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FOR THE YEAR 1862-63. 



JOHN BRUCE, ESQ. F.S.A. Director. 

The COUNCIL of the CAMDBN SOCIETY desire it to be under- 
stood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observa- 
tions that may appear in the Society's publications; the Editors 
of the several Works being alone responsible for the same. 


THE following pages contain lists, first, of the names of the French 
and other refugees who, in 1622, were resident in St. Martin's- 
le-Grand in London, or were engaged in the trades of cutlers (for 
which they made the metropolis famous, as it still remains), joiners, 
ceelers, a carvers, and tallow-chandlers; and also of the foreigners 
who were then resident in the principal places of refuge in England, 
viz. Canterbury, Maidstone, the Cinque Ports, Norwich, and Col- 
chester ; and, secondly, of those refugees who came into this country 
between the years 1678 and 1688, during the troubles preceding 
and immediately following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 
and to whom free letters of denization were granted by Charles II. 
and James II. 

It is a matter for regret that we have not in England any work 
giving the personal history and particulars of the refugees, similar 
to the work published between the years 1782-1799, in reference to 
those who settled in Prussia. b Many circumstances have combined 
to cause the number in England to be less than in Holland and 
in Prussia ; but there are sufficient in numbers and in importance 
to render such a volume very interesting. Indeed, as the propor- 
tion of the nobles, gentry, and other commoners, who can boast 
of a royal descent from our Edwards is very large, so also is the 

a Decorators. Wainscoting is called ceiling in Craven. 

b Messrs. J. P. Erman and Reolam. Memoires pour servir k 1'Histoire des Refugies 
Francois dans les Etats du Roi. Berlin. 9 vols. 8vo. 


proportion of the commoners in the middle and working classes in 
whose veins flows the blood of the refugees. MR. J. S. BURN has 
noticed a few in his History of the Protestant Refugees settled in 
England, with particulars of the places in which they settled; and 
the contributors to the Ulster Journal of Archaeology have followed 
up the subject, so far as relates to the settlements in Ireland; 
but the settlers in Ireland came principally after the Revolution of 
1688, and the chief portion arrived from Holland, whilst the lists 
which I now print are of those who remained after the death of 
Elizabeth, or fled to this country prior to the reign of William 
and Mary. It will be seen that several families still of note here 
were founded by these immigrants. 

The circumstances under which the first portion of these lists was 
returned were these. After the accession of James I. the prose- 
cution of the Protestants abroad had very much abated, and those 
who had found an asylum in this country had extended their means 
of livelihood from the manufactories they had superintended to 
many retail trades. In London alone in 1621 there were stated 
to be 10,000 strangers,* and they had been carrying on 121 dif- 
ferent trades. b Several, in spite of the statutes of 1st Rich. III. and 
14 and 15 Hen. VIII. against receiving apprentices and servants, 
employed more than two journeymen or four servants who were 
not the King's subjects; submitted to no regulations as to the 
number of their apprentices; and frequented fairs and markets, 
paying less dues than the freemen. 

The complaints made against the industry of the aliens and their 
use of machinery are instructive even at this day c : 

S. P.O. Domestic, 1621, No. 146. b Ib. 1616, vol. xcviii. No. 113. 

Ib. voL Ixxxviii. No. 112. 


" Theire chiefest cause of entertainment here of late was in charity to 
shroud them from persecution for religion ; and, beinge here, theire ne- 
cessity became the mother of theire ingejauitie in deviseing manye trades 
before to us unknowne. * 

The State, noteing their diligence, and yet preventinge the future 
inconvenience, enacted two speciall lawes: 

That they should enterteine Englishe apprentices and servants to learne 
these trades, the neglect whereof giveth them advantage to keepe theire 
misteries to themselves, which hath made them bould of late to devise 
engines for workinge of tape, lace, ribbin, and such, wherein one man 
doth more amonge them then 7 Englishe men can doe ; soe as theire cheape 
sale of those comodities beggereth all our Englishe artificers of that trade 
and enricheth them. 

Since the makeing of the last statute they are thought to be increased 
ten for one, so as no tenement is left to an Englishe artificer to inhabite 
in divers parts of the cytie and suburbs, but they take them over their 
heads at a greate rate. 

Soe their numbers causeth the enhauncing of the prises of vittells and 
houserents, and much furthereth the late disorderly new buildings, which 
is soe burdonous to the subject that his Majestie hath not any worke to 
performe for the good of his comons (especially in citties and townes) 
then by the taking of 'the benefitt of the law upon them, a thing which is 
don against his owne subjects be comon informers. But their daylie 
flocking hither without such remedie is like to grow scarce tollorable." 

It would seem however that the complaints were not very well 
founded; for, though the trades were numerous, the weavers, mer- 
chants, tailors, sleave-makers, shoemakers, dyers, brewers, diamond 
cutters, jewellers, and goldsmiths formed the majority. 

Apothecaries 6 Brokers for mer- Blacksmithes 

Arras workers 2 chants 8 Bakers 5 

Ankersmiths 1 Brewers 37 Brayesyers 2 

Button-makers 7 Boxcmakers 2 Braslockmakers 1 



Basket-makers 4 

Cordwincler 1 

Cowpers 1 2 

Chirargions 9 

Comemakers 2 

Cookes 1 1 

Cutlers 22 

Chaundlers 16 

Crosbowmakers 3 

Crewell a seller 1 

Clockmakers 15 

Cutter 1 

Carvers 3 

Doctors 10 

Distillers 3 

Drawers 1 

Dyers 39 

Dyamond cutters 25 

Dauncers 3 

Flaxmen 2 

Feltmaker 1 

Factors 1 3 

Flower-maker 1 

Gravers 10 

Grocer 1 

Goldsmithes 20 

Glasmakers 10 

Gunnemakers 5 

Glaspainter 1 

Gardners 4 

Glayesyers 2 

Gunstockmaker 1 

Guilders 2 

Goldrawers 6 

Goldspinner 1 

Goldbeater 1 

Hatbandmakers 5 

Hatmaker 1 

Hoseyers 3 

Hempdressers 14 

Jewellers 35 

Joyners 20 

Inlayers 2 

Inholder 1 

Imbroyderers 10 

Inginer 1 

Instrument-maker 1 

Locksmith 1 

Labourer 1 

Lawyer 1 

Letherdressers . 6 
Merchants 183 

Millers 4 

Mercers 2 

Needle-makers 2 

Ordinary keepers 14 

Posts 4 

Printer 1 

Painters 13 

Pinner 1 

Perfumer 1 

Packthredmaker 1 

Preachers 11 

Pearledriller 1 

Padlockmaker 1 

Picturemakers 11 

Pottmakers 2 

Perlepercer 1 

Silke throwsters 12 

Stonecutters 9 

Sleave makers 64 

Silversmithes 3 

Saylemakers 3 

Scholemaisters 16 

Sugar bakers 4 

Sholemaker 1 

Shomakers 43 

Skinner 1 

Souceman b 1 

Silkewinders 5 

Scrivener 1 

Sivemakers 4 

Sempster 1 

Spinster 1 

Smithes 4 

Shipwright 1 

Sattenlacemaker 1 

Taylers 148 
Twisters of worsted 3 

Toothdrawer 1 

a Fine worsted; used in fringe, garters, &c. 
b Pickler or salter ? Souce, Du. Salt. 











Whitsters a 



Notary publiq 
Tennis court keepers 
and rackett mak- 


Seller of lynnen 



Workman in gold 










The complaints had commenced early in the King's reign. On 
22nd July, 1605, it was alleged that the English merchants were 
injured because foreigners were allowed to export baize and other 
goods without paying double custom , b and the Lord Treasurer 
(Dorset) thought the granting of denization to strangers so pre- 
judicial to the crown that he declined making out thirty deniza- 
tions till he had consulted with the Council. Sir George Walde- 
grave suggested to Salisbury d various restrictions to be laid on 
aliens and recusants. In April, 1606, a bill was prepared to compel 
merchant strangers who were naturalized to employ all the money 
received in imports on goods for exportation ; e and in the next year 
a double duty was imposed upon baize as upon cloth f exported. 

At the same time encouragement was given to the extension of 
manufactures here. The " New Drapery " was set up at Hatfield, 
Herts ; the planting of mulberry trees for the sake of the growth of 
silk was especially favoured g ; whilst, on 27th Nov. 1610, a licence 
was granted to the East India Company h to admit merchant strangers 

* Washers or bleachers of linen; "Carry it among the whitsters in Datchet mead." 
Merry Wives of 'Windsor, Act 3, sc. 3. 

b S. P. O. vol. xv. No. 15. c Ib. No. 19. d Ib. vol. xviii. 

Ib. vol. xx. No. 6. f Ib. vol. xxvi. No. 32. e Ib. 

'' tb. vol. Iviii. 


into their society to trade and have the same privileges as natives 
of England. 

Yet the citizens of London were strong in their representations 
of the grievances of the freemen by reason of the artizans and 
tradesmen who engrossed the Dutch and French trade.* A com- 
mittee was appointed in July 1615 to consider the grievances 
caused by aliens ; and the Weavers' Company of London b certified 
that the strangers employed more workmen than were allowed by 
statute, and then concealed them when search was made; that 
they lived more cheaply, and therefore sold more cheaply, than the 
English ; that they imported silk lace contrary to law, and en- 
grossed the custom to foreigners; and the Company suggested that, 
the wars and persecutions which drove them to England being over, 
they should be compelled to return ; whilst others (as we have seen) 
complained that they multiplied so fast as to enhance the price of 
provisions, lodging, &c., and, by their ingenious machinery, 
usurped the trade from the English. 3 

To enable the Council to judge of these complaints an Order in 
Council was passed on 6th Sept. 1618, requiring a return of the 
strangers dwelling in London and its liberties, with the places of 
their birth and under what sovereignty they depended; and we 
have returns made by the City, and by the constables of St. Saviour's, 
St. Olave, St. George, the Clink, and St. Mary Magdalen Ber- 

Ib. 1611, vol. Ixv. No. 50. b Ib. 1615, No. 56. 

c The hostility went so far, that, in 1616 (Ib. No. 74), the council refused to allow 
Paull Zimmerman, a denizen, to erect a house within the city for refining sugar, although 
there were few Englishmen in the trade, and his application was supported by the Grocers' 
Company, the Attorney-General having decided that the erection of sugar houses by 
aliens would prejudice the refiners of the city. (Ib. vol. Ixxxviii. No. 98.) 

d Ib. No. 112. 


mondsey, as well as of Newington and Lambeth. 8 These returns 
resulted in no good to the complainants, who renewed in 1621 
their statement of the inconvenience arising from the great influx 
of strangers, and proposals were made for a yearly registry, for 
exacting quarterage according to their station, for forbidding the 
use of retail trades, for the regulation of the number of apprentices, 
and for restricting their use of fairs and markets; 13 and, on 30th 
July, 1621, a commission was issued to the newly appointed Lord 
Keeper (John Williams), the Lord High Treasurer (Lionel Lord 
Cranfield), the Attorney- General (Sir Thomas Coventry), Solicitor- 
General (Sir Kobert Heath), and others, to consider of the statutes 
concerning aliens, and either to induce them to conform with the 
laws already in force, especially regarding not selling by retail and 
the use of handicraft trades, or to modify the laws for the better 
convenience of strangers and good of the subject, under such direc- 
tions as his Majesty should from time to time prescribe. And on 
the same day directions were given by the King to the Commis- 
sioners to take a yearly account of all aliens resident in England, 
to permit all wholesale merchants to continue their trade, but to 
restrain all retailers, unless they would submit to restrictions as to 
servants and apprentices, and pay quarterage as the English in 
their several companies did. None who were servants to the 
English were to be taxed, except for registration, but all were to 
give bond to keep these orders, or else depart the realm ; and all 
refractory persons were to be dealt with according to law. In 
January, 1622, c the Goldsmiths' Company complained of 183 alien 
Goldsmiths for making counterfeit jewels and engrossing trade, 

Ib. vol. xcix. Nos. 22-4, 42-7, and vol. cxviii. The names in the London returns 
in 1618 are printed in the Appendix (post, p. 60), to make the lists more complete. 
b Ib. 1621, No. 146. c Ib. vol. cxxii. 



so that the goldsmiths were impoverished, and meaner trades had 
crept into Goldsmiths' Bow in Cheapside and Lombard Street. 
The Coopers' Company complained of the number of aliens em- 
ployed as coopers by foreign brewers. The Clockmakers pressed 
upon the Council the number and deceitful tricks of foreigners 
practising their trade, and prayed that they might not be allowed 
to work except for English masters, and that no foreign clocks 
might be imported; and the Leatherdressers represented the 
injury to their business by the Dutch, who employed their country- 
men to work as journeymen without serving an apprenticeship. 
The Brokers and Warehousemen were also singled out for attack, 
and were directed to attend the Commissioners. On llth March 
the Cutlers were summoned; and the Clothworkers and Dyers 
asserted that they were likewise injured. On 7th September the Com- 
missioners ordered that, as the retailing of English goods by stran- 
gers was hurtful to home trade, all strangers selling to strangers 
English goods should pay half the duty on such commodities as 
would be paid for custom on export; and that all strangers selling 
English goods to any person should pay half the customs thereon; 
but little further took place. Any restrictions upon the refugees 
were unpopular with the mass of the people, however desirable 
they might appear to the chartered companies. 

One of the consequences of the appointment of the Commission 
was the returns made in March, 1621-2, and April and June, 1622, 
which we now print, and which were made in obedience to the 
orders of the Attorney and Solicitor-General. 

The ports and towns in which Cecil had directed an examination 
of strangers in Oct. 1571 were London, in which there were 4631 
strangers, Colchester, Harwich, Ipswich, Yarmouth, Norwich, the 


Cinque Ports, including Rye, in which there were 641 persons, 8 
Southampton, and Boston. Canterbury and Maidstone were not 
mentioned in Cecil's order, but they were offsets from Sandwich 
or Winchelsea- the bay and say trade remaining at Sandwich, 
whilst the silk went to Canterbury about 1561, and the thread to 
Maidstone soon after . b In the returns now printed Harwich, Ips- 
wich, Boston, d Yarmouth, and Southampton do not appear. Possi- 
bly no permanent settlements had been then made in the three first- 
named towns, as they are not mentioned by Mr. Burn, and that the 
residents in Yarmouth and Southampton were in 1622 very few. 
Mr. Burn has given fully the account of the settlement in the 
other towns which made returns. 

It is not very easy to trace the descendants of the bulk of these 
settlers, who had come in the days of Elizabeth and her predecessors ; 
but, by the kindness of T. W. King, Esq. F.S.A. York Herald, I 
am able to give a list of all such families as had their pedigrees or 
arms recorded in the Visitations of London. 

In the Visitation of London, 1634 (MS. Coll. Arms, C. 24), 
we find the following persons : 

NICHOLAS ABEELS of London; merchant, grandson of Nicholas 
A. of Rouselaer in Flanders, farrier to the Emperor of Germany. 
Ped. and arms (p. 221). 

PHILIP BARLAMACLIE of London; son of Michael B., and 
grandson of Francisco B. Ped. and arms (p. 41). 

8 This list, with other particulars of the refugees in Sussex, has been printed in the 
Sussex Arch. Coll. vol. xiii. p. 180. See also Holloway's Hist, of Rye. 

Burn DD. 38, 202. c For the settlement in Ipswich, see post, p. xx. 

b t t r 

d No notice is made of Walloons or French settlers in Boston by Mr. Pishcy Thomp- 
son in his History, 2nd ed. 1856. 


ANTHONY BASSANO of London, gent.; grandson of Anthony B. 
a Venetian. Fed. and arms (p. 152). 

ABRAHAM BEE of London, merchant; son of Garlah B. of Aucon 
in Germany. Ped. and arms (p. 28). 

JACOB BLOME of London ; grandson of Nicholas B. of Amsterdam. 
Ped. and arms (p. 241). 

MARCUS BRANDT of London, merchant; son of Daniel B. of 
Hambrough in Germany. Ped. and arms (p. 270 b). 

PETER BULTEEL of London, merchant; son of James B. of 
Tourney in Henalt. Ped. and arms (p. 300). 

PETER CHAMBERLAINE of London, doctor in physick; eldest 
son of Peter C. of London, practitioner in physitfk, son of William 
C. of Paris in France, who fled into England at the massacre; a 
younger son of .... C. of Tankervile in Normandy, who had 
twenty-two sons and one daughter. Ped. and arms (p. 558). The 
pedigree is continued in the next Visitation of London, 1664. See 
also Munk's Eoll of the Royal College of Physicians, i. 458. 

WILLIAM CONRADUS of London, vintener; grandson of Fre- 
derick C. of Lubeck, a Hans town in Germany. Ped. and arms 
(p. 346.) 

SIR THOMAS COTEEL of London, Knt. ; grandson of Anthony 
C. of Antwerp, merchant, whose evidences were burnt at the 
sacking thereof, about a 1567. Ped. and arms (p. 259). 

TIMOTHY CRUSO (see post, p. 20) of London, merchant, son of 
John C. of Norwich, and grandson of Henry C. of Hownescoat in 
Flanders. Ped. and arms (p. 427). He married the daughter of 
John Pyrot; by whom he had a son, John Cruso of Norwich, who 
married Jane daughter of Giles Verlincke ; and by her he had issue 
John his eldest son ; Timothy Cruso of London, merchant, 2nd son, 


who was living in 1634, and who married Katherine daughter of 
Charles Planter in Flanders; 3, Aquila; 4, Anthony; and Prescilla. 
Timothy had issue, Timothy his eldest son, John, Petronella, 
Rebecca, and Sarah. In Jones's Brecknockshire, vol. ii. p. 746, a 
John Cruso, LL.D., is mentioned as Chancellor of St. David's in 
1665, and was a native of Yarmouth. He died in 1681, leaving a 
widow and several children. His will was proved at Brecon. (Ex 
inf. T. W. King, York Herald.) 

JAQUES DE BEST of London, merchant; son of Jaques de B. of 
Bruges in Flanders. Ped. and arms (p. 333). 

JOHN DE LA BARE of London, merchant; grandson of Loys de 
la B. of Monz in Henalt in Flanders. Ped. and arms (p. 6 b). 

JAMES DESMAISTRIS of London; son of John D. of Holland. 
! Ped. and arms (p. 215). 

WILLIAM DE YISHER of London, merchant; grandson of Wil- 
liam De V. of Flanders. Arms and ped. (p. 27 b). 

PETER DU BOYS of London, merchant; grandson of Guylliam de 
Boys, neere Lisle in Flanders (p. 371). 

SAMUEL FORTERIE of London, merchant; grandson of John F. 
of Flaunders. Ped. and arms (p. 222). 

ABRAHAM FORTRY of London, merchant; grandson of Nicholas 
de la Fortrye of Little Flanders. Arms and ped. (p. 154b). 

JOHN HELDT of London, merchant; son of Henneng H. of Diet- 
marsch in Holsten, and of Hambrough. Ped. and arms (p. 270). 

ADRYAN HENRIX of London, merchant ; grandson of Henry H. 
of Antwerp in Brabant. Arms and ped. (p. 121). 

PHILIP JACOBSON of St. Margaret's parish in Billingsgate Ward 
in Lond., one of the King's Jewellers; son of Jacob J. of Antwerpe. 
Ped. and arms (p. 77 b). 


ANGELL KEERMER of London, stranger; son of Angell K. of 
Kouremont in Gilderland. Ped. and arms (p. 507). 

JOHN KIPP of London, merchant; son of Peter K. of Cullud in 
Germany (p. 121). 

JOHN LAMOTT of London, merchant; grandson of Bowdwin L. 
of Ipre in Flanders. Ped. and arms (p. 198). 

THOMAS LA TOMBE, borne in Norwiche a 1575, living in Lon- 
don 1634; son of Thomas la Tombe of Turcoigne, who came into 
England about 1558, at such time as the Duke d'Alva afflicted 
those parts; and lived and died in Norwich. His father, Thomas la 
T. was of Turcoigne nigh Tourney in Henigo, one of the 7 provinces 
(p. 363). 

PETER LEMARTS of London, brewer; grandson of Leonard L. 
of the dukedome of Guilick in the Netherlands (p. 376). 

JOHN LE THIEULLIER of London, merchant; grandson of John 
le T. of Vallancine in Henolt. Arms and ped. (p. 256). A pedi- 
gree also entered at the Visitation of London in 1687 by Sir John 
Lethieullier, Knt. (p. 222). 

JOACHIM MATTHEWS; son of a burgomaster of the town of 
Helneu in ye duchie of Brabant. Arms and ped. (p. 428). 

RICHARD Mico of London ; descended from Gilbert M. a second 
son of Mico, ats Micault; originally of the countye called Lisle de 
France; came into Eng. in the tyme of H. 7. Arms and ped. (p. 
608 b). 

JAQUES OYLES of London, merchant; son of John 0. of Brussils 
in Brabant. Arms and ped. (p. 128). 

WILLIAM PAGGENS of London, brewer; grandson of William 
Paggin of ... . neere Gulick in the Low Countries (p. 278). 

MATHEW QUESTER of London, esquire extraordinary for the 


body of King Charles, aged 74, 1633; grandson of Mathew Q. of 
Brudges in Flanders. Arms and ped. (p. 168 b). 

PETER KICHAUT of London, merchant; grandson of Peter R. of 
Braband. Arms and ped. (198 b). 

GILES VANDERPUTT of London, merchant; son of Henry V. of 
Antwerpe. Arms and ped. (p. 291 b). Pedigree continued in next 
Visitation of London. Sir Peter was sheriff of London in 1684. 

ARNOLD VAN WUCKERFLOOT of London ; son of Jacob Van 
W. of Utrecht. Arms and ped. (p. 264). 

SAMUEL VASSALL of London, merchant; grandson of John V. 
who was sent into England by his father, a Frenchman of Rinart 
by Cane in Normandy, by reason of the troubles then there (p. 

SIR CORNELIUS VERMUYDEN of Hatfield, co. York, and of 
London, Knt. ; son of Giles V. of Seint Martinsdike a in Zeland. 
s and ped. (p. 43). The celebrated engineer. See Hunter's 
South Yorkshire, vol. i. pp. 160 and 490, and Smiles' History of 

THOMAS VTOLET of London, goldsmith; grandson of Rafell V., 
borne in Antwerp. Arms and ped. (p. 382 b). 

THOMAS WATERS of London, gentleman; grandson of John De 
Water of Antwerp in Brabant. Arms and ped. (p. 200 b). 

In the Visitation of London, 1664 (MS. Coll. of Arms, D. 19), 
there are these additional pedigrees, but without arms : 

NICOLAS CORCELLIS of London, merchant; son of Zeagar C. of 
Ruselier in Flanders (p. 38). James C. was M.D. Lond. 1664. 

DANIEL DUTHAIS; son of Daniel D. of St. Martin's in the Isle of 
Ree, Gent. (p. 134 b). 

In the Isle of Tholen, near the mouth of the Scheldt. 


ABRAHAM HOVENER of London, merchant; descended from the 
Low Countries (p. 59 b). 

JEAN DE LILLIERS (see post, p. 8) of London, merchant; son of 
Jean de L. of Canterbury (p. 7). 

JACOB LUCIE of London, merchant; son of John L. of London, 
merchant, and of Antwerp (p. 23). 

II. The first three pages (27, 28, 29) of the second class of lists 
refer to those travellers of the Roman Catholic faith who made 
returns of their residences to the Secretary of State pursuant to the 
following amended Order in Council, made on 19th November, 
1678, in consequence of the former proclamation of 30th October 
having been thought to deprive merchant strangers carrying on 
trade in London and Westminster of the privileges they had up 
to that time enjoyed. For copies of this minute, and of the 
minute of 28th July, 1681, I am indebted to the kindness of 
Robert Lemon, jun., Esq. 

At the COURT at WHITEHALL, Tuesday, the 19th of November, 1678. 
Present, the King's Most Excellent Ma ty in Councill. 

Whereas His Ma ty , by his late Royall Proclamation, bearing date the 
30 th day of October last, did strictly charge and command all persons 
being Popish Recusants, or so reputed, to depart and retire themselves 
and their families on or before the 7 th day of this instant November from 
His Ma tys Royall Palaces of Whitehall, Somerset House, St. James's, the 
Citys of London and Westm r , and from all other places within Ten miles 
distance of the same, His Ma tjr , upon further consideracon, was gra- 
ciously pleased to declare in Councill, That the said Proclamation was 
not meant to extend to any Merchants Strangers of the Romish Religion 
residing in or near this city upon account of Trade, who in all times past 
have had y e freedome of remayning here, so as they give in their names 
and places of habitation respectively to the Lord Mayor of the City of 
London within six dayes after notice of this order; 3 neither to strangers 

a Approved in Councill the 20th, and ordered to be printed and published. 


(other then Popish Priests and Jesuits), who out of curiosity come into 
this Kingdome as Travellers, so as they give in their names, together 
with the Places where they lodge, within six dayes after the date of these 
presents, after their arrival here, to one of His Ma tes Principall Secretaries 
of State. But that such Merchants Strangers and Forrainers as afore- 
said have the same Liberty of residing at or coming to the Places above 
mentioned, as if the aforesaid Proclamation had never been issued. And 
of this His Ma tes pleasure as well the Lord Mayor of the City of London 
for y e time being as His Ma tes Principall Sec 1 ^ 6 of State are to take 
notice, and to enter y e names of such Merch te Strangers and Forrain rs 
accordingly, in a Booke to be kept for that purpose. 

The remainder of the lists refers to the Protestants who fled from 
France during the years 1681-1688, in consequence of the troubles 

In the Correspondence of HENRY S A VILE (published by our 
Society in 1858) many references are made to the renewed per- 
secutions of the Protestants in France. On 5th June, 1679, he 
told his brother, Viscount Halifax, that the French. Protestants 
trembled for fear of some violent persecution, and were ready to go 
to England in such vast numbers as would be of great advantage to 
trie nation, if, by ready naturalization, it could be made easy to 
them; the crowd and the number talking of nothing but the 
necessity of the King declaring himself Protector of the whole 
Protestant religion, and living in hopes of seeing that glorious day. 
On 22nd July, 1681, he pressed the matter yet more strongly on 
Secretary Sir Leoline Jenkins, and declared that, with the hopes of 
naturalization, a considerable number of wealthy people, ready 
with great sums, would come over, and he had prepared a body of 
men that would have brought the manufacture of sail-cloth, so 
much wanted in England. The Ministers warmly supported these 



proposals; a subscription, under Royal letters, was opened; and, 
after the report of a Committee to the King in Council, on 28th 
July, 1681, the following order for granting free letters of deni- 
zation was agreed to by the Council : 

At the Court at HAMPTON COURT, this 28th day of July, 1681, 
Present, the King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. 

His Ma*y, by His Ord r in Councill of y e 21 st of July instant, having 
been graciously pleased to referre a Memorial p'sented to His Ma ty in 
behalf of y e distressed Protestants abroad, to y e consideracon of y e R l 
Hon ble y e L ds Com tees of this Board for trade and plantacons, w th direccons 
to report their opinion thereupon ; and their Lo ps having this day made 
their report to His Ma ty in Councill, His Ma tle , upon due consideracon 
thereof had, was pleased to declare, that he holdes himselfe obliged in honour 
and conscience to comfort and support all such afflicted Protestants, who, 
by reason of y e rigours and severitys which are vs d towards them upon y e 
account of their religion, shall be forced to quitt their native country, and 
shall desire to shelter themselves under His Ma ty ' s Eoyall protection for 
y e preservacon and free exercise of their religion. And in order hereunto 
His Ma tie was pleased further to declare, that he will grant unto every 
such distressed Protestant who shall come hither for refuge, and reside 
here, His Letters of Denization under the Greate Scale without any 
charge whatsoever, and likewise such further priviledges and Imunitys, 
as are consistent with the Laws, for the liberty and free exercise of 
their trades and handicrafts, and that His Ma tie will likewise recomend 
it to His Parliam* at their next meeting to passe an Act for ye Generall 
Naturalization of all such Protestants as shall come over as afores d ; and 
for y e further enlarging their Libertys and Franchises granted to them 
by His Ma tie as reasonably may be necessary for them; and for their 
encouragement His Ma tie is likewise pleased to grant unto them that 
they shall pay no greater dutyes in any case then His Ma 1108 naturall 
borne subjects, and that they shall have all the priviledges and imunityes 
that generally His Ma ty ' s native subjects have, for the introduction of 
their children into schooles and colledges. 


And His Ma tie was likewise pleased to order, and it is hereby ordered 
accordingly, That all His Ma es officers, both Civill and Military, doe 
give a kind reception to all such Protestants as shall arrive within any 
of His Ma ties Ports in this Kingdome, and to furnish them with free 
Passe Ports, and give them all assistance and furtherance in their journeys 
to the places to w ch they shall desire to goe. And the Right Hon ble the 
Lords Comm 1 " 8 of His Ma ty ' s Treasury are to give orders to the Comm rs 
of His Ma ties Customes to suffer the said Protestants to passe free with 
their goods and household stuffe, whether of a greater or a smaller 
value, together with their tooles and instruments belonging to their 
crafts or trades, and generally all what belongs to them that may 
be imported according to the Lawes now in force, without exacting any 
thing from them. 

And for the further relief and encouragem 1 of y e s d necessitous Pro- 
testants, His Ma tie hath been pleased to give order for a Generall brief 
through His Kingdome of England, Dominion of Wales, and Towne of 
Berwicke, for collecting ye charity of all well-disposed persons for the 
reliefe of the said Protestants who may stand in need thereof. And, to the 
end that when any such come over, being strangers, they may know where 
to addresse themselves to fitting persons to lay their requests and com- 
plaints before His Ma tie , His Mat' 6 -was graciously pleased to appoint the 
Most Reverend Father in God His Grace the Lord Arch-Bishop of 
Canterbury, and the R* Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of 
London, or either of them, to receive all the said requests and petitions, 
and to present the same to His Ma tie , to the end such order may bee given 
therein as shall be necessary. 

After the order had been made H. Savile, on 21st Nov. 1681, 
introduced to Sir L. Jenkins a Protestant linendraper who would 
be able to give him some lights into the method of bringing the 
manufacture of sail-cloth into England " the project," lie adds, " I 
have always appeared so fond of." The linendraper was no doubt 
M. Bonhomme, and under him the manufacture was most prosper- 
ously established. In this same year the Company of Elders and 


Deacons of Threadneedle Street, in London, " supplied the funds for 
the erection of a linen manufactory at IPSWICH, where a great 
number of French Protestants had colonised ; a Huguenot of Paris, 
named Bonhomme, taught them to make sail-cloth ; and in 1685 
this manufacture was in full operation in that thriving town, from 
whence it spread so rapidly both in England and Ireland, that, 
according to Macpherson, the importations from France of this 
article were reduced from the year 1683 to 1733 by the enormous 
amount of 500,OOOZ." ; a and England was relieved from her depend- 
ence on Brittany and Normandy for this important maritime article. 

A few years later the manufacture of lutestring was also intro- 
duced into Ipswich. On November 28th, 1693, it was agreed that 
fifty families of " French Protestants that manufacture lutestring 
shall be admitted inhabitants in this town; and they shall have 20s. 
each family; and the charges of coming to the town shall be found 
by the town ; and they shall have a church minded for them, and 
an allowance for their minister of 201. a year for two years; and 
that they shall not be rated or put into any office for seven years ; 
and that Mr. Snelling shall go to London to treat with the French- 
men about this business." b 

At length, in October 1685, the proclamation known as the Eevo- 
cation of the Edict of Nantes was issued : and the Visitation of 
London in 1687 (MS. Coll. of Arms, K. 9), which has some later 
entries, contains particulars of the following additional families, 
who, as in the preceeding visitations, being respectively settled and 
established in this country, were summoned before the Heralds, and 
had their pedigrees, and, in some cases, their arms recorded or dis- 
allowed, as the case might be : 

Ulster Journal of Arch. No. 7. b Clarke's Hist, of Ipswich, 1830, p. 68. 


ABRAHAM BEAKE, citizen and merchant of London; grandson 
of Francis Beake, who was born in Norwich, whose ancestors came 
out of Flanders. Arms a and ped. (p. 196). 

JOHN CARBONEL, late one of the secretaries to Louis XIV., 
King of France ; and 

WILLIAM CARBONEL, of London, merchant ; grandsons of 
Nicholas Carbonel, of the parish of Marigni, Visconte de Constantin, 
gent. Their father was named Thomas, and was a merchant at 
Caen in Normandy. Arms and ped. (p. 232). 

SIR JOHN CHAMPANTE, of Dublin, knt., and of St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, co. Middlesex, in 1692. He was Deputy Vice Treasurer, 
Treasurer at War, and Receiver- General for the Kingdom of Ireland, 
1671 to 1685. He was great-great-grandson of Gregory Ciampanti, 
whose son Peter was of London. Arms and ped. (p. 406) . 

SIR EDWARD DES BOUVERIE, (p. 88) of St. Dunstan's-in-the- 
East, London, Knt., son of Edward Des Bouverie, who was born 
at Canterbury, and grandson of Laurence Des Bouverie, of Lisle 
in Flanders. At Sandwich, in 1568, Laurence Des Bouveryes paid 
20s. to the poor for selling Bayes. b Arms and ped. (p. 219) (from 
whom the Earl of Radnor descends). The name appears as Des- 
bouuries in the Canterbury Return (post, p. 8). 

JAMES LORDELL of London, merchant; grandson of John L., 
who came over from Flanders upon the persecution in the time of 
the Duke d'Alva, and seated in England. Arms allowed upon a 
certificate of Brabant King of Arms, and ped. (p. 2). 

SIR PETER PARRAVICIN, Knt., Alderman of London; son of 

" He vouched for arms from an escocheon'used at the funeral of his brother, Samuel 
Beake, of London, merchant, but it does not appear that they were allowed. 
b Burn, p. 56. 


Peter P., who was born in the Valtolin near Milan in Italy, and 
came and settled in London, and died about the year 1675. Arms 8 
and ped. (p. 207). Peter the father married Rachel Albertini, an 
Italian, by whom he had two sons; James the eldest died about 
1622 unmarried; Peter the second married Eebecca, daughter of 
Peter Fountain of London, merchant. She died 1669. They had 
three daughters, Rebecca unmarried 1687, Hester died an infant, 
and Mary. Sir Peter died 29th January, 1696, set. 59, and was 
buried at St. Dunstan's-in-the-East, as was also his daughter Mary, 
who died 3rd May, 1727, set. 56 years. b 

FRANCIS TYSSEN of London, merchant; son of Francis T. of 
Gant in Flanders, afterwards of Ulyssing in Zealand. Arms and 
ped. (p. 16). Apollonia the wife of Daniel, and mother of the 
first Francis T., was a great-niece of Bishop Ridley. The family 
is represented by Wm. George Tyssen Amhurst of Foulden, co. 
Norfolk, lord of the manor of Hackney. 

SIR EDWARD WALDO, second son of Daniel W., citizen and 
clothworker, who fined for Alderman and Sheriff, and died 1661. 
(Ped. p. 330.) Sir Edward had six brothers, of whom Joseph was 
a silkman in London. 

When these Lists were proposed to the Council of the Cam den 
Society to be printed, my late friend Peter Levesque, Esq. F.S.A., 

a He alleged that his father was an Italian lately come into England. The arms, Azure, 
a swan argent, were from a vellum escocheon, painted in London, and taken from a seal, 
the colours being the painter's fancy ; Sir Peter did not know what colours belonged 
to his coat ; and the arms do not appear to have been allowed. In Harl. MS. 5802, 
Le Neve's " Knights' Pedigrees," it is stated that Sir Peter was knighted at Windsor 
Castle, 19th June, 1687, and that he was a poor lad from Italy, and had been butler to 
Charles Torriano. See also Notes and Queries, 3rd series, vol. i. pp. 110, 179, 234. 

b Murray's Account of St. Dunstan in the East, p. 56. 

c Burke's Landed Gentry. 


and a Member of the Council of our Society, was kind enough to 
take charge of them with the view of giving from his own peculiar 
sources of information a somewhat extended notice of such of 
the families as are still living in this country. His illness pre- 
vented him from carrying out his purpose, and on his death the 
papers were found without any MS. notes. Other circumstances 
have since arisen which render the inquiries and search more 
difficult than they would have been, t and I must content myself 
with some very short particulars which, with the aid of Sir Charles 
George Young, Garter, and of Lancaster and York Heralds, I have 
been able to bring together with facility. 

AUBERTIN, MARY and MARY ANNE (p. 48). Francis A. of the 
city of Metz in Lorraine, merchant ; married Edune Cousturier, and 
had a son, Paul A. of Metz, who was born 27th July 1612, which 
Paul married Judith Pierson, by whom he had two sons, John, who 
was dead in 1718, and Paul A. of Metz, born 7th Nov. 1650. He 
married Judith Figuier, who was living a widow in 1718. The 
first-mentioned Paul had also two daughters, whose names are not 
mentioned in the pedigree. He was grandfather of Peter A., who 
was born at Neufchatel ; he was for many years a merchant in the 
city of London,* and retiring to Banstead, Surrey, " to spend the 
evening of his days," died there 12th June, 1808, in the 83rd year 
of his age, leaving Ann his widow, who also died there 31st July, 
1825, in her 90th year. (M. I. Banstead.) Their son, the Rev. 
Peter A., vicar of Chipstead, died 9th Nov. 1861, at the age of 81, 
leaving a numerous family. 

AURIOL, JOHN (p. 39), and ISAAC (p. 57). This family came 
from Lyons, and is still found in England. Henrietta, daughter 
MSS. Coll. Arms, Arundel n. p. 25. 


and heiress of Peter A., of Coleman Street, London, merchant, mar- 
ried 31st Jan. 1748, the hon. Kobert Hay, successively Bishop of St. 
Asaph and Archbishop of York ; who succeeded as 9th Earl of Kin- 
noull. a The Kev. Edward A. is rector of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West. 
BOSANQUET, DAVID (p. 49), was son of Pierre B. He came 
from Lunel in Languedoc, and was ancestor of all the numerous 
branches of the family in England, of whom Sir John Bernard 

B. was one of H. M. judges. John, the brother of David, was 
naturalised by Act of Parliament in 1703. A Catholic branch, 
which remained in France, became extinct about 20 years since. 
(Ex inf. S. R. Bosanquet, Esq.) b 

CHEVALIER, JOHN (p. 45) ; DANIEL (p. 49 and 57). Samuel Le 

C. was minister of the French Church in London in 1591, and in 
Canterbury in 1595. A pedigree of a family of this name is in the 
Add. MS. Brit. Mus. 19,123, fol. 51. Another family has been long 
settled at Ipswich, from whom in the female line the present Mem- 
ber J. Chevalier Cobbold, M.P. is descended. The name is well 
known in agriculture as that of the introducer of the Chevalier barley. 

COLTE, MAXIMILIAN and JOHN (p. 80). The births of these 
sculptors at Arras are not mentioned by Walpole. 

D'AGAR, JACOB (p. 30) ; THEODORE (p. 37). This family has 
given the name to Agar Town in St. Pancras, Middlesex. 

DANSAYS, FRANCIS (p. 55). The family were residents at Eye. 
William D., a jurat of that town, died in 1787 (M. I.), and the 
family are now represented by the Stonhams. c 

EMPEROR, WILLIAM (p. 18). In 1664 John E. of Great Yar- 
mouth issued a Tradesman's token. d 

a Douglas, vol. ii. p. 51. b See also Burke's Landed Gentry. 

a Suss. Arch. Coll. xiii. p. 207. d Manship's Yarmouth, ed. Palmer, ii. p. 100. 


GARRET, MARK (p. 79), was bom in 1561, and died 1635. He 
was painter to Queen Elizabeth and Anne of Denmark." 

GUERIN, FRANCIS and NICHOLAS (p. 51). The family long 
continued at Eye, and are now represented in Sussex by the Crofts? 

HOVENAGLE, ELEAZAR and JOHN (pp. 16, 17). This family 
had settled in Sandwich temp. Elizabeth. In 1568 Mahieu H. 
was one of the "diacres" for making collections for the relief of 
the poor, and he contributed to their relief in 1571. 

HUGHESSEN, JAMES (p. 12), a native of Dunkirk, settled at 
Dover. He died at Linsted, in Kent, at the house of his son 
James H., and was buried in Linsted church, 24th March, 1637, 
aged eighty. Their pedigree and arms were entered at the Visita- 
tion of Kent anno 1663 ; and the pedigree further continued 
in Coll. Arm. 8 D. 14, 157. The family is now represented by 
Edward Knatckbull-Hitgessen, M.P. 

JANSSEN, THEODORE (p. 36) ; ANDREW (p. 51). This family 
is still nourishing in London and elsewhere. 

LA SERRE, JOHN PETER (p. 52). John La Serre, M.D., fled 
from France on the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and settled 
in the island of Guernsey. Born at Ville Magne, in Languedoc, 
in 1682; died 10th January, 1774; and was buried at St. Peter's 
Port, Guernsey. He married Esther, daughter of Peter Whitehead, 
of Guernsey, ancestor of the family now resident in Guernsey. 

a He is also called Garrard, Gerarts, Gerard, Guerards, Garrals, and Gerardus. In 
Walpole's Anecdotes of Painters there is a notice of him, and it is stated that" among the 
Sidney Papers at Fenshurst was a letter from Sir Robert Sidney to his lady, about 1597, 
desiring her to go to Mr. GarraCs, and pay him for the picture of her and the children, 
so long done and unpaid.'' In the last edition of Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and 
Engravers (1849), there is considerable doubt expressed as to the accuracy of these dates, 
but the writer was evidently not aware that there was another MarJc Oerrard, the father 
of the one now in question, who was also an artist, and with whom he has confounded 
him. (Ex inf. Wm. Smith, esq. F.S.A.) b Sussex Arch. Coll. vol. xiii. p. 207. 



LE CHEVENIX, PHILIP (p. 34). The family went over to 
Ireland, and were at Portarlington. On 15th January, 1745-6, 
Richard Chenevix, Bishop of Killaloe, was translated to Waterford 
and Lisraore. a 

LE FEVKE or LE FEBVRE, JOSHUA (p. 32); DANIEL, (p. 51); 
LEWIS and SAMUEL (p. 55). The name was originally spelt Le 
Febvre. The family have been of long standing as medical men. 
On 15th November, 1660, Nicasius Le Febvre was appointed chemist 
to Charles II. with a fee of 1501. a year. In December of the same 
year, the name was changed to Nicholas Le Fevre, and he was 
granted the offices of Chemist and Apothecary in Ordinary to 
the Royal Family, with a like fee. b Sebastian Le F. M.D. of Anjou 
was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians, London, 
22nd December, 1684. From the French family of this name, long 
settled in Spitalfields, where they had a vault. Lord Eversley is 
maternally descended. His mother, Helena, the only daughter of 
John Le F. of Old Ford (who ob. 1800), married Charles Shaw of 
Lincoln's Inn, who took the name and arms of Le F. in July, 1789. 

LOUZADA, J. B. (p. 52).. Jacob Baruh Lousada, of the city of 
London, son of Emanuel Baruh Lousada, of the island of Jamaica, 
died in October, 1753, and was buried at Mile-End. He married 

a See Ulster Journal of Archaeology, vol. iii. p. 223, and iv. p. 215. 

b On 19th Oct. 1661, there arrived for Nicholas Le F. 36 packs of instruments, drugs, 
and chemical materials, which were to be discharged at St. James, free from -Customs. He 
did not, however, obtain his fees, and when he claimed them the Board of Green Cloth 
reported that there was but one apothecary allowed for the household, and the place was 
settled on John Jones. In March 166 he obtained an order for a fee of 40/. a year, and 
in April 60/ a year for board wages, 12/. a year for louche of Court, and 11. 19s. 6d. a 
month for fuel for laboratory; yet the salary was paid only to the preceding December, and 
on the settlement of the Household, only one apothecary being again allowed, no pro- 
vision was made for Le Fevre. Again his arrears were paid, and in Feb. 1664 he was 
properly added to the Household. Mrs. Green's Cal. Dom. S. P. O. Charles II. 
Munk, Roll of the College of Physicians, vol. i. p. 405. 


Abigail, daughter of Isaac Lamego, of Jamaica, by whom he had 
a family, some of whose descendants are living. 8 

MARTINEAU, GASTON (p. 56). In the French church at Nor- 
wich is a tablet in memory of " Gaston M. of Dieppe, surgeon, who 
left France on the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, and 
settled at Norwich in 1695; and of David M. his son, likewise a 
skilful surgeon. He married Elizabeth Finch, by whom he left one 
son and two daughters, and died 29th May, 1729, aged thirty-two. 
And also of his son David M. born in 1726, and who died 19th 
November, 1768, aged forty- two, also a surgeon. He married Sarah 
Meadows, who died in 1800." They were all buried in that church. 

The last-mentioned David M. had five sons, Philip Meadows 
(a surgeon), David, Peter Finch, John, and Thomas ; and from 
these Miss Harriet M. and all the present family of Martineau have 
descended. (Ex inf. J. Fred. Martineau, Esq.) 

MENDEZ, FERDJNANDO (p. 52), was physician in ordinary to 
Catherine the Queen Dowager of Charles II. He was created a 
fellow of the College of Physicians in London by the charter of 
James II., and was admitted 12th April, 1687. b 

METIVIER, JOHN (p. 46). A family of this name is of note in 
Guernsey, and one member is connected by marriage with the very 
ancient family of PRIAULX there. 

8 Grants Coll. of Arms, vol. xiii. fol. 255. 

b Munk, vol. i. p. 434. From the foundation of the College of Physicians in London, 
many foreigners were admitted, and in addition to the names already given Dr. Munk 
mentions the following among the. admissions between 1681 and 1689: 

JOHN DUFRAY, M.D. of Montpellier ; Lie. 1 Oct. 1688. 

JOHN GROENVELT, M.D. of Daventer in Holland, Lie. 2 April, 1683. 

PHILIP GUIDE, M.D. of Montpellier, Lie. the same day. 

JOSHUA LE FLEURE, created a fellow by charter of James II., admitted 12 April, lb'87. 

LEWIS LE VASEUR, a Parisian ; Lie. 2 Oct. 1683. 

JOSEPH MAUCLEER, M.D. of Montpellier; Lie. 8 June, 1689. 

HENRY MORRELLI, an Italian ; Lie. 25 June, 1684. 

JOHN PEACHI of Caen; Lie. 26 July, 1*583. 


MINET, AMBROSE and ISAAC (p. 58). Ambrose M. was born 
about 1605 at Cormon or its vicinity in Picardy. He was a freeman 
and inhabitant of Calais, and died there in 1675. He married 
Susan Hafirongue, by whom he had a numerous family, who were 
dispersed in consequence of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. 
His widow, and sons Thomas and Isaac, landed at Dover in 1686. 
Thomas settled at Canterbury; and Isaac, who was born at Calais 
in 1660, settled in London with his brother Ambroise. The 
pedigree and arms of this family were recorded in Coll. Arm. in 
the latter part of the last century . a 

(p. 10). The family have continued in Kent to the present time. 

OUVRI, JAMES, (p. 39), also used as a Christian name by the 
Reusseau family (p. 53), became settled in Spitalfields, and were 
owners of freeholds there in the early part of the last century. 
Frederic Ouvry, Esq., now Treasurer of the Society of Antiquaries, 
traces his descent from John Ouvry, b. 1707 and ob. 1774, who 
married Mary Beauvoir, and had two daughters, one of whom, 
Magdalen, died unmarried in 1755, and the other, Mary, married 
Peter Saubergue; and one son, Peter, who married Francisca, eldest 
daughter of Aime Garnault, of Coleman Street, and Bull's Cross, 
Enfield, a proprietor of lands in Beds, b and granddaughter of Ayme 
G., a family of note in Picardy, but now extinct in the male line in 
England. The father of Sir Samuel Romilly c married Margaret, 
only d. of Ayme G., sen., and aunt of Francisca 0. The eldest son 

a MS. Coll. Arms, Norfolk, ii. p. 2. 

b Her sister Anne married Cuthbert Fisher, and her sister Sarah Mary married Thomas 
Ingram. MS. Coll. Anns, Q. 1, fol. 107. 

c Peter Romilly, the father, was born in 1684 at Montpellier in France, and came to 
England from Geneva, which he visited in 1701. (Memoirs of Sir Samuel Romilly, i. 
pp. 2-4.) The Master of the Rolls is not therefore a descendant of one of the refugees 
driven out of France on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. 


of Peter and Francisca 0. was Peter Aime* 0., who married Sarah 
Amelia Delamain, and left six children: the Rev. Peter 0., married, 
and has issue; Lieut.-Col. Henry Aimd 0., C.B., married; Frederic 
0., Treas.S.A.j married; Rev. John North Ouvry North; Francisca 
Ingram 0.; and Sarah Mary 0., married Francis Sibson, M.D.,F.R.S. 
The name still continues in the neighbourhood of Dieppe. 

PAGET, CAESAR (p. 47). A French family of this name, still 
flourishing in Leicestershire, was settled there in the time of Eliza- 
beth by Valerian P. He had a son Leonard, whose descendant, 
Thomas P. of Humberstone, is the present head of the family, and 
Charles P., one of the younger branch, is now M. P. for Notting- 
ham. This Caesar was however of a different family. 

PALLAVICINI, J. C. (p. 28). A portion of this family was settled 
in London as early as 1581, when Horatio P., who was an Italian 
of the state of Genoa, was returned as one of the strangers who did 
not go to church," and in 1588 he subscribed 300/1. towards the loan 
to the queen, b Nicholas de Gozzi being the only other stranger who 
subscribed so large an amount. Horatio P., who was of Babraham, 
co. Camb. was knighted, and was of considerable importance in the 
reign of Elizabeth. Many particulars of him are given in Mal- 
colm's Londinium Redivivum, vol. i. pp. 344-5, and in Hawkins's 
edition of Ignoramus, p. x. c His funeral achievements are displayed 
in the MSS. of the College of Arms, I. 16, and there is an elabo- 
rate pedigree of the family in Litta's Celebrated Italian Families, 
vol. iii. James Crosby, Esq., F.S.A., has kindly sent me the 'fol- 
lowing extracts from the parish registers of London : 

Burn, p. 7 n. b Ib. p. 11. 

The tradition is, that he came into England in the reign of Mary to collect the Pope's 
dues or taxes. On Mary's death he became a Protestant, procured letters of naturaliza- 
tion, and pocketed the money he had received for the Pope. This story was perhaps 
invented by way of accounting for the pecuniary troubles of his descendants. 


ST. BOTOLPH, BISHOPSQATE. Baptisms: 1600, April 25, Henry the sonne 
of Sir Horatio Paulavicino, kn*, baptized. Y e Countess of Shrosburie, 
the yeonge, deputie for y e Queenes Majestic, being godmother; the Lord 
Treasurer and y e Earle of Shrosburie godfathers. 

ST, GILES, CRIPPLEGATE. Baptisms: 1612-3, Jan. 12, Katherine, 
daughter of Edward Paulavizene, gent. 

Several members of this family married into that of Cromwell. 

PAPILLON, DAVID (p. 88). The family were till lately of Acrise 
Place, Kent, and are now of Crowhurst, Sussex ; having intermarried 
with an heiress of the Pelhams. David was imprisoned three years 
at Avranches on account of his religion. Thomas P. sat for Dover 
temp. Charles II. , and for London 10th Wm. III. Philip 0. P. is 
now M.P. for Colchester. See also Burke's Landed Gentry, p. 996. 

PIGOTJ, JOHN (p. 35) ; STEPHEN (p. 40); JAMES (p. 41). The 
family have continued in Sussex and Kent, and still carry on the 
manufacture of gunpowder. 

RICKEWARD, JACOB (pp. 15 and 16). The name has been 
slightly corrupted, but the family remain in Sussex. 

ROUSSEL, ROWAIN (p. 36); JACOB (p. 53); ISAAC (p. 72). 
Through the favour of Joseph Gwilt, Esq., F.S.A., I can give the 
following particulars of this family. Laurens R. was born at Quille- 
bo3uf, 3rd Oct. 1599. His direct descendant, Isaac R., disembarked 
in London in 1699, from whom descended a R. who married Sir 
Griffith Meredith, a daughter of whom, Mary Griffith, born June 
15th, 1744, married Jan. 16th, 1768, Peter Beuzeville, of Spitalfields. 
They had two daughters, Susanna; and Bridget B. born 21st Oct. 
1770, who married, 1795, John Curtis Byles, born 1777 : she died 
17th March, 1829, and he in 1833. Their second son, John Beuze- 
ville Byles, born 1801, married in 1827 Martha Soundy, and is still 
living at Henley-on-Thames, where, as at Reading, Pangbourne, and 
other places on the banks of the Thames, silk-mills formerly existed. 


TORIN, DANIEL (p. 36); ABRAHAM (p. 37); ELIZABETH (p. 57) ; 
SAMUEL (p. 59). The descendants are yet living. 

TURQUAND, PETER (p. 48). The family were of Chatel-herault, 
in the department of Vienne, near Poitiers, and are still in London. 

VARENNES, JOHN DE (p. 50). The family still remains in 
England. The Kev. G. V., D.D., rector of Westley- Waterless, co. 
Cambridge, left an only daughter, the wife of the Rev. Jos. Gill, 
rector of Staplehurst, Kent, who took the name of Varenne, by 
licence, 25th April, 1816. Ezekiel G. V. is now a surgeon in Essex. 

In the days when these returns were made, the silk manufacture 
in England existed only in London and Canterbury.* The free- 
men of the city of London carrying on the trade of Silk-throwers 
were erected into a fellowship by an order of the Court of Alder- 
men in the reign of James I. ; but, finding themselves too weak to 
rectify abuses and establish ordinances for the true working of that 
trade, by which 6,000 or 7,000 poor people were relieved or sus- 
tained, they petitioned Charles I. for a charter of incorporation, 
which was granted 23rd April 1629. The ordinances were allowed 
on the 20th July, 1629. After the Restoration the charter was 
enlarged by Act of Parliament in 1662 (14 Car. II. c. 15), by 
which it was enacted that no person in England should use the 
trade except after a seven years' apprenticeship, under a penalty of 
forty shillings a month : and all masters then using the trade, and 
all who had been apprentices for seven years, and were within Lon- 
don or Westminster, or within twenty miles, were before the 25th 
December, 1662, to be admitted into the Company. At this time 
the preamble states that above forty thousand persons were em- 
ployed by the company in and about London. They have never 
enforced their compulsory powers against persons carrying on trade 

a At Norwich, Sanchvich, and Colchester, stuffs, baizes, and sayes were manufactured. 


above twenty miles from London. The statute prohibits them from 
fixing trade prices. 8 

The Silkmen of London also once ranked as a City Company. 
They were incorporated by letters patent, 30th May, 1631, and 
on the 16th March following a proclamation was issued from New- 
market for the well ordering of the silk trade throughout England, 15 
but nothing is now known concerning the Company. 

The Silk -weavers of Canterbury obtained their charter in 1676. 

It was not until 1719 that Mr. ( afterwards Sir Thomas ) Lombe 
and his brother erected at Derby the famous silk-mill for throwing 
silk, from models which he had clandestinely obtained from Italy. 
From that time the manufacture spread itself widely; and I cannot 
conclude this Introduction better than by stating that in a list, 
prepared by Josiah Robinson, Esq., of the places in England in 
which the throwing is now carried on, there are enumerated sixty- 
two towns or places, of which the principal are: Bruton, Somerset; 
Coggleshall; Congleton; Coventry; Derby; Devizes; Evesham; 
Frome; Gloucester; Huddersfield; Leek; Macclesfi eld ; Manchester; 
Newcastle-under-Lyne ; Norwich; Nottingham; St. Alban's; Sand- 
bach, Cheshire; Stroud, Gloucester; Sudbury; Taunton; Tewkes- 
bury; Tiverton; Tring, Herts; and Watford. 

a Report of Municipal Corporation Commissioners, 1835, p. 294. 

b Brace's Cal. S. P. O. Dom. vol. ccxiv. In the next year the silk dyers of London 
complained that an Act prepared in the preceding year for preventing abuses in silk dye- 
ing had not been passed, and prayed for a separate incorporation, as persons brought up to 
the trade would better search into the abuses of dyeing. (Ib. S. P. O. Dom. vol. ccxxix.) 

c Mun. Corp. Rep. p. 298. 



Among the State Papers (Domestic) are the following 
returns of the Beign of James I. : 

[Domestic, James I. vol. 131* art. 104.] 

The howseholders being strangers within the libertie of St. Martin's le 

Grand, London. 

Garret Vanbedber. 
Gyllam Pullin. 
Anthony Delysseley. 
Nycholas Bomersye. 
Bonaventure Lylle. 

Martin Druett. 
Alexander Willson. 
Jacob Poyster. 
Jeames Mytchell. 
John Brande. 
Anthony Meryck. 
Lodwyck Tuse. 
Nycholas Blome. 
John Coultryse. 
Elyatt Vanderheade. 
Matthias Gylbert. 
Andryan Vandermer. 
John Pookes. 
Henry Tyon. 
Jeames Detue. 
Fraunces Deryckson. 

Wyddowe Mynnes. 
Roger Swarston. 
Alexander Murrye. 
Nycholas Deport. 
Gyles Seres. 

Alexander Williamson. Jeames Smythe. 

Harmon De Weman. 
Jessper Fredryck. 
Andryan Deblangye. 
John Descharfe. 
John Seelye. 
Garret Vanderbg. 
Gregory Princell. 
Peter Frickall. 
Hansse Cornetis. 
Conrat Rainoldes. 
John Jeames. 

Cornells Cloiepis. 
"William Peterson. 
Elizabeth Wyatt. 
Wynkin Poyster. 
Robert Younge. 
Gyllam Tyon. 
Gabriel Harrye. 
Arnold Murrye. 
Wyddowe Rosinck. 
Wydowe Xpian. b 
Gyles Vangalin. 

Andryan Princell. 
(In dorso.} S* Martin's lee graund, London. 

* There remain only portions of the returns from London made to the commissioners ap- 
pointed in 1621, and I have therefore printed the returns of 1 618 in the Appendix (post, p. 60). 
"> Quere Christian ? 


[Domestic, Jac. I. vol. 128, art. 46.] 

A note of all such Allien straungers, Frenche and Dutch, which worcke 

and use the CUTLER'S trade in and about London, Westminster, 

Strond, Southwarcke, and East Smythfeilde. 

Peter Brocke, denisen, a m r of Baltasar Pheiglar, no denizeine, a 

longe tyme. servaunt. 

Peter Balse, no denisen, a servaunt- Angle Bret Euans, no denizeine, 

Oudenall Cratch, denizen, a ser- a servaunt. 

vaunt. Jonas Melshar, denizeine, a ser- 

Gregory Eves, no denizeine, yet vaunt. 

worcketh as a M r a longe tyme, Adam Fasloven, no denizeine, a 

beinge olde and poore. servaunt. 

George Scate, a denizeine, and Peter Spetzey, denizeine, a M r of 

a M r . late tyme. 

John Prestwood, no denizein, a Peter Garret, denizeine, a M r of 

servaunt. longe tyme. 

Lambert Peterson, no denizeine, Haunce Spright, denizeine, a M r 

a servaunt. longe tyme. 

Widowe Lambert, a denizeine a John West, no denizeine, a M r of 

longe tyme. late tyme. 

William Beillse, no denizeine, a Clem [ent] Semp[er], no denizeine, 

servaunt. a servaunt. 

Mathew Margren, a Frencheman, John Johnson, no denizeine, a 

no denizein, a M r . servaunt. 

John Pawll, a frenchman, a deni- Jacob Shephard, no denizeine, a 

zeine, a M r . servaunt. 

Anthoney Bone, alias Gilberdson, Andrew Frystell, no denizeine, a 

no denizeine, a servaunt. M r . 

John Hannce, a denizeine, a M r of Henry Lyskens,denizeine ; havinge 

longe tyme. sword blades sent him by mar- 
George Cherretree, no denizeine, chauntes from beyonde the seas, 

a M r of longe tyme. to sell by grosse as all other mer- 


chaunts do or sholde, he selleth 
them by dozeine and half dozeine, 
and in smaller nomber by retayle, 
to the great hurte and damage of 
the company in generall, and 
some other particular persons 

who buy of the saide swordes 
blades of others, and beinge free- 
men do retayle the same, who, 
by his retaylinge in that manner, 
ar much hyndered. 

(In dorso.) A note of alliens straungers using and exercisinge the art 
of Cutlarie in London, Westminster, Strond, Sowthwarcke, and East 
Smythfeild, this xj" 1 of Marche, 1621. 

[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 128, art. 47.] 

The names of the strangers CUTLERS. 

Germaine. Peter Spitcer, 

Germaine. Clement Slampeare, 
James Lanfan, 
John Dawson, 
Jacob Shophousey, 

Germaine. Jonas Melcher, 

William Vananwick, 
Andrew Fastilo, 
Peter Garrett, 


Peter , 

John Leonard, 


Leonard Vandenboan, 

Germaine. Gyles Kudd, 
John Smith, 

i been with) 

, but will [ Peter Brock, 

rise.] > 

[Hath been with 

S* Andrewes in Holborne, Fetter 


S 4 Andrewes in Holborne. 
Allhallowes Berking. 
Alhallowes great, in Thames Street. 
Butt[olph's] without Algate. 
S* Brides. 
S* Brides. 
S* Brides. 
S* Brides. 
S* Brides. 
S 4 Giles in the Feilds. 
S* Giles in the Feilds. 
S 1 George Southwark. 
S* George Southwark. 


Peter Balse, S 1 George Southwark. 

Germany. George Cheritree, Margaretts, Westminster. 

John West, Olaves, Southwark. 

Anthonie Gilderton, Thomas Apostle, Southwark. 

Richard Lean, Stepney, in Ratcliffe Hamblett. 

Oudenall Cratch. 

Gregory Evers, in Est Smythfeild, very pore. 

George Seate. 

John Prestwood, in S* Olaves, by the Church. 

Widow Lambert, by S e Kathrens Dock. 

English-born. Lambert Peterson, att M r Jenkes, upon Tower dock. 

William Balse, is with Lambert, att M r Jenkes. 

Mathew Margren, in Blackfryers, the King's servant, 
[Useth not the trade, but is the King's servaunt or messenger.] 

John Pawll. 

John Haunse. 

Baltazer Pheigler. 

Angle Brett Euans. 

Oldam Fasloven. 

Haunse Spright, by fleet Lane. 

John Johnson, ' nere the pumpe in Est smythfeild. 

Henry Liskens. 

These to come at ten of the Clock on Monday morning next. 

[19 Mar. 1621-2. 19 Jad. I. Ibid. art. 60, 60 i.] 

A reporte made by the Maister and Wardens of the Company of 
JOYNERS, CEELERS, and CARVERS w th in the City of London, of 
all the strangers borne, inhabitinge and dwellinge w tb in the 
city of London and liberties thereof, and w th in the Boroughe of 
Southicarke (so neere as they can be collected), which doe use the 


arte or mistery of joyninge, ceelinge, and carvinge, as well the 
maisters as the servants, by whome the said Corporacion doe 
receive greate detriment and losse by meanes of theire private and 
seacrett woorkinge. 


Harman Jaspers. Lucas Sculke. 

Wilbert Spere. John Henrickson. 

Barne Wildrick. 

Charles . 

Anthony Myros. 
Nicholas Derram. 
John Gruell. 
Bartell Poule. 
John Lovingsbone. 
John Wiland. 


Peter Garlyson. Mathyas Murys. 

Joyce Oger. Haunce Kuller. 

Nicholas Wolters. 

Derrick Hebden. Hance Langman. 

Erasmus Henry ckson. 

Francis Vanaburse with John 

Simon Derreall. John Barnes. 

Haunce Ilerick. 
John Buck. 
Thomas Longe. 
John Glorio. 

Francis Myros with James Simson. 

Thomas Miller ats Mailer, of the parishe of S e . Androwes in Holborne, 


Dutchman, by profession an instrument maker, and noe denizen 
(as himselfe reporteth), keepeth a house and servantes. 




(Indorsed.) To the right worshipful Sir Rob 1 Heathe, Knight. 


Erasmus Hendrick, Dukes place. 

Joce Ytgar, 'the same. 

Symon de Ryall, Kath. Creechurch. 

Newington Green. Samuell Vanhan, Kath. Creechurch, a silver smith. 

Kath. Creechurch, noe trader, a 

Kath. Creechurch. 

Kath. Creechurch. 

Kath. Creechurch. 

Leonards, Shoreditch. 

Olaves, Hart Street. 

Salomon de themps, 

Derrick Helding, 
Haunce Langman, 
Harmon Hendrick, 
Daniell Gallere, 
John Glorye, 
Harm an Jasper, 
William Nininghurst, 
John Greenwell, 
John Lovingston, 
Adam Boulton, 
John Willand, 
Bartholomew Powell, 
Wilbert Speece, 

John Hendrick, 
Thomas de Longs, 
Peter Gowatso. 

(Indorsed.) Joyners. 

The same. 

The same. 

The same. 

The same. 

The same, poor and left the trade. 

The same. 

The same. 

The same, workes n r my Lo. of 

The same. 
Trinity, Mynories. 

Munday in y e afternoon 
Charles y e man a Baker in South wark. 


[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 139, art. 59.] 

Endorsed upon an undated petition of Zacharias Ruyting, Candle-maker 
of London, " borne in this kingdom altho' of Dutch parents, and 
married unto a freemans widow with many small children." 


Petes Beard. Robert Wilson. 
Abraham Meller. Daniell Robertes. 
Jacob Parkite, Colo r . not bound. Samuell Clerk, of a Dutch family, 
Pascall King. born in England, not bound. 
Susann King. Leon d Vanderlind. 
Bartholomew Vancrunburg. John van Pean. 
Zachary Writing. Daniel Clementy, in S l . George 
Isaack lane, neere Puddinge lane. 


[Dom. James I. vol. 131, art. 100.] 

The Catalogue of the Names of the Artisans, Strangers, Denisons, and 
English, borne of the Wallon congregation of Canterbery. 


Jean du Beuf. Floren Soufflet. Jaques du Rien. 

Philippe de Neu le viel. Jaques Huet. Jean Desmaretz. 

Philippe de Neu le Andre Pron. Estienne Dague. 

jeune. Pierre du Bos. Nicholas Houque. 

Gilles Motte. Jaqus Bultel. Michiel Le Clercq. 

Oste Messeman. Jaques Meuneche. Jean Houze. 

Vincent Ferrot. Jean Maton. Corneille Sede. 

Anthoine de Rache. Martin Francois. Jaques Garden. 

Anthoine Pron. Jacob du Bois. Jean le Clercq. 

Anthoine Mellon. Roger de Salome. Toussain Acart. 

Jean Oudart. Francois Six. Pierre Mercher. 

EsajedeLobeaul'aisne. Jean de Beuer. Charles Oudel. 

Esaje Loffroy. Noe Thiery. Anthoine Lagaco. 



Jean Lousart. 
Fran9ois Lesage. 
Jaques Desbonuriea. 
Pierre Marquant. 
Daniel Le Vefue. 
Abraham Masquiliere. 
Jaques Chasteau. 
Jean le Blan. 
Simon Bacle. 
Jaques le Clercq. 
Daniel Fer. 
Timothee Basure. 
Nicolas Casset. 
Pierre du Bois. 
Enoc de la Marliere. 
Pierre de Lespenne. 
Jean de VogheL 
Jean Le Poultre. 
Antlioine Mahieu. 
Jean Doize. 
Pierre Pourtraict. 
Simon de Lenneaux. 
Jean Brocart. 
Loujs Le Clercq. 
Isaac du Buisson. 
Antlioine Jacquemont. 
Francois Jacquemont. 
Charles Motti. 
Jean Petit. 
Lauren Beth. 
Loujs de Roy. 
Jean Cacheur. 
Jean de Lillers 1'aisne. 
Jean de Lillers le jeune- 

Arnold de Lillers. 
Anthoine Garauche. 
Jean Cornette. 
Andre de Moury. 
Pierre Laurens. 
Amand Wijbaut. 
Pierre Flory. 
Gilles Guenin. 
Jean Messeman. 
Jaques Pinchon. 
Jaques de la Marliere. 
Jaques Prevpst 1'aisne. 
Amand Tauernier. 
Gille du Val. 
Pierre du Hem. 
Pierre Bogart. 
Pierre Lauselle. 
Jean Le Blan. 
Robert Le Febure. 
Nicolas de Farnacques. 
Anthoine Canez. 
Fran9ois Paton. 
Rene du Miny. 
Nicolas Cappon. 
Jaques du Bos. 
Jaques de Lespaul. 
Paul de Farnacques. 
Boniface Le Fay. 
Jean de le Becque. 
Jean Du Bos. 
Guillame Belengien. 
Philippe Berthe. 
Nicolas Fra^ois. 
Philippe Hennain. 

Quentin Gallemar. 
Anthoine Herbaut. 
Claude Meignot. 
Jean Martin. 
Daniel Cornuelle. 
Oste Doffermont. 
Simon Pefa. 
Jacob Morillon. 
Jean Barquois. 
Bastien Cambien. 
Valentin Macarel. 
Philippe Acart. 
Chrestophel Ferrot. 
Andre Cappon. 
Jesse du Pont. 
Pierre Cornart. 
Elie Boulenger. 
Nicolas de Santhuris. 
Andre du Rien. 
Jaques Fremaux. 
Jean Meurisse. 
Anthoine Laoutre. 
Jean Rouselle. 
Nicolas Ferrot. 
Jaques Comart. 
Jaques Motte. 
Andre Morillon. 
Jaques"de Santhuris. 
Pierre Cottin. 
Anthoine Brisseuille. 



Guislain Gallemar. 
Samuel de le Marliere. 
Robert Morillon. 
Jean Donnaing. 
Isaac de Wee. 
Jean Prime. 
Jean Martin. 
Jean de le Porte 1'aisne 
Jean de le Porte le jeune 
Israel Caron. 
Anthoine Six. 
Jean Wannesert 
Lauren de 1'Espinne. 
Josse le Long. 
Loujs du Moucheau. 
Jean Wibert. 
Adam Eousclle. 
Jaques Harduc. 
Anthoine Blondeau. 

Paul Picart. 
James le Noble. 
John le Keux. 
Salomon de 1'Espaul. 
Elias Castel. 
Michael Ricquart. 
James Barel. 
Philipe Clarisse. 
Abel Tiery. 
Esaje de Lobeau the 

Peter du Bois the 



Francois Blondeau. 
Pierre Ferrot. 
Alard Baral. 
Josse Grimanport. 
Jean de Vistne. 
Oste le Mart. 
Pasquier 1'oste. 
Denis Wijbaut. 
Jean Courteau. 
Loujs le doux. 
Pierre le Lieure. 
Thomas Six. 
Jean grenier. 
Daniel Sotteau. 
Samuel Defarnacques. 
Jaques Lasutre. 
Adam Patte. 
Francois Godefroy. 
Abraham Tiery. 


Daniel Veron. 
John Le Clercq. 
James Prevost the 


Abraham Lovidant. 
Peter Regnard. 
Daniel Ferrot. 
James Boullen. 
Isaac le Poultre. 
Samuel Descamps. 
Michael Pollet. 
John de Lespaul. 
John Gambien. 

Fery Lovedain. 
Michie Henneton. 
Loujs du Rien. 
Quentin Wijbaut. 
Charles Haue. 
Jean Mannoke. 
Michie Le Roy. 
Jean de Neu. 
Jean Snellaert 1'aisnc. 
Michie de le Becque. 
Francois de Ricque- 

Jaques de Ricque- 

Pierre de Ricque- 


Michiel de Goudery. 
Guillame de Santhuris. 
Anthoine Cocquean. 

Abraham Monnier. 
Elie Descamps. 
Peter Castel. 
John Guesquiere. 
William Graue. 
Peter le Noble. 
Samuel Du Bois. 
Henry Pareit. 
David Pareit. 
Samuel le Poultre. 
John Biguet. 
John Lovidant. 
Peter Rouselle. 



Philipe Haiguerelle. 
John Baudry. 
Andrew Despaigne. 
Samuel Sedt. 
John Snellaerd the 

William Messeman the 


Daniel Henneton. 
James le Keux. 
John Morillon. 
James Guenin. 
Elie Lesee. 
Abraham Cavette. 
Daniel Wancourt. 
Samuel Pinchon. 
John du Moucheau. 
James Rouselle. 
Jacob Poultre. 
Moyse Blondeau. 

John le Mor. 
Eleazer de Jongue. 
Samuel du Bois. 
James Monnier. 
John de Moucheau. 
Noe de Moucheau. 
John Monnier. 
John le Lou. 
Peter Tiery. 
Samuel Chasteau. 
Samuel de Neu. 
Abraham Snellaert. 
John du Bois. 
Edwart le Kieux. 
Peter le Kieux. 
Joel du Pire. 
Isaac de la Mer. 
Jacob de la Mer. 
Pieter le Sage. 
John Becue. 


James du Bois. 
Luc Becue. 
Peter Freminent. 
John Laigniel. 
Mardocee Regnard. 
Isaac Herbaine. 
John Freuleu. 
Jacob de Rin. 
John le Sage. 
Abraham Jouelin. 
John Messeman. 
Isaac Sedt. 
Isaac Poutre. 
John Despaigne. 
Peter du Ret. 
John le Heegue. 
Israel de Rin. 
John de 1'Espinne. 
John Blondeau. 
Jonas Fossier. 

Adrian van Osse. 

James de Neu. 

These are y e names of y e Masters and Journeymen of the silk weavers, 
silke rashe and stuff weavers, woollcomers, spinners, quill makers, 
and of the Dayers, Taylors, Bakers, Loome and Wheelemakers, 
for the congregation. 

\_In dorsoJ] 





[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 129, art. 45.] 

Maidstone, 19 Aprilis, 1622. The names of such strangers borne and 
theire children as use handycrofts within this Towne. 

1. John Collant, trading in making of threade. Abraham, his sonne, 
using the same, borne in this towne, a freeman. 

2. Gyles Clerke, using that trade and gardnyng. John Clerke, his 
sonne, borne in this Towne, and his wife, an Englishe woman, use no 
Trade but husbondry. Abraham, another sonne of the said Giles, un- 
married, and is under his father. 

3. Nachin Hills, widowe, using Gardnyng only. Abraham Hills, 
her sonne, using Gardnyng, and sometyme making threed; both hee 
and his wife Englishe borne. 

4. William Clerke, sive maker, and sometyme making threed. 
Daniel, his sonne, English, as is also his wife, threedmaker. 

5. Aryna Beard, a poore woman using Threedmaking. Francis 
Beard, her sonne, and his wife, Englishe borne. 

English born. 

6. Abraham Goerley. Borne here, and a freeman of the towne, as 
also his wife, using also threed making, but the sonne of a stranger. 

7. Daniell Beeckman. Borne in this towne and his wife also, 
Englishe: Threedmaker, his father a straunger, and a freeman of the 

8. James Danens, Threedmaker. 

9. Mary Vanda, widowe, Threedmaker. 

10. William Vandale, Threedmaker. 

11. Joane Goerly, widowe, Threedmaker. 

The better sorte of these wee take to bee but of meane ability, and the 
most of them poore, but by their trade the poore both of the 
Towne and Country adjoining are ymployed to spynyng. 

W N GOULD, Recorder and Town Clerk. 
C 2 


(In dorso.) The Thredmakers' trade much decayed by the importation 
of thred from Flaunders, as the straungers of Maydstone affirme. 


The names of the Inhabitantes of the Towne and port of Dovor, as well 
beynge straungers borne as denizens, and the names of such that 
were borne in England, havinge a father stranger, and what trade 
and profession they use in the saide towne and port. 

James Hughessen, thelder, merchant; borne at Dunkirke; having 
dwelled in the said towne by the space of 24 yeeres at the least is a free 

James Hughessen the yonger, Peter Hughessen, Abraham Hughessen, 
Sonnes of the said James Hughessen' thelder, who were borne in 
England, and use trade or merchandize. 

Nicholas Springer, sonne of Peter Springer, alien; which said Ni- 
cholas was borne in this towne, and by his profession a woll comber. 

Henry Lamberd, cowper; borne neare Bynebarge, and hath bene a 
denizen by the space of 40 yeeres or therabout. 

Lewis Cooley, Baskett maker ; borne in Artois ; who hath dwelled in 
the said towne of Dovor about 35 yeeres. 

Bartholomewe Planck, cowper; borne in Flaunders; having here 
inhabyted about 3 yeeres. 

Cornelius Lopper, and Joseph Lopper his sonne, marryners, who 
have bene inhabytantes here by the space of diverse yeres past. 

Cornelius Hughessen, merchant; a sojornor with the said James 
Hughessen the yonger. 

Peter Adrianson, marryner; borne in Holland, and here hath dwelled 
by the space of diverse yeres past. 

Koger White, Taylor, sonne of John White, Taylor, borne in 
Flaunders, as his said sonne hath heard; the said Roger was borne at 
Rindgwold in this countv of Kent. 



The names of them which of late came out of France by reason of the 
late trebles, yet continewing. 

M r Moyses Cartanet, Minister and John Bronie, inarryner. 

preacher of Godes word. 
M r Aaron Blondell, Minister and 

preacher of the word of God. 
M r Stephen Chaven. 
David Berville, merchant and 

M r Phillip Tiembronne, phisician 

and apothecarie. 
M r Michell Mel, advocate in the 

court of Normandie. 
Gabriell de Bures, | 
Charles de Bures, ) 

Kobert de Ballere, grocer and 

James Danell, merchant chandler. 

Aaron Davall, merchant draper. 

Charles Chappe, brewer. 

Jeremy Nepven, surgeon. 

James le Petit, Grocer and mercer. 

John La Tellier, Brasyer. 

John de la Plane, Lynnen weaver. 

David Marsier, marryner, thelder. 

David Marsier, the younger, mar- 

James La Cock, marryner. 

Nicholas Dovay, Lynnen weaver. 

John La Roux, marryner. 

John Journeux, marryner. 

Jane la Rowse, Jane La Tellier, 

Mary Ryvault, Jane Cartowe, 

Francis Rowland, scolemaister. 
M r James de Franes, Advocat. 
Nicholas Rousignoll, Scolemaister. 
Ydevert Provost, wolcomber and 

Peter Savage, John de Valois, 
Peter le Cerf, Isaack le Haisey, 
James Billyard, wolcombers and 
weavers sett to work by the 
aforenamed M r David Bervile. 

Isaack Hamell, Butcher. 

Nicholas La Francios, Button 

John Pisotell, marryner. 

Georg Andrew, marryner. 

John Carraux, inarryner. 

William de Burgney, Taylor. 

Peter le Pivoys, marryner. 

Salomon de Briton, mercer. 

James Licton, marryner. 

David Menard, joyner. 

James Maneshall, shipp carpenter. 

Andrew Arnanes, shomaker. 

Vincent Prymont, surgeon. 

Peter Ferrett, marryner. 

David Briebant, draper. 

John de Yonce, draper. 

John Volett, gardener. 

Avoy Fierett, 
Piretta Rouland, 

Loisa de la Remery, Mary Gergett, 

Jakamen Pakett, 


Susan de Parrice, Katherine Scoynett, Mary Haye, 

Susan le Clark, Margarett Carpenter, Elizabeth Hoopell, 

Mary Uber, Blanch Musell, Mary Melline, 

Susan La Pastola, Jane Ovrys, Lawrencia Bynett, 

Jane Dukett, Martha de Gresse, Mary de la Molins, 

Elizabeth Popar, Widowes, being makers of bone lace and spinsters. 
Judith le Fever, wife of John La Mersier, Sheppard. 
Mary Tarryer, Margarett le Moyne, Maydens, and makers of bone lace 
and spinsters. 

(In dorso.) Dover. Strangers. 


[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 129, art. 66.] 

[List of all the Strangers inhabiting Hethe, communicated in a Letter 
from the Mayor and Jurates of the Towne to the Lieutenant of 
Dover Castle ] 

John Jacobb ais Van de Stat, whoe professeth pracktize in Phisick, 
plantinge and gardening ; also he occupieth some Marshland in Eomney 
Marsh, and manureth the same with sheepe, and some other land hee 
soweth with flax ; hee had a stranger father, and (as he saith) was borne 
in Flaunders. 

Phillip Van de Walle, whoe is by trade a Wolcomer, and professeth 
the same; hee sum tymes deales in merchandize and keepes a shop of 
smale wares heere ; he was borne of strangers parents at Sandwich. 

And these two have inhabited heere by the space of seaven yeares 
together last past. 

Peter Morter, whoe is by trade a cooper, and (as he saith) was borne 
in Flaunders, and aboute nyne yeares of his age came over into Eng- 
land, and he hath dwelt heere aboute twentie-two yeares together last 




[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 129, art. 69. j 

Sandwich Ss. Apr. 29 1622. The names of all the strangers, house- 
holders, aswell borne in the Towne and port of Sandwich in the 
County of Kent, as elsewhere out of the Kinges dominions, inha- 
biteing in the said Towne of Sandwich, as followeth, viz. 

John Ganne. 

John Leeman. 

Jacob Eickeward. 

Henry de Backe. 

Oliver Moone. 

Gilles Outreinann. 

Peter Van Acker. 

Nicholas de Cousser. 

Joos Verboucke. 

Peter Martine. 

Peter Smith. 

Israel Vander Slaert. 

Daniel Weghe. 

Nicholas Bruneel. 

Samuel Vanden Glaze. John Laigneel. 

William Vanden Glaze. George Boccaert. 

William Claesson. 
Gilles Aunees. 
George Bendaert. 
Lewes Fleming. 
Peter Ambroos. 
John Eickasies. 
Cornelis Eevyn. 
Peter Laigneel. 
Peter Blankaert sen r . 
Peter Blankaert jun r . 
Gilles de Toor. 
John Verbure. 
Nicholas de Kinvcr. 
Michael Witts. 
Lodowick Losset. 

Daniel Vander Speije. 
Jacob de Bever. 
Joos Bossard. 
Paul Scherrier. 
Lawrence Verbure. 
John Venneeris. 
Joos Vinckord. 
Gelande Mankie. 
David Pyrrot. 
Peter de Turck. 
Peter Caillet. 
Hubright de Cater. 
Lambert Hessell. 
John de Kunte. 
Halliard Spilliaert. 

Mahew Vermeulen. 
John Behagle. 
Cornelis Ermis. 
Ghelein de Haue. 
Malliaert Hobble. 
John Vtinge. 
Peter de Toor. 
Carell Eickasies. 
Gilles Dijan. 
Engle Annezon. 
Martine Bart. 
Gillis Vanden Welde. 
Peter Fleminge sen r . 
Charles de Eadde. 
Francis Florezonne. 
John Vanden Einde. 
Peter Morarde. 
Francis Queecke. 
Oliver de Master. 
Francis Smith. 
Francis de Quecer. 
John Olivier. 

Walram Oliver t Peter Maes. 




Lambert Vanden Glaze. 
Nathaniel du Ponde. 
Jeremy de Clapper. 
Peter Wollocay. 
Joos Lovoet. 
Daniel Bruneel. 
John Boerave. 
John Accart. 
John Benns. 
John de Doorne. 
Eleazar Eickasies. 
John Houcke. 
John Pinckler. 
Symon Mesdach. 
Samuel Godschalk. 
Charles Vanden Cro- 


Peter de Monier. 
Jacob Valmaer. 
Jacob Spilliaert. 
Abraham Vander Espt. 
John Kricket. 
Jacob Rickeward. 
John de Vincke. 
Samuel Beerten. 
Jacob de Beer. 
Gersum Rickasies. 
Auchell Casier. 
John Hoevenagle. 
Marke de Meester. 
John Basset. 
Benjamin Bocheljohn. 
John Vanden Broncke. 

John de Backe. 
Peter de Raedt. 
Peter Cricket. 
Jonas Feys. 
Jacob Stampe. 
Jacob de Kauer. 
John de Haue. 
Jacob de Meyer. 
Peter Martine. 
Abraham de Vynck 

sen r . 
Abraham de Vinck 

jun r . 

Austine Boccaert. 
Peter Hessell. 
Isaac Vanden Glaze. 
Moses Bocheljoen. 
Elias Johnson. 
Jacob Smekaert. 
Jacob Wicke. 
John Bruneel. 
Jacob de Clarke. 
John Annezonn. 
Daniel Breeders. 
Samuel Walis. 
Mars Clarebout. 
David Bubba. 
John Jooris. 
Abraham Van Dale. 
Jacob Bunte. 
Daniel de Toor. 
John Letten. 
Abraham de Raet. 

Peter Jooris. 
Mathew Clarebout. 
Peter van Boxell. 
John Panwelle. 
Peter Claeszoon. 
Peter Spilliaert. 
Carell de Vynck. 
Mathew Beerten. 
Peter de Raet. 
Isaac Rickasies. 
Tobias Dammaert. 
Eleazar Hovenagle. 
John Loovoet. 
John Jacob sen r . 
John Jacob jun r . 
Jacob Hessell. 
Peter de Clopper. 
Jaques de Bever. 
Daniel de Dome. 
Phillip van dalle. 
John Stampe. 
Peter Rickasies. 
Carell Kricket. 
Abraham Cambier. 
Peter Burgrave. 
Peter Fleming. 
Lawrence de Vos. 
John Claes. 
Jacob de Meester. 
Jacob de Clopper. 
Joshua du Pondt. 
John Hessell. 
Francis de Raet jun r . 


John Hovenagle. John Calfe. Jeremy Vanden Velde. 

Peter Soodts. John Oliver jun r . Jacob de Serf. 

John de Bus. John Beuzze sen r . Anthony VandeVyane. 

Salomon de Master. John Beuze jun r . Isaac Brill. 

The trades and professions that they use here, are making of Bayes, 
Sayes, and Lynsie woolsies, Gardiners, Taylors, Basketmakers, 
and Whitesmiths. 


[S. P. O. Dom. Jac. I. Vol. 181, art. 102. See also Sussex Arch. Coll. vol. 13. J 

Jenne le Preux, sa niepce, et deux enfans. 

Jenne le Berquer, vuefue de Pierres le guagnelir, et cinq enfans. 

Jacques Miffaut, sa feme, et six enfans. 

Marie Bisson, et ung enfant. 

Silvestre de la Roque, sa feme, et une fille. 

Madaleine , vuefue de Jacques boquin, et ung enfant. 

Nicollas Chapelle, et sa niepce. 

Jean Vassaque, sa feme, sa soeur, et quatre enfans. 

Michel Laudouyn, sa feme, et deux enfans. 

La feme d' Abraham Crestien, et deux enfans. 

Marie Guerart, et trois enfans. 

Marie du Ventre, vuefue, et une fille. 

Rachel Nes, et trois enfans. 

Marguerite Prevost, vuefue de pierres Guespin, et ung enfant. 

Jenne Guespin, et ung enfant. 

Marie Vincent. 

(In dorso.) Rye. Strangers. 

CAMD. soc. 



[S. P. O. Dom. Jac. I. vol. 131, art. 103.] 

A certificate of the names and professions of all strangers borne, and 
of all such as are borne of parents strangers, inhabitinge in the 

county of the city of Nonvich, made the day of June 1622, 

accordinge to letters of the fourth of June received from the right 
worshipfull S r Thomas Coventry, Knyght, his Majesties Attorney 
generall, and S r Eobert Heath, Knight, his Ma^ 63 solicitor generall. 


North Conesford Ward. 

Tobias Barton, gardyner. Bowyn Porter, gardyner. 

Daniel Depute, wearer. Jacob Tevell, Aqua-vite stiller. 

William Emperor, Gorier, borne Giles Depute, weaver. 

of an Englishwoman, his father Tobias Bagrant, weaver. 

being a stranger. 

Berstrete and Carrowe. 

Eoger Symonds, turner. 
William Leborne, weaver. 
Mallyard Wydoot, husbondman 
and gardyner. 

St. Stephen's. 

Gedion Izebrand, labourer. William Rottengoose, gardyner. 

Francis Malbranke, weaver. 
Solomon Rottye, weaver. 
Cornelius Wyborne, cutler. 

St. Peter's of Mancroft. 

Abraham Vervinke, hosyer. Jaques Vanbarton, Claspemaker. 

Francis Dackett, merchant. Toby Hasabert, jornyman weaver. 





West Wymer Ward. 

Elizeus Desbonnett, weaver. 

Nathan Desbonnett, weaver. 

Nathaniell Depute, weaver. 

David Feeve, jornyman weaver. 

Tobias Peskeson, jornyman weaver. 

John de lynne, twisterer. 

Peter Colman, weaver. 

SolomonDanell, jornyman weaver- 

Daniell Dewytte, twisterer. 

Solomon Vervinke, jornyman 

Abraham Dewhytt, jornimen 

Moyses Whitebread, Baker. 

Solomon Waggener, Baker. 
Jeremy Lawes, twisterer. 
Abraham Lawes, chayre maker. 
James Coye, twisterer. 
Adrian Petryns, weaver. 
Abraham Derrick, hosyer. 
John Demay, jorniman weaver. 
David Dam, gardyner. 
Jacob Tolleve, jorniman weaver. 
Josias Brabant, laborer. 
John Head, jornyman weaver. 
John Anton, grocer. 
Gedion Demay, weaver. 
Francis Vegesler, twisterer. 
Jacob Levogge, twisterer. 
Abraham Balder, jorniman weaver. 
Isaak Kecke, woolcomer. 

Peter Rottingoose, gardyner, he is 

a hosyer likwise. 
Mathew Bock, twisterer. 
Nicholas Face, weaver. 
Ferdinando Dehone, hose stamper. 
Wedow Boodry, maker of Sayes. 
Wedow Clarke, hosyer. 
George Fox, hosyer. 
John Vanixon, sen r . hosyer. 
Paule Deman, jorniman weaver. 
AbrahamDaniell, jorniman weaver. 
Andrew Allard, weaver, he is a 

hosyer likwise. 

Michaell Darner, jorniman weaver. 
John Haguer, jorniman weaver. 
Jasper Bowdree, weaver. 
Francis Bonner, weaver. 
Charles Vandoylye, usurer. 
George Deboyse, hosyer. 
John Letten, hosyer. 
Giles Sandeville, hosyer. 
Jacob Doyeve, weaver. 
David Brooke, twisterer. 
John Benno, twisterer. 
Nicholas Doyfer, tailor. 
Joise Hecker, jorniman weaver. 




Abraham Appert, dyer. 

Gabraell Buske, hosyer. 

John Vanixon jun r . hosyer. 

Isaack Clarke, hosyer. 

John Myhell, grocer, he is a hosyer. 

Samuell Decoer, jorniman weaver. 

Mordoche Fromettell, chayre 

Abraham Brooke, jorniman 



John Cropp, chirurgian. 

John Cruso, marchant and hosyer. 

Philip Andrewes, marchant and 


Jacob Depute, hosyer. 
Tobias Dehem, marchant. 
David Culibrooke, broker. 
Jacob Culibrooke, jorniman 


Peter Debone, twisterer. 
Andrew Pryme, hosyer and draper. 
Samuel Crekell, sojorner. 
Jacob Odent, potseller. 
Daniell Vanbarton, jorniman dyer. 
Marcus Balden, tailor and broker. 
John Cunibrooke, weaver. 
John Albus, hosyer. 
Benjamin Lettow, jorniman 


Abraham Damar, jorniman weaver. 
Isaack Stockinge, tumor. 



Jaques Dehem, marchant. 

Andrew Pryme, hosyer. 

Abraham Cunibrooke, weaver. 

Mathew de Boyce, marchant and 

John Van Howte, shomaker. 

Michael Colle, Bay and Say 

George Fox, weaver. 

John Leecluse, dyer. 

Nicholas Clarke, Baker. 

Widow Coclear, weaver. 

Andrew Wideben, weaver. 

Michaell Berne, jorniman sho- 

Bowdwyn Burgar, weaver. 

John Johnson, Pynner. 

Malliard Goose, Comer. 

Oliver de Rooe, weaver. 

Francis de Katoire, weaver. 

John Milshier, brasier. 

Antony Hauke, tailor. 





Daniell Bunnell, marchant. 
Joell Desurmeaux, marchant. 
John Rockingham, marchant. 
Peter Hiborne, Barber surgeon. 
Joyse Houy, twisterer. 
Mordocheus Miclow, grocer. 
Peter Levyn, hosyer. 
Peter Decluse, dyer. 
James Wiflard, weaver. 
Solomon Camby, weaver. 


Oliver Duckett, hosyer. 
Ann Cobleyow, wedow, twisterer. 
Lewis Campion,brokerand weaver. 
Joyse Weston, twisterer. 
Francis Levyn, tailor. 
Lawrence Sye, weaver. 
Erasmus Freeman, weaver. 
Audry Powell, wedow, hosyer. 

Coslaney Ward. 

Eseias Letteyne, twisterer. 
David Sanniwell, hosyer. 
Daniell Lettyne, hosyer. 
John Monens, factor for mar- 

chantes aliens. 
Elezeus Langlett, weaver. 
EfFra Mackiill, weaver. 
Peter Buskyn, weaver. 
Daniell Dover, tailor. 
Zachary Lyon, tailor. 
Peter Boldin, twisterer. 
Wedow Wollowyn, hosier. 
Daniell Wollowyn, grocer. 
Ferdinandus Stone, heartel maker. 
Peter Decort, weaver. 
Abraham Hacker, phisician. 
Bowdwin Dewill, weaver. 
Jonas De windle, twisterer. 
Jacob Boy, gardyner. 

Peter Hosbert, Aqua-vite stiller. 
Peter Vanhova, hosyer. 
Richard Holfoote, weaver. 
Andrew Alyard, hosyer. 
William Teryns, baker. 
George Hollo wick, hosyer. 
Nicholas Blor, weaver. 
Powill Dewyndell, twisterer. 
Nicholas Furmase, weaver. 
Martha Tayse, weaver. 
John Uneline, twisterer. 
Joan Dorpin, wedow, aqua-vite 


Martin Moonens, hosyer. 
Peter Becke, marchant and hosyer. 
Peter Wallowyn, hosyer. 
Francis Boy, scholemaster. 
Francis Callman, weaver. 
John De more, weaver. 




John Harma, Sayweaver. 
John Burgoie, weaver. 
Joseph Cock, weaver. 
James Porter, weaver. 
Noe Headly, weaver. 
John Deremow, twisterer. 


Peter Leskeny, weaver. 
James De Wattine, weaver. 
Antony Fene, twisterer. 
Aron Lamberd, turner. 
Richard Vanculin, hosyer. 
Roger Verposte, weaver. 
John Curbese, weaver. 
Peter Demee, baker. 
James Sticklyn, weaver. 
Noe Leskaney, weaver. 
James Gryme, weaver. 
Lewis De hage, weaver. 

Colgate Ward. 

John Denewe, woolcomer. 
Elizeus Rowse, tailor. 
Noe de Lowler, weaver, jorniman. 
Peter Lanow, comer, jorniman. 
Isaack Havery, jorniman comer. 
John Le vine, jun r , jorniman 


Benjamin Depree, jorniman comer. 
John Lewis, jorniman comer. 
Isaack Mounte, jorniman weaver. 
James Clarke, jorniman weaver. 
John Angell, jorniman comer. 
Esay Hoppiow, jorniman comer. 
Hector de Kerry, jorniman comer. 
Daniell Motten, Combe maker. 
James De Pree, jorniman comer. 
Samuell De Roe, jorniman comer. 
Daniell De Roe, jorniman comer. 

Jeremy Kynge, woolcomer. 

John Delatate, Comer. 

John Marlere, comer. 

John Milles, comer. 

Peter De vine, comer. 

John Le vine, sen r , comer. 

John Lamiow, coiner. 

Vespacian Lamiow, comer. 

Michaell Curple, comer. 

Peter Bucklowe, comemaker. 

Rowland Deland, comemaker. 

John Laquose, twisterer. 

John Firmitine, baker. 

Martin Larow, jorniman weaver. 

Cornelius de Lowter, jorniman 


Solomon Lampere, jorniman comer. 
Stephen Javery, jorniman comer. 




Charles Plovy, jorniman weaver. 
Isaack Budry, jorniman comer. 
Daniell Sheny, jorniman weaver. 
Peter Fermitine, baker. 
Noy Volue, weaver. 
Peter Cocke, weaver. 
James Le Feaver, weaver. 
Roger Gugler, weaver. 
Abraham Tayse, slaymaker. 
Zachery Deboyse, seller of small 


Simeon Vanhonck, cordyner. 
David Honck, seller of small wares. 
Abraham Fearkyn, weaver. 
John Flocke, jorniman comer. 
Peter Frauncoye, jorniman comer. 
Abraham Hector, jorniman comer. 
Isaack Dishlay, jorniman comer. 
Abraham Dishlay Jorniman comer. 
Peter Lano, jorniman weaver. 
Jacob Post, jorniman weaver. 
Peter Counselor, jorniman weaver. 
Peter Vardere, jorniman weaver. 
James Vardere, jorniman weaver. 
Abraham Castele, jorniman comer. 
John Castell, comer. 
Jacob Dole, hose skourer. 
John Dishe, turner. 
Elie Flepoe, Baker. 
Zachary Mayhew, comer. 
John Depree, comer. 
John Bayne, jorniman comer. 


Abraham Deborshowe, jorniman 


Peter Pettite, jorniman comer. 
Martin Loem, jorniman comer. 
John Genile, jorniman comer. 
Giles Carsay, jorniman comer. 
Jenkin Lamion, jorniman comer. 
Robert Lamion, jorniman comer. 
Jasper Lamion, jorniman comer. 
Peter De Rue, jorniman comer. 
Nicholas Nathy, jorniman comer. 
Peter Wyburne, jorniman weaver. 
Antony Curpell, jorniman comer. 
John De Cluse, jorniman comer. 
John Lavere, jorniman comer. 
Ayme Cokele, jorniman comer. 
Andrew Frauncis, jorniman comer. 
James Drue, jorniman comer. 
Francis Soresay, jorniman comer. 
Lowe Sharfe, jorniman comer. 
Nicholas Dishlay, comer. 
Philip Formoy, weaver. 
Peter Vardere, sen r , weaver. 
John Cokele, scholemaster. 
Robert Dole, jorniman comer. 
James Feaver, jorniman comer. 
Adree Lettere, jorniman comer. 




Job Mayhew, jorniman comer. 
Peter Depree, jorniman comer. 
Peter Castell, jorniman comer. 
John Dishlay, jorniman comer. 


James Vermoy, weaver. 
Samuell Debone, weaver, 
John Depree, comer. 
Adam Vancoy, comer. 
Peter Dehare, comer. 
James Grene, weaver. 
Benjamin Whitebread, baker. 
Peter Harshew, dyer. 
Solomon Curtis, fuller. 
Andrew Francis, comer. 
John Deree, comer. 
Isaack Reck, comer. 
James Vervack, comer. 
Peter Beene, weaver. 
Peter Hoto, weaver. 
Elias Depree, weaver. 
Mathew Trewon, weaver. 
David Deport, twisterer. 
Lodowick Latho, weaver. 
Henry Garrard, dyer. 

Names in all 291. 



Siprian Larnay, weaver. 
William Debone, weaver. 
Mersio Thomas, comer. 
John Doe, weaver. 
James Vervack, comer. 
John Le poulter, comer. 
Dennys Hermit, comer. 
Noe Cockede, comer. 
David Dewalne, gardyner. 
Antony Clarke, comer. 
Francis De Mary, weaver. 
William Clarke, dyer. 
John Curat, fuller. 
Peter Peno, weaver. 
Peter Wood, comer. 
Arnold Sticklyn, weaver. 
Nicholas Mackerell, comer. 
Christian Vervinke, gardyner. 
Michaell Blackter, weaver. 
Charles Parrishon, comer. 
Peter White, weaver. 


(In dorso.) Norwich. Straungers. 


[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 129, art. 70, III.] * 

Dutch alien tailors within the liberty of Colchester. 

William Thegrane. Frances Vnger. Abraham Farmen. 

Daniel Estbeand. Barnard Hies. Onellener Colleawe. 

Sebaschie Pilloe. Samuel Farmen. &c. &c. 

[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 129, art. 70, II.] 

COLCHESTER. Complaints of the Inglish against the Dutch strangers. 

Michaell Cock, Alien borne, bay and saymaker; buyeth and selleth 
sayes to forryners besides those that he makes. 

Frances Toispill, Alien; doth the like. 

Isaacke Size, borne here of Dutch parentes; apprentice to a carde 
maker, and doth use the same trade, and sellethe Aliens' goodes brought 
from beyonde the seas as a factor for them. 

Samuell de Heame, borne here of Dutch parentes ; by profession and 
trade a come maker, who, upon his promise to deale with nothinge but 
that which concernes his trade, because he had beene troubled by in- 
formers, obteyned to be a free man of this towne, yet he now keepeth 
a comon shopp in his house, and selleth all manner of lynnen cloath 
and haberdashers' wares by retayle. 

Thomas Benne, borne here of Dutch parentes; his trade a Bay and 
saymaker and weaver, he is now a beerebruer, a malster, a farmer, a 
maker of Bay cheanes and sendes them [to] Sandw ch , and farmeth 
landes about 100 11 per ann. 

Jasper Vanhulst, an Alien borne; a saymaker, and is a marchant 
and factor for strangers. 



John Yalender, borne here of Dutch parentes ; a Baymaker by his 
profession, and is a factor for strangers. 

Hugh de Lobell, an alien borne ; A saymaker ; he is a marchant and 
factor for strangers. 

Samuell de Gavake, borne here of Dutch parentes; he hath erected 
and sett upp a new Brewhouse ; he maketh vinegar and aquevita ; he is a 
dier, a marchant, and factor for strangers. 

John Miller ; he is by profession a scholer, brought upp in the uni- 
versitie, and is now a marchant and factor for strangers. 

Josias Snace, a Bay and Say maker; his wife selleth blacke, broune, 
and white threadd, all sortes of bone lace, valure gardes, and other 
comodities which they receive out of Holland. 

Isaackc Bowman, an Alyen borne ; by his profession a chirurgeon, 
and useth the same ; he is a marchant and factor for strangers, selleth 
in his house all maner of Lynnen cloth, stuffes, bone laces, and such 
like, oyles, hoppes, and other comodities, to the great greevance and 
hinderance of the free-burgisses. 

Charles Toispill, an alyen borne, and a single man aboute the age of 
xxij yeares; he is a marchant and factor for strangers. 

Michaell de Groate, an Alien borne; useinge the Trade of a fringe- 
maker by the space of 25 yeres, and before that a Bayemaker, and now 
a Beerebrewer, a malster, and a farmer. 

The Englishe tailors within this Corporacion, beinge about fowrescore, 
complaine that divers strangers borne doe much hinder them in 
useing the trade within this towne, contrarie to lawe, and doe 
desire reformacion by suppressing of them. 


THOMAS THURSTON, / Baillffs * 

The English Wyerdrawers complaine that they are much hindred in 
there trade, and cannott sett themselves on worcke to mainetaine 
themselves and famelie by reasone the strangers doe send for such 
quanteties of wyer readie wrought from beyonde the seaes, and 


doe worcke some of yt into Gardes, and a greate parte they sell to 
others; whereof they doe humblie desire reformacion, and that the 
strangers may be restrayned. 

WILLIAM MOTT, ) ~ . ra , 
rr n, I Bailiffs. 


During the Reign of CHARLES II. we have the following 
returns of Foreigners in England, pursuant to the 
Order in Council, datecTlQth November, 1678. 

[State Paper Office, Domestic, Various, No, 694.] 

Le 22 Novembr, 1678. Mr. Francois Collot venu exprez de Paris 
a Londres depuis dix jours, y avant este appelle pour guarir un hon- 
neste homme Anglois malade de la pierre. Marie Moreau sa femme, 
Mary Anne Collot sa fille, Dominique huret son parent, Noel de la 
Mara, Chatirine le Nice, .... Des jardins, .... Picart, ses servi. 
teurs. II doit retourner a Paris, avec tout son monde, sitost qu'il aura 
acheve sa cure. Loge" in Ban street, chez Mr. de la Piule. 

JVbv*. 25, 1678. Marguerite Baron, als' Ellys, being here upon a 
journey, lodges at one Mr. George Wildmore, an Oyl-man in St. 
Jameses Market, y e next dore to Germaine's Alley, brought in by the 
gentlewoman and her said Landlord, Nov r , 25, 1678. 

Nov*. 25, 1678. In all humble obedience to his Ma tles late declara- 
tion, I, Raphaell Tarbareau, Esq., born at Bree, in the kingdome of 
France, of the Roman Catholique Religion, doe certify whom it may 
concerne, that in respect of my long infirmity, and a suite depending 
in the high court of Chancery, I have been resident in the house of the 
widdow Bradford, in Hamden Yard, in Kings Street, Westminster, 
with two French Servants of the Roman Catholique Religion, (viz 1 .) 




Nicholas Lambert and Denis Beautemps, in which house I humbly beg 
the favour of the Kings most Excellent Ma ty that I may continue with 
my said Servants, untill I shall recover my health, and the said suite in 
Chancery shall be determined. 


Nov. 23, 1678. S r . Evremond, chasse de France il y a long temps, 
est venu d'abord en Angleterre, de la il est alle* en Flandre, de Flandre 
en Allemagne, d'Allemagne en Hollande, de Hollande il est revenu en 
Angleterre, ou il est presentement, rie pouvant retourner en son pais ; il 
n'a qu'un valet nomme Gaspard Girrard, flamand de nation. Je suis 
loge dans St. Albans Street au coin. 


Nov. 24, 1678. Simon de Villebresme, Escuyer, Sieur de 1'Epilan- 
diere, Gendarme de la Garde du Roy de France, est arrive icy au 
comencement du moisde Novemb. 1678, et demeure chez Julien rHer- 
mineur, qui tient une auberge pour les Estrangers depuis 10 ou 12 ans 
en Castel Street derriere Leicester fields. Donne le 24 Novernbre 1678. 


Nov. 24, 1678. Francois de Montmignon de Calais, est icy depuis 
deux mois et demy, pour apprendre la langue, et loge chez le dit 1'Her- 
mineur. Donne le 24 e Nov. 1678. 


Nov. 24, 1678. Jean Charles Pallavicini, Gentilhomme Milanois, 
est en Angleterre depuis dix ou douze mois, et loge chez le dit Sieur 
rHermineur. DE PALLAVICINI. 

Certificate for Mr. Pallavicini. These are to certify all whom it may 
concerne, that Jean Charles de Pallavicini, a gentleman of Milan, did 
on the 24th of November last past (according to the Order of Councill 
of the 19th of the same moneth) give in his name to me with the place 
of his lodging, which is at the house of Julien rHermineur, who keeps 


an ordinary for forainers in Castel Street behind Leicester Fields. 
Geven at Whitehall, the 5th day of December, 1678. 


Nov. 27, 1678. I, William Gentills, als' Guerrin, a lodger at Mr. 
Thomas Francklings house in little Russell Street, next the signe of the 
three Horse shoes, being and (sic} Allien Traveller, of the Eoman 
Catholique Religion, doe humbly crave the benefit of his Ma ties late 
declaration made on the behalf of foreigners of that religion. 


Decemb. 3rd. 1678. James Courcy, Gent., a stranger and traveller 
who is going into France in three weeks or a moneth. He lodges at 
the Earle of Peterborowes house, at the Horse ferry in Westminster. 


Antonio Sarchi de Firenze, arrivato in Londra la sera de quattro de 
fibbraro 1679, et dimora in Diuk-street by Lincolnes Inne fields, at the 
White Perruke, nel allogiamento di Fran Terriesi, Agente del Gran 
Duca de Toscana. 

Questo de 6 di fibbraio, 1679. 

Monsr. Terriesi came along with this gentleman. 

[S. P O. Domestic, Various, No. 694.] 

French refugees during the reign of CHARLES II. made 
free denizens, pursuant to the Order in Council, dated 
28th July, 1681. 

Peter de Laine", Esq. Denizen. In pursuance of our Order of Coun- 
cill, made the 28th day of July last past, in favour and for the relief 
and support of poore distressed protestants, who by the reason of the 
rigours and severities which are used towards them upon the account of 
their Religion, shall be forced to quitt their native country, and shall 


desire to shelter themselves under our Royall protection for the preser- 
vation and free exercise of their religion, of whom Peter de Laine, Esq- 
French Tutor to our dearest brother James Duke of York his children, 
is one, as appears by sufficient Certificate produced to one of our prin- 
cipall Secretarys of State, and that he hath received the Holy Commu- 
nion. Our will and pleasure is, that you prepare a Bill for our royall 
signature, to passe -our Greate Scale, containing our grant for the 
making of him the sayd Peter de Laine, being an Alien borne, a free 
denizen of this oure kingdome of England, and that he have and enjoy 
all rights, priviledges, and immunities, as other free Denizens do. 
Provided he, the said Peter de Laine, live and continue with his 
family in this our kingdome of England, or elsewhere within our Do- 
minions ; the said denization to be forthwith past under our great Scale, 
without any fees or other charges whatsoever to be paid by him. For 
which this shall be your warrant. Dated at Whitehall, the 14th day 
of October, 1681. By his Ma tie8 Command. 


To our Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

The like warrant for Denization for Jacob D'Agar, with Magdeline 
le Jeune his wife, his children, John Bartheline Charles D'Agar, 
Gabriel d'Agar, and Susanne D'Agar, being aliens borne. Dated the 
14th of October, 1681. 

The like for Abraham D'Agar, Esq. and Abraham D'Agar his son } 
dated ut supra. 

The like for Isacq D'Agar, Esq. an alien borne, dated ut supra. 

The like for Theodore D'Agar, Esq. an alien borne, dated ut supra. 

The like warrant of Denization for Stephen Beuchet, Judith his 
wife, Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth, James, Stephen, Peter, Francis, and 
Isabella Bouchet his children. 

Daniel Garni. nauld, his children, Annah 

Honore Pelerin. Bouchet his neice, Philip Pe- 

James Renauld, Annah his wife, nancleau and Judith Fiat his 

James, Honore, and Judith Re- servants. 



Isaac Blondet. 

Mary the wife of John Martin. 

Catherine du Pus, the wife of 

Francis du Pus. 
John Baudiy, Joannah his wife, 

Joannah and Frances his 

James Bouchet. 
Johannah Bouchet. 
Mathurin Boygard, Janne his wife, 

and Jane and Mathurin their 

Andre Chaperon. 
Peter Boiron. 
John Boucquet, Mary his wife, 

and John Boucquet their son. 
John Esteve. 
Jean Coudaine, Lewiza his wife, 

Elizabeth and Henrietta Cou- 

dain their daughters. 
Francis Gautie, Joailna his wife, 

Isabela, Joanna, and Francis 

Gautie their children, and 

Joanna Gautie their neece. 
John Bouchet, and Elizabeth his 

John Pellisonneau, Annah his 

wife, Lewis and Margaret Pel- 

lissoneau their children. 
John Vegnault, Elizabeth his wife, 

Annah and Elizabeth Vignault 

their children. 

Peter Tillon, Anna his wife, Su- 

zanna, Francis, and John Tillon 

their children, and Magdalen 

Bouquet their kinswoman. 
Stephen Luziman, and Martha his 

Francis Bridon junior, Suzanna 

his wife, Francis Bridon his son, 

and Elias Vallet his servant. 
Elias du Pus, Mary his wife, Elias, 

John, Mary, and Suzanna du 

Pus their children. 
Anthony Le Roy, Elizabeth his 

wife, and John du Pas his 


John Boudin, and Ester his wife. 
Jacob Angelier, Joanna his wife, 

and Anne Bourru 
Elias Mauze, Elizabeth his wife, 

Margaret and Elias Mauze their 

Peter Viddau. 
Francis Vincent, Anna his wife, 

Anna and Francis Vincent 

their children. 
John Hain. 
James Target. 
Peter Morcier. 
John Gerbier, and 
Mathelin Alart, 
being all aliens borne. 

Dated the 14th of October, 1681. 


The Certificate of all these severall persons afore named, and entred 
in this Boke, were given to Mr. Cooke.* 

Denization to Peter Folasseau, fyc. In pursuance of our Order in 
Councill, made the 28 th day of July last past, &c., as in those on 
the other side. Of whom 

Peter Falasseau, Gent., Isaac Adde du Petit Val, 

John de Guschon, Gent., Peter du Gua and Mary his wife, 

Josua le Fevre, apothecary, and Urania de 1'Orme, Gentlewoman, 

Henrietta his wife, and Susannah and Katherin 

John Maximilian de 1'Angle, mi- Danckrell, Sisters, and Sonne, 

nister, and Goronefa his wife. 

as appeares by sufficient certificate produced to one of our principall 
Secretaryes of State, and that they have receaved the Holy Communion. 
Our will and pleasure is that you prepare a Bill for our Royal Signa- 
ture, containing our grant for the making of them the sayd Peter 
Falaisseau, etc., "being aliens borne, free denizens of this our kingdome 
of England; and that they and every of them have and enjoy all 
rights, priviledges, and immunityes, as other free Denizens do, pro- 
vided they live and continue with their familyes (such as have any) in 
this our kingdome of England, or elsewhere within our dominions: 
the sayd Denization to be forthwith past our Great Scale without any 
Fees or other charges whatsoever to be payd by the sayd persons in the 
pasing thereof. Dated at Whitehall the 19 of October, 1681. 
To our Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

6 Denizations in the forme entred at large on the other side for these 
severall persons following : 

Jane Berny, and Frances, Magdaline, Susanna, 

Samuel Tiersen, Jueller. and Mary Charas their children. 

Moses Charas, Magdeline his wife, Peter Mandon, Taylor by trade, 

Frederick, Charles, Samson, and Mary his wife. 

* Mr. Cooke was Secretary under Sir Leoline Jenkins, Secretary of State. 


Peter Villars, a Taylor by trade. Anne his wife, Francis Sole- 
Charles Godfrey, a Peruque maker, man, Daniel James, and Stephen 

and Mary his wife. John, their children. 
Francis 1'Egare, a Jeweller, and 

All dated the 16 th Novemb. 1681. 

Denization in usuall forme before entred at large, for 

Peter Sibron, master of a ship; Daniel Eegnier, Saylemaker; 

Elias Nandin, Master of a ship ; John Esquier, Master of a ship ; and 

James Baudit, keeper of a ship; Mary Blackall, spinster; 
Joshua Urigneau, ship carpenter; 

being aliens borne. Dated at Whitehall, the 17 th of Novemb r , 1681. 

A warrant of Denization according to the forme entred in the first 
page of this booke, for 

John Martin, Andrew Lortie, and Daniel Bernard. 

Dated the 4 th of Decemb 1 , 1681. 

The like for Francis Amonet and Jane Crommelin his wife, with 
Francis Adrian, Susan Jane, and Marth. Amonet, his children ; Mathew 
Amonnet; John Bouchet; Ecter le Clercq, Jane Eleanore de Cherville, 
Mary Enddlin, and Katherine Malherb, his servants. Dated ut supra. 

The like for John Girard and Judith his wife. Dated the 3 rd of 
Decemb r , 1681. 

The like for Symon Grimault and Mary his daughter, with Samuel 
Joly. Dated the 4 th December, 1681. 

The like for John Baptiste and Peter Kosemond. Dated the 4 th 
Decemb r , 1681. 

The like for Peter Chauret. Dated 4 th Decemb r , 1681. 

The like for Charles Angibant and Mary his wife, Mary Jane his 
daughter, and Charles Angibant his son. Dated the 3 rd Decemb r , 1681. 



Like Denization for Lewis Escart, Merchant. Dated the 2 nd March, 

Like for Isaac Claude, Minister, and James Chavet. Dated at 
Windsor, the 12 th June, 1682. 

Like for Nathaniell Chauret, 

Peter Flournoys, Paul Minrielle, 

Daniel Lespiniore, Nicholas Grigron, Merchant, 
Luke de Beaulieu, Marge* Petitot his wife, and 

Henry Risley and Paul Kisley his Margaret, Mary, and Magdalen 

son, Grigron his children. 

Spiritto Rubatti, 

Dated at Windsor, 12 th June, 1682. 

Like for Peter Harache, 

Daniell Bernard, Anna the wife of Peter Harache. 

Alexander Damascene, and 

Dated at Whitehall, the 26 th June, 1682. 

Like for Lewis Gerwaise, Jacqueline his wife, Isaac and Lewis 
Gerwaise his sons, and Mary Marguaritte his daughter. 

Also John Fallifer, Paul Fallifer his son, and Mary Anna his daughter. 
Dated at Whitehall, the 26 th June, 1682. 

Like for Daniell Gruber, Susanna his wife, Francis, John, Henry, 
and Nicholas Gruber his sons, Susanna, Margaritta, and Frances 
Gruber their daughters. 

Philip le Chevenix and Magdselena Chevenix. 
Dated at Windsor, the 9 th August, 1682. 

Like for Lewis Batchelier, Anna Augusta his wife, 
Anna Batchelier, Daniel Remensseaux, Mary his 

Charlotte Rosignell, wife, 

Mary de Champs, Peter Lenoult, 


Daniel de Pulveret, John Oliver, 

James Venars Gervays, Peter Oliver, and 

James Valre, Raymond Gachet. 
Dated the 29 th August, 1682. 

Like for Andrew Lortie, a Minister, Mary his wife, Andrew Lortie 
his son, Mary Elizabeth and Mary Anna Lortie his daughters. Dated 
at Whitehall the 28 th of Septemb r , 1682. 

Like Denization for Lewis de Vasseur, Anna his wife, James and 

Lewis Vaseur his sons, and Anna Elizabeth and Mary Vasseur their 

Susanna le Noble, widow, John, Coelur de Beaulieu, a minister.^ 

Peter, Henry, and James Noble Stephen la Coste. 

her sons, and Mary, Susanna, Peter Delinas. 

Magdalena, Charlotte, and Anna John Thuret. 

Noble her daughters. , Isaac Thuret. 

Alexander Vievar and Mary his Paul Sange and Anthoniette his 

wife. wife, and 

Florence Lamere. Peter Lule. 
Thomas le Ferre. 

Dated the 15 th Decemb r , 1682. 

Like Denization for Balthazar de Carron, Suzanna his wife, Constance, 
Suzanna, Mary Antionnette, and Charolotte, his daughters, 
Peter Bernard. John Lehut. 

Peter de la Code*, and 

Dated the 15 th of DecemV, 1682. 

Like Denization for Samuel de Paz, 
John Pigou, Mary his wife, John, Rachel Francois. 

Adrian, and Marc Antony, their Peter Tuller, Judith his wife, John, 

sons, Suzanna, Catherina, and Baptist, and Peter Paul their 

Maria, their daughters. sons. 

Benjamin Grenot. Alexander Sasserye, Mary his wife, 




and Jane Sasserye their daugh- 

George Guill, Suzanna his wife, 
John their son, Jane, Suzanna, 
and Martha, their daughters. 

Anna Lesturgeon. 

Mary Viel. 

Stephen Soulart and Mary his wife. 

Arnault Prow. 

Paul Mainvielle Lacoze. 

John Du Maistre. 

Peter Du Four. 

James le Sernirier. 

Peter le Serrurier. 

Paul Chaill& 

John Durand. 

Isaac de Lestrille, Isaac and James 
his sons. 

John Cavalier. 

James Hardy. 

Jonas Congnard. 

Cornelius Denis. 

Theodore Janssen. 

Peter Kicher. 

John Plumier. 

Peter Pelerin. 

Isaac Jamart. 

Jacob Plison. 

Oliver Tribert. 

Peter Brison, Catherina his wife. 

Peter Tousseaume, Catherina his 
wife, Abraham their son, Su- 
sanna, Mary Catherina, and Su- 
zanna Catherina their daughters. 

Gabriel Rappe. 

Eliaz Moze, Elizabeth his wife, 

Eliaz their son, and Marguarita 

their daughter. 
Daniel Torin. 
Peter Terre*. 
Lewis Paissant. 

Paul du Pin and Charlotte his wife. 
Francis Fullin. 
Rowain Roussel. 
Thomas Crochen. 
Peter le Fiort and Magdalena his 

Francis Boureau, Anna his wife, 

Anna and Mary Anna their 

daughters, Philip and Francis 

their sons. 
Francis Barbat. 
John de la Salle. 
Dame du Cloux. 

Isaac Messien and Anna his wife. 
Paul Dherby. 
Peter Sauze. 
Sarah Moreau. 
John Rennys wife. 
James Gaudineau. 
James Malivoire, Suzanna his wife, 

and Jacqueline Suzanna their 

Magdalena Boussi. 
Peter Reverdy and Benoni his son. 
John Tetonand Mary his daughter. 
Mary Aeque. 
John de Graves wife. 



being Alliens borne. Dated at Hampton Court, the 16 th day of 
May, 1683. 

To the Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

Orders similar at the commencement for 

Jonas Durand. 

James Paisant. 

Abraham Tesserau. 

John Roy. 

Charles Colinet. 

James Sartres, Clerk. 

Daniel Barbaud, Anne his wife, 

and Mary their daughter. 
Peter Aumosnier. 
Isaac du Bourdeau. 
John du Bourdeau, Margaritta 

his wife. 

Peter Isaac Romand. 
Gabriel John Armand. 
John Lewis and James his son, 

and Margareta his daughter. 
Claudius Rondeau, Anna his wife, 

and Mary Ann their daughter. 
John Rondeau, Anna his wife, 

"and Henry his son. 
Peter Forceville and Mary his 


John Mobileau. 
Isaac des Champs. 
Samuel Carnex, Martha his wife. 
Paul Vaillance and Mary Magda- 

lena his wife. 
Jeremiath Majon, Clerk. 

Isaac Gamier, John, Jonas, Daniel, 
and Paul, his sons, and Mary 
his daughter. 

Abraham Torin. 

Isaac la Roche, Anna his wife, 
Isaac, Daniel, Ciprian, Judith, 
and Katherine, their children. 

Isaac du Bois, Marguarita his wife? 
Jonas, John, and Alexander, 
their sons. 

John Henry Marion. 

Elizabeth Seigler and Francis 

Lewis de la Faye, Mary his wife, 
and Harry their son. 

Theodore Dagar and Mary Dagar 
his wife. 

Francis Lumeau du Pont, Clerk. 

Michael David and Marguarita 

John 1'Archevesque. 

Nicholas Massey and Suzanna his 
wife, Abraham, Henry, Nicho- 
las, and Jacob, their sons. 

Peter Lambert. 

Joakim Falek. 

Henry Retz, and 

Joshua Meochin de la Mour, 

being all Aliens borne, free Denizons of this our Kingdome of England, 


and that they have and enjoy all rights, priviledges and imunityes as 
other free denizens do. Provided they and every of them do live and 
continue with their familyes in this oure realme of England, or else- 
where within our Dominions.. And you are to insert in the said Bill a 
clause, that all those of the persons above named who are of the age of 
16 yeares and upwards do take the oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, 
at some Quarter Sessions, ivithin one yeare after the date hereof, and that 
those of the sayd persons who are under the age of 16 yeares, do take the 
sayd oaths within one yeare after they shall attaine the sayd age, And 
that Certificates thereof be filed in the Petty Bag g office, within 3 moneths 
after the taking the sayd oathe. The sayd Denization to be forthwith 
passed under our great seale, without any fees or other charges what- 
soever to be payd by the sayd persons in the passing thereof. For 
which this shall be your warrant. Given at our Court at Windsor, the 
24th day of August, 1684. 

By his Ma tes Command, 

To our Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

Denization in the form before going, for Alexander Dalgresse, a 
French persecuted Minister, only the Clause about taking the Oath 
ommitted. Dated the 31st day of October, 1684. 

By his Ma tes Command. 




French Refugees made free denizens under JAMES II. 

A Warrant according to the forme entred in the foregoing Page, for 
making free denizens, Solomon Foubert- and Magdalena his wife, 
Henry and Peter their sons. 

Peter Lorrain. 

Judith Foubert, wife of Nicholas 


Everet Joliret. 
John Henry Lusan. 
Peter Azire, Susanna his wife, 

Lewis, Gaston, Peter and Jen- 

nequy, their sons, and Sarah 

their daughter. 
Richard le Bass. 
Nicholas Guerni. 
Robert Guerni. 
Jonas le Fort. 
Phillip Collen. 
John Pluet. 
Michael Cadet. 
John Caslaing. 
Daniel le Fort. 
Stephen Mayer Rose. 
Ruben le Mirde. 
Peter Martin. 
Isaac le Fort. 
Peter Davall. 
Peter Caveiron. 
Charles Poizet. 
James Gardien. 
Isaac Gomar, Clerk. 
Abraham Faulton, Clerk.' 

James du Fan. 

Thomas Guenault. 

John Auriol. 

John Chotard. 

Isaac Caillaboent. 

Noe Royer. 

Isaac Bertram. 

David Raymendeu. 

Symon Testefolle, Elizabeth his 

wife, and Mary their daughter, 

Claudius and Symon their sons. 
James Saugeon. 
Denis Ifetot, Olimpe his wife, 

Francis and John their sons. 
Samuel Masse, and Samuel his 


John Cailone. 
Danel Yon. 
Daniel Guy. 
Gabriel Guy. 
Symon Rolain. 
Thomas Quarance. 
John de la Fuye. 
Suzanna de la Fuye. 
Jonas Barill. 
James Ouvri. 
Abel Raveau. 
Gideon Mobileau. 


John Gueyle. John du Chavol, clerk, and Jane 

John Baptist Estival. his wife. 

John de Caux. Michael Mercier, Margaret his wife, 

Elias Bovin. and Daniell their son. 

Philip Guillandeau. Peter Fauconier and Magdalena 

Paul Bougrioux. his wife, Lewis, Peter, and Isaac, 

Francis Sartoris. their sons. 

John Billovart. William Charpenelle, Suzanna his 

John la Vie. wife, Kene their son, Margaret, 

Anthony Chauvin. Helena, and Jane, their daugh- 

James Pevech, Isabella his wife, ters. 

David their son, Antoinette, Samuel Ravenel. 

Catherina, Margaret, Anna, and Anna Joiry. 

Isabella, their daughters. Lewis de Clere and Mary his wife. 

"With the Clauses for taking the Oaths as in the foregoing warrant. 

Dated the 24 th of March, 168. 
To the Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

In pursuance of an order made by our late deare Brother King 
Charles of blessed memory, in Councell, the 28 th day of July, 1681, in 
favour and for the relief and support of poore distressed Protestants, 
who, by reason of the rigours and severities which are used towards 
them upon account of their Religion, shall be forced to quit their native 
country, and shall desire to shelter themselves under our Royall Pro- 
tection for the preservation and free exercise of their Religion, of which 
number are the persons hereafter named, as appears by sufficient certi- 
ficate produced to one of our principall secretarys of State, and that 
they have received the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper according to 
the useage of the Church of England, our will and pleasure is that you 
prepare a Bill, &c. containing our Grant for the making of 
Stephen Pigou, Alexander Theree Castagnier, 

Antony Holzafell, Mary his wife, Abraham Gardes, 

and Antony their son,- Bartholomew Pelissary, 

Antony Sabaties, Charles Hayrault, Suzanna his 



wife, Suzanna and Mary their 

Cephas Tutet, Margaritta his wife, 

Mark Cephas their son. 
John Kedoutet, 
David Favre, 
David Minrel, 
David Garrie, 
Daniel Pillort, 
Daniel Aveline, 
Daniel Perdreau, 
Daniel Lafite, 
Daniel Rofe, 
Stephen Seigneuret, Elizabeth his 


Stephen Du Port, 
Stephen Journeau, 
Stephen Brigault, Jane his wife, 

and Stephen their son, 
Stephen Ayrault and Mary his 


Stephen Delancey, 
Elias Gourbiel, 
Angelica Bibara, 
Ester Dumoulin, 
Elias Nezereau, 
Elias Boudinot, Peter, Elias, John, 

and Mary, his children, 
Francis Mariette, Elizabeth his 

wife, Francis, James, Claudius, 

Elizabet, and Lewisa, their 


Girardot Duperon, 
Henry Bruneau, 


James Pigou, 

John Lambert, 

John Sauvage, 

John Pancier, Elizabeth his wife, 

John Bourges, 

John Girardot, 

John Barbot, 

John Plastrier, 

John Gendron, 

John Hanet, 

Isaac Courallet, 

James Gendrault, 

James Lievrard, Martha his wife, 
Suzanna and Mary their daugh- 

Julia Pelissary, 

Josias Mervilleau, 

John Noguier, 

Josua Noguier, 

Jane Le Roux, 

James Scheult, 

John Sarazin, 

John Herve, Anna his wife, John 
and Sarah their children, 

John Gallan, Mary his wife, John, 
Paul, Sansom, Francis, Mary- 
Anna, and Judith their children, 

Lewis Soullard, 

Lewis Boucher, 

Lewis Rebecourt, Anna his wife, 
and Suzanna their daughter, 

Moses Lamouche, Ester his wife, 
Moses, Paul, Lewis, Suzanna, 
and Anna, their children, 



Mathew Favre, 

Moyse Aviceau, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Catherina, and Martha, his 

Nicholas Pillart, 

Peter de Birexin, Magdalena his 
wife, Peter, Mary, and Magda- 
lena, their children, 

John Pimquand, 

Peter Lauze, Dorothea his wife, 
Claudius, James, Peter, Suzanna, 
and Dorothea, their children, 

Peter Albert, 

Peter Le Moteux, 

Peter Jamet, Mary his wife, Peter, 
Mary, and Suzanna, their chil- 

Peter Arnauld, Mary his wife, and 
Samuel their son, 

Peter Pacquereau, 

Paul Bruneau, 

Phillips Bidley, 

John Barailleau, 

Peter Durand, Charles his son, 

Robert Badenhop, 

Simon Duport, Simon and Su- 
zanna his children, 

Simon Leblans, 

Simon Tristan, 

Suzanna Berchere, 

Salomon Bailly, 

Thomas Satur, Jane his wife, Isaac, 
Jonathan, Thomas, and Jacob, 
Jane Sarah, and Jane Mary their 

Peter Longuevill, 

being Alliens borne, free Denizens of this our kingdom of England, 
and that they have and enjoy all rights, priviledges, and immunityes 
as other free denizens do, provided they and every of them do live 
and continue with their familyes in this our realme of England or else 
where within our Dominions. And you are to insert in the sayd Bill 
a clause that all those of the sayd Persons above named who are of the 
age of 16 yeures and upwards do take the oaths of Allegiance and 
supremacy at some quarter Sessions within one yeare after the date 
hereof. And that those of the sayd persons who are under the age of 
16 yeares do take the sayd oaths within one yeare after they shall 
attaine the sayd Age, and that Certificates thereof be fyled in the petty 
bag office within 3 moneths after the taking of the sayd Oaths. And 
this sayd Denization to be forthwith passed under our Greate Scale, 
without any fees or other charges whatsoever to be payd by the sayd 
persons in the passing thereof. For which this shall be your warrant. 
Dated at Whitehall, the 5 th day of March, 168|.- 
To our Attorney or Sollicjtor General!. 



Similar warrant in favour of 

Daniel Albert. 

Francis Asselin. 

Gabriell Augier. 

Jacob Ansoll. 

James Arnaudin. 

Francis Andreu. 

Alart Bellin. 

Anthony Bouseau. 

Adam Bosquain. 

Daniel Borderie. 

Peter Bellin Bourryau. 

Jaul Busserau. 

Oliver Bessly. 

Peter Boisseaux. 

John Baudouin. 

Isaac Buor, Aymee his wife, 

Francis their son. 
Gabriell Buor, Margaret his wife, 

Gabriella and Israelita their 

Elias Bonhereau, Margaret his 

wife, Ellas', Richard, Amator, 

John, Margaret, Blandine, and 

Magdalen, their children. 
Lewis Brouart, Aymee his wife, 

and Aymee their daughter. 
Samuel Bourdet. 
Anthony Barron. 
Isaac Brian, Clerk. 
Rene* Borthau, Clerk, Martha his 

wife, Charles and Martha their 


James de Brissac, Clerk, Rachel 
his wife. 

Gabriel Bernou. 

Peter Burtel. 

John Boussac. 

David Butel. 

Peter Bratelier. 

Isaac Boufort, Ann his wife. 

Jane Bernard. 

John Barbier and Mary his wife, 
James, Theodore, Oliver, and 
Richard, their children. 

James Benoist. 

James Badiffe des Romanes, Per- 
side his wife, James, Rene, Be- 
nina, Isabella, Mary, and Ga- 
brielle, their children. 

Daniel Brianceau and Elizabeth 
his wife. 

Jacob Coutris. 

Peter Chastelier, Mary Susanna his 

Abraham Cossard. 

Peter Caillard. 

Henry Coderk. 

Henry Augustus Chastaigner de 

Abraham Courson. 

Sampson Chasses. 

James Chivot, Anna his wife, 
James and Susanna their chil- 



John Charles, 

Moses Charles. 

Paul Couraud. 

John Chaigneau, Mary his wife, 
Peter and Esther their children. 

Elias Cothonneau. 

Abraham Carre. 

Daniel Chardin. 

Michael Chalopin. 

William Cromelin. 

Mathias Chaigneau, Mary his wife, 
Mathias, Peter, and Susanna, 
their children. 

Peter Chardon. 

Peter Correges. 

Abraham Clary. 

Abraham Costat. 

John Constantin and Elizabeth his 

John Chevalier, Jane his wife, 
John, Daniel, Peter, Elizabeth, 
and Judith, their children. 

Eliaz Depuy, Elizabeth his wife, 
Michael, Mary, Daniel, Eliza- 
beth, Eliaz, Francis, and Joseph, 
their children. 

John James David. 

Joseph Ducasse, Ann Duvall, 
Mary, Magdalen, Charles and 
John, their children. 

Michael de Caux, Esther his wife, 
and Judith their daughter. 

Peter du Hamel. 
Stephen Ducloss. 

Lewis De Veill. 

James De Caux, Elizabeth his 

wife, James, Elizabeth, and 

Mary, their children. 
John De Sene and John his son. 
Peter de Vaux. 
James D'Allemagne Demay, Be- 

nine his wife, Lewis, Jacob, 

and Jane, their children. 
Paul Douzain, Esther his wife, 

Mary their davighter. 
Samuel du Bourdieu. 
Peter de la Marre. 
Abraham Desessaras. 
James De Bourdeaux, Magdalen 

his wife, Margaret, Magdalen, 

Judith, Janes, and Judith, their 

Jacob de Hane. 
Jacob de Millon. 
Lewis de Lansac. 
James de la Barre. 
George Lewis Dount. 
John Defray, Catherina his wife, 

and John their son. 
Paul, Carolina, and Mary Du Pin. 
Charles D'Herby. 
Philip Du Pont, Clerk. 
Margaret de Louvain. 
David, Francis, and Peter de la 

Lewis Emery. 
Paul Emery. 
Lewis Escoffier. 



Peter Henriau. 

Andrew Foucaut. 

Peter Firmisial. 

Benjamin Faneril. 

Anthony Favre. 

Lewis Henry, Clerk, Esther his 

wife, Philip, Amaury, Esther, 

and Mary, their children. 
James Fruschart, Catherina his 

wife, James and Philip their 

Philip Ferment. 
Stephen Foiiace, Clerk. 
Charles Foiiace. 
Stephen Faget. 
Caquas Fresneau. 
Anna Andrew, 

Elizabeth and Gabrielle Ferre. 
William Fret. 
James Fouquerel, Martha Fane- 

shaw, John, Peter, Magdalen, 

and Judith, their children. 
David Godin, Francis his wife, 

David, Benjamin, Mary, and 

Martha, their children. 
Ezekiel Graszellier. 
Laurence Goldig. 
Henry Gardies. 
Peter Gallet. 
Michael Garnier, Mary his wife, 

James, Daniel, and Samuel, his 

Peter Garnier. 
Philips Guagain. 

Stephen Guitan. 

Nicolas Gaudies. 

Stephen Galcherre, Stephen, Da- 
vid, and Lewis, his children. 

Samuel Ginguier. 

Peter Gloria. 

Judith Gascherie, John and Ste- 
phen her children. 

Peter Guepin, Rachel his wife, 
David, Peter, John, and Abra- 
ham, their children. 

Rene Guibert, Clerk. 

John Gerny and Ann his wife. 

John Gaudet, Jaquette his wife, 
Charles and John their children. 

Charles Gauche. 

John Gomar, Clerk. 

John Gayot and Jane his wife. 

Moses Guillot. 

Philip, Peter, and Jane Guesnard. 

David Guepin. 

John Guepin. 

James Goubert. 

Peter Gourdin and Mary his wife. 

John Hattanville. 

James Hebert. 

John Hervieu. 

Armand Hardy. 

Henry Justel. 

Daniel Jamineau. 

Claudius Jamineau. 

Abraham Jamain. 

Lewis Jourdain. 

Fleurance Joyau. 



Peter Julien de S fc Julien, Jane 

his wife, Peter, Lewis, Paul, 

Ayme'e, Carolina, Margaret, and 

Emilia, their children. 
David Lauroide. 
Denis Lambert. 
Jacob le Febvre. 
Daniel Le Febvre. 
John le Cordier. 
Oliver Longuet. 
Peter Laisise, Ann his wife, and 

Ann and Jane their daughters. 
Moses la Croix. 
James Liege, Mary his wife. 
John Loquin. 
Stephen Lufoes. 
Mathew Lafitte. 
James and Mary Lambert. 
Rachel le Plastrier, Catherina and 

Anna her children. 
Charles le Cene, Clerk. 
Peter le Blond. 

Andrew and Francis Lauvan. 
John Liovis. 
Vigor Le Cene. 
Hilair Laseur. 
Jacob Lequay. 
Peter Laloiiele. 
Stephen Le Moyne, Esther his 

wife, and Esther his daughter. 
Mathew Le Cerf. 
Caesar Moze. 
Peter Mousnier. 
Stephen Mazicq, Sarah his wife, 

and Stephen their son. 

Gabriel Marbeust, Thomas, Ann, 

and Esther his children. 
Abraham Meure, Magdalen his 

wife, Abraham, Andrew, and 

Daniel their children. 
Peter Michou, Catherine his wife. 
John Metivier. 

Stephen Maret and Ann his wife. 
John James Martin. 
Francis Macaire. 
James Mell. 

David and Samuel Motteux. 
Claudius Mazieres. 
Adam Maintru. 
John Menanteau, John, Daniel, 

Jonas, Peter, Moses, Judith, 

and Mary, his children. 
Peter Malearte. 
Abraham Martin. 
Guy Mesmin, Ann-Mary his wife, 

and Guy their son. 
Isaac Maricq. 
Thomas Michel. 
James Moreau. 
Abel Melier. 
Francis Marchant. 
James Martel. 
James Misson, Clerk, Judith his 

wife, Maximilien, James Francis, 

Henry Peter, and Ann Margaret, 

their children. 
Martha Minuel and David her 


Eliza Nisbet. 
Claudius Nobilleau, Margaret his 



wife, Daniel, Henry, Elizabeth, 

and Judith, their children. 
Elias Nezereau, Magdalen his wife, 

Elias and Jane their children. 
James Neel. 
Nicholas Neel, Mary his wife, and 

Mary their daughter. 
Nicholas Oursel. 
Bartholomew Ogelby. 
Daniel Perreau. 
John Pare, Peter, John, Mary, and 

Susanna his children. 
Peter Pascal and Mary his wife. 
James Pellier. 
Elias Prioleau, Clerk, Jane his wife, 

Elias and Jane their children. 
David Pringel. 
William Pierre, William, David, 

Gabriel, Mary, Rachel, and Ann, 

his children. 
Elizabeth Play. 
Samuel Pariolleau. 
Samuel Paquet and Ann his wife. 
Joseph Paulet. 
Martha Pean, Martha, Elizabeth, 

Mary, and Rene, her children. 
Alexander Pepin, Magdalen his 

wife, Paul, and Magdalen their 


Susanna Perdriaux, Elias, Eliza- 
beth, Esther, Rachel, and Mary 

Anna, her children. 
Caesar Paget. 
Gabriel Pepin. 

Caesar Pegorier, Mary his wife. 
Peter Perdriaux, Elizabeth his wife, 

Peter and John their children. 
Stephen and Ozee Perdriaux. 
Clement Paillet, Mary his wife, 

Daniel his son. 
Charles Picaut. 
Paul Paillet, Anna his wife, and 

Mary their daughter. 
Jacob Quesmes. 
Stephen Robineau, Judith his 

wife, and Mary their daughter. 
Francis Robain, Henrietta his wife, 

and Hester their daughter. 
John Renaudot, Clerk, Magdalen 

his wife, John, Daniel, Julia, 

and Israelite, their children. 
John Riboteau, Magdalen his wife, 

Henry, Magdalen, and Mary, 

their children. 
Isaac Rambaud. 
Peter Rioulet. 
Daniel Ruel. 
Philip Rousseau. 
William Roche. 

Peter Rondelet and Joseph his son. 
Lawrence Sauvage. 
John Sabaties. 
John Severin. 

Peter Samson and Mary his wife. 
Mary Sterrell. 
. Mathew Schut. 
Gabriel Tahourdin. 
Nicolas Tourton. 



Benjamin Tourtelot. 
Peter Trinquand. 
Daniel Thouvois and Paul his son. 
James Trittan and Jane his wife. 
Antony Vanderhulst. 
Isaac Vauthie. 

Peter Videau, Jane and Elizabeth 
his daughters. 

John Verger and Gabrielle his 

Francis Vaillant, Jaqueline his 
wife, Paul, Francis, Isaac, Su- 
sanna, and Mary, their children. 

Magdalen Vancquet. 

Henry Vareille. 

Abraham Le Conte. 

Without the clause requiring oaths of allegiance. Dated Whitehall, 
the 9 th of Aprill, 1687, in the 3 rd yeare of our reigne. 

By his Ma tes command, 

To our Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

Denization to severall persons.* Our will and pleasure is that you 
prepare a Bill for our Royall Signature to passe our Great Seale for the 
makinge the persons hereafter named, being Aliens borne, free Deni- 
zens of this our kingdome, viz*. : 
Peter Allix, Clerk, and Margaret 

his wife, John, Peter, and James, 

their children. 
Philip Arbunot. 
John Arlandy. 
James Asselin, Clerk. 
John Arnaud, Suzanna his wife, 

Eliaz, Abraham, John, and 

Jane, their children 
James Aure. 
Lewes Allaize. 
Mary Aubertin. 
Mary Ann Aubertin. 
Isaac Abraham. 

Peter Assailly. 

Charles Ardesoif, Jane his wife, 
Peter, John, and Jane, his 

John Barberie, Peter and John 
his children. 

Jamas Baillergeau. 

Paul Boye. 

Ozee Belin, Ozee his son. 

James Breon, Ann Bureau, Eliza- 
beth, and Mary Ann his chil- 

Thomas Bureau, Ann his wife. 

Gabriel and Peter Boulanger. 

George Boyd. 

Aman Bounin. 

Among them are some Jews of note. 



Peter Billon. 

Nicolas Bocquet. 

James Auguste Blondell. 

Mary Bibal. 

Samuel Bousac. 

Francis Binquemand. 

John Bernard. 

Peter Bernardeau. 

John Bruquier. 

James Bruquier. 

Isaac Bouniot, Daniel, James, and 

Benigno, his children. 
Frederick Blancart. 
Henry Bustin. 
Mathew Bustin. 
Joseph Bailhou. 
Ester Bernou, Gabriell, Mary, 

Ester, and James, her children. 
James Barbot. 
Peter Bourdet. 
John Bourdet. 
Stephen Barathin. 
Lewis Barathin. 
Isaac Beaulion. 
Samuell Brusseau. 
John Beaufills. 
David Bosanquet. 
Theophilus Bellanger. 
Elizee Badrel. 
George Basmenil, Clerk, Mary his 

Peter Boytoult, Catherine his wife, 

Catherine, and Magdalen his 



Abraham Binet, Magdalen his 
wife, and Judith their daughter. 

John Peter, boy. 

John Boudeschesne. 

Abraham Christien, Mary his wife, 
Martha and Magdalen their 

Peter Christien. 

Bernard Coudert, Bernard, Ben- 
jamin, and James, his children. 

David Chasles. 

Isaac Couvers, Ann his wife. 

John Colom, Ann his wife, An- 
tony, John, Martha, and Mary, 
their children. 

James Collivceux, Jane his wife, 
and Charlotte his daughter. 

Arnaud Cazaubieth, Jane his wife. 

Daniel Chevalier, Suzanna his wife, 
Daniel and James their children. 

John Baptist Chouard. 

Peter Chasqueau. 

Samuel Cooke. 

Thomas Chauvin, Charlotte his 
wife, Thomas, Fro3nis, and Ca- 
therine, their children. 

John Courtris. 

James Crochon. 

Peter, Sare, and Ester Chefdhatel. 

Peter Caron. 

Peter Chaseloup. 

Paul Charron, Ann his wife. 

Marquis Calmels. 

George Chabot. 



Paul de Brisac. 

Samuel de la Couldre, Mary his 

wife, Judith and Margaret their 

Jone de Varennes, Peter and Jane 

his children. 
Daniel du Coudray, Magdalen his 

wife, Daniel his son. 
Paul de pont. 
Gabriel de pont. 
James Diore. 

Abraham and Daniel de Moavre. 
Isaac de Hoguel, Rachell his wife, 

Charles and Isaac his children. 
Josia? Duvall. 
Peter Dufau. 
Francis Dese, Mary his wife, 

Raymund and Peter their chil- 

John Mendez da Costa. 
John De la Haye, John. Thomas, 

Charles, Moses, Adrian, and 

Peter, his children. 
James Doublet, Martha his wife, 

David, James, and Mary, their 

Peter Doude. 
Isaac Delamer. 
John Deconinq, Catherin and 

Martha his children. 
Isaac and Mary de Mouutmayour. 
John de la Place, Lewise his wife. 
John de Beaulieu. 
James de Bors and Mary his wife. 

Jacob Gedeon de Sicqueville, 

Henry le Gay de Bussy. 

Philips de la Loe, Clerk. 

Abraham Bueno Henriques. 

Abraham Duplex, Suzanna his 
wife, James, Gadeon, George, 
and Suzanna, his children. 

Peter Grere. 

Francisco Francia. 

Mary de la Fuye, Catherin, Eliza- 
beth, Magdalen, Mary, Marga- 
ret, and Ann, his children. 

Moses de Pommare, Magdalen his 
wife, Moses and Suzanna his 

John Droilhet. 

John de Cazalis. 

Peter Dumas. 

Abraham Dugord and Elizabeth 
his wife. 

Girard de Wyck. 

Daniel del Maitre. 

Solomas Eyme. 

Dionisius Felles. 

John Fennvill. 

Andrew Fanenie. 

Arnaud Francis, Ann his wife, and 
Arnaud his son. 

Rene Fleury. 

Peter Fountaine, Clerk, Suzanna 
his wife. 

James Lewis Benigne, Ann, Su- 
zanna, and Ester, his children. 



John Fargeon. 

Isaac Farsey. 

Peter Fleurison. 

John Fallot. 

Andrew and John Fraigneau. 

Daniel Fleurian. 

Francis Guerin, Magdalen his wife, 

Francis and Ann his children. 
Nicholas Guerin. 
Lewis Galdy. 
Paul Graviset, Clerk. 
Samuel Georges. 
Eliaz Grimard. 
Henry Guichenet. 
Lewis Galland, Rachell his wife. 
Joseph Guicherst. 
Claud Grotiste, Clerk. 
James Garon. 
Isaac Garnier. 
William Guiltan. 
Daniel Goisior. 
John Gurzelier. 
Andrew Gurzelier. 
Petro Goilard. 
James Martell Goulard. 
William Gouy. 

John Gravetot, Catherin his wife. 
Mathew Gelien. 
Isaac Hamond. 
John Harache. 
John Hebert, Elizabeth his wife, 

John, Samuel, Elizabeth, and 

Mary, his children. 
Mary and Suzanna Hardovin. 

Moses Hervieu, Ester his wife, 
John and Martha his children. 

Antony Hulin. 

Antony Julien, Jane his wife, 
Ann, Suzanna, Mary, and Ester, 
their children. 

Henry Jourdin. 

Lewis Igon, Ester his wife, Ester 
and Mary his children. 

Charlott Justell. 

Andrew Jansen. 

Antony Juliot, Antony and Abra- 
ham his children. 

Jacob Jouset. 

Mary Jolly. 

John Lavie. 

Antony L'Heureux. 

Simon, Peter, and Mary Laurent. 

James de Blond. 

James Lewis, Abraham his son. 

Esay le Bourgeois. 

Henry Le Conte. 

John and Robert de Plastrier. " 

Helene le Frank de Mazieres. 

John Lombard, Clerk, Francis his 
wife, Daniell and Phillip their 

Daniel de Febvre. 

Adrien Lernoult. 

Peter le Bas. 

John Le Plastrier, Charlott his 
wife, Abraham and Jane his 

Francis Latam, Clerk. 



Gabriel le Boyteux. 
Benjamin le Hommedieu. 
Samuel le Tondu, Ann his wife, 

and Magdalen his daughter. 
Francis de Sombre. 
Michaell le Tondu, Ann his wife, 

Thomas, Mathew, and John, 

their children. 
James Baruch Louzada. 
John Lenglache, Mary his wife, 

Mary and Martha their children. 
John Peter la Serre. 
Ferdinando Mendez. 
Samuel Metayer, Clerk, Suzanna 

Metayer, Samuel, Lewis, Mary 

Ann, and Rachell, their children. 
Philipp Martines. 
John Marin, Clerk, Elizabeth his 

wife, Martha and Suzanna their 

Peter Moreau, Frances his wife, 

Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary-Ann, 

and Mary, their children. 
Charles Moreau, Mary Ann his 

wife, Daniel and Henrietta their 

Jone Mathias, Judith his wife, 

and Isaac their son. 
Ambrose and Isaac Minet. 
Nicolas Montelz, Magdalen his 


Peter Marion. 
Solomon Monncreau. 
Judith and Frances Meres. 

Peter Montelz. 

Michael Manzy, Michael, John, 

Peter, and Isabella, his children. 
Stephen Mignan. 
Isaac Martin. 
Peter and Mary Moreau. 
Francis Maymal. 
Daniel Mussard. 
Peter Monballier de la Salle. 
Daniel Mogin, Margaret his wife. 
Robert Mire, 

James Maupetit, Suzanna his wife. 
Mary Minnes. 
Peter Mercier, Suzanna his wife, 

Peter, James, Suzanna, and 

Ann, their children. 
Lewise March and John his son. 
Abraham Baruch Henriques. 
John Noleau. 
Elias Mezereau, Judith his wife, 

Ester, Judith, and Helen, their 

John Oriot. 
Solomon Pages, Clerk. 
Daniel Poyeau. 
Peter Philipeau. 
John Papin. 
Francis Papin. 
Aron Pereira. 

Peter Pain, Margaret his wife. 
David Papin, Ann his wife, David 

and Suzanna their children. 
James Pellison. 
Adriano Pereau. 


Simon Paulin. 

John Prou. 

Peter Prat. 

Abraham Page. 

William Portail, Margaret his wife, 
William, Francis, Hector, Mary, 
and Gabriell, their children. 

James Pineau. 

James Paisible. 

Daniell Paillet. 

Moyse Pallot, Martha his wife. 

Stephen Peloquin. 

Alphonso Rodriguez. 

John La Roche. 

John and Peter Renie. 

Jacob Rousell. 

Peter Esprit Radisson. 

Stephen Ribouleau. 

Peter Roy, Suzanna his wife, Elias, 
John, Daniel, and Suzanna, 
their children. 

Gabriel Ramondon. 

Paul Rapillart. 

Adam Roumie, Anne his wife, 
Adam, James, and Peter, their 
' Lewis Rame. 

Reyniond Rey. 

Paul Rey. 

Abraham Remand. 

Antony Reusseau, Elizabeth, 
Frances, and Ouvray his chil- 

Francis Robert. 

Samuel Sasportas. 

Peter Sauseau. 

Peter Seguin, Peter his son. 

Charles Senegat. 

Stephen Sebrin. 

Mathew Simon, Rachell his wife, 

Mathew his son. 
Alexander Seigler. 
Francis Sanseau, Frances his wife, 

Abraham, Daniel, Peter, and 

Jacob, his children. 
John Saulnier. 
Mathew Savary. 
Stephen Savary, Luce and Mathew 

his children. 

Joshua Soulart, Elizabeth his wife. 
Paul Sencot. 
Mary Touschard. 
Daniel Thibauld. 
Margaret Ternar, Frances and Ann 

her children. 
John Thiery. 
Peter Thauret. 
Abraham Tourtelot, James, 

Thomas, Jacob, Moses, and 

John, their children. 
John Thomas. 
Aron Testas, Clerk. 
Peter Toussaint. 
Peter Vatable. 

Francis Urigneau and Jane his wife. 
Mark Vernons, Clerk. 
Antony Vareilles. 
John Van Leusteran. 


Gabriel Verigny. James Mougin. 

Francis Vaurigaud. Honde. 

David Williamme. Francis de Beaulieu, Suzanna de 

Mary Yvonnet, John, Samson, Beaulieu, Henry and Henrietta 

and Mary, his children. his children. 

Mary Lirpiniere. 

And that they have and enjoy all priviledges and immunityes as other 
free Denizens do, provided they and every of them do live and con- 
tinue with their familyes in this our Kingdome of England, or else- 
where within oure dominions, and this sayd Denization to be forthwith 
passed under our great scale, without any Fees or other charges what- 
soever to be payd by the sayd persons in the passing thereof. And for 
so doing this shall be your warrant. Given at our Court at Whitehall, 
the 16 of December, 1687. 

To our Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

Denization to severall French Protestants. Our will and pleasure is 
that you prepare a Bill for our Royall signature, to passe our great 
Seale, for the making of the persons hereafter named, being Aliens 
borne, free denizens of this our Kingdome, viz. : 
Paul Colimez, Clerk. Gideon Benoist. 

James Amail and Mary his wife. Samuel Banquier. 
Peter Amelot. Daniel Bellet. 

Magdalen Allote. Andrew Bernon. 

Peter Asselin. Michael Brunet, Mary his wife, 

Lewis Benet, Martha his wife, and Mary and Catherina their 

Catherina their daughter. daughters. 

David Boulanger. Mark Barbat, Clerk. 

James Berie Samuel Barbat, Clerk. 

Eliaz Brevet, Clerk. Catherine Barbat. 

Isaac Bonneval. Ann Bourdon. 

James Brunet. Elizabeth Barachin, Peter, Daniel, 

Denis Barquenon. and John, his children. 

Clement Boetrin. John Bailie. 



Lewis Carre, Preganse his wife, 
Mary and Jane their children. 

James Clement, Mary his wife 
Peter and John their children. 

James Chabossan. 

Moses Cartier. 

David Coupe. 

Mark- Henry, Samuell, and Mathe w 

John Chaboissan, Catharina his 
wife, John, Peter, Isaac, Mary- 
Jane, and Lewisa, their children. 

Gaily de Gaujae, Clerk. 

Bernard Duvignan. 

John de Penna. 

Barnabe Delabat. 

Mary and Suzanna Durie. 

Henry Duclos. 

John de la Heuse. 

Magdalen Dumas. 

Paul Dufour, Magdalen his wife. 

Mary Derby. 

James Pufay, Suzanna his wife. 

Francis Dansays. 

John Espinasse. 

John Fauquier. 

Francis Fauquier. 

Peter Fasure. 

Rene Fleurisson. 

Mathew Forit. 

Solomon Faulcon. 

David Faulcon. 

Anthony Guiger. 

John Gaultier. 

Honorat Gervais, Clerk. 

Gabriel Guichard. 

Thomas Gautier. 

John Galineau. 

Mary and Margaret Holzafell. 

Abraham Halite, Magdalen his 

wife, and James their son. 
Theophilus Jarlan, Paulina his 

wife, Mark and Magdalen their 

Magdalen Laurent, Izabell her 

Michael Le Gros. 
Adrian Lernoult. 
James Lenart. 
Charles le Seigneur, Mary his 


Andrew Lofland. 
John Landes. 
Lewis Le Febvre, Ester his wife, 

Jacob, Suzanna, Mary, and 

Ann, their children. 
Samuel Le Febvre. 
John Lormier, Magdalen his wife. 

John, Mary, and Magdalen, his 


Guy le Bon de Bonneval. 
Jacob Lope, Mary his wife. 
Nicholas Lunel, Mary his wife, 

Nicholas and Benjamin their 

Jane Montelz, Margaret her 

Fortin Mayne. 



Peter Moreau, Francis and Peter 
his children. 

Paul Maricq. 

Daniel Motet, Lewisa his wife, 
Martha, Lewisa, Jane, Dina, 
Frances, Daniel, and Gabriel, 
their children. 

Dorothee Motet. 

Isaac Monnet. 

Gaston Martineau. 

Benjamin Malfaqueyrat. 

Phillips Margas. 

James Monboevil, Suzanna his 
wife, James, John, Mary, and 
Jane, their children. 

Peter Man villain. 

Peter Monnet, Catharina his wife* 
Peter their son. 

James Menil, Mary his wife, 
Thomas, James, Vincent, Mary, 
and Elizabeth, their children. 

Peter Moulong, Elizabeth his wife, 
Andrew, Elizabeth, and Paul, 
his children. 

Peter Novel. 

Peter Patot. 

James Page, Ann his wife, Jane 
their daughter. 

Samuel Peres. 

Mark Paillet. 

John Prerereau, Mary his wife, 
John, Suzanna, Mozes, Mary, 
Gaspart, and Sarah, their chil- 

Francis Paulnier. 

Nicholas Quesnel. 

Peter Rogue. 

Daniel Rebache. 

Peter Ruffiat. 

Mathew Renaudin, Charlotte his 
wife, Charlotte, Mathew, and 
Esaye, their children. 

Lewis Reynaud, Ann his wife, 
Lewis and Sarah their children. 

Benjamin Regnaud, Mary his 

Peter Rigaud, Lewisa his wife, 
Rachell and Suzanna their 

Daniel Roussel. 

John Risteau, Magdalen his wife, 
Mary, John, Isaac, Eliaz, Su- 
zanne, and Margaret, their chil- 

Bernard Smith. 

Daniel Streing, Charlotte his wife, 
Peter, Mathew, Mary, and 
Ann, their children. 

Peter St. Pe. 

Stephen Sarazin. 

John Peter Saint Faret. 

Peter Schrieber. 

John or James Theroude. 

Peter Testas, Mary his wife, Peter, 
Mathew, Mary, and Jane, their 

Daniel Taudin. 

Eliaz Tessier. 


Eliaz Traversier, Peter, Jacob, and Daniel Vautier, Margaret his wife, 

John, his children. Rachel their daughter. 

Elizabeth Torin. John Verger. 

Thomas Viroot. Joseph Wildigos. 

And that they and every of them have and enjoy all rights, privi- 
ledges and immunityes, as other free Denizens do. Provided they live 
and continue with their familyes in this our kingdome of England, or 
elsewhere within our dominions. And the sayd Denization to be forth- 
with passed under our great seale, without any fees or other charges 
whatsoever to be payd by the sayd persons in the passing thereof. And 
for so doing this shall be your' warrant. Given, etc. at Whitehall, the 
25th day of March, 1688. 

By his Ma ties cofnand. 

To our Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 

Denization to severall persons. Our will and pleasure is, that you 
prepare a Bill for our Royall Signature, to passe our Greate Seale, for 
the making of 

Daniel Armand, Clerk. Abraham Bounel, Mary his wife, 

John and William Armand. Samuel, Abraham, Peter, Paul, 

Isaac Armand. and Henry their children. 

Daniel Allotte. Danel Brion. 

Daniel Audart. Lewis Bongrand. 

John Ayland. Lambert Bosch. 

Isaac Auriol. Lewis Brevet. 

John Audebert, Magdalen his Elizabeth Chevalier. 

wife, John, Philipps, and Moses Daniel Chevalier, Suzanna hia 

their children. wife, James and Daniel their 

Paul Bussiere. children. 

John Betrand. John Cazals. 

John Bouteiller. James Coupe. 




John Castaing. 

Peter Cabilel. 

Isaiath Couturier, Jacob and Da- 
niel his children. 

Nicolas Chenen. 

Mathew Collineau. 

Valentine Cruger. 

Abraham Cohen. 

David Cashan. 

Stephen Cadroy. 

Jacob and Andrew Dangirard. 

Nicolas du Mouchel. 

Nicolas de la Garene. 

Peter de Lanquetait, Catherina 
his wife, and Catherina their 

Paul Durand. 

Benjamin de Joux, Clrk, Mag- 
dalen his wife, Oliver and Mary 
their children. 

John Dartigues. 

Peter Danche. 

Peter Doron. 

Peter de Rideau. 

Peter Dupuy. 

Peter de Vivario. 

Isaiath de Walpergen. 

Christian Breda. 

Margaret Dumas. 

Francis Estienne, Jane his wife, 
and Francis their son. 

Daniel Estienne, Catherina his 
wife, Daniel and Gerson their 

John Farsey, Frances his wife, 
and James their son. 

James and Daniel Fresnot. 

Ann Faget, and Stephen her son. 

Danell Fleurisson and Jane his 

Jane Garie,, Peter her son. 

Peter Gaultier. 

Francis Gabet. 

John Peter Gairaud. 

John James Gaches, Clerk. 

Mary Groteste. 

Henry Gaches, Clerk. 

Rowland, Abraham, and Samson 

Lewis Jamin. 

Lewis Igou, Peter, John, Isaac, 
Solomon, and Judith his chil- 

Cornelius Johnson. 

Mary Philips Rugelman. 

John King. 

Elizabeth le Mateux, Judith and 
Catherine her daughters. 

Aron le Fourgeon, Ann his wife, 
Ann Frances, Ann-Mary, Mar- 
tha, Magdalen, and Suzanna 
their children. 

John Loffting. 

Daniel Lutra. 

Anthony Laurent. 

James Le Blond. 

John Mallenoe de la Menaidiere. 

Gabriel Mimsieille. 



Peter Morin, Frances his wife. 

Paul Merlin. 

James Mathias. 

Paul Mousnier, Paul and James 
his children. 

Peter Mossoneau, John, Lewisa, 
Ann, Mary, Margaret, and Su- 
zanna his children. 

Barthelmy Midy. 

Lewisa Majou, John, Ozee, Fran- 
cis, Margaret, and Judith his 

Danel Penigault. 

Isaac Poitiers. 

Andrew Perturson. 

John Pastre. 

John Pelser. 

John Poltais. 

James Rousseau. 

Leonard Richard. 

David Rowland. 

Peter Reynaud, Sarah his wife, 
Peter, Lewis, Esther, and 
Marque-Frances their children. 

John Robert. 

James Rolas and John his son. 

Eliaz Savoret. 

Andrew Stokey. 

John Stahelmi. 

Mary Testas. 

James Thomas. 

John Tiran. 

Peter Tardy, Mary his wife, Peter, 
Esther, and Mary their children. 

Ann Van Hatten. 

John Van Hatten. 

John de Cleve and Nichele his 
wife, John, Austin, Adrian, and 
Catharina their children. 

Gerard Vanderneden, Clerk. 

Andrew Roy, and 

Samuel Torin. 

Being all Aliens borne, free Denizens of this our kingdome of Eng- 
land. And that they and every of them have and enjoy all rights 
priviledges and immunity es, as other French, made free Denizens, do 
now enjoy. Provided they live and continue with their Familys 
within our kingdome, or elsewhere within our Dominions. And the 
sayd Denization to be forthwith passed under the Great Scale, without 
any fees or other charges whatsoever to be payd by the sayd persons 
in the passing thereof. And for so doing, &c. Dated at Windsor the 
19th day of August, 1688. 

To our Attorney or Sollicitor Generall. 


A TRUE CERTIFICAT of the names of the straungers residing and dwellinge 
within the city of London and the liberties thereof, together with the 
place of their birthe, and under the soveraignety of what prince they 
depende ; according to a view taken in the time of the maioralty of the 
right honorable Sir George Bolles, knight, Lord Maior of the city of 
London, by the direccons of the right honorable the Lordes and others 
of his Maiesties most honorable privye councell, signified by their honor- 
able letters bearing date the vj th of September, 1618. In which certificate 
neither the borough of Southwark nor the adiacent partes of the city out 
of the liberties thereof are conteined, in both which many strangers are 
resident and dwelling, of whose names we cannot make any certificated 

[Abbreviations: f. d. free denizen; K. S. King's sovereignty; K. E. King of England; 
K. F. King of France; F. K. French King; K. Sp. King of Spain; A. Archduke; E. Emperor; 
S. States; D ch ch. Dutch church.] 


Stephen Sampson, goldsmith; borne in Morles Christofer Ducksinger; b. in Germany (lodge- 
in Brittanie; free denizen, dependeing ing in widow Raymonde's house); goldsmith; 
on the King's Soveraiguety. K. S. 

Paule Vanharbor; b. in Midleborough in Henry Scussetres; b. in Antwerpe, under the 

Zelande; a jeweller; f. d. K. S. Archduke; a thredmaker; f. d. K. S. 

David Peeltere, imlrotherer; b. in Antwerpe; Jacob Johnson; b. at Antwerpe; lacemaker; 

K. S. K. S. 

John Ricolt, goldsmith; b. in Antwerpe ; K. S. James Droet, f. d.; a merchaunt; b. in Roane, 

Charles Destinny ( jorneyman with John under the K. of Fraunce, and hath for his 

Rickolde); b. in Brusselles; K. S. soveraine the K. of Englande. 

Nicolas Pelterejb. in Strasbrooke in Jermany, James Flower, a milliner, f. d.; b. in Roane, 

a jeweller; f. d. K. S. under K. F., and hath, etc. K. E. 

Charles Meadow, goldsmith; b. in Gaunte, Peter Clarke; b. in Genevy; f. d.; a jeweller; 

under the Archduke; K. S. K. E. 

S. P. O. Dom. James I., vol. 102. 



Balthasar de Moncrone; b. under the state of 

Midleborowe; an imbrotherer ; K. E.; and 

lieth at the house of Reginold Gregory, a 

Nicolas Wier; b. under the Duke of Sexon, 

in the Towne of Cobrock; an imbroderer; 

K. E.; and. lieth at the house aforesaid. 
John Vandermere; tailor, f. d.; b. in Braddo, 

under the state of Hollande; K. E. 
Godfrey Arnolde; b. in Franckford in Jer- 

many; a jeweler; K. E. 
Peter Beard; b. in Hawsbrooke, f. d., under 

the dominion of the Archduke; a chaund- 

ler; K. E. 
Frauncis Derrickes; b. at Antwerpe, under 

the Archduke; f. d. K. E. 
Eylliard Vander Heydon; b. at Brayman in 

Germany, f. d., under the Bishopp there; 

K. E. 
Conderadus Decreetes; b. in Nurcunparis, 

under the dominion of the Prince Pauls- 
grave; K. E. 
John Joperte; b. at Mamery in Fraunce, 

under K. F. 
Isaack Lare, Frenchman; b. in Pa we, under 

K. F.; K. E. 
Michaell Drosant; b. at Brossell in Brabant, 

under the Archduke; K. E. 
Jacob Cornelius ;*b. in Delfe, under the 

States; K. E. 
William Auten; b. in Mant, under the K. F.; 

a goldsmith. 
Godfrey Ranaires ; at Muirmsham, in Gelder- 

lande, under the States; K. E. 


Lewis Jackson, a Portingall; b. in the islande 

of Madina, under the dominion of the 

King of Spaine; his soveraigne the King 

of Spaine. 

Peter Arricus; b. in Anwerpe, in the Arch- 
duke's dominions; his soveraigne King 

Trincula Ratterina; b. in Burgony, under the 

Archduke; her soveraigne the Archduke. 
William Grove; b. in Antwerpe, under the 

Archduke's dominion ; K. J. 
Charles Vanstable; b. in Flaunders, under 

the A.; K. J. 
Anthony de Coster; b. in Lisborne in the 

kingdom of Portugall, in the dominion of 

K. Sp.; K. J. 
Cornelius Garat; b. in Utricke, under the 

dominions of the prince Orymes. 
M rs Lemot hath M" Thunbing lodgeing in 

her house; b. at Antwerpe; K. J. 
Jasper Tion; b. in London; the sonn of a 

f. d. ; K. J. 
James Masse;b. at Anwerpe,undertheA.;K.J. 

Daniell Mercer, the sonne of a straunger; b. 

at London; a post; K. J. 
Gillam Winnis; b. in Flaunders, under the 

A.; K. J. 
Suzan Lemott; b. at Sandwich; the dau'r of 

a straunger; K. J. 
Ambrose Regomarters; b. in Weselles, under 

the D. of Cleves; K. J. 
Abraham Villarde, the sonne of a stranger; 

b. in Sandwich; K. J.; hee hath lodgeing 

in his house, 
John Castello; b. in Norwich, the sonne of a 

straunger; K. J. 
Lewes Capell; b. in Flaunders, under the 

A.; K. J. 

Katherine Dewane; b. at Brisselles in Bra- 
bant, under the A.; K. J. 
Debora Tomer; b. at Anwarpe, under the 

A.; K. J. 
John Deway, the sonne of a stranger; b. in 

London; K. J. 
Jop Brewer; b. in Brigges in Flaunders, 

under the K. S.; K. J. 



Tussan Lancut; b. in Fraunce, under K. F.; 

K. J. 
Elias Gurnort, the sonne of a straunger; b. 

in Kent'; K. J. 
Peter Vandall, the sonne of a f. d.; b. in 

London; K. J. 
Mary Deprill, the dau'r of a stranger; b. in 

London ; K. J. 
James Goodcall, f. d.; b. in Flaunders in 

Mesen, under the A.; K. J. 
Daniell Braymer; b. in Kent, in the Port of 

Sandwich, citizen and clothworker of Lon- 
Anthony Hewinge; b. at Flushun, under the 

States; f. d. K. J. 
Thomas Threebinder; b. at Ryneback at 

Colline, under K. Sp.; K. J. 
Nicolas Vacondary ; b. in Fraunce, under 

K. F. ; K. J. 
Nicholas Michell; b. at Bridges, under K. Sp.; 

K. J. 
Leonard Costerman ; b. in Antwerpe, under 

the A.; K. J. 
John Johnson, f. d.; b. in Antwerpe, under 

the A.; K. J. 
John Lodwick; b. in Antwerpe, under the 

A.; K. J. 
Abicocke Lerby hath Nicholas More lodgeing 

in his house; b. at Franckforde in Jar- 
many, under the Emperour; K. J. 
Cornelius Garrett; b. in Utrick, under the 

dominion of the prince of Ormes; K. J. 
Anthony Trian, f. d.; b. in Flaunders, under 

the States; K. J. 
Abraham Desart ; b. in Flawnders, under 

the S.; K. J. 
John Moore ; b. at Fraunckford, under the 

E., in Germany; K. J. 
Arnold Cappell; b. in London, the sonne of 

a f. d.; K. J. 
Jacob Depree; b. in Midleborough, under 

the S.; K. J. 
David Price hath Peter Brookeman lodgeiug 

in his house; b. in Flanders, under the 

S.; K. J. 
John Degraue; b. in France under the F. K.; 

K. J. 
Lazare Duchine; b. in Surges, in the city of 

Roane; F. K. 
Gideon Anglais; b. in Burges in the city of 

Roane; F. K. 
Loys Debois; b. in Fraunce, under F. K.; 

F. K. 
Gilbert ; borne in the city of Parris, 

in France; F. K. 
Robert de la Barr; b. in the city of Mons, in 

the county of Hanomy, under A.; K. J. 
Frauncis Pointo, Portingall; b. in Portingall, 

under K. S.; K. S. 
Robert Howell, f. d.; b. in St. Peters in 

Fraunce, under F. K.; F. K. 
Martin Drushylde; b. in Brabant, in a towue 

called Brisselles, under A.; K. J. 
Eseue Deucy; b. in Fraunce, in Roane, under 

F. K.; K. J. 
Peter Bissett; b. in Fraunce, in Lions, under 

F. K.; K. J. 
John Sauly; b. in Ronsey, in Flaunders, f. d., 

under A.; A. 
Powell Decooke; b. in Flaunders, in Bridges, 

under K. Sp.; K. S. 
Harman Coller; b. in High Dutch lande, 

under S. 
Harman Stopper; b. in Cleauelande, in a 

towne called Callicar ; K. J. 
Katherine Gest; b. in Antwerpe, under A.; 

K. J. 
John Vanlowe; b. in Germany, in Rostick, 

under the E.; K. J. 
Nicholas Erbin ; b. in Fraunce, in Roan, 

under F. K.; K. J. 
Mary Jouelm ; b. in Fraunce, in a towue 

called Parrenty ; K. J . 
Henry Wetherall, Englishman ; his wife b. 

in Flaunders, in Ipers; K. J. 
Thomas Medcalfe, Englishman, hath Viscaut 



Bolloina, an Ittalian ; b. in a towne called 

Sichell; K. S.: his wife and two children : 

and also Lodowick Modenan; b. in a towne 

called Millam; K. S. 
William More hath Andrise Liug, a lodger; 

b. in Denmarke; K. J. 
Paule Marco; b. in Italy, in the Smerda of 

Luca; K. J. 
Thomas Gouers hath Connyers, a lodger; b. 

in Fraunce, in Vity; K. J. 
M lis Fisher hath Jasper Wancot, a lodger; 

b. in Antwerpe, under A.; K. J. 
Jacob de Bee; b. in Ipers, in Flaunders, 

under K. p.; K. J. 

Peter Mun; b. in Fraunce, in Deale ; F. K. 
Gillam Durt; b. in Fraunce, in Pont; F. K. 

Flepone Kemale; b. in Saint Osay, in France; 
F. K. 

John Arch ; borne in Fraunce, in Deale; F. K. 

Gloue Le Maier; b. in Beauson, in Highbur- 
gony, under the E.; K. J. 

Peter Marineer, a Frenchman and f. d., aged 
50 yeers and upwardes, abideing in England 
about 30 yeers; b. at Orleans, under K. F., 
goldsmith; haveing a wife and two children 
and a maid servant, and English borne. 

Hanns Van Basile, a Dutchman, aged 20 
yeers and upwardes, about half a yeer in 
England; b. at Antwerpe, in Flaunders, 
under the A., lacemaier; lodgeing in the 
house of Christopher Hunt, imbrotherer. 


Christian Van Gladbecke, merchaitnte; b. in 

the towne of Gladbecke, in the dukedome 

of Julycorlande;K. J.; of the Duch church; 

and dweller heer 13 yeers. 
Seager Corcellis, merchaunt and denizen; b. 

in Rouscaer, in the dukedome of Cleue in 

Flaunders; K. J.; of the D cl ' ch.; dweller 

heer 42 yeers. 
John Lulles, merchant and denizen; b. at 

Antwerpe, in the Dukedome of Brabunt; 

K. J.; of the D ch ch.; dweller heer 2 yeers. 
William Demsher, of London, mercht. and 

d.; b. at Emden, in East Freezlande; 

K. J.; of the D ch ch.; dweller heer 13 

Lewend Agar, thrcd dicr; b. in Gaunt, under 

A.; K. J.; of the D ch ch. ; dweller heer 

31 yeers. 
Mathias Hendrick, tailor; b. at Burbeck, in 

the dukedom of Cleuen; K. J.; of the 

D ch ch.; dweller heer 21 yeers. 
Cornelius Mandarnecke, broker; b. in Dort, 

in the goverment of the Graue Morris; 

K. J. ; of the D cl > ch. ; dweller heer 13 yeere. 

William Bayarde, mercJiaunte and f. d.; b. 
at Eiper in Flanders; K. J.; of the D 1 ' 1 ' 
ch. ; dweller heer 31 yeers. 

Samuell Derisher, merchante and d. ; b. at 
Emden in East Freezland; K. J.; of the 
D ctl ch.; dweller heer 13 yeers. 

Arnold Luller, merchant; b. at Antwerpe; is 
now out of this city, wherby we cannot have 
his aunswer; of the D ch eh.; dweller heer 
38 yeers. 

John Mountsey; b. beyonde the seas; natural- 
ized by Act of Parliam', and now owt of 

John Clant, merchaunt, straunger and f. d. ; 
b. at Enskeden, in the province of Twenty, 
under the A.; K. J.; of the D ch ch.; 
dweller heer 37 yeers. 

Michaell V&ndepitt, fustian dier; b. at Bridges 
in Flaunders, under the A.; K. J.; belongs 
to the English church; dweller heer 21 

Peter Van Peno, factor; b. in Bridges in 
Flaunders; K. J.; of the English congre- 
gacon; dweller heer 13 yeeres. 



John Vamuenan, dutch, baker; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J.; of the D ch congreg.; dweller heer 

25 yeeres. 
Phillipp Mealeman, gilder; b. in Brabunt; 

K. J.; of the D ch ch.; dweller heer 31 

Peter Bull, merchaunte, stranger and f. d.; b. 

at Collin in Germany, under the E.; K. J. ; 

belongs to the D ch ch. ; dweller heere 19 

A lodger of M r Bull, his name Lodwicke 

Harple, gent.; b. in Somekele, under the 

Duke of Hulsten, and depends upon the 

same D. 

John Deualfe, factor, straunger; b. in Flaun- 
ders, undsr the A.; K. J.; of the Dutch 

English ch.; dweller 11 yeers. 
Frauncis Penclewe, merchant, straunger; b. 

in Holstead; K. J.; of the D ch ch.; dweller 

heere 29 yeers. 
Elizabeth Vanstene, widote; b. in Braborne; 

K. J. ; of the Eng. ch. ; dweller heer 30 

Simon Johnson, a lodger at the aforesaid 

M rU Vanstene's; b. in Dorte in Holland, 

and doth now depende uppon the same 

state of Hollande. 
Mathias Archer, tailor; b. in Gorgam in 

Hollande; K. J.; of the D ch ch.; dweller 

heer 9 yeers. 
Joos Cupenbery, mercJuiunt, stranger; b. in 

the dukedome of Gulicke; K. J.; belongs 

to the Eng. ch. ; dweller heer 40 yeers. 
Jacob Bolle, merchaunte; b. at Newbirke in 

Flaunders; K. J.; belongs to the D ch ch. ; 

in London for 45 yeers. 
Peter Hearne, merchaunte, born a denizen ; 

b. in Romson in Flaunders; K. J.; of the 

D ch ch. ; dweller heer. 
Michaell Hurter, merchaunte and f. d.; b. in 

Flaunders; K. J.; belongs to the D ch ch.; 

dweller heer 37 yeers. 
John Bloomer, broker fvr jeicelles, and f. d.; 

b. in Flaunders; K. J.; belongs to the D ch 
ch.; dweller here 41 yeers. 

Giles de Butt, merchaunte and f. d., refuseth 
to subscribe with us, in regard as hee saith 
hee hath subscribed at Hackney where hee 
dwelleth ; hee hath subscribed underneath, 

Denis Mustick, diamonde cutter; b. at Catarde 
in the dukedome of Gulick ; K. J. ; belongs 
to the D ch ch.; dweller heer 15 yeers. 

Giles de Putt, merchaunt and f. d.; b. in 
Osteend in Flaunders; K. J.; dweller heer 
21 yeers. 

William Turter, of Dutch parents; b. in the 
parishe of S l Mary Athill, in the ward of 
Billinsgate, and is out of towne. 

Mathew de Quester; b. at Antwerp; natural- 
ized by Act of Parliam 1 in Q. Elizabeth's 

Daniell Vanhaseuelt, merchaunt and d. ; b. at 
Romesy in Flaunders; K. J.; belongs to 
the D ch ch.; dweller heer 35 yeers. 

Abraham Beck, merchaunte, f. d. ; b. at 
Stobbe, and neer the city of Alen in Ger- 
many; K. J.; of the D ch congreg.; dweller 
heer 17 yeers. 

Jaques de AValle, sojourner with M re Becke; 
b. at Melgiluan in Flaunders; K. J. 

Baldwin Mathewe, merchaunte and f. d. ; b. 
at Gaunt in Flaunders; K. J.; of the 
D ch congreg. ; dweller heer 12 yeeres. 

Lewis Van Hobrooke, merchaunte; sojourner 
with the s d Baldwin Mathewe; b. at Gaunt 
in Flaunders; K. J. 

Garret Van Hobrooke, thred dyer; b. at Gaunt 
in Flaunders; K. J.; of the D ch ch. ; 
dweller heere 14 yeers. 

John Dorper, f. d. ; b. at Theilt in Flaunders; 
K. J.; of the D ch ch.; dweller heer 40 

Haunc Harcauce, merchaunt, stranger; b. at 
Antwerpe in Braborne; K. J.; of the D ch 
ch.; dwellerheer 9 yeers. 

Giles Lyons, thred dyer; b. in Brisselles in 



Brabunt; K. J. ; of the D ch ch.; dweller 

heer 35 yeers. 
William Crosse, of Dutch parents ; b. at 

Croidon, in the co. of Surrey. 
John Stephens, of Dutch parents; b. in the 

co. of Kent. 
John Clements, of Dutch parents; b. in the 

parishe of S' George in London. 
Peter Jacobson, merckaunie and f. d.; b. at 

Antwerpe, in the Dukedome of Brabunt; 

K. J. ; of the D ch ch.; dweller heer 45 yeers. 
Lewes Vandam, merchaunte; b. at Cartrick 

in Flaunders ; K. J. ; of the D ch ch.; 

dweller heer 9 yeers. 

Jacob Lucas, who is out of Town beyonde the 
seas; his wife saith that he is a f. d.; b. at 
Amsterdam; dweller heer 20 yeers. 

Frederick Vandezant ; b. in Arneham in 
Gelderland, under the dominion of Oranes 
Morris, Prince of Orange, and hath two 
children ; heer theis 30 yeers. 

Haunce Homarde; b. in Cortricke in Flaund- 
ers, under the Archduke Albertus ; a 
widower; and heer this xxix. yeers. Thia 
Haunc Homard hath two lodgers, whose 
names are Michell Maerns and Richard 


William Van Dam; b. in Gaunt in Flaunders, 
under the A.; f. d., and hath taken his 
oath to the King's Majesty of England; a 
thred dier. 

Christofer Loues; b. in Roareman in Gelder- 
lande, under the A.; f. d. K. E. : a silke 
throster. . 

John Loues, brother of the s d Christofer; in- 
mate in the s d house; b. in Roreman afore- 
said, and is under the soveraignety and 
goverment of the Archduke ; a silk throster. 

Sara Ducaine, widow ; b. in Antwerpe in 
Flaunders, under the A. her soveraigne; 
her husbande John Ducaine, deceased, was 

an Englishman, and free of the city of 

Mary Russell, widow; b. in Antwerpe in 

Flaunders, under the A.; her husband 

Simon Russell, deceased, was a f d. 
Peter Van vice ; b. in Midleboroughe in 

Zelande, under the dominion of the State 

in the lowe countryes, to whome hee is 

subjecte; and is a merchante. 
Phillip Burlemachi; b. in Sedon in France; 

naturalized by the King's Majestie's 

graunte, and dependeinge onely of his 

Majestie's favour. 


John Fabre, Frenchman; b. in the precinct 
of Guyand, a towne of Turnon ; who hath 
lived in this city of London theis five years 
past, professeing the teaching of the French 
tongue, with M r Peter Arundell, professor 
in the aforesaid tongue. 

John Hartau; b. in Lille in Flaunders; dwelt 
in England theis 30 years, and doth depend 

upon noe other state but of the King's 

majesty of G l Britaine. 
Nicholas Crowem; b. in Lile in Flaunders; 

dwelt in London theis 18 yeers; who useth 

merchandizeing; K. E. 
Jane Decroe, widow of Michaell de Crewe, 

deceased ; b. at Antwerpe; hath dwelt 

heer in England 15 yeeres. 



Gillian Leffeory, widow of Leffeory, deceased; 
b. in Flaunders. Abraham Lefeory, her 
sonne; b. in England; K. E. 

Anthony Jacobs, alias Anthony Le Says, 
widow; b. in Flaunders. 


Paule Pattow, needlemaker; b. in Flaunders, 

in Arlois; and Annis my wife, b. in Turney 

in Flaunders; K. J. 
Anthony Bellmy, silkeweaver; b. in Turney in 

Flaunders; K. J. 
Cornelius Wi\\ia.n ) silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Judith his wife, there borne also; K. J. 
Johannes Row<lrj,silhceaver; Flaunders; 

and Elizabeth his wife, b. in London ; 

Phillip Dauffary; b. in Flaunders; and Sara 

his wife,b. in Franckford in Jermany; K. J. ; 

inmates with the aforesaid Cornelius Wil- 

Peir Petit, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; and 

Jane his wife, also b. in Flaunders; K. J. 
David Jouelin, silkweaver; b. in England; 

and Peron his wife, b. in Flaunders; K. J. 
Guilliam Fortersse, silkweaver; b. in Flaund- 
ers ; K.J. 
John Dussarr, silk-weaver; b. in >Flaunders; 

Ely Maurin, silkireaver; Flaunders; and 

Jane his wife, also thear b.; K. J. 
Severaigne Le Crew, silkweaver ; b. in Flaund- 
ers; K. J. 
Henry de Page, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Marey his wife, b. in Canterbury; 

Paule Duraell, silkweaver; b. in Leig, [under] 

the Archbishopp of Cullame; and Sara his 

wife, b. in Midleboroughe; K.J. 
John Sauler and Peter Sauler, silkweavers; 

both lodgers with Paule de Ruelle, and 

b. in Flaunders; K. J. 
Jehan Delbone, silkireaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Julet his wife, b. in Leige; K. J. 

James Duke, silkweaver; b. in S' Katherine's 

neer London; K. J. 
Charles Malladry, silkiceaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Jane his wife, of Flaunders also; 

K. J. 
Daniell Vernon, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Jaques Bacsure and his wife, b. in 

England (Jaques Basure an inmate); all 

Peter Prince, silkweaver of Tvffetaffetys; b. in 

Antwerpe ; and Hester his wife, of Anwarpe 

both; K.J. 
John Beaton, consolater to the sick of the 

French congreg.; b. in Normandy; and 

Jane his wife thear; K. J. 
James Sellinger, silkweaver; b. in London; 

K. J. 
Francis Lancett, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Mary his wife, b. in Norwich ; 

Thomas Radulphus, silkireaver, and inmate to 

one Edward Dorington; b. in the Low 

Countries, under the S.; K. J. 
Alexander Faith, a steward to the Venice 

Ambassadour ; b. in the Dukedome of 

Florence; K. J. 
Francis Cordoner, silkweaver; b. in Germany; 

Joseph Pettes, needlemaker; b. in Germany; 

Adrian Seek, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Mary his wife, of Leige; K. J. 
Abell Mountaine, silkweaver; b. in Norwich ; 

John Dewarchin, senior, silkweaver; b. in 

Flaunders ; and Dennis his wife, b. at 

Anwarpe; K. J. 



John Dewarchin, junior, silkweaver; b. in 

London; K. J. 
Abraham Chaudron; b. in London; siik- 

weaver; K. J. 
John Fawconer, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Isaac Louchfeane, silkweaver; b. in England ; 

K. J. 
John Devillers, silkeweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Margaret his wife, of Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Robert Bumery, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Nicholas Reignart, silkweaver; Flanders; 

and Hellen his wife, boren in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Fuming Garret, silkweaver; b. in Amiens; 

and Mary his wife, in Canterbury; K. J. 
John Del Chambre, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Judith his wife, -of Antwerpe; 

K. J. 
Eloy Towrey, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Mary his wife, of Flaunders; K. J. 
Ambrose Turret, spinster of silver thred; b. 

in Millain; and Jane his wife, of Vlushe- 

Aubart Bonvers, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Sara his wife ; K. J. 
Jane Manch, a laker; b. in Flaunders; hath 

longe dwelt in England; K. J. 
Giles Chamberlein, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Margret his wife, thear b. also; 

K. J. 
Julian de Rusier, silkweaver; b. in London; 

K. J. 

Isack Rassell, Iroaker; b. in Fraunc ; K. J. 
Jaques Guyann, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Albert Castle, silkweaver; b. in Fluunders ; 

K. J. 
Charles Lemot, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

K. J. 
John Setall, silkweaver; b. in Canterbury; 

and Anne his wife, b. in Flaunders ; 
K. J. 

John Garret, silkweaver; b. in the Low 

Countries, under the S.; K. J. 
Nicholas Peacock, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders ; and Frances his wife, there b.; 

K. J. 
Oliver Ginlet, hatband maker; b. in Brittan, 

under the K. F.; K. J. 
John Alman, silkweaver; b. in Canterbury ; 

a lodger with one Thomas Kellfall; K. J. 
Jehan Dupreall, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Adrian Sourde, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Mary his wife; K. J. 
Jaques de Boudry, silkweaver; Zelande; 

K. J. 
Peter Fromeau, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

and Marey his wife, b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Thomas Hayes, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Ann my wife, b. there; K. J. 
Jehan Duboe, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

and Sion his wife, borne there; K. J. 
Michaell Allmond, silkweaver; b. in Canter- 
bury; K. J. 
Mathew Hosemear, tailor; b. in Allmaney ; 

K. J. 
Abraham Bartleny, silkweaver; b. in Metz 

in Lorraine ; K. J. 
Benjamin de la Ruelle, silkweaver; b. in 

Picardye in Fraunce; and Katherine his 

wife, b. in Flaunders; K. J. 
Peter Lepper, silkweaver; b. in Gulick in 

Cleveland; K. J. 

Abraham Semon; b. in London; K. J. 
Aurely Barty, pursemaker ; b. in Italy, in 

Luca; K. J. 

Jelian Chamberlein, silkweaver; b. in Flan- 
ders; and Katherine his wife, thear b.; 

Claud Dufoure, silkweaver; b. in Flanders; 

and Katherine his wife, there b.; K. J. 



Abraham Vandend Borse, silk-weaver; b. in 

Maidstone in Kent; K. J. 
Balthazar de Rake, silkeweaver; b. in Flaun- 

ders ; K. J. 
John Daniell, tallow-chaundler; b. in Flaun- 

ders ; and Hellen his wife, ibidem ; 

K. J. 
Maxamilian Lambert, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 

ders; K. J. 
Anthony Feilde, silkeweaver; b. in Lisle in 

Flaunders ; K. J. 
Jaques Russie, silkeweaver; b. in Valentine; 

K. J. 

Loys de Creaton, silkeweaver ; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Elizabeth his wife; K. J. 
Clement de Fountaine, silkweaver; b. in 

Roane in Normandy; K. J. 
Jehan Forlorne, silkweaver; b. in Gaunte in 

Flaunders; K. J. 
John Tisiwane, silktreaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Sara his wife, in Antwerpe; K. J. 
John Sterline, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Sara his wife, of Antwerpe; K. J. 
John de Cane, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

a lodger with one Ambrose Holliwell; 

K. J. 
John Marre, silkeweaver; b. in Norwich; a 

lodger with Ambrose Holliwell; K. J. 
Jehan Beauverty, Peir de la Pau, Jaques 

Libert; all of them b. under the A.; all 

K. J. 
Peter Terry, silkweaver; b. in South wark; 

K. J. 
Frauncis Pelman, b. in Fraunkford; Antony 

Delaume and Isaac Fictore, both b. under 

the S. ; all lodgers with Robert Evans; 

K. J. 
Jonas de la Fountaine, silkweaver; b. in 

London; and Jane his wife, b. in Nor- 
mandy; K. J. 
Samuell Van Iberge, silkweaver; lodger with 

one Jonas de la Fountaine ; b. in Amster- 
dam; K. J. 

Christofer Darsneye, b. in Germaney; silk- 
weaver ; lodger in the house of Henry 
Harvey in Halfe Moone Alley; K. J. 

Luke Deminay, b. in Antwerpe; K. J. 

Frauneis Trouly, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 
K. J. 

Jehan Ballien, silkweaver; b. in Antwerp ; 
and Mary his wife ; K. J. 

Nicodame Drogeir, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; K. J.; and Elizabeth his wife. 

Phillip Le Page, silkireaver; b. in Flaunders; 
K. J. 

Nicholas Bousey, silkweaver; b. in Heywaull, 
under the A.; and Mary his wife; K. J. 

Artus Tiroine, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 
and Anne his wife; both K. J. 

Adrian Plichon, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 
and Sibille his wife; K. J. 

Peter Lampo, silkweaver; b. in Canterbury; 
K. J. 

James Le Calliett, silkweaver; b. in Canter- 
bury; K. J. 

Elly Bruinge, silkweaver; b. in Wrasall ; and 
Katherine his wife, b. in Flaunders; K. J. 

Jonas Deuill, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 
K. J. 

John Cornelius, silkweaver; b. in Flauuders; 
K. J. 

Jaques Caudeler and Peir Malliera, silk- 
weavers; and lodgers within Thomas Jor- 
den ; K. J. 

Anthony de Lo Belle, Jehan Ferry, and 
Isaack, lodgers within the house of John 
Saunderson ; all K. J. 

Peter Terry, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 
and logeing with one M r Smith, in Halfe 
moone Alley; K. J. 

Haunce de Graue, silkweaver; Anwerp; 
lodger with widow Hall, in Half Moone 
alley; and one Nicholas, a laffety weaver; 
in parte of Flaunders ; K. J. 

John Lambert, silkweaver; b. in in 

Normandy; K. J. 



Mucerne Curtelow, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 

ders; and Katherine his wife; K. J. 
Peter Le Cane, silkweaver ; b. in Canterbui-y; 

K. J. 
Andrew Charles, silkweaver; b. in Fraunders 

(sic); and Katherine his wife ; K. J. 
Guillam Dedame, silkiceaver; b. in Quintons 

in Picardye; and Mary hys wife; K. J. 
Phillip Le Clark, silkeweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

and Jane his wife ; inmates ; K. J. 
James Knight, thred maker; b. in Antwerpe ; 

K. J. 

Roack Duforey,joyner; b. in Flaunders; K. J. 
Abraham Danger, silkweaver; b. in White- 

chappell ; K. J. 

John Le Brysure, thredmaker; b. in Flaun- 
ders ; an inmate or lodger with the said 

Abraham Danger ; K. J. 
Paul Phillippes, 'blacksmith; b. in Emden ; 

K. J. 
Joas Mace, reedmaker ; b. in Gaunte in 

Flaunders; K. J. 
John Debert, turner; b. in Colchester; and 

Elizabeth his wife, b. in Iper in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Toby Henry, turner; b. in Fraunckford, 

under the E.; K. J. 
Esayas Lower, sakiceaver; b. in Antwerpe ; 

K. J. 
Jaques Le Bek, weaver; b. in Vellinton in 

Flaunders ; who lodgeth and worketh with 

the said Lowire ; K. J. 
John Sugar, silkweaver; b. in Vallentine in 

Flaunders ; who lodgeth and worketh with 

the said Lowire; K. J. 

Guillam Lessage, hempdresser; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Anthoinet his wife, b. in Bol- 

lonia ; K. J. 
Abraham de Loe, silkeiceaver; b. in Flaunders; 

and Anthoinet his wife, b. in Bollonia; 

K. J. 
John Sincoll, silkeweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

K. J. 

John de Voyce, silkweaver; b. in Canterbury; 

K. J. 
John Lambert, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

K. J. 
Noell Fancier, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

and Mary his wife; K. J. 
Toby de Soin, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Samuell Wittes, silkweaver; b. in Callis; and 

Judith his wife; K. J. 
Garrett Poulton, silkeweaver; jornyman and 

lodger with the said Wittes ; b. in Holland ; 

K. J. 
Jacob Scribot; b. in Franckford; journymau 

with the said Wittes; K. J. 
David Billiard, silk-weaver; b. in Geneva; 

jorniman and lodger with the aforesaid 

Wittes; K. J. 
Peter Fauponer, hempdresser; Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Abraham Leuse, silkeweaver; b. in Valentine 

in Flaunders; K. J. 

Augustine Lefure, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Margaret his wife; K. J. 
Giles William, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

and Ann his wife; K. J. 
Frauncis Arisort, silk throsler; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Charity his wife; K. J. 
Jero Legram, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
John Gauery, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Peter Burd, silkweaver; b. in Southwark ; 

K. J. 

Allexander Le Nor, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; K. J. 
John Tulley, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 

K. J. 
William Jacobson, turner; b. in Embden ; 

K. J. 

John Teflin; b. in parte of Flaunders; K. J. 
John Lawncell, twister; b. in Canterbury ; 

and Hester his wife; K. J. 



Nicholas Michebroke; b. in Gaunte in Flaun- 
ders; K. J. 

Phillip Bonglifluir, silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; K. J. 

David Matton, silkweaver; b. in Holland ; and 
Peter Coppine, thredmaken Flaunders; 
K. J. 

John Cremou, silkeweaver; b. in Cleueland; 
and Jacomanie his wife; K. J. 

Derick Donnsell, silkireaver, and Haunce 
Vermaunde, also silkiceaver; b. in Anwerpe; 
l>otb.journymen to Jehan Cramou, and lodger 
with John Tillman, in three toun alley ; K. J. 

Charles Le Roy, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders ; 
K. J. 

Michaell do la Marr; b. in Canterbury; and 
Katherine his wife; K. J. 

Jane Sebrom, toidow; b. in Flaunders; hath 
an inmate one Lyon Chattanie, silkweaver; 
b. in Flaunders both; K. J. 

George Cawny, silkireaver ; b. in Turny in 
Flaunders; and Hester his wife; K. J. 

Claud Juliet, silkweaver; b. in Barroys neer 
Barronie; and Lucy his wife, b. in Lor- 
raine; K. J. 

Adam Bouer, tuffttafety weaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Mary his wife; K. J. 

Jaques Les Callit, silkeu-eaver; b. in, Flaun- 
ders; and Margret his wife; K. J. 

Peter Robinson, silJcweaver; b. in Midel- 
borough; K. J. 

Nicholas Corque; b. in Flaunders; and Jane 
his wife; K. J. 

John Le Fence, silkweaver; b. in Fraunce; 
and Anne his wife; K. J. 

Godfry Van Haselle, silkieeaver; b. in Callice; 
and Elizabeth his wife; K. J. 

Anthony Desallier,' silkweaver; b. in Flaun- 
ders; and Betermame his wife; K. J. 

Peter Patteer, silkweaver; b. in Canterbury ; 
and Mary his wife; K. J. 

John Lordell, silkweaver; b. in London; K. J. 

Luke Cresin, silkweaver; Tousanctes Verri- 

ence; both b. in Flaunders, and lodgers 

within the house of one Thomas Burbidge; 

K. J. 
Jaques de Lobell, sill-weaver; b. in Valentine 

in Flaunders; K. J. 
Peir Blanchart, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J. 
Jehan Maumse, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; 

K. J.; lodgeth with him William Hancock. 
James Corson, silkweaver; b. in Flaunders; K.J. 
Jaques Le Callett; b. in Norwich; K. J. 
John Fortree, merchaunte; b. in Lilly in 

Flaunders; K. J.; hath dwelt in the city 

of London 50 yeers. 
John Nulles; b. in London; K. J. 
John Vanderbrugge, merchaunte; b. in Maid- 
stone in Rente; K. J. 
John de Baker, merchaunte; b. in Gent in 

Flaunders; K. J. 
Leonard Sweers, merchaunt; b in Midle- 

borough in Zelande ; K. J. 
John Minon, merchaunt; b. in Flaunders in 

Newport; f. d.; K. J. 
John Le Cherch; b. in Antwerpe; merchaunt 

stranger; K. J. 

Abraham Aurelius, minister of the Fr. con- 
grey, in London; b. in London; K. J.* 
David Stainere; b. in Collonia Agripina; a 

denizen; K. J. 
James Le Tour; b. in London; merchaunt 

straunger, whose father as he saith was 

f. d.; K.J. 

Adam La.\vrence,merchaunt; b. in London; K.J. 
Abraham Van Oenlen, merchaunt ; b. in 

Norwich in the co. of Norfolke. 
Joos de Neeue; b. at ; merchaunt; 

partner, and dwellinge with the aforesaid 

Adam Lawrence. 

Daniel Van Sheele; b. in Antwerpe; K. E. 
Paulus Vandeuelle, painter; b. in Antwerpe; 

K. E. 

He was minister from 1605 to 1621. 



Abraham Baker, merchaunte; b. in Gent, 

under the A. Albertus; K. J. 
John Libert, merchaunt; b. in Sandwich; K.E. 
Charles Lebon, preacher;* b. in Sandwich; 

K. E. 

Abigail Lefoes ; b. in Flaunders; K. J. 
Charles Hosier, dyer; b. in Fraunce; K. J. 
Jane Williamson, widow; b. in Sandwich; 

by trade a merchaunte; K. J. 

Lionell de Rensey, merchaunte; b. in Ant- 

werpe; K. J. 
Sherard Mallines, merchaunte; b. in Ant- 

werpe; K. J. 
Adrian de Bee, a seruiture ; b. in Antwerpe; 

K. E. 
Peter Massian, thredmaker ; b. in Sedan, in 

the Duke of Bullin's contry; K. J. 


Derick Hoast, merchaunt; b. in the county 
of Zeland, in the citie of Midleboroughe ; 
made a denizen the 20 th day of December, 
in the ii d yeere of H. M.'s raigne of Eng- 
lande; a householder, and has noe inmates 
or lodgers. 

Jaques Oddes, merchaunt; b. in the county 
of Hollande, in the city of Amsterdam ; a 
den. and householder with his sister and 
maid servante. 

Joas Calfe, merchaunte ; b. in the county of 
Flaunders, in the city of Cartrick ; a den. 
and householder; has noe lodgers. 

William Kipp, goaldsmith; b. in Utrest ; 
dweller heer above 30 yeers, and is no de- 
nizen; hath lodgeing with him his daughter 
and her husband, who was b. at Midle- 
boroughe; a young man, a merchaunte; b. 
at Hamborow. 

Stephen Le Goughe, merchaunte ; b. in Ant- 
werpe; no denizen ; hath lodgeing with 
him Lawrence Meacher, merchaunt; b. in 
Wessell in Jermany; and Charles Buecell, 
b. in Colley in Jermany; all K. J. 

Thomas Cootells, knight and merchaunte; a 
den. resident 39 yeers in London; b. at 
Antwerpe, in ; noe man lodgeing 

in his house; knighted by K. J. of Eng- 
land, his dependaunt. [See Introd. xii.] 

Henry van Houer; b. in Dorte; merchaunte; 
M r John Syoy and his wife, Inmates. M r 
Henry Kee now beyond sea. 

Sillis Tiesse, merchaunte; b. in the county of 
Zelande, in the city Campher; den., a 
householder, and hath noe inmates. 

James Hobell; b. in Flaunders; a den., 
having noe inmates. 

Frauncis Sayon; b. at Bridges in the county 
of Flaunders; merchaunt, and noe den.; 
hath lodgeing in his house his brother 
James Sayon, diamond cutter; b. in the 
same towne or city. 

Allexander Vanende, merchaunte; b. at Me- 
chely in Brabunt; hath kept himself in 
this country under his Majestie'a dominion 
theis 32 yeers, and doth endeavour to end 
the same. 

Peter Wivoe; b. in Pectain in the county of 
Flaunders; noe den., haveinge beene here 
35 yeers; K. J. 

Henry Loiskius; b. in the Kingdonreof Cleue; 
f. d.; hath dwelt in London this 20 yeeres; 
doth keepe noe lodgers nor inmates. 


Robert Betram, aged about 72 yeers; b. in the under F. K.; f. d. for theis 40 yeers last 

city of Roane in Normandy, in Fraunce, past; a hatband maker; hath a wife and 

* He is not mentioned in Mr. Burn's list of Ministers.' 



family, and two sonnes both at man's estate; Theodoras Deodate, a Doctor in Phisick; b. 

b. beere in Englande; K. J. 
Christian Johnson, aged 31 yeers; b. in the 
city of Antwerpe, under the A. Albertus ; 
noe f. d. and an imbroderer; hee hath a 
wife, also a Dutchman; hee hath been 
in Englande about 13 yeers; K. J. 

in Geneva; hath lived in England theis 20 
yeers; hath a wife an English woman; 
K. J.; and dwelleth in the . parishe of S l 
Mary Magdalen within the saide warde. 


Robert Lean, estraunger; b. at in 

Camberzes, in the Dukedome of Cambria, 
under the A. of Austria; a merchaunt; f. d. ; 
K. J. 

Anthony Houbeton; b. at Lille in Flaunders, 

under the A. of Austria; a merchaunt; 
K. J., and to him acknowledging religion. 
David Bonnell; b. in Norwich, the son of an 
alien ; K. J.; a merchaunt. 


Adrian Harmansey, widow; b. in Turny in 

Flaunders, under the A.; K. J. 
John Le Blon, tufftaffety weaver; b. in Turny, 

under the A., &c.j K. J. 
Anthony de Veal, lace-weaver; b. in Turny, 

under the A.; K. J. 
Michaell Deschalt, broad- weaver; b. in Lile in 

Flaunders, under the Emperor Charles ; 

K. J. 
Peter Doby, broadsilk-weaver; b. in Cambry 

in the Lowe Countries, under the A.; K. J. 
Jacob Spea, box maker; b. in Dixmeachen in 

in Flaunders, under the A.; K. J. 
Elizabeth Boury, widow; b. in London of 

straungers; K, E. 
Frauncis Roublin, tuffetaffety weaver; b. in 

Turny; K. J. 

James Wood, merchaunt; b. at Lile in Flaun- 
ders, at a place called Tarkanie, under the 

dominion of the K. of Spain; K. J. 
Robert Terry, tuffetaffety weaver, citizen of 

London; b. in Turney ; K. J. 
Noe Bartram, tuffetaffety weaver; b. in Han- 

nego near Turney, under the A.; K. J. 
Isaack Rowsell, merchaunt; b. in Sandwich 

in Kent of straungers ; K. J. 

John Franckavill, merclumnt; b. in Cambry 
in Flaunders, under the A.; K. J. 

Harman Michaell, pearl pearcer; b. in Bra- 
bant, under the A.; K. J. 

Mary Mailer, -widow; a lodger in the house 
of the said Harman Michell; b. in Ant- 
werp in Brabant, under the A.; K. J. 

Mary Remy, widow; b. in Monn in Hannego, 
under the A.; K. J. 

James Frutier, tufftaffety weaver ; et uxor, 
with the said Mary Remy; b. in Antwerpe; 

Dauiell Heringhooke, merchaunt; b. in Sand- 
wich in Kent of straungers; K. J. 

Jane Detallier, widow; b. in Canterbury in 
England of straungers ; K. J. 

David Marishall, merchaunt; b. in London of 
straungers; K. J. 

Anthony Le Key, jornyman; b. in Wallon, 
under the A.; K. J. 

Mathew Auill, weaver ; b. in Sodam in 
Fraunce; K. J. 

Katherine Sowth, widow; b. at Newcastle in 
Picardy, under K. F.; K. J. 

Jane Terry, widow;* b. at Newcastle, Turny, 
aforesaid; K. J. 



John Decampe, tuffetaffety weaver ; b. at 
Coutrick in Flaunders; K. J. 

Martin Van Rose, journyman; b. at Col- 
chester in Essex of straungers; K. J. 

William Hoost, merchaunt; b. in Dantsick, 
under the King of Hollande; K. J. 

Marean Barty, merchaunte; b. at Luca in 

Italy, and now dependeth upon the govern- 
ment thereof. 

Elizabeth de la Fountaine, widow; b. in 
London of straungers; K. J. 

Andrew Millmaster, merchaunt; b. in London 
of straungers ; K. J. 

Mathew Bolt; London by strangers; K. J. 


Peter Bultell; b. in London; age 37 yeers; 
merchaunt; K. J.; hath neither inmate nor 
servant stranger. 

Peter Debois; b. in the city of Canterbury; 
age 42 yeers; merclutunt; being the sonne 
of James De Bois, who was made den. in 
the 8 yeere of Q. Eliz.; K. J.; and has a 
servant named John Salenson, b. at Gaunt, 
under the A. 

John Soond; b. in Norwich; age 38 yeers; 

thredman; K. J. 
Abraham Frambrock, thredman; b. at Gaunt, 

under the A.; age 41 yeers; hath dwelt in 

London 31 yeers; K. J. 
Stephen Isbane; b. at Rouse; a free citizen; 

and Camillo Bonvenuty, b. at Florence in 

Italy, and depends under the Duke of 



Frauncis Vanaker, merchaunt, and Mary his 
wife, have inhabited the parishe of S l 
Michaell Cornehill about 28 yeers; b. in 
Belle and Lile in Flaunders; now under 
the government of Alberture the A ; and 
Frauncis Lodwick his servant, also b. in 
Belle; K. E. 

Paul de Lobell, apoticary; b. in Anwerp; 
now in the government of the A. of Al- 
berture; in England about 22 yeers; K. E. 

John Ascaller, age 21 yeers; now servant to 
Paul de Lobell; b. in Augusta in Germany, 
under the E. 


James King; a Dutchman's sonne; b. in Lon- 
don; K. E. 

Ezechiell Snelling, diamond cutter; b. in 
Augsburch in Jermany; K. E. 

Christofer Meisener, diamond cutter; b. in 
Germany; K. E. 

Jasper Meisener, diamond cutter, b. in Ger- 
many; John Paulsen, diamond cutter, b. 
inHanborow; Peter Lacord, b. in Franck- 
ford, diamond cutter; all K. E. 

Michaell Acte, shoemaker, b. in Holland, but 
is now beyond sea; John Nytingall, dia- 
mond cutter, b. in Midleboroughe; Peter 
Morden, diamond cutter, b. in Antwerpe; 
all K. E. 

Pasker Kinge, candlemaker; b. in Flanderes; 
K. E. 

John Lawrence, diamond cutter; b. in Eng- 
lande, but a straunger's sonne, and now 
beyonde the seas; K. E. 



Christian Multon, luttonmalcer ; b. in Nor- 

mandy; K. E. 
Ann Hamlett, a thred setter; b. in Brabunte ; 

K. E. 
Baldwin Blackeles, diamond cutter, b. in 

Parris; James Tillian, diam. cutter, b. in 

Parris ; Reignold de la Marr, diam : cutter, 

b. in Fraunce; all K. E. 
Claude Corder; b. in Callice; diamond cutter; 

K. E. 
Phillip Roger, thred dier; a Dutchman's son ; 

b. in Kente; K. E. 


Henry Blanckau, tailor; b. in Sutffen in Gil- 

derland, under Graue Morrice. 
Michaell Dubunt, button maker; b. in Pump- 

forse in Normandy, under K. F.; and one 

of the elders of the French Church. 
John Baptista Roza, goldsmith spinner; b. in 

Millaine et aliane, under K. S. 
Michaell Forhow, spinster ; b. in Saint 

Thoma in Artois, under K. S., and under 

the French church. 

Askarat Lawrenzo, gentleman; Italian, under 
the Senore of Venice. 

Sacre Fredrick, goldsmith; b. in Stuttene in 
Germany, under the E. 

John Vandon Benden, merchaunt; b. in Bris- 
sels in Brabunt, under the A. 

Frauncis Cornelius, goldspinner; b. in Mil- 
laine, under K. S. ; hee is an Italian. 


Widow Sandborae; b. at Bruges in Flaun- 

ders, under the A. ; f. d.; K. J. 
Garret Derick; b. in Cullen, and no f. d.; 

K. J. 
Harman Daluin; b. in the Dukedome of 

Gulickeland, and noe f. d.; K. J. 
Edward Hqltsweller; b. in the Dukedome of 

Gulickelande, and noe f. d.; K. J. 
John Dauson ; b. in Gilderland, and noe f. d. ; 

K. J.; and hath lodgeing in his howse 

theis two men next followeing : 
Adrian Van Ouerwall; b. in Flauuders, and 

noef. d.; K. J. 
Nicolas Acare; b. in Callis, and noe f. d.; 

K. J. 

Jeremy Williams; b. in Zeland ; f. d.; K. J. 
Jacob Witterongle, Irewer; b. in Gaunte in 

Flaunders; f. d. with Ann his wife, b. in 

Antwerpe in Brabunt; both K. J.; and 

hath the fower persons next undernamed 

in his house : 

William Paggen; b. at Hensburge in Gulick- 

land; f. d.; K. J ; 
Denis Houerd ; b. in Hensburg in Gulick- 

land; noef. d.; miller; K. J.; 
John Le Coster; b. atSitterd in Gullickland; 

noe f. d.; a turmman; K. J.; 
Peter Dousell; b. at Hensburg in Gulick- 

land; noe f. d.; K. J. 
Peter Camp, tailor; b. in Gilderlande; noe 

f. d.; K. J. 
Hubbert Francklin, thred throster ; b. in 

Mostreet in the Bishoprick of Luke; no f. d. ; 

and Jerannicha his wife, b. in Flaunders, 

in the towne of Gaunte, under the A.; 

both K. J. 
Peter Hartman; b. in Brissell in Brabunt, 

under the A.; noe f. d.; K. J.; hee is a 

thred throster. 
James Cornet, silk throster; b. at Bridges in 

Flaunders, under the A.; houskeeper; noe 

f. d.;K. J. 



Cornel' Cornet; Bridges in Flaunderes; 

noe f. d.; K. J. 

Within Thomas Rockwood one Frauncis 
Formanger; b. in Antwerpe; not f. d.; in 
the dominion of King Phillip; K. J. 
Also within Thomas Rockwood is Katherin 
Fancwilk; b. in Antwerpe, in the domi- 
nion of K. Philip; K. J. 
Baalis Stamphouse, baker and housekeeper ; 
noe f. d.; with Katherine his wife; K. J. 
Roger Adony; b. in Vncle, under the Bishop 
of Calline; cotcper; servant to M r Jaques ; 
noe f. d.; K. J. 

Arnoes de Febrice; b. in Turny, under the 
A.; weaver and householder; noe f. d.; 
with Suzanna Vannher, b. in Embrick in 
Cleueland; both K. J. 

John Whardendorffe; b. in the city of Cullen; 
merchant and housekeeper; free of the old 
Haunce; not f. d.; K. J. 
Conradus van Berenbat; b. under the E. van 

Seigne; noe f. d.; K. J. 
Haruian Rickman ; b. in the city of Hambrow 
in Germany; merchaunt; of the old Haunce; 
noe f. d. ; K. J. 
Marcus Brand; b. in Hambrow in Germany; 

noef. d.; K. J. 

Georg Stampoll; b. in the city of Hambrow 

in Jermany; of the old Haunce; riot f. d.; 

housekeeper; K. J.; and hath in his house 

men senantes, viz.: 

John Heath; b. in the city of Hambrow in 

Jermany, and noe f. d.; K. J. 
Henry Easick; b. in Hambrow in Germany; 

nof. d.; K. J.; 
Jasper Monsdan ; b. in Cleueland ; merchaunt 

of the auld Haunc; and noe f. d. ; K. J. 
Jasper Hein; b. in the city of Culline; im- 
broderer and housekeeper ; no f. d. ; 
K. J. 

John Hangerman; b. in Minnister in West- 
phalia; merchaunt stranger and house- 
keeper; noe f. d.; K. J. 

Isaack Askew; b. in Amsterdam ; silkthroxter 

and housekeeper; noe f. d.; K. J. 
John Mettes; b. in Gulick in the Dukedome 

of Cleueland ; tailer and housekeeper; 

K. J.; and hath six journymen in his 

house, thred dyers: 
Peter Van Cam; b. at Antwerp; noe f. d.; 


Frauncis Rutes; b. at Hosbrooke; noe f. d. ; 

K. J.; 
Mates Ingelberth; b. in Turney, under the 

A. of Brabunt; noe f. d.; K. J.; 
Frauncis de Lotell ; b. in Morgan, under the 

A.; noe f. d.; K. J.; 
Martin Viman; b. in Diseldorpe, under the 

Duke of Cleuelan; noe f . d ; K. J.; 
Humer Williams; b. in Barganopson; noe 

f. d., K. J. 
Roger Stephens, factor; b. under the Duke 

of Cleue; noef. d.; K. J. 
Giles Lampe, thred dier; noe f. d.; b. in 

Fraunce, under the Duke of Guize; K. J. 
John Elias, locksmith; noe f. d.; b. under 

the Duke of Barne, in Jermany; K. J. 
Harman Johnson, locksmith; noe f. d.; b. 

under the Duke of Barne, in Jermany ; 

K. J. 
Garret Sluce ; noe f. d.; b. under the D. of 

Cleue; K. J. 

John Buck, carver; f. d.; b. at Roan in Nor- 
mandy; K. J. 
Peter Van Mace; b. in Gaunt ; and Ann his 

wife, b. at Bridges; noef. d.; tape weavers; 

K. J. 
Giles Van Bruggs, merchaunt and f. d.; b. at 

Hardlem; K. J. 
Jacob Van Brugges, servant; b. at Hardlem; 

K. J. 
John Lewes, and Elizabeth his wife ; f. d. ; 

b. in Antwerpe; K. J. 
Peter Oste, lynen weaver; noe f. d.; b. in 

Cortreke, under the A., in Flaunders ; 

K. J. 


John Pippinge, to a brewer; b. 

under the Bishop of Mounster in Jermany ; 
K. J. 

Baltaser Lamberman, jeweller; noe f. d.; b. 
at Ousborow in Jermany ; and Mary his 
wife, b. in Antwerpe; K. J. 

Lawrence Chambers, servant; b. at Harlame 

in Hollande; K. J. 
Samuell Coosens, merchaunt; b. in Midle- 

boroughe; K. J. 
Cornelius Sigrast, threddyer; Antwerp; 

K. J. 


Gabriell de Vandwmer, resiant in the Duke's 
place; b. in Owdenere in Flaunders, under 
the A.; hee being of the D ch congreg. ; 
hath been in England this 52 yeers. 

Daniel Le Clark, &c.; b. in the county of 
Flaunders, in the city of Gaunt, under the 
A.; of the D ch congreg.; in England 13 

John Derickson, &c. ; b. in the county of 
Anderbury, under the Earle of Aulden- 
boroughe, in Dutchland; in England 1 2 

Anthonie Van Rea, &c. ; b. in Rea in Liff- 
land, under the King of Polande; of the 
D ch congreg. ; in England 7 monethes. 

Derick Helden, &c.; b. in Hensboroughe in 
Gulickland, under the Duke of Gulick; of 
the D ch congreg.; in England 30 yeers. 

Garret Clause, &c. ; b. in the county of 
Holland, under the Prince of Cringe; a 
protestant; and hath been in England 2 

Erasmus Henrick, &c.; b. in the land of 
Hulst, under the K. of Denmarke; of the 
D ch congreg. ; in England 16 yeers. 

Barthasar Cremer, &c.; b. in Cullen, under 
the Bishop of Cullen; of the D ch ch.; in 
England 2 yeeres. 

Albert Utman, &c.; b. in the county of Bert 
in Dutchland; of the D ch ch.; in England 
16 yeeres. 

Samuel Willigame, &c.; b. in Midleborowin 
Zeland; repaireth to the D ch ch.; in Eng- 
land 1 y. 2 mo. 

Garret Dirickson, &c. ; b. in the city of 
Utrick; of the D ch ch.; in England 6 

David Van Husse, &c.; b. in the city of 
Franckeford, under the E. of Germany ; 
of the D ch ch.; in England 10 monethes. 

Simon de Roll, &c.; b. in Brisilles in Bra- 
bunt, under the A.; of the .... church; 
in England 9 yeres. 

William Gisence, &c.; b. in Cullen, under 
the Bishop of Cullen; of the Dutch ch.; in 
England 9 mo. 

Henrick Verhuit, &c.; b. in Rean in the 
county of Utrick; of the D ch ch.; in Eng- 
land 4 mo. 

Henry Midledurpe, &c.; b. in Erie, under 
the Duke of Vandenborough, in Dutch- 
land; of the D ch ch.; in England 3 yeers. 

Gyles Cosen, &c.; b. in Cortrick in Flaunders, 
under the A.; of the D ch ch.; in England 
4 monethes. 

Arnold Artson, &c.; b. at Anwerpe, under 
the A.; of the D ch ch.; in England 25 

John de Pouer, &c.; b. in Antwerpe, under 
the A.; of the D ch congreg.; in England 
2 monethes. 

George Burius, &c. ; b. in Antwerp, under 
the A.; of the D ch congreg.; in England 
24 yeers. 

Jone Vegar, &c.; b. in Gaunt in Flaunders, 
under the A.; of the D ch congreg.; in 
England 43 yeeres. 

Wessell Johnson, &c. ; b. in Greethein in 



Fleezland, under the Earl of Emden ; of 
the D ch ch.; in England 2 yeers. 

Daniell de Hannah, &c.; b. in Kemden in 
Holland, under the S. of Holland; of the 
D ch ch.; in England 3 weekes. 

Jois Mooreman, &c.; b. in Bridges in Flaun- 
ders, under the A.; of the D ch congreg. ; 
in Englande 15 yeers. 

Elias Hodseman, &c.; b. in the city of Bran- 
dleboroughe, under the Duke of Branden- 
boroughe ; of the D ch ch. ; in Englande 1 

Harman Speekmer, &c.; b. in Westfalling, 
under the Graue of Teckenboroughe ; of 
the D ch ch.; in England 2 yeeres. 

Cornelius Johnson, &c.; b. in Dort in Hol- 
lande, under the Prince of Orreng; of the 
D ch ch.; in England 47 yeeres. 

Henry Wean, &c.; b. at Dist in Brabunt, 
under the A.; hath used to frequente the 
parish church of Saint Katherine Cree- 
churche; about theis thirty yeers in Eng- 

Lewis Lorcandus, &c.; b. in Letheren in the 
province of Curtwaise, under the A.; of the 
French ch.; in England theis 25 yeeres. 

Lucas de Feauour, c.; b. in Chasi..... in 
Quambersey, under the A.; of the Fr. ch.; 
in Englande 6 yeeres. 

Jerom de Feauour, &c.; b. in Bothren in 
Fraunce ; of the Fr. ch.; in England 3 mo. 

Herman Heckers, &c.; b. in Gulick, under 
the Duke of Gulick ; of the D ch ch.; in 
England 21 yeers. 

John Johnson, &c.; b. in Amsterdam, under 
the S.; of the D ch ch.; 8 monethes in Eng- 

Henry Price, &c.; b. in Dotswick, under the 
King of Polande; of the D ch ch.; in Eng- 
land 2 yeers. 

Edward Johnson, &c.; b. in Burchaughe in 
Gelderlande, under the S. of Hollande ; of 
the D ch ch.; in Englande 7 monethes. 

George Germon, &c.; b. in Frankendale, 

under the Prince Pallatine; of the D ch ch.; 

in England 2 yeeres. 
Arnold de Greuer, &c. ; b. in Arklandes, in 

the Dukedom of Gelder, under the A.; of 

the D ch ch.; in England 28 yeeres. 
Peter Duree, f. d., &c.; b. in Licteron in the 

county of Artwaise, under the A.; of the 

Fr. ch.; in Englande 21 yeers. 
James Speckmier, &c.; b. in Owstenbrig, 

under the E, of Jermany ; of the D oh ch.; 

in England 6 yeers. 
John Cooke, &c.; b. in Antwerpe in Braben, 

under the A.; of the Fr. ch.; in England 

2 yeeres. 
John Milt, &c.; b. in Pollain, under the 

King of Polland ; of the D ch ch.; in Eng- 
land 2 monethes. 
Abraham Van Bennick, &c.; b. in Dansk, 

under K. P.; of the D ch ch.; in England 

6 weekes. 
Charles Utenhall, &c.; b. in Owldenseale, 

under the S. of Hollande; of the D ch 

congreg.; in England 18 yeeres. ' 
Peter Lonckpeck, &c.; Antwerpe, under 

the A.; of the D ch ch.; in England 7 

Dominick Van Cutwick, &c.; b. in Sarto- 

goevassa, under the A.; of the D ch congreg.; 

in England 30 yeeres. 
Samuell All win, &c.; b. in Antwerp, under 

the A.; of the D ch congreg.; in Englande 

18 yeers. 
Michaell Borgen, &c. ; b. in Venlone, under 

the A.; of the D ch congreg.; in England 

8 monethes. 

Henry Vaubeuenen, &c.; b. in Donswick, 
under K. P.; of the D ch ch.; in Englande 

9 monethes. 

John Vanbeuenen, &c. ; b. in Donswick, 
under K. P.; of the D ch ch.; in Englande 
9 monethes. 

Jaques Deuter, &c.; b. in Midleborough, 



under the S., in Zelande; of the Fr. ch.; 
in Englande 6 monethes. 

John Baptist, &e. ; b. in Antwerp, under the 
A.; of the D ch ch.; in England 25 yeeres. 

John Hornick, &c. ; b. in Engleham, under 
the Prince Pallantine; repaireth to the 
English and Dutch churches; in England 
10 yeeres. 

Frauncis Vanderbrock, &c.; b. at Meesen, in 
the west parte of Flaunders, under the A.; 
reader of the D ch ch.; in England 42 yeeres. 

Derick Wesells, &c. ; b. in Small in Gilder- 
land, under the'prinee of Oring ; of the 
D ch congreg.; in England 22 yeers. 

Garret Garretson, &c. ; b. in the county of 
Utrick, under P. O. ; of the D ch congreg. 

Albert Johnson, &c.; b. in the county of 
Utrick, under P. O.; of the D ch ch.; in 
England 7 mo. 

John Lucas, &c.; b. in Rodderdam in Hol- 
land, under P. O.; of the D ch ch.; in 
England 6 mo. 

Peter Garretson, &c. ; b. in the city of Utrick, 
under P. O.; in Englande 15 yeers. 

Christofer Besener, &c. ; b. in Franckeford, 
under the E. ; of the D ch ch. ; hath been 
in Englande. 


John Beaushau, Frenchman ; b. in Parris, 
under the soveraignety of K. J., and is the 
Prince's servant. 

Adrian Roquine, Frenchman, hath in his 
house two more; all b. in Normandy, under 
H. M's. soveraignty of England. 

Daniell Fowbart; b. in Blois in Fraunce; K. J. 

Gedeon de Lawne, Frenchman; apothicary 
to his Ma'J ; K. J. 

Peter Grauier, Frenchman; b. in Roan; K. J. 

Abraham Harderet hath two Frenchmen in 
his rentes : Peter Denoe, b. in Normandy, 
a Roman catholicque, under K. F.; and 
John Count, of the Fr. ch., and under the 
same Kinge. 

Widow Hickman hath in her house five 
Frenchmen : (1.) Robert Dardell, surgeon, 
communicate of the Fr. ch.; (2.). Bartho- 
lomew Denow, tailer, a Roman Catholicq.; 
(3.) Peter Boy, comunicate of the Fr. ch.; 
(4.) John de Pessery, tailer, comunicate of 
the Fr. ch.; (5.) John Auber, tailer, b. in 
Normandy,a Romishe catholicque. Dardell, 
Boy, and Pessery, under K. J.; and Denow 
and Auber under K. F. 

John Lamot; Roan in Normandy; K. J. 

Cornelius Mellin; b. at Diepe in Fraunce, 

under K. E., and is of the Fr. ch. 
Frauncis Bargier, Frenchman; communicate 

of the Fr. ch. 
Richard Ude hath in his house Thomas Car- 

lett, John Miller, and Mathias Ollery; all 

b. in Germany, and tailers; of the D'' h ch.; 

under K. J.; also Peter Frenchman, a 

woman catholique, and under K. F. 
Barnaby Martinet, clockmaker; b. in Paris; a 

Roman Catholicque. 
In Thomas Price his house two Dutchmen, 

Thomas Vennon and Isaack Pegle; both of 

the D ch ch.; K. J. 
Robert Remshe; b. in Carentine, under the 

Prince of Ostria; .of the D ch ch.; K. J. 
Daniell Forman within M r Lardenois' house; 

b. in Fraunce; K. F. 
In Robert Ashwell's house, John Thomas, a 

Frenchman; b. in Paris; K. J. 
In M r Jacob Hardrette's house, Daniell Coddy, 

a Jerman; K. J. 
In M r Allen's Rentes, John Througard, 

Frenchman; and in Througarde's house, 

one William Gallon, Frenchman; both of 

theFr. ch.; K. J. 



In Cornelius Mellin's house, Abraham Per- 
ron, Frenchman; William del la Vereter, 
Frenchman; Peter Meron, Frenchman; 
John Monsey, William Martinet, French- 
man ; all of the Fr. ch. ; K. J. 


John Kemere, Frenchman ; a button maker; 

b. in Sidonn in Fraunce, under the Duke 

of Bullyn. 
John Saluaunes, a scholler by profession < b. 

in Germanic, under the Duke of Maklen- 

Leonard Vanderlen, a tallow chandler; b. at 

Midleboroughe, under the A. 
Leonard Vanderlen; a young man, being the 

aforesaid his apprentice ; b. at the place 

aforesaid, and under as aforesaid. 
Apoloma Shoemaker, widow; a householder; 

b. in Brabunt, under the S. ; in England 

28 yeers ; hath had two children b. in the 

said parish ; K. E. 
John Flessiers, imbroderer; a lodger in the 

house of one Thomas Bignell, uppon Lud- 

gate Hill ; b. in the Hage in Holland, 

under the S. ; in England 2 yeeres ; K.E. 
Margaret Farcot, widow ; an inmate in the 

house of Robert Bower, on Ludgate Hill ; 

b. in Rone in Fraunce; in England about 

40 yeers ; K. E. 
Sara Samoel, widow, daughter of the said 

Margaret; dwelling with her mother; b. 

in Roan aforesaid ; in England about 30 

yeers ; K. E. 
Sampson des Granger, a householder; b. in 

Gobnezey, merchant gouldsrnith ; in Eng- 
land about 39 yeers; K. E. 
Edward Nicholson, a householder, tailor ; 

f. d.; b. under P. O. ; and Katherine his 

wife ; b. in Cleueland, under the princ 

Paulsgrave ; in England about 47 yeers ; 

K. E. 
Hance Vandestone, a householder in Black- 

Marcus Garret; b. at Bridges in Flaunders, 
noe f. d.; picture-drawer to his Majesty; 
professing the apostolick faith taught and 
held by the ch. of England ; K. J. 


horse alley, attler ; b. in Antwerpe in 
Brabant, under the A.; in England about 
20 yeeres; K. E. 

Anthony Lemozin, an inmate in the house of 
one Henshaw, in Hangeing-sword alley; 
b. at Lemozin in Fraunce; in England 
about 16 yeers ; maried an Englishwoman ; 

Johan Cosen and Abraham Cozen, brethren, 
inmates in the hous of one Hoskins, cloak- 
makers ; b. in Blois in Fraunce ; in Eng- 
land above 26 yeers ; K. E. 

Tristram Hermite de Histock, gent. ; a lodger 
in the house of one Thomas Sherwood ; b. 
in Antwerp ; in England about five yeers ; 
K. E. 

William Hanwick, a householder in Shoe 
lane, knife maker; b. in Brabunt ; in Eng- 
land about 40 yeers ; maried an English- 
woman ; K. E. 

Peter Westbury his servant ; b. in Selme in 
Germany, under the Duke of Brandon ; 
in England about 3 yeers ; K. E. 

Richard Helsham, servant to Richard Anion, 
shoemaker, in Shoe lane ; b. at Emerick in 
Cleueland; in England above 10 yeers ;K.E. 

Rowland Hermes, servant to the said Richard 
Amon ; b. at Overy, under Graue Maurice; 
in England almost one yeer ; K. E. 

Peter Spetsall, servant to John Bushell, knife- 
maker in Shoe lane ; b. in Zaling, under 
the Duke of Brandenbarg ; in England 3 
yeers; K. E. 

John Gray, servant to the said Mr. Bushell ; 
b. in Arthois, under the A.; in England 
about 16 yeers; K. E. 



Frauncis Grangell, an inmate in the house of 
Nicholas Foster in Shoe lane ; b. at Illin 
in Fraunee ; in England about 7 yeers ; 
K. F. 

John Paul, a lodger in the house of John 
Hepworth in Shoe lane, a cutler; b. at Lions 
in Fraunce ; in England about 15 yeers; 
K. E. 

Jarnas Darumder, a householder, tailor : b. 
in Aniowe in Fraunce ; hath maried an 
English woman ; in England about 5 yeers ; 

Lewes Knight, a tailor; dwelling on M r 
Humfries Rent in Shoe lane ; b. in Callice ; 
hath maried an English woman; in Eng- 
land about 12 yeers. K. E. 

Abraham Bushell ; b. in the city of Rotchell 
in Fraunce ; a householder ; hath taught 
the French tongue ; in London about 22 
yeers, and all that time one of the Fr. ch. ; 

Marcus Stone, a householder, silk-dier; b. in 
the city of Crimp, under the King of Den- 
mark ; in England about 7 yeers ; K. E. 

Theodorus Vanderlaugh, gent.; a lodger in 
the house of M/ Best ; b. in Freezland in 
the city of Leowardia, under the graue 
Maurice Gulielmus Massie ; hath dwelt in 
England about some 7 yeeres; K. E. 

Angell Dremer, a householder, tailor; b. at 
Rurmount in Gelderland, under the Duke 

of Ostrea; in England about 14 yeers ; 

Peter Forman, one of his Ma*y s postes for 

Fraunce ; b. about Parris, hee beeing 

thear now. 
John Hill, a Dutchman ; shoemaker; b. in 

Barbara, under the graue Maurice. 
Thomas Mauler, button maker , b. in Cus- 

brick in Jermany, under the E. 
Christofer Switcher; b. at Swerick in Swit- 

cherland, under the government of 

Nicolas Low, a Frenchman, crossebowmaker; 

b. in Fraunce, under the Duke of Ethen- 

Durle Brukman, a Duchman ; servant unto 

John Kettle, gunmaker; b. in Oldenburck, 

under the Duke of that place. 
Mathias Halsbos, a Dutch phisitians b. in 

Souse, a fre city in Germany ; hath been 

53 yeers in Englande. 
John Colt, a scruptor (sic); b. in Arosse in 

Artois, under the A. 
Maxamilian Colt, of the same profession ; b. 

as before. 
Peter Demorten, hardwaxmaker ; b. at 

Nauntes in Britany in Fraunce, under 

K. F. 
Charles Owler, a heelmaker ; b. in St. Val- 

lery in the county of Pickardy ; K. F. 
Peter Urbin ; b. in Flaunders, under the 

Prince of Arty. 


Paul Forey; b. in Anwerp in the Archduk 
dominion, and free of the entercourse, and 
am the King's servant for entertaining the 
embasidoures at the king's charge, and do 
hould his Ma 1 ? for my soveraigne. 

Peter Ennis, sonn of a straunger ; b. in this 
parish ; a merchaunt ; K. J. 

Walrand Lodwick ; b. at Bell in Flaunders, 
under the A. of Austridge ; merchant; K.E. 

Jaques de Best ; b. at Briggs in the county 
of Flaunders ; a merchaunt; and subject to 
the King of G l Brittaine. 

John Vanhessell ; b. in London; f. d. ; a 
gouldsmith ; K.E. 

Hubert Vanhangen ; b. in Antwerpe, under 
the A. ; a gilder; do take the Archduke 
for my soveraigne, and do lodg in an Eng- 
lish house. 



Gilliam Bush ; b. in Domes under the A. ; 
factor for straungers ; K. E. 

Isaack Vanpeen ; b. in London ; merchaunt ', 

Jaques Kint; b. in Antwerpe, under the A.; 
a merchaunt; K. E. 

Philip Seruier; b. in Douay, under the A.; 
merchaunt ; K. E. 

William Anthony ; b. in Emrick, under the 
Duchie of Brandenbroughe ; merchaunt ; 
K. E. 

Peeter Sand ; b. in Flaunders, under the A. ; 
a merchaunt; K. E. 

Anthony Terence ; b. in Rousselare in Flaun- 
ders, under the A.; merchaunt; K. E. 

Nicolas Trapford; b. in Antwerpe, under the 
A. ; tailor ; K. E. 

Jaques Defres ; b. in Norway, under the K. 
of Denmark; a pearle perser ; f. d.; K. E. 

Lieuen Bandaert ; b. in Gaunt in Flaunders, 
under A. ; a button- maker; K. E. 

Henry Powell; b. at Dulice in the Dukedome 
of Gulick in Germany; f. d.; K. G l B. 

James Cole ; b. in Antwerpe ; f. d. ; mer- 
chaunt ; K. E. 

Lucas Corcellis ; b. in London ; f. d. ; mer- 
chaunt ; K. E. 

James de la Roy ; b. in London; f. d.; mer- 
chaunt tradeing altogether to Fraunce;K.E. 

Arnold de Franckanell; b. in Anwerpe, 
under A. ; merchaunt; K. E. 

Cornelius Peters ; b. in Denmark ; silk-weaver; 
K. D. 

Garbrant Peterson; b. in Amsterdam, under 
the S. ; lodging at M r Garrettes: do acknow- 
ledge the States of Holland for my sove- 

Joos Vandenbusshe, merchaunt ; b. in Flaun- 
ders ; in England 50 yeers ; K. E. 
Nicolas Lucatella; b. in London; f. d.; mer- 

cliMunt ; K. E. 
John Vangasele ; b. in Newport, under the 

A.; logeing in an Englishwoman's house; 

subject to the A. 
Paul Demetrius ; b. in London ; has lived 

there all his lifetime ; merchaunt ; K. E. 
Derick Geuers ; b. in Jennany, under the 

E. of J. ; a merchaunt ; K. E. 
Henry Sauadg ; b. in Towers in Fraunc ; 

merchaunt ; F. K. 
Joas Godskall ; b. in Flaunders, under the 

A. ; merchaunt; f. d. ; K. E.; dwelling 

heer 26 yeers. 
Cornelius Drake; b. under the S. of Holland; 

tailor; K. E. 
Garrett Cosens ; b. in Flaunders, under the 

A.; f. d.; tailor; K. E. 
Adrian Henrickes ; b. in Antwerpe, under 

the A.; mere/taunt; A. 
Peter Vanlore ; b. under the S. of II.; but 

naturalized by Acte of parl. 
Martin Cornelius ; b. in Brabunt, under the 

A. ; merchaunt tailor; f. d.; K. E. 
Thomas Stalport; b. at Sandwich in Kent; 

merchaunt; K. E. 
Michaell Leman ; b. in Brussells, under the 

A. ; tailer ; K. E. 
Henrick Saues; b. in Harling in Frezlande; 

lodgeing at M r Pees ; S. of II. 
Abraham Vandeldon ; b. in Antwerpe in 

the provynce of Brabant ; being of the 

Intercourse, having dwelt heere 50 yeers ; 

a merchaunt ; K. E. 


Giles Van de Put; a m'chaunt ; b. in Flaun- 
ders, in the towne of Per, under the Arch- 
duke's province, naturalized, who is now 
beyond sea, and cannot be spoken withal I ; 

he hath in his house Nicolas Macley, a 
lodger ; b. in Antwerp, under the same 
province; K. E. 




Thomas Ruys, merchaunt ; b. at Gorham in 
Hollande, under the S; K. J. 

Andreas Johnson ; b. at Durrombe in Gil- 
derland, under the graue Morrice; tailor; 
f. d. borne; K. E. 

Tobias Van Denabell, tailor; b. in Bargen 
by Dunkirk, under the Archduke of pro- 
vince; K. E. 

Thomas Allawnie, tailor; b. in Antwerp, 
under the prince of Brabunt; K. E. 

Jeronimo de Soldo, an Italian ; b. in Pauia 
in Lumbardia, under the K. of Sp.'s pro- 
vince; keeping an ordinary ; K. E. 

James de Metruis, merchaunt; English borne, 
but of Dutch parents out of Towne. 

Abraham de Kindren, merchaunt; English 
b., but of Dutch parents ; bee is now bc- 
yonde Sea. 

Dominick Bowers,^ merchaunt; b. at Ant- 
werp in the province of Brabunt ; K. E. : 
hath in his house Martin Bowers, mer- 
chaunt, a lodger; b. at Antwerp in the 
same province; K. E. 

William Reane, an apothicary ; b. in Wes- 
sell, in the Dukedome of Cleues ; K. E. 

John Merchaunt, schotmaker (shoemaker?); 
b. at Norrig, of Dutch parents. 

Peter Rosbanck, a broker for merchauntes; 

b. at Igsingham in Flaunders, under the 

A.; K. E. 
John Jasper, tailor ; b. in Welborck, under 

the Bishop of Monster ; K. E. 
John Soser, a Spanish interpreter ; English 

b. but of Dutch parents. 
Frauncis Mason, a scholemasler; b. in Rouen, 

under the Duke of Normandy ; K. E. 
Arthure Beauer, a silk-weaver ; a Wallowne, 

b. in Cambrick, under the A.'s province; 

George Huckett, a silk-weaver; b. in Ant- 

werpe ; a Wallon, under the A. ; K. E. 
James Gazer, cipresse weaver; Englishe b. 

but of French parents. 
Martin Sheraret, broker for merchauntes by 

exchaung; b. in Bridges in Flaunders, now 

under the A.; in England about 50 yeers; 

and f. d. 38 yeers and upwardes ; K.E. 
Levinus Munck, gen. ; b. at Brabunt in Flaun- 
ders, naturalized by Act of Parl. primo 

Regis Jacobi; K. E.; hee is dark of his 

Ma*** signet. 
Eleazer Pont, a silk-throster; b. at Hunkott 

in Flaunders, under the A.; K. J. 


Peter Damark; b. at Valenchan ; a Wal- 
lowne; beer 30 yeers: and Elizabeth his 
wife ; b. at Midleboroughe in Zeland; 
dweller heer 40 yeers; protestantes ; K. E. 

Mary Lomar, widow; b. at Valenchan afore- 
said; heer 30 yeers; dwelleth within 
. the said Peter Darmarke; a protestant; 
K. E. 

Abraham Wallrane, weaver; b. in Bas-Am- 
sterdam in Hollande; heer 14 yeers; a 
protestant ; K. E. 

John De hay, weaver ; b. at Hanno, under 
the A. ; heer 11 yeers : and Suzan his wife; 

b. at Lilde in Hollande; heer 17 yeers; 

protestantes; K. E. 
Abraham Carion, ireaver; b. in Bohemia in 

Picardye; heer 9 yeers ; protestante; K. E. 
Anthony Cowlon, weaver; b. at Landressey in 

Hainalt; heer 3 yeers; servant and lodger 

at Canon's; a protestant ; K. E. 
Katherine Dawson, widow ; b. at Amions in 

Fraunce, neer Parris; heer 40 yeers; a 

protestant; K. E. 
Katherine Vanmeter, widow; b. at Cooselle 

in Flaunders ; heer 33 yeers; a protestant ; 

K. E. 



Jaques Lens, aris-maker; b. at Bridges ; heere 
8 yeeres ; a protestant ; K. E. 

Margret, the wife of John Prim ; b. at Abassa 
in Flaunders; heer 37 yeers ; a protestant; 
K. E. 

Allart Thomas, tailor; lodger at John Peirce's 
in Hounsditch ; b. at Embden ; heer a 
year and a half; a protestant; K. E. 

Peter Trano, button maker; b. at Burgoine 
neer Paris ; heer 30 yeeres ; a protestant ; 
K. E. 

Margret Cabbilio, widow; b. in Gaunt in 
Flaunders ; and John her sonne, tkred 
dier; b. at Amsterdam in Holland ; dwellers 
heer 15 yeers; protestantes ; K. E. 

Thomas Senicus, thred-twister; b. at Ant- 
werpe; heer 35 yeers ; a protestant ; K. E. 

Henry Edwardes ; b. at Sutween in Gelder- 
land; heer 16 yeers; a protestant; K. E. 

Jane, the wife of James Mahew, weaver; b. 
in Denam ; a Walrone; heer 18 yeers; a 
protestant; K. E. 

Captain Daniell Year; b. t Naples, of 
English parents ; a protestant; K. E. 

Bartholomew Aker, weaver; servant and 
lodger with Tobias Belueth, in Harrow 
Lane Ally ; b. in Arras in Artois ; a dweller 
heer 38 yeers ; a protestant ; K. E.; of the 
French church. 

Mary Peacock, widow; b. at Dunkard; heer 
30 yeers ; a protestant ; K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

Philip Vandeplat ; b. at Cugan in Brabunt ; 
and Ann his wife, b. at Brussells in Bra- 
bunt ; heer 28 yeers ; protestantes ; K. E.; 
of the D ch ch. 

David Victor, weaver; lodger at the said Van- 
derplates ; b. at Utrick in Hollande ; heere 
16 yeers; a protestant ; K. E.; of the D cl > 

Peter Woddaman, weaver; b. at Bridges in 
Flaunders ; heer 25 yeeres : and Mary his 
wife; b. at Ostend ; heer 20 yeers ; a pro- 
testant ; K. E.; of the D ch ch. 

Haunc Vanborn, weaver; b. in Dar.swick, 
under the D. of Branderbroughe; lodgeth 
at Winifred Bannister's in Harrow Alley ; 
a protestant ; K. E.; of the D rh ch. 

Jacob Valley, silk throster; b. at Ipper in 
Flaunders ; heer 36 yeers ; a protestant ; 
K. E.; of the D ch ch. 

Garret Magener, coachman ; b. at Castle 
Jorden in Ireland; heer 20 yeers; a pro- 
testant; K. E. ; of the Eng. ch. 

Hendrick Smelt, silk twister; b. at Scande- 
borne neer Hatnbrough ; heer 7 yeers ; lodger 
with Jacob Bence; a protestant; K. E.; of 
the D ch ch. 

Peter Lamonie, search maker; b. at S' Denis 
Lagard in Normandy; K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

Valentine Willis, weaver; b, at Valenchan 
neer Cambry; and Maudlin his wife, b. at 
Antwerp, K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

Nicholas Walsteer, weaver; b. at Antwerp; 
heer 16 yeers; a protestant; K. E.; of the 
D ch ch. 

John Bonner, gardener; b. at Mountillry, in 
the provinc of Fraunce; heer yeers; a 
lodger at Bartholomew Danielles, a tipler, 
in the Minors street; the Queenes gar- 

James Fawconer; b. at the place aforesaid; 
and lodger with the said Daniell. 

Anne Lori dam, widow; b. at Gaunt in Flaun- 
ders; heer 53 yeers; a protestant; K. E.; 
of the D ch ch. 

John Vanost, weaver ; b. at Cortrick in 
Flaunders; heer 19 yeers; protestant, of 
the D ch ch. ; K. E. 

John Winers, wallon ; b. at Antwerpe in 
Brabunt; heer 8 yeers; protestant; K. E.; 
of the D ch ch. 

Tobias Winers, weaver; b. at Utrick in Hoi. 
land; heer 30 yeers; servant and lodger 
with John Winers aforesaid; a protestant ; 
K. E.; of the D<* ch. 

Samuell Barwick, weaver; b. at Duran in the 



Guilikerland; heer half a yeer; servant 

and lodger with the said Winers; K. E.; 

of the B ch ch. 
Jacob Bence, silk twister ; b. at Laiden in 

Holland; heer 6 yeers; a protestant; K. E. 
Abraham Johnson, weaver; b. at Utrick in 

Holland; heer 2 yeers; servant and lodger 

with the said John Winers; a protestant; 

K. E.; of the D ch ch. 
Eleanor Sell; b. at Amsterdam in Holland ; 

servant and lodger with the said John 

Winers; heer 12 yeers; protestant; K. E. ; of 

the D ch ch. 
Stephen Dennishee, silk throster; b. at Sausser 

in Fraunce, neer Lions; heer five yeers; 

protestant; K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 
Allice Timberman, sometimes the wife of 

Harman Timberman; b. at Denoncry be- 
twixt Holland and Zeland; heer 26 yeers; 

a protestant; K. E.; of the D ch ch. 
John Westhouse, cutler; b. at Zoolin neer 

unto Coillen, in Berri landes; heer 4 yeers; 

a protestant; K. E.; of the D ch ch. 
Peter Damar, silk twister; b. at Bridges in 

Flaunders ; heer 7 yeers; a protestant; 

K. E.; oftheD th ch. 
John Nicholas, ftaxman; b. at Ashwheeler in 

Guillikerland ; heer 40 yeers; protestant; 

K. E.; of the D ch ch. 
Wellaminka Vangard ; b. at Brussells in 

Brabunt; heer 30 yeers; protestant; K. E.; 

of the D 1 ' 1 ' ch. 
Euert Euerson, silk twister; lodger at James 

Couelles; b. at the Couuders, neer to Am- 

sterdam; heer one yeer; aprotestant; K. E.; 

of the D ch ch. 
John Hinde; b. at Monne; a wollon; heer 

4 yeers: and Katherine his wife; b. at Aie; 

a wallon ; heer 4 yeers ; protestants; K. E.; 

of the Fr. ch. 
Janakin Newenhouse, widow; b. at Onter- 

wood in Flaunders; heer 50 yeers; pro- 
testant; K. E.; of the D th ch. 

Peter Hobert, widow; b. at Rines in Britain ; 
heer 27 yeers; a protestant; K. E.; of the 
Fr. ch. 

Bartholomew Flusheir, a limber; b. at the 
Hage in Holland; heer 16 yeers; a pro- 
testant; K. E.; of the Eng. ch. 

William Anthony, tailor; b. at Hurlam in 
Holland; heer 8 yeers; aprotestant; K. E.; 
of the D cb ch. 

Peter Casteel, weaver; b. at Turquin in Flaun- 
ders; heer 40 yeers; a protestant; K. E.; 
of the Fr. ch. 

John Hill, tailer; Deuentry in Guilder- 
land ; heer 16 yeers; a protestant ; K. E.; 
of the D ch ch. 

Cornelius Vanweight, weaver; b. at Daliste 
in Hollande; heer 10 yeers; and Margaret 
his wife, b. at Hensbury in the Guileker- 
land; heer 7 yeers; protestants; -K. E.; of 
the D ch ch. 

Frauncis Depree, weaver; b. at Leedes in 
Germany; here 15 yeers: and Edith his 
wife; b. the^ir; heer 7 yeers; protestants; 
K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

Christofer Depester, alias Bates, weaver; b. at 
Gaunt in Flaunders; heer 48 yeers: and 
Suzan his wife, b. at Bridges in Flaunders; 
heer 35 yeers; protestants; K. E. 

John Reignold, weaver; b. in Garrisie ; heer 
35 yeers; protestant ; K E.; of the Eng. 

Katherine Cronnell, widou- of John Cronnell; 
b. at Bonnell in Guelderland ; heer 8 yeers; 
a protestant; K. E ; of the U ch ch. 

John Vanbarr, weaver; b. at Shatton Cham- 
bresey, uppon the borders of Fraunce; heer 
10 yeers; protestant; K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

John Delatt, weaver; b. at Valencham; a 
wallon; heer 18 yeers; protestant; K. E.; 
of the Fr. ch. 

Michaell Cambreen, weaver; b. at Turwiue in 
Flaunders ; heer 42 yeers ; protestant ; 
K.E.; of the Fr. ch. 



Martina Laffanie, widow; b. in Artois in Bra- 
bunt ; heer 48 yeers ; a protestant ; K. E.5 
of the Fr. ch. 

Cornelius Van Eason, blacksmith; b. at Ant- 
werp; heer 44 years; protestant ; K. E., 
of the D<* ch. 

David Garlaaie, weaver; b. in Margeis neer 
Bulloin in Fraunce ; heer 24 yeers : and 
Katherine his wife, b. at Franckfort in 
Germany ; heer 23 yeers ; protestants ; 
K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

Abraham Garlanie, -weaver; b. theare, and 
came hither at one instant : and Anne his 
wife; b. at Carmowe neer Mountnell in 
Fraunce ; heer 25 yeers ; protestants ; 
K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

John Depreeil, thred dyer; b. in Gaunt in 
Flaunders : and Margaret his wife; b. 
thear ; heer 34 yeers; protestants; K. J.; 
of the D 1 * ch. 

John Deboe, weaver; b. at Harseer in Flaun- 
ders ; heer 3 years ; servant and lodger at 
John Coney ; a protestant ; K. E.; of the 
D' h ch. 

John Coney, weaver; b. at Pigboure in 
Argois; within the D ch ch. gov'; heer 13 
yeers; a protestant; K. E.; of theFr. ch. 

Adrian Fawcon, weaver; b. at Aboipoymes 
in Artois, under the A.; heer 11 yeers; 
protestant; K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

John Trewell, weaver; b. at Cambrie, under 
the A.; heer 16 yeers; a protestant; K. E.; 
of the Fr. ch. 

Martin Trewell, weaver; b. at the said place; 
heer 3 yeers, with John Trewell ; protestant ; 
K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

Jerammie King, widow; b. at Ipper in Flaun- 
ders; heer 60 yeers; a protestant; K. E.; 
of the D ch ch. 

John Godda,rd,clochnaker; lodger and servant 
with Isack Sunes in Hounsditch ; b. at Paris 
in Fraunce; heer 3 yeers; a papist; yet hee 
hath taken the oath of allegiance to the 
King's supremacy, and doth acknowledg 
the King for his soveraigne dureing his 
abode in England; and is of the Romish 


Reginold Drall, of the parish of the Trinity, 
in the ward aforesaide; age 65 yeers; b. at 
Bridges in Flaunders, and hath remained 
in the said parish of the Trinity 3G yeers ; 
a youldsmith; and Suzan his wife, being 
63 yeers of age and upwards; have two 
children, both b. in the parish aforesaid, 
one named Garret Drall, age 26 yeers, now 
atravailer beyond the seas; the other a 
daughter named Hester, married to one 
Savadg, a clothworker; being a freeman of 
the city; K. E. 

The said Reignold hath with him one Nicolas 
Jacob, his kinsman; b. at Barganophane 
in Brabunt; beeing 30 yeers of age: his 

wive's name is Mary; b. in England; and 
they have thear remained about a year; 
trade a goldsmith; K. E. 

Also thear is a single man named Abraham 
Walpery, lodgeing in Widow Goorde 8 
house in Trinity parish aforesaid; aged 20 
yeers; b. at Midleborow ; a silk throster ; 
K. E. 

And also there is in the parish of S' Marey 
Magdalen, in the aforesaid ward, a widow 
woman named Mary Luton; b. at Bridges 
in Flaunders; 67 yeers of age; and hath 
thear remained in the aforesaid parish, with 
her late late husband, 36 yeers or there- 
aboutes; K. E. 




Daniel Carpreau, merchaunt, f. d., house- 
holder; aged about 60; b. in Towrney in 
Turny, of the dominion of the A.; in Eng- 
lande about theis 38 yeers, and under the 
soveraignety of England doe intende to live 
and depende. 

Derick de Slewsen, tailer, f. d., householder; 
aged about 56 yeers; b. in Emrick in Cleue- 
land, under the D. of Cleue; in England 
34 yeers; K. E. 

Jacob Herwin, merchaunt, f. d., householder; 
aged about 32 yeers; b. at Breme in Neither 
Saxony, under the E. of J.; in England 
about 14 yeers; K. E. 

Frederick Shulenbrook, merchaunt; age about 
19 ; b. at Amsterdam in Holland, under 
the S. of the United Provinces, where he 
inhabites and from whence he came to visit 
his frindes about 6 weeks past, and after 2 
weekes intends to retturn; he lodges at 
Jacob Here win's house ; and dependes 
under the goverment of the said States. 

Paule Ganey, servant with Jacob Herewin ; 
aged about 30 yeers; b. at Laiden in Hol- 
lande, under the S. of the United Pro- 
vinces; heere about 9 yeers; intends within 
this fortnight to passe for Hollande; knows 
not whether he shall return hither againe; 
whilst heer submitts himself to the govern- 
ment of England, when in Holland must 
live under that government. 

John Henckin, apprentice with Jacob Here- 
win ; aged about 16 yeers ; b. in Breem in 
Neither Saxon, under the E.; in England 
about 2 yeers ; K. E. 

Stephano Grady, merchaunt; aged about 26 ; 
b. at Raygusa in Dolmasio, under the 
state of the same; in England about 3 
yeers; a householder; K. E. whilst heer. 

Thomas Simoni, merchaunt and householder, 
aged about 38 ; b. in Florence in Italy, 
under the D. of Florence; in England 
about 15 yeers; K. E. 

Cornelius Cannmor, merchaunt straunger ; 
aged about 60; b. in Luca, a fre state in 
Italy ; in England about 42 yeers ; K. E. 

Andreas Bonne, merchaunt, f. d., and house- 
holder; aged about 50 yeers ; b. in Comtra 
in Flaunders, under the A.; in England 
about 44 yeers ; K. E. 

Jaques de Reasne, merchaunt, householder; 
aged about 60 yeers ; b. in Bargan horogn 
in Henaut, under the A. ; in England 
about 36 yeers ; K. E. 

John Loreo, merchaunt straunger, f. d., house- 
holder; aged about 50 yeers; b. at Digeon 
in High Burgeon, in the kingdome of 
Fraunce ; in England about 30 yeers ; 
K. E. 

Jaques Lenfant, cutler, householder ; aged 
about 53 yeers; Amiens in Picardyin 
the kingdome of Fraunce; in England 
about 14 yeers; K. E. 

Baldwin Hameus, doctor of phisick ; ad- 
mitted by the colledg of the Phisitians of 
London;* householder; aged about 50 yeers; 
b. at Bruges in the county of Flaunders; 
in England about 20 years; K. E. 

Raphiell Furetti, merchaunt, lodgeing with 
S r Stephen Grady e ; aged about 20 yeers; 
b. at Rayousa in Dalmatia, a free statt; in 
England about 2 yeers; of the catholicque 
religion; K. E. while heer. 

Clement Le Roy, cooke, householder ; aged 
about 40 yeers; b. at Pois in Normandy, 
neer Paris, in the kingdome of Fraunce; 
heer about 3 monethes; of the Catholique 
Roman religion; K. E. 

* Born 1568; Lie. Coll. Phys. London, 12 Jan. 160^: ob. 10 Nov. 1640. See Dr. 
Munk's " Roll of the Royal College of Physicians," vol. i. p. 143. 



Stephen Keepe, merchaunt; servant with Sir 
John Keepe, my brother; aged about 21 ; 
b. at Corlen in the Rhen, a free state ; in 
England about 6 yeers ; of the ch. of Eng. 
K. E. 

Testifies also for his brother Sir John Keepe, 
now sick in Bedd, to bee a merchaunt ; 
aged about 37; b. at Corlen on the Rhine, 
a free state; in England about 13 yeers ; of 
thech. of Eng.; K. E. 

Henry Pilison, silkweaver, householder ; aged 
about 28; b. at Lion in Lionneis, under 
K. F. ; in (England about 5 yeers ; of the 
Catholicque Roman religion ; K. E. while 

Jaques de Master, sugar refiner, householder, 
aged about 43; b. at Antwerp in Brabunt, 
under the A. ; in England about 18 yeers ; 
of thech. of Eng.; K. E. 

Simon Pott, interpreter for noblemen, house- 
holder; aged about 42 yeers ; b. at S* 
Peter Broke in Flaunders, under the A. ; 

in England about 11 yeers; of the ch. of 
Eng. ; K. E. 

Ciprian Gabry, merchaunt straunger, house- 
holder; aged about 61; b. at Antwerp in 
Brabunt, under the A.; in England about 
36 yeers; of the ch. of Eng.; K. E. 

Peter Johnson, merchaunt straunger, house- 
holder j aged about 52 yeers ; b. at Corlon 
in Cleueland, under the D. of Cleue; in 
England about 2 yeer ; of the ch. of Eng.; 
subject to the K. of E. This is had by the 
resolucion of his wife, hee being gone up 
the river to Rhene to buy Renish wine. 

Samuell Fortry, merchaunt straunger, house- 
holder ; aged about 52 yeers ; b. in Dene, 
in the kingdome of Fraunce ; in England 
about 14 yeers; of the ch. of Eng.; K. E. 

Charles Simore, embroderer, householder; 
aged 45; b. at Brien in Champaine, under 
K. F.; in England about 15 yeers ; of the 
ch. of Eng.; K. E. 


Michaell Feauer; b. in Henoe, within domi- 
nion of K. Sp. ; a silk-weaver. 

John Loo ; b. in Gaunt, under K. Sp.; a 
cutter of stones for jewelles. 

Georg King ; b. at Eiklo, within dominion of 

the Earl of Flaunders ; a tattoie-chaun- 

Peter Duen ; b. of Dutch parents, in the pa- 
rish of Cheechurch in London ; a seller of 


John Paine ; in chroached friers, London; 
the sonne of John Paine of Flaunders, 
under the A.; a tallow -chaundler. 

Thomas Delacombe; b. in Norwich in the 
county of Norfolk ; weaver; of London ; and 
the sonne of Thomas Delacombe of Flaun- 
ders, under the A. 

Peter de Buskar, straunger ; b. in Flaunders, 
under the A. ; a merchaunt trading be- 
yond seas. 

Peter Ricault, merchaunt straunger; b. in 

Antwerp, under the A. 
John Pollard, merchaunt ; b. in Colchester 

in the county of Essex ; sonne of Frauncis 

Pollard, of Flaunders, under the A. 
Peter Deuaux, alias de Fox ; merchaunt 

straunger; b. in Flaunders, under the 

Cornelius de Follingworth, straunger ; b. in 

Flaundere, a tailor, under the A. 



John de Waters, merchaunt strawnger; b. in 
Flaunders, under the A. 

Peter Simon ; b. in Blackfriers, tradeing be- 
yond seas; sonne of Peter Simon ; b. in 
Roan, under F. K. 

Lewes Bouer, merchaunt straunger; b. in 
Flaunders, under the A. 

Peter Vanseruebece, merchaunt stranger ; b. 
in Flaunders, lodgeth there. 

Esawe de Watnies, servant there ; b. in 
Holland, under the S. 

Mark Calloone, a tujfe taffeta weaver; b. in 
Southampton, of Lewes Caloone of Flan- 
ders, under the A. 


John De Caine, merchaunt ; b. in Hencughe 
in Ath, under the A. ; f. d. ; K. E. 

Peter d' Caine, mercluiunt, sonn of the said 
John d' Caine ; b. in London, dwelling in 
the house with his father; K. E. 

John Lamot; b. in Colchester; useing mer- 
chandizeing; free of the company of wea- 
vers in London ; K. E. 

James Blanck, notary ; b. in London ; K. E. 

Paul Tipottes, puUioJce notary ; b. at Diste 
in Brabunt, and dwelleth in the house with 
Daniell Le Blanck; K. E. 

Joachim Mathew, publick notary; b. in Bra- 
doth in Brabant ; K. E. 

Nathaniell Miechell, (the sonne of a straun- 
ger ;) b. in Norwich ; a merchaunt; and 
lieth in the house of the said Joachim 
Mathew ; K. E. 

John Gibson, solicitor of the law ; the sonne 
of a straunger; b. in London ; K. E. 

Charles Demetrius, pullicque notary; b. in 
the city of London, whose parents were 
Netherlanders ; K. E. 

Mary Trion, the widow of Peter Trion, de- 
ceased ; b. in Sandwich in Kent ; K. E. 

S r Samuell Trion, Knight (sonne of the same 
Peter) ; b. in London ; his said father 
was b. a straunger; K. E. 

Peter Le Mare, gent. ; sonne of David Le 
Mare ; b. in Antwerp ; the said Peter Le 
Mare b. in London. 

Katherine Spernick, f. d., widow of Cornelius 

* See Introd., p. xxix. 

Spernick, deceased, notary piiblick, dwell- 
ing in London ; b. in the city of Brisselles 
in the kingdome of Brabunt, \inderPhillip 
the 2d ; K. E. 

Carolus S'rnick [should be Spernick], notary 
publicgue; the sonne o? the said Cornelius, 
deceased, and Katherine ; b. in London ; 
K. E. 

Raph de la Boe; b. in Midleburgh in the 
Zeland; f. d. ; in London 10 yeers ; 
K. E. 

David Papillion ; b. in the city of Parris in 
France ; f. d. ; in London 30 yeers.* 

Raphaell Thoris, doctor of phisiclc ; b. in Bal- 
lew in Flaunders ; K. E. 

John Emans, notary pullicque; b. at S' Kath- 
erine's neer London, the sonne of John 
Emans, b. in Gelder; K. E.; his father a 
denizen before he was borne. 

Mary Worlich, wife of Simon WoT\ich,esquier; 
b. at Brada in Brabunt. 

John Luce, merchaunt straunger; b. in Ant- 
werp, in the Dukedome of Brabunt; liveth 
in London under K. E. 

Victor Chaunterell ; b. in the city of Paris in 
Fraunce; K. G l B. 

Lewes Le Candele ; b. at S* Omer, under the 
A.; K. E. 

John Van a Beel, merchant; b. in Norwich, 
but of Dutch parents. 

Edward Le Bouuere [Bouverie]; b. in Can- 
terbury, his parents straungers.-f- 

f II. p. xxi. 



Nathaniell Mary ,* preacher to the Fr.congreg. 

in London; b. in Beaumont in Leister 

Towne in Leicester ; K. E. 
Simeon Ruyting ; b. at Norwich (of strangers 

his parents) , preacher to the D elt congreg.;-^ 
John King, preacher to the Z^* congreg.; b. 

in London of parents strangers. 
Charles Hugebert, broker for merchantes; b. 

in Flaunders in the city of Gaunt. 
Jacob Trach, gunner; b. inCallen in Germany. 
Jacob Van Leisnelt, loking-glasse maker; b. 

in the city of Antwerp, under the A. 
Luthar de Rewbay, tuffetajfeta weaver; b. at 

Turnay, under the A. 
Nicolas Duskaine, tuffetaffeta weaver; b. neer 

Lile, under the A. 

John Queunt, tuff staff eta weaver; b. in Turnay, 

under the A. 
Harman Bewchart, diamond cutler; b. in 

Antwjerpe at Brabunt. 
Angelo Barcaluso, glassemaker; b. in the city 

of Venice, under the Duke. 
Anthony Waschoff, tailor; b. in the city of 

Ruffe, neer the Riuer of Ryne, in Germany, 

under the State of the E. 
Barnarden, glassemaker; b. in the same 

city of Venice, under the Duke. 
Frauncis Rosse, glassemaker; b. in Venice, 

under the D. 
Frauncis Booteso, glassemaker ; b. in the 

same city of Venice, under the D. 

[Dom. Jac. I., vol. 99, art. 22.] 

SURR: A view of all Strangers, as well howseholders as inmates and lodgers, 
within the Parishe of NEWINGTON and liberties thereof.^ 


Catherine Niss; b. in the Cuntry of Luckland; 
now the wife of Richeard Gubbins, howse- 
holder (victualer). She came an infant into 
England, and knows not under whose 
government she was borne. [K. Nijs.] 



Jacob Alburtt and William Tompson; b. in 
the towne of Home, within the sovereignety 

of the Prince of Oringe : lodgers in the 
house, Samuell Thomer and Benjamine 
Thomer. [Mark of W m Tompson.] 

[Jacob Elbers.] 

Sophere Raymen, widdow and surrurgion; 
b. in Hartocumbus, under the Duke of 
Brabaun; chirurgion. [Soffijya Rumon.] 

Ellice Flawsonn; b. atSconhaven, under the 

* Nathaniel Marie was minister of the French Church in London from 1601 to 1605. 
f He is not mentioned in Mr. Burn's list. 

J In the following returns out of the City the parties have signed their names, and in many 
cases the name has been Anglicised in the return. 



Kinge of Denmarke; of poore and meane 
condition; a lettice maker. 

[Elias Klawson.] 

Leasan Raymatt; b. at Utricke, under the 
States; a pinn maker. [Mark only.] 

[Dora. Jac. I., vol. 99, No. 23.] 

Note of the strangers dwelling within the Borough of SOUTHWARK, taken 16 th 
of September, 1618, &c. 


Soverane Grape ; b. in Aukin in High Dutch- 
land; a sngerlaJcer; hath dwelt in hors- 
head allye 3 years: and Marie his wife; 
b. under the Duke of Bronswicke, in High 
Germanye; they are poore folks. 

[Mark of Marie.] 

William Moleine, a Frenchman; b. at Bullen, 
under the French King; a dier by trade ; 
of pore estate; dwelling in the Close, con- 
tinuance there 24 years : also Maudlin his 
wife, a Frenchwoman; b. at Bullen afore- 
said. [Mark of Maudlin.] 

Noe Bloorue, a Wallon; b. at Hiden in the 
Lowe countries; came thence when a child ; 
a silkweaver of pore estate; dwelling in the 
Close, of continuance there 15 years. 

[Mark of Bloom.] 

Mathewe Buens; b. in Harlam in Holland, 
under the States; a silkdier; dwelling in 
the Close, of 14 years' continuance. John 
Creube, his servant; b. in Cullen in High 
Germanic. [Matheus Buens.] 

[Mark of Creube.] 

Daniel Tiberkin; b. at Franckford in High 

Germanye; a dier; dwelling in the Close, 
of 30 years' continuance. Peter Coege his 
son-in-lawe; b. at Liell in Flaunders, under 
the Archduke; a dier; of 14 years' con. 
tinuance. [Pierre Coge.] 

Rowland Vancke ; b. in Gromingerland, 
under the States of Holland ; a dier, partner 
with M r Tibberkin; 13 years' continuance. 

Jacob Delene; b. in Wezell in Cleueland 
nere Holland, under the dominion of the 
Duke of Cleue; servant ta M r Tibberkin. 

Nicholas Lowys; b. at Sherbuck in Nor- 
mandie, under the French King; servant 
also to M r Tibberkin. 

[Mark of Lowys.] 

Croft Castell alias Cassals; b. at Quillick, 
being a Dukedome nere Germany; a silk- 
weaver; dwelling in Pepper Alley; 30 yeares 

John James and Harman James, brothers and 
twinnes; b. in the Dukedome aforesaid; 
servaunts to the said Croft Castell. 
[Kraft Kassels.] 
[Herman Jacobs. Jan Jacobs.] 



[Dom. Jac. I., vol. 99, art. 24.] 

A note of all the Straungers, as well maisters as servantes, as also inmates and 
lodgers with devyded howses, in the Parish of S* Thomas in Southwark, 
in the countye of Surry ; the 17 th of Sept r , 1618. 



Marij de Smith; b. in Anwarp, under the 

convinckeof the K. of Sp.; semster; of the 

D ch congreg. 
Bassill Benedictus; b. in Stratm; of the 

Luther's congreg. ; tofftaffitie weaver; a 

Hance Welder; b. in Jarmin in Land Salon, 

in Mirkerou; mason; a jornaman. 
Hance Mitchsmith; in Jarmin b. in the Land 

of Salon in Mardin; mason; a covenant 

Andrews W ashman; b. in Hie Jarmin, under 

the Prince of Bromesber; imbrotherer; a. 

Jessee de Ford; b. at Mosey Henno, under 

K. of Sp.; yilkweaver; a maister; of the 

Fr. congreg. 
Marij Harris, silkiceaver' s wife; b. in Hie 

Jarmin; of the D ch congreg. 

[Hir mark.] 
Richard Yernzin and John Yernzin, the 2 

son ties of Marij Harris; b. both in Amster- 
James Sherown and Collett Sherown his wife; 

he b. at Ever in Fraunce; a come maker; 

she b. in Fraunce, in Pubrevell; both of 

the Fr. congreg. 
Nicholas Bellow and his wife; both b. at 

Welington in Fraunce ; a silcku-er, (sic) 

and a maister; both pentioners to the Fr. 


[Mark of Bellow.] 

Michaell Lovell, a silhcever, ; both 
he and his wife b. at Wellinton in Fraunce; 
both of the Fr. ch. [Mark of Lovell.] 

John Dowdell, silckwever, maister; b. in Dun- 
kirke in Flaunders ; of the D ch congreg. 
[Mark of Dowdell.] 

Andrian Medlor, and Ellin Medler his wife 
b. at Anger in Flaunders; a silckwever; 
b. in Gittringbancke in Brabon, a baker; 
both of the D dl ch. [Mark of Medler.] 

Christofer Bushe, silckewever, and jornaman; 
b. in Spere in the Paulgraves country; one 
of Luther's ch. [Mark of Bushe.] 

John Fawse, silckeweaver, and maister ; b. in 
Shema} a Walloun of the Fr. congreg. 
[Mark of Fawse.] 

Francis Ente; b. in Newkirke in Flaunders, 
under the K. of Sp.; of the D ch . ch. a 
silckweaver's wife. [Mark of Ente.] 

Francis Ente and Kathrin Ente ; theis 2 chil- 
dren b. in Walton in Flaunders. 

Tirre de la Heave, silckweaver, a maister; b. 
at Turne under K. Hen. the viij.; of the 
Fr. congreg. [Mark of de la H.] 

Nicholas de Pry, and Jane de Pry ; both b. 
in St. Toman, under the K. of Sp.; asilck- 
weaver, a maister, and shee a servant; hee 
of the D rh and shee of the Fr. ch. 

[Nicolas du Preu.] 

Hector Mante; b. in Fraunce ; of the Fr. ch . 
and one of the East Indian's company 
Ann Manto his wife ; b. in Turney in 
Flaunders under the K. of Sp.; tvfftaffyte 
weaver; of the Fr. ch. [Ann Main.] 



Steuen Toffin ; b. in Turney, a tufftaffite 

weaver, a servant. 
Nicholas Browne, tufftaffite weaver; b. in 

Turney ; of the Fr. ch. 
St. Toffin, and Nich. Brown; both servants 

to Hector Manto and his wyfe. 
Gilliam Dewya, and Barberey his wife; both 

b. in An warp; silckweaver, maister; both 

of the Fr. congreg. 
John Dewyse, yonger, silcJceweaver ; b. in 

Anwarpe; of the Fr. congreg. 
John Steuenes; b. in Vanbrandanbridge, 

Ratigne; servante, and jornaman to Win. 

Dewyse silckwever; of the Fr. ch. 
William Tuson; Amee soort onder S'h*, un- 

der the graue Morris; silcZewever, servant 
and jornaman to William Dewyse ; of the 
Fr. ch. 

Joyce Lambartson, silckwever; b. in Cytrick 
in Ammerforth, under the graue Morris; 
servant and jorneman to John Dewyse; of 
the D ch congreg. [Mark of Lambertson.] 

Garratt Vangleson; b. in Gillam, being 
Bushoprick under the Emperour ; jorne- 
man to John Dewyse, silckewever ; of the 
D<* ch. [Mark of G. V.] 

Charles de Man, and his wyfe Edie de Man ; 
b. at Bressill in Brabant; hee a taylor, 
and shee a D ch baker; both of the D ch ch. 

[Dom. Jac. I., vol. 99, art. 42.] 

Strangers resident in the Parishe of ST. GEORGE in SOUTHWARKE, 1618 
(18 th of September.) 

We finde dwellinge in the street side. One 
Anthony Fa veil; b. in the city Arros; 
within the kingdome of Spaine, and de- 
pendes upon the soTeraignetie and king- 
dome of England ; by trade a haberdasher 
of small wares, and of honest conversacion 
as wee conceive. [Anthoine Fauel.] 

In the street side. John Younge ; b. in the 
village called Ventoe in the country of 
Lalewe neere Flaunders, within the king- 
dome of Sp. K. E. &c. ; a hempdresser. 
[Jan le Jeune.] 

Lodgers in the said house : John Brewer; 
worketh joumitrorke ; b. in Artwaies, 
within the kingdom of Sp.; K. E. &c.; a 
hempdresser. [Mark of Brewers.] 

Lodging in the same house : Martyn de 
Manne; b. in the cittie of Ameere, in the 
kingdom of Sp.; K. E. &c.; a hempdresser, 
and newe come. [Mark of de Manne.] 

Lodging in the same house : James Masure ; 
b. in Lill, within the kingdome of Sp. ; 
K. E. &c. ; hempdresser, and newe come. 
[Jacques Masure.] 

In Maypole Alley. In the house of Wm. 
Glover, one Anthony Nattoe (worketh with 
M r Younge), hempdresser; b. atMonsenin- 
howe within the Kingdome of Sp. ; K. E. 
&c.; dwelt with his maister this 11 yeers. 
[Mark of A. N.] 

DEN. In the street side. Peter Brocke, a 
cutler ; b. at Berissland in Germany, un- 
der the Duke of Cleve; K. E., &c.; attthis 
present in Bathe. 

Lodging in his house. John Brocke, his 
kinsman, of the same trade; b. at the place 
aforesaide; K. E. &c.; a journiman to his 
unckle. [Mark of J. B.] 

Lodgeing in the house of Nicholas Downe- 
ing, victualler. Emanuell Dolvero; b. at 



Brasill in America; marchaunt; K. E. &c. ; 
late prisoner in the Kings Benche. 

[Manoel Doluer*.] 

DEN. In the Mynte. Hance Smithe, cutlers 
b. at Berissland in Germany, under the 
Duke of Cleve ; K. E. &c. 
In the Mynte. Cornelius Van de Hooffe, a 
silkeweaver ; K. E. &c. 

[Corneles Van d'hof.] 

In the Mynte. Arnold Meare ; b. in Golan, 
under the E. of Germ.; silkeweaver; K. E. 

[Mark of A.M.] 
In Blackman streete. John Isacrocke; b. at 

Titts within the Dukedome of Cleve; lea- 
ther dresser ; K. E. &c. 

[Jann Eissankraott.] 

In the same streete. Abraham Van Gilder ; 
b. at Antwerpe, within the province of the 
A. of Brabont; lodgeth in the house of 
Hugh Beeston, victualler; silkeweaver ; 
K. E. &c. [Aabrham Van Gheledoren.] 

In Longe Lane. Gillam Fawkeneere; b. at 
Antwerpe, within the province of the A. of 
Brabont; dwelleth there; pack-thread ma- 
ker; K. E. &c. [His mark.] 

[Dom. Jac. I., vol. 99, fol. 43.] 
Parish of ST. OLAVE'S SOUTHWARK, parsell of the ward of BRIDG WITHOUT ; 1618. 

Skynners alley. Andreece Hallicoate his sar- 
vant Rob'. Lawrence, a tapeweveri b. in 
Raterdame; byne here vj yeers; a covenant 
servant. [Mark of R. L.] [In the margin 
** He is an Englisman.' 1 '' t. e. Lawrence.] 

The street side. Gyllyam Spease, joiner ; b. 
in Gullicke, under the D. of Cleave : and 
Jannacay Yacopes; b. in Holland; here in 
England 13 yeers, and his wife 38 yeers; 
and one servant, Lewcks Alberts; b. in over 
Rissone in Freesland ; in England 3 yeers : 
[Wilbert SpirsJ Lucas Albert.] 

Church yard alley. John Palmer, joyner; b. 
in Anwarpe in Brabant; heere xviij yeres. 
[John Palmer.] 

Walnut tree lane. Nychols Dorrom, joyner; 
b. in Sen Vallery, under K. F.; in Eng- 
land 12 yeres. [Nicollas Doron.] 

In Smythe's Alley. Marry Algood, lodging 
at Henry Allen's, a thrid man; b. in the 
Lowe countrys, under the A.; a very old 
woman; here 44 yeres. 

John Grewell, joyner; b. in Valkenborowe, 
under the A.; in England 40 yeres; free 
den. [Jhon Gruwell.] 

In Glewe alley. Hance Lobengstowe, joyn- 
ner; b. in Hie Jarmanie; here 11 yeres. 

Mary Deflour, the wyfe of Sammewell Tut- 
lamonday, shewemaker; b. in Vallensen in 
Artoys, under the A.; in England 30 yeres. 
[Mark of M. D.] 

[In margin, "Her husband is an English- 
man. ,"J 

John Dewssertt, silkweaver; b. in Tanterbery. 

Perener Norman, the wyfe of Ezias Pontey, 
silkewever; b. in S l Mailers, under K. F.; 
here 36 yeres. [Mark of P. N.] 

John Flypoe, silkewever; b. in 

Arnould Nycholas, silkewever; b. in Assey 
in Jarmaney ; in England 4 yeres : and 
Jayne his wyfe ; b. in Tornney; here 50 

INMATT. Jacklen Lenney; b. in Tornney; here 
30 yeres. Aret Colnes, her inmat. 



Anthony Orssine, taffety weaver; b. in Val- 
lensyan in Hermigod; here 25 yeres in 
England. [Anthonne Arsin.] 

Allerd Linsell, taffety weaver; b. in Turnney 
in Flandres; and his wyfe; here 31 yeres. 
[Alar de Lins.] 

INMATT. Adrian Ostome, silk weaver; b. in 
Turnney; in England 15 yeres. 

Gylyam Bush, tafety weaver; b. in Untrick , 
a bishopricke nere Holland; here 20 yeres. 
[Willem Bosch.] 

John Wylland, joynner; b. in Gullick in 
Flanders, under the A.: and Mary his wyfe ; 
b. in Flanders; here 40 yeres. 

[Mark of wife.] 

Peter Pappcr, broienne lacJar; b. in Tornney, 
under the A.; in England 15 yeres: and 
Margrett his wyfe; b. in Flaunders; here 
40 yeres. [Mark of P. P.] 

John Decoster, threed twister; b. in Gautt, 
under the A.; 33 yeres here. Mary his 
wife; b. in Brissells in Brabant; heer 35 
yeres. [Jan de Coster.] 

John Tewbee, silkewever; b. in Rysell in 
Flanders; in England 14 yeres. 

[John Tieubau.] 

Dannell Syx, skolemaster; b. in Anwarp; here 
22 yeres. [Daniel .Six.] 

Jarmayne Demollen, a taffatey never; b. in 
Tornney; in England 32 yeres. 

[Mark of J. D.] 

John Casshewe, a taffety wever; b. at Nore- 

Joyes Vandale, silke wynder; b. in Owen 
Orden in Flanders; here 43 years. 

[Mark of J. V.] 

John Boskyne, silkwever; b. in Gant; here 
30 yeres. 

Addom Bowkone, joynner; b. in Cleve land 
in Gullick; here 45 yeres: and Margrett 
his wyfe; b. in Owenner in Flanders; here 
50 yeres. [His mark.] 

Issacke Come, by trade a ; b. in 

Gyllyam Magewe, taffety wever; b. in Turnney ; 

here 16 yeres. 

Abraham Bloyer, taffety wevei-; b. in Antwarp ; 
here 30 yeres : and Hester his wyfe ; b. in 
Antwarp; here 30 yeres. 

[Abraham Bloiart.] 

Theoder Bryll; b. in Jarmeney, under the 
Palsgrave; a dyer; here 17 yeres. 

[Theodore Breull.] 

John AVattyne, taffety wever; b. in Tornney; 
in England 18 yeres. Peren Bowen his 
wyfe ; b. in Tornney; here 14 yeres: and 
Madlyne his mother, b. there also. 

[Jan de Watines.] 

Mary Le mare, French skolmistres; b. in 
Antwarp; here 40 yeres. 

[Marie le Maire.] 

Fetter Clocke; b. in Turnney; in England 4 
yeres : and his wyfe, taffety vever : 2 
children borne in Tornney. 

[His mark.] 

Katherine Deflem, silkwynder ; b. in Val- 
lenchia; 30 yeres here. Jayne Flypoe; b. in 
Flanders; here 30 yeres. Arogon Cocco- 
bet; b. in Tornney; here 8 yeres. 

[Marks of Jane and Arrogon.] 
Ennor Dowrey, silke wever; b. by Turney; 
here 85 yeres : and Barbrey his wyfe, b. in 
Anett in the Low Countreys; here 6 yeres. 

[Euerar Dure.] 

Katherine Lewbrick, spinster; b. in the land 
fangulick; 55 yeres in England. 

[Her mark.] 

The street syd. Bartholomew Powell, 
joynner; b. in the land fan Gulycke; heer 
45yeers: and Ellen his wyfe ; b. under 
the governm 1 of the lande of lucke; heer 
45 yeers. 

[ Bartholomeus Pauwell.] 
Godfree Cloyss, gonne smyth; b. in Swole, 
beyond Amsterdam; here 50 yeers. 

[Godfre Clos.] 
In Tenter Alley. Anness Deger, wyddowe; 



b. in Tornney in Flandars ; here 50 yeres; 
a French skolmistres, [Her marke.J 

Barnnerd Jonsone, sheicmaker; b. in 

John Golver, silk dyer ; b. in Lence in 
Artoyse; here xvij. yeres : and Mary his 
wyfe, b. here. [Jean Galuer.J 

John Gardner, joynner; b. in Norwitch; of 
the Fr. congreg. 

Nyehols Wattine, silkwever ; b. in Turnney : 
and Judeth his wyfe ; b. there tow ; here 
vij. yeres; one of the children b. there alsoe. 

Dannell Magewe, taffatey weaver; b. in Torn- 
ney ; here 9 yeres : and Margrett his wyfe, 
b. in Turnney alsoe. 

[Daniel Megieu.] 

Ellisbeth Demollen, wyddow ; sylkwynder ; 
b. in Barckshire. 

In the Mays. Thomas Tiboles, smyth ; b. in 
Brabant; in England 17 yeres. 

[His mark.] 

Jasper Gabery, silk wynder ; b. in Turnney : 
and Ellen his wyfe; b. in the wayte ; two 
children b. in Holland; in England 4 
monthes. [Gaspar Gabry.] 

Martyne Pollen, dyer ; b. in a towne called 
the Waye, nere unto Turnney, under the 
A. [Martin Poulain.] 

John Connett, wool comer ; b. in Moutt ; 
and Mary his wyfe, b. there to ; here 3 
yeres. [His mark.] 

Petter Dussant, gardner ; b. in Newcarcke 
in Flanders ; here 36 yeres : and Kathairn 
his wyfe ; b. in Antwarp. [His mark.] 

Dannell Vampey, silkwever ; b. in Antwarp, 
under the A. ; here 36 yeres ; and Mary 
his wife, b. in Antwarp. [His mark.] 

Stephen Egbirtt, silkwever ; b. in Embdone in 
Jarmanie; heer 15 yeres. [His mark.] 

Cornnellis Van Hale, silk never ; b. in Val- 
lence; in England 10 yeers. 

Petter Vannetle, silk wever , b. in Accon in 
Jarmanie ; heer 14 yeers : and Susan his 
wife ; b. in Antwarp ; here 33 yeres. 

Jannekyne Batland; b. in Bridge in Flaun- 
ders ; heer 36 yeers. [Their marks.] 

Petter Pettersone ; b. in Antwarp; here 20 
yeres, taffety weaver ; and Mary his wyfe ; 
b. in Gullicke ; here 24 yeres. 

[Peeter Peeters.] 

Hey Deane, a dyer; b. in Hie Jarmanie; 
here 4 yeers : Wyddylynnay, his wyfe ; b. 
in Fenlon in Gelderland. [His mark.] 

Edward Waybornne, dyer ; b. in Gruning in 
Freesland; heer 15 yeers; and his wyfe; 
b. in Antwearp, under the A.; here 7 
yeres. [His mark.] 

Thobyas Jonsone, his wyfe Jossynkyne, dyer; 
b. in Ruflay, in Flanders; here 20 yeres. 

DEN. Nyehols Ryce, a joynner, but nowe he 
is a stiller of Aquae vittce; b. in Berry, 
under the D. of Clefe ; heer 60 yeers. 

[His mark.] 

DEN. Petter Vass, lether dresser ; b. in 
Segerowe, under the D. of Cleefe ; here 
27 yeers. [Peter Vaerst] 

Jossyas Ost, tape wever ; b. in Gantt, under 
the A. : Synchae his wyfe; b. in Harlbey, 
under the A.; heer in England 36 yeers. 
[Jos. Hoste.] 

Larence Hendricke, silke wever ; b. in the 
land fan gullicke ; in England 20 yeres : 
and Wm. Sings, a boy ; b. in gullicke iu 
Hie Dutchland. [Lawrenc Hendrick.J 

James Sparren, silkwever; b. in the land 
fan lewcke; here 19 yeers: and Joan his 
wyfe; b. in Brabantt ; here 42 yeres. 

[Their marks.] 

Wm. Snellinge, Mary his wyfe ; b. in Swan- 
over in Holland ; in England one yere. 

Alexsander Clemment, one of the Dutch poast; 

b. in ; he is nowe in the lowe 


Petter Van Mere, tape wever; b. in the land 
fan gulicke ; ip England 11 yeres. 

[His mark.] 

John Roogoss, yallie pott maker ; b. in Midi- 



borowe ; here 2 yeers ; one child b. there 
to Madleyn, wife of the said John. 

[Their marks.] 

Nycholls Dewtoe, silke wever ; b. in Parys ; 
heer 8 yeers. [His mark.] 

Chrystyan Lowest; b. in Delicti in Holland; 
gallie pott maker ; 5 weeks heere. 

Hey Jonsone ; b. in Dellet ; heer \ a yeer. 
[Sta Rel Arnen Jansen.] 

Arnnold Allers, lether dresser ; b. in land 
fan gulick, under the A. of Cleeve; here 
17 yeers ; and Janette Bergen, a hird sar- 
vant ; b. there to ; here 4 yeers. 

[Ar l Aulers.] 

Gossone Smyth, a shew maker, but nowe a 
lowe string maker; b. in Sithart, under 
the D. of Cleeve ; in England 50 yers. 
[His mark.] 

James Bollen, a dyer ; b. in Darnnickle, 
under the A.; here 16 yeers : and Jayne 
his wyfe; b. in Hye Jarmany ; heer 30 
yeers. James Dellahaye, b. in Lyle in 
Flanders ; here 3 yeres. 

[Jaques Bollen.] 
[Jaques Hes.] 

John Harman, lining wever ; b. in Brill in 
Holand ; in England 16 yeres. 

Jacob Huefman, silkwever ; b. in Gelderland; 
here 20 yeres. 

Watters, wyddow, o drye nurse; b. in 

Hollond; in England 25 years. 

[Her mark.] 

Roger Addoney, aquevefty-stiller ; b. in the 
land Van gulick ; in England 50 yeres. 
[His mark.] 

Anthony Morell ; b. in Bylloy nere Artoyse ; 
heer lij yeres; a coopper. [His mark.] 

Petter Pettersone, ares weaver ; b. in Flan- 
ders ; here 30 yeres : and Annes his wyfe ; 
b. in Brabant in Ant warp. [Her mark.] 

Margrett, the wyfe of William Cooke ; silk- 
wever ; b. in Tornney in Flaunders ; heer 
20 yeers. [Her mark ] 

Warsow Bare, taffety wever ; b. in Tornney 
in Flanders, and his wife there to ; heer 5 
yeres ; and Symond Demollen, and Anes 
his wyfe ; b. in Tornney ; here 5 yeres. 
[Mark of Bar's wyfe.] 
Jullyan Decane, dyer ; b. in Tornney in 
Flanders ; here 50 yeres. 

[Julian Du quesne.] 

Nyches Demollen, silk wever ; b. in Turn- 
ney in Flaunders; here almost one yere; 
and Julyan Sanyber, his wyfe; b. there 
to. [His mark.] 

Samewell Vinsent, dyer ; b. in London. He 
hath a servant, James Decane, b. in Calles 
in France ; in England 2 yeres. 

[Jacque du Quesne.] 

Petter Leppeper, dyer ; b. in Aumanters in 
Flaunders, under the governmt. of the 
ContEgrmont; in England 15 yeres. 

[Peter le pipre.] 

David Hartimman, dyer ; b. in Bronswycke, 
in Jarmany ; here 12 yeres. 

[Davidt Herman.] 

Hendricke Harttieman, a coopper ; b. in 
Bronswycke, in Jarmany ; here 8 yeres. 
[Henydr. Hartiman.] 

Edward Tree, a shewemaker ; doth kepe a 
victuling house; Weeke nere Untrick 
in Holland; in England 38 yeres. 

[His mark.] 

James Marshall; b. in England; by trade a 
vallewer maker. He hath a servant, his 
name is Hanc Bolce ; b. in Hambrowe, 
under the State of the King of Denmarke; 
in England 2 yeres. 

[His mark.] 

Chrystyan Wyhelhames, galley pott maker, 
and aquevitay stiller ; b. in Pallsgraf land: 
and his wyfe, and Mary Miller, his wyfes 
sister; both b. in Daventery in gelderland; 
the one heer 26 yeers, and her sister 10. 
[Christian Welselm.] 
[Marija Moliner.] 



Fetter Jonsone; b. in Delph; here 5 weekes. 

[His mark.] 

Harman Jespers,joynner; lodged at Thomas 
Ledams; b. at West Falau, under the 

Earldoume of Bourton ; hier 11 yeers. 


Cloyddios Symonds, silk-dyer; b. in Paryes 
in Fraunce; in England 12 yeers. 

[Claudius Symons.] 


Nicholas Closson, looking-glass maker ; b. 
at Amsterdam, under his Exelency ; fre- 
quenteth the parish ch. of S* Saviours in 
Southwark, and doth comonly keep 4 ser- 
vants, Englishmen. [His mark.] 

John de frees, tufftaffety weaver ; b. in the 
citty of Myhell in Brabant, under Duke 
Albertus; of the D ch ch. ; his dwelling in 
Rochester House, wherof M r Fynch is 
landlord. [Jan de Tries.] 

Peter Barnar, professor of Phissick ; dwell- 
ing in Rochester house ; b. in Germany ; 
of the D ch ch. 

Peter Fox, basket maker; b. in Sneak in 
West Freezland, under Prince Morris; of 
the D ch ch.; 50 yeers in England, set. 78 
yeers. . [His mark.] 

Christofer Hayninges, basket maker ; b. at 
Applingdam in Freezland, under Prince 
Morris ; of the th ch.; aet. 21 ; and worketh 
nere Maide Lane, under Henry Adrianson 
of Eastcheap in London. [Mark.] 

Peter Maule, basket maker; b. at Areklus, in 
Gelderland, under Prince Morris ; of the 
D ch ch. and set. 42 ; in England 22 yeres. 
[Peter Moll.] 

Peter Wamus, basket maker; b. at Anwarpe, 
under Duke Albertus ; of the D ch ch. ; 
worketh under Mr. Wheatley, dwelling in 
Eastcheap. [Pieter Wamuse.] 

Leif Highway, basketmaker; b, neare Gaunt, 

under the A.; of 3 years' being in the 
Liberty; of the D eh ch. ; dwelleth in Rose 
Alley, M r Edw. Hatton being his landlord. 
[His mark.] 

Peter Walloone, basketmaker ; set. 20; b. in 
Dort in Holland under Prince Morrice; of 
the D ch ch. ; worketh in Mosses Alley, 
under Mr. Paxston of Breadstreet in Lon- 
don. [His mark.] 

John Frances, set. 28 ; b. at Harlam in Hol- 
land, under Prince Morris; of the D ch eh.; 
a tape weaver; worketh with the widow 
Revell, nere the Batickside. 

[Jan Franses.] 

Peter Mecup ; b in Ostend in Flaunders, 
under Grave Morris; in England about 
xv years ; of the D ch ch.; a bricklayer. 
[His mark.] 

Bartholomew Glasse, set. 22 ; b. at Sighty in 
Saxony, under the Duke of Sax.on;a,/oyeV 
of the D ch ch. ; worketh at Richard Wat- 
ford on the Banckside. [His mark.] 

Nicholas Flowyn, set. 28 years ; b. at Anwerp; 
marryed to a woman, b. under Dvike Al- 
bertus ; a carpenter ; of the D ch ch. and 
worketh at Mr. Watford. 

[Niklaes Flouwyn.] 

Garatt Haragoodes, a basketmalser ; com- 
minge from Gisborne, under the K. of Sp.; 
of the D rh ch.; here 7 yerea. 

[Gheeraert Heerregodes.] 

S P.O Dom. vol. 99. art. 44. 

('AMD. SOC. 




Vincentius Saijon, brugensis Flandrise, nunc 
temporis sub dominio Archidusis Austria?, 
et a Senatu Londinensi admissus ensarius 
in bursa Londinensi. 

Vincentius Saijon. 

Item, there is one Mr. Syon, a dutchman, 
that hath taken a house and a gardens 

plote in this liberty of Parish Garden, and 
ther dwelleth, and we have caused hym to 
certifye with his owne hand wher he wase 
born, and of condition and profession he is 
of, as appeareth her above written, and 
other straunger we have none inhabiting 
amongst us. 

Strangers within the Parish of St. MARIE MAGDALENS IN BARMONDSEY, b as well 
householders as servants, 18th September, 1618. 

John Macko; b. in Valenqon in Hartois, 
under the A.; hempedresser. 

[John Manko.] 

John Johnson ; b. in Clanfathermarke in 
Cleueland, under the D. of Cleeue. 

[Jansen Vandrusem.] 
Laurence Troussell ; b. in Mastrick in Bra- 
bant, under the A. [His mark.] 
John Hardwyn ; b. in Meayn in Flanders, 

under the A. [Jan Herdewyen.] 

Cornelia Beard ; b. in Ardoy in Flanders, 

under the A. [Cornells Baert.] 

Peter Kempe ; b. in Andwerpe, under the 

A.; hempedresser. [Peter Kempe. ] 

John Huke ; b. at Leyden in Holland, un- 
der Graue Maurice ; silkweaver. 

[Jaen Houch.] 

James de Greate; b. in Colyne, under Bi- 
shopp of Colyn ; silk-leaver. 

[Jaques le Grand.] 
James de Groate, his servants : 

Michael Voydters ; b. in Julia or Gulick, 
under the Duke of Julia. [His mark.] 
Jacob Kittelhouse ; b. in Julia, or Gulick, 
under the said sovereignty. [His mark.] 

Judith Rutter, voolkommer, her servantes : 
'John Ciackeno, a wallon ; b. in Bequoy, 

under the A. ; [His mark.] 

Lowe Luddow, a wallon ; b. under the 
A. ; his cheefe abode in the city of Can- 
terlmrie in Kent; [Louij Ledou.] 
Peter Peatine, a wallon, under the A. ; his 
cheefe abode in the city of Norwich. 
[His mark.] 
Jacob Summers, silkveaver, his servants : 
Stephen Smith ) b. in Antwerpe, 
Mathew Smith ) under the A. 

[Their marks.] 

Antony Manser, or Johnson, b. in Andwerpe, 
under the A. ; a blacksmith. 

[His mark.] 

Jaques de Cro, a wallon ; b. in Torney, un- 
der the A. ; (i stuff 'e icever. 

[His mark.] 
Phillip Lcton; a wallon, under the A.; silke- 

iceaver. [His mark.] 

Cornelis Tice ; b. in Dunhage in Holland, 
under the States; a tayler. 

[His mark.] 

S.P.O. Dom. vol. 99, No. 45. 

>> Ib. No. 46. 



John Hendrick; b. in Colyne, under the 
Bishopp of Colyne, silkeweavers. 

Vincent Barnard ; b. in Lorraine in Fraunce, 
under the D. of Lorraine; silkeweaver. 

[Vincant Bernard] 1 
His servants : 

Hendricke Slideron ; b. in Julia or Gulick, 
under the D. of Julia; silkiceaver. 

[Hinderick Sleytrieme.] 

Peter Trockter; b. in Denmarke, under the 
K. of Denmarke; silkweaver. 

[His mark.] 

Cornelia George ; b. in Julia or Gulick, 
under the D. of J. ; householder. 

[Cornelis Jorrs.] 

Peeter Rubbius; b. in Holland in Harlame, 
under the S. ; tilkwever. 

[Pieter Rubbeis.] 


M r Hans Livius, innholder ; b. at Luarden 
in West Fresland, under the S.; nowe ab- 
sent in the Lowe Countries. 

Nicholas Hendricke, a marryed man, servant 
to M r Hans Livius ; b. in Brabant, under 
the A. 5 he is now beyond the seas. 

Phillipp Phillippes, a marryed man, servant 
to M r Livius ; b. in West Fresland, in the 
towne of Harlingan, under the S. ; his wife 
and children are beyond the seas. 

S.F.O. Dom. 

Garliffe Livaus, single man; b. in Luarden, 

in West fresland, under the S. 

[Gerlet Livaus.] 
Garret Van Hee, gardiner; b. at Gaunt, 

under the A.; f. d. 
Cloade Gillett, glass-maker; b. in Highe Bur- 

gondie ; K. F. [His mark.] 

S r Nowell Caron, Lord ambassador for the 

States of the United Provinces, inhabit- 

inge with his familye within this parishe. 

vol. 99, No. 47. 


Abassa, 88 Amail, 54 

Arch, 63 

Aumosnier, 37. 

Abeels, xi. 

Ambassadors, 66, 99 

Archduke, 60 et seq. 

Aunees, 15 

Aboipoymes, 85 

Ambroos, 15 

Archer, 64 

Aure, 48 

Abraham, 48 

Ameere, Spain, 92 

Arcklus, 97 

Aurelius, 70 

A care, 74 

Amelot, 54 

Ardesoif, 48 

Auriol, xxiii. 39, 57 

Acart, 7, 8 

Amiens, 67, 82, 86 

Arisort, 69 

Austria, Prince of, 78 

Accart, 16 

Amhurst, xxii. 

Arklandes, 77 

et seq. 

Acte, 73 

Arnonet, 33 

Arlandy, 48 

Aveline, 41 

Addoney, 93 

Amsterdam, xii. 65. et 

Armand, 37, 57 

Aviceau, 42 

Adony, 75 


Arms, Coll. of MSS. xi. 

Avranches, xxx, 

Adrianson, 12, 97 

Ancon, xii. 

et seq. 

Ay land, 57 

Advocate, 13 

Anderbury, 76 

Arnanes, 13 

Ayrault, fi 

Aeque, 36 Andreu, 43 

Arnaud, 48 

Azire, 39 

Agar, xxiv. 63 

Andrew, 45 

Arnaudin, 43 

Agar Town, xxiv. 

indrewes, 20 

Arnauld, 42 

Aker, 83 

Angelier, 31 

Arnehain, 65 

Babraham, xxix. 

Alart, 31 

Angell, 22 

Arnolde, 61 

Bade, 8 

Albert, 42, 43 

Anger, 91 

Arras, xxiv, 80, 83 

Bacsure or Basure, 66 

Albertini, xxii. 

Angibant, 33 

Arras Workers, v. 83, 

Badenhop, 42 

Alberts, 9.3 

Anglais, 62 


Badiffe des Romanes, 

Albertus, Archduke, 

An ion, 79 

Arricus, 61 


65, 71 

Aniowe, 80 

Arros, Spain, 92 

Badrel, 49 

Alburtt, 89 

Anjou, xxvi. 

Arthois, 79 

Bagrant, 18 

Albus, 20 

Ankersmiths, v. 

Artois, 12, 85 

Bailhou, 49 

Aldenborough, Earl 

Annezon, 15 

Artois, Prince of, 80 

Bailie", 54 

of, 76 

Annezonn, 16 

Artson, 76 

Baillergeau, 48 

Aldgate Ward, 60 

Ansoll, 43 

Arundell, 65 

Bailly, 42 

AlJersgate Ward, 60 

Anthony, 81, 84 

Ascaller, 73 

Baize, duty on, vii. 

Algood, 93 

Antiquaries Soc. of, 

Ashwell, 78 Bakers, v. 10, 1924, 

Allaize, 48 

Treas. xxviii. 

Ashwheeler, 84 64, et seq. 

Allard, 19 

Anton, 19 

Askew, 75 Balaine, 8 

Allawnie, 82 

Antwerp, xii. xiii. xv. 

Assailly, 48 Balden, 20 

Allers [Aulers] 96 

xvi. 60 et seq. 

Asselin, 43, 48, 54 Balder, 19 

Allhallowes Berking, 3 

Apothecaries, v,13, 32, 

Assey, 93 ; Ballew, 88 

Alhallowes the Great, 

73 et seq. 

Auber, 78 ; Ballien, 68 


Apothecary to Ch. II. 

Aubertin, xxiii. 48 i Balse, 2, 4 



Audart, 57 I Bandaert, 81 

Allmaney, 67 

Appert, 20 

Audebert, 57 j Bank-side, 97 

Alimond, 67 

Applingdam, 97 

Augier, 43 ; Bannister, 83 

Allote, 54, 57 

Apprentices, v. ix. 

Augsburgh, 73 Banquier, 54 

AUwin, 77 

Aqua vitae distiller, 18, 

Augusta, 73 ! Ban Street, 27 

Alman, 67 

21, 26, 95, 96 

Auiil, 72 ! Banstead, xxiii. 

Alyard, 21 

Arbunot, 48 

Aukin, 90 Baptist, 78 



Baptiste, 33 

Bay and Saye weaver, 

Bernard, 33, 34, 35, 

Blome, xii. 1 

Barachin, 54 


43, 49 

Blondeau, 9, 10 

Barailleau, 42 

Jay and Saye trade, xi. 

Jenuirdeau, 49 

Blondell, 13, 49 

Baral, 9 

xxi. xxxi. //.. 

3erne, 20 

Blondet, 31 

Barathin, 49 

3ayarde, 63 

iernon, 54 

Bloome, 90 

Barbara, 80 

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Bernou, 43, 49 

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Barbat, 36, 54 

Beake, xxi. 

Berny, 32 

Blor, 21 

Barhaud, 37 

Beard, 7, 61 

Berstrete and Car- 

Bloyer [Bloiart], 94 

Barber-Surgeon, 21 

Beard [Baert], 98 

rowe Ward, 18 

Boccaert, 15, 16 

Barberie, 4$ 

Beaton, 66 

Bert, 76 

Bocheljoen, 16 

Barbier, 43 

Beauer, 82 

Berthe, 8 

Bocheljohn, 16 

Barbot, 41, 49 

Beaufills, 49 

Bertram, 39 

Bock, 19 

Barcaluso, 89 

Beaulion, 49 

Servile, 13 

Bocquet, 49 

Bare, 96 

Beaumont, 89 

Berville, 13 

Boerave, 16 

Barel, 9 

Beaushau, 78 

Besener, 78 

Boetrin, 54 

Burgan horogn; 86 

Beauson, 63 

Bessly, 43 

Bogart, 8 

Barganophane, 85 

Beautemps, 28 

Best, xiii. 80 

Bohemia, Picardy, 82 

Barganopson, 75 

Beauverty, 68 

Beth, 8 

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Becue, 10 

Beuzze, 17 

Bolle, 64 

Barnar, 97 

Beds, xxviii. 

Bewchart, 89 

Bollen, 96 

Barnard, 99 

Bee, xii. 

Bibal, 49 

Bolles, Sir George. CO 

Barnarden, 89 

Beeckman, 11 

Bibara, 41 

Bolloina, 63 

Barne, Duke of, 75 

Beene, 24 

Bidley, 42 

Bolognia, 69 

Barnes, 5 

Beerten, 16 

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Bolt, 73 

Baron, 27 

Beeston, 93 

Biguet, 9 

Bomersye, 1 

Barquenon, 54 

Behagle, 15 

Billiard, 69 

Bone, 2 

Barquois, 8 

Beillse, 2 

Billingsgate Ward, 

Bone-lacemakers, 14, 

Barron, 43 

Belengien, 8 



Barroys, 70 

Bellanger, 49 

Billon, 49 

Bonglefluir, 70 

Bart, 15 

Belle, 80 

Billovart, 40 

Bongrand, 57 

Bartleny, 67 

Belin, 48 

Billyard, 13 

Bonhereau, 43 

Barton, 18 

Bellet, 54 

Binet, 49 

Bonhomme, xix. 

Bartram, 72 

Bellin, 43 

Binquemand, 49 

Bonne, 86 

Barty, 67, 73 

Bellmy, 66 

Bishopsgate Ward, 66 

Bonnell, 72, 84 

Barwick, 84 

Bellow, 91 

Bissett, 62 

Bonner, 19, 83 

Bas- Amsterdam, 82 

Belueth, 83 

Bisson, 17 

Bonneval, 54 

Basket-makers, vi. 

Bence, 83; 84 

Blackall, 33 

Bonvenuty, 73 

1217, 97 

Bendaert, 15 

Blackeles, 74 

Bonvers, 67 

Basmenil, 49 

Ben den, 74 

Bla( kfriars, 3, 88 

Boodry, 19 

Bassano, xii. 

Benedictus, 91 

Black-horse Alley, 79 

Booteso, 89 

Basset, 16 

Benet, 54 

Blackman St. 93 

Borderie, 43 

Basure, 8 

Benne, 25 

Blacksmiths, v. 69, 85 

Borgen, 7-7 

Batchelier, 34 

Benno, 19 


Borse, 68 

Bath, 92 

Benns, 16 

Blackter, 24 

Borthau, 43 

Batland, 95 

Benoist, 43, 54 

Blancart, 49 

Bosanquet, xxiv. 49 

Baudit, 33 

Bequoy, 98 

Blanchart, 70 

Bosch, 57 

Baudouin, 43 

Berchere, 42 

Blanck, 88 

Bosky ne, 94 

Baudry, 10, 31 

Bergen, 96 

Blanckau, 74 . 

Bosquain, 43 

Bay and Saye Mea 

Berie, 54 

Blankaert, 15 

Bossard, 15 

surer, 20 

Berissland, 92, 93 

Bleachers of Linen, 

Boston, xi. 

Bay and Saye maker 

Bermondsey, viii. 

vii. n. 

Bothren, 77 

17, 25, 26 


Blois, 78, 79 

Boucher, 41 



Bouchet, 30,31, 33 

Bradoth. 88 

Bruges, xiii. 61, et seq. 

Bussiere, 57 

Boucquet, 31 

Brand, 75 

Bruinge, 68 

Bustin, 49 

Boudeschesne, 49 

Brande, I 

Brukman, 80 

Butcher, 13 

Boudin, 31 

Brandenborough, 77 

Bruneau, 41, 42 

Butel, 43 

Boudinot, 41 

Brandenburgh, Duke 

Bruneel. 15, 16 

Buttfolph's] without 

Bouer, 70, 88 

of, 79 

Brunei, 54 

Algate, 3 

Boufort, 43 

Brandt, xii. 

Brunswick, 96 

Button-maker, v. 13, 

Bougrioux, 40 

Brasier, 13,20 

Bruquier, 49 

74, 79, et seq. 

Boulanger, 48, 54 

Brass- lock makers, v. 

Brusseau, 49 

Byles, xxx. 

Boulenger, 8 

Bratelier, 43 

Brussels, xiv. 61, et seq. 

Bylloy, 96 

Boullen, 9 

Braymer, 62 

Bruton, Somers, xxxii. 

Bynett, 14 

Boulogne, 90 

Braziers, v. 

Bryan's Dictionary of 

Boulton, 6 

Brazil, 92 

Painters, xxv. n. 

Bounel, 57 

Bread Street, "97 

Bryll [Breull], 94 

Bounin, 48 

Brecon, xiii. 

Bubba, 16 

Cabbilio, 83 

Bouniot, 49 

Breda, 58, 88 

Buck, 5, 75 

Cabilel, 58 

Bouquet, 31 

Breme, 86 

Bucklowe, 32 

Cacheur, 8 

Bourdet,43, 49 

Bremen, 61 

Budry, 23 

Cadet, 39 

Bourdon, 54 

Bremias, 3 

Buens, 90 

Cadroy, 58 

Boureau, 36, 43 

Breon, 48 

Bull, 64 

Caen, xxi. xxvii. n 

Bourges, 41 

Brevet, 54, 57 

Bull's Cross, xxviii. 

Caillaboent, 39 

Bourru, 31 

Brewers, v. x. xiv. 13, 

Bulteel, xii. 

Caillard, 43 

Bourryaii, 43 

25, 26, 61, 74, 92 

Bultel, 7 

Caillet, 15 

Bourton, Earldom of, 

Brian, 43 

Bultell, 73 

Cailone, 39 


Brianceau, 43 

Bumery, 67 

Calais, xxviii., 28, 69, 

Boury, 72 

Bricklayer, 97 

Bunnell, 21 

et seq. 

Bousac, 49 

Bridge Within Ward 

Bunte, 16 

Calfe, 17, 71 

Bousey, 68 


Buor, 43 

Callicar, 62 

Boussac, 43 

Bridon, 31 

Burbeck, 63 

Calline, Bishop of, 75 

Boussi, 36 

Briebant, 13 

Burchange, 77 

Callman, 21 

Bouteiller, 57 

Brien, 87 

Burd, 69 

Calloone, 88 

Bouverie, xxi. 8, 88 

Brigault, 41 

Bureau, 48 

Calmels, 49 

Bovin, 40 

Briggs, 80 

Burgar, 20 

Camberges, 72 

Bowdree, 19 

Brill, 17 

Burgoie, 22 

Cambien, 8 

Bowdry, 66 

Brion, 57 

Burgoine, 83 

Cambier, 16 

Bower, 79 

Brison, 86 

Burgony, 61 

Cambray, 72, 82, 85 

Bowers, 82 

Brisseuille, 8 

Surges, 62 

Cambreen, 84 

Bowkone, 94 

Brittan, 67 

Burgrave, 16 

Camby, 21 

Bowman, 26 

Broad silk-weaver, 72 

Burius, 76 

Camp, 74 

Bowstring- maker, 96 

Broad Street Ward,65 

Burke's Landed Gen- 

Campher, 71 

Bowtoun, 6 

Brocart, 8 

try, xxii. n. xxiv. n. 

Campion, 21 

Boxell, 16 

Brock, 3 


Candle-maker, 7, 73 

Boxmakers, v. 72 

Brocke, 2, 92 

Burlemachi, 65 

Candlewick Street 

Boy, 21, 78 

Breeders, 16 

Burn, J. S. Hist, of 

Ward, 71 

Boyd, 48 

Broker, 20, 21 

Prot. Refugees, iv. 

Canez, 8 

Boye, 48 

Broker for Jewels, 64 

xi. xxi. n. xxix. n. 

Cannmor, 86 

Boy gar d, 31 

Brokers for Merchants, 

71 n., 89 n. 

Canterbury, iii. xi. xvi. 

Boytoult, 49 

v. x. 63, el seq. 

Burtel, 43 

xxi. xxiv. xxviii. 

Brabant, xv. 19, 62, et 

Brome, 13 

Bush, 81 

xxxi. 7, 66, et seq. 


Brooke, 19, 30 

Bush [Bosch], 94 

Canterbury, Archbi- 

Brabant King-at- 

Brookeman, 62 

Bushe, 91 

shop of, xix. 

Arnis, xxi. | Brouart, 43 

Bushell, 79 

Capell, 61 

Braborne, 64, et seq Browne, 92 

Buske, 20 

Cappell, 62 

Braddo, 61 

Bruce, J. Cal. S.P.O. 

Buskyn, 21 

Cappon, 8 

Bradford, 27 

xxxii. n. 

Busserau, 43 

Carbonel, xxi. 



Gardes, 40 

Chabossan, 55 

Chivot, 43 

Cokele, 23 

Card-maker, 25 

Chabot, 49 

Chotard, 39 

Colchester, iii. x. xxx. 

Cardon, 7 

Chabrol, 55 

Chouard, 49 

xxxi. ., 25, 69, et 

Carentine, 78 

Chaigneau, 44 

Christien, 49 


Carion, 82 

Chaille, 36 

Churchyard Alley, 

Cole, 81 

Carlett, 78 

Chair- maker, 19, 20 


Coleman Street, xxiv. 

Carmow, 85 

Chalopin, 44 

Ciampanti, xxi. 

xxviii. 72 

Carnex, 37 

Chamberlaine, xii. 

Cinque Ports, iii. xi. 

Colgate Ward, 22 

Caron, 9, 49; Sir 

Chamberlein, 67 

Cipress weaver, 82 

Collant, 11 

Nowell, 99 

Chambers, 76 

Clacs. 16 

Colle, 20 

Carpenter, 14, 97 

Champante, xxi. 

Claesson, 15 

Colleawe, 25 

Carpreau, 86 

Chandlers, vi. 13, 61 

Claeszoon, 16 

Collen, 39 

Carraux, 13 

Chapelle, 17 

Clanfathermarke, 98 

Colimez, 54 

Carre", 44, 55 

Chaperon, 31 

Clant, 63 

Collineau, 58 

Carsay, 23 

Chappe, 13 

Clarebout, 16 

Colinet. 3? 

Cartanet, 13 

Charas, 82 

Clarisse, 9 

Coller, 62 

Cartier, 55 

Chardin, 44 

Clarke, 19, 20, 22, 24, 

Colley, 71 

Cartowe, 13 

Chardon, 44 


Collonia Agripina, 70 

Cartrick, 65, 71 

Charles, 44, 69 

Clary, 44 

Collot, 27 

Carvers, iii. vi. 4, 75. 

Charles I. xv. 

Claspe-maker, 18 

Colman, 19 

Cashan, 58 

Charles II., iii. xvi. 

Claude, 34 

Colnes, 93 

Casier, 16 

xviii. xxxii.; Che- 

Clause, 76 

Cologne, 64, 87, 89 

Caslaing, 39 

mist and Apothecary 

Clement, 55 

Colom, 49 

Casset, 8 

to, xxvi. 

Clements, 65 

Colt, 80 

Casshewe, 94 

Charpenelle, 40 

Clementy, 7 

Colte Max. xxiv. 80 

Castagnier, 40 

Charron, 49 

Clemment, 95 

Comart, 8 

Castaing, 58 

Chaseloup, 49 

Clerk, 7 

Comb-makers, vi. 22, 

Casteel, 84 

Chasles, 49 

Clerke, 11 


Castel, 9 

Chasqueau, 49 

Cleves, Duke of, 61 et 

Comber, 20, 22, 23, 24 

Castele, 23 

Chasses, 43 


Commission, ix. 

Castell, 24 

Chastaigner, 43 

Clink, Liberty of the, 

Coney, 85 

Castell, Cassals, or 

Chasteau, 8, 10 

viii. 97 

Congleton, xxxii. 

Kassels, 90 

Chastelier, 43 

Cloak- makers, v. x. 

Congnard, 36 

Castel lo, 61 

Chatel-Herault, xxxi. 

78, 79, 85 

Connett, 95 

Castle, 67 

Chattaine, 70 

Clocke, 94 

Connyers, 63 

Castle Baynard Ward, 

Chaudron, 67 

Cloiepis. 1 

Conradus, xii. 


Chaunterell, 88 

Closson, 97 

Consoler to the Sick, 

Castle Jordan, 83 

Chauret, 33, 34 

Cloth workers, x. 62, 


Castle Street, Leicester 

Chauvin, 40, 49 


Constantin, 44 

Fields, 29 

Chaven, 13 

Cloth, Duty on, vii. 

Cooke, 49, 77, 96 

Catherine, Queen Dow- 

Chavet, 34, 37 

Cloyss [Clos], 94 

Cooke, Secretary, 32 

ager, xxvii. 

Cheap Ward, 72 

Coach-man, 83 

Cooks, vi. 86 

Catholics, xvi. 

Chefdhatel. 49 

Cobbold, xxiv. 

Cooley, 12 

Caudeler, 68 

Chemist to Charles II., 

Cobleyow, 21 

Coopers, vi. 12, 14, 96 

Cavalier, 36 


Cobroth, 61 

Coopers' Comp. x. 

Caveiron, 39 

Chenen, 58 

Coccobet, 94 

Cooselle, 82 

Cavette, 10 

Chenevix, xxvi. 

Cock, 22,25 

Coosens, 76 

Cawny, 70 

Cheritree, 4 

Cocke, 23 

Cootells, 71 

Cazaubieth, 49 

Cherretree, 2 

Cockede, 24 

Coppine, 70 

Cazals, 57 

Chevalier, xxiv. 44, 45, 

Coclear, 20 

Corcellis, xv. 63, 81 

Cazer, 82 

49, 57 

Cocquean, 9 

Corder, 74 

Cecil, Sir W., x. 

Chevalier barley, xxiv 

Coddy, 78 

Cordoner, 66 

Ceeles, 4 

Chevenix, xxvi. 

Coderk, 43 

Cordwainer Ward, 73 

Ceilers, iii. 

Chipstead, xxiii. 

Coege, 90 

Cord winders, vi. 

Chaboissan, 55 

Chirurgions, vi. 

Cohen, 58 

Cordyner, 23 

104 INDEX. 

Corlon, 87 

Crackeno, 98 

Cytrick, 92 

De Beer, 16 

Cormon. xxviii. 

Cramache, 43 

De Beuer, 7 

Cornart, 8 

Cramou, 70 

De Bert, 69 

Cornells, 1 

Cranfield, Lord High 

Dackett, 18 

De Best, xiii. 80 

Cornelius, 61, 68, 74, 

Treasurer, ix. 

Da Costa, 50 

De Bever, 15, 16 


Cratch, 2, 4 

Dagar, 37 

De Birexin, 42 

Cornet, 74, 75 

Craven, iii. n. 

D'Agar, xxiv. 30, 37 

Deblangye, 1 

Cornette. 8 

Crekell, 20 

Dague, 7 

De Brisac, 43, 50 

Cornhill Ward, 73 

Cremer, 76 

Dalgresse, 38 

De Briton, 13 

Cornuelle, 8 

Cremou, 70 

D'Allemagne Demay, 

Deboe, 85 


Cresin, 70 


Debois, 62, 73 

rep. xxxii. n. ; silk- 

Crestien, 17 

Daluin, 74 

Debone, 20, 24 

men, xxxii. ; silk- 

Creube, 90 

D'Alva, Duke of, xiv. 

De Bors, 50 

throwers, xxxii. 

Crewell seller, vi. 


Deborshowe, 23 

Corque, 70 

Cricket, 16 

Dam, 19 

De Boudry, 67 

Correges, 44 

Crimp, Denmark, 80 

Damar, 20, 84 

De Bourdeaux, 44 

Corson, 70 

Cripplegate Within 

Damark, 82 

De Boyce, 20 

Cortreke, 75 

Ward, 73 

Damascene, 34 

Deboyse, 19, 23 

Cortrick, 77 et seq. 

Crochen, 36 

Darner, 19 

De Bures, 13 

Cosen, 76, 79 

Crochon, 49 

Dammaert, 16 

De Burgney, 13 

Cosens, 81 

Crofts, xxv. 

Dancers, vi. 

De Bus, 17 

Coslaney Ward, 21 

Cromelin, 44 

Danche, 58 

De Buskar, 87 

Cossard, 43 

Crompe, 11 

Danckrell, 32 

De Bussy, 50 

Costat, 44 

Cromwell, Oliver, 

Danell, 13,19 

De Butt', 64 

Costerman, 62 


Danens, 11 

De Caine, 88 

Coteel, xii. 71 

Cronnell, 84 

Danger, 69 

Decampe, 73 

Cothonneau, 44 

Cropp, 20 

Dangirard, 58 

De Cane, 68 

Cottin, 8 

Crosby, James, xxx. 

Daniell, 19, 68 

Decane [Duquesne] 

Coudaine, 31 

Crossbowmakers, vi. 

Danielles, 83 


Coudert, 49 


Dansay, xxiv. 

De Carron, 35 

Coultryse, 1 

Crosse, 65 

Dan says, 55 

De Cater, 15 

Council, Orders in, viii. 

Crowem, 65 

Dansk, 77 

De Caugae, 55 

xvi. xviii. 60 

Crowhurst, xxx. , 

Danswick, 83 

De Caux, 40, 44 

Counders, 84 

Croydon, 65 

Dantzig, 73 

De Cazalis, 50 

Counseler, 23 

Cruger, 58 

Dardell, 78 

De Champs, 34 

Count, 78 

Cruso, xii. 20 

Darnnickle, 96 

De Cherville, 33 

Coupe", 55, 57 

Crutched Friars, 87 

Darsneye, 68 

De Clapper, 16 

Courallet, 41 

Ciigan, 83 

Dartigues, 58 

De Clarke, 16 

Couraud, 44 

Culibrooke, 20 

Darumder, 80 

De Clere, 40 

Courcy, 29 

Cullud, xiv. 

Datchet Mead,vii. n. 

De Cleve, 59 

Courson, 43 

Cunibrooke, 20 

Dauffary. 66 

De Clopper, 16 

Courteau, 9 

Cupenbery, 64 

Dauson, 74 

Decluse, 21, 23 

Courtois, 77 

Curat, 24 

Davall, 13, 39 

Decoer, 20 

Comtra, 86 

Curbese, 22 

Daventer, xxvii. n. 

Deconinq, 50 

Courtris, 49 

Curpell, 23 

Daventery, 96 

Decooke, 62 

Cousturier, xxiii. 

Curple, 22 

David, 37, 44 

Decort, 21 

Coutris, 43 

Currier, 18 

Dawson, 3, 82 

Decorators, iii. 4 

Couturier, 58 

Curtelow, 69 

Deale, France, 63 

De Coster, 61, 94 

Couvers, 49 

Curtis, 24 

Deane, 95 

De Cousser, 15 

Coventry, xxxii. ; H. 

Cusbrick, 80 

De Backe, 15, 16. 

De Creaton, 68 

29 ; Sir T., attorney- 

Cutlers, iii. vi. x. 2, 3, 

De Baker, 70 

Decreetes, 61 

general, ix. 18 

18, 79, et seq. 

De Ballere, 13 

De Crew, 65 

Cowlon, 82 

Cutter of Stones for 

De Beaulieu, 34, 35, 

De Cro, 98 

Coye, 19 

Jewels, 87 

50, 54 i Decree, 65 

Cozen, 79 

Cutters, vi. 

De Bee, 63, 71 Dedame, 69 



De Doorne, 16 

De Dome, 16 

De Farnacques, 8, 9 

De Feauour, 77 

Deflem, 94 

Deflour, 93 

De Follingworth, 87 

De Ford, 91 

De Fountaine, 68 

De Franckanell, 81 

De Francs, 13 

Defray, 44 

De Frees [deVries] 97 

Defres, 81 

De Gavake, 26 

Deger, 94 

De Goudery, 9 

De Gozzi, xxix. 

De Graue, 62, 68 

De Graves, 36 

De Greate [le Grand] 


De Gresse, 14 
De Greuer, 77 
De Groate, 26 
De Guschon, 32 
De Hage, 22 
De Hane, 44 
De Hannah, 77 
De Haue, 15, 16 
Dehay, 82 
De Heame, 25 
Dehem, 20 
De Histock, 79 
De Hoguel, 50 
Dehone, 19 
Deitmarsch, xiii. 
De Jongue, 10 
De Joux, 58 
De Katoire, 20 
De Kauer, ] 6 
De Kerry, 22 
De Kindren, 82 
De Kinver, 15 
De Kunte, 15 
De la Barr, xiii. 62 
De la Barre, 44 
Delabat, 55 
De la Boe, 88 
De la Coele, 35 
Delacombe, 44, 87 
De la Couldre, 50 
De la Faye, 37 
De la Fountaine, 68, 73 
De la Fuye, 39, 50 


De la Garene, 58 

De Longa, 6 

De Pommare, 50 

De la Haye, 50 

De 1'Orme, 32 

De Pont, 50 

De la Heaye, 91 

De Lotell, 75 

Deport, 1, 24 

De la Heuse, 55 

De Louvain, 44 

De Pouer, 76 

De Laine, 29 

De Lowlcr, 22 

Depree, 22, 23, 24, 

De la Loe, 50 

De Lowter, 22 

62, 84 

Delamain, xxix. 

Delph, 97 

Depreell, 85 

De la Mara, 27 

De Lynne, 19 

Deprill, 62 

De la Marliere, 8 

Delysseley, 1 

De Pry [du Preu] , 91 

De la Marr, 70, 74 

De Man, 19, 92 

De Pulveret, 35 

De la Marre, 44 

De Manne, 92 

Depute, 16, 18, 19, 20 

De la Mer, 10, 50 

De Mary, 24 

De Putt, 64 

De la Molins, 14 

De Master, 15, 17,87 

Depuy, 44 

De la Mour, 37 

Demay, 19 

De Quecer, 15 

Delancey, 41 

Demee, 22 

De Qucster, 64 

Deland, 22 

De Meester, 16 

De Rache, 7 

De 1'Angle, 32 

Demetrius, 81, 88 

De Radde, 15 

De Lanquetait, 58 

De Metruis, 82 

De Raedt, 10 

De Lansac, 44 

De Meyer, 16 

De Raet, 1 6 

De la Pau, 68 

De Millon, 44 

De Rake, 68 

De la Piule, 27 

Deminay, 68 

Derby, xxxii. 55 

De la Place, 50 

De Moavre, 50 

Deree, 24 

De la Plane, 13 

Demollen, 94, 95, 96 

Deremow, 22 

De la Remery, 13 

De Monier, 16 

De Rensey, 71 

De la Roque, 17 

De Monmignon, 28 

De Rewbay, 89 

De la Roy, 81 

De More, 21 

Derick, 74 

De la Ruelle, 67 

Demorten, 80 

Derickson, 67 

De la Salle, 36 

De Moucheau, 10 

De Ricquebourg, 9 

Delatate, 22 

De Mountmayour, 50 

De Rideau, 58 

Delatt, 84 

De Moury, 8 

De Rin, 10 

Delaume, 68 

Demsber, 63 

Derisher, 63 

De Lawne, 78 

Denam, 83 

De Roe, 22 

Delbone, 66 

Dene, 87 

De Roll, 76 

Del Chambre, 67 

De Neeue, 70 

De Rooe, 20 

De le Becque, 8, 9 

De Neu, 7, 9, 10 

De Roy, 8 

De la Marliere, 9 

Denewe, 22 

Derram, 5 

Delene, 90 

Denis, 36 

Derreall, 5 

De Lenneaux, 8 

Denization, free letters 

Derrick, 19 

De le Porte, 9 

of, xviii. 

Derrickes, 61 

De Lespaul, 8, 9 

Denmark, 63 

De Rue, 23 

De Lespenne, 8 

Denmark, Anne of, 

De Rusier, 67 

De TEspinne, 9, 10 

painter to.xxv.; gar- 

De Ryall, 6 

De Lestrille, 36 

dener to, 83 

Deryckson, 1 

Delf, 61 

Dennishee, 84 

Desallier, 70 

De Lillers, 8 

Denoe, 78 

De Salome, 7 

De Lilliers, xvi. 

Denoncry, 84 

De Santhuris, 8, 9 

Delinas, 35 

Denow, 78 

Desbonnett, 19 

Dellahaye [Hes], 96 

Deodate, 72 

Des Bouverie, xxi. 8, 

Del la Vereter, 79 

De Page, 66 


Delicti, 96 

De Pallavicini, xxix. 28 

Desbonuries, 8 

Del Maitre, 50 

De Parrice, 14 

Descamps, 9 

De Lobeau, 7, 9 

De Paz, 35 

Deschalt, 72 

De Lobell, 26, 70, 73 

De Penna, 55 

Des Champs, 37 

De Lo Belle, 68 

De Pessery, 78 

Descharfe, 1 

De Loe, 69 

Depester, 84 

Dese, 50 




De Sene, 44 

Dewill, 21 

Downeing, 92 

Duke's Place, 5, 6, 76 

De Serf, 17 

De Windle, 21 

Dowrey [Dure] , 94 

Dukett, 14 

Desessaras, 44 

Dewssertt, 93 

Doyeve, 19 

Dulice, 81 

Des Granger, 79 

Dewtoe, 96 

Doyfer, 19 

Du Maistre, 36 

De Sicqueville, 50 

De Wyck, 50 

Drake, 81 

Dumas, 50, 55, 58 

Des Jardins, 27 

Dewyndell, 21 

Drall, 85 

Du Miny, 8 

De Slewsen, 86 

Dewytte, 19 

Draper, 13,20, et teq. 

Du Mouchean, 9, 10 

Desmaistres, xiii. 

Dewys, 92 

Drapery, New, vii. 

Du Mouchel, 58 

Desmaretz, 7 

De Yonce, 13 

Drawers, vi. 

Dumoulin, 41 

De Smith, 91 

D'Herby, 36, 44 

Dremer, 80 

Dunhage, 98 

De Soin, 69 

Diamond cutters, vi. 

Droet, 60 

Dunkirk, xxv. 12, 83 

De Soldo, 82 

64, et seq. 

Drogeir, 68 

Dupas, 31 

Despaigne, 10 

Dieppe, xxvii. 78 

Droilhet, 50 

Duperon, 41 

Destinny, 60 

Digeon, 86 

Drosant, 61 

Du Petit Val, 32 

Desurmeaux, 21 

Dijan, 15 

Drue, 23 

Du Pin, 36, 44 

Detallier, 72 

Diore, 50 

Druett, 1 

Du Pire, 10 

De Themps, 6 

Dirickson, 76 

Drushylde, 62 

Duplex, 50 

De Toor, 15, 16 

Dishe, 23 

Dry nurse, 96 

Du Ponde, 16 

Detue, 1 

Dishlay, 23, 24 

Du Beuf, 7 

Du Pondt, 16 

DeTurck, 15 

Dist, 77 

Dublin, xxi. 

Du Pont, 8, 44 

Deualfe, 64 

Diste, 88 

Duboe, 67 

Du Port, 41, 42 

Deuawe, 87 

Distiller of aqua vitse, 

Du Bois, 7, 8, 9, 10, 

Dupreall, 67 

Deucy, 62 

18, 21, 26, 95, 96 


Du Pus, 31 

Deuill, 68 

Distillers, vi. 

Du Bos, 7, 8 

Dupuy, 58 

Deuter, 77 

Doby, 72 

Du Bourdeau, 37 

Duraell, 66 

De Vandwmer, 76 

Doctors, vi. xxvii. 

Du Bourdieu, 44 

Duran, 83 

De Varennes, xxxi. 50 

Doffermont, 8 

Du Boys. xiii. 

Durand, 36, 37, 42, 

De Vaux, 44 

Doize, 8 

Du Buisson, 8 


De Veal, 72 

Dole, 23 

Dubunt, 74 

Duree, 77 

De Veill, 44 

Dolvero, 92 

Ducaine, 65 

Durell, 39 

Deventry, 84 

Donnaing, 9 

Ducasse, 44 

Du Ret, 10 

De Villebresme, 28 

Donnsell, 70 

Du Chavol, 40 

Durie, 55 

De Ville Brosse, 28 

Donswick, 77 

Duehine, 62 

Du Rien, 7, 8, 9 

Devillers, 67 

Dorington, 66 

Duckett, 21 

Durrombe, 81 

De Vischer, xiii. . 

Dornay, 81 

Ducksinger, 60 

Durt, 63 

De Vincke, 16 

Doron, 58 

Duclos, 55 

Duskaine, 89 

De Vine, 22 

Dorper, 64 

Ducloss, 44 

Dussant 95 

De Visme, 9 

Dorpin, 21 

Du Cloux, 36 

Dussarr, 66 

De Vivario, 58 

Dorrom [Doron] 93 

Du Coudray, 50 

Dusseldorf, 75 

Devizes, xxxii. 

Dorset, Ld. Treas. vii. 

Duen, 87 

Dutch trade, viii. 

De Voghel, 8 

Dort, 63, et seq. 

Du Fan, 39 

Duthais, xv. 

De Vos, 16 

Dotswick, Poland, 77 

Dufau, 50 

Du Val, 8 

Pe Voyce, 69 

Douay, 81 

Dufay, 55 

Duvall, 50 

De Vynck, 16 

Doublet, 50 

Duforey, 69 

Du Ventre, 17 

De Walle, 64 

Douchemont, 8 

Dufour, 55 

Duvignan, 55 

De Walpergen, 58 

Doude, 50 

Du Four, 36 

Dyers, vi. x. 10, 20, 

Dewane, 61 

Douglas 'Scottish Peer. 

Dufoure, 67 

21,24, ll.etseq. 

Dewarchin, 66, 67 

xxiv. n. 

Dufray, xxviL n. 

De Waters, 88 

Dount, 44 

Dugord, 50 

Easick, 75 

De Watnies, 88 

Dousell, 74 

Du Gua, 32 

East cheap, 97 

De Wattine, 22 

Douzain, 44 

Du Hamel, 44 

East India Company, 

Deway, 61 

Dovay, 13 

Du Hem, 8 

vii. 91 

De Wee, 9 

Dover, axv. xxx. 12, 

Duke, 66 

East Wymer Ward, 21 

De Weraan, 1 


Duke St. Lincoln's 

Edward I. II. III. De- 

pewhytt, 19 

Dowdell, 91 

Inn, 29 

scents from, iii. 



Edwardes, 83 

Falasseau, 32 

Firmisial, 45 

Francis, 24, 50 

Egbirtt, 25 

Falek, 37 

Firmitine, 22 

Franckavill, 72 

Egremont, 96 

Fallifer, 34 

Fisher, xxviii. .., 63 

Franckfort, 66, et seq. 

Eiklo, 87 

Fallot, 51 

Flanders, xi. xiii. 12, 

Francklin, 74 

Elbers, 89 

Fancier, 69 

14, 61, et seq. 

Francois, 7, 8, 35 

Elias, 75 

Fanenie, 50 

Flawsonn, 89 

Frankendale, 77 

Elizabeth, Q. iv. xi.; 

Faneril, 45 

Flax, 14 

Frankfort, 61, et seq. 

painter to, xx. 

Fanewilk, 75 

Fleet Lane, 4 

Frankling, 29 

Ellys, 27 

Far cot, 79 

Fleming, 15, 16 

Frauncis, 23 

Emans, 88 

Fargeon, 51 

Flepoe, 23 

Frauncoye, 23 

Embroiderers, vi. 60, 

Farmen, 25 

Flessiers, 79 

Fredrick, 74 

et seq. 

Farringdon Within 

Fleurian, 51 

Fredryck, 1 

Emden, 63, 69 

Ward, 78 

Fleurison, 51 

Freeman, 21 

Emerick, 79, 86 

Farringdon Without 

Fleurisson, 55, 58 

Fremaux, 8 

Emery, 44 

Ward, 79 

FJeury, 50 

Freminent, 10 

Emperor, xxiv. 18 

Farsey, 51 , 58 

Flocke, 23 

Frenchman, 78 

Emperor of Germany, 

Fasloven, 2, 4 

Florence, 29, 73, 86; 

French trade, viii. 

60, et seq. 

Fastilo, 3 

dukedom of, 66 

Fresnau, 45 

Emrick, 81 

Fasure, 55 

Florezonne, 15 

Fresnot, 58 

Enddling, 33 

Fauconier, 40 

Flournoys, 34 

Fret, 45 

Enfield, xxviii. 

Faulcon, 55 

Flowyn, 97 

Freuleu, 10 

Engineers, vi. xv. 

Faulton, 39 

Flory, 8 

Frickall, 1 

Engleham, 78 

Fauponer, 69 

Flower, 60 

Fringe, vi. n 

Ennis, 80 

Fauquier, 65 

Flusheir, 84 

Frome, xxxii. 

Enskeden, 63 

Favell, 92 

Flushing, 62, 67 

Fromeau, 67 

Ente, 91 

Favre, 41, 42, 45 

Flypoe, 93, 94 

Fromettell, 20 

Erbiri, 62 

Fawcon, 85 

Forceville, 37 

Fruschart, 45 

Erie, 76 

Fawconer, 67, 83 

Forey, 80 

Frutier, 72 

Kruiis, 1 5 

Fawkeneere, 93 

Forhow, 74 

Frystell, 2 

Escar, 34 

Fawse, 91 

Forit, 55 

Fullers, 24 

Escoffier, 44 

Feauer, 23, 87 

Forlorne, 68 

Fullin, 36 

Espinasse, 55 

Fearkyn, 23 

Forman, 78, 80 

Furetti, 86 

Esquier, 33 

Febrice, 75 

Formanger, 75 

Furmase, 21 

Estbeand, 25 

Feeve, 19 

Formoy, 23 

Fustian dyer, 63 

Esteve, 31 

Feilde, 68 

Forterie, xiii. 87 

Estienne, 58 

Felles, 50 

Fortersse, 66 

Estival, 40 

Fene, 22 

Fortree, 70 

Gabery, 95 

Ethemburgh, Duke of, 

Fenlon, 95 

Fortry, xiii. 

Gabet, 58 


Fennvill, 50 

Fossier, 10 

Gabry, 87 

Euerson, 84 

Fer, 8 

Foster, 80 

Gaches, 58 

Evans, 2, 4, 68 

Ferment, 45 

Foiiace, 45 

Gachet, 35 

Ever, 91 

Fermitine, 23 

Foubert, 39 

Gairaud, 58 

Evers, 4 

Ferre", 45 

Foucaut, 45 

Galcherre, 45 

Eversley, Lord, xxvi. 

Ferrett, 13 

Foulden, xxii. 

Galdy, 51 

Eves, 2 

Ferrot, 7, 8, 9 

Fountain, xxii. 

Galineau, 55 

Evesham, xxxii. 

Ferry, 68 

Fountaine, 50 

Gallan, 41 

Eyme, 50 

Fenigne, 50 

Fouquerel, 45 

Galland, 51 

Fetter Lane, 3 

Fowbart, 78 

Gallemar, 8, 9 

Feys, 16 

Fox, 19, 20, 97 

Gallere, 6 

Fabre, 65 

Fiat, 30 

Fraigneau, 51 

Gallet, 45 

Face, 19 

Fibrige Ward, 24 

Framboock, 73 

Gallon, 78 

Faget, 45, 85 

Fictore, 68 

France, King of, 60, 

Gally-pot maker, 9$ f 

Factors, 21,25, 26 

Fierett 13, 

et seq. 


Fairs, iv. 

Figuier, xxiii. Frances, 97 

Gauibien, 9 

Faith, 66 

Filesmiths, vii. Francia, 50 

Ganey, 86 



Ganne, 15 

Gest, 62 

Goulard, 51 

Gugler, 25 

Garat, 61 

Geuers, 81 

Gould, 11 

Guibert, 45 

Garauehe, 8 

Ghent, xxii. 63, et seq. 

Gourbiel, 41 

Guichard, 55 

Gardener to Anne of 

Gibson, 88 

Gourdin, 45 

Guichenet, 51 

Denmark,83; Gene- 

Gilderland, 61, et seq. 

Gouy, 51 

Guicherst, 51 

ral, 11, 13, 17, 19, 

Gilders, vi. 64, 80 

Gowatso, 6 

Guide, xxvii. n. 

21, 24, 95, 99 

Gilderson, 2 

Grady. 86 

Guideon, 58 

Gardien, 39 

Gilderton, 4 

Gradye, 86 

Guiger, 55 

Gardies, 45 

Gill, xxxi. 

Grangell, 80 

Guilick, xiv. 64 

Gardner, 95 

Gillam, 92 

Grape, 90 

Guill, 36 

Garie, 58 

Gillett, 99 

Graszellier, 45 

Guillandeau, 40 

Garlanie, 85 

Ginguier, 45 

Graue, 9 

Guillot, 45 

Garlyson, 5 

Ginlet, 67 

Grauier, 78 

Guiltan, 51 

Garnault, xxviii. n 

Girrard, 28 

Grave Maurice, 63 et 

Guitan, 45 

Garni, 30 

Gisborne, Spain, 97 


Guise, Duke of, 75 

Gamier, 37, 45, 51 

Gisence, 76 

Grave of Teckenbo- 


Garon-, 51 

Gittringbancke, 91 

rough, 77 

Gunner, 89 

Garrard, Mark, xxv. 

Gladbecke, 63 

Gravetot, 51 

Gunsmith, 94 

Garret, 2, 67, 79 

Glasse, 97 

Graviset, 51 

Gunstock-makers, vi. 

Garretson, 78 

Glaziers, vi. 

Gray, 79 

Gurnort, 62 

Garrett, 3 

Glewe Alley, 93 

Green, Mrs. Cal. xxvi.?*. 

Guy, 39 

Garrettes, 81 

Gloria, 45 

Groenvelt, xxvii. ,., 6 

Guyaud, 65 

Garrie, 41 

Glorio, 5 

Gregory, 61 

Guyann, 67 

Garrisie, 84 

Glorye, 6 

Grene, 24 

Gurzelier, 51 

Garters, vi. n. 

Gloucester, xxxii. 

Greethem, 76 

Gwilt, Jos. xxx. 

Gascherie, 45 

Glover, 92 

Grenier, 9 

Gauche, 45 

Gobnezey, 79 

Grere, 50 

Haarlaem, 75 et seq. 

Gaudet, 45 

Goddard, 85 

Grewell, 93 

Haberdasher, 92 

Gaudies, 45 

Godefroy, 9 

Grigron, 34 

Hacker, 21 

Gaudineau, 36 

Godfrey, 33 

Grimanport, 9 

Hackney, xxii. 64 

Gauery, 69 

Godin, 45 

Grimard, 51 

Haffrongue, xxviii. 

Gaul tier, 55, 58 

Godolphin, 30 

Grimault, 33 

Hague, The, 79, 84 

Gautie, 31 

Godschalk, 16 

Grocers, 13, 19, 21 

Haguer, 19 

Gautier, 55 

Godskall, 81 

Gromingerland, 90 

Haiguerelle, 10 

Gayot, 45 

Goerley, 11 

Groteste, 58 

Hain, 31 

Gelien, 51 

Goerly, 11 

Grotiste, 51 

Hainault, 82 

Gendrault, 41 

Goilard, 51 

Grove, 61 

Half-moon Alley, 68 

Gendron, 41 

Goisior, 51 

Gruber, 34 

Halifax, Viscount, xvii. 

Girardot, 41 

Goldbeaters, vi. 

Gruell, 5 

Hall, 68 

Geneva, xxix. 60, 69, 

Golddrawers, vi. 

Gruning, 95 

Hallee, 55 

et seq. 

Goldig, 45 

Gryme, 22 

Hallicoate, 93 

Genile, 23 

Goldsmith's Comp. ix. 

Guagain, 45 

Halsbos, 80 

Genoa, xxix. 

Goldsmith's Row, x. 

Gubbins, 89 

Hamborough, xii. xiii. 

Gentilz, 29 

Goldspinners, vi. 74. 

Guenault, 39 

66, et seq. 

George [Jorrs], 99 

Goldworker, vii. 

Guenin, 8, 10 

Hamden Yard, 27 

Georges, 51 

Golver [Galuer], 95 

Guepin, 45 

Hamell, 13 

Gerbier, 31 

Gomar, 39, 45 

Guerart, 17 

Hameus, 86 

Gergett, 13 

Goodcall, 62 

Guerin, xxv. 51 

Hamlett, 74 

Germaine's Alley, 27 

Goorde, 85 

Guerni, 39 

Hamond, 51 

Germany, Earl of, 77 

Goose, 20 

Guernsey, xxv. xxviii. 

Hampton Court, xviii. 

Germon, 77 

Gorgam, 64 

Guerrin, 29 


Grerny, 45 

Gorham, 81 

Guesnard, 45 

Hanego, 72 

Gervais, 55 

Goslon, 6 

Guespin, 17 

Hangeing-sword Alley, 

Gervays, 35 

Goubert, 45 

Guesquiere, 9 


Gerwaise, 34 

Gouers, 63 

Gueyle, 40 

Hangerman, 75 



Hanet, 41 

Hayrault, 40 

Hewinge, 62 

Huckett, 82 

Hannce, 2 

Head, 19 

Heywaull, 68 

Huddersfield, xxxii. 

Hanser, 98 

Headly, 22 

Hiborne, 21 

Huefman, 96 

Hanwick, 79 

Hearne, 64 

Hickman, 78 

Huet, 7 

Earache, 34, 51 

Heastel-maker, 21 

Hiden, 90 

Hugebert, 89 

Haragoodes [Heerre- 

Heath, 75 ; Sir R., 

Hies, 25 

Hughessen, xxv. 12 

godes], 97 

Solicitor-general, ix. 

Highway, 97 

Huke [Houch] 98 

Harcauce, 64 


Hill, 80, 84 

Hulin, 51 

Harderet, 78 

Hebden, 5 

Hills, 11 

Humbertstone, xxix. 

Hardovin, 51 

Hebert, 45, 51 

Hinde, 84 

Humfries Rents, 80 

Hardrette, 78 

Hecker, 19 

Hoast, 71 

Hunkott, 82 

Harduc, 9 

Heckers, 77 

Hobble, 15 

Hunter's South York- 

Hardwaxman, 80 

Hector, 23 

Hobell, 71 

shire, XV. 

Hardwyn [Herde- 

Heel -maker, 80 

Hobert, 84 

Hurter, 64 

wyen], 98 

Hein, 75 

Hodseman, 77 

Hythe, 14 

Hardy, 36, 45 

Helden, 76 

Hoevenagle, 16 

Harlbey, 95 

Helding, 6 

Holfoote, 21 

Harling, 81 

Heldt, xiii. 

Holland, refugees to, 

Ifetot, 39 

Harlingham, 99 

Helneu, xiv. 


Igon, 51 

Harma, 22 

Helsham, 79 

Holliwell, 68 

Igou, 58 

Harman, 96 

Hemp-dressers, vi. 69, 

Holloway's, W. Rye, 

Igsingham, 82 

Hannansey, 72 


xi. n. 

Ilerick, 5 

Harple, 64 

Henckin, 86 

Hollowick, 21 

Imbroiderers, vi. 60, 

Harris, 91 

Hendrick, 6, 63, 99 

Holstead, 64 

et seq. 

Harrow Lane Alley, 

Hendricke, 95 

Holstein, 76 

Ingelberth, 75 



Holstein, Duke of, 64 

Ingram, xxviii. n. 

Harry e, 1 


Holtsweller, 74 

Inlayers, vi. 

Harseer, 85 

Hennain, 8 

Holzafell, 40, 55 

Innholders, v4. 99 

Harshew, 24 

Henneton, 9, 10 

Homarde, 65 

Instrument-makers, vi. 

Hartau, 65 

Henoughe, 88 

Home, 89 


Hartieman, 96 

Henriau, 45 

Honck, 23 

Interpreter, Spanish, 

I lartimman [Herman] , 

Henrick, 76 

Honde, 54 

82; general, 87 


Henrickes, 81 

Hoopell, 14 

Ipres, xiv. 62, et seq. 

Hartman, 74 

Henrickson, 5 

Hoost, 73 

Ipswich, x. xx. 

Hartocumbus, 89 

Henriques, 50, 52 

Hops, 26 

Ireland, French Set- 

Harvey, 68 

Henrix, xiii. 

Hoppiow, 22 

tlers in, iv. 

Harwick, x. 

Henry, 45, 69 

Hornick, 78 

Ireland, Receiver-Ge- 

Hasabert, 18 

Henry VIII., Stat. of, 

Hosbert, 21 

neral of, xxi. 

Hatband-makers, vi. et 


Hosbrooke, 75 

Isaack.7, 68 


Henryckson, 5 

Hosemear, 67 

Isacrocke, 93 

Hatfield, Herts, vii. 

Hensborough, 76 

Hose-scourer, 23 

Isbane, 73 

Hatmakers, vi. 

Hensburgh, 74 

Hose-stamper, 19 

Izebrand, 18 

Hattanville, 45 

Henshaw, 79 

Hosiers, vi. 19, 22, 71 

Hatton, 97 

Hepworth, 80 

Hoskins, 79 

Jackson, 61 

Haunse, 4 

Heralds'Visitations, xi. 

Hoto, 24 

Jacob, 16. 85 

Haue, 9 


Houbeton, 72 

Jacobb, 14 

Hauke, 20 

Herbaine, 10 

Houcke, 16 

Jacobs, 66 

Havery, 22 

Herbaut, 8 

Houerd, 74 

Jacobson, 65, 69 

Hawkins's Ignoramus, 

Heringhooke, 72 

Houndsditch, 82, 85 

Jacquemont, 8 


Hermes, 79 

Houque, 7 

Jamaica, xxvi. 

Hawsbrooke, 61 

Hermit, 24 

Houy, 21 

Jamain, 45 

Hay, xxiv. 

Herve, 41 

Houze, 7 

Jamart, 36 

Haye, 14 

Hervieu, 45, 51 

Hovenagle. xxv. 16,17 

James [or Jacobs], 90 

Hayes, 67 

Herwin, 86 

Hovener xvi. 

James I. iv. xxx. 60; 

Hayninges, 97 

Hessell, 15,16 

Howell, 62 

apothecary to, 78 



James II. iii. xxvii. 

Justell, 51 

Lamberman, 76 

Lawrenzo, 74 

Jamet, 42 

Lambert, 2, 4, 28, 41, 

Lawyers, vi. 88 

Jamin, 58 

46, 68, 69 

Lean, 4, 72 

Jamineau, 45 

Kecke, 19 

Lambeth [Lambehith] 

Leatherdressers, vi. x. 

Jansen, 51, 96 

Kee, 71 

ix. 99 

93, 95, et aeq. 

Janssen, xxv. 36, 51 

Keepe, 87 

Lamego, xxvii. 

Le Bas, 51 

Jaques, 75 

Keermer, xiv. 

Lamere, 35 

Le Bass, 39 

Jarlan, 55 

Kemale, 63 

Lam ion, 23 

Le Bek, 69 

Jasper, 6, 82 

Kemcre, 79 

Lamiow, 22 

Le Berquer, 17 

Jaspers, 5 

Kemden, 77 

Lamonie, 83 

Le Blan, 8 

Javery. 22 

Kempe, 98 

Lamot, 78, 88 

Le Blanck, 88 

Jeames, 1 

Kent, visitation of, xxv. 

Lamouche, 41 

Leblans, 42 

Jenkes, 4 

Kettle, 80 

Lampe, 75 

Le Blon, 72 

Jenkins, Sir L. xvii. 

Killaloe, Bishop of, 

Lampere, 22 

Le Blond, 46, 51, 58 

xix. 30 


Lempo, 68 

Le Bon, 71 

Jespers, 97 

King, 7, 58, 73, 85, 

Lancett, 66 

Le Bon de Bonneval, 

Jesuits, xvi. 

87, 89 

Lancut, 62 


Jeweller, King's, xiii. 

King, T. W., York 

Lanfan, 3 

Le Bourgeois, 51 

Jewellers, vi. ix. 32, 

Herald, xi. xiii. xxii. 

Landes, 55 

Le Bouuere [Bouve- 

33,60, etseq. 

King Street, West- 

Landressy, 82 

rie] , xxi. 8, 88 

Johnson, 2, 4, 16, 20, 

minster, 27 

Langbourne Ward, 80 

Le Boyteux, 52 

68, 60, 62, 64, 72, 

King's servant, 4 

Langlett, 21 

Le Brysure, 69 

75, 76, 77, 78, 82, 

Kinge, 73 

Langman, 5, 6 

Le Cailliett, 68 

84, 87, 98 

Kinnoul, E. of, xxiv. 

Lano, 23 

Le Callett, 70 

Joiry, 40 

Kint, 81 

Lanow, 22 

Le Candele, 88 

Joiners, iii. vi. 4, 6, 

Kipp, xiv. 71 

Laoutre, 8 

Le Cane, 69 

13, 69, etseq. 

Kittelhouse, 98 

La Pastola, 14 

Le Cene, 46 

Joliret, 39 

Klawson, 90 

Laquose, 22 

Le Cerf, 13, 46 

Jolly, 33, 51 

Knife-maker, 79 

L'Archevesque, 37 

Le Cherch, 70 

Jones, xxvi. n. 

Knight, 69, 80 

Lare, 61 

Le Chevenix, xxiv. 34 

Jones's Breconshire, 

Kricket, 16 

Larnay, 24 

Le Clark, 14, 69, 76 


Kuller. 5 

La Roche, 37, 53 

Le Clercq, 7, 8, 9, 33 

Jonsone, 95, 96, 97 

Kynge, 22 

La Roux, 13 

LeConte, 48, 51 

Jooris, 16 

Larow, 22 

Le Cordier, 46 

Joperte, 61 

La Rowse, 13 

Le Coster, 74 

Jorden, 68 

Labourers, vi 

La Serre, xxv. 52 

Le Crew, 66 

Joue.lin, 10, 66 

Lacemaker, 60 

Laseur, 46 

Le Doux, 9 

Jouelm, 62 

Lace-weaver, 72 

Lasutre, 9 

Leecluse, 20 

Jourdain, 45 

Lace-workers, v. 

La. tain, 51 

Leedes, Germany, 84 

Jourdin, 51 

La Cock, 13 

La Tellier, 13 

Leek, xxxii. 

Journeau, 41 

Lacorde, 73 

Latho, 24 

Leeman, 15 

Journeux, 13 

La Coste, 35 

La Tombe, xiv. 

Le Fay, 8 

Journeymen, regula- 

Lacoze, 36 

Laudouyn, 17 

Le Feaver, 23 

tion for, iv. 

La Croix, 46 

Laurens, 8 

Le Febure, xxvi. 8 

Joyau, 45 

Laffanie, 85 

Laurent, 51, 55, 58 

Le Ferre, 35 

Julycorlande, Duke- 

Lafite, 41 

Lauroide, 46 

Le Fever, 14 

dome of, 63 

Lafitte, 46 

Lauselle, 3 

Le Fevre, xxvi. 26, 32, 

Jugelman, 58 

La Francios, 13 

Lauvan, 46 


Julien, 57 

Lagaco, 7 

Lauze", 42 

Leffeory, 66 

Julien de St. Julien, 

Laigneel, 15 

Lavere, 23 

Le Fiort, 36 


Laigniel, 10 

La Vie, 40 

Le Fleure, xxvii. n. 

Juliet, 70 

Laisise, 46 

Lavie, 51 

Le Foes, 71 

Juliot, 51 

Laloiiele, 46 

Lawes, 19 

Le Fonce, 70 

Justel, 45 

Lambartson, 22 

Lawncell, 69 

Le Fort, 39 

Lamberd, 21. 22 

Lawrence, 70, 73, 93 

Le Fourgeon, 58 



Lefure, 69 

Lepper, 67 

Linsell [de Lins] , 94 

Lortie, 33, 35 

L'Egare, 33 

Le Preux, 17 

Linsey-woolsey maker, 

Losset, 15 

Le Goughe, 71 

Lequay, 46 


L'Oste, 9 

Legram, 69 

Lerby, 62 

Linsted, xxv. 

Loton, 98 

Le Grand, 98 

Lernoult, 51, 55 

Linton, 6 

Ix>uchfeane, 67 

Le Haisey, 13 

Le Roux, 41 

Liovis, 46 

Loues, 65 

Le Heegue, 10 

Le Roy, 9, 31, 70, 86 

Lirpiniere, 54 

Louis XIV. xxi. 

Le Hommedieu, 52 

Lesage 8, 10 

Lisbon, 61 

Lousart, 8 

Le Hut, 35 

Les Callit, 70 

Liskens, 4 

Louzada, xxvi. 52 

Leicester, 89 

Lesee, 10 

Lisle, xiii. xiv. 65, et 

Lovedain, 9 

Le Jeune, 92 

Le Seigneur, 55 


Lovell, 91 

Le Keux, 9, 10 

Le Serrurier, 36 

Lismore, Bishop of, 

Lovidant, 9 

Le Key, 72 

Leskaney, 22 


Lovingsbone, 5 

Le Kieux, 10 

Leskeny, 22 

Litta's Italian Fami- 

Lovingston, 6 

Le Lieu re, 9 

Le Sombre, 52 

lies, xxix. 

Lovoet, 16 

Le Lou, 10 

Lespiniore, 34 

Little Flanders, xiii. 

Low, 80 

Le Maier, 63 

Lessage, 69 

Little Russell St. 29 

Lower, 69 

Le Maire, 94 

Lesturgeon, 36 

Liug, 63 

Lowest, 96 

Leman, 81 

Le Thieullier, xiv. 

Livans, 99 

Lowys, 90 

Le Mare, 88 

Le Tondu, 52 

Livius, 99 

Luarden, 99 

Le Mart, 9 

Le Tour, 70 

Lobengstowe, 93 

Lubeck, xii. 

Le Mateux, 58 

Letten, 16, 19 

Locksmiths, vi. 75 

Luca, 73, 86 

Le Mazieres, 51 

Lettere, 23 

Lodwick, 62, 73, 80 

Lucas, 65, 78 

Le Mirde, 39 

Letteyne, 21 

Loem, 23 

Lncatella, 81 

Lemoisin, 79 

Lettice-maker, 90 

Loffroy, 7 

Luce, 88 

Lemon, R. Jr. xvi. 

Lettow, 20 

Loffting, 58 

Lucie, xvi. 

Le Mor, 10 

Lettyne, 21 

Lofland, 55 

Luckland, 89 

Lemot, 61, 67 

Leuce, 95 

Loiskins, 71 

Luddow [Ledou] , 98 

Lemoteux, 42 

Leuse, 69 

Lomar, 82 

Ludgate Hill, 79 

Lemott, 61 

Le Vaseur, xxvii. n. 

Lombard, 51 

Lufoes, 46 

Le Moyne, 14, 46 

Le Vefue, 8 

Lombe, Sir T. xxxii. 

Luke, bishopric of, 74 

Lemozin, 79 

Levesque, P. xxiii. 

Lonckpeck, 77 

Lule, 35 

Le Neve's Knights' 

Le Vine, 22 

London, iv. xi. xvi. 

Luller, 63 

Fed. xxii. n. 

Levogge, 19 

xxxi. 1, et seq.; bi- 

Lulles, 63 

Lenart, 55 

Levyn, 21 

shop of, xix . ; mayors, 

Lumeau du Pont, 37 

Lenfant, 86 

Lewbrick, 94 

xvii. 60; sheriffs of, 

Lunel, xxiv. 55 

Lenglache, 52 

Lewes, 75 

xv. xxii. 

Lusan, 39 

Le Nice, 27 

Lewis, 22, 37, 51 

Long Lane, 93 

Lutestring, xx. 

Lennarts, xiv. 

Leyden, 84, 86 

Longe, 5 

Lutheran congrega- 

Lenney, 93 

L'Hermineur, 28 

Longuet, 46 

tion, 91 

Le Noble, 9, 35 

L'Heureux, 51 

Longuevill, 42 

Luton, 85 

Le Nor, 69 

Libert, 68, 71 

Loo, 87 

Lutra, 58 

Lenoult, 34 

Licteron in Artois, 77 

Looking-glass makers, 

Luziman, 31 

Lens, 83 

Licton, 13 

89, 97 

Lyon, 21 

Leonard, 3 

Liege, 46, 66 

Loome-makers, 10 

Lyons, xxiii. 62, 64, 

Leowardia, Friezland, 

Lievrard, 41 

Lope, 55 



Lilde, 82 

Lopper, 12 

Lyskens, 2 

Le Page, 68 

Lill, Spain, 92 

Loquin, 46 

L'Epilandiere, 28 

Limber, 84 

Lorcandus, 77 

Macaire, 46 

Le Petit, 13 

Lincoln's Inn, xxvi. 

Lordell, xxi. 70 

Macarel, 8 

Le Pivoys, 13 

Linen-draper, xix. 

Lores, 86 

Macclesfield, xxxii. 

Le Plastrier, 46, 51 

Linen-seller, vi. 

Loridam, 83 

Mace, 69 

Le Poulter, 24 

Linen, washers of, vii. n 

Lormier, 55 

Machinery, complaints 

Le Poultre, 8, 9 

Linen-weavers, 13, 75, 

Lorrain, 39 

against, iv. 

Leppeper [Le Pipre], 

96 Lorraine, 99 

Mark. Toll, 24 



Macko, 98 

Maricq, 46, 56 

Mecheley, 71 

Michebroke, 70 

Mackrill, 21 

Mariette, 41 

Mecklenburgh, Duke 

Michel, 46 

Macley, 81 

Marigni, xxi. 

of, 79 

Michell, 62 

Macpherson's Com- 

Marin, 52 

Mecup, 97 

Michou, 46 

merce, XX. 

Marineer, 63 

Medcalfe, 62 

Miclow, 21 

Maes, 15 

Mariners, vii. 12, 18 

Medina, 61 

Mico, xiv. 

Maerns, 65 

Marion, 37, 52 

Medlor, 91 

Middleburgh, 60, et 

Magener, 83 

Marishall, 72 

Meesen, 78 


Magewe, 94, 95 

Markets, iv. 

Megieu, 95 

Middleton, L., 38, 48, 

Mahew, 83 

Marlere, 22 

Meignot, 8 


Mahieu, 8 

Marquant, 8 

Meisener, 73 

Middle Wymer Ward, 

Maidstone, iii. xi. 11, 

Marre, 68 

Mel, 13 



Marshall, 96 

Melcher, 3 

Midledurpe, 76 

Maintru, 46 

Marsier, 13 

Melier; 46 

Midy, 59 

Maize, Southwark, 95 

Martel, 46 

Mell, 46 

Miechell, 88 

Majon, 37 

Martin, 8, 9, 31, 33, 39, 

Meller, 7 

Miflaut, 17 

Majou, 59 


Mellin, 78, 79 

Mignan, 52 

Malbranke, 68 

Marline, 15, 16 

Melline, 14 

Milan, 28, 63, 67, 74 

Malcolm's Lond. Red. 

Martineau, xxvii. 56 

Mellon, 7 

Mile End, xxvii. 


Martines, 52 

Melshar, 3 

Miller, vi. 5, 26, 74, 

Malearte, 46 

Martinet, 79 

Menanteau, 46 


Malfaqueyrat, 56 

Martinot, 78 

Menard, 13 

Milles, 22 

Malherb, 33 

Mary, 89 

Mendez, xxvii. 35, 52 

Milliner, 60 

Malivoire, 36 

Mason, 82, 91 

Menil, 56 

Mill master, 73 

Malladry, 66 

Masquiliere, 8 

Mercer, 61 

Milshier, 20 

Mallcnoe de la Menai- 

Masse, 39, 61 

Mercers, vi. 13 

Milt, 77 

diere, 58 

Massey, 37 

Merchants, vi. 12, 13, 

Minet, xxviii. 52, 58 

Mailer, 72 

Massian, 71 

18, 20, 21, 34, 60, 

Minister of French 

Malliera, 5, 68 

Master, 33 


Congregation, 70,89 

Mallines, 71 

Mastrich, 98 

Merchaunt, 82 

Ministers, 13, 32, 34, 

Malster, 26 

Masure, 92 

Mercher, 7 

35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 

Mamery, 61 

Mathew, 88 

Mercier, 40, 52 

43, 5155, 58, 59 

Manch, 67 

Mathewe, 64 

Merdith, xxx. 

Minnes, 52 

Manchester, xxxii. 

Mathias, 52, 59 

Meres, 52 

Minon, 70 

Mandarnecke, 63 

Maton, 7 

Merlin, 59 

Minors Street, 83 

Mandon, 32 

Matthews, xiv. 

Meron, 79 

Minrel, 41 

Maneshall, 13 

Matton, 70 

Merry Wives of Wind- 

Minrielle, 34 

Mankie, 15 

Maucleer, xxvii. . 

sor, vii. n. 

Minster, Westph. 75 

Mannoke, 9 

Maule [Moll], 97 

Mervilleau, 41 

Mint, 93 

Manship's Yarmouth, 

Mauler, 80 

Meryck, 1 

Minuel, 46 

xxiv. n 

Maumse, 70 

Mesdach, 16 

Minvieille, 58 

Mante, Manto, or Main, 

Maupetit, 52 

Mesen, 61 

Mire, 52 

91, 92 

Maurin, 66 

Mesmin, 46 

Misson, 46 

Mantes, 61 

Mauze, 31 

Messien, 36 

Mitchsmith, 91 

Manvillain, 56 

May hew, 23, 24 

Messeman, 7, 8, 10 

Mobileau, 37, 39 

Manzy, 52 

Maymal, 52 

Metayer, 52 

Modenan, 63 

Maquese near Bou- 

Mayne, 55 

Metivier, xxviii. 46 

Mogin, 52 

logne, 85 

Maypole Alley, 92 

Mettes, 75 

Moleine, 90 

Marbeust, 46 

Mazicq, 46 

Metz, xxiii. 67 

Moliner, 96 

March, 52 

Mazieres, 46 

Meuneche, 7 

Monballier de la Salle, 

Marchant, 46 

Meadow, 60 

Meure, 46 


Marco, 63 

Meadows, xxvii. 

Meurisse, 8 

Monboevil, 56 

Maret, 46 

Mealeman, 64 

Mezereau, 52 

Moncrone, 61 

Margas, 56 

Meare, 93 

Micault, xiv. 

Monn, 72 

Margren, 2, 4 

Meayn, 98 

Michaell, 72 

Monne, 84 



Monnereau, 52 

Munster, Bish. of, 76 

Northumberland, Earl 

Owldenaeale, 77 

Monnet, 56 

Murray's, St.Dunstan- 

of, 6 

Owler, 80 

Monnier, 9, 10 

in-the-East, xxii. n. 

Norway, 81 

Owstenbrig, 77 

Mons, xiii. 62 

Murrye, 1 

Norwich, iii. x. xii. 

Oyles, xiv. 

Monsdan, 75 

Mury's, 5 

xiv. xxi. xxvii. 

Monseninhowe, 92 

Mtftell, 14 

xxxi. n. xxxii 18, 

Monsey, 79 

Musicians, vii. 

61, 66, et seq. 


Montelz, 52, 55 

Mussard, 52 

Notaries public, vii. 88 


Montpellier. xxvii. n. 

Mustick, 64 

Notes and Queries, 

Pacquereau, 42 

xxix. n. 

Myhell, 20, 97 

xxii. n. 

Padlock-makers, vi. 

Moone, 15 

Mynnes, 1 

Nottingham, xxxii. 

Page, 53, 56 

Moonens, 21 

Myros, 5 

Novel, 56 

Pages, 52 

Mooreman, 77 

Mytchell, 1 

Nulles, 70 

Paget, xxix. 

Morarde, 15 

Nurcunparis, 61 

Paggen, 74 

Morcier, 31 

Nurse, dry, 96 

Paggens, xiv. 

Morden, 73 

Nandin, 33 

Nycholas, 93 

Paillet, 47, 53, 56 

More, 62, 63 

Nantes, 80 

Nytingall, 73 

Pain, 52 

Moreau, 36, 46, 52, 56 

Nantes, Edict, Revoca- 

Paine, 87 

Morell, 96 

tion of, iii. xx. 

P'ainters, xxv. 70, 79 

Morgan, 75 

Naples, 83 

Oddes, 71 

Painter, portrait, xxv. 

Morillon, xxviii. 8, 9, 

Nattoe, 92 

Odent, 20 

Paisant, 37 


Naturalization, vii. 

Ogelby, 47 

Paisible, 53 

Morin, 59 


Oger, 5 

Paissant, 36 

Morlaix, 60 

Nathy, 23 

Oils, 26 

Pakett, 13 

Morrelli, xxvii. n. 

Needlemakers, vi. 66, 

Oldenburgh, 80 

Pallavicini, xxix. 28 

Morter, 14 

et seg. 

Old Ford, xxvi. 

Pallet, 53 

Mosey, Henno, 91 

Neel, 47 

Ollery, 78 

Palmer, 93 

Moss's Alley, 97 

Nes, 17 

Oliver, 15, 17, 35 

Pancier, 41 

Mossoneau, 59 

Nepven, 13 

Olivier, 15 

Pangbourne, xxxi. 

Mostreet, 74 

Neiifchatel, xxiii. 

Onterwood, 84 

Panwelle, 16 

Motet, 56 

Newbirke, 64 

Orange, Prince of, 76, 

Papillion, 88 

Mott, 26, 27 

Newcarcke, 95 

el seq. 

Papillon, xxx. 

Motte, 7, 8 

Newcastle- under- 

Orders in Council, viii. 

Papin, 52 

Motten, 22 

Lyne, xxxii. 

xvi. xviii. 27, 29, 60 

Papper, 94 

Motteux, 46 

Newcastle, Picardy,72 

Ordinary Keepers, vi. 

Paquet, 47 

Motti, 8 

Newenhouse, 84 


Pare, 47 

Mougin, 54 

Newington, ix. 89 

Oriot, 52 

Pareit, 9 

Moulong, 56 

Newington Green , 6 

Orleans, 63 

Pariolleau, 47 

Mountaine, 66 

Newkirke, 91 

Ormes, Prince of, 62 

Paris, xii. xxvii. n. t 27, 

Mounte, 22 

Newmarket, xxxii. 

Orssine [Arsin], 94 

62, et seq. 

Mountellry, 83 

Newport, 81 

Ost [Hoste], 95 

Parish Garden, 98 

Mountsey, 63 

Nezereau, 41, 47 

Oste, 75 

Parkite, 7 

Mousnier, 46, 59 

Nicholas, 68, 84 

Ostend, 64, 83 

Parravicin, xxii. 

Moutt, 95 

Nicholson, 79 

Ostome, 94 

Parrenty. 62 

Moze, 36, 46 

Nininghurst, 6 

Oudart, 7 

Parrishon, 24 

Muinnsham, 61 

Nisbet, 46 

Oudel, 7 

Pascal, 47 

Mulberry trees planted, 


Oursel, 47 

Pastre, 59 


Nobilleau, 46 

Ousburgh, 72 

Paton, 8 

Multon, 74 

Noguier, 41 

Outremann, 15 

Patot, 56 

Mun, 63 

Noleau, 52 

Ouvri, 39 

Patte, 9 

Munck, 82 

Norman, 93 

Ouvry, xxviii. 

Patteer, 70 

Munk's Roll of Coll. 

North, xxix. 

Overy, 79 

Pattow, 66 

of Physicians, xii. 

North ConesfordWard, 

Ovrys, 14 

Pau, 61 

xxvi. xxvii. 


Owdenere, 76 

Paul, 80 





Paulet, 47 

Pettes, 66 

Porter, 18, 22 

Quesmes, 47 

Paulin, 53 

Pettite, 23 

Portsoken Ward, 82 

Quesnel, 56 


Pevech, 40 

Post, 23 

Quester, xiv. 

Paulsen, 73 

Pheiglar, 2 

Posts, vi. 80, 95 

Quilleboeuf, xxx. 

Pauwell, 94 

Pheigler, 4 

Pot-makers, vi. 

Quillick, 90 

Pavia, 82 

Philipeau, 52 

Potseller, 20 

Quill-makers, 10 

Pawll, 2, 4 

Phillippes, 69, 99 

Pott, 87 

Quintons, 68 

Paxstone, 97 

Physicians, xii. xxiv. 

Poule, 5 

Peacock, 67, 83 

xxvi. xxvii. 14, 18, 

Poulton, 69 

Pean, 47 

Ol TO Qf\ Q QQ G>7 

^1, //, oU.oo, So, y/ 

Poultre, 10 

Racket-makers, vii. 

Pearl drillers, vi. 

Physicians, College of, 

Pourtraict, 8 

Radisson, 53 

Pearl piercers, vi. 72, 

xxvii. 86 n. 

Poutre, 10 

Radnor, Earl of, xxi. 


Picart, 9, 27 

Powell, 6,21,81, 94 

Radulphus, 66 

Peatine, 98 

Picaut, 47 

Poyeau, 52 

Rainoldes, 1 

Pectain, 71 

Picture-makers, vi. 

Prat, 53 

Rambaud, 47 

Peeltere, 60 

Pierquin, 8 

Preachers, vi. 71, 89 

Rame, 53 

Pegle, 78 

Pierre, 47 

Prerereau, 56 

Ramondon, 53 

Pegorier, 47 

Pierson, xxiii. 

Prestwood, 2, 4 

Ranaires, 61 

Peirce, 83 

Pigboure, 85 

Prevost, 8, 9, 17 

Rapillart, 53 

Pelerin, 30, 36 

Pigou, xxx. 35, 40,41 

Priaulx, xxviii. 

Rappe, 36 

Pelham, xxx. 

Pillart, 42 

Price, 62, 77, 78 

Ratsell, 67 

Pelissary, 40, 41 

Pilloe, 25 

Priests, popish, xvi. 

Ratterina, 61 

Pelman, 68 

Pillort, 41 

Prim, 83 

Raveau, 39 

Pellison, 52 

Pilison, 87 

Prime, 9 

Ravenel, 40 

Pellisonneau, 31 

Pimquand, 42 

Prince, 66 

Raygusa, 86 

Pellier, 47 

Pinchon, 8, 10 

Prince Palatine, 77 et 

Raymatt, 90 

Peloquin, 53 

Pineau, 53 


Raymen [Rumon], 89 

Pelser, 59 

Pin-maker, 90 

Princell, 1 

Raymendeu, 39 

Peltere, 60 

Pinner, 20 

Pringel, 47 

Raymonde, 60 

Penandeau, 30 

Pippinge, 76 

Printers, vi. 

Rea in Liffland, 76 

Penclewe, 64 

Pisotell, 13 

Prioleau, 47 

Reader of the Dutch 

Penigault, 59 

Planck, 12 

Pron, 7 

church, 78 

Peno, 24 

Planter, xiii. 

Prou, 53 

Reading, xxxi. 

Pepin, 47 

Plastrier, 41 

Provost, 13 

Reane, 76, 82 

Pepper Alley, 90 

Play, 47 

Prow, 36 

Reasne, 86 

Per, 81 

Plichon, 68 

Prussia, refugees to, 

Rebache, 56 

Perdreau, 41 

Plison, 36 

iii. n. 

Rebecourt, 41 

Perdriaux, 47 

Plovy, 23 

Pryme, 20 

Reck, 24 

Pereira, 52 

Pluet, 39 

Prymont, 13 

Redoutet, 41 

Peres, 56 

Plumier, 36 

Pubrevell, 91 

Ree, Isle of, xv. 

Perfumers, vi. 

Pointo, 62 

Pudding Lane, 7 

Reed-maker, 69 

Perreau, 47, 52 

Pois, 86 

Pullin, 1 

Regnard, 9, 10 

Perron, 79 

Poitiers, 59 

Pumpforce, 74 

Regnaud, 56 

Perturson, 59 

Poizet, 39 

Purse-maker, 67 

Regnier, 33 

Peruque-maker, 33 

Pollain, Poland, 77 

Pyrot, xii. 

Regomarters, 61 

Peskeson, 19 

Pollard, 87 

Pyrrot, 15 

Reignart, 67 

Peter, 49 

Pollen [Poulain], 95 

Reignold, 84 

Peterborough, E. of, 29 

Pollet, 9 

Remand, 53 

Peters, 81 

Poltais, 59 

Quambersey, 77 

Remensseaux, 31 

Peterson, 1, 2. 4, 8 

Pont, 63, 82 

Quarance, 39 

Remshe, 78 

Petit, 66 

Pontey, 93 . 

Quarterage, ix. 

Remy, 72 

Petryns. 19 

Pookes, 1 

Queecke, 15 

Renaudin, 56 

Pettersone [Peeters] 

Popar, 14 

Queenhithe Ward, 85 

Renaudot, 47 

95, 96 

Portail, 53 

Queunt, 89 

Renauld, 30 



Rcnie, 53 

Romilly, xxix. Sir 

Rennys, 36 

John, M. of R. 

Retz, 37 

ib. n. 

Reusseau, xxviii. 53 

Rom son, 64 

Revell, 97 

Rondeau, 37 

Reverdy, 36 

Rondelet, 47 

Revyn, 15 

Ronsey, 62 

Rey, 53 

Roogoss, 95 

Reynaud, 59 

Roquine, 78 

Rhinebergue, 12 

Rosbanck, 82 

Ribbon workers, v 

Rose, 39 

Riboteau, 47 

Rose Alley, 97 

Ribouleau, 53 

Rosemont, 33 

Ricault, 87 

Roserus, 65 

Richard, 59 

Rosignell, 34 

Richard III. statute of, 

Rosinck, 1 


Rosse, 89 

Richaut, xv. 

Rostick, 62 

Richer, 36 

Roterdam, 93 

Richman, 5 

Rottengoose, 18 

Rickasies, 15, 16 

Rottingoose, 19 

Rickeward, 15, 16 

Rottye, 18 

Rickman, 75 

Roublin, 72 

Rickolde, 60 

Rouen, 60, 62, 68, el 

Rickolt, 60 


Ricquart, 9 

Rouland, 13 

Ridley, Bishop, xxii. 

Routnie, 53 

Rigaud, 56 

Rouremont, xiv. 65, 80 

Rinart, xv. 

Rouscaer, 63 

Rindgwold, 12 

Rouse, 73 

Rines, Brittany, 84 

Rouselaer, Flanders, 

Rioulet, 47 

xi. 81 

Risley, 34 

Rousell, 53 

Rissone, 93 

Rouselle, 9, 10 

Risteau, 56 

Rousignoll, 13 

Robain, 47 

Rousseau, 47, 59 

Robert, 53, 59 

Roussel, xxx. 36, 56 

Robertes. 7 

Rowland, 13, 59 

Robineau, 47 

Rowse, 22 

Robinson, 70 

Rowsell, 72 

Robinson, Josiah, 

Roy, 37, 53, 59 


Royer, 39 

Roche, 47 

Roza, 74 

Rochel, 80 

Rubatti, 34 

Rochester House, 97 

Rubbius [Rubbers], 

Rockingham, 21 


Rockwood, 75 

Rudd, 3 

Rodriguez 53 

Ruel, 47 

Rofe, 41 

Ruffe, 89 

Roger, 74 

Ruffiat, 56 

Rogue, 56 

Ruflay, 95 

Rolain, 39 

Russell, 65 

Rolas, 59 

Russie, 68 

Romand, 37 

Rutes, 75 

Rutter, 98 

Ruys, 82 

Ruyting, 7, 89 

Ryce, 95 

Rye, xi. xxiv. xxv. 17 

Ryneback, 62 

Rysell, 94 

Ry vault, 13 

Sabaties, 40, 47 

Sack weaver, 69 

Saijon [Syon], 98 

Sail-cloth, xvii. 

Sail-makers, vi. 33 

St. Albans, xxxii. 

St. Alban's Street, 28 

St. Andrew's Holborn, 
xxi. 3, 5 

St. Asaph, Bishop of, 

St. Botolph Bishops- 
gate, xxx. 

St. Bride's, 3 

St. David's, Chanc. of, 

St. Denis Lagard, 83 

St. Dunstan-in-the- 
East, xxi. xxii. 

St. Dunstan-in-the 
West, xxiv. 

St. Evremond, 28 

St. Faret, 56 

St. George, viii. 65 

St. George Lane, Pud- 
dinge Lane, 7 

St. George South- 
wark, 3, 4, 92 

St. Giles Cripplegate, 

St. Giles's-in-the- 
Fields, 3 

St. James, xvi. xxvi. n. 

St. James's Market, 27 

St. Kath. Creechurch, 
6, 77, 87 

St. Katherine's, 66, 88 

St. Katharine's Dock, 4 

St. Leonard's Shore- 
ditch, 6 

St. Margaret's Bil- 
lingsgate, xiii. 

St. Margaret's, West- 
minster, 4 

St. Martin's Dike, xv. 
St. Martin's, Isle of 

Ree, xv. 
St. Martin's Le Grand, 

iii. 1 

St. Mary-at-hill, 64 
St. Mary Magdalen 

Bermondsey, viii. 98 
St. Mary Magdalen, 

Queenhithe, 85 
St. Michael Cornhill, 


St. Olave, viii. 4, 93 
St. Olave's Hart-st. 6 
St. Olave's South wark, 


St. Omer, 88 
St. Osay, 63 
St. Pancras, Middx. 

St. P<, 56 

St. Peter's, France, 62 
St. Peter's of Man- 
croft, 10 
St. Saviour's, viii. 90, 

St. Stephen's Ward, 

St. Thomas, in Artois, 

St. Thomas, South- 

wark, 91 
St. Thomas Apostle 

Southwark, 4 
St. Toman, 91 
St. Vallery, 80, 93 
Salenson, 73 
Salisbury, Lord, vii. 
Saluaunes, 79 
Samoel, 79 
Sampson, 60 
Samson, 47 
Sand, 81 
Sandbach, xxxii. 
Sandborne, 74 
Sandeville, 19 
Sandwich, xi. xxi. xxv. 

xxxi. n. 14, 15 17, 

25, 6\,et seq. 
Sange, 35 
Sanniwell, 21 
Sanseau, 53 
Sanyber, 96 
Sarazin, 41, 56 



Sarcti, 29 

Sedan, 71 

ignet, H. M. Clerk 

Somekele, 64 

Sartogoevassa, 77 

Sede, 7 

to, 82 

Somerset House, xvj. 

Sartoris, 40 

Sedon, 65 

Sigrast 76 

Soundy, sxxi. 

Sartres, 37 

Sedt, 10 

lievemakers, vi. 11 

Soodts, 17 

Sasportas, 53 

Seelye, 1 

lighty, Saxony, 97 

Soond, 73 

Sasserye, 35 

Segerowe, 95 

Silk dyers, xxxii. n. 80 

Soser, 82 

Satin lace makers, vi. 

Seguiu, 53 

Silk men, xxxii. 

Sotteau, 9 

Satur, 42 

Seigler, 37, 53 

Silk mills, xxxi. xxxii. 

Soucemen, vi. 

Sauadg, 81 

Seigneuret, 41 

Silk throwsters, vi. 

Soufflet, 7 

Saubergue, xxriij. 

Bellinger, 66 

xxxi. 65, et seq. 

Soulart, 36, 53 

Sauea, 81 

Selme, 79 

Silk trade, xi. 

Soullard, 41 

Saugeon, 39 

Semon, 67 

Silk weavers, xxxii. 10, 

Sourde, 67 

Sauler, 66 

Semp[er], 2 

66, et seq. 

Souse, 80 

Saulnier, 53 

Sempsters, vi. 91 

Silk winders, vi. 94, 95 

Southampton, xi. 88 

Sauly, 62 

Sencot, 53 

Silk rash weavers, 10 

Southwark, viii. 2, 4, 

Saunderson, 68 

Senegal, 53 

Silversmiths, vi. 

5, 60, 68, 90 

Sauseau, 53 

Senicus, 83 

Silver thread, spinster 

Sowth, 72 

Sausser, France, 84 

Seres, 1 

of, 67 

Spain, King of, 60 et 

Sauvage, 41, 47 

Seruier, 81 

Simon, 53, 88 


Sauze, 36 

Servants, regulation 

Simoni, 86 

Sparren, 95 

Savadg, 81, 85 

for, iv. v. ix. 

Simore, 87 

Spea, 72 

Savage, 13 

Setall, 67 

Simson, 5 

Spease [Spirs], 93 

Savary, 53 

Severin, 47 

Sincoll, 69 

Speckmer, 77 


Sharfe, 23 

Sithart, 96 

Speckmier, 77 

xvii. xix. 

Shalt on Chambresey, 

Sitterd, 74 

Speece, 6 

Savoret, 59 


Six, 7, 9 

Spere, 5 

Saye-maker, 17, 19 

Shaw, xxvi. 

Size, 25 

Spernick, 88 

25, 26 

Shema, 91 

Skinner's Alley, 93 

Spiers, 91 

Saye trade, xi. xxi. 

Sheny, 23 

Slampeare, 3 

Spetsall, 79 

xxxi. n. 

Shephard, 2 

Slaye-maker, 23 

Spetzey, 2 

Say weaver, 22 

Sheppard, 14 

Sleevemakers, vi. 

Spilliaert, 15, 16 

Sayon, 71 

Sheraret, 82 

Slideron [Sleytrieme] , 

Spinners, 10 

Scale, 2 

Sherbuck, 90 


Spinsters, vi. 

Scherrier, 15 

Sherown, 91 

Sluce, 75 


Scheult, 41 

Sherwood, 79 , 

Small, 78 

Spitcer, 3 

Schoolmasters, vi. 3 

Ship'scarpenter, 13, 35 

Smalpece, 2t 

Spright, 2, 4 

21, 23, 82, 94 

Ship keeper, 33 

Smekaert, 16 

Springer, 12 


Shipwrights, vi. 

Smelt, 83 

Stahelmi, 59 


Shoe Lane, 79 et seq. 

Smiles' Hist, of Engi- 

Stainere, 70 

Schrieber, 56 

Shoemakers, vi. 13, 20 

neering, xv. 

Stalport, 81 

Schut, 47 


Smith, W. xxv. n. 

Stampe, 16 

Sconhaven, 89 

Shophousey, 3 

Smith, 3, 15, 56, 68 

Stamphouse, 75 

Scoynett, 14 

Shot makers, vi. 93, 


Stampoll, 75 

Scribot, 69 


Smithe, 93 

Staplehurst, xxxi. 

Scriveners, 6 

Shrewsbury, E. an< 

Smiths, 95 

Stephens, 65, 75 

Sculke, 5 

Count of, xxx. 

Smithfield, East, 2, 4 

Stepney, 4 

Sculptor, xxiv. 80 

Shulenbrook, 86 

Smyth, 96 

Sterline, 68 

Scussetres, 70 

Sibron, 33 

Smythe, 1 

Sterrell, 47 

Search -maker, 83 

Sibson, xxix. 

Snace, 26 

Steuenes, 92 

Seate, 4 

Sichell, 63 

Sneak, 97 

Steward to Venetian 

Sebrin, 53 

Sidney Papers, xxv. n 

Snellaerd, 10 

Ambassador, 66 

Sebrom, 70 

Sidney, Sir Robert 

Snellaert, 9, 10 

Sticklyn, 22, 24 

Seek, 66 

xxv. n. 

Snelling, xx. 73 

Stockinge, 20 

Sodam, 72 

Sidonn, 79 

Snellinge, 95 

' Stokey, 59 



Stone, 21, 80 

Taudin, 56 

Tiboles, 95 

Trockter, 99 

Stonecutters, vi. 

Tauernier, 8 

Tice, 98 

Tronly, 68 

Stonehouse, 3 

Taunton, xxxii. 

Tiembronne, 13 

Troussell, 98 

Stonbam, xxiv. 

Tayse, 21, 23 

Tiery, 9, 10 

Truss-makers, vii. 

Stopper, 62 

Teacher of French 

Tiersen, 32 

Tuffetaffety weaver, 66 

Strand, 2 

Language, 65, 80, 

Tiesse, 71 

et seq. 

Strasburgh, 60 


Tillian, 74 

Tuller, 35 

Streing, 56 

Teffin, 69 

Tillman, 70 

Tulley, 69 

Stretin, 91 

Tennis court keepers, 

Tillon, 31 

Turcoigne, xiv. 

Stroud, xxxii. 


Timbenfcan, 84 

Turner, 69 

Stuffs, xxxi. n. 

Tenter Alley, 94 

Tion, 61 

Turney, 18, 20, 22, 23 

Stuff- weavers, 10 

Terence, 81 

Tipottes, 88 

Turnman, 74 

Stuttene, 74 

Ternar, 53 

Tiran, 59 

Turquand, xxxi. 48 

Sudbury, xxxii. 

Terre, 36 

Tiremakers, vii. 

Turquin, 84 

Sugar, 69 

Terriesi, 29 

Tiroine, 68 

Turret, 67 

Sugar bakers, vi. 90 

Terry, 68, 72 

Tisiwane, 68 

Turter, 64 

Sugar bouses, viii. n. 

Teryns, 21 

Tiverton, xxxii. 

Tuscany, D. of, 29 

Sugar refiners, 87 

Tesserau, 37 

Tobacco sellers, vii. 

Tuse, 1 

Sugar refining, viii. n. 

Testas, 53, 56, 69 

Toffin, 92 

Tuson, 92 

Summers, 98 

Testefolle, 39 

Toispill, 26 

Tutet, 41 

Sunes, 85 

Teton, 36 

Token, xxiv. 

Tutlamonday, 93 

Surgeons, vi. 13, 20, 

Tevell, 18 

Tolleve, 19 

Twisterers, 1924 

21, 26, 78, 89 

Tewbee [Tieubau],74 

Tomer, 61 

Tyon, 1 

Sussex Arch. Coll. xi. 

Tewkesbury, xxxii. 

Tompson, 89 

Tyssen, xxii. 

., xxiv. n., xxv. ., 

Thauret, 53 

Torin.xxxi. 36, 37,51, 


Thegrane, 25 


Sutffen, 74 

Theilt, 64 

Torriano, xxii. n. 

Uber, 14 

Sutween, 83 

Theroude, 56 

Tournay, xii. xiv. 66, 

Ude, 78 

Swarston, 1 

Thibauld, 53 


Ulster Journ. of Arch. 

Swanover, 95 

Thiery, 7, 53 

Tours, 81 

iv. xxvi. TO. 

Sweers, 70 

Tholen, Isle of, xv. 

Tourtelot, 48, 53 

Ulyssen, xxii. 

Switcher, 80 

Thomas, 24, 43, 59, 

Tourton, 47 

Uneline, 21 

Sye, 21 

78, 83 

Touschard, 53 

United Provinces, 99 

Symonds, 18, 97 

Thomer, 89 

Toussaint, 53 

United States, 60 et, 

Syoy, 71 

Thompson's (P.) Bos- 

Tousseaume, 36 


Syx, 94 

ton, xi. a. 

Tower Dock, 4 

Urbin, 80 

Thoris, 88 

Tower Ward, 86 

Urigneau, 33, 53 

Thouvois, 48 

Towrey, 67 

Usurer, 19 

Tahourdin, 47 

Thread dyer, 63, et seq. 

Trach, 89 

Utenhall, 77 

Tailors, vi. 10, 12, 13, 

Thread- makers, vii. 11, 

Tradesman's token, 

Utman, 76 

17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 

26, 60, 69 


Utrecht, xv. 61, et seq. 

25, 26, 32, 33, 61, 

Threadman, 73 

Trano, 83 

et setj. 

Threadseller, 74, 87 

Trapford, 81 

Tallow-chandlers, iii. 

Thread throwsters, 74 

Traversier, 57 

Vacondary, 62 

7, 68, 79, 87 

Thread twisters, vii. 

Tree, 96 

Vaillance, 37 

Tankerville, Norman- 

Threadneedle Street, 

Trewell, 85 

Vaillant, 48 

dy, xii. 

church in, xx. 

Trewon, 24 

Valencham, 83, 84 

Tanterbery, 93 

Threebinder, 62 

Tribert, 36 

Valenchan, 82 

Tape weavers, 75, 93, 

Three Horseshoes, 29 

Tring, xxxii. 

Valencia, 94 

95, 97 

Three Ton Alley, 70 

Trinity, Mynories, 6 

Valenciennes, xiv. 93, 

Tape workers, v. 

Througarde, 78 

Trinity, parish, 85 

94, 95 

Tardy, 59 

Thuret, 35 

Trion, 88 

Valenc,on, 98 

Target, 31 

Thurston, 26, 27 

Tristan, 42 

Valender, 26 

Tarry er, 14 

Tiberkin, 90 

Trittan, 48 

Valentine, 68 et seg. 



Valkenborowe, 93 

Vanderbrugge, 70 

Van Mere, 95 

Vernons, 53 

Vallet, 31 

Vanderburg, 1 

Van Meter, 82 

Veron, 9 

Vallewer-maker, 96 

Vander Espt, 16 

Vannetle, 95 

Verposte, 22 

Valley, 83 

Vanderheade, 1 

Vannher, 75 

Vervack, 24 

Valmaer, 16 

Vander Heydon, 16 

Van Oenlen, 70 

Vervinke, 18, 19, 24 

Valois, 13 

Vanderhulst, 48 

Van Osse, 10 

Victor, 83 

Valre, 35 

Vanderlen, 79 

Vanost, 83 

Victuallers, vii. 89 

Valtolin, xxii 

Vanderlind, 7 

Van Ouerwall, 74 

Viddau, 31 

Vamuenan, 64 

Vandermer, 1 

Van Pean, 7 

Videau, 48 

Vampey, 95 

Vandermere, 3t 

Vanpeen, 81 

Viel, 36 

Van a Beel, 88 

Vanderneden, 59 

Van Peno. 63 

Vievar, 36 

Vanaburse, 5 

Vanderputt, xv. 

Van Rea, 76 

Villarde, 61 

Van Acker, 15 

Vander Slaert, 15 

Van Rose, 73 

Villars, 33 

Vanaker, 73 

Vander Speije, 16 

Vanseruebece, 88 

Ville Magne, xxv. 

Vanawick, 3 

Van de Stat, 14 

Van Sheele, 70 

Vincent, 17, 31 

Vanbarr, 84 

Vandestone, 79 

Vanstable, 61 

Vinckord, 15 

Vanbarton, 18, 20 

Vandeuelle, 70 

Vanstene, 64 

Vinegar manufacturer, 

Van Basile, 63 

Van de Vyane, 17 

Van Vice, 65 


Vanbedber, 1 

Van de Walle, 14 

Vanweight, 84 

Viroot, 57 

Van Bennick, 77 

Vandezant, 65 

Van Wuckerfloot, xv. 

Vinsent, 96 

Van Berenbat, 75 

Vandoylye, 19 

Vardere, 23 

Vintry Ward, 87 

Vanbuenen, 77 

Vandrusen, 98 

Vareille, 48 

Vncle, 75 

Vanborn, 83 

Van Eason, 85 

Vareilles, 53 

Vnger, 25 

Vanbrandanbridge, 92 

Vanende, 71 

Varennes, xxxi. 50 

Volett, 13 

Van Brugges, 75 

Vangalin, 1 

Vass [Vaerst], 95 

Volue, 23 

Van Cam, 75 

Vangard, 84 

Vassall, xv. 

Voydters, 98 

Vancke, 90 

Vangasele, 81 

Vassaque, 17 

Vtgar, 6 

Vancoy, 24 

Van Gilder [Van 

Vatable, 53 

Vtinge, 15 

Vancquet, 48 

Gheledoren], 93 

Vaurigaud, 54 

Vyolet, xv. 

Vancrunburg, 7 

Van Gladbecke, 63 

Vauthie, 48 

Vanculin, 22 

Vangleson, 92 

Vautier, 57 

Waggoner, 19 

Van Cutwick, 77 

Van Hale, 95 

Vear, 83 

Wainscoting, iii. n. 

Vanda, 11 

Vanhan, 6 

Vegar, 77 

Walbrook Ward, 87 

Vandale, 11, 16, 94 

Vanhangen, 80 

Vegesler, 19 

Waldegrave, Sir G. vii. 

Vandall, 62 

Vanbarbor, 60 . 

Vegnault, 31 

Waldo, xxii. 

Van Dalle, 16 

Van Haselle, 70 

Venetian Amb. 66 

Walis, 16 

Van Dam, 65 

Vanhaseuelt, 64 

Venetian United Pro- 

Wallon, 72, 82 

Van de Hooffe, 93 

Van Hatten, 59 

vinces, 99 

Walloone, 97 

Vandeldon, 81 

Van Hee, 99 

Venice, xii. 89 

Wallowyn, 21 

Van Denabell, 82 

Vanhessell, 80 

Venloue, 77 

Wallrane, 82 

Vandenboan, 3 

Van Hobrooke, 64 

Venneeris, 15 

Walnut Tree Lane, 93 

Vandenborough, Duke 

Vanhonck, 23 

Vennon, 78 

Walpery, 85 

of, 76 

Van Houer, 71 

Ventoe, 92 

Walpole's Anecdotes, 

Vanden Broncke, 16 

Vanhova, 21 

Verboucke, 15 

xxiv. xxv. 

Vandenbusshe, 81 

Van Howte, 70 

Verbure, 15 

Walsteer, 83 

Vanden Crokette, 16 

Vanhulst, 25 

Verger, 48, 57 

Walton, 91 

Vanden Einde, 15 

Van Husse, 76 

Verhuit, 76 

Wamus, 97 

Vanden Glaze, 15, 16 

Van Iberge, 68 

Verigny, 54 

Wancot, 93 

Vanden Velde, 17 

Vanixon, 19, 20 

Verlincke, xii. 

Wancourt, 10 

Vanden Welde, 15 

Van Leisnelt, 89 

Vermaunde, 70 

Wannesert, 9 

Vandepitt, 63 

Van Leusteran, 53 

Vermeulen, 15 

Warehousemen, x. 

Vandeplat, 83 

Vanlore, 81 

Vermoy, 24 

Waschoff, 89 

Van de Put, 81 

Vanlowe, 62 

Vermuyden, xv. 

Washers of linen, vii. 

Vanderbrock, 78 

Van Mace, 75 

Vernon, 66 




Washman, 91 

Wetherall, 62 

Williamson, 1, 71 

Wrasall, 68 

Watchmakers, vii. 

Wezell, 90 

Willian, 66 

Writing,' 7 

Waterford, Bish. of, 

Whardendorffe, 75 

Willigame, 76 

Wyatt, 1 


Wheatley, 97 

Willis, 83 

Wy borne, 18 

Waters, xv. 

Wheel-makers, 10 

Willson, 1 

Wyburne, 23 

Watford, xxxii. 97 

White, 12, 24 

Wilson, 7 

Wydoot, 15 

Walters, 96 

Whitebread, 19. 24 

Winard, 21 

Wyhelhames [Wel- 

Waybornne, 95 

Whitechapel, 68 

Winchelsea, xi. 

selm], 96 

Wean, 77 

Whitehall, xvi. 32, 34, 

Windsor, 34, 38, 59 

Wylland, 94 

Weavers, vii. 10, 18, 

48, 54, 57 

Windsor Castle, xxii. 

24, 69, etseq. 

Whitehead, xxv. 


Weavers' comp. viii. 

White Perugue, the, 

Windsters, vii. 

Xpian, 1 

Weeke, 96 


Winers, 83, 84 

Weghe, 15 

Whitesmith, 17 

Winnis, 61 

Welborck, 82 

Whitsters, vii. 

Wire drawers, vii. 

Yacopes, 93 

Welder, 91 

Wibert, 9 

Witteroiigle, 74 

Yarmouth, x. 

Welington, France, 91 

Wicke, 16 

Wittes, 69 

Yernzin, 91 

Weselles, 61, 78, 82 

Wideben, 20 

Witts, 15 

Yon, 39 

West, 2, 4 

Wier, 61 

Wivoe, 71 

York, Arch, of, xxiv. 

Westbury, 79 

Wijbaut, 8, 9 

Woddaman, 83 

York, James, Duke of, 

Westfalling, 77, 97 

Wiland, 5 

Wollocay, 16 


Westhouse, 84 

Wildigos, 57 

Wollowyn, 21 

Young, Sir C. G. 

Westley- Waterless, 

Wildmore, 27 

Wolters, 5 

Garter, xxiii. 


Wildrick, 5 

Wood, 24, 72 

Younge, 1, 92 

Westminster, xvi. 

Willand, 6 

Woods, A. W. Lane. 

Yvonnet, 54 

xxxi. 2 

William, 69 

Her. xxii. 

Westminster Ferry, 29 

William and Mary, iv. 

Woolcombers, vii. 10, 

Weston, 21 

Williamme, 54 

12, 13, 14, 19, 22, 

Zaling, 79 

West Falan, 77, 97 

Williams, 74, 75 

95, 98 

Zimmerman, viii. n. 

West Wymer Ward, 

Williams, Ld. Keeper, 

Worlich, 88 

Zoolin, 84 



Worsted, fine, vi. n. 

Zurich, 80 






ELECTED 3rd MAY, 1861. 

THE Council of the Camden Society, elected on the 3rd May, 1861, 
refers with pleasure to the Report of the Auditors for evidence of the sa- 
tisfactory state of the Society's finances, but regrets to state that, during 
the past year, the numbers of the Society have been reduced by the deaths 
of many most valuable and influential Members. 

In common with every other Institution in the country which has for 
its objects the encouragement of Literature, Science, or Art, the Camden 
Society has to deplore the loss of one Member, distinguished not more by 
exalted position than by extensive acquirements, and by the enlightened 
spirit in which he exercised the influence derived from those circum- 
stances, for the welfare of all classes of the community. The Council 
feels that in thus acknowledging the high merits of the ILLUSTRIOUS 
PRINCE, whose loss has been so deeply and earnestly lamented, and its 
sympathy with Her Majesty under this heavy trial, expression is only 
given to the feelings by which the whole Society is animated. 

The Council has also to regret the death of one of the original founders 
of the Society, JOSEPH HUNTER, Esq., lately a Vice-President of the 
Society of Antiquaries, and one of the Assistant Keepers of the Public 
Records. Mr. Hunter not only gave the Council for many years the ad- 
vantage of his extensive antiquarian learning, but also edited for the 
Society the volume of Ecclesiastical Documents published in 1839-40, and 
the Diary of Thomas Cartwright, Lord Bishop of Chester, published in 

The Council has further to deplore the loss of the following Members : 

His Grace the DUKE OF BEDFORD, K.G. 


The Right Hon. LORD CAMPBELL, Lord High Chancellor. 

Rev. EDWARD CARDWELL, D.D. Camden Professor of History 

at Oxford. 


Rev. EDW. CRAVEN HAWTREY, D.D. F.S.A. Provost of Eton. 

During the present year the following Publications have been issued to 
the Members : 

Letters of John Chamberlain, Esq. to Sir Dudley Carleton, during the reign of 
Elizabeth. Edited by Miss SARAH WILLIAMS. 

Proceedings in the County of Kent in 1640. Edited by the Rev. LAMBERT B. 

Parliamentary Debates in 1610. From the Notes of a Member of the House of 
Commons. Edited by SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER, late Student of Christchurch. 

The first is a volume of very amusing character, abounding in gossip 
and personal allusions ; and, from the care with which it is edited, the 
Society will feel the loss which historical literature has sustained by the 
early death of its accomplished Editor. 

The Proceedings in the County of Kent contribute a vast amount of 
new and valuable information upon a very important period of our history; 
and the same may well be said of the volume of the Parliamentary Debates 
in 1610, in which is detailed at far greater length than has hitherto been 
recorded the commencement of the great struggle between the Crown and 
the House of Commons. 

The following Articles have been added to the List of Suggested Publi- 
cations during the past year : 

A Collection of Letters from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George Carew. To be 
edited from the Originals, in the library at Lambeth, by JOHN MACLEAN, Esq. 

Narrative of the Services of M. Dumont Bostaquet in Ireland. To be edited by 
Rev, JOHN WEBB, M.A., F.S.A. 

A Collection of Letters of Margaret of Anjou, Bishop Beckington, &c. From a 
MS. formerly belonging to the Puleston Family. To be edited by CECIL MONRO, 

The Council has further the pleasure of announcing, that Mr. Way, 
whose labours on the Promptorium were interrupted by his removal into 


the country, has kindly taken advantage of a temporary visit to London to 
resume his task. The Council trusts that, in the course of the present 
year, the Members will receive the conclusion of this important work; 
unquestionably the most valuable contribution to philological knowledge 
which has been published for many years. 

The endeavours so frequently made by former Councils to procure in- 
creased facilities for searches for literary purposes among the Registers of 
Early Wills in the Prerogative Court are doubtless in the recollection of the 
Members. Those endeavours have not proved in vain. A small room 
for literary inquirers has now been set apart at Doctors' Commons. 
Literary persons are indebted to Sir Cresswell Cresswell, the Judge of 
the Prerogative Court, for this valuable concession, which it may reason- 
ably be hoped will contribute to the greater accuracy of all future genealo- 
gical and historical publications. 

The present Council has shared the anxiety of all former Councils to 
maintain unimpaired the high character of the Society's publications. In 
this respect the Council deems that all friends of the Society have much 
reason to be proud. The eighty-one volumes which have now been 
published by the Society* contain many works of singular and first-rate 
historical importance ; among them are of course some of more value and 
some of less, but there are none which can be pronounced to have been 
unworthy of publication. The literary future of the Society seems equally 
full of hope. Some of the recent volumes are among the most interesting 
and the best edited ; Editors in every way competent present themselves 
whenever needed, whilst the store of unpublished materials applicable to 
the purposes of the Society seems inexhaustible. Under such circum- 
stances all future Councils will, no doubt, feel deeply the responsibility 
which rests upon them, and sedulously endeavour, as the present Council 
has done, to maintain the high standard of publication which has been 
set before them. 

By order of the Council, 

JOHN BRUCE, Director. 

WILLIAM J. THOMS, Secretary. 
16th April, 1862. 

* Eighty volumes are enumerated in Mr. Nichols's " Descriptive Catalogue of the 
Works of the Camden Society." The valuable work edited by Mr. Gardiner has since 
been published. 


WE, the Auditors appointed to audit the Accounts of the Camden Society, report 
to the Society, that the Treasurer has exhibited to us an account of the Receipts and 
Expenditure from the 1st of April, 1861, to the 31st of March, 1862, and that we 
have examined the said accounts, with the vouchers relating thereto, and find the same 
to be correct and satisfactory. 

And we further report that the following is an Abstract of the Receipts and 
Expenditure during the period we have mentioned. 

RECEIPTS. . s. d. 

By Balance of last year's account.. 79 9 1 

Received on account of Members 
whose Subscriptions vere in ar- 
rear at the last Audit 84 

Thelike on accountof Subscriptions 

due on 1st of May last (1?61) .. 308 

The like on account of Subscriptions 

due on 1st of May next 16 

One year's dividend on 1 01 6 3*. Id. 
3 per Cent. Consols, standing in 
the names of the Trustees f the 
Society, deducting Income Tax. . 29 6 10 

By Sale of the Publications of past 

years to Members of the Society 24 

540 15 11 


Paid for printing 600 copies of the " Correspondence of 

James VI. and Sir Robert Cecil" 5014 

The like of " Chamberlain's Letters " 61 9 

Paid for printing and paper of 600 copies of " Pro- 
ceedings in Kent " 14216 

Paid for printing 600 copies of " Parliamentary De- 
bates " 5711 6 

Paid for Miscellaneous Printing 1619 

Paid for Paper 59 17 6 

Paid for Engraving, &c., of Portrait of Sir Edward 

Bering g 5 9 

Paid for Transcripts 11 18 9 

Paid for delivery and transmission of 500 copies of 
the books above named, with paper for wrappers, 

warehousing expenses, &c 25 11 11 

Paid for binding 500 copies of " Correspondence of 
James VI." and " Chamberlain's Letters," and, for 

binding small numbers of past years' books 42 12 

Paid for Insurance l n 6 

Paid for Advertisements g 3 

Paid for postage, carriage of parcels, and other petty 
cash expenses 7 4 2 

By Balance. 

494 14 1 
. 46 1 10 

540 15 11 

And we, the Auditors, further state, that the Treasurer has reported to us, that 
over and above the present balance of 46 1*. lOd. there are outstanding various sub- 
scriptions of Foreign Members, and of Members resident at a distance from London, 
which the Treasurer sees no reason to doubt will shortly be received. 


16th April, 1862. 


JUNE 1, 1862. 

Those Members to whose names (c.) is prefixed have compounded for Iheir Annual Subscriptions. 
The Members whose names are printed in Small Capitals are on the Council of the Year. 


Dr. Edward Adamson, Rye 

(c). Rev. James Adcock, M.A. 

William Aldam, Esq. 

Robert Henry Allan, Esq. F.S.A. 

Franklin Allport, Esq. 

Richard Almack, Esq. F.S.A. Long 
Melford, Suffolk. Local Secretary 

W. S. Appleton, Esq. 


Algernon Sydney Aspland, Esq. 

The Right Hon. Lord Bagot 

Joseph Chamberlaine Barker, Esq. 

(c.) George Barlow, Esq. Oldham 

E. C. Gee Barnard, Esq. 

Keith Barnes, Esq. 

Ven. John Bartholomew, M.A. Arch- 
deacon of Barnstaple 

The Most Hon. the Marquess of Bath 

George Beaufoy, Esq. 

James Bell, Esq. 

Robert Bell, Esq. 

Thomas Bell, Esq. F.R.S. 

Samuel Beltz, Esq. 

Rev. Samuel Benson 

Richard Bentley, Esq. 

(c). The Rev. John Besly, D.C.L. 
Vicar of Benton, Northumberland. 
Local Secretary. 

Richard Bethell,Esq. Rise,near Beverley 

Leonard Shelford Bidwell, Esq. F.S.A. 

(c.) John Billing, Esq. Reading 

William Bird, Esq. 

(c.) John Birkbeck, Esq. 

(c.) James Bladon, Esq., Pontypool 

W. H. BLAAUW, Esq. M.A., 
F.S.A. Treasurer, Beechland, Uck- 

(c.) Rev. Joseph William Blakesley, 
M.A. Local Secretary at Ware, Herts. 

Venble. George Bland, M.A., Archdea- 
con of Lindisfarne 

Charles Blandy, Esq. Reading 

(c.) John Jackson Blandy, Esq. Local 

Secretary at Reading 
William Blandy, Esq. Reading 
Robert Willis Blencowe, Esq. M.A. 

The Hooke, near Lewes 
Gctavian Blewitt, esq. Secretary of the 

Royal Literary Fund 
Edward Blore, Esq. D.C.L., F.S.A. 
Miss Bockett, Southcote Lodge, Berks 
Henry G. Bohn, Esq. 
B. W. Booth, Esq. Manchester 
John Booth, Esq. Barton on Irwell 
Rev. Joseph Bosworth, LL.D., F.R.S. , 

F.S.A. Local Secretary at Oxford 

and Buckingham. 

F.R.S., F.S.A. 
Miss Bower, Doncaster 
Sir George Bowyer, Bart. M. P. D.C.L. 

Robert Greene Bradley, Esq. Bencher 

of Gray's Inn. Local Secretary at 


William Jerdone Braikenridge, Esq. 
Thomas W. Bramston, Esq. M.P. 
Humphrey Brandreth, Esq. Houghton 

House, Beds. 
Edward Brettle, Esq. 
Francis Capper Brooke, Esq. Ufford 

Place, Suffolk 
The Right Hon. Lord Brougham and 

Vaux, F.R.S. 

William Henry Browne, Esq. Chester 
Rt. Hon. Sir James L. Knight Bruce, 

Vice- Chancellor, F.R.S., F.S.A. 
(c.) JOHN BRUCE, Esq.F.S A. Director 
Rev. Guy Bryan, M.A., F.S.A. Rector 

of Woodham Walter, Essex. Local 

Secretary at Maldon. 
Wm. Gascoigne Earle Bulwer, Esq. 

Ven. Charles Parr Burney, D.D., 
F.R.S., F.S.A. Archdeacon of Col- 

Henry Burrell, Esq. 

Decimus Burton, Esq. F.R.S., F.S.A. 

Benjamin Bond Cabbell, Esq. M.P., 
F.R.S., F.S.A. 

Frederick Caldwell, Esq. 

Rev. William M. Campion, M.A. 
Local Secretary at Cambridge. 

W. Henry Pole Carew, Esq. Anthony 

(c.) Peter Stafford Carey, Esq. M.A. 

George Alfred Carthew, Esq. East 
Dereham, Norfolk. Local Secretary. 

(c.) Cornelius Cartwright, Esq. Dudley 

William Chapman, Esq. Richmond 

(c.) William Chappell, Esq. F.S.A. 

Lady Chatterton 

The Right Hon. Lord Chelmsford 

Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Chichester 

(c.) John Walbanke Childers, Esq. 

Charles Clark, Esq. Middle Temple 

William Clark, M.D- Professor of 
Anatomy, Cambridge 

(c.) Rev. Alfred Butler Clough, B.D., 
F.S.A. Jesus College, Oxford 

James Cobb, Esq. Yarmouth 

John Payne Collier, Esq. F.S.A. 

(c.) Rev. John Connop, M.A. Brad- 
field Hall, Berkshire 

William Henry Cooke, Esq. Barrister 
at -Law, Temple 

Charles Henry Cooper, Esq. F.S.A. 
Town Clerk, Cambridge 

Charles Purton Cooper, Esq. Q.C. 
D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S A. 

Rev. James Cooper, M.A. 

Lieut.-Colonel Edw. Henry Cooper, 
Gren. Guards 


George Richard Corner, Esq. F.S.A. 


(c.) Bolton Corney, Esq. M.R.S.L. 

John Ross Coulthart, Esq. F.S.A. Scot. 
Croft House, Ashton-under-Lyne. 
Local Secretary. 

Right Hon. the Countess Cowper 

(c.) James T. Gibson Craig, Esq. 

The Right Hon. Lord Cranworth 

James Crauford, Jun. Esq. W.S. Edin- 

Sir Archer Denman Croft, Bart. 


James Crossley, Esq. Local Secretary 
at Manchester. 

J. Sidney Crossley, Esq. Local Secre- 
tary at Leicester. 

(c.) George Cubitt, Esq. M.P. The 
Denbies, Surrey 

Edward Cunliffe, Esq. 

The Rev. Henry Curwen, Rector of 

The Hon. Edward Cecil Curzon 

Edward Dalton, Esq. LL.D. F.S.A. 
Dunkirk House near Nailsworth, 
Local Secretary for Gloucestershire. 

Thomas Dalton, Esq. Cardiff 

Francis Robert Davies, Esq. Dublin 

Robert Davies, Esq. F.S.A. York 

Rev. J. Silvester Davies, M.A. Wool- 
ston, Southampton 

Rt. Hon. Earl de Grey and of Ripon 

Philip Chilwell De la Garde, Esq. 

W. F. De la Rue, Esq. 

His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, 
K.G., D.C.L. 

Francis Henry Dickinson, Esq. 

Sir C. Wentworth Dilke, Bart. 

(c.) George Dodd, Esq. F.S.A. 

Charles Dorrien, Esq. Sennicots, 

(c.) Charles Downes, Esq. 

Sir David Dundas, M.A. 

The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Dun- 

Rev. Jonathan Eastwood, Eckington 

Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton, 
Bart. M.P., F.R.S., V.P.G.S 

Rev. H. T. Ellacombe, M.A., F.S.A., 
Clyst St. George, Topsham, Local 

Right Hon. the Earl of Ellesmere 

(c.) G. Stevenson Ellis, Esq. 

Joseph Ellis, Esq. Brighton 

The Rt. Hon. Thomas Erskine 

(c.) Rt. Hon. T.H. Sotheron Estcourt 

John Evans, Esq. F.S.A. 

(c ) John Leman Ewen, Esq. Vale- 
wood, Haslemere, Sussex 

George Edward Eyre, Esq. 

(c ) Joseph Walter King Eyton, Esq. 

F.S.A. Lond. and Scot. 
The Right Hon. the Lord Viscount 


The Right Hon. Lord Farnham 
(c.) Sir Walter Farquhar, Bart. 
James William Farrer, Esq. F.S A. 
Tarver R. Fearnside, Esq. 
Paul Hawkins Fisher, Esq. The Castle, 


The Right Hon. Earl FitzWilliam 
(c.) Thomas William Fletcher, Esq. 

M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A. Local Secretary 

at Stourbridge. 
Matthew Forster, Esq. Belsize 
Hon. George M. Fortescue 
Edward Foss, Esq. F.S.A. 
Charles B. Fox, Esq. 
Charles Larkin Francis, Esq. 
Thomas Frewen, Esq. 
(c.) John Lewis Ffytche, Esq. Line. 

Coll. Oxf. Thorp Hall, Louth 
Sir Thomas Rokewode Gage, Bart. 
Henry H. Gibbs, Esq. 
John Gidley, Esq. Exeter 
Mrs. Gilbert 

Sir Stephen R. Glynne, Bart. F.S.A. 
Henry Godwin, Esq. F.S.A. Newbury 
G. J. R. Gordon, Esq. 
Right Hon. the Earl of Gosford 
James Robert Gowen, Esq. F.G.S. 
Mr. Lewis Grave 
Benjamin Wyatt Greenfield, Esq. Bar- 

rister-at-Law, Shirley, Southampton 
Charles Cavendish Greville, Esq. 
J. G. Guillaume, Esq. 
Daniel Gurney, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) Hudson Gurney, Esq.F.S.A. F.R.S. 
Russell Gurney, Esq. Barrister-at-law 
Frederick Gwatkin, Esq. 
Miss Hackett, Clapton Square 
Edward Hailstone, Esq. F.S.A. Lon- 
don and Edinb. Horton Hall. Local 

Secretary at Bradford, Yorkshire. 
(c.) Thomas Henry Hall, F.R S. 
(c.) James Orchard Halliwell, Esq. 

F.R.S. F.S.A. 

W. Douglas Hamilton, Esq. 
John Hampden, Esq. Leamington 
Lady Frances Harcourt 
(c.) J. A. Hardcastle, Esq. Hatcham 

House, New Cross 
Rev. William Harness, M.A. 
William Henry Hart, Esq. F.S.A. 
John Harward, Esq. 
Rev. Edward Hawkins, D.D. Provost 

of Oriel College, Oxford 
Edward Hawkins, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. 
Sir Joseph Hawley, Bart. 

R. W. Heslop, Esq. Local Secretary 

at Ripon. 

Thomas Hewitt, Esq. M.A. Cork 
Thomas Heywood, Esq. F.S.A. 
Thomas Heywood, Esq. Manchester 
Henry Hill, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) Rev. Herbert Hill, M.A. Local 

Secretary at Warwick. 
Matthew D. Hill, Esq. Q.C. 
John Hodgson Hinde, Esq. 
(c.) Robert Hollond, Esq. M.A., M.P. 
Miss Holt 

A. J. Beresford Hope, Esq. M.A., M.P. 
Charles Hopkinson, Esq. M.A. 
Edmund Hopkinson, Esq. Edgeworth 

House, Cirencester 
William Hopkinson, Esq. F.S.A. 

Local Secretary at Stamford. 
Clarence Hopper, Esq. 
Edward Howes, Esq. M.P. 
John Hunter, Esq. jun. W.S. Edinb. 
(c.) Richard Hussey, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) Rev. Robert Hussey, B.D. Stu- 
dent of Christ Church, Oxford 
(c.) Cosmo Innes, Esq. Advocate, 


Edward Inskip, Esq. Bristol 
The Hon. James Ivory, one of the 

Lords of Session in Scotland 
Henry Jackson, Esq. Local Secretary 

at Sheffield. 

Rev. William Jacobson, M.A. Vice- 
Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford 
(c.) Rev. L. W. Jeffray, Preston 
James Jones, Esq. 
(c.) Joseph Jones, jun. Esq. Local 

Secretary at Oldham. 
Hon. Sir Richard T. Kindersley, Vice- 

Thomas William King, Esq. F.S.A. 

York Herald 

The Right Hon. Lord Kingsdown 
Charles Knight, Esq. 
David Laing, Esq. F.S.A. L. and Sc. 
Henry Eyres Landor, Esq. 
J. Newton Lane, Esq. King's Bromley 

Manor, Lichfield 
William Lang, Esq. Bristol. 
Right Hon. Lady Langdale 
J. B. Langhorne, Esq. Richmond, 

Yorkshire. Local Secretary. 
(c.) Dr. J. M. Lappenberg, For. Memb. 

Soc. Ant. Local Sec. at Hamburgh 
Charles Lawson, Jun. Esq. 
Captain Layton, H. M. 25th Regt. 
Robert Leadbitter, Esq. Newcastle 
Thomas Lee, Esq. 
George Cornwall Legh, Esq. M.P. 
Henry Leigh, Esq. Manchester 


Rt. Hon. Sir G. Cornewall Lewis, Bart. 


Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Lichfield 
Henry Liddell, Esq. Bombay 
Alfred Lillingston, Esq. South wold 
(c.) James Lucas, Esq. Stirling. 
The Right Hon. Lord Lyndhurst, 

LL.D., F.R.S. 
John David Macbride, Esq. D.C.L. 

Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxf. 
H. Macfarlane, jun. Esq. 
John Whitefoord Mackenzie, Esq. W.S. 
(c.) David Mackinlay, Esq. 
(c.) Sir Frederic Madden, K.H.,F.R.S., 

F.S.A., Keeper of the MSS. in the 

British Museum 
Rev. Samuel Roifey Maitland, D.D. 

F.R.S. , F.S.A. Gloucester 
James Heywood Markland, Esq. F.R.S. 

F.S.A. Local Secretary at Bath. 
Rev. B. R. Marsham, D.C.L., Warden 

of Merton College, Oxford 
Rev. Robert Martin, M.A. Anstey 

Pastures, near Leicester 
(c.) David Melville, Esq. B.A. 
(c.) John Miland, Esq. 
(c.) Andrew Miller, Esq. Cardiff 
Very Rev. Henry Hart Milman, M.A. 

Dean of St. Paul's 
Right Hon. Lord Monson 
Rev. W. Moore, D.D. Spalding 
Rev. James Morton, B.D. Preb. of 

Li n coin. Local Secretary a t Holbeach 
Rev. Jerom Murch, Bath 
Chas. Robert Scott Murray, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) T. C. Neale, Esq. Chelmsford 
Richard Neave, jun. Esq. 
Alexander Nesbitt, Esq. Kidbrook 
(c.) G. W. Nicholl, Esq. 
Iltyd Nicholl, Esq. Usk 
J. Bowyer Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. 
John Gough Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. 

Treasurer of the Surtees Society 
Robert Cradock Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) Rev. William L.^Nichols, M.A. 
Hon. Charles Nicholson 
George Ormerod, Esq. D.C.L. F.R.S. 


Rev. Sir Fred. A. Gore Ouseley, Bart. 
Samuel Alexander Pagan, M.D. Edin- 
Rev. Arthur Paget, Cranmore Hall, 

Shepton Mallet 
William Dunkeley Paine, Esq. 
Charles John Palmer, Esq. F.S.A. 

Local Secretary at Yarmouth. 
Rev. Fielding Palmer, Felmersham, 


John W. Parker, Esq. West Strand 

Kenyon S. Parker. Esq. 

Joseph Parkes, Esq. 

Anthony Parkin, Esq. Cheltenham 

Colonel Charles Frederick Parkinson, 
Eppleton Hall, Durham 

Rev. Dr. Parkinson, Ravendale, Great 

John Parsons, Esq. Oxford 

George Peel, Esq. Brookfield House, 
Cheadle, Cheshire 

Colonel The Hon. E G. Douglas Pen- 
nant, M.P. 

The Rev. Louis Hayes Petit, F.S.A. 

Lewis Pocock, Esq. F.S.A. 

(c.) John Innes Pocock, Esq. 

James Prince Pollard, Esq. 

Rev. William Poole, Hentland, near 
Ross, Herefordshire 

Robert Porrett, Esq. F.S.A. 

Right Hon. the Earl of Powis 

Osmond De Beauvoir Priaulx, Esq. 

Marlborough Pryor, Esq. 

S. E. Bouverie Pusey, Esq Pusey, Berks 

Hamilton Pyper, Esq. Advocate, Edin- 

Frederick John Reed, Esq. 

Henry Reeve, Esq. F.S.A. 

The Hon. S. E. Spring Rice 

(c.) Edward Priest Richards, Esq. 

(c.) Ralph Richardson, Esq. M.D. 
Greenfield Hall, Holywell 

Charles Rickards, Esq. 

Samuel Rickards, Esq. 

Edward Widdrington Rid dell, Esq. 

George Robertson, Esq. Melbourne 

Henry Robinson, Esq. 

Henry Crabb Robinson, Esq. F.S.A. 

Rev. Daniel Rock, D.D. 

Rt. Hon. Sir John Romilly, Master 
of the Rolls 

Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. David's 

The Most Hon. the Marquess of Salis- 
bury, D.C.L. 

William Salt, Esq. F.S.A. 

Thomas Bush Saunders, Esq. M.A. 

Edward Scholfield, M.D. Doncaster 

The Lady Charlotte E. Schreiber 

James John Scott, Esq. 

James R. Hope Scott, Esq. 

(c.) Rev. Robert Scott, M.A., Fellow 
of Balliol Coll. Oxford 

William Scott, Esq. 

Frederick Sedley, Esq. Malta 


Rev. Thomas Short, B.D. Fellow of 
Trinity Coll. Oxford 

Mr. Skeet 

Edward Skegg, Esq. 

Sir Robert Smirke, R.A., F.S.A. 
Sydney Smirke, Esq., F.S.A. 
Bassett Smith, Esq., F.G.S. 
George Frederick Smith, Esq. 
Newman Smith, Esq. 
H. Porter Smith, Esq. 
Henry Stone Smith, Esq. 
William Wyke Smith, Esq. 
William Smythe, Esq. Methven Castle, 

Rev. W. Sneyd, M.A. Christ Church, 


Charles Spence, Esq. Admiralty 
Andrew Spottiswoode, Esq. 
(c.) John Spottiswoode, Esq. of Spot- 

Professor Stephens^ Copenhagen 
Henry Stevens, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) Rev. Charles William Stocker, 

D.D. Draycot Rectory, Stone 
Miss M. S. Stokes 
(c.) Rev. Joseph Stroud, M.A. 
Hon. Sir John Stuart, V.C. 
Edward Swaine, Esq. F.S.S. 
Clement Tudway Swanston, Esq. Q.C. 


John Sykes, Esq. M.D. Doncaster 
The Right Hon. Lord Taunton. 
Edward Taylor, Esq. Gresham Pro- 
fessor of Music 
John Godfrey -Teed, Esq. Bencher of 

Gray's Inn 

Joseph Francis Tempest, Esq. F.S.A. 
Rev. Robt. Temple, The Lache, 


Robert Thackthwaite, Esq. 

Corresponding Member of the Soc. 

of Ant. of Scotland Secretary. 
Rev. W. H. Thompson, M.A. Fellow 

of Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Mrs. Thornhill, Ryde, Isle of Wight 
Sir Robert Throckmorton.Bart. 
Joseph Wm. Thrupp, Esq. 
(c.) WILLIAM TITE, Esq. M P., F.R.S., 

V.P. S.A. 
(c.) Rev. James Henthorn Todd, D-D. 

M.R.I.A. Fellow of Trinity Coll. 

Dublin, Sec. Irish Archasol. So< 
William Tooke, Esq. F.R.S., M.R.S.L., 

V.P. of Soc. of Arts, Treas. of Roy. 

Soc. Lit. and Royal Lit. Fund 
Charles Towneley, Esq. F.S.A. 
Sir Charles E. Trevelyan, K.C.B. 
Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, Bart. 

F.S.A. Newc. 

Francis Turner, Esq. Barrister-at-law 
Robert Samuel Turner, Esq. 
Samuel Tymrus, Esq. F.S.A. Local 

Secretary at Bury St. Edmund's 


(c.) Edward Tyrrell, Esq. City Re- 
membrancer, Guildhall 

(c.) J. R. Daniell-Tyssen, Esq. F.S.A. 

George Vacher, Esq. 

A. A. Vansittart, Esq. Bisham Abbey 

(c.) Sir Harry Verney, Bart. M.P. 
Claydon House, Bucks 

The Right Hon. Lord Vernon 

Gabriel Vrignon, Esq. 

Thomas Walford, Esq. 

Rev. H. A. Walker 

William Elyard Walmisley, Esq. 

Charles Walton, Esq. 

Reginald Ward, Esq. 

Right Hon. the Earl of Warwick 

John Hooper Watlington, Esq. 


Rev. Thomas William Weare, M.A. 

Rev. John Webb, M.A., F.S.A., 
M.R.S.L., Tretire, Herefordshire 

Rev. Montagu Webster, Netherseale 

Rev. Archibald Weir, Enfield 

John Weld, Esq. 

Rt. Hon. Lord Wensleydale 

(c.) The Most Hon. the Marquess of 

His Excellency M. VAN DE WE^ER, 

Belgian Minister 
John Welchman Whateley, Esq. 
William Whateley, Esq. Q.C. 
James Whatman, Esq. M.A., F.R.S., 

F.S.A., M.P. Vinters, near Maid- 
Rev. William Whewell, D.D., F.R.S., 

F.S.A., Master of Trinity College, 

Sir James Whitelock 
Alexander Whytock, Esq. 
Right Hon. Sir James Wigram, M.A., 

F.R.S., F.S.A. 

Thomas Willement, Esq. F.S.A. 
Ignatius Williams, Esq. The Grove, 

Bodfary, Denbigh 
Charles M. Willich, Esq. 

(c.) Rev. John Wilson, D.D. Master 

of Trinity College, Oxford 
Joshua Wilson, Esq. 
(c.) Lea Wilson, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) Lestock Peach Wilson, Esq. 
Benjamin Godfrey Windus, Esq. 
Charles Winn, Esq. Nostel Priory 
William Winthrop, Esq. La Valetta, 

Malta N 

Rev. Thomas Woodhouse, Mansel 


Francis Worship, Esq. 
Rev. Thomas Worsley, M.A., Master 

of Downing College, Cambridge 
Rev. John Reynell Wreford, D.D. 

F.S.A. Local Secretary at Bristol 
Francis John Wright, Esq. 
Rev- Godfrey Wright, Bilham House 
Wm. Battle Wrightson, Esq. M.P. 
Sir Charles George Young, Garter, 




American Antiquarian Society, Wor- 
cester, Massachusetts 
Athenaeum Club 
Australian Public Library 
Bank of England Library 
Berlin Royal Library 
Birmingham Public Library 
Boston Library, U.S. 
Bradford Subscription Library 
Bristol, Bishop's College 
Cambridge, St. John's College . 

King's College 
Canterbury, Dean and Chapter Library 
Copenhagen Royal Library 

,, University Library 
Dover Proprietary Library 
Dublin Royal Irish Academy 

,, King's Inns 
Durham University Library 
Edinburgh Free Church Library 

Writers to the Signet 

Glasgow University 

Gray's Inn, Hon. Society of 

Harvard University, United States 

House of Commons Library 

Hull Subscription Library 

Inner Temple Library 

Leeds Library 

Leicester Literary and Philosophical 

Lincoln Permanent Library 

Lincoln's Inn, Hon. Society of 

London Library, St. James's Square 
,, City of, Library, Guildhall 
,, Institution 

Malta Garrison Library 

Manchester, Chetham Library 

Exchange Street Library 

,, Free Library 

Massachusetts Historical Society, Bos- 
ton, U. S. 

Munich Royal Library 

Newcastle Literary and Philosophical 

New York, Astor Library 

,, Mercantile Library 
,, Providence Club 
Norwich, Dean and Chapter of 

,, Literary Institution 
Oxford Union Society 
Oxford and Cambridge Club 
Philadelphia Commercial Library 
Reform Club 
Royal Institution 
Sacred Harmonic Society 
St. Andrew's University 
Sheffield Library 
Sion College 
Stockholm Royal Library 
Tubingen University 
Vienna Imperial Library 
Virginia State Library 
Warwickshire Natural History and 

Archaeological Society 
Washington, U. S., the Library of 


Camden Society, London 
2 c ?ubli cations-, 
no. 32