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I -J*^ 







LONDON: 1848. 

//■ ^r/ 




HE principal object of the present (kMogoe has been to 
•ft a complete list of the specimens of Birds contained ixi 
i= eoOection of the British Moseoniy indicating at the same 
■^ :he peculiarities of each, as regards age, sex, habitation, 
^: the source from whence it has been derived. 

With this view the different individuals of each species 
uiained in the collection are indicated by the letters OybyCy 
r^ lullowing the name of the species, and its sjnonjma. 
These particulars are followed bj the habitat^ which is 
.T*^z. &£ particularly as the materials possessed by the 
iiatjm permit ; but, as many specimens have been pro- 
ff>ri from dealers, it is often impossible to give the place 
m whence they are derived, except in the most general 

Vhen the age of the specimen is not stated, it is to be 
^tr?tood that it is supposed to be full-grown, or nearly 

when otherwise, its state is marked ; and if there is any 
^j-ence by ^^vhich the sexes are readily distinguishable, or 
ijr point be absolutely ascertained, the specimen is stated 
>e nuaie or female. 

Hjose specimens which have been presented to the Mu- 
o have the name of the donor; and in general the col- 
i-2n from i^hence the specimen has been purchased, or 
-ured in excbai?^ ia also marked, ash often gives some 

A 2 








LONDON: 1848. 

A -:."/ 


KroTTHW"'>of « 4 SHAH, 


In principal object of the present Catalogue has been to 

pn a complete list of the specimens of Birds contained in 

tkfc coUection of the British Museum, indicating at the same 

^ :he peculiarities of each, as regards age, sex, habitatiori, 

t: the source from whence it has been derived. 

^ith this view the different individuals of each species 
'^liUined in the collection are indicated by the letters a, b, c, 
^ following the name of the species, and its synonyma. 

These parti cidars are followed by the habitat, which is 
p^-iu as particularly as the materials possessed by the 
Hfi^ium permit ; but, as many specimens have been pro- 
tared from dealers, it is often impossible to give the place 
^ whence they are derived, except in the most general 

Vhen the age of the specimen is not stated, it is to be 
•ierstood that it is supposed to be full-grown, or nearly 
* ; when otherwise, its state is marked ; and if there is any 
fertDce by which the sexes are readily distinguishable, or 
- th- point be absolutely ascertained, the specimen is stated 
fc be male or female. 

TLose specimens which have been presented to the Mu- 
•taa have the name of the donor ; and in general the col- 
^:}n from whence the specimen has been purchased, or 
F^Jtered in exchange, is also marked, as it often gives some 
iit^tidty to its history. 

A 2 


In the adoption of geQeric and specific names, it lias been 
thought right to use, wherever it was possible, that which 
was first applied to the species, ^Ls i'ar us regards the spe- 
cific oames, there is coiiiparatiireiy little difiieuity in the 
application of this simple rule ; but generic names have been 
used by different authors in senses so widely different, and 
the groups wliieh they were meant to dej^ignate have been so 
variously extended and restricted, that it was no ea.'sy matter 
to determine, where several names had been nsed, which of 
them ought to be preferred. 

Great attention has been paid in giving a reference to 
the work in which, and the date when, each genus and ita 
^ynonyma were respectively published. 

Under each specici^ there have been appended all the nam e.^ 
under which the bird has been mentioned since the establish- 
ment of the Linnean system of Nomenclature, and references 
are given to the works in which these names were first used 

These are followed by a reference to a few of the best 
original figures of the species. 

To assist in the determination of the arrangement and the 
distmction of the specimens, the skeletons and breast-bones 
contained in the collection are marked under each species. 

Great care ha^ been taken by Mr, George Rorert Gray, 
the Senior Assistant in the depaii:ment, in the determinatfun 
of the species^ the verification of their synonyma, and in 
examining tlie priority of the generic and specific names. 

The British Museum is fortunate in having received aj 
large portion of its species (either in presents, or by way o 
exchange or purchase) from the several authors both in this 
country and abroad by Tvhom the species to which they 
bclong were originally described, or from the collections m 
which they first received their names. In such cases there 
can be no doubt of the specimens being ascertained repre 
sentatives of the names they bear. 


Thus, mmong the collections which have been received as 
preseiits, those presented bj 

Tke Han, Ecui India Companyj are to be regarded as 
authentic examples of the species described by Dr. 
Horsfield, in his ^ Zoological Besearches in Java," and 
in his papers in ** TheLinnean Transactions,** the '* Zoo- 
logical Jonmal,'' and in the '^ Proceedings of the Zoolo- 
gical Sodetj." 

The HudunCs Bay Company^ as the types of the species 
described by Dr. Richardson in his '* Fauna Boreali- 

Tht New Zealand Company^ as the types of the species 
discovered by Dr. Dieffenbach, in New Zealand, and 
described by Mr. G. K. Gray, in the Appendix of that 
traveUer's Journal. 

dapt. Sir George Back and Capt Sir John Franklin^ B.N,y 
C.B^ for the specimens described in the Appendices to 
the accounts of the Northern Voyages. 

Mr. George Barclay^ as the tjrpes of the species collected 
during the voyage of H. M. 8. Sulphur. 

Capi. Sir Edward Belchery B.N.y C.B., as the specimens 
collected during the voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur and 

A. Bloxamy Esq., as the types of the species described in 
the Voyage of H.M.8. Blonde, and in Mr. J. E. Gray's 
" Zoological Miscellany." 

.Sir WUliam Burnett and Capt. Fitzroy, B,N.y as tlie types 
of the species collected during Capt. Fitzroy's voyage, 
and described in Mr. Darwin's " Zoology of the Voyage 
of H.M.S. Beagle." 

CapL WUUam Chambers^ B.N., as the tyi>es of the species 
from North West Australia, described in Mr. Gould's 
'* Birds of Australia." 


Ctappertofi, /?.iV., and Cohnei Denham^ as tlie typ 
of the species described by Messrs. Children an* 
Vigors, in the Appen<iix to their Travels in Centn 
Africa • 
Charles Dancing ^sq.^ as the types of the species deacribi 

^in the " Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S* Beagle." 
'he Earl of Derby, Lieut- Colonel Sir Thomas Mitchel 
Ilu ExcelL CapL George Gra/, Capi. Stttrt^ and Mf 
Jukesy as the types of species described by Mr, Goul 
in his ** Birds of Australia,'* 
I Major- General Thomas Hardwicke, as the types of th 
L species described by him in the ** Transactions of tli 

^H Linnean Society," or described and figured in Mr. J, 1 
^H Gray's " liltistrations of Indian Zoology/* and othi 
^H papers on the subject. 
^^Mrs. Capt. Iletfwomfy as the types of the spccieB discoverer 
^^ during the Niger expedition, and described by M| 
^b Frazer in the ** Proceedings of the Zoological Society, 
^^^ Bryan II. Hodgson, Esq,^ as the typea of the species dfl 
I scribed by hirn in his papers in the " Journal of thi 

^H Agiatic Society of Bengal " in the ** Asiatic Researches,' 
^^ and in the ** Proceedings of the Zoological Society.'' 
I T* C. Jerdon, Esq., as the types of the species described hj 
^^k him in his Catah^gue of Indian Birds, published in th 
^^ " Madras Journal of Literature and Science/* 

tlfllliam Elfard Leach, M.D*^ as being the original sped 
mens named or described by that zoologist in hii 
various publications* 
ohn Reeve^ Esq.^ and his son «/l BitsseU Reeve ^ ^■*?*? sis thj 
types of species figured in Mr, J» E* Gra/s " Illustra 
tions of Indian Zoology " and " Zoological Miscellany.' 
^hhn lUchardsont M.D., as the types of the species di 
scribed by that zoologist in the ** Fanna Boreali 

iiNMi C i?oiir, R,JV,^ aa the types of the speeiea 
piri during tiia Antarctio Eitpedition. 
ISUont^eff^A, KB the types of the species collected 
Ins traveU in British GuiaosL, and deicribed by 

r, Esg^ aa the types of the species described by 
qiinsoT] in his piip^r on the Bird:^ of Mexico, 
t&mpsoHt, Esq^^ R,N.^ as the types of the speciei 
red daring the voyage up the Niger, and de- 
bj Sir W, Jardine. 

the apecimeuft or coUeetloDs which hare been 
f parchase or exchange, the following m^j be 
iicated : tIz.^ those from 

fori Museumy as being the types of the species 
id hj Dr. Edward RiippeU, in his travels in 
Africa and Abyssinia, and described or figured 
' Zoologischen ^tlas ; " " Fauna von Abyssinien ;" 

his papers in the *' Transactions of the Senken- 
i Maseum at Frankfort.** 

t Museumy as authentic specimens of the species 
ed by M. Temminck^ the director of that in- 
to, in his '^ Planches Colorizes," and by M. MUller 
x>ntribation8 to the Natural History of Borneo. 

African Museumy as being the specimens col- 
during Dr. Andrew Smith's expedition into the 
r of South Africa, and described by that zoo- 
Ln the Report of the South African Association, 
>atalogae of the South African Museum," or 
in his " Illustrations of the Zoology of South 

ai Museum of St. Petersburgh, 
ai Museum of Moscow, 
t CoOeciumy and 


Parretfs CoUection^ as having been determined by Russii 
naturalists, and authenticating the species described b 
Pallas, Brandt, Eversniann aod others. 

Audtihons Coilection, as tlie types of the species figur 
in his large work on the ** Birds of America." 
Cuming's CoUectioit^ as the individuals described 
Mr, Frazer in the ** Proceediogs of the Zoolopricsl 
Society," and by Mr. G. R. Gray in the " Anuals <j 
Natural History." I 

(tOittfTs Cnlkctitmy as the originals of the species d^ 
scribed by t!iat author in the " Proceedings of tU 
Zoological St>ciety," and figured in the '' Birds d 
Baron Lougierg Collection, as the types of species in 

and M. Teraminck'.^ *■ Planches Coloriees " 
yColonel Montague's Colled ion^ as the types of species df 
scribed by that author in the ** Ornitliologieal Di< 
tionary ** and other works. 
fr* HendatVs CoUecihn, as the types of species describi 
by Mr, Swainson in his " Birds of Western Africa/* 

Verreau.t' Collection^ as being the types of species dt 

scribed by Dr. A. Smith in his "Zoology of Soi 


, &c. 


British Museum, 


Gi-Ass AVES. 


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a. Athens, Presented by C. L* W. Merlin, Es^ 

b. Shoa, N- Africa, Presented by tbe Hon. E.lnd. Comp. 

c. Cfiina, Prest*nted by J, Reeves, Esq. 

d^f. Nepal (Cachar regions). Presented by B, H» Hodg- 
son, Esq. 
f, Himalayah Mountains, 
, 1*. Sterntt, Nepal. Presented by B. H, Hodgson, Esq, 



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a. Sonih America* male. From Mr. Gould's CoUeoUon. 
6. Soath America, female. 

c. South America. Presented bj G. R. Waterhouse, Esq. 
(L SknlL From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

2. Sabcobamphus papa. The King Yulture. 
Sircoramphiu papa Iham. 

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a. Tropical America, adult. Presented by the Earl of Derbj. 
h. Mejuco, adult From Mr. Leadbeater s Collection. 
c. British Guiana, female. From Sir R. Schomburgk's Col- 


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2. Cathabista auba. The Carrion Vulture. 
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c. North America. Presented by E. Doubleday, Esq. 

d. 1 Baikelej Sound, Falkland Islands. Presented hj the Ad- 
c. J miraltj. 



/. Jamaica, yariety. From ^ir, Goase's Collection. 
g* Stcrnmn, Jamaica* From Mr. Gosse's Collection, 

The Cdifomiftii Vulture. 
di Om. vL p. 23. 


Catli&rtes cidifomiaDUF Ranz. £lem. 

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u* Califrimia» Pre»enteil by A. Menzies, Esq. The speci-^ 
men figured by Sliaw and M. Temminck. 




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«. Europe* sdtilt female. From the Frankfort Musl im. 

^ c^KepaL P^resented by B* H. ITmlgson, Esq, 

4, KtqMU, joung, PreseoteiJ by B. 11. Hodgson, Eaq. 

r. ^? From Mr, Warwick s eollectton, 

^ XanUiu^. Presented }>j Sir C. Fellowes. 

g^ k, SkuILs Nepal. Presented by B. JI. Ho<lgson, Esq, 

L Steroam. Nepal, Presented by B, H. Hodgson, Esq. 

2. Vri^TTK occiFiT\i.i8. The occipital Vulture. 

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SSfp. AOas. u 22. ; LemiU. Ois, tTA/r, t, 12. 

«u Aby^inla. From the FrAnkfori Musenm, 
h Kurricbane, Cape of Good Hope^ female. From M« 
V^fr eamt ' CoUection. 


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K Ot<>gtw AiTRicuLABia. The sociable Vulture. 


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^iSstm miirtcrularl», Daud. Om. ii. p, 10, 
Villiir sgjptitis Teinm, pL eol. 407, (young.) 
Ttllftr ■Bbicus i/ffw. Smithy Griff, An, KingtL i. pi. p, 64 - 
iMttDL Oif. if i4/r. t, 9, 

& Egypt, young. Presented by J. Burton, Jun., Esq, 
Iw South Africa, adult. From tne South African Mui<ieum. 
€, SllOi, N, E. Atrica. Fre^nted by the Hon, E, lod. Comp. 

S. Oroorpf QAiMV%, The Pondicherry Vulture. 
Qkfypa cadviui Q, R, Gray. Lint B, Brii, Mux, I p. 4. 
Tdtuf ealrui Scop, J)eL Flor, tt Fmm, Iiuub* p. 8^.; Smm, Vay, 

/■dL 1.104* 
l^altor ponticcrianus DuwL Om, u. p. 11* 

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f. 15. f. I, ; Am. du Afus, I t. 20.; HarUw. Jean, ined, 10980. 2. 
2. ; Hc^», lean, ined, Accip, 1, 9, 

a. IndtOi adult, 

k Karticni Iiidlau adult. From Col. Cobb'« Collection, 
41 Kepal, ailtdt- Presented by B. U. Hrxljfson, E?q, 
d KefNil, young. Presented by B, 11 JioiJgson, Esq, 

M S 


a. GITS. 
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K Gyps rtiLvus. The fulvous Vulture. 

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tPl enl 42G.; LemiiU, Ois. fTA/r. t. 10.; Hardw. Icm. ined, 
10980. 2. f. L ; Hodgi. Icon, ined. Accip, 3. 
a. Europe. From Mr. Lead beater i* Collection. 
b. Dalmalia- From Mr. Porric's Collection. 
c—/. Nepal. Prtjjiented by B. II. Hoil^son, Esq, 
g. Central Africa, Presented by Major Denbam 
A. Shoa, N- E. AlHca. Treseiited by the Hon. East Indil 
i. Cape or Good Hope, From the South African Museum. 

y, A. f From iSlr. Leadbeater*» Collection. 

/. Orange Kiver, Cape of Good Hope. From M. Verreaux 
' CoHection. 

^H m. India* yoonjr- Presented by J, R. Reeves, Esq, _ 

^H n, o. Two SkuUs, Nepal. Presented l>vB. H. Hodpon«EB() 
^H p. Skeleton, Nepal. Presented by 11. H. Jfodnjson. Esq 
^H g. Sternum, Nepal. Presented by B. H, llodg&on, Esq. 
^H r. Sternum, Euroi>c. From M. Lefevre's Coilection. 


The Bengal Vidture. 

I>engaleii8ifl G. R* Gray^ List B. Brit. Mm, i. p. 3. 
Vultur bengal ensis GmeL 5. -V. i. p. 245. (joung) ; Gray^ lU. Ind 

Zool pi. 15. ; Lath. Gm. Syn. i. pi. 1. 
Vultur uhaugoun Baud, (adult) Tr. dOm. ii. p. 14, 
Vultur leuconotua Gray^ III. In/I, Zool. pi. 14. (adult.) 
Vultur indicus^ron. BeL Flor.ct Fann.y. 8.5.? ; S*mn. Voy. t. 105. f\ 

Levadl, Ois. d'A/n t. IL; Hotlgs. Icon. ined. Mxip. 4. 4*, 5 


■ cL In 


Iiidl«t a<dal^ Presented bj Dr. Eojle, 

i. Iftdk, odiiit 

£. ladiA, raUIdle agp. From the Snutb African Museum. 

^ ^e^mJL, adult. Presented bj B. H. llodg^tn, Esq. 
^^f' Hep*I, middle age. Presented by B. II, Uodgison, Esq. 
^■^ Nipftl, young. Presented by B. H. HcMigtion, Esq. 
^K. KiptL Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

3. Gm TMinjXEOiTRis. The alender-billed Vulture. 

Gm tCDQirostrii C H. (rroy, Zi*f J^irdk, ^ri/. Mum, i, p. 4. 
Tibtr temiirofftriii Hodg^, MSS, 

Vo&tnr Ceaoicept Bodgt, Gray, ZooL Muc, (1844) n. 81. 
'*Vnltur iudiCfis Scaps."^ Jerd. Madr. Joum, Lit, and Sci. (1844) 
p. lie. 
C R. Grog md M^h. Gm. of B, pi. a.; Hodg9. Icon, itted. 

^* India, Totmg. 

Nepal, addt Presented by B. H, Hodgton, Esq. 

ii. NeophroxinjE. 


I Sa». Ducr, <k lEgypte, Hist. NaL L p. 77. (1800,) 
PtraiiopterQA Cuu. Rig, An. (1817) 1* p. d07. 

1 . Kbopkboh FEECTfOPTBSCs. The Alpine Vulture. 

percnopterus Sav. Deter, de VEgypU^ HiiL Nat,; p. 16. ; 
Bnt. B. L o. 6. pi. 

kpcrcBopienia Litm. S. N, i. p. 123 
m p«rcn*>ptcrua Ttmm. Man. dOnu (1815) p. 5. 
ftercorariuH Lapeer. Neue Schwed. Abh. 
Wviinr leococepbdus liriss. Om, i. p. 466. 
h||^^»c^ Bodd. Table tUs PL enl. de UAuhen^ p. 25. ; Gmel 

HH^^^igtsiiaatis Dawl. Tr. d Om. li. p. 20. 
t^mr ^biit Dmid. Tr, trOm. ii. p. 20. 

" igfii P<dl. Zoogr. \. p. 377. t. 14. 

I Cfcyptiacus Stejth, Getu ZtyoL xiil. pt. 2- p. 7. 
B parcDOpterus Brthm^ Vog. DritU. i. p. 5. t. 1. f. 1. 
oJ. 427. 42**.; Jtird and 5c%, lU. Om, pi. 33,; Lath 
WB^0fB, [4. 5.; Gal. fkM OU. t. 2^; OouUl, B. of Eur. pi. 3. 
ZmoiII Oil, tTAfr. t. 14. j Hodgs. Icm. imd Accip. 2. 


I€. Orkney, yoimg. From Mr. Bullock's Museum. 
d, e. Chickif. From Mr. BuUock'a Museum. 
/, North America. 
g, Nepal, male. Present etl by B. U. IIcMlgson, Esq. 
A. Nortk America, adult female P Presented by the Ht» 
son's Bay Company. 
f , India, yomag. ' 

j. Tunis, young. From Mr, Fraaer'a Collection. 
B k' ? Presented bj M. Gen. Hartiwieke. 
W i' Trachea. England, 
m. Skeleton. England. 


2, Aquixa mogiuvik. TEie imjM^rial Eagle. ^ 

Aqnila mogilnik S, Q. GmeL Nov. Conim* Petrop. xv, p. 4i 

t. ll.b. . 
Fuleo imperialist J^^rA/i/. Taschenb. Detdi,i\\, u.65,i PL cot. Ij 

15*i,; Gould, B. qf Eur. pi, fi. ; Graj/, lU. ImL Zml. n, pL 2i 
Ariuila imperialiii Cuv. Reg* An. (1829) L p* 32^. ; Brehm^ VH 

l)prdj(. i. p. 22. j 

Aquila beliium Sav. Descr. do lEgypie^ Hijt, Nai^ i. p. 22. t IS 

Kaup, his, (1847)1), 2A7, ^ ! 

Aquila chrysaetos Leufler^ Ann. de,t Wetter, Vu pi. p. 1 70, ; Jei 

Madr. Joum. Lit. and Sci, (183il) p. 68, 
Aqmla bifasciata Graff (nee J/onwcA.J, HL Ind, ZooL pi. 17. 
Aquila nipalensiH Ilodgs. /U* Res. xviti. 13. pi. ; Eotlgs. Icon, m 

IAeeip. l:i, 17, v. 4. 
Aqutla cmssipes v. na?via Hod^s. Gray ZooL Misc. (1B44) p. 
a — d. Nepal. Presente^l by B. II. ilodeson, Esq. 
e,/. Nepsd, young? Prc^ent^ by B. 11. llodgsun, Esq 
g. Behar* Presented by B. H. ilodgson, Esq. 
A. India. From Mr, ^ illiams's Collection. 
t. — — ? Presented by E. Wilscin, E«f i . 


J, k. Sterna, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, E»q. 

3. Aquila wiEviA. The rough-fouted Eagle. 

ToiChenh, Beuts, I p. 19. ; Yarreil, 

Aquila mevia Meyer, TaiCfien&, JJeuts. i. p. 

B. I p. 10. pL ; Brehn^ Vog. DeuJU. i. p. 2(>. 

p. 249. 
Falco mevius, ChneL 5. N. \, p. 258. 
Falco maeulatus Omd. S. N, u p. 258.^ 
Aquila pomarina Brehm^ P7i^- DeuU. i. p. 27. 
Aquila plfinga VieilL EitctfC, Mith, p. 1190. 
Aquila biiasciata Honuck. 

Kaup^ Isu, (Ifl 


I &R Dtfjcr, d^ rEgypt€, ffist, Nat. i. p. 84 
_^il\ii/.Zbo^.i. p. 351. 
fitlila Hodgt, Gray, ZooL Mac. (1844) p. 81. 
"1 foatms Vtall N. DwL (T Hist Nat xxsll p. 60, 
D^tr, dEgynU, Mist, Kai, Ou, t. L €t L 3, f- L; Omdd^ 
B.9f£Mr. pL 8.; HodgM. Icon, imd. Accip. 16. 

. ll arto AmencA* 
ii f 

t, 4 If mL Preaented by B. H, Hotlgsou, Esq. 
^ c Ihwtnfti Prwented by Sir C. FcUowes. 
/ Slesiiiatii, NepaL Presented bj B. H. Ilodgaan, Esq. 

4. Aauu^ wxvioiDS^, The tawny Eagle. 

i aerkiides Cuv. Kavp, IsU^ (1B47) p. 247. 
»ovfkades CVr. i?^. /in. (1829) i. i>. 326, 

T^wrr- »^/ /"../ 455. 

t ji, ^^ Afr, Quart Jaum. I p, 114- 

i/f, /lij^w, t 13. 

: Cw. i^<^ vln. (1829) i. p. 326. 
6?rBw, m /flf/. ZooL ii. pi. 29. 
. Omy, TZf /im/. Zoo^, Li. pi. 27, 
ipaactetA Or^, lU. Ind. ZooL pi. 16. 
I Vtiidluaoa FranM, Pmc, ZmA, Soc. (1831) p. U. 

Mf L SfMwbpJ^, Cape of Good Hope, From Mr. Warwick*! j 

e. Sontb Africa. From the 8outh African Museum, 
d Abjmam^ From the Frankfort Museum, 
IL SouegaL From Baron Laugier's Colk-ction, 
I / Abmibia. Presented by the Hon. £. Ind. Comp. 

f. Llttfe. Pres^ted by I>r. Burns. 
India. Presented by J, H. Reeves, Esq, 
L Mminm. Presented by Walter Elliott, Esq. 
L la^a. Presented by Dr. Rnvle. 
I Nrnd. Presented by B. II. Uodgison^ E«q. 
L Be4«r. Praented by B. Ih Hodgson, Esq. 
m. Hadna. Preseated by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

64 Aciisux Botreixa. BoneUi*8 Eagle. 

' Samp. Otogr. and Comp, List Birda qf Eur. and} 

PPp. 2. ; Kriv- '-'-^ 0847) p. 250. 
|gnn»-i1ta Bo de CAcad. Turin, 

»BQodEii Temm. />...,. . h. 

i IdchL NUzjtch^ Petnflog, p« 85. 
» 6 



Tolinatftus Bondlii Blifth. Jtmru, A. S, B> (IB45) p. 5* 

Aqtiila bifiiaduta VielL Enct/c. Milh. p. 1192. 

Nisiiotus grandis Hodgi. Jourti. A. S. B, (1 836) p. 230, ; JertL lU, 

Ind. Oni, pi 1. 
Nisaetus iiiveufl Jerd, Math. Joum, LiL aW 5ei, (1840) p. 69. f 
Aqiiila nipalensis v» rubrWcnter Iladgs. Gratf^ ZooL 3Iisc, (1S44) 

p. 81. 

Gotdil, B, of Eur, pi. 7, ; Hodg$. Icon. imd. Acctp. 1 4, 20» 21 . ▼, 

5. 8. 

a. Italy. From Mr. Arg^tnit's Collection. 

b. Tanincr. PreBciited by — Warren, Esq. 

c. Tunii^, yoiing. From ilr. Fraser*s Gollertion. 

d. Tunis, adult. From Mr. Fraser^s Collection* 

e. I. Nepal. Presented W 11. 11, Hml^Rfm, Esq. 
j. India. Presented by J. K. Reeves, Esq. 

A. Nepal, young. Presented by B. 11. Hodgson, Esq. 

i^ VI. India. From Mr. Leadbeatcr's Collection. 

«. Tuniis, yountr. From Mr. Fraaer's Collection, 

o, q. Sterna, Nepal. Preaented by B. IL Uodgaon, Esq. 

b. Uroaktus, 

6* AQUII.A. AUPAX. The bold Eagle, 

Aquila audax O. R. Gray, Am, Nat, HuL (1«42) p. 189. 
Vultur andax Lath* lud. Sttppl. p. ii. ; Lamb^ lam, ined. i. 43. 
Aquila fucosa Cut. li^^. An. (1829) p. 326. t. 3, f. 1. ; Gouid, Sgn 

of B. of Awttr, pi. iii. p. . pi. 
Aquila albirostrJs Vieill. N. Diet. d'Hist. Nut. i. p. 229. 
Aquila cuneicaudntn Brehm^ Isis^ (184^5) p. 35<). 
AquiiiCUroaetUK) ^whiyLKnup, ChLnif aer Siiug. xmd r%.p. 12.; 

Temm, pi. col. 32. ; Goidd^ B. vf Austr. pL 

a. Australia. Presented by Lady Car rington. 

b. South Australia. Presented by His Excellency Capt. G 

r, d, Male, Van Diemen*a Land (Antarct. Exp.). PrcBented 

by the Admiralty. 
€. Female, Van Diemen's Land (Antarct. Exp.), Presented 

by the AdmiraltY, 
/. Interior of South Australia* Presented by Cupt. Sturt. 

c, Ptehoabtus, 
7. AdtTiLA vcfLTUiUKA. The vulturine Eagle. 
Atjuhi^ vultui'ina G, R, Gray, Liit B* Brit Mus. u p. fi. 

Filco TnltTmnas Damd. Tr. eTOnu ii. p. 53. 
Aqaib Verreauxii Less. Cent, ZooL t. 38. 
Gmetos cofer Temau Earn. EUm. di Om. yiL p. 45. ' 
F«ko niger Jametonj New Pkiiosop. Jaunu 

Aqnte (Pteroaettu) vultnrina Kmqf^ Classif. der Smig. wnd Vdg. 
p. 120. 
LevailL Ois. dAfr. t. 6. 

0. Algoa Bay, South Africa. Presented by Messrs. Smith 

and Co. 
h. South Africa. From Dr. Smithes Collection. 

d. HiEBJkTUS, 

8. AQ.VUJL nHKATA. The booted Eagle. 

irafla pennata Cm. R^. An. (1829) p. 325. ; Brehm^ Vdg. Deuts. 

Fikopennatus Gmel. S.N. i. p. 127. 
AtjmUminuta Brehm, Vog. Deuts. 1. p. 29. t 2. f. 2. 
Spuactus milvoTdes Jerd. Madr. Joum. Lit. and Set. (1839) p. 75. 
Aqnik (Uieraetus) pennata Kaup, Ciassif. der Sang, und V'Og. 

p. 120. 
Pi, col. 33. ; Godd^ B. of Eur. pL 9. ; Hodgs. Icon. ined. 

Aecip. 15. ▼. 6. 

a. E;zTpt. Presented by W. B. D. Tumbull, Esq. 

b. S*»uth Africa. From the South African Museum, 
f, d. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

e, Mailras. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

e. Heteropus. 

9. Aquila malatensis. Reinwardt*8 Eagle. 

Fiicn malaTensis Reinw. PI. col. 117. 

Aquila mafayensis G. R. Gray, List Birds, Brit. Mus. i. p. 7. 

Aquila malavana Less. Tr. dOm. p. 39. 

Aq'uila (Heteri>pus) pemigra Uodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1836) p. 227. 

(1942.) p.8«l. 
Xeopiis fx;mi^n^ Hodgs. Gray, Zool. Misc. (1844) p. 81. 
N"b»«riui? ovivorus Jerd. Madr. Joum. Lit. and Sci. (1841) 

p.lIK). . . 

Ic^inifctus malayensis Jerd. Madr. Joum. Lit. and Sd. (1844) p. 


OnjcSuStus malayensk Kemp, Chmf. derSaug. vnd Vdg. ()S^ 
p. 120. 

Hodgs. Icon. ined. Accip, 18. v. 7. , 

a. Indian Archipelago. Presented by Dr. Royle. 

b. lodian Archipelago. From tho Leydt'ti Museum. I 
c* Nepal. Presented by B. 11. Hodgson, Esq. 
d, Inmtm Arcliipelago, young. From the Leydcn Muflcuni 


Spiiaetus VteilL Analyse^ ko. p, 24* (1816*) 
Plumipeda Fiem, PkiL of Zool ii. p, 234. {1822.) 
Harpy ia Sptjr, A v. Bras, i, (1824,) 
Spbastur Less, Compi. Buff. vii. p. 8B* (1837.) 
Limnaiitus Vigors, Merti, Ihiffl. App. p. 649. (1830.) 
Nisal^tus Hodg^, Joum, A, S. B, (IS36.) p. 227. 
LophoStus Kaup^ hiji, (1847) p. 165. 
Fterora Km^^ Mta. Sertckeidi. (184^) p. 259. 

a. SPiZAhTVS, 
1. SfucaMtus OKWATB8. The creited Goshawk. 


Spizadtus amatug Vieill N. DicL iTIIiit. Nat, xxxii p. 6( 

Kmp, his, (1847) p. 1G6. 
Faleo oroalua Daud, Tr. iTOrn. iL p» 77. 
Falco super bus Shaw, Geti, ZooL vii. p. C4. 
Falco coronatuB Sft(m\ Gen. ZooL vii. p. 16. 
Falco Rlaudnytii Baud, Tr. trOm, ii. p. 73. 
Plumipeda supcrbiis Fkm, PhiL of ZooL ii. p. 234. 
Harpyia braccata Sjfir^ Ap. Bras, t 3 »* Azara No. 23. 
Aqmla urutaurana Bum. Bid. des Set. Nat. i. p. 358. 
Harpyia ornata Swains. Classify o/B. ii. p. 208. 

L$vaaL Ois, flA/r. t. 26. i Gal. des OU. t. 21. 

a, 5. Brazil* 

2. Sprz^ETus nELUCoauR. The martial Eagle. 

Aauila bellicosa Bum, Bict des Sci, Nat. L p. 347. 
Falco bcllicosus, Bawl. Tr, Om. ii. p. 38. 
Falco armig;er Shaii\ Gen. ZooL vii. p. 67. 
Spizat^tus 1}ellicossu.H Knup^ Isis, (1*;47) p. 167. 

LevaiU. Ois. dAfr, t. 1.; Smith, III S. Afr. Zool, pi. 42. 

fl. Snewberg, S. Africa. From Mr. A\^arwiek*a Collection. ; 
b. Female^. South Africa. From the South African Musetill 

apaecof (SpczMCsr) 




SpizAeCM« occixwulis FinSL facyc JUL ji. 

Flic*-- seaeg&lensii Dtaitf. TV. #Orv. l ^ 41. 

3/«i. ^fnrira^. (I «»45 J PL 259. 
Hsrpjia oocipxula ^oau. Cimmi^,9fB. i. ^ ' 

tmil Ou. <f J/r. t- i- 


o^c> x :u z^. 

fc. Port X«uL Sonxk Afiiea. FroB Mr.WTfi—iM Ojuri 


6. SmAim TTSAnrci. TWsTnBsEie>^ 

€, Sc-o'Jx America, SnuFedeBopxa. Fr» Mi Wcr-iki 




7. Spizaktus ciRKnATUB. The crested Indian Eagle* 

Spizaetiis cirrhntua Kaup, lift if , (1847 J p. 163, 

Faico cirrhatua GrneL S. N, i. p. 274* 

Falco caligatufl H^ifff, Linn, Tram. xiiL p. 278. 

Falco lyumaetua iTvrsf. Linn, Tram. xhL p, 138.; Pi. coL 134, 

Falco ni veils Skaw^ Qen. ZooL vii. p. 149? ; col. 127. 

Falco cristatelliis Temm, PL coL 28*2. 

Spizaiitus eristatelliiH, Jard. and Selhfj^ UL Orn, pt 6G, ? 

NisaetUiJ pullidua Bi>dgit. Jmtm. A. S. B. (1837) p. 361, 

Nieuietus alboni^er Blyih^ Madr. Joum. Art. and Sci,^ xxxi. p, 145, 

Spizaetus orientalia Temrti, and SchL Fmm. Jap. t. 3. 

NmiJtus nipalen^iii Ilodgs. Jourji, A. S. B. (I83fi) p. 229, pi, 7. 

Spixaetus kuceoltitiis Temm. and SchL Faun. Jap. t. 7. 

Limnaetus Horsficldii FiJ^non, Mem. Iii\ffl. App. p. 649, 

Linmaetus caligatuj* Vigor^^ Mem. Ra^, App. p. 649. 

Falco ceylonenf*is Crmel. S. N. i. p. 275. 

Morphiiu^ (Lyjtmaiitus) caligatiis Kavp^ Mus, Senchenh. (1845' 

p. 259. 
NiiatitUiJ piikher Ilodgs. Joum, A. S. B. (1837) p. 36L; Hodgti 

Icon. ined. Aceip. 23» 24. v. [K App. 3. 

Hardw. Icon. ined. 10980. 7.; Hodgs* Icon, ined. Accip.2^2. 25. 

T.9. a. 
a, h. Nepal. Preseiit42d by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

c. India. 

d. Nepid. Presented hy B- II, Hodgson, Esq. 

e. Jiidia. Presented lij East Iiuiia tfimpany. 

f, India. l*re^eiited by E. Wilson, Ei«t|. 

g. Behar. Presented oy B. H. Hodgson, Estp 
A./ Matlraa. Presented by T. C. Jenlon^ Eaq. 
k. Sternum, Nepal. rrt^fiunttMl l)v B. H, Hodgson, Esq. 
L India. Present ed by ^t. ix^iu T. llardwicke. 
m. Inflia. Presented by J. Beeves, Esq. 
n — q, Nepal Presented by B. H. Ilodcson, Esq. 
r. Stemumi Nepal, Presented by B. 11. Hodgson, Esq. 

8. SpizajStcs borneonbwbis, Tlie Crested Bornean Eagle. 
a. Borneo* From Mr* LowV Collection. 


^Physcta Vieill Aimluse &c., p. 24. (181^) ? ? 
Herpctotheres Vii^ut N. Diet. d'lIisL Nai. xxit. p. 102. (1818.) 

I Sfiu, Send 

Scnchnb. (1845) 

. Jlr. t* a.; 4£8ra, No. 15« 

F^om Mr* Afgeoi'9 Collect Ion. 
Gttkiis* Preieiited by the Ro/d Geographicul 


VU^m, Amd^MU p. 23. (18100 

** r, Pfv><r. Z^>«>/. AW. (IB31) p, 170. 
3|k3oroi» 'y, Xi^if. Gen. of h (1840) p. a. 

BiVpgrbikbictu^ i^/r. l£ev. ^ooil (1842) p. 17:3. 


QmckjtTHW OAixicca* The Jean tc !>laiic Eagle. 

pnL-os UoiV, /fti, (1622) p. 540*; Kaup, Clastif, der 
mi i. 

.V. I p. 259. 

<igMi JUtU^ 4V.w^.^% Jji w. jL p* 472, 


/I BeluLT. Presented bj B. 11. Hodgson^ Esq. 

g, k, Madras. Presented by T, C. iJerdon, Esq, 

t. Senegal (varietjju From Baron Laugicr's CfoUeetion. 

». Tunis, young. From Mr. Fraser'a Collection. 

CiBCAETUs THOBAcicus, The bluck-breaated Eagle, 

Circalitus tborocicus Cmp. Less, Tr, D^Om, p. 48.; Kaup^ Clati 

der Sang, nnd Vog. p. 122, 
Circal*tua pectoralis A, Smithy S. Afr. Qttai^' Jounu (1831) p^ 
AquLla undulata Licht ? 

a. Cape of Good Hope. From Bjiron Laugier's Collection. 

b. Snewburg, South Africa. From Mr. WajwH:k*s CoHectkl 

c. South AfHcjL, young. From the South African Museium 

d. South Africa. Presented by the Earl of Derby, 
c,/. Port Natal. From Mr. Argent's Collection* 
g. Port Natal. 

3, CiRCAKTUS 7A8CIOLATUS. The banded Falcon. 

Circaetus fasctolatua G, E. Gray^ Kaup^ Isis^ (1847), p. 
Fort Natal. From Mr. Warwick*8 Collection . 

b, Spilornis. 
CmcAETUs BACHA. The Bach a Eagle. 

Faico bacha Dmtd. Tr, (TOrn. ii, p. 43. 

Falco bibo Horsf. Linn. Trafis. xin. p. 137, 

Falco albidus Cuv. PL col. 19. 

Spdornis bacha G, 11 Gray, Lut. Gen. ofB. (1840) p. 3. 

Circaetus bacha G. R. Gray^ Gen, of B. u p* 

Circaetus (Spilornis) bacha Ka^^ Classif, der Sattg. und F3 
p, 132. 

LevaiU Ois, (tAJr. 1. 16. 

a* Java, male. From Baron LaUjsrterV Collection* 
fc. Java, female. Presented by the lion. Eaat India O 

d, Java, male. From Bir. Verreaux* Colleclion. 

e. Borneo. Presented by J. Brooke, Esq, 

5. CtacAsTus cnxELA. The Chcelu Eagle. 

Falco cbeela Dmd. Tr. d'Orn. ii. p. 44. 

Hflematomis undulatus Vigor$^ fVic, ZoaL Sac, (1831) p. 170. 

I p. 81. 

p. ai. 

G /'I*, i, p. 10. 

JertL Madn Joum. Lu. and Set, (1839) p* 

J^rd. Madr, Jotim. Lit, ami Set, (1841) p. 196. 
FfmtkL Pror. Z.A\(lH3l)p. 114. 
(Spilornk) imduUtu^ Roup, Mtu. Senchmb. (184^*) 

i) cJieeb Kmq*^ 
pL L ; Bmlg*. Icon. ine<L Actip, 26, 27, 28, 29. 

> Bimlftjili lKmntatn<i. P^reseoted bj J. Gould, Est]. 

-/ y epAt J by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

U Mftilnft. 1'rc^iJU.a hy T. C. Jerdon, Eaq. 
, l»^ FresenU^d Viy M. Gen< ILirdwicke. 
^ StcTlUlll^ N epoL Presented hj B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

& CiBCAircs VOLoeFXLtJs. The spotted Bucba. 

ibkMpilm ViffffTM^ Proc. Zooi, Sot. (1831) 96. 
i«Moi|)iltifl G.n. Gru '^ ' nfBrit MtLs, I p. 10. 

" BboloiliOtts G. n. Or >iU, l p. 

__ .alSdlonio) bolcwpilur' /\ ^mf, ^u «>% ^^tiickeiib, (1845) p»260»; 
{B. Si^mmd MiidL Gm, of H pt. 7. 

l*re«rtite«l by J* R^ Reeves, Esq. 
Fraw Mr. Cuniiu]§'H Collection, 
f joofiig* From Mr. Cuming's CoUection. 


1, Ci»CAiTC» co&OKATus. Tbe cTOwneil E&gle. 

»C90UtQ9 Cvr. R^ An. (1820) I p. 528. 

\m Vic»U, N. Diet difnL Nat. xiv. p. 237. 
Ttmm. pL coL 2:U. 
\ coraiattia lafr. Rev. Zaoi. (1842) p. 173. 
%(tiamM¥ir\n} Amra^ Knup, his, (1847) p. 200. 
[«. SiHitk AsBoka. From M. YerreatiiL* CoUectioQ 
}k goot^ Aiiwanci. Fm«aU»a by E. WlUon^ Esq. 



Thrftsaeius G. R, Grajf, Proe. Z. S, (1837) p, 108. 
Harpia VieilL jhtalyst;^ p. 24. (IHIO.) 
Ilwrpjia Cm, Heg, An, (1817) L p. 317. 

L TuBAfiAih-cs itABPTLA, The crested Eagle- 

TbrasalHufl bfirpyia G. R, Grat;, Lut Gen, ofB. (1840) p, 3. 
Vultur harpvin Linn. S,N.\,'^, 121, 
Falco barpyia Shaw^ Gen, Zmti* vii. p, 54. 
Morphnus Harpy la Cab. Faun, Per. p* 5, 
Iliirpyiit def^truetor Cm. Reg. ^n,(lHl6) L p,317; PL col. 14. 
Falct* ileslruclt>r Dtaul. Tr, dOrn. \u p. 60, 
Falco imperidis Shmt\ Gen, Zoul. vii. p. 52. pi. 15. 
Falco calquin Shaw, Gen. Zool, vii. p. 55, 
Falco regalis Shaw^ Gen. ZooL vii, p. 5C, 
Falco JaL-quini GmeL S, N, L p. 251. 
Fiilco erisUtui! GmvL S. N. I p. 20. ? 
Falco caraeca Shaw, Gen. ZooL vii. p. €f4. ? 
Ilarpyia ferox Les,s. Tr.irOrn. p,50. t. 10, t. 11. f. L 
Hurpy ia luaxiiiin Vieiil, Enc^. Meih. p. 1241>- 
Gypaetns burj>yia Daud. Tr. ilOm. ii. p. 27. 
Gypaetoa coroDalus Ihiud. Tr. dUlrn. ii. p, 28. 
Asturina (Tkrasaetua) harpyia/OiM;?, Mas, Senchenh* (1845) pwl 
a — c, Britbh Guiana. From Sir R. ScliQraburgk's CoUe 


Morplinus Cmp. Rt^. An. (1817) i, p. 31 8, 

Morphnliis flem, Phil of ZooL ii. p. 235- (1822.) 

Umbitinga Less. Ecu. ZooL p. 132. (1830.) 

Asturina X««/)t Chuaif. der. Slbig, imd Vllg. p. 105. (1844i| 

Rttpomis Ktiitp^ (purs.) Isti, (1847) p. 202, 

Spizogeranus Koiip, Classif, rfer, *SVii^. nnd Fi'J^. p. 120.(1844*] 

Hypomorphnus Cah, Faun, Per, p. 3. (1 844.) 

] . MoRPHT^UB GUIAZTISNSI6. TliG Guiana Goshawk. 

Morphnuj guiancnsia C«». Meg. An. (1817) i. p. 318. 
Talco guianensis Daud, Tr, d'Orn. u, p. 78. 
Falco Soaniiii Shaw, Gen. Zo*yL viii, p. 67- 
^Morplmus eri^tatus Lem. Tr. tfOrn, p. 51. t, 11. f-2. 
Spi^atitus variegatus VieilL N> Diet, tCHUL Nat. xxxii. p* 3d> 




Classif. of B. il p, ^B, 

nensbi Kaup^ Mus. Senckenb, (1845) 

(Morpbnui) gumnetisU Kenqt^ Itu, (1847) p.20L 
Brstbh Guittzm. From Sir R* SchomburgkV Collection. 

*1^ MoarHNCS vmuBiriifGA.. The Brazilmn Eagle. 
a Cur,JUi^,An, (1817) L p, 318» 

»loilgip<» Hi. 

' t IjCMilit'T " ^/r«. i- p. 445. 

1 fiilTu*' a^f\ Meih, p. 1200. 

r » rriu, .V. i>tf?/, dHiMt. Nat. xxxii. p. 56. 
l*i>iZ/. 2>ir/, d'tJiat Nat xxxii. p. 57. 
1-1 -:- rifi//. JV. DiV?/. ei'//wr^ Nut. xxx'xL p* 58. 
Swairut. Ciassif. of B. ii. p. 208. 

itlTMrfi Ol/^, /tfWW. Pct". p, 8, 

*ii /Tof/p, /n*, (1847) p. 206. 

- . , -1. ., No. 17, 18*20. 

^ BnLz0* 


From Mr. Vcrreaux' Ct>llection, 
old PrftsenteflbrD.W. WUchell^Esq. 
ytmng. Froia Mr. Lcadbettters Collec- 

V Ho«raiii]« MBiiDio9C4U9. The rufous •'headed Falcon. 

^serUkm^li^ Lftfh. fwL Om. p. 36. 
»fVtilifii Livhi. Oii. DujtU Berl. Mu». p, 60. ; PI eoiL 25. 
*ft biiftcnt Spu^ Av. Br. h p. G. 
f rvfblus rirtU .¥. Diet dHiMt, Nat. iv. p, 466. 
Iihiita futUona Cnlh Fauiu Per, p. 4. 
rHuporuiai) uieridlonalis Kaup^ Isig^ (1847) p, 204.; 
No. 11. 

c South AiDcrJcA, From Baron Laugter's Collcctioiu 

A, r. South America. 

i. Mexico, From Mr. Ilartweg^s Coll«€tion. 


Sbp, D*-j<rr. rfr TEgypte, IIUL Not. u p. 95- (1809.) 
ti'tua Z^/r, iif^it ^^#/. (1839) p. 1D6. 
Kaiip. Uu, (1847) j[>. 270. 

AcciprraBs mtrmia. 


a, Pasdion, 
1, Fanpiow nAWAJfrrufi. The Osprey. 

Pandion halinetus Cm. Ri^. An, (1817) i. p. 316.; Kaup, Mm 

Sfniekenh, ( IH45) {h 20 L ; Ytirreli, BriL B. I p. 25. 
Faleo lialiaetiiB Linn. S. J\^ i. p. 129. 

Paiidicm fliiviulis Sfiv. DcMcr* de TEgyptt, Ilht. NaL L p* 96» 
Aquilfl balbiizarfhis Dtim, Diet den Sci. Nat i, p. 351, 
Paiidiou iolitbyiwtus Kaup, Chmf. der SUug. ufid Fiijgr. p. 122. 
Pandioti altictps Brvhm^ V'og* DeuU, i. p, 33» 
Pandion planiceps lirvhrn^ Vog, Detitft. i. p» 33. t. 2» f. 3. 
Aceipitvr baliaL'tiis PalL Zoogr. l. p. 355- 
Pandioii indieus Hodgft, Jounu A. S, B, (1837) p. 366. 
Falco carolinensis Gmd. S, Nn L p, 371* 
Falco cay an ens ii; Gmely S. N. i. p, 164. 
Falco arundinaceiis GmeL S. N. i- p. 263. 
Falco piscator Brks, Om. L p, 361. 
Aquila piscatrix VieiU. Ok, m tAmer. Scptr. t. 4. 1 

Paiitiioa aaaericaniis ^leiU, Gah de$ Ois. f. 11. ; Stcains. Clou, i^ 

B. ii. p. 207. 
Aquila (Pandion) lialiaeta Uich. et«f 5m?. Faun* Bor. Amer. li. | 


Aiidub, B, ofAmer. pi 81.; PL erd. 414. ; WiU. Am, Om, £ 

37. f^ 1. ; Hodgs. Icon, ined. Acctp, 31. 

a. Devonshire. From Col. Montagu's Collection, 

h, Lineolnshiri. Pre9«nU.Hi by lion. C. Pelhara. 

c, d, Europe. From Baron Lau^iwr s Collection, ' 

e.g. Nepal, Praseated by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. J 

A* North Anierica. Ptttaentcd by Gen, T. Harttwicke. ' 

t, Nootka Sound. Presented by Capt. Sir E. Belcher, C,3 


y, Honduras. From Mr. Dyson's Collection. I 

k, m* Sterna, Europe. From Mr. LefevTe's Collection. j 

n. Stemimir NepaL Presented by B, H. Uodgson, Esq. i 

2. Pakdiojt leucocephalts. The white-heiwied Oapr«y. 

Pandion leucocephalus Goidd^ Frt>c. Zool (1837) p. 138. ; Syn, M 

of Austr. pt. ui. pi. . f . \ B. of AuMr. pi, ♦ I 

Pandion Gouldii Kttup, Jsix^ (1847) p. 270. i 

a. Port Essington. Presented by Cnpfain ^V. Chambers» R.N 
5. Port Essington. Presented by Dr. Sibbald, K.N. 



3 Fahdioh iCRTHTAiETUS. Hie marine Eagle. 

'afeo icbthjaetus Hofyf, ZimL Tfxau. xiiL 136. 
ialtietos plumbeua Ho^t. Jaunu A. S. B, (1837) p. 367. 
ckhyaaus bicolor O, H. Gratf^ IM B. of Brit. Mu». L p. 12. 
iekhTa^tua hncarius Hodg$, Grtof^ Zooi. Mite, (1844) p. 81. 
.'oBtaetus ichthjaetoB O. R. Oray^ IM of Mam, tma Birds of 

Nepal, p, 42. 
hDM&iD (Polioaetoa) ichthya^tns Kau^ Ini, (1847) p. 271. 

Honf ReM, Zool. pL ; Hodgt, lean. ined. Accip. t. 12. 

a. Java. Presented by the Hon. £. Ind. Comp. 

b. Java. Presented by J. R.. Reeves, Esq. 

c. Xepal^ adult. Presented by B. H. Hodffson, Esq. 

d. Nepal, jonng. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
e— ^. >^e|Md. Presented by B. H. Hodsson, Esq. 

k. Sternum, Nepal. Presented by B. EL Hodgson, Esq. 

4. Pandioh humujs. The small marine Eagle. 

Pkidion humilis Temm. et MuU. Verk. aver de Nat^r. Onch. de 

Vedtrl, t. 6. 
Lchtfayaetus nanus Bl^ Jaunu A, S. B, (1842^ p. 202. 
Pladion (Ichthyaetus) humilis Kaup^ Claim f aer Saug. und VSg. 

p. 122. 
Paodion (Polioaetus) humilis Kaii^, I$i$^ (1847) p. 271. 

a. India. Presented by J. E. Gray, Esq. 


Cnncmna Hodgi. Jawm. A. S. B. (1837) p. 367. 
Pontriaetus Kaup, Classif der Saug. tmd T%. p. 122. (1844.) 
Geranoaetus Kaup, Clauif der Siiug. md T%. p. 122. 
HeteroaiJtus Kaup, Isis, (1847) p. 278. 


1. CinrcirMA icAcsi. Macc*s Eagle. 

Hiliietns Maeei Cwc. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 327. 

FilcoMacei Temm. pL eU. %. 72Z. 

Haiiaetus folviTenter VieiU, N. Did. d*HUt Nat. xxxiiL p. 283. 



HAllaettis tmicolor Gra^^ IlL Ind. ZooL t. 19. 

Faloo lencoiTplios Pall, Heue i. p. 454. ? 

HjHseiiis (CttocnmA) albipes H&dgg, Jmm. A. S. B. (1S3G) p. 

(1S37) n. 367. 
HAliaetus lanceolntust JTod^it, Gra^^ ZooL Misc. (1844) p. 81. 
Pandion lineatn^? Jerd, Madr, Jmm, Lit, and Scu (1840) p- 

(1841) p, 117, 
HalUetus (FoKitoa^tiu) Mucei Kmp, Clastif, d^r Siiug. tmd 

p, 122. 

IHardw. Icm, med, 10980. 58, 59. ; Hodgs, Icon, med 
34. ▼. 13. 
a» KepdL voung. Presented hj B. II. Ilodgsont Esq. \ 
b. Nqpal, adult. Presented by B. IL Hodgson, Esq. 
€. InrfijL Preset! tetl by Gyn. 1\ Hardwieke- 
d, Nepal. Presented bj B. 11. Hiidg^^nn^ Esiq. 
^m €w Behar. Presented by B. H. Hodgsivn, Esq. 
^k /, g* Sterna, Nepal. Presented b^ B. H. Hodgson, Eaq* 

2. CimcvMJi i.EucooA8TEa. The white-bellied Eagle. 

Fftlco Iciicogaater GmeL S. X. t. p. 257, 
Fttbo blagrus Daud, Tr, ttOm, Up. 70. ; LeraiU. Ou, dAfl^ 
flbliaStDs blagnin Cut*, Rig, An. (1817) i. p. 316. 
Haltai^tis leucogaster GemW, 5^n. q/" jB. ilujr/r. pt, iii. p. 

HaliaettiB sphcnurus Gtndd, Proc, Z. S, (1837) p. 138.; 5yiw 

Au^. pt. iii. p. . pi, , f. 2. 
Ich^ 'dtnm<rui8 Blj^th, Jaum. A, S, B. (1842) p.^!! 

Fal ^SAT,Lath/t 

Hali^ictus (Pontoactti*) leueoga^er Kaup^ Clamf, S&ng, md 

p. 122. 

PI o \ -' '"• '• " - '■■ ' r.l. 

^1 -nfj mflle. Frniii Mr< 


ke, C 

1 CovcuMA n 


ivodfer Cmv, R^. Am. O^IT) L pu Sie. 
^- 'W^ TV.^Ort. iL p.64. 

Dmm. met da SeL NaL L p. WS. 

. Ott. d4/r. t. 4. 

Urer, Sonth A£ries» joang male. From Mr. 

liSNlkAfriGft, female. From Mr. TeRenti[f CoUectioii. 
«. Gmc of Good Hopei Sooth Afiiet, male. From Mr. 

Wirwii^*! GoUectMn. 
AFbrtNalel, Sooth Afika. FranMr.Wilfiamt'tCoDectimi. 


iCmcoiA icKLA?roL«ucu8. The black and white Eagle. 

hK>^ meUnoleucos Fi>t27. iV. DicL dHist. Nai, xxzii. p. 57. 
»apuA r^miii. />/. ro/. 302. 
■RBS aguia CuiT. i?i^. An, (1829) i. p. 327. 
Kiiraia Ca6. Fawt. /Vr. p. 4. 

ilbi« Aucesecns VieiU. N. Diet. tTHist. Nat. zxxii. p. 55. 
■to (Geranuaetus) aguia Kaupy Clasnf. der Saug. und Vdg. 


tett (Heteroaetus) aguia Kaup, /m, (1847) p.278. 
ian. Xo. 8, 9. 

f. £A»t Patagonia. Freaented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 

riuroy, R.N. 
i ChilL From Mr. Brjdges* Collection. 

Sao. Deer, de VEgypte, Nat. HxmL L p. 85. (1809.) 

1. Haijabtus albicilul. The cinereous Eagle. 

albicilla Kaup^ ItU, (1847) p. 275. ; Yarrelly Brit. B. i. 
^ll.'.Brekm^ Vdg. Deuts. i. p. 14. t.iiL f.L 

r albicilla Linn. S. N.l^ 123. 
lomfraga Linn. S. N. i. p. 124. 
> MeUnatstoa Linn. S.N.uj^ 124. 
S (Miiraga Poll. Zoogr. i. p. 348. 



Falco albicaudas Gmel. S. N, u p, 258. 

Haliaetus nisus Sew. Descr. d*' TEgypte^ Bitt Nat. L p, 86- 

Falco b'mnulai"iiis LeUh, Ind, Orn. i. p» 15. 

Aquila albieillii PaU, Zoogr, L p, 345. ; Swaim. Chxdf, of B. 

p. 207. 
Haliai'tus ori en talis Bri^hjn^ V^g. Deids. i. p. 15, 
Ilaliaetus borealis Br^hm^ Vi^g. Dents, i, p. 15« 
Haliaetus islaiicliciis Brekm^ Vi^\ Dcuts. i, p. 16* 
Halia*3tus gicerilaiidicus Brehm^ Vog. Deuh. \, p. 16. 

PI ejil. 112.415.; Gotdd, B, of Eur, pi 10.; Kitd, K\ 

NiU. der Vog. t 2. f. 2. 

fl. Sbropsbire, male adult. From Mr. Bullock's Museum. 

b, Shropt*bire, yt>u%' tcomlt?. 

c, Kentnj joung. From CoL Monta^i's Collect loe. 

d, Orkneys, vtry young. From Mr. Bullock'a Museum. 



The bald Eagle. 


Halia^tus leucocephalus Cmp, Beg* An, (1817) i. p. 

Im, (1847) D. 274.; Brthrn, Vftg. Dads, I p. 17. " 

Falco leiicocepriidus Linn. *S'. iV. i. p. 124. 
Falco pygiirguM Daitd. Tr, (tOni. u. p. 62. 
Falco ossifraj^us Wik, Amer. Om, pi. 55. t (young.) ' 

Aquila leucocepbidft Pail, Zoogr, i. p. 347. ; Swains^CIasnf of 

li. p. 207. 
Haliat'ttis Waabingtonii Awhih, B, of Amcr* pL 11. 

PLefd. 411. ; GottM, B. of Enr.^plAX,; VietlL Ois^derAn 

Sept. t 3, ; Audub. B. of Amer. pL31. 126. 

fl. North America, male- Presented by the Earl of Deri 

b. Kortb America, m*le," Presented by the Hudson's I 


c. North Araerien, female. Presented by the Hm 
Bay Company. 

d. North America. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 


Ilelotarsus Smith, S. Aft. Quart. Joum. (1830) p. 
Teriithopius Less, Tr, dOm, p. 46. (J 830.) 

HELOTASsrs BCAUDATus. The sHort- tailed Eagle. 

HelotftTfius ecandtttua G i?. Gray^ Lut of Gen. of B, (1840) p. I 
Kaup, hii, (1847) p. 253. ^ 


Hmnu tjpos A. SmUk, S. A/r. Qm^i. Jamm, 0^*0 F • 
imaB. OU, SAfr. t. 7^ ^ 

I. Cipe of Good Hope, adolt male. Fran Mr. Warvick*f 

i Soeirbcrg, Soath Afiicm, joan^ male. Fraa Mr. War- 

vick't CoUection. 
c Soewberg, female. Fram Mr. Warvick*s CoOectioii. 
i. Sootk Africa, rerj jonag. Froai Mr.Warwickf Col- 



EiEiiair SeOy, ZuT. G«ii. ami Swbg, &c. p. 3. (IMa) 
Ittiarjaetiis Xaitp, CZoMf/. <2fr Saug. mmd X'og. p. 122. (i^*^) 
Dttijtr ^^xi^-^. Gray. Zoo/. Jfite. (1S44) p. 81. 

1. IIaliasttr ujdus. The Pondicherry Eigle. 

Hilagtnr indii* G. ^. Gray, List Gen. of B, 0841) p. 4. 

firri iadu* i^<ni/. r^iA^ dtM D'Aubem, p. 25. 

■!» pwLicvnaDus Gmel. S, N. i- p. 265. 

BdEiKur pr.Dricerianus Selhy, Liit. Gen. and Subgen. &c- p. 3. 

B>tett* jrirrtrnara Viedl. Gal. den OU. t. 10. 

Mmm garuiia Lens. Tr, dOm. p. 44. 

WKiffj pjDti(frianus Hodg$. Gray,, ZooL MtJtc. 0^44) p. %1. 

lEira rcmn'iii'audus Hndgn. Gray, Zoo/. 3/Mf. (1^44) p. ^1. 

■ififcini? ( I<-tiTi«>aetus) ponticeriaoTis Kaup, CUusif. der S^ius. 

^ Tiy. p. 12-2. 
Fi.eni. 4U;. : Hardur. Icon, ined, 10980. 10, U.: Hodgt. Icon, 

■rf.^S». T. 14. 16. 

:. Ir.«]ia. adult. Presented bv the Hon. East India Companv. 

■ Lviia, youn^. Pivsente<l by the Hon. Eajit India Companv. 

r Philippine Islands, younp. From Mr. Cnming's Collection. 

i r. Nei-al. Prc-ented bv B. 11. Ilodgs'jn, E?^i. 

/. Xt^af. very younjr. Presented by B. H. Hfjdgson, Esq. 

jT .N'ejial. Prf^onted by B. H. Hod^rs'jn, Esq. 

^ Memum, Nej^al. Presented by B. U. Hodgson, Esq. 

I HALurrra LErcoeTaasr*. The white-hea-fled rufous Eagle. 

5*"«:sr lfurf»5temus G. R. Gray, List, Birds, Brit. M\a. i. p. 13. 
*»l:'' poQticerianua Shaw, Nat, Misc. pi. 3b9. 
c 2 



Haliactiia leucostemus Gottld^ Proc. ZmL Soe. (Id37) p. 138* 

^tpi. of B. of Aiistr. pt. ill. jk » pL t'. I. 
Halinetiis (Ictinoaetusj leucostemoD Kmtp^ IdSy (1847) p. 276. 

Gouldy B. of Amtr. pt 

a, AiietraUa. Presented by Lady CarriDgton. 

h. Austratift. 

Cy d. Port Ejiskigton. Presented by j. B, Jukes, Esq, 

3, Haliastde bphenubus. Tbe whistling Hawk. 

Hilvui ephenurus VieilL N. Diet, triiid. Nat. ut. p. 564, ; Qid. 

Ois* t. 15. ; Simimt. Ctaitmf of B. li. p. 211. 
Halaetus citnorus Vigors and Horsf Linn. Tr, xv, p. 187.; Syi 

of B, of Amtr. pt. iii. p. .jil. f. 2. 
Ilaliit'^tur ? sphenurus Goukl, B. of Amir, pi 
Haliactus (lelinoaeiuii) canorua Kaitp^ IsiSy (1847.) p, 277* 

a. Australia. Presented by Lady Carrington, 

b. South Australia $ • Presented by His Excellency 


c. Port Essington. Presented by Dr, Sibbald^ R.N, 

d. Port Esstington. Presented by J, Jukes, Esq, 

e. Interior of S. Australia. Presented by Cftpt, Sturt. 
/. North Eastern Australia, Presented by Sir T, M. Rlitcliel 



Ibyctcr Vimll Analyse &o. p. 22. (1816) 
Daiitrius VieiU. Amtlyse kc. p. 22. Cl**160 
Gymnops, Spix^ Av* Bras. i. p. 10, (1824.) 

luTCTEB AMEEicAwcs. The red-tbroatcd Falcon. 

fFalco americ&ima Bodd. Tahh de» PL enL de D'Aubtn, p. 25. 
FflJeo aqnilinus Gmel. S. N. u p. 280. 
Falco nudicollis Daud. Tr. cf Drw, ii. p. 79, 
Fulco ibrtnosus Lath, ImL Orn, i. p. ,38, 

Ibycter leucogiister Vmti, Enet^c, Mrfh, p. 1183.; GW. des Oh. 
Polvl>orua (iKriptriu^) nudicoUis Kmp^ Classif der Smg* 
Vilg, p. 124. 
PL eiiL 417. 


c, h. Soath America. 

c. South America. From Baron Laugier^s Collection. 

2. iBTCTBm ATER. The black Caracara. 

Dntrrai ater VieiU, JV. Diet, dHist, Nat. xtL p. 387. 
Fatoo afterrimoa Temm. pi. eoL 37. 342. 
Ibjeter ater SwainM. Classif. of B. ii. p. 209. 
Ib^cter (Daptrios) aterrimns Kaup, Mu8. Senckenb. (1845) p. 262. ; 
GaL des Ois. t 5. 

a. South America. From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection. 


KHrago Spiz^ Av. Bras. i. p. 12. (1824.) 

Saez Grt^, (1839.) 

flileobaniua IT Orb. et Lafr. Syn. Av. p. 2. (1837.) 

PkTMifalco Lets. Campl. Buff. yiii. p. 38. (1837.) 

AdoCriorchia KoMp^ CUunfdtr Siig ysid Vdg. p. 124. (1844.) 


a. MlLVAQO. 

1. MiLVAGO CHiMACHiMA. The Clumachuna Falcon. 

Mingo chimachima O. R. Orcm^ List. Oen. o/B. p. 2. 

jMorus chimachima VieiU. N. Diet. dHist. Nat. v. p. 259. 

Urago ochrocephalus Spix, Av. Bras. t. 5. 

^bMwms crotopha^fl Pr. Max. Beitr. iii. p. 162. 

Fifco degener Lieht. Cat. Dupi. Berl. Mus. p. 61. 

^TBiK^ strifilatiu Spix, Av. Bras. t. 4. 

^i7boros (MilTago) d^ener Kaup^ Classif. der Sdug. und V'6g. 

p. 124. 
hjtia (Milrago) chimachima Xattp,3ftM. Senchenb. (1845) p. 202. ; 

Jvd. and S^, m. Om. pL ^.\Azara No. 6. 

0. South America, adult 

h. South America, young. 

e. South America. 

i. Bahia, adult male. From the Sudbury Museum. 

2. MrLVAoo CHiMAHoo. The Chimango Caracara. 

Bvigo chimango O. R. Chxtu, Voy. of Beagle^ Birds, p. 14. 
Wybonis chimango VieiU. N. Diet. dHist. Nat. v. p. 260. 
c 3 

AcciPiTmBf Dnmiri* 

oros Meyen, Nov. AcL xvL t 6. 
Poly bonis (Alilvago) pezoporoa Kattp, Cl/i&uf, der Sdug, i 

Aqtiila pGfj 
"^ol ■ 
p": 124. 

Ibycter (Milvago) chiinango Kaup, Mwt. Sfuckmh, (1S45) 

^Azara No. 5. ; C R, Gray and Mitch. Gen, of B. pL 5, 
o, h. South America f 
c. South America, Antarctic Expedition. Freseniedi 


3. Mil V AGO iugaloptkrus. The long-winged Caraeanik j 

Milvago megftlopterus G. R. Graif, Vay. of Beagle^ Birdt^ 
Aquila megnloptera Meyers Nov. Act. (1834) t, 8, 
FhtUoobicnud montonus UOrh, et Lafr, Voff. daiu tA\ 
' Ois. U 2. 
Ibjcter (Pbalcob^nus) montanus Kaup^ I$is, (1S47) p. 

ka. Chili. Presented by C. Crawley, Esci. 
h, Cordillera. From Mr. CumJng's Collection, 
c. Chili. From Mr* Brydged* CaUectioD. 


4. ^hhVAOo aveTKAUs. The southern Caracan«J 

Faleo auatralis GmeL S. X, I j). 259. 

llrlilTa^o leucurus G. R. Gratf^ Voy. of Beagle^ Birds, p, 

Falco leucunis Fttrit Icon, ined, 34- 

Vultur plaucua fern. For4fL Dencr. An. p. 823. 

Falco nova* Zealand iie Temm. 

Cireaetus antai"^ticu8 Less. Tr. if Om. p. 49. 

Falco anibustus Giw«/. S. N. i. p. 352. ? 

Ibyct4>r (Actolriorchb) atistrali^ Kaup^ Clamf. der Saag, 

p. 124. 
Lath. Syn. I pi. 4.; PL col 19^2. 224.; Jard. and Selbg, 

Om. N S. t. 24. 

a. Soutli America, male adnlt* 


b. 8outh America^ female adult. 

Collection » 
e* Coast of South America, young. 

From Mr. I^eadbeal 

From Mr. Leadbesi 

Presented by tho i 

& onHiOT JuseiUByyMiUb irivHDiea dv 1M juibbuIv; 

liv tb6 Adminttjr. 
fF^nd Ubodi, faMl^ Anftnelio Expedition. Br«- 

nted bf the Admiral^. 
iMklnd Uen^ Yong nak^ ArtMeifa.TBgpedition. 

ncRBted bj llie iOaSMSBf. 


MjboM FStJO. AmA^ fte. jpb S& O^IC*) 
Gvteen Cm. Big. J& (1817) L p. Sie. 

1. FotTBOsoe BEAflusMiii. Hm BresHn Kile. 

Bj^bombranliaiBB .Sbramt. 2oo2. 722. pL S.; JEmp, Jrit, (1847) 

Nelnnlieiins Gm^ 5. iVl L p. 262. 
Nibra Tulgarb FteiTZ. N. Diet dHitt Not t. p. 257. 
mvElazMns FoTMt. DtMcr, Ajl p. 321. ; letm. metL 88. 
hm^lmcuB MUL Cpn, Ph. i. 17. 
HackTiwaT Jaeq. Voeg. t. 4. 
Maibnu Mol. ChiL p. 284. 
iarv, No. 4. ; ^^ir, ^9. i?r. i. 8. ; OaL dm Ois. t 7. 

c Brituh Guiftoa, male. Presented bj Sir B. Schomburffk. 

L liUnd of Puna, male. Presented bj Mr. George Barclaj. 

cl Strvta of Magellan, female. Ptesented bj the Admi- 

c/. Sooth America, female. 

f . South America, varietj. 

i South America, chick. Pteiested bj Sir W. Burnett and 
Capt. FitzroT, B. N. 

L Hermhe Island, male, Antarctic Expedition. Presented 
hj the Adnuraltj. 

, 1. BUTEO. 

' BaBonDo^ Z^sgf, ^y- ifO^TL p. 88. (1881.) 

c 4 



Pttciloptemis Kaitp, hu^ {1847) p. 329. 
Tachytriort'liis Kaup, Clusjtif, der S(iu^* mtd Vo^. p. 123. {J 
Ifhthyoboni5 Kaup, Mm, ^enckenh. (1845) p. 261. 
Leucoplernis Kaup, his, (1847) p. 210, 

a. BUTEQ, 
1. BuTBo vuLGABis. The common Buzzard - 

But4?o vulgaris BechsL Tagchenb. DeuL i. p. 15.; Kaup^ Im 

p. 338.; YarreU,BrU.BA.p,m,pl. 
Falco buteo Linn, S. N. i. p. 127. 
Faleo gUueopjs Merr. BeitrA'\. Ll, 
Buteti mutans Vieill N. Diet. d'HinL NaL iv. p. 469. ; Fm 

Oil. U 8. f. 2. 
Buteo fasciatus VieiU, N. Did. dHiU, Nat, iv. p, 474 

Frmc. Oi$,l, 8. f, L 
Falco variegatus Gntel. S, N. i. p. 2fi7. 
Fftleo versicolor, GmeL S. S'. i. p. 272. 
Fftlco finereus (JmeL S, N, i. p. 207. 
Faleo obsuletus GmeL S. N, x. p. 268. 
Buteo albiis Dand, Tr, (TOm/u, p. 155. 
Apcipitcr buteo Pall, Zoogr. L p. 362. 
Fak'o poj^ima Sari^ Orn, Tosc. lii. p. 107.; Sior. deg, Ua 
Buteo P<?ptciitTinnali8 Brehm^ T7>^. DtiUx. i. p. 42. 
Buteo modlua Brehmy F%. JDetdA. i. [h 43. t. 3. f. 3. 
Buteo nmruni Brehm^ Vi^, Deuts. \. p. 44. 
Buteo vulgiiri*, japonicu* Temm, et SchL Faun. Jap, t. 6. ? 

H. tnd, t. 419. ; Gould, B. of Eur. pL 14. 

fl. Devonithirei mule* 

h. Devonshire, male. Presented by G. Leach, Eaq, 

c. Great Britain. • 

dt e. Eurow. From M. Baillon's ConeL-tion. 

f, Devon stiirc, chick. Fi'^jaented by tx. Leach, Esq. * 

g. Europe. 
A, St4.*ruur«, England. 

I. Sterimrn, England. Pre*?entefl by John Ray, Esq. 

j — wi. Sterna, Euro{>e. From M. Lttbvrcs Collection. 

II. Stemoxn, Europe. From M. Lefevre's Colleclion. 

2 ? BcT^o TACBJiRDVt. The African Buzzard. 

But4*o tAchardu* Viedl N. Diet. ffHisL Nat. iv. p. 479- 
Falco t{u.'hardu8, Daud, IV. d'Om. ii. p. 1(S4. ; LevaiSsL 
d'A/r. u 19. 

titii A/rjoo. From Dr. Sraitb's Collecemn. 
Sotitli Africa. From the S^juth African Museum. 

S, BirnDo virrnics. The long-legged Buzzard. 

Hupn. ZoifL AiloM, t, 27, 

Hod^. Bmtt. Sport. Mag. (1886) p. J 80, 
lo op ipea JmL Ma/fr, Jmm. Liter, and Sci. ( J»39) 75. 
ntnvcnt4rr Jtrd^ Madr. Juum. Lit and Sci (1841) p. lUi. ; 
Bfiig^ Item. m£d. Aecip, 10, 1 J* ¥. 2. 
4i h. Nc|iaL male adult Presented by B. 11. Hodjjson, Esq. 
C d. Kepol, male young. Presentetl by B. IL Hodgson, Esq. 
e^/l Nepal, female. Preaente<l by B. If. Hodg.>iun, Es*j. 
XepUt male Tery jouyg. PreB^nted bj B. H. Hodgson, 

^— ^'. Xepal. Pre9ent4?d by B. H. HfK3«fSDn, E9<][. 

k, C Himalayoh Moim talus. Presented by J. Beeves, E^. 

mu Madfas. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, E?q, 

m^ 0* Sterna, Nepid. Presented by B. H. Hodgson^ Esq. 


4. BuTSo jACKAi^ The Jackal Falcon. 

jttcU Cm9. n^. An. (1817) p. 324 ; VieiU, N. Diet dtHitt 

3<i*, IV. p. 473.; Kaup, Clauif. der S^ii^:. uml 1%, p. 123, 

Faleo jackal Ikmd, Tr. dOm. ii. p. 161.; Lef^ailL Ois. dAfr.t, 16. 

m^ h* Cape of Good Hope Presented by M. Gen.T, Ilardwicke. 

«v Ctoe of Good Hope, young. 

d^ «, Scmlh Afiica, m change. From Mr. Verreaux' Col- 

/ Swartt* Land, Sf»uth Africa, diick- From Mr. Ver- 

rsaux* Collection, 
f . Soulli Africa. From Mr. Verreaux* Collection, 

d. BiTTBa Aira^m. The North African Buzzard 

^ft Mfi^ Mpp. Ka^, Mus, Sentkenb, (1845) p. 261. 
^Haacnr JHipp. Fmm* Ah^9$n t. 16. 
^Bb^SfTvphiluA Ritpp. Fuuh, Ahyu, t. 17. 

^^. Abyikiiiia* From the Frankfort Museutii, 

L Shoa, N. E, Alrtca. Predented by the Hon. E. Ind Ci>mp. 
c Aby»fltiiia« From the FranldUrt Museuui. 
c 5 



Falco bore* 1 

Talco Level ! 

Falco ferru^l 

Buteo amer\| 

Falco ji 


Biiteo vulg 
27.; ^M 
B 1' '^^ 






uirmATCft* The Imrdd^brastod Bunatdi^ 

rML N, DieL d'HuLNiaL tr. p. 47$.; Kamp,i 

GmJ, S. N,t^»%,l Wih.Amer. Ortt, ^, &^ t %, . 


Bamaf^ Sfn. B. of U. Stahs, p. 32. 

«) ItiMttttiB Kamp, JfUf (IS47) p. aaa 

f tAm^. S^, L S, ; Audub. B, of Amer, pL ^6. 
IMnrftrv. Kort& America. Presented bj Edsra 

" "*' ' Premied by Mr. G. Bajrday. 


^YAincim. The booid-wiiiged Fakonu 

B€au^. Syiu o/B. €f U, Staie^ App. p. 434- 
Wli9.Am.Orm.U64.t.l. ~ 

Viem. HHtye, MM, p. 127d. 

tii#> Wilvioii £av/». Ins, (1847) p. Saa 
R^^Mer. pi. 9L 
"c QoebM!, onrtj fuliilL Prest*nte«l bj D, W. Mitdiell, i 
4 (^v^ec, voun^ Frtseiited br D, W. MJtrbell, Esc|. 
c BUdiii CteiO. Pre*enfcd by Vrof. J. R KirUand, 
€ Cwaecaft. Froin Mr. Dysoti*s CoUection. 

c TACHTinwncms. 
ficTV> «»TTKB03iorrc». The red- backed Buzzard. 

f?. n. Gw, Toy. of Beagle, Birds, p. 26. 
tti« iCii^« Zoo( Journ. iii. p^ 424. 
Xr^M. ef Idtjfr. Syn, Aw. p, 6, ; Voy. de tl 

O TiH PW?/-. Z. ^ (1857) p, 10. 
lpBl}r«iiit . Votf. 4e TUranie, Ois. t. 14j 

' i kmcst f. &c (1 833) t. ». ? 

'\ %», Av, p. 7. 
»(TjdiTt vies (ptLTs) Kfliipv A^««*- &iu:A«Ui. 

» <FBKioptcndi) erytliroiiottis A'nupi Isis, (1847) p. 331. ^ 
fc of liagdbt^ male. Prasented by tbe Aduiiralty. 
c 6 


b. Fulktafid Inlands, raid die -agot] female, Preaented by Sir 

W. Rurnttt, and Capt. 1 ilzroy, li. N, 
c» Straits of Magellan, yoting female. Presented by the Ad* 


d. Falkland Islands, adult female, Antarctic Expedition^ 

From I^Ir. Argent's CnIl<*etion. 

e. East Fa Ik k lid, male, AnUictir. Expedition. Preaent 

by the Admiralty, 

f. Falkl^iiid Islands, female, Antarctic Expedition. Pre^ 

rented by the Admiralty. I 

g. Cordillera, adult. Frem ilr, Bry*^l^es' Collection. 
Falkland Islands, mule, Ajiturctie Expediliun. Present^ | 

bv ilie Admirulfy. 

A. Berk<?ley Sound, Falldandi? Islands. Presented by the Ad- 

I. Port Louis. Presented by the Admiralty, 

y, Caracca^. From Mr» Dyson's Collection. 

11. BoTEo PTKBocLEs. Ill G banded- Sided Hawk. 

Buteo pteroclee Cm, Eeg. Am. (1829) i. p. 337. 

Fab 'II pteriicles Trmm. pL col. 56. 1S9. 

But«o {Taohvlriorehis) pt erodes Kaup^ Oassif. der Smtg, 

Viig, p. 123, 
But^o albieaudatus FiWE JV. Did. friJisi. Nat. iv. p. 473. 
Buteo tiigrieollis VieiU. N. Diet ifJlUt Nat iv. p 477. 
Spizaetas leucurus F(a£/. A''. Bivi. d'HUL Nai. xxxiLp. 58.|| 

Azartt. No. 10. 
Buteo albieaada Less, Tr, iVOm. i, p. 8L 1. 15. f.Si. ? 

(L, L South Amej*iea. 

c. South America. Presented by M. Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

12. Buteo albonotatus. The white -spotted Buzzard. 

Buteo iilbonotatus G. R. Gray^ List Birds., Brit Mm, l p. 17. 
Kanp, Isis, (1847) p. 399. note. 

d. Mexico. Presented by John Taylor, Esq. 

13. Buteo lehcofs. The white-faced Bnzzard. 
Buteo leucops G* R. Gray^ Kaup^^ Isis^ (1847) p. . 

a. Gfllapagoa Archipelago. Presented by Sir W. Burnett i 
Capt. Fitzroy, R.K. 


d, BuTSoajLLVS. 

f Btrrso JBQjciKocTixids. The equinoctial Eagle, 

ctialb GmeL S. N, I p, 265. 
iMud. Tr, (TOm. \l p. 1$8, 
Llm lea Z«*. Tr. d'Om. p. 83. 

Brut *j, ^p. Brat, 

late^^^auu?; t>u§un Ktxup^ CUmnif, der Sdug. et Vilg, p. 12.1. 
|j(lcbttijoborua) OMimuociLjiLa (pars) Kaup^ Isi^ (1^47) 

Kow 14. ; tetmU. Oia, dAfr. t. 21* 

America, adult. 
GiiUoa, young. Presented by the Roy id Geo- 
phic^l Society. 



The F»OTieTia Eagle. 
(sp. 18.) 

Uis G. R. Gray, Gen, of B. p. 
icollix, Lath, Iml, Orn. i. p. 35. 
Spixy Av, Bras, 1. 1. d. 
Aind, Tr, dOm, ii. p. 168, 
D'Orb, €t Luff, Stfn. Av.p, 6. 
nchas Shaw^ Gen. Zool. vii. p. 167. 
, ih&Ius ViciU. N. Did, (THuL Nat iv- p. 465, 
(Idttbyoborus) bujarellus Kaup^ Mus, Sencktab, (1845) 

0<^litiiyobaniji) lequinoctialis (pars) Kaup, Im, (1847) 
Vro, Ko. 13. ; Levadl, OU, dA/r. t. 20. 

jJSraaiL Presented by J. E. Gray, Esq. 
Bmli Presented by M. Gen. T. Hardwicke 


Id- BuTSO MELasiora. The Streaked Falcon, 

O. H, Ora^t ^M' of Birds, Brit Mum, \. p. IT. 
XolA. Ind, Qm i. p. 37. 
leoptemis) melanops Kaup^ /«m, (1847) p. 210. 

South America. From Mr. Leadbeater s CoUectiou. 
rfkialli America. 


17. BuTEO ALBicoLLiSr The white-necked Falcon, 

Buteo albicollis G, R. Gray^ Lkt Bird«, Brit Mus. p. 17. 
Falco albicollis Laih. Ind. Orti. p. 36- 
Falco picatus Shtm\ Gm, ZooL V\\, p, 167. 
Aaturma (Leucopiernl^) aibicuUis Kmip^ Im, (1847) p.*210. 
a. SooUi America, young. From Mr. Turner's Collectiou- 

18. BuTEO 9COTOPTEBU8. The Brazilian Buzzard, 

Falco iacemulatus Temm. pi. ari, 437. 

Falco scotopterus Pr, Max. Beitr, \\. p. 204. (183L) 

Asturina (Leucopiernis) seotopterus Kimpy hu^ (1S47) p. 211. 

a. Bogota. Ftxjin Mr. Jjcadbeater^s Col lection - 

h, Brazil. Presented by Lord Stuart de Bothsay. 

19. BuTEo FOLIOFOTU8. The grey-backed Buzzard. 

Buteo jK>!ionotug G. R. Grtiy^ List Birdu^ BrU, Mus, p, 17.; 

hi.%{lS47) p. 212. 
Buteo melanutus VieilL iV. DicL d*IIiifL Nai. iv. p. 472. ? 
fl. South America. 

b. South America. From Br. Smith's Collectton. 

c. South AEierica- From &lr* Leadbeater's Collection. 


ArcKibuteo Brehm, Ists, (1828) p. 126J>. 

Triorchis Kanp, Natiirl St/st Eur, Thier, p. 84, (1829.) ' 

Butaetes Lefts. Tr.dOm. p. 83. (1831.) 

Butatjuila Hodgn, Gray^ ZooL Misc* (1844) p. 81. 

1, Aechibuteo laAfioPue. Tlte rougb-leggc*i Falcon. 

Archiljuteo lagopus G. R. Gratf^ List Gen* of Birds^ p- 3. ; Ka 

Clcusif. der Sdtt^, imd F%. p. 123. 
Falco lagopus Brim. Oni. Bor. p. 4, 
Falco plumt[>e3 DmuL Tr. ttOm, ii. p. 163. 
Falco &clavonicUE Lath. Ltd. Om. L p. 26. 
Falco pennatu» Cmp, Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 323. 
Archibuteo pJaniceps Brehm, Vi^. DeuU. i. p. 40. 
Archibuteo alde^pa BrehrrL, V(}g* Deuts, i. p* 40. t. iv. t 2. 

Phil Zoogr. L p. 360. V X. 

. Smith. 
Yarred, BriL B. I n. 87. 
f^A/r. L 18.; OoM, B, of Eur, pi. 15. 

«. Korfiolk, female. 

h. Emi, l^i&ale. Presented by Dr. LAiiuuii. 

e. Gfcml HriUiiu 

e* ITjiyiingt female, Pre^entecj by H. Doubledjij^ E^j^. 

From Dr. Smitb s CoUectioa. 

1- A BCH i gc rTBo SkSicri Jotuimis. The St, Jobn's Eagle* 

Sttiicti JohanniB O. ii. f?wy, Zii*/ Birdjt, Brit. Mun. L 
KoMP- Clajtsif^ der Siiug. und VUg, p. 123. 
Cli Johaiinie Gmel. S, N. i. p. 273. 

WiU. AfMr, Om. t. 53. f. 1. (adult.) f. % (joung.) 

Wilt, Amer. Om. L 33. f. 1. (young.) 
VkiU. N. Did. d^BiMt Not. iv. p. 482. 
For^L Phil. Trans. Ixii. 383. 
ioTK t4jrne GmeL S. N. i. p. 274. ; Arct Zooi. ii. pi. 9. ; 
B. a/Amer, pL 166. 422. ; Rich. Faun. Bor. Aftwr. pi. 28. 

a. DeUvar<e, North America. Freaented bj Edward Dou- 

I. AmcmBUna nautiraTiiius. Tbe cacique Buzzard. 

i_(Boteci) fermgintftii LichL BerL Tram. (1832) p. 428. 

n^:&J{j( G. B* Gra^^ List Btrds^ Brit, Mus, i. p. 19.; 
[?* JH Orojf and Mitch. Gen. of Birds, pL G. ; Kaup, Mm. Sen- 
' >. 0$4-5) p 26L 

\ femijgitieu« Frasttr, Proc. Zo*>L Soe, (1844) p. 37. 
» (Aiduhoteo) Sancti Jobannis Aau/i^ /.n« (1847) p. 327. 

I del Mooie, Mexico. Presently J l»v Jobn Pbillips, Ea^. 


I rraopm^Tus. The while- breaated Buzzard, 
iiropiiiaiut t/. /f . Crroy, XUf An. and Bird» of Nepal, 
£ath. Ind. am.p. 14" Blt/th. 

^^^m miimim UmlgM. Gray, Zool. Mine. (1»_44) P*f]' (^""^g;) 
WtomDla leoopoepb 


JuU //«^«. Gray, Zool. Mue. (1844) p. 81. 


Buteo leucn(>cplialus Ilodgjt. Proc. Zool Sac. (1845) p. 37. 
Buteo aciuilinus Hijdjrs. Joum. A. SB. (1845) p. 176. 
Falco hemilasius Temm, mid SehL Fmtn. Jajx^n, t. 7. ? 
Butea (Areiiibutoo) :^trnphmtHs, Kaup^ Isis^ {1S47) p. 328. 
Jliidga, IcQiu ined, Accip, 12. 19. v. 3. 

a. Nepal Presented hj B, II. 

b. Stern iim, Nepal, Present ud bj tl 

II. Hoagaon, Esq. 

iv. MiLVIXjIu 

1. BAZA. 

I JtfHigS, 

■ a. N 

■ b. St 

H Bftzii Hodgs. Jonm. A. S. B. (1836) p. 777, 

■ Loplitjtes Less, Tr. trOm, i. p, 96. (183L) 
^^ Lqwlogetiys Graif. (1839.) 

■ Hj[!tiopu/ Hiidgg. Joum, A. S, B. (1841) p. *i7> 

■ Lophastur Bif^th, Jmm. A. S. B. (l«42) p. 4t>S. 

■ AvWda Summ. B, 9/ W. Afr, u p. 104. (1837.) 

a. Aficeda. 
1. Baza cocuLOiDEs. ITie African Baza. 

ATioeda cuculotdea Swmm, B. of W, Afr. i. p* 104. pL 
Aviceda Verreauxii Lafr. Reu, Zml (1846) p, 130. ? 
Avic€da biiteoldea Lafr, Rev, Z0OL (1846) p. 133*? 

o. Port Natal. Presented by E. Wilson » Esq, 

b. Bjza, 
2. Baza lopbotes. The Cohy Falcon. 

Ba^a lopbotes G, B. Gray, List Gm. of B, (1840) p. 

Falio lopbotes €nr\ Temm pL coL 10. 

Fidco Liitliuiiii Grat/^^ in Oriffi Aji, Kirtgd, i, p. 30. 

Lepidogetiys Lathanii Gray, 

Biit«o tTistiitut* VieiU. Eneyc, Milh. p. 1221, 

(1836) p. 777. 

Lopbotegi indirus Lesn* Tn tTOm.p, 96. 

Baxa syftma Hodgit, Jmm. A, S, B. (1836) p. ' 

Pemis (llyptiopus) lopbotes Kaup^ dan^if der Sixug, tmd Vog. ] 


Hardio, Icon, ined, 10980. 15. ; Hodgi, Icon, ined, Aceip, 54 

7AI.COini>.£. 41 

« Mftbccs. From Mr. Cuming's CoIIeotion. 

b—d Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hod^on, Esq. 

e, Stemam, KepaL Presented bj B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

3. Baza svBcmisTATA* The small-crested Baza. 

Bna sabcristata O. R. Qray^ LtMt Birdty Brit. Mu8. p. 19. 
LepidogeojB subcristatus Chuld^ Proc. Zool, Soc, (1837) p. 140. 

Sjfii. B. of AuMtr, pt. iii. p. '. ^. . ; B, of Austr, pi. 
Pemis (Hjptiopus) subcristatus Aovp, im, (1847) p. 343. 
a, Australia. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

4. Ba2a MAOifiBOSTSis. The large-billed Baza. 

Bos magnirostris O. R. Oray^ List Birda^ Brit Mtu, p. 19. 
PMs (Hjptiopus) magnirostris Kaup^ /sit, (1847) p. 343. 4 
s, h. Philippine Islands. From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

'2. PERNIS. 
Pcmia, Cwo, Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 322. 

1. PsBHis APiYoaus. The honej Buzzard. 

Pemis i4)iTorus Cuo. Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 323.; Kaup, Classif der 
Saag. md Vdg. p. 123. ; Yarrell, Brit. Birds, i. p. 91. 

Pilco apiTorus Linn. S. N. i. p. 130. 

Pileo poliorhjnchos Bechst Taschenb. DeiUs. i. p. 19. 

Pib> dubius Sparr, Mus. Carls, t. 26. 

Pib> incertus Lath. Ind. Om. i. p. 32. 

Aedptter lacertarius PaU. Zoogr. i. p. 359. 

Perms apinm Brehm, Vdg. Dents, i. p. 46. 

Perms Te^Mrum Brehm, Vdg. Deuts. i. p. 47. t. iv. f. 3. 

Bvteo apiTorus VieiU. N. Diet d'Hist. Nat. ir. p. 479. 

PL enL 420. ; Ooiddj B. of Eur. pi. 16.; Jard. and Selby, lU. 
Ohl N. S. pL 1. 

a. Yorkshire, female. 

h. Grreat Britain, male. 

e. Cornwall, female. 

d. Madagascar. From Dr. Smith's Collection. 

i. Sternum^ Europe. From M. Lefevre's Collection. 



2. Pebnis ceistata. The crested honey Buzzard. 

Perais cnatuU Cue. Reg, An. (1829) i. p. 335. tS. f.4.; Ka 

Mus, Senckenb. (1845) p. 262. 
Falco ptilorhjQchiLS Temm. pL eoL 44. 
Periiii! pjllbttii Jameiton^ New Phihsop. Joum, 
Peniis maculosa Leas. Voj^. de Btlang, ZooL i. p. 223. 
Pemis bbaratenBis, v. apivorua, Modgs, Grny^ ZooL MUe* (ij 

p. 81. 

Ilodgg, Icon. ined. Accip. 55.; Les^t. TV. dtOm, 1. 15. f. 1. 

a. India, in eliimge ? 

b, Himalajah Mountains. From Mr. Leadlwater s Collect] 
t\ d. Madrfti*, very young. Preijent«(l by W. Elliott* Ksqt 

of WoUlec. 
ۥ,/. Nepal, adult. Presented by B* H. Hodgson, Esq. 
g^-i. ^<epal, youni^, Presentt'd by B. IT. Ilodgaoni Esq. 
j* Nepal. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. 
A. Benar. Presented by B. H. Hodgson^ Esq. 
/. iladras. Presented by T. C Jerdoii, Esq. 
m. Sternum, Nopal. Presented by B. H. lIo<igson» Esq. 


, Cm. Aruji, Compar, i. Tab. Sec. CI. des Ois. (1799— Ifi 
Hydroictiiiia» Katipy Ciassif. der Saug, tmd F%. p. 115* (1644.] 

a. MiLFvs. 

E MiLvus HEQAL18. The Kite. 

Milvus regfllif Brins. Om. i. p. 414. t, 33. ; Kuttp^ CUunf* 
Stiiig. mtd Vog, p. 114.; Brehm^ Vog. Deuts. i. p. 49. 

Falco milvujs Linn. S. N. i. p. 136, 

Falco auatriacufj Gtnel. S, K I p. 262. 

Aceipiter korschnn S. G. GjfU'L N. C. Petr. xv. p. 444. t. 11. ». | 

Milvus ictinuii Sapig. DeJicr, de tEgypte^ Hkt, Nat, L p. 88. 

Milviis castanc'us Daud. Tr, (fOrn. ii. p. 146* 

Milvuj russicns Daud. Tr, d*Orn. ii. p. 188. 

Milvus jaicensis Lcpt^eh. Iter. ii. p. 180. t. 2. 

Aceipiter regidis Pall. Zm)gr. L p. 358. 

Mdvus vulgaris Flem, BriL An. p. 51.; YarreU^ Brit BirdiA 
p. 71. 

Milvus ruber Brehm^ Vl^, DettU, \. p. 50 
H, mi. 422. ; Goidd, B. of Eur. pi. 28. 


h. RnmmcroEJL 
, AvA 2ML Ae. (ia») pu SI. 


GtmfhZaoL Mte. (1844) p. 81. 
(HjdnieliiiiA) graii£ &» Im, (1847) p. 118. 
I jlcem. 58. ▼. 19. 

ft Gagoatra, Hinubjih Mcmntihis. 

i India. Presented bj J. R. Beeres, Esq. 

M[. Xepd. Presented br B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

f. Behar. Presented bj B. U. Hodgson, Esq. 

i Jipso. From the I^jden Mnseom. 

t Sttniiim, NepftL Proented bj B. R Hodgson, Esq. 

3. MiLYUB Niosm. The black Kite. 

bniger Briss. Om. i. p. 418. 

*ii Iter DoMd. Tr. eTOnu ii. p. 149.; BrehK^ Vog. DeuU. i. 

BiterGjM/. 5. iV:Lp.262. 
^ ctolius VieUL Eucyc. Mkh. pu 1203. 
ihHtiis PdIL Zoogr. i. p. 356. 

CBiereo>fernuineas For$L FamL Arab. tL p. 1. P 

Bignns Bodd, Table de* PL eul, de ITAuben, p. 28. 

I fiiseus Brekm^ VSg. DeuU. i. p. 53. t. it. £ 1. 

<iioo-ater Mefer^ Tatckeub. DemtM, i. p. 27. 

i (Hjdroictinia) ater Keaip^ CloMmf der SoMg. und Vdg. 

A nl 472. ; Chdd, B. of Ewr. pL 28. 
■• Sweden. From Baron Laugiei^s Collection. 

4. MiLTUs Axnina. The Australian Kite. 

>Bi&us Gamld, Proc. ZooL Soc, (1837) p. 140. 
^ (Hvdroictinia) afi&nis Katq>^ /m, (1847) p. 118. 
(i^Mf B, t^ Awkr* i^ • 


a, b, Australia. Presented by Laily Carrin^ton. 
c. Austniltii. Presented by D^ AV, Mitchell^ Esq, 
dr—f. liiterUrr of South Aiistraria. Prci^entetl bj Capt, StU 
g. North Eastern Australia. Fr evented by Sir X- Mitdl 

5. IkliLvus iEGTPTfiJS. The Arabian Kite, 

Paleo segyptius Gr/wl. S. N. i p. 261. 
Falco Foriikalii Gmel S. N. I p- 263. 
Falco pamsitus Dawl Tr. iTOm. 11. p, 150, 
Falco |>arasiticus L^ith. I ml. Orn. SuppL ji. v. 
Milvu.H (Bydroictinia) para^itkus A^om Mm. Senclienh. (1845) 
LemilL Ots. (TAfr.U 22, ; Hht. da VEgijpte, Ok. t. 3. f, I 

fa, b, Egypt. Presented by W, P. D. Tnnihull, E^cj. 
e. South Africa. Frum tin- South African Museum, 
d. 8hoa. Pregtnitcd by the Hon, East Irub Cnmp, 


ElanoTdes Vieill N. Diet, (rHkt. Nai, xxvi, p, 101, (1818,) 

Naufkms Vigors, ZooL Jtiitrn. (1825) p. 386. 

CheliiJopterjx Kaup, dassif. der S^. tmd 1%, p, 1 12. (184 

a, Elanoides, 
I. ELANoiDEs rracATOH. The swallow-tailed Falcon. 


Elanoidea furcaius VieilL Enet/e. Mtih. p. 1204. 
ElanoTtles yetapa VieilL Eneifc. MHh. p. P205. 
Ifauelerus furi^atus Vigorn^ ZuoLJaam. (1825) p, 387, ; Kaup, 3i 

Senchenb, (1845) p. 258.; Ytirreily Brit Births, i, p. 77. 
FaJco furcotii* Linn, S. N. i. p. 129, 
Milvua ciirolinen^iis Briiift, Orn. i. p, 418. 

Cateshi/, Car. t. 4.; Wd^. Amer, Om, pi 51. f, 3. ; iisi 

No. 38. ; Goitkt^ B. of Eur, pi, 30. 

a, b, Brazil, Presented by Lord Stunrt de Rothaay. 
c. South America. From Baron Laiigier's Collection. 

2. Elanoides Rioct>tiRi, The Rio«.'our'8 Falcon. 

EUnoides Rlocouri Vteill. GaL des Oi». i. t. 16, 
Nftuclerus Riocoun VigorM^ Zod, Jount. (1825) p. 386 



I (Qielidopterjx) Kioeourii Kaup^ Cloisif, der Siiug. tmd 
«, k AhicM, Tresented hj Col Sabme, R.A. 

Smm. DeKT. de tEgypte, HuL Nat. I p. 97. (1809,) 

I. EuLSVt MBi^noPTfiBra. The black-winged Falcon. 

mdbtftopterus Zeach^ ZooL Misc, pi. 122. ; Kavp^ Claatif. 
\itrSmm.ttmd 1%. p. 114. 

» m^MKipterus Dimd, Tr. tfOrn. ii. p. 152^ 

ctemnA Sas, Descr. de fUgypte^ Hist, Not. l p, 98. 262. 
» •oonificfltfis Lalh. huL Om. SuppL p. xn. f 
»iK»eifenu XflfA. /iief. Om. i. jK 46. F 
► f^tctfenis rirt//, a; i><c/. rf'//i*#. Nal. iv. p. 472. 

t oettui r«f<tf. £«ryc, Mf/A, p, 1206. 
LnsUL Om, d'A/r t. 36, 37,; Omd^l, B, of Eur. pi 31 ; 
BmbR, hxm, ined, 10980. 12, 13, 14. ; Hodgs, Icon, vwd. Accta, 

«i ^ Kgyp^ PJrewjnted by W. B. D. Tumbull E«q. 

(• Ecjpi. Fresezited bj tJohn Bo wring, Esq. 

A Cmoibim, jroung. From Mr. R«i)dal]'>$ Collection. 

i, Jav«. Presented by the Hon, East India Ckjmpany, 

/, Imlui- PreieDted by J. Jn^klpp, Esq. 

ft ^ KepftL Preienled by B. U. Ilodghon, Esn. 

I. Sodtb AfrioR. Presented by the Earl of Derbj. 

jL Efgphant'i Rirer, very young. From ^Ir. Verrcaux' 

L Sceraujzit Nepal PreBenied by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

2. £LJun:i» AXiLt^nis, The axiUary Falcon. 

^nlUnfl G. R. Gray, List Birds, Brit, Mas, \. p, 22. ; 
_ \ d^Btif, der Siiug. und V'og, [j» 1 1 4, 
iftiifiaro XaM. [ruL Suppl. p. ix. 
I wdangylerua Vtft* and Iforaf, Linn, Trans, xv. p. 1B5. 
» OntaltM C^tfieZr/, /Vck*. if. S. (1837) p. 141. ; B. of AtLstr. pi 
» uullvis VudL iV. Acr. £ri/<#<. iV^* iv. p. 453. 

The letter-winged Falcon. 

p. 80.; Bi 

Interior of South Auatmliiu Presented by Capt. Sti 

ExAifUB uitJcuRC^B* Thc white -tailed Hawk* 

Elanufl leucunis G, R* Ora^^ List BinU^ Brit Mfis. L 

Kaup, Mm, SeTtckaib, (1H45) p. 2.58, 
Milviis leucuriid VkiiL N. DkL tTHmL Nat, xx. p. 563. 
Falco digpiLT Temm. pL coL 319. 

Falco meianopterus Bimap. Amer. Om. pi. 2. f. 1* 
Elanui* dispar Kmip^ Clamf, tier Siing, jmd Viig, p. 1 14. 
Elftnojdea leucurua VieiU, £nqfc. Mcth. p. 1205.; Azara^ Noi] 

Bahia, adult. From the Sudbury Musctim. 

Gampsonyx Vig&r9^ Zoci, Joum. (1825) p, 69, 

L Gamp*oktx awAtKSONi. Falcon-like Httwk» 

Gampaonyx Swainsom Vi^or^, Zooi. J<mm. (1825) p. 69. 

Elanus torquatus Cuv^ Less, Tr. dOi'ii, p. 72. 

Falco rufifKms Pr, Max, Beitr. il p. Vm. (1«3I.) 

Nertusnififroiis Bm>, /*t>, (1828) ji. :il4, 

EJanu9 (Gampijouyx) Swainsoni Kmtp^ Mus, Senckcnb. (184 

p. 258. 

G. R, Grag and MitcL Gen. of B. pi. 9. 

G, Brazil. Presented by M. Gen, T. Hardwickep 
h, Brazil. 

RostrhamuB Xew, TV. dtOm. p. 55. (1831.) 


1. BonmMAMOB ■ociAmfJi, Tbe hook-billed Falcon. 

MOiaeB flodabiliB VieiB. N. Did. d'Hiti. NaL xriiL p. 818. 
Imniis flocuibiliB H* Orb. et Lafr, JS^ Av, p. 8. ; Eam^ Igit^ 
47) p. 352. 

hamns hsmstos O. B. Grm, List Oen, qf Bhrdt^ i p. 6. 
u, Clojuif. der Sang, uad Vbg, p. 124. 
huitttiu Itt. Temtn, pL col. 61. 231. Pr. Max. Beitr. tL p. 
L (1831.) 

i bamatiis VieOl. Emey. MUh. p. 1223. 
leooopj^iis SniZy Av. Bras, t. 2. 
hamns niffer Less, Tr, (TOm, p. j 

. p. 56. Zool. (1835); Oif . t. 20. ; ii^am No. 16. 

L Sooth America, male in change. From Mr. Leadbealer^s 

>. South America, joung. From Mr. Leadbeatei^s 0>1- 

'. South America, jonng. Presented by Sir B. Schom- 

L Young, From Mr. Leadbeater*8 C!olIection. 


rnindis Cwo, Beg. An, (1817) I p. 319. . 
ptodon Sundev. VeL Acad. HamU. p. . (1836.) 
lootriorchis Kaup^ Ckusif. der Saug. tmd VOg. ju 124. (1844.) 
gerfainua Kaup, Mum. Senckenb. (1845) p. 262. 

a. Cthisbis. 
I. Ctviiipis CATANXN8U. The Cajcnne Falcon. 

iadia cajanensis Cuv. Reg. An, (1817)!. p. 319. 

3 cajanensM Gmel. S. N. i. p. 264. ; PI. enl. 473. 

rina cjaoopus VieiU. Encyc. Mith. p. 1261. 

> palliatuB Pr. Max. Beitr. u. p. 148. (1831) ; PI. coL 204. 

bkiw buteonides Less. Tr. d'Om. p. 55. 

Tius monachns VieilL N. Diet dUist. NaL x. p. 341. 

fiu* cinereuB VieiU. N. Diet. d'Hist. Nat. x. p. 327. 

■riuB bicolor Vieia. N Diet. d*Hut. Nat. x. p. 825. 

Tius grifieui VieiB. Ency. MHh. p. 1267. 

■ndif (Odontriorchia) cayanensb Kaup^ Classif, der Samg. \ 



Pernis (Odontrlorchis) cayaneDKla Kaup^ Mug, Senckenb, (18^ 
p. 262. ^ 

PL enl. 473,; Sptx, Ap. Br, t, 8^ (adultO ; PL col. 2^ 
(joung.) ; Mug. de ZttoL (1835), Ou. t. 22. 

a. South America, adult. From Mr, Lcadbeater's Q 

b. Fam. Presented by R. Graliam, Esq. 
— ?, From Jlr. Leadbeater s Collection* 

b* REGEElilNUS, 
2, CTMiKDia imciwATUs. The crook-billed Falcoti. 


Cymitiflis uncinatus Cup. lieg. An, (1829) p. 331.; Kaup^ Ckm 

df^r Smtff. mid Vi/g. p, 124. 
Falcn unrinatus /?%. 7>mm,jd. col 103, 104. 115. 
Falco vitlicaudu,< Pr, Mao:. Beiir, il p. 72. (1«3L) 
Cjmindis cneuloides Swahm. Clwtm/, of B* ii. p. 209, 
PemiH (Regerliinus) uneinatus Kmip^ Mu^. iSenekenh, (I84l 

p. 262. 

Mag, d€ Zod. (1835) ; Ois. t 2L 

Presented by J. ] 

^H a. South America, male in cbaii^e. 

^H Gray, Esq. 

^B 6, Soutli America. Presented by J, E. Gray, Esq, 

^m c, d. South Atuoriea. 

H e. South America. From Mr. Warwick*s Collection. 

H /, Para, Preaente<l by K Graham, Esq. 

^^V ^' ICTINIA. 

Pila VieiU. Amlyne, p. 24. (1816.) 
lis Bok, Inn, \U2S} p. 314. 
lopteryx Kaup^ Classif, der Smig. tmd Vdg. p, 112, (11 

a. IcTtmA, 
2. IcTiNiA MississippENSM. The Mississippi Kite. 

Ictinia mississippeiis^is Kavp^ Classify der Sihig, uitd Vug, p. It 
Falco misj^issipiteusis WUs. Arner, Om. pL 25. f. 1. 
Ictinia ophiopha^a VieilL N, Diet d'lIUL NaL xvL p. 16 
Gal, des OU, t. 17. 


aiaissrt^c?:- Bote. Int. (1»^» p. 314. 
L !* Frt.Kii Mr. Wapwi<-k'3 C-:-IicJL-sijB- 

h. P(LCILOrTh£,YJi. 

'I IcTLsu FLncBEA- The spr-tic'i-sailcs: Hxcj- 
Itehiiiiea IV '7/. .V. /Art. dt THisL, .V<^ xri. p^ rt 

■•wri-i- Ti^jZ/. (Ms. '/-? T Amir. SepL x. 10. -is. 
fc^r^mr^u? T?'^!-. /*w. (IV^^t p. 314. 

-^. Jr. ^r. t. s. Caduli): PL «/ 1?C'. k^jcsn - Asbtz, 



i. FALCO. 

i F A-LC • » • i T B r AL* O. Tl-: J cTI "il ^ r . 

. - : a 1 ' ■< ■ ) • • an ■ 1 : j i: - A\' up. Clait:/. 'U" -Nzx*-. t.T<r 

■ - ■ : ;i i ' < ) jr* rf. 1 1 • « ■ A'? j v/a 3/w. .va.!ixxr 1 r-;.: , : 

:.i;. . Lxnii. >. -V. i. {■ i-XJ. : Y'lrrtZ. B-^J h "U. ' 

.-^-r .. T'. :3-.r4. r. 3. 

!. li.-ur- Briiu. F'tHU. Grrrrd. No. *. 

r ^jrV/i.-/. >'. .V. i. y. ii7.>. 
. r ,!i' />;w/. Tr. '/"OrA. li. p. \r^. 

.• Jiruu. F'niu. Gnrui I'. 'jO.'f 
i; all- /"r'/n^/- >'. .^'- i. p- 'iT^. 

r-LwLQ'iicu? //i/iur. Ann. Xat. HuL (leto; p. J^- 


3. HTPOTRioicins RUFiGui^ABis. The red-necked Falcon, 

Hypn(rif»rclii» rtifi<r\ilaris G. R. Gray^ Gen. of Birdji^ i. p. 
Falcii rufi^laris Daud, Tr. fP Om. ii. p. 13 L 
Faico aurtiiitius var. LafJi. Iiid. Om, i. p. 48. 
Faloo cuciillatus Swaim. Ttro Cnd, and a Quart, p. 340. 
Falc!0 ilioracjcua Donov. Nat. Repos, pi. 4o, 
FaIco (loiroleucus Temm, pL col. 34IS. (J) 
FaIco (llvpotriori'his) auriiatiiis Kanp^ Chtssif. der, Sdtig, 
Penn, Gen. of Binhy pi. 1 . 

a. Brazil. Presented hy M. Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

b. Brazil ' 

c. BritiHli (iuiiina. Presented by tlie Rujal Geographici^ 


d. Baliia. 


4. IItpotbiorchis FBowTATcs- The Parawatta Fdcou. 

Hjpotri tire Ilia front atiis G. R, Grat/^ Gen. of B. t. -p. 

F:ilc"o iVoTitafiis Gmld, Froc. ZooL Soc, (1837) p, 139. ; i%ii. 

of Atu^tr. pt, iti. pL . f. 1. 
Faleo huinliitus Ltith. ImL Om. Stippl. p. xiii. ? ; Lamh^ Icon, in 

ii. 3. ? 
Sparvius hmulatus Vieill. N. Diet. d'HUt. Nat. x p. 324. 
Ftilco longipeiiiiis Swamt. Two Cent, and a Quart, p* 341- 
Faleo (ilypotriorrhis) frontalns Knupy /^r>, (1847) p* 6h5- 
L Falco siibbuteo Brchm^ Isis^ (1845) p, 347. ? 

I rt. Australia, raide. Presented by the LinnBean Society. 

^H h. Australia, male. 

'^H c. Australia, inale. From Mr. GiJuUrs Collection. 

^H d. Van DieiTien*8 Land, male. From Mr. Gunn*s Collection* 

^H e. Aiistnifiii, younsr. Pr«?r5eiited by D. W. Milchdl, Esq. 

^H /. Aujitralia, lulult female. Presented hv D. W. Mitche 

H E^q. 

^H gy h. Inierior of South Australia. Presented by Capt. Start J 

^H 1, Sou til Australia. Presented by his Excellency CopL \ 

^^B Grey. 

^V b. jEsaLOX. 

5. HiTOTEioRCHiB coNCOLOR. The unifonu Falcon. 

Hypotriorcbis coneolor G, /?. Gray, Gen, of Birdg^ i. p. . 

Falco concolor Temm, pi, coL 330. 

Falco ardosiacua Vmll. Sncyc. Melh, p, 1238. 

Falco calidns Lath. Ind. Om. Lp. 41. 

Fiko cornicum Brehnt, Vdg. Devts. i. p. 62. t. v. f. 2. 

PL «i/. 430. ; Omdd, B. of Eur. pi. 21. ; Hardw, Icon. ined. 
1098O. 16. ; Hoe^s. Icon. ined. Accip. 39, 40. 

fl, b. Deronshire, male. From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
c, d, Deronshire, female. From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
e. Bickham, Devon, male. 
/. Great Britain, female. 

^.? ? 

A. Nepal, male. P^sented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
t. Nepal, female. Presented oj B. U. Hodgson, Esq. 

/ ? 

k — SI. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

a. Behar. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

o. Athens. Presented bj C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 

p. Madras. Presented bj T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

q. Nepal, joung. Presented hj B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

r. Sternum, England. 

*. Sternum, England. Presented by T. Insall, Esq. 

t Sternum, England. Presented by John Ray, Esq. 

« — X. Sterna, Europe. From M. Lefevre's Collection. 

y, z. Sterna, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

G. ? Faix:o melanogents. The black-cheeked Falcon. 

Falco melanogenys Gould, Proc. Zool. Soc. (1837) p. 139.; Syn. 

B. of Auttr. pt. iii. pi. f. ^.; B. of Awitr. pi. . ; Kaup, Isis, 

(1847) p. 75. 
Faloo peregrinus Vig. and Ilorsf Linn. Trans, xv. p. 183.; Brehm, 

Im, (1845) p. 356. 
Kilco macropus Swains. Two Cent, and a Quart, p. 341 . 

a. Australia. Presented by the Linnsean Society. 

b. New South Wales. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

6. ? Falco asatum . The Duck Falcon. 

Filco anatum Bonap. Compar. List B. Eur. and N. Amer. p. 4. 

Kaap, Isis, (1847) p. 75. and Correct. 
V^i> fieregrinus Wils. Am. Om. pi. 76. ; Richard and Swains. 

Fam. Bor. Amer. ii. p. 23. ; Edward's Birds, t. 3, 4. 

a. North America. Presented by the Hudson's Bay Com- 

b. North America. Presented by Sir E. Parry, R.N. 

r. St. Neyis, West Indies. Presented by William Cottle, 

D 2 

AccirtTBJsa miTB;«i. 

Falco (jEsalon) coluniharms Kaup, Cltusif. der Saug. und ' 
p. Ul. 
I WiLs, Am. Orn. pi 15, C 3. ; Fami. Bor, Amer. pL 25. ; Am 

I JB. of Anwr. pL 75, 

^K a. QueticCT male. Tresenteil bv D. W. Mitchell, Esq. 

^^t b. North Ameririi, young. Fri'Heuti'd by Dr. Uidtjewaj. 

^H c, d, Nortli Anierieji, fftiiide. Present*?*! bv Dr. Ridgtiway. 

^H e. Stern unj, Juniaieii. Frooi ^Ir, Gosae's Collection, 


The Chicquera FaIcod. 

Ilypotriorcliis chicquera Gv R. Ora^^ Gen. of B. i. p. 

Falrc» chicquera Baud, Tr, d^Om, \u p. 12L; Frankl. Proc. Z^ 

(1831) p. 114. 
Falco ruficollis Simins. B, of W. Afr. p. 107. pi. 2. 
Falco DiacFodai<!tylua Swains. Ckissif of B. ii. p. 212. 
Faico (iEsalon) chicquera Kavp^ Clamif dcr Saug. und 


^_ Lemill. Ok. d' Afr. U 30. ; Gould, Cetit. pi 2. ; Hardw. 
^m ined. 10980. 23, 24, 25.; Hitfigs, Iron, ined, Aeeip. 50, 51. 

^^ a. Indi.i. Preijented by M. Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

\ b. India. Presented by Dr, Babin<;ton. 

c, Nepal, mide. rresented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq, 
rf. Nepal, femule. Frt"4entcd by B. H. Ilcnlgson, Esq. 
(?. Africa? 


9. IItpqtrioechis femobai^is. The red-thifihcd Hawk. 

llyp«>triur("bis ft'inonilis Boie^ Ii*L% (1828) p. 314. 

Falcu tJnnorali^ Temm. pL vol. 121. 343, 

Fab'o imrantius, var, >. Lttih. Ind. Oru, p. 48. 

Falco thoracicns lU. Lkhf. Cat. DnpL BerL 3fti.i, p. fi2. 

Falco cyancHcens VteilL N. J hit. dliisL Nat. xi. p. 90. 

Fiilro (^E^iJilon ) ftimondis Kaup^ Ciassif der Sang, und Vog, p. 1 111 

Azam^ No. :i9, 40. 
Falco elegans Sumijui, MSS. 

a. Mexico. Pre^^nted by John Taylor, Esq, 

b. South America. From Mr. Gould's Collen-tion. 
c* Eust Patagonia. Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 

Pitxniy, K.N. 
d. South Amenca. Presented by D. W. Mitchell, Eaq. 


lencidea Otmid, Proc. Z.S. (1837) p. 140. 

I. IxmAciDKA BBBiGOEA. The cream-belUed Falcon. 

bnckleA berigors Gumid, Proc. Z, S, (1837) p. 140.; Syn, B. of 
Amdr. pt. iii. pi. , B, ofAuitr. ifi.. ; Keaqt^ Clauif, der Sdug, 
md Vof.p. 112. 
Fileo bengora Vig. and Horsf, Linn, Tram, zv. p. 184. 
fcrxidea occidenulu Gould^ Proc. Z. S. (1844) p. 105. ; Gotdd^ 
B. €fAwKtr, pi. 
«. Anstrmlia, adolt Presented by Allan Cunningham, E8<i. 
\. Austrmlia, adult. Presented by Mrs. Mauger. 
c An«tndia. Presented by Allan Cunningham, YaW\. 
d. Perth, W. Australia. From Mr. Groulf s Collection. 
«. Perth, W. Australia, male. From IVIr. Gould's Collection. 
/. South Australia, male. Presented bj His Excell. Capt. G. 

f. S4>uth Australia, female. 
k. Van Diemen*s Land, male, Antarctic Expedition. Pre- 

Bente<l bj the Admiralty. 
I. Van Diemen*8 Land, female, Antarctic Expedition. Prc- 

!iente<l by the Admiralty. 
/ Sriuth Australia. Presented by His Excell. Capt. G. Grey. 
k, X firth Eastern Australia. Presented by Sir Thomas 

L M. Western Australia. Presented by His Excell. Capt. (>. 

1 [xBACioE.4 -novx. ZEALAKDLS. The Ncw Zealand Fal<*on. 

kicidea novse Kealandis Kaujp, Isis, (1847) p. 80. 

Falfj nove seelandis GmeL S. N. i. p. 268. 

Pilwi brunnea Gould. Proc. Zool. Soc. (1837) p. 139.; Syn. B. 

Qf AMMlr. pt. iii. pi. f. 3. 
Ftiro harpe Fornt. Dcmc. Anim. p. 68. ; Icon, ined, 36, 37, 38. 
Filfo aunralls Ilrnnb. et Jacq. Voy. au Pole Slid, Ois. t. i. f. 1. 
Hjpotrionrhis novae zealandise O. R. Grayy Gen, of B.i.y, 
«. New Zealand, male. Prescnte<l by Miss R. Stone. 
h. N\'w Zealand, female. Presented by Miss R. Stone. 
c. .^ucklanil Islands, male, Antarctic Expedition. Pre- 
sented by the Admiralty. 
d Auckland Islands, female, Antarctic Expedition. Pre- 
wnted by the Admiralty. 
If 5 


e. Aucklanil Islands, joiing female, Antarctic Expedid 

PreaentLHl by tlie Admiralty. 
fy g, South Isliiinl, N* Z. Fnjiu Mr. Earl's Collection. 
h — A, New Zeaiiuid. Presumed by His ExctdL Capt^ 

/. New Zealand. 


Tmminculus VieilL fAmtr, SepL i. p, 39, (1807.) 
^Cerchineis Boie^ Im, (1826) p. 976. 

Tjrpius Kutip, Nutiirl .S>/. p. *iO. (18290 
Jcula Bodgs. Jouru. A. S.B, (1837) p. :J65- 
Erytliropus Brehm, his, (1828) p, 1270. 
J*iiiiiivcbi«tes Kmtp, NatitrL St/si. p, 57. (18*2f}.) 
PaH'iloriiis Katip^ Classif. der Siing, and Vtig^. p, lOS. (184^ 
Ticlioniis Kaitp, CUusif. der Siiitg und Vog, p, 108, (1844. 

1. TnonmcuLus alaitdabii;i». The Kc^tril Falcon, 

Tinnunculus alaudanus O. if. Gmy^ Lut Gen. of B. (1840) p, 

Kaupy Mm. Smickenh. (1845) p. 257, 
Falco tinnunculuii* Linn, S. N, i, p. 127,; Yarrell, Brit Bird^ 

p. 57.; Fr(inkLProc,Z,S. (IH^I) p. 114. 

AccipittT alaudarius Briss, Orn. i. p. 379. H 

Falco brurifieiii* Bechxt. Natur^, Dcuts* i, p. 38. ^M 

CercJineis tiiinuiieula Boiey Isu^ (1828) p. 314. ^M 

Ynh^o fasciatus Rc(^. Faun* Sttcc. p. 70. ^ 

Fa 1 00 rufescens SwairtM, B. of W, Afr, i. p, 109. ■ 

Fait o interatLncliis M'Cleli. Proc, Zod, *%>t\ (1839) p. 154.^J 

r Falco tiiinunculus, iaponie'iis Temm. et Sekl. Paun, Jap. t. ^^| 

ICcrchneis munini Brehm, ^ %*' Bents, i. p. 70. ^^1 

iCerchncis media Brehitu F%. BfuU. i. p. 72. ^H 

[Ccrchticis tinnuncula Brehm^ I7i^'. Df*nU. i. p. 73. ^ 

I PL eni. 401. 471. ; Gotdd, B. of Eur. pL 26. ; Hardu\ leA 

I ined. 10980. IS, 19, 20» 2L ; Hodg. Icm. ifted, Atctp. 44, A 

|46, 47. f. 3. 47. C K 2. 49- jm 

M^upius tlniumctilus Kaup, Naturl. S^st.p. 29. ^^1 

I «, Devonshire^ male. From CoL Mont^iorn'a Collect ioii«^^| 

I b. Wiltshire, male. From Col. Montaj^u's Collection. ^^M 

I t\ Wiltshire, female. From CoL Monta^ru'i} Collection* M 

I d. Givat Britain, female. Presented by A. C<»oper, £a 

I R.A. I 

K f. Cambridgeshire, niide. From Mr. J. Clark's CoUectioii«l 


f. GAmbridgeflhiie, female. From Mr. J. Clark's Collection. 

g, k. Seat and chicks. Presented by M. Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
i. Xorthem Asia, male. 

j, L Ejsrpt, male and female. Presented bj W. B. D. Turn- 
biiU, Esq. 

/. ? male. 

a. ? female. 

I. Chick. From Mr. Bullock's Museum. 
0. India. 

p. r. Nepal, male. Presented by B. H. Hod^n, Esq. 
«— «. Nepal, female. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
V. 7. Behar. Presented bj B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
jr, z. Japan. From the Leyden Museum. 
a a. NepaL» male. Presented by H. B. Hodgson, Esq. 
hh. Nepal, female. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
cr, dd. India, male. From the South African Museum. 
ee. Sternum, England. Presented bj T. Ingall, Esq. 
ff. Sternum, England. Presented by John Ray, Esq. 
gg. Sternum, Europe. From M. Lefevre's Collection. 
kh. St *mum, Egypt. Presented by Dr. Tumbull Christie, 
it. Sternum, Nepal. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. 

•2, TijrjfrscuLus bupicolus. The rufous-backed Kestril. 

Tmnonculus rupicolus G. R. Gray^ Gen. of B. i. p. . ; Kaup, 

Clauif. der Sang, und V'og. p. 109. 
Falco rupicolus Daud, Tr, aOm. ii. p. 135. 
Filro C3ipenj*is Shaw, Gen, Zool. vii. p. li>2. 
CerrhneG rupicola Boie, Isis, (1826) p. 976. (1828) p. 314. 
Certhneia caftensis Bote, UiSy (1828) p. 314. 

L'toiU. Om. ^f 4/r. t. 35. 

0, 6. Cape of Good Hope, male. Presented by J. Gould, Ytsi\, 
r. South Africa, male. Presented by the Earl of Derby. 

d. South Africa, very young. From M. Verreaux' Col- 


e. South Africa, female. Presented by D. W. Mitchell, Esrj. 

'I, Ti2fncKcuLU8 eupicoloIdbs. The Rock Falcon. 

Tinaanculu:! rupicoloides G. R. Gray, Gen, of B, i. p. .; Kaup, 

Clutif, der Saug. und V'og. p. 109. 
Filco rupicoloitles A. Smith, S. Afr. Quart, Joum. (1830) p. 238. ; 
iff. .V. A/r. Zool. Birds, pi. 92. 
0. South Africa. From the South African Museum. 
h. Wry young. From M. Verreaux' CoUectioiv 


Tlie spotted Falt^on, 

Tinnuiit!ulus purictaitiia O, R, Gratj^ Gen. of B. i. p. . ; 

Classif, (ifr Sfitt^. mid Vog. p. 109. 
Faico punctatus Cuv.pL coL 45. 
Ccrcbiieis puncUtua Boicy his^ (1828) p. 314. 

a, b, Madagascar. From the South Afriean Museum. 


5. TiKicuNcuLua CENCiiaia. The lesijer Kefltril. 

Tinnunriilus ct'nchris Bonap, G. U. Gray^ Gen. of B. \. p. 

Faico ccnckriH Naum.y Vbg. Nmht. t. 29* 

Falco tUmnculoiVk'S Schinz^ Tern m. Man. i. 31.; Storr. Ucc.t 

Fttlco tinnuuenlarius VieiU, N. Diet, if Hist. Nat, \i. p. 93. 

Cerchnei.'i cenchris Boie^ /«i*, (1828) p. 314, 

FaIco xauthoiiyx Nait. 

Falco Naumonnl Fleisch. 

Falcci pucilLs L€»s, Tn d'Ont, p. 93. 

^^pma cenchris Kfiup, Ntiiur, Sf/ift, p. 29. 

Tinnuuculiis (Tichoruis) cenchris Kaupt CIus*if der Sitttg, 

VitfT, p. KIR. 
Fauit. Franc, t. 36.; Voy. de tn M&rea^ Ois, t. 2, 3.; Gouliiy 

of Eur. pl27, 

a. Spain, male. Preaeuted bj Capt. Cook, R,N, 
^. ? Preaented by E. Wilson, Es^p 
e. ? 

6. TiNNciKcvLtis cKNciiBoiDEs. The Nankin Hawk. 

Tinnunculus ceiieLroTdes G. H. Gray^ Oen. of B, i. p. ; Ka 

tlasgif der Smtg. nnd Vllg. p. 109. 

FalcHi cenchroiMes Vtg, el. Jiorrf. Limu Tr. xiii. p. 183 

4 'erchiiis itJitijaeii)la.tus Brehm, ImiH. 

(rould.^ B. of Amir. \A. . 

a. Aiistriilia. From Mr. (iould*H Collection 

6, c. South Austi-alia. Presented by C. D, 1 

d. South Australia. Presented hy His ExcelL Cimt, G. Gi^ 

<f,/. Interior of South Autstralia. Presented by Cant. Stuij 

g, StCTiu4in» S. Austndia^ Prest-ntcd by lib Excellei] 

Cupt. G. Grey* 

c, Erxthrqpus, 

7, TtNSiiiKCULUf vKSPKRTiwrB. The Ingrian Falcon. 
' Tinnunculus vestpertinus 6'. M. Grai/, Gen, of B. l. p. 
Mam, and Birds of Nepali 8lv. p. 45. 


Fortnum, E 


Faloo Tespertiniis Lmn. S. N. L p. 129.; PaO. Zoogr. i. p. 334. t. 6. 
fifco rufipes Beseke, Vtig. Kwrkandi^ p. 13. t. 3, 4. ; Yarrell, 

BriL BinU, i. p. 49. 
Cercfaoeis ve^peitmus Boie^ ItiSy (1828) p. 314. 
Entliopus vespertiniis Brehm^ Vug. BetUs, i. p. 76. 
Punjcliutes ruBpes Kaup, NatuH. Syat. p. 57. 
rmnaih.-uliu (Erjthropus) rufipes Kaup, Ciassif, dtr Saug, und 

Vcg. p. 108. 
Tuinuzicalus (Erjthropus) vespertinus Xoup, Mus. Senckenb. 

(IU5) p. 257. 
PI, «/. 431. ; Pall, Zaogr. t. 6.; KM. Kupf. der Vog, t. 3. 

f. 1. ; Gtmld, B. of Bur. pi. 23. 

a. Europe, male. 

k. Athens, male. Presented bj C. L. W. Merlin, Eisq. 
cd, Athens, female. Presented by C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 
f,/. Egypt, female. Presented by W. B. D. TumbuU, Esq. 
g, L Nepal, very younff. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
u Tunis, in cbanji^e. > rom Mr. Eraser's Collection. 


«. Ti!fKUWcuLU8 8PABVEBIU8. The little Falcon. 

Tinnunculus sparverius Vieill. Ois. de tAnUr. Sept. \. p. 40. t. 12. 
Filcft ■parreriujj Linn. S. N. i. p. 128. 
Fiko dominicensis Gmel. S. N. i. p. 285. 
Filcii grarilis Swains. Two Cent, and a Quart, p. 281. 
Bid«n<i'«jiar\'eriu!( Spix^ Av. Bras. i. p. 16. 
Filco iialiellinus Sicains. Two Cent, and a Quart, p. 218. 
CffL-hneis jfjjarverius Boie^ Isis^ (1828) p. 314. 
Tianunculu-s (Pacilomis) sparverius Kaup^ Ciassif. der Sdug, 
nd Vi^. 108. 

Wils. Amer. Orn. pi. 32. f. i. t. 16. f. 1. ; Faun. Bor. Amer. 
Birds, pi. 24.; Audub. B. of Amer. pi. 42. 

0. North America, male. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

h. North America, female. 

c. Brazil, male. Presented by Lieut. Maw, R.N. 

dLf? British Guiana, male. From Sir II. Schomburgk's 

/. Mexico, ailult male. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

g. Mexico, adult female. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

k, Mexico. From Mr. Ilartweg's Collection. 

I— I. Brazil. Presented by M. Claussen. 

m— o. Venezuela. From Mr Dyson's Collection. 




9. ? T1NXUKCUI.US ciNTf AMOMEU8* The cinnamon Falcon. 

TinnuTicuhis cinnuinoiucu^ G. H. Gratf^ Gen. of B. i. p. 
Falrn rionaiuotjiitius Stvttim. Twit Cent, and a Quart, p. 2B| 
VieiiL Oh. (CAmir, t, 12, 13.? 

a. Yjilpuniiso, male. Presented by Sir W. Burnett antl Ca] 
Fitzroy, R.N. 

b. Straits <jf Magellan, young male. Presented by the 

c. Patagrnaa, female. Preaented by Sir W. Bornctt 
Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 


llarpngiis Vigors^ Zool. Jmtm. (1829) p. 327. 
Biilens Splr^ Av. Bras, i. p. 14. 
Diockm LcJis. Tr.dOrn. p. 95. (1831,) 
Diplodon Nitzjtch, Pekrohg. p. 93, (1840.) 

L Haepagus diodon. The two-toothed Faleon. 

Harpa^us diorhm Kanp, Clanjii/. dtfr Siiug, und Vog. p. 109. 
Falco dicKlon Trmin.pL col. 198* 

Bidens femoralis et B. cinerascens Spir^ Av, Breut. t. 8. 
Dtodon brasiliensis (pars) Lv^is. Tr. tTOm, p. 95. 

a, h. South America, From Mr. Warwick^s Collection, 

2. riABPAGUS fimB3(TATtja. The notched Falcon. 

' Harpttgus bi den tat us Kaup^ Clmtxif, dcr tSiiitg, und Vog, \k 109. 
Faltvj bidentatus Lath. Ind. Orn, I 3H,; PL coL 3». 228. 
Bid«ns rufiventris Spix^ Ai\ Bras, i. t. ^* 
Bidens albiventer Spix^ j4p. Brun, i. t. 7. 
^—-Diodon braaiiienais (pars) Leas. Tr, dOrn, p. 95. 

^H a, h. South America. From Mr. Leadbeater*a Coilcction. 

6. lERAX, 
lerftjL FigWf. Zool Joum, (1824) p. 328. 

1. l£RAx GCEEui^EscEna. The Bengal Falcon. 

'erax coerule^ceuB Vigors^ Zooi, Joum, \. p. 326. ; Kaup^ Cl6H 

der Siiyg, und Viig. p. 109. 
Falco coerules<rt*ns Lttm, S. N, i. p. 125, 

Edwards Bird* pi. 108.; Gul des OU. t. IS. 


c JaTft. Presented hj the Hon. East Indk Company. 

*. JiTa. 

e, JanL Presented by — iNlghtinsale, Esq. 

d, JsTA. From Mr. >Varwick*8 Collection. 

e. Borneo. From Mr. Low's Collection. 

/. Borneo. Presented by His Excel!. J. Brooke. 

2. l£XAX EUTOunis. The white-naped Falcon. 

Hienz eatolmus Hodg$. Gray, Zool. Mise, (1844) p. 81. 
Fafeo benjnlensis Briss. Blyih, Cat. Mam. and Birds of Nepal 
pu 45. ;Hodgs. Icon, ined Aecip. 53. 52. 

a—e. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

d. Tanesserim. Presented by W. B. D. Packman, Esq. 

e^f. Sterna, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, E^. 

3. IxBAZ SEBicEUs. The silky Falcon. 

fell sericens G. R. Gray^ Gen. of B. i. p. . 

Film aericeus KM. Mem. de V Acad. Imp. St. Petersb. (1835) t. 1. 

Filoo Gironnierii Eyd. and Soul. Voy. de la Bonite, Ois. t. 1. 

a. Northern China. From Mr. Fortune's Collection. 

vi. AccipitrinjE. 

1. ASTUR. 

Aitnr Laeep. Mem. de t Inst. iii. p. 506. (1800, 1801.) 

DnUIion Air. Deser. de VEgypte, Hist. Nat. p. 92. (1809.) 

Spirrius VieiU. Analuse, 6fC. p. 24. (1816.) 

Uncoepiza Kaup, Classif. der Sdug. und Vog. p. 118. (1844.) 

Loplmipica Kaup, Classif. der Saug. und Vog. p. 118. (1844.) 

Aitorina Vieill. Analyse, ^. p. 24. (1816.) 

Kapomid Kaup, Classif. der Sdug. und Vog. p. 120. (1844.) 

a. AsTUR. 
I. AsTUB PAXUMBARius. Thc Goshawk. 

Aitur palumbarius Bechst. Taschenb. Deuts. ii. p. 268. ; Jerd. 

Madr. Jtmrn. Lit. and Sci. (1840) p. 194.; Brehm, Vog. Deuts. 

i. p. 84. t. 6. f. 1. 
Fiko palumbarius Linn. S. N. i. p. 130. ; PL enl. 418. 
Filco galUnarius Gmel. S. N. i. p. 266. ; PL enl. 461. 423. 
Filoo gentilis Linn. S. N. i. p. 126. 


Falw albescens Bodd. TabL PL Enl. de D*Aub. p. 25. 

Aoeipiter attur Fall. Zoogr. t. J J. 

Astur galliiiaruiu Brehm^ Vog^ Dents, i. p. 83. 

Falco atrieajiiiliis WiU, Amer. Om. pL 52, f. 3. 

Sparviua atriciipiUii? VivdL Encif. Metk. p, i274. 

Falco regalis Ti'inm. pi. eoL 495* 

Doiiiiition pk^tum Less. Tr. dOrtLp. 67. 

Oouldy B. of Eur, pL 17. ; Hodgs. Icon, ined, 60, v, 21,! 

App. 7. ; Faun. Bor. Amer. pi. 26. ; Jard. and Selb^^ lU, Om. 1 


a. Great Britain^ joung. 

h^ c. Europe^ male. 

d, Kepal, male. Presented by B. II. Hodgson » Esq- 
€yf. Nepal, female, rresenltnl by B. H. Hodgson, Esq, 
g. Nepal, youn;T female. PresenitMl by B, H. lIodgsciD* 
A, i, NepaL Preijented by B. H. llodgwon. l^^ep 
j. Sternum, EiiropQ. From ^L Lelevri.' s Colleetioti. 
k* Sternum, Nepal* Presented bj B. II - Hcxlgson, Esq, 

2* AsTum MELANOLEUCUS. The pieii Gosbawk, 

Astur raelanoleucus -4, Smitfu Hi. S, Afr, ZooL pL 18. 

Aecjpit-er melauoleuciiii A. Smilh^ S. Afr, Quart, Joum, (183 
p. 22l>* 

Astur Smkbii Kuup^ lau, (1847) p. 19G. 
L a. South Africa, male. From lh« Soutb African Miiseum, 

^H b. Soutb Africa, female » From the Soutb African I^Iuseo 
^H c. Soutli Africa, young. From the Soutb African ^iuseu 

A, AsTUS &Al>lATt?d. 

The radiated Falcon. 

i. p. . ; Kunp, lii 

AbIut radiatus G. R, Gray, Gen, af Birda^ 

(1847) p. 105. 
Faico rijdiatus Lath. Ind SuppL p, x. Gen. Syn, Supp.pL 12}, i 

Lainh. lam. invd. i. 38. ; Gmtfd^ B. of Afistr, pi. 
Haliaetui Calei Fix,*-, ojid Jlorsf Linn. Tranx. xv, p. 186. 
Aceipiter railiatus G. R. Gray^ List of Birth, Brit, Mm, p. 38. 
Aatur testaccus (Ernest*) Kaup, Isu, (1847) p. 367, 

I a. Port Essiiigton. Presented by Capt. W. Cbombers, R.N^ 

b. Spizaqshanvs, 
4. AsTUB tiiriciwcTLis. The one-banded Hawk. 

Aitur uniciocttis Cm, Beg, An, (1829) i. p. 332. 
Falco unicinctus Ttmm, pi, cot, SI 3. 

Fii» utimcixins Liekt. Preis Verz, tier Saug, Vdg, A-c. von 

in Herr. Deppe und Schiede, (1831 ?) 
Bbieo Ibrrisii Audub, B. of Am, pi. 392. 

nnicinctiu G. R. Gray^ List of Birds^ Brit Mus, i. p. 18. 
Mfbonu Ueniurus Tschudi (Juv. Tsck,) Faun. Per, p. 8. t. 1. 
iiOtriiui (Spizageraniu) UDicinctus Aienip, Mtu. Senckenb. (1845) 
pi 260.; Azara, No. 19. 

a. Buenos Ayres. From M. Verreaux' Collection. 
i. Chili. From Mr. Bridgets Collection. 
c, Yalparaiso. Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 
Fiteroy, RJJ. 

c. Leucospiza. 

1 AfTim NOTJB HozxAWDiiE. The Xew Holland white Eagle. 

i«v DOTe hollandis Cuv, Reg, An, (1817) p. 320.; Vig. and 
Borrf. Linm. Tram. xv. p. 179. ; Gould, St/n, B. of Austr. pt. iii. 

f. 2, 3. 

I novsp bollandifl* Gmel. S, N. i. p. 264. 
fib tibus Shaw, Gen, Zool, vii. p. 92. ; White's Voy, pi. p. 250. 
iKvalbiu Swains. Classif. of. B. W. p. 215. 
Wins niveus Vieill, N, Diet. d'Hist, Nat, x. p. 338. 
MalioQ candidum Less. Tr. dOrn. p. 66. 
?«!«) leaeaetos Forst. Descr. Anim.p. 70. et Icon. ined. 35. 
iiterRajii Vig. and Horsf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 180. 
*iko dams Lath. Ind, Om. Suppl, p. xiii. ; Lamb. Icon. ined. ii. 5. 
Aita* (Leucofipiza) novae holUoidis Kaup, Classif. der Sdug. und 
%p. 119. 

Jard. and Selbys III. Om. I pi. 1. ; Gould, B. of Austr. pi. 

«. Australia, male. Presented by M. Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
h. Aujtnilia, female. Presented by M. Gen. T. Ilardwiekc. 
e. Van Diemen*s Land, female. Presented by Dr. Macbriare. 
^ e. New Holland, male. Presented by Lady Carrinfyton. 
/. Au;itrali:i, female. Presented by M. Gen. P. Hardwicke. 
if. New Holland, female. Presente<l by Lady Carrington. 
A. Australia. Presented by Sir E. Home, K.N. 
1. Red, Wallis's Island, Australia. Presented by the Earl of 


6. AsTTJB TBiYiBOATua. The three-streaked Hawk. 

^ tfivir^ratus Cue. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 332. 

^i trivir;ratus Temm. pL col. 303. 

^wcristatus G. R. Gray, Ann. Nat. Hist (1843) p. 371. 




Astur palumbarms Jerd, Maelr. Joum. Lit and Set, (1839) p. 
Astur mdieus Hodgs. Beitg. Sport. Mag. (1S:}8) p, 177. 
Aatur (Lophotipiza) trivirgatu:* Kanp^ Clatitf der Siing, und ' 
p. 118. 
Madg*, Icon, ined. Accip, 61, 62, 6S, v, 23. 

a, Philippine Islands. From Mr. Cuming's Collection, 

b — e. Nepal. Prciieiited by B. H. HlmI^^^^^jh, Ej^i* 

/» Sternum, XepaJ. Presented by D. IL Hodgson, Etq, 

e. AsTURL\A, 

7. Abtue NiTiDus. Tbe plumbeous Falcon. 

Astur nitldus D'Orb, et Ln/r, S^^n. Av. i, p. 5» 
Paico nitidus Lath. Ind. Orn. L p. 40. 
Asturina ciiierca, Viedl. Aualifjie^ cVc. p. 68. ; GaL des Ois, t. 
Falco stTiolata Temm. pi, col. 87. 294. 

Aaturma nitida A'«m/i, Classi/, der Siiug* und Vdg. p. 120. ; j 
Na 37, 

a, Ball I a. From the Sudbury Museum. 
h. M*;jtieo, jtmii^. From Mr. Leadbcater*s Collection. 
<?. Caracca'*^, in cuauge. From IMr, Djson'a Collection* 
d. — ^ ? young. 

rnti POLIOGASTEB. The grey-bdlied Falcon. 

:._; I. ,.:... .i^ter Cwr. i?<?^. Jn. (182f)) i. p. 332. 
Falco poliogasler Temm. pL cu/. 204, 225, 
Nisus pileatus Tsckuili^ Faun. Per. p. 5. 
Auturiua pnllogaslcr Kaup^ /*w, (1847) p. 198. 
a. South America- 

9. AsTiTB LEUcoBRHons. The spotted Falcon. 

Astur leueorrhouB G, R, Gmy^ Gen. of B. \. p, 

Falco leucf»rrbous Quay, et Gaim. Vitj/. tie t Urame^ t. 13, 

Asturina leucorrhoa Kaup^ IhU^ (1847) p. 192. 

a. Caraccas. From Mr. Djsou s Collect ion, 

10. AsTUv MAQMR08TE19. The great-billud Falco 

Astur niaanilrostrig G. R Grny^ Li%t of Bird4^ Brit. Musj, 

Falco magniroslris Gpitl. S. N. i, p. 282. 

Nisus magnirostris Cur?. Re'g. An. (1^17) i. p. 321. 

Falco insect! vorus Spix^ Av, Br. i. 8* a. 



(Rapornis) magnirostris Kaup, Classi/. der Sauff. und 
PL aL 464. ; PI. col. 86. 

c South America, male. Presented bj D. W. Mitchell, Esq. 

b. South America, female. Presented by D. W. Mitchell, Esq. 

c. British Guiana, male. Presented by the Royal Geogra- 

phical Society. 
i- British Guiana, male. From Sir R. Schomburgk's Collec- 

e. Brazil, young male. Presented by Lord Stuart de Roth- 

/. South America, female. From Mr Audubon*s Collection. 

f. South America, young. From Mr. Audubon s Collection. 
*— I. firazil. Presented by M. Claussen. 

i Caraccas. From Mr. Dyson*s Collection. 
/. Bolivia. From Mr. Brydges' Collection. 


Poliomis Kaup, Classi/, der Siiug. und Vog. p. 122. (1844.) 
Hutastur Hodgs. Joum. A. S, B. (1843) p. 311. 
Valeria J5cn<r,(AfiS'5.?) 

1. PoLioR!ns TEE8A. The Teesa Hawk. 

Stou teesa FraM. Proc. Z, S. (1831) p. 115. 
tetfa Graify III. Ind. Zod. pi. 30. 
hvder Sykes, Proc. Z. S. (1832) p. 79. 
^^ur te«a Hodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1843) p. 311. 
femls teesa G. R. Grwj^ Gen. o/B.i. p. 

fcttirtiw (Poliornis) teesa Kaup^ Classif. der S'dug. und Vog. 

Hordvr. Icim. ined. 10.980. 31, 3*2, 33. ; Hodgs. Icon. ined. 

1. Gangoutra, Himalayan Mountains. 

*. e. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

</. f. liehar, Hindostan. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

/ Nepal, yr>ung. Presented by B. II. Hodcson, Esq. 

?. Sternum, Nepal. I'resented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

2. PouoRNis uvE!«TEB. The pale Hawk. 

^ lirenter Tm^-jp'- «^- 438. 
pallidus Less. Tr. dOm. p. 82. 
UTenter G. R. Gray, List of Birds, Brit. Mus. I. p. 34. 

68 ACcrpiTRB« nnmia. 

Poliortiii liventer G. R, Oraf/^ Gen. of B. i. p , , 

Cirtial'tus (Poliornis) liventer Kanp^ Cltusl/^ tier SaugJ\ 
p. 122. 

a, IndUn Archipelago. From the Leytlen Museu 

3. PouoRwiR INDICU8. Tho grey-cheekod Uawlj 
?ftlco porifi^tni)'9 TemrTLvl. etti, ^'25. 
Bute<» poliopenys Less. Tr. dOru. p. 78.; Faun, Jnp, pj 
Circaetus (Poljornis) poLiogenys Kaup, Ckusif, der > 

p. 122* 

Ciivaiitus (Poliornis) indicus {GtncL) Kuup^ Isiny (1847 
a, b. Philippine lalarni^. Fmni Mr. Cuming's CoUflj 
c, Jupoti. From the Lejdt'U Muaeum, 

4. Polio RN IS ptrbhogbnts. The dark -cheeked \ 

Aftur barhatTis Eytoju, Ann. NaL Hist. (1845) p, 227, 
Buteo pyrrhogcnys Temm. and Sckl, Faun. Japan, p. 31J 

a. Malacca^ Presented by Capt. A. Chtirlton. 


lachnodcelis Strickl. Ann, and Mag, of Nat HixL (Ifi 
Geranospiza Kaup^ lait^ (1847) p. 183. 

I, Gerano^i'iza OBACiLis, Tlic ileodcp Hftwi 
IschnoRcclis GTacilis Strickl. Ann. and Mag. of 'Nat. 

p. 409.; Kfitt^i. Mm. Smckenb. (1845) p. 259. 
Falco jfracilis Icmm. pi. cnl. 91. 
Falco ueniidactA-his T«imm. pi. vol. 3. 
Nhm hem>«lfl«>tylu.H Cuv. Reg. An. (1^29) p. 353. 
Falco Wiedii hra^iliensis Griff. Ann. Kingd, i, pL p. 238. 
Bparvius ctcnilcscena Vieill. N, Diet. dHist. Nat, x. p. 31 

Azaru^ No, 22, 
GeraiioMpiza gT«cilia Kaup^ IsU^ (1947) p. 183. 

a. Buenos Avres young, ¥to\x\ M. Verreaux* I 

b, Lsland of Puna. Presented hy Mr. G. BarcUy. 


Micrastur G. R. Grai/, List. Gen. of B. p. 6. (IC 
Brar'hypterus L^s,i. Compl. Buffi vii. p. 113. (1? 
Ciftnacorereus Cob. Tuck. Vonfp. Ar. (1844.) 
IlerpeUitheres (pars) Ktwp^ his, (1847) p. 258. 
Cariiifex /**«. Rev, Zool (1842) p. 378.? 

. VkmAfrcB bsachtptbbiiS. The pied Spamv-Hsvk. 

bnehjptcnu C A. ^Tnogr, Zu# CTflk ^A (IMl) p. 6. 

•haAwpoena Temm. pL €oL 14\, lie, 

ikKkTJNcrus Cmr. lUff. An. (1829)jp. 334. 

' iiBBitoniunift VieiO. Al DiciL aBuL XloL x. pu 332. 
Milu m Zu-Al. Cof. i>inW: jBML Ifw. DL 62. 
infaoUtf ririil. .V. />uf. <fJ7ul. Aatz.n.322.: J[«^ 
I MiaDdleaciu TieifiL Al IKdL iTAtftL AW. x. pi 337. 

(HcrpeCodiere«) melanoleiicQt £ap^ Mm». Sg^kem k. 


^Hcfpctotheres) bnchTptenu Kaap, Ima^ (1M7) pt 25$. : 
5a S8. 29. 

i li^ female or roiiDg. 

ft Heuco, idult. t'roQi Mr. Leadbeatfcr'g CoUecuoo. 

UnA^TUB x\.\THOTHOBAX. The jellow- Decked Havk. 

Ker xiT-ihrithorax G. R. Gray, Gen. o/B.Lp. 
I uuthi^thnrax TVinm. />/. coi. 92. 
izi&tLi-th.>r4x Cur. /^V. At. (1829) p. 3M. 

^ koBUK-L*::!! 7Vrflf». y«/. Co/. 306. 

iH«q>etotherL*5) xanthotlionix Katqf, Zni. (1847) p. 259. 

& Sr.g?h Ameri*a. 

A. >^4tik Aiutfricn. IVesented by J. Gould, Esq. 

Kum co!«c£>TRici s. The coDcentricml Sparrow -Hawk. 

Kir coin-entrli-Mis G. R. Gray, Gen. of B.y, 
ic^c»:ntri^u< ///. .Viu». B^rtA.. 
I '^fcT-jntrifU- /-#*«. Tr. tfOm. p. 60. 

1 Ht-Tpetotherca) conrentricua /JLovp. Mum. Semekenb. 

4S) p. 26u. 

c Soijth .-Vm«*nc'a. From Mr. Learlbeater's Collectioo. 
i. M'xit.'O. Froui Mr. ArgenVs Collection. 


-Vrr.pixer Bn'JM. Orw. i. p. (1760.) 

SbA- rVr. >livi/. Compar. (1709—1600.) 

fcni Z«i«A. Cc/f. /iri7. Birds, (1816.) ,^^^^ ^ 

Hi«aS'i« ATinn, C^u«/ der 5fiicy. ii«d Vtig. p. 116. (1844) 

Iraepua Kamp, Afu*. Senekenb. (1845) p. 259. 



a. AcciPiTEn, 
L AcciPiTER Nisus. The Sparrow -I lawk. 

Aci'ipiter nisus PaU. Zoogr, i. p. 370. 
Faltjo uhus Linn, S. N. i. p, MO, 
Accipiter fringilhiriuj* Bat/, Stpt. p. IB. 
Nbii5 communis Cut. Lesn. Ti\ ft Oni, p. 58, 
A^'cipiter mafulatus JE?rr>, Orn, L p. 314, 
Falco lacteus Gmd. S, N, i. p. 'JHl. 
Nisus ek'gtms Brehtu, Vog> iJeuts. i. p. 8lj. t. fi. f. 2, 
Nisojj irlrigilJariim Brehm^ Vrtg. Dents. \. p. 8*. 
Nbus peregiHmis Brehm^ Vog* DeuU, i. p, b8, 
Spiirvius nisus VieilL N, Did. d Hist. Nat. x. p. 319. 
Nb^us friiitrilliirius Kanp, Clajtsif. tier Satig, und V'6g. p, 117, 
xiceipiter nisosimilis Tivk. Jourii. A, S. B. (1833) p. 571. 
Accipiter subtvpicus Umlg^* Gray^ Zmd, Misc. (1844) p. 81, 
PL ind. 467, 412.^ Gould, B. of. Eur, pL 18,; Hadgt, 
ined. Accip. 65j tiB, 67, GS, 

£1, Wiltshire^ malti. From Col. Monta^ s Collet?ticin- 
b, Wiltshire, female* From Col. Montagues CoUeetion* 
I?, Gr<*at Britain, male. Presented by A. Cooper, Esq. ! 
K d, Siiflron Waltlen, male. From I^Ir, J- darkens Collefi 
f e, Cauibridrjeshire, joun*r. Presented liy Mr. J. B&kei^ 
y. Satljoii Walden, female. From Mr. J. Clarke's Colli 
g. Kiel, male. Presented by M- F. Boie. 
A. Female, Presentod bj lA. Geiu T. Hardwicke. 
I. Eiiypt, female. Presented by W. B. I>. TunibulL, E( 
j\ A. Nepal, iiKile. Pregented by B. II. Hodgson, Eaa* 
/ — n, Nepal, female. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Efl< 
o. Cornwall Pre^sent^d by D. W. Mitebell, Esq, 
p—9. Nepal. Presented by B. IL Hodgson, Esq. 
/. Jajian. From the Leyden Museum, 
u. Xanthus. Pre^*ented liy Sir C. Fellow ea* 
U.K Sternum, Eii;f!Umd, male. Presented by T. Ifigail, B 
X. Stermmi, Eui^daml, female. Presented by T. IngaH^ 
y. Sternum, En^jland. 

z. Stern ntn, En;;land* Presented by Jt>lm Kavt Esq. 
aa* Sternum, Europe. From M. Lefevre*? Colleetion, 
hb. Sternum^ Nepal. Presented by B. II. Hodgson^ £m 

2, Accipiter ebytitrowemia. The red-ihigbed Sparrow-I 

Accipiter ervtbfoncmia Q, i?, Gray^ Kaup, Isis^ (1847) gj 
Falco nisoides Cm, {3fSS,) jfl 

a. Cliili ? male. From Mr, Brydges* CoUec-tion. ^H 

b. Brazil, female* Presented bj £« Wilson, Eeq. ^M 

TMUxanDMt, 71 

5. AcciprrEB tachieo. The speckled Sparrow-Hawk. 

iccipiter tachiro G. R. Oray^ List Birds^ Brit, Mus, i. p. 36. 
Woo tadiiro Daud, Tr. dOm. ii. p. 90. 
lUeopoljzonos Temm, MSS, 
lim poijzonos Less. Tr. D*Om. p. 58. 
Fako imdaliTentur Rupp. Faun. Abyss, t. 18. f. 1. 
Kni f achiro Car. Reg. An. (1829) p. 334.; Kaup, his, (1847) 
p. 176. 

LenaU. Ois. dAfr. t. 24. ; PI. col. 337. 420. 

c South AiHca, joung male. From M. Verreaux* Collection. 

h. South Africa, very young. From M. Verreaux' Collection. 

c. South Africa, male. From the South African Museum. 

d. South Africa, female. From the South African Museum. 

4. AcciPiTEm BunYENTBis. The red-bellied Hawk. 

iftlpiter rufiTcntris A. Smith, S. Afr. Quart. Joum. (1830) 
%m.i lU. Zool. S. Afr. Birds, pi. 93. 
■Mexilifl col. 496. 

penpicillaris RUpp. Faun. Abyss, t. 18. f. 2. 
pen^cillaris Kaup, Mus. Sewkenb. (1845) p. 259. 
«. Cat River, South Africa, male. From M. Verreaux' Col- 
h. Knjsma, South Africa, male. From M. Verreaux* Collec- 

e. Shoa, N. £. Africa. Presented bj the Hon. East India 

5. AcciPiTCR FU8CC8. The American brown Hawk. 

^ftipiter fuscus G. R. Gray, List, of Birds, Brit. Mus. \. p. 38. 

'lb fiiscus Gmel. S. N. i. p. 280. 

^Jopiter striatus VieiU. Ois. de VAmer. Septr. t. 14. 

JWs Malfini Less. Tr. dOm. p. 58. 

'*fc» peoDjylvanicus Wils. Amer. Om. pi. 46. f. 1 . 

ftw pennaylvanicus Cuv. Reg. An. (1829) p. 334. 

^ttipiter pennsylvanicus Swains. Classif of B. ii. p. 215. 

WooTdox Wils. Amer. Om. pi. 45. f. 1. 

Wrios lineatus VieilL Encyc. Meth. p. 1266. 

Wcodabiua Gmel. S. N. i. p. 281. ? 

Jileo oWurus Gmel. S. N. i. p. 281 . ? 

jwrim striatus Vieill. N. Diet. d^Hist. Nat. x. p. 325. 

yrim ardoiiaceus Vieill. Encyc. Meth. p. 1274. ; Kaun. 

^'cipiter mexicanns Swains. Faun. Bor. Amer. ii. p. 45. r 


tpit4?r frmjrinoules Vigors^ ZooL Journ, m. p. 4^.? 
fill ni pi 18. : PL col 67. ; Le^. Tr, (COrn. t. 12. f. ! 
a. North America. 
b, Quebec. Prt^senttnl hy D. W. Mitchell, Esq. 
c. Delaware. PreKeuted by E. Doubletky, Esq. 


6* AcciFiTEft piLEATUs. The hooded Fdcon. 

ilpit4>r pi lent us G, R, Oray^ Gen, of B, i. p, 
1' jil<u> pileatus Pr, ^fax. Bietr, Lii. p. 107. ; Fl. 
Fiileo lieskei Lirht, 

col 205. 

Falco Co<*iieri Bmmp. Am. Oru. pi. 10. f. 1, 

Fal<^*> Staukyi Attdttb. B. of Amer. pL 36. 

Nisu8 Caoperi Katip, Mm. Senckenb, (1845) p. 259. 

Aceipiter Coopurii G. R. Grtitf^ Gen, itf B. u p. 

NbtiK pileatiM Cuv, Reg. Ah* (1829) p, 334.; Kaup, IsuJ 

p. 178. 
NiauB variatus C«r. Less. Tr. trOm. p. 6L ; Azara^ 24 
Sparrius major Vieill N. Diet (THUt. Nai. x, p. 324. 
Sparvius guttAtua VteilL N, I>icL ftllUt Nat. x. p. 327. 

Azara^ Votj, iii. p. 74. t. 24. 

1a, Strait of Mjigellan. Presented by the Ailniiralty. 
h^ c. Chili. From Mr. Brydgea' Colleciion, 
d. Chili, FroHi Air. Cunim^'s Colltictiatk 
€. ? Prepentcd by E. Wilson^ Esq. 
/ Quebec. Preseoted'bj D. W. Mitchell, Esq. 

Act;irjTEii MADAaA8CAjii£T«s]!^. TliG i^Iatla^oscar Hf 

Aceipiter iiiaclanjiLscariensb Verr. S. Afr. Qrtart. Joitm, (l| 
p. 80. ; G. R. Grmj, Lint of B. Brii. Mm, I p. 35. 

rt, Mad^ascar^ male. Fniin the South African Museu 


8. AcctriTER TIN IS. The tiny Falcon. 

Aceipiter tinus G. E, Gray, Lint of B, of Brit Mm, i. p^ 
Falco tin us Ltith, hid, Oru. i. p. 50. 
Falco supers ilios us Linn. S> N. i. p. 128.? Kuupy 
Spar¥iu9 miimtus VieilL N, Diet, crifist. Not, x. p. 319.; 
Sparvius subniger Vipili, N. Dicf. tfllist. Nat. x. p. 328. 
Nisus (Tlieraspixa) tiuus Kttup^ LsiJt^ (1847) p* 169. _ 

G, R. Gray and Mitch. Gen, of Birds, pi. 10. 

a. South America. Presented by J. Gould^ Esq. 

b. South America- From Mr. Warwick*^ Collection 


The dwarf FalooB. 

Oad, Tr. dOnu iL p. 88. 
Cn. A^. Jm. (1817) p. 921. 
ci^ miniinas Kmpj litM^ (1847) pi 171. 

Good Hope, joiuig male. From ILYcman* 

Good Hope, yoimg fcmak. From IL Tcman* 

fnca» in change, male. From the Sooth Alneaa 
tncL, female. From the South Afiieaa Mawam , 

ciFXTEK vrnGATUf. The streiked Hawk. 

11^ G. R. Gray. List, of B. Brii. Mum. L pi 37. 

Temm. pi. aU. 109. (male.) 
Car. Rig. Ah. (1829) p. 334. 

Jerd. Madr. Journ. Lit. and Sci. nS35>) p. ©4. : 

pi. 4. 

j LiiM. S. y. L p. 131.?" Lett. 
tu5 Shav. Gen. Zool. tu. p. 203. ? 
Um. Tr. drOm.n. 00. 

H'jdiTs. Gray, Zool. Mac (l^-M) p. h\. 
1« Blurh. Jaum. A. S. B (1S47) p. .? 
jizu; virgaius Kaup, Chi^fif. der Sm^. umd Vcg. 

■ft. twd. 109S0. 27. -iS. 29, 30. ; /7cx%«. Icou. imed. 

2. 71. t. 1.2. 72.73. 

aiale. Px>.»s«?rted by B. IL Uor]<rsoD. Esq. 

Pres<?nted bv T- C. Jenlon. Esq. 
:il. Presented 'by B. H. Hockr^.n. Esq. 
Preb«iited by the Hon. Eoft India Company. 

I-. L'ROsriZi. 

K ciEBHotEPHAi.LS. The Ncw Holland Sparrow - 

icephalns VitiU. X. Diet. dHi^t. XaL x. p. 32%. 
latus Vif^. and Horsf. Lnm. Tratts. xv. p. 182. 
i Cur. Temm. pi. col. 43. 93. 
•. Lath, Ind. Om. Suppl. p. xi. 
(.r VieiU. N. Diet. dHisL AVrf. x. p. 829. Kmif. 
Leu. Tr. dOm.^. 6i. 

AcciprnuES BnniTn. 

Falco melanopn iMth. huL Om. SuppL p. 3tu,? 

Spar vi us rnelimops ViatlL N. Diet. ttUht. Nat. i. p« 339. ? 

Aslur (Microiiisus) torquatus Kanp^ Mus. Senckenh, (1 

p. 259. 
Nisus (Urospiza) torqwatas Kanp^ Isis^ (1847) p. 18L 

Ooidfiy B. of Ausir, pi. 

a. Soutli Australia, male. Presented by C, D. E. Fortl 

6. South Australia, female. Presented hy His Excel] 

Capt. G. Grey, 

c. South Augtrnliti, yoiiTig feninle. Presented by His Ej 

loni'y Capt. G. (irey. 

d. Chick. From Mr. Harvey *ts Collection, 
€, Australia, male. 

f. Austi-aJia, female. Presented by A, Cunninfftiaiii, Esq 

g, Australia, female. Presented by His ExeelleDCy Ca|S 

A — k. Interior of South Au5tniUtt. Presented by Capt. St 
L South Aui^traba. Presented by Hia ExeeUency r 


12. AcciPiTEB AFPBOxiMAitg. The Australian Gosbawl 

Trans, xv. p. } 


Astur Qpproximans Vig. and Ilorsf. Linn. 

Gould, Syii. B, of Awsfr. pt iii- pi i\ 1. 
Astur radiatus Cup. Ri^g. An. (1829) p, 332. ; Vig, aft«£ 

Linn. Trans, xv. p. 1 81, 
Astur fasciatua Vtg, and Horsf Linn. Tmns. xv. p. 181. 
Falco radiatus (nee Lath ) Temm, pi col. 123 
Nidus (Hrospis^u) radiatus Kaupy Mus* Senckenh. (1845) p. S^ 
Nisua (Urosipiza) approxiuiuns Kanp^ Isis^ (1847) p, 182. 

Gmldy B.of Aujftr, pi. i 

a. South Amcricii, adult. Presented by His Excellency ( 

G, Grey. J 

b, Adelaide, South Australia, young. Pteieuted by C. 1 
Fort nu 01, Esq. 

Presented !>v the Linnrean So<"iety. 
Presented by Lady Currin^ton. 

Australia, male, 
Australia, male. 
Australia, female. 

/, g, Gould's Island, Presented by J. B. Jukes, Ei 



MioTonisus O. R. Gray^ List of Getu cf B. p. 5. (1840.) 

Niostur i?/yM. (1844.) 


MhjmMM Ea^ doMtif. der SdMg. tmd Vdg, p. 116. (1844.) 
' —^ I Kamp, iMii, (1847) p. 173. 

a. Tjchtsfizj. 

1. MicBonsufl soLoXvau. The Soolo Falcon. 

loloeiisiB Hcfnf, Lmn. Tram, xiiL p. 137. 

kAoSdos Leu. Tr. ^Om. p. 61. 

nculoldes coL 110. 129. 

mculoides Cuv. Beg. An. (1829) i. p. 334. 

.TachjiliiBa) solo&ub Kiaup^ Ckusif. der Sdug. ynd Vdg. 


Northern ports of China. From Mr. Fortune's Collection. 

JaTA? Presented by £. Wibon, Esq. 


\. MicmoHisus FRA3CCS8II. France's Sparrow-Hawk. 

jer Francesii A. Smith. 

^Scelospiza) Francesii Kaup^ Ins, (1847) p. 173. 

Ifadagascar, male. From the South African Museum. 
Madagascar, young male. From M. Yerreaux* Collection. 
? Presented by E. Wilson, Esq. 

c. Micnosisuf:. 

3. Micsonisus badius. Brown's Hawk.' 

badius Gmel S. N. i. p. 280. ; BrounCt lU. t. 3. 
Brownii Shaw, Gen, ZooL y\\. p. 161. 

Dussumieri Temm, pi. col. 308. 336. ; Jerd. Madr. Joum, Lit, 
Sci. (1839) p. 84. 

Dussumieri Cuv. Beg. An. (1829) i. p. 332. 
Dussumieri Less. Tr. dOm. p. 59. 
ler dukhunensis Sykes, Proc. Z. S. (1832) p. 79 
ter fringillarius JenL Madr. Joum. Lit. and Sci. (1839) 

iter scutarius Hodgt, Sport. Afiot^. (1836.) p. 180. 
ter fringiUaroTdcs Hodg)!. Gray, ZooL Misc. (1844) p. 81. 
manillensis Meyen, Ntw. Act. (1834) p. 69. Suppl. t. ix. 
(Micronisus) badius Kaup, his, (1847) p. 190. 
errf. lU. Ind. Omith. pi. 4. ; Hardw. Icon. ined. 10980. 22. 
; Hodgs. Icon. ined. Accip. 69. f. 1. 70. f. 1. 3. v. 8. 
. Nepal, female. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
Nepal, young. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
s '2 



c, d. Male. Presented by M.-Gen. T- Hardwicke, 
«,/» Maflr&s, femiiJc. l^reseiitiHl by W\ Ellititl, Esq, 
g — j. Nepal. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. I 

A. Teniwtseriin. Prusenwd by L D, C* Packman, Esq. M- 
/ — o. Beliiir, Hindostan. Presi'iitud by B. II. Hodgnoa, £4 
p. Sternum, Nepal, Presented by B, ll. Hodgson, E&q» 

4. MicBoivisus sFUETvuBus. The flhort^toed Sparrow* Hawk., 

Eateo spbenums RUpp, Faufi. Aht/u. p. 42. ; S^sL UehtrM* m 
Ntfrd-Ojit-A/r, t. 2, 
. Aecipiter brjwliydm^tylus Swains. B, of We^t, Afrita^ i, p. 118. < 
I Accipif er prily^onuidcs A. SmitK JIL H. Afr. Zool, Birdji^ pL Iti 

Aiitiir (MiLToniriiit?) Kiippellii Kaup^ Ixis^ (1847) p, 189» 

a. Gambia, niuJe. From Rlr* Kun<lull*3 HftUection. 
6, c. Western Africa. From Dr. Smitb*8 CollertioD, 
d. Western Africa. Pre»ented by the Earl of Derby, 
f, South Africa. From the South Afric4Ui Museum. 

5, jMicEOKisus GABA&, The red-legged Falcon. 

Micron ijiUJi gaber G. R Gray, LiJtL of Gen, of B. (1840) p, 5, 
Fdco gabar Baud, Tr. d'Orth ii. p. 87. 
aisus gabar Cav, Reg, j4n. (1817) i, p, 321. 
Accipiter ervthrurbyncua Swaim, B. of Went. Afr. i p. 121. 
Fiilco BanWii Temm. MSS, 

Sparrias nij:;er VieilL Gal, des Gin, t. 22.; Encifc, Mcth. p. 1269. 

Sparvius lencorrhous VieilL Enctfc, Mdh. p. 1269. Kaup, 

Nisus niger Less. Tr, (rOm.ji. 59. 

^. Accipiter niger Gould,, Syn, B, qf Amtr. pt. iii. pb t 1 . 

^■•A.stur {Micron is us) gabar Kaup^ Claxsif. dtr Stitt^. und Vog. p. I U 

m LemilL Ok, d'A/r, t. 33. ; GaL des Ois, I, 22, ; PL col. m 


a, Sunday River, Soutb Africa; young female. From 1 

Verreaux' Collection. 
6. Elephant River, female. From M. Verreaux' CollKCliOfip 

c. Latakoo, young male. From M. Verreaux' Collectioa. 

d. South Africa, adult female. 

e. South Africa, young. From the South African Museum* 
/. Senegal. 
g. South Africa. From the South African Museum. 

6. MiCRONiaus MONo<3BAMmcua. The single -streaked Hawk 

^aleo monogrammicus Temm. pLeoL 314. 
^Vstur monogranimicus Cuv. Rvg. An, (1829) i. p. 


IMbt (Ifiercmkiis) numogrammiciiB Katip, Im, (1647) p. 189. 
BMi/ IT. 4/r. pL 4. 

c» k Gambim. From Mr. Rendall's Collection. 
e. SencgiL Presented by the Earl of Derbj. 


Hcliermx O. R. Gray, List Oeu. of Birds, p. 5. (1840.) 

1. MvusmAX MU8ICU8. The chanting Falcon. 

: mnscns O. R. Gray, List Otn. ofB. (1840) p. 5. 

Fifeo BoaicQfl DoMd. Tr, dOrn, ii. p. 116. 
fins nraaiciu Cw, Reg. An, (1817) i. p. 321. 
lim cuMxms Leu. Tr. dOm. p. 62. 
Irieo poljzonns Bupp. Foam, Abyss, t. 15. f. 1. 
1m (Melieraz) moucns Kaup, Classif, der SSug. und V'6g. 

kttm (Melierax) cantans Kaup, Isis, (1847) p. 192. 
I«mff. Ois. dAfr. t. 27. 

0, h. South Africa. 

f. South Africa. From Capt. Sir J. Alexander's Collection. 

i. Gambia. From Mr. Rendairs Collection. 

e. Karee Riyer, Cape of Good Hope, chick. From M. Ver- 
reaaz* Collection. 

/. South Africa, female. From the South African Museum. 

viL CinciNJE. 


Serpentarius Cue. Anat. Compar. (1799—1800.) 
Sagittarius Vasm. Descr. dun Oit, de Pr, p. . (1767.) 
Secretarius Dum. Zool. Anal p. 34. (1806.) 
Gjpogeranus lUig. Prod, Mam. et Av. p. 234. (1811.) 
Opbiothercs Vieill. Analyse, &c. p. 59. (1816.) 

1. Sbrpehtarius 8BCRETAB1U8. The Secretary. 

Otis lecretarius Scop. Del Fl. et Faun, insubr. ii. p. 93. ; Sonn. 

yo$. t 50. ; Forst. Icon. ined. 32. 
'ilci> terjjenurius Gmel. 8. N. ijp. 251. 
Serpentarius reptilivorus Daud. Tr. dOm.u. p. 30. 
Serpentarius africanus Shaw, Gen. Zool. vii. p. 46. 

s 3 



Opliiotherea cristatua Vieili. N. Did. d'Hiat* Nat, xxjt. p. 
Gypogeranus africannd A. Smith. 

Gjpogertuiiis capeosis Ogilbt/, Proc. Z, S. (1835) p, 104, 
Gjpogera&UB gambensiw Ogifbff, Proc. Z. S, (1835) p. 102, 
Gypogeranus philipfictiBia Ogilby^ Proc. Z. S. (1835) p* 105. 

ti. Cape of Good llcjpe. Frcsenled by M.-Gea. T, Ilardwic 
b. Cape of Good Hope, 


PolyboroTiles A, Smith, S, Afr, QuarL Journ. (1830.) 
Gymnogenys Lesi. (1830,) 

L FoLTBOROiBBS EAUIATU8. The Madftgascaf Falcon. 

Polyboroldes radiatus O, R. Grfig, List Gen of Birds^ (1840) ^ 
Vultur radiatus Scop. Del FUr. et Fmtn. imitbr. ii. p. 85 
Fnleo madagascarlensis Duttd. Tr, ffOm. ii. p, 75. 
Sparviuii modagascariensis VicitL N. Diet if Hist, Nat. x. p. 939| 
Polyboroldes typus A, Smith, S. Afr. Quart, Joum, (1830) p. 
Fflico gymnogenys Temm. pi. coL 307* 
Gymnogenys xnadagascariensif! Less, Tr. (TOm, p. 64. 
I CircaStua (^Gymnogeiiy») radktus Kaup^ Chusif. der Staig, 
K%.p. 12L 

" ' " " /U.S. Afr, Zool. pL 81, 82. 

ii, t 103. 

Sonn. Votf. Ind. 
a, Africa, male. 

Western Africa, male. 
c* South Africa, female, 
d. South A^ca, young. 

From the South African Museui 
From the South Airic^m Museui 



Lacpp, Mem. dTn^t iil p. 506. (1800—1801 
s Koch, S^at. der Bnirr. ZmL p. . (1816. 
Stri^tceps Bonap, (1S31) Sugg. DiMr. Meth. Anim. Vert, p. 
Bufiarellus Z^j/r. Rcu, ZmL (1831*.) 

Gbucopteryx Kaup, Cta^gif* der Sang, wid Vog. p. 11?. (l&* 
Spilocircus Kaup, isis, (1847) p. 101, 
Spizaeircus Kaup^ Mm. Seruikenb, (1845) p, 258. 

a, Strigiceps. 
1, Circus cyaneus. The Hen Harrier. 

1 Circus cyaneus Boi^, Ixia, (1822) p. 549. 
Faico cyaneus Liim. S, N, i. p. 126. 
Fi J CO pygarguB Linn. S. N. I p. 126. 


ifitar TmriabQiB PaU, Zoogr. i p. 364. 

oo bohemicus GmeL S. If. i. p. 279. 

soallncaiia GmeL S.N. i. p. 276. 

X) griaeas GmeL S. N. i. p. 276. 

)0 bodUdus GmeL S.N.l^ 276. 

» ODcreiis //. Poseg. p. 29. 

o mbiKinosiifl /^ Aseg. p.29. 

09 galuaarius Sav. Deter, de TEgypie^ But Nat. i. p. 92. 

o strigiceps Nils. Faun, Suee. i. p. 21. 

irgos diflpar Koch^ SyH. der Baier. Zool. p. 

08 pjgur^us Cwo. Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 324. 

Bs (Strisieeps) cyaneus Bonap. Kawp^ Mue. Senckenb. (1845) 

258. ; Edw. Birds, pL 225. Bodgs. Icon. ined. Aecip. 74. v. 


o Hudwnios Znm. S. N. i. p. 128. ; Edw. Birds, pi. 107. 

OS Hadsoniufl VieiB. Ois. de tAmer. Sept. i. p. 36. t. 9. 

o uli^iiioeiu ChneL S. N i. p. 278. ; Edw. Birds, pi. 291. 

09 oligiDOsus VieiU. Ois. de VAnUr. Sept. i. p. 37. 

OS (Strigiceps) uliginosas Kaup, Mus. Senckenb. (1845) p. 258. 

» variegatus GmeL S. N. i. p. 276. 

t> albidus Gmel. S. N. \. p. 276. 

vQs Tariegatuis VieiU. Ois. de VAmer. Sept i. p. 37. 

» BufTonii GmeL S. N. \. p. 277. 

CO europ<jgistii9 Bosc, Daud. Tr. dOm. ii. p. 110. ; VieiU. Ois. 

tTAmer. Sept t. 8. 

t«o (Circus) cyancus ? var. ? omericanus Sw. and Rich. Faun. 

3or. Amer. Birds, pi. 29. 

Edscards" Birds, pi. 8. ; Wils. Amer. Om. pi. 51. f. 2. young ; 
Bmtsp. Amer. Om. pi. 8. adult. 

a. DeroDsliire, male. From Col. Montagues Collection. 
h. Great Britain, male. 

c. Xorlblk, young female. Presented by J. Scales, Esn. 

d. Great Britain, young female. From Col. Montagu 8 Col- 


e. Deronshire, young female. From Col- Montagu's Collec- 

/. Great Britain, young female. Presented by Sir A. Moles- 

g—j. Nepal, male. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. 

i China, female. Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

I. North America, female. Presented by Edw. Doubleday, 

m. North America, male. Presented by Dr. Ridgewav. 

h. Ri<» Sacramento, California. Presented by Mr. (J. Bar- 

^'- n. Stem8. England. 

B 4 

80 ACCrPITEM fiiuaifi. 

q. Sternum, England. Presented by Jahn Ray, Esq, 
r. Sternum, Europe. From M. Lefevre's Collection. 
^m ^* SternucD, Nepal, rresented by B. H. Hodgson ^ Esq, 

r 2. CiBCUs M£LA:nol£ucus. The black and wbtte Indiim Falcon 

t'ircus melanoleucus VieiU, N, Diet. (THist. Nat. iv* p. 465, 

Faleo melanoleucns GrimL S, N* i. p, 274. 

CircuB (Strigicepi*) m*i!lanoleueusiirflM^,ilfttJ, Senckenb^ (1845) p. 2 

»rnd. Zoul iv. f. 2.; LemiU, Ois, dAfr. t. 32. ; Hodgs. Itx 
ined. Accip. 78. 
a. Nepal. Presented by B, H. Hodgsont Esq. 

3. Circus acou. The long-legged Falcon. 


Circus acoli VieilL N, Did, dUi^t NaL iv. p* 453, 
Falcn acnlj Daud. Tr. dOmAl. p. 176. 

t.' ire us (Stri^iceps) acoli Kaup, Mm. Senckenh. (1845) p, 251 
LevailL Ois. tiAfr. 

t. 31. 

Karee River, South Africa, in change, 
reaux' Collection. 

From AL V« 

4* CiEcua ciNBBEUS. Quoy's BuauEftfd. 

Circua einereus Vieili, N. Diet d'Hist Nai^ iv. p. 454. ; 

Mils, Senchenk (1845) p. 258. 
Falco hietrioiiicus Qupy and Gaim. Voy, de Uremif, Ok. t. 15, Ifi 
Circus cauipejitris VietlL N. Did. d'Hut Nat iv. p. 455. Kaup. 0, 
Falco frenntua ///. Licht Cat Dupi. Bert Mus. p. 62. ? 
Circus (Strigicc'ps) bistrionicus Jtawp, Jm, (1847) p. 98, 

Azam, No. 32, 33. 
I a. Chlli» adult female. From Mr. Bridgos'a Collection. 
' h. Chili, very young. From Mr. Bridges*s Col lee lion. 

c. Straits of MiigcOan, male. Presented by the Admiraltj. 
it FaXklmid Islands, male. Presented by Sir AV, Burni^ 

and Cflpt. Fitzroy, R, N, 
c. East Falkland (Antarctic Expedition). Preflented by tlH 

/. Falkland Islandd, young male. (Antarctic Expedition*) 
Presented by tiie Admiralty. 

5, Circus ater. The black Hen Harrier. 

3ircu3 atcr VieilL N. Diet d'Hiat Nat iv. p. 459. 
Pidco inaurus Temm, pt, cot 461. 

Gm Libudi A. SmUkj S. Afr. Quart. Jtmrn, (1890) p. 383.: 

ML&Afr.Zoal pL5S, 
CfatBi (Sirigicepe) manrus £atfp, Mu8. Senckenb. (1845) p. 258. 

c Africa* joimg male. From Mr. Leadbeater*8 Collection. 

h, Soatk Africa, male. Presented by J. (touIgI, Esq. 

e. 8o«ith Africa. From the South African Museum. 

<e. SoaUi Africa, female. From the South African Mu- 

/. Sooth Africa, chick. From the SouUi African Museum. 
g. South Africa, young. From M« Yerreauz* Collection. 

b. Glaucofteryx. 

6. CutcDS cmsBAscEHS. The ash-coloured Falcon. 
Inm cinerascens Cuv, Rjg, An, (1829) i. p. 388. 
*ifeo cinerasceas MonL Limn, Tratw, ix. p. 188. 
Smis Montagui Vieill. JV. Diet. (THut. Nat. xxxL p. 411.; CroL 

iet Ois. U 13. 

dteo Ginerasceus FTem. Brit, Anim, p. 55. 
ireas dnerascens ▼. pallidus Hodgs, Oray, Zool, Misc, (1844) 

p. 81. 

ircus nipalensis Hodgs, Gray, Zool. Misc. (1844) p. 81. 
Ircus (Glaucopteryx) cineraceus Kaup, Ciassif, der Saug. und 

Orm. DieLfg. . ; Gatdd, B. of Eur. pi. 35. ; Hodgs. Icon, 

iatd, Accip, 75. f. 1, 2. 76. 79. v. 26. P 

a, Devonshire, male. From Col. Montagues Collection. 
h, Wiltshire, male. From Col. Montagu's Collection, 
c. Devonshire young male. From Col. Montagues Collection. 
<£, e. Oxfordsliire, young male. Presented by Miss Moreland. 
/. England. 

g, Europe, adult male. From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection. 
k. Nepal. Presented by B. U Hodgson, Esq. 
I. Madras. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 
j. Nepal, female. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
/. Sternum, England. Presented by J. Kay, Esq. 
m. Sternum, Europe. From M. Lefevre's Collection. 
a. ? Sternum, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Escj. 

7. CiBCUS SwAiNBONi. Thc palc-chestcd Harrier. 
Coras Swainsoni Smith, S. Afr. Quart. Jourti. (1830) p. 384. ; lU. 

n/S. Afr, Zool. pL 43, 44. 
Circus albescens Leu. Tr. d^Om. p. 85. 
Pako cquipar Cuv. M8S. 
Circas pallidus Syke», Proc. Z. S. (1832) p. 81. 

B 5 


Circus ditlmaticua Bupp, Mus. Sencketih. (IBM) L 11. 
Circus (Glaucopteryx) Swaiiisoni Kaup^ Mint. Senckenb> 
p, 258. 

Gould, B. of Bur. pi 34. 

a. Atbeng. Presented by C. L, \Y» Merlin^ Esq. 

b. Nepal. Pr^ented by B, tL Hodgson, Esq* 

c. SFiwcmcus, 

8. Circus Jardinii. 

Jardine's Hen Harrier. 
Soc. (1837) p. 141.; 


Circus Jardiuii Gmdd^ Proc, Z*>ol* 

of Amtr. pt. iii. pi 
Circus (Spiloclrciis) Jardinii Kuup^ /«w, (1847) p. 

>Gonlfi, B. of Austr, pi 
a, AQstralia. From Mr. Warwick*? Collection. 
b. New Soutli Wales. From Mr. Gi>iild's Collection. 
c, Australia. Presented by M.-<k'ii. T. Hiirtiwiuke, 
K d, Australia^ young. Preaent<:d by Lady Carrington. 
H #, N^irth-eastem Australia, Presentevl bvLt. Col Sir Thoa 
■ L. Mitchell 



9. Circus macroptbbcp. The Salvador Falcon.! 

Circii!* macropterus VieilL N. Did. ^fifia^. Nat iv. p. 458. 
FaJco palustm Pr. Max, Beiir. (1831) ii. p. 224. 
Circug idbicollia VieiU. N. Diet. tCHkt Nat. iv, p. 456.; Kmp 
Circus superciliosufi Lexs, Tr. (TOm. p. 87. t. 3. f. 1. 
Circus (opizacircus) raacropterus Kaup^ Mus, Seiickenb, 
p. 113. 

Temm, pi, coL 22. \ Azara, No. 31. 12* 

«. Cayenne, y^rj young female. From M. Vem 


10. CmctJft ^»uoiNo«U8, 

The Moor Buxtard. 

Circus seruginosus Sav. Dexcr. de lEgypte^ HUt* 

Kaup, Mux, Sem-kenb. (1845) p, 258. 
Fttlco ceniginoBUs Limi. S. N. i. 130, 
Cin-us palustrb Brinjt. Orn. i, p. 401. 
Circus variegatua Stfkes^ Pt^oc. Z, S. (1832) p, 81, 
Falco rufus Gmel S, N. I p. 266, 


Gma nifus BrUs, OrtL L p. 404. ; Sav. Doer, de FEgypte^ Hist. 

NaL L p. 91. 
PUeo amndinaceus Bechttt, 
Palro Krameri Kram, 

Skqs rafuB var. indicus XeM. CampL Bnff, yii. p. 155. 
Smu Sjkesi 2>m. Com/i;. jBu^. vii. p. 161. 
krteo cm^nosus FUm. Brit, Anim, p. 55. 
iodpiter circus PaU. Zoogr. i. p. 362. 
P^KVgQs rufus £orA, Syst, der Baier. Zool. p. . ; Kaup^ Classif. 

der Saa^. wul Vog. p. 113. 
PL eml 460. 424. ; Scop. Ddic, Fawn, Insub. u. p. 19.; Hodgs. 

Jam, imed. Aeeip, 77. ▼. 27. 

A. Caermarthenshire, female. From €k>L Montagues Collec- 

h. Great BnUun, male. 

r Europe, male- Presented by D. W. Mitchell, Esq. 

d, China, male. Presented bj J. K. Reeyes, Esq. 

t. China, female. Presented by J. R, Reeres, Esq. 

/. ? Presented bv M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

g, Norfolk, variety. Presented by J. Scales, Esq. 

\ i, Nepal, female. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

j, k, NepaL Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

i m. Bemur. Presented by B. H. Hoc^on, Esq. 
I «. Athens. Presented by C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 

0. Sternum, England. 

/>. Sternum, q. Skull, England. Presented by John Ray, 

r. Sternum, Europe. From M. Lefevre's Collection. 

«. ? Sternum, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

11. Circus assimilis. The allied Moor Buzzard. 

Circu? ateimilis Jard, and Selbys HI, Om. pi. 51. ; Zool of Ereh. 
mi Terr. Birds, pt. viii. p. 2. ; Kaup, Isis, (1847) p. 106. 
Gimtds B. ofAiutr, pi. 

0. SoHth Australia, male. Presented by His Excellency 

Cant. G. Grey. 
A. South Australia, female. Presented by 1 1 is Excellency 

Cajit, G. Grey. 
t, d. New Zealand, (Antarctic Expedition) male. Presented 

by the Admiralty. 
/. New Zealand, (Antarctic Expedition) female. Presented 

bv the Admiralty, 
jf. New Zealand, male. From Mr. Earl's Collection. 
^—j. New Zraland. From Mr. Earl's Collection, 
s 6 


k, Wallis'a Idand, Australia. Presented by the Ef 

L New Zealand. Preaented by His Excelleiicy Cap 

m. New Zealand. Presented by Capt Sir E.HoDie^ Bart, 

12. CiBCU9 KANivoBiis. The raaivorous Falcon, 

Circus raiUvorus VieiiL N. Diet. tTHut Nai. iv. p. 456. ; j 

Mm, Senckefdf. (1845) p. 258. 
Falco ranivorus Daud, Tr. cTOm* ii, p. 170. 
Pygar^us raoiyorus Kaup^ Classif, tier Snug, und Vog. p, 

lAvaill Ois. (TAfr, t, 23. M 

a, Lat4ikoO| female. From M. Verreaux' CoUeetion. ^ 

b. Cape of Gnml Hope, Blauw Bergj very young. Frtt 

Verreaiix" Collection. 
e. South Africa, female. From tlie South African Mum 

d. Cape of Good Hope, male. Presented by J. Gould, I 

e. South Africa, male. From the South AJrican Muieui 

Suborder 11. Accipitres Nocturni. 
Fam. V. STRIGID^. 


Snrnla Dim. ZM. AndL p. 34. (1806.) 

1. SuBNiA OLULA. Tbc Caoadft OwL 

nia uhila ^<7iui]i. 
ka alaU Zmii. & iNT. i. p. 133. 
riz fimerai Lhuu S, N. i. p. 133. 
f Mz dolkU Pa& Zb<;^. L p. 316. t. 1. 
[JMz eanadensb ^mf. t>ni. i. p. 518. t. 37. f. 2. 
\ Itoiz fred Hudsonis ^riM. Om, i. 520. 
[llraL Hudaonia Gmel S. K i. p. 2d5. 
^ ' : niaona Mejfer^ Taschenb, Deuta, L p. 84. 

L uctica Sparr. Mm. Carl. 51. 
[loetua (Surnia) funerea Cwf. Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 332. 
Twaea funerea ^reAm, Viig. Deut, L p. 101. ; Yarrell, Brit B. 
p. 146. 

9«ua borealu Z«m. TV. <f t>m. p. 100. 
1 8vna nisoria Brehnu Vdg. Deut, i. 

eAm, Vdg. Deut. i. p. 102. t. 7. f. 1. 
Synuvin ouoria Kaupj Naturl. Syst. der Eur. Thier. p. 59. 

PL enL 463. ; WiU. Am, Om. pi. 50. f. 6. ; Audub. B. of 
Amier. pL 378. ; Edward* Birdsy pi. 62. 

0, 6. Northern Asia. 

e, d. Siberia. From Mr. Walilbcrg*s Collection. 
t. North America. 

/ North America. Presented by the Hudson s Bay Com- 

f. NOTtitem Land Expedition. Presented by Capt. Sir G. 



Nyct«a Steph. Gen, ZooL xiii. p. 62. (1825.) 

L Nyctea nivea. Tte suowy Owl. 

I Nye tea nivea Bonap, 
Strix nyctea Ijtm, S. N. i p, 1 
Strix niveji Dand. Tr. (tOrn. i 


p. 190. 

Strix cjificlida Lath. Iml. Siij)pL ]j. xiv. 

Strix ermiiiea Shnw^ Gen. Zool. vii. p, 251. 

Nyctea ertninea Steph. Gen. ZiJ^d. xiii. p> 63. 

Ny^'lia randida Stcains, Classif, of B. ii. p. 217. 

NoLtliia nyeteft Cup. Beg. Afi. (1817) i. p. ;J32. ; Brehm^ VI 
Dent, I p. 103. t. 7. f. 2. 

Surniii nyctea Selb^^ Ornith* i. p. 9J. ; Yarrell^ Brit. B. u p, 14 

Syrnmiti nyctea Kunp^ Nalurl. Syd. der Eur. 7%ier. p, 59. 

PI efU. 458. ; Wth. Amer. Om. ]A. 32. f. 1. ; Edwards* Bw\ 
pi 61. ; Lemill Oh. ffAfr. t. 45. ; VkUl. Ois. de tAmer, Si 
I. t. 18. ; Auduk B, of Amrr. pi. 121. ^ 

a. Great Britaiti, Frum Mr. Bullocks Collect if>n. 

b. North Anieriea, male. I'lesciited by the Hudsan*» 

c. Northern Land Expedition. Pre^enteti l>y Capt. Hit 
Back, R. N. 

d. Nortli America. Presented by the Hudson's Bay €4 


Noctua Sav, Descr. de fEgypte, Hist, Nat, I p. 105, (IBDl 

Athene Boie, Isi\% (1822) p. 549. 

Carine Kaup, Naturl. %s/. der Eur. Thier. p. 29. (1829.) 

NTCtipetes Swains, Ciassif. of B. Vu p. 218. (3837.) 

GlWidiiim Boie, Isin, (182G) p. 976. (1837.) 

Ninox Hodga. Journ. A. S. B. (1837) p. 3(i4, 

Cictaba WagL his, (1832) p. 1222. 

a. ArumE. 

L Athbne noctta. Tlic AustHrtU rufous Owlet. 

'Athene noctua €t. B. €rrtnj^ List of Gen. of Birds^ p. 
Strix noetuii Uctz. Fnuu, Suec. p. 85. 

Strix, pasFcriim Lath. Ind. Orn. i. p. ^S, ; Tcmm, Man. ttC 
' (1815) p. 53. 
^oclua passerina Cuv. lir^. An. (1817) i. p. 332. (1829) p. 34 

YarreU, Brit. i?. i. p. 149. 
^octua glaux Sav. Descr, de rEgypte, Hist* Nat. i. p. 105. 

hsnd^ aoipiiktdMstyUi iVilt. Orik Am. L ]k 68. t S; TaHk 

[tm.iOnL iiL p. 50. 

)^im\inUtij\k Brtkm, VSg. DoA L pu 110. 1 8. £ 1. 


ihw liiiiiiiiia BoU, Jm. (1882) p. 549. ; Bnkm, njg. JOuA I 

■■{▼MBOpOS Ho^9. 

m mmaioA Kaup, NaiwrL S^ der Emr. l%ier. p, tB^ 
Aai^.439.; OoM, B. of Ewr.yLiB.; Bo^Memuimed. 

ft Grau Britain? From Mr. Gould't CoDeeCm. 
■ cGfcifttiiitun? 

& lUbet. Presented hj B. H. Hodgioii, Esq. 

2. Athene beama. The Indian Owl. 

: >.rama G. R. Gray, List, of Birds^ Brit. Mum. i. p. 50. 
I brinu Temm. pi. col. 68. 
to>jraaia Cur. Reg, An. (1829) i. p. 346. 
I'lL^i-^ FnuUa, Proc. Z. S. (1831) d. 115. 
, uraT«n>'u Ilodgs. Joum. A. S, B, (1837) p.3*)9.: At. 
t fin.xix. p. 175. 

*aeu>iku« Blyth, Jmtm. A. S. B. (1842) p. 457. 
ifcr taravensi* Hotlgn. Gray, Zool, Misc. (1844) p. 82. 
H/!4?i. /c^Tii. !».</. yicf//>. 82.* 82. f. 1. 

c, 6. X*.paL Pr<*st*nled by B. H. Hodeson, Es^j. 

<■ i Matlru?. Presented by the Rev. H. 11. Baber. 

*. lE.iia. Prcsenttti by . Hillier, Esq. 

/ Iijiiia. Prescnled by M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

C India. Presented by Dr. Burns. 

A. India. 

'.;'. Nepal. Presented by B. U. Hodj^son, Esq. 

• Ikliur. Presented by'B. 11. Hodgson, Esa. 

I Sit-rniim, NepaL Presented by B. II. Uodg^a, Esq. 

•S. Ath£5e cuculoides. The Ilimalayah Owl. 

^■n-^. ououloldes Blyth, Jourii. A. S. B. (1841) p. 921. 
*«flu»cu..uloides Vigors, Proc. Zool. Soc. (1830) p. 8. 
fet;^ luribarbis Hodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1837) p. 369. 

Gmlt Cent, of Birds, pi. 4. ; Ilodgs. Icon. ined. Accip. h\.* 

a-f. Nepal. Presented by B. II. nodn:son, Es^j. 
d Nepal, young. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Es^q. 


e,/. Himalajiih MoimtaiiiB. Presented by M^-Gcn, T* 

g. India. Preaented bjr FT, Drummond, Esa. 
A, I, Nepal. Prei^eiitod l>v B, H. Hodgson, Ksq. 
/. St<2rniim, NepaL Presented bj B, H. Hodgson, Esq. 

4. Athene Brodiel Brodie's Owlet, 

Athene Brodici BL Jimm, A, S. B. (1842) p. 163. 
Ntvcttia Brodeii BarL Prot\ ZqhL Soc, {18^^5) ]j. 152, 
Noctua tubiger Ilodgs, Jmtnu A. S. B, (1837) p» 369.; As. 
xix, p. 175. 

Hodgs. Icon. iTted. Accip. 82. f. 2, 3. S3. 

a, 6» t\ NepaL Prt.'seiit<.Mj Isy B. TI, Ilodgj^on, Esq, 

d. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hudgsoti^ Esq. 

5. Athene castabteopteha. The eheslnut-wiiigetJ " 

I Athene castan^ptem Bl Jmtm. A, S, B. (1842) p. 164. 
f Strix caatanoptera Hon/. Lmn. Trum, xiii. p. 140. 
fXoctua castanoptera Cuv, Rcg^ An, (lai29) i. p. 34G. 

StTix spadicea Beiuw. pL coL 9H. 

Athene malabariL-us Bfyth^ Ji/um, A* $» B, xv, p. . ? 

a, India, Presented hy the Hon. East India Company. 

b, Java. Presented by J, Baird^ Esq. 

6. Atheke ertthrofteba. The many-lined Owlet, 

Athene erythroptera Blyth^ Jouim, A, S. B. (184i) p. 
Strix erythroptera GouM, Proc. Z, S, (1837) p. 136. 
Noctua'pcrliiieuta HorfgK. Journ. A, S. B. (1837) 369. 
Strix radiata TtcL Joiriu A. S. B, ii. p. 572. 


p 5 

and ScL (1839) p. 
B, (1842) p. 457. 

Strix cucuIoTiles Jerd. Madr, Joum. 

(1844) p. 120. 
Athene undidatiis Blyth^ Journ, A, S 

Hodgs, Icon, ined, Accip, 84. 

a. Nepal. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. 

&. Himatojah Mountains. Presented by the Hon. East I 

c, d, Madras. Presented by the Rev. H, H. Baber. 
e. Hiraalayah Mountiiiiis Presented by M.-Gen.T. Hardwi 
/. Ilimalayidi Momitiiins. 

g, h, Nepal. Preseiittnl by B. II. Hod^**n E»q. 
i, Madras* Presented by B. H. liodj^rfon, Esq. 
j. Behar. Prej^enled hv B. IE Ikjdijscju, Esq. 
A. Stern unit Nepal. Preisented by B. II, Hodgaon^ Esq, 

7. Artnan scutmlulta. The hany OwL 

kne scatellata G.R. OrmuLittqfBirds^ BriL Mu$. i. p. 50. 

IK Katelkta BajffL Lam, Trams. xiiL p. . 

B Unata 7>iRai./i2. eo^ 289. ; Fauiu Jap. p^ 28. 

xu kinuta Or. /?%>. .<la. (1829) i. p. 346. 

z fai^lMis Tuk. Jcmnu A. S. B. iLp. 572. 

ox mpaleiuis Hodg$. Jcmm. A. S. B. (1837) p. 364. 

ox Jeridiiu HodgM. Grajf^ ZotA. MiMC. (1844) p. 82. 

OS iciitdlatiis m^ Jaanu A. S. B. (1843) p. 812. 

ox higubru Blyik, Jomrm. A. S, B. (1842) p. 457. 

cne mabjensu EyUm, AmtL Nat Hut (1845) p. 228. 

b^p. learn, imed, Aeeip. App. 10. 

«, I. N^aL Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Em. 

c d. Incfian Archipelaeo. Presented by J. R. ReeTes, Esq. 

r. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

/. MsJacca. Presented by Capt. Charlton. 

%. Stemtim, Nepal. Present^ bj B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

S. Athettb macclata. The spotted Owl. 

me macnlata GcmUL, Syn. B, of Auttr, pt. iii. p. . pi. f. 1. 
ftu maculata Vigors, ami Uorsf. Linn. Trans, xv. i>. 139. 
GMt B. of Auttr. pL 

a. Aa«tral]'a. From Mr. Groold^s Collection. 

&. Van Dienien*s Land. From Mr. Turner's Collection. 

e. Van Diemen*s Land. From Mr. R. Gunn*s Collection. 

d. Australia. 

e. South Australia. Presented by C. D. E. Fortnum, Esq. 

/ Van Diemen*s Land (Antarctic Expedition). Presented 
bj the Admiralty. 

r. Tasmania (Antarctic Expedition). Presented by the Ad- 

d. Athksb ifOYA zbalaudls:. The New Zealand Owl. 

^e DOTS zealandiae O. R. Gray, List of Birds, Brit. Mus, i. 

1^51: Voy. Ereb. and Terr. Birds, p. 2. 

riz fulra Forst. Descr. Anim. p. 71. ; Icon. ined. 39. ; Lath. Ind. 

riz DOTc seelandis? Gmel. S. N. L p. 296. 

Ktaa zealandica Quay and Gaim. Voy. de V Astral. Ois. t. 2. f. 2. 

«• New iSealancL From Mr. Tumer^s Collection. 

k c. New Zealand. Presented by Miss R, Stone. 

(^ New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition), male. Presented 
hj the Admiralty. 


e. New Zealand {Antarctic Expedition), female. 

by tbe Adniimlty. 
/* New Ztmlanil (Antarctic Expedition), Presented hji 


10. Athene ALfirFAciEs. The white-faced Owl 

Athene albilaciea G. B. Gray^ Vojf. Mreh, and Terr. Birdsy p^i 
pi. 1. 

a. New Zealand. From Mr. F, EarFs Collection. 
h. New Zealand. Presented by E. Wilson, Esq. 

IK Athene boobook. The boobook OwL 

Athene hixibook Gould^ Sun. B. of Amfr, pt. iiL p. , pL 1 
Strix boobook Ind. Om. SnppL p. xv, 
Noetna boobook Vig, and Jiorxf. Linn* Tram, xv. p. 188. 
Goidd^ B. of Amtr, pL 

a. Adelaide, South AustriilijL, male. Presented by C. fi»f 
Fortnuin, Esq. 

b. South Austral iiL, female. Presented by His Exc 
Crtpt, G. Gre^% 

e. South AustrulTl^ young. Preflented by His Ei 

Ca|)t G. Grey. 
d. Austnilla. Presented by A. Ctinninrrham, Esq. 
e,/* Woytcrn Australia. Presented by His Excellency I 

G. Cirey. 
«-» A. Port Essin^ton. Presented bv Capt, W. Cha 

t. Interior of S. Austraba. Presented by Capt. Sturul 

12* Atheitb con»ivb!<8. The winking Owl. 

Athene connivens G,R, Gray^ Amu of NuL IlisL (1843) n\ 
Fdco connivens Lath, Ind. SttppL p. xii. ; Lamb. Icon, inm, 1 
Biiteo connivens Vieill. N, Diet, tFHht. Nat, iv. p, 481. 
Athene? fortis Gould, Ptoc. Zool Soc. (1837) p. 141. ; Syn, i 
Auxtr, pt. ill. p, . pb r. 1. 
Gould-, B, of Amti', pi. 
«. South Australia, Presented by His Excellency I 

6. Interior of S. Ausfrnlia. Presented by Capt- Stti 

c. North Ea-Htern Australia. Presented by Lt.-Col. Sir ! 
L. MitehelL 

4. VnriouR bones, South Australia, From Mr, W« 


13. ATBxn tTBXHiTA. The powerful OwL 

^' Ibe? ftrenuA 0<nM, Proe, S^ooL Soc. (1887) p. 142. ; St/n, B, 
fAjutr. pt. Hi. pi. . f. 2. 
Gadiy B. of AuMir. pi 

«. Australia. Presented by Lady Carrington. 

14. Athehs WooDvoKDn. The large-ejed Owl. 

; Woodfordii A. Smith, III, S. A/r. Zod. pi. 71. 

i Woodfordii A. Smith, S, Afr. Quart, Joum. (1834) p. . 

. SoQth Africa. From the South African Museum. 
, South Africa. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

South Africa. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

Western Africa. From Mr. Kendall's Collection. 

South Africa. From Dr. Smith's Collection. 

bl5. ATH£!fE CAPEKsis. The Cape Owlet, 
capensts A. Smith, lU. S. Afr, Zool, pi. 33. 
capen^ A. Smith, S, Afr. Quart, Joum. (1834) p. . 

a. South Africa. From the South African Museum. 

16. Athene peslata. The pearl Owl. 

jtheae perlata G. 22. Gray, List of Birds, Brit. Mut. i. p. 51. 
biz perlata VieiU. N. Diet (THist. Nat. vii. p. 26. 
tyctipetes perlatus Swains. Classif of B. ii. p. 218. 
vis occipitalis Temm.j^. col. 34. 
Uema occipitalis Ctto. Meg. An. (1829) i. p. 346. 
LewIL Ois. (TAfr. t. 284. 

a. South Africa. Presented by the Earl of Derby. 

b. South Africa. From the South African Museum. 
<r. Western Africa. Presented by Major Ricketts. 
d. Gmmbia. From Mr. Rendairs Collection. 

17. Athene nana. The dwarf Owl. 

ktbene nana G. R. Gray, List of Birds, Brit. Mum, \. p. 51. 
hrix nana Vigors, Zool. Joum. iii. p. 426. 
bncsdium nanum Boie^ Isis, (1826) p. 976. 
C. R. Gray and Mitch. Gen. of B. pi. 12. 

& Straits of Magellan. Presented by the Admiralty. 

h. South America 



18. Athkjtb FESiirGiNSit. Tlie Cabure Owl 

Athene ferniginea G. R, Oray, List of Birds, BriL M^ 
Strix fcrruglnea Pr, Max. Beitn (18:11 ) ii. p* 234. 
Noctua ferruguiea Cuv, Reg. An. ( 1 82D) L p. 346. 
Pi. col. im. 

a. Brazil. From Mr. Leadtxjater s CoDectiont 

b. South America. Presented hj M, ClauBaeo. 

19. Atbene PAS»ERi?rorD£S. The little ColumbU 

Athene passerinoTdes G. R. Gratf^ Gen. of B.i. p, 
Strix pfliaerinoTdes Temm, pL coL 344. 
SumiA paflseritioidea Audub. Syn, B. of Amer. p. 2^. ; 
pi. 432. ff. 4, 5. 
a. South America. 

20, Athes^b pumila. Tlie pyg^ny Owl, 

Athene pumilrt O. R, Groif^ Lht of Birdsy Brit. Mm, i* i 
Strix pumilii Licht. Cat. DupL Bcrl. Mws. p. 60.; TVmnkJ 
Noctua |»uinila Cuv. Reg. An. (1829) i- p. 346. 
Strix mmutissimn Pr, Mar. Bfitr, (1831) ii* p, 242. 
Strix verox Vieill N. Diet, iTIIi^t. Nat. vii. p. 22. 
Azarot No, 49, 

a. South America, 

h. South America. 

<r. Brazil. Presented by M, Claussen. 

d. South America. From Mr. Johnson's CoUectio 

21. Atbexe cinsicui*ABiA. The Coquimbo i 

AtJiene cunicularia Bonap. Geogr, Comp, List B. of £m 

Amer. p, 6. 
Strix cunicularia MoL ChiU^ p. 233. 
Kyctij)€tes cunicularia Swaiii». CUissif. of B. ii, p. 21 §. 
Noctua unicurca Ctw. Rvg. An. (1829) p. 346. 
Noctua eo(|uimbtina Briss. Orn. L p. 155. 
Strix f^ralkria Temm. pLroL 146. 
Strix hypugiPii Bomtp, Amer. Orn, i. p. 72. 
\tlieiie ^ocialitj Gamh. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad, (18 
iumia cunicuhirisi Audub. St/n. B. of. Amer* p. 22. 

Azani^ No, 47. ; Bonap. Amer. Om. pi, 7. f. 2. ; Ai 

Amer. pi. 412. 

rt. Mexifo. Presented by John Taylor» E«q, _ 

b. Maldanado. Presented bj Charles Darwin, £jf<|] 


e: St Keiit, West Indies. IVeeented by W. CotUe» Esq. 
'. South America. From Mr. Johnson^s CoUection. 

b. CiCCABA. 

22. Athbhx huhxtla. The fasciated Owl. 

hnhnla Dnmd, Tr, dOnu il. p. 190. 
Imeila Shaw^ Gen, Zool. vii. p. 280. pi. 36. 
■ntomttrginata Sjrix, Av. Brat. t. 10. a. 
« hahnla WagL Isis, (1832) p. 1222. 
e lioemta G. JR. Grvm, Gen. ofB. i. p. . 
\ Imeata Lett. Tr, iOm, p. 101. 

t Oirr. Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 338. 

nZr. OiM. dAfr. t. 41. 


23. Atbehb tobquata. The downy Owl. 

\ torquata G. R. Gray^ Gen, of B. i. p. 
orqoaU Daud. Tr. dOm, ii. p. 193. 
I tOTquaU Cta. Rig, An, (1817) i. p. 333. 
mperciliosa Shaw, Gen. Zaol, i. p. 250. pi. 32. 
ra, Xo. 43. ; LevaUl. Oit, dAfr, t. 42. 

South America. 

Sta. Cruz, Bolivia. From Mr. Brydges* Collection. 

c. Glaucidium. 

24. Athxhb passsriha. The little Owl. 

paaserina G. R. Gray, Gen. of B. i. p. 
aaerina Lnm. S. N. i. p. 133. 
raflica Temm. Man, tTOm. (1815) p. 55. 
ri>illa Daud. Tr, dOrn. ii. p. 205. 
Tgmsca Bechtt. Naturg, Deui. ii. p. 978. 
'acadic'i Bote, Itit. (1822) p. 549. 
tiiim passerinum Boie, hit, (1826) p. 976.; Brehm, V6g. 

i.p. 108. t. 8. f. 1. 

vaiU. Oit. dAfr. t. 46. ; Gojdd, B. of Bur. pi. 50. ; iViff . 
iimav. Faun, X. 3. 

Ojmiola, mole. From M. Parrey's Collection. 
'Jamiola, female. From M. Parre/s Collection. 





Nyctak Brekm, Im, (IStJa) p. 127L 

^gnliu3 Katw, Naiuri Sj/j^t der Enr. Tltier. p. 34. (1829.) 

Scotopliilufl Simim, Clansif. of B. ii. p. *217. (1837.) 

L Nyctalk FUKSitEA. The Tengmalm'a Owl. 
Nyctale funcrea Bonap. 
Kjctole TengmaLmi Bonup, Geogr, Crnnp. List of B, Eur, 

Amer, p. 7, 
Strix fuiierea Linn. Fmm. Sttei:. p. 25. 
Strix passer! n a PaU. Zoopr. u p. 3*23. 
Strix rengiimlmi Gmel, S, N. L p, 291.; Faun. Bor. AmtrA 

p. 94. pi 32. 
Njctale pmetoruoi Brehm, Vi)^. Dent L p. 112. 
Nyctale abietuin Brpftm, Vijir. Dtnt. p. 113. t. 8. f. 3. 
Nyctftle planiceps Brehm^ Vojf. Deiti. p. 113. 
NoctuA Teiigniftlmi Cuv. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 345. ; 

Brit B. i. p. 153, 
Athene Tengiiuilmi Boie^ Isis^ (1822) p. 549, 
-^golius Tengmalmi Kaup^ NntitrL Sf/M, tier Eur. Thier. p, 
Kjctiile Richardsoiii Bona p. Giogr. Comp. List of B. Eur* i 

Amer. p, 7* 
Ulultt Tengntfilmi Auduh. Spi, B. of Amer, p. 24. 
Strix ptLssoriiia Ford. PhiL Tran.t. Ixii. p. 385. 

Edwurdif' Births pi. 22 K. ; Fmm, Bor. Amer. pL 32.? 

B, of Eur. pU 49. ; Aiidtib. B. of Atn^r. pi. 380. 

a. Kurope. 

b, Egypt Presented hv W. B. D. Turnbidl E^, 
e. Northern Europe. f>oni M. Schultz* Coll (action. 

The Acadian Owl, 


2. Ntctai^ acadjca 
Nyctale acadica Boimp. Geogr. Comp, Liat of B. 

Amer. p. 7. 
Btrix acfulica GmeL S. N. u p. 296. ; Faun. Bor, Amer. 

p, 97. 
Strix aoadjcnsifl Laih. Ind. Om, i. p. 65. 
Strix (Noctua) acadica Eichard, and Sw, Faun, Bor. Am^\ 

p, 97. 
Strix pasKcrina Wlls, Amer. Orn, pi. 34. f. h 
Scotophilus acadica Stittifix. Classif. of B. ii. p. 217. 
Ulula acadica Andub, Si/n, B, of Amer, p. 24. 

Latft. Gen. St/n. i. pi. 5, f. 2. ; Auduh. B. of Amer, pL 191 

a, — ,, — ._ — , p From Mr. Argent's Collection. 





Seops Sac. Descr. de TEgypte, Hist, Nat, I p. 106. (1809.) 

Elites Key* and BL (1840.) 

LophoBtriz Lest. Compl. Buff. OU. tu. p. 261. (1836.) 


\. Ephiajltes 8COP8. The Scops eared Owl. 

bUaltea scops G. R. Gray, Gen. of B. i. p. . 
ki seops Xnui. S. N. i. p. 129. ; YarreJl, Brit. B. i. p. 120. 
hiz lorca Cettij Uc. di Sardegn. p. 60. 
bk arniolica Gmel S. N. i. p. 290. 
bp zorca Swains. Classif. ofB. ii. p. 217. 
IhB guj Scop. Ann. 1. No. 9. 

Im AldroTandi {Ray) Flem. Brit. An. p. 57. ; YarreU, BrU. 
&rdjL, i. p. 120. 
tespi ephiaites Sav. Descr. de VEgypte, Hist. Nat. i. p. 107. 

Seoropeus Less. Tr. dOm. p. 106. 
Mops Bme^ Isis, (1822) p. 549. 
m carniollca Brehm, Vug. Deuts. \. p. 126. t. 9. f. 3. 
Itnx pulchella PaU. Iter. i. p. 456. 

leofK pennata Hodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1837) p. 369. ; As. Res. 
SOL. p. 

leopi fiania Hodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1837) p. 369. ; As. Res. six. 
p. 175. 

mif (Scops) japonicos Temm. et Schl. Fauna Jap. t. 9. 
icD^ senegalensis Swains. B. of W. Afr. \. p. 127. 
kopt rapensis A. Smith, Cat. a. Afr. Mus. p. 
)ta (Scfips) africana Temm. et Schl. Fauna Jap. p. 27. 

PI. enl. 436. ; Gould, B. of Eur. pi. 41. ; Hodgs. Icon. ined. 
Accip. 88. 85. 85*. 

a. Germany. From Mr. GouId*8 Collection. 

i, f . . ? 

rf. China. Pi'cscnted by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 
e~-h. N«?pal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
I. Madra.*. Presented by Rev. H. H. Baber. 
;'. Ma^iraji. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

*. Mala^xa. From Mr. Cumin":'s Collection. 

I. Neywil. Presented by B. H. llodgson, Esq. 

w. Madras. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

n, 0. Cape of Good Hope. From the South African Museum. 

/). Gambia. From Mr. Rendall's Collection. 


q, Iiidm. Presented by E. Wilson, Eaq, 

r. Sternum, Europe. From M. Letevre*!* Collection 

t. Sternum, Nepal. Presented bj B. II. Hodgson, 

2, Bpiiialtes lempi/1. The Leinpl-ji-OwK 

Ephialtes Icmpyi G. E^ Graifr Gen. of B, i, p. 

StriJt lempiji liorsf, Linn, Tr, xiii. ii, 140. 

Strix rufearens, Horsf. Linn. Tr, xiii. p, 140. ? 

Stnx noctula Jlemw. pL vol. 99. 

Otus noctula Temm. et Sdtl. Fauna Jap. p. 25, 

StrLx l>akkamuna Perm. Ind, Zooi. f 

Scops lettia HiX^^s, Joum. A. S. B. (1837) p, 369. ; Am, 

p. 176. 
Scops javanicua Les^n. Tr. tTOrn. p. 107, ? 
Scops raidabaricu-H Jerd. Mudr, Joum. Lit, and Set, (1844) 
Scops irrbeua Jerd, Madr, Joum, Lit, ond Sd. (1844) p. 119.' 
Scops lettoides Jerd, Bltfth,^ Jonm, A, S, B, xiv. p. 182.? 
Otus mautis Temm, et Schl. Fauna Jap. p. 25. ? 

Hfydgs. fcan, ined. 86. 86*. 87. 

a—c, Nepal. Presented by B. H. HodjTson, Esq. 

d, tf. Madnis. Presented by Rov. U. H. Baber. 
f. India. Presented by J. 'R, Reevej*, Esq. 

e, India. Presented by T. C. JenJon, Esq. 
k* Borneo, young. From Mr. Low's Colie€tIt>n. 
J. Sternum, Nepal. Presented by B. fl. lIt>dgM)U, 

3. Ephialtes QTMHOPOBtis. TLc bare-footed Scops^Owl 
Stiops gymnopodus G. H. Gray^ List of B. Brit, Mtts, p. 44. 
a, India. Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

4. Ephialtes ATRICAPIIJ.A. The black-headtd Oi 

Ephialte^s atricapilla G. R. Gray^ Gen. cf B, u p. 

Strix atrieapilla Natt. pi. coi. 145. 

8«50pH atricapdla Cuv. Reg. An. (1829) L p. 347. 

a. South America. From Mr. Johnson's Collection. 

b. Soutli America. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

5. EpEnALTRS A8IO. The red eared Owl. 
Ephialtes asio O. R, Gray, Gen, of B, i. p, , 
Strix awio Liwu S. N, i. p. 132. 

Strix nievia GmeL S, N. I p. 289. ; Wils. Amer. Orn, pU ] 
Scops carolinensia Brhs. Onu i. p. 497. 
Otus niBviuB Cuv. Reg. An, (1829) i, p. 341. 
Scopg asio Xe«. Tr, dOm, p* 107. 


PLmLm. I Auciub. B. o/Amer, pL 97. 

. Ddavsre. Nortli America, Presented by E4w, Doa« 

t. Presented by M*-Gen. T* Hardwick«j, 
cttoi^iBA. The Choliba Scops -OwL ■ 

ick£bft G. R. €wntf. Gen. o/B. I p. , 
" VmiL N. m^. d-MisL Nai. vii. p. 39. 
ila XicAf. Cai. J>upi. Beri. Mua. p. 59. 
i Spix^ At?. Bras. t. 9* 
fc A>iijr, (nee Xa/A*) A v. Broj. t. 10, (JUY ) 
it TVaion- cf ^cA/, i^aIm<? Japofi. p. 25. ? 

Ffom Mr, Djsod's Collection. 
,c Ossecis^ young. From J^lr. l>ymiiLE Collectbii. 
So«l& AjdcTica- 
'^ Scmtli Ameiii. ». 
/ :^)»iili Aiamc^ From Hr. Warwick's CoUectioD. 
f BnsL Presented bj H. Cknt»9€Xi. 
k South Ameiica* 

i Smith Ammca^ ijdult. Presented bj E, Wikon^ Esq* 
f Bniil, ttitilt, PresentcU bj 5L Claossen. 

T. £fhiai.te3 AssiMu^m. Tbe allied Scops-OwL 
i. &mib Amexica. Fi-om Mr, John»on*s CoUectioa, 

t Efrialtss Ai^BoruiiCTA-rA. The white-spotted Owl. 
«. Sftitji Amertcm f From Mr. WiUIams's Collection, 

S. ErsL4i,T£S GKJ.MMICUS. The duiky-eaped Owl, 

}tei» gruQiziiieiu G&bm€, B* of Jam, p, 19, 
«i I, Jtinaicft, adidt and young. From Mr, Crosde'ft Collec- 

«- Slettiiixii, JamiLica, From Mr. Goase'a Collection, 

- UPHiALTEfi uiLcoTis. TLc w bite-eared Scopt. 

■Jtea kfQcodf G. R. Grog, Gen. of B. I p. • 
^eoeo/^ Tenun, pL coL le. 


Otus leucotis Ctw. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 341, 
Scops leucotis Swmm. Clwufif. of B. ii» *2 1 7. 

a, h. From Gambia, Prom Mr. Rendaira Collection* 

11? ErmALTES ? BJiBGALOTis. The Manilla Scops 
a, Manilla, (young bird.) From Mr. Cuming^s CoUectio 


12. EpiiiAiTKS CRIST ATA. The supemlioiM OwL 

Epliialtcfl crislaU G. E. Grm/, Gen. ofJ3. i. p. • 
Strix frristJita Daud. Tr. (TOrtt. u. p. 207, 
Strix griseata Lath. hid. Omi. SuppL p, xv. 
Bubo griseatus Cuv, Beg, An. (1817) i, p. 33 L 
Syrnium grisentum LesM. Tr. d'Om, p. 113, 
LevaifL Ots ttAfr, I. 48, 

^^ a, Cajenne. From Mr* Arfrent^s Collection. 

^^ h. South America. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

2. BUBO. 

Bubo Sihh, 

Asio Brus. Om. i. p. 477, (1760) ; Sxmim. Cla9sif\ 

u. p. 217. (1H37.) 
Heliflptex Swains. Cia,mf. of B, ii. p. 217. (1837.) 
A&calapbia /. Geoffr. Mem. tin Mm. (1830,) 
Urnia Hodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1837) p. 372. 
Mesomorpha Hodgit. Jonm. A, S. B, (1841) p, 28. 
Iluliiifl liotigM. Jmtm. A. S. B. (1837) p, 362. 
EtogUux jfodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1841) pv 28. 


L Bubo maximus. 

The great eared OwL 

Bubo maximum (Sihb.) Fl^mt. BriL An. p, 57. 

Strut bubo IJnu, S. N. I 131. ; Yarreli, Brit. B. I p. 1 14. 

Asio imbo Swains. Cfmsif. of B. li, p. 217. 

Bubo athcniensis Dmtd. Tr. d'Orn. il p. 209. 

Bubo europffius Less, Tr, dOrn. p. 1 15. t. 17, f, I. 

Strix f candiaca Linn. Faun, Suec. No. 70, 

Bubo albus Dcmd, Tr. d'Orn, ii. p. 210. 

Bubo Dudipea Baud. Tr. d'Om. u. p. 209. ? 


» germanicos Brekm^ Vog. Deuts. l p. 119. 
Bobo septentrionalis Brehm, Vdg. Deuts. I p. 120. t 9. f. 1. 

PL etd. 435.; GaM, B.^Ewr. pL 37.; JBdwardt, Birds, 
€. Europe? 

2 ? Bubo sibiricus. The Siberian eared Owl. 

alttriciis Eversm, G. R. Chray and Mitch. Gen. of Birds, 
pL 13. (Bubo cinereus on plate by mistake.) 

3. ? Bubo capbhsis. The Cape eared Owl. 

is Baud. Tr. dOm. ii. 209. 
Ois. dAfr. t. 40.; BL S. A/r. Zool. pL 70. 
0. South Africa. From the South African Museum. 

4. Bubo nxGUfiAnus. The Virginian eared Owl. 

J^ Tirginianus Less. Tr. d^Om. p. 115. 

fcix Tirginiana Gmel. S. N. i. p. 287. 

■biz (Bulio) virginiana Richard, and Sw. Faun. Bar. Amer. Birds, 


Tirginiana Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 217. 
fHoicola VieilX. Ois. de VAmer. Septr. t. 19. 
fciz (Bubo) arcticus Swazns. Faun. Bor. Amer. Birds, pi. 30. 
Befiaptex arcticus Strains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 217. 
ICriz magellanicus Gmel. S. N. i. p. . ; PL enl. 385. 
Btriz nacurutu Vieill. N. Diet. d'Hist. Nat. vii. p. 44. 
labo magellanicus Cw. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 344. 

Edtrards, Birds, pi. 60. ; Wils. Amer. Om. pi. 50. f. 1. ; Audub. 
B. of Amer. pi. 61. ; Azara, No. 42. 

n. North America. 

h. Delaware, North America. Presented by Edw. Double- 
day, Ewj. 

c. d. Northern Land Expedition. Presented by Capt. Sir 
G. Back, R.N. 

e. North America. Presented by the Hudson's Bay Company. 

/. Straits of Magellan. Presented by the Admiralty. 

5. Bubo lacteus. The pale eared Owl. 

Ui\^ larteus Cue. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 344. 

krix Lvrtea col. 4. 

kuft lacteus Less. Tr. dOm. p. 111. 

a. Cape of Good Hope, male. FromM. Verreaux' Collection. 

b. Cape of Good Hope, female. From M. Verreaux' Collection. 

r 2 




b. Ubrua, 

6. Bubo bencaxensis. The hole -haunting eared Owt 
Bubo betigalensiii G, B. Gray, Gen. of B, i. p. 
Otu.«» benf^aleusis FrmtM, Pruc. Zmd. Soc. (1831) 115.; G 

Cent, of B. pi 3. 
Bubo ? caveamis Hmlgs. v4*. Re^, xix. p. 169. 
UiTua cavcaria HodgJi. Jourri. A. S. B, (1837) p. 372* 

Gordd's Cent, o/ Birds^ pL 3, ; Hodgs. Icon, ified. Ac 
94, V. 32, 33. 

a, h. Nepal. Frtsentcd by R. II. II«<l;^n, Esu], 
I?. Ilimalayao Mountains. From Mr. Li;atib<jii tor's 

d, Ne[)al. Prestcnted bj B. H. Hodgfson, Esq. 

e, N«paL Preaented bv B, H. Hodgsfjn, E&g. 

f, g. Behar, Presented bj B. IL Hodgaon, Esq 



Bi'iiO coROMANDEE. Tlie CoTomandel eared OwL. 

Bubo coromandcr G. R. Gruify Gen. of B. i. p. ^M 

Strix coromaiidra Lath. Ind, Orn, i. p. 53. ^H 

Urrua foromsmdni Hi>dg,%. Jouni. A, S. B. (1837) p. 
Urrua umbnita Bhjth, Ann. H Ma^. Nat, Nkt, (1844) p. 38. 
Grat/, IlL I/ifJ. Zonl, pi. 'iO. ; HarduK Imn, ined. IQUBO, 37| 
Hi^dgs. Icon, uwd. Aaip. 95, . 

a^ h. NepuL Presented by B. H, Hodgson, Esq. ^H 

c, India. ^M 

d. Itulia. Presented by Br. RoyIc. 
Stertnina, Nepal. Presented by B» IL Hodgson^ 

c. HuiWA, 

8. Brno oriektajjs. The Oriental OwL 

Bubn orientalis G. R, Graif, Gen. of B. i, p. 
Strix orientfllia Horsf Linn. Tram, xiii. p. 174. 
Strix sumatTana Raffl. iJtm. Traaa. xiii. p. 
Strix strepitans Temm. pi. col. 174. '22{L 
Bubo (Iluhiia) nepft!etiHis Ilodg.s. ^4*. Rrft. xix. p. 172. 
Huhtia m'i»alen&i-? Hodgs. Joum. A, S. B. (1837) p. 362. 
Bubo Htrepitatis Cuv. Rig. An. (I>^'i9) i. p. 344. 
Syrnium strepitaus Leias. Tr. dOm. p. 114. 
Hodgfi. Icon, tiled, v. 31. App, 11. 

a — <r. Nepal, Presented by B. H. Hodi^^son, Esq. 

d, Nepal. Presctited by B. H. Hodtf^on, E?r|. 

r. StemuWi Nepal. Presented by B. IL llodgaon, Esq, 

1 -.' 



BcBO ASCAiJiPHUS. The Egyptian eared Owl. 

ajcalaphus Sav. Descr, de fEgypte^ Hut NaL i. p. 110. 
(Kt. t. 3. f. 2. 

(Bubo) ascalaphns AMd.De8cr. de VEgypie^ Hist Nat. i. p. 204 
Otof iKmUphns Cun. Beg. An. (1817) i. p. 328. 
'Kdaphia Savignji G. R. Grayy List of Gen. B. (1841) p. 7. 

a. Egjpt. Presented hj W. B. D. Turnbnll, Esq. 


Ketupa Leu. Tr. dOm. p. 1 14. (1831.) 
Caltrangnis Hodge. Jowm. A. 8. B. (1836) p. 364. 

1. Kjbtupa cETix>irBNSi8. The (^ylonese eared OwL 

Idiqia cejlonensis G. R. Gray, LUt Gen. ofB. (1840) p. . 
*^' cerkmensiB Gmd. 8. N. I p. 287. 

Leschenaultii Temm. pi. col. 20. 
Lescbenatdtii Less. Tr. dOm. p. 114. 
»ii Hardwickii Gray, III. Ind. ZooL pi. 31. 
Crifrimgob nieripes Hodge. Joum. A. 8. B. (1836) p. 364. 
ftrk dnmeticola Tick. Joum. A. 8. B. il p. 571. 
Bromm, BL pi. 4. ; Hodge. Icon. ined. Accip. v. 29. App. 13. 

a. b. Stpal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
e. Madras. Presented by the Rev. H. H. Baber. 
d India. Presented bj M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
e. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson* Esq. 
/. Behar. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

2. Ketupa jatanxhsis. The Ketupa Owl. 

Ketupa j a vanensis Leee. Tr. dOm. p. 114. 
Scrix ceylonen^^is Temm. pi. col, 74. 
ficiix ketupa Here/. Linn. Trans, xiii. p. 141. 
Sc»|M ketupa Cuv. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 347. 

a. Java. Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 

3. Kbtitpa flatipbs. The yellow-footed Ketupa. 

Ketupa flsTipes G. R. Gray, List of B. Brit. Mus. i. p. 45. 
Cnltrun^uis flavipes Hodgs. Joum. As. Soc. Beng. (1836) p. 36^ 
pi- 26.^ 


Hard. Icon, imd. 10980. 36.; Hodgs. Icon. ined. Acdp, 
30. xlpp. 12. 

a — c. Nepal. Preaentrtd by R. H. Hot^gson, Esq, 

d, St<3rQum, NppaJ. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 


1. SYRNroAL 

Symimn Sajf. Descr. de VEgypte^ HisL NaL I p. 112* (1809.)! 
Aiuco Cur. Kaup, Sijst der Eur, Thier, p. 45. (18290 
Scotiaptex Swains. Clamf. of B. ii. p. 216. (1837.) 
Ulula Cut?- Ueg. An. (1817) i. p. 329. 
Ptjnx Bii/th, (1840.) 

»Bii]aca Hoilgjf. Journ, A. S. B. (1837) p. 372. 
ML»seidu3 Hodgs. Jourm. A. S, ^. (1H41) p. 28. 


ft. SYBNIirM. 

L Sthntdm aluco. 

The brown Owl. 

p. 330.; Brehm, 

Symitim aluco Cuo. Reg. An, (1817) L 

Deuts. I p. 116. 
Strix aluco Linn. S. N. u p. 130. 
StrJx strrdula LintL S, N, i. p. 133. 
Strix solonieQgia GmeL S. iv. i. p. 293, 
StrLx sylvatii'ii Shfiu\ Gm. ZooL vii* p. 253. 
SyniiQiD ululanF Sup, Deger. da rEgt^pte, Hist Nat. u p. 112. 
Synimin strididiim Brehm^ Vog. Deulu, i. p. 117. 
Strix sjdveatri.s Scop. Ann, i. No. IS. 
StrLx alba Sam. Ann. i No. 14. 
Strix noctutt Scojj. Ann. i. No. 15. 
Strix rufa Scop. Ann, i. No. 16. 

PL erd. 441. 437. ; Goidd, B. of Eur. pi. 47. 

a. Wiltsliire. From Col, Montojju's Colleclion, 

by c. Carmarthenshire. From Col. Montiigu*s CaUccdon. 

d. Devonshire, Frcst^nted by Sir W. Leaeb, Bart. 

e. Chick. From llr, Bullock's Mu^um. 
\/, Europe. 
I If, Stern um^ England. Presented by T* Ingall, Ef*q. 

h* Sternum, England. Presented by John Ray, Esq.! 

2. STBNnTM mvicoLUM. The snow Owl. 
Symium nivieoliim Hodgs, Joitm. A. S. B, xiv. p. 185* 


rrua nivicola Hodgs. MSS. 


M aaa urpb a niTioola Hodgt. 
oodgim Ictnu tw/tom Aoap* 96* 

c, h. Nepal. IVesented \j B. U. Hodgson, Esq. 

3. Stbhivm rxBsoNATUx. The masked Owl. 

Scrk penonau Bami, Tr. dOm. iL p. 192. 
Strix hnrsU iSAoae, NaL Biise. pL 801. 
Z€i«2Z. Ois. dAfr. X. 44. 

a. Soath America. From Mr. Leadbeater*8 Collection. 

4. STmnuM poltosammicum. The many-banded Owl. 

a, h. Brazil. Presented by M. Clanssen. 

c. P Presented bj E. Wilson, Esq. 

d. » ? young. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

5. STSsmiM Z02I0CXXCU8. The barred-tailed Owl. 

Sirix fasciata Viem, N. Diet. dHist Nat. vii. p. 21. ? 
a. Caraccas. From Mr. Dyson's Collection. 

6. Stbhium htlophilum. The hylophile Owl. 

STTiiium hjlophilum O. R. Gray^ Otn. o/B. i. p. 
sirix hylophila Temm. pi. coL 373. 

a. Brazil. Presented by Lord Stuart de Bothsay. 

7. Stb!iiux AI30TAR8E. The white-legged Owl. 
a. South America. Presented by E. Wilson, Esq. 

b. Ulula. 

9. Strnium cncEBScx. The cinereous Owl. 

\vmium cincreuro Bonap. 

j'trix cinerea Gmel. S. iv. L p. 291.; Richard, and Sw. Faun. Bor. 

Amer. Birds, p. 77. pi. 31. 
^cotiaptex cincrea Swains, Classif. of B. ii. p. 217. 
ibnjL lapponica Retz. Faun. Suec. p. 79. ; Sparr. Mus. Carls, t. 5. 
lula lapponica Cuv. Reg. An. (1829) i. p. 342. 
trix baroata Pall. Zoogr. L p. 318. t. 11. 
trijK acclamator Bartr. Trav. p. 285. 

F 4 



Sfcrbc fuliginosa Shaw, Gen. ZooL viL p. 244. 

NiUt. Fauna Skmidin. t. 7L ; Audyh. B. of Amer. pL 351. 

tu North America. Presented |>j tbe Hudson^s Bay ( 

b, Nortbem Land Expedition. Presented by Capt. Si 

Back, R.N. 

10. Stknitm uralbksb. The Ural OwL 

Syrnium uralensis Brehm, Isis^ (1828) p, 1271. ; Kaup^ Ni 

SifAt. der Eur. Thhr, p. 59. 
Strix uralensis Pali. her. i. p. 455, ; PL enL 27. 
Stotiaptex uralensis MSwains, Clmmf, of B. n. p. 217, 
Ptyiix uridtni.^i!4 Bhjih, 

Noctua (Smrnia) undcnsis Cuv. Rt'^^ An, (1829) i p. 
Strix liturata Retz. Faun. Suec. p. 79. ; PL coi. 27. 
Sfrix itiacroura Nati, Meyer ^ Ttischenb, Deuf. L p. 84, 
Ulula litturata Cnv, Bi!g, An. (IH17) i. p. 329. 
Strix tnacrocephala Bleiim. I'o^. der Sfhweiz^ p. 34. 
Syrnium macrocepbalon BreJmi^ Vilg. Dmh. i. p. 115. t. 8. f, 

lefyech. IL li. 187. t. 3. ; Gowtd, B. of Eur. pi 44. 

II. Sweden, female. From M. ^Vahlberg*i5 CollectigG. 
6, Styria* female. From M. Parrey'B Collection. 


11. Strntvm medulosum. The bam^d OwL 
Syrnium nebulosum Boie^ I^au^ (1822) p. 549. 


Gould, B. of Eur, pL 46, 


flula nebtdosa Cm. Rig. An. (1817) p. 329. 

I Strix nebidosa Gmd. S. iV. i, 291.; Richard, and Sw, Faun, 
Ainer. Birds, p. 81. 
WUh. Amer. Om. pi. 33. f. 2. ; VimU. Ois. dtAmer. t 
Audub. B. of Amer. pi. 46. 
a. North Ametica. 

Strix indrance Syhes, Proc. ZooL Soc, (1832) p. 82. 
_ UliUa? newapcosis Hoflgjf. A.s. Rej>. x'lx. p, 168. 

Bulaca newarensis Hoflgn. Jmini. A. S. Js. (1837) p. 372. 
Bulaca monticola Jerd. Mitdr. Jmirn. Lit. and Set. (1B40) p. 
SufmL (1841) p. 197. and (1«44) p. IfO. 

G. R. Gray and Mdch, Gen. of B, pi. 14 ; Hodgs. Icon^ 
Accip. 34. 97. 

12. Stbkitjm iwdranee. The Nepal Owl. 

STRIGII>& 105 

c. Xeptl, male. Presented bv B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
b. Xend, female. Presented by B. H. Ho<kpBon, Esq. 
e. India. Presented bj M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
4 e. Nepal Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

13. STBmuii snixMss. The China OwL 

Sfmhrni sinense O, R, Chray^ Gen, ofB. i. p. 
Scrix siiiensis Lath, Jnd, Om. L p. 53. 
Otm nnensis ^Sieph, Oen, 2^ool, xiii. p. 58. 
Strix orientalis Shaw, Gen. Zool, yii. p. 257. 
Bahca sinensis JenL Madr. Janm. Lit. and Set, (1839) p. 88. 
Gray, in Ind, Zool, pL 21. 

0. Madras. Presented by the Rev. H. H. Baber. 
i, r. India. 

14. STBHim PHiLippBNSE. The Philippine OwL 
a, Philippine Islands. From Mr. Cmning's Collection. 

2. OTUS. 

ihjis Cuv, Camp, Anat, i. Sec. Tab. Classif. des Ois. (1797— 

BrachTotns Gould, Proc. Z, S, (1837) p. 10. 
Xyctalops Wa^l. /m, (1832) p. 1221. 

a. Otls. 

1. Otus vulgaris. The long-eared Owl. 

^ vulgaris Flem, Brit An, p. 60. ; Hodgs, Jaum. A, S. B, 

(1:3.37) p. 369.; Yarrell, Brit. B. i. p. 124. 
*u otus Linn. S. N. i. p. 134. ; PI. enl, 22. 
'*nx soloniensis Gmel. S. N. i. p. 293. 
ta« eunjpajus Steph, Gen, Zool, xiii. p. 57. 
«br> otuf« Boie, Isis, (1822) p. 549. 
tn* comraunij Less. Tr, dOm. p. 110. 

trix (Asio) otus Richard, and Sw. Faun. Bar. Amer, Birds, p. 72. 
rus «7lvfc»tri» Brehm, Vug, Deuts. i. p. 121. 
tu> arboreus Brehm, Vug, Deuts. i. p. 122. 
ais gracilis Brehm, VOg, Deuts, i. p. 123. t. 9. f. 2. 
ais ammcanus Bonap. Geogr. Cfomp, List of B. Eur. and N, 
Amer. p. 7- 
US Wilflonianus Less. Tr. d'Om. p. 110. 

Wils, Amer. Om, pi 61, f. 3.; Gould, B, of Eur, pi. 39.; 
Awdmb, B. of Amer. pL 383. ; Hodgs. Icon. ined. Accip, 89, 90. 
T 5 

a. Oxfordsliire. From Col. Monta|:u*s CoUcction, 
6- Great Uritaln. Prescated by J. Warnitbrdj E«q. 

c. Great Britain, 

d. Great Brita-in, variety, ] 
*?. Nepd. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esci. 

f, Stcrnimi, England. Prijsented by T» Ingall, Esq. 

g. SterDtun, England. Prea<inted by Jolin Ray, Esq. 

2. Orvs MAcuiA>su8. The spotted «jared OwL 

Ot\is maculosnis Lesjt, Tr, ffOrn. p. 109* 
Strix miiculosa Vieili. N. Diet (Tlfist. Nat. viL 44. 
Strix airicana Temm.pL coL 50. 
Otus africanufl Cuv. Reg, An. (1822) i. p. Ml. 
Bubo africana Boie^ Im, (1826) p. 976, 
GaL de9 Ois. t. 23. 

a. South Africa, male. Presented by the Earl of Derby 

h. South Africa. From the South Afriean Museum. 

c, d. South Africa, very young. From the South Aj 

e. Western Africa. Presented by Capt Sabijie, R,A» 

3* Otus mabagascaeieksis. The Madagascar eared On 

OtuB madagascariensifl A, Smithy Cat. S, Afr, Mu», p. 
fl. Madagascar. From Dr. Smith's CoMection. 

4, Otus mexicahi/s. The American eare^l Owl 

Otus mexicanus Cm, Heg. An. (1817) i. p. 328. 
Strix mextcana GmeL S. N. L p. 288. 
Strix americatia Gmd. S. 2V. i. p. 288. 
Bubo clantator VieiU. Ois, d^Amcr. Septr. t. 20. (female 1 
Strix lonrrirostris Spii, Av, Bras. t. 9. o. 
Strix maculosa Pr. Mtix. Bpttr. (1831) il p. 281, 
AuduL B. ofAmer, pL 412. 

a. South America* From Mr. \Varwick*s Collection. 

5. OfVi cftA88mo8TRi8. The thick-bUled eared Owt 

Otus cra«iro9trifl <?. R. Oray, Gen. of i?. i, p. 
Strix crasairostris VieiU, N. Diet dliist. Nat. ii. p. 44. 
Strix macrorhyncha Tejmth pL coL 64. 
Otua macrorhynchus CW lleg. An. (IB29) i. p, 341* 
a. Chili. From Mr. Bridges* Collection. 

snuoiDiB. 107 

b. Brachyotus. 

6. Orrs bbachtotvs. The short-eared Owl. 

3 bnchjotas Bcie^ /«>, (1822) p. 649.; YarreU, Brit. B, I 

. 128. ; Hodgg. Joum. A. S, B, (1837) p. 869. 

ix bnchyotus OmeL S. N, i. 289. 

j uloU Cuv. Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 328. 

X segolius PaU. Zoogr. i. p. 309. 

z ulula PaU. Zooer. I p. 322. 

X accipitrina PaU. It. L p. 455. 

X caspia Shaw, Gen. Zool. yii. p. 272. 

9 paiustris Brehm, Vog. Deuis, i. p. 124. ; Gould, Voy. of 

ta^&, Birds^ p. 33. 

9 ftgrariiifl Brekm, Vog. Deuts. i. p. 124. 

cfajotus paiustris Gomdy Bonap. Oeogr. Comp. List B. of Eur. 

id N. Amer. p. 7. 

X arcdca Sparrm. Mtts. Carls, t. 51. 

X tripeonis Schranks^ Faun. Boica, p. 112. 

X paiustris Smies. Vog. 

X tirachjura NHs. Faun. Suec. i. p. 62. 

LX (Asio) brachjotus Richard, and Sw. Faun. Bor. Amer. 

hrds, p. 75. 

PL enl. 438.; Gould, B. of Eur. pi. 40. ; WOs. Amer. Orn. 
I 33. f. 3.; Audub. B. of Amer. pi. 410. ; Hardw. Icon. ined. 
0980. 45. ; Hodgs. Icon. ined. Accip. 91, 92. 

o. Gloucestershire. From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

h. Great Britain. From Col. Montagu s Collection. 

c. Great Britain. 

'/- North America. Presented by the Hudson's Bay Com- 

*. Canada. Presented by J. P. jMauger, Esa. 

/. Northern Land Expedition. Presented by Capt. Sir G. 
Back, R.N. 

g. Athens. Presented by C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 

k. Northern Asia. 

»i/ Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

i China. Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

t w. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

«. Chili. (?) From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

0. Trachea, England. 

p' Sternum, England. Presented by T. Ingall, Esq. 

q- Sternum, England. Presented by John Ray, Esij. 

T. Sternum, Europe. From M. Lelevre's Collection. 
F 6 


Otl's galapagoensib. 


The Galap»gOfl Owl 

OtuB (Krachyotus) galitpagoensis Gottld^ Proc. Zool, Soc. (18S7' 
p, 10, ™ 

Vo^. of Beagle^ Birds^ pi. 3, 

a, Galapttgos, Presented by Sir W, Burnett and Capfc 

FiUroy, R.N. 
h. Falkland Islands. Presented by Sir W. Bamett 

Capt. FitzToy, R,N. 
<?. Falkland Inlands (Antarctic Expedition), male. PresentQ 

by the Admiralty. 
d^ e. East Falkland (Antarctic Expedition), female 

sented by the AdminiUy. 

8. Otus capbrbis. The Cape short-eared Owl. 

Otus (^apensit5 A. Smith , S, Afr, Quart Joum, (1835) p. 306, 

SatOh Afr. Zool pi. 67. 
Otus abysfiinicua G^uir. Rev. ZooL (1843) p. 321.? 

a. South Africa. From the South African IMuseum. 
h. South Africa, From Mr. Warwick's Coll<jcti0n, 

iv. STEiGlNJE. 

1, STRIX. 

Strix Linn, Nat SysL (1735.) 
Aluco Flem, Phil ofZod. \u p. 236. (1822.) 
Hybris Nitzu% Pehnjhg. p. 110. (1840.) 
Stridula SeL longch. (1842,) 

1 . Strtx flammea. The white Bam OwL 

Strix flimimea Lhm. SysL Nat, i. 133.; Yarrell, Brit, B. I p. 13S 

Brehm, Vog. Defit. i. p. 10<5. 
Strix guttata Brehm^ Vog. Deui. i. p. 106. t. 7. f, 3. 
PL eni. 440.; GovM, B. of Eur. pL 36. 
a. Devonshire. From CoL Mootaffu's Collection. 
h. Combe Wood. PTesented by ftfr. Leadbeater. 

c. Bpping. Presenti'd by Henry Doubleday, Edq. 

d. Cambridgeshire. From J. Clark's Collection. 

e. DeTonshire, young. 

f g. Cambridgeshire, young. Presented by Mr. J, Baker. 
h. South Africa. From the South Afriean Museuiii. 
L Western Africa. Presented by Kev. D. F. Morgaa, 




mr Preaented by W. B. D. TurnbuD, Esq. 
K Egypt. Presented by Dt, Turn bull Christie* 
aum, EnglaDd. Preaentefl by 1\ lugaQ, E»cu 
rnum, England. Presented by John Ray, Esq. 
, EuTope. Firom M, Lefevre'a Collection, 
, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, £«(. 

Stbix PBBLAf a. The American Barn Owl 

lesL Wih, Am, Om, pi. 50, T. 2. 

m Licht. Cat. Dupl. Berl. Mm- p. 59. 

a Temm. pL ct>l. 432. 

taMA Andub. B. of Amer, pL 1 7K 

Wd\m Homtp G^ogr. Comp, Lixi of B, Eur. and 


Ill AmencA. Presented by £. Doubkday, Esq. 

io S^enunetitQf CaUfomim. Pre^nted by Capt. Sir E 

ileber, CM. li.N. 

imaica, Fr<jni Mr. Gosse's Collection. 

DDin, Jamaica. From Mr. Gosi^e^s CoUection 

tesjco. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

3lL Presoiied by M, Claussen. 

a filaiicap Presented by C. Darwin^ Esq. 

k %WKLL jaTAiriCA. The stunt-legged Owl 

PA BadgB, Jmtm. A. S. B. (1837) p. 369. 

llH De Wurmb, Lickt Mog. iv. p. 2, ; Jerd. Madr. 

■kf Sci. X. p. 85. 

Vini, sued, Accip, 98, 99. ; G, E. Gra^ untl Mitch, 

IMf, fiL 15. 

U Preaented by the Hon. East India Company. 

a. Pr»enti£il by Dr. Bunus. 

fctt Presented by Capt. Johnstone. 

mm Presented oj B. 11. Hrxlgson, Esr^. 

hrsrx ukucatdla. The Australian Bam Owl 

tola G(mid, Proc. Z^yol Soc. (1836) p. 140. 

MAf r^. on^ llonf Linn. Trans, xv. p. 190. 

y^ AuMr, pL 

Mia* Prciented by Lady Carrington. 

W% £iabgtoii. Presented by Capi. W. CLambers, 


nor of S. Anatndia- Presented hj Capt. Sturt- 
From Mr. Argent's Collection. 




/. P Upolo Navigators Group. 

Presented bj RevJ 

5. Strix cASTiuvopa. The cheatnut-fac^d < 
Strix caatanops Qouldy Pntc. ZooL Soc, (ia3G) p, H 
^itt^r. p!* 

«. Australia. 

6. Stbix PERSOTfATA. The ring- eyed OwL 1 

Slris person ata Fijsror*, /Voe. Zoo/, *Soc. (1831) p. 60, 
Strix cyclopd GcMiiii, iVoc. Ztxj/. *S"f>c. (1836) p. 140, 
B, of AiiJttr. pi. 

*i, A. Australia. Presented hy Lady Carnnfj^ton. 
c, Tasmania (Antarctic Expeclition), Presented 

7, Strix pukctatissima. The Galapagos Bam i 
Strix punctatissinia G. R, Grtxy^ Toy. of Beaglt^ Birdg^ i 
a. Jaaiea Islaiitl, Gatapagoa. Prescnt<;d by Sir ^ 
uud Capt. Fitzroy, ILN. 

8. Strix Candida. The jungle OwL 

Strix candidus Tick. Jonrn. A, S. B, ii. p. J 72. 

Strix longimembris Jcrd. Madr. Journ, Lit and ScL flf 

a, Madras, Presented by T. C. Jerdon, E^tj. 

9* Strix capensis* The Cape Born Owl. 
Strix capensia A. Smithy S, A/r. Qnart, Jonrn. N. 5, (U 
m, S. Afr. ZooL pi. 45. 

a^ b. South Africa. From the South Airican Mr 
c. South Africa, young. From the South African \ 

2. PH0D1LU8. 
Fhodilus J, Geoffr. Atm, des Sci, Nat, xxL p^ 1 

1. Phodh^us radius. The bay OwK 
ITiodilus badius J. Geojfr, Ann, des Sci, Nat xxi. p. 20| 
Strix badia Iforsf Linn. Trans, xiiu p. 130. ; Hoag*, 
Misc. (1844) p. 82. 

Zaoi, He$, pi. ; PL col. 318. ; Hod^n, Icon, ined, 

a. Java. Pr«6t&t^ by the Hon. £aat Isdia Cookp 


TmTi Circat 

rift, 107. 

atb** Sirix, loft. 
fttbi^«fi4. Falco. 1$. N.; 

CItcua, iL 
alhlcAiu. FileOt IL 79. 
fttblcauiU. fiuteo, 36. 
MibiGmdxUu. Buteo, 36. 
•IMeawlUu. Talco, %. 

«etu«. S5. ; tar- F«lco, 
Jl. ; Vultur, 25. 
ftlblcoliUt. Ailuriaa < Leo- 
wpccrniii. 3ti. ; But«o, 

as. ; Vultur, 6. 
Albidui. Fa1«o, )h, 79. 
«IMrAcf««, Atbt-nc^. 90. 
ftlbjpe*. lUlUtfUu (Curt' 



aM ' I ;:hUltet. 

allmlaTM». Symlutn^ 103. 
iibuA. Aitur, &>.f Bubo, 

M. ; Buteo, 39. ; Fatco, 

«. ; Vultur.7< 

alfflDtl* . Gy (>»v tu« , % 

FandtMi, sa. 
Altieo* 102, 189. 
alttCQ. Stilx^ 10».; Sjrr- 

nlmn, 103. 
vnbuatui. Falro, 30i 
MncnoinA. Strix, 106.109. 
amrrkauiiu. Buteo. 34.; 
Fftlco. 9. 184 It^rt^tcT, 3».; 
PAfulloo. ». : Otuft. 106. 
li. F«leo,B.;G]rp« 
H. ; Ojitohlerut, 
t, ; BacMBift, ft. ^ Vulctir* 

•AfiiliiiB. CireaMiti. 17. 
jncaKtlcui. Clrcftiiui, ao. 
«Btlinicliiu&. Fatco, 06. 

apivorut. Buteo»4l ; Fiilro, 

4K; Pertti»,4l. 
approntniaM, Acclpltftr* 

74.; Attur, 74. ; NUu* 

(Uro«pixAi. 74. 
Aquila, 9. 
Aquttinst 9. 
aquilinuji, Buteo, 4U. i 

Faldo, •». 
jirbor<>iM. Otu«» lUB. 
.\rchilnilfo 3^9. 
arctlca. Stiix, ii*6. IU7. 
mrticQs. Strln (Bubo), U>. 
ardoslareut. SpArriui^?!^ 
Aimigcr. Futi-o, 14. 
Arrianui. Vullur, 4. 
anindiDareuii. Falto, 21. 

ardotiacuf . Falco, 64. 
A»cal«phi«, 98. im, 
uailaphu». Bubo, 101. ; 

Uuu, 101.; Stjix (Bubu), 

stlafJcut. Fal£o> 39. 
Aiio. 94i. 
uio. Bubo, U7. ; Ep*tialt«*. 

96.; S(»)p«, 96.; Strlx, 

ustnilli. Circiu, 83* ; 

Ephialtn, 97. 
Aatur, 63. 

Mtur. AcclpitsT, 64. 
A*tnrina« 'iO. 63. 66. 
«l«r. BuCoo. 30.; CIrcui, 

80, ; Dap(Ha4. 39.; F«lco« 

43. ; Ibjcter, 29. ; Mil- 

TUi. 43. i MLIvui IHv- 

droiClini«>. 43. s SpUitv- 

tut, 21. 
4l«rrlrntiA. Falco/j29. ; Ibyc- 

ter < Dsptrlua). Iti, 
Athene, Mj. 

athctiieu^lt. Bulxi, 9A. 
Atratua. Calbart^i, 8. i 

VuliUT, 3. 
itrlcapilta. HphUlte«, 96.; 

Sc«f«, MG. ; Strlx. 96. 
itlicaptllua. Falca, 1.5. 64. ; 
Morpbnui <Splsa«tiir), 
15. i Hparvlut. 64. ; S|lt- 
taitur. 16.; 8pl«aipt«u 
f Spixa^tur). 15. 
■uiiUx. Aqulla, la.; AquUa 



«ura. CaiharUta, 3. ; €«• 
tharteip 3. ; ViiUar, 3. 

•.uruitlui, Falco, 56. ; 
FaJco (Hjrpotriairbii), 
54. ; TAf. Falco. H. 

taretu. Gn»etuA, a. ; Vul- 
lur, I . 

•urib&rttli. Noctua. B7. 

fturku1«riiu Otofitpt, 5. ; 
Vultur, a. 

■aitralti. Falco, &7 i Ibrc- 
ler tilelDtrlut-chii}. 30 ^ 
Milrago,30.; Niiut, 73. 

auitrittctu. F«lco, 4&. 

Aviceda, 40. 

«xlll4i-ii. Circutt, 4A, ; Eta- 
DUA« 45. ; Faico, 45 

AxArc AtKurlnA (Tbrai- 


Barhn, Buteo, 19. ; Clrr- 
(SpUornIi), l«. ; Falco» 

B«cba. iSpottf^ 19. 

tuidia. Strix, no. 

badlut. Aftur ( Micrrrnt- 
uii, 75. 1 FaIco, 75- ; MU 
rroniiui, 75. ; Hiodiliu, 

"^ Uii. FaIco, 7«. 

ki. FalcOiAl.; VuJ- 

Strlx. 103, 
A»tur, CS.; (3yp- 
. 1. S- : Vtilttir. L 
barMtii. Falm. 63. 
Baia^ 4iU. 

baza. Atrlcan« 40. ;; Largc- 
tililed, 4J.; SniBll-crfsftU 
ed. 4J. 
beUlc^M. AqtilKM, 
bellfcOAtu. Fdco, 14. ; 

SptEaciuit 14. 
brtiifale'DtU. Bubo» lOO. ; 
Falco. 63. ; Gjps, & ; 
Otu*. 100. ; VukUf. 6. 
berifora. Falco.A?.; lert- 
ddet. 57. 

. Falco. 72. 
AcdplUr, 73. 
bbarateiiiU r, apironu. 

Pernii, U. 
biarmiciii. Falco, 52. 
hibo. Faleo, IK 
bicolor. Ichthfaetui, 23. ^ 

Sparv]us« 4T* 
Bldeni. 61. 

bMcnUiu*. Tuko, 68, -y 
Haipngiit, 6t. 

blfuclata. Aqufta, 10 13. 
blagruf. Faiei). 24. ; HalU 

|}oheml€uji. Falco, 79' 

Bonellil. AquiUJl.( Palco. 
U.; Talinactm, VL 

bOobook. Alhcn^, 00. j 
Strix, 90. ; N'otrtua, SO. 

bore»li». Dutec»p34.; ISut«o 
(PofciJoptPmU) 34.; Fal- 
co, 34,; Knlioetiu. 3G.j 
SumU. »■>. 

&oriii»oDenfit. SpUaetus, 

brai'catA. Aquita, M. ; Hir- 

pyla. 14. 
brachrdactyla. AqiilUt 17. 

Accipiter, 76. 
Brachjrotut, 105 107. 
bmchvotuu. Otu», 107. ; 

Strlx. 107,i Smx (Atlo), 

Bracbypecnii, ti8. 
bracitjFptonu. Cireaetu* 

( Herp«;toEher(Hi). 09. ; 

Falco J19.; MICTMtur, 69.i 

NiiUJ, m 
brachyura. !>trix. 107. 
bmma. Albcne, 97. i Noc- 

tua, S7. ; Scrlx, H7. 
brulheraait. Aqultiiif 31,; 

Diodon, OS. ; Fsiko, 31 . ; 

Falco WledtiOS,: Otm, 

97. i PoJybonw. 3K 
BrUsonUnui. FjiIco, 73. 
Brotliet. At>i**i>e. 88, ; Noc- 

tiia. 88. 
Brown it Falco, 75, 
bru nnea . Fal co. 57. 
brunrteu*. Falco, ."ifl. 
BulKJ, i>8. 

bubo. Alio, 9(4. i Slrix,98. 
Bubonliiir, !N. 
Buffiwi, Falt^n, 79, 
ItulRca, IDS. Ili4. 
Uriiiircltut, 7»*. 
buFHrelltit. Butcra, 37. ; 

Buieo ( Icbtb }' oboruj ) , 

37, i Falco, 37. 
bUMm, Aq ulla, :n , ; B uUo, 

(ButeogiJlat). 37,-, Falco. 


Butaqiiila, SB, 

Butaitur. 67. 

Buteo. at. 33, 

buico. Acelpitrr, 82. ; Bu- 
£jii;t«»t, 99. ; Falco, 33, 

ButeagaJlus, 31. 37. 

buieoJd«* Aviccda^ 40. , 
Falco. S.'i. ; Cjmindlf , 47. 

BoteODinr, 31, 

Buatard. African, 33. ; 
Allied Moor, R3. ; Ame- 
rican, 34. ; Caclqw» 39. ; 
CoiDmont 3*2. ; Creiitcd 
boncy, 43. t Barred - 
hwtfMt^, 35. ; Brazilian, 
38. ; Gri!5-t>ackcd, 3d. ; 


41,: Looff.) 

Moor, Hd, I ' 

can, 33. ; 

Red hacked. Si.l 

brfa>*l4Hi. 3Jl. ; 

faced, 36. i Wbllci 


C*fblna. 17, 

cac btlritiiin.1 A «tiir 
C'ircactu« ( Herp 
r«), 17 ; Faico, 11 
pctochere*, 17* 

carnulefcen*, Ftia 
lerax. fi'i ; Sparr 

cvfiuA. Fi 

cafer. <; . 

Calel- lianaciL*,,.,, 

calldiii. Falco, d4. 

calirornit^Tiiit. Cat! 
4. i C:«abari<>t. 4. j 
KUi, 4. ; Sarcoral 
4. ; Vulrur, 4. 

caljgaliib. Falco, 1S> 
naetuft, 16 { Mof 
(Ll[niiAi*iaa). 16L 

ealquin. Falco, 10; 

caKu», OlofTpft. 3%; 
lur. 5 , 

campc«trf4, Clrcuiii 

caDadf-n»U. F»liecL 

cane«cenf. Bateo^CJ 
candkaui. talco,4Sl. 


roUIro, ftO, 
camclSdni. Njrclia,a5; 

HG. no. 
candidum. DapdjitlM 
canditlu^. Stri\, IIQ. 
canorui. HaUiMrilil 

Itallactus 1 ictimol 

'JH.; Nlau», 77. 
cat)(«a>. A«(tir(Mal| 

capeasit. At}iene>|9l, 

bo, 99, 1 CcTcbi>«to 

Fatcop.'vg.; (IfpOft 

7§. ; Noctua« 91. t 

lOii.; Scon4» 9<V-« 

Caracara, 31,; Bl«d 

ChintaiiitD, 3*1. %,; Southe 
caracxa. Falco, tfi. 
Carina, HG. 
Cartiirex, 08, 

Strix , M. 
carotinen^i. AcdplK 

Falco, 2*J, i Mil vol 

Scops, SG. 
caruticulaiut. Ncoplu 
CMpia. Strict, 107. 

• T«»<*l^ 



Cirt-j^tui- 17* 

taeia*. 16. 
r^rrhucriitijilLU , AccipUer, 

ionK 56. ; Bfporrlnfcht*, 
iO J Mi«*. 65. ; Tititiuti- 

OOMcrtttr^cuf. Circaikua, 

CO. m> ; Mkrattur. m^ i 

ccoocklor. Fiilco, A4.; F«U 
fo (.r,*»k.o). M. ; Fal- 
eo (BfpochorchU). 5J^ t 
MrpotrforchiA, Vl. 

Bur T I ,j^9fi, 

Coov T, 7«. ; 

F»i' ■ X 72. 

coqnimoauA. Si^tua,92. 

' FAleo, SI. 

, Biibo» iOO. 
idm. Strijt* 100. ; 
cmonniM Aquilft, (5. ; Har- 

coronattu. Clrcmitrat, 19. ; 
F.llco, H. L-i. IK. ; df- 
p«cto*,aO.; H/irpft]ftll[K^* 
tiu, 19. : 8(«la&i6tua, I A. 

rr«Mlpe* v. tutrla. AqulU, 

CflMtrMttrti. Otuj, lOG. ; 

EphtaUea, f<g. ; 
Piniti,42.; StriiL^m 
crteUlslliW. Falco, t«. ; 

spUsitiM, i«, 

cr(ila.tu«. Aftur. 65. ; Bu> 
U«, 40. ; FftJco. W, i 
Morphntii, 30. ; Ophlo* 
Itief «•, 7t». ; Vultttf. 4. 

erolopliaqius. PotyburuA.SO. 

«mria;«rau Mrix»97. 

eurulUtut. Falco, fA. 

euculuide*. Atbeue, 87. j 
Anc«(U« 4(1 ; fioja. 40. ; 
t:vmm,1i.^ .18,; FflJ'0.7?i • 
; NoctiUi, 87 

TlnnuDcu- CunctiittA. £3. 

ninHcjiudato. AlDlla, 1% < 

FaItq, 6?, cunicularU. Athrtir, 1*2, i 

K.>»....,^. 02.. st,^ 

t r.iiuphtit, 2. i 

c L . :jer**ui ? P©, 

cjTftneiu But«o (Cirruj),! 
79.; Cirru», 7». ; t-inn* 
(Strjiflcepa). 7»- » Falc< 

cjanpfcent. Falco, 56. 

cyanopuk, Atturlna^ 47. 

cTcJop*. siiix, na. 

CymLndU, 47. 

i%i ehmatM. 


d»lm«tlciu, Circtu. n2. 
dj(ph«til«. Ai^uUa, 9. 
Duptriui, 3H. 
duvuiJiata. Strlii. 97.^ 
di'ifcner. Falt'o. 'i9 ; Folj'- 

borui { Milva^o). !;^. 
dctruku'rui . Fiiico. IV|. 
doHcatiita. Slrix, It/J. 
Drndroralco^ £3. 
iJvntiKtr, 27. 
deitructor, Falco. W } Har- 

ioD, 63. 
dlodoQ. Filoo. es,; Ear- 

paj!u*, W- 
Diplodo "" 




plodon, 6% 
dlapar. Flanut, 4t}, ; Fileoi 

46. ; Fygarini*, 7H. 
dnltaca. Stiix, »5. 
domlf)iceti«U. Faico^ (}1. 
dubiuc. Falco, 4t. ; FaJco, 

clucaVkf. Falco, II. 
diikhuamtU. Acdpltor, 7S&. 
duinctkolA. Strix. 101. 
DuMumlrri. Aalur. 7S. ; 

Falco, 7d. ; NItui, 7fr. 

Ra«l<>. Bacha, \n. i Biild, 
3r«. ; Black litid White. I A. 
■ifl. ; BIjKTlt-brfattcd, 18. i 
B<iM. I'i.; Bonrllift. 11. ; 
Boolad, 13.; BratUian, 
sn.t Chad*, IS. i C-1n«> 
reou*. lli^.i Cre»t«d«90. ; 
Cr««t«d Boni4>«fi^ 1*4. ; 
CrMted Indian, ir*^ ; 
Crowned.. IS. !». ; Equi- 
ii..rliJii, .17 C<uUli»n, &. ^ 

' - ■ \n de 

131. t 
New Holliuid *i IjJlf. G5. ; 1 
0€clpltal,15.;FameaAv87>) ] 



PtcclTOTOOit S5. ; Pcmdi- 
ehetTTj 37. ; Rc^inwantt'v 
13* i Rotigh*f(Kttfxl, 10. i 
Short tiilml, 36. ; SmM 
mAtiitp, 23. ; St, John'i, 
29.1 T«wn*JL; Tyrant, 
15. ; ViiUurine, 11 i 
Whito-beUiod.M.^ White- 
beaded ruroua, 37. 
Eari?d Owl. Ani^ricAn^ 106.; 

If^l. ; CoromiLn(Iol« 100.; 

Du&kjr, 97. ; Egyptian. 

100.; Great, 98.; Hole 

hAantlng, 90. ; Long, 105.; 

MadagASCur, 106.; Pale, 

99. ; Short, 107. ; SIIm-- 

rljHi, 98. ; SfKiited, lOfi ; 

Thlck-blllrd, 106. 
eciudatui. Falco, :j7.; lic- 

totar«uit 'i6. 
ElADO^dei, 44. 
HLftnui. 45. 
eleffui*. Faico, 56. ; Klgu». 

EllloCH. FerQtBt43. 
Ephialtei, 95. 
ephdltef . Scoftf , 9A« 
«rrnlnm. Kjclea, H6. ; 

SirU, W. 
erYthronemiA. .\ctiplt«r, 

errthrnnntu*. Biiteo, SW. ; 
Bulco f Pfccllopteml*), 
:». ; llallactuk, 3.S. 

cry th roptira . .\t hi^tic, 88. ; 
Strlx, HH. 

Erythropiuj,^. GO. 

erythrorbfncu*. AcGlpiter, 

El^glaiix. &4. 

eurofuetii. Bubo.S^.; Otiii. 

Ins.; Scopt, 95. 

eutoiiniu. HieriiK, 63. 
ezlUi. Fdeo,7l. 

Falco. 49, 

Falcon. Aih colour^. «L ; 
Bengal, f,i. : Hkck. M>. ; 
Black and White IntlfAt), 
79. J Black-chpfkcd. M. ; 
Btaek-w1nf:e(l,4.'>.; Brond- 
winded* 3ft. ; Ciiy»'nii(% 
47, ; Chantittjr T7. ; iThic- 
qn«ra. *fi. i Chlmachima, 
39.; Ctnnatniiri'.fi'i.; Coby^ 
40,, i Crwwn'hcllilied. .^7. . 
CrtK>k-bnieil,44.; Double; 
bearded. ft2. ; Dnck. 51 . ; 
Dvarf,73. ; Great-billed. 
66. i Grnr-bellied, 6fi. ; 
Hobby, ?^. ; Hooded, 72. ; 
Hook-billed, 47,; Ingrlan, 
GO. : Jackal, 33. ; Jugger, 

53. ; KeilrtK 58. ; Lan- 
ner, ^2. ; I^atakoo, r«S. ; 
l.auffhini(, 17. i Lcttrt' 
vrlDged, 4« ; Little, Gl. ; 
Loiis-1eg((ed, 80. ; MAda- 
lascttT, 7B- New^ Zealand, 
S7. ; Sotciic^, m. ; Pani. 
maIt!i,M.; Pernirrint^^-W.; 
P1umb«]iti. G6. ; Radia- 
ted, 64. i Rani voTOUi, 1^4.; 
Bed Pegged, 76. ; Red- 
necked. 94. ; Red tbrnnt- 
ed. ML ; Rfocour'i. 44. ; 
Rock. 99.; Hjnugh-legffed, 
3& ; RufoQi-li««d«d« ai. ; 
Salvador, 82. i Severe. AS.; 
Silky. 63 J Soolo, 75. j 
Spotted. 60.; S^Kitted, m.; 
Spotted, fjli. ; Str<^;vk«tl, 
37. ; Sultan.-W. j Swallow- 
UUed, 44. : Tiny, 71. ; 
Two- toothed, eii. ; Unl- 
form, M. ; Whlte-nap^d, 
G3, ; VHilie^nedMsd, S8. 

Falconida>. 0. 

FalconlnAP. 49. 


raMtatui. Aitur. 74. ; Bti- 
t«o, TO, ; Falco. 5H. 

fairdoiatu*. ClrcaJ^tiit, 1». 

femoratit etiB, dnfra»f<nn, 
Bld«nA, (I'i. ; Fatco. TmI). ; 

Falco (.flwilon), 56.; Hypo* 
triorclils. S6. 

fcroK. narpyta, 80 

rornsginea. 'Athene, 92, ; 
Noctaa,9^. ; Slrii,»2, 

ferruglneo-^auda, FiiJeo,34, 

ferrogtnaw. Archlbuteo, 
30. t Falco (Bufeol, 39. \ 
LHgopui. 39. 

nsummea. Kirtx, 108. ; 1(19 

l\a V i pe«. C lUt runguli* 101.; 
Krtil|tA. 1(11. 

fiti¥JHlU. P»ndlon, 39, 

ro?t{>na. Ciithartet, 3. 

rormonui. Falco, S8. 

For*k»ltl. FjUco, 44. 

fortl*. Athene, 90, 

Frmnceili. Acclpiter, 78. ; 
N1iu«, ( Sceloiptia), 75- 

frrnatuj. Faleo, 80. 

rringltlarlu.t. Accipiter. 70. 
7.'». ; .MsiH. 70. 

frin 11(1 liar oidt»t. AcHplter, 

rrinKillanmi. Niin«, 70. 

fringttloides Acdptter, 72.; 

frunLntut. Falco. 54. ; FaU 
CO (Hypotriorchii), 54.; 
Hypotriorebii, M. 

fncona. Aqiilla, 12, 

fullKinowi, StriK, IOC 

fifWii, Aqutla.9.; Strfit,89. 

ful»e*cciii. .\ouna. 11. 

fmlvi venter. H^liactui, 33. 

fulvuii. Bnteo, 34. ; Falco, 
9. ; Gyps, G. ; Fandlon, 
21.; Vuliur. 6. 

funere*. ! 
AS ; Nfl 

sa. 94. i { 

furcata. $ 

fureatui. ; 


fuica. Aq 



fufcui. Ao 

CO, 49. T 


gabar. All 

76. ; Fai 

nitua, 7<S 


Otut ( Hr 



Falco, IT 


Falco, i 



garuda. 1 
Gennaja, 4 
genUlis. ) 
( reran oaflt 
ulaux. N 
74.; Cl 
ana. 20, 
Gould II. 

vu» ( U^ 
gracillf. ' 


iny I 


fall o dO 
g ram m led 
grandt&. ^ 

taetui, I 
grl»eal4i, ' 
grUeuf. } 

%.; Sp 
gTTpliua, I 

gui, Stif 





taOrd. 46. ; 

h»Utcm.> Aquila, 10. 


||«fAl|rfm. 5i. 
Jii«tiilU«lut. Faleo, 40. 
Hcrp«Uitb<rni«. irj. 68. 
)t»rptttotbercs. CAchtLOn*, 

II«tcrcMetus. 33. 
Ilelcr«i|>iu. 9>, 13. 
irierftiSut. 9 13. 

hitinuUrlU4, F«kyi, 36. 
hdriuu, StrU», >*H, 
tetntadlmim, F«l<'«» ^. 
mctrimurus. Clrcut (Strl- 
ficiffia), 80, ; FaIco, KO. 

ttoloipUus, But«>i. 19. ; 

(Spltoralth \9. t SpUor. 

Honfteldii. Llmnn/ttu*, 16. 
bueartua. IcbibfAetut, 23L 
RoAMftUa. Strlx. 86, 
llii4«onl*, (rcti. StHx. )|5. 
tiodixtfiiiu Circtu. 79. ; 

F*l<*, rj. 
Hubtu. n. 100. 
hiibula. Atheoe.!k3.; Oc- 

bumIU«, r 

diaa ( I 

Hybrti. 10-. 
hydcf . Aitur, 67- 
Hydro'ittiDtA. ii, 43. 
hf drophllo*. FaIco. 33. 
hf««Mlu. Circui, 36.; Fftl- 

ro, rt-fc. 
byl..; ■ 


bfpug««. Strut* 9i. 

i(!bcifraMiu. Faico, aa. ; 

FMMikMl, 33.; 

(Pol[oietUf>, 23.; 
AC!(u«t 33. 
Idntbjroborui, 32. 

IcHiiii, irt, 

Ictinut, MUvtif, 42. 
Jencidea, 97. 
leru, 63. GE». 
JmmaculatQi. C^rchnU, 
imp«rUll«. AqtiUa^ 11 

FalTO, 10. 20. ; VulCur, 
ftie^rtUA. Falt«>, 41, 
indtrft. Strix» W. 
tnt«rmedia. AauilA, 1 ) 
ifldkui. Aftur,66.; Atbi 

«T.} Ctreaetn* (Poli 

r. cbeela. MUtiu, 
P»Ddion.23.; FoUoi 
©». i Vuitur. 6. 7. 

todnnc^. SirLx, li 
Symiimi. 104. 

Indus, Falco, Si7. ; H«^ 
tur, 27. 

Fji>co, 55. 
Faico, 5>* J^ 

lur, 3, 
itabellinrii. Fa1co,€1. 
lichnotcelJs. 68. 
iiilAadlcut. Folco, 40. 

Falco ( Heirordco), 4% ; 

ll«litetu«, 2S.; Uairo. 

f&lco, 50. 

jackal. Buteov 13. 

Jicqulnl. Faleo. 20. 

j4iiiaiconilji. FaIco. M. 
jKfionicui. Buteo, S'i.; OtOt 

Jardinil Cireu*, H2,; Cli* 

IaTAiicnclt. Kcrnpa, 101. 
ATanle*. Strtx, 10». 

tnv.^niriH. ScQpVf S)6, 

lO. 40. 

IS. Klnox, 09. 
r Falco, Bij Fllco. 
CGcuoala), M. 

fou»>back«d. AO. 
HetUM. 101.; Scopt, lOt.; 

Ketup«' YeU<m-footcd.lul, 
KHp, 42. ; AfAhiAM, 44. t 

AuitrallAti, 4.1.; Blat!k. 

43. ; BraAiUAti, 31. ^ r«o- 

vindst 43. ; HiiilMtppi. 


KotbiK Vulhir.^. 
korichuii. Acdpit«r, 41 
Kraxneri. Falco, B3. 


Iftcemulitui. Fako, 38. 
lacertariiit. AccipkLer, 41. 
lactcju Strix, W. 

70.; Otiu, 9tt. 
Iiignpu». Acclptl«r, 39. ; 
Arcfaibut(*o. m. : Buteo, 
!l^. ; Ffl!co. 3l», 39. 

litnftrius. Fftirn, A'i.; Faico 

lKi)c«H>|Aiut. Hj|liaetui« 94.; 

SpixMctut, 16. 
Inptionlca. Strix, 103. ; 

larTatft- StHx, 103. 
LaKbamf. Falm> 40. ; L^s 

|}1dogen>y*, 40. 
Iitltotinui. Fa] en. 35. 
Ieini94jl. Ephlaltei. 9GL ; 

StTfx. 96. 

Leptoflm, 47. 
LcM7hf>it.tiiltll. Kotupa^lOl.; 

Strix, lui. 
LetMKiit. 8ut4ctet, 39. 
Ittria Sco()«. 96. 
l«ttoidpji. Scop*. 96. 
lefucaiko*. Falco. &\ 
]«uauniihmnina, AqullA,17. 
teucaucltcTi. Falco, f^j. 
Iffucocc-pltala. A^uila, SC. ; 

1friict>eephAlus. Burco, 40. j 

Cirrtii, 517. ; Faleo, aft. ; 

Gjrpiii^tiJ, 3^ t H.iliaetttii 

Sfi. i PaudJoti. 23. ; Vul- 

lur,6. 7. 
teucofa>t«r. runctiina, 34.; 

Falco, 'H. i UnnavUii, 

94.; Haliactut (Puntu- 

d^tuj). 34. 
IcuoogKter. TbTcler. !W. 
leueonx'liu. Falco. <K», 
IpiiconoEiii. VuHur, fj. 
Lf'ucopK^rnb, 33. 37. 
'l«]pnp». But(H), ^G. 
leucopflti. Falco, 17.; Ctre- 

aikui, 17. 
Jeiicopf fus. Falco, 47 
leucorrboa. Ai<tiiiHtia, ftf*. 
leucorrhout. Aitur. 06, ; 

Fairo, 61). ; ^jiarvlut. 7*x 
l«€lOOT7phoi. Falco, 23,94. 
LdiiCDcp^aa. 63. Gf* 
letkcottenm*. tlnllnctuf, 

3S. ; Halla«tUf (trtiuo- 

Bittuij,2R. ; Hnlt«»«mr, 27. 
]«jcotl». KpltlaU<!«, 117. ; 

OCtU, 9«i. ; $cnpt, m. ; 

!icrix« 97. 

leucuruL Elanoid^a, 46, i 

Rlanu*. 46 ; Falco, 30. ; 

MiWMo. 30,; MUvui. 

46 ; Spiiiietuv. 36. 
I^verloiius. Fako. 34. 
Llnnnartui, 14. 
liocau. Ath4-n^. 99.; Strix, 

as. ; 5iiriitH,i>3. 
Hn*>atufl. HuttNJ. 35. ; ButN) 

( Pttriloptemtt), 8ft.; Fal- 

CO. 3&. ; Haliaetus, 4,'*.i 

Puidion, 24. ; Sparvlui, 

Litboralco. uCmIoti, hb. \ 

Falco, A6. I Falit} {-fl&**- 

lon), 5.1. 
llturata. Strix, 104.; Ulula^ 

I.( venter. Attur. 67.; Clrc- 

avtut (Pollornit). 6H. ; 

Falco, CT, ; PoHoml»» G7. 
lotiflme^brlft. Strix. tl^. 
longtpennri. Falco, M. 
longtpei. Butco, 33.; FaJco, 

17. SI. 
loDglroiirU. Strlx, 106. 
Lophoctua, 14, 19. 
Lopha»iy.r, 40. 
Lotihofpita, iiA. f>d. 
J^jphoitrlx, 9.'*. 9ft. 
Lf»jtliot«, 40. 
loplitite*. Baia, 40.; Falco, 

40.; Periiis (Hyptiopui), 

luK^tft^r. Falco. 52 
luFTUbrft. Ninox, 89.; Strix, 

luniilarut. Falco, 34.; Spar- 

Lfmnartua, lli. 
Ijmnaetuj. Falco, 16. 


Macaqiia. 17, 

Mikccn. Cuncuma, 23. ; FaU 

ci>. n : Hallaetn*. M. ; 

Haliai^Lui (Pontoaikui), 

ma^Ton^phala. Strix. 104. 
majCToccplialum. Syrnluni, 

tnarrodartrliii. Falco, iVi. 
msirropterut. Circus. %2, ; 

CIrcut lSptxacircLia),()9. 
macropui. Fatco, ."^l. 
macrorhfncha. Strix, 106,; 

Otu*. 106. 
macToura. Strix, JO*, 
maeukoka. Strix, lOS. ; Per- 

nl«, 4D. 
marulosui. Otui, 106' 
ntaciiitata. Athene, 89. ; 

Nortua, 99. 
maculatlor. ClrciUftut. 19. 
tnscubtui. Acciplter, 70. ; 

FuleoJO.; SplMetut.21. 


ter, 73. ; I 

nogenrf , t 



Stnx. t?9- 



Basa, 41. 

Kiiut, m. 

tiopuft), 4' 

mAKiiuft. 7 

maje^r. Spat 





Athnii^. f 


a§tut, 14. 

MalQni. K 


raantii. CM 



inaxina. I 
mvd'a. Ca 
mp!diui. Q 
Falw, 9,1 



04; AHUf, 


aima^ V 
Spar V ilia, 



Fal TO, 45, 



37. ; Falet 

▼lus, 74. 

melanolia. | 

vu»> 43. 
Mrlierax. T 
immi», ll 

Mcrltu, 55, 
Mc*eldu», i 
lAexlcaiia, i 





nevsreniift. Bulaci, 104. : 

inula. )<M. 
KUMur, 74. 
Differ. Acscifiiter, 7B. j 

£g7piui,4, ; F«lco, 9. 19. 

», i MUtut. 43. i Ntiui, 

R<t«trh4i3tu*, 47^ ; Spar- 
*iu4^76. ; SptxaiiHut,^!, J 
Vultur, ». 4- 
Qi^lp^m. Caltruni^ic, 101. 
nipicoUlt, Buteo, 36, 37,; 
r.a.iFal- F4Jeo.37. 

S N, JG. 
ti iiciplt^r. jtt. ; 

filrin. Hft ; Sur- 

lb. Acclpiter^TO. 

Acdpit«T, 70, ; F«l- 
c»>, f u. ; TV. Falco, il. i 
HaliMCUi, %, ; Spuriui, 

nIfkU. AttuHiui* G6. 

Ditidui. Afiiir, CO. ; Fiilco. 

&iiea. Njrctea, M. , Strix, 

nitrua. Faico, Id. i Nit»- 

itui, IS.: 5pa.rviiu, RA. 
tU«lcr>|ji. MeiomarphiL^lUS.; 

nivlrolun}. Sjnitunit 103< 
aolrilU AquiU, 9. 
Kortua. 86. {0. 
luK-tua. Atbrne, ML; Slria, 

aC. (03. 
DoeruU. Ottu, 9i. ; StrU. 

n-f ' 1"* Tali, 4.*^.' 

r i.e, A«tur, 


+ ... , i fl.UW, **^, 

Oicrr«^ «ert«iidi«. FaJco, R?^; 

Strlit. ea. 
tiOTK itrtwt. Fdco, 39. 
bOT* iralatidtv. Alhenp. 

» t F«ko, »l). ; Hviio- 

Irlorchti^ 3i7 ; U'r»cuW< 

nubicu*. Vulmr. a, 
nodlcMllIt FalcQ. S9. : Po. 

Iftonrut (Daptriut), SH, 
Budtp«» aut ptl1nd««1]rtflL 

Diitw. 4W- ; Strix. s7. 

KrcUlopi, 106. 
Nf etcA. 96. 

njfctira. Kucttia, *'6. ; Strkx, 
Mi. , huinia, BC. ( !ifitd- 

um, >«>. 

ohiiruruf. Fajco. 71. 

obiotetui. Falco. Mi, 

i>ccideot%llj> ]enicjd«ii.&7. 

ocdpitAlJa. Falco, 15,} 
HarpTlA. J.^. i Morphnot^ 
19. ; NoctuB, 91 ; Spli- 
aittuh, I.S. ; i»piiai<(u* 
(Lojjhactu*), IS,; Strut, 
91.; Vultur, a. 

ochroc^phidui. MllrafOr 

OdoDtriorchU, 47. 
Onvchaetoit 9 
tjpbiotheres, 77- 
ophiophaga. Ictlnia, 4S. 
oritiit4lU. BiltK), 100. ; Fni- 

CO, bO ', lijiltMiJtui afi. ; 

5p]x]U>ruji, 16. ; Strix., 

100. 105. 
omMta. Harpyia. 14. 
ornaiui. Faico, 14 ; SpU 

taclus, 14. 
Oiprcy»rJ., Whit« hcjided. 

(WMfra^a. Auulla, 'db.i 
Kalct). 2b. ; Phoie* 2. 

ouirrogui. Fatco. 36. 

Ocogrpt. R. 

otu>, )0.V ; BubOv KtSt. i 
StrIx, 10&. ; Strlx (Alio), 


OYivorui. Nisiu^tuj, 13. 

Owl. AcadUti, L^.; Ameil' 
caa ftari), 109. ; Auttra- 
liao Barn, W.L ; Ujirred, 
104. ; Harrrd tailed. 103. ; 
Bay, no ; Blark-heAded, 
M,, Boubo(>k,;jO.; Kmwn, 
Wl,, Cab»re92.; Canada, 
6d ; rape Bam, 110; 
Cape &liurt-«arcdt lOd. , 
Cheitnut-fnced, 110.; 
Ch(»«tni)C-w1iif(ed, *8, j 
Chifia. loa. i Coqulmbo. 
9i. ; Doftnv, 93. i Dwarf. 
91.; Fork'- Ui led. lOg.} 
FMctated/ji3.( Gnlapagoi, 
im ; GAlapairfM Banr, 
HO; Hairy, *<?>.: Uiina- 
layah.H7.i H>lophilv,103.t 
liHlkti, h7. ; Jiini{le>llO. ; 
Ritijpfi, l"il.; LarKe- 
fvi*#l. in ; J.empl-ji. lift, ; 
LUil< ,!;*3 ; IVUnyvbooilcd, 
|i^. ; Ma«ked, MJ.1. ; Ne. 
pal, 104. ', NfW Z«MUiid, 
|(i«4.; P*.aa, »>.; PhiUp- 
pine. 104, i Pifnny, 93. j 
Pow<;rfui, 91 .; Riid-earcd, 
&f>. i iilng-ryrd. UO, ; 
Soop» carnl, VA, ; 9now, 
J02. ; Snowy, PHk t ap<»- 
Ird. ii*^ ; Hrout<1«if«di 
|f '1 lllou*. 9«. s 

'\ t.; Ural, 

1^ iirLT.'-itrifijcu, iUh|. \ 


Afttur {Microiiiftui), 74. -, 
KUnuB, 4G. ; Falca, 73. ; 

Vuhur, 6. 

tricolniT. BaiiH), 36, 
tIus, 73. 

I fri]j«?t!int«. Strlx, lff7. 

I (nvirgaiuf . A^tur. ^'i, 

I tur (Lophaipliiii^ 

m tym^«. Hrtuunus, 
■ ruljrtKtrittdei, 7(1. 



llPtemra). 15. 



ulijfrlnoiut, CiTCM*, 79 ; 

Circui { StrigicBp>>, TU. ; 

F*ko, 79. 
UlulA. ID2. ICO. 
uiuU. Oiui. l{)7. ; StrLx, 

W. 107. ; Sural*, IW. 
ululnni. SvToiura, in-J. 

unclniiiut. Cynklindi», 4ft. ; 
r*»co. 48. ; PernU (Re- 
gerhlfiui), 49. 

utululAta. AquUa^ la.; Spi- 
ll iroii, 19. i Strlx,^. 

undulaluft. Athene, ftR. ; 
rirr«i^u», 19. ; CtrcactuA 

XornHt lA- 

unduLlvBDter. Fmlco, 71. 

unicinctiiA. A»tur, m. ; 
Aiturlim ( Spliageranmh 
G-i. i Buteo« 65. ; FaIco, 

uiniicoloT. Butf^.3^.; Falco, 

bh. i Hjiliaetu*. 21, 
tiriilcnfc. Symlmn, 104. 
urjilcnfttb. Nocui4{>umla)» 

104. ; Flyitx. ICM. : »e(>- 

tiaptfx, KM. V Jjtrix, i04.; 

Sjrrttium, 104. 
Urvaelui, 9. 13. 

I'fDiptfA, G9, 73. 

Urrua, 9!*, 5i9. 

tirubttinga, ao.^ Aqiilla, 
37.; Aiturlna ( RupornUi 
ai,; ; llarpjU, 
2L ; HjrpomorphnuttSL; 

tirubu. Catharifta^3.i Vul- 

tur, 3. 
urufur«a. Noclua^ 98- 
uruuiirana. Aquila, 14. 


Valeria, 67. 

»ariab(il«. Acclpitwr, 79. 

tarirgatuB. Circui, 79. 

<I2. i Falco, 32. 79. ; Spi- 

xaetiu, 20. 
variui. Buten, 35 
Toltjx. Falcft. 7U 
vciiitrMlis. Iluien, 34. 
Ttrox. Slrix, t>:i. 
rMparum. Fern in, 4 1 . 
Te«pcrtlnu!i. Orcbitcls.GL; 

Erjthroptis, Bl ; Falco, 

61 ; TinnunculMi, CO. ; 

TlnnuQcului (ICrythro- 

VerriMiuxn. A(}uUa, 13. ; 

ATlceJn, 40, 
veriicokir, Falco, 32. 
Tcteruif). Kuctua, «7. 
Vlndhiana. Abulia, ll. 
▼irgatUA. Acclplu^r. 73. ; 

Falco, 73,; NUut, 73.; 

NUuA (Hiera>piaa)» 73. 
vkRicilatiA. Asio. 99.; I!>trix, 

v1r|rlnianu». BuIkj, 59. 
vltUta. Aqull^i. U. 
TitticauduA. Fftlco, 4H. 
voclfer. Cuncunia^ 25. ; 

Falco. %\ , Halljwtua 

(Fonioaijiu*), "J*. 
TOcir«ra. Aqulla, ih. 
voCifMnu. Butvo, 45.; Fatco, 

vulrarit. Biit<H!». 33. 34.; 

Gypi, 6 ; Milvus. 41 ; 


OUu, 105. ; Fi 
ill,; Valtur.^l 

Vuhur, 4, 

Vulture. Al|iln«. 
gtiU. ^ ; Arab 
Utwded, K; B4 
Black. 3.; Ctl 
4. ; Carrion, 3. ; 
"i. ; Fulvoua. 6 
niul. A. i Fqiik 

VuJturi4Ct 4. 
Tutturfna. Aqoi 

Aquila { PterotM 
Vulturirne, 4. 
vullMriMu». CallM 

K4lco, 13. 


Wii-hinfftcmiL Hall 
Wkxlii braslUencli 

WDsonJiinus. Otu 

|npt«*rnU, 3^. . f 
Wo'HJrordll. AtlM 
Xocttia, 91. 

jianthotboraz. I 
( H«}rpccaU»eff«a)^ 
CO, (59. ; Mi " 



tcal'tmtlcii Korta 
toDc»cercu«. Sfml 
vorca. Scopa, 96< 


Spornffwoarjx anit Snaw, ^H 

Nc«.a(re«<'I>quar^. ^H 




m THE 



SPOTTiiwoonB And SllA« 





PART n. Section I. 

LONDON: 1848. 


Class AVES. 


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res, Temm. Anal, du Syst. Oen. d^OmUh. p.xlix. and 
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Tribe I. FissjRosTRjEs. 
Subtribe I. Fissirostrea Noctumoe. 



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1. Steatobhis CABIPSII8I8. The Trinidad Groatsucker. 
t Bteatoniia Humb. Jaum. Fhys. (1800) p. . 
caripenufl Humb. Obs. de ZooL iL p. 141. t. 44.; Ann. du 
(1834) p. 319. 1. 15. 
? steaUnrms Steph. Chn. Zool. ziiL p. 91. 

a. S*' Fe de Bogota, From Jlr. LejMlbeater*« CoUfl 

b. Trinidatl. 1 

c. Trinidad, Presented by Mrs. Wright. I 


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L Poi>AHGus nuMERAxis. The tawoy-sbooldered PJ 

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Cajirlmiilgus gracilis LatJt. Ind, Orn, SuppL p. Iviii. ? ; d 

Podorgua ? gracilis Steph. Gm. Zed, xiii. p, 93. ? I 

Podiifgus cinereus Cmp, Reg. Anim, (1829; t. 4, f, I.? I 
Caprimulgiis strigoidea Lath. Ltd. Orn. Suppl. p. Iriii,! 

Icon. ined. i. G7. j 

Podarnrua strigoTdes O. R, Oiy^, Aim. of Nai, St 

p. 194.? 1 

Jard. and Setbtf, lU. of Orn, pL 88, (?) ; Qovld, B\ 

ii. pt. 3. 1 

a. Australia. From Mr, Gould's CoMection^ I 

b. South Australia. Presented by Hb Ex cell. Cm 

Grey. I 

1^. Australia, Presented by M,-Gen. T. HardwiclJ 

d. Australia. Presented hv R. Butler, Es<j. I 
€, Skull S. Australia. From Mr, Warwick's CoUl 

2, PoDAEous CpviERi. Cuvicr's PodarguB, I 

Podargus Cuvieri Vig. Sc Hortif, Linn, Tram, xz. p-Mfl 

Gouid, B, of Aujttr. ii. pi. 4. 1 

a. Van Diemen s Land- From Rfr. Gunn'a CoUectfl 
6, Australia ? Presented by M.-Gen, T, Hardwiell 
r. Vao Dicmen's Land, winle (Anttirctic Expeditia 

senle<l by the Admiralty. J 

d. Van Diemcirs Land, iemale (Antarctic £a 

Presented by the Ailmirally. j 

*, Van Diemcn's Land, female (Antarctic £fl 

Presented by the Admiralty. I 

/. Australia. From Mr. Gould s CoUectioiii. I 

3, FopAEoufl pHAi^-KKoiBEs. The Moth-plnmaged To 

Podargus pholicnoides GwtUi^ Proc, ZooL Sac. (1839) pJ 

Gmdd^ B. of Amtr, u. pi. 5. I 


G^mid, lamet Amumy (1838). 

Sa^, Jtmr/t. A. S. B, (1841) p. 574., and 

Q) pi. 798. 

uowmoirrft jJiTAarmsn. Horsfield*s GoaUueker. 
UtfTtf, Linn. TrauM, xiiL p. 141. 
TrjvM. P/- C*>/. 159. 
I wTSDtsiidi GaultL 

Ht». pJ. . ; iS^^. Orn. Z90/. xliL p. 92. pi. 41. 
I Archipehigo. From tlie Leyden Museuni. 

iitva rnoxATTS. The starnr Batrachostomus. 
G«»U» i>t?c. 2bo^ ^otf. (1*J37) p. 43. 
Af^dbipdigix From Mr. Warwick's CollectiOD. 

w e momMtm Armimfl. The great' eared Goatancker. 
Vigort, Mem. Baffl, App. p, 652, 
FiUWtrmn hhty, Juitm. A. S. B. (1841) p. 573. 
!*> ' ^'(KJmrH. A, S, B. (1842) p. 798, 
a ///, /tvm. At* pL 

ICii^^ ii, pLp. 114. 

Prom Mr. Cmnlcg's Collection. 




prunxilgofl noYse holliitdise LaiL Ind. Om. p* 588. 
Ca|)rimul^us vittatus Lath, Ind, Om. SuppL p. Iviii. 

iwd. I 66. 
Capriiniilgus cristatuB Skaw, Wkiits Voy. pL 29* 
iEgocheles cristatus G,R. Gray^ Lhl of Gem of B. (II 
iegotbdes lunulatus Jard. ^ SeWtf, lU, of Om. pL 149. 
JEgOtbeles austral is Smnm. Classify of ^, ii. p. 338. 
PcKlaimift ? novjE hf>llaiiclja! Steph. Gen, ZooL xiiL p. 93. 

PhiL BaL Bay, pL in p. 270. ; Gould, B, of Atuir, iL 

a. 6. Australia. Presented by M.-Gen, T, Hardtrie 
Upper Hunter, New South Wales. From 

Australia. From Mr» Gould'a collection. 
€, Bonth Austrfllitt, male. Presented hj His Exo 

Sir G. Gre/. 
f South Autstrolia, female. Presented bj Hi» 1 

Sir G, Grey, 
g. River Murray, S. Australia. Presented by 

Capt. Sir G. Grey. 
h. InterioT of South Australia. Presented by Capt* I 
uj. Young. 
L Sternum, South Australia, Presented by His Kxc 

Sir G, Grey. 

2. iEooTRELKfl LBUcooASTSs. The white-bellied Nig 

*Egothelei Icucof^aster Goidd, Proc, ZooL Soc. (1844) p. IC 
B, ofAustr, ii. pi. 2. 

a^h. North -easitem Australia. Presented by Lt-CoLj 
L. Mtihell. ^ 

Nyctibius VieiS, Analyse^ p. 38, (1816). 

Ntctibius gbandis. The grand GoatsucJterJ 


Capriniulgas grand! s Gmel. S* N, i. p. 102!>. 
Nyctibius grandis Vifill, Diet, d'HisL Ned. xvL p, 

de ZooL (1837) Or*, p. 23. 
Capnmulgus maximus Shaw^ Lev, Mm. pi. 9. 

PL eid. 325. ; JtmL mid Selhy, lU. Om. pL 89. 

a. South America. 

L Cayenne, very young. From M. CuoyV Coll' 


2. XrcToncB jamaickksu. The Jamaica Goatsucker. 

I jamaicensis Stepk, Gen. ZooL xiii. p. 91. 
—^ jamaicensis GmeL S. N.L p. 1029. 
5jfji. pL 75. 

<, h. Jamaica. From Mr. Gosse^s Collection. 

3. ? Xtctibius PSCTOBALI8. The Cayenne Goatsucker, 
rtihiiia pectoralis Govldj Icanes Avium^ pL 

•-^e. South America. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
i. Cajenne. Presented bj H. C. Rothery, Esq. 

4. Ktctibius jETH£mBus. The great-tailed Goatsucker. 

I sethereus iV. Max. Beitr. i. p. 204. 

I longicaudatus Spix^ Av. Bras. ii. t. 2. 
Tctfaereus G. R. Graif, Gen. ofB.i.\i. 
I longicaudatus Lafr. Mag. de Zool. (1837) OU. p. 25. 

«. BraziL From Mr. Leadbeater*8 Collection. 

iL Caprimulgin^. 


Caprimulgus Linn. S.N. (1756). 

Hirundo (pars) Linn. S.N. (1735). 

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Hjdropsalis Wagl. IsU, (1832) p. 1222. 

Paalurus Swains. Classif. of B. u. p. 339. (1837). 

a. Caprimulgus. 

I. CAPmixuLGrs eubop^cs. The European Goatsucker. 

Jjrns europsus Linn. S. N. i. p. 346. ; YarreU^ Brit. Birds, 
ll. J. 270. 
padTufl punctatus Meyer^ Tasch. Deut. I p. 284. ; Brehm, 
^f.Uent.u p. 130. 
^ ulgns maculatus Brehm, VOg. DeuL i. p. 131. t. 10. f. 1. 

B S 


as^. I 

Nyctichelidon europaeus Renn. Mont. Orn, Diet. p. 335. 
FL md. 193. ; Goxdd, B. of Eur, pL 5L 

a. Devonshire, male. From Col. Moetagu's CoUectioST 
h, Devo«aliirt% female. From Col. Montagu*» Collectio* 
c — €. CambritLre shire, malea. Presentod by Mr, J. Bak 
f. Cambridgeshire^ female. Presented by Mr. J. Baker 
g^ h. Cambridffesbire, young* Frosentea by Mr, J. Bait 
I. Europe, male. Presented by J. Gould, Esf(. 
J. South Afriea, female. From Dr. A. Smith's Collectic 
A. Sternum, England, Presented by John Ray, Esq. 

2. Caprjmulgus BuncoLos. The nifous-necked Goatsnc 

Caprimulgug rnficolHii Temm. Man, (TOm. (1820) L p, 4d8. 
Caprimulgus rufitorquis VieiU. Sttc^c. Alith. p. 546. 
GoisM, B. of Eur, pi 52, 

a, Europe, male. From M. Parzudftski's CoUeetioi 
6, Tunis, young. From Mr. Fraacr s CoUectioji 



3. Capehiux^ovs KtnnG£NA. The rufous -checked Goatflno 

Caprimulgus rufigena Smithy lU. Zooh of S, Afr, Birds, pL ' 

a. Cape of Good Hope. Presented by Dr. Andrew Bad 

4, CafbimuivOcts iSABfiLUNue. The isabelk-coloured Goatsi 

Caprimulgtta isabcllinus Temm, PL Col, 379, 
Caprimulgus acgyptiua Lickt. Cat -Dii/?/. BeH, Mua. p. 51 

a, Abysdinla* From the Frankfort ^luseum. 

h. Egypt. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

5. CAPBrMULoua natausnsis. The Fort Natal Goat! 
Caprimulgus natalensia Smith, III, ZooL of S* Afr, Birds, pL 

a. Fort Natal, South Africa. Presented by Dr. A. Smi 
h. Port Natal, South Africa. From Mr. Argent*s CoUei 

6. CAPRiMvusrs i<EKTtoiK09U9. The South- African Gootn] 

Caprimulgus lentiginosus Smith, lU, ZooL of S* Afr, i 
pi. 101. 

a. South Africa. Presented by Dr. Andrew South. 

CAnntJOhaJMUtL 7 

1 7. CiniMinbaoB tbctobaus. The pectoral-banded Goatsucker. 

peotoralis Cue. J2^. Amm. (1817) L p. 376. 
w&kmoMSinA. Olm.Zool.x.p.167. 
Ois. ^Aff. t. 49. 

^k. Cape of Good Hope. Presented by F. Campbell, Esq. 

& C^w of Good Hope. 

L Cipe of Good Hope. Presented bjr F. Campbell, Esq. 

8. Cafbimulqus ihdicus. The Indian Goatsucker. 

Iprimnlgos indicns La&, ( ? ) Ini. Om, 588. 

■n%os cinerascens VieiU, N. Did. dHigL Nat, x. p. 283. 

andgns tatorior HodgM. Gray, Zool.Mi»c. (1844) p. 82. 

Qfwfy lU. ImL ZooL pL 34.; f. 1. HodgM. Icon. ined. Pass. 1. 
£1.2. T. 42. £2. 

a. Nepal, male. Presented by B. H. Hodpon, Esq. 
h. Msdras, male, young. Presented by Mr. J. Baker, 
c Nepal, female. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
i. Nepal, young. Presented by B. H. Hod^n, Esq. 

e. Madras, young. Presented by the Rev. B. B. Baber. * 
/. Madras, male, young. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

f. Madras, female, young. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 
s-^'. Himalayah Mountains. Presented J. R. Reeyes, Esq. 
i India. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
I Jaya ? Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 
m. Sternum, NepaL Presented by B. H. Hoc^gson, Esq. 

9. Capbimulqus assikujs. The allied Goatsucker. 

«. Borneo, male. Presented by His ExcelL Sir J. Brooke. 
h. Indian Archipelago, female. Prescntod by Capt. Sir 
E. Belcher, C. B.R.N. 

L Catbimulous spilocixcus. The spotted-tailed Goatsucker. 

Irianlgus macrourus Jerd. lU. Om. pi. 24. 

■nmulgus mahrattensis (Sykes), Jerd. Madr. Joum. Lit. jr Scl 

OHO) p. 234., (1844) p. 143. 

f. Madras (Eastern Ghauts). Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

U. C^FmiMULGus M ANiLLEifsis. The Manilla Goatsucker. 
0, b. Manilla. From Mr. Cuming's collection. 

B 4 


12. CAPRiMrLotis ALBON€T ATI'S. Thc Nepal Goatetti 


Caprimulgua albonotatus Tii^L Jourji. A. S, B. ii, p. fiSO. 
Capriniulgus nipuleasis Hodgs, Qratft ZooL Ifitc* (1844)^ p.< 
Capri mulgus iniiotatus Hodgs 
C&pnmiulgus macrouriis Blyth^ Jourru A. S, S. 
Hq(%8. Icon, ined. Pass, 2. i\ 1, 2, 3. v. 35, t\ L 36. 

a — i, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgaon, Esq* 
/ Gftngoiitra, Himalayah Mountains. 
L Darzeeling. Presented hy B. II, HoJ^rson, Esq, 
L Sternum, Nepal. Presented by B, H. liot^uon, . 




13. Capeimui^us monticola. The bare-legged Go&tsQck 

CaprimulgiiB monticola FranhL Proc, ZooL Soc. (1831) p. IK 
Capri rnulgiis gymnopus Hodgs* Gra^^ Zool. MUc. (1844) p, f 
Hodgif, Icmi. toed. Posh, 3. 

a. India. Presented by the Hon, East India Companj. 

b. Sumatrft. 

c. llimalayah Mountains. Presented by J. R, EeeYes, I 

d. Nepal. Presented by B. II. Hodgson Esq. 
«. MiM-iras, male. Presented by T, C. Jerdon, Esq. 
/. Madras* female. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esmj^ 
g, India, female Presented by W. W. Sannder, E» 


14. CAPRiMULQua AsiATicus. The Bombay Goatsucker* 

CaprimulguB asiaticua Lath, Ind. Or n. ii. p. 588. 
Oray, M Lid. ZooL pL 34. f. 2 

a^~c. India, Presented by J. R. Reeves, E»q. 

d. f Presented by M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke- 

15. CAPBranji.Gua catanenbib. The white-necked Goal 

Caprimulgus cayancnsia GmeL S. K. i. p. 1031. 
Caprimulgua cay an us Lath, I ml. Orn. ii, p. 587. 
Capri muIjTus leueurus ViedL N, Diet, it Hist, NqL x. p. 2- 
Capriinulgus leopetes Jard, dp Sdby^ III, of Orru pi, 87- 
Azara^ No. 314. 

a. Cayenne. 

16. CAPfiiMtTLGUS BiPASCiATtJS. The btfasciated Goatsud 

Caprin\u1g:us bifasciatus GouM^ Proc. ZooL Soc, (1837) p. 22* ; 
of Beagle^ Birds^ p, 36. 

a — d, CkUL From filr. Brydges*8 Collection* 




17. Capxzmuix2U8 ? Tbe P (goatsucker. 

a. Bolhria. From Mr. Brjdsea^s Collection. 

b. Caniccas, male. From }£r. Dysoika Collection. 
c Cancels, female. From Mr. Dyson's Collection. 

IS. CmiMULGus SBMITOBQUATUS. The white-collared Goatsucker. 

Coniiralgas semitorquatos Gmel. S. N. i. p. 1031. 
R ad. 734. ; G. R. Oray and Mitch. Gen. o/B. pi. 18. 

0. Para. Presented bj R. Graham, Esq. 

19. Cinuifui^ua kbticulatus. The reticulated Goatsucker, 
c Braafl. From Mr. Leadbeater*8 Collection. 

*)i CAPBiiniLau8 ? The ? Croatsucker. 

0. P Presented by M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

21. CaprimuijGus ocellatus. The ocellated Goatsucker. 

OiprjiBBlgus ocellatus Tschudi^ Cormt. Av. p. 8. 4to edit. t. 5. i\ 2. 
Aprimn^us brasiliensis (^Gmel.) Tschtidi^ Faun. Per. 4to edit. 
p. 20. 

«. Brazil P Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

h. South America. From Mr. Warwick s Collection. 

b. Antrostomus, 

22. CafbimuxxvUS casolinensis. The Carolina Goatsucker. 

^rimajgufl carolinensis Bris$. Omith. iL p. 475. 
bfriamlgns rufus VieiU. Ois. dAmer. t. 25. 
isthnitomas carolinensis Gould^ Bonap, Geogr. Compar. List of 
BirtU of Eur. and N. Amer. p. 8. 

Catethy, Carol, pi. 8. ; WiU. Amer. Om. pi. 54. f. 2. ; Audub. 
«. North America. Presented by M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

c. Hydropsaus. 

tt. Capximulgus fubciteb. The scissor-tailed Goatsucker. 

JStiuwlgus furcifer VteOl. N. Diet. dHist. Nat. x. p. 242. 
^ipimnlgus paaluras Temm, PI. col. 157. 

B 5 



Hjdropsalis Aimxw WagL Int, (1833) p. 1223. 
Hjdrc^ittJis furcifer G. R. Grag^ Xik of Gtn. of B. 

p. 8* 
Psklums macrofilenii Aoamt, Clamf. of B, ii. p. S39* 
Cftprimolfiis fiaocandiM Jfor. ErwcJL und Orub. Mncyc* xii. pw 1 

iirofu, No. 309. 

a. Hraxil, male. 

i. Brazil, f^inale. Presented bj J. Gould, Esq. 

c* Brazil, female. 

24. CAPKtMtTix3r8 BOLTTtfiivfiis. The Bolivian 1 

a. Boliria, male. From Mr. Brydges's Collection. 
6. BolxTia, female. Frcnii Mr. Brydgea's Collection. 

25. CAPmiMuixics cLiMACocBBCus. The Guiana Goat 

Caprtmulgus climacocercus Ttekwdit FoMt^ Ptrm, Av, 
No. 38. 
FoMML Penuma^ t G. f I, 

a. British Guiana, male. A-esented bj Sir K. Schombu 
&* British Gutana, female. Fresented bj Sir E. Scbomb 
c. British Guiana, . Presented bj Sir H* Scho 

26. Capeimui^us MAJrvars. The double-tailed Goatradccr*] 
Capriraulgus manurus VieiU. N. Diet dBist Nat. x^ p. 

a. Bahia, ttude* From the Sunbury Museum. 


Eieothreptus O. K Gray, Lid of Gen. of B, (1840) pt] 
Amblyptcrus GoyJd, Proc, Zool Soc, (1837) p. 105. 
Ainpljpterus Weigm. Arch (1838). 

1. Eleothsbptus akoblalcs. The curred-quilled Goatsook 

Amblyptenw anomalus Gould^ Proc, Zoal^ Soe, (1837) p.! 

Icon. j4r. pi, 
Eieothreptus anomnlus G. jR. Gr€sy, List of Gem. of B. Q\ 

a. Demerara (?)♦ Presented by J, E. Gray, Esq, 

CA:B2tuvuamA, II 

Kjctidzamus OcuH Icon. Av, (1838). 

1. Ntctipbomtis bsbbtakus. Derby's Night-Konner. 

Vjctkiromas Derbyanus ChuH IconM Avium^ pi. 

0. Brazil. 

b, BnziL Ft-eeented bj Capt. Lord Bjron, R.N. 

e. Parft. F^resented by R. Graham, Esq. 

2. ? Ntctidsomub AFFuna. The allied Night-Runner. 

0. Mexico. From Mr. Argent* s Collection. 

k. Bdize, Hondnraa. From Mr. Dyson'a Collection. 

c ? Mexico. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 


Enroatopodna Gould, Proc. Zool, Soc. (1837) p. 142. 
Lyncomia Chuld, Icones Avium (1838). 


EcBoaropoDua albooulabis. The white-throated Goatsucker. 

iprimulgiia albognlaris Vig. Sf fforsf. Linn, Trans, xv. p. 194. 

arastopodus alb^^aris Goutd, Proc. Zool, Soc. (1837) p. 142. 

fnmnlgoa mysticalia Temm. PL col. 410. 

iprimulgua albomaculatus Cuv. 

GimU, B. ofAuMtr. iL pi. 7. ; PI. col. 410. 

a. Woody Wallis's Island. Presented by the Earl of Derby. 
h Auatralia, young. 

L EuBMTOPODua ouTTATua. The spotted-winged Groatsucker. 

iprimnlgos gattatua Vig. Ar Horsf. Linn, Trans, xv. p. 192. 
iTDStopodua guttatua Gould, Proc. Zool. Soc, (1837) p. 142. 
QcsM, B. ofAuMtr. iL pi. 7. 

a. Auatralia. Presented by Lady Carrington. 
h South Auatralia. Presented by His Excell. Capt. Sir G. 

• « 


of DotJ 

Red Wallis's Island. Presented by the Eatl of 
Aiistraliii. From Mr, Lea*ibeater« CoUecticm, 
Interior of South Australia. Presented bj Capt* Stm 
Victoria, North-western Australia. Presented by 
\\\ Chambers, R.N. _ 

b, LryeoHNTS, ^ 

3, EuEosToroDus macbotis. The great- eared Goatsucki 

Caprimulnriis macrotia Vigors^ Proc, Zool* Sac. (1631) p. 97. 
Lfocurnis mnjcrotis GouM^ Icon, Av^ pL . ■ 

Eurostopodiii macrotis G.R, Oratf^ Gen, ofB.Lp* , H 

€i, PhiJippine Islands, From Mr. Cuming'a Collection. 

4. EuBosTOPOprs 

? The 


a. North parts of China. From Mr. Portune*s Collectio 

5. EuBosTOPODUS Temminck-o. Temmmck's 

Lyncomia Tenmiinekii €hy\dd^ Icon. Av. pi. 

Capri raulgrus pulcher A. Hay^ Madr. Joum, 

Caprimulgus imberbig Temm. JIISS, 

Eurostopodus Temminckii G.E. Gray^ Gen. of B^ i. p. 

a, b. Indian Archipelago. From Mr. Warwick's CoUed 
c, Indian Archipefago. 



Scotornis Swaim. Clamf. o/B, ii. p. 339. (1837). 

1, ScoTORNis cLiMAcirBrUS. The long-tailed Groatsuckei 

CaprimulguK clinmcuni^ VieiU. Gal, ties Oi>. t, 1*22. 
Caprimulgus longicaudua xSteph, Gen, Zoi^l. xiii. p. 8f). 
Scotornis clhnacterua Swains. Cktsnif. of B. ii* p. 339, 
LatJu Hist of B. vil pi 114. 

a. Gambia. From Mr, Rend all's Collection. 

b* Western Africa. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

€. Weatern Alrica. Presented by Col. Sabine, R. A, I 

capbucttlgidje:. j 3 


KKTodipteryx Swains. Ckusif. o/B. u. p. 339. (1837). 
Semeioplionis ChuUL, Icon. Av. h. p. . (1838). 
Coimetonus G. R. Gray, List of Gen ofB. (1840) p. 8. 

1. MicKODiFTBBTX ix>irGiPBNNi8. The Leona Goatsucker. 
l»odq>teryx longipeonis G. R. Gray^ List of Gen. of B. (1840) 

longipenniB Shaw^ Nat. Misc.jA, 265. 
macrodiptenu Afzel. Descr. Sierra Leona, 
africanua Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 339. 

0. Sierra Leona, male. Presented b7 Col. Sabine, R.A. 

1. Sen& Leona, female. Presented by Col. Sabine, R. A. 

ChordeQes Swains. Fam. Bar. Amer. iL p. 496. (1831). 

1. Chdbdkilbs TiBOnnAHus. The Yirginian Groatsucker. 
▼irginianus Briss. Om. ii. p. 477. 

Tirffimanns Swains. Fcam. Bar. Amer. ii. p. 337. 496. 
OS (Chordeiles) yirginianus Swains. Faun. Bar. Amer. 

VKBialgus popetne VieiS. Ois. dAmhr. Sept t. 24. 
^ptBolgns americanus Wils. Amer. Om. pi. 40. 
MSeerdty Birds, pL 63.; Audub. B. of Amer. pi. 147. 

0. North America. Presented by M.-Gren. Hardwicke. 

h. Northern Land Exped. Presented by Capt. Sir G. Back, 

2. Chobdkixxs ? The Goatsucker. 

0. Lima, male. Presented by J. Crould, Esq. 

&• Cayenne, female. Presented by H. C. Rothery, Esq. 

c ? f 

i South America. From Baron Laugier*s Collection. 

9. Cboedxilbs bufestbis. The Rock Groatsucker. 

JP^imlgas mpestris Spix, Av. Bras. ii. t. 2. 
■•iWes mpestris G. R, Cfray, Gen. ofB. L p. 

«■ Para, From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 




Podao^cr Wagl Im, (1832) p. 277, 

Proi'diera Stmina. Cla$si/. of B. \L p. 339. (1837). 



1. PoBAGEE NACUNDA. The Nocimda Goatsucker. 

Podager najcunda G. U.Gra^, list of Gen. of B. (1840) p* If 

Caprimulgua nacuoda VieiU, N, Diet d'Hist, N(d. x, p. 240. 
CaprLmuIgus diurmis Pr* Max, Beitr. iii* p. 326, ; Temm. , 

Podager diurnus Wagl Isis, (1832) p. 277. 
Caprimulgus campestria Licht Cat I)upL BerL Mm. p. 
Proithera diuroua Simins. Classif of B. ii. p. 339, 

Azara, No, 312. 

Oy L Brazil. Presented by Lord Stuart de KotbesajfJ 
c, Brazil, From Mr, Warwick's Collection. 

2. FoBAQEE Nattbbbbu. Nattcrer'fl Goatsucke 

Cftprimulgiifl Kattereni Temm. PI. col, 107. 
Podager Nattercrii G. R. (jh'ay^ Gen, of B.'u p, 

a. Braxil. Presented by Lonl Stuart de Rothesay, 
t. Brazd. From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 
0. South America. 

3, ? PoDAOBfi GouLDii. Gould's Goatsucker* 
'odager Gouldii O. R. Gra^ mid MUck, Gen, of B, pL Ifl 
a. Cayenne, Presented by H. C. Rothery, Es<j, 

Subtribe II. Fissirosires JDiumcB. 


L Ctpselin^. 


Acttith/liB Bme, Ins, (1826) p. 971. 
CiMetiiim Steph. Qeti. ZooL xiiL p. 76. (1825). 
Heiiii|»N>eiie Nlizsek, Petrylog. p. 123. (1840). 
FkUeneXeM. Compl.Buff.Ym.ip.49S. (1837). 
Hinuid-apiu Ho(fg». Jaum. A. S. B. (1836) p. 78a 

licAiTHTuicAUDACUTA. Hio Austnlian needle-tailed Swallow. 

kndo candacata LaA. Ind. Omiih. SuppL p. IviL 
iaadi^ candacuto O.R. Oray, Am. of Nat. Hut (1843) p. 194. 
Ihiido fiuca Steph. Gen. Zod. xiii. p. 76. 
Aatnn aostralia Steph. Oen. Zod. xiiL p. 76. 
ttaton macroptera Swanu. Zool. lUustr. n. a. pi. 42. 
hOae macroptera Boie^ /m, (1844) p. 168. 
ABcDe candacnU Bote, Ins, (1844) p. 168. 
Lamb. Icon. imed. iL 88. ; Oould^ B. of Austr. ii. pi. 10. 

a. Australia. 

b. Auatralia. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
e. Anstralia. Presented by R. Butler, Esq. 

2. AcAHTHTLia NUDiPBa. The naked-footed Acantbjlis. 

Wtora nadipes Hod^i. Joum. A. S. B. (1836) p. 779. 
icutkylis nadipes O. R. Orcai, Oen. ofB. i. p. 
Tpselns lenconotns Beleu. Mag. de Zool. (1840) OU. t. 20. 
Some. Voff. dans Flnde, Oii. t. 9. 
'Uftne leoconota Boie, Itu (1844) p. 168. 
Hotj^e. Icon. ined. Poms. 6. 
a—± NepaL Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
e. Sternum. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

3. AcAHTHTLU coixAKis. The collared Acanthylis. 

Bimodo coUaris Temm. Pr. Max. Beitr. (1831) ii. p. 344. 
Cbatora collaris SUph. Oen. Zool. xiiL p. 76. 
Attntlijlis coUaris b. R. Oraiu Oen. of B. i. p. 
Hcnprase oollariB NUxsch^ Petrylog. p. 123. 


(Pallene) cnllarig Lem* Ci/mpL Buff, yllu p, 493. 
Palltine collai-is Bote, his, (1844) p. 168. 
Cypselus tnrquatiis Licht, 

riirundo albicollts VieUl N. Diet. dHiat Nat. xiv. p. 524/ 
Hinindo zonaris Shau\ Cim. Ph^n. pi. 55. ? 
PL coL 195.; VieilL Gui. des Ow. L 12D. 

Oj b. Brazil. Preaentecl by Lord Stuart de Rolhesay, 

c. British Guiana, From Sir H, SeboDiburgk's CoUectioa*^ 

d. Caraocas, From Mr. Dyson*s Collection. 

e. Brazil, f Presented by M.-Gen. Uardwiuke. 

4, AcAifTHYLis FELAnaiA. The aculeated Swallow, 

llirundo pelasgia Limu ^. JV". i* p. 345. 

Acantliyli3 pelasgi.a G. R. Gray^ List of Gen. of B. (1840) pL^ 

Cluettirft pelaagia Steph, Gen, ZqoL xiii. p. 76* 

Apu9 (Pallene) pelasgia Leu, ComnL Buff, viii, p. 494. 

PL enl. 726. f. 2. ; Vieill Ois. if Amen Sept. t.33.; IViU. . 
Oni. pi. 39. f. 1. ; Audub. B. of Atmr, pi. 158, 
a. North America. Presonted by J. Audubon, Est]. 

b* Norlli America. 

Presented by Dr, Kidgeway. 
? The Acanthylia. 

5* AcAMTHIXie — 

a. Caraceas. From Mr, Dy8on*» Collection. 

6. AcANTHTLis POLiotTBA. The grey-tailed Acanthylis. 
CypaeluB poliourus Temm. PL enL 726. f. 2. 

o, Cayenne. From ilr. Warwick's Collection. 

7« AcAMTHTLis BFtNicAUDA. Thc grej-backed Acanthj 

> Cypselas gpinicaudus Temm. 

Acanthylis spinicauda Bote, IsiSy (1826) p. 97L 

Hirundo pelasgia var. Laih, 
PL eid. 726. f. 1. 
I a* BrttEil. f From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection* 

8. AcANTHTLis Sabini. The white-backed Acanthylis. 

Chietura Sub in i Gra^^ Griff. An. Kingd. \i. p. 70, 
Acantbylta Sabini G. R. Gray, Gen. of B. i. p. 
Chffitiira biro lor Grotf^ ZtmL Misc. p. 7. 
Pallene leueopygia Boie, Isijf, (1S44) p. 168. 

a. Western Africa. Presented by CoL Sabine, R. A. 



MicropeeiTZ Swains. ZooL lUustr. (1832). 
Macroptems Swaim, 

Pallestre Les$. CampL Buffi yiii. p. 490. (1837). 
Dendrocbelidon Boie^ Ins^ (1832 f) 1844, p. 165. 

1. Macsoftkbtx Elecho. The Klecho Swallow. 

kudo Elecho ffortf. Lhm. Trans, xiii. p. 143. 

{iv (Fkllestre) Klecho Less. Compl. Bv]f. Tiii. p. 490. 

■ooptenrx Klecho Q. R. Gray, List ofOen. ofB. (1840) p. 8. 

rFKfau Klecho SUph. Oen ZooL xiii. p. 81. 

Bidrocfaelklfm Klecho Boie, Isis, (1844) p. 166. 

pehu loogipenni« Temm. PI. col. 13. f. 1. 

Knpteryz longipezmis Swains. Zool. lUustr. n. 8. pi. 74. 

c, i. Indian Archipelago. Presented bj J. Gould, Esq. 
<•• Jara, joung. Presented by the Hon. East India Comp. 
i> Malacca, female. Presented bj the Earl of Ellenborough. 

2. Macxoptebtx coBOiTATA. The crested Macropteryx. 

-^i) coronaU Tick. Joum. A. S. B. (1833) p. 580. 
■kropcerjx longipennis Jerd. Madr. Joum. Lit. Sf Sci. (1840) 

ma o y ie r yx coronatos Blyth^ Joum. A. S. B. (1846) p. 21. 

fl— <r. Behar. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
ft Madras. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 

3. ^Iacxoftbbtx com ATU8. The hooded Macropteryx. 

jpcropteryx comatus Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 340. 
wloj comatus Temm. PL coL 268. 
W fPallestre) comatus Less. CompL Buff. viii. p. 491. 
I'eDdrocbelidon comatus Boie, Isis, (1844) p. 166. 

0, b, Philippine Islands. From Mr. Cuming*s Ck>llection. 

4- Macbopt£btx mtstaceus. The bearded Macropteryx. 

jl^ropteryx mystaceus Swains. Classif. ofB. ii. p. 340. 
waw mystaceus Less. Voy. de la Coqu. Ois. t. 22. 
p» (PaUestre) mystaceus Less. Compl. Buff. viii. p. 491. 
^'Bdrochelidon mystaceus Boie, IsiSj (1844) p. 166. 

«. New Guinea. 








Cjpselus Iff, Prod. Mam, p. 229. (1811), 

Apus Scop. Introd Hist Nat p,483, (1777), 

Mjcropiis Met/er ^' Wolf^ Ttuch, Benia, Vt}g. I p. 280. (U 

Brachypus Metier. 

Tacliorma Gmsey B. of Jam, p. 58, (1648). 

1. Ctpseli'9 melba. Tbe whife-lajilied Swift* 

Cypseluii melba JR. Prod. Mam, Sf^ Au. p, 230, 

Apus melba €uv. Jitg. Anim, (1817) I. p, 373, 

Hirundo raelba Linn, S. N, i. p. 34o, 

MicTopus melba Boie^ /xi>, (1844) p. 165, 

Hirundo alpina Scop. Arm, 1. p, 166, 

Cypsclua alplnus Temm, Man, tTOm, (1815) p. 270, ; Brthm,^ 

Deut^, I p, 134. ; Yarreli, Brit Binls, \l p, 266. 
IMicropus Jilpinufl Meyer 3f Wolfy Tmch. Deut i. p. 282. ; Edti 

Birdjt, pi. 27. 

Cypselus alpinus africaniis Temm. Mfm. (TOm. (1815) p,270;l 
Cypselus gutturalia VieiU, N, Diet itHiat. Nat, xix. p. 422. 
Hirundo gularis Stepk. Gen, Zooi. x, p, 99, 

LevailL Ois. ctAfr. i, 243. 

a, Europe. 

h. Ca|>e of Good Hope. From the South African Mu 

u. Madras. Presented by T- C. Jerdon, Esq. 

2. Cypselus apus. Tbe common Swift. 

Hirundo apus Linn, S, N, i. p. 344. 

Apua ? Cup. Rig. An. (1817) i. p. 373. 

Cypselus ftpua IIL Prod. Mmnm. ^* Av, p. 230, ; Brehm^ 

beutn. 1. p, 136. ; Yarreli, Brit Birdji, iL p. 260, ~ 

Cypselus vulgaris St^ph. Gen. ZooL x. p. 72. 
MicropuB murarius Meyer ^ Wolf Tasch, Deut, i. p. 28U 
Micrupus apuii Boie^ his^ (1844) p. 165. 
Cypseftis munirivis Temm, Man. ifOrn. (1815) p. 271. 
Cypselus caffer Litht, Cat. DupL BerL Mus, p, 68. 

PL eiiL 242, i\l, 

a, London, Presented by J, F. Stephens, Esq. 

b, Harapsliire, female. Presented bvMr. G, L, ! 

c, Europe. Presented by M.-Getu Hardwicke, 

d, Tunis. From Mr. Fraser s Collection. 

e, Cape of Good Hope. From the South African Mil 
/. Sternum, England. Presented by T. Ingall, Esq, 


2. CoLLOCALiA FDCiPHAOA. The Linchl Swallow, 
ftsatk) fuciphaga AcL Hobn, xxzliL p. 151. 
<. Jarft. Presented bj the Hon. East India C!omp. 

I CoLLocALiA TS06]X>DTTE9. The whlte-backed Swallow. 
CoOoealia troglodjtes O. R. Gray ^ MUch. Oen. of B. pi. 19. 
0, b. Malacca. From Mr. CumiDg*8 CJollection. 

4 CoLu>cAi.iA FSAsciCA. The grej-backed Swallow. 

francica GmeL S. N. L p. 1017. 
«, h. Isle of France, ftom Mr. Warwick's Collection. 


Atdcora Boie^ Isis^ (1844) p. 172. 

1. AmcoBA PAsciATA. The white-bellied Swallow. 

. — __ fasciata Baie, Ins, (1844) p. 172. 
inndo &8ciata Gmd, 8. N. i. p. 1022. 
kiKio (CecropLs) fasciata Le$s, Campl. Buff. yiii. p. 498 

FLenl. 724. f.2.; Swains. ZooL III. n. s. pT 

a. Cayenne. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

h. British Guiana. From Sir R. Schomburgk's Collection. 

2. Atticoba pbistopteba. The white-sided Swallow. 
itticGTi pristoptera O. R, Gray, Oen. of B. i. p. 
Bintodo (Chehdon) pristoptera Rupp. Faun, Abyss, t. 39. f. 2. 
Atticora albiscapulata {Rupp.) Boie, Isis, (1844) p. 172. 

c Abjssinia. From the Frankfort Museum. 

3. ArncoEA UEUCOsrsBifoiv. The white-breasted Swallow. 

Hinmdo leucostemus Chuld, Proc. Zool. Soc. (1840) p. 172. 
Atticora lencostemon Oould, B. ofAustr. iL pi. 12. 
a. Australia. 

4. ATTicomA ? The Swallow ? 

fl. Cape of Good Hope. Presented by F. Campbell, Esq. 
h. Cape of Good Hope. From Dr. Smith's Collection. 
c. Cape of Good Hope. Presented by E. Wilson, Esq. 

nSflTllOSTHBS DltmiriE. 


nirunrlo Linn. S. N. (1 735)* 

Cecropis Bote, his, (18i>G) p. 971, 

Herse Zew. Cmnpl. Buff, vuL p. 496. (1837). 

1, HiRUNDO RU8TICA. The Cbimiiey Swallow. 

Hirundo rustica Linn, S, N. u p. 343. ; YarrtUj Brit, 

p. 23 L fig, 
Hirundo domestica Pcdl, Zoogr. i, p. 528. 
Cecrapja niatica Boie^ Isis^ (1826) p, 97 L ; Brekm^ ^^*\ 

p. 138. • 

Cecropis pngorum Brehm^ Vos^. Dent, i. p. 138. 

PL enl 543. f . L ; Gould, B, of Eiir, pL 54. 

a, Europe, From ^Ir. Goulffs Collection, 

h. Great Britain. Present'etl by M--Gen. T. Hardwic 

c, Canabridgeshire, Presented by Mr. J. Bilker. 

d, Europe, , 

e, — ? white variety. 

/. Hiiyling Island, white variety* Presented by 

Miller, Esq. 
g. Tunis» young. From Rlr, Fraser's Collection. 

2. ? IlreuNDo orTTURALis. The Panayan Swallo^ 
Hirundo gut tur alia Scop. 
Hirundo pmuiyaim GmrL S, JVl i. p. 1018. 
Hirundo jewah Stfkei(, Proc, ZooL Soe. (1832) p, 83, 
Hirundo rustica hfetferu Nov. Acta (1S34) Suppl, t. 10, f. 
Hirundo javanica Sparr, Mus, CarU* t. 100. 
PL coL 83. f, 2. ; Sonji, Foy. t. 7G. 

a. China, young. Presented by T. Lay, Esq. 

b. Philippine Islands. Frfim Mr. Cuming's Collectioi 
<*, rf, e. Nepsd. Presented by B H. Htnigson, Ej^ci, 
/. Tenasscrim. Presented by J. D, C. Packman^ Esq, 
g, Philippine laknda. From Mr. Cuming's Collecti< 
A. India. 

t. Sumatra, male, 
k, Sternuui, Nepal, Pi'eaeiited by B* H. Hodgson, Eaq, 

3. HittirwDo FfiONTALis. The Australian Chimney Swallow 
Hirundo j a vftni^M. (Sparr.) Vrg, §* Horsf. Linn, Trans, xv. p.] 
Hirundo frontalis Quay Sc Oaim, Fay, de VAs&oL Ois* t, 12. 1^ 
Hirundo neoxena QaM^ Proc, ZooL Soc* (1842) p, Idl.j 

Au$ir* ii, pi 13. 


(UOLf) Orif. Am, JD^gd.a,^U.wL 
Boie, ImM, (1M4) pu 17-L _ 
(Bene) frontidis JLcml Conpl. A^ tbl pulfr. 

Spak AvitnliB, nfe. ritJenlffH by Bk 
CoL Sir G. Gfer. 
cTBl)icBen*fL«id,ToaBg. FnmMr. 


fetetris AS. JZm^. i. pu^U. L Sa CS. 
iiSTtbomett .^fei; iVve. ZbdL See. (ISSl) pL id. 
^^. /am. iL S. a OSK) F-7M^ 
i)d«iricaXeM. Cai^B^¥5.p.4M. 
dufka Boi«, /m. (1844) pJ74. 
nfaU Ttmau Moil dOrtu lu. p. S99. ? 

( k. Xepal. Presented 1>t B. H. Hodsnti, Esq. 

U B*-Jiir. Presented bV B. IL H(^i2K4L £*v 

^ Ic<:i^ From Mr. Argent's CoUectko. 

/ Sttfnizm. XepaL Pr^ented bj R H. Hod^'ic Ek. 

a. UiBcxiw cucrLLATA. The Cape Svilkrv. 

Ka cncuIlAU B(M. TM. PL Eml. iTA^, p. -frS. 

■t'i cipenj«is Gmel. S. A". L p. 1019. 

Bd, {C«i*ropi«) capenjiis Les*. CompL Buffi Tin. p. 4£f^. 

«^^ :af^n»i5 /^cxe, Isu, (1826) p. 971. 

Lfli' 723. f.2. 

a Cic« of Goo'J Hope- Presented br M.U>k:^ T. HArfviu:*- 

*i. HmrTTDo STBIOLATA. The streaked Svilfev. 

»1- -tri-jlAta Temm. SchL Btrr. crit. de4 Ovf. Eur. p.^ r 
^ «tni.»Uta Boi>, /nf, (1844) p. 174.: Rupp. SfA. V^jfrt 
i.Vortf-0*/..4/r. t,6. 
DC-' ibTftlnica G'ufr. i?^. ZM. (1843) p ^22. 

^ .\bTs<inia, male. From Dr. RoppelTs CoHectioo. 

7. HiarsiDO sesegaursis. The Senegal Sw&ll'yv. 

nil lene^ralenaifl Ztjtn. S. S. i. p. 345, 

"ttij (Cef^ropis) 9ene<ralensis Leii. Compl. Buff. tuL p. 42^5. 

n^pU »ene?Jen3is Bou^ /m, (lt»44) p. 174. 

KM) rufuU ( remm.) GoM^ef. B. of iTiir. pL 55. 

Rnl 310. : 5. o/ H>*/. 4/r. ii. pL 6. 

t. G&mbia. From Mr Rendall*s Collectkin. 

nssmosTXES biusn-k. 



HiBirsBo MELANocmsscs. The blade- ventefi S? 
Cecropis meknocrissua Jtiipp* St/jft. Uebers^ Vog. Nord*( 

LemiU. Ok, ^Afr. t. 245, f. 1.? 

a. Abyssiniii. From Dr. RUppelTs Collection. 

9. HiEUNDo LEUC080MA. The wlxite-bodied Swallo 

H'mindo leucosoma Swains. B, of West Afr. ii. p. 74- 
Chelidon leueosoma Boie^ hiSy (1^44) p. 171. 

a. Western Africa. ? 

10. HiaoNoo KRYTtiaoGASTEB. The ruft)us-b<?llied S^ 

Utrundo erjthrogaster Bodd. TubL deJ^L eni. d'Aub. p. 
Hirando rufa GtneL S, N. I p. 1018. 
Hirundo (Cecropis) rufa Less. CompL Buff, viii. p. 498, 
Cecropis rufa Bme, Isu^ (1844) p. 175. 
Ilirundo aoiericana Wilg. Amer. Om. pL 38. f. 1, 2. 
Cecropia americana Boie^ hi^^ (1828) p. 315. 
Htrundo (Cecropis) americaiia Less. Compl. Buff, viii, p. 
Hirundo niittiea Awltib, B. of Am^r, pi. 173. 
Hirundo plalCDais Steph, Gen. ZooL x. p. 126. 
PL eyd, 724, f, 1. ; VieiU. OU. if Amir. Si^. t 30. 

a. North America. 

b. North America. From ilr, Warwick*s Collection*! 
e. ? Para. Preseutod hy R, Graham, Esq. 
d ? St. Nevis, ? West Indies, young. Presented by 1 


11. UiBuiTDo FULVA. Ttie rufous-nccked SwaUo 

Hirundo fiilva Viedl, Ois. d'Amer, Sept t. 32. 

Cecropis fulva Boie, Isim, (1828) p. 3! 5. 

Hirundo (Cecrtjpis) fulva Leas. CompL Bnff. viii. p. 498 

Hirundo ptcetloma Gosse, B. of Jam. p> G4. 

a. Jauiaica. From Mr. Leadbeater'a CoUectioa, 
h, Jamaica. From Mr. Gosse's Collection. 


12. HtHuNBO uiGRicAJiB. The dun-rumpcd Swa 

Hirundo nigricans VieiU, N, Diet dHi^t Nat, xiv. p. 523. 
Cecropis rn^ricans Boie, /**>, (1844) p. 175- 
Hirundo pjrrbonota Lath. MSS, Vigors §' Horsf. Linn, TtCBm 
p. 190. 

firiioiioU Boiet hia, (1844) p. 175. 
Arborea Goyld, B. ofAustr, u. pi. 14. 
fborea OatM, Inirod to B, o/Awttr. p. 29. 
Her»e) nigricans Less. Compi. Buff. viii. p. 497. 
Herse) pjrrhonota Less. CompL Buff. viu. p. 497. 
TAshroL Om. t.12. f.2. 

lutraluL Presented by W. MacLeaj, Esq. 
I Van Diemen*8 Land. From Mr. Gunn's Collection. 
Soath Australia. Presented bj His Excell. Capt. Sir 
G. Grey. 
South Australia. Presented by C. D. £. Fortnom, Esq. 
Australia. Presented by R. Butler, Esq. 

13. HxKUHVO Abisl. The Fairy Martin. 

dia Ariel Chndd, Proe. Zooi. Soc. (1842) p. 132. 
on Ariel Pould, Introd. to B. ofAustr. p. 29. 
ido Ariel G. R. Oray^ Oen. of B. i. p. 
of Anstr.W. pi. 15. 

I. Western Australia. From Mr. Gould*9 Collection. 
h. North-eastern Australia. Presented by Lt.-Col. Sir T. L. 

4. Uni7?n>o xbtthbocephala. The red -headed Swallow. 

Ddo erythrocephala Gmel S. N. i. p. 1024. ? 
■do hidica Gmel. S. N. i. p. 1025. ? 
A Gen. 5yJt. iv. pi. 56. 

a. Behar, adult male. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
h. Behar, young. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

15. HimuNDo fhifbea. The wire-tailed Swallow. 

undo? filifera Steph. Gen. Zool. xiii. p. 78. 

fndo filicaudata FrankL Proc. Zool. Soc. (1831) p. 1 15. 

Jiado (Cecropis) filifera Less. CompL Biff. viii. p. 499. 

Nado ruficeps Licht. Cat. Dupl. Berl. Jkhts. p. 58. 

■AdoD nuioeps Bote, Isis, (1844) p. 171. 

yOL Hist of B.pL lis. 

c Hsdras, male. Presented by W. EUiot, Esq., of Wol 

>.- ? Presented by M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

<«. Behar. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
/. Ibyninia. From the Frankfort Musemn. 

16. nmuHDO THAi^AssiNA* The violet-green Swal] 
Hirundo thfdasama Straiyis. Fhil. Maf,% (1827) p. 366. 
Hirunflo (Cecropis) thalii£!«iiia Lesjt. CompL Bvff, viii. p, 
Chelidon thaiassina ^(Ji*?, Isis^ (1844) p* 171. 
Auduh, B, ofAmer. pL S85. f, 4, 5, 

a, 6. Mexico. From ilr. Leadbeatcr*8 Collection 



17. HiEuifiK) EUCHRTSEA. Tlie goldcii SwaMi 
Hirundo euchrysea Gos^e^ B, of Jam* p. 68, 
a. Jamaica. From Mr, Gosse'a Collection. 

18. HiBtmDO ALBireKTEE. The white- winged Si 

Hirundo albiventer Bmid. Tahl. Fl, enl. ffAub. p. 32. 
Hirundo leiit'Optera Chnel. S. N,\, p. 1022. 
Hirando (CbehdoB) Icncoptera Lesx. Cmnpl, Buff, viiL p. 
Cbelidon leacoptera Bote, IsU, (182S) p. 316. 
FL etU, 546. *'. 2. 

a. South America. Presented by Lieut, Mawc, R, 1 

b. Para, Presented hy K. Grabtini, Esq. 

c. Demerara. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

19. HiRi'rnjo melanolecca. The pied Swallj 
Hii*undo mekuoleuca Pr, Max. BHir. (1831) ii. p. 371 J 
Hirundo (Ceeronis) nielaufjleuca Less, Compl, Buff, ym 
Cbelidijn raehtnoleuca Bote, Isu^ (1844) p. 172. 
H. Cfi/. 209./2. 

a. Baliia. Preaecitcd by Charlesi Darwin, Esq. 

b. Chili. From Mr. Brydges's CoUectioa. 

20. Hirundo BicoLOtt. The Severn Swallow. 
Hinindo bieolnr VieiiL Ols, d'Amer, Sept, t. 31. 
iJimndo (Cbulidon) bicolor Lesi. Compl, Buff, vilL p. 49h 
Hirundo viridia Wils, A^jmt, Om. pi. 38. f. 3. 
Cbelidon viritlia Boie, Isijf, (lH26)jj. 971.. 
Hirundo leucogaster Steph, Gen, Zooi. x. p< 10$. 
Chelidnn leucoga.**tra Boie^ /tft>, (1844) p. 171, 
Audtib, B, of Amer, pi. 98. 

a. North America. Presented by Dr, Ridgcway. 

b. North America, 
e» Mexico. From Mr. Leadbeater*® GollectioiL 


9. Ewnao nGsrrjL Tbe West Afrieia SviDov. 
hmgnu G. R. Grog ^ Mitek. €fem.4^B.pL». 
Lber Enedidoo. Fretmied by Mn. Hcywood and 

HnnaK) cTAjrauucA. The bbe md wUte Svakw. 

b<pMleaai FieOL X Dvt ^iluf. XaL zir. pu JOA. 
■ cvuwleiicm Boip, Ititj (1826) p. 31S. 
badimpTn Lkkt CaL Ih^ ArL Jtfw. n. ^. 
bBBDU J^. Jfar. Bear. (1831) u. II.3G9. 
H; So. 90S. ; PL Ml. 209. £1. 

Ibk Fkttcnted bj B. Gnhm, Eiq. 
iBgEriiL From Mr. Bnrdges*s Odieedoo. 
? From Mr. Johiurton's CoUectioii. 
i fruil Presented by Lord Stuart de Botbenr. 

Tillej of Aragua. from Mr. DTsr..n'« CdleciKm. 

fi3. IIiBcxDo ? The ? Sw&Ilow. 
, I Slara Leona. Presented by CoL Sabine, R. X. 

24. HaurriK) ? The ? Swallow. 

c Cs£i< of Good Hope, young. Ppesenu-^J hr tbe Elirl f 

\ 3. PROGNE. 

Progne Boie, hi*, (1S26) p. 971. 

1. PmoG5£ Puapi'REA. The purple Swallow. 
te"« purpurea Linn. S. X. i. p. 344. : YarrtJL, Brit. Birdx. ;:. 

pi- TiiiUcea GmeL S, X. i. p. 1026. 

W' rtpnilea T'i>itf. Ois, dAmir. Sept, V 26, 27. 

Mc fful.ii Zf ax. 5. .V. i. p 344. 

^ purfforea Boie^ Isis^ (1826) p. 971. 

f*i: T*T«ioolor Vieiil. X, Diet. JtUiML XaL x. 509. 

^i iii<io\ ii;iana Cur. Reg. Anim. (1817) p. 374. 

»i> il.^Tf'i^is) violacca Zew. Compl. Buff. viii. p. 40S. 

C*>/y* Cflro/. pi. 51.; K. enL 722.: £rfi«irdi'* fiirdi, ]] 
*: HiZ#. ^JH^. Onu pi. 39. f. 1, 2.; Audwb. B. of Anur. 

«. X«irth America, adult. Presented by Dr. RidTCway. 
* N'.rth America, young. Presented by Dr. Ridgeway. 

C 3 



€, North Americm, young. Presented by M.-Gen, T» Hi 

d. North Amcrtcn* 

Baliiai adult. From the Sudbury Museum. 
/, BaJiia, young. From the Sudbury Maseum, 

PaoGNE MODESTA., Tlic uniform-coloured Swallow. 

^Hinindo coixeolor Gould^ Proc. Zool Soc. (1837) p. 22. 
** ne 111 odes ta Gould^ I'tT^. of Beagle^ Birdtt^ pi, 5. 

Chili, From Mr. Brydges*s Collection. 

3, Progne iJOMESTicA, The Bolivian Swallow. 
Htrundo domestiea VieiU, N. Diet. itHisi. Nat, xiv. p. 520. 
Frosne domestiea G, R, Gray^ Gen, of B, i. p. 
Atara^ No. 300. 

o, Bolivtai adult. From IVlr. Brydges^s Cfjllection. 

b, BoOvin, young. From Mr. Brydges\s Collection. 

4. Pboghk im>minicbnsj9. The St. Domingo Swjdlow. 

Progne dommicensis Bow^ Zrw, (1844) p. ITS. 

Hirundo dnminicensis GmeL S. N, i. j). 102.5. — 
Hintndo albivt^ntria VieiU. N. Diet. iiHixt, Nat. xiv, p. SS^fl 

'^igill, Oix. (TAmer, Sept t, 28, 29. ; PL erd, 545. f. I. J 

Jamaicii^ adult. From Mr. Gosse*s Collection. I 

ft. Para. Presented by R. Grahiim, Esi]. H 

c. Honduras, young. From Mr. Dyson « Collection. I 

5. pRooNE cHviLmEA.. Tbc chalybeate Swallaw. I 

Himndo ehiilybea Gmd. S. N. I p. 102^. ■ 

Progne eh idy Iilmi Boif, /w (1844) p. 178. H 

Hirundo rnyanensls 5rm. Om. ii. p. 495. t. 46* f. 1* ■ 

CecropiH i h'alybea Bote, his, (1S28) p. 316. ^ U 
Hiruiidf) (Cecropis) chalybea Le^s, C^otnpl. Buff, viii. p.49ilH 

P^. €■«/. 545. f.2. ■ 

a. Para, adult ? Presented by R» Graham, Esq, ^ 

6. ? PROGNK FU8CA. Tbc brown Swallow, I 

Himndo fusca VieilL iV. Dirt. dMi»t, Nat xiv. p. 510, I 
Progne fiisca G. II. Gratfy Gen. of B. i. p. . H 

a. South America. fl 

ft, c. Brazil, Presented by M. Claussen. H 




Colik Bci^^ Ms, (1822) p. 550, 

B^ikLem. CompL Buffi vul. p. 495. (1837> 

1- CormA siFABi^. The Sand-mar tin Swallow* 

^^ M 

)^i nporii Xtnn. ^* ^. L p* S44. ^h 

cimfiataid BrthiK, Vi)g. Dmiis. I p. 142. tK. t ^,^C 
I Kufnrrh jDcbciis Brehm^ VS^. Dents. L p* 143. 
fH oL 543. f. 2. ; Goidd, B. of Em: pL 58. | ITifo, iteer. 

tpLiC C 4* ; Atidith, B. o/Amer. pL 385, f* 1—3. 
il^ Ifibalnre. From Col. Montague's Col]i3<3tion. 
* FiTsia. From Mr. Warwick'^a CoUectiott. 
f '* ilcxicfl, Ftoeq Mr. Lead heal tr 8 Coliectlon. 
I ? RtDlppine Itiands, From Mr. Gumin«f*9 Coileetian. 
t- ' -VepaL Prestiuted by B. H, Hodgson^ Esq, 

2. CorrLE bufestris. Tbe Crag Swallow. 

jmpeatria Gmel S. N. L p. 1019. 

rqpe&rk Boie, Jm, (1626) p.97L; Brehm, F%, BeuU. i. 

ipestrts Boit^ /m, (Ii22) p. 55Q. 
Sblb) rupe^tris i>#*, CmnpL Buff, Tiii p. 495. 
^ aontftziii Grw^i. S. N. L p* 1020, 
i rapicola Hodgs. Jtfum. A. S. B. (1836) p. 78L 
) joaroato Jer4^ Mudr. LiL ^ ScL (1841) p. 20L 
Gwit B. of Bar. pLSS*; Hodga, Icon, tried, F£U9.7. 101. 

c Fiedmocit, adult Prt^seated by M. Bonelll 
i Ital?, jomig. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 
t Eerpt. Presented by W. B. D. TurnbuU, Esq* 
4fc 5i«paL Prt^cnied by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
Af- indsi. Freaented by J* R. R^v<^, Esq, 

8. Ccrrri«B ruLiatrLA. The African Crag SwaUow- 

te fuliguU G. R. Gray, Gen, ofB, i. p. . 

Bdt> fuligttla Lieht Forst Descr. Anim. p. 55. 

ado rupestris, juv. Temm. Man, dOm, 0820) p. 431. 

»do torquata (Gmel^ ? Steph. Oen. Zool x, p. 124. 

Xlpb U^qoMiM J^oie, Au, (1828) p. 316. 


Eurystomua fu&ctcsplllua VieilL N. Diet. dHist NaL xxix. 
Eurystomus cyaiiicoUiH Vieill. N. Diet, iTJIixL Nat, xxix. p. 
I Jlurystoiims ciiWujx IMgs. 

PL enl. Glf*.; 'LerailL Oif, de Farad, t. 36.; Gcd. drs Oit^ 
111.; Hardw, Icon. tucd. 10980. 82.; Hodgs, Icon. f7ied,Fa$t. 
f. 1, 2.: ILf. 1,2. 

a. India. PreseDted by M^-Gen, T* Hiirdwieke. 

b, Iiiilia. Presented by W. Elliott, Esi:|. 
c^ d, Nepal. ProsenttHi by B, II. IbKlijsniT, Esq. 
€yf, Nepal, youn^. Presented by B. 11. Hodg^son, Esq. ^ 

f. Teiiusserim. Freaent^d bv J. D. C. Pft* kmnn, E»q. M.IXy 
. ^— ? Presented by Cfipl. Sir E. Beleliei% C. B. R.N. ^ 
I. Sternum, Nepal. Presented by E. H. Hodgson, Eaq. 
k, Skeletcm. From M. Frank's Collection. 


2. EuRTSTOMUs — ? The - 

a, b. Nortbern parts of China* 

■ ? Holler. 

From Mr. Fortune's 

3. EuRTSTOMiis PAciricus. The AustTalian Roller, 


MCoraciaa pacilica Lath, Lid. Om. SuppL p. xxvii.; Lamb, la 
iTied, ii. 8S. 

Enrygtomus pacificus G, E. Qrajf^ Ann. A'aL Hki (1843) p. 19 
Eurystoums nrientalis Vig; Sf flt^rsf, Linn. Trawt, xv, p 202* 
Eurystomus austniUs Stmtijis. Tti^} Cent, and a QnarL p. 32G. f. 68*1 
Cora<^ias [Gnlgulus] psu^ificii VitilL N, Diet tTHi^t, Nat. xxtt 

Gal^ulus paclficus VieilL Ern^jc. Metlu p. 870. 
Gofddy B. o/Austr. li. pi. 17. 
H, PuPt Bo wen, Aitstraliii, Presented by J. B. Jukeft, Esq*! 
b. Ncirtb- western Australiii. Presented by Lt. Ci)l. Sir *£h 
tf, Aiistridia, adults and young. From Mr, Warwitj 

4. EtiBYSTOMijs ArER. The African Holler, 
araclas nfrii Lath. lud, Orn. i. p. 172. 
Suryst^^nius afer Stcph, Gen. ZooL xiii. p. 97. 
Jlurystonius purpumscens Vieilt, N Diet, d'flist Nat xxix. { 
[Bury&tonms rubescens VieilL N. Diet. (tllijtL Nat. xxtx, pw i 
^lai'is afra Cue. Jttg* Anim, (1817) i. p. 401. 
Shate, NaL MiKC. pi. 40 L; LevailL Otv, de Farad, t. 35. 
a. Africa* Presented bv M.-Gea. T. Hardwicke. 
hi c. Western AfricA, presented by Col. Sabine, B* A« I 

oomAciA]>j& 3S 

5. ErBTSTOMFS GiTLiAsu. The blue-throated Roller. 

biTstoiDiis eularu VieiU. N. Did. d'Hist. Nat. xxiz. p. 426. 
Cpliris folam WagL S^fsi. Av. (sp. 3.) 
lecaSl. OU. de Parad, t. 56. 

ft. New Guinem. From the Lejden Mtueum. 


Coracias Lhm. S. N. (1735). 
Gidguliu Briss. Om.u. p. 63. (1760). 

1. CoEACiAB GAmmuLA. The garrulous Roller. 

Doraaaa garrula Lhm. S. N. i. p. 159.; Yarreil, Brit. Birds^ ii. p. 

Sll.; Brekm, Fm?. Deuti. i. p. 160. t. zi. f. 5. 
(Sdgolus gamilua VieiU, N. Diet. d'Hist. Nat. zxiz. p. 428. 
Soncias germanicus Brehni, Vdg. Deuts. i. p. 158. 
jonciu plauiceps Brehm^ Viig. Detds. i. p. 159. 

PL enl. 486.; LevaiU. OU, de Parad. t. 32, 33.; Gould, B. of 
Ewr. pL 60. 

c Great Britain. 

6, c. Athens. Presented bj C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 

d. ? 

2. CoEACiAs Temmiuckii. Temminck's Roller. 
^oracias Temminckii Wagh Syst. Av, (sp. 5.) 
jamilus [Galgulus] Temminckii VieiU, N. Diet. dHist. Nat. xx'ix, 

p. 435. 
M^luB Temminckii VieiU, Enofc, Meth, p. 869. 
Coraciaspapuensis Quoy Sf Gaim, Voy, de VAstrol, Ois, t. 16. 
LetfoUL Ois. de Parad. t. 6. 
a. Celebes. From the Lejden Museum. 

3. CoEACiAS ihdica. The Indian Roller. 

Coraciat indica Linn, S. N, i p. 159. 

Coracias bengalansis Linn, S, N. i. p.; Cuv. Reg, Anim. (1817) i. 

p. 401. 
Garrolus [Galgulus] nievius VieiU. N, Diet. dHist. Nat. xxix. p. 

(vilgiilas napTius VieiU. Encye, Meth, p. 868. 
Coracias Dspyia WagL Sytt Av, (sp. 3.) 
Coracias affinis M'CleU, Proc, Zool, Soc, (1839) p. 164. 

EdxardMsBirdMyiA, 326.; PL enl. 285.; LevaiU, Oin, de Parad. 

L 27.; Hardw. Icon. ined. 10980. 82.; Hodg$. Icon, ined, Pats, 

FissiBoiTRBf mvnvM. 

10, f. 1» 2 : 11, f. 1, 2.; G. R. Gray and Mitchell, Oen^i 

fl, L India. Pre^^entetl bj M.-Gen> Ilardwicke. 
c. In din. 

d — t. NupftL Fre&entctl by B. H. IIod<?son, Esq* 
j, llitimljiyidi Moujj tains. Presented by J. Reeves, 
k^ L Beliar. Pn^sentud by B> H. Hodgson^ Esq. 
m. Steruum, Nepal. Presented by B. H, Hodgson, '. 

4. CoRACiAB PiiiOSA. The hairy Roller. 

Coracias pi)n5a Laih. Ltd, Om, SuppL p, xxxii. 
Coracias crmita Shatu, Gen, Zooi. vii, p, 401, 
Coraeiaa [Galgultis] pllosa VieilL Did. (THiitL Nai. xxm. p, i 
Galgidus pdosiid VieilL I^nei/c. Mtih. p. 867. 
Coracias iiuchdb Swaim, B. W» A/r. ii. p, 110. 
Coraciiis LevuUUntil RUpp, 
I Leva^. Ou. de Parmi t, 28, 29. 

a. Africa, Presented by J» Gould, Esq, 
h. Western Africa. 
c. Northern Atrica, young. Presented by the Hon^ East 1 

5, CoBACiAS CAUDATA. The long-tailed Roller. 

Corocias caudata Linn, S, N. i. p. 160. 

Coroeias abyssinica GineL Af.iV.i. p. 379,; Cuv. Rtg. Anim. (181 

Coracias setiegaleusis GmpL S. N. i. p. 379, 
Comcias senegala Lftth. Lid, Orn. L p. 169, 
Coracias albiirons Shmi\ Gen, Zool. vii. p. 392, 
Cora*?ias angolensis Shmc^ Gen, ZooL vii. p. 394, pi. 51. 1 

Galgulua caudatus Vieill. N, Bict. tTHisL Nat. xxix. p. 433, I 
PL enL 88. 626.; Lemill. Oii, de Parad, t. 25.; EdwaM 

Birds, pi 327, 

a, b. Africa. 

<?. Northern Africa. Presented by tlie Hon. East India CoJ 

6. CoBACiAS CTASOOASTBR. The blue-bellied Roller* 

Ooriieias cyanoj^aster Cwu, Tl*)^* Anim. (1817) i> p. 401. 
GwTuliis [GaJgulua] cyanogaster ViniU, N, Diet. dHi$L Nai. 3tx 
p. 436. 

di Pmid. t.W.% Jm^ md Si^ m O^ ^ 
Fnroi Ui, ^mdm^m CoQarficm. 


IS leptoBomofl Leu. Kbuir. de ZocL t. 2a 

ijpteracuis leptooomiifl Z^r. Mag. de ZooL (1894) Oic t. SI. 

npfgit ieptosoouis Swaims. CUudf.ofB. n. pu 333L 

ft Hidigiscar. From M. Y errenix* CoOectaaB. 

b. Ateiobsu. 

ucHTPTXKAciAs FiTTolms The Fitta-Iike Bn^jplendaf 

bptencUd pittoides Lafr. Mag. de ZocL (1854) 1. 12. 

nuB ptttoides Packer^ Bev. ZooL (1846) p. 200. 

L Madagascar, jouiig ? From M. Yerreaoz* GJleetkm, 


1. TODUS. 
lodos Briu. Oth. It. p. 528. (1760) ; Lool S. N. (1766). 

1. ToDus TIBIDI8. The green Tod/. 

■ Tiridia Ztim. iS. JV: L p. 178. 

Soae, Jam. pi. 263. 1 1; VieilL Ois. dAmer. t. 56.; Swaims. 

>o^ /ZL n. 8. pi. 96. 

0. ? From Baron Laugher's Coflection. 

i. Jimaica. From Mr. Leadbeater'i Collection. 

c 6 




2. ToDu& Min.TicoLOR. Tlie manj- coloured 
Totlus iimlticolfir Gtndfi, leojwK Aviiim^ pi 
Todus portoriensis Less, Ann. ties Sci. Nat (1838) p. 167, 
Todus viridiH Vtgm-s^ ZooL Jtmm. ii. p, 426 
Vo^. de rile de Culm, Ois. t. 22. 

a. ? From Baron Laugter*3 Collection. 

3, ToBCB MsxiCAi^rs. TKe Mexic&n TcKiy. 

Tod us mexicanus Let^, Ann. des Sci, (18S8) p. 167. 

Tod us viridis VictU, 

Adas de nUi. Sct\ Nat, U 32. f. K 

a. South America, From Mr. Turner s Collection. 



EurylaiiuuF llnrnf. Linn. Trans, xiii. p. 170* (1820). 
Platyrhynchiis VieilL (Jai. dfs Ois. (1825). 
Corvdon Lexji. Man. d'Om. (1H28) i* p, 177- 
Senlophus SmiiH4, OoMsif, of B. li. p. 262. (1837). 
I%a HndiT^. Journ. A, S\ B. (lH39) p. m, 
Simus Hodg^. Jonrn. A. S. 7?. (1841) p. 27. 
Simonu'* Hoflgs. Gnuj, ZmL Mint, (1844) p. 82. 
Psariitoiiiiiis Su}ttim. Clas.^f, of. B. ii, p. 261. (1837)* 
Crosaodera Goidd, Icon. Av, (1837), 


1. EuRYLAiMus jAVANicus. Thc Jiivao Todj- 
Eurylaimiis javuoicuH Horaf, Linn Trans, xiiu p, 170, 
Emrylaimus Huiiitit'ldii Ti-mm. PL ml. 130, 131. 

Hm^if ZihtL Rei!. pi. 5,; GaL dc^t Ow. t. 125.; SwmMg^ 
Lihr. Flyc. x. pi. 30. ' 

a, Java. Pri^seEtcd by J, Inskii^p, Esq, 

b, Java, Frcseuted by J. Kiijlitiiigale, Esq* 

c, Java, young. From Mr. Warwiuk's Collection, 

2, EuETLAiMus OGHR0MALU8. Tlic colloTed Eui-ylaiiiilli 
Eurylainius ocliromalua Raffi. Linn. Trans, xiii. p. 21)7. 
Euryluimus uutiuUatus Temm. PL coL 261. 
Eurylaimus Eatileaii Le^s. CmnpL Buffi viii. p. 463, 



bdian Archipelago. From Mr. Tumer*8 C!ollectioD. 

-. Indian Arcnipdaco. Presented by J. Nightingale, £aq. 

fara. From Mr. Warwick*8 Collection. 


rmTLAiM us SUM ATBAHU8. The Somatran Eurjlaimus. 

somatranus Haffl. Lhm. Trans. xiiL p. 303. 

iiu sumatraniu Vigw$^ Mem. BajffL App. 653. 

iiu corydon Temm. H. col. 297. 

Temmmckii Lesi. Man. dOm. i. p. 177. 

sumatranus Stridd. Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hitt tL p. 418. 

Indian Archipelago. From Mr. Tucker*8 Collection, 
idlan Archipelago, joung. From Mr. Turner's Collec- 
diim Archipelago, joung. From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 


iTLAiMus Dalhousl£. Ladj Dalhou8ie*8 Eurjlaimus. 
iu« Dalhou5ic James. Neto Phil. Jaum. zyiiL p. 261. 
I us (isittacinus MUU. PL col. 598. 
ce<»gula Uodgs. Joum. A. S. B. (1839) p. 36. 
al4.'ii:»is Hodgs. 
(Kaja) sericeogula Hodgs. Gray, Zool. Misc. (1844) p. 

uj Dalhousis Swains. Classif. q/*^. ii. p. 261. 

ra Dalhouiiue Gould, Icones Avium, 

le^ 111. Bat. pi. 7. f. 2.; Gould, Icones Atium, pi.; Hodgs. 

iued. Pass. 13- v. 37. f. 5. 

Linuilajah Mountains. 

Nepal. Presented bv B. H. Hodgson. Esq. 
ifiian Archi|)elago. Presented by the Hon. East India 


U:ru um. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

d. Serilophus. 

. EumrukiM us luxatus. The frilled Eurylaimus. 

1U& luuatus Gould, Trans. ZooL Soc. i. p. 176. pi. 25. 
u^ lunulatus Swains, Classif. of B. ii. p. 262. 

nditin Archii)elago. From the Leydea Museum. 


6» EuRTLAiMus BrBROPTGiLTs* The retl-bttcked Eurylaimui. 

Raja rubropyg^ia Hodj:^^^ Joum* A. S. B. (1839) p. 36. 
Sknornis rubropygia lflf}dgif, Grai/, ZooL Misc (1844) p. 82, 
Serilnphus rubropygiua Hodgs* Cat Mmn, and Birds of NepaL,^^ 

App. p. 150. 

Eurylttimua nibropygius G, R. Oray^ of Gen. B, i. p 

fHodgg. Icon. ined. Pass, v. 37, f. 4. ; O. B, Gratf and Miti 
Gen. of B. pi 23. 
a^c. Nepal, Presented by B. H. Tlotlgson, Esq- 
d. Stenniin* l^re&eDled bj B. H. HtxJgson, Esq. 


Cymbirhjncliiis Vigors ^ App. to Mem. of Eaffi. p, 654. (1831), 


1. CTMnmitywcHDS macrorhyncuus, Tlie great-billed Todj 

Todus macrorbyncbo3 Gtnd. S. N,L p. 440, 
Cymbirbynclios macrorLvnebaa G. U, Gray^ Gen* qfB. u p. 
Todus nasutiis Lath, hid, Orn. p. 268. 
CjmbirhyDchus nasutus Vigitrs^ ^PP' Mem, of Raffle p. 654. ; /< 

A.S.B, (lB4G)p. 311. 
Plat}Tliynfbu5 iiajjutu^ Desm, i 

Eurylaimus iiasxitiis Temm. PI. coL 154. 
Earrlaimus lemniscatus Eaffi. Linn, Trans, atiii. p. 296. 
Erofk nasicft Leu, Tr. d*Orji.j>. 250. 
CymbirbYiichus afliQis Blyth, Joum, A. S. B. (1846) p. 312, ? 

Laih. Gen. Spi. p!. 30. 
o, h. Indian Art'hipelago. Presented by JL-Gen* Hardwitii 

c. Indian Archipelago, Presented by the Earl of Berb' 

d. Indian Arcliipdago. 

e. Indian Arcbi|)<;lago, very young. From M, Verrej 

/—A. Tenaaaenm Coast. Presented by J. D. C. B 

Esq,, M. D. 
L SkdetOD. From M. Frank's Collection. 



Momotus, Brisn. Ont. iv. p. 465. (1760). 
Prionites lU. Prod. Mam, et Av. (1811). 

ft. M&MQTUS, 

I LiOh, Ind^ Own, p. 140. 

I tjwmmiabaJm VktlL N. Did. iTHfrn. Nai. x^ p. Sif . 
OBttte m Ph^ Jfom, ei A^. p. 224^ ; PI esi. 3T0, 

tb AiMsic*. Ppcamtcd by M. Gea. Haridwidbe. 
ii AnKTkm. Fram Mr. 6anld*t Colkcstiod. 
Fitaa Mr. L Baker's CoUectios. 

UoMOTUs BAHAMXHsiB. Tlie Baluoiui Motmoi. 

ihamensia ^vwniu. TVo CmC imJ a Quart p. 332. 
ihamensia G. i^. Gray, Oen. of B, L p. . 
f ;$e%, /2L Ont. n. & pL 45. 

lidad. Freaented bj Mftjor finch. 

1. MoMOTus ? The Motmot 

th America. Presented bj J. Mnrnij, Esq. 
LJco ? From Mr. Goold^s collection. 

>MOTrs csRuucEPS. The blue-headcd Motmot 

-mliceps Gcnild, Prwi. Z. 8. (1836) p. 18. 
emliceps G. IL Gray, Gen, of B. L p. . 
eruleocephalus Jard. if SeUty^ BL Orn, n. 8. pL 42 

dco. From Mr. Leadbeater*B Collection, 
dco. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

^loMOTus LsTAiLLAirrn. Leraillant's Motmot. 

.eraillantii Less. Man. (TOm, p. 104. 
9 roficapillos Viem. Gal. des Ois. t. 190. 
Wist NaL Prom, SupjU. U B. 

ith America. Presented bj M.-Gen. Hardwicke« 
ith America. 


6. MoMOTtJs MsxicAinTs. The Mexican Mo 

Momotus tnexicanua Swains, Ann. PhiL (1827) p. 442^ 

n. B. pL8L 
Momotufl Miirtii Jard, ^ SeQf^^ lU, Om, pL 25. 

a. Mexico. Presented bj Capt. Sir E. Belcher^ Cl 

b. JIylomanejs. 

7. MoMOTCfs 9ui»E»crLiAFi3. The azure-browed M4 

Prionites (Crypticus) siiperciliaris Sandb* Jard. and i 

of Om, n. s pL 1 8* 
GrypttcuB Bupeirllic^uB Swahut. Ttpo Ceni. and a QmHm I 
Crypticiis apiaster Lem, B^. ZnoL (1842) p. 174. 
Momotus super inliarij* G. i?. Gr«y, Gen. o/'£?. L p. 

a. Bay of Campeacliy, From Mr. Turner's CoU 

5* Bay of Cmnpunehy, 

8. Momotus momotula. The white*browod Motj 

Hylomanea tnomotula Lickt. Ahhandt. Akad, zv Ba 

p. 444. t. 4. 
Mnmatus nioniotiila G. /?. Gray^ Gen. of B. L p. * 

G* R, Gray and Mitch, Gen. of B, pi. 24. 
a. Mexico. From Mr. Leadbeatcr s Collectioa. 


L Tbogonin^. 

Mahr, Gen, Atf, p. 85. (1752} ; Lino, S. iV:| 

1. Teogoh Masssita. Prince MassenaV ' 
Trogon Masaena Gotild, Manogr. Trag. pL 16. 

a, b, Hornluras. From Mr. Dvson*a CoUection, 
e, Mexico. Presented by E. Wilson, Esq. 



MWZAMwm^. The black- Eailc>d Trogoii. m^ 
XiM, S.^Y. Lp. 167.? r 

""mm. Tm& Crml. and a Quart, p. 3*20. 
tV^. pL 18, ; ZevaiU. Mist, Nui. C&urc t 

by B. Gnbacrn^ E«q, 

ii^caorsA. The Iju^e- tailed Trogon* 
^ Crin^, JftfiU^. Trcg^, pi. 17. 

QcarB VuOL N. OkL dHuL Abf. p. 

foaqfr. TVfljp. pL 15. ; Aiaara^ No. 270, 

itii America. Presented bj M.-€ren. T. Hardwicke. 

i. Tbogov COLLAXI8. The collared Trogon. 

Lms FieiO. N. Diet Hist, Nat. viii. p. 320. ; OoM, 
Trog, pL 5. 

-litus Swahu, Two CewL and a Quart, p. 329. 
Hut. NaL Ccmrc. t. 6. 

a<*caa, female. From Mr. Djson*s Collection, 
xico, male. From Mr. Argent*B Collection, 
lico, male. From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection, 
xico, male. Presented bj J. Gould, Esq. 
uerara, male. 
iih America, female. Presented bj J. Gronld, Esq. 

TaoGOH MsxicAKUS. The Mexican Trogon. 

ixicanus SwaxnM. Ann. Phil. (1827) p. 440. 

>ciuns Lichi. 

M. ZooL lUuMtr. n. s. pi. 82, 83. ; Oauld, Monogr. Trog. 

xico. Presented by Sir E. Belcher, C.B. B.N, 

tfexioo. From Mr. Mann*8 Collection. 

•xico, male. From Mr. Mannas Collection. 


iico, male. Presented by John Taylor, Esq. 

oico, young male. Presented by John Taylor, Esq. 


7, Thogon AUEANTiiTs, TliG orange-brcosted ' 

Trogon aurantius Spir,, An, Bras, t. 36. 
Goidd^ M&nogr, Trog, pi. 14. 

a. Brazil* Presented by M. Claugsen. 


^^ b, Brazil, mule. Preai?iJte<1 by J, (iould, Esq* 

^M c, Brazil, fiJiuule. From BarOQ Laugier's Collection, 

8. Teogon V1E1BI8. The yellow-bellied Trogon.] 

jon viridis Linn, S, iY. p, L 167. 
Trogon violnceua Gmel. S. N. u p. 1 . 404. 
Trogon strigilnttis Gtnei. S. iY. i. p* L 167. 
Trogon melaiifip terns Sw(jiv.H. Two Cciii. ami a Quart p. 
Ooidd, Monogr. of Trog, pi 10, IL; PL enl, 76 
LewM. BiMt, Nat. Courc. L 3, 4. 

a, Brazil, male, 

b, DemertiTft, female. 

c, Dcmcrara, youog male f 

9. TsoooM M£LANOCEPHALUB. The blfliik-Iieaded Tr 

Trogon nielanocepliala Goidd^ Motiogr, Trog. pt 12. 

a, Honduras, male. From Mr. Dyson's Collection, 
b^ Honduras, femfile. From Mr. Dyson's CoDectioru 
c, Mexico. Freijented by CapL Sir E. Belcher, C.B. 

10. Trogok suLPHURErs. The littJe Trogon, 

Trogon sulphureos Spix, Av, Bras. t. 38. 
Trogon iiK^ridioiiiilis Stmim, Two Cent, and a Quart p. 
Gofdd, Mmtogr. Trog. pi. 9, 

a. South America. Presented by M.-Gen. T. Hardi 

11. TBOfiow RUFUS. The rufous Trogon. 

Trogon ruftis Chnel. S. N, I p, 404. : PL enL 736, 
Trogon lepturus Swaim, Twv Cent, and a QuarL p. 331. 

Trogon atricoOis Govld, Mimttgr. Tn^. pL 8, 

LemilL HisL NaL Coiirc, t. 9. ; Latlt, Gen. Stfn. pi. 21. 

d. South America. From Baron Laugier*8 Collection. 

IS. Tiooov CALKAm. The booted I^n^goo. 
RaEjgmu ChiUdj Momogr. Trog. pL 7. 

I fcnk America, female. iVom Butm Laoni's GoOectioii. 
LIedoo,Bale. From Mr. Leadbealer^f CSkOkm, * 
bXoKQ. female. From Mr. Leadbeater*f Collection. 
f^Hoko^ male. Fhni Mr. Aigeni*! CoUeetioD. 

II Tbogov xixaaxa. Hie graoefiil IVogon. 

^p» Chdd, Proe. ZooL Soe. (1634) p. 96. 

mla, joaog male. From Mr. Leadbeater^a CoOee- 

kSoodk America, jouDg male. From Baron Langier^f Col- 

^Kbmo. female. From Mr. Leadbeater^s Coflectioo. 
tXcuco, female. From Mr. Leadbeater*B Collection. 

Ajoloderma Swaiiu. CUusif. o/B.iLip. 337. (1837). 

I. .VrAix>D]^axA XAmnrA. The Nariiia Trogon. 

icirma Vi^U. N. Did. tTHist. Nat. viii. p. 318. 
I Dirina SitaifiM. Clauif. of B. ii. p. 337. 
il^Menna) lurina Goiid^ Monogr. of Trog. pi. 26. 
Oit. dAfr. t. 228, 229.; LetaiU. Hist. Nat. Covrc. t. 

I S'Kith Africa, male. From M. Verreaux' Collection. 
I ^ 6i>uth Alrica, female. From M. Verreaux* Collection. 


K^^lus G. R. Gray. LUt of Gen. of B. (1840) p. 337. 
Totunis Svaiiu. CUiuif. q/" -B. iL p. 337. (1837). 

1. Pbiotell's TEMKURU8. The Cuba Trogon. 
Ppa fcmnuru!* Temm. M. col. 326. 
Piru^ dlbicoUi* Sttains. Clansif. of B. ii. p. 337. 
¥»•• ' Tviiiniirus) albicf)irw Gouldy Monogr. Trog. pi. 19. 
fetn t^mnunia G. R. Gray, List Gen. of B. (1840) p. 10. 

* H*Taiina!i. From Baron Laugier*B Collection. 

^ C«Ui. From Mr. Leadbeater^s Collection. 



Harp«cte8 Swai/u. Cl(Wfif, ofB. ii. p, 337. (1837)* ^ 

Harpactes HUTitt's, Duvawcer* Trogon. 

I Harpactoa rutilui! G J?. Oray^ Gph. of B. i. p» 
I Trogon mtilus VieilL N. DkL dHisL Nut. via. p. 313, 
Trogon cinnamomeu!* Temm, Monogr. 7'rogojiy PL coL 
Trogon Duvaucelii Tt'mm. PL coL 29 U 
Hnrpactes Duv^iit^elii Swaim. Cln^aif. of 3. li. p. 337, 
TragQii (Harpactes) Duvaucciij Goulil^ M&nogr, Trog, pi, 313^1 
I Lemil]. JIiJtL Nai. CoHr. L 1 4. 

Lfl, b. Inrlian Archipelarro, From Biiron Lau;^ior's Co!le 
c. TrulijiTi Arrliipelnnjo, From Mr» Turner's Colly4!tion. 
d, Ifidiari An^hipi'laiifK Presi'ntcd by J. Gould, Esq. 


Diard'8 Trogon* 

Harpactes Dlardii Sii^im. Classif. of B, il, p. 337. 

Tro«Ton Diardii Temm, PL coL 54 L 

TrogoD (Ilaq^actes) Diardii Goulds Manogr, of Trog, pL \ 

a, Ik Siimntra, From Baron Laurrier*3 Collection* 

c. Indian Ar€hip»:'luj2:o, From Mr. Turner s Cnlleetioa 

d. Indian jli'clijpelugo. Presented by J. trotd*!, Esq, 

3, Haepactes MAXABARicus. Tlic ^MalabflT Trogon* 

Trogon malabarieus GotttfL Proc, Z. S. (1834) p. 26. 
Harpactes nmlabaricus Swaim. Vlunaif of B. ii. p. 337, 
Trogon (Harpactes) malabarieus GottUi^ Monogr. Trog. pL 31* 
a. India, From Baron Laugier :5 Collection. 

4. Habfactes AEDEN9. The ro5j-breasted Ti*ogon. 

Trogon ardens Temm, PL coL 404. 

Trogon (Harpactes) ardens Gotdd, Mbnagr. Trog, pi. 35, 

a, Iklindanati. From Baron Lau^ier s Collectinn. 

6, €'. Pbibppine Islands. From iir. Cuming's CoUectioE. 

it Sumatra. 

5. HABPACTEii TEMMi!*<CKit, Temminck's Trogon. 

Trogon fasciatuF T^emm. Pi, coL .1i2L 

Harpactes Temmiuckii Swains » Claatif of B. p. 337. 


I (Harpaetes) Temminddi Chndd^ Monogr, Trog, pi. 29. 

J kanimba Baffl. lArm, Trans, xiii. p. 282. 

I digraoB Kuhl, Tydsek. Nat. Oesch, (1835) p. 336. 

. b. Indian Archipelago. From Mr. Leadbeater*8 Collec- 

6. Hasfactbs sBTTBBOcsPHALua. IIodg8on*B Trogon* 

I fasciatas Tar. A. Lath. 

J errthrocephalus OauH Proc. Zool. Sac. (1834) p. 25. 
I (llarpactefl) Hodgsoni Oauld, Monogr. p\. 34. 
I (Harpcctetf) erythrocephalua Swaing. Ciasttf, of B.iLp. 
' ^337. ; Gould, Monogr. Trog. pi. 33. 
lMo4gmm- Icon. med. Piau. 14. y. 38. 

a^k. Nepal, adult and joung. Freaented by B. H. Hodgson, 

ij. Sterna, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

7. HAmPACTEs OBESKios. The mountain Trogon. 

kpon oreskios Temm. PI. col. 131. 

logon (Harpactes) oreskios Oouldy Monogr. of Trog. pi. 36. 

hrpftctes Gouldii Swains. Classif. of B, \\. p. 337. ? 

a, h. Borneo. From Baron Laugier^s Collection. 

r. Tenasserim. Presented bj J. D. C. Packman, Esq. M. D. 

8. Haspactes Rbinwasdtu. Reinwardt*s Trogon. 
k^n Reinwardtii Tcmm, PL col. 124. 
■aScvlerma Keinwardtil Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 337. 
BQg<in (Apaloderma) Reuiwardtii Gould, Monogr. of Trog. pi. 29. 

r. Java. From Baron Laugier s Collection. 

h. Java. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

e. Java, young. 

d. Skeleton. Trom M. Frank*s Collection. 

Calurus ^icain*. Classif. of B. ii. p. 337. (1837). 

]. Calubcs besplendens. The resplendent Trogon. 
I rejsplendcns Gould, Proc. Zool. Soc. (1835) p. 29. 
[frn pavoninus Temm. PL col. 372. 
I rei!plendens Swains. Classif of B. ii. p. 338. 
1 paradiseus Pr. Bonap, 

Pl8d£R0S'nUS9 BIXTBIfiE:. 

(L, h. Central America, Pressonted by Si|fiior Zebadi 

c, (Peru ?} Preaented by M.-Gen, Hardwicke. 

d, (Peru ?) female. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

2, Calobus ASTisi AN1T8. Tbc beautifid Trogon. 
Trogoo antisianiis D'Orb. Ma^. de Zooi, (1837) Oin. t. 85. 
Trogon (Caluriis) pulchellus Goidd^ Alonogr. Trog, pL i 
Trogon peruviiuius GoM^ MSS. 

a. South America. Presented by E. Wilson > Esn. 

h. S" Fe de Bogota. From Mi\ Leadbeater's CoUectm 

c. South America. From Mr. Gould's Collectiofi. ^ 


3. Cu-uBus FULQIDU8- The black and white-tailed Trogt! 
Trogon (Calurus) fulgidus GoM^ Mmwgr, Trt/g. pi. 24. 

a. South America, male. From Mr. I. Baker's Collectio 

b. South Ameriea, female, Fram Mr. I. Baker\4 Collect 
c* South America, male. From Mr. Argent^s Collectioa 
rf. Soiith America, female. From Jtr, Argent's Collectii 
e, Venezuela, mide. From Mr. Dysou's Collection^ 

/. Veuezuela, female. From Mr. Ijyaon a Collection. 

4. C^ujuvs AUBiCEPS. The golden-headed Colu 

Calurus auriceps Chfdd, 

G. R, Gray and Mitch, Gen, of B, pi. 25. 

a—c, S** Fc de Bogota. From Mr. Leadbeater*s CoUeo 
d. South America^ 

5* Calubos neoxkkob. The weleome ' 
Trogon (Calurua) neoxenuji Goidd, Monagt\ Trog, 
a. (Mexico ?) From Mr. Leadbeater s Collection, 



1. BUCCO. 

Bucco Linn. S. N. (1766). 

Tamatia Cuv. Reg* Anim, (ISH) i. p. 429. 


I a H. Ora^, Lint of Gen. of B. (1841) p. 13. 
. \ SbnM, Ann. of NtU. HisL (1S41) p. 418, 
Ifb Tkmm. Anal du 5gM, p, IxxtIL ( 1 8^0), 
ilDii^ At. Brm. I p> 51. (ISM), 

L Brcco coEXA&ti* The collared Barbet. 

«d«i iji£^. /ndl Om. L p. 202. 
OfSBi Umm^ S. iV. L p. 16^. 
ifldkri* OiF, i£^. .^min. (1817) p. 429. 
vhn* TflRJu. ^i^* <iu Susi* p^ Ixxviu 
ii|»5«; XreiziZf. Ou. de Pumd. %. 42. 

%mik AfiOtfrJ^ra. From Mr. WEU^ick'^ GollcctloiL 

fi^pooo MACBa&STBCHoa. The grcatEr pied Borbet. 
iKrarimdm C^bn^ ^* N. L p. 406.; Ftefi/. N. DkL 

iBaefnrlrjnicliQa C^!». Btg. Amm. (1817) L p. 429* 
iacrorlmidioe Temm, Anal, du Syst p. IxxyiL 
maoanjnchoc Strickl, Amu and Mag. Nat. Hut. ▼!. p. 

L 689.; Levam. Ois. de Parad. t 39. 

Sooth America. From Mr. Warwick*8 Collection. 

loDdons. From Mr. Dyson's Collection. 

3. Bucco SwAiHsoHi. Sw^nson's Barbet 

wamsoni G. R. Gray, Gen. of B, p. 
DucTorhynchus Swavn*. Zool. lUtutr. pL 99. 

. BnudL Presented bv Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
^raziL Presented by Lord Stuart de Rothesay. 

4. Bucco FECT0BALI8. The banded Barbet. 
ectoralis G. B. Gray ^ Mitch. Gen. of B. pL 26. 

5. Bucco TscTus. The lesser pied Barbet. 

K;ti2s Bodd. TabL dee PI. eni. dAubent. p. 43. 
lelanoleucos Gmel. S. N. i. p. 406.; VieiU. N. Diet. dHist. 
a. p,241. 

melanoleucos Cue. Reg. An. (1817) i. p. 429. 
oelaDoleucos Wagl. Syst. Av. (sp. 2.) 
I 688. f. 2.; LevaiU. Die. de Parad. t 40. 
South America. From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 


■ 6, Brcco CHAcuBA. Tbe black-eare4 Bturl>eL j 

P Bucco chacura Vieill, N, Diet tflli^t Nat ill p. 239. 

Capito chacura SlrickL Ann, and Ma^, Nat, Higt vL p* * 

Capito melanotia Temm. PL coL 94.; St^ph. Gen, ZooL i 
pi. 18. 

Bueeo strij^ilatiist Licht Cat Dupl. BerL Mu$, p. 8. 

Tamfttia melanotis Cuis. Big, Anim. (1S29) i p, 458. 

a, h. Brazil Fr^.^enteit by Lord Stuart de Rotli« 
c, Brazil. Presented by M.-Giin, T. llardiricke. 

7, Bucco MACULATU9, Thc Spotted Barbet. 
Alcedo macukta Gmel. S. N i. p. 451, 
Bucco uiaculatus G, /?. Grat/^ G^m. of B. i. p. 
Bucco somnoleTitusi Licht. Cat Dupl, HerL Miui. p. 8, 
Capito maculatiiB Temm, Anat du Stfjft p. Ixxvi, 
Capito soiiiTiol<*ntii9 SwnutJt. Chutjtif, of B, lu p. 334. 
Tamatia tamajac Lcm, Tr, d Oni. p. 168. 

LevailL OU. de Parad. SuppL t, F.; Swt^na, S» ; 

a. Brazil 

8, Bucco TAMATIA, The spotted-bellied Barb 
Bucco tamatia GmfL S, N i, p. 405. 
Tamatia maciilata Ctw, Reg. Amm, (1817) i, p, 429. 
Cbaimomis tamatia G. R. Grojj, Lint of Gen^ of B* (Ifi 
Capito tamatia Steph, Gen. ZooL xiv. p. 156* 
NyctHet4;8 tamatia Strichi, Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hht. ri. 
PL eni. 746. f, 1.; Swains. Birds of Braz, pi u;j 
Ois, de Parad. t. 41. 
a, b. South America. 


9. BiTcco BTCi?iCTU8. The double -banded Barb 
Tamatia biciiicta Gontd, Pror, Z. S (1836) p, 80. 
Tumatia bitorquxita Swains. Ttm Cent and a Quart, p. J 
Bqooo bicinctua G'. /?. Gratf^ Gen. of B. u p, 

a, Venezuela. From IVlr. Dyson a Collection. 


Monasa VieiU, Analyse, j-c. p. 27. (181G), 
L>-pornix Wa^L St/^t Av. (1827), 
Seolocharis Glog. "(l827). 

8. N, I p. srr. 

\ Laih. Ind. Om. L p. 206. 
atP. Gen, Zool, \\\. p, 381. 
/?, Gruy^ Gen. of B<, L p. 
ii]uilla VtetlL A' Did. (THist Nai. ksL p. 3*21. 
itmilU iVagi, Synt, Av, («p. L). 
«tu« Tcmm. Anal, du St/nt p. Uxvii* 
Is. ; X«TVii//. Oirf. (Ic Parad. t. 44, 45. 

ifitli AiiitTica. 

Iritieti Guiana. Presented bj Sir B. Scbomburgk. 

rlloVAiA i4tircop9. The white-faced Barl>et* 

> LkAL Cat Jhtpl Bert. Mas. p. 8. 
^ " r'Ztttt*/, ofB. il p. 334. 
( 8p%2, At, Bras. t. 41. t 1. 

rt€iZ?, 6W. firt Ois. t. 36. 
TVimn. ylW. du Syst. p. IxxvU, 
ITfj^/. S}t$t /I P. (»p. 3.). 
, of Braz, pi. 12. 

I Amerkji, 

nerica. Ppe«»enied bj >L-GeD, T. Hardwicke. 
Prescntetl bjr M- Clau&acn. 

moftirftoBts. Tbe black -fronted Bar bet. 
prmm Spir, Ar, Bms, t. 43. 1 2. 

iiroloT Wfrr^r Sj^it Av, (»p. 20- 

r ^t raif^ Gen. nfB* i. p. 



Ducco atrifttus Spix, Av, Brcts, t, 40. f. 2* 
Lypornix torquata WagL Sf/st. Av, (ap, 4.). 
J^rpornix striata Stpitins. Clussif, of B. u. p, 334. 
Leva ill. Ois. tie Parad. U 43. ; Swains, B* of Bros. pL | 

a. Brazil. 

h. Brazil Preaentcd hy J. Gonial, Esq. 

e— ^. BmziL Presented by M. Clausscn. 

5, MoNASA RUFA. The rufous Barheu 

Buc^o rufii« Spix^ Av, Bras. t. 40. t 1. 
hyjtoriilx rufa WagL SysL j4l*. (sp. 5.). 
M<m;isa rufa G, R, Qray^ Gen, of B, L p. 

«. BraziL From Mr. Leadbeater b Collection* 

6. MoNAsA itLUEctJiA. The red-breasted Bft 

Bticco rubpculfl Spix, Av. Bnis, t. 3£>, f, 1, 
Monasa rubecula Less, Tr* (TOrn* p, 157* 
RIoiiusa phaioleucos TcmtrL PL coL 323. f, 2. 
LypornLs nibecula WagL Sifst Av, (sp. 6.), 
Swaina, B. ofBraz. pi. 35. 

fh BraziL From Mr* Leadbeater's Collection. 


Chelidoptera GotUd, Proc, Z&ol, Sac. (1836) pj 
BnicliTpetes Swains. Ciassif ofB^n, p. 334. i 

1. Chelidopteea tk^ikbbosa. The white-backed 1 

Cuculus tenebrosus Pall, n. iu>rd Beytr, iiL p. 3. t. i 
Capito lciiebi'<^srus Temm. Aruil. du p. L\xviU 
Chelidoptera tenebrosa Gwdd, Proc, Z, S. (1836) p. SI. \ 
Brachypetcji tenebrosa Smairut. Cla^sif of B. iu p. 334. 
Lyponiix tenebrosa Wtrgl. St/sL Av, (.*p. 7.). 
^lonai^A t4?nebn:isiii lltUL N, Did. dHiKt. NaL xxi. p. 

PL enL 505.; LemidL Ois. d^ Parade t. 46.; PL col. j 
Swiiins. B, of Brnz. pi. 3(i. 

a, b, Britlj^U Guiana* Presented by Sir R. Schonib 

r. South Anieriea. 

//. isouth America, Presenttxl by J. Gould « Esq* 

tf* Brazil* Presented by M, Claussen* 

iL Halctokikjr. 


Iheelo LtaeK Zod. Mite. wUkpL (1815). 
FuikrroD CHoger (1827). 
aiQcalcTon £bu, Tr. dOnu p. 248. (1831). 
>klidon'2>M. TV. if Om. p. 249. (1891). 

I. Dacelo gigab. The great brown Kmgfislier, 

h g^ AM2tf. ToA/. i2f t PI. eid. iFAtibeML n. 40. 

budnlku Seop. Del Flor. ei Foam. IntMb. 

btea Gmei. S. N. Lp. 454. 

bijpf G. R. Ora^y Gen. ofB. L p. . 

bjwintea Lath. Im/L Om. p. 245. 

Iiciguitea Leachy ZooL Misc. pi. 106. 

^oD anstnde Les$. Tr. dOm. p. 248. 

'«.*^>1: &jtau Voy. t. 106.; Govdd^ B, of Audr, ii. pi. IS. 

. Xtt HfiUjtnd, young. 

■ K- V Holland, rrosented by R. Brown, Esq. 

■ X-jw IliilUnd. Presented by M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

i X'Tth-wiMcrn Aus-tralia. rresented by Lt.-Col. Sir T. L. 

' S-tuiL Australia, male. Presented by His Excellency 

Caj..i. Sir G. Grey. 
f VjtL Australia, female. Presented by His ExceUenoy 

Cij>t. Sir G. Grey. 

, 2. Dacelo Leachii. Leach*s Dacelo. 

fcLeafbii (Lnth,) Linn. Tram. xv. p. 205. 
*W.B.r/.4if*/r. ii. pi. 19. 

• Australia. 

3. Dacelo cEBvnrA. The buff Dacelo. 

^fwrlna Gordd. 

■•W.B.(/i4«*/r. 20. 

«- frt/old's Island 

•■ P'Tt Es*in^on, male. 

'■ Pm E*?insfton, young. Presented by the Earl of Derby. 

* Pf-n K^Mngton. Presented by Dr. Sibbald, R. N. 

'• X'jw Holland. Present^'d by the Linnean Society. • 
/•-* P.ri Essinfrton. Presented by Capt. W. Chamber?, 



4« Dacelo GAumcMAUDti. Gaudichaud'a Kingfisher 

Alcedo Gaudichaudi Qttaif iV Omm. Votf, de tUranie^ Ou, U^l* 
Da-celo Gainliehuudi G. U. Gra^^ Grn, **f B. i. p, 
Clioucalcjon Gautlichaudi Lexs, 2V. ftOnu p. 248. 

a. New Guinea, From litmiu Laugicr'a Collection- 

5, Dacelo cyakotis. The blue-eared Dacelo, 

Dacelo cyanotis Temm. PL coi. 262. 

n. Skeleton. From M. Brandt'a Collection. 


Halcyon Siminjt, Zml Hlmtr. (182]). 

EtUoriiotherti HorMf. Linn. Tran*, xiii, p. 173. (note) (189 

%mxi Lesit, Zooi, Vmf, de la Com, (182B). 

Todiramphuii Less, Mim, de la Soc. dHisL Nat, iii. p. 420. (II 

Aetent^ltles flmnb. ^ Jacq. (1846?), 

Entotuoptiila Leachy MSS. 

a. Halcyon, 

1. Haxctoi* PULCiLBLLA^ The beautiful Kingfisher. 
Dacelo pulchella Hors/, Linn. Trans, xiii, p. 175, 
Halcyon [mlcbella G. /?. Gratf^ Gfn, of B, L p. 

Dacelo buccoidea Temn. PL col. 586- 
PI. eoL 277. 

a. Indian ArehipeUgo, male. From Mr. Turner's Colle 
A, lodian Archipelago, female. From Mr. Turner's 


e. Lilian Archipelago, female. Presented by J, Kightin 

2, Halcto?* coN€ftET4. Thc Malayan Kingfisher. 
Dftcielo concrelu Temm. PL coL 346. 

liftlcyon concreta G, R. Gray^ Gen, of B. i, p. 

« Ifitiian Archipelago^ adult. From Mr. Turner's 

b. Malacca, youtig. From l^lr. Cuming's Collection. 

c. Malacca, adult. Pre»eoted by J, Nightingale-, Esq. 

3. Uaxcyon LiNnBATT. Lindsay's llaJeyon. 
Dacelo Lindsayi Vigors^ Prac, ZrwL Soc, (1831) p, 97. 
lliUcyon Lindiiyi u. B, Gmy^ Gm, o/B,l p. 




ml Vtg^i, Proc. Zoid. Soc. (1831) p. 97. 

hi Bimte^ 0\M. i. 7. ; G. R. Graj/ ami Miieh, Gen, of 

From Mr, Cummff*s CoIJectiom 
tippine IttUzids, Fram Mr. Ciiitung*a CoUection. 

LLi>nro!i MOKACHA* The hooded Kinj(fi&ber. 

*h^ Trmm, 

ichft G. E, Gray, Gen. of B, L p, 

te* From the Leydea Museum. 

row ssMicxtLiTLBA, The red-beilied Kinjf fisher., 

erulea For$k. 

▼ar. /i et y. Lath, Ind, Om. i 
kpli^ga ForMt De^cr, Alamm* p. 4. 
ogiifter TVmnv, 
hrogaater G. R, Graij^ Gen* of B, u p» 
insoni A, SmUh, Qmirt. Jmtm, S, Afr. (1836) p, 143» 
brorhynchus Gotdd, Proc. Zool. Sac. (1837) p. 22, 
Tr. (tOm. p. 247. 
t 2, ; FariL Icon, ined. 60, ; Voy. of B&agU, 

p. 249. 

Qted hy CoL Subbe, R. A. 
„ Preteuted by Major Hicketts. 
Ja^ Wofltem Amesu Presented by IMr. Mildrnii}'. 
— f Presented by Lieut. A. Smith. 

mtm fiirBGAX£Nn8« The Senegal Kingfisher, 

ilensiA Linn, S, N. u p. ISO. 

nlenns Swaint, Zoot Rlustr, with pi. 27. 

Oenni Zetf. TV. efOm. p. 247. 

, Wettern Africa. Presented by Col. Sabine, R. A, 

|L Presented by Jklajor Rickeds. 

^p Leone. Presented by Col Sabine, R. A. 

■bf Swain$. B, of W, Afr. ii. p. m, 
mfnrmi O. R, Graifn Gen, of B, i. p. 
\ Africa. Presentefi by E. Wilson^ Ebo, 
Po. Presented by W. H. Thomson, E»q» R.N. 

O 3 

cnncBsiTmoNS. The ashy-fiponted Kingfisher. 
VieiU, N. Di€t, tCHisL NaL xix. p. 403. ; Gal, 


S. Halcyon ruse ic a pill a, Tlio brown -hooded King 

Dikcelo fuscicapilla Lafr. Mttg, th ZmL (1833) Ois. i, 18.| 
Male yon fuscicBpiUn G. IL (iniij^ Gen, of B. p. 

a, b. Cape of Good Hope, FtesentcU by M.-Gcn* 

c. Souib AlVicu, Prom tbe South African MuseunL | 

d. ? 

e. Cflpc of Good Hope. Presented bj the Earl of 1 

9, Halcyon CHEJUiccxf. The Chelicuti King 

Alcedo Chelicuti Staid. SaKg Trav. App. p. Ivi. 
Alcedo varicofata Vieill. 

Btaleyon Chelicuti G. R, Gray^ Gen, of B, i, p. 
©gcelo pygnifea Creischm. 
Bupp. 'ZotfL Atlojf, t. 28. b. 

Of h. Western Africa. Presented hj Major Ricketl 

c, Grambia. From Mr. RendaJPs Collection. 

d. Abyssinia. From the Frankfort Museum. 

10, Hai^cton STSiojjtTA. Thc streaked Kinsi 

Alcedo atriolata Licfit. Cat. DupL BerL Mm. p, J 2. 
a, b* South Airica. From the South African Mu 

IL Halcyon pilkata. The black-headed ^ 

Alcedo pDeata Bodd, Tall. de» PL cbL (TAubeni, p. 41. 

Halcyon pileatus G, ii, Gra^f^ Gen, of B, \. p. 

Alcedo albiventris Scop, DeL Flor. ei Faun, Insubr, p. 

Alcedo atricapilla GmcL S. N. \, p. 4*53. 

Halcyon atricapillus Steph. Qen, ZooL xiii. p. 99. 

Darelo atricapiUa Leis^ Tr, dOm. p» 246* 

Alcedo brama Leu, Cent, de ZooL t. 8. 
PL eid, 673. 

a, b* China (?). Presented by J. Reeves, Esq, 
C — e, Tenasserlm. Presented by J. D. C. Packmaiw 1 
/. Borneo. Presented by Hii ixcell. Sir J. Bv 

12, Halcyon mmlanopteba. The black-winged 1 

Alcedo melaDOptera Horsf. Linn, Tram, xin. p. 174. 
Hitlcyon meiauopterus StepK. Gen, ZooU xk^ i^* VQO« 

nata Sieph, Gen. ^ooi. xii!. p. 90* 
tif Lew. Tr. dOm, p. 248. 

nsiititf, Alia Minor. pFeseuted h/ Sir C, Fellowes, 

14* Itkucxov nf«cA* The Indian Kingfisher. 

Kft Bodd, TM, des PL enl, (TAuhent, p. 54. 

j^rnctiflts vnr- y. Lath, Ind, Onu \. p, 248. 

tfTELi-nsU TAT, alboguloris Blyth^ Joum. A, S, B. (1843) 

[I844J p. 394. 

|l6ca G, H, Grtty^ Gen. qfB, u p» 

' * Icon, ttied. 10979. 101, J 02. ; Ilofigs, Jem, ined. Fan 

Presented by M.-Gen* T* ILardwicke. 
Hepttl. Presented by B. H. Hotl^n, Esq. 
, MBdnis. Presented by Hi^-. B. B. Baber. 
, male* Presented by B. H* Hodgson^ Eaq. 

Predenied by J. D. C. Pat-kman, Esii. M. D. 
NepaL Pre^nted by B. H. Ilodgaon, Esq. 

on coKOMA2mBLX4MA. Thc Coromaudel KiaglUli*ir* 

DiDAndetiana Scoj*. Dd. Flor. et Faun, In^br* p, f>0. 
f>deljaaa G, It, Gray^ Gen, of B, \. p. 
nda Lath, Ind, Orti. i. p. 252. 
iindus Sleph, Gen, Zmt, xiiL p. 100. 
ftda LcMM. Tr, iTOnu p. 246. 
ndelic'iis Vigors, Mem* of Baffl, Af^. p, €6< 

IX'H. ' ff/if/fftf Lum JrfMtl Pft»^ \(\ 


Alcedo javanica Shaw, Gen, Zool. v\\\. p- 67. 
Halcyon Icucocepliala Shipk. Oen, ZooL xiii. p. 

Presented by the Hon, East lD(iI& Company, 
' " . - ~ Sir JE. bekhi 


Halcyon gurial Pmrs.Jtmrn. A. S. B. (1841) p. G:53 

Halcyon aujiiuropterus Pearji, Joarn. jL S. B. (1841) p, 635 

Halcyon bruiiniceps J<?r;/. Madr, Jour a, LiLandSci. (1844) p. 141 

PL euL 757. Hardw, lam. incd. 10979. 100,; Hodgx, IftH 

^^ned. Pas^, 15, v. 39. 
a, Java, 
h. Indian Archipt'Wo. Preaenl^d by Capt 
ue^d, IndiOf yoimt^. Presented by M.-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
1^,/, Nepal, Prescnt^id by B, it Hodgson, Esq. 
gi A. Maidras. Presented by ibc Kuv. Il B. Baber, 
I, Behar, male. Presented by B. H. Hodgson^ Esq. 
, r 
17. Halcyon albicllla. Tlie sauropliagous Haley on- 

Alcedo albicilla Cuv. Diet des Set, Ntit. xx.ix, p. 273. 
Dacelo albicilla Less^ Tr. d'Orn. p 247. 
Halcyon albicilla G. li, Graff, Gen, *7/ B, i. p. 
H&lcyon sanropba^ja Gonld^ Prftc. ZooL Soc, (1843) p. 103. 
FiJ^. of the Sidphurj Birds, pi. 
a. New Guinea. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 


IS. Haxcton COLLABI8. The white-collared Halcyon- 

Alcedo coUaris Sfop, Dei, Flor, et Faun, Itijmhr, p. IK). 
Hale von eollarig Sumim, Zool. TUmtr. pL 27. 

Sifiin, Voxf, t, 33.; KittL Kupf. der Vog. t. 14. i\ K 

a. India, 

b. Java. Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 

c. Manilla. From Mr, Cuming's Collection. 

d. India. Presentel by J. Inskipp, Eso. 

e. Tenas&erim, Presented by J. D, C. PackmaUf Esq. M.I 

19. IIalctow BFFBBCIL109A, The white-browed Halcyon. 

a — d, Tongataboo, Presented by Capt. Sir E, Home, Dafl 
R.N. ^ 


20. Hjllcyon saktcta. The Australian Kingfisher. 

Halcyoa aanctus Vig, §r Horitf. Limu Tram, xv, p. 206. 
Halcyon sacra Stepk, Gen, Zool, xtii. p. 98, 


DkcIo chlorocephflk Tar. fi. Less. Tr. ^Om. p. 246. 

PkilL Bet Ba^, pi. in p. 1^.; Jard. and Selbu, la. Om. pi 96, 
97.; GmOd, B. o/Au^. iL pi. 21. 

0. Australia. Presented hj A. Conningham. Esq. 

h-d. Port Essingtop. Presented by Capt W. Chambers, 

«,/. South Australia. Presented by His EzcelL Capt. Sir G. 

M. Anstnlia. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
X Interior of South Australia. Presented by Capt Start. 
i Australia. Pk'esented by Mr. F. G. Moore. 
j. Sunday Island. Presented by J. £. Jukes, Esq. 
i Sternum, South Australia. Presented by His EzcelL Capt. 
Sir G. Grey. 

21. HAiiCTOir YAGAHS. The New Zealand Kingfisher. 

Akedo sacra yar. i. f. Lath. Ind. Om. i. p. 251. 
Ueedo cyanea ForsL Deser. Mamm. p. 76. 

' ) Tseans Less. Voy. de la Coqu, Zool, p. 694. 

} dikxrocephala Tar. y Less, Tr, dOm. p. 246. 

m Ta^ans O, R. Qray^ Voy. of Br eh, and Terr, pi. i. 

jon cmnamominus Swains. ZooL lUustr, pL 67. 

a. New 2Sealand. Presented by the New Zealand Company. 

h. Bay of Islands, New 2Sealand (Antarctic Expedition). 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

c, d. New Zealand. From Mr. EarFs Collection. 

e,/. New ZeaUnd. Presented by His Excell. Capt. Sir G. 

g. Sternum, New Zealand. 

k. Sternum, New S^ealand. 

i. Upper mandible, New Zealand. Presented by the Ad- 

22. Halcton pTEnnoPTGiA. The red-backed Halcyon. 

fiilcyon pyrrhoDTgia Gould, Proc. Zool, Soc, (1840) p. 113. 
Gidiy B. ofAustr. iL pL 22. 

0. South Australia, male. Presented by His Excell. Capt. 

Sir G. Grey. 
6. Sooth Australia, female. Presented by His Excell. Capt. 

Sir G. Grey. 
(• KiTer Darling, South Australia. Presented by Capt. 


D 5 

FIflSrEOfiTRES i>wnitM. 


■ 23* Halcyon MAcLKAYn. MacLeay*s KingSslier* 

" Halcjon MacLeajii Jard, j.v Stlh/^ HhMr. of Om. pi. 101, 
Halcyon inL-iiictua Guuld^ Proc. ZuoL Si/L\ (1837) p. 142. 
Gould, B, of Austr. ii. pL 24. 

a, b. Port Eseington. Presented t>y Capt. W. Chamb^ 

R. N* .1 

<v Gould Island, Australia. Pre9<?ntetl by J, B, Jukes, 1 

d. Port Essijjgton. Presented by J. B. Juke:s Es<l' 



24. Halcyon tutu. Tho aacred Kingfialier. 

riii Forst, Deacr, Anim, p. 162. 
dto tutu GmeL S. N. I 453. 

LiraDiphus sacer Lett^. Man, de la Soc* d'HiMt, Nat. u'u 
t, 11. 

Todiramphus divinus Lest, Mhn, de la Sac* d'Hut, Nat m* p^t 
t. 12. 
Forai. Icon, ined, 58. ; EUU^ Icon, ined, 22, 23. 

a, b, Otxiheite, males- From M» Verreaiix* CDllection. 
c, Otaheiie, male. From M. ^''erreuux* Collection. 
(/, €. Otaheite. From Mr. Turner s Colleetion. 
/, Otiiheite. From Mr. Turner's Colleetion. 
g. South Sea Islands, variety. 

25. Halcyon platyrosithis. The flat-billed Haley 

Hale yon platyrostris Gould^ Proc, Zoo!, Soc. (1842) p. 72 
Todiruttipbua recurvirostrls L^fr, Iict\ ZooL (1842) p. 1S5. 

fl, &. Navigators' Islaudg. Presented by the Kw. J, B. St 

Tttnyeiptera Vigors^ Linn. Trans, xiy. p. 433* (1825). 

1, Tantsiptera dea. The Temjite Kingfisher. 

Alccdo dca Linn. S. N In. I8L 
Timvsiptera dea Vi^ors^ Linn. Tram. xiv. p. 433. 
L^leni, 116, 


r IVrwoUd by C^n, Sg E, 



P From Mr. Tomer s 


4. CETX 
^ Cm Zdc^. JfcM. de rimaL (1801) pu 511. (iMk, 1 »]> 

1. CcTx TmiDACTTiJL Tke tridictjliMi EagiAe'. 

» tridjf-tTla Zfjn. Jfoii/. p. 5*24. 
ttoidftctjU Cirr. i?«^. An. (1^17) p. 417. 
KhxaueDsis Sieph. Gem. ZooL xiiL p. 1C^3. 

c Jara. Presented by the Hon. East liALx Ojcjil:. - 

k Indun Archipelazou 

c. Borneo. From Mr. Cnming's Colkctioo. 

2. Cetx bubbju The red Kingfiiha*. 

I mbra Bodd. Tabl. de$ PL rai. dAwbetiL p. 4%. 

» purpureft Gmtl. S. S, L 449. 
Lc9^77S. f. 2. 
c Philippine Islands, From Mr. Coming'f Collect: -: . 

3. CcTX acfUkTCBA. The bUck-tjil€d Kin^^L^r 

i melanura Kanp^ VerhaMtU. DarwuL (1S4^) p. 

a. Indian Archipelago. From Mr. Coming's CcU^ti 

4. Cetx lepida. The beantiful King6sher. 

»do lefHdA Temm. PL eoL 
c Indian Ardiipelago. From Mr. Coming's Collect 


ill. Alcedininje. 


Orylc Boie, his, (1828) p, 316. 

IspiVla Swaim, Clasmf. of B, ii, p. 336* (1837). 

1. CfiSTLB BUDis, The bla<^k Jind white Kingfiahenj 

Akedo rudis Linn. S, N. i. p. 181. 
Cerjle mdia Bote, Lm, (1828) p. 316, 
Ispidii btemcUi Swaim. B. of IV. Afr, iL p. 95, 
Ispida bitorquftla Swaing, Clttnmf of It i. p. 336, 
Ceryle varia St7'ivkL Ann. and Ma^f, Nut. Hint, vi» p» 41 S* 
' Hardw. Iton. iWd 101)79. 98, 99.; Hodgs. Icon. in£d. 
18, f. 2, : 19. f. 2, ; GoM, B of Eur. pi. 02. 

12. Egypt, Frcsentefl by W. B. D, Turn bull, Esq, 

i, f. Etjypt, PreHenteil by John Rowrin^, Es(j. 

ef. India. Present<?d by M.-Gcn, T. IlBrdwicke. 

e — A, Madras, Presented by the liey. B. B. Babei'- 

I. f 

/ k, Nepal Presented by B, II. IIo<!|;*on, Esq. 

L Steraum^ Kepal. Presented by li. II. Hodgson, 

2. Cebtle guttata. The spotted Kingfisher/ 

Alcedo guttata Vigom, Proc, Z, S. (1830) p. 22. 
Alcedo bipibris Temm. PL coL 548. 
Ceryle guttata G. R* Gnty^ Oen. of B. i. p. 

Gouhra Cent, of BirfU, pi. ; Hardw. Icon* ined. 10979/' 
97. ; llodgs. Ieon!ined, Pa^jn. 18. I I. IfJ, f. 1, 

Oj ft. ilimalayah Mountains, Presented by M.-Geitt 

c—e. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgs^in, Esq. 
f Ilima-luyah Mountiiins. From Mi\ Leadbeater*s Collect 

3. Certls amebicaka. The white and green Kingfifilier* 

Alcedo aniericana GmeL S. N. i. p. 451. 
Ceryle americana Bou\ hi», (38*i«) p. 31$. 
Aleedo viridis Vieiil. jV. Birt. dHisL Nat xix. p. 413, 
FL eid. 5dl. ; Asam, Ko. 421. 
fl, b. South America. 

c. South America. Preacnted by M.-Gen. T. Hardwic 

d. Island of Funa* Presented by Mr, G, Barclay, 

e. Brazil. Presented by M, Claiiasen. 

/• — ? 




4. Cebtu TXBiDiBvrA. The rufoiu and green Kingfisher. 

iicedo Tiridinifa BotUL Tail det PL enl. ^Attbent, p- 36. 
Ceryle Tiridinifa G. R. Gravj Oen. of B, i. p. 
ilecdo bicolor QmeL S. N. i. p. 451. 
CoTle bicolor Baie^ Isis, (1828) p. 816. 
An^ 592. 1,2. 

Ojb, Demerara. 
e. South America. 
d. Sooth America. 

5. CsBTUi AMAZONA. The Amazonian fiangfisher. 

Akedo amazona Lath. Ind. Om, i. p. 257. 
Carle amazona, Bme. Int. (1828) p. 316. 
Iicedo rubescens Vieia. N. DicL (THisL Nat. zix. p. 408. 
Azara, No. 419, 420. 

a, b. British Guiana. Presented bj Sir R. Schomburgk. 
c. South America. 

6. CxBTLB TOBQUATA. The Starry Kingfisher. 

Ue«do torquaU Linn. S. N, i. p. 180. 
^orle torquata G. R. Gray, Uen. of B. i. p. 
Undo cinerea Bonn. Encyc. Meth. p. 287. 
Ueedo cyanea Vieill. N. Did. dHist. Nat. zix. p. 401. 
Ueedo itellata Meyen^ Nova Acta Bonn. ii. p. 93. t. 14. Suppl. 
tl etd. 284.; Azara, No. 417, 418. 

a. South America. From Baron Laugicr^s Collection. 

6. South America. Presented by Lieut. Man, K. N. 

e. South America. Presented by M.-Gen. T. Uardwicke. 

d, e. British Guiana. Presented by Sir K. Schomburgk. 

/ Mexico. Presented by John Phillips, Esq. 

g' ? 

7. Cebtle maxima. The great African Kingfisher. 

ieedo maxima Gmel. S. N. i. p. 455. 
ktfU) afra Shaw^ Gen. Zool. vili. p. 55. 
errle maxima G. R. Gray, Gen. of B. i. p. 
'• ' -" ~ pi. 11 

pvla gisantea Swains. B. of W. Afr. ii. pi. 1 1. 

a. Congo Expedition. Presented by the Admiralty. 

b. Weatem Africa. Presented by — . Salmon, Esq. 



8. Cehtxe alctopi. The Mted Kingfisfi 

Alec Jo alcyon Linn. S. N. i. p. 180, 
Ceryle alcjon Boie, hin, (1828) p. 316. 
Ispidaalcjon Sfraim. Cltuxif. of B, ii. p* ^^^. 
AJcedo guacu VieilL N. Diet, (tllvtt Nai, xix. p. 406. 
Cateshys Carolim. pL 96.; PI. enL 715.; WiU, 
pi. 28. f. K; Audiib. B. of Amer. pi. 77. 

a. Nortli Ameriea. Presented by Dr. Ridgeway. 
&, North A til erica* Presented hy M.-G«n. T, Hli 
c, NortB America. Presented by the Earl c\^ De 

9. Certub supebciuosa* The supercilious Kii 

Alcedo superciliosR Linn. S. N, i. jp. 179. 
Cervle 8up<arciliosa 6\ R, Gray^ Uen. of B, i. p. 
£d wards s Bird^, pi. 245, 

tt, b, Demenu a- 


Alcedo Lmn. S.N. (1756). 
Ispida (pars) Linn. S, N. (1735). 

a. Alcsdo. 

1. iVix:Ei>o I5PIDJU 

The comiuon KinglisherJ 

Alcedo ispida lAnvy S. N. i. p. 179. ; Breh 

YarrelU Brit Btrfh, lu p. *i23. 
Gracula Attliis GmtL S. xY. 1. p. 398. 
h^cedo BubiffpiiJa Brehm^ 17i^. Deutn. i. p. 1 49. 
"Alcedo adveiia Brehm, Viig, Deutu, u p. 150. t. xj. f. 2. 
PL tuL 77.; KitU. Kiipf T%. t. 29. il I.; Gould, 
pi. 61. 

a. Devf>iiiihire. From Col. Montagues Collection. 
by €. Great Brit.iin. 
rf, If. Europe, 

/ — h. Canihrldge»liire, young. Fresent<Hl by Mr* 
t, Kortliern Russia. 

j. Sternum, Eoj^dand, Presented by I. In^ll 
k, Stennun, England, young. Preaented by L laj 

ixTDo mmmMMXmm^ *The lodiaa Km* 

iO«idL5. M tp 450 

I L^Mt, C&mipl. Buff, b. p. 34>. 

I, pi 1 1. 1 Kiid. K^f. iV t* ^' ^ 

Ppe*-iit€d by CttpU Johnsiune, 

. XcfnL Frt9cikt«d bjr B. H. IlodigBOiK Esq. 
: BilMr. Freaented bj B. H, Hodgwn, E^^- 
^ Mtdr^. Bnsoited br the Rgt. B] B. tiaber. 

mm, PlMBBte^l if J, D. C. P*ckmaij, Esq, M. 
^^iMlited Iht tiie llott- East Indiii C<jmp«xnr« 
N«pol. Fresented bj R H. HcKigsoii, Esq. 

^ Alxwrn* muETsosiJU Hie broad-zooetJ Eiiigidier. 
i Molucca. From Mr. Warwick's Ck>llectioiL 

4. Ai^Ei>o MSSumsG. The Meninting Kingfisher. 

riD BeiiiBting Horsf. Linn. Trtau. xiiL p. 172. 

ftneainting C«r. R^, Anim, (1829) p. 444. 

Mb isiatica Swcdns. Zool, lUustr, pi. 50. 

taWL2d9. f. 2. 

A. JmTa. Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 

k Sii^apore. Presented by His ExcelL Sir J. Brooke. 

5. Alceoo bibo. The Bim EJngfisher. 

do bim Hortf. Limu Trant. xiii. p. 172. 

L coL 239. f. 1. 

c Jara. Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 

1 Aix:edo skmttobquata. The half-ooUared Kingfisher. 

do semitorquata Swains. Zool. lUustr. pi. 151. 

^. S^fi. Uebm. Vog. t. 7. 

«L N<Hthem Africa. Presented by Lord Mountnorris. 

h. Cape of Good Hope. From the South African Museum. 

e. ^pe of Good Hope. Presented by — . Campbell, Esq. 

dL ¥fe9tem Africa. Presented by CoL Sabine, Esq. R. A. 






The white-bellied KingfiitheT. 

HalcvOE leucogaatcr Fras. Proc, ZooL Soc. (1843) p. 4. 
Alcedo leucogsLiter Kaup, VerhamU, DarnuL (1848) p. 75. 
Frm. ZmL Tijpka. pL 

a, Fenmndo Po. From the Niger Expedition. 


Ai^EBO c^BCLE0CBPH.ja.A. The blue- headed Kingfiil 

Alcedo c^ruleocephalii Gmfl. S. N. \, p, 449. 
Alcedo cyaneocepbala Sftaw^ Oen Zonl. viii. p, 100. 
Alce^lo (Corjthornis) cffiruleocephala Kaitp^ Verharull. Dm 
(1848) p. 73. ' 
PL etd, 356. I I. 

Of b. North Africa. Presented bj Lord Mouutoorris* 


9. Ai^Bi>o WAI9. The Nals Kingfisher. 

Akedo nai-s Knnp, MSS, 

Alcedo (Corytliuruis) mua Kaup^ VerhandL Bar mat (184§] 
a. P 

10. Alcedo cbistata. Tlie crested Kingfisher. 

Alce^lo cristata Lhm. S. N. i. p. 178* 

Alcedo (Corjthornis) crisuita Kuup, VerhandL DamtsL (1848* 

PL ml 756. f. L; KiitL Kilpf, Vog, t. 29, f. a.; Bns^. 

iv. t. 37, i\ 3. 

a. North Africa, Presented by Lord Mount iiorriis 

b. South Africa. Fre9erit*.'d by the Earl of Dt*rbj» 

c. Abyssinia. From Mi\ LejiJbeater*s C<jllection. 

11. Alcej>o cTAjfosTiGMA. Thc biuG -marked Kingfisher* 

edo crane '_ *""" '^ 
Alcedo (Cory ihorni^) cyaaostigma A'ti«/j, VerhatuU* Darmst, (Jtii 

Alcedo cyanostigma RUpp. Faun. Abt/m. Ok. t. 24. f. 2, 
p. 73. 

Un Africa. 
h. CaiJe? 
c. Africa. 

Presented by ^L-Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
Presented by E. ^Vilson, Esq. 


Auows^o PICTA. The rose-cheeked Kingfisher, 

\ Bodd. Tab. deit PL enL tVAithcttt. p 49. 
ilem GmeL S> N, i> p, 454, 

k ^oii^. Gen. ^intL viii. p. 94. 

Daud, Ann. du Mwt, u. p. 443.; Shaw^ A^at 

. Shate, Nai. MUc. pL 159. 
fanotis Swains. B, of W, Afr. ii. p. 103, 
■"tta) picta Kaup, VerhamQ. Dannst (1848) p. 72. 

[7M. f. 1m O. R. Gray and Mitch. Gen. of B. pL*28. 

! of GotkI Hope. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
i Africa, Presented by Col, Sabine, R. A. 

14. Alcedo vmDA. The shining Kingfisher. 

i Ka^, MSS. 

a) nitjda Kanp^ Verhandl, DfxmuL (1848) p, 72. 

U f FroiD Mr* Warwick's Collection. 


Cietmf. o/B, jL p, 336. (1837), 



Alcyone pulchra Goidd^ Froc, Zool, Soc. (1846) p. 10. 
Alcyone dienieniiis Gould, Proc. Zool Soc, (1846; p, 19- 

Zeif^jj, B. &fN. IL pi. L; Jard, and Selb^^ lUuMtr. 
pi. 65, i; 1. 

fi. Austmlia. Presented l>y M.-Gcn. Ilardwicke* 

b. Vail Die men's Land. Piom 111*. Gunn's Collectioa 

c. Port Eftsington, N. W, Austr. Presented by Ct 

Chambers, li.N. 

d. Skeleton, Port Essingtou. From Mr. Warwick' 


iv. Galbulin^^ 

Galbula Mahr. Av. Gmera, p. 82; (1752). 

L Galbula vlridis. The green Jacamor. 

Aleedo gidbula Linn, S, N. i- p. 181. 

(tulbuk virtdiii Liith. Ind, Ont. p. 244. 

Galbnia viridicmidii Swaiits. Two Ceid, and a Quart, p. 327. 

Galbula rubricolUs Shait\ Gen, Zotd. ix. p. 224. ? 

BrUji. Orn. iv. t. v. f. 1.; Edwards's Birds, pi. 334.; 
238, ; Lt;vaiU, Htai. Nai, Jacam. t, 47, 48, 49. ; I'ieilL Hi 
Jamm, 1. 1. (2.?) 

a, b. Britisb Guiana. Presented by Sir R. Scbomburg 

2. Galbuui atiFicAui>A« The rufous-tailed Jjieamiii 

Galbula ruficauda Ctw, Rig. Anim. (1829) L p, 447. 
Levadl. Hint. Nat. Jiicam, t. 50. 
a, Si>utU America. 

3. Galbula MACRorBA. The short-billed JacamsTi 
Galbula macron ra Vicdl. Gtd. (k« Ois, t. 29. 

a. South America. Presented by J, Gould, Esq. 

4. Galbula leptuba. The long-tailed Jaca 

Galbula leptnra Swuins, Two Cnd. ami a Quart, p. 327. 
Lath, (^en. %w. il. pU 2G. ; Xm. Tr. tCOrn. t. 27. i\ 1_ 
a* South Amt^rica. Presented by J. Gould, E^q. fl 

b. South America. Prejsente^i by J. Murray, Esq. * 

c. South America. Presented by Lieut. Maw, R, N, 


9q* m 



Gaikxa i.KucoGJtfTBA. Hie wliite-bdfied Jmeamar. 

hlneocucn lleilL X. Diet d'HitL XmL xn.^UL 

I AivvDter Cir. R^. Amim, L (1829) p. 44& 

I Amntris Lest. Tr. dOm. pu 2U. 

A Aiit AW. Jaeam. SuppL t. H. 

fcoth A»~»rir^ From Mr. Biker s CoOectioo. 

CGalbcul jLTBiBoeTXis. The vhite-bflled JaeiBv. 

Ain)ftri5 Za<A. Imd. OnL L n.245. 
imrustju ru»a..V.I>ie<.<r^iitAalLzTLpL4tfL 
inriroftn Steaims, Ttco CemLmada ^vrt puttft. 
.0ii.dor.u4.'. LeraiU, Hist XaL Jatamar^ t.^1. 
kL South America. From Mr. Baker's CoDecdon. 

GAi^ruk PABAX>isEA. The Ftfadise Jacamar. 

bh p4ra*Ii«rra Lath. Ind. Ont. p. 24-5. 

fc p4ra:iL^:d Liun. S, X. I p. 1^1. 

Aitf. /;n». Lv. t. -i. : /^. «t/. 271. : Ti-fifl. Oit. cor. t. 3.: I.<t 

ll XiJ. Jacuifuir, t. •>2. 

c Scu:L Aiuf rica. 

I Soctb America. From Mr. Baker's CoIIecuon. 

Jaw-aniaralcyon Cuf. Rig. An. (1S2^) i. p. 44*. 

. «VAJtjLR.iL<. YON TRiDACTTL*. The ibree-toc<i Ja<:am&r. 

ta u-i.iai.t/la f 'i>i//. aV. Z>tf/. ^fFw/. .Yo/. ivi. p. 44-5. 

b!i r,:'T..vT.*li.f .Si/t'A. Zfj</1. Joum. u. \>. 112. 

cla ariuata Sn'niujt, Tiro Cent, and a Quart, p. 32*. 

■f ik voa l»ri>ili*-'ii5i? Le^s. Tr. dOm. p. 2.'15. 

nnloon trida4.tvla G. R. Gra*j. List of Gen. of B. n*4C»,) 


LtraiJ. nut. Xat. Gnrp. SuppL t.L.; 5/JLr, /Ic. BroM. t.-57. 

L: Jei/^. «jw/ Sclhy, la. Ofh. pi. '22. 

L linLzil. Prcst-nieU by J. Guuld. Esq. 

:. J ir.\3t ABALCTox LUGrBRis. The mournful Jacsmar. 
lL hmibris Sn-airu. Two Cent, and a Quart, p. 329. 
s- Brlt^h Guiana. Presented by Sir R- Schomburgk. 

L Jacameeops GHANifis. Tbe great Jaounar.] 

Jacamerops ^tttidis Cue, E^. An, (1817) i. p. 420. 
Alewlo grandis Gmel. 5. N. i* p, 458. 
GaJbula jacamarici Shaw. 
Galbula grandis Shait\ NaL Misc. pL 833. 
Lamproula platyrhjnclia Sitaim. Classify of B. ii. p. 33 
VieilL Oii. dor, t. 6. ; LecaiU. Hist. NaL Jacam. t. 54. 

rt. South America, From Mr. GoiiId*s Collection. 
h. S^outh America. From Mr. Tucker's Collection, ■ 
t\ South America. From Mr. J. Biiker a Collection 


L Merqfin^e, 


Mcrops Linn. S, K (1756) p- 
Ispidii, (pars) Linn, S, N, (1735). 
Apiasler Eriss, Om, p. (1760)» 

1» Meeofs AFiASTER. The common Bee-eataftl 

Merops apiaster Linn. S. ]\\ i, p, 182. ; Brehm^ Vvg* 
J 47.; Yarrell, BriL Birth, ii. p. 217. 

Merops ckrysocephdus GmeL S, N, i. p. 463, 

Merops gclifcgliaglm Forsk, Faitn, Arab* L 

Merops hungarhe Brefm, F%. Diut^. I p. 146* t xi. f. I. 
PL enl. 938. ; Gould, B. of Eur, pi 59. ; Lemili. Hid 
Guep. t. L 2, 

fl. ? Presentee! by M.-Gen. T, Hardwicke, 

b. Devoo shire. Presented by Addb Archer* Esq, 
e Atheiis. Preseuted by C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 



^eiented by Jobn Bowring, Esq, 
Ppeseoted by Sir C. Fellows. 

m, Europe. From iVIr. Ltifeyre's Collection. 
Egy|jt. Presented by Dr. TurobuU Cbrbtie, 

tm jBGTPtTus. The £<iQ^tia£i Ike-eater. 
Farsk. Faun, Arab, I No* 2. 
tli, Zoogr, L p. 440. t. 
lyi Cu^, Reg, Anim, (1829) i. p. 442. ; Swaifis, B. 
L p. 77. pL 7. 

lin TidX?. N, Diet dHixt. NaL xv. p. 22. 
uip, i 6. fi, 16. ; Pr. Botmp, Fauiu Ital. t, 25. f . L ; 
f. 1. 
voung. Presented by W. B. D. Turnbdl, Esq. 

|adulc Presented by J. Bowrlng, Esfi* 
^ «dtLlL Presented by B. Wilson, Esq. 

rini4FPinuB, The Philippine Bee-cater. 

X»iM, S. N, I p. 183, 
■'Uf llorsf, Linn, Trans, xiii. p. 171. 
ai Clip. Rtg, Anim, (1829) L p. 442. 
B /liMilp* 6?rYiy, Zoid. MUc, (1844) p. 82. 
X€W&. AW. f/i*^. Gtt^yj. t. 14. 
ippifie Inlands. From Mr. Cuniing*s Collection. 
— jprescjitc'd bv B. U, Hodgson, Esq. 
■Id Arehipelum P^resented by Capt. Sir 
fcC.B. R,K. 

P^^eiented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
lb Presented by the Hon. East Indm Company. 
r* Presented by Mrs. SplnJks. 

MsROP« vnuDis. The IndiAn Beo-eat«r. 

' .^. A^. i. p. 182* 

z^. /% Anim. (1829) i. p. 442. 
''- Gray, Ztwl Misc. (1844) p. 62, 
^, Grti^, ZooL Mt»c, (1844) p. b2. 

: ^'a Jimrn, Ltt, and Set, (1840) p. 227. 

JitrrlM, pt 1»3.; J^mtlL HUt, Nat, Gurp. U 10. 
u ww^y. r^J. 20, 21, 22. f. 2, 3, 4. 

Qtra, Himalayah Mount iiioB. 

imX. Preatsntidd by U. 11. Hodgson ^ E^q. 



e, Mfl«lrafi, Presented hj W. Elliott, Esq. 

/. Madras* Presented by the Kev» li B. Baber. 

g* DftTJeelatj. Presented hy B. U, Hodgson, Esq. 

5. RtEBora okkatus, The Tariegaied Bee-eater. 


'at. xviL p, 423. 

I^ferops orniitiis Lath, httL Orn. Sun^ 

uppl, p. X3 

iFHist, Nc 

Merops raelmums L^win^ B, of N. IL pi. 2. 

Lemill. Hkt. Nai. Guip. t, 4. ; GirnhX B, of Atatr. il pb 


Philemon ornatiis VtcllL N. Did 
rops niel'mums Lewin^ B, of j 
^mill. Hkt. Nai. Guip. t, 4. ; 

a. Australia. From Mr, GouLl^? Collcclinn 
b^ c Port Es«injrton. Presented bv Capt W. Chambers. B« 
d^ $* Murray River, Au:strjiliR. i*resented by Hb £sc 

Capt. Sir G. Grey. 
/, g. Cape Upsturt, Australia. Presented by J. B. Jii] 

6, MERorg ALBicoi.Lift. The white- throated Bee-eater, 
Merops albicollis VieiU. N. Diet ffHhL NaL xiv. p. 15. 
Merops Cuvieri (LirhL) B^g, Amm. {IH29) i. p. 442. 
Jlerops Savij:iui ^SwfiiihH. Zml. Hlustr* pL 76. 

LemiU. Hut Nut Guip, L 9. 
I a — c- Weatern Africa. Presented by Col. Sabtne, B. A. 

7. Mebops QuiNTicoLoR. Tlie Pirik Bee-eater, 

Merops quinticcjlor Vieill, N. Diet. irNisi. NaL xiv. p. 20. 
Merops uriea Hor*f Li/m. Trarm, xl'iL p. 172. 

LcPaiU. HiJfL Nat, Gnep, t, 15.; Smiim. Zooi* lUustr, pL 
Hoflgit, lam. ined, Pm«, 22. f 1. 

rt, Java, Presented by the Hon, East India Company. 

b. Ncj»rd. Pre.'*ented by B. II. IJodg^on, Esq* 

c. (/. Madras. Prt\*!ented by the He v. B. B. Baber. 
e, /. Tenasserim, Presented by J. D, C, Packman, Esq, M* 

8, Meho PS BAUius. The chestnut Bee-eater, 
Merops bad i us GmeL S. N u p. 462. 
Merops castaneiis Laih. Ind. Om, r. p. 273. 
Merops gumatranus Eagi, IJnv. Tram, xiii, p. 294. ? 
PL enl. 252. ; Lt-mill Hist. Nat, de Gnep, i, 12. 

a. Isle of France, adult. Presented by E. Wibon, Esq. 

b, Malacca, young. Frotii Mr, Cuminfr** Collection* 

c, Incban Archiptdngo ? adult. From Mr. Warwick's Coll 

d. Inilian Archipelago^ young. From Mr. Warwick'! CdD( 



9. Mnopt HUBicus. The blue-headed Bee-eater. 

fc^ mhkus Omel S. N, I p. 464. 

wps ccroleoce^udus Lath. Ind, Om, i. p. 274. 

wu saperbus Pemu Ind. Zool, SuppL p. 33. 

A fdL 649. ; NaL Misc. pi. 613. ; LevaiU. Hist. Nat. Ouep. 
1 3.; Swains. B. of W. Afr. pi. 9. 

a. Western Africa Presented by Major Ricketts. 
h. Gambia. From Mr. RendaU*s Collection. 

10. Merops ktbicoides. The black-eared Bee-eater. 
I Dubicoides O. Des Mvrs.Rev. Zool 1846. p. 243. 
a. ( Afiica ? ). Presented bj £. Wilson, Esq. 


Melittophagos Boie^ Isis, (1828) p. 316. 

3l£UTTOPHAOU8 EBTTHROPTERU8. The rcd-winged Bee-eater. 

ittof^ia^rus erjthropterus Boie, Isis, (1828) p. 316. 
\ errthropterus Gmel. S. N. i. p. 464. 
] mmntus VieiU. N. Diet, (THist. Nat. xiv. p. 18. 
I minalas Cw. Bee. Anim. (1829) p. 442. 
LmiS. Hist. Nat. Ouep. t. 17. 

a. Western Africa. Presented by Col. Sabine, R. A. 

b. Gambia. From Mr. Rendall^s Collection. 

MrLrrroFHAGus variegatus. The North African Bee-cater 

i rariegatus VieiU. N Diet. d'Hist. Nat. xiv. p. 25. 
ophagns Tari^atus G. B. Chay, Gen. of B. i. p. 
' Kitd. Kupf der Vag. 1. 1. f. 3. 

a. Abyssinia. From Mr. Goiild*s Collection. 
h. Abysainia. From the Frankfort Miui^um. 



The swallow-tailed Ik 

?ps himndinacens VieiU. N. Diet. (THist. Nat. xiv. 
ups taiva Cup, Beg. Anim. (1829) i. p. 442. 
opA chrysolaimus Jard. ff Selhy^ Bl. Onu pi. 99. 
"Ofw fuTcatus Stanl. App. to Sous Trav. p. Ivii. 
fittophajTus taiva Boie, Isis, (1828) p. 316. 
'^nadl. HisL NaL Guip. t. 8. 
0. South Africa. From Mr. Gould*s Collection. 

p. 21. 





4. MfiLrrroPHACu* Bcllockii. Bullock's Bee 

Merops Bullockii VieitL N. nict. flHist Nat xiv. p, 13 
Merops cyanogaster Swaim. B. of W. Afn jil, 8, 
Melittophagus Bullorkii G, R. Gray^ Gmt. of B. \. p, 
Levaill. Hist, Nat. Garp t, 20.; Donop. NaL Hepos. pi, 
a. Sou til Africa, Frotn tbe South African Museum, 

5, Mblittophagiis Bpllockoides. The white -fronted Bee- 

Meropa BullnckoTflea A, Smiih^ Sotdh Afric. QmtrL Jourru ( 

p. ,; ntmtr. Zml S, Af/\ Binfs, pi 0. 
IMcIittophagiis BullockoMcs G, R* Gra^, Gen of B. p. 
a. South Africa. From the South African Museum. 

6> Meuttofhagus gulabis. The red-throated Bee*eaj 

Mcrops fjularis Shmi\ NaL Mine. pi. 337. J 

Melittophii^jus gfularis G. R. Grai/^ Gen. of B. i. p. . H 
G R. Grmj and Miiek. Gen. of B. pL 30. 

Wciitern Africa, Frum Mr. Argent*s Collection* 



Nyctiornis Swains. Zmd. Tlhuitr. N. S. (1831), 
Alcemcrops J. Geojf. Mem. dti Mn/i. (1832). 
Bucia Htidgs, Jounu A, S. B {WM) p. 360. 
Napophilii Hmlgn, Joum. A. S. B, (1841) p. 29. 

1. Ntctiornis Athertohl The azure -throated Bce-ed 

■ Njetiornis cfBrulca Swains. C!an$if. of B. ii. p. 333. 

■ Merops Athertoni Jard. ^* Sdhtf^ ML Oni. pi. 58. 

I Nvctiornis Athertoni Hotlgs, Cat. Mam, ajid Birds ofNepat^ 
I 'Mm. p. 58. 

Bneia nirmlensis IfofIe.t. Joum. A. S. S. (1836) p. 36.' 
NaiK>]>hila meropina riodgji. Grays ZooL Misv. (1844) p. 85 
Buda Athertonii Blyih, Journ. A. S. B. (1841) p, J>22. 
Merops ? cyan ocularis Jerd. Madr. J. LiL and Set. (1840) ] 
Kttpnj^ihila Alhertoiiii Bhjth^ Joum. A. S. B. (1842) p. 104, 
Nye tin mis A inhere tiiuiuj* Rvi/le, 

Hardw. Icon. ined. 1097i*. 89. 91,; Hodgt. Icon, ined. Pa 
f. I, 2. 25. 

a. Intlltt* Presented by J. R. Eceves, Esq. 

h. Hinittlajah Mountahia. 

c — e. Nepal. IVesentcd by B. H. Hodgsou, Esq. 

y. ? Presente^l by B. H. lltHigson, Esq. 

If. StCTBum, Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq 


2. NrcnoEins amicta. The red-faced Nyctiornb. 

fertms amictuB Temm. H. col. 310. 
(jctiornk amicta Swains. Zool, JU. n. s. pi. 56. 

#1. \^tA»t*M^ From Mr. Cuming*8 Collection. 

i, c. Indian Archipelago. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

d,e. Tenasserim. Pr^ented by J. D. C. Packman, Esg. M.D. 

/. Indian Archipelago. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 



abnittniciL CondiBii, 34.; 
Htrundo, 3:1. 

Acanthylla, 16. 

AcanthyUt. ColUred, IS. : 
Grey-bftcked, 16, i Oroy- 
tAiliMi, ir,. ; Naked- 
f(>Qt«C 15. ; White-bock- 

AcCenoidc«, 5S. 
actmt). Dacolf), 53. 
ttdriuia. Alc«do, 63. 
JCgotlielM, 3. 

tltu. CaprlmtU^i, 6. ; 


KjrctiMus. &. 
Affr. EnrjritaniilA, 32. 
«Anli. Coraclaft, 33. ^ Cor- 

iruft,49.; Crrabirhj'nctjut, 

88.; Cypielu*, 19.; Mi- 

croput, llir, ; Nyctidro- 

mm, II ► 
afr». AlcfdOt6l.i Colari*. 

.li; Cwrnclaj^ 32. 
^fricaauft, Caprimii^gtift, 7.; 

CrptcluB. IM.: M*crfKllp- 

teryx, 13.; Mlcr ptii, IS. 
alWcdlii. Alwrfo, ftfi, ; D»- 

CTlo, ft&. i Halcyon, WJ. 
albkoUis. lltrundo« IG. ; 

Weropvi 7D. ; Temauj-iu, 

43. : Tro^on, 43. 
alblfroni. Bucco, 49. i Co. 

raciiii, 34, 
atblro«trti. GolbuLn, m. 
albt*CAput «t« . A m CO ra. 3 ] . 
albf venter. Galbula, 67. ^ 

Himndo. 7&. 
albireDtrit. Aicedo, M ; 

GmUkUa, 67.; Hirundo, 

alNigiikaiii. Caprimulgui. 

II.; EuroRitoiHKtus, II. 
albomaciilatus. Capriiuul- 

gui, 1 1 . 
aJbonotatui. CaprimulgUf, 

AlcedifUdv, 46, 
Alcedo. 6a. 
Alctaiieroptt 73. 

alryon. A1c«do, fi3. ; C«- 

rylt. 6a. ; liplda, 62. 
Atcjone, 65. 
Alcjronet, 1. 

a1p«itrli« Hlnindo, 33. 
alpJQA. Hkundo, I Hi. 
nlplnus. Cypwlu*, 1», 
amaiiroptpnii. Halcyon^ 

mnatona. Alcedo, 61. j Ce> 

ryle. 61. 
Amblfpt^mi, )0. 
R£nbr[>«jju;«u AUkon, 19.; 

Himndo, IS^. 
ombrMlncut. Cjrpietusi 19. 
Ambul;ator««, t. 
amerJicAna. Aloedo, 60. ; 

Ct?cropi», 24. ; Cfirytet 

60.; Himtido. 24. 
unerieanuK Caprimulgui, 

Amberatlanui. Nyctlomlf, 

ainSctu4. Merop*, 73,; Nyc> 

ttoruii, 73. 
,\mnlypteruji, Ifl. 
andlcola. Chclldon. 2fi. 
«fidict4ui. VjpgelUh, 30.; 

Micriipus, 20. 
anR»teniilL Ooraciat, 34. 
Aiiivodajctfllif 1. 
aaDmalii». Ambljpipnm 

ID. ; Eleothrcptu^, 10. 
antlilanuf . Caluruk, 46. ; 

Trog«n, 4G. 
Aiitrchitoinu4» 5. 9, 
Apnlodprma, 43. 
Apliuter, 68. 
apiiuiet. Crjrptkrtu, 40. ; 

Mcrrjps. 6». 
Apu«, 18. 
ainiB. CjrpMlut, 18. t Vfil- 

cropu«t Jf^- 
arbarca. ChnkiAoa, ». ; 

Collocalla, 2.'J, 
ardcns. Harpoctet, 44. ; 

Trogon, 44, 
ArieL CbplMon,25,: Col- 

Itjcsiiia, 25. ;. Hirundo, 25. 
armata. Gaibula, 67. 
a«iattca. Alccdo, 63. 
atloticiiA. CapHnaulgtii, 9. 
«i«l]EiiLU. Gaprlmulgai, 7. 

Atelornift, S.'j. 

at<r>r. Cuculiii, 4S 

Athfrtoni. Bucii. 

ropis 72. ; Napgi 

atra. MooasA, |9 
atricapilla. Mo 

Dacelo. M. 
alrttapbllui. Hal 
atTlcoiUi. Trogn 
Attbli. GracuU, 
aurantjua, Trogf 
auratoji. Trofon 
aQrici*p«. Caluru 
aurlctii. BttCracJ 

3. i PDdareua,a 
auftrale. Cnouca 
auitralkff. ^go^ 

Akyot!*, 65. ; 

Iff. ; Corrus, 49 

ttomua, 33. ; Fo 
Axarv. Hydrapai 
aaurea. Alc«<to» 

tyoDft, 66 ; Cef 

bodiiu. Mi^ropt, 
bahamep rtn. Moi 



Biirbet. Band* 
Black-cared, 49 
fronted, 49. ; 
47.; Doublc^bw 
Greater piecL 47 
pled. 47. X Red 
50. J Rurout, A 
twi48.; Spotbt 
4H. I StwalntoE 
Wax-billed, 40. 
ba«^k«L M>.i 
br«ft»t«d. 49.2 
Cwred, 49- 

Baryphonua, 89. 


Batrachostoro u*. 

Bee-eal«r. Aaura 
72. ; BIueJ)o« 

e«- 71.; PfcU 

rr>iHk. 70. i 

•C7K. ; Sv«l. 

ri , V«ne- 


Alfitido, a.; 

«d^ «ki Tli' 

li^itfA. mki 

ounpeicrli. Oiprioitilfiu, 

ttocfopiiigii. Alcttio. 53. 
capen*i«, Buct^, 47. ; C«- 

UlruDdo, ta. 
caipLttraU- Alcedo, 65. 
Ca{»fto, 17. 
Capri fnulgiidf, 1. 
CaprinitiJgiiiK, (V. 
Caprimulgui, 5. 
ouipeiui*. SteitomU. 1. 
carolLoenAU. Anihtoalo- 

tnuif 9. ; Caprfniuli^ui, 9^ 
CfttUneiu. M^rops. 70. 
caudttcuUL AcAaUiTU** KS.; 

MlrundD, 15,; P&U^o*. 

caodaca, Coradat. S4. 

csudstut. GaJffuluA, 34. 

cavanendf. Caprimulgvi, 
i. ; Cyn««lufe. ai>. ; Ui- 
ruDdo, 20. 2^. i Mlcropui, 

eajanut. Caprltnutgus. i^. 

Cecropit, W. 

CBTfina, Dacela^ &1. 

Ccrjle, GO. 

ovrcoidM. Galbula, 67. 

chacura. Bacco, 41. $ C«» 

plio, 4S. 
Chjrtura, K5« 
chalrbea. Ocropti, an. ; 

Hlriutdo, M. ; Ptoirue, 

Chaunomlf^ 47. 
ChallctiH. Atcedo, &4. ; 

€1»«HdQiu, i. 

cumayurtK ao. 

<iiloroeiiph4La, var. J. Da^ 

dttorooephaljk var. > Da* 

eato, 57. 
ChlofopygUk, 35. 
Clior<Mltea. 13 
Choucalcyon, M. 
dinr*ocephAlUf. Meropt, 

chrytoUlmus. Meropf, 7t^ 
clDCU. Goty)% 30.; Hi- 

rurulo, KL 
clnarueeikf. Caprlmulgua, 

cloarm. A)r«»do» 61 , 

Aloodo, AS. ; 

dnerMii nkscco, 4*J. ; Po- 

Msfopa* dneveinrQiia. 




tfinactaftia. S<t)tomU. 13. 
elhnactirw C^pHtnulgua, 


i i 

collarli. Acanthvhjk^ 15. ; 

Alcedo, bd. m. ; Anut.lG. ; 

Bucco, 47,; Caplto, 47,; 

Chttura, IS, | Hakyoii, 

&0»; llrmiprocne, i-^.^ Hi- 

rundo. l\ i Falk^nvt l*i.; 

TamatlA, 47* ; Trogou. 41. 
Collocoira, 2U. 
comuLm. Aput. )7*; trp* 

•eiu*. 17.i Deudrocheli- 

fltJii, 17.; Macroptcryk, 

17. ; P*U«tPe, 17. 
concolor. B^Ulis^'^'* C^* 

tyU% 30.; HiruAdas 2J4, 30. 
coucrota. Dacelo, .Vi. ; 

Halcyon, h2. 
C<»rajc)ayde. 3 J. 
Coraclaa, 33. 
C4jniutu«. Podargiu. 3 
coraiaanda. Alcedo, 5fi.; 

Dacclov AA. 
coromandellana, Ale«<do» 

6&.; lialcroti, .^."i. 
curomimddlcui. Halcjon^ 

cororaandus. Ha) cyan, SH. 

coroDAU. Alcyone, fib, ; 
Hinindo, 17, ; .Macropte- 
ryx, 17. 

CorydMi, 36. 37. 

corydon. Karylalmut. 37. 

Cory thorn li, fU, 

Co«rAct6rnli« 13. 

Cotyle, ay. 

crinito. Condai, 34. 

crisuta. Ak«do. fi4.; Co- 
ry thoroU, CA. 

ciiatatui. iEfrtnlielet, 4.; 
Caprlmiilguj., 4. 

Cro»«0d«>rR, M. 

Cryr!'-- '■'■ 

CUCn 111, a3, 

ctioi .iinua, 36. 

curutk... l.wa,.ii^41. 

Cuvieri. Meropa, 7«. ; Po. 
darifua. S. 

cyanea. Alcedo, i^. til,; 
Coyi.. Ob. 

cyaneoc«iihala. Aicmlo. G4. 

qranfooUl*. Kuryttomui, 

cyaiiocc>phaIkU. Baryphu- 

nut, 39. 
cyaQOgtuter. Corai^N«^34.; 

GalguluA, 35 ; Gtrrnltii, 

34. \ Meropi, 7V. 
cysnofuUirta. Meropt, 7S. 
cyanoleuca. Chelldun^ 'J3* 

liirando^ Kl , 
cyanottigma. AIcm1i>< ff4 ; 

CorpthomU, M. 
cyaootli. Darelo, 52 ; flaJ- 

cyon, t*&. 
Cymtilrhynchui, iMf. 
Cypboa, 47. 
CypMllnv, lA. 
CJrpMlua, li. 




U«erlo. BliUMSStred, 52.; 

D«dhorij«L». Crowodero. 
37. ; EunUlntUf, 37. ; 

(Uurlcji' C«cropiB,23.; Hl- 

ruodot 23. 
4ea, Alc«ilo, M.; Tanytl- 

ptef 41, &H, 
U«nilrfich«lliJ.oti. I7« 
Dttrbfoiiui. N}trtldirotniii« 

Oiartlll. HarpACtCA. 44. i 

dii*ru4^n»ii. Alcyone. <i6. 
dmruo^, Capriinulmiii, 14-; 

Pixisgor t 14.; Proi t h«r.ii 

djrlimt. Todlratnpbup, 6H. 
fiomcfiiJcA. HTfUtidu, tl. 

tlaminiceuiiii. Hiruntlo, 2K. 

Progne, 29. 
DdvaucfiUI Harpartet. 14,. 

Trogoo, 44. 


nlegmu. TrogoD, 43. 
£l($otbrepCui, tO, 
Enlomuplilli, b'l. 
Entoiiioth«ra, A2. 
«rjrthrttvepbaJa. Hirtmdo. 

vryUtmcfphaluA. HArp»c* 

to*. 4a.; Trogon. 4ft» 
orythrogasier. Alcodrt, 53.; 

ery th ro p te r 114 , Me littajaha- 
KUJ. 71.; MDropi^TL 

erytbrtt|,tjr||rb. Hlrundo. 23. 

tfrytliirarbynthui. Halcyon, 

rstulnnta. HlrUDdo, 20. 

MculentR var. Hiruudn, 'iO. 

t'iichry*«a* Hlrundo, 2»i. 

i-*urop«i>u4. CaprfmulgiM. ft.; 
Nyt-ticticUiion, €. 

Kur>j«tot'odaft, 11. 

Ruryldimioec, 3r». 

Kurylaimui. ;1G. 

Kurjl»i[nuj. Colkir«d, 3(!.; 
Lady DiJhoiule'i. 37. % 
1 rllfed. A7.; BiMi-b«olu»d« 
as.; SumiuraQ, 37. 

CuryttutDUi, 31 < 

eury«oui. Alcedo, (53. 

Atticort. 21 J Ce- 
ll,} HlrundQ, 21. 

fksciAluA, Trofon^ 44.; ?.tr. 

Troffon. 45. 
rcci««traruTA. ChpUdoi]»31. 
ferrugekepA. Meropi^ (bU 
filicaufUu. Hirutido, 2,V 
tinrera. C«cropU. SV ; Hi- 

lUBdo, 26, 
6tiicaudu(. CatirtniulffUi. 

Fliitroctre*. 1. 
FUiiroiiret Dlum». l» ; 

Xocturn*, 1, 
llafrraui, Trcigon. 45. 
tUvi^utra. Cinylc,30.; Hi- 

ruudo, 3a 
rtHvlrofltra. Golbula, (i7. 
rtdvlroftru, G; Ibula, 67. 
fluviatUU. Cotyl*-, 29. 
rraocicA. Col local la, 21. j 

HJrundo, 2L 
frontaliA. Ocropli^ 23.; 

llerse. 2^,; Hinjodo. 22. 
fijcato. Cotylc, 30.; Hvrtu, 

aO. ; Hlrundo, 30. 
fiRiphBifiii. Collocalla. 21 . ; 

HIruiida, 21. 
fulgiiiiii. Calurui, 4(5 ; Tra- 

«on.^ 4fi. 
ruJigula. Cutjle, 1G.; m- 

nindo, 29. 
Fullenocill. Podnrttua, .li. 

BonibrclAtortiMt. 3. 
fulva. twroplt, 24.; Hi. 

rtukdo, 24. 
farcatui. MeropUp 71. 
fuTtirer. CKpnmulgut, y,; 

UydropMill*. 10. 
fuica. Akeda, 51.A4.^ HaU 

cyon, M,i Kirundo.lft. 2fl.i 

liQnauii^4g.; Proigne. 2;^.; 

Timiatla, 49- 
fuidca|iiLlA. Dacelo, 54. ; 

Halcyon, M. 
fuiclcftpillui. Ruryatorou»» 

foMius. Bucco, VX i Mo. 
tiuiiet. t!K 

Galbiita. m. 
gdlbula. Alcedo, 66. 
Geilbullnv, fJL 
GatxiiluB, 33. 
garrula, Cnracla«, S3. 
gHrruJiu. G»lgulust 33. 
GaudichAudlL Alceda. 52. 

CbDtiealcycinj 62.; D:i* 

celo. S2. 
gf>nnanieui, Coractoj, 33. 
^ignntea. Alcedo, '•1.; Da- 

celo. 51.; Isp!d4, Gl. 
R(gai . Alceda. 61 , ; Dacolo, 

Klocitans. Tro;:on. 41 . 
GoaUucker. AUled. 7.; 

liarelecged. ^,; Blfaiciat- 

ed,«.; Bolivian, 10.; Bom- 

bay, 8.; 
eiioe, &.; Can 
10.; Double.! 
Ruropean, h,, [ 
Grand. 4.; Grt 
ana, 10. ; Hot 
Indian. T. ; I 
loured. 6. ; Jn 
Leooa, 13. ; I 
12.; ManillJwT 
14.i Nauerar* 
pal. 8.; Keir.l 
Orallaii'd. <>.; 
bwided, 7; Po 
fbuf.ocdMd, I 
tall«d» 9.: S 
caa. I' - 
",; S|. 

dad, 1.. ».., 
natk«d» i.; W 
ed, U. 

Gouldil. Hnrpi 
Podagcr, 14. 

grodlb. Capdi 
Poilargus, i. 

grandifi. Alced 
prlmulffni, I. 
68. ; Jacaiac 
Nyctlbiua. 4. 

Grail Worea, I. 

Kuacu. Aicedo, 

gularii. CoIaH 
D'*tomui. 39, 
(M.; Metittgp 
Mcro|H, 72. 

gurial. Ha]qfo 

guttata. Alc«d4 
ryle, GO. 

guttaiiii. C 
II. ; EuroHop 

gultitraJli. Cyj 
Hirundo, 22^ 

gyiunopui. '^ 

Mali?yoa, 52. 

Hdcyoti. lelalt> 
Liiidtay't, S 
bicke<l. W ; 


H«kjoinF4it.', 01 
Hari>nrtcf , 44 
Heriiiipn)r'ti«T IS 

\],.--. ■■-' 

t, 1? 

Illrouiliniitltiet l> 
tUruudifilnw^. 2! 




white. «».; BUck* 
aO.; BUck-wit4{rHl. »4. ; 

M ^ < 

dtAD, 63 ; M.i'i-nj.iii'.ir, 

tinK^ia .Red-b^^lllrtJ, M; 

fout and g;roeti, I>1. i Sa- 
cred, 51 ; S<^nc|tal, &3. ; 
SnifmA* ft5. I SpotU'd, 
60.; Marry. 61. ; StrtAk- 
ed, M ; buptrctlioiif , f>'J,i 

loui. '>«llf«d, 

<M.; i?n»«D, 

Klrvf,M v^,,,. ,; ; Cyp. 
*. !ma, J 7 , Ji. i.ttrfichclU 
cJ.-.ri, 17 ; lltnaiMo, 17.; 

Mmtrtplvryt^ J7*i Palles- 
tm, 17. 

iMjrrrtKvia. Illrtmdn, 31. 
L>iiti«rckll. Mcni|^i»+ W. 
Lainprot il<i. <IH. 
L^^ l)*«lo, 51, 
lrnm4»catu«, EtiryLftimui. 

l««ti|cf(Ui«ii». Caprfcnul- 

koMtiM. Capfimulgui, 8. 
kiliUa. Alcedo, Ad.; i ejx, 

leptoMmnui. Brach^pter^. 

ctu» B5. i ihloropygiji, 

3A. ; CulArfi, :S.V 
Icptur*. Calbula. 66. 
If|fturui. Tfoif»»n. <*- 
Lm^hiI. DuccIo, M. 
leueocrphala. Alced<i« &&. % 

Hale; on, A6, :m. 
lifMWfaiter. ^^notht^n^i-i 

ll«lcr<iti. Ui HlntDdo, 

leuroicaatm, Alcetlo, H^.. 
ChcUdon, t6. ; Gftlbula. 

IrueofiotA. Pall^c, U. 
leuomotut Cyp»rJiii, 15. 
Icueuirt. Bucco, 4!i, ; Ca- 

[unaM. 19. 

Ud- --t-r, r i rtietldofi. K 1 

1 n«lUloii, Irt. ; 


leucMtemiu. Hfnindo. SI. 
Ipucurus. Caprlinul^«. ^ 
LrrAlUatitif. Coracla». M.; 

Mutnfktiii, 39. 
I . ' vi Dacdo, 51; 

t'Twji. ,ui'.lHt«i», CapHmul* 
fuj, A. ; Nyctlblud. \ 

laagii-audui> CUpriinuTgui. 

longJpcnnU. CapriinuleUf, 
13.; Cypwiu*, 17. i Ma- 
erodfpt«ryiL, 1$. ; Macro* 
|}t«^r>it. 17, 

lud4.>vSciaoa, Hlrundo, 17, 

tugtibrii. Alcnlo, fiO.; Gat. 
bula, 67. ; Jacanuralcyon, 

lutiatui. Etir|-lalinus, 37. ; 

tun ul atas , JIl, |oth«?l«*» 4 . ; 
SiTilopliut. ai7. 

laioQicDait. C«y«, Xf. 

Lyncomli. 11, Vi, 

LyponiJx, 4A. 



Mac LeaytL HAtryorVt 
Ttiacrodbterui. Caprlmiil- 

gua, 19. 
MacrodJptffryx. t3L 
macroptera, Chctura, 1\ 

PaPtnc. 15. 
Macrtipicrut, I7« 
mucroplanjf. P»aliiruf» 10, 
Macrnptf-ryx, 17. 
BiacrcHiferyx. Beardcil, 17.; 

CreaUd, 17.; Howled, IT. 
macjrorbynchoi. Biicco» 17. ; 

CapHn, 47. ; CypHo*. 17. ; 

Tiimatia, 47.; 
macrorbyncba*. Cymbt- 

rhyrurLiu, 3H. ; Tomatla, 

macTOlif. CaprimulgiiaJS ; 

Eurottopodui, 1% ; Lyn- 

conili, 12. 
niacTQura. Gal bula. 6fi^ ; 

Trogon. 41. 
marrottrua. CapfimtU^a. 

macuUU. Alcedo, 4**; Ta- 

matla. 48. 
macrulatua. BuiHt>. 4H. ; 

CitpUo. 1%,; Caprtmiilgiii. 

mahrallmfit. Capflmul- 

gu»» 7. 
nalabitricua. Harp»ctr» 

44. ; Trogofi, 44. 
MjJacoptila, 49. 
maollkDtii. Caprimtilgut. 

manurua. CaprimulfUi, 10. 
MartU. Moniotut, 44, 
Martin^ Fairy. 8&. 
JkfuacDA^ Tr«t^. 40, 


fttftiiiBA. Ale«do* Gl < i Ce- 

mjixfiaiUi. CapritnutKUi^ 4. 
nteUnipyga. Mlruikdt>, 27. 
inelaisoeepliuhiB. Trogoo, 

Rielitnocriiiui. CecropU, 

34. ; HiruDdo, 34. 
melinaleuca. CccropU, 36.; 

Chelldoa, 2G. ; Hi run do, 

meluioleucot. Bucco, 47. ; 
Capito, 47. ; TamatU, 47. 

^^■B^on. d4. 
^^^^^Kptcrut. Trofroa, 42. 
^^^■pvtli. CapEco, 4(i.; Ta- 
I IMtla, 48. 

lecUnurt. Cerx, i®, 
mdanurui. Meropi, 70 ; 

TrogoD, 41. 
meltw. Apus, t^.i Cniie- 
lu*. I*,; Hiruailu, iM. ; 
Mkropu*. 18. 
Melidor«, Al. 
MaUttophaf ui. 71 
mMiiuUnfr. A.lcedo« 63, ; 

ineHdJoTtiyi. Trofou^ 42. 
Moropidw, CA. 

racrcrpina. Kapoptalli, Tt. 
Merop*, 68, 

xnesticatiiii. Mamotui, 40.; 
Tcxim, 36. ; Tri)foo, 41. 

I MtCTOpUl, IH. 

^B mlcrorhyucboe. C0L7I1!', 29. 
^H mirtulyt. Meropa,?]. 
^f minuta. IKrundo, 27, 30. 
~ iniautui. Meropft, 71 . 
modefU. Progne, 31. 
inoflnota. Prionilei, 39< 1 

Rtmphastoi, 39. 
Motnotinii^, 38. 
motnotuta. HylotaaDet,4i:ii.; 

Motnotiu. 40. 
Momotut. 3A, 39. 
mooiotus. A cure -browed, 

tnoaaclja. Dactilo, 53. ; 

Haicyon. 53. 
Mosuua, 48 
Honaitea, 49. 
monuuia. Ulnind&» 39- 
ipoacloola. CapiiinulguA.B. 
Motniot. Bananuit 30 ; 

Blue-bctidcd, 39. ; Brut. 

lian, m. V LeTalllam'i, 

39.4 Mexican. 40.; Whli*- 

browed, 40. 
multicolor. TcmIlu, 36. 
i^ur&riiJi. Cypftcliu, |H. ; 

MicmpUi, IK. 
mj'iUceitJi. Apua^ 17. ; 

Cjpp«i<lu«, 17. ; Dcndro- 

ebalMon, 17. ; I^tacroj)- 

torn, n. i Palititrc, 17. 
mjrtticalli. Caprlmutgua, 

OAcaDda. Caprlmulgiu, 14. ^ 

Fod4ger. M. 
nje» U, Ca racUi , 33>. 
luevluM. Galgidutf 33> ; 

Garrutui, 33. 
oali. Alcedo. 64. ; Cory- 

thamii, i>4. 
NapopKlk. 72. 
ttftThia. Ajjaloderma. 43.; 

Trog«ii, 43. 
naaica. Irolla, 3S. 
naiutui* Cfmblrbynchiia* 

39. i BurtUioiui, 38. ; 

Plalyrhfiichua* M.; To- 

dm, 28. 
naUleaisiB. CaprlinuJffUi,6. 
NatutrerlL Caprtmulgiu, 

14. i FoditffKr, H 
i^eoxtfoa. lllnindo, 22. 
ncoxenui. Calurut, 4G, ; 

TrogrjQ, 46. 
ntdillca, CollocaJia. 20. 
NlRbUar. Whlte-beliied, 4. 
NlKbt-Huni!«r. Allied, U.; 

DrTby\ IL 
DtKrlcaut. Ceeropls, 34 ; 

H«r«e,24. ; Mlmmlo.24, 

nif rirroni, Biww, 4^^ i 

Moiuua, 4&. 
nlgrlta. Hlrundo, 97. 
ulpaleniLf. Buda, 72.; Ca- 

priinutaija, H. ; Cypwplui, 

19. ; Hinmdo, 83. ; Ray a, 

aftlda. Alcedo, 66. ; Ip»k- 

dlva. 6a. 
fiovttbollandlnv A^othelet, 

3. ; Caprlmulgiu, 4. ; Fo. 

dnrgui. 4. 
nublcoidea. Merapa, 71 . 
nubtcuf. Meroju. 71. 
n Eicbal i4 . Corac Laa , 34. 
nudlpct. AcdDtbylli, IS. ; 

Cbvtura, 15, 
NyeUcte«, 47. 
Nycttblua, 4. 
Kycliicliel&dDn, A. 
Nyctldromus, II. 
Nycilornis, 72. 
aympha. Tanyuptcra, 09. 

ocell Atut . Capri tn uigut, 9. 
ocbromalua. Kurylalwus. 

omnicolor. Alcedo, 5i5, ; 

Oaeelo. 5fi. 
Omnlvorek, I. 
orcikUH. Hiirparte*, 46. ; 

Trt>«oii» 4A. 
orienuUa. Colana^ ^1 ; 

Coracltu, 31. ; Eurysto- 

mm. 31,32. 
ornalLii. Meropi, 70.; Phi- 

Irmon, 70. 


Htrundo, 23. 
paclAciii. Eui, 

Gajgulus. 3t. 

Palli?ne, 15. ^^ ^ 

Patlestr*?, 17. 

pal marum . Atticonu 

Cyp«?lua, 19. 
palu4lbulA. Ciitjlv^ 31 
panayana. tl 1 rundct. I 
papueaait. Coraciai^ 4 
paradlsra. AJc«do» 

Galbtila. 67. 
paradlaeua . TrogoOi 4 
Paraicjron, &l. 
rarrui. Cypidua^ 19. 
Paaaervs, ]. 

pavoQlnu*. Trvfoo, H 
pe<:t4iiralla. Buoca« 47.! 

primulgua. 7. ; Sjdi 

pelaigla. Acantfayliiw 

ApUt, 16,; CbKtUJra, 

Hfruudo. 16.; Fali«M 
persfoa. M«ropa» 09. 
p«n>oiiata. Mooaaav 0k 
p^riiv tan lu , Troi^aQ, | 
phcetiicoUm. Tachoratl^ 
pbi?ntcutjiua. Cyptelw 
phainlc^icos, MoDaai^ i 
phalntnriide«. Poi' 

pliiiJppiDut. MerofV^ 

pkt&. ALc<9d<>« <i3L 

ptcttia. Toduf , 81.. 
plleata. Akedo, 

cyoQ, 54. 
pilots. Con^ai^ 

gulua, 3i. 
pt1o«u». Gftlgul 
plttaidot. At«l 

pliolcepa. Con 
plat4m«t». H 


PUtyrby»chu«. ZA, 
platyroatria. HjUctoa 
Podager. I4w ^^^ 

Podagviinie. 1%, 
PodargUitt, 1. 
Podar^a, 2. 
Podaimu. Cu*i«rX 
Tawny-ihouldend, I 
podloina. H irtuidaw 1 
po11our&. AcantbrUa^ 
pollourua. Cy)pf«iui» 1 
popfetuc . Capriin 11I9111 
portorienaia. Todua»J 
Wiimitea, *^. 
PrloteJut, 4i. 
priatoptera. Attkvn|» 
CheiUton. fli.i Hin 






^ a^i 


u, l«. 


: At. 


ninda, U4.: Lypomix:, 50.; 


rofleaplllus, 0«r7ph<Ofiai, 

nilteiud&. GjUbula. &>. 
nfftoop« Chelidon, S5, ; 

Uirurido, %'i, 
m&rolUdi. Caprimulgua, $.; 

Mcsropi, iS&, 
mflgcfu. Cajprffflulftii, G. 
ntfitorquli. Caprlnitilguf, 

rulula^ tlirondo, 23. 
HI. fufoi. Bucco, 50. 1^ Capri- 

niiilfiif , 9. ; Trogon, 41. 
rupMtri*, Blblb. ^.; Ca* 

prtmolgfu, 13.; Cbetidoo, 

». ai ; ChordellM, 18.; 

Cotyie, 2^. ; Hirundo, 39. 
rupfcoU. Hirando, 29. 
nutica. Cecrnpic, 22 .j Hl- 

rttodo, 23. 94. 
rotHii^. Harpactet, 44. }^ 

Trogon, M. 
. 5J. 

Sat>ifll. AoiotbjUf, 16. ; 

Chman, 16. 
ncrr Todlrsunphiu, &8. 
nerA. Alcedo, M. 
ncra r&r, }, t, Alcedo, 67. 
iacra. Halcyon, J^. 
■KDcta. Halcyon, &«). 
fatmlftr. r^pHfnulsiit, 7- 
iwnr-"^ '-• -T- n, Sty. 

•^ *ia 

Scw..„ ,^, 

«^ ; Svmsfophomi, 13. 

iflsalcvfitlra. Alcedo, fi3. i 

Halcymi, KX 
ietnltorquata. Ateedo, KJ. 
i* ietniiarquattsf. Caprimul* 
fui. U. 
Ao^ f«DQgala. Corafiac, 34. 

•«n^)*'T)»ii Alrc-to, SL. I 
I ( riiclatf 

4 Hal- 

■ ' '.as. 

4 !,#. S«Hlophij4, 116,37. 

llBMiilA. Cotjle. 90, i Hi- 
I Cot«, r«mdo,90. 

Mlfnicnilt. AlcMlo, &•. ; 
L var. ^tbof ularli. Ak«do, 



iplnleaudA. AcanthYlli, IG. 

•nlnlcaudus. Cypseliu, 16. 

fit4?atortiU, 1. 

■leatorali. Capri mulimi. 
1 ; NjrctlWu*. 1. 

•trlUta. Alcedo, €1. 

ttellatuB. Eat racho« tamos, 
3, ; Podftrgrui, 3. 

striata. Lypomix, 50. 

■trlatu«v Bucco, 50. 

itrlellatufl. Bucco, 49. ; 
TroRoii, 42. 

ttrignidM. Caprlmiilgua^ 
2. : rodargut, 2. 

■trioiata. Altedo, 64. ; Ce- 
cropii. 23.; Hakyoa, 54. ; 
Htrundo, 23. 

fubii. HIrundo, 27. 

tubifpjda. Alci'do. 63. 

fubfoccata. tilrundo, 30. 

dulphureiu. Trof on, 42. 

■umalraDUi. Coraciaa, 37.; 
Corydon, 37. ; Eurylai- 
tnuB, 37. ; 31eropi^ 70. 

lupcrbuii. Merops, 71. 

•uperciliarii. Cryptic u«, 40.; 
Momottu. 4(J. ; PrJofdt««. 

anperclliaia. Alcedo, 62, ; 
C'eryle, fiS. j Halcvon, 56. 

tu|j«rcilioiUJ. Cr)rpticiii,40. 

lururura. Tro^un«41. 

Sw.iinsoni. Bucco, 47. ; 
Halcyon. 53. 

Swallow. Aculeated, 16. ; 
African Crag. 20< ; Am- 
bcrsrlft 19. ; Auitratlan 
Chfmiiey. n, ; AaitraUaa 
nwHllc- tailed, 15. j Black- 
vented, 24. ; Blue and 
whttc, 27. ; BoirrUD, M. j 
BrottD, 2H.; Browt»«ol. 
tared, 30.; Brown Criff. 
3«.i Cape, 23. ; Chalybeate, 
28. i ChUnnHj, 22, i Cra^» 
S9. ; DauriaA, 23. x Dun- 
rwnped, 24. ; £ictiJ«Dt, 
UO.i Oardon, 30.; Golden, 
96.; Qr«7<.ba<!ked, 21. i 
Klecbo, 17. ; Uiichl«Sl.; 
Martin. 31.; Paiiafao,^.; 
Pi(^d,2<;.; Hed'faeided,»4 
Ruroua.betlled, t4. ; Ro- 
foua.n(Hck«d, 24. ; St. Bo- 
mlngo. 2«. ; Sand Martlo^ 
2&.; Si^i'gal, 23.: SevefO, 
26. ; Small Oig, Sa ; Soolj 
Crag, aCL i Striked, Sa. ; 
UnlTorm-coloured, 2& i 
Violet urcen, 26. ; West 
Afk-lcao, 27.; Wtilte-bairk. 
ed.21.t Whit«>beiaed,21.; 
Whll«-bodt«l,24.; White- 
br««»l4>d, 21.; While- 
•Ut9d,2L; WhJt»- winged, 
26. ; Wlre-talled. 25. 

Swift. AlU«d, ii).; Andptian, 
2t>.i Balaitian, 19,; Corn- 
moo, in,; Grey-headed, 








^^^^. ; Madeira, ID. i P«hn. 

Many*CDlour«d^a6.; Mrt- 


^H arv ; South Arricin, VJ. ; 

icAn, 36. 

1 ^H 

^B Whttc-b<^tliedaa«iWhUe. 

torqtiata.. Alcedfi, 61 , ; Dis> 

uUramarlna. 1 


^" col Wed. 'iu. 

cmpU, 2*i. ; Cerflr. GL ; 

UlltlMi-'- *^ 


' syin.. aa. 

Cutyle, 3<>,; Hlru-ido. 2y, 



ai). ; LyiMjnili..W, 

:»' ' 



torquatut. Ducco, 49.; 




CypM?lus, 16, ; Halcjran, 



53. i Meropj, G9, 




traoqullla. L^^Tximlx, 49,; 

Vn. ■ ■ , , 


1 Twhornf*, !», 

Monosa. 49.' 


tlilVA. MtiliitortiRgut, 71.; 

tranquliluj. Cuctilut^ 4?, 


1 Merotii, 7U 

trjhrnchyi. A lectio, 65 ; 



^m Umiijiic. TAcnatiJi, 4B. 

C«yx« o5. 


^H Tamatla, Afu 

trldadyla. Alc«do. Ii£P ; 

ra^gani. ^AJMH 


^V ummtia. Bucco. 4%. ; Ca- 

Ceya. 69. ; GdhuU. 6?. ; 

crou, St. 1 


^^ pito, 48. ; ChcuinoraU, 4d,; 
Nj^ctacte*. 4ft. 

Jaca^naralcyon. G7. 


troglodytrt, ColluciUa, «L 

tarlcfAta. qj 

TAn;«ipterii, Wi. 

Trogoiu 40. 

varlea4tiu- l|fl 

uctus. Bucco, 47. 

Trogon. Dcautlfn1, 46- ; 

71.; Mc««M 


Terom SncklL Coraciai , 33. ; 

niack- headed, 4i.; Black > 

ren(c»>1or wM 


Corrdon, 37. ; Euroito- 

taktcd. 41 ; Black and 

Ttlltfl0kd««. IB 


Oarruliit,3l3.; llarpttctei. 

i»>nte tailed, AC, ; Bnotcd. 



43,; CoUured, 4).: Cuba, 

riolaM*. ^H 


44.; Lrocornii. I a,; Tro- 

43.: Dlard'«.44.;llKt»a- 



gon, 4S. 

crl'i, 44.; Gra<?eful. 43.; 

tiotaneoa. IH 


Temnurui* 43. 

J^odgson'ft, 4A. ; Ijlt^V' 

riririnlafiui. fl 


tcmnurufl, FrJotelttI, 43.; 

tailed, 41.; Lltlle. 41.; 

13. i CboiM| 


Trugon» 43, 

Malabar, 44.; Mextrao, 

tlrllilraiHtll, ^ 


letiebroM. Brachfpetei, 

41. J Mt>unta<n, 4.'i. ; Na- 

Vlfi- '. 4 


m ; Cheliiioptera. 50, ; 

rtna. 43.; Orange-breait- 
edt 4X : PHncc Maj^^na'f. 
40. ; Rdnwardt't. 4.*^, ; 



Lrpomlx, 50,; Moiuaa, 

"^^ niB 


), ■■fWm 

tenebrofui. Ciplto. 00.; 

Refptendvnt. 4.5, : Rofy- 
brea«t4Ml> 44.; lluroui. 

n ^ 

CuculiUt SO 

»".■• -4, 

thalus'ina. Cecronfi, 26,; 
ChclIdoD. 2G. : krunilo, 

42,; .Surucura, 41- ; Tern- 

g*-ill. <•/ J 

Tnlock'i, 44. ; Welcome, 

TitUtU*. Mfl 1^ 


46. ; Yeklow.b«lUed, 43. 

vulgwrlf, CjJM 

Todlnw, ao. 

Troponida-, 40. 

Todlr^tnjihm, b% 58. 

Troiroulnft, 40, 

tutu. Alcedo, aS.;ll«tC7<m, 


Toduj. »5, 

fi^HD w 

^_ Tody. GrRaUblllcd. M. i 


^^B ■ 

^K arecn, 35. ; Javwi, a& ; 

tjfilcui. Meropf . 69. 

Losnio** : 
aramswoQUK and Shaw, 

lonarls. HtooM 1 










LONDON: 1844. 



Obder III. GALLINiE, Linn. 

Fam. 1. COLUMBID^. 

a. Treronin^. 

Hie Black-capped Pigeon. Ptilonopus melanocepha- 
las. Columba iselanocephala. Penn. Zool, Ind, p. 
16. t- 7. Temm. Pig. t. SO. 

K. 6. Java. — From Baron Laugier's Collection. 

u Java. — Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 

L F"*^^" Archipelago. 

Kbe Rose-necked Pigeon. Ptilonopus roscicollis. Co- 
lamba porphyrea, Reinw, col. 106. C. ro- 
seicollisy Jragl. P. erythrocephalus. Swains. 

WL k, Timor. — From the Leyden Museum. 

C Sflinatra. — From Baron Laugier's Collection. 

C Indian Archipelago. — Presented by W. Elliott, Esq., 

' ofWolflee. 

ptW OcciFiTAL Pigeon. Ptilonopus occipitalis. 

pL, ^. Philippine Islands. — From Mr. Cuming's Col- 
r leelioD. 

Vlie Rei>- CROWNED Pigeon. Ptilonopus pulcherrimus. 
C. pidcherrima^ Scop. Del. Flor. et Faun. Insub. Co- 
Imnba nibricapiDa, umeL S. N. i. 784. Temm. Pig. t. 
20. 8(mM. N. Gmn. t. 67. 

1^ Uand of Pansy. — Presented by Mrs. Thomas Bell. 




a* Himalayah l^Ioyntains. — Presented by J. ( 
h, c. NepauL— Presented by B. H, Hodgson, 
d. Young. Northern India. —Presented 
roondj Esq. 

The Point ED-T AILED Pioeok. Trcron apic 

Dago apicaiida, Hodgs, Msje. 
a. 6. Nepaul. — Presented by B, H. Hodgsoa, 

The White-booted Pigeon. Tkerox Sieh 

lumba Sieholdii, I'crnm, pL coL 549. 
n, 6, JapaD.— From the Ley den Museum. 

Korthal's Pro eon* Treron Korthakii, C^ 
baUii, Temm. ^ 

a. h, Sumatra, — From the Leyden Museum. 

6. C0LUMBI>\f:. 

The Nutmeg Pigeon. Carpophaga eeneai 
anea, linn, S. N. i. 283. Temm. Pig. 3 ai 
de rUranie, t. 29. 

a, Male, China.— Presented by J. Beale, Em 

b, Male. Indian Archipelago. — From Baroa 

U Female. Malabar. — Presented by Mrs. Sp 

Piimalia Tnrlia. — PrpfifmTiPcl hv the. Hnn. 

tjli n%^j ihgn f— BiPOiP JMlr, Tomer's CcAMtsoB* 
bf CqpL SMr ^ ftadws 


. — PMfented Inr Cn/t. W. 

It* Poft KiiiiigtoD*— Pttsciited by Capl* W« 

W. Australia. —^Presented by His Excellency 
6. Grey. 

>iroLK PioEON. Carpophaoa Norfolciensis. Co- 
a Norfolcienns, Lath^ IntL Supp. lx. C. leuco- 
. Temm. pi. eoL 188. 0(nM^s B. of Ausir. t. 

ralia. — Presented by A. Cunningham, Esq. 
ralia. — ^Presented by Ladv Camngton. 
!T Hunter, Australia. — From Mr. (Mould's Col- 

sw HoLLAKD Pigeon. Carpophaoa magnifica, 
r. Columba magnifica, Temm. pi. coL 163. 


rilia. — ^Presented by A. Cunningham, Esq., F.L.S. 

JXT Pigeon. Carpophaoa puella. Columba pu- 
Less. Knip^s Pigeont^ t. i. 

Gainea. — ^From the Ley den Museum. 

Ew Zealand Pigeon. Carpophaoa Novse Zea- 
e. Columba argetrsea, ForsU Icon. ined. t. 137. 
iov« Zealandise, Gmel. S. N. i. 773. C Zea- 
ca, Lath. 

ay of Islands, Neir Zealand (AnUrcth Expedi* 
^^J^eweoted by Lieut. Alex. Smitb, R.N. 



c. d, Male. New Zealand (Antarctic Exped 

sented by the Admiralty. 
€, Female, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition] 

sented by the Admiralty, ' 

Tbe CfiERTtJiJT-siiniTr.DERED Pigeon. CARropMJ 
dicea. (^olumba spadicea, Lath, Ind, Si 
Tvmm. Pig. t. i. Gould's B, of Atutr^ t. 
gaster, ffMgl. 

a. Australia. 

b. Australia. — Presented by Lady Carrington. 

The New Guinea Pigeon, Carpophaga pi 
lumba pinon, Quo^ et Gatttu Voij, de tUn 
U 28. 

a. New Guinea. — From fiaron Laiigier^s Colle 

The Bay Pigeon, Carpophaga badia» Colum^ 
Eaffi. Linn. Trans, xiii. SI 7. C. capistratftj 
pL col. 165. ' 

fl. 6. Indian Archipelago. — From Mr* Cuming'i 

The DucuLA Pigeon. Carpophaga inaignis. 1 
in 9 ignis I Hodgs, As, Res* xix. 

a, L Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Ki 
€• India (Madras ?).— Presented by Walter Ellf 

The Japan Pigeon. Carpophaga janthina 
jantliina, Temvi, pL coL 503. 

a, b, Japan. — From the Ley den Museum, 

The Spectacle Pigeon. Carpophaga persplciUi 
lumba perspicillata, Tentm. pi. coL 24-6. 

a. Amboyna. — From the Ley den Museum. 

The Rosy Pigeon, Carpophaga rosacea. ^ 

rosacea t Ternm* pL cqL 578* 
a. Timor.— From the Leyden Museum. 

The Grey-he Au Pigeon, Carpophaga poliocepi 
a. Philippine Islands, — From Mr. Cuming's CoUl 


Tbe GftiT-BUASTED PiOBON. Carpophaoa pectoralis. 
f. Philippine Islands. — From Mr. Cuming's Collection. . 

Ik AsTTAECTic PioEON. LoPHOLAiMUs antarcticus, G. 
R, Graw. GoukTs B, of Austr, t. Columba antarctica, 
Skn. Zool. N. H. t. 5. C. dilopha, Temm. pL col. 

& k Australia. 

Ik Stock Pigeok. Columba oenas, Linn. S. N. i. ^79. 
Temrn. Pig. U 11.— PL enl. 466. 

L Great Briuin. 

L Great Britain. — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 

tEmope. — From M. Baillon's Collection. 

i lodial — Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 

IkRiBo PiGEOK. Columba palumbus, Linn. S. N. i. 
Mt. Tcmm. Pig. t 2.— PL enL 316. 

aWfltthire.-— From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
L Csmbridgeshire. — From Mr. J. Clarke's Collection, 
t Europe. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
ie. Young. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. 

AeBisET Pigeon. Columba livia^ Briss. Orn. i. 82. 
Temm. Pig. t. 12.— P/. enL 510. 

>>&. Carmarthen. — From Col. Montasu's Collection. 
(. tf. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. Baker. 
r. lodit.— Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

Domestic Varieties. 

«•*. Great Britain. — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 

t'le.f, g. h. (Bearded P.) Great Britain. — From Mr. 
Tamer's Collection. 

«•;. *. (Bald-head.) Great Britain. — From Mr. Turner's 

t (Piimikin.) Great Britain. — From Mr. Turner's Col- 

■• «. 0. p. ^. (Tumbler.) Great Britain. — From Mr. 
Tamer's Collection, 



r. (Nun.) Great Britain. — From Mr. Turner**] 

I. (Turbit.) Great Britain. — From Mr. Turn 

L u. (Fan-tailed.) Great Britain.— From Mr. 1 

Collection ; and presented by J. E. Gray, Esq, 
t^, (Jacobin.) Great Britain. — From Mr/Turnei 

w, x.y, X, (Dragoon.) Great Britain. —From 

ner*s Collection, 
aa, bb. cc, (Horseman.) Great Britain, — F 

Turners Collection, 
dd, ee. Variety* India. — Presented by Gen, T, 

ff, gg* Variety. Nepanl. — Presented by B. H,' 

son» Esq. 
hL Variety, India. 

The White-crowned Pioeok. Columba leuo 
Linn. S. N. u 281. Temm. Pig. pi. 13. Bonaj. 
Orn. t. 17- f. 1. 

a. North America. — From Mr- Audubon's Collecti 

b. North America, — Presented by H.R.H, tbe Di 
Sussex, K.G,, &c, 

c. Jamaica. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection, A 

The Nakj>d-eyed Pioeon. Columba gymnophtn 
Tenim, Pig, t, 18, C. leucoptera, Pr. Max, C 
cata, Lie fit, C, Picazuro, Temm, i. 

fl. West Indies. — ^From Baron Laugier's CollecticM 

l>, Maldanado, — Presented by Sir W. Burnett, and 

Fitzroy, R.N. , 

The Spotted Ring Pigeon. Columba arquatrix^ 

Pig, t. 5, 
a. South Africa.-- Presented by Gen. T. Hardvvick 
fc. South Africa. — From Baron Laugier^s Collectioi 
c* South Africa. — Presented by the Earl of Derby. 


Linn, S, N, i. 282. C. GuineensSs, Bri^s, C. 
gera, JVagL Tcmm. Pig, t. 16. 
a, h. Gambia. — From Mr. RendalFs Collection. 
h A/iic a.— Presented by tbe Earl of Derb 


[Ti-VAPSD Pigeon. Columba albitorques, Rupp. 
Abyss. Fog. t. 22. f. 1. 

iouu — From the Frankfort Museum. 

xop-HBCKBD Pigeon. Columba speciosa, Gmel. 
. 7SS. Temm. Pig. t. U.-^PL enl. 213. 

Guiana.— Presented by Chev. Schoroburgk. 

IAN Pigeon. Columba araucana, Less. Voy. de 
. Ois. t. 40. C. denisea, Temm. pi. col. 502. 
royi, King, P. Z. S. 1830. 

•Presented by C. Crawley, Esq. 

R-BAKDBD PioEON. CoLUMBA fasciata, Say. in 
Ejcp. Banap. Am. Om. t. 8. f. . 

.—From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

BEOus Pigeon. Columba plumbea, Fieill. N, 
L N. 26. 358. C. locutrix, Pr. Max. Temm. 

—From Baron Laugier's Collection. 

(SET Pigeon. Columba rufina, Temm. Pig. t. 
Cayanensis^ Bonn. ? 

-From Baron Laugier*s Collection. 

Guiana. — From Chev. Schomburgk's Collec- 

beous«backid Pigeon. Columba dorsalis. 
ico.— -From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

TE-BACKED PiGEON. CoLUMBA leuconota, Vigors^ 
ool. Soc. 1831, 22. Gould's Cent. Birds, t. . 

paul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

B Pigeon. Columba Hodgsoni, rigor s^ Proc, 

oc. 1832. 16. 

paul. — Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. 

ACL Pigeon. Columba pulchricollis, Hodgs. 

epaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

B 3 

■ TRe UTaroinated riotOHl i^ctopbtes margtnaCi 

luinba marginata, Ltnn* S. N* i. 286. C. CanQ 

Lirtn. I'tmm, Pig. t» 50. ' 

a, h. Norih America. — Presented by Gen. T. H« 

The Cape Pigeon. (Ena Capensis, 8dhy. i 

Capensfs, L'mn, S, N, i. 286. Temm. Pig. i 

C. atrogularis, IVagl. } 

«. h. Cape of GihkI Hope. — From Mr. GoukrsCo 

c. Cape of Good Hope.^ — Presented by the Earl ol 

Tiie RuFors-NAPfcD Pioeon. Geopelia humeral 

lumba humeral is, Temm, pi, coL 191. C. ervthl 


u, 6. c. N. W. Australia.— Presented by His El 

Capt, Q. Grey, 
rf, e. Port Essington.^ — Pres. by Capt, W. Chanibe 
The Barred Turtle. Geopelea striata. 
striata, Linn. S* A^ i. 28S. C. Sinica, Linn 
laccenais, GmeL Temm, Pig. i. ^1. C, Fowat, 
a. Java* — Presented by the Hon, East India Con 
i. China. — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq, 
c. ? — Presented by G, Jarvis, Esq* 

The Placid Turtle. Geop£LIa placida, Goul 

Amir, t. 
g. Port Essington, Aastralia. — Presented by C 



bxED PiQEON. Geofelia cuneatat Co-' 
Lath. C, Macquarie, Quotj ft Gairn, 
krCranie Ois. t. 3K 
iljji. — Presented by Sir T. MitchelL 

Australia* — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
Australia. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

M Pigeon. Macropyoia Aoibomensis. Co- 
pboioensis, Linn. S^ N, i, 286, C. PhasianelUt 
col. 100. 

.^Preaented by Lady Carringtoju 

Indian Archipelago*— Presented by Capt» 
er, C-B„ R.N. 

FAILED Pigeon. Macropyoia unclialL Co- 
Jl, ff^agl. S^st, Ac. 
^Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 
ym ytr. Turner's Collection. 

MHOED PiGEosr^. Macilofygia leptograiii- 
^lumba leptogrammica, Temm. pi. coL S60. 
•—Presented by B, H, Hodgson, Esq. 

yt*B Pigeon, Macropyoia Reinwardtii, SwatntM 
einwardtii, Temm. pL coL 248. 

• — Presented by Capt, Sir E, Belcher, 


'icEON. Petropkassa albipenuis, Gould. 
Sac. 1840. 173.— B. of AuUr, t. 

A UAtraJia« —Presented by His KxceUency 

^TyitTLE, TuRTUR aufitui* Coliimba tnr- 
'S, iV. I. 284. Ttmrn. Pig, t. 42. T. migr«- 


l-^Froni Col. Montagu's Collection. 

nbridgeshire. — Presented by Mr..!* Oaker. 
Ding* Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr, 

od Hope.-^Presented by A. G. Campbet), 

-From ibc Frankfort Museum. 
IbeaterV CoUecthn. 






The Beown and Chestnut Dove. Turtoh^J 
Columba meena, S^kex, Pr, ZoqL Soc> 1881, 1 

gelastis, Temm, pL coL 550. j 

a, Japan. — From the Ley den Muse urn* j 
6, c. NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodg^son, Eii 
d. Young. NepauL — Presented by B, H. HoUgi 

The Mournful Pigeon. Turtcr lugens. { 

lugens, Riipp. Faun. Abijss, Foy. t. 22, f. 2. 
a* Abyssinia. — From Mr, Leadbeater's Collectiqj 

b, Abyssinia.-*-From the Frankfort Museum, 

The Collared Turtle. Turtur risorius, Se^ 
lumba risoria, Lmn^ S, N. i» ^H5» Temm. Pi^ 

a. India ? I 

b. India?— Presented by GenlT. Hardwicke. 

c. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Gen. 1 

d. €, Variety. Nepaul.— Presented by B. H. I 

/. Variety, China.^ Presented by J. R. Keevd 

g, Var, white. China. — Presented by J, R. 

Esq. I 

The Collared Senigal Turtle. Turtur 1 
Columba vinacea, GmeL S, N, i. 7S2. (nefl' 
C. erytbrophryii, Swains, B. of W. sifr\ ii, i. j 

a. Gambia.— From Mr. Kendall's Collection. . 

The Double-ringed Pigeon, Turtur bitorquij 
lutnba bitorqnata, Teinm, Pig, t. 40. * 

a. L Indian Archipelago ? — From Baron Laugii 
lection. ; 

c. Chick. South Africa. — From M, Verreij 

The Dwarf Turtle. Turtur humilis. Coli 
niilis, Tefnm, pL coL 259. 25», i 

a. Male. India. ] 

6. Female. India.^ — From Baron Langier's CoB 

c. India. — Presented by J. Gould» Esq. 

d, t. Nepaul,— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 


The Cambaian Turtle. Turtur Senegalensis. C. Se- 
negalentis, Linn. S. N. i. 2S3. Columba cambaiensis, 
Gmei, C. iEgyptiaca, Lath, C. maculicolHs, fVagl, 
Temm. Pig. U 45. Hiii. ^Egypt. Ois. t 9. f. 3. 

f. India.— Presented by Dr. Burns. 


c Gaogoatra, Himalayab Mountains. 

AEgypt— Presepted by Dr. TumbuU Christie. 

^f'g' ? ? 

The SuEAT Turtle. Turtur Chinensis. Columba Chi- 
Masis, Scop. Del. Flor. et Faun, Insuh. Sonn. Voy. ii. 
1 102. C. Suratensis, Gmel, S. N. i. 778. C. tigrina, 
Tmm. Pig. t. 43. 

1 India. — Presented by (Jen. T. Hardwicke. 

i India.— Presented by the Hon. East India Company. 

<<-<. India. 

/f Kepaol. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

Ae Crested Pigeon. Ocypiiaps lophotes, Gould, B, of 
Autr, t. Columba lophotes, Temm, pi, coL t. 14S. 

>• Aottralia. — Presented by the Australian Museum. 

^ t, Australia. — Presented by Sir Thomas Mitchell. 

^Uale. Murray River, S. Australia. — Presented by 
Hii Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

^Female. Murray Kiver, S.Australia. — Presented by 
Hit Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

C. GoURIN^. 

The Chilian Pigeon. Columbina picui. Columba pi- 
ou, Temm, Pig, et Gall, i. 435. kmp*s Pigeons, t. 

«• h. Chili. — From Mr. Bridges's Collection. 

The Bolivian Pigeon. Columbina Boliviana. Columba 
Boliviana, D'Orb. et Lafr, Mag, de ZooL Ois. t. 
ftwp'j Pig, t. 

•.Chili. — Presented by C. Crawley, Esq. 

Ae ScALT Pigeon. Columbina squamosa. Columba 

iquamosa, Temm, Pig, t, 50, 
■• 6. South America. — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
IW Plain Pigeon. Columbina inornata. 
'•Bruil.—From Mr. Gould's Collection, 




The Lovely Pigeon. Columhina venustaT 
venysta^ Temm, pL coL 34-1. f 1. i 

a. South America. — From Mr, Leadbeater's Col 


Zenaida aurita. I 

The Violet- EARED Pigeon. 

aurita, 2'emm, Pig, t, 25, \ 

a, ChiH»— Presented by CapL Lord Byron, R.!*! 

b, c, Fernando Noronha.— Presented by Sir Wj 

and Capt. Fitzroy, K.N. 

Zekaida's Pigeon. Zenaida amabilis. Colli 

imldB, Bonap, Jourfi, Ac, Phil, 18^.5* 2S, 4 

t. 17. f, 2, 1 

a. West Indies. I 

k Jamaica. — From Mr, Lead beater's Collection j 

The Galapagos Pigeon. Zenaida Galapagoensia 
Toy. Beagie, ZmL t, 46. 

a. Chili, — Presented by Capt, Lord Byron» R.N]j 


The White-winged Pigeon. Zenaida JeucopUsi 
luniba lencoptera, Linn, S* A^ i. 617, Edw, 4 

€1, West Indies. A 

The Ground Turtle. Chaivlbpelia passertna, 

Columba passerina, Linn, S, N,i, 285. Wiis, A 

t. i6. f. 2. 3. 
<j. North America.— Presented by Gen. T. Hardif 
6. North America.— Presented by H.R.H, the I 

Sussex, K.G., &c. 
c. d, Male. Jamaica, — From Mr. Lead beater's. 

<*. Female. Jamaica. — From Mr, LeadbeaterVl 


The Talpacoti Pigeon. Chamt.pelia talpacotiVi 
Columba talpacoti, Tcmm, Pig, t. T:2. Col 
cabocola, Spix, Av, Br, t, 75a, f. 1. Cb. cinnd 
Swains, I 

a. South America. — Presented 

b. South America. 


Tk Paueeikb Pigeon. Chamjepelia minuta. Colum- 
ba minau, Linn. S. N. u 285. Temm. Pig. t. 16. Co- 
bmbina griseola, Spix. Av. Br. t. 75 a. f. 2. 

ck Sooth America. — From Mr. Gould's Collection, 
e. Female. South America. — Presented hy Lord Stuart 
de Rothsay. 

The Partridge Pigeon. Peristera montana. Colum- 
btmontana, Linn. S. N. i. S81. Leva'tlL Oh. d'Aft, 
t ^t. C. martinica, Lxnn. Temm. Pig. t. 4, 5, 

<• Id change. South America. 

i- Young. South America — From Mr. Warwick's Col- 

Ike White-bellied Pigeon. Peristera jamaicensis, 
Sell^. Columba jamaicensis, Linn. S. N. i. 283. C. 
rafiuulla. Act. de Phys. C. frontalis, Temm. Pig. t. 


4. Hale. South America. — From Baron Laugier's Col- 

f. Female. South America. — From Baron Laugier's 

t Sooth America.— Presented by Lord Stuart de Roth- 


•• /. British Guiana. — Presented by Chev. Schom- 

p. Yoimg. Mexico. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

rhe VioLET-NAPED PiGEON. Peristera violacea. Co- 
Imnba violacea, Temm. Pig. t. 29. 

. 3Iale. South America. — Presented by Lord Stuart 
de Rothsay. 

Female. South America. — Presented by Lord Stuart 
de Rothsay. 

be Mexican Pigeon. Peristera Mexicana. 
Mexico. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

Tbe Garnet-winged Pioeon, Peristera eryt! 
Columba erythroptera, GmcL S, N. i. 775. 
Pig, i. 65. C. Itfiicophrys, Forst. Icon, ined, { 

a. h. Bow Iskncl* — Presented by Capt. Sir E. 
C.B., R.N. " 



The Varied Pigeon. Feristera cinereap Siem 
lumba cinerea^ Temm, P'tg. t. 58. 

a, Male. Cayenne*— From Baron I^aiigier*s Coll 
6. Female. Cayenne.— From Baron Laugier'a C| 
c, d, Male. South America. ! 

L\ Male. South America*— Presented by Lord £ 
Roth say. j 

/. Female. S. America. — Pres. by Lord Stuart de | 

Geoffroy*s Pigeon. pEaisTERA Geoflroyi, k 
Geoffroyi, Temm, Pig, t, 57. 

a. Soutb America. — From Baron Laugier's Collet 
k. South America. — Presented by Gen. T, Hardi 

The TAMBouRfNE Pigeon. Pkristeha tympanistrl 

Columba tympanistria, Tevim* Pig, t. 3G. Lem 
tAJr, t. 272, ^m 

Mr. BcttdUrsCoDMlMk 

ehaleopccra, £«lft. Ini. Om, m 604. 7(fMR. 
GomTs B. 0/Auar. U 


L — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

L — From Baron Laugier's Collection. 

J River, S. Australia. — Presented by His Ex- 

CapC G. Grey. 

VE PiOBON. Phaps elegansy Selby. Goluniba 
Temm, Pig. t. 22. C. liawsonii, Sieber. 

Is — Fr<»n Mr. Gould's Collection. 
1. — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 
Diemen's Land. — Presented by R. Ghinn, 

Australia. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

male. Swan River, S. Australia. — From Mr. 


South Australia.— Presented by His Excel- 

pt- G. Grey. 

Australina, W. Australia.— From Mr. Gould's 

LAixAX Gaoum) Pigeon. Phaps histrionica, 
3. of Austr. t. . Columba (Peristera) his- 
Gomld. Proc. Zaol. Soc. 1840. 114. 
Interior of Australia. — ^From Mr, Gould's 
latenor of AuMtrab'a, — From Mr^ Gould's 



The Pied Pigeon. Phaps pieata, Sclbu, Colucnbfl | 
cata, Lath, Ind. Supp, lix. C. melanoleuca, hath, 
Jamiesoni, Quay ci Gam. C. arniillaris, Temm. Pi 
t. 6* Leucosarcia pica la, Goufd*s B. of Ausir, u 

a. Australia*— Presented by A. Cunningham, Esq. 

The Gbeen-winged Pigeon* Ciialcot-haps Indict? 
Indica. Linn, S, N, u 284. C. caenileocephala, Lai 
C cyanocephala, GmeL C. cyanopileata et gnseoc 
piilBi Bonn. C. pileaia, Scop, Soun. Voy. i, ^^. 
albicapilla, GvicL C, siipt'rdliaris, WagL ^m 

a,—^c* Indian Archipelago, ^| 

d, e, Nepaiih — Presented by B, H. lIodgson» Esq. 
/, Indian Archipelago, — Presented by Cape. Sir 
Belcher, C.B., R.N. M 

The GoiDEK Green Piiseon. 

chlora» Gould's B. of Austr, t. 

StjU. Aiy* sp* 79 ? 
a. Port Essington, Austraha* — 

Chambers, R,N. 
h, Liverpool Range, Australia. - 


Chalcophaps chr 
C. chrysochlora. 

Presented by Caf 
From Mr, Gould*l 

The Smith's Grouni> Pigeon* Geophaps Smitbii, ffwl 
B, of Austr, t. . Columba Smithii, Jard, and SeA 
m, Orn, t. 104. 

a, b. Port Essington, Australia, — Presented by 
Chambers, R.N. 


The Red-breasted PioEONt Calcenas Luzonica 
lumba Luzonica, Scop. DeL Flor, et Faun. In 
cruenta, GmeL S, N. i. 785. Tetmn, Pig, t. 8. C.i 
vea, iScf>/7. Sonn, Votj, i. 20, 21. C» sangiiinea, Gm 

a, Indian Arehipelago. — From Baron Lattgier^s C 

b, c* Manilla,^ — Presented by J. R- Reeves, Esq. 

The NicoBAR Pigeon, Calcenas Nicobariea. 
Nicobarica, Linn, S, N, i, 283. C. gallusj 
LemilL Ois, d\4fr, t. %1%. 

a. China. — Presented by J, Reeves, Esq, 

b, China, — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 



»Wif»'« FioEON, — Calcenas Gouldiae. Coluraba 
a?f Gratf, III* Ind* ZooL t; 

— Presented by J. Reeves^ Esq. 

WKED Pigeon, Goura coronata, Sfeph. Co- 
earonata, Linn, S> N* u 282. Edw, Ilirdx, t. 

' — Presented by J. R» Reeves, Esq. 


Fam. 2, CRACID.€* 

a, p£9EL0riK£. 

Iro GvAK. Penelope pi pile, Gmel. Crax pi- 
■c«« Bei^r. jr. Ge#A. der Fogei, t. 1 1 . 8- leuco- 
Jterr, P, jacatinga, iS/?ijp. ^^p. Br. t. 70. 

OlliilUl, — Presented by the Royal Geographical 

GoAW. Penelope Aburri, Goud> Less. Diet. 
Nat. 59. IdU 

ptcti America. — From Mr. Tamer's Collection. 

;atsd OcASf. Salpiza pileala, H'agl. Pene- 
iest&, LkhL WagL his, 1830. 1110, 

I^Atnerica (Surrey ZooL G.) — Presented by 

rr^n GuAN- Salfiza crista ta, IVagL Melea- 
UtaiJ, Zti««. S, N, I. 209. S. jacuacu, Spix* 
,i. $8. Edf^.B. u IS, 

b Antjerica. — Presented by J. JM array, Esq. 
h America. — From Mr. Turner *a Collection, 

IIUAN GuAN. — Salfua jacu-caca, WagL Pe- 
jactt-c«ca» Sp'tjc, Av* Br, u G9, P. jacu-pebai 
fm. Br. t. 71. 

1^: lux — Presented by the Royal Geogra- 

jw Vuung Male* British Guiana.— Presented 
ral Geographical Society, 



The Eye-bbowed Guaw. Salpiza supercilianX m 

Perielope superciliaris, ///. fVagl, Iih, 1830. 1110»J 
jac«-peniba» Spiz* Ai\ Br, i, 7^, I 

a, Brazil. — Presented by Lord Stuart de Rothsay. I 

The • Salpiza — — — 't I 

a, h. Tropical Am erica, — Fram Mr, Turner's CoUen 

The Mexican Guan, Oktalida v etui a, Wagl, H 
lope vetula, WugL his, 1830. 1112, 1 

a, Mexico. — From Baron Laugier's Collectioo. I 

The MoTMOT Guan, Ortalida katraca. Ph. kiM 
Bodd. PhasianuB motraot, OmeL S, N* i. 271. i 
parraqua, GmeL PL enL 146. J 

flf. South America. — From Baron Laiigier*s Colleclioi 

The Noisv Guak, Ortalida garrula, HagL FJi 

anus garruUis, Humh. Ohser. dc ZooL 1 

a, b* Mexico, — From Mr, Turner's Collection, I 

The White- BELLIED Guan. Ortalida Ieucogastra.J 
nelope leucogastra, Gould, Proc. ZooL Soc. 1845*1 

a. Mexico. —From Mr, Leadbeater's Collection. I 

The Chestnut-backed Guan. Ohtaliba araucuanJ 

nelope araucuan, Spix. Av» Br* l. 74. 1 

a. Brazil. — From Baron Laugier's Collection, m 

^. c. Brazil. — Presented by J, Gould, Esq. I 

d. Brazil. I 

b* Cracik£, 1 

The Crested Curassow. Crax alectort Linn, SM 

fl. South America, 1 

L c. British Guiana, — From Cbev. Schomburgk*s j 

lection, jj 

d, Brazil. 1 

TIte Banded Curassow. Crax fasciolata, Spix^ 
Bras. II. t. 62». ■ 

a. South America, — From Mr. Warwick** CoUectiOB 


raASsow. CaAX globicera, Linn, S, iV, 
Spix, Av. Bras. t. Q^, 6<j. 

7uRAft§ow. MfTu tuberosa. Ourax 
co/. 153. C. tuberosa, Splx, O. ery- 

ih America. — Presented by E. Cross, Esq. 

iUSif CcaAMsow. OuKAx pauxi, Cm, Crax 
Zfiiii, S. N, I. 270. p/, cnL 78* Crax gaJeata, 


^ Pam. 3. MEGAPODIDiE. 


r HotXAND Taleoallus* Taleoallus Latbami, 
% B, of Austr, L Alectura Lathami^ Gratj^ 
^fue. Jard. and Selby's ilL Om, L 140, Melea- 
odaap* Jameion. Cacheturus Australia, Swaim, 
ioUaod Vtiiture, Lath, Hist. i. t. 6. T. Cuvieri, 

AitL — Presented by the Earl of Derby* 
lia. — Presented by A. Cunningham, Esq. 

i|B-HEAi>E9 Malco. Mj&oacefhax^n maleo» 

«^— From the Ley den Museuni. 

mm TiraucY, Leifoa ocellata, Gould, Froc, 
toe- 1U40. 120. B. ofAustr. t. 

Scmtii Australia.— Presented by His Excel- 
hipL O. Grey. 

!b South Australia. — Presented by His Excel* 
JU* O. Grey, - 


^-t&sooED Meoafode. Meoafodius rufipes, ' 
-From Mr. Cuming s Collection. 





The MousD-RAisiKo M eg a pod e. Meqapodiui 
Gould. /Vof. ZooL Soc. 1842. 20. B. ojAuik 

a. //. Port Essingion.— Presented by Capt. W, C 
R.N. ^ 

Fam. 4, PHASIANIDiil. 

a, PavoninjE. 

Tlie Crested Peacock. Pavo cristatus, Lin% 
267. PL cnL 433, 434 

a* Male. Great Britain. 

L Male. Great Britain* — Presented by Dr. Bi 

c. Male. India.-^Presented by Dr. Hoyle, 

d. Female. India. — Presented by Dr. Royle. 

Tlie Japan Peacock. Pavo spiciferus, Shaw, 
ticus, Linn. S\ N, i, 268. NftL Misc. t. 641 
Gai, Ois, t. 202, P. japoneosis, Brlss. I 
vafidi, fVih. HL u 14, 15. 1 

rt* Male. India. — From Mr. Gould's CoHection. 
if. Female. India.^ — From Mr. Gould's Collectlo 

The Ikis Peacock. Polyi'Lectron bicalcaraium 
Pavo bicalaratus, Linn. S\ N* i. 29S.—PL i 
493. P. Malaccensis, Scop, P. Sinensis, B^ 
iris, Bon7u 

rt. Male. India. — From Mr. Bullock's Collectii 
6. Female? ludia. — Presented by Gen. T, Haul 


wickii, Graiff Illust. Ind. ZooL t. Male, j 
male. I 

a. Male. Malacca. — From JVIr. Turner's Collect 

b. Female, Malacca. — From Mr. Turner's Coll 

c. Female. Malacca, 

The Shinino-tailed Polyplecthon. Polyplectr 
cnrum, Temm, pL coL 519. P« inocellatum, 

a, Male. Sumatra.— From the Ley den Museum 
If, Female. Sumatra. — From the Leydeo Musei] 


Presented by the Hon. @l 

lo^t Pheasant. Aroc/s giganteuB, Tenim, Pba- 
iis Argus, Linn> S. iV. 272- A. pavoninus, FieiU. 
, dii Oit, u 203. Gray HI, Ind. ZooL t. femde. 
ij peacock, Lath. HUL t. 120. 

e, Indian Archipelago. — Presented by J. Night- 
It^ Esq. 

h Indian Archipelago. — From Mr, Warwick's 

ale^ Indian Archipelago. — From Blr. Warwick's 

h lodiaii Archipelago. — From Mr. Leadbeater's 

dXVOK Phbasant. PHASiAims colchlcus, Linn. 
^-^PLmLu 121,122. 


wk. England. 

ate. England.— Presented by T. Hodges, Esq. 

.^—Presented by Rev. T, Coble. 


lie. England. — Presented by T. Hodges, Esq. 

• Hampshire. — Presented by G. 0, Tyiidale, 

|K Hampshire. — Presented by G. B. Tyndale, 

led. Etigland. 

DO. England. 

bicka. Cambridgeshire- — From IMr. .1. Clark's 


m»-seciiED Phbasant. Phasiarus torqaatus, 
, 8. S\ u 7i2.— Grfl^, lUust, In(L ZooL t. P. 
tuiy Bonn, 

China, — Presented by J. R> Reeves^ Esq. 
Ottoab— Presented by J. R. Reeves* Esq. 


SffiMHEBiNo's Pheasant, Phasianus SoemmertngSil 
Temm, pL coL 487. 

a. Japan From tbe Leyden Museum. 

Wallich's Phkasakt, Phasiands Wallichii, Hardit.' 
Linn. Tram, x\\ t. Ph. Stacci, Vig, Proc. ZooL Soc^ 
183L Goulffs CenL of B, u 

u, Male ? NepauL — Presented by B* H. Hcxlgsofl^ . 

b. Male. Himalayah Mountains* — Presented by Gettr Tij 

c. Male. Himalayah Mountains. 

d. Female, Himalayah Mountains. ^ — Presented Uy R»^ 
Ferguson, Esq,, M*P., of Raith. 

e. Female. Himalayah Mountains. — Presented by Gefl. 
T. Hardwicke. 

/, Male. Himalayah Mouniaina. — Presented by R. Fci 
guson, Esq., M.P.J of Raith. 

Reeves*s Pheasant, Phasianus Reeveslij Gratf, in Gn 
An, Kingd,— III. Ind. ZooL t. P. veneratus, Ttmm,-^ 
PL coL 458. Syrmaticus Reevesii, Wagh 

a. Male. China.^ — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq, 
6. Male. China, — Presented by Gen, T. Hardwieki 

Tbe Painted Pheasant. Thaumalea picta, Ifaj 
Phasianus piftus» Linn, S\ N. i, 272. — PL 
217. Chrysolophus pictus, Graift lUust* Ih(L Zm 

a. Male. England ? — Presented by Edward Ct 

6. Female, England. 

e. Male. China. — Presented by Gen, T, Hardwicke* 
d. e, Male. 

f. Female. Cambridgeshire. ^- Presented by Mr. J. 

Lady Amherst's Pheasant. Thaumalea Amherst 
Wagler, Phasianus Amherstiee, Leadbeatcr, Lih 
Trans, xvi, t. 15, 

a. Male. Thibet. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson* Esq, 



The Pekcillated Pheasant. Euplocomus nycthemerus, 
Gray. Phasianus nyctheroerus, Linn. S. N, i. 272. 
PL €nk t. 125, 124. Nycthemerus argentatus, Swains, 
P. Uneatufl, Jard. and Selb. (nee Lath.) 111. Orn. t. 12. 

A Male. Richmond ? — Presented by Dr. Dowler. 
AiMale. China.—Presented by the Trustees of the 

Honterian Collection, 
c Yoaos male. China. — Presented by J. Beale, Esq. 
^^Fcnak and chicks. Cambridgeshire.— From Mr. J. 
> Ckrk's Collection. 

^he CoLouEED Pheasant. EupLocoifus leucomelanos. 
Phasianus leucomelanos, Lath. Ind. Orn. ii. 033. P. 
Hamiltonii, Gray, in Griff. An. Kingd. lllust. Ind. 
ML t. P. Lathami, Gray, in Griff. An. Kingd. P. 
ilbocrisutus, Vtgor$, Proc. ZooL Soc. 1830. Gould's 
Cad. of B. t. 

,«.&. Male, black crested. Nepaul. — Presented by B. 
H. Hodffton, Esq. 

.^FenuJe, or young male. Nepaul. — Presented by 
E H. Hodgson, Esq. 

;Me Tariety. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodg- 
M0, Esq. 

• White Tariety. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodg- 
MQ, Esq. 

.Male, black crested. Himalayah MounUins.^Pre- 
seated by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
. Male, dusky-crested. Himalayah Mountains. — Pre- 

ited by R. Ferguson, Esq., of Raith, M.P. 
k Female. Himalayah Mountains. — Presented by K. 
Ferguson, Esq., of Raith, M.P. 

Hak, dusky-crested. Himalayah Mountains. — Pre- 
. Mated by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
Pl L Female. Himalayah Mountains. — Presented by 
I Gen. T. Hardwicke. 




The Fire-backed Pheasant. Euplocomuj 
PhasJanus igniius, Shan\ Nat, Muc, 
Macartiieyi, Temnu Macartncy^s Embas, Chim 
Phasianus rufus, Roffl, Lhm* Trans, 321. fenai 

Male. China ? — Presented by J. R. ReevesJ 

Young male, Siam. — Presented by the H) 

India Company* 

Female. ^iDgapore?— From Mf, Turner's Cc 

Chick, Aviary at Knowsley,^Presented by 

of Derby. 

Young. Indian Archipelago. — From Mr. Leai 




Vieillot's Fiee-backed Pheasant. Euploco 

ioti. Gallus ignitus, P'leill. Gal, Ois, u £0 
/■nc^. Meih, t. 237. f. 2. Euplocomus ignii 
UtusL Ind^ ZooL t. female. 

a, Male. Indian Archipelago.— Presented 

b, Male. Malacca. — From Mr. Cuming's Colletj 

c, Female. Sumatra. — Presented by the Hd 
India Company. | 

The Rlfous-tailed Pheasakt. Alectrophasis 
phthalmos. Phasianus erythrophthalmos. He 
Tram. xni. 32L Pht purpureus, Gray'i 
Zool. t. female, 

a, Male. Siam. — Preaented by the Hon. El 


b. Male. Indian Archipelago, — Presented by 
E. Belcher, C.B., R.N. 

c, Ft?ma:ie. Indian Archipelago. 

d. Female. Indian Archipelago. *» Present! 
Nightingale " 

€* Female. In 
E, Belcher, 


-Presented 1 


pyronota. Euplocomu!* erythroplithalmoa, 
ind, ZooL t. 

a. China? — Presented by J. R. Heefes, Esq, 


^Ialabar Cock. Callus giganteus, Temm. Gray 

Ind. Zoal. u 

lim. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

kkat's Wild Cock. Gallus Sonnerati, Temm, pL 
252, tSS. G. Stanleyi, Gray, III. Ind. Zool. t. f. 2. 
ide. Amii. Voy. Ind. t. 94, 95. Phasianus gal- 
, Scop. 

Je. India. 

lie. India. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

Bale. India. — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

jTabieoated Cock. Gallus varius. Phasianus va- 

^ Shaw's Nat. Misc. t. 353. G. Javanicus, Horsf. 

furcatas, Temm. pi. col. 483. ///. Ind. Zool. t. f. 


de. Java. — Presented by the Hon. East India 


»ang male. Java. — Presented by the Hon. East 

lia Company. 

male. Uhina ? — Presented by J. Beale, Esq. 

male. Java. — Presented by the Hon. East India 


«Dg female. China? — Presented by J. R. Reeves, 


Favam Cock. Gallus Bankiva, Temm, Phasianus 
Ins, GmeL S. N. i. 737. Tetrao ferrugineus, Gmel. 
tk Hist. VIII. t. 129. female. 

lie. Nepanl. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
male. Nepaol. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
lie. Java. — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
ale. Java. — Presented by the Hon. East India 

lie. India.—- Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
male. Java. — Presented by the Hon. East India 
male. India ? 

nmle. China ? — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 
sale. Java.— From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
Ming male. Malacca. — From Mr. Cuming's Coi- 

c 2 



k. Domestic ganie variety, male. Cam bridged 

Presented by Mr. J. Baker. 
Pliasianus gallus, Linn. i 

/, Bantam, male* 1 

m, n. Bantam » female — Presented by Mr. J. Bake 
o. /;. Bantam ? chicks.^ Presented by Mr. J. Ba" 


The Horned Pheasant. Satyr a Latliami, GratfJ^ 
ind, Zoot. t. 78. Meleagris satyra» Linn. <S 
269. Edw. Birds, t. l\6.^PL col 543, 544. ( 
Cent, of B. t. S. Pennantii, Grat^^ lUusL Ind- J 
S. cornuta, (7. iJ. Gm^» L?s£ <?en. 184L 78, 

a. Male. India. 

b. Male. India, — Presented by Mrs. Kennaway. 

c. Female. India.— Presented by Gen. T. Hardw 

TLe Black- HE ABED Pheasant. Satyra melanoci 

Gra^t in Griff, An, Kingd. Illust, fnd. ZooL t•^ 
gopan Hastingsii, Vigors^ Proc, ZooL Soc, 1830. t 
Cent* of B, I. * S. Nipalensis, Gray^ in Gf\ 
Kingd, — Iliust. Ind, ZooL t. female. 

a. 6. Male, Nepaul, — Presented by B. H. Hfl 

c. Young male. NepauL — Presented by B. H. | 
son^ Esq, I 

d, e. Female. Nepaul,— Presented by B. H, He 

/. Male* Himalayah Mountains. 

g, Male. Himalayah Monniains. — Presented by ] 

guson, Esq., of Raith, M,P, 
A. Young male. Himalayah Mountains, 

PtftinAl^. T-liinnlAviih Mraiin^AiiVL..^PrAA^ntAil J 


mtBXcjin ToRKEY, Meleagbis gallopavo, Ltnm* 
I L 568.— />/. cnl, 97. Bonap. Am, Orn. X, 9. 
j'I*€stn», Fi^ill, Gallopava sylvestris, Cateshj. 
NoriJi America. —From Air. Audubon^s Col- 


North America. — From Mr. AudubonV 

tic white variety, Kent, — Presented by J. W 
1^* Cainbrtdgeshtre. — Presented by Mr. J. 
3iick. Cambridgeshire, — Presented by Mr. J, 

pvpCftAJ Tuai^ET. Mkleaorts ocellata* Temm. 
kt 112, M, aureus, VieilL Griff, An. Kingd. U 

liirM. — ^Presented by the Earl of Derby. 

list E A PiTjTADo. NunfiDA tneleagTis, Linftt S, N* 
k— P/. mL t, 108. N. galeata, Pail. 

B»tie white variety. Cambridgeshire. — From Mr. 

irlc'a Collection. 

Ikicka. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. 

African Pintado. Numida Rendaltii, 

Ri iVoc. ZooL Soc. 1835, 103. N. mt'leagris, 
N* tnaculipennis^ Swains, 

rn Africa. — Frorn Mr. RendaH'a Collection, 
:0iliig. Western .\frica. — From Mr. RendalTs 

PisfTAjK). Numida initrata, Pali. Spu\ iv. 

Irica.— From Capt. Alexander's Colleciion. 
ID Pintado. Numida coronata, 
(nTGood Hope.— Presented by Gen. T. Hard- 

I Afriei.— Preaemed by the Earl of Derb> . 



The ABYSstNiAK Pintado. Numida ptilorhyncha, 
a. L Abyssinia. — From Mr. Leadbeater's CoHectioi 

The Crested Pintado, Gt^TTERA cristata, 

Numida cristata, Pallas* Spic* ZooL iv. t. 11, 
GaL Ois, t. 209* S/icnv's Nat, Misc, u 757. 

a. Sierra Leone, — ^Presented by Mrs. W. P, Mau 

e* LopHOPHOEiNra^ 

The Impeyan Pheasant. Lophophorus Impeyanii 
Graff. Phasianus Impeyanus, Lath, Ind* Om* H 
Vh, recurviroslris, Shmv, Mux, Lev. Loph. refii 
Temm, pL coL t. 507. 513, Gould's Cent, of Bir 

a, Male. NepauL— Presented by B. H, Hodgson, 
k Female. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hoi 

c, Male, in change. Himalayah Mountains, — Froi 
Leadbeater's Collection. J 

d, Mttle. Himalayah Mountains. ^ 

e, Male. 

/I Female. Himalayah Mountains. — Presented 1 
Ferguson, Esq., of Railh* M 

The Himalayan Tetraogallus. TETRAOOAtLus I 
layensis, G, R. Oraij, Proc, ZooL Soc, 1842, T 
gallus Nigellii» Grat/^ lUuni, Ind, ZooL t. X 
phorus Nigellii, Jnrd» and Selby^ III, Om. U , 
t. 76. 

a, Himalayah Mountains, 

L Himalayah Mountains. — Presented by R. Fe 

Esq-, of Itaith, M.P, 
c. Himalayah Mountaina, — Presented by J, Reeif 


The Altai Tetraogai^lus. Tktraooallus Altiici 
R, Grav, Proc, ZooL Soc. 184^, Perdix Ai 
Gebler, BulL de VAcnd. de Sl Petersh, u 31. 

a. Altai Mountains. — From M. Brandt's CoIlectH 


rhe PccEAs Pheasant. Pucrasia macrolopha. Satyra 
macrolopha. Less. Diet. des. Sc. lix. Phasianus Pu- 
cram, urajf, in Griff, An, Kingd. — ///. Ind. ZooL t. . 
GamUTs Cent, ofB.U . Tragopan Duvancelii, Tcmm. 
fL eoL 545. £ulophu8 macrolophus, Less. 

1. Mile. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
k Female. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

e. BCile. Himalayah Mountains. — Presented by R. Fer- 

gusoo, Esq., of Raith, M.P. 
d. FenuJe. Himalayah Mountains. — Presented by R. 

Ferguson, Esq., M.P. 
L Hue. Himalayah Mountains. — Presented by Mrs. 

(• Female. Himalayah Mountains. 

Fam. 5. PERDICID^. 

a. Perdicinje. 

Fbe Lo3ro-BiLLED Partridge. Rhizotuera longirostris. 
Perdix longirostris, Temm. Pig. et Gall. in. 32S. Te- 
tno currirostris. Raffles. Gray, IllusU Ind. ZooL t. 

L L China ? — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

Ilie Bdtf-breasted Partridge. Ptilopachus fuscus. 
Perdix fusca, rieiU. Gal. Ois. t. 212. Ptilopachus 
crythrorhyncbus, Swains. Petrogallus fuscus. Gray, 
Proe. Zool. Soc. Perdix ventralis ? Valenc. 

B. Western Africa. — From Mr. Gould's Collection.. 
fc. Gambia. — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

Tbe Sanguine Partridge. Ithaginis cruentus, fVagl. 
Phasianus cruentus, Hardw. Linn. Trans, xiii. 237. 
Perdix cnientata, Temm. pi. col. t. 332. Phasianus 
Girdneri, Hardw. Linn. Trans, xv. 166. female. 

«• h. Male. Nepaul.— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

'•female. Nepaul.— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 
'Chick. Nepaul.— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Ivsq. 


a. Male (bad condition,) NepauL — ^Presented by I 

'I\ Hartlvvicke. 
b* Female. NepauL — Presented by Gen. T» HardirU 

The CuRRiA Partridge, Ixhaoinis lunulatug. Perdii 
lunula ta, Vaknc, N. Diet. H, N, Perdix Hafd- 
wickii, Graif, in Griff. An* Klng^^-ffi, Ind^ ZoaL I 
Plectrophonis Hardwiekii, Gratf, Francolintts nivoMfl^ 
Dc Lcssert. Mag. de Zoo!. 1840. t. 

a. India. --Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
It, India. — From Mrs. Warren's Collection, 

Lady North's PoLYrLECTRON. Ithaoinis Northise. 
lyplectron Northiae, Gray^ ///. Ind. ZooL ii. t. f. 1^ 

fl. India. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

b. India, 

The Bkown AtRicAN Partridge. Ithaginis Madaa^H 
cariensis. Tetrao Madagascariensis, Scop. DeL Fior 
fl Fatiti. hnuk T. spadiceus, GmeL S. N, t, 75< 
Gratj, lU, Ind. ZooL U t 2. 

a. India. 

b, India. — Presented by Gen, T. Hardwicke. 

The Bare-necked Partridge. Pternistes nudiQ 
IVagL Tetrao nudicollis, GmeL S, N. i. 759, 

a. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Gen. T. 

Tlie Red- NECK ED Partridge. Pternistes nibricoUil 
IVagi. Perdix rubricollis, Rupp* ZooL Atfas^ X, 

a. h. Abyssinia.^ — From the Frankfort Museum^ 


dix Swainsoni, A. Smithy UL ZooL S. Afr, t, xn* imU 

a. Male, South Africa. — From the South African Uil 

Crancu's Partridge. Pternistes Craneliii, WagL 

dix Cranchiit L^avh^ Tuck, Fotf* Congo, App, ~ 

tulata, Grai/, ///, Ind. ZooL t, f. 2. 
a. Congo Expedition*— The original of Dr. Leach*^ 

ficrtption, and of the figure in the Indian Zoology. 


. Per 

, male 

n Mil 



HnwoAL Partridoi. Francolivus bicalcaratus. 
rao bicalcaratuf, Linn. S. N. i. 277. Perdix Adan- 
i, enL 137. 

le. Western Africa. — Presented by Mild- 


lale. Western Africa. 

mg. Gambia — From Mr. Kendall's Collection. 

.'s Frakcolin. Francolinus £rkelii. Perdix Er- 
:, Rtqpp. Fawn. Abyss. Foy. t. 6. 

ssinia^ — From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection, 
e. Abyssinia.— From the Ley den Museum, 
ale. Abyssinia. — From the Leyden Museum. 

kiLLA!fT*s Francolin. Francolinus Levaillantii. 
lix Levaillantii, Falenc. pL col. 477. 

lale. South Africa. — From the South African 


lale. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Gen. T. 


ing. Cape of Good Hope. — From M. Verreaux' 


EET0N*s Francolin. Francolinus Clappertoni. 
lix Clappertoni, Childr. Denh. and Clapp. Nar. N. 
C. Afr. App. 

e. Central Africa. — Presented by Capt. Clapper- 

ll's Francolin. Francolinus Riippellii. Per- 
Clappertoni, Rupp. Ail. ZooL t. 9. 

fssinia. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection, 
e. Abyssinia. — From the Leyden Museum. 

k>CTH African Partridge. Francolinus garie- 
lifl, A. Smith, 111. Zool. S. Afr. t. 
le. South Africa. — From the South African Mu- 

Dale. South Africa.— From the South African 

5««th Africa.— Presented by the Earl of Derby. 

c 3 

The Natal Francolin* Fbancolinus Natalensi 
Smith, III. ZooL S. Aft. t. xnu F. Lecbolio, /f. J 

a. Male. Natal, South Africa,— From the 6ou^ 
can Museum. > 

The Wood Partridoe. Francolinus gularis. P 
gularis, Temm, Pig* and Gall, uu 401. lU. Ind, 
I. L L L 

a, NepauL — Presented by B« H, Hodgson, Esq. 

b, Male. Himalayah Mouritams.— From Mrs, " 

c, Yoimg Male. Hima!ayah Mountains. — From 
Warren's Collection. 


The African Partrii>oe, Fbancolini;s Afer* 

Afra, Lath. Ind. Orn^ n. G48, 
a. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Gen. Tj 

6. Cape of Good Hope.— Presented by J. R, 

c» Chick. South Africa. — From the South Africai 


d. Chick. 

e. Chick. 

South Africa. — From the South Afrioit 
South Africa* — From M. Verreaux* d 

The Cape Francolin. Francolinus Capensis. 1 
Capensis, GmeL S, N, i, 759. Perdix clainat0r,J 
Farst, Ivon. ined. L 135. * 

(t. Female. Cape of Good Hope,— Presented by G 
Hard wicke, 

b. Male, Cape of Good Hope, — ^P resented by J* 

c, Younji male. Cape of Good Hope — From 
reaux' Collection. 

The Specklkd Francolin, Frakcoltkus adi 
Waierh. Alex, Apju Exp. of Disc, u. 267. 

a* Female. South Africa.^From Capt. Alexandc] 

Coom FftAKCoua. FsAircoLijnjs sabtorqiialiif> 
'^ Hk^BL ZooL S. 4fr. u XV. Perdix Coqui, A. 
, Rtp. S* AJr. Ass. 

Sooth Afnea. — From the Sooth African Mu- 

I Wnn-TBBOATBD Fbakgoliit. Fbancounus alho- 
Wcsteni Africa.— From Mr. Rendairi Col- 

I FkUATBD Frahcolix. Francolinus pileatusy A. 
' hf III, Zooi. S. Afr. t. xiT. Perdix Sephaena> A. 
!• Rep. S, Afr. Ait. 

South Africa- — From the South African Mii- 
k Chick. South Africa. — From the South African Mu- 

le PosDicuERRT Partridge. Francolinus Ponticeria- 
m. Tetrao ponticerianus, GxmL S. N. i. 760. Perdix 
«hentalis. Gray, III Ind, ZooL t. f. 2.— PL coL 213. 

,e. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
.Hale. Gangoutra, Hiroalayah Mountains. 
, India. 

WFrancolik Partridge. Francolinus vulgaris, Sleph, 
Tetrao francolinus, Linn. S. X, i. 275. Perdix Hcp- 
bomii, Gray^ IlL Ind. ZooL t. — PL enL t. 11-7, 148. 

. Male. Nepaul. — Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. 
b Female. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

• ^\oung. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

!- Male. Indi:i. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
f. Female. India. — Presented by R. Ferguson, Esq., of 

Riiih, M.P. 
f. Young. India. — Presented by R. Ferguson^ Esq., of 
Raith, M.P. 

The Painted Partridge. Frakcoliitus pietus. I 
picta, Jard, and Sclbp, III. Orn, I. 50. female. J 

a. India. J 

Tlie Pearled Partridge. Francounus perlatusj 
Tetrao perlatus, Gmel, S* N. i. 758. Perdix inii 
Gratj^ ZoftL Muc^ I 

a* Male* China. — Presented by J* R. Reeves* Earn 

b. China.— Presented by J. R, fteeves, Esq. 1 

c. Female. China. — Presented by J* R. Ueevet, ll 

The Lerwa Partridge. Lf.rwa nivicola, Hml^s. 1 

Ler^s^a, fIo<igs. Proc. Zool. Soc. — IIL Ind. ZitoL 1 

C . I 

a. Northern India. — Presented by the Rev. H, Ewi 

6. r. NepaiiL — Presented by B- H. Hodgson, Esq. J 

d. Hitnalayah Mountains. — From Mr. Leadbeaterl 
lection. I 

e. Himalayah Mountains, — Presented by Gen. T. I 
wicke. I 

The Guernsey Partridge. Caccaris rufa. Tetii 
fus, Linn. S, N, t. 226,— PL tnL 150. 

a. 6. Europe. 

c. Young. Europe. — Presented by Mr. J. Baker. | 

d, c. Chicks. Europe. — Presented by Mr. J. Baki 

The Red Partridge, Caccaris graeca. Perdtx S83| 
Bechsi. pL enL 231. P, rufa. OmeL i. 75G. 

n. Europe, 

h. Altai Mountains. — From M. Brandies CollcctionJ 

c. Northern Asia. 

The CutitAR Partridge. Caccabis chukar. 1 
chukar, Gratj^ in Griff, j4n. Kingd, — ///, Irtd. Z 
Oould^s Cent, of B, t. Chacura pugnax, HodgsJ 

o. b. Nepavil.— Presenteil hy B, H. Hodgson, EsqJ 
c* Chick. NepauL — ^Presented by B. H. Hodgsod 

d, Male. Himalav'th Mountains. — Presented by Ri 

fuson, Esq., of liaith, M.P. I 

'emale, Himalayah Mountains. Presented 1 
Ferguson^ Esq , of Hauh^ M.P. j 



lis petrosa, L4tih, Tetrao petrosua, GtneL J&. N, 
i& Edwards'M Bird^t I. 70. Alectoris petrosa. 

FAtsuBtts. Caocabb Hjith. Perdix Higirii, 

Ilk Ni0r& Aftieii.---Fratt Mr. Goidd's CaBeettei. 
ik. Httrtti Alilct.— From Mr. Ooald's CiiBee^ 

ife Bordi Allriea.— Piwteiited by Sir J. 6. Wil> 

BHSOM PABTEiBeB. PsEDDc cinerea, Laih. Te- 
pcfdiz, Lum. S. N. i. 276.— PL enl. 27. Stama 
rem, Botutp. P. damascena, Briss, T. roontana, 

e. Somersetshire. 

e. Devonshire. 

e. Cambridgeshire.^Presented by Mr. J. Baker. 

ale and chicks. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by 

J. Baker. 

▼arietj. Kent. — Presented by J. Planta, Esq. 

Young. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. 

Yoong. England. 

Hiicks. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. 


hdYE Partkidge. Arborophila olivacea, Hodgs. 
dix olivacea. Gray, in Griff, An, Kingd, — ///. Ind, 
Lu .P. megapodia, Temm. pi, col, 462, 463. 

Mile. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

Qng. Nepaul.— Presented by 6. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
female. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 


«s.~ Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

I'nnahiyah Mountains.— From Mrs, Warren's Collec- 


dactylisonans, Mei/cr, C. Etvropseus, *y 
garis, Jard. 

a. Somersetshire. — From Col. Montagu's Cc 
5. Young. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by] 
c. Chick. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by IW 
d~ — g, Nepaul — Presented by B* H, Hodgsc 
k, i. Nepauh — Presented by B, H. Hodgson, 
j, Himalayah Mountains. — From Mr* Leadl 

k, Africa, — Presented hv Sir W. Burnett and 

roy, H,N. 
/. India*— Presented by Gen, T, Hartlwicke* 
m. India.^ — Presented by W. Sotheby» Esq. 

n. -t 

0. — ? 

p. Africa? — Prejiented by Col. Sabine, RJ 
q. South Africa,— Presented by tlic Earl of 


Bonn. Tetrao Coromandehcus, GmeL S 
C. textilis, Temm, pi. col. 35. 

a. Male. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hot 
h. Female. Nepaul.— Presented by B. H, H< 

c. Indi:t. 

Thp PatltiiAT AW PAETItinr.F. CrVTItRWTvfl 


Iocs Quail. Connaaz anmondbli. S^ku, Ptoe. 
L St. \%M. \5S.—Tram9. ZooL Soe. n. u ft. 

Ibk. Ifadns^r—PreMnted by Walter Elliott, Esq., 

Midm. — ^Pretented by Walter Elliott, 

HoniTAnr QuAnu CoT uamx pentah, igjffe*, Proe. 
A 89e. 18SS. l5S.—Tnm9. ZoA. Soe. ii. t. 3. 

da. Madras.— Preaented by W. Elliott, Eaq., of 
■da. Madraa.— Preaented by W. Elliott, Esq., of 
Madras*— Preaented by W. Elliott, Esq., of 

Chixsss Quail. Coturnix Chinensis. Tetrao Chi- 
uis, Linn. S. N. i. 277. C. excalfactoria, Temm. 
Siaenais, Bonn. Edw. t. 2^7.— PL enL 126. f. 2. P. 
iniOensis, GmeL Synoicus ? Chinensis, Gould. B. of 
ittr. t. • 

ale. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
emale. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 


lie. China. — Presented by G. R. Gray, Esq. 

imale. China. — Presented by the Hon. East India 


male. China.— -Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

ale. South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 

icy Capt. G. Grey. 

rniale. South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 

ury Capt. G. Grey. 

New Holland Quail. Coturnix Australis, Temm. 
>rdix Australis, Lath. Ind, Suppl. xii. VieilL Gal. 
ii. t. 215. Synoicus Australis, Gould. B. of Austr. t. 

lale. Australia. 

. Female. Australia. 

Male. Murray River, S. Australia.— Presented by 

lii \Liee}}ency Capt. O. Grey, 

e. Female. Murray River, S. Australia. — Pre&en 

His Excellency CapL G. Grey» 
/. Murray Hiver, S. Australia* — Presented by 

celleticy Capt. G. Grey* 
g. Variety. South Australia.^ — Presented by C, ■ 

Fortimm, Esq. 

The Red-btlled Quail. Cotursix ervtbrorhji 
Sijkes. Proc, ZooL Soc. 1832. 1.53.^ Trans. Za 
n. t. 1. Graif, llltist, Ind. ZooL U f. S. 

cr. Madras, — Presented by W. Soiheby» Esq. 

The Gorget Quail. Coturnix pectoral is, Gouldi 
ZooL Soc, 1837. 8. Birds of Amir, t. 

fl. Male, New Holland. — Presented by Gen. T. 

h, Male. Van Diemen's Land.— Presented by 

Gunn, Esq. 

c. Female. New Holland.*— Presented by Gen* T. 

d, e. Males. Murray River, S. Australia* — Pi 
by His Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

/. Variety. South Australia, — Presented by C. D 
Fonnuni, Esq. 


The Andalusian Quail. Tuemix Andalusica 
Andalusicusi GmcL S, N. u 766. T. tachydro: 

a. b, Spain.— From Mr, Leadbeater's Collection, 

The FtGHTiNo Quail. Turnix pugnax, Stqftk. 
podius pugnax, Temm, Pig, et GalL iiu 612,^1 
61). f. 2. 

a. Male. Singapore ? — From Mr. Warwick's Colk 

b. Female* — From Mr, Warw^ick's Collection, 

c. Male, NepauL— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, J 

d. €, Female. NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodg 

J, g. Male. India. 

QlTAiL* Tir&Mix maculosa, StepA. He-^ 

ifteido«8% Temm, Fig, €t Gail uu 051* T« 

FmiL GalL Oi^, t. 217. j 

N^aiil, — ^Preserned hy B, H, Hodgson, Eiq* 
odi^ Nepaul — Preaented by B. H. Hodgmni 

Mm^ GmeL S, N. 1. ?67. Cotumix Madagascar!- 
piJfiJt.— i*/.m^. 171- ^ 

f— Presented by Capi* Sir E* Belcber, 

L*» TussiEx. Ti?»ifix BtiuumiBxu Hemipo- 

iik— Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 
IhpuiL — Presented by B. H. Hodmon, Esq. 
|Hg? Nep*uL— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

|L— Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

_ Afkican Turnix. Torkix lepurana. Or- 
pi leporana. A. Smithy lU. of Zool. of 8. Aft. t. 

Karidiane« S. Africa. — From tbe South African 

LcioiriAji Quail. Turnix ocellata. Oriolus ocel- 
li Scap. DeL Flar. et FauH. Sub. Tetrao Luzoni- 
■S GmeL S. N. i. 767. Hemipodius thoracicus, 
BH. Som. Voff. I. 23. 
Plulippiiie Islands. — From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

Varied Quail. Turnix varia, Vieill. Perdix 
OS, UUk. Ind. Om. lxiii.— PL col. 454. f. 1. 

Aastndia. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
■ek. Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land. — From 
r. Gould's Collection. 

Soatb Australia. » Presented hy His Excellency 
pL G. Greyr> 

The Chkstnut-backed Turkix. Turkix 

Gould, B, of Amir, L 

a* Female, Pori Essington, Australia*^ — Presented 

CapL W, Chambers^ R,N. 
6, Young. Australia* — From Mr. Crould*B Callectioi: 

c, Australia. 

The SwiPT-PLYiNo Turn IX. Turkix velox, GoM, 
of Austr\ t. . Hem i pod i us velox, Gould, Proc* 2 
Soc. 1840. 150, 

a, Male. Yarrundi, Australia. — From Mr. Gould*! i 

L €, Female, Yarrundi, Auatralia, — From Mr, Got 


d. Female. South Australia,^ — Presented by His £a 
lency Capt. G. Grey. 

e* Young. South Australia. — Presented by His E9 
lency Capt. G, Grey* M 

f Young. Mokai, Auatralia. — Froiu Mr. GouldlB 

g* Chick. Murray River, Australia. — ^From Mr, 

'is 9 

The Collared Pedionomus. Peoionomus torqui 
OoHia, i iVL\ ZooL Soc. 1840. lli.^ — Birds of 
P. microurus, Goidd, Proc. ZooL Soc, 1842, £0v 

a. b. Male. South Australia. ^Presented by His! 

lency Ctipt. G. Grey, 
c. d* e. Female. South Australia, — Presented by 

Excellency Capt, G. Grey. 
/. Young, South Australia.— Presented by His E: 

iency Capt. G, Grey. 

The Ckowned Partridge. Bolluxus roulrouh 

sianus roulroul, Scop, DeL Flor. et Faun, 1 
Columba cristata, Gmel, S. AT. 1. 774. Tetrao 
phyrio, Shanr, Tetrao viridis, GmcL female. Pe 
coronata, Lath, PL col. 350, 351. 

a. Male. Java. fl 

b. Female. Java. ^ 

c. Young. Java. — From Mr, Leadbeater's Collectioi 


He Black Rollulus. Rollulus niger. Cryptonix 
i^ger. Vigors^ Jowm. ZooL iv. 349. male. C. fer- 
ragiBeaty Leadbeater^ Linn. Tram. xyi. 349. female. 
C DoMoniieri, Lest. Belan, Fay. Ind. Or. u 7. male. 
Grmy, IIL Ind. Zool. t. . f. 1. female. 

& Hale. Sinnpore. — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 
L Female. Smgapore.— Presented by Gen. Thomas 

c Female. Singapore. — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 

The Malacca Fart&idge. Rollulus oceUatus. Tetrao 
oceUatnSy Rqffi. Lnm. Trans, xiii. 322. Gray, IIL Ind, 
ZooLu . 

4. Malacca.— Presented by the Hon. East India Com- 

LMaiacca. — From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

Tke Guiana Partridge. Odontophorus Guianensis. 
Tetrao Guianensis, Gmel. S. N. i. 767. Perdix den- 
tata, Temm. Odontophorus rufus, Fieill. Gal. Ois. 

I. South America.— From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

The Harkessed Orttx. Odontophorus capistratus. 
Ortyx capistrata, Jard. and Selby's III. Om. U 38. 

I. Brasil. — ^Presented by Lord Stuart de Rothsay. 


c? Young. Brazil. — Presented by J. Goulds Esq. 

The Starred Mountain Partridge. Odontophorus 
ttellatua. Ortyx stellatus, Gould. Proc. Zool. Soc, 
1842. 183. Gould's Monogr. of Orty. t. . 

^ ii Hale. Brazil. — Presented by Lord Stuart de Rothsay. 
k Female. Brazil. — Presented by Lord Stuart de 

The Mexican Mountain Partridge. Odontophorus 

[ *• Mexico.-.-From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 



The Virginian Pahtridge. Orttx Virginlanus, 
T£*trao Virginiamis aut T, Marilandjcus, Linn. S. U 
277* Perdix borealis^ T'effjm. H'th, Am. Orn.'vi^t' 
f. 2. T. Mexican us, I/mn. pLenL 149. Ortyx bore* 

a. Male. Nortli America. — Presented by Gen. T. i 

L Female. North America. — Presented by Gt 

Hard wicke. 
c. Female* Korth America. 

The SaiAtL Cresteb Ortyx. Ortyx parvicn status, 

Proc. ZooL Soc, 1843. 106. 

a. Male. South America. — From Mr. Leadbeater^i 


I. Female. South America. — From Mr. Leadbl 

The Black-necked Ortyx. Oktyx nigrogularis, 
Pmc. ZooL So€. 1842. 181. 

a. Mexico. — From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

SoNiNi's Quail. Ortyx Sonnini, Perdix S^ 
Temm, Pig. eL Gail in. 451.— PL col, 75. W 
Sonnini, Stcph, Coturnix fronte, &c., Journ, de K 
1712, Or. neoxenus, Pigors'l i. L 2, Enc^, 
t. 237. f, 4. 

a, &. Male. British Guiana. — From Mr. Schombi 

r. d* e. Female, British Guiana. — From Mr 

burgk's Collection. 

The Crested Quail. Ortyx cristatus, Tetrao i 
lus, Linn. S, N, u 277,— P/, enL 126. f. i. Or. 
minckii, Steph, Or. affinis, Vigon. ? 

a. Male, South America. 
6. Female. South America. 

The Californian Quail, Lofiiortyx Californicu^i. 
nop, Tetrao Californicus, Shaw's Nat, Aftsc^ t, 54l 

a. Male. California,— Presented by A, Menzies, Esq 
_h. Female. California,— Presented by A. Menzies, & 


(. Female. California. — Presented by Mr. G. Barclay. 
^Male. California.— Presented by Capt. Sir E. Bel- 

cFcnale. CAlifomia.— Presented by Capt. Sir E. Bel- 
Tk MixicAN Crested Partridge. Lophorttx elegans. 
Ortyx elegans. Lest. Cent, de ZooL t. 6 1 . Or. spilo- 
' gnter, Vigan, Proc. ZooL Soc. 1832 ? 

r <.k Mexico. — ^Presented by J. E. Gray, Esq. 

I b. Tbtraomimje. 

t Tk Wood Grous. Tetrao urogallus, Linn, S. N. u 
>: VS.-Pi. enL 73, 74. 

^ & k tf. Male. Norway. 
£ Female. Scotland.— From Donovan's Museum. 
L L Female. Norway. 

1W Hybrid Grous. Tetrao hybridus, Linn. Faun, 
8aee. No. 201. T. medius, Temm. T. intermedins, 
f Uagtdarf. Mem. Peter sh. iii. t. 14. T. urogalloides, 
i' iVUf. Spana. Mus. Carls, i. t. 15. 
; A Northern Europe. — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
!>'liNbrtliem Europe. — From Mr. Bartlett's Collection. 

[ Tk Spotted Grous. Tetrao Canadensis, Linn. S. N. i. 
^ t74.— P^ «/. 131, 132. T. canace, Linn, female. T. 
i F^anklinii, Dougl. Faun. Bor. Amer. t. 61, 62. Bonap. 
Am. Om. t. 20, 21. f. 2. female. 

«• k. Male. North America. — Presented by the Hud- 
iod's Bay Company. 

<>llak. North America. — From Mr. Audubon's Col- 

i Male. North America. --Presented by Capt. Sir G. 
Ihck, R.N. 

> Female. North America. — Presented by the Hud- 
ton's Bay Company. 

/ff. Female. North America. — From Mr. Audubon's 

■•Female. Northern Land Expedition. — Presented by 
Capt Sir G. Back, R.N. 


The Dusky Grous. Tetrao obscurua, Satf* 
Am. Orn. t. 18, Faun, Bor. Am, Birds, t. 59, 60, 
Richardson ii, Doug!, 

a. Male. 

L Norih America.^ — Presented by the Hudaoii' 


Nonh America* — Presented by J. Ric; 


The Co€K OF THE Plains, Cektroceecus uropha^ij 
Swains^ Tetrao uropbaaianiis, Bonap, Am, Onui 
f, K faun. Bor. Amer. t. 5S, 


a. Male* Kocky Mountains, North America. — Pn 

by the Hudson^s Bay Company. 
h. Female. Rocky Moimiainsi North America* — 

senied by the Hudson's Bay Company. 


The LoNO-TAiLED Grous. Centrocerccs pbasiant 
Swains, Tetrao phasianellus, Linn* S. N, i. 
Bonap, Am, Orn. t. 19, T. urophasianellus, Donq 

a. Hudson's Bay.— Presented by the Hudson's Bay J 


b. Northern Land Expedition. — Presented by C4 
G. Back. H.N. 



The Ruffed Gaous. Bokasa umbellus, Steph, T 
umbellus, Linn. S. N, i, 275, WtU, Am, Om- 1 
T. togatus, Linn. pL cnL lOi. T. umbelloide 
T. Sabinii, DougL 

a, h. Canada.^ — Presented by Mrs. W. P. Manger* 
c. North America. — Presented by the Hudson^ 


The Hazel Grous. Bon as a sylvestris, Brchm. K 
bonasia, Linn, pL enL 474, 476. T. canus? Gmei 
rupestrisj Brekm, B. betulina, SlrickL B, £ur< 


a, Male, Germany,— Presented by J. Gould, Et 
6. Male. North America, 
c. Female. North America. 



Black Coci. Lyruecs tutrix* Swains* 
rix, Linn, $, N. u S74, L 17i2, 173* 
|lk. Devonshire. — From Col. Montagu's Colleclion, 
Ilk. Norway,— Presented by J. G, Children, Esq. 
nude. Norway,^ — Presented by J, G. Children, Esq. 
Jnvick. Hybrid between the Black Grou^ and 
i- — Presented by His Grace the Duke of 
berland, K*G., &c., &c. 

Ud Groui. Laoopus Scoticus. Tetrao Scoticus, 
Jmd. Orn, ii. 6il. 

Scotland, — From CoL Montagu's Collect ion* 
Je- Scotland. — From CoL Montagu's CoUecticn. 

K'lujow GiLotrs. L ago pus albus. Tetrao albus 
uL S, N* I. 750. T. lagopus, Retz. T. subalpinuf, 
|b, T. Japponicusi Gmel, T, aaliceti, Temm. 

er. Sweden^^ — Pretented by Sir H. Davy, Bart., 

, Summer. Sweden. — Presented by Sir H. Davy, 

, Summer. North Bothnia. — From M. Wai- 
fs Collection. 
•t. North Bothnia.— From 31. Walbcrg's Col- 
North Bothnia* — From M. Walberg's Col- 
North Axnerica.^ — From BIr. Audubon's 
Oufig. North America, — From Mr. Audubon*s Col- 

jmtfm Northern Land Expedition. — Presented by 

tot. G. Back, R.N, 

Korth America. — Presented by the Hudson's Bay 


Mkiand Islands t—Presented by G. Bennett, Esq. 

llcxt^Aini Owovt. Laoofcjs Islandorum. Tetrao 
Mndorum, Fatter , 

fenter. Iceland. — From Mr, Leadbeater's Collection* 
Iriiif* keland*— From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection* 



The Ptarmigan Grous. Lagofus muius^ Leach, Te- % 

trao lagopus, Linn. S. N, 274. — PL enL 1^9, 494. L i 
alpinus, Nilf, L. vulgaris, yieill, T, rupestris, LtUk ,| 

a* Spring. Scotland. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq* ^ 
it. In change. Scotland. — From Col. Montagu's Col- 

c. Winter. Scotland. — Froni Col. Montagu's Colled 

d. Northern Asia. 

e. Northern Europe. — From Mr, Warwick*s Collectii 
/? Winter. 
g. Northern Land Expedition. — ^Presented by Capt, 

G. Back» R.N. 
L Northern Land Expedition,— Presented by Capt 

G. Back, R.N. 
». Winter. Port Bo wen. — Presented by Dr. P. Neill. 
k. In change. Falkland Islands?-- Presented by G. ~ 

nett» Esq. 
L In change. S pi tzbergen.— Presented by the 

High Admiral, K.G. 
m. Spring ? 

The KuNALEE Grous. Laoofus Persicus. 

a, Katpariah, Persia. — From Mr, Warwick's Colleciioo, 

e. Pteroclik^. 

The Pin-tailed Grous. Pterocleb akbata, Stepk, Ti 
trao akhata, Linn. S. N, i. 276. T. caudacu 
GmeL Pt. setarius, Temm. CEnas cata, FieilL^t 
enL 105, 106. Pt. caspius, Menetr. T. chata, Pai 

a* Male. ^Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
6. Female.— Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
C.Male, Spain. — Presented by Capt, W^iddemgio^ 

d. Female. Spain. — ^Presented by Capt WidderingtoOf 

e. Northern Asia.— From the Frankfort Museum. 


SaM]> GR<yi7S* pTicRoctES aretiarhis, Temm. Tetrao 
snriv^ PalL HeUe, in. 691>» Perdix aragonica, 
tk. PL coL 52, 53. Bonasa pyrenaica, Briss. 
* — Prwenied by Capt- Widdrington, R,N. 
ngootrs, HImalayah Mountains. 
Poftngal-— Presented by C. Braddyll, Esq. 

MiUe. Northern Asia. 
JH^w Nepa«l. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

AMAQUA Grous* Pteroci.Es namaqua. Tetrao 
[ua^ GmiL S. aV. i. 751. Pt. la chy petes, Tcmm, 

. Cape of Goofl Hope* — Presented by Gen, 
'einale. South Africa. — ^From the South African 

ao 1 

ramxai*s Oaous. Pterocles Lichtensteinii, Temm* 
cW, 555. 5C1. P. bkinctus. Lwht. 

North Africa* ^From Mr* Gould's Ctdlection. 
North Africa, — From Mr. Gould*s Col- 

Iocrlc-ba^'dedGrous. PTEROCLEsbicinctus, Temm, 
UL Gal, Ois. u 220, male. Pt. tricinctus, SjFamj. 
0f A/r. V feniale, 

ptc. Western Africa. — Presented by Major Hickeit. 
be* Gambia. — From Mr. He nd all's Collection, 
■nale. Gambia. — From Mr. RendaU's Collection. 

jriMAP Gftotrt. Pterocles fasciatus. Tringa fas- 
Sciffi* Del. Fior, et Faun, Inmb. Tetrao indices, 
Ifl. S, AV I. 755. P. quadricinctus, Tcmm. Jenl, 

Ind. Om, U 10, 
lit. — India. 
■ale. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

SmeiD Gaoirs. Pterocles exustus, Temm* pL cal^ 

$dO. Pc. Senegnlenaisj Llcht, 
*l^— North Africa. 
Feisale. — North Africa. 






d. Young Male. — North Africa, 

e. Male, E^^ypt,— Presented by J- Bowring» Esq. 
/, Male. Nep^iiiL— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 1 
g, Male, India.— Presented by Dr. Burns. 

The Vahieoated Sand Grous, Ptebocles vane 
BnrcL Tr. S. Afr. ii. 345. A. Smith, UL S^ 
ZooL B, t, 

fi. Male. South Africa. — From Mr. Leadbeater't ^ 


b. Female. South Africa, — From ]M* Verreaux' 

c. Young Male. South Africa. — From M, Vc 

The Sekeoal Gkods. pTEROcr.Es Senegalus. Td 
Senegalus, Linn. Mant. 1771. 52G. — Pi. enL 130, 
guttatusj LichL pi. €oi. 315. Pt. simplex, Lea, 

a. Female, 

h. Female. Egypt. — Presented by John Bowring* ] 

The Maskeu Sand Grous, Pterocles personatui, ( 
Vo^. Sufph. Zoot, t. 

fi* Male. Madagascar. — Presented by Capt. Sid 

Belcher, K.C., R.^. 
£^. Female. Madagascar. — Presented hy Capt. 

Belcher, K,C., R.N. 

The South African Sand Grous. gutfe 
A. Smith, liL ZooL S, Afr. t, 3, 31. 

a. South Africa.— Presented by the Earl of Derby. 

6. Male. South Africa. — From the South African Mo 

Cn Female. South Africa.— From the South 


The Hetebocijte Gwors. Syrrhaptes paradoxus, 
Tetrao paradoxus, PalL UL ir. 71:^, t. F. Syrr. ~ 
ail, Temm. pL coL 95. 

a, h. Northern Asia. 

c, «f. Northern Asia,^ — From M, Brandt's Collection. 

xus, it 


a. TuiNocoaiN^, 

iJir*i Tnii«ocoiiu$. Thinocorus Swainsonii, Lem 
kZooLu 16. 

it Andes? — From Mr. Bridges's Collection, 
ik t Andes ? — ^From Mr. Bridges*s Collection. 

'» TiiiNOCORUs. Thinocorub Orbignytanus, A 
tff Ae«i. Ctfwf. Zoo/, t. 49, 50. 

Chili. — From Mr. Bridges's Collection, 
Chili* — From Mr, Bridges^s Collection. 

hMjamntM. Qx\n.* Attagis Malouina, Tetrao Ma- 
Bodd, T. Falkkndica, Gmei S\ N, i. 762. 
L rnL 222. 

of Magellan ? —Presented by the Admiralty. 
U of Magellan, — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
, FiiZTO}\ R.N. 

Hermit Island (Antarctic Expedition), — 
fcbled by the Admiralty, 

L Chionidin^. 

^ifiTE Sheathbill.— CmoKis alba, Forsf, C. ni- 
b JDlmi* C. necrophaga, FieiiL C. Nov® Hol- 
V Temm. pL col, 509. Toy. de rCVaniV, Zooi. t, 

I of Magellan.— Presented by Capt. P. P. Kingi 

fe^f Magellan.— Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
M V. R.N. 

1 » Sound (Antarctic Expedition), — Pre- 

Ed by the Admiralty. 
W 8. Long, 56" W, (Antarctic Expedition).— 
mttd by the Admiralty, 




Chiokts minor, . 



a, 6, Adult. Kerguelen's Land (Antarctic Expediti 
— Presented by Lieut. A. Smith, R,N. 

c. Young. KergueleQ*s Land (Antarctic Expedition' 
Presented by Lieut, A, Smith, R.N, 

d, e, Kcrguelen's Land (Antarctic Expedition)* — 1 
senled by the Admiralty. 

y. Male* Kergnelen'a Land (Antarctic Expedition) 

Presented by the Admiralty, 
g. Female, Kergiielen's Land (Antarctic E^cpeditii 

— Presented by the Admiralty. ~ 


a, TiNAMIN.E. 


Tinamus rufescens, Temm. pL coL 40:2. Crypt 
guazu^ VtcUL R. fasciatusj Spix, 

a, h. c. South America.— Presented by Lord Stuart 
Rothsay, ^ 

d. Maldanado. — Presented by Sir W, Burnett and 
Fitzroy, R.N. 

The Variegated Tinamou* Tinamus variegatus, 

Tetrao variegatus, GmeL S. N. u 768.— P/. enL dHJ 

a, Brazil. 

fc. Brazil. ^Presented by John Edward Gray, Eaq, 

The Great Tinamou. Tinamus BrasilleDsis, Lath 
trao major, GmeL Cryptura magoua, FiVi7/* Pel 
serrattis, Spix^ Ai\ Br, 76, ^— 

a* 6. Cayenne. — From M. Cuoyi's CoUeciion. H 

c. South America. 

d. South America.^ — Presented by Gen. T, Hardwicke 

The Cinereous Tinamou. Tinamus 

Tetrao cinereus, GmeL S, N. i. 768. 

a. Cayenne. — From M, Cuoyj's Collection, 
b* South America. — From Mr. Leadbeater'i 



cinereus, La 





iM TiVAMOU. Tin AMDS pileattis. T, pileatat 
Tetrao »oui, GmeL S. N. u 768,— P/. enl, 

. jJLmerica. — From Mr, Leadbeaier's CoUectloii. 

iTAXArrATmAiioi?* TiKAnnstataupa, Temm, Pig, 
* " ai- 500, — BL col, 415. Pezus nmrnbu, SpU, 

t. • « *• 

3. — Pre*cnied by John Edward Gray, Esq, 

South America.— p From Mr, Leadbeater^s 

ED TisiAitOD. NoTHOEA iTiacuIosa^ Tioamus 
TVmns, Pig* et GatL nu 557, T, medius, 

b" America. — Presented by John Edward Gray, 

CsiuAJt ToTAMou. NoTHURA pcrdlcaria, G, H. 
Crrpturus perdicarius, A'ift/. Fo^» C^t^t, t. xii. 

umbo. — presented by Sir W, Burnett and Capt, 
BT, R.X. 

liso. — Presented bj Sir W. Burnett and Cspt. 

7, R.N. 

America.— Presented by Lieut. Maw, R.N< 

Oedeb IV. GRALL^. 


The Black Ostrich. Strdtiiio eanielus, Linn, 8*] 
2S5.^PL cnL 457. _ 

a. Cape of Good Hope. — From Mr. Gould 'a Collection. 
6. Half grown. — Presented by the Zoological Society. 

c. Young. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Geo* t* 

d. — g^ Very young. Cape of Good Hope. — Frorn Cspi 
Alejtander's Colkction, 

The Galeated Cassowary. CAscARitis emu. Lath, C 

galeattis, VkiU. Strulhio casuariusi Ziiir. S. N* 1 

265. ^ 

a. h, Indian Archipelago. ^| 

The New Holland Cassowary. Dromaius Not« Hw 
landia;. Casuartus Navse Hollandiae, Lath, [nd* Om 
II. ^^5^ Dr. ater, Vieill. Dr. emu, Steph. Dr. AB" 

stralis. Swains. ^^ 

a. From Mr. Cross's Collection^ .^^' 

h, c. Van Diemen's Land.— Presented by Ronald Ganflj 

d. Very young. Zoological Society's Garden* — Prt- 

sen ted by the Zoological Society. 

The American Emu. Rhea Americanar Lath, 
ihio rhea, Linn, S, A\ i. 966. 

a. South America. — From Mr. Leadbeaier's Collect] 
h. South America. — ^Frora M. Parrey's Collection* 
c. d. Chicks. South America. — From Mr. Argent's | 


B'Orbigny's Rhea. Rhea pennata, D'0/(>» Rhea] 
wini» Gould. Votj, Bcagte^ Zool, t. 

a. Dorsal portion of a skin. Chili. 




rZutLJJTD Apteryx, Aptehtx Atistralis, ^Adfif* 
U 1057, 1058, Dromiceius Novae Zea- 
, Leu, Apterous Penguin, Shaw, 

r Zealand* — Presented by the Earl of Derby. 
I^Newf Zealand. — Presented by Miss Rebecca 


New Zealand* — Presented by Mist Reb€cca 

c. Dtnmx, 
Dinus ineptus, Zmn. S. N, i. 267. 


t. liS, 166. 

'rom Dr, Orcir'a Collection, presented by the 
ll Society* 

of ibe bead in the Ashmolean Museum. — Pre- 
by Jobn Duncan, Esq. 



a. Otijj^, 

Otis tarda, Lmru S* N, t. 



K Europe. — From the Frankfort Museum. 
re- — From Col. Montagu's Collection, 
jy young. Europe. — From Mr. Tu€ker*8 Col- 

bTLS 6c7STAiu>. Oxis tetrax, Lirm. S, N» u 264. 

mL 10. 25, 

folk. — From Mr. Bullock's Museum. 

1, Devon.^ — From Col. Montagues Collection. 

from Mr. Argent's Collection. 

pii£tticD Bustard. Oti9 melanogastra, Rupp* 

Abyisinia.— From the Frankfort Museum. 

Iale« Abyssinia. — From the Frankfort ^M use urn, 

pile* Abyssinia. — ^From Mr. Leadbeater's Col* 

Africa. — From the South African Museum. 

The Ikbian Bustard. Otis Bengalensis, GmeL 
I. 724. O. Ilimalayana, Hgors. Gouhl, Cent, of Birii 
U 73, 74, 75. O. deliciosa, Gray, lil Ind. Zoo!, ( 
Edwards^ Birds, t. S50. O. a triceps, Gray ? in Gri^ 
A, K, 

a* Himalayah Mountains. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Col 

6, Male. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgsan, Etq. 

c. Female. NepauL — Pre stinted by B. H. Hodgsoft 

d. Male, Himalayah Mountains, — Presented by Gen. 
T, Hardwicke, 

e. Younj^ male. Hinialayali Mountains, 

/. Feinak\ Himalayah Mountains, — Presented by Dfc 

g. Female. Himalayah Mountains, 

The Senegal Bust Ann. Otis Senegalensis, Fieiil, Encf> 
Metk. 333. Ot. r!iaad, Itupp. Afonogr. t. (not Lath.) 
a< Africa.— Presented by Gen, T. Hardwicke. 

The BLt^E-Bi:LLrED BusTARn. Otis c^nilescens, fiM 
Enct/, Mtih. 334. Ot. ferox, J. Smkfi. Ot. caiA 
Lickt, Ms.^. 

a. b. South Africa.— From the South African Museum. 

c. cf. South Africa*— Presented by the Earl of Derby. 

ViGOEs' Bustard. Otis Vigorsii, A, Smith. Pm 
Zool, Sqc. 1830. 11. Ot. scolopacea, Temm, pL ccl 


a. h. South Africa. 

c. Young, South Africa. — From M, Verreaiut' Gil 

The Rufous-cuested Biistard. Otis rtilicrista, /■ 

SmHKHLZooL S\Jfr,u 4. 

a. Male. South Africa. 

b. Male. South Africa.- — From the South African Mo* 

c. Female, Soutli Africa.— From the South Africiii 


iRE^T.A&ED B COSTARD. Otis afrd, GmeL S. N. 

O* atra» Linn. Lath. Hist. \m. t. 134. Forst, 
med.u 133, 134. 

u South Africa, — From Mr* Gould's Collection 
lie. South Africa*— From Mr, Gould's Collectioiu 
U South Africa, — Presented by Qen, T. Hard 

South Africa, — Presented by Gen. T* Hard- 


^ South Africa. — From Capt Alexander*a Col- 


^ in change. South Africa. — From the South 
te Museum, 

AKDED Bustard. Otis afroldes, A> Smithy IlL 

W^'. 4fr, U 19. 

^■outh Africa.*^From the South African Mu- 



South Africa,— From the South African 

South Africa. — Presented by ihe Earl of 

irrrED Bustarx*. Houbara undulata. Psophia 
lata* Jiica, Fog, t. 9, Otis hotibara, Gmei* S. N, 

Ii^ieiU, Gal. des Oh. u £27. 
Egypt. — From Mr. Argent's Collection. 
Bpain.^ — From M. Parzudaki's Collection 



Ex't Bustard. Houbara Macqueeni. 
i, X E. Gray\% lit. Ind. ZooL t. 

ah Mountains. — From Mr. Macqueen*8 Col- 


HE^Ragk Bustarj>. Sypheotides auritus, Lrs$, 
aitritui. Lath. Ind, Orn, n, 668. Jard. and Selbus 
>nu t. 40. 9f. Ot. fidva, Sijkcx. O, indica» MdU 
ng^ Viitf* aax Irid» Orn. t. 10. 

U NepauL— 'Prenented by B. IL Hodgson, Esq. i 
e, in change. NepauL — Presented by B. Hj 
g»on, Esq. 

D 3 


c. Young male* Nepaul, — Presented by B. H. 
son, Esq. 

d. Female. Nepau!. — Presented by B. H. Hod 

e. Male. India* — Preaenled by Dr, Royle. 
/. g. Female. India. — Presented by Gen. T, 

A, L Male^ m change^ India. 

The Koai Bust Aiuj. Edpodoiis Kori. OtisKori, j 
Traiu S. Afr. u 393 and 40f . Rupp. Mmwgr, in ] 
Senckmb, t. 13* 

a. South Africa.— From Capt. Alexander's Collectio 

Edward's Bustard. Eupodotis Edwardii. Olis 
wardii, Gratf^ IIL Ind, ZooL l. Ot. nigriceps, 
Gould's CetiL Birds, t. Ot, lu^oniensis, yieili, ? 
N, Ouin. t. 86? 

a. India,— Presented by Walter Elliott, Esq., of Wc 

The Arabian Bustard. Eupodotis Arabs, Lett, 

Arabs, Lmn, S, iV. i. 264. Edn aids' s Birds^ t*' 
Riipp. AtlaSf U 16. O, Abyssinica, Gray 1 iit 

a. Male» Abyssinia. — From the Frankfort Mii&eun 
6, Female, Abyssinia. — From the Frankfort MitseM 

Denham's Bustard, Eupodotis Denhanii. Oift 
hami, Childr. and Fig or s, Grtff. An, Kingd, t. 

a. Central Africa.— Presented by Major Denham. 

Ludwio*s Bustard. Eupodotis Ludwijjii. Otis LuiJ 
wigii, Riipp, Monogr, in Mas* 6'cficknib, u H, 
Coleii, A, ^Smith. 

a. Female. 

South Africa.— From the South Ati 

Stanley's Bustard, Eupodotis ruficolhs. Otis 
collis, Cm, IVngL Ot. Caffra ? Lkfu, Ot. Sttu-I 
leyi, Gray, 

a. Male, Cape of Good Hope. 

OTIDA. 6& 


Jht Thick^kkeed Bustaed. GBdicnemus crepitans. 
Chanidrius oedicnemus, Ztiui. S» N, i. 255. — PL enL 

^ % Wfltsbire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
& Toung. Cambridgeshire. 

c YouDff. Norfolk. — Presented by J. Scales, Esq. 
A Chicks. Cambridgeshire. ^Presented by Mr. J. 

c; Europe. 

/* Young. Germany. 
g. India. — Presented by Dr. Bums. 
A. i. NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

TW Seheoal Thick-knee. (Edicnemus Senegalensis, 
Anmm. B. of W. Afr, II. t. OE:. affinis ? Rnpp, 

«. Gambia. — ^From Mr. RendalFs Collection. 
A.f Quorra. (Niger Expedition.)— ^Presented by Mrs. 
Hejwood, and Capt. Allen, R.N. 

TW Natal Thick-knee. GBdicnemus Natalensis. 

«. lu Natal. — From Dr. Krauss's Collection. 

The American Thick-knee. (Edicnemus bistriatus. 
Charadrius bistriatus, IVagl, Jsis^ 1829. (E. vocifcr, 
rHerm. Mag. de ZooL 18^7. Oh. t. 84. (E. Ameri- 
canna. Swains. 

•. British Guiana. — From Chev. Schomburgk's Collection. 

The HioH-LEGGED Plover. (Edicnemus grallarius. 
Charadrius grallarius aut C. frenatus, Lath. Ind. SuppL 
(E. longipes, f <>i//. pi. col. 386. 

a. South Australia. — Presented by His Excellency Capt. 

G. Grey. 
i- Australia. — Presented by Lady Carrington. 

The Spotted Thick-knee. (Edicnemus maculosus, 
Temm. pL col. 1^92. O. grallarius^ Tcmm. O. Capen- 
sis, Lickt. 

a. Cape of Good Hope. — From Dr. Krauss's Collection. 

^. Cape of Good Hope. 




The Curve-billed Bustard. Esacus recuririrosti 
Less, (Edicnemus recyrvirostris, Cue. Carvanacai 
Pseudops grisea, Hodgs, 

a. Male* Nepaul. — Presented by B* H, Hodgson, Eaq. 

5. Young ? Nepaul. — Presented by B. H, Hodg^oc^ 1^ 
Esq. U 

c. Boo Can. — Presented by the Hon, Kast India Companf^ ' j 


The CiiruAN Dotterel. Oreophilus totanirostriit J 
GoM, Jard, and Sethi's IlL Orn. t. 151, ^ 

a* L ChilL— Presented by Charles Crawley, Esq, ^ 

c. Female. Falkland Islands (Aniarctic Expedition)*— ' 
Presented by the Admiralty, 

The Egyptian Plover. Pluviantis ^Egyptius, StrM 
Charadrius jEgyptius^ Linn. S. N, i. 254, P. chloro- 
cephalus^ Fieiii. C. melanocephalus, GmeL Amnw- 
ptila charadrioides, Swa'ins. Cursor charadrioidtt* 

a* Egypt. — Presented by J. Burton, Esq. V 

6. c. Egypt. — Presented by W. B. D. Turnbull, Esq, 

The Cream-coloured Courser. Cuhborius Gallicoir 
GmeL C^ Europfeus, LatL C. Isabel linns, Mctfer* 

a, St Alban's. — From Mr, Donovan's Collection. 
6. Africa. 

c. Egypt. — Presented by W. B. D. Turnbull, E«q. 

d. Egypt. — Presented by J* How ring, Esq. 

The Senegal Courser. Cursorius Senetralensis. Ti* 
chydromiis Senegalensis, Licki* C. Temminckii, Swatnh 
ZooL ///. t. 106. C. Asiaticus, Temm, Swaim, Btrii 
of M\ Afr. II, t. 24. 

a. Gambia. — From Mr, Rendairs Collection, 

The CoRoMANDEL ComsER. CuitsoRius Coroiijandelicm. 
Charadrius Coromandelicus, GmeL S. N, 605. (X 
Asiaticus, Lath, C. frenatus, WagU pL €fiL B^t 
Tachydromus orientalis? Swains, 

fl. ? 

b, Ncpaul — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 


m Cape Courser, Cl'rsorixjs Capensis, Cursorius 
Bmnotnckit (Sn:ains.) j4. Smith. Tachytlromus Capen- 
nt, Sftains, T * B u r c h e ] I i i ? Swa tn t. 

Iklde. Cape of Good Hope.— *- From the South African 


Fitmal€« Cape of Good Hope. — From the South 

Africui Museum. 


Tewtm, Man, d*Orni(h, Jard. and Selbyn Orn, HL t. 
TaehydromuB colJaris;, VitilL Ch, grallator, Leadb. 

Sotttb Africa. — Presented by the Earl of Derby. 
Cftpe of Good Hope. — Presented by Gen. T, Hard- 

Cape of Good Hope, — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
Cape of Good Hope. — From the South 
n Mu»eum. 

C^ipc of Good Hope. — From the South 
ican Museum. 

\ PuarLE- WINGED CouasEa* Cursorius cha1copteru«, 

\ Africa*— From the South African Museum, 
cL Glareolikje* 

AcflTRALiAK Pratincole. Gl areola pratincolat 
Hirundo pratincola, Linn, S, N, t. 315. G. 
Jtaca, n«evia et Senegalensia, GmeL G. torquata^ 
r, pL enl. 882. 
obid, — From Mr. Rendaira Collection. 

Koarn African Pratincolf. Glareola limbata. 


etta* — From the Frankfort Museum, 

19191*1 Peatincole. Gl areola Nordmanni, Fuck, 
iljofqitata« (Meyer) A* Smith, G. praiineola, PalL 

South Africa, — From the South African Mu- 

l Africa? — Preaented by Gen. T. Hardwicke* 
loilQtaiDS.-i—From M. Brandt's Collection. 




Leach^ in Linn. Trans, xiiu t. 13, f* 1,2. 

a. Java. — Presenied by the Hon. East India Compny. 

b. Australia?— Presented by the Linnean Society. 

c. Young. NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodgsofi, 

The Indian Phatincole, Glareola lactea* Tet 
coL 3Bd. 

a. NepauK— Presented by B. IL Hodgson, Esq. 
6, Young. NepauL — Presented by B. H. He 

c. d. India. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

The RtiFocs'KAPEij Prat!Ncole. Glareola 
Fms. Proc\ Zui^L Soc* 181. 

a. ft, Quorra* (^Niger Expedition). —Presented by 
Hey wood and Capt. Allen, R.N. 

The Great-footed Pratincoi^e. Glareola megap 

a» Young. Quorra. (Niger Expedition).— Present© 
Mrs. Hey wood and Capt- Allen, R.N, 

e, Cuaradrinje. 

The Grey Sandpifek. Squatarola helveucii, 

Tringa helvetica ant T* squatarc»!a» Linn* \''anellui^ 
melanogaster, BechsL Charadrius hypomelas, Pd*" 
C. pardela, Pall. 

a. Male. Bristol .--From CoL Montagu's Co) lection^ 

b. Pemakj in winter, Bristol. — From CoL Monta 

c. In change. Great Britain. 

d. Winter, — BristoL 

e. Epping. — Presented by IL Donhleday, Esq. 
/, India. — Presented by Gen. T, Hardwickf. 

f\ Young Male. — From Mr. Argent's Collection, 
i NepauL — Presented by B. II. Hodgson, Esq. 

OTlDi£. C3 

D'UkViLle's Sandpiper. Squatarola Urvillii. Tringa 
Unrillii, Gam. ZooL Voy. de la Coqu. Vanellus 
ciiietiis» Less. Voy. de la Coqu, t. 45. (Jharadrius ru- 
beoola, ^^'t ^^fd. and Seihy's III. t. 110. Ch. mo- 
desfos, WagL 

«• South America. — Presented by the Admiralty. 

k Valpftraiao.— ^Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 
Fitsroy, R.N. 

Ci Maxwell's Harbour, Hermite Island. — Presented by 
Lieut. A. Smith, R.N. 

A Male. Maxwell's Harbour. (Antarctic Expedition.) 
—Presented by the Admiralty. 

cBerkeley Sound, East Falkland. (Antarctic Expedi^ 
tion.) — ^Presented by the Admiralty. 

/•Male. ? (Antarctic Expedition.)— Pre- 

sented by the Admiralty. 
[ f . Female. Falkland Islands. (Antarctic Expedition.) 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

Tbe Lapwiko Sandpiper. Vanellus cristatus, Meyer, 
Tringa Tanellus, Linn. S. N, i. 248. V. gavia, Leach, 
fL enL 242. 

«. Wiltshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

i. China. — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

e. Europe. 

4, Young. Cambridgeshire.— Presented by Mr. J. Baker. 

«.— ^. Chicks. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. 

4. Chicks. Europe.— ^From Mr. Tucker's Collection. 
■• Male. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
J. Young. >iepau]. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

The Catxhnb Sandpiper. Vanellus Cayanensis. Parra 
Cayanensis, Gmel, S, N. i. 706. Charadrius lampro- 
ootus, Wagl pi. enL 836. 

«. Valparaiso.— -Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 

Fitxroy, R.N. 
&. Maldonado.— Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 

Fturoy, R.N. 
«. British Guiana. — Presented by Che v. Schomburgk. 



The Gregarious PLOVEa. Chettusia gregaria, B< 
Charadrius gregarfiis, Pa!L Rene, j. 45G. T. kep- 
tusclika, Le])€ch. T. fascia ta^ Gmel<. III. Ind. ZooL t 

a* Male. — ^Northern Asia. 

6. Altai Mountains. — From M. Brandt's Collection. 

c, GaDgoutra, HimaJayah Mountains. 

The Wreathed Plover. Chettusia? coronata« Chi*' II 
radrius coronatus, GmeL S. N. u 691.^ — PL enL 800k. i 
C. atricapiila, GmeL ? I 

a. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Gen. T* Hai4>i| 

wteke. % 

L Cape of Good Hope. V* 

c. Young female. Cape of Good Hope. — From M. Vef^^ 

reauit' Collection. I 

The Black-winged Pioyer. Chettusia? melanopten* " 
VaneKus melanopterus, Riipp. Atlas^ t. 3 1 . . ^ 

a. Abyssinia. — From the Frankfort Museum, 
6. Cape of Good Hope. — ^Presenied by A. G, Campb 

The Spur-wikged Plover^ Hoplopterus spinosus^ , 
nap. Charadriua spinosus, Linn, S* N, i. f 56* ViJ. 
oellus nielasomus, Swains, C, cristatus ? Slepk* 

a. b, Egypt.— Presented by J- Bow ring. Esq, 
c, d. Presented by W. B. D. Turnbull, Esq. 
e. Gambia* — From Mr. Rend&irs Coltection. 

The Bl ACE-BELL I Eo Plover. Hoplopterus vefttj 
Pluvialis Senegalensis armatus, Brhs, Om,Y.i* 7»fi( 
Charadrius ventralis^ Jf'agl. Gray^s IlL Ind, ZooL I 
Cb- Senegalensis, Steph. 

a. 6. NepauL— Pre&ented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

The White-hkaded Plovek. Hoplopterus arma£ui« 
Charadrius armatus» Burc/u Jard. and Selbif's IfL Orn, 
t. 54- Ch. albiccps, Temm, pL coL 526* 

a. Male. South Africa* — From M. Verreaux' Cc 

6. Young male. Latakoo, South Africa. — ^Froni M. V»- 

reaux' Collection. 

4rEinrB Ptoses- HoFtOFrexos CtjAoiu* Clia^ 
Ciffttiits^ Inih, IfuL u. 7 AT. — PL enL BSS. 
' WagL 

i kmmncn- — From Mr. Leadbeater's Callecdon* 

k^&«»rrr^B. LoBiVA^^tLLtm Goco&is, StrickL 
litis, Gm. S, JV. I. 706. Cbara^riut atrogu- 

WdgL PL enL mr. 

L — Presentfi^d by Gen- T. Hardwicke. 
-Presented by Dr. Burn a. 
sttU— Presented by B, H, Hodgson, Esq, 
t Arcliipelago* — From Mr. Cuming's Coileciion* 

IiBiAM Plover. Lobivaisellvs tricolor. Vanellus 
iteTu«, Car. V, tricolor, Hotm/^ Linn* Trans, 
dL Ch. cuciillatui, Ttmm. pL col. 505. 

lltn*— Presented by the Hon, East India Company^ 
fli^ Archipelago.— From the Ley den Mnseum* 

kSisr£GAt Sandpiper* Lobiva^^ellus Senegdus. 
■bm Senegila, linn. S, N, l. 259^— PL enL 362. 
pSfedJui albtcapiilus, Vie'tU^ V, strigilatus^ Swaim* 

^ Gamhia.^ — From Mr. Kendall's Collectioti. 

he BucK-smED Plover. Lositanxllui lateralis. Ya- 
BAu lateralis, J. Smith, IIL ZmL &\ Jfr, u 

|C^ of Good Hope,— From the South African Mu- 

WATTtto Sakopipei. Lobivanellus lobatus^ 
lobata, LatL fnd, SuppL Vanellus Nov» 
tliae, Sieph^ V, galUnaceus, Temm. Jard, mnd 
f ni Orn. t. 84. GouUtM B. of Justr. U 

^th Aa&tralia. — Presented by Hii Excellency Capt. 

Cf. Grey. 
tFffmle, Murray River, S.Australia. — Presented by 

Hit Eicellency Capt- G. Grey. 
^ South Australia. — ^From Mr. Harvey's Collection. 


The MitsKCD Pw)T¥E. LomTAHELLrs personatus* < 

B. of AuMtr, t. 
a. Iklde, Port Esstogton. — Preseoted by Cap 

Chambers, R.N, 
6. FetnaJe. Port Essingtoo. — Presented by Cap 
Chambers. R.N\ 


cephalus. Charadrius mekaocephalus, GmeL S, 
692.—P/. enL 918. 
a. AbyssiDia.^From the Frankfort Museum. 

The Hooded Plover. Sarciophorus pileatus, SU 

Charadrius ptleatus, Gm, S, N, u §91.— P/. eni 
a« Maie. Abyssinia.— From Dr. Ruppeirs Collectid 
fr. Female. Abyssioia,^ — From Dr. Ruppeirs Coltei 

The BiLoBATE Sakdptper. Sarciopuorus bi]obus« 
radrius bilobus, GmeL S, N, u 69 L — PL enL 88C 

a. Indian Archipelago,— Presented by Gen, T, 

6. Java. — Presented by the Hon. East India Comj 

The Black-breasted Peewit. Sarciophorus pect 
Gould, B. of Jtistr, u Charadrius peccoraJts, 

C, tricolor, PleilL 
a. Male. South Australia. — Presented by His Exc 

Capt. G* Grey. 
6. Australia.^-^From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

The Banded RED-itHRS. Erttheoookts cinctus, 

Birds of AtutT* u 
a. Female. Murray River, South Australia. — Pre 

by His Excellency CE-jpi. G, Grey. 
6. New South Wales.— From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

The Golden Plover, Charadrius pluvial is» Lh 
JV. u 254.— PL erd, 904. Pluvialis aurea, Ma^ 
Ch. apricarius, GmeL Ch. aumtus, Me^. and Wtl^ 
a. Dartmoor, — Presented by P. Ilbert, Esq. 
6. Great Britain.— Presented by R, Scales, Esq, 
c. Young Male. Eppmg,^ — Presented by H. Double 


d^ Female. Epping. — Presented by H, DoubledayJ 
e* Cambridgeshire. — Pre:»ented by Mr. J. Baker. 


n Plover. Charadrius VirginicuSj Bechit, 
tft, B'iU, Am, Orn. u 59. f, 5, C. tnariuoFa- 
Wagi. C. pectoralis, FietlL 

I America* — Presented by ttje Hytlson^s Bay Cora* 

rtlseni Ejipediiion* — Presented by the Admiralty, 
lem t*and Expedition,— Presented by Capt, Sir 
ick. R,N, 

— Presented by tbe Hon, East India Company. 
erm. — Presented by tbe Hon. East India Company. 

Ewingtoti. — Presented by Capt. W, Cbanibers, 

t Town, Van Dieroen's Land, — From Mr. Gould's 


[epnuL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq, 

|em Asia, 

lEeakiML— Presented by Miss R. Stone. 

SKT Plover. Cuaradrius obscurus, GmeL S* N* 
L C- glareola, Font, Icon, med, t. 122. 

It Egmont, New Zealand. — Presented by the New 
pd CompAQy* 

iro€u Plovir, Charadrius fulvusi Gmel, S* if. 
^ C, glaucopts, Forst, Icon, ined, t. 123. 

Iftr Island^ South Sea.— Presented by Capt. Sir E. 
ler, C,B., R,N. 

PTTERRL Ployer. Eudrohias morineUa^ Bote. 
Idnoa roorinelltts, L\nn, S, N. u 25 K — PL coL 
C- sibiricus, LepecH, C tataricua, Pali, 

U Livetpool, — From Col. Momtagu's Collection. 
IL Cambridgeshire, — Presented by Mr- J. Baker. 
kahkre. — From CoU Montagu's Collection. 

t Britain t 
\ Asia. 


The Asiatic Dotterel* Eudromias Asiadcus^ 

2?/, Charadrius Asiaticiis et C. Caspius, Pail. Reii 
!!♦ 715. C. jugularis. IVagL 

a. Male. Northern Asia, 

A. Female. Nonliem Asia. 

c. Altai Mountains.— From M. Brandt^s CoHectioaJj 

The Van Diemkn's Land Dotterex. EudromiasI 

thocheilus. Charadrius xanthocheilus, IVagL Syi 

fl. Female. Van Diemen'« Land. — ^Preseoted bjfi 

Gunn» Esq. 
h* Male. Van Diettien's Land, — Presented by R. God 


c. Female. Van Diemen's Land (Antarctic Expedition 
— Presented by the Admiralty. 

Tiie Australian Dotterel. Eudromias Austnll 
Gouldy Birds of Ausir, t. | 

a. South Australia, — Presented by his ExcelleDcy Gif 
G. Grey. 

The Ringed Plover, Hiaticula torquata. Charadril 
hiatkula, Linn* 5. N\ i. 253. C. lorquata, 
H. annulata, G. R, Gray. 

a. Male. Carmarthen. — From CoL Montagu's 

b. Female, Carmarthen. — From Col. Montagu's Cotln 


c. Carmarthen.— From CoL Montagu's Collection. 

d. Great Britain. — From Col. Montagues Colkciion. 

e. Great Britain. i 
/ Hay ling Island. -^Frfsented by J, W. Tyndale, Eifj 

The CuRONiAN Plover* Hiaticula curonica. Chmi 

drius minor, Mey, and H\ C. curonica, B^sekCy Sd 
der BerL NaL Ges. vii. 463. C, fluviatilis» Becki 
C. hiaticula, PaiL C. intermedius, Memlr. Ct Jfl* 
tus, Swains. 

a. Northern Asia. 

b. c. ? 


OTID«. 69 

d, e. Gambia. — From Mr. Rendall's Collection. 
fm Nepaal. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

The Kevtish Plover. Hiaticula Cantiana. Charadrius 
Cantianus, Lath. Ind, Suppl. lxvi. C. littoralis, Bechst. 
C. adbifroDs, Meyer and Wolf. C. Alexandrinus, 

•<■ c. Great Britain. 

A— ^ NepaoL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

She South Aveicam Plover. Hiaticula tricollaris. 
Charadrius tricollaris, FieilL N, Did. H. N. xxvii. 
147. C. bitorquatus, Licht, C. indicus. Lath.? 

mm Cape of Good Hope. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

IL Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Dr. Lee. 

K. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by A. G. Campbell, 

South African Plover. Hiaticula marginata. 
Chsradrius marginatus, VietU. N, Diet, H. N, xxvii. 
158. C. leucopolius, Wagl. 

Africa. — From Dr. Krauss's Collection. 

• ? Hiaticula 

«• (Niger Expedition). — Presented by Mrs. Heywood 
aad Capt. Allen, R.N. 

The Mongolian Plover? Hiaticula mongola. Cha- 

radrioa mongolus ? Pall. Reiser in. 700. 
«. China — Presented by J. Reeves, Esq. 

Ifte ? Hiaticula ? 

;«. Philippine Islands. — From Mr. Cuming*s Collection. 

pBksa's Plover. Hiaticula meloda. Charadrius hiati- 
f. cda, Wils. Am. Orn. t. 37. f. 3. C. melodus, Ord, 
> Bomap. Am. Om. i. 24. f. 3. C. Okeni, IVagl. 

\m. North America. 

; 4. New Jersey. — Presented by J. Audubon, Esq. 
•• Northern Land Expedition. — Presented by Capt Sir 
G. Back, R.N. 

I ^ 

70 or mm. ^^H 

^ WitsoN^s Plover. Hiaticula WiJsonr. CharamB 


Wilson's Plover. Hiaticula WiJsonr. Chan 
Wilsonius, Ord, Wilsoti. Am. Orn, I. 73. £ 5 
crassirostris, SpU, 

a* North America. 

6. c. North America. — Preseoied by J. Audubon, Ei 

The American Ring Plover. Hiaticula semipalmal 
Charadrius semipalmatus, Kaupt Isis* 18:35. — -Boi 
Am. Orn. t. 25. f. 4. 

IX. North America. 

b. South America. 

c. Rio Janeiro* — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and CjJ 
Fitzroy, R.N. 

The Double-banded Ploveb* Hiaticula 

Charadrtus bifasciatus, Lichi, C» trifasciatus, H'a^ 

a. Port Si. Julian, South America.— Presented by Sii 
Burnett and Capu Filzroy, R.N. 

Azaba's Plover, Hiaticula Azarae. Charadriusj 

Temm^ pL coL 18-k C. collaris, P'tedL Mbatuiti 
collief noir, Azara^ 392. 

a. South America. 
h. British Guiana,— Presented by Che v. Schombu^ 

The ? Hiaticula ? 

fl. South America, Chili ?-=Froni Mr. Bridges'a Co 

b. Female.— Presented by J, Gould, Esq* 

c. South America, Chili.— From Mr. Bridges's 


The ? Hiaticula — ^-— ? 

a. South America, Chili ? 

b. South America, Chili ? — From Mr. Bridges's CoB 

The Hooded Ring Plover. Hiaticula monacha. 

radrius monachus, Geoffr. C. cucullatus, FieilL 

fl. Australia. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

b. Australia. — From Mr* Turner's Collection, 

c. New Holland,— Presented by R- Brown, Esq. 



I>-B1ABKD Plover. Hiaticijla ruficapilla. Cha- 
i rutic^piUuS) Tcmm, pL coL 47- f. 2. C. niar- 

^Fm Diemen's Land. — Presented by R. Gunn, 

I Bhp MiTEP Plover. Huticula nigrifrons* 
KT^grifrons. Cur. PL coL 47. f. 1. C. me- 

, VkilL 

Atiitralia. — Presented by His Excellency Capt. 


K South Australia.-— Presented by Hia Excel- 

^pi. C Grey. 

iralia. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
ralia, — Presented by Lady Carrington. 

%T Plover, Hiaticola vocifera. Charadrius 
Its, Zrinn. S* N, I. ^53. C. Jainaiceiisis, GmeL 
iiatus, Linn. WIU, Am, Orn, t. 59, f, 6. 

America, — Presented by J. Audubon, Esq, 

rn Land Expedition.— Presented by Capt. Sir 

k. R.N. 

—Presented by W. Cottle, Esq. 

itca. — From Mr* Leadbeater^s Collection, 

i^*— Pnesented by John Taylor, Esq. 

nr-cmowxED Plover. Htaticula Falklandica. 
rlufi Falklandicus, Lath^ Jnd, lu 747. C. on- 
us, H'agL PortL Foy, t- at p. 36, C. pyrrho- 

iuis, East Falkland. — Presented by Lieut. A. 

lie Bay, East Falkland (Antarctic Expedition). 
cnted by the Adniiratty. 

Falkland Islands (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 
by the Admiralty. 

. Falkland Islands (AnUrctic Expedition)* — 
ted by the Admiralty. 
Ineriea. — Presented by the Admiralty. 



^. Great Brltam, 

b. Great Britain. 

c. Young. Great Britain 

d. Young. Northern Asia* 

The Brown-backed OysxER-CATCHER. H.cmatoi 
liatus, Tt-mm, Man, dtOrn, lu 5$2*^-Jard, a, 
IlL Orn. n* s. t. 7. 

a. North West Coast of America. — Presented by 
E, Belcher, C.B., R.N 

The White-footeb Oyster-Catcher. H^hatoI 
cop us, Gam. Ann, dci Set, Nat, 1825, H. 1 

a. South America, — Presented by the AdmiraUy 

b. Terra del Fuego. — Presented by Sir W. Burni 
Capt. Fitzroy» R.N 

The New-Holland Oyster-Catcher. H^matoi 

girostris, Vkiii, N, Diet, x v. p. 410. H. pi cat 
gorsy King's Voy, Justr, App, H, Australi 

a, Male. South Australia, —Presented by His 
lency Capt. G, Grey. 

b, Australia. 

4*. //- Prirt Ksfiinfrtnn. — PrPSPntpH Viv C.ftnt W Pki 


s Onn»-CAXCKSB. ILbhaidpos niger, Cw. 
f». t. S4. H. Mer^ VmIL OoL de$ Ws. 250. 

t of Good Hope. 

pfHDi OrsTSBXATCSsm. HiDfATOPUi miiooior, 
tftf. IFflffl. /««, 193% p. 1230. 

cdand.* — Pretentcd bj tbe New Zealand Com* 

joBBff. South lahmd. Hontman's Abralhoa. — 
If r. Goii]d*8 CollectioD. 

Fam. 3. ARDEIDJE. 


iiUAK Cabiam A. Cariama ciistata, Cuv. Pa- 
ia criaUiU« Lhm* S. N. i. 232. MicrodactyJos 
rarii, Geoff. Dicholophus cristatas, III. Temm. 
. 237. Lophorhynchus saurophagus, Vieill. 

America. — Presented by Lieut. Maw, R.N. 

Lx>-BmBA8TED TRUMPETER. PsopHiA Crepitans^ 
S. N. I. 286. Grus Psophia, PaU. pL enl. 169. 

1 America. 

h Ooiana. — Presented by Chev. Sebomburgk. 


Ii America. 

iTssimAK Erodt. Dromas ardeola^ Payk. pi. 
S62. Erodia ampbilensis, Sab. 

e. India.— From Mr. Pellerin's Collection. 

e. India.— Presented by Capt. Sir E. Belcher, 


^. India. 

mle. India.— Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

.--.L^l.i.i. -" V -_ :;i /;. r»i. 769. 
!:--.:»-: — J-.-n Mr Tin-ir * Colkcnon. 

-.1 : u: =.* - i-^v 1 

Gi:« Asoericani, BrinJ 
::i Annrri:.!. I n i >. .V. :. 254. A. CmI 
: !• ■^^.:::^ Gr^ S:n::h:o ct G. (M^ioei 
- ^-::-. -:. ] 

*» --_: _Ar;«ir:L 
: :.:;; N.rJi .KzL^^.zi. —From Mr. Audabnli 

N.-'-.r: LLT-i EsTn£::>r.— Presented by ' 
.- 3a;: i- ?: V 

«:» -.^ v^i.^^• r--.:> icucojeranus, Pali 

AftDEIDiE. 75 

[NG-HECKXD Crane. Grus torquata, VieilL N. 
<f Hist. Nat.— Gal. des Ois. t. 256. 

EXousLLE Heron. Anthropoioes virgo, Vieill. 
a virgOy Litm. S. N. i. 234. Grus numidica, 

toL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
[.—Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
bem India. — From Col. Cobbs's Collection, 
ig. South Africa. — From M. Verreaux* Collec- 

t's Crane. Anthropoides paradisea. Ardea 
lisea, Licht. Cat. 28. Anthr. Stanleyanus, Vigors, 
Jaum. VI. t. 8. 

South Africa. 
1 Africa, Cape of Good Hope. — From M. Ver- 
:' Collection. 

DOWNED Crane. Balearica pavonine, Vigors. 
a pavonina, Linn. S. N. i. 233.— PL enl. 265. 
ies. Ois. t. 257. 

1 Africa. 

iTTLED Crowned Crane. Balearica regulorum. 
regulorum, Licht. 

I Africa. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
i Africa. 

c. Ardeinje. 

lEAT Heron. Ardea Herodias, Linn, S. N. i. 
Ardea Hudson ias, Linn, (female). fVils, Am. 
I. 65. f. b.^Edw. Birds, t. 135. (female.) 

1 America. — From Mr. Audubon's Collection, 
ca Sound. — Presented by Mr. G. Barclay. 

.ROE White Heron. Ardea occidentalis, Aud. 
of Amer. t. 

Florida. — From Mr. Audubon's Collection, 
le. Florida.— Presented by H.R.H. the Duke 
mtx^ K.G., &c., &c., &c. 

The Cocoi Herqh. Ardea cocoi, Linn^ S, N, t 
A. palliata, ///. A. csenxlescens et A. Soco, Fm 
A. maguarij Spix. A^. Br. t. 90. A. major, Moi 

a* Straits of Magellan .^ — Presented by the Adrniraltd 
6. South America. — Presented by Lieut, Maw, R.N^ 
c* Younr;* Bay of St. Joseph, East Fatagonia.- 

sented by Sir W, Burnett and Capt, Fitzroy, RJ 
d. Young. British Guiana.— From Chev. Schomb 


The Great Indian Heron. Ardba nohilis, Biutk,i 
of Nat. HisL 18H, p. * A. insignis, Hodgt, 

A, typhon* Tetnm. ? pi. col. 475 ? 

a, b, Nepaul — Presented by B, H. Hodgson, E»q. 

The Common Heron. Ardea cinerea, Linn, S^ N. 
A. major* GmeL A. cristata, Brhs, A. rh 

a, Male. Devonshire* — From CoK Montagu's 

A. c. Female. England, 
^. Young or female. Nepaul. — Presented by 

Hodgson, Esq. 
e* India* — Presented by the Hon* East India Comp 
/. China. — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 
g. Egypt.— Presented by W. B. D. Turnbull, Esq, 

The Black-headed Herom. Ardea melanoce 
Childi\ ct Vigorx, in De?ih. and Ctapp^ Nar, 
C. A/r. A pp. 201. A. atricoliis, ffagL Smith 
Zoai. S, Afr. u %^. 

"n* h. South Africa. — From the South African Mu 

The Crested Purple Heron* Ardea purpureaJ 
S, N* I. 236. A. caspica, GmeL A, botaurd 
A* rufa, GmeL A. variegata, *SVop» A. mon 
La Pey» A. purpuraia^ GmeL A. ruhiginosa, 

a. h, England, 

c. Athens. — Presented by C. L* W* Merlin, Esq, 

d. Male? Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgfon* 1 


ladia* — Presented by the Hon. Eaai India 

p Western Africa* — From Mr. Eendairn Col- 

\ of Good Hope* 
U South Africa. — From ihe Soutli AiVican 

\nnwnc HsaoN. Ardea Paci6ca« Lath* Jnd. SumL 
, A, ballaragang, WagL^Jard, and SMtf's JlL 

h Australia. — Presented by His Excellency CapL 
\\asmf Western Australia. — From Mr. Gould's 

George*ft Sound. — Presented by His Excellency 
\ G. Grey. 

UJU Heeok.. Ardea aganii, GmeL S* N, i. 629. — 
; 859. A. fusca. Lath, PL enl 858, 

fee* — From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

I Guiana.— Presented by Chev. Schomburgk. 

Irsat Write Heron* Herodias alba. Ardea 
S. N. I* 239. A. Candida, BrUs. A. 
AbyMinia.^ — From the Frankfort Museum. 

ITRE White Heron. Hebodias modesta. ArJea 
E*ta« Gray 9 ZoqL Mtsc, p. 19* — IfL Ind, ZooL t. 
Hit— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

tKAT EoR£TT. Herodias egrcita. Ardea egretta, 
L S.N. I. 629.— fFi/iofi'* Jm. Orn. t. 61. f. 4, 
raod Heron blanc, Azara, No. 350, Ard. Icuce, 

A* galatea^ MoL ? 
dt America.— Presented by H,R.H. the Duke ol 
t», K*G,, 8cc., &c. 
i) An>erica.^From Mr. Audubon** Collection. 


ited by J. E. Gray, Esq, 

d. East Pa tagfoni a. ^Presented by Sir W. Bum 
Capt, Fitzroy, R,N. 

e. Chili. — ^From Mr. Brydgea's Collection. 

The Yellow-billed Heron. Herodias flavirostm. 
dea flavirostris, Tcmm, Wagl, Syst* At, sp. 9 

a. b. Gambia. — From Mr, Remlairs Collection, 

c. India* — Presented by the Hon, East India Com] 

d, China. — Presented by J. Reeves, Esq, 

The Herodias 

a, Sottth Australia, — Presented by His Excellency 
G. Grey. 

The Little Eorett. Herodias garzetta. Ardea , 
zetta, Linn. S, N. i. 937. A* nivea, Gme 
xanthodactylos, GmeL 

a. 6, Egypt*— 'Presented by W. B. D* Turnbull, E» 
Western Africa. — From Mr. Rendall's Collection 
e, Male. Cape of Good Hope. — From the At 


h, Athens.— Presented by C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 

The Herodias 

a. South Australia.— Presented by His Excellency 

— ^ 

lency ^M 

itaKs. T| 

G- Grey. 

The Indian White Heron, Herodias orlentaKs 
dea orientalis, Gray, ZooL Misc. 20.—///. fnd. Zod. I 

a. b^ Male* Nepaul^^Presented by B. H. Hoi 


The Herodias 

a. South Africa. — From the South Africau Museun 

The Snowy Heron, Herodias candidissima, j 

candidissiniDt Jacq. ^<^g' t> I^- A. nivea> Lalh, 

a, North America. — From Mr. Audnbon*s Collectit^ 

6. c. ? British Guiana. — Presented by Chev. Schoinb 

^ flf. ? Central America. — Presented by Mr. G. Barely 

- - - HxuMMAS rafeaeeiia. Ardca 

, Omd. 8. N. L 628. A. Peali, Bmap. 

■. Ora. 1. 16. f. 1.— P£ Ml. 90f . 

ViL Nordi America.— From Mr. Audttbon't Cd- 

IKie. North America*-— Prewnted by H.R.H.. Uie 

^ «r Somes. K.6. 

Iftm. Mezieo. — ^Fnim Mr. Argent's tTolIection. 

&ATrEaABTT. HiBODiAS schiitacea. Ardeaicbis- 
BHb Armi. Sffm. Pkgs. Av. L 6. 

L — ^From die Frankfort Mnaeum. 

Bicx Heron. Hsrodias caerulea. Ardea caerulea^ 
aa. S. N. I. 238. A. caerulescens, Lath. Wilt. Am. 
ra. t. 62. f. 3. A. cyanopus, Gmel. A. plumbcta, 
ran. A. Thtila, Mol ? A. chalybea, Steph. 

iae. North America. 

lae. Island of Puna. — Presented by Mr. G. Barclay. 

B diange. North America.— Presented by Gen. T. 


late. North America. 

entral America ? — Presented by Capt. Sir £. Bei- 

er, C.B., R.N. 

Allied Blue Eorett. Herodias affinis. 
Western Africa. — From Mr. Rendairs Collection. 

\ Demi Eoeett. Herodias leucogaster. Ardea leuco- 

^nter, GmeL S. N. i. 628. A. ludoviciana, Wils^ 

fsi. Om. U 64. f. \.—Pl. enl. 350. 

Korth America.— Presented by H.R.H. the Duke of 

Mmex^ K.G., Sic, &c. 

Yoang. North America.— Presented by Mr. J. 





The White -THROATED Heron. Herodias gularii, 
(lea gularisf Bosc, Act, de la Soc, d'HUt, u 4. 
A. albicollis, Vieill Gal des Ois, t. 253. 

a. Bat burst, Africa. -*Pres en ted by Capt. Sabinei RJ 

b. Western Africa.— From Mr, Kendairs CoUection.j 

Grey's Egrett, Herodias Greyi, 

a. Dark colour. Soutb Australia. — Presented hj\ 

Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 
6. c. White,— Presented by His Excellency Cap 


The New Zealand Heron. Herodias jugular is, 
dea jugular is» Forst. Icon, ined. t, 114. A. 
var. Lath, A. Matook, VieilL 

a. Young. Cape Egniont, New Zealand, — Presentl 

the New Zealand Company. 
6. ? t 

The White- FRONT ED Heron, Herodiaa Nov« 
kndifie, Ardea Novs^ Hollandiae, Lath* Ind, il* 
A, ieucops;, fVagi, 

a, h. River Murray, South Australia.- — Presented I 

D. E. Fortnuni, Esq. 
r. Female* South Australia. — Presented by His 

cellency Capt. G. Grey. 

d, Australia. — Presented by Lady Carringlon, 

e. Australia,— Presented by A. Cunningham, Eaq* 

Tlie Black-crested White Heron. HerodiasI 
leata. Ardea pileata. Lath. hid. lu 695, — Plenli 

a. 6. British Guiana. — ^From Che v. SchomburgVs 


The Bittern. Botaurus stellaris, Steph, Ardea 
laris, Linn. S. N. u 239.— P/. cnL 789, 

a. Devonshire.^ — From Col. Montagues Collection. 
6. Indja. — Presented by J, B. Hillier, Esq, 


lA^KiD BiTTERK. BoTAURUs melanotus, G, H, 
»p. tfi Dieffenb* New Zealand, lu 196* Ardea 

Ind. — Presented by the New Zealand Com- 

tad. (Matuku.) — Presented by Miss Rebecca 

irray. South Australia. — Presented by C D. 
tm, Esq. 

Clift. — Presented by His Excellency Capt. 
Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 
slandB, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 
|gi by the Admiralty. 

Wan Diemen's Land (Antarctic Expedition), 
■8 by tbe Admiralty. 

!n> Heron. Botaurus tentiginosus. Ardea 
a, Moni, Om. Did, Supp. A, mokoko, lieilL 
WiU. Am, Orn, u 65, f, 3. Botaurus Ireti 
, Brist, Edw, Birds, t. 13C, 

ilre-^From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
Aaoerica. — From Mr» Audubon's Collection. 
Krica. — Presented by the Earl of Derby, 

lAJf BtTTEftN. TiGRisoBiA Brasiliense. Ardea 
Of, Linn, S. N. 1. 239. A. lineata, GmfL pL 
^A« Soco, WagL Azara, 3/54. Brown ^ IIL 


Utanai — Presented by Chev, Schomburgk, 

y0crieft**-From Mr* Turner^s Collection. 

BirmiN. TtGRisoMA tigrinuiu. Ardea li- 
^ fiava, GnuL A. marmorata. FteilL Azara^ 
|bii/. 790. 

Oerica. — Presented by Lieut. Maw, 11, N. 
Iniini — Presented by Che v. Schomburgk. 




The Zigzag Bittern. — Tiorisoma undulntuin* 

undulata, GmeL S, N, u GSJ, — PL enl, 763, 

a. Adult. South America. — From Mr. Warwick's 
JectioQ, I 

6, Young. Cayenne, South America. — ^Frora Mr. A^ 
gent's Collection. 


The Malacca Herok. Arceola leucoptera. 

leucoptera, BoeU. pi. cnL 91 1* A. Malaccensis^ GwiL 
A, apeciosa, Horxf, 

a. 6. Nepaul* — Presented by B, H. Hodgson, Esq.] 

c. India. — Presented by Dr. Burna. 

d. India.^ — Presented by Hon. East India Company 

e. India* — Presented by Dr. Burns. 

The Sqlacco Heron. Ardeola comata. Ardea comtii 
Pall, {{eise, lu 715. A. pumila, Lepech. A. ralJotda^ 
Scop, A. castanea, A. erythropus, A. squaiottUt ^ 
Marsigli et A. Senegalensis, GmeL A.botauruluSf a*" ' * 

a. Conwayi Denbighshire. 

6, Germany. 

c, Gambia, — From Mr. Rendairs Collection. 

d* €, Athens. — Presented by C, L. Vi^ Merlin, £s^^ 

The Caboga Heron. Ardeola bubulcus. A. bubtib 
Sav, Bene, de I'Egypte, ZooL i, 298, U 8. f. 1. At 
dea russata, Tcmm, A. a>qninoctialis. Mont* Jj 
Veranyi, Roux. A, affinis^ Hotm/. A. Coron^ *"'^'^*'" 
Licht. A. bicolor, VieilL A. ruficapilla, / 
leucocepbala, Cuv, A. caboga, FrankL A. lu 
Rqfin. A, Coromandelensis, Step ft. 


a. Female. Devonshire. — From CoL Moniagn's 

b, c, Egypt.-^Preaented by W. B. D. Turnbull, Ks<j» 

d, Gambia. — From Mr. RendalFs Collection. 

e. Egypt. — Presented by 3, Bowring, Esq. 

/, South Africa. — From the South African Museum* 
g. Young. South Africa* — Presented by the Earl i 

A. Adult Male, India, — Presented by J. Reeves, Eaq^, 


u Jttdbn ArcbJpekgOtf^ — Presenied by the Hot}. 
lo^ Compiny. 

tbmt. — Preaented by C. L. W* Merlin, Esq, 

m^ BtTTXftK. AfLBETTA minuta, Ardea mi- 
lim. S. N. I. 540, PL enL Si$. A. dftnu- 
et A« soloiiietisis, Gmei. 

ittlure. — From CoL Montagu's Collecttoit, 
AincA, — ^Prf tented by D. Button, Esq. 
Africa. — From the Soitth African Museum. 

epauJ.— Presented by B, H. Hodgson, Esq. 

vuTB HsBOV* AmnirrTA eaaSm Ardam exilis, 
5. 3^. I. 645. WU§. Am. Om. t. 65, f. 4. 
jduromelasy Fieill. Azara, 360^ 361. A. varie- 
H A. inirolaeris, Fiei//. 

I America. — ^Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
». — ^Presented by O. F. Hay, Esq. 

VAMOH HsmoK. Ardetta cinnamoroea. Ardea 
Domea, GmeL S. N. i. 646. A. bilineata et A. 
abs, Cin. A. nebulosa, Horsf. 

ra. — Presented by the Hon. East India Com- 

nn HxBON. Ardetta Sinensis. Ardea Sinensis, 
8. N. I. 642. A. lepida, Horsf. 

ul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 


»iiiig. Java. — ^Presented by the Hon. East India 


jmD Little Heron. Ardetta punctata, 

I Egrxtt. Ardetta Sturmii. Ardea Starmii, 
/. 8yst. Av. sp. 37. Egretta plumbea, Swains, 
tern Africa. — From Mr. RendalFs Collection. 


The Yellow-neckeb Heron. Arhetta flavicoltis* 
dea flavicollis, Lff^A. egc Wagi, III, Ind* ZooL t. 

a. North Western Australia. ^ — Presented by 

b. Australia. — From Mr* Gould*s Collection. 

a. Male. 

b. Female, 

North Atnerica,— From Mr* Audubon 

North America. — From Mr. Audubon's C 

The Green Heron. Ardetta virescens. Ar 
reacens, Linn, S, N. u tSB,—PL enl. 909. BU, W 
Am, Orn, t. 61, f» 1. A» torquata, Shaw, A, ! 
Linn, A, virgata, (?mc/. A. fuscicollis, FieilLi 

a. North America.^ — From Mr, Audiibon*^ CoUeclj 

b, Jamaica.— From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

The Cinereous-necked Heron. Ardetta scafl 
Ardea scapularia, IlUg. A. cyanura, FieilL 

a. Adult. South America, — Presented by LieutJ 

b.-d, ? 

The White^throated Heron. Ardetta Javanic 

dea Javanica, Horsf, Linn, Tr, xuu $26, 

a. &. KepauL— Presented by B, H. HodgsoOi Esfi 

The Gambian Heron. Ardetta thalassma. Epi 
thalassina, Swains, Two cent, and a quarter, 5SS. 

a. Adult. South Africa.— Presented by the Bh 
Derby* ^H 

6. Young. Gambia. — From Mr, HendalPs Collectioiv. 
c, d. Young. 

The NioBT Heron. Nycticorax griseua, StnckU^ 
dea nycticorax, Linn, S, N, u £35. A. grisea,! 
Nyci. Europaeus, Steph. 

a— c, Great Britain. 


lodia. — Presented by Dr. Burns. 
Ncpt«L — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
.Young. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

Athens.— Presented by C. L. W. Merlin, Esq. 

be Gaidxnian Night Heron. Ntcticorax Gardeni, 
/irtfnie. Nycticorax Americanos, Banap, Ardea 
ajretieorax^ WiU. Am. Om. t. 61. f. 2. A. Gardeni, 
GskI. pi, enl, 939. A. Hoactli, Omel, A. Tavazu- 
Gnira, rieilL Azara. 357, A. Jamaicensis, GmeL A. 
msmlsft, Vieill. Azara^ 355. A. cyanocephala, MoL ? 

North America. 

CUli. — Presented by the Rev. W. Hennah. 
Valparaiso. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 
Fjtsroy, R.N. 

Young. Straits of Magellan. — Presented by the Ad- 

Young. Falkland Islands — Presented by Sir W. Bur- 
nett and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 

Male. Falkland Islands (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 
KBted by the Admiralty. 

. Female. Falkland Islands (Antarctic Expedition). — 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

In change. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarc- 
tic Exp^ition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 
Yonng. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 
Young. Falkland Islands (Antarctic Expedition.) — 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

W Caledonian Night Heron. Nyctjcorax Cale- 
dooicus, Steph. Ardea Caledonica, Forst, t. in. GmeL 
S. N. I. 626. A. Sparmannii, IVagl, A. maculata, 

• Male. South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 
lency Capt. G. Grey. 

. Yonng. South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 
lency Capt. G. Grey. 
Australia. — Presented by W. Hoskins, Esq. 

• Australia. 



e. In change. AuBtralia* — From Mr. Gould*s 

tion. __ 

/. Yoting. Australia. — From Mr. Gould's Colkctsoi 

The Manilla Night Heron. Nycticorax Ma 

Vigors, Proc. ZooL Soc. 1831, p. 89. 

fl. Adult. Island of Manilla.— From Mr. Cuinifi 

li. Young, Mindanao. — From Mr. Cumiiig*^ Coll 

The GoisAoi Night Herok, Nycticorax gois 

dea goisagi, Temm, pK coL 582. 

a. Philippine Islands, — From Mr. Cuming's Colh 

b. Philippine Islands, 

c. Indian Archipelago. — Presented by Capt. Sir 
cher, C.B., R,N. 

The Yellow-crested Nioht Heron. Nycticosj^x. 
laceus, Bonap, Ardea violacea, LinH, S, N, 
A. Cayenensis, Gmel, A* sexsetacea, yieilL 
locephala, fVagL WiU* Am. Orn, t. 65, f. 1. 

a* North America.— Presented by H. R. H, the 

Sussex, K.G., fire, &c* 
b, St, Nevis, West Indies,— Presented by William < 

tie, Esq. 

The Tufted Umbhe. 

CIS.—/*/. enL 796, 

Scopus umbretta, GmcL 
Cepphus Scopus, fVagL 

a. Cape of Good Hope.— Presented by J, Gould, ! 

b. Cape of Good Hope. 

d. Plataleinje. 

The White Spoonbill, Platalea leucorodia, 
N, u £31.— P/. enl, 405, 

II. Devonshire,— From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
6. India, — Presented by Dr. Burns. 

'm Spoohsill. PLAtAtBA tenuirostris, Gra^^ 
. p. \2. Smm, Voy. t. 51, 52. ? 

^Presented by CoL Sabine, R.A. 
Fr(»m Mr. Ecodairs Collection. 

r-].fOGEi» Spoonbill, Platalza flavjpe^, 
c, ZooL Soc. 1837, p. 106. Birds of Aii^tr, t. 

tralia-^ — Presented by His Excellency Capt. 

Sfoohwu^ Platai^ba regia, Goutd^ Proc. 

IS 37, p. 106* Birds of Amtn i, 

\ Wales-— Presented by the Australian Mu- 

igtoo- — Presenteil by Capt. W. Cbamberi» 

: Spoonbill. Platalea ajaja, Linn. S, N, 
L enl. 165. Platea rosea, Briss, Griff, An, 

erica. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
jrica. — Presented by Lady Hopetoun. 
Guiana. — From Chev. Scbomburgk's Col- 

e. Cancromin^. 

^rs BoATBiLL. Cakcroma cochlearia, Linn, 
J3. — PI cnL 38. 869. Cymbops cocblearia, 
smcroma cancropbaga, GmeL 

outb America. — Presented by Gen. T. Hard- 

Soutb America. — From Mr. Leadbeater*s 

South America. — From Mr. Warwick's Col- 



The White Sto^k. Cicob(ia albs, BcIm« Ar 
Lim. S. N. u 2SS,—PL enl 866* 

a* Great Britain, 

h. Great Britam.— From Mr. Turner** Collection. J 

c, d. Europe* 
e. Egypt.— Presented by W, B. D. Tumbull, Es 


The AnEEicAK Store. Cicokia Magtaari, Temn 
dea Maguari, Gmtl. S» N. 

(Briss, C. jubura, Spiz, 
pillus. A/o/.? 

a. British Guiana. — ^From Chev. Scbomburgk's 

The Blacii Stork . Cicoxia nigra, BeUm. Arde 
i Lmn. S. N. i- 235. ^Pl. enL 399. A. chryaop 

L LichL Ciconia fusca, Brs«, 

^^■■H. Somersetshire.^ — From CoT. Montagu's Collectic 
^^i &• NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq, 
^ c. rf. Egypt.— Prefienied by W. B. D. TurnbuU, 

The Abtssikian Stork. Cicokia Abdimi, Lie 
AiL t. S. 

d. Abyssinia. — From the Frankfort Museum, 

The V^iolet Stork* Ciconia leucocepbala, TemmT 
dea leucocephala, GmeL S. N, t. 64^. C. umbel 
WagL—FL enL 906. 

a. Nepaul. — ^Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
It, India. 

c. Java.^ — Presented by Dr. Prattinton, 

d. South Africa? — From the South African Muselj 

The CoROMANDEL Heron. Anastomus oscitans. 
oscitans, Bodd. A. Ponticeriana el A. Coroma 
GmcL An. t)^u8> Temm, An. albus, Heilti 
cinereus, VieiiL^PL enL 932. 

a. India. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

b, Java. — Presented by Dr. Prattinton. 

c. Northern India,— From Col. Cobbs'a CoUectioa 



. A 


\. iBUia. — rmaned bj Dr. Bsfle. 

nEGAi. Jabiku. Mtcteeia 
VIM. GaL t. 255. C. ephippiodijsdM, Tci 

. Western Afrkm.— From Mr. ResdaTs Col- 


f. Western Africa.— From Mr. RendsITs Col- 

.aABOu Stork. Leftoptium cnnnenifen. Ci- 
eminenifera, Csv. C. argals, Jcsbl jbI. col. dOl. 

AJTTic CsAVS. Lbftoptilos srgsls. Ardea ar- 

Lath. C. Marabou, Temm. pi. col. 300. Ard. 


uL— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

lem India. — From CoL Cobbs's CoOectioo. 

YAH Ceane. Leptoptii.os Javanica. Ciccmia 
ties, Hctm/. Lin. Tram. C. capiUata, Temm. pL 
It. C. caWa, Jerd. 

in Archipelago. 


The White-headed Ibis. Tantalus le 
GrneL Forsi, Ind. ZooL t. 10, T* Gangeticus, 

a* NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

6. AtluU, Nortbern India» — From Col* Cobbs*sM 

c. Young. Northern India, — Frotn CoL Cob! 


T!je Wood Ibis. Tantalus loculator, Linn. S. 
PL enL B68. Ibis nandapoa, V'teilL Azara, t\ 
Am. Offi. L U6^ f. 1. T. plumicollis, Spii, 

a. b. South America* 

The Ethiopian Ibis. THaESKiOBNis j^thiopic 
talus Jvtbiopicus, Lath. I, 0. lu 706. Ibta 
Sai\ Numenitis Ibia, C«t3* Ann. Mus, //. A^. 

Adult. Egypt. — Presented by Major Denliai 

South Akica. — From the S, African W 
South Africa. — Presented by the 




6» Young, 

c. Young, 

d. Male. 

The Black-headed Ibis, Threskiornis melum 
Tantalus melanocephalus, Lath. Ind, 709. ibis 
^VagL I. leu con, Temm 

a. Adult, India. 
6* Young. India, 

The Warty-headed Ibis. Geronticus papS 
papillosa, Temitu pL coL 304. I. papillate, Wi 

a. NepauL — Presented by B, H, Hodgson, E«( 

b. India, ? 

The Bald Ibis. Geronticus calvus. Tantalu 
Bodd. GmcL S. N, i. 6i9,—PL enL 867, 
GrneL Forst, Icon, ined* t. 1 1 6^ 

rt. Cape of Good Hope. — From M. Verreaux* Co^ 

The Hooded Ibis. Geronticus comatus. Ibis 

a. Abyssinia. — From the Frankfort Museum. 


N Ibis. Oeronticos Nippon. Ibis nippon, 
tL eoL 551. 

-From the Ley den Museum. 

Holland Ibis. Geronticus spinicollis. Ibis 
is, Jame$on*s N, Phil. Journ. No. 37, p. 213. 
imiy /. E. Gray. I. lamellicollis, Lafr. Mag. 
1836, t. 57. 

3u — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

BEOus Ibis. Theristicus cserulescens. Ibis 
ens, FielL N. Diet, Hist. Nat. xvi. 18. Azara, 
I. plumbea, Temtn. pi. col. t. ZS5. 

— From M. Verreaux* Collection. 

-faced Ibis. Theristicus mclanopis. Tan- 
lanopis, GmeL S. N. i. eSS.—PL enl. 976. 
I. Kingd. t. T. albicollis, GmeL ? 

of Africa. — Presented by Major Denham. 
i of Magellan. — Presented by the Admiralty, 
'resented by C. Crawley, Esq. 

ET Ibis. Ibis rubra. Tantalus ruber, Linn. 
241. JVih. Am. Dm. t. 66. f. 1. T. fuscus, 
Mtesh. Car. i. t. 83. T. minutus, Linn. Edw. 
I. leucopyga, Spix^ Av. t. 88. 

South America. — Presented by Gen. T. 
South America. — From Mr. J. Baker's Col- 

e. — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
British Guiana. — From Chev. Schomburgk's 


z Ibis. Ibis alba, Fic/7/. Tantalus albus, 
A". I. 242. mis. Am. Orn. viii. t. 66. f. 3. 
Jac(f. Fog. t. 24. I. longirostris, JVagl. ? 

— From Mr. Audubon's Collection. 


The Cayenne Ibis, HARPipuroK Cayaneniis^ Ha|ft 
Tantalys Cayanensis, Gmel, S. N. i. 652.— P/. rn/»8r 
Ibis dentirostriB, fVagl. L sylvaiica, Ficill, 

a. South America. — Presented by Gen* T, Hardwii 

b. South America. 

The Nakbd-fronted Ibis. Harpiprion nudtfrons. 

nudifrons, Spix, j4t\ Br, t. 86. 1. infuscata, Lichl. 

a, South America. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collectw 

b, Soulh America. — From M. Verreaux' CoUecttoa«| 

The South African Ibis. Ha hfi prion hagedasch, 1 
lalus hagedaschf Sparr, T. Cafren»is^ lAchi, 
chalcopiera, VkUL Gat. ties Oh^ t. 246. 

a. Male, Soulh Africa. — From Dr. A. Smtth'i^ 

h. Female. South Africa.— From Dr. A. Smiths 


c. Gambia,— From Mr* Benclairs Collection. 

d. Western Africa,— From Mr. Rendairs Colleclioti 

The Cardncdlateb Ibis. Harpipriok caruQcukm 
Ibis caruncwlatai Riipp. Faun. i. 19. 

a. Male. Abyssinia, — From the Frankfort Museum. 

The Gloe»sy Ibis. Falcinellus igneus. Tantalus ilk 

nellus,£*nft, &\ N. i. Jith— P/. enL 819. T. ip|l|| 
et T, viridis, GrneL L sacra, Temm, 

a* b» Devonshire.— From CoL Montagu's Collection, 
f. Young. Cape of Good Hope. — From the 
African Museum, 

d. Young. Western Africa. — Presented by the ReVf' 

e, Nepaul — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
/. g. Adult, Athens.— Presented by C, L. W. \l 

A. t Male. South Australia, — From Mr. GouJd's Q 

i, ? South Australia* — Presented by His 

Capt. G. Grey. 





^nuiu« Linn. S. N, u 24g. Shaw, NaL Misc. 
L Tanlaltis Mexicanus^ Gmel. Numenius chtci. 
Tafiialus cbalcopterusp Temm, pL coL 511. 
li, Bmmn* L falcinelluB, Bonap. Am. Orn. t, 25. 
LMexicaoa, FleilL 

Viilparaiso. — Presented by Sir W, Burnett 
Fiuroy, R,N, 
"^ I exioo.— Presented by John Taylor, Eaij. 

3VS Heron. A ramus scolopaceus, Fieill. 

^ acea. Gmet. S. N. u 647. Rallus giia- 

A. carua, yUill. R. gigas, Licht, R. 

Spijti At\ Bras* t. 91. R* giganteus, Bonapf, 

\ guaraana, WagL — PL eni. 848- 

Prtsenced by J. E. Gray^ Esq, 

u — ^From Chev- Schomburgk's Col- 


a. LiHosiK^. 

W C(iRi.sw« NrHEKius arquatus. Lath. 
NuL arquAta, Linn. 8, N. i. 242. — PL euL 818. 


kabire. — From CoL Montagu's Collection, 
ridgetbi re,— Presented by Mr. J. Baker. 
U.^Presented by C. L, W. Merlin, Esq. 
Ej^ — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
^^reseoted by Major Jolinstone. 

tiAX CoRLEW. NuMENitJs cyanopus, yieilL 
N* vtii, 306. N. AtistralaaianuB et N. 

ington. Australia. — Presented by Capt, W» 

\i>AQA%cAti Curlew, Numenius Madagaacarien- 
0lA* Scotopax Madagascariensia* Linn. S^ N* u 
en/. 198. 
u— Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 




The Long-billed Curlew. NuHEMroslongirostris, Wdi 
Am. Onu t. 64. f. 4, N. ml us, VkUL GaL dn Oil 
u 245. N. melanops, V'teUL 

a. b. North America* — From Mr, Audubon's Col1eeUM( 

e. North America* — Presented by the Earl of Derlij 



The Whimbkel. Numenius phseopus^ Lath, Scoi 
phaeopus, Linn, S. N, i. 243. N. minor, Bria 
bo real is, GmeL 

a. b, Devonshire. — From Col. Montagu's CoUecti 

c. Kent, — Presented by N. A. Vigors, Esq. 

d. Ilayling's Island.— Presented by J. W. Tyndale, 

e. Very young. 

/. Western Africa.— From Mr, Rend all's Collectioi 
n-. NepauL — Presented by B. H, Hodgson, Esq. 

The AusTEALiAN Whimbrel, Numenius urop| 
Gauld, Proc. ZooL Soc. 1840, p. 175. 

a. Port Essington^ Australia.— Presented by Cap 
Chambers, R.N, 

The HuDsoNiAN Curlew, Numenius Hudsonicus, Li$ 
ind. u. 712* Scolopax borealis, Wlh. Am, Om. J 
£ 1. N. rufiventris. King.? 

«. South America, — Presented by the Admiralty* 
h, Brazil. 

c. Island of Cbiloe, — Presented by Sir W. Burae 
Capt. Fitzroy, R.N, 

The EsKiMAux Curlew. Numenius borealisi 

Scolopax borealis, Gmei. S. N, i. 654, Fauiuj 
A met. Birds, t, 65, 

a, b. North America* — From Mr. Audubon*s Collection 

The Little Whimbhel. Numenius mlnutus, GmI 

Prot\ ZooL Soc. 1840, 17(i* 

a. Port Essington, Australia^ — Presented by Capl* % 
Chambers, R.N, 

9D0U>rACII»^. $S 


9f B. t* Clorfayochus strophiatus, Hodgj!, 
l|«il — Preneated by B- H, Hodgson, E»q, 
g* KepaoK — Presented by B. H. Hodgson^ Enq. 
3gj^ ^fotuiiains. — Presented by the Hon. Hail 
CocBpany. ^ 

mmo^ GoDwiT- Limosa segocephala. Scolopax 

eplala, Linfu S, N^ u S46. S, limoi>a, iinn, S, 

a, GvidL S, melanura, Z^ij/, 

[ Stfininer. Great Britatii, 

kk. Summer. Great Britain. 

g. Enropc. 

CT* Saodgate, Kent- 

pr. NepauL — Preseoted by B. H. Hodgson, 

g. Nepanl. — ^Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
er. Nep^nL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, 

liem Asia. 

mnmN GoDwrr. Lucosa Australis. 

lie. St. Salvador Bay, East Falkland (Antarctic 

iditkm). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

rw Zkalamd Godwit. Limosa brevipes. 

lie. New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition).— Pre- 

d by the Admiralty. 

of Islands, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 

cDted by the Admiralty. 

fsaicAJV Godwit. Limosa fedoa> VieilL Scolo- 
fedoa, Lmn. S. N. i. 244. WiU, Am. Om. t. 56. 

ale. North America. — Presented by the Hud- 
ale. North America.— Presented by John Rich- 

oo, M.D. « , , 

e North-west Coast of America.— Presented by 
t.'sir E. Belcher, C.B., R.N. 

The Red Godwit* Limosa lapponica. Scolopax 
ponica, Linn, S, N, i. 24-6, S. leucophsea, LatA, 
rufus, BrtMs, L. ferruginea, Pall. Totanus grepsi 

a. Female, Summer, Somerseuhire. — From Col. H 

ta^u*s CoMection* 
L Male, Sumitier. Kent.^From Col. MontagaV C 

le. Male, Summer 
d* Male, Summer. 

f, Male. Winter, 

/ Male, Winter, 

g. Female, Winter, Great Britain. 
h. Female, Winter, Western Africa.— From Mr 

d all's Collection, 

Great Britain. 
Great Britain. 
Devonshire. — From Col. Ma 

Great Britain.— From Col. Mo 

The AuBTRALtA!4 GoDWtT. LfMosA A uatralasuns^ 

a. Winter. Port Essington, North Australia. — I 
by Capt. W. Chambers. R.N, 

.The HuDsoNiAN GoDwtT. LmosA Hndsonica, 
Scolopax Hudsonica, Lath, Ind. Orn. 720, 

a. Male. Falkland Islands. — Presented by Sir W. 

nett and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 
6. Female. Falkland Islands. — Presented by Sir 

nett and Capt, Fitzroy, R.N, 



The Tehek Snipe. Xenus cmereus, Kaup. Scola 
cinerea, Guild, N. C, Petr. xi%, 6, t. 19, Limof* 
curvtrostra, Pali Scolopax terek, Lath. L. Indi 
Lest, Fedoa terekensis, Stejih. Totanus 

a. Port Essington. North Australia* — Presented I 
W. Chambers, R.N. 



h, HKcu«rnio«7siifJB. 

f6- — PL enL 355, 

Wales, — From C6L 1 fu*s Colkction. 

L — Presented by B- ig^n, Esq. 

I.— FreteD^d by L\ ] AfeTlm, Esq. 

fttieAir Ayoszt* KficuH VI rostra Americana 

I Aoiefiai. — Preieoted by John Hkhardton, 
I Ameriou — Presented by Capt Sir G. Back, R.N. 

D-ncKSD Atcmbt. Ricuevieostra mbricollia, 
L Matu n. 592. R. Novse HoUandis, Vietll. 

aUa« — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
itii Presented by Lady Carrington. 

RG-LEGGBD Plovee. HofANTOPus candidus^ Bonn. 
drios bimantopusy Zmn. S. N. i. 255. C. au- 
ibst HoMMelq. Himantopos vnlgaris aut H. ru« 
BtekH. H. albicollis, VietU. H. atroptenis, 
p/. «iU. 878. 

Great Britain. — From Mr. Turner's Collec- 

ile. Chreat Britain.*— From Mr. Turner's Collec- 

I in change. Egypt.— Presented by John Bow- 


lie, in change. Athens. — Presented by C. L. W. 

in, Esq. 

v. Persia. — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

Mepaol. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

lopus Asiaticus, Lea, 




The White-headed Himaktopus. HmANTOpus ] 
cephalus, Gauid. Proc. Zool. Soc, 1839. 44, Bi\ 
AuMtr. t. • 

a. South Australia, — Presented by C* D, E. For 

h. Male. South Australia. Murray River. — Presenl 

His Excellency Capt* G. Grey. 

c. Female- A ustralia. — From Mr. Gould's Collect 

d. Male, in change. Australia. — From Mr, Gould'i 

e. ^^ale. Mindanado. — Frooi Mr. Cuming*8 CoQec 
/. Female. Mindanado. — From Mr. Cuming's CoUe 

The Black-necked Himantopus, Himaktopui 

collisy VieUL Recurvi rostra htmantopus^ WtU. 

Om^ t. 58. f, 2* H. Mexicanus, BrUs^ Ord 

leiicurus^ FieilL 
a, L Adult. British Guiana, — ^From Chev. Schombi 

c. In change* North America. — Presented by Gci 

d* In change. Chili. — ^ Presented by the 

e, Male, Valparaiso.^ — Presented by Sir W. 

and Capi. Fitzroy, R.N. 
/. Young Female, Mai dan a do, — Presented by 

Burnett and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 

The New Zealand Himantofus. Himantofi 
Zealandiae, Gould^ Proc. Zmt Soc, 1841. 8 
Auitr, t. H. melas, Homh. ^ Jacq, 

a. Male. New Zealand. — Presented by the N< 

land Company. 
h. Female, New Zealand. — Presented by the 

land Company. 

The Australian Cladorhynchus. CLAi>ORinrvc 
toralis, Leptorhynchus pcctoralis, Dahns. Bu 
Brux. 1856. t, 45. Himantopus palmatusj 
Birds o/Austr, t. . Mag, de ZooL 1836, U^ 

a, 6. South Australia. — Presented by His Ej 
Capt. G, Grey. 

c, TorrAiriH^. 

ixit Skips* Glottis canescens^ StrickL 
»td% IJnn. S. N. u 2i5. Gauidts Blrdi of 
Ic. ranesceni, GmeL T, Chloropus, Me^. 
Bechst. Limosa grisea^ Briss. L* lotanus 
PalL Qh nauna, Koch, Gl. Chlaropus, 


nardteo. — From CoL Montagu's Collection, 
amhia. — Frora Mr. Rendaira CDllection. 
iinbia. — From Mr, KendaJl'a Colkctionp 


tton, N. Australia, — Presented by Capt, 

n, R.N. 

Anurctic Expedition). — Presented by the 

rREBNSBANK. Glottis Vigorsii. Totanus 
rtgors, Proe. ZooL Soc. 1831, p. 173. 
i. of Birds, t. 

. — ^Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

sented by Dr. Burns. 

jREENSHANK. Glottis Hofsfieldii. Totanus 

Sykes, Proc. Z. S. 1832, p. 163. 
'resented by B. H^ Hodgson, Esq. 

Himalayah Mountains. 
esented by J. K. Reeves, Esq. 
esented by Dr. Burns. 

Skips. Glottis melanoleuca. Scolopax 
*orsL Scolopax melanoleuca, GmeL S. N. 
vociferus, fVilt. Am, Om. t. 58. f. 5. 
I of Magellan. — Presented by the Admiralty. 
iso. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 

om Mr. 6ridges*s Collection. 

North America. — Presented by Professor 

F 2 




The Stack ATiLE Sxipe. Totakus stagnaitUts, 
Scolopax tetanus, Linn, S, N. i, 245. Gould's 
of Eur. u TriDga guinetta, PaU. 

a. Great Britaui. 

h. Great Britaiii* 

c, Dalroatia. 

d, Gambia* — From Mr. HcndalVs Collection* 

e, Athens.— Presented by C* L. W. Merlin, Esq. 

The Dusky Svipi. Tot anus fuseus, LeisL 
fusca, Linn. S, N. f. 243. Gould^s Bird^ of ] 
S. nigra, GmeL Tringa atra, GmeL S. euro 
Beie k, Totanusn atan s, Bee hit . T.tnaculatuSfA 
Liniosa ftisca, Brisi, Gray, ILL Ind. Zool, t. 55* 
a* Luscomb, Devon, — From Col. Montagu's Colleetl 
i. Somersetshire*^ From Col* Montagu's Collectf 

c. Sandgate, Kent* 

d. Kent. 

e. Dunwich, Suffolk. — Presented by Mr, J. Lean 
/. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H, Hodgson, Esq. 

The V^ELLow-sHANKED Smpe, Totanus flavipes 
Scolopax flavipesi GmeU S* N, u 659. 
Orn, t. 5S, f. 4. 

o. Northern Land Expedition,— Presented by \ 
G. Back, R.N. 

The Wood Sandpiper, Totakus glareola. 

glareola^ Linn. S, N. i. 250. Goulds Birds o/\ 

Tr. litteralis, Linn, 
a. Devonshire. — From Col. Montagu's CollectionJ 
L Kent. 

c* NepauL— Presented by B. H, Hodgson, Esq. 
T, affinis, Horsf, Linn. Tr, xiii. p. 191. Gray^ 

Zoo/, t. 51. f. 2. 
d. Java. — Presented by the Hon, East India Con 
€, Indian Archipelago* 

The Red-shanked Snipe. Totanus calidrts, Bi 
Scolopax calidris, Linn» S*. N* i, 245. Tringa ^ 
betta, GmeL Tot, variegatus, Brunn, T. strial 
T. naevius, Briss. pL enL 845. 

n. b* Lincolnshire. — From Col, Montagu's CoUec 




lU, — FroTO Mr. Rendall's Collection. 

, — Presented by C» L, W. Merlin, Esq. 

» SAjn>FiPZB, ToTAKus ochropus, Tcmm. 
odtfopus, Linn, S, N, i. 250. Gould's Birds of 
T, lencurus, Gray^ HL Ind. ZooL t. 5K T l_?_ 
ilitre. — From CoL Montagu's Collection, 
titf^r— Presented by H. Doubleday, Esq. 
-S'refteDted by W. B. D. Turnbull, Esq, 
pah Moantains. 

ill America ?^-Preseoted by tbe Hudson's Bay 


fpftfiL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson » Esq* 

'AET Hakbfiper. Totanus solitarius. Tringa 
I, mU. Am. Om. t. 58, f. 3. T. chloropygius, 
T- i^areolai Ord. T. macroptera, Spix, Ac. 


AmetSea* — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

—Presented by Lord Stuart de Rotbsay. 


rt. North America— Presented by Professor J. 


North Australia*— Presented by Capt. 

nr 8Ajn>FTPBR, Totanvs ftiliginosua, Goulds 
tttgie, ZooU Birds, p. 

igot IsIands.^Presented by Sir W. Burnett 
pi, Fitiroy, R.N, 

FA1.MA71ED Snipe. Catoptrophoiius seniipalnia* 
mttp* Scolopax aemipalmata, GmeL S\ N, u 
r. cranirostris, riri//. H'iU. Awu Orn. i, 56, 

^P North America. 

w New Jersey I North America* — From Mr. 

eo'i Collection. 




Bartram's Sandpiper. AcTiTuara Bartramius. 
Bartratnia, WUs. Am. Orn, t. 59. t 2. Tr. long 
Nilss. Totanus variegatus, VieilL Gal. des Ou» { 
Bart ram ia laticsmda, Less, 

a. b. M ? — From Mr. Baker's Colli 

e. Mexico. — From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

The Common Sandpiper* Totantjs hypoleucus, 
ga bypoleucus, Linn, S. N* i* 250. T. eantiti 
T. leucoptera, PalL 

a, Pembrokeshire. — From CoL iMontagu'a Coile 

b, — e. Great Britain. " ? 

J\ Egypt.^ — Presented by J. Bowring* Esq. 

f. Egypt.— Presented by W. B. D. TurnbaU, 
. Gambia. — From Mr. RendalFs Collection, 
i* India* — Presented by W. Sothcby, Esq, 
j. — m. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H, Hodgsoo 




a. Island of Puna, — Presented by Mr, G* BarelaJ 

The Spotted Sandpiper, Totanus maculaiia, 
macidana, Linn. S. N* u £i9. fVib, Am* 
f. 1. 

a. North America.^ — ^From Mr. Lead beater *s CoD 

b. Spitzbergen, — Presented by the Admiralty. 

c. Nova Scotia. 
d. ? 

The Ruff Sandpiper. PuiLOMAciitJs pugnax. 
pugnax, Linn. 5. ^. i. 247* T. varieffata, Uri 
equestris, Lath^ T. Grenovicensis^ Itath, Tj 
cens, Bechst. pL cnL 300. 305, 306. 844. 

c— ^'. Male, summer. Lincolnshire. 

g, Male. Lincolnshire. 

A. 1. Lincolnshire. 

;, Female. LincoLnshire. — From CoL Moatagiil 

X- Male. Lincolnshire. 

/. m. Male, summer. Great BritaiOi-^Presenl) 
Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

n. Male, in change. Great Brttain. 



Great Britain. 
iter. Edinbargh. 

Cambridgeshire. — Presented by 

' jburope. 


fpL — Preaented by J. Burton, Esq. 
;.»PreseDted by J, Bowring^ Esq, 

ep3iuK*-*Prescnted by B. H. Hodgson, Esq 
ladicus, Ora^, IIL Ind, ZooL U 52. f. 1. Liroosa 
ridtii, Gratf^ IIL Ind. Zool, i. 52. f, 2. 

NepauL — Preaented by B. H. Hodgson, 

m change. Himalayah Mountains. 
Presented by Capi. Johnstone. 
p-Preaented by J. R, Reeves, Esq. 

gson, J 

AKDPiPEm. Trinoa canutus, Linn. S, N, u 

dnerea, Brun, T. is]andica, Linn* T. 

GmtL Calidris n^via et C. grisea, Briss, 

T* glareola, PalL T. ferruginea, Met/, 

kEim. Birdi, t. 276. WUs, Amer. Orn. t. 57. 
^Creal Britain. — From CoL Montagu's 
»• Carmarthenshirew— From Col. Montagues 

1^ auroiner. Great Britain. — Presented by the 
W^ Whit ear. 
m. Norfolk. 

manmer, Devonshire. — Presented by W< Ci 

— Presented by F- F. FoljaTuhe, Esq. 
f. Great Britain. 

Gambia.^^From Mr. Rendairs Collection 
Northern Expedition.— Presented by ih 

> Nova Scotia. 

.?_Froin Mr. Argent's Collection. 



The Selninoer Sandpiper. Tbinoa maritiixia,| 
Orn. BoT. No. 182* Gould's Birds of Eur. U 
arquatella, Pali. T. nigricans, Mant* Linn. 
2. t ^. 
a* Soraersetsliire. — From Col* Montagu's CoUe 
6. Great Britain* — From Col Montagu's Collecci 

c. Nova Scotia. 
rf. Winter Island. 

e. Cornwall. — Presented by D, W. Mitchell, E9(|tl 

The PuRRE Sandpiper. ScHjENiclus cinclus. 
cinclus, Linn. S. N.. i. 25 L T. variabilis, Mti 
alpina, Linn. Cinclus torquatus, Briss. T* rij 
Pall. Nunienius variabilis, Beclut. T. 
Brchm.—PL mL 852. Wih. Amet. Om, U H 

a. Male^ summer. Caerm a r then shire. — From ' 
tagu's Collection* 

h. Female, summer. Devonshire. 

c* In change. Great Britain. 

d. Great Britain. 

e. Female, summer* London Market. 
f, — h. Hayling Island* — Presented by J. W. 

i. Young Male, Corn walL— From Col. Mod tag 

j, Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. Baker. 
k. Great Britain. — From Col. Montagues Collectf 
L North America, — Presented by J* Gould, Esq. 
m. Winter, Great Britain.— From Col. Mont 

pi.^ — q. Northern Expedition, — Presented by tli 

r. In change. Northern Expedition* — Preseotedl 

*. Summer. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. 


Tiie Pectoral Sandpipsr. ScEiENtcLUs pector 
lidna pectoralis, Sa^, in Long's Eji^» u 17l«i 
ga pectoralis, Bonnp. Am. Om. t. 23, f. ^. 
pestris, ZicAf . ? T. fuscicollis, fid//.? ^j?aratj 

«. Islands of Scilly.— Presented by D* W. Mitch* 




Expeilition.-- Presented by Capt. Sir 

HIES Sandfipbr, ScHiEKTCLrs Australis. Trin- 
\SelbyM HL Orn. t. 91, 

3ied by His Excellency Capt* 

u Island, West Australia. From Mr. Gould^i 

lingtony NortI 
t W. Cbanjbers, R.N, 
Ki. — Presented l>y J. Gould, Esq, 

Sajtdpiper* ScHiEwtcLCs Schinzii. Tringa 
I, Bomm^. Am. Orn. U 24, f. 2. T. cindus, 


L Joliui, — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 

luroy, R*N. 

idies* — ^Presenied by Major Finch. 


-From Mr. Bridges's Collection, 

I>U^I.IN, Sctt^KicLcrs subarquatust Scolopax 
ttXa« GmtL S, N, i. 658. Tringa ferruginea* 
T, islandica, Retz. Sc, Africana, Gmel. T. 
la, PalL Sc. pygma?a, GmeL Penn, Gen. Birds^ 
"BoyiU Sandw, t. . Numenius pygraaeus* 

nr. Isle of Grain. 

age. Orkney.— Presented by Dr. Edmonton. 

f. — Presented by H. Doubleday, Esq. 

Norfolk, — Presented by tlie Rev. W, Wliit- 



Yarmouth.— Presented by Mr. C, Hub- J 
Athens. — Presented by C. L. W, Merlint 
Gambia. — From Mr. Eendall's Collec-j 

tMMM SksvviftR* Scn^NicLus Cbinensis. Triuj 
^Cbtnensis, Gray, ZooL iWuc, 2. 

China,— Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

F 2J 


Temminck's SAKDprpER. ScHJENictus Temminckii* 
ga Temniinckii, Le'tsler^ Nachir, i. 65. T, pmtilU 
Bechst, GouitTs Birds of Eur* t. 

a* Winter. Dcvonsli ire.— From Col. Montagu's 

6. c, d. Winter and summer, NepatiL — Presented 

H. Hodgson, Esq. 

ScH^xictus • 



a. North- West Australia. — Presented by Hia Exc 
Capt. G* Grey. 

Tlie Little Stint. ScH/Eniclus rainuta. Trias 
nuta^ Leisler, Nacktr. i, 74, T. pusilla, Linn, 
Wolf, T. cincluB, PulL 

a* Sumtner. Epping. — Presented by H. Doubk 

h, Somersetshire. 
c, dn e. In change. Gambta. — From Mr. Rendairt j 

/. Winter. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by j 

Campbell, Esq, 
g* Winter, Cape of Good Hope.^ — PreseDted 

A. NepauL^Presented by B. H» Hodgson, Esq, 

Tbe ScHJENicLus ? 

a. Freemantle, West Australia, — From Mr. Gould's Col 

.^S pUffiH 

T. WikHi 

The North American Stint. Schjekiclus 
T ring a pusilla, IV'ds. Am. Orn, t. 37, f. 4 

rt. North America. — Presented by the Admiralty* 
6. c. New Jersey, North America.— Presented by Jj 

dubon, Esq. 

The Wj;st Indian Stint, ScHiENicLCs niinutUla. 
minuiilla, VieilL N. Diet H. N. 34, ^%Q. 

a. West Indies, — Presented by Major Finch. 
h. Jamaica. — From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection, 

flOOtOPACIDX. 107 

lAB-KixvD LoncoLA. Lducola pUtjrrbvDcla. 
i pktyr]iyiicha» Team. Man. n. 616. Tringa 
itB^Pmil. GouUrs Birds of Emr.u . 

m (Bengair). — From Mr. Bartlett's CoDection. 

KT Sakdpiper. Calibris arenaria. Charadrius 
i,LiMm.S.N.i.fi55. GouUTm Birds of Emr. u . 
idos, GwteL Arenaria grisea, BtcksU A. vul- 
ImL T. tridactyla, PalL C. tringoldes, VteilL 
imer. Om. L 59. f. 4. & t. 63. f. 3. 

nr. Great BritaiD. 

n change. Carmarthen. — ^From Col. Montagu's 


ter. Great Britain. 

Great Britain. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
u — From Mr. Kendall's Collection, 
ze. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by J. 

rinter. Cornwall — From Col. Montagu's 

Winter. Great Britain. 
7..From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
-From Mr. Bridges's Collection. 


r-BfLLED Pralarope. Phalaropus fulicarius. 
fulicarius, Linn, S. N. i. 249. T. glacialis, 
Phal. nifus, Bechsi, P. rufescens, Br. P. pla- 
:hus, Temm. Edn. t. 142, 143. 

Wiltshire. — From Col. IMontagu's Collec- 

Devonshire. — From Mr. Bartlett's Collec- 

ige. Devonshire. — From Mr. Bartlett's Col- 

ge. Brighton.— Presented by J. E. Gray, Esq. 
r. Orkney. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 



The Red Phalarope, Lobifes hyperboreus, Cm 
Tringa hyperborea et T. lobata, Linn. S. N. u 249, 
T, fusca, GmeL Phal. cinereus, Brthm, P, angufti- 
rostris, Naum, pL cnL 766, Bonap. Am, Om* t- 

r. 2. ■ 

a, Orkney. 

6. iGreat Britain 

c. ? 

d. Northern Land Expedition.— Presented by Cap 

^G. Back, R.N, 
e. Prince William Sounds Russian America* — Pn 
by Capt, Sir E. Belcher, K:B., R.N. 


The LoNc-TOED Painted Shipe. 

ZooLMisc. 18. 

RhYKCHjEA ^{^ 


h China.— Presented by J, R. Reeves, Esq. 

The SnoRT-wiNOED Painted Snipe. RiryNcii,EA 
galensis. Scolopax Bengalensia, GmeL S* N, R. In 
Hodgs* Msi, R. orientalis, Rqffl* H. Capensia, ( 
ZboL Miic, 18. 

a, NepaiiL— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
6. c. d, Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, EsqJ 
€. India.^ — Presented by the Hon. East India Comf 
/. India?— Presented by Gen. T- Hardwicke. 

f. Cape of Good Hope. 
. 1. Gambia From Mr. Rendall's Collection. 

J. Egypt. — Presented by John Bowring, Esq. 

The Shobt-toed Painted Snipe. Rhynchjea Am 
Gould. Proc, ZooL S, 1837. 155,--Birds of AuitrJ 

a. South A nstralia.— Presented by His Excellency < 

G. Grey. 
fc. New South Wales* — From Mr. Gould*s CoUectioii. ' 



iMtRicAN Painted Snipe. Rhykch/Ea se- 
diaris. Totanus semicollaris, VieHL iV* Diet. H, 
fu 44)£* Azara, No. 405. K. Hilarea, P'al, R. 
ientaiJSt King* 

lented by Sir W. Burneti and Capt. Fitzroy, R,N. 
U — From Mr, Bridge s*s Collection* 

Irowv SirtFE* Maceoramphus grisetis, Leachmf 

^pax grisea, GmeL S. N. i. 658. S« Novebora 

\$t GmeL S. PaykulHi, Nihs, S. Ieocopha?ajfl 

IT. Totanus ferrugineicollis, ^leifL Liinosa sco- 

^em^ Saif. Mont, Orn. Did, SuppL t, , — Bonap. 

Own. t. 23. f. 3, 

Pier. North America. — Presented by Gen* T, 


mer. Nova Scotia. 

ScT. DevoDsbire*— From CoL Montagu's Collec- 

boDcocK. • ScoLOPAX Tusticola, Linn, S. M i . ^4-3. 
: tnL 885. 

I. Devonshire. — From Col. Montagu s Collection. 
ile, Devonshire.— From Col. Montagu's Collec- 

variety. Devonshire, — From Col. I^Iontagu's 

II variety. Trebartha, ComivalL — Presented by 
ids Rodd, Esq* 

Ig, Farrington. — Presented by Sir J. Banks, Ban, 
irope. — Presented by J. Gould* Esq. 
luL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
\x Indicus, Ilodgs. 

i— -Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
^, — Presented by J* R. Reeves, Esq. 

lEAT Snipe. Galunago major, Sieph. Scolopax^ 
r, OmeL S, N, i. 661. S. medra, Frisch. t, 22i^ 
liidoaa, /{r/z* S. palustris, PaiL Gal. Montagun 
^. S. gallinacea, Dumont, 

? — From Mr, Leadbeater's Collection. 
iflblk. — From Col* Montagu s Collection* 

110 9C0L0PACIDJe. 

d. Cape of Good Hope.— Presented by Gen* T. I 

e# Cape of Good Hope. — From Dr, Krauss* Collecti* 

/. ? — From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection. 

g. Cape of Good Hope, — From M. Verreaux* Co 
^^ tion. 

^^fThe Common Sktpe. Gallikaoo scolopacinus* ^ 
f Scolopax gall in ago J Linn, S. N. i. 244, — PL enl. 8 

1 d. Devonsliire*— From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
I h* Pale variety. Ireland. 

^^ c, d, e. Chicks. Cambridgeshire.— Presented by Mr 
^K Baker. 

^^f* Young. Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr, J. Bil 
g. India. — -Presented by Gen. T, Hardwicke* 
«* Gambia,— From Mr. KendalVa Collection. 

The Nepaul Skife. Gallinago uniclavatus. Scolo 

uniclavata, Hodgs, Proc. ZooL Soc. 1837. 492. 
a, hr Nepaul.— Presented by B. H. Hodgson^ Esq* 
c- Gangoutra, Himalayab Mount ains» 

d, India. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

e. India. 


HorsfieldV Snipe. Gallinaoo Horsfieldii, S. H< 
tieldii, Gray IlL Ind. ZooL u. U 54. f* ZooL MiiC 
p. 2. S. sienura, Temm, Scolopax biclavata, Hid 
Proc. ZooL Soc. 1837, 491. S. gallinago, Hortf, 

a. h* Nepaul. — Presentefl by B. H. Hodgson, Eaq. 

c. Indian Archipelago,— From Air. Warwick's Coll 

rf* Indian Archipelago- — From Mr. Turner's CoUectkn 

The SoLiTAKY Indian Snipe. Gallinago solitarius- 
lopax solitaria, Ilodgs. Proc* ZooL Soc* 1836, 8, 
fl. L Nepaul.— Presented by B. 11. Hodgson, Esq 
c, India. — Presented by Gen. T, Hardwicke. 

The Wood Hunting Snipe. Gallinago nemoricfl 
Scolopax nemortcola, Hadgs, Proc, ZooL Sec* 1B56. 
Jcrd, IlL !nd. Ormth, t. t, 9. Nemoricola Nipalcnt 

a, h. NepauL— Presented by B. H. Hodgion, E«q 




L— Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

• — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

.ir Holland Snipe. Gallinago Australis. Sco- 
AottraltSy Lath, Ind. Suppl. lxiy. S. Hard- 
in Gray ZooL MUc. i. p. 16. • 

Diemen's Land. — Presented by Gen. T. Hard- 

[Hemen's Land. — From Mr. Gould's Collection, 
r Hanter, Australia. — From Mr. Gould's Collec- 

AELLAHic Snips. Gallinago Magellanicus. Sco- 
Magellanica, King, Joum, ZooL iv. p. 93. 

aits of Magellan. — Presented by thp Admiralty. 

s of Magellan (Cape Negro). — Presented by Sir 

umett and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 

and Islands. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 

Fitzroy, R.N. 

ley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic Expedition). 

isented by the Admiralty. 

Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 
Dted by the Admiralty. 

Je. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 
ated by the Admiralty. 

UTH American Snipe. Gallinago Paraguaise. 

IX ParaguaisB, VietlL E, M, S. Brasiliensis, 


iraiso. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 

>y, R.N. 

uiado. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 

3y, R.N. 

s of Magellan. — Presented by the Admiralty. 

[ERicAN Snipe. Gallinago Wilsoni. Scolopax 

ago? Wlls. Am. Orn, t. 47. f. 1. S. Wilsoni, 

L S. Brehmii, Bonap, 

irth America. — Presented by the Hudson's Bay 


\ America. 



d, St. Nevis, West Indies.— Preaented by W. Cottle, fiq', 
€*f* Nova Scotia. j 
ff, Bahia. ^^ 
A. Rio Janeiro. — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. ^| 

The WhitE'TAILED Snipe. Galiinago leucurus. ^H 
lopax leucura^ Swains. Faun, Bar. Amer. 501. ^H 

a. North America. — Presented by the Hudson's ^H 
Cofnpany. ^B 

The Jack Snipe » Gallikaoo gallinuU, Bonap* ^H 
lopax gallinula, Linn* S, N, u 244.— P/. eni» 854. ^H 

a. 6. NepaiiL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. ^M 
c, d. Epping. — Presented by H. Doubleday, Esq. ^| 

e, Wiltshire.^ — From Col. Montagu's Collection. ^H 
/. Great Britann. ^H 

The Auckland Sktpe. Gailinago Aucklandfcus, ^H 

Ross Voy. ^B 

a* Male. Auckland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — PfH 
sented by the Admiralty. ^m 

b. Female. Auckland Island (Antarctic Kxpeditio^H 
Presented by the Admiralty. ^H 

c. Auckland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — Pi^sc^H 
by the Admiralty. ^H 

The Southern Snipe. Gallinago Stricklandii. SSR^ 

lopax pahidosa, Gmei, 1-^PL enL 895 ? J^ 

a. Terra del Fuego, — Presented by Sir W. Burnett ^H 

Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. ^M 

h, IVIale. St. Martin's Cave> Hermite Island (Anti^B 

Expedition). — ^Presented by the Admiralty. ^H 

e. Female, Hermite Island (Antarctic Expeditiofl^H 

Presented by the Admiralty. ^H 

The LiTTtE Woodcock. Philohela minor. Scoll^H 

minor, GmeL S. N, u 6G1 .— /ri/j. /fmer. Orn, U 48.^| 

a. North America. ^H 

6. Rockport, North America.— Presented by J. P. S^| 

land. ^H 




Tctu(stox£ SAJfDPtPER, Stbepsilas interpres. 
imerpres, Lmn, S. N. J. 248 — PL enL 856, 
vormlla, Linn* Str. collaris, Tentm, Gal. des 
^t SS7, Str. melanoccphala, llgon? 
\l Great Britain. 

IL ? 

k. Garobia, — From Mr, Hendairs Collection. 
It. Winter Island, — Preseoted by the Admiralty. 
EhiDge* Abrolhos, — Presented by Sir W. Burnett 
CapC Fitmroy, R.N. 

Guayaquil. — Presented by Mr. G. Barclay. 



^Bomh Island, Houtman's Abr^albos, — From 

i Collection. 

Soutb Island, Houtman*s Abrolhos.— From 
I GoaUi*» Collection. 

a, Farbina. 
leirr Jacaka. Parra jacana, Linn^ S. N, i. 
m/. 322. 
Soutb America. 
dL Britisb Guiana, — From Chev. Scbomburgk's 

British Guiana. — Presented by Chev. R. 

^ Soutb America. 
, erica. — From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection* 
South America. — From Mr, Lcadbeater's 

L4CX Jacaw A. Parra nigra, Gtnel, S. N. i* 708. 
itb Atnerica. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection, 

fHxz Jacaka, MiTopmitJS Indicus. Parra In- 
\^laik, Ind. II- 765, P. melanochloris, VieiiL P. 
Cm* P. auperciliosa, Horsf, 
—Presented by B. H. Hodgson^ Esq. 






b* Young, Nepaul, — Presented by B. H, Hodgson, 
c. India. — ^Presented by J* Gould, Esq, 
id, India. — Presented by the Earl of Derby 

The Western African Parr a, Metopibius Afrii 
Parra Africans, GmeL S. N, i. 709- Srifains, III J 
AT. S. i. 

a. Young, Western Africa, — Presenied by Re?* D 

b. Adult. Gambia. — ^From Mr, Rendairs Collection 

c. Young, Gambia. — From Mr. Kendall's Coll 

The White-nated Jacana. Metopidius albj 

Parra albi nucha, Gueriut Mag. de ZooL 1832, I. 6. 
a. b, Madagascar.— From M. Guerin'a Collection 

The Gallikaceous Jacana. BIetopidils 

Parra gallinacea, Temm, pL cot. 464, 
a. Male. Celebes.— From the Leyden Museum* 
b^ Female. Celebes. — From the Leyden Museu 

The Chinese Jacana. Hypropuasianus Sinensis, ^ 
Parra Sinensis, Gmel, S* N. u 709, Gray, flLln ' 
t. 55. 
n, h, NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Ea 
c. Young. Nepaul,^ Presented by B, H. Hodc84]| 
d* Adult. China. — Presented by Gen. T, Hardir 
e. India, — Presented by Dr. Burns. 
/. India, — Presented by Gen, T. Hardwicke. 
g. Young. India. — Presented by Dr. Burns, 

L Palamedeik^. 

The Cha/a Screambr. Chacna chavaria. 
variap Linn, S* N, i. 260. 

a. Cayenne. 

b, Cayenne, — From Mr, Turner*s Collection, 
<?. Young. Buenos Ayres. — From M. Vcrreau 


The Horned Screamer, Palamedea cornuta, i 

^.N, u 232.— PL enL 451. 
r a« 6. South America. 


Fam. «. RALLIDiE. 

a. BjkLlXKM. 

IfTncABA Raix.. Raixui Ypecalw, FkSL Etuy. 
Crex mdminpyga^ Lkki. GtUinala gigas, 
.if.i?raf. t. 99. 

-Pratented by the Prince Manena. 

tln-BXASED Rail. Razxus rufioeps. GaDinnlji 
, 8pi*f Av. Brat. t. 96. 

South America.— From Mr. Leadbeater's 

Sooth America. 
Lima f^From Mr. Leadbeater^a Colleetionr 
Peru ? — From Mr. Leadbeater'a Collecdoo. 

lllAVGLf Rail. Rallus mangle. Oallioula man- 
'\SpiXtAv. Bras. t. 97. 
Sooth America. 

I liooD-spoTTED Rail. Rallus saDguiooleotiu, 
Lard. Ency. Menag. 161.| 
Video. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
. Fitxroy, R.N. 

0. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 
^1 R.N. 
variety. Chili. — From Mr. Bridges's Col- 

^HoART Rail. Rallus cssius. Gallinula csesia, 
. At. Bras. t. 95. R. bicolor. Less. R. cssius, 

. — Presented by Lieut. Maw, R.N. 
v.— Presented by the Rev. W. Hennah. 

Water Rail. Rallus aquaticus, Linn. S. N. i. 

iDeroDshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

Short-footed Rail. Rallus brachipus. Swains, 
rd, Ency. Menag. 336. R. Lewinii, Swains. 
\kiuira)Jji> — From 3Ir, Oould'a Collection. 



6. South Port Island, Van DieiBen*s Land.^ — Fr 

Gould's Collection. 

The Virginian Rail. Rallus VirginiantjjSr Linn^j 
u 263. Edw. u 279. Wils. Am, Om. U 6«. f. 

litnicok, FieitL 
o, h. North America* — From JMr, Audubon's Colle 

The RuFous-wiKOED Rail. Rallus rufopennis* 
a. Chili* — From Mr, Bridges's Collection. 

The Clapper Rail, Rallus crepiums^ GmeL 


a* ft. North America.— From Mr, Audubon*s Colli 
c. Jamaica*— Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

The Great Hed-breasted Rail. Rai.lijs 

Audubon t B.of Amer, t. 
a. b. North America, — From Blr. Audubon's Coll 

The Grey-faced Hail. Rallus poliocephalus. 

a. Male, North America ? — From Mr. Leadt 

b. Female. — From Mr. Leadbeater's CoUectioo. 

The GuLAR Rail. Raxlus gularia, Ht^if, Lk 

xm. 196. 
a. Java.— Presented by the Hon. East India Caml 

The Blu£-n£ck£d Rail. Hallux caerulescens, j 

S. Mi, 716, 
a. Cape of Good Hope. — From Mr, Baker's CoUe 

The Banded Rail. Rallus torquatus, Linn* 
S6£, Briss. Orn, v, t, 15, f. 1. Nom AcUh if 
19, R. lineatus, Cuv. Less* 

a, Philippine Island&.^From Mr, Cuming*s Colle 

The Celebes Rail. Rallus Celebensis, Quoy* 

Voy, de i'AstroL Ok, p. ^^50, t. £4. f, 2, 
a. Celebes, ^From the Leyden Museum. 

The Obscure Rail. Rallus obscurus. 

a. Abyssinia. — From Mr, Leadbeater*s Collectio 

iasAiT Rail. Railus rufopectus. 
tpe? or fndia! — From Mr, Leadbeater^a 

nted by Capt. Sir E. Belcher, K.B., 

B«BSEsT£D Rail. Rallus griseopectus. 
h-Pmented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

LCBSD Rail. Rallus nigrolineatus, Hodgs. 

resented by B* H. Hodgson* Esq. 

LcmJim Rah. Rallus Pliilippensisp Linn, S, N, 
R, pectoral is. Cue. 

, — Presented by A* Cunningham, Esq, 
Presented by Lady Carrington. 
South Australia* — Presented by C< D* E. 

South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 
O. Or€y. 

Rail. Rallus asstmilis, G, R* Gra^, Faun. 
fL App* p. 197. 

id. — ^Presented by Miss R, Stone. 

CM*! Rah. Rallus Dieffenbachii, G. /?. 
L A'. ZeaL App. p. 197. 
I$Und. — Presented by the New Zealand 

Galukxttb* OaxYooMETRA crex. Rallus 
, 5. A', u 261. Crex pratensis, Bechst, 
^tdl&tkm* — From Col. Montagu's Coltecnon. 
Cambridgeshire. — Presented by Mr. J. 


Cioor* — Presented by C. Fellowes, Esq. 

KKCcKED Rail, Orttgometra eurizona. Gal* 
rurtxona, Temm* pi. col, -in, Rallus fasciatus, 
i. jTr. xuu 32« ? Rallus ruficeps, Cm. Less. 

erom Mr. Warwick's Collection* 
ted by W, Sotheby, Esq. 
It Mr. Cuming'a Collection. 


118 RALLID£. 

The Browk Rail, Ortygometra fusca. Rallus M 
Linn. S* N* u J?62. Gallinula rubiginosa, Tcnm 
coL 357, 

a. Male. NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodgsan, I 

b. Young Female. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. H4 
son, Esq. 

c. Female. Japan* — From the Leyden Museum. 

d. e. Male. 

/. Tanesserim Coast.— Presented by J, D. V, Pato 

The White-throated Crake. Orttoometea oUfl 

Railiis olivaceus, VieilL N. DicL H. N. 2B. 561. ( 
gularis, Jard, and Selb^'s IlL Om. t. 31). 
I o. Soyih America. — From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collectii 

The Black Rail, Ortyoometra nigra. Rallus n 
GmeL S, N. i. 717. R. carinatus, Swains. Galli 
flavirostra, Swains. , 

a, b. Adult. Western Africa. — From Mr. Jim 

c. Young. Gambia.— Presented by Major Rickelj 

d. Young. Africa. 

The SroTTEB Gallinule. Ortyoometra porzana* 

Rallus porzana, Linn, S. N. i. 262. — PL enL 751, 
a, 6. Great Britain. — ^Presented by J. G. Children, I 

c. Male. Devonshire. — From Col. Montagu's Coi 

d. Female. Devonshire- — From Col* Montai 

e. Europe. — Presented by J, Gould, Esq. 

The River Rail. Ortyoometra fluminea. 
fluminea, Gould, Proc. Zooi. 6'oc. 1842, p. 139, 

a. Male. South Australia. — Presented by His 
lency Capt, G. Grey. 

The Sorec Rail. Ortyoometra Carolina. 
Caroltnus, Linn. S. N. 1. 263. Edfv. t. 144, 
Am. Onu t. 48. t 1. 

a. Female. Northern Land Expedition,*— Presi 
Capt. Sir G. Back, R.N. 

b. Rockport» North Aiiiertca. — Presented by 
J. P. K inland. 


RALLIDiE. 119 

Iaeed Rail. Oattoometra aurita. Crex aurita» 
y« ZooL Misc. p. 13. 

iouth America. 

'am Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

Sakbed Crake. Ortygometra lateralis. Crex 
rmlis, Uchi. Griff, An, Kingd, Birds, t p. 542. 

th America. 

MAJLL Rail. Orttoometra pygmaea. Crex pyg- 
■, Naum. Gallinula Bailloni, VteiU. Jard, 4* 
y« IlL Om. U 15. 

nit. Great Britain. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

mg ? 

iQDgy in change. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. 
igaoD, Esq. 

Australia Small Rail. Ortygometra palustris. 
nana palustris, Gould. Proc. ZooL Soc. 1842. 139. 

ith Australia. — Presented by His Excellency Capt. 


Male. South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 

icy Capt. G. Grey. 

OuvACEOus Gallinule. Ortygometra rainuta. 
Ins rainutus, Pall. R. pusillus, Gmel. R. Pey- 
■ei, Fieill. 
ide. Ashburton. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

White Eye-browed Rail. Ortygometra ocularis. 
iPhilippine Islands. — From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

Galapagos Rail. Ortygometra spilonota. Za- 
toia spilonota, Gould. Voy. Beagle^ Birds, p. 132. t. 49. 

iipagos. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 
tooy, R.N. 

Iamaica Rail. Ortygometra Jamaicensis. Rallus 
^mcensis, Briss. Orn. Suppl. 140. Edw. Birds^ t. 
L Audub. B. of Atner, t. 
fetk America. — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 

The Plumbeous Small Rail. Oetyoometra plu 
Crex plumbea, Gray^ »« ^^iff* ^^* A^'n^rf^ t iiL 
410. Eallus tabuensis, GmeL ? 



6, South Australia. — Presented by His £xcelJency ( 
G, Grey, 

The Lined Rail. Ortygometra dimidiaUi^ Ga 
dimidiara, Temm* Lesji, Tr* 537, Alecthelta 1 

a. South Africa* — Froin the South African Museun 

b. South Africa. — From M, Verreaux' Collection* 

The Cinnamon-banded Bail. Ortygometra cinn 
mea. Ralluscinriamonieus Less, t I^ev, ZooL 1S40. 

a. Young. Western Africa. — From Mr, Rendairs Col- 

The Red-necked Rail. Ortygometra ruficoUis. Citf 
ruficollia, Crrwy, Zool, Afisc, p. 13* 

a. Cape of Good Hope. 

6. ? Young, Cape of Good Hope. — From M. Ve 


The WiiiTE-sFOTTED Rail, Ortygometra pu 
Crex pLiIchra, Gray^ ZmL Misc, p. 13. Grif,^ 
Kingd, 111. t. p* 54iJ. 

a. Africa? 

L Gallinulina. 

The Violet Gallinule. Porphyrio antiquorum> . , 
Fulica porphyrio, PalL P. hyacinthinus, Temm^j 

a. L Egypt, — Presented by John Bo wring, Esq. 

The Indian Porphyrio, Porphyrio Indicus, Horsf^\ 
Tf\ xiii* p. UJ4, P, sraaragdinis, Temm, pL coU 

a. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq, 

6, Young. Nepaul.— Presented by B. H. Hodgson/. , 

c. Madras. — Presented by the Hon. East India Co» 

cj, India. 

LT PoBVHnui. FoBTBTBio polTenilentas, 

! Islands. — F^roin Mr. Comiog^t CoUectioii. 
-PiewDtad bj C^fL Sir E. Bekher, K.B., 



roH. Mmm. drOm. n.— PiL eol. 421.— PiL en/. 
P. cUoryiiotiis, RetULf 

» if flood Hope.— Presented by J. Oonld, Esq. 

ID PoB»HTEio. Posrarsio melaiiotus, 
MmL *Om. tt. Fiiliea elbe, Loth. WkUe's 
» C 158. (albino yariety.) P. bellus, OoM ? 
Zealand.— Presented by the New Zealand 

i*s Land. 
Islands, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 
nted by the Admiralty. 
I Australia. — Presented by His Excellency Capt. 

PoRPHTRio. PoRPHTRio Alleni. Gallinula 
Tkomp. Ann. of Nat. Hist. 

Western Africa. — Presented by T. R. W. 
Esq., R.N. 
Idda, Western Africa.— Presented by T. R. 
. Thompson, Esq., R.N. 

-From Baron Langier*s Collection. 

Uartikico Gallinulb. PoRPHTRio Martinica, 
Tmm. Fnlica martinica, Ltnn. S. N. i. ft59. J acq. 
f§g. 1. 1. P. tavoua, VieilL 


America. — Presented by Lieut. Maw, R.N. 
ilish Oaiana. — ^Presented by Chev. Schomburgk. 
oong. South America. — Presented by J. uould, 

oong. South America.— From Baron Laugier's Col- 



Hie Favourite Porpuybio. Porphyrio flavirostri, 
Fulica flavirostris, GmeL S, N. i. 699. — PL tnL SSr, 
P. simplex, Gould ? 

a. South America. — From Baron Laugier's Collectk 

The New Holland Oallinulr. Tribontx Moi 
Dubus. BulL Sc, Brux. vii. £15. t. . Brach] 
Itis ralloides, Lafr. ? 

a. Australia. — Presented by Gen, T, Hiifdwicke, 
t, Australia. — From Mr, Warwick's Collection* 

The Spotted Tribonyx, Tribonyx ventralis. 

nula ventrulis, Gouhi Proc. ZooL Sac. 18:J6j 85, 

a. South Australia. — From Mr, Gould's CoHectioa. 
6, South Australia. — Presented by C. D. E. Fori 

c. Female. Sooth Australia.— Presented hy His 

!ency Capt. G, Grey. 
rf. Male. South Australia,^-From Mr. Gould'f 

f. Caught at sea, between Tasmania and AucI 

Island (Antarctic Expedition)* — Presented bj 


Gallikula chloropus, j 
S. N. u 258. G. 

The CojofON Gallinule. 
Fulica chloropus, Linn. 

a. Male. Great Britain, 

b. Female. Great Britain* 

c. Male. Brome, Suflblk. — Presented by the 

d. Male. 
€, Female. 

/, ? Cape of Good Hope. 

g* L Male and female. Cambridgeshire.-^ Preseoti 

Mr. J. Baker. 
i.j\ k, i. Chicks^ Cambridgeshire.— Presented bjj 

J. Baker, 
in. Chicks. Great Britain. 

n. o. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H* Hodgson, Esq. 
G, parvifrons, Bl^ihA 


QeAiiBBicAir Gallutulb. Oallinula galeata, Licht, 
Cai. Si6.n^B<map. Am, Om. u 27. f. 1. O. chloro- 

L^ Jamaiou 

he liroiAH Gallikule. Gallinula orientalis, Horsf. 
Zm. Tr. XIII. p. 195. Gallinula plumbea, VieiU. G. 
ardofkcea, FieilL Gal. Ois. t. 268. 
Java. — Presented by the Hon. East India Company, 

be Thick-billed Gallinule. Gallinula crassiros- 
iris. Fulica crassirostris, Gray^ in Griff. An, Kingd, 
m. U 542. 

Sootli America. — Presented by the Rev. W. Hennah. 
Sooth America. — Presented by Lieut. Maw, R.N. 
PiBtagonia ? — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 
Piuroy, R.N. 

le Maxilla Gallikule. Gallinula olivacea, Meyer. 
Sana Act., &c., 1834, 109. t. 20. 

h. Manilla^ — From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

le Rbd-tailed Gallinule. Gallinula phoenicura. 
Ballitt pbocnicurus, Penn. ZooL Ind. 19. t. 9. — PL enl. 
S96. Gallinula Javanica, Horsf. 

Adolt. India. — Presented by the Hon. East India 

Yomig. India. — Presented by the Hon. East India 

Adult. Indian Archipelago. — Presented by J. Night- 
ingale, Esq. 

Adult. Indian Archipelago. — Presented by Capt. Sir 
£. Belcher, K.B., R.N. 
Adult. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

lie Crested Gallinule. Gallinula cristata. Lath. 
Fulica cinerea, Gmel. S. N. i. 702. G. gularis, et G. 
hgnbris, Horsf. 

laland of Manilla.— From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 
Young. Java.— Presented by the Hon. East India 
Young. India. 
^ o2 


The Common Coot. Fulica alra, Linn, S, N. t. 25^.- 
PL enl, 1D7. F. aethiops, Sparr. Afus, Carls, i. L ii 
¥, Itiucoryx, Sparr, Mas. Carls, i. t, 12. 

a. Dev or* shire* — From Col. Montagu's Col) ec don. 

b. Chick, Europe. 

c. Egypt.— Presented by W. B, D. TumbulJ, Esq 

€, NepauL— Presented by B. H, Hodgson, Esq. 

The . Fdlica ? 

a. South Australia.— Presented by His Excellency C«pu^ 
G, Grey. 

The CiKEREous Coot. Fit tic a Americana^ (hntl 

1. 704. F. Wilsoni, Steph. 
G. North America. 
h, ? 

The Frontal Coot. Fulica frontata. 

a. Valparaiso. —Presented by Sir W. Burnett and ' 
Fitzroy, R.N, 

b. Chili ?-^ Presented by the Rev. W. Hennab. 

The American Coot, Fulica cbloropoides, A'tii^i ( 

Journ, IV. p. 95, 

a, Valparaiso, — Presented by Sir W, Btirneti and J 
Fitzroy, R,K. 

The Crksted Coot, Fclica cristata, GmeL S. N, u 
Galliniila cristata, Lath. pL enl 797. 

a. Cape of Good Hope. ^ 

h. Cape of Good Hope.— Presented by J» Gould^ Esq* *^ 

c. South Africa, — From Dr. Krauss' Collection. 


The Americak Finfoot. Heliorhis Surinamensis. Pl^ J 
tus Siirinamensis, GmeU S. N, u 581 — PL imi, 898. } ^ 

a, — c. South America, /^ 

The African Finfoot. Podica Senegalensis. Hdifli{^ 
nis Senegalensis, P'iedL N, DicL H. N, xrr. £77*-V 

GaL dts Ok, t. 280. ["^ 

a* h. SenegaL^^From Baron Laugier's CoUection, 


||^ £iMi. A»; JNT. t. PH. aiiliqaii% Temm. 
"^ lb3rt!«ii.T.Haydwick6. 

Ambeicav Flaxxiioo. Phaniooptibus ruber, Xmii. 
iK. I. mU. Am. Om. t 66. f. 4. 

Mrtib Amerkau 

irth America. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

€knu FiJUdKoo. — Phjenicopterus ChilensiB* MoL 
iL a. 214. Ph. ignipalliatus, /. Geoffr. ei D*Orb. 

iQL — ^From Mr. Bridges's Collection. 

DwAmy Flamingo. Phjenicopterus parvus, VieilL 
mL Elem. t. 69. P. minor, Geoff. Bull ScL Soc 
I. 97. Gall, des Ou. t. ft73. 

. change. Africa. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
mng. Africa. 

6. Plectropterinjb. 

Black and White Goose. Anseranas melano- 
Bca, LesM. Anas melanoleuca, Lath. Ind, SuppL 69. 
. semipalmatay Lath. Mem. du Mus. xi. t. 19. 
Mth Australia.— Presented by His Excellency Capt. 
. Grey. 

ottraiia. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection, 
[ale. Murray River, South Australia. — Presented by 
is Ezcellency Capt. G. Grey. 



The SptTR-wiNGEB GoDSE. Plectropterus Gambetisii, 
Leach, Antts Gambensts, Ltnn, S. N* i. 195. M^> 
de ZooL 1834, t. 29, Shaw's Lev, Mm, t. p, 231. 

a. Central Africa* — Presented by Capt, Clappertoo. 

b, Africa. 

e. Western Africa, — Presented by Capt. Sabine, RA. 
d* Cape of Good Hope, — ^From the South African JIb^ 


The Royal Duck* SARKimoRNts regia, Eyton. Aon 
regia, MoL Hist. Chilly p* 2 12. Anas roelanotu*, Ptm. 
PL cnL 937. 

a. India* 

b. Ceylon, 

The EoYPTiAK Goose. Chekalopex j^gyptiaca, Stifk 
Anaa /Egyptiaca, Linn^ S. N, u 107* An&er variiSi 
Schfu—I'L enL 379, 

ff, Egrypt. 

L Egypt.- Presented by W. B, D. Turnbull, Esq. 

c. Cape of Good Hope. 

d. Very young, ^From Mr. Bartlett'a Collection. 

The Maked Goose. Chenalopex jubata, Wagl 
jubala, Spix Av, Br, ii. t. 108, 

a. — c. South America- 

Ami 1 

c. Akseein^. 

The New Holla kd Cereopsis. Cereopsis Novip HoI-J 
landias» Lafh, fad, SuppL 67. Anser griseiis* Fm 
Cereopsis einereus, Cuv, C. Australis, Sk\ pi i 
20G.— ./rtrof. and Selhi/^s III Om. N. S, u 33. 

a, Australia, 

The Magellanic Goose, Chloephaga Magelhniciej 
Eyttm, Anas I^IageUanica, Gnu S, N, u 505. An" 
picta, etA. leucoptera. Gm, Font, Dr, t. 65, Broir* 
IlL ZooL t. iQ.^FL enL 1006. 

a. Island of Chiloe.— Presented by Sir W. Burnett inA^ 
Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 

ANATID-«. 127 

k FalkJand Island. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 

Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 
c. (Sorrey Zoological Gerden). — Presented by Edward 

Cross, £sq. 
dLlfale. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic 

Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 
cMale. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 

PreieDted by the Admiralty. 
y. Female. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic 

Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 
^•Female. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 

Pteieated by the Admiralty. 

The AsHT-HEADBD GoosE. Chloephaga polioce- 

m. Island of Cbiloe.^Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
Cape Fitsroy, R.N. 

fc ? — Presented by John Barrow, Esq. 

cHale. St. Salvador, East Falkland (Antarctic Ex- 
pedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

4i Female. St. Salvador, East Falkland (Antarctic 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

c Hale. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

X female. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Antarctic Goose. Berkicla Antarctica, Steph. 
Anas Antarctica, GmeL S. N. i. 505. A. genta, Font. 
ktm. ined. t. 66. Voij, de la Coqu. i. 50. 

!|fc ? — Presented by the Admiralty. 

4i Falkland Island. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 

«.llale. Cape Horn (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 
sented by the Admiralty. 

^ Yoang male. St. Salvador Bay, East Falkland (Ant- 

, arctic Expedition).— Presented by the Admiralty. 

^Female. Hermite Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

/. Female. East Falkland (Antarctic Expedition).— 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Hawkesbury Dick, Bernicla jubata. Ami 

jubata, Lath, Ind. SuppL G9. 

a* Australia. 

6. Australia, — Presented by Lady Carrington. 

c. South Australia.— Presentetl by His Excellency Capl. 
G. Orey. 

d. Male- Murray River, South Australia. — Presented 
by His Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

e. Female ? Murray River, South Australia. — Preie 
by His Excellency Capt, G, Grey. 

The Brent Goose. Bernicla brenta, Steph, Ami 
bernkla^ Linn. S, N, i. 198. A. brenta, PalL Aukt 
torquatus, Fisch. — PL enl, 342. 

a, h^ Devonshire.^-From Col* Montagu's Collection* 
Ct North America. — Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Bernicle Goose. Bernicla leucopsis, ^iejok i 
Anas erythropus, Omtl, S, N, i. A. leucopsis, ^«rii^1 
A. bernicla, PaU. 

a. Devonshire.^ — From Col. Montagu *8 Collection. 
6. Week old. — From Mr. Bartlett's Collection* 

The Red-breasted Goose. Bernicla ruficollis, Su^u 
Anas ruficollis^ Palh Spic, \u 21, A. torquats, FiM* 

a, Berwick.— From Mr. Bullock's Collection? 


The Black- WING ED Goose. Bernicla melanoptefl. 
Anser melanoptertis, Eyion^ Monogr, Anai* B$* yoj^ 
of Beaglcf ZooL t. 

Q. Valparaiso. — ^Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Cap 
Fitzroy, R*N* 

The Madagascar Teal* Nettapus auritus, Ana« iil_ 
ritus, Bodd, CaL pL enl. Anas Madagascariensisi 
S, N. u 522,— PL enL 770, 

a, 6. Western Africa.— From Mn Rendairs Collection. 

llloiLuff]>Et TfAL. NzrtJifVB Coromaiidelianus^ 
I Anas Co r Oman d ell HI I ?i^ Cm. S. N, x. 522. 
end On^, III Ind. ZooL i, GS.^PL eni 949, 

ted by Capt, Johnstone. 
Coa«t, India. — Preaented by J. D* V. 

IwGooss, Chen hyperborea, Bote. Anas hy- 
rca* Cm* S, M i. 501. A. cserulescens, Gm* A. 
\, Fortl. Wilt. Am, Orn, L ^^. t 5, and t. 69, f. 5. 
Nordiern Land Expedition. — Presented by 
Back, R.N. 
.— .From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection, 

COED Goose. Anser ferus^ Steph, Anas 

S, *V. L 197. Anser cinereua, Mey* Ana. 

Stibjf t Ans. vulgaris, /^a//. Naum* Fog, 


ftain (London Market)* 

ist Goose. A^sek segetum, StepH, Anas sege- 

[ifli. S, jV. I. 512. Anser ferus, Selby, A, pa- 

t Ftem. pi enL 985. 

tat Britain. 

dajB old. — From Mr. Bartlett*s Collection. 

irrm-FROKTEO Goose. Anser erythropua, Fkm, 

erythropus, Linn. Faun, No, 116, A. albifrons^ 

^c aaarca, S, G, Gmel. Edwards's Blrds^ t. 153, 

H^^From Col* Montagues Collection. 

B^^rotn Col. Montagu'f Collection. 


bn* Land Expedition. — Presented by Capt. 

[ia. — From CoK Cobb's Collection. 

^tr-fttLL^D Goose, Ansek brachyrhynchus, BailL 

4€ Soc. d'FmuL d^ Abbeville, ISS's. Anser phae- 

^ HurtL A. brevirostris, Thienem, A rufcs- 


(London Market). 

o 3 




The Bakreuhheaded Goose, Asses. Indicus, 
Anas Indica, Lath. Anser tmdulatuSf Bonn, Ga 
Cent, of Birds, t. 

a. Northern India. — From Coll. Cobb'g Collection. 

b. India.-* Pre sen ted by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

c. NepauL — Presented by B. H. Hodgson^ Esq. 

The Canada Goose. Cyokopsis Canadensis* 
Anas Canadensis, Linn. S. N. u 198. — PL enl. 

a, b. North America, 

o. Northern Land Expedition.- — Presented by Capt. 
G, Back. R>\ 

d. (From Egg.)— From Mr. Bartleti's Collection. 

d. CTGNlKiE. 

The Mute Swan. Cygnus mansuetus, Ray. Anas 
GmcL S, N, I, 501. C. sibilns, PaiL C, gilili 
Bechsl.—Pl. enL 913. 

a. Great Britain. 

6, Great Britain.— Presented by Dr. Dowler, 

The Black-xecked Swan. Cygncs nigrieoUisi 
Anas nigricollis et A. melanocephala, Gtneh S. 
502. Asara, No, 425. A. nielanocorypha, Moit%$ 
a. Straits of Magelbn, — Presented by tlie Admiraji 
6. Straits of Magellan,— Presented by Sir W, 
and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N, 

The Whistling Swan. Oi.or musicus, fVagl 
Cygnus ferus» Linn, S. N. i, 194. C. ferus, /fi 
olor» PalL C nielanorbyncbos, Metf. C xanti 
nu9, Naum. Vog. t. 29*i* 
a, Wiltshire.— Frora Col. Montagus Collection, 
6, Hay ling Island. — Presented by J. B. Tyndalc, 
c. Young, — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

The Lesser Swan. Olor minor. Cygnus minor, 
oloris, Pali. C« Bewickii, Varr. Jard. and Selbf 
Orn, t, 9^* C. musicus, Fab.l C, Islandicus, of^ 
melanorhinus, Naum. Fog, t. !297. 
a. Great Britain.— Presented by W. Yarrell, Esq, 
h* Great Britain. — From Mr. Barilett's Collection. 


DBA SwAir. OpoK eoscoroba. Aou como- 
. Cygnas «»toidet» King. Proc. ZooL Soe. 

erica. — VreB. by J. Robertson* M.D., R.N. 

iCAir SwAir. Olok Americana. Cygnus 
I, SkarpL Amer. Jmtm. sc. y. xxii. 

Expedition^ — Presented by the Admiraltv. 
lericm. — Presented by J. Richardson, M.D. 

SwAH.— CnxiroFis strata, WogL Anas atrau. 
. u. 834. A. plntonia, Shaw^ Nat. Misc. t.l08. 
— From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
-^Presented by Lord Farnborough. 
oath Port River, Van Diemen's Land. — From 
I's Collection. 


)ucK. Dendbocygna arcuata^ Swains. Anas 
ur. Horsf, ZooL Res. t. A. Javanica> Horsf. 
rarea* Syhes. 

r Africa. — Presented by Major Denham. 
resented by the Hon. East India Company. 
. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

Whistling Duck. Dendrocygna major, 
fr. Joum. 1840, 218. 
From Mr. Bartlett's Collection. 

KiKo Duck. Dendrocygna vagans, EytorCs 

. — From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

•BILLED Whistling Duck. Dendrocygna 

\na8 arborea, Linn. S, N, i. 207. Edwards's 


-From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

[LLED Whistling Duck. Dendrocyona 
I. Anas autumnalis, Linn. S, N. i. 205. 

Birds, t. 194. 

Guiana. — From Chev. Schomburgk*s Col- 



The White-masked Duck. Dexdsoctcka viduiw. 
Anas viduata, linn. S. JV. i, 205. Penn, Gen. of B. 
t. 13, Forst, Icm. ined. t. 76, 

a, Brazil, — Presented by Lord Stuart de Hothsay. 
ii. c. Interior of Africa, — Presented by Major Denham. 

The Brown Slender legs. 
Leptotarsis Eytoni, Gould, 

Dekdroctona EytooL 
Eyion*s Monogr. AnaU 

a, b, South Australia.^ — Presented by C. D, E. Fortnirav 

The Sheiidrake. Tadorka vulpanaer, Flem, Anns Ufc- 
doma, L'mn. S, N* u 195. Tadorna faradiaris, BfM* 
T, Bellonii, Steph, A. cornuta, GmeL pi. aiL 53. 

a. Scotland. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
L Great Britain. 

c. Great Britain. — ^Presented by J. Gould, Esq, 

d, e, Hayling Island.— Presented by J. W. Tyndale, Ei^ 
j\ NepauL — Presented by B* H. Hodgson, Esq. 

The Radjah Sheilbhake* Tadorna radjah, E^U 
Anas radjah. Gam. Voy, de In Coqn, 0\s* t, 49. 

a. Australia, 

6. Australia.— Presented by Gen, T. Hardwicke, 

c, Australia.— Presented by Lady Carrington, 

d. e. Australia, Port Essington, — Presented by Capl, 
Chambers, R.N. 

The Freckled Duck. Tadorka na^vosa. Anas nsevo 
Gotiid, PfQc. ZoqI Sqc, 1840, 177. Birds of Juitr. 

a. b, Male, South Australia. — Presented by His Exe 

lency Capt, G. Grey, 

The Ruddy Goose. C as arc a rutila, Bonap, 
casarca, Linn, Gmei* S. iV, j, 51 L A. ruti]a« 
A, cana, Gmei, ? Browns ///. t, 41, 42 ? 

a, b, India. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 

c. d. Northern India.— From Col. Cobb's CoUectioa. 

/. NepauL— Presented by B» H* Hodgson, Esq. 

L J^onhern Asia. 

Anas t^orooides, Jard* and SM^^ ^^^ 

u — Presented by Gen. T, Hardwicke, 
[Den's Land,— From Mr. Gould's Collection* 
Bouth AuitraJia*^Preseiited by His ExceU 
pt- G. Grey- 

tOATED Goose. C*«\bca Tariegata* Anas 
^ Gmei. S. N. 1* . A. ch^iieroSp J'or^f, 
^ t^ 67- Casarka *^;anea, Etfton^ Aionogrv 

ZeaJJAod. — Presented by the New Zealand 


ESK TsAL. Aix galericalata, Bote. Anas 
ata, Linn. S. N. i. 206,— P/. ew/, 805, 806. 
dula Sinensis^ Brisi. A. Asitori, TVmm. ? 

. — Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 
-From the Leyden Museum. 

ER Duck. Aix sponsa, Bote, Anas sponsa, 

N. I. 207. fViU. Am. Om. t. 70. f. 8 PL 

981. A. sestiva, Briss. 

I America.— Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
America.— Presented by the Hudson's Bay 

y- . 


Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park. — Pre- 
»y the Zoological Society. 

EON. Mabeca Penelope, Banap. Anas Pene- 
inn. S. N. I. 202. A. fistularis, Briu. M. 
I, Steph. pL enl. 825. 

onshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

-Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

Northern India.-«Presented by B. H. Hodg-^ 

n Asia. 



The Chiloe Widgeon. Mareca Chiloensis, EfM 
nogr, t. Anas Cbiloensis, Klng^ Ptoc^ Zod, Ifl 

a. Island of Chiloe. — Presented by the AdmtralM 

b, Fernale. Falkland Island (Antarciic Expcdid 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

The American Widgeon. Mareca Ainrncann,! 
Anas America na» GmeL S, N. i, 52G» tVtts. Am 
t. 69. f. i.—PL eni Q55, I 

a, h. Northern Land Expedition. — Presented M 
Sir G. Back, H.N. 1 

c* North America. I 

The Spotted Widgeon. Maheca punctma. Anm 
tata, Cuv, M. castanea, EiftonM Monogr, 119,1 

o. Australia. — Presented by Gen. T. Hanlwicke. 1 

ft. c. Van Diemcn*s Land. — Presented by Ilonalill 

Esq. I 

rf. Australia- — From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collectioii.J 

The Crimson-billed Buck. Pjecilonitta cryAfl 
cha, Eytan, Anau crythroryncha* GmeL S. KA 
A. pyrrhorhyncha, Forst. Icon, irtcd. t. 73, I 

a. Abyssinia. — From Dr- RiippeU's Collection. I 
b.c. 1 ? I 

The Georgian Duck. P.kcixonitta Georgica.! 
Georgica, GmeL S, N. t. 51G. A* xHuilioHl 
ForxL Icon. ined. t. 71. I 

a. Cape of Good Hope. — From M. Verrcaiix* Cm 

The Pint All. DtcK. Dafila aeuta, BtmM^i 
acuta, Linn* S. N. t. 20:^. A. caud.i€utii« Jtm 
Jongicauda» Brm. pi* enl* 95'1. Wifs. Am, Orm 
f. 3. A. Ttsiizihoa, FieitL I 

a, Devonshire.— From Col. Montagu** CoUecci(»i.i 
&. Kent. I 

c. Surrey, 

«f. Jamaica. — Presented by J. S. Redman, Esq. 
f. China. — Prctented by J. R. Reeves, Eaq. 

tm Land Espedilion. — Presented bj- CapL Sfr 

^ — ? 

L— Presented by B. H, Hoclgson, Ea^. 

btnxftA DucTc. Dafila Babarnenais. Aiiat 

mmim, Ltnn. B. N. u 199. A, llrophasiaAiMit 

E^tm.*s Mon^r^ 112. !• Cntcsh^'s Car. U 9$^ 

_ > — ^^ Presented by Gen* T. Hard wi eke. 
America. — Presented by J» E. Gray^ Esq* 
^Pres^nted by C, Crawley, Esq, 

iLxmt DrrK, A nab bosdiat, Linn. S, N. h $05. 
ioea» IJmn. pi, enL 77C, 777* 

roiidiire««^Fjroni Col Montagu's CoUecdon. 

Britani. — Ytom CoL Montagu's Collection. 


tm Land Expedition. — Presented by Capt. Sir 

Jt, R.N. 

y. Lincolnshire.— Presented by — Dasbwood, 

.—Presented by J. R. Keeves, Esq. 
il. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

5KY Ducx. Anas obscura, GmeL S, N, i. 541. 
Am. Orn. t. 72. f. 5. 

America.^ — Presented by J. J. Audubon, Esq. 
th America. 

caciLious Duck. Amas superciliosa, GmeL S. N. 

. A. leucophrys, ForsL Icon. ined. L 77. 

alia. — Presented by Lady Carrington. 

Yemen's Land. — Presented by Ronald Gunn, Esq. 

am's Island, Antarctic Seas. — Presented by the 

Zealand Company. 

1 Australia. — Presented by His Excellency Capt. 


ew Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 

B Admiralty. 

ale. New Zealand (AnUrctic Expedition). — 

nted by the Admiralty. 



A. Campbeirs Island (Antarctic Expedition). — Presentwl 

by the Adtni rally. 
i. Male. Van Diemen's Land (Antarctic Expedition}.— 

Presented by the Admiralty, 

The Manilla Duck. Anas luzonicAj Fraser^ Pm* 

ZooL Sac. 1SJ9, 113. 

a. — c, Manilla* — From Mr. Cuming*s Collection. 

The Spotted-billed Duck. Akas pflBcilorhyncha, Gmd 
S. iV, u 535. Grays liL Ind, ZooL U 67. 

a. Himalayah Mountains. — ^Presented by J. Gould, Esq- 
(k China.— Presented by J. K, Reeves, Esq. 
c. NepaiiL— Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

The Crested Dcck. Anas cristata, GmeL S. N, i. 54<K 
A- pyrogaster, Meyen, Nov. Acla^ 1833» t, t5, A. 
lophyrai ForsL Icon, ined, t. 78. 

a. h. Straits of I^fagellan.— Presented by the Admiralty. 

c, Male, Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

d. Female. North Harbour, Hermiie Island (Antarctic 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty* 

tf. Male* Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition)*— 

Presented by the Admiralty. 
f. Female. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition).— 

Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Bronze-winged Duck, Anas specularis» A'in^, Zod. 

Journ, IV. ^^,—Jard, and SMys III Orn. N. S. t. 40* 

A. specular Old es, King* A, cbalcoptera, KittL VogtlSf 

t. • 
a. 6. Straits of Magellan ? — Presented by the Admiralty, 
c. Straits of Magellan ?— Presented by Sir W. Burnett 

and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N, 

The Pink-headed Duck. Anas caryophyllacea, Latk, 
Ind^ n. 866. Calliclien caryophyllaceum, Eyton. 

a. Northern India.— From Coh Cobb's Collection. 

b. Bhotan. — Presented by the Hon. East India Cooipacj^ 

c. Female ? Nepaul. — Presented by B, H. HodgsoOi 


■ Esq 



EM^ssLtED Buck, Anas flavirostris, Smiih, 
iff. Mus^ Et^tons Monogr^ Anat. 141. 

Good Hope, — From M. Verreaux* Collection, 

Mi Tb4U Querquedula crecca, Stej^h. Anas 
Imm. S. N. u 264,— P/. enL 947. 

ritato. — Presented by W. Yarrell, Esq. 

4*re»ented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

hen. — ^From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

n ladia-— Presented by B. H, Hodgson, Esq, 

BCAsr Teal. Querquedula Carolinensis. Anas 
am, GtmL S. N, u 533. A. crecca, fVils. Am, 
r«b t 4.-^Jard. and Sr%'* ///. Or«. t. 146. 

Lmerica* — From Mr, Audubon's Collection. 
L«od Expedition. — Presented by Capt. Sit 

ca. — From Mr, Atidubon*s Collection, 
tid Expedition.— Presented by Capt. Sir 

Teal. Querqttedula formosa, Siepfi* 
finasa, GmeL S, N. u 523* A. torqtiata, Men, 
f SielL A. glocitana, PalL 

L — Presented by J. R, Reeves, Esq. 

ATSO Dock. Qverquedxjla falcariai E^ton, 
keana, PalL reite, uu 701, 

l^'Preaented by J, Reeves, Esq. 
-Freaented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

rY Teal. Querquedula circia, Steph. 
nn. S. N. I. 204.— P/. tnL 946. A. 

gtaliire-— Frona Col. Montagu's Collection. 

—Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 
— Pfcscmed by B. H. Hodgson. Esq, 


158 ANATlDf. 

The Mottled Teal. Qukhqvedula creccoIde«i 
Anas creccoitJe«, King*s ZooL Joum, iv, 99 
oxyptera^ Majen^ Nov, Acta, <5*c., 1833, t. 26. 

a* Straits of Magellan.— Presented by the Admin 

b, St, Salvador Bay, East Fjilkland (Antarctic 
dklon). — Presented by tbe Admiralty. 

c. Female. St. Martin Cove, Ilermite Island (Antii 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

d, Male. Falkland Ulaiid (Antarctic Expeditioo),- 
Presented by the Admiralty, 

e. Female* Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). 
Presented by the Admiralty. 


a* Male, Kcrgnclen's Land (Antarctic Expeditioo), 
Presented by tlie Admiralty. 

b, c. Kerguelen's Land (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 
sented by the Admiralty. . 

The Fasciatei> Teal. QuERarEDULA maculirostrii 
Anas maciilirostris» lAcht. A. versicolor, FiciU. A, 
fretensis, King. Jard, and Selbtf^ IlL Orn, N, S,Uiii 
Azara^ No. 440. 

a. Straits of Magellan. — Presented by Sir W» Bd 
and Capl. Fitzroy, R.N. 

b. Mai dan ado, — Presented by Sir W. Biirnett and 
Fitzroy, K.N. 

c. Straits of Magellan.— Presented by tbe Admiral^ 

d. (Antarctic Expedition).— Presented by tbe Adrair 

The White-faced Duck. QuEuatrEDULA discors. 
discors, Linn, S, N. u 205. Qnerquedula Ameii 
Brhs, Q. Virgin iana, Briss* H'ih, Ant, Orn, t. 63 

a. South America. 

b. Brazil. — Presented by the Rev, W. Hennah. 

c. d, Jamaica. — Presented by J, Gould, Esq, 

H Raffles's Teal. QuERQCJEDrLA caeruleata^ 

H caeruleata, Ltcht* A* cyanopterus, FieilL A. Raffiwiil 

■ King, Jard, and Sdbt/s lU, Orn. N, S. t. 2S. 



Ik RnroKD Tkal. Querquedula torquata. Anas tor- 
quti, VieilL N. Diet. d'H'ut. Nat. v. 110. Azara, 
No. 441. 

L Soath America. 

\t JpKcuTiRi Teal. Querquedula ipecutiri. Anas 
mecutiri, Vietll. N. Diet. H. N. v. 120. A. paturi, 
ofix. Av. Br. t. 109. Q. erythrorhyncha, Eyton. 
L'Ipecutiri, Azara^ No. 437. 

• i British Guiana. — Presented by Chev. Schomburgk. 

le Gadwal Duck. Cuaulelasmus streperus, G. R. 
Gray. Anas strepera, Linn. S. N. i. 200. — PL eni. 
m.^Wils. Am. Orn. t. 71. f. 1. 

.Londoo Market. 

.Kent. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

. Great Britain. 

.North America. 

-^. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

k Membranaceous Duck. Malacorhynciius raem- 
bnnaceus, S/rains, Anas membranacea, Lath. Ind. 
Ont. SwppL II. A. fasciata, Shaw^ Nat. Misc. t. 697. 

Australia. — Presented by Lady Carrington. 

Van Dienien*s Lund. — Presented by Ronald Gunn, 

Male. South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 
lency Capt. G. Grey. 

Female. South Australia. — Presented by His Excel- 
lency Capt. G. Grey. 

ke Shoyeler DrcK. Spatula clypeata, Bote. Anas 
dypeata, Linn. S. N. i. 200.— P/. enl, 971, 972. 

Somersetshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
— /. Lincolnshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
Great Britain. 

t. Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
Female. Cape of Good Hope. — From M. Verreaux' 

Rockport, North America. — Presented by Professor 
J. P. Kirtland. 

Fairporty North America. — Presented by Professor J. 
P. Kirtland. 



The New Hollakb Shoveleb, SpATutA rhynchoiUi 
Anas rhynchotist Lath. Ind. Orn. Suppt, Rbynchaspii 
niaculatiia, Gould^ (female,) Jard, and Sellty$ lU* ' 
t. 147. 

a* Australia. — From Mr. Warwick*a Collection^ 

h. Presented by Capt. Lord Byron, R.N. 


River Tarrens^ South Australia 
Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

The Muscovy Duck. Cairixa Moschatai FUm 
Hoschala, Linn, S. N. i. 199.— PL ent 980, 
veBtris, Stepk, 

a. Brazil. — Presented by Lord Stuart de Roihsay. 
Zp. British Guiana. — ^Presented by Che v. Schomburgk. 
c. South America. 
«f. South America.^From Mr. Warwick*s Colkctii 



-Presented by ffi 




. am 

The Loggerhead Goose, Micbopterus cinereuB. 

cinereus, Gmel. S, N, i. 506. A. brachyptera» 
Oidemia patachonica, King^ Vo^* de tUrante^ 
39, A. pteneres, Forst* Icon, Ined, t, 68. 

a. 6* Straits of Magellan.— Presented by tbc Admiralty.' 

c, Male. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarcd) 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

d. Female. St. Salvador Bay, East Falkland (Aoti 
Expedition).— Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Scoter Duck. Oidemia nigra, Flem, Anas o^ 
linn, S. N, i. 196> A. atra, FaiL pf, enL BIS, 

a. Somersetshire.— From Col. Montagu's Collectic 

b. Wales- — Presented by the Earl of Cawdor. 

c. Somersetsliire. — From Col. Montagues Collectio ^ 

d. Somersetsbire,— Presented by Hon. W. E* Fiti 

The American Scoter Duck. Oidemia Amertcan 
Rich, and Sw, Faun. Bor, Amer, ii. p. 450. 
nigra, H'ds. Am, Orn, U 73. f. 2. 

a. h. Nortli America. — Presented by the Hudson's" 



ANATIDiB. 141 

k ViLTiT Duck. Oidemia fusca, Flem. Anas fusca, 
Vm. S. N. I. 196. A. carbo, PalL pi. enl. 956.— 
WUt. Am. Om. t. 72. f. 3. 

. h. Great Britain. 

-/. North America. — Presented by the Hudson's Bay 


. AbbeTille.— From M. Baillon's Collection. 

he Black Duck. Oidemia perspicillata, Steph. Anas 
perspicillata, Zmn. vS'. N. i. 201. pi. enl. 995.~Wils. 
Am. Om. U 67. f. l.^Jard. and Selhy's III. Om. t. 
186. A. latirostris, Bodd. 

North America.— Presented by the Hudson's Bay 


North America. 

be EmEa Goose. Somateria molissima. Leach. Anas 
molissima, Linn. S. N. i. 198.— P/. enl. 209. 208. A. 
St Cuthbertii, Ray. Anser lanuginosus, BrUs. Wils. 
Amer. Om. t. 72. f. 2. 3. 

Great Britain. 


North America. 

Spitsbergen. — ^Presented by the Admiralty. 

f. North America. 

Chick. — From Mr. J. Baker's Collection. 

Four or five days old. — From Mr. Bartlett's Collec- 


le KiHo Duck. Somateria spectabilis, Leach. Anas 
ipecubilisy Linn. S. N. 1. 195. Edw. Birds, t. 154. 

North America.^ Presented by the Hudson's Bay 


c. Chicka. — From Mr. Baker's Collection. 

e Pied Duck. Camptolaimus Labradorus. Anas 
Labradora, Gmel. S. N. i. dZl.—Wih. Am. Om. t. 69. 


^orth America.— Presented by the Hudson's Bay 




The SoPT-BiLLEO Duck, Htmenolaimus mulacdrli 

chiis. Anas malacorhyticlia, GmcL S. N, h 5 J 
Forst, Icon, ined, 74. Malacorhyiichua membra 
(male,) Eyton, 

a, b. New Zealand. — Presented by the New Z^ 

The Red-cuksted Duck. Br ant a rufina, Boie, 
ryfina, Pall, Reise, ii. 713. Callicheti ruficeps, 
pL cnL 9:28. 

a, Milford Haven. — Presented by the Earl of Cawi^ 

b. Great Britain. — From Mr. Turner's Collection, 

c, China.— Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

d. Northern Inrlia.— From Col. Cnbb's CallectioD. 
cr. Nepaul. ^Presented by Ii, H. Ilod^ison, Esq. 

/. Female. India. — From Mr. Dartlett*s Collection. 

The TcFTED Duck, Fultocla cristata, Stepfu 
fuligula, Lhm, S, N* i. 907, A* colymbis, Pali. 
cristata, liny. A. scandiaca, GmcL 
a. Great Britain.— -Presented by J. G. Children, Esq. 
6. c. Great Britain* —From Mr. Turner's Collectioa»_ 

d, 1 J 

e.y. Egypt, — Presented by John Bowring, Jun., Em 
gn h, Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, £s(|«a 

The Ring-necked Fuligitla. Futjcula collaris, Jli 
Anas collaris, Donovan*^ Brit, Birds, vi. pU 147, Fj 
torques, B{>»a/j. A. fuligula, Wih, Am, Orn* t, 673 

a. Northern Land Expedition. — Presented by Capt, 9 
Back, R.N. 1 

b. North America. — ^ Presented by the Earl of Derby! 

c. Male, Rock port, North America. — Presented by I 
fessor J. P, Kirtland. j 

d. Female. Rockport, North America. — PresenM 
Profesiior J. P. Kirtlatid. ■ 

The Nkw Zealand Duck, FuT.iGt^LA No^'ce Zeam 
Anas Nova? Zcalandia;, GmeL S> N* t* 541, A. i 
cilia, Forst, Icon, ined, t. 79. 

a. Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Antarctic Expediti 
— Presented by the Admiralty* M 


lie. New Zealand (Antarctic £xpedition).-^Pre- 
ted by the Admiralty. 

oule. New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 
ted by the Admiralty. 

icAUP Duck. Fulioula niarila, Steph. Anas ma- 
, Linn. S. N. i. 196.— P/. enl. 1002. F. Gesneri, 
f, A. frenata, Sparr. Mus. Carls, t. S%, 

mpshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 


[ndia.— From Col. Cobb's Collection. 

ford Haven. — Presented by the Earl Cawdor. 

Mul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

irthem Land Expedition. — Presented by Capt. 

rk. R.N. 

mariloides, Vigors. F. affinis, Eyton. A. raarila, 

!ff. Am. Orn. t. 69. f. 3. 

:ky River, North America. — Presented by Profes- 

J. P. Kirtland. 

Gibbous-billed Fulioula. Fulioula metopias. 
IS metopias, Pcepping^ Froriep^s Nolzen^ 1 829, No. 

ult? — From M. Verreaux* Collection. 

:bange. Chili. — From Mr. Bridges's Collection. 

^OCHARD Duck. Nyroca fcrina, Flem. Anas fe- 
i, Linn. S. N. i. 203.— P/. enl. 803. A. rufa, 
eL A. erythrocephala, Gmei A. ruficollis, Scop. 


Dersetshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection, 
ronshire.— From Col. Montagu's Collection, 
rthem Asia. 
North America. 

a Americana, Bonap. Anas ferina, Rich, and Sw. — 
1. Am. Orn. U 70. f. 6. 

•aktas^backed Duck. Nyroca valisneria. Anas 

sneria, fVils. Am. Orn. t. 70. f. 5. 

North America. — From ]\Ir. Leadbeater's CoUec- 


The Nyroca Duck. Nyboca Africana. Anas w 
Guld, N. C. Petr. xiv. 403. A. Africana et A.' 
ginea, GmeL A. leucophthaltnos, Bechst, A. 
cion. PalL pL cnL 1000. 

a. — c. Great Briuifi. 

d. Europe.^ Presented by J. Gouid^ Esq. 

e. Europe. 
f, — k, NepauL — Presented by B* H. Hodgson, Esq* 

The AtrsTRALtAN Pochard, Nyroca Australis, 

B, of Austr, t. 
a. Aiislralia.— From Mr. Tyrner's Collection. 
h* Australia. — Presented by Lady Carrington, 

c. Australia.— Presented by His Excellency Capt 

The GoLDEK-EYiD Duck* Clanoula glauclon, 
Anas clangula et A. glaucion, Lmn, S, iV. !♦ 201, 
pL etiL 802. A. hyema^is, PalL C* vulgaris, 

C. chrysophihalmos, Ste]}L 

a. CaerTnarlhen.— From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
L €. Wales.— Presented by the Earl Cawdor* 

d. Great Britain. — Presented by J. G. Children, Es<^. 

e. Caermarthen* — From CoL Montagues CoUeciioo. 
/. Wales, — Presented by the Earl Cawdor. 
£, h. Nova Scotia. 
Clangula Americana, Bonap, Anas clanguta, Wih 

Orn, u 67, f. G. 

The Spirit Buck* CtANortA albeola, Jcntftt*. 
albeola, Linn, S, N. i. 1 99,— PL enL 948. A. 
phala» Linn, A, rustica, Linn. A, hyberna, Bf^ 
Querquedula ludoviciana, Briss. WiU, Am. Om* t w 
f. 2. 3. 

a. Nova Scotia. 

b. North America.— Presented by Gen. T, Hardwick^ 

c. Northern Land Expedition,— Presented by Capt® 
G. Back, R.N. 

d. Nova Scotia. ,. 
c. Northern Land Expedition. — Presented byCapt'®! 

a Back, n,N. 
/. North America. -^From Mr* Audubon'i Collecti<ni* 


» Dues. CLAxeutA UUmdicfty Bonap. Anas 
GwteL 8. N. u 541. C. Barrovi, Rich, and 
tin. JBir. J«cr. t. 70. C. scapulaiit, fireibi. ? 
II. Ti. t. 57. fl 2* 
—From Mr. Leadbeater't CoDectioii. 

iQum Dock. Clavoula histrionica, Stepk. 
rioniea et A. miiiiita, Lmn. 8. N. i. 204.— P/. 
799. A. torquatm Briu. Wib. Am. Om. 

Bay. — PnMnted by the Hudson's Bay Com- 

L — ^From Mr* Leadbeater's CollectioD. 

bim RiTerw— Presented by Capt Sir £. Bel- 

TAiLXD Duck. Harelda facialis, Leach. 
rialis et A. hyemalis, Linn, S. N, i. 203. — Edw, 
350. A. longicauda Islandica et Querque- 
lensis, Btum. PL enl 999. 1008. Edw. t. 156. 
. Gra. t. 70. f. 1, 2. Anas iniclonia, Bodd. 

re. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
Britain. — Presented by H. L. Meyer, Esq. 
itain. — Presented by Sir P. Grey £gerton» 

Expedition. — Presented by the Admiralty, 
t Scotia. 

g. Erismaturina. 

TED Duck. Biziura lobata, Eylon, Anas 
Aair, Nat. Misc. t. 255. B. Novs Hollandise, 
/. coi. 406. 


i. — Presented by A. Cunningham, Esq. 
.ustralia.— Presented by C. D. E. Fortnum, 

Lustralia (Adelaide^. — Presented by C. D. E. 




r./ Chick. South Australia.— Presented by C. D. E. 

Fortnum^ Esq. 
g, h. Young, — From Mr. Harvey*s Collection. 

The Ural Duck. EEisMATtraA leucocephala. Ana 
mersa, PalL Rtis, u. 713. t. H. A. leucocephala, 8ef 

a. Odessa, — Presented by Dr. Dowlen 


St, Domingo Teal. Erismatvra dominica, 
Anas dorainica, Ltnn* S, A\ i. 201. — Pi, enL 
A. spinosaj GmeL PL enL 967» Querquedula 

censis, Briss. 

a, Jamaica. — Presented by R. Redman, Esq. 

b, Male.— *From Mr. Argent^s Collection* 

c, rf. Female* — From Mr. Argenfs Collection. 

The Maccoa Duck. Erismatuka maccoai Egton, 
ura raaccoa, A, Smithy III. ZooL S. Afr^ t, 

a. South America. 

The Ferruoineous Duck. Erishatura ferruginea, J 

Monogr, Anal, t, 170. 

a. Male. ChilL — Presented by C. Crawley, Esq. 

b. Female. Chili.— -Presented by C, Crawley, Es^j 

The Rubicund Duck. Erismatura rubida, 
Anaa rubidai Wits, Am, Orn, t. 71. f. o, C. 

a. North America. — Presented by the Hudson*s Bay Con*- 

b, c. Northern Land Expedition. — Presented by Cipi 
Sir G. Back, R.N. 

cf. South America ? 

The Australian Duck. Erismatura Austrahs, 
Oxyura Australis, Goulds Proc* ZooL Soc. 1836»^' 

a. h. Perth, Western Australia. — From Mi 



k. MsBonrx. 

MvBOAMSBm. MxBOUs merganter. Limn. 
. S06.— Pt mi. 951. H. castor, Lim. N. S. i. 
: caJL 95S.r-IFifaw Jm. Om. U 68. f. 1. M. 

BritaiB. — ^Fmn Col. Hootagn's Collection. 

■ham Ptok, SoflSrik.— Preaented by the Rot. 


lu-— Praaented by Joieph Sabine, Esq. 

sl«raliii«.*-Froiii CoL Hontaffu't Collection. 

Ji Anarieaii— Pfeaaented by &e Hudson's Bay 


-BESAaTBB M saoANSBR. Meroub seiTator, Linn. 
. 208.— P/.ea/. 207. Merganser cristatus, Brehm, 
tstatus, ^rin. WiU. Am. Orn. t. 69. f. 2. M. 
lelanus, Briss. 

at Britain. 

»tershire.-*From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

'th America.— Presented by the Hudson's Bay 


OBED Mbeoanszr. Merous cucullatus, Linn, 
1. 207.— PL enl. 935, 936. M. fuscus. Lath. 
Am. Orn. t. 69. f. 1. 

rth America. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
America. — Presented by the Hudson's Bay Com- 

icw Mergaksee. Meroellus albellus, Selby. 
us albellus et M. minutus, Linn. S. N, i. 209. 
tllntuMt Br. WtU. Am. Orn. t. 71. f. 4. M. glacialis, 

oucestershire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

Great Britain.-— Presented by H. L. Meyer, Esq. 


t Britain. — Presented by J. Sabine, Esq. 

h America. — Presented hy theHudaon^a Bay Com- 

H 2 



Gouidy Proc, ZooL Sac, 1841. p. 85, 
a* Male. Chili. — From Mr. Bridges'a Collccd| 
L Female. — From Mr. Bridges's Collection. 

Fam. £. COLYMBIDiE- 

a. CoLYMfilK^* 


The Northern Diver. Colymbus glactalis, X4 
I. 221, ^FL enL 952. C. immer, GmeL C. ft 
Brun. Wlh. Am. Orn, U 74, f. 3. i 

a, Cornwall, — ^From CoL Montagu*s CoUectionJ 

b, Great Britain, ; 

c, Devonshire, — From Col. Montagu's Col lectio 
<L North America,— Presented by Gen. T. Han 

e. North America.— Presented by Capt. Sir J,' 

f. North America, — Presented by the Hudson's] 

The ReO'Throated Diver. Colymbcs septa 
linn. S. N, i. 220.— PL cnl 308. C. lumo 
C. stellatus, GmeL— PL enL 992, C. striaQ 
C. borealis, Brun* 

a. Devonshire. — From CoL Montagu's Collecdi 
6. Sussex, 

c, Abbeville. — From M, Baillon' Collection, I 
rf. Cape Wilson, North America. ' 

e. North America. — Presented by the Hudson's) 


The Black-throated Diver, Colymbus AtcI 
,9- iV. I* 221. Edw. Birds, u 146, C, 
C, leucopuSj BechH. C. bakhicus, HarmchJ. 

a, Northumberland* 

6. Great Britain. 

c. Winter Islandi Arctic Sea. 



itaifi^ — From Mr- Turner's Collection^ 
-Pretenteci by W. Jp Broderipi Esq- 

6, PoDlCinKiK, 

ED GaEBE» PoDicEPs ertsiatus. Lath. Co- 
rrtsmtus^ Lim. S. N. i- 222,^PL enL 400. 
tuB, Brm. C. urinator. Scop, PL mL 944, 

mhii-e* — ^From Col, Montagu's Colleclion. 
itain- — Preseated by W. Yarrell, Esq* 


a. — ^Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

i. — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 

a (Antarctic Expedition).— Presented by the 


Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic 
ion). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

E-wiHOED Orsbs. Podiceps Icucopterus, Kingt 
um. n. 101. Jard. and Selby's lU. Om. t. 
'. chilensis, Leu. 
; of Magellan. 

NBCKED Grebe. Podiceps rubricollis, Lath. 
OS rubricollis, Gmel S. N. i. 592.— PL enL 
:. subcristatus, Jacq. C. parotis, Sparr. Mus. 
9. C. cucullatus et C. nsvius, Pa/I. 
Britain. — From Col. Montagu's Collection, 
outh.— From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
e. — From M. Baillon' Collection. 



The HoRKED Grebe. Podiceps comutiis, LatL 
lynibus cornutiis, GmeL S. N, i. 591* Edw. 
145, C. obscurus, GmeL C, caspicus, S, G* 
PL enL 94£. C* nigricans, Scop* Briis^ Om. ?K I 
f. 2. 

a. Great Britain* — From CoL Montagu's Collection. 
6. — €. Great Britain* 
f. DevoDshire. 

f. North America. — Presented by Gen, T. Hardwicke, 
. North America* — Presented by Capt. Sir G. B«ck» 
L North America* — Presented by Master Lloyd, 
it. Northern Asia. 

The Eared Grebe. Pobiceps auritua, Lath* ColjQ* 
bus auritus, Linn, S. N, u %5t%. Edw. Birdi, t. 06. 
f. 2. 

a* CornwalL — From Col. Montagues Collection. 
6. Yarmouth. 


The South American Grebe* Podiceps kalipareus,! 
Voy, dc la Coqtu ZooL 121. Ois, t. 45. 

a. Male. ChilL — From Mr. Bridget's Collection. 

b. Chili.— From Mr. Bridges's Collection. 

c. Straits of Magellan.— Presented by the Admiralty. 
rf, e. Female. St. Salvador Bay, East Falkland (AntafC' 

tic Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 
/. Male. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition),— P»' 

aented by the Admiralty. 
g. Female. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition), — ftt* 

sented by the Admiralty. 

The New Zealand Grebe. Podiceps rufopectus, G. i^* 
Grayt Faun, of New Zealand^ Ajip* 198, 

a. New Zealand.— Presented by Dr. A. Stnclair, R,N. 
h, Waimate, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition).— P^^ 

sented by the Admiralty, 


e IiTTLB Gbsbe. P0DTGEP8 minor, Lath. Colymbut 
BDor, GmeL S. N. i. 591. C. hebridicus, Gtnel. S. 
V. L 594. C. fluviatilis, Br. PL enl. 905. 

)e?oii8hire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection, 
irett Britain. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
lielsea. — ^From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

Very young. Great Britain. — Presented by Mr. J. 

I Very young. Ghreat Britain. — Presented by J. 

dia. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
idia.— Presented by Dr. Burns. 
Xepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

Gket-headbd Grebe. Podiceps poliocephalus, 
trd and Selbtfi lU. Om. t 13. P. nestor, Gould. 

ostralia. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

in Diemen's Land. — From Mr. Ounn's Collection. 

Female. South Australia. — Presented by His Ex- 

Qency Capt. G. Grey. 

fery younff. South Australia. — Presented by His 

cceJlency Capt. G. Grey. 

Ter Murray. — Presented by C. D. £. Fortnum, 


Black-throated Grebe. Podiceps gularis, Goiddf 
yx. ZooL Soc. 1836. p. 145. B. of Austr. t. 

ew South Wales. — Presented by Allan Cunningham, 
ew South Wales. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

jikd's Grebe. Podiceps Rollandi> Quoy et Gaim, 
ty. de rUranie, ZooL t. 36. 

raiu of Magellan, Cape Negro. — Presented by Sir W. 

imett and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 

raiu of Magellan Presented by the Admiralty. 



d. Chili ?— From Mr, Bridg^s's Collection. J 

e, Berkeley Sounds East Falkland (Antarctic ExpeditM 
— Presented by the Admiralty. J 

The PonicEps ? I 

a. b. South America. ^^M 

The PoDicEps ? ^^% 

a, Jamaica. — From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. I 

The PfEB Billed Geebe. Podilymbus Carol inensU, M 
Colyrobus podiceps, Linn^ S, N, i. 223* Podicepifl 
Tolinensis, Lath, Caiesby^s Carol, u t. 91 ? SpiiA 
Bras. u. t. 100, jj 

a. Jamaica. — Presented by R. S. Redman^ Esq* I 
6. Young, North America. 1 

The Podilymbus ! I 

a, b. Chili. — From Mr. Bridges's Collection, I 


" a, Alcik^. I 

The ToFTED Auk. Lukda cirrhaia, Pall. Alc4i cinH 
GmcL S, N. u 55^,— PL enL 761. PaU. Sfk.i 
1 & 5.hU, 1821. t. 7. f. 1. I 

a. North-West Coast of America? — Presented by 
Bennett, Esq. 
The Puffin Auk. Fratercdla Arciica, Leach* m 
Arctica, Linn, S, N. i. 2U.—Pt enL 275, MoJ 
fratercula, Tanm, Lns, 1821. t. 7. f. 5—7. I 

a. Pembrokeshire, — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

b. Great Britain, 

H c. d, Scilly Islands*— Presented by D. W. Mitcbellil 

■ e. Young. Great Britain. I 
H /. Very young. Scilly Islands. — Presented by P. J 
H Mitchell, Esq. J 
I ff. Ferroe. — Presented by T. Frank. Esq, 1 
H h North Anierica.— Presented by the Hudson's Bayfl 

■ pany. I 

■ I. Greenland. — From M. M6ller*s Collection. m 


East PuFris. FRATiRctTLA glaclafo, LeimkpV 

rrgen*— Presented by the AdoitTalty. 

D Pomoi. • WustmamnjL cornictdata. H or- 
cyiatinm Nmmhtm. 1821. 781^, t. 7. £ 8, 4. 

est Coisi iif:»ABimaif-^Prei6iited hj Q. 

AvK. AifiA iomtiiiiis, lAmt. 8. N. u 210. — 

utOkOAmf^mJFnm Mr. Bolkek's Musemn. 

•Biuxo Alls* Utamakia torda» JL€«cA« Aka - 
M. & \y. I. 219.— P/. en/. 1004. A. pica, 
. Diinor^ Br. Om. ti. t. 8. f. 2. A. unisulcata, 
7. enL 1008. 

eshire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

— From Col. Montagu's Collection. 


-North of Scodand. 


ng. — North of Scodand. 


imerica.— Presented by the Hudson's Bay 

6. Phalbeidimje. 

ED AiTK. Ttloehamphus cHstatellus. Alca 
U PalL Spic. ZooL t. 3. et t. 5. f. 7, 8, 9. 
luperciliosa, Bonap. Audub. B, of A met. t. 

'est Coast of America. — Presented by G. 

N PiHGUTM. Pygoscelis papua, fVagl, Ap- 
( papua, Porst, Comm. Goett. in. 113. t. 3. 
f. 181. t. 115. 

Island. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
xroy» R.N. 

elen'a Land (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 
' the Admiralty. 

B 8 


The Antarctic Pinguin. PyooscELta Antarctica. Ap- 
tenodytes Antarctica, Forst, Comm, Gotting* 3. p. HI* 
tab. 4-. ForsL Icon. hied. t. 82. 

a. Male. Lat. 64^ 9' S., Long. 5G^ W. (Antarctic Ex- 
pedilion), — Presented by the Admiralty. 

L Female. Lat, 64'> 10' S., Long. 54*> W. (Anlarcik 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Antipodes Pinguin*. Pygoscklis antipoda. Ci- 

tarrhactes antipodes, Homb* et Jacq. Ann. det Si* \ 

NaL 1841. p. :JiiO. 
a. Male. Auckland Island (Antarctic Expeditioo) 

Presented by the Admiralty. 
6. Male. Canipbeirs Island (Antarctic Expedido 

Presented by the Admiralty. 

c. Female* Auckland Island (Antarctic Expedition 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Short- BILL ED Pinguin. Pygoscklis brevir 
G. R. Graff t ZooL Ereh. and Terr, t. 

fl. Female* Ice off Louis Phillippe Land (Antarctic! 

pedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 
6. Island, Lat. 71^ 56', Long. 171" 6' (Antarctic 

pedition). — Presented by the Admiralty, 
c* Female. Lat. 72<* S. (Antarctic Expedition).^ 

sented by the Admiralty. 

d. Male- Lat. 64° S. (Antarctic Expedition).— f 
sented by the Admiralty. 

e. Female young, Lat. 72^ S. South Pacific (Antarctic ' 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admirahy, 

y, Antarctic Seas (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 
the Admiralty. 

c. Sphekiscinjb. 

The Cape Pinguin. SpHENtsctJft demersus, T 

Diomedea demersa, Linn. S, N* i. 214. Edm* 

94, f. 2. 
a. Cape of Good Hope. 
h. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by Gen, T. 

c— / Young. Cape of Good Hope.— From M. Verwiwx' 




MMUJOttc PiKOUiN. Spheniscus Magellaiiicus. 
Dodrtes Magellanica, Forst. Comm. GoetU in. 143. 
MtU. III. t. 34. Forst. Icon. ined. t. 83. 

of OoodHope? 

MaxweU's Harbour, Hermite Island (Ant- 
: Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

D-rooTED PiNGUiN. EuDYPTEs dcmersus. Phse- 
lemersus, Linn. S. N. i. 219. Aptenodytes 
ocome, Forst. Comm. Goetting. iii. 135. Forst. 
isted, U 80. £. chrysolopha, Brandt. 


le? — ^Presented by the Admiralty. 

Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 
nted by the Admiralty. 

? (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented by 


iley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic Expedition). 

^sented by the Admiralty. 

le. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — 

nted by the Admiralty. 

g? (Antarctic Expedition). — 

nted by the Admiralty. 

rTLE PiNGUiN. EuDTPTEs minor. Aptenodytes 
, Forst. Comm. Goett. in. 147. Forst. Icon. ined. 



grown. South Australia. — From Mr. Gould's 


. South Australia.— From Mr. Gould's Col- 


inia (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented by the 


f Islands, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 

sented by the Admiralty. 

ale. New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). — 

Qted by the Admiralty. 



The Emperor Pikgoih. Aptekodytes Foritefi« 
Grat/, Ann* of Nat* Hist, 1844. Apt. pattcl 
Forst, Comm. Goett, nu 137, FotiL lam* i 
81. Penn. Gen. Birds, u 14. Mill, HI. U 20. 

a. Female. Antarctic Seas (Antarctic Expeditiool 
Presented by the AdmiraJty, ', 

h, ? (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 

the AdtTuralty. 

c. ? (Antarctic Expedition). — Preaentfll 

the Admiralty. ] 

d. Female, Lat. 77*' S., Long. 180^ E. (AntarcttcT 
pedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

e. Young. Antarctic Seas (Antarctic Expedition] 
Presented by the Admiralty. J 

/ Very young. Lat. (H" S. (Antarctic Expeditifl 
Presented by the Admiralty. I 

The Kino Pikoutn, Aptenodytes Pennamii, fl 

Groij, Ann. of Nat. Hist. 1 844. Patagonian Pm 

Penn* Phil. Tr, 58. t. Aptenodytes pitacll 

Skan\ Nat. Misc. U 409. W 

a. If. Falkland Island. H 

c, ? — Prei*ented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. ■ 

d. Very young. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwick^B 

e. Kerguelcn's Land? (Antarctic Expedition). — P^^| 
by the Admiralty. H 

d, VmsM. H 

The Foolish Gutllemot. Uria Troile, Lath, (fl 
bus troile, linn. S. N. i. 220.^PL enl 903. Cfl 
lomvia. Pall. U. suarbag et lomvia, Brun. V 

a. h. Great Britain. jH 

c. d. Great Britain. — From Col. Montagu's Colleetfl 
€. Devonshire, — From Col. IVIontagu's CoUection* H 
/. North America. — Presented by the Hudson'fl 
Company. ■ 

The NoaxiiERN Gutllemot. Uria arra. U. troflevfl 

Orn. Bar, 109. U. Brunnichii, Sabine. Ckhri^ 

Put, Aut. da Mande^ t. 21. U. Francsi. La»cI. 1 

pica, Fab. Cepphus arra, Pall. M 

a, Greenland. — PresewVeOL\i^ \!i\ct K^tcCvc'bXvj . fl 

*. Spitzbergen. — Pte*ei\\e^\i^ vW K^xspivt^v^.^J 

jLtcmm* ISf' 

! Et^-bR0wed Guillemot. Ueu ringoia, 
kn. Bof. No* in. U. kchrymaos, Laptf, 
%. Pin. AuL du Monde, t. 25. U. leucoph- 
^i«4^r, U* leuc«psj3, Breftm. 

CQerica. — Presented hj the Hudson's Ba^ 

Gi7ii.i.£iioT. Uria gryHe» £ai/i» Colyinbtta 
ijwi, S*N.u 220. Cepphtis columba, 'Potf. 
^palaris, Sieph. Columba Groenlaodicay 
, grylloide* et U* balthica, Brmm, 


tain, ^ From CoL Moniagu's Collecdon* 

Gre3i Dritain. 

;eD-— Presented by the Admimlty. 

[1, — Fr'-^enO?d bv the Admiralty. 

Sea. — Presentea by the Admiralty. 

merica. — Presented by the Hudson's Bay 


(land. — ^Presented by the Admiralty. 


lER-BiLLED GuiLLEMOT. Uria Townsendii, 
►m. Biogr. v. 251. B. of Amer. t. 430. 

I River. — Presented by Capt. Sir £. Belcher, 

!7T AuK« Brachyramphus antiquus, Brandt, 
tiqua, GmeL S. N. i. 554. Audub. B. of 

Uria senicula, PalL 
atka. — From the Frankfort Museum. 

: Auk. Arctica alle, VieilL Alca alle, Linn. 
211. Naum. Fog. Deut. t. 65. f. 102. Edw. 
A. Uria minor, Briss. 
ire. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
ritain. — Presented by J. Engleheart, Esq. 


orthem Expedition. — Presented by the Ad- 



The Diving Petrel. Pelecanoides urinatrix, Cm 
Procellaria urinatrix, GmeL S* N, u 560. Pr 
dactylia, Forst, Icon* ined, u 88. 

a. b, Auckland Island. — Prea^nied by Lieut* Alexa 
Smith, R.N, 

c. Auckland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 
by the Admiralty. 

d. Very young. Auckland Island (Antarctic Exp€ditioo)» 
— Presented by the Admiralty. 

Bebard's Divimg Petrel, Pelicanoihes Berardi, < 

et Gaim. Voy, de rUraiiie, On, t. 37, 

a. £>. Straits of Magelkn. —Presented by the Admifi 

Garnot's Divikg Petrel. Pelecanoides Gan 
Puffbnaria Garnotii, Less, Vo^. dc la Coqu, Ois. L 49* 

a. b. Chili.— From Mr. Bridges's CoUection. 

The Shearwater Petrel. PcFFmus major, 

Procellaria putHnus, Linn, S. N. i, 215. PL t^L W* 
PuC fuh'giriosus, StrickL Proc. grisea, GmeL Foffi* 
Icon, ined* t. iJk Puffinus cinereus. A, Smithy ^^K 
Afr. ZooL L 5G* 

fl. Adult. ? 

b, c. North America. — Presented by tbe Hudson's 

d. Cape of Good Hupe. — Presented by Dr. Andr. Smith. 

e, /". Female and young. Cape of Good Hope. — Ffoffl 
the South African Museum, 

g. Pol per 00, Cornwall. — Presented by D. W, Mitchell 

h. Straits of Magellan.— Presented by Sir W. Burnett ftw 

Capt. Fitzroy, R,N. 
Lj, Adult. Italy. — From Mr. Argent's Collection. 




LA&IVM. 159 

e. South Seas (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 
J the Admiralty. 

le. South Seas (Antarctic Expedition). — Pre- 

I hy the Admiralty. 

Jand Island (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 
^ Ae Admiralty. 

PurriNUs ? 

Atlantic Ocean (Antarctic Expedition).— Pre- 
I by the Admiralty. 

^fisoaT-TAiLED Petrel. Puffinus brevicaudus, 
Green Island, Bass's Straits.— From Mr. Gould's 

xs Petrel. Puffinus Anglorum, Ray. Pro- 
puffinus, Briin. Om. Bor. Pr. arcticus, Fab* 
v« Bm t. 359. 

. Sea. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
' Adult male and female. Scilly Islands. — Pre- 
jHcd by D. W. Mitchell, Esq. 
t Young. Egypt.— From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

) ArsTRALiAN Petrel. Puffinus assimilis, Gould, 
^. Zool. Soc. 1837. 156. Nectris nugax, JSoL jMss. 
L Australia. — Presented by Sir T. Mitchell. 

iCniEREOUs Petrel. Puffinus cinereus, GmeL S. N, 
i 563. Procellaria inexpectata, Font. Icon, ined. 
; 92. P. melanura, Bonn, 

— ? 

female. Lat. S. 36° 39', Long. E. 10° 3'.— 
ttted by His Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

Puffinus ? 

/ery young. South Island. Hour/nan's Abrolhos. — 
*fom Mr. GouJd's CoUecdon. 

160 LARID^. 

The Dusky Petrel. Pufpikus obscurus. Proed 
obscurus, GmeL S, N. u 559* 

a. ?— Presented by Gen. T* Hardwickt. 

The Slender-billed Petrel. PuFFiurs tenuiitx 
Temm. PL coL (no plate.) 

a, Japan Seas. — From the Ley den Museum 

The White and Black Petrel. Pufftkcs leucom 
Procellaria Icucomelas, Tctnm* pL cuL 587. 

n. Catagtian. — From Mr. Cuming's Collection 

The Great Black Petrrl. Pufpinus aequiaoet 

Procellaria aequmoctialis, Linn, S, N, t. 213. i 
B, t. 89. P. conspicilbta, Gould, P. fuliginosai 
Mns. Banks* s Icon^ ined. 19* White s Jaum, t,p* 

a. Pacific Ocean. — Presented by Sir Joseph Ban! 
L ? 

c. Male. ? — Presented by His Exi 

Capt. G. Grey. 

d. Coast of New Zealand (Taiko of Natives), — P 
by Miss Rebecca Stone, 

e. Variety, young? Cape of Good Hope. — Fr( 
Varreaux' Collection, 

The Stormy Petrel. Thalassidroma pelagica, 
Procellaria pelagica, Linn, S, N, u 212* Jo wm*d 
Phil. 18S4, t. 8. 

d. 6. c. British Channel. 

d, British Channel. — Presented by Mr, J, Gould. 



aid. ■ 

bin m 

The Leach's Petrel. Thalassidroma Leachii, 
Procellaria Leachii, Temnu Man, n. 812. P. 
locki, Seiby, P. ieucorrhea, Fie<7/, ? 

a, St. Kilda. — From Mr. Biillock*8 Collection. 
6, Nova Scotia. 



boBKAii Stobxt PbtkbIm Thalauidboma Ocean- 
KmkL Mattogr. U 10. f. 1. T. Wflaoni, Botuq^ 
cdhria pelagica, WUs. Am. Om. t. 59. f. 6. 

udc OcesD. — ^Presented by the Rer. W. HeDiiah. 
lit male. — Presented by His Excellency Cspt. 6. 


ie. — ^Presented by His ExceUency Capt. G. Orey. 

off Lotus Pbillippe Land (Antarctic Expedition). — 
lented by the Admiralty. 

Vbitx-bbixixd Stomct Petbxl. Thaulssidboma 

nKuhL Mtmo^. t. 10. f. S. Banks's lam. 
. 4. Procellana grallaria, Vieill. T. tropica 
'. leacogaster, Gok^, Ann. Nat. Hist. 1844^ p. 365. 

. 6» SS' N., Long. 18<> 6' W.— Prom Mr. J. Gould's 


ing. — Presented by His Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

lit male. — ^Presented by His Excellency Capt. G. 


FoBK-TAiLED Pbtrel. Tualassibroma furcata. 
cellaria furcata, Gmel. S, N. i. 561. P. orien talis, 
f. T. cinerea, Gould, 

Sitka (N. W. America). — Presented by Mr. G. 


:a (N. W. America).— >Pre8en ted by Capt. Sir E. 

cbcr, K.B., R.N. 

la (N. W. America). — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

raiOATE Petrel. Thalassideoma marina. Pro- 
aria marina. Lath, Ind, Om. ii. 826. Gal. des Ois. 
92. P. squorea, Sol. Mss. Banks's Icon. ined. l. 

P. hypoleuca, Webb, et Berth ? 
le. Island off Cape Lewin, W. Australia.— From 
. Gould*8 Collection. 

nnale. Island off Cape Lewin. — From Mr. Gould's 

nng. Inlet south of WaJJab/ Jsiand. Houtman's 
TOJhos, — From Mr. Gould's Collection, 

d. Very young. Inlet south of Wallaby UU 

Mr. Gould's Collection. 

e, Auckland Isknd (Antarctic Expeditioi; 
by the AdmiTalty. 

The Giant Petrel. Peocelljirja gigantei 
N, 1. 563, LatL S^n, i. 100. 

6. South Pacific Ocean ? 

c. South Pacific Ocean ? 

d. South Pacific Ocean? — From Mr. Gould's 

e. New Zealand.^ — Presented by the New Zea 

/. g, Kerguelen*s Land (Antarctic Expedtt 
senied by the AdmiraHy. 

pROCEtLARiA glacial 
59, p. cinerea, J5rij 

The Fulmar Petrel. 
A''. I. 213.— P^. ml 
malis, Brehm, 

a. St, Kilda. — From Mr, BiilIock*s CoUectioQ 
6. Young. Orkney, — From Mr, Bullock's Cc 
c. d. North Sea, 

e. ? 

jT, g* Greenland,— Presented by the Admiralty 
tzbergen* — ^Presented by the Admiralty. 



The Southern 

Smith, ZooL of South Aft, I. 51. FcrsU 
91. P. tenuirostrisi Audub. 

a. Straits of Magellan. — Presented by the .\di 

b. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented hy Dr. A, 

c. Cape of Good Hope, — From the South A 

d. Kergiielen's Land (Antarctic Expedition).-. 
hy Lieut. A. Smith, R.N. 

€, J\ Male* Antarctic Expedition.— Pr Caen 

g, L Female. Antarctic Expedition. — Pretei 



! Psnu. PkocBUAUA antarelieii, €hmeL 

Soadi ScM (Antmrctic Ezpeditioo).— PtaWDled 

. Sooth Seas (Antucdc Expeditkm.-i*Pke- 
j the Adminlty. 

Ut. 77<* 49" &, Long; 181« ICK B. (Antuvtie 
ioa). — Preaaited by the Admiralty. 

Antarctic Expedition.— Preaented by the 

ctic Scaa (Antarctic EzpeditioD).— Preaented 

'xTUL. PaocxLLAEiA Leooiiii, 0am. Anm. des 
t. riu U 4. P. leacooepbala. Ford* lam. oiedL 
?. Tagabunda, Sol. Mss. 

nutU. Lat. 8. 86» 39', Long. E, 10» S'.— Pre- 
y His Excellency Capt G. Grey. 

r-BiLLED Petxel. Pkocellaria brevirostris, 
tmuei dOmiih. ii. 611. P. lugens, SoL Ma. 
Icon. med. t. 22 ? 
de Chusan. — Presented by Capt. Carmichael, 

lelen's Land. — Presented by Lieut. A. Smith> 

en*8 Land (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 


jpielen's Land (Antarctic Expedidon).— Pre- 

y the Admiralty. 

: PxTXEz.. Procellaria fuliginosa, KM. (nee 

Mm. t. X. f. 6. ForsU Icon. ined. u 93. B. 

itica, Gould. 

female. Lat. S. 36% Long. E. 6*^ 47'.— Pre- 

y His Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

Sea.— From Capt. Cook's Voyage. The ori- 

KdU's descripti£>i7. 





The Pintado Pbtrel, Procellaria Capeasisif 
N. u 213.— PL enL 964. ForsL Icon. ined. 

a* Cape of Good Hope. 

L Lat. 54^ 37', Long. 22** 20'.— Presented by O^ 

c. dn Kerguelen's Land (Antarctic Expedition 

sented by the Admiralty. 1 

The Black-footed Petrel. Procellaria mi 
GmcL S, N, I. 502. P, crepidata, SoL Mss. 
lis, Gould, P. grisea, Kuki, Afonogr. t. IK ( 


6. Adult male. Lat. S. 35^ 7^\ Long. E. 6« U 
sen led by His Excellency Capt. G. Grey. I 

c. Very young male* Lat. S. 3fP 8\ Long. E. & 
Presented by Hts Excellency Capt. G. Grey, 

d, ? Cape of Good Hope (Antarctic Expedition 
sentetl by the Admiralty, 

The Snowy Petrel. 
562. Forst, Icon 

PaocELLARiA nivea, Gmd 
ined. t. 89, 90, 

a. Antarctic Regions (Antarctic Expedition).— J 
by Lieut. A, Hmitb^ R.N. i 

k Male. (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented h{ 
miralty. I 

c. Male. Lat. 78° S. (Antarctic Expediuci 
sented by the Admiralty. i 

d. Feraal«. (Antarctic Expedition).— Presentej 

c. Female. Lat. 77*^ S. (Antarctic Expeditia 

sented by the Admiralty. 
/, =^— ? {Antarctic Expedition). — Prei 

the Admiralty. 
g, Antarctic Seas (Antarctic Expedition).— Prei 

the Admiralty. 1 

Cook's Petrel. Procellaria Cookii, G. J 
Faun, of A^ Zeal. App» 199. Proc, velox, j 
Bmik's Icon, ined. t. 16? < 

a. Coast of New Zealand.— Presented by the I 
land Company, t 

ULMIDM. 165 

Pi»ov PxTKSL. Procellaria turtur, Sol. Mss. 
M$ Icon. med. t. 15. KuhVs Man. t. xi. f. 8. A, 
lUk's KL S. Afr. Zoql. Birds, t. 54. 

36 of Good Hope. — From the South African Mu- 

3lus Petrel. Procellaria cserulea, GmeL S. N. 
>60. P. similis, Forst. Icon. ined. t. 86. P. 
iteri, A. Smith, lU. Zool S. Afr. Ao. t. 54. 

le of Good Hope.— From the South African Mu- 

^roai>-billed Petrel. Prion vittatus, Cuv. Pro- 
aria vittata, GmeL S. N. i. 560. P. Forsteri, Lath. 
latirostris (Sol. Mss.) Bonn.— -PI. col. 528. Jard. 
Selhy*9 III. Om. t. 47. KuhVs Monogr. t. ii. f. 13. 

Je adult. ? — Presented by His Excel- 

:y Capt. G. Grey. 

Dale adult. ■ ? — Presented by His Excel- 

ry Capt. G. Grey. 

le young. Lat. S. 35° T, Long. E. C^ 15'— Pre- 

ted by His Excellency Capt. G. Grey. 

I's Broad-billed Petrel. Prion Banksii. Pachyp- 
Banksii, A. Smith, lU. S. Afr. Zool. Av. t. 55. 

ye of Good Hope. — From the South African Mu- 


^oast of Australia ? — Presented by His Excellency 

iU G. Grey. 

ckland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 
the Admiralty. 

s Broad-billed Petrel. Prion Rossii, G. R. Gray, 

}L Ereh. and Terr. t. 

de. (Antarctic Expedition).— Presented by the 


,'male. (Antarctic Expedition ).«»Pre8eDted by the 




The Wakdering Albatross. Diomeoea exuli 

S. N. u 21 A'.— PL enL 237. Farst. Icon. 4 
(adult.) D. epomophora, Less, ? D, spadio 
Banks's Icon. merf. t 25. (young!) 

• ? I 

? — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwid 

Kew Zealand.— Presented by the New Zealt 



d* Coast of South 
lency Capt. G 

Australia,^ — ^Presented by 


/. ? 


(Antarctic Expedition*) — Preseii 
(Antarctic Expedition.) — Presea 


GmeL S. N. i. 568. Lath. S^n. t. di.~Ph\ 

D. chrysostonia, Forxi, /con. incd, U 100, I 
prosuga, Banks's Icon. ined. 27. I 

a* South Sea. ^ 

6. Coaat of South Australia* — Presented by I 

lency Capt. G. Grey. 

The Black Eye- browed Albatros*. Diome] 
nophris. Bote, pL coL 456, 

a. South Pacific Ocean. 

6. Southern Ocean. „ 

c. Cape of Good Hope. — Presented by — 1 

Esq. 1 

rf. Kergiielen's Land (Antarctic Expedition).—^ 

by the Admiralty, 
c. Young. Kerguelen'a Land (Antarctic Ex] 

Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Sooty Albatboss. Diomedea fuliginosa,. 
N. I. 5m,— PL coL 46i). D. palpebraia, 
ined. U lOii. D. antarctica, Banh' 
fusca» Audab, B, of Amer. U 

a. Southern Ocean. 
6. South Sea. 

LAftlDA. 167 

Nordi-West Coast qf Australia.— Presented by His 
EzceDeocy Capt. G. Grey. 

Coast of Australia. — Presented by His Excellency 
Cspt. G. Grey. 

Kerguelen's Land (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 
by tne Admiralty. 

b. Larinjb. 

le Aacnc Gull. Stercorarius parasiticus. Larus 
parasiticus, Linn. S. N. i. 226. Lestris Richardsoni, 
Smmns. Faun. Bar, Amer. t. 73. 

Sntzbergen. — Presented by the Admiralty. 
Northern Sea^ — ^Presented by the Hudson's Bay Com- 

north America. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke. 
f oung. Brighton, Sussex. 

«LoKO-TAiLED Arctic Gull. Stercorarius ccphus. 
Catarractes cephus, Brun. Om. No. 2. Lestris para- 
nticus, Swains. L. crepidata, Bonn. L. Buffbni, Bote, 
pL enl. 762. 

Spitzbergen. — Presented by the Admiralty. 
Northern Sea. — Presented by the Hudson's Bay 

e Pomarine Gull. Stercorarius pomarinus. Les- 
tris pomarinus, Temm. Man. ii. 514. Catarractes para- 
atica, var. Camtschatica, Pall. Lestris sphseriuros, 

SoTih Britain. 

Northern Land Expedition. —Presented by Capt. Sir 

3. Back, R.N. 

e Aktarctic Pomarine Gull. Stercorarius Antarc- 
^kus, Lesif. Tr. Om. 616. Lestris catarractes, Quoy 
sf Gaim. Voy. de VUranie, t. 38. 

&. Campbell Island, South Pacific. — Presented by Lieut. 
K. Smith, R.N. 

Campbell Island (Antarctic Expedition). — Prejented 
by the Admiralty. 

The »KPA uolT: aTERcoRAKiufl catarractM 

catarractes, Linn^ S* N. i, 226, Catarractes sk 
a. Great Britain.' — ^Presented by F. France, 
6. Devonshire,— From CoL Moutagu*s CoUec 

c. Young. Orkney. 

The Black-backed Gull, Larus marinus, . 
I, 225, L. nfevius, GmeL L. maximus, \ 
h. Fabricii, Brm, PL cnL £60. 990, 

fl. 6. Wales. — From Col. Montagu's Collectic 
c. ? 

d. Chick, Scilly Islands.— Presented by W, ] 

The Glaucous Gull. Larus glaucus, GmeL 
L. glacialis et L. gtganteus, Benicke, L. 
L. niedius, Brm. ? 

a. Shetland. 
fc. Orkney. 

c. Yoimg. Great Britain, 
rf. e. Northern Sea* 

/. Spitzbergen. ^Presented by the Admiralty,, 
g, Lyon^s Inlet, North Sea.— Presented by th« 

.The Herring Gull. Larus fttscus, Lmn. 



Im AasmieAir Gvzu Larus dommicanus, Lichi, 
UfU, BerL Mm. No, 940. yfzara, 409. 

[ita. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
f. R.N, 
n.— Preseniad by Sir W. Burnett and Capt, 

I^Preseoted by Sir W, Burnett and Capt. 

fiif Magellan. — Presented by the Admiralty. 

dc Seaa (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 

)und, East Falkland (Antarctic Expedition). 
" by the Admiralty^ 

Antarctic Seaa (Anurctic Expedition).— 
the Admiralty. 

ZftALAKD GcTLt. Labus antipodus ? 

Egmont, New Z enl an d.^ Presented by the 
[id Company* 

laUnd (Antarctic Expedition). — Presented 
le. New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 

by the Admiralty, 
aale. New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 
' bjf the Admiralty. 

Vhu LARtJs argentatus, Brilnn* Orn, 
0. 1 40* L. glaucus, Retz, Larotdes major, L. 
|ifu«, L, argenteus, L. argentatoides, et L* ar- 
Brm. f*L enL 253. 

—Presented by .1* Sabine, Esq, 
Brrtiin. — From CoL Montagues Col tec- 

Expedition. — Presented by Capt 

The Pacific Gull. Larus Paci5cu5» LatL Jnd, Ort| 
Suppi* L. kucomelas, VieilL L* Georgi, Vigart, I 

frontalis, fleilLI 

a. Van Diemen's Land. — From Mr. Guno's Collection. 
h. Van Dienien*a Land. I 

c. Young. Van Diemen's Land, — ^From Mr, Gunii*a Co| 

d. Very young. ? — From Mr. Gould's ' 


f. South Australia. — From Mr, Gould's Collection 
/. Young. South Australia. — From Mr. GouJd*» 

X, Young. ■ ^? (Antarctic Expedition}. 

sented by the Admiralty. 

pAui>ouiN*s Gull. Larus Audouini, Peyreaud^. 
Sa, Nat.~FL col 480. 

«. Straits of Bonifacio. 

The Red-billed Gull, Larus ha&matorhync1itu« 
ZooL Jotim, xiir. 103. Jard, et Selby^s III On»i 
106. Larua Scoresbii, TrailL 

a. Straits of I^Iagellan* — Presented by the Admira 
h. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic Expeditwl 

— Presented by the Admiralty* 
c. Male. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition) 

sented by the Admiralty. 
d* Young male. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedid 

—Presented by the AdmiraJty, 

The Fuliginous Gull. Larus fuliginosus, Gobi 
Beagle^ ZooL L. Belch eri, Vigor i ? 

a. Adult. Galapagos Archipelago.— Presented 

W. Burnett and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 
6, Young. Chili. -^ From Mr. Bridges's Collection, 
c. Very young* Chili. — From Mr. Bridges'^ Cdh 




Gull. Lasui aurai, Lhm. S. N. u 224. 
»faJL977. L. hybridatv CSmeL L. cyanorhyn- 
, Jfey • L. prooellotiit, Beehtt. 

tire. — ^From Cd. Montagu's CoUecdoii. 
ented by A. Cooper, Esq., ILA. 
^1 Uaiid.— Presented by J. B. TyncUe« Esq. 

mxBO Mbw Ouxl. Laeus lonorhynchus, 
[ Sm. Fanm. Bar. Jmer. 421. 

I Expedition. 

m-BixxBD OuLL. Lakds Jsmesooi, Wlb. lU. 
u zxnL L. scopulinus, Forsi. Icon. ML t. 
(Very yonng.) 

-From Mr. Gould's CoUection. 

Van Diemen's Land. — From Mr. Gunn's 

young. Port Lincoln. — From Mr. Harvey's 

Auckland Island (Antarctic Expedition).^Pre- 
I by the Admiralty. 

Auckland Island (Antarctic Expedition).^ 
Dted by the Admiralty. 
btkland Island (Antarctic Expedition). — ^Presented 
f Ae Admiralty. 

[ VoAE-TAiLSD GuLL. Xema Sabini, Leach. Larus 
Leach. Linn. Trans, xii. 520. WiU. III. of 
t. 5. X. collaris, Leach. Jard. ^ Selby's III. 
N.S.t. 35. 
L Arctic Sea. 

rOmxAT Gull. Xema ichthyaetus. Larus ichthy- 
, PalL ReUe. ii. 713. Ichthyaetus Pallasi, Kaup. 
. Jilat^ t. 17. 

Sea^i— From M. Brandt's Collection. 

iWarrE-ETED Gull. Xema leucophthalma. Larus 
JMiophthalmuSy Licht. — PL col. 366. 

Abysainia. — From the Frankfort Musemn. 

I 2 



Tbe Black-ueadcd Gvvu Xeua ridibundi. 
ridibundus, Litin. S^ N. u 225. — PL rni. 
cioerarius et L. erythropus, Gmei. !♦. atricilh 
RseviA, PalL Sterna obscura, Lath, — PL tnL I 

a. Devonshire. — From CoL Montagu*^ Collectioii.9 

h. c. Carmarthen*— From Col. Montagues CoUe 

d, Orkney. 

r» China. — ^Presented by J, R. Reeves, Esq. 

/, Nepaul. — Presented by B. H. Hodgsoiit Esq. 

The Indian Hooded Gull. Xema brunnicepbalt 
brunnicephalus, Jerd, Madr, Journ, IdiO. tJl 
personatus, Natt, Mss, 

n, India. — Presented by Gen. T. Hardvricke* 
6. Nepaul. — Presented by fi, H. Ilodgsofij Esq. 

The Masked Gull. Xeua capistrata« Larntl 
tratus, Temm. Man, 785. Gould's B, of Eur* 

a* Scotland. 

The Lacohiko Guli^ Xema atricilla* Larut i 
Linn. S, N. u 225, L. ridibundus. fFiU. Am^ ] 
74. f. 4. L. major, CatesbjfU Car, u &9. 
cephalus, Temm, ? 

a. Winchelsea. 

b, Europe. — From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

r. British Guiana.^ — Presented by Chev, Schombu 
d, St. Francisco, California* — Presented by Mr^i 

The Adriatic Gcll. Xema melanocephala. 
melanocephalus, Natt. Temm, Man, u. 777. Sk 
ucc, t. 527, 526. 52S, 

a. Adult, Athens. — Presented by C. I#, W. 

Franklin*s Rosy Gill. Xema Franklifti« 
Frankhnit Rtch, and Sn*, Faun. Bor* Am^ 4f 
L. atricilla, Sabine, L. pipiscan, 9FagL lm% 

A. Valparaiso.— Presented by Sir W, Burnett 
Fitaroy, R,N. 

LARIO.C. 17^, 

The AsBT-RBAJ>ED Gull. Xema cirrocephala. Larus 
einocephdus« Fieill. N. Diet. H. N. xxi. 502. Gal. 
in Oif. t. 289. L. maculipennis, LichU L. polio- 
eephaloi, Pr. Max. L, glaucotes, Meyen, Nov. Act. 
r. 1M4^ f. 24. L. albipennis, Liekt. {Mss.) 

«. East Pktogonia. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 

Cape Fitxrov, R.N. 
Ml Straits of Magellan. — Presented by the Admiralty. 
cfittaita of Magellan— Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 

GBrt Fitaroy, R.N. 
AGUi. — From Mr. Bridges's Collection, 
fe Valparaiso. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 

Rtsroyy R.N. 
^Slraite of Magellan. — Presented by the Admiralty. 
^. Adnlt. St. Salvador Bay, East Falkland (Antarctic 
. Espedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 
I Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (AnUrctic Expe- 

dhion). — Presented by the Admiral^, 
i. Male. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition).— Pre- 

mted by the Admiralty, 
f. Fenule. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition).—- 

Presented by the Admiralty. 
^ Young female. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedi- 
tion )d^ — Presented by the Admiralty. 

IW Gket-capped Gull. Xbma poiocephala. Larus 
poiocephalus. Swains. B. of fV. Afr. ii. 246. t. 29. 

PL Gambia. — From Mr. Rendall's Collection. 

iw Cape of Good Hope. 

^ Cape of Good Hope.— Presented by J. Goulds Esq. 

»W Xema ? 

«. Very young. Swan River, Western Australia. — From 
Mr. Gould's Collection. 

TW LiTTLB Gull. Xema minuta. Larus minutus, PalL 
Eeise, iii. 704. L. atricilloides, Falk. Rets. t. 24. 

^ Deronahire.— From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

174 LA111D£. 

The K ITT I WAKE Gull. Hiss a tridactylSf LtacL 
trldactylus, Linn. S, N. i. 524. — PL enL 387. 
Rissa, Linn, L. torquatus, L. gavla, et L. caou 

a. Scotland. — From Col. Montagu's Collection, 
fc. Great Britain.— Presented by A* Cooper, Esq,, 

c. Young, Yarmouth* 

d. Arctic Sea. 

e* West Greenland. — Presented by the Admiralty* 
f. Spitsbergen, — Presented by the Admiralty. 

The Yellow-billed Gull. Rissa tiivca. 
Path Zoogr, II. t. L, brachyrhynchus, 
Z, S, 18 k 

a* North* West Coast of America ?^Preaen ted b]^ 
Gotildj Esq. 1 

The Ivory Goll. Pagophila eburnea, Kanp. I 
eburnens, GmeL S, N. i. 596.— P/. enL 994. ' 
veu«, Mart. L. candidns, fain 

a. Arctic Sea. 

h. Arctic Sea. — Presented by the Admiralty, 

c, Greenland. — Presented by Capt. Sir £• PartyJI 

d, ? 

c. Rhynchopinje. 

niralty* I 



The Black Skimmer. Rhynchops nigra, Linfu 
22B.~PL enL 357* WiU. Am. Orn. t. 60. f. 4. il 
iVo. 408, R. cinerascens et R, brevirostris, Sj 
Braz. t. 102, 103. 
a. Straits of Magellan.— Presented by the AdmJri _ 
6. — -^ — ? — ^Presented by Capt. Lord Byron, RJ 
c. d. Chili. — Presented by C. Crawley, Esq. 
e. ? British Guiana.— Presented by the Royal 
phical Society. 

The Afkican Skimmer. Rhynchops orientalist 

Faun, t. 24.. 
a, 6. Quorra (African Expedition). — Presented 

Hey wood. 

LARIBiE. 175 

i/. Sterkinje. 

UPfAN Tern. Stlochelidon Caspta, Brthm* 
m Caspia, PaU, Nov. Com, Peir. xiw 582. St. 
rhyncha, Mey, Sparm* Mus» CarU* t. 62. St 
igrava, Leptch, 

ih Channel. 

ilieoiie. — Presented by Capt. Sabine^ R.N* 

MV^BOXED Crested Tern. SYtocHELii>oN mag* 
^ Sterna magnirostris, Spix, Av* Braz. t. 104. 

ill Guiana.— Presented by Che v. Schomburgk. 

K0TED Tern. Stlochelidon poliocerca. Sterna 
»rca, Gould, Proc, ZooL Soc. 1837- p. 26. St. 
a, var. Lath, PhilL Voy. p. 160. pL p. 77. 

» Derwent, Australia. — From Mr. Gould's Col- 

ralia.^^Pre8ented by J» Gould, Esq. 
■alia. — ^From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
tg. Van Dienien*s Land. — From Mr. Gunn^s 

young* Hottnest Island, Western Australian- 
Mr. Gould's Collection. 

fiowen* Van Die men's Land ? — Presented by J. 
ikes, Esq. 

aaxoE-BiLLED TeaN, Sylocheudon aurantia. 
a auraotia, Gray, III Ind. Zoo!, \. <>9. f. 2. (adult.) 
mrostris, Gray, IlL Ind, ZcoL t. 59. f. 1. (young.) 

. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
.—Presented by Capt. Johnson. 

ill. — Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 



Sterna Anglicn^ Mont Diet* SuppL H\ 
Sam* ? S, affinis, Horxf. S, slubber ic 

a* Great Britain. — From Mr. Bullock*s Colle 

b. Egypt, — Presented by John Bowrtog, Esi], 

c. Athens, — Presented by C. L. W. Merlin, £ 

js caiiti4 

The Sandwich Tern. Thalasseus 

Sterna cantiaca, GmeL S. N, i. 606. S, st 
S, coluinbina, Schrank* S. Boysii, Lath* S 
Mey* Boys Sandwich, t. p. 8. nubilosa 
Mui. Cark* t. 63. S. Africana, GmeL^ 

a. Adult* Great Britain. — Presented by ^rf 
Esq, m 

fc. Kent. — From Col. Montagu's Collectian. 

c. Adult. Scilly Islands.— Presented by D. ^ 

d. Young* ? 

f. Adult* Cape of Good Hope.— Presentc 


/. Young. Cape of Good Hope.— Prewii 
Gouldt Esq. 



The TntiDE ait's Tern. Thalasseus Trui 

Trudeatiii Juduh. B* of Amer^ t, 49. f. 

a. Chiti. — From Mr. Bridges^s CollectioQ. ■ 

The Swift Tern. Sterna velox, Rupp. Aih 
n. Red Sea* — From the Frankfort Museum. 


The African Crested Tern. Sterna criata 

B, of H\ Afr, II. 24-7, t. 30, 
a* Gambia*^ — From Mr. Rendaira Collection, 
6. Cape Rouij West Africa. — Presented by C 



i Aum Tsmir. Stsma afflnii, itifpp. jttiat, 1. 14. 
^' , Horrf. S. Arabica, Ekrenb. 

1 8n— From the Frankfort Mmenin. 

rr TvRir. SraaHA fnliginota. Sterna fiiliginota, 
& N. u 605. Onychoprion serratas, fVagL 
rata. FotjI. 2>r. t. 110. S.gututa, Forst, S. 
, Btosumu 

America. — ^Presented by H.R.H. the Duke 
K» K.G. 

lia. — ^Presented by Sir Thomas Mitchell, 
la. — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
Archipelago. — Presented by the Hon. East 
I Company. 

South Island, Houtman's Abrolhos. — From 
. Gould's Collection. 

young. South Island, Houtman's Abrolhos. — 
I Mr. Gould's Collection. 

.—Presented by Capt. Sir £. Belcher, K.B., 

Sterna ? 

South Island, Houtman's Abrolhos. — From 
. Gould's Collection, 
fled Sea. — Presented by J. Middleton, Esq. 

p CoMMOX Tern. Sterna hirundo, Linn. S, N, i. 
fXI.'-PL enl. 987. S. fluviatilis, Naum. 

lez. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 

It. — Presented by W. Yarrell, Esq. 

Jl Sussex. — Presented by W. Yarrell, Esq. 

It. Scilly Islands.— Presented by D. W. Mitchell, 

Great Britain. 
Spttsbergen.^Presented by the Admiralty. 

1 3 


a, Male. 

. Sterna 

Lat. 66« S., Long. 157*» W. (Anuirciic Expe- 

dition). — Presented by tbe Admiralty. 
L Female. Lat. 66^ S., Long. 157° W. (Antarctic Ex- 
pedition). — Presented by tbe Admiralty. 




a. Male, Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic 
Expedition). — Presented by the Admiralty. 

b. Female. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (Antarctic | 
Expedition). ^Presented by the Admiralty. 

c. Male. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedition).— 1 
Presented by the Admiralty. 

d. Female. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expeditioul 
Preaenied by the Admiralty. ] 

e. Straits of Magellan. — Presented by the Admiralty. 
/. Straits of Magellan* — Presented by Sir W. Burnett an4j 

Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. 

The Arctic Tern. Sterna macrura* Naunu S. 
tica, Temm, Man, ii. 74£, S, hirundo, Faber. 
argentata. Brehm. S. brachytarsa, GrahaA 
B, of Eur. t. Auditb. B. of Amer. I- 230, 

fl. Yarmouth. 

fc. Scilly Islands.— Preien ted by D. W. Mitchell, E« 

c. North America. — Presented by the Hudson^B 

d. Italy .^ — ^From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

e. Kerguelen's Land (Antarctic Expedition)* — Pi 
by the Admiralty. 

^/. Male. Kerguelen's Land {Antarctic Expedition 
Presented by the Admiralty, 
w, Female. KergueleiVs Land (Antarctic ExpeditioflV' 
P Presented by the Admiralty, 
The Roseate Tern. Sterna paradLsea, Brunn. Sw-, 
Douglasi, Mont. DkU Orn. SuppL S. Dougilii 

a. Frith of Clyde* — From Col. Montagues Collection. 
6. Scilly Islands. — Presented by James Griffin ^ Esq. 
c. d* Scilly Islands* — Presented by D. \V. Mitchell, E*q 


Sterna ^ 

South Island, Houiman's Abrolhos.— From 
K Gould's Collection. 

I Steeka ? 

biale. South Island, Houtman's Abrolhos. — From 
fn Gould's Collection. 


ItACK-BSLLiED Tern. Sterna uielaiiogaster, Temm. 

ti^L 454. S, acutlcauda, Gray^ IlL Ind. Zooi. i, 70, 

ie* India* — Presented by Gen, T. Hardwicke. A 

UtifUTE Tern, Sterna minuta, Linn, S. N. i. i?28. 
torva, Penn, S. mepoleuca, GrneL — Pl^ enL 996. 

pile* Sassex. — From Col. Montagu's Collection. 
bit. Great Britain. 

Cog* Weymouth* — From Col. Montagu's Col- 
p ? — Presented by Gen. T* Hardwicke. 

Ut' Niger Expedition. — Presented by Mrs. Hey- 
n1 and Capt. Allen, R.N. 

ing* Niger Expedition.— Presented by Mrs. Hey- 
id and CapU Alien, H.N. 


BjkcK-NAPEi) Tern. Sterna meianauchen, Ttmnu 
pL 427* S, minuta, Homf* Linn, Irans, xm. !&!). 
— Presented by the Hon* East India Company. 



ib island, Houtman's Abralhos. — From Mr, 
s Collection. 
Upe Upstart. — Presented by J, B. Jukes, Esq. 

I ♦ Sterna ? 

^* Straits of Magellan. — Presented by the Ad- 


? ^Presented by J. Gould, Esq* 






The Black-headed Tern. Hyi>RocHELrDON 

Sterna nigra, Linn. S, N, i. 227. S. lencoptera, TVi 
S. fissipes, PulL~PL enL 338. S. nsevia, Lu 
PL enL 324. Rallua laTiformis, Linn, f 

a. Adult. Italy. 

6.? Young. Gambia. — From Mr. Rendairs CoUecd 

c. Italy.— From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

The MusTACHED Tern, HYDRocHEUOONhybrida. Sl| 

hybrid a, PalL S. leucopareia^ NaiL 
a. India?— Presented by Gen. T. Hardwicke* 

The Black TtRK, Hydrochelidok fissip€». 
fissipes, Ltj^n. S> N* i, 228. S. na?via, Br, S. 
Briss.—PL enL 924. 

a. Adult, summer. Kent. 

L Winter. Sussex.— From Col, Montagu's Collecii 


The Hoary Tern. Hybrochelidok grisea. 
grisea, Horsf. Linn, Trans^ xm, 199. 

a, Java.— Presented by the Hon, East India Comf 

The . Hydrochelidon - 

a. India.— From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

The White Tern. Gtgis Candida, IVa^L Stemi 
did a, For jr. Omei, S. N. u 607- S. alba, Sparr, i 
Carls. I, t. 11. Egg bird, BankSt Icon, ined, i, 35« 

a. t 

6. ^?— From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

The Pelican-footed Terw:, Pelecanopus peleeano 
WagL Sterna pelecanoides, King^ Nat, Votf^ 

a, b, Australia. — ^Presented by Sir T* Mitchell, 

LThe Noddy Tern. Angus stolid us. Sterna sto 
Linn. S, JV. i. 227.— PL enL 997. Gavia fusca* | 
A. niger> Steph. 
a. North America.^ — From Mr. Audubon's Collectioii* 

. Angus ? 

South Island, Houtroan's Abrolhos. — From 
uld's Collection. 

DER-BiLLED Anous. Anous teouirostris. Sterna 
itris, Temm. PL col. 202. 

— ? — Presented by Capt. Lord Byron, R.N. 

LDC]> Txftii. A NOUS inca. Sterna inca. Less, 
la Coqu. Zool. U 47. 

— Presented by Capt. Lord Byron, R.N. 

a. Plotina. 

'x-BSLUED Daktek. Plotus anhinga, Linn. S. 
\0.—PL enl. 960. 959. 

nale. North America. 

nale. North America. — Presented by Oen. T. 


remale. North America.— Presented by Gen. 


North America. — Presented by Gen. T. 


1 MttscinIP 


The Rurors-wixGED Daxtse. PLorrvs 
Temm. pL coL $m,—FU emL 107. 

a* b. South Africa* — From the South Africai] Museu 

c. Young. Sooth Africa- — From the South African Mu- 

d. Western Africa. —Presented by Capu Sabine, RJ 
e. ? 

The New Holland Darter. Plotus - 

a. New South Wales. — From ^Ir. Gould's CoUectia 

L Ph^tokik-e. 

The Common Tropic Bird* Phaeton sthereus, 
N.u 219. -^PLenL 99$, 

a. South Sea. 

The Red-tailed Tropic Bird. Phaeton phienictmiy, 
Gmel, S\ N. u 5S3,^PL cnL 979. P. erube* 
Banks ^ Icon, ined. t. 31, 

a. South of Australia. — Presented by Gen* T. 

b. c. South of Australia, — Presented by the Lis 


The White Tropic Bird, Photon candidus. Le[ 
candidus, BrUs, Orn, vu t. 42. f. 2,— PL enL 369, 

a. b. Adult. South Sea. 

c. Young. South Sea. 

c. Pexkcanin*. 

The Common Ganket. StJLA bassana^ Btki. 
bassanus, Linn. S. N. u :217. P. inaculatus, 
S. alba, Tcmw.—PL enL 278. 986. P. pu 

Devonshire. — From Col. Montagu'i 

er. Adult. 


4, Adult. 

Great Britain* 





mge. Great Britain. 

[• Devotishire* — From Col Montagu's Cot- 

of Africa. — Presented by Rev, D. F. Morgan. 

of Ascension. — Presented by J, D. C. Pack- 

CK-TAiLiB Ganket. Sula Capensis, Licht, S, 
ira, Temm. Man, (TOrnith. iv. 569, Gmld*s 
Eur, t, 
rf Good Hope. 

-FOOTED GAyNET. SuLA nibripcs, Gould, Prcc* 
?«r. 1837. p. 15n. 

ta- — Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

TftALiAN Ganket. Sula Australis, Gould, Ptqc* 

Soc. IfiiO. 177. Pelecanus serrator, Banks, Icon, 


Sealand*— Presented by the New Zealand Com- 

New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition), — Pre- 

by the Admiralty, 

r Islands, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 
»etited by the Admiralty. 
Irthur, Van Diemen's Land. — Presented by J. B. 


BY. SuLA fiber. Pelecanus sula, Linn. S. N, t. 
Cat, Car, t. 87. P. plotus, Forst, Icon, ined, t, 
V\tUlGaL Ou, t. 277. P, fiber, Linn, Sula 
enais, Spix, Av, Bras, i, 107, 


vis, West Indies. — Presented by W, Cottle, Esq. 

mao* — From Mr. Cuming^s Collection. 

\ of Magellan ? — Presented by the Admiralty. 

. Sula ? 

of Peru. — Presented by the Rev. W. Hennah* ' 

of Chili.— Presented by C, Crawley, Esq. ' 

^represented by Capt. Sir E, Belcher. K.B., | 





The H ED-FACED Shag* Pualacrocorax urile. Peli 
canus urile, Gmei, S. N* i, 573, PhaL peUgicus, Pal 
Zoogr. II. 303. I. 76. Phal. bicristatus, PalL 
u. SOL t. 75. f. 2. 

a, North-West Coast of America? (Tn very bad i 
-^Presented by Capt. Sir E. Belcber, K.B., R.N. 

The Common CoRMoaAKT, Phalacrocoilax carboy d 
Pelecanws carl>o, Linn, S, N, u 2 Id. — PL cnL 0i 
Andub. B, of Amer, t. 206. 

a. Adult male. Devonshire. — From Col. Montaga 

b. Yoyng fernak. Great Britain, 

c. Male. Nonh Africa. — Presented by J. Burton, 1 

d. Young male ? — — ? 


The Chinese Shag. Phalacrocorax Sinensis. Haliei 
leucogaster, Meyen^ Nov, Acta^ 1833. t. 22. 
canus Sinensis, Lath, NaL Misc, t. 529. 

a. Male, middle age. Nepaul. — Presented by 
Hodgson, Esq. 

b. Young. Nepriul. ^Presented by B. H. Hodgso 

c. Young male. China. — Presented by J. R, Reeves, 1 

The Australian Siiao. Pbalacrocorax carb<nd« 

Gould. Proc, Zoot, Soc, 1837. 156. 

fl. New Zealand* — Presented by the New Zealand CoW 

The Shag. Phalacrocorax gracu1u8» Cuv, Pelecanu 
graculua, Linn, S. N, i. 217. nee Temm. Carbo crii 
tatus, Tetntn, 

a* Adult male. Pembrokeshire.— From CoL Montagu' 

b. Adult male, Scotland. 

c. Female, Great Britain, 

d. Chick. Great Britain* 

The White Siiao. 

a. r 

Phalacrocorax slbtis. 


Pralacrocorax Capensis* 
ir- Mus. CarL I, 61. 




, Africa t 

rUf^TED BtLLEU Shag. Pualacrocorax sulciros- 
Carbo sulcirostris, BrandL BulL Acad. Imp, 

mktiLi^v Shag. Phalacrocorax Brazilranus. 
Braziliana, GmvL S. N. i. 5G4. Halieiis 
ut, LichL PL enL 974 ? ^aarii, 433. ^>ij, 
Br^tt, It. I. 106. Pelecanus vigua, FieilL Phal. 

Bt age. Brasit ? — Presented by J. E. Gray, Esq* 
Qe Mc- Valparaiso. — Presented by Sir W, Bur- 
wd Capt. Fiuroy, H.N. 


gracilis, Meifer, Nova Acta ^ 1833. t. ? 

I male. Chfli.— From Mr. Bridgea's Collection. 


Murray Scrubs, South Australia, — Pre- 
Exccllency Capt* G. Grey. 

tewta-cmcsTED Shag. Pmalacrocorax diloplius.^ 

djlophus, rteUL N, DwL H. A^ vni. 85, 
£OiM* 1. 275. Carbo auritus, Less. Audub, B, of 
'. t* t37* Carbo Mexican us» Brandt^ P. flori- 
», (middle age,) Audub, D. of A met. i. 251. P. 
nditi (young,) Audub., B. of Amcr, t. 41;?- 

II Nonh America* m 
South .America* ■ 

8l- Francista, California.^ — Presented by Mr. 

ia»Tfi0 Shag. Pmalacrocorax cristatus. Pele- 
critttatus* Faber, Orn. Bar* nee Tcmm. Carbo 
llsi« Temm. 

f — From Mr. Leadbeater*s CoUeclion. 



The Violet Shao* Pralachocoiiax violacetu. Pele-j 
canixs violaceus, GmeL S* N* i. 575. P. resplendeu>i 
And, B, ofAmer. t, 422, f. 1. 

a. North- West Coast of America ? — Presented by ( 
Sir E. Belcher, K.B., R,N, 

The Spotted Shag. Phalacbocorajc punctatiui, 
canufl punctatua, GmvL S. N, i. 574. Font h 
ined. l, 103. P. naevius, GmeL 

a. New 2ea3ancl.— Presented by the New Zealand 

h. New Zealand, — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 



Voy* Coqu, OU. u 

48. Plial 

South American Shag. 
Carbo Gainiardi, Gam 
cirriger, King, 

a. Port St. Julian, South America* — Presented by Sir W, 

Burnett and Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. ^^ 

B> Peru. — Presented by the Rev. W, Hennab. ^M 

c. South America. — Presented by tlie Admiralty. ^^ 

The Magellakic Shao. Phalacrocokax Magelliii||ri 
Pel e can us Magellametis, GmeL S, N* i. 576. ^H 
Icon, ined, 105. Phalacrocorax erytbrops, King,^M 

a. Straits of Magellan, — Presented by the Admiral^^H 

6. Adult male. Berkeley Sound, East Falkland (AJH 
tic Expedition).^ Presented by the Admiralty. ^M 

c. Young. Berkeley Sound (Antarctic ExpeditiQ|^| 
Presented by the Admiralty. ^M 

The Tufted Shao. Phalacrocorax cirrhatus. ^M 
canug cirrhatus, GmeL S. N, u 576. Phalacro^H 
imperialism King, Pel. carunculatusj GmeL ForsL^M 
ined, 104. PhaL atriccpsj King,'i ^H 

a. Straits of Magellan, — Presented by the AdmiraltJ^f 

b. Adult male. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expedtl^| 
— Presented by the Admiralty. ^M 

c. Female. Falkland Island (Antarctic Expeditioi^B 
Presented by the Admiralty, ' 

d. Male, (Antarctic Expedition). -« Presented byjjj 
Admiralty, JH 

e. (Antarctic Expedition).^ — Presented by the 

(Antarctic Expedition). — Presented by the 

ng- Kergiielen*s Land (Antarctic Expedition)* — 
I ted by the Admiralty. 

e, in change. New Zealand (Antarctic Expedi- 
— Presented by tbe Admiralty, 
k, Julian. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 
Fitzroy, R.N. 


albigula, Brandt, BulL Sc Ac. Petersh. 

raiso. — Presented by Sir W. Burnett and Capt. 
y. ILN. 

(p Shag. Phalacrocorax variits. Pelecanus 
p Gmd. S, N\ I. 576, P. pica, Forst^ Icoiu ined. 
', Carbo albiventer, Ze«. ? Pbal. hypolencus, 
'§ B, o/Austr, t. 

New Zealand. — Presented by the New Zea- 

f Itianas, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 
sen ted by the Admiralty. 

I male. New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition), 
lemed by Ibe Admiralty. 

R^sKLUfiD Shag. Phalacrocokax leucogaster, 
, Ftoc. ZooL Soc. 1837, 150. Gouid*$ B. of 
t* . Carbo hypoleucus, Brandt. BulL de 
L de St. Petersb. 

Van Diemen's Land.— From Mr* Gould *i 

;d CottMoRANT, PiiALACROcoRAX nielanoleucus, 

-V. Diet, //. N. VIII. 88. Phal. 6avirhynchus, 

L Felecanua ditnidiatus, Cuv. Less, Gould's B* 

. Australia* — From Mr. Turner's Collection. 

f. Australia. 

r Celebes*^ — F'rom the Leyden €*oUection. 

k South Australia*— Presented by Ilia Excel* 

C»pL G« Grey* 








The ShorT'BILLEB Shag* PtiAi.Ac&ocoaAX br^iroit! 
Gmid, Proc. ZooL Soc. 1 837. 26. 

a. Adult. New Zealand, — Presented by the New 

land Company. 
b* Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Antarctic Expedil 
— Presented by the Admiralty. 


a. Female 


New Zealand (Antarctic Expedition). 
sen ted by the Admiralty. 


The Dwarf Shag. Phaiacrocorax pygma^us. 

canus pygmacus, PalL Rtnse, ii* 712, 16. Carbo me- 
lanognatbus, Brandt. 1 Gray, IlL lnd» ZooL U * 
C. Javanicus, Horff, P. niger, VietlL 

a. Male adult. 

h* Female adult, Nepaul.— Presented by B. H. Hodfj 

Nepaul. — Presented by B. H* Hodgioib 

NepauL — Presented by B, H. HadgKffl^ 

son, Esq, 
e, d. Young. 


e, Siam, — Presented by the Hon. Eaat India Company 
/, India.^ — Presented by Dr. Burn 



The African Shao. Ph AtACEoconAX Africanus. 
canus Africanus, Gmei, S* N. i. 577. Carbo 
caudus, Siuatn.'i. B. of fV. AJr. ii. t. 31. 

a. Western Africa.— From Mr. Ketidairs Collection 
6, c. Adult. Western Africa. — Presented by Col* 
bine, R,A. 

d. Western Africa. —From Mr. RendaU's Collection, 

e. Young- Western Africa. 
/. Western Africa. 
g. Female. Cape of Good Hope.— From M* 




I^HiTE Pelican. Pelecakus onocrotalus, Linn. S* 
it, 215.— PL enL 87. 

fHh Africa- — From the South African Museum, 
paoL — Presented hy B. H, Hodgson, Esq. 

IHooDED Pelican. Pel ec anus mitratus, Llcht. 
huuiL Mad. Hiss. BerL 1839. 4.5G. t. 3. f. 2. 

lUaTia. — From Mr* Warwick's Collection. 
I Abyssinia. — From the Frankfort Museum. 

|Et>-BACKED Pelican. Pelecanus rufescens, GmeL 
V,u 571* liujyp. Atlas, t. 21. 

imbb. — From Mr. Kendall's Collection, 

lEW Holland Pelican. Pelecanus conspicillatus^ 
. pi. col, 276. 

n't Island, Van Diemen'a Land. — From Mr. 
Id*f Collection. 
Essington.— Presented by Capt. W. Chambers, 

iTA's Pelican. Pelican us Motin^. Pelecanus 
lis, 5/o/. CAi/j, p. 212? 

ilt. — Presented by Charles Crawley, Esq. 

bwK Pelican. Pelecanus fwscus, Linn. S. A^ i. 
Pi. eni. 957. P. Carolinensis, GmeL Auduh, B. 

rth America. — Presented by H.R.H. the Duke of 

bex, K.G. 

nh America, — From Mr. Audubon's Collection. 

PouoH-BrtLED Pelican. Pelecanus trachyrhyn- 
p, Latlu Ind. Orn. u. 884, P. erythrorhynchus, 
Ir/* P. Americanus^ Audub^ B. of Amtr. t. 311. 
t Af tt#. t. p, 20% 

ktli America. — From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection. 
fairaga Uiver, United States. — Presented by Pro- 
- J, P. Kirtland. 


The Greateh Frigate Pelican. Freoata aqiiilaj 
Pelccanus aquilus, Liftn. N. S, u 216.— P/, eni H 
Spix. JikBt, L 105. Bankje, Icon, ined. t. 28. 1 
leiicocephaJus et P. Pabnerstoni, Gmel* 

a, ih Coast of Africa. — Presented by the Rev. D. F.ll 
gan. ■ 

c. Addt. Coast of South America* 

(f. Coast of North America* — Presented by H.R.H. t] 
Duke of Sussex, K,G, 

e. Coast of North America. — From Mr. AudubonV 

The . Freoata T 

a. Male adult. Port Easington. — Presented by Capt. 
Chamberfly R.N. 





The . Carpophaoa 

Tenasserim.— Presented by J. D. C* Packman, Ei^. 

Forster's Fruit Pigeon. Carpophaga Forsteri 
lumha Forsteri^ Tenim, Knip, et Prev. Pig* 

a. Celebes, — -From the Ley den Museum* 

The Cinereous Fruit Pigeon. Carpophaga 
Colunoha cineracea, Temm. pL coL 565. 

<i. Timor. — From the Leyden Museum. 



The Metallic Fruit Pigeon. Carpophaga 

Columba me tallica, Temm. pL coL 56^, 
a. Copang, Timor. -^Presented by J, B. Jukes, Esq 




m Wbitb-B£LLied Turtle. Turtur albiventris. 
IWtar aemitorquatus. Swains. B. of W. Afr. ii. 208. 

Western Afiiou — From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

t Oeiat*bill£D Esacus. Esacus magnirostris. 
DEdicnemns magnirostris, Temm, pi. col. 387. 

Cape Upatart, Australia.—Presented by J. B. Jukes, 

t AocxLAND Island Duck. Nesonrtta Aucklandica. 
iergiifl Australia, Homh. et Jacq. ? 

LocUand Island (Antarctic Expedition).— Presented 
J the Admiralty. 

■^ ^^^^B 




Admira] (Th« Lord High), 48. 

2, 1,5. 11. i(L i&2i 

Admiraky (The Ixirda uf the), 6- 

50. 67. 72, 7^ 79* 8a» 

61,62. ©Ch ex 117, «^B. 71, 72. 

lia 121. 12S. 145. u 

7lK «L H5, Jn. 114, «5. 9SJ. 102» 

177* i8a, 184. lao. 

ma. 104. Ill, 112,127,128, 

Bell (Mn. Tbo«.), 1. 

^ lai. i:):i liid, laa iuh. no. 

Beiineu(G.), Eii.,47,- 

, 141, 142, 143. 14.Y 140, loO, 


lai, 152, l^rj, 164, 165, 156, 

Btewitt (0.), E»q., 164. 

! 167, 158, 169. 161,102. 163, 

Bowring (J.), Epq,, 49. «0 

i 164, 166, 160, 1C7, 168, 169, 

82. 97< 102. lOa 12Q. 

170, 17L 173, 174. 177»178, 


17!*. 183. 160, 1B7, laa 

Bmrfdvll (C), Esq., 49. 
Brodefip (W. J.), E«q., U 

Alkn (CapL), R.R, 69. 62* 60. 


Bmwu (R.), Esq., 70. 

^^tkina (J. p.), Eiq., 29. 

Burnett (Sir W.), 0. 14. 3 

^■Audubon (J.), Esq., 69, 70, 7 1 

62, 53. 63. 70. 72. 76' i< 

^m 106.135. 

93,04.06.98. lOMOft. 


Ill, 112. 115. 119. ISIt 

^^B»ber (Rev. B.V n^ IB, 

126, 127, 128* ISOi im 

' Bftck (Ccipt. Sir O.), R.N., 45, 

151. 153. 158 109, W 

^ 4«, 47i 4a 67- 69. 71 74. 97. 

178. 181. 185. 187- 

1 100. 104. 168. 118. 129, i:iO. 

Bums (Dr.), 13. 60. 59. « 

1 134, 135. 137. 1-12, 143. U6. 

85,06.90. U4. \SL 153 

^B_ 150. 167. 109. 

1G0» 170* J 7a. 178- 18*' 

^HB^ter (Mr. Jont^ph), 7- H. 24. 


^V 2a, 2tK 36, 37, m 60. 03. 66, 

Durt4in(D.), E«q.^ 83. 

r 67'7»^1*^3' l*>3» 104, 109. 

Burton (J.), Esq., 60. 103 

1 122. 151. 162. 

Byron (t'*pt. Lord), 14. 

' Ranksi (bir Joseph), Burt., 109. 

140. 174. 181. 


i Barclay (Mr. 0.), 46. 76. 78, 

Ownphell (A. 0.), Esq., I 

79. 102. 112. 161. 172. 181. 

64. 69. 106. 

^^ 185, 

Carmichnel (Capt.), 163. 

^bpftmw (John), Eftq., 12?. 

CarrinfTton (Lady). 5, a I 

^■Baale (J.), £»q., 4. 26. 2?. 

71. 80. »7 117* lai. la 

i Belcher (C»pt. bir Edw.), R,N., 

139. 144. 


J 93 

of), 140* 142, U% 


\\\), R.Nm 2. 

42. CC, 67* 72. 

d$>. 105' 189, 

o.hBwi., 47. ria 

Ttimbull), 13. 


K E*'!* 103. 
ILA^ 171-174. 
£tq., 71* 0(^ in. 

,Gh|.,9. 13.60.91. 
174 IBA. ]8d. 
«q.. 1921 24. 127. 

(A,). E*q, 6. 18. 

r. 143. lah 

-), E.q., 135. 
. ), Ban., 47. 
tkjorf, 68. 90, 91. 

«f), 3. 8. 10. 21. 
jm^iO, 55. 57. 61 
K91 113. 142. 
K £»q». 02. 66. 

mk 112. 

^« 23. 85. 146* 

a), E»q^ m. 

^XtipAiiy, ). 3, 4. 7 
ilg. 26% 27< 58, 3!l. 
m 66. 67. 76. 77. 
KlOO. 106. 116. 
K 136, 177* 180. 



, Bm|., I. 6. 39. 58. 

L>, Giq., 157. 

f*4>. 131. 
*, H7. 

Ferguson (R.), Esq., M.P., 24, 

25. 2H. 30, 31. 36, 36. 
Fiiidi (I\laj<ir). 14, 106. lr)6. 
FitaniaurifeiHrin. \\\ E.\ 140. 
Fitzray (Capt.), R,N., 6. U. 

38. 61, 62, 53. 63. 70. 72. 70. 
7a 86, 93, 94. 96. m. IfJL 105. 
109. Ill, 112. 116, lla. 123, 
124. !26, 127, 128. 130. 136. 
130. UL 153. 168. 161*, 170. 
173. I7«. l«i. 136. 187. 

Foljambf (F. F.), Esq., 103. 
Fonniiin (C. D, E ), Esq., 40. 

80, 81.98. 117.122.132. 145, 

146. 16L 
Frmice(F.), Esq., 168. 
Frank (T.), Eaq., 162. 
Fmnkltii <Sir X), R.N., 148. 
Frierul (Lieut.), H.X., 181. 

Geogmp h i ca) ( R oyal ) Sod ety, 

19. 174. 
Gould (J.), Eaij.. 4. 7, IE 20. 

34. 43. 46. 48. 70» 7E 86. 

93. lOL 164, 106. 107. 109. 

113. 116. 118. 12L 124- 132. 

136. 138. 144. 140. 151. 160, 

16L 171 IT.**. 175, 176, 177. 

I7!l. 183. 
Gray (G. R.J, E»q., 39- 
Oray (J. E.), Esq., 8. 45. 62, 

53, 185. 
Grey (Hi» Excellency Capt. 

G.), 5. 10, H, 13. 17. 21. 

39. 40, 41, 42. 69. 66, 66, 
6^71,72.77, 78. 80, «I. 81, 
86. (17. 02.1m. 105, 106. loa 
117, 110, 119, 120. 121, 122, 
124, 125. I2ir. 13.^ 136, 136. 
l:*U, 1 40, 144, 161. 150, ICO, 
161. 163, 164, 165, 166, 167. 
186. 187. 

Griffin (Jiunei), Eiq., I78. 

Hnrdwicke (Gen. T.), 2, a 10, 

II. 13,14.16,17. 22.24, 25, 

26, 27, 26, 29. 32, 33, 34, 35, 
M, 37» 36* 40, 41. 43, 44. 48, 

40. 52. 54. 66, 67. 61, 62. 64, 
66, 66. 73. 76. 79. 87, 88. 91, 
92. 97, 9a 163. 108, 109, 110, 

III. 114. 122L 125. 130, 131, 






■ Leai 

■ Lee 


132, 133, 134, 135. 147, 148. 

im^ 161.154. 15rn 159, 160. 

\HG, 1*j7^ >7*i. \TJ, im, 181, 

Hhf (G, F.), Esq., 03. 
Hennah (Rev. W.), 85. OR. 115. 

122- 124. 13fl. 161. im, 
Hevwood (Mr*.), 59. G2- 69, 

174. 170. 
Hmier(J. B.). Esq.,80. 
Hodgei (T.), Esq., 23. 
Hodgvori (B. HO. EmIm 2. 3, 4. 

6, a a. 11, 12. 13. la 24. 25. 

27, 28. 30, 31. 34, 35, 36, 37, 
38, 39, 40, 41. 49. 50. 56, 5?, 
58, 69, (ilK <j2, «3, 64, 6», 67. 
69. 75, 76. 77' 82, 83, 84, 85. 
88, 89, 90. 93, 94, !»5. 97. 90. 
1041, 101, 102. 104. loa JOS. 
no, 112, 113. 114. 117, 118, 
119, 120. 122, 123. 124. 130, 
131, 132, 133, 134, 13:>, 136, 
137. 139. 142, 143, 144. 151. 
172. 175. 184. 188, 189. 

Ho8kjns(W.J, Esq., 85. 

Hubbard ( Mr. €.), 106. 

Hudson *B Buy Company, 10, 45, 
46, 47. 67-95. 111. 133, 140. 
141. 145, 146, 147, 148. 152, 
153. 156, 157, 158. 16?. 177- 

Huntenao Cullectioa (Trustees 
of), 25. 

nbert(P.), Ewi-, 66. 
Inskipp (J.), E»q.^ 3. 

JftrTis(G.), Esq, 10. 
Johnson (C&pt.), 175. 
JobnstnnB (Major), 93. 103. 

129. 175^ 
Jukes (J. B,), Esq., 179. 190, 


Rfinnat^ay (Utv.), 28. 31. 
King(Capt. P. P.), 51. 
Kirbv(Rev. W,), 122. 147. 
Kirtfand (Prof. J. P.), 139. 142, 
143. 189. 


Linnenn Society, 62. | 
Uoyd (Muter), 156.( 

Massmia (Prince), III 
Matiger (Mrs, W. F| 
Mftw (Lieut.), R.N.,^ 
81. 83. 89. 115. l| 

Leaman (Mr. J.), 100. 
Lee (Dr.), 69. 106. 

MenuM (A.), Eiq... 4 
Merliji (C L. W.) 

78* 82, 83. 85. 92 

101. 105, 172. 11 
MeJer(H. L,), E«i., 
Miildletoti (J.), Kiq,i 
Mildmay (— )» Esq.,] 
Mitchell (Sir T.), V 

159. 177* IJiO. 
Mitchell (D. WO, Eld 

158, 159. 16a I76J 
Morgan (Rer. D. F, 

Murray (J.), Em,, Ij 
Museum (Ausumuiui 

Neill (Dr. P.), 48, 
New Zealand 

73. 80, 81. 9a in 

la^. 141. 164. 

186, 187, 18a 
Nigrhiingale (J.), 

26. 12:1 
Northumberland (1 

Duke of), 47. 

Packman (J. D. C.\ 
129. 181.18a ISNk 
Parry (Capt. Sir E.), 
Plan [-a (J.), Eso,, II7. 
Prattiniou (Dr.), 68. 

Redman, (R.S.),Eeq, 

Reerci (J.), Eh.% I 

30. 69. 78* 83. 137i 
Reevea (J. R.), E«j,,l 

IB, 19. 23,24.26, 

36. 38,39.41. 63. ^ 

105. 108, 109. 117. 

135, 136, 13|. 1 

Richardson (J,% M.] 

97. 131. 


fi)}or), 4a Ua K.G., 8. ^5. 77. 79. 86. 177- 

mj^b^ ] 89, 190. 


Taylor (John), Esq., 71. 9a 

oL), R.A., a Sa 80. Thompson (T. R. W.), Esq., 

17ft» ne. 121. 

X E«i^ 147. 168, 169. Townsend ( - ), Esq., 16a 

U £•«., sa 6a Tyndale (O. B.X Esq., 2a 94. 

g(die7.), 9. 1& 6a 104. 130. 132. 

, 78. 81. 121. 139, TurnbuU ( W. B. D.), Esq., 6a 

L 17a 64. 7a 7a 82. 8a 101, 102. 

)r. A.), laa 126. 

Mnt. Aloe), R.N^ 6. Vigon (N. A.), Esq., 94. 
16a 168, 163, 164. 

Whitear (Rev. W.), loa 10& 
W. X Eaq*f sa 40. 102. Widdrington ( Capt. ), 48, 49. 

Wilkinson (Sir J. G.), 37- 

«.)• 2, a, 4. 

m Rebeoca), 5a 67. Yarrell (W.), Esq., 180. 137. 

loa 149. 177. 

Rothaay (Lord), 15, 

la 62. 101. 132. 140. Zoological Society of London, 

.R.H. the Duke of), 54. 133. 

K % 


Atmrri (Peael.), in, 
AbyuiaJca(Cu1.n3! (OUi), 

Acdtunii, Utf, 
AcuticAudA (Sler.|» 173. 
Acuu {Xnoi), 134; CDaf,), 

Adftn*OTiii(PeriL). 33. 
Adjtper&us jFraiu^), 34. 
jGgoctrptuiU (Lim.), O&i 

^iryptinca ( \nii*), 126; 

Mgyml\i% (Chju*.)* 00: 

vEnca iCarpoiKUi; (CoLl, 
4i £Patra)»ll3, 

(Ptoc.), Idi); (Huff.)» 


£(liiorc« fProceU.), 161. 
iEittvajAniu), i:t3. 
jEthereus iPhnrl.), IBS. 
^thkrpicA <Thrcak-), 90. 
iCthlopicus iT&nt.), 9Uw 
iEthiopA iFuLf. 134. 
Afer (Franc), 34! (Perd.h 

AlHnii (ArdJ, 82: | He- 
rod.!, 70; tFulU^f, 143{ 
iCEdlcn.), SB', (Ortyxl. 
44 i {.ster,). 17(5. 177. 

Arr«(Col.},l7l (OtUK^7 
(Per<t>,34; (PemU), ~ 

AmcattB (Anils;, 144 ; 
(Metop.), mi (Nyr.h 
1441 (StHji.K 1U5; (Ster.J, 

iLfriauiiu (Pdcdh 180; 

Afroldt* (Ot»*), JST* 


Alx, Ul. 


Alba (AnLi, 77; fChio- 

nifi). 151? (Ck,L 

(Cul.), 4i tPuL). lai; 

(HerotLl, 77 1 <Ibl«), J»l; 

^ Plat I H7; (Sr«.>, ItKlt 
Siila). 182. 
Albfllroi. UTt. 
Albclluh (Mergel.), 147; 

(Mer«.), 147. 
AlbeoU (Anas), 


fCkiiff^). 244. 
Alb(cftp?tla (C0I.M& 

AlbloapUlDit (VanJ. 66. 
AJt»i(;ep» (CharO^ 04. 

AlbJcolUt ^\rd.), mi Hir 97; tTant.1, 91. 

Alt>tfron» lAnaa), liSi 


AJblDucha (Metop.)f 

IParra), 113. 
Albipnibia (Lar.), 

Albitorqua (CoLh 9. 
Aibiventut (Carbo), 187. 
Albiventri* <Turt.U I»l» 
Albocri«tatuA { Pha«.|, 2&. 
AlboffulAHs {Fnkiic.K 3S. 
Albotorquatui (phaii.1, 13, 
Albu* (Anut.j. mi (La- 

top.). 47; (Phal.)* i«4i 

[Taut.), 91 1 (T«tr.).47. 
Alca. IM, 
AkhaU (Pt«roc) , 48 i <T«^ 

AlcidK, 15i, 
Alcin** \M. 
Aldravatidi tPsvo>4 tf 
Alecihella, l:HK 
Atector (Cnix), SO, 
Alectorii, 37, 
Alectroptu«i*i 96. 

AkxandrLnut (Cliwr.). (39l 
Alle tAlc»>, td7; <Arct.), 

Alleni IGaM), lil: (Por. 

phynl, lai. 
Alpma ^Ttin.), liH. 
Alpifiui jl^ii^p.), 46. 
AlUiia (fVrd.f. 3f)i 
AlUimi (THraog.), 30. 
Aniabilii {Zen.U M. 
AmbolnctiEit (Col.), U{ 

^Macrop.), H, 
Ai]U!ricBnji iAoaAK (34; 

<Ar-l,J. 74! (Cie.), Ra{ 

<Llai||!.K 144: (Ful.l, 

1:^4; (Grua), 74*, (Ma- 

roeai, t34i (MycM, 8»; 

(NyrJ. 144 1 {Qidem,), 

140: {OUtK 131: (f^Tuer- 

qut'dujai , I30i <n»nin,|, 

1/7; (llhea).54. 
Aiticrk'iinu» (Cygiu), 131; 

iNvcLL H5: {(Edjcn.), 

5'P; fPrlec,). IHU. 
Aiuhersrlj^ (Phaa-K 34; 

(Tbaiiin.), i?4, 
AtntTHintlla, ti(U 
Amphilenus (£it)d.)« 7^ 
Ana>, 135, 

Aphnaa, 7i 
ApicaufU ^TivfOifi 

n««o), 4. , 

Aprfeartu' (Oiu.n4» 
ApCtryginv, A5, 
Aptwy^ '' 



Afflucaria (C<>l^v«> 
Anoeuan iOTtal.|«l 

Araorea (Anas), 

ArborDphila, ;ir> 
Ai«tkA, IJ^T (%)€a}^ 


|fl«UO*»l. ^ 

|«7t (CaliiL). 

r5^y!rx-h.i. ]7j. 

J4: («;rc>%i. 
% 119: (Ze> 

Av»tf3iUi lApteryx), AS; 

f',r.ll. JfT. TCT; fCa- 

.r- i.(r.:ii33. 

i.),'w>; (Sar- 

L«rnldat. 1^. 

iCu.iur.K :f.c. 



iCoi), in. 

»Tn».i, 104, 
,1, t3(tt (Utt«h 



AutttrijcTi iGkrOiCl. 
Aututnii&li« {Aiuu^ 131 j; 

AvoccfU iRccunr.)* 97« 

AviMCt. P7, 

Awnreii |M*nfc»), 13U 
AMntjCluir.h7Mi iHULJ* 

Daoia {Carpopluga), 6; 

Bah«nm«U (Aa•i^ 135; 
Baninri Gi!!.). lift 

, 1&7. 


^ ...,.^j.j,145. 

Biirfniiili.* f \t't(.L.K lOav 


». li... 


Ik'f a r »ii 1 1 vieeanold A) » 

nemirlA, 127 i fAnai), 1$0. 
Betulina < BottMHi . 41 1. 
Dewkku (Cyitfu), Idfh 
Biailciirilujn (PolypL), 

UoIjn iana (CoLj, 13 ; (Co* 

Bonau, Iff. 

BooMlA (Tctr.l, 4^ 

Bfioby. 183. 

Borealia (ColyroJ, I«8; 
(Xuin*), !*4; (Oityx^ 
44 1 iRTd,), 44i (HcoU, 



Bnurh' , 115. 

Br^i .140. 

BTiti-. ■:. 

0rjii:h' .'Miierl, 

Br»ch,L,„-. ...J, 17a. 
Br«nu, i4^ 
BracllienM (Tlgriij, 81. 

Bnutllivii^^ lArd.i, HI; 
<Cu- : 


tlTcvlcauduA iPii<r>« \S0> 



1*^; .„ . -, ^. 

(lUyii*;.^, 174; ^Slcr.k 


.'; (At- 

^n«i>, i44« 

ij,, ,,..-., ,.,^ iATrt.).77. 

Itufctidlll (Ticbyat,h<l»- 
BuiUrdt W« 






Cvrului tArd.K 79» 80 1 
(Herod.), 79 i iProoelU* 

CvraleatB (Aiui|, IM; 

CKnikacrpMa iCoL). IS. 

CftTuleMeitt tAiuu). 13D; 
(Aiit>* 76. 7»; <lt»«). 
si; (OtbKMi ifUll), 
Wfr, jThwiit. ).!»». 

CaMiii{Call.i, Its. 

CMtut 4fUILi. 115. 

Cairtft <OtI*i, ^ 

Cafmuii (TanLJ, 92. 

C«rTlnrt. 140. 

Cftl .ct.1,85. 

C^i- har.i.lw?, 

<hc>i, . n-»s (Tot4. H>»K 
Cli Ifom tcu« 4 LoiihoJl.) , 

44; 'TetrJ.44 
CAnichent 130, US. 
<:aIloce(thala (Ard.)) 86. 
€alirn», Ifk 
CB]ru» (OtrmnM, 90: 

CamibAienid* «CoLK 13$ 
(C'otur.K3ih (Prrd.l.aB. 

Camel u» li^tniti), 54. 

CwnpCTtrU iTrinO, IW. 

CwnptolAimui, 141. 

C»mtichAtir* ( C aUit. | , 

C«na iAtia«L L^i (Ott«)« 

C«n»ce (Tctr.), 45. 
Canadendt lAnoi^ 130; 

lAnl.K 74: (Coi.)» JVt 

<Cy«noiv)*130: (Tetr.)» 

Cancromap H7. 
Cancramirup, 87. 
Canctophaga iCaticr.^ ft?, 
Candida (Ard.), 77; <Gy- 

>ri*). IHH; (Ph«t.,f» I«2; 

<StCf.l, ItHJ. 
CuKtidtmitiii 7^* 

CandiduA (Kiinaou), »7: 

(L»r.|.174; *Loi>ULim. 
CaneaMm < Glottis u W: 

<i>«»l.l,JW! iStcr.K 17«. 
Cantiun sr-rj. 170. 

Car:' • • '1,1,176, 

t;,'tr -*iW» 

Can r-i.OS. 

Catiu- Liir), J71. 174; 
Tftr.), 4*1 

raniinift (Trtn.), liitf, 103. 

Cai»cllei[CoL).4; (Ttct.j, 

CapeniU (Colunibak 10; 
(Cur^l, fil ; iFranc), 
UH; (PrtK-ell.^ Ii^j 
ifUiynchim). 1(144: |Su- 
»>,!«»; (Tachydr.j.tjl; 

rapUtrata iCoiL f!; (Or- 

tyxip 43; (Xema). ITS- 
Capi>tratu» < Lw . 1 , I ?l ; 

(Odoutop.) 4.x 
Carln, 154; (Aimc). Ul; 

(Pelecj, IttI; iPhal.y. 


Carbotdc^lPhaL), Ini 
Carioma* 73. 

t AM.). 74; 

CarunouUltiii (Harpi|w[, 

It-Ji Pc'kv.i. lU^ 
Carvanaoa, &). 
Canrophfliacea liAnaft), 


CaryofhyllAwum (CaJli- 

ehen^ 136. 
Cmrca. IM; ^Aotf). ltf» 

Cupia (Sykichdicioo IJ 72; 

(Stci-0. I"*' 
Caapira (ArdL)^ 76, 
Ca«picu& jLnlym.U ISO. 
Caj|MU9 r(L'hAradrius).OB« 

Cas4owarv. M* 
Coatanea (Anl.i. 8?; (Ca- 

Ca*Unoia {Turn.), 45, 
Cacior (Mtrrgiiai. 147. 
Caiuariu k , 54; ( Stnith, ) , M. 
Cata (CEnaa), 4a 
Catairactes. l^i ^Lar.U 

imi jl^e»lr.h l<f7; (Stor- 

cnr.;. imi 
C't' . -]. 

I I , Jftl. 

€ ta). 134, 

CuuuHcuiuH , 
Cayeticn^u | A rdca) « 8(1 ; 

tCoLLO; (Hat|il|K>,!e; 

^Pmrra),b3; {T4»U,l»j 

Cjiy itn u* 1; Char. 1 » 06 $ | flop- 

Triji.}. tl5. 
Cekbcnfiii (Ral 11,115. 
Centroccfcunt 4ri, 
Ctphus (CaUrrrtclw), KJtJ; 

\bU.tcot.)t 1C7. 
Cei>phup« lUfi. 
C«-pphiis iScftpiui, Bil, 
CL'ri?op*ii, \2*l 

1Thatro|itiHp«» Iti 
Ctmlcnptcra |Ana»)« 13^1 

iCul.}, 17: abU)« iiii 

(Pfirtpfti, 17, 
riiAlcopienis <Ci4r«.), 61 1 

ChaleospilcM (C(tl.>, 17 1 
iPemt.l, 17; 'TurttM7» 

Chal^unim iFnJm),& 
Chalybea I Anl4. I& 
irhaznjrpelta. 14. 

< ■'- lAnumiptli 


t'laonu^, iJQ. 
n«, U4. 

ria <ChAUlii^ IHt 
rah 114 

1A3. _^- 




imf^U 140; 

»«£ iXoiuat, 
» (AntLn 83; 
%s^CaLi, a; 

I, 18G; 

• (Xifma), 173. 
miLu.U ITi- 

144 1 {AaM}, 


iCmmi.U 87: 








Cmomandd Until iNctt.)* 

CofomAndcUc* (\rLti*Oa. 

mi ( 
CorooMaflfllaii ^Chju.K 

tt»: tCure,).tXi; (Teti.h 

CofonatJi iChctt.^ 114 1 
iCoL), Iff; (Goura). J9i 
fNumldiit. £9} iPrrd.). 

Cofoasttu I Char. I « 64. 

C'orvorani, 1«4. 

Concnroba lAoaftll, 131 ; 

Cotumix, 3Si (Tetr.KSJL 

Cracidjr. 1!!. 

Cnkoinv, ^i, 

rranchi) (Perdlx), 38; 

Crusira«tri« (Char.U 70; 


Crecca i Anash 137 : {Quer- 
qu«iluUt, 137« 

Crecosids tAnu)« 138 j 

Crrpidata i Le»tr. I . liJ7 : 
iProcea.1. lU. 

Crepitaaft ((EdictuU m; 
lAophia), 7:1: (Rail.), 

Cm, lU: (Orlyg.h 117: 
(fUlLi, J 17. 

Cmtata 1 Anas I, 1XJL 143: 
IhttL), 7r>: tCariama). 
73; (Cot. I. 4f; {FuL^ 
IM: (Fulig.). 14:^} 
<Gall.i.l39. ]S4;(QutLu 
:fai: 'Melea^:.}. 19; (Nu- 
I 7^> 

I'rhiiUvllu'. (Tylorham 
t>ttu«), 163. 

Criatatiii (Ciirbof* IfU; 
(thar.h ftt; iColym. , 
i40;(Dlchol.)»73s iMff- 
gain, 1 , 1 47 M Orty It i , 44 , 
(Pavoh 2ii (Pelec.l. 
tllS: {PhMLh 185: ^Po- 
dicU l4tJj (Tiftr.l, 44; 
(Vntn.l. t>'t. 

r ', i& 

i i^nut)t 31 ; 


. ... i tiar.i,65w70; 


; _^..^u <Col>U 1 

Curlew* {JCL 
Curoaica (Char.), flu 

CurK)r» 01% 
CiinoTinif, &k 
Cunoriuf, G(i, 
Curvtn«iri* iTetno^ 31. 
Cuvicri rValcg.KSl. 
CyanocephaLa lArd,). US; 

(Col.), 1«. 
Cyanopileata (Cul.^ in. 
Cyaooptera tAiui«j, 13tL 
Cyan opus j Ardea) , 79 1 

(Num.1, f»3. 
Cyanorhynchus rL«rUJi), 

Cyanura (Ard,^ N. 
Cygnin/Et 131>. 
ryirno))!iU, l»i. 
CyKnuK, 13U. 
Cymbopi, 87* 

DACTVLiiOifAXS ICotur.1 » 

Dafila, 1.54. 

D«nM4cena (PeT«L), 37* 
Darter, tUl. 
DelldoM (Otis^^ 
Deroena (DLmd.), 1M. 
DeiQcnut |Eudy|h>. 155; 

iPhrt.^ 15^^; {Suhen.^ 

Dtmdrocygna, 131. 
Dim ham 1 ( Eupod. ) . SSi 

(Otii), 5B. 
Dim yea (Col.>i U. 
D«ntata iPcra.K 4d. 
DcntJrtMtris (Ibis^ iH, 
Dicholophuft, 7^ 
Didinc^ &5. 
DiefTeflibachlj (Halluk), 

Dilotaha iCoUt 7- 
Dilophus iHydrric.), 18S; 

iPhal.). 1«5, 
DlmidiatA (Galll, ISO; 

iOnvfi.U 18<'. 
DimidiBtusfPdecl, ll{7> 
Dioniedca* im, 
Dt«e(irt lAnw), 138: 

(VueTq.)i J3a 
DivCT. 148. 
Dtjdf^, 55, 
Dominica <Aiiaih 146; 

^Erlam.), I4«i. 
DorainlCEmiu <Laf.t, t(l9. 
DoTDiHioetula (guerq*!, 

DoiniDtcuf (PtNlk.l, ISt. 
Dotterel, GO. 
Dfrnglasl (Ster.K 178* 
Dftmiaicui. A4. 
Droniaa. 73» 
Diomicciuai SS, 
Ducula, A. 
Dtiisutnirri (Cryp*'^» 43; 


Duv'aaicvllU <Tnicop«i.31- 



Eburne* {Fii«af|kh.)» IT4> 
flbumeui <L&r.)i 174. 
Ediivdii I Eupociotis). 58 : 

(Otui, 58. 
Slgg Bkd. lao, 
^iett. 77. 83, 
EpVttM, 83! jAr(L», 77 1 

Ecrettoldea <AnI.). 77* 
Elecuu (CoLL 17; (Lo- 
p6ort.),45i <Ortyx)»4A: 
(Ph«»), l7!<ailU.ll6. 
EloraJda (Trio.)* 107* 
Emu (Ciuuu-.), Mi <Dro- 

TnaluiK, M. 
EnaUus, 112. 
Ephippiorhynchi (Cich 

Epomophont iI>io«n.^ IG/i, 
EoUMtri* <Trin4, 10*. 

erkelli (Fnnc.h 33; (P»- 

dix), 33. 
ErodU, 73> 

Erubesooiu (Ptuetcm^ 1S3^. 
Erythmuchen (CoU^ 10, 
Eiythrocephala lAiiMi, 

EiythTocephalus jPtilorL^ 

Erythraean yi,, 66. 
Krythromclii* (ArA.), 83. 
Erylhrcyphry* (Col.>, 13. 
Erythrops iPhalJ.flft. 
Erythrwptcra [Coh), 1*J; 

(PCTlf.t.K 16. 

ErYtliroptha,lxnfw iEu- 

p)oc.f.£(;; CPh*«-t. 20, 
Ery throrhynchfl ( Xnsm | , 

134; <totur.K 4ti! <P«- 

cU*m.j, 134; fguerq.), 

Erythrorhynchut (Ou- 

Twx\, Sli <Pelec), tflSi 

(Ptilop.l. 31. 
Erythropu* (Anoi), 1S8, 

li&i (Anter.h 139] (Ar- 

Erytlirothorax (C(iL)» 16. 

Eudvpte^, 155. 
Eyprocttmiu, £5. 
Eupodoti«, SB. 
Euriaoni* (GnUj, 117; 

iOrtyir.n 117. 
Europea iBoiiMa). 40. 
Gu ropr UA i Cot u r. K ,18 ; 

(Ci*r«^».fifM (Nyct.),B4. 
Ewinirl:! (Ptilon.^ i, 
ExcaLfactorta <Cotur.>* ^. 
EjiHih fArd*K 83; |AT<Wt- 

ExulAn«(Dimn.), l(ia^ 
F.KUitus (Ptertic.^ 48> 
EytnnJ (Dendroc.), 132; 

(Leptm.), 138. 

pAMJCn (Ur.». 16fL 

(QaerqOt 137. 
FalcinelU tTnmMnflv 
F«lcin^Uiu» 1» : i Ibii), fKI; 

P«LkUudiciis jClujr.l, 71; 

tTetr.l, M. 
FsniillAris ^Tftd.), 139. 
Fttftrittta |AnAs|> 139; 

<rulJ3; (Trln-K 48,64. 
Fa^atuA (Pteroc.), 49; 

4 Rail I, 117; (Rhyne.), 

FksdolAU (Crix^ SO. 
Fcdoi ^Llm^hflOi (ScoLl, 

Ferina (Anu), 143; (Nn.), 

Fecox (Otfai, StL 
Pcrroeiub (Qiicn|.)i 145. 
Fermjiinea {Ana«i, 144; 

lErbm.). 14ti: |Ltm.>. 

96; Trin.l.lOCv 
Ferruj;lncicsollU (T<it.|* 

Ferruginout j Crypt y, 43; 

Ferut (AD»h 13<^! 'An< 

WT),]»t (Cyfn.),]30. 
FibeMPeleciafe: (Stita). 

Fin foot, 134, 
Fkjilpw <HydTodi,>, 160; 

(Ster.), 180. 
Ftstulaiia i|Ana£), 139: 

(>lar>Mm).. 133. 
FitzToyil iCoi),9. 
FlurafuRo, 1S5. 
FUvicoUu fAitl.»,84j (At- 

rimvip«f(Lar. 1,168; (Pla- 

tal«*^ 071 iS«oL\f 100; 

iTm.), 100. 
Flavirhynchui (Phall, 187. 
Flftvlroitra mall.), UU; 

(PoiphX 19S. 
FlMVirmUa (Aiia*V» 137; 

fArd.K 7tt! iCor.J, Bi 

(Full, laSi^HerwthTfl. 
Floddanuii |Plul.h 1B& 
Fiumlrtea ^Ortyg.), 118; 

\f^n,h US. 
FluviAttlb IChar.^ f»: 

^Colym.), 151; iSta.U 

Formom <Aiuu), 137 1 

iQuwq.). 137- 
For»t<jrt (Aptenod.lp iE6i 

(Carpop.}, im-, jCoD* 

2 J fPrwoll.|,16a. 
Powat (Col.j'. 10. 
Fnkncii fUHa), i^W. 
Fritncollnr 35. 
FraacoUauf* 33; (Tetr.). 

Franklmi (Lams), 173: 

(T«tT.)« i5i (Xctnaj, 

FFatfMTUla» US; |Mona.)i 

FfeCi Hu 

Fntcnaii (J 
i7a 1 
Fulksa, liowj 
Fulicariut it 

91 1 rToLJ} 

Galeatui (p 
Gallicui (td 


Gttotwtt* (1 
Gftocetieiu ( 
GiiwtW IW 

i (L«r.i. 174; 
=^ M, Xi (Pe- 


). 143L 

10.), IMt* 

} ^LoiJ. Jt»; 

Ondlarla (PrcK«l),h ISU 
Grsllnrlui iChar.l. 90; 

GrsllatoT iCtujJ, 01. 

Gr»bfr. 14£», 

Gf««nihAnk^ 99., 

Gr»ffariA [Cbett.*, fU. 

Gregwriu* 4Char.)« G4; 
(ToiJ. Wl 

GfimovJcowd fTdo.), l€9. 

Grryi (HeTiwt), JMI. 

Grtani i A.rd. > , B4 » i Arcnn. 1 , 
107: (CalkdJ, mSj (Car- 
pop.t, fi; ^HydrochJ. 
lUii; iLira.u l©; (Pro- 
ecu J, l5fU IfM; rPieu- 
.topo, ^^►- ,.Scol.>, ia»? 

r- i i r Col.). 18- 

[. ■ ' ' 1 r,),nini.. 15. 
I 116. 

< Ml. 

GfJteulttfjdjrii Citlj, 147» 

4.114; malt ), 

i la), 167- 

Kildn.U flfl; 
, :*J; (RalMf 

> ioiitop*h43: 






Gymnuphihalnioej iCol.), 

H<rinHt<i}iiti, 78, 
Hcniaturtiyncliui (!««.)« 

n jiiif.i. i>j'. 

n ■' 

HebrMi«ili(C!olriB«>. I«l. 

l{«linniin«. in. 
Hellomiii, 194. 
HrlvvtU<A <SquiCu-.)t fltl 

iT-rir. .1 (t*. 

, 4a 

:7! (Afd,h7fi. 

Hcvti (Cmc^ 37 1 <PefA,)t 

HtaticuU. <a t <Char.) , <S8. 

Hif^tnaiiMI^onll- M^^ 
HilAiiaiRhynihJ. loo. 
Hfmalayana 40ti«>. 56, 
H1niJilay«ti«i« (Tetrao^.)* 

Himantopin, 1^; (Ctxr.), 

t»7; iUccurvj.SU* 
Hlrundo, <!1 { (Stcf.), 177« 
HUtiiostca lAndAh 14A; 

< Clang.), 145; iCol.). i?! 

(Prriit.;, 17; (PhApih 


HonAeMii iOrtW), **»; 
iScoL), 110; ir->t.),l«- 
ltoubam«57t (Oii^uS?. 
HtidsoDJjis iAr<l.h 7^, 
HudAcmlcn iLlm.), SC; 

HudMintcu* tNumJ, $M. 
Huin«nlia (CoL). 3. 10 1 

(Groinh 10. 
Hutnillt 4Co}.). 1^; 

(TurL). IS, 
HyadnthtQui (Porph.h 

MytMtitafAnat), 144. 
Hybrids (Hy^rm^). lUDi 

Itybridui ihAt.'h 171 ; 

<Tctr.), 4fi. 
Hv^trochelldon. 180. 
Hydrocorn*. 18*'^. 
llvdm|>hMlontit, 114. 
Hyemalb r \tiaa), 144, I4A. 
Hytntftiolaimui, lA2. 
MyperbnrcA AIia*)* 189: 

(Cbcnk t:^; (jrin.), 

H ypcTtxvreua ( Lobipeil 1 

Hypoleuoa |lt»mAC.)» 7*i 

(PrDcelKK liU. 
Hyporetictii lFhaL|. ir»7; 

Hypomdaa {Chaf.l, ta. 

1 hi nor 11 


fCtftm, Ida; 
IM1 (I'hftLi, 


Ur.), 171; 


I ilcSn.). Ml J 

5',M l.'.iniMlu.L'.u'. (Ph»nlch1 

oj.i. 111. ij:,. 

Ignltu* rEuploc.). ffl; 
..kseptDlfSS. tOalUt. 8dMPtiaa.),«dl 



IgDottutColym.). 146* 
Inutncr (Colyni.i> 14»L 
ImpetioU I Atcii), las. 

linpfy*nu9 (Luphoph.), 

Incft (Anottii, 11^1; <SU;r,|, 

IndLanH (LIm.l.O't. 
iDdlcft. </VnasiJ,K>: iChiU- 

cap.i. lUi iCol.i, \H; 

(Otltk.57; (P«rrftull3: 

(Ithync), urn. 
lodicus {\n*tT), 13<>; 

tChar.). aO; (Metoj>.i, 

ll.t; iPorph.^, ISili 

(TetTJ4W: i Tot. 1.103. 
IneptufttDidiK^), A.**. 
IcinLpectAta i PTOcclL)aa0. 
InfuKata ilbi»!>.^« 
Inocellalum «Polypl.)i sa* 
tnornjita ^Coluinbinal^, 13, 

pap-f, It; {Due.)* 6. 
fntcrtftediuf iChnrj, tifl; 

Interprea ( Strep*. Ji 112j 

(Triti.>, lia. 
IdvoIuctU (AnL), 83. 
IprfitWri (An««^ 139: 

Irl* iPavo>. itSL 

Ulandki lAnvK US; 
tClitHmM, UJi; i.Tiiti.). 
la'iL 105. 

Itlandnruni <L^op.l* 

t|h«£tnut .71. 

JMMA^tal. 113. 
JmetsHbgik (Penc^i^ l^ 
Jocuatu (Saln.^t 19. 
Jacu-cftea (PeovL), 

^Salp.L im 
Jiicii'pchA iPctcI.J* If*. 
Jai.nj-j)«inbd <PfneL^ SO. 
Jam ai cetisis < A rd . K (15 ; 

^Chat.). 71 1 {CoLi, »A; 

(Oii>a.)* llMi <Periil.)» 

li^; iHMn.i. US. 

IJauibrM I Col.!, 8. 
J*mbu(rol.),2; (Ptilon,), 
JainiMoni (Col.), IB; 
(Lar.l. 171. 
Jan th Ina I Cariiop. ) , d j 
.U|Kr - ». 

Jhvm 131; 

(A (Ard,), 

kSl <^^^^^* ^^'' '^'^^ 
<f«Vftnicu« ((arbof, Ittf) : 
(Qail,f,27; <T«ftT.), 38j 

JuWu (Anai). ]3fi, ISfl; 
<Acro*>, 'Jtti (Ctieul.)» 

[ JubaS 

KALTPAftsra (Podioepa), 

Katraka jOrtallda^ SO; 

Keptuachka iTrin.K 6A. 
Kori jEupud.i.^Ui (Otift), 

KorehalBU iColutnba), 4; 

Kurukuru (CoL|, i. 

ijimHAOdfiA 4Anaa)» 141 * 
Latwadoiruk \ Camptal. 1 , 

Lachryinait* (UrUl, 157* 
1«actea (GUr.. ~ 
lAgopus, 47: (Tetr.), 47* 

LaniellicotUs (FbisiU 91. 
LaincUigcru* lAtidaLs fiS). 
LamlginokUt <AnieD,141. 
LamproaotUjk iChar.i, CH. 
' ]ti|^o«iiK (An«er>, Ul. 
Lappcinica iLimouL). 06; 

Lap[Mmicuj ( 47* 

Lanfi^miUiRal].), IBO. 

LaTinitt 167. 

tuiroldvi, I€9. 

Lani«, lfl», <Col.i, 16; (P^ 

Lateral i A (CnrxJ, 119; 
(Lobivan,U <»; {Or- 
tyg.\,)VJ; <Van.), fia^ 

Lathaml (Alwt.), 21 ; 
'IbUu i^l; (PhA&.|. $5% 
iSatyrai. 88; (Tateg.), 

LaUoiuda iBnrtr,!, 109. 
LatiroAirU (Anaa^ 241$ 

^Prowir.i, 165. 
Lawconii rCol*K 17. 
Learhji (Proc«IK)» 

(ThalwAJ. 1«». 
Lnrh&ho (Franc.) , 34. 
Letpoat SL 

Lenliifinokua i0otauruar, 

Lepicia Ard.uSa. 
Leptoi^rammica ^CoL), 11 ; 

(Mj«rop.|ip 11, 
Lrprnr'f!"*, (1*1. 

L '' ■ 

Ltp.., .>w, . ^fu.j, 41 ; 

(iJnjjfiM, 41. 

L«rwA. Hi; ;Perd.L 36. 

L««**ini. l»r.,aMl.), 163. 
Ltvi ■ ".is>, 74» 

Lei.' \na»l,]4fi; 

(ArtJ,^b2, l«J; iCic),88{ 
(Col,), Bi (PwjoelL) 1C3. 

LJneatu* (1 

mi; iRalMj 
LirtaraliA \C 


Lob4ta (ABiaaj 
murau 14fit 
Lobatti* iljOH 
Lobipci, toe. 


MAcukm {Nothun;, £3; 

fTurnj. 41. 
MatniIo»ut (Hrmipod.^, 

41: iiEdlcn,), SQ; iTU 

A&in.«« fin. 

J3H: iColur.f, 41; 
US; iScQL|*Q3i (TetJ-.)* 

MaftelUtkica rAn«i), 136; 

( A titmody tea) ♦ 1 .W s 

iChljrph.)»l^; (ScoL), 

1lw«llanJcii» (OolJin, i » 

iTJ: <Phal,L ise; 


MarnirmtrU (Ea^*.), 191: 
k&djjgi; (Ster.^ 173; 

MuDiu (Crypt.). 28. 
Matfumri tAt^l, 76. 88; 

M^orCAktt), 153; (Ar<L|. 

75; <D«narocU i:i] ; 

fOallin.^ imi {Lftro- 

id<'«^ Jfif»: (Ltr.), 172; 

<Puff.i, I3J!;(Scol.)plO'J; 

(TetrJ. fi2. 
MAlApr^tiAia ( Ard.)« fi2; 

<CoL:> Jij; jPavo). 22. 
34 Al»corhytich ui, 139; 

(AnuU 14S; <Hyme' 

noU. 142, 
M^Uh:^ (Meg«raph.).9U 
im»(AttAg.). Al. 
!iu* ^Tftr.t, 51, 
GalLh JU; 

Vycth mi 


M-..^ Ija. 

MiififiiiiAUi i,CoL), 10; 

; .10. 
> . 143 J (Pu- 

M -f 

M,%4fit <T<n.». 
ift'oLl. 13. 


kriiiAiui). ia<i 




liarttiiu lJ.%t.i, Mist. 

; ; , G7. 

M .15; 

■ ttd,;, 1.21; U'ornb,), 

Mflionk tAH.\r8tV, 
^filxl|;^u« itjurj, \fS{. 
MrdU ^Scol.., H(9; (St*r.|, 

>l««Uiu (LAniftK 1G8; 

(Tetr.)i 49; (Tutsm.i. 



Meenm <Col.), 12; (Tiirt.). 

Me^acrphalon, ^t. 

MeK»r^xl4 iCiUr.L 62, 

Megapodia (PcntJ, 37. 

>l(!ga}Kxlir|jp, 21. 

1M(!gitp(x1in«', 3). 

Megapodiui, 21. 

Mc^rhyncbii (Ster.^ 175. 

M«Unipyn ( C rc« 1 , H 4. 

M^LinAueheii 1 Sicr. I » 179, 

Mi'JjuioccphAU (AnMy, 
lain (Ard.^ 7«i iCaLU 
1? <Salyra), 8«; 


60. 66; (Lju-J. 17»; 
{U)hf\m\,Kmi iFlilon.!, 
I; rr an I. li, tJr>. 
Mi'InnDchltiUi (Cycnu*)* 


McUnochlorii (Pamh 

Mclanioeniryplia (Aiu«l» 

Mrtanfliputer 1 Plot J, IBI t 

(SitTJ, ITtI; iVaii.i.flJ. 
Mdanrjf^Mtra (Otihl, 55. 
Mel an i^nath lu 1 Ct rbo) . 

Mdnnoleucd IAhai). 125; 

lAnMsranJ, 125; iCot.)* 

Itf; (GlotUl.tW; fScoLL 

Mdanoleueiii iPtul.u 187. 
MoUnctphrU tDiom^t, 168. 
Meljinopb 4Tant.)» 01 ; 

Mrliinopf I Char.) » 71 j 

I Num.), IH. 
Mdanoptnta iIlem.K 11^; 

Mdanoptcrua <AnMf,l« 

128: I Van. )« 64. 
Iffflanopu* iProcrll.^ 164. 
Mrlanofhiiiut (i-'yn,|« 

llclanafbyaGhoft ICypL),, 

IfclaoQCu* (Anaal. 199 i 
Mvlanura (Ptck^IL)* IMi 
(<i«jl.h!*5; (Sulai, ttO. 
MvLiu atiinanLI, ML 
McLuomus (Van.). ftL 
Mcleo^ria, *ti {NuiukU)* 

Mt'lfjda {HUul, m* 
Mclodua (Char.l. l». 
Mf^mbranacea rAnaits 130. 
M«mibraLnar«ua (IIjUa- 

corhj, 13!'. 143. 
Mepolaticm {J^itt-r.^ ITU. 
M^rxanettAt 14& 
Mvr|aiiier, 147} iMvrfu*^ 

34erg«tlui, 147. 
Mrryinvt N7> 
MerK\4«. 147- 
yitna (Anaah 

(Efiam.i, 14A. 


MctaUlM (Coh), 

(C*rp.). 1S«». 
MctoplJtf 4 Ana*), 143} 

McuijMMliiu, IM. 
Mrxic&ua (Ibis). 93; (Pe- 

HtkU), 15. 
Mexfc*nui (CarboU l»5j 

(Hlmant.)« 96; (Tsnt.), 

SO; (Tetr.1,44. 
Hlcrodactylo*. 73. 
Micropterus, l¥>, 
Mlcrounu (Pcdiorul, 42. 
Mifn'atoria iCoUi, KX 
MtfTBtoriitt (Ectop.)» 10 s 

<Turt-i. 11. 

Minor (Alca, IXI; (Ap- 
ei;nadJ,l55i (AnU.Slj 
iChttr.f. 08; ^Chioniii, 
Ittt (Colymbkisl, 151: 

130; 4Phn?nicup4, 125 \ 
iPhiloh.i, Ufi iPodlct, 

MInuU (Aiuin 145 1 
(AtcLi, «3: (ArdetU^ 
83; ^Ch*TrKtp.}< 15; 
(roU.l.'!; lOrtyg.MliJ; 

10(5;4StoTj>iry; iTnn,K 
100; (Xcnml, 17^- 

Minulilla (Trin.). lOOj 
(iichirfi.), l«»»i. 

Minutu* (LatubL 174; 
Mergiisit 147 1 iNum,), 
94! (Tiint.),91. 

MUratittNumMa), ST!). 


MftiJ,21s (OuraJt|,ai. 

ModcstA (Aitl.h 77 i < He- 
rod J. 77^ 

Motlejttua iChar.)t C3. 


Molitiap (Ptlec I. 180- 

MoUu (Pmcell.^. iU. 

MoUbsltna (An«k), 141; 
{Soraat.K UK 

Monacha iGru>)» 74 1 

MociachuA (Char.). 70. 
Manila (HUtl,til». 
Mon^oluji (Char.), <K>. 
MoniaiTui (Oallln.l, hCI. 
MonUna (CoJ.^. 15^ Pe- 

rUUI. 15: <Tetr.U37. 
MoDticola (AnI.). 7{J, 
MoTtiicIla i:F.udmnt»|» 67, 
Morlndtus rChar.), 67. 
MormoTt » l^i. 
MorticTi (Tribonyx), 122. 
MoKtiatA iAn<u), t4i)i 

(Ctir.K 140. 
Motnml fT'h:i5j,»l. 
UuVi ■ • ■ .. :/.'). 

Will 2. 

MycTrnn, ifj ; (Ctc) , 8^. 
Mymticivoift i;C*rpcjp.), 

4 1 rCal),4. 

N.CT(A <Cali<L|. 103; 
iGhkf.), m\ (L*r,>, 17»! 

(StlT.I. ]IA>. 

N' !Ti.l, 149; 


I . lUO. 

l«JiVVi..a \n.\*l, J36; jT*- 

dofna), L'1C. 
N«jna(|uii (Pteroclt 40; 

(Tetx.f, 4!*, 
Na^ndapoA 1Ibi$». gn. 
Naulemu tPniiie.^ S4; 

Natani (GlottJa), 99 1 
(Tot.)» KMl. 

?»*< l:itoiii£)» 51. 

Nt'mork^a.j, IJtl! (GalKh 

110; 4SC0U}, HO. 
Ncoxcnus (Ortyx), 44. 
Nepalen!ii4 iNemorlc), 


Nestor (PodJc), 151. 
Nettapus, isa 
Ktambu (PecuB). 03;. 
Nicobarica (CaknuaK 18; 

Ni i^). raoj 

(CrypUi, 43; (HarmaLK 
4:1; (Tant,i,Wi. 

Nigra (Ansu), 144); (Aftl.)* 
«»; tCicA, 88; (Hy- 
droch,^ leiJ; iOldem.1, 
140; (Ortyif.ii UB; 
{Parr»>, 113; 1 RhyocO, 
174; <Scol,i,10l);<Sl«T,). 

NiRnoini {Colyin*)* 150; 
(Trill. k< H14, 


NigricoUia tAiiaal, 17H); 
iCjgn.), 13>; (HbnanUK 
t«y; ^Tttr,),41i iTora.), 

Ntprjfrfmi__ (rhar.), 71 ; 

N irtyTl),44. 

N iUll.), U7. 

•SatyrajpiW; iTorU).3. 
Nlpiton IGeront), 91; 

Kivali* jAnai), 129 j (Chi- 

olilsK 51. 
Nivt^a (Ard,), 78; (Col,), 

)R; iProcell.h l<*4i 

Ni^'cti^ huT), 174. 

N ■■ . . ' - .-e, 

N->J..HI.«..Kl |.r,»f.>j;K 

Nortoloctisia iCarpop.),^; 

4ii. J 


an). \m\ 

tnini. v», 

i| RJnyneh.]! 
Owipftallt r 
CDceankca (T 

OctUAUii (( 

(UolLl. 41| 

(i:na, iO. I 

Dkriil t ]ixfJ 







PBTCHiti)u« ( Arni*|f. i3. 
Paykullii ^Sool.), ItilK 
Pmll (ATd./, 7!*. 
I^ctordis (C«TTxy|K). 7; 

dorli^l, £18 i (Cotur.l, 40 ; 
(Lei«cn-li.|*90i (PeUd.). 

1 s : im. 

Pcla.. ,. rll.J. I0t>, 

Peliiglcm (PhjiL)« 184, 
Pct«ciiild«. iiri. 
Pcl«<suiiiir, I»3. 
Pelecttnokla. liSi i Pdeea- 
nopiii), IIK*; (SterO» 

Fetocmnoptit, ISQi 
PriMuiiw* IW. 

PriidoA, 104. 

Penelope, 19; {Aaa»h 133: 

Pcnelopinc. 19C 
PMnantif { Aptenod* I < IfiO : 

PenoaU ( Rhea^ 54. 
Pentah (Cotur.|.a». 
pRdlouis (Notb.i^ 53, 
PffTdkariuA < Crypto u S^. 
Perdidnc, 3i» 
P»nlk:ul», a». 
P«j-dix, 37 J ( 37. 
PerUtvra, 15. 
P(rrUtui(Fnuic.|,36j (Te- 

PertictM (Uigop.h4& 
Perionatu* (Lar4, 179; 

<Lobivtii.f, OQ; 4Fte> 

roc), 60, 
Penpicillata (Ami), Ml; 

(C«rpop.K et <CoLK 6: 

<OUlsro.). ]41« 
PotrophuMj Jh 
PrtroM (Aketorii}, 37; 

iC«cc»),»j (Perd.».37, 
PeiTOiua ITvtno)* 37* 
PeyrouMei <IUlLh llSk 
Pecut, A2. 
PhjEiopui {Nuin.W M : 

Phvton, IBS. 
PtuetonitiK, )62. 
Ph«kcfocoTmx, 184. 
Ptnlftropodinc. 107' 
Phalaropu*. 107< 
Pbakeradinc, tS3. 
Phapi, 17- 
Phjuianfclir^ £2. 
Phttii«ii»Uiu iCenlroc.). 

PhaiianlD*. SSk 
PhulMut, n. 

PhiUppefuik {RaU.^ J 17. 
PlUloheiA, Hi. 
Philomacbu*, Vti, 
Phomlooptera ^CoM, 2. 
PhcEDkoptcfinc, 13ft. 
Ptumlcopierui, lSfi> 
Fluvntccimu (AnAeTi, IS^ 
Ph<piJlcur«(GalUi. 1S3. 
PtuKnicurui (Phvt.), 1B9; 

<IUII.), 123. 
Pica {Alciil. 153. ISGi (Pfr. 

(ec.I, 1B7. 
PiCM»<Ph»p*i,t8t <€ol.>» 

18: (Leucofl.). IH. 
Pleat ui (Hn^mit.t.i» ?/, 
Picaiuro iCoL), K. 
PIcta lAnii^u IJML 137; 

(PercLL 3«; iRhynclU>, 

llttl; (ThauTi].:u24. 
Pictuii (Chryiol), 24; 

Pieui <Cnl.)» 13; (Cukim^ 

binai, 13. 
Pil«ftU (Ajd.),a<*t (Cot). 

18; iHcrod.), mi {l^t- 

nel.^ 19; i5aU|, Hi; 

Piteatut iCharadriui|,fl6; 

I Franc, ) , :t5 ; i S«Tcinp.)« 

mi iTinara.i.^. 
PillMi iTanUl, 88, 
PtncnMCarpop,),0; (Col,), 

Piplle (Crax^ lUi ^PvatU, 



PlpUcaa (Lar.), 1/3. 
PlacUla <G«u{t.), ]iv 
Platalciii«» 80. 
PlatM, 87- 
Platyrhyricfaa iLjbil.^ 107; 

(Trtn.^, m- 
Pl«tyrhynchu9 4I'hala^.^ 

Piectropterine. 125, 

Plectroprcrus, 126. 

Plotinv. lai. 

Plt)tui, lUU fPiU«c),18X 

Plumbeai;Ard.L79: (Col.L 
U ; ( Cren » . 1 2lh i EgreCia^ , 
KJ; <Gall)> J23; <lUtii. 

Ptutnicolha (TanL|,»0. 
PlutciuU (Anail, 131. 
Pluvialiii'ChaT.utJI}, (17. 
Ptuvianuf, (k^ 
Podica. 124. 
Podjccpt. 140. 
Podic<n>» jColyiQ.), 152. 
Poilidiitna?^ 14|k 
PodJlymhuf, IJdi. 
Pa^citonktta, 1H4. 
Pifcitorhyocha (An«i)» 

Poincoyiha}!! (Ltni»)»173; 



,J7i (GrutK 

Poliocvplialui (Lar.), I7S« 
173 1 iPtMlktpt)^ 151: 
<iuk). 110. 

^r 1 


1 208 



H Tndomft, 13S; ( AfiM), 132. 

TowTiinidil 1 Aphriaa). m 

j'!'*'i!irT'*'^ 5^^^B 

^M Tjidornoldei <AnAau 132; 

{P)uil.h IHd; (UrUU 

■ (CasAr.). m* 



■ TalcgAUiQA^t 2i- 

TradiyrhyBchliA 4P«l«cK 


^L Taleffallui» tL 



^K AdMCDll (ChamfRi.»t 14; 

\ A<3 A »V1IOA H^l 


^ ^iiki*" 

Tranquilla (Geop.), lo. 


Tantalum, 90, 

Ti*ronmip, 1. 



Tarda (Otb^ 6S, 

Tribonyx, in. 



TarUriciu |Char.», 117. 

Tiicinctuf iPttitoo, 48L 


• 1 

T«tAup» iTltUim.», 53. 

TriooUah* (Ch*r,t, «; 


Tavoua (Porpti->, 121. 

(Hlat.). ©), 



TuyKni Guin (AfdJ.ti^v 

Triccdor (LobivanO* 03; 

, '4^^^H, 


^1 Temmknckll iCun.), 6i>. 

«Vfln.), «B. 

irk'V«<r'« t^^^l 

Tridact y 1 a \ PraceU . ) . 1 56 ; 

lAf^t. 7i.j^^H 

(Rista), 174! (Trin.). 

1»; ^Tfia^^H 

^ <Trm.}. 1(J6. 


1l'_.._,.|.,.c -lil^^^l 

TimuiroftTi* ^Anoac). 181; 

TTidaetvIus iLar.), 174> 

' 1 j^H 

(Plat.}, Hti <ProcelL|* 

TrtfaicUta (Ch*r,K 7«*. 

.. ii^H 

^ leJi (Pufl:) JOy; iSter.l. 



■ 18L 

Tr - 

%'AJia>^ Aoa^l^^^H 

■ Tc7ek(5eaM,ti6. 

Ti IJd.>,107- 


■ Tenrkeosii ( Fed.l , 9S. 

Tt .buih 156; 

1 17; irbaQ^^H 


Tropica {Tba1la».Mfil. 


TetmogaUut* 30. 

Trisrlranf fStprna), 17G; 


Tetrsonlnw, 45, 

r^- - 17a 


TetTVt (Oeia)»56. 

1 , T.I, 175. 


Tetrix (LyruTUi^, 47: 
^ jTetr.), 47. 


■ T«xtilii (CotuT.), 38. 

iMttur, jl. 


■ TholaBoeuB. 176. 

Tumulus (Mfrgnp.). 22. 


■^ ThalAMEdranm, 16Ql 

Tuniix^ 4(i«. 


ThNlAiiliui (AntnU)i Ui 

Turtur. U ; (CoL), II; 


(ProoeU.)* ifiS. 


^ Thaffut iPelec). 188. 
^L Thaumaica, ^4* 

Tylorhaiuphui, I&3* 
T>inpaulstria (CoLl. 10: 


■ Therlaticus. 9L 

(PerfsU), 16* 


^1 Tlilsvrjoinnic, :iL 

Typhon i,Ard«), 7& 

■ Thi. 

T>^ui (Anaft^K ltti< 


■ Th- nrp.).4l^ 


■ Tin. 



Thul.1 ' \ra... ^N. 

UmbcUoldci (TutrJ, 4A. 

V igiir«u , u u>Mrl^| 

TiffTina(Ard.>,al; (Col.^ 

Umbcllus (BonaMi» «8: 

M. 3 


Vl^m iPele&lMM 

^ Tigrinuin iTIgria.). 8L 

Urabrtt iKk 

vrT; '-^iS^H 

■ T£sald«t 58, 

Umbrctta ScnituiK «6. 
Unchatl (CoL), U ; 4 Ma- 


■ TtmuniOK, A2. 

crop.}, 11* 


H TInamou* Afi. 

UnduUl* t-Vrdea>, RS; 

• l'«£iia^^^| 

■ Tiruimut, 5^. 

ritoub,».07t iPaop,>.&7- 

Vif»Uc«tii ^^^H 

V Toffatu« (TetT,), 46* 

liii.lul.:sturn iTl^;fiv,;u«St 

iPi>lrCw). I^^H 

Torda (Alcaf, 1^; 

1': - la*. 

imL ■ 

(Utam.), 153. 

I , .'». 

Viroona xJ^hM 

Torii» 3. 

1 , .110, 

iWtHT f^t ^ 

TorquaU i Anas), isa 135?, 

tlniciiior 1 Hiiin.u.i, ,;i. 

VTrif. 1 

1«; i:.Vrd,f»tt4} (Char.u 

UniiuJcaU(Alca), 10C1, 

viTir «1 

G8; (GlarJ, 61; (Grui), 

Uria, lfi& 

Urile (Pirlec,). 194; (Phal.), 

J37, isy. 


44. f 

Toniuatut (AnKri, 128; 

Urinic, hVI* 

Viivitiunaa (ClurJlfl 

rrliijsli]r LtV»]vin... \i'X 

\tri.'.) 1 \ni}kn4«<iM 

1 Ui;. 


Totaalne, 98^ 

Umi»htti uneltui { T«tr*} , 


1 ToUairo«tHs fOnoph*}, 



^ iv>. 

tCfontroc), 4fS; rrHi.n 


^^ Totanui, «kO; (LimOiflO? 


^H iScol.). 99, luL 







134. _ 

ASM**'* - 







PART III. Section I. 


LONDON: 1855. 



Class AVES. 

B. p., Unn, S. N. (17^5). 
Hotei, Cmo. (W5-'J6), 

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— nrii — Cuneirostres, p., ct Leevirostres, p , Cuv, Anat. Comp. 

maonm — Psittacini, Serrati, p., Amplioboli, Sagittilin^e9, ///. 

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p. 33. 
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11. Ramphastos. 

1. RiVMPUASTOS Toco. The Toco To 

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Ramphastot; magnirostris, Swains. Classif, of B, ii. p, 
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Rampliastos niTeas, Lf$s. CompL Buff, ix, p, 1847 
hetfaiU. Ois. de Parad. t. 2. 

a,b. Para^ male and female. From Mr» Ckmld'f C 

c. ? var. From Mr, Argcut't CoIIectioii. 

d—g. British Guiana, adult and young, Fr 

Schomburgk's Collection. 

2, Eamphastob cabin atus. The Braziliaii 


Ramph astoa tucanu«» Sktm, Gen. Zool. riii. p» 3^* 
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Ramphastos carinntua, S%Dmns,ZooLIU,'\,'^\, 45 ; Gfrnid, Jfe 

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Ramphasto^ callorhinchuB, WagL Syst, Av. Ramph» i 
Edw. B, 329; Shaw, NaL Misc. pi. 183. 

II. Mexico, female. From Mr. Gould's Ck>l] 

6. Mexico, male. From Mr. Argent's Collection.^ 

c* ?, young. From Mr. Dy«on'« CoUection. 

amph. i^H 





The abort- 

Bphastoa bre\icarinatu», Gould, Monogr, Bmnpkn^ 

a, Chiriqitia. Presented by Capt. Ecllett, C.B., 

Comm. Wood, R.N. 

b. Bay of Paiinoia. Frcsent^Ml bv Capt, Kelletl, i 

and Comra. Wood, ^.N, 

4. Rampuastos TocARD. The Tocard Toa^ 

lUmphastos Tocart], l^iHlL N. Diet, d'Hist. NaL xj 
Gouid, Monoffr. Ramph. 2nd edit. pL 4. 


Smimooi. Qamld, Proe. Zaoi. Soc. (183^' p. i»; u/. 

ir«yiL Siti, Av, Add, p. ? 

-7, head of male. From tfr. Gould's CoDectioii. 
k Bmr. Pkeaented br CffU Kdktt, C.B.. 
K.lf^ snd ComBL. Woody R.X. 
* H.W.CoMt of Amcria. Plraented br Gi^it. Kdlett» 
C.B., R.N.,uid Comm. Wood, R.N. ' 

k JUmfbastoi AJIBIOUC8. The doobtfbl To 

, Swams. ZooL iZI. m. pL 168; GomU, 
r. Baa^k. 2nd edit. pL 5. 

\ Swainsooi, Goals, Jlfoao^. Any A. pL 8. low. fig. 

^§. S* Fc de Bogota, male and female. From Mr. Gould's 

, Hew Gnnada, yoo^. From Mr. S. Stereos' Collection. 

-?p young. Fiom )Ir. Isaacson's Collection. 

-?, very young. 

lASTOB BRYTHB0RHYNCHU8. The red-billed Toucan. 
crythiorhynchus, GmeL S. X. i. p. 355; Gould, 

Rmmph. pi. 3 ; id, 2nd edit. pi. 
w tneaanis, Linn. S. N. i. p. 151 


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K. Dig. die Parad. t. 3 ; Shaw, Nat. Jfwc. pi. 1S3 ? 

I^Mioa Leraillantiiy fVagl. Syst. Av. Ramph. sp. 3 ; Levaill, 


fk^UM cit r eopy gu a, Gould, Monogr. Ramph. pi. 2 (with 


\ sabliiacatus. Leu. Compl. Buff. ix. p. 185? 

B, British Guiana, female. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

IlTc? Rio Negro, male and female. From Mr. Guuld's 

L? pM* Negro. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

*,/. BriUah Guiana. Presented by the Royal Geogra]>hical 

r. ' ?. young, 

c British Guiana, young. From Sir R. Schomburgk's Col- 


J, Rampha»tos Inca. Tbe Iticn Tuuam. 

Ramphastos Inca, Gould, Proc, Zo&L Soe, {IMS) |). 6»ij 
nogr. Ramph. 2nd edit, pi. 7. 

a. Bolivia (breast-feathers). From Mr. Gould% ( 

8. Ramphastob CuviERi. Cuvier't Toucan] 

Ramphast09 Cuvien, WagL Syst. At?, Hampk, ^5| 
Mmogr. Ramph. pi. 2 ; id. 2nd edit. pi. 8. 

Raujpbu.'ftos Forateronim, IVagl. Syst. Ar. Rtsmph, 
vailL Ois, de Farad, t. 6? 

a. Lower Amaasoii, mnle. From Mr, Gould's CoUeelJ 

b, e. Rio Negro^ female and young. From Mr. < 

d.l S**Fe de Bogota, male. From Mr. Gonld^ 
e. Lower Amazon, male. From Mr. Stevens' Colleel 

Ramphastos ciTRBOLiBMUs. The eitran-^l 


Ramphastos citreoliemus, GouJd,Proc, ZoqL Soc, (I 
id, Monogr. RnmpL 2nd edit, pi. 9 ; G, R. Gray 
Gen, 100. 

Rampbastos citreolaimus, Pr. B, Consp, Gen. Av* p* 92. 

«. S»* Fe de Bogota. From Mr. Gould** CoUi 



10. Rampha«to« 08CULAN8. The osculant 

Rampbastos o&cnlans, Gould, Proc, Zoot. Soc. tlH3dJ. 
id. Monogr. Rampk. pi. 5 ; id. 2nd edit, pi. 10, 

G, British Guiana, From Mr. Gould's CoUectii 
b.l cJ Rio Negro. From Mr. Gould's Collectii 

IL Ramph AST08 CULMINATUS. The culminated ' 

Rampbaatos cnlminatiis, Gould, Proc. ZooL Soc, (IS 
id. Monogr. Rmnph. pi, I ; id. 2nd edit. pi. 11. 

a. New Granada, male. From Mr. Gould *st Coll 

b. Upper Amazon. From Mr. Stevens* CoUectioil 

12. RAMPHAaTos Ariel. Tbe Ariel Ton 

Rampbastos Arieli Vig* ZooL Joum. ii. p. 46(>; GoiiMj 
Ramph. pi. 10; id, 2nd edit. pi. 12. 


Temmiiickii, fVagl. Syst, Av. Rumph, sn. 10. 
ifkMtot toGanus, Wagl, SysL Av. Ramph, sp. 11. 

Bmt. Om. W. t. 32. f. 1 ; PI. Eta. 307. 
■ihHiM nuudmus, Cuo. Bkgn. An. (1817) !• p. 431 ; Levaill. 
■pbntoteiTthrosoma, fVagl. Syst. Av. Ramph. sp. 9? 

M, b. Bnxit male and female. From Mr. Grould's CoUec- 

e. Braiil, young. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

d. BnnL From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

e. Bahia. From the Sunbury Museum. 

f. BfasiL Fiom Mr. Stevens' Collection. 

. Bam PHA8T08 viTBLLiNUS. The sulphur and white- 
breasted Toucan. 

(diaatoa Titellinus, III., Temm. Anal. d'Om. p. Ixxvi ; Swains. 
, Zoci, L pi. 56 ; Gould, Monogr. Ramph. pi. 9 ; id. 2nd 
it. pL 13. 
Leimll. Ois. de Farad, t. 7. 

I, b. British Guiana, male and female. From Mr. Gould's 

?. ? ? From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

j. Cayenne. Ftom Mr. Isaacson's Collection. 

p. British Guiana. From Sir R. Schomburgk's Collection. 

f. Demerara. From Mr. Baker's Collection. 

7. British Guiana. Presented by Sir R. Schomburgk, K.U. 

b. TucAius. 

Ramphastos dicolorus. The yellow-throated Toucan. 

tphastoa dioolorus, Linn. S. N. i. p. 152 ; Briss. Orn. iv. 
31. f. 1 ; Gould, Monogr. Ramph. pi. 1 1 ; id. 2nd edit. pi. 14. 
opbastoa chlororhynchus, Temm. Anal. d^Om. p. Ixxvi. 
■pkastoi pectorahs, Shaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. 365. 
■fhastos Tucai, Licht. Verz. der Doubl. p. / ; PL Enl. 269. 
OBU dioolorus, Pr. B. Ateneo Ital. ( 1 854) p. 
LcMttf. Ois. de Parad. t. 8 ; Sw. III. Zool. i. pi. 108 ; Jard. 
* Sdby, III. Om. pi. 29. 

Af h. Brazil, male and female. From Mr. Gould's Collec- 
c. Biizil. Presented bv Mrs. Graham. 
^ Biaal. From Mr. Stevens' Collection. 



Pterogloasus, III, ProtL Stfst^Mam. H At,{M\) 

RamptittStO!*, Linn, S. N, (1766). 

Aracarius, Rajinq. (1815). 

Aracari, LeBs. Man, d'Orn, p, 131 (1828), 

Gmmmnrhynchus, Goit/J, Inirod. Mtmo^. Umiyi 

Grammatorhvncliiis, Pr, B. Ateneo Ital, (1^54) p. 
Pyroftema, Pr, B. Ateneo ItaL (1854) p, . 
Eteauhaniaisiust Pr. B, Cmsjy, Gen, Av. (1849) p,5| 
Beauharnesiua, Pr. B. Ateneo ItaL (li^) p, . 
Selemdera, Gould, Icon. Av, (1837).^ 
Ramphastus, Lt«ri. S. N. tl744) p« 73, 
Selenodera^ Agass. (1846). 
PiperivoruB, Pr, B* Ateneo Hal (1854) p. . 
Andigeim, Qould^ Monoffr. Ramph, (1860). 
Ramphomelus. Pr. B, Ateneo ItaL (1854) p. 84 
Adacorhyudius, Gould, Proc. Z. S, (l8iMj p. 141 
Rwnphoxanthua, Pr. B, Ateneo ItaL (1854) o* * 
Aukcorainpliii^. G, R. Gr. List Gen. of B. (1840) p. 
Aukcorhamplnis, Agast. (1846). 


1. Pt£ BO 6 LOS BUS Aba^ari. The Am^ari ToaHBB^ 
Hamphastos Ara^ari, Ltnit. 5. N. i, p. 151 ; Briu. Om-if-l* 

Pterogloj^sus ArA^ari, III. Prod. Stfst. Mam,et Ae, p. 202 
Monogr. Ramph. pi. 12; tfi. 2^(1 edit, pi, 15. 

mil Om. t.22; PLEnL 166; LevaiU. Ois. i» 
t. 10 (& 12?) ; Shaw. Nat. Misc. pi. 198. 

a, b. Cavenne, male. From Mr. Gould's Coll 

c. Brazil ?, young. From M. Verreaux's Colle 

d, — ?* Preaented by Lord Stuart de RotUe 

0.7 Cayenne. FroTn Mr, Isaacaon'a CoUeetioD. 

2. PTEBOGLOsaus WiEDU, Pr. Mflxinulian** Toi 

Pterogloiwus Afa^ari, Pr. Mojo, Beitr. iv. 1, p, 2^^, 
Pteroglossus Wiedii, Sturm, Monogr. Ramph, pL 
Monogr, Ramph, 2nd edit, pi, 16, 

«, Parji, male. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

b, Bakia, female. From Mr. Gould's Collecticm. 

c, BraxiU male. Presented by Lord Stuart de RiidW 


Bt78 Pi^URiciNOTUS. The nmny-bandeJ Toucan. 

Iplnricinctui, Gould, Proc, ZooL Soc. (1836) p. 157 ; 
jfr, Ramph, pL 15 ; id. 2nd e*iit, pL 17» 

io N^rOt male and female » From Mr. Gould's Col- 
K male. From Mr. Leadbeater'a Collection. 



The douWe-banded 

I poecilo9temtta, Gou/d, ProcZool Sew. (1843) p. 147 ; 

r'. Rtmpk. 2nd edit, pK 18. 
Om. i^Pflrofi, t. 11 (7). 

A, lie«d. From Mr» Gonld'a Collection. 
L From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

^HltTS CASTANOTis. The cbeitnut-eared Toucan. 

iMSttnotis, Gould, Proc. ZooL Snc. (1833) p. 119; 
fr, RampL pi. 13 ; id. 2nd edit. pL 11^. 

hrer Amazon^ mate and female. From Mr. Gould's 


u From Mr. Gould*s Collection. 

tfegro. From Mr. Stevens^ Collection. 

LOSS us TOBauATUS. Thc collared ToucaB. 

torquatui, GfneL S. N. i. p. 354 7 


I torquatuB, n i 
kid edit. pi. *20 

liiguus, LtsB.Tr. d*Orn. p 

) p , 506 ; Gould, Monoffr . 

I Thalia, Licht.f Gould ^ Monoffr. Ramph* pi. 14. 

timala. FWjm Mr, Gould's Collection. 
•lu From Mr. GrouUrs Collection. _ 

^ Cottt of America. From Mr. Goul«r« Collection. 
*— ? 8. America. From Mr. Wamick'i Collection. 
^1 S. America, From Mr. Stevens* Collection. 
Bpna, From Mr. Cmning's Collection. 

Ipbus krythbopygics. The red-mmped Touctui« 

I cn-thropy^pus, Gould^Proc* ZooL Soe. 1843, p. 15; 
" HJLhI Sulphur, pi 28 ; id. 2nd edit. pi. 2U 

Fiom Mr. 6oald*a Collection. 



8. Ptrroglossus viRiDia. The (frt^cii ToticiS' 
Raraphaatos viridis, Linn. S, N, i. p. 150; Sriu, Or»/tf\ 

Plerogloasus viridlis, lU. Prod. Syst, Mam. et Ae, p. 202; ( 
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Pteroglossus Drcvirostns, Less. Tr» d*Om. p* 198? 

Piperivorus viridi«, Pr. fl. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. . 

PL Enl. 727, 728 ; heeailL Oi$, dt Parad, t 16, XjA 
Nat, Misc, pL 71/1 Sw, IlL ZooL i. pL 169. 

a. British Guiana, female. From Mr. GoultPs Co 

b, Bm^ilt young. From Mr. Argent'i CoUectioii. 

Cj d, Bnti<ih GiiiEina, male and female. P]re«ented I 

Royal Geographical Societv% 
€, River Kmsa&n. From Mr. Steveaa' Collection, 


9, Ptkroglossus i>f8CRiPTUS, The lettered To 

Pterogtossua inscriptust Swains, ZoaL III, li. pi, 90 j 
Mmo^r. Rnmph. pL 23 ; id, 2nd edit. pi. 23. 

Plerogloasus scnptas» Temm, Man. d'Om. i, p, Ixxn. 

Pij)erivcini;s inscriptus, Pr. B, Ateneo Ital, (1854) p. . 

GTaii]inarhyiicbu.H inscriptus, Gould, Inlrod. Mmcvr. i 
p. 26. 

Grummatorbynchu^ insenptua, Pr, B. Atento Ital, (ISSiJf 

a, b. Para, male aud female. From Mr, Gould's < 


10. Ptsroglossus BEAUBARNAiait. The curlH 

Pteroglossua Beaubaniaigii, WagL Vnterk, ^* das Auslaiid^ 
p. 4/0 ; Gould, MonoffT, Ramph, 2Dd edit, uh 25^ 

Pteroglo«suB Pceppi^^ii, IVa^L Ids, (\i^2) p. i2.'^0, 

Pteroglossus lepidocephalus, Nitzsch^ PirryUyg, (1840) p. 

Pteroglossys ulocoinus, Goulds ProcZool, Soc, (l8J3)j>. ' 
Monogr. Ramph, pL 18, 

Oeauhamabiufl u\oe<)mu«» Pr. B.Concp.Gen, Ap. t. p. 95H 
Mouogr, Ramph, 2tvd ediv. UlTod,-^.^. 

w bitorquatut, Vig. Zool. Jonm. u. p. 481 ; Gould's 

Rampk. pi. 16 ; id. 2nd edit. pi. 26. 
jihii bitorquatus, Goulds Monogr. Ramph. 2m\ edit. 
LS nigridens, WagL, Temm. Anal. d'Om. p. Ixxv. 

bitorqiiatiis, Pr. B. Ateneo Ital (1854) p. . 

ddl, nude? From Mr. €k)uld'8 Collection, 
m. FVom Mr. Warwick's Collection, 
m. Presented by R. Graham, Esq. 

. PTKROOL088U8 AzARiB. Azara's Toucan. 

a Axmt^ViM. Nouv. Diet, d'Hist. Nat. xxxiv. p. 28:^. 
IS AztTK, Temm. Anal, d'Om. p. Izxv; Vieili. Gal, 
iL t. ; Oomld, Monogr. Ramph. 2nd edit. pi. 28. 
\ Aane, Gmld^ Monogr, Ramph, 2nd emt. Introd. 

Ani«, Pr. B. Ateneo Ital, (1854) p. 
7. Oif. de Parad, Sa^ip/. t. A. 

tao NegiOy male. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
tao Negro, male and female. From Mr. Stevens 

ERoaLoaauB plavirostris. 

The yellow-billed 

14. Fteugglossus MAHiiB. Duebeas af Lead 

Fteroglossus Maria?, Gould, Motutffr, Ramph, 2nd edit, p)J 
IkauhamaisiiiB Maria;, Gould, Monogr. Ramph, 2(id etHt. 

p, 22, 
Pyroatema Marijc, Pr. B. Ateneo Ital, (1854) p. 

Gt b. River Amazjon, male and female. Fmm Mr. 

f . River AniaEon, 
d. River Amazon, young. From Mr. Stevent' < 


15. Pteroglo88U» MAOULtROSTHiB. The Jsneiio 

Ptc'roglo«i5U8 maciilirostrii, Temm. Anah d*Orn* p, bar; 

Yen, der DouhL p. 7 ; Gould^ Mono^, Ramph. pi. 2^ 
Rampbastos macnlatua, VieilL Gal. des Of*, t, 
Selenidera ninculirtistris, Pt. B. Consp. Gen, Ae, u p. 9h 

Mmioffr. Ramph. 2iid edit. pL 31, 

LevailL Ots. d^ Parade t. IS, <*>• SnppL t. A« A ; 

Sdbp, III. Om. I pL 26. 

a^ b. Brazil » male and female. From Bflr. Gould's 

c. Brazil, male. Presented by M.-Gen. Hnrdwicki 

d. e. Brazil, male and female. Presented by ~ 

/, (jr. Brazil, young. Presented by J, Gould, Eiq, 

16. PTERoGLossua Gould II. Gould's Touc«a. 

Ramphastos Aracari, Griff, An, Kingd. ii. p. 547» pi 
Pteroglownis Gouldii, Natt. Proc. Zooh Soc, (la^/) p, 4 
PteroglosRus (Selenidera) GouleEi, Gould, Icon^Ap, pL 
Selenideni Gouldi, Pr, B, Cnnsp. 6«ii.il9.p.95; Gmid,. 
Ramph. 2t»d e<Ut. pi. 32, 

a, b. River Amazon, male and female. From Mr, 

e. River Amazon, female. From Mr. Steveni* Cd 

I/* Ptbroglosbus LANGSDORFFit. LangsdorCi To 

Ptcroglossus Langsdorffii, WagL Syst, Av, Pierogl 
Gould ^ Monogr, Ramph, pL ^, 



Imgiidorfli, Pr, B. Consp. Gm, Av, p. 95 ; Giiuld, 

\ Hmph. 2nd cMlit. pK 'Si. 

9fh. Peru, male and female. From Mr GcmiM's ColUfctinn, 
e, Epi, AmwicMi, male. From Mr, Stevens' Collection, 

FrftnoGLOflevB Rieinwardtii. Ret owanltV Toucan. 

Relnwardtii, WagL Sysi. Av.Ptero^L sp, 1 1 ; Goulds 
\ Ramph, pi, 2(}, 

RjcmwjirJti, Pr. B, Consp. Gen. Av. p. 95 ; Gould, 
\ Bampk. 2nd edit. pi. 34. 

I, h, Peru, male anil female. From Mr. Gould's Coliectioii. 
^ lima, male. From Mr. Leadbeater^s Collection. 

R. Ptkroolobsus Natterkri. Nfttterer'n Toucan. 

Nattereri, G<fuid, Proc. ZooL Soc. (1835) p, 157; lU 
Ramph, pi, 25. 

Nftttcrcn, Pr. B. Consp, Gen, Av, p. 96; Gould, 
r. Ramph. 2nd edit. pi. 35. 

, b, Brituih Guiirna, male and female. From Mr. Goidd*» 
River Amazon^ young. From Mr. Stevens' Collection. 

[PrsAOOLoasua ptPsaivoKua. The Piperine Toucan, 
pfperivoFiis, Linn, 8, M. i. p. 160; Briss. Om. iv. 

cubX WagL Sysi. Av, Ptewogl. sp. 10; Gould, 
Ramph. pi. 27. 

piperivorus, Temm^ AnnL d*Om. p. Ixxv ; Shtfjn, 
Ramph . pi. 

jnperivorus, Pr. B. Consp. Gea. Av, i, p. 963 Gould, 
itttmpk. 2ud edit. pi. 3G, 
ivimw ciiUk, Pr. B. Ateneo Ital (1854) p. 
Pr.£»/. 677*729; i^Jio.B. pL330; LevailL Ovi, de Parnd. 
'*, 14. 

|ti h, Rifcr Ama20u, mule and female. From Mr. G<mld*s 

** Bntimh Ouiana, female. Pre^nted by ibc Geographieal 

^i '- South Ainenca* male and female. Pretented by J. 

Goidd. Enq. 



2L PtRKnrrLn>(^r« L\MfKniogTRi8» The lanutti»i^*lT«« 

AmJigeua lamiiiirostris. Gouiii, Proc, Zod, SqcJI^^)\i^^ 
Monogr, Ram ph. Jml tnlit. pi. 3/. 

a, 6. Qtiito, iitiilc anil fVmiile. From Mr GcmU*^sColl 



The grcy-l 

PteroglossiJi hyptglauciis, Gould, Proc, ZooL Soe, (1833)! 

id, itonogr. Humph, pi U*. 
Andi^tia hypoglaucua, Gould, Monogr, Rampk, 2inl c^Uu 

o. S** Fe de lk>gota. Fram Mr, Leftdbealerj* CoUi 

23. pTEftOGLOBSus N1GRIR08THI8. Tlie black-biUeil 

PterupIosBua iiigriro5ttri»* I^Vaterh. Proc.Zool. Soc. (IR'^^I 
Ptcroglosims melaiii)rhym*liiis, Siurm^ Mono^r* Ramph. 
Aiiilitjeiia iii^hruHtns, Goulds Mono^r. Hum/iA. 2nd etlit 
RttuiplioinuUm uigiimstris, Pr, B. Aienea /<a/, (1854) p, 

«. PiTiu male. From Mr. Gould*s Collection. 

b, S**Fc tie Biigiitii, female. From Mr. Gould's Cdi 

c, rf. B'* Fe de Bogota, male and female. FK»m 

beater's Collection, 

24* Ftekoglossub cucuLLATUB, Thc liooded To 

Ptetoglo skills ciiculktus, Goukh Proc, Zool. Sqc. ( 1846) 
Andijifcmi cucullHtiiSt Gould, Monogr, Ramph, 2nd edit. 

a. Bolivia, female. From Mr. Bridges* Collection. 

25. PTEROGLOsi^rTs Bailloni. Tlie saffroD -coloured Tfr 

Rampha^icis Bailkmi, VitilL Nouv, Diet, d''Hist. NaL^ 

p. 283. 
Pteroglosnuft Bailloni, Temm, Anal. tTOm. p, Ixxv ; 

noffr. Ramph, pi. 20, 
PtemglosRUs eroceus, Jftrd, &■ Selby, IlL Om, t. pi. 6* 
Andigetm Bailloni, Goitld, Mono$r, Ramph. 2nd edit* ] 
Pi peri von IS Bailloni, Pr, B, Att^neo It ah (1854) p, 
LeeaiU, Ois. de Parad, t, 18, 


<i i, c Bnsil, iiiale« and female. From Mr. Gould's Col- 

i Braal. Presented by Lord Stuart de Rothesay. 


. Pteroglgssuh 8ULCATU8. The groove-billed Toucan. 

Qglotsus sulcatus, Swains. Joum. Roy. Inst. ix. p. 267 ; id. 
toLIlLl pi. 44 ; Gould, Monogr. 31. 
flOffamphos sulcatus, G. R. Gray, List of Gen. ofB, (1840) 
50; Qnmid, Monogr. Ramph. 2in\ edit. pi. 42. 
TaMi. PI. Col. 356. 

■, 6. Brazil, male and female. From Mr. Gould's Collec- 

c,d. S^Fe de Bogjota, male and female. From Mr. War- 
wick's Collection. 

Ptbboolgssus CA8TANEORHYNCHU8. The chestuut- 
billed Toucan. 

iglossos (Aulacorhjmchus) castaneorhynchus, Gould, Ann.Sf 

uff. of N. Hist. (1842) ix. p. ZiS. 

eonunphus castaneorhvnchus, Gould, Monogr . Ramph. 2nd 

it. pi. 44. 

Doramphus castaneirostris, Pr. B. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. 

a, b. S** Fe de Bogota, male and female. From Mr. Gould's 

p. New Granada. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
i. New Granada. From Mr. Stevens' Collection. 

Ptkkoolossus HiKMATOPYGUs. Thc blood-rumpcd 

^ossiu hsmatopvgus, Gould, Proc. Zool. fifoc.(1834)p. 14/; 
Hfomogr. Ramph. pi. 33. 

jrmmphus hsmatopygus, Pr. B. Coiisp. Gen. Av. p. 96. 
ynunphus hsmatopvgius, Gould, Monogr. Ramph. 2nd 
. pi. 45. 
Peru. From Mr. Gouhrs Collection. 

3(>. Pteeoglossus ruASiNUs. The gold 

Pterog1os0U$ praiinus, Licht., Goulds Monogr, 
Aulacor&mpbus praaiuus^ Pr. B. Congp, Gtn. Av, \ 

Monogr. Ramph. 2nd edit. pL 47. 
Raraphoxanthua prasiiius, Pr. B, At^eo It at, (l3g 

a, h, Mexico, malt! aud female. From Mr J 

Ct d, e. Mexico, miilea and female. From ] 


3L Pteroglossus albivitta. The whlte-bt 

Ftarogloaiiis albivitta, Boiss. ReP.Zool. (lB40)p. 
Pteroglossus albivittiitus, G. R, Gray^ Gen. qfS. i 
Pteroglo»«us microrhjuchns, Sturm^ Monogr, Ra 
Aulacf)riimphu8 albivitta, Pr, B, Consp, Chn, Av, 

Monogr. Ramph, 49. 
Ram plioxan thus albivitta, Pr. B.Ateneo Jfo/.(l85 

a, 6, c. S'* Fe de Bogota, male, female, and ] 
Mr. Gould's Collection, 

d, e, ? From Mr. Gould's CoUectio 

/. ? Frtmi Mr. Warwick's CoMectio 

^^ff^— -— -^jProm Mr. Leadbeater^s r 



nunphnt, 14. ; PterogUM- 

MU, 13. 
caniiejfnlara. Pterot^ot- 

■os, 14. 
caenileoguluii. AuUco- 

rmmphna. 14. 
caUoriiinchua. Ramphu- 

to«, 8. 
carinattu. Kunphastoc, 3. 
cMtaneirostrM. Aulaico- 

ramphuB, 13. 
cmstaneorhynchus. Aulaco- 

rhynchua, 13. ; Ptcroglos- 

•ua, 13. 
castanoti*. PterogloaauB, 7. 
chlororbjrnchu*. Kamphas- 

tos, 5. 
citreoUemiu. Ramphaato*, 

citreolaimuB. Ramphaatos, 

citreopyg^. Ramphaatoti. 

cToccua. Ptcroffloscus, 12. 
cumllatua. Andigena, 12. ; 

Pterogloamu, 12. 
culik. PipchTunin, 11. ; 

PUTOgloasut, II. 
culmtnatUB. Ramphaatos. 

Cuneiroatrcs, 1. 
Curieri. Ramphantos, i- 

erjrthroaoma. Ramphaatoa, 

eagoathoa. Ramphaatoa, 3. 


flariroatria. Beauhamai- 
aiua, 9. ; Ptcrogloaaus, 9. ; 
Pjrroatema, 9. 

Forstcrorum. Kamphaaton, 

glab«r. Ramphaatoa, ». 
Goaldii. Pterogloaaua, 10. 

Selenidera, 10. 
Grammarhjmchuii, A, 8. 
Grammatorhpichua. 6. 




ramphus, 13. 

sua, 13. 
heematopygiis. Aulacorani 

phuH, 13. ; PteroglosBUA, 

hypoglaucus. Andigrnu, 

12. ; PteroglossuB, 12 

dicolonxa. Ramphaatoa, 5. 
Tucaiua, 5. 




aua, 7. 
crjtlirorhynchus. Rampha* 

tos, 3. 

Imbcrbi, 1. 

Inca. Ramphaatoa, 4. 

indicua. Ramphaatoa, 2. 
Ptcroglos- inscriptua. Grammarhyn- 
chu.1, M. ; Grammatorfayn- 
chua, H. ; Ptemgioaaua, 
8. ; Pipcritonia, 8. 

Catalogue of Fish, By Dr, J. E. Gray, F.R.S., V,FJ 

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Catalogue of Fisb, coUcctcd and described bv L. T. Gd 

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These Catdosrucfi of Rtptiles, At)>: 
the chjirttctera of all the genera and 
tlic hitter are illustrated with figures ot tii 

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ed to be undc^crSacA,. 

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This work contains the description of the genera and species, 
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Pkrt 4, completing the Snakes (Colubrida;), is in prepara- 

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rhese Catalueuos cJm\>eo\il«:va*i^i»X^e^^ 





or THE 


Bt G. E. gray, F.L.S., F.Z.8., etc. 

PART III. Section II. 


LONDON : 1859. 


)bject of the present List has been to give a corn- 
Catalogue of the species of the family Psittacidffi 
irrots, exemplifying by letters a, 5, e, &c, the speci- 
eontained in the Collection of the British Museum, 
r the specific name and synonyms to which they 
ig ; indicating also the locality and the source from 
ee each specimen has been derived. 

J. B. GEAY. 
ell Ift, 1859. 



n ■■: 



i. Pezoporinjb. 


Odopntte, Left. Ill, de Zool. with t. 49 (1832). 
Nympliicii% p., Wagl Mtmoar. PtUt* p. 490 (1830). 
Leptxdophui, Swaim, Zool lUustr, with pi. 112 (1832). 
CafiipBttaciis, Apass. 

Calopsitta novjb hollandijb. The Crested Parrakeet. 

P^umkeet, Lath, Gen. Syn. i. p. 250. 
now hoDandis, Gmel. S, N. i. p. 328. 
; Qwf, Leu. Ill de Zool. t. 49, 50. 
hum aiiiioomus. Swains. Zool. III. pi. 112. 
I lioifm hollandis, Lear, Parr. pi. 27. 
I noTB holkndi^ ^oa/. Monogr. Psitt. p. 522. 

( holUndiae, 6. iC. Gr. Lu^ of Gen. of B. (1855; 

Gamld, B. ofAusir. y. pi. 45; Bourj. Perr. t. 11, I la. 

^ b. AnstnHa. 

e« AiutnliA. Preiented hy Capt. Downs, R.N. 

**. ^ 

k — «. Noitheni Anatralia. Presented hy J. R. Elsey, Esq., 

^ KM. 

• AUundJl uii»dL der WuseDsoh. MOnchen, 1882. 


Psittacua obseimis, Linn, S, N, i, p, 140? 
Psitucua mttscarinus, Gmel, S. N.i.ip. 333. 
Psjttacuss (Conurtis) mascairmus, KuHl, Contrp. 
Muscarmua niAclagascaneusijt, Less. TV. d'Chmitk^ 
Coracopsis inascanno, IVagL M<mogr, Psitt. 
Mascariniis obsc^urus, Pr, B, Hev. et Mag. de 
PL EnU 35 ; Levaill Pert. t. 139, 

Hah. Msikgaacar. 

b. Vaza. 

2. Coracopsis niora. The Black ] 

Psittacus nigcr, Linn. S. N. L p. 145 ; Edu>. B, 
Paittacus (Conunis) niger, Kukl, Consp. Piitt, | 
Coracopsis nigra, H'^agt. Monogr, Psiti. p, 680, 
Vigoraift mger. Swains. Classif. of B. ii, p, 304, 
PL EnL 500; Levaill. Perr. t. 92. 

a, Madagascar. 

3. Coracopsis VAZA. TheYaiaF 
Pnittacus obscuruii, Beckst. in Lath, Uebert. p. I 
Psittacus vaza, Shaw, Gen. Zool, \\\u p, 528. 
Psittacus (Coourus) vasa, Kuhij Consp. Psitt, pi 
Platycerciu vasa, Vig, Zool, Joum, (182B) p. §i 

r^^.^ 1^ ^i _ iijr__i »x ^^ t»^ji^ _ 


. CoRACOPSiB COMARBNAI8. The Hozamluqiiv P&mx. 
WBOpm eomaremiB, Peters, Rate 
k Momnbiqae. 


htfocKtu, Vig, Zool, Jomm. (1825) p. 527. 

Rpbotiu, Gtmld, B. of Austr, t. (1845). 

IBphicus, Wagl. Momogr, Psiit. p. 490 (ISdO,. 

Baokmbns, Bomj. Perr. (1837^38;. 

Bvinu, Pr, B. Amn, dee Set. Xat. dy^Si) p. 109. 

Boreieephaliu, Pr. B. Amm. des Sci. Xat. fiS^j p. V»^. 

j^tebs, WdgL Monogr. Psitt.p, 4S9 n830j. 
^M, Pr. B. Consp. Avium, p. 2 a?<49;. 
IS, Go«M, Proc. Z. S. (IS42J p. 111. 

J, I-ew. TV. d'Om. p. 207. 

riralopns, /2ncAeii6. (185^)). 

MopeU, Pr. B. R«r. et Mag. de Zool. Tl^Slj p. Ii3. 
MBormmphus, Pr. B. ^nn. ^^5 Sci. Sat. lr»54 p. li'^. 
IbcToercus, 1 div., IVagl. Monrjgr. Psitt. p. 491 ■ \^^)-. 


L Platycercus Pkxnantii. Pennautian Parrakeet. 

I peDnaatii, Lath. Ind. Om. i. p. fKJ. 

i gloriovus, Shaw, Xat. Misc. pi. 53. 

I flplendidus, Shatc, Lev. Mus. pi. p. 27. 

\ elegans, Gmel. S. X. i. p. 318. 
|eetcua pennantii, Vig. Sf Horsf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 2S0. 
PAi7/; M'AiVf, Joum. pi. p. 174, 175; Leraill 
Perr. t. 78, 79 ; Gould, B. of Austr. v. pi. 23. 

c Australia, male. Pn*scutcd by Maj.-Gen. Ilardwicke. 
6. Australia. From Mr. Guuld's Collection. 

c. Australia. Presented by J. P. Atkins, Esq. 

d, e. Australia. Presented bv tbe Rev. Augustus Strong. 
/. Australia. Presented by t). K. Cooper, Esq. 

f , k. Norfolk Island, females. From the Voyages of II . M . S . 

L Platyckrcus AdelaiD/E. The Adelaide Pnrrakeet. 
ftaau Adelaida;, Gould, Proc. Z. S. (1840) p. 161 ; B. o] 
mtr. V. pL 22. 
0. South Australia. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

*-*. ? 

/, g. S. Australia. Presented by Ilis Exccll. Capt. G. Grey. 

n 2 



3. pLiiTYCERCUB FLAV1VBNTKI8. The Van Dkme&'i 
PidtUcuft (Conunis) Brownii, Kuhl, Consp. Psin. pp. B, 66. 
Pwttacut l!avig«ater» Temm. lAnn. Tratu, xiii. p. 106. 

iPjHtyeercua flaviventrig, Temm,, Pr, B, Ra?. et Sjag.diZool,\Mi 
PkQrocrcui flaviventris, Vi^. Sf Hor^f, Unn, Traiu, ?. p. 
Platyccrcus caledonictiR, p», fVapL Mon<ygT. Psiit. p. 532. 
Platjcercua xanthogaster, Sieph, Gen, Zool. xiv* p. 120. 
Go«i(/, B. ofAustr, v, pL 24 ; flour;* Pfrr. t. 29. 
a, Atiatralia. 
6, AostralbL. PreseDteil by Maj.*OeD. Hardwieke. 
Cf d. Van Die men 'a Laud. 
t — J, Van Die men *a Land. Presented by J. B* Juk«i, 
A, i. Van Dieraen's Land. Pretented by R. Gwnn, £i 
J, Jt, Van Diemen'a Lattd. From Mr. Gould *& Collrctm 

? Platvgercus calkdoxicos* The New Cdi 
New CaledoniaQ Parrot, Lath, Gen, Syn, u p. 248. 
Paittacua caledonicujs, Gmel. S. JV. i. p. 328. 
PsilUcuf bisctis, $ » SAair, Gen. ZooL viii. p. 452, 
Platycereus ejiledonicus, WagL Manogr. PsUi* p, 532. 

Hab, New Caledonia. 

5. Platycgroub PLAVBOLUB. The YeUow-ruinped 1 
PlatjeercuB flaveolua, Gouid, Proc.Z, 8. 1837, p. 26 j Bj 
V. pi. 25. 

a. Australia. Presented by G. Bennett* Esq. 

b. N.£. Australia. Presented by i^ir Tbomat ] 

6. Platycercus CTAN0GBNY8. The Bluo-cheekt 

Platycereus cyanogen ya, GouU, B. of Auitr, Suppt pit 
Platycercua amathusia, Pr, B, Cab. Joum.fiir Ornith>{\S 
a. Cape York. From the Voyage of H.M.S, 
and presented by the Museum of Economie i 

7. Platvceecus palliceps. The Pale-headed ParrakitL| 
Platycei-cus pallicepft, Vig.; Lear, Parr. pi. ]9. 

' Sut. Libr. Parr. pi. 26; Gould, B. of AuMtr, v. pLS 
hour j. Pert, U6\, ^ 


4 1. NJB. Anitrilia. Presented by Sir Thomas Mitchell. 
t* Nev Sooth Wales. PKaented by Mrs. Bell. 
^. Northem Australia. Presented by J. R. Elsev, Esq.» 

8. Plattcbrcus VBNU8TU8. Biown's Parrakeet. 

Kiis(Coniiiui) TennstuSyBroiDiiyliCifA/, Consp. Pfi7/.pp.1, 52. 
leos Biownii, Temm. lann. Trans, xiii. p. 119. 
DercDs Brownii, Via. Sf Horrf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 281. 
xteoM Tenustus, Jvapl. Monogr. Psitt.ji' 529. 
Jomld, Bird of Anstr. ▼. pi. 31 ; Lear, Parr. pi. 20 ; Bourj. 

» b. Port Essinffton, Australia. Presented by Capt. W. 

Chambers, R.N. 
— «. Northern Australia. Presented by J. R. Elsev, Esq.. 


Platycbbcus kximius. The Nonpareil Parrakeet. 

*ns ezimiiis, Shaw, Nat. Misc. pi. 96. 

nu cajHtatns, Shaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. 466. 

rns ommcolor, Bechsi. in Lath. Uebers. p. 68. 

«us (Conunis) ezimius, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 8, 54. 

ercus ezimius, Vig. Sf Horsf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 281. 

leoaiU. Pert. t. 28, 29 ; Gould, B. of Austr. v. pi. 27. 

. Australia. 

. ? 

, d. Van Diemen's Land (Antarctic Expedition). Pre- 
sented by the Admiraltv. 
/. Australia. Presented by D. £. Cooper, Esq. 

Platycbrcus splendidus. The Splendid Parrakeet. 

eseos splendidus, Gould, Proc. Z. S. 1845, p. 105 ; B. qf 
tr. T. pi. 28. 

Yew South Wales. 

1. Platycercus IGNITUS. The Fiery Parrakeet. 

srau Ignitus, Leadb. Proc. Z. S. (1837) p. 8; Gould, B. 

ustr. V. pi. 30. 

AostrmliM. From Mr. Argent's Coilection. 

a. w, Atiatnuii, iiuue.~ 

h, W« Australia, temale. 

Preaented by J. ( 


13, Platycbrcu* multicolor. The Vjir 

Piittocus multicolor. Brown, Temm. Linn, Dranm 
Psittactis (Cottunis) multicolor, Kuhl^ Consp, Pi 
PlatyceiTus multicolor. Vig. 4" Horsf. Lhtn. Tn 
Psephotus multicolor, Gould, B. ofAustr, r, pi. i 

a, ^» Murray River, S, Australia, Presentei 
Capt. G. Grey. 



Psephotui chrysopterygius, Gould, Pr&e.Zo&LSm 
a — c. Northern Australia ; lat. 18% long. 1 
by J. R. Ebey, Esq., R.N. 

15. Platycercus pulcherrimus. The Beaol 

Platycercus pulcherrimus, Gould, Ann, and Ma^ 

XV, p, 114, 
P«ephotua pulcberrimus, Gould, B. ofAustr, v, 

41 N«iW_SoiltlLHf*L»S. 

^AflLAartnlHiyoiiiig. Pkieteiited by His Excel]. Capt. G. 


A Hnr Soulli Wales. Fretented by D. E. Cooper, Eiq. 

{f. Sooth Aoftnduu Pieieiited by C. D. £. Fortnum, Eau. 
Jfamj Rifcr, 8. Amtnluu Pretented by Hit Excell. 
^ O.Giey. 

Anttnlta. PkeaeiitedbyJ.R.£1sey,Esq.,R.N. 
r of 8. Anstnlia. Pretented hy Cipt. Sturt. 
VJEm Anttnlta. Pkcaented by Sir Tbomat Mitchell. 


K PLattcbbcus ham ATOGAaTBB. The Crimson-bellied 
I Pteakeet. 

^ J, OoM, Proc. Z. S. (1837) p. 89. 

■mm hmatogaster, Oould, B. of Austr. ▼. pi. 33. 
|kCH luBniatorrhoas» Pr, B. Rev. ei Mag, de ZooL (lsr>4} 

a. New South Wales. From the Zoological Sociuty's Coi- 

kBi PukTTCSRCUS XANTHORRHOus. The Yellow -vented 
I Parrakeet. 

■hottts xanthorrhous, Gould, Pr. B, Rev. et May. de Zool. 

^) p. 154. 

IhotDS hraiatogaster, Pr. B. Cab.Joum.fur Omith. (1H57) 

a, 6. Interior of S. Australia. Presented by Capt. Sturt. 
e. N^ Australia. Presented by Sir Thomas Mitchell. 

c. Nymphicus. 
19. Plattcsrcus cornutus. The Homed Pnrrukeet. 

■ad Vwrrat, Lath. Gen. Syn. i. p. 248. pi. S. 
( coniutns, Gmel S. N. i. p. 327. 
I hisetis, Forst. Icon. 43 ; Lath. Ind. Om. i. p. 102. 
( (Conurus) cornutus, Kuhl, Cmsp. Pgitt. pp. 7. 4'>. 
I cornutus, Vig. Zool. Joum. i. p. 52M. 
I bisetis, WagL Monogr. Psitt. p. 522. 
eiolophtts cornutus, Bourj. Perr. t. 12. 
l^iens cornutus, G. R. Gr. List of Gen. of B. (1S55) p. i-t\. 

c New Caledonia. From Mr. Bullock's Collection. 

/, g. New South W*lei. Ptoentaa bf Sb 1 

2K pLATVCKRcus ZONARIU9. Bouer'a 

Pfiittaeus zodjuius, Shaw, Nat, Misc, pL ftoj, 
Psittacus viridis, Shaw^ Gen, ZooL viii. p. 455. 
Paittacus (Conuru») cyanomelas, Kukl^ Consp. P 
Psittftcua Baueri, temm, Linn, Tram. xiu. p. 11^^ 

Ke;j. pL 64. 

PsittacuJi (Commit) Konarius, Kuhl, Consp. Psiti 
Nanodei? zonariua, Steph. Gen, ZooL idx. p. \V\ 
Platvcercus Baueii, Vig, ifHorsf. Linn, Trans, tl\ 

Pam pi. 17. 

P]atycercu& lonarius, Wagl, Monogr, PHtt, p. 5^ 

CoiJiinis cfcruleo-barbfttus, Bourj, Perr, t, 40. 

Baruiirdiua zonariua, Pr. B, Rev. et Mag, de Zoo 

Gould, B, of Amtr, ?. pU 

a. South Austmlia. Presented bj Ilis Exeett 

22, Platycercus semitorquatus. The 

Pflittactu aemitorquatus, Quoy et Gaim, Voff* de ^A 
Platycercua semitorqiifttus, Gould, B, of Amtr, ? 
Bftrnanlius semitorquatus, Pr, B. Reu, et Mag, 
p. 153. 

a. New Holland. Presented by R. Brown, El 

b. King George's Sound, W. Auat mliat Pgei 
ExcelL Capt. G. Grey. 


P8ITTACI£»3S< 9 

ihalus. Boufy\ Pert, t, 39. 
U$a. TV. d'Om. p. 208 7 
nifi£t)^t> Bourj. Perr, t, 9? 

*. Perth. W. Aurtralia. From Mr, Gould's Collection. 
W. Auitfiilia. From the Zoological Society's Collection* 


- Platyckrcu* rosacbus. The Scarlet-breasted 

lip? roaaceus, Vig, ZooL Joum, v. p. 274. 
bendi, Swums, ZooL lUustr, pL 59. 
, Desm, 

idi, Fiy. ^oo/. Joum. ii. p. 56. 
Burabttudi, 17^. 4- Hor*/ Lmra. IVojw. xv. p. 297. 
■ di, ^agl, Monoffr, PsitL p. 519. 
Sa^ttifer Barrabandi, Bourj, Perr. t. 4» 
Sa^ttifer rosaceus, Bourj, Perr. t. 6. 
liadiat rosaceus, Pr. B. Consp. Amumy p. 2. 
far. Parr, pi. 30 ; Oould, B, of Austr, v. pL 15 , Nat 

I AiuCnlim, male. From Mr. Turner's Collection. 
Autnlia, female. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

KATTcmHCUs HELANURua. The Black-tailed Parrakeet. 

I melannra, Vig. ; Lear, Parr. p\. 28. 
Sagittifer melanura, Boury. Perr, t, 6. 
6rc«» melanums, O, R, Gr. Geti. of B, ii. p, 408. 
ithopepIuE, Viff, ; Lear^ Parr. pL 29, 
■jCBa^ittifer anthopeplus^ Bourj, Perr, t. 7* 
HPbelanura, Goald, Ii. of Austr. t. pi. Vk 
^^-*iu» mebuiurnSf Pr. B. Consp. Arium, p. 2. 
b* Murray Rivera S. Australia, male and female. Pre- 

tcnted by His Excell. Capt. G. Grey. 
d, Kouth Australia, male and female. Presented by 
CapL Sturt. 

g. Aprofmjctus, 

||»ATYC&KCUS BBTTHROPTKRUB. Tlie Ciimson-wmged 
•wtDged Parrot, Lath. Ge/i. Syn. i. p. 299. 




PtittacuE er^throptentft, Gwui, S. N, L |k 34X 
Piituctu meknotu», Shaw, Nal. Afitc. pi* S5d* 
PUtrc^iTiu er} tbropterat, Kij^. Sf Bortf. Xiaa. 7V«ti.]T.ik.M 
AprotmictuB ervthroptemi, OcriiM, Proc Z, S, (1842) p, llS, 
Lear, Pari', pi 14, 15; Gomtd, B, of Auslr. v. pLlk 
Pwr t. 35. 36. ^ 

a. Austnilim. Presented by J. Gould^ ^^ 

6» New Sooth Wales, PreaeDt^a by Sir Thomas 

c. Upstart Bay, N,S.W,, male. Presented bv J. B, iubi 

i—/. Port Essington, Auatralift. Presented by 

Cbamb«rs, R.N. 
g, h. Northern AtistnUa. Presented by J* R. ! 


27. Platycbrcus vuLXiRATua. The Eed-apotted 

Piittacus (Conurus) ervthropterus, Kukl, Comsp, Psitt. \ 

Qttoy ^ Gmm. V'oy. de PAstroL t. 27. 
Plfttycereiw vnLaeratus, WagL Monogr. Psiit.n. 533. 
Aprofimicttia vulnerattis, Pr. B, Rev. et Zcoi. ( ld54j 
Psittacus joDquillactus, VieilL N, DicL ItH. N. xxf. p. 
Platjcercua jonqmUaeetis, Wo^L Mtmop-, PntU p. 533?" 
Hab. Timor. 

28. Platycbrcus scapulatu*. The Scarlet and! 


Psittftcuji Tabueii*i«, var. ^, Lath, Ind, Om, L p, 
Paittftcus scapulfltus, Bechst, in Lath, Uebers, a. Voff, p. 
Psittacus evanopygiujt, VieilL N, Diet. tTH. N. ixv. p.3_ 
Psittftcus ((Jonurus) scapiilatus, Kuhl, Consp^ Psitt.^p, ^, 
Plat}'cercua scapulatus, Vig, ^* Horsf. Ltnn. TVans, xv. 
Platict^reu» »capularis» Swains. Zool. lUustr, pL 2S, 
Aprosmictiis scapulatus* Gould^ Pmc. Z. S, fl842) p. I 
PhilL Vmf, pi p. 153; Wlt/e, Joum, pi p. ife; 
Perr. u 55, 56 j Gould, B. of Austr, v. pi 17. 

a. AuBtralia. 

b. Australia. Presented by Allan Cunningham, Esq, 

c. Australia. Presented by Maj.-Gen* Hardwieke. 



29. Platycercus AMB01NEN8IS. The AmboioftRed Pj 
Aniboina Red Parrot, Lath. Gen. Syn. i. p. 210. 
INittiu-us amboineii«is, Bodd, TabL PL MnL d'Jubfni. ^ H| 
Briiis, Om. iv. t» -26. t 2. 


, 0M3f 4- Oown. Vwf. de PAstrol t. 21. f. 1. 

dono-enmleus, Bourj, Perr, t. 41. 

OS amboiiieiisii, WagL Monogr, Psitt. p. 539. 

tw amboineiisiBy Pr, B. Rev, et Mag. de ZooL (1854) 


few Gninea. From Baron Laugier's Collection. 


(Platycercos) hypophonius. Mull, fy Schl. Verh. Nat. 

Nederl, p. 181. 

01 hypopnonicus, G. R. Qr. Gen. ofB. ii. p. 408. 

tos hypophonicus, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854> 


h. Pyrrhulopsis. 

iTYCBRCUS PBR80NATU8. The Masked Parrakeet. 

1? penonatos, G. R. Gr. Proc Z. S. (1848) pi. 3. 
IS splendens, ? juv., Peale, United States Exped. viii. 

isis personata, Reichenh. Syst. Av. t. . f . 
peraonata, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 15^1 
tus splendens, p., Pr. B. 

idjee Islands? From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

.ATYCBRCU8 TABUEN8I8. The Tabuan Parrakeet. 

arrot. Lath. Gen. Syn. i. p. 214. 

tabuensis, Gmel. S. N. i. p. 317. 

bjTSginus, Forst. Icon. 42. 

Rtropurpureus, Shaw, Lev. Mus. pi. p. 142. 

(Connnis) tabuensis, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 8, 57. 

18 hysginus, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 540. 

us tabuensis, Pr. B. Rev. et Zoo/. (1854) p. 153. 

bysginus, Forst. Descr. 

IS tabuensis, Jard. Sf Selby, III. of Dm. pi. 74. 

w) Fedjee Islands. 

Platycbrcus Anna. The Anna Parrakeet. 

inna, Bourj. Perr. t. 38. 

IS atrogularis, Peale, United States Exped. viii. p. 129. 

RntrcciTus tnhocniis. Lear, Parr, pi, 16? 
Aprosmictus 8pleodeii8,Pr.B. Cab.Joum.fur 0\ 

Uah, Fedjee Ubiids. 


i. Cyanohamphus, 
35, 7 Platyckrcus pacipicus. The Pacifie 

Piittacus piicificus, Forst, Deicr, Anhn, ^c* p. 23J 
Psittactis (Cotiurus) novs zealandifc, var, l» Kukl^ 

p. 44V 
Platycercus pacificus, WagL Monoffr, Pnii, p. 52- 

Hab, Otalieite. 



Red-rump^tl Parrot, Lath, Gm. Sy». L p. 24f>. 
P^ittaciis nova? aeelandia?, GmeL S. N. i. p» 3t?S. 
F«ittacus zealandicust Ltoth, Ind. Orn. i. n. 102. 
Psittacus (Conurus) cr^tbronotua, Kuhl, Vf>nsp. Pi 
Pliir\cercu8 pacificus, p., IVa^i, Monogr, Pxiti, p. 
Pliitycerciis? erythronutus, Sieph. Gen, Zool, xiv. 
Platycercirs phaeton^ Des Murs^ Iconof^r. t. 16, 
CyRiioraniphiis pacificus, Pr. B. Rev et Zool 

nmrAOiojk 13 

»BC0fl BSYTHBOTU. The Rod-eifed Pionkeet 

mMnm, 1%. ZooL Jmam. i. p. 529. pL Swppl, i. 

ary UiwHii , WagL Mmuigr. PaUt. p. 626. 

n oythratu, Pir. Ji. Rev. ei Mag. de Zool. (1864) 

Bomj. Perr. t. 36« apud Stnumc^. 

mmcvm aucklandicus. The Auckland Pamkeet. 

ifteiia» Font. Dmct. Anim. 4re« p. 73. 
afieua^ var. fi, QmeL 8. N. 329. 
m iralandig, var. 2, Kukl, Cinup. Piitt.jap. 7, 65. 
oa ancfchndinn, Pr. B. Cab. Jmum, fur Ornith, 
; Somaaei Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1864) p. 212. 

Zealandr From Mr. Bullock's Collectioii. 
jddaad Island (Antarctic Expedition). Presented 
the Admiralty. 

CBBCU8 Novji ZBALANDiJB. The New Zeaknd 

keet. Lath. Gen. Syn. i. p. 252 ? 

nficus, QmeL S. N. i. p. 329 ? 

nt icdandiK, Spamn. Mus. Carls, t. 28, nee Gmel. 

nrythrutis, p., fVagl. Momogr, Psiti. p. 526. 

QOTss seelandic, Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 526. 

us noTK lealandiae, Pr, B. Rev, et Mag. de ZooL 


pacificus, Lear, Parr. pi. 26. 

eon. 44 7 45 ; EUis, Icon. 12. 

ew Zealand. From Dr. Dieffenbach's Collection. 
Zealand. Presented by His Excell. Sir G. Grey. 
Zealand. From the Zoological Society's Collection. 
r Zealand. Variety. 

^LATYCSRCUB CooKii. Cook's Pamtkeet. 
Cookii, G. R. Gr.* 
Zealand. From Mr. Bullock's Collection. 

Qgth 14"; wings 5j''; bill, along tho culmen to the 
e P. nova sseeUandiay but mucli larger ; with the upper 
«tly blsck, hayine only tho base of the sides silvery 
rer mandible black. 



42. Platycbrcub UNicoLOR. TEeUiu£oRii] 

PUtyperraa imi«>lor, Vi$. Proc, ZonL Soe. (1831) p.S4* 

Lear, Parr. pi. 25. 
Psitucua pbitycereus viririia unicolof , Bomj, Perr, 1 34. 
Cyauoramphus unicolor. Pr, B, Rev. etMoff. de ZooL { I854)f 

a. ? From the Zoological Society'* CoUectiot 



The New Gwnei 

Cyanoramphns novie g:iiiiie« ?, Pr, B, Cab, Jomm, fif OnH 
(IS5/) p. ; Smtanc/, Rev, et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p> « 

Hab, New Guinea. (?) 


44. Platycercus aurecbps. The Golden>headed 
Psittacus pacificus, var, 5, Gmfl. S. N, i, p. 329. 
Psittacus {Coniims) auriceps, Kukt, Consp. Ptitt, pp. 7t 46. 
Platycercus aunceps, Vip. Zool.Joum, \. p. 531 ; SuppL 
Platvcercua ncivic xealatiilis?, Bourj, Perr, t. 3/. 
Cyaiioramphus nuriciips, Pr. B, Rev, et Zoal. ( 18 

a. Port Nicholion, N* Z. Presented by the Newj 


b. River II okianga, N. Z. Presented bv Miss Rcbe<?i_ 

c. New Zealand. Presented bv His £xcell- Sir G. 

45. Platycercus Malhbroii. MalherbeV PamkM^ 
Cyanorninphus Malherbii, Souanc{, Rev. et May. de Zoo/. (llS 
p. * 

a. Auckland Island (Antarctic Expedition). Prcientiai 

the Admiralty* 
6. Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Antaretie Expedibi 

Presented by the AdmiraltVt 
e. New Zealand- Presented by Hb Excell. Sir G. Gf« 


Melopsittacus, Gould, B. of Austr. (1840). 

1. Mblopsittaccs cndulatus. The Cndulated 1 
Psittacus imdiilAtus» Show, Nat. Misc. pi. 673. 
P^ittacuB (Gonuma) uuMaXun, KuliL Con^p, Pnii. pp, 1 

psrrrACiDji. 15 

Via. 4r Horif. LtM. TVoiif. zr. p. 277* 
k wiMlnUU, WogL Mtmogr. Ptitt. p. 545; Lear, Parr. 


G6ii2(2, B. ofAnstr. ▼. p. 44. 
undulatiu, Bourf, Perr. t. 8. 

Aastimlift. From Mr. Gould's Collectioii. 
iL Soofth Anitnlia. Presented by His Ezcell. Capt. O. 
r»f. N.e. AutrmluL Presented by Sir Tbomas Mitchell. 
' i Northern Australia. Presented by J. R. Elsey. Esq., 


imft. HTagl. Monogr. Pntt. p. 542 (1830). 
Less. TV. (POm. p. 205 (1831). 

CPHBMA PULCHSLLA. The TuTCosine Grass Parrakeet. 

i pulchellus, Shaw, Nat. Misc. pi. 96. 
I Edwardsii, BechsL in Lath. Uebers. p. 74 ; Levaill. 
.t. 68. 
I (Conurus) pulchellus, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt, pp. 8, 50. 
I pnlchellns» Vuf. Sf Horsf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 277. 
a pukbella, Wagl Monogr. Psitt. p. 542; Gould, B. of 
. T. pi. 41. 
I axnreus. Less. TV. tPOm. p. 205. 
f. Zool. lUustr. pi. 73. 

^ c Australia. 

^— rf. Australia. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
%f. N.E. Australia. Presented by Sir Thomas Mitchell. 

^1 EuPHBMA CHRY808TOMA. The Blue-banded Grass 

(Conurus) chr>'80stomus, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. S, 50. 

isvenustus, Temm. Linn. Trans, xiii. p. 121. 
I venustus, Vig. Sf Horsf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 27H. 
•ma chn'sostoma, fVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 544. 
Gtmld, B. ofAustr. v. pi. 37. 

chryaostomus, Bourj. Perr. t. 10. 

C b. Australia. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

e^-/. Van Diemen'a Land. Presented by R. Gunn. Esq. 


— Au^, T. pL jh: 

fl. Western Australia. 
6. New ^oiiih Wiiles. Presented by J, Goi 
c. Swan River» W. Australia. From Mr, Bttrt] 
cf, e. South Australia. Presented by Uis 

4. EupHEMA CHRYS0GA8TRA. TUe Onuige* 


Psittaeua chr>^»ogtt5ter, Lath, Ind, Orn, \. p. f^. 
Eupliema pulclietla, p*, H'affL Mtmo^, Psitt* p. 
Eupljema aurantia^ Gotddj Proc, Zo^tL Soc,{\^ 
Ausir, v» pL *39. 

a« Australia. From Mr. Warwick's Collect 

b. Australia. Presented by D* E. Cooper» 

c. S. Austndia. Presented by His ExoeU. 


Euphema petro'phila, Gould. Proc. ZooL Soc, 
B.ofAustr. w pL 40. 

fl, 6, lisland oft' Cape Leuwin, W, Auatraliaf 



& EuPHBMA BouRKii. Bourke's Grass Pamkeet. 

Bonrkii, GmUd, Mitek. Austr. Exped. i. p. zyiii; B, 
y. T. pi. 43. 

. Interior of S. Anstralia. Presented by Capt. Sturt. 

, i%. Prod. Mam. et Av. p. 201 (1811). 

I. Pbxopobus PORM08U8. The Ground Pamkeet 

I, Lath. Ind. Orn. i. p. 103. 
ri8» Shaw, Zooi, o/N, H, pi. 3. 
I (Connnis) formosus, Kuhl, Ctmsp. Psitt. pp. 7, 43. 
18 fonnosus, ///. Prod. Manun. et Av. p. 201 ; Gould, 
IVilwfr. T. pi. 46. 
\LmmU. Perr. t. 32. 

i^ b. Van Diemen's Land. Presented by R. Gunn, Esq. 
c; d, Western Australia, very young. From Mr. Gould's 

L i. Van Diemen's Land (Antarctic Expedition). Presented 

by the Admiralty. 
/. Soath Australia. Presented by His Excell. Capt. G. 

^ f. Anatrmlift. Presented by D. £. Cooper, Esq. 


Pkkmitnrus, fVagl. Monogr. Psitt, p. 490 (1830). 
tiodiMma, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de ZooL (1854) p. 155. 

a. Prioniturus. 

pRioyiTURUa PLATURU8. Thc Racket-tailed Porrakeet. 

Platunis, VieUl. N. Diet. d*H. N. xxv. p. 314. 
(Conurus) platurus, Temm. et Kuhl, Cousp. Psitt. 

setarius, Temm. PI. Col 15. 

platurus, }Vagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 423. 
Bereus? setarius. Steph. Gen. Zool. xiv. p. 124. 
icos spatuliger, mas, Bourj. Perr. t. 53. 
Latk. Hist, of B. ii. pi. 24. 

. Timor? 

— priTK ] 

a, Celebes, female. From the Zoolaginl 

4. PRIONtTt7RUS PIBGCRVS. The Pliili{i{niM 
Prionitimis discunis, Vi^L Gal, deg Ou. p. 

p. i36y. 

a, b, Philippme Isknds. From Mr. Cumin 

6, Prionitubus bpatuliobr. The MaqiI] 

Ptittacua discums, Vieili, GaL de$ Ois, t. 24. 
Paittacus diacoaunis, Wagl. Mono^r, Psitt, p, 
Psittacus spatuliger, $ , Bourj, Perr. u 53 a. 
Prionitimia discunis, Pr, B, Consp, Av, p. 6. 
Urodiacus spatuliger, Pr, B, Rtv. et Mag. deZoQ 

a — €. Manilb. From Mr, Gould's CoUectii 


PalflEomis, Vi<f. Zool /oum, ii. p, 49 (1825 

Belocems, Mull &■ Schl. Verh, 

Belums, Pn B, Ann. des Set. Nat, (1854) 

Schl. Verh, (1339-1^4; 

ft. Falmornjs. 

aNis DociLis. The Rose-riuged Parrakeet. 

rulaiis, Hasselq. It. ii. p. 35? 

uidri, var. /3, Gmel. S. N. i. p. 321. 

iUruB) torquatns, p., KM, CoMp. Psitt. pp. 6, 30. 

is, VieiU. N, Diet. tPH. N. xxv. p. 343. 

Mtris, Lhm. 8. N. i. p. 1437 ; Edw. B. pi. 1757; 

ilop 8Uw, 6m. Zool. viiL p. 4417 

tktxif Scop, 

itm, m.; Lieht. Cat. Ihml Berl. Mus. p. 6. 

iimis) rofirottrii, Kuhl, Coiup. Psitt. pp. 6, 26. 

iculariiy fVagL Monogr, Ptitt. p. 507. 

imtuiy Vig. Zool, Joum. ii. p. oO. 

W. t. 22. 

natal, Vig. ZooL Joum. y. p. 274 7 

B^il. Preiented by J. Pulham, Esq. 
m Africa. Presented by Capt. Rickett. 

!f IS PABVIB08TRI8. The Small-billed Parrakeet. 
rirostris, Fr. B. Reo. et Mag. de Zool (1854) p. 152. 

ttH TORQUATUS. The Indian Rinsed Parrakeet. 


a — c. India. Presented by J» H, ReeTca, Esq. 
d, Madras, Pretentcil by the Hon. East IndiA Ci 
B—j, Nepal . Presented by B. H. HDfi^si>ii^ Esq* 
k, Punjaub. Presented by Brifjatlier LTearuy. ^ 
/. (Yellow variety.) From the Zoological Siociety 

TO. India, vitriety with yellow quilh. Preienti 

Reeves, Esq. 

^V 5. Pal^qrnis EauBS. The Double-ringed 

Paittttcus Alexandri, var. 7, Linn. 8. Nl u p. 321. 

BHss. Orti. iv. t. 2?. t L 
Psittacus fques, Bodd, TaltL des PL EnLti*Ambmi*f>. 

Paittacus Alexandri, var* fi, GtaeL S. N. u p. 142. 
Paittacua bicoUarii*, Vieiii. Encyc, M^ik, p. 13f?l5. 
Pttttacus bitorquatua, Kukl, Consp, PHtt, p. R2, 
PsittacuB semirostris, Herm. Ob^erv, ZooL p. 125. 
Pala*onu8 bitor<|UiitU8, Viff. ZooL Joum, li, p. 51, 
Palneomis cubiculans, p», Waal. Mono^r, Psiit, p. BUM 
Patieorais borbonica, Pr. B. Cab, Joum, fur Ormiik, (1 
Palseomis eques, G. R, Gr, 
LevailL Perr, t. 39, 


,Hab, Mauntiut* 

6. Paljkorms Layardi. Layard's Ringed 

^Palteomis bitorqiiatiis ? BL Cat, 0/ B. p, 4, 
?alicomi8 Lnyarcli, BL Cai. of B. Append, p*341. 

lab, Ceylon, 

7. Palaornis benoalensis. Tbe Eo«e-hea(led 

Paittacus en throcepbaluB^ var. bcngaleosU, Gmel* S, NI 

Edw, B. pL 23:j. 
f Psittaeim ginginianua, var. ^, Liith, Jnd, Om, i. p. 10( 
fPaittaciis(Coniirus)erytUrocephalu8» Kuhl, Cofisp, Pnt 
'^ ' ' \ erytlmiccphalua, Vi^. ZooL Joum, ii. p. d3, 
I bengttlensis, Wa^L Monofft, Pritt, p, 315, 
I cvanocepbalus, p,, BL Cat, of B^ p* 5. 
Levaill Perr, t. 45 ? 

a — d* Kepal, Presented by B. H. Hodgton* 



L Paj.«ob9ci8 ROSA. The Blouom-heailed Pkurakeet. 

m, Bodd. TahL des PL Enl. d'Aubent. p. 53; PL 

I OTtiuocephalim Gw^a. S. N. i. p. 325 ; PL Enl, 264. 
' y"^«""«, Liaih. Ind. Om. i. p. 99. 
idooepfaalus, Shaw^ Leo, Mus, pi. p. 185. 
I (Comimt) benffalemii, Kuhl, Cojup, PsitL pp. 6, 32. 
' t brnply*;*, rt^- Zool. Joum, ii. p. 54. 
I bengalenus, aTii juv., fVagL Monogr, Ptiit. p. 516. 
( (Coniinu) annulatiu, Kuhl, Consp, Psitt. pp. 6, 31. 
(BBDiilAtiu, Beekgi. Laik. Udters.ja. 77. 
\ flantorquis, LevaiU, Perr, t. 75 ; Shaw, Gen, ZooL viii. 

I'flATicollis, VieiU. N. Diet d'H. N. xxv. p. 345. 
'i flATicolkrit, FnmkL Proc. Z. S. 1831, p. 120. 

I flaTitorquis, Vig, ZooL Joum, ii. p. 51. 

I bcDgalenus, p., WagL 

I cvanocepbalus, BL Cat, q^B. p. 5; et p. IVagL 
lI. Perr. t. 74. 

\ Pbittacus narcissus, Lath. Gen. Syn. pi. 123. 

India. Presented by J. R. Reeves, Esq. 

g. Nepal. Presented by B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

j. Benar. Presented bv B. H. Hodgson, Esq. 
|i^/. Madras. Presented by the Rev. II. H. Baber. 
la. India. Presented by Mrs. Spinks. 
1 1, 0. Ceylon. From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 
If. (Red variety.) 
If. (Yellow vanety.) 

I 9. Palaobnis cyanocephalus. 

The Blue-headed 

cranocepbalus, Linn. S, N. i. p. Ml ; Briss. Orn. iv. 

i(Conuru8) hosmatopus, p., Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 6,. '34. 
I c\'anocephalus, IVagL Monogr. Psitt, p. 517* 
Eil. 192; LevailL Perr. t. 26. 
Alezandri, var. d, Linn, S. N. i. p. 142; Edw. B. pi. 

\ Alezandri, var. c, GmeL S. N. i. p. 321. 

I indicus. Lath, Ind. Om, i. p. 86. 

I xanthosomus, Bechst. in Lath. Uebers. p. 74. 

i tcmateiisis, VieilL N. Diet. d^H. N, xxv. y, 346. 

I (Conurus) xanthosomus, KM, Consp, Psitt pp. 5, 34. 


Palneomis eolumbaides, Viff^ ZooL Joum. (1830} 

Porr. p]. 31. 
Palacornis inelatiorliyncbus, Sifkes^ Proc. Z, S. (I 
Psittttcus Kienerii, et Comxra» Sagittifer columboj^ 

t, 3, 3a. 

Jerd, III Ind. Zool pi IB, 

a* India* Presented by Mn].-Gen. Hardwicl 
6* ladia* From Mr. Jobnson*s Collection. 
c* ? From Mr. Stevens's CoUectiocu 

12. Palaornis CALTHROPiB. Hrs. Layard 

PalfBorais calthropsE, Layard, Joum. A* S, B.i IS4S 

Palieornis Gironich, Ferr, Rev, et Mag, i/* Zool, (ll 

FsittAcui Tiiidicollift, Cass, Proc. Acad. Nai, Sci, 

p. 373. 

Ceylon. From Mr* Cuming's Col 

13. ? Palaorms iNCARNATus. Tbc Little ! 


Little Red-win^d Parrakeet, Lath. Gen, Sypi. i. i 
Psittacus incamatus, GmeL S, N, u n, 3 27 ; Ed 



» fiedhff. Laik. Ueben.^. 77. 
LevaiiL Perr. t. 72. 

■ erytfarooephiilusy tv. d. maboceniisy Gmd. S. X. L p. 325. 
1 enheaceoMf Shaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. 437. 
I (Conumi) iMrbstulatiis, KM, Ctmsp. Psitt. pp. 6, 32. 
I erjthiogen]^ Lest. TV. dTOrnitL p. 215. 
' ( malaoceimty F»^. Zoo2. Joum. ii. p. 52. 
I UmgiouidA, 6. £. Gr. Gm. qfB. iL p. 410. 
i(Belocerau)birbiitaliis,il/v//.4- Scil/.rerA.Aa/. GtMck. 
. p. 107. 
nakfsceiitii, Pr, B. Rev. et Mag, de ZooL (1854) p. 152. 
I Tiridimjitu* Bl Journ, A. S. B. (1856) p. 44b. 
-? From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 
dL MaJacrm, From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
9t/. Borneo. 

15. ? Paljioenis bakbatub. The Bearded Parrakeet. 
I pondicerianus. Tar. 0. barbatus, GmeL S. N. i. p. 325. 
\ pondicerianus, p., Vig. Zoo/. Joum. ii. p. 54. 
I bvbatus, }VagL Monogr, Psitt. p. 514. 
( barbatus, p., Bl. Cat. of B. p. 6. 
I barbatus, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 152. 

i barbatus, Pr. B. 
East Indies. 

L Paljiornis Luciani. The Red-collared Parrakeet. 
I erythrc^nys, Fr. Proc. Z. S. (1850) pi. 26. 
I Luciani, Verr. Rev. et Mag. de ZooL (1850) t. 13. 
I barbatus,p.7, Souanc^, Zool. (1856)p.209. 
us barbatus, p., Pr. B. 

I Fraseri, Moore, Horsf. Cat. o/B. in Mus. E. I. C. u 
Gomldy B. of Asia, pi. . 

" \ modestus (juv.), Fr. Zool. Typ. pi. 
I pondicerianus, juv. $ , Bl. Cat. ofB.p. . 

? (P. modestus). From the Zoological Society'b 


17. Paljioenis KRYTHROOENY8. The Red-chccked Parrakeet. 
Meomis erythrogenys, Bl.Joum. A. S. B. xv. pp. 23, 51, 368 ; 

nee Less. 
Unrns barbatus, p. 7, Souan c4. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. ( 1 856) p. . 
B d o ccr c u s barbatus, p., Pr. B. 
|)d»oniis nicobaricus, Gould, B. of Asia, pi. . 
Etb. Nicobar Islands. 

X iLuemiua uuiiKkuiiy |i.^ xm. i^im. \(f 41. v. u. — 

Belurus pondicerianua, Soi»2iicf, RetJ. etMag. dkZoot^ 
Belunis barbatu*, p.. Ft, B. R«tJ. e/ J/o^. de ZooL 
Psittacus (Belocercus) pondiceriaDHfl, AfuU. ^ Sei 

Gesck. Ned, p. 10?. 
Var. Palaeornift aigrirostris, Hodgs. Gray^ ZooL 

a, b» India. Preaented by the Hon. £aat Ind 
e — i. Nepal. Pwaented by B, H. Hodgaou, £1 

vol A 

19, Palaornis mblanorhyxchus* The 

PiittacuR poudicenanus, var. ^, Bechst, Lath. Ui 
Paloeornis meliuiorhyiicbus, Wagl, Mfmagr. Psitt, 
Belunis tnekiiorb}Tichu8, Fr.B. Rev*eiMa<f.deZooL{ 
Bclunis pondicerianus, p., Souanc^, Ret, et Mag 

p. 208. 
Belocercua poadicemnus, p,, Pr, B, 

a. TenasRerim. Presented by J. D. C. Pi 

b. ? 

20, PALiEORNis BORNBUs. The Bracelet 

Piittacua Alexancb'n rar. ^^Linn, S.N, p. 142 i At 
Paittacus Alexandri, var. y, GmeU S. iV. i. p, iJ2l. 
Psittacus mystaceiis, p., ShaWf Ge». ZooL yiiu 1 
rPalEeomia pondic^riajiuB, p., Fiy. ZooL Jm 


Osbeckii, Lath. Ind. Orn. j>. 87. 
(Conarui) pondiceriuius. Kuki, Contp. Psitt. pp. 6. .'i'i. 
pondicenanut, p., Vig. Zool, Joum. ii. p. 54. 
btrbatus, p., BL Cat. o/B, p. 6. 
Lnmli. Perr. t. 3] ; Swaims. Zool. lliustr. pi. 16; Hahm, 

Perr. t. 5. 
NKn bimflcuUtiu, juv., Sparrm, Mtu. Carls, ii. t. 3<). 
ttOM trimaculatiu (!), Skaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. -I26. 

•— e. Indian Archipelago. Presented bv Capt. Sir £. Bel- 
cher, C.B., R.N. 
d. 7 Presented b}- J. Inskipp, Esq. 

L PALiBOBNfs CA9f 1CBP8. The Grcy-hcadcd Parrakeet. 

caniceps, Bi. Jomm. A. S.B. xv. pp. 23, 51 , 36S; Gould. 
B.^Asia, pi. 

eaniee|is, Somane^, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1856) p. 2(^J. 
ns eaniceps. Pr. B. Cab. Joum. fur Omith. ( 1857 ) p- ■ 

■I. Pinang. 

i 23. PALiKORNis Derbyanl's. Lord Derby's Parrakeet. 

korais Derbyanus, Fr. Proc. Z. S. (1850) pi. 25. 

plviis pondicerianus, p., Souance, Rev. et Mag. deZool. ( lS5fi) 

iDcerrus pondicerianus, p., Pr. B. 
ift. ? 

ii. Arainje. 

1. ARA. 

Ara, Car. lllig. Prod, (isll) p. 2(K). 

Macrocercus, Vieill. Anal. (181()) p. . 

Psittacus, Linn. S. N. {\75i\-f\6) i. p. 

Paracus, Rafinq. (1815)? 

Ifacrocircus, Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 29!^ 

Ifacrocercus, div. c. Aracanga, Pr. B. Ann. des Sri. Sut. 

(1851) p. 108. 
Macrocercus, div. b. Ararauna, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Sat. 

(1854) p. 108. 
Rhynchopitta, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. (1854) p. KN. 
Primolius, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1857) p. . 
Sittace, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. (1854) p. 108. 
Arara, Sfnx, Av. Bras. i. p. 2b (1H24), 
^AmcrveereuM, div. a. C/nnopsitta, p., Pr. B. 

"TiEivukciu Hnuami^ umei, a. iv, u p.oi<9. ; 

Macrocercus aracanga, VieiU, N, Diet. (PH, N^ 
Psiitftciw (Am) arftcanga, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt, pj 
Situce BtmcAUga, IVagl, Mom^r. Psitt. p. G72. 
Am aincango, G. R. Gr. Gen, of B. li. p. 4 12. 
Macrooerrus (Amningii) aracftugft, Pr, B, Rev* i 

Pi. Enl 12; Levaill Pert, t.2, 2u; X«ifj 
Q. West Caa»t of South America. Ptissen 
E. Belcher, C.B., R.N. 

J. Aha CHLOROPTBRU8. The GreeD-winj 

Macrocercus 51ucao, VieilL N, Did, (TH. N. ii, 
P*tttaciis ( Ara) macao, Kuhl, Consp, Pgitt. pp. * 
Siltacf Macao, Mo^/, Monogr. Psitt. p. <>71. 
Macrocercus ( Aracanga) Macao, Pr, B. Hev, et Me 

p. I4y. 

Ara MiiPfto, G, R. Gr, Gen. of B. ii. p. 412. 
Lecaitl Ferr. t. I j Ho An* PapOjf. t. 12. 

a. Bntiah Gutana. From Sir R* Scbombui 

b. South Amenca. 

b. Ararauna, 

3. Ara ararauna. Tht* Blue and 
Psittacus Ararauna. Lina. fi. N, I. D. 139; 


4. Aba canind^. The Caninde Maccaw. 

\ anurauna, jut., Vieill. N, Diet. d*H. N. ii. p. 260. 
! CaniDd^, H'^agl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 674. 
m caninde^ G. A. Or. Gen. tf B. ii. p. 412. 
faaocercus f Ararauna) cauinde, Pr. B. Rev. ei Mag. de Zonl. 
(1854) p. 149. 

■. Interior of Brazil. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
6. River Amazon. From Mr. Stevcni'a Collection. 

t c. Primolius. 

5. Ara auricollis. The Yellow-naped Maccaw. 

lanicollis, Ca89. Proe. Aead. Nat. Sci. Philad. (1853) p. 372; 
. Acad. N. S. Philad. iii. pi. 12. 

Primoli, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1853) p. 807; Souance. 
^ r. Perr. t. 2. 
rTtorquesy Mass. ei Souanc^, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) 

chnrsotorques, Calun. Nomencl. Av. Mils. Beri. (1854) 


iPrimoliy Pr. B. Exp^. Amir, du Sud (Castelnau), p. l.S. t. iv. 
I auricollii, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1857) p. . 

a. Bolivia. From Mr. Brydgca' Collection. 

6. Aka manilata. The Parrot Maccaw. 
manilatos, Bodd. Tabl. Pi. Enl. d'Auhent. p. 5'^ ; PL 

, makawuanna, Gmel. S. N. i. p. 314. 
I makavooanna, Shaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. 3.98. 
Da (Ara) makawuanna, Kuhl, Cousp. Psitt. pp. 4, 18. 

anna, ff'a^/. Monogr. Psitt. p. ()fi4. 
I makawanna, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1S54) n. ir>0. 
Kreni makavouana, Vieill. N. Did. (CH. N. ii. p. 260. 
makawanna^ Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1857) p. 
I mskawuanna, G. R. Gr. Gen. o/B. ii. p. 412. 

Brazil. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

7. Ara mahacana. Uliger's Maccaw. 

Maracana. Vieill. N. Diet. d'H. N. ii. p. 260. 
..JUS Illiecri, Steph. Gen. Zool. xiv. p. 113. 
it (Ara) Illigcri, Temm. et Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp.4, 11^ 
It fuscatus, ///. 
J)}i^f7, ff'affl Monosn^. Psitt. p. (kki. 

c 2 

At^iH pur|>ureodor*ali«, Spix, ^r. Bras. 1.24. 
Am 111 Hi-aeia till. G. R. Gr. Gm, of B. ii. p. 412. 
SiUiice Libgen «t S. Mtfiicaam Pr, B. R^. tt Mq$. de Z&ol. (1 

p. 149. 
Pntnolius manicana, Pr, B. Ccmpt, Rend, (1857) p* 
Hahn, Papag, t.3l. 

o, Brazil. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 

B. Ara militabis. The Miliury Maccaw.J 

acu» militaris, Linn. S. N. p. 139 ; Edw. B, pL 3| 
acrocercus militaris, VieilL N. Diet. d*H, N. ii. p. 
' Sittace militarise fVagi. Monogr, Psift. p, 668. 

Aia militaris, G. R. Or. Gen. of B, iu p. 412. 

Psittaciis ambiffuUB, Bechitt, Lath. Up6er», p. 65; LermU- i 
t.6; Hahn.Papa^. 1. 11? 

Paittacus (Ara) ambiguuu, Knhl, Consp. Psitt, pp. 4, I] 

Macrocercus ambigims, Stejth. Gen, ZooL liv. p, 113. 

Macrocercua (Araeanga) ambiguus, Pr. B, Her* et Mo^^\ 
(1854) p, 149; Souanc^, Rev, et Mat^, de Zofti, {U ' 

Var. ? Psittaeus (Ara) railituria, KukU Consp. Psitt, pp 

LevaiU. Perr. t.4 ; Hahn, Papag. 1. 12. 
Macrocercus (Araeanga) militaris, Pr, B, Rev, et Jdag, de 1 

a. South America. Presented by Dr. J. E, Gray. 
It. Soiitb .America, From Mr. Argeiit'a Collectiua 

c. South America. From Mr. Ltadbcater'a Colle 

d, i WeasttTii Coujjtt of Soytii xttnerica. Preaented I 

9. Ara skvera. The Brazilian Green Maccavr. 

P«ittacus aeveriw, Linn, S, S\ i. p. 140; Edw, B. pi. i 

Macrocercua aeverua, VieilL N. Diet. d*H, A\ ii. p. 26' 

Paittacua (Ara) aeverwa, Kuhl, Ctmxp, Psiti^ pp. 4^ 1^. 

I Sittace sevcra, Wagi, Monogr. Pxiti. p. 66$ ; Pr, B. Rew, 

cfcZoo/. (lH54)p. 150. 
[Ara aevera, G. R. Gt. Gen, of B. ii. p.4l2» 
■■Ara castaiieifrons, Lofr. Rev. de ZooL (184?) p. G6, 
MacrcR'erciis [Araeanga) castaneifrona, Pr. B. H«t. ff ' 
Zoo/. (1854) p. 149. 

Leroi//. Perr. t, 8, 9, 16 ; Hahn, Papag, t. 53. 
0. South America. From Mr. Aakew'a Colle 

b. Bolivia. Fnnn Mr. Bridget' Collection. 

c. Nicaragua. Presented by E. Wilson, Esq. 
ci. Rio Javarri. From Mr. Stevens's CoUection. 

PtITTACIDil. 29 

0. Aba TBicoLom. The Tricolor Maccaw. 

MBMH pt.» Bodd. TM. i^9 PL Bui. tPAubent. p. 39. 

rieblor, BeekBi. Laik. Ueben. p. . 

U, 641 ; Iimrtff. Parr. t.5. 

n triedlor. VieilL N. Diet. d'H. N. ii. p. 262. 

Aim) tiieolor, Kmkl, Comn. Firiti. pp. 4, 16. 

solar, WtuL Mtmogr. FtUt. p. 669. 

r, O. R. Or. Qem. rfB. ii. p. 412. 

OS lialuroiuuiiia, Siepk. Gtn. Zool. ziv. p. 112. 

OS (AnWBan) trioolor, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool, 


•lor, Pr. B. Cob. Jamm.fur OrnUk. (1857) p. . 

Vnm the Zoological Societjr'B Collectioii. 

JiMJL BUBBiOESfTS. The Red-cheeked Maccaw. 

genvs, Ltfi-. Rev. de Zool (1847) p. 65 ; 0. DesMurs, 
Oriuih. t. 72. 

•as ( Aracuiga) rubrigenys, Pr, B. Rev, et Mag, de Zvui. 
p. 149. 
brigeniiy Soaoiic^, Iconogr. Perr, t. 3. 

Bolivia. Vnm Mr. Br}'dge8' Collection. 

d. Rhynchopsitta. 

RA PACHTRHYNCHA. The Thick-billed Maccaw. 

rua pachyrhynchiu, 8wain$, Phil. Mag. (1827) p. 439. 
chyrbynchus, fVagl. Monogr, Psitt, p. 667. 
pachjrhynchus, Hahn, Papag. t. 73. 
fltrenaua, Lickt, PreiS'Verz. der Sdugethiere, fyc. in 

(1831), p. . 

rfayncha, O. A. Gr. Gen, of B. ii. p. 412. 
«ittA pachyrhyncha, Pr, B, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1 854 ) 

Souanc^. Iconogr. Perr. t. 5. 


sxico. From Mr. Baker's Collection. 

pxico. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 


kBA HYACINTH INA. The Hvacinthine Maccaw. 
ivacintbinus. Lath. Ind, Om. i. p. 84. 

1|. I*t9« 

a, 6. Brazil. From Mr. Stevens's Conecti 

14. 7 Ara Lbari. Learns Qyadothine 

PftUtiicus (Ara) hyaeinthinus, Kuhl^ Conwp. Pdl 
? Anodorhynchus Learii, Pr. B. Cab, Joum, ft 

p. ; Souanc^, Iconogr* Perr. t. L f. . 
Mftcjfocercus hyaciuthiijus, VieilL Gai, des OU. 
Microcercus hvacinthinuSf L^ar^ Parr, pL 9. 
Macrocercus (Cvnnopsitla) ekucus, vnr.. Sown 

Hah, P&mguay? 

15. Ara glauca. The Glaneont ' 

Macrocercus glaucu«, VieilL N. Diet, cTH, N, , 
Sittace glauca, WagL Mrmogr. Psiit p. 676. t.i 
Paittacara glauca, Bourj, Perr, t, 14, 1 

Macrocerciis (Cvat>op«itta) glaucus, Pr, B. Rev J 
{I854)p. 149\ i 

Anoclorliyiichiis glaacus, Pr. B. Cab, Journ./Uri 

Souanct', honour. Perr, t, i, f, 
Psittacus glauciia, Hahn^ Papag. I, 7^> 
Ara glauca, G, R, Gr. Gen, o/B. u, p. 4 12. 

Hab. Paraguay. 


_ (CfinoptitU) Spizii, Pr. B, Rev, et Mag. de ZooL 

Ihb Spiiii, IV. B. Cab, Jourm.fdr Omith. (1857) p. . 
Brui] (RiTer Amazon). 


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HtndaTui, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. (1854) p. 108. 

Antxnga, Spur, Av. Bras. i. p. 

Gmnmbt, Less. Tr. d^Omith. p. 210 (1831). 

Hdiopotte, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. (1854) p. 108. 
I Connrnt, Less. Tr. d^Omith. p. 211 (1831). 
I E^nttnli, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. ( 1854) p. lOS. 
I F^rrimli, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (1856) p. . 

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MyiopritU, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. (1854) p. 108. 

Bolborhyndiut, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1857) P. . 

ririci, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. (1854) p. 108. 

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.Stoce, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. {WiO) p. 6:^3. 

Pdttoviuii, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 151. 
Piittacula, Less. Tr. d*Omith. p. 201 (1S31). 
MicrositUce, Pr. B. Ann. des Sci. Nat. (1854)p. 108. 
Conurus, Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 300 ( 18:^/). 

a. Con URL'S. 
1. CoNURua PAVUA. Tile Pavouane Parrot. 

ittacus paviia, Bodd. Tabl. des PL Enl. d*Aubent. pp. 1(^ 25 : 

PL Enl. 167. 407. 

ittacus f^ianeniii, Gmel. S. N. i. ]). 324. 

taee fniianensis, IVttgl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 660. 

nanu pavua, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 413. 

ttacara ^nuani'iiHis, Vig. Zool. Journ. ii. p. 389. 

ttacus cavanensiiai, Gmel. (?) in Less. Tr. d'Orn. p. 188. 

ira cayana. Less. Tr. d'Orn. ]». ISS. 

inrua'cayaaensis, G. R. Gr. Gen. ofB. Apr), p. HJ. 

wu wu -i 

2, CoNLRus FLAvivENTftis. The Pftn^ 

Sittace flaviveDtris, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt, p. 6o8i^ 
PsittiMsara llavivcntrifi» Fr. B. Rev. ei Mag. de iToo 

Hab, Paraguay. 

3. CoKURUs NOBiLis. The NoUle PI 

Psittarus nobilis, Linn, S. N. i. p. 1*^ 

Psittacus (Conuma) guianensia, Kmhl, Consp, PtU 

Paittecu^ cumanenais, Licht. Vers. Dnpl. BerL 
Aran macrognathiis, Spis-y Av, Bras, i. t. 25. f, 
Pfittacara frontatmt, Vig. Zool. Joum, ti. p» 389* 
Sittace Tiobilis, f'Vagi, Monoffr, Psitt. p. 661. 
Psittacara tiobilis, Bourj. Perr. t. 22 ; Ff. B. I 

Zoo/. (1854) p. 150. 
Pisittocara ^tiiaueusin, p,^ StepH. Gen. ZooL xiv. 
Guniirus iiiRCrognathus, Swmns. Classify of B. iO 
Coiiums uobilJi8» G. /i, Gr, Gen. of B. ii. p. 413, 

a, Urazil. P^senied by J, Gould, Eaq. 

L CoNLttus IIahni. Hahn's Pan 

Psittacu^ uobilis, Hahn^ Papag, t* 27* 


, Hakn, Papag, t. 60. 
k caemleofroiitttiu, Etmrj. Pert. t. ]/• 
\ acutioMidmtm, Pr. B. Rev. etMag. deZooH\H54 ) p. 150. 
I hemcnrhoA, Stmanc^^ Rev. et Mag. deZool.(\S56) p. jH. 
lacnticaudatiu, G, R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 413. 

- ? From the Zoological Society's Collection. 

€. CoKUBUB CYAKOP8. The Blue-faced Maccaw. 
bm aentiGmudatui, Dee Murs, Icanogr. t. 31. 
RMKm acuticaadata, Souane^, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1856) 

Wlia acuticaudata, Somanc^, Iconogr. Perr. t. 4. 
■L. BdiTia. From Mr. Brydges* Collection. 

b. OasoRiiYycHus. 
7. CoNURUS ICTEROTI8. The YcIlow-cared Parrot. 

icterotis, Mass. Sf Souance, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. ( lH5l ) 


tocara iderotis, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1857) p. 150; 

i^aac^, Jctmogr. Perr. t. \i). 

ivh>iichus icterotii, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1857) p- 

«. New Grenada. From Mr. Steveni*s Collection. 

c. Evopsm.i. 

tt. CoNLBLS EUOP8. Tlic Rcd-shouldcrcd Parrakeet. 

Cc euops, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 63S. t. xxiv. f. 2. 

^eus euops, Hahn, Papag. t. 74. 

Ntca evoiM, Pr. B. Reo. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 151. 

Sanra euops. Souance', Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1856) p. 59. 

ini4 euops, G. R. Gr. Gen. o/B.n. |i. 414. 

Wm% guyaiiensis, Ramon de Sagra, I oy. de la Cuba. 

^eara chluroptcra, Souance\ Rer. et Mag. de Zool. (185<i) 

iMza chloroptera, Pr. B. Cab. Jour n. fur Ornith. ( 1857) p. 
L Cabm and St. Domingo. 

!^. Con URL'S Maugri. Mange's Parrot. 
heara Maugei, Souance\ Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1856) p. 5f^ 
I^Btta Maii^raei, Pr. B. Cab. Journ.fur Ornith. (1857) p. ; 
lnoice. Iconogr. Perr. t. 8. 
i. Ss»uifa America. 


6* new UreiMitau riom Mr 

c. New Grenada. From Mr. W 
<i. VeDezueift: variety. From 

11. CoNURUS M1TKATU8. Tlie R<?tl-ma2ik( 

Conurus mitratus, Tschudi, Faun, Per. t. xxvi. f. _ 

Psittacara tnitrata, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de ZooL { l^ 

Kvopsitu Diitrata, Pr, B. Cab. Joum'fur Omith. \l 

Souanc^^ honour, Perr, t. 21. 

a. Bolivia, From Mr. Brydge*' Collection 
h, Eolivian Andes : vwr. PreaenLi!d by — 

12. CoKURua FRON TATus. The Cortlilleni 

Conimis frontaiua, Calt. TschutU^ Faun^ Per. p. 2| 
Fvopsitts frontatiu, Pr, B. Cab. Joum.fur Cfmiif 

Hab. Cordillems. 


Psittacara (Psittacus'l erythrogenya, Lu$, Echo du 

(1844), p. 486. 
Conurua rubrolarvatuft, MasM. Sf Souanc^^ Rev. ei , 

(lS.^)p. 7L 
P^ittacam mUrilarvatu. Pr. B. Hev, et Mat^. de Zonh 
Evopsitta erj^tbrogeuyu, Pr,B^ Cab, Juttm.fur Omi 

Sowince, Iconot/r. Perr. t, i22. 

Hab, GuayaqmL 


Left. Vojf, de la Coq. t. 35, bis ; Bourj. 

KDS (Antmga) Byroni, Childr, Gray's Zool Misc. p. 12. 

Be pategoniea, fVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 659. 

Hum pttUehoniea, Lear, Parr, pi. 10. 

iras ^^aaolywos, O, R. Or. Gen. ofB. ii. p. 413. 

oKteua fMtagonm, JPr.B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. ( 1854) p. 150. 

I p«tagoiiicft» Lest. TV. cTOnt. p. 187. 

I. Chili. Presented by Capt. Lord Bvron, R.N. 
h. Chili. Preiented by the Rev. H. Hennah. 

e. Nandayus. 

15. CoNUBUS NAKDAY. The Nanday Parrot. 

leoa Nanday, Desm. Diet. desSci. N. xxxix. p. 124. 

lena melanocephalus, Vieill. N. Diet. d'H. N. xxv. p. 366. 

» nenda^, Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 646. 

tena armillaria, ///. 

icara Nanday, B0M17. Perr. t. 20. 

ma nenday, G. A. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 413. 

mia melanocephalus, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) 

I. Paraguay. 


16. CoNURua LUTBU8. Queen of Ravaria'i Parrot. 

coa hiteus, Bodd. Tabl. des PI. Enl. d'Aubent. p. 30 ; PL 


coa gnarouba, Gmel. S. N. i. p. 320. 

coa cloropterus, Vieill. Encyc. Meth. p. 1390. 

cua (Conurut) guaruba, Kuhl^ Consp. Psitt. pp. 5, 23. 

iga Carolinie Au^^ustie, Spix, Av. Bras. t. 12. 

e lutea, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 657. 

rns luteui, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 413. 

eara guarouba viride-lutea, Bourj. Perr. t. 

COM (Guarouba) lutea. Less. Tr. d'Om. p. 211. 

Mitta guarouba, Pr.B. Rev.etMag. (/eZoo/.( 1854) p. 150. 

ga guarouba, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (1857) p. 

tevaiU, Perr. t. 20. Hahn, Papag. t. 13, 28. 

. Brazil. From Mr. Warwick*i Collection. 

Hob, North America (CsLroUaa}, 

18. CoNURus LUDOviciANUS, The Omnge- 

Psittacus ludovicianus, GmeL S, N, i, p. 347; i 
Piittacua CikroUneiisis, Wil^. Amer. Orn* iii. pi, 
PsittJiciis (Conums) ludoTicianua, Kuhh CcMWp. 
Sittace lufloviciana, Hat;l. Mtmo^r. Psili. p, fei 
Anitmgii ludovicianus, Steph. Gen, Zool. xj\% p* 
Conurus carolinensis. Pr. B> lUv. et Mag, de mi 
Lemitl Perr. t. 33. 

tf. h. North America. Preseutetl by J. J. 

19. CoNURua aoLSTtTiiiLTs, The Ydlo 

Psitteeuii solalidjilis, Linn. .S^. N, i. p. 141 ; Fr\ 
Psittaeus meruliiius, Scop, Ann. i, p, 30. 
PsittACUB gunrotiba, TnexiC4inu9 ^^ Omel. S. N, i 
Psittaeus tutoii^, VieitL 

Arntitiga lutc*U8 sive Guarouba, SptT^ Av, Brof. 
Psittaeus (Coinirus) sobtitialis, KuhL Consp, Pi 
SittaL'c solstitialist H'ttffi Mono^r. Psitt, p. 655 
Conurus solstitialis, G, R. Gr. Gen. of B, u, p. • 
Aratiuga soUtitiaUs, Stejih, Gen, Zool. xiv. p. \l 

a,b, Brazil. From the Zoological Societji 


M anrieapillust Vig. Zool, Joum. ii. p. 389. 
ioMOA ( Pnttacnt) cmentatus, Less. Descr. de Mamm, et 
I. (IdsO) p. 186. 

■ncmpillus, Lesf. TV. d'Ornith. p. 188. 
a iendftTa, 6. A. Gr. Gen. qf £. ii. p. 413. 
» ftmu^iill*, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 150. 
South Ameiica. From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 
Suuth America. From Mr. Waru'ick's Collection. 
South America. From the Zoological Society^s Col- 

C0NCRD8 AUBKUB. The Golden-crowned Parrakeet. 

OS aureus. Gmel. S. N. i. p. 329 ; Edw. B. pi. 235. 
us IvasilieiMii, Lath. Ind. Om i. p. 103. 
na remlus, Shaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. 453. 
US (CS>nnnis) aureus, Kuhl, Consp, Psitt. pp. 5, 24. 
aurea, iVagl. M(mogr. Psitt. p.m. 
za aurea, Steph. Gen. Zool. xiv. p. 139. 
w canalicularis, p., Licht. Cat. Dupl. Berl. Mtm. p. (i. 
tula aurea. Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 150. 
OS aureus, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii.p. 413. 
/. Enl. ^«;iS ; Leraill. Perr. t.41. 3/ ; HaAn, Papag. 1. 17- 

South America. 
c. Para. Presented by R. Graliam, Esq. 

Con u BUS canicularis. The Red- and Blue-headed 

•us canicularis, Linn. S. N. i. p. 142; Edw. B. pi. 176; 
£«/. 767 ; Levaill. Perr. t.40. 

lis (Conurus) canicularis, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 5, 25. 
za, canicularis, Steph. Gen. Zool. xiv. p. 139. 
tula craiiioularis. Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. deZool. (1854) p. 150. 
IS canicularis, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. App. p. 20. 
Mexico. From Mr. Taylor's Collection. 

'J3» CoNUKL'8 Pktzii. Pctz's Parrakeet. 
UA Petzii, Leiblein, Hahn, Papag. t. 64. 
Feczii, U fl^/. Monogr. Psitt. p. 650. 
U3 tAratinga) ebumirostnim. Less. Rev. de Zool. (184J) 


Tila Petzii, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1853) p. . 

LS Petzii, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 413; Souanc^, Iconogr. 

. t. ;>. 


Av. t. 54. low, %. 
Psittacua (ConumaJ peitinax, Kuktt Consp. Paiti 
Psittacu^ maniAtuft, Tcmm, el KM, Corvfp. Psii\ 
Sittace pertioax» WagL Monogr. Psitt, p. ti52. 
Amtmga pertiiiax, Stepk, Geti. ZooL xiv, p. i;j9. 
Psittticuj* burborossii, Licht. 
CoiiuniB pertinax, G*, R, Gr. Gfn. o/B. u, p.4\^ 
Levaiii, Perr. t, 34 ; vor. t. 36. PL EnL Sf 
Hahn, Pajmg^ %. C>5, 66. 

a, b. Bhtiiih Guiann. Presented by Sir R« Sch 
c, c/. Britiiih Guiana. Presented by the Royi 



Conaru* chrysopbrys, Swains. Two Cent, and 

SouaHc^\ Iconogr. Perr. 1. 11. 
CoDurus [>ertinEix, p.. Cab. Schomh. Rtuten^ iii, p 

a, Trinidiitl. From i\w Ztjological Society *a 

27. CoNURUs JIRUG1NOBU8. Tbc Brown-thra 

Psittaciis neruginosuB, Linn. S. 2V. i. p. 142; Et 
Psittacas pliimbeiis, Gmei. S, N. i, p. 326. 
Psittacus (CoruiruK) Kniginosiis, Kuhl^ Con^tp, Pi 
Sittace cactonim, juv., ^Vagl. Monogr. Psitt, p. 
Couiims chrvsogenys, Mass. i^ Souance,, ReP. 

(1854) p. /2. * 
Coniirua irrupfinosus, G. R, Gr^ G«i, qfB. ii. p,i 

PfflTTAClDA. 39 

p flmTentris, Sour, Av, Bras. 1. 18. f. I. 
CMSaram, 9VagL Monoar. Psitt. p. 651. 
m GMtorum* Souane^ Rev. et Mug. de Zool. (1856) p. 61 ; 
BOMyr. Pmr. 1. 10. 
m kiMdiu, ill. Hahh Papag. t. 79. 
Bahim. From Ifr. Warwick's CollectioD. 

29. Com UBU8 NANUS. Toe Dwarf Pamkeet. 

m nanm, Vig. Zool. /ovm. v. p. 273; Lear, Parr. pi. 12; 
7*. Pcrr. t. 24. 

IS nuNU, O. A. Gr. Qen. qfB. ii. p. 414 ; Sottanc^f Iconogr. 
.t.12. f.l. 

5. Jamuca. From Mr. Gosae's Collection. 
Jamaica. From Mr. Leadbeater's Coll^on. 

P^. Con URL'S WiDDELLii. Weddell's Parrakeet. 

u Wetldellii, DetfiUe, Rev. et Mag. de Zool (1851) p. 2()9; 
me^. leoRogr. Pert. t. 13. 

ma WecUlellti, O DesMurs, Iconogr. Ornith, t. 2 ; Dev. df 
elm. Erptd. Amer. du Sud, p. 13. t. 11. 

Bolivia. Frum Mr. Bndges' Collect iun. 
Peru. From M. Vemiaux's Collection. 

h. Pyrrhuha. 

CoNL'BUS CRUKNT.vTUS. The Bloodshut Parrakeet. 

uft cnientatus, Pr.Max. Reise a. Bras. i. p. 72; PL Col. 338. 
ia» erkthrogaster, lAcht. Verz. Dupl. B. M. p. 7. 
us rdoniinis) squamosus, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 5, 20 (uec 

en, cyaDo^laris, Spix, Av. Bras. 1. 17. 
ara Lichtcnsteinii, Vig. Zool. Joum. ii. ]i. 390. 
u« Vi^rsii, Desm. 
ara tiriba, Less.; Bourj. Perr. t.25. 
rruentata, WagL Monogr. Psitt. ja. 648. 
i« crucntatiu, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 413. 
^ cnientata, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (IS54) p. 150. 
ra crueutata, Pr. B. Cab. Joum. fur Ornith. (185/) p. • 
js rConuriis) tiriba, Ijess. TV. cTOra. p. 213. 

Brazil. Prusentcd by Lord Stuart de Rothsay. 
River Amazon. From Mr. Stevens*)i Collection. 

Microsittiice vittata, Pr, B. Rtv, et Mag. de SToof.i 
Pyrrbum vittiitji, Pr, B. Cab. jQum./ur Omiih. (| 
tiahn, PafKitf. t. 21- 

Brazil. Male. From Mr. Warwick's Collect: 

33, CoNURiTs Ukvillei. Deville't Pi 

Conunis Deyiltei^ Mass. ^ Souanc^f Rev, et Moff^ i 

p. 73. 

MicroKittace DeviUii, Pr, B. Rev. et Ma^, de Zooh (1 
Pyrrbiirn Devillii, Pr, B. Calf. Journ.fur Omitk. i " 

Souanc{, honotft. Perr. t. l<i. 

Hab. Butivia. 

31. Co NuHDtj Molina. MolintL*s Po 
ConuruB Mulinics Mass. ^- Souancet R^. et Ma^. 

Microaitlnce MolinjCi Souauce^ Rev. et Mag. de Za 

Conurut pyrrhiini, Reichenb. 

Micmsittuce pyrrlmm» Pr. B. Rev. et Maff, de J 

Puittaeiis phalli icura, lAcht. 

Pynhiini MtiliuJc, Sovanee, Ictmogr. Perr., t, 15> 

a. Bolivia. From Mr. Brytlgea' CollM^tion. 

na uddv.y r ivtic 

Tk« Ito 


elinanu, G. R. Gr. Gen. o/B. ii. p. 414. 

e meUnora, Pr.B.Rfv.e/Mo^.cfe Zoo/. (1854) p. 150. 

m mdanun, Pr, B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (1857) p. . 

1. RiTer Amuon. From Mr. Sterens's Collection. 

17. C0NURU8 LEUC0TI8. The White-eared Parrakeet. 

iciu (Comtnis) leucotis, Lickt. Kukl, Consp, Psitt. pp. 5, 21 . 

ngm ninas, ^nx, Av. Brag. t. xiz. f. 2. 

ce kncotis, Wagl Monoar. Psitt. p. 640. 

learm leucotis, Vig. Zoot. Joum. ii. p. 389. 

icarm niniis, Boiif^. Perr. t. 28. 

inu leucotia, O. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 414. 

Hittace leacotis, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. Je Zool. (1854) p. 150. 

lorm leucotia, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (1858) p. . 

8. Bnisil. Preiented by Lord Stuart de Rothsay. 
b. ? From Mr. Leadbeatcr's Collection. 

^XURCS CTANOPTERU8. The Wave-breastcd Parrakeet. 

Mat cyanoptenu, BodJ. Tabl des PL Enl. d*Aubent. p. 9 ; 

. Enl. 144. 

■COS versicolor, Gmel. S. N. i. n. 327. 

tcuM Anaca, Gmel S. S. i. p. 349. 

■cos aquamatus, Lath. Ind. Dm. i. p. 101 ? 

lens nuunilatna, Donov. Nat. Repos. pi. 33. 

■cos (Conunu) versicolor, Kuhl, Conn. Psitt. pp. 5, 22. 

mis cyanopterus, O. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 413. 

Mittace versicolor, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 150. 

lura versicolor, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (1858) p. . 

icara versicolor, Vig. Zool. Joum. ii. p. 389. 

ee aoaca, fVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 64/. 

LeraiU. Perr. t. 16. 

2, b. British Guiana. Presented by the Royal Geographical 

;. British Guiana. Presented by Sir R. Schomburgk, K.II. 
/. River Amazon. 

'S'J» Co.nL'rub Luciani. Prince Lucicn*s Parrakeet. 

ru» Lucianii, Deville, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1851) p. 210. 
Mittac-e Luciani, Pr. B. Rev. tt Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 150. 
lura Luciani, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (I808) p. ; 
tancet Ic(mogr. Perr.t. 14. 

igiua Luciani, Dev. ^ Casteln. Ej^pcd. Ajn&. du Sud, p. 14. 
ii. f. 1. 
RiVcr Awuzon. 



40. CoNt'iiug ROSSI FRON8. TUc Rose-finooKed 1 
Conurua rotetfrons, G. R, Gr* 

a — c. River AmAxon. From Mr. Stcreiu's CoQ 

4K CoNUBUS CALLIPTSRU9. Thc Gol(teii-wiagi'<(l ] 

Conunis callipleru*, MasM. ^ Soutmc^t Rev. ft Maa. 

(lK5.i) p. 72. 
MicrosittAce cslliptera, Pr. B, Rev. et Mag. de Zool* (16 
"^ hum ralliptera, Pr, B, Cab, Joum.fur Omiik, (IH 

Souance'j Iconogr. Pert, t, 17, 
Microsittacc HavfUa, Verr^ MSS. 

u* Santa Pe de Bogota. 
h, Santa F^ dc Bogota. 

c. Santa Fe de Bogota, 

d, — — -? Variety. 

From Mr. Wanrick'* Co 

From Mr, ^ 

From Mr. 

From Mr. Turner's LaWcc 

42. CoNURua BUPicoLUs, The Rock Panrnke 

Conurus rupicolus, Tsckudit Faun. Per. t, xxvi, f. 2, 
Microsittnce rupicola, Pr,B, Rev, et ZooL (l^ 
Pyrrlmla rupicola, Pr, B. Cab, Joum.fur Omith, {\Sb 

Hab. Pfru. 

43. Conurus chiripkpb. The Chiripepe ! 

PsittacuH chiripep^, VieilL N, Diet, trH, N, xxt. p. SS| 
Sittttce chiripe|>^, H^agl, Monopr, Psiit. p, <544. 
Conurus chiripepe, G, R, Gr, Gen. of B. u, p, 41*5. 
Microsittace eheripcpe, Pr, B, Rev. et Mag, dc Z 
Pyrrhura chirit>epe, Pr. B, Cab. Jtmra, fur Or 

Hab, Paraguay. 

44. CoNtmufl LSPtDUs. The Brisk Parmkeet] 

Paittacus lepidus, TIL 

'?»ittacu» (Conurus) versicolor, p.* Kukl, Comtp, Ptitt, [ 
iratingn perlatua, J , Spijf^ Av, Bras, t, 20» f. 1. 
Sittacc le[)idap IVagL Mouogr, Psitt, p. 642. 
Psittaciirtt (icrlatus, S , Bourj. Perr. t. . upp. lig. 
Conunis lepidu«, G. R. Gr, Gen. of B, lu p. 4l3. 
Microsittace lopida, Pr, B. Rev, et Mag. de ZooL f l^ 
P>Trhura Icpida, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omitk, (ltJ5S)'|C"|, 

tt. Brazil From Mr, Steveni't Collectioa. 

* Closely alliLMl to C. cvanoftterut i hut with tlir^ Ufp «tf titfl 
And elitseki carmine variod with yellow. 


MUBUB CHLOROGBNT8. The Green-cheeked Pkmkeet. 

;m pciUtna, ^ , Spix, Av. Bras, t. xx. f. 2. 

dilorogeDyi, fVagL Momogr. Psiit. p. 643. 

la dtlon^enys, O. A. Gr. Gen. of E. ii. p. 413. 

ittaee ehkMrogenyt, Tt, B, Rev, et Mag, de Zool, (1854) 


im chlorogenys, Pr. B, Cab, Joum,fur Omitk,(l8o7) p. . 

urn lepidui, Boufj. Perr, t. . low. fig. 


CoNURUS HAMATOTis. The Blood-eared Pamkeet. 

i» lumMtotis, SoMOHc^, Rev. et Zool. (1857) p. yj; 
eomogr. Perr. t. 18. 


i. Myiopsitta. 

CoNURUS MONACHUS. The Grcj-breasted Pamkeet. 

lu monachiu, Bodd. Tabl, des PL Enl, d*AubeHt. p. 48; 

Emt. 768 ; Levaill, Perr. t. 38. 

as nmrinns, Gmel, S, N, i. p. 327- 

lu buccalU, Bechst, Lath. Uebers. p. ; Levaill. Perr. 

OB dnereioollis, Vieill. N. Diet. d^H. N. xxv. p. 365. 
na (Conunu) miuinns, Kuhl, Consp. Peitt. pp. 6, 28. 
na (Conunxs) buccahs, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 5, 26. 
murina, Wagl. Monogr, Psitt. p. 638. 
]s monachus, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 414. 
litta murina, Pr, B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 150. 
^ buccalis, Steph, Gen, Zool. xiv. p. 13i^. 

Monte Video. From the Zoological Socictjr's Collection. 

48. CoNUKUs CALiTA. Thc Widow Parrakeet. 

lu cotoiTo, Vieill. N. Diet. d'H. N. xxv. p. 362? 

a calita, Jard. <5- Selby, lllustr. of Orn. pi. 82. 

IS miinmis, juv., Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. ChiO. 

Lscalito, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 414. 

dtta calito, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 151. 

Bolivia? From Mr. Stevens's Collection. 

!^oNirRt'8 M URiNOiDRs. The Bolivian Grey-breasted 

19 murinoides, Ternm. 

HaL •* S, America,** Svtnm, 


Amni aynrnra, D*Orb, Votf. de VAmir. M&^ 
Myiupaiita canicoUis, Pr, B, Rev. et Mag. dfZoitl 

Souancej Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1856) p. S3 
BolborhynchuM aymam, Souance, Iconogr, Pert, U 

a, 6, Cbili, From Mr. Cuming'si Collection 

52, GoNUHUs AURIFRONS. Tlie Golikn-front 

Psittacus (Latharaus) aurifrons. Leas. Cent, ZooL 
Tricboglossus aurifrons, iVagi Monogr, Ptitt, p. 
Conurus sitopb dgiia, T&chudU Fauna Per, t, 
Conumit iiurifroiiSr Bnurj, Perr. t. 
Myiopsitta aurifran», Pr. B, Rev, et Mag. de Zoot 
Bulborhynchus fturifroes, Souancit Iconogr, Perrt 

a, Lima. 

b. Chili. From the Zoolopical Society's Cd 
e, Nicaragua? Presented by E, Wilsoa, £s 

53. C0NURU8 Orbygnkshts. D'Orbigny*i Qt 

Mj^opsitta Orbygiieaia, Pr.B.Rev.etMag.deZ^oi 

Souanc^, Ret\ et Mug, de ZqoU (1856) p, 64 
Bolborbyiichus Orbiguesia, Souanc^, Ic&nogr^ 


0OWUVM Catbarina. Catberine't Pamkeet. 

i lineQla, Pr. B. Ccmpi. Rmd. (1856) p. . 

k fth«Tin> et Bolborajiichiit citharina, Pr. B, Compt, 

1857) p. . 

k. TiRlCA. 

:mus TiUACULA. The Long-tailed Green Pamkeet. 

tiriaculn, Bodd. TM. dtM PL EnL d^Avbent. p. 51 s 


diiea» GmmL 8. N. L p. 351. 


(Ccmnnu) Tiridiaiimui, Temm. et Kuki, Contp. Ptitt. 


icutiroetrii, Spur, Av. Bras, 1. 15. f. I. 

iea, WagLMnmogr. PtUt. p. e37, 

iriacala, 6. A. Gr. Gen. o/B. ii. p. 413. 

rostri*, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de ZooL (1854) p. 151. 

lilienns, Souanc^, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (18o^) p. 64. 

liivsiina, Pr. B. Caban. Joum.fur Omitk. (1857) p. • 

-iridiHimiu, ,Stepk. Gen. Zool. ziv. p. 136. 

, Papag. 1. 15. 


axil. From llr. Warwick's Collection. 


ruRua VIRB8CEN8. The Yellow- win^^d Parrakcet. 

rirescena, Gmel. 8. N. i. p. 326 ; Briss. Om. iv. t. 27. 
\ Enl. 359. 

rhuiri, Vieai. N. Diet. d'H. N. xxv. p. 359 ? 
[Conunui) yirescens, Kuhl, Consp. Pritt. pp. 6, 26. 
«scens, Wagl. Monogr. Peitt. p. 636. 
irescens, G.R. Gr. Gen. o/B. ii. p. 414. 
^srens, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de ZooL (1854) p. 151. 
rirescena, Steph. Gen. ZooL siv. p. 139. 
iU. PefT.t.57. 
PajTR. Presented by R. Graham, Esq. 

jBUB XANTHOPTBRUS. The Bolivian Yellow-winged 

unthoptenis, Spix, Av. Bras. t. xv. f. 2. 
Tireacena, HaAa, Papag. t. 50? 
. xROthoptera, Bourj. Perr. t. 23. 

Trfdbogtotstti'pimrhoptenis, WogK Monoyr. Pultii 
Brotogeris pyrrbopterus, Viff. Zool, Journ^ ii. p, ^ 
CoBurcis gnseo-eephalm, Lw, TV. d^Om. p* 214, 
PimaculiL grisei^iis* Bourj, Ftrr, t. 86. 

a — c. OuayaquiL From the 2^logical Socie^ 

GO. CoNr&us TUiPARA. Tlie Red^frontcd 

PsitUcut tuipani, Gmtl. S, N. I p. 348. 
Piittacus calthopticut. Vieill. N, VicL tPH. N. 

vaiU. Perr, t, 58, 59. 
PsittJicus (Conunis) sosove, KukK CoiMjp. Pntt. p 
Psittacus cayaDensiitf Sitains. ZogL Ulustr. pL 1. 
Sittace tuipara, H a^L Monogr, Psiti, p. 6.33. 
Conums tuipnm, G, H. (Vr. Gfii. of B, xi, p. 414. 
FuttoTiUB tiiipara, Pr. B, Her. et Mag. de Zml, (1 
BrotogeiiB aunfroniy Casi. Journ. Acad. N. ^^ Pki 

Var. Pnttaciis notatus, Bodd, TabL dts PL Eni, (T, 

PL EnL 456. t 2. 
PaittaCQs sosove, GmeL S. N* h p. 352, 
Aratinga sosove, Steph. Gfn. Zool xiv, p, 136. 

Var, Psittacus chrvwptema, Lmu. S. N. i. 

niTTACIDA. 47 

Ml u»us TOTi. The TeDow-throated PtHrakeet. 

vfi, OmH. 8. N. L p. 351 ; Brisi. Om. iv. t. dO. f. 3. 

CoBonu) Mflove, p., Kukl, Consp, P$iit pp. 6, 28. 

tovi, nra^ Mmufjfr. Pntt. p. 6^. 

Hnogcm, Len. Rev. ZooL (1842) p. 210. 

yn guttnre Inteo, Bo«n. Perr. t. 48. 

lovC IV. B. Rev. et Mag. de ZaoL (1854) p. 151. 

From Mr. Leadbeater't Collection. 
_ Pretented by Mr. O. Barclay. 

Qth Ameriou ¥sma Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
^— 7 ¥nm tbe Zoological Soeiety't Collection. 

Gov umuB TUi. Tlie Odd-headed Parrakeet. 

tai, Omel. 8. N. i. p. 352. 
Pnttacula) tui, KM, Consp. Psitt pp. 8, 58. 
, iragL MoHogr. Psitt, p. 634. 
ui. G. R. Gr. Qen. of B, li. p. 414. 
, mi, Pr. B. Rev. etMag. de ZooL (1854) p. 151. 
tui, Pr. B. Cab. Journ.fitr OmUh. (1857) p. . 
tui, Siepk. Gen. ZooL xiv. p. 141. 

South America. From the Zoological Society's Col- 

4. CoNURUS Cassini. Caasin's Parrakeet. 

rMaaerinus, Bodd. TabL des PL EnL d'Aubent. p. 27. 
.ni.456. f. 1 ; LevaiU. Perr. t. 70. 

o Javarri. From Mr. Stevens's Collection. 


yONURCS SMARAGDiNUS. The Emerald Parrot. 

unaragdinis, GmeL S. N. i. p. 322 ; PL EnL 85 ; Le- 

err. U 21. 

imaraffdinis, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B, ii. p. 414. 

jce amaragdina, Pr. B, Rev. et Mag. de ZooL (1854) 

Cbili. Presented by the Admiralty. 





LeptorhynchuB, Swains. Classif, of B* ii. p, 300. 
EnicogQalhus, G. B. Gr. Gen. of B, (\BAO) p. 51. 
St>iorhyncbiis» Less, Echo du Monde savant (| ^l| 

Heuieogntttliu*, AgasM* 
Hylorliynchus, aliq. 

I, Enicognathcb LKPTORUYNcuus. The Chili 1 

Psittttcus chcroyeus, MoL tlist, Nat. CAift, p. 2:i8. 
Pnttacam leptorhvucha, King^ Lear ^ Parr, t. ii.; Bourj.l 
Sitt&ce leptorbpichus, ^VttgL Monagr, Psitt, n. C)46. 
Psittacaria reetirustm, J/e^e«, iVopd Je^a Car. ij€op. Ao 

xvi. p. Ji5. t. XV. 
Lentorbyncbus ruficaydiis, Swaina, Clatsif of B, ii. 
EmeogDatbus leptorbyiichu», G. H, Gr, Gen, of B.{i 
Anini erytbrofnms, L^a^*. Rev, ZooL (1842) p, 135. 
Stylorb}iiehiif eiytbrofrotia, hess. Echo du Monde i 

p, 211. 
Psittacus rectirostria, Hahn, Papag, t. 75. 

a. Chib. Presented by Capt. Lord Byrou> E,N* 
, b. Chib. Presented by the Admiralty. 

iii. LORIN^. 


Charmoj^vua, WagL Monogr, Psitt^ p. 4l>3 (IS 
Pittapou», Less, Tr. d'Omith, p. 194 (1831). 
Pyrrliodea, Swains. Classif ofB.u^p, 3m (18371 
Charmosina. Pr. B. Ann. dea Set, Nat, (1854) p- 

L Charmosyka papuensis. Tlie PapuAtt 

Paitta4*ua jafjonjeui*, Linn. S. N. L p. 141. 

Psittacus papou. Scop. DeL Fhr, et Fauna Insula, p.t 

Psittacus papueusis, Gmei. S, N. i. p.3l7' 

Psittacus Bontii* Lath. Ind. Om. i, p. 92. 

Paittaciis javatiievia, GtneL S,N, i, p. 319. 

Psittacus omiiicolor, Licht, Catal, (l/J^-'l)* 

Psittacus LichtensteiDii^ fiechst. Lath, L'ehert, d, Vo^ 

PsitUcus ( Conurus) papu€nsis. KuhL Consp, Pititt, pji 

Charmos>na papuenais, WagL Monogr* P^t, p. 555. , 

Cbftrmoayna papua, G. fl. Gr. Gtn, qf B, ii. p. 416, 


IS (Briooercas) pumensit, MuU. & SM. Verk. Nat. Gesch. 

rl. Imd. p. 107. 

nm pftpoentii, Vig, ZooL Joum, iii. p. 56. 

pftfiaeiins. Less. TV. tTOm. p. 195. 

■s. Foy. t. iii. ; LevaUl. Perr. t. 77- 

fr. New (3iiiii€ft. 

jrU, CW». 1797-98. 
ornw» Fi^. Zoo/. Joum. ii. p. 400. 
omieelk, Wagl. Mtmogr. Psitt. p. 495. 

. LoRius DOMICBLLA. The Purple-capped Lor}*. 

rvM domicella, Linn. S. N. i. p. 145 ; Edw. B. pi. 171; PL 
.119; LevaiU. Perr. t.95; Hahn, Papag. t.42. 
-OS domicella, jut., PL EnL 84 ; LevaiU. Perr. t.95 Ins. 
na (CoDunit) domicella, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 7* 40. 
elU Atricapilli^ WagL Monogr. Psitt. p. 567* 
domicella, Vig. ZooL Joum. ii. p. 400. 

*iittaciu raja* Shaw, Gen. ZooL viii. p. 537; LevnilL Perr. 


rot rex, Beehst. Lath. Uebers. der Vbg. p. 92. 

rat ndhea, VieilL N. Diet. d'H. N. xxv. p. 337. 

Molucca lalanda. From Baron Laugier's Collection. 

LoBius CHLOROCKRCU8. The Green-tailed Lory. 

chlorocercui, Gould, Proc. ZooL Soc. (1856) p. 137. 

San Chriitoval. From the Voyage of H.M.S. Ilerald, 
eolleeted by Mr. Macgillivray. ' 

IfOBlus HYPOINOCHROU8*. The Louisiadc Lor}'. 

bypoinoehrous, G. R. Gr. MSS. 

Loniiiade Archipelago. From the Voyage of II. M.S. 

4. LfORius TRICOLOR. The Black-capped Lory. 
am Lory, Linn. S. N. i. p. 145; Edw. B. pi 170; PL 

E0 ihe former: but the under wing-covert are of the same 
10 the body ; the abdomen, thighn, and under tailHwrerts dull 
the tail with the bawd half coccincous, and the apical half 
ggretL, It it alio without the yellow band on breast. 


5. LoRiue CYANAtJCHBN. The Bluc- 
Psittacui (Lorius) cvanaucheni Mull. <^ Sekl, Vt 

NederL hd. p. 10/ (Laud en Valk). 
Lonus superbaa, Fr. Zool. Typ. pi. 55; Proc, Z, 

fl. Moluccas. From Baron Liiugicr*s Coll* 
b. Moluccas. From the Zoological Society 

(). LoRius CCERULKATU8. The Blue-tal 

PBittarua coeruleatiis, Btehst, Lath* Vtbtrt, 

fjrvaill. Ptrr, t, 97- 
P^ittBcus eyanuruiit Skaw, Gen. Zool, vm. p.5^S 
Psittacus (CoDUrus) cyauurus, Kuhi, Consfi. Psl 
Domicella ccemleatH, Watjl. Moiioor. P^tt. |k 5J 
Loriua cyanurus, bteph. Gen. ZooL xiv. p. 132. 
Lorius coenileatua, G. R, Gr, Gtn, of B,u, p. 41 

Hab, Borneo (?). 

7. Lorius garrulus. The Ccrftm i 

PiiktacuH (^armliis, Linn. S, N* u p. 145; FriseH 
Psittiicus mexiwinus, Gmel. S.N.i.p. 320; Seha 
PsittacuB garrulu8» moluccensia y, GmeL S* N* 

B. pLl72. 

Psiitacus (Conums) ^familus, Kuht, Consp, Pmtt 
Domicella gamilft, WapL Monogr, Psitt. p» 570, 
Lorius ^milus, Steph. Gen, ZtmL xiv. p. 13S- 

^'lucus, KJic£jn, vrcw. j^juut, aiv. p. to^. 

: L<»nus) cocciueiis, Miill. <5* Schl. Verh. yat. (iesvk. 

lad. \i.\H2. 
ttaciis varit'j^atus, Gmel. S. N. i. p. ,'<lJr.' 

varie^ta, iVayl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 5()(> ? 


olnocas. From the Zoological Society's Collection. 

Eos CTANOGENiA. The Blue-cheeked Lory. 
genia, Consp.Av, p.4; ProcZ. 5.(1850) pi. 14. 
MoIncGU? IVom the Zoolog;ical Society's Collection. 

3. Eos RUBRA. The Molucca Lory. 

wmeos, Lfiui. S. N, i. p. 141; Edw. B. pi. 1/3; Levaill. 
niber, Gmel. S. N. i. p. 335 ; PL Enl. 519 ; Stmn. Voy. 

moliicoeniit, La/A. Ind. Om. i. p. 116. 
jcaule9tUM,8haw, Nat. A/; Levaill. Perr.t. 9:u 
ejwionothiis, VieiU. N. Diet. d^H. N. xxy. p. 334. 
Conunia) ruber, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. /» 38. 
i H^ofii. MfMogr. Psitt, p. 558. 
meiu, Stepk. Gen. Zool. xiv. p. 132. 
Lorhu) ruber, MuU. if Schl. Verk. Nat. Gesch. Nederi. 
Diuecat. From Baron Laugier's Collection. 

Unh. Guebv, Bouron, and New Guinea* 

(y. Eos cocHiNSiNKNSis. The Cochi 

Psittacus cochinsinensis, Lath. Ind, Orn. i. j 
PsitUcus riciniatus, Beckst, Lath. Uebers. a 
Psittacus cucullatus, Shaw, Gen. Zool. Tiii. p 

I^sittacus (Conurus) riciniatus, Kuhl, CoMp. 
Lorius cucullatus, Steph. Gen, ZcoL xiv. p. 1 
Psittacus (Lorius) rinniatus. Mull, Hf Sckl, 

Xederl, Ind. p. 108. 
Lorius Isidorii, Svrains. Zool, lUustr, pL 
Eos cochinsinensis, IFagL Monogr, Psitt. p. 
Eos riciuiata, Pr, B, Rev, et Mag. de Zool. ( 
Eos Isidorii, G. R. Gr, Gen, ofB. ii. p. 417. 

a. Timor Laut. Presented by Capt. M 
h. Celebes. From Mr. Leadbeater't C 

7. Eos BORNBA. The Blue-ttret 

Lorius bomeus, Les$, TV. ^Om, p. 192. 
Psittacus (Lorius) reticulatus, MuU, 4* Schl 

Sederl. Ind. p. lOS. 
Eos c>-anostriata, G. R. Gr. ijf Mitch. Gem, q 
Eos bibmea, Souanc^, Rev. et Mag, de Zool. 
a, b. Timor Laut. Presented by Capt. 



9. Eos CARDiNALts. The Cafdina] Loi^% 

eardtnalis, Homb, J^ J acq. Voy. Pole Sud, ZooL iii. p. 1U3. 
' L2. 

t, iV.B. Compt. Rend, (1857) p» . 

b, CffAlCOPSiTTd, 

IQ. Eos ATKR, The Black Lorj'. 
micT, Scop. Delec. FL et Fauna Insub. p. ; Soun. 

t, no. 

^ ooTic fntnee, <?/?w/. S. AT. i. p. 31 9; LevailL Perr, tA9, 
k (Conarus) iiovie guineie, A'wA/, Consp. Pdtt. pp* 7* *<2. 
I HOTS guioeiPt IVagt. Monogr. PsUt. p. 534, 
! guinese, Steph. Gtm. ZooL xiv. p. 132. 
DOTsc giiineie. Pr. B. Consp. Avium, n* 3, 
I (Loriui) Dorse guinea;, MUIL &■ SchL Verh. Nat, Gexch, 
tL Ind. p. 107. 

New Guinea. Amboyna. 

[lU Eo« flCiKTiLLATirg, The Spark'beanng Lor}'. 
I tcintiUata*, Tcmm. PL CoL 569. 
I tcintilUtiu, Bourj. Perr. t. 51, 

i (Lorius) scintiUftnB, 3/tt//. ^ SchL Verh. Nat. GeMch, 
rL Ind, pp. 22, 107. 

G. R, Gr, Gm, of B, il. p* 417. 
i tctntilUtft, Pr, B. Consp, ^p. p. 3. 

\Vew Guinea. 

12. Eoa RUBHEFBON8. Thc Carmine-fronted Lory. 

I nibrifrOQB, G. R. Gr. Proc. ZooL Soc. (1858) p. . 

i, ^, Aru Uiands. From Mr. Wallace's Cotlectiou. 

Idu Eos RUBiGiNoi»A. The Ru«ty-coloured Lur). 
■ieta rubiginosa, Pr. B. Consp, Av, p. 3 ; Prav, Z, S, 

b) p. 2«. pi. 16. 

De dc Waigjou. From M. Verneam** Collection. 
t, ^ f^tm Mr. Gould's ColJection. 

Psitt&ctis jjalgulag, Linn. S. N.i- p, 150; 
Psittacus fiavigtila, Bodd, Tabl. des PL 

PL EnL \m. 
Psiltacus fPsittaculft) galgulua, Kvht^ Consp. Pi 
Paittacu!! tPsitUtnila) ealj^ului, MiilL Sr Sckl. 

NederL Ind. p^, \0§, 'MX. 
Psittttciilii (Toiiit) galgulus. Less, TV. d*Orn. ji, 
Psittaeulus galgiilu»» Swaijts. Classtf, of B, i'u 
Psittainis pitmihis, Scop, Delec. FL et Faun. In 

Voy. t. ;iH, low. fig, 
Psittftcula gftlgulus, SVagL Mono^r, Piriit. n, 6! 
Psittaciiln cyaJit^t>-pil<?ata, Bourj. Perr, t. 80, 
Loriculim pumilus, BL Cat. of B, p. 9* 
L()ii*nilus j^algulus, Pr, B, Rev. ct Mag.deZool 

Q, b. IniEiui Arcljipelago* Prestjtited by ( 

c. JavR. Prcaenteil by the Hon. East Ini 

d. Iiiiiian Ardii{>elago. Presented by J. ! 

2, LoRicuLus 8TIGMATU8. The ^mall Scwl 

Psittncus (Psittacuk) stigmatiia, 3ltii/, 4* S<^*'- 

^sfderL hid. p, 182 (Latiil en Volk). 
Loheulus Btignaatus, Pr, B. Hev. ei Mag, de Zt 

n, k Celebes (MakaaMir), From Mr. Wa 

uiras. rre»eni«i ov in«r i\fv. ii. n. r»;i-^r 
I>al. Prt-^futt'd hy'B. II. Ilo-i-^ :j. K- . 
i*t-riui. Pri-stutLMl Sy — IVk:. ■.:,. L« . 
II Arrhipclaj^o. Prcscmni rj\ Maj-G^:. F:-: 

.L'S IN Dices. The Red and Green Induiu Parrot 

liciu. Gmel. S. X. i. p. ^9; Edur. B. pi. G. 

UnopteriiSy J , Scop. Dtlec. FL et Fauna Insub \i.^h\ 

r. t. 40, low. fig. 

atinu. Lath. Ind. Om. i. p. KjO. 

inor, p., WagL Mtmogr. Psitt. p. ()2**. 

lilippeniis, Bourj. Perr. t. S9, upp. tig. 

liUppensia?, EL Cat. ofB.n. lU. 

iaticufl, BL Journ. A. S. B. riS49; p. S!>1. l*-^; 

dicnt, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Z'fA. • 1^54 p. lOo 
Touit) caulaci, p., Less. Tr. c/'Om. p. 2<J:>. 

.on. Presented by Dr. Kelaart. 

cuLua pUNicuLus. The Small Chme^R- Parrot. 
iniculus (tinenaia), Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. deZ*>tti. 1 ^4o 

liina. From Mr. Fortune's Coll^^^ion. 


• 4 

■ p. 222. 

^H Licmetiilua Bauapartii, Pn B, Cab.Joum./tk 

^H Hah. Simloo Uks. 

^H to. LoHicuLUS CuuActsai* The Phil 
^H Psittaciis giilgulus^ p., Lirm, S, N, u p. 150 1 

^H pBitt&cus galgulus, ^, GmeL S, N. i. i>. 349 
^H Paittacus cu^acissi, VieilL Encyc, M/th. p. I 
^^H Psittai-'ua (Psittacuk) phiHppeosis, KuHy Cm 

^^m Paitiacuk culiiciasi, \\ agh Mtmogr. Psitt. p. 

^^^^^^^B Psittnrula ruTirifroQs, VigorSt htar. Parr, pL 
^^^^^^1 Psittneuk philipp^nais* Steph. Gen. Zoo), : 

^^^^^H LoriculiiB ntbrifroiiiSr Pr. B. Ret}, et Ma^. de 
^^^^^H Lortciilus pliilippeuabt Souance, Hep, et M 

^^^^^H Licmetuluis pttilippensis, Pr, B. Cab, Joum, 

^^^^P P ^ 

^^^^^^ Psittnculiis mbrifrons, Swains. Classif. of B 
^B| 1 Paittaciila mulaiioptera, p,, G, R. Gr. Gen, i 
^m 1 Fsittwuula coulaci, Less. Tr. d'Om. p. 202, 

^H 1 a, b. Philippine Ul&nds. From Mr. Ci 

^H 1 IL LoRicuLDS REGULUS. The Chid 
^^■^I^^^^L Lorimilui regulus, Souance\ Rev, et Afao, di 


Gajthophiliis, Agass, 

fttteotelet, Pr. B. Ann, des Set, Nat, (1854) p. 152. 
Am Le$9. TV. tPOm, p. 193 (1831 J. 
Tm^Lea. lUugtr, de Zool. with t. 28 (1831). 


I. CoBlPBiLUS TAITIANU8. The Otaheite Parrakeet. 

ttttiaans, Gmel. S. N, i, p. 329; PI. Enl. 455. f. 2. 

lapphirinus, Forst. Icon. 49. 

pcnrphyrio, Shaw, Nat, Misc. pi 7. 

Pnttacnla) taitianus, Kuhl, Consp, Psitt, pp. 9, 68. 

ma? taitianus, Steph, Gen. Zool. xiv. p. 136. 
toeena lapphirinus, Swams, Classif, ofB. ii. p. 303. 
ipoibia ■apphiriniu, JVagl, Monogr. Psitt. p. 563. 
qpkilos notatns (I), G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 417. 
iplnliia taitianus, Pr, B. Rev. et Mag. de Zoo/.(1854) p. 157 ; 
•" P«T. t. 66. 

m. Otaheite. 

6. Huahine. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

c. ? From the Zoological Society's Collection. 

2. TCoRiPHiLUS CYANBU8. Sparrmann's Parrot. 

toeiia mneos, Sparrm. Mus, Carts, t. 27. 

twua SpamnanDi, Bechst, Lath. Uebers. d. V'Og. p. 80 ; Le- 

UL Pert. t. 66. 

taena (Psittacuia) Sparrmanni, Kuhly Consp. Psitt, pp. 9, ()8. 

QMria Sparrmanni, Steph. Gen, Zool. .\iv. p. 133. 

philna cyaneus, Wagl, Monogr, Psitt, p. 564. 

pkilna taitianus, p., Zool, (\S34) p. 157. 


3. CoEiPHiLUS 8MARAGDINU8. Goupil's Parrot. 
■euhu amaragdinus, Homb. Sf Jacq. Ann. Sci. Nat. (1841) 
L p. 318. 

ih&iis dryas, Gould, Proc. Z. S. (1842) p. 165; Vog. of . 

oiloa Gouphili, Homb, Hf Jacq. Voy. Pole Sud, Zool. lii. 
[03. t.24*.f.3. 
\Crm§emst.Vog.t.\7,f. . 

I. Marquesas Islands. Presented by J Gould, Esq. 
•. NoUAaiTa. From Mr. Turner's Collection. 


Lorius pbig), l^eii* Tr, (POm. p. 193. 
CoriphiluB solitJirius, WngL Monogr. Pnit. p, S 
Brotogeha cocci ncut, Siuamjf. Ctassif. of B^ ii, 

n. Moluoca«. From Baron Irfiugier*t Col 

5. CoBiPHiLue Kf HLii, KuliV* 

Psittacula Kuhlti, Vi^.ZooL Joum, L p, -ilST, pi 

pi. 38. 

Curiphilus Kuhlii, IVagi Monoyr Pmit, p. 560 
Villi ? coccineust Less. lUustr, 3e ZooL t* 28. 
I>oriu» Kuhlii, I^ess. Tr, d^Om. p. 193. 
Pitittaciila interfhngillAccii, liourj. Ptrr. t. 83, 
Hrologcrifi Kuhlii, Swainx, ClaMsif. of B, ii. p, 

fi. Socit'ty Islands. From Huron Laugtei 

(). CoRIPlitLUt$ PR1NG1LLACSU8. The 8| 

Fi^tttaeua austraUn, Omel. S. N. i. p, 329. 
Psituctu friogilliiciits. GmeL S. N, it p. ii'J/. 
Ptittneus frmfillfiriux. Lath. Ind, Om. i. p, 1 11 
Psittacus pipilans. Lath, hid, Om, p. 105. 
Psittacus porpbyrocenhaliiJ!. Shaw, Nat, 3/tJc 
PsittacuH euchlorus, Forst. 
Paittacus (Psittacula) fringillaceus, Kuht^ O 
CoriphiluR euchlorus, Wa^L Mimcfff, Fi 

UffitntH»ri«tJ&UUzillaCfiflA.-^JE£fliL "^ 



I C0UPHILU8 SUTBLBS. The Yellow-hooded Parrot. 

MBt Eatdes, Temm. PL Col. 568. 

sn entdes, Bomrj. Perr, t. 43. 

ihihu entdes, G. A. Or. Gen. ofB. ii. p. 41?. 

lent (Trichogloniu) euteles, MaU, Sc Schl. Verh. Nat. Gesch. 

deri. lud, p. 209. 

alelet enteles, Pr. B. Rev, et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 157. 

!. TliDor. From Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

. Thnor. From the Zoological Society's CoUectioD. 

8. CoRiPHiLus Iris. The Iris Parrot. 

nis Iris, Temm. PI. Col. 567. 

na Iris, Bomrj. Perr. t. 44, 44 a. 

ens (Tridioglossus) Iris, Miill. 4* Schl Verh. Nat. Gesch. 

Grrl. /Mi.p.209. 

lilns Iris, G. R. Gr. Gen. ofB. ii. p. 41 7. 

iteles Iris, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 157. 

Timor. From Mr. Leadbeatcr's Collection. 
Timor. From the Zoological Society's Collection. 

K CoRlPH ILL'S PLACBNTis. The Pleasing Parrot. 

!iu plaoentis, Temm. PI. Col. 553. 

OS placent, Bowj. Perr. t. 46. 

us (Trichoglotsus) placentis. Miill. 4* Schl. Verh. Nat. 

•A. Nederl. Ind. p. 22. 

Una placentis, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 417- 

ifteles plaeens, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 157. 

b. New Guinea. Male and female. From Mr. Lead- 
beater's Collection. 

d. Ptjlosclera. 
CoRiPHiLUS VBR8ICOLOR. The V'^aried Lorrikeet. 

^OMUS Tersicolor, Vig. ; Lear, Parr. pi. 36 ; Gould, B. 0/ 

r. T. p].51. 

us Ion scintillatus, Bourj. Perr. t. o2. 

tdes Tersieolor. Pr.B. Rev. et Zool.{\%b\)\i. 157. 

lerm Tcraicolor, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. (1857) p. 

P<nt Essington. Young. From the Zoological Society^ 

^. Northern Austraha. Presented by J. R. Elsey, Esq., 





Psittacus heematodus, Linn. Mant. 177- p- 574 ; 

LevailL Perr. t. 47. 
Psittacus hsmatotus, p., Gmel. S, N. i. p. 316. 
Psittacus capistratus, Bechst, Lath, Uebers, d. 
Psittacus (Conurus) capistratus, Kuhl, Comtp, I 
Trichoglossus haematodus, IVagL Monoffr. Psi 
Trichoglossus capistratus, VigorsSf Honf. Limn, 
Psittacus (Trichoglossus) capistratus, MiiU, 4r 

Gesch. Nederl, Ind, pp. 108, 181, 209. 

a. Moluccas. Male. 

h, c. Moluccas. Male. From the Zoologi< 

2. Trichoglossus Forstsni. Fonten 
Trichoglossus Forsteni, Pr. B, Consp. Av, p. 8 
Hab. Sumbava. 

li, Trichoglossus rubritorquis. 


Trichoglossus rubritorquis, Vig, Sf Honf. . 
Lear, Parr, pi. 34; Gould, B, o/Ausir. ▼. p 

a,b. PortEssington. Presented by Capt.^ 
c — g, Northeru Australia. Presentea by • 



r, Shaw, Gen. ZooL viii, p,4l.'l 
i: I I'matopus, Kuhi, Coti»p. P»ift. jjp. tl, IS4. 

ii.^ M*. M. -...-,.. 4>, Hahu, Fapag. t. 3, 

us hacmatodus, Vig. hf llorsf. Linn, Trans, xv, p. 281*. 
multicolor, Hagl, Monogr. i^sitt. p. 553* 
Swiiin»oni, Jard. 4* Se%, UL Orn, pi 112; Gou/t/. 
Am9ir. V. pL 

hstnutopus, Steph, Gen. Zool. xi\\ p. I2i*. 
DOVEe hoUaDiluE, I/es«. Tr. t/'Om. p, 2UD. 
Bol. Bfly, pL p. 15:*; irAiVe, p. 140; LevailL 

^, Cape UpsUut, Austrabn. Prescntuil by J . B- J iikca, Esq. 
Socitb AuatraUtt. Presented by C. D. E. Fortnum* Esq. 
Auitmliii. Presented by Capt, 8ir E. IIauR% Bt., R.N. 
Aoslrmiiii. Preheated by D, E. Cooper, Esq. 
4k>utb Australia. Presented by His ExcelL Sur G. Grey. 
AttvUulia* Presented by Mrs. Maug^er. 

From tbe Zoological Society's Collection. 

tCftOGLOssuB Vbrrbauxiu»* Venraux'si Lorrikeet. 
VcrreauxiuH, Pr. B. Rev. H Mug, de ZooL {\^^) 


pU€HO0LD8»u» NiGHOGULARis. The Aru Lorrikeet. 
MoMus iiigTogularis, 6\ii.Gr.Proc. Zoo^Soc.(l858)p.l83. 
^ b. -Itu lilands. Prom Mr. Walbice's Collection. 



The Blue- banded 


liKiiiKti»dua* Bodd. TahL des PL Enl. d'Attbeni, p. 
US bematotus, GmeL S.N.i.p.3\6; Pi. Enl, f>l. 
Cjatiogaster, p», Skaw, Gen, ZaoL viii, p.4Kl 
» cyaoogn^Tniousf, H^agi. Monogr. Psiit. p, 5i>4. 

Nrti Guinea^ From Baron Laugit^r^ii Colkction. 
? var. From the Zoological l!^ciety't Collection. 

TlitcH00L089U9 Mas^kna. Masscua Lorrikeet. 

m Ma««eDa, Pr. B, Rev, et Mag. de Zooi.(18d4)p. 16/, 
7 San CbristoYaI« Solomon Islands. From Mr. Cuming^t 

Hab, Am Tsliinds. 

From Mr, Wallace'e d 

1L Tricuoqlossub oRNATus. The 

Paittacua omatus« Linn, 5. JV, i, p, 143 ; i 
Psittacua atricmnllus, Lath, Ind, Om, i, p. 
Psittocui 8eb<iuu», Shaw, Gen. ZooL viii* p. 
pHittacus (ConiiriisJ ornntiis, KukU Contp. 
Eos ornatH, IVq^L Monoyr. Pntt* p, 562, 
I^rius omatus» Steph, Geti. ZooL xiv» ji. ] 
Australasia roalaisiae* Less, Tr. (POm. p, 21 
Psittacus (Trichogloasiis) ornatus, Mull,^'Si 

N^dert. Ind. pp. 90, 182. 
Triciboglo-isus urnatus, Pr. B. Rev. H 3/ay* 
PL EnL bb2i LevailL Perr. t. b2. 

Prom the Zoologicd Sg 
FraiD Baron Laugier's 

a. Moluccas, 
/i. Molucctis. 

12. Trichoolossus culorolrpidotds. 


Psittacus {Comirusj cblorolepidotus^ KvhlX 
Trichoglossus Matoni, Fiy. 4* Wor^, Lin; 

Jj^ar, Porr. pL 35. 
Tnchoglossus chlorolepidotus, h'aoL Jlfon 

Jard, ^ Se%, Wtt«/r. of Om, pi. 110; 

V, pK 

a. Austmlia. Preseutcd by A. Cumiiii 


nnchmlu, Shaw, No/. Misc. pi. 913. 

1 Langloisi, VieilL N, Diet, dTH. N. xxv. p. 312. 

I lunatut, Beckst. Ahbild, Nat. Gegenst. t. 94. 

I (Conurus) lunatiu, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. /> 36. 
I ccnicmlU, JVagl. Monoffr. Psitt. p. 561. 
•boglosnis ceiricaiig, Pr. B. Proc. Zool. Soc. (1850) p. 27. 

h. ? 

b. Nanodes. 

1-1. Trichogloh8L'8 DISCOLOR. The Ked -shouldered 

tUctu diicolor, Shaw, Wkite^ Voy. pi. p. 2()3. 

ttmu humeralis, Beckst. Lath. Uebers. d. Vbg. p. 85 ; Le- 

wUL Pert. t. 50. 

tuciu (Conurug) humeralis, Kufd, Consp. Psitt. pp. 8, 4/. 

ttaeus BuikianiM, VieiU. N. Diet. (PH. N. xxv. p. 342. 

Stacus (Connnu) australis, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 8, 48. 

ttacus Lathami, Bechst. Lath. Uebers. d. Vog. p. 81 ; Levaill. 

Perr. t. 62. 

ttacus (Conurus) discolor, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 8, 48. 

thamus rubrifrons. Less. Tr. d*Om. p. 205. 

nodes discolor, Vig. Sjf Horsf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 276. 

phema discolor, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. i). 345. 

:hamus discolor, Pr. B. Rev. el Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 156. 

a. Australia. Presented by Sir T. Mitchell. 

6, c. Van Dicmen's Land. Presented by the Admiralty. 

d. Australia. Presented bv D. E. Cooiier, Esq. 

e. Australia. From Mr. V^arwick's Collection. 

/*, g. Van Diemcn's Land. Presented by J. B. Jukes, Esq. 
k. Australia. 

c. Glossopsitfa. 

15. Trichoglossuh Australia. The Crimson-fronted 

ittacas australis, Lath. Ind. Orn. i. p. 104 ; Hahn, Papag. t. 48. 

Bttscus concinnus, tihaw, Nat. Misc. pi. 87. 

■ttiens pacificus, Shaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. 419. 

■ttaeus rubrifrons, Bechst. Lath. Uebers. d. Viig. p. 84 ; Hahn, 

Papag. t. 10. 

^itticus (Conurus) concinnus, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 8, 46. 
•*twis TeUtus, Vieill. N. Diet. d'U. N. x.\v. p. 373. 
Mioriossus concinnus, Vig. fy Horsf. Linn. Trans, xv. p. 292; 

OoaW. B. oJAustr. v. ph 


TncbogloMu* aufttratii, Wa^L Monoffr, P$itt. p. 54 1^ 
Latbarous runcinnus/ Le«$. TV*. tfOm. p. 206. 
Gloisopsitta &u«tralU, Pr, B. Rev. et Mag.dfZooL{\^ 
LevailL Perr. t. 48 ; Phil Bot. Buy, pL p, 155* 

«. Austrsilia, Presienttid by A. Cunningbam, E«a 
h. Van Diemen's Land. Presented by R. Gnnu, 

Iti. Tricuoglossus PU81LLU9. The Small Pi 

Psittacuji piisilluis, Shaw, fl'Ai/e, Joum. pK p, 262. 
Psittacus michiilia, BechsL Uebers, d, V'og. p. Hi ; Hak 

PttittaciLs (Coniirtis) poBillus, Kuhl, C<m$p. Psiit, pp 
Tricbodossus pusillus, Vi^. Sr Horsf, Linn. Trcmi. 

Gould, B. of Ausir, v. pU 54. 
Latbamus pusillus, Less. Tr. d'Orn. p. 206, 
Gloi*«c>ptitta pusilk, Pr.B, Ret, et Moff, de ZooL (18^ 
Lepaili. Ptrr, t, 63. 

a. Austmba. 

b. AustrabiL 

From tbeAuilniUan MuBeom. 
From Mr. Argent's Collection. 



crowned Ltirrikeet, 

Paittacus piir|>iireust Dki. PhiL Mag, xu p. 387 
Trieboglossu* porpbvrocephalus, Ditt* Linn. Trmu, xf 

Gouid.B. ofAustr. v. pL 63. 
Piittacula Florentis, Bourj. Pitt, t. 84. 
Glossopsitta porpb vrcwepbaly s, Pr. B. RetK et Mag » i^ Z 

p. 157. ' 

a, b. South Australia. From B^lr. Gould's CoDi 
c. South Austraba. Presient^d by His ExcelL C«p( 

18. TTfticuoGLOBBUS PALMARUM. Tbe Palm 

Psittacufi palmfinim, Forst. Icon. 4%\ GmeL S. N. i. 
PsittBcus (Cctmirus) palmftrum» Kuhl^ Conitp. Pititt, m 
Tfichoglossiis pa I dj arum, IVayl, Monogr. Psiti. p. 541 
Nauodes? pulmaruni, iSteph, Gen, Zvol, xix. p. 120. 
Lorieulua ? pal m aru m, Pr. B. Rec. et Mag. de Zool. (181 
L'yclopsitta 7 paltnanim, Pr. B, Cab. Jour n, fur Ond 

>. . 
Had. Island oC Tana. 

linius, Pr, B. Consp. Av. u. 4 (1S49). 

rinus, Pr. B, Ann. des Sci. Nat. p. ]09 (1S54). 

irinus, Les*. Tr. d'Orn. p. ISS (1831). 

icodis, Pr. B, Rev. et May. deZool. (1854) p. 155. 

:hlorut, Sclai. Proc. Z. S. (1857) p. 226. 


1. EcLBCTUS LiNNiBi. Linn^'s Parrot. 

imuei, Wagl. Monogr. Pntt, p. 571. t. udi. 

Liniuei, Halm, Pmag, t. 77. ^i 

unieeus, IV. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. . \f,f 

Philipiniie Uaiidi. V.^' 

lifippine Itlandi. From the Zoological Society's Col- \^f\ 

leetion. j iij 

n Uands. Firom Mi. Wallace's CoUection. h" 

EcLSCTUS CAED1NALI8. The Crimson Lor}'. ^'^, 

cardinalis, Bodd. Tabl. dee PI. Enl. d^Aubent. p. 30. ' 

panioeiii. Gate/. 3. N. i. p. 335 ; P/. Enl. 518. 

(Coaunia)jmiidia, p., liCaA/, Consp. Psitt. p. 572. 

I pmueea, WagL Mtmogr. Psitt. p. 569. t . 

India, p., Stepk, Gen. Zool. xiv. p. 131. F;*^ 

xmioeiu, Pr. £. Cab. Joum. fur Omith. (1856) p. . > r> 

la pnnioeua. Less. Tr. d*Om. p. 189. 



Eclectua eoraelia, Pr. B. Proc. Z. S. (1B4S>) p. 
Hub, Moluccas (Ceram ?). 

b. Mascarjnvs. 

5. EcLBCTUs poLYCHLORos* The Green « 

Paittttcua polydiloroa, Scop. Del. FL et Fauna 
Psittacus mag:nu», Gmfl. S, N. i, p. 344 ; Soim 
Psitta€U!i sinL-nms, GmeL S, N, i, p. 337 ; Edm 

EnL 514. 

Psittaeus lateralis, Shaw, Gen. ZooL viii. p. 491 
Psittacodia magnus, IVagL Monogr. Pntt. p. 5! 
MAMmrinus prasmus. Less. Tr, rf'Om. p. 188. 
Psittttcus (PBittacula) magnus (vel sinenaU), ' 

Nat. GescA, NederL Ind. pp. 107. 182. 
Eclectiis polychloros, (?. R. Gr. Gen. qf B. ii. 
Polychloros magnus, Schi. PrQC. Z. S, (1857) 
Psittacus viridis. Lath. 
Let^aiiL Perr. t. 132. 

Hab. Moluccaa. 

Var. aranensis, (?. R. Gt. Proe, ZooL So<?. (IJ 

a. Aru Islands.. From Mr, WaUace's Col 


Psittacodis interinediiis, Pr. B. Consp, Ai\ p. i 
Polychlorus iDtermedlui, SdaL Proe, Z. S, {V 

of Waigiou. 



ithna, WagL Monoar. Psitt, p. 501 (1830). 
•Umms, SwttM9. Classif. ofB. ii. p. 300 (1837). 

NATHUfl MBOALORHTNCHU8. The Great-billed 

egmloryiidiot, Bodd. TabL des PI. Enl. d'Aubent. 
. Emi. 713. 

icrorhynchus, Gmel. S, N. i. p. 338. 
p. 118. 

. Laih. Ind. Om, i. p. 
^nnnu) iiiacrorhynchu8,lLWA/, Conni. Pn7/. pp.6,37. 
B maerorhyiichut, IVagL Monogr, Fsitt p. 0/7 • 
macrorhynchuB, Less, TV. cPOrfi. p. 189. 
lus macroriiyiidias. Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 300. 
*nttaciila) macrorhjmchus. Mull. 4* Schl, Verh. Nat. 
fderl. Ind. pp. 10/, 182. 
. Perr. t. 83 ; Shaw, Nat, Misc. pi. 921. 

ATHU8 LUCIONBN8I8. The Varied-wioged Parrot, 
eioneniis, Linn. S. N. i. p. 146 ; Briss. Om, iv. t. 22. 

Piittacus (Piittacula) Miilleri, Mull ^SdkL 
NederL Ind.ny. \m, 182 (Land en VM), 
Tftuyguathus Miilleri, Pr, B, Consp, Av. p, 5. 

a, b, Makassar, Celebes* From )Ir. ¥r 
c* ? From the Z<jologicid Society^i 

4, Tanygnathub 9UMATRANU8. The Sm 

F»ittacu» 8umatnitiu», Rqgl. Ltnti. Trcms. idiu 
Tan) ^athus macrorbynchoft, ? , BL Cat. of B 
Psittacodis sumatranus, fVagl. Monogr. Psitt, ] 
Eelectus stimatmnu*, G, R. Gr, G«i. of B. ii. 
Tunygnathus numatninus, Bi. Joum, A. S, B.{ 

d. Ifibud of Sama. From Mr. Cuming's 

5. Tanyonathus graminsus. The Ani 

Psittacus gramineua, Gmel, S, N. u p. 33S ; 
Ptittacodis gramineius, IVa^L Monogr. Ptitt, p, 
Eclectiu gramineus, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B, u, p. 
TanypiBthu* ? gramineus, Pr. B, Rev* et Ma^. 

LevailL Perr, t. 12L 
Hab, Amboyna. 



I. PsiTTACUB BRITUACU8. The Ash-coIoured Parrot. 

tmeoM erithacus, Linn. S. N. i. p. 144 ; Friseh, Av. t. 51 ; 
>!. fill. 311 ; LnaiU. Pert, t. 99, 100. 
r.Psttacuserythroleucus^I/iAa.S.N. i.p.l44;£(/io.B. pl.l63. 
rtTwi enthaciu, rar. fi, y, d, Gmel S. N. i. p. 332. 
ttacns ruber. Scop. Ann, i. p. 52; Levaill. Perr.t. 101. 
r. LetmiU. Perr. 1. 103. 
r. Aibirn'M B. pi. 12. 

a. West Africa. 

k. West Africa. FVom Mr. Baker's Collection. 

c. West Africa. From Bfr. Stevens's Collection. 

I PsiTTACua TiMNBH. The Purplish-tailed Grey Parrot. 

Itaeus erithacus, var. y, Wagl, Monogr, Psitt, p. ; Levaill. 

?Hy. t. 102. 

ttseua timneh, Fras. Proc. Z. S. (1844) p. 38. 

a. West Africa (Gaboon). From the Zoological Society's 


3. FsiTTACVS SENEGA LUR. The Senegal Parrot. 

seneffalus,/WiiM. S.N. i. p. 149 ; Bm.r. Om. iy.t. 24 .f. 2 ; 

Pi. Eni. 288 ; Levaill. Perr. t. 1 16, 1 17 ; Hahn, Papag. t. 3.'^. 
aana lenegalus, Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. ()12. 
ittacns (Geoffroy) senegalus. Less. Tr. tPOrn. p. 200. 
ieephalut scnegalensis. Swains. Classif. o/B. ii. p. 301. 
Mcephalus seuegalus, Pr. B. Rev. et Zool. ( 1854) p. 154. 
iMephalus senegalus, llartl. Cab. Joum. fur Omith. (1854) 
■oeephalua senegalensis, Souanc^, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1856) 


■ttaras (Phaeocephalus) senegalensis, Hartl, Svst. Omith. West 

JV^.p. 168. 
te-Lmii//. PAT.t. 118. 

i. Gambia. 

&. West Africa. From Mr. Squire's Collection. 

^ hriTACUS PACHYBHYNCIIU8. The Thick-billed African 
I Parrot. 

"•^ieiis pachyrhynchus, Hartl. Vers, der Brem, 5omm/. (1844) 
P* *^. 

Psittacui LevaiUantii, LatL Ind. dm. SuppL t 
Piittacus cafTer, Lickt, Catat. rer. rariss. flamii 
Psittacus flammipes, Bvchst. Vvberg, d. Vog, p, 
Psittacus iDfii&calus, Shaw, Gen. iiool, viii. p, i 
Psittaeus fuaricoUis, Kuhl, Con»jK Psitt. p. H3, 
PioDus Le Vaillantii, PVai/L Monogr, Psiti, p, 
Pi*itttt€ua AtnazonH LfvaUlimtii, Less. Tr, d^Or 
Poeoeephalus Vaillaatii, Pr.B. Rn\et Ma^.de^ 
LevaiU. Pctt. t. 130, 131 ; Hahn, Papag 

a. South Africa. Presented by Majt-Geii 

6. PsiTTACUS GuLiBLMi. Jardine*! 

Pionus GuUelmi, Jard. Contr.qfOm. (1849) p 
Poiocephaluis Guliclmi, Hartl, Cab. Jouru, fm 

p. 11/4. 
Pa^cMieplialua Gulielmi, Pr. B. Rev. et Map. deZi 
Psittacus ( Phaeocephalus) Guiielmi, HartL 9% 

A/r. p. Iil7. 

a. Congo. Prom the Zoological Society 'i 


Psittacus Meyerij Rupp. Zool. AtL t, II, 
Psittacus flavoscAfiulatus, Ehrenb, 
Pionus Meyeri, n'affl. Mmiogr. Psitt. p. 613. 
Po^oeephaiuA Meyeri^ Pr, B. Hw, el Mag, de Z% 
Bourj. Perr.t. 61. 

a, b. Abyssinia. From Dr. RiippelFi C 


rpoxanthus, Peters* 

a Gulielmi, p,, Pr, B, Rev. ei Maff, de ZooL (1854) 

iUus, Pr. B. Cab, Jonm,fur OmUk. (1857) 


iippellii. G. R, G. Proc. Z. S, (1848) p, 125. pL 5. 
u RiippeUii, Pr-B.Ret?.cfAffly,rf?Zoo/.(l8&4)p.l54, 
m Riippellii, Hartl. Cab, Joum, fvr Omith. (1854) 

PhAeooepbdus) RiippelLii, Hartl Syst, OmkL West 

It Africa, From the Zoolop^cal Society*^ Collection. 
LtverNunez» West Africa. Prom Mr. Barllett'is Col- 

TaiTTACUs Rt'FtvfiNTatB, The Shoa Parrot. 

rentris, Ruffp, St/s(. Vebtrs. ^c, t, 32, 

U mfivcQtris, Pr. B. Rei\ etMaff.deZool.{\S54)pAS4. 

tfifcntru, G, R, Gr, Gen. qfB. App. p. 20. 

Mt Abyatinia, Presented by the Hon. East India 

^CUf rLAViFRONB. The Yellow-faced Shoa Parrot. 
\hon^, Rupp, Syst, Vebers. Sfc. t- 31. 
us lUTiffont, Pr.B, Rev, etMap. «feZo<j/.{lB54)p. 154. 
bvi^ns, 6\ R. Gr, Gen. of B, ii- p. 421. 

byaciiiia. From Dr. Ruppeil'M Collection. 

PiiTTACUi AuBBYANus. Lccomte's Parrot. 

us Anbnanus, Souance, Rev, et Mag. de ZooL (1856) 

Phaeocepbalui) Lecomtei, (VerrA HartL Syft. Ornith* 

K p. let 

LAfiica (Gaboon). 

B c. Gbofwhoy. 

P«ITTACU8 PERSON ATU8. GcoflVoy's ParTot 

emoiiatuip Shaw, Gen, ZooL viii. p. 644 ; LeemlL Perr. 


— i»i« I A BA^uKM* •uit.ui, xiwMfi* Ajmfuui. J ni« 
Poioephdus atureus, Sirainj. Classify of B. u« 

fit, A, Moluccas. Presented by Capt. Sir 

c, rf. ■ ? From B«ron I^ugier** < 

14. PsiTTACus ARUBNsis. The A| 

Psittoctis aniensis, G, R, Gr. Pror, ZooL Soe, 

a, 6, Aru Islands. From Mr. Wallace'a 

15. PsiTTACUs JuKKBtf. Jukes* 
P^ittiipus Jukemi, G. K. Gr,t 

a. Timor* Pretented by J, B. Juke^ £< 


Paittacus fuscicftjiillus, Ftet//. M Dtc^ d*H. J 
Paittiwiis 3padi(*eocei»halu8, Knkl, Consp, P, ' 
Piotiua ftiscicapiUus, iVapL Mona^r. Psitt. p. 
GeoftVoYus fuscIcapLlluSf Pr.B,Rev,eiyTog,Je, 
Hab. JftVft. 

17. PsiTTACrS PUCHKUANI. Puchei 

Pimnis futjcicapilhis, ( IVagl,) Homb, Sf Jacq, Vi 

iii. p. 106. t 25V f. 3. 
Gcoffroyiis Pucherani, Pr.E.i Souanc^, Rep^ 

(1856) p. 21B, 



78 HKTEROCLITU8. The Btue-ciipped Parrot. 
oyi hetetocUtuMt Homb.^Jacq, Ann,des Sci,l%at, 

elitus, Homh. <&• Jacq, Foy» P^le Sud, ZooL iii. 
I. 25V f. L 

Fsclituu, Pt. B, Retf, et Mag. de ZooL ( 18&4) p. , 
, Pucher. Voy. Pule Sud, ZooL iii, p, 105. t. 23*. 

IbDOQ islindt. 


d. CMC A, 

The White-br«iarted 

'siTTACUS CYANicoLLis. The Gilolo Parrot. 

Ih afiicollis, Mull, if Sckl. Verh. Nat. Gesch, NederL ind. 

J^and en Volk). 

[Paittaciila) cvjinicoUis, Mull. 4* Sckl. L c. p. 182, 

Lcyftnicollia. Pr, B, Consp, Av. p, 6, 
I of Gilolo. 


f Parrot. 

inelanoeephahiSt Ltiifi. S. N. i. p> 14^; Edw* B, pU 169; 
I 5^1: ; l^aiU. Perr. t 11 U J 20. 
^jiiioceph&lus, H offl. Monogr. Psitt, p. r»OH. 

tCKiea) uiclauoct:pLalu9, Less. 7V, d^Om. p. 19S7. 
\n ii)claTioce])halu8« Sicains, Clasmf, (if B, ii, p, 301. 
I^aucepbala, Pr. B. Rev, et Mag. de ZooL (1864) p- 131 . 

Siuroi. From Mr. GouLd'ii Callcction* 
^eC8 LKDCOGABTKR. The Bay -beaded Parrot < 
cogastrr, ///. Kuhl, Cmsp, Psitt. p. 70 ; Bourj. Ptrr, 


feUnoccphakas, p.» Wagi. Monogr. PsitL p, 608. 
s, LtaVf Parr, pL L 
leucupatiter. Less. Tr. d^Om. p. VJ9. 
er, Pr. B. Rev, et Mag, de ZooL ( 18S4) p. 151 . 

[Bfftsil. From the Zoological Society's Collection, 

D« XANTHOMERIDB, The Ycilow-thiffhed Parrot- 
Beria, G. H. Gr. Proc. ZooL Soe. (186?) p. 26<i. 
} Javarh. From Mr. Stevens's Collection* 



l*ii)iius ciiioa, Wnyl.Monngr. Vsitt. p. 609. 
IVsitrncus 'Caica' piK'atii'i. Lvaa. Tr. (VOrn. p. IJ 

IV)ici pli:ilii«» jMltarii^. Sir. (luysif. of B. \\. p. ,"<n 
< Mica pilratus. Vr, H. l\<r. ft Miuj. tf'r Zool. i iSo 
LtcnilL Ptrr. t. VSi. 

a. CaveuDC. Frum Mr. Lcadbeater's Colle 
h. ("uyenne. From Mr. Gou1d*s Collection 
c. Cavenne. From Mr. Warwick's Collecti 

25. PsiTTAcrs MELANOTI8. The Black-e 

Pionus melaiiotis, Lafr. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. ( 
Cnica melanotic, Pr, B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (] 

Hah. Bolivia. 

26. PsiTi'ACUH Barrabandi. Barrabaiu 

Psittaciis (Psittacula) Barrabandi, Vaili, Kukl, Cw 

(l\ ; Lecaiil. Perr. t. \IU. 
Pionus BnrrulMimli, ll'agl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 610, 
Psittacus (CaicA) pileatus, var., Lestt. Tr. iTOTn. 
Poici'plialus Barrabandi, Svraintt. Classif. qfB.h 
Caira Barrabandi, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. | 

n. British Guiana. From Sir K. Scliombur| 

h. Ejra. From Mr. Stevens's Coliectinn. 
r. Uivcr Amazon. From Mr. Stevens's Col 


f. Pwsus. 

L Pbittacub mbnstruus. The Blue-kemded Purot. 

ciu menstniiu, Linn. S. iV. i. p. 148 ; Edw. B. pi. 314. 
ens cyanogulm, Bodd. TabL des PL EnL d'Aubent, p. 23 ; 
£bl. a&4. 

m menstruns, Ha^/. Monogr. Psitt, p. 602. 
Ijevmii. Perr. 1. 1 14 ; Hakn, Papag. t. 44. 

I. Soath Americm. 

^. Bio Jawri. From Mr. Stevens's Collection. 

29. PsiTTACCs 80RDIDU8. The Dusky Parrot. 
idu sordidutj lAnn. S. \. i. p. 148; Edw. B. pi. 16/ ; LevaiU. 

TT. t. 104. 

IS sordidiUy Wogl, Monogr. Psitt. p. 6<)7. 

MiCis sordidus. Swains. Ciassif. of B. ii. p. 301. 

IS corsllinus, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 152. 

■. New Grenada. From M. Vcrreaux's Collection. 

30. PsiTTACUS Maxim I LI AM. Maximilian Parrot. 

sens Maximiliani, Kukl^ Consp. Psitt. p. 72 ; Hakn, Papag. 


toeiu cj'anunis, Pr. Max. 

■ciis flavirostris, Spix, Av. Bras. t. 31 . f. 2. 

■s Maximiliani, p., fVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 603. 

■ens llavirostris yel Maximiliani, Bourj. Perr. t.54. 

sens eobaltinus, Mass. et Souance, Rec. et Mag. de Zool. 

8M) p. 74. 

as Maximiliani, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 152. 

OS eobaltinus, Pr. B. /. c. p. 151. 

«. Brssil. From Mr. Wanii'ick's Collection. 

31. PsiTTACUS SiY. The Siy Parrot. 

tuM Maximiliani, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 604. 

iiu Siy, (Azara) Souanc^y Rev. et Mag. ae Zool. (1856) p. 1 55. 

a. Brazil. From Baron Lauf^icr's Collection. 

6. Brazil. From Mr. Warwick's Collection, 
e. Brazil. 

d. Brazil. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

32. PsiTTACUS SENILIS. The Pale-billed Parrot. 

I senilis, Spix, Av. Bras. t. 31. f. \ ; Hakn^ Papag. X,h^\ 


Psittacus s(*iiil()i*les. Mass, et Souanc^^ Rev. et 

f*i<)nuN <riiili)ulrs, Pi\ /?. Hrr. et Mag. de Zonl. 
a. New Grt'iiiula. From Mr. Steveus's Col 

.'M. Phittacus VIOLACEU8. The Little Di 

Psittacus violaceus, BodJ. Tabl. des PL Enl. d 

PL EnL 408. 
Psittacus puq)ureu8, GmeL S. N. i. p. 346 ; Edt 
Psittacus cyaDOcephalus, Scop. Ann.i. p. 33. 
Pionus purpureus, IV'affL Monogr. Psitt. p. 606. 
LevailL Perr. t. 115. 

a. British Guiana. Presented by the Royi 


b. Soutli America. 

r, d. Soutli America. From Mr. Tomer'i i 
f . South America. Presented by J. Gould, 

.35. Psittacus ciialcopterus. The Bronie 

Psittacus chalcoptorus, Fras.Proc, Z. S. (1840) p 

pi. 5(>. 
Psittacus hsmorrlious. Licht. 
Pionus chalcoptenis, Pr. B. Rev, et Mag. de Zoa 

(I. Santa Vc do Hojrota. From Mr. Turner' 
h. Santa F(' de Boirota. From Mr. Baker's 

P«ITrACID.B. 77 

lelylu hnehparuM, Pr.B. Cab, Joum.fur Omith. (1856) 

Iraxil. From the Zoological Society's Collection. 

h. Dbroptyus. 

iTTACua ACCIPITRINU8. The Hawk-headed Parrot. 

I aoeipitrinuf, Linn. S. N. i. p. 148 ; Edw, B. pi. 165 ; 
■I. 626 ; Spix, Av. Bras. t. '62 a ; Boufj, Pert. t. 62. 
I eomiiitai, Linn, S. N. i. p. 143. 
I ^iolaceiis. Lath, Ind, Om i. p. 

I Clnsiit Shaw, Gen, Zool, viii. p. ^482. 

DS a eap i trinua, Wagl, Monogr. Psitt, p. 541. 

British Guiaoa. Presented hy the Royal Geographical 

Demcnra. Fhnn Mr. Hoffman's Collection. 


drogloasa, Vig, Zool. Joum. (1S25) ii. p. 40() (?). 

Msona, Less. Tr. d'Om. p. 189. 

rooA, Less. Tr. d'Om, p. 195. 

iftsones, Crik, et Papafais, Cuv. 

ijsoCis, Swains. Classif. o/B. ii. p. 301 (1837). 

a. Chrysotis. 
Chby«oti8 farinosa. The Mealy Green Parrot. 

II fiuinosus, Bodd. Tabl. des PI. Enl. d'Aubent. p. 52 ; 

IS pulverulentas, Gmel. S. N. i. p. 341. 

OS (Amazonaj pulverulenta. Less. Tr. d*Oru. p. 189. 

tis pulverulentus, Swains. Classif. o/B. ii. p. 301. 

tis farinosus, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 422. 

PoUl. Perr. t 85, 92. 

Soatb America. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

[RYSOTis AUROPALLiATA. The Goldcu-nsped Parrot. 

» anripalliata. Less. Rev. Zool. (1842) p. 210. 
M^nnuchus, Gould, Voy. of SiUph, pi. 27. 
^MmanprnJIiBtM, Pr, B. Compt, Rend, (1853) p. . 



ChrVMitis aureipalliatii et Chry»oti« oecipitaHft* Pr* 

a. Central America. From Mr. Leadbe«l«r't 1 

a CHRY50TI8 AMAZONfcA. The Yellow-besded An 

PiiiUAcufl amazoiiicus, Linn. S, N. i, p. 147 ; PyUeK ^t 
Psittacus rc!*tivii«, GtneL S. N, i. p, 340, nee lAnm. ; 

547; LeraiU. Perr. U UO, 
Paittacus Aourou, Shaw^ Gfn. ZoaL rlii. p. 50B. pi. 7€, 
Paittacua aeilis, Gm<f/. ^. X. L p. 330 ^ PL KnL 839; ] 

Perr, t, 11 O*, 
Psittacus luteus, GmeL S. S\ I p, 341. 
Psittacua luteolua, Lath. Ind, Om. I p. 123. 
Chryaotis icstivus. Swains. Ctassif. qf B, ii. p. 301. 
rhryaotis amazonicuB, G. R, Gr. Gfn. qf B. ii. p. 4*12, 

n. Santa Fe tie Bogota. From Mr. Loadbeater'a Cd 

b, Trinidad. Froru the Zoological Sofiety's Code 
e, ? From Mr. Warwick's Collection, 

4. Chry8otis JAMAICRN81S. The Main \ 

Psittacus ieitivus« var, y, GmeL S. N. u p» 340* 
Psittacusoctiroceplialus, }\'agL Momwjr. Ptitt^ p* 584. ' 

a. Jamaica. Preseoted by Mrs. Fletcher. 

5, Chrysotis ochrockphala. The Och 

Atna/an Parrot. 

Psittacus ochroeephalufi, GmcL S. N. u p. 339 t BrmJ 

t. 26, t L 
Psittacua amazonicus. Lath. Ind, Om, i. p. 1 19. 
Psittaeua poikilorhynchus, Shaw, Gtm. ZooK vtii. p. 4!>lJ 
Paittacua ochrocepbalus, var. y, GmeL S, N. i. p. 33^, 
PMttaeii* flavifrons, Hnrm^ Ohstrr. ZooL p, 126. 
Patttacus po^eilorhjTicbus, WagL Monogr. Pntt, p. 581 J] 
Paittaeus [ Aniazotial icteroeephalua, Ltss. TV. rf'Ont. 
Chrysotii ptEcilorhynclius, G, R* Gr. Gen, of B. iu m 41 
Chr)*»otis odirorephida. Pr. B. RevMMag, de Zo&L (18' 
Chrjwtia poecilorhyiicha, Pr. B. loc. ciL p. 161. 

It. Trinidad. From the Zoological Society *a < 

Chrysotis estiva. The Common Amajfon 1 

Psittacus ietti¥U»« Liim. S . N. \. ^. V46 ; FrUth, At. l ^ 
Paittacua icatiYua, ^ax. ^. Gmel. %,K.^.^iA», m.SiiL< 



I oehroeephftlos, p., WaifL 

\ deeorus, Herm. Ob»erv. Zool. p. 126. 

Dnicus, KuhU Consp, Psitt, p. 74. 
I (Amazona) icterocephalus, p., Less, 

' », Swains. Classif. of B, ii. p. .iOl. 
I ochxocephaluB, p., G. jR. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 422. 
'hnmU, Pert. t. S4, 8/ ; Hakn, Papag. t. 16, 43, 45. 
PL Eul. 120 ; LevttilL Pert. t. 89. 
. Fnttacas aureus, {Bechst.) Hahn, Papag. t. 34. 
L? Pottanu luteuB, jBodtf. Tabl. des PI. Enl. eTAubent. p. 2 ; 
" £bl. 13. 

\ miirora, Gmc/. S. N. i. p. 324. 
1 ochrocephalui, var. /3, ira^/. Monogr. Psitt. p. 586. 
V. Ltfpoil/. Perr, t. 90. 

«, 6. Sonth America. From Mr. Stevens's Collection, 
e. Soath America. From the Zoological Society^s Col- 

7. Cbrysotis ochroptera. The Yellow-winged Parn>t. 
I ochropterus, Gmel. S. N. i. p. 341 ; Frisch, Av. t. is. 

I zanthops, yar. a, ll'agl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 5S4 ; Lernili. 
r. t. 98. 
kyaotU ochropterusy Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. 'M)\. 

s (Amazona) icterocephalus, p.. Less. Tr. cTOm. p. 190. 
i« xanthocephaius, Su:ains. Classif . of B. ii. p. 301 ; Le- 
Perr, t. 98 . 
barbadensis, Gmel. S. N. i. p. im (?). 

. South America. 

Chbybotis XANTiiopfl. Thc Yellow-faced Parrot. 
1 zanthops, Spijr, Av. Bras. t. 26. 
lamazonicus, pullus, l\'agl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 589. 
iti« xanthops. Swains. Classif. ofB, ii. p.30I. 
Shnrsotis hypochondriacus, G. H. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 122. 

M. South America. 

■l Chbysotis Levaillantii. Levaillaut*8 .Amazon Parrot. 

MBku lanthops, }Vagl. Monogr, Psitt. p. 58,'i ; Levaill. Perr. 

Bkywcisochroptenis, p., G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 422. 
UftijiuUt xantho)>s, Souanre, Her, tt Mag. deZool. ( lS56j p. l.Vl 

t. South America. 

k Saaib Americi. Presented by Mrs. Leigh Suthebx . 

t. r>4 ; Fras. ZooL Typ. pi. 57. 
Chnsotis Guil(lin«:i, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. deZool. 

a. St. Vincent. From the Zoological Society 

12. Chrysotis festiva. The Festive 1 

Psittacus festivus, Ltmi. S, N. i. p. 147 ; PL EuL 

Pert. t. 129. 
Chrysotis festivus, Swains, Classif. qf B. n. p. 30] 

Var. LevailL Perr. t. 88. 

a. Para. Presented by R. Oraham, Esq. 
6. South America. 

13. Chrysotis chloronota. The Green-ba 
Chrysotis chloronota, S<manc^, Rev, etMag. de Zboi 
Hob. ? 

14. Chrysotis mercenaria. The Mereeo 

Psittacns mercenarius, Tschudi, Fatm. Per. p. 27C 
Chrysotis mercenaria, Pr, B, Rev, et Mag, de Zool, 

Hab. Peru. 

15. Chrysotis Dufresniana. Dufresnc 

^n f I I /^- 



u|C Chby80TI8 BRASiLiENSis. The Brazilian Green Parrot. 

bruiliensis, Linn, S, N, i. p. 147; Edw. B, pi. 161 ; 
1 Perr. 1. 106. 

I tntumnalit, w. d. Lath, Ind, Om. i. p. 124. 
I eyanotii^ Temm, et Kuhl, Contp. Psitt, p. 77. 
I eiythroiiis, VieiU. N, Diet, d'H, N. xxv. p. 326. 
aUa cysBotis, Swains. Classif. o/B, ii. p. 103. 
I bnuilkiisit, G. jR. Gr, Gen, o/B, ii. p. 422. 

I. South America. 

}*, Cbeysotib Bouqueti. The Blue-faced Green Parrot. 

t tkutumnalis, var./9, GmW. 8. N. i. p. 3^5 ; ^( pl.2a(). 
fe^jciu Bouquetiy Beckst, Lath. Uebers. d, Vbg, p. 99 ; Levaill, 
P-r. t.l35. 

milifront, Shaw, Gen. Zool. viii. p. 515. 
lUeitt <!>'aneocapilIus, VieilL Encycl, Method, p. 137. 

tj^ pileatui, Cuv, 
^vocia cvanocephalus, Swains, Classif, of B, ii. p. 3(K. 
f sQCiii tiouqueti, G. R. Gr, Gen. of B. ii. p. 422. 


H. CHRY80TI8 AUTUMNALis. The Autumnal PaiTot. 

autumnalis, Linn, S, N. i. p. 147 ; Edw.B. pi. 164. 
as nuraDtius, Vieiii, N. Diet. d'H. N. xxv. p. 325. 
tii autumnalifl, Sw, Classif. of B. ii. p..'^)I. 
herailL Perr. t. 111. 

1* S. America. From the Zoological Society '» Collection. 

19. CHRY80TIB iBSTiVALis. The Summcr Parrot. 

|Fic»ti>« ettivalis, Pr. B, Caban. Journ.fur Ornith. ( 185(i ) p. . 

0, Mexico. From M. Vcrrcaux's Collection. 
k. M«»ico. From Mr. Stevens'a Collection. 

t JDU CHRY80TI8 ERYTHRURA. The Hcd-tailed Parrot. 

erythrurus, Kuhl, Consp, Psitt, p. 77. 
arythrura, G. jR. Gr. Gen. of B, ii. p. 422. 


21. CHRY80TI8 DiADEMA. The Diadem Parrot. 
ens diadema, Spia, Av. Bras, t. 32. 
BOS ftutnmnalii, av. jun., iVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 5i^l. 

K 6 



Chiy«otU ftutiimuiilj&, p„ G, R, Gr Gen. o/B, ii. p. 422. 
Chryiiotis dia<leraa, Pr. B. Rev, ei Mag. de Zool, (18541 p, !i 

Hab. BriwiL 

'22, CnBy«oTi8 viRioioBNALis. The GitM!f»-clierkrd Ptt 

Chryscitiii viridigemilii. Cats. Proc. Acad, Nai, Sci. PM 
( I'H53) p. 37 1 ; Joum. Acad, N, 5\ Phiiad. iij. p. , lal li 

Chrysotis coccineifrous* Soiutne/, Rep, H Mag, de ZwA. iM 
p. 154. 

Chr) eotii gluuciccp*, HartL 

Ainazonii liUcinii, Less. 

a. Columhiii, From the Zoological Society's ColleetHi 

b. Mexico^ var V Pmui Mr. Arjfviit** CoUrction. 

23. CHRY»oTt8 TDMULTU08A. Tbe R«i|]«n Pattv^- 
Psittacus tumiiltuo»u», Tschudi, faun. Per. p. 270. 
Chr> sotis titinukitosa, Pr. B. Rev, et May. de i^ooL ( 1854) p^l 

fiab, Peru, 

24. Chrysotis pRETRKi. Pretre*s Parrot, 

Psittncus Pretrei. Temm, Pi. CoL 4J^2; Baurj, Perr, t. 

Cbn'«ati* Pretrt'j, Pr, B, Rev. et May. de Zoot. (1854) ] 

Hab. Mexico. 

25. Chrysotis AGiLiB. Tl)e Agile PkfTot. 

PsittAca> agilis, Linn. S. N. I p. 14,3; Bdw, B. |>L IGft.! 
Piittacu« ee^tivus, p., Kuhl, C<msp. Pwitt, p. 75. j 

Psittacus \ire8cens, Bechst, Lath. Veben, d» Voy, p,99J 
Piitiacui signntUM, Shaw, Gen. Zool. r%\u p. 5lf>, 
PsittACus minor, V^ieitl. EncycMith^ p.l3li/ ; LevaiU, 
rhr)soti» signAtus Swains. Classtf. of B. u, p. 30L 
a^ b. Jamaica. From Mr. Gos*e*ft CoUeetioii. 

26. Cmry«oti8 lbucockphala. Tbe Wliit<;-framc4] 
Pvittttcus leueocephaliH, Ltnft, S. N. i. p, 145 1 Bdw, fi. 

triseh, Av. tA6. 
Ptittacus Germi, Laih. Ind. Om. u p. 119, 
C^hrysolis leucocephalus, Swainx, ClasMif. af B. \u p. 30li 
PL EnL 33b V LwailL Pitt, VA^^ A07*; f/nJbi, 


^v. Pkittaciu Puadisi, Linn, S. N, i. p. 147 ; Catesby's Car. 
pLlO; PL Enl. 336. 

a. Cuba? Presented by — Dallas, Esq. 

' 27' Chrybotis Sallai. The Ash-crowned Parrot. 

leucocephalus, var. d, Gmel, S. N, i. p. 338. 
Sallai, Selat. Proc. ZooL Soc. (1857) p. 224. 
leucocephalus, S juv., Kuhl. 
PI EnL 548 ; LevailL Perr. 1. 109 ? 

«. St. Domingo. From Mr. Warwick^s Collection. 
A. St. Domingo. From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

28. Cbrysotis collarfa. The Red-throated Parrot. 

UtteCDS collarius, Lt»ii. S. N. p. 149. 
yitacus leucocephalus, Chsse, Birds of Jamaica, p. 269. 
Imiui Tinaceicoliis, Lafr. Rev. dr ZooL ('184()) p. 321. 
IttTaotia amazonicus, voung!, Bl. Cat. o/B. p. 2. 
PL EnL 5491 

a. Jamaica. From Mr. Gosse^s Collection. 

29. Chrysotis albipronr. The White-crowned Parrot. 

hBttacus albifrons, Sparmi. Mus. Carls, t. 52. 

Bttacus er\-throps, Cuv. 

hn-sotis albifrons, Pr. B. Rev. et Marj. de ZooL (1854) p. lol . 

a, b. Mexico. From Mr. Leadhcutcr's Collection. 

:iO, CilRYsoTis XANTHOLORA. Thc Ilonduni^ Parrot. 
■ttacuB albifrons, KuhU Consp. Psitt. p. 80. 
a. Honduras. From Mr. Dyson's Collection. 

31. Chrybotis vittata. Thc Rcd-bandcd Parrot. 
JHttacas TitUtiu, Bodd. TabL des PL EnL d'Auhent. p. 49 ; Pi. 
EmL VJ2. 

hiltacus dominicensiH, G'/nW. .S. S. i. p. .'^3; llahn, Popuy. t. 51. 
iaUaenn leucocephalus ¥ » h'ufiL Consp. P.sitt. p. SO. 
brriotifl doniinicensis, Pr.H. Rfn.ti ZooL [\H54 i p. 151 . 

LevaiiL Perr. 1. 108, 108*. 

c Porto Rico. From the Zoological Society*^ I'oWectum. 





32, CttBY80Ti8 viNACEA. The Bituciliftit PvMi* 

Pslttncus viniiccu», Pr. Majr, Reise nach BrasQ. ii. p* 198; 1 

Consp. Psitt. p. 77 ; fhhn. Pnpa^ t, 3/* 
Paittacus columbinus, SpiLr. Av, Brax. t, 27 ; B^mrj. Pifff.tfi 
Psiltacus timbriolatiis, Licht. 

Chryjiotis cnlumbimis. Sw, Clas.tif. of B. ii, p, 301, 
CEnochnis viiiii<?ctis?, Pr. B, Rpp, ei Mag. deZool (1854 )j). lal 
OnQchnis viuaceiis» Pr. B. Cab. Jottm.fur Omith. (lB6ft)p« 
Cbrysotis vinaceus, G, R, Gr, Gen. of B, ii. p. 422. 

a. South America. Presented by M»j.-G«ii. Hardwick^ 

33. Chrysotis cyanorhyncha. The Blae-fronte^ 

Psittaciis cvanorvacbus, Badd, Tabl. des PL EnLd*Ambfnt.f. 

Pi. EnL'Mih 
Psittacu* havaneDsis, GmeL S. N, i, p, 342, 
PsittRcas cyutiopis, VieilL N, Diet. d^H, N, xxv. p, 325. 
Chrysotrs havanetisis* Swains. Clmtsif. of B, ii. p. 301, 
(Enochnis havaBensis, Pr.B. Rev, tt Mag, de Zool, 1 1S54IP. 
Oatjchrus ImvaneDais. Pr,B. Cab.Joum.fiir Or/ii/A, flH56)|». 
Cbrysotis cvariorhyncliujs* G. R. Gr. (?«i. of B, App, 20. 
het>aiiL Ptri. t. 122. 

a. Antilles. From M. Verreaux's CoUectioii. 

34. Chrysotis Augi^stus, Vr^rs's Pa 

Piittacus Augustus, Vig. Proc, Z. S, flh35) p,80; BvfUjA 

i. ^'A ; GV. Sf Mitch. Gen. of B. pi. 10 1. 
Chrvsoiis Augustus. G, R. Gr, Gen. qf B, ii, p. 422 
CEnoi'brus Auj^usttis, Pr. B. Rev. ei ^ ZoQL{lS5i}^^ 
Onochms havaiiensisT p- ^ Pr. B. 

a. Antilles? From the Zoological Society's Colleetiafl. 

c. Pyriua, 

35, (JHRYaoTts PYRHJA. Ttie New Grenada Amatoa 1 

Psittaciila pyrilia, Pr. B. Compt. Rend. [iHb'J) p. 
Evopaitta pvnlia, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag, deZooL (1864) p. 151 
Pyrilia typica, Pr. B. Cab. Joum. fur Omiih. (1866) ji,^ 
Souance\ Iconogr, Perr. t. 26. 

Hab» New Grenadi^. 


CsBTSOTis AMAZONiNA. The Little Amazon Parrot. 

iCk naazanina, De$ Murs, Iconogr. t. 15. 
itte amazonina, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. CIB54) p. 151. 
•w^A"*"*, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (1856) p. 

Sew Grenada. From M. Verreaux's Collection. 
New Grenada. From Mr. Argent's Collection. 

^HKTSOTia CYANOOA8TER. The Azure-belUed Parrot. 

ma cyaiuwaster, VieiU. N. Diet. d*H. N. xxv. p. 328. 

JOB malaehitaceus, Spix, Av. Bras. t. xxviii. 

ia crano^ter, IVagl, Monogr. Psitt. p. 632. 

ns (Maximiliens) cyanogaster. Less. TV. d*Om,p. 200. 

ia cyanogastria, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. {]S54) p. 151. 

itia cyanogaster, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B.ii. p. 422. 

, 6. South America. From Baron Lau^ier's Collection* 
. South America. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 


PnttaeuU, Cuv. in lU. Prod. Mamm. et Av. p. 200 (1811). 

Piittaculus, Spix, Av. Bras. i.jn. 30. 

Igapomis, Selby, Nat. Libr. Parr. 1836. 

Tomt, Leu. TV. d^Om. p. 201 . 

Pvrrhulopsis, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1864) p. 152. 

Urochroma, Pr. B. Cab. Joum.fur Omith. (1856) p. . 

Pionopsitta, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 152. 

Pkittinos, Bl. Jowm. A. S. B. xi. p. 789. 

Polioptitta, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 154. 


1. PsiTTACULA PAS8ERINA. The Passcrinc Parrot. 

icoa paaserinus, Linn. S. N. i. p. 150; Edw. B. pi. 235; 

ix, Av. Bras. t. 33. 

leas (Psittaculaj passcrinus, Kuhl, Monogr. Psitt. pp. 5, 58. 

leda paMi'rina, Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 616. 

omis cyanoptenis, bwains. Tvo Cent. ^ a Quart, p. 320 ; 


ruM paiserinus, Bourj. Perr. t. 

lens capcnsis, Shaw, Nat. Misc. pi. 893. 

B. Brazil. From the Zoological Society's Collection. 

h. Brazil. From Mr. Johnstone'^ Cdllection. 

e. BngU. Presented by J. Gould, £aq. 

I niuuc'iiiii \ iriui>Miiiu, uujr. i\rp ri ifiuy. ae £jOQ 
Psittnc'iihi fTuyam'iisis, Stuunire. Rev.etMag.deZn 

Coimiiis Lrri'L'nriu»«, Uotnj. Pvrr. t. 

'/ -r. Triiihlad. I'loni tlu- Znnloirical Socii 
tL p. ? Vfiii-ziu'la. From Mr. Dyson's Coll 

3. PfiiTTACULA CCKLK8TI8. The Westcm Pa 
Psittacula ccrlcRtis, Less. Echo du Monde (1844) 
Aga])oriiis coclestis. Less. Compl. Buff, p. 198. 

a. N.W. coaMt of America. Presented by I 

b, c. Guayaquil. Preaenteil by Capt. KelU 

and CH])t. Wood, R.N. 
d. Nicaragua. Presented by E. Wilson, Ea 


Psittacula conspicillata, Lafr. Rev. et Mag, de Zot 
Psittacus cyanopiii, Licht. Berl. Mus. 

a, b. Nicaragua. Presented by £. Wilson, 


Psit taenia c^'anopygia, Souanc^, Mag.deZoi 



Prtffjfti^^i Sp&r, Av, Brow. t. 29. f. I, t. 30. 
pOeata, H^asfL Mtmogr. PsUt. p. 617. 
ft pilMte, Pr. B. Rev. ei Mag. de Zool (1854) p. 151. 
bbL From the Zoological Society's Collection. 
BsiL From Bir. Warwick's Collection, 
d. Agafornis, 
PkiTTACDLA SwiNDBRNiANA. Swindem's Parrot. 
(IMttacnla) Swindemianus, Kukl, Cotup, Psitt. pp. 9^ 

Sfvindemiana, fVagL Monogr, Psitt. p. 621. 
Swindemiana, Sewy. 
Swinderianus, Swains. Classtf. qf B. ii. p. 301. 


PbiTTACULA PULLARIA. The Rcd-headcd Guinea 

■M nollariua, Linn. S. N. i. p. 149; Edw. B. pi. 23/. f. 1 ; 

\ ( Psittacula) pullarius, Kuhly Consp. Psitt. pp. 9, 67. 

pallaria, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 622. 
. mbricolliB, &c., Bourj. Perr. t. 90. 
I pullsriA, Pr. B. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 154. 

(Touit) puliaria. Less. Tr. d*Om. p. 203. 

«. Western Africa. Presented by Mr. J. Doubleday. 

4. Western Africa. 

«^ Western Africa. Presented by J. Pulham, Esq. 

IL Psittacula robeicollis. The Rose-necked Parrot. 
\ nullarius, var. /3, Licht. 

, Soseicollis, Vieill. N. Diet. d'H. N. xxv. p. 377- 
panLsiticiis, Temm. MSS. 

(^ittscula) roseicollis, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 9, 63. 
, roaeicollis, ll'agl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 623. 
roseicoUis, Pr. B. Rev. etMag. deZool. (1854) p. 154. 

^ «. South Africa. From Mr. Turner's Collection. 
I, South Africa. From tlie Zoological Society's Collection. 

L Psitt Acr LA taranta. The Abyssinian Parrakeet. 

tarsnta, Stanl. Salt*s Trav. App. xlvi. pi. 55. 
taranta, Lear, Parr. pi. 39. 
tarantsB, Bourj . Perr. t. 99. 



■ Poicepbalua taninta. Swains. Classif. of B. ii. p. ^l. 

I AgBftoniis tanuita, Pr\ B, Rev, ft Mag. de ZooL (1854) p* l&M 

K a, Abyssinia. Presented by LorU Moimtuorra, 

^L^^ b, Abysalnia. From Baron Laugier^'s CoUectioQ* 


e. PoiJOPSITTd. 

20, Pbittacui*a can a* The Grey-headed Pa 

Paittanis eanus, Gmet. S, N. \, p. 350^ Briss, Of%. it. t.2 
PL EnL 7^1^ f- 2. 

P«ittacu8 poliocar, Forst. De$cr, Anim. p, 399. Icon. 51. 
Paittacus [Psittacula) canu«, Kuhh Consp. Psiii. pp. 0, i 
Psittacula eana. IVagl. Monogr. Psitt, p. *i25; Bonrj, Prff3 
P«h«psittft eana, Pr. B, Ref?. et Mag. de ZonL y 1854 1 p* 154. 
Psittacula (Toiiit) cana, Leit$. Tr, d*Om, p. 202. 

a. Madagascar. Presented by Capt. Sir E. Bclcber, C.| 

21. Psittacula picta. Tbe Lcona Parrakeet 

Leona Parrakeetj Lath, Hist, of B, ii. p, 263. 
Agaporais picta, HartL Syst, Omith. n, Afr. p. 169. 
Paliopsitta picta, Pr, B, Cab. Joum.fitr OmiiL (1856) p. 

Hob, West Africa. 

f. Cyclopsitta, 

22. Psittacula diophthalma. Tbe Double-eyvd 1 

Psittacula cliopbtkaltna^ Hombr. fy Jaeq. Ann* dts Sci. ifd. i 

Cyclopsitta diophtbaJma* Hombr.SfJacq, Vof, o» P6U S«i J 

p, 10/. t.25bis, f.4, 5, 

a — €. Aru Islands. From Mr. Wallace's CoUectiodiJ 

23. Psittacula DE8MARE3TI. Desmarest's P«J 

Psittacula Desmaresti^ Garn. Voy. de la Coqu. Zool p» 
Psittaeula ( Psittacidirostres) Desmarestii, Lew. TV. d*Ornr\ 
Psittacula Desmarcsti, Bourj, Pert. t. 85. 
Cvclopsitta Desmarcsti, Pr.B.RevM ZQQL{\^)i 

Hob* New Guinea. 

24. Psittacula loxi a. Tbe Thick-biUed SmiU 1 
Psittacus !oit\a, Cu«. 


Inda, Rr:B. Bn. ei Mag. de Zool. (1854) p. 154. 
PhOipiHiie Usndi. ¥nm Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

iTTAGOLJk LVM ULATA. The Collared Pamkeet. 
unnlatna, 8ecp, Delec. Flor. et Fauna Insvbr, p. 86 ; 
oy« %• 39* 

oranBtua, OmO. S. N. i. p. 351. 
Pttttacnla) torqnatoa, KM, C<m$p. Pnit. pp. 9, 66. 
itRtophoniSy XMmi. 
tOKqusto. WagL Momgr. Pnit. p. 630 ; Lear, Parr. 

■qoainsto-tonpiatay Bom^'. Perr. t. 97* 

a lozU T» p., Pr. B. Afo. et Mag. de Zool (1854) p. 154. 

orquatua» Pr. B. Cab. Jowm./ur Omitk. (1856) p. . 

.and of Manillm. From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

-ACULA LBucoPBTHALMA. The Whitc-eyeil Parrot. 

leuoophtbalmos. Scop. Delec. Flor. et Fauna Insubr. 

yomn. Vow. X. 38, upp. fig. 

: Pftittacula) simplex, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 9, 66. 

Dfl of Luzon. 


'siTTACULA INCERTA. The Bluc-backed Parrot. 

maUccenais, Lath. Ind. Om. i. p. L'iO ; SwainM. Zool. 
pi. \5i. 

incertus, Shaw, Nat. Misc. pi. 769. 
azurena, Temm. 
macropterus. Mum. Par. 

^Paittacula) incertus, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 9, 68. 
(Paittacula) malaccensis, Knhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 9,67. 
ft malaccensis, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 630. 
ft (Paittaculirostres) malaccensis, Less. Tr. d*Om. p. 204. 
malaorensis, Bl. Joum. A.S.B.xi. p. 789. 
:hus malaccensis, Bl. Cat. of B. p. 3. 
a acurcus, Pr. B. Consp. Av. p. 0. 
incertua, Pr. B. Cab. Joum. fur Omith. (1856) p. . 

/. Malacca. 

enaaierim. Presented by J. D. C. Packman, Esq. 

1. Nasiterna i»ygm;Ka. The New Griimca F 

Psittacus pyjruiii'us, Qurty. it (iaini. Voy. dtVAstr 
Nasiterna pygiiia^a, Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 631 
Micropsitta pygmsea, Less, Tr. d'Om. p. 646. 

Hab, New Guinea. 

V. Cacatuinjb. 


Kakatoe, Cuv, 

Cacatua, VieiU, Diet, tPHist Nat. 1818. 

Cacatus, Rafinq, 

Plyctolophus, Pr, B, 

Cacatoes, Cuv. 

Kakadoe, Kuhl, Monogr, Pntt, p. 11 (1820) 

Ducropsius, Pr,E. Compt. Rend, (1857) p. 

Eolophus, Pr, B, Reo, et Mag. de Zool. (18 

Lophochroa, Pr, B. Compt, Rend. (1857) p. 

a. Cacatua. 

1 Papatita pwif.TPPiTV APfTTir. Thp M^AmVmr 


:atua If OLUCCSN8I8. The Great Red-crested Cockatoo. 

as molnoeeiini, Gmel. 8. N. i. p. 331 ; Edw, B, pi. 160; 

Emi. 498. 

08 ronoeus, Lath. Ind. Om. i. p. 103. 

a RMScea, VieM, N. Diet. d'H. N. xvii. p. 1 1. 

05 (KaJuidoe) mohicceDms, Kuhly Consp. Psiit. pp. 12, 87. 

6 molnocemit, Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 693. 
t erythrolopbiifl, Less.Tr, d'Om. p. 183. 

le mbro-cnstatus, Bourj. Perr, t. 78. 
ophna rotaceua, Lear, Parr. pi. 2. 
ita, Papag. t. 70. 

Moluccas. Presented by H. Gill, Esq. 

Cacatua cristata. The Great White Cockatoo. 

IS cristatos, Lmn. 8. N, i. p. 143 ; Briss. Orn. iv. t. 21 ; 


I crisUta, Vieill, N, Diet. d*H. N. xvii. p. 10. 

IS (Kakadoe) crisUtus, Kuhl, Consp. Pntt. pp. 12, 86. 

I leucolophus. Less. Tr. d*Om. p. 192. 

»e cristata vel albocristata, Bourj. Perr. t. 82. 

ikm, Papag. t. 69. 


Cacatua citrino-cristata. The Citron- crested 

cypbus citrino-cristatus, Fr. Proe. Z. S. (1844) p. 38. 
i dtrino-cristata, G. R. Chr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 425 ; fVot. 
. Tgp. pi. ; Vog. au Pole Sud, t. 26. f. 2. 

Timor 7 From Mr. Crosse's Collection. 

kCATUA 8ULPHUREA. The Lcsscr Crested Cockatoo. 

as solpbureus, Gmel. S. N. i. p. a30; Edw. B. pi. 317 ; 

M. 14. 

asnlpburea, Vieill. N. Diet. d'H. N. xvii. p. . 

»s (Kakadoe) sulphureus, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt. pp. 12, 87. 

lophns sulpbureus, Lear^ Parr. pi. 4. 

!iis solpbureus minor, Bourj. Perr. t. 80. 

• Moluccss. From the Zoological Society's Collection. 

• Moluccas. 

• Moluccas. From Mr. Bartlett's Collection. 
'*? Lombock. From Mr. Stevens'a Collection. 


Hah. ? 

S. ('a( ATl'A (iALKIUTA. TllC Crt'StoJ C(T 

Psitt5iru> trulciitus. Luth. Ind. Orn. i. p. lOl^ ; IM 

p. 2.37. 
CacatuA galerita. Vieill. N. Diet. d*H. N. xvii. p. 

of Austr. V. pi. 1. 
Psittacus (Kakadoe) galeritus, Kuhl, Consp. Psitt 
Cacatua chrysolophus. Less. TV. d*Orn, p. 182. 
Plyctolophus goleritiis, Vig. ^ Horsf. lAnn. Trm 

Lear, Parr. pi. H. 
Kakadoe siilfiireus major vd Australcnsis, Bourj, 

a. Australia. Presented by H. Gill, Esq. 

b. Port Essington, N. Australia. Presented 

Chambers, R.N. 

c. d. ISoiith Australia. Presented by His Exi 

Grey, K.C.B. 
e. North Australia. Presented by J. R. Else 

9. Cacatua triton. The Triton Cool 
Plyctolophus triton, Ternm. Consp. Gen. Ind, Arc 
Psittacus {i^iilerita, Less. V'oy. de la Coqu, Zool. i. 
Cacatua cyauopis. Bl. Joum. A.S. B. (1K56} p.4« 

a. Aru Islands. From Mr. Wallace's Collect 

10. ?('ACATrA M( METOKIIYNCIIA. TllC AcutC-bi 

Plyctoloplms licnutoiliMU'hus, Pr. H. Mag.i 




J A Lkadbbatebi. Lea<ibeatc/s CockatOD. 
Lcadbcateri, Virf. Proc, Z, S, (1831) jk61 ; Lear, 

ibeateri. Wagl. Momgr. Psift. p. 692 ; Gould, B. 

crythroptenis. Swains. Classify of B. ii- p. ^(J^. 
Ul tricoloratA, Sec, Eourj. Perr. t, 77- 
Leiuibetttcri, FnB. Compt, Rend. (IH57) p. 

ith Australift. Presented by Cnpt 8turt. 

ith Austrjilia. Presenttjd bv llis Excellt^Dcy Sir 

3re>, K.aB, 

AostimUiL, From the Zoolo^eal Society's Collection* 

K BANGUixsA. Tbe Blood-ttainiKl Cockfttoo. 
Heo, Goii/rf, Proc. Z. S. (IB42) p. 138; B. qfAustr. 


«. Pr.B. Compt. Rend, (185?) p. 
I Atuitimlia. Presented by Capt. Sturt, 

d, EOLOi^HUS. 

•A R08EICAPILLA. The IU)se-cdouTed Cockatoo, 

icvpiilji, Fiei//. N, Diet. tVH. N. xvii. p, 12. 
" Joe) Eo9, Knhl, Consp. Psitt, pp, 12, 88, 
VIM, S, Diet, d*H. N, xvii. p, 12 ; Gat, de$ Ois. 


I, Vig, Sf Horgf, Linn. Trans, xv. p. 2<i9. 

\i, Man. d'Orn, ii* p. 143 ; Gould, B, afAuttr, 

e», Bourj, Perr, t. z**- 

ieudi Pr. B, Rft?. <?f Mag. de Zoot. (1854) p, 156, 

leiCHpilliis, Pr. B. Compt. Rend, (1857) p- 

Presented by the Austrnlian Miueinn- 
or of S. Australia. Presented by Cupt* Sltirt- 
i Austndia. Presented by J, E. EUcy, £aq.» Ii.N\ 

; Mma^, Pgiii, p, 505 ( 1830). 



1. LicMETts TKi^uiROSTRiB. The Long-billfii J 

Paittacus (Kakadoel tenuirostris, Kuhl, Consp. Ptiif, pp. ll 
PiittftCUB nttsinu, Temm, hinn. Trans. xiW. p. 1 V5; PL Cot. 3 
Licmetia tenuirostris^ WagL Monogr. Pntt, p. 6%. 
Cacatua nnsica, L^s», Tr. ^Om. p. 183. 
Plyctolaphui tcnuirostn$, Sttph. Gen, Zo^L xiv. p, IC 
Licmetia ttasicua, Gould , B. of Austr, r, pi. 
Kakatioe tciuiirostris, Bourj, Pcrr. t, 76, 

a, b. River Murray, S. Australia. Presented by 

e. L-ake Vietoria, S, Australia. Presented by Capt Si 

2, 7 LiCMETis PAST! NATO R. The Digging Co 
Licmetia pastinator, Gould, ProcZ.S, (1840) p. 175*^ 
Rob. Western Amtralia. 


Microglossura, Genffr. Ann, du Mus. xiii, (1800). 
Plyctoloplius, ViM. Anal, d'Omiih, n. 26 (1816), 
Probosciger, Kaki^ Monogr. Psitt. p. 12 (1820)» 
Soleuoglossus, Hanz. Elem. f^Omiih, ii* p, 18 (18 
Eurhynchus, Latr, (18L*5), 
Micro glosaus, Wapl, Monogr. PHtt. (1830) p. 
Microgloaaa, Sclat. Proc, Z, S. (1868) p. \m, 

Psittacus aterrimus, GmeL S, N. i. p. 330 j Edw, B. pL 
Psittacua giga»i Lath. Ind. Orn. i. p. 107* 
Paittaciis (Probosciger) atfrriraus, Kuhl, Cowfp. Psiit* pp. Ji 
Blicrnji^lossiis aterrimus, Ifagl. Monogr, Psitt. p, fi82» 
CflCtttua flterrmifl^ VieiU. N. Diet. d*k, N. xviu p. 13, 
Psittacus griseus, Bechft. ; LctaiU, Pcrr, i. IL 
Microglossus aterrimus^ p., WagL Monogr, PsUt* p. 

GaL des Ois. t.bO, 
Mierogflossum atnira^ Lesji. Tr, d^Orn. p. 184. 
PaittecuM (Probosciger) goliath, Kuhl, Comp, Psiit. 

LnmlL Pert, i. 12» 13, 
Microglossua aterrimus et griaeusi Swains, CUunf, ofB.ik (*■ 
Solenoglosaua zeylauicus, Ranz. Ei^m* d'Omith. ii |^«^ 
pKittacus (Cacatua) goliBth. Miili ^ Sckl, 
Oouid, B, ofAmtr, Suppl. ii. pL3. 

PfflTTACIDA. 97 

1^ ^. Cmpe York, N. Auitnlia. From the Voyage of H.M.S. 

' RattleBnmke.' 
; d. Am IiUnda. From Mr. Wallace's Collection. 

tffCBOGLOSSUM Alecto. The Small Black Cockatoo. 
\teto. Team. Fauna Jap. p. 17. 
Wew Guinea. 


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iUocephalon, LeMS. Compl, de Buff. p. (1837). 
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XYPTORHYNCHU8 Banksii. The Bankiiian Cockatoo. 

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orhynchus Banksii, Vig. ^ Uorsf, Linn. Trans, xv. p. 271- 

orfaynchua Banksii et stellatus, IVagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 685 

iS, t.zxTii. 

■OS (Banksianuf) australis, Less. Tr. d'Om, p. ISO. 

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M Banksii, VieiU. N. Diet. d*H. N, xvii. p. 8. 

tamid, B. of Austr, v. pi. 7 ; Bourj. Perr. t. 71, 72. 

; Cue Upstart, Australia. Presented by J. B. Jukes, Esq. 

1.7 Ghnild Island. Presented by J. B. Jukes, Esq. 

!. Anatrmlia. Presented by Maj.-Gen. Hardwicke. 

^e. Anatralia. 

f, N. Australia. Presented by Sir T. L. Mitchell. 

billed Cockatoo. 

hns macrorhynchus, Gould. Proc.Z, 8.(1842)p. 138; 
tfJbutr. Y. pi. 8. 

a. S.Auatralia. Presented by llis Excell.Sir G.Grey, K.C.B. 
k Port Essington, N. Australia. Presented bv Dr. Sibbald, 

'> rf. Port Essington. Presented by Capt. W. Chambers. 





3* Calyptorhynchus kaso. The Wetteni Bbck C 

Calyptorhynclius naio, Gmld, Proc. Z. S, (1836) p, 106; 
Ausir. V, pi, <>. 

fl» ? Percy Ult, From the Voj-Rge of H.M.S.'R«ttlandll 

4. Calyftorhynchus Lrachii. Lesch's Cockitoo, 

P^icticus Daiik^ii, var. ^» Lath, 

PsktaciL{$ (Kukailoe) Leaehii, Kukl^ Consp, Pfitt^ pp* 12, 2L t 
P^ittacus (KakAdo«) Temminckii, Kuhl, 
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Caljr|>torhynchus Solandri» Fip.i^rHor^, Xjiittt. Trcnitf.xy^p. 
Calyptortiytichus Leachii, IVagL Monogr, Pntt, p, 683 j 

B'o/ JW/r, V. p1. 10. 
Calyptorli}urhiialt'.mraiiickii, H'agL Monogr. Psiit. p, 684. 
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Plyctolopliu* Solautlri et Cookii, Swain$, Clasttf, of B. ii. p.i 
Bourj. Perr. t, 7 1 a, 72a, 

a. Australia. From Mr. Argent's Colleetioti. 

b, Austrnlta (River Murray J. Presented bjr Hia 

8ir G. Grey, K^C.B. 
p — e* Australia, 

5. CALYFTORHYNCHUd Baudini. Hattdin'a Cockacoo^ 

CaIy|)torliync!ms Baudini, Vig. ; Lear, Parr, pi. 6; B9Wj> 

t. 73; Gould, B, of Austr. v. pi. 13. 
Plyctolophus 1 Baudini, Swains, Classif, of B, ii. p, 302. 

a. South Australia. Presented by Hta Cxcell. Sir 0. ( 


b. South Australia. From Mr. Bartietl's Colkcticw. 

6. CALYPToHHYNCHifs FUSKREUB. The Fuaeresl < 
Paittacus funereus, Shaw, Nat, Misc. pi. 186, 
Calyptorhyucbus fuuereus, Vig. Sf Horsf, Limn* TrtmM, a?* P'S 

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Half. New South ^ftka. 


Black Cockatoo. 

ichua sftnthonotua, Gould, Proc, Z, S. (1837) p. 151 ; 
tr. ▼. pi. 12. 

[array RiTcr, Amtralia. Presented by Hit Excell. 
r G. Grev, K.C.B. 

Diemen a Liand. Presented by R. Ghinn, Esq. 
an Diemen's Land (Antarctic Exped.). Presented 
' the Admiralty. 

Diemen'a Land. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

Diemen'a Land. Presented by *L. Gillies, Enq. 

b. Callocephalon. 

0KHYNCHC8 OALBATU8. The Rcd-crowned Parrot. 

ilcatos, Laik. Ind, Om. Suppl, p. xziii ; Gen. Syn, 

vpL pi. 140. 

loenicocephalus, Mus. Par, 

nbriatus. Grant. 

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(anksianus) galeatus. Less. Tr. cTOmith. p. 181. 

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on australe. Less. 

bro-galcatus, Bourj. Perr. t. 75, 75a, 756. 

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tralia. Presented by Maj.-Gen. Ilardwicke. 


, Wagi. Monogr. Psitt. p. 505 (1830). 
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OR HVPOPOLii'8. The Southern Brown Parrot. 

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noliua» ^V'agl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 696. 

•^ f2 


TV. ^Om, ^, m. 


Ceolvomt i 

h. New ZesksiL From Mr. PuDplin*! GoUcctioa^^ 
<r. 1^, Kew Z«abiifL Preseuted b j His Excdl.^^-^ 

e. N^ ZciImmL Praeiit«d bv Dr. A. Siadi>r»1 

Ntiittv EttKiagti, Smuamei, Rev, H May. lir 2ooi 1 ' 
■ " ,Pr,B.Rtv.€iMa^.deZoo! 

Hah, New Zemland. J 

3. Nrstor n OTA b I lis, Tbe Notable Pmrrot - 
NtMtor DotabiHB, Gould, Prtfc, Z. S.(1B56) p. \H. 

a, b. New Zealand ( Middle Uknd). From Mr* Ckfl 

lection. ^1 

4. NBrroR productus. The Philip island PiiifQl 

Plyctolopbim productus, Gotdd, Froc. Z. S. (IH36) p*,J 
Nestor prodtic^us, Gov/dlp B. of Jiijir. Y. pL . j 

Centnini* productu?, Pr, B Cah. Joum,fur OrmUK (1 
Rourj, Perr. t. 69. 

a, Philip I&land, From Mr. Bell's CoUe^rtioD. 

b, Philip island, 


Dasyptilus, Wagl. Monogr. Psitt. p. 602 (1830). 1 
Pfittmhiis, Leifs. lUusir, de ZooL (1831). 

L Dasyptilus PBcauKTi. Peoc{uet*t 1 

Piittacnis Pecquetii, Less, Bull Univ, (183)) p« 241 ; I 

Zoo/, t. 1. 
Dasyptilus Pecquetii, WagL MmofT, Pnit, p. 681. 
BouTJ. Perr. t. G/. 

tioli. New Guinea? 

2, Dasyptiuus pulgidus. The Glitteriug : 

Banksinnus fulgiilua, I^ss, TV. d*Om. p, 181. 
Da»yptilu9 i'ulgidus, Pr. B. J?et7. et 3/ay* cfe Zoo^ (IS 

}fnh. I sic of Formosa, 



1. snuGOPs. 

^G.ILGr. Froe. Z. 8. (1847) p. 62. 
Mia. Fan der Hoevem. 

IOOP8 HABBOPTILD8. The Owl-like PaiTOt 

lopciliu, 6. JL Or. Proe. Z. S, (1847) p. 62. 

?r. 4- AftlcA. Gm. </ fi. ii. pi. 105; Gould, fi. qf 

. Si^ipl. pi. . 

Zealand. Fhnn Mr. Turner'i Collection. 

lew Zealand. Presented by Capt. Stokes, R.N. 

ew Zealaod. Presented by His Excell. Sir G. Gre>-, 

^ B 

^Zealand. Vtr. Presented by His ExceU. Sir G. 

ry, K.C.B. 

Page 49. — 2. Charmosyna p 

Channosyna pulchella, G. R. Gr* 

a, b. New Guinea (Havre-Dorey). 

Page 53. — 14. Eos tori 

Vms (Chalcopsitto) torrida, G. R. Gr.f 

a — d. New Goinea (Havre-Dorey). 

• Total lensth 7f , wings 3^". Head and 
carmine ; the breast-feathers green at base, i 
of bright yellow ; crown and spot on the Ic 
plish black ; nape, back, wings, and base of ti 
of rump bright yellow ; thiffhs green, staraaku 
knees purpUish black ; mid(Se tiul-featiiers m 
tips yellow ; lateral feathers green, with the 
the tips bright yellow. 

t Total lengtti 10", wings 8^". Brownish 
of the neck-feathers, a spot on the lower pai 
at the lower part of breast, middle of abdon 
of tail-feathers and quills, bright ydlow, tin^ 
part of back opaline white ; thighs blood-red 
outer margins of quills and tail-feathers g 













bHteiQM,afl. ^^H 


liUriettt. s«. 


atcr, &3, g«. 

bubaCuliu, 23. ^^1 


«t«mm», 90. 

iHU'btttUB, m. 34« JS. ^H 

IM, », S3* 

Buoardi* 9. ^H 


uemmiis. 00. 

Bwiuinliiis, 3, 0. ^^1 


fttricapiUa^ 49. 

Bambaadi. g. 74« ^H 


fttrieaptUus, AS. 


fttrognluk. It, 13. 

bmtiTicm, 87. ^^li 


Aubrfifitti, 71, 

Buidini, 98- ^^H 


Biitjum, 8. ^^M 


AuguituB, 30. iM. 

Belocemu^ 19» IS* i^^H 


kuriuitiA, 16. 

BeturuA, 13. ^^H 


•ureiK 37. 

befTUina. 40. ^H 

ftafctpftltiAtii, 78. 

berylHnns. 40. ^^H 

11^19. t***!.^' 

■oreui, 37, 7S* 79, 

btcnIJ&rifl, 30. ^^H 


•anapill&, 37. 

btmaoilAttu, 9ft. ^^^| 

«uru»piUus, 36, 37. 

biKtii, 4, 7. ^^ 


aunceiMj, 14. 
aiiheaUui^ 3r7- 

BolbQrhTncbu«,3),44. J 


■ariromu%, 1« 

Bonapartei, S6. ^^J 


fturifrona, 116, 44, 46. 

Bontii, 4S. ^^H 


fturipalliAtii, 77. 

borboDica, 30. ^^H 

kit. II. 


boraea, m. ^H 
boTDCOJi, S4, SI , 53. ^^1 



B^(}ii«ti. 81. ^H 
BourVii. 17* ^ 

AnntnUtt*. AO. 


brachTxiruji, 76, 77- 
hnuihcnaia, 37, 4&, 81 . 

luivtralu, &(l . 63, 97 , 99 > 1 ("> - 

Brotogem. JIJ. 46. Wl. 


uttuma&Lu, %\,%1. 

Bn:»wnu, 4, a. 

ft^ATA. U. 

buccali*. 4.1. 


ftttse, IS. 

Bjmni.Jfi. ^^_ 


asttfeoft, IS, OK 





b«ai6epi, 73. 

CM«t«iiii». Pt. ^H 

Bftakiuiu*. 63. 

Cacaiua, 93' ^^1 


oKtimiai^ 3«, «9- ^^H 



cttna«ii«A,M. ^H 


fl«ralffM«i» ««, M t ^H 



CMfiileolronUtuw, M. 

e«nilL^ru, 81. 

CAdTcT, 70. 

CtLica, 73, 74. 
cdedoQicoa, 4. 
caUta. 43« 
eaUto, 43. 
CiOlipaitUcu*. 1. 
calUptera, 42. 
eaUipteni*, 42. 
CallDr«phalon« U7» 99 
Calopnitta^ U 
calthopticiu, 4fi. 
C»lthrop«. ^Cii. 
Caljptorbrncliits, fi", 
eana, 90. 
caniccpi, >A. 
euiicollu»« 44« 
canurulnrii, 97. 
ctuiind^, 27t 
ranus, 90 > 
cafH*ii«iii, 35, SiA. 
capistrntu*, 60, 7>. 
rftpiUtuc, 5« 
csirdiiiftUs, fl'l, As. 
CaroU&ar Auffutts, Vt. 
cftfolinensi*, 3*5- 
CaHinit ^r. 
castancLfratiMi t9, 
Catbaritia, 45. 
cajrtuiA. ni, 
cajaneiutts, :i), 44. 
C«AtrouniB» 60» 9Q> 
Centrums, W, 
cemoiU*, 52. 
ceyloncnu«> 6^, dCi, 
Chalcopfitta, &n, ^H. 
cUaleopteru*.^ 7^. 
Cbarmotina. 48« 
ChannoNynft, 48. 
cherojeuft, 48, 
rhtiipepe* 43. 
cbirin, 45. 
chlorocerctu, 49. 
chloroffenyn, 43, 
chlorwepidotuit 62. 
chlorooc^ta, 90. 
cUloroptcn, 33^ 
cblomptcnui, »6. 
chrvBOctphala, 36. 
cbr7SDga»t«r, l6. 
cbryaogastra* 1 6. 
rbrfMopnyi, ag. 
chiyiolopbiu, 04« 
cbTytophfy*. 3H. 
cbryaopoffon, 47. 
cbf^aopt^rtia, 4<J, 
rbrjaopteryipiua, (f. 
chrfB<t*f'>ma. IS. 

nii7*oi»i, 77. 

ebi7ao(on)Ve*, 3|7* 

199 OSX. 

cbry«itm», 8S. 
cifii'mroUiftt 43. 
rtn^lntua^ 87. 
eitrino-cri^tata, 9S* 
drrinii^*cn»tattu, fp. 
Cl«i«u, 77. 
cobaJtitia, ;io. 
cobalt! na%, 75. 
coccincifron*. 6a. 82. 
eoccincuft, 51, A6. 

Cockatoo, Anut«-bilied. D4. 

, fiuokaiiuii, 97. 

, Baudin'*, g<A. 

- — , Black. q6. 

1 Bl(X)d'«taincd, 9$, 

1 Citron -cir«t€d, 93. 

, I>i«r«inff. 9a. 

, Ihierops*, 91 » 

-t Equaional^ 94 

, FunrrcaJ» 9«. 

— ^, Great .billrd, 97. 
— , Great ll«d.«7rnte4. 

- — , Or*«t Wbil*, 91. 
, Learh's, 09. 


. 1. 

. Retl-u.iiTr-.i. Q7 

. Itjw-ctpiourril, 9S. 

» Smtdl. 94, 

, Trttnn, 94. 

, V«Uow-<»kred Eladt, 

- — , WeatwB Btark, 91. 
«ElMtia» 8d. 
collaiia^ 83. 
columbmua, 64. 
culumboides. SS. 

coocinnuii, 63» 
etmsptdJJabt, 66. 
CoQunui SI. 
Coukii. 13. 96, 
Corarof.'ua, T- 
can^lUnuM, 75. 
Coripbitua, 50. 87 
eomebn, <W. 
comutu*. 7- 
eoronattii> 77, 80< 
CorydoD, 97- 
CurytbophiJua« 5". 
eotarro, 43. 
coulaci^ 4A, 59* 
diiti-trisolanita. 9S. 
rriatata, 9J> 
cHataiua, 9.t. 

rii^%«-i**), 50. 


diaeobat. T 

• lomii 




f^^n.'^ M 


^n Porateji.. . 


^^^- FytMii. ds. 


^K^ frriwtit*. 19. 

^B ftiiielllMniAi S8. 

luniMtotu, 43. ^^M 

^K fnngUknuA. l«. « 

tuunon-boA, SS. ^H 

^B fr(Mllalfal,4B. 

^^ fraitatiM, n-J, S4. 

^^ tel«idiM, itNi. 

^^. ftOMntb. p. 

hKm>toa»tiM, 6. ^^H 

^K«.«ii toawys. 

V SjS^, 


fidiop«lto,3l. ^H 



K i>la,^.4i. 

bimoLkTuiiuti S9. ^^^^^^^^| 

^m |it<ate.W. 

histrio, 74. ^^^^H 

^P l»te«iii».B9. 

Uueti. 88. ^^^^H 

^B fmlenta, (r4. 

HAD, 9ft. g«lerUiii. SH- 

lijAdnUuiu, ^, M^^^H 

hpontbiiiui, ]l!9» at^^^^H 

faypochoDdnacB^ 80, ^^H 

^B Geo<^wri,rt« 

^^^^ iimim, ttt. 

^^V !Mff?'^' 

faypuxanthuft, 79, Jl* ^^H 

hf»gtnua, ^^H 

^V tUuoi. va. 


^H ilftttca talnof, !H). 


^B §UiieMX|M, 62- 


^B f laiieu«« »o. 

ictcrocephiln*! /8. 79- ^H 

^B Klorifwu, J. 

B «MllM», 14. 

L ^^ %. 

incaniAtiu, 33, ^^^| 
iiuicfta.91- ^^^M 

ili««rtii>.9l ^^^H 

iiidica,Al. ^^^H 


tnfiiw^fitui, 70. ^^^1 


inarn&tuA, \% .18t ^^^| 

mlFrfnn^lice*, 58. ^^H 

^^^^ giitmiLbai. »«. 

iBkdorii, St. _^^^H 

^V giuut>ub«, m»}eantt» ff. 


^B futfuht, 3»» 



J«co. H, ^^^M 

^^^^p gueohfeiuu, Ut 

iimj^eeii^ 71. ^^M 

^^^^^ Ooilduici, lift. 

■ ^ srr"' 




|onqutUfteetM, 10, 
jugulu-u^ 46* 




LbUuudi, 63. 

Lfeyttrdi, 90. 
Le«chli, 08. 
Ua4beBt«ri, ^y 
Leftrl, do. 
Lecotnteir 71- 
lepidl^ 42. 
kpulun, :ii}, 43, 4H. 
L«pU>laphat, I. 
Iqitorhjiiclia, 48. 
Lrptorb} nchufl, 4S. 
Iq^tarbjmdiu*. 48. 
kufiOorpluda, 92. 
leucoeepbftlui, S3, 63. 
Icucogruter, 7^- 
Irucofophiw^ p3. 
letKNiphLhalnta^ 91, 
leucinphtbaJmos. Ql. 
kueorbynchu*, 7^^ 
liuci»ti*, 41. 
X^rrmillatitii, &8t JO, 79< 
UchUotUwij 48. 
licfateiwtnatt, 3p. 
I4cmetif, £»$. 
licmrtorhTiitba, 9^. 
U«tii«torhjrndia«t 04. 
LirmeCula»t S4« AQ- 
lilnciDk, BS 
lineol^ 44. 45t 

loagicMidui, t>. 

lori ftcintillatuA, 59- 
JLonruluit, .114. 
LorinEe^ 46. 
Lori*, 49* 
lioriuB, 49. 
Ivoirikeet, Am, fil , 

, Blue- bun dod, 61* 

, Fontlen'n, 5o. 

- — , Mitchell '», Sn* 
— , Porphjrry-crowiied, 


, S»ntrirt-fnjfit«d, OS. 

» Vmried, AQ, 

^ Verreaux't, 61, 

Lory, 49, &«. 

-, Black - capped^ 4d. 

, Blue-chrt^rd, ftl. 

, Bluc-QAIMfd, SO. 

, Blue-tuJcd, W. 

^ Cudiaal, S3, 

, Carmine-^XHitml, 69* 

— , C«tam, 50. 

, Cochin -Chinm, ai. 

— — , Crinwon^ 6d, 

, Grund. 66. 

, Grr€n-t«ilrd, 49- 

— -, Giteby, il. 

, Ridf mtoked, 61. 

^—., I^ttuiAdc» ♦». 
—'t MoluccAt 41" 

, PnpUAn. 48, 

, Parmruan, 67< 

-, Purpk-c^iped, 4g, 

, Ruitv-coloured. *S, 

, Spuk-br«hnK, sa. 

, L'nicolor, 52. 

t<)£i&. {M), 91 • 
Luciaiiip ^,41. 
Lueiatiii, 41. 
lueionensis, 67> 
ludoTiriona, 86. 
ludovtciatiua, 36. 
lunatuA. 63. 
luntiUtii, 1^1 . 
lunuUta*, 9}. 
Intr^ 35. 
luteocapilliu, 36* 
luteoltu, 78* 
Loletw, as, S6, 7i. 
lulatis ure Giiuiroubaf 3A. 

Mice**! H^rffc-H 

Macraw, Blu« «0d Vellow. 

1 Blur-crownHBdt tS. 

— , Blui'-faecd. SS. 
^— y Br&Kiliui 6r«ca» 36* 

, Ciuiindi» 27. 

— —f Glaufouii, io. 

, Green -viDfcd, 80. 

— ^, Hrsu-mtbiDe, 39. 

-^— -, L«»f '» Hyarinthinc^ 

' — , Mihtuj, 3(8. 

, PlUTDt, 27 

, Red-cbe«k«d, a©. 

^-, lU-d, Vcilow 






m^^^ oodpitalii. 78. 

Pajrakeet, Brown's, 3. ' 

$7, ochrocephftla, "S, 

, Brown -throated, 98. , 

', Ciiuiti^a^ 47- 1 

^k ochmptcra, JQ- 

, Calhmoc'a, 45. ^H 

^H^ oefaroptcru*, 79- 

, C TiirfUiin, 56. ^B 

, CalUrrd, 01. ^M 

^m (Enochmt. E4, 

, C0i)k*«, 13. ^H 

; Curdillcra, 34. ^H 

^H omnirotor, A. 49, 

, Cr«»ti d, 1 . 1 

^m OrbT|rr«fia, i4. 

, Ciim.on-bdlied, 7- 

^ — J Crimv^n-win^, 0. \ 

^ft» 9i* QrienUlif , 66 

— -, De ii^mance't Graaa, 

^■[ omtitA, 63, 


^B^ onuutiu, 63. 

. iJcville**, 40. 

HiL Otbcckii, 9A. 

, D'OrbL^y'i Green, | 

, IMu bit- ringed, JO. 



., Owarf, rig. 

, Earl of Dcrtjy*B, d. 

V iWchyrliTiichm, 89. 

, Kkffaot Graa*. l«. l 

►. I»*clinhynchu«, 49, «». 70- 

— . Fiery. 5. ^ 

t, 4B, paci^cnt. 19, 19. U, 63, 
U Pttlttomia, 18. 

, Frontlet, 40. ^H 

- — , Gotd-hnuled, 47. ^M 

^^ |ifttlicr|>a< 4. 

^H paLmarum, 64. 

, Gofden-ffODted, 44. 

^^^^ papou, ♦». 

., Golden 'headed. 14. 

, Golden- wtog«d, ^ 

^^^K papua. 


, Green- cheeked, 49. B 

^ pmradiii, 83. 

^B pfcrafu*, 67. 

' , Orev-b^adrd, a^t ^B 

^^^^ paf«|^ttuiu», 67, 

, Ground, IJ. ^H 

^^^^B parauticiu, 89. 
^^^^V Parrakeet, AliyMdntsn, fl9. 

, Himri-neckcd, 4i. * 

-, Homed, 7. 

^^^^B , Adelaide, 3. 

^^^K ; Aleaandrinc, 16. 

, Jaran, 34. 

^^^^H , Anna, 

, lMjard'9 fliog«d, M. 

^^^H -^, A«tec, 

, ijoon*, 90. 

^^^H , AucUatid, 

^, little Red. winged,!!. 

^^^^H , Ajrmara, 44. 

, lAttii JJcfW't, 23, 1 

. Lory, fl«. 1 

^^^B , 8auer*«, ». 

. Malac^ 93. ^B 

^^^B , Beardrd. 93. 

, Mailierbe'a, 14. ^B 

^^^m ; Beautiful, 6. 

, Manilla, lu, ^B 

^V , Brryt, 40, 

, Muked, ri. ^B 

^1 — -, Btark'billcd, 24, 

, Molina' t, 40. ^H 

^B . Btaek'taikd, 9. 

. Mra> l^yard't, 9f. ^B 

^B -, Black-whwed, 9?^ 

, MuAUcboe. 94. ' 

^B , Btood.eared. 43. 

^B -, Bloodthot, 39. 

— -.. New Guinea, U. 

.New Zealand, 13. ' 

^■II. , Bloe-baoded Oraaa, 

, Onui^tiellled, 10, 1 

K^,oi. 13. 

, Oranire-throated, 4(J. | 

M, li. , Bltw-rhreked, 4. 

^^—, Orangv-winged, 46. 

^ 11, tl, H, . Blup-hri Jrcl, 2 1 . 

, OtaheiU?, 37. ' 

1^- . Bolivi»Q Grry- 

, Paciflc. 19. ^J 

^^ tircaated, 43. 

, Fale-headrd, 4. ^B 

B^ — , Bolmaii Tellow. 

K^ wioMd, 43, 

^B , Bourkir'i Graa*. 17. 

, P«U't, 37. ^M 

^ — , PKilippinn, tl. ^^H 
, Pifeufl, 93. ^H 

^B , Bracelet, 31, 

V , Hrfglf^ ty. 






Pvnkeel, Purple-tukd, 

Pwrot, Blttfr-lbced Grtsm. 





, lUcket-taOcd, 17. 

— — , Bltie-^nted. %%. 

— , B«d AmbojTia. 10. 

ice. ad. 

— !l3^^^h 

« R«(U:heeked. tA, 

- — -t BraxilisOp *t. 

— ^Qi^^H 

^ mQIH 

, Ked-colkml. 33. 

^— , Brotue- winged, 76* 


— , it«d*(»Kd. 13. 

, PWnwW 

-^^, Bed-fmntwl. 46, 

, Carolina. 36. 

— , F«n«^ 

, Hed-beaded GiuneA, 

, Chili, 48. 



, C«ir«*-batked, 97^ 


. R«d.«himlderBd, M, 

, C»mmou AiiiaaQa,7«, 



, Carnelia. 66. 

, PcCDUt* 

. Deimawit't. 9», 

— »n»aiDi 

, Rock. 42. 

, JJiadein. 91. 

— ^,pStt( 

. R^k OmM, 16. 

, Doubi4r.«jed, 90. 

. Pwtrt'< 

, ll4}M^froittied, 42. 

, I>«fre»oe't, BO. 

. P^ldhCfl 

; Bamt-htudtd, 30. 

, Emrrtdd. 47. 


, RoM^hnged, I9. 

^— , E«iling'« Brown, 1 00. 


- — , Frativc, go. 


,Scvlrt and Green, 10. 

— , Gcoffroj't, 71. 


— , GUnlo. U, 73. 

,£ed tf 

, SUt^-headrd, 22. 

, Great- billed, 67. 

duo, »»* 

, Smidl- billed, \g. 

^— , Green and B4sd CHii. 


, Soriety, 13. 

neae, 66. 


, Spkndid, 5. 

, Grwai- hacked, 90. 


, R«d*u 

, Tflbuan, \ I . 

, Gwn-cb«ked, flS. 


— . Trinidad. S8. 

y GUtteiing, 100. 

— -.Red^Jl 

1 Tureoiinc GraM, IS. 

, Golden-tailed^ 8». 


, Uuifortn, H. 

, Grry-headed, g«. 

, lUilNm 

— — » GuATtouilt 34, 


■ , Vuitd, 6. 

, GuUdinff**, 90. 


V —— , V<me<«ela, 14. 

, Hahn'». 9i. 

, WttUace'*, 19. 

. Hooded, n, 74* 

^^! sbo«, 3 

, Honduraa, S3, 

, Short- « 

, Weddciri. 30. 

— , Hurt' », 89. 

. Sty. 7** 

*■ , UTiitc-eawsd. 41. 

; UlinoiB, 38. 

, sijO), j 

, Widow, 43. 

; SmaU i 

, YcUow-coUaicd, B* 

, IriJi. 59. 

, Jaxdine*!, 70. 


- — , YisMow-necked, 18. 


, Jiikct't, 7t. 

— .Soteai] 

^» Yelbw-tKroated, 47- 


, Ytllow-YiiiOtcd, 7» 

. SpaiTfl 

. VcUowwingcd, 45. 



, Aiubovna. 68. 

, Linni'a, 6s. 

86. ^ ' 

— -, Little AmuoQ, 9&. 

— -, Sumila 

, Am, "'a. 

, Little Diukv, 7^^ 

— . Main, 78' 

— ; S^ndi 

, Aab-cronmcd, 83. 

J Mcuittrim'^t, 7*5* 


, AutumtiBl, 81. 

, Mauge'i, aa. 


— -, A«ufe-b«llic!d, BS. 

— — , Miinimilian^ "*► 


, Bay-headwl, T-^- 

— — , Mercenary, 90* 

. Thidt^ 

—, BhvK 1 

, Meyer's, 70. 


, Black-billcd Pasier. 

, MitTi>d, ««. 


iae, 849. 

' ■. Modest Paaaczine.s;. 


, Black-eftjTd, 74. 

. MoMmbtque, 3, 

, MoUer'*, l». 


, BbKk-t&ikd, 40. 


. Blue^bftck«d,ai. 

, Miucarine, 9. 


, Blue-backed Pa»«!r- 

; Nanday, 3fi. 

^ — ,>le^ QrT«»ifi% Kta^ 

_ Wvicf 



, Bloe-c«pped, 73. 








poikUorbriMshtt^ 7». 



Poijchtoru*, 06 < 

radh(«. 49. ^H 

rectixoatnt. in. ^^H 


re«.tirostri», 48. ^^H 


Folji«lU, 3, f». 

regiUus, 3;. M). ^^1 


tetivtilatA. 93. ^^1 


rcticiUatu*, 53, ^^1 

AM ahM. 

porpbyrio. $7* 

rex. 49. ^H 


porphjToeephalua, 68, 04. 

rhodocfrphiiliu, ^1. ^H 


porphyrur^ S8« 

RhynchoputtA, %h, 20. ^H 


porphjmmu, 8i. 

ricinUco, 53. ^^H 


pt«eintt>, 08. 
Prctrci, St, 

ririniAtiu^ &3. ^^H 

ItO^d. 7A. 

robiuttu, 70. ^^H 

^. 79. 

Priinoli, 47. 

ro«a, ai. ^H 

Prunoliui, ti^tf- 

itMacea, 03. ^^H 


Pnonrtunu, 17, 

roMcrui, 9, 9S. ^^H 

P»t>bc»dger, 90. 

roKft, 9». .^^^1 

pfodvMtu*, 190. 

ro««iopilla, 9S. ^^^H 
roicicoUiA, 89* ^^^^H 



rMcifron*, 43. ^^^^H 

PdttAddM, 1. 

rowut. ^^^^H 

IHritUciDB!, 67- 

nabcr. O9, 51 . ^^^H 
rubiginost, 53 ^^^^H 

PiitUcodia, 05. 67- 



P*itt»CUlMB» S4, f(S. 

rubrirollli, 89. ^^^^^H 

Fritlacu., 35. «8. 69, 
Pritteuteiesi, &7. 69' 

ruhnfrons, 53, 50, 63. ^^| 

niliriM;«ni«. 39> ^^| 

pBltCtoiM, 8a, 91. 

ml>n|ri;ii>>«, 39, ^^H 

FdtiOTIUB, SI, 40, 

ruhn(:i.rTatB, 34. ^^H 

PiittncliM, 1(M. 

rubrilorquis. OO. ^^^^H 

PtiloKlen, &g. 

► ra^ 

Pucheruni, 72. 

rulirofrftleAtui, 09 . ^^^^H 

putcliaU. U«lS, 103. 

rubrofTtoji, SO. ^^^^^H 
rubroruTntiu, B4. ^^^^^| 

pulcherrimui, 6. 

puilATta. H9, 

mOc^udA, 48. ^^H 

pulbmu*. H9. 

rufifrao*. 9. ^^H 

rufiit>4trif, 19* 4ft> ^^| 


p>ttIvpfule«Ui», 77* 

raflrrncm. 71' ^H 

pumilio, 7O. 

rupicolK, 43. ^_^^^ 

puaiilio SinxLi, 76. 

ntpicisLu*, 43. .^^^^H 

ptimiliia. 54. 

RUppeUii, 71. ^^^M 

lMDic«.«», OA. 



punicrulii*, &&. 


ptErpurnta, HH. 


FurpurcicrptuUus, 3, 8. 

SMiliei. 83. ^^^H 

purpureoceph&liu, ^. 


Mtifuineiu, 95. ^H 


purpureui, 04, 76. 

MpphlriniM, 57. ^^H 

piMlUll. 04. 

puaUiia, 54. 04. 

«r«pulBtii», 10. ^_^^^ 

pypnsa, 9«, 

•chiaticrpa, 33. ^^^^^| 


pyfili*, 84. 


Pyixhod^, Itf, 



pjrrrhopterut. 40. 
F^TThub, 31,39. 

MinirtjUtrif^ 09 . ^^^^H 


t^mircMtfis^wi. ^H 

prrrkun, *0, 





velatuA, Si^^^H 

•oiilit, ri, 76. 

aivisdcrninitiAT 99* 
9windeniianiu, 99. 

Vcfnwui Vi^^H 

•rtiiritu. 17. 


Vmcaiiii* ^"^M 

•even, Sfr< 

^'***>cwIm' '^9^1 

Ubu«mk,»». li, t«. 



tiutt«iu»», 57. 



fiilMilb, 18, «»» OB, Uninttt, 60. 


«il<l|>l«rUh 44. 

T.wa», 77. 

ri ntMu^^^^^^H 

Sittace, t5»ait 

Temminciii, 00. 

57« ^^^H 

Sijf, 7i. 

t^'rtuircwlnt, 96^ 

■mongditt*, 47' ternatciuts, 31. 
unarftgdiniUt 47, S7* tcnr«»tn«, t". 

SoUndii. 9S. 

tigrina, 44. 

tigiinu*. 44. 

^ridifCMlSa. «^ ^ 

«oUt«niu, &a. 

ttruu:ul«« *&. 

TlrkUinM»&, 0. .^fl 

tinba, 3», 

riridb, f,«6^«lkjH 

Sonficti, IB. 

Tintu, a 1,45. 

sordid III, "ft. 

tiric«. 4A. 

MMove« 4fi, 47« 

tArrmtituA, 19t 9U 

vind'Mkmuji, *i, !♦■ j 

9miancei, 1'^* 

tomdfc, loa. 

vilUU. 49, V). j 

■pttdicrocapillitt^ 7 

». T^iiit, 1*5. 

Tittatiia, «•t«l^ ^H 

tovi, 47. 

fulneranm Ift. ^H 

■putuliKcr, I7« IS' 
Spixii, ao, 31. 

t<»*i guttwrt lute«, 47. 

Ttilturin*. 71. ^H 

rulttm«n» 74» ^H 

•pti-iidcii»< It. It. 

TncUrw, 8S. 


iplcndidA, Iti, 

tricolor, tfy, 40, 20, 


splendieluA. ^« 5. 

lrim«LulBtiUi, SA, 

•quvnfttA, A). 

trttoti, $4. 

Wwi«n. M. H 

WmiWci. I«. ^1 

iquftmatu*, &K 

tuip&rm, 46. 


tiinmltuoao, 88. 

■qtisinoaiM, JQ' 

tutnultuiifliig, 81. 



tjn>ic», 84. 

X, ^M 

StovorliM. 07. 

typicw, g. 



u.' ^H 

■tifmftttii, ft4. 

xanthoion^ 9J. ^H 

HxcnuM. W. 

u1i«tAaus, It. 

nnthomeni*;'* ^H 

uiiduUio, 15. 

atrigoptiwe, l(H. 

UDdulatiM, H* IS, 40. 

8trlKO|i»u. 101. 

ttnicolor, 14, 51. 

"•»**>»l^ 79« ..TT^ 

«trigap», !0i . 

tVoclinoinm. tf&. fS6. 


fltrintrnp«i*< l**^' 

Unxliscui, 17, 18. 

StTlorb3fnihua, t^ 


tuntbopton^lM, ^*^H 

•itlphurcy. ^J, 9i. 

lODlllumMiu,*' ^^H 

■ulphurrui, 9^. 

VuIIaiitii, 70. 

*»«f i^/^Tuniniip il. '^^^H 

»ulphuT«Ufl iikinor, 1}S. Y&nrgKtA, 5). 


•lunatmnu*. tiH. 


»tiperbtu, 60, 

•urdM, 88. 

TM*, 2. 

•UFdui. S8. 


ttgfluikm,^ H 


•o««fi«,i. ^1 

H Prinied by T^yiw «»A Tt^i^ca, ift*^ Uw^ c««n^'fv««^«bitf. ^ 




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N.B. — Tbesc Catalogues can be obtained at tbi 
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VI, Books iLi>TrsTR.iTiNO or DEScai 
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By G. R. gray, F.R.S., F.L.S., btc. 

PART III. Sections III. & IV. 

LONDON: 18C8. 



of the present List has been to give a complete 

of the epecice of the FamilieB Capitonldte, or 

and Picidae, or Woodpeckers, exemplifying hj 

Mphf e^ &c, the Bpecimene contained in the Col- 

of tlie British Museum, under the specific name 

Eijins to which they belong, indi eating also the 

■Ad the source firom whence each i^ecimeii has 

J. £• GRAY. 




i. Capitoninm. 


las, lUig. Prod. (\HU) p. 202. 

VieiiL Afiid. d'Orn. (181B) p. 27. 
( VieiiLMS) ft rof?oiiiu», I^ach, ZooLMisc. (1815). 
■hynchuH, V. d. Huei\ Hamlh. (IHiS^l) ii. p. 461. 
in, G, R, Or. Lid of Gen, of B. (1841) p. m. 
[on* Aff(f49. 

phu5, DesMurif, Enc^cl Hid. Nat. ii. p. 14 (1861 ). 
iol»ma, Vei^. Cab, Joum. (1855) p. 102. 

fictidflB : — 

\, SUph. Gen. Zod. f 1815 ) i%. p. 337. 
^Vufm.Anal. (1816) p. 40, 
11% Demi. (1802), 

a. Pqqonorsykcmus, 
iojcoBHYNCHiTs DUIJIU8. Tlie Groove-billed Barbican, 

[4abiu«, Gmd. S, N. In. 400; Fl EnL 602. 
\ iulciroBtris, Lmchf Zool. Misc. pi. 70. 
i erythnnnela*. VieiU, K ThcL Jjiist. Nat, iii. p. 2r«i. 
> liajor, Cui% Rhjn. An. (1817) L p, 428. 
\ eiilcirostris^ Waif I. St/sL At\ p. 
I dubiu9» m^. Prod. Mum. ^ Ar. p. 202. 
iiD dubiiw, a\M. Or. Lint ^f Gen. of B. (1841) p. <«». 
hjnehus dubiua^ V. d. Mttev. Ilnnm, ih p. 40) . 
M. Barb, 1. 19 ; VUnU, Gal. det Oi*. t. 32. 



2. PoooNOBHYXcaus RoLLETi. Rolleftl 

Pogonia^ lioUeti, DeJU, Iiet\ et Ma^f, de Zool, (1859) p, 290 
FogoDorhynchus RoUeti, He-tt^l. IbU (1861 ), p, \ti, pi 5. (.1 

a. East Afiica» From M. Venreiiax*6 CoUectioiL 

3. PoooNORHYNCHua BrDENTATiTfi, The Smooth-l 

Bucco bidentatus, Shaw^ Nat. Misc. pi. 383. 
Pogonia laeviroBtris, Leach, Zwl. Mine, pi, 77. 
Pogcmius Levaillantii, Lea/h, Z<tol. Misc, pL 117- 
Bucco leuconotufl, VieUi. N, Diet <fl£id, SlaL iii. p. 242, 
Pofjroniafl huviroatris, Wa^l Sifst, Av, 
Hucco LevailkBtii, VieiU, K TXet. d'Htsf. Nat, liL n, 241 J 
Laiuuvdon bidentatu.s, G, R, Or, Oen, of B: U. p. 4z8. 
Pogotiias bidentatus, Bp. Conitp. Ad. p. 145, 
Pogcmia? minor, Cuv. Mpn. An, (18 li) L p. 428, 
Poj^oTiorhjTielius bidentatus, ffeitffl, IhU, 1861, p, 12S. 
r-.aim^>dun laeviroatris, Jlew^A Stfd. U§b&rt, Voq,K 0,. 
Lemilh Barb, t. SuppL A and t, Suppl. K. 

o, 6. West Africa, Fhjm Mr, Argent's Collectjon. 

4. PoooKoEHTKCHtre LKtTC0CEPHALU8. The White-h 

Laimodon leucocepbalus, DeM. Eev.ttM€La,deZod,(WS^)\ 

Pogoiiorliynchu^ le uco<?eph itl us, iZ*?M^/. Ibu (1861)^ p.l^|t' 

a. Eaat Africa. From M. Verreaux'a Colleetko. 


iMO toiqufliufl, Thim, Ihct, Sci. Nat. iv, p, 661 
Jim nigrothorax, Cuv. Mk^fn,An. (1817) L p, 42a 
Pogonias personatua, Temm, 1% Col 20L 
Po^nias personatua, Cm, E^, An, 1829, L p. 467. 
Laimodon ni^othorax, O, H. Or, Oeru of B. il p.438v 
Po^onorbyncbus torqimtua, Qogm^ Schkg. Mm. N* H. " 
Buec. p. 4. 

LemilL Bark t 28. 

a, b. Cape of Good Hope. Presented bj J. nould* 
c^ d, Tette (\ftn©t\"), Fr»Dm Dr, Livingstone's F 
€, Cape oi Viood iVo-^fe, '?T«M£ii\*A\s^ \ . C* 


oxoRHnrcHTs ABTasoactrs. Salt's BArbicAn. 

alijBamicft, Iitxth, Ltd. Om. Suppl p. xliz. 
' , SUmi, Sal£9 Trav. Afn/m, j^ p. 4a 
infons, 8tD€dM. ZooL M pi 68. 

icei, J^pp. ramut Ah^$i. 1 20. 1 1, 
wgnica, Ginel S, N, I. p. 860. 
»jasimcud, StepL Gen. £ool, ix- p. 338, 
tridactvla. Iktwi, Tr. dOrtu ii. p. 366, 
hue &ltii, Heugl Ibis (1861), p. 123. 
'm,G.Jt. Or. Gai. of B, ii. p. 438. 
1119 abyaBinkuS; Goffin, SehUff. Mtu. H, N, Pays' 

\Bli€C,_p. 5. 

jtffbr. toy, Abyu, 1 10, f, % 

Abjtfiinia. Ptesented by Lord Mountnorm, 

Abjaamia. From the I'rankfort Museum. 

Afetymliiia. Preaented b j the Secretary of State for India. 

beosroBHTitCHTS undatus. The Undulated Barbican. 

I nsdatua, Temm, 
iindatiis, Bupp, Fatma Ahvst, t, 20. f. 2. 
mchus andatua, Meugk Ibt» (1861), p. 123. 
[Saltii, pt., Verr. 

Abjcamia. From the Frankfort Museum. 

onoRHYKCHUS MELANOPTKBus. The Black-winged 

napterufl, F^^tt.BericfU, Akml Bert, (1864) p. ia4. 
[ »lbiventri», Verr. Proe. Z. & (1869) p. Sm, jpL 157, 
ius melanopterufl, Goffin, Schieff,Mu»,d' Jl. X, I\nj$' 

(Aj&ica; Mozambique. 



The Blaok-thr 

lleocamelaa, Bodd. Tahl, dts Pi, EsU. p. 43. 

)lianaii| Leach^ Zool. Mise, pi. 116. 
f, Cnt. mm. An, (1820) I p. 467. 
My Stejih. Gen, Zool, ix, I p. .^1. 

Srifp, JMie. Pi, HJetun, Inmbr, 


I Poironitve unidentfttuB^ Licht. T rrz, J^op, Kafferi. p. 17. 
I-^iiiuxitm leucomelas, G. i?. Cr Om. of B. iii. p. 429. 
I Laimodan unidetitatus, 6\ R. Or. Gm. of B. ii, p. 4^. 
' FofTonorhynchus kucomelas, Gojffin^ Schley. Mus, B. •¥. ftj 
Bticc. p. 7. 

Zctvii/f. //rtrfc, t. 29. 30, 31 ; PI BhI 688, t^ Sm. Fif 

a. South Africa, 

A, c. South Airica. Firom the Sonf >fi 

d. South Mrica. FroDi Mr. Lendl ilectioi 

e. South Africa. From Mr. Turner '^^ CuUi^tioo. 

10. PoGONORHYNCKUS oiADBMATiTs. The £hddi>m Ba 

LAimodon dJadematUB, Heuffi, SyM* ZFieber9» TTia, ft B^Hr* 

1 28. 1 1. 
. Fogonoihynchus diademfttiia, JTaufL Ibis (1861), pL 4 ti 

Hob. North-east iVMca. 



Pogonias molanocephalus, Biipp. Atlas^ t, 28. A, 
Poganiaft bifrenatus, Ehrenh. Sifmh, Fht/s. Ac. t.B,tf* 
Po^onorbyiic*hus bifreimtus, lleujil. Ibis ( l^MU), p. 123 
I^niodon bifrenatus, G. 2?. Gr, Gtn. of B. ii. p. 4!^* 
PoponorhyBchus melaDocepbalnF, Gti^n^ ScMt^, Mn 
Pays-liaSj Buec. p, 10. 

a. Abyssinia. From the Fnuikfort Muaeum. 

12. PoGOXOBHTNCHtTB VlRIl.LOTn, \leillat*i 

Pogroniufi V'ieilloti, Leach, Zool. j\fm\ pi. 97. 
Bucco fnaceaceus, VteilL N. iM/'t. r/* /7. jV; Ui. p. S41. 
Pogoniaft rabe»ceii8» Temm, IH, CoL (text). 
Pcigonias senejralensis, Licht, Vert, Dupl. p. Qi 
Pogonifts nibicon, Vuv. B^gn, An, (1820) p. 457, 
Po^otiifis nififrons, Strains. 

LaimodoD Vi«*illotn, G. B. Gr, Gftt. of B. \u p, i29, 
Pogunorhvnchus Vieilloti» Heugl, Ibii (18Ui>. p, 121. 
Levaill. Barb, SuppL D. 

a, Africa. 
k Gambia. 


b. Tricrolmma. 
GliiBYircatrs Bxasurus* The Oftiry BarbicikQ. 

iMiM. Zool. lU,fl 72. 
riBf^umciatm Verr. Cab, Joum, 185^, n, 103; i£0t?* 

Its, CM. JbunK (18(10) p. IW. 
\ bhsQtiUij tr. ^ Or, Oen. of B. iu p, 420. 
iBdius birtfutuj»p Gvfflnf Sehieff, Mm, JL N. Fay^-Bfu, 

AfHea. FVom Mr. Gould's CollectioiL 


,ItOr,lMt ofGm, vfB. fl840) p. 5:3, 
G.JLGr.tAd of k App, (Ibiil) p. 12. 

f AffOMM, 

'^ . Ann. de§ Sci Nat (1B64) p. 130. 
oky Jjp. Afm, <^ ScL Nat. (ll^) p. 130, 
la /Vod Ifam, *^ ^r, (1811) p. 204. 
, Bp, Aim, dej* Sl< Nat (1854) p. 130. 
on* Vtrr, Bei\ et Mag, de Z^h>L (1855) p. 2ia 
, Zr«. Tr, (TOm. p. 104 (1831). 
IuJa, Zrw. Tam/j/. 5m/. ix. p. 292 (1837). 

*lfK Comp, At\ p. 141 (1850). 
Bo. thtup. Ai\ p. 141 (I860), 
locnuiua, Umwi^ Cab. Joum, (18(30) p. 19L 


MxOALAiMA ymjSNS. The Gnmd Barbel. 

aBi>dtL TM, dM Fi, Enl. d§ ttAuhmt p. 5^1 
, Owml a K I p. 408. 
Hi, FietlL N, IHcL ttH, N iv. p. 409. 
r^KDJB. O, H G>. Gm. of B, ii. p. 420. 
I irnnl^, 6*. R, Gt,UMt ofGtm, ofB.App (1842) pJ2, 
ȣ,87l: Lrvaiil Barb. 1 20 1 Gotdd.CmLof lHrd9,\y\.m, 

StfmL Proseated hj B. IL Hodgeou^ E«q. 

B 3 

^% Iffwft AiJiiMA CBBYSOVOGON. The Gold«ii-besrd«<( 

ilIipUAini O. R, (ir. Get*, of B.u.'^Ai 

iMegsbdiui- . - . - - , bjyaopogon, Bp. Ate^mtltm, { ft 
f €IU)4aeeA duTSopogon, Hon/, 4- Moore ^ Cai. ojf J5. iL 1 

fl. Somatm, FTom Mi. L6adbeat«r*a Collection, 

K Sumatm. 

e. Singi&pore (?). From Mr* Turner's CoOecdao. 

S. Mkoalaiva ckrtsopsis. The GoldeQ-&c^ 
MegiJAimii ehijeopsia, Ooffim^ SeU. Mus. H, N, /V^f*-. 

J2a6* Borneo* 

4. MBOAt«.%mA ¥£Baicotoit. The ChAiigteahle ] 

Bucco yemoolor, Maji. Linn. Trans, xiii p. 284. 
MegalaiiuA veraicoior, G, It Gr, Gcii, of B, ii. p. 4^. 
Bu«» Rafflesii, iew, Bei^ de Zw^, ( 185j>) p. 30&, 
MdgAlietiift (Meg.) versicolor^ Bp,AteHeo linL (1854) 
Ohotoren rersicalor, Mortf, i^Moort^ Cat, of B. iL p^ 
Ttmm, H. CW. 309. 

a^ 6. Malacca. Presented bv W. Harre^, Eeq, 

<•, Java, PreeenW by l>r. huttinton. 

rf. Indian archii>elago.* Prc^ntod by M, G J 

e,/. Borneo. 

g, Java. From Mr. Warwick^a CoUectioii* 

h. India. 

I. Sumatra. 

5. Meqalaima JAVKN8I8. The Javan 1 

Bucco iavensis, Horrf, Linn. Trans, xiii. p, 181* 
Bucco Kotorea, Ttmrn. M, Col. (text). 
Bucco mystaoophanos, pt., Cuv. 
Buc€rt trifltifl, I/rc^. Diet. Class. d*IL N, ii. p. 195, 
Megalairaa javensifl, (?. R. Gr, Gm, of B.vLy^ 429» 
Megnlronia (Chotorea) javenaifl^ Bp, Ateneo lUU^ (Ifi 
Chotorea javeasis, Horaf St Moore ^ Cat, of B^n^i 
LenaiU, Barb. SnppL C (f ). " 

d. Java. From >Ir. WarwicVa CollectioiL 



iAiJincA MY8TAC0PHAN0S. The Ijong^-bettrJed Barbet. 

_avf«tacopliAii(w, Temm. PL (.%!. 315» 
totliwlricolor, Eyion, Proc. Z, 8. (I8;3t*) p, 105. 
Imia my8ta^opbano»^ O. It Gr, (Jph. of B. u. p. 42V(* 
"adricolor^ G, R, Or. Gm. vf li. ii. p» 4l'i). 
;.) mystacophftnos, hp. Ateneo lUd. (1854) p. 
ophuiioA^ Horsf, 4* Mtfore, Cat of B. ii. p, 641 ♦ 
) (|uadricolor, Bp.Atemo lUd. (1854 J p. 

Malacca. Presented by Rajah Brookv* 
p. Malacca. I*reaent€d by W. Ilflrvey, Eaq. 

7. Meg AL AIM A Oorti. Oort^s Barbet. 

>orti, Mm. Ti/dschr, Nat fiuch. \h p. ;341, t. 8. f, 4. 

Oorti, G. R. Or. Gm. of B. iL p. 4i>VK 
pna (Meg.) Oorti, Bp, AienvQ ltd, ( 1854) p. . 

6* MsoALAiMA HEKiucr. Hcmy'a Barbet. 

I«irici, Brne, Temm. PI, Col 524, 

L Oorti, pt., 6', R, Gr, Geft, of B. u. p. 429, 
ensie, IlitHi Ret\ dt ZoJ. (1842) p. .^37. 
\ malaccensis, 6'. R. Gvh> of IL ii. p, 42l>, 
I ijaadricolor, pt.?, ///. Vat. of B. p. 67. 
i (MegJ malacceiisis ei Megakema (Meg.) quadricolor, 
^ p/te/.(l854) p. . 

id, Ilornf if MiHtre, Cat. <f B, ii. p, ti43. 
Btorquea, Peale. 

I Sumatra. Presented by E. Wil^n, Vjiq, 
, Sumatra. 

; Sumatra. From Mr. Warwick's Collection. 
Lt. Sumatra* 

. ARMthhkMis, Tbe Orange-breaated Barbet * 

rtfmiUaria, T^m. PL CoL m. f. 1. 

hojoa aimillari«^ G\ R. Or, Gm, u/ Zf, ii. p. 4t?9, 

, (Mt^g.) armillarirt, Bp.Attnai ItaL (1854) p. , 

Java, From Mr. I^adbeater'd I'oUection. 
Java. From Mr. Warwick's Coliectiou. 



10. MEiiALAxaiA NrcHALis. The Embroideied ] 

Megalnema nuchalis, Gmld, Proc, Z, S. (1802) p. 383. 
Meg&lflDma chalcatichouia, Gotdd^ MSS, 
Megalainia cal&uchenia, Goffitiy ScM. Mus* H, N, Pof/s-SoM^M 
p. 94. 

% b. laknd of Foimosa. From Mr. Swiiikoe^s CoQ 

b. Cr^ufOFS, 

11» Meoalaisia flavifrons. The Tellow-&oiited ] 

Bucoo flavifrons, Cuv, Rb^ti. An, (1B17) L p. 428, 
Bucco fturifrons^ Ttmm, H, Col. (t^xt)* 
Megalaiiim fiaTifrons^ G. R. Gr. Gen. of ^. ii. p» 429, 
Megalsema (C jAnope ) flaTifroofi, Bp. Aieneo lUd. (1854) p. 
LevaiilBarL t. 56, 

a, Cevlon, Presented by Viscount Wiildwi, 
b-d. Ceylon, From Mr.' Cuming's Colli 

12. Msgalahia Asiatic a. The A^ifttie Bttrl 

Bucco Qsiaticujs, Lfdh. Ind, Om, L p. 201. 

Bucco ca^nileuH, Ihtm. Diet. Sci, Imt let edit. iv. p, 48. 

Capito cy anicoUia, VkiU, N. Diet, ^H. K iv, p. 498 ; G?/ 

t. m, 

Jiucco cyanoi)5, Vuv, man. An. (1817) i. p. 428, 
Bucco c^nileijrula, Hodg*. Grm/s Zooi. M%$e, p, 85. 
Bucco eyant)C()ilif^^ Temm. Pi. Col. (text). 
Megaiaima asiatica, G. E. Gr, Gm* of B, ii. p. 429. 
MegalBBms < Cyonop) asiatica, Bp. Ateneo lial (1854) p.' 
Cy&nopfi asiatica, Rttr&f. ^r Moore ^ Cat. of B, ii. p. 641, 
Pogomas cyano^^niu8p 3ferr. 
Bucco Voig^tii, V. Krvlmff. 
LetmUL Bark %. 21,22. 

a-d. Nepal. PreBented by B. H. Hodgson, £aq. 


13, Megalaima Franklinh. Franklin's Barbet 

Bucco Franklinii, Bhjth, Jcttrt^ A. S. B. (1842) p, 167. 
Bucco ipfuicepji, Hmlqs. Gr. ZooL Miac, p. 85. 
Megftlftima l^raoldiuiij G, It Gr. Getu of B. ii. p*4d(X 
CyanopH Frouklimi, Jloritf. ^ Moore, CaL ofB^iLf-M 

o~e. Nepal. Presented by B. II. Hodgson, E«^* 


c Xastsolmma. 

i VL MsGAX^AiMA BOSBA. The Rose-necked Barbel. 

i ro^eus, Ihtm, Diet Sri, Nat 1 ♦:«dit. iv, p, 62. 
» ToeaufeioL>lli^ Vieill, K Diet ffll. K iv. p. 600. 
t restf^iroUK Vhfors^ Mem. JZa^. p. 067. 
^ philipp*»n9i-^, Ilorsf, Linn, Trans, xiii. p. 18L 
lajma roaea^ G, R. Or, Gen. of B, ii, p. 429, 
( rosiENK;eic43lli«, Tetnm, 
\ pullariuBf Mtrr. ? 
. ))*irbiculiia, Cin\ Mfffi,Atu (1817) I p. 428. 
► barbtttulii, Ternm. 

rXanthoIa^niH) roeeus, Bp.Ateneo It^tl. (1854) p. 
olsma fodea, Horrf. * Moore, Cat. of B. ii. p. fJ40. 
^.iTttri. t.33,56, 

Java. Presented by J. Inskipp, Esq. 

Ja\ A. Pre^^ented by the Hon. Eadt-Iixdia Company. 

MEfiALAiMA MAjLABAitiCA. The MatabaHan Barbet. 

I barbiculQs, Bit/th,Jmim. A, S. B. (1840) p. 13. 

I malabarictis, Btj/th, Joum. A. S, B. (1847) pp. 386, 465. 

aa malabanca^ Blyth^ Cat of B. Aj}p. p. 3.'i^). 

ema malabarica, Horsf. ^ Moore, Cat of B. ii, p. 647, 

Madras; Malabar. 

, M^OALAiMA BUBBiCAPiLLA. Tbe Ho*e-ciowned Biirbet. 

I robncapilluA, Gmel. S. N i. p. 406. 
D nibricapillujs, lleiU. X I)tci. d H. N. iv. p. 407. 
lltima nibricapilb, 6'. B. Gr, Gen. of B, ii. p. 420. 
*praa (Xantholfiema) rubric apil la, Bp. Atmeo lUtl. (1854) 

ima nibricapiUa, Homf. i.V Moore ^ Cat of B, ii. p. 040. 

i. Ceylon, rar. Pres^Tited by Viscoiint Walden. 
4-e, foylon. From Mr, Cuniing*8 Collt^tion. 

17. PMKOALArMA Latiiami. The BulT-foced Barbet. 

> Uthaini, Gmel. 6*. N. i. p. 406. 



Capito Latliami, VmlL K Litt, d^H, N, iv. p. 4Q 

Megalttima Ladiamii G, M, Gr, Oen, of B, iu p, i 

Megaiftima rubrieapillft, jiiv.?, Goffin, 

Laik Sf/M. il. pi. 22, 

a. India P 

18. Mbgalaxua h^icacephai^a. 

The Ydlow- 


Bucco hsBmaceplialus, MiiU, Si^st Nat. J^^tpL p, 88^ 
Bucco flavif^a, Boiid, Tahl, ile^ Pi. Enl de dAmbaiL \ 
Bucco philippensis, Gmel, S, N, i. p. 407. 
Bucco mdicus, Lath. Ittd, Orn, i. p, 20o, 
Bucco flavicolliB, Fiei^l Entire. MM. p, 1424. 
Bucco rubricollis, Cuv, R^fftt.An. (1817) p. 428, 
Megalaima pbilippensis, O. R. Gr. Gm. of B, ii, p, 
MegaliBiua (XaQtaokQina} flaripila, Bo.AteneoItal, (Ifi.- 
MmgalnBma (XanthoLBma) phiiippt$ii8iB» Bp, At^neo UAi 

Xatiibolffima mdica* Horsf, 8t Moore, Cat., of JB, ILfA 
Capito indicus, Vietll N. Diet, tTM, N. iv. ij, 407. 
Capito philippeueis, Vteili. N» Did, (TH. M iv. p. 48Sl j 

Juv. Bucco nanus, Bodd, TaM, des H. 2W, p, 47. 
Bucco parvus, GmeL S. JVl i p. 407, 
Capito parvus, VieilL N. Did. (TE. iVl iv, p. 409. 
Megalaima parva, O, R, Gr, Gen, of B. ii p. 430. 

Var, Buc^o luleus, Lesx. Tr, dOm, p. 163, 
Megalaima lutea, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B, u, p, 429. 
K Enl mi ; Levaiil. Barb, t 36, 

Juv, M. Eid. 746. f, 2. 

Var. DeA Mars, Icon, OmiUi, 1 21. 

I a, h. India, 
c. India. Preafsnted by CapL Elliott, 
J-/ Madras. PreBeutt^d by the Rev, H, H. 
!7, k Nepal. Presented by B. H, Hod 
i^k. Tenasserim, Pnaeuted by J. D, G. Pa 
/. Ceylon. From Mr. Cuming a CoUectioii. 
m. India, young. Presented oy the Secretary of I 
n, India. 


fMsOAUkJUA Raffle siA. Raffles's Barbet, 

Beeitis, Bote, Brief e a us Ostmditu^ No. 15* 
i Bftfflesiti, Bp, Coww. Aih i. p. 144. 
I (Xantliolaema) Ramesia, Bp. Atetieo Ital. (1 854 ) p. , 
k indkft, pt., Honf. ^* Moore, Cat of B, ii. p. 644. 

i SuxEtatni. 

f JLegalaima BT7BBIFBON8. The Red-fronted Barbet 

rubrifrc»n5», Mut. 
philipp*3nM8, pt., 6\ B, Or. 
(Xanthols&ma) rubriirons, Bp. Ateneo It at. (1854) 

I India. 

\ Umqalajma AU8TRALIS. The Black-breaated Barbet. 

^mustralis, Sorrf, Linn. Tram* xiii, p. 181. 
) ffularia, R^mw., Teinm. Pi. Col. 80. f. 2. 
'^ I aufltrali^i, O. R, (Jr. Getu of B, \l p. 420. 
(Meg.) aimlmlm, Bp. Att^im BaL (1854) p. 
ema australia, Hvrnf Sf Moore ^ Cat of B.u, y*. 648, 

JaTa. From Mr. Warwick'^ Collection. 
Java. Presented by E, Wilson, Eaj. 

Hjcoalaika DiTVAUCKLii. The Black-fronted Barb*?t. 

» Dttvaucelii, Lens. Tr, (fOrn. p. 164. 

i tnmaculatiiB, Or, Z*ml Misc. p. 3, pi. 3. 

i iuetrali^ BaJI. Lirm. Tram. xiii. p. 286. 

Uima trimacuTata, O. B. Gr. Gen. uf B, ii, p* 42&* 

» froDtaliis Temm. PI. Col. 636. f. 1. ' 

(Meg,) trimftculata, Bp. AteneQ Bat, (18/34) p. 
oLszna Duvaucelii, Horif. if Moore ^ Cat. tf B, ii. p. 647. 
[Bbcoo eywioti*^, Bt. J<mm, A. S. B. (1S47) p. 465, 
S guttoimlifl, Bote, Brief e am Otitintlien^ No. 16. 

k Blalaeca Presented by W. EUirey, E»q, 

ff§, Malftcca. Presented by the Secretar}' of State for 

I India. 
th^ I. India. 
m0* Malacca. 
1^ Indin Preeented by the Hon. £a«t*India Com^u^. 

a. Sumatra. 

h. Java. From Mr. Leadbeater*fl 

24. Mkgalaima lixeata. The 

Capito lineatas, VteiU. N. Did. dH, J^ 
Bacco conrinuSy JTorsf. aptid Bl. 
Bacco caniceps r. Tindis, Hodgs., Chr. 
Buoco fuscicapillus, Drop. DicL ScL ^ 
Megmlaima caniceps, Hodgt, Cat. B. oj 
Megalaima lineata, Bfyth, Cat. ofB. | 
Megaliema (Chotorea) lineata, ip. Ai 

a. India. 

6. Buasein P^^ Presented bj 

c, d. Tenassenm. Presented bj 

25. Mbgalaima Hodgsoni. Hod| 

Bucco caniceps v. Tiridis, Hodg9.y Gr. 
*, Bp, CoMp. Ac, : 

Presented by B.H. 


a-h. Nepal. 

26. Megalaima canicbfb. 1 

Bucco caniceps, Frankl. Proc, Z. 8. (li 
Bucco lineatus, Tick. Joum. A. S. B. ( 
Bucco yiridifi, pt., Jerd. Madr. Joum. : 


BOAUOMA zEYLONiCA« The Brown-headod Barbet. 

jlanicos, OmeL & K i. p. 408. 

sflanicuBy Veia. N. Diet. cFH, N, iy. p. 4d9. 

iia ▼iridiflj pt.?, O, R, Or, Gen, of B, ii. p. 429. 

la zeylanicA, Bh/th, Joum. A. S. B. xx. p. 181. 

lA canioeps, Blyth^ Cat, of B, p. 67. 

nicepfl, pt.y Bl 

my IlLofZool. pL 15; LevaiU. Barb. 1 38. 


Ceylon. From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 

S9. Mboalaima vibidis. The Green Barbet. 

ridifl, Bodd, TM, des H. Enl. p. 5a 

mcepa, Sykes, Proc, Z. 8. (1832) p. 97. 

lA viridi«, G, R, Gr, Om. of B, ii. p. 429. 

ridiB, Viem. N, Diet, tCH, N. iv. p. 600. 

lA (Chotorea) viridis, Bp. Ateneo Ital, (1854) p. 

2W. 870. 

Malabar. Presented by Mr. Spinks. 
[adras. Presented by T. C. Jerdon, Esq. 
Mftdraa. Presented by the Kev. H. H. Baber. 

MiALAiHA FHAI08TICTA. The Cochinchina Barbet. 

ostrictus, Temm, PI. Col. 527. 

oetriatuB, Temm. PI. Col. (text). 

la (aiostriata, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 429. 

LB pbaiosticta, Bp. Consp, Av. p. 144. 

M (Chotorea) ph^eoBticta, Bp. Ateneo ItaL (1854) p. . 


e. BuccANODoy. 
BfJEOALAiMA DucHAiLLUi. Duchaillu's Barbet 

, Duchaillui, Cass, Proc. Acad. PMad. (1855) p. 324. 
on Duchaillui, HarU. Syst. Om. W. Afr.^. 171. 
k formosa, Verr. Bet. et Mog. de Zool. (1855) t. 5. 
(Buccanodon) Duchaillui, Haril. Syst. Om. West Afr. 

la Duchaillui, (?q^«, Schleg. Mus. X. H, Pays-Bas^ Bucc. 
aboon. From M. Verreaux's Collection. 



f. Bajibatula, 

32, Megalaima pusu-la. The Red-fronted 1 

Bucco pusillufl, Dam. Diet, Sci. Nat. (1 edit.) it, p, »50. 
Buoco chrysoptem, Swait^. Two Cent, and a Quart, p, 322. 
Bucco cbrjeiQEonicus, Miipp. 
Bucco nan 119 J Viff. 

Capito nibrifroni?, Vmll. N. Did, d'H, N. it. p. 407. 
Rarbahila nana, G. R, Or. Lkt of Gen, of B. (1841) pJ 
.Mog-aldma barbatida, G, R. Gr. Gen. o/ J?, ii p. 430, 
Bucco parvus, c? i Otw. R^gn. An. (1817) L p. 438w 
Bucco minutus, Tmmn. 
Barbatula niinuta, Bp, Consp. Af\ L p. 144. 
Barbatula pusilla, Verr* 
Bucco barbatula, Temm, PL Cot. (text). 
Me^alaima puinila, XiV/t/, KomHucl. Ai\ p, 74, 
Megnlaima pusilla, Goffin^ Schley. Mws, H, N, Fajft'Soifi 
p, 40. 

LemiJL BtirL 1 32. 

a. Port Natal, male. From Mr, AVarwicVs < 
6. iVfrica, male. From Mr. Stevens's CollectiQii. 
c. Port Natal, female P From the South AfiicanMlj 

33. Meqalaima chbysocoha. The Oold-banded 1 

Bucco cbryaocomufl (chrvsoconus 1 ei chiysozouus I), 

Col. 536, f. 2. 
Bucco parrus, var., L^s*. Tr. tTOrtt, p. 165. 
Barbatula cbryaocomft| B/h Cottftp. Av, i, p. 14-5. 
Megalaima cbrysocoma, G. B. Or, Geti, of B. ii. p, 430. 

a. South ^ifrica. Freseated by J. Gould, Esq. 

34. Mkcalatma ubopyoialis. The CNmige^bflcked \ 

Barbatula uTopygialie, Heugl Cab, Joum.ftir Om, (1863)1 

Me^airaa mofj^^LsMsyGojinfSchkg.Mus.II.NtFffjfi'Bt 
p. 4:2. 

Hak L^Ain-Saba. 

36. Mkoalaxua atboflava. The Bl ack-and- Yellow 1 

Bucco atroflavuflt Blum. Abb. not, GefjeHxt, t. 65. 
Bucco erytbTOnoUi&j Ciin, J?#^gti, An, (ISIT) \, p. 65, 
Barbatula fttroftK^>iB, Bp. Conip.Aii/\,^A4^. 


erythronotiisi, JVr, 
•Uimfl atroflftvftt ^' ^. ^>* Om, o/'-S* ii. p. 430. 
ImaiU. Barb, i, 57. 

West Afirica. 

Li > ALALIA LEtJCOi^AiMA. The White-tliToated Barbet 

WtuU letjcolftima, Fctt. J?«\ /^ ^/ui;. rf« Zoo/, (18.5n p. 263. 
leucolaima, Goffin , Schley, Mm. H, N, Pays- Baity Jf«<*c. 

Oy 6- Weet Africa (Gaboon). From M. Verreao'ft Col- 

ev AabantL From Mr, Gould's Collection, 

7* HsOALAniA BLLT.VBATA. The Double-lin&d Barbet. 

bilineata, Smidei\ (Efvers. af K&nffL Vetenskaps-Akad, 

: (inm) p. loti ^ 

leucolatma, pt., Verr, 
di Africa. 

lALAiMA BVBSTTLPmmEA, The GabooD Barbtft, 

Iphureua, i><w. JVor. Z^. Soc. (1843) p. 3. 
■fufeus, G. M. Or. Om. of B, ii. p. 4m 
9ubeulpbureus, Bp. Con^p.Ac, i. p. 142. 
kvimt'ntujii, Vrrr, Betr. H Mmj. de Zom, (1851 ) p.2tJ:i. 
gnliFulphiiTea, Hard, JSt/st. Orjt. W.Afr.f, 172. 
I eubsiuplmrea, Qoffin^ SchUg, Mm, II. A\ Pat/s^Boi, 
.p. 44. 
^ Zoci, T^, pi 52. 

West Africa (Gaboon) * From M , Veiream 's CoUecti on . 

g. Xylobucco, 

Meoalatiu. 8C0L0PACEA. The Yellow>acollopped 

, Temm, 
(colopaceu-s Bp. CotiJip, Av. i, t>, 141. 
a flAvii«jiiamata, Verr, ^ Dt^sm, Cah. Joum.fihr Ornith. 
I p, 101, 
a (Xylobucoo) scolopacea, Martin ^fti. Om» W. Afr, 



Bucco ?^ lyas. Pror. Z. S, (1843) p. 4 (noi 

Bftrbfttula (iylobucco) acolopnoea, pt., llaril, £ 
p. 174, 

ft, Asliftnti. Ffom Mr. Gould's CoUed 
h. West Afiica* From Capt Sabiiie, 

41. MisoAiiAiiiA LSUCOTis. The WMtti 

MegaleemA leucotis, Sundev. Oefven, (1860) 
Laimodon iitudeDtittuSi pt^ Verr* 

Mah. South Africa. | 

h. Gtmnobucco, 

42. MEGAI.AIMA CALVTS. The Bare-h) 

Bucco cslrm, Lafr, Hev. ZooL (1841) p. 241 
Oyuuiobuoco calvus, HartL Sj/gt, Om, JF. Ai 
Gymnocramia calvus, Heirtet Cab, Joum, (18( 
ifegal ftinia calva^ Ooffin^ Schhif. Mm, H, iV. Pi 

a, 6. "West AfiricA. From Mr. Ajgeat'a 

4S. Megalaiha Peli. PeFg 
Bucco cedvuA, Temm, MSS, 





flno§a, Cms. Proc. Ac4id. Philad. 0855) p. 324. 
us fuliirinonaH, dab. Jminh ( I8l*0| p. 101. 
Bonap&rteii Gofin^ Schl^tf, MttJt. H. N.Ptit/S'Bmy Burr. 

$hooTL From M. Verremii's Collection. 


BTmn. (1804?). 

phonuB, Jtanz. E!em, di Om, (1823) p. 157. 
c«», Les$, Man, JOrti. (1828) ii. p, 116. 
cte, Smith, S. Afr. Jmm. (1835) p. 
sicus, Lafr, 

BcHTPHONUS CAFEB. LeTaiUant's Bar1>et. 

Vmli, K Diet. d'H, K xxvi.j. 102. 
IIS Vaillantii, Matn. Hem. di Zooi. iii. p. 159. 
m cafe?, O. R, Gr. List of Gm. of B. (1841 ) p, 
ttopopn, A. Suniih, Itep, jSn?. Esni, Int. Afr. p, 
sulphiiratus, Lafr. Mitff. de ZoJ. (1*30) t 60. 
aiii, Wa(^l, 

Aotii, G, M. Gr, Gen. ofB: ii. t>. 430. 
afef, Les9. Man. d€}nu ii. p, 110. 
', Ooffin., Scfdeg, Mm. U. N. Fatfs-Bas^ Buce. p. 
JVowi, t 32. 

h Africa. Preflente^i by it Uoublecby, Esq^ 
»tte. Prom Dr. Li vinirst one's Expedition. 
h Africa, From Mr. Wfirwick'e Collection, 
h Africa. Preaentad by the Earl of Derby. 


^OlHTB MABOABiTATva. Tlie Peail-flpotted Barb 

aritatos^ Rupp. ZooL Atias^ i. 20. 
marg:antatu8» Ternm. PL C(*i. 490. 
tbropygofi, Ehrenh. Stfmhtji. PAj/s. t. 7. 
;aritotuk, G, R, fJr, fim, of B, 'ii. p. 410. 
nofgaritaceus^ Tefum. Pi. Coi. (text). 
08 margantatusi Bp. Comp. Av. i. p. 142. 
ythropypa, WagL Im (1829), p. 658. 
largantata, A. Sfmik. 

innia. Presented by the Secretary of State for India. 


3. TnACHYPHONTB 8QUAMICKP8* The Scaly-BeAdfid 1 

pi o. f- 4* 
Tracbyphonua cafor, pt, Verr, 
CJapita squflmiceps, Coffin, Schleff, Mus, S, K Pinft-Bai, I 

p. 70. 

u. East A&ica. JYom M. Verreaux*s CoUectloii, 

4, TuACirsTHONa^s praptTiATcs. The Poiple 1 

TracliTplioniia purpimiiufl, Verr, Mev. et Maff, de ZoU. 

p. 260. 
Capito piirpuratue, Goffin^ ScMeg, Mm. N, S. Pmf$-Bati I 

p. 71. 

a. Ashanti. From ^Ir, Gould's CollectioD. 

b, Gaboon » From M. Verreaux'a Collection, 

5, Tbachtphoxus Ooffdoi* Coffin's Barbet. 
' Capito CrofTinii, Schl Mm, //. N, des Paya-Bas, Bwec. p. 75," 
Hah. Weat /Vfrica. 


pBilopftf^oikj MiiU. TijdMK voor KaiuurL GeicMed, u. ^1 

Pseudohucco, DesMurs^ Eucych (THuit. Nat ii. pJ^lI^ 

Buccotrogon, F. Krelina, JakresberichU uber die Wtrk 

der natm-foTKh. Ge9ell9chafi m Emdm§, p. 20 ( 1852)] 

L PaiLOPOOON PYBOLOPHus. Th€ Fire-tufW 1 

Bucco pjrolophufl, Ttmm, PI. Cf4* 597. 

Psilopoffoii pyrolophua, MuU. Tijdgchr. v<ior KtU^Gmii^^A 

t 8. 1 3. 
Pseudobucco pyrolophue, Dts Murit, I^tej/cL H, JV, ii p.^ 
Puecotrogon torquatus, V, Kreiin^^, Jahrt^, nahi^* ^ 

p, 20. 

a J h. Sumatra. From Mr. S. St« vena's Collection, 
r^ d. Sumfttra, ^lofKk'^lx.Yi^^W.tOT'a Collection 


jltiiB, XfM. Eev. Zool, (ia39) p. 139. 
lynclius, Et/toft^ Proc. Z. S. (1839) p, 106. 
m^ Temm, 

DphuSy AgoAS. 

ttAMpers IIa\ti. The Hed-breasted Burbet, 

ni, Eftffl. Linn, Trans, xm. p. 284. 

Gr. Zooi. Misc. p. 33. 

oHginosDfl^ Ternm, PL Col. (text). 

sangruinolentuE, X*^**. Iter. Zooi. (1&39) p* 139. 

lua spinoBUfi, J?y^«, JVoe. Z. S. (1839) p. K)6. 

Lathami, G. E, Gr. List of Gen. o/B, (1841) p. C9. 

i, Jin, Cmisp, Av. i. p. 141. 

lua HflTii, G. It On Gen, of B. ii. p, 431. 

lUB Latimmi| BL 


ca, PretBented by W. IlAn^ey, Esq, 

ca Preftented by Rftjab Brooke, 

I From Mr* Ctmiiiig*» Collection. 
opi, Jard. Edinb. K Phii. J&ttrn. { 1855) p. 404. 



IPS RAMPHA8TINU8. The Toucan-like Barbet. 

raniplifwtinMfl, /arrf, EdinL N. Phil, Journ. (185/j) 

,85<rj p. 02. 

': I^itl Jmtrtw 1856, pi. 4 ; IhU, 1861, pL a 

ito. From Mr. Gould's Collection, 

Frmitsii, Sdat, Ibis (1804), p, 371, pi 10. 





Capito, VieiU, Ami. (fOm.^, 27 (1816), 
NvstftcteSi Oloff. Ohserv, *ur fca nonu ctOii, p. (1 
Micropogon, fvmm. Fl, Col. text (1830). 
Kyctacles!, O, R. Or, 

[ Psilopogon, Boie^ MS. ; Bp, Cott^p. Ap. h p. 142. 
Eubucco, Bp, Cotisp, Av, I p, 142 (1850), 

a. Capito. 

1, Capito ehythbocbphalus. The Ca^emi^ 1 

Bucco mger, MiiU. *Sy^t Xnt *Supt>l. p. 89» 

BucftO erythrocephalus, Btxid. Ttthl. fUi^PLEnl drd'A^^td.y^ 

Bucoo cayaneDais^ Gmel S, K i. p. 406. 

Capito caynnensifit VitUi, N. Did.. tTH. N. iv. p. fiOO. 

Micropopon caytwiensis, Tcmm, PI. Col. (teJtt), 

Capito enrthToct^pliiilus, G. B. Gr. Getu of B, ii. p,430. 

C&pito rubricflllis, Vieill. £nn/cL MSth. p. 1456, 

Bucco niaciilfttus, Midi. St/st. Nat. SujTpf. p, 89. 

Micropogon nievius, Tttum. Pi. Col. (text). 

Cttpito tucvius, O. M. Gr. Gm. of B. il p. 430. 

PL Enl. 200. f. 1 ; LtnmU. Barb. L ^3, 24> 26. 

PL EnL 206, f. 2 ; LeouUL Barb, t, 2^. 

a. South America. 
6. Cayeuno. 

c. Soutb America, Presented by J, Gould, ] 

d. South America, 

2. Capito AntAxra. The Perurian Berbet 

Bucco auratua, Dumfmt^ I}(H. Sci. Nat. Ist edit. iv. p.^J 
Bucco peruviamt*, Cuv. B^gn. Ati, (1817) i. p, 428, 
Micropogou aureus, Temtn, 1% Col. (text), 
Capito aurifrons, Vif/f^rn, /Vor. Z. S. (18,'l2) p. 3, 
Micropogon flavicolle, Bp. Prop, Z, S. (1837) p. 120. 
Capito punctatus, Lvm. Tr, (TOm. p. (15, 
Capito peryyianiis, G. B. Gr, Gen, of B. ii. p, 4.'i0, 
Micropogon penivianue, Bp. Owwp. Av. i. p. [42. 
Micropogon fttirifrous, Bp, 
^Bubucco aiirilTouBj Bp. Cmisp. Av, i. p, 142, 
Capito flavicollie, G, B. Gr, Gm, of B. ii, p. 430. 



Barb. t. 27. 

^<, Ictmogr, Omiih, t. 90, 

Napo, male. From Mr. Gould's Collection, 
ft Cl»ttmiciiroe,male and female. From Mr. Gould'a Col- 
\ t. New Granadai male and female. From Mr. Sterena's 

^. Lima. From Mr. Leadbeater'a CoUection. 

0. Cafito AMAZOmcTja. The Amazonian Barbet. 

MWOD amazonicus, Iks M. &• £kv, Rtv. et Mag. de Zool. 
» amazomciis, Seiat. Ibk (1861), p. 186. 
►by, de la Casteln. OU. t 3, f. 2. 

Egja. From Mr. Stevens's GoUection. 

Bntish Guiana. From Chev. Schomburgk's Collection. 

Upper Amazon. From Mr. SteTena*8 Collection. 

L Capito AtTKQviBENs. The Golden-green Bubet. 

ummrend, Cutf. Mff,An. (182D) i. p. 458. 
■ujOTtrens, G, M. Gr. Gen. of B, ii. p. 430. 
00 ftozorirens, Bp. Vamp. Aik u p. 1 42. 

1 amroTiren^, Bp. Proc. Z. S. (1837) p. 120. 

I Barb. SuppL t. E. 

Ucayali, male. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
B Nauta, female (young). From Mr, Bartiett^s Collection.' 


5. Capito vihsicolob. The Beautiful Barbet. 

temcolor, M'uU. Syd, Nat Suppl. m. 
pictus, Bodd, Tabi. dt^ It EnL p. 20. 
elegim», Gmd. 8, N. i. p. 40f5. 
fnafanensU, GyB. Gr. Om. of B, ii. p. 430. 
\j Bp. Ctmsp, Ao. i. p, 142. 
, Scial. Froc, Z, S. (1857) p. 208. 
iliiiceo) pictua, Srktt. 
rjSW. ^^iO ; LeiftiU. Bark t. 34. 

Peru. From Mr. Cuming's Collection, 


6. Cafito TecHtTDn* Tscbudi*8 BarWt. 

Cftpito erjthrocephalus, Tsehtdt, Fauna iV, p, 260. 
EuDucco erythTOcepliftluft, Sclat, Proc. Z. S, (1857) p. 268d 
Capito (EiiDiicco) eiytlirocephalus, Sci4xt, j 

Capito Tscbudii, &to. J&u (1861), p. 188. 1 

Mab. Peru. J 

7, Capito Boitbcieri. Bourcier's Bftrbet 1 

idopoffon Bouzderir Lafn En\ de Zod, (1846) p. 179. 
"bftDit45 Bourcieri, <?, E. (hr. Gen. of B, ii, p, 430. 
Eutjiieco Boiircierii Bp. Vomp. At\ p. 142. 
Capito (Eubucco) Boitpcieri, ScUit. 
Mev. H Mag. tie Zool. 1849, t. 4, 

a, Bogota, From Mr. GoukVs Collection. 

b. Bogota. From Mr. Ar^ent*s Collection. 

e, Quito. From Mr. Gould's Collection. , 

d, Rio Napo, varietj. From Mr. Gould *8 Collectii 

e. New Granada. 1 
/. New Granada. From Mr. Warwick's Colleetidij 
ff, Bogota, From Mr. Stevens'B Collection. 1 

8. Capito Richabdsoni. Kicliardson's BtfM 

\ Capito Richardfloni, G. B, Gr, Gm. ofB, iL p. 430. I 

' Bubuoco Ricbardfloni, Bp. Cmuip,Av. i. p. 142. I 

Capito aulpbureus^ Et/tmi, Contr, Orn, (l849) p. 130. 1 

Capito (Eubucco) Ricbardsoni, SctaL I 

G. B. Gr, 4' Mitch, Getu of B. u. pi. 10«. 

a. New Granada, From Mr. Argent's Coll<>ction. 

h, Rio Napo. 

e. New Granada. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 

9» Capito AUBANrncoLLis, Tbe Orange-neeked Bi 

Eubucco aurantiicollia, Sciat, Proc. Z. S. (1867) p. 367. 

Capito fturiintiicollis, Sckt Ibis (ll?Ol), p. 180. 

Capito (Eubucco) aurftutii€olli&, SclaL | 

L a. Upper Amazon. From Mr. Stevena'a CollectiM 
I bf c, Ucajalij male. From Mi. Gould *a CollectioM 

I 10. Capito Habtlaubi, Hartlaub'a Barbetl 

MifTOpOfTon Hnrtlaiibii* Lafr. Bei\ de Ztml. (1845) p, id 
Capito llai*tlaul)ii, O^ B, fir. Gen. of B. ii. p, 430. I 
EuDUCCo Hartlaubi^ Bp, Conap. Av, i, p. 142, I 

to, Ej/t/fH, Chntr, Om. (1849) p. 131. 
LstratiL^, Hijtnft, Ctmtr, Om, (i8o€) p* 29. 
x>) Uartlaiibi, JScIat, 
ff.dfZ4>ol, (1849) 1 6. 
f, (1850)pL45. 

raoada. From Mr, Argent's Collection* 

LFrom Mr. Gould's Collection. 

V^m Ml. Gould's Collection. 

#6 Bogota. From Mr, Leadbeater's Collection. 

ITO MELANOTis, The Bltick-ettred Barbet 

ftubi. $ aut juv., Sclut. I^oc, Z. S. (1857> p. 267. 
tifl, Harfi. :^ SdnL IhU (1861), p. 190. 
CO) melanotisj ISciaL 

ranada. From Mr. Ste%'ens'» Collection. 

From Mr. Argunt'a Collection, 
all; e, Kio Napo. From MrJ tould's C^ollection, 
f-ari. From Mr* Stevens^s Collection, 

LAUCOOULARiB. The Glaucoufl-necked Borbet. 

ularis, Tschudi, Wkgm. Archw (1844), p, 301. 
iucogularia, Bp. Consp, Av, i, p. 142. 
Dgidaris, &i€d. Proc, Z. S\ (1857) p. 268. 
go) glaucogidans, SchL 

Fam. IV. PICID^, 

i. PWUMmNM. 
1. PICUMffUS. 

, Temm. Hanchei CdorOtt^ with pi, 371 (182?). 

Temm, Man. d'Om, f, brxx (1820). 

\Ay .Vir, Zitol Jvtirn. iii. p. IW^ n827)» 

. Geaffr. Noin\ Amu du 3/i«, { \m'I) p. 396, 

pteAi iJ>. Ann. fks ^. Nat. ( 1854) p. 120, 

B, Cab. * M. Mm. liein, iv. p. 10 {1863). 

d0i(. Jotim, As. S. Bittf/. ilmj) p. 107. 

^(jn. Jmtm. A», S. Bemj. ( 1841 ) p. 29. 

Vab. ^ H, Mu9. HetM. iv. p. 9 (18&). 


2. FictiMNrs HUFicoLios, The Rh 

Picii]iinu£ minutus, Ueht. Vtrz. p. 11 
X^eimiitts eiilis, Tewvm. H. CW, $71. f. 2 ; M 

y. ]^ Sd^ t. lui f .*u, 1. 120. f, a, 

Picmuntu rtifieoll 
PiettnuutB oqasni 

Smtuieisf, Ccmtp, ISci 




.v. Ami. tin Mm. 08^ 
^ ^>». Ctamf, of B, il p. SLLJ 

Piciutiiius TemininrkTT, p.^ CuK ^ U, 

mk BimiU* 

a Pi 

Picuiimusi i 
1^. T 

ir'*"*Tv-r*is i^- 

T^BATus. TJie J 

iteika'a Ficmiininu 
/^Lll? f 1 9 


PiciumiUfi g^ttifer, Sunder. Consp. Pie. p, 101. 
a. Brazil, mole. Presented by J. Gould, 1 

12. PicmiiNTJB LBpnwTUS. The BrazUiaa 
PicumnuA IcpldotuB, Cah, ^ S, Mw. Hdn. \y, 
a. North Brazil. 


PictimnuB equamifer, Sundet>, Cmap, Pie, p. 1 
Hah, Surinam* 

14. PicuM^us BQUAJCULATTJS, The Smiill-«ci 

IHcumnus ^quaniulatu^t iMfresn. Her. ZocL (1€ 

Mom^fr, (fes Pic. ii t>, 282, t. 117. t 3, 4, 
Mirrocokptes squamiJosiis, Bp. Atenco It^, 

a. Camccas, female (young). From Mr- 1 
6. New Granada, female. From Mr. SteV 
€, New CiraDada, mRle. From Mr. Gould's 
rf. Bogota, male. From Mr. Argent's Colj 
e. P, male (young). Pt^eented hy »" 

Pi c rirt xxrs albobquamatus. Th e Whi t 

icumuus albosquaroatus, D'Orb. 4- Lafr. Vo^, 




PtCFMNTS NKBtTLOflug. The Cloudy Picunmus. 
I nebtiloflus, Sundev. Ctm^. Ptc, p. 103. 
I America. 

PictTMKus OLivACBiys. Tho Olivaceous PiciunnuH. 

olivaeeus, Lafrem, Her. de Zool. (1846) p. 7 ; Mal^i. 
r, <fa« Pbc. ii. p. 295, 1. 120. f. 4, 6, a 

\ alivaceus, Bp. Ateneo ItuL (1854) p. 

I male. From Mr. Argent^s CoOection. 
■ Granatin, male. From Sir. Gould's CoUectioti. 

I GBAKADBNSis. The New Granada Picumnufi. 

t gTfiiiiwlenflis, Lafr. Ben. de Zool, (1847) p, 78 j Malk. 
.detPicL 118. 1 a 

I gTEnadensiB, Bp, Atmeo ltd, (1854) p. 

Omnadii; Ectuidor. 

PicuMNus Castelnbaui. Castehieau's Picimmiw, 
[/ustelneau, Malh. Mmi&gr^ de* Pk\ 1 117* f. 1, 2, 


uB EUFivBNTHis, The TtufouB-hellied Picumnus. 

mfiventris, Bp. Proc. Z 8. (1837) p. 130. 
^_ iifiventrig, Lafr. Rev. de Zod. (1845) p. 366; Malh. 
pgr. £&» Pie, ii, p^ ^Ki, 1. 11 8*. f, 2. 
iua rutiveDteri JZWrA. HuntJh. Spec. Om, p. 345. 
0110 nifiveoter, Cab, if I£. M%iB. Hein, iv. p. 11. 


PiCTMKrs ciNNAMOMKiTS. The CinnftnioD Piciimnii?'. 

iU0 ciBnamomeuB, Wagl. law ( 1829), p. 04G ; Malh. Muitotjr, 
We. ii. p- 277. 

cintuunomeufl, €ah, j* H, Mu9, Hein* iv. p, 10. 

h. Sto, MAiihiL From M, V^ejrcaux's CoUect\im. 



2L Ptcmfms ocsllatus. Hie OcelUted Pictminii? 

Pictunatia pfgnyevKy Lieki, Frrs. Doubt pp. 11^ M. 



Picmmiiii ooolktoB, Wa^L Idt (1839), pC^I^ 

<!« iVf, iL p. »), 
Piculus wgnuens, 5p. ji£eff#0 J^W. (1854) 
C?. it Gr. 4* Jlliteil, Gm. iff B. ii pi. ~ 

0. Bmzil, female. Pftaented b^ IL 

h* Brazil, male. 

€. Braiil, male. From M. Veireaur'i CdkclioiL 

24. PlCUMmTS AOTSBLiS. The StajTT Picuiimiift. 
Picimmus ftsterias, Bmtde^ Om$p, Pic. p. 97. 
^a6. BraciL 

f. ? 

2o, FIctlf^17S 3fiCBOMxe43^ The Lai^ ] 
Piemnniu micromegasy Stmiec. Oomqa, Pie. p. dS. 
^a&. Biaail. 

g, VlTTA. 

26, PrctntNTS inxomtnatts, Tlie Wee Wee 1 

Picumnus imiomiiiatiifi, Bmi, P, Z, 8, <18^S) p, 151; J 
Mo^. dm Ph, ii. p. 278, L 1 17. f. 5, «/ ^ 

Vivia nipaleiisis, HoOm. Jounu A.S,B, (1837) p, 107, 
Piculus uipalenaia, ^^ Jmtm. A.S.B, (1B41) p.SdLl 
Piculus rufi^tras, Bodfs. Gra^'$ Z0OL Mite. p. % 
ViTiA iimomiiiata, ^. 
I^iscuB innomisatus^ O1&. ^ H. Mm. Sim. It, p^ SL 

•-/ Nepal. PmeDted bv Briaa R Hodgsom £*l 

2, 8AS1A. 

Saeia, Hodg*. Jotmt, A». S. BrN^, ( 18S6) p. 77K 
Comeri^, Hodg9.Jimm. Af, S. B^. ilSih f>^ 
HcumniM, /. <?*^. 3' ^ji*, db Mm, 0^83) p3«r? 
MicTOoolaples, G.ILGr.Lidif Gtm. (1^10) p ^ 
Dryaltea, Gfoy. (1^«42). 
PieumnoideBy ^a£L (18^-?). 
VeTTeaiuda, JlaHi. %rf, Orw, W>*< Afr, p. 3W (1» 
Namiopipo, Cab. f H. Mm. Hfim. ir. p.V (IM'- 


a» Sasia, 

The Ochratseous Picimmus, 


:e«, ^or/^^. Jmtrth As. S. Befiff. (18.%) p. 778. 
iracea, Hmiijs. Jmim. Aa. 8. Bmtj. (1B41) p. 27. 
e« oclirac6Ji, BL Jmtm. An. S. Bettff. (1855) p. 191. 
1 ocknoetis, Mnlh. Motwtjr, fh^s Fie. ii. p. :^8^ , 

»|mlL PresenW by Brian 11. HodgdOD, £aq. 
a. From Mr. ArgtJiit's Collection. 

'ASIA LACRYMOSA. The Weeping Picumnus, 

noea, Lafrem, Rev. et Maff. tie Zod, (1854) p. 2m. 
« lacrymosa, Mulh. Monogr. de* Pic, ii, p» 287. 
chracea, p., Sundev, Comp. Pic, p, 106, 

I, Assam. 

ASIA ABN0RMI8. The Abjiormfil Picumnufl. 

.bnormis, Temm, Pi. Col. 371. f. It 

es abnonnis, G. R. fir. List ofOm, (1840) p. 54. 

miA, Bi JuuriK A. S. B. 1H41>/ p. 66. 

!• ftbnormi^, Maih. Monofjr. desFic.u. p. 286) t,115, L\. 

Alucca, From Mr. Cuming's Collect! on. 
iil&cca. Pres*^nU'd b v W . I Ifirvey, E»q . 
icrca. From Mr. Lea^beater's Collection. 

b. Veereauxia. 
BIA AuFHictNA. The West African PicumnuR. 

oa, Verr. Rt'v. et Ma^. de Zooi. (1K55) p. 217. 
africaoa, Marti. St/sf. der Om. JV. Afr. p. I7il 
''ezreauxii; Malh. Manmjt*. daa I*i€. ii. p. *284, 1. 1 IH. f. L 

rt Africa. From M, Verreaux s Collection. 


iii. PiCtlfM. 
\. PlCOlDES. 



^ Lacep. yUm. de rittMit, (1 801 ) 

ylia, Shmi\ Gen, Zml. \x. p. :>18 ( fB16) 

m, 8w, Faun, Bor, Amer, \\. p. 3(.*2 (18.T1>. 

«, G%. Hand-u. Ililftb. drr Aaturt/. p. K»8 (1^41^* 

urn, Rafinesque (1815). 



1. PicofDBS TRiDArTVLiTS. The Nortlieni TliTee-loed J 


Picua tridiictj'luii, Limi, Fauna Suee, p, 103* 
Oryobfltes tridnctvluB, Boit\ Isis (182><), p. .^2*1 
D**Tidrocopu8 tridactylud, Kovh, Boiet: ZtnA. p. 74. 
Tridactylia hirsute^ Stcph. Gen. ZtmL ix. p» 210. 
Ficoidea tridflcljUw, Lttfrp. Mem. de PlnstiL 
Picoides (Apt^iTOiisI tridactTlusj Bp, Afeneolial. (1854) |fcJ 
Pic us hirsutaH, Vm/L Om. *lAmSr» Sept. 1 124. 
Picoidea varieg^atiia. Valenc. Dirt, 65ri'. AVrf. iljp. l^L 
Pi CO ides europffius, i>«r. TV. ifOm. p, 217; Mtdh. Mv* 

Pic. p. 170, t. 38, f. 1,2,3. 
ApUvnms tridactyliw, Sw, Clans, of B, iL p. 306. 
Pico idea loQgirostriSf eeptentrionaliSf montiuiiis ii 


a, h. Rui'sift, nmle and female. From the Moscow M«i 
c, d. North Bothnia, male and feiuale. 

2. PicolDES CRieeOLEucra. The ^Tiite-thighed Woodp 

Picua crissolencus, Brandt,, MS. 

Apternufl Kamtschatkensiaj Bp. MS, 

Piciifl tridiictyltiSt P^H Zmt/r, I p. 416. 

PicoideB (Aptemys) criasoleucoa, Bp. At^*Heo Ital. 0^)j 

Ap tenuis cnssnkocus, Brhh. St/ri. p. 3&2. 

Picoideft crisflokiieiifl, MM.Monoffr, den Pic. p. 160, 1 40. liA\ 

Picus tridiictylua, vuk orieiitalis, Stmder. 

Hub. Katatschatka, Siberia, Ural Mountains, Amur. 

3. PicofDEw AMERK'ANUs. The Banded Thr^e-t««dJ 

PicuB ( Apterous) iridactylus, Sw. Fatma B,A. \i. p. All, 
Picas (AptemuH) aiiioricaijuB, Sic, Owtsif, of B. ii, p.30U, ' 
Picufl tridtictTrhis, Bp. %«. 4'f B. IL S. p. 4«. 
Picus hirsiutiie, Vieiilf Wuf^L Syd. Av. ; Bp, CoiMp, At- 1 p- *' 
Picoides hirsutiiB, G. B. (in frt'tt, frf B, ii. p. 434. 
Picua arcticus^ Ikkmj^ Nat. Ui^t. I^etc Yitrk^ p. 100, pL I^^ ^ 
Piroides (Apteniui*) hirsutui?, Bp, At47iro Bat (1854) p. 
Picoides amerieaniis, Brehm, VuUd. Votj^lf. p. 71; MJkJ' 

d&i Pic, p< 17(S, L 3SI t I, 2. 
Picus uDdulatii?^, f'ieitl Oift, Am^\ Sept, ii. p. 091 
TridactYlia unditlftU^ iStcpk. Gw. Zoo4. ix. ^. 290. 
Picui undoeus, Cud* I*^r»< An. VX^^^-^.^A-, Yi.%L^^ 

Pic. p. 179. 

;anus, p.P, Cass. Joum. Ac. Phil. (18a3) p. l>0:i 

ide of Kocky Mountains, male. Presented by 
Lord, Eflq. 

;8 Ascncus. The Black-backed Three-toed 

oBy IFOs. Amer. Om. iiL p. 243, pL 14 f. 2. 

18) aicticus, 8w, Fauna B, A. p. 813. 

8w.^ Bick, 

as, O, JR. Or. Gen. ofB. ii. p. 434 ; Malk. Monogr. 

4,1. 39. £5, 6. 

mus) arcticus, Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. 


inj^n. Presented bj Bernard R. Ross, Esq. 
l side of Rocky Mountains, males and female. 
Dted by J. K. Lord, Esq. 

2. PICUS. 


ehfn, Im 0^28), p. 1274. 

x)S, Koeh, Baier, Zool. i. p. 72 (1816). 

jma, JKmm, NaturL Syst. p. 160 (1829). 

•tes, p., Gloj^. 


TlTpopiciLs Bp, AftH, de* Set. XaL 1854^ p. 120» 
Xyfui^u?, Cab. 4- //, Mus.Htin, (18c^) p,50, 
Yungipicus, Bp. Ann, deg *SW. JVof. 1854, p. 129. 
Bi^jpipo, Cak ^ H. MtiM. Ilem. (1863) p. M. 
Drynbtttes, Bok.Ims (1826), p. 3:^, 
Deiidrocoptis, She. Fann. Bor, Atiur, iL p. 306 (1 
Trichopicufl^ p,, 5/i* Ateneo lUU. 1854, p^ 
Trichopico, CI16. k{I{, Mwt, Hrin. (18G3) p. 61 
TridactTlia, Bp. Arm. rf« .Spi, Nat. (im^) p. 129. 
Dyctiopicusj Bp, Ann, des Set, Xat. (1854) p, 129,1 
Dictvopipo, Cab, ^ H, Mm. Urtw. (i§6a) p. 74. ■ 
Hvloscopus, Cab. if H, Mm. Hein, (18tV3) p. 75. 
PhrenopicixJS Bp, Ann, des Sci. Xat. (1854) jp, 121 
Pvronpicus, Bp.^ MalK Monogr. det Pk. p> mi < IJ 
Ttrenopipo, C\tb, ^ H. Mm. Hein, (1863 ) p. 70. 
TrichopicDB, Bp. Ann. des Sd, AW, (1854) p. L29. | 
Cactocmngm, Cah. 4- //. Mu^. Hein. (18<53) p, "* 
Pilumniis, Bp. Ann. drs Set. Xat. (1864) p. Ii>8 
Spbvrapicus^ Baird, Itrp. ExpCtt Sttrv, Miu, BaitrA 

2;B. p. 103 0^^58). 
Sphyropicufl, Sciat, J^ Scdv, Ihut (laSG), p* 13a 
CkdoecopuB, Cab, fy H. Mm, Heim. (IdCd) p. m. 


a. Picus. ^ 

1. Picus ujuou. The Great Spotted Woodpeckff 

Kcufl TOiijor, Lirni, S, X i. p. 170 ; Ft. Enl, 196 cf, »5 J | J 

Momt^r. das Pic. p. 5t% t la t 8, 9, 
Picus discolor, JVwA, t 3d 
Pictis cisea, iW/. ^ixj^^r. L p, 415 ? 
Deiidit>bate8 major, Boie, Aw (1828), p. 320. 
PIcuA pipra, Macg^lL Hi«i. Brit. B. lii, p. 80. 
DeDdrocopu? major, Kock^ Baicr. Zool, 1. p. 72. 
Picwa (I>n<lrocopiid) major^ Sic, HasAtY of B. ii p. 307. 
PictijB bashiriensis, Fenr.^ ^, Congp, loi, Zt/god, p. 8, 
Picus brevirostria, alpestria ei mesospilus, Behh. 
PicuB pi^opicus, moDtaiiii% pinetonmi, frondium, lucoi^ 

sordid uSf Brehm, 

a, h. Easex, male and female. From Mr. Bal^er'iCoW 
e. Essex, female. Fr^ented by II. Frith, Esq. 
rf. Wiltshire. 

e. Norfolk, young. Preeented bv I^y HMUiiifl'^ 
/-A. Kuasial male and femalt^ From tie Moico*^"n 
iL AlexaDdna, male. From M. VcmauV CoIlMttfr 

emniy Main, Mim, asoc. JUst. J\at. Jios. ( ixoi ) ^."2: ui. 

r, drs IHc. p. 08, 1. 17. f. 4, 5. 

>pii;9 I^uciaiii, Vah. vS' //. Mw^. Uein. iv. p. 86. 

oadarinus, p., ISicinh. I\oc. Z. S. ( 1808) p. 208. i * 

Ddustan. l^^ 

4. PicyuB GotJLDn. Gould's Woodpecker. 

hmudf ChM, B. o/Asia^jol 

mMll, MM. Afofwgr. des He. p. 62, 1. 17. 16,7. ■, 

mam Oonldi, Cab. ^ S. Mus. Hein. iv. p. d6. > 

^daiinus, p.^ Swwh. Proc. Z. S. (1863) p. 268. 

man, male. From Mr. Stevena's Collection. ' 

jspaxiy male and female. From Mr. Whitely's Col- 
lection. ^ 

5. Picus Gab ANiBL Cabania's Woodpecker. 

febtfiifli. MM. Joum. fur Ormth. (1854) p. 172; id. 


ypuB Cabanisi, Cab. Sf H. Mits. Hein. iv. p. 34. 

i£idaiiiitu, p., Switih. Proc. Z. 8. (1863) p. 268. 

;iifT*f^l»Mj female. Presented by the Secretary of State i 

:cini BXHALATENBis. The Himalayan Woodpecker. 

malftTeiiaiSy Jard. lUustr. ofOm. p . 1 16 ; Math. Monogr. '; u 

?. P.67,t.l9.f.8,4. ?W| 



7. Piers ABSiMiLiB. The Allied Woodpeckei. 

Picus ftsnmilis, NM,, BL Jmtm. A, S, B, (l&ld) p. SOS; 
Monof/r, de» Pic. p. GO, 1. 19. 1 1^ 2, 

Of k Caakmere, Preaented by Dr. Ho;s6eld. 

8. Plcus NiTMiDicus, The Algierian Woodpecker. 

Picas Qumiduflt Malh. Mhii, Acad. Roy, Mttz^ IL p. 24 

Monoor. dtm Fie. p. 65, t. la 1 1, 2, a 
Picus (fieaconotopicoa) niunidieuBy Malk, IUp, it Zod, 

p. 375, 
Picu^ jaballAf ZevaHI, 

Picua Jugnrtha^ MM, Monoffr. Pic* L p, 65. 
Picus mAuritaiiu.9 *. P, Iimatus, Brehm^ VoUd, Vo^eif. p. 
Dendrocopua niimidiciis, Ca6, ^r IT. Mua. Heim, it. p. 84. 

a, Algiers, male. From Mr, Warwick's Collection. 
b* Algiers^ female. From Mr. Leadbe«ter> G^Uectioii. 
c Algiers, yovuig male. From M. Verreaux*a CoUecdod 

9. Piers Fkliclb. The Syrian Woodpedcer. 

Hcua Feliciie, Malh. Monogr. dfs Pic. p. 127, 1,28, L 
Picua major^ Stricfd, Ptoc Z. & (1835) p. 79. 
Picus synacuB, Verr. MS, 

Picuii Bumidicus, Meich. Handh Spec, Om, t 633, 42' 
Deodrocopiis FeTicifB, Cab, Sf H, Mtts, Heitt, iy, p. 30. 

a. Bamur Hermou. From the Rev. H. B, Tristnm't ti 
LeboDoa. From the Hey. II. B, Tristiam'fl Colkctki 


iO. Picus tCAJOROiDEa, The Darjeeling Woodpecker. 

Deudrocopiis maj oroides, Hixitis,^ ^rrai/^ Zool, Mi*r^ p. ^. 
Picus Hodpraonii, Maih,^ Horaf. fr Moore, Cat. of B, li, p fJTl 
DendrocopiL*! Himalayauua, Si. JoHm, A. S. B, (1842) p. 165^ 
Picui* ( Bendrocopufl } bftrjeOensdg, Bl.Jmm. A, & B. {lUiSff,^ 
Picua t)arjeUen?t.s BL Jmini. A. S B. (lUT) p,40A 
Picua PtiiirjHUii, Maih. Mmioffr, Pie. i. p. 70. 
Picufl (H^^opicus) Darjellengas, Bp, AUmeo ItaL (1854) 
Picus maioroidt's, Hodm, Cat. o/Xepai B, p. 115; Malk 

des Pic. p. 70, t IfJ. f. 1. 2. 
Picus dargelleiiAis !, G. R. Or. Gm, of B. iii. App. p. 21 
Dendrocopus dargeelensis, Cab, 4' S* Mvs. jEffW. it, f, 36. 

a, h, Nepal. Presented by Brian IL Ilodgieoii,^ 
I. niimamva Mounlaiiis. Predated by the 
State for India. 



11. Piers Kha\% The PeTsmn WocMipeclcer. 
n, DefU, Viagg. in Perttia^ p. 348. 
\k Persia. Presented by C. Darwin, Baq, 

b. Dendrobbomas. 
s i*BUCONOTU8. Tlie Wliite-backed Woodpecker, 

I, Bechd. Nut. Detd, ii. p. 1034, t. 25, f. 1, 2 ; 
Mmogr, des Pic, p. HSl, t. 2;i f. 1, 2. 

othus, VieiU. N. JMH. dH, N. xx>i. p. 73. 
lUCODOtua, Bait^ Ms (18l'8), p. 320, 
g leucODOtUBf Kattp^ Natiirl. SyM. p, 136, 
licuF) leuconotiifl| Bp. Ateneo Itai, (1854) p^ 
►lonicusy Brehm, 
uSf Tacsanowski, 

W^ToWf female. From tlie ZoolojpcAl Society » Col- 

Europe, male and female. From M. Verreaui^a Col- 

FicuB UHALBXBiH. The Siberian Woodpecker. 

rriis Pail. Zoogr, i. p. 410 ? 

Pipripicos) uralenais, iV. B.Atento Ital (1864) p, 
isfensiii, Malh. Mmogr. de4 Pie, p. m, t. 23. t 4, 6, 
drri^, Cab, Sr H, Mtts. Ilvifi. iv. p. 3a 

h, JapaOi females. From Mn Whitely's Collection. 

Picus nf sirLARis. The Fonuoean Woodpecker, 

ulnrii, Gould, iVoc. Z S, {1862) p. 2a3, 

insulaiiB^ Cab. ^ H. Mm, Mein, iy, p. 38, 

h» Islmd of Formoflft. From Mr, Swinhoe's Collection. 

c. DEXjynocopTES. 
Picra MEDius, The Middle-gpotted Woodpecker, 

mediiw, Ufm, S. N. i, p. 176 ; Pi. Enl. Gl 1 ; Mulh, Monogr, 
*^* 83, t. 20. f. 6, 7, 

i©diu8, Bote, l8i« (1828)^ p. 320. 
medius, Koih, Sy«t. Bater, i. p. 73. 

m. Pall, Zod. i. p. 413. 

Oanjpelhera eyriBca, Q. M. Gr. Gen. of B. lii 
Picus {latoas{!cims, Antinort, 
Picim cni©Qtatii8, Antiimri^ Naumannm (\8oQ) 
Deudrocoptes spiacus, Cub. ^' II, Mm, Hein. 

a. Xanthuj, Presented by Sk C. Felloi 

17. Pi'cussciNUiANus. The Sclnde Pie^ 

Pieus scindeaDTis, Gmdd^ Horsf, ^ M. Cat, of, 
Piciis eeiadianuft, Jfrd, li, of Ind. i. p. 273. 
Ihjndroeoptt«i tuciiideauii^. Cab. *Jj- H, 3Im, ZTdj 
PicuB assimilifl P, Sttmiet\ Comp. IHc, p. 23 

a. Scindh, PrescnttMl by the S^^cretarj* of 
^, c. 8liikarpor6, male and fomaie. *^ 
taij of State for India. 

18, Picus MmoH, The Lesser Spotted i 

Picu.*^ minor, Linn. 8, N. I p. 170; PL Etd, 
Monof^r. ties Pic. p. 1 13, t. 26, f. 4, 5, G, 7. 
DGndrocopuii minor, Km-h, Baier. ZooL i.j 
Dryobatea ruinor, Boie, Isi^ (1828 )» p. 32fl. 
" l^iciis striolatuj*, Miyer, Taj^ch, Ffljy.,*' Ma/h. 
Picas Ledouci, Mafft. Fauna Om. A/t/er, p. 22. 
|jPicufl (Dendrocopti**) mitior, tSw, Clasdf ff BA 



€ainbridgieBhir©, male and female. From Mr. Baker's 


iMia, male. 

— ? 

AigierSj male and female. From M. Parzudaki's Col- 


F1CU8 KAMTsCHATKEKBis. The Kttmt&chatka 

chopicus) kamtscliatkeuBia, Bp, Ai^ieo ItnL (1B54) 

tficbatechensifi, Bp, 

Uchatkenais, Malh, Monogr. dejt Pie. p, 1 15, t. 2a f. 1, 2. 

kamtechatcengisi Cub, 4' JL Mm^, Ili-in. iv. p. 53. 


« CATHPHAnrcs. The Lesser Black Woodpecker. 

OS catliphorius, Jlof^gs.^ Grat/, Zmd. Mkc. p. 85. 

HA cfttliphariu^ }£oihi». Junm. A. S. It. (lB4a) p. lOOG. 

pharius, BL Jmrft,\4. S. B. (1845J p. 190 ; MM, 

des IHc. p. 104, t. 23. I 7» 8. 

K>piciiA) cAtbphoriu^i Bp, Ateneo Itat. (1854) p. 

ihoricuB^ Beivhcnh. Hmulh. S^wc. Orn. p. 377. 

f^thphariud, Cub. ^ H^ Mm. Hein. iv, p. 51. 

ml. pR^sent^d by Brian H. Hodgson. Esq, 

«ta&. Presented fcy the Secretaiy of State for India. 

fCUB Stbicklanbi. Strickland's Woodpecker. 
coDotopicus) Strickland!, Maih. EnK de Zooi, 1845^ 

klandt, 0\ R, Or. Gen. of B. iii. App. p. 21; Malh, 
des Pie. p. 108, t, 28. f. 4, 5. 
^onpicus) Strifklandi, Bp. Alenm B4ii, (1854) p. 
Stricklandi, Cub, ^ II. Jfiwi. IIt*in, iv. p, 71. 
Btrickliuidi, CaL ^ H, Mus. Hein, iy. p. 7L 

tico. From Mr. .\rgent*8 Collection. 

e, DENDRorrrEs. 
^. Picua Ma^ei. 3lut;tv8 Woodpecker. 

I, VieiU, N, Diet. (VH, K xxvi. p. 80; Vur>., Temm. 
a t 2 ; Malk Mumgr, des Pie, p. 90, t 24. f. 1, 2. 


FkM Wm1«, A^JJmA S^ec. Om. ^ 368L 

CbiL 4- A Jftts. J?». IT. p. 4& 

SSL Flcrs ATMATUiL Tlie Duk Wo 
jtnliM»JlCM.<^S. |k313. 

di. PiciTS ASAUS. Tbe SottiiB Woo^tdue. , 
FSew KDJiHs;, Morff. Litm. TramK xiiL pw 177: Jfaft. 

Pie«s mmar, &^ Xmh. TVmu: xiiL p^ i9QL 
Ffew Macks, IF&^ML^r, 
Dnditiemift Mac^ JBcrtiL Q^ Ji^ ilftm. p. 91. 
PfeDsnctonliB, JUL JMit. ^. & J?. a&i6) p. t^ 
Pkw rTmmiim} ansli^ B^Aimtt^Iiai (1864) p. 
Flew mohMMBBft. JZd^. ^4mdL %r. PL 371. 
Pic«» WagiKtii, ^/oHniL .4. & B, 084d> p^SDI. 
OoMbotjpes anilii^ CM. 4- ^. JtfmL Am. it. p^47. 

a, ft. JftTft, Preeented br die Secreturjr of State iff 1 

d!p «, JaT&, nuk Aod Cemtle^ Presented Vf tlie] 
India Compan j, 

3CL Picm ajrDAMAK£9;si& Hm A~i— ■•>* Wo 

IHcos aadametiflia, Ai*^Nn.^ & B, (18&&) p. 41iL 
Fictts andafminftMiHy Jtvd. B.o/Ltd, in,2T^ 
Ikendiotjrpea andamaiieiiflii^ (M.^M. Mm. Mtm, It. p4& 

^dft. ADdaman Islands. 

26. Picus KALESNSI8. The Kalean Wood^xelet 

DeodiotTpea nenotiay J5eifi«y CuiL 4r JGt Jfac i3«ik m p ^ 
a, 6. lebad ^ Fotfaoea. FVom Mc Svialuw*! ( 


PCirs CAjnFBONS, The Haftry-fironted Woodpecker. 
i&ons, Sufidev. Consp, Ptc, p, 20. 

f, Leiopicus* 

m BKtTNNErFiiONB. The Brown -fronted Woodpecker. 

gpni^na, Viff. Proe, Z, S. (1831) p, 17C; Malh. J/wiw^r. 

t p. 107, t ik £ 5, 6. 

indrocopusj brunnifroua, Sic* dauif. o/B. ii. p, 307. 

Ibejw, Fi}/. Pn>f. Z. S. (1831) p. 44. 

liopicius) brnBuifToiis, Ifjh Atetieo Itah (1854) p. 

ifiN3ns f, a J?. <?r, GVn, of B. n, p. 435. 
piiei&OBBf Jf!rJ. B, of Iml. i. p« 273. 
I^eeps, C^^. t ^< ^^^^ ^^>>' iv. p. 46. 

^epal, maleB and females. Presented by BnaD II. 
iHoogson, Esq. 
Hamalaja Mountains^ males. 

pcu8 MAHBATTEN8I8. The MahmttA Woodpecker. 

luiitteiiaiay Lath, Ind. Om, St^pi, p. xxad ; Maih, Monot/r. 

^ p, lOD, t 28. f. 1, 2. 

■ndrocopud) marateusis^ Sw. Clntsif, of B.n. p. 307. 

I^asoma, Waql, Svd. Av. 

pcri0tatui^ fteL Jmrn. A. S, B. {\m\) p. 579. 

Ilopicu.'i) mahrattenaia, Bp, AUmro li^L (1854) p. 

LaAiatteaaia, Cub. 8^ H. Mus. Mr in. iv. p. 44. 

[jBethar, male and female* Pret«ented by Brian 11, 

[Hodgson^ Esq. 

)Nli% female. Presented by B. IL llodpon, Em. 

I Vadraa, males. Presented by the Rev. H. H. Baher. 

■dift, female. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

■diar female. Presented by M.-GeE. Ilardwicke, 

Pi era Blaktjfohpi. Blandford*s Woodpecker. 

i, J?/., Jerd. B. of ImL i. p. 276. 
brdi, C^. 4* II. >/w*. Ihm. iv. p. 45» 



g, ffrpoFicusi 



VlcuB byprrtlmie. Vif?. Proc. Z. S, (lasl) p. 23; J 
of B:'iA. m ; Math. 'Moftoffr. d4'S Pic. p. 130, t. 30.' 
Den drnc opus lAjperrthni^, IIodffA,, Or, Zooi. Misc, p. 85. 
Picu« (Hypopiciu*) iiyperythrus, Bp. At4meo It<2l, U86i) | 
PicUB obecurufi* Ilori/.f ifalh. Mawigr. Pic. i. p. I3l. 
XjluigQS hvperj^tiirui*, Cah. 4' H, J/im, Hein, it, p, 50, 

fl-/, Nepal, male and females. Presented by Briw 1 

Hodgson, Esq. 
g* Ilimaliija Mountains. 

82, Picua POLIO P6W. Tlie CMneae Woodp 

Picus hyperythruB, Sumhae, Proc. Z & (1862) p. 310, 
PicuB hypeiTtliruja, wtr. poliopsis, Su?inh, Proc. Z. S, (18 ' 
Picus subruiiBus^ Cab. «$* J9^- 
XylurguB fiubrufinus, Cah. t^ H. Mtts, Hein. iv. p. SOl 

J2iji. Tientsin, PeMn. 

h. YxmoiFicus. 

S3. Picus semicobonatuh. The Dflrjeeling ] 

Picus siemicoponatus, MM. BitU, Sac, (TM, N. Meix (iB^A 
ift Mmoifr, dm Pi^. p, 14^, t. 34. £ 8. ^ 

Picus pygniB&uB (genior), Bl Jmtrn, A. S, B, (1S45) p* 19T. 
PicuB rubricatua, BL Cat. of B. p. G8. 
Picufl ( Yungipicuii) seuiicoronatEi?, Bp^Afrtieo lUii, (16 
YimgipicuH rubricatu8| JenL B, of Ind. i»p. 276, 
Ba^opico Bemicoronata^ Cab, 4* A Mm* Mtin. iy. p* 54, 

Hub, Nepfd. 

34. Picra Mitcheixi. Mitchell's Woodpecker. 

Picus Mitchelli, Malk Rev. dc Zooi. (1840) p. 630 ; MalK Mm 

dejBc. o, 142, t.32. £1, 2. 
Pic HE triaiilenmi*, LichL MS. 
Picus {Yungj picua) MitchtsHij trisulenais, «< adntUia, j 

/to/. (1854|p. . —, •.^ 

Picua flcindllo, Nait. 
Deudrocopm moluccatiBis^ Mod^s,, Gr, ZooL Mi$c. p. 85* 



htBtis, Bl Joum, A, & B. (1846) p. 197, 
^Modgs. Cat of Coll. Nep. B. >/. p. 110. 
Chelli, Cab, ^ H. Mm. Rein. iv. p. 55. 

c Nepal Presented by Bn&a IL Hodgson, Esq. 

Ptcu8 Atmrrus. The Red-eared Woodpecker. 

fturitiis, Et/ton, Amu K H. 0845) p. 229. 
^fifJK Momujr. dm Pic. p. 150, L 35. f. L 
lV) flurityV, Bp. Atiftteo ItaL (1854) p. 
ttufiwfc, Cab, Sf H. Miu, Ileitu iv, p, 59. 

male. Presented by A. Charlton, Esq. 

, Picus pYOMJEtJS, The Dwarfiah Woodpecker, 

vnia^uB, riff. Proe, Z. S. (1831) p. 44; Malh, Mmmji'. 
■-. p. 147, t.iM. f.5,6,7. 

uiiffipi*'U8) pygraa^ii;*, Bp. Afenro If^tL (1B54) p. 
pygTofea, Cab. J^ iL Mm. Jhin. iv. p. 5tJ. 

dnalaya Mountains^ female. From the Z€K>logi(.^l 
Society's Collection. 

^s sciNTiLLiCEPa. The Spark-headed Woodpecker. 

itilUcepg, Swiftlit^, Ibin {\%\%\), p. 90. 
adnlillicepft, CVaA. «^ H, Mm. Hein. iv. p. 55. 
alensie, IacHL MS, 

iorth China, male. From Mr. Cuming a Collection. 
88. Picus kizuki. The Japan Woodpecker. 

, Siek, Temm. IH, Cot. (text). 

t, Tefnm. A- &7ii#v/. Fmtmi Jap. p. 74, t. 37 ; Mnlh. 
r. r/r< Pic, p. 154, t. k\. 1". 1, 2, 
iiki !, ry. R. Or. Gttt. uf //. ii. p, 4^i5. 
utigipicus) kisiiki, Bp.Afrneo ItttI, (1854) p, 
ri»m {Mwi. Z. ^,), Mnl/t^ Mmu/r. /V. i. p. 1&4, 
Idnuki, Cab. ^ II. Mm. Ilviu. iv. p. 00. 

Pictr8 KKKISCU9. The Crejcented Woodpecker. 

Maih. M(mmp\ (fen ISc. p. 151, t. 35. f. 2. 
Cub. 4* li Mt4s. Htm. iv, p. 55. 


42 SCAN80RE8, 

40. Piers GYMXOPHTHALMrs. The Nttked^eTed Woodji 

PicuB gr^^mnnphtbalmos, lU. Joum, A. S, B. (1849) p.SQl; J 

Mtmoffr. dfs Pic, p, 153, 
Picurt (Yiiiigipkus) gymnophthalmus, ^jp, Atenta ItaL \ 

p. , 
Yiinppiciis gymnoplithalmos, Jerd. B, of Ind. u y. 279. 
Bfti^opico ^Tiinoplithalmat Ctth. ^ H. Mu», Hdn, iv. p, 5ft ] 

a. Cf*ylon, female*. From Mr. Ciimimr'g CaUecdoB, 
h. Ceylon, male. Prosient^fd by J. P. Green* Es^, 

41. Pic us nanus. Tlie Southern Pigmy WoodpediH. 

PieuB naniig, Yiq. Proe. Z. S, (1B31) p. 172; Maih. Mm 

IHc. p, 14;^, i.'m. f. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. 
Pieus moluccetisis, 6V. IlUt^r. htd. Zood, pL 1. fa, 6, 
PiciLs cim*m|Lfiilii, 3fitlh. Iter, et Ma^. Zoot (1840 » p.5SL 
Picus (Yun^apicus) Ilardwickii d nanus, Bp. AUnco ItaL ( 

Picui? varie^tus, p., 3IaIL Mwioffr, AV?, p. 139. 

Piciia Ilwdwiclrii^ Jvrd. 3Imh\ Jimnu xiiL p, 158. 

Picuft variegatus» BL Vat, of B. p. 64, 

? Picuft fremger, EetchmL 

Yxmgi'picua yariegatua, fforsf, 4" ^^' Cat* of B. ii, p. 67& 

Bfleopico uana^ VaL 4* H* ^us. Het'n. iv. p. 67. 

ti, ^?, female. From Mr. Warwick's Collection, 

b. Behar, male. Presented bv B. H, Hodiiifsoa, Esj. 

c. Madius, male. Pre^&ented liy the Rot. K B. Bmt, 

42, ? Piers oTAHirs, The Eared Woodpecker* 

Pictis otiiriufl, Malh, Mmioffr. den Fie, i. p. 152, t.35. f.5^1 

Pieua iTeniger, Reti^h. 

Pilous nannHi p.^ Smtdev. 

Baeopica gyiunophthalma, p., Otb, df H, Mut, Hem. It. ] 

Mab, Moluccas or Sunda Islands or Ceylon ? 

4S, PicuB M0LLUCCEN8IB. The Brown Woodpeckn 

Piciis molluccensifl^ Oinel. & N, i. p. 4*i9 ; JH, Enl 74J^. C * 
MalL Mmwifr. de« Pic. p. 143, t. 2.2, f. 4, 5, G ; Cab, if R ^^ 
Hi in. iv. p. <iL 

Pii'us pygTiiiciL^p JVifffl, 

Plena (Yimgipicus) inoluccensii)^ Bp, AUneoltoL (1854) p. 

Hah, Moluccas. 

tnsoAxrs, The Variegated Woodpecker. 
Wof^l Syd, A v.; MaUu Monoi^r, Pic, p, 130, 

Temm, TaU. MttL p. m. 
i) molaccen?*i!S Bp. Atmvo Hat. (1854) p, 
^ Cab. 4- IL Mm. Ilein. iv. p, U, 

le. Presented by the Secretary of State for 

emale. Frt>m M, Verreaux'a Collection. 
He. From M. Verreaiix'ii CoUectioiL 
female. From M. Verreftux'a CollectioD. 
iig, niAle. From M. Verreaux^a ColltMitiou. 

JLPILUJB. Tiie lloary-lieaded Woodpecker. 
^LJoitm, A, S.B. (184Jj) p,97; Maih. Mom^r. 


ifi) triaulen«is, p,^ Bp.Afefum ItiiL (1854) p. 
piDiia, Ilorftf. Si' M. Cut. ofB, ii. p. 677. 
3ft, Qtk 4" //. 3/iw. I/em. h\ p. 58. 

inle and fenjale. Presented bj the Secretary 

for India. 

if male. Presented by J. D. C, Packman^ Esq. 

OmosTKifi. The Stout-billed Woodpecker, 


, Lest, Tr.d'Oniith. p. 221. 

hum, A. S. B, i 1H45} p. 1SI7. 

I BLCaLtifB.fJH. 

nalh. MoHiH^r. Pie. i. p. 144. 

hrtlB.fif'lml. x. p. 2m 

trifl, Oib, Jj- //. Mim, Hein. iv. p. 60, 

(Be I^landB; male and female. From Mr^ 
fl Collection, 

EMMiKCKiL Temnunck'e Woodpecker. 

, MnUi,Etc. fk Zooi. (1849) p. 529; id, MonotirA 

I) Temmitieki, Bp.Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. 
ckii, Cab. Sf Ii. Mm, Htm. h\ p. 00. 

a}o. From Mr, Wallace's Collection, 




Picua villosus, var. mediuB, Baird^ B, of N, Am, p. 84, 
Wils, Anier. Om. pL 9. f 1 ; Pi. Enl. 754. 

a. Fort Simpson. Presented by Bemiird R, Ro», ] 
hf c, North America. 

e-h. West sidu of the Rocky Mount&iiit, 
J. K. Lord^ Esq. 

6Q. PPicuB LEUC0MBLA8. The Cftnadfl Spotted Wo 

Piciw leucomelaa, Bodd, Tabl, de9 PL JSWL p. 21; K BdJ 

f. 1, ? ; Cas$, Jown, Ac. PhU. (18B3} P. 1&. 
Pic us canadensifl, OmeL S. N. i. p* 437 ; Audttb, B. of ^ 

pi. 2m ; Malh, Monoor, des Pic. n. 7^ t, 21. f. 4, 
Picua (Dendrocopus) villoflus, Sw. & Pick, Faun, B.-A ii.| 
Picas septeDtrioiialis^ NuU, Man, Ont. 2nd edit. L p. QbL 
Dryobatea canadeasis, BmCflsis (1828), p. 336* 
Picua Tillosufl, var. major^ Baird, B. &f N. Atn, ^, S4. 
Dryobatee leucomelas, Cab. ^ H. Mm. Hem, iv. p, 07. 
Picua villoBUB, yar., Svmdm, Consp. Pk, p. 10. 
Picus TTllosua, Forsi. Pkik I^tau. (1772) p. 383. 

Sab* North America. 

S7. P Picus MABTiN2i. Maitiii*g Woodpecker. 

Picus leucomelanus, WagL St/st, Ar, 

Picua Martiufe, Audub. Om. Biogr. v, p. 181 1 ^ B* q/AmlI 

pi 200. 
Picus Martini, i»f 0^1. Mmogr. deg Pic. 5. 82, 1 22. 1 1,2. 
Picus rubrirapillus, Mttt. Man. 1. p. G80. 
Picus canadensis, c? » Pp^ Con^. Av. L p. 137. 
Picus (Trichupicus) Martin®, Bp. Atmeo JtaJ, (1854) pi 
Picus viUoBUfl, I or. mediu^ p., Baird^ Rep. Rrpl, 4* 5Ut, M 

Built, Bmdi'y ix. p, 84. 
Dryobates leucomelas, p., Cab. ^ U. Mm. Hem, it. p» 67. 
Picus villosus, v&r., Smdeo. Cottsp. Pic. p» 16. 
Picus canadensis, juY., Cass* Jaurn* Ae, n»L (1863) p. 190. 

Hah, Upper Canada. 

58. F Piers PHu^LiPsn. Phiilips'a Woodpecker. 

Picus Phillipsii, Audtth. Om. Biogr, v. p. 186; id. B.vfA 
pi. 2m ; Maih. Mimogr. dtn Pic. p. ^4, t. 21. f. 5. 

Picus Philipsii !, O. R. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 436. 

Picus (Tricbopicus) Philipai, Bp, Atento Itnl. (1^54) p. 

Picus villosvLS, Mi\ major, \it,, Baird. Rep. BxpL ^ Sure. - 
Railr. Jioirte, ^. '^. ^. 


^obites leneomelflu, p., Cttk (S* H, Mm, Hem, it. p. 67. 

\ Tillosufi, var,, SandeiK Cimsp, Pic. p, 10. 

' ' , juv-, CfcwM. Joiim. Ac. Phil (1863) p. 19D. 


60. PPiCTJS Atn)rBO>x AuduboD*a Woodpecker, 

udubonii, 5?r. Fntdna B.-^A. ii. p. 306. 

Audul)oni, Tnid Jmtrn. Ae. Phil. (1837) p. 404 ; Aaditk B. 
fAm, iv. j)L 2fW5 ; M(dh Mofmjr, des /^. p. 87, t 2*2. £ 4. 
lis (Trichopicud) Audiibrmi, Bp. AtrtieuItaL (18t54) p, 
Oi Tilioeus, i?ar. minor, Baird, B, of N, Am, p. 86, 
[obftteA viliosus, p., Cak ^ If, 3Im\ Ilein. iv, p. 66. 
BB liUoeTift^ Tar., Surniev, ConJtp. Pic. p. 10. 

viUosua, juY. cT , Cast. Jouni, Ac. Phil. (1863) p. 99. 


60, F VicvB CuTiEEi. Cuvier'fl Woodpecker. 

lencameliis, WaffL 

[^iivieri, ^f(fiL Mmiogr, des Pic, p. 86, 1 22. f. 3. 
Tilloeiia, p., Chb, Sr H* Mnn. Ilein, iv. p. 07. 
viEoaiii, var., Sundeu. V&mp. Ptc, p. 17. 
iriUomia, juv. $ , €a$s. Jmirn, Ac, Phil (1803) p. 199. 

forth America. 

? Piers HYPOscoprs, Catania's Woodpecker. 

JhrpottcopuSi Cdb, 8f S, 

hypciBCopiis, Cab. 5' II , Mnn. Mein, iv. p. 00. 
muB, var.j Sundec, Conap, Pic, p. 17, 


62. Piers IlARRisn, Hanis^s Woodpecker, 

Hampii, AuduL B. af Aiiier. iv. p. 242,. pi 201 j Math, 
fmofr, det Pic, p. 74, t. L»0. f. 1, 2. 
lens mcaniatus, Licht,,-' G, M, Or, Gen. of B, \\, p. 436. 
Pieut inofnatus, Licht." Bp, Consp. Av. i. p. 268. 
(TrichopicuA) Ilarrisi, Bp, Ateneo It4tl. (1864) p» 
)ipc> Harrisi, Cab. ^ H, 
te« Hftrrisi, Cak ^ IL Mm, Hcin, iv, p. 68. 

h. California, males. From Mr. Cuming's Collection. 
We«t side of Rocky Motmtains* male. Preaeuted \si 



*ri7\V n Tin t 

Tmx9 E%aw. Bttni't Wi»ap<aclBr. 


* 68L Ficim TAOATU8. The Wandering Woodpecker. 

^fMfttiu, Cass. Prwi. Acad. PhU. (1863) p. 196 : id. Journ. 

S^ (1863) pL 52.1. 

Iv ■nluis, p., Sundev. Consp. Pic. p. 19. 

^ Mezioo. 

B7. FwvB CAKCBLLATUB. The Cancellated Woodpecker. 

mt encdlatus, Wagl Isis (1829), p. 610. 

«• Waglerii, Malh. Monogr. des Ptc, p. 112, t. 29. f. 1, 2, 3. 

■draibates maculatiu, Burm. Syst. Uehers. Th. Bras. ii. p. 224. 

I (Djetiopicus) Wagleri, ^. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. 

— ^icancelli^a, Cab. ^ U. Mm. Hein. iv. p. 7a 

i. Soutli&adl. 

C8. PiCTJS uoNABius. The Chili Woodpecker. 

■• lignariiiB, Mol. Stor. Nat. ChiU, p. 209 ; Malh. Monogr, d^'i 

?fc. p.lO9,t26.f.9,10,ll. 

■• albiyittatoa, Natt. 

m pfimcticepe, Zo/r. ^ D'Orb. Voy. dans rAm. Mir. p. 370, 

•64. €1. 

ttocephalufl, JEm^, Proc. Z. & (1830) p. 14. 
pi, G. R. Gr. Voy. of BeagU, p. 113. 
' \B,Lieht. 

I rDyctiopicuB^ li^arius, Bp. Ateneo Ital (1854) p. 
I (Dyctiopicua) IGupi, Bp. Ateneo ltd. (1854) p. 
BTiu gradatuB et Colaptee lignarius, Bchh.Hanab.8pee.0rn. 
Stfopipolignaria, Ccd). ^ H. Mus. Hein. iv. p. 78. 

a. Bolivia, male. From Mr. Brvdges's CoUection. 

*. Chiliy male. From Mr. Brj'cfges's CoDection. 

«. Valpaiaiflo, male. Presented by Sir W. Burnett and 

Capt. Rtzroy, R.N. 
i Uand of Chiloe, male. From the Zoological Society V 

fff. Chili ?, male and female, young ? From the Zoological 

Society's Collection. 

69. Piers NuTTALLi. Nuttall'a Woodpecker. 

I^NttttaUi. Gamb. Proc. Acad. Sc. PhOad. (1848) p, 259. 
»«• Wilaonij; MaJli. Hev. de Zool. (1849; p. 529. 



Picxis acfllani, (ncc Wagl.) Gamb. Jowrn. Arcd. FhSai, (H 

p. 56, jiL 10. f. 2, 3. 
Piciifl (TnchcmiciLs) Wilsoni, Bp, Atenealtal. (1854) p,6. 
Picus Xnttalll, Bmrd. B, of N. Am, p. 08, pi. 41. 1 2; i 

Mmwffr. des Pie. p, 100, t. 24. t 8, 9. 
Il^loscopufl Nuttalli, Cab. ^ H. MS, 
Dictyopipo Nuttalli, Cab, ^ H, Mu$. Hvin. iv. p, 75. 

a, CalifomiA, mal^. From Mr. Cuminjr'a Collf!<:tioii, 
b^c, California, male and female, Fiom Mf. Gn 

70. Picus LircASANue. Xantua's Woodpecker. 

Ptcus lucaaanus, Xantu*, Proc, Acad, N, 8. PhUad^ (1659) ^m 
IHctyopipo lucftsana, Cab. ^' H. Mus. Hein. iv. p. 75. ^ 

Picas Nuttallii, p.^ Suttdev. Comp, Pic, p. 20, \ 

I Iltd^ Lower CaEfomia. 

k. Pmrenoficl'S. 
71. Picus borealis. The Slit Woodpecker. 


Reus borealifl, VieiiL Oijt, d'Am^, Sept ii. p. 63, 1 12S; 

Mmio(ifr. des i¥e. p. 136. 
Picufl Vieillotii, Wagl, Sytst, Av. 
Picua querulus, WUs. Am. Om. ii. p. 103, pL 15. t\;\ 

Monoijr. des Pic. p. 134, t. 31. t 4, 5, 0, 

Pi CUB ( Phrenopiciifi) querulusi^ Bp, AUmeo It^U, (1854) p. 
Threnopipo boreaJis, Cab. ^' H. Mtm, Hnin, iv, p. 70. 

<f , North America^ female. Preaented by A. Audubos^ Ei 

75. Picus jAiipi>-n. Jardiue^s Woodpecker. 

Picus ( Leiiconotopicuft) Jardinii, Malh, Rev, de Zoal. (18 
Picus (Phrenopicufi) Janiinii, Bp. Ateneo Ital (1854) p.' 
ncu« Jartlinii, Malh, Monotfr. des Pic. p. 10;l» t. 25, t ♦, 5.^ 

a. Mexico. From Mr. Mann b Collection. 

1. TEianoFicxm. 
73. PicuB CACTOHiTM. The Cactus Woodpecker, ] 

Picus CRct4imm, D'fMh 8^- Lafr. Vmj, dam lAm, Mir, if* \ 
t C2. f. 2 \ MalJt. Mojwgr Jdrt Pvs.^ A^. V^Xl/1. 

g^ (Gecinus^ cactomm, Tschudiy Consp. Av. Per. p. 43. 
gji (Wchopicus) cactorum, Bp, Ateneo Ital, (1854) p. 
plates cactorum^ Echb. Handb, Spec, Om. p. 417. 
Bpa i etetomm, Math, Monogr, des Pic. i. p. 102. 
^Mnngvs cactorom, Cab, ^ H, Mm, Hein, iy. p. 72. 

1^ I. Bofiyia, male and female. From Mr. Bi7dgeB*8 Col- 

m. SpBTRAPicua. 

74 PicuB BT7BSB. The Red-breasted Woodpecker. 

irabor, Omd, S.N.I p. 429; MM, Monagr. desFic, p. 132, 


I ikmyentria, VieSl, Ois, Am. Sept. iL p. 67, 

imger, VieilL N. Diet. d'H. N, xxvi. p. GO. 

BB ruber, Bp, Qeogr, Comp, Listf p. 39. 

I ruber, Bp. Aieneo Ital, (1854) p. 

eii8 ruber, Baird, B. of N. Am, p. 104 

puB ruber, Cab, 4* H, Mua, Hein, ir. p. 82. 

0, Britiah North America. Presented by J. E. Lord, Esq. 
It iue. British Columbia. Presented by J. E. Lord, Esq. 
i Galifomia. From M. Parzudaki's Collection. 
A, Vancoayer's Island. Presented by Dr. LyaU, RN. 
/. St. Juan. Presented by Dr. Lyall, 11.N. 
f. Behring's Straits. Presented by Capt Eellett, RN., and 

Commander Wood, R.N. 
k. Bio Sacramento. Presented by Capt Sir £. Belcher, 


75i. Picus VABIU8. The Yellow-bellied Woodpecker. 

Ina wills, Linn. S, X. i. p. 176: PT. JSnl, 785. 

■Mi (Ben^bocopus) yarius, Sw. JFauna B.-A, iL p. 809. 

■Matrdhorax, Less. Tr. d'Om, p. 229P 

fcngalbolft, Temm. 

■kMBQi yarius, Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. 

Ptjliuiius yariusy Baird, B. ofN, Am, p. 103 ; Malh, Monogr. 

jmiAc.^ 157. 1 37. f. 2, 3, 4 

Mmopiens yarius, Sclat. 4- Salv. Ibis (1859), p. 136. 

iUoaoopus yarius, Cab. Sf H. Mus. Hein, iy. p. 80. 

a, h. Fort Simpson, male and female. Presented by Ber- 
nard R Ross, Esq. 


^J5rw tsiiiii. tar. «aelnlis JMM, i2m A?!! 4r ^rt: J 
f Bmrd^M, tf y. Am, Yp^lOiki 

ribi Onyit 1^ fL SI. 
«L Wii^ Mt of Bo^ 

ii^ & mUuL (\% 
^ . MM.Jmrm./m' OmitK (1864) p, Itt \ 

r «tf GolimCM tlipciideaa, i2d^. Ai 
8|kmpk» tfa jradeoy MdL i^^ 



MwD^^JUUk JC^ ^r, MHz (lB4m, iL S17. 
MfjiMiif M, A^ Aw. Ai ^ AW. (ISStf pTlJgL 

[^MSBlOE^ OA it H. Mm. flitJlL IT. |K V'^ ^^^V 

I>mllou«^ Bp. AMtm. liM &iL KiH. (tB54> .. ^.. 

IMi. IT* pu QGL 
CWpepliibii^ Bit.Amm.dmSn: H^^l iu ISO. 
Fleiis, «Slr^ €Im«.BMi* a p. :^ 
Rtda iffmltiptcua , Bii. Atm, d^ ^ > F^ lA 


Venilia, Bp. Cotisp. Av. p. 128 (1850). 
Blythipicus, Bp. Ann, des Set. (1854) p. 129. 
Banicaicufl, p., Sw. B. of W. Afr, ii p. 160 (1837). 
Cdeopicoe (diy. 3), Mcih. Mhn, Ac. Metz (1849), p. 334. 
Odeopknu (dir. 3), Maih. Monogr. des Pie. I j). Ixiy (1859). 
hnikopiciiB, ^.y Malh. Monogr. des Pic. p. kii (1854). 
nbtbopicufly Bp., Maih, Monogr. des Pic, p. liii (1854). 
lepooeeteo, Cab. ^ H. Mus. Hein. iy. p. 110 (1863). 

a. Cjmpbphilus, 
L Caiefsphilub principalis. The White-billed 

Cm prindpalii^ Linn. ^. K I p, 173 ; H. EnL 600. 
Wiocopiis principalbj Bp. Comp. List B. Eur. ^Am. p. 39. 
•epephilua principaJw, O. Jl. Qr. Lid of Gen. (1840) p. 54. 
"""fcpicos pnucipaliai Malh. MSfn.Acm.Metz (1849), p. 318. 

[ pdncipalkj Boie^ Im ( 1828), p. 326. 

I (Mei^pic ufl) principa! is, Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. . 
principaJisj MM. Monogr. des Pic. p. 4, 1. 1. f. 4, 5. 
■|HiphiliiE priniripaliflt Ca£, ^ M. Mus. Hein, iy. p. 100. 

«. North America, male. Presented by M.-G en. Hardwicke. 

2. PCampbphilus Baibdii. Baiid's White-billed 

■pephiliia Bairdii, Cass. Proc. Acad. PhQ. (1863) p. 322. 
BW principalis, yar., Sundev. Consp. Pic. p. 5. 


IL Camfephilvs ncPERiALis. The Imperial Woodpecker. 

0M nnperialis, Gotdd, Proc. Z. & (1832) p. 140. 
Mfq^ns im{>erialis, G. R. Gr. Gen. ofB. n. p. 43a 
^Nnpoaimperialis, Bp. Comp. Av. i. p. 132. 
ijiigieot imperialism Malh, Mhn. Acad. Metz (1849), p. 318. 
Nneut imperialis, Malh. Monogr. des Pic. p. 2, 1. 1. 1 1, 2. 
|C^>6aiiis imperialis, Cass. lUustr. B. Calif. Tex. ^e.ipl. 49. 
jpomiis (Megapicus) imperialis, Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1&4) p. . 
^Ii^liiliu imperialis, Cab. 8f H. Mus. Hein. iy. p. 101. 

^ Gtlifomia, male. From Mr. J. Gkmld's CoUectioD. 
^ California, male. 

^ California, female. From the Zoological Soclety'a CqI- 

^ef» jutttttBis t^ n^ if Skid, (1W> ^! 

CampephilttB ma^llAnicud, G, It Or. Oen, \tf\ 
Diyooapu^ nuffelLuiicuit; Bp.Atemo Ital {\is5( 
Diyotomu* (3£agiipieiw) mugellaiiictu), Bp, 

Megnpicus iDJigv^lbuuciiii, JfoA. Mtrntt^r, dett ^ 

o-c. Straita of >l«g«lUi], audi; audi 
the Admiimlty. 

c ScAFdWStm 


Cftm|»eplLiluB Mjalherbii, G. R. Gr. 
Picufl anflifi, Leu. Deter, Manu tSj' Ot*. p. 203. 
Dryocopus pollens, Bp. Conap. Av. i. p. 133» 
Megapieoft Malherbii, Malh. Mfrn, Attid. Mets 
MegapicUi? Malherbii, Malh. Momtgr, drs Pie. 
DrjotomuB Verreauxi^ Bp. Campt. Rend, (18 
Drvotomus MaJherbi, Bp. Aieneo lt4tL (1854) 
Scapaneus Malherhei, Cab, t^* i?- Mut. Hem. r 
Picua Malbt-rbei, Smtdt^v. Comp. ISc. p. 5, 
G. R. Gr, ^ MitcL Gen, of B, ii. pL 108. 

a, Mexico ? From Mr, Turner's CoUecti( 
bf e. Cliiriqui, mftle aod yomig. PreseotaC 
R.N>, and Commiinder Wuod^ ^^*^ 



8cl«leri, Cab, ^ M. 3/t«r. //mi, iv. p. 02. 
\ Sclateri, Sundev. Conap, Pic. p. 5. 


CAMPEPRiLra POX.LKN8, The Powerful Woodpecker. 

I Oravii, Malh. 

BUS (h^vii, Mrj/A. BuIL Soc. K K Mttz (1849), p. 17; id. 

' .d^^>^V. p, KJ, t.5, tl,3,4. 
> fire^natus, Alsff . 3/5. 
I medoleucu^f Licht MS, 
\ pollens, Bp. AUiSeM. Riun, Sci. lUtl (1845) p. 400. 

aoji pulltn^ Bp,At^nmItal, (lsr)4| p. 

prn* Gravii, Sclat. Proc, Z. iS. (185*j| p. lOL 

pkiliu Tiie*K>leucUfl ei C. albi&ieDatuSy Iteickb, Hmalb* ^a#«\ 

. iv, p. 3l):J. 
Tiilus Grayii, SdM. Cat. of Am. B. p. 331. 

eUA poU»fn*, C'«6. tSj- JJ. 3f»M, //«>*. iv. p. 04. 

I «. New fTranMa, male* I'Vom M. PitrKuJaki's Collectiou. 
I A. New nmnadft, male. 

It, New Gmuiida, yoimj?. From Mr. Stovena^a Collection. 
M Bogota, iroi"ig» PmMentetl by M. >ra!lierbe, 
Itf. New Granada, youug. From ilie Zoological Society *8 

Cajcpbphilus MKLANOLEPcrs. Tlie ^Tiito-billed 

\ melanoleucus, Om, S. N, L p. 42B. 

I afbiroetrid, Vieill. Enei/c. ilUth, p^ K304. 

I eomatuj?^ Ifi. MS, 

k nlbirtiNtrig, Bme, Im f 1828), p. ^\ 

\ alhirostri*, Malh. Mhn. Acad. Mrtz (\B^\ p. 3ia 

) altnfootn.s Malh, Monoijr. den Pic. p. 17, t. 4. f. 1, 3. 

pliilit^ . Tit-ithh. mtmlh, **^eT. Om. p, 302. 

. -i ^.-id, C'<iA. Jtmrn.fur Orn, (1802) p, 176. 
oieliuialeucti^ Ca^. <$- if. ilbfiu. i/<f>iV». iv. p. UO. 

From Mr. Ti"niM*soD'» C^'olJection. 
From the ZtH)logiraJ Society's Col- 

i, CiiTenne, fpTnaJe. 
&. Trfnidad, male. 


^. Kew Gmniida^ female. Frftm Mr. St+'TenH'a Collection. 
C firitinb GuianAf female (variety). From the Zoological 

8oeiety» Collection. 
^. New Oraoada, malea and female. From M. Vttirea»s.'% 

ViX% 11 

66 sca^sohes. 

9. Campepdxlus robustus. The Robust Wood^ 

PiciiA robiiatus, IfL^ LicM. Vt*rz, DtnihL p. 10, 
Campepbiliiii mbustus, G. Ji. Gr. Gen, of B.n,'^ 436* 
I)ry<>copii8 robu5lU3, Bp, Connp.Av. L p. 133, 
DryocopuB precoccineus, Jip. Confp. Ai\ u p, 134. 
Megapiciis robiistus, Malh. Mtmftffr. ties Ptc, p, 23, t, 3^ £ 
Campt'philus prfcoccineiis, H^^tehb, Handh, Spr- '*"^ '**. 
Drvutomy;* (C iinip*^philua ) robustus, Bp, AUmc 
Pliloeoci^ajit^is robuatus, Cab, Jounu fiir Om* ^^li i._, 

a. Brazilf male. 

b. Brazil, male. Presented by Loid Stuftii de 



Picus nibricolli.q. Bodd, Tabl, des Ft, Etd, p. 37; H. 
Ciimpepbllu* rubricollie, G, Ji, Or, Gen. of B. ii. p, 
Drjocopus rubncolliBi /We, /*w (1828), p, 32^. 
3Iejfapicii8 rubricollis, Malh, Monotfr, de* Pic, p. 25^ t 
Drvolotniifl ^i'ajupephilus) robufJtus, Bp. Atfneoltal. (11 
PliloeoceasteM mbricollii), CaL ^ H, Mu$, Hrin, iv, p. 
Hah. Guiana, Brazil. 


Megapicus trRcli*^lopTTiw, Malh, M^m. Soe, H, X, Mm, 

p. 1 ; id. MiytUHfr. iha Pic, p. 2G, t- S. t % 3. 
CampepbJlugi tnichelopyru^, Sclat. Cat, Am, B, p. 33S, 
Phloeoceaste,'* trachelt>pTrue, Cah, ^ H, Mus, Mem, iv, 
PiciL3 rubrii'oUis, p,, Sundev, Camp, Pic, p. Ou 

a. Bolivia, maJe. From Mr, Bndges'a CoUectioiu 

b. Para, female. Presented hj 1L Graluutty EBt^, 

11. BoiKi. Boie^a Waodpecta 
Picus Boiei, Wm/L St/d. Av. ; Temm, PL Coi, 473. 
Picu5 leQcopiigon, Valctic. DiH. den S(\ N. p. 178» 
Pit-US atrivfiitris, T/Orh. Vay. Atn, M&r. t. 6S. I. 
Picus corrieutei*, Mm. Par. { MM. Mtmoffr^ dc9 Bk^ i 
Picua melanograster, Natl, 
Picas Roieri, Less. Tr, d*Orn, p, 225. 
Campepbilua J^oiei, G, R, Gr. Gen, <ff B. il pu 436L 
Dryotonms (CmnpfpbOus) Boiei, Bp, AUnco limL {. 
Dryocopus Boiei, Bp. Cmi^, Av, i, p. 134. 
Picua caniveDter, D'Orb. 


Boiei, MM. Monoffr. des Fie. p. 10, t. S. f. 1, 2. 
fttriventrifi, Burm, Jmtrti.fiir Om. (I860) p. 244. 
ites Boiei, Cab, <ij* If, Mm. Ifein, iv. p, 97, 

BoliTift, female. From Mr. Brydcreja's Collection. 
Brazil, male. Presented by E. \\ ilaou, Esq. 

CAiiFBPHiLirs ouATBMALENSis. The GuatemaJAn 

togitis, LichL MS, 

WlcorhynchuR, Natt. MS, 
HMtemalf-nais, HarU, MtiK de Zml (1844) p. 214, 
rfOisaiiii^ Lciu,^ et P. ^uayaquileDBii^^ Lt^. Ei^h, Monde Sav, 
pp, 920, 921. 

ilus guatemalensifl, G, It Or, Gen, of B. n, p. 436* 
gimtemalenj*!^ Bjk Cotvtp. A v. i. p. 133. 
» odouduflf Bp. CompL BrwL xxxriii* p. 86. 
jTuatemaleiisib, Bp. Aimeo Ilul, (1854) p. 
iQ» ("Driopicus) rejoiLH^ Bp.Atmvo liaL f]8'j4) p. 
khiltjs regiua. Jteichh. Ham%, S/iec, Orn. p. 3ti^, 

gufttemaleDSM, Malh. Mmiogr, de» Pic, p. 19, 1 7. f. 1, 

goatemalensis^ Cab. Jmtm.ftir Orn, (1S02) p. 175, 
gufttimalen^, Vah, ^' IL Mtts. Mm*, iv. p. Ol^, 

Hondtiras, female. From Mr. iH^son'a Collection. 
Jtoarioo, feniitle. From Mr, Argent's Collation, 
d. Camccas, male and female. From Mr, Ciimmg^*s Col- 

e. BETXTf'AnBTrPrcu<r. 
PHILUA VALOJrs, Tiie Strong-ljillDd Woodpecker. 

a, Heinw,, Tfmim. H. Col. 378, 402, 
Thous, Lk'fU. 

I vaUdus, f>\ B. Gr, Om, &f B. ii. p. 4ii0. 
tvalidus, Midh. Mhn. Amd. Metz ( 1H49) p. 319, 
I Talidus, M(dh, Monoffr. den Fir. p. 28, t. 9. f. 4, 5, S, 
t valid U8» Bp. Vonnp. ^4r. i. p. 131. 
dtipicu^ valid US, It p. Aferiro Jud. (]Ho4) p. 
I validufl, Cab. ^* //. Mm. Hein. iv. p. 108. 

> Bunieo, 

Pres<?Bted by William Ilaney^ Esq. 

cca. From Mr. Warwick *» Collectioix* 

f. VEyjLZA, 



Picus melanop:aster, A. Say^ Madr, Joum, (1S44) | 
Picufl ( Htsmiterciiaj rubiginosus^ Sw. B. of W,AJr, 
HemicercuB ruWgma^ua, G, M. Gr, Gtn, of B,u. ^, 
Hemicerciis melanogaster, G. Jt Gr. Gm. of B, Ap 
Picua rubidotisuSj £t/tfm, Ann, N. H, ( lS4o) p. ^ 
Oocmua nibi^noau??, BL Journ. A. S. B, (18441) p, I 
Celeopkos rmjigirioaui^, Malh. Mem. Acad, Meiz Qk 
Picus poTphyTomelag^ Boie^ Sttmltv. Consp, Av*-^^ 
Dendrobates rubiitpncKSUs, Bp, Cunsp, ^r. i. p. " 
%^eiiilia poiphyTOtuelfta, Bp. Consp. Av. i. p, 13 
Venilia mehkno^iwtt^r, Jlorsf. ^ M, Cat of B, 
Blytliipicus mbig^inoauB, Bp. Ah^neo B^mL (1854) p. 
Oeleopicua porpkyromelas, Malh. Monogr, de$ jfcc i 

f. 1, 2. 
Scolecotheres rubig^inoflus, Beichh, Hatidb, S^t^a, Of 
Veailift rubipnosft, J^d. B. of Ind, i, p. 292. 
Lepocestes rubtguioaus, Cab, ^ H. Mm, Hem^ \ 

a, Malacca. 

h, Malacca. Presented by Major Cbarlt 

c. Singapore ? Preaentetf bj the Earl of Elli 
df e, Malacca. Presented hj William Harro 




Picu3? pjTxliotis, Rodffs. Joum, A. S, B. (1837) p. 
ChloroperneB pyrrbotis, Hod^it, Gr.Zool, Jfife. kS 
Meij^lyptesP pyrrbotia, Ilodga, Cat, of B, p. 11/, 
Geciiius pyrrtiolis^ BL Oaf. of B, p. 50. 
Picas flavoroaiiHi*, Ilor^f. MS. 
Celeopicoa pyrrbotiri^ Malh, Mhn. Acad. Meiz (184 
Blythipicufl pyrrbotis^ Bp, Ateneo It^l. { 1864) p. 
Meiglyptes (Mieroptemufl) pjrrkotis, Meichh, Ham 

P' - * 
Venilia pyrrhotis, Honf. Sr M, Cat, of B, vl, jp. 606 
Caleopicu« pyrrkoti>^, Malh, Mojiofjr, des Pic. n, pwA? 
Lepocestcs pyTrhotid^ Cab. ^^ H. Mus, Hein, iv. p. 

a-f Nepal. Presented by Brian H* Hodgaoi 





B, Bme, Iain (IS^% p. 077. 
jiB, Stc. Fami, Bor.'Amer. p. 304 QS^l). 
"m, Kaup, NfttiirL St/d, p. 131 (1^29). 
(diT. 1), Maih, Mhtu Ac. 3Ietz (1849), p, 320, 
^.. _(, Bn, Amt, deji Sci, (1854) p. 129, 
iomna, Baird (ISBB), 
^opiis, p,, Boie, Im (1820), p. 326, 
ioeopus, Bp. Ann. dea Sci. (1864) p. 129. 
lotomuB, ScJat. (1852). 

feotomus, Ctfi. *S- H.Mm, Hein. iv. p, 102 (1863). 
fewchiw, Cak Sf H. Mm. Jhuu iv. p. m i )8*yi), 
^ihloeiw, Cab, ^ ff. Mm, Ileiri. it. p. 85 (1863). 


ocopTg MABTIU8, The Great Rkck Woodpecker 

IVtiiiis, Linn, S. N, I p. 173; PL £nL 590. 

to martins^ Boi*, i«w (1820)^ p. 077. 

iriuA miirtiu», Kaup^ Nat Si/sf, p, 131. 

t)rvotomiisJ martiuB^ tStr. Fautm B.-AnL p. 301. 

Jpi'martius, Maih, Mem.Arad. Mitz (1849), p, 322, 

Wm (Dnrotomiw) martiiw, Mtdh, Monoffr, dea Pic, p. 31, 

ft 5, 6/7, 

^opus martins, pinetonim, alpimis H aigerj Brehm. 

ik Great Britain* Fiom Mr. Baker's Collection* 

h, Htlatouus, 

EkiTOCOPUS PiLRATtrs, The Pileated Woodpecker. 
bAtUB, Linn, S, K L p, 173 ; H, iiii/, 718* 
PPryotomu^) pileatus, She. Fmma B.-Am. p, 304. 
hm pOeattis, Boie, Im§ (18^J, p. 326. 
|ds pleattis, i>/fi//i- Mmofjr. de» Pic. p. 'i4, 1 1 L f, 5, 6. 
110 pileatiis», Beirkk Ihindh, Bptv. OrtK p, 391. 
\ pucatus, Bairdf B. uf N.Am. p. 107. 
\ (Driopicns^ pilpatuiJ, 2lp, Atmeo Ital (1854) p, 
JRiiiB pileatiw, ScM. Cat. of Am. B, p. 332. 
Inmu f^hAtus, Cad, ^H.'Mm. Mein, iv, p, 102. 

a^. Wert ado of Bocky Mcnmtaixi^ mde^ fen 

joBOflr, I^fseoted hj J. K. Lord, Esq. 
d^ #. North America. From Mr. Auduboa s Collectid 
y, Nortli America. 
g. North America. From Btr. Aigcikt*s CoHectSaa. 

3. Drtocopus H^MAToQASTica, The R«d-1 
Picu5 hsematogastter, T$ehmd$, 0(m»p> Ar, Per.ja. 42, 
I)Ty<)Copufl h^nifttogaster, O* JL GJ*. (?«•. of -a. iL p* 
Mefrapieus h«ematogii^t«*r, Jfdft. i?rr. de Zooi^ (ISa^) p. I 

Mmogr. de» Fie. p. 27, U 0. f. 1. 2, 3. 
C&mp^philtm fajematogaater, Eeivhb. ffantfh, ^pee, Onu'^ti 
DryotomuB haematogwter, Bp, AUneo Jtitl { 1854) p. 
Cxuparchus hfematogaerter, Ot&. ^ H. Mm. Mem, it. p. i 

a, ColtunMa. From H. VeiTeA0Jc*8 CoU«ctioiu 

d- Ceopsl<eus, 
i. Bbyocopub LOfKATTS. The Liueat^ Woodpedt^l 

Pipus lineattiB, lAnn. S. X, i. p. 174; Ft. Enl. 717, 
Drrocopu^i lineatos, Boie^ Ims {lS'2i\), p, 320. 
Dr> opicuB lineato% MM, Memoir, det Pie. p. .*W, 1, 12. t ^ 
Dn-otumus UoeAtua^ Suf. daamf. of B, il p. .308. 
Campephilus lineatuB H 0. leucopteryluj^, Betehh^ Urn 

Om, pp. ii91 & 339, 
Megapicus lineatua, Hartl. Jowm,fur Om, (1857) p, _, 
Ceophloeua liueatus, Oi*. Jaum,Jur Om. (1862) p. 17a 

fif b. South America. 

c. Brazil. Present^ by Ix*rd Stuart de Bothaaj. 

d. Brazil, From ^Ir. teadbeater** Collection- 

e. Trinidad, From the Zoological Society's t 
/. ^— ?, male (yomkg). From H. Verr^ftiuc ^ 

5, Dbyocopits ICKSORHTNCBTS. The Coeta*Hkaft 


Brjocopua acapuhiTU, Sciai. Sr Sitlt\ Uis (1850), p. 1^ ^ 
Oeophloeiia scapularis, Cab. Jouni, fiir Orn, (186^) p. If 
Diyocopufi mesorhynchus, Cab. 4f* H. 
CJeophlGBUfl megorhytachus, Cab. ^* R. Mm, Hem, it, ^i 
Picua lineatus, Tar"^ Sumlev. Ct/Ufp, FiCs p. 8. 

Hob. C&raocas, CoB\a^\c». 


rocoprs acAPtTXARis. The li\liite-filiouldtjred 

apiilari5T F%, Zool, Jmm, i v* p, 364. 
Jeticoranuvbus, LicM. 

niliii, Lesg, TJe»n% Mfim, at Ois, p. 204. 

ypojB ecapularis, G. H. Or. Gm. of B. ii. p. 4.W* 
m Mattrii, Bp, Onnjif. liefidl { iHo-'V) p. mH 
» ftcupularifl, Bp. Xot. Orn. Coil Deiaitr, p. 85 j 3faih, 
^ dtM JHr, p. 44. 1. 10, 1 1 , 2, :j. 
iliiR leucoramphus H scapulena^ Reichh. Mandb. Spet*. 

p. mi 

Uiw (Driopiciis) Bcapulam, ^/3. ^i/ffwo ItaL (1854) p. 
B08 ftcapumn*, Cab. ^ H. Mus. Ilein. Iw p. 85, 

Mexico. Present!?*! by J. Murray, Esq. 
Mexico, male anti female* From M, Verreaux's Col- 

, 0BYOCOPTJ8 FusrrpENXTs. TTie Brown-wiJiged 

Pitt fmcipeimiis SckL Prnc, Z. S. (18B0) p. 16. 

as fujacipeonis, Maili, Mvnogr, de$ Pic. pp. 165 & 160, 


XuacipenniSi Cob. Sr H, Mtts, Iletn. iv. p. 87. 
Stmdei\ CoTisp, Pic. p. 8, 

iTOCOPcrs KBTTHBOPS, Tlie ll«d-faced Woodpecker, 

brope, CW,, Valene, Diet. Sc. N. xl. p. 178 : Bes Murs, 
r. Om. t 27. 

» eiythrop^, G?. J?. Or. Gm, <^f B, ii. p. 436, 

itu«, i»/<u. //rfVr. iv. p. 380, 

[itoroiuitus« XfVA^ 

auoti-^, Nati.^ Himdvi\ Comp. Pic. p. 8, 

% (DryotomusJ erjlliropa^il/a/A. if^f^w. Acad, Metz (1840), 

|jm eiTthrops, MalK Monagr. des Pie. p. 4^, t 12. f, 1, 2. 
^phiJii/» erythrop^, Brivhb. Ilamlh. S/jec, Orn, p, JJ4*4. 
" puin (Drinpiuiis) erytlirop*, Bp, Ate/tro Ihd. (ISTA) p. 
^1 erythtops/ CVil Joitm^fur Om, (18f?2) p. 17a 

Jil, female. Vresentcd hv X Gould, Esq. 
tKffpr Qnutadd, fvmale. From M. VerR*aux 8 Co\\«ict\ou, 



0, Dbyocopus OALEATU8, The Helmeted W(»dpee\a 

PiciW galeatus, Xati,, Temm. PT. Col, 171. 
Dryooopos galeatus, G. 12. 6->. Gen, of B* iL pi. 486, 
Dryopicos (l>rjotomus) galeatuf^ Math, Mhn^Acad^ Jftfef 


IhTopicuB galeAtas, 3faM. Mimogr, dm Pie, p^ 38^ t* 11. fJ 
CampephiluA gr<^eatu% ^eiehh. Mmdh, ^pee. Om, p, SlH, 
Drjotomus (Driopicuii) nleAtus, J^. Aien^ JtaL (1854) | 
Ceophla'uj» ^eatu», Cm. ^ H. Mus, Hem, W. p, 88l 

a. Brazil, Presented by E. Wileon, E«|. 

6. Brazil. 

e, d, Brazil From the Zoological Society's ( 


ChrrBocolaptes, Bi, Jmtm. Ai. S, Brs^, (1813) p. 10 

Bmlivpternu^. p., Striekl (1S41). 

Indopicus, MM, MHn, Acad. Mek (1849), p. 342. 

L Ohbtsocolapt&s RULTAKKra. The Rojal 

Picus BultimeiLB, HodgM. Joum, A, 8. B* (1837) p. 105. 
Picus strictus, Jerd. Madr. Joum, ii, p. 210. 
Picttfl Btrenuufl, (Gould) MdCktL iVoe. Z. & (1839) p. I 
Pjcua orientalie, Horjuf, 

Picus g^ttacristatiuss Tick, Joum, A, S, B, (laSS) p. 67a 
Chfysoecilaptes sultaneuB, G. R, Or. Gtm, of B, ii. p, 4^ 
Chryiocolaptes strictus, p., BL Jonm. A, & B. (18&) pw lOQl 
Indimcm sultaneua, Math. Mim, Aead^ Metz (1841)), p,34S; 
Mtmogr, dtM Pic, iL p. 77, t, 64- f. 1, 2, 

a-p. Nepal, males and femalea. Presented bj 

BodgBon^ Esq. 
A, I. Pegoi, male and female. Pteaented bj W. T. Blaafifl 

/ Oati^outri, 
k, Himalaya Mountains. Presented b7M.-(?eiL Hard' 

2. ?CHEY»ocoLAFn£8 DEXJiflHKBTi. Deleeseit's Woodp 
Indopit^us Delea^rti, Malh, MHn, Aead. Mttt (l^^)t ^ ' 

(d. Mono^r, des Pic, ii. p. 79, t 04. f. 4, 5. 
Cbrj-aocolaptes Deleeeerti, Bp, Attneo Ttal, (1854) p. 
Picufl Del^sfletti, 3iindei>. C<m«p. Pic ^. 78. 

a* Indi&, mole. 


^BoLAPTEfl STUiCTirs. TliG Strict Woodpecker. 

HlB, Homf. Linn, Tram. xiii. p. 170» 

pt^# »trictui(, BL Jottrn. A. S. B. (1H43) p. 1004. 

y MtUh. M^m, Acful. Met& (lUW), p. 343 ; 
*• - (¥). f.1,2,3. 
agl. i^si 
pte« Baccha, Eeuhh. 



ILmdb. Spec. Dm. p, 390. 

ft, male* Presented bj the Hon. East^India Company. 



itiiis, Bodil TahL rk^M H. Bi/. Src p. 43 ; K ^^. C91 

kleuAB, TAT. y^ Gm4. S. K p. 4^i3. 

ipinanjDQi Lath, Ltd. Orn. p. 536. 

Hell, 0*r,, If o///. %irf. ^1% 

noBU^^ Leng. Tr, tfOrm p. 230. 

ttti« philippinamm, Stnckl Prtyc, Z 5. (1841) p. 3L 

[)t*8 phUippinaram, O. It Or, Gen. of B. ii. p. 4'M. 

ptefl auraDtiiiRp G. R. Gr. Gtm. nf J?/iii. App. p. 2L 

pt*?8 piUalitca, Bp. Camp. Av. i. p. 121. 

^liiiippinarum, Maih. Mono^r, tks Pit 

IHc. ii, p. 85, t. 00. 

ppiiie I»laDds. 

reocoLAPTEs H.SMATRIBOX. Thd Bod-cloaked 

fttribon^ Wat/l. Sf/xtAiK 

ppinftmin, LeM, Tr. tfOrft. p. 222* 

ophuBf Vigors, l^oc, Z. »V. (1^2) p. 08, 

ufr h«matrilK>ni Hw, 

nufi hmmatribou, StnM, JVo<?. Z iS. (1841) p, 3L 

pte*i bmtTiatribon, Bl. Journ. A, S\ B, { 184'i) p. 100-*. 

ja-'matribun^ MM. Munoyr. ths Bic. ii* p. 84, t. 08, 

liilippiiie I^landd^ male* and femalee. From Mr. 
iming^e Collection. 

rsocoLAPTBS FKsxm'B. Hie Goa Woodpecker. 

ua, B(M. Tuhl fle^ Pi. Efd. ^c. p. 43 ; PL Enl 000, 

da, Omi'L S. N. I p. 434. 

tmlis, Witf/l. i:>ynt At\ 

9 EUiotti, Jerd. Mat/r, Jmtm, (1840) p. 212. 

(CiiiT9oeoli|«to«) melanotk, Bl Jmtm, A, 8.^ 
nnyaoeolaptes iMiTiift, O, B, Or. Oen. of B. iii. kv^ 

nnyaoeolaptes WiTUft, G. B, Or. Gen. of B. iii 
Btadmteiiiiis ^oeiisi^ SiHckl. l^y>c. Z. & | ]> ' ' 

go^iflis, JTa/A. ^Ifrffi. ^-Ifyif/, Meiz { 
'.dmPk,'±^m,um. 1 1,2. 

«HiL Behar^ mdee and fenuda. Fk«aisited bj 

Hodpoo, Esq. 
/, f, IndiB^ mftle and faiiude. Praeeuted hj Dr. ! 


DeEibrobiU««, 8w, Cla^mf. a/B. ii. p. 306 (IBSfT m 
DeiidiO(UCCM, JfoM. MHn, Aend, Metz (1840), p, 
Dendro^tia. J^, Ann, de^ Se%. ( \^:A) |>. l.n», 
Ipootonuft, Hwm, Cah. Jvt€m. fiir Om, { 18»J0) p li 
Meso|»coSf MM. M4m. Amd' Mciz (1K40», p. All. 
Mitf0^et»» Bp, Arm, deg Set, (1854 ) p. iL'^ 
SeoleeatJiArei, Beieh. Handh, Bp*^. Om, j 
Cainponomtts, Cah. Sr S^ Mum. Hem, it. y. ij, m; 
Ipopliilu5, Cab. ^^ H, Afwt. Ifein. i\\ p. 1 la 
Thiipias, Cab. 4* H, Mm, Midn, iv. p. Ul (16aa> 


1. Dbndbopicub CABDHf A.L1S. The Qo]d-«ltafl 


Pious gitineexuia, Sc<^, Del. F!. ci /litM. JmmAt* iii p^ 
Pieus cardinalts, GmA. *S. N. i. p. 4^ 
Pic lis fulnscapiis, ///. IF a// A %m/. At, 
Picus fu»ee8cen»» i'lW//. iV, DH. d"/!. X, xxri. p,88l 
Picus chijBopterujiy <^Wi?., yf'<j^/. %jrt, Av. 
Pirus capeuffts, Foni. De.<cr, Amm. p. 43. 
Coiapt<*» Veapen-^- a/,,.;, /;<»;«. ^kj/. xiv, 1. n, 171. 
i*icu.s (DoBiiri.>b -eapus, -i^tc. Clnjim/^of B U. 

Chrysocolaptes lm . , Bp. Con^, Av. i. p. V22, 

Dendropicus fuaoeacena e< D. cardmiilla^ 2^. .»i/««M«» 

p. . 
Dundrohates fuscoscena, **^r/>^i, (^' SV^. Contr. Orm. { t 
C«mpethera fulvi^^capa, Rfkhb. Jlandh. Soec. CMn* p. 49 

IpoctonuB caiim8kV\a, Cali. % li,llu».Hj«B^\^.^ lift 

Kf Goad IJ 
Bn ACriciL, m 


Goad Hope, male. Presented by F. Campbell, 

I Africa, mtkle. Present^id by M.-Gen. llardwirkt*, 
utb Africii, ft^male* 

taOPictrs Hemprichh. Hempricli*8 Woodpecker. 
Dprieliii, Hempr. ^ Ehrmb. Syrnb. PAya. dec, i, fol. 7. 

tes Hemptiehii, Biipp. 1%, X, O, Afr, p. 88, t 35. 

■BUiieus^ Ilcmpr. ^' Ehrenb. 

MCeil0| Itiipp. 

InBiat, Hemp, ^ Ehrmh, 

les ftbyidiiiciiai G, R. Gr, Getu of B. iL p. 437. 

IM slbjannicus, Bp. Cmv^p, AtK i. p. 124. 

lis Hemprichi^ Bp. Con^, Ai\ i. p. 124; Malh. Mon&t/r. 

p. 199. t xliiL f. 5, fJ. 

iscApus, Trmm., Math. Mom^jfr. des Pic. p. 200, 

tu Uemprichii ei C. abjssimca, Iteichh, Hmidb, iS^rev, 


Hemprichi, Cab, ^R, Mm. Hein, iv, p. 114, 

A-bjasinia, male and female. From the Frankfort 

prDBOPictJB HAiiTLAUBn. riartlaiib^a African 

m Hartlaubii, M(Uh. }h?t>, de Zod, (1840) p. 633. 

m Hartlaubii, Bp. Cansp. Au. L p. 124 

BS Hemprichi, Bp. 

ifl Hartlaubii Bp. Atenfo B^d. (1864) p. ; J/a/A. 

dci/\>.p,201,t. 44, f. 1,2. 
im Hartlaubii, Ih^iehb. Jfandb. Spec, Om, p. 420, 

zanzabarif Mtdh. 
Kartlttubii Ctih. 4- H. Mus. Hdn, iv. p. 116, 
Llaubi, Sundet>, Cmsp. Fk. p. 4^i. 


DBOPICUB DesMitbsii. DesMuTs's Woodpecker. 

itnicud, Stanl. Soli's Vnu. AhtfM, ii App. p. 361. 
I>e«iiiirfli. Malh. Bet. de 7jml (li<4S)> p. 637. 
tea BennuTsi, Bp, Vmi^p. Aw i. p. 118. 
I Mursii, Bp, Meneo UaL (1854 J p, * 

(ErytliKJuerpeuJ DeamiirBii, Ittichb, Iltmtib, ^jfjrc. 

MeropicuB Dc^munai, MM, Me^M, JJondS^ ^ptc Om,"^ S 
Dendropicus Desmui^i, Malh. Mono^r, fJir«Pijf,p.S02} 1.12*11 
UeodronLtu abywinicus. Ilcuffl. Htftt. Urbert^ p. 47. 
Ipoctontis ab?asimcu6f Cab. 4* ^' Mu», Mtm^ p. \h>. 

Hah, North-east A&iea. 

5. DsNDROPicus ifPiDUS, The Chanabg^ Woodp 

Picus lepiduB, Cah. ^ II. 

Ipoctonus lepidus, Cab. 6f H. Mm, Htm, it. p. 118. 

Hab, AbTasiiiia. 

6. DENBKOPicrs Lafrbsnayi. L&fresua j a Woodp 

Dendmmcos Lafresnap, Malh, Eei\ de Zo€d. (1^9) p.53l| 
Dendro Dates La&eaDari, Bp, Comp. Av, p, 125, 
l>epdropicu8 Lafresowji, Bp. AUnfo Hm, (lS5i) p. 

Mtmoar, de$ Pic, p. 204, t 44. f, 4, 
Campethera Lafrefinaji, Reiehb. Handb. S/iec. Om, p. 43). 
Ipoctonui Lafresna^Hj Cab, 4' ff- -Vit*, Htiiu iv. p, Im 
FicuB Lftfresnayi, Sttndev, Cofiqi. Pk, p, 43. 
Hab, Seneg-al, GahooiL 

7. Dendao Piers afhicanhs* The Afiican Woodp 

PiciLs africanus, Gr, ZooL Mi^:^, i, p, 18. 
Dendrobates africanua, O. B. Gr, Gtn, of B* ii. p. 457, 
Deiidrnptcus ( Meaopicu^) africanuSy Hartl SjfM* Onk Wid^ 

DeDdrcipicus afiricanus, MM.Manoffr, det Pie,n,^0^; Ct^i 

^c. /All (1863) p. 323, 
IpoctoDUS afncanuSy Cab. ^ H Mus, Hem, iy. p. 117. 

Nab. Sierra Leone. 

8. Dknbbopicub jiTiNirrus. The Small Afitcan Wo 

Pieus miniitiis, Tenim, PL Col. 197* f. 2. 
Asthenurus mlDntus, Z«m, Compi, Buffi ix. p. 805, 
Deodropicos miniitus, Maih. MSin. Acad. Mitz (l!i49),p3 
DendroWtes niiniitus, Bp, Cowtp, A v. i. p. 12-5, 
Campethera mimita^ IteiehL Hmxdb. Spec. Om. p. 435. 
DeBaropicus minutm, Bp. Ateneo Ital, (ld-54) p* 

Motivgr. dei Pie. p. 20t<. t 45. f, 4, .5. 
Ipoctouua minutiis, CV16. 4' H Mua, M^m, iv. p. 112. 
Hab. 'SVealAiBca, 




icrs MENsmta'S, The Cap« Woodpecker, 

Htm, SciU, Del Fi, ei Faun. Inmihr. ii. p. 80, 
iephalusi, Bodd. TubL di« PL Eni p. 49. 
IB, amd. S, N. i. p. 4.30 ; PL FhL 786. f. 2. 
eiisi», fhfU'L S. K i. p. 4^54. 
pt, JViif/l, Si/nf, Ai\ 
na, U'a^L *St/sL At\ 

gnneoceplialii.H, G\ H: Or, Qm. of B. ii. p. 437. 
capeuaifi, Sw. M. of W. Afr. ii» p. IM. 
ipensiSf Bp. Atenett Hal. 1854, p. ; Malh. 3fonoffr. 
p- 42, t. 02. f. 7, 8, 

tee menstruiis, O, R. Or, Oen, &fB, iiL App. p, 21, 
i capensi#, Jleie/tb. 
B menetnius, C*ah. ^' JL Mm. Ilein, Iv. p. 134. 

pe of Good Hope, mnh^ and femak. 
i of Good Hop^^ femali?. PrtsseDtfil by M.-Gen. 

of Good Hope. From the South African Museum, 
\ A^ica. Presented by the IIou. EbbI- India Com- 

PICU8 iKMACULATUfl. The Unspotted Woodpecker. 

immaciilatuft, Sw. B. of W. Afr, ii. p, 152. 

iertan, J , Bp. Atetieo Itnl (IBM) p. 

s imiDACulatua^ Rekhh. Hmtdh. Spec. Dm. p. 428, 

(MMOfiiciis) immaculBtuft, Jlai-U, Syst, Ortu Wett 

amaculatus, Malh. Memoir, des I^c. it p. 47. 
rea immaculatu*i^ Cab. *ij* H. Mm. Jletn. h\ p, 136, 
•HUH, p, ?f iktndfv. Cmisp. T*ie, p. 4o- 
iaeocephflius (jut. $ ), Cum. Juurti. Ac. Phti, (1863) 


ncrsGOEBTJE. The Crunson-rumped Woodpecker. 

., 31*111 Syd. NaL St/ppl. p. 91. 

n, GmeL S. N, l^. 4ii4 ; H. EnL 320. 

^phulu^f CW., Jf m/L St/st, Av, 

pok*«*pbMluH» S*c. B, »f W. Afr. 154 

poliocephalufl| G. M'Gr, Gen. of B. ii. ip. iST, 


G.R Gr.Gtm, of 3. tL p. W. 


„ ^iOm. 11.138. 

DmdroUtet peieeplialwL Sm. K^W. Afr, iL^lU. 
IbM^ goertn (I0 tmi:), JbO. JT^m. A^md, MiU\ 

BepfaobatwiylinpffhilBa^A. €%wi ^e. L fL ia5> 


«,4 Gibi1m»] 

i and feauJe. 


12. DsxumoFicrB 8P0DocnEPSja.u& Hm 

pQioinluilti& iSmb F^. .Y. O. 4^. pi86» tj 

M, Jte, Ommi ^ti^ ipL 1:^0. 
J^ uUmo Ait (1654) p^ 

jfe E pu 49, t. ea 1 4, 5. 

nodooephalui^ JZcvey^ IbnA ^Pur. 
p. 137. 
Picuj goertanfl, tit. «i, Samkr. Cm^l i¥ei pt 4fiL 

HA Abpsinitt. 


CUonmieitf pfiriiogifiter, JfaOL iSnv dir ZaoJL n^"*) F ^ 
DaidioWee pif i in^ M ter. G, R. Or, Gm^^fB. m.Apfil 
XcMpient pYT^oga«ter, i^, .4£^im» BoL (fS54) p. ; 

Mm^,SeMpie, iL p. 41, t. sa f. 9,10. 
BmitmaiEm (M««»pvc^> ^y^iAo^Bler, Mr^' *^ "^ 

^/n p, IBO. 


i pyrriiogatter, BeiM. Htmdb. &tee. Om, p. 42a 
I pyiriioguter, Cab. ^ IT. Mm, Mem, iv. p. 137. 
gMtCTy Smdev. Coiup. Pie. p. 46. 

From Mr. Goald*8 Collection. 


yncuB OBaoLETUB. The Obsolete Woodpecker. 

M, WagL Int (1820), p. 510. 

I obsoletiu, Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. . 

isobsoletuA, Marti. Sytt. Om. W. Afr. p. 178; Malh. 
.db*iVe.p.205,t45:f. 1,2. 
I obwdatiu, Cab, 8f H. Mus. Hein. iy. p. 113. 

Gkmbiay male and female. 

I DsirDROPicuB MTTRnars. Iledenborgc's Woodpecker. 

banriniis, Simdev, (Efvers. KongH. Vetentk.Akad. ForhandL 
■" 131. 

aboiig^i Smtdev., Malh. Monogr. des Pie. p. 205. 

I obeoletug, p., Malh. 
I mnrinua, Cab. 4* IT. Mus. Hein, iv. p. 113. 

B, Sennaar. 

e. TsRiPiAS, 

\ DBai>B0PXCU8 NAMAQuus. The Bearded Woodpecker. 

lliarmicus, Cuv., Valenc. Diet. So. N. xl. p. 17G. 
I BBmaquuB, Zicht. Cat. 17. 
laysUoeus, Vieill. N.Difi. d^JI. N. xx\\. p. 73. 
ipnctatiu, Viei/l. K Dirt. d^H. N. xxvi. p. 80. 
phrTB, Steph. Gen. Zwtl. xiv. 1. p. 101. 
__te8'namaquu9, G. B. Gr. Gen. of B. ii. p. 437. 
picas mvstaceuB, Malh. M^m. Acad. Met: (1849), p. 339. 
I namaquus, i/;i. ^^/u'o Btd, (1854), p. 
namaqua ei punctata, Beichh. Ilandb. ^e. Om. 

biarmicus, Malh. Monogr. des Pie. p. 103, t xlii. 

■Mrift namaquus. Cab. ^r //. Mus. Uein, iv. p. 121. 
^ II Tette, male and female. Presented by Earl RusselL 
c South Africa. 



17* Dekoeopicu8 8CHOB1V8IS. The SlM»Wood^«' 
Picas (Bendrobatea) schoeuaisy MUpp, Mut, Smck^her^i 

p. 124. 
Deodrobatefl eehoenBiei, Hiipp. VSff. N, O* Afr. p. 86^ V t^ 
Dendropicos achoen^iB, M^Ui. MSm. Acad, Metz f 184J0j""^ 
Campetht^rs stcboensU, Rtiehb, Hnndb, Sprr, Orn. n. 4^ 
I>eii(iropiciw schoen«ft, MM. Mancffr. d^4 Pic. p, IhS, Lj 
Tbripifts ^hoensiii. Cad. 4r ^- ^^* Htui, iv. p. I2h 

Hah. Soatb Abysdnia. 


Picu9 ( Hemleircus), Sw. 0assff. cf B, ii. p. iWHi 
Hemicefcufi, Strtckt. Ann. ^ Maff. Nat. IHtt. (It 
Hicropicos, Malh. M4m Acad. MOs (I84iri, p, 0, 
MicropicaB^ Bp. MM^ Momoffr. de^ I^c. p. liii, (I^ 

L IlKsncmcus sordiptjs. The Squalid Wo 

Bendrtx^opiiE soididua, Etftot^ Aim. Sf Jfci$r. JVo/, Bid. \ 

p. 221). 
HeniiciicuB C4>ccometopti8, Betchenb, ^e, Om. p. 40L 
Ilemicipeuis concretus, p., Horsf. S' M. Cat. ofB. £L p. 650, 
llemicircus ^ordidus, C'ai. ISf it, Mta. JTcwi. iv. p. 177. 
Piciis sordidiw, Stmdee, Comp. He, p. 10, 

0, b. Malacca. Presented by Major Charlton, 

2. Hemicircitb coxcbetus. The Bomeaii Sqi 

PScua concTt^tuR, Beittw. Temm. Pi. CW.OO. f. L 
Picus ( Herai circus ) concretiis, iht, Ctastif, o/B, \\. p* 
Ilenjicercus coacTetua, G. Jt, Gr. Lid o/Gen. ( 1840) i 
Micropicos concretus, Maih. Mfm. Acad, Jf^ y lJ§40), 
Micmpiciia concretuSj jVnlh, Monoffr, dem Jfe. p. 1 

Picue sordid ua, p.^ Sm^dev, Ctmtp, Pie. p% 1 1. 
a, b. Borneo, 

3. HKMiciRcrs Babtljiitbel Hartlaub's W< 
MicropicuB Ilartkubii. Malh. Monoffr, de$ JPie, 

nt-mieircue concpetus, p., Hor$f,^ M. Cat. of B. ii. p. fA 
llemicircuR feoididMs^^., Cab. 8^ H. ifut, He%n. iv. p. 177^ 
PicuB aoididua, ]^, Sinuiev. Cw*p, ISc.^\^. 

mcwM, n 

, lUliecat male and female* Presented bj Wm. liar- 

fiiinni, male. From Mr. Warwiclc^a Collection. 
^Morataf male and feniAJe (variety). 

I f Presented by the Secretary of State for India, 

\ archipelago, male. Presented by J. Gould^ Esq. 

IlxMJCiBCue CAKKNTE. Tbe Oraamont-beaded 

atp. Lest. Gmt. dk Zool, i, 73. 
I cmni-nte, 6', K Gk Gen. o/K u, p. 457. 

► cuneiis I, Bp, Cotufp. Av, i. p. li^D. 
eajiente^ 5 ^^l/rt/A, Mmwar, den JHt\ i. p, 
\ oancnte, p., Jerd, B, o/liuL i. p. 280. 

icajiente, ^,MalK Mmwm: deji JH<.% L w, 190, t42.t\ 
m oancnte, p., Jerd. B. oflmL i. p. 280. 
itoj rar. ontrntalia, Simdei^ Cminp. ISc. p. 1 1. 

a PegTi. Pre&ented by W. T. Blandford, Eaq. 
lerim. Presented by the Secretary of Htate for 

Preaented by J. D, C- Packman, Eaq, 

ftCCi COBOATU8. The Heart-spotted Woodpecker, 

nijaiw, Jrrd. Madr. Joum. (1840) p. 211 ; id, lU, Ind. 
[pi. -Hi. 

• c¥irdfttua| 0*M, Or* Gen, o/B, ii. p. 437. 
canente, cJ, MM, Mmto^r. des /^. i. p. 100, 1 42, 

I eaoi«Qt«, Jerd> B, oflnd. i. p, 280. 
i*nl'% p. I Suwifv.^ Cvfu*p, Pic. p. 11. 
QfrM^ , var. occidentaiisi ^i«e?€T, Cotufp, Pic. -p. 11. 

, male. Presented by M.-Oen, Hardwicke. 
India, females. 
llCaljiCca, male. Preaented by the Secretary of State for 

CUB /rotrLAniB, The Tenaflaerim Woodpecker. 

, BL Jmim. A. S, B, ( IWi) p. 105. 
Mcdh. Mmiogr, ilea Pic. ii. p, 11. 

P^ttflented by the Secretary of State 



Omnu?, Boiej Ids (I&SIK p. 542. 

Mmlacolophus (BnclijlopihuA). <Sir. Qamtf.€fB. iLp. 3 


Col&pteA, BreAin, Im» (1328), p. 1274, 

CMoropicas (1^4o), .Ifiia. 

CWoropicos (div.2), Jtf^. M4m. Aead^Jft^ nS40\p.J 

Picu* ( Epichthonii ), Gioa. (1811). 

Chrr^^ophlegma, 6^oii4f, ^, ^Ama (IWO). 

Chloropicov (dir. 1), Malk, Mim, Amd, JtfksU^^Q) piJ 

Calnpii'USt Bp.^ Math. Mmw^, det Pk, p^ Uii. 

Venilia (div. 1), Bp. Camp. Ae. p, 128 (1^350), 

Brnchjlophus, p., <$icf, 

a. Gsciwua, 
1. GRConrs viridis. The Green Woodpecker. 

Picua riridi*, Utm. S. N. L p, 175 ; PI EiU. 879, 371, 
Gc^inua viridis, Boie, laU (1831 ), p. 642. 
Malacolophus ( BTHchTlophua ) Tiridj*, Sic. Cla*»$f, of B.u,n^i 
Chloropicos viridis Malh. Mhiu Acad, Mftz{\B4^), |k SSE 
Cokptes piQeUimm, frondiuin, yirBBceas etf viridi«, hrtkm^ 

{lim. p^ 1274, 

GecinujB pinetoTum, &t>ndiuiii, Tiieaoeoa H Tiridia, Brekm^ 1 

JDetfts. pp, 197, 199. 
dilorcipiciL? viridis, Malh. Mtmogr^ d$8 Pie, iL p, IIB^ u 79l\ 

2 8 4 

-i, Of t, 

a, Devonshire^ femftle. From CoL Montaj^^s CoUectil 
h, Kent^ male, 
e. Gre&t Brit«ii\, male, Preaented ^ J. Goulds Em. 
d^, «, Canibridgeahire, male and femafe. From Mr, Baki 

2, Oecincs awokera. The Japan Green Woodpecker, 

Heud awokera, Temm. H, Col 685 (P, kizulii) ; Tetmn. if St 

Fauna Jap, U 3a. 
GecinuB awokera, O. M, Or, Om, ofB, iL p, iS8. 
Chloropicos awokera, Malh, M&m, A fad, *ntts (1849), p. 351 
ChbromcuA awok»X8s ^^* Mono^^ dev Pie. ii. p. I28| L 

f. 1, 2. 


Froni Mr. Leftdbeater's Collection* 
ImpiLii^ male and female. Fram Mr, WMtdy'a Col- 

0«ci3rr« Vaii,l\ntii. Ywllant'e Woodpecker, 

I Vnilliintii, Malh. Mem. Acad. Metz (1847), p. 130. 

M, L^ptMiU. Krpl. de FAf^, OU, t. 8. 
I«%irii«, G. i?. frr. ^<*w, o/i?. iii. App. p. 21. 
\ V4iU*Dti, ^p. CVm*jw. >4iC i. p, li>6. 

Vaakntii, MalL AMwiogr, des Pic. ii p, 122, t 82, 

, Africa^ male. From Mr. Warwick^a CoHoctioiii. 
th A&ica. From M, Parzudaki^fi CoUectioiL 

^^ occrpiTAi*i8. The Occipital Woodpecker. 

;iS VigoTMi Proc. Z. S. (1831) p. 8 j GvM, Cm4. 
. pL 47. 

* itu9, e?r. //iMier. ind JZbo/. pi SI. t 2. 

(Bracbjkphua) oocipitalisi ^^. Clmsif, of B, n, 

i^oreipitjOiii, <?, E, Or. Gm. o/B. ii, p. 4%. 
■ t occipitalis, JtfiiM. M&m. Acad. Metz (1840), p. aSl. 
T oecipi talis, ilffiM. Monoffr, dt9 Pic, ii. p. lisu, t* 78. 

) N*piil, malea and femalea. 
Ilod^^n, Esq. 

Preaented bj Brian H. 

rs TaNCOLA. The Formosan Green Woodpecker. 
taoeola, Gauid, Proc, Z. JS. (im2) p, 283 j irf. ^. of 

Simdet, Cmup. Pic, p, 01. 

nd of Formosa, male and female* 
;*a Collection. 

From Mr. 

& OKcnrra GrERiNi. Uiierin*B Woodpecker. 

nu*mni, MiUh, Rev, de Zool. (1840) p. 539. 
^/p. Cortap.Av, L p. 127. 
^ . Malh. Monoffr. dr* Pic, ii. p. 127, 1 80, f. 4, 5. 

|f(i, '^under, Om^/>, PiV. p. 01. 

Chijia, male. From Mr. Fortune's Collection. 
y, female. From Mr. Gould*e Collection, 






Plcus vindift, Stop. Ann, 1. H. N, dmer. Av. f^ 47, 
Picufl nonregiciia, JV«e#m. Xederf. Vor/, it. p* SS9l pL 1 ^ 
HcoB TiiidicaDUii, Ji;^er4' Wuif, Ta^K I p. 1^ 
Rcuscanioepe, XiU, Om. i^ttc, i, p. 105, 
Fu-Qscnmiv Gmel. S,N,L^ 451. 
Pkus chloric, BiZL Zboyr. t ju 406^ 
G^dzius cAQUd, Bote. Ims (1^1), p. 54S. 
M&Uoolophus(Bnich7lophtu) cimtu^ Sm, i 
CoLiptes cftnitty Tiridicanus H canicepi^ 

p, 1274. 
Gdcititia ca&usy TixidictiiitB d cuiieeM, 

CKloropicuB canuftj MM^ Mmtoar^ dm IHe* iL p. 1B4. t 

f. 1, i 

Im I 

<if h. Europe. 

e, dL Eurvipei male uid female* 

From iL Venenix'b { 

8. GsciKrs Kabsuni. Eaueliii's WoodpttfcM: 
Pieus Kai^ni^ Brandt, BuS, Pltertb, x. p. 12. 
Gecmti« Karelmi^ Q. IL (fr, Gm. ofH.u.j^ 438. 
Chlotopacus Eareliiii, JfaiA. Monogr. dm Iv, iL p, liQL 

JTo^. Peida. 

b. Chmtsofslegmm 

0. GsCDnrs flayhtucha. The YeHow-ni^ed Wa 
Picua fiaTinucha, <?tMia, Ptoc Z. S, (1B33) pw 120. 

Diyotomus tiATijZtil&, Hodffg^Joum, A. 8, M, {1^7} 
Geciniie fiaruiuena, G. H. Or. Gm. 9/ B.n,^. r 
ClilcTopicos tiaTinucha, Maih, Menu Acad, 3l< ' 
Cbloropictis flavinucha, Mcmogr. de^ i^ il p. i^>^ u T 

ChrjAophlc^a flaTiniicha, Gouldj B. cfAna^^ 
Calopicuf miTiDQcha^ Bp., 2Halk, Mtmogr. det Pie, p. Ixxu 

a-f. Xepaly male and female. Pteaentod hj Brian H* 1 

10. Gbcdhts chlobolofstb. The Tellow-aeiCBd 



. pi 31 
; Drap, Dkt, Clmt. tTB. N. xiii. p, 500. 
8, WoffL Syst Ap. 

iocollijs Hodffs.f Gr. Zmf. Misc. p. 86. 
, Bl Jmm, A, S. B. ( 184'!) p. 1003. 
oderuj*, Hoflgt. Cat. of Nep. B. p. 11(1 
jpus, Bl Cat. ofB. Bv ^^, 

JorolyphuBj Malh. MSm, AtmLMftz (1840), p, 360, 
a n*'pAl*?iisi«, Bp. Comp, Av, i. p. 128* 
A ehtorolopliuB, Bp. Con»p. Av. i, b. 1^28, 
A cblorolophumT Rekhh. Stfn. p. IVyl, 
ilorolophiL3, Malh, Monogr. dea Pic. ii p, 108. t* 74. 

il, DUiles &nd females. Presented by Brian H. 

gscxn, Esq, 
Presented bj M.-Gen. Hardwicko. 

DHJS XANTHOBBBtTB, Tbe Yellow-necked 

mtbod*^nis, Malh. Ber, ffe Zool. (1845) p, 402, 
ifjerd, .\fttdr. Journ, (1845) p. 214. 
Bter, Jerd, Mitdr, Joufn. f lB4oj p, 138. 
.graster, Bl.Jount. A. S. B. (184*5) p. Hi. 
ipbaua, (V,) fr. M. Or, G^n, of B.ui, App. o. 2L 
antboderus, iffi/A. Mmogr, ae$ Fie, ii. p. 114, I. 

jyhanes (!), Bl. Cat. ofB. p, 50. 
slophiiH, f. ?f Bp. Camp. Au. i. p. 128. 
a xantb^xieni.^, Bp. Atenm It/rL (1854) p. 
phanes (!), Jtt^tchk St/n, p. 350. 

. Preaentod bv H. H, Baber, E*»q. 
«Tanetj« From )ktr. Cumiug'B Cullection. 

jnrtri iirmATFa, Tbe Hed Woodpecker, 

^ ForM. Ind. Zml pi 4. 

ag)», iMth. huh Orn. i. p. 241. 

liniatlM, Etfton, Prin; A. 6Vf iK'^OJjp. 100. 

(Brachylophiii) minmtiw, .S'«?. Clamf. of B. 

lua. O. ii* Or. Owt. «^ ^. ii. p. 40$*. 

• JK Joam. A. S, B. (1§40) p. lOS, 

76 8CAK80BB8, ^^H 

CThloropicOft miniatiis^ Mnlh. Jilhn, Acad. Met, (l'"^»Tl^B 
A'eniliA (BradiTlophiis) miniatus, Bp. Contp. At. L p. ^^^^^1 
Chloropicus nuni&tuB, MtUk^ M<mo^. 4eM Pk> ii V, 11^ W 

a, TenaaAerinu Preaented by J. D. C. ParirmaHy^^B 

b, Borneo. ^H 

c, d. Malacc&i PreaeDied by W. Hazrer, Ki^ ^| 
e< Jara, Preaenled by J. Inskipp, Esq/ ^H 
^. indian archipelago. Prceentea by S. Gould^ ^''^^l 
^. India. ^| 
h Indian afcliipelago. Preaienied by J« Nigbtingil^l 

IS. Gecintts VITTATU5. The Half-Spotted Woo^fl^f 

Picus vittatus, VieiU. A' Did, d^H. X. Etri, p. 01. " 
Picus affinis^p., (Raffl) Vtq. Meni, JCqfi. App, p.668L 
Picus ben^alenaia, Mor$/. iinn, Trmu. xiii p. l^CL _^ 
Picua dhmdiatufl^ Temwi. PL Col, text ^H 

OecinitB dumdlatus, Boitif Js*^ ( 18.^1 ), p, 542, ^M 

Malaoalopbas (Brachylopbtts) dimidiatii% Sw. Chmf. 4^| 

p. 308.^ S 

PicuB viridanuSr BJ. Jowm. A, S, B. xii, p. 1000. ^| 

G«HnuB viridanus, G, R. Gr. Q^n. of B, li. p. 438. ^^^ 
Chloropicus dimidiatua, Malh. M<moffr, det J^ u. p, 1S^| 

f , 4, 5, a ^M 

a, b, Tenasjterim, male and female. Presented by ^H 
Packman, Esq. ^tt 

Cf d. Tenasserim, male and female, ^rteesat/s^ by Sif 
cretaiy of Stata for India. 

0. P^Uj male. Presented by W, T. Blandford, Esrj. 

f,ff, Nepal? Pre5ient«i by the Eaat- India CiJinpanj. 

A, India. P roBCot ed by J.' Inakipp* Efsq, 

1^ JaTa, female* From M. Wm^aux^s CoUeetka. 

14. Gkcixus 8QtJAJCATU8. The Scaly-breMled Woodpsdf 

Pico9 fiqaamatua, Vigort, Proc. Z. $, (1830) p. 8; Omdif O 
ofB. pi 48. ^ 

Picus dimidiatn?, Or. lUndr, Tnd, Zod, pL 29. £ L ^1 
Malacolophtis (Brachvlophiis) aquamatus^ Sai, C%amf, JH 
p. 308. * ^ 

Chrjrsoptilus sqaamatus, Vnin*, Proc, Z Si (1841) p. a 
Gecinua aqnamatua, G. B^ Gr. Gm. ofB, iL p. ^S, 
Chloropicus touaximtuft^ Math. Mmntffr, dtm iVc ii pw XSl^t J 

ii,2,a. a, 


fmf^ MountainB, mate. Presented by M.-Geiu 

rja MoimtaiuB; male and young. 
STitiOLATUS. Tlie Striolated Woodpecker* 

to, BL Jonrn. A. S, B. (1843) p, 1000. 

tfis, Nittt MS, 

atiw, Jrtfl Afadr, Jmtm. (1840) p. 2L1. 

s xantliopygaeaa, Htidtjn., f^rat/j ZooL Misc. p. 85. 

>bitu8, G, B, Or. Gvn. of B. il p- 4^i9, 

tht»pvinu8, i?/*. CVrpf/j. At?. L p, 1:2 7, 

stnolatuS; 3/f*tt, Monw^, de§ Pic, ii, p. 134, t* 77. 

1, males and female«. Presented by Briaii II. 

^ feiiiala. Presented by W. T. Blandford, E.^. 
la, male and female. From ^Lr. Jerdoo'a CoUection. 

I MKNTAL18. The Spotted-tliToated Woodpecker. 

L Tefftfn.f WagL Si/sl, Av, 
fia, Temm. IH, CuL ^584 
icollis, 2>x*. Tr, ctOm. p. 229. 

italiH, a. It, Qr. Getu of B: ii. p. 439. 

chjlopliiifi) mnn talis, Bp, Corpip, Av. i. p. 128. 

jg mental if^, Bp. Atenea Ital, (1854) p. 

IT§, BeichL Stfn- p« 358. 

men talis, J^tUh. Monogr» des Pk. ii. p, 112, t. 7o, 

dacca. Presented by W. Harvey, Eaq. 

lian arcHpelago. Presented by J, Nightingale, 

Presented by M.-<3en. Hardwicke. 

kii arcbipelago. 

7B PUNIC BUS. The Purple-coloured Woodpecker. 

mSt iTor^/, imw. 7Vaw. xiii.p, 170, 

ieetia, G, B, Gr. Gen. of B, ii. p. 430, 

cbylopbiia) puniceus, Bp. Cmisj). Av, i. p. 128. 

IS pumceuB, Bp. Ateneo ItuL (1854) p. 

— liceufl, MM, MmoffT, des lHc% ii. p. Ill, t 84, 




d, Makocn. fVcnn Mr. Ciunings Co]lactio& 
e-g* Malicca. 


CMnpe^Wi, G, R Gr. LUt of Gm. ofB, (\%il)^% 
ChrpoptiliiA (Deodit>mu5)» Sic, Oaui/.tfB, iL p. dOfj (1^ 
Campotlienif AgatA. 
Cluysopttloptcu^ (1845) r< 
Cbrreopicoe ( div. 1 >, Mttih, Mem. Acad. MHs, (l^*^)f ! 
F^id]|iu^uft, Bp. Ann. cfo« 6h: (1^^) P- 129. 
iDopatis, Cb^. 4- ^, AfiM. ^etn. iv. p. 1^ (1363)* 
Chiyi^ciifl (diT. 1 K Malh. 1862. 
Cnipot&ei^ C«h. ^ J?: .Ifi«. JTftn. iv. p, Iftl (IS 
Stsctocr&nguSr Cab. ik H, Mm. ffetn, iv. p, 130 (18 
hwgras, Cab, A- H. Mm. Hrin. it. p. 123 (1863), 
SticrtopicitB, Matt. Mtmoffr. dtt Pic, p. liii. ( 1861). 
Polipicua, Oik. iV. Ac. FkO, (18*53> p. lUd 


1. Campethsra bbachtrhykchtHi. Tbe Shoft-btUpl 

Dendromus brftchvrliynchaa, ^. A qf TT. ^I/^* S* p. lfl(>. 
CiLmpethera bracliyrhyDchud, (?. K Gr, LiM o/Gtm. ^^QSL 

p» /O, ' ' ^ ■ 

Dendrobate^s bTachvrhYnclias» Bp, Omm, Aw. L p. 133L 
CkiTdopiciid brachTrbyochadi JMA, Mono^. Jet IVr, iL a»11 

1/91. 1 6,7. 
Campothem bmcbTThynchiis, Ci»A. iS- II. Miul Sem. it. |^ 1 
Ticns bracKyrhyiichiw, &md€v. Omip, Jfe. p, 63. 

J?b^. Gaboon. 

S. Gahfethkra maculosa. The Spotted A 


Pictid maculosQS, Vkime. Did. Sc. Xai. xl. ii. ITS. 
Ficm chloroQotuaL Oubl, Uteher, Btv. H Maa, de MotL] 
p. 479. ^ 

Hens olivaceiiB, Gr. Zoot. J/wf. p. 18, 
I>eiidrobate§ variola&U2»t p,, Bp, Vcmm. 1^ 
CblQropioo« mfoviridb, MaiA. Bev. Oe Eool, (1S45) p. 4 
Bendiobiltea oUtw^x:^ G. R.Gt, Gem. of B.iL p. 4§7. 

picii>^, 79 

^ I rufoviridis» G, R. Gr. Gen. of B, iu p< 443. 
bera fniieulf>sa, G. E. Gr. €rm, uf B, iii. App, p. 21, 
lUfl nifoviridifi, Bp. Ateneu liat. (1854) p. 
jicus» oliTaceuSj IlaHL Sfjd. Orn. Wed Afr. p. 117, 
picus maculoatis aut diloronotaa, Mtdh. Mmutgr. dea Pic, 

bera mAculoea^ Ctxh, ^ JJ, Mus. Jletn. iv. p. 133. 
" I veetiUi, Cass. JV, Ac, PhU, (18(53) p. liJT; id, Joi*m. 
, (180:3) pi ai. f. 2. 

y h Weet Afiica, females, 

b. Ifofatzs, 
[Cakfstheea gabon'Bnsis. The Gaboon Woodpecker. 

at€S gaboiieDBi»^ Verr, Hep. de 2jfmL ( iH^l ) p, 513. 
omtts idgrig-uttattisi, Verr.y Math. Monti ffr, des Pic. ii. 

Acxm gdixmensie, if/?. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. ; Hmil, 
~ PI. Wed Afr. p. 178. 
as ni^gtitttttus, Bp. Akneo Ihd, (1854) p. 
berejs uipriguttBtui', Beivhh. Ilandk iipec. Om.p. 429» 
picu» higubris^ Hard. ^Si/d. Ont. JViat Afr. p. ITo. 
QUI (Pardipicua) nigiiguttatu*^, Ilarti. Lc, p. 182. 

> gabanenBbj ^a/A. Monoffr. des Ptc* ii. p. 149^ t 91 < 

I gpaboDensis, Cad, ^ JS, Mtts. Ilnn. iv, p. 129» 
' onenaia, Stmdev, Cmtsp. Pic. p. i}i^. 

Gaboon, male. From M. VerreAux*a Collection. 


4, Campbthkba Cakoli. Cbarks's Woodpecker. 

rictu Caroli, Malh. Brv, de Z^oi. (18^32) p. 560. 
&tee Caruli, //rtr//. Journ.fur Oni. (WA) p. 196. 
t Caroli, Bp. Ateam ItnL (iKrat p. . 
fes Caroli, IlifickL HundK Sptc. Ont. p. 42tJ. 
I (Pardipicus) Caroli, Ilarti Stfst. dm. Wtd Afr, 

\ Caroli, Cast, Proc, Ac. Phd, (1859) p. 141, 
I Caroli, Mtdh. Mtmogr. des Pie. ii. p. 157, t 91. £ 4. 
I Caroli, Cab. ^* //. Mies. Hein. h\ p. 131. 
oli, JSundet^. Vunifp. Pic. p, J5t5. 

Gabooni m&le. From M. Ven-eaux^s Coliectiou. 




6. Campethkea NIV08A* The White-spotted Wi 

Dendromufl niTomis, Sic, B, of W. A/r, ii, p. 162. 
Picus pftrdinuB, Temm,, Smuiev, Camp, iV. p. 56. 
Cumpethem nivoj^a, G. J2. 6r, Qtn. of B, \\. p, 4^. 
ChloropicoH niyosus, Muik. Mim, Acad, MHz (1^40), p» 
DendrobAted nivosus, ^p, Com^, Ai\ i. p. 12*4. 
PardipicU8 tiivosus, Bp, Atmeo lUtl, (1»54> p. 
Dendromua (Pardi picus) nivosiu, Martin *S^M, Om, W 

p. IHil 
Bcolecotberea nivcsus, IteichL ffandb. ^te€. Om, 
"' lie us nivosus, MM, Morw^r, dea Pie, iL 



Sticturrangus pardinuBy Cab, ^ IT* Mm. Sem, it. 

p. 428. 
p. 151, 1 1 


a. West Africa. From the Zoological Society's Co 

b. West iVfrics. From M, Ven^aux's Collection, 
^ Weat Africa, young. From Mr, Cuming's Co 

e. IPA6RU8, 

6. Campethera VAJiioLoaA- The South Africnn Wo 

Pic US variolosiis^ Licht. 

Hcufl ^tt4itui<, Lifht. Vem, Savffeth, n, VUg. K(tffvrn[,i\% 
Picas Abingtoni, A. Smithy B^, Buji. Cent. Afr. (1836> j 
Chrysoptilus Betmettiii A. Smith, Bep, Bxp. CenL A/r. 

p. 53. 
^* Picup Twbieo'ides, SmifMf*' Maih, Mmoffr. des Pie. ii p. J 
Campetliera variolosa, G. R. Gr. Gen. of B, n. p. 4.*J9, 
Chiyaomcrkg lienBettii, Mcdh, Mhn, Acad. Miiz (1840), |i I 
DendroWtes vnriolosus, Bp, Conjtp.Afi. u p. 123. 
Deiidrnbate* Abingtoai, Bp. Com^i, Av, i- p. 124. 
Dtnidrouius variolosus, Bp. Af^aieo Bal. (iB54) p. 
DendroHiua Beooetti, Bp. Atefieo Bal. (1654) p, * 
llendromusgtittatusi, Bp. At^tu^ Bui. (1854) p. 
Bendromus Abin^oni, Bp. Atetwo Ital, (IBM) p. 
Campetbera Abingtoni, G, B Gr, Gtm. of B. iiL App, p, tu 
Campetbera Abin«oni, iSiricM, i^ Sclat, Contr, Om. ( l8ol')|fcl 
Clirvsopicus yariolosus, ilfd^, Mmtoffr, deaPicii, p. 10^,1 

f.'i, 3. 

Ipi^us Bennetti, Cab. ^ H. Mux. Hein, It, p, 123. 
Picua BetjTietti, Sundev. Cottsp, i^. p. 6S, 

Of h. South Africa, male and female. 

From the ! 



KRA CAPRicoRNi. The Capricom Woodpecker, 

Cftpricomi, Strickl, 4' Sclut, Cunir, OntitA, (IS^>2) 

Biiis capricomij J[p. Ateftmltal. (1854) p. 
^icus capric<>nii, Malh. Mtmogr. ties Pic. ji, p. ItSO. 
i (^pricomifi, CVri. t*}- //. J/ir,?. Ihin. iv. p* 123. 
^mcoitdi !Atiidei\ Comp. Pic. p. G4. 


, Campetheiia cirRYBUnrs. The Golden-tidied 

IDUfi chrrsunus Sit^. M, o/W. Afr, iLu. 158. 

Iiera chrysura, Tr, J?. Gr. Gen. i^f B, li. p* 4^. 

tiaies cluysiinwi, i?p. Comp. At. i, p. 12'i 

liciiiB ciujsiifUB, MM. Mmui^r. tk» Pic, ii, p, 152, t, 04. 

I chryeunifl, Cab. ^' JL Mm. Jlmt. iv. p. 128. 
118, Sumiev. Cotutp. Pie, p. B4. 

auth AAica, female. From Sir, Warwick's Collection. 

auth Africa, female. 

apethera chrysura, yar. lineotaj Cast, Jbum. Ac, Phil, 
^) p. 827. 
*ort Natal, female. 

ITHBHA Cailliat TL Cailliaut's Woodpecker. 

icsoa Cailliftuti, Maik Zoid. (1H41>) p, o40. 
nus Caillauti, ii/i. .Ifwr« lr<i/. (18^'J4) p. , 
aicus Cftilliaudi, Malh. Mmio^r. tic* IHc. ii. p. 167. 
Cailliaudi, CaL ^ H. Mm. Hem. iv. p. m. 

I Natal. 

f Camprthkra Smith n. Smitlia Woodpecker. 
JChiyaoptilopinua) *StuitIiii, 3faih. Bev, de ZooL (184.';) 

bem Smithii^ 0\ R. Or. Om, of B. iii. App, p. 21. 

^ BoxAh Africa^ male. Prom the South African Museum. 

CAsrPKTHKaA Rhuckl Bruce 'f Woodpecker. 
Mpicua Bniceit MM. Mom^gr. dvs XHc. \\. p. ITOjl.M^.^.V* 



^ South AMem, mftku Ftom Mz. Tunei^* ( 
12, Camp] 

BOTATA. tSe litftoi Wo 

CbijMOieqtt ntftetM, JML JTite Ami. JUMm (lBm% ^ 
Campethetm ntdiica, G,IL Or, €km. <^B, IL p. 4%l 
GimpiCkm ii0t«tB, JfeeM^ ITmOw 4i«^^ 

mmwiitaiba^Mp.AUmi9A^(lS^if, . 

ieiii iMlite% JiflOL Mtmmr, dc« /W. iL dl 

a. Soatli Afiiea, hiaK F^b Mr.Wvwieii^ ( 

ISL CAMFrrHXBA ^ruBvCA. The EUiiopiiB Wo 

PSowmthicu^ Qm^. S. X L M^ 5 ^* -&^ OCT. 
FieDs Btliiapievift, Hempr. S^ lSkm», % Ptk Plfn. ^Is, p. ; 
CainMthen nabic^ G. iZ. Or. Om ^^i, iL p. 43a 
Defida*obate0 notatms p., Bpl Cm^, Ar. t p. l2S. 

DeadiobfttestttliiopiciM,^. Osii^vlr. L |w 1S3J 
ClajmeoB nubicaa, |i., Matk Mhm. Aiimi, Mfi^ O^^X I* ^ 
Qunpethefs lethiopica, G. E. Or, Gem, ofB. iL ^ 439. 
Glimopieae Duhu:^ MM^ B^mn^n 4m Flic d, pw iSfiW 1 

Ipagnji nabicuii, Ca&. 4* JTl JIbk. ITtmi. it. p. 128l 

a» South A&ica, female. From Mr. Wmrick*« ( 
b, Abjaoima, mftk. Preosttlei bj the SecrBtety < 
for IndiA. 

14 Camfkthkba pukctata. The Xahun Woo^^ecfti^ j 

FSawnnhieiis, Zif^. ?>»?. iloufi/. Ztoi. Mua. p. IL 
Fieos poBctatttfl, CVr., FofiMr. i>iW. '^'^'. Kwt, xL p. 17L ^ 
Viem ptmetuligenis, TTd^. <%#. ^9. 
PfeuspoDetalatiiA, Drop. i>ier, fAMt. ^fT. JV: xHi* p. SO$fl 
Chi79opicos imbictu, Jf«M. Mim. Aead, 3UiK (ll^4DX F ' 
Deiidromius ptmctAtus, ^v. ^* «/ FF. ^4/r, ti. ^ tna 
Cimpetbera puDctuligctu^ 0. 6, Gr. '' 
DemuomuB p\Liictiili$c«Tii»f Bo. Atent' 


picua punctttligema, Maih, Mmogr. des Fie, ii. p* 164, 

h 1 4, 5, a 

I piuictatU8, Cub, df M. Mm, Hein, \\\ p, 124, 

, k Weet .'Vfrica, male. Pre!»ent*?d by Ciipt. Sabiue, R.N, 
Africa, feiuale. From Sir, i^lrgent'a Collection, 
Africa, female. From the South African Museum* 

5, Camfetheha Malhehbei, Matherbe's African 

Hallierbei, CaM. Prm. Ac. PhiL {1803) p. 198; 

Ar, phu, {\m\} pi. 51, f. a 

\ imberbis, Sundev* Cmtxp, IHc, p, 68. 


16w Campxthbha EiLiOTi. EUiofs Woodpecker. 
( Ellioti, Cass. Pr,Ac, Phil, (1863) p. 196; Joum. Ac, 

(iHoa) pi. r>i. f. L 

Ellioti, ^Smtdev, Q>rnp, Pic, p. 63* 
; Weit Africft, Riyer Mutd. 


olophuB (Heoiilopbus), Sto. Oamf, of B, n. p, 309 
(uilenpicu^^ J5p, Arm, dvs Sn, { 1854) p. 129, 

ru^irnw. Up, (1854), MM. Mono^, des Pie, p, HiL 
I i rii V. ), Maih. Mem. Acad, Mds (lB49),p, 322. 

fh ^ , HeiM, (1854> 

eiuiptcus^ Bp. Aim, des Sd (1854) p. 129, 
bonerpeSf p., Betchb, 
hm^ifalh, {18*11), 
iponai, Cab. ^ M, Mm. Hein. h, p. 106 (1803). 

a. Meuilophvs, 
oFBTTe ouTTCBALis. The Busky Woodp 

i Sttttiunlis, VaJcnc. Diet, des Sci, N, xl p* 178, 
I^Teniditj 2 1 JiifTJsf. Linn, Tram, xiii. p. 17iy, 



ricui^ HoT^fieldii, 2 » ^^'<^'- %**- ^^* 

Piciis MM^kli>ti, WatfL l$u (1829), p. 508. 

Pic lie pulverulent ua, Tfrntn. Pi. Col. 380. 

Malftcolnphiw (HemilopliiisJ puivenileDtu^ ^kv Oattif, vf. 

p. 308. 
IleinilophuK Mftckloti, G. R. Gr. Gm. o/B. ii p, 439, 
Ilemilophn-1 MuUeri, Bp, 
Heniilophue ( Mulleripicus) pulvemlentufi, Bp. AtmeoIUiL ( 181 

p. . 
Thropicus g^uttumlus, Maih* Monogr. dea Pic* p. 51, t. 16.1 

&. *l 
Miitlt^ri, Brirhb. IlamJh. Sf^c. Orn, j, 384 
HoiTulophii'' oUopboiierpes) M(M?lotii, et 
Mulk^ripicLi^ pitlverulentui*, Hori/f. Sr M, CaL o/B, p. 651, 
Alopbotif rpes gntturftlis, Cab. ^ H. Mu*. Hein. it, p. lOd. 

fl, Sumatra, 

K Midiicca. From M. Verreaux*a Collection, 

2. HEMiLOPHTje FiTLVTB, The Celebesdan Woodpecfaiw 

Hciu5 fulviLs Quotj <S' (?fl*>«. Foy. .-I^^ro/, 1 17, £ 2. 
Picus fuU iguatt^r, Drap. Did. Cianit, (Tff, N, xiii, p. 503L 
Heniilt>phiis fulvue^j G. E. Gr. Gen. of B. ii* p, 439, 
Heuiiluphus (Alophonerpej?) fulrus, iiJ<*icM. Htmdb, 

p. 38-1 
Dryopicoa (Hemilophus) fulviM, MM, Mitn, Acad, MetiA 

p. m 

Dnopicus fulvun^ JlfirM. Monoffr, de9 Pic, p. 53^ 1 14 C 1, 
AlopLonerpe^ fulvud^ Cah. Sf M, Mm, Hetn, iy* p, 107, 

a-d. rvU-beg, malea and fenialea. From Mr, Lcaidbcstti 

«. Celebes, mftle. Presented by E. Wilaon, Esq. 

a IIkmilophub PiTNKBBis. Tbe Funereal Wo 

Heus fimebris, Fnibir. Did. St. Not, xl. p. 179. 
Picue lichtenstemi^ IVatfL St/itt, At^, 
Piciis mode.'itus, Fi>. Prop, Z* -S", (1831) p, 98, 
Picu« putictiitus, LeM. Tr. fTOm. ja. 230, 
II*?iuil<>phiw Lichtensteini, <?. i?, r^r, Giffu ofB, ii* p.^ 
Ilemilophupk fundiris, Bl. Cut. of B. p, 55, 
Ileuiilophus (Liclit«nsteinipiciw) modeflttid, Bp^ 
(1854) p. . 

vtcmm. 8$i 

plena Lichteitftetiii !, 6. E. Gr. IaM of Gen. ld»55^ 

i fimelins, Malh, Mono^. detPic. p. 54, t. 15. f, 1, 2. 
_bt» ( Alophoneipes) Lichten^tdiii, Eekhb. Mandb. Spec. 

aerpii* funebri^^ Cai, fy B. Mu*. Hmm. iv. p. 107. 

PhUippIiie h^iBssAAf nude and females. Frooi Mr. 
CuiniDg'*^ CoUectioiL 
^d, MmiillAy male. From the Zoological Society's CoBectiaiL 

HEMiLOPHrs JAVKN8I8. The WUite-bellied Woodpecker, 

•y ^, Mor^. Lmm, 7Vai*«. xiiL p. 175. 
ildu, cf , Wagi. SyH. An, 
fOmwfordii, ©r. Oriff* An, Kingd, u. pL p. 513. 
I leiic^jj^ftster, iZeiiMC. Temm. Pi* Coi, 501, 

I jaTensU f< leucogaster, jSifie^ Init (1828)^ p. 326. 
phuB lenoogaffter, G. R Or. Gen, ofB. ii. p. 4aa 
10 leuooffaeter, Malh, 

I fHeiiiilophus) leucogaater, MaUt, Mem. Amd. Metz 
J), p. 322. 

rufi leacogaster, 3f«M. Motm^, des Pic. p» 47, L 13. f, 4, 5. 
Uyphtu jaTeasia, 6'. J2. Grr. Gen. o/B. ii p, 430, 
'^picus jftvensia, H&nf, Sc M, Cfk, ofB. li. p* ♦552. 
L javeoau, Oib, 0^ H, Mhb* Mmn, iw p. 105. 

Borneo, male, 

Indian azchipelago, male. Presented by J. K. Reeves, 

I ft Ualaeea, female. Presented by the Earl of Ellenborough. 
\i. JaT&r toale. From M. Verreatut'a Collect! on. 

I HKicnX)PHrs HoDosom. Wliite-baclced Woodpecker. 

I Hodgson ii, Jerd, lU. Ind. Om, pi. 5* 

I albicinctuit, frotdtL 
iluphuH HodjZ'sr»tii, Jerd. Madr, Journ. x- p, 215. 
mcuii ( Heinilophua ) Hodgaoni, 3/rtM, Mem. Acad 

• Hotooni, Malh. Monw/r, dea Pic. p» 49, t. 13. f. 1, 2. 
acna Hod^ni, Jerd. B. of Ind. i. p. 284, 
Hodgaoni, Cab. 4* // Mas. Jletn, iv. p. 105. 

India. PreBented hy W. EiUott, Eeq. 



b. Burmah Empire (P). From the Zookigkal Sodetj 

6. IIkmilophtjs Fei>dbni. FeddenV Woodpecker* 

" Mulleripicus Feddeni, Iflanf. Joum. A. & B. (1863) p*75. 
Mulleripicus ll^ddeixi, Bl. f 

Thripnimx Jei^lnni, Cak ^ H, Mug. Hdn, iv. p. 105. 
rkus IIodgr^Hoai, p,, SundttK C<msp.Av, p. &, 

a. B&sBcin Pegn, male, Fteaented by T» W. BbnA 


7. Hemtxophus Hopoki, Hodge's Woodpeckei. 

^rulleripicug Hodgei, BL Jattm, A. S. B, (I860) p. 105, 
Thriponax Ilod^ei, Cafi. q- Jf. M\u. Htnn, i\\ p. 106. 
Picus Hodgei, St4ndet^, C<mip. Pie. p. 0. 

Hab. Andaman Islajids. 


Cdetm, Boie, Im (1^31), p, 542. 

3Ialacolophus, Sw, Faun. Bor. Amer, p. SOO (1831) 

Celeopicos (<Mv. 1), Malh. Mhn, Acad, Meis (lSld),1 

Celeopicus, Mftlh, (18-50). 

Xanthojieus, Bp. (1854), Malh. Monoffr, de$ i^.p.lili. 

Cerehncipicua, Bp, Ann. des Sci\ (1854) p. 1^. 

Celeopicoa (diy. 2), Malh, M^m. Acad, Meiz{] ' 

Celeopieus (div. 1), Malh. (1850). 

a, Celeus, 


L Celeus flatescens. The YeUow-crested Woodpedd 

Picus tiavescens, &mel. S. N. i. p. 427. ^ 

Ceieaii Hav^scens, Boie, /*f> (1831), p, 542. ■ 

Jlalacolophu8 llavescenfl, Sw, Cktm/* of B* ii, p, 309. ^ 
Celeopicos tiftvesceiis, Malh. Minu Acad. Meiz (184&), ^ 3SS 
Celeopieus flavdscens, Mcdh. Mtmogr. des Pie, iL p. 2 

p. w 


<T, Braxil, female, variety* From Mr. Leadbeatei's ^ 


h, t\ Jirazil, male and female. Presented by M. CkiiM 
d. BrazlL Preaent«d by Lord Stuart de HDlhsay. 

GLBTS LrorBRis. The Moiirai Of Woodpecker, 
tbm, NaU., MM. Mhn, 8oc. *f JJ. N. Mdz (1851), 

nbrie, Bp. Aterteo Hal. (1854) p. , 
lugnbns, MM, Monop-, des Pic, ii, p. 19, 1 64. 1 1, 

il, Pajagoaj. 

ocKRACKUS. The Ochmceoufi-created Woodpedcer, 

ftceuB, jS/mIt, ^r% ^rn^. t. 6L f. 1, 
1U8 ochiioeiiSi JSiiK CImmf, of B, il p. 300. 
laceas, Bttie, hk (1831), p. 542, 
ochraceus, Maih, Mmogr. de^ Pic, ii. p. 23, t> 64, 


LMV3 ELBGANS. Tlie Femiginous Woodpecker. 

III0, MuU, StfnL NaL Supjil p, 92, 

)-fiilnifl, Bor/-ff. r«A/. des PL Etd, p. 30. 

imomeufl, Gfml S, K i, p. 428 ; k,mi, 524, 

ixujB cinnamoiEieiis, Sw. vlassif,ofB, li, p, 309. 

lamomeus, Boie, Jm (1831), p, 542. 

cinn&momeuSj 3f{tlh, Mem. Acad. 3fftz (1842) ^ p, 334. 

cmnamomeufl, 3f(tiL Mono^r. des Pic. IL p. ^2, t. 56, 

iana. Ffeeented by J. Gould, Esq. 

UB REiCHENBACHn. TleicheDl>ftcli*9 Woodpecker. 

ftmomeuS; VieilL Ow. tfAnt^r. Stpt, ii. t. 3, 
cirniamoineua, p., Mnih, Mim. Acad. Metz (1849) | 

oaraoraeiw, p., Bp. Contm. Av, i. p, 130, 
Reich enbftchii, Mriik Mono^, aei Pic. ii, p, 28, 1 56. 

'benbachii, Sundev. Coniip. Pie. p. 85, 
nil. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

!7elku8 jumana. The Jutiiana Woodpecker, 

KDA, S^, Av, Broi. t 47. f. 1. 

buf ca/tUaetuiy Stff* Ckutif, ^ J?, ii. p. 300, 


88 8CAN80RBS. 

Celeus jiimanA, G. B. Gr. Gm. ofB. iL p. 440, 
Oeleus cimiaiDomeu.**, p., Sp, At^teo lUil. (18i54) p. 

n. Para, Presented by R, Graham^ Be^, 

7. Cklkus ciTRKOpyon*«. The PeruTiMi YeUow-btelBi 


Celeus citrpopjgiuB, Bp. MS, 
Celeopicus jumnna, Malh. Bull, Sac. d'Hist, (1851) p. 73 
Mmmgr, deit ISc, il p. 27, 1 5$. £ 1, 2. 

Hab, Peruvian AmMon, 

8, Ckleus FLAvrrs. Tlie Yellow Woodpecker. 

icua flflTUS^ Miilt Sijut Nat. Sftppl. p. 91. 
Picufl citriniis, Boffd. Tuhl drs IH. FaU. p. 30. 
^ cm exalbidus, Gmel S, N. i. p. 428 ; PI, £^1. 600, 

cue flavicani^ L*ith. ImL Om, i, p, 240. 
Maliicolopliua flft^icaiiH, Sw, Ckmt/. oj^B> ii. p» 300, 
Cdt^na citrimia, G, IL Gr, Gen. of B. ii. p. 4*0, 
Celeiis fliivicans et exaJbidus, Boli^^ jtdt (18»il), p. 542, 
Celeus fiftvicana H exalbidiu^ BtK AUjieo Itttl. i\><A) ] 
Celeopicus exalbidus, Malhn Mmoffr, dfs He, ii. p. 


a. BmziL 

b. Cflventie^ male* 

c. Cayenne, female. From the Zoological Sode 


9, Celeus SKMiciNX-iMoirEiTg. Tbe HolfH^imamoii 


CeleiiB seniiciniiamoraeua, Rekhh, Hmulb. 8p^ Om, p, 407. 
Celenpicuft exalbidus, var., Mtilh. 
C*4et>piciiR .«emicimiamonieus^ Mtilh. Mom^, dr$ IV, 
Piciia exalbidus, p., SimdeiK Cinusp, Pie. p, 86. 

Hah. Guiana. 

10, C ELK re CASTA NBi'B. The Castaueous Wood| 

Picus cftstaneiis, Licht.^ Watjl, Im (1829), p» $15» 
Pirus bftdioidt's, JjCi^s, C*^ti. dr Zool, t, 14L 
Celt-u^ badi(nd»>s, Jhu'^ 7#i> ( IKII), p, 042, 
Celeopk*os l>fLd\o\\lta, MdLH.Mtm. Axsui. ^fets. (1840),| 



leastimeua, M^hL Handh, Sp, Om, p. 405, 
Ch&UaxeMBf Malh, Monogr* dea Pic, ii. p. 25^ t. ^. 

Guatemalai female. From Mr. Salvin's CoUectioE. 
^ Cp Hondaraaj male aod female. From Mr. Dysoa's C'ul- 

b» CEBCEsrEn'icus. 

EUB TiNKtrNCFLUS. Tht? Black -breasted Woodpeclier. 

I dzmunculiiB, Wugl. Ids (1821*)^ p. 51 (J. 

piece timiiijiciiliiH, Maih. Mhti. Acad Mets (1849), p. 334. 

itinmmciilus, Boi^f i*w (1881), p. 542. 

leipicus tinmmculu^, Bp. Ateneo Itn!. ^854) p» 

lictis tiimimculii^, Mtdh. Monotfr. des iHc, ii. p» 36^ t. 62, 

BnziL From the SSoological Soci«t/s CoDection. 

%V8 TOttQUATr's, The Black-cheated Woodpecker, 

I torauatua, Bodd TahL ties Pi. Enl p, 62 ; H. Enl 863. 

I multicolor, Otiwl, S. N. i. p, 420, 

ythoracieu^, Le*s. 2V. d^Om. p. 223. 

i iculttiu*, JFaf/l. St/d. At\ 

i ton^tuitus, d. R Gr. Gm. of B. ii. p. 440. 

picot* raiiltieolur, MM. M^m, Acad. Metz (1849), p. 336. 

) multicolor, Bp. Comp. Av. i. p. 1;30, 

Mwmtjr* des Pic. ii. p. 34, t 62, 

pipicus multicolor, Bi 

r, Bp. . 

ii Guiana, Brazil, 

1 18. Celeus Verrkattxi. Verreaux^s Woodpecker, 

Veireauxii, MalL Bev. de Zaot. (1868) p. 8; id. 
.d^/Vc. ii, p. 14, t 5Lf. 1,2. 
(^«rreftaxii| Stmaev. Comp, Pic. p. 80. 

1 Ecuador, 

Crlkus OBAMMicrs. The Uctimetrical-mojpked 

grtmrnuma. Kail*, MaUh Mhn. Soc, Roy, Li^e (1845 J, 





CeiclmeipiciiA gnmmioit*, Bp, Aintet^ lUL (1851) pi 
Oelevs fksdolatu^ Stiat. MS, 

Celeopieus giwinmicu^, Malh, Momofft, de9 Fk. o. f> 
f. 4, 5, 

15. CwLKVB BFTUS. The Hufoiis Woodpecker. 

PSc«» nifu^ Gmei. S, M L p. 432 ; IH, Enl, 694. f. 1. 
Celeufi nifw#, 6\ ^. ^* 6Vw, of 3. n, p. 440. 
C«i^chfieipteiiid trndatuft, ? Bp. Atento littL (1^' 
Meiglrptes ntlits, Erif^b, JiantUb. Sp, Om, p. . 
UDoleopicas rufu^i Ma!k, Mmtoyr. dm Pic, u. p, 13, L ^. 1 1 

41. BrAziL From Mr. Goold^ft CoUectioiii, 

b. Cajecme, male. From M. Veinsaiix'fl CdHtetkm, 

1*1 CELErs FLAVicoLUf5. Tlie YrBow-nockod Wo 

7eilL X. Diet, dH, *V, xjcri. p, 71* 

lis ^'. Jt Or. OfM. o/B, ilp. I43L 
. -, MM. MiHUfffr, d€9 Pic. iu pw 24. 

17. Cfxkub rNi>Aru«. The Red-^beelEad Wi 

Picas uniifttns, fimti, & X L n» 4S2 ; JSSAp. B.jiL i 
Picus multi£i£ci&tu£, AVKI., Maik, MHn, Stjc^ Bp^^ j 


iHnliicolophus undatuB,^. CTatfif. o/B. iL p.dOOL 
'J^lean iimlatu^ Q, it Gr. Gm. **yB. iL p. 440* 
ICeR^haeipicua muldfa^ciatu^ Bju At^ueo 1(4/1, (1854) p» I 
^iffiglyptes undatus, Bet^b. Ilandh, 5/j. Or>*. p. 401 
Coleopicuis multiladciatiis, MM^ M^nugr. des Pic u, f. l<tl 
f. 4, 5, 

Hab, Giuana, Brazil 

18, CKi-Ers LORicAiTB. f^aser^ft Wo 

I PicuB loricatiis, BetehL Btrndb, t^^t>w, Ont. p. 406, 
JCeleopictLs niultifas<.*iatus, Tar, niiiior^ Math, 
CeleopiciiB Fraseri, MaUi, Mmuajr, tha ISc. ii, p. KS^ 1 4S1 

Mab. Ecuador. 

19. Celrus msxtaus. The Panaina Scaly WocMlpwi'r 

Coletis mentalis, Ca^, Ptoc. Ar, PhUmJU (1800) p. 13} fi^jj 

Ac, Phil K\^\) \\, 5-2. ti^. 2, a 

fctusj Lfnvr. IhtM (186.3), p, 184. 
tufl, Sufulec, dmsp. Ai>, Fie, p. J 


8MABAGDTKIC0I.I-IR, The DoubtM Woo^pecker. 

lamirdimcollis, Maih. Rev, tie ZooL 1840, p. 534, 
^nivolli^Bff. CumjhAv, i, p. 130. 
LaragdJmeoUi$» Muih. Monogr. dm Pic, iL p. 30. 


Sw, Faui%, Bor,-Amer. p. 800 (1831), 

div. 2), Malh, Mtm. Amd MHz (I84tn,p, 352. 

Bp, Aim. (If'H Sf'i. (]H54) p, l^K 

^, Mtmd- u. Jlilfi. tier NtUunf. p, 198 (1842). 

S Bp. Ann. dcA Sci, (1864) p. 120. 

ip. (1854), Malh. Momgr, dm Piv. p. liii. (1861), 


a, Cmrtsoptilus, 

TiLiTS pirarcTiGULA. The Cayeime WcKNipecker, 

fula, Bodd. TabL fks II £«/. p. 37 ; PL EnL 013. 
enmA, Gin, 8. N. i. p. 428, 
n«fl, Lath. hid. Orn. l. p. 239, 
Wf S^fiij Ap, Brif^. L 53. t 1. 
itiis, Wofff. St/.^L Av. 

cayeunensiij, 6>. ChMtf. of B, iL j. 308, 
giittatUB, Sw. Cltumf. uf^, ii. p. 30,H, 
puuctigulit, G, It uf\ Gen, o/B, ii. p, 440, 
cayimensiK, G, Ii. Gi\ Lint of Gvtt. ( 1840) p. 54. 
cjiyemit^nHis, Malh. M4m. Acnd. MHz (1840), p. 354. 
ennensis^ ijf/. Cat. nf B. p. 02* 
cayeunensis, 3Ialh. Mtmot/r, dm Pic, ii. p, 179, 1 87. 

punctipiiljiri?*, Stint Cat. ofB. p, 340, 
Lfularis, *5>«/*rf-pf . Vofijtp, Pi'cp. 73, 

l1, male. From Mr, Goyld*8 Collection, 
il, male. From 3Ir, Baker's Collection, 

K>FTiLr8 BPECI0&U8. The Sliowy Woodpecker, 
I «peci(Ma9, Scha,, Malh. Monofft, des Pic, ii. p, 181, 


Picas punctigulftris, b., Sundev, Comp, i\e, p. 74, 
Mab. Ettat Peru. 

3. CHBYSOPTILU8 PUNCTTPBCTtTS. The SpotttNi-breisted ^ 


Picita punctipectufl, OaL 4* ^. 

CliiTfioptilus ptinptipectiis, Cab. Sf IT, Mug. Heifu it. p. 

o, b, Trinidad, male. From the Zoological SocietT*^ 

4, CHKYSopTiLirs ouTTrFKB, The Spotted Mexican 


OhiyBoptilus goittifeFp Reichb. Handb. Spec, Om, p, 430. 

Picua ^^ittifer, Sumlfv. Con^p. Pk. p, 74, 

Clirj'supicua guttifer, 3/tf/A. Mmiotjr, des Pic, u* p. 181. 

Hah. Meiicot 

6. Cheysoptilus ICTEEOMELAS, Tbo Yellow-ftod-BlKlt 


Picixa icteromelasy Vteifl, N, Diet., dtH. N, xxxi, p. 81- 
Picus Nattereri, Mulh, Mem, Stjc, iif*/y, LiSt/e (ltJ45), p. 68. 
Chrj'soptiliiB icteromelas, Bjk Coiusp. Aik L p, liJ2, 
BeDdromtJS Meriijma, Harti. Sijd. Orn. FF, Afr. p. 181, 
Chrysopicus icteronielas, MM. Moftitgr. des Pk, u, p. 182| t£ 

k, Xj m^^ -J, 

a. Bnujil, female. From the Zoolo^cal Society's OoUectitf N 

6. CHBTSOPTiLtJS FLATiivrMBifl, The Yellow-«ided 


Hcua flavilumhis, Sw^i>» Cajwp, Pic, p. 74. 
Httk Bahia, 

7. CuRYSoPTiLUs cirnvsoMELAs, The Goldea-mct- 

Black Woodpecker* 

Chry sopicus chrysomelas, MalJt. Monoffr, da Pie, ii p. 188^ t ^ 

I, 1 1 jif o. 

ChrympiWnB cbnsomdaa, Ctfh, ^ JJ. ^T/f«, /?Ww. jv. p, I8i 
Picus cDn^somelas, Sundcv, CorMp. JVc, p. 75, 

vmtp. l*tc, p. 
0* Cliili, ¥iQml\wi XsicAsii^fial Society's CoUeclion* 


JFTiifirs MEL ANOCHL onus. The Crimsoii-creflted 

elanochloroa, Gm^ SL JV. L p, 427 ; Pk Enl. 719. 
rmelAnochloru5, LirM. 
Datibnu, Kuht 
ptilua melaiujchlorLs !, G, R, Or. Oen. of B. ii, p, 440, 
"Jiui mfdanuthlorus, Haril St/Jtt. Ind. Azara^ p. 16, 
ios Buflbm, Bp. Comp. At\\. p, 122. 

meknachlorus, Malh, Mhn, Aead. Mctz (1849) p. 

melanocliloniSi Malh, Monogr^ des Pic, ii, p» 187, 
t 4, 5, 0. 
luB cblororostu*, Sciai, Cat. of B, p. 340. 

Hnudl. Presentetl by Lord Sttiftrt de Rotlisay. 
HrazlL PreftenUni by M.-deii. Ilardwicke. 
6raziL Presented by J, Uould^ Esq. 

CHaYSOPTixtrs CRifiXATUs. The Created BrazUian 

m criirtAtm, VieiJl, a: Dkt, (TIL K xxxi. p, S)8. 
IM melaiK^hlorui*, Lirht^ Vtrz. TJoithL p. 10. 

^ cliloTO2ostiH, JVdf/L Is'is (1821)), p. 513. 

I^prscrptilus nuOauochlorus, IlartJ. I mi, Aznra, p. 17, 

lypoptilufi chlornzu*itua, G. IL Or. Om, of B, lii. Aiip. p. 22, 

^Bopieus chlorofloatos, Mnih^ Mimoijr, dea IHc, ii p. 183, t, 80 

■i. fit 2, 3. 

l^pvoptilus cristatiu, Cak ^ II. Mm. Iltin. iv. p. 165, 


[ CKRYSOPTiLrs MELANoi^ATMrs. The Bbck -throated 

leEllorigasterr Mufh, 

licuii melnutilaituus, Malh, Monogr* th$ Pie. iL p. 185, 

:f. 7,8,0. 

^tiltu uii^lanolaeniiiA, Sdat, Cat. of B,^. 340. 
I m<el&Dol«emud, Surtdetf, Comp* Ptc, p. 7ll 

Bolh-ia, male and foraale. From Mr, Brydges's Col- 
[ €. Bolivia, yoim^, From M. Verreaux'a CollectloTi, 



IL CHvtaoFTxLrs ATsrcoixia. 

CluTBopiew atriconi, JML Ji«^ 
CSimoptiliw peraraDiiB M iKtrimlTwij JUieki. 

Clii780|iieitt ftlBooUu^ J)p. 

IVm stneoUk, a»id9. G0M91 Jk. p, 76* 
Bah. Peru. 

12. CBBTsaPTiLirs (UMPXflrrmn. IV Fi«ld*Woodp«ta 

IHcus cttDpetfcris, Fieitf. 3* BkL IH. K. xxtL p. lOL **' 
ChiTtoptilM can^eitii^ 9k, Ctam^, a/B. iL pw aOd. 
Picnt d u y wIe ntiM^ ^r. JHnu* W^rw* Soe* m, p. ^8. 


12dlfldS4)p. . 

Oeopiciia campesfcn^ 

Soioplex eampestru^ Giog* Mttnd^ u, SSfk dtr Naimf, p^ 

«i^aL l^ttdl, male and fenule. Pk^sented bj Lacd 

13b Chrysoptilttb c/oii'BSTiiorDBS. TluB La Plata 

GcNDpioot caiiipe0tzx»des, MalK Rev, d^ ZoeL (1840)> 54L 
6«opioot agrie^ JfoO. K Oom, Mfm, &. JUiife (1^>. ^1 
ChlTBOptillM oamDfiilimdeiL ^«. Cotuo. Aw^ n. 1 ^^ 
Mamermpicus < 

Mamermpicu9 campeatnndea. 1?^. .^llrti#a HtJL ( 
Clii)r«(yptilt]» stibcaiQpeftiia^ Jibe^. M«mA I^B«r. Ohni^'i 


Geopicofl agncola, Jim. Mmtop; des Pie, iL p. ^M^ L 10 
PiciiA agrioola, Stmdev. Omtp. Fie, p. 77. 

0. La Plata. From M. BraTard'd CoIltciaoB. 


Brachrpterntuv StrieU Anm. ^ Ma^, iff X^ Ui^ (I8( 

p. i% 
BracliTptk^TOO^kua (1845), MM, 
BmbiapVcMft, MolX Mfcm. Aond. IC^ 0*10), p. SH 

rrpTBRNrs aurantiub. The Orange Woodpecker. 

tntiuB, XsVwi. & N, i, p. 174, J, 

^alennifl, Linn. S, N. i* p. 175» J • 

Todes, ZirA/. Cat. Hamh. p, 18. 

hiiltf^ Watjl. St/4. Aij. 

^hwi (BtQchylofhuA) hemipodiua, Sw* Clamf. of B, iL 

ponotuB, Z«w. Tr, ^Orti. p, 220. 

ihnA melanochrjsoa, Hmhjs. Joum, A, S, B, fl837) 

betiiniu, Natt, 

smuB igniceps, Hudgn, Or. Zooi, MUe. p, 85. 
imiiflaumntiufi, SiAekL Proe. Z. S. (1841) p. 3L 
eii0 ftunuitiiiA, Malh. ^Um, Acad. Metz (1849), p. 346, 
bengalenmiy Malh. Monogn des I^e. ii. p. 93, t 69. 

Nepal, male and female. Presented bj Brian IL 

Bodgaon, Esq. 

lehor, males and female. Presented by Bnan 1 1. Ilodg- 

KID, Esq. 

^dju, males. 

idia, male. Presented by M.-Gen. Hardwicke. 

lliai, female. 

tBLACUYFTERNUs DrL'^TiTB. TLe Scmdian Orange 

b Woodpecker. 

w dxiutm, Bl Joum. A. S. B. (1845) p. 550, 
eons, Tar.j JSkmdeo, Cofup, Fk. p. 81. 

iCHYi'TKRxuB CHUYSONOTUB. The GoIden-backed 
L Wotxlpeoker. 

Lmotiis, Le$i, Tr, fTOrtu p. 220, 

pmii chTjaonotiii), Bp, Coftsp. Av, p. 121. 

Iniiis micTopus, BL Jtmm, A. K B. (184.S) p. 194. 

|ru« punctieulli, p. ^ Malh, Mtmoffr. IHc. t. 70. £ 2, 

^d&bar^ male. Presented by Mrs. 8piok. 

iCHYPTEBNus PUNCTicoLLis. The Madras 

Dopicui pimcticullis, Maih, 
i puncticolii, MM, Momgr, du Pie, ij. p. 92, t 70, 

Pjcu^ lwn)ra]ensi8, var. ff^ Gtn^, S. 3* L p, 
Picus Soniiprfttii, Less. Tr. tfOm^ p. 22ll 
Picus nejrlwtxia, IVa^L SjfM. At?, 
Picus mutilatu*, TVrnm., Bp. Ctmsp. Av^ u 
Brachyptf^miis enrthrtmotus, Strickl. iVw\ 
Brachypternus <^eTlolllls, BL J&um, A. K , 
Brahiuapieus frvthronotus, MaJh, M&fftt 
p. S45 ; id. }t(m**gr. dt« Pk. ii p, BO, t, 

G. BEArHYPTKiw*-r8 Carlotta, Charl 

Indopicu^ Cflilottn, Malh, Bev, de ZooL (li 
noffr. dea Pie. ii, p. 8". t (XT, f, 1, 2, 3, 4- 

Pjrus ceTloouR, JtTd. lU. Ltd. Ortt. pi. 47, 

Rrachvpternii» StrickUndi, Layara^ 
(18^4) p, 449. 

BiQcbvpterDus erytluoiiottiA, p., Briehh^ 

p, fi&8. 

BracliTpternuts ceyloniMi, JiW^ B, of IihL 
Chrv#ocolaptes cevlonus, Cab, ^Jf* H, 
Clin'socolaptes Stricklaudi, Cah. ^ IF, M% 
HeuB C&rlotU, Svnd^sv, Cwt^, Pie. p. 80. 

a, £. CeyloDy male and female, Troi 

Bp. (IB'A); MalL Monogr, dea Pic, p, liii 
Lie, Cab, 4^ m Mus. Hein. p. 174 (1863). 

a. TiQA, 
Tig A JAVAJTENSiB. The Tiga Woodpecker. 
I jVTiftDensis^ IJnng, Mim, AeatL Itofj. St*)ckh. (1797) p. 134, 

I d^t Uorff, Linn, Tram. xiii. p. 177. 
oWpliUd (Ckrysoaotua) tridactylui*, Sw. 

\ tiga, ^hn, 
istTla, Kattp, 
OidcH tiga, Maih. M4m. Avail Metz (1849), p. :M7 ; 

. de4 He, ± p. 97, t 71. f, 5, 0, 

, Bp, Ateme It&l. (18.>4) p. 

, b. Jftva, maJe and female. Presented by the Secretary 
of State for India. 

Java, female. Prom Mr. Argent's Collection. 

#. Java^ male and female. Pi^ei^nted by the Hod. East- 
India Company. 

JavB; young, I"rom Mr. Arj^^ent's Collection. 

• IttOA. INTERMEIJIA. The Malacca Tiga Woodpecker. 

Itiga, ^/r.» in. Ind, Zool. I pi. 30. 
Btmoedin, Bi. Jouru. A. S. B. (1845) p, 10.% 
DOtu« int<-rinediu«| Horsf. *S' M. Cat. ff B. ii. p. (}o7. 
pirxjides iatf-nnedia, Malh. Jfimm/r, den Pie. ii. p. 90, 
i.Tatit*nji8, var, b, Sumiev. Ct^mp. IHv. p. SS, 

?» female. Presented by the Secretary of State for 

, c. Pegu, male and female. Presented by AV. T. Blan- 
ford^ Esq. 
^ Tenasserim, malea. Presented by J. D. C. Packnuin, 

y^|ai^<«a^ female. PreBented by J. Insldpp, Esq, 

lA BrBRopYoiAUS. The Bed-backed Woodpecker. 
[lopiciiB rubropygialia, MaUi, Beu. de Zool, (1345) 

, O. R. Gt\ fJm, of B. uL App. p. 2U. 
iwitermediusj p., ? Hor»J. Sf M, Cat. of B* \\. '^. <i«T . 



Cliloropiroiiles rubropvgialie, MaiJk. Mmtoffr, d^ Fk, ii. p, I 

t, 70. f. 3, 
ChryEtonotus rubropygriftlis, *^frd, B,of lud, i^. 290, 
Chljsonotua erytbropyguH, Cab, Sf H. Mtu, Hein. \\\ p, 173. 
Picus ja^ aaen5&, var, c, Sundev, Corvnp, Pic, p, 83, 

a, India, female, 

4. TiGA SHOHtL ShoPe*8 Woodpecker, 

PicuB 8borii, Vignra, Proe. Z S. (1831) p. 175w 

Pic us ubiionui?, Hodqs. J • 

Brachvptemus Shorii, IIodffA, Zooi. Misc, p, 85, 

Ti^^a f^hortn, G. R. Gr, Geti. of B, n. p. 44L 

Chloropicoides Shorii, Malh. Mhn, Avath Mt(z (1849), p» J 

if}, Mmmfr, deg Pic. ii. p. 101, t 71. f, 1,2, 
Ti^ Sliorii, Bp. Comp. Ar. L b, 120, 
HniclivpternuB striaticepa, Hetcnb. Hatulh, ^tee. Om, p, 39^ \ 
CbiTsonotus Shorei, Motb/, ^ M, Cot, vf B. ii. p» 658. 

o-c. NeT>a], male and females. Presented by Bmj 

Hoagson, Eeq. 

5, TioA RAFFLEisn. Uaffi^d^d Woodpecker. 

Pious PiiJBe»ii» Vig, Buffi, Mem, App. p. 600, 

Pieib* aiiiictus, Or* 

Tigft Kittllemi d amictus, (?. i?. Gr, Gm, ofB, iL p» 441, 

Pic us ( TifTft) labnira, Ze««, Descr. Ois, r«r. </<^iii\ (1R47 1 p, 

Chloropico'ides Rafflesii» Malh. 3fSn. Amd, MHs (lb4t>i,|».*' 

id, Mono^, dee Pie. ii. p. 102, t. 72. £. 1. 2, l\, 
ChrysoDohia Raffle si i, Bjh Atefieo ItaL (1854) p. 

Q, b, Sumatra, malf> and female. From the Zoolcigieilf 
cietjB Collection. 

c. ladiau arcbipelago, male. From Mr. Cunung^t < 


d. Indian arcbipelago, male. From Mr. Gould*8 

€, Sumatra, female. From the Zoological Society *«( 

/, ff. Malacca, male and female. Presented by ll»» S 

tary of 8tate for India, 

h, /. Miilacca^ nuilesi. Presented by W. Ilanrey, E«a. 

J, Indviui ftrGhi\iela^Oi female. From Mr, Bakcr'i tVi 




iOA Grantia. Grant's Three- toed WoodpecJier. 

irv»onotuB) Grantia, M^ChlL Proc. Z S. (imO) p. 109. 
i GTantii, Bi 
utoB Orantia, BL Jount. A. S, B, (1%^ p. 102. 
IvmntiA, Q. II. Or, Gen. of B, ii. p, 441. 
mieoidea Gmntia, 3MJk Mem. Arml Mdz (1849) w, 34>i 
Momoffr. des IHc. ii. p. KM, t. 72, t. -'j, a 
Bcus Grautifl, Co A. Jf* JT. Mtts, lietn. iv, p, 174, 

» Jimttmt fetnale. Fmni Mr. Argent's Collection. 

, JLw&nif mjile. Preseiit^^d by Dr* Horatield. 

^L A88ftm ?, male and female, Freseuted by Brian 1 1 

K Hodgson, £dq. 

KtOA vmiDis. The Green Three-toed Woodpecker. 

tfoB viridis, Bl Jmrnt, A, S. B. (1862) p. S41, 
iacn» Tiridia, Cak 4' J?- **^w^. i/^m. i\% p. 174 
itochloruB, Sundev, Cmixp, Pic, p. 48* 



ittinis, .Sif?. fVflMf/: o/J?. ii, p, 310 (18:^7). 
"^ ipicus, Midh, Sftrn, Aead, Mdz (1840), p. 
ipieufl, Bp. Aim. dei 6b*. (1854) p. 12^. 



URUS CABOLIKTS. The C&ioline WockI pecker. 
ijoliuui!!, Limu 8. A' i, p* 174 ; WU9, Amer, Orn, pi. 7. 

fbwh ^o^i^. r«W. rf*f< P/. £fil. p. 43 ; K Enl, m2. 
I carolinii^, ^Sfir. 

Vi'eiU, Ok, Am, Sept, it p. 116. 
rjthriiuchuB^ Jf7/y. 6V/^^ Ar. 

caroHneuais, 8w. ChiJUfif. *j/ B, ii, p. *ilO. 
CSrolinufii Bp, (Jeotjr, Camp, List, p. 40. 
j9 carolinuii, MaiA. Mfm. Acad. Mtftz (1840), ^j. iM; 
0fM^. d!^/^, ii. p. 2S4, t 103, L 7, 8. 


100 ecAif&oRBa, 

fl. North America, male. 

6. Mexico?; female. Presented by J. Gould, L 

9. North America, male* From M. Vemeaux^i I 

2, Centctius KATTpn, Kaup's Woodpecker. 

Zebmpicus KAiipii, Malh. Few rt Ma*;, de ZooL (l8o3) p, ll 
MQHOffr. des Ptc, ii. p. 245» t. 106. f,'4, o, 

("'entiinii? 3iilfnriY«niler. HeichL Handh^ Sp. Om. p, 43CI , 

Cent urns liypopoliiis, (Bp.) Pitcher. 

Picud uropjginiii, JSkmdev, Con^p, Pic, p, 54. 

Of b. Mexico, male and female. From Mr* 

f. Mexico, male. Presented by Cupt, Keltett, RJ^J 

3. Ckntubus HOffuannh. Iloflrmann^s Wi>odp 
Picus Hoflinannii, Cab. /own. (1862) p. 32^. 

d, k Panama. Presented by tr. Barclay , Esq. 

4. CENTUXirs TRICOLOB, The Tricoloiippd Woodp 

Picu5 ti-icolor. JFu(fl. IsU (1829), p. 512. 
Centura 3 tricolor, LichL Nmnem'L p. 70, 
Ceiituni« Bubelefrans, Reichh. Hanm, Sp. Om. p. 411. 
Zebrapicus tricolor, Malh, Mimo^r, </#.t Pie, iL p. 247, i 
f. 1,2, 

fl, b. Gayemie ? From Mr. Isaacson's Collection. 
<?, d. New Granada, male and female. From M. V* 

5, ? Ckntuiius bubrivkntbis. The Red-bellied W< 

Hcus rubriventrifi, Sw, Two Cent, isf Quart, p. 335, 
ZoLitipicus Swainsonii^ MM, 

Vkiis tmrifrunj?, lip. Prat. Z S, (la^) p. lie. _ 

Zebi-apicufl riibrirentria, Malh, MofWffr, des Pie, ii, p 

t. 107. f. 1. 
Piciifi tricolor, p., Sundev, Cimxp, Pic, p. 55. 

«, b, \^enezuel% male and female. From M. ^*e 

0. CENTmrfi HYPopOLirs. Wagler a Woodp 
Piciw bypopo&i*^ Wttgl. I»« TO'iSi^^'^. ^\4, 



olius, ilfrtlA. M^m. Acad. Metz(lS4d), p. "I^il : 
\Pi€, ii. p, 228, t 105. f 3, 4, 

I BLEGANs. The Elegant Woodpecker. 

Phil Miiq. i. p. 419, 
, G, It, Or. Gm. nf IL ii. p. 443. 
^yMulh. Mem. Acad. Me^ (1849), p. m\ 
\c. ]l p. 22r), t. 102, f. ^'5, 0. 

bmnle. Preseiitpd !>y J, Gould, Esq. 
From M. Veireaux'e Collection. 


p BUPEBCiLiAEis. The Cuba Woodp*?cker. 

fw» Temtn. K Ct^/. 4.'J3. 

liarifl| f%. Zfjy/. Jouni. iiL p. 445. 

^o«ud, 6'. J?. <//% fteji, of Ii, ii» p. 44(j, 

(dliark >WA. J/^-wi. .4fw/. .l/dj(l84^*),p,:}0l ; 

It Kr. ii. p. 223, t 102. f. 1. 2. 

piariaT ^/?* Cww;>, Ai\ p. 118. 

|yX<;«^. Ikscr, des Otit. rie. ddmuv. (1847) p. 20"'*. 

lie. From the Zoolof^ical Society's CoUectioii. 

ftmUB Gkrinu. Germ*» Woodpecker. 

W. D, LatK Ind. Oni. i. p, 251. 

fwfiiii. JV, f W, text ( P. 8iii>erciliflris). 

di, ^//?//i. Mmmtfr. dvs Pic, ii. p. 23L 

IKii^ -fl)>. Cofuf/h Ac. p* 120. 

Ee«. iEfr. r/i- Zind, ( 1h:]9) p. 102, 

ieraiii, .Wal/i. Hf-r. de /ahI (1H40) p. i>42; ///. 

Ife. ii. p. 227, 1. 10:1 L 1, 2, :j. 

I? From 5[r. Dyson *8 Ctillectioo. 

Ilus AimocATiLLUS. The Golden-hooded 


ng.Proc.Z. S. (lH52tp. 4. 
Gaff, Hid. fin. de Vlxile, \. p, 37.1. 

pillufl, Mcdh. Momgr. des IHc. ii, p» 2*50, 



11. Crommira iXRiATrs. 

The Efcyed Wo 

01; Gtml. 

Picu5 t^trt&tu^ MiilL SuH, Not, St^tpL p. 

p, 427. 
Centurus fttriatus, G. Jl Or. Om, of B, ii. p, 442. 
ZebrapiciLs stri»tu$. Math, Monoffr, de* Pie, ii. p. 

f. :i, 4 ; Jl EhL 2Sh 

A-d, St. Domingo, miilee find females. From Mr< I 
I «. Si Domingo, male. From the ZoolcgicfJ Sode 



l*icu3 caroUnas p.. Gn%eL B, N. i. p. 431. 
Picns radiolatus, WagL Sygt, Ar. 
Piciu caroliniis, rar,, Kfthl, Pf, Enl, ^7. 
Hcufl l»mitiis» Temm. /Y, Col, text (P, 9upercili«m)«j 
CentiirniS nuliolatus, ^/i* Otiwr;>. ^r. p. 118, 
Zehmpieufl radiolatuB (variolosuan, MM, Manogr, 
p. 2:i8, t. 104.fl6, a 

tL Jamaica, male. From Mr. Lead beater "s Colle 
bf c, Jamaica, nuUe and female. From Mr. Gt»«»?*s<. 

13, Ckntubus albifbons. The White-fkmted Wa 

Picas albifrons, Sw, PhiJ. Ma*/, 18Q7, p. 430. 
Pic us cnpi.stratH5, Licht. MS, 
Fitnis i'rytliroplithalmiis, Licht ^ufnencl. p. 7tV 
Piciis carolinus, CnlMtt^ App. o/Strph. Trai\ ii. p. 475.J 
Picus dubiu9| Pabot^ litint. Nl H. Jonrft, v. p, 91. 
Zebrapicus ervthrophthalmus, 3/rt/A. Motmttr^ det Pie,\ 
t. lax f. 1/2, 

a, h. llonduras, male and female. From Mr. 

14. ? Centubus Santa Chuzl The Santu Crux Wd 

CeiUiiriia Saota C?niEi, Bp, Proc, Z S, (1837) p. 1 1*5. 
Centitrus flaviventris, Sw, Ttro (}?nt Sr ^^iarl. p, 354^ ' 
l*ica^ jiratfloupeiisis. 2>^. Per, dr Zool. ilS^^\\ p. ih 
Picii« chrv^K>jLreiiys» Vig, ZooL of Bcccfutym f\i/, p. 24^ 
Picus Mitielejrans, Ze^w. Ihscr'dOk, r&, tltr,'(]fKiZ) ] 
Centurus gtattelou^enaifl, Bp, AteH4fo lUU, (1864j p. 

vicTDJE. 10: J 

sjinta-cruzi, Maih. Monogr, des Pie. ii. p. :241, t. 10.">. 

Mexico, male. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 

ftUB AURiFBONS. The Golden-fronted Woodpecker. 
Wagl Isis (1829), p. 512. 
I Mibelegans, ^/i. Proc, Z. 8, (1837) p. 109. 
KStaiyZm. Bev, de Zool. (1839) p. 102. 
\ mianfroBBfBp, Comp, Acja. 119. 
teamtoBf BeuM, Handb, 8p. Om. p. 410. 
■s ftuiifiroDS, Malh, Monogr, des I\c. ii p. 240, t. 104. 

Mezioo, male. From M. Verreaux's CollectioD. 


pwm poljrgrammus, Cab. Joum, Q8a3) p. 326. 
Xftij^nsBomxiBfSmdev. Consp. Fie. p. o3. 


aerpea, Sw. Clam/, of B. ii. p. 307 (1837). 

picos (div. 3), MaOi. Mhn. Acad. Metz nB49),p. .%2. 

micus, Bp.f Malh. Monogr. des Pic. p. liii (1861). 

^ SU8, Cab. 4- H. Mus. Hein. iv. p. 15/ (1803). 

^ySplildiopicus. Bp. Ateneo Hal. 1854, p. 
Dudrobates, Sw. Faun. Bar. Am&. p. 300 (1831). 
EleoiiicuB, p., Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. . 
]|aidropicof>, G. B. Gr. List of Gen. B. (1&55) p. 92. 
Cwnpias, Cab. & H. Mm. Hem. iv. p. 145 (1863). 
BeofncuB, Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. 
f-^^nrptuToncrpes, Beichb. ? 
pbionerpee, Cab. ^ H. Mus. Hein. iv. p. 139 (1803). 
CapiiapicuB, Bp. Ann. des Set. (1854) p. 129. 
• Tlueonerpea, p.. Cab. iif H. 
Vcmilia, p., Bp. Consp. Av. p. 129 (1850). 
'^Vcnllia, Bp. Ateneo Ital. (1854) p. . 
f SnrthTonerpee, Beichb. Handb. Spec. Om. p. (1854). 
CwipicuB, Bp. Ann. des Sci. (1854) p. 129. 

a. Chloeohtebpes. 

TyrrjnuoyERPKS RUBIGIX08U8. The Rusty Woodpecker. 

I roliiginoaua, Sw. Zool. lUustr. pi. 14. 


Chrviopicus aiiridentiiB ti C. mACulipenniBi Bp. Atent^ j 

(1864) p. . 
Chloropicus aurulentus, Maik, Mtmogr. da Pit. iL p* 187J 

t 4, S. 
Craugasus aiiratus, Cab, ^r St- Mus. Hein, it, p, 158. 

fl, h. Bnizil^ males. From Air. Gould's Callectiam. 
c, d Brazil, male and female. From, M. Ve 

8. CHLOBONRaPBS saTTHBOPis. The Ked-tiixoftted 

Picua icterocephalua, yar.. Lath. Ind. Om. SuppL p, m 
Picas icterocephalus c?, 5;>ir, ^i\ ZFrux. t. 64. L 1, $. 
Picus eiythropia, VwHL X, DiH. d'ff.\X. xxvL p. ©^ 
Piciia erythropsi Wa^. %#l. ^«», 
Cli!or<merped erythrops, G. JL Or, Gen. ofB, il p, 44^ 
Chrysopicus erythrop^s, Bp, Atrtteo Ital ( 1854) p. 
CMornnerpes icteroc^phaltis, liurttu Syst, Ut^tftt. iL p. t 
Chloropicufi enthropaia, Malh. Mono^r, dn Pie. ii p. 14 

f. 1, 2, 
ChloroDerpes erytHropis, Sdai, Cat, ofB,'^, 3S8L 
Crais^raaus erythpopea, Cab, ^ H, Mm. Hem, it. p. ISB, 
Pieuj* erythropes, Smiik^, Oomp. Pie. p. 12, 

a. Brazil, male. 

h. Bmxilf female. From Mr. Qould^s CoQectioiL 

fw^ Pemainbuco, male and female. Fiom M. Vm 


0. CHI.OBONKRPB8 CAI.I.OFTKBU8. The Beautiful-^ 

CUorouerpej? callopt^srua, Lawr, Atm, Zyc N. T. tiL p. 23. 
Craiigasms calloptems, Cab. ^r H Mtt*. Hein. iv. p. 159. 
Picufi callopterus, Sundev. C<m»p. Pic. p, 1^ 

Hob. Panama. 

10. CHiX)RoyERFES CHRYSoCHLOBrft. The €roldeo-G«*ft ] 

Picus chnrsochlorus, JleiS, X. Did. eTW. N, xxri p. ft*. 
Pi ens braiiliensis, Sw. ZiooL lUu^, pL 30. 
Picas uiacrcK^phalua, ^mx, Av. Brm, t 63. t 3L 
Picufl auruJeatu^, p,, IVagL JS^d^ Av, 
Chrysoptilufi (Chloronerpea) m«arooephalo% 5^. CUmf. « 
ii' p, 30B, 

B» aunik^ntui*, p., fi\ 21, Gr. Gm, of BA\,^ 443. 
I Eunilentus, p., Malh, M&rn, Acad. Metz (1849), 

s ImuiUensifi, Bp. Atmi^ Ital (1854)jq. 

CB brwilieiifliri, Eetchh, Jftittdh, Spec, urtK p, 361. 

» chiyiochlorus, Malh, Moim^r. dm Fk. ii. 141, t. 84, 

duysodilorufl, C»&. S^, H. Mm, Mtin. iv, p. 169. 
^otfty male. From Mr. Argent^a Collection. 

!3HLOROKEfiPK8 CAP18TRATUS. Th© Ilooded 


onQA, Tetnm,^ JVat/L S^sL Av^ 

fcratua, Nati. 

M polyzontifi, G. R, Or. Gm, o/B. iu p. 443. 

I GspiatTatuBf Maih. Monoffr. dts Pie. ii. p. 140» t. 83, 

I capifitratufi, Bp. Atetieo ItaL (1854) p, 
?api«trutus, Ctth. ^ H. Mm, Ilein. iv. p. 160. 

ill, female. From. >[r. Wurwick'a Collection, 

UA>nowERVES POLYZoxuB. The Many-Striped 


xmus, Temm,f Vahmt*. Did, Set, N, xL p. 170. 

m polyzonu^, G. B. Qr. G^k of B, ii. p. 4423. 

■ polyzotjyM, Bih Atem'o ItaL (1854) p. 

) poljzoDus, J/////i, Momt^r. (If* JHc, ii. p. IW, t, 8.'i 

^lyzoniis. Cab. Jif H. Mm. Hein, iv. p. lo9, 
£iJ, female. From Mr. Leadbeater's Collecdou. 

^iPKS pEBCUBStrg. The Striking Woodpecker. 
Ttmm.PL CU 800, 424. 
H?113i» JVdi/L St/)it. Av. 

# percii?*wj9, O. JL (Jr, Otn. of B, ii. p. 437. 
I peicusaua, Mit!h. Mem. AcmL MHz (1810). p. 352. 
n percusflua, Iht. Omj^jK Av. i. p. 118. 
IM percus0U9, Jip, At<^$eo IkU, (l8o4) p. * 


108 scABCBonBa, 

Chloropicu§ percuasus, MM. Monoip^, det JHe, ii, ^ 
f. 1/2. 

Hak Cuba. 

14. CiLLORONKRPES MAcrLrPBONS. The Spotted^ 

Picus aflinie, Sw, ZooL lU* p, 7K \iiec pi). 
Mesopiciis aflinis, Malh. Mmtwjr. de^ /Vt\ t. 01. f. 0, 7» 
Picu» ( Deudrobatea) affiiiii», Sw. Faun. Ii,~Am. p, 301. 
Picus macuiifTona, ^tJ", Ai\ Br, t. 5G. 1» 
Veniliumifi ( Elt^opicus) affini-s Bp. Atrm^ liai. (1854)j 
Dentlrobatcs niacmifronfJi G. IL Or. Geti, **fB, ii» p, 45* 
CkloroDorpes aflinis, G. IL Gr, Gen, o/B, ii. p. 44S. 
Caiiipiaa maculitVons, Cnb. «Sj* 77. J/«4S. Ilrin, iv. p, II^J 
Dendropieu^ atlirii?, G. R, thr. List of Gen. (l85o) p. tJ!? 

«'r. Brazil. Presented by M. Claus8€?n. 
d-f, BmsdL Prom Mr. dould^a Collection. 
e, Brazil. 

15. CHLOKONaBPEs ALBIPB8, The White-footed Wo 
Picus albipos, Sundev. CoMp* Pic* p, 37. 
Ilab. Kb Janeiro. 

16. Chloronebpks affinis. The Allied Bn 

Picus effiuis i^,Su\ HI Zooi. ii. pL 78 ; Wat/L Sf/st. J« 
Chlorotierpes ufiini.s p., G, It Crr. Gtn. of B. ii. p. -H^ij 
_F I>eodrt)batt*a paseeruius, Ilatil. Ind, ^isartr^ p. li , ' 
tVeniliorai& (EleopicuR) afliiiis, Bp. Af^neo Kai. (1B54) \ 
Campias affinisj Vtib. ^ H, Mus, Htdn, iv. p, 16L 

Hah, Brazil. 

17. Chlohoxebpes Sei^tsii. Sdly»'« Woodp 

pjcua iSelvaii, Mulh, Monugr. d4S Ptc, t- i)2. t l,i 
"^tfblomnfT^it'S f^elysii, Schf. Cat o/B. p. 337. 
Picus Selysii, ^S\mdei\ Vtmsp, Pie. p. 38. 
Campiaii iifliois, p., Vah, Sf H. AMm, Kein. p. 151* 



The Blood-marked 

itttostigmA, Natt., CaL Fauna Per, p. 226, 
luematoBtiginA, Math, Mmoffr. des jHc, ii. p. 72, t. 61. 

{>e« hasmatostiprnia, Scittt. Cat, of B, p. 
uficepSj p., CaS, Sf H, Mm, Hem. p. 1^ 

D ^apo. From M. \'en'eaiLx-8 Collection. 


OBOKEBPBB HiLABis. The Cheerful Woodpecker, 

mnu9, Tsch Cm^. At* Faun, Per. p, 43, 


ftes liiiari«^t Cab. ^ II. 

ilaris, Cah, ^ M. Mm, Hdti, It. p, 154. 

IROKEBPEB RUFiCKPS. The BrftziMan Red-heftded 

X, SpLc, Af>, Bras, t. m, L 2, 3. 
ep, Cab. (Jj- M, Mm, Ilein, iv. p. 153. 

tb BraziL 

OBOKEBPES sEBtTLue. The Sedulous Woodpecker, 

iseiinusi Vietli, Ou. Am, S^L li. p. 51^ 1 115. 

iltu et 

pet eedulus, Cab, % II, 

^oltas^ Cab, 8f II. Mm. Hetn. p. 153. 

^eone. Prom M. Verreaux s Collection. 

kiiOROKERPES CAgsiNi, Cft^siu's Woodpocker. 

Ol»«ni, Malh. Mimwjr. de^ IHv, \\. f, 55, t. 58. f.2,3. 
Saaaiiii* Cak ^* H. Mm. Hun. \\. p» 149, 
linii, Jiktndev. Ctmnp. Av, p. ijO, 

ftsiL From M. Verpeaux's Coll^ctioD, 

>fl09CEEPfis KiRTLANDtf. Kirllaod'a Woodpecker. 

KirtlandJ, Maih, Momnjr, dm I'ic, ii n. 54^1, 58. f. 1. 
tirtlandi, Cab. vV //. Mm. Hirin, iv, p. 160. 
tlandi, ^Sundrt. Cmtttp. IHc. p, 3t». 


The A«hy-i 


24. Chlobonebpes tephbodops. 

Picus Benegalensus Mull, Syst. Nat. SuppL-o^fHi Gum/. &. 

Lp. 4:jO; K. iV. 345. f. 2, 
Picas tepkrodop*, Wat;!. J^jift. Av. 
JPicus Ptrioktus, i>^. Tr. 4rOm.y. 226. 

>endrobate8 &enejraleii3ist G,R> ih-. Gtyt^ofTi ^' >^ i^'^ 
Ijiesopicoa pjiaeemm«, MaUu Mfnu Acad, 3fttz 
Teniuomia (Eleopiciis) tephrodops, Pr, If. ^l: _^ 

P- * J 

Mesopicua paaaeiinua, Malh, Mtmogr, det 1^ iL pi 50|tl 

\ f. 4, 5. 

f CaDipias tepbrodopa, Co*, ijr B^. Mm, Hem, iv. p, 145, 

a. Brazil, male. From Mr. Gould's Collection. 
K Berbi(X% male. Prusentt^d by Jlrs. Atkiiw, 
e, Cayeone^ male. From M. Verreaui's CoUeetJo 

Picii8 et Chloi^oiieTpoa taenioDOtu^, Reichh, Handh. Spi 
■ pp. S?i7,346. 
JleAopicua tseuionotvia, Malh, Mcmoffr. deit Pie^ iL p. 59. 
Canipiaa taenionotus. Cub. 4" H Mus, Mem. it* p, 150. 

JUab, Brnzil. 

2(5. Chloeonebpes aghjb. The Active Woodpeciaf. 
PicuB agilia et 

Chloronerpes agilis, Cab, ^ IT, 
Csiiiipias agilis, CaL 4* H Mm. Umn, iv.p, 147. 

Hob, KioNapo. 

27. Chloronebpes bpilooastbb. 
P Picas squamostis, VitriU, N. Diet, d'JI. N. X3tvi. p. 74 
Pious apifogaster, WaffL St/st. Av, 
Cliloronorpes spilogaster et squamosum, G, J2. Or. Gi 

ii. p. 44(i 
P Picus pa^erinm, ZicM, Vers, DcM, M, .5. p. 10. 
Mesopicua Bpilogaster, Mafft* M&nogr, de$ Tie, ij. p, 6^* 
PiciiB adspersus, Natt, 

Vpniliomis (Elecipicus) adspersiia, Bp. Ateneo Itnl yi^^ 
Cliluronerpes nifift^ptf ^ JtetAhb. Hmttih, ^c. Om. p. o-^t 
Mesopicus adspersiia, Mai/t, Mmwijr, den Pic, ii. p ^ 

p. 147. fl 

The Seal j-1)«bI| 



South BnkziL 

% Chlobokkbpks iRTBiNtrs* The Murine Woodpecker. 

I mtuinu^ NaU., Math. Mfm. Soc. Emf. Liige (1845), p. 67. 
"^ — lis (Eleopicus) murinus, Bp, Atmeo Ital. (1854) p, 
LIS murinuSf Maih. Monogr, des Pic* ii. p. 62, t. liS, 

\ mttrmua, Cnb, ^ H, Mu$, Hem, iv. p, loL 

Chlobonerpes NTomcKPs, Mallxerb's Green 

_j nii^nceps, I/Orb, St Lufr, Votf. dung TAm. M, t, Gil. f. 2, 
ffiomb (EleopicufiJ nig^nctjps, Bp. Al4*Tt€o liaL (1854) p. . 
l^lfM o^Ticepa, Retchb, Handb. 8jtet\ Ortt. p, 417* 
MicUA nigriceptt, Malh, Monogr, dcs Pic. ii. p. 68, t. 50. 

»e« Mallierbei, Sclat Cat qfB, p, S3B, 
lalherbei, CVi6. 4" ^- -i^^'**. i?i'i«. iv. p. 155, 


iSO, CKLoaoNKBPKs pASSEiimus. *He Pftaaerine 


erinud, Z«im. S\ X, i. p. 174. 

I pMiierinus, O, R, Gr. Gen. of B,ii, p. 4S7. 

8 pomerinuj}, Bp, Comp, Av, i. p. 117. 

f Klt*apicufl) passerinus, Bp, Ateneo Pal, (1854) p, 
» pas^jrinuis, Oi6. ^l^- //. Mws, Hein, iv, p, 147, 

. Domingo or Island of ]>onujiica. 

e. Eleopicus, 

31. CHLoaoNXBPEs oLiviNrs, Tlie Brazilian Olive 

niotinnuA, iVrt«., itfix/A. mm. Soc, Ray. Li4ge (1846), p, tl7. 
■:■'■ ' ^"opiciia) nil viuiLs, 5/>. -^/<?T»<o/ffi/. (1854) p* , 

lU*, G, R. Gr, Lid of Gen, (185r,) p, 1>2. 
- »fff//i. Monotjr. f/<*« B>. ii. p. ♦iT), t. 00. f. 4, 5. 

fc* . Cah. ^ H. Mm. Hnn, iv. p. 140. 

lis 8CAK80BSS, 


32, Ckloronebpks Reichenbachl Eeicbenii 

Crypt uronerpes, sp.^ Hftchh, 
Pic us Reichenbich^ Cab. ^ R, 

Pliat'onerpes Reichenbiiclu, Cah, Sf H. Muf, HmiK it. p, UL 
Tic lis nibiduis Suftd€V. Comp. Pic, p. 35. 

Mob, CiiraDC&B. 

33, Chlobonebpes SANGunfOLEjfTus* The Hoi 
Red Woodpecker. 

Ckloronerpes sang^uiiiolentiiB, Selai. Proe. Z. 

pL 151. 
MesopicuB sanguinolentus^ MaSu Mtmo^f^ du Pic* \l f I 
t. 43 bis. t 6. 
if Phfieoiierpes BangiiinolentaSr CuA. ^r i?^ Mm. Hem, it. f 141 
f Hcufi saag^oinole^tus, Sundev, Cmsp, Pie. p. 35. 

Mab. Honduras. 

f. Capnopicus. 
M, Chloronrkpkb FiTcoATrs, The Smoky Wood] 

Picii8 fumi^tus, Lafr. ^ (TOrk Vo^, dam tAm, J£ t 61 £ 
Mesopicoa fumigatu^, MtilK M^m. Acad. .l/i?te (1849), p.fl4l 
DeudrobBtes fumigatua, G. H. Or. Gett, uf B, iii. App, p. V 
Chlorouorpes fiimigatus, Bp. Cotisp, Av. x. p. 118, " 

Capnupiciis fumic-atug, Bp. Atenco It^L (1H54) p. 
Ckloronerpes (Pliaionerpes) fumigatus, IleicM, 

Om, p. 366. 
Mesopicua fumigatus, Maih, Mono^, de* Pic, ii. 

f. 3, 4. 
Phfteonerpea fumigatus, Cnh. 4* IL Mm, Hein. it. p. 13&. 

a. Boj^oU, IVim Mr. Leadbeater's Collection. 

h. Quito ! From Mr, Gould's Collection. 

€, South ilmerica, male. From M. \*erreiiux*i Coll^ctil 

35, Chlobonebpks OLEAomrs. The Olive-eolouwd 
Woodpecker, I 

Picua oleaginun, Lick, Pteim^rz, Mex. Thier, fffs, r, I>ifp94 
Schiede i 1H30), p. 1 ; id, J^m.fur Om, (1863) p. 55. J 

(Japnopicus olenginus, Bp. AteneoItaL (1854) p^ . J 

ChJoront^rpfjs ( Pkaionerpt«) oleagineufl, B&M, Mtmdk M 
Orn. p. :^iiO, ' 

Chloron^rpes o\ea^ii<&\iA, SclaU Vrw. X. ^ a^50) ^ 307. 


;iiiu«, MfdK Mouogr, des Pic. ii. p, 63, 1 *57, 

|ieft oleagioeufi, Cab. JSr II. Mus. Httm, p. 140, 
OriiabiAT male and fcnuile. From M. 8all6*fi CollectiatL 

Dhlobonkbpes Caboti- Cubot fi Woodpecker, 

enies oleftpneus, Sclat if S<ilv, Ibijt (ISCiO), p. 400, 
ff Caboti» MaJk MmuM^r. tha Pic, ii- p. 5:i, t, 57, f. L 
evf>r« Chboli, ScJ4tL Cat. iif IL p. ?i:i7. 
MOalxUi, CVi/i. 45* /jT. J/f««. Ihnn. \\\ p. 139* 
ioti, Simdev, Conttp, Pie, p, ;3o. 

ttmt4*m«^l*>3 male* From Mr« Salvin's Collection. 

!7hi<obon£rpes sAKoiriNEra The Sanguineous 

gmneus^ XiVAi. Cat. Hamh. p, 17. 

wcem, VieUl X, Diet, d' H. N. xxvi. p. 00? 

tpaa eangiiineu8, Ilartl. Verz. Mun. Brem. p, 92. ' 

I «UigiiiD€!USy Matk Mhn,Acad. Mtiz { 1 849), p. 

ftOB aui^i&eiiB, G. R, Gr, Om, of B, ill. App. p. 3L 

Ibeiitils, Bp. Con$p, Av, \. p. 129. 

b (VeniUaj sangumc^us, Bp. Ateneo liaL (18i>4) p. 

rpea (ETjlhronerpes) saug-uinens, Ilt4chh. Hamib. JSpte. 

» flangmneiu, MM, Mcmogr, de» Pic, \L p. 74^ t. (K). 

SrpesaanguiDdus, Cab. ^ H, Mm. Hein. p, 143. 

Chlosqhebpks KiRKn, Kirk*8 Woodpecker. 

OiKirkii, Malh. Per. de Zof>t. f 1845) p. 400. 

rp^ Kirkii, G. IL Gr, Gtn^ of B, ii. p. 443. 

I Kirkii,.l/rfM. Mhn. Acad. Metz (1849) p. 34L 

lua Kirkii, Jnrd. Ann. Nat IIi«t. xx. p. .3.'i3, 

iS A^enilift J Kirkii, Bp. jitrnrn Ital. {i^M) p. 

I Ikirkii, Mnlk Mtmwjr, drn 7W. ii. p, 70, t. m, t 7, 8. 

Bipei Kirki, Cab. Hf U. Mm. Iletn. iv. p, 144, 

kO, Sumiev. Cmt^q>. Pic. p, 30, 

»bago?^ zDAJe, Froin Mr. Isaacaon's CoWec^oi^, 



dd. Chlobonkhpes Ckctlu. Cecil's Woodpedcet^ 

Mesopicos Cecilii, Malh, JUrv, de 2bo/. (1 84») p. 588» 
Chlofonerpes Cecilii, Bp. Consp, Av. i. p. 117, 
Veniliornis ( Veiiilm) Cecili, Bp, AUimo IUxI. i1@54) p* * 
CliloruDerpes Cecili®, Sd^, Cat. o/B.j^. am 
Meanpicuj^ OecUuB, Molk, Mmcgr, des Pic. ii p. 71* t. QIX ( 
ErytEronerpea OecillaB, Cab, ^ H. Mm, Hem, p» 148. 
Picu« Cedlue, Bumlex>, Cti>up. Pic. p, 36. 


a. New Qranada, female. From Mr. SteTea a Co 

h. Calljticus, 

40. Chlobonerpes callonotus. The Eed-and-' 


Picua caUonotuF, WaterK Proe, Z, S, (1S40) p. 1^; 

Monogr. des Pic. p. 129, t, m. f. 1, 2, 
Picua (CliloronGrpes) ciydinalis, Lem, Echo (1849), p. l*20l 
I>eiidirobate8 caHonotus, G. i?. (#r. Gm. of ^. ii* p. *37. 
Venilia callonota, ^/>. Consp. Av.i. p. life. 
C alii picua caUonotiw, Bp, Atetteo Jtal, (18o4) p. 
Ervtferooerpee callonotus, Ih'ichh. Handh. ^mc. Om, p» 450. |] 
( "liloroncqwfl callonotuB, -S<^^j/. IV. Z 5. (1 800 ) p. 286. 
Erythrocerpes calloDotus, Cab. ^ H. Mus. Mm. it, p. 

a, k Piina. Presented by G. Barclay, Eaq. 

c, GimvaqiuL PreaeDteci by G. Bftrclayi E&i. 

d. ? From the Zoological Society's Cmleeti 


Melanerpee, ^c. Clnrnf. of B. ii. p. 310 (1837). 
Melampictw (div. 8), A/utt. M4m. Acad. Meti (\S^X f>^ 
Mi^laiiopico.s, 3/a/A, 
A,s\iide(tmxjs, Ctntcjt. 

Clidoiicopiifl, Oth. ^'H. Mus. Hein, W^p P2 (18(Kll ^ 
Xenrvpiciu^t, Bm'rd, Bejh Bxpl, ^ Surv. Missins. Paeif. W 
Botii. ix. 2. B. n, 9(5. , . ^ J 

Xeu»x*ranfru.s Cfio- ^ H. 3ftt8, Hein. it. p. 74 (186»tK^B 
Linniuipicus, MalK Mimt^qr. des Pic. p. xlyiil ^M 

I IN™ 

Lin Dfipi OILS, ^/t., Malh, MoHoifr, de$ lir, p. liii 
Linnmipicufi, Bp. Attn, dcit Sci. (1854) p. 129, 
M*-lnmpicos (di\% 2). Ma!/i. M^n, Acad. Mets (l^X^^ 
Tripuru&^ Sic. Cla»5\f,«f EAL 13, 311 (1637)* 


pcoB (diy.lX ^olh, Mhn, Acad, Metz (1849). p. 364. 
cos, Bp., MM. Monogr. des Pic, p. liii (1854). 

a. Melaiterpbs, 


*ocephaliis, Linn, 8, N, L p. 174. 
ru8, Omel, 8, N, i. p. 429. 
erTthrocephaluSy 8w. Classif. ofB. ii. p. 310. 
eTYthiocephaluSy Malh, Is, 6l, M^. Acad. Metz 

erjrthrocephaluSy Malh, Monogr. des Pic. ii. p. 210, 

th America. Presented by Odo Russell, Esq. 
)rth America. Presented by J. Gould, Esq. 
th America. Presented by M.-Gen. Hardwicke. 
orth America^ males. Irom M. Verreaux's Col- 

iLAKEBPBS POBTomcENsis. The Porto Rica 

icensis, Daud, Ann. Mus. ii. p. 285, t. 51. 
collis, VieiU, Ois, Am&. Sept. t. 117. 
rubidicollis, O. R. Gr. Gen. ofB. ii. p. 444. 
portoricensis, Malh. Monogr. des Pic. ii. p. 205, t. 07. 


LANEBPES FLAViGULA. The Yellow-nccked 

Ilia, Natt. 

flavipula, Malh. Rev. et Mag. de Zool. (1840) p. 642. 
formicivorus, Bp. Consp. Av. p. 115. 
flavig^a, Sclat. 

tiavi^ularis, Sclat. Pr. Z. S. (ia56) p. 307. 
formicivorus ?, pt., Baird. 
flavigula, Malh. Monogr. des Pic. ii. p. 202, t. 99. 

^ota, male and female. From Mr. Argent's Coi- 



L MEi*ANBapES FoaMiciTORU9» The Ant-^ating 

Picus formiciTf»ruS| Ste. Phil. Mat;, i. p. 430, 
Picus melanopo^on, Licht. IH. CoL 451 , 
Melancrpos fonnicivorii'?, Bih Pr. Z, S, (18^7) p. 109. 
MelanipTeos melanopog'OD, MM. iiVr. H Ma^. i IB49) p. 542 
Melftiierpes melanopo^D, iJ/t, Cntiitp, A v. p. 115. 
Melftiupicus formicivorus, MnlL Mtmaar^ des Pic* ii p. If 
t, mt f. 1, 2, 3. 

n, MexicOi female. From Mr» AiTent's Collection. 
bf c, Mexico, male and female. Presented by J. 

d, Mexico, male. From Mr. Cuming-'a Colleetion. 

5, Melankepes xantholabynx. The Yellow-i 

Melanerp<>» xantbolarynx, HeitJib. Hnndb, Sp. Om* p* .1^ 
Melampiciis xantholatynx, Malh, Motioffr* des Pic iL 1 
t. 100. f. 6. 

Hab, P 


6. Melanerpes TOHQUATrs. Lewis's Woodpecbr. 

PicuB torqufttiL?, Wi'h. Atmr, Om. pL 20. f. 3, 

Picaa ttioDtanus, Ord^ in G»thrie*§ Geoffr. Li. p» 310. 

PicuB Lewisii, Iltetp, 

Melauerjpea torquatiiSy Sw. Chssif. af B, ii. p. 310. 

Melampujos torqaatus, Maih. y. Ct Mtm. Acad. Mds{ 

p. 3(i>. 
Melampieua torquatus, Math, Mmo^, dea Pic il p. 214 

/Vsyndeamus ttirquatus, Coues, 

a-d. West si do of Rockj' Mountaiiia^ male and 
I're^Bented by J. K. iJord, Esq. 

e, Culunibia River, Presented by Mr. Barclay. 
/, San Sacramento. Presented liy Capt SirE. 



7. MKLAXEBPEa WiLLiAMsoNi. Williamson^ Wo( 
Pieufl W\llmTn?^m\, Nt^xuh. Z. Calif ortt, ^- Oreff. BmL p ^ 



rilliamftonii, Baird^ B. of N. Am. p. 105, pi. 34. 
tJh, Mmiofji\ (iejt Pie. p, im^ i. m. t 4, 
19 Williamaoni, Cab. 4* -ff- ^i^- Ilfin. iv. p. 82. 

ifomiAy miJe. Fxx^m Mr. Cimiingd CollectioiL 

.AKBEPBS ALBoLABVATtJS. The Wliite-mjjsked 

w iil"bokn*atu8, Ow*, Proc, Ac Phil, (18rj0) p, 106. 
albolarvfttuH, Com, Journ. Ac. Phil, (1853) p. 257. 

wratus, Bairdf Hep. &pi. ^ ^n>. Mmm, Pacific 


lopiciifi) albolarvnttis^ Baird, lUp, Mrpl, ^ $urv, 
P&ci/. Raiir. Maui, ix. 2. B. p. m. 
aJbiiUiTatus, Maik. Monogr, fk$ Pic. ii, p. 221. 
»albolarvsiu«, MM, Mommr, tin I^'c. t 10 L t 1, 4. 
Ill albolttiratug, Cab. ^ H. Mm, Hmn. iv, p. 74 

Vest aide of Rocky MotmtninSj malea and femaleB. 

reeented bj J. K. tiord, E^sfj. 

Jalifomia, nml© and fynitd*;'. From Mr. Ciuning^i 


e. LiJorEiPicus, 

fEfiPKfi flKRiffiNrEHi* lIeniiiai<?T's Woodpecker. 

dnieri, Z**i. Tr. d'Om, p. 228. 

Henninierif Bp. dnutp, Av. p. /515. 

I Heiminien, Molk N. CL Mem. Acad. Metz (184&), 

Bermmieri^ MM, Munogr, dcs Pic. p. liii. 
\ Herodnieni Math, Mmiogr. den }*ic, ii. p 



tLAKMMPKB FLATIPE0N8. The Yellow-fronte*l 

fttua, LJrht TVs. n^mfd. p. 10. 

■on«* n^dl. X, IHet, dlL N, jLidx, p. 75. 




Picufl rufiventris, Ih^ap. CIas$. tTJI, X, xiii p. 607. 

Picufl eiythrag^ter, Beckl. N. Mini. St»c, Sat, Mo6C, (H 

p. 377l 
Tnpeunis flayifrons, Sw. CUimtif, of B, ii. p. 311. 
Ctjntnrtw flavifrnos, Q. B. Or. G^m. o/B, li, p- 442, 
Ceiiturus coronatus, HartL Syst. Itut Az^iraU ApmnL p. 
Mekiupicos flavUrons, MalK N, CI, Mhtt. Acod. Mks 

Melaneqiea flavi&otis, Bp, Cof^, Ar* p. 116» 
PhrtHatoW^pbartm flavifrons, lu-iehL HamUt, Sp. Orn. p. „ 
Meiampictia tiaTrilrona, MaOu Monogr, de^ Pic, ii, p, 207, t 


fl, k Brazil, Ppeeented hy Lord Stuart de Rothsay* 
c, £ Braxil, male and female. From 5L Verwaux'* I 

11. Melaxbrpeb RtrBBrpBONs. The Ked-froati 
Hcua rubrifrons, Spix^ At\ BraA U 5o. t 1,2, 
Pieiia liiriutdinaceus, Valcmu Diet. Sc, Nat xl. p. ITS. 
Picus liintndioac«*ufi, 2 , U^tfffL St/d. Av. 
Ceutimis ruhrifron^, G, B. (h\ Gen, ttf B. iL p. 442. 
Melaiierpe-H riibrifrons^ Bp. Consp. Av, p, 11*5, 
Trips iirtis rubritrons, Bp. Aittieo Itul. ( 18^>4> p. 
PhYUiatoblepharuH nxbrifronis Beiihh, llandb, Sp. On».Jtl 
Mclarapit'Tis mbrifirona, Malh. Monoar, de« IHe» ii. p* ISSLti 

Picufi ni<?laTioc^pbalu5»T Xfftt, MS. 

Melampicos melanoceplialm, JlffiM. Mofwffr. des Pk, ii.' 

a. Brazib 

hj c. New Granada, mole and female. 


12. MKLAlfEBPES cntTKNTATUS, The Red-4 


Pieufl cmentatus, Biidtl. TM,th^Pl, EnL p. 4Sj H All 
Pico 8 birmidiiiaceoa, Om, S. N, i, p. 4:h3. f 

Picii5 occi|vitaIi>'T Ottv.^ Valetw, Did, Sc, Kot, sL p» 172,] 
Pious &ftuciu8. III. MS, 
Picua iaclioorhynchos^ JFaffl Sy«f, Axf, 
Ceiitimifl liirundinacwuej 6^ i?. 6V. GeH^&f B.Vi, p 44^ 
Mekmpkoa likatnEiyiceua^ Malh, N, CL Mem, Af:^\ 



MrmuBnaceiia, Bp, Consp, Av, p, 110. 

rimtliiuttvu.Sy JJp, Ateitco ItuL ( 1S54) p* 
is crueatatua, Scltd. 
klepbunis hirundiuaceus, lieichh. Handb. Sp. Oni, 

igpluiruB ischnorhjTichos, Meichb. Ifandb. ^. Om. 

hinindioaceufl, Math. Monitf/r, dea Pic, n, p. 192, 
5, G, 7, 

' Granada, From H- Verreaux^s Collection. 

UEHOPTHOSTRis. TIxe Long-Sleiider-billed 
W'offd pecker. 

lirDfitria, Wnt/L Si/d. Ai\ 

|iieropirostTi.s Bj*. Pi'oc. Z. S. (1837) p. 120. 

^^Mpg, lijK Ateftto IhtL (18o4) p, , 
^^^^^ktriH, Malh, Motwfjr. ihs Pit\ ii. p. 1Q7. 
BniBeuK pM ^un€iev, Vmisp, Pic, p. 50, 
P6 de Bo^otl 



^ «, *9fP, C/fl«t/, o/ J?, ii. p. 310 ria37), 
ibp]C09, i>f«//i. Mormf/r. de» Pu\ p* Eii ^1849). 
mbipicufli Stricki (l8ol). 
»toblepliaru8, IleicL 

[)KBBP£8 DOMiNiCAJaJB. The Bkek-and^Wliite 

tum, FiWZ^. iV. /;i>j!. (TIL N, ixri. p. 72, 

lu^. Oitoj in Buff. iibi'tM. xiu t. 23. 

r, 'Sir. Znof. lUmtr, pi. :58. 

opteros, 3/0.1'. Be^fch. Rei^e mtch Brwt, i. p. 16S. 

ii^andiduH, *b>f, CUt^mf. of B, ii. p. HIQ. 
pea domimcanus, 6?. R.Gr, Otm, o/B.ii. p. 444. 
jof domiiiic^itiuB, Malh. N, CI Mhn, AmtL J/irfs ( 1849), 


ibaruin candid us, Meiehk HandL Sp. Om. p, 379. 
n^'domitiicauufi, Metlh, MmuHtr* de$ Pic, ii* p. 217, 
' 1,2. 


L Presented bj Lord Stuart de Hatlisay 




Cglapte*, S^» ZooL Jmm, nS27) iii, f. SS^ 
Geopicos, Malh. Mfm, AcmL MHz (1849^ p. 358. 
Cucupicus, Ze^. Man, tlOm. ii, p, 116 QsiS)* 
Pituipicu^t ^j». Ann, iks Set, (l8.>4) p. m>. 
Hjpoxanthusy Bp, Amt, dt^ Sd. (1854) p, 120, 
GoocolftpteSj Bmrch. ( 1831 1 Tra€>, H, An* p. 
Geopicoa (div. 2), Malh, Mhri, Acmi. Meis (I$40)» f I 
AgnpicuB, 3fctiA. 


1. CoLAPTSS AUBATrs. The Golden- winged Woodped 
Piciifl wirattis^ Lmn. S, N. i, p, 174 (xili. edit.). 
Cticulus auratuAy Linn, & K (x. edit.). 
Cucupicus aurattis, Les$, Mtm. fTOm, \\, p. 1 1^. 
Colapk'8 auratus, 8w. &■ Hick. Faun. Bor,-Amer, S. p. SJl 
Qeopiood auratti^ MM, K Oomb, Mim, Acad, JUs (H 

p. 850. 
Oeopicua auratufi, Mttik. M^moar. det Pic^ li p» 256^ i 3 

a. Arctic America. Preient^d bv J. Ba^i &|. 
6, c. North America. Presented* bv J. Gould, 
d. Anctic Ijind Expedition. Preaented bj 

linck, R.N. 
«. North America. 

2. COLAPTEfl ATBRan. Ayres's WoodpeckefJ 
Colaptes AjTesii, Auduh. B, of Anier. pi, 4SU. 
Picas Ayre«i» Dekatf, N. H, ofNeu* T^rk^ p. im» 
Ceutunis Ayresii, lUirhb, l/nmUt. ^Jjrr. Orri. p. 413, 
Geopiciis AjTeaii, MM. M<m4)tfr, dU Pic, ii, p, 2d0, 
Oolapte6 bvDridui^ Baird, 

Picns hybrid us, aurato-mexicauua, Simder, Coiwgv. iV^ ^^ ^ 
a, British Cohunbia. Pt^sented by the Sceretair f»f *■ 
for the Coloniea, 

3. CoLAPTRS CHRT90IDE8, The CalifoFuian Oolden-i 

Geopicua chiTsoides» iWVtM. Brv. €t Mag, de Zool. (1 

mC ^onoj^r. rfes IKc, ii ^. 2131, t. 100. f. 4, 2 • 
CoUptea cbry«o\d«ft, Bp, Ateivto Itol, v\>i54j ^. 




■duyMttdes, HeuM. Handb. %fec. Om. p. 418. 
1^ lijlmdnB ^ Pty BaM. 
tArjmdes, Amdev. Contp, Pic. p. 72. 

COLAFTXS MBXiCANUS. The Mexican Woodpecker. 

D1W, iSlK^. PhiL Mag, (1827) p. 440. 

li^ WaqL Syit. Av. 
\ coQaiu, Vtff. Zool, Jowm, iy. p. 354. 

tUBy Ucht, 
\ raliricatiu, Bp, Proc, Z. 8, (1837) p. 109. 
~ ' wtoB, WagL las (1820), p. 516. 

DUfl, Awi. B. ofAmer. pi. 416, f. 5. 

mexicaous, Mam, Mwwyr. des He, u, p. 263, t. 110. 

, Mexico P, female. From Mr. Warwick*s Collection. 
Mexico P, male. From Mr. Mami s Collection. 
Mexico, male. Presented by the Hon. Mrs. Donham. 
, «. Weet side of Rocky Mountains, male and female. Pre- 
sented by J. K. Ix)rd, Esq. 
fff^. Vancouver's Island, males. Presented by Dr. Lyall, 

^ Vancouver's Island, male. Presented by J. K. Lord, Kso . 
St. Juan, male and female. Prescntod'by l)r. Lyall, 11. N . 
2L Oicai« Island, male. I^resented by Dr. iNall, U.X. 
J^m* Behring's Straits, male and young.* Presented by 

Capt. Kfllett, K.N., and Conmiander Wood, R.N. 
«. San FrancLiCo. Presented by Capt Sir E. Belcher, R.X. 

SouLFTRS MRXICAN0IDE8. The Bay-headed Woo<lpeckor. 

Itozalnicatus, $ , Watjl Isia (1829) jp. 516. 

; mexicanoides, Lafr. Rev. de Zool. (^1844) p. 42. 

I znbricatus, O. B, Or, Gen, of B, ii. p. 446, pi. 111. 

I coUaria, Bp, Cony). Av. p. 114. 

I mexicanoides, malh, iV. Cias«, M^m.Acad. Mitz{V^\) .*. 

nibricatus, Malh, Monw/r, des Pie, ii. p. 265, t. 110. 

la submexicanus, Sundev. Consp, Pic, p. 72. 

a. Mexico, male. From Mr. Leadbeater*s Collection. 
k Mexico. 

6* Colaptes fiuPtcoLA. The Rock Wowlpeete* 
. Colaptes r ' • 1- Infr, Sf DOrb. Voi^. Amir. M&. t €8, £ 

■■, < •' ■,.'. Kr, p. 7K 

If, 5. Bt^iUvia, male and female. Ytom Mr. Bcrdgeill 


7. CoLAPTBS Fkbkaxdixjb. The CuLao WoodpadM 

Colaptes Fi'rnandmae, Tlfj^, Zool,Jo»m, (1827) p. 445. 
Colapt«?s ^Vrnandinn, Defimj, Proc, Z. S. ( lR4i > . ?flt*. 
Picus Femandina?, Wapl. I$U \ 1S21»), p. 617. 
Gt*opicod Femaudime, Mtiik. N^ Chtjf*. MSm* Aead, Mtt: (II 

p, 850. 
Cmapte'!) Fernandice, ReicM, Handh. Sptc^ Om, p. 415* 
Geopicus Feinandiiue, MnlJi, MoH(*j;r. dp4 JSe, ii. p. HTd^ t, 

Heus Femandi, Sunder. Cmup. Pie. p, 7B, 

a. Cuba. From the Zoological Sodety'^s Cc 


8, Colaptes chilkksis. The CMliaQ Woodp 

Pic Us pitui, GmrL S. X. i. p. 432. 
Picus chilent?!*, Ganh 4 Les^, Votj, Co^, t S2, 
PicUj* eiiciilinus et curoloidei*. Licht 
Colaptes piti^uus, Bndf/t^ylVot. Z. H, (1843) p, 11 
Colaptes pitui 119, Up. fW^jA Aw p. 114, 
Colaptes chilensia, Viy, Prot, Z »V. ( 1841) p. 9^. 
Picu» pituj«i, Mtd, H, 3; C 'hiU, p. ^2:1 Y 
Piinipicua chilensi^ Bp, Ahriea ItuL (1^' ' 
JMtuipicus piti|jruus^ O, i?. Or, ZrW of f> 
U^oincub cttileusiB, MM. Mmtutfr, i/e» i ^f . .i. . ~- 
f. 4, 6. 

a. Chili. 

i. Chili, female. From M. VwreauxV CaUectiui 

c. Htfoxakthus. 
9. Coi-APTiLB ItivoLn. RiToli'8 \Vowipeci« 



K'os. P$*oc, Z. S. (1840) p. m. 
^i,O.It, Or. Gen, of B, n. p, 440, 
•poxanthuH. BL Jonrn. A, S. B. (184*5) p.lOR. 
.ivulii, M(tiL N. Cifuitf. M6m. Acad, Metz (1849), 

volii Bl. Cat, of B. p. OL 

18 llivolii, Bp, Afcnto Ital. (18-54) p. 

volii, MM, Monofjr. des Hr. ii. p. 2(37, 1 1 12. f. 1 »!?, .'3. 

* F^ de Bogota, male and females. From Mr, Lread- 

ater'a Collection, 

r Chvnftda. Presented by E, Wilaon, Esq^, 

^ d. Geocolaptes, 

■ioLiVACRUs, The Ciimaon-breaated Woodpecker 

leua. Lath. Jnd, Om. L p. 242. 
r, Ctm, Rhff. Anim, i, p. 452. 

terrestris, Burch. Tmi\ K Afr. 
lOliTiiceiH, G, R. Or, List ofOetu (1840) p. 45. 
iipeiis, SicpL Gtft* ZiuJ. xiV. p. 171. 
A»r« Math. iV. C/^f^'c. M^m. Amd, Metz (1849),p. :]5i), 

am tor, Bp. CunHp, j4L\p, 11"! 
itor, Malh. Mowuji\ desPU\ n, p. 274, t 111. f. 1,^, 
tpe of Good Hope. FrofH Mr. Ar^t^nt** CoUectiou, 
I of Good Hope, Presented by J. Gould, Esq, 
3 of Good Hope, male. From M, Verreftux a Coi- 



ptes, Sw, Clamf, uf B. n. p. 300 (iaS7), 

U, Stricki. (lA-Sl), 

tcoa (div. 2), M*iih, Mhn, Acad, Mdz (1849), p. X)S, 

picua, Malh, Monogr. des Pk. p. liii (1B03). 

t-emus, BL Jimm. Ah. i%c, Betttf, (184o) p. 194, 

ims ( div. 1 ), Mfdft, Mem. Acad, Metz (1840), p. -W, 

icua, StricU. (18.11). 

pteu, p,, 6\ B, Gn 

icuB, Bp, (1850). 

H a, Meigltptes, 

Bk»TPTK9 TBiSTis. The Streaked-CTOwned 

, Mor^* Linn, Ttam. xiii, pp. 177, 200. 

11 2 


2. Mekjlyptks grammithorax. The 5 


Phaiopicu- prammithorax, Malh. Mcmotjr, 

t 48. f. 4, o. 
Hcus tristis, var. 6, Svndev. Consp. Pic. p. C 

a. Java. Presented by Dr. Prattinton. 
6. Java P Presented W J. Gould, Esq 
c. Java ? Presented by J. Nigrbtingale 
(i, Java ? Presented by M.-Gen. Hiwd 
f,/. Malacca. Presented by Wm. Har 
//. Sinprapore. Presented by Rajah Bn 
A, f. Borneo. 
/. ? Presented by the Secretary c 


3. Meiolyptes PHAI0CEP8, The Ii 

Picus rufus, Or. lUustr, Indt Zool. pL 29. f. t 
IHcus rufinotus, Maih. MS, ; Sundev, Ccnm, 
Meisrlyptes badius, Hodgs. Zool. Misc. p. 8o. 


inu Presented bj J* D. C. Pncbnan, I']sq. 

PjiM®ated by J. Gg 

(tes oulabis. Tbe Madras Kufous Wooelpecker. 

iciis, Mnik ^fS. 

Eh^Jerd. Mfifir, Jmirn, do. xxxi. p, llTL 
^%, Bl Jonrm A, S. B. (1840) p. 17, 
31), Malh. Rev, de Zoid, ( 1841J) j). 5.%, 
Phaiopiciii?) ^laris, Bp. Comp, Av. i. p. 118. 
rerdani, Malh, Mouofjr, dm Pic. ii. p, ii, t. 47. 

, Smdev. Cm»p, Pie. p. 88. 

dras. Presented hj the Eev. H. IL Bftber. 
iraa. Presented bj W. Elliott, Esq. 
I Pteetented by M.-tTen. Hardwicke. 

(E8 BRUNNEUS, Tile Black-<;oiifti¥d Woodpecker. 

tttuB» Mffinw. MS. 

\NitMch. livnjL p, 137. 

% Htn-sf. Mi^, ' 

^torttlis, Bl Vat of B.y. 00. 

frunneus, Eyton, Prm^ Z, S. (1^9) p. lOtJ. 

|>jt,, 7i!m f/e J?mi/. (1839) p, 167. 

ittiBi Ztc/t^ MS. 

runneuft, ffutit Verz. Mur, Brem. p. D3, 

wcua, B>a/£*» Z7. S, EapL Expfd. riii. p. IIM. 

tetoralis, itfa/A. Jlf<«ff*. .4f^ii/. 3Ietz ( 1H4^>) , p. 'i.'1>*. 

ectoralisi Bp. Atefm* It id. (18^>4) p. 

lectoralis, Malh. Mmiot/r, de.H Pie. ii. p. 8, t, 47. 

lioca* From Mr. Warwick's Collection- 

iBft. Ppescnted by J, Go old* 1*0^ 

pa, Ppeaented by l^L-Gen. Haidwicke. 


I^oca. Presented by the Secretary of State for 


I BRACHTUBus. The Sboft-tailed Kufotw 
I Woodpeclte?. 

|n», VmU, K JXH, dTJL N, xxvi. p, loa 

jlcbjuni!*^ Maik Ber. de Zoof. (1840) p. 5.'Vft, 



Mei^l}'pteg (Phttiopicus) brnthyiirus, J^, Omtp, A»,'hf>M^ 
^licroptema^ brachyiiru^, Up. Attneo It4d. (1854) p. ♦ 
Pliainpicus brachyimis, Malh. Mtmogr. des IHc, k p, S, t 

t: 4. 6. 

€t. Malaccfi. Presented br J, Xightbogftle, Esq, 

h, Malacca. Fri>m Mr "Vtarwiek'a CwlectioiL 

f. Malacca. Resented bj the Secretary of State for lol 

7. MkIOLYPTES 8<^UAMIGrXAAI8. Tbe Scftlj-^ 


Picufl sfjuami^'ulariB, Smidev. Ccnap^ Pic, p* 80. 

«. MftkccA. Presanted bj tbe Secretaty of Stute fof 1 
ft-il Malacca.' 

8, Mkiglyptes babifs. The Bay Woodpecker. 

"PifUH badiuft, B4iffl. Lmn, Trans, xiii. p, 281^ 
Hemicircus badiu8, E^ony i^w. Z. 6«( 1839J p. lOd 
Micro pte rims badios, £L Cat. of B. p. 61, 
Meiprlyptes tmdius, G, IL Or, 
Phiuopicuj^bmcbyurus, p., Malh. 

Ilab. Siinifttra. 

IX 3IEIQLYPTE8 BADiosrB> The Allied Woodpedrtftj 

Picus bndi*.^us, Temm. 
Meigl yptt'B (Phaiopicus) badioeus, Bp. Carup, Av, I p. Ill 
J' Micrapteniiis btwJQogufl, 2?p, Atetteo Ihik (1»54J p, 
Pbaiopieiw badius, MaDi, Motioffr. thx Pic ii. p. »\ 

Hdh, Borneo. 

10, Meiolyfteb pOKtKXBis. The Fokieii WooJp 

Brtt4?hrjitt^nius fokieuiiis, Swinhor^ H'oc. Z $. (18^3) p^ ^ 
Picu^ i MicTiiptemus) Ibkiensis, SttmUv, Cttmp, Pic, p. i*l^ 

Ifftk Foochow, 

vii. TUNCmM. 
1. YUNX. 

CuctiItL«, p,, Linn, (1735). 

Ivux^ Linn. Faun. Sut^c. p. 34 (1740). 

Yutix, Linn, a N.\.^A i^ W^V 

TWrn. On*, iv. p. 3. (17flO). 

lynXf Rt-ithh. IlamlfK Spec. Orw. p, 432 (18o4). 

two:, GW(1K54)). 

i#^. .v;«. 7/pwi. iv. p, 4 (180.3). 

YuNX TOBQi'iLLA. The Wryneck. 

^ Xiwi. & iV: i, p, 172 ; B. E,mI. 698 j MalL Mo^ 
p. ii. p. 289, t. 12L f. 4. 

. Liim, Fnuth Sitte, p, M. , 

isea, Linn. Fmm. Suec, p, 26. 
%U. Zoogr. i. p. 416. 

J mftKir rf orborett, Brehm^ Vog, IkuUchL p. 203, 
o/^nr. pL2:^. 

lire, male. From CoL MoDtagii^s Collection. 
bd. Presented bv Mr. Scolt, 
ibridgeihirer youn^. Frc>m Mr, Baker's CoUection. 
i^ Breeent43d by 6. L. W. Meriin, Esq, 

Preaented by Brian H. Flodpson, Em. 
ll Ftieeented' by Brian IL llodgsoni Eaq. 

TrNX JAPONIC A. The Japan Wryneck, 

J rCT«»*. 4;- Schl Fmm, Jap, p. 75. 

^ 7Vrtt>»., ^;\ Cw«p. -.4i?. I, p. 112 ; Malh, yfmiogr, 

. 2fK). 

JXrii'/ii. i7miii&. ^x?^. Om. p. 232, 

From Mr. Whitely^a Collection. 

CRDICA. Tlie ChegiHit- throated Wryneck. 

Gmdd, Proc, Z 6. (1840) p. 112; id, B. tff Ama^ 
Momtffn des IHe. ii. p. 2t*2, t, 121. f, 3. 
teichll. Hmdb. Spec. Om. p. 432. 

\ttm, Tibet. 

IQUATOHIAUB. The North- Afiican Wryneck. 

fcli«» Riipp, Mm, Scnckenb, iii. p. 121 ; Mufk. Mo' 

r, ii. p. 201, t. 121. f.2. 

iitli», a, Ii. (fr. Gen. vf B, ii. p, 448. 

aliii, Rtu'hh. Handh, Sp^c, Om. p. 433. 

I0t AJrim, 



n. x-NHMii. rrum iur. >v arwicK » ^^ouec 
c. Natal. From Mr. Avres's Collection 




^ 120 





■rmilUrC*. 7, 

fiftrbirC, AmiidnJali, il. 

Mi*£imt a« 

^— . A*iiitic» **. 


- — , Bart-hcttdt'd, 16. 


MU'nB4, 2^. 

. Bi'*utiftji» 2L 


ijdhriitinii, 2>'^. 

, BUcJc-Md-YeJlow, 


A>7nd(»ma«, UMia 




, Bliu^k-bTUed, 12. 

stricolli. »4. 



— , BWk-fflrrtl, 23, 



. lilBok-front^^ U. 



1 Bonjiimrt4''B. 16, 


sferoAftTOSt U. 

-^ — , Boupcier'd, S3. 


fttrothomx* 5L 

, Brown-headed, 19. 


tttro'eireiiS, 21* 

— » Buir-ftk»a, 9, 


Anduhoni, 47. 

; diyennt?, 20. 


AtidalxTiiiu 4A, 17. 

- — -^ Clintijiffthli', rt. 


ftorfcnticoUiii, 22, 

, Ct>i'hmehinffi. 13. 


fturKntins, ^3.% 95. 

'—t DouHe-Umd, 15. 1 


ftanto-tncxieaniiB, 120. 

; Duthnillu !!, 13, ^H 


sumtna. 2i\ 105, 10«, 120. 

, Embrauleti'd. 8. ^^H 


anreiu, 30^21, 

^, Pir»--tuftcd, l^. ^^1 

ftt>ric»'p«. 39. 

, Prunklm'fr, S. ^^M 

aari6■onl^ »», 3t, 30, 100, 

, FranU », 19. ^H 


lOU UK*. 


fttirita, 4L 


MrocftpiUiu, 101, 

23. ^H 


, Oomn'iii. I^. ^H 


»ural(*titti«, LU% lOfl, lin. 

^, «. u. 1 



, t d.«. fl 

mvobrn, 72. 

-^ »(. L ♦». 


AvT^il, I2«i. 


AVr»Bi, 120, 


, Grej-be«a«4 19, ^M 



■, Hutbob'i* u. ^M 



. B^nrfK 7. ^M 

.Hod|{io&%LinMied^ ^M 

fiMieh^ «3. 



b^tioulm. H«. 

,J%rmn.9, ^M 


, Jungl*^, 13. 1 


bndiuk 124. U0. 

. Lr\iiiH»jit'i. 17, J 



, Lotig-b«>i»rdf'd, 7. | 

. If aUbkr, 9. ^H 

Bairdii, AS. 

. M aelUod'*, IS. ^H 


— .OoTt'ft,;. ^H 



5 1-^ 

' h, NataL From Mr. Warwick's CoUe 
c. NataL From Mr. Avres's CoUectio 

« - 


Dic'CTopipo, 33. 

^27* 61, 68. dimidiAtvi, 7a 
DiDopJum« ilfk 
diofihrTA, 9St. 
discotor, 33, 104. 
daftiiniCAnaA, lUl. 
d'OrfoignTftnujs, 25. 
k3S!»1U. n6v dorttl.».HL 

Drr -;{. 


dnbiLi-, t, IMC. 

Duttiudflii, It. 
D^cCiopkjiu, »2, 43. 

«le«Mii, 'J I, S7* 101, i:j;i. 


BlHolit. «l. 
Stiichtbonil. 73. 
enrthmuchcn, 99. 
eijthroct'phAJaa, 90, 23, 

fr. I, I5,«tf. 

en lUi, 102. 

ervllarii].!.)., Ilrti. 

*>r;, ■ 7. 

«r» '■', 

Eu»Mt..M, !"<•. Jl. 

rxiUoulus, H^, 

fAioiHtritt**. 13. 
CftinntriAttiB, 13. 
Ci»it><lni.«tiii;i 13. 

IVddi'td, HiL 
r«>li>i«. ;i4. 
Fnr n«fiili, 123. 
FrrnMuJiEia, 133, 
FftroMidioa, t3&i 

il'kTt*aeviii, 96. 
ilM>ii^lU*« 1C», SO. {)0. 

n T4. 10.\ 115 

1' hk^'^n.^ 


Ili(vivrjitn>f, .SI. lOe, 

f\n\ua, HI*. 

nikirnBin, 126. 

Torn net roTQl, llfi^ Urt, 

Frtinklinii, 8. 
Fninfoi. 19. 
fn-rjntua, &5. 
friMHcftT. 42. 
fn»ndiiinu ♦^*, 7it 
froiiffilis 11. 
fiili(rinotu, t7. 
fuli^iiiUBUft, 1*« 10, Ai(t. 

fulviM'Apua. 64. 

fiilvtiH., ^4. 

fumriy^^ u«. 1 12. 
fiiiifKriH. Hi, ^5. 

Kboii4-oaii» 79. 
lirdinerUt 44. 
Gw%Jiiriri, 4JS. 
gnibulfl., 61, 

(ijiiTdat'Ti, 44, i/^, 
Gt^i^inin** 7U. 
GfdniBc'us i*7. 

GpdiiuA, *3. 
Gi^x«d*ptc«« 1:M>, VMi, 
Gt'opiotic, 1^ 
Gf<n(i}i, 1 01. 

^twrtMi, (t7> 
KorrtAD, rt7, rt& 

Ofoflliuu 18, 

ooutdi. as. 

frad lit, 49. 
irmdjitiu, 40, 

ifr»mmit)iorKi» 194 
MtnuuMleiMit^ 17, 
gTmndii, &. 




■ 183 



htbridit^ UOi ISt 

K»i»liai.U 1 


HricMitjptia, SSL 


^^^^^K vriMiui* vv« 

UVlotomuA, 59l 




■ sssrla"'-"- 


Kiniaiidi. lea 

^^B gmoeenn*, 64. 

llyboiiuiixiujei. .:s}» 120, titt 

. KirtlMdi], l«l. 

^^H inUru. 11. 17, ISS. 


^^I Mtlwsrirtatoi. ^. 


Kodiii. 41. 


^^m gnttiUstaii, «U 


^^^B Ojmnobuc<oai5, Itf. 

ietei'n^y.fhjaui. 105, lOd 


^^^H GjnmotxaniiB, ^. 

icterumeljiA, ^ 

^^^^Kriai»opbth*lmf^ 4S. 

miberbi«, ^3. 



immm;ulfttU4, 07. 


imperiolia, &3. 


incitrnntu*, 47. 



iDilJca. 10 11, 127. 

IjumoJoik L 

indieo«« 10. 

ladopit.'vu, 62. 


mDomin»tufi, 3R, 

Uxhuai, K K 

inorafttu*. 47. 


InKuUnn, 3jSv 

]>«Cilt*i. 44 

tnt«rtne<iiiv« V7, 


inlrrmndiOB, 97. 

r liMiuitriltoo. ea. 

Tjiogruii, 71^, »*0. 

ItHxrunlar. %^, h-U 


^^H^ H&nlmckli, 12. 

IpottonuA, fll. 


^^H H&rri«i.4L 

Ipot»tt(i«s 7S. 70. 

JU«wiuL«T. . 

^^v Hamini^ 47. 

i|<ophiiuA,64. fl9« 

^^^^ HartJaubi, tJ-%, 

iBchnorhTiicboa, 118, ll». 

leiK««tt«t«F. tt 

W H&rtUubii, 22,3a, «5, TO. 

liidoh. i05. 

^ Hayi. 1^. 

Ilknx, 127. 

leacolmm^ Itf^ J 

^^H^ BuTil. 10. 

lynx, 12fi. m. 

^^B Hc^drni, m. 

^^^V Hedenhorgiit (H^. 

^^^^ Ht'inii'vnnifl, 70. 


F Hfiuidrcuji, ."VS. 

H Ui-niiloiihaa, 83. 

mpcMiic*, 127. 
Jurdinu. .^. 
UvaneTitfit, 97. »9. 

.] i.V-rli iliit Nit 

bmoiMtiu. 1^9$^^ 

H Hfrnprichj, »^ 

■ bertmrum, M<S. 


K HfroLinM^ri, 117. 

Ji-rdonii. 125* 
^tihHtus. 54- 
jttjjtiiarift» 7L 
.ftiutirthji, M. 

t<M«3o«i«.ie. ^M 

^^H hiWis, I0t>. 

Uwvnx*. 45. ^H 

^^^B ]iiDialiijn.DUii, rrn, 34. 

r ltinyciu,\m 

jtimii,iiii, »7, Sd. 
Juni. 137. 

L4.- ' ' ■ 

Li' ^ ^ • >«■ 

1 Bodgi,% 86, 

liiT^iinA. 11'. ^H 

■ &odgsoQi»l'i.g.S8a. 

ligiiiiurfn^ it^ ^H 

I ISSSSil^oo?" 


■ liomortM, 45. 

Ktdt^cnsia, 33. 


■ HonAeiaii9,M,^, 

\ukm\<M:>\iia«K^«iis 37. 

Lij)iMripi«i« IKlH 

■ hortonunt '^V 

U«^iJ.a^ ^ 





9^ AS. Ml 

i lunot Uloroa, 98, 
eiiLDochloraiv 99. 

ntddUKiuemcu, 03. 
DioUnalaimua, 63. 

MeUiiopictu, 114, 
BieliuiO|togotit 110. 
owluiopberuB, 9, 110. 
meknoti*. 23. 61, 6L 
mmim»* 41. 

iiM9iitAli«. 7o, 77, 90. 
mendronftlu, 36, 44, 4fi, 
MfropicuR, 114. 
nirroiiiroMtriit, 11?, 
tneftoleucii«t 6o> 
M««ofiieoft, M. 
mcMni^fihtui. 60, 
iiie«o«|)«lufi, 31 
iD«ziouioi4«R, 121. 

Mkvniif «««« 70. 
Mieropii'Lu. 70. 
Mkrupogoa, 2D. 



4. 0, 


odxta, i^. 
modefttui, 84, 
fBoiuooeuit, 88, 40, 42, 

nicRitftimt, 90, 32^ llOL 
Mullrri. M, 
mulrircJor, (*<>, 
niuletfMFtstoA, 90, 
xntiniiai, 69, III. 
Monii, 66, 
mntilatiM. 96, 
mfstaoopliMiat, 6, 7. 

tie nun, l^K 
111^4 iifw|(ju«, 69, 


PAnaa, 10^ 14, 42. 
A'aUiue. 52. 

nebtilcwiiJi, 87. 
Ar-gtectum 9<t. 
oeii^s, 38. 
DMCt'r, 3. SO, SI, 5tl. 
nlgriiM^ii^, 111, 
nlgri^rutuA. 79, 
nigrolhorax, 2, 
ii]|iul(in»iji, 2^, 74, 7&> 

niToraii^ tfO. 
iKtrrtf^cna, 74, 

notatiu, 82, 

nuhJiLniJt, 93. 
DUehAlis. 9, A3, 9i&. 
namidicot, 34. 
namidiu, 34. 
Nuttelli, 49, fiO, 
STyctwie*, 20. 

otMCfQinei, 40, 67, 115. 
ob«oletuiy (10. 
occidrntali*, 62, 
oodivitaJia, 73>. 
occlUtuj, 2^. 
ocbraoea, JNl, 
ochr«««iu, 2l), 87. 
otliMrdna. 57, 
oli>JHfinfUB, 112, 113, 

H, 27, 7tf, 79. I2rv 

l'rlii|j'nrrvntl«, 35, 
orit'iitAlb, ihK iW, XL 

omntQii, tUil. 

pftioitLeiB, la 

uordinuB, SO, 
PAfdipIotu, 7i. 
[»rTu«,lO, U.4?- 
pMM^riDum l^, 109, Ittt, 

Pp«(ar*U«, 30, 12& 11^. 
«rll. 16. 


1 134 


^H 1 20. M. 



^^B i 

piti^tu. I2S, 


^^H i' 

nitui, 122* 
Pttoipiciui. m, 121. 

<|iijln«jii", T.^^^B 

^^ |.h^.-^^:.. r:. 

i|iaenwa,3Ul ^M 

pitutAk I2S. 

(Iiirralti«,Sa* ^M 

pitujiut 123. 

qaopcpm^lj, ^B 

^^^B ^hftioruCinu, U^ 

pit^opjcu*, 89. 
Plmihopicni, isa. 


plambu^ps, 101 
Pofoiilm L 

^^H f»hnipi>eii«i«. 0. to. IL 

ndLolatem U^H 


PoiponijMi, 1. 


PogoiuoluA, 5, 



PofOftiu*. 1. 

Bafflo^ua^lL ^1 


rmmghwttmtu, tlk 

^^m ThlmocBmBtm. &2, Ml 

l*«iuit r' 

^^■TblAobomtw. ii&. 

l^oltypbftltuL, tf7. ft^ 


^^m FhnDoplaiu, 92, fiOv 

potcUolophus, 121 
polioe*^.h»iBa, 67, OS, 101 



polioptii, 40. 

rI 3I 

^H pidiie. a». 

polk-nA, 51 ^. 


^^^^ Ptcoidra. ^. 

B< ^1 

pol/ipranimiaa. 103. 
Pofy«*c*e» 17. 

4. H 

^^^B pi euftinintt, 23. 

polrzoDOa, lOT. 

lt»ricoJi4^ ^_H 

^^^^B PiciUQDDtdcMt. 2^. 

lKir|>br70(m?U«, 48, 


^^M Ftramtiua, 23, U, m. 

portcricenna, lltiv 

KM«1X«^ 8L ^H 

Pictunnoi, Abooniuil. 29 

rubrr, SI. ^M 

principalia^ ^3. 
Promi'picxui, IT» 

rubeae^lM, 1 ^H 


rut*icoa. 1 ^H 

, BrwaiiiJi Scaly. 26. 

rabitUcoUiA, t^H 

. Buffon'iw 25. 


rufaidna, IL2.^H 



ruhi^iMa, 5i^H 

Ptichermitt, lOL 




, Fringed. 24. 

pollariiu, 9. 

rabncBtw. 4«W^I 

, LftTg*, 28. 

pumilft, 11 

mbHcoUu, IQuH 

, Minute, 21 

pumiloa, 2S. 



punftt 122. 


, OovUfttcd, tS, 

punoUta, 83, 127, ISfll 

punctalui, 20^ <», 83; 83, 





ptirtcticena, 49. 
pnocticolli, 9«C 


punetieoUii, 95, 9(1 

ntHnatagt Ijii^H 

— ^, Roftwit-iieoked. 24, 

i>nnctiiri»lft, 91. 


— ; SmJl 25, 

pQnctigiilaria. 91, 92. 

niflY«iit9, 27. ■ 

fiunc'tipetiiuk 92. 
punc'tolatxu, S3, 

mil TfTtttna, 27,^1 

, SinaU-Bmled, 26. 

rofoYin^ic r\^| 

, Spotted, 26. 

piiiUTttiligrra, 821 

raftift, ^, i»|, V 

— ^ Sl>.>ttcd-bi?llied, 26. 

j.unLHuli(;i»jTi«,ft2, 83. 

rapicoU^ KSL " 


puniec-tu, 77. 

Bupp«llu, 107. 

— ^» We*-|iinff, 39. 

pnrpur»tiUk 18, 


, Wc^ We**, 28. 

pmUlA, 11 

B, m 

^^— . WVirt AfHcaa, 29. 

putillui, il€L 

^, White-MnJed, M. 


MHi,^. _^M 

Pico*. »K .12, 53. 59, 72. 

PUomniu, cH3. 


muif^iu^xj^ IV^M 

PrrtJiipiiMia, 33, 


mcK'tomm, 32, S9, T2. 



8iui(« Cniai. llH 

^STtho^aaipr. 68, 69, 

pipra, 32: 





\ 110. 

mbrnflnm^ 40. 
eabstilfurt'UJi, IB. 
itibsiiJpliurea, 15. 
•nbmlphtiretu, 14 
■ulciroathR, 1, 
miJfuri^pntria. 100. 
iul|4iur»tui!, 17, 
»uil|iihuj>^us, 21'. 

mpt'Txilmria, !0l. 
pnptrdJicHmii, lol. 
8w&ttiJoQ)i« ITO, 
vjrriACiUi U, 35, 37. 

tmionotas, lia 
tnocok, 7ir. 

Temmincldt, 34, 43, 

Tli*?iopica», 91. 

thonkdntiB, f^9. 
Thrt.iiopfpo* rw, 
Tliripiaii. <M, m. 
ThriptMifci, ijii, s& 
thjTToideuii, 6a. 
Tig*, 9rt, 97. 
titintinctiJQB, 60. 
Titia, 17, 

ton|u»tu«,2, IS, 99, lid, 
torqailla, 127, 
fcrntiht?]ot»ynMi, WJ. 
TnK'h>7ihonas, 17. 
TriicholiBiiia, I, fi. 

Trichoptcuft, 32, 50. 
trieolor, 1C»0. 
tridiictrU, 3, 29, 
ThiirK?tvlia, a2. 
tridaprylun, 30, 31, ^7, 
trinyiculAtjk^ 1 1. 
trimactiUtxu. 11. 
TritMmni^lU, 117. 
trwtit, «, 123» la-i. 
tn»iil<.iiriR, iO.41.43, 
Taohudii, 22, 
tokki, lit5. 


undoaa*, 'AO. 
ttiidulftUk, li&. 

uiMliiiiitu*, no, 

iiaj<]4'ntAtitt,4. 10, 
umlfOiiiL ad. 

Viiillotiti, 73* 
VailJantii, 17, 73, 
vaJidiroitria, 43. 

Tftri««»l», 43, 
▼ariiMffttiuvaa, 4^ 43, 4?, 
varioloaa, 80, 


Vt'tiilim, 53, 58, 72, IdX 

Vrrreauxi. 54,6il, 

V«Tre»iiiif, 29, 89. 

T»'Pw>oJor tJ. 21» 

VMtJto. 79. 

i^illosu*, 45, 4«t, 47. 
virt-nt, 6. 
tiri"»t"«!'HB, 72, 
\ir]d*uu«, 74, 7d. 
TirtdJcftaQa, 74. 
viriiiia» 9, 13, 13. 

vitUto*. 7«. 

Voigtii, d. 

72, 71, 


Winiamsoai, Ha.117 

Wil|iiiin8oiiii,Ji6, 1J7 

" flwjni, .% 

WilAfjnii, 49, 

Wf)odiM.cker, Aoti^. Hit, 

, AfricAn, W. 


. Allud. Hi, I2»i. 

« \l\ml firuilj«iiJU(^. 

♦ .^nduDan, aw. 

— — , ^tat'O'atititf, llo. 
- — * Ajhr-Cwy^. Ilo, 

, AuffiaM^n's, 47, 

, Ayy«'»y 1^ 

. Aiafa**, lOA. 

— » Bairtl'«, 48, 

billr-d, A3. 
— » BaiiUvd Thr««.to«*,i 

30. ' 

. B»m^ 48, 

-, Bay, ISa, 

, Bajr-b«««lrd, J2L 

♦ Bwwied, flO. 





Woodpeok«r, Black- 

Woodpeckeir, Fcnmp- 


^.P'- » . n..^l35. 

, FWd,M. 

__ vV.-'m,*T4^B 

— -, J- KM. 


'' ^1 

. 1 4, 93, 

» Foben* 136. 


^, ii...,uv.... ^.«». 


' — , » . . \ ^'^^1 

— *. Boie'B* IMI. 



. Prwer'i, 90. 

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. FuBcrt*!, M. 

— .umSfMiwH 


. 0»ho<m, 70. 

LlttltH !■ 

, Braailian Olm% 111. 

^, Gnirdnpr'a. 44. 


— — . Clc'om^Uiiaftl-' 


hc«dc4 I0{>. 

maJ-ked, S9* 


» Brovrn.firoDl«d* W. 

— . Georgian. 44 
, Q*rin\ lOL 

^. Ma<« 1 «. 

> Bro^vn-winged. 61- 

,liadnalft , 



^— , Qo^ 63, 

, Cttb«nl»'B. 33, 47- 

, 6aia^alt«d.64 


, Cftb*>t*mlW. 

-~, Ooldro-aad-bliick, 

, Cnotua, 60, 



, CWlUiiut». 8t 

— , Goldf?ii-b»cled,»&. 



. 6oiden.&oiil«dL lOX 


winctd, 120. 

, Goldi'Q^feiu 10^ 

. Goldin-Koodcd, 101, 

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-^. Goldeti-tAOed, ^l. 



» Goldi'D-vnngwi, 130. 

, lf«fti«*fc»^ 

^, Cftprieorn. 91. 

, Gould*B..'V\, 

, UaBj-tMM" 

, Cuoti]ier,9e. 

, Grant's TliFw»-toi*d. 

, JfaaV-*!-*" 


.CaaaiaV47. IOOl 


, Cftreniiv. dL 

, GiVflt 8pott<fd,32. 

^r.-. „•. iK. 

^-. Qm-n. -2, 

Z ';:4< 

1 CelelMiiiACU 84 

, Gnp«xii Tlirec-toed, 

— . Chiir)r.a'», 7f. 


^,(,1. yy u -■ *- 

. Charlotfce'a, &1 

— ^! MoimUflf *♦■ 
, , Mumr. Ill 

^ ChATtning^ Brt, 

- — , Guatfm.iJaia, 57. 

, Ch<^rfiil, 109. 

, Gtitria'a. 73. 

., yik^-<vfl^ 

^—. Chili. 4^, 

, Hairy, 45, 

, l!raUli».il 

, CliiUan, 123. 

, H8tlf-oiniianiaD.d8. 



^— , n!ilf-»iwtt«d. Jd, 

. Vflvlkn IS* 

-, Cro^ocntwi, 4L 

, HarriJi'*, 47. 


, -=— , Crff^twiBnttiliaii.9S. 

, Hartlaul>'ii, 70. 

, Xobftw A 

^^^K , Cniuffon-bfllitMl, J>@. 

, Hartlaub'si Africwn. 


. K n 

t-"*- i* 1 

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, lletb'tiborge'a, W. 

— .Od.r- ■ ■ ,1 

^r , Criroaon-nuniwd, 

— , Hclinrt^d, <i2. 

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» Mcmpriyh'tt<J5. 


■ , Ciilto, 122. 

— — » HcrTQiuit^r'a, 1 17, 

,. ^ Op' ^-^ i 

^M — — , Darj«"i']ing. M. 
■ .I>arie«l