washinfftjon, Iowa Robert Shaw 

Valley, TazeMOL, Va...- «.... Pleasant Murphy 

Valley, GoMdaloupe, Texas T. J. Ferryman 

Valley, Stark, 111 Charles C. Wilson 

Valleyburg, Poflfe, Va..—.. Reuben Somers 

Valley Crusis, Waiavga, N. C ^ Joseph ShuU 

Valley Falls, Eensselaer, N. Y-.Chauncey B. Slocnm 

Valley Falls, Prmndence, R. I .Daniel Patt 

Valley Falls, Marion, Va Isaac Holman 

Valley Farm, Jackson, la William Robertson 

Valley Farm, Linn, Iowa» M. B. Coon. 

Valley Forge, Jasper, Mo Jesse Darrow 

Valley Forge, Chester, Pa i James Hoy 

Valley Forge, PMia«i-i, 111 Asa C. Afherton 

Valley Grove, ifonroc, Ark Jordan B. Lambert 

Valley Grove, Ohio, Va Abraham Beagle 

Valley Head, De Kalb, Ala......William 0. Winston 

Valley Head, Randolph, Va Jacob Conrad 

Valley Point, Preston, Va — John Scott 

Valley Springs, Van Buren, Ark J(^n T. Jones 

Valley Store, Chattooga, Ga F. J. Orogun 

Valley Town, Cherokee,.N. C William Walker 

Vallicita, Cblaveras, Cal George T. McMurray 

Vallonia Springs, Broome, N. Y... William C. Poyer 

Valonia, Jackson, la WilHam; Weathers 

Valparaiso, Pwier, la Samuel R. Bryant 

Van Buren, Dt Kalb, Ala Warner L. BriskeU 

Van Buren, (c. h.) Crawfwd, Ark jFohn A. Sno 

Van Buren, Clay, la ...William H. Oifford 

Van Buren, Itawamba, Miss John W. Lindsay 

Van Buren, (c. h.) Ripley, Mo William Cloleman 

Van Buren, Onondaga, N. Y Solomon Keller 

Van Buren, ifancocfc, Ohio John Zarbavgh 

Van Buren, Wcuhins^on, Pa Adam Weir, jr 




Tan Bnren, Hardeman^ Tenn John E. Mastin 

Tan Baren, De Kalb, III Jeremiah Mulford 

Tan Bnren, Aroostook^ Me Michael Farrell 

Tan Buren, JocArson, Iowa James R. Smith 

Tan Buren Centre, Ofumdaga^ N. Y..Step'n W. Betts 
Tan Buren Furnace^ Shenandoah, Ya Watkins 

Tan Buren Harbor, ChautauqiUf N. T...Alexander 


Tanceborough, WinndtagOy HI John H. Rogers 

Tanceburgh, Lewis, Ky.. John G. Allison 

Tance'a Ferry, Orangeburghj S. C D. I>antzler, jr 

Tan Oevesviile. Benrkdey, Va Barak Deharen 

Tandalia, (c. h.) Fhyette, 111 Henry G. Habich 

Tandalia, Oust, Mich Eyan I. Bonine 

Tandalia, Owen, la Edward M. Maxey 

Tandalia, Monigcmery, Ohio.......WiIliam Satcamp 

TandergrifFs, Knox, Tenn R. M. Hall 

Tan DeusenTiUe, Btrkshire^ Mass. ..John H. Coiling 
Tan Dyke's Mill, Spenoer, Ky.... John C. Van Dyke 

Tan EttenviUe, Chemung, N. Y Guy Purdy 

Tan Hill, Hawkins, Tenn .....John Ball 

Tan Hiseville, Mercer, N. J Abraham Van Hise 

Tan Hook's Store, Ftrson, N. C... John C. Van Hook 
Tan HomesTille, Herkimer, N. Y... Julius D. Munn 

Tanlae, HaruMck, Ohio William Vanlue 

Tannoy's Mill, Pike, Mo Nathan Vannoy 

Tann'g Valley, lloydjQtk Ruftis Barker 

Tan's Valley, Delaware, Ohio John Rose 

Tan Wert, (c. h.) PoUe, Ga William W. Simpson 

Tan Wert, (c. h.) Van Wert, Ohio...Henry Robinson 

Tarennes, Anderson, S. C Jesse W. Norris 

Tarick, Seneca, N. Y John Y. Oambee 

Tariety Mills, Nelson, Va, Wyatt J. May 

Tama, limpkins, N. Y William Scutt, 2d 

Tarnell's Station, WMtJUM^ Ga M. P. Varnell 

Tarysbnrgh, Wgoming, N. Y..Wyman H. Ainsworth 

Tassalborough, Kennebeck, Me Jonathan Snow 

Tassar, Tuscola, Mich .'...William Johnson 

Tanghansville, Newberry, S. C.Drury T. Vanghan 

TaughnsTllle, Pu^7uz»^ Ohio Emllle A. Husson 

Teasie, Penobscot, Me Paul Ham 

Tega, Henry, Iowa Joseph M. Frame 

Tel, Clark, Ark Alfred Cox 

Telvet Ridge, White, Ark. P. S. Middleton 

Tenango, Oarwford, Pa Robert Johnston 

Teniae, Cayuga, N. Y David Fish 

Tenice, Erit, Ohio William Shepherd 

Teniae, Washington, Ve^ James M.Adams 

Tenice, Madison, 111 Charles Pierce 

Tera Crue, WeOs, la Moses T. Murphy 

Terbank, Dutchess, N. Y Lewis S. Davis 

Terdierville, Orange, Va Thomas J. Adams 

Terdon, Hanover, Ya. John T. Anderson 

Tergennes, Jackson, lU Mos«>s H. Ross 

Tergennes, Kent, Mich. Orlando J. Odell 

Tergennes, Addison, Vt PhilipC. Tucker 

Termilllon, .Bn'e, Ohio John Mines 

Termillion, Oswego, N. Y Morris Place 

TermiUionvHle, La FUyette^ La Wm. P. Thomas 

TermUlionTllie, La Salle, m John W.Wood 

Termont, Fulton, 111 Lewis E. Kelly 

Termont, Howard, la..., Benjamin Jackson 

Termont, Cooper, Mo John 0. G. Goodwin 

TermoBt, Chautauque, N. Y Sidney E. Palmer 

TermontTille, Franklin, N. Y..Jo8iah J. Alexander 

Termontville, .Eiaton,Mich Amanda M. Robinson 

Tenud, (?re«n«. Miss John Mclnnis 

Temal, Wyoming, N. Y Morris Gorton 

Temon, Hbltand, Conn Francis McLean, jr 

Twnon, Kent,'Dv\ Robert Smith 

Temon, Troup, Ga Green M, White 

Temon, (c.b.^ Jennings, la Abram G. Reed 

Temon, (e. h.) Jackson, La John C. Jones 

Temon, Shiwassee, Mich Jerome B. Smith 

Temon, Maditon, Miss. Robert L. Moore 

Teraon, Sussex, N.J Richard S. Denton, jr 

Temon, Oneida, N. Y James Turner 

Temon, TrumbuU, Ohio Milton Graham 

Temon, (c. h.) Hickman, Tenn... William IJ. Easley 

Teraon, Windham, Vt Marshall Whithed 

Temon, Waukesha, Wis Robert C. Robertson 

Temon, Washington, Fla James M. Long 

Temon, Van Buren, Iowa, John M. Estcs 

Tffnon» Omu/oni, HL Jle&ick Heath 

Vernon Centre, Oneida, N. Y....s..Elihu M Poote 

"Vernon Depot, To/Zand, Conn ,.. . Ira Ellis* 

Vernon, Wnommg, Pa Rim uV'i' Harrison 

Vernonsville, Spartanhurgh,^.Clc\^y^ Ballenger 

Verona, /Jane, Wis Joseph Flick 

Verona, Boone, Ky Armiea<.M Ossman 

Verona, On«irfa,N\Y..... ^orrxanMaltby 

\erona Depot, Oneida, N. Y Qeoige Tipple 

Verona Mills, Oneida, N. Y ?omonR{»hbun 

Verplank, Westchester, N. Y Jars A. Whtbcck 

Versailles, Brown, 111 J)}ithah "V^ilson 

Versailles (c. h.) Ripleyjo. Iliry S. Christian 

Versailles, c.'h.) Woodford, Ky.Van jien J. SeP.ers 

Versailles, c. h.) Morgan. Mo illiam J. Tutt 

Versailles, Cattaravgus, N. Y..Fredcpk E .De Wolf 

Versailles, Buiherford, Tenn Vlis S. Ransom 

Vershire, Orange,\t »eter M.Swift 

Vesper, Onondaga, N. Y IVard M. Hoyt 

Vestal, Broome, N. Y Saticl B. Foster 

Vestal Centre, Broome, N. Y Jbert R. Ellis 

Vesuvius Furnace, Lincoln, N. C.RoJ>t A. Brevard 

Veteran, Chemung, N. Y Lor?to J. Worden 

Veto, Washington, Ohio Benjani E. Gorham 

Vevay, (c. h.) Stoitrerland, la R)Vet J. Lanham 

Vickery's Creek, Fhrsyth, Ga .Vsoli T. Gamer 

Vicksburgh, (c. h.) Warren, Miss.AVlian H. Sparke 
Vicksburgh, (c.h.) St. Clair, Mich. ,.J. p. Vickery 

Vicksville, Snidhampton, Va ..fesse B. Vick 

Victor, Ontario, N. Y Willh M. Boltwood 

Victor, Clinton, Mich ...Henry Post 

Victor, Pmvesheik, Iowa Clrles Comstock 

Victor, De Kdlb, la Jnes R. Cosper 

Victoria, Knox, 111 .John Becker 

Victoria, Daviess, Mo Geav. Canthorne 

Victoria, (c. h.) Victoria, Tex .Ines A. Moody 

Victoria, Bolivar, Miss H.Hn S. Adan:g 

Victory, Cayuga, N. Y \Ster H. Savre 

Victory, Wayne, Tenn sseCowninr 

Victory, Bad Axe, Wis ^hnC. Berrf 

Victory Mills, Sarafx)ga, N. Y....EphrJa Lockwool 

Vienna, Pickens, Ala J. Hushes 

Vienna, Dooly, Ga Tames Cob) 

Vienna, (c. h.) Johnson, 111 "\yillin E. Morrfc 

Vienna, Scott, la Jop)h f. Rya» 

Vienna, Kennebeck, Me RufuM. IJanFUi 

Vienna, Jackson, La JohiH. &even« 

Vienna, Dorchester, Md Gar^on iewel* 

Vienna, Macomb, Mich Iratinith 

Vienna, Oneida, N. Y rf^hn ijurr 

Vienna, Walworth, Wis Chas. A.De Be«-< 

Vienna, TrumbuU, Ohio Nathai B. Tjr 

Vienna, "Warren, N. J....: AexanderC. Hoi^ 

Vienna, Macon, Mo Summers Writ 

Vienna Cross Roads, Clark, Ohi Caleb Bart 

Vietla, Cfrundy,l\l Daniel Mai 

Villa, Franklin, Va jefforson Chitwl 

Village Green, Delaware, Pa...A....Qeo. Harring' 

Village Springs, Blount, Ala M. M. Po, 

Villanova, Chautauque, N. Y Daniel D. Moi 

Villanow. Walker, Ga Wilhm D. Underwc 

Villa Rica, OarroU, Ga Vahtine M. Hodga 

Ville Platte, St. Landry, La Marcel Da 

Vilula, liussell, Ala Aaron J. C 

Vincennes, (c. h.) Knox, la James Di 

Vincent, Chester, Pa John Iloflfecfc 

Vincentown, Burlington, N. J....4phet B. Wool8t4 

Vine Grove, Washington, Tex Mopes G. Wils< 

Vineyard, Irwin, Ga Jonathan Smit 

Vineyard Mills, Huntingdon, Pa.... Samuel H. Be 

Viney Grove, Lincoln, Tenn leter G. McMulle, 

Vinland, Winnebago, Wis Bamuel L. Brook 

Vinton, (c. h.) Benton, Iowa .....Joel W. Catlii 

Vinton, Gallia, Ohio John E. Holcoml 

Vinton Furnace, Vinton, ...Cyrus Newkirk 

Viola, Delaware, Iowa JToseph D. Walker 

Violy, Blount, Ala i...Joel Blackburn 

Virden, Macoupin, 111 j. John Evans 

Virgil, COrtlandt.'S. Y 4.. Edwin P. Slafter 

Virgil, Fulton, 111 J Levi Curtis 

Virginia, Ciss, 111 jWilliam T. Pedigo 

Virginia Grove, Louisa, Iowa... John B. Jarvia 

Virginia, Mills, Buckingham, Vt. John S. Nichola 
Virginia Mines, Franklin, Mo..^lomon W. Hood 

Virginsville, Berks, Pa ^..Jacob Dreil)elbi« 

Viroqua, BadAxe,yris sflyesterO. Lincoln 




.Vtechei's Ferry Smfeyo, N. T...Be]^. F. Chadsey 

VlBta, WestchexbT^ Y Wm. B. Husted 

ViBteRidKe, OrtUt La John N. Todd 

vSSla Wrt/a Wniiam D. Billlnga 

Took Tite» N.. Peregnne HoUett 

Voeang^Uti Laiaxter, Pa Herman S. HoflFman 

Tolcanc, GtZarew, Cal George Madeira 

Volga Gty, Ctakw, Iowa Thos J. Piper 

Volnes AUemaki Iowa Thomas Crawford 

Volne' X05ran,:y..;. Robert O.Carr 

Voln»y, Oywegd^ Y ...Jacob Piper 

VoIi]Qtown, W^hamy Conn Samuel Gates 

VoltslA, Chatdc^ue, N. T-WiUiam A. Orossgrove 
yolnri% OrangS\9k. Jackson J. Clayton 


Tf ABASH, WaJifh la Andrew M. Early 

Wabash, Wayr.T\\ William Hardy 

Wabashaw, TWw^aw, Minn Alexis Bailly 

Wabash Valle^C'torA:,, 111 EUJah Stephens 

Wacahootie, &non, Fla .Irvin J. Bankright 

Wabcoochee, USeJiy Ala G. H. Miller 

Wachuset Villse Tf^cesfer, Mass....J}eiO- Wyman 

Wacoota, GooM Minn James B. Smith 

Wacousta, CVdo^ Mich Horatio Hunter 

Waco Yillag^cK^^ Texaa...Bicliard M. Billings- 

Waddam's QtrmSUphemony HI Pells Manny 

Waddell's %tan^harUs City, Va.William Waddell 

Waddington, SiCoLwrence, N. Y Horace Fenton 

Wades, Bedford/^ WHliam C. Mitchell 

Wadesboro, (c. 1 OaRatoayy Ky..,.L. L. Trevathan 
Wadesborough<' b.) Anson, N. C.Samtiel W. Neal 

Wadestown, MPngoHia, Va John McCarle 

"Wadesville, CZAr, Va John H.P. Stone 

Wadesville, P«^, la William A. Moye 

Vadham's Mil -Ejaeaj, N. Y Asa P. Hammond 

Vading Riyei^/oMi N. Y Sylvester Miller 

Vadley'B Tf9X[ Strafford, N. H John Wilson, jr 

Vadsworth, ;dtnajOhio John Pardee 

Vaggoner's l>ple, Idams, Ohio John Boach 

Vagoner's Rt, MoHle, Ala Peter Ulrick 

VagonKnoIi^ JFlye^,'Mo John Hammonds 

Vagon;ownP'A«te:> Pa William W. Eachus 

Vagr^n, A(pnuick,y& Irwin W. Merrill 

Tahghbonf, Mill, Iowa. Levi Anthony 

Vahlol^ i^per, illfls Patrick McCalebb 

TalDo, Madson, Odo DeWittC.Sawyier 

Vjle8boro.Bar<7io«»«w,I» Francis P. Smith 

\ite, wdhinfftonM^ John Dudley 

litesfield, WasMffton, Vt...JameB M. Richardson 

. "iit's River, Orajte, Vt Edson C. Swift 

^ikasassa, Levy, la W. W. Stevens 

ikatomlca, Ooshston, Ohio Newman Smith 

cikefield, CarroWHd Abraham Cassell 

akefield, Carroim. H Hiram Paul 

akefield, JVUke,:. B. T. Strickland 

akefield, Washiyton, R. I William N. Austin 

akefield, OntagovU,Yf\B Seth I. Perry 

/akefield, Lancazr, Pa Samuel Wilkinson 

Takeshma, Kcdamoo,, Mich Jacob J. Gardner 

/"akeman, ^uronOhio Lester T. Farand 

Talcott, Greme, rk Philip K. Lester 

Talden, Orange, . Y Marcus K. Hill 

balden, CdUdonUyt Ammon Cheever 

Valden's Creek, mer, Tenn JTamea Gumming 

^aldensville, Sclharie, N. Y Hiram Walden 

VTaldo, Waldo, Mc Henry Davidson 

Waldo, Marion, Oio Andrew Stroub 

Waldo, Wright, M B. W. Walls 

Waldoborough, Luioln, Me .William Fish, jr 

Waldron, ScoU, As. William G. Featherston 

Wales, AndroKogffi, Me Arthur Given 

Wales, ITampden, lass ..George 0. Royce 

Wales, Ogle, 111 John Light 

WaleB, Erie, N. Y Clark Hudson, jr 

Wales, St. Clair, Ich BensonlBartlett 

Wales Centre, En, N. Y Willard W. Stevens 

Waleiville, Oneida N. Y Alton Buel 

Walhalla, PickeM^. C C. H. Issertel 

Walhonding, Qahfion, Ohio Samuel Burns 

Walker, Cfenire, Pa William Allison, jr 

Walker, WaJaOUi, Ha. Leroy Allen 

Walkers, CrUtmdm, Kj R. A. Walker 

Walkers, OoOeion,^. Jacob C. Folk- 
Walker's Church, AppcnuOtoXf VaThomas A. Gilliam 

Walker's Grove, Mown, 111 George W. Baxter 

Walker's Mills, Alleghany, Pa Isaac Walker, Jr 

Walker's Mills, Ooffee,T«nn WUliam McMiebael 

Walker's Neck, Brown, HI William Lea 

Walkerstown, Fortyth, N. C Simon A. Stona 

WaTkersville, Frederick, Md Edward G. Marlow 

Walkersville, Union, NiC Hugh Wilson 

Walkersville, STielby, Mo William B. Carmaa 

Walkersville, Jatper, I& .Landie B. Walker 

Walkerton, King and Queen, Va.....Wm. D. Turner 

Walkerville, Lycoming, Pa. .Thomas Brown 

Wallace, Jones, Ga John E. Brew 

Wallace, Ibuniain, la George W. Cocbiaa 

Wallace, Chetter, Pa Levi H. Cronaa 

Wallace, Steuben, N. Y Samuel H. AUen 

Wallace, Chester, S. G John Newlan 

Wallace Creek, Independence, Ark William Hess 

Wallace's Cross Roads, Anderson, Tenn .William 

Wallace's Factory, SIpartanburgh, S, C...P. M. Wal- 


Wallaceville, Venango, Pa. Samuel 0. Small 

Wallamette, Tam Hill, Oregon Robert V. Short 

Wallden's Ridge, Jfarton,Tenn Bdvrin Newby 

Walled Lake, Oakland, Mich James B. Tnttto 

Waller, Ross, Ohio William Lockwood 

Wall HiU, MarshaU, Miss Thomas V. Brady 

Wallingford, New BJa.ven,0<mJX Orrin Andrews 

WaUingford, WiU, 111 Samuel G.Nelson 

Wallingford, Ridland, Vt Lewis R. Bucklin 

Walling's Ferry, Rusk, Tex...Thoma8 H. Etherldga 

Wallonia, Trigg, Ky„ Stephen W. Gray 

Wall Kill, Oranife, N. Y Wm. O. Terry 

Wmpack Centre, Sussex, N. J.... Jasper W. Rnndla 

Wall's Store, AmUe, Miss John B. Easley 

Wall's Store, JbAiMon, Mo Beigamin F. Wall 

Wallsville, Luseme, Pa James T. €k>mian 

Walmore, Niagara, N. Y August Wolf 

Walnford, Monmouth, N. J Sarah Wain 

Walnut, Juniata, Pa David A. Doughman 

Walnut, Jefferson, Iowa Forrest W. Heard 

Walnut Bend, Philips, Ark Eli T. Diamond 

Walnut Bottom, Cumberland, Pa. James Kyle 

Walnut Bottom, Benderson, Ky Benj. Faulkner 

Walnut Camp, Pcrinsett, Ark D. M. Dobson 

Walnut OoYe, StokeSflH. C Wm. A. Lash 

Walnut Creek, Grant, la Aaron Fonlke 

Walnut Creek, Holmes, Ohio MelcbiBozzard 

Walnut Creek Buncombe, N. C L. L. Branson 

Walnut Creek, Nebraska Samuel G. Mason 

Walnut Flat, Z«noo2n, Ey Henry B. Middleton 

Walnut Forest, Greene, Mo B. W. Henslea 

Walnut Fork, Jbne«, Iowa Charles H.Lnll 

Walnut Grove, Blount, Ala Harvey GomeUns 

Walnut Grove, Knox, 111 Amos Ward 

Walnut Grove Scott, Iowa Henry H. Pease 

WalnutGrove, Morrts,N.J Nelson Hug^bson 

WalnutGrove, Orange, N.C Bedford Hurdla 

Walnut Grove, Overton, Tenn James M. Gocflbar 

Walnut Grove, Spartariburgh, S. C.Saml. Cathcart 

Walnut Grove, Walitm, Ga A. B. Whitehead 

WalnutGrove, JWnam,Va Lyle Millan 

Walnut Grove, independence. Ark... Hamblen Hogan 

Walnut Grove, Greene, Mo Allen Edmonson 

Walnut Grove, CaJdvoeO, Ky William D. Tinsley 

Walnut Grove, Leake, Miss J. L. Kiemoglian 

WsAnut Grove Mills, Potawaixame, lowaWm. A. Reel 

Walnut Hill, La Ihyette, Ark Ann J. Sevier 

Walnut Hill, Fratiklin, Ga Wm. R. Wellborn 

Walnut Hill, Fanola, Tex William T. English 

Walnut Bill, Marion, HI Wm. Cunningham 

Walnut Hill, Buchanan, Mo Benjamin Moore 

Walnut HUl, Lee, Va William S. Ely 

Walunt Hill, Rapides, La Leonard C. Sweat 

Walnut mdB,HamiiUon, OhicBartholomew Fowler 

Walnut Lake, Tunica, Miss W. A. P. Jonei 

Walnut Lane, Yadkin, N. C Samuel Johnson 

Walnut Mountain, Madison, N. C John Edwards 

Walnut Post, Lauderdale, Tenn... John D. Lankford 

Walnut Ridge, Washington, la Isaiah Peugh 

Walnut Shade, Fitpe, 111 B. W. Holloway 

Walnut SpringS) Greene, Wis James Biggs 




Walnat Valley, Clark, Ky... JHtTid Meredith 

Walnut y alley, Marion, Tenn James M. Stewart 

Walnut Valley) Warren, N. J....J)aniel Van Scoten 

Walpole, NorfoOe, Mass David £. Metcalf 

Walpole, Cheshire, N. H .Amherst K. Maynard 

Waipole, Edneock, la S. V. B. Noel 

Walshville, Montgomertf, 111 Michael Walsh 

Walterboro, OoOdon, S.G...^ J. W. Bprbridge 

WaltersTille, Adair, Mo „ Jsaac J. Lansdale 

Waltham, MiddUsex, Mass Frederick M. Stone 

Waltham, Hancock, Me Daniel T. Swan 

Waltham, La SaUe, 111 John H. Mesenre 

Walthourrille, -Liberty, Qa. Joseph N. Miller 

Walton, Boohe, Ky Hiram Fry 

Walton, Delaioare, N. T Gabriel 8. Sawyer 

Walton, Kanamha, Va.^ John Sinnett 

Walton, Ntwberry, S. G Jacob Snber 

Waltonham, 8L Ltmiz, Mo George Hume 

Walton's Ford, Habersham, Ga. C. K. Jarrett 

Walts' Mills, WestmorOand, Pa Jacob Walts 

Walworth, Wayne, N. T. Riley Hill 

Walworth, WaUoorth,WiB William Bell 

Wampsville, Madison, N. T ..Duncan McDougall 

Wansvilie, Bradley, Tenn Silas 3(. Wan 

Wapatoo, TViuhin^Biton, Oregon .W. E. Molthrop 

Wapakoneta, Atdglaise, Ohio. T. J. Young 

Wapella, Deioitt, 111 Daniel Thompson 

Wapello, (c. h.) Louisa^ Iowa. James NofQsinger 

Wappinger'B Falls, Dutchess, N. Y..William G. King 

Wapwallopen, Luteme, Pa. John M. Heller 

Waqnoit, BamstaJUe, Mass .Asa Phinney 

Wardboro, Warren, N. Y William H. Ward 

Wordensville, Hardy, Va. George W. Snider 

Wardsborough, Windham, Vt....Jo8iah G. Higgins 

Ward's GroTe, Jo Daviess, 111 Thomas B. Oarter 

Wardwell, Jefferson, N. Y David Wheeler 

Ware, Hampshire, Mass Addison Sandford 

War Eagle,' JTadtMm, Ark S. R. Shepard 

Wareham, Plymouth, Mas8.....Charle8 F. Washburn 
Warehouse Point, Hartfard. Gonn... Jos. Olmstead, jr 

Waresboro, (c.h.) Ware, Ga. C. W. Smith 

Warfieldburgh, CarrdO, Md .WiUiamP. Shilling 

Warfordsburgh, FuUon, Pa Jacob Walters 

War Gap, Hawkins, Tenn John W. PhilUps 

War Hill, HaU, Ga v -^"e^ Langford 

Warm Fork, Oregon, Mo John W. Jenkins 

Warminster, iVMwn, Va James Vigres 

Warminster, Bucks,Pak Wm. Glasgow 

Warm Springs, Jfentoe<fter, Ga. L. H. Jeter 

Warm Springs, Buncombe, N. G John E. Patton 

Warner, Merrimack, N. H Abner B. Kelley 

Warner's Landing, Crawford, Wis John Warner 

Warner's Mill, ^eoiitft, Iowa... Washington Warner 

Wamerville, Schoharie, N. Y J. F. Shafer 

Wamerville, Jytvtn^sfon, Mich A. S. Warner 

Warnervillle, Mtriwethtr, Ga.. F. W. Baggarly 

Warpole, Wyaf^djoit, Ohio. Daniel Straw 

Warren, (c. h.) .B^tzdZey , Ark W. J. Laphiew 

Warren, lAJUhSydd, Gonn Edmund R. Swift 

Warren, HymUngUm, la Noah McGrew 

Warren, lAncoin, Me Andrew Fuller 

Warren, Mojcawb, Mich George W. Gorey 

Warren, JPbnntn, Texas Jefferson G. Parrish 

Warren, BaiUxmore, Md Joseph B. Mitchell 

Warren, WwoexUr, Mass Daniel Russell 

Warren, Marion, Mo Samuel Ghristian 

Warren, Orafbon, N. H Gharles G. Durant 

Warren, Jb Daviess, 111 John D. Piatt 

Warren, £«c,Iowa JohnHerron 

Warren, Herkimer, N. Y .William Kinne 

Warren, (c. h.) TrumbuH, Ohio John 8. Kibbee 

Warren, Bristol, R. I B.P. Phinney, 2d 

Warren, AWemarie, Va JohnT. Staples 

Warren, Randolph, Ala Ezekiel Strickland 

Warren, WasMnffton, Vt. Parker Putnam 

Warren, (c. h.) Warren, Pa St. John Goodrich 

Warren Centre, Bradford, Pa Emily M. Bowen 

Warrenham, Bradford, Pa. Asher M. Beardslee 

Warrensburgh, (c. h.) Johnson, Mo....Wm. 8. Hume 

Warrensbvrgh, Warren, N. Y F. A. Farlin 

Warrensburgh, Greene, Tenn James M. Rankin 

WarrensYille, Du Page, 111 Julius M. Warren 

WarrensTille, Cuyahoga^ Ohio John M. Burke 

Warrensville, Lycoming, Pa .Joseph W. Milnor 

Warren Tayem, Chester, Pa Isaac Acker 

Warrenton, (o. h.) MarthaU, Ala. Booker Smith 

Warrenton, (c. h.) Whrren, Ga Eliphalet Hale 

Warrenton, Oibson, la Henry Haub 

Warrenton, Wkrren, Ky William Brown 

Warrenton, Warren, Miss Benedict J. Wathen 

Warrenton, (c. h.} Witrren, Mo Job Price 

Warrenton, (o. h.) Warren, N. G...Thomas Reynolds 

Warrenton, Jefferson, Ohio John McAdams 

Warrenton, AbbeviOe, S. Andrew Gillespie 

Warrenton, (c. h.) Ikiuquier, Va A. H. Spilman 

Warrenton,tXaJk«, HI Gollins Gowdy 

Warrenton Springs,.RM(Ot«t«r, Va...Alexander Baker 

Warrenville, Somerset, M. J JohnG. Toms 

Warrington, Auiks, Pa E. H. Raddiff 

Warrington, Hancock, la James K. King 

Warrington, Escambia, Fla A. J. Lambertos 

Warrior Greek, mOces, N. G James Bryaa 

Warrior's Mark, Huntingdon, Pa Jane Vantriee 

Warrior Stand, Macon, Ala Wiley S. Lane 

Warsaw, Sumter, Ala Benjamin White 

Warsaw, Forsyth, Ga Jackson Graham 

Warsaw, Hancock, HI George W. Thatcher 

Warsaw, Pickens, S. G Marshall B.Dendy 

Warsaw, (o. h.) Kosciusko, I& Thomas L. Graves 

Warsaw, GaUatiti, Ky Milton Treadway 

Warsaw, (c h.) Benton, Mo Lemuel J. Ritehey 

Warsaw, DupUn, N. John B. Southerland 

Warsaw, (c. h.) Wyoming, N. Y... Jacob W. Knapp 

Warsaw, UMhocton, Ohio. ..David McDermott 

Warsaw, J^rson, Pa John Reed 

Warsaw, Tmyne, Iowa James H. Lyons 

Warsaw, (c.h.) JZ»cAmoiM{,Va James M.Harriss 

Warsaw, DrankKn, La George W. Dorsey 

Warsaw Prairie, £at«/man, Texas S. G. Parsona 

Warthen's Store, WasMngUm, Ga R. Warthen 

Wartola, Union, S. A. 0. Walker 

Wartraoe Depot, Bec^ford, Tenn R. P. Ganaway 

Warwick, CteO, Md Julius A. Bond 

Warwick, DoUy, Ga James G. Brown 

Warwick, FrankUn, Mass Lemuel Scott 

Warwick, Orange, N. Y Milton McEwen 

Warwick, Kent, R. I .^.Benjamin W. Vaughn 

Warwick G. H., Warudck, Va Miranda Wae 

Warwick Neck, Kent, R. I George A. Willard 

War Woman, Rabun, Ga J. Q. Adama 

Wasoopum, Wascopum, Oregon Ter..M. M. Gushing 

Washbourn Prairie, Barry, Mo James Keex 

Washburn, MarshaU, 111 Wm.*E. Buckingham 

Washington, (c h.) Hempstead, Ark Robert L. 


Washington, LitchfieJd, Gonn H. J. Ghmrch 

Washington, Washi ngto n, D. G...James G. Berret 
Washington, (ch.) mK»,Ga.GarolineB. Robinson 

Washington, Tazewell, 111 R. W. Burton 

Washington, (c h.^ Daviess,lA Michael Murphy 

Washington, (c h.) T^ashington, Iowa.Mary Parker 

Washington, (c. h.) Mason, Ky W. G. Barclav 

Washington, St. Landry, La A. Millspaugh 

Washington, Lincoln, Me James Burns 

Washington, Berkshire, Mass Daniel Sibley 

Washington, Macomb, Mich ..Dennis Gooley 

Washington, (c. h.) Adams, Miss J. B. Maxey 

Washington, FranJdin, Mo. Daniel Q. Ckde 

Washington, SuIHvan, N. H William B. French 

Washington, Dutchess, N. Y John S. Thorn 

Washington, (o. h.) Beaufort, N. G H. P. Allen 

Washington, (o. h.) Fxyetie, Qhio John Sanders 

Washington, Guernsey, Ohio William Ghanoe 

Washington, (e. h.) Washington, Pa D. Acheson 

Washington, (a h.) Rhea, Tenn F. J. Paine 

Washington, Washington, Texas Henry Bailey 

Waahlngton, Orange, Vt L. F. Thurber 

Washington, (c. h.) Rappahannock, Va..O. P. Smith 

Washington, Warren^. J William L. Gypfaers 

Washington, (c. h.) Tblo, Gal Amo8 Warring 

Washington Batte, Linn, Oregon Leland H. 

Washington Gentre, WhiOey, Ind.Wm. Ghamberlain 
Washington Gollege, Washin^ion, Tenn.E. S. Mathea 

Washington Harbor, Door, Wis I. M. Graw 

Washington Heights, New York, N. Y...A. B. Mills 
Washington Hollow, Dutchess, N. Y...S. Tomlinson 
Washington Mills, Oneida, N. Y..AdnahH. Inghaaa 
Washingtonville, CbiunMana, Ohio... Jacob Boston 
WashingtonviUe, McmUmr, Pa......Axaandu8 Levers' 




Washougal, Clarky Wash. Ter H. J. G. Moxon 

Waskey's Mills, Botetourt, Ya M.Obeosbain 

Wassaic, Dutchess, N. Y OrvilleGridley 

WassoDTiUe, Washingtonf lova Ezra D. Darling 

Wataga, Knox, 111 Josepli M. Holyoke 

Watah, Benton, Min.Ter David Gilman 

Watauga Bend, Washinffton, Tenn .Wm. R. Rhea 

Watensaw, Prairie, Ark Silas Buck 

Waterborough, Fork, Me Joseph Allen 

Waterborough Centre, York, Me... .Porter Hamilton 

Waterburgh, Tompkins^ N. Y Levi H. Owen 

Waterbury, New jEfave«,Conn..Eli8ha Leavenworth 

Waterbury, Washingion,\t Thomas B. Scagel 

Wateree, Richland, S.C Samuel Garner 

Waterford, iVew Xondon, Conn... Henry Gardner, 2d 

Waterford, Oxford, Me Livingston G. Robinson 

Waterford, JBacine, Wis George W. Sproat 

Waterford, Oakland, Mich George Robertson 

Waterford, MarshaU, Miss W. H. Biles 

Waterford, Spencer,Kj James P. Jones 

Waterford, Saratoga, N. Y James J. Scott 

Waterford, Washinffton, Ohio Charles Bowen 

Waterford, .Em, Pa „ Henry Colt 

Waterford, Gib8on,Tenn Sarah Y. Harvey 

Waterford, (Medonia, Vt ....Milo K. Parks 

Waterford, Loudon, Va Oscar F. Reed 

Waterford, Dakota, Minn Warren Atkinson 

Waterford, Jackson, Iowa Fayette Mallard 

Waterford Centre, Oakland, Mich Mrs. Caroline 

M. Richmond 

Waterford Mills, Elkhart, la Franklin Johnson 

Waterford Works,. Camden, N. J... Joseph C. Porter 

Waterloo, Lauderdale, Kia, Thomas II. Reynolds 

Waterloo, Monroe, 111 .William L. Adelsberger 

Waterloo, Fayette, la T. G. Price 

Waterloo, Pulaski, Ky C. J.Sievers 

Waterloo, Sussex, N. J Peter Smith 

Waterloo, Point Ompee, La Julius St. Germain 

Waterloo, Jackson, Mich Swnuel Quigley 

Waterloo, (c. h.) Clark, Mo Isaac Fields 

Waterloo, (c. h.) Seneca, N. Y Samuel Birdsall 

Waterloo, Granville, N. William 0. Gregory 

Waterloo, Jc^r«on, Wis AUston F. Mattice 

Waterloo, Lawrence, Ohio Jacob Powell 

Waterloo, Juniata, Pa Robert Robinson 

Waterloo, Fauquier, Ya James W. James 

Waterloo, Laurens, S. C D. W. Anderson 

Waterloo, Mack Hawk, Iowa.... .Julius C. Hubbard 

Waterloo Mills, Chester, Pa William Steele 

Watermelon, TatnaU, Ga Robert C. Surrency 

Waterport, Orleans, N. Y Ephraim C. Bently 

Water Proof, Tensas, La. John P. Mason 

Water Street, Huntingdon, Pa...Henry B. Mytinger 

Wat«rtown, Litchfield, Conn Hinman Atwood 

Watertown, Wood, Ya John Miller 

Watertown, Middlesex, Masa Benjamin Dana 

Watertown, (c. h.) Jefferson, N. Y..W. H. Sigourney 

Watertown, Washington, Ohio Augustus Winsor 

Watertown, J^erson, Wis Myron B. Williams 

Watervale, Onondaga, N. Y William Ely 

Water Valley, Erie, N. Y »,William Sprott 

Wnter Yalley, Yalobtisha, Miss P. D. Woods 

Water Village, CarroU, N. H James L. Brown 

Waterville, Kennebeck, Me....Wm. James Richards 

Waterville, Oneida, N. Y Thomas K. Wilkinson 

Waterville, Lucas, Ohio JToseph E. Hall 

Waterville, LamoHle, Vt Robert Herren 

Waterville, New Haven, Conn William Pickett 

Waterville, Wavkexha, Wis Edwin W. Barnard 

Waterville, Lycoming, Pa Jeremiah H. Callahan 

Waterville, AUemakee, Iowa D. P. Carpenter 

Watervliet, Berrien, Mich Isaac N. Swain 

Watervliet Centre, Albany, N. Y John P. Miller 

Watkins, Unvm, Ohio WiUiara Thompson 

Watkins, Schuyler, N. Y Horace Ogden 

Watkinsville, Clark, Ga Thomas Simonton 

Watson, Lewis, N. Y Joseph Garmon 

Watson, MarshaU, Miss J. Y. Knight 

Watson's, Marshall, Ky Joab Watson 

Watson's X Roads, Smeca, Ohio Isaiah Watson 

Watson's Briclge, Moore, N. C W. D. Harrington 

Watson's Station, Seneca, Ohio WUliam Watson 

Watsontown, Northwnberland, Pa.. ..'..Edmund L. 

WatsouTille, Santa Cruz, Cal Llewellyn Thrift 

Watsonville, Akma-ace, N. C E. F. Wat80» 

Wattsboroush, Lunenintrg, Va Joel G. Wall 

Wattsburgh, Erie, Pa Wareham B. William* 

Watts' Mills, Westmoreland, Pa. Jacob Watts 

Wattsville, OarroU, Ohio Charles Boies 

Waucoma, Fayette, Iowa Milo B. Goodall 

Wauconda, Lake, 111 J. H. Hate 

Waucou^ta, Jbnd du Lac, Wis Anson C. Stowe 

Waughtown, Forsyth, N. C William Turner 

Wauhatchee, Dade, Ga .John B. Perkins 

Wauhoo, Vigo,lA....^ William B. Mewhinnej 

Waukau, Winnebago,^\B William H.Hyatt 

Waukeenah, Jefferson, Fla William T. Carpenter 

Waukegan, Lake, 111 H. W. Dorset! 

Waukesha, Waukesha, Wis Henry D. Barron 

Waukokee, FiUmore, Minn John M. West 

Waupaca, W&upacci, Wis David Scott 

Waupon, FoTid du Lac, Wis Cromwell Laitho 

Wausau, (c. h.) Marathon, Wis Thomas Single 

Wauseon, FuUon, Ohio. Nathaniel Leggett 

Waushara, Dodge, Wis Miner Porter 

Wautoma, Marquette, Wia Wm. H. Curtis 

Wauwatoso, MUwaukiCfWiB ....Nathan Wesson 

Waveland, Montgomery, la. Thomas Lofling 

Waverlie, Rockingham, Va R. H. Spindl« 

Waverly, La Fayette^ Mo Bez^amin F. Gordon 

Waverly, Lowndes, Miss George H. Young 

Waverly, Tioga, N. Y Alvah Jarvis 

Waverly, Morgan, 111 Peter C. Amett 

Waverly, Pike, Ohio Daniel Joss 

Waverly, ^c. h.) Humphreys, Tenn D. Cowen 

Waverly, Van Buren, Mich....Orlando H. Newcomb 

Waverly, Chambers, Ala. William M. Graves 

Waverly, Luzerne, Pa John Stone 

Waverly, Bremer, Iowa Porter M. Earl 

Waverly Htill, Harris, Ga John B. Foster 

Waverly Station, La SaUe, III Jas. H. Pierce 

Wawarsing, Ulster, N. Y Samuel W. Cutler 

Wawayanda, Sussex, N. J William B. Brown 

Wawkou, AUenuikee, Iowa L. T. Woodcock 

Waw-pe-cong, Miami, la. John R. Cassadaj 

Waxahachie, EUis, Texas Joseph Whitenberg 

Way, Ripley.ldk William Bower 

Wayland, Middlesex, Mass Newell Heard 

Wayland, Allegan, Mich Nelson Cliambers 

Wayland, Schuyler, til Isaac T.;Morgan 

Wayland Depot, Steuben, N. Y James G. Bennett 

Waylandsburgh, Culpeper, Va J. W. Wayland 

Wayland's Springs, Lavtrence, Tenn..Wm. McAnallj 

Waymart, Wayne, Pa ."Barnes Mnrpfaj 

Wayne, Kennd>eck, Me.. Bartlett W. Varnum 

Wayne, Steuben, N. Y Hiram Baker 

Wayne, Ihrie, Pa Roswell B. Adams 

Wayne C. H., Wayne, Va. ..Burwell Ferguson 

Wayne, Phillips, Ark Valentine P. Rodgers 

Wayne, Washington, Wis Patrick Connally 

Wstyne, Wayne, Mich Reuben CrandaU 

Wayne, Henry, Iowa Sylvester Smith 

Wayne, DuPage, 111 Solomon Dunham 

Wayne, Cbvington, Ala. J. D. Riley 

Wayne Centre, Du Page, 111 Albert Guild 

Wayne Four Corners, Steuben, N.Y..R. H. ScJiuyler 
Waynesborough, (c. h.) Burke, Qa,...&imeon A.Gray 

Waynesborough, Franklin, Pa J. R. Welsh 

Waynesborough, (c. h.) Wayne, Tenn James £. 


Waynesborough, Augusta, Va Abraham Lynn 

Waynesburgh, Lincoln, Ky John Griffin 

Waynesburgh, (c. h.) Greene, Pa...Mattfaew Dill,jr 

Waynesburgh, Decatur, la .George W. Crouch 

Waynesburgh, Slark, Obio R. B. Hamilton 

Waynesfleld, w<4tij^Zai^ Ohio E. G. Atkinson 

Waynesville, Wayne, Ga JFoseph R. Richards 

Waynesville, De WiU, III Milton P. Houser 

Waynesville, BarUu)Umew, la... James G. Thompson 
Waynesville, (c. h.) Pulaski, Mo.David B. Lawrence 

Waynesville, Haywood, N. Samuel Fitzgerald 

Waynesville, Warren, Ohio Henry W. Prints 

Waynetown, Montgomery, la George W. Hall 

Waynmanville, Upson, Ga Georp% P. Swift 

Way Side, Pickens, S. C. J. O. Lewis 

Weare, Hillsborough, N. H George Simons 

Wear's Cove, Sevier, Tenn Valentine Mattoz 

Weatherly, Carbon, Pa. Charles H. Williams 

Weathersfield, WindsoTt Vt Miss L. CDanforth 




Weathersfield Centre, Wmd»cr, Vt J. W. Gold- 

Weaubleau, St. CZair, Mo John SimmB 

Weaversville, Northampton^ Pa Samuel Weaver 

Weaversville, Fauquier^ Va. Frederick Lewis 

Weaverville, (c. h.) Trinity^ Cal James Barry 

Weaview, Tippecanoe^ Ind David McClurkin 

Webberville, Travis, Texas Wesley Smith 

Webb's Ford, Jiutherf&rdy N. C G. M. Webb 

Webb's Mills, Bitchier Va John Webb 

Webb's Mills, Chemung, N. Y...Sylve8terW. Breese 

Webb's Mills, Cumberlandy Me Anson Jordon 

Webb's Prairie, Franfdin, 111.... William L» Britton 

Webster, Androscoggin, Me Samuel Cushman 

Webster, Worceder, Mass Lyman Sheldon 

Webster, Washtenawj Mich Morgan Spencer 

Webster, Monroe, N. Y William Butler 

Webster, Wayne^ la ...Joel Jeffrey, jr 

Webster, Hancock, 111 Joel Howd 

Webster, Winston, Miss John W. Darby 

Webster, Br€ckenridgey Ky Thomas Adkisson 

Webster, Oregon, Mo Simpson Couch 

Webster, Darke,Ohio F. T. Seibt 

Webster, Westnurreland, Pa John Bake 

Webster, Keoktik, Iowa Nathan H. Hall 

Webster's Mills, FuUon, Pa David Crouse 

Weedowee, Randolph, Ala,....Leonidas H. W. Guin 

Weedfiport, Cayuga, N. Y Dexter E. Havens 

Week's Mills, Kennebeck, Me William Percival 

Weelaunee, Winnebago,'Wip Armine Pickett 

Weeping Willow, Davis, Iowa... William E. Ewing 

Weesaw, Berrien, Mich Wm.S. Pierce 

Weewokaville, Talladega, Ala George Riser 

Wegrttchie, St. Latorence, N. Y Charles Cotton 

Wegee, BelmoTvt, Thomas G. Allen 

Wehadkee, Randolph, Ala. Jacob Eichelberger 

Wehoga, Benton, Ala Frederick W. Vaughan 

Weir's Bridge, Belknap, N. H James Gordon 

Weisenburgh, Lehigh, Pa Samuel Fritz 

Weisesburgh, Baltimore, Md Pleasant Hunter 

Weisport, Carbon, Pa Daniel Heberling 

Welaka, Putnam,mt^ James W. Bryant 

Welch Prairie, Columbia, Wis. ..Robert J.Rowlands 

Welch's Mills, Caharras, N. C Joseph M. Welch 

Welchville, Oxford, Me Samuel Chadboum 

Welcker's Mill, Roane, Tenn C. F. Welcker 

Weld, Franklin, Me Kendall Wright 

WeldOtt, HaUfaz, N.C W.N. Allen 

Weld's Landing, Dubuque, Iowa John Specht 

Wellborn, (c. h.) Coffee, Ala Joseph B. Peacock 

Wellborn's Mills, Houston, Ga John A. Sperry 

Wellersburgh, Somerset, Pa. Barny Dilly 

Wellerville, Crawford, Ohio James K. Davis 

Wellfleet, J3am«to6Ze,Mass Allen Higgins 

Wellington, Piscataquis, Me Isaac Hutchins, jr 

Wellington, La Faydie, Mo Davis K. Duck 

Wellington, Morgan, Ga. E. L. Morgan 

Wellington, Lorain, Ohio Amos Norris 

Wellington, Lake^ HI Peter Lown 

Wells, York, Me. Chase Moulton 

Wells, HamHtwi, N. Y William J. Powell 

Wells, RuUand, Vt >. OrUn Lewis 

Wellsborough, Tioga, Pa Alexander S.Brewster 

Wellsburgh, St. Charles, Mo B. W. Dudley 

Wellsbnrgh, Chemung, N. Y Mark A. Burt 

Wellsburgh, (c. h.) Brooke, Va... .William DeCamps 

Wells' Corner, Orange,"!!!. Y Martin L. Mapes 

Wells' Corner, Erie, Pa. Henry Hitt 

Wellscott, tfnion, Ga Joel H. Legg 

Wells' Depot, York, Me George Goodwin, jr 

Wells' Mills, Appanoosejlo-wa, Robert Criswell 

Well Spring, Gxmpbdl, Tenn Oty C. Cliborn 

Wells River, Orange, Vt Seneca Dickey 

Wellsville, Allegany, N. Y Ephraim A. Smith 

Wellsville, Columbiancif Ohio 0. P. Sherman 

WellsvUle, York, Pa Abraham Wells, jr 

Wellville, Nottoway, Va John A. Wilson 

Welshfield, Geauga, Ohio Phidelus Pool 

Welsh Run, Franklin, Pa Thomas Bowles 

Welton, Clinton,Ioyfa. Thomas Wright 

Weltonville, Tioga, N. Y John C. Parmele 

Wendell, Franklin, Mass Otis Chittenden 

Wendell Depot, Franklint Mass Wm. Putnam 

Wenham, Esse^, Mass John A. Putnam 

Wenona Station, MarskaU, 111 G. W. Goodale 

Wentworth, Grafton, N. H Thomas J. Smith 

Wentworth, Lake, 111 Ernstus Rtidd 

Wentworth, (c. h.) Rockingham, N. C Thomas A- 


Wentworth's Location, Coos, N. H Z. F. Durkee 

Weogufka, Coosa, Ala John Clisby 

Wernersville, jBcrA:«, Pa Charles Spohn 

Wertsville, Hunterdon, N. J.. ..Charles W. Holcomb 

Wescosville, Lehigh, Pa.. Jprael Wesco 

Westoy, Hickman, Ky ..Otho Hardin 

Wesley, Washington, Me Daniel Chase 

Wesley, Venango, Pa Josiah Hardy 

Wesley, Washington, Ohio Joseph H. Gag» 

Wesley, Haytoowi, Tenn John A. Crossley 

Wesley, Arkansas, Ark .*. Allen Waits 

Wesley City, Tazetoell, 111 Charles Patzmann 

Wesleyville, Erie, Pa Samuel L. Potter 

Wesobulga, Randolph, Ala Litle Harris 

West Acton, Middlesex, Mass Charles Robidon 

West Addison, Steuben. N. Y Isaac Horton 

West Alburgh, Grand Isle, Vt John M. Sowles 

West Alexander, Washington, Pa...Benj. L. Craven 

West Alexandria, Preble, Ohio John Bowers 

West Almond, Allegany, N. Y Stephen Prentiscr 

West Alton, BtUenap, N. H John Flanders 

West Amboy, Oswego, N. Y_ Henry Garber 

West Amesbury, Essex, Mass Stephen Bayley 

West Andover, Merrimack, N. H G. S. Clement 

West Andover, Ashtabula, Ohio... Andrew Davidson 

West Anson, Somerset, Me Mark Emery 

West Arlington, Bennington, Vt...H. Spencer Her- 


West Ashford, Windham, Conn B. Knowlton 

West Auburn, Sv^quehannah, Pa Jesse Hines 

West Auburn, Androscoggin, Me George Ricker 

West Jfvou, Hartford, Conn Cory don Woodford 

West Bainbrldge, Chenango, N. Y...Thoma8 Nichols 

West Baldwin, Cumberland, Me C. P. Burnell 

West Baltimore, Montgomery, Ohio. B. Fritchey 

West Bangor, Pvndbscot,'Sl^ Ebenezer G. Patten 

WestBarnet, Caledonia, Vt James Miller 

West Barnstable, £amstaUe, Mas8.,.S. N. Howland 

West Barre, Huntingdon, Pa William Riddles 

West Barre, FuUon, Ohio Amos Tafl 

West Barre, Orleans, N. Y Ralph H. Jackson 

West Batavia, Genesee, N. Y Alva Winans 

West Beaver, CdlMmbiana, Ohio John Robinson 

West Becket, Berkshire, Mass Kendall Baird 

West Bedford, Coshocton, Ohio... Samuel P. Kinsey 

West Bend, Washington, Wis H. J. Weil 

West Bend, PdUc, Mo >..... Carroll Lemons 

West Benton, JE^Uon, Mich David Verplank 

West Bergen, Genesee, N. Y Bobert L. Traver 

West Berkshire, FrariMin, Vt... Gardner A. Deming 

West Berlin, St. Clair, Mich Joseph C. Sweet 

West Berlin, Rmssdaer, N. Y...Heman Herrington 

West Bethany, Genesee, N. Y Heman Brown 

West Bethel, Oxford, Me Gilbert Chapman 

West Bloomfleld, Oakland, Mich. ..Warren Rundell 

West Bloomfleld, Essex, N. J Calvin S. Baldwin 

West Bloomfleld, Ontario, N. Y John W. Barl 

West Bolton, ChitUndm, Vt Moses L. Colton 

Westboro, Grant, la Eli Haisley 

Westborough, Worcester, Mass. ..Josiah A. Brigham 

Westborough, Clinton, Ohio W. W. Stone 

West Boscawen, JfcrWmacfc, N. H.Qeorge W. Stevens 

West Boxford, Essex, Mass Moses Kimball 

West Boylston, Worcester, Mass.. ..George B. Howe 

West Braintree, Orange, Vt Otis S. Ford 

West Branch, Oneida^ N. Y John K. Barnes 

West Branch, Cedar, Iowa Timothy Kirk 

West~Branch, Richland, Wis P. M. Stewart 

West Brattleborough, Windham, Vt ^H. Harris 

West Brewster, Barnstable, Mass D. Harwood 

West Bridgeton, Cumberland, Me George Small 

West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.Cal vin Williams 

West Brighton, Monrqa, N. Y William Luther 

West Brittain, Wooc^ord, 111 Chauncey Baker 

West Brook, Middlesex, Conn Oliver Norris 

West Brook, Bladen, N. C Washington L. Jones 

West Brook, Delaware, N. Y John H. Niles 

West Brookfield, Worcester, Mass Jacob Dupee 

West Brookfield, Stark, Ohio William Ralston 

West Brookville, Hancock, Me David Wasson 

West Brookville, SuUivan, N. Y Daniel Smith 




Western iWd, Banddph, Ta William Bwln 

Wentern Port, AUtghany, Md Henry Wilson 

Western Prong, J5I<u2en, N. Neill Cnrri* 

Western Saratoga, Uwion^ 111 James L. Wallace 

Western Star, Summit, Ohio F. A. Dunham 

WesternviUe, Oneida, N. Y G. W. Jones 

Westenrelt, Goodhm, Minn Evert Westerrelt 

Westerville, FrankUn, O James Westerrelt 

West Exeter, OUego, N. Y Ira M. Matteson 

^•st Fairfield, Westmordemdy Pa... William Peoples 

WestFairlee, Omnp«,Vt Wm. H. Parker 

West Fairview, (hanberland, Pa G. W. Feesler 

West Fall, Pike, Pa Alamansor Griswold 

West Falls, Erie, N. Y J. Hoyt Henshaw 

West Falmoath, CumJberland,^e) John Noyea 

West Falmouth, BamstahU, Mass S. Dillingham 

West Farmington, Ontario^ N. Y John Lapham 

West Farms, Tf«^ ChegUr, N. Y Ralph H. Smith 

West Payette, Smeoa, N. Y Peter Kohler 

Westfield, Clark,!!! Riley Black 

Westfield, Hamilton, la Harrilon Goodwin 

Westfield, Hampden, Moss G. W. Cobb 

Westfield, Esiex, N. J Charles aark 

Westfield, Chautauque, N. Y David Hann 

Westfield, Morrow, Ohio Adam Wolfii 

Westfield, Tioga^ Pa Philetus Boardman 

Westfield, Marquette, Wis Robert Cochran 

Westfield, Orleans, Yt Ep^^iraim H. Miller 

Westfield, Ihyette, Iowa J. N. Axtell 

WestFinley, Wathinffton, Pa Alex. A. Gun 

West Fitchburgh, Jiroreegter, Mass H. Sibley 

West Florence, Preble, Ohio Luther Collins 

Westford, Windham, Conn James Richmond 

Westford,ifid(tte«e«, Mass David G. Butterfleld 

West Ford, Oteego, N. Y J. T. French 

West Ford, Chittenden, Vt Edwin Hard 

West Fork, WiuhingUm, Ark Oliver L. Karnes 

West Fork, Overton, Tenn Abraham Gearhart 

West Fork Furnace, Floyd, Ya...Robert L. Teneray 

West Fort Ann, WashinffUM, N. Y S. Amidon 

West Fowler, St. Lawrence, N. Y George Draper 

West Foxborough, Norfolk, Mass Henry Hobarl 

West Franklin, Posey, la James B. Campbell 

West Franklin, Bradford, Pa W. C. Peares 

West Freedom, Wddo, Me Nathan Sylvester 

West Freedom, Clarion, Pa... John B. Hessin 

West Freeman, Franklin, He John Dyer 

West Fulton, Schoharie, N. Y Daniel J. Dow 

West Gaines, Orleans, N. Y Isaac Y. Saunders 

West Galway, FuUon, N. Y Peter I. Hoes 

West Gardiner, Kennebeck, Me..WiUiam P. Haskell 

West Garland, Penobscot, Me Charles Hayes 

West Genesee, AUegany, N. Y S. A.Champlin 

West Georgia, FrankUn, Vt William K. Warner 

West Gilboa, Schoharie, N. Y Henry Ringsley 

West Glenbum, Penobscot, Me S. B. Harrimaji 

West Gloucester, Cumberland, Me Elisha P. 


West Gloucester, Providence, R, I H. W. Keach 

West Gorham, Cumberland, Me D. B. Clement 

West Goshen, Litchjidd, Conn Frederick Miles 

West Gooldsboro, Hancock, Me John Pherson 

WestGranby, JETar^/bni, Conn Blam Kendall 

West Granville, Hdnupden, Mass.... Aaron L. Curtis 

West Great Works, Penobscot, Me D. G. Sawyer 

West Greece, Monroe, N. Y .William M. Hills 

West Greenfield, Sarajtog/a, N. Y Mrs. L. H. King 

West Green Lake, Marquette, Wis Sylvester R. 


West Greenville, irerc<r,Pa .William P. Hanna 

West Greenwich Centre, KenLJi.I .John James 

West Greenwood, Steuben, N. Y .Alvin Mead 

West Greenwood, Oaw/onJ, Pa Robert Logan 

West Groton, Iboipkins, N. Y Cicero Phelps 

West Groton, Middlesex, Mass Adam Archibald 

West Grove, Chester, Pa ,.. William G^awth^op, jr 

West Hadley, Saratoga, N. Y....I David Wait 

WestHalifex, TWndfcam, Vt HoUis S. Plumb 

West Ham Locks, Henrico, Va...Benjamin J. Duval 
West Hampden, Penobscot, Me...Thomas P. Stetson 

West Hampton, Hampshire, Mass John A. Judd 

West Hanover, Dauphin, Pa Jane S. Van Dersltos 

West Harpeth, WiUiamson,Tenn A.B. Poyn^r 

West Hartford, Hartford, Conn Nathan Burr 

West Hartford, Windsor, Vt... Albert £. WiUiamson 

West Brownsville, Washington, PaJlobt. McKlnley 
West Buena Vista, O^son, Indiana.Mrohn Cunning- 

West Buflfalo, WHliams, Daniel W. Wright 

WestBuffiilo, Scott, Iowa .Warham I. Ruby 

West Burke, Caledonia, Vt Silas Beckwith 

West Burlington, Otsego, N. Y Willis P. Smith 

West Burlington, Bradford, Pa R. H.Ward 

Westbury Wayne, N. Y John W. Tator 

Westbush, Fulton, N. Y Irwin H. Van Wart 

West Butler, Wayne, N. Y George Doolittle 

West Buxton, York, Me Albert G.Bradbury 

West Cairo, JOen, Ohio Ammiel Engle 

West Cambridge, Middlesex, Ma8S...E. R. Prescott 

West Camden, W<ado,ile A. P. Knowles 

West Camden, Oneida, N. Y...AmbroBe W. Barnes 

West Cameron, Steuben, N. Y John Santee 

West Camp, Ulster, N. Y William Adams 

West Campton, Grafton, N. H T. J. Sanborn 

West Canaan, Madison, Ohio John E. Ward 

West Canaan, Grafton, N. H Gordon B. Pattee 

West Candor, Tioga, N. Y Philetus H. Mead 

West Carlisle, Cbshocton, Ohio W. R. Forker 

West Carlton, Orleans, N. Y George Kuck 

West Castleton, Rutland, Vt Isaac T. Milliken 

WestCayuta, Schuyler, N. Y Leroy Wood 

West Charleston, Pisnobscot, Me J. Brid^m, jr 

West Charleston, Miami, Ohio...Andrew Hoagland 

West Charleston, Orleans, Vt JSl^ah Robinson 

West Charlton, Saratoga,'S. Y Finley McMartin 

West Chazy, CUnton, N. Y Daniel Dodge 

West Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass C. Roby 

West Cheshire, Kew Haven, Conn.. John A. Hitch- 

West Chester, Ifew London, Conn R. T. Carrier 

West Chester, West Chester, N.Y.William H. Bowne 

West Chester, J3u^r, Ohio Zadok Wharton 

West Chester, (c. h,) CTiester, Pa... William A. Moore 

Westchester, Jay, la A. R. McGriff 

West Chesterfield, Hampshire, Mass... Ansel Thayer 

West Claremont, Sullivan, N. H L. Gilmore 

West Clarksville, AUegany, N. Y.« ..Anson Congdon 

West Climax, Kalamazoo, Mich S. T. Averill 

West Colesville, Broome, N. Y Justus Pickering 

West Columbia, Jfcuon, Va Arthur Brock 

West Concord, Merrimack, N. H.Charles H. Clough 

West Concord, Essex, Vt Charles Chase 

West Constable, Franklin, N. Y.Amos W. Cushman 

West Gorinna, Penobscot, Me Isaiah Lincoln 

West Cornwall, Litchfdd, Conn. Chas. H. Gardner 

West Cornwall, Addison, Vt B. F. Haskell 

West Creek, Lake, la Edward P. Farley 

West Cumberland, Cumberland, Me...G. Mountfort 

West Danby, Tompkins, N. Y JohnPatohen 

West Danville, Androscoggin, Me B. Marston 

West Davenport, Delaware, N. Y.... William D. Fero 

West Day, Saraioga, N. Y Henry BgUn 

West Dedham, Norfolk, Mass Theodore Gay, 2d 

West Dennis, Barnstable, Mas8..Salmon Orowell, jr 

West Derby, Orleans,yt C. S. Cutting 

West Dover, Windham, Vt William H. Snow 

West Dover, Piscataquis, Me .Asa H. Macomber 

West Dresden, Fates, N. Y Jacob Haight 

West Dryden, Tompkins, N. Y James D. Kelsey 

West Dublin, HiUon, Pa James Lyon 

West Dnmmerston, Windham, Vt David Aikens 

West Durham, Androscoggin, Me,. Job P. Sylvester 

West Doxbury, Plymouth Mass. .G. B. Standlsh 

West Earl, Lanoader, Pa .Jacob Bnssor 

West Eaton, Wyoming, Pa. Hiram Drake 

West Eaton, Madison, N. Y« Joseph E. Darrow 

West Eden, Hancock, Me William E. Thomas 

West Edmeston, Otsifgo,H. Y John L. Carrier 

West Elkton, Preble, Ohio Richard W. Randall 

West Ely, Marion, Mo Catharine V. Bready 

West Elizabeth, ^O^ftony, Pa JohnMunhall 

West Ellsworth, Hancock, Me James F. Cooper 

West Embden, Somerset, Me John Pierce, jr 

West End, Bedford, Pa "V^m.H. Piatt 

West Enfield, Gn^fton, N. H Denison Sargent 

West Enosburgh, FratikUn, Vt T. Mansfield 

Westerlo, Albany, N. Y Henry C. Disbrow 

Westerly, Washington, B..I George Brown 

Westerman's MUls, Baltimore, Md J. R. Woolen 

Western, SEfcram^eato, Oal A. H. White 




Wert Hartland, J7ar{/i>rd, Conii..^ames H. Seymour 

West Hartland, Somerset^ Me Warren Fuller 

Weflt Harwlck, BarrutaJbU, Mass David H. Small 

West Haven, Buftand, Yt Moses Field 

Wert Haven, New Haven, Conn Thomas Ward 

West Haverford, Ddaware, Pa... John G. Henderson 
West Hawlej, FrankUnf Mass...Stephen K. Hitch- 
Wert Hebron, Tl^/ktn^;'fon, N.T...ThoB.McClaughry 

West Hebron, McHenry, III John Adams 

West Henniker, Merrimack, N. H... J. C. Campbell 
West Henrietta, Monroe, N. T...Alonzo D. Webster 

West Hill, CumberUmd, Pa John Blgham 

West Hills, SuiffbUe, N. Y Ezra Oakley 

West Hoboken, nujdion,'H.3 Andrew Anderson 

. West Hoosick, Rensidaer, N. Y John Chapman 

West Hurley, Ulster, N. Y Peter L. Russell 

West Independence, Seneca, J. S. Kenower 

West Jasper, Steuben, N. Y Allen W. Hayes 

yFest Jefferson, Lincohi, Me Bei^amin Weeks 

West Jefferson, MadUon, Ohio James Parks 

West Jersey, Stark, 111 Jacob Dawson 

Wert Junius, Seneca, N. Y John S. Vandemark 

West Kendall, Orleans, N. Y S. S. Forbes 

J^est Kill, Greme, N. Y Elyah P. Bushnell 

West Killingly, Windham, Conn Horatio Webb 

West Kinderhook, TijAon,l9. Silas Blount 

West La Fayette, Coshocton, Ohlo...Samuel Ketchum 

West Lancaster, Fayette, Ohio John W. Sayre 

Westland, Hancock, la Samuel Hoavenridge 

Weetland, Halifax,!^. C Jesse Pittard 

Westland, Chariton, Mo Marion G. Oldham 

West Laurens, Otiego, N. Y Daniel Mills 

West Lebanon, TForren, la. Willard Brown 

West Lebanon, JJwfc, Me Samuel W. Jones 

West Lebanon, Grafton, N. H Jcwett D. Holsey 

West Lebanon, Wayne, Ohio Jesse Shank 

West Lebanon, Indiana^ Pa James Wilsoo 

West Le Roy, Calhoun, Mich Ammon Mills 

West Levant, Penobscot,'i&Q Abraham True 

West Lexington, Greene, N. Y Austin Chase 

West Leyden, Lewis, N. Y Orson Jenks 

West Liberty, Muscatine, Iowa Freeman Alger 

West Liberty, (c. h.) Morgan, Ky ...Stephen M. Parish 

West Liberty, XograTi, Ohio B. E. Shumate 

West Liberty, Liberty, Texas...A. G. Van Pradelles 

West Liberty, Ohio, Va John Steel 

West Littleton, Middlesex, Mass P. C. Edwards 

West Locust, SuUivan, Mo Michael P. Newman 

West Lodi, /S?neca,Ohio William Easterbrooks 

West Lowville, Leuns, N. Y Charles Morse 

West Lubec, Washington, Me Robert Newman 

West Macedon, Wayne, N. Y Ichabod W Briggs 

West Manchester, AUeghany, Pa..Sylvester Perkins 

West Marlboro, Windham, Vt Ira Adams 

West Martinsbnrg, Letois, N. Y Jervis Salmon 

West Medford, Middlesex, Mass Franklin Patch 

West Medway, Norfolk, Mass Jason Smith 

West Meredith, Delaware, N. Y„ Martin Leet 

Wert Meriden, New Haven, Conn Joel H. Guy 

West Middleburgh, Logan, Ohio Joseph Ewans 

West Hiddlesex, Mercer, Pa. John W. Veach 

West Middletown, Washington, Pa...David M.Boyd 

West Milan, Coos, N. H Ezra Horn 

West Milford, Passaic, N. J David D. Meeker 

Wert Milford, Harrison, Va Marquis G. Patton 

West Millbury,Tl^c««ter. Mas8..EphraIm Goulding 

West Mill Grove, Wood, Ohio Aug. G. McClellan 

West Milton, Saratoga, N. Y Noah S. Young 

West Milton, Miami, Ohio William Harb 

West Milton, Chittenden, Vt C. L. Drake 

Wert Milton, Strafford, N. H John Oolbath 

Wert Minot, Androscoggin, Me David B. Sawyer 

Westminster, Windham,Oonn Peter Spicer 

Westminster, Oarroll,'M.d John F. Reese 

Westminster, Worcester, Mass Joseph Whitman 

Westminster, Guilford, N. C David Beard, jr 

Westminster, AUen, Ohio R. W. Bodel 

Westminster, SheUtfy, 111 Thomas W. Craddick 

Westminster, Windham, Vt Pliny Stafford 

Westminster West, Windham, Vt Peter Ranney 

West Monroe, Oswego, N. Y John P. Slocum 

Wertmoreland, Cheshire, N. H Anson Cole 

Westmoreland, Oneida, N. Y Andrew C. Bettis 

Westmoreland Depot, Cheshire, N. H H. Ball 

Westmorelandville, LauderdaU, Ala.. ..William B. 

Wei^ Moscow, Somersei, Me Jabez D. Hill 

West Nanticoke, Luzerne, V9. Minor Van Loon 

West Needham, Norfolk, Mass William Flagg 

West Newark, Tioga, N. Y William R, Simons 

West Newburgh, Penobscot, Me Henry A. Arnold 

West Newbury, Essex, Mass Daniel Nichols 

West Newfleld, York, Me..... Nathan N. Loud 

West Newport, Orleans, Vt Joseph A. Ide 

West Newton, Middlesex, Mass John Mead 

West Newton, Alien, Ohio Wm. A. Hows 

West Newton, Westmoreland, Pa George Arm- 

West Newton, Marion, la David F. Walker 

West Niles, Cayuga, N. Y Wm. H. Devinney 

West Norfolk, Litchfldd, Conn John Dewell 

West Northfield, PrankUn, Ma8S..Elyah E. Bclding 

West Northfield, Cook, 111 John Harrower 

West North wood, Rockitigham, N. H J. G. Mead 

West Novi, Oakland, Mich Norman G. Pinney 

West Ogden, Lenawu, Mich Norman B. Carter 

Weston, Collin, Texas Larkin Adamson 

Weston, Jo Daviess, 111 William Goldthrop 

Weston, Aroostook, Me Thomas Gillpatrick 

Weston, Middlcstx,'ilLBaa .Marshall Hews 

Weston, PlatU, Mo E. S. Wilkinson 

Weston, Somerset, N. J Isaac R. Cornell 

Weston, Wood, Ohio J. A. Creps 

Weston, Schuyler, N. Y Henry C. Van Duger 

Weston, (c. h.) Levjis, Va Frederick yl. Alfred 

Weston, Fairfield, Conn Ebenezer T. Lane 

Weston, Nicholas, Ky Martin B. Smedley 

Weston, Windsor, Vt Gullcy P. Hannnm 

West Oneonta, Otsego, N. Y Daniel P. Strait 

West Ononda^ Onondaga, N. Y Denison Hall 

West Orange, Orange, N. C. Nathaniel D. Bain 

West Osslpee, Carroll, N. H Charles T. Varney 

West Otis, Berkshire, Mass Alanson Thompson 

West Palis, Oxford, Me Elijah S. Berry 

West Parsonfield, York, Me *.Alvah Dos 

West Pawlet, BuOand, Vt Orson F. Betts 

West Penn, Schuylkill, Pa Gideon Whetstons 

West Perth, Fulton, N. Y John M. Swobe 

West Peru, Oxford, Me Alpheus C. Small 

Westphalia, Clinton, Mich Joseph Platte 

Westphalia, Osage, Mo Anthony Bartmann 

West Pierpont, Ashtabula, Ohio A. Gonla 

West Pike, PMter, Pa Stephen H. Martin 

West Pittsfield, Berkshire, Mass Augustus W. 

Williams ' 

West Plains, Oregon, Mo Josephus M. Howell 

West Plattsburgh, Clinton, N. Y...N. A. Vaughan 
West Plymouth, Grafton, N. H....Thoma8 Milllgan 

West Point, Troup,(3i& —A. B. Crolt 

West Point, Cass, Mo Willis Feely 

West Point, Tippecanoe, la. Jesse Rider 

West Point, Lee, Iowa William Wer